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AY % : If l i MfloffMi f i l A tyXilHi p H n n CURTAIN RISE SNEAK PREVIEWS 2 I i SCENARIO I f f I Faculty Arts and Theatre Q Clubs and Publications I y Sports f I £ Senior Section i | Advertisements % page 7 page 51 Q page 65 page 91 page 145 Q O page 251 ON LOCATION 5 CLOSE-UP 6 7 MewtoniaM 1181 NEWTON NORTH sn 12 A - JNCZ 600S0HH ACT TftCULTY 6°ARt SCENE OF DIRECTORS DWtcVR a T 6 •» ProOfcthw CtXTrC, |LM EOirRfC PPA L TAKE SI AEEL - HH |cqMMENT 5| Carnot ft Aftfj . (boorn Cr j,£ Cress C ' on S ZW5 Lj d " 7 ©MCMuXVf J f »aott » neepeD PMO AARON FINK Aaron Fink has been Superintendent of Newton Schools since 1969. A graduate of Rutgers and Harvard Universi- ties, Mr. Fink worked as a high school principal in Stough- ton, Massachusetts, Schenectedy and Scarsdale, New York prior to coming to Newton. For many years he taught summers and part-time in the graduate schools of educa- tion at the University of New Hampshire, Northeastern and Harvard. How to extend education in an era of fiscal austerity is a particularly challenging problem to Mr. Fink. He feels strongly that expanding education at both ends of the spectrum — for young children and for adults — opens up new opportunities for public education. Educating older and younger people together, such as in the program of adults attending regular courses at Newton North during the regular school day, is of great interest to him. Mr. Fink is still nostalgic about being a school principal, a time in his career when he could work more closely with students and teachers in areas of their concern. As superintendent, Mr. Fink observes that in Newton he has worked with a staff superior to any he has encountered elsewhere. RICHARD MECHEM Richard Mechem has been the principal of Newton North High School since 1960. Born in Evanston, Illinois, he attended Illinois public schools, St. Paul’s School in New Hampshire, and Harvard College from which he graduated with honors. He also attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he received a Master’s Degree. Mr. Mechem worked as a teacher, housemaster, and a coach of St. Paul’s School, and held the position of Direc- tor of Studies there for two years. He then acted as princi- pal of Walnut Hills High School in Ohio before coming to Newton. As principal, Mr. Mechem has a vast amount of responsi- bilities. He supervises the curriculum, the house plan, and various student activities. Mr. Mechem also discusses the school’s problems and possible solutions with students, parents, faculty, department heads and housemasters. Facilitating changes and improvements at Newton North is a large and demanding facet of Mr. Mechem’s total job responsibility. Through his training and experience, Mr. Mechem has acquired a strong personal commitment to the individual, along with knowledge, skill, and a sense of humor. Although the ultimate responsibility of the school is his, Mr. Mechem is always ready to listen to the ideas of others, and is willing to lend his support and leadership. 10 ATWOOD DUNHAM Atwood P. Dunham, North’s Assistant Principal, is directly in charge of the day-to-day running of the school. His responsibilities include scheduling, grade reporting, overseeing extracurricular activi- ties, and graduation. The problems of vandalism and discipline also fall under Mr. Dunham’s jurisdiction. Having attended Wesleyan and Boston Universities, Mr. Dunham has the strong background essen- tial for a good administrator. In his sixteen years at Newton North, Mr. Dunham has concerned himself particularly with the Open Campus program and the vandalism situation which he is working continu- ously to correct. Mr. Dunham is always trying to improve the system, and thus, has “never experienced a dull moment!” DAN MALIA Dan Malia is in charge of both Newton’s city-wide and Newton North’s Technical-Vocational Programs. He attended Gorham State College, the University of Connecticut, Harvard and Boston Universi- ties. Mr. Malia, a former Riley Housemaster, was chosen for his pres- ent position by Superintendent Fink when Mr. Fink began plans to incorporate the Tech-Voc. Department into the high school. Mr. Malia’s job also involves him in the Work Study, Home Economics, and business Programs throughout the Newton School System. KEN TEMPKIN Ken Temkin is Administrative Assistant to Newton North High School, and the Newton School Department. Mr. Temkin attended both Boston University and George Washington University. He began working for the School Department in 1975, and in 1976, he took on the additional responsibility of Newton North. Mr. Temkin’s services include administering supplies and equipment, budgets, purchases, and insurance, along with overseeing the bursar’s office and the busi- ness facets of the Newtonite. 11 BARRY HOUSE Gail Stein BEALS HOUSE Meredith Z. Ghattas Barry House was named after Dr. Leo J. Barry who became the principal of Newton High School in 1953. Barry also sponsored the Newton High School PTSA and coordi- nated a Citizens Secondary School Study Program, two programs which strengthened the bond between the school and the community. Barry had the respect and affection of his colleagues and students. Gail Stein is the present housemaster of Barry, the yel- low house. The light green house owes its name to John N. Beals, the principal of Newton ' s first high school, which opened in 1859. Although the high school had a small staff and fac- ulty at that time, Beals met the challenge of providing col- lege and non-college programs for the seventy-five stu- dents enrolled. Beals Housemaster, Meredith Ghattas says that today “the house provides the student with a home base within a large school. However, it is the student ' s personal involve- ment that makes high school a meaningful experience.” 12 ADAMS HOUSE Norman A. Gaudet Adams House was named for Enoch Case Adams who was the principal of Newton North from 1879 to 1921. Dur- ing his 25 years as principal, Adams was deeply involved with school activities and interscholastic athletics. Norman Gaudet Adams Housemaster speaks highly of the dark green house. “The faculty and Staff of Adams House are responsible and are committed to providing outstanding education and training for each student in the house. We hope to help them become mature adults and strong individuals.’’ PALMER HOUSE s Richard M. Adams Palmer was named after Irving O. Palmer, the first princi- pal of the Technical High School which was constructed in 1910. Palmer initiated the policy of personal guidance for each student. Five years after the Classical and Technical programs combined in 1923, he became principal of the combined school. Palmer Housemaster Richard Adams, describes the blue house’s future as “Interesting. We’re relocating the House Office into the Commons Room in hopes of maximizing the students’ opportunities and making the House more accessible.” RILEY HOUSE BACON HOUSE George P. Guild Thomas Ryan Cora E. Riley served from 1930 to 1948 as North’s first director of guidance. Students and colleagues respected her greatly and she cared deeply for them. The purple house bears her name. Riley Housemaster Scott Guild has set goals for the house. “We hope to have a liveable com- mons room, a room with seating, and in a condition usea- ble by students. We are also trying to improve the appear- ance of the school through activities such as painting murals in the cafeteria.” Bacon House was named after Francis L. Bacon, who became the director of secondary education in 1924. He also served as Assistant Superintendent of Schools until 1927. Mr. Bacon established the Newtonite and the Orange Book, and instituted Dickinson Stadium. Present Bacon Housemaster Thomas Ryan wants the red house, “to allow students and staff to work produc- tively and thus make our lives more complete.” COUNSELORS Roberta Black Michael Bower Robert S. Delulio Department Head Sara Danziger Samuel Grainger Robert Jackson Beverly Logan Maureen Prokopy Dorinthe B. Sacks Jay Snape Florence Turner Anne Wolf Elizabeth Linde English and Social Studies Dept Secretary Myra Trachtenberg ENGLISH Florine Borden A) George Bower Bk George Brenahan Peter A. Capodilupo Mary Lanigan Department Head Thomas S. DePeter Robert M. Dephoure John P. Fernandes Margaret Flaherty Ethlyn A. Davis Alison Kenney-Hall John S. Harris Marilyn M. Hubbard m Ronald Ingalls Beth Goldman Ellen K. Moore Ann Radzukinas David Outerbridge Joseph P. Rigali Leslie Schaeffer Tom Schaefer Anne Serafin Mary Shortsleeve Helen F. Smith Barbara Streibert MATH Mary Sapienza Department Head Ronald Barndt Miriam Blau Philip C. Bowman Marilyn J. Donlan Marjorie Flanagan Esme Green Richard Burke Jo Ellen Hillyer Peter Martin Kathleen A. Hollowell Ina B. Heafitz Raymond D. Stephens John J. Scanlon Susan Testa 19 SOCIAL STUDIES Edward Rossiter Dept. Head John Amoroso Henry H. Bolter Ronald M. Boucher Joseph Connolly k Donald P. Crowley Sonia Dettmann 20 Carol Horgan Helen Kalivas Michael Knell Allan MacDougall June Namias Rosanne Pearlmutter John Livingston Richard J. Reid Johanna H. Ross Kathy Hart Beryl Silverthorne Jeffrey Silverthorne 21 b! SCIENCE Jean C. Alfano Frank D ' Agostino Richard Duffy Stuart R. Rist, Department Head David H. Belmarsh David E. Geikie Deborah Gerstein Virginia Ghattas George W. Hahn Ruth Fernandes Jack M. Hankin Christopher Jones Helen Kieval Robert Malone George F. Martins FOREIGN LANGUAGE Esther Cohen Virginia Cox Franklin E. Davis David J. Phelan, Richard Clark Department Head Bernard Flanagan Carol Ituraldi Claire Jackson Hilda Karp Janice Nardone Helen Saunders Russell Steinert Carmine Trubiano Bette Steinmuller DRIVER ED. Maria Vallone Lucien Weisbrod Edward Wiest Marlene Yesley 23 TECHNICAL VOCATIONAL Patrick Nicolas Department Head David Barboza Robert Carey Charles Day Joseph Denero William Doherty William Parmenter Ernest Repucci Edward Mulhern Philip Rousseau Joseph Ryan Wi iim pirn stmm i Si2a »i V ■ y. Edward Sahagian Charles Stevens I James Sullivan 25 PHYSICAL EDUCATION James Ronayne Jay Cradle Department Head Frances Goodman, Secretary George Jessup Ben Merritt 4V BUSINESS Michael B Gradone Department Head Barry Howland Mary Machakos John B. Meyer Anna Nolan Irene L. Roman Armando Rossi Rudolph Satlak Y Libby Resnick SECRETARIES Barbara Coffee Katherine DiRusso Florence Festinger Eugenia Copeland Phyllis Falco Marrie Kenney Jan Margolin Elsie McDermott Executive Secretary Helen Leone Edyth Raymond HEARING IMPAIRED Nancy Feldman Lindsay Huppe Claire Friedman Evy Galis Margie Goldstein Steve Kimball SPECIAL Charles Brinton Robert Chalmers MUSIC Ray Smith Department Head Eric Benjamin Mitchel Gordon Thomas Leonard Judy Freedman LEARNING DISABILITY Winifred Green Myrna Guterman Judith Rosenthal NURSES Fran Nelligan Mary Gorman CAFETERIA STAFF TOP ROW: L-R: Lois Ranley, Kay Venuto, Mary Fontano, Mary Dibona, Margie Tramantozzi, Lee Caramanica, Marie Calderone, Laura Caccia. BOTTOM ROW: L-R: Rose DeRubeis, Helen Haverty, Florence Coffey, Dina DiNapoli, Betty O’Brien, Patricia Scrooc. MISSING: Evelyn Arsenaulte, Anna Caira, Amelia D’Ercole, Rose DiBona, Theresa Mazzola, Beatrice Sheridand, Mary Wall, Joan Wilson, Alicia Dillon, Luigi Pellegrini. CUSTODIANS L-R: Louis Barisano, Peter DiMico, Al Leone, Joe Bianco, Richard Cucchi, Jon DiMico. MISSING: Evening and Night Crew. 30 HOLLYWOOD HOTSHOTS 31 A FEATURING: 33 SPECIAL EFFECTS 34 -♦% 35 AUDITIONS “People is all everything is, all it has ever been, all it will ever be.” 38 ARE YOU A 9 SOPHOMORE JUNIOR Long hair, preferably, feathered. “Barry, Beals, and Bacon take first lunch.’’ Biology French Straight leg designer jeans Look of awe or terror Clogs Striped sweater US History Pen for filling forms. “What do you mean ‘where was I for gym last semester’?” “yawn: boredonrsmile: . . Concert T- shirt. NIKE ' Tube socks Neatly completed schedule card. Registration for the PSAT Overalls Michelob Gym bag. 40 Four hours of sleep last night Alarm clock didn’t go off this morning! Air of superiority and self- assurance. “What do y ou mean ‘Main Street is off limits’?” WCOZ 94’ 2 FM SAT registration form: “please use a no. 2 pencil.” Brand name T-shirt: NIKE, Adidas, etc. Nobody’s perfect! Another cut slip. Saturday afternoon tackl football game. Levi Jeans: faded and worn- in. Baron’s Pocket Metric Conversion Chart (concise version) belt buckle PSSC “PHYSICS” Fourth edition. Monarch Notes for Madame Bovary. Book report due last week. Sally Sophomore 969-0000 Converse All-Stars. SENIOR 41 J ' " linn wiki iana U u U f|( ( f I KII 1){I III) )I 111 M u U(l HU) mil ' ll]] 1 1 1 1 71 t M t-t-4—U -m I ...1. 1 , J i.j-J l H I (I I I ! ■ I I I i .- I . , 1 1 I iirUUnK i .y x f tA Ai niiii un ' :iiiiiunMM i)in u nnu minim ) nu 11 nun u n iuvn i i + nm uit rt i it ii niH j I ‘t- 4m )))) mi D4 » nn nn LL £S 43 COSTUMES “Show us who you REALLY are.’’ The huge turnout justified rearranging Thursday’s and Friday’s schedules. Four costumes, chosen from among punk rockers, killer bees, dominoes, male cheerleaders and Blues Brothers, won prizes: David Margolin’s eight-foot, four armed, multi-colored ragman; A giant box of Frootloops worn by Nadine Poindexter; Sue Boyajian who plugged her- self in as a Christmas tree; four bottles of Molson Beer — David Baxter, Robbie Goodwin, David Israel, and Bob Troiano. 44 Winning a special faculty award, Mr. Montague’s chil- dren Martha and Peter. CO-STARS “We do not remember days — we remember moments.” FRAMES 48 ■ 49 50 NewtoniaM 1S51 NEWTON NORTH sa 12 A - Jft ZSOOSOHH ACT ACTS i imm scene Hay A T » P»oOi cn w CO TrC, P lm UDiT vn. fpa fc TAKE 5 ft EEL » 69 |comhenTs| Camoq . boom Cr j,£ £ros C or S 5 Lj oV 6 r ? y (r.fKMi film $) ® bACMl X)(l J 51 INSTRUMENTALISTS — SOUND STAGE CONCERT BAND JAZZ ENSEMBLE ORCHESTRA WIND ENSEMBLE Ik This year’s instrumental program had its first concert, “Harvestfest . . . One” on November 5th. Three of New- ton North’s four groups performed: The Wind Ensemble, comprised of 37 members, the Concert Band, with 50 students, and the Jazz Ensmeble, with 30 members. These groups are under the direction of Mr. Tom Leo- nard. The orchestra, along with the Concert Choir, Family Singers, and Sisters, had their first performance of the year at ‘‘Harvestfest . . . Two” on November 13th. The orchestra, directed by Mr. Eric Benjamin, has a mem- bership of 25. In late January, these four instrumental groups took part in an exchange with Montclair High School in Mont- clair, New Jersey. The four day tour included many con- certs, a Broadway show, and an afternoon in New York City. On February 1 1th, the Jazz Ensemble participated in a jazz festival — an evening of jazz and rock — with several area high school jazz groups. On February 25th, the Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Orchestra participated in a combined concert with Newton South. On April 29th, the Jazz Band presented its own jazz night, playing popu- lar jazz and rock selections from the 40’s to the 80’s. This year’s final concert was the Pops Concert in May in which all of North’s musical groups per- formed. The 1980-81 sea- son was very suc- cessful one for the instrumental pro- gram at Newton North High. - 53 J VOCALISTS — SOUND TRACK CONCERT CHOIR FAMILY SISTERS North’s three vocal ensembles, Concert Choir, Family, and Sisters, gave an outstanding opening concert on November 14, setting the scene for an eventful year of high caliber performances. In addition to a potluck supper, a Pops Night, and a Winterfest Concert, they held their annual Ren- naisance Dinner which combined madrigal music, and medieval art and dance with an authentic Rennaisance meal for five hundred people. Performances at the National Cathedral in Washington, DC, and the Senate Rotunda highlighted this year’s music exchange program with Woodlawn High School in Baltimore. The vocalists from Woodlawn then traveled to Boston in April to share with us the honor of singing the National Anthem at Opening Night for the Red Sox. 55 ART — SET DESIGN This year’s all-school musical was a smashing production of “Kismet.” Set in romantic and lively Bagdad, the story is one of love and adventure. In two days a beggar-poet, played by senior Jeff Sampson, goes from rags to riches, saves his own neck from the evil Wazir, senior Tim Martin, marries the Wazir’s lovely wife, senior Sharon Phalon, and betrothes his daughter, senior Margaret Donabedian, to the Caliph, senior David Palais. Performed in the Henry Lasker Auditorium in early December, Kismet was directed by Raymond Smith and senior Jenniner Rako. The show was produced by seniors Rachel Jacobsen, Lisa Beaudet, and Tamah Solomon. The choreography was created by Susan Ronson with her lead dancers seniors Lisa Goldberg, Lucia Gill, and Chrissi Reycroft. Choral director Eric Benjamin led the chorus in spectacular harmony while Tom Leonard con- ducted the orchestra. The score of Kismet was based on the musical writ- ings of Bordine, adapted by Forest and Wright. The entire cast performed a professional show. Said one audience mem- ber, “It was fantastic, as soon as the curtain opened I knew that I was in Bagdad.” 58 M J 0 o o 0 o 0 o 0 ? o u o O ANDROCLES o 0 AND THE LION o o 0 n Presented by: Theatre Inc. and u The Shakespearean Players. o 0 Starring: John Roberts as the Lion. ft Mike Wing as Androcles, Fred u u Wells, Melinda Fee, and Jeff 0 Powers. o Q Producer: Dawn Bonis 0 W Director: Tom Schaeffer A o Guitar: Jonathan Woetzel o o o V ( DoO QOOOOOOO O o 60 61 PHOTOGRAPHS AND 62 MEMORIES 63 ACTOR’S GUILD f r 64 HewtoniaN 1S81 NEWTON NORTH sn 12 A - JAJ {T.600S0HH ACT SCENE A|«T ' ■» Fvoovcnm CINTrG, Pilm tom 0. fpa t TAKE SI Reel |commentT[ Camotf 1 aHJ) {. (boom Cr ji£ £rw C SW 5 lj pjf 6 1 ' 7 y (r.flbRU FILM ) 1 ©MCML.VXV 7 NEWTONIAN — PRODUCERS Erik Corwin, Layout Editor Linda Gheewalla, Layout Editor Deborah Kantar, Editor-in-Chief Rachel Jacobson, Senior Section Editor Stephen Drew, Art Editor Anya Toomre, Senior Section Editor 66 Ricky Callanan, Ways and Means Coordinator Margie Altman, Photography Coordinator Amanda Gruber, Advertising Manager Robert Autor, Photography Editor David Israel, Photography Editor Shelley Langdale, Advertising Manager Toby Goldberg, Circulation Manager 67 NEWTONIAN — UNDERSTUDIES In late October, Social Studies teacner Sonia Dett- man became the Newtonian Faculty Advisor. Although she had never served in a similar position, Ms. Dettman qu ickly “learned the ropes.” The editors wish to thank her for helping them in times of trou- ble. SPORTS STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Carolyn Ronchinsky, Lauren Grief, Beth Hyman. PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Peter Nobile, Helen Hoving, Marian Abernathy, Sandra Cohen, Mark Sasahara. SECOND ROW: Larry Pike, Barbara Gordon, Eric Gheewalla, Sarah Abernathy, Leah Hyman. MISSING: Erik Corwin, Linda Gheewalla, Deborah Kantar, Jonathan Kantar, Craig Cohen. 68 LAYOUT STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Beth Habelow, Maria Casieri, Rita Visco. SEC- OND ROW: Lisa Adams, Penny Caldicott, Dorethea Gee, Karen Brack. MISS- ING: Andrew Bernstein, Laurie Carter, Bruce Corwin, Wendy Fai, Eric Gheewalla, Susan Holzman, Jonathan Kantar, Lauren Rich, Tom Sivak. LITERARY STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Laura Goodwin, Ashley Hayes. SECOND ROW: Michael Gonnerman, Jeff Briskin, Sabrina O’Brien, Susan Saxon. ART STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Christina Manologas, Alison May, Kathy Feld- man. SECOND ROW: Stephen Drew, Peter Nobile, David Israel. MISSING: Lisa Coveno, Mark Sasahara. ADVERTISING STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Jane Broderick, Maria Casieri, Rita visco, Shir- ley Idleson, Andrea Fialosky. SECOND ROW: Elana Yee, Sue O’Brien, Karen Brack. Leslee Tocci, Dee Dee Dean, Gretchen Smith. SENIOR SECTION STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Audrey Garfield, Molly Savitz, Maureen Codyer, Erika Mckearney, Andrea Filakosky, Rachel Levenson. SECOND ROW: Allison McCarthy, Dorethea Gee, Melinda Fee, Susan Graham, Colleen Amatan- qel, Chris Rona, Rosa Nicolazzo, Karen Wing, Laura Pill. WAYS AND MEANS STAFF LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan Holzman, Evan Teplow, Matt Reinhardt, Ricky Callanan, Colleen Halloran. CIRCULATION STAPF LEFT TO RIGHT BOTTOM ROW: Maureen Owen, Rita Tonti, Toby Goldberg, Linda Tamkin, Kara Kelley. SECOND ROW: Brenda Mcquillan, Rebecca Rob- bins, Laura Pill, Karen Wing, Christina Rona, Linda Chin. COPY STAFF Richard Kagan. MISSING: Wendy Fai, Carolyn Ron- chinsky, Linda Gheewalla, Rachel Jacobson, Deborah Kantar. " A mug shot of the peanut and M M gallery.” 69 NEWTONITE — NEWSCASTERS Ethan Simon, Editor-in-Chief Varda Lief, Managing Editor Jon Mogul, News Analysis Editor Deborah Miller, Feature Editor Jonathan Kantar, Production Manager Sandi Blanch, Sports Editor Joshua Waldorf, Managing Editor and Broad- cast Manager Robin Weingarten, News Editor Mei Chang, Advertising Manager David Wolfe, Photography Editor Karen Lee, Business Manager Susan Holzman, Circulation Manager Ken Tempkin, Business Advisor Helen Smith, Advisor Newtonite Managing Editors--Varoa Lief j- shua Waldorf Business Manager-Karen Lee Advertising Manager--Mei Chang Circulation Manager--Susan Holzman Advisers Editorial--Heien Smith Busmess--Ken Temkm Production assistance-- E ' nie Repucci Paul Moore New Stafl-Marian Abernathy, David Autor, Isaac Berg, Nat Berg Joshua Dltelbera, Kirk Freedman, Hilary Gleekman Amir Gollan, Shirley Idelson, Danny Katz, Philip Mann Peier McCann, Consie McCarty, Nancy McManus, Daniel Menn, Alison Perlo, Conor Plunkett, Amit Prasad, Betsy Silver, Betsy Subrln Beth Tafe, Melina Tedesco, Kenwood Tsai, Peter Vamuakas, karieen Wise, Marc Wise News Analysis Staff-Sarah Abernathy, Anne Berlin, Bradford Hauser Bill Holmes, Michael Kubzansky, Peter Leary, Wendy Matarazzo, Sudha Prasad, Ronit Schwarz, t-e ' yn laimo, u eter Wekstein Feature Statf--Cary Allen Stuart Berman, Clare Corcoran, Nancy Fabian, Rachel Inker Judy Loitherstein, Tim O ' Rourke, Maureen Owen Sports Staff--Andrew Bernstein, Ted Burke, Cathy Campbell, Erik Corwin Karen Gilbert, Robbie Goodwin, Liz Natale, Monique Nathanson, George Stoyanoff, Evan Teplow Arf Staff-Vin D ' Alleva. Michael Kubzansky, Gabriel Polonsky. Jeff Powers. Craig Sohildauer David Spiro Circulation Staff-Adrienne Barbee, Gail Clark, Emily Femzia Cindy Finn, Ramsey Gilbert, Jodi Goldberg, Toby Goldberg, Sharon Green, Katie Haney, Leonard Koladny, Ellen Lenson Bill Madden, Lynne Mann Alphonso Montillo, Sue O ' Brien, Liz Packer, Adrienne Ruderman, Lauren Rich, Rich Sorota, Robert Sulkin, Tom Wasson Laura Witt Photography Staff--Joe Adelstein, Craig Cohen. Steven Cohen, Dave Heckscker, Josh Lavme, shara Lewis, Rob Luber, Warren Luster. Steve Welntraub. Frank Yang Advertising Staff-»Nora Farkas. Emily Feinzig. Beth Habelow, Mary Kim Peter Michelson Debbie Wolfson Production Slaff--Momca Becker, Craig Cohen, Steve Cohen, Erik Corwin The Newtonite, founded In 1922, Is the newspaper of Newton North High School 360 Lowell Ave , Newtonville Ma. 02160 It Is published 16 times during the school year, $2 00 per yearly subscription. Newtonite editorials are the views of the writers Unsigned editorials represent the official position of the Newtonite Readers are Invited to submit guest editorials, articles and letters to the editor The Newtonite welcomes letters to the editor. To be run in the next edition, they must be in the Newtonite box in Barry house by the Friday after the paper is circulated. We reserve the right to edit letters, which must have the writer’s name, class and homeroom printed on them To place an ad in the Newtonite. please call 552-7468 Editor-in-Chief--Ethan S Simon News Editor-Robin Wemgarten News Analysis Editor--Jon Mogul Feature Editor-Debbie Miller Sports Edltor-Sandi Blanch Photography Edltor--David Woife Production Manager--Jonathan Kantar Broadcast Manager--Joshua Waldorf Pnnte ; by Belmont Printing Co Ethan Simon, editor-in-chief of the Newtonite, accepted an award for editorial excellence that their special edition on energy use and conserv- ation won from the New England Scholastic Press Association in conjunction with Distrigas. The Newtonite has been greatly aided in recent years by the dedicated leadership of teacher Helen Smith, whose students have gone on to top jobs in the local publishing industries. 71 HOLLYWOOD REVUE THOUGHTPRINTS The Thoughtprints staff is a team of sopho- mores, juniors, and seniors who share an enthusi- asm for art and literature. The group produces two publications a year containing poems, stories, essays, drawings, prints, photographs, and photo- graphs of sculptures and paintings submitted by Newton North students. Over the years, Thought- prints has appeared in many forms — a calendar, a datebook, a magazine, and so on. Members belong to either the art or the literary staff (or both) and meet weekly to discuss submissions and select them for publication. After the submis- sions have been reviewed, the staff launches into the production. Students typeset, layout, and paste-up the publication in the production depart- ment of Newton North. Posters along Main Street proclaim deadlines for submissions and advertise the sale of each issue. There are five administra- tive positions on the Thoughtprints staff: the Edi- tor-in-Chief, the Literary Editor, the Art Editor, The Production Manager, and the Publicity Man- ager. All five work together to make each issue of Thoughtprints a fun and successful project. 72 STUDIO MANAGERS SFA Comprised of students, teachers, housemasters, and other administrators, the Student Faculty Administration Board serves as a policy-making council and a forum for opinions. Among this year’s goals were to increase student input and to foster a greater interest in their environment. Representatives were seniors Ellen Lenson, Margie Alt- man, Debbie Robbins, Mira Schwartz, and Debbie Miller and sophomores Michael Kubzansky and. 73 PRESS AGENTS SCHOOL COMMITTEE REPRESENTATIVES Wendy Finn Beth Tafe Valerie Roberts Each year three students from Newton North are elected to serve as School Committee Representatives. The members are expected to meet with the School Committee at least once every eight weeks to discuss school problems and educa- tional issues. It is hoped that through these meetings, the School Committee can attain a greater awareness of problems within the school community. This year ' s representatives were seniors Beth Tafe, Valerie Roberts and Wendy Finn. REGIONAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE DELEGATE Sudha Prasad STUDENT GOVERNMENT DAY REPRESENTATIVE Lauren Liss NEWTON YOUTH COMMISSIONER Linda Gheewalla In conjunction with State Legisla- tion, every secondary school is required to elect a delegate and an alternative to the Regional Advisory Council. This council deals with school related actions which affect students. This year’s delegate was Sudha Prasad and the alternate was David Guterman. As this year’s Student Government Day Representative, Lauren Liss had “an opportunity to learn about gov- ernment through first-hand experi- ence.” Student representatives attend workshops to prepare for the day when each replaces an official in the Boston State House. Role playing shows students what a government position really entails. The Newton Youth Commission is a seven member board assisted by a twenty member advisory board. Its purpose is to implement programs designed to meet the opportunities, challenges, and problems of Newton youth. The Commission coordinates existing programs carried on by pub- lic and private agencies, develops policies for prevention of youth prob- lems, and serves as an advocacy group. This year, Linda Gheewalla served as the only student represent- ative to the seven member Commis- sion. PSYCHOLOGY CLUB The purpose of this year’s Psychology Club was to better understand human nature through direct contact with various types pf people. The club’s projects included working with men- tally retarded children, visiting a psychology clinic and visiting a hospital. This year’s officers were: President Donna Yaffe, Vice President Elaine Curtis, and Secretaries Brian Mosher and Kara Kelley. Rosanne Perlmutter supervised the club. TOP ROW: Elaine Curtis, David Eagle, Kara Kelley. BOTTOM ROW: Rosanne Pearlmutter (advisor), Donna Yaffe (president), Susan Roderick, Brian Mosher. UPTOWN ft ft mmmk ypaf ' BN: W, 11 IS FRONT ROW: L-R Marty Short. Dan Jassett, Siobhan Underhill. Sylvia Caruso, Lisa Torchia, Richard Dore, Mary Decourcey, Patricia Milano, Allison Cox MIDDLE ROW L-R Bill Copan. Boyd Brewington, Marty Daly, Richard Cle- ments, Nancy Ghannam, Debbie Aluarez BACK ROW L-R Alan Cruz, Don Mackay, Sam Peteff, Robert Taylor. Mark Friel, Chris Moody. Rob Chambers, Susie Reilly, Carla Catalano, Dom Quintilliani, Nancy Manning, Chris Brashears, Maura Smith, Mr Peter Capodilupo MISSING Joan Caira, Denise Funderburk. Uptown is a program for sophomores which was established this year. According to English teacher Peter Capodilupo, the impersonal environment of a large school often frustrates students, as well as teachers. Uptown attempts to alleviate that anxiety by providing a small, personalized, but structured environmen t that enables students and teachers to develop relationships. The thirty Uptowners come from Warren, Bigelow, and Day and all attend morning classes and homeroom together. Four teachers teach in Uptown: Mr. Capodilupo, Eng- lish; Mrs. Kalivas, Social Studies; Mrs. Heafitz, Math; and Mrs. Prokopy, Life Skills. Although participating students and teachers have deemed Uptown a success, its future is uncertain due to budget cuts resulting from Propo- sition 2Vz. However, when the administration real- izes the importance of a program such as Uptown, it may reconsider eliminating it. SCIENCE FICTION CLUB Reading and writing science fiction are two of this club’s main activities. With leadership from President Stuart Berman, Vice-president Michael Levine, Treasurer David Chin, and Advisor D. Montgomery Wells, club members have improved their own writing and have developed a greater understanding of science fiction as a form of litera- ture. FRONT ROW: Dave Chin, John Acenick, Dan Menn, Michael Levine, G. Montgomery Wells (advisor). BACK ROW: Chris Nelson, David Eagle, Eric Gheewalla, Sam Rubelsky. 75 BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): John Sprague, Nancy Hayes, Shirley Gentile, John Mona- han. FRONT ROW: Felicia Mode (Advisor), Magi Von Richter, Mary Walsh. JR. MASS. STATE ASSOC. OF THE DEAF The Junior Massachusetts State Association of the Deaf is part of the Junior National Association of the Deaf. All thirty-three deaf students enrolled in North ' s EdCo Secondary Program for the Hear- ing Impaired participate in the chapter, which pro- vides fellowship and offers various after-school activities. Students who live many miles apart have the opportunity to learn and socialize together. Advised by Felicia Mode and Patti Wilson, the fol- lowing students serve as officers: President John Monahan; Vice-President Shirley Gentile; Secre- tary Nancy Hayes; Treasurer Mary Walsh; and Class Representatives Kelly Fitzgerald, John Spra- gue and Marguerite Von Richter, Marianne Hajjar and Violet Guertin. MODEL U.N. This year the Model U.N. took thirty-four stu- dents to the Harvard Model U.N. at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel. The conference involved 1600 students from the U.S., Canada and Mexico. New- ton North students represented Ethiopia, Tanza- nia, and Cameroon and won five awards. In addi- tion, Audrey Garfield, J. B. Stern, Mike Goldstein, and Fred Wells earned honorable mentions. Four- teen members, representing Cape Verde and Upper Volta, attended the National High School Model U.N. Many thanks to the leadership of Fred Wells, Jeremy Kessler, and David Guterman. If ' 1 17 Sjj BACK ROW (LEFT TO RIGHT): Marc Totten, Tim O’Rourke, Conor Plunkett, Billy Morris- sey, Isaac Berg. SECOND ROW: Frederick Wells, Amy Colliton, Molly Savitz, Ginger Zukowski, Tricia Thomas, David Guterman. FRONT ROW: Marcy Hinand, Audrey Garfield, Shannon Slattery, Joan Hecksher, Catherine Herron. ELECTIONS AND APPOINTMENTS COMMITTEE The Elections and Appointments Committee was established ten years ago under the guidance of the S.F.A. Its purpose was to end the fixing of stu- dent elections, and also to appoint deserving stu- dents to certain non-elected positions. Since its creation, the Elections and Appointments Commit- tee has publicized and supervised all Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and S.F.A. elections, along with awarding appointments to worthy students much to the benefit of the NNHS community. This year the committee was led by Election Commissioners Deborah Kantar and Norman Walker, and Faculty Advisor Barbara Killion. LEFT TO RIGHT: Audrey Garfield, Deborah Kantar, Marc Powers, Barbara Killion. MISS- ING: Norman Walker. 76 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Over twenty students contributed their time and ideas to the Senior Class Committee, led by Presi- dent Brian Mosher, Vice-President Beth Tate, Treasurer Rachel Levenson, Secretary Sheila Mari- nucci, and Faculty Advisor Peter Capodilupo. The committee began the year with a dance open to all students. Other fundraisers included selling carna- tions and giant foam hands which read: ‘‘Newton North 1.” The prom, on June 8 at Boston’s Park Plaza Hotel, brought an eventful year to a close. LEFT TO RIGHT: Brian Mosher (President), Rachel Levenson (Treasurer), Mr. Peter Capo- dilupo (Advisor), Beth T ate (Vice President), Sheila Marinucci (Secretary). SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE STANDING LEFT TO RIGHT: Elaine Curtis, Richard Michelson, Robert Armstrong, Susan Graham, Dee Dee Dean, Debbie Sal- vucci, Gretchen Smith, Roberta Sulkin, Chris Manologas, Nancy McManus, Adam Kasha, Dave Chin, Mr. Peter Capodi- lupo (Advisor). SECOND ROW: Susan DiNisco, Rachel Leven- son, Beth Tate, Sheila Marinucci, Brian Mosher, Sarah Aberna- thy. FIRST ROW: Terry Bersh, Lisa Caveno, Erika McKearney, Colleen Underhill, Patty Antonellis, Toby Goldberg, Helen Hov- ing. THE SENIOR BORED CLUB Students who began slumping in their sopho- more years, and continued to yawn through the remainder of their three years established this club. Activities included doodling on textbooks, sitting on Main Street, and sleeping in class. Fortu- nately, non-members were permitted to partici- pate. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Brian Mosher, David Thomas, Ste- ven Gilson. SECOND ROW: Susan Graham, Peter Zeeb, Susan Roderick, Donna Yaffee, Roberta Sulkin, Lauren Rich, Kathy Feldman, Wendy Fai. THIRD ROW: Sharon Phalon, Andrea Fial- kosky, Cathy Sotir, Chris Manalogas, Ellen Lenson, Beth Sni- der, Rosa Nicolazzo, Luke Eichler. FOURTH ROW: Michael Goldfinger, Susan Holzman, Colleen Halloran. 77 BARRY HOUSE COUNCIL BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: David Berkman, Rosa Nicolazzo, Susan DINisco (Treasurer). Peter Schnell. Andrew Bern- stein. Alison May (Secretary). Donna Elgart. Mary Ellen DeNatale. Tracy Greene. Nancy Levinsky. Wendy Fai (President). MIDDLE ROW Martha Glynn. Elizabeth Shaw. David Baron. Amy Axelrod. June Miller. Amy Fitzgibbon, Kim Buckman. Adrienne Ruderman. Jo Ellen Hillyer. Ann Serafin. FRONT ROW: Stephanie Meyer. Susan Boyajian, Violet Guertin, Laura Ailen, Eve Shamieh. Ruth Boule, Catherine Dillon (Vice President). MISSING: Sarsh Abernathy. Judy Bowe. Monica Becker. Jeffrey Bowman. David Desmond. John Dillon. Helen Hoving. Kathy Joyce. Jane Justice. Adam Kasha. Margy Malloy. Lyn Mann. Nancy Palmer. David Roseman, Kenny Sabbag. Brad Stolbach, Betsy Subrin. Sarah Weisman. Barry Council’s main objective is to raise money for charity and for the scholarship fund. Wendy Fai presided over Vice-President Cathy Dillon, Trea- surer Sue Dinisco, and Secretary Alison May. This year, the council sponsored a fast to benefit OXFAM and sold candy canes on behalf of Globe Santa, in addition to several bake sales. Rocco, however, is their biggest money-maker with all profits going to the scholarship fund. BEALS HOUSE COUNCIL Over the past two years Beals Council has grown from a small group to the largest of the six coun- cils. Co-presidents are Larni Levy and Beth Tafe. Other officers are: Sudha Prasad, Treasurer; Danny Katz and Debbie Robbins, Secretaries; and Joe Titlebaum, publicity chairman. Beals Council is best known for its homeroom deliveries of Hallow- een witch-o-grams, post-Thanksgiving Kiss-o- grams, and Valetine’s Day carnations. All proceeds benefited the Beals House Scholarship Fund. An unsuccessful petition to open Beals Commons was another of the year’s activities. BACK ROW: David Green. Bill Holmes. Danny Katz, Jeff Sampson. Billy Madden THIRD ROW: Bette Steinmuller (advi- sor). Peter Michaelson, Beth Tafe. Santina Doe, David Ekezian, Maureen Codyer, Maria Cassieri, Mark Powers, Joe Titt- lebaum, Larni Levy SECOND ROW Sara Saltzer, Emily Feinzig, Wendy Matarazzo. Susan Campagnone. Jeremy Kessler, Tina Sabin. Valerie Roberts. Rachel Levenson, Kathy LaShoto (advisor). FIRST ROW Melina Tedesco, Karin Kreider, Debbie Robbins. Sudha Prasad, Jenny Flackett, Sonia Marrow. Rachel Inker. Katie Ridge. SPANISH CLUB Co-Presidents Marian Abernathy and Helen Hoving acquainted club members through a series of pot luck suppers at which each member pre- pared a Spanish dish. Their advisor was Mrs. Inter- aide, who is new to NNHS. The club also had several trips to restaurants and to museums. Due to its new presidency arrangement, the Spanish club should have as much fun next year. 78 BACK ROW: Ursula Tafe, Martha Ehrmann, Audrey Garfield, Debbie Salvucci, Molly Sav- itz, Marian Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Christina Arcese, Steve Gharabegian. FRONT ROW: Jill Alexrod, Sarah Weisman, Catherine Dillon, Helen Hoving, Anya Toomre. AFRO AMERICAN SOCIETY According to President Nadine Poindexter, the Afro-American Club serves not only as a means to unify students, but as a support group as well, where students can voice their problems and wor- ries. This year, Lisa Turner served as Vice Presi- dent, Juanita Holmes as Treasurer, Chavonne Adams as Secretary, and Ed Shaddock as Ser- geant at Arms. Black History Month was the groupVmain endeavor during which students pre- sented skits, dances, and speakers in school. L-R: Eddie Shaddock, Nadine Poindexter, Chavonne Adams, Lisa Turner, Jerry Burrell (advisor). FRONT ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Debbie Boswell, Sandy Cohen, Toby Goldberg, Amy Janower, Linda Resnick, Eric Weizer. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Maureen Owen, Rebecca Robbins, Kelly Simas, Leslie Shumway, Susan Graham, Gail Abelow, Rebecca Kempler. MISSING: Paul Yannoni, Betsy Silver, Linda Ferner, Adrienne Barbee, Leonard Kolodny, Shirley Idelson, Stephen Drew, Jodi Goldberg, Karen Weinberg, Liz Premo. RILEY HOUSE COUNCIL Riley Council President Toby Goldberg and Advisor Mr. Montague are blessed with active club members. Paul Yannoni is vice-president, Linda Ferner, secretary, and Betsy Silver, treasurer. This year’s activities included: Friday morning dough- nut sales, Christmas mistletoe, Spring Flowers, and advertising and selling tickets for Kismet. A talent show, hosted by seniors Michael Goldfinger and John Roberts ended a successful year for the council. SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS The Sophomore Class Committee, under the direction of President Marie Moore, Vice-President Bruce Corwin, and Treasurer John Dillon, worked hard to have an effect on student activities. The committee gathered a petition against the effects of proposition 2 V 2 in our school system and sub- mitted it to the Board of Alderman, and also aided S.F.A. representatives in an attempt to alter cer- tain study hall regulations. The committee organ- ized many fund-raising activities in order to form a strong financial base for the class of 1983. Bruce Corwin, Maria Moore, John Dillon. 79 ITALIAN CLUB A huge Christmas party for the seventy-five members of the club and their guests started the year’s major activities. In addition to raising money to aid victims of the earthquake in Italy, a Rocco concert in memory of former Italian Club member Kim Saia was held. Proceeds went into a scholar- ship fund. Officers this year were Angela Cerra — President, Rita Visco — Vice President, Michelle Borelli and Rita Tonti — Secretaries, Teresa Tomaino — Treasurer, and Sherry Vitti and Laurie Veno — Activities Chairpersons. FIRST ROW L-R Rita Tonti (secretary), Theresa Tomaino (treasurer), Rita Visco (president). Angie Cerra, Ms Vallone (advisor), Sherri Vitti (social chairperson). Lori Veno (social chairperson), Michelle Borelli (secretary). SECOND ROW L-R Betsy DePasquale, Marie Tomaino. Sandy Calabro, Cathy Dillon, Maria Casieri, Gert Tomaino. Gabriella Gomez. Marisa Fusco. Gerardo Montillo, Larry Mazzola, Stephanie Acerra. Sal Cerra THIRD ROW L-R Doug Cedrone. Loretta Lombary, Frances Camerato. Susan DiNisco, Rosa Nicolazzo, Lisa Belli, Tracey Parsons, Maria Magm, Lisa Scraffa. Maria Leone. Diane Rogers FOURTH ROW L-R David Quintilliam, Sharon Rousseau. Christine MacCormack. Kim Sampson. Janet Leacy. Karen Brack Debbie Salvucci FIFTH ROW L-R Robert Troiano, Mark Clemente. Marc Scalese. Jean Negrotti, Bobby Tedesco. Kenny Tedesco. Jackie Bowe 3-D MOVIE CLUB On those evenings that Newton had nothing to offer, this group sped off to Coolidge Corner to add a new dimension to their weekend. Member- ship was limited to people willing to experience new activities. Alfred Hitchcock’s Dial ‘M’ For Mur- der was the year’s main attraction, but all mem- bers agree that Bugs Bunny ran a close second. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Valerie Roberts, Karin Leinwand. FRONT ROW: Todd Jes- dale, Deborah Kantar, Mr. Richard Scherr (advisor), Shara Lewis. GEOLOGY CLUB Over the past year, the Geology Club has done such things as: acquire a lapidary, museum trips, and numerous field trips to various sites in New England. The President is David Baron and the Treasurer is Linda Robeck. BACK ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Mary Murphy, Linda Rodeck, Brian White, Andy Chalfen, Richard Maloney. FRONT ROW: Billy Houle, David Baron, Beth Holmberg. 80 SKI CLUB Overjoyed with the early snowfall, President Ellen Lenson and Vice-President Adrienne Ruder- man got the Ski Club onto the slopes. With the help of Treasurer Chris Manolagas and Sign-up Chair- man Chris Toole, the club organized day and weekend trips to the White Mountains. The March 6-8 Sugarloaf trip was the most popular. This year for the first time, the club traveled to Colorado in February for a week of skiing at Steamboat Springs. TOP ROW L-R: Adrienne Ruderman, Stuart Rist, Sarah Abernathy. BOTTOM ROW L-R. Chris Manalogas, Ellen Lenson. THURSDAY SUB CLUB “O.K., who had the meatball?” Every Thursday at 12:15, these gourmets eagerly gathered in the caf to await delivery of Guiseppe’s savory subs. Membership was not limited: however, newcomers had to pass initiation: eat a NNHS cafeteria lunch while watching club members devour their subs. LEFT TO RIGHT: Wendy Fai, Phil Caldicott, Andy Bernstein, Ellen Lenson, Susan Holzman, Linda Gheewalla, Jonathan Kantar. JUGGLING CLUB Under the leadership of President Robbie Good- win, Vice-president David Israel, Treasurer Bobby Bernstein, and Secretary David Baxter, this group of enthusiastic performers brought a touch of the circus to NNHS. Members met weekly to practice their skills in hopes of performing in the Spring Tal- ent Show and in Harvard Square. According to Robbie, ‘‘We couldn’t have made it through the year without the club.” LEFT TO RIGHT: David Israel, Bobby Bernstein, David Eagle, Robert Troiano, Robert Goodwin. MISSING: David Baxter. 81 IRISH STUDENT UNION Last September marked the rebirth of the Irish Student’s Union with a totally new group of both Irish and non-Irish students meeting X 2 blocks to enhance their knowledge of Irish history. Under the auspices of presidents Bill Morri- sey, Conor Plunkett and Clare Corcoran, the Union blos- somed into a 20-member community. Highlights of this year’s I. S.U. -sponsored events include the great potato bake and the second annual Bagpipe and Step Dancing Concert. Special thanks to our Faculty Advisor Barbara “Killer” Killion. MARKETING AND MANAGEMENT With the aid of teachers Leona Mallidis and Charles Day, this club established itself this year under the official name of Distributive Education Clubs of America (D.E.C.A.). Stu- dents involved in D.E.C.A. are primarily interested in careers in marketing, retail, and merchandising. In addition to opening its own store, Hide’n’Seek, within the school, the club attended workshops to learn sales techniques, and visited a nursing home to give a Christmas party. This year’s officers were: Zina Britton, President; Lee Suther- land, Vice-president; Terri Bersch, Secretary; Vivi LiDonni, Treasurer; Donna Panzera, reporter; and Jill Buza, parlia- mentarian. ON CAMPUS COMMITTEE Activities coordinator Richard Scherr and the students on the On Campus Committee do more than show best selling movies such as The Electric Horseman, Norma Rae, Kramer vs. Kramer, Breaking away, and The Buddy Holly Story. This year, the committee organized a three week program on divorce and the family, as well as a program on nuclear war as a follow-up to the nuclear arms race. As participants in the Sports-Figure-of-the-Month Program, Dave Cowens, Jerry Ray, M. L. Carr, Ray Hamilton, and Russ Francis visited NNHS. Mr. Scherr and students Chris Manolagas, Mike Glazer- man, Susan DiNisco, Steven Bufferd, Zabia Khan, and Andrew McCloud, made great efforts to make free blocks more interesting. JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE President Martha Donaldson and the Junior Class Com- mittee have attempted to unite the class through various activities. Thirty-five students participated, led by Martha, Vice-president Chip Burgess, Secretary Rachel Inker, and Treasurer Liz Packer. The Junior Class anticipates “a great senior year.” ADAMS COUNCIL Although the Adams House Council was relatively inac- tive for the second half of the year due to a large number of January graduates, it did sponsor many bake sales in the first half to benefit the Adams House scholarship fund. Steve Doona was President, aided by Vice-president Les- ley Cederlund, Treasurer Laura Pill, and Secretary Susan Saxon. GERMAN CLUB With tri-presidents Mathew von Hendy, Marcus Powers, and Don Ulhmarn, and secretary Andrea Brandform, the German Club had an exciting year. Early in the year, they held a reception for foreign-born students. Later on, they took a ski trip to Killington and a visit to George’s Island. BLUE-STRIPED SHIRT CLUB Members of this avant garde club wear their fashionable shirts everyday except laundry day. In addition to holding frequent discussions on the shirts’ fiber content, the club visited the Osh Kosh factory in Vermont using profits from blue-and- white striped shirt sales. Next year, the club may expand to encompass brown, pink, and red striped shirts. LEFT TO RIGHT: Sarah Saltzer, Ashley Hayes, Glen St. Coeur, Shelley Langdale, Laura Goodwin. LEFT TO RIGHT: Erik Corwin, Andy Bernstein, Ethan Simon, Lucia Gill, Valerie Roberts. MISSING: Florence Borden, Ned Rossiter. BREAKFAST CLUB Every Monday morning, as most Newton North Students stumble out of bed in a delirious stupor, the Breakfast Club convenes for its weekly meeting at Langely’s Delicatessen. The objectives of this club include not only the pursuit of the perfect bagel, but the philosophical discussion of pressing national issues (such as the result of the most recent Celtics game). Although the club bases itself at Langely’s, the club’s program has included road trips to such exotic dining emporiums as the Pewter Pot, the International House of Pancakes, and MacDonald’s. THE REDHEAD CLUB The Redhead Club has been in existence since “I Love Lucy” with the Newton North Chapter start- ing in 1964. This year’s fundraisers included selling red carnations and red licorice. All of the club members are natural redheads and roots are checked periodically. Any member found tinting her hair was immediately subjected to standing by the Bacon lockers thereby clashing with her sur- roundings. Otherwise, rules were lenient. Presi- dents Sharon Phalon and Jennifer Flackett objected strongly to the school colors of orange and black. Said the co-presidents, ‘‘How can a true redhead wear orange — we are forced to be unpa- triotic to the school we love.” At the final meeting of the year, the decision was made to stop red hair from being the recessive genetic trait by having all members mate only with fellow true redheads, thus creating the perfect race. TOP ROW LEFT TO RIGHT: Susan McCarthy, Kim Spertner, Patty Hunt, Lisa Fraize, Sally Phalon. BOTTOM ROW: Elizabeth Hyman, co-presidents Jennifer Flackett and Sharon Phalon. MISSING: Teacher Advisor David Outerbridge. 83 ASIAN CLUB The Asian Club’s main purposes are to provide support for oriental students at North and to help foreign students adapt to their new environment. In addition to many bake sales, the club sponsored an oriental week. Having opened itself to all students, the Asian club anticipates a better start next year. INTERNATIONAL STUDENT UNION Initially the International Student Union was established to provide a tutoring service for foreign students with difficulty in speaking English. However, now social activities have been planned, such as a breakfast. Mr. David Phelan acts as faculty advisor, Nancy McManus as President, Jeff Briskin a s Treasurer and other members include Branca Vianna, Kaisa Koranen, and Anna Vianna. Mr. Luciano Visco, Maureen Ahern, Nancy McManus, Jeff Briskin, Giao Valentino, Paul Yin, Kaisa Ronaven, Branca Vianna. ORANGE BROADCASTING During the 1980-1981 school Orange Broadcast- ing added a new branch to their club: WHNR (New- ton High radio) was established. Meanwhile, all the club broadcasts on WNTN A.M. went live. Next year the club’s opportunities look encouraging, with a possible live show on WNTN. FRONT ROW: Allan Stern, Brian Young. SECOND ROW: Karl Reinke (advisor), Jeff Briskin, Peter Leary. THIRD ROW: Jay Usher, Jerry Gentile, Phil Katzman. RUSSIAN COUNCIL The Russian Club has one of the larger officer bodies: Co-Presidents Anya Toomre and Vicki Holms, Co-Secretaries Linda Rosenberg and Marian Abernathy, and Treasurer Phil Caldicott. Two of this year’s activities were a weekend retreat to Cape Cod and a traditional Russian dinner. FRONT ROW L-R: Lucien Weisbrod (advisor), Linda Rosenberg, Paul Jakubowski. BACK ROW L-R: Billy Madden, Steve Spar, Marian Abernathy, Anya Toomre, Phil Caldicott, Anita Greenbaum. FRONT ROW: David Autor, Sam Lobar. SECOND ROW: Dan Spar, Carrie Allen, Lauryl Jacobs, Linda Tamkin, Ben Rueben. THIRD ROW: David Desmond, Gretchen Anderson, Cara Demasiado, Peter Zeeb, Mark Totten, Mark Mazzolla, Phil Katzman. BIKE CLUB Under Presidents James Gleason and Peter Zeeb and advisor Ned Rossiter, the bike club has grown dramatically this year, gaining a substantial base for a racing team by Ben Rubin. The Bike Club took weekly rides throughout the season and discovered many prime touring areas. An all- school open bike clinic and an over-night ride were also held. FRENCH CLUB President Daphne Nayar organized many activi- ties with the help of Vice-president Nancy Levin- sky, Treasurer Laura Pill, and Social Coordinator Philip Mann. By selling French pastry, Toblerone chocolate bars, and candy canes, they were able to give the French exchange students a welcoming party and eat at a French restaurant. The February trip to Quebec, however, was the highlight of the year. BOTTOM ROW: Joan Lin, Sylvia Rogers, Anne Berlin, Daphne Nayar, Laura Pill, Nancy Levinsky, Karen Wing, Kara Kelley, Amy Fitzgibbon. TOP ROW: Mike Yem, Sudha Prasad, Sandy Cohen, Barbara Gordon, Karen Resnick, Nancy Palmer, Leslie Tocci, Terri Bersch, Susan Benjamin, Beth Dusier. 85 IMAGES FRONT ROW: Jane Doe, Rachel Israel, Debbie Doe, Rosemary Hinderregger. BACK ROW: Dan Menn, Susan Campagnone, Gwen Crowder, Tanya Doe. Images is a unique theatre group involving hear- ing as well as deaf students as performers. A knowledge of sign language is not a requirement. However, hearing students with small parts are taught to sign their role. This year ' s major produc- tion was The Hobbit , co-directed by Faculty Advi- sors Evy Galis and Steve Kimball. The cast toured other schools, such as the Framingham Learning Center and the Boston School for the Deaf. In all, Images experienced a successful third year. SHAKESPEAREAN PLAYERS Queen Susan Gilmore and King Fred Wells reigned over the court with the aid of English teacher Tom Schaefer. To inspire them in their the- atrical endeavors, club members attended produc- tions of Macbeth and Sheer Madness. In the fall, the club held its annual Rennaisance Dinner, and in the second term, sponsored the production Andro- cles and the Lion. Highlighting the year was a play- writing contest, the winner of which produced his or her play along with a series of original mono- logues. FRONT ROW: Katie Hermann, Susan Gilmore, Susan Campagnone, Jeremy Kessler, Anne McClure, Dawn Bonis, Dan Menn. BACK ROW: Jon Wertzel, Kermit Cole, John Stokes, Tina Sabin, John Federman, Alex Miller, Fred Wells, Tom Schaffer. SPEECH TEAM Speech Team members had an eventful year attending monthly tournaments for which they pre- pared readings in several categories: prose, poetry, play reading, dramatic interpretation, and extemporaneous speeches. The tournaments are learning experiences which, in combination with the support and criticism of team members and advisors Lori Borden and Kathy LaShoto, help competitors recognize their weaknesses and improve their presentations. In addition to attending tournaments, President Alison Perlo, Vice-president Hilary Gleekman, and Secretary Sue Campagnone organized a slumber TOP ROW L-R: Coach Lori Borden, Andrea McCloud, Sonia Murrow, Scott St. Coeur, Tim party for members to become better acquainted. Gleason, Karen Currin, Jodi Golberg, Tim Martins, Coach Kathy LaShoto. 2nd ROW L-R: Jodi Friedman, Susan Boyajian, Ellen Waldorf, Jennifer Flachett, Tina Sabin. 3rd ROW L- R: President Alison Perlo, Susan Compagnone, Hilary Gleekman. L ■■ BS ■ , I 24 M ri 1 T ] 1 w if 1 f J 86 The sailing team has become the sailing club due to lack of funding from Proposition 2Vz. Although they sail regularly at Charles River Community River Boating Club they station their additional ships at Billows Pond. See supplement for further information. PALMER COUNCIL Led by Co-Presidents Mike Goldfinger and Peter Zeeb, Vice-President Janet Quigly, Treasurer Terry Bersch and Secretary Katie Haney, the Palmer Council sold candy apples in early October and carnations on Halloween. The November Charlie Chaplin film, a candy bar sale, and an unusual Christmas event were other activities. The Fantasy Island Club kicked off the year with a clam hunt. This year’s project was the study of, and pleasure derived from, the works of E. Jong, J. Rossner, and Dr. Seuss. Pictured are Club Presi- dents Henri “Tatoo” Vitug and Mark “Rourke” Sasahara. Also shown are members Fiona Wright, Robin Muise, and Lindsay Hotvedt. “Places Every- one.” 1st ROW BACK: Sherry Bruce, Diane Little, Rachel Hermann, Linda Dimonda, Leslee Tocci, Mike Goldfinger, Peter Zeeb, Karen Resnick, David Knotter, Ingrid Olsson, Lauren Liss, Renee Farrington. 2nd: Brad Schiller, Mike Lorant, Shelly Langdale, Ginger Zukowski, Catherine Herrin, Jaent Quigley, Katie Haney. 3rd FRONT: Karen Brack, Sandy Eisenstein, DeeDee Dean, Terri Bersch. FANTASY ISLAND CLUB LEFT TO RIGHT: Fiona Wright, Henry Vitug, Robin Muise, Mark Sasahara, Lindsay Hot- vedt. 87 TRANSITION Transition, Newton North’s alternative program led by Ron Boucher and June Namias, guided twenty-eight students through a year of unconventional experience- based learning. During the first semester, Transition occupies eight blocks a week. Ron, June, and students also hold a “support group” meeting twice monthly to help stu- dents cope with problems and to become better acq- uainted with one another. Academic studies for this semester include philosophy and political science. Field activities are another kind of learning experience; Trans- ition participants spent a three day survival weekend on Falmouth’s Washburn Island and made trips to visit Boston government officials. At this time, Transition begins raising funds through the Transition Store, Christmas tree sales, bake sales, a flea market, and a spaghetti dinner. In the second semester, students participate in four modules lasting one month. Social service, urban, and occupation, require that students choose an area of interest and devote thirty hours a week to it. Wilderness, the fourth module, culminates in a ten day canoe trip on the Allegash River in Maine. For a student who is willing to “learn by doing,” Transition is an ideal alternative to SEATED L-R: Justin McNary, Cathy Sotir, Ron Boucher (Advisor), A. J. Larkin, Judy Lim, David Krozy, Kevin Kelley. Jr., Pat Downey, Katie Haney, Beth Sherman, Jonathan Davis, Melina Tedesco, Merry Adams, June Namias (Advisor), Pam Wallace, Karin Kreider, Clare Buckley. FLOOR L-R: Michael Powers, Richie Ellicone, Carol Meyer, Richie Ellison, Lisa Handler, Martha Sweet. MISSING: Dyan Scafidi, Jeff Katalia, Jamie Gui- ney, Leslee Tocci, Kevin Johnson, Anne DeMaio, Tony Lee. senior year. as VILLAGE o b - X ui o H fV Q -(foM l ' I bv T l tLC r T ' {i iee ‘‘Mnll H cS ye Onc2 ' QX, ckn f LUi, -J2ZL roAJ ft M t? jrc. c vH yT r ' ' lor Seventy-five juniors and six teachers participate in the Vil- lage, an alternative educational and social experience. Located on the fourth floor, the Village is a personalized area in which participating students attend morning class. This intimate environment allows students to know their teachers and other students on a more personal basis and provides a place for students to “hang-out” with their friends. Village teachers offer supportive criticisms and evaluations and encourage students to assume responsibility for their actions in school. Meetings allow students to discuss prob- lems and activities. 89 AND IT’S OURS. . . TIGERS TAKE 4th DALTON TROPHY by Colleen Underhill North has won the Dalton award for an unprecedented fourth time. “Being selected for the award means very much to me because we’re one of the best schools around and we’re not the only ones who know it. " said principal Richard Mechem. The Boston Globe presents the Ernest Dalton Memorial Trophy annually for overall excellence of High School athletic programs. In 1979, athletic director James Ronayne and Mechem accepted this award, giving athletes and fans the happy thought that North had again retired the Dalton. This is a large step for North because only one other school in Division I, Brockton has ever retired the trophy. But each year, the Tigers improve and so do their results. In 1977, Newton took the award away from Brockton. In 1978, North won again, with Lexington and Brockton close behind. And in 1979 North retained the trophy. Since September 16, Newton has officially kept the award longer than any other Division I high school. North has 29 sports throughout the school year. In 1979-80, the Tigers won three state championships, one Eastern Mass, championship, had one team become an Eastern Mass, finalist and four Suburban league titles. “Newton North has a lot of pride and excellence in everything we do, " said Mechem. “The Dalton is given to the high schools in Massachusetts for outstanding boys’ and girls ' sports. Therefore, an outsider’s look at our school is appreciated, especially in a particular area where we are very good,” he said. “The award means a great deal to the coaches of Newton North,” said boys’ gymnastics and ten- nis coach George Jessup. " It proves they tried to do well with their team, did a good job coaching and it also gives the athletes a warm feeling to know that they have done their best. “Although it ' s nice to win the award, it’s not the most important thing,” said Jessup. “I think it ' s really great that we have won the award but it’s the furthest thing from my mind when I’m coaching. I ' d much rather see the athletics improving for their own benefits and not even think about awards.” NewtoniaN IS 81 NEWTON NORTH UT 12 A - J‘J - 1 600S0HH ACT SPORTS SCENE u hts, cah A ' Actio n " TAKE 2! REEL 19 tMUVA AfT P?oOi»cneW tCXTrC, MLM EOlTi ' A. PPA t |cohmenTs| Canoq t J kh . (boom Cr s,£ £ros C an LfpjS (l 7 o ' ? 1 y (r. TlCrtu FiiM$) ©MC L. XV| 7 Under the leadership of three excellent captains and a fine group of seniors, Newton North played inspiration- ally all year in spite of long term injuries to key players. A lesser group of boys would have folded. An explosive offense and an aggressive defense defeated Framingham No. 21-0, Medford, 21-7, and tied an outstanding No. Quincy team, 14-14. But, by the big Brockton game Capt. Chuck Pepper, a key defender Paul Athy, top running back Peter Jennings, and guard Mark Katre were all side-lined. The Boxers were too much for the Tigers. The players re-grouped to beat a tough Quincy team 10-7 on an exciting last second field goal by Gerry Gentile. For the next three games against Weymouth So., Cambridge, and Weymouth No., a senior backfield of Joe Deasy, Brian Quinn, and Rick Mur- phy took charge behind a hard-working line led by Jon Davis, Steve Gilson, and Mark Katre. The defense rapidly grew into a force to be reckoned with. Linemen Dan Blake, Bob Roman, Norm Walker and Mike Corsi were in command up front, backed by the solid leadership of Capt. Guy DiMamro and Bob Kenney. Scott Thaxton and Jeff Donovan made key plays in the latter games when called upon to fill in for the ailing captain. Other boys who were not starters but a big part of the intensity of the defense in practice and the kicking game, were Todd Jesdale, Bob Carr and Martin Comeau. Paul Westerkamp’s kick- ing was decisive in the Weymouth North win. Offensively Bob Billings proved to be one of the best passers in many years at Newton North, consistently hit- ting receivers Armando Proia, Steve Drew and Mike Schicilone. Mike also was a key blocker on sweeps for North. The Waltham game was the Game for this group of boys, but it was not meant to be. Poor field position and two great backs resulted in a 13-0 Waltham win. As all year, the Seniors showed class and pride in their preparation for the game, their playing of it, and their response to a tough defeat. This senior class provided the next two classes with a model of how athletes should conduct themselves on and off the field. They were dedicated, aggressive and proud while at the same time being mature young men. NEWTON NORTH Framingham North 22- 0 Medford 21- 7 North Quincy 14-14 Brockton 2-48 Quincy 10- 7 Weymouth South 12- 0 Cambridge 26-16 Weymouth North 21- 6 Waltham 0-13 Brookline 0-34 FIRST ROW L-R: Joey Deasy, Stephen Drew, Steve Gilson, Jonathan Davis, Michael Scichilone, Bob Kenney (Cap- tain), Gaetano Dimambro (Captain), Chuck Pepper (Captain), Armando Proia, Mark Katre, Norm Walker, Bob Billings, Dan Blake, Jerry Gentile. SECOND ROW L-R: Bob Carr, Paul Westerkamp, Scott Thaxton, Tom Wasson, Rick Mur- phy, Bob Roman, Jeff Donovan, Brian Ouinn, Todd Jesdale, Marty Comeau, Peter Jennings, Michael Corsi, Paul Athy. THIRD ROW L-R: Michael Abbruzzese, Kevin Connell, Al Fortune, Mario Proia, Ed McCarthy, Kevin Troy, Rion Foley, John Corsi, Neil Hadro, Dave Rowland, Rich Marchioni, Stephen McGrath, Billy Donahue. FOURTH ROW L-R: John Hickey, Tim Mulvey, Willian Ziener, Peter Aisenburg, Paul Howley, Billy Drew, Tony Clarey, Adam McKee, Mark Olalor, John McLaughlin, David Quintilliani. FIFTH ROW L-R: Anthony Gentile, Dan Riley, Leo Butera, John Tempto, Anthony Clemmer, Mike Krieder, Paul Bresnahan, David Stanley, Peter Munsat, Mark Antonellis. 92 Those who saw the soccer team play know that they were a much better team than their record indicated. Newton out-shot their oppo- nents in all but one game. They controlled mid- field in every game but failed to capitalize on scoring opportunities. Highlighting the season was a five-day trip to Mobile, Alabama in October. Newton competed against Bayside Academy, Alabama’s State champion soccer team. Along with valuable soc- cer training, they gained a unique cultural expe- rience and a taste of what “Southern Hospital- ity’’ is all about. Their visit included a trip to the Gulf Shores, a post-game pig roast and an abundance of rest and relaxation. Under coach T. J. Williams, the team learned technique and tactics that will surely remain with them. Leading the team were co-captains Mike latridis and Peter Vasiliadis. Both co-captains were chosen as league All-Stars and Vasiliadis also made the Eastern Mass, state team. Post season awards went to Tom Dallaire for “Most Improved Player,” Danny Chisholm for “Coaches Award” and Vasiliadis and latridis shared team M.V.P. honors. Other standouts were seniors Alphonso Peters t Danny Gilroy, and Ricky Callanan and junior Cam Sears. Cam Sears and David Notter were elected captains for the 1981 season. 2 Newton North North Quincy 1 0 Newton North Waltham 1 1 Newton North Quincy 0 1 Newton North Weymouth South 0 1 Newton North Cambridge 2 1 Newton North Brockton 2 0 Newton North Weymouth North 2 0 Newton North Brookline 2 5 Newton North North Quincy 0 0 Newton North Waltham 3 5 Newton North Quincy 0 0 Newton North Needham 2 4 Newton North Weymouth South 0 0 Newton North Cambridge 0 0 Newton North Brockton 1 5 Newton North Weymouth North 0 0 Newton North Brookline 1 BOTTOM ROW: Harry Confori (asst, coach), John Stewart, Eric Grounger, Danny Chisholm, Peter Visiliadis, Danny Gilroy, Tommy Dallaire, Kary Pappas, Marie (manager). TOP ROW: T. J. Williams (coach), Matt Rinehart, Adam Kasha, Evan Teplow, Ricky Callanan, Isaac Berg, Al Peters, Cam Sears, Mike latridis, David Notter, Henry Hunning- ton. 95 This year’s edition of the Newton North High School Soccer team continued a great winning tradition by gaining a fifth consecutive suburban league title. Losing only one game (15-1) in the league and with an over-all record of 17-2, senior, junior and sophomore players contributed to the offensive-defensive mix necessary for an out- standing season. The whole season pivoted on the Brockton and Weymouth North games mid-season — having lost to Brockton and down 0-2 at the end of the first half against Weymouth North, we recovered and scored 3 times to win the game — which probably were the games that decided the winner of the league title. The team was captained by seniors Sandy Smith, Anne Sullivan, Diane Lewis and Felicia Zani. 1980 Newton North Girls Scocer North Quincy 2-0 At Waltham 4-1 Quincy 8-0 At Weymouth South 3-1 Cambridge 6-0 At Brockton 2-3 Weymouth North 3-2 At Brookline 3-0 At North Quincy 4-2 Waltham 3-0 At Quincy 5-1 Needham 4-1 Weymouth South 2-0 At Cambridge 6-0 Brockton 3-0 At Weymouth North 1-0 Brookline 2-0 Tournament Weymouth North 2-0 Bridgewater-Raynham 0-5 Non-league 96 BOTTOM ROW: Tina Gentile, Jackie Dillon, Mary Kim, Sandy Troy, Stephanie Stoyanoff, Renee Jones, Tricia Alovetto, Carie Simonetti. MIDDLE ROW: Dianne Lewis (captain), Dianne Russell, Den- ise Richards, Cindy Fine, Colleen Underhill, Carole Summers, Lisa Coveno, Chris Manolagas, Ann Sullivan (captain), Lori Goldenberg, Fredi Pitman, Kathy Feldman. TOP ROW: Sandy Smith (captain), Becca Borden, Debbie Quinn, Dianne Casey, Barbara Davis, Judi Mulvey, Tara Brown, Tina McCabe, Joanne Rosetti, Susan Graham MISSING: Feticia Zani (captain), Barry " Fuzzy " Howland (coach). 1980 was a fabulous year for the Boy’s Cross- Country team. They knew they had something good going in September when they finished second out of a field of 25 teams in the North- eastern Invitational Meet. Later, Newton North finished ahead of the first place finisher, Glad- stone-Millville, in the Mass. State Championship race. The Suburban League was a very strong league in 1980. Newton North won the league Championship after exciting victories over pow- erful Brockton, Weymouth South, Cambridge Ringe and Latin, and Brookline. The team fin- ished the season with an 8-0 record. Then in November 8, 1980, Newton North won the Eastern Mass. Division I championship for the third year in a row. This feat had never been done before in the 43-year history of the Mass. State Championships. The team was led by senior Co-captain Mark Sasahara (Most improved) and Co-captain Peter Leary (Most consistant). Both boys are Suburban League all-stars. Other boys who contributed toward winning the Suburban League Championship and the Eastern Mass. Division I Championship were: Brian Young, Kevin McHugh, Peter Resnick, Phil Katzman, Phil Caldicott, Tom Carleo, George Fulk, David Kagan, Cam Laing, Paul Partridge, Dan Spar, Gerard McHugh, Paul Passavant, and other dedicated team members. A special thanks to Coach Joe Conolly, and assistant coach Mark Lech. Yes, the year 1980 was truly the year of New- ton North Cross-Country. 15 Newton North North Quincy 49 28 Newton North Brockton 29 26 Newton North Weymouth 31 South 25 Newton North Cambridge 34 R and L 15 Newton North Waltham 50 15 Newton North Quincy 49 21 Newton North Weymouth 40 North 35 Newton North Brookline 32 (Low score wins) 98 BOTTOM ROW: Dan Spar, George Fulk, Paul Passavant, Kevin Meltugh, Gerard McHugh, Peter Leary (capt.), Mark Sasahara (capt.), David Kagan, Peter Bloom, Peter Resnick. TOP ROW: Mark Lech (coach), Charlie Simpson, Lou Hunter, Phil Katzman, John Dillon, Cam Lainge, David Scheibert, Paul Partridge, Amit Prasad, Phil Caldicott, Joe Connelly (coach). The season began well when the team took second place in the Northeastern Track Club Invita- tional losing only to a track club from New York and beating several college teams. The tigers overwhelmed all opposition until the Waltham meet, when, without Senior Co- captain Monique Nathanson and junior Emily Gaudet, they suffered their only defeat of the season. With a great amount of pride and determination the team overcame the loss of these runners and went on to place second in Division 1 and second in the state championships. The states were a particu- lar success with Liz Natale, Senior Co-captain Cathy Sotir, Carrie Bacon, Amy Fitzgibbon, Liz Premo and Ellen Quinlan helping to beat Waltham and very narrowly missing first place. The girls are certain their coach, Peter Martin, is the best in the state. With his coaching, the team members found them- selves taking minutes off their best times. Peter worked with each girl, making sure the closely knit team was always laughing and having fun. The 1980 Girls Cross-Country team exuded tal- ent. The front runners included: Liz Natale, who remained undefeated throughout the season, smashed the course record by over a minute, (run- ning the three mile course in 16:29) and came 4th in the states; Co-captain Cathy Sotir, whose best race came in the Division 1 championship where she placed 15th; Amy Fitzgibbon, whose 6th place in the states Coaches Meet earned her a well deserved medal; and Carrie Bacon, whose steady improvement all year led her to a 16th place in the all state meet. Liz Premo improved tremendously and ended up running number 5 in the state meet for the Tigers. Ellen Quinlan also developed rap- idly. Beth DeRosier worked hard and added an enormous amount of spirit to the team. Kathy Roy always finished strongly and 1980 marked her third solid year on the Varsity squad. Leora Hadler, Mary-lou Lane, and Susan Huse steadily improved and provided support during the state Champion- ship meets. 23 Newton North North Quincy 32 19 Newton North Brockton 39 17 Newton North Weymouth South 41 23 Newton North Cambridge 32 32 Newton North Waltham 23 21 Newton North Quincy 39 23 Newton North Weymouth South 37 15 100 Newton North Brookline 50 BOTTOM ROW: Leora Hadler, Liz Premo, Beth DeRosier, Amy Fitzgibbon, Cathy Sortir (Captain). TOP ROW: Ellen Quinlan, Susan Huse, Emily Gaudet, Liz Natale, Carrie Bacon, Monique Nathanson (Captain), Peter Martin (Coach). r The 1980 Volleyball team started their season with victories against tough Lynnfield and rival Waltham. But the team lost momentum and tried desperately to regain it. The vol- leyball team seemed to have reached its peak too early and tried to get back the strength needed to win again. All but two varsity players returned to this year’s squad. The skill, techni- que, and experience were there but the team could not put all these assets together to get a winning sea- son. Under the coaching of Jay Cradle, the team learned more about them- selves. It was time for growing and parting. Senior Wendy Fai had an outstanding season capturing a place on the first all-star team. Other play- ers who made up the team were sen- iors Christy Gallier, Ellen Lenson, Eleanor Johnson, Karen Lee, and juniors Megan Guiney, Amy Merrit, Elissa Weltz, Ginger Zukowski and Marcia Zukowski. Merrit, another outstanding player, made a place for herself on the all- star team and will lead the 1981 squad as captain. Volleyball At Waltham 2-1 Lynnfield 2-0 At Quincy 0-2 Cambridge 0-2 At Brockton 0-2 North Quincy 2-0 Brookline 1-2 At North Quincy 2-1 Brockton 1-2 At Cambridge 0-2 Quincy 1-2 At Newton South 1-2 Waltham 2-0 At Brookline 1-2 102 TOP ROW L-R: Mrs. Jay Cradle (coach), Toby Goldberg (manager), Wendy Fai (captain), Eleanor Johnson, Amy Merritt, Christy Gallier, Maureen Owen (statistician). MIDDLE ROW L-R: Ginger Zukowski, Ellen Lenson. BOTTOM ROW L-R: Elisa Weltz, Marcia Zukowski, Karen Lee. This year’s Golf team won the Suburban League Championship with an 8-0 record. This performance qualified the team for the State Tournament in the spring. The key to the team’s success was its depth. No other team in the league could field as many quality golfers. In contrast with most teams on which only one or two golfers are capable of turning outstanding performances, every mem- ber of North’s starting eight distinguished him- self at least once during the season by posting a superior individual effort. This starting unit included Captain John Jepsen, Erik Corwin, Bruce Corwin, Kevin Campbell, Jimmy Alden, Wayne Leblanc, Spencer Laemmle, and Paul Sheinian. Backing up the starters were sopho- mores Mike Burns, John Drew, and Peter May. The highlights of the season were two one point victories over traditional league rivals Brockton and Brookline. The Brockton match was especially emotional and hard fought because the North golfers sought to avenge Brockton’s close victory in the previous year’s Suburban League Playoffs. Both victories were total team efforts marked by several exceptional individual performances. Golf At North Quincy 12-0 Weymouth North 11-0 At Brockton 6V2-5Y2 At Weymouth South 11V2-V2 Cambridge 11V2-V2 Waltham 104 BOTTOM ROW L-R: Peter May, Mike Burns, Doug Southard, John Drew, Phil Russell, Joe Smiroldo. TOP ROW L- R: Paul Shainian, Bruce Corwin, John Jepsen (captain), James Alden, Wayne Leblanc, Spencer Llemmle, Jack Neville (coach). This year the field hockey team had only two returning players from last season. The nucleus of the team was lost to graduation last spring. They also had a new coach Allyson Toney, who is a Newton North graduate and a former Tiger hockey player. Most of the season was spent learning the fundamentals. The team was inexperienced but you could see the improvement every time they played. They finished the season with a 1 -13 record. The only win was a 3-0 victory over New- ton South. One indication of the team’s steady improvement was their holding Weston to only one goal the second time the two teams met. Weston beat the Tigers 7-0 the first game of the season, then went on to become the State Champions. Next year the team will miss senior co-cap- tains Nancy Palmer and Avalee Jenkins who provided the leadership and experience that the young Tiger team lacked. Coach Toney is look- ing forward to next year when she’ll have all but two players coming back. 0 Newton North Weston 7 0 Newton North Lincoln-Sudbury 3 0 Newton North Acton-Boxboro 4 0 Newton North Concord-Carlisle 3 1 Newton North Brookline 2 0 Newton North Bedford 2 0 Newton North Wayland 4 0 Newton North Weston 1 0 Newton North Lincoln-Sudbury 6 0 Newton North Acton-Bo xboro 3 1 Newton North Concord Carlisle 3 3 Newton North Newton South 0 0 Newton North Bedford 2 0 Newton North Wayland 2 106 BOTTOM ROW: Erika Foisy, Joan Lin, Audrey Garfield, Wendy Litman, Sheila O’Brien, Kerrie Smith. TOP ROW: Ally- son Toney (coach), Tricia Thomas, Ines Vitug, Nancy Palmer, Jenny Greenberg, Avalee Jenkins, Cindy Smith, Shan- non Slattery, Paul Luciano (coach). The 1980 Girls Swim team had a very suc- cessful season despite the large turnout of sixty- two girls. The team was held together by the strong leadership of co-captains Leslee Tocci and Tracy Greene. The team’s 7-2 record was a result of their talent and togetherness. Losses to Brockton and Brookline by the smallest margins in the history of girls swimming show the team’s determination and spirit. Third year swimmers include Tracey Parsons, Larni Levy, Marion Abernathy, Dorie Stanton, Karen Resnick, Sarah Abernathy, and Jennie Szekley. Outstanding jobs were done by senior Colleen Halloran and sophomore Lisa Dunn in the Indi- vidual Medley, co-captain Leslee Tocci and sophomore Stephanie Meyer in the 100 but- terfly, senior Laura Pill and junior Laura Collins in the 100 breaststroke, junior Katie King and sophomore Lisa Dunn in long distance, co-cap- tain Tracy Greene and junior Laura Collins in the 50 and 100 freestyle, junior Eve Mazzola and sophomore Lisa Dunn in the 100 backstroke, and sophomore Mimi Golden, junior Jennifer Ryan, and senior Jennifer Annese in diving. A special note of thanks to Coach Colleen White for an excellent coaching job. Newton Opponent Quincy 110 57 Cambridge 125 30 Brookline 88 90 Brockton 102 161 Weymouth North 94 77 Weymouth South 99 73 North Quincy 94 64 Waltham 107 46 6 wins 2 losses 108 Swim team members: Marion Abernathy, Sarah Abernathy, Jennifer Annese, Laura Collins, Kathryn Cunning, Lisa Dunn, Andrea Feingold, Nicole Fraktman, Mary Golden, Tracy Greene, Catherine Herrin, Barbara Heineman, Colleen Halloran, Katie King, Shara Lewis, Larni Levy, Eve Mazzola, Stephanie Meyer, Tracey Parsons, Laura Pill, Janet Quig- ley, Karen Resnick, Jennifer Ryan, Dorie Stanton, Eugenia Szekely, Elizabeth Tafe, Leslie Tocci. 1981 has been a building year for the Newton North swim team. After losing a large group of seniors from the successful 1980 team, Coach Ben Merritt was left with a small group of swim- mers with racing experience. These included Captains: Doug Robinson, and Bob Armstrong, seniors Steven Bufferd and John MacDonald, aided by juniors: Phil Richmond, Tom Chin, and Russell Bradley. The team’s experienced divers included Steve Kelly, John Sprague, and Kevin Feeney, who were instrumental in Newton’s five wins. Coach Merritt has expectations that the team will be strengthened by the experience of the rising juniors and sophomores during the five and five season. 95 Newton N. North Quincy 78 114 Newton N. Quincy 41 56 Newton N. Brookline 101 78 Newton N. Middleboro 94 97 Newton N. Cambridge 58 75 Newton N. Exeter 97 86 Newton N. Waltham 66 81 Newton N. Brockton 91 81 Newton N. Bedford 93 R0W: David Baxter, Jon Mogul, John McDonald, Johan Ryden, Steven Bufferd, Bob Armstrong. SECOND i o7 enn Merr i ,t (coach), Rich Sasdi, Chris O ' Toole, George Wing, Chip Burgess, Brian Downey, Philip Richmond, Mark Clemente, Fred Mahoney. THIRD ROW: Doc Jones (asst, coach), John Doe, David Chau, Brad Schiller, Richard P° a ’ d ® ' ®H°w ermi ol RO A Charle ujto mm Chjr Car ean noiir nhingnr njviH I vV ‘ Led by captain Stephen Drew, the defending State Champion Indoor Track team had another successful season. Finishing second in the tough Suburban League, the Tigers only loss was a close one to league-champion Brockton 44-42. The team was strong in all the events. The shot put was well covered by Junior Kevin Troy and Bruce McDonald. Junior Bill Drew came through with important wins in the 300. Steve Drew was a consistant performer in the high jump as well as a State-ranked competitor in the hurdles with a 6.6 clocking. Senior Scott Thax- ton aided Steve Drew in the high jump and the hurdles. Senior Mike Margolis sprinted while Senior Brian Young and junior Cam Laing won valuable points in the 600 and 1000. Seniors Peter Leary, Mark Sasahara, and Phil Caldicott were impressive distance runners. The mile relay team of Steve Drew, Bill Drew, Cam Laing, Adam McKee, and alternate Rich Michelson was the best in the league. A successful season would not have been possible without the guidance of head coach Fred Yaitanes and assistant coach Mark Lech. Next year’s prospects look good with return- ing lettermen Dave Kagan, George Fulk, Bill Drew, Cam Laing, and Adam McKee. Many promising sophomores include Paul Passavant, Gerald McHugh, and John Drew. 69 Newton N. Quincy 17 61 Newton N. North Quincy 20 49 Newton N. Cambridge 37 42 Newton N. Brockton 44 46 Newton N. Weymouth South 39 59 Newton N. Weymouth North 27 55 Newton N. Waltham 31 60 Newton N. Brookline 26 BOTTOM ROW: Kevin McHugh, Mark Totten, Bob Livingston, Peter Resnick, Brian Young, Mike Margolis, Steven Drew (captain), Scott Thaxton, Rich Michelson, Peter Nobile, Peter Leary, Robert Forrest, Phil Caldicott, Richard Sorota. MIDDLE ROW: Dan Spar, Tom Carleo, George Fulk, Bruce MacDonald, Dave Kagan, Paul Partridge, Cam Laing, Lewis Hunter, Karl Winkler, Adam McKie, Kevin Troy, Eddie Shaddock, Billy Drew, Fred Dellacandro. TOP ROW: Fred Yaitanes (coach), Steve Miller, Rob Margolis, Eric Fortune, Mark Pendergast, Paul Wessel, Paul Passa- vant, Tim Feeney, Chris Brinton, Gerard McHugh, Juan Velasques, Gerardo Montillo, Nathan Yee, Dave Scheibert, John Drew, Mark Lech (coach). MISSING: Mark Sasahara. The Girls’ indoor track team began their 1981 season well, winning their first meet. Although the team was young and inexperienced, they all gave a tremendous effort. The girls were led by captains Lisa Coveno and Cathy Sotir, and they solidly defeated many of the teams, in the league. (Including Brockton, Weymouth South, Brookline, and Waltham.) Coveno led the sprint- ers while Sotir paced the distance runners. The girls treated every meet with determina- tion and they constantly cheered their team- mates on to victory. It was a new and challeng- ing experience for many of the girls, but no group ever ended up with a more successful season. Even though there were losses, the team never lost the spirit of winning. 77 Newton N. Quincy 17 26 Newton N. North Quincy 51 43 Newton N. Cambridge 43 51 Newton N. Brockton 31 59 Newton N. Weymouth North 27 41 Newton N. Weymouth South 45 48 Newton N. Waltham 38 50 Newton N. Brookline 26 BOTTOM ROW L-R: Amy Fitzgibbon, Elissa Weltz, Marcia Zukowski, Cathy Sotir (captain), Lisa Coveno (captain), Erika Foisy, Linda Tampkin. MIDDLE ROW L-R: Liz Natale, Ines Vitug, Freddi Pittman, Mary Low Lane, Margie May, Janet Boudreau, Liz Premo. TOP ROW L-R: Sandy Cohen, Emily Gaudet, Penny Caldicott, Dianne Casey, Carrie Bacon, Beth Derusier, Jenny Greenberg, Amy Merritt, Colleen Underhill, Bob Glennon (Coach). Looking at the Tigers before the season began, who would have imagined a winning season in the tough Suburban League. They lacked the seven-footer who played for Cambridge and the six-niner on the North Quincy squad. Their seniors’ experience last year had been in a lineup constantly changed by injuries. But the spirit and closeness of this year’s team brought them to a bid for the State Tournament. Sharpshooter Co-Captain Bob Billings lead the scoring attack with a 17-point average. His speed, hustle, and leadership through example brought the Tigers some important wins. Lee “T.K.” Gilliam completed the cap- taining duo. He provided the precision pass- ing and clutch shooting so important to the offense. Scott Humphrey and Armando Proia han- dled the board duties for the squad. Hum- phrey was second in scoring behind Billings and lead in rebounds, while Proia provided the muscle required for the Tigers’ inside game. Completing the starting lineup for the Tiger quintet was junior Rion Foley whose playmak- ing for the team was a job well done. Coming off the bench, leaper Bill “Wassi” Carter’s shot-blocking was a threat to other teams and an inspiration to his teammates. Seniors Bill Rollins and Sean O’Rourke pro- vided Coach Phillips with luxury of going to his bench with confidence. Two deaf teammates, John Monahan and Joe Latendre added not only their basketball expertise but also a valuable learning experi- ence for all the players. Closing out the team, and carrying on for next year is a fine group of juniors, Paul Vac- caro, Scott Olson, Keith Alberts, and Ted Shapiro. 70 Newton North Newton South 54 48 Newton North Quincy 51 51 Newton North Weymouth North 46 58 Newton North Weymouth South 61 44 Newton North Waltham 31 46 Newton North North Quincy 54 61 Newton North Bro okline 58 78 Newton North Brockton 68 51 Newton North Cambridge 100 90 Newton North Weymouth North 51 42 Newton North Quincy 40 56 Newton North Weymouth W I South 53 56 Newton North Waltham 53 39 Newton North North Quincy 52 67 Newton North Brookline 51 78 Newton North Cambridge 58 BOTTOM ROW: Bill Rollins, Sean O’Rourke, Scott Humphrey, Lee Gilliam (captain), Bob Billings (cap- tain), Armando Proia, Bill Carter. TOP ROW: Joe Latendre, John Monahan, Keith Alberts, Scott Olson, Rion Foley, Paul Vaccaro, Ted Shapiro. The girls basketball team was once again suc- cessful. With new coach Allison Toney, the team began building on a very strong base which was developed last year when the Tigers were state finalists. Although the Tigers lost four starters to graduation the team showed its depth with con- tinued success. The team was led by senior All-Scholastic Donna Yaffee, who was the leading scorer in the suburban league. Additional front court power was provided by seniors Sandy Smith and Bar- bara Davis and junior Debbie Quinn, all of whom were scoring threats. These four forwards con- trolled the boards throughout the season. The offense was directed by junior Jenna Lammers who led the team in assists. Junior Lord Goldenberg was another point guard whose speed was a catalyst in the team’s effec- tive fast break. Seniors Christy Gallier and Patty Ackerly were valuable swingmen, playing whi- chever position was needed. Rounding out the team were juniors Sandy Vachon, Tina McCabe, and Diane Russell and sophomore Stephanie Stoyanoff, all of whom were part of a skillful bunch. Prior to entering the State Tournament, the Tigers went to Rhode Island to play the 23-0 Cumberland High School team. They gave the undefeated girls their first loss, 72-58. Besides the athletic ability of the team, Coach Toney felt that the team had character and showed poise at all times. These combined fac- tors allowed the Tigers to live up to their reputa- tion as one of the state’s top girl’s basketball teams. 59 Newton North Quincy 39 48 Newton North Peabody 45 61 Newton North Weymouth South 39 59 Newton North Waltham 35 53 Newton North North Quincy 41 57 Newton North Brookline 30 64 Newton North Brockton 51 40 Newton North Cambridge 55 57 Newton North Weymouth North 43 63 Newton North Quincy 44 53 Newton North Weymouth South 28 64 Newton North Waltham 53 62 Newton North North Quincy 33 53 Newton North Cambridge 57 BOTTOM ROW: Sandy Vachon, Stephanie Stoyanoff, Lori Goldenberg, Dianne Russell. MIDDLE ROW: Tina McCabe, Patti Ackerly, Christy Gallier, Jenna Lammers. TOP ROW: Allison Toney (coach), Sandy Smith, Debbie Quinn, Barbara Davis, Donna Yaffee (captain). I The 1981 season for the Boys’ Gymnastics team was highlighted by a narrow victory over Brockton, the school’s old arch rival. Gymnasts who were instrumental in the win included cap- tain Paul Gilbert, juniors David Chow and John LeBlanc on the pommel horse, senior Paul Yan- noni on the high bar, rings, and vault, and junior Billy Jordan on the parallel bars. The team suf- fered a crushing loss to Brookline during the season, but recovered for a six win and five loss season. Paul Yannoni, David Chow, John LeBlanc, and Bill Jordan qualified for the states and strong performances were expected from them, as was a strong team performance expected in the league meet. 76 Newton N. Lexington 68 79 Newton N. Attleboro 76 83 Newton N. Newton South 68 84 Newton N. Bridgewater 73 104 Newton N. Brockton 78 86 Newton N. Wellesley 95 88 Newton N. Weymouth North 92 87.3 Newton N. Brookline 87.7 87 Newton N. Wayland 97 84 Newton N. Quincy 121 95 Newton N. Wachu setts 86 BOTTOM ROW: Kevin Jordan, Peter Felicy, Adam Lewis, Paul Gilbert (captain), Paul Yannoni, Brian Bullwinkle, E Shapiro. MIDDLE ROW: Bob Pierce (coach), Billy Jordan, Todd Macomber, Barry Ducette, Philip DeSimone. Clossy, David Chow. TOP ROW: John LeBlanc, Wayne LeBlanc, Howie Savitt, Bob Collins (coach). I o Q- J I There was excitement in the air as we first gathered for the beginning of our season. There was the new blood that was energetic and full of potential. And there was the older blood; stronger from experience and ready to go. It was not long before the two groups became one as they went after common goals. There will be many memories locked in the minds and hearts of the team members and coaches. A few might be: ice, ice everywhere . . . sore muscles . . . new tricks . . . Cindy C.’s ro bh bw bh bt . . . trying to get difficulty anywhere on any thing . . . Stepha- nie’s yami ... so many home meets . . . green M M’s . . . Rachel’s socks . . . the new judging system? $ . . . working hard or hardly work- ing .. . old friends and new friends . . . and these are only a few. We had many successes and a few losses. In fact we had successes in our losses and losses in our successes. We ended our season all the more wiser and richer for the experience we were able to share in those few months. 79.1 Newton North Waltham 69 92.2 Newton North North Quincy 79.9 71.8 Newton North Bridgewater 95.8 80 Newton North Brockton 102 74.4 Newton North Weymouth South 40.6 88.2 Newton North Weymouth North 92 86.6 Newton North Brookline 107.1 85 Newton North Wayland 79 80 Newton North Quincy 89 81 Newton North Wachussetts 105 BOTTOM: Dianne Clark, Jennifer Carmel, Darleene Doe, Shara Lewis, Kathy Sfouin, Debbie Glick, Amy Janower, Nancy Klauber, Mrs. Rawson (coach). MIDDLE: Adrienne Ruderman, Theresa Glen- non, Cindy Lennihan, Tammy Doe, Allison McQue, Cindy Carmel, Carolyn Byrres, Stephanie Myers, Gretchen Anderson. TOP: Mr. Delay (asst, coach), Rachel Inker, Cathy Ayers, DeeDee Dean, Eleanor Johnson, Dee O’Conner, Jane Justice, Susan Riley, Toby Goldberg (manager), Mr. Simpkins (asst, coach). The 1981 Wrestling team, led by captains Tom Wasson, Norm Walker, and Guy DiMambro, had a successful season. Their great team spirit resulted from big wins against Weymouth North and Framingham North, as well as the needed support of sen- iors Tom Blakely, Jim Callahan, and Junior Al Fortune. Some of the team’s hopes were crushed by unfortunate losses to both Walt- ham and Quincy. However, they retain expec- tations of defending last year’s sectionals crown, as well as finishing as one of the top ten teams in the state. li. 66 Newton North Cambridge 33 Newton North Wellesley 54 Newton North Malden 22 Newton North Waltham 45 Newton North Weymouth South 35 Newton North Weymouth North 36 Newton North Melrose 44 Newton North North Quincy 40 Newton North Brookline BOTTOM ROW: Pat Coleman (coach), Mark Cohen, Steve Casey. Guy DiMambro (captain), Tom Wasson (captain), Norm Walker (captain), Jim Callahan, Ernie Donovan, Al Fortune, Todd Jesdale, Charles Texera (coach). SECOND ROW: Chris Noble, David Stanley, Michael Bass, George Garabedian, Tom Blakely, A. J. Larkin, Bob Wilcox, Peter Munsat. THIRD ROW: Tom Keefe, Leo Butera, Bill Morrisey, Mike Krieder, John Bresnehan, Mike Carvelli, Papoon Sar- kar, Lou Alterri, Paul Bresnehan, Nick Calivakas. FOURTH ROW: Fritz Phillips, Tom Martin, Steve Hartman, David Des- mond, John McGrath, Doug Little, Daryl Yang, John Hope, Chris Howe. FIFTH ROW: John DiNisco, Danny Riley, Price Lenard, John Callahan, Tom Fisher, Eric Grainger, John Natle, Billy Johnson, Eric Gheewalla. Led by veteran co-captains Ricky Callanan and Bobby Kenney, the Tiger Hockey team posted impressive victories over the Brockton and arch-rival Waltham. The “red” line, consisting of returning seniors Callanan and Kenney, along with Junior Paul Howley, has been able to put their eight years of combined experience to work, sparking the team in scoring. Hard fought games against Quincy, North Quincy, and league-leader Wey- mouth North highlighted the campaign, and had the puck crossed the goal line instead of hitting the post on a few occasions, the Tiger sextet may have had a chance at a state tournament berth. With Seniors Steve Karem and Dann y Chish- olm returning, the veteran blue-liners anchored an otherwise inexperienced defense. Two other holes must be filled next year, as senior Jim Demeo leaves with two varsity letters and David Scafidi graduates with a consistant effort and strong, positive attitude, something future New- ton teams will strive for. The future is bright, as Newton returns eleven players, including goaltender Bob Incorvati, a two year starter. Special thanks this year go to coaches Don Crowley, Dick Fletcher, and John Dooley, whose consistant effort and abundance of time paved the successful route to follow. 2 Newtc 3 fjewtOtil . North Uuiftcy 2 NewfonN. Weymouth North 7 Ne «rtonN. " Cambridge 4 Newton N. Waltham (k NejjJfen Nyp feckton 3 Newton N. Weymouth South 5 Newton N. 4 Ur|$ 1 Newton N. Brookline ton N. North Quit WeymoL " tbridge Waltham Brockton Weymobth South FRONT ROW: Bo b Mazzola, Billy Chisolm, Tommy Whitiny, Bobby Kenney (captain), Ricky Callanan (captain), John Stewart, Danny Chisolm, Bob Incorvati. BACK ROW: Coach Dick Fletcher, David Scafidi, John Hickey, Steve Karem, Jim DeMeo, John Connerny, Kevin Connell, Paul Howley, Larry Kelly, Ray Dunn, Kenny Healey, Coach Don Crowley. The 1981 ski season was a combination of snow and mud, mostly mud. After build- ing up an impressive 26-2 record on snow, the team spent the remaining weeks of the season up to their knees in mud, demon- strating the great agility and the kind of determination which enabled them to sweep the league in an awesome display of power. The team was ably captained by seniors John Webster and Ellen Lenson who lent their guidance and experience to an otherwise unorganized and rather mot- ley crew. Top point getters for the girls were Clare Corcoran, Kelly Fitzgerald and Megan Guiney, backed up by Valerie Rob- erts, Liz Shaw, Kathy Joyce, and Maureen Laffey. Leading scorers for the boys included Ethan Simon, John Webster, Ted Wekstein, Tom Culbertson, and Colin Selig, supported by Tom Chamberlain, Avrum Mayman, Hal Rosenber, Jon Weis, Josh Weis, Phil Russel, Doug Haller, Chris Webster, Greg White, and Peter Wekstein. The team would like to extend special thanks to our coach John Phernandes (uh . . . that’s Fernandes) for the time and effort he put into making this team the incredible success it is. Highlights: — Famous home movies on the slopes to be shown at next year ' s world cup training sessions. — Anonymous team member who missed the finish gate, severing the telephone wires. — The famous ice cube known as Prospect “Mountain.” — MUCCER GAMES. — Secret weapon: “Quicksilver” liq- uid silver wax. — Snowball fights on the bus result- ing in the coach administering P. T. patrol (personal transportation). — Fat Sam ' s catering truck for a between-run snack. 130 The 1981 ski season had two surprises for the undefeated Nordic Ski Team: snow and competition. Although snow was scarce, the squad trained well and remained undefeated, leading the combined Alpine and Nordic teams to the league title. Coached by John Fernandes and led by Boys’ captain Ethan Simon and Girls’ co-captains Kathy Roy and Robin Weingarten, the devoted skiers con- sistently outdistanced their competitors by wide margins. The team’s success was due to relatively early and complete training, and mastery of technique. Team participants included (alphabetically): Sarah Abernathy, Joe Adelstein, Evan Bloom, Erik Corwin, Katherine Dillon, Erik Johnson, Deborah Kan- tar, Jonathan Kantar, Julie Miller, and Peter Zeeb. 131 Tigers: Stacy Muise, Clare Frechette. BOTTOM ROW L-R: Joanne McCarthy, Dawn Bonis, Robin Muise, Nancy Levinsky, Melina Tedesco. TOP ROW L-R: Marilyn Hay (captain), Lisa Turner, Karen Lochiato, Patti Butera, Carolyn Ronchinsky, Karen Wing, Kelly Quinn (captain). BOTTOM ROW L-R: Carolyn Ronchinksky (captain), Kathy Feldman, Wendy LeBlanc, Susan McGlaughlin (captain). TOP ROW R-L: Allison Hay, Lisa Adams, Lydia Treplette, Theresa Bibbo, Mary Anne DeMao. N ' w , VJr ■I •« MARCHING BAND |r ACTORS 138 139 LOOKING BACK WITH US Back to Main Street Area radio stations De cision s! 5Ss! Lfll Who Shot MEMORABLE g (il Outlook ’81 3 BiM f l ;x: i j ; | I I kHz WEEI 590 WRKO 680 WCAS 740 WCCM 800 WHDH 850 WROL 950 WCAP 980 WBZ 1030 WGTR 1060 WILD 1090 WHUE 1150 WJMQ 1170 kHz WKOX 1190 WNEB 1230 WEZE 1260 WJDA 1300 WDLW 1330 WLYN 1360 WPIM 1390 WXKS 1430 WSRO 1470 WITS 1510 WNTN 1550 WUNR 1600 J.R. Ewing of Dallas SUSPECT: KRISTIN SHEPARD MHz WAAF 107 3 WXKS 107 9 WBZ 106.7 WVBF 105.7 WBCN 104.1 WEEI 103.3 iWCRB 102.5 KVLYN 101.7 WHUE 100 7 WSSH 99.5 WPLM 99 1 WROR 98.5 WJiB 96.9 MHz WATD 95.9 WHRB 95.3 WCOZ 94.5 WCGY 937 WRLM 93.3 WBOS 92.9 WMFO 91.5 WBUR 90.9 WZ8C 90.3 WGBH 89.7 WERS 889 WMBR 88.1 JORDAI jordache £ Designer Jeans by Cream of the C op ( JEU5CTION SAT?! CHECK IT OUT MEDICINE Oj ' -PHYSICS " i ) r i c U I T ure J See you later, alligator Hospital scrub suits hit the streef Ti ' tf r at uKE ■ iHtFP- ' - iTFCrURg TALENT SCOUTS 142 143 Baby, look at me and tell me what you see You ain’t seen the best of me yet Give me time; I’ll make you for- get the rest I got more in me, and you can set it free I can catch the moon in my hand Don’t you know who I am? Baby, hold me tight, ’cause you can make it right You can shoot me straight to the top Give me love and take all I got to give Baby, I’ll be tough Too much is not enough I can ride your heart till it breaks Babe, I got what it takes. Remember my name, FAME I’m gonna live forever I’m gonna learn how to fly I feel it coming together People will see me and cry I’m gonna make it to heaven Light up the sky like a flame Remember my name. 145 I remember driving along Lowell Avenue with my father when Newton North’s new building was under construction. “You’ll be going to school here someday,” he said indicating the mass of brick and concrete. I sighed, unable to picture myself attending high school. At the time, I was only in fourth grade, and even the sixth-graders seemed powerful and important. They had their classrooms on the top floor, sat at big desks, and kept their numerous school supplies in lockers that towered above me. Sporting fluorescent orange bands, the sixth grade safety patrols strolled the cross-walks, arms spread as barriers, shouting commands I dared not disobey. I yearned for the day that I would have their authority. Now when we visit our elementary schools, the patrols seem meek, the lockers small, and the chairs low. Time has gradually changed our perspectives and our goafs. It seems like only yester- day that we were sophomores, nervously walking the long corridors peering at room numbers in search of our classes. Today we stroll down Main Street with confidence, and laugh at those sophomores who can’t find L218 or 1 132. The parties, the pep rallies, and the people who helped us survive final exams, the Monday Morning Blues, the cafeteria food and the closing of Main Street. Remember that time someone hit your car? Or when you and your one and only broke up and you spent the day moping in the bathroom? What about the athletic banquet at which you received your varsity letter? The day you put the finishing touches on that big project in the shop? The terms you made honor roll? Opening night of the play? There were drag races on Lowell Ave., stink bombs, and fire alarms. We passed time on the library steps, in the commons, on the benches, in the Tranny room, and at the Elm Street entrance. We wore overalls and bag- gies, leathers and school jackets, Calvin Klein, Sasson, Le Sport, and Levis. Information sheets, senior blurbs, and SAT applications constantly remind us of our senior status. Last year we watched the seniors exchange photographs and sign one another ' s year- i books; this year it is our turn. Clad in black robes, we will sit in the concrete bleachers of the stadium, tears streaking some faces, smiles adorning others. Three years separate the timid sophomore from the confident senior. Next year, we will once again be like sophomores as we struggle to regain a sense of security in a new environment, but since we can now Identify, Predict, Decide, and Execute, we can make this next transition. We may leave behind Newtonites, our faithful Tiger, and black and orange spirit, but we will take with us the memories of all those special moments. Like cross-country runners, we have been striving for a finish line, but there will always be some finish line beyond that; so on the way we might as well feel every step and enjoy all the scenery. Congratulations and Good Luck to the class of ’81! •V Pmo HevtoniaM isai NEWTON NORTH S£T 12 A - JNCZ 600S0HH ACT SENIOR SECTION SCEK’ A (i» f « wMCl, s TAKE St mL , „ cirttiTps, -•» f?eoycn»w CP(TrC, ilm toiryrv wa k [ccmmenTsJ Carnoq (N ft } l. been Cr j)£ Cro C or Sfaoo Lj pjf 6 " 7 ly (r. r tRti FUN 1$) ©MC WuXVJ J Robin Aaron 50 West Blvd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college They said I would shine like a light on the city. I hoped it would be like the mom on the sea. Remembers: Steve 3 1 80 KB SP SE DE the talent show Her- man everyone motorcades Denise Abbruzzese “Pooh " 22 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer Labor Day Weekend ' 80 ' The Beach Parties Football Games September 6th 3rd Lot DD Great Times with Everybody Good Luck •81 ' BYE Geoffrey Abeles 183 Mt. Vernon St., W. Newton Steve Abeles “Ogre " 415 Ward St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Remeber, CB, JL, JG, TW, VB, KJ, CT, RK, LD, SA+LF TLA Brig- hams. At the Cape with Lillie. Marian Abernathy 45 Islington Rd., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Remember: Russia! Tallships, Juan Pedro, The Morning Hang- out. Swim Team 123 Ski Club trips. Russian Club. All my friends, French Jenney Sat. night in Novgorod! HH ' s food. The new Anya, " HIM!” Sarah Abernathy 45 Islington Rd., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Tall Ships, Spain, swim team, 7:30 group meeting, ROCCO, Newtonite, Juan Pedro, split pants in the Tempest, Ski Club, Stu in the mud, Halloween con- tests, embarrassing Marian by laughing in history. Laura Lee Acheson “Lerr” 26 Hollis St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Ramando and Bean I made it! Summer — 79, try to forget! The best of luck to all of my friends. Karen C. thanx for everyting! 5 27 80 — TONY, my toenail and your bubbles — pins — till — ? ? ? J’ai t’aime xo Patricia Ackerley “Ack” 17 Whitlowe Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Don’t walk in front of me, I may not follow; Don’t walk behind me, I may not lead; Just walk beside me And be my friend. Remem- bers JA, MBB, LF, LG, MO, All my friends, BBALL. Thanks Ma And Dad L. Chavonne Adams 1 127 Chestnut St.. Newton Bigelow, Barry, college for music; profes- sional singer model TO ALL AAC MEMBERS REMEMBER HAL- LOWEEN OF 79 AND KEEP YOUR CHIN UP THERE ' S HOPE FOR THEM YET CA TO: NB; DW; LT; ZB. MW; MOM; KA; OA; AP; KL; AW; RM; TL; RR, JB; PM; CC; ROCCO; ANY- ONE ELSE? YOU TOO! NOW HOME! I LOVE YOU ALL! Meredith L. Adams " Merry” 36 Walnut Pk., Newton Franklin Bigelow, Bacon, college INDOOR OUTDOOR TRACK 2, 3. AF 5J’S ROMEO SW+SW CRUISING DISCO BACON BENCH TRANNY 81! BK LT KH SW TM BM RT RM LC A AND B R AND J B AND T THANKS TO GOOD FRIENDS I MADE IT! ROCKY! alligators Love Joe B. Adelstein 63 Gammons Rd., Waban Weeks, Bacon, Windsurfing There must be come way out of here said the joker to the thief. There’s too much confusion. I can’t get no relief! Dylan One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish. Dr. Seusse I can see YUMA Christos Konstantine Akrivoulis “Chris " 15 Peabody St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college NNHS SOCCER 1-3, TRIPS TO MAC’S WITH SCOTT, SAKI, SURVIVE WELL’S THERMITE, BOB REMEMBER ELECTRON- ICS WITH MR. G., 68 — DECO- DER THANK YOU RAMIN, FUN WITH PHYSICS AND DR. D " GREEKS ARE GREAT!” RIGHT! Stinks Super model Kim Alexis Nautilus 148 Theresa Albanese 4 Crown St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, undecided No one succeeds until they turn dreams into actions. Always remember Mark, and good times party’n w Linda, Laura, JC, JD, CH, HR, RC, CM, AH, MD, LQ, DN, LC, and all other friends. 10 12 79,9 19 80. Margery J. Altman " Margie” 120 Fulton St., Boston Weeks, Beals, college SFA 1, 2 CoChr 3 StuGovDay Raisin. This one’s for U ’Bo: To cl assemb’s, nuggles and late nite talks. Where’d we b w out pizza and your jokes? 10 19 79, 2,980 MUAA! RED! XO . . . My love to frnds, esp Susu and Clr. James Alden " J.A.”, " Whitey” 33 Fernwood Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Remebers: Baron, Stew, DW, RK, JJ, DA, JD, RM, DT, HL, CC, RM, Hospy, EC, KW, FY, Library steps. V-Golf, 123, JV Tennis, 12 and V3. Seger ' 80. The Baron’s ordeals. It was almost. BYE Y’ALL Scott Alexander 1915 Beacon St., Waban John Cary Allen " Cary” 61 Morse Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college " He who is of a calm and happy nature will hardly feel the pres- sure of age” Lacrosse, Newton- ite, bike club, math tutor Coleen Amatangel 320 Chestnut St., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college “True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice.” Love to RACHEL: cmnrs and r-svd KIDZ! Much love to D and M: p.m.a. St. El. w T-BC. JF, L, B, K 3 , + esp. K! Gregory Ames 42 Charles St., Auburndale Gregory John Andrews 17 Murphy Ct., Newton Day, Barry, Wentworth college Always remember to forget the sad times but don’t forget to Remember the Glad times. Remember Electronics with John Tony and Jim The fun in the Gym and the auditorium with Steve Mr. Moore in H.R. Elizabeth Annese 32 HenshawSt., Newtonville Jennifer Annese 946 Moody St., Waltham Warren, Barry, college You can see the stars and still not see the light. " Never Goin Back Again” Rumours Thanks V.E. A. S. Good times with good friends Summer of 78 Good luck Every- one Barney Frank elected to Congress tassel loafers The Ramones Freebird 149 Donna Annesi 14 Owatonna, Auburndale Warren, Riley, undecided Always remember: Summer of 80, Labor Day W.E. Sweeing, Steph, Cartsy, Critta, All Night Long, Vic, Nee, Beth, Alisa, Heath, Deb, T.C. Parties, T:SEM, Slow down, motorcades, Wally, Good Times with Joey. Patricia Marie Antonellis ‘Patty’’ 5 Brae Burn Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college “MEN ARE CRUEL BUT MAN IS KIND. " SOFTBALL 1, 2, 3; NEVER FORGET: TRICIA, JAN- ICE, MARA, DAVE, JEPPA AND ALL MY FRIENDS WHO I HAD SUCH GREAT TIMES WITH. THANKS COACH AND SOFT. TEAM ' 80; M + D ILY Domenic Anthony Antonellis " Dom " 518 California St., Newtonville Day, Riley, electrician THE LAKE Rmembers: Creep, V.P, Vette, J.F, S.S.B.B, Vecc, DiBo, Ears, Sue, M B, Cow, Poo- chie, B.K, M.D, Worm, 6 7 80, Hey J.D, see ya in 5 years, Be there! I.L.Y! P.S. Se Bella Ellen Apsokardos 103 Warwick Rd., W. Newton Day, Barry, college Remembers parties, and week- ends, great times with all my friends especially Karen, Kath- leen, Megan, and Heather. 12- 18-78. Vyhat color do you guys see? Thanks mom and dad. Lauren Antonellis 49 Lawmarissa Rd., Waban Warren, Riley, college Remembers: 3515 Sue, AB, EG, TC, KB, And everyone else P.S All the good times Edith Arbetter 52 Oldham Rd., W. Newton Maria Antonellis 71 Monadmock Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college " Time makes you bolder even children get older And I’m getting older too " Sugarloaf and Laugh! Friends Forever . . . CHRIS, COL- LEEN, DEBBY, SM, DH, TW. Lunch w DH. My best to Every- one!! D.D w C+G!! David Arcese “Stache " 602 Grove St., Newton Warren, Adams, college Remembers. ED, JJ, RK And, old times with Patty. Oscars Back Row 4302? And the old ROCK BASEBALL 3 years Jeffrey Thomas Arcuri 38 White Oak Rd., Waban Warren, Adams, college PARIS, TOURS, DP, JW, GS, K AND M. SMITTY AND CHOIR TYPES. MAC AND OUR CLASS. FAM ILY, FIORELLO, KISMET, ROCCO. " JUST LIKE ELMER, OUTTA HERE ALL CAST PAR- TIES MOTTAS ROADTRIPS WPE AND T! PBT OCT, GM, BM, TB, SS " LM AND O” HV, LW, SL, S? HISTORY! Robert J. Armstrong " Bob " 24 Leslie Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Rem: Chris Jon DA DE CP JR- US4-MS My friends BennM Swim 12 Capt 3 GUMMY BEARS!!! I know we ' ve come a long way, we re changing day to day . . . CS Jennifer I’ll never forget you. YVSAIALY SLOANE MY Idol! Arthur D. Arsenault 1 1 1 Adams Ave., Newton Laurie Arthur 44 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Beals, college Soccer RoccoGreattimesw Edi eSuSanSheilaMarianneDonna — MFECLD+SDDP+CP4ever B arryLavSSdignalsBRBYFYC Cr uisin’Susan2HiWWITJMMM — NiceLuvyou SharonFlyingvW.N SquareTynan Cross All my luv to Sean 4-ever Demonstrations in Zurich Grateful Dead Movie feather jewelry Kiss 108 150 Nancy Asaley 9 Fordham Rd., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Remembers: LHPHKLSCDDBGMD, LYONS, JRJC JDJLMC. Cape Cod. — Concerts — Hampton, Portland, Me Special Thanks to Ma — Love ya! Florida w Pez. The Stone. Good Luck to the class of “81” Looks like we made it! Francesca Asaro " Frannie " 1 14 Cherry St., W Newton Warren, Palmer, business NEVER FORGET ALL THE GOOD TIMES AT LYONS CAIRA AND THE BOYS. THE CAPE. BEACH. ALL MY THANKS TO MY SISTER AND BROTHER-IN-LAW REM — IN SEARCH OF ROCK WITH JACKIE 548BNG REM — JACKIE. LISA AND ALL THE GIRLS. Deborah Ashworth " Debbie” 59 Charles St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Remembers: Summerfest 79, 80 Campfires, Jane. Laura, Joel, Chuck; Don ' t be sad for what you once had , Be glad It was once yours; There will always be a place in my heart for you Rel. Love you Mom and Dad. Paul Athy 353 Lowell Ave., Newton Day, Beals, college FOOTBALL 123 LACROSSE 123 Remember the third Pk. Lot w KAT, DEAS, Pep, BOBO, BK, AP, PC PJ, BD, Mr. Miller Lax Party 79 Meet Ralph Love to Cari Always Remember 26 Plymouth w MURPH Deasy we’re Bagged. “Don’t tell me . . . backwards day was YESTERDAY?!” Robert Autor 91 Bishopsgate Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals, college Yearbook Tennis Photography Work Study Computers Chess I Wimp Never Forget BCDCJWJR MGBJECEBDKDHMDDWDLJK — SIMTJSLG — KLKSDKSHJB RJJKRGTGC Cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a col- lege education. Mary Lou Auvil " Louie” 284 Webster St., Auburndale Warren, Beals Remember: JLCDEAJFCSDGRT LCSKJCLDLZDR LAMHCastW ork Study JGeils Band ILL Kelley SMA Halloween 78. Robert Auvil 284 Webster St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, work KAWASAKI RULES BIKES ARCO PARTIES CLUBS THE FORT Amy Axelrod 89 Evelyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Barry, college What seems so important today is forgotten tomorrow but I ' ll always remember Paris, Ned’s class CG ME MO KB AM RM “May the best days of your past be the worst days of your future. " Pat Ewing goes to Georgetown preppie bow ties Popeye Iraq vs. Iran 151 Cathleen Anne Ayers “Cathy” 32 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day, Riley, college Thanks to: EBCCECCDWKCKT PMKDRSMLP Yesterday is today’s memory and tomorrow is today’s dream, but why should I wake up, my dreams are going so well? gymnastics 23 CCDDJR. Love always to Mom 4377 Donald Bacon 101 Withington Rd., Newton Richard O. Baker “Bake” 146 Nevada St., Newton Day, Adams Hanging out down Cumbys. The PARTYING SPOT. The Guys at Barry House DR. Super Summer of 80 with Sarah down the cape, da Chevle! Rte — 2 FK 7 15 80 Ohnest? Officer at shell point. The End?? NOT picher of me Thomas Baldi 120 Sumner St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college Remember hanging out at Beals with DB, DM, BS, WH, KG, CL, CM, MF, RP, DR, DC, AF, MM. Cruising 66 RACE RAMBLER six in a row can go! Remember Hampton Beach. It was a real good 3 years so long to my friends at NNHS Timothy M. Ball 31 Clyde St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Hockey 1 3 “I will go on shining, shining like brand new, I’ll never look behind me, my troubles will be few.” Killington, Quebec, Rockport, wareham, Neck, Joey, Bone, Chin, and Ralph ' s gang. Susan Banas “Crusin’ Susan” 12 Marion St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college EdieLaurieSheilaDonnaMarian neFYCBarryLavMMM — NiceMy KeyFootPIRoccoCheerleading PCLHVYSTheSquareCapeCod ConcertsChaseHaw— AlbParty WWITJTHWHAGTLA — DPCPL ASCLMRJILoveYouSharonMFT hanxToMomAndDad John Barisano 203 Adams St., Newtonville John Bastianelli “Ba-ah” 1 1 Jasset St., Newton Day, Riley, work REMEMBERS — PALMER HOUSE GANG, VINNIE DT MB JS JC CK KC MB BB HUBS BUBA TB VECK, ALL THE BUMS FROM SHOP, PR, EM, ALL THE PARTIES AT MIKE ' S HOUSE, CASABA WOMEN, AND GERM, REMEMBER THE GANG IN HOME ROOM 1981 Walter Richard Barry III “Rick” 43 Williston Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, Air Force ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD TIMES IN COMMONS, SUMMER OF 80, BROOSTERS, 3507, POKER GAMES, TOM, GOODY, STEVE, DAVE, RICH, PHIL, TERRI, LYDIA, MICHELE, DIANNE, LORI, JEN, LESLIE, NENCY, CAROLYN, PATTY, PAM, MARGIE David Baxter 20 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college “Such a fair and foul school I have not seen” Venga lo que venga, swimming 123 Let’s do it again Dave, Woody, Izzie, Bob, Bobby, Mogul, Pete, and Lew. Thanks for the memories, Sarah “What do you mean, she has a boyfriend?” Polar Bears boycott of summer Olympics Talking Heads upturned collars 152 Lisa Marie Teresa Beaudet 27 Chesterfield Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college WEWEREALWAYSFRIENDSFR OMOURCHILDHOODDAYSAN DWEMADEOURPLANSANDWE HADTOGOOURSEPARATEWA YSBJALWAYSFRIENDS:JYPGL BSSHPITPEOPLEDEAFBUTNO TDUMBKIDSMYGUYSHERGUY STHEBANDSG56RCONTOURS PICSMYMENTORS Naomi Bechar 51 Adella Ave., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college “Jesus said unto her, I am the resurrection and the life: he that believeth in me, though he were dead, yet shall he live: and who- soever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. " Jn. 1 1:25,26 Richard M. Belsanti “Ricky " 26 Rossmere St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Remember: Chris, Vin, Andrea, Rita, Carol, Avrum, BB, AP, DL, Marea, THE GOOD TIMES, MACS, 8-28-79, THEPC’S, Crash, BOBCAT, BUZZARDAND- CHIEF, BJ AND DOOBIES, SAT. NIGHTS, WK.ENDS, GROC. CREW, AWESOME . . . Charles Belsky “Chuck” 21 Burrage Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, college “I never let my schooling inter- fere with my education!” Summer on Cape Cod “Perri” waterskiing Good luck SA KJ RK JL VB LD CT HK JP I’ll miss the great times we all had. Thanks esp. to Mom and Dad Karen Belsley 33 Bolton Rd., Newtonville Robin Bemis 96 Walker St., Newtonvill e Marie Benoit “Shorty” 15 Beech St., Newton Day, Barry, Canada REMEMBER ALL THE GREAT TIMES WITH CATHY, GERM, MIKE, EVELYN, KATHLEEN, RICHARD. ALSO, LD, JS, JB, JC, KC, I ' LL NEVER FORGET THE GOOD TIMES IN PH MORE GREAT PARTIES IN CANADA. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER 7 20 79 “81 " Michael J. Benoit “Frenchy” 15 Beech St., Newton Day, Bacon, Trade School YR: 81, Good times in Palmer House REM: John Bast. Cam Sucu and Lou Muldon Joe Big Dorn Beef and all friends — “Alert” Rem CANADA with Eve- lyn, Germ, Kathleen, Patty up on the weekend. Marie and Richard “Belvedere” Adrian Benson 26 Page Rd., Newtonville Robert Berg 347 Albemarle Rd., Newton Stuart Berman 68 Serland Rd., Newton Meadowbrook, Palmer, college The proponent of success is prominence; that of survival is obscurity — SLB “Education should be taken intravenously — Bunz Reality is a crutch for those who cannot handle science fic- tion — Anon. Andrew Bernstein 22 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, college Tennis 123, Lend me the stone strength of the past and I will lend you the wings of the future, for I have them. monogrammed sweaters senior countdown Monarch notes Blues Brothers Movie 153 Robert Bernstein " Bernie " , “Bob” 24 Samoset Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college Tennis 1, 2, 3 Capt. Mr. Jessup Smuggler ' s Summer ' 80 MC, KD, RG, DB, RT, Dl, Carla H. MO, LS. ON ST P. Sunbird The Prince Pro “I’ve got a big sweet spot” Terri Bersch 12 Ivanhoe St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college Will Always Remember All The Good Times With TS, DD, KB, RB, GS, MC, RV, and Everyone Else. The Quebec Trips, French Club, Palmer Council, The Blue Boat . . . and Always Waiting for LT andCS. Vincent Carl Bertolino 4 Quincy Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Lynyrd Skynyrd? Yea he’s excel- lent! One more for Jeff. Save it for second generation. Hyman Beshansky 50 Aberdeen St., Newton High- lands Day, Beals, college Remember homeroom with DK, DG, SG, and Dr H. Also good times with CM, JS, VB, JU, JS, SK, SL, Chip, and Mr. Steinert. “I’m a wild and crazy guy!” Donald Bibbo “Bib ' s” 17 Kilburn Rd., W. Newton Day, Adams, Wentworth Remembers: Sittingonthebench Chuck — Moose — Karl — Cance — Ken — Whimpy — Sue — Erika — Lori — TB — RF — Mr. G — Ms. Vallone — Mr. Davis — and all other fri ends THE TEAM WILL LIVE FOREVER William Bickford 74 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Robert Billings 22 Traverse St., Newton Day, Palmer, college Football 123 Basketball 123 Remembers: AP MK PA TK WC and all that I forgot Jennifer A. Billingsley " Jenny” 34 Flint Rd., Acton St. Mary’s School for Deaf, Barry, Gallaudet college. I enjoy reading, swimming, mka- ing friends, and school. After I graduate, I hope to go to Gallau- det University My Brilliant Career William O. Douglas dies camouflage clothing 154 David Birmingham 1073 Walnut St., Newton High- lands Warren, Beals, college, prelaw Tennis 123 Rocco 3 Wrestling, soccer 1 talent show 23 Jazz Band 3 Live every day as if it were your last, and som eday you’ll be right. Asimov Remem- ber Fer, RR and Paula Danny Blake " Blakey” 413 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, U.S.M.C. FOOTBALL REMEMBER WAYNE GEORGE JAKES NORTY WALKER DUNN CHRIS JOE PETER HOME- ROOM SHOP WITH ALL THE GUYS GIVING ROUSSEAU A HARD TIME AND THE ADAMS PALM ERTREEWH EREEVERYBODYHUNGOUTANDJE NNINGSANDTHEPARTIES Evan Bloom Waban Weeks, Riley, college I like my cigar too but I take it out once in a while. Thanks M and D and V Friends. — We Need The Eggs Adam Blumenstein ‘ ' Bluma " 8 Cedar St., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, college Is it Friday yet? Thanx Mr. A for helping me make it. BS 9 18 80. Midnight Bowling “I don’t want to get shot " 7 26-27 80 in the B.C. parking lot. MF, BD, DS, MR, PW, “Catch you guys later” DK-GED Lisa Boemer 14 Mount Ida Terr., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Took 12yrs to get here, just a few more to get there. Bets, thanx for the memories. Kitchen 78 Where’s farmer toe? I love my turtle. The windowssneakingout andalotmore.. Larry we’ll make it 8 13 79 Melanie Boiteau " Melly” 315 Highland Ave., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college Always remember: DB, BB, LL, JR and all the fun. Wish we had more time. And especially to JEFF DONOVAN, 132 forevers and evers. I never knew love like this before. Sister’s Valentine’s Day telebells Spit heart shoelaces Jacqueline Binns " Jackie (Admiral) " 20 Elsworth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals, U. Mass. Never forget: Good times up Lyons w everyone esp. aggrava- tion starring JC and the blue lights, Fran, GARMEEGS, the Fort nights, Men of ARCO, LZ, Rocky 548-BNG HR 1220 Jackie says it’s time to go! Drosos Bisbas “Saki”, " Baz " , " Ike” 133 Waban St., Newton East, Beals, college Going to Mac’s with Scott and Chris Great times at Riley lockers Remember KP CA PV SB CH MC SSSPPZ BSBG Carl Blay 54 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Warren, Adams, carpenter On the bench with the team. Bibbs Mike Charles Cance Whimpie Kenny Daivie Nancy Caren Blonder 25 Hilltop St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college SUZANNE, NEVERLETGOOFTH EBESTTHINGWEEVERHAD..U S. THANK YOU FOR BEING MY F RIENDSJMCRSBMPJJMDHSS GBSLEMSMFLSVDCKSRTBAG DKRSDC. LOVE YOU MOM. SMILE — PUT ON A HAPPY FACE. ALL MY LOVE TO YOU BRIAN. Sandra Blanch “Sandi " 56 Walker St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Nwtnite spts ed, v-ball. Remem- bers all friends, YoungLife: It ' s great, Thanx Jack. Saranac, Good Luck: LBCMMO CCGSTDCG " What does it profit a man if he gains the whole world but forfeits his soul?” Tom Blakely " Ooch " , “Hook " 17 Parmenter Terr., W. Newton Warren, Riley, Service Station, elec- tronics REMEMBERS EC VP JF JB TV MT CO CM DO PS MM JC DA DT MB MV BINO LJ ED KS ENZO CORKY WRES- TLE OFFS WRESTLINGS TEAM PAT TEX THE GUYS DRUMS CORVETTES (SNAPPERS) DUCKPOND RESSIV- IOR PALMER CAPE WEEKENDS 155 Wendy Bolio 87 Adams Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, California Good Luck Judy, Cathy, Susan, Marianne, Steve, Roxanne, Donna and Randy. The Wood Room. Needham and Norwood. Weekend in Conn. John — ILY Let the Good Times Roll Later Newton North Much Later. Dawn Bonis 19 Rakwood Terr., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Cheerleading 23 TF+ball, Mch Bnd 12, Music DeptAMKGVHS in CA!Lg81 +2pgcc,Paul Cast Parties HHG“Talks” w BSLissaCrew forever AP BH ROCCO LIVES G L to Seniors and Remember “DON’T DREAM IT — BEIT!” Rebecca Ruth Borden " Becca’’ 89 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Cen- tre Wellesley Jr., Riley, work and col- lege “AND SO CASTLES MADE OF SAND, MELT, INTO THE SEA . . . EVENTUALLY” — JIMI HEN- DRIX Nancy E. Borr 3 Rangeley Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry “Memories of yesterday, dreams of tomorrow”, good times, good friends, thanks to my family and friends, Laura, Robin 8 27 80, all my love to Kevin Lisa Bottomley 238 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college THE FOND MEMORIES OF JUN- IOR YEAR BS, TM, AL, SB, HS, SS, BM, ALL THOSE CRAZY PEOPLE THAT CALL THEM- SELVES TEAHCERS. BW, GG, SR, DB, JH, BK, GB, BS, RP. REALITY IS ONLY A MATTER OF AGREEMENT, SOME PEOPLE ARESP. John P. Bougeois " Bourge”, " Sparky " 16 Brookdale Rd , Newton Day, Riley, fire fighting HIT BOX, 226, PKU DIVA LANDSCAP- ING, SNOTBAD, SKINNY BRONCO- POWER FIRE GO DIVIA, BE, DIVIA, WITH, DIVIA, JOE, WONKA, BARRY BOYS MOOCH, MOODY, CRUZ GOOD TIMES ALWAYS DRUMS OB 4WD AIR HORNS JAY ' S CAR T A AXLE Jacquelyn Ann Bowe “Jacquie” 20 Noble St., W. Newton Brighton, Adams, college Thanks HHBFMJAJMHMRSRLH RMBR The Concerts GREG let the stories be told let em say what they want let the pictures grow old let em show what they want. Let the Good Times Roll Love you Mom and Dad Janet Bowe 45 Jefferson St., Newtonville Karen Brack 90 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college ALWAYS REMEMBER: GOOD TIMES WITH MARIA — THANKS TO RVDDGSAFCSCDLTTBSLRBCC Quebec, Italy, Tall Ships, HBch, Summer of 80, RComOnFn’s, NO!!, CommeWow!, SpCd ' sPD ' s, LC’s. Mr. 10, Inag-lac, QM, Good Luck to Everyone Gregory Brinton 43 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Jeff Briskin 150 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college BMNSSD HMTAMPKDWLK, etc. — Shako bcunnewt-lizardwdnikl “Work- ing for the clampdown . . . you’ll love it . . . it’s a way of life . . Zina Michelle Britton " Zina B.“ 64 Violet St., Mattapan Bigelow, Adams, college — Business major LOVE TO LT, VC, AP, DN, NP, LS, BS, LP, LA, JC. REMEMBER: I " ALRIGHT GIRLS!” II " RAISIN” III L’EXCHANGE EN FRANCE, THE PAGEANT. " PROBABLY HAMPTON " AUREVOIR MES AMIS, VOUS ME MANQUEREZ! MOM, DAD, MILTON, I LUV U! Jewish born archbishop in France argyle socks Rock star buttons Doritos 156 Jane Marie Broderick 153 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college Never look down to test the ground before taking your next step: only he who keeps his eyes fixed on the far horizon will find his right road. Good Luck to all my friends. Clare Buckley 230 Harvard Cr., Newtonville Day, Barry Saundra Burgess 20 Hallron Rd., Newton L.F. Warren, Beals, college Remembers: Good + Bad Times at North, Barry Lav, the mall, Summer of 80, Maine, Micheal, Roxanne + Jimmy, Cheryl + Ted, PAM, Nancy, Chemistry + Jane. The Green Bomb, T-Ville. Good Luck to everyone! Cindie Brown 26 Langdon St., Newton Bigelow, Barry A MEMORY IS NOTHING BUT THE PASSING OF TIME, WHAT ONCE WAS WILL NEVER BE AGAIN. SO LET THE “GOOD TIMES ROLL” LIVE TO PARTY, DON’T PARTY TO LIVE. LONG LIVE: ROCK, BARRY LAV, AS, PC, LA, EG, LD, JO, AND THE CARS. Tara Lome Brown 70 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Always remember the special times with GOODY. THANKS MOM and DAD. Soccer B.W.U. THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOR MAKING THESE 3 YEARS BETTER THAN I THOUGHT THEY WOULD BE. “GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 81” “Did you say LICE epidemic?!” Sabrina Bryan 1881 Beacon St., Waban Warren, Barry, college “Happy are those who dream impossible dreams and make them come true.” Newtonian, Track, Newtonite. Thanks for all your help: D, ME, DC, JR. Steven A. Bufferd “Buffy” 8 Whitney Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry, college SWIMMING 2, 3 Remember Howie, Snider, Luke, Bobby, Beth, Nancy and of course Suzanne, Bacontree Co, Dou- gals class, Chiki. Wing with BS, the tunes, MD, MP, SG, AM, Summer “This is the day of the expanding man.” Thomas McAuley Burke “Burkie” 1 10 Forest Ave., W. Newton Warren, Beals, BC Will Remember the Good, bad, and the ugly times at NNHS. The brokedown dream cars, MHJWLCJBML, Home room, Pool. Golf 1 Track 3. C+W bloomies underwear pumps girls’ swimming beats Waltham batique is back 157 Paula Rachel Buxbaum " Polly” 202 Bellvue St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college The Only Reward of Virtue Is Vir- tue; The Only Way To Have A Friend is to Be One. Love To: LW KHCKSRTSRJMBSGCBLHDVL DMNSESO. Sugarloaf 2; 3 4 2 80 Sisters Gymnastics Talent Show 1, 2, 3 Thanks, M and D, David. Robert Cadman 408 California St., Newtonville David Caira " Cai” 13 Middle St., Nonantum Day, Riley, Air Force REMEMBERS: DOWN THE LAKE, ALBERMARLE, MURPH, PW, MD, BC, SID, EL, JC, GN, JL, JC, MC, DL, JY, JD, SC, JD, VL, LOU, TD, MY 3 YEARS HERE PARTYING AND THANKS TO ALL WHO HELPED Jerry Caira " Cai” 12 Bencliffe, Auburndale Warren, Adams Good times down Lyons washing windows at 2:30 in the morning with Demeo. Always remember: GA, JD, JR, GL, LS, BQ, DS, MC, SO, KH, I will always care for MD no matter what happens, SAFL yearbook meetings ‘til 4 a.m. angora sweaters The Jazz Singer koalas Susan Elizabeth Burns 56 Albert Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Vincent Burton 3 Claflin PI., Newtonville Patricia C. Butera " Patty” 26 Oak Ave., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Thanks to all my friends for the best times. Esp Jen, ML, DS, LM, KLTRM. Summer of 80 " t25.” Always remember special times with Phil. Cheerleading 3. Good luck everyone! Wanda Burns 1 105 Lexington St., Waltham Cheryl Anne Burritt " Shortstuff”, " SA”, " Chez” 149 Washington Ave., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Remembers: Great times w BARB, Karen, Bes, MM, SP, LD, NC, SH, HC, KT, JU, AND ALL MY FRIENDS — They’re the Best Gram + Gramp, MaMa 2, Butch, THE PARK, 11 14 78-5 30 80, WHO ME? Riley Cmns. WCOZ Barbara M. Burtt " Birdie " , " Big Bird " 59 Highland Ave., Newtonville Bigelow and Day, Riley Remembers MB, LL, JR, BR, Sambow, JT, PT, PN, AB, Apple fights, FridayNightsOut WithT- heGirls, The DA, And Party Weekends Charlotte Busuito 153 Lincoln St., Newtonville Mike Busuito " Mike” 515 Walnut St., Newtonville Weeks, Bacon, college Remembers: Oh, I came late that day! Great times in HR. Good luck to friends. All my love to Rhonda. Goodbye to all my favorite teachers! Good luck! 158 Joseph Caira 15 Middle St., Newtonville Sharon Ann Caira 28 Jasset St., Newton Day, Palmer, college Remembers: My special parents KL RM PC NA BG DD FA JB RL Everyone at Lyons Cape Summer — 80 4th Florida weekends out w KH and DL my carnations TMSP and T: Arco-cold hands w-circle 10-pm 3 21 80 TWO-JOEY Linda Calabro " Ma“ 148 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Good times with good friends, esp. Debbie, Linda, CK, Seger, FB games, LD FLORIDA w DL Snickers! MK, BB, PA, AP, PC, Parties 7 4 “There’s a winding road we ' ve left behind and another yet to choose Good luck Philip Caldicott “Pip " 1445 Commonwealth Ave., W. Newton Warren, Riley, California REMEMBERS: TRACK: JV, SAS, BY, PL, FLUKE. YEARBOOK, RUSSIA: LOOSH ' S BINGE. ALWAYS LG, MIKE: I REMEM- BER SO MUCH . . . “Gee, your hair smells terrific.” James Callahan 27 Lodge Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, colleg Remembers: Wrestling all those wrestle offs Lacrosse Palmer House gang Driving around Moody Street w VP JS JF Fellow wrestle offer TB, ED at camp. Danny Callan 30 Walker St., Newtonville Day, Palmer Remember Many times Park Washburn Palladium long live Led Zeppelin 2490 DK BR EL Conspiracy Richard P. Callanan “Ricky” 11 King St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college HOCKEY 123 W DON SOCCER 23 THANK YOU BAMA! BALL? SUMMERS IN PLYMOUTH ROAD TRIPS, GREAT TIMES WITH TRUE FRIENDS TJ. THANK YOU JOE D. BEST OF LUCK MY FRIENDS, MAY WE MEET IN THE PROMISED LAND! John Paul Camerato “John” 718 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Trade School Remember all the good times at Palmer Commons and all the guys John.S Mike.B John.B Vin- nie.P Dorn. A Also remember the summer of 1980. And the girls from Palmer, Cathy, Louise, Marie, and Kathy Dan Pastorini poses for Playgirl Baracudas Blondie Main Street trees 159 Lisa Camerato 87 Webster Park, W. Newton Warren, Adams, college What a year this has been for parties, Concerts, Long talks, football games Always Rem. the good times with: RTBM SWSWMABP.PS and the Guys: Paul, Jim, Buck, Charley, Cruty, Lamardo, Paul, Mouse, Clawd, Cathleen Mary Campbell “Cathy” 91 Alogonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill Canton High, Beals, college old friends new friends our early mornings together were the best! Young Life “the sweetest berries come from the harshest briar.” Robert N. Carr " Bobby” 24 Hibbard Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, Air Force I had a good time at Newton North I will never forget this school It brought me a lot of good memories I will never forget the Friends I made or the teach- ers I ' m sure it was fun for all Lisa Marie Cappello 99 Highland St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college Love to all my friends at Beals, Dave + Lauran, Summer of 78, The Cape, McDonalds, Rollers- kating, weekends w the guys, Beano, will always remember Kathy, 1 1 12 79, “I may not win, but I can ' t be thrown” Janice Carten 18 Ionia St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Never forget great times with Trish, Patty, and Mara. Remem- ber R.L. T.A. L.P. L.D. laughs, parties, and T.W.’s TheVe’s so much left to know, and I’m on the road to findout — Cat Stevens Cynthia Jean Carmel “Cindy” 39 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Adams undecided We live on the threshold of a dream Gymnastics 123 I ' ll start tomorrow Library steps EJ:mp- robs C’est le vie PY: Best buns CADD: 3 Stooges JM: llku.l- canelpit! KJ: Take it EZ! Bye Stan and HR Julie Rose Carmel 349 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Berry, college Goodbye and good luck to all of my friends. I’ll always remember the vacations, Concerts, + good times we’ve had. “What a long, strange trip it’s been” William C. Carter “Wassy ”T Warren, Palmer, college b i Remembers: TK, Tree and Rolr lins, Cooz, Bobo in homeroom Having Mrs. Leone yell at me because I was late for homeroom and Tiddy ' Houston who I always got in troublfe with. Lisa Coveno in homeroom, everybody Fabrizio Caruso 82 North St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Don’t think about the future for it comes soon enough. Remembers RL PG DC CA RK TD JB FY CC bw MV RB VD SD CD AC BW SQ RV JM. The making of Macbeth, The Play. SP Thanks JC Good Luck 81 earthquake in southern Italy Nine to Five wide wale corduroys Caddyshack Joanne Caruso Alise M. Cashman 48 Winchester Rd., Newtonville 263 Cherry St., W. Newton Rockland, Palmer, undecided I see my life come shining, from the West down to the East. Any day now I shall be released. Bob Dylan Mary Jane Castriotta “Punk”, “MJ” 1 19 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, photographer, England . . . Go Easy — step lightly — stay free. Good times with _ LDPDRNNJHSSDMCSMFoto- beam, photography, Green and Pink hair ... All my love to Jay 1- 1-80 Jam Clash Pistols Cars Sid Lives Karen Cellucci “Keerin” 47 Playstead Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, college You can’t always get what you want but if you try sometime you just might find what you need — Stones. ThanxLaura and all the kids, Bad Girls, Ya! 7:30 Js, Herb and Peaches, Freebird, Take it easy Theresa Cavallo “Trez” 166 Webster St., W. Newton Day, Adams, work Remembers all my friends and all the good times we ' ve had. Thanks MD and MEZ and the rest of the Green Gang Also LBJ, SL, DA, DC. Special Feelings for JB and SM. Face Hey-ya Bubble- head Baby blue eyes Angela Cerra 23 Murphy Ct., Newton Day, Beals, Dale Academy — hairdresser Remember always good friends. Italian club 2-3. All my love to Davide V forever. “In the race to be the better or best, miss not the joy of being.” Love you Mom and Dad. Remember VS JCTPSM + SW Maria Casieri 22 Melville Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, college always remember great times with Karen, GF’s:RVDDGSCSAF SLCDLTTBCCRConFN’s,Queb ec, Italy, HB-SumOf80 T-Sh-ips, HCSwRTFVComme Wowl.PD ' s , NO!, ln-ag-lac,LuvCL’s, Billy-50 ,ZaBear,MM, and MrlO We Made It KBM! Lesley Cederlund 6 Agwam Rd., Waban Warren, Adams, college “You have the freedom to be yourself, here and now, and noth- ing can stand in your way.” Mei I. Chang 50 Barbara Rd., Newtonville Joseph A. Castagnino “Joe” 12 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day, Berry, college Remembers, The Cape, MJA, The wreck of 71, OBE, Berga- meister, Skully, B-man, Pickles, Sparky, MAC, RS, DB, CB, BN, LN, RB, TM, Arty, Mooch, CB, DR, SQ, LM, JB, Seger + JGeils concert. GP Enzo Cedrone 19 Capital St., Newton Nancy Charest 24 Cottage PI., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, business Rem me with smiles for that’s the way I’ll rem you, If you can’t rem me with smiles then don’t rem me at all LM PK GM SM CS KQ All my love to Steven 4 12 80 We’ve only just begun Love to Dad and Mrs. Fredom 161 vogue “Tie a yellow ribbon ’round the old Oak tree ...” Fame Bass shoes Cheryl Chiasson 9 Hazelhurst Ave., W. Newton Day, Riley, college Thanx to: Cathy Ellen Cindy Wendy Carla and Kelly DB, SB, EC, PK, MK, DR. Canada Hull 8 30 Falmouth weekends. Luv to ma and dad. Good friends drift apart, but memories last forever! Colin Chinsen ‘‘Chinny " 2281 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Adams, college Happy people make good times happen! So remember friendship is the nicest gift of all. FY RK DW FC DS RM AK BM CG CA Joanne Chiasson 14 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Pom Pom Girls Remembers: Good friends — Mary and Lori Good times with friends. Rally committee, Favors, Parties, Lin- da ' s. You ' re only young once, but if you work it right, once is enough. Bye 81! David Chin 47 Farquhar Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Remembers Tim Ball, David Kent, Adrian Godfrey, SK, CA, LD, Cat, Summer Lax with Bob and Cary Thanks for saving my life Tim, Beth at NEAGS Summer of 80 with John, Love + Thanks to Mom and Dad Tony at NEA Li nda Chin " Lin " 144 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, college " Sacred and sweet is the joy that must come from the furance of life when you’ve poured off the scum.” — EAG Thanx M and P; it was nice. Will miss SATSPINAN DMJANDSKCLMEKWKKLTFR DAKLSSDRMD JC Bye DA Daniel Chisholm “Chis” 20 Oakland St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Soccer2Hockey2 Thanks TJ ALABAMA GETAWAY Friends PV Pap Suzanne Chrissi Buff (nads) Sheila Sandy Clareta and many more bye David Chow 251 Waltham St., Newton West Jr. High, Adams, college I don ' t know that many seniors, but for those I do, I hope I see you in the future. Gymnastics, sailing, I’ll be there. Carol Cicconi 38 Otis St., Newton Julie Civetti 44 Warwick Rd., W. Newton Day, Palmer, undecided " And tomorrow we might not be together I ' m no prophet, I don ' t know nature’s ways. And stay right here ' cause these are the good old days. " CS AMLTJ Mark Clark 28 Walnut PL, Newtonville Robert W. Clements 402 Newtonville Ave., Newton- ville Arlington Jr. High, Adams, work, maybe college Summer of 80 SM JA DL MA DC SL AB MM AD SP CP VB GP 1180 10580 101080 the Mustang Zeppelin Vega 79 Auto Body Maine Hampton Party 13666 1969 winter of 80 92580 92080 442 The Wall Class of 81! Maureen Coyder " Moe” 16 Phillips St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Tennis Quebec Little Guinea Pokey Puppy Michelle Lori Teg Mare Irish power parhtees at BC with CK Chipmunks shootin’ darts The less you give you’re a taker. David, my love to you always 162 Rock and Roll High School lace collars MGM Grand Hotel fire SFAnnies Daniel J. Coelho “Dan” 102 Grasmere St., Newton Centre York Prep, Adams, Airborne ranger Remembers — Beals gang, summer of FT. Benning — SSgt mobley, Sgt BrensonAlpha — 3 — 1 — 1 stplt. Special thanks to ML, CL. WL, LL, RL, BL, JL, DG, JP. Tries not to remember class. Hi to BM and SS, Lance " Let the good times roll. " Rita Concetti 46 Faxon St., Nonantum Day, Barry, Hair dressing Remember all my friends. Good luck. Never forget the good times with Roberta. 74 fire bird the times in Boston. PA never forget you. The summer of 80 down the cape, the LAKE AT Ci Ki TG JM RN TiAmo Philip Corbett 259 Cherry St., W. Newton Steve Connoly 32 Waverly Ave., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, Air Force or Navy Good Times at the Log Murph PW MD EL GN BM WD BC TC JC GB Cnico NP JD GJ TN Julie Corrigan 138 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, undecided WHEW, Remember good times w LM TM MB BB, Boyd Park, Bud, Weirs Beach Summer of 80, The Robbery BB. Green Machine. Good luck to everyone Carol Colantonio 510 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college A true friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out. Remembers: Andrea Gratz Has Sheila EM MC MEF RB VIN CD TR DOC Trub Quebec 6 23 80 Wareham Rockport Thanks Mr. R. Eileen Conneely “Nee " , “Mom” 25 Furbush Ave., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Remembers: LP TL The Bump The Duster Summer of 80 Imag- ine! Special Thanx to my parents and family Alma too! Mary Snow and All my thanx for being there true friends are hard to find (Mick) Tim Cornu 27 Grove Hill Ave., Newton Day, Barry WILL REMEMBER, All the boys, Most of the girls, AND All the times it SNOWED Salvatore Colantino “Sal” 94 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Remember the good time with friends like BR LS MS SK MP and the rest of the gang The times on the weekends and after school Good times in our cars Going camping fun times in the summer " Connecticut” Martin Comeau 7 Newell Rd., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, service football 2 3 Coleman Remem- bers; All the boys from Auburn- dale, Lyons, forts, down the Cape, CDB Peter Micheal Connor “Web” 19 Fairfield St., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Baseball 1, party 23, Good Times with, PA BB KAT, DEASY Etc. Remember the “3rd” PK. NEBRASKA’S NO. 1, French with CP, MF never forget Labor Day down the Cape " Hey Fatso” Good Luck to All!!! Micheal Corsi “Mike” 36 Anthony Cir., Newtonville Day, Adams, Rem. PJ JD MK BOBO RUSSBI- GAL 3rd lot Football Jack Lemmon My Bodyguard green M M’s Morgie’s jeans exploding librarians 163 Erik Corwin 21 Manadnock Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, Harvard " Ah, les bon vieux temps ou nous etions si malheureux!” " Tee it up!” Take out the Victory Song Number 3 at 8 Vi 6 19 80 with JK, SH, and JT — just what I needed to finish my junior year, GOLF 16- 0 Maria Cuggino 6 Elmhurst Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college The time has come to start over, new friends, new beginnings but the past has been very special and I’ll never forget it good luck SS SP KP MO PR Love to Joe. Thumpers Unite Ready To Take a Chance. Elaine Curtis 160 Waltham St., W. Newton Newton Catholic, Barry, college REMEMBERS, CACCWKCK FIELD HOCKEY 3 LOVING JOHN ALWAYS SHOOTIN’ THE BREEZE WITH MY SISTERS SPECIAL THANKS TO MOM AND DAD MAY YOU ALL REACH YOUR GOALS NO MATTER HOW FAR THEY SEEM Joseph P. Cotoia Jr. 18 Beech St., Newton Day, Riley, carpentry REMEMBERS PALMER COM- MONS THE PARK WORLD SOX PEP TOM CARL BOB KEN CHIEF — NANCY ROB ALBIE KENNY " HUEY " — AND THE PALMER GANG MB PD JB JC JS DA CO VP TV KC LD MB CM ML AND CARPENTRY CLASS W SULLY, BOZA Kathleen Cotoia " Magoy " 18 Beech St., Newton Day, Adams, work college The past is my heritage, the pres- ent my responsibility, The future my challenge. Remembers S-ball Palmer House Brandons LD PM SB MF BF MB CM JC MB JS JC JB TV CO JD KD CD BOB SEAGER Good luck Lisa Marie Coveno 64 West St., Newton Day, Palmer, college, Art school SOCCER TRACK TRACK REMEMBERS FUN SCOTT WENDY RICH SPECIAL MEMO- RIES WITH STEPHEN WEEKEND IN MAINE, CAPE. FUZZY WASSY MOM DAD LIZ SG NEVER CLOSE YOUR LIPS TO SOME- ONE YOU ' VE OPENED YOUR HEART TO. BYE Shaun Cummings 40 Adams St., Newton Day, Bacon, college REMEMBERS FRI-SAT NIGHTS (HARDLY) SUMMERS AT CAPE J. GEILS ROCK AND ROLL ' S ALIVE AND STRONG DURK EL SLO-MO TRACKS AN BS GR KK DO IT TILL YA CAN ' T TAKE IT NO MORE; THEN DO IT SOME MORE BZZZZ LATE AGAIN Joseph Cunning 16 Adella Ave., Newtonville Nancy Cunningham " Raunchy Red " 19 Cambria Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college GOOD TIMES W TH CM KM DG LG JB KM and all my friends REMEMBERS KIM PALMER NT NO TIP! PARTIES RIP! We miss you Kathy and Amy Best of luck to all my friends I Love you all esp. LOVE TO MOM. THANKS Linda Dabritz 23 Johnson Place Auburndale Warren, Adams Remember all the good times with Theresa, Laura, Heather, Marylou, Laurie, PS, AS, KQ, MS, KK, JD, JC, MD, CM, SM, LC, the falls boys, and everyone else! (Ann you ' re just mad because . . .) Fez, Question marks? Jim Daley 18 Harvey PI., W. Newton Warren, Bacon Remembers The Log tracks Maine Tracks Palmer tree C+W Thomas R. Dallaire " Face " 76 Prairie Ave., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Do your Best, it Pays off in the End Remembers: The Band, ALABAMA, TJW, PV, Ml, Team that should have been, MA, ZAP, Rick, Todd, Tep, Humph, Mr. Leonard, SOCCER MIP STEW Best times with JANE Blood Beach fishermen’s sweaters cheenos back button sweaters 164 Vincent A. D ' alleva “Chief” 25 Rangeley, W. Newton Day, Barry, college REMEBERS; CHRIS, RICK, MARISA, ' 67 CHEVY, SUSAN, NANCY, CINDY, B.B., A.P., B.J., CAROL, ANDREA, S.D., THE BOSS, SHEILA, 10-4-80, CHPR- C-81, THE BEST TIMES, A M., 3- 22-80, A.R., NEWTONVILLE CREW Barbara Davis 48 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college of art Best Friends Always Carole Sandy Diane and Richard Weekend in Maine with CM, SG, LC, CF, SS Falmouth and sailing The Tank, Dribbles, Soccer, Basketball, Softball, Art Thanks Mom and Dad, Good luck class of ' 81 Maria Dangelo “Ria” 304 Adams St., Newton Day, Riley, college AL — someone very special, love you always 7 18 78 Frag KD EG WB TM Oh my God we re gonna die; pretty gusty, bad girls Tee: check out the stars All my love and thanks to Ma and Dad Good luck to all! Jonathan Davis “J.D.”, “Jif” 12 Salisbury Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college — “Find a wife " Football 1, 2, 3 Wrestling 1, 2, 3 Remembers Wheels, DK, RW, JS, JR, RE, AJ, RM, PJ, SB. Always NOEL 26 Good times with the INTERNATIONAL PENN. PARTIES! Foolin around in halls! TRANNY Roberta Dangelo 56 Lincoln Rd., Newton Newton Catholic, Barry NEVER FORGET 74 FB S and D and R, SUMMERS OF 79 and 80, SPARK ' EM BOLTEN RD, DON’T GET INGRY, THE LAKE, Z28 TIAMO PA, GOOD FRIENDS ALWAYS RITA, LYDIA, KD PC DD CG KC JM CD LD ROY TL JB AND THE REST. Sandra Davis “Cindy”, “Red " 15 Jones Ct., Newton Always remember the good times with class of 80, 81. Let the good times roll. It’s been real knowing GS, NF, DL. To live is to reach for a goal, to be the one you want to be is to aim for a star. MG DD, Mom. " Hey I think she’s checking me out. " Marc Sandor Davidson 23 Exmoor Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, college Well, it’s (finally) time to leave this fantastic school, remembering THE LOCKER, hunting for FS, 2 years waiting for SS, 3 years of track, and of course memories with LGVLBC and Lincoln. Doris Dean " Dee Dee " 67 St. Mary’s St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, college " It was the best of times; It was the worst of times.” C D. I ' ll always remember Gretchen and all my good friends, and the time in Quebec Bye guys Gymnastics CC CA JR and all the rest. Good luck! hair ribbons suspender pants Rock Lobster General Hospital Soap 165 Paul Dean 132 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Robert Dean “Mango” 132 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, college Weekends WMFM. Cape summer 80. DS 0-2 N. Young. 7 26-27 BC Parking Lot. The Fort Rip. NY 7 80 at the Gorge. Out laws 80 hr. Party. Remember good times not the bad times Good luck to my friends. Joseph Deasy 50 Everett St., Newton Center Weeks, Beals Football 123 Lacrosse 123 The Creek Go to the 3rdh sights the next morning Remember the Lacrosse party “79” Athy don’t touch me See you around CP PA MK AG PC BK PJ BD MF AP BB JD RM Corsi you’re still fat Joseph P. DeCourcey “Jo Jo " 73 Kaposia St., Auburndale Warren, Adams Remember the summer of 80 Seagul and Smugglers 3 21 80 Sharon Two Waltham cicle par- ties at Lyons with GA LA JL JC BQ AF GM JR KH NA KL and RM Always large phone bills Haha P.S. Good luck class of 81 David let’s go Cynthia Anne DeiVecchio “Cindy " 17 Perry Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Remembers good times with Maureen Lori Michelle KB MC EM RV AF CD Summer nights with Judy SM PH PomPom Girls Italian Club Trip to Italy Home- room 3515 LDC I claim I will grow 5 more inches taller Anne DeMaio 44 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Weeks, college I’m going to ride, ride like the wind. Love to Mom, KO MH MS Foxes. CC all night. I’m going for it for sure. Tranny. Lewiston Maine Grateful Dead. DP RD LP and Family. Better years to come. Jim DeMeo " Meo” 68 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, service Good Times At The Park W GA, JC, GM, JL, MC, SP, CM, JM, JR, BQ, LS, KH, All Other Friends Always Remember Linda’s Par- ties, Hockey 79, 80, 81 Life Insur- ance The Fort Corner Washing Windows Good Luck Deborah A. DeNucci 1 19 Warwick Rd., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college BEST OF LUCK TO ALL. BG, KL, NA, SC, JR, YOU’RE THE BEST. ALWAYS REMEMBER THE WONDERFUL TIMES WE ALL HAD: ALB; PARTIES, 3rd PARK- ING LOT, etc. LOVE AND THANKS TO MOM AND DAD! “ALL MY LOVE TO EDDIE.” 10 18 79 Joanne S. DeProfio " Jo Jo” 18 Cottage Place, W. Newton Warren, Adams Rem. summer of 80, Parties, Good times with my friends, woods, traveling, otter river, trailer, eyes, ghost, Prudential, concerts, Thanx to my friends for being there, All of my Love Bruce 2 7 79, N.F.A.A. Louise DeRubeis “Weeze” 21 Jasset St., Newton Day, Barry, college I made a wish and you came true. Memories are for keeps John. Remember the locker KC MB CM MB JC JB CO Palmer If you love something let it go if it returns it’s yours if not it never was. Yanni Thomas Destefano 34 Oak Ave., W. Newton Lauri DeVito “Lau” 51 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college — busi- ness management The past is gone but the future remains, so let the good times roll on. Remember Barry Lav. and good times. MG, AS, EG, PC and MG, LAW, CB, JO, DP, EA, LA, WB FOREVER STEVE. THANKS MOM and Mike Headmaster’s Association Rosie Ruiz sleeping over the e-in-c’s house 166 Mary DeVito “Marez” 14 Clark Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college Long you live and high you fly, smiles you’ll give and tears you’ll cry All you touch and all you see is all your life will ever be. Best of luck to the best of my friends Summer of ’80 POW BANG! Susan Dinisco 1545 Beacon St., Waban Meadowbrook, Barry, college “If you want something badly enough, you must let it go free, if it returns it is yours forever. If not, you never really had it in the first place.” Luv ya “sis”, KL, JH, Danny 12 1 79 Thanks Mom and Dad James E. Donlan " Maddog” 1 1 1 Charlemont, Newton Highlands Newton Catholic, Barry, Franklin College, auto mechanic ROXANNE 10 30 79 WHEELIES FOREVER YAMAHA 360 FORE AUTO MECHANICS MOTOR HEAD THANKS TO MOM AND DAD FOR EVERY- THING “CAPRICE” JMD MAD RAL- PHIE SMOKE SHOWS SEE YA ' S Paul Anthony DiBona " Popper” 204 Adams St., Newton Day, Beals, carpentry REMEMBERS: PALMER COM- MONS GANG DD PARKING LOT PARTIES PIG PILES THE LAKE THE BELL SISTERS: DING N’ DONG. MY GOOD PAL MR. MILLER. HAWTHORNE, " ELVIS” GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! Karen Doherty 27 Parsons St., W. Newton Day, Beals, college Chris Donnelly 13 Chesley Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Remembers the good times with Rick, Vin, T.D., J.A., D.L., A.M., guys at Rivercity, 8-10-80, skiing, the Sox, Jr. math class, Chief, THE BOSS Tony DiCicco “Chico” 45 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Remembers all the good parties, great trips to New York, making new friends in summer, ski trips and sleepovers. Remember all my friends SB RJ RB CD CO BR Palmer commons Goodfriends JW AV Goodluck Margaret Louise Donabedian “Meg” 15 Sterling St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college RAZZLE DAZZLE! shows 123 Pianos and saucepans “Just lis- ten . . .” Love to NBJFGSJSJRMFRL thelittlered- sweater Aaahowooh!S79 P-4-80 Boodles To MF — the best of everything cadiz! When You’re Smiling . . . Catherine M. Dillon 298 Auburndale Ave., Newton Warren, Barry, college Fieldhockey, skiing, sailing, Hr. 3104-2124 Thanks to all, teach- ers, family, friends Remembers: CD, NB, RN, KG, CM, HG KN NC, MA SA, WF “Never cry over what you have lost, be glad it was once yours” GB William Brian Donahue " Big Guy” 40 Russell Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, Univ. of Big Guy Activities: Football 123, Lacrosse 3 Remembers Jennings, Athy, BoBo, Jerr, MA, BK, RF, AP, KR, CP, Post S 1, Kat, Al, JC, MC, AW, AH, 26, 36 Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini Annie “I don’t know this kid, do you?” Lolita Five all night live WCAS . 167 Ernest Donovan 151 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, college Remember Always: DA RK GG DW WL SL BM TB sport: Two years varsity wrestling Leah Dragone " Lee” 121 Fessenden St., Newton Day, Riley, college Good Times with Cheryl Mary- Jane The Girls in the Bathroom Gert Vivian Donna Diana and Pat, Cathy. Kenney you ' re the Best Love you so much Good luck to everyone. James Dunlap " Dunny” 25 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, Auburndale Remember: BM, JA, RM, DW, ED, MS, PS, BM, CC, SM, MA, PL, ED, FD, DS, KH, TW, DA, FY, RK.SK.SU. Jeffrey Michael Donovan 76 Arlington St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, college Football 123 I’ll always remember my years at NNHS Had a good time with all my friends Good luck to all. Newton Corner Rules. Melanie Boiteau I Love You Always and Forever Craig Drayton 30 Bicknell St., Dorchester Bigelow, Adams, Northwestern I’ll remember BW, MS, NB, NP, PB, TG, and the rest for whom I’ll always feel lovingly towards. Wrestling 1, 2 in passive phase now music my latest craze will occupy my future maze. Sin- cerely, CD, Musicman John Christopher Dorr 282 Kenrick St., Newton Newton Catholic, Bacon, college — major — law THERE IS A LONG ROAD WIND- ING INTO THE LAND OF MY DREAMS. YOU ' VE GIVEN ME AN INSIGHT OF THE WORLD THAT I MUST FACE. SO I DEDI- CATE THIS, A PART OF MYSELF TO YOU — MOTHER AND DAD — WITH LOVE ALWAYS JOHN Richard E. Dragon 356 Auburndale Ave., Auburn- dale Warren, Palmer Lewis Drayton " Shmodin” 30 Bicknell St., Dorchester Bigelow, Riley, National Guard Remembering all my friends and the good times we had. May all your wishes come true. And here a toast to all the party over psuedo mans house. So good luck people and psychoalpha to Stephen Richard Drew 19 Cloelia Terr., Newtonville Day, Riley, college — Art major Football 2, 3 Indoor and Outdoor Track 123 Capt 143 Mary Jo Scott CDB Maine Living the clean life Fred Ned Freebird Anyone who strives to win and is defeated isn’t a loser, those who never try, are. Heather M. Dunn “Fat-so” 33 Owatonna St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Happiness POM POM GIRLS!! Summer of 80, NH, Lacrosse, I LOVE YOU MICHEAL! To my best buddies: Alisa, “D”, Steph, Jen New Year’s Eve 1 1 80 Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. MV . THANX FOR BEING THERE!! Mark Dunne 438 Albermarle Rd., Newtonville Elizabeth M. Durkin " Liz” 185 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Orchesis Remember Yaf Nique Kels Sue Rache Coleen Sandy Eleanor Lisa Wendy Pat Buf Wassy BM JB CG SG DN Oh Yay! BANG A HUEY! Party at BC: Dan Cappi Cradle “It was the best of times” Thanks Mom and Dad Aardvarks last minute field goal against Quincy bumper stickers CDB David Eagle “EAG” 551 Chestnut St., Newton Warren, Beals, college, or the streets AH ' MEMBER BAX, GOODYJUG- GLER, IZZY, TODD AND STIV FROM COLONELS CLASS, OUR DIPSO VENTURES, AND MYRIADS MORE I CAN FEEL ONE OF MY TURNS COM- ING ON: YOU COMMIT AN ILLEGAL ACT THEN YOU ARE AN EAGLE- MANIAC David A. Ekizian 35 Holman Rd., Newton Warren, Beals, college BEALSCOUNCIL, YEARBOOK, B52S, DISCOKISS 108, GSMCSS, THE BEST THINGS IN LIFE ARE FREE, BUT YOU CAN GIVE THEM TO THE BIRDS AND BEES I WANT MONEY! NEIMAN- MARCUS. BES BE GOIN, WHAT? OH YA! ROCK LOBSTER Christopher David Eshelman 37 Shaw St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college KNOWLEDGE MAY BE THE KEY, BUT WITHOUT ENTHUSIASM, THERE ARE NO DOORS TO OPEN. Bob Eglitis “Eeg”, “Eggy " , " Majic " 12 James St., W. Newton Littleton Middle School, Barry, unde- cided I WISH I WAS IN LITTLETON — WH NICHOLS — SUSAN 9 26 80 — QUEEN " DRAGON ATTACK " — KANSAS IS NO 1 — “CARRY ON MY WAYWARD SON” — OAFC — ONIONHEAD CAN ' T COACH BAS- KETBALL — YOU CAN HAVE LIFE — 1981 Richard Elicone 106 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Good times with DP, SC, WD, TL, BG, JG Tranny 81 Down Swifts Beach with the Enoses. The Prodigal Son? THE ONLY GOOD HEAD IS A DEAD HEAD!!! Richard J. Fabian “Rich”, “Foots”, “Slats” 250 Ward St., Newton Centre Litchfield Jr. High, Palmer, college, PreMed BASKETBALL NCL TENNIS 1, 2, 3 WHO DRIFTERS TW PH DT RM CD Rl DB AT TK RS SB HL PARTIES MOL- LIE BIO STEPS MACS APARTMENT TREE MIDDLEBORO WW RR ESCAPE BAKERY CAST ANYONE CAN HAVE AN OPINION Lucas D. Eichler “Luke” 935 Washington St., Newtonville Asbury Park, Riley B. SPRINGSTEEN HOWIE DOIN’ BUFF MP SM NB CR ' 81-HAFFS JUNGLELAND KEEP IT UP LES- TER LE DELI BREADCRUMS E- M OLDS A SPECIAL LOVE TO BETH S. ALWAYS GOOD LUCK TO FRIENDS IN THE FUTURE Richard Ellison “Dicky” 26 Ivanhoe St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college — “marry my girl” Will remember AJ JD DK Ml KK JS SP PJ RM going wild in the halls the scoff- mores and everyone else. Remember good times at JR ' s, Ron and June at Transition, Number 26. I will always love my girl Tracy. Kirk Facre 69 Bowen St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals “Memories are friends that you had ...” A fond and temporary farewell to JC, PS, AD and the toads. Special love to “Gart” — may you never shave those Leggs. Good luck, RH, MA, MW, PM NM, MS. Gotta fly now . . . Sandra Einsenstein “Sandy” 18 Garner St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college DON ' T GIVE UP — NEVER QUIT. SARAH! QUINCY FOREVER. SO ALIKE! WE ' LL LAST. J.D. ROBIN-BABES! SO MANY MORNINGS. LIZZIE! C.K.M.N. “MONDAYS” CONCERTS BCN TIME SUMMER P. NEVER FOR- GET — ALWAYS — N.M.W. Beth I. Endlar 37 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college Parties, Darling, F-ball Games and practices I’ll always remem- ber my friends and the memories esp. MS, JB, BS. Thanks Mom and Dad. Good luck A and J. Bobby — Our crazy little thing called love. 12-29-79 love ya! Wendy Ting-Chung Fai 28 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, college Always have the freedom to be yourself — spec. Tms w Lis, El and Su — How lucky I am to know someone to whom saying gdbye to is so hard — Iuv2 EJ, LG, CG, TG, KL, Esp. JC - Rem. the way we were — Fond mem’s of Scott Cabots visiting artists Carolyn’s Sweet Shop Airplane Hector Adidas 169 Michelle Faraca " Mickey”, " Vic” 42 Larkin Rd., W Newton Warren, Barry, Navy REMEMBERS: THE DUSTER THE BUMP LABOR DAY WEEK-END " ALL NIGHT LONG " M M ' S FOREVER DONNA POOH NANCY JOANNE DEBBIE PEFBUZ BUG WHAT IF? EDIE LISA DONNA EILEEN THANX I COULDN ' T HAVE MADE IT WITHOUT YOU June Ferestein 175 Chestnut St., W. Newton Beaver, Beals, college 1980 GIRLS STATE TENNIS CHAMPS LOVE TO AM RJ CA TS LG GJ and HR REMEM- BERMP — FHRSAS SOME- WHERE IN TIME PC PARTY AT JH TWINS " LOVE WHEN YOU CAN — CRY WHEN YOU HAVE TO BE WHO YOU MUST THAT ' S A PART OF THE PLAN” Andrea Susan Feingold 240 Otis St., W. Newton Day, Barry, college " Nature’s first green is gold, Her hardest hue to hold, ... So dawn goes down to day, Nothing gold can stay. " J.S.R. Kathryn J. Feldman " Kathy” 523 Ward St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college " Thy word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path,” Soccer 1, 2, 3; Cheerleadn 2, 3; Irlnd, Toga, Wrst rm RemCAA, Sum80 honey BTW CH DH SM WK CM MA LR LL RT J and K Carolyn BFForever Thanks Sue FABT. David Fenton 44 Hale St., Newtonville Janet Ferguson 231 Webster St., W. Newton Steven Ferris 1 13 Greenlawn Ave , Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college NBA 123 REMEMBER UNCLE NED, RR WK CK KAT AND JERK CRUISIN NEDH IN S CITY SECRET MISSION ROSCOE ALWAYS REMEMBER BARB AND BETH, BH, THE DELI. BCLM AND CLNS, WAYNE 190, THE RENTS, RAH, SALADS WITH BOB Andrea Marie Fialkosky 47 Randlett Pk., West Newton Day, Beals, college Thanks to the best of friends! Cathy and Carol Thanks for always being there esp. Armando! I wish all true friends the best RKpt. Wareham stitches?! Quebec, TBDCAG John summer of ' 80 3 1 80 My Love To Joe . . . Cynthia Anne Fine “Cindy” 16 Avondale Rd., Newton Center Bigelow, Bacon, college " YOU CAN ONLY LIVE ONCE BUT IF YOU LIVE IT RIGHT ONCE IS ENOUGH” SOCCER, RIFLE SR. CL. COMM. THX. MOM AND DAD MAINE B.W.U. Kelly Fitzgerald 54 York Terr., Melrose Day, Barry, undecided Yea! We finally made it! I ' ll miss you all. CONGRATULATIONS to the class of 81! Hey! Steve, cough med! Parties with Maggi VR CK RR NH SG AND GUYS FONDEST memories, 78-80. T. Penney . . . Let the Good Times Roll! cowboy hats bandanas crutches electronics computer lab velours 170 Bonnie Fraiser 331 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrook, Beals, college SUCCESS IN LIFE IS KNOWING HOW TO LAUGH, LEARN AND LOVE AND THE BRIGHTEST TREASURE IS TO BE REMEM- BERED WITH LOVE. GOOD LUCK HHJBDG HR 1220 JACKIE SAYS ALL MY LOVE TO MOM AND DAD 10 FOR 10 Judith Frattaroli " Judy” 17 Fernwood Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Never be sad for what is gone, be glad you once had it REMEM- BERS: Wendy Marianne Donna baking Van Halen concert 7 Conn. Weekend Schnapps “mamatha” born to be wild Susan Good luck to all PARTY ON! Mary Claire Frechette “Claire” 27 Northgate Pk., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Rem. Ellen, Meg, Jan, Chrissi, ILYAL, Candide, AH Talent show Dis.D. GODSPELL Fantasticks Passthesalt! 3P 9 18 19 80 Chevy vega Dad’s 98 101 32 Chipper Dansing BAIT MUCH MUCH? Tiger 5007 OH NO! 9 27 80 Blaise Fredrick " Pole” 71 Tolman St., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Remembers: All my friends, my teachers, sysman, Mr. Wells (Boom), the Mod Squad, and the people I have forgotten or haven ' t met yet. Beacons of Darkness! s-chains fair isle sweaters revolution in El Salvador Marshall McCluhin died Mary Fitzgerald “Fitzie” 3 Waban St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college GOOD TIMES WITH LUCY, MARIA, SUE, WENDI, SUE, DW, CR, JL, JK, NB, FLORIDA CAPE ’80 PARTIES POM-POM GIRLS. CRUISING. PALMER TREE J GEILS GOOD FRIENDS DRIFT APART BUT MEMORIES LAST FOREVER LUV TO ALL L2M+D Stephen O. Forte " Steve”, " Buddy” 18 Barrieau Ct., Newtonville Day, Riley I am going to remember all my teachers and wish them a happy summer, I will remember The Tigers Loft and Mrs. O’Neil and especially all my friends R.J., E.W., L.P., A.L., and S.T. N.W. O.N. J.N. Richard W. Mechem " Mech” I am honored to be included in the great class of 1981. Good luck and best wishes to all! Robert Scott Forrest " Frosty” 204 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, college When feeling sad, don’t think of your friends, but of their friend- ship. Mr. G, CA, MM. Football 1, Basketball 1, Track 123 Remem- ber Rocco, electronics, and all the nice people I have met. Christopher C. Foster " H.S.” 19 Princeton St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college MAZ BIG BUCK DOOBS Cruising Sat- urday nights CABOT PARK AND SEVEN CARD STUD PACKY RUNS PARKING FUN AND GAMES BEAT- ING ON THE MAZDA MIDNITE MUNCH ALSO REMEMBER JM RD CB EG AS PARTIES AT JUSTINES 80 Susan Forster 494 Watertown St., Newtonville Bigelow, Riley, college REMEMBER THE TRACK, A PIECE OF CAKE, DOODIE, FOR- STER’S FLOWERS, BANANA- HEAD! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS, ALL MY LOVE TO JIMMY 8 27 79 THANKS MA AND DAD LOVEYA Jeff Foster 1745 Commonwealth Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams I want to go on to finish technical school so that I can get a degree to become an electronic techni- cian. Remembers good friends Tommy Vinnie Jay Domenic Joey and the good times down the Cape. Elizabeth Foruzanfar 107 Withington Rd., Newtonville 171 Phil Friedman 6 Blackstone Terr., Newton Christina Dawn Gallier Geoge Garabedian " Christy” 74 Albert Rd., Auburndale 46 Converse Ave., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college " To Thee I lift up my eyes . . Luv to Ned and the gang, also MOELWF esp. ND Bball 123, Vball 123 We hit hard, Thanks JC. Beth Gardner 14 William St., W. Newton Day, Riley, college REMEMBERS: Good Times With All My friends: KL, DD, NA, SC, RM, TL, PC, ALEX Parties, F-ball games. Cape Cod, Concerts Good Luck To All My Friends and the Class of ' 81 Debra-Ann Gatti " Mini Gini " 45 Lindbergh Ave., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Good Times at Palmer Esp. with KM NC KN CM LG and EB Tower BPS PcaS RiP Needham Pinto Sundays TL I’ll Grow Concerts Cruzin BBM Rix Summers 78 80 4 4, 11 80 NBT Move it! Ber- muda Barry Bathroom RL 1 Doreatha Gee 558 Hancock St.. Brooklyn, NV 11223 Warren, Palmer, business school, col- lege Yrbk, AAC, seniorclass. Memories: Fashion 79 Goodtimes w ES AT Football + track meets Adams Bench + everyone there esp JH Our lives are shaped by those who love + help us DM + EM, Cappy Gd luck Class — 81! ADKLHSOM “Please, mush . . Robert J. Gemma 6 Morgan PI., Newton Day, Riley, Drafter REMEMBERS: PALMER COM- MONS, DRAFTING W ED HR 3536, MR. BARBOZA AND HIS M M ' S DAVE, JOE-TF, HH, PP, " GREEN” PAUL-POP NANCY — " OH MY GOD " ALBIE HUEY " THE TRIPLETS " GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF " 81” Jerry M. Gentile " Jerr " 50 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college, weather FOOTBALL, shafted by cylinder head the chocker, M-80 Field Goals, Northeasters, Clarky, He ' s Killing us coach, you are excel- lent, December, 31, 1978 WINTER 78-79, Waltham JV Football Game, 3-0 NNHS Shirley J. Gentile 19 Maude Terrr., Walpole Day, Barry, college MEMORIES ... IS what comes after high school, Keep it in mind, Don ' t let it spill out, It Belongs there, something to be reminded of, like the GOOD OLD DAYS’ We ' ve had — Love Shirley Steve Gharabegian 33 Joseph Rd., Newton Bacon, engineer Edward Kennedy U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Kinks President Reagan 172 Linda Gheewalla “Me” 19 Ashford Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Riley, Tufts University Our lives are shaped by those who love us and those who refuse to love us. Always PC. Fun times in JEEPgo for it 3BCFRANCEw Deb’80lt always works out USYNhNyCc LOTS OF LOVE and thanks to special friends — we made it together Karen S. Gilbert 309 Kenrick St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college “We had joy, we had fun, we had seasons in the sun” Remembers: Riley Commons, Green Machine, 2:00 AM, Dec. Vacation ’79-’80, Weekends, “This is right near . . Good Luck to AM DB VH mc js wm nk mo cd sb r n Paul A. Gilbert 23 Fuller Terr., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college GYMNASTICS 123, TRACK 123, THE BEAST mickdees JL, KMSMMDCAS BJCOMVBLC OGRE NIBS FAB ANT RENALDO THAT’S BAD JAY! MR. J, MRS. A Lucia Franklin Gill 168 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, college Never walk where there’s room for dancing. Love to Larni, Robin, Lisa, Deb, Erik, Ethan, and Jay. Lee R. Gilliam " T.K.”, " 14 " 122 Austin, Newtonville Central, Palmer, college All my friends good luck. BAS- KETBALL 123 CAPT. 3 Class of 81 is 1 To my lady, Anne, Mom and Dad, Sis, Mr. P, EM, SH, SH, DG, BB, AP, ZB, LT, WC, BR, AP, T and TH, AC, JM, BA, JL, Another one bites the dust. Later potato! Susan Nadine Gilmore “Sue”, “Susie” 82 Fessenden St., Newtonville Day, Baocn, college Choir, Shakespearean Players; KC, Cappy, Mr. Walker; Great books, fine teachers, good friends. ‘ “Beauty is truth, truth beauty,” — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know.’ — Keats Ramsey Gilbert 149 Otis St., Newtonville Barry, college GoodBye You ' ll See Me When I Return. Remember friends, Weekends, Good times. Skiing 1, 2, 3 Tough practices with Coach, BYE Daniel G. Gilroy 150 Washington St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college SOCCER TEAM THAT LOST ITS STING, NO DOZ, GILL, SUMMER OF 80, TIME OUT WITH STEVE, REALIZING MY POTENTIAL SR YEAR, RED CRUISEMOBILE, SOPH BLUES JR SCHOLAR SR SOCIAL LIFE, IT HAPPENED SO FAST! Stephen Gilson " Gilly” 454 Walnut St., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, college FOOTBALL 123 TRACK 123 AND ALL THE PARTIES INBETWEEN SACKIN OUT ON THE BENCH AND ON THE TREE LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL ON GESE Alex Gimenez “Gem” 126 Tolman St., W. Newton Day Rem — All my friends who helped me make the come back and you no what I mean PJ, GN, MM, PW, The boys from W. New- ton JD, All the jocks my idols AEROSMITH Got to have my music forever BETH Gonna make it James Gleason 67 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Victory lies in not giving up the stage, PedieFionao, JAMES REAL Friends EBNFW — LISA I ' d rather never know than find out later that Ivbeen fooledNOT CHtoNOTCH " 80” LOOS H DREE ,Nice,507BYEHIKINGBIKING BEST Hilary Amy Gleekman 35 Rangeley Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college “IN SPITE OF EVERYTHING, I STILL BELIEVE PEOPLE ARE BASICALLY GOOD AT HEART.” LOVE TO ALL MY UNDER- STANDING FRIENDS WHO HAVE HELPED ME THROUGH THE YEARS: SK, DS, RW, SP, KR, NB, MK, MO, MDONLAN, CFENN, LB, AG. T.S.S. pearl necklaces MX missile Misha Michigan wins the Rose Bowl 173 Michael Glotzer 70 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Aww, Mama can this really be the end — BD REMEMBERS GUI- NEY RAM ZIGGY CHESTER BUD SCOOTS BBL TED ' S PLACE IHOP TAKE IT SLEAZY Elaine Goddard 66 Hathorne St., Newton Day, Barry If you love something set it free if it comes back it’s yours, if it doesn’t it never was, BK 10 28 77. Good Luck to my friends Bad Girls I made it Ma! Always love and remember Gram Barbs Terry Steven Gold 48 Marshall St., Newtonville Lisa R. Goldberg 550 Chestnut St., Waban Weeks, Beals, college SO ON AND ON I GO, THE SEC- ONDS TICK THE TIME OUT, THERE ' S SO MUCH LEFT TO KNOW, AND I’M ON THE ROAD TO FIND OUT — C.S. Toby J. Goldberg 56 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, RILEY, college RH COUNCIL, VOLLEYBALL, SS LOUNGE, ETC ... LOVE AND THANX TO ALL, YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! I’LL NEVER FORGET YOU! “SUCH IS LIFE!” GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! LIVE LIFE TO ITS FULLEST! KEEP SMILIN! IT’S BEEN REAL! Christopher Goldwait “Chris” 12 Devon Terr., Newton Weeks, Beals, U-Mass Remember Good Times with Jon Bob “Baseball Rader!” JL DA Swimteam?? Benn Merritt Vine- yard forever! I MADE IT!! James Mark Goldblatt 43 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, college Hockey Always remember good times with good friends. ANN I LUVU. Amir Gollan 50 Morseland St., Newton Centre Michael Goldfinger “Mikie” 33 Birch Hill Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Johnny: Frisbee, Ferry Beach, Mr. Milk, “Black rocks, aren’t you?” Skiing, “Wondering if where I’ve been is worth the things I’ve been through. Ending with a friend named Sunny Gabriela A. Gomez G. “Gaby” 138 Cedar St., Newton Centre Sec. and Prep, of San Andres, Adams, college, communications THANKS TO THE COLE FAMILY ANDKKCC Randi Goldstein 300 Homer St., Newton Centre Robert Goodfellow “Goody” 160 Melrose St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college ALWAYS REMEMBER TARA AND THE GOOD TIMES WE HAD TOGETHER. KH, RB, TL, DL, ST, CA, RE, PL, ML, LM, DS, JK, CW, ML, LC. BACON COMMONS KIDS. GROGS Hugs are healthy Billy Haley Number 18 Sugar Ray Leonard Space Heaters 174 Bill Graham 73 Willistor, Rd., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Tracy Greene 23 Risley Rd., W. Newton Mt. St. Joseph’s Acad., Barry, college “Little drops of water. Little grains of sand make the mighty ocean and a pleasant land. All the little moments humble though they be made the mighty ages of eternity. SwimTeam12cc 3BST. Rem EVERY 1 Susan Graham 87 Waban Pk., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college WITH ALL THIS SH-CLH. THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS FOR ALWAYS BEING THERE, esp LUSHE, ERIKA, JT, and JK. CHILLS, NO NUKES dp and t, MOCK! — YEAH!, B-R BENCH, MAINE, BFD, SOCCER BWU, SOFTBALL 123 SMS C’MON SMILE! Marc Griliches 89 Dorest Rd., Auburndale Laura Goodwin 59 Claremont St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college THE VILLAGE " A PART OF THE HEART GETS LOST IN THE LEARNING” D.F. Barbara Gordon 124 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college, Law school Yrbk, On Campus, French, Rocco?! Thanks to TGCFDKLG MSRSSPDRRMJRWFFWSPLG DKVR.Etc. OldPals — MBRGM FSWRPAW.PCMYRSRS. “Our lives are shaped by those who love us, and those who refuse to love us.” Marianne Greco “Grec” 25 Whitlowe Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, undecided Donna Edie Susan Sheila Wendy Judy Laurie LD CC MF DS CD Maine ' 80 The Chase Barry Lav 3rd Parking lot W. Newton LM Van Halen Rolling Stones Let the good times roll! Freebird Thanks to Mom + Dad EC Amanda Gruber 30 Shaw St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College, Law School DAYDREAMS: EALLFNM ENRNPLCENESURIIILIPOONS MNLSJAENTMTFISOOMESAS HLMOYNOTUTNUTEMLCETLG EGASSSRGMXEETAAGRNUR OUDADAGIAEDIAITEBOOBLL NRKREBUTITLMRGOEAUKGN NQESSOAPNHRSAIORISENB OFSIEEELRSAEOMEOHRIPGII Robert Goodwin " Goody” 59 Claremont St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college, life of crime “Life is far too important a thing ever to talk seriously about” OSCAR WILDE Tennis, Newton- ite I ' d rather be juggling Good times with the B Daves, the Bobs and Ralph Kurt Graf “Bird” 35 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Remember Beals Bacon Bench. Dads Camper, Summer 76, 78. Moto Cross. EW Fries Leap Timbo CM, CL, DC, DM, TB, DB, BS, OG, LC, RP. Turtle Cove. It ' s All Mixed Up. LW, DM, Foggs, Maureen Four Musketeers “It’s All I Can Do” Debra Ann Green “Debby”, “Deb” 28 Elliot PI., Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrook, Adams, college I will always remember the good times with Edelia and Rhonda and Barbara and Cathy and all my other friends at Newton North James Guiney 64 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Psychology Dinners Senior Skip Day Rocky Horror Picture Show Colleen Halloran 1 1 Crown St., Auburndale Concord, Bacon, college Swimming 23 Cheering 23 I ' m not afraid of tomorrow for I’ve seen yesterday and I LOVE TODAY. Thanks everyone esp. CFSMCRMADMSLTARCCS Cathy’s Toga Party Summer of 80 BASEBALL GAMES GARY 10 12 79 S. Diane Hamilton 27 Jenison St., Newtonville Day, Beals, college It takes both rain and sunshine to make a rainbow. Coonster and Hamster WRFF. Thx Mm and Dd. Luv to Kathy, Chrissi LMCKW KDRTWCFMD. Rem. Debbiee WAIGD? HmY w MA, Sglf. Dan- cin. Drac. GODSPELL, 22, Sum- mer ' 80 in luv w Danny Lisa Handler 130 Otis St., Newtonville C ' dale!, Adams Me and my RC, Tranny! Thank you Pat and Katie, JSH, HB, R and J. 5-20-80! Nucleaire? Non, Merci! Oh, to live on Sugar Mountain with the barkers and the colored balloons . . .! N.Y. Kathleen Haney “Katie " 199 Bellvue St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college “ ’Tis the time ' s plague when madmen lead the blind . . Thanks to all my friends I love you. David O, JoEllen, Benn M, and Tranny ' 81 I’ll remember you always . . . Lucia Anne Hans “Looshe” 42 Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college CSG-IT, THERE MUST BE A PONY! Dance, photography, Yogurt, D.P., blush, squeak, Chocolate, Reiker, James Taylor, Kirkwood, SUSAN SUSAN, “in Just spring when the world is mudluscious ...” — E.E.C. Bradford J. Hauser 37 Claremont St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Marilyn R. Hay 18 Webster St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Remembers good times with all great friends a special thanx to Carrie and Eileen Love ya! parties weekends Duster! Cheerleading 2; 3 Halloween ' 78 Special Times with TOMMY Love you ALWAYS 11-10-78 Nancy Hayes “Nan” 12 Rugdale Rd., Dorchester Day, Barry, college GOOD FRIENDS GC, K, K, F, M, r, N, T, J, MJ, L, S, S, K, c’ Remember GOOD Times, Cross Country Ski, parties, fun after football Game Remember yester- day dream about Tomorrow BUT Live Today. THANX Dad I Love YAH “So these crutches will really get me out of gym, huh?” 176 Assasination attempt on President Reagan “Hey, shut uppa you face’’ Reagan cuts student loans Masada East of Eden REO Speedwagon Ashley Hays " Ash” 231 Upland Rd., Newtonville South Orange, Barry I KNOW I ' LL NEVER LOSE AFFECTION FOR PEOPLE AND THINGS THAT WENT BEFORE. I KNOW I’LL OFTEN STOP AND THINK ABOUT THEM: LAUR, SUE, LES, NAN, TOM, DAVID. IN MY LIFE, I’VE LOVED THEM ALL. — BEATS David Heckscher 1 1 Devon Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Beals, I wish I was a trap- per If statues could speak and Casey was still at bat some promoter somewhere would be making deals with Ticketron right now. N.A.D.S. VS S.K.N.S. frisbee, Good old Huck, Woody, Funer- als. William T. Heespelink 45 Pleasant St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Beals, college Beals Boys, TBCMDMDBCLKGNPC Cruising with CM, TB, F+G RT9 Races. It was fun while it lasted Now it’s Time to get serious. I’ll always remember North and the good friends and times there. Skiingfo- rever Heidi Jane Helgesen 1159 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Allagash High, Palmer, work JB BF MJ AJ LH CB TH DP Remember all The Good Times Love you Mom and Dad Beth Holmberg 24 Oak Cliff Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, college I WOULD LIKE TO THANK ALL THE STUDENTS AND TEACH- ERS WHO MADE MY 3 YEARS AT NORTH SO GOOD. I WISH I COULD MENTION YOU ALL BUT THERE ISN’T ENOUGH SPACE. Aram Heller “Hippie " , " Waste” 481 Ocean Blvd. Warren, Adams, college, Music HENDRIX LIVES! RUSH CSN+Y Scott Rich Stu Sgt JM AS BS AE PH BS SD AL LL BM BD Mr B Mr L MarchingBand Shows Clowns Ralphs Strats Bad Scene Har- vard Square 4 7 79 + 80 8 13 80 ow its a tangled web Huh? Juanita Holmes 26 Windom St., Allston Warren, Bacon I made it!! after twelve years I ' m out. Always remember AAC members The good Times the bad Times always remember every body at Adams Bench! good Times with: Doreatha ES CKTWSBJBLS Andrea Hilton 136 Pearl St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college THE TIME IS FINALLY HERE! THANKS FOR EVERYTHING DEBBIE A. D.M. H.W. S.R. N.G. L.L. M.B. REMEMBER MORN- INGS ON THE TREE? BACON BENCH? WEEKENDS? DR. HIL- TON? OH BROTHER! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS Victoria Holmes " Vicki " 227 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, college BHC, 123 RUSSIAN CLUB, 123 STAGE CREW THE ROAD IS LONG BUT EVERY DAY WE’RE GETTING CLOSER. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE! Ronna Michelle Heifetz " Rondine” 22 Chestnut Terr., Newton Cen- tre Bigelow, Riley, college We are the lucky ones for we are ALIVE Theater, forever. Sisters2, Family2, Con. Choir3. Dreams . . . follow them. Thanx y’all for the memories!!! Beverly Hiltz 2 Highland Terr., Newtonville Day, Adams, Nursing REMEMBERS, THE GOOD TIMES IN MAINE, CONCERTS, PARTIES, NEVER FORGET MONTREAL, ALL MY LOVE TO TONY61578 THANKS MOM AND DAD GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS, MW YOU’RE GREAT, GOOD LUCK PP AND RC IT WILLWORK, SMILE, BYE Susan I. Holzman 15 Beaumant Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college The moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever. PI, 6 19 80 W JK, EC, JT. Thanx RS, LR, SY, esp. EBL, TK and the rest for really great times. Rems w B, b-bench, big T, be yourself Garfield Shogun Jubilee 350 The Empire Strikes Back D and D Keep on Loving You 177 Peter Hospodor " Pistol” 224 Chestnut St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college DRIFTERS S-BACK DOFW THE DRIFT FLARKIE PARTIES B REMEM- BERS CAT, RS SEPPE, RF, HL, WASS DW, JJ, JA, BW, SS, JODOMS, CHERRYHILL WILDWOOD DEALS RF — BASEMENT BEACH DD $ GOTTA LEAVE YOU ALL BEHIND AND FACE THE TRUTH ■■■ Lindsay Elizabeth Hotvedt 91 Grasmere St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college RUSSELL GREENBERG 3-22-80 SEASPRITE SUMMER! TRCH! THNX V.A.H. HR1220 — JB SAYS! FZ — AP — SO — PG — NC HBR IN VERMONT! PEACH — CHICKENS BB DB — JD MR.S C GOOD LUCK TO ALL, AND TO ALL A GOOD LIFE! Helen Hoving " Hee Hee” 135 Arlington St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, college As we sit in our rocking chairs, remember: the Beals hall gang, Tall Ships, Young Life, my " Lunch sharing program”; " Him!”, DLTTGYD, Chin jokes MR R, and all the great friends we have made. Linda Hughes 65 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day, Bacon, hairstylist REMEMBERS ALL THE GOOD TIMES W MARY, DEBBIE, RENEE, ROXANNE, WE FINALLY MADE IT, REMEMBERS THE SUMMER OF ”79 " WOW, THANKS TO RICKY, LOVE YA. NOW RENEE LET ' S MAKE IT THROUGH BEAUTY SCHOOL, THANKS MOM AND DAD Kent Huminik 29 Putnam St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, work J GEILS BARBARA 1 3 80 MANY GOOD TIMES WITH THE BOYS FROM FALLS AND MANY MORE JOHN S, JONATHAN D, KEVIN K, JAMIE G, JACQUI D, MARTHA D. TO EVERY ONE, GOOD LUCK Scott Christopher Humphrey 34 Lombard St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college B-BALL 23 W LEE, BOBO, MANDO. SAILING 1. CLASS PRES 1. ROADTRIPS W RICKY. GOOD TIMES W JACO AND GILLIE. CARRY ON LITTLE BROTHER Kenneth Hurwitz " Ken” 63 Oakland Ave., Auburndale Warren, Barry, autobody, Texaco Gas Station Remembers: Kawasaki Good times down Lyons Getting chased with JD GM AF JR MC BQ JC JL KM LS TL CM Never forget LD MLD DF ROXANNE Burn-outs wheelies LTR unreal, popeye Acimakes latridias 288 Prince St., W. Newton Proposition 2 Vj walkout to the State House Girls’ basketball wins the state title Lynn, Fisk, and Burleson traded 178 Riley house sponsors “IT” April 15 and rejection parties Tess No more Bacon house? John D. Jepsen “Jeppa”, “Magic jeppaski”, “Duke ' ' 24 Kenyon St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college REMEMBERS ALL THE GREAT TIMES AT THE TREE, GOLF 1, 2, CAPT 3; HAND ME A12 HORSE, OSCARS BACK ROW, RUNNING JADE ISLAND, BEING GEILIZED, GARFIELD THAT CAT ' S THE BEST, CAPS, QUEEN; BOB SEGER, TURN THE PAGE Shirley M. Idleson 1603 Commonwealth Ave., W. Newton Warren, Riley, Israel, college, reality Gadi, Irit, Village 1, Young Judaea, Mr. Bolter, US History and math. Aardvarks, Israel sum- mer 80 ' Jerusalem friends, Allen House, HC, folkdancing. Bashanah hazot BiYerushalayim. L. Avalee Jenkins “Avenue” 102 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, college Field Hockey 123 Dig it! Quinche Lorraine. You don ' t have to be old to be wise. GoMental. Living after midnight. Go easy, tread lightly, stay free. NP, SS, EY, NJ, JB, HH, AY, DS, NL, CM, BK, and Todd Jesdale 100 Chestnut St., W. Newton Peter James Jennings “Jen” 189 Parmenter Rd., W. Newton Day, Beals, Yale Football, Lacrosse " Conspiracy " Two knights and a day . . . good times with PA JD BD BB MC JD. Snow with Joe, the creek. KAT Jeff Russ ABB ' s Debbie BR Noel Foley “We’re all big guys now” Gemm! “Boy, am I cute!” David Noam Israel 38 Ballard St., Newton Centre A man should so live that at the close of every day he can repeat: “I have not wasted my day.” — The Zohar Rachel Jacobson 15 Eliot Memorial, Newton Bigelow, Riley, college " True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice” Love to COLEEN — wlsg+ r’svd KIDZ! Love and thanks to M and D. VsnL w T:BC. Chris — special friends forever! TS and Sis’s, AMJFL and esp B! Paul Jakubowski 41 Converse Ave., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college Rich Bubba Sully Japless Bronx Greek Jr. AJ Kroze JD Wheels Falls Boys Buzzard Scottie Rus- sia “Oh, Marina!” Wrestling 123 NYI Dr. J ' 67 Pontiac 201 in 169 Bonham “This is the end” — Jim Morrison 179 “Who, me? Never!” I y Natalie Johnson " Nikki " Weeks, Palmer, Music college I’LL REMEMBER TINUVIEL MARVJANE PARVARDIGAR PETE TOWNSHEND STOCK HAUSEN, PINE FLOYD, CREAM, RICKENBACKERS AND STRATS. LOVE AND REMEM- BRANCE TO KEITH MOON. BEAM ME UP SCOTTY! Jennifer Marie Jordan " Jeni " 224 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college I ' ve had a lot of good times here but I ' m glad to be moving on. Unforgetable times with Laura, Bobby, Lynn, and Jane Whoa Betty Good times down Lyons Hampton 1980 Special thanks to Mr. Guild Deidre Jones 30 Kensinton St., Newtonville l . Wj 1 Y Sheila Jordan 176 Adams St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Rocco, Gymnastics mgr. Field Hockey Open Campus Comm, Yearbook staff Love and Thanks: Edie, Susan, Marianne, Laurie, Donna, KH, JP, MF, EC, Love to Sharon, WN. Square U. Mass. Albermarle Parties! FYC! Caps- FreebirdThanxM and D • ’ I Eleanor M. Johnson 80 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college I’d like to crawl behind your eyes and see me the way you do . . . Friends 4ever CC KJ Keep danc- ing PM Seger w C and JP w JM Cape — my LG Chick — great- times PY Thanks Cradle Vball 123 Gymn 13 Dance 23 Harlan Jones 1087 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Richard Kagan 39 Clements Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college B-52’s — MY DOG QUICHE LENA LOVICH LUCKY NUMBER LET ' S GO FOR A CRUISE IN THE CANOE SA, CB, VB, JG, NO WHERE ' S LENNY? TIME FOR MACDOUGALL SEE YA LATER LOTS OF LUCK IN THE FUTURE Murry’s moved Abscam Saudia Arabia F-15’s test tube babies 180 Kevin Johnson 20 Maple Ave., Newton Bigelow Bacon, business TRANY7 Good Luckto Everybody And Don’t Eat That Yellow snow! Remember good times on the library stairs on swim team. Life was meant to live so live it — to its Fullest Remember KJTCCSA PA TL CB ETZAP LIVES k Pamela W. Jones 596 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, college Good Luck to Everybody. Remembers: Rocco 79, 80, 81. England, New Hampshire Car- Car, License, 3 19 79, Bowling, Dukes, Love and thanks to all my friends, Love to Steven, Mum and Dad. Wendy Kagan 57 Morill St., W. Newton Day, Beals, college Thanks to best of friends Cathy Cheryl Carla and Tyke also EC DR GF SM KF BE EB SB DK Can- ada Jr. class Sec. Someone spe- cial — Mark Love to Mom and Dad census 1980 Carla Kaloustian 27 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Softball 1 Jr. Class Pres Always Remember Great times with great friends Especially Cathy, Cheryl, Wendy, Linda, Ellen, Dom, DC, SF, Mk, EC, Ski trips, France, H.R. Riv, Kays, Week- ends Deborah Kantar " Debby (there)”, " Kantar” 382 Kenrick St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college I ' LLNEVERLOSEAFFECTIONFOFtP EOPLEANDTHINGSTHATWENTBE FORE.I ' LLOFTENTHINKABOUTTHE MINMYLIFE — ILOVETHEMALLTHA NXMOMANDDADANDALLTHOSES PECIALPEOPLEWHOMADEITGREA T.FRANCEw LG T — BONE,BC,D=M V.TAKEITTOTHELIMITONEMORE TIME Jonathan A. Kantar ”Jon” 382 Kenrick St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Sailing 12, Capt. 3 Hockey is 1, the Newtonite. 6-19-80 w 1 JT EC Esp. SH Love you all Thanks HB Killer Mom Dad Deb Dave and Alisa. Maine North was super. I’ll always rem. the people who made life great Paula Kaplan 32 Whites Ave., Watertown Debra Ellen Karel " Debbie” 10 Walker., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Nothing can ever change what we have always been and always will be to each other. MT Kelly remember 78-79, Dorie, Muskie Good times w BadGirls, Abrl. Park summer in NH Ma I actually made it!! ¥ Steve Karem " Drugs " 9 Malvern Terr., Newton Hey Folks! How ' s the head, Float- ing in air Drifting in a Dream. Cheers to good friends and all those good times Don ' t just pray listen for the prayer of others I LOVE ROBIN S. Mark Katre " Kat” 270 Cabot St., Newton Day, Adams, college FOOTBALL 123 ATH BIG GUY BOB WEB RUSS DEAS PEP GEM FAT CORSI PISSY JENN MURPH SH RW JD DK THE THIRD PK GEILS3 enough is too much 61 Mr. MILLER Linda DL CK CC KA Always remember with Love Wendy Jeff Kattalia 610 Centre St., Newton Corner Riley TRANSITION ARSENIC AND OLD LACE AUDIO VISUAL ALAN HOUSE MR. GUILD MRS. RAY- MOND A. STARK-TURNER JM JR GP HK JU K REINKE BM RB JN ML AKH TS JM PARTY ON Daniel Raphael Katz " Danny” 140 Paulson Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college Happinessisanyoneandanythin gatallthatslovedbyyou. Iloveyo uCBIAIwaysremSHOWSMFamil y, council, Newtonite, track, And over, Village C+4,bonchanceme samisloveandbestwishestotheb igS+SSCwhoknows? Howard S. Kaplan “Howie” 75 Rachel Rd., Newton Centre Austine, Barry, California I went out at night for parties and in bars, I didn’t like it in school because I was bored Adam Scott Kasha 207 Temple St., W. Newton Horace Mann, Barry, college ASK GOOD LUCKIIE — Y8COGOTOVAOPOGW — OBO AND OF COURSE MO NO NCO + OAAAA — I? SC BHC JCC CCVPT JVS KBA TYG CC MRC PEA VS UNC SCC+PCC !TIOG- ROFI! HMJH MBSH NNHS WE MADE IT!!! Philip Jay Katzman " Phil” 34 Irving St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, college " Do the best you can — it ' s all you can do. " If you take school for granted, just wait OBC (Newton North Radio); Bicycle Club; Outdoor Track 2; Cross Country 2, 3. ★ Walter Cronkite leaves 1 1:00 news James Brady shot — miraculous recovery Cable T.V. HBO Richard Mechem decides to stay another year 181 Deborah Anne Kaufman “Debbie” 146 Paulson Rd., Waban Weeks, Adams, college The nearest way to glory is to strive to be what you wish to be thought to be. — Socrates Harlin Christopher Kearsley 166 Summer St., Newton Centre Pierre Van Cortlant, Bacon, col- lege “RAISIN”, ADAMS BENCH, PHOTOGRAPHY, AND FRIENDS: ES JP LT LD CD ZB OA CB CT AW “FREEDOM IS NEVER VOL- UNTARILY GIVEN BY THE OPPRESSOR, IT MUST BE DEMANDED BY THE OPPRESSED.” Nancy P. Keefe 154 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, marriage ALWAYS AND FOREVER W BILLY UBERTI. REMEMBERS: THE NO-NO-JO, DA, JW, FA, JB, LP — for matching BILLY AND I up, MRS. CRADLE for the BEST coach at NN. MOST OF ALL THE PROM of 79 w BILLY. The Uberti family. BOLWLF. Michael Kelleher 6 Rowe St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, whatever comes my way MIXING AND MATCHING. HANGING IN SCHOOL. HOME- ROOM. MR. ADAM ' S OFFICE. PERFECT “10 " ANY AND ALL SKIP DAYS, WHATEVER THE REASON OR OCCASION. Cynthia Kelley “Kelley” 54 Marlboro St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college AlwaysSusanLizPollyYAF LUCE MARY MOE DA JH ROBIN MON- IQUESANDLAURAVINNIEVID ChrisNANCY Suzanne Mulvey MARTHA PAATY AT BC HAMPTON 123 Forever Lincoln Continental Gill GEORGE THANKSMA! John Kelley “Gumma” 350 Highland St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college SHICK LURCH WRYEPELLA BAT MOBILE AWESUM DATSUN “THE CLUB” RILES FAST FIRE- BIRD MR. ED " DIRT ROAD " BRIGHAMS “COZ” REVERE STEVE “LIFE ' S A BUMMER WHEN YOU TRY BUT CAN T DO " JULIE MAGGIE Pamela J. Kelly " Pam " 66 Prospect St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, undecided HEY MA I MADE IT! THANKS TO ALL MY FRIENDS: CC, KD, DK, JC, NM “BAD GIRLS " THE LAV. BONZ; SM, VL GOOD TIMES W E CAPE “80 " ALWAYS REMEM- BER: LYNN, GLORIA, NANCY, MARG AND DEB. ALL MY LOVE TO ELIOT 6-13-80 Robert Kenny 52 Judkins St., Newtonville Kara Beth Kelley 28 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, college TO ALL THE CHIEFS AND CHIEFETTES, WATCH OUT FOR CRACKER! PLEASE KEEP IN TOUCH — KWLPNLLCCRKR AND All TO KW — THANKS FOR BEING A FRIEND Re C — MAN AND GOOD TIMES w KWRC — esp ANS COWBOY! B AND B Shh — FD MHVWDAP — JIHDT! Kevin E. Kelley Jr. “J.R.” 82 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Warren, Adams, undecided To My Friends: I’m glad we made it together. I hope we prosper in our eyes. “Keep the fate.” Jun- ior’s place lives forever. Pull me a pint of Guiness. It appears, I’M GONE! PMD “I can’t seem to shake this water out of my ear.” November 18, first snow day Asbestos Miami Riots 182 Jeremy Kessler 200 Islington Rd., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college The Corner, Aardvarks, AM, CCB ' 79 MVB ’80, Shakespearean Players, renaissance dinner. Wind Ensemble, The Politics Club, Harvard Model UNs, Com- puters, and the entire D’Aggas- tino family Richard Keyes 577 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Barry, College Remembers: DW, JC, JD, BW, JA, MV, CD, TC, DA, ED, FY, RM, DM, CC, THE WHOLE LOWER FALLS GANG, “SUNFLOWER SEEDS ALL OVER THE LIBRARY STEPS " , THE FALLING BOOKS, GOOD JOB PO, JV BASEBALL AND VARSITY BASEBALL MT David Kent 52 Clyde St., Newtonville Zabia Khan 248 Central St., Newton Warren, Palmer, college Remember: MM, BZ, DW, LC, JW, CT, M AND ST LA, GB, KW CAPSECL WELL ' SCHCL SHPS cocl. “I’m in complete control it’s the situation that ' s out of hand” Special Thanks to mom, dad and Mohamed For Being There! Stephen Kharfen 162 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Nancy Kiley 35 Wesley St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, college Good Luck to all my friends in The Future A.J. K.W. E.Y. J.L. H.H. J.B. B.F. S.K. D.S. T.M. B.K. Elena always remember the newt. Space shuttle Carl Sagan’s Cosmos Peter Sellers died Painted Barettes Hye Kim 611 Centre St., Newton Centre Mary Kim " Kimbies " 104 Harding St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college GATHER YE ROSEBUDS WHILE YE MAY, OLD TIME IS STILL A- FLYING: AND THIS SAME FLOWER THAT SMILES TODAY, TOMORROW WILL BE DYING LOVE TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND TEACHERS REMEMBERS MC, HG, PM, KL, SL, BW Best Pecker In Town 183 Eileen King 18 Gilbert St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Don’t wish, do it or realize it ' s just a fantasy. Good times with Jen, LRMDSBBMJMJCDA cous. everyone good luck Mark, LP summer of — 80 — always remember Neal. Parties beach 2114 SB Canada David Klubock 61 Judith Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college “The moment may be temporary but the memory is forever.” Sail- ing 2. Remembers: M.W.S.H.R.W H.B Elizabeth A. Kohler “Beth " 133 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, undecided INDOOR OUTDOOR TRACK 1, 2, 3. REMEMBERS MA + AF TM AJ RW SM DF DISCO LIVES! THANKS TO ALL OF MV FRIENDS! TOM I LOVE YOU FOREVER! Jennifer Delia Kokturk " Jenny " 33 Fountain St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Good luck + always remember all my friends + everyone in Bacon Commons Hey kid like your outfit Summer of 80 w everyone at the park Thanks to Patty Good times and all my love to Kenny 7 6 80 f Nancy Kolodny 53 Eliot Memorial Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, Israel, college Y.J., H.C., Village, M.l.T. Best wishes to all my friends, esp. Mazkirut. Thanks to Mom and Dad. It ' s not how much we do that makes happiness but how we enjoy. Shalom NNHS. Kaisa Kovanen 138 Cedar St., Newton Center Finland, Riley THANKS TO ALL OF YOU WHO HELPED ME THIS YEAR. I WILL REMEMBER YOU ALL ALTHOUGH I MAY NEVER SEE YOU AGAIN. SPECIAL THANKS TO GABRIELA AND MY FAMILY. Laura Kouyoumjian 18 Anthony Cir., Newtonville Karin Kreider “Krin” 89 Grove St., Newton Warren, Beals, college “The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time " B.S.U.R- .S.U.C.S. I.M.I.M. JAMES TAY- LOR “Oh, It’s time to start livin ' ” Pippin Loops and ver Village Transition B.C.T. Petie friends In David B. Krozy “Kroz” " Shmen” “KL” 32 Salisbury Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college BEST TIMES WITH JDWHEELSJSK- KRMAJ REALLTRANNYMI2490BRDCSBHJ- MCLS MT. CHALETPA 100% CLUB MLA HE LOVES YOU LEDZEP CMEN- ERGY JOHN BONHAM LIVES WASH- BURN LIVES SLOANS THE ALAG ASH 1 BYE FRIENDS AND BYE NORTH! Deborah Kurkjian 8 Denns PL., Newton Centre Louis LaCroix 62 River St., W. Newton Regina Lafko “Reggie” 169 Washington St., Newton Cor- ner Bigelow, Barry, Wayne Walton DG SD KM AS L and BK MOM DAD FUZZY “The greatest thing in the world . . . LOVE.” Remember great times in Barry and Beals commons rooms, Thanks a lot Susan S. BARRY BATHROOM Double-pierced ears Store 24 $3.25 minimum wage Caligula New Wave 184 The life of the library! Betty Lai 57 Court St., Newtonville Day, Adams, ALL MY FRIENDS AT NNH ESP. SP SS SL JC RC KG CALIFOR- NIA AND FRIENDS RZ VIV BC SS BILLY JOEL MW ROLLERSKAT- ING AT SPIN OFF HB AF DIE BACK TO THE GRAVE ZZZI! NIGHT SWIMMING STUDIO WEST RACDDW QS. Renee Labmert 236 Nevada St., Newtonville Day, Riley, Hairstylist ALL MY LOVE TO ROBBY 2 6 80 Remembers Linda, Mary, Debbie, Roxanne, Partying and all the good times, We finally made it, Now Linda let ' s make it through Beauty School. Good Luck to All. Shelley Rae Langdale 40 Brookside Ave., Auburndale Day, Palmer, college If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; there is where they should be. Now put foundations under them. — Tho- reau A. J. Larkin " Sparkin Larkin” 239 Ward St., Newton Bigelow, A.F.C. Self value is worth more than any victory in intelligence or bravery. It’s how you accomplish your goals that counts. Fake care pit. To all; L Love live and laugh but most of all let live. Party harty. Patricia Ellyn Laroache “Trish” 38 Brae-burn Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college “The most essential thing for happiness is the gift of friend- ship.” Thanks for all the great memories — Janice Patty, Mara. — I’ll never forget you. RL — thanks! HR 3656, bacon bench, parties, and TW’S. Charles Lawry 221 Auburn St., Auburndale Andrew Peter Leary “Gap” 206 Franklin St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college THANKS, JC, FY, ML, JH, Capt- crosscountry 123; Indoor- Track123; OutdoorTrack123 Remeber BY, ST, JM, BB, LM, ET, DS, SD, MS, PC, HL, DB, JS. Laughing w Scot, Running and Youngin, Harrykee ponplucking, Mumblestoo Run Links Shawn Leary 243 Crafts St., Newtonville Making it in Massachusetts Proposition 2Vi Third parking lot parties Bjorn Borg 185 Wayne J. LeBlanc 63 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, college Remem: The FALLS KK Ml HJ LD AND Everyone, The Moose is loose! Gymnastics: 123 Golf: 3 If you can’t Dazzle Em with Bril- liance Baffle Em with Bull. Peter Lennihan 9 Bennington St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Good times with MikeP, JoeC, LarryS, Cris, Pete, GlenO, Victor DavidD, JohnB, WayneW, SP, SC, SG, SK, DV, DB, hanging out at Adams house weekends good tunes Wendi A. Le Blanc 27 Adams Ave., West Newton Warren, Riley, college Life’s Truest Happiness is found in friendships made along the way! Always remember the good times, A special friend Sue, Mary, summer of ’80 w SM LS MF Ber- muda, WSM Pom-Pom Girls Good Luck to all Ellen Beth Lenson 16 Lombard St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college " There’s So Much To Know And I’m On The Road To Find Out.” Walks w PJ, Talks w WF, Laughs W Suey, and Good Times w ALL! Thanks Killer. BATROAP! Skiing!! Believe in yourself. Karen Lee 35 Lyme Rd., W. Newton Bigelow, Riley, college NEWTONITEbus.mgr. VBall 23 Yrbk. 2 Asian Club " A man ' s nature is not revealed by his elo- quent words but by the strength of the self-image within him.” I Ching A Special thanks to Mom and Dad Deborah Leone " Debbie” 209 Adams St., Newton Day, Bacon, undecided HAPPY PEOPLE MAKE GOOD TIMES HAPPEN. THANX LC, LP, AND ALL WHO MADE ME SMILE. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH! THERE’S ALWAYS TOMORROW FOR DREAMS TO COME TRUE! 3 8 80 OH REALLY? AT EVERY END THERE’S A BEGINNING Karin Leinwand 710 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Weeks, Bacon, college Do not be sad for what you ' ve lost. Be glad it was once yours. Love to all my good friends. I ' ll miss ya!!! Maria Leone 95 Faxon St., Newton Day, Barry REMEMBERS ANN AND ELL B FRIENDS always. ALL AT PC good times together. MW w out summer sauba! M AND T grad HH! mem days. AND D ' PORT 80, ALL OUT OF . . . fumn flash, I’m too embarassed, all nite! mem. remain Stephanie Leone “Steph” 398 Wolcott St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Always remember my good friends, Donna, Carts, Coll, Heather, Beth, Mickey, Trez, Alisa, Larry, The P.T., Labor Day, W.E., Motorcades, Martha’s Vineyard w Critta, Gwee, Sum- mer of 80 Thomas James Leone " Tom”, " Buzz”, " Wiz” 32 Larkin Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college I FOUND THE SIMPLE LIFE AINT SO SIMPLE COMPLICATIONS DO APPEAR. GOOD TIMES AND GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS THE GANG LYONS THE COMMONS 2631 KS MF RE BG RB MH EC KH PARTIES REMEMBER ALWAYS CARRIE Rachel Levenson 31 St. Mary’s St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Beals, college Margie, Rosa, Anne, JC, SD 2 WF.CC, TL Ride like the Wind — SD Track SITM Views “R” Walk- ing while it snows w SD Ju1Jul4NH ' 80 NYE’81 We are voyagers on an infinite sea our destiny lies beyond the horizon. SSC PrCom David Levine 8 Fredana Rd., Waban Warren, Barry, college Remember: RB, TL, DA, CD, 4101 Good times " BVD” Newtonville BN Rainbows Carter vs. Reagan Bo Derek’s 10 braids Punk No Nukes Disco 186 Harry Levine “Ness” 57 Perkins St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college magic Parties Drifters Remembers: PH, DT, RF, RS, TW, MS, JJ, JW, JA, PY, DW, MP, SB, DS, CD, MC, SC, CK, SD, FY, AT, TK, BW, Lain, Rigali, 261, 282, Queen 78, 80 Foot’s Basement Mac’s Quar- ters Cards w PC and RB Molies Psycho Mark Stephen Lewis 42 Auburndale St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college DIVING, LACROSSE THANKS TO BENN. FSU. ALL MY FRIENDS, MR. ADAMS “YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE, BUT IF YOU LIVE RIGHT ONCE IS ENOUGH.” ILY MOM THANKS FOR EVERY- THING. GOOD LUCK CLASS OF 81. Nancy Levinsky 20 Kenwood Ave., Newton Cen- tre Weeks, Barry, college How can you fit 3 years into 192 spaces?? Swimteam — 2 Orcheisis — 2 F — cheerleading — 3 WB RB — cruise, Baby- cakes, P-colada Aurevoir to spe- cial friends and goodluck KR, KW, NP, TG, KK, AB AND CO AND CA and WNLPI — 12! Shara Lewis 14 Hillside Terr., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Gymnastics, yearbook, D, RRHS, summer ' 80, We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop, there is at last a drop which makes the heart run over, Thanks y ' all. Larni Levy 58 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Cen- tre Weeks, Beals, college Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. Natalie Liberace 80 Waltham St., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college Diane E. Lewis 42 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Activities soccer softball Remem- bers BD CS SS MC all my other good friends especially Rich. MAINE The Cape And all the other good times “I can’t believe I made it” Good luck to the class of 81. Joseph Lichwala “Joe” 16 Churchill Terr., Newtonville Day, bacon, college remembers: fun Times with all the kids hanging around on Hull St. going to BK. Rosey’s car Breaking down just when we needed it most! how could we forget NNHS will never forget Anita Elvira LiDonni “Veve” 6 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Never forget all the good times w everyone. Thanks so much Sadie for everything. Love ya always Tony. Best of luck to Sadie Julier PeterJ Lee S Studly DaveC Anthony C. Never forget Dennisport w GF Varda Lief 25 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college, travel True Friendship Lasts Forever. Good luck! Be happy! TGLGVRKLDKWFLGBTR AND MS. sun — 5:pm. MDDWPC. “tank " L’s baby fire-alarm, Mex- ico, Spain 10 momentsHB-U.S. NED. HELP IN HARD TIMES. Newtonite, ACT, Tennis, V-Ball Judy Lim 109 Woodchester Dr., Newton Barry Transition college, Bigelow “I am the eye of the Universe Behold itself, and Know itself divine” Here’s a scream for all my friends aaaahh! Best wishes and lots of love DHKJMG Eddie Linnehan 1 1 Wiswall St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, undecided Good Times up the Log with Murph norty whales mckee Jakes Terry Dune Cornew Luggnut The Tracks The JC prison wagon murphs Blue Bomb Maine with Tim Joe Jim and Bob NH with TN GJMMTC PW Arbemarle Mount St. Helens Philadelphia Phillies Printed Turtlenecks Designer jeans 187 Mary Jane Linnehan “Janey” 1 1 Wiswall St., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Best of Luck to KK DK DN KR JC Palmer Girls — KW KD LS KC MO LS The moment may be tem- porary but the memories last for- ever yeah-boo-yeah looks like we made it David Lizotte 109 Bridge St., Nonantum Day, Bacon, Army ALWAYS REMEMBER MOTOR- CYCLES FOREVER, NAUTILUS, DOWN THE PARK WITH JM, CA, BW, ML, TM. THE CAPE, HOW CAN I EVER FORGET. NEXT, THE GIRLS ML, LM, DS, JK, AND ML. COMMENS WITH BG, RB, TL, JM AND THE REST OF THE GANG Craig Litman 102 Grasmere St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, bachelor REMEMBERS WE ' RE THERE YANT DC, KG, DM, TB, DB, LC, BM, RP, SF, AND RA: MOM ALSO ELLIOT, DAVE GREG, BEN AND RIC OF THE CARS " JUST GIMME SOME SLACK” MY FIVE SISTERS LANCE AND LADY “GOOD TIMES” " I ' M A PSILCYBIN PONY.” Lynne E. Lituri “Linnie”, “Spaceshot” 52 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, Brain Surgeon To win without risk is to triumph without glory! Remember ... JR BB MB SM JT JF PD Cyan Caf Crew 79-80 Monkey Man Here we go again! GT’s partin’ 5 17 80 Love and thanx to all esp GW LTYD LILY W M AND D i " Quiz . . . today?” Robert A. Livingston “Bob”, “Doctor Bob " 216 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college Indoor-Outdoor Track 123 Good times in the Library and on the stairs. Remember the good times with: KM PG FC PN MV SD JA MS PL AA SS MM BF Samuel Reuben Lobar “Sam " 30 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville day, Barry, college Candide Add Mac. Rocco567 Arsenic Fiorelo Miracle Worker Paris Mus Dept. Smith Pres of Councill Bar. Council123 Choir123 Family23 JFSDP JA PZ VH MB DLissa AllenTwnPA New York BaltimoreMB3 TS JP DB MC. Karen Lochiatto 70 Eddy St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college cheerleading3 Remembers: BG, NA, SC, DD, PB, PC, TL, DK, AJ, JD, SP, RE, AG — PARTIES CAPE COD, CONCERTS, FL, F- BALL GAMES, 3rd Lot — GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS AND THE CLASS OF ' 81 — ALL MY LOVE TO RICK 3 2 79 Judy Sandra Loitherstein " Jude” 16 Brentwood Ave., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, college “HEY JUDE " , STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN. REMEMBER — MARCH- ING BAND, VILLAGE, FRENCH CLUB; EXCHANGE, NEWTONITE, HR — " THE BENCH,” AND ALL MY FRIENDS — DM, JOAN, SU-CO, AM, DB, BC, YA ' LL , . LEAVE MANY HAPPY MEMORIES Gav Lourie “Ace " 271 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, nirvana Good old Grateful DEAD Check- ered Demon owsly DP SYD Bar- ret el fitzo Delux Yellow matter encrusted tweezers GARCIA is GOD! Mr. Noody Kozmik Oxo love DSL WHO MAC Mr. B M BOC Bobby + the midnights Anna Lucchetti 21 Green St., Newton Day, Bacon, undecided “You have only failed, When you have failed to try” never forget HR 3656 Good times with Bob 6 11 79 Martha’s Vineyard 10 4 80 Best of luck to the class of “81” and to all In the years to come Massachusetts Gas Crisis Alfred Hitchcock died New cast on Saturday Night Live 188 Tim Luce 458 Woodward St., Newton Day, Barry, Marines Always Remember RM, PC, FJ, LL, KL, DD, BG, CF, BC, BR, LL, TW, JD, SC, JB, TB, ST, ML, PR, KY, JM, SP, JC, DK, Mike M, LP, EC, EA, CW, NB, DG, RD, Every- one else, Times in the TA, GTO, van, crv. West Newton, LAKE wish me luck!!! Warren Luster 1662 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Bacon, college ETERNAL NOTHINGNESS IS OK AS LONG AS YOU ' RE DRESSED FOR IT. — WOODY ALLEN SWIMMING 3 — SORRY BX. SCI! THANKS — PC, NF, AB, M + MP ALIVE IN NYC-KEF, OD, JP, AP, “SPEEDIES” Michelle Lyttle 13 Alden PI., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Never forget all those special moments with all my friends. Always the Park, and the walks home. Barry lav — Ms. Stein Bacon Commons. Never forget all the good times with Chris, and more to come. Stephen Mack 7 Rangeley Rd., W. Newton Dianne S. MacNeil “Sadie” 21 Washington Terr., Newtonville Day, Barry, undecided MA thanks for being so under- standing. Best of luck to, VeVe, Bev, PK, PM, SM. We’ve only just begun to see the Mornings sun- rise and the Nights sunset. ALL MY LOVE TO “FRANKIE” ALWAYS Nancy MacNeil “Fragile " 59 Withington Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, college NEVER BE SAD AT WHAT IS GONE JUST BE GLAD IT WAS ONCE YOURS TO HAVE M.M. 9 27 76 THANX TO ALL MY FRIENDS BAD GIRLS SUMMER “80” W PAUL WHAT’S UP? THE DOORS THANX KD MD WB EG ESP MOM FREE ME! Craig Madden “Ringo” 224 Newtonville Ave., Newton Day, Riley, college GOTIGERSREM EMBER JAY JohnP. Gemma LIVERPOOL England Beatles John Paul George Ringo music Great United Kingdom Great USA Great William G. Madden 13 Maple Cir., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college C.C.SKICLUB23 RUS.CLUB3 POLITIC23 BEALSH.Coun.3 PRES.APATHYCLUB3 RICE FESTIVAL II M.B.J.B.B.F.B.H.K. H R.H.S.I.J B J.K.P.K M M M M.A.S.B.R.K.R.L.R.L.R.B.R.D.E A.C.S.A.D.W.H H H.R.G.B.SP. M.A.FORRH Anita Marie Mahoney 6 Lexington St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college REMEMBERS: B.O.AR D.G.B.F.D.G.E.S. HULL ST CRUSING GETTING STUCK IN THE RAIN W THE SPORTA- BOUT WILL ALWAYS REMEM- BER JOE WILL: BEING LATE TO HOMEROOM EVERY DAY. Lynn Marie Malloy 9 Westview Terr., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college I will never forget the lessons of Life, Love, and Hate, the people in this world have taught me. Pam Gloria, Nancy, we’ve had the best n worst of times cheer up the hardest are yet to come. Laura and Jeni Margaret Ann Malloy “Margie” 40 Myrtle St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Dream what you dare to dream, Be what you want to be, Do what you love and love what you do Good luck and love to friends Remember you always Rosa and Rachel. Michael Peter Malone “Mike”, “Moses” 36 Joseph Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college REMEMBERS FRED, EARS, JOCK, FITZY, OILMAN, TIM L, JM, JB, SUMMER OF 80 AND TO ALL OF MY FRIENDS I FORGOT I WISH YOU ALL GOOD LUCK THANKS FOR EVER YTHING MOM AND DAD “I’M AS FREE AS A BIRD NOW” SKYNYRD Wood Stoves John Lennon shot Dec. 8, 1980 Steve’s Ice Cream Baggy jeans 189 Richard Maloney “Rich” 35 Lockwood Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Remembers: B.F., B.H., J.S., J.R., N.M., M.T., L.R., C.C., C.A., J.P., S.B., D.M., P.K., D.R., J.A., J.D., C.A., L.T., D.S., E.Y., H.H., B.W., A.K., The Band: M.M., R.B., S.K. C AND K, Soccer, Tennis, my twin, 150, 52, Tull and Zep. Christina Manolagas 438 Auburn St., Auburndale Boston Latin Academy, Adams, college SOCCER, TRACK, CHEERLEAD- ING, TOGA, MAINE, Sugarloaf, Rocco, B.W.U., FUN AT PAR- TIES, THANKS to all my friends for being there and best of luck in the future, time will pass but memories will remain. Would YOU buy a used car from this man? Elizabeth Marchioni " Lisa " 12 Fayette St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Good Time’s, Good Friend’s Best of Luck JC TM MB BB. GD. Luck ND. Boyd. BUD!! Right now! Lis- ten to this! All my Love, All my Life Jay. 12 22 79 The chair J.C. The Bench, oh Carol! Good Luck 81! Sheila Marie Marinucci " Cooch” 12 Roberta Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college GTimes: MM, DL, TA, LP, LD, Quebec, MF, CA, CC, AC, LT, MG, AP, DA, Toby — “long you live and high you fly and smiles you give and tears you cry and all you touch and all you see is all your life ' ll ever be” PF, CAT, ' 81 Cathi Mask 22 Broadway St., Newtonville Michael J. Margolis 74 Eliot Ave., W. Newton Day, Barry, college Indoor outdoor Track 1, 2, 3 After 12 years I’ll give it one more try; ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRS- TUVWZY and X! Oh well, there’s always college. " Painting fire hydrants " " Games on Sunday? " Timothy D. Martin 389 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college PARIS! GODSPELL ARSENIC FIO TOURS REMEMBERS FONDLY MR SMITH, REHEARSALS, PAR- TIES EB, FW, DK, AB, PM, HV, SS, MD, JF, HR3165 MR ROSSI, FOOTBALL BETS, SP, CG, DH, SP, BW, DG, SW, LA, FIFI, CEST LA VIE! NO NECK Susan Maslan 40 Royce Rd., Newton Centre June 8th Prom at Park Plaza Reggae Newton North vs. Brookline Saturn Genuine Risk 190 Jonathan Maslow “Maz " 1 1 Worth Cir., Newton Beals, college CHRIS DOOBS BUC AND THE WHOLE WILD CABOT PARK GANG! MAZDA PARTIES — FISH MOBILE LATE NIGHT MID- NITE MUNCH SUMMER OF 78! Good Luck to JW CB AS LS JM and THE CLASS OF ' 81 GIMME SHELTER Wendy Matarazzo 373 Commonwealth Ave., Chest- nut Hill Bigelow, Beals, college Good Luck to all my friends. Remember 4360 Village BRMA “SURE” Mornings outside chem room Italy ’80 Newtonite123 CATB.B.oys BealsCouncil Youn- glife VocabTests HarvardSquare Mrs.Borden Cappy Mrs.K Mark Mazzola 335 River St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college WILL REMEMBER BLAISE, KATHY MARK, BEN, LINDA LINDA, BETH, DAN BRIAN, RICH, BMW CHRISTOS, ALISON JEREMY THE CENTURIES MONTREAL BICYCLE RACING FOLK DANCING MOST OF ALL BETH Roxanne Mazzola 272 Newtonville Ave., Newton Day, Adams, work Remember LH MM DK RL ST MS LB Wishing them luck, palmer locker Bacon stairs3 l6 79mike 143 Allison Gabrielle May 80 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, college “Time it was And what a time it was A time of innocence A time of confidences.” Avrum Mayman 49 Fairfax St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer I am awake. Remembers: Forget- ting, 184, ’68 V, 0-12, HR, RB, PJ, PC, CG, CD, VD, SB, TW, S + PM, Riflery, Tennis, RR, Phy. Inde- pendence, ASNAIAGNB Allison McCarthy 85 Dartmouth St., W. Newton Benjamin Franklin, Riley, college 1980 GIRLS TENNIS STATE CHAMPS! “DON’T DO TODAY WHAT YOU CAN PUT OFF FOR TOMORROW” “GROWIN’ UP” LIBRARY STEPS “SOMEWHERE IN TIME " LOVE TO TS RJ JF HR MM MM WON’T FORGET RHS and all the rest . . . Constance Jane McCarty 121 Windsor Rd., Waban Warren, Barry, college The secret of Life is enjoying the passage of time. — J.T. James K. McCarthy “Bucky” 22 Waverly Ave., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college TO MY LOVE PATTY FOR HER LOVE AND UNDERSTANDING. 2632 MR.NI- COL, and HIS BULLETIN JOKES. TO VINCE, JOE, AND SCOTT WHO MADE HOMEROOM INTERESTING. HEY WILKY, HEY SCHICKO! GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS! Joanne McCarthy “Jo " 158 Parmenter, W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Gymnastics Cheerleading Good times with SL BM MD RL DA LR JC JA Cuz Swee EK CU SB JB Parties, Ski trip, concerts, senior trip, football Games, 3rdlot Thanks for all the good times Jeppa. Marty McCarthy 23 Glenwood Ave., Newton Ctre. Day, Bacon, college Remember all The Good Times we had Partying at BC The Park The CAPE In the snowstorm Take it easy Kevin Barbara Fitsy Joey Mark and people I missed school at the end but the end of the beginning Anne Marie McClure 50 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Riley, college Concert Choir, Family, Marching Band, Shakespearean Players, Scribe, Candide, Fiorello, Kis- met, Being Green, Luck to KG, DB, VH, JP, SL, Mr S+L, JS+BC, SG, BH, and to all the others John Anderson The Clash That’s Incredible Fred Silverman Africa famine Ordinary People 191 Karin Ann McCullough “McCul” 61 Lindbergh Ave., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college GOOD TIMES DG NC CM KN LG EB I LOVE ALL OF YOU! NEVER FORGET NBT RIP 4 4 80 MOVE IT CRUZIN GOOD TIMES IN NEEDHAM ESP. WITH MICHAEL. PENNIES FROM HEAVEN SCAP BPS SUNDAYS PINTO TOWER RIX CONCERTS Michael McDade 371 Waltham St., Newtonville Phillip E. McGlaston " Phil” 31 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college COLD BLOODED! PARTIES AT THE UNION. BLIZZARDS FROM BOLIVIA! MARIA, LISA T, DR P, WCC III CGF, CELESTIALS! ROLLINS, SWEET, ZENA B, PARTSMCHOIR123 MB 3 AAC123 FAMILY3, THE GOLDEN — ! THE BENCH, ALL FRIENDS — BY R. Micheal McGrath 1617 Washington St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college REMEMBERS: DON, ANDY, CHARLIE, KARL, MR. ADAMS, WIMPY, MS. BLAU, JOANNE, JOE RYAN, SCOTT, JACK. ACTIVITIES: STAGE CREW, HANGING OUT AT THE TREE, " THE TEAM WILL LIVE FOR- EVER.” (AMF) Robert McHale " Skinny” 44 Freeman St., Newton Warren, Adams Remember: DUNNY, JOE MARINE, AND everybody in Printing. Kevin McHugh “Q” 22 Farmington Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Indoor Outdoor Track123, Cross Country23, MarchingBand12. Great Times munching out after meets. RememberBL PN PG FY SD. No I don ' t have the Carl! Cynthia Joan McIntyre “Cindy” 3 Kilburn Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college REMEMBERS: ALL THE GREAT TIMES AT PALMER HOUSE, N. C., K.M., D.G., T.H., B.M., R.T., AND ALL THE OTHER KIDS, NEVER FORGET THE TALL SHIPS. WE MISS YOU KATHY. BERMUDA THANKS FOR THE GOOD TIMES MOM. Erika McKearney 6 Merton St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college I’ll always remember great times and better FRIENDS: Susan, Tamah, Gretchen, Lee, CCC, DDD, AF, MC, CD, etc. Cliques, SMS+, BBS, WGS, BR bench, NWH, big V, EC, TH, Quebec, thanks, love, and I ' ll miss every- one. 10 21 80 — Boyd Maura McKie " Mousie”, “The Pain” 22 Prescott St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Remember special friends, Cro- nin ' s Ned, Quadrophenia butterf- lies, and, for a Long, Long Time, Carl. Reality is only your dreams made tangible. Thanks for the touch of heaven, Dr. Jimmy. Susan McLaughlin 95 Fordham Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college “Nothing the heart gives away is gone it’s kept in the hearts of others” Memories of good times and good friends Jen, Lisa, KF, Mary and LS, FB Games and Pom Pom Girls Friend forever WENDI, Thanx to MA AND DAD Nancy McManus 75 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Riley, college Newtonite 2, 3 SrClass Commit tee3 Yearbook3 Thought prints3 Italian Club23 Goodluck- toNancyK KarenW KathleenM and homeroom 3545 Justin McNary “Chester " Newton Warren, Adams, westward JAMIEPETERANDTHETRIPSWE- TOOK T7THE NIGHT LEGAL INSAN- ITY SET IN ONE BIG BLIZZARD- BROKE AGAIN THE MAVERICK + CHITBOXWHERE ARE WE GOING TO GET THE MONEY? ZANGO! JRSUNSHINE + THERESTWAKE UPSWITHNOTOOTHBRUSH Hostages return from Iran after 444 days Lavender Cowboy boots Please, mush 192 Brenda J. McQuillan 11 Virginia Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Good luck to friends, especially RT, SW+SW, LC, CM, MA, AC, BP, RM. Love to Jim 4 26 79. Remember strollin’ W Lynda down memory lane I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and I love today Teresa M. Mewdows 523 Crafts St., W. Newton Day, Palmer If I Leave Here Tomorrow will you still remember me . . . REMEM- BERS MA+ AF, BK+TH, LM, Eric, RICHIES, Lenny+Timmy, skating . . . Cause I ' m as Free as a Bird now and this bird you can not change. Rock on Lori Ann Medaglia 137 River St., W. Newton Sam Mehdizadeh 44 Hazelhurst Ave., W. Newton Bacon o- Mary Meleedy 323 Cherry St., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college To all who’ve shared the joy, con- fusion secrets and smiles good luck in all your endeavors; MW, LH, RM, DT, RL. “TO DREAM OF THE PERSON YOU’D LIKE TO BE IS TO WASTE THE PERSON YOU ARE! " Sara Mendelsohn “Rabbit " 1791 Beacon St., Waban British School of Brussels, Adams, college Boston is better Pissa people — LH SE PS DNL. And on the eighth day G-d created The Who and Pink Floyd. Village — last minute embraces. I love you more, Switzer Pitzer. Let love reiqn O’er me. Sandra Merritt “Sandy” 2251 Washington St., Newton L. Falls Warren, Adams, college REMEMBER: Barry Lav, out back The bleachers 5th Floor barry Newtonvilles rat meat Albie, CO, CT, JL, SB, JC, RL, SM, DP, JO, SR, WC, RL, CC, NT, and most of all homeroom with Mr. Davis Beth Anne Mescall 48 South Gate Park, W. Newton Warren, Palmer, colleg e Never forget Critter, Nectar, SWEE, Steph, Cuz, Mary, JA, DA, LR, EEK, JC, CU, HD, SM, WL, SG, Summers in Maine, football games, motorcades, 3rd lot, Josy’s parties, concerts, Paris, ski trips, rally committee Neal Meyers 102 Forest Ave., W. Newton Meadowbrook, Palmer, college Remembers Good times with Lisa. B Mac’s. D.M. white shadow, what’s UP! Mikes char- ger. AC. JC. BG. CB. Nice face. Gorilla. NM. DT. Beany Turned down by Nancy J.BOY . . . Daniel Mezger “Dan” 2 Lexington St., W. Newton Weeks, Riley, college LED ZEPP. S. TO H. J.L. LOOK OUT WORLD, HERE WE COME “FOR ALL WHOSE CARES HAVE BEEN OUR CONCERN, THE WORK GOES ON, THE CAUSE ENDURES, THE HOPE STILL LIVES, AND THE DREAM SHALL NEVER DIE. " Richard Michelson “Rich " 21 Lodge Rd., W. Newton Day, Adams, college ALWAYS REMEMBER, TRACK, Yaitan es, Homeroom, Dougie, SUMMER LEAGUE BASEBALL, GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE ESPECIALLY, ST, LC, SD, WF Deborah R. Miller 199 Temple St., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college We write our own destiny ... we become what we do To those who have made my days here worth while Washington w BF over 19 Newtonite? Dance ski late nights summer80 Time keeps on slippin’ into the future Fire Drills Doctor’s pants Rocco Mae West died Senior Slump Varsity letters 193 Jonathan Mogul 218 Franklin St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college “What next I wonder. What sort of people live in this land.” — Homer. Wednesday night: Pizza and Correx. Help, Dave another chlorine attack. Benn and his key. Swimming 1, 2, 3, Newtonite 1, 2,3. Suzanne E. Mollomo “Chooch” 7 Bridges Ave , Newtonville Day, Barry NANCY, NEVERLETGOTOTHEBESTTHINGW- EEVER HAD . . . US. FATE MAKES BROTHERS. BUT IT ' S THE HEART THAT MAKES US FREINDS: JUDI, RISKY, BUFFY, BCMDALLTHEBA- CONTREEKIDS BSLEHSDCSGTH- ANKSMOM SISTERS ALL MY LOVE TO MICHAEL Teresa A. Mooney “Terry” 23 Jackson Terr., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Best Times w best friends B.B.M.D. J.C M B.L.M.M O N.H. Summer of 80 away. Ria you bet- ter get that A.M. Radio fixed. Can you see the little dipper? Good Luck to all. Love and thanks Brian Joseph Mosher 86 Moulton St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Riley, college “FOLLOW THROUGH ON DREAMS " GDLK BOB LAX123+C.C.PUB S.3 PRES. 3 5 1 3, 20-26 -6 7 DONNA MY INSPIRATION ”... he discov- ered at last that with great con- centration and self control he was able to change . . Jay B. Morreale 499 Craft St., W. Newton Day, Riley, music Air Force. Bos- ton College TRANS AM, HAMPTON Alex, Rick, Tim, Phil, BG, KL, TAMA, Broken Axle, Mike, Queen, Fuz- zie, MS, Shick, Zero, CAR, craft. Indy, 500, summer, of, “80,” ORVAL, Tigers, B.F., GoodRich, holeshots, want to Race, Bouch, Kim, TA.444. Julie Ellen Miller 67 Bourne St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Happy times, locker, phone, Fan- tasy, true loves, my birthday, Miami, NY, music, finally driving, good luck on your swim test, ice cream sundaes, look who ' s com- ing! trackl, ski 1 23, love to MD KK. Kristin Mitkus 8 White Oak Rd., Newtonville “Hey, that super glue really works!” Susan H. Moore “Susie” 275 Tremont St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college I.L.Y. HARRY Remember the caf JT, PW. CR, LL, Dedham rats Remember, The Stones, Led Zeppelin, “Bonzo lives " Remem- ber the good times and the bad times Patricia Moran " Patty” 18 Jenison St., Newton Day, Adams, college People come and go But the ones that stay are the ones that count: CWMP JQJS(+Hena) Ray, Bobby+VW MaryandGlen Thanks Mrs. Cradel + Orchesis espLE+C Love to Billy, for " the best” of everything. John K. Monahan " Sloth Boy” 50 Mount Vernon St., Dorchester Clarke School for the deaf, Barry, National Technology Institute of Deaf in N Y. BASKETBALL123SOCCER12 PRES.OFJR MS AD THANX TO EDCO REMEMBER THE FUNS WITH BB BOYS WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER SKIPPER JOEY ERICK AND TOM ALSO THE SENIORS OF 81 GO TO ARCADE AND RIP OFF LGEMSHJDBBMHLAMS 194 Cuban refugees Raging Bull Boys soccer travels to Bayside, Al. Village The Cars Marjorie Moy 19 Samoset Rd., Newton Robin Ann Muise " Kiddo " 33 Woodrow Ave., Newton Weeks, Bacon, college Look Mom and Dad I did it! Cheerleading3, sisters3, CC3, R0CC023, Kismet, Prom nite w DH+DG, Groovy times w LH, Lunch w DQ Foxmore w JK, Rem. HR. 2631, Good Luck to ALL MV FRIENDS! ALL MV LOVE TO JACK 11 5 79! Catherine Mulcahy “Muldoon” 49 Eliot Ave., W. Newton Day, Riley, undecided ALL MY LOVE TO GERMAINE 2 19 80 REMEMBER, MARIE KATHLEEN EVELYN MIKE LOU JS KC JB JC TB RD CD. THE GREAT TIMES IN PALMER HOUSE. GREAT TIMES AT MIS- SY’S PLACE. PARTIES IN CAN- ADA MISS YOU ALL 81. Elizabeth Mulhern “Beth” 393 Commonwealth Ave., Ches- nut Hill Bigelow, Palmer, college June good luck. Albermale. I’m out of here! DA, HR, SM. SR, WATCH OUT FOR THE BIG GIES. D.R. SLOW DRIVE LADY. H. RICKABY. DAMON’S BURN- ING!! MIDGET MEN. BERMUDA BEST BE READY. Judith A. Mulvey " Judi”, " Mulv " 5 Clarendon St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college, LIFE! Soccer 123 excellent times w Chrissi Sully SM NB LP MS SL SG FZ SUMMER ' 80 concerts CCTour Sisters “Like a true nature’s child we were born, born to be wild” PARTYING! Luv to CR Deborah Murray 226 California St., Newton Kathleen Ellen Murphy “Kathy” 467 California St., Newtonville Day, Plamer, college REMEMBERS: KAREN, BAR- BARA, MAURA, BESSIE, CHE- RYL, ELLEN, NATALIE, NINA, AND NANCY. Craig Myers 37 Kenwood Ave., Newton Cen- tre Weeks, Beals, college Good times in Beals House with TB DB WH DM LC CL DC KG RP cruising Motorcade pinball Rt.9 Good times at Riverside Park Had Fun in Automotive tech Richard Murphy “Murf” 44 Henshaw St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Football 123 Lacrosse 123 Remembers: PCAJDKJDRETLM M JSDickGDKat PACPJDTWAG BBBGDDNASC3 2 79 Wish — To marry KL good luck to all my old and new friends and to class of 81 Thanx Clarkie Joel Myers 14 Ellison Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, Nursing School in Israel “IT IS ONLY WITH THE HEART THAT ONE CAN SEE RIGHTLY; WHAT IS ESSENTIAL IS INVISI- BLE TO THE EYE. " ANTOINE — DE SAINT — EXUPERY Bridget Murray 1 1 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college “If we unlock the rooms of the far past we can peer in and see our- selves. Busily occupied in begin- ning to become you and me.” “No GOOD fish goes anywhere without a porpoise.” Ronnie Najarian 64 Lincoln Rd., Newton Day, Bacon, auto mechanic REMEMBERS GOOD TIMES D OWN THE LAKE. ME AND LAU- REN 4-EVA. THE CRAZY TIMES IN SCHOOL. WEEKEND PAR- TIES. ALL MY FRIENDS. ALL THE NUTS DOWN ARLBER- MARLE. ROCKET FUEL. LOVE YOU MA AND PA. Steve McQueen died Stink bombs Concert Choir sang Anthem at opening night 195 Christopher B. Nelson 188 Church St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Riley Stairs Meg SX and Dgs and RR TS D+D Bang Bang THCS Nothing is impossible. Be what you are. Do what you want to do and ALWAYS question authority. Rosina Nicolazzo “Rosa” 3 Staniford St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college, life Some see things as they are and say why. I dream of things that never were and say why not — Rem. Macho Thugs, MASSIVE, Drews, Football, GFI, Rnti, NH, MainstepsTree, RA, AR, SD, DB, ST, BC, RS, AM, Family, RACHEL, MARGIE Peter R. Nobile “Nibs” 31 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Day, Beals, college INDOOR-OUTDOOR Track, 123 — LETTER Well, it’s all behind me now, and what a long, strange trip it’s been — see you out there someday, but turn it up and go for it in the mean time. IDON ' T- WANTTORUNARELAY! Kathy Norland 227 Melrose St., Auburndale Cathy Norton 299 California St., Newton Day, Bacon I REMEMBER GOOD TMS IN BACON GIRLS RM AP LD SS LN MR LD GT AR CR RM AS JB JA ME SB AL DZ RIGALI CAPPY DR JONES MR. DEPETER JB DG DD STEVE MP FUZZI BACON STAIRS LD JL JH CH FROM ELMS STREET GANG Gregg Norton 458 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville William Norton 383 Linwood Ave., Newton Day, Adams, work Remembers TM RB RS, DB BO JC AA SO RB SM JW RN Good times at Day and Barry Stairs and commons CB LN LM MOOCH SPARKY and the rest at Barry stairs Sue O’Brien “Sue” 42 Eddy Sy., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Remember everyone EY, DT, SB, . . . Orchesis 2, 3 All the Good Times, Concert Choir, Plays and Trips. GOOD LUCK! Pep Rallies Sophomore gym Leather jackets Party-hearty Report cards Monique Nathanson 1601 Centre St., Newton Highlands Weeks, Palmer, college STICK TO THE FIGHT WHEN HARD- EST HIT WHEN THINGS SEEM WORST YOU MUSTN ' T QUIT! XC TRK LD LOVE TO FAMILY + PETER WHO HAVE TAUGHT ME TO NURTURE GREAT THOUGHTS AND CARRY THEM OUT SHARING ALL W DONNA. Robert Glen Negrotti “Bob " 56 Chapel St., Newton Day, Barry, college REMEMBERS: MARY H, OBIE, JC, RANDY, GP, AA, B-MAN, MAC, SKULLY, BERG, SPARKY, LINDA, CARRIE, DB, LORI, RICKY, THE WRECK OF THE 71 Daphne K. Nayar " Daph " 75 Grovehill Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, college I will remember . . . Friends, Rocco, Dance! To Act, the times Y.E.T. to come; reaching for the end of the rainbow ... I will find mine. All these and more . . . C’est fini. Rina Neiman 65 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow. Beals, freedom STAIRWAY TO HEAVEN GO FOR IT! WBCN THANK YOU — PAT, LISA, CLARE, M.J., ROSS, NATE, BEV, JACKIE, THE DOW- NEYS, MICK JONES — CLASH ATTACK!! CONCERTS, CON- CERTS, CONCERTS! N.E. Y.J. GO EASY, STEP LIGHTLY, STAY FREE. . . 196 Chris O ' Keefe “Hubba Bubba " 29 Fordham Rd., W. Newton Day, Riley, plumber Remember good times in Palmer, the gang, homeroom, shop, good times with John Vin Joe Mike Dave Veck Enzo Dom Tom John Cam Mike, all the girls, week- ends, The Tech boys, good luck 81, Tigers 1 forever Scott Onanian “Onion” 236 Grove St., Auburndale Palmer, auto body Remember all the kids from Auburndale 1 the park good old mopar the crash cape kart track party summer of " 80” the best with Dawn Hockey NYH Sunday nights Janice O’Neil 85 Gardner St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Always remember the good times at North with JA DC AS DR CB CO BO NW LD SM. It ' s been real! Good luck class of " 81.” Barbara Orifice “I really do have nice legs, don ' t I?” Sean Patrick O ' Rourke “Lurch” 380 Waltham St., W. Newton Day, Riley, Remembers: Riley House gang — Jeff Gummer Del la Bob Ball. Will never forget the Bat Mobile, JR. Year sports, Vicky, Randy, Friday nights Drive-ins and Best of All Summer! Best of Luck to everyone. Cheryl Otto 25 Asheville Rd., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Adams, college Always remember Barry Lav, out back Mickey Mouse PARTIES SAUNDRA SM SR CT JT JO EG 4362 The Green Bomb The Home T-Ville Summer 80 Maine High- lands I ' ll never forget Ted con- certs Maureen Owen 1 16 Jewett St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college “Looks like we made it!” Young Life, Saranac, Spain, ' 79. Thanks for being there Christy! Luck to everyone esp CGMCDSSBMSTG Thansk2 JCDPMHNRS GKGCF " We walk by faith, not by sight” — 2Cor. 5:7 David Palais 70 Temple St., W Newton Warren, Bacon, college JA HV SL JS MAC Smitty Bernie Arsenic Fiorello Kizmet Rocco JW TSC PM TS “Coffee” Choir " Better is one ' s own path though imperfect than that of another well made” Have a Coke and a smile Deadlines Preps Pennies on floor Student election posters 197 Nancy Ellen Palmer 64 Royce Rd., Newton Weeks, Barry, college Field Hockey 1, 2, 3 See-ya NL, SS, AJ KR, LP WB WR Cruise Good-bye H.R. 11 12 Stella Pang 27 Buswell Pk., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college I’ll always remember my friends at NNH EXCELLENT SUMMER in CALIF. W BL VL DC — Studio West LOTS OF LOVE TO RW and DC SPECIAL LOVE TO my Family BEST WISHES to KP Here comes the 3 musketeers MC SS SP Susan Panza 72 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college Remember all the good times with all my friends, Italian Club Good Luck to Everyone! Donna Panzera 496 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, California Marianne — EEdie Judy Susan Micky Laury Sheila DAWBCCSRSM LP+CP Cougar !L-n-m Main Romers WCOZ West is Best Freebird Dec 13th Thank you Mr and Mrs Pasquarosa and Dad SB and JW FMMM La and SC I Love You Carl Kary Pappas “Greek” 47 Algonquin Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college VARSITY SOCCER ALABAMA CAPT. PRACTICE HALLOWEEN CHEERLEADING PLAYING GIRLS SOCC TEAM PARTIES HOMEROOM SCOTT PETER AL SAKI MARIA CA SS SP DC MR CL LC TJ SM DG RP MA LA KA Michael Patterson 11 Deforest Rd., Newtonville David W. Parmenter 30 Perkins, W. Newton Barry Honk, Vom, Gank, ahyulk, DR Duffy. Led Zepplin, honk da other one, SYFBOP, suspended OJCST, Ellis D: honk el Fritzo Deluxe: Clang, Honk, Tweets:is GL, honkhonk Stonybrook, Beep! Long live rock Peace on Earth Laura Anne Peach 88 Bourne St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Yesterday is history and today is a mystery, but Thanks to every- one who made it what it was! LD, TA, JC, KK, all the c p w Anne, Sue, LQ, SM, Summerw PSHLB, LD, YTW, BB AP I Luv U Mum and Dad, BB, TL, s c Sally Tracey Parsons “Bubbles” 1 14 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college A Rose can be my Garden, A friend is my whole world. Swimteam123 Remember, Vivian, Angie, Julie, Cap, Swim- team parties Go captain Tracy Italian Club, Em spirit award, Benmerit, Good Luck everyone, Anna BU John Pellegrini " Pells " 19 Clinton St., Newton Day, Riley, Air Force Remembers: Rye Gumma O’Rourke Cl Bob Rita Chris No Name M Leo Nan Paul A Riley stairs Diane Bat Mobile 1 Pullin an cruzin with COZ! Gardner For- ever Tony Greg Jim Initiation 3 GR. White Line Lyn Ann Pasquarosa 442 Walnut St., Newtonville Bigelow, Bacon, college When through one man more light, goodness, and love comes into the world, then that man’s life has had meaning. Love to all my friends, and especially Chuck. Ann Patricia Pendergast 18 Copley St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college JIM:IF LIFE DOESN’T HOLD R FUTURE I WILL STILL BE CONTENT4I HAV BEN 4 TUNATE ENOUGH 2 HAV CROSSED YOUR PATH! HAVE CONFIDENCE INYOURSELF 4UR SUPREME — 12 3 78. SLUGGER — LD — Laugh + Cry- ButPleaseDon ' tSayGoodbye WCOZ Bake sales Transition P.E.I.S. Who shot J.R.? Wool scarves t98 David Pepe 110 Fairlands Ave., Newtonville Palmer Has a good time with RE and JG. Glad to be out. Posture, posture!! Chuck Pepper 859 Beacon St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Beals FOOTBALL 123 LACROSSE 123 REMEMBER ALL THE GOOD TIMES WITH MV FRIENDS THE THIRD A SPECIAL THANKS TO LYN FOR A WONDERFUL THREE YEARS LOVE CHUCK WE ARE NOW HASBEENS Vincent Perri 283 Cherry St., W. Newton Cheryl Petitti 676 Centre St., Newton Steve Petitti “Wheels” 676 Centre St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college — Northeast- ern ALWAYS REMEMBER CC SK SO GOOD TIMES WITH JD DK JS RM AJ RE GO PC TL THE QUARTERS GAME ALWAYS REMEMBER THE MAZDA AND THE AUTO SHOP JD AND DK ' s ALLSTAR WRESTLING EVERYBODY KEEP THOSE HORNS ON Sharon Phalon 61 Upham St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Rivers belong where they can Ramble. Eagles belong where they can Fly, I’ve got to be where my spirit can run free, I’ve got to find my corner of the sky. All of you. Laura Jeane Pill 14 Mason Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, college Swimming — 123, WNLP — 12, Good luck NL, KW, KR, KK, NP, Good bye to everyone, French Club, Splits on the third bed, Convinced — GH, Pick-a-dil, WB WR Cruising, Vichy. Bessie Phillos “Play”, “Kou-kachouk” 438 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Basketball and swimM. Barbara Sammies Cambridge Sa2631 W. Island Greecea. Pancake Houset. 20 GOY Basketball G. Warm Fuz- zies Sue Frisbee CheryIC.A. Ma Bagley TakeLM it easy RelaxDOW Good Luck to myNfriends SBCSLRMM Nadine Suezanne Poindexter “Point” 6 Wyoming St., Roxbury Bigelow, Beals, college down South Remember the AAC being Pres. Trips to Liberia, France, Calvin Klein Jeans, Chez vous, lunch at McDons, Raisin, coming late to Hmrm, AdamsGang. God Bless the child that has her own. Aurevoir mes amies!!! Mark Polito 495 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Riley, Culinary Arts Remember Bobby, Todd, Mark, Beth, Barb, Tommy, Buff, DB, SI, KM, PT, JE, RD, The Tree and Bench. I’m free, I’m free and free- dom Tastes of Reality — THE WHO . . . Music tour to Montclair, N.J. The Jazz Singer Assemblies Extended homeroom 199 Jeff Powers " G.Q.” 109 Tawnton Ave., Hyde Park Bigelow, Adams, college PIERRE CARDIN CALVIN KLEIN YVES SAINT RALPH LAUREN SASOON JORDACHE NINO GERRUTI GUCCI JOHN WEITZ THANKS FOR THE FUN. GOOD LUCK EVERYONE!!! Michael Powers “Mick-D” 78 Coolidge St., Brookline Warren, Bacon, college-musician TRANNY, EL SCENE, MIRAGE, SYNTAX ERROR, THE LEXING- TON BUST, SCUZ PIT. NEVER GOING TO SELL MY IBANEZ, RIGHT! RJ, CA. 714 789 SNOW STORMS IN THE SUMMER, PC, LG, DK. DEAN AXE! YAN ' T!! LATER 146 River St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer Remember ail the good times and also my good friends Jim, Neil, Joey, Brian and all the other kids. “Oy vey, PLEASE, let there be a fire alarm!” Sudha Manjari Prasad 56 William St., W. Newton Warren, Beals Do not forget to pick up the peb- bles on the edge of the beach for the seas will wash them away. Remember that you must throw them back or their value will be diminished forever. Armando Proia “Space man”, " Russ” 22 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, college FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL. It was tough, but I finally made it! Remembers BOB MARK PA PJ CP BD BP LM AF LC AND EVERYONE! Always Rem-MOM. Ann is the best! MEAN MACHINE I wish you all the best! ' 81 YES! Paul Putnam “Chip” 19 Holman Rd., Newton Warren, Adams, college, Pilot Axcellent times with- MZRLBAHBGMBL and the gangs from rms3632 and 4580. May they succeed in life KIDZ HARO. THE BEST WAY TO GET HIGH IS TO FLY. NEVER FORGET: TNMGAKGLSJM. WIN ONE FOR THEZIMMICK John H. Prince “Princy” 60 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college BEARS W GUNS RMB: 2CNJSJMPKJF EDKWJUCMKGPP, ANNHR, NH, 1l ll 79 W " THE GANG " C.C. 123, KISMET FIORELLO, ROCCO " NEVER LET YOUR FRIEND- SHIPS FADE OR THEY SHALL FADE FOREVER " MARCH, BAND, MOO! Laura Prouty 126 Charles St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college ALL MY LOVE TO OBBY. I WILL ALWAYS REMEMBER GREAT TIMES WITH JENI, MICHELLE, JANE, DEBBIE AND LYNN. GOOD TIMES IN HAMPTON BEACH WHOA BETTY!! SPE- CIAL THANKS TO MY PARENTS AND MR. GUILD. Marisa Puzzanghero “Ressie” 537 California St., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Good Luck to all my friends: Andi Ju, Jane, Jen, Lisa Rachel, Deb, HR SS W ST BJ Concert, Par- ties, Wknds at UMas, Con Ch 1230rchesis 1 Fam 3 It Club 12 “I’veBeen Searching So Long” — Chicago! 3 22 80 Vinnie. 200 Broken phones Uptown Two week Christmas vacation Applications SAT Brian T. Quinn “Quinny " 180 Melrose St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, undecided Lacrosse Thanks to TD RC Fuzzy Bussy Football Colmen All The Parties At Forts And lyonspark Remember JL JC JD MC RT GA MK OB CP PA JD BD And All The girls Goodluck in the future Kelly Quinn 39 Fernwood Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, undecided Always Remember: Cindy, Nancy, Ann, Chrissi, Colleen, Linda, Beth, Judi, LindaC, And All The Rest. Cheerleading2,3, Good Luck to A Great Squad. Thnaks MOM All My Love to Michael 5 29 79 Martha Quintero 56 Dalby St., Newtonville Jennifer Sarah Rako “Jenni” 83 Walker St., Newtonville Day, Adams, college “It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, — We had everything before us, we had nothing before us . . “What a drag it is getting old.” Let’s stay gold Andrea — Let’s try Beatrice Raynor 14 Gay St., Newtonville Kyra Reeves “Kouger” 5 Summer St., Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrooks, Adams, Bentley col- lege THANKS TO MY FRIENDS AND PAR- ENTS HIGH SCHOOL WASN ' T SO BAD AFTER ALL. IT’S ALL BEHIND ME NOW. LEE, WE CAN ONLY LOOK AHEAD. FRANK AND DEB, STAY HAPPY! FRED, I LOVE YOU LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH . . . BYE Karen Resnick 10 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, college Thanks to all my friends for the great times I had at Newton North. Special rememberance to the swimteam. Thanks for being there with me; NL, LP, HG, NP, CR, CA and especially DS. Peter Renick 10 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college CROSS COUNTRY 3 INDOOR TRACK 123 OUTDOOR TRACK 123 A MEMORY IS BUT A GLIMPSE OF THE PAST. Christine Estells Reycroft “Chrissi”, “C " 67 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college, Dance “South and North, I’d like to now propose a toast to the best of both worlds” Love to Judi, Suz, Danny, NB, ML, B and NP, MA, T, BS, KQ, SL, JL, MS, HS, MF, Alntrs w Deb, Claire and EL, MFWLTDTTID, LADI, sum‘80 ' MOM PARTY Stephen P. Quirk 1019 Washington St., Newton- ville Day, Beals, undecided Remembers all my friends and all the Good times at Lalls Parties, WT.Lft Track Brian K. Reilly “Odoms” 177 Valentine St., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college LET THE GOOD TIMES ROLL. REMEMBERS; THE FIREBIRD, GRAND PRIX, AND THE TORINO. WORK WITH PETE. MUSIC WITH LEONARD, STAIRWAY 4. SC, PH, LS, MS, SK, JA, SA, MS GHATTAS, JAZZ ENSEMBLE AND MOST OF ALL KATHY Lauren Jill Rich 704 Walnut St., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, college Cheerleading, GCPB — Bench, toga Party, GIP, 007, GH. Think tall, think thin, think ahead. But don’t forget to think of what you have now before you begin Searching for something else.” WVBF Mohawks Senior information sheets Overalls Kramer vs. Kramer PSAT 201 Deborah M. Richards 16 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Auburndale 1 good times with good people the locker and the good things inside it helped Equi- fax crew and the Partying Crew No thanks to the staff See Ya later dump William Ridge 82 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Baseball 1, 2, 3 Football 2, 3 3rd Pk. JOE RYAN JEER, JENN, Abbs Holiday Inn Dom NED, Dunne, Kat, MO, Newton Youth Hockey Palmer Tree Travel Team No. 26 Matthew Rinehart 65 Woodbine St., Auburndale Debra R. Robbins " Debbie”, " Deb” 32 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college They went off togehter. Where- ever they go, whatever happens to them on the way, in that enchanted place on the top of the forest, a little boy and his bear will always play. — WINNIETHE- POOH Deidre K. Roberts 80 Gardner St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college Remembering the good times at North and Good and bad times at North and Good Luck to all my Friends John C. Roberts 15 Mosman St., W. Newton Day, Riley, undecided RED GOLD MELTS! THE HUGE GLOWING MOON ... OR WAS IT? A CLEAR BROWN RIVER IN N.H. HOOTING OUT THE NOTES AND CRINGING ... MY FRIEND- DOWN SOUTH, GRAND PAUSE, SHMEGGED? Omaj7, C-Ebass, AGOODTIME. . . MUCH! Valerie Jo Roberts " Beeeez” 17 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Love to: little room clique, Ski Team, ABC soup, Tues. boy, Linda, 2 Debs, Varda, Shirl, Lisa and Bolta “I’d like to know what this whole show is all about before it’s out.” — Piet Hein Doug Robinson 30 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Swimming 1 2 CoCaptain 3 Remembers DL, ES, JC Mr. Mer- ritt, mybike. Don’t you ever have a class? Susan Roderick “Rodney " 120 Jewett St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College LOVETOALLMYFRIENDSICINDYPO LLYDONNAVdNBapBwiwLDmnWFa saJmlpSBsgDEmcCGrbBMcaLC-O hYAYcf 123partyatbcFITDriulamBR EAKFASTwcozBACONBENCHsball ORCHESIStshowHITMACSollaston 31 18hamptonBANGAHUEYte1BOO KSetc Billy Rollins “Tree " 10 Prospect St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, colllege Remembers: Ice, Todd, Lee, Marie, Alisa, Elizabeth, Jenny, haren, lisa, marisa, lisa, cat, Rich, BOB, Jeff, Debby, Jean, Beth, Tony, Diane Hoop: BOBBY- Mando, Joe, John, wassy, Paul, Lee, Scott ToallTheTeachers GodBlessYou! Lori Roman 144 Derby St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Even though friends depart they ' ll always be in my heart Never Forget my friends and Neal best time parties Good Luck Everyone! Newtonite News Another one bites the dust Radios banned on Main St. WBCN Randy Scott Rich 704 Walnut St., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, college, Premed NOTHING 123, NYE 80, QUICK 70, 74 CAM, MOLIES, CLOWN, WHIPS, Vt, WATERSKIING, THE TIME HAS COME THE WALRUS SAID TO TALK OF MANY THINGS WHY THE SEA IS BOIL- ING HOT AND WHETHER PIGS HAVE WINGS 202 Robert Vincent Roman Jr. 268 Watertown St., Newton Day, Palmer, Wentworth Football 1, 2, 3 Party 1, 2, 3 Best of luck to All my friends where ever they are! esp. Beth the girl that means so much to me. LOVE YA Won’t Get Fooled Again Christine Rona 766 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Ctre. Weeks, Adams, college I ' ll always remember KW, KR, and JR. A Special Goodbye to RJ — You were and Always will be a very special friend Best wishes and good luck to all. Carolyn Ronchinsky 64 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Ctre. Weeks, Riley, college CHEERLEADING 3 and P.COL, REUNITE, COCA-COLA, MILR and L.B. . . . WHERE? BCH’80 GCD MID. SFR W W DEB CBT3 FNF PING FUN W JRGR . . Always REMCA’S GOOD TIMES WITH EVERYONE! LY KATHY Robert B. Rose " Rose " 82 Fessenden St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Adv. Computers Empire Quakes- ters Arcades BCS Poker Remembers: The M.M. MKL Marc-SD CT HK CA MW MV DS SK BF BW DF SS J and J Chief $happy HP DEC SRT PG VG Hagglewell sci-fi DD’s CHR$ (26); BYEF David J. Roseman " Rosebud " Day, Barry, college Don’t lead I may not follow, don’t follow I may not lead, walk beside me and be my friend. Remem- bers Track, Homeroom Gang, Physics, CBI 80, Uncle Ray, Uncle Ben SQ RB RB SM. Going West, Best to all Harold Rosenberg " Hal " 12 Fairfax St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college REMEMBERS: AV, STEVE, AND HIS CLOUD, BRAD, EVERYONE, SKIING, FALLING, BAND, TOO MUCH WORK. YES I DO MY HOMEWORK, SOMETIMES, USUALLY, I THINK. QUOTE: WHAT DO YOU MEAN ASLEEP, I WAS JUST RESTING. Linda C. Rosenberg 28 Bristol Rd., W. Newton Bigelow Warren, Riley, college Rationalization for Education: For a peaceful world we must understand others we must understand ourselves, but to understand ourselves we must understand our wold. Paul Rosenfeld “Jeffrey” 51 Marla Cir., Newton Centre Day, Barry, college Remember always J.M. C.L. K.G. J.L. S.R. T.C. B.D. and all my other friends have good party at weekend Never forget a lot of fun with Rocco Good Luck to class of ' 81. Franny Rosenthal 1 14 Greenlawn Ave., Newtonville Julie C. Ross 458 Chestnut St., Waban Weeks, Bacon, college Good friends may drift apart but memories last forever. Always love and remember Daddy Thanks to Mom, Dad and all my friends Esp. my little buddy Suzie. Loving a special one, Bobby 5 31 80 Kathleen M. Roy " KathY” 145 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college CROSS COUNTRY XX-C SKIING TRACK EXPLORERS, BIKE, POLITICS CLUBS MARK BLAISE BETH LINDA DAVID RICH ALLI- SON JEREMY BEN MOM AND DAD FOLK DANCING BIKE TRIPS PARTIES ALL MY FRIENDS + GOOD TIMES AdrienneS. Ruderman 39 Ellison Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, college “It takes a long time to find out who you are . . . But the answer is worth the search” Alexander Haig WRKO Newtonville MacDonalds College trips Killer WAAF 203 Jessie Rule “Spaceshot " 43 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Winsor, Palmer, college? Remember: LL, MB, BB, JF, JT, ES, SM, JD, and the rest, Cat gang 79-80, Partyin’ good times, What ' s up?, Here’s Trouble YAH Can I go home Billy? LUV YA, — JES — Johan Ryden 83 Judith Rd., Newton Centre Beals HEJA SVERIGE FRISKT HUMOR DET AR DET SOM SUSEN GOR. Leah Salzman 61 Clements Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Memories that won’t erase stay forever new. Thanx to my friends Julie LS RE CC DK KR and the Bad Girls. Never forget all the good times Let The Good Times Roll. All my love to Mom and Dad. Ann Marie Russo " Annie” 1 15 Adams Ave., W. Newton Day, Barry, college We finally made it! GoodLuck to everybody. Remember all the good times with AM. JL. CR. SM. GT. MR. LH. LD. GR. LAF. His- tory 79-80 2 23 80 LD. Our fam- ily, Hull ST. Rocco — 81. Thanks Deborah Ruth Sachs “Debbie” 280 Highland Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college ”, . . all the important things in this world — not life and death, perhaps, which are merely words, but the important things — work out rather beautifully.” — J. D. S. Domenic Russo 65 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals Remembers good times with Doug Ang summers without par- ents KYS the shark Didg MC PJ AP RT DH DC Carla Wendy Che- ryl Cathy zoids Parties friends and anyone else I forgot soco Sarah D. Saltzer 54 Gammons Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college “Let us then, be up and doing, with a heart for any fate; still achieveing, still pursuing, learn to labour and to wait.” Jeffrey Stephen Sampson “Jeff” 1601 Washington St., Newton Warren, Beals, college Europe, Shows, Music, Build on, make thy castles high and fair, Rising and reaching upward to the skies, Listen to the voices in the upper air, Nor lose thy simple faith in mysteries. Keep in touch. Diane M. Santagati “Dee-DD” 10 Raymond PL, W. Newton I’ll always remember my true fir- ends, the ones that were always there. If I graduate this year it’s a miracle. 5-18-79 Good times with everyone. Rem. Michelle, Patty, Lori. Always M.H. and D C. Kelly Theresa Ryan 77 Page Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, undecided Castles made of sand will eventu- ally melt into the sea . . . always love and rem Noel CD . . . Bad girls es Deb(thanx)JL KK mental — KF BD PA CP — all my love to Jimmy — Hay Buddy you ' re the best! 9 18 78 Deborah A. Salvucci “Debbie”, “Salvuch” 70 Vernon St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Wouldn’t life be lots more happy if the good that’s in us all were the only thing about us that folks bothered to recall? Good luck to all my friends. Especially the Beals house morning group. Neal Santis 35 Ware Rd., Auburndale 204 Witch-O-Grams Carnations General Hospital Multi-colored hair Open Campus Mark Sasahara “Sas” 221 Mt. Vernon St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Photojournalist CC 123 Cpt, Outdoor 123 Indoor 123, Drifters MN soul man SS Cat RS Chap HR You’ll be Clapping Gams JS Leary WWW FM Lil Stua THERE’S NO DARK SIDE OF THE MOON REALLY IT’S ALL Howard Savitt “Howie” 36 Bonnybrook Rd., Waban Warren, Riley, college GYMNASTICS: 2, 3 REMEMBER: STEVEN, LUKE, BETH, BOBBY, BETH, BC, NB, MP, SM, CR, SG MH, E.M.S J. GEILS BAND 1 PARTIES DOIN ' THE HAFFS. OLDSMOI GOTTA ADMIT I’M A LITTLE BIT CONFUSED! LE DELI SCHOOLS OUT Susan Saxon 1 Gammons Rd., Waban Weeks, Adams, college Good times, bad times. Nancy, Ash, Laura, Lesley — luv ya all! AHC, summer of ' 80, rock con- certs, Davids and Ellens, I’m not depressed anymore! “Can you see the real me?” — The Who. David Scafidi “Scafeets” 114 Windermere Rd., Auburn- dale Warren, Adams, college Remembers Everybody All the rowdy weekends Good Times down lions with the crew good times on Main Street the Best homer oom in the school MY PAL Lewis Lewis JC Remembers all the Girls Hockey 123 Dyan F. Scafidi “Dusty” 1 14 Windmere Rd., Auburndale Warren, Adams, love, life and laughter Never forget: Alisa+Jane, all the Rebels and Nonconformists and dinner w the V’s. Goodluck Tranny, Thanks Ron and June. Love to the mush from the Jival, Thanks MaryAnne, I made it. Later North . . . much Pax Mira Schwartz 14 Nobscot Rd., Newton Center Bigelow, Riley, college LOVE — DKRSOMAYP ALSO — MOJWJSSPGJTAMRW CAND SFA TENNIS MUSIC MARCHING DANCE ISRAEL — ADAMPGLSCCJZ TEACH — LBRSCFDKAM ALL IT TAKES IS ONE VOICE SINGING IN THE DARKNESS AND EVERYONE WILL SING Randall W. Shiavone “Randy” 24 Wilson Cir., Newton Day, Riley, business Remembers Rob Tom Obie Joe Arty Mac Bill Chuck Steve Glen Dave Don Bob Bush Lori Carrie Lynda Rick Ronny Sparky Lennie Schofield 75 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, service Remember, GC, JL, JD, MC, GA, KH, BQ, All the good times down Lyons Jonathan W. Schwartz “Jon” 15 Priscilla Rd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college REMEMBERS: KROZ — JIF. D — WHEELS — AJ — RE — RM+KL — JR — VB —GRAF — JACKO — KH+BK — FITZ — QUARTERS — CHIS — JIMBO — TB — RW MAZDA TRUCK VAN AG EKROZ+WH EELS — ACCIIN PA, J — BLOCKS " EXCL. TIMES ST " " I ' LLREMEMBER NNHS FOREVER " SCHWARTZ Ronit Schwartz 14 Nobscot Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, college “Your time has come to shine, All your dreams are on their way” Love to RW. JS. SP. DK. AM. GS. PZ, Tennis, CC Tours, Family Candid Village, Cappy, Allen house, Bolta, F 12, Good Luck! “Play it again Sam!” Talent show School rings M M’s Buy a Thoughtprints Motorcades Rock-n-Roll 205 1 V I Michael Scichilone “Schick” 100 Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon remembers, Sal, Steve, John, ' Gumma ' ' , especially, good times with Kelly All The Parties up the shack Football, Track, Down the SHOP with the guys. Davey the Fireman P S. How ' s Muffin Alison Shapiro 24 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college High School: Aardvarksal-baby BealsBethsBillBlaiseCapsCom putersChrisDE+C.Folk dancing France(hopefully)Fred(mom)Fri endsG Hi Jeremy Kathy LindaMar ksMathNoPolitics clubORShap irosSusanSwimTUVWX-blocks YZ. Caroline Short 38 Carleton St., Newton Work-Study program Paul F. Sears 19 Arlington St., Waltham South Jr., Barry, Northeastern University I THOUGHT THE DAY WOULD NEVER COME, WHEN MY SCHOOL DAYS WOULD BE DONE BUT I REMEMBERED FOUR MORE YEARS OF COL- LEGE YET TO COME, SO BACK TO MY BOOKS I ' LL GO AND HOPE I DON ' T SUCCUMB!! Philip Segre 1 12 Homer St., Newton Meadowbrook, Barry CONFUSED — MATH — COM- PUTERS — PHYSICS — CON- FUSED. 22STRAIGHT IN GYM, AP, D-BLOCK FREE. YOU LOSE TOM D. WED C. PHYS CMU? SSH. GM. DD FAREWELL KF, MW, RR, RH, PM, AK, RA, SC, CB, MS, PAUL SY G. AND THE HOMEROOM 1112! Cindy Ann Sgarzi 20 Oldham Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college ALWAYS RMEMBER NANCY AND KELLY MY LOVE TO THEM BOTH CH CU EA DS LM CC ML DL BD BASEBALL GAMES WITH COLLEEN WAITING FOR WEEK- ENDS GOOD LUCK TO ALL MY FRIENDS ALL MY LOVE TO DENNIS 3 31 80 — FOREVER David Shapiro " Shap " 67 Woodlawn Dr., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Best of luck to all my friends at NNHS. esp. C.A. J.W. S B. C.C. and my HR., M.D. D.W. " thou speakest wiser than thou are aware of” Shakespeare, " As You Like It.” Kevin Michael Shaughnessy 48 Larkin Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer Remembers: Lyons, Albermarle, CC, and parties with all my friends. The Cape, Maine, New Hampshire. Good luck to class of ' 81. Beth Sherman Rhonda Sigel “Twiggy” 66 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college MB, CB, CN, BO, DG, MC, CM, BF, BG, JF, DD, MF, EMC, GOO JF, DD, MF, EMC. Good luck to All. All my love to Mike. Steven Shurdut 55 Rangeley Rd., W. Newton Barry, Navy THE MUCH YOU ARE — THE MUCH YOU ARE — THE MORE YOU AM. IRENE Ann Simoes 50 Waban Hill Rd. N„ Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Bacon, college Remembers many good times. Barry lav. Forever CB EG LD PC MG JO JA MD MG DD CP LAW JT BL RT DM DC . . . OLD Times . . . at Tocky Pt., The Wall Party Harty! And Its Me and you always Stan . . . Lots of luck! Newton Tech. European exchange Newton Rider Bus Miss Piggy and the Muppets Nike Queen 206 Ethan Scott Simon 20 Somerset Rd., W. Newton Roxbury Latin, Riley, college Newtonite. Ski Team, and Friend- ships. Poco a poco se va lejos. Joseph Smiroldo 14 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Gretchen Smth 48 St. Mary’s St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Riley, college Two roads diverged in a woo d, and I — I took the one less trav- eled by, and that has made all the difference. R.F. Always remem- ber: Deedee and all my friends — Thanks for everything and good luck salut! Vivain Jean Simonelli " Viv” 51 Clinton St., Newton Day, Riley, college The beginning always comes too slow, the ending always comes too fast — had fun glad it’s over. Always remember Tracey JC AC LDGTDKSPCBSW Bradford Scott Smith “Boford Smitty” 21 Mt. Vernon Terr., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Night School Work North is Awesome Palmer House Staff and Kids Corowet AWE. PUP Bronco Divia Landscaping All Both of the KCE. 632 AUX. HIT. BOX 226 WF Motorcades Labor Day ’79 ’80 JB, MG, MD, KH, JM, JP, WB, FM, Long Gone Sandra Kathleen Smith “Sandy " 40 Wedgewood Rd., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college “True friends consist in quality not in quantity” Barb Diane Car- ole Soccer 123 B-Ball 123 " Bos- ton Garden” S-Ball 12 State Tourneys thanx to all coaches and to Mr. Ryan Concetta Sinopoli 21 Pine St., W. Newton David Slicklen " Slick” 21 Upland Rd., Needham Pollard, Beals, undecided Union Memories of DANA F. BURKE Snow Bound Joot! F.L.A. The boys at Mikes. Skiing Moto- cross, Racing Ski Bumb in Utah Remember the Lambs bread Tio, Bit Van Halen Finleys, Packey C.C.C. Class of 81 " All I did was try to kiss her goodnight!” Beth Snider 33 Oakvale Rd., Waban Meadowbrook, Adams, college “Accept me as I am, so I may learn what I can become " Always SD LYCUZ SM WEE BUFF HS JM JL PM CR KQ BR JK AG HONEY LONGER SPECIAL LOVE TO LUKE TATEE MS ZB BACON LP KL HL THANKS TO WB SB TL EM! Tamah Solomon 109 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, TUFTS! 1980 State Tennis Champs! “Some- where In Time” Billy Joel. Bacon bench and Harriet. Love to: Allie, Erika, Rache Baby, Te and Pablacita. Sisters . . . Bermuda? Drought Soviet intervention in Afghanistan Workers Protest in Poland Kilts Altered States 207 “I don’t know if we should be seen in public . . Julie Anne Spanenberg “Jewels " 1007 Beacon St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college and Army I am happy to leave North, but sad to see my friends go. Remember the football motor- cades, soph, prom and history with E.S. Good luck to all the deaf kids! 1-4-3 Alan Steven Michael Spar “Steve " 22 Exmoor Rd., Newton Center Cameron M S., Bigelow, Palmer, col- lege “I need to know that you will always be the same old someone that I knew . .” ConChoir123 Family 23 French- C112 RussC13 ShakesP1 123 France Quebec Good luck Mr. P! JWE- VRSTDSMJBAKSS SLNML ' hitraot!!! Richard Sorota " Fingers " 81 Adena Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college ALWAYS REMEMBER THESE 3 GREAT YEARS. TRACK, GOOD FRIENDS, AND LASTING MEM- ORIES GOOD LUCK TO ALL NEVER FORGET BOSTON ' S FAVORITE BRUIN, FINGERS AND GOOD TIMES ON SEGER’S " MAINSTREET " Skye Sousa “Bop " 13 Hillside Terr., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college Bop! — art let ' s dance! I want to give every child the chance to dance I want to spread my feet in the silver heat I want to give every face a secret place to take their tears so there’s no dis grace. Sharon Stangler 26 Magnolia Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college, Psychol- ogy I will always remember the good times and memories at N.N.H.S the fun times with the three musketeers and after school with G.H it’s been a great year good luck and best wishes to SP MC KP MB! Catherine Lee Sotir “Cathy " 165 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Barry X-Country 123, In Track 123, Out Track 123 Remember Leslee, Andrea, TB, MC, KB. Blue boat Quebec!! Wareham Rockport Oui ou Non? Thanks Ma and Dad! Pam: Women who seek to be equal to man lack ambition! David Soyka “Soyk " 90 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Weeks, Bacon, college HOCKEY SKIING WITH AB 4660 THE WHO M ' S AT CAPE COD RAIN- STROM THE LONGER WEEKENDS WMFM NY 0-2 NEVER FORGET CON- TEST WITH RW AND PJ, NEW YEAR ' S EVE ' 79 ANDRHODE ISLAND GOOD LUCK TO MY FRIENDS AND TO LS. Rhodora Stanton “Dorie” 28 Sargent St., Newton Meadowbrook, Barry, undecided Rhodora! If the sages ask thee why this charm is wasted on the earth and sky, tell them dear that if eyes were made for seeing, then beauty is it’s own excuse for being! Docksiders Orange Broadcasting Fantasticks Rock concert guidelines Mirettes Bruce Springstein Death of Shah 208 Glenn F. St.Coeur 1718 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Shows, Family, Spain! France! “What?” “I don’t know!” CVS “I’ll see you later Dave” Sitting on the library step finishing all my homework. Best of luck to all my friends! Scott Robert Stewart “Stew” 28 Byfield Rd., Waban Warren, Palmer, college Tennis Team Remembers: Baron, JA, DW, DE, MC, Room 3345 with Killer Killion, Homeroom, The guys from the team, And anyone who takes the time to read this. Good Luck to the Class ' 81. Anne Sullivan “Speedy " 50 Shaw St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, 400 kids Madrigal Brenda Diane Steinberg 68 Westchester Rd., Newton OakGrove-Coburn Middle School, Adams, college Maine OG-C Who me, Dance? Swim Team AF John F. Stokes “Stokesie” 74 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, college SAM, DAVE, MAC AND EZZY, TL, RS, MG, MR.B, HARRIS, TOM, ANNE WOLF, WILD AND CRAZY JOSH, ALEX, JA, STEVE D, DOOGLE, DB, AM, JP, HENRY, DUCKS, ALL THE SHOWS, NEVER LET YOUR PROB- LEMS CONTROL YOU. WALKING STIFF. GOOD LUCK Deirdre Sullivan “DeeDee” 972 Walnut St., Newton High- lands Weeks, Beals, college To live your life in your own way to reach for the goals you have set for yourself to be the you that you want to be THAT IS SUC- CESS Forget ME NOT GOOD- TIMES JM MG KV LS BC JS AT WORM MA HIGH Evelyn Edelia Stephenson " Edelia” 34 Hamlet St., Newton Centre Meadowbrook, Palmer, college Debby, we ' re going to be sepa- rated after 12 years of schooling OHWOW! By Marilyn+Julie Remember History + the good- times in it may you find joy in the future I’m going to get you back Marilyn!! (stairs)!!! John Sucu “Yanni” 30 Bowers St., Newtonville Day, Barry, work Remembers all in Palmer com- mons VP JB JC MB CO DT DA JS JL WW Hubba Bubba CM MB KC Made it through school for one reason Louise. “The Bird will fly again.” Lucy M. Sullivan 37 Playstead Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Adams Good times w Mary, Maria and Susan Florida ’79 Baybank Palmer Tree J. Geils Concert M Ms Cape ' 80 Best of luck to: NB SM CR DW JK JL KC CK SM WL The moment may be tem- poary but the memory is forever Dinner Night Force-12 trips Night in Vienna Main St Alan Stern " Al” 407 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, college, computers AU123 Trainer12 “Modsquad” 23 England Stones BCCC NPD Thanks Mr. Satlack Karl Aram- Brian “Mr $” Jeff Chuck Peter BH JW JU and all my friends. Roberta E. Sulkin 37 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Bacon, college “TO OVERLOOK THE LITTLE THINGS IN LIFE, IS TO MISS THE BIGGEST PART OF LIFE ITSELF. “B-BENCH; BEST OF TIMES AT “TOAKA " , REMS W S; M-M, 007W L; GOOD TIMES W GOOD FRIENDS, THAT I ' LL REM 4-EVER. GL and ILY Maria Louise Sullivan “Crinkles” 1 12 Nonantum St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college Good tiems w Lucy, Mary, Susan, CRNBSMK CWLMS PMJLJK The Who, J. Geils Hyan- nis’ 80 Pizza Grizzly Parties Sum- mer ' 80 CC 123 Sisters23 Italian Clb Bbanks Tal Shows Rocco MC “I’m Wishing on a star” Luv2Mom and Dad . patrol 209 Jong-Hoon Sung 313 Cabot St., Newtonville Eugenia Szekely “Jennie” 389 Newtonville Ave., Newton- ville Day, Beals, college SWIMMING 123 Uncle Benn — NoBody’s next! Remember the good times. I LOVE YOU, JOHN. Life is a journey, not a destina- tion. Remember always — Mrs. Killion, Karen, and Jon. Linda Tamkin " Da” 391 Waverly Ave., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college LA AMISTAD ES UNA HERIDA FLORIDA UN CANTO DULCE QUE ALEGRA EL CORAZON THANKYOU FOR ALL THE MEM- ORIES AND SPECIAL FRIENDS BYE LIN Pops’ night Spinoff Barbara Sweeney 1125 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Lee Sutherland 141 Plymouth Rd., Newton High- lands Weeks, Bacon, college Watching the world go by sur- prising it goes so fast, Johnny looked around him and said well I made the big time at last — Bad Co To my friends — thanks for the memories I ' m gonna miss you Donna Marie Tabor 16 Maque Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, Nursing Hair- dressing Remembers: Good Times with Michelle MWBHLLKMEC FFJC etc. Maine summer78 with Silvas. Mathclass All MY LOVE RICH PISQUATA BRIDGE. MA+PH80 Goofing off in School Hey MOM I Q Lila Lee Taraki 65 Auburn St., Auburndale 1 Riley, college of law I am aiming high achievements, So we must always challenge impossibility and take a chance. Steven Tabor 16 Maque Ave., W. Newton Warren, Palmer Remember the great times with LESLIE THE Parties with LC, RB, CA, ML, LM, KH, DS, DL, TL, RM, BG, TB, JM, and Bacon com- mons all my friends I still do not know what I learned STEVEN LOVES LESLIE E.L.L. Michael Taranto 46 Elm St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college REMEMBERS; THE Good Times and Good Friends in Palmer commons Elizabeth Marie Tafe " Beth” 72 Homer St., Newton Contre Weeks, Beals, college, reality You’ve got to get up every morn- ing with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart then people gonna treat ' ya better you gonna find . . . that you’re beautiful as you feel. Debra Jean Tarsi " Debbie” 1 1 Smith Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, Travel Agency School RMBRS ALL OF THE GOOD TIMES w LH,NB,MM,RL,RM I ' LL NEVER FORGET HISTORY 79 COOKING 80. GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE! ALL OF MY LOVE TO KENNY 10 31 79. ALWAYS RMBRS THE SUMMER OF 80. OWE IT ALL TO MOM AND DAD Martha Lee Sweet " MOTT " , " MARTY KAKA” 281 Lexington St., Auburndale Joan of Arc, Palmer, LIFE CCSIS1.2 I LUV NY! TRANNY FREAK! ROCCO!! CAMP: SUE HOT. PARTY BEING GROOVY W MANDA JENNY, CAR- MEL, MAL MARY, CRINKS, JUDI, CHRISSI, TB, PHIL RS, JACK, MA AN PA BETSY, SO-CO, H20-SKI ROCKY HORROR GO FOR IT 81 " i Library fines Jordache Nancy Reagan redecorating the White House 210 M.elina Tedesco 80 Atwood Ave., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Love to my folks TJ Connie Beth and How Best of luck to TRANNY and the people who make it fun in Orchesis and cheerleading pool- hopping! 007 Beauty is created in the mind of the photographer Physics labs Scott E. Thaxton “Thack " 67 Lewis St., Newtonville Day, Beals, college Good luck in life class of 81. Remembers: Steve Wendy Pete Youngen Mike Nib Lisa DK JK LG BD EJ PW JM SG SM PA PJ MK TW MP JS BB CDB “Live one day at a time, and as if each day were your last.” Barbara Ann Thompson “Sa " 320 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, College REMEMBERS — MM.KW, KM, SP, ITN.BANQ. AND DANCES, BASKET- BASEBALL, RED SOX, BUTCH MON- RINGS AT MY HOUSE TEA, WARM FUZZIES THE DOOT MAN, SA GOOT. HALF-BAKED APPLE, LOVE TO MY BEST FRIENDS, CHERYL AND BESS David Tempesta 54 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals REMEMBERS: GOOD TIMES IN PALMER WITH VINNIE DOM JOE MARINE JB TV JS TB JF JS CO BM JM BP EVERYONE IN AUTO-MECHANICS MR ROUS- SEAU MR MULHERN NFD Evan Teplow 20 Waterston Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college 3 fantastic years! Soccer was the icing on the cake; Alabama and Southern hospitality! HR w Fuzzy and his Zippos. Weekends were always too short. Good teachers, great times and true friends — Never forget y’all NNRS Isn’t he just adorable . . .? Nina M. Tetu 485 Crafts St., W. Newton Day, Adams, medicine ALL MY LOVE TO RAS David M. Thomas III “Cat” 3 Wilson Cir. , Newton Highlands Warren, Palmer, college DRIFTERS, PARTIES REMEMBERS: RS, TW, PH, RF, HL, DW, JJ, VDA, FOOTSAPT, HOOP’ i, FLOWERS, LS, DAG, SPIDER, LARKIE, BWS. BACK, FLOOD, GG, BEACH, FO, MC, LAIN STEPS, TREE, AP, BB, 2S SB DB TK, AT, UKE, CUTS, ED, BETS PSY- CHO, NCL, JC, TB Chapman Thompson 240 Mt. Vernon St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, U.GOTME DWP, FRITZ, CB. and all, MD, MS alsols, DT, HC - TRACKERS, Dr. Duffy, Dephoure, The MAGICAL MUSTERY TOUR, Kashmir: Guhilk, HK and-noid. But anyway — Just do what you like and like what you do! THAT’S ALL FOLKS Joseph M. Titlebaum “Joe” 22 Roslyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college MAN WILL NOT MERELY ENDURE; HE WILL PREVAIL. — FAULKNER HERE I LEARNED TO BOTH ENDURE AND PREVAIL THANKS EVERYONE FOR MAKING IT WORTH IT AND POSSIBLE ROCCOBAND123SHOW 6 19 80 JK, EC, SH Leslee Tocci 18 Bullough Pk., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Swimming123, FrenchClub, Que- bec, Blue-Boat, Remembers Cathy, Terri, KB, MC, Isntlife, Isntlife, isntit? Dad! Major, Trans- ition, Dreamwhatyoudareto- dream, Bewhatyou wanttobe, Dowhatyouloveand lovewha- tyoudo! Papal edict forces Drinan to relinquish Congressional seat No riflery team 211 Gertrude Tomaino " Gert” 29 Harrington St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, undecided LOOK OUT WORLD HERE WE COME! GOOD LUCK TO MV FAMILY: SM CR MR AR AP LH L. US SWTP LD ML TT SR BT DS MT CM PD JC. REMEMBER SAT. FOOTBALL GAMES, BACON BATHROOM, HIBERNATING LOVE TO PAUL, BYE NN Rita Tonti 1 1 1 Webster Pk., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Always remember good tiems, good friends esp LC, BM, SW+SW, AC, MA, LM, CM, BP thanks for the best 3yrs. Bacon The Bench Italian club 23 talks that I will never forget. Good luck to everyone. Mark Totten 16 Belmont St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college 1 enjoyed the North experience. I hope everybody succeeds at what they do. Thanks to all my friends and teachers for the help. ‘‘He’s gotta be kidding!” Robert A. Troiano II “Bob” 69 Commonwealth PK. West, Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college Isn ' t She Lovely .. Satisfaction .. I Can ' t Tell You Why .. What a Fool Believes .. If .. It Keeps You Run- nin .. One Last Kiss .. Takin It To The Streets .. Driving My Life Away .. My Life .. Forever In Blue Jeans .. I Do Jenny Tse “Jenny Doll” 43 Algonquin, Chesnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, college Remember the caf gang and PW, GTO Pat; God ' s little man, SM, LL, BB, MB, JR, CO, apple fights Weekend Parties Led Zeppelin Black Dog Rolling Stones Deep Purple. The good times and the bad. Chon Hauh Ton 58 Playstead Rd., Newton Anya Toomre 55 Hillside Ave., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college Late one Sat. night in Novgorod, the Tall ships, Steve ' s, Juan Pedro, Mrs. K, cats and Rabbits, " What red light?, " Where?”, lunch at H’s, the Bio soap, letters from Karin . . ., the twinies and everyone Lisa Turner 17 Lodge Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college “Keep your head to the sky and never give up.” Love to Mom and Dad, ZB, KM, PM, LR, SM, TW, SM, AP Disco Drac; Godspell, Raisin, Cheerleading 3, AAC, S-i- s I luv ya, AH SCR .. Bev L. thanxs, David D. Forever Metropathways Cheap Trick Ski Trips Bermuda On the road Graduation Trial of Jiang Qing 212 Gerald W. Usher Jr. " Jay” 22 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Day, Bacon, Weather, Go to Eng- land! Remembers — Craig — " Hey Ringo " John P, Joe, Cheryl, Greg, Karen, Natalie, AM, Mary- Jane, BT, JM, RG, HB, VS, PN, SL, JS, MM, Robert, JPG, Steve, Paul, Jokes, David, weather, DP, McCartney and Wings, Ricky, “Funtimes!!” Let it be, Bye ’ Rita Visco 64 Broadway, Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Always REM: MCKBA- CRBGSDDTBLTCSCDAFCC, Italy, HB80 RCONFN ' S, It.Club FAB-USD, MrlO ILU The Chap- man — HC’s SLTPOLE, 9, RTFV, V-V, Comme Wow! TS in Bastin, Doc, MyGralit, Thanks Mr.R for trying! Karen Vona 15 Dale St., Newtonville Jonathan Wachs “ ‘Little’ Johnny” 70 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college REM: Chris, Bobby, JR, MS, KTK, MZ, GZ, HL, PH, AC, PC? PV, ELWOOD, CS, CC, DA, GUMMY BEARS!! " G1FFF " Swimming in the morning — Benn Merritt, Bob Seger, the Vineyard, Oh yes, can ' t forget Miss Ross, wa, wa, wa . . . Joshua Lewis Waldorf " Josh” 188 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, Bacon, Barry, Adams, Life Itself SOCCER 1, 2 PLAYS LINUS, NEIL, CANDIDE CC 1, 2 PRES 3 TOURS PENN NYC MD, CLOSE FRIENDS NEWTONITE NEWS, MGR ED BROADCAST " OH, THERE’S SUCH A LOT OF THINGS TO DO AND SUCH A LOT TO BE” — MILNE " MY BLAN- KET AND ME " Heather Walker 66 Clyde St., Newtonville Bus passes Harvest Fest No more Boston Project Drink Dr Pepper Achievements Dave Vestal 235 Cabot St., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry Alisa K. Voqez “Fats” 73 Grove St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college POM POM GIRLS LOVE TO BUBBY REMEMBERS: BEST SUMMER 80 w DA DR HD JW BM SL SEPT 6, POOH GREAT PARTIES w EVERYONE GOOD LUCK IN YEARS TO COME. THANKS JANE, HEATHER, DYAN, DEB. THANKS MOM AND DAD Micheal J. Vachon " Rogie” 254 Derby St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, I plan to gradually grow older and eventually die REMEMBERS: THE CULT OF THE ALMIGHTY ELMO, RK, BW, CAT, MP, AA, DW, DO C, JA, JO ' D, LAIN, SS, BL, BF, FY, PH, RUBBER BANDS IN MATH, KM, PG, RS, CB, SD, VD’A, DS, MM, KK. BR, ART DEPT, STUDIO, FAB, MS. JM, AND JA Enrique Antonio Vitug " Henri”, " Tattoo”, " Vitug” 565 Comm. Ave., Newton Center Bigelow, Palmer, college, what- ever ConChoir123 Family23 TrackITours, Shows, PARTIES!! ROCCO! Remember: MacD’s U.S. Hist; HR; MusicDept; OLDIES; NatAmr. and PopC- ulture. Goodbye and Goodluck to all my frineds. It’s Touch And Go! My love to .. Bye y’all Peter Vasiliadis “Greek” 1 14 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley SOCCER 123!!! “BAMA TRIP” Capt. Practice Thanks a million T.J. Great times with Team and Friends GREEKS, DANCES Starting Over Colleen Underhill 17 Orris St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Our lives are shaped by those who love us, and refuse to love us. Rem. All Friends Steph Sue Don Spaz Thanx DC Good Luck 81 It is better to light a candle than to curse the darkness 213 Norman W. Walker “Noseguard " 66 Clyde St., Newtonville Day, Barry, college REMEMBERS; NOEL T.W.C.H.M.S.DAVE.C.G. D.SA- TURDAYS FOOTBALL — VACA- TIONS LOSING WEIGHT WORK FUZZ 147 LBS. SUMMER ' 80 ' FOOTBALL 1; 2; 3 WRESTLING 1; 2; 3 T.J. Thomas Wasson “Tom”, “Boo-boo " 14 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Football, 1, 2, 3 Wrestling, 1, 2, 3 Remembers The Drifters, Cat Foots, Clint, RS, The Steps, Tree, RF, DT, PH, RS, BW, HL, RS, DK, EL, NW, SH, RM, JC, Young Life ' AMS, PY, MG, MGA, GD Killer, PC, BH, TL, Take It Easy . . . Scott R. Wedekind 2 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Warren, Beals Remember: CL, DB, CB, AC, AP, MM, MA, BM, RT, BP, AC. Remember The gang at bench and Beals tree; Wed. nights and Brighams. Feb. 1, 1979. Remem- ber Dapper Dan and wood shop. All my love to Sue. Pamela Wallace “Pam”, “Pamelia " , “Pimeelya” 15 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals Sailing 123, Transition 7! I am a child I’ll last awhile You can’t conceive all the pleasure in my smile. N.Y. It’s a nice place to visit but . . . Richard Waxman 164 Bellvue St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, undecided Hockey 123 Jocko JD Buzkroz wheels Dick AJ JR BR Bonham Sully Falls Boys JS TJ Bronx DC Greek MF “We want the world, and we want it now " TIM MORRI- SON Robin Frances Weingarten " Robz " 31 Sewall St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon Thanks and love to friends, fam- ily, teachers. There’s a whisper on the nightwind, there’s a star agleam to guide us, and the Wild is calling, calling, let us go . . . Saranda Wallach " Randy” 99 Hammondswood Rd., Chest- nut Hill Weeks, Beals, college The blue box, sweetheart, deten- tions, parties. Good times w CG, JW, BK, MA, MG, JS, JP, SO, GT, VS, JK, SG, JG+Misc. friends Thanks to — MG, RJ, WP+Tex Never a dull moment! Kathy Webber 29 Jasset St., Newtonville Mary Walsh 101 Dow Ave., Arlington Day, Barry, Galladet college “THE YEARS HAVE FLOWN MANY FRIENDS I’VE KNOWN MAY THE FUTURE OF ALL BRING SUCCESS, LARGE OR SMALL” AS FOR ME, THANKS TO EDCO ESPECIALLY. GOOD LUCK IN ALL TIMES — S.G.; N.H.; K.F.; J.M.; AND ALL THE OTHERS!! John Webster 71 James St., W. Newton North Middlesex Regional, Bacon, college I’ve got to admit it’s getting bet- ter, A little better all the time. The Beatles. David Eric Weisman 421 Waverley Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Thanks to all my friends who have stuck by me these 3 yrs. There were some rough times but many more good ones. I hope we don’t lose touch as we go our separate ways, SA, AB, PC, RC, MD, LG, DK, VL. Ted Wekstein 150 Monadnock, Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college SUMMER SENSE, THE FALLS, SUGARLOAF, FOSTERS, POOL, SNOSTROM, UTAH, SKI TEAM, JR’S HOCKEY GAMES, PAR- TIES, BM SL WL HJ KK RE AL JG PZ TM RP Ml JD DC JS — MM MC DH MA LR KF CR CH KQ SM CRCLS Ella Grasso died WNTN Styx Led Zeppelin The Rolling Stones 214 Jane B. Welch 81 Vista Ave., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college SOME SEE THINGS AS THEY ARE AND SAY WHY? I DREAM OF THINGS THAT NEVER WERE AND SAY, WHY NOT. REMEM- BERS S FEST 80, POM POM GIRLS, PHOTO, DYAN ALISA JENI DEB JD TD SB MY LOVE TO JOHN THANKS MOM AND DAD Marie Loretta Wentzell “Wentz” 1 1 Middle St., Newton Day, Adams, college “The great thing in this world is not so much where we stand as in what direction we are moving” Remembers: Boscon, BH MM — always friends all I have become to know and never forget Good Luck All!! " Sorry, wrong number.” Carolyn L. Wester “Carrie” 30 Vista Ave., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Remembers all the good times with great friends. Thanks Mari- lyn, Eileen, we made it! Parties, week ends, barry lav, the square, summer of ’80, The Bump, Hal- loween 78. Always remember TOMMY 12 8 79. Paul Whelan 3 Emerald St., Newton Day, Barry, undecided Good Times up the Log with MURPH ED Norty Madness Terry McKee Dunne Cornu JC Tracks Homeroom with Ms Stein Luggnut and MARK The Prison wagon murphs Blue Bomb The Lake N.H. with TN GJ EL MS Kenny Paul Westerkamp 855 Beacon St., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, college The Outlaws down the Cape at Mango’s 6 26-27 BC after Geils Catcher Partying in COLD- SPRINGSinthesun KWAI CHANG They call me LUCIFER, Cause I’m in need of some restraint GOGE1 M — ERIZDBY Brian White 11 Calvin Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college LR.BF.BH.MB.MM. AND THE REST OF THE CROWD. PYRO- MANIA IN MR. WELLS’ ROOM. RTE. 128 ... (YOU SAY YOU WANT A REVOLUTION . . .) (P.S. EXPLOSIVES ARE A MYTH) (MOO) Todd White " Bones” 148 Sumner St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, college JIM MORRISON IS ALIVE JEFF IS SLEEPING SKIPPING SCHOOL. BAD SCENE. HEN- DRIX FOREVER END OF SCHOOL YEAR ' 80 GOOD LUCK TO: VB, JL, CB, SA, JH, JP, LD, AB, MO, LS, ON. WEST POINT? GIMME A BREAK! Elizabeth M. Wigmore “Betsy” 1 Mt. Ida Terr., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college IT ' S BEEN REAL? TRUCKER, GOOD LUCK ALWAYS! BAMES LUV YA, GOOD LUCK WITH TURTLE I LOVE MOM AND DAD GOOD LUCK WITH FUTURE PLANS — TO ALL WHO KNOW ME! MICHAEL YOU ' RE THE BEST LOVE YOU ALWAYS AND FOR- EVER — 8 15 79 Charles W. Wilcox “Chuck” 9 Edgewater Park., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Havin’ fun NOTES FROM THE DEAD ZONE etc. Remember always Larry, BM and Mr. Flana- gan. Have fun you guys and everybody else WILL: All my nightmares to Stephen King. Robert Wilcox “Bob " 8 Bacon St., Newton Corner Central Jr., Riley, college Drifters Parties Remembers TW, PH, DT, RS, HL, RF, DA, JJ Psy- cho Foots Basement steps T ree Carlton Fisk became a free agent Jesse Owens died Candies Ceramic pins 215 Michael Wilkins 35 Central., Auburndale Warren, Adams, work REMEMBERS BM, BD, CM, all the good times in the cat. John Wilkinson " B-man”, " Boo Boo! " 330 Waverly Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college — Computer ripnrPQ REMEMBERS: LORI, BOB, JOE, POOKY, RANDY, LYNDA, SPARKY, RICKY, CARRIE, MACK, BEAVER, ARTY, SKULLY, ROB, DB. MARY, PICKLES, BILL, Tear Jerkers, Jiggles, The Cars!, the fifth floor Sept, tenth, Asteroids, Happy Hank, Skippy Karen Wing 504 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Weeks, Palmer, college RC or shall I say AJ? F Cheer- leader. Tennis, 123. Goodluck to: KK, CR, NL, LP, KR, LC, JA (Bim) — oh SHEEZ!! splits on the third bed. KK, how do I handle 3? — IGMP? FINE, FORGET IT! Well, I guess this is it! M and D ILU. C- ya. Mike Wing l Laura R. Witt 462 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Remembers Good friends, Spe- cial friends, Best friends, Maine, Rocco Orchesis “I’M SO PSYCHED!” Talent show Horror Movies Sugarloaf sisters " Don’t ever underestimate your poten- tial” GO FOR IT!! David Wolf 48 Swallow Dr., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, college RK, BW, JD, JA, SS, FY, MACS, DR, JC, NLF, CLADS, PH, CAT, DRIFTERS, CC, DC, Squirrels Basement, SHARK, JimD STEW, JOES, CHINY Hanging around Hamilton 2490 ED, DA, THE REGIME Jennifer Wolf " Jenny” 360 Commonwealth Ave., Chest- nut Hill Bigelow, Riley, college Surgery: 123 Jenny, I don’t sing! Love you: TG, MS, RS, JR, JS, LH, You’re great! “What wisdom can one find greater than kind- ness?” Thanx Ned, Steve, Cap, UncleM., Ernie — you’ve made these yrs. extra special. Karen Womboldt 13 Churchill St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Great times with Ellen Cheryl Jen Maura Bessie KB Kathleen Barb JP Brian 2 8 80 - 4 80 " BABY- BLUE” Vicki “Our Dreams will come true someday” NM NC SP JR NL RB TGIF BD ZK " There ' s always tomorrow” Barry D. Wong “Baron” 15 Larkin Rd., West Newton Warrin, Riley, college Remembers, SS, JA, DW, FY, RK, MS, CC, ? ?, 79 — 80 I don ' t know, it was a long year, 8 — 24, lockers and pain. For the count- less souls beaten by their goals keep a hold on now, keep a hold somehow. — J.B. Susan Woodworth " Sue " , “Kitten” 387 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college Remember: Scott, CL, RT, BM, LC, MA, RM, LM, WW, LP. Feb. 1, 1979. 1980 was a year for spe- cial friends, special talks, a new beginning. Fifth floor and quiet times. All my love to Scott for- ever. Fog good-bye Fiona Wright “Fee” 16 Regent St., West Newton Warren, Beals, Tufts Remembers LH MB FR JS JG GS CC, Paris, summer of 80 There’s no need for turning back for all roads lead to where we stand, and we shall walk them all, no matter what we may have plan- ned. Jeffrey Wrye 24 Brookdale Rd., Newtonville Bruins talk about moving to Salem, N.H. Classics Coldest December Larry Byrd 216 Donna Yaffe “Yaf” 65 Mary Ellen Rd., Waban Weeks, Palmer “If you can imagine it you can achieve it; if you can dream it, you can become it” LuvToGreat Friends — MNLDSRCK, CA SLWFPCPYMGBT — P ' s changes FIDrntB- eginningsSpecialTimes W Bri- anHoop4EverB-Ball, softball 123 Frank C. Yang “Vulture” 10 Saint Mary ' s St., Newton Day, Adams, college Lower Falls Boys Doctor — David W. Dickie — Chinnie — Mac and Rob — Dudley — Tony C. — Mike B. — Shamus — Joe C., Rap sessions and nights at Mark ' s w SP. Take it east Baron DC MT DM MM KN JA DH FC PH HLDT DS CA VB Paul Yannoni 234 Upland Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, college NATURES FIRST GREEN IS GOLD, HER HARDEST HUE TO HOLD HER EARLY LEAFS A FLOWER BUT ONLY SO AN HOUR. THEN LEAF SUBSIDES TO LEAF. SO EDEN SANK TO GRIEF, SO DAWN GOES DOWN TO DAY. NOTHING GOLD CAN STAY. Elena Yee 248 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, college Sat. LATE NTS. AT SPINOFF THE NEWT!! Soccer player — who ;WHO?? FIELDHOCKEY - I’M JUST THE MANAGER! CHEERFUL EARFUL — CHA- CHACHA “Thou we rt My Guide, philosopher, and friend ” — Pope- IV — ALWAYSANDFOREVER Joseph Yerardi 52 Henshaw St., W. Newton Brian Young “Youngin " 16 Marlboro St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college X-Country Indoor outdoor track 123 Thanks FY, FF, ML, JC, JH Crystal Lake 5 10 80 Leary, Scott, The Little Man Remember PLSTSDGHMGCSCBJTDK JBTWLCCK Cappy Mr. Ned Karl Radio WNTN WNHR The game is over Peter Zagorianakos " Ziggy” 96 Boyd St., Newton Bigelow, Beals A BOMBS SUMMER TRIPS CHIT BOXES THE SEARCH FOR THE AMERICAN DREAM DINGUS FIX IT THE NIGHT LEGAL INSANITY SET IN JaJm Felicia Zani “Faz” 75 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college SOCCER 123 — CAPT THE WORST IS NOT SO LONG AS WE CAN SAY “THIS IS THE WORST " SHAKESPEARE GOOD LUCK JONESY Peter Zeeb “Mr. Niss " 26 Dexter Rd , Newtonville Day, Palmer, college I D RATHER NEVER KNOW THAN FIND OUT AFTER I’VE BEEN FOOLED, DREE DR AND EBD, DIS- TANCE MEN, JA, KRIN, ROCK SRL, F-12, UDRTOAD KNOCKIN’ ROUND THE ZOO — JT, NFWLU, KAT, SS. JIMMY NOTCH TO NOTCH 80 507 ROBZ LESTIS Lisa M. Ziino 10 Shirley St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college Never Forget: all THE GOOD PARTIES FLYING WITH Pooh- Bear and Michelina Good Times with Mary Joanne all the Girls Summer of 80 The Bump ONE SPECIAL THANKS TO FRAN AND JACKY YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN POW BANG Mark Zimmerman 261 Melrose St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, service Remember the good times in 3632 and 4580. Good Times with Chipa and Ron, KM, JC, SS, WHITEY And all the rest Remem- ber the times in Piglets class and Ross’s. Good Luck to all my friends Jacqueline A. Duffey “Jacqui” 19 Day St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, business school ’I feel content in my freedom and I feel my freedom is right, I’ve found my answer to life is living and the secret of living is life’ I.L.Y. D A. Se Bella I’ll be there. Martha, Barb, Y.G.A.F. Forever Thanks M and D. Small cars Fred Lynn traded 2 mile bus limit Sweeney Todd Jim Craig 217 William M. Aithchison 66 Dalby St., Newton Sylvia Baber 71 Camden St., Boston Russell C. Bengston 57 Cherry St., W. Newton Stuart Berman 68 Sevland Rd., Newton Centre Marc L. Bishoff 26 Sargent Pk., Newton Scott Buchanan 25 Cabot St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college GOING TO MAC’S WITH CHRIS AND TSAKI KARY B.BALL WITH VINNIE AND CAT SOPH ENG. D.S. H.B. H.L. P.H. C.C.R.M. Jinny Caira 55 Dearborn St., W. Newton Warren, Adms, work Remembers: Sharon, Mary, Beth, Franklin Gang — Sandra, and every- one else in homeroom. Always remember the night with Beth, Adam, Joe, and the Vette. Summer of 80 — Best to Bootsie. My dog to Diane. The Cape. David M. Caissie 848 Watertown St., W. Newton Kevin Casey 97 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Lisa J. Carmel 39 Newtonville Ave., Newton Harry C. Carter 275 Tremont St., Newton Wellesley Jr., Bacon, trade school ILYVM. SM, PR, FG, WW, Puddles, JD Remember, Led Zeppelin, Hen- dricks, Bonzo Lives On Richard E. Caterino 29 Talbot St., W. Newton Anthony Cedrone “Sid” 16 Middle St., Newton Day, Beals, college REMEMBERS FUZZY THE LAKE, CAI, LEGGA, ALBERMALE BUMS, MELODY, THE CRAZY EIGHT. FUN AND GAMES PARTIES, CONCERTS. 6 29 78, 7 4 79, 7 1 80, 4 22 80, 1 1 80. LYNYRD SKYNYRD LIVES ON THE HUNT. CLASS OF 81 Wilfred Chan “Ka Kwok” 3 Pine St., Auburndale Ng Wah College — Secondary, Beals, college Alan Chin 50 Farquhar Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, college Always remember the good times with Julie, Liz, Ivy, Bambi, Karen, Angel, and especially MaryAnn — along with the rest of the gang at Dunkin’ Donuts Gail M. Clark 5 Craigie Terr., Newtonville David Stone Cohen 87 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Beals, college And so another era ends. My regards to Bach Caffeine and my friends. You were all essential to my survival. Jeffrey D. Cook 40 Carl St., Newton Highlands Inger P. Core 21 Wilson Cir. , Newton Highlands David Craig 120 Crescent St., Auburndale Karen Craig 120 Crescent St., Auburndale Remember, Miss Henigian, 3526. And all my friends, Rita, Ci, Mrs. Ciar- ato Tony I will love you always and forever. Remember the times. Grand Prix, and the stair well. Good luck to everyone. Finally out. Wendy L. Craig 4 Glenmore Terr., Newton Highlands Tracey E. Crowther 155 Waverly Ave., Newton Christopher Delany 69 Capital St., Watertown John P. Denko 176 Cherry St., W. Newton Mary Ellen DeNatale 1004 Centre St., Newton Centre Barry, college Philip DeSimone 140 Sargent St., Newton Krista DeVine 13 Fordham Rd., Newton David J. DiMambro 14 Burton Ave., Newton Gaetano DiMambro “Guy” 170 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Football, Wrestling College Always remember my friends Glad I finally made it out see you at the reunion Best wishes to the class of 81 Steven T. Doona 9 Tudor Terr., Auburndale Nancy H. Dorfman 53 Hamlet St. , Newton Patricia Ann Downey “Patrish” 20 Braemore Rd., Newton Boston Latin Academy, Bacon, con- vent, Ireland I miss you Mugzy 4 17 63-8 13 80 thanx for the love and support: Rina, MJ, Gert, llene, Clare, Lisa, Katie, Tranny, Downeys, + BC. Boston, Cape, The Who, Irish Dancin’ All my love to Jimmy — you’re QUISTCHA . . . mush Wayne E. Durkan 91 Walker St., Newtonville Wenda E. Finn 77 Paulson Rd., Waban Bill Fitts “Fritz the Cat” 21 Park PI., Newtonville New Hampton of N.H., Bacon, col- lege CT, DP, GL, WH ORB, JW, MB, KB, JC, US2, OCTOGON, CATS, PW, SAN FRANCISCO, SYF MICKEY MOUSE, BOCDA OTHER ONE, HI! MAINE MUSIC FESTCRUMB, GURLS, TINY PURPLE FISHES, GC, SEABROOK, MY ROOM, PLASTIC PEOPLE!! SNOID, DEAD, LOVE? Russell Flagg 22 James St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer PAST YEARS ROB AND RICK. F, SCOTT, JAY, HELMS, DEMPS AND TONYC — MR. ADAMS HANG OUR PLMR LCKRS CAF STAIRS JOE’S ALWAYS REM. THE GOOD TIMES CM — LYA AND WIMPO AND FRIENDS SAYING WELFARE BILLY JACK MIDNIGHT FLASH NO MIND Steven D. Frank 215 Valentine St., W. Newton Dennis P. Frost “Frosty” 98 Cypress St., Brookline Bacon, job Navy I Am Out At Last Molly S. Gasnick 24 Madison Ave., Newtonville Peter H. Gear 36 Lansing Rd., W. Newton Erica Glantz 14 Mandalay Rd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, Night School for Real Estate “OF COURAGE NEVER HAVE LACK, THERE’S NO TURNING BACK” ASCB PCLDDDCPSS J GEILS B- 52’S THE BOYS THANX TO ROSSI LIFE IS JUST BEGUN. JABE I LOVE YOU! FIND THE BIG APPLE MSIS MYBU TURN THE PAGE BS JD Frank J. Glesner 65 Barton Rd., Wellesley Linda B. Hampe 191 Auburn St., Auburndale Mark E. Holtrop 720 South St., Needham Gregory A. Jacobs 112 Brackett Rd., Newton Arthur F. Joyce Jr. 57 Davis Ave., W. Newton Steven Kiley 35 Wesley St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, work Best wishes to all my friends at New- ton North. Sharon King 3 Newland St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, work Remember: Jinny, Homeroom DJ Rt 9 Summer 80, Cape Cod Rt. 28 Weston Meredith K. Kreindel 1 1 Langdon, Newton Paul Spencer Laemmle 77 Crehore Dr., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, whatever THANKS FOR THREE GREAT YEARS! AFTER 2:30 PM AND EVERYONE WHO MADE IT WORTH THE WHILE ALL MY LOVE TO CATHY Joe Lauricella 22 Magua Ave., Newton Warren, Beals, Marine Corps Remember: Printing Mr. Moore Dave Fire Man clay omni MC Whale the worst years of my life at NNHS All the kids in Palmer Will: Dedicate my life to the United States Marine Corps 1 Julie A. Leonard 372 Waltham St., W. Newton Daniel M. Likely 77 Newill Rd., Auburndale John B. MacDonald 24 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, college Every Day is a Good Day to be born, a Good Day to die, and a Good Day to graduate. Remember Girls and Boys Swim Teams, Evie, Mark, and Billy Robert C. MacLellan 88 Waltham St., W. Newton Robin M. Martell 29 Hunter St., W. Newton Joseph G. Martin 10 Doris Cir., Newton Robert W. Matthews “Bob” 67 Columbia Ave., Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrook, Adams, Cullinary Institute of America To live your life in your way ... to reach for the goals you have set for yourself to be the you that you want to be. That is success. Goodbye to all and good luck. Bruce McKee 33 Parsons St., W. Newton Karen L. Meredith 108 Crescent St., Auburndale Carol Meyer 47 Kensington St., Newtonville Yes again! Endings are painful begin- nings in disguise. Patric T. Monahan 16 Wilson Cir., Newton Highlands Robert D. Moriarty 95 Pearl St., Newton Michael Murphy 73 Derby St., W. Newton Terrance D. Nash 94 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Paul J. Natale 26 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre James L. Norton 299 California St., Newton Glenn W. Nourse 405 Cherry St., W. Newton John A. O’Brian 49 Charles St., Auburndale William F. O’Brian 12 Academy Rd., Newton William T. O’Brian 48 North Gate Pk., W. Newton Nazareno C. Paglia 74 Boyd St., Newton Anthony J. Parkas 324 Adams St., Newton Alphonso Peters 26 Greenbriar St., Dorchester Roy A. Peters 283 Tremont St., Newton Peter J. Psychoghios 166 Hillside Rd., Watertown Shelby J. Robinson 2262 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Linda E. Romano 90 Webster St., W. Newton Helena M. Sampson 29 Concolor Ave., W. Newton David A. Samuels 169 Park St., Newton Shahryar Sanieoff 8 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Lawrence Seymour 511 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Thomas F. Shannon III " Bang-Bang” 91 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college — R.O.T.C. To all the people who hang around at Riley stairs goodbye and good luck. It was hard to come to the high school as a senior but to all the people who helped me thank you. Bye Newton North, Shadhs Tom Emily A. Shaver 18 Sewall St., W. Newton Jeff Shick 21 FairviewSt., Newton Bigelow, Barry, Harvard Always remember H.R. 3104 L218 Barry commons 3392 Mr. Mechem’s office 2 124 Ronald C. Spiers 52 Byfield Rd., Waban Julie Stevens 121 Winsor Rd., Waban Anna M. Sumegi 6 Channing St., Newton Steven M. Sweeney 992 Greendale Ave., Needham Falls Tyler E. Sweet 15 Shaw St., W. Newton John W. Tadman 115 Newtonville Ave., Newton Nancy Terranova 595 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Ruben Torres 24 Adams St., W. Newton Mary C. Tropeano 7 Morse St., Watertown Donald Uhlmann " Insane” 85 Farlow Rd., Newton St. Marks, Bacon, American College of Switzerland SPECIALTHANXMrClarkMSteinert MWeisbrodGOODLUCKHKMKHiM OM ANASTSIALIVESRIGHTDrG?B ESTOFLUCKSTEW,KEVININSANIT YISFUNMOJLUCHSHIDRUGMVH I SASPAGETTISPITTINGBEZDELNI K Tommy Vecchil “Vech” 957 Trapelo Rd., Waltham Kennedy, Beals, electrician Good Times in Palmer House Always will forget MB LD KC CM DF JB CC BW TB DA JS JC MT VP DT JL HATES the bridge Remember the river Don’t be cruel the fingers the river rats SD GD LZ SA EC ET BB 68 Wayne R. Walton 223 Church St., Newton Frederick J. Wells 31 Homer St., Newton Centre Mark E. Worringham 407 Dedham St., Needham Kham Xayyavongsa " cHanH PHeng” 25 Winter St., Newton Upper Falls Adams, work When I graduate from high school I would like a job in the field of welding or autobody. I have enjoyed the opportunity to study here and this has made me very happy. Khamseng Xayyavongsa 25 Winter St., Newton Upper Falls Beals, work I would like to do work in the field of autobody or welding. I have enjoyed studying here very much and I have learned a lot. Bee Yang 30 Wesley St., Newton Vue Yang 30 Wesley St., Newton Xai Yang " Cheng Hun” 30 Wesley St. , Newton Brighton, Adams, post grad. THE GOOD TIMES IN ADAMS HOUSE SCRIPTS Every morning at 1 1:00, the cast breaks for fifteen minutes, a period of time better known as homeroom. Cast members may use this time to study scripts, chat with directors and co-stars, and catch up on studio gossip. However, NNHS, Inc. requires that actors remain in their assigned lounges for the entire fifteen minutes. Homeroom is important because not only does it provide casual relaxation within a harried day, but also unites actors and actresses of differing socio-economic and intellectual groups. “Who has the notices?” “This is Josh Waldorf with the Newtonite news.” “I can’t believe she gave me a cut slip.” “No, I haven’t seen Sue . . . yeah, David’s here today.” “The library is a pain in the neck. I returned that book months ago.” “Will everyone shut up? I have to study for a test I’m taking next block.” “How was your weekend? I went to the wildest party . . “Did I get any mail today?” “We’ve had to fill out these stupid registration cards a hundred times.” “Can we leave yet?” “Do you have first or second lunch?” “Hey, what’s happening this weekend?” “I do NOT owe $52.00 for my soccer uniform!” “You’re kidding! I thought they were still going out.” “Have a nice weekend!” “If you’re late one more time . . “Linda to house office . . . Now!” “Are you selling M M’s?” “Hey . . . Mr. Stephens, will you buy a mug?” “Mr. Guild, do you have the key?” J 221 CABARET 222 UNDERSTUDIES 223 We’ve been together since way back when Sometimes I never want to see you again But I want you to know After all these years You’re still the one I want whisperin’ in my ear You’re still the one No matter what you said Still the one that turns my head We’re still having fun And you’re still the one. Looked at your face everyday But, I never saw you till I went away You’re still the one that makes me laugh Still the one that’s my better half Still the one that makes me strong Still the one that I take along We’re still having fun And you’re still the one. Yes, you are changing Our love is going gold Even it grows old, it grows new You’re still the one who can scratch my itch Still the one and I wouldn’t switch Still the one that makes me shout Still the one I dream about We’re still having fun And you’re still the one. THE COMMISSARY “Okay, it’s 11:15. Let’s break for unch.” The famished members of the :ast throng to join the mob eagerly waiting to purchase the delicious meals Drepared by the gourmet cooking staff Df NNC. Neither pushing nor shoving will deter this hungry bunch. After a hard morning of work, the cast appreciates this opportunity to relax and enjoy a good meal. 225 COMEDIANS TECHNICAL ASSISTANCE 228 229 PLAYBACKS 230 232 TAKES d THE CRITICS’ CHOICES Bl s Music Groups 1. Rolling Stones 2. Earth, Wind, and Fire 3. J. Geils Band 4. The Who 5. Bob Seager 6. Led Zeppelin 7. James Taylor 8. Lynyrd Skynyrd 9. Jim Hendrix 10. The Cars Television General Hospital M A S H Saturday Night Live Soap Starsky and Hutch Eight is Enough Hart to Hart Dallas Three’s Company Actors 1. Robert Redford 2. Dustin Hoffman 3. Paul Newman 4. Clint Eastwood 5. Al Pacino 6. Burt Reynolds 7. Robin Williams 8. Alan Alda 9. Robert DeNiro 10. Sylvester Stallone Movies 1. Caddyshack 2. Ordinary People 3. Rocky 4. Kramer vs. Kramer 5. Fame 6. Animal House 7. Breaking Away 8. Blues Brothers 9. Private Benjamin 10. Airplane Song s 1. Freebird Lynyrd Skynyrd 2. Another One Bites the Dust Queen 3. Stairway to Heaven Led Zeppelin 4. Reasons Earth, Wind, and Fire 5. Sweet Home Alabama Lynyrd Skynyrd 6. Won’t Get Fooled Again The Who 7. He’s So Shy Pointer Sisters 8. Touch and Go The Cars 9. Baba O’Reilly The Who 10. Wishing On A Star Rose Royce S Actresses 1. Jane Fonda 2. Sally Fields 3. Cheryl Ladd 4. Bo Derek 5. Meryl Streep 6. Lonnie Anderson 7. Jaclyn Smith 8. Barbara Streisand 9. Marsha Mason 10. Miss Piggy RAVE REVIEWS Lunch 1. Pizza 2. Turkey 3. Taco 4. Salad bar 5. Ice cream 6. Hamburger 7. Grilled Cheese 8. McDonald’s 9. Tuna on Syrian 10. Lasagna 237 TECHNI-COLOR THE SETS ZEPPELIN 240 241 242 244 245 Scripts Typical lines from a daily shooting in Newton. Set: The House Office I didn’t skip — I felt sick and went to the nurse! It’s his fault; he hit me first. I was there. The teacher just didn’t see me. I overslept. The bus never came. All the clocks are wrong in this school, so how do you expect me to be on time? My guidance counselor was helping me solve an identity crisis. Of course I have more than twenty-two blocks filled. Set: The Classroom I’m doing this for your own good. This is an easy quiz, isn’t it? Stop writing on the desks. Have you been paying attention? Class began four minutes ago. At least you could come in quietly. No, you can’t go to lunch yet. There’s one minute left. You’re on the borderline ... but I think I’ll give you the benefit next time. Do you have a pass? You should be able to read this novel in one evening. And now, for a little quiz . . . Set: At Home Did you do all your homework? No, you can’t have the car. Set: The Library Only four to a table. Be quiet or leave. Would you prefer to work in a conference room? How was your day? I know you’re under pressure now. Suppertime!! When I was in high school . . . I suppose the TV helps you do your math. I need the phone. That book is out. That will be $1; it’s not amnesty week you know. Set: The Cafeteria Are you gonna eat your peaches? Got a dime? No food outside of the caf! Chocolate, coffee, skim, or plain? No frogurt today. Can I have your tray? Clean up that table. Are you sure that’s a hamburger? Set: Practice GO NEWTON . . . BEAT BROCKTON!! Let’s go! Ten laps around. Loosen up. Pride. One and two and three and . . . Are you asleep out there? Stick it! You’re not tired; you just think you are. Concentrate! Push off those legs . . . where are your muscles? Five more . . . c’mon, push yourself. Hustle .. the bus leaves in two minutes. Oh God!! Set: Main Street Please, muush! What block is next? I can’t believe she gave me a ‘B.’ You’re kidding. Any parties this weekend? It’s the third locker in the fourth row. Do you think we’ll have school tomorrow? Do you have E block free? Got your car today? I can’t believe how much work I have tonight. I just got a cut slip . . . Well, he told me that she said . . . Room 3225? It’s on the second floor of the third house. 248 mmm 249 Mveen me MevtoniaH «81 NEWTON NORTH SET 12 A - J NCT. SO0SOHH ACT POVKTISMENTS DMUopft Aft » Psoovcmw CtxtrC, toirva pm » |commemTs| Car oq IsIaHJi . boom Cr h£ Cros C- Sfaw , Lj as d " 7 lS y 7 !y (r.TKMl FILM 5 ] ©MCMlvXVI y TAKE $ To our families, friends, Newtonian staff, and everyone else who helped us — We thank you!! THE NEWTONIAN EDITORS 252 A reminder to the class of 1981 that our 10th year reunion will be on June 10, 1991. We will contact you with further details in 1990. Until then — take it easy! THE NEWTONIAN EDITORS Commonwealth Driving Ntwtofi - - Saving NMdham School ft afl wirroundkif towns 3 Washington St. Wellesley 237-5010 Driver Education Teaching All Ages Special Care for Nervous and Elderly Reasonable Rates Free Pick-Up Service and Permit Instructions Day and Evening Appointments Licensed by Registrar of Motor Vehicles CAREFREE GREENERY Plants and Flowers for All Occasions Corsages Arrangements Flowering and Foliage Plants 1280 Washington St., West Newton 244-8358 JHUDDIM eRic srevens ♦ OjuJtfilfa iA foi Outfitters For Young Men Tel. 969-4910 Tel. 332-3320 32 LANGLY ROAD • NEWTON CENTRE. MA 02159 Dial 332-2487 NEWTON CAR RADIO • Car Radio Sales and Service • CB Radios • Car Stereo Systems • Auto Alarms 873 Walnut St. Newton Centre, Mass. THE BUSY BEES 965-4599 Party Goods and Cake Decorating Supplies 1304 Washington Street, West Newton, MA 02165 (617) 527-9595 964-0135 BEACON SHELL STATION Service is our Business Frank Roberts 1099 Beacon St. Owner Newton, MA 02161 CONVENIENT FOOD mart OPEN 7HAVS TILMIOMITE THE FRIENDLIEST STORE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Whatever you want us to be. West Newton Savings Bank West Newton, 244-2000; Wayland, 358-5116; Sudbury, 443-8831 Lincoln, 259-0510; Sherbom, 655-6077. Congratulations Class of 1981 ROBERTS PRINTING CO. INC. 1271 Washington St. West Newton, MA 02165 332-0650 255 iVRVA SQUARE TRADING COMPANY Name Brands at Reduced Prices 1255 Centre St. Nick Derany Newton Centre, MA 02159 Tel. 969-0005 1280 Centre Street Piccadilly Square ppeupj Newton Centre, Ma 02159 TEL: (617) 332-551 1 beauty EUROPEAN SKIN CARE facials waxing make-up manicure massage steam bath total body beauty from face to fingertips (617) 527-0100 GOOD VEAR TIRE SERVICE OF WEST NEWTON INC. COMPLETE CAR SERVICE MIKE KEEFE PETER CONNAN 979 WATERTOWN ST. W. NEWTON, MA 02165 KEN KAYE KRAFTS m ■ fetsu : : -- A Rainbow of Arts and Crafts Supplies, Colors, Ideas and Information 863 Washington Street Newtonville, Mass. Phone 527-1206 NEWTONVILLE PIZZA INC. 322 Walnut Street Newtonville, Mass. For Fast Service Call Us Ahead and Your Order Will Be Ready When You Arrive Compliments of SPARKLE CLEANERS Tel. 969-9842 Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders and Greek Salads Try Our Specialties — Thank You Price Subject to Change 308 Walnut St. Newtonville 527-7343 Owned and Operated by a Tennis Professional ADOLPH’S SHOP 1280 Centre Street For At Piccadilly Square Tennis, Squash, Newton Centre, Mass. 02159 Racquetball and Running 617-964-6633 Adolph Thomas Demo Program Member U.S.-P.T.A. Same Day Strining Telephone 964-3577 Wholesale 442-4292 JOHN DEWAR CO. INC. Quality Meats Fred Donovan John W. Dewar 753 Beacon Street Bonita L. Welch Newton Centre, MA 02159 EASTMAN’S FLOWER SHOP “Quality and Service Since 1934” 340-342 Walnut St. Newtonville Telephone 244-8150 — 244-6781 Specializing in Exclusive Imported Baby Furniture Carriages, Toys and Accessories Plants — Greeting Cards — Candles Our Address: 97 Union St. — in Piccadilly Square Our Phone Number Newton Centre, MA 02159 617 332-8486 “A Portion Paradise " — Herald American ★★★ Discover an Outstanding Restaurant Right in Your Neighborhood See our inflation fighter luncheon specials! 870 Walnut St., Newton Four Corners — Take Out Orders 969-2240 Call Your Orders Before You Leave Home They Will Be Ready on Arrival Delicious Pizzas and Hot Oven Grinders Thank You! BILL’S HOUSE OF PIZZA 753 Beacon St. Newton Center, Mass. Phone: 964-1116 Congratulations Class of 1981 Custom Framing JEWELS OF THE DRAGON Beautiful Jewelry at Sizeable Savings 1280 Centre Street Joyce Yaffe Newton Center, Mass. 02159 Shop: 964-9319 Cords Stationery Gift Wrap Candles Party Goods • Books • School Supplies 1170 Walnut Street Doris T Hannon Newton Highlands. MA 02161 Tanti Auguri per la Classe dell’ ’81 dal Circolo Italiano di NNHS (617) 332-3578 Steven Dangel NEWTON CENTRE MUSIC SHOP 839 Beacon Street Newton Centre, MA 02159 Phonograph Records and Tapes Sheet Music and Books Guitar and Drum Instruction Musical Instruments Rented and Sold evin ax Hair Design Diamonds — Watches — Gifts HENDRICKEN BROS. INC. 244-0176 2094 Comm Ave Auburndale, Mass Jewelers Forty-five Lincoln Street Newton Highlands, Mass. 02161 Telephone Area Code 617 527-6661 Compliments of CARBEAU CUSTOM KITCHENS, INC. 1347 Washington St. West Newton, MA 02165 527-6300 Records, Tapes, Video MiUUi oaad uibrotiano 9004 uibcotiono TICKETBON® Marshall’s Shopping Ctr. 281 Needham St., Newton Mass. 02164 969-3445 CorvgrrxtuVa.tior ClaSS of 1181 Ddiiciouslce Gam and frozen Fml Yojurt TheIce Cream snackshwc Can Have ASmck ! 331 W4LVUJ6T. nJevdTOHVlLLE ' A 14 f Tel. 244-1040 HARRIS CYCLERY 1294 Washington St. West Newton, MA 02165 Says: Creative Knitting 22 Lincoln St. 527-3122 25 KEMPTON PLACE WEST NEWTON, MASS. Mon - Fri. 9:30-9:30 Sat 9:00-6:00 Phone 332-6300 Fine Footwear end Sporting Goods For the Entire Family et Discount Prices Research Planning Institute, inc. 137 Main St., Cambridge, MA 02142 KOREA HOUSE Authentic Korean Cuisine 57 Union Street Newton Centre, Massachusetts Telephone 244 6538 Oriental and Spicy Foods Compliments of TOWNSEND OFFICE EQUIPMENT AND SUPPLIES 259 Complete Starter and Alternator Foreign and American 445 Cambridge St. Allston, MA 02134 782-3422 441 Watertown St. Newton, MA 02158 527-2476 BOTTOM ROW: Shara Lewis, Shelley Langdale, Steven Drew, Robert Autor, Toby Goldberg. MIDDLE ROW: Erik Corwin, David Israel, Deborah Kantar, Linda Gheewalla, Ellen Lenson, Susan Maslan, Anya Toomre. BACK ROW: Richard Callanan, Philip Caldicott, Wendy Fai, Rachel Jacobson. 260 This Presentation Has Been Sponsored by The Bettmanns Alex Busansky Lisa Chin Herbert Cohen Cornelius W. Dineen II Charles and Diane Eisenberg Mr. and Mrs. David Epstein Dr. and Mrs. Kenneth R. Falchuk Mr. and Mrs. Robert Fisher Mr. and Mrs. John Fox French Friends Forever Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Galton Dr. and Mrs. Russi and Edith Gheewalla Elizabeth Meyer Glaser Paul Michael Glazer Samuel and Dorothy Glaser Mr. and Mrs. A. Gorsky Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Graves The Heinstein Family Frank and Deborah Howard Jennifer M. Huntington Jeff Idelson Constance and William Kantar Mr. and Mrs. Peter Karoff Danny Katz The Krakowski Family Mr. and Mrs. Nathaniel Lenson Leo E. MacDonald Robert Malone Mr. and Mrs. Richard Mase The Maymans Peter McCann Douglas McGowan Mrs. Donald Miller Robert and Carol Nagel Debbie and Michael Offner Kathy Owen Carol Marie Pendergast Carole K. Pendergast Joan Pendergast John Pendergast Lee Pendergast Mark J. Pendergast Michael K. Pendergast Ned Pendergast William L. Poliak Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Ronehinsky Dr. and Mrs. Stanley Rosenberg Mrs. Rosemary Samuel John Scanlon Sydra and Lowell Schnipper The John Ward School Dr. and Mrs. E. Manning Sears Hugh H. Sennott Anne Stahl Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sudalter Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Sudalter Sue and Paul Sullivans Susan Testa Mr. and Mrs. Tiberio The Wards Sue Warschauer Mr. and Mrs. James Wei Well Wisher Sylvia Worters Fear; it’s an amazing thing, Wraps its arms around you, Smothers your breath, Holds your heart in the palm of its hand . . . Thrills your life to death. Hello from Hollywood — P.M.G. — 332 Walnut St., Newtonville • 969-3118 Hnmprnnm 44RR LcBARCN HARDWARE SERVICE everything in QUALITY uumn 2O0S Commonwealth ave. AUBURNDALE, MASS 02166 TEL (617) 527-1036 TUESDAY THROUGH SATURDAY I I 00 A M TO 9 00 R M PHONE 969-4979 Tom ' s Pizza and Sandwich Shop 423 LEXINGTON STREET AUBURNDALE. MASS 02168 THOMAS H. DOSWELL ROBERT W DOSWELL Watch Repairing tel. 244-1498 ' MUV S ou iet JANE S. MURPHY TEL 244-7750 Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 1 4 Ume IUlOOIIIt GIIIDUIiril)ll GIFTS D. W. cAml s.z±on JEWELER 329 Auburn St. auburndale. mass. 02166 D 1633 BEACON ST. WABAN, MASS. 02168 THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY Established 1885 Robert M. Levine, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 349 Auburn St., Auburndale, Mass. Phone 244-2794 Sales and Rentals on Medical Supplies Convalescent Aids We Carry a Complete Line of Ostomy Supplies Parents Know Where Your Teenagers Received Their Driver Education CAM’S AUTO SCHOOL Waltham’s Oldest Driving School Also: Teaching Adults — All Ages Cam drivers are safe, competent and courteous, because you are our prime interest. 976 Main St., Waltham 894-1086 Keep Rolling Toward Success! Best Wishes NNHS Class of ' 81 ! SPINCff NEWTON MARRIOTT HOTEL Commonwealth Avenue at Rt. I 28 and the Massachusetts Turnpike 145 Ipswich St., Boston 437-0000 New England’s Finest Rollerskating 263 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1981 Our sincerest congratulations and best wishes for a successful future to the Newton North class of 1981. The Gheewalla Family William and Constance Kantar and Family Danger — Nuclear War We must act now to prevent World War III. 1. Participate in the democratic process to prevent nuclear war now. 2. Arrange to have this message distributed to as many people as possible. 3. Obtain more information on he medical consequences of thermonuclear war or make a tax-deductible contribution to educate others about these dangers by writing to: PHYSICIANS FOR SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY, INC. P.0. Box 144 Watertown, MA 02172 264 Congratulations Class of 1981 NEWTON CULTURAL AFFAIRS COMMISSION AND ADVISORY BOARD What’s Done Is Fun Our Best to the Class of 1981 Dan and Shar FASHION RACK 965-2746 310 Walnut St., Newton the Midst of Winter We Discovered in Ourselves an Invincible Summer” 266 PURDY VANTINE STUDIO 531 Pleasant St. Brockton, Mass. 02401 267 268 269 bo .MjexmJL. cfM , y c ' ' loC cf ' sn Jzo TTUAd C H . U O-nJL cZ M 3 sT cX f ruyXA_J j ZtJji o f Zoycjy i ZzJ- _9 lyftZtSlA . . cu y r A " Mns, Leone .-i- Cor) -truly rx u tf u One yJu CLnd arazu " x xreWu J Btd 5£rtou3 . . c oh n xT -Mi ' nkl cubexx I- uOiJi e bt’en nsoXtu -to nx n L 1 fr -for U,e if .] Sv £ -S cr 0 j 7 0 5 5 0 5 o fcu V2 CA - 3 6 fie cxrfy £ XV 7 ? i $5 h zrinsj (j 0 u 3 dlHptj ' voidL jLAjffj tocrni ' na. J XaK r $ X CA V 0 o n nO -JL 5 -t, - ,-C _C i a u yy T Q Cr g q, Qj X cJ X X it) O W $ o o n ' V 5 cr o $ Qj r o u V x. ZU f) A O X V 1 1 0 On 3 7 - ■ - n c l 0 v ' 7 JZQD 1 v . J rrv , • ) WX - L3 JXrC OOA- ' Su f oHy rj Cuo -Jj JUn o O- ' ' T f UsUrl r-- ’ t ' V Xrr-t- — u oL A- . ; Jcm ' 0 t l J L 0 L A tso 3 - ftUs ' C cl ' y u b ' • JW, c X 270 y? „- y y c , - v -yXj, ky h AUTOGRAPHS " C , y Sh % jC " ' P pY r f -v 3 °y jy - y y . . ? 4 C - jzy ' ,v jjS t c tA Jjr y( K r -V v- - L- , V V x2f Cr sc er r y 7 1 y y % ,y yr vg yy V } r k y c SL p 0 V 7 A: , v Cr • £- f.iA 0 r a J w y yX V 9- ' yp y?r v $ X y sC y 0 yy o 0 s - V 1 ’ » °T y y ,p J- y y yy y 272 V if] AWhl c lr3£ ’j| _ 1 . 1 1 Uf i

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