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 - Class of 1980

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Text from Pages 1 - 280 of the 1980 volume:

N avsmw-' Av 1, ff-4 .fi - 5 ,1 Q 1 , . 4'1: f4A55iL'l-A. M' "01-"AUX P L' ', 'l y N- I 1, .' , U -'V 1 "A r -f Hfglwrqq X' the 'a 'K Tlvg f' sf! J .43"' . 'ffgfjgkiaatgw A+? Q 'FQ J gf' wx! gal' -4' NEVVTC?-3 TZCZFF LSBRAFIY NEWTGN MASS. 1, V , ,,,. 5 +5T?i5fg'. " . a, 'S'bfUs ' ' ' ' -if-1 fri- . -,q. .vf?2.??p - 3 . , ' ,ff-,f ,ge .Q ' ...tiff ,.'y,-" ' vi ' if. ffaf' 'S-'WWW w ff-, -file --- wr- - . , tx- A - 1.-Magi' .,-., ifsi, NJQQ in -' 4' , A ,uf , .rsiilfhif '- .f,,:!w..-I ,N 2 ul- ' U N . I' 1 '.,"'?f':' 'W V " .-Wk' l " 'il' 3.24 g1q"'f"". 51 13' . , ' 1 ,nf ,.-f, ft' Mmm . f, ,A K. ,V - ,, ,qfqv ' ' .lj , , 4 vb. ,f g,,.,mb its A , ,Wi 3,15 ff 1' ' ' f ' T ts, T45 "!"',""'-1. " ' f- N,"5.33f'f'ff'Y'15f',"'f 4' '21 'fp A 'tw' Q p ffl? 1'-vfgk if My 'tr f '.j"i'?' 1-'Mk JW? ' 'f?'1L1x" ,P-1-f , 1-'N?ff', fc' 'Q 24' 'A :gg "' ,,f,'-wtitvgt " ..,c 3 , fry-'f .fy xv Y T gizjgsff mfg .Sf v , '.V14f',.gaf xgsumf, , ,, ,, A ,Q-s , ,s Z' 'WS"Hf'41f' fi ff vw gy F' ', . ,If f -' igf, 'vi fSZg?ww3..,.:, 5-3 T, f 4 'L , 'Z if 1' Y " k"3-if aiu f Q . ,mass f .- 2fF'V'5f 'FVJ9 if L ' 5 f - figs.. 51 Ki! 9 :A-if ' . .. 1 ' f A -,..s. ff A "Wifi - ' V- , , "'W"""'i"""""t""""""""""3" in I 1... -, .4 gf.. i , Qlrt .Q Q . 'gh-glifzft - V A 14" I' -',B3,, ,-,, -.fe--,'f-Lf' - ,ffw--vvvqaunvz., -numb-If "af NEWTCDNIAN 1980 t Nevvtoh North I-Hgh School 360 Lowell Avenue 1 t Nevvtohville, Massachusetts 02160 I 'W' if l I I a i ! TABLE CDF CGNTENTS Adrnrnrstratrpn and Faculty Arts and Theatre Puplreatrpns and Clubs Sppns Senrpr Seetron Advertisements page P3539 P3239 D399 page 172 page 248 -in .4 'I 'Z zu' dy H -'Y f ,- I a H I ,LI - ,.:- n R. . I 'V , ,mf IU' 5,313 1 u 9 , fX5m1Ml5CR7SqC10N ANG mculcy AARON PINK 1,1 ' . - "y, 3 ,lf Y' Ana 'Elin Aaron Fink has been Superintendent of Newton Schools since 1969. A graduate of Rutgers and Harvard Uni- versities, Mr. Fink worked as a high school principal in Stoughton, Massachusetts, Schenectady and Scarsdale, New York prior to coming to Newton. For many years he taught summers and part-time in the graduate schools of education at the University of New Hampshire, Northeastern and Harvard. How to extend education in an era of fiscal austerity is a particularly challenging problem to Mr. Fink. He feels strongly that expanding education at both ends of the spectrum -for young children and for adults - opens up new opportunities for public education. Educating older and younger people together, such as in the program of adults attending regular courses at Newton North during the regular school day, is of great interest to him. "Per- haps some day we will not think of schools being organized between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. for students between the ages of five and eighteen," he says. "Formal education - or schooling - will start at an earlier age, will be life-long and will be had at times and in places that provide for the needs of the whole popula- tion," Mr. Fink is still nostalgic about being a school principal, a time in his career when he could work more closely with students and teachers in areas of their concern. "With 27 schools to visit my observations and contacts in the schools are sporadic at best," he says. "Sometimes I feel as though l'm a part of everything and yet not a part of that which really matters, the relationship between teachers and students." As superintendent, Mr. Fink observes that in Newton he has worked with a staff superior to any he has encoun- tered elsewhere. "The responsiveness of the students at Newton North to the tremendous opportunities made available to them has helped to make this an exciting place to teach, as well as to learn. The Class of '80 can be proud of the part it has played in maintaining this cIimate." Richard Mechem has been the principal of Newton North High School since 1960. Born in Evanston, lllinois, he attended Illinois public schools, St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, and Harvard College from which he graduated with honors. He also attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he received a Masters Degree. Mr. Mechem worked as a teacher, housemaster, and a coach of St. Paul's School, and held the position of Director of Studies there for two years. He then acted as principal of Walnut Hills High School in Ohio before coming to Newton. As Principal, Mr. Mechem has a vast amount of responsibilities. He supervises the curriculum, the house plan, and various student activities. Mr. Mechem also discusses the school's problems and possible solutions with students, parents, faculty, department heads and housemasters. Facilitating changes and improvements at Newton North is a large and demanding facet of Mr. Mechem's total job responsibility. Through his training and experience, Mr. Mechem has acquired a strong personal commitment to the indi- vidual, along with knowledge, skill, and a sense of humor. Although the ultimate responsibility of the school is his, Mr. Mechem is always ready to listen to the ideas of others, and is willing to lend his support and leader- ship. ? - , ' TV 2 5 , M ff Z 1 'iflvii wi If X 4 W ii ffz fa ff' 'Q fa mf: f 1 'f J. ,iQ,,,?Z.,, ,fx r ' ' '. ,af RICHARD IVIECHEIVI Atwood P. Dunham, North's Assistant Principal, is directly in charge of the day-to-day running of the school. His responsibilities include scheduling, grade reporting, overseeing extracurricular activi- ties, and graduation. The problems of vandalism and discipline also fall under Mr. Dunham's jurisdic- tion. Having attended Wesleyan and Boston Univer- sities, Mr. Dunham has the strong background essential for a good administrator. In his sixteen years at Newton North, Mr. Dunham has concerned himself particularly with the Open Campus program and the vandalism situation which he is working continuously to correct. Mr. Dunham is always try- ing to improve the system, and thus, has "never experienced a dull moment!" """""""""" ZS! v.-.val N DAN IVIALIA Ken Temkin is Administrative Assistant to Newton North High School, and the Newton School Department. Mr. Temkin attended both Boston University and George Washington University. He began working for the School Department in 1975, and in 1976 he took on the additional responsibility of Newton North. Mr. Temkin's services include administering supplies and equipment, budgets, purchases, and insurance, along with overseeing the bursar's office and the business facets of the Newtonite. A z 1 tl u ig . . ATVVOOD P. DUNHAIVI Dan Malia is in charge of both Newton's city-wide and Newton North's Technical-Vocational Programs. He attended Gorham State College, the University of Con- necticut, Harvard and Boston Universities. Mr. Malia, a former Riley Housemaster, was chosen for his present position by Superintendent Fink when Mr. Fink began plans to incorporate the Tech-Voc. Department into the high school. Mr. MaIia's job also involves him in the Work Study, Home Economics, and Business Programs throughout the Newton School System. L . Ik., KEN TEIVIKIN rs si , x ff!! Elinor Andler - aa in Meg Connolly ! rams A Q-def 5 ' 1 . M ',.4,1+f,:f',,, li H... li' l 'I Marie Esposito is ,E Elsie McDermott Swv' SECFRETAFRIES M Axfw- ' V Rljx E f 1- 5 wa was Ann Caggiano Barbara Coffee Eugenia Copeland Marie Danca ulI""" si' any 5 359. Frances Goodman Elizabeth Linde l ' ' 5 Mary Miskella Sandra Webber Aliinf. BAHHY HOUSE In 1953, Dr. Leo J. Barry, for whom Barry, the yellow house was named, became principal of Newton High School. During this time he enhanced the relationship between the school and the community by sponsoring the Newton High School Parent-Teacher-Student Associ- ation, and by coordinating a Citizens Secondary School Study Program. He won the continuing affection and respect of those who worked with him and of the students he taught by precept, direction, and example. Gail Stein, Barry Housemaster, sums up her experi- ences with the Barry House class of 1980. "The Barry House Senior Class is amazing in its diversity. Its talents include concert musicians, outstanding athletes, gifted artists, actors and scholars, and fine school citizens. It has been a pleasure to know and work with the members ofthis class." - - 1 it A. - un-A S I ' ' 'is' V , l 5,n .. Evil ' H- A X 5 . V :' I ,h h .. - -i .i X-Y-54' ' ' gig .. S at 3, ,- ' 'G Ruth Ginsberg Marrie Kenney BEALS HOUSE Beals, the light green house, was named after John N. Beals. Mr. Beals provided guidance as principal of Newton's first "pure high school" which opened its doors in 1859. With a limited staff of one assistant and two teachers he met the challenge of providing college and non-college programs for the seventy-five stu- dents enrolled. The high hopes ofthe School Commit- tee were reflected in these words: "We shall watch this experiment anxiously, but hopefully, leaving the results to speak for themselves." "Today the house is used to provide a home base for the student within a large school. However, it is the students' personal involvement which makes the high school a meaningful experience," said Housemaster Meredith Ghattas. B2 9? Esther Aronson Silverman Katherine Dililusso is l l l l i l l l l 1 l Aomvis HousE , Adams, the dark green house, was named for Enoch Case Adams. Mr. Adams was principal of Newton North High School from 1897-1921. During his 25 years as prin- I cipal Adams was known for his remarkable foresight and 5 wisdom in the handling of school activities and interscho- lastic athletics. He believed strongly inthe characteristics of integrity and honesty, and was known for his love of truth and justice, Even the football game would not begin ' until Enoch Adams had taken his place at the fifty yard 1 line. Mr. Gaudet, Adams Housemaster, echoed these objectives by stating that, "Adams House continues the Q tradition of Mr. Adams. The Adams House experience is designed to make young people mature adults." l Norman Gaudet, Housemaster 1 4 v i lm l L A i 1 -Q. nf' t l f ,J 5 ll lt if ' l 9044140-'01 v-'nn . , I I i , .X I. M. v i l Florence Festinger Florence Taplin l l A v, ,- I 4 .I . . lf 'Q f I. , ,. - , - -'cv--'Q fs-Q Richard Adams, Housemaster it PALMER HOUSE Palmer, the blue house, was named in honor of Irving O. Palmer, the first principal of the new Technical High School which was built in 1910. In his position of leader- ship, Palmer introduced a system of personal guidance for all students in the school. ln 1923, the Classical and Technical programs were consolidated, and in 1928, Mr. Palmer became principal of the combined school. During his term, which lasted until 1932, he continued the unifi- cation process. Housemaster Richard Adams feels that Palmer House has an outstanding staff and student body. The goal of this staff is to help each student to reach his or her maxi- mum potential and to extend a supporting hand wherever necessary. Helen Leone 5'iw ti ' Q4 ,W X -l A if wg 1 Q 5 4 O 9 1 L 'I .' A it J Marge Ffluggiero RILEY I-IGUSE Riley, the purple house, was named after Cora E. Riley. Ms. Riley was the first director of guidance at Newton North, and served as such from 1930-1948. Ms. Riley was noted for her self-discipline, honesty, and true affection for the student body, her associates, and the entire com- munity. Housemaster Scottie Guild outlined his goals for the house this year, "We would like the kids to learn how to be accountable and more social. We hope they develop identification with the house and the school. We would also like to offer the appropriate amount of freedom and responsibility to the Riley House students on a class basis." Jan Margolin Edyth Raymond Thomas Ryan, Housemaster hu ta 'H , it A E O I , 5. Pat Caira BACGN HOUSE Bacon, the red house, was named for Francis Leonard Bacon. Mr. Bacon became the director of secondary edu- cation in 1924, and then held the position of Assistant Superintendent of Newton Schools until 1927. Mr. Bacon is credited with the establishment of the Newtonite, the "Orange Book," the construction of Dickinson Stadium, and the unification into one high school of the classical, technical, and vocational divisions. New Housemaster Thomas Ryan clearly states his goals for Bacon House in this way, "Ultimately, to help all of us work together to make our lives at Newton North more complete." r-bf? K ff , 1. Celestine Saleeby P' -.a T' 12 ff 1 11 1 10 Z 10 Z 12. I1 7 q 7 fL Z 1, . 1 V A, H b -' .ww.. .ixww .1-,'f'4"W,",,Qg,l11'f"'-f-WW .' iw' V V ' , ,. ,. 1 1 1.-5,345 me-f'1' ,,,. , :y y '51 V iw M V-1:14. X 7' I Z ' ,A ,uf ,, 2:4 ,,:, . WN, "' "-- - ' , V fw -gf za--, W -f+'.:1f,swf'u 1 11" 5' 1' vez, n 1' 'v -' 1 A 1 r 5 .1 'W '- " ' " ' " - ' H - w-nfl 1111:--: . .w. 19311 - ' "'?, ,, ,,,, , 1- ' fm W- 1f, 1 1 1- if ,E QS?" ' 1,1. Q, N1 qq.q, A1004 "" ENGLISH 1 1 ' Q 1 f, 1' 1 ff Y r 3 ..-Qs. , , ' 'furlii' 5 i" ,.-' v- , h , "ff . .. . ya I Q Us fit r ,M i is 1 It I ' 1 if X - xn.. , P , t r 44- Ant: ez' Q " 1 .- 'f' 5 ?,? A . ,L fy, ,rf .1 In 4 l f if I ,, . f v 4 'I , nd Mary I. Lanigan qDept. Headb Florine S. Borden Stanley Bornstein I 1 , I "' : r r ' . in 5 .mx.,, ' fe . M r A 1 fu las. 23 . P 4 1. A A' 4. 'Y 1 x . .7 hi... George Bower George W. Bresnahan Donald Burroughs eff 5 F' I , . in . ,vw-'rib' . X V 'dl r. - a -A . ' wa. 4 , " f . f-df ' 5 f 4 . . ' "' . .1 X I n 5 In ,. V 4 ' if ,Q , I I I 1 1 1. If 1 I ' Rf' Peter A. Capodilupo Selma L. Crevoshay Ethlyn A. Davis g-v 'Y ,,,,...mI4"L"a 5, ... Uhr' 1 5.7 l 20 ,. ,, pg gg:-rg., jgl.i,E:j:g at gg Q ff br! 5' 'l5ff2,1ff",' is-Q : -mr. 5 ' f .I . B. '. ,R Q 1 --I, , 3 3 .wf,,4.t..:., Y gg. Va .A L,-. , A, H' - u 1' '. . "vw Z., Awimlf' " ' J - - 1 -.I V. . ,. . .ai Thomas S. DePeter Robert M. Dephoure Inez E. Dover John P. Fernandes Marilyn M. Hubbard Barbara C. Killion Lynn Montague Alison Kenney-Hall John S. Harris "N :nw .W G., .mn Ronald P. Ingalls Eileen J. Jones fr. , uygng, ,, Y . ff.- . -.,w'l'11. '-' . ':s'r?!31iw. "4" fs '- N Kathy LaShoto P David Long 3 H5 lg Q, 'inf' Ellen K. Moore Michael P. Papa 'll l,.. Q ez 41 Anna Radzukinas U 1 Tom Schaefer 'r ,f 4 5' r if fa 1 H ii rg., af- f r '. ' 5 Q :I ,fy W 3 -nf-'J J ru 4 ' Barbara Streibert I. , -v-ann. ...N mls.. -dxf! 4' , . W' 4. z 4 x 1, .--:ll K"'.u - f H - ,-. ,Q 5 'g t-VN, 513 .' vo '.v"v- : nr ',n. 1 1 . . ,159 , ., Q 5 ,Q f A C 'susan hi -' xxx. M .'-'fix I .gk .rg W f,, jgglif , Joseph P. Rigali ,:. Anne Serafin Sheila Tierney Burton Weiner Nancy Zimmet i l IVIATI-I ri" if f - - -1 5,1 1 A -w, 111.1 im Mary L. Sapienza CDept. Headj Ronald L. Barndt Miriam Blau I I mic' B ,, 1 Y- , 'f lwfu 'A J , gl .64 , fm ' ia, I .. we 327 gf ,lj ijt' i " 11, - I f :g at 1 fig gli !:?3'?l?f'2, "., :1y+1'.:j-:VNV 1 1 ff, fi ' .'fg',Q?:f2: I ri v a 2 111151 l l -i - 9. AP, : Ll- A X ,,f' , if 1- 5' , X Q 'AD kiln... Philip C. Bowman Charles G. Broming Richard J. Burke Y All il , Vfgf-Q ,ai 1? 6 af. - , B tiff. 'MJ , 0 K1 , . Zia ,swf 1 ai W Annette R. Carpenter Marilyn J. Donlan Marjorie Flanagan "W'F"l'2?WFiW"?i "II:W:.1r Esme Green Ina B. Heafitz Jo Ellen Hillyer if-LBS , Q- X .f i A 'f' 'va ,, Q Ki X f A ' ' A 1 gn-r..'i-'g. K9 ' ,- Q ., "' 4 f .1 .xXx X I , " i M 1 'igifqfr 7 'N ol Kathleen A. Hollowell Ilene S. Levitt Richard A. Mackler Flay Oglesby Lucy S. Flakov James Schreider if' S -aa-, Y'-A? W guuoU""""""' ,, , 43 wfqyfaqj , t- . J, Sharon L. Senk Paul Shapiro Florence N. Solomont -004 Raymond D. Stephens Jr. Christine Tadman SCI E N C E i Stuart Fi. Rist QDept. Headj r Y F i Ei Q3 5 1 if ifqhbj Jean C. Alfano David H. Belmarsh Frank D'Agostino i 1 i 1 i i Richard Duffy Ruth Fernandes David E. Geikie Deborah Gerstein Jane E. Glidden Virginia Ghattas I 4 I 1 1 4 1 w w 1 ' .XY SOCIAI STUDIFS 575. Edward Flossiter CDept. Headj Hill' 'Pb -I A A John J. Amoroso Henry H. Bolter Ronald M. Boucher ,' fr 7, ' 4. ' 411,0- 4 ,f "uc . lf, :.1fgg1-A--Q.. I , 1 Joseph Connolly Donald P. Crowley Nancy Dellmuth in 45 ,.... 1 ' Paula M. Evans Linda K. Glick Paul H. Gottlieb 27 ff' v-'W"'2' SWA. 'L emma- . X 56 , W7 if ff ,. P49 .33 ff if 1 FOREIGN LANGUAGE David Phelan fDept. Headj Richard A. Clark Esther Cohen Virginia Cox dgaf Franklin E. Davis Jean A. Degnon Claire W. Fenn Hilda Ft. Karp Janice Nardone William F. Paul Helen Saunders Russell C. Steinert N ., X , 1 Na if A Bette Steinmuller Maria L. Vallone Lucien Weisbrod Marlene Yesley TECHNICAL VGCATICDNAL xr Patrick Nicolas tDept. Headj David Barboza Louis Campbell i fa It gf' , .mae 'ir , Robert Carey Charles Day Alfred DiPoIi 1 Lf. 4. L' William Doherty William Freeman Stanley Gardner y l 521.4 L 6 'if ik Y x , . Gerald Hagarty Charles MacLeod H. Ward Manghue 'Wa we K H I av ,CW 'X A G 'A " E - l 'X .N sf Paul Moore Phillip Rousseau Charles Stevens Charles Texeira William Parmenter Q - Joseph Ryan James Sullivan Luciano Visco Ernest Fiepucci Edward Sahagian ff David Systrom 1 Stanley Wolaszek CQUNSFI QRS in ,29 'H . 1 1"- ff' 93. Robert S. Delulio CDept. Headj A l -AFL., Larry Allen Roberta Black Michael F. Bower Q gmii' Sara Danziger .rj l. , . , . J Lf, . n Samuel J. Grainger Robert J. Jackson Beverly Logan li i ti. ,rl rf an la -. 0 . Peter Mackie .lwizl -up fi .1 .g g . A J- - Ju- ?-:I ,,.i,p,,1. ME. . .n j' if we ' ' f. . . 'nj 'H "4 'ki' Ji 1 'if v I LQ . 'fu If , F ' 'fzzfkeeilillfsltfw '::ii:1i:tza:a.1 1-:T -:azzagegzzz 32 MyraS Tracntenberg ...- mx , ow 5 7' J f' A . Maureen Prokopy Dorinthe B. Sacks Jay B. Snape Florence Turner Mildred Williams Anne A. Wolf X BUSINESS Q 1 G . i ii: i 4... '4 x if 3 " ff 4, as 1-- 1,. ' Michael B. Gradone fDept. Barry G. Howland Headj 11:19 6:1 Mary H. Machakos John B. Meyer Anna C. Nolan MUSIC K . , 4. , , . f ' ' "ill, wwf' 1 , f 21. :fa L 4 If I Libby L. Resnick at . , ii' :E f'f9'QWl?Q' "' '. - ' "" 'klras ff 4 -if 5' 2 ' M .,., . Z , , egg .aw H fa: ggi ' f aff 1 fl -. H L it ,Z I - . 1 , 'N xl L5 V WSG 3 4 . , 1 f 443 - . . ig.-. is an-sf ff 1 mf' . ., E .f , ' ,Z in I ,Q It .e ' .V-an xff5fff2f'51"' A if .. ,' ' L - , ,, , ' Q . I 'P Q fn J , .Y ii.. ., wr, Q-V 1 N . . I if H I f if i if Q av Y -if ' -. , ' i i Y y- 'fini' -V Q ... ff .gs " .. . rf' Armando S. Rossi Rudolf J. Satlak Margaret A. Tavitian Q 51... . 13 f N i F' , My ,ff T , i .:fr1i!:., sg' f Eric Benjamin Thomas Leonard Ray Smith 33 PHYSKMM. mms N ,M - ,R EDUCAUGN J J Ns.-r "lair ,.. James A. Ronayne CDept. Headb Jennifer Collard ai, Vw ' - 'Av Mila' J-.5 ,, ' . . 'Y C +47 'HV J is , W . ,s N . ,- F . f' ' 'YR fi ff'Dv- Julia H. Cradle Louis DiNitto Maureen P. Enos 1 -. ., 1. , ' A , N l ' , A l MQ, gif i 4 , ,, -. ' I K l , h , ' 1 is ll E fx F ia-M, 1. J i Q . Q 'V A 4 P. N i 1 f A V y -J 9 if 2 V PF ,-str? S QP """"""'-w A W e lg, 'H'-6, ' irsss!f has ra Q George C. Jessup Benn H. Merritt Jerry J. Phillips i ' hrs' 'L 1 ' at ,. i .. 'Rn' 1. Lf' .51 .fu .aeffrll .v ' r v A C' gf 'Jew-5-.1 'rw ii 55565: R VAH, ,A 1 fl 1 , fx K S 395 f 'f' . Q, 5 if , 2. . " 5 V l V 'Q "Thr 'ng my . r in 3 C- j ,A lr' hd- Q ' ' 'vhs 2--Qlgi. I sfo L L ? Coleen Lynch White Thomas J. Williams Frederick C. Yaitanes IBRAFZY 1,3-."'!g . H 2 Q L,g.4,R,.,t.p'.1.,fi, M 1: -1. -Nev. ,-Q L, ,,, - lliiihd-Gel' M-N-savannah 1 , S ,f'A"'?f,' lzdward F. Beatty CDept. Headj Belle G. Gilbert Hilrriey ii' FL ,ggi 9, 2 ,,i1lnn-'- xg v 1 i Karl Reinke I-IGM E A KJ lnl Q lol MJ if ' - John J. Scanlon 'ff :V we Ll if 'A 585 ' L 39 1 i3"e"! K-ff lug? e . 1 .-A '. A, igi-:Q Q ' .:iQ""lJ' , fJ'f 4f1w will 4.1 ' I A, , f .,, r ,, , , H 4. ik k fx hr, 4'. gl, 5, ,,,,,,,.,, A. V, , fl '7"'W ' , f"'J"i " . ex www-'V' y W'- Y 'M M J' w g , , -7' r ,i yglt fw. Q'!,i2fi'I 1 4, Q 1' , it 51 X Kathleen M. Henighan William O'Neill 413 ' Et. ll' if -z '9 . .V . .new X , . , pw! t at., l if 'ite .Q l , bf., , , I I. A. 'A ne. 1 '+L ,f 11 , 1 ' Susan l-l. Tesla if 'ny .Q - :,',3ff' 'ii ': l- - l,.. ivleirgareli Gixleill if 5 ,fi ' r "1 f ,J Y, Carolyn R Woodbury HEARING IIVIPAIRED 4Q?'i -nil' xg! Elanne Bomkamp John Carroll fDlrectorJ Andrea Cohler ' fb ' Nancy Feldman Margaret Flaherty Evvy Galis fl iii " iff 4: w-.QM - - Fred Horan Steven Kimball Linda Shaw l l NURSES do ' l l l I-41:37 l Fran Nellugan Mary Gorman RNING DIS Sylvia Agulnick Jerry Broming Judith Freedman me Winifred Green Q Myrna Guterman Charlotte Mason Marion Pruslin DRIVER ED. ,36- ,f Vv '-' if n r 'K Barbara Rich Judith Rosenthal Norman S. Swerling Edwin H. Wiest W, E. aaa .nl - L.. SPECIAL 1-7 f . 2 L .V-,will f if V." ,. W y C . ' .- ' A 243 tv 1' , f . 'F v Y MTE ll , Fermi? A., V f , Q . . 1 ,.1 f . C , "' ' 5 .i John Abramson Charles R. Brinton Robert H. Chalmers Mary P. Doolin f'i17"'f ff V? as 44"-' if . "" fl -gr s Ii-A X A Clara Friedman AI Knasas Faye Porter Richard Scherr C' Q-.L , ,Q Q . y Carolyn Toole Carmine Trubiano Margery Weider W 2 Fl I V 5-1? Y' " 7, If 33 D .f f .. , ,Q db- -as. ,dr 6, ' ali' . . ' .1 Q Fi , C , '5- 'er-M n 5 ' ' 1-if 2, .aailli . x A V - . ag. , Rglif ff .K V X .f V 'lx Y' . , Ax 1 yy -5 . .V 'fl , A i , 1 Wag.. Erika H. Chisholm Kathy Hart Daveda G. Movitz Beryl Silverthorne Jeffrey Siverthorne CAFETEFRIA STAFF " i 4 !First row I-r: A, DiBona, P. Scroc, J. Wilson, D. DiNapoIi, B. O'Brien, F, Coffey. Second row: M. Tramontozzi, M, Caldorone, M. DlBona, M. Wall, L. Flanley, M. Fon ltana, L. Cacca. Third row: A. Vachon, R. DiBona, K. Venuto, E. Arsenault. CUSTCDDIANS .Q 5 , W ,A H - ' 'M nf D .ffm -5 a - fd ' ff ' ' .ik f, 'N W ' f ' - .1 :ix I.. , 3 Left to right: John Macolly, Jack Tobin, Joe Bianco, Joe DiMico, Frank DiMico, Brian O'Leery, John Plata. 5 39 IN MEMOFRIAM gt-WA 'al it cw? ,,,Ld'7 .5 .V AM V -: L I tal' ? A . , , .- Mn. , Kit Ober was a thoroughly contemporary woman. She drove Volkswagens and cultivated her talents assiduously. She enjoyed dancing, as well as half a dozen different sports, travelled widely, and devoted herself to the women's movement, She also believed very much in the human potential movement, the idea that people can change and better them- selves The human potential movement explained her teaching. Her subject was psychology but her courses were really extensions of herself, Students got great doses of Freud and Jung but mostly they got a course called "Kit Obers View of Life" and it went over big. She always strove to help her students understand themselves and their plans in life. Her approach was to be positive. She thought a little support and affection could work miracles and lots of her students came out of her course with new insights and new directions to follow. High school became a little brighter for them. Like many others on the faculty at North High she "came from somewhere else," in her case Ohio, and like many of us she developed a deep feeling for New England, Her ashes were scattered in the White Mountains which was fitting because being a romantic. she always thought people were better off in nature than anywhere else. r ' V x A 4 I Y n f 1 A' 19.1 w bg , , 3 r.gv -v 1 3 0 'U . ' .S ve , ' , s -A ,N 1 K .W a' 4 . .- 11 A .. as W Q. I' , 4. sv N .., 4 as - f 'N -' at -vi - 4- 1- mlb iv, ' ,, at X .DQ ' imhv 1 3. " M ... un- " N' Wu- sw ,K 0 A' 3 X be '44, gg A., N. V U 443 ' V- Q 51 as ,.,-. .Q ,., N ' Mr 'N " A-K Kfiif- M., M ,Jaw ef 06.34 x llii' 1 4.3 w xi ' 'W ""' QW fy ,. W. "FEL: -'N' " 'MW' 5 ' - ' In -foxy ,di 'M ,. 1,1 -we Ja -fA -w - Ak! X naw- x-.fn Y .. im, ,,,.,4u, Y ,Ju -. W -4? -X ""' Q uw-,wb aevwwufwm, A A msg D -,965 A 'Mfwww M ""'w.f'U' 'VRS -7'5" -, g 44.J1f!LM!!1fff-4l ,wrf,,g Safe if 'LT "15Jo"lI'Z-I1f-2 ,Q A ' -ai? 4 N ' 4 1 -K 1- , E ' Q- 'Y t if . ....,,q , I . Ab I-X l I Vyx U -. . ' -..Zl. 'M W1 A 0 ....... -. JE 1 I I 'eiiii-V' f 1- ' V 4 QW u , if We if A M1 F ' I K , J. ,,,1v 4 M? N"-Q.. , 1154 .api 1 4 :sw if M4 9 x ' ' 2 . fwwxvj'-Q?" .4 J! V V, ' 1 .'l7 '- Evil' . ' . Lx? -qw a-,nnvqillf i 'Q Ll' Q Q, , 1 Q i 1 L I if s ff' ' .,-5 5 Q '2 4:?"1 , 'rw N ,....... , I , ,.. MP1 ' r'f'a5f""" wr' Q 1,0 W K. -Y' ' , 37 ,ff ...W , s K ' 5 -rw Sv, FT I ii 7' .1 lfN!'iscL.z..., .FV Q .N . s WHS- ti V. -vus..' NEW vs. ff--,.1, -N -fl - , . -Cine ar-V -Q -ru., A ' ,rw , 4 k w i"M-s-vf Q.,-. Ai' A .4 -, "" -l,'e,- -Ovpvli' Aabwlo . ..f"".f 'u-...:.-:- - -x W.. , X f"TW'e"""-'N 'img f '- ' ur :ff " JT. B-If, 1-1' liz, ' 511335. 'N "' -..1 - ' WW ., ...'x.,2: ":' "7 .M --- -. Kuhn .Af .. . vm: X 'iiv '- gs:1,:1- - -eg... b J- fk-il a , , A . LF -,.u I. '1 131 Ill I rf 5 I E Q we no 'U 'N fills ng: S 4-.-Q' :Q Q K1 I 2 ul.. Ali? In HE' V if' If 'L- -,ln , 1 ., ,fm fa--...FY kd 'X 'R S rf' A AKC6 ANG GMAC K VOCALISTS -'ll ff ' ,,ff!C"5"'i Qr'V-,,,,f1I! f O, l Concert Choir, The Family Singers, and Sisters were this year's vocal groups. The largest of the three groups from which the other two were selected is Concert Choir. The Choir which performed from a repertoire of both classical and popular pieces was under the direction of Raymond Smith. The Family Singers, a select group of thirty-five vocalistsi also performed from a varied repertoire of contemporary and classical music under Mr. Smith's leadership. The smallest of the three divisions, Sisters, is a group of twenty female vocalists who perform contemporary arrangements. Z All groups participated in a demanding concert schedule which began in November with the traditional "Harvest Fest? and "Night in Vienna" concerts. The musical "Fiorello" was presented to the school in mid-December. Mr. Smith described "Fiorello," a play about New York's colorful mayor of the 192O's, as "the best musical we ever had." In early March, the Lasker Auditorium stage came alive with the music department's production of the rock-musical "Godspell." ln May, the vocalists participated in a choir exchange program with students from Northport High School, Long lslandi Not only did the participants perform in a joint concert with Northport, but they were also able to tour New York. Probablyg the most exciting event for a select group of vocalists was the Paris Tour in April. Rehearsals for these students were held throughout the year in preparation for the nine day trip to Paris. Clearly. it was a worthwhile and exciting year for all the vocalists involved in the music department as they provided so: many with the opportunity to enjoy their many talents. .l CCDNCEFRT Cl-ICDIR FAMILY SISTERS 'IISSI INSTFRUIVIENTALISTS V l l 1' 'YY l This year's instrumental groups were the Crchestra, Concert Band, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Ensemble, each composed of between thirty and forty-five members. Newton North had the pleasure of welcoming Tom Leonard to the music department this year. Previously Mr. Leonard worked at Warren Jr, High while leading the Newton North Marching Band. At North, Mr. Leonard took on the responsibilities of directing the Concert Band, and both the Wind and Jazz Ensembles, along with the Marching Band, The instrumentalists had an extremely busy concert schedule this year, beginning with the November "Har- vest Fest" and "Night in Vienna" concerts. In January, the annual "Solo Concert" was held, followed by an exchange program in early February. The exchange program was then reciprocated in early March with instrumentalists from Plainsview, Long Island. The spring brought such events as "Music in Our Schools Week," and the Bloch "Sacred Service" held at Temple Ohabei Shalom. The years highlight for many junior and senior string and wind players was the Paris Tour, as they accom- panied the newly formed choral group called the "Paris Singers" on a nine day trip to France. Mr, Eric Benjamin. who once again led the Orchestra, and Mr. Leonard agreed that the instrumentalists this year were extremely cooperative. hard working, and enthusiastic. CUNCI:HT BAND JA!! I-NSI-IVIFSI D- GHC!-H:STI-QA WIND I-NSI-IVIHI P 34 V hn- M, 3 I. -1,31 ,HQ X '-',,',-Jai' .- -,bfk '. .1 .35 . -, , f ART .Ty 3, -. . l wg' . 1 b'4fi K AV . 5 .. wa , Vw , 3-EN N I , 1,5-J A., . ff "-re 'S -' ' 5, ' 'V , , H. .- . ", i'i-.J W vias. ,., V .V H539 FE 2 ' I Q , , 'W u .- A 11 ..-"V ' qw ,,, ll... P"'T 'PB ' - EAVERS CORNER " ai .JV ol!! Q Jxmdki' ind .,.... . gi- NK-Ll... 3 v- ,i .-'K I 5 119- ,,f"'D r af 21 ,3., l S . I A r ,az .!,,-, ..,: E Q ysrwv- . W1 in a . , 4 '. , A . 5 X ' if r W ,- I H te .f fu ff 1 i K I P 'g 1 I 6, s A- 4 2 , i . ig' 5. f 4 f - f ,..,... . , A 3" -'w , ,, we "V if ,Nui - 3 I ' 5 E ...n. ..N...S-:S z - f , I 3 , 4 f , Ay .,.f . sv 'As N, yn Sli 7 fy 'Q Q A .. gb Q, .sy I ' ilk F w V , V Q V M , .Amii 5 w 1 ' - , :. If ,q.,5'5.c A, , 11 ' - . , 1' " 52:1-1' "'7' ' . - ffj N gg: .' M 51' , f :fx A :p,'..'.3f,-Anvzifg' f -fA, , . I xg , , 1 1 . :f.3f..55l45f?ul 9 f QT, -Haw-" if . A " xx -'Q LH., sf In mid-December, the Henry Lasker Auditorium was filled with the turbulence of New York in the 193O's, as "FiorelIo," a musical play written by Jerome Weidman and George Abbott, and scored by Jerry Bock and Sheldon l-larnick, premiered before a full house. "FioreIIo" is the biography of Fiorello Henry LaGuardia, New York's colorfully unconventional mayor of the l93O's, and his fight to end corruption in the city Mr Raymond Smith and Mr. Thomas Leonard co-produced the play with assistant producer, junior Fiona Wright. Mr. Thomas DePeter directed t'FiorelIo" with the assistance of junior Jennifer Ftako. Mr. Clyde Nantis choreographed the production, while Mr. Leonard con- ducted the orchestra. Senior Flon Quintiliani led a cast and crew of over 120 students as 'Fiorellof' Sarah Weiss played his wife, Thea, and Meg Donabedian portrayed his faithful secretary, Mariel Russell Greenberg, Josh Wal- dorf, Tim Martin, Jeff Arcuri. and Jenny Flackett all held leading roles. However, as Mr. DePeter aptly explained, "This is not a one person show. and there is no one star. Many individuals made major contrib- utionsf' The spirit of Fiorello. himself. and the vivacity and enthusiasm of the cast and crew made "FioreIlo" a clearly unforgettable musical produc- tion ,SA O H V I Q. ei 'OOO 5 g up . 8 'Vs x in B 1 A Q 1 1 I 1 '-,X and Clrsemc lace f ln early autumn, Newton North's first all-school play of the year was presented in the Henry Lasker Auditorium. "Arsenic and Old Lace" was an immediate success with all its audiences. The very comical and often hysterical plot dealt with two daffy spinster sisters and their strange method of "putting lonely old men out of their mis- ery." Beth Burgess and Lauren lnker co-produced the play, and Mr. Tom Schaefer directed it. The two sisters, Abby and Martha, were played by sophomores Jennifer Flackett and Julie Janor, respec- tively. James Gleason played Mortimar Brewster their nephew, Tim Martin portrayed Mortimar's brother who imagined himself to be Teddy Roosevelt. The actors and actresses, and the entire crew, regarded this play in a very special manner, and therefore worked extremely hard during their extra long rehearsals. All those involved have reason to be proud of their contributions, as "Arsenic and Old Lace" will be remembered by all who attended as a brilliant and pro- fessional production, ' il ' 'I i l Pl A Vi 'ww xx. 'lb 112 -i 9 ii' if ... f 9 ,,,,,vw-"""'f' KJ uf 4 eff 3 v ' JW?-' 1 Q , , N, Q V - YY 'ww P 3 . ? imma-:pl 5,444 .-5 A me MH 1,3 .tk ' s ', if A ' Q, IW i m E 'iff i , . 1 i K I J'i- l""s. xi , 4' S 7. fra sl' 'D M. 2-L .A M' ' LWu.. ....,....... , - .,........ 'QU' .LL . L K 5'-' -xsfx 'J it M' 'tif Stand up and cheer for Newton men' Our team as here to wan agaun Victory IS sealed when they take the field So let s cheer them on with a rah' rah' rah' rah' Stand up and cheer with all your mnght' Cheer them all through the fight They sure can play this as our day For Newton Hugh' , . . 1 Q oo lvf ,X T1 if S QW10 x , X ky. z I.: 1 H - .V x, - 5 . 1 . V,.. , , Z -I x - f 1 W' x ' Q ,'- ,.,, L, Y 2? 'f ' 5 kts ' ' v1 I 1 x X, 5, f' -5 T' L.. ,Q N. i 4.4- ,f .-yn il ', ir ' ,. .w-'W . if xv, ,t ,K A., .1 ' A w 19 Z -,Q Xi X RX 8 ' A 2 40' 1. Li Hmxiepours. . 1 HANG-OUT - Q i'hang, autfn: 15 a favorite or unusual place of resort, 21 peculiar manner in which something han dangles, 35 where a person lives or persistently visits in search of fun, recreation, diversion. ' 1 , 1 N., """'f.g-M. ., cf-xsors THE LAKE TROLLEYSTCDR NEVVTCDN FREE LIBRARY fwmef? 1 I .wk TRB ANTOINES PEWTER POT M.D.C. MCDONALDS I I I b, 1 1 , , , K A ,x .cy . v f if . . ' 'x' A 7 xr,-Q .1 i 1 vx -V, ', r vm , A M - ' 2 A . - , ,- f ,YA AQ:- ? ALBERMARLE HARVARD SQUARE T K AY 1-5? yn--o-our 'NX K. MQ puBUCACJON5 ANC CLLLB5 NEVVTCDNIAN r ,. i nu-:ff - - Ji Q h Q,-,wi Jane Darviche, Editor-in-Chief Faith Glickman, Layout Editor Beth Guzzi, Layout Editor Z. Pauia Pambookian, Literary Editor 1 X V ki Y Judy Hinchey, Sports Editor Martha Keenan, Sports Editor :- ' ws i.v ' ,4Qf S ' figij -4 U4 Q' ' ' ' 5 Jizz? i 'Y 4 , ' -in - it V., a t 4 ,.k v .-, .. pi- A cuff LT? ft .. ,, ez., it M ,J ,'f If 5.135 . 49 i V if I z 7 .-'V 1' 4 Shana Kapiow. Art Editor Lisa Ehrmann, Senior Section Editor Bob Zuffante, Photography Editor 'V M fi- iv '?" Q-'Qip-qgw' 3'-L"..g Ross Silverstein, Business Manager Diane Orenberg, Advertising Editor Millie Magraw, Advertising Editor Wan X. 'Nm Paul Agranat, Ways and Means Coordinator Anna Lembo, Copy Editor Valerie Boucher, Circulation Manager Varda Ftosenblurn, Photography Coordinator Q",-Z'-1 ill XX EWT Ilene Levitt, Advisor NEvvToNlAN LAYUUT STAFF Q- r i -.pv"" -1 Flrst row l-r Dana Norns Allce Bredln Suzanne Ournn, Chrrsirne Drew Second row Jayne Polcaro Lee Sakaklnl Jane Wasserman Jodl Adelson Mlsslng from plcture Jull Greenspan CGPY STAFF 1"DV 'Pill' 'sr Gall MCCUIIOCN Laura Levlne. Karen Lee. Anna Lembo, Arya Toornre, Carol McCulloch, Shelley Langdale, Klrn Bahasa, Bob DeSouza O LITEFXAFTY STAFF I 'af .A , 1 ' Q 11 1' John Corcoran, Sabrina Bryan. Pl-IGTGGFTAPI-IY STAFF TTL Qcfh 'T' Frrst row l-r Frank Yang, Josh Wortzel, David Israel, Lllll Farkas. Second row: l Susan Westwater, Mark Spltzberg, Davld Luke, T ADVERTISING STAFF l' i ,,,..f" 'VV 95 9 Ist rowl r. Mary Magowan, Marlise Mahon, Alison Perlo. 2nd row 1 ri Julie Colliton, Lisa Mary Dolbear, Jeff Briskon, David Kasman, Flavio Leone, John Fetterman, Joan Brad Stolbach. CIRCULATION STAFF WAYS 8. MEANS STAFF ,X I Susan O'HaIIoran, Dan Lewitt, Rick Callahan, Colleen O'HalIoran Missing: Emily White. I Left to righti Susannah Rosenfield, Nina Kaufman, Terri Temte, Paula Ryan, Ruth Bori- fI1 son, David Ekizian, Diana Klashman SENIOR SECTION 8 SPORTS STAFFS 35 If? -s an 4: 'fluff uf: Ist row I-r: Bob DeSouza, Laura Levine, Glenn Goldman. 2nd row I-ri Maria Sirgo, Naomi Bechar, Beth Burgess Missing: Jecca Hopper, Mary Beth King the NEWTI FE FIRST PLACE NEVV ENGLAND SCHOI ASTIC HI-SS ASSGCIATIGN AWARD Alex Busansky Editor in Chief Greg Herr Manager hair 5 unlink' WW M igghgni if wiv.,-L Managing Editor and Broadcast Laura Bryan Managing and Feature Editors f x. -1 213- ,ye 'P'- 'lv!lf?'! ' Joel are-.Cnr News Editor Nikki Davis, News Analysis Editor Arthur Jackson, Sports Editor 72 l -,,....1.-.. Ro fax 42 --0 2 'x., A , ., bfafssfg , .. 7- J ss Fanger, Production Manager Margy Feinzig, Advertising Manager 1 Q Howie Lerner, Photography Editor theNew10nhc Ed!!!-irMiidfA1e xanderBi.sarHry Nhqng Edtors-Laura Bryan htm Edtorsloel Bleidi kB Arllysls wf'NIkXI EBVIS Fmhn Edtor-Laura Bryan spun: aim:-Armor Jamal Phno aim-Home Lerner Ddvenisirq Nhllwvlvbrqy Feinzig Pmanim Nlrqar-Pas range' Cieq Herr Bmmnlst Nhqpr-Gag Hen Clrulstim Nllqyl-Michelle Finwerg Busirus Nllngl-lhria Norris Wlliliiifi Asisurvtsifrmesi Reouocl Paul Mxlp 9416835 Eritorid-He4en Sfvilh HBIFE-KH! Terri- in PDNSUIH ...ii-nmanvd ager ,MW ..... . 5 CI ll N! Y".-v l Ken Tempkin, Business Advisor Helen Smith, Advisor Irvs stall Nhrlan Abernathy Sarah Alxanairiy Cary Allen JQH Briskln Sieve Coen Linda GVH-?wBJla Fbphel Liwenivvan Philip fvhnn COFEIQ lvtilarly Rudi Palrill Flonn Sthwarz B9lSy Silver Ethan Slrrni fvblirwa Taiexzi Rubin VwmQ.3rien Nuns Amlysis Var-:la Liel Jenny Loviqlio Paula Lozani .lon lvhqul Jenny Nah Valerie Poems Jhshua Vlbidirl Feature SBU Sabrina Bryar- btbali Fllfil Bill Hnlfres Debbie Miller 511715 Staff SAND Bldlih Jairir' Fields Glenn Cnldrran Fauble Cunwirl John Hafvinqlon Nil-P lalriC1IS Cffriy- Marlins Sffwfy Lewin Dari LF-Mil Pmrirtiun Staff Jmnr- Fields Jffid Huggy Laura Ziqrvgp Amfenismg Slafl Jinl- kr-nnmy Lisa Rwtublrn Valwrw Fifnrva Run XAP1VIJ3f'E4' Jun Kaliiar lvhrl Scfllltuq Qwirl Wil? Cram Oqneri Orulmim Ftuih B'ri5ijri Aim? Blfiljlfi Nhfy Cunriinq Jlny Chylp Rarrsey Giltfv' Jrnri, G,nllJPf' 551' lffiliivwll' Ulan- Lilgali Lfliirr-fi Finial' Aim- Tale ,Iir-'rw Lglrrvnr Brmrnsl Briar' Young Art Slafl Cxifrivfll Pm, ,Q-y The Nswmnile, icin- dedm1E, is the nsvs- pmev of Newton Ntnh lfigi School. Newton- ville, Nh C2183 ll is pljisrai 16 llrrm cb nng the sind ymr S200 EF WWW sub scnprion Newtomte editorials are tm view ol the writers Ursogni zito- nals rmrmawl the offl- cal pnsilion ol the New ttrlle To plane m mi in the Nswtonule, dense mil 562-Mm Pumed by Bdrmm Printing Ln 73 Tl-ICDUGHTPFRINTS u T r' 1' l 4 911 ,. -. - 1 ui' I ' . '93 .ff an f 1 2 F 1 , 5 . 9 1 r Thoughtprints, Newton North's art and literary magazine, is made up of student submissions. Because Thoughtprints accepts various types of work, the magazine is an interesting sampling of Newton North students' artistic and literary talents. The magazine came out three times this year, in December, March, and May. The December issue was in the form of a calendar. Thoughtprints is made up of four staffs: art, literary, production, and publicity. Each art or literary staff member is required to work on either production or publicity also. This year's Editor-in-Chief was Elizabeth Brown. The staffs were headed by Literary Editor Jenny Nash, Art Editor Caroline Ryan, Production Managers Graham Morey and Katy Schil- dhauer, and Publicity Manager Jenny Golden. The art and literary staffs meet weekly to discuss and decide on submissions. If work is rejected, it is returned by a staff member. Criticism and help are offered and a piece can be resubmitted. All production and publication work is done in the school by staff members. The magazine is also collated and sold by staff members. iff 5 gi, Q if , ipriwif' 4 f", Liz Brown, Editor-in-Chief Jenny Nash, Literary Editor ' , af, 'rw ma '13 Laura Zigman, Literary Editor Caroline Ryan, Art Editor ,XXX Kg 35 U55 3 qs ,M Graham Morey, Production Manager Katie Schildhauer, Production Manaqer I . it V if Jenny Golden, Publicity - Sales Manager Stanley Bornstein, Faculty Advisor SF. The Student-Faculty-Administration Board is Newton North's policy making council comprised of students, teachers, house- masters, and administrators. Although this year's busy S.F.A. Board dealt with many pertinent school related issues, its main concerns were the growing problem of student vandalism, and the related question of Open Campus rights. Solutions such as limited Open Campus, stricter definitions about which students should have Open Campus privileges, and even closing Main Street were among ideas considered and attempted by the S.F.A. Many students participated during the X-2 block meetings con- tributing their opinions and ideas. Elected student representa- tives included Margie Altman, Judy Hinchey, Arthur Jackson, Jeff Kennedy, Ellen Lenson, Ginger Zukowski, and alternates Larry Alberts and David Guterman. Judging by the level of participation in the S.F.A., and the productive results achieved by its members, it was clearly a successful year for both the board and the entire school. "'f Q 44' M"-X l fl i ,fa ' ,Q xiii' ' at .. ff 'ti ' l X ' C J 4 I , , - 1 M 4-4 -.inugk gl- 1,1 I , . J uf' at If A f 4 L ., I 76 ffl 'S-... 'I I I SCHGUL COIVIIVIITTLL HLPHLSLNTATIVES I Nina Kaufman Greg Herr Valerie Roberts -I Each year three students from Newton North are elected to serve as School Committee Representatives. The mem- bers are expected to meet with the School Committee at least once every eight weeks to discuss school problems and educational issues. It is hoped that through these meetings the School Committee can attain a greater awareness of Iproblems within the school community. This year's representatives were seniors Greg Herr and Nina Kaufman, and jun- 'ior Valerie Roberts. l I I I Il REGIONAL ADVISORY CGIVIIVIITTEE ln conjunction with State Legislation, each secondary school is required to elect a delegate and an alternative to the Regional Advisory Council. This council deals with educational and school-rela- ted actions which affect students. The State Council works together with the R.A.C. Representatives, and both educa- tional and state agencies to create stu- dent input in state educational decisions. 'fi' qv f Tom Karoff, Debbie Robbins, R.A.C. representatives. SENIGFX CI ASS CDIVIIVIITTEE This year's Senior Class Committee enjoyed an active year under the leader- ship of President Eddie Boyajian, Vice- President James Antonellis, Secretary Joanne Fay, Treasurer Peter Silton, and Faculty Advisor Peter Capodilupo. Over fifty seniors were involved with the com- mittee, as they sponsored such events as a fund raising drive involving the sale of Newton North wastebaskets, a Halloween costume contest, and the first annual February Sports Awards Dance. Mem- bers also sold concessions at home foot- ball games, raising money to help fund the prom. Concluding a very successful year for the Senior Class Committee was the Senior Prom which was held at the Chateau De Ville in Framingham. if 'S ll f lm Peter Silton, Jim Antonellis, Joanne Fay, Ed Boyajian, Peter Capodilupo Cadvisorj, t L S911 -at Maia.. Q- A A 5 Y' A1 4 " fr- ' ,NI 1' 1: A' V X 5 vi i fr, x 1 . 2 .Q ,, ,if " 'I r Q-2 ,. F I nr? . A' . s - . ,-. Z g . Qs ,- ,R - A fi A, ,, P if 1. rl A . First row l-ri Peter Silton, Steven Taylor, Karen Gemma, Jaqui Adler, Karen Link, Eileen Skinner, Helena Kovanen, Jim Antonellis Second row: Paula Ryan, Joan Kennedy, Marilyn Dodd, Peter Necheles, Rosemarie Lopez, Lois l-lousepian, Barbie Auvil, Maureen Fox, Julie Colliton, Marlise Mahon. Third row: Peter Capodilupo, Lisa Schiller, Suzanne Femer, Mike Pendergast, Mary Beth Bra- cey, Eddie Boyajian, Jenny Kennan, Ann Justice, Chris Frazier, Jeanine Boudreau, Nina Kaufman. 5 i x Bob DeSouza, Donna Barry, Martha Kennan, Third row' Carol Collins, Joanne Fay, Bob Bernard, Jill. Busny, Steven Hagerstrom, Dan Lewitt, Brian Cove, Kim Sostilio, Brian Plunkett, Shelia Fitzgibbon, Judi Hayes. Terry Murphy, Marjorie Brown ON CAMPUS First row I-r: Evan Bloom, Nina Levin, Shara Lewis, Susan Maslan, Beth Shannon, Jane Wasserman, Ellen Lenson, Christine Manolagas, Jane Druker, Diane Orenberg, Richard Sherr, Millie Magraw, Second row: John Corcoran, Jeff Briskin, Colleen O'Halloran, Richard Parritz, Shana Kaplow, Sandra Campagnioni, Lisa Benjamin, Ruth Borison. Third row: Peter Shaver, Debbie Miller, Steven Bufferd, Ted Wekstein, Eric Toomre, Graham Morey, Lilli Farkas, Rachel Jacobson, Jecca Hopper. The Open Campus Committee enables students to get involved in determining Open Campus activities which offer interesting and constructive alternatives to just "hanging around." The committee members make decisions on what speakers, movies, or programs they, and the entire school, would most like to hear. This year Mr. Richard Scherr led a group ot over forty students who met at least once a week to plan activities, share ideas, and discuss upcoming events. This year's most successful movies were "The Graduate," "Romeo and Juliet," "The China Syndrome" and "Gimme Shelter." Guest speakers included Beth Winship C"Ask Beth"j, and Douglas Dillan, among many others. Topics also var- ied from such subjects as asbestos, to solar energy, to sexism in advertising. Altogether, it was a great year for Open Campus activities since the Open Campus Committee did a terrific job. First row I-r Helen Hoving, Mike Wing, Heidi Johnson, Sam Lober, Michele Beasley, Mary Ellen, Deborah Stolbach, Steven Ta lor Second row David aron, Sarah Weisman, Vicky Levy, Arlene halon, Amy Fitzgibbon, Connie McCarty, ixacy Greene Third row Adam Kasha, Kathy, Jackie Adler, Jim Zalcman, Mary Bradlee, Susan DiNisco, Rosie Nicalazzo, Catherine Dillon, Alison May, Becky Galdston Fourth row Debbie Lewis, Marjorie Brown, Kim Betista, Wendy Fai, Karen Fisher, Helaine Green, Sherry Levin, Pat McCabe, Sue Schon, Elisa Karas, Chris Drew Missing Donna Elgart, Andy Bernstein, Jeannine Boudreau, Kim Hoffman, Monica Adler SEALS HOUSE COUNCIL This year's Beals House Council was headed by President Ellen Bond, Treasurer Joyce Costello, and Secretaries Debbie Miller and Larni Levy. Among the council's many successful activities were a Hallow- een Candy and Message drive, a Christmas candy cane sale, and numerous bake sales held throughout the year. It was a profitable and fun year for all who participated in this year's council. BARRY HOUSE OOUNOIL Under the leadership of President Deborah Stolbach, Vice-Presidents Kim Hoffman and Monica Adler Secretary Wendy Fai and Trea surer Karen Pisher, Barry House Council had a a very successful year. Their activities included flea market, planting bulbs in honor of Kit Ober, collecting money for Cambodia, "send-a-candy- cane," and college trips to U. Mass and Amherst College. As in the past Barry House Council also sponsored "Rocco," First row I-r Sarah Saltzer, Tina Sabin, Joe Tittlebaum, Larni Levy, Rachel Levenson, Valerie Roberts. Second row: Bette Steinmuller, Joyce Costello, Maureen Codger, Debbie Robbins, Sudha Prasad, Lucia Hans, Jeremy Kessler, Lynne Rossman Third row David Kagan, Ellen ond, Beth Tale, Frank Arcese, Lisa Goldberg, Danny Katz, Susan Colmpagnone, Bill Holmes, Debbie Miller, Jim Finkle, Cynthia Mclntyre Au Q91 1,2 Y-, O01 r oo' First row l-ri Lisa Handler, Laura Aronson, Liz Often, Second row: Josh Waldorf, Hillary Gleekman, Amy Liss, Alison Perlo. Clair Nolen. Third row: John Stokes, Jenny Rako, Susan Saxon, Karen Klerman, Jean Miller, Donna Burkinshaw. ADAMS HOUSE OOUNOII. President Laura Aronson, and Vice President Liz Offen presided over this year's Adams House Council. One of the council's major concerns was helping sophomores adjust to life at Newton North. As a result, many sophomores joined this year's council. The annual Adams House Talent Show was another successful event sponsored by the council. All funds raised by the show were put towards the Adams House Scholarship Fund. Dolah l and 3. had a led a Ober andy- llersl l also PALIVIEH HOUSE OOUNOIL President Maria Sirgo, Vice President Amy ine, Secretary Katie Haney, and Treasurer lecky Saltzer led this year's Palmer House Coun- il. The main goals of the council were to icrease participation in the council, and to unify 'almer House students. Because of the counciI's 'membership drive, many interested sophomores nd juniors joined Palmer House Council. Among we activities sponsored by the council were iany donut sales, a spring dance, and other prof- lable fund raising events. first row I-r: Roxanne Morgan, Elizabeth Premo, Toby Goldberg, Melissa Barnes. Sec- ,tl ind row: Debby Bosworth, Nikki Fracktman, Kelly Simas, Emily Gaudet, Claudia Gross, First row I-rf Catherine Herrin, Sandra Compagnone, Ann Mulvaney, Janet Boudreau, Jane Lidsky, Sue Holzman. Second row: Sue Rosenfeld, Janice Casey, Janet Quiquley, Ginger Zakowsky, Amy Fine fvice-Presidentl, Maria Sirgo lPresident7, Lauren Liss, Karen Resnick, Leslie Tocci. Third row: Sonya Yee, Terri Bersch, Becky Saltzer, Ellen Rodman, Lee Sakakini, Alice Bredin, Carol McCulloch, Ingrid Ollson. HILEY HOUSE COUNCIL This year Riley House had a strong council, functioning under the leadership of President Melissa Barnes, Vice-President Edward Gartland, Secretary Johanna Klermann, and Treasurer Toby Goldberg. Faculty Advisor Lynn Montague was also a large asset to the council. The Riley House Council inspired large student participa- tion through several successful activities includ- ing the Millis Dance, the annual Spring Outing, and an April Concert. The council met during X- blocks, and although it functioned specifically for Riley House it was open to all interested students. E We were all grateful to Riley House Council for the delicious donuts every Friday morning. Iii letsy Silver. Missing: Joanna Werman, Paul Yannoni, Bud Gartland, Josh Wachs, Mary lerry, Andy Ezrin. BAOON HOUSE OOUNOIL This year's Bacon House Council included 'resident Bob DeSouza, Vice President Vicki -lolmes, Treasurer Diana Klashman, Secretary Dat Downey and approximately twenty other Bacon House students who met daily in home- 'oom. The counciI's main goal was to raise noney for the Bacon House Scholarship. At the and of the year, a S250 scholarship was pre- Sented to the Bacon House student who expressed financial need, displayed outstanding :itizenship in the school, and provided services io Bacon House. The council also attempted to nify the house through bake sales, the annual garage sale and a Bacon House student-faculty inner. M--A-' +--"1:24,....,If2' - .-I: .::.,2:'::::g:-2: '43, .::.-1:tf:2:- ' ' . . I 31 -ui. . ,....,.. gg, 3 :x:1.'--A .-.. " 'P ." .:' "'i".+. ., , , . l .tgt vrz ,, I i , .. - 'I ' 6 -:Z ' ',- - A ' ' ' e . ,,. ', .....4..p-V A First row I-r: Dan Fischberg, Neal Santis, Helena Sampson, Karen Womboldt, Debbie Brindley. Second row: Bob DeSouza, Vicki Holmes, Ted Wekstein, Anne Goldberg, Greg Caruso, Vicki Feinstein, Michael Savitz, Fred Wells. Third row: Mark Greenberg, Gene Garfield, Diana Klashman, Peter Hospodor, Richard Sorota, Richard Reid. Missing' Pat Downey, Colleen Halloran. II . ' -,.,4n.---...V few-1pqn5A4ob ' , .-......,.,u...,...a..s-2-S ' . t g, , , f K ff' 'K KIIINIZI First row I-r Jenny Leeman. Steve Spar, Sandra Cohen, Kara Kelley. Diana Klashman, Laura Witt. Julie Huber Sec- ond row Roxanne Morgan Carol McCulloch, Lisa Beniaminson, Elizabeth Shaw, Erika McKearney, Shelley Langdale. Rebecca lvry, Susan Compagnone, Janet Quigley, Eleanor Horowitz Third row Philip Mann, Cathy Sotir, Gretchen Smith, Andrea Fialkosky, Terri Bersh, Leslee occi, Nancy Levinsky, Adam Weiss, Judy Loitherstein, Dan Mezger, Lisa Chin, Carmine Trubiano fAdvisor3, Ms Nardone Fourth row Raphael Leeman, Nikki Fraktman, Karen Resnick, Laura Pill, Karen Wing SPANISH CLUB EI Club De Espanol, or the Spanish Club, is a group of 30 students and teachers with a com- mon interest in the Spanish Language, and hav- ing fun. The Club was led by Co-Presidents Frank Arcese and Sarah Abernathy, Secretary Anya Toomre, Treasurer Ursula Tafe, and Advisors Jean Degnon and Georgia Papadakis. Activities over the last year included a very successful pot- luck supper, bake sales, Spanish movies and folk dancing in Central Square. The Spanish Club went to the Whole World Celebration in Boston, and sponsored an International Fair of their own here at North, with exhibits and information about international travel and student exchange oppor- tunities. First row I-r: Beth Endler, Roberta Sulkin, Shara Lewis, Catherine Dillon. Second Sarah Abernathy, Kathleen Horkan, Sarah Weisman, Rich Parritz, Naomi Bechar, T Solomon, Polly Buxbaum, Flavio Leonin. Third row: Monique Nathanson, Christina ese, Ursula Tafe, Marian Abernathy, Maureen Owen, Beth Tafe, Helen Hoving, Stroessner, General Pinochet, Adam Kasha. Missing: Frank Arcese. ff:.rr.f-awaacafdkvaviiz 5, I -L 'fi'-' ri. fe fi if o I if C ir, Q '- 071' First row I-ri Susan Dinisco, Gertrude Tomaino, Anna Lembo, Rita Visco, Vivian Simo- nelli, Maria Vallone, Teresa Tomaino, Graziella Der Torossian, Rita Tonti, Angela Cerra. Second row Lisa Schraffa, Diane Rogers, Marisa Fusco, Nancy McManus. Maria Con- trada, Leah Dragone, Sherri Vitti, Maria Casieri, Cindy del Vecchio, Marisa Puzzengero, FRENCH CLUB This year's French Club met weekly during I blocks and was advised by Carmine Trubiani Under the leadership of Co-Presidents Catr Sotir and Lesee Tocci, the French club sport sored trips to France and Canada, and planned pizza and roller skating party. The French Cla. achieved its goal of becoming more involved French activities in and around Newton Nortl The large group also attended French movie and plays to further understand French culture. I ITALIAN L CLUB I This year's Italian club, directed by ltalianfh teacher Maria Vallone, President Vivian Simo- nelli, Vice Presidents Graziella Der Torossian and Anna Lembo, and Secretaries Rita Visco and Gert! Tomaino, participated in many worthwhile andlI exciting activities. The traditional Spaghetti Sup- per, authentic Italian pastry sale, and stationeryil drive were all successful Italian Club events thisi year. The club concluded the year with their annual formal banquet. Guests and faculty mem- Il bers were invited to dance and enjoy the cateredil food while celebrating the end of the year, Atl good time was had by all who participated in thei Italian Club. I 'I i, I I I 1 lla lei Sli ll ei ICI gli Ih sul als ga llie do ff ri Se II Sl Ir IJ V F S ,I II S Robin Aaron, Rosina Nicolazzo, Third row: Barbara Thompson, Maura McKie, Bessie Phillos, Diane Lopez. Robert Tedesco, Jean Negrotti, Guy Ciaola, Bernard Keaney. Fourth rowi l-larold Curtis, Mark Clemente, Phillip DeSimone, Michelle Borelli, Lori Veno. H9 blar Call spo' 9C l Cl led Non iovl l, l l l i'berg, Secretary Vicki Holmes, Treasurer Betsy The club organized a retreat to Gloucester to RUSSIAN iii' ff CLUB This year's Russian Club was led by President Marian Abernathy, Vice-President Linda Rosen- Sweet, and Faculty Advisor Lucien Weisbrod. encourage relationships between the fifteen active members. The major event of the Russian club every year is a trip to Russia in February. The members of the club visited Russian cities such as Moscow, Leningrad, and Novgorod. They also visited schools in each city and attempted to gain an understanding of the life of students in the Soviet Union. This year's trip was a tremen- dous success! MENU X 'isi- H Aw' First row I-rx Dyevooshka Larina, Malenkaya Babooshka, Veliki Sverchchelovieck, Mola- daya Bietonshetza, Izviestni Pisatyel. Second row: Poloveenaya Estonitza, Cheestiye Volosi, Zhitiel Poostini, Ogna Iz Dyetov, Hihikatyel Dlya Nichevo, Matz Gribov, Shpion S. Knigoy, Kostyom Bolota. ? . --KIIIINLI gnu-u yarn-vu ' First row I-r: Julie Huber, Hilary Berkman, Monica Adler, Helga Fisher, Maral Parnas. Second row: Dick Clark, Arthur Jackson, George Striedter, David Albrecht, Donald Ulman. GERMAN CLUB The German Club met weekly on Thursday X- block to discuss and plan events. This year's club was run by President Julie Huber, Vice-Presi- dents Monica Adler and Dan Uhlmann, Secretary Hilary Berkman, Treasurer Martha McNulty, and Faculty Advisor Richard Clark. The purpose of the German Club was to involve German lan- guage students in social activities at Newton North. These activities included a fondue party and a ski trip to the Mount Washington Valley. The club also sponsored a foreign-born party for foreign students in the school. The German Club also dedicated the International Cafe to Mary Waters, the former head of the Language Depart- ment in tribute to her service at the school. Q-3, , ' A, -A 33 fr ' ' f i'ff5F?'u' ,ft . f- - . fi 6, i. 1 ASIAN SOCIETY This year's Asian Society was led by President Hellen Kim and Faculty Advisor Selma Crevo- shay. The club, which was open to all students interested in Eastern culture, sponsored many bake sales among their fundraising activities. A Valentines Day Dance was also planned for mid- February. Highlighting the year, the Asian Society sponsored an Oriental History Week in early April which included films, lectures, and activities which helped to share Eastern culture with the entire Newton North community. - 2 ws ' W -. I , . P 1 1 First row I-r: Betty Lai, Stella Pang, Sonya Yee, Linda Chin, Maria Fang, Jane Lin. Sec- ond row: Hellen Kim CPresiden0, Shirley Lai, Wendy Fai, Karen Lee, Elena Yee, Lisa Chin. Missing: Mary Kim, Mei Chang, Jody Rubin, Judy Lim, Cary Allen, Frank Yang, Hye-Sook Kim. ,. li . lr MIK ' ll Q if First row l-rx Banana Bunz, Licorice Lisa, Strawberry Shana. Second row: Vanilla Varda, Jellybean Jaime, Jamoica Jecca. SOPI-ICMORE CLASS COMMITTEE 21" This year, Sophomore Class Officers included: President Lauren Liss, Vice President Clare Cor- coran, Secretary Mark Weinfield, and Treasurer lngrid Olsson. The main objective of the officers was to unify the Sophomore Class, while revitaliz- ing school spirit. Many activities were planned to pursue this goal including a winter dance, and a semi-formal prom in the spring. Under energetic leadership, this year's sophomores enjoyed many interesting activities, STEVE'S ICE CREAM CLUB "I scream, you scream, we all scream!" - especially Steve'sl This year's club braved they streets of Somerville many-a-time in order to- munch on those mouth-watering mixin's and dazzling delectable delights. Rarely sitting' together, if at all, the club members sampled every ice cream flavor, or combination thereof. One member was quoted as saying, "The calo- ries were all worthwhile." -'fr I ' L .Q ,' xr . ,.. - gl K 3:--,:fT: -f x,-,., - -Z E - 'f 5.5 " 1 k B Left to right: Lauren Liss, Claire Corcoran, lngrid Olson. , W 75, rf- -A al ,fix -L I I I I y fll-- --fm N . .f -I - I I I Ii-rx, ' 'gl' v . X1 I I, E Q if A ' kgs. .I ' I I I ,,, 'r 'I' aff? I.. 'V V fs .- I .' 'W ? --...- Lett to right Lisa Turner, Carla Kaloustian, Wendy Kagan, Ricky Callahan. JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE The Junior Class Committee had a busy and productive year under the direction of President Carla Kaloustian, Vice President Lisa Turner, Secretary Wendy Kagen, and Treasurer Ricky Callahan. The committee's main goal was to have a prom in the spring which would be attended by the majority of juniors. Other activities sponsored by the committee included many bake sales, and a concert during the winter. X, -' --Q:-T ' - 1' ,Z ,..f , 4 'A II .jj j I I il Pies Brill dell al-ll llie I and IIIO piol "BI: olds scli acli Ion Blat Il ji I! I. ' P I I I l I I l I I I AFRO-AMERICAN y CENTER N' This year's Afro-American Center was led by it President Clintona Wiley. Vice President Zina iw Britton, Secretaries Lisa Turner and Nadine Poin- jdexter, Treasurer Chris Shepard, and Sergeant- at-Arms Royce Terrel. The A.A.C. has increased Tit the input of black participation at Newton North ,ill and has attempted to create more black student M' involvement here. Clintona Wiley sums up the W. 'problems of black students attending NNHS, l"Black sophomores have more to deal with in .QC ,L order to adjust to the atmosphere of such a large .al school in which they are a minority." Among its activities, the 30-plus members sponsored a fash- ion show in May, and many more events during 'J Black History Week in February. 5, i pier . J. tl .. - g - " ' fm ' ' I I AS if If V 3 C' .. I lj.. L ., "' 1 - He' 1 f -' k"Y,,," X ' .J 1 bl' ,235 5,1 . 3 , '9 5 .n W6 f 2 Q2 , H 4 t , if l t 3 , has , Q Am- 'i I First row I-rz Karen Dupont, Angela Scott, Denice Banks, Simone Sanders, Zina Britton. Second row: Juanita Holmes, Chavonne Adams, Doreatha Gee, Laurie Silva, Eddie Sumpter, Clintona Wiley. Third rowi Chris Shepard, Nadine Poindexter, Phillip Megla- ston, Helaine Jenkins, Karen Altemarino. Missing: Linda Roberts, Lewis Drayton, Craig isa Turner, Jenna Lammers. Drayton, L IRISH STUDENT If , . list' V. I, N-1 I A ,,.., U l i i i it L-r: Peter Silton, Steven Coan, John Corcoran, Frank Morrisey, Barbara Killion, Brian -I Plunkett. CUT-TO-LUNCH CLUB iz , During the first year of the Out to Lunch Club, it ll l has dealt with the problems of the cafeteria Tues- it ll days, Thursdays, and Fridays. The club members i, 'l sought sanctuary from the intolerable noise and lf F the inedible food offered in our school eating Q, ' accommodations. This year's club visited choice .f 4 eating establishments ranging from Polynesian ,T i cuisine, to that of the European and American i cuisines. The members believe that their move- ment in this direction will be helpful toward future pupils who are locked in to eating cafeteria food. T The club has started a scholarship fund that will , be awarded to a deserving student in the commu- T nity so that they may not have to endure the 5 pangs of hunger caused by the NNHS cafeteria. Nfs UNICDN The Irish Student Union was formed last year to promote awareness of Irish culture in the NNHS community. The Union functioned under the auspices of Prefect Francis Morrissey, Vice Prefect Stephen Coan, Chancellor Brian Plunk- ett, and Scribe in Chief John Corcoran. The fac- ulty advisor was Barbara Killion. Major events this year included the founding of the annual Bagpipe and Step Dancing Contest, and the l.S.U. Out- standing Citizen Award given to the most out- standing member of our political community. Although specifically designed for lrish students, the Union's X-block meetings were open to all students regardless of national origin. ,k.,v 13 v v L . vw., L ..,...,.., ,,,..-L .....A. ,LY I ,V , Y i Y i-F ,, I, First row I-rx Joanne Clark, Steven Hagerstrom, Alice Bredin, Lee Sakikini, Emily White. David Blouin. Second row: Bob Hess, Anne Mulvaney, Susan Gasdia, Dan Lewitt, Jim Zalcman, Brian Collins. ASTRONOIVIY CLUB This year's Astronomy Club, under the direc- tion of President John Kilborn, participated in many astronomy related activities. Various guest speakers and lectures were held throughout the year to increase school awareness in the field of astronomy. The end of the season was high- lighted by a club trip to Venus, with a stop-over in Jupiter. First row I-r Jon Horlink, Mike Wing, Janet Schnee. Second rowi Peter Shanian, Sean Bryan, John Kilborn, Adam Weiss, Lydia Todd, Philip Segre IMAGES Images, Newton North's innovative theatre group, is comprised of both deaf and hearing stu- dent performers. Faculty members Evvy Galis, Beth Goldman, and Steve Kimball created Images last year. beginning the first known high school theatre group combining deaf and hearing stu- dents. Images has experienced a good deal of popularity - at least thirty students are involved. This year, weekly meetings included theatrical exercises, miming practice, and skits. The group planned to perform at least one full length pro- duction this year, along with performing for Adams House Talent Show and other local schools. - .- :ai fr-f.,,.f't535 r ,,,, tt V2 First row I-ri David Like, Susan Gillmore, Marie Walker, Gerry Major, Kathy Dillon, Rosa Nicolazzo, Stephen Kelley. Second row: Paul Rosenfeld, Maureen Codyer, Rachel Levenson, Dawn Bonis, Erica Seifert, Marjie Malloy, Ann Malloy, Kris Olsen. Third row: Steve Kimball fDirectorp, Brian Downey, Andrea Cohler Clnterpretery, Sandy Leese, Sara Kontoff, Joanna Werman, Betsy Sweet, Joel Meyers, Michelle Beasley, Evvy Galis CAsst, Directory. Fourth row: Jen Wolfe, John Sprague, John Monahan, Diane Scafidi, Cheryl Murphy, Gail McCulloch, Steve Doona. B . 2 54.36 , yi W 1, -.jf , , ii' First row l-r Sylvia Lessa. Lauren lnker. Fred Wells. Laura Levine, Susan Gilmore, Mic- helle Beasley, Ann McClure. Jeremy Kesler. Arlene Phalon. Sarah Weiss. Sharon Phe- lan. Jane Broderick Second row John Prince. Elizabeth Burgess, Michael Levine, Alex Miller Jett Briskin. Jessica Kubzansky, Larry Alberts. Steve Sparr, Laura Witt, Lisa Ehrmann Judy Mulvey. Sandy Blanch, Hillary Glickman. Suzanne Mallomo, Katie Haney. Danny Katz Jenny Rako Sl-IAKESPEAREAN PLAYERS The Shakespearean Players is a theatrical group of students led by King Larry Alberts and Queen Lisa Ehrmann. The Scribe was Lauren Inker, and the Faculty Advisor was Tom DePeter. This year the Players had a successful fund drive, a Halloween Masquerade Party, and the tradi- tional Renaissance Dinner. They provided the high school community with Shakespearean scenes and other drama. POLITICS C CLUB 9, The Politics Club held weekly discussions of lm political matters ranging from local to interna- ll 'tional affairs, providing information and debating 3, differing points of view. The meetings were found in the Riley Commons during Tues- X-block. l ll fs 1, C it '65 Q-"Q ,: K K .1 I.: , JU. , 1 '14, UQ, ,, 5 . ' ,7 4 v ' l ' -' -N M ' L S 1,-I , . . . Wx K , 1 T ji I I . X g l " 1 ' X 1 J 'T , E ' QP: N Qt as f, X V Q ' .1 " , :,. tw ' . ,. g ,, F F. IN, -1 1- ,Y 1 X I . J it , 15. : ,,,-1 if is ,.,,, it . ' ' 4' ', ' ' ' s Vx . D .U , , . ,Q i 1 4 . 1 ' if' XM" M 1 ' " Q .' t . 51,5 , V . Q Y fvv . T ff' .,, , f T' i. , vi- , . ig: i il ' , I 5. 5 ,l , I? 'Q if ,, 1 4 . is: X r 1. - I P , Xa ,K X . N,.,. ,, I' , - -, ' . 1 1HsZs75sv F 5 ff: 'Qfirw' 1' ' ,. ' , ,F 7 5 H , , ' ' . 1 f K . First row l-rf Ben Rubin, Jeremy Kessler, Alison Shapiro. Second rows Fred Wells, Blaise Frederick, Beth Holmberg, Rachel Herman, Linda Bobeck. BCN APETIT CLUB The Bon Apetit Club was formed this year in an attempt to counteract cafe cuisine. Its members included: Eddy "in charge of the yolks" Boyajian, Bob Ross Dave "in charge of des whites" Kasmang "eggbeater" Lane, and their head chef, "scrambled eggs" Fanger. The Bon Apetit Club's 'Sw T Q t main goal was to perfect their culinary skills, and T therefore they traveled to such fine gourmet and establishments as MacDonalds, Burger King, Joe's Pizza Palace in search of true culinary delight. 1 - Left to right: Ed Boyajian, Bob Lane, Ross Fanger, David Kasman. MODEL U.N. Co-Presidents Martha Keenan and Frank Mor- cl rissey led this year's Model U.N. Club with the ii assistance of Faculty Advisor Henry Bolter. Activ- if ities for this year's U.N. participants included l attending the Harvard University Model U.N. and lthe National High School Model U.N. which was held in the spring. Club members also organized a Model U.N. for ninth grade students from local Ljunior high schools. The Model U.N. offered its .members the opportunity to learn about current international events while developing public speaking skills. -- -.nm ' Ln, First row l-r: Martha Keenan, Mary McGowan, Catherine Herri, Lisa Foise Second rows Mara Rose, Stephen Coan, Shana Kaplow, Mary Dolbear, Marlise Mahon, Fred Wells Third row: Michael Chernin, Brian Plunkett, Henry Bolter, Frank Morrisey, 'K' lb-tw. CHESS CLUB Under the leadership of President Emanuel Dertorossian, Vice-President-Treasurer Peter Shanian, and Faculty Advisor Margaret Tavitian, Newton North's Chess Club enjoyed an active year. All students involved shared an avid interest in the game of chess. The members met once a week to discuss their games and play against each other. Through many hours of practice, the 1 members shared their skills and learned new ones. The Chess Club also participated in such interscholastic meets as the Massachusetts School Chess Meet and the Greater Boston Scholastic Chess League. Left to right: John Dorrfler, Mark Taylor, Mark Weinfeld, Ramin Travasoli, Peter Shai- nian, Peter Bresnehan, Emmanuel Derterrosian. BICYCLE CLUB The Bike Club is a small and active group dedi- cated to cycling for fun and transportation. Led by John Kilborne and James Gleason, the club had many excellent trips ranging from afternoon jaunts out to Weston or Concord to overnight trips of greater distance. Many of the members also joined the American Youth Hostels, an organization that gives cyclists a place to spend the night while touring, and the Charles River Wheelmen, a local cycling organization, The group advocates bicycling for three reasons: it is a method of fitness, it provides fast and cheap transportation, and it is fun. The only require- ments for membership in this club were a bicycle and the energy and willingness to travel. Left to right Brian Young. Bob White. Russell Greenberg, William Paul, David Albrecht, Alan Stern 00' First row l-ri Linda Tamikin, Laurel Jacob, Linda Rosenberg, Esti Auerbach. Second row: Mark Stephen, Mark Wise, Peter Zeeb, Mike Wing, Adam Weiss, Jon Horlink, James ORANGE BRCADCASTING Click. "Good afternoon, this is . . click. This familiar phrase begins a new segment of Orange Broadcasting's Tiger Talk. This pre-taped show, which is student-written and produced, is aired bi-monthly on WNTN, Newton. ln its twenty-five minutes, which features school news, a concert calendar, and student-written comedy skits, Tiger Talk presents an accurate and entertaining view of high school life. Another facet of Orange Broadcasting is NHR, North High Radio, a program designed to provide the school community with music and informa- tion. The product is aired Thursday mornings on Main Street. "Good afternoon and have a pleas- ant week," and so ends another phase of Orange Broadcasting's weekly programming schedule. Gleason, Dan Sparr. i li l ll 3 l I I. SPEECH CLUB The Speech Team had an eventful year that began with their first tournament in December at Natick High. Events in which the team com- peted were prose, poetry, play reading and dramatic interpretation. The team met weekly to rehearse their speeches and critique one another. Laura Bryan presided over the Speech Team with the help of Vice-President Lisa Handler and Faculty Advisor Lori Borden. Kathy LoShoto was co-advisor for the year. x...g.,-,Tir Q First row l-r: Acid lnker, Lethal Laura, Metal Mitch. Second row: Crazy Chris, Decibel Dan, Amplified Alberts, Leather Lisa, Blues-man Bob, Jammin' Josh, Blue Oyster Cher- nin. Third row: Jagger John. ELECTIONS CCIVIIVIISSICN The Elections and Appointments Committee was established nine years ago under the guid- ance of the S.F.A. Its purpose was to end the fix- ing of student elections, and also to appoint deserving students to certain non-elected posi- tions. Since its creation, the Elections and Appointments Committee has publicized and supervised all Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and S.F.A. elections, along with awarding appoint- ments to worthy students much to the benefit of the NNHS community. This year the Elections and Appointments Committee was led by Election Commissioners Mary Dolbear and Eric Toomre, and Faculty Advisor Barbara Killion. First row I-r: John Kilborn, Laura Bryan, Lisa Handler. Second row: Alison Perlo, Hilary Gleekman, Adam Weiss, Katherine LaShoto. ANTI-DISCC CLUB Newton North's students for a Disco-Free Soci- ety enjoyed a record-breaking year. Fall activities were kicked off with a bowl-a-thon using Donna Summer records for pins. The money will be used to help needy students follow the Grateful Dead on their '80 tour. Launching a "Flock lt, Bock lt!" campaign in the spring, the club held a disco-dies frisbee tournament using disco 45's while listen- ing to Led Zeppelin at 200 decibles. The society of rock and roll purists was formed to save N.N.H.S. from the perpetuation of monotonous, thump-thump disco music into the school com- munity. Plans of 1980 include sabotaging WNHB, and removing the "Disco Boogie" record from the library permanently. 'Th-a .. is v ML...-..".-. ,Nu Q I 5 NX ,w,,........-- je..-ali' Y ,,-f"-'I' i - - A-,,,., . e MA ll Left to right: Norman Walker, Barbara Killion, Debbie Kanter, Eric Toomre, Mary Dol- bear, . if 4-mmf" ,af .V 'tes ! giirlfffx tk. TRANSITION Transition is a unique senior alternative to the traditional format of Newton North's academic program. Helping sen- iors adjust to life beyond the confines of the high school campus is Transition's main purpose. By introducing these interested students to various aspects of life outside of school and exposing them to different life perspectives, the pro- gram prepares them for the transition into the outside world. This year's faculty leaders were Ron Boucher and June Namais. During the first semester, the group met two blocks daily and one week nightg this time was devoted to the study of different lifestyles and perspectives, while preparing for second semester modules. Students no longer take traditional classes during the second semester. Instead, they participate in modules. Four modules are completed by the end of the year, each lasting approximately one month. The areas of concentration include social service, urban work, and wilder- ness. Through these modules the Transition students gain insight and genuine understanding of life beyond the high school environment. i 4 'JC f 'K s We ya 80 'f-of .. fl! VILLAGE ljlwx. I fQf f 4 9 l Mr -9' I 2 4 Z , Z Zll fl .33 mx 'W , , at L., if The Village concept was created by history teacher Henry Bolter and English teacher Barbara Streibert. The main objec- tives of The Village are to create a greater sense of community and a real feeling of involvement in the school, along with stronger student-teacher relationships. 1979-1980 was The Village's first year as an in-school opportunity which could be elected by interested juniors. The basic program includes 100 students and 6 teachers, most Village students attend morning classes together. Village classes include English, math, and social studies all available in honors, curriculum I, and ll. As Village junior Valerie Roberts explained, "The Village has given me a real sense of belonging, my relationships with Vil- Iage teachers are very strong, and all the students involved have been great." 91 I . Q di: A sg, L 4 , . F' T' is Q if firgg .ff A an 'll :P 1 00 Siu if w syofets ""1 Oiritsjwcnoss COUNTRY -3 ,U 3115 7 A 5 "i ,. . T1 I Q, f 1- Y i i L ' tl . , 1 4 n ', A Q . Ji Q T . . , 'R' . Q . v , E I 1 I 'K i 41 S g . .4 y" - sf1:....,f ... .. if at Z . , . ---f7"K",Q':g:':'f:'73Lfr T' 1-if 4 V l Q . X '!,:, v , , :rf 7 . ,ii . fi I S . if t Q . T I ,A '-Jr 1' V ,uw f' T Ll " F ss. . ' rfvwi.-If .ZH 4 First row I-rx Coach Bob Glennon, Candy Fitzgerald, Carrie Bacon, Monique Nathalson, Robin Weingarten, Julie Huber, Cathy Roy. Sec- ond row Marylou Lane, Amy Fitzgibbon, Janet Shnee, Kathy Sotir, Martha Keenan, Judi Hayes. Missing: Liz Natale. The girls cross-country team raced to an unforgettable season. Despite a 4-3-1 record, the team placed fourth in the state qualifying meet and second in the state finals. Unfortunately the team had a slow start in their early season efforts. Top runners were hampered with injuries and the team had a tough race schedule. The first three meets Of the season were against the most competitive teams, Brockton, Weymouth South and Cambridge. As the season progressed, the team gained strength and spirit. The spirit and closeness of the team was evident by all who witnessed the girls running through the streets of Newton playing "follow the leader." Under the leadership of co-captains Martha Keenan and Ju l-layes the team was a close knit group. Coach Glennon gave each girl encouragement and great support in her running. Sophomore Liz Natale joined the team in mid-October and proved to be a superb distance runnerg leading the team and being picked for the Suburban All-Star Team. di The Cape Cod Relay was one of the highlights of the season. The relay team included Sophomores Carrie Bacon and Amy Fitzgibbon, junior Monique Nathalson, seniors Donna and Diana Proia, field hockey players who joined the team for the day, Keenan and Hayes and coach Glennon. The relay started in Plymouth and ended eighty miles away in Province- town, C9 hours, 34 minutes and 20 seconds laterl. The state finals were held on Nov. 9 in Northfield. Unexpectedly, the team raced to a second place finish, Suburban League Champions Weymouth South won the meet. Next year's tea looks to be extremely promising, with many returning runners. Juniors Kathy Roy and Robin Weingarten, sophomores Candy Fitzgerald and most improved first year runner Marylou Lane. ISP? "'a.':f" ' E 1' v.EA h .1 :Ii ' ' , :fl . - F- f . A . ' .-Y 5 p ' .""l ' ,i !.z'I'. ef, . if l 'I-,a 9 -. - Q N :V GIRLS CROSS jf f NEWTON 38 -. . 5- - Q ' V X NEWTON 50 A I L gg, - A NEWTON 30 ' ' T NEWTON 28 ff NEWTON 19 ' NEWTON 19 I ki' ... N N ,i ' ' ' NEWTON 18 " T 4 . EWTON 15 T 1' f if 5? ' 4W' ' V 0 . Vi 1: , gf' 4 .uk ,A H15 f ei' .T ,, . '51-:Lsm R 'P-T T . ff , ...ul-sg' -...., ji' EM. -E, SOUTH WA OUINCY 42 l,A':3 H NOR? Q, NCY 41 Badqgjjififgs so 3 Losseswl Tie m l A 1 Ming 9493 9 ' Q 939 4 9' "S'd'4"6! 1 -5 BQSQQISQ 3 ' earn. A fa F X N in Tw.. .. ..f x 5 2 X 9- N, ff ' N' V1 , Ply ,ffl if:'Lfy'l f P',?'fJ' 1, ' V J' r iff! J' if Al' fr" A' fi!! rf' li-a',,4r J 'Gi BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY 'X .l 3.11, ,- v 'J if ,A 5 5. First row l-r: John Tachman, Peter Leary, Mark Sasahara, Jerry Ventura, Steve Coan, Danny Klein, Linus Vachon, David Vona, Bob Lane, George Fulk Cam Laing, Second rowt Jerry Herman, Kevin McHugh, Lou Hunter, Mike Wing, Brian Young, Phil Katzman, Guy McChesney, Mike Goldstien Phil Caldicott, Chris Eslerman, Dan Sparr, Mark Totten, Benton Burgess, Dave Kagen, Ted Burk, Coach Joe Connally, Tom Carleo. At the beginning of the 1979 cross country season prospects looked bleak for the Tiger Harriers. With only two return ing from the top seven runners of last year, and with an injury to senior Co-Captain Linus Vachon, things didnt look good. However, the team finished with a 6 and 2 record, losing to Cambridge Rindge and Latin, and a fluke loss to North Quincy. They successfully defended their State Division l title, and placed fourth inthe All State Meet. With the team built up with as many juniors and sophomores as possible, they needed the coaching that would build them into a state clas team, head coach Joe Connolly, in his eighth year at North, and U. Mass. graduate Jerry Herman gave them this The team was led throughout the year by Senior co-captain Dave Vona, Senior Jerry Ventura, juniors Mark Sasahara Peter Leary, and with strong support by Phil Caldicott, Chris Eshelman, George Fulk, and Cam Laing. Although he didn t run Linus Vachon was a great team leader. With Vona, Sasahara, and Leary placing 2nd, 17th, and 29th respectively, the Tigers won the Eastern Mass. Division I and avenged their earlier loss to Cambridge. They went on to place 4th in the all state meet, behind the running of Sasa hara who placed 33rd. Losing only captains Vachon and Vona, seniors Ventura, Steve Coan and Bob Lane, next year s team will be hard to beat. 'ff 3 J. Q I .-vc-. , 5 -Jus , I, fl A l - 'HQ l NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON 21 BROCKTON 26 WEYMOUTH SOUTH 39 CAMBRIDGE 19 WALTHAM 20 QUINCY 22 WEYMOUTH NORTH 30 NORTH QUINCY 20 BROOKLINE 6 Wins - 2 Losses FIELD HOCKEY '.l ' bf' if ' , - " ..,, . 4 x 5'- . LU? -.., ' lox' . QMS . V' Tk. . 3' -. 5 Q I 4 . G . sl, ' , 'ei I u ll. . ' flint' Q J' f A I l nr I . 4 Q 5 5 .Ah d N wk. ,Q y L I i I I r '. 1- f . .5 .nv A , , ' ."'4L 4 I First row l-ri Lee Sakakini, Sue Armstrong, Diana Proia. Second row: Donna Proia, Amy Fine, Jackie Gladu, Jayne Polcaro, Shiela Jordon, Laurie! Arthur, lnes Vitas. Jenny Keenan. Third rowi Coach Enos, Sue Forrest, Shiela Marinucci, Karen Fisher, Anne Goldberg, Nancy Palmer, Terrisa Risso. Marie Boule, Joan Kennedy, Trisha Thomas, Avalee Jekeis. i ,l The girls field hockey team finally was voted into the Dual County League after spending the previous year in non-l league competition. The Dual County League is known for its consistent strength and aggressive play on the hockeyg field. The girls had to go up against teams like Wayland and Weston who have always dominated league and tournamenta play. Maureen Enos, coaching field hockey for the first time at Newton North, filled in for Pamela Jones who was on ai leave of absence. Ms. Enos had previous coaching experience as coach of the B.C. field hockey team. y The Tigers got off to a slow start losing 4 out of the first 5 games in their new league. Even though the team felt dis-f couraged, coming off a 0-3 loss to Wayland they tightened their belts and went back to work. Their next opponent wasif Bedford whom they defeated 2-O. This gave them a boost in morale for their upcoming Weston game. Playing their besti game up to that point enabled Newton to score first and hold the Weston scoring machine to just one goal. This led themi to a well-deserved tie: and it also marked the turning point of the season. The girls would only lose 2 more games thel whole season. The Tigers' determination to fit into this league was proven when they upset Wayland 3-1, which climaxedl their season. Wayland left the field feeling their defeat from a much improved Newton team. This years captains were Susan Armstrong, Lee Sakakini and Diana Proia. High scorer was Jackie Gladu with 13, goals followed by Jenny Keenan with 5. Leading the assists was Jayne Pocaro with 4 and Jenny Keenan with 3. Goaliei Diana Proia had 5 shut-outs. '- tt Field Hockey T NEWTON 0 LINCOLN-SUDBURY NEWTON 1 ACTON 1' NEWTON 0 CONCORD . Ill NEWTON 6 NEWTON SOUTH NEWTON O WAYLAND 1 NEWTON 2 BEDFORD at NEWTON 2 LINCOLN-SUDBURY , NEWTON 1 WESTON NEWTON 1 ACTON NEWTON 0 CONCORD NEWTON 5 NEWTON SOUTH 1 NEWTON 3 WAYLAND NEWTON 1 WESTON NEWTON O BEDFORD 5 Wins - 6 Losses -- 3 Ties N Q -4 ,am Ms! H0 Zh OE i 4 2 l J 3, mi af - ? W J 1 Z 3 I 7 3 U . .i....,.m, W nv x JN " X 6 ,-mlzw, A -'ff .11 A", " A -3, S m,.,, f y V Y 1: . , 4" L , ,A ,Ai ,gi Wifi, U I 5 Q93 A921 Q ' '-f if if 2, 1 f' , as I ' Sf-, Q I xg - Q 'Fw' maui., ge ' if Q' - 4 rm: Q? Xi S Y E 9 WM 1 FOCDTBALL i 70271, 56 'f -mx ,' ,,.- .fs ' g FQ- 4' A Q . ' y "ii 'rg-gigs.,-vzrrt' ' 1' 'i"i '.1 " '.,,. .1 - ?"3 .1-33-f'-4-sh.:-Q First row I-ri Andre Solomita, Chris Davis, Steven Gershon, Dennis Berube, Eddie Sumpter, Laurie Quinn, Steven Poplack, Noel Foley, Gary Frechette, Ronnie Quintillani, Bill Pilla, Tom Ackerley, Mike Gardner, David Donahue, Adam Levy. Second row: Lenny Houston, Carl Pasquarosa, Keith Annese, Tommv Jasset, Ed Hadro, Robert Bernard, Thomas Kindler, Jim Walsh, Mark Torchia, John Gardner, Royce Terrell, Pat Corrigan, Richard Yeradi. Third row' Michael Katz, David Rowland, Mario Proia, John Davis, Mark Katre, Norman Walker, Mike Scichlione, Bob Billions, Steve Gilson, Bob Ken- ney, Jeff Donavan, Larry Chin. Fourth row: Bill Jordon, Al Fortune, Billy Drew, Scott Thaxton, Rich Thaxton, Rich Murphy, Chuck Pepper, Paul Athy, Armando Proia When double sessions began in August, the key word for coach Norman Walker and his staff was "rebuild." From last years co-champions C8-25 there were only four returning starters. ln addition no quarterback on the team had any real varsity experience. The Tigers got off to a good start when they opened the season with a 13-7 victory against Framingham North. Tri- captain Noel Foley, the only returning defender, led the Tigers and the only returning back, Gary Frechette, led the offense. Defending superbowl champions Medford traveled to Newton. Newton's lack of experience showed as mistakes and fumbles haunted the game. They came up on the short end of a 25-21 score. History was made in Newton's 13-7 win over North Quincy. Tri-captain, Gary Frechette, broke Jerry KeIleher's '71-'73 career rushing record at Newton of 1632 yards. Much of his yardage was gained this year behind the blocking of tri-cap- tain Steven Poplack and seniors Chris Davis, Pat Corrigan, Tom Jasset and Flon Quintiliani. A football can take many crazy bounces, and against Brockton a week later it did. A few bounces either way, and New- ton might have done things differently but the ball bounced to Brock- ton and they won 27-7. Things weren't much better against a fired up Quincy team. A tough goal line stand enabled the Presidents to walk away with a 13-8 vic- tory. Newtons best defensive game of the year came against Weymouth South, when the Tigers won 26-7. Newton's defensive line of Steven Gershon, Billy Pilla, John Gardner, Mike Gardner, and Andre Solomita seemed to spend the whole day in Weymouth's backfield. Linebackers Guy Dimambro, Al Fortune, and Chuck Pepper backed up the line like madmen. NEWTONQ The offense took over in the game against Cambridge when they 27 won 42-14. Quarterback Dennis Berube was hitting receivers Royce 12 Terrell, and Keith Annese. Halfbacks Eddie Sumpter and Adam Levy NEWTON 14 , showed they could run the ball also, as they had big days for the NEWTON NORTH 17 ' Orange and Black. NEWTON HAM .. 7 Newton made it three in a row when they downed Weymouth North NEWTON 12 20-17. Defensive backs Noel Foley, Tom Kindler, and Tom Ackerly, covered Weymouth's receivers like a blanket and gave up only four ' completed passes. THE GAME 1979, Newton vs. Waltham, was at Dickinson stadium. ,,,,, The game was all it had been played up to be. On a wet November -1 f N P afternoon Waltham won 7-6 when a final Newton drive ended on Walt- ' hams eight yard line as time ran out. J' ""' it 41'-.ffm-,-i!.f 044 5 E ff A ' A J ' v f-vi QM A h"'iw9"' fb t -' 1, s 41? 3ifMf 1 H xx 'g V.,-mn gf Q 'fa My ,Z -. f' W? 5 W5 M Q' .f 42" if 1 In W' Yi p . if , , 3, V, fi G 0 - nv X E ' f A, ,na- . 3 1 , ,MJ - .IJ . 40 , wi ,,x, bf .fvuy 9 mga, L , , . 1. vm. 9 ,KJ rP?"?,,',. -2 x". i 5M.'A,'.' xfilfbrsa-Qgiilg Y Q- M, , z7'Ls45..33X .lw'l -V. .Q ' . 4 ,. , ,.v.,. v.r?"f... Q Y' d1f9"'W7' .Q 5, f, w ", a ' si ara' " ,i -- 1 -5 v :sf M, '. Q A. "v"'M,.,f ,X , ,, ,. 7'?'z'x1f3 -nf 5' P., .z'f1r' ' fa? 55 -.if " uf '-f 1m,43f'. Rf 0 I gi. P sl-' ,- , if 2 3'-at x ,. J' 4 I I 1,9 1.4. I J i 2.ff'Mvmw.-- w GIRLS' SOCCER fj 7 ffl.C Jixz First row l-r: Sandy Smith, Judy Hinchey, Janice Casey. Second row: Alison Leary, Jenny Nash, Robin Gilroy, Barbara Cahill, Doreen Basinet, Carol Summers, Caroline Ryan, Terri Temte, Janet Ferguson, Patty McCabe, Ann Justice, Clintona Wiley. Third row: Sandy Troy, Deirdre Roberts, Mary Kim, Janice O'Neil, Cindy Fine, Barbara Davis, Debbie Quinn, Cathy Feldman, Diane Casey, Diane Lewis, Ann Sullivan, Judy Mulvey, Lori Goldenberg, Feli- cia Zani, Susan Graham. The 1979 girls soccer season, under the direction Of coaches Barry "Fuzzy" Howland and John "Oscar" Meyer was the most successful Of their 4 year history. Under the leadership of tri-captains Janice Casey, Judy Hinchey and Sandy Smith, the girls worked hard to achieve an outstanding season. The Tigers scored 67 goals while only allowing 11 against them On their way to compiling a 18-3 record. The girls won their first contest in an emotionally charged game against Brookline 3-2. Their next tough game was against Weymouth North. It was one of the most physical of the season, which Newton lost 2-1. The Tigers then regrouped and prepared for the final half of the season. Once again the Tigers dominated the league by winning their next 8 games. The stage was set for the final game against Weymouth North which was to decide the league champion- ship. Newton dominated the entire game with their aggressive play on offense and defense and won the game by a score Of 2-O. The Tigers captured the Suburban League Crown for the fourth year in a row! Newton entered the tournament seeded sixth. Their first opponent was Medfield. It was a hard physical game. After three overtimes Newton won 1-0. The Tigers then faced Wellesley, who was seeded 2nd. It was the longest game in the tournament, after six overtimes they went into penalty shots. The Tigers came out the victors. This year there was no jinx when Newton met Needham at M.l.T. in the semi-finals, Newton has never beaten Needham in regular or tournament play. Newton controlled most Of the game, beating Needham 2-0. The Tigers dribbled on to Boston University's field against the first seed Concord-Carlise. After a very defensive game, Concord scored with two minutes left in the game and Went On to be state champs. Newton NOrth's Girls Varsity Soccer team had six girls selected to the Suburban League All-Star Team, with Captains Judy Hinchey and Janice Casey making the top five players in the league. The other girls selected were Caroline Ryan, Captain Sandy Smith, Debbie Ouinn, and Lori Goldenberg. Judy Hinchey also made the 1st Team All-Scholastic for the Boston Globe, with Janice Casey making the 2nd team All-Scholastic. NEWTON X NEWTON N NEWTGN i' NEWTON 3 BROOKLINE 2 NEWTON 2 NORTH OUINCY o NEWTON 7 WALTHAM o NEWTON 3 OUINCY o NEWTON 4 WEYMOUTH SOUTH 1 NEWTON 6 CAMBRIDGE o NEWTON 3 BROCKTON o NEWTON 1 WEYMOUTH NORTH 2 NEWTON 1 NEEDHAM 3 NEWTON 4 NORTH QUINCY .1- NEWTON 5 WALTHAM , an NEWTON 5 QUINCY ' 0 NEWTON 3 WEYMOUTHSOMH 1 ,NEWTON 3 CAMBRIDGE fi, ' ' , 0 NEWTON 3 BROOKLME ' ' NEWTON 2 ORQOKJZQN , s o we-nqg ' Nc? fistula - 252- , x 2 ' . 1 ' H 0 R P- . XX.. TOURNAM-T -X - - f -szjvgtl f-. N X - , f 1 s- f PyZ1?.fmi:?.9-1' H ' 0 .3 4.73. ., .' Qu., - AGI.-Y :fn-1..,:f,,.9p - 'A g 5, -. I , g., 1 g-v.g:f.i..g ... 1 Q--Q 4 -41.-,W ff, ' 4 , ' : A . ' -2 : :f ri . 1 if ' f 'f i n QV f . 1' -. 1 5 A ,':9?:.'f'f1"f - --QT jf' '9' bv 1' ,Q-Q 4 3-ii'-RQ 149:34 .. aff , 'ga fvg .:T":'ah: ,yr Q.: fy.-f '- -X 1 ff. ifixk is is ss, ,sv f ' sf-., 1 3, 1, 'L ef? 2- .fr x., Y I lr ' I ' Q" 'F ,'wm+,f' "" A-Q: f jew-av h- Mu ' . 'M ,' f "AJ fr 3 ' y' , Kg 11.33 2 srgi, 32 X ' 1 -51551 Q , all N., , 31 me W iff? 1' K. , ' - ' -viii: 'gf , 555- f',,,:,,:fz , w f 1. of ii", ,357 . M 1 ,gi w:"i.1": 4 -if . 8 . 3 Q4 3 ,f M .wg " iii! KW! '.,. .... ES X 4401 , ' Jw. I K 'W 2? 1 an-'N 12:2 ,X "2 WV BCDYS' SOCCER is-J X. . 1 1 ,' . 9 Krug . M . V 'TQ , 1 tg ii A N -A , L' ' . f 1 , . 1 T . 1 , . ' , H ' 7 "C Nl 17 5 - ' . . E . ' L l A 1 A in V EO Tk , , s-um ' , h-,vw ' s ' o , , . WDW ' 1 A i 8 it First row l-r Evan Teplow, Issac Berg, David Degenhart, Tom Karoff, Phuc Chau, Jorge Montoya, Dana Lucens, Jim Samson, Peter Vasiliadis. Second row Coach Tom Williams, Coach Larry Webb, Matt "Hubert" Flhinehart, Guss Sanchez, Danny Fitzpatrick, Erik Toomre, Greg Pachus, Thomas Delaire, Flichard Callahan, Al Peters, David Notter, Micheal, Tim Bronk, Danny Gilroy, Brian "Bud" Collins. The Newton Tigers Once again showed Why they are considered one of the top soccer teams in the state by finishing 12-7-3 and advancing to the quarter-finals Of the state tournament before losing to Brockton 4-2 in Overtime, Captains Jorge Montoya and Dana Lukens led a spirited and dedicated team whose only regular se'a- son loss came early against Suburban League Cham- pions Brockton 1-2, however, they avenged this loss late in the season with a dramatic 2-1 victory leaving the only team to beat Brockton during the regular sea- son, Other highlights included an exhibition game vic- tory against Alabama's Bayside Academy C3-15 and a semi-final tournament win over Stoughton. Ties against Weymouth North, Brookline and Waltham were the only blemishes in a successful campaign capped by the naming Of senior captain Jorge Montoya as team MVP as he contributed 12 goals and 20 assists in 16 contests. Coaches T. J. Williams and Larry Webb anticipate continued success next year with returning starters Mike latridis, Danny Gilroy, Peter Vasiliadis, Al Peters, Tom Dallaire and Ricky Callahan as Well as some very promising sophomores, David Nolter, Issac Berg and Cam Sears, if - - .... -as- .1 E an 'ii ' " Boys' Soccer QQ NEWTON BROOKLINE , y, ,I W , I Q NEWTON NORTH OuiNcv ,- ',.t.,,,,ti:' gy 'jd' ,ft NEWTON WALTHAM , y A '-,gfwfv -4 -4455 M NEWTON QUINCY Q. , g,, -Q gg, ,--N15 Q was C NEWTON WEYMOUTHSOUTH .ff 1 - 'T i-fl ref' - E 322221212 1 T tv: . it - .- -,-- - ---W ..-- 'Q J 1 e f- i, ,S T-'P +0 1 aft-sb if NEWTON WEYMOUTH NORTH ' SENSE SSSQSESNENC - ui Y f NEWTON WALTHAM NEWTON QUINCY ,Q -' NEWTON WEYMOUTH SOUTH f NEWTON CAMBRIDGE ' NEWTON BROCKTON NEWTON WEYMOUTH NORTH , C 1 STATE TOURNAMENT , , i - t f Q NEWTON 2 STOUGHTON mt 'Q - , 3.,9,izM rf xy , NEvvTON BROCKTON Wins - 2 Losses - 3 Ties e-, ""'.n 9 S, .M IN 'War 1 ' J ff , . N ,AQ x "Y 4 s X USS N 1 1 Q X '-44' 2 fy, l Y JM .,,, e , ,I 1 - , 1 , I - " ,. , 2 - . '. f,,vf' M--1.12 - , . ' ' . 'V . ff X. , , 1 .L-W.. 1 rt ' , 'ww 1 'ff ,, Q ,+A ' Yfyfiii' - ,'.4:',v'f - f W 3 up t 1- 'f ,' V4 as-aww:-f, rx A-Quan " aww ix aqua 'Q if udkp., gy' " -win--N-vv ' 'W"Q"' lf ' lf-rn'f"f2rf"fm""92' , tw.. - I A ., Q , . ,rf .. .., K, , , pm , .. .vi .S f Mi, ,rw-A I f 1' ,aa .MVWG 4 in vsqvfk uf. Q Q X' K? Jtflfx ' K' A in fin ,' 4, AX ,f 3? Yr .' I ag, -3 , Auf 4 1 ' ff- -P -wwf , , ,I .- jiryld. Q , A ff 4 s -V Q 1 W .P 3,591 t 5 '. ' . X R' A' ,..xf V S I lm , Q x, ' '9 .45 , 1 if 7 .Ji fa. P' if: -' QA. -1 'J M I -N . ' 'n 5, ' E wan Wiz 4- X Vu ' ww Q 4 Q f ' A' "' A ' . a" ' 4 " if 5, - fy ,. I . X wi Skellvj E1 , M " Q 1 4 ix 5 J- .,,,., -4 'M' Y 9 , J , ,Lil fi , - , 5 :35 Q GIRLS' SWIMMING I I LW -va... an-4 Q Q A '- 5'-Mil 38 ra R Lift, Q 38 'fx' . , A rig," - xl Swimming First row I-r. Anne Larson, Shara Lewis, Kathy Blowen, Diane Clark, Eve Mazzola, Linda Rosenberg, Allison Shapiro, Debbie Robinson, Maria Hackett. Second rows Loren Greiff, Laura Collins, Marianne Fay, Ann Bishop, Nancy Levinsky, Catherine Herrin, Barbara Heineman, Third row: Tracy Parsons, Janet Quigley, Tracy Greene, Pat O'Brien, Linda Rubeck, Hilary Kassler, Claudia Gross, Larni Levy. Fourth row: Coach Colleen White, Anna Necheles, Done Stanton, Katie Cunning, Rachel Jacobson, Elenor Pechet, Leslie Cambell, Karen Resnick, Joanne Fay. Fifth row: Marion Abernathy, Andrea Feingold. Sue O'Halloran, Nickie Fracktman, Leslie Tocci, Ann Mulvaney, Beth Tafe, Sarah Abernathy, Jennie Szekely, Laura Pill. Sixth row: Julie Miller, Jecca Hopper, Helen Timns, Colleen Halloran, Debra Mayman. Not present: Sabrina Wils, Sonia Mirrow, Mary Ryan, Robert De Souza, Suzanne Ouinn "ls this not a winning team," chanted senior Ann Mulvaney, "yes, this is a winning team," echoed her 'fellow' swim- mers while psyching-out their opponents before each meet. Winning, to the team, was more than a 5-3 record and a third place overall standing in the Suburban League. lt meant pulling together as a team and respecting each others' strengths and weaknesses whether it was at poolside, inthe water or from the diving board. Ms. Colleen White made a "splashing" debut as head coach during the 1979 season. Her extra efforts and encouragement to condition the swim- mers into great competitors were inexhaustible. Assistant coach Benn Merritt, respected highly for his knowledge of swimming among the team members, concentrated on working with a new and talented group of divers this season. Looking on towards the 1980 season there will be critical empty spaces to fill left by these outstanding seniors: captain Joanne Fay, Ann Mulvaney, Helen Timms, divers Debbie Mayman and Jessica Hopper and Susan O'Halloran who com- peted in the State Championships, finishing seventh inthe 50 freestyle. The juniors have proved very strong stroke-wise and have a very solid and energetic group of sophomores to back them up and fill in the gaps. With the help of incoming sophomores the team can look forward to another successful season. ' -sql- r' X f Girls' Swimming NEWTON QUINCY NEWTON BOSTON LATIN NEWTON CAMBRIDGE NEWTON BROOKLINE NEWTON BROCKTON NEWTON WEYMOUTH NORTH NEWTON WEYMOUTH SOUTH NEWTON NORTH OUINCY NEWTON WALTHAM 5 Wins - 4 Losses ,.,,v-1543" bw ., 'wami .. gif! 4 fs: . . ws, W' -L ,- 1 A mm' 3 ' -1 K , '- A nf hmmm A, 1 . 1ln. f if ,M Z , 4 N. GCJLF it it .. , X ,HM 'Q . O , , I 4' ' . ,c 5- .1 gif. T9 5' ,- l ,-w D 5 X fs' s 'Q W ry. 1. w -7 ., 4 . fl 8:12 1, " ' Q i"i"'t pigs i fs i X get kt: ,, ' U., 4 7, -.',.'f"1 4 g"',Q,?gp E2 .f . ,Nigga 4 First row I-r' Paul Jepsen, Jim Alden, Cathleen Campbell, Paul Shainian, Coach Jack Neville. Second row: Kevin Campbell, Eric Corwin, David Blouin, John Jepsen, Mark Norton, This year's golf team went through the season undefeated with an 8-O record. There were various reasons for thisg one was the-depth of the team. David Bloin, Eric Corwin, Kevin Cambell, Paul Jepsen, John Jepsen, Jim Alden, Tim O'Con- ner, Paul Shainian and Mark Norton all helped to make one of the best teams to ever represent Newton. After the season, the team came in second in a play-off match which sent them to the state tournament in the springg only two teams from the Suburban League qualified for the state match. Outstanding golfer Paul Jepsen qualified for the individual Tourna- ment in the spring. He was also voted Globe All-Scholastic Cyo winner and the Massachusetts open 4th lower amateur. V L Ya- 1 V -r, . yeh., ,,, , V . -,: J: . - ... .l 'qh. 4 - ,v K on kd . iQ, , 1 fl. 'if i . .., , I Q' 41,5 ' 5 i ,,.vi in-.. ,, E x. 5 , I I- ' .Cv 1 1, X . 1' J, 7 .- A , , A ,, .X 1, 3 . 1- V, vi ,4 A 5 jf' 7 Golf , ,ig 1 4, .X rf ,Y NEWTON 7 WALTHAM 2 - , L if NEWTON 9 CAMBRIDGE o gi : j 7 NEWTON 7 QUINCY 2 E. ga ,fi NEWTON 9 NORTH QUINCY o - E . JE in NEWTON N BROCKTON an '-s-- -7 NEWTON w WEYMOUTH soum :aw NEWTON 7 QBFIOOKLINE 2 NEWTON E TWEYBJIOUTH NORTH n ,4- il fl Q3 2 23 hi 'E it '14,-V+ ' 1. fi.. ",f,lag6,41?:t! ,Jar " I gn: i 1 29' , F 1 'V' f . .N -A rf 3 ,.,: A X3 I fa 2 K f I , L I 1 4 -4 47' ,xl I L -'Jlsfx I'Q .! . gr 1 A ,Q- S, ,'e , f . MQ? GQ n. ,X qi", 4, nf A"? - . 1, s 1 I uv' M, , M K....M GIRLS' vOI I EYRAI I 46 127 M7 - Q 4 f,,.'x 2 1:59 MX! l lag Front row I-r: Edie Arbetter, Julie Dore. Second row: Nancy Keefe, Elissa Weltz, Gail Cole. Third row: Coach Jay Cradle, Amy Merrit, Eleanor Johnson, Wendy Fai, Sandi Blanch. Although the girls' volleyball team's record 15-1 lj was not among the top of the league, the girls accomplished many things. One of them was to rebuild the team. The team was young with only co-captains senior Gail Cole and junior Wendy Fai returning from last year's varsity squad. Making up the rest ofthe squad were senior Julie Dore, juniors Edie Arbetter, Sandi Blanch, Eleanor Johnson, Nancy Keefe, and sophomores Amy Merrit and Elissa Weltz. The girls prac- ticed long and hard. They had the skills but lacked the experience they needed. Although many games were not won, the team increased in enthusiasm and team spirit. Every member of the team made up a part Of the family with seven of the nine players returning, next year looks promising. 0 voiieybaii " I , NEWTON 1 LYNNFIELD NEWTON o CAMBRIDGE I - NEWTON o BROCKTON I 'Y X NEWTON 2 ARLINGTON --s - , - NEWTON o BROOKLINE .. L Q A , NEWTON o QUINCY ' I NEWTON 2 NORTH QuINcY f lf . Q NEWTON o WALTRANI I t NEWTON 2 NORTH OUINCY h I NEWTON 2 QUINCY ,- I I NEWTON 2 BROOKLINE I Q ,Ib NEWTON o NEWTON SOUTH g ' V, NEWTON 0 , BROCKTON k j NEWTON 1 CAMBRIDGE - I . NEWTON o WALTI-IAIvI r NEWTON I ARLINGTON i I . 5Wins-11 Losses A all f A -J - .Q " 0 . it 'iv-' T ' 'V J -ui . G . 1 42, ' , Y - QTQL? I. . L fp-1 -.4 f 4' 'MM W 2 , 'fxx' I P1 i K W3 . I X ' D, w . R Sl if, f' u ! 'J U Q! U ii X.-3i.,,w as in mu' Qu- Q- .wx K 'Ir NWN. A-,, sh. qw.-5 HM l'.,,,.- '19 0 1 5 1 9 Aw--f 'T Ji'f::1::.i.jT1'gf-NNN MM, vi Lfiw KL, 5? 1 ' , 2' 0 I 1? 'flax , ff' Amqpo K x M f f gf, as 1 2 Wf-Q, ,M 4 , 1 i M: 'N H f'-,aff F -JJ L, , . N. Agfa I N V N ,,, 'H , M 2' ' ? r Lf ff, .,',,, 'L' A ,fi "" -of Drug vfprvr- P ,1 1 vm' ' . Q 'W Fiiff fig X if ,.f,i?gjT, fA,.'f6,?" 1.5, ty If ' 1 , .-Km '- 4 1, 1, ,133 ff?-' .iff ' 5 ,5 'V 41. 'uf ' ef 2,,,f,zf.f-S ff fi qf , :fffw T24 . ,, ,. 12. 1 . . V I , ,JT Y- i U L. qv, . I A-is." . n ,fa ak 1, 1 'Q 0 sqm :wi-,w . in wk? F A ---A Q Q J X Q 4. ex 2. V ,K Q Q P A 'z ,. 'K Mr., x s .510 i" X af, -yu -Sf-"9 '45 J BAND ff, ,Q usfmnvm 7, s 1 ' ' N 2, It ,- A .4 n ff- 1 ' if ji, W if f 4 Aj . ' Hmm :M ,, QV, ' f V s if , f F-Wk O09-A + vaun- f fx. 5? ' mug-v . J ' ' ,1.'v., ' 5 Q fv I, , J 'Y . P wk ' ,..,4g... -Www, --mau- . I . . Q 8 . 4 3, 1 3 ,ju .ki I V ,V W., , ,. , wx! lv, 1' 'Qi' f'f- 46 V, 'fxgia ' 43 fy ' Q .Bi I ' I . 111 fwfii gmt' 11' ft if it , , . 1 ,'.f 'l . 5 i u k Z x "1 "' -K v ' we " - ' ""f"'k' ,X X i U ' r f K M T55 -0 -fi rv. i io Q .1 L"'.Z,f M H5113 'fa ,v U' A fQ"L'kQ f I , fl .. awk, hi u :Q nz., xl ,I L y. 1" 13: 6, "" i I fall 6 bifwygwv 2 'ff r"f W"'Y'?E 2 xi fffwlt- x ,-.-w L 'rf "jjf'ff. if I ff' 'ik J' J. ,Q ' A sh, I as 4 Q D '90 aww:-fy 'J f,,. , N., fffzv x ,M , A , ,F M -A ,T fr- fwfaamwmffffg , Wm 2 gyda-ZW' - - 1 fu. , ,m.,.1.Mf4'f WA" ' 2, . '5,,.owm'1lW9 Q: ' My A A 4 1 wf-'f' 5. pe-' '15 QQ 1. "" I ., f 1 6 ,IX gsm- 'rl' ii AWARD QWELQ i9 1. 1 N .-di 2 s I ' 'ln Q are-3 ,te 1 Q ,'-7 15' f,t Jw" h . ,,,,.. L-rx Principal Richard Mechem. Janice Casey, Gary Frechette, Athletic Director James Ronayne. orth wins thir alton by Arthur Jackson Emerging once agarn as the top athletic school tn Eastern Mass North has won the Boston Globe s Dalton Award ln Division l for the third straight year The Dalton Award signifies overall excellence in sports and is based on the extent of student particrpatlon in athletics as well as the school s record Nlorth compiled a 958 85 5 re cord during the 1978 79 school tear to total a Dalton score of 591 points the highest of any school in hastern Mass ln Dlxiston l Lexington trailed North by 24 pornts with Brockton third at 564 polnts Suburban league titles ln 10 sports boys cross country foot girls soccer boys an girls indoor track bovs and girls gymnastics boys and girls tennis and softball were keys to Norths wrnmng the Dalton trophy again Five other boys teams placed second m the league North is now allowed to retire the Dalton Trophy becoming only the second school rn Div :sion l to do thts Brockton was the tlrst lt s harder to stay on top than to get there said athletic direc tor .lim Ronayne This presents a greater chal lenge to all our teams because our opponents know champion status and are aimmg for us The Dalton is one of the marks of success that we use for designating a successful pro gram Ive been really pleased that we have such an outstanding staff sand Ronayne All the coaches have pride rn their pro- grams We have a professional coaching staff that ts second to no one in this area The boys teams were 156 49 3 for a 760 winning percentage and the girls compiled a 102 36 2 record for 740 The Dalton formula rs devlsed so that an excellent record rn much as an excellent record rn football If a school does not partrcrpate m a sport they are given the same score as the school with the lowest rankmg m that sport Overall North had close to 800 students participating in 27 of the 29 sports the Globe used to tabulate the Dalton score . , ' ' ' -- un ' u . '. - ' H , l 5 . ' ' girls' basketball will be worth as l r ' r' 5 ' ' bali, ' " , it ' d . l l ' . Ar.- -1 -.3 .-, -74x .-. 3, MQ., . r ..2, Q A Qld, 1iiz28 .!kiQ9' , A 'iv , J f-' uw ,G s 1 , , If ,. L95 41-r F"" AP' Cx fae- QQ, -Lf ,, Fi AQ.. 7 , I 55" M ' . 1 J . 35.3, Q N I Q . X f, ,K ' A 2 r 2:5 r 'S' x . I I ' , ,1 P' , 1 ' "'r--: 7 :V ,lilgz I an W, 6- N W ,g Sk -4.4.4 ff, 5 q 3. . ' f-1,w.' 1 i 4"'-v'ff" "'2if'f11 "" '47 " W R r H LF.. .v ,, , X Q A . 94' IV CB "W LAND '51--fa, L pk, . famh., ,v wif? 47' , 1' in V' 'G 1 L, we 4' ' , PM V -v, 1 . , nf 'J' V ,L ,AA 1:1 X, .e,"i11, Q if Y 5 My V xg P! 31455 1 A I Q' x ,. GIRLS BASKETBALL ,.z Lf---. .g ,, -Ee... M. ... ..- -0-4... ... 1 og-ep... t.. .......-M.--gg . . . .ity V. , iff, ,xngx hi- '-ai,vli4'!Vnd"'uar" Rr., sw A, ,.., -W - r ,su ,uf ' j Ns Y' First row l-r: Diana Proia, Jenna Lammers, Judy Hinchey, Donna Yaffe, Marybeth Bradley, Sherry Levin, coach Maureen Enos. Second row: Sonia Mora, Sue Armstrong, Lori Goldenberg, Sandy Smith, Patty Ackerley, Debbie Quinn. Loaded with talent and experience, all but two players returned to spark the 1979-1980 Girls Basketball Team. Behind the efforts of Captain Judy Hinchey and Globe All-Scholastic, Sherry Levin, as well as seniors Diana Proia and Marybeth Bradley and junior Donna Yaffe the Tigers enjoyed their best season ever. Other returnees from last year's squad were senior Sue Armstrong, juniors Christy Gallier, Patty Ackerly, and Sandy Smith. Newcomers included, junior Sonia Mora, sophomores Lori Goldenberg, Jenna Lammers and Debbie Quinn. This year's team compiled a 10-0 league record capturing the Suburban League Title and an overall record of 21-2. Their only loss this season Came from state contenders Salem High School in the finals of the Christmas Tournament. Under the guidance of Coach Maureen Enos, the girls had a fine season. The team made it to the finals of the state tournament, capturing the State South Sectional title for the second year in a row. However a hard fought final game was lost to Salem 63-58. I NEWTON 57 WEYMOUTH NORTH NEWTON 69 OUINCY NEWTON 67 WALTHAM NEWTON NORTH OUINCY 4 NEWTOF?'.58 BROOKLINE '- NEWTO . . 75 BROCKTON .7 NEWTON 49 CAMBRIDGE NEWTON f-59 WEYMOUTH NORTH NEWTON 61' QUINCY NEWTON 54 , SOUTH NEWTONTW58. WALTHAM INEWXOE1 ,554 , NORTH f BROOKLINE ONQ90 BROCKTON NEWTON CAMBRIDGE NEWTON 5 57 WEYMOUTH 1- souTH CHELMSFORD CHRISTMAS NEWTON as WESTFORD NEWTON- 57 WINTHROP NEWTON M54 SALEM - Wins 21 Losses W V .7 i A gf in 5 , T: -E .' '1 .4 3x Ie! SUBURBAN I FAGUF CHAMPIONS 0 my X N m 9 W., X. 5'5- I -....,M-MW Wm -A ., ff ,f - ff , fl CGW gl mm X .'---...sau 7 .fd A '- -V -V S , 1 f ff f 3 ms t' V, X ' 1' Af, ,f , xvjjf ,LM KWH ' 89 ROYS RASKFTRAI I , f fx 'IJ ' Ol Q '-2 ' Y...4 itkmfs 'T Standing I-rx Coach Jerry Phillips, Bob Billings, Noel Foley, Paul Jepsen, Scott Humphrey, Bill Cater, Royce Terrell, Amando Proia, Joe Letendre Sean Orourke, Lee Gilliam, John Monahan, Peter Constance. Kneeling: Bob Hess, Dennis Berube. The hopes of the 1979-1980 Basketball season were damp- ened, by a slow start and the sidelining of two starters for the entire season. Although illness and injuries plagued the team throughout the season tri-captains Dennis Berube, Bob Hess and Royce Terrell led an outstanding effort that unfortunately was lacking the depth needed to win. Exceptional players were Bob Hess, Lee Gilliam, i, NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON Wins WEYMOUTH NORTH NEWTON SOUTH QUINCY MEDFORD NORTH QUINCY WALTHAM BROOKLINE BROCKTON CAMBRIDGE WEYMOUTH NORTH MEDFORD QUINCY WEYMOUTH SOUTH WALTHAM NORTH OUINCY BROOKLINE BROCKTON NEWTON SOUTH CAMBRIDGE WEYMOUTH SOUTH Losses . a - I i 1 I 1 SI U 'vm W 1 1 3 1 1 ,aa JFS- R QQ L Z GIRLS GYIVINASTICS 0.1 5 its First row I-r: Debbie Glick, Lydia Triplett, Kathy Blouin, Shara Lewis, Diane Clark, Carolyn Burns, Candice Dickinson. Second row: Coach Jennifer Flawson, Rachel lnker, Theresa Kasak, Joyce Costello, Meg Geagan, Susan O'Halloran, Karen Klerman, Carissa Dickinson, Coach Bob Cullens. Third row1 Adrienne Ftuderman, Carolinda Suitor, Cathy Ayers, Dee O'Conner, Dee Dee Dean, Jecca Hopper, Beth Lizotte. The season began with twenty-three talented, enthusiastic gymnasts determined to get into condition and compose routines for the first meet. ln preseason we lost Jecca Hopper temporarily to a broken finger and Abby Aspel perma- nently to a broken hand. We also had two league teams cancel their schedules. But, once the competition began the season was full of highlights as the team watched and supported each other as a lot of hard work turned into improving scores. And what else can sum up the season better than: Susan O'Halloran and Meg Geagan for co-captains, sore muscles in pre-season, W.N.'s balance beam, indirect routes to meets, Sprecker, most improved - Debbie Glick, Mickey D's, a very successful bake sale, only all-around Diane Clark, Cathy's wiggling finger, Dee's double joints, Debbie's 7.1 floor, FlacheI's grace, Jecca's concentration and poise, our stay over at the Mobil station, weight room workouts, lots of ice, Shara's flexibility, and all the rewards after working soooo hard! IV -' ' " ,I J "Q 'r" NEWTON 100.05 NOHTHQUINCY 74.3 A y 7 NEWTON 90.25 BROCKTON 105.7 -1 T NEWTON 90.0 CONCORD 55.7 .. ,-Pa , NEWTON 102.55 WEY1viouTi-1 NORTH 106.6 f' NEWTON 102 BROOKLINE 104 ff-E' . ' " . , NEWTON 102.55 BELMONT 118 NEvvTON 105.2 WELLESLY 78 NEWTON 1032 QUINCY 87 . if NEWTON 104.45 WALTHAM 103.1 " Wins 5 Losses 4 i?mb1l-A ' uv. W vm-wu.M....-ganna... .f A g.....o P 9-. ' ,.,M. S r-In-9. Z 1 g-105 f W u -nr " If N ,,,:,f-wgy jjgfj' -NK , -V --1 4, ---fr ' +4:, .. .M-ff ,., , . 0' ,, - f'.,v.'1f.v1-rv Y 4, avi ' 4 ' ,za 1. U'-1 " ' A 4 Q if f 'Y 1 Q5 1 'Z 1 . ' Am' f" ' X 'E 'I1"' fwxfjv N' 3 1 "A,ix'r 'X - '5Q5a'.1.m9:,fggp 2391495 :F YR "ZX ' - . '4 am - ' vw, ,jgr t H 125?j"' , ,4 .Qyfv iz-"V ,. , '- W, J ax " ' 2 23,24 Y qw, yrfag' Q, 4 1 '- vw -44+ . L 1 f' fmf x - X, nf' A V W . I ...M ...... W . Nw- y, 1. ' A, -r, 'XWK fw 1' ,. ff" ,. 'MW , q """q H, an xw A f. ,wu ,M 5 'S un H, L, 5 n 1 .1 no , , wvvwa W " ' X ' 'Wv?'A"' 1'P'v .Wg-5' f.:A?x1m , ' - 1, . , x ' ' W N , I 0 Q :4?,1' ., J 5552 ' f 1 . :Li l f9?3'5 fX' 5!' al ' li il i i il-'53, '1 ' d" 'i"1ff I 11' -5 -3. ,j 's,4'713+,5.:.'-QW! .I -L3-i.,.4agg.:fff'-.,, , Q, ,wfgQgfffifg3ffa,,-vq...r-,. me i k.,. ,: :?5f5M' ,',' - w w, ,, ,ff H . V W, ,V 57 A :M f. V 'iu.1'V,f F ,i 1, ..,A:.:,w ,Gd ,,., , ,lf ,EMM . it iw Aiwa r BOYSCYIVINASTICS an-.Q uni 'SV First row I-rx Todd Macomber, Cecil Sampson, James Magliozzi, Brian Cove, Jeff Sampson, Satbir Nayir, Ira Barron, David Shine. Second row: Coach Peirce, Tom Sivak, Ovette Altamirano, Billy Jordan, Steven Tabor, Paul Yannoni, Paul Gilbert, John Leblanc, Bob Cullen. Third row: Ray Hodgdon, Adams Lewis, Mike Caso, Wayne Leblanc, Howie Savitt. The boys gymnastics team had an exciting season this year. In their first four meets they lost two close ones and then won against Westboro by only. 5. The team made a spectacular comeback after this slow start and finished the season with a six match winning streak. Four times this year, the Tigers scored over 100 points. Captain Brian Cove was the all- around gymnast and had a strong showing this year. We ,T if M ' 4 Y- NEWTON 91 NEWTON SOUTH 76 y 5, if ' NEWTON 87.9 BROCKTON 88 h NEWTON 87.25 WESTBORO 87.2 NEWTON 94 WEYMOUTH NORTH 102 NEWTON 105 BFIOOKLINE 91 NEWTON 100.8 1 ATTLEBORO 100.6 NEWTON 95 BRIOGEWATER 89 NEWTON 99.65 WELLESLEY . 89.65 NEWTON 101.9 WAYLAND 97 NEWTON 102 QUINCY 97' i Wins 8 Losses 2' R ? 1 5 :L ., Q ln 4 ..- 11 nil'-we , :iw L: 1-.4 -Q-.4 XXX? E Q 1 A, Vs., rw ,f .,,, f af VAN - Nm I .4 N., '. 1 ' U uf 4 15 ,-uf 1? 3 E SJ? " 5? 4 :LN- - gf. if-Y 'T?Lsvf ' . .44 I 1, 3 Q SKIING W ' if-'L X . . ev tw Mother Nature has placed a heavy burden on the shoulders of ski racers in the Mass. Bay High School Ski League. For graduating seniors, there was a crippling blizzard in their sophomore season which brought everything to a snow-muf- fled halt, including races. In their junior year, the white stuff had difficulty in breaking through a hundred-mile circle around Greater Boston. Now, to complete this test of their fortitude, senior year brought a record-shattering snow drought which drove Olympic officials at Lake Placid to the brink of hysteria. Providing leadership to the team under these trying conditions, the squad captains did a remarkable job. Jenny Keenan and co-captains John Corcoran and Jimmy Zalcman led the alpine squads. Martha Keenan and Graham Morey captained the resourceful cross-country squads. Whether in pre-season conditioning or on the race course, these individuals demonstrated what diligence and personal pride can do to overcome any obstacle placed in the way of a true athlete. The alpine team, on man-made snow, got off to a winning record in the first few races. Seniors Jenny Keenan, Martha Keenan, John Corcoran, Ethan Simon, Josh Wortzel, Sarah Alexander, Jill Weissman, Lilli Farkas and Eileen Skinner scored competition points at Nashoba Valley, Prospect Hill and Blue Hills. The team continued to gain strength with each meet and on-snow practice. The team also competed in the inter-league race, and a post-season Eastern Invita- tional at the Berkshire East Ski Area. Think snow . . . please! --X', , .4 'A nf- , v l I I ! l l 4 i in ,Q 'xi Y .1 ff? 6 9 If J 034 ff fx, 5.15. 1 Q., ., 5:4 '1 Nz, Wx, Lu f,,. 3, f , , gm, g f : 1 f 'f'y,Qv6y F55 V' 34 A .sz-wg Q 'V ' ' Aj' Y vkg' ,gf V ' N lf iimxf , .K ml fl iv ,f E' ' I r 04 :Q ' : F 4, .. .,... ,.,z I I P JI: .wk-,14:ifZ: 5 V Y ., . A ,I x,,: Q 45 vw' 4' fLf,L'fi'-, in "f 45951: 5 19' If f 'z .,,q.,,,f , 4 .1,,a1, ,, f ' fx, ., . .+ Q ,..,, ':2"f, W 1 , Q f if 7, fy., ,:.-4. . 4 4' I f' 71:51 - 4' 16 VM ,f 4, , f v 42 ky NW f, 144,34 Mew, , f ,',9f-:' nf .. fr. J .W ' wx ' Q gs i Mwm"Q'i'f"w'.-E 2 MS' 'fi '- A, ng' M: 59.-1 1 1' V V, A, gwfm-1-:-w'- NEWTON NORTH NEWTON SOUTH WALTHAM WELLESLEY WESTWOOD NEEDHAM FRANKLIN MILTON 1041 1566.5 1718 671.5 1183.5 725.5 275.5 647 HOCKEY ir 6E"W'ffi,r i it nt sf- :vu bl i. New it IUHTE, ' First row I-ri Billy Davis, Steve Karem, Gary Frechette, Richard Waxman, Rick Callanan, Bob Kenny, John Stuart, Bob Incorvati. Second row: Asst. Coach Paul Buckley, Greg Pachus, Danny Chisolm, Scott Chapman, Laurie Quinn, Simon Floyd, Paul Howley, John Leavitt, Karl Hatton, Wally Steele, Ken Healy, Glen Chisholm, Jimmy Demeo, Steve Hagerstrom, Coach Don Crowley. After an opening defeat against Quincy, the Tiger hockey team went on to post impressive first half wins against pow- erful opponents, including Brookline and Weymouth South. With only a small nucleus of returning players, led by Cap- tain John Leavitt, the team looked to seniors Greg Pachus, Gary Frechette, and Karl Hatton for leadership. They per- formed well, although the team had difficulty developing consistency in its play. As the Tigers began the second half of the Surburban League play the team made steady improvement in all phases which is a pattern that Newton fans have come to expect. Strong goal tending from senior Billy Davis and sophomore Bob Incorvati showed the way as Captain John Leavitt continued to lead by outstanding play. A late season injury to Karl Hatton was a blow to Tiger hopes but the Newton pucksters never stopped battling. Tiger hockey owes much to this year's seniors, including Wally Steele and Scott Chapman. This group has shown strong dedication and a "winning attitude" throughout their careers. They will be missed! HOCKEY NEWTON QUINCY 6 NEWTON BROOKLINE 3 NEWTON NORTH OUINCY 3 NEWTON WEYMOUTH I NORTH 5- 8 NEWTON CAMBRIDGQ 3 NEWTON ., WALTHAM 4 NEWTON BROCKTON 7 NEWTON 1 .WEYMOUTH .t-4t , , ' NEWTON "Tff??Z. H . .t W NEWTON . ill: 6 NEWTON v iii L Y Q, , . NEWTON A C ,H ' it yawn NORTH ' 5 NEWTON CAMBRIDGE4 NEWTON WALTHAM .3 NEWTON BROCKTON 6 NEWTON WEYMOUTH SOUTH 2 Wins Losses 9' ,Q 'Q V A N041 ,wr 5 4 'R-.A wx 1 l .J W 3 V ' N 'K V ,X A .SDJ 'QQ J in '5- I -5 A 'H xl A "' Q XE f' Qi .-.4 4 1 2' fl l '15, ywf' ' 0- 4 B f u , . A A .. I. 1 ffl" A. . - 5' 75 xx" f,-, y ,My A 5, V, I 4 , ' 1 an Q- Q -f ' 5 . P I, F i 2 3 .wx f . A LQ., 5 Wi ' v fr: U1 My .lk lv . A. h W Q 1 ' xr, , W1 a""""""' ' 5' ORCHESIS Each day after the dismissal of classes, about twenty girls rush to the locker room to change for Orchesis practice. Soon the dance room is filled with many girls in different styled, brightly colored Ieotards, leg warmers and other acces- sories. First there is a series of exercises intended to stretch and warm muscles led by their instructor, Jay Cradle. Next they are taught many moves and combinations done to music to intensify the affect. Before one realizes the clock has ticked away and reads 5:31 , time to clean up and end another exhausting practice. The interaction with others helps each girl to appreciate herself as an individual, with many different talents. By the end of the season each girl must have choreographed a dance and taught it to other members of the group. ln doing so she has learned a great deal about herself, others and dance. Orchesis is considered a non-competitive varsity sport where each girl is trained to use her body to the fullest. During the season each girl develops creativity and a style all of her own. She discovers a part of herself, that without dance, would go unnoticed. After having performed it, each girl feels a satisfaction and enthusiasm towards her own dance. She has shared with others a part of herself that she has worked so hard to produce. S a l l i l l qi 1 1 4 1 i l l ll 1 1 1 9 1 1 f i I WTEIELERY 9 Eh i I --f' ' xxx , O -., . , 9 , L, K J. N fi First row l-rx Tom Hughes, Diana Klashman, Amy Liss, Coach Meyers, Cindy Fine, Jeff Orlin, J. B. Stein. Second row: Ron Spiers, Matthew Herman, Jack Alexander, Brian Lawler, Tom Bickford. David Kasman, William Bickford. The rifle team's big victory this season was beating Marlboro, a perennial power. By doing so the Tigers broke their unbeaten streak of12. The unavailability of our range early in the season affected the teams scores, perhaps by as much as 596. As few as three points out of 870 can mean the difference between victory or defeat! Outstanding shooters this year were Matthew Herman fhigh team score 1875 and Tom Bickford. Most Impressive effort and most improved went to rookie senior Amy Liss. l I rf AF nng,w.,,,.,. , , F ,QRIELERY if Pliiinfif A, . NEWTON , 62 MARLBORO Z NEW M,ORO 842 NEW N y 862 NCORD 788 NEWTON. 845 ',y, .TLALTHAM 8 NEvirwN' 870 8 1,5-MARLBORO85 NEWTON 870 QBEDFORD 873 N yyr , 863 CONCORD 813 NW 845 k WALTHAM 4 8 Losses 4 VZ.:-4.2 ,ff 5 4 'x 'Way 'f ,9' f i ir-' . . ,, 4, if A 5 PP .::'f--- '+.a.,'a53 . O' I." 9 - ,Q ' f ' . '. V, . ' .ff ' o "?' v 3 . ' .AA fad K Q K swf -v "' ' ,'-1 , 'SV ff ,, I w-Q ,-ivbg O V I , -,. 1 4 1 , vv - ,, v A , I Nd if ' .xx , . Y'-1' L? Q x n ' . , . , . 1 .. I W., Q X . ? "Cf ...Q 1 ' ,' , 7' 3,5 4 5 I X ,...,-ff' 11' A -wyovev-H A ! c 1 F I GIRLS INDOOR TRACK First row I-r: Coach Glennon, Miriam Mizahi, Rosina Nicolazzo, Judy Hayes, Donna Proia, Linda Roberts, Audrey Athony, Jenny Greenberg. Second row: Janet Schnee, Beth Derosier, Monique Nathanson, Liz Natale, Amy Fitzgibbon, Cathy Sotir, Debbie Robinson, Nicole Morey, Amy Colliton, Renee Jones, Lisa Coveno. Third row: Candy Fitzgerald, Emily Gaudet, Erica Foisy, Beth Hyman, Clintona Wiley, Maryann Warren, Leah Hyman. Fourth row: Linda Chin, Donna Elgart, Linda Tamkin, Janet Boudreau, Patty McCabe, Colleen Underhill, Coach Frelow, Ines Vitug. Tri-captains Judy Hayes, Donna Proia, and Linda Roberts led the girls indoor track team to a second place finish inthe Suburban League. The Tigers 7-1 record was second only to league champion, North Quincy. The girls set records in every event except the dash. Seniors Donna Proia and Linda Roberts set records in the 1000 12.50.63 and 300 C4121 respectively. Sophomore Jenny Greenberg set records in the high jump 5'5" and low hurdlers 7.9. Sophomore Elizabeth Natale broke the 2-mile and 600 records, blazing to times of 11.44.1 and 1.36.3 Senior Clintona Wiley had a record throw of 35'9'A" in the shot put. The mile relay team of seniors Donna Proia, Linda Roberts and sophomores Diane Casey and Mary Ann Warren raced to a record time of 4.24. With all these records next year's team will have a tough hit to follow. NEWTON gg CAMBRIDGE NEWTON NORTH OUINCY Q NEWTON 48 BROCKTON Q I Q NEWTON 65 QUINCY 9 NEWTON 60 WEYMOUTH NORTH 26 NEWTON 53 WEYMOUTH SOUTH 33 NEWTON 58 WALTHAM 28 NEWTON BROOKLINE 34 52 WINS 7 LOSSES1 3 u--. 1 X A L N- T I .x I " Y + Q G- x I ,li .---.q,... ,, iwk-S1 If g, ,l V 1 4 I i if 'ij L.. 9"s. Whgv fi pi? Joo- 41: M4 , 2, Q if - N . '.- ff my , L.. ' F , ay k14 'I' 'Pi ff iam A ,4 . f.-a M -A 2, 4 ffwf, , ,wg M. W. A ., I 'X' ' 141-if I ' + ,ff gi.-Q. ' A -t,' M, g if ,. ,N , ,,,,,, wk . , ff, f ,1 :g,,f f's.f' . tl, fa, A ' ,. Mfg 1 nib ' - 'Q S' "JT V -ws ' g n ' f u W. , ..,,.- , Qw,, V A g ,Y 5 3 'ilggs 7 , 111-b ag' any , A 6? ' A hw H 4 fy, guqih.. iQ 'ufffhii' w w ww ,A v iii ' W F ,QCV Q' , X' ,, , . l f U M f, , , ,.. V514 "bf ' , fe:+65fs4w9+vfA,fL"?'wW35?f22 f 'Q 4 f -f. , A 54, H I ,V , 4.14, ,fig 'Q :ry V, Q v . 'ia-wit X BOYS INDOCDH TRACK Front row I-ri Mike Mahoney, Steve Gershon, Adam Weiss, Brian Martin, Linus Vachon, Mike Pendergast, Dave Vona, Glenn Goldman, Arthur Jackson, Jerry Ventura, Eddie Sumpter. Second row: Bruce Macdonald, Karl Winkler, George Fulk, Bob Livingston, Kevin McHugh, Mark Sasahara, Brian Young, Mike Margolis, Peter Resnick, Tom Ventura, Bob Forrest. Third row: Coach Yaitanes, Mark Weinfeld, Lou Hunter, Paul Partridge, Cam Laing, Ted Burke, Martin Solomita, Billy Drew, Peter Nobile, Rich Michealson, Scott Thaxton, John O'Brien, Steve Drew, Vincent Burton, Adam Mosher. Blaze the name of Newton North next to another Suburban League track championship. After an opening loss to Wey- mouth South 45-41, the boys' track team hit their stride and defeated their next six opponents to gain a share of the Suburban League title. Hard fought victories over Cambridge Rindge and Latin 46-40 and arch rival Brockton 46-40 ena- bled the squad to tie Cambridge and Weymouth South for the league lead. Tri-captains Mike Pendergast, Linus Vachon and, Dave Vona sparked the Tigers to their victorious season. The three captains usually won the first three events of a meet, the mile, 1000, 600 to get Newton rolling. Pendergast shone in the 1000 while Vachon starred in the mile. Vona developed into the outstanding member of the Tiger squad. He set school records in the two-mile 19:17.43 and mile 14:17.45 set the Suburban League mark in the mile, and ran the 600 when New- ton needed it. Senior Jerry Ventura in the mile, juniors Phil Caldicott and Brian Young in the 1000, and sophomore Cam Laing in the 600 provided key seconds and thirds for Newton. The Tigers also had a powerful group of sprinters led by Glenn Goldman, the league's fastest 50-yarder, and 300 yard- ers senior Eddie Sumpter and sophomore Adam McKee. The Drew brothers, Steve and Billy, were top performers in the 50-yard hurdles with Steve setting the league record at 6.6. The field events were another Newton strong point. Senior Steve Gershon heaved the shot put and seniors Mike Mahoney and Chris Shepherd soared in the high jump to pick up valuable points for the team. The superb mile-relay four-some consisted of B. Drew, Vachon, Pendergast, and Vona. Coached by Fred Yaitanes and Gerry Herman, the talented squad adapted to running at Northeastern's Cabot Cage instead of North's track and upheld Newton's reputation as a track powerhouse. The Tigers ran home another state championship as a school record was set by Vona, Vachon, Pendergast, and Drew in the mile relay. IL, . STATE CHAMPIONS Q ,, W wr' N 'R x 9' BUYS SWIMMING First row I-rx Manager Bob Desouza, Rich Levine, Tom Chin, Doug Nelson, John Baderucco, Brian Downey, Mark Lewis, Russel Bradley, David Agra- nat. Second rowi Bob Visco, Bob Bernard, Fred Mahoney, Phil Richmond, David Schiller, Brad Schiller, Andy Orlandino, John Macdonald, Matt Pel- lows, Steve Kelly, Bob Armstrong, Andy Cuncellien. Third row: Coach Jones, Coach Merrit, Kevin Feeney, Steve Bufford, Doug Robinson, Mark Cle- ment, John Mogel, Kevin Johnston, Bob Blanch, Chip Burgess. Fourth row: Marcel Purmas, Mark Logan, Guy Bradley, Ron Quintilianni, Alex Busanski, Jeff Kennedy, Phil O'Dowd, John Robinson, Paul Agranat, David Albrecht, Bill Valaes. The Newton North Boys Varsity Swim team swam to its first Suburban League title and a perfect 9-0 record, under the direction Of head coach Benn Merritt and assistant coach Chris Jones. The Tigers relied on a strong contingency of returning swimmers but it was the Over-all attitude and conditioning of the entire team that edged the swimmers past rival Brockton for the league Championship. Varsity seniors were: CO-captains Guy Bradley and Mark Logan in the sprint freestyle, Co-Captain Jeff Kennedy and John Harrington in the distance free, Alex Busansky, John Robinson, and Ron Quintiliani in the butterfly, Paul Agranat in the breaststroke. Outstanding divers were Jim Herbert and Bill Voleas. ' zoos-i NEWTON so 1 NEWTON 1 lb Q-I NEWTON Y NEWTON I '+ I NEWTON 3 NEWTON A NEWTON WINS :iw -- -'-11 I I III Il ,I If r I - A I I I I I I I I III II MI I I I 1 ! ,Q---A-at L J, , 5 1 L W w 1 5 .1 ql V I, vl 2 ' . ix I I 1, l 'Q 23 In ig 3 1 1 . + -J ' at T T MWHESTLING C , T ' 4 -s l -E Q 1 qi . ia ' o N ,P T23 ,k if First row I-r: Charles Texeria, Chris Howe, Bob Wilcox, Marc Cohen, Craig Drayton, Bob Johnston, Ernie Donovan, Paul Breshnahan, Peter Mensen, Coach Pat Coleman. Second row: Peter Bonazoli, Chris Noble, Harlan Jones, Todd Jesdale, Al Fortune, Guy Dimambro, A. J. Larkin, Adam Levy, Dave Stanley, Norm Walker, Scott Goodale, Paul Jakabowski, George Garabedian, Tom Wasson, Mike Gardner, Robin Kantar, Jimmy Callahan, Thomas Blakley, Mary Kim, Chris Rowland, Bob Troiano, Jimmy Walker. Head coach Pat Coleman and assistant coach Charles Texiera expected the 1979-1980 wrestling season to be a rebuilding year for Newton North. Senior captain Mike Gardner was the only wrestler with more than one year of varsity experience. Despite their inexperience, Newton started fast winning 4 of their first 5 meets and quickly built their reputation as a team consistently tough throughout the lineup. Newton, after a tough loss to Waltham and key injuries to Gardner and 157 pound Jon Davis, had their backs to the wall in their league and section. Led by Junior Tom Wasson, who compiled 13 straight victories, the Tigers came back with big wins over Weymouth North and North Quincy to remain alive in the tough Suburban League. Newton lost to Quincy for the Suburban League championship, but finished the year by winning 3 of 4 meets rounding out a final record of 12-5-1 . The Tigers went into the sectional tournaments as the top team in the Central section. , A I WRESTLING ,Av " NEWTON ' NEWTON ' I NEWTON NEWTON 60 38 46 NA 15 l v NEWTON 42 ., ' ' , r CATHOLIC MEMORIAL TOURNEY - 5th place ' ' 1 NEWTON 37 CONCORD - NEWTON 24 WALTHAM , 8 Q , L A NEWTON ' WEYMOUTH SO. Y x ,I NEWTON WEYMOUTH NO. I ,N , - NEWTON FRAMINGHAM NO. ' NEWTON NO. QUINCY NEWTON BROOKLINE ' NEWTON OUINCY y g NEWTON MILFORD L NElNTON CATHOLIC MEM. ' -- NEWTON BROCKTON 't NEWTON MALDEN NEWTON NElNTON SO. Wins Losses - 5 Ties -1 I Al I I I l I All my L -5: 63 1, 4 vw.- ., 14, I - - . wpwvvvw I g f " I Wi? ' f . '+ A -:bIs"0'v'O'0'Q v:.'5g5',9eee33i -'QF fzf3?f-'4 J "Ma . r 1+ 2 V3 hi'b,0.0.Q'i X749-9 -' ' 2 , Q' 'D - - - - is X:-'fswsi ,xv 34", -1 , Q .S . V x VSVAYA 5 3 .Q c.Q.. 4' 'ic . 0 Q , A-. - .. . y w ' J A 6 W Ri. f V1 'li' YZ , , ' , " . Q X X '21-M A 'L u I - Y P, fr 3, K Q R '1 if . X A K 503 K, N 1 47 'Yr r i 'fag' , Q ' ' 'Q 3 ,P ,vii 1 , 1 r S ' , k .J 94 +1 . E s,-. A ww - w w . 1... Q' ,,-I-K N.. 2 r .7 -fi l. 'A .f 'Q 41-iw 4 . ' .' Q - ff .. 'I - -z' Vx. I i:Bg'3Y44"Qf:94gf",g QE: XX wfg',j5?.x-gabwsfi. ,L Q gp. - .JJ '4 li? .WE si' - :gf-.,, 411 g 1 z ,livin K fkwu Q z K 9' ,, . ,UM La' "0"-.., it 5 - N...-...5yK WWE? ' T"""" 1 ff V Ai " ' WK --J. Q Woo w , . , X 1 x 111 5 , il Q r' Cf? if iilff fi 'f .459 af H' 44' PE? , 4. -4' 'YWCA as--, '!i ,. ,-gf! 33 .fp 'r X . gf MV: 'HL 'I .Q- " N V - A , -- w A , ., 5 H. X ' 5 1 A .Nh . -. 'f"f?'fp.s..l','v A 5 H, .1 xx, ,j Xj"'-.B V .' . -' -"W 111."' - --wx 1' f I A ' 1--in . . M I in Q. . 'L-5 ' 0 e , -U-W -new z 1- A t 1 'va f f w iq! ':'?xM A, .Q ,Lf-. Hr' A 5 X A 'i f' ', uri' Q ' i 'ik X A . ,. -nr .- Q 62' '29 uhgrq 'fg",,-'.'- ff: . . iff:-' " THE END IN SPGFRTS ff.. X1 ., A ? , ff, 0' -- 'Eiga' Y .J in fy at .4-.-w-9' ahh i 4 3 if + In 'Fw 'Q Q 1 5 1. 'f X," V -: , x . - f 1 . . f Y 4 gg. . , A, Qu: V: ,- - - ,-.,,, . ,rv f- x . f , 6.1: ,, 5 ,:. , -,4 L w V LP' ,Z fi - im! ,, X - ' -' nfflnjkf "1 Z, , riff? 7.4, -f-'px' ,2 -' ' : "VZ,-, v. .V 1 x 13 J' 'Y 1. . 'alfkwl . 3 - xz5"' .15 U 3: 1' fx ." 1' i'.':'h'. -1 . 1, 5 f.,. ,"e'A' f VIL,-x.' Vu. J. MJ4:,y.yx3.,,!,,,i., ,,',. ,qv-1, J ffgql. 42,1-Y' A 41 Y ,hifi uv. ,, ., '. . ,X-f,---xv X - -c13f,,.g-J ,.,.v'r,,i -:af .. 1 1,1 wg, , ,ff Jw, . ,u,,,a. A .- 1 IJ.. ,155 ,gym X, 1 H 115 ., ug- W5 f., 'H-L .- 4-'. J- P " "' V wi, ,m3,'.'Qg.Y:,1,- X . X, 1:5-,1u5'.,.'i , . .Hu p 'NW ff- V 'i 'ffi-2Lw2 3"4ff Q 1' f 1 F? f33iii'fi'. ,A Hjlggfyffgk C',.-131 WJ, , 2 U. . an bl., , 1 ri l'v S J 3., , f 'W . 9 Q fhtf 1, :':.L' . I- W., ',-.'.,qt.,-N-V . ,L - ' . .k . .- '..,- Jv-' ' .A , ..,. -kt xh v , :'S'-fx' ' 4 .4 1 . U. .f , , rr. . f :A ,. L gr.. i . A 4 Q, -I b. 'N . " , s '-v. A ,UM - . .A , as 1- ' I 1- ll Hx I ' Q A S J x, K' a n ' I beg l n to th u n K I u nderstand " K ,i'.1'4f 937-55 L" Q .,.- .-..,,, .4 il.: , M "v-4' J, ,J , IQQQ- 64" Anywhere vve are AU" in ,T , xx wr' '. LAM 1 .H , ' EA '- 'int' "'--Vx i i ' ' 1" ' K .fuk I a -gf Q 1-ak 'E' 1-PQ!-ff-' - 1 lei 'iii-QE-fi . .. aw! You and I have always been X S2-'tw W 1 N SEEN. Q jp?-. ' f Xl, q , 'Wi' 1 ., f1 fegersamiglg.: e H74 V' 1 JA.. Hz H L Ever 8 nd ever '4 0 , 6 ,U 1 I , L ,I I L vw X' f Q' ,, .,'.i,. V 1. ,1'7:, ,,. v. ,Q f .I .f11',1,' ,A1"""f". l-ul.k,'f ff'Hj',25N- .f 4: F6 ff' ,. ,1 . ff . .Wg .:,,- 4 ' . ' A 1U':LmI'.'- ' .L ,Mr z ' ,Q 1 .A-. 1 X lcltf ,vu .E ? Lf' ' an 1, ,H vu, . f".' 'I s , . r , - If. x 1' -"La w, - 4 y 1 f v ' LZ, ,W 1 1 fi :Sv ,,,, 11 '. , ML u 1 'Y '- 3? 1 .Q .. ,I' 1-fx., .", ,ho- lv, I' " 1 ..-, rw. 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A' 1 , 19.1. - ' ' 1 2, arf, af rv: 1. ' - -- A vxw,-Q.. ,g-.. F- ..,w.,N1-- .-1. , 1 Q ' 'fl -5 -'FIV' ' - '- 4 e V . , V 1. .' ' " V ".'kr...,". ' ' .. .. - "' -4..- -iz ,..- V . g .. . - ' " " fk. ' -.1 . . 5-i ' '-X N 351--' if f P .tn . i . p Z., " ' x ' ' F x ' , W-.. . JL , . - 'it '- 'f-.' .V . . N. .9 , .kg I . . - .H 1 - 2. 1- . ,--4 . 35" ' -' .. ..' . . - f' JY , 'Q Ji G-w,,,-.,,,,,...,......,,.f.T..,---11- :- """ . v 1 ' f -119,2 , - Q X - .J 5: -7' 5 J 1 1 N - . , . . ,NV . . , A. , , . x, . . 7 ,. -. 5.4.0. -. 5 X 1' . . ---,' 1, . -' 4 -. .. . . L . 1 vi - Q ft ' f - ,Q Q N I.. z . f X' aw 1,1 vii. ' 'H bw Q.. .- rf .. ' 'X ' 'rd Aw: -or 4 . ' 1' "4" nf Q rgygfi' 1' Lx I think about the-times to come f r Hi X I L ,.'- ' .' -1' . "- ' W' X r. Sf" I Q . -.0 's x, .,, .N , -X x m MWVMWW, . veg, Y - .J YQ? knowing I will be the lucky one am i r W N N i r I 'Y-, A Q '- N Q K 5 Q ' 1 'S -vi 9:3 XT? 1 , Q Q: 1 ' ff? - 5' '73 JA' C N N 4 ' A, "H ll ""- If H' L' 'ANWSQ nc. "Q " - - , IM- x I X " x".'.4 , i el? f ' . 2' .' A di :H-J - xx, owe 'A ,,,,f.' xfeg X A- f sg ' ' I, I I vin. 3179 . f' ' e e- A 331 ' I flu ,. , ,ff Q1 ' " x ,.,fg - e ,, sf' 4 ,Q 'V I 1 xgi,!ig.5Q.fQk ' Mfg, f h ,-T-li xl bsAltIsv""m,, K Q. V 'A- , ,A Q. V1-ut -7 1' W ,QQ ,X n .qigrnxhi IJ 'X 4 Q .a 1 , ,,' fa tsqiiuxif hx V ff 1.4.1 ax. Q e- -X a D w N, .ff I V xfxl5"'1',!'+,.wH, X 40 - e , 2:z','g.3.N.w - .Q R -ff! A x 'LA 1. Q f. . Y '-', 1 A ' 1 4 1 ,121 fix E' X' N, w . Y Q QQ' 1 AN,-2 y IFR, -fir: HN Y X 35 L k . 3 - . gg.. f- 'T XP . rl' ight! 3,431 - '-::.-Zfi. -SL1 1.. ?'3 IF-'PRI h i 'E' "'!v-A .My .0 . -, h :fel IPHQ-:if Si?ir,:Q'P?: '.xfA7I1Q'7i2L iii, Q- - 'fi Qqatgfi- ':',5x'T'3'f - TPA 'cis 1 ' 2 5- , X- T.. J Q. . 5:15 1' 1 '- 3 - 'blk-21: - ' g,,..,.1,,,, . ., Q X Sk Amd ever our love will lest ay' -Q: , . k , ff' -. Q. , I .NK I ' ',. -4, . ? V " " f . .4-Q, - 7,' ,Q :lf '-L" ,fs .. .. 1 k ' ,-1 , . it-Y' QE I f, 4. ,,,- 13 315: Jffffiffa-frfwf, ., 'f.,,:,g'r""j--.:' . fa. I, I N J .- I I 1 4 ,- K SENIOR SECCION 'Salt' Y AQ'-."Ai's,, X I , Y. X . I X X DAVID ABELES 128 Cabot St, Newton Bacon I I I .., - A My 0 A 1... ', RUTH ELAINE ABRAMOWITZ Ruthie 58 Rochester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, Arizona, college Good Times with HHDMDPSLS AVWJNLW CDNB-Henry-Butc h8.Memories-Fun 8. Foxes-G ood People's, Tunes, The Best Things In Life Are Free!!! THOMAS E. ACKERLEY 17 Whitlowe Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Remember All the West Newton crew Lacrosse 79-80 Football DEBORAH ADAM Debbie 20 Milton Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, marriage Always remember the good times TD EL KD JB MM CL PB MS MG NM JM MP I will always remember up on the hill-24-79- Always love Frank I I I I li 1 It I If I I I I I I I I I I I ,',' f fl y use ,,,. ., J I JORDAN A. ADAMS Jay 36 Walnut Pk., Newton Franklin, Adams, music or psychology Hello to John Joe Justin Jim Brian Dave Berny Rob Tony Peter Always remember great times at tree and stairs JODI ADELSON 33 Ashton Ave., Newton Weeks, Adams, college Dance, Model UN, New- tonite, Newtonian "TO LOVE IS TO GIVE, TO GIVE IS TO LOVE!"-JD-L. L.W.M.l. EK.-Joys and tears CW-LuraLura J.U.- All is intense HR PR-Boys and more DW-NSHS-Tha nx- my love to you all! JACOUELINE MARGO ADLER Jacqui 11 Elmore St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Barry, college Remember the Chase. Rocco, Fanny, and the SCC Remember the past, look to the future, and smile PAUL AGRANAT Aggie 41 Lombard St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Swim team, Newtonian "This time, like all times, IS a very good one, if we but know what to do with It" MONICA M. ADLER 147 Woodchester Dr., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college To accomplish one goal only to strive for another. SUSKSA-NH!, Fnd., gs, Fisch-AC, C-up, Fuzzy, Duck, tfts, Beeeg Smile. JAMES MAURICE ADNER Jamie, C. Shot 210 Upland Rd, Newtonville Day, Beals, college O, wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful, wonderfull will S., Ralph, the porch at 3, love to Organ, Quohl, je t'aime Beck JOSEPH J. ALBANESE 4 Crown St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college "Let the good times roll" Best of luck to best of friends, Rob and the boys, Deano. ROCCO, Saxo- phone! Good times with good friends. 1 f , f f lxqyfqm-7' v was MICHAEL ALBANO 14 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Remembers JJ LM BELL WANDA NM MD GM ND KD DC Johnny and SHIRLEY 46: 1 ' f .af 4 YA-.4'r' A "And listen to what she says next. . X x CHRISTOPHER AMES Captain Chris Hulk 42 Charles St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, aeronautical mech. Rem Always Michelle Good times in Bacon common with LM PS DS VL PB8tPD JM MU MH KH BG RAYMOND ANDERSON 853 Washington St., Newtonville LAURENCE HAROLD ALBERTS Lara' 56 ontrose St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college I roamed and I rambled and I fol- lowed my footsteps. SFA, Fam- ily,SaiI,ShksprplyrsKng3,Mrchg- Bnd Bos Grdn, Shows Ultimate T BJKJBLELLGHRGDRET al. SARAH ALEXANDER 116 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, college All Things Must Pass, None of Life's Strings Can Last So-I Must Be On My Way ... And Face Another Day. Always DM, SL, CH, RA, KO, GB ALVIN V. ALLEN Van 44 Otis St., Newton Warren, Beals, college Remembers, Adams Bench and ATBS AAC- only the beginning for us GO and the Disco Nights "Ain't no stoppin' us now!" CECIL D. ANDREWS ll 17 Murphy Ct., Newton Day, Adams, college Gymnastics 123 KEITH ANNESE 946 Moody St., Waltham Warren, Bacon 'Z DAVID V. T. ALBRECHT "The kid with the glasses." 64 Homer St., Newton Ctr. Day, Beals, coIIege?I? Diving fat least I meant welll BU. all the fish, D.D., the girl fish, too, 2236 twhy?J, and other things that just won't fit. l.. . x 4 i I ' m I I, 'w ,A s E er- , .1141 . G 'se D . I v , . Lita nf. ' . . JAMES ANTONELLIS 46 Court St., Newtonville Day, Adams, electronics Electronics, Flip Steve. Butch, Joe and Bobby DI. Phil, George, Allan Water Rat, 20f20 Troy Feensta Summer 74- Truckin, Fliley, McDonalds, Gabe Billy Zag Stones, Kink's concert- 79- Santana-79- 4 G' off? -1' T SUSAN JEAN ARMSTRONG 24 Leslie Rd, Auburndale Warren, Adams, college "A smile is the whisper of a laugh." Rem: Jimmy, LAAFMJG AGJH JHRHAJEKDKJKPMAP K-12DP DP Mr. Crowley, Mr. Schreider, KIT. Beep, Beep. Jas Thanx MSD Fl-lockey BBall, Softball 1 if-..-r' ,if ESTI AUERBACH 121 Gibbs St., Newton Ctr. Adams Ski Club, Basketball, Sailing, Swim Club l'm from Israel, came for one year to USA. X I Y. A if X,.1 vi. . 'lv J, V -- C . JAMES P. ANTONELLIS Antwon 5 Brae Burn Rd., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Best times with Naomi "Burke I Didn't Do it" The Band Fee. Steph. Michelle Yam Burnsy The Party Crew LAURA ARONSON Bunz 72 Cabot St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time. I love BC for her jogging suit. There's an ele- phant in the Tranny Rooml gg-Q NL Y f 'I I BARBARA THERESA AUVIL Burxtrom 284 Webster St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Always remember, Maureen, Mal, Jules, Dawn, The Kids. Moll, BC Stu 4, Flor, Ill, Parties, Ugee searchn, the guys, Cape, G-Luck ' ,I f f JOSEPH J. ANTONELLIS Joe 46 Court St., Newtonville Day, Riley, the Stars JC, the Band, Riley Picnic, 2505. TLPBWMSKJOPSACNCDMKL BWSFSL SHDHDC, All the friends I have made. LORI J. ASALEY 9 Fordham Rd., W. Newton Day, Riley, college Cheerleading 3 Remember all the good times. Go for itl Hamp- ton wf DM and my family. Par- ties FBG VFW WfDM PE JA ED Freebird The Cat Kids Coffee The Beach STEVEN AVERBUCK 12 Surrey Rd., Newton Beals fe? ' v .apr V -1 wi? M ,W ,i FRANK D. ARCESE 361 Waban Ave., Waban Dag, Abraham Lincoln, Bogota, olombia, Beals Beals Council, Spanish Club, Track Team 1 Swv ABBY JOY ASPEL 55 St. Mary's St., Lower Falls Warren, Riley, medicine Will always Remember: JRHKD SCTHMJBLBCS, Gymnastics. Paris Singers, Panic Math calls with CT and LL, Silouette, Mrs. B, Joe and Ab, community 1, 'Y M ALEX R. AYOCHOK 1828 Washington St.. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college 'crxv' MARIANNE BAERINGER Mez 1011 Washington St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college All my good friends I have known for so long Summer of 76 thanks to Cappy, Mom and Dad, Kathy G., Rita and Roberta In-"hx its MELISSA JANE BARNES Lissa 96 Arlington St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college If anything can go wrong, it will. Riley Council-2 President-3 Remember: MC TG DB JW PR MM BigG Mrch. Bnd 2, 3 MainSt JM Ftbl Thanx! L,-5 f' I' . ,sg x JOEL BARD 6 Holland St., Newton Corner Riley IRAB. BARON 60 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Palmer Save gas. Run hotrods on hydrogen. PHILLIP P. BARTON Ceecee 836 Chestnut St., Waban Meadowbrook, Barry Just to say I made a lot of good friends and to Michelle Barcliff I love ya! sf DOREEN ANNE BASINET 272 Waltham St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college Good friends may drift apart, but memories last forever. . . "Look Ma, 11 DONNA MARIE BARRY 16 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college There's always tomorrow for dreams to come true. Best of Luck to the Class of '80 KIM-MARIE A. BATTISTA 20 Staniford St., Auburndale Warren, Barry and Office, Aquinas! BH Council, Yearbook and ROCCO! Remembers: BBJSED NPMB, MON HIST. Rex in CA Casino-HB-SS D, WAHB Dreams come true? 9712, 1072 JP JS diets, TDCs-esp. 56 Love .34 'x no cavities!" BARRI BARTMAN 10 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, college A Special Love for Larry Decem- ber 1, 1978 April 27, 1979 Love YA POOH You're my best friend Thanks for everything mom and dad good times with good friends Crazy times at the Karels JEROME N. BECK Jere 33 Huntington Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Attorney General OBC1CSG Best ER-RD-and G. Bower See you PM-MK-RG Fun at YJ8.HC If l claim to be a wise man, it surely means that I don't know. I69 KATHRYN BECK 43 Walker St., Newton Day, Barry, college But it's no use turning back to yesterday, I was a different per- son then. My best to M.O'H. JA TL PB EB KM SB Never forget- 3121, DISCO, Christopher Love to Amy. cathy, Jamie Always love you. LISA ELLEN BENJAMINSON 12 Ware Rd., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college But tomorrow We'll run a little bit faster Tomorrow We're gonna find what we're after at last CHRISTINE BELL Christa, Tinker Bell 41 Riverdale Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, biochemistry Remember the good times at North and the Waltham Com- mon. I have met many new friends at the Common Te quiero Alex Sanon I AUDREY BENSON 26 Page Rd., Newton Day, Barry Remembers Karyn Nancy KL KS DM DB TB BS and everyone else who hangs out at Beals house Rmbrs Joseph Waltham cars Burger King Remember the cruising days with the top down. Halloween 1979 Fun STEPHANIE M. BELLI Steph, Bell 60 Fuller Ter, W.Newton Day, Beals, college Best times with Fee, Brenda Michele, LD, Jambob, Magoy, Nonie, JO, RC, LM Italy trip "79' with the Best Bunch, Cape Cod, Mary Jane The Stones-Shat tered Grace. KAREN J. BELSEY 63 Bencliffe Cir,, Newton Warren, Beals, college "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone." CC,LM, LS, SS Transition Europe here we COme JF? MMP RICHARD S, BENSON 15 Beech St., Newton Bacon Q STUART B. BERGMAN 190 Walnut St., Newtonville Bigelow, Bacon, college ,X STUART BENTALL 152 River St., W.Newton Warren, Riley, drafting TED. M. Omni Fun down the Cape Deb. P. Vickie Anthony Jim Joe "Cruising around Donna Bomen Juice Remember Times in Bacon Commons "Happy Easter" .,Wi,ig ,:, Q-3 HILARY LYN BERKMAN 4 Charlotte Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Barry, college And if you could hear the whis- pering of the dream, you would hear no other sound. ROBERT J. BERNARD Bernie 173 Adams Ave., W.Newton Warren, Riley, college Partying with DEEJ, BUB, BUDS "KUNTA" good times with JP, LS Sacco -MM3- Football 123 Swimming 23 Baseball 123 it Q AQ .axial WILLIAM JOSEPH BIANCO Bao 128 Chapel St., Newton Day, Riley, Navy Remember The Lake EBRSJWBD LYNN BIKOFSKY 67 Colbert Rd. East, W.Newton Warren, Bacon, college "When you close your eyes do you see places that you've never seen, yet you've been there? You've been walking on the edges of a dream." C. Simon -if DENNIS PATRICK BERUBE Bird 83 Morrill St., W. Newton Day, Beals, college Football 23, Basketball 123, Baseball 123 ELEANOR BIBBO Eleana 83 Faxon St., Nonantum Day, Fliley, work Good Times wf Di Tree Lyn Ree JG ML PRT HUNT N CREW Fal- mouth Same ol' song 'n dance C-names BS Chicken fits TKN GL Granada JGS MATTHEW J. BILODEAU Matt 200 Harvard Cir., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Baseball 123 Remembers BS PC MN AC TB FOOTBALL POOL f" fffii' GIANCARLO BIANCHI 15 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams X t t I ix, JAMES D. BIBBO 128 Cottage St., Upper Falls Barry NANCY A. BINDER 419 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, life Sailing 12 Sr. Class Comm. Open Campus 2. "There's no use in quitting when the world is waiting for you." Summer of 78, Hampton, 79 Cape Code and Concerts. TMLSMBDBAMJDJM CPDDTHBL. . .12f17f58 JOAN M. BIANCHI 33 Wiltshire Rd., Newton Corner Adams f, THOMAS ROBINSON BICKFORD 74 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Day, Bacon, college and beyond Remembers Biology-'78 and '80, Math, Computers, Rifle Team and all my friends. Goodbye to H. R. 3664 .,-:X ANNE ELIZABETH BIRD 39 South Gate Park, W.Newton Day, Murray Road, Beals, college Remember the days of old school yard Love to all my friends, EH, LW, SG and the rest. Thought Prints, PS Murray Road forever!!! Equality and Freedom for all . . . l l l l "' W .' 75 ' v I l L l l x I . J ROBERT J. BLANCH JR. PAULA JEAN BLAY l 56 Walker St., Newton 54 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Palmer Warren, Riley, work Memories, Scottie, House l Office, JJ 50 sisters, Jean Judi i Brother Chris Wild Friday Nights i Easter Eve and H Wed Rec. Mar- J riott. I'm only going one way. Good luck 80l l i T' DAVID ROBERT BLOUIN 82 Cherry St., Newton Warren, Bacon, college Remembers: Deej, Bern, Armand Indoor and Out- door Track, Gof, XC, J.G. Concert, Saco, Parties, IDS, Cape 79, Obie, T .g Everyone Else. l .ii , l .-.M i . , . l 1 Ah x MARY ELLEN BLUE l f f 2, Moe l ' 1 15 Charlesden Pk., y s "' g ,df Newtonville .fl 4 Day, Barry, college ,F A , , 's Q Remember good times -eff ., with DFLM JCCDEKJOD . FJGSM 5719778 7712778 A 5 with Mac Summer of '79 8 f25f79 BOMBS JACOUELlNE BODKINS 394 Homer St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams -anal! JOEL S. BLEICH 35 Helene Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college DASDLNHGEAHRSERLYNFA DCLRAMORSPLM "The Worst is Yet To Come." wx 7? GEOFFREY STUART BOLAN Goff 73 Concolor Ave., Newton Sharon, Beals, college HOLLY SUE BLOOM 82 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry What the heart knows today the head will understand tomorrow. Remembers 76-80 Good Times BARRY C, BOLIO Buffalo 87 Adams Ave., W.Newton Warren, Palmer, work 'T ' A U PETER BONAZOLI M- ' Bonz , " NN H 65 Fairway or., Newton l 3 V5 Day, Beals, astronaut ,...., fr' Wrestling w the Wolfman 123 i - , Force-12 w SC, WM Caf. Stairs i A A and RILEY COMMONS! l 2 l li l ' I l I l will always remember SC rip- ping off the A8-P, EC's "Baldy and Whimpy" calls in Math and English, and LC's big SO-CO S350 Bust Remember the gang from BK, DB, EB, TH, HA, RA, JC. Remember the party at my house. Gayle, you have been the best part of my life. ELLEN MARTHA BOND 145 Day St., Auburndale Weeks, Beals, college, reality Beals Council Pres, 79 and know that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream! Remember: theL overstheDreamersandMe Allt heTearsandSmiles!You're-a-G em! DEAN EVAN BONIS 19 Rockwood Terr., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Hi to VH RC MM LM RG JR TS MR Stage Crew, Ski Club, Rocco 3-7 GfL To all the direc- tors and to all future shows. Remember all the excellent times on stage sw' I I I snnun""-' "What? You're applying to college?'?" MARIE GRACE BOULE 72 Randlett Pk., W.Newton Warren, Barry, college Thanks to all my friends esp, BS LCSFCTEPQEHT Field Hockey, Orchestra "The Secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." Good Luck EVERYONE! Califor- nia wfB f 5? ' n-Mm iii 4' it SUSAN MARIE BONTEMPO 204 California St., Nonantum Day, Adams, technical school Bo-Ke Terr., cafefcustodians, 1- 2-3 Bo-Ke, KIT, fluffanutter, playing catchfJH, VW, BM, track team, Good Luckffriends, com- bos, "Thanks for the memo- ries." VALERIE JEAN BOUCHER Val 44 West St., Newton Day, Riley, college The good times with my friends, Purple Passion, 12f31f78, Cal. The Mus- tang. You gotta make the best of life while you're young. JEANINE ELIZABETH BOUDREAU 22 Sherrin Rd,, Lower Falls Warren, Barry, college HK ML JR MF MM MA JC MG AA Indoor Track and the bus rides Summer '79, Fig Newtons, Peoria, ARRETE, Sir Duke, Donut day in HR. The bowl look EDWARD P. BOYAJIAN Eddie 34 Eldredge St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Varsity Sailing 12, Capt, 3 Jr. Cl. Com., Sr. Cl. Pres. "A Hard Beginning Mak- LISA LYNN BOULEY 152 Cabot St., Newtonville Nashua N.H., Adams, college Stop the World, I want to get off! Good bye to: LB JB BS KM DC MF TM SV eth a Good Ending" GUY A. BRADLEY 121 Temple St., W,Newton RGS, Beals, Princeton Swim Team, Tennis, JCL BD DL, DR, SF, Mr. A, Merritt, Just When I think I have made it, I'Il become a freshman again, ti i RUTH SARAH BORISON Fluthie 11 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Good luck to all those who've made it worthwhile. "Time works both for and against us, depending on how we use it." 'VN ' 1 ff I I I I I I I I I I I l I 174 I ,gm-N-K " 'K .gj?x A i fx., ,R .. MARYBETH BRADLEY Bets 74 Fenno Rd, Newton Ctr. Warren, Beals, college "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us" Thanks to all esp DK AG HT LF ALICE ELIZABETH BREDIN 46 Bennington St., Newton Day, Palmer Of all the things we do for our- selves, there are few that mean as much, as loving someone else Cheerleading Christine, Sophie, Swest, LD, KP, Soph, yr, ghws natural, wnp, saranac, concerts 1 MARY TERESA BRADLEY 46 Arlington St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Beetsma! Alrgt Alrgt! +12 Groovy DISCO LVS BrghmsBu m78 Rllsktng Sum 79 Do The CHCKNI BrryCncl 23 Sharing Lockers Vllybll2: LuvTo: Cher Mott Lainie ect! GoForltI ix J .21 V , ' ,' fs QV: if-v I 1 . ?f'ff 1 GEOFFREY P. BRINTON 43 Oakwood Rd., Auburndale Barry MICHAEL J. BRANDWEIN 83 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Weeks, Palmer -41 LILLIAN SOPHIE BRODERICK 21 Groveland St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college A day is not complete until you have laughed. France, Bernie, Summer '79, Stowe, Track 123, F-12, indecisiveness, Susie. Chris, Alice, Martha, Kev, CA, Mr .... , and especially Steven, CHERYL BRASHEARS Oosh, Wobble, Beano 88 Allison St., Newton Day, Bacon, California SLRLLSKWDVRBMPJG Cafe, bagged Ducks 56 late to HR, The Charles, The Lake But no, JG car acc, NH Dexter Rd, The Cape, Cops, luv ya TIMOTHY E. BRONK 365 Cabot St., Newton Day, Bacon I I X In 'i 'f ELIZABETH T BROWN 161 Highland Ave ,Newton Adams KATHERINE LYNN BROWN Kathy 511 Plain Rd, Westford Westford Academy, Barry, work Images Theatre Group, Remem- ber the fun with GM, CM, ET, GM, also remember all the deaf friends BL, KF, SG, NH, MS, RR rock roll ' -A-1 MARJORIE ANN BROWN Marj 111 Crafts St., Newton Day, Barry, college All my friends, Summer 77-79fp artiesfProm 78fRod Stewartf Peter FramptonfUItravoxfXT CfD's YardfMost of all BRIA N-1011 f76 STEPHEN T. BROWN 37 King St., Auburndale Adams ,Q LAURA CUNNINGHAM BRYAN 1881 Beacon St., Waban Warren, Riley, college "We have reached the open sea, with some charts, and the firmamentf' Track 23 Newtonite 123 Thanks D, LB, NIK Here's to Julie: forever thoughts and friendship M., -1- SEAN BUCKLEY 230 Harvard Cir., Newtonville Beals DONNA MAE BURKINSHAW 11 North St., Newtonville Day, Adams, college MBTMAMNBMBJMBGCPPPMA MY"T" JARMIE The Guys Parties Driveways New Years 78 Camp- ing Cape Harvard Sam Concerts DS Punk Yard Weekends Frank'n'stein's -1- , Q ' , "Wx-l 43,1 I S I? W J an It M, I Q ,a , 'tif "Boy, do computers bug me!" :iff , Q -f PETER S. BUDGE 31 Ithaca Cir., Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, college The Falls GL SC NM DS BM WL SL BM TR TD CP RC. The trestle, Golf Tour of 77, flight 4699, J Geils, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Luna. Remember the good times with JH, RM, JA, PS, JM, GW FUZZ SE JR GP PS LR LW JD PS - , 7 . , fr wr, f A 1 pw, are gi- J " wit,- X " ffl CHRISTOPHER R. BURNS Burnzy 81 Eliot Ave., W.Newton Day, Adams, college partie- West Newton, Albermarle Burkie- Homeroom, Thanks Giv- ing CHRISTOPHER BURAS Chris 24 Ruane Rd, W.Newton Day, Beals, college ZVBXRPL A.A.M, All Things Must Pass , . ,M l,ij7v,f7v,g.f W. 1 I , gl . 3' 2' , I W -'iff 1 , ,f Q , 1 Q ff A 2 'UE Xia NANCY K. BURNS 56 Albert Rd., Auburndale Palmer ' 1 ROBERT E. BRYSON 20 Murray Rd, W. Newton Lacrosse Thanks to TD Fuzzy RC West is best t'Revenge" Longmeadow Running with the Devil-Freebird Panther Doctor OB Beef Leo Grit Blackdog Wol- fie Youngy Dalidog CN MA Morgan LH All the Girls ELIZABETH JANE BURGESS Beth, B, 228 Highland Ave., W.Newton Warren, Bacon, college Shakespearean Players, Year- book-Sr. Staff, Always remem- ber: Sarah Willer 12 yrs. wfLau- ren l., HK, LE, AL, MS, WM, BD, KB, PK, SL, EDJMMBKLBHMJS KSMCSAL Homeroom 23' ANTHONY CURTIS BURTON 3 Claflin Pl., Newtonville Day, Riley, college HIRRMTRJHMTWSLLRSGBGW PAWTOGNDTO MBPOPOZNV OCLDTBAPSCAFTGN12TGWM C MFMFPCTBCCTLATCNLNA ERSGB-YMSVFB HSB-EEEBY GHHFIFIRMMMCFVFEOBAAW I HCTKGJKGOTWHBNJKOYLY S!" l75 Bose Lois Fran and Dave my AMY LOUISE BUBTT Amy Lou 59 Highland Ave., Newtonville Bigelow, Beals, modeling PAT and AMY 4-EVA, Always remember: FIN LK JB JC BH TC MA JD JM NP SP LF The Cellar Gang, Palmer, Head Bone, 1980, Ti AMO bl, JOHN DAVID BUTTERWOFITH 127 Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college "What a long strange trip it's been" DIONYSIAN ARETE and so castles made of sand melt into the sea eventually J. Hendrix SEAN CABENS 12 Winchester Bd .Newton Bigelow, Riley, college SG JB DD PL BL FS LH MM TS DU Nights, weekends, summers cruisin' l76 E' I ra Q . ' K I 2 ERIC W. BUSA ALEXANDER HENDLER 89 Faxon St., Newton Riley JOHN DAVID BYRNE John-Boy 56 Bennington St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Adams, U-Mass Amherst buddy Pete Sean and boys from N. Corner Saturday Nite May- days 64 Tempest the cars Joes Arco and parties BUSANSKY 3611 Schefflera Bd., Tampa, Fla. Meadowbrook, Barry, college There comes a time in one's life when one must turn off Walt Dis- ney. Thank you, Sheldon, Phyl- lis, Ed, Becky, Herman, Min, Helen B., F and H, McGuires, D's 'I BARBARA E. CAHILL 12'.:2I.IirIonadnock Bd., Chestnut I Adams "Oh, where is he?" .9 y - N avi 9.. JILL S. BUSNY 17 Ferncroft Fld., Waban Weeks, Adams, college Tennis 123 Airwalk, Stomach- ache wall, the Boss, Parties, VO, Fla, CC78', FFE, 63 corv., 25131 f78, Good luck and thanx to all my friends: HG CD CM BE esp. Karen and Joe 534. 'Qs ig., A . '.rf'.3,f .5 f.j ,C14!5'f5 f MICHAEL DAVID CAIRA Mike, Michael David 19 Fuller Terr., W,Newton Day, Bacon, college, teaching Concert Choir, Bacon House Council The trips to: Allentown, PA, and Northport, Long Island, Singing on Staten Island Ferry, Philly ERIN G. CARLSTON 163 Waverly Ave., Newton Weeks, Beals, college "Well, l've been afraid of chang- lngf'Cause l've built my life around youfBut time makes you bolderfEven children get older! And l'm getting older too . . .4 ' LM 5 GUY WAYNE CARPENTER 28 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, undecided Remember all the good times during school hours. PHOEBE ANN CARPENTER 28 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Rem. Skip Day '79 wfLH DM BS LA The Pig, Riley, KC LR BM MD JM BD NICHOLAS S. CARUSO 16 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Bacon ,v,,, ,X D 1. 1 15,71 . J rt. 1 ,f by , f 1. Ui,1:.m'2,f?Ja JANICE MARIE CASEY 110 Fairway Dr., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college Soccer capt., track, softball Thanks to friends, coaches, MSD, everyone! "The only limit to our realization of tomorrow will be our doubts of today." LISA M. CASTOLDI 9 Ryan Ct., W. Newton Bacon JOSEPH A. CATANZARO 41 Prairie Ave., Newton Warren, Riley, college Quinny, Heather Greek Chappy DB Good times always Quinny Italy 79 LM LD PK JJ SB MB Heather always 75 76 77 Cat Man Do Football Hockey Lacrosse 34lAsJq 5' A 5 GREGORY CARUSO 19 Prescott St., Newtonville Day, Bacon "Great men die young, I feel sick already." Remembers GE, TH, IG, HO. TIMOTHY CASEY Tim 315 Otis St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college No Nukes, Beatles for Boat Peo- ple ' 112 if , RICHARD CATINO 29 Talbot St., Newton f-KK Z9 LINA CARUSO 330 River St., W, Newton Warren, Adams, college "Love isn't love till it's given away" "Thanks for the memo- ries" NWI MB Summer of '78 Love really hurts "Armies" "Mondays" S 21? Hours on the phone Thanks Betty if . ' af' 9: f 1 l 1 . r 4 MICHAEL J. CASO 26 Farmington Ave., Dedham Bacon THOMAS CATINO 289 River St., W. Newton Riley .-'C' "fs..'... ' ALFREDO CEDRONE 11 Chapel St., Newton Day, Palmer I ' I ff' .iwggx 'JV ' .j If ' ff A , .'l'z5.! , .., f fr 411 - it Z , Dx. JOHN CEDRONE 315 Crafts St., Newton Barry SCOTT MICHAEL CHAPMAN Chappy 63 Baker Pl., Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, business Greek Billy FALLS Crew: DC TR GL TD BM BD Female Pals cat Ouinny Jeppa for the good times Hockey 123 PS CS JENNIFER LYNN CHASE 89 Grove St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college "The language of friend- ship is not words, but meanings. It is an intelli- gence above language." Remembers: Orchesis, x- Skiing Spain, Tranny "SO," Good friends PHUC V. CHAU 42 Oakland Ave., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college HS if finally over It's been real Always Rem. great times in soccer Herb's cone, rides home after Victoriesg SoccerYouBet and Let'sKillNeedham. Thanksi LPTJLBGGJ8-All MyTeachers Rem. Always JSBCGMGPSGG MMMDL ALAN CHIN Ducklsaucel 50 Farquhar Rd , Newtonville Day, Beals THE Schedules, Dave Thanks For the Favor, 3B's, Meg, MERRY, Shir- ley, Demush, Dravitiani, Bernie Boston trips ffu- bob ii GERALD CELLUCCI Mouse 47 Playstead Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, taxi driver Beacon Bench, Bikes forever, Bubble Yum, Guiseppe's meat- balls --' I ...C r I 21 I A3 hi . . . ROBERT CHALMERS 100 Pine Grove Ave., Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, college Remembers: My friends, Biking, The MR gang, The Rewskies KMOLSEQ Luna, and Here to go burnt subs. It's True, Kawasaki Really does let them good times rolll Y xp. , I ,gy ,fr FW? , . 4 , h x . ' ' , ' My ,, ' , ' -. , 'il C 9' "I -A 4 ' ,I A is ' kk 3 ' - " ". I -f v . f . MICHAEL S. CHERNIN Ludes 109 Highland Ave., Nevvtonville Day, Barry, college Remembers: JH TB LE with love GE TT IN GF RI ED CITIES ON FLAME WITH ROCK AND ROLL. NOVA, AOUALUNG Track THANX to PM HB CAROLYN LEE CHIASSON 14 Falmouth Rd., W.Newton Warren, Palmer, work Gina and Jackson, SH SD DC LO LT DF FC Kids at the table sunshine, summer of '79 31107 79, Ticking Always remember Holly ABT LGP fi f Z LAURENCE DWAYNE CHIN Larry, Ducks, Chinski 64 Bonad Rd., Newton Warren, Palmer, college "Good times are spontaneous. but memories live on." The BIG Bust, So-Co, Football, Lacrosse, Bernie's boys, JGEILS RPSWJ TGM GBECWFCCDBFSRLMA MH Sugarloaf. is-1 ""'wuv-- vc' 'P' LINDA CHINSEN 18 Claflin PI., Newtonville Palmer New f is to . BS is to . MARY BRIGET CLOONAN 12 Green St., Newton Day, Adams, college All my life I never really knew me till today. Now l know why, l'm just another step along the way. Thanks to all my friends and good-luck LC MD CE LL STEPHEN MICHAEL COAN Steve 24 Whittemore Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college f ' 'V . yy... ,l GLENN C. CHISHOLM Chris 20 Oakland St., Newton Warren, Barry, college Hockey 123, Lacrosse 123, 3121 Lights Out- How to Kill an Eel- Friends-SR, ML, FB, Others STEPHANIE CHOLFIN Ste h 25 glements Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Transition, LH, JS, DM, Dag's class, Downey sis- ters, SW plus SW, AL, TM, BS's Purple Outfits, MP- Rocky Mt. Wiper's room, Buffalo JOANNE MARIE CLARK 28 Walnut Pl., Newtonville Day, Beals, college Always Remember: Sum- mer 79 8f10 ANITE West- port Steven BL SM MEB SOH LM Sak Fred JP EW JO DF 6122 W.Col Con- certs Bombs Sars's Apt. Cove 8119 8125 Parties NH PR's CHERYL LINDA COHEN Ster, Cuddles, Bubbles 571 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Ctr, Bigelow, Palmer, college Track 123 Our lives are shaped by those who love us, and those who refuse to love us. To my Friends: LOVE and KISSES CL ERIK COHEN 26 Mason Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, veterinarian Moms Packy runs Mur- rays, Home Sweet Home Chug A Lug Donate Chin fund SoCo JB Disco Dave The Flash Whimpy Baldy Myron .gr IJ ,' .- ,W '1- 1 'r. RENEE MARIE CHISHOLM 20 Oakland St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college And the Years that I spent lost in the mystery fall away, leaving only the sound of the drums . . . lt's whatever it is you see that life will become. JB. Phil 1x79 Cheering 2, Capt. 3, CC 23 'vu wit aww' 5 .. M r A ll s ff- 0-Q MITCHELL R. COHEN 33 Berkeley St., W. Newton Barry x , . CAROL ANN COLLINS Rat Beatles 212 California St., Newton Central, Palmer, college MngrSoccerLax23 PIyngCtch w VWSHBM HeyGTWhere'sT heDER? LUCK-N-LUVTO Allesp KLKSMBMMLC-Stand for something or you'll fall for any- thing LYDIA CONCETTI 46 Faxon St ,Newton Day. Barry I was lost in a desert of mad- ness, 'til a cowboy, living in real- ity showed me the way out. Thanks RS Remembers: ALL!! Esp Nicky, XOX, Pecadol JSBP RDTBMDTBMu RAYMUND LEIGH COHEN 36 Frederick St., Newtonville Beals Live a happy and healthy life JULIE WENTWORTH COLLITON 6 Colgate Cir., Lower Falls Warren, Beals, college Lessons learned are like Bridges burned You only need to cross them but once. - Dan Fogelberg 08 LISA ANNE CONNERNEY 16 Traverse St., Newton Day, Adams The Lake, Watertown, Hawt- horne Concerts, Feb vacation 3- 10-79 Incognito Best times with Jul. MC MD LP PB BM Head- knocker STWD Jimmy Rock8.RoIl NEVER FORGETS ,"t1m -ff "X ' fi .iff aff: f - GAIL COLE 106 Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Remember skipping class with Marilyn, AIaysRememberBC.Ki dsAt The TreeJD,MD,BA LM MF FLCKFJ softball 123 volleyball 123GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 80 IJ NM" STEPHEN T. COMEAU 7 Newell Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley. service All In Bacon Commons Parties TK KS JD MP MS RS and all at the fort 14" - V I MAURA CONNOLLY 34 Cummings Rd., Newton Ctr. Day, Riley. college TDALZLMKLLLLCCJEMC Summer 788.79 Thanks Mom and Dad. Times at the Lake. Good luck Kris and Kara L2T Krista and Melissa I never would have made it without you, Bob, you are special and I love you! Bye BRIAN WILLIAM COLLINS 45 Sewall St., W.Newton Warren, Riley, college Soccer made what was good great Thanks to you know who you are Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.-WSC '-7 .i-QA SANDRA COMPAGNONE 219 Mill St., Newtonville Mt. Alvernia, Palmer, college The goal of yesterday will be the starting point of tomorrow. CATHERINE M. CONRAD Cathy 11 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Adams. college The secret of life is enjoying the passing of time. Orchesis 2,3 Good friends and weekends Good luck and Thanks to all "N-r-. rg-.11 ii ii PVT l' Big boys don't cry ROSEMARIE COPPOLA Rosie 64 Gardner St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, Harvard ALL MY LOVE TO SKI fOctober 9, 19783 Good times wfLM ND JM MEM NC SR HI LO Thanks Ma for everything. Good times w fJD+ MI P.S. I love ya 72 ,af 'G' 4 X fx I -frail! . . , ',,. ix f f , , I JOYCE DEBORAH COSTELLO 110 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Amherst, Buffalo, Beals, college Gymnastics 1, capt. 23, Cheer- ing 3, Volleyball 2, Beals Council Treasurer 2. All my love to Bobby,1f28!78 JOHN CORCORAN 40 Sewall St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, jr. college He went as one that hath been stunned, and is of sense forlornz A sadder and wiser man, He rose the morrow morn. CARA MARIE COTUGNO 25 Sewall St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Sail on down the line. Funny how the Time can go- I guess I'll move along. Oh sail on, sail on, Good times never felt so good. rx mf .A g , ,X .. , g f , MARIA TERESA CONTRADA 12 Copley St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Italian Club 23 Barry Council 2 Hey! LB GD AR EM LG DL KB Meet me in Riley Commons, Good luck! "We know what we are, but know not what we may be."-Shakespeare SATRICK JOSEPH CORRIGAN at 42 Parsons St., W.Newton Day, Bacon, college Football 123, Remembers Ears. MB BS, Football Team, Remem- ber Losses in Friday night card games and Chinny being busted BRIAN JAMES COVE Deej 88 Adena Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Gymnastics 12 Capt. 3, Bub. Bern, Armand, Obie, Fred, DJCBW J GEILS, Parties, Bloo- pin, Saco Scenes, Clinic, IDS Harp 1 Nv- ALFRED ALEXANDER COPPOLA JR. Freddy 19 Lincoln Rd , Nonantum Day, Riley, business Pooka Bugga Sid Cia MC CC GL 10f21!79 Tull the Lake Del Hawthorne Joanne - Some- thing Special AII My Friends V , ,N 'f x 9- ' '? J ,sf - . g ", ai ARMAND J. CORTINA 83 Hawthorn St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Who does not love wine, women, and songs, remains a fool his whole life long. BB BC DB Q' KIMBERLY ANNE COX Kimtoy, Cookie 62 Kensington St., Newtonville Day, Barry All my friends Kiwi +Keeny you're special! Tiz Kelly love ya ma trips to the Cape+NH TM KG Judy As time goes by. . . l8l I - r 1 Xl -1 .I fu, 5 if -- --r y s , , P 1 il MARTHA MARION CRAMER Many 18 Upham St ,W Newton Newman, Beals. dancer + teacher Orchesis a dream will come true Bop Sousa,-H-Maclur e, Roy Master Bait8tTackle Bop8iGyrate SAY HEY' P I'm lust a doobie doo wa wah MARY LOUISE CUNNING 16 Adella Ave ,W Newton Day, Palmer, college It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of fool- ishness See Ya Later Everyone GOOD LUCK 'N Q0 , 'Q' , ' 'aff NANCY DANGELO N J D Crazy ff-1CVlf3DE'lSt Newton Day Beals college To all the Excellent times shared with everyone Boogie A Born to be ahve Thanks Mom and Dad R J MRS G Good luck all MF l82 SEAN CRAVEN 2 Rowe St., Auburndale Adams CARMEL MARIE CURRAN 748 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Barry, college, life CC 123, Sisters 23, Crew, ROCCO. Grrreat times w all my friends. Esp. Becky, Martha, Brian, Hey, Thanx for listenin'l My brother My love always Rob. LOUIS A. D'ANGlO JR. Louie D 37 Washington Pk.. Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Wrestling Lacrosse JL WS BM SF BM TO DM BN DF JS VDT SS Brr' Get out your shovels "It's been such a long time I think I should be going" RICHARD A. CROWE 15 West St., Newton Palmer NORA ELLEN DALY Nonie 156 Pearl St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, undecided Boyd 79 wf JC-LM-BB-MB-TM- BR-JR-DD-JS-BV-MJ-BL-BH Good times wfMEM-JM-RC-TH -RC-NC-SR One of these nights Mem-GFTI JM-Freaked JAMES W. CULLISON 147 Randlett Pk., W. Newton Day, Beals 3 M.. A PAUL DAMORE Curly 60 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Remembers All the things that happened in the last 3 years Good and Bad court with NF and TH DB RM SW 5 "Now let me put it to you straight." JANE ROHAN DARVICHE 43 Schofield Dr., Newton Day, Beals, college Nothing is more precious than a smile and a kiss from those you love. Thanks staff. JDMFNKDL SW 134 Wendy, Laura, Faith, mom, dad, Lisa, Michael, New- tonite, Newtonian. gig. PHILIP DEASY 50 Everett St., W. Newton Beals STEVEN F. DEMPSEY DEMPS 334 River St., W.Newton Warren, Bacon Remembers Palmer Locker's GH RF RP TC 5yed, RF RF SG CHRISTOPHER H. DAVIS 503 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Football 123, Lacrosse 123, Ski Club, Remembers EXCELLENT Times with: JA, SP, JK, LV, PG, SL, KH, JC, JB, KP, -SD- lt'S been Real . , . Good Luck! DAVID EMERSON DEGENHART Bear Dags 53 Bennington St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, Colby College SOCCER is rr1 Skiing, crvvs'n wknds Great times wf RL, FS, LH, TS, MM, MG exply Sean. Peter, John concerts, to EJ, SC, My Dream, Party, tunes Kraut EMMANUEL Der TOROSSIAN 90 Jewett St., Newton East, Barry, college Chess club "There is always an easy descent after a hard cIimb." X -w--'11 NIKKI DAVIS 693 Beacon St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Murray Road-Beals, college MR, that way of educating was so right. Newtonite made these years the kind l'll always cher- ish. You too AB. HS, You're intense. Love to EC, JL, LB. IB, here's to honesty. xx RONALD G. DEMAIO 16 Taft Ave., W. Newton Adams g t GRAZIELLA Der TOROSSIAN Graz 90 Jewett St., Newton East, Barry, college Italian club 2 Vice-Pres. 3 Good luck toi MCMDCCKLKSVWDLD BLB "If you reach the end of your rope tie a knot and hang on" All my LOVE to F.S. 'U' .aa-,-,A WILLIAM P. DAVIS 15 Jones Ct., Newton Barry tj. ROSEMARIE DEMEO 68 Woodbine St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, business Remember: Always Greg, Julie. Ann, Ebcsll, Softball, J8.D, HOJO Moons. Risd, all my friends I left behind. Love to Mom and Dad l've just begun to live. FREE GILBERTO DE SANTIS 885 Washington St., Newtonville Liceo Scientific, Barry, college I hope that I will always remem- ber the great times I had during the past two years at NNHS with my friends and teachers 's,.,, MARYANN DeSANTlS 78 Walker St., Newton Day, Adams Never Forget all my Friends or the excellent times l've had with them Summer 78-79 Concerts Cape Partying. Wknds away alngtrs The Green -UV ww., ,. X f -,.,,,g.'-5-E 1 z. agxlaffif: ,sg ,V-1: K' 1 :K 4 . avi, V. ,i-Ta - ' .J Li .1 .. I'-'m'f-"'-. , fivvier 4' ugdvl' , , u-Q12 , ' ' a'1-Qfgi-va - 171-- . F? iv." . . 3, ' -5.56 'AT' ??'..-1 ' 'C , ,M f . I .3 is M-he " 5- - x.-a. .if-'J -Q 'zn N ' 1 H - -' :'ffi3,.1 r, ix "C- .rig 'Lr"QN., ', -j L8 -1 -15 ,TEXT V miie: -'Uni - - .ix HJ. - - -g 4- , 1. 5,5 .fji 14-53. 1 ' 'fir 4 wt kggii l 577 . 'r .' .sg 3 -I A . . - aff , 'L 'W' SANDRA DESIMONE Mouse 42 Gilbert St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon , Remember all my friends, Palmer, and outside. ENZO G. DE THOMASIS 91 Jackson Rd., Newton Day, Riley KRISTA JEAN DEVINE 13 Fordham Rd, Newton Remembers: MMTDSDE LMPRNCLDAFSRDLC Thank you Maura! The Lake The Van I Love You Mark 10115779 Do not Follow where the Path leads rather go where there is No Path and leave atrail. THERESA DEVINE Teri 13 Fordham Rd.,W. Newton Day, Bacon, happiness Good times: Mazzola, Remembers MM DA CL FS JB TB MC MD KD MP "The Uan" Best time on 1 1 79 Eddie l'll always love you2 3 79 MARISA DICICCO 45 Melbourne Ave.. Newtonville Day. Bacon, college lt only takes a little smile to make a day seem more worthwhile Remembers the good times and friends Vx K L 4 l-4 li IA. , ROBERTM DESOUZA 38 Barbara Rd., W. Newton Day, Bacon, College 'U "ft, : l W Dwi PHILIP G. DESTEFANO 34 Oak Ave., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Remembers all my friends, BHC Remembers Gopd times in auto 123'SW,m123 mechanics. Riley Commons, 2505, Always Remembers fun and Good times with Patty Love le -- ith Ev , 'fear' '5 ,f W' fl 'Q -. flsx CONSTANCE MARIE DeVlTO Connie 14 Clark Rd., W. Newton Day, Warren, Adams, life "Winter, spring, summer or fall all you have to do is call, and l'll be there yes l will, you got a friend." Let the good times roll, Remember all my friends forever Yeah 'S- K f 1. A ' 1 susAN Rose DEZOTELL 28 Annapolis Rd., W.Newton Warren, Adams, college Remember all the good times at Newton North with all the kids. Never forget Holly LYJTWYA Richie 9-13-79 Sandy's party Summer of -79- DM Journey r , "" JENIFER CAROL DICKEY Jen 11 Fern St., Auburndale Warren, Riley Remember, JackPSDFPSEBL WLRRWLSJF Lower Falls. Palmer Tree J.Geils Party79 Laughs Spark Golf Course Fond Memories of David, Thanks Mom ,..,-al. ad! LOUIS DI DINO Flicks 67 Mosman St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, electronic eng. Remember electronic tech major Fiat - forever "What will these kids do next?" MARY EVERETT DOLBEAR 200 Fuller St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Sailing, Snoccer, Mmafh, Brachs, EWF Girls from Mox, Chappy, DDourSongs LasWG, RT8-P's Car, GH, sirDJM'sParty. There can be no rainbow with- outa cloud and storm. PM, Keep Smiling ESTHER FAY DOMBA 33A Wesley St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Publicity Arsenic and Old Lace, Rocco, JS MK DL LE SS KB AL SF SN CL "Kingsley" "Cher- man" Disco, parties "Rock Don't Stop" "Ladies night" Niki, Joannie, Kathy "Life's short don't waste it." , AN SEBASTIAN DIFELICE Subo 42 Fisher Ave., Newton Hlds. Weeks, Palmer, college MarchlngBandEVERYsat. PARIS Luck to Mr. Smith, Mr, Benjamin, and a BIG KISS for Leonard! NNHS FOR EVER WILL REMAIN TRUE MARILYN ANN DODD 45 Murray Rd., W. Newton Warren, iley, college Pink Panther, U-gee, BC, Search, Buck 90, parties. JM, Btree, Guys III. Ree- nie, Barbie, JD, GC, KF, All The Kids. Give your smile to someone with- outl My Best to Alll JACQUELINE DOHERTY 27 Parsons St., W. Newton Day, Adams, college Remembers All the Crazy Times with Kim and Che- ryl, The BAD Girls Down B.A.NJD WB MD NM LS LP VS G.R.Kids. All my love to Kevin, Friends Always. 11f1f77 Love to sis DAVID M. DONAHUE 40 Russell Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry BETH A. DONALDSON 195 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Orchesis, Orchestra, Thoughtprints "I count myself in nothing so fine as the soul remembering my good friends" - Shakespeare Thanks Cap, JC DONNA M. DIPADOVA 42 Greenough St., W. Newton Riley 5 Qt 1:-'Q -IF 'iff' J iw? wi. , ,I .- avi-if 5 4 iz. . W it A. QA fir: K ,' Wi' Jaw:-Q 'X ' f fy . 1:5-521-41 '- T tr fix: v-3 ,gg I ,Sgr .fy-i.vJ5.vv.,,ii,,,:f:,'l '1 1'fS'- ..' f" 5' Fl 7 i' -k5':fQ1-- . ' ' LI . , - gf- gi if uf 'a -11 MICHELLE DOONA 9 Tudor Terr , Auburndale Bacon 90 '11 PETER JOHN DRAKOS 19 Freeman St , Auburndale Barry, Warren, undecided Good times cruizin', The Star lot Weekends at the Apartment. The summer of '79 "Capone" And the boys, SBTCRCBMDFJL JBLGANKNKM And good times with Anne -5 1 CRAIG ROBERT EDSALL 41 Fair Oaks Ave , Newtonville Day. Barry, college Wrestling Remember JC BH SC ML MZ DR LM MC JG JULIE E. DORE 275 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Always remember good times with Kris GC MF BA MD parties, Cape Cod, BC, search'n, U-gee, Buck-90, Ill and all the CA's CHRISTINE MARIE DREW 19 Cloelia Ter., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Basketball t' Track, Never forget Alice, Soph, Suzanne, PD, LN, WNP GHWAS, Summer 79, Ski- ing, F12-26 "I must be traveling on now -too many places I got to see" ANITA EGLITIS 12 James St , W. Newton Warren, Riley All the good times with all my friends ALWAYS Remember John Cormier MARY T. DOWNEY 20 Braemore Rd., Newton Day, Palmer What a strange trip it's been GD, There is an elephant in the room. Tranny BLS. D.O. Head- wind Juba Strawberry Fields Forever 12, C JANE BROOKE DRUKER 29 Furber Ln., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, college One must not wish hisfher life away, but rather live each day to its fullest. My love and gratitude to those special people ' -. 'Q 45' LISA MARIE EHRMANN 315 Woodward St., Waban Weeks, Palmer, college ShakpIrs12Pres3, Yrbkg Best of luck to' MBK, ED, BB, LL, LA. MS, BD, Ll, MC, JS, AL, RH, AT. Thanx to Mr. Amoroso, Mrs. Bor- den and Mrs. Hubbard. "Days being diamonds, and years gold, lives being books where the pages unfold." JUDITH A. DOYLE Judy 604 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college MV., skating, Thanks to all my Friends. Events are momentary but memories are everlasting. Love and Happiness always to C.D. X Al T . DAVID DUBOIS 585 Grove St., Lower Falls Warren, Barry, undecided Remembers CP VI' AL Tom The Boat The Tea Room P.E.l. The Tickets JL Chalms Flash Super Tramp T "Here to go Buddy" The Tracks Skiing My Friends The Babes vi EILEEN PAIGE ELDREDGE 63 Hatfield Rd., W. Newton Day, Beals, college 3 years with Adele Lori and Sus- anne Thank you Ms. Ghattas "Roy's Girls" Senior Year with Willie if il if V CATHERINE ELLIS Cathy, C, F, E 12 Chesley Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, sanctuary Green Summers of 77, 78, 79 Party, Hardy. Love and thanx to Mom. LMYS Memories - JTTC FSLLMDMBKGDMBEPSSBTD KDMMTBMDMOOMOOTDSTJ T Good Luck SVEN J. EMILSSON 517 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Always remember "Transition 6" Ski Club "trips" Thanx for all the good times BC, OG, DL, JG, AS, MM, and all my other friends, Ski Team 123 Bye NNHSI NFTTY ,wi - iz- " .1 I API 5 DOROTHY FAIRWEATHER D.D.Dots 99 Hancock St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, airline school Remembers always: Jude Moe Dawn JK JD EB LM LR LW PS JC PS BDA Memories of David Palmer Tree My brot. Jeff Flash- light Action T5 -. I ROSS T. FANGER 74 Putman St., Newton Warren, Adams, college Soccer, Skiing, the NEVVTONITE Good Morning, Pass-out, I will always remember good times with NK MC JH TB FG AF AB MF and all my other friends ILILLIE T. FARKAS i 48 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Skiing 123L Sailing 123, Yrbkg Ski Club, Open Campus Comm, JRLG KFSCML, ILPB, LFPGCM atBG's, Sm. Med.Lg. Cape79 Concerts Beatles wfo whom! Boris? Btg EOSERT JOSEPH FARNESE o 92 Lexington St., Auburndale Warren, iley, college PHL-Demps, Goody, Huck and Flagg. Past Yr's Ricka, Jay, Tony C. Summer '79 wfGeorge, TP Drafting w!Ed JEAN MARIE FARRELL 252 Islington Rd., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Sister Paula Brother Chris Cape Tom Collins Love to Louie Manon RD SG KC Marriot Aus- tins Wed Resep Good Luck 80 modeling nurse dance 3388 the Pope retreats sun burns JOANNE FAY 35 Kensington St., Newton Day, Riley ,... ? Swimming3-Hogback "Go wiId" times with friends "OHFREDZA N A S A K" SASO UASH 7DORITOS! Bessie and Damien forever "Smile it takes a moment, and the memory lasts forever." Good luck Class of 14801: SORENA FEE 114 Temple St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college Independent Evenings, T-Fits and walks wfPhyIis and Debi, 33 Dunster wfZiggy, C.A, wfF.P., skiing wfJ.S. "We must dare, and dare again, and go on dar- Ing." BRIAN FEENEY Feester 40 Walker St., Newtonville Riley Remembers EnglishwfPapa, SSwfCrowley, Physicsw!Duffy, Teamsports last year and this greasy picture of me Newton North, it's more than a job, it's an adventure. 2505 I87 27 Tudor Rd., Chestnut Hill QW 3 QU' - ,- ' .3 MARTIN JOSEPH FEENEY 215 Mill St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Good luck: TB FA ER Remem- ber: Mr. Rossi, Computer lab, PDP 11, Homeroomg Anything else I forgot 35? JANET M. FERGUSON 231 Webster St., W. Newton Bacon JAIME A. FIELDS 115 Mandalay Rd., Newton Ctr Bigelow. Palmer, college Better is ones own path though ln' perfect than the path of an-1ii'er well made l88 N. MARGERY BETH FEINZIG Margy 17 East Boulevard Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Bacon, college "The main thing in life is not to be afraid to be human." SUZANNE MARIE FERNER 86 Hancock St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college I'd like to be the sort of friend that you have been to me - Edgar Guest AMY LYNNE FINE 16 Avondale Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Palmer, college "There can be no rainbow with- out a cloud and a storm." Field Hockey123, Rifle23 P.C.123VP JAS BeepBeepl Goodtimes with Kitty LCCFCWNMLMWPSBWF ALLSJGSATHKSM + D Z JOHANNA F ENTON 30 Frederick St., Newtonville Day, Beals Teenage wasteland, bears with guns, frisbee, meow meow meow meow 4 o'clock meow, but remember the moo shall inherit the earth and the moo know who they are. my BRIAN JOHN FERGUSON Ferg 126 Windemere Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college KIDZ: Headman, George, Keyes, Walshy, N.H. R.T. And all others. The Who Live. Fishin Bivs NH. Pluke, Coat Who are you?! Idol A .XJ B12 "Ha! Ha! No, it's not the state prison!" 5 . 1 I 'YW W, A 'I , - ': .2 4 . l - - ' ' 'Sf I . ' K 8 ,l ' . . ls'-1,11 I I' 'ii MICHELLE ROBYN FINEBERG Don't stop thinking about tomor- row because yesterday is already gone. Martha's Vineyard Morning Coffee DANIEL J. FISCHBERG Worse half 10 Burnham Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Thanks to the Squad with Spe- cial thanks to Central Commit- tee, John M., and Mary J. for their support. KAREN CLARK FISHER 43 Prince St., W.Newton Warren, Barry, college What we have done, has made us who we are. F+S moves, MC+CF, 12131 f78. V.FieId Hockey, V.Tennis Rents away, 80's Club, phone 1'-3 , X DANNY J. FITZPATRICK Fitz 16 Elmore St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Bacon, college Good times with Soccer and Lacrosse. Remember the Miller Express, Palmer House tree, Parties, weekends KATHLEEN FITZGERALD Fitzie 49 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Riley, college Memories Hampton '79 Friends Good Times Cherish your yes- terdays, Dream your tomorrows, but live your todays. SIMON FLOYD 6 Billings Pk,, Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Hockey, Tennis Beserkeley "Gonna get a little higher and see if I can hotwire reality" J.B, B's Pete vw KEVIN MICHAEL FITZGERALD Fitzy 3 Waban St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, college Remember good times with Jock, Quake, JN, Ears, Fred, BL, MM, RO . .. Can you come out tonight David??'? me A LISA JO FOISY 17 Winthrop St., Newton Meadowbrook, Beals, college Volleyball 2, X-C Skiing, Sailing Girls from Mox, Mixed-up sneak- ers Grse and HoJo BC-Hllwn ChampagneT GH Snoccer Fuzzy Duck Ouinc-M Lsr-E JM Party Alaska-M France-DO, MM HC I-4' I ' tw '. 1,-4..A, I 4 1'rfk,,f"2 - 'Ai A . fe SUSAN HOPE FORREST MATTHEW C. FORSYTH Sue 516 Commonwealth Ave., 204 Pleasant St., Newton Newton Weeks, Bacon, college Palmer "Nothing Great was Ever Achieved Without Enthusiasm," Emerson Track, Field Hockey, Rocco MICHELE M. FORTE 18 Barrieau Ct., Newtonville Day, Beals, undecided Remember the good times with Fee Steph Brenda Magoy Jim- bob, Remember the Cape, cook- ing with Nonie and Rosie, Friday nights Ain't no stoppin' us now! SHEILA JOAN FITZGIBBON 44 Fuller St., Waban Weeks, Riley, college Track 123 Senior Class Commit- tee "Try not to hide what you feel deep inside, if you care, you must dare to be Free as the air." EW+ F -HQ --at NOEL FOLEY 27 Eddy St., W. Newton Day, Barry KRISTINE FOX 39 Pineridge Rd., Buzzards Bay M s 10 Lk 'Y MAUREEN FOX 39 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college ALWAYS REMEMBER Barbie, Marilyn, Cathy, Julie, Lois, the kids, BC U-gee, parties, Mr. Ill Shirt, the guys, search'n, danc- ing, and all the HAPPY times! -fi 'Q ,1 1, . Q.. 'g,,,- I . fn. v: XA ,Z A Z - ., - X-1 k .I . I. If LK' 5 if 9 Se 49' RFQ MICHELLE JAYE FRASER 331 Elliot St., Newton Meadowbrook, Adams, work Fond memories, DC TM KB GG GL TL PB JF FM Cappy RT AC AB LS and Linda good luck with ML, Always remember 4th floor Palmer Look Ma and Dad I finally made it CHRISTINE MARIE FRAZIER Chris 10 Owatonna St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Always Remember Ellen SNS Karen Nancy Jeannie Marilyn Maureen Barbie fi if" 1-2-' .1 171. GARY RUSSELL FRECHETTE Fish 10 Clarendon St., Newtonville Day, Adams, college FootbaIl123 Hockey123 Baseball123 Remembers good times with good friends. Tom's house after FB games Thanx and good luck to everyone. JOAN MARIE FRECHETTE 56 Madison Ave., Newtonville Beals Goodbye to the school and all the teachers and Mrs. O'Neal and the loft, it was very good. Good luck to everyone. DINA FREEDMAN 69 Orchard Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college "And soitgoes. . STEVE FUCCI 9 Cook St., Newton Day, Riley, work Remembers: Pam Jones, Quake, Jock, Fitzy, Moses, Riley House, Fred, Stickman What happened to TEO? lt's all over now Mr. Guild, Rocco Every- one else I forgot REBECCA GALDSTON 62 Hyde Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college t'Ain't it funny how it feels when you're finding out it's real?" Goodbye my friends Ti I . X I . DOMENIC FULGINITI JR. Nick, Nick 46 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, undecided Remembers TR all the fun we had Never forget times with: DT SW CD JL VP MT TB JF MP MA JG PP ESP DR u .1 . .ff 5 ,DANIEL W. GADSDEN Ill Ii 92KFrankIin St., Watertown Adams, trade school Good Luck to Everyone in Elec- tronics Class and Adams Bench To All Seniors: fG.T.M.O.J "Good Times More Often" GERALD GALLANT 37 Fordham Rd., W.Newton Day, Adams Remember "The class picnics" and stuff in the electrical shop JESUS GARAY He sue, Aces 93gWatertown St., W.Newton Day, Rilley, college, drafting Drafting MGM LP AS JB+RR Goin to the beach The corner LZ BEEF ANT CONE MC SS KM GP BOB GTTM CYSAL The Babe Round 3 SE MN LM OOQO N"'.1 af 'ff "7 1 . - 4, 25531 ' J "Should l eat it or throw it?" J . SUSAN EILEEN GASDIA Gaz 92 Fairway Dr., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college A true friend is someone who walks in when the rest of the world walks out 1Of7!77 Mr. Eagles cheerleading thanx all esp. John MARGARET MARY GEAGAN 25 Rowe St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, nursing "Something kinda happened from the very start just like it was meant to be" Gymnast 123 Nov 4 Always and forever CMLM! My Dream 6120 Luv to Linda RL FS MM LH "Cutie" Michael I'll always love you! 1 .aa 1. y JOHN H. GARDNER 14 William St., W. Newton GENE D. GARFIELD Better Half 72 Highland St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college "Just following orders," squad, R. Brockelman, "In the final analysis, National struggle is a mat- ter of class struggle." - Mao. EDWARD VINCENT GARTLAND lll Bud 29 Gambier St, Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Riley House Treasurer-2 Riley House Vice Presi- dent-3 Remember: DR. H. Phe- lan Guild Geik The Dummy to My Left ANTHONY LARRY GEMMA Ant 6 Morgan Pl., Newton Day, Bacon, drafter Always remember JG fan club, "cafe time," Beef, fluff, Cone, Soup, and Ed KAREN JEAN GEMMA Pee-Wee 27 Wiltshire Rd., Newton Day, Barry, college I will always remember JoEllen and McDougall, Hello to: Bea, Ellen, Dave, and everyone else I know. lil J 9 so 5 1,1 . l A MICHAEL GARDNER Wolfman 14 William St., W. Newton Day, Riley, college Football, Wrestling, Lacrosse 123 Albermarle WN Fanklin Par- ties Mr. Paul with Maddog soph D sessions Billerica Brawl and OT. Fuzzy T. Bruins, Concerts the log DC A V ,f 2 I 4. , 1 n H- I c,s ' gr' at D ' SARALYNNE GERSHMAN 47 Lewis St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college GfL BWARTCDMNCBM and all my friends. Riley stairs,CC-WN Crusln BW and AR RUSH 8OlV24 AM.50yr.Line,Deh.-BH. Go For it! Friends always Bon. l ROBIN MARIE GILROY 150 Washington St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college 3 Yr. varsity soccer -thanx fuzzy, Thoughtprints, we made i t'?lfNash-Ryan-Bunz-Barb-Jud e and Beano Luv Yall party, "With the autumn begins in some measure a new spring" - Thoreau Q 'U .4 'Q SUSAN ELLEN GLAZERMAN 33 Manor House Rd ,Newton Ctr Weeks, Meadowbrook, Beals. college LUCIA GIGLIOTTI Lucy 204 River St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, hairdressing Remembers: GH, K-P, MC, RG, GC, VT, SD, and all others. Good times at R8.R and the fun in Montreal! And Studio-4- 4359 JEANNE GIOVANNINI Giova 57 Herman Terr., Newton Bigelow, Adams, engineering Michael Only The Good Die Young Good times with good friends Lisa Meg Maay David Tony Family CCMCCNVWH Vega Riley off limits FAITH EILEEN GLICKMAN 34 Stafford Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Bacon, college Whenever I call you friend I begin to think I understand Everywhere we are, you and I were meant to be . . . Thanks to you all! uf' 1 ...fy 1 MICHAEL R. GILL 882 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Palmer 'fi In -. 'x -f""TY I. MARIA JEANNE GIRARD 5 Cappy Cir., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college Orchesis, volleyball, chem. wx AA, all the yrs. wfJB, my love to everyone in 2624 126373 Tranny, "freak," Mrs. Cradle Always remember JBSFMDPEFICT "AW ANNE MELISSA GOLDBERG 550 Chestnut St., Waban Weeks, Bacon, college "Take a ride in the sky, on our ship fantisii - all your dreams will come true, right away." W 41 L9 .,. STEPHEN GILMAN 99 Westchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Remember: SC, DV, MM, DD, JB, LH, RL, FS, summer, week- ends, Nights, etc. JACQUELINE MARIE GLADU Jackie 34 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college "The higher you aim, the more likely you are to succeed." Field Hockey 1231 Softball 123 Bas- ketball, Beep Beep, JAS, and all my friends. LAURA J. GOLDBERG 31 Sheffield Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry Remembering all from E-block, HK DF RG SB JL GS IL and the art room. RL GP EC DM MK LB Fridays PHILIP ALAN GOLDBERG Phil 22 Avondale Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, Northeastern Where there's a will- There's a dead body. "Q, PATRICK GOLDWAIT Goldie Son o- 12 Devon Terr., Newton Weeks, Palmer, college VW-Sht-bx Swim team, golf TAV 3494, RNWW, GTMS with ML. BW, PS, FM, DS, D8iD JENNIFER GOLDEN Jen,Jenny 52 Troy Ln., Waban Bigelow, Riley, college Thoughtprints 23, Newtonite circ. 3. MV, Wash., Bermuda. Will always remember all my friends esp. MC, MF, CC, PM, NOC,GGS. SCOTT GOODALE 45 Albert Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, service Remembers: Wrestling 123 Plmr. Lkrs: Tom, Tony, Russ, Rich, Robby Demps "Everybody over Tom's tonight. Party hearty." "VW Power" Swt. BG.Cty. 6 it v Ur' ' 651.1 -L.. in ae'- 'Un . M. . ' sv -- ,. we ,Q , .va "Did I hear a call for heIp?" GLENN BRUCE GOLDMAN 121 Cedar St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer Indoor, outdoor track with Fred GXL to SG EC BM SL JC Always Remember the crazy homeroom with Tom D. - ,. ,Qi A iii ' r 11. V.. av' . We A ALAN RICHARD GORDON Rich 88 Harding St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college Cape Cod Paragon Scituate - 4th Skipday New Years Skating Barbs Surprise party Remem- bers Every one Especially B.Z. JM DIANE at KATHLEEN GOULDING 80 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, modeling Thanx MEZ Love ya mom and dad. 8f3f6 MMDMTCMDCEBE DMLLMMLP Summer 78 IWTGDHP NH-76- Paradise I'll make it, -ai DANIEL WARD GOLDSTONE Danny 11 Ivanhoe SI., Newton B.C. D.S., Riley, college Music Dept. 123, CC Pres., Ski 2, class Treas 1, SHOWS!! Music Shop, - "What a Prep" - This, my friend, is only the beginning FRANK R. GORGONE Bob 12 Milo St., W. Newton Day, Barry, college VickiTimKapsRigsDanParkerF FF5B's SunriseCommitteeMT 2TheIsIandBH's TheBomberP oppyBFDOHYEASDRStyxRRB UFIOSJimiFuzzyDucksLowRid eLMNHS JEANINE GOURDEAU 104 Adams Ave., W.Newton Palmer 193 0 VKAI. Q I KARL GRAF Otto 35 Hunnewell Ave , Newton Bigelow, Beals Motocross Maclano 10' f""3' BARBARA BETH GREEN 28 Lenox St., VI, Newton Warren, Bacon, college When I close my eyes I look into the future and I remember my past, Ski Team 3 years music and more music best friend - Sherry LAURA GREENE 59 Wachusett Rd ,Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Brghms Bum 79, Cheerleading, the Pitts, Dnt let it get U down, Blip, Sum 79, The cape, Rllgrs PIr1ktn,BOrlSB JR ML LF DM, MC KP, CK lllus Gang, KF, SC, MB Good times with all my trds 194 LEO M. GRAHAM 87 Waban Pk., Newton Adams fix' I 3' 2 5 rs 1 fac- I, V HELAINE M. GREEN 31 Loring St., Newton Weeks, Barry, college Thanks to all my friends, CKJJ Parties, Weekends, Goodtimes. Remember RU7? and Normal? Beals Bench-79 Summer of 78- SG Summer-79 143 Always ROY!! JOHN GRIFFIN 48 Fair Oak Ave ,Newton Barry Remember dancing with Rick and Cheryl in the middle of the St after a few Remember Rick getting Sick in my barral when John and Cherly were there MARK GORDON GREENBERG C quand ne pas D 36 Burrage Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Bacon, college Friday's Lamp No effect pack- age from Colorado No Disco in this carl Head for Lac field Bruce Neil for lunch Ten team BHCoun ai 92 msg, V T Iii ft X I . J, I I lx PAUL GROSS 30 Hobart Rd, Newton I will always remember my high school years and the people I spent them with, NK,-LR-WS-J L-PB-JF-SP-RW GD. They're real friends, Friends I hope to keep forever., Especially Marry C. and Sheila RUSSELL GREENBERG Russ 47 Dolphin Rd., Newton Ctr. B.B. and N., Bacon Schroeder, Charlie Brown, Fior- ello Some will never learn any- thing because they understand everything too soon. BETH ANN GUZZI 11 Randlett Pk.,W.Newtor1 Day. Barry, college "lt was only a moment, a moment of strength, of romance, of glamour-of youth the time to remember, the time for a sigh." Conrad Thanks everybody. S0-mx 'FITS EDWARD THOMAS HADRO 60 Robinhood St, Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Football, Baseball, The Bruins with Keysie, Ferg Gorge "Weas- els ripped my flesh" FZ "Pete" Kidz Cross eyed Mary LISA HAMPE 191 Auburn St, Auburndale Warren, Bacon, work All my love David S. Rem. Skip day '79 the Beach wfPC DM LA BS Never forget Kl and Tony also the pig Good luck to all DM NC DC BM BW 13669 It's Over HOLLY KATHERINE HARDAWAY Bequeathal "Leave a token of yourself For others - a look, a gesture, a thought. Let it bloom in the world and find a home in the mind of others." - Sharon Levy, from the book Daughters in High School RICHARD P. HAGAR 43 Union St., Newton Beals ERIC HANDEL 11 Kodaya Rd., Waban Day, Riley Tranny AfV Computers Good times at Debby's and BC 1 1' 'EM PIRE' 1' '1 Marinator LBS WPOD MICHAEL J. HARDIMAN Flounder At A Boy 54 Newell Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, East Coast Good times in Bacon Commons Rmbrs-Tedues MLCAJMKHBG STDLJC and everyone else in commons But Fonds Still Rule ' 1 '41-.k -,..., STEVEN HAGERSTROM Hag 295 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college J.C., Bob, Fred, M.R. Beth fSlugoJ, SAK, GAZ, DAW went for itll Cluchroz Astro Sasqautch NATHAN S. HANDSPICKER 56 Hartford St., Newton Hlds. Weeks, Riley, college I will remember the good times I had in band choir and jazz ensemble, and all the people I met these past three years. :il KATHLEEN MARIE HARMON Kathy 25 Dearborn St., W. Newton Warren, Adams SB LC SJ ES EA Nl Beals Summer78 Concerts, the band SM CL couldbe Freebird, parties goodbye girl Kit Apr 27 thanx everyone LC8.SP 5- i". I . N A .. r U ' J u 'W ' , "Zur TIMOTHY DAVID HALLARAN Hal 54 Eddy St., Newton Good times partying down "AIbermarle" Up the log. Thanks Holmesy! I am just glad I made it out of herell ADELE HARATSIS 32 Clark Rd., Newton Day, Beals Always remember Lisa, Sue, Never forget the Beals bench gang 78-79. All my love forever to Tony Capizzi 3 3 79 Good Luck Class of 80 JOHN HARRINGTON DA. 157 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, college, law school Those SAD Weekends Concert Choir cc. Tours the Tree Mary Laura Tim Val Ross + rest of the gang golf summer snowdays swimming and BennM. I9 Newtohville r . lf", 'N fi Q x 5 .. ei, flflgj l t J, sa . as-1'i "'i,,,:1 L. MITCHELLA HARRIS 42 Brae Burn Fld..Auburr1dale Warren, Adams, Israel and college NNHS-"Education Factory," HKinHR YJ, correspondence with SS "DON JUAN said it before you"' "A crowded sub- way train brings people closer together " If W 'U' . 1 '5 , 1- 1. -f ' Q4 f, i rf , 'A Affg. 4, N. .Pax V 1 Q 'U Q - xl . V, Q-It 'af ' ' 1745 WL 7w'1"" R.. . ' 4 - . 5, :flax . 1344 I . ' 'W'-""-fr ' : 1-5 ,yi z f 1 M , -. . 1 pr ',',. .. '1 fb. 'JL fi t tr 1 ,: 'v IA if . 5 . "75- .f,- t Q ff : ' ' .r- ' luis M. -, I if JOHN DOUGLAS HATCH 50 Emmons St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, Air Force pilot Always remember partying with Robby, Joe, Jordan, Peter, Jus- tin, Jim, Tony, Dave, Nick, Jack, Good times with Full Tilt Band and the Deputy Dog Fan Club E KEVIN MICHAEL HAYS Purple Haze 244 Lexington St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon Always remember good times with Lori, Happy xxxxx Easter, Bacon Commons, Fords Rule, Goody, Mark, Butch TBM LCABGMLJMAWLMAND KH LAURA LYNN HELGESEN Laurie 27 Oak St., Upper Falls Allagash High, Palmer, college Rod and Gun Club, Bas- ketball JDJBHHENMF good times at DD Thanks to Tranny KARL DAVID HATTON 14 Lodge Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college weekends in West Newton Square Runnin' with the devil. Billerica sudden death. Fuzzy's two cigar practices, Hockey 123. Lacrosse 123 capt. Hey T Flo- ridal JUDI ANN HAYES 151 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Gloucester, Bigelow, Barry "To build a castle in the sky my dreams will be my Foundations and when I begin to live my dreams happiness will follow and I will have truly succeeded" 'Q JAMES HERBERT Jim, Herb 45 Southgate Pk , W Newton Day. Barry Remember BV GM FL JR BM SH Smedly T fBlIlyj BOBEBTA BETH HEBSHON Robbl 179 Klrkstall Bd, ,HQ ff ,-is f' , I fl MATTHEW HERMAN 36 Lorna Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Rifle Team 123 Co-capt. Good Luck to All esp. DS PG SW CL HL DK Always remember 901 No.1's Mine and Great Times with Diana Wangus in CC HS I M Y 'Q Q Q .Q 'S . is I 1 GREGORY HERR 20 Marlboro St., Newton Corner Beals Day Adams college So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past 'CBCMJRAAHK M SBDGCEDMBKLEJC 3yrs lwontforget zz. ,Ili 'ey ,, , rr mi- iffkif 1' Lf , . 'il 3 , I 4 T is E 1 4 't . E 'W yr ROBERT B. HESS 72 Nonantum St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Adams, point of no return Always go for it, one mistake never too late Sasquatch Fred Steve 2B Ball 123 Tuesday, Thursday Lunch club 80 club 3, . .V BRIAN C. HILL 48 Clark Rd., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, pro musician Remembers: Great times with Barb down the Vineyard, Ducks and Sean Matt Brian Alex. Roa- dies: Wally, Mark Jay Larry Steve Cully MarkL and the North concerts. AXE LIVES Sean + Jodi Brewskies. I .- 4D- " ff! I 5 JAMES AUBREY HILL Jock 41 Bridge St., Newton Day, Riley. college J Geils Concert Baseball 123 My friends TM KF DN JF JN SF PR PS AC RM MM DC DW CR PJ DK BL My Best Friend Always - Kelly Fi. JUDITH ANN HINCHEY 47 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college iii? ' 4 X Q 4 .. . -...,c,... l ' . MMM xfl. il , G I isis: 'fi , A .,2EEE3h' I I RE SIN , N I xv S - X' f .xiii-Q X Fi f, if f. at "How do you like my purse'?" SUZANNE JANET HOLMES Holmesy 69 Kaposia St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Love and thanks, Flynny CC SD GL DC LO LP2 LM2 MV Mr Adams, Timmy, W, N, Kids. Where will it lead us from here? Franklin kids T.R.S. Always love you Holly TIMOTHY ANDREW HOLST im 63 Cabot St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, work + college Alfred E, Packer Chess Club Kaiser-Frazer Corp. Remember Masurbia If you want to be you, be you. If you want to be me, be me, 'cause there's a million things to be you know that there are, Soc- cer B-ball Tennis SFA Yearbk KIM ELA HOFFMAN 39 Grove St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Make your own music, for yourself and for others. Dance your own way, with sisters and brothers. Let the sun shine. Peace and happiness to alll JESSICA R. HOPPER Jecca 49 Farlow Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college "Though we choose between reality and mad- ness, it's either sadness or euphoria." And remember: Life is a jour- ney, not a destination. CATHERINE ANN HORGAN 2 Albian Pl,, Newton Day Riley, college "The better part of one's life consists of his friend- ships." Abe Lincoln Thank you SA SL MM JA KB HB LZ EM MB and esp. JK + SP for the best memories of my life. 1076 779, NYC E W+ F summer '79 'I FRANCIS HILTON 150 Gibbs St., Newton Ctr Adams fx t:f.gga,' 'X , . ', V flier x' 'LBA I '55- y - ,arm It O A. iii? x - I 5177 - 1 ...ff , Vi L. r .. .YH JON STEVEN HORLINK Jon 12 Craigie Terr., Newtonville Day, Barry, college I Track 12, O Track 12 x country 2 Riflery, 3 Tennis 3 Bike Club O.B C. Cape 79 the car course MCSP TBBV quite intense sta- mina O Bye . A JULIE LOUISE HUBER 37 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Palmer, college, where then? The hawk flew towards the sun then, suddenly plummeted into a valley, appeared again and finally, hesitantly, flew into the horizon and disappeared. Fly to freedom forever Laura, Sandy, ILYDMF N Us Ti LAUREN RUTH INKER 17 Leonard Ave , Newtonville Warren, Barry, college l'Let me be reverent inthe ways of right " Chevalier Thought- prints Shakespearean Players 'Arsenic and Old Lace' Fort McHenry Candide JC Orchesis Fiorello The Puppets TD Sopho- more English Ah Willy' RS TS I . TINY L. HOUSTON 208 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, college JV Football 12, Varsity Football 3 good times on weekends, best wishes to all my friends who take the trouble to read this. 'Q SARAH E. HUGHES Woodman, Slick 53 Morseland Ave., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams, college CW What R U driving on? The WEERS 79. Thanx to 3 Judis, ES NDCWLSNALH Bubba All of my love, NA. Brute Brigade. Huey. Don't dream it, be it! ARTHUR SCOTT JACKSON 18 Surrey Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals Sports Ed-Newtonite, SFA, Track For 3 long years l've worked Laughter and hurt were a part But the memories of those years Will be fondly felt in my heart Only one knee k, j, and J ' f LOIS CHRISTINE HOVSEPIAN Louie Lo 16 Elsworth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Soccer 123, Soccer Pals Thanks to RLFSIMMFMGDBMBJB Gals The Boys Dad and Dot The future is near but the past isn't gone! MAY H. HUNG 2088 Washington St., Lower Falls Day, Bacon, accountant 4 1 RITA JACKSON 44 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day. Palmer DOUGLAS HOWARD 103 Bussey Pl., Dedham Barry I . f T- -"WEN NANCY JEAN INGALLS Scotch 12 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Warren, Barry, college Always remember TOMMY ABR BABDBTBDM Jose Al Duster Waltham Cruise PR C. St. Illu- sions Belly Dancing Beals Star Cars 180s CFKH Chevy Q .. I' STEPHEN P. JAMES 14 Aberdeen St., Newton Hlds. Adams W.. YI' THOMAS J. JASSET 21 Taft Ave., W. Newton Day, Beals ELIZABETH ANN JUSTICE Ann 134 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college "Still waters run deep." Good luck to all my friends Soccer Basketball S--wiv' ELISA ANN KARAS 30 Maynard St., W. Newton Day, Barry, college "Keep your face to the sunshine and you'll never feel the rain." DAF Moe KP+RK Pearls in my heart JD DL+WS "The Pez" Brigham's Thegg Love to the blizzard of 78 forever JODES. a ma famille-Je vous aime Sli' J Y..4,,,vy t il PAUL JEPSEN 24 Kenyon St., W. Newton Bacon mr, ROBERT JOHNSTON 17 Maple St., Newton Warren, Riley, Northeastern Wrestling Team Remembers - GM GA CA CM JP GC JW JL AW KS init in VW? NAOMI R. KADINOFF 39 Manemet Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Barry, college AML to MG AM SM BS LS Zap SBB and Jimmy. Tout est pour le mieux dans le meilleur des mondes possibles. 711- .. 'VMI- ROBIN LESLIE KANTER 182 Cotton St., Newton Palmer, college If it wasn't for the last minute, a lot of things wouldn't get done Boochie, Florida, Boston, Man- aging, Wrestling, Lacrosse, Field Hockey, Roundabout: Cos- mic, Colalla, Skiing ..:"tf"'T, .?. - Law vliiu...-. -4-w.....t M--.... L no ff -A t-tv.........M...., --L. .. 'X""' -g, -... ..,. . 'W " ---bf.:-.---. Nunn ..,..J.,'w5. W z s,., ,M f-117:-, my ,,, -N ff. "' M, .sy , f --...- 4 'W .,-.,,,k-N x "I'm with stupid." ...W M, ,A . . -11- -... ., ,,.,.......:-'-- -.........,.,, N -.V-..":,"' -45- Q-......,. ... M, -v...,,. s....,.- , ., +-..,...,,,,-1 'Q-. . .wmfz . M , -fy-. -Q' K wr :Zi ,R - . 1 ,. l FELICIA MANNER JUE Felish, Fleas 35 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college, BU BC MCA In music and art no one but Fiedler and Rockwell, I enjoy with my mind and soul and a cup of Maxwell Rem, all best times SHANA KAPLOW 66 Lombard St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college The more we learn, the less we know, il -Q, THOMAS MICHAEL KAROFF 100 Prince St., W, Newton Rivers, Barry, college BC GP JF JH soc., ski, ten. "But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice." RF 199 40 ,F Q-...M 4, 'fr A " ,J MICHAEL B. KASHKET 97 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Palmer, college Mod Squad, chess club, New- ' tonite, Mrs. T., Drs. H8tD, Mr. wx Flash, Bernie, Bresg Dr. L. Streibg D'Ag, Amour, Pap: i BBFJBM. .lI. -'." ra 'V HILARY S. KASSLER 14 Erie Ave., Newton Hlds. Bigelow, Barry, college "and sit here wondering which me will survive all these libera- .Q- "Now look at this way. . ifiifg f. t VI! ,,y. K s, Q K. REBEKAH KATSENES Becca 174 Newtonville Ave., Newton Day, Barry, collegefmusic Will always remember DL AL ti0n5" MBB SS JC KD FE FJ and MH A tif - 1 I 5 .B 1 . -ft: fi' it ' .V u V . , ' ' . . - 'ls rl 'I 5 f' 3 1 K t MARTHA ANN KEENAN DAVID KELLEY 'I 6 BTISTOI Fld ,W Newton Kelley, Kell Warren. Adams, college 11 Carleton St., Newton X-Country IQ3 Skiing 123 Track B935 13 Nnming VE-mme, Nothing To have a friend, be a friend. wine Gilbert l 200 a- IQ'- Lib 5 li I NlNA KAUFMAN 11 Llewellyn Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college Friends are people that share the bad along wf the good, the sad along wf the happy and still love each other. Thanx to all my friends Good luck everyone! P Ill PAMELA JANE KELLEY Pam 28 Manemet Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams. college SB-BOKE Terr, SAP JM-ard of app JR Bench FA Al. Pay Prince WHY'?'? BB-Spell murderer? Hi to: DL SB LA CF KH CN J-Moo from my bull! bl DAVID HARRIS KASMAN Kaz , 30 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, business tycoon I never forget a face of someone I knew well. 0? JENNIFER HALE KEENAN 16 Bristol Rd., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college field hockey, skiing capt. SFA. ski club, printing. "The universe is change, our life is what our thoughts make it." "The orna- ment of a house is the friends who frequent it." DAVID KELLIHER 25 Chestnut Terr., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, college " Sal? 1 C3 N17 "1 xv. . T JEFFREY KENNEDY 177 Eliot Ave., W. Newton Day, Beals, college remembers SP, LU, CD, CH, "Uncle Ben" and KG Swimming 123 capt. 3, my friends "lF you want to dance you've got to pay the piper." JOHN WEBSTER KILBORN 145 Gibbs St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Riley. college Dedicated to fighting the philos- ophy of Highway 61. . Y DIANA CARY KLASHMAN 26 Fuller St., Waban Weeks, Bacon, college Remember, VT ED SF LB CR MD AL MS MG BS LC especially MH ducks LetsGoToOZ! KlNKY!l he yHMc-yaLater 3f31f79 Rifle Co-Capt Matthew Great Times Gd.Lk.ToAllMyFriends JOAN P. KENNEDY Joanie 10 Cotswold Terr., Newton Ctr, Weeks, Riley, college Outdoor Track 12 field hockey 23 "Time passes much too quickly when we're together laughing .. Love to Cappy, JPAMDJSDDC HELLEN KYUNG AH KIM 44 Swallow Dr., Lower Falls Warren, Adams, college Oriental club pres, Discos wf Rubi + Snob+Beige. Analysis wfJB "O" craze wfBB The "shirt" and JA Never to MCGCPBGL "Nawh" MH AbLBBDMH Love always PF and thanks to all. NEAL KLAYMAN Neo 24 Nathan Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals by WALLA GRUSKI AND YOTUS Aspecial on to Robin Remember good times MV Summer 80 Dot by Jon Jaystone Have a good one Bruski MOHAMED KHALEEM KHAN 248 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college ALLAH HU AKBAR Remember: RZ ER AL JN SL EM Mr. Wiper ,X -5 ,, tw. - I f 5 I 'v ' in 'A 1 , . l M X l' , X I ' ' , 7151 ' V , ,H . ' A I ' A I ci 11 'Cv 'T THOMAS JOHN KINDLER 1553 Beacon St., Waban Middle, Adams, college Football, Swimming, Basketball DANIEL J. KLEIN Marathon Man 104 Woodcester Dr., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Starting THE Food Fight, Getting booted by Beaty Skipping most practices homeroom plants, donuts snowdays Mitch BUNS Carol JACK!! ,eq-ff? .ll , 1 1 s A I, X .J A eowmo KIELTY 20 Grant St., W. Newton Warren, Riley Remembers Calinda Girls Rac- ing team at the Show Boat MARY BETH KING 3 Newland St., Auburndale Warren, Riley. college Remembers: LE ED DL AL CM SS AR JS LL BB Ms. R Yearbook costumes French Club Cape Cod NL Exam Lib. Table Thanks to M+D BBCC If you do not think about the future you can- not have one. KAREN PAULA KLERMAN 128 Prospect St., W. Newton Bigelow, Adams, college You never leave a place you love part of it you take with you, leaving a part of you with it. Gymnastics, Good times RK, Pep talks LL, Md: Forever-Suza nne-KC Q- SARA KONTOFF 85 Homer St ,Newton Ctr. Weeks, Riley, college life I Love you, Michael. Goodbye N N. and friends. Thanks to PFLSYETCM Love to Jen. Gob- ble-Goo Parties behind the Cat. Don't take yourself and life too Seriously ILO MH A --E if -N' I RI! ' E .,, . K , Y. I' ,O 'N N. 'W ' . 5' 5 , . LA . 21' STEVEN J. KONTOFF KM 12 Athestane Fld., Newton Warren, Riley, undecided REMEMBER GREAT PARTIES with BM GW PS JO MS KL BW's House gatherings Functions, Ryan's workshop, Joe C. and Bristels 20-20, Drifts, Zoso 1-.L "- if IQ s T377 ' 9 HELENA MARJATTA KOVANEN 138 Cedar St., Newton Ctr. Many thanks for all my friends and teachers who helped me and many thanks for Cole's fam- ily with whom I could stay a whole year. i JESSICA ROSE KUBZANSKY Jessie, Jess 41 Nobscot Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Riley, college Hey J, Love to the J.N.N.W.W.fE XJ Love to all the Bolteronians French club 123 Shakes.Plyrs. P8-P Love to everyone LINDA LaCROIX Spacey Chick 62 River St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, undecided 7 12 79 Dummy, Vickie, Jules, rem. HoJo's, Hey Murf, Summer of '79. Always and forever I give my love to Keith. What? JEFFREY PAUL LAFFERTY Laft 1875 Beacon St., Waban Warren, Riley, music The person who said the grass is greener on the other side was right, it ls. But he forgot to say it isn't grass, it's astroturf ROBERT ALAN LaFRENlERE 21 Park Ln., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams, college JV Hockey ROBERT JOSEPH LANE Bob 46 Jerome Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college X-country - running 123, Indoor Track 1, X-country skiing 23. outdoor track 123, SC DB BB BC JV Marathon Man 'iLife is Tough"' CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH LaMONICA 944 Centre St., Newton Elmont, Beals, college Bike club, Chess club Hello to DS, MH, HL, SW, CS, MS, Remember the Brighton Party. Good going DS and HL Down with all PG's. Keep running CS. BYE! UN STUART JLANDUCCI 10 Magnolia Ave., Newton Bigelow, Riley. college Remember LG, JH, LW, DP, PS, MH, MOUSH Camaro, IDoubt lt, Camping, White Chevy, The Cape, Baseball, Summer of '77, Hoop, George's Van, William Lawerance, Bacon Bench 10. 11,12 2 'I SS? TRP' fi 1 MARK LAROCHE 16ChandIerSt., Newton Day, Barry, work, music, college will always remember good times with Michelle -total eclipse Purple "Bacon com- mons" Joe Flounder. TED Dave Chris BH SC MZ JC Thanks ma dad talent show cult GREGORY T. LARSON 107 Floral St., Newton Hlds, Beals v l I l :QS DIANNE MARIE LEAHY 291 Crafts St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Thxs guys-EB TR LS RJ SM LOCK. RM. Fir. Pun- ishment, Trees, chicken wa-wa! Prty-hunt 774779 Packed Granada "BB"- "BB" double GAZOOII Shot for stars got mars instead. ALISON LEARY 206 Franklin St., Newton Bacon Great times on the Soccer Team and with my friends TM SC MH BS VT EP PO LB Softball, Track LINDA LATANOWICH 38 Eddy St., W. Newton Day, Beals Brighton, Party, NG Class of 79 Good luck and best wishes to all my friends, These were the best days of your life 1980 ROBERT LAWLER 16 St. Clair St., Lynn Barry JUDITH L. LEACY Judi 387 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, college Always remember the good times with friends CANADA Ma and Da. P,J. 50 JOHN DAVID LEAVITT 130 Franklin St., Newton Adams, college Hockey123" Thanx To DonC. and PauIB. "Not Much" WHY? SNOW Her- moin Remember Rat Neo Paul Pez Elisa Merril Artha Walta Butchie? EPE GF CH FL SLAP? Have a Good Time ANTON K. LEE 106 Austin St., Newton Riley qw -4 .4- -nb-' sv .gf BRIAN A, LAWLER 275 Mill St, Newton Day, Adams, college Rifle Team, Sailing Team, Year- book, MOBS, MN MT CA and IL. Rmbr: FALATBTBDKDLER, JL ALMSLBDL M Q Y-it., I I v x .M i I A '-v- 11. SANDRA KATHLEEN LEES Blondi, Sandra Dee, Sandy 2 Albion Pl ,Newton Warren, Riley, work Love and thanks to my friends. esp SA CA, SD, CD, Billy, ttThe Table" 10 6 79 i'WiId Party" Cape 79, Love ya Fran' 2505 Snowfall' Seek and you shall find Mom '95 LISA R LEFFERT 61 Woodchester Dr, Chestnut Hill Bacon ANNA MARIA LEMBO 50 James St., W.Newton Day, Riley, college Ski 2, ltal. club Vice-Pres, 3, Good times w Diane. Yrbk-copy ed Thanks: LLBDLE and all. What happens to a dream defer- red? Rmbr esp SFRKMHLISSM BK. "Amor tussisque non celan- turf' "Always and forever." 'YW' si' ROBERT LEONE FLAVIOS. LEONIN JR. 10 Beech St ,Newton 32 Larkin Rd, W Newton Day. Bacon Day, Bacon T523 'T xt ' t . :J NINA B LEVIN SHERRY B LEVIN lfq4NeWtOF1vllle Ave . Newton 16 Plimpton Rd ,W Newton Palmer Warren, Barry 'in 4 ' 1 HOWARD LERNER Howie 7 Hyde Ave., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Remember the laughs in the Cafe- DS MH SW CL The New- tonite trip to NYC Climax! Girls aren't all 10 RF Loves the FRENCH WOMAN Tennis123 Newtonite23 NNHS is 21 LAURA ELLEN LEVINE 39 Dexter Rd, Newtonville Warren, Riley' college "A Man lsn't Poor lf He Can Still Laugh " YJw NKJBSIMH, Sum'79 W S. "Aesthetic Admira- tion," Love to Hao-li, SA, ZK, Ll, MY, SS. LA, LE, AL, MK, LP, BZ, JS, ED, "Then I see a Land where children can run tree , . -4-1 , f if I GINA E. LEONE 43 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer 'X 1 . - . . t JEFFREY M. LEVANGIE 188 Damon St., Needham Riley ADAM J. LEVY 5 Sylvan Ave., W. Newton Day, Palmer I I r I 6 I.. 'Q 1 E i 'v"7 .I 3, DEBORAH L. LEWIS GREGORY LEWIS 39 Byfield Rd., Waban Greg Barry 74 Fuller Terr., Newton Day, Barry Remember to have a nice time I doing what you like. I like play- ing hoop and making pins fly. 115 tt? 'sv r "-If . I 'N ri f 2 uf , X I if . DAVID E. LIKE 83 Lenox St., Newton "lt is remarkable what haste the visitors make to get to the top of the mountain and then look away from it." MARGOT C. LIGOR 25 Claremont St., Newton Barry Q 'IN 'film CW I I I R 'N I ANN MARIE LIPOMA AMY M. LISS 252 Pearl St., Newton 44 Leslie Rd., Auburndale I Beals Adams I I I KEVIN B. LEWIS DANIEL M. LEWITT 87 Nonrvood Ave., Newton 39 Billings Pk., Newton Bacon Barry 'CK 'W JUNCHING LIN KAREN A. LINK 104 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill 286 Melrose St., Auburndale Beals Beals "Can we look yet?' vngi in-.N O I if .IT "ls thathim?" IS sv . I I I VICTORIA ANN LLOYD 286 Webster St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college MLAJK Bob AP SW DB Fi I'll miss ya all minomit Fiorello Paris ccTour Always remember to for- get the things that made you sad, But never forget to remem- ber the things that made you glad GOODBYE JENNIFER LOVIGLIO 62 Davis Ave .W Newton Day Barry I 206 'JT TODD LITTLEHALE 93 Homer St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Riley, collegefactor my big brother Bob. My partners David W., Vernon W. Derick W. and my baby Vickies. Cosmic slop jollies Allman Brothers Doobies BETH A. LIZOTTE 175 Waverley Ave., Newton Beals " i A rf? I 'Dj MARK DAVID LOGAN Log, Fab 8 Hancock Ave., Newton Ctr. Weeks. Palmer, college Swimteam, Beat Brockton, Track BRS with SR, BW, PG, PS. TO, BB, 3494 Remember the times TA, VS, VC. and KS. See you at Harvard PAULA M. LOZANO 970 Centre St., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Beals, college -w"'9' DIANE MARIE LOPEZ 8 Hazelhurst Ave., W. Newton Day, Riley l'II always remember all the good times with: AL BK MBK ED GD JS AR SS VT MH CM DANA A. LUKENS 324 Central St., Auburndale Adams lk.. . ROSEMARIE LOPEZ 119 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley SANDRA J. LUNNY 28 Adams St., Newton Barry DIANA LURIE 17 Overlook Pk., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college WILLIAM MACEWEN 362 California St., Newton Beals hi- ' A . HOLLY MACLURE 95 Highland Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals ErdosOnceSaidHeWatchedOu rWorldWhen HeNeededAGoo dLaugh. HeWarnedMe, "Earthl sTheCradleOfTheMindButYou CannotLivelnTheCradleForev er." SoAsTheAndersonsLaug h,lWarnThe Universe,HerelCo W me. td -...-1' VICTORIA G. LYTTLE 13 Alden Pl., W.Newton Bacon '25 , I If 7 1 QQ. i f 5 'X-full. ':. I GEORGE G. MACK Gige 7 Morrison Rd., Watertown Electrical Major f ' v-1 . wp V. , ,Y MV", 3 1 'I f 5 it I JOSEPH MacNElL 21 Washington Terr., Newtonville Day, Adams, tech. school good times outside office "party hardy" Concerts ML PA KB KN Homeroom PS CU 2 31 fy- EDWARD A. MACASKILL 41 Cummings Rd., Newton Beals .qs JUDITH MACKIE Judi 21 Coyne Rd., Waban Weeks, Adams, college JS, ND, SH, RG, JA What it was, what it will be, what it shall be. Rocky Horror. Dr. Mackie LEE STUART MACOMBER 19 Shaw St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college, auto repair Rem: 2120 the Greeks Mr. Schreider Mr. Ryan 5. . t 2 . KENNETH SCOTT MacDONALD 10 Fairview St., Newton Bigelow, Riley Remembers Laura L 1726779-81 13779 Bacon Bench with CP CM SL GS GM MV MH PS CarPentry Class with Sulli Bozo JP CA KH WL JC SD RW lt's been real. DANA H. MacLEOD 176 River St., W. Newton Barry 'x 'YS BRUCE DAVID MAEL 9 Cotton St., Newton Ctr. Beals, college Remember Bernie, Wimpy, Myron, Wind Ensemble. Good- bye NNHS! 4 1.4.5 .xv I' . 1 . .ww . I ' 'c' --1' MICHAEL MAGERER Mike 57 Blake St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Baseball 23 Good luck always to my friends at NNHS. Luv to the squad- Thanx to the gang. Recall Juilo, crus'n with TS. SO. " F' ' I , SA- 4"'7' fur" "T x . , fi Qi-- .3 '91 1- S ,Q .. 1 f' 1 X il X3 I JAMES ANTHONY MAGLIOZZI Mags 6 Rangeley Rd., W. Newton Day, Adams, college MARION LOUISE MAGRAW Millie 111 Hobart Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Barry, college Gymnastics 123 Capt. Track 123 One's ending, yet another's just Capt: How's The Search Going beginning. Womfies: N.H., Remembers: Rob Gordi SNJAJ Fuzzy-Duck C-up, tfts, and tous HBCBB Many Hours AB For- mes amis-France aussi. Thanks- mula G.S. and A.W.-SMILE LOTSI MICHAEL JOHN MAHONEY Sky 20 Clarendon St., Newtonville Day, Riley. college Remembers, Dave. John, Jorge all my friends In and Outdoor 123 H.R pbj 179779 5727179 Maine at Orono Out for good BEHNAZ MAJZOOBI 51 Highland St., W. Newton Sadi, Beals, college DEBORAH MALLOY 9 Westview Terr., W. Newton Warren, Beals, undecided "We travel the world over to find ourselves, we must keep on searching, for if we stop we will never find our true reason for being" PAMELA MALONEY 46 Washington Pk., Newtonville Riley vi' I l if MARLISE MAHON 47 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, college Skiing, Sailing, Snoccer Cham- pagnet MIxedupsneakersAlask aWfL G-Squad DJM'sPartysOu rSongsFBlock-eoeryl We can- not direct the wind, but we can adjust our sails. 92 .-an "1 .7 LAWRENCE P. MALLOY Larry 66 Wildwood Ave., W. Newton Adams, East Coast Aerotech .Q JOHN JOSEPH MALONEY 334 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Warren, Adams, computers, art Friends: Ray, Paul, Mark, Scott. Kirk, Spock, McCoy, Leia. Sky- walker Solo, Chewy, R2, SPO, I survived the Asbestosl I hope. JOSEPH P. MALOUF 20 Arlington St., Newton Adams Q f . JEAN MANNING 36 Park St., Newton Palmer k , thx" 'N--'vs 'xv' KAREN M. MARCHIONI Kiwi, Mini Gueina, Daffy 60 Eddy St., W.Newton Day, Bacon, work, playl All my friends Davis Ave "Changes" Kim Cox Rick My special someone! "Stop the world . . Luv Ma and Dad I've waited so long Smile Thanx .wx LORETTA ANN MARCHIONI 12 Fayette St., Navvton Bigelow, Beals, college Always Holly, Rosie, SARASLS MSSSHVW ND Thanks MG, I love you MA Nanny Puppy A Mary, Weekends Bermuda 80, SDSOMM l wish the class of 80 luck, Thanks David I love you 3 27 76 Diane F HM LESLIE J. MANNING 105 Adams Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college "I leave to all of you, whom I've shared friendship with, the memory of all the laughter." The "FALLS" Wlnnlng pts. TIGER 3 Ski Club 3 YOUSSEF RAYMOND MANSOUR Joe 38 Bowers St.. Newtonvllle Beals The Oriental Institute for Sciences Lebanon good bye TAREK I missed Mau- rlce and KF,HF AURELIO MANTO 54 Bridge St., Newton Day, Bacon, m,d. NEW YORKfSummer '79 fCamp flresfTonyfDeb blefKlmfPattyfSnakeFa ce JanefAnd for Debbie DLA Forever PAUL JEFFREY MARGOLIN 29 Wessex Rd., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Barry, college Always Remember Good Times Wf JBMK GMMAC BHLRGJV, BCCC, Skip- ping, Doc, Bernie, D and D, Afv, Sysman, Photog- raphy, College Choosing, No Parking Spaces . .. GOOD LUCKI RONALD MARINI 2 R Middle St., Newton Day, Palmer, college if ' 2 C. MICHAEL MANOLAGAS Mungrel Greek 483 uburn St., Auburndale Boston Latin, Riley. college Brighton Boz Steve Sludge Jerry Yvonne To DBR. Finland Zap Australia Radical Intense Hull Blondie Gutsy Hoodsles Rock Lobster 'Tb Rx! .2 ,754 , Lf. , 42,-5 .,.. 3, ijffi ,A Qi-- . N ,fait 13- , T 5 ff' ' , x .,vn Ig,,l,5y.w-9: hyg- -.Y L ,W .N ,f I sf Q L OEM 'D NICHOLAS MARKOPOULOS Greek 26 Swallow Dr ,Lower Falls Warren, RIIBY' college Memories of DC Will always be with mc Remembers all the good-times with the gang, Good Iuckto all Bye. fx 1 - - MANUEL MARTINEZ 34 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Bacon ff' I rf'T' -Q -, :.4g'r-T' . -. ' ei , 'iT,"'5.: W. -ff' I 2114 'N Q.. W 'V' , ' n, 1' T ,4 4 ' 'it 7 N -1 If , za 1. ', 0' 'V O J JEANNETTE ELIZABETH MAY 80 Waban I-till Rd ,Chestnut Hill Bigelow Bealscollege Love to all the Goon Squad 79- 80, Tr:-Sum T racl-.123 gf: 'I 1 If 'X ' '3 I ..l kt I JOSEPH VINCENT MARRAZZO Beagle, Vinny 14 Ryan Ct, W.Newton Warren, Bacon, professional drummer The Only Girl l'll Ever Love Mar- guerite "You don't Q11'?1r around with the best because the best don't QN36?-1' around FBC .aff GEORGE JOSEPH MARTINS 183 Melrose St., Auburndale Warren, Riley Remembers: Keyes, Ferg, Head- man, Walsh, Phuc Chau, Big Al McMurtrie Bernie F. BW NK CE, and anyone else who bothers to read this. Baseball, Music lv-I pd or , DEBORAH MAYMAN Debi 49 Fairfax St ,W, Newton Warren, Bacon, college "Greatness is making it to the top without stepping on any- one" Never forget Mac the Knife and Independent Evenings! BOLIVIA! BRIAN WILLIAM MARTIN 11 Rossmere St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college .nl K DAVID C. MARTIN 150 Gibbs St., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Barry, college Indoor track 13 outdoor track THANKS-MFDBTBBSLCCGOG 123 RMBRS: Glenn, Larry's SC, DDNDWHCMJT Where's Jim Eric, Training Room 123, Deb- 4dr57c Hevy, Beals, Watching ble, Lou, Heather, Mushies, Henry's Hist, 35-10 Harlan, Mike, Crutch Club Girls Math with Deb, Pat. ST, JH ,Rm Bill! JAMES MASE 11 Regina Rd., Auburndale Bigelow, Beals, Village HE RO OT GP Fuzz BJ PW the Edge WA TER Inn yes ELP Zappa Floyd Snow Tranny MR MR JR JR IAC'S my brother John 714 The new moon my best to Mr. Meechem FREE- DOM!!! 553 lif- . ve k , EDWARD MCAULIFFE 100 Pearl St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, construction 1 ROBERT MASTROMATTEI 12 King St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college, fame Good Times with Carmel John Joe Jim Fun with Full Tilt Band And the girls who did. Remem- ber TL PB JA TA TD RC MM tt. DANIEL RICHARD McCABE 83 Elm Rd., Newton Day, Beals, carpenter Good times down the Corner 15-f -9 '-as EDWARD G. McCABE 83 Elm Rd., Newton Day, Barry, undecided Homeroom all the boys think a lot Gail Stein Darlyne you're great +35 'its ELLEN MARIE McCARTHY 22 Waverley Ave., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Good luck to: MC CB, KN, TM, LM, SC SD, MF, HOMEROOM, GG. I i WM ,.aQ5'irl PATRICIA J. MCCABE Patty 10 Westview Terr., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college Remembers DM JH DP DP SA All my friends, Good times in Math with Dave and Deb. Soc- cer, Basketball, Softball in 'P-fm -mv' CAROL LYNN MCCULLOCH 305 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college "Things do not Change, We Change" 2 tix GAIL PATRICIA MCCULLOCH 305 Cherry St., W.Nevvton Day, Barry, college, secretary "Success is getting what you want, happiness is wanting what you get." I will miss all my friends and teachers at N.N.H.S. TRACY ANN McGARRY Tracks 171 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college "or something better begin- ning?" capt. Restless May the Prisoner Betsy-ctco! Frnch clb1 Co-pres 2 1h wk Ind Trk2 SYLVT JSJBWHRHPD MBKAJKBAHS SPLCLMDRGHMALLLLEDEPM B BERNARD C. McCARTHY 7 Durant St., Newton Adams Mfr: CHRISTOPHER McCARTHY 172 Park St., Newton Corner Our Ladys, Bacon, college Remembers "Blizzard of 79" The Offices 998 Molson Tranny 6406 Stay cool to the people I love Cathy, SMEDS AND SHAZ, FUZZ, BJ, GW, MC, TL "lm just taking my time. . Q30 "Aw, shucksf' Tl MARY M. MCGOWAN 11 Nonantum St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college GRSETHOJB, DD, F-Block, WWl+ll, Lov To G-Squad, M- Swich Mer's Prty, Chem, Ouinc Wft, Poptrts, Summer'79 Tanz Spiffy, EWF, R + RHS, Geek, GH. "Good-bye Doesn't mean For- ever" , , A 1 mam., .X t , ,sl X -. . X X, I A , . s , Q 1 JOHN J. MCGRATH ZAP 1617 Washington St, W. Newton Palmer Robin, Mungro, Marcie, Smitty. D.D. Jim, Martha, Naomi, The Band, BO "if it's Stupid enough it's cool" 211 N 'I Y 1 KF, ' V 3. 4? 4X TIMOTHY P McGRATH 244 California St ,Newton Day, Beals I , LINDA LEE McHALE 44 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, travel school The best wishes to: Red, Pudge, Ferg, Con, Laura, Dez, Holmsy, Gina, Girls be good if not be careful Tony-ILY, PartyHardy, CafeTable Later Newton North, Much Laterl 'H '41 "s'S? J .,.,,, 1 GERALD F. MCHUGH Jerry 58 Bourne St., Newton Warren, Barry All the good times down lyons and at the shack. AF, GA, GC, SP, BJ, JD, JD, KH. iv I U , ' "Get it?" . , A-v -on N N j, MICHAEL McLAUGHLlN Mike BOF Webster St Needham PoIIard, Beals electrician Shoo WaIasak and Dapa Week- ends MIlIers Drivins 69 Camaro SS Chevy Rules Mopar NO GO Hockey I 2l2 ALAIN PAUL MCMURTRIE AI 50 Elmhurst Rd , Newton Bigelow. Riley, college Thank you Fallentine Be Mice Elf Again l'd like to Thank Every- body Who Made Woodstock Possible 439' EAARY LEE MCISAAC iz 172 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, college Basketball Skiing 5f19f78 711 2f' 78 with Moe Cannon Sugarloaf, California Dreaming Room 4692 "Hey Frank" Europe Here We Come! 1 10 'xr' JUSTIN A, McNARY 204 Grove St , Newton Adams is f , N X I . l .f, JOHN G. MCHUGH 58 Bourne St., Auburndale Bacon DAWN MARIE MCLAUGHLIN 95 Fordham Rd., W, Newton Warren, Beals, college Go for lt! Everyone at Riley VFW WfL.A. LH, BD. Concerts The Pig WN Hampton Good Luck NC BW BM LH PC LA LM RY JF and all my friends FB, Games Remember Nicky JACQUELINE TERESE McNITl' Jacqui 15 Wimbledon Cir., W.Newton Crosby, Bacon, business majoKP r 4 1' .4 :lg . xt 'ix is 1 fu. ' lx I .Q A MARTHA A. McNULTY 23 Kenwood Ave., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, college Con. Choir 2, German Club 3. Cheerleading 3. Always Rembr., Ralph, Gibby I love you. Mom+Dad tool Ericn, ahoo hoo!! MG, AP, RC, NK, CC. : I CAROL MEYER 47 Kensington St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, travel. college Good times with good people. I have a heart on! All my love to Eric and Mumsy. B.B. so what else is new. Junior Graduate! Me?! Jock Remember all the parties PHYLLIS MONACO Fee 13 Beech St., Newton Day, Adams, undecided Best Times wfBrenda Steph Michele Magoy CS Nonie RC LM SL IQ IM Jimbob Cape Cod The Stones "Mary Jane" The Kids Are Alright ,4-4' -if JOHN R. MCPHERSON JR. 12 Murray Rd., W. Newton Adams CHRISTOPHER A. MILLER Miller 45 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Corner Bigelow, Bacon, undecided 123 Bacon Bench -AMMO' ,f'f"" DEIRDRE M. MONAHAN Dee I musta got lost! 34 Foster St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college All my life has sought something I cannot name fun on the green surviving 79 Clara Mez Stick Fish Gwen love to mom and dad if PF' XX LINDA MAUREEN MEAD 43 Newell Rd., Auburndale Warren, Adams, Air Force Always Remember Michelle Mrs. Nolan Linda Cheryl April Diane Kathy Thanks M+D Gary Greg Tom SB AB GC MC TM English 2+3 ML Homeroom 4th floor Softball Wr Study JEAN LOUISE MILLER Jeannie 144 Edinboro St., Newtonville Day, Adams, college "Fantasy is part of the reality of life" PKCNSBCFCHDBJFCG "why" Commons, The Bench, Armed Bears "Grow up" Library, Cola, NH JORGE ALBERTO MONTOYA 67 Hamlet St., Newton Ctr. Day, Riley, college Soccer capt. 123, Track 123 Thanks to Mr. Williams and all my friends who made high school worthwhile. Remember C SJJDPMFRB ANNETTE J. MESSINGER 11 Faxon St., Newton Bacon FRED MIRABITO 27 Floral St., Newton Hlds. Beals MARY MONTOYA Mare 67 Hamlet St., Newton Ctr. Day, Riley, Switzerland Soccer, T. J. Williams, E. Webb, Mr. Meyer's "jokes," Mrs. Ghat- tas "Nothing is ours except Time." fs. ,,..-df' K,f RAYMOND V, MOONEY 23 Jackson Terr, Newton Palmer F TTA P' rife 1 x, ff Q.. Il M A . it ' I fl wt.. if tiv- 'N ,C- x ,J 4.....qf- -2 lk Jia, We fl r I f I .gsff F . ' I L ' I ,- . " ,,, . V.. . I ., 1- -Ra :I Nt .-I , 1' r -6 DONNA MARIE MOORE 19 Old Colony Rd., Newton Weeks, Palmer, college, life Tennis 1, Orchesis 23, Ski France Thanks SA RA NB VW JN Smokesters PA CG SL Been a learnin, laughin, lovin, n crying experience and tis only the end of the beginning 1 , 45 , i ' x -I ' 419 KEVIN D, MOORE Kev 104 Farwell St, Newtonville Day, Riley. college Mary Hurley Rt Acct CP RG JS JM Bacon stairs, Fenn's class Lisa I8-Il DM Good Times BA KE DM Imagine that! Anita? HB ML Joey SD and RR Q, fi I' 'gr' '-vu.. i GRAHAM E. MOREY 65 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, Montana, college Thoughtprints, Sailing, Skiing You don't need a weatherman to tell you which way the wind blows, it's blowing infinity. SARA DEE MORRIS Bean 208 Sumner St., Newton tr, Day, Bacon, college My years at North have been a time of great change- I will never forget .., "Country Road" - JT- All my love WILFORD MORTON 149 Cabot St., Newton Warren, Riley. college Remember all the parties and good times wfSte- ven, Mark, George, Paul w INC and DM and others The shop at night, "Break in" Old P. Force 12, Cruising, ILY Bonnie MELISSA R. MOWATT 61 Beaumont Ave, Newtonville Day, Bacon, college "We may never pass this way again"S8iC - Thanks Maura "Kids Up The Green"-Good Times- "Van"JBKD TDELDAM D F S T B - Summer'79 HR 3633 "lLoveYouChu ckie"91578"OPEL"LPJ M ANN MIJLVANEY Fred 61 Wildwood Ave , Newtonville 'tThe thing that I call living is being satisfied" ff ltimes Hogback Bush- league 3-17 DAMIEN Sas- quatch 8OCIub Nye78 BO OH Faufi Lee Hag EM Beth Bob Deei Swimming 123 ALEXIS H. MUELLNER Fuzz 998 Beacon St., Newton Ctr, Weeks, Riley, communications Go for itl Transition '8Ol A J. Geils houseparty,714 snowdays! to those I love, LisaJ,S.Robert J The T E man, CW JB GW DM and SUT The great 998- Time loves a hero, but only time will tell-L FEAT 79 E, CHRISTOPHER LEONARD MULLEN 560 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, to be well off A dreamer's world never lives up to his fantasies I am free Good luck class of '80 Remember CR RA BB LR WS PG WK JL CH DW JP and everyone MP Love to Christine MICHAEL I. MUTTER L fr . ' ,I ti I A an v fqs ii? Q ' ' 0' fw, r ' ' is ,. fn - .Y X I l , M , DIANE MUMMOLO Moomoo 10 Wiltshire Ct., Newton All my love to Lenny + Ly da. Good luck to all my friends C.E. B.E.K.G.M.B.M.D.R.O.D.M. L.L.J.B. and all the others .. lf CHERYL ANN MURPHY 70 Pearl St., Everett Day, Barry, college Remember all the fun with the Images Theater Group and Rocco. Will always remember ET, GM, RR, KB, MS, JW, BL. "Life can be good if you care." PAUL J. NATALE 26 Athelstane Rd., Newton Riley E 61'- 3 THERESE MURPHY Teri 60 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college My friends - Best Nancy, Par- ties, D's yard, Prom of '78 Ste- phen 5-7-78 lt's been a slice. 3. SATBIR NAYAR 75 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Soccer, Gymnastics, 123, Track 23 JM, FL, EJJATBJZRMDBJE SSINA, Chem. NewYears Eve, Brighams Bums 78-79 Steps, Tree, Ski trips, PB on DK 19 Montvale Rd., Newton Ctr, Bigelow, Palmer, college Rock and roll high school TNT MD Burgundy GF Spark-Whadya say OH WS DL Having good times Bad times Plus c'est change plus c'est la meme chose 5215 JENNIFER ANNE NASH Jenny 123 Dark St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Riley, college Life is here, ready for us so let's dance, smile. love, and laugh. Trani, soccer, TP, CRRGJNBCE J Force 12 Exp. club Ceramics EWBFII PETER NECHELES Frank 79 Shornecliffe Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Always remember, KM, A.G, PL, V.L. SNAFN G.B, "I came to school with a thirst for knowledge, left with a dry throat" G.B. NNHS DAVID PAUL NEGROTTI Ouakeman 56 Chapel St., Newton Remembers good times with Jock, Fitzy, Fred, Ears, John. Too bad about Teo. Don't worry Dad we will turn out alright. Hey how are you doing Foles? Jock and Teo don't forget sopho- more year '-. IG 'lr - , fx"-pf' 1 ,521 A, TRACY A. MURPHY 44 Henshaw St., W. Newton Riley N? I, ,., V S W , F I :'. Q' 1 .Q-Q:,f.Q r ' . " M. qi... ...gif , ,... N- ,J 4 . if , I I I DANIEL K. NELSON 261 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Norman Kronblad "Kronblad lives in the hearts of all creative people, live on!" K,8O Choir, 7-12gDistricts, 7,8,10,11g Art,9-12gNNHSS WHSS ABRHSS SS Kronblad is a state of mind. Qs -1-tx 'ff ,X ., CLAIRE L. NOLAN Clairol 97 Madison Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, whatever! Rememberi especially JF LT Gungs PK JM- A fool will lose tomorrow reaching back for yes- terday lots more Stang Summer of '79ML CH BYEI ...igi ,- In 7- .i f '.,',77g " -Y -3- . I,-.4 if 'Q-. - ',' -' I-f f fri' ,Q59'L"f fzftfg' - ,sag 1- FI ' 24-,Erik 'V ,mf I , I V1.,,,. - -5 . ,fwfr g , ' . nw, . . - . I w f I " - wg -1.1 N .. I .M ,, F213 7' .. .'.Q,e, 2,321 ' ' 'ffl 1 . , . -:E ig, 4 ,onli if' - ,r '61 , Ax, Q ' -3' - 35: n. 5114 if fit. ' 1 3s.i:.1111.::?.: NIARK JOHN NORTON 458 Albemarle Rd ,Newton Day Riley college Golf Indoor Track Remember Friday Nights parties + card games, PC. SR, MB RW PS LC ML JW BB JS BS PJ DL DC JA Remember Getting Busted with Chinny - MARGARET E. NELSON Little One Meggen 188 Church St., Newton Bigelow, Beals Riley House Haven JH Flats Ohio Express KC Blues Skiing JH JG DA LM TL DF Jan grad 5542, . 4g,D DAVID B. NOLAN 45 Prairie Ave., Auburndale Warren, Riley, law This school is going to miss mel have to give thanks to Winnie baby because I wouldn't have made it. To all my friends too many to list, have a good life! ROBERT NORTON 383 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Adams I WILLIAM R. NOBLE 1790 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Riley DANA RUTH NORRIS 47 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college I have traveled to the rainbow's end and found not gold, but you, my friend. Ski team 12, Fr. Exchange Prog. 2 Business Mngr. Newtonite 23 -' 6 S 14 LAURA ANN O'BRlEN 77 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college TR. I couldn't of made it without you! Remember YO ALI SH CC GL JF DM LM NB SB.FootbalI games, Parties Albermarle Park, freebird ALWAYS REMEMBER HOLLY CAROL FRANCES NOLAN Looney tunes, Space shot 97 Madison Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, Army-Navy Concert choir, VT1, Sisters, Remembers, JF LG LT JW HM AM JP MP JS CIN, MOO, Mr. Smith, Mr, Stern, Bears with Guns, JM RK if I gt. ff 'Q 9 av? X ' 5' ff, - . Il JAMES ROBERT NORTON 229 California St., Newton Day, Adams, work Remembers AV Homeroom Mrs. Taplin Mr. Guadet Mr. Parmen- ter Mr. Burke Study Hall Mrs. Festinger Mr. Royanne Physical Fitness Class 'W PATRICIA ANN O'BRIEN Pattie, O'B 336 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Marshfield, Palmer, college lt takes all kinds of in and out- door schooling to get adopted to my kind of fooling Love to Jill Jen Martha Linda Leroy SL it GLEN PAUL O'CONNOR 8 Newtonville Ave., Newton Caroll, Bacon, undecided Always remember the great times in the auto body shop! ELIZABETH NETTIE OFFEN iz 115 Claremont St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, Israel, college H.C.,Y.J. - Enthusiasm breeds ll Time brings better understand- ing Thanks always M8.D. Kit, Papa-it's the laughter we will remember. JEFFREY A. ORLIN 63 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college Rifle and Sailing teams. Chem labf550-5. Remember: SGMCJ WDBEH , 'naw 2 .in PHILLIP E. O'DOWD 43 King St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, undecided Renee l still can't find it. Tony, Billy, Shick, John, Zuff, Rich and everyone else it was great. Swimming 23. Thanks Benn Rem: Lake Walden, sdinnp and good times with Renee 1179 if MARY O'HALLORAN Mare 8 Jackson Terr., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, law enforcement Luv and Luck to all. "Grab your dreams and run as far as you can with them before you fall." Thanx for running with me: TM, KB, MO, ML, DV. "STH" NATHANIAL OSTROM 1007 Boylston St., Newton Weeks, Beals, sail the Seven Seas So long to Murray Road, l'm onto Arapahoe Road. Remem- ber November December. Here we are again at the start of the end. Useless words in a useless book. "Hey, Romeo!" SUSAN O'HALLORAN 377 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college Swimming Gymnastics SAS- OUATCH! Hogback 80Club Munch Flash 79 Thop GTFMUT NYE Last Day 123 CMBOFredS akBLJCHagDLAS Pkyrn suchamess theisland! Grsox JOHN P. OUELLETTE 258 Cherry St., W. Newton Bacon ,A wg ZA DIANE LOUISE ORENBERG 40 Judith Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, college Happiness comes of the capac- ity to feel deeply, to think freely, to be needed and to risk life. Special thoughts always of Jen and Kit. ,..... GREGORY S. PACHUS 35 Pickwick Rd., W. Newton Meadowbrook, Bacon, college Soccer, Hockey, Baseball, good times, B. O'Riley "Remember the days of the old schoolyard, we used to laugh a lot," Cat Stevens 217 LINDA J. PALMA 74 Bowen St., Newton Ctr. Weeks,Adams Best times with all the kids down the green, the Summer of '79, MM, WC, great times with JM Ray B forever, good times at NNHS in the past two years. in ,l ,QA 1 Q- l CARL PASQUAROSA Pask 442 Walnut St., Newtonville Bigelow, Bacon, astronaut Honor the Corner IC! Y-f PAULA PAMBOOKIAN 55 Fairway Dr., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college "Now if all my golden moments could be rolled into one, they would shine just like the sun for a summer day." -J.T. Love and thanks to all esp. mum, dad, and of course BCK. rs L M fl "J 1 MARK PATRIACCA Stash 62 Cook St., Newton Day, Beals, college Remember Ricky Sandy Johnny Renee Cheryl BR. NB. Rd. Cape Lake Parties trip to N.H. and have a good one 5 V -4-9 K A75 S sf, 1-I .i qv xi i . f Eat your heart out, Farrah. 218 . - ' 13. f 1 'Ar MARCEL PARNAS 6 Brentwood Ave., Newton Palmer . ,X 'r as ELIZABETH M. PEARCE Liz 1900 Washington St., Auburndale Bigelow, Palmer, getting married Beach Parties Remember always LS JG AS JB KM LM CP LZ CV JD CB JMA RC MB DV AC JH CM RM. My life will be with Bob always. ELEANOR CECILE PECHET Elie, Scorpian, Pecky 104 Hammondswood Rd., Newton Psychology "Rocco!" Photogra- phy Love to Rosanne and David Scorpians unite MBBSZVTMAA l Daisies bloom where they find room and this is true of people too. You've come a long way baby. RICHARD A. PARRITZ 54 Bonad Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Remember all the kids and all the great times that made it all worthwhile. LCCCNLFWSHSG SR and everyone else. So-Co. Sugarloaf A Buck 7 on 3 Chin- ny's bust all the kids in Hull Geils Parties. f DINA RUTH PEARLMAN 129 Woodward St., Newton Hlds. Weeks, Riley, college, design "The edge of Newton" H.H. R.A. B.M. Loading Docks A.Z. P.K, M.D. P.R. C.C. G.C. HENRY! CLOSET! J.C.-O.T.H. "Let the good times roII!" Bye Gerry! 3 KAREN PECK 20 Monon Rd., Newton Weeks, Beals, college I wish all of my friends the best of luck and that we never lose what we shared. Esp. JBSWHG FGKM JACD, Sum. 78, Orchesis 23, Buddies 4ever, Our House , I .Mai FAITH A. PELLEGRINE 27 Hargrave Cir., Newton Hlds. Adams CHERYL L. PETITTI 676 Centre St., Newton Beals ,gi KAREN H. PIKE 1548 Commonwealth Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, college "Every man has a place, in his heart there's a space, and the world can't erase his fantasies." -Special times with RHONDA, NFTY, Leach EKMVSSPRDMJ L. Love to Danny LAURIE JEAN PELLEGRINI Pell 19 ainton St., Newton Day, Beals, college "Brian" Nancy and a lot of kids I hung around with in school. Working. Parties Going out. ii'- ARLENE J. PHALON 61 Upham St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, college, theatre "l'd rather learn from one bird how to sing than teach ten thou- sand stars how not to dance." Love to SWBRDBRSTDRGDGV LJK and JD SHOWS ROCCOCC GODSPELLTODAY WOKKA7 ""-'dusty' WILLIAM PILLA Billy 50 Annapolis Rd., W. Newton Day, Barry, college Remember always, Lisa. The Palmer house crew, the LAKE, Alright Now, Please mouche. Football 123 LM DF LQ MS JC JM PS PR HK LINDA LEE PELLEGRINI 58 Clinton St., Newton Day, Barry, college Remember, DL MW MM Nl LC PB KG SH and girls EB BB RS good times at Hawthorne. Zuc- cera! Florida! 41679 Thanks LU kia I I HARRY PHILLOS 438 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Barry it A 'Els ., -..ap JOHN PINE Fuzz 31 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, musician Remember all the boys from Barry and Riley. Good times with Deb. MICHAEL K. PENDERGAST 18 Copley St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals, college To be yourself, you must strive to be what nobody else but you can be. Excellent summers on Cape Cod. PAUL PIANTEDOSI 229 River St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, undecided I remember all of my good Bruins and science fiction friends. BRIAN PLUNKETT 25 Walnut PI., Newtonville Day, Riley, lawyer Sailing- When in doubt, jump out! KiIli0n'S room, Cappy. J.GeiIs Mus uni non fidit antrol "I seen my opportunities and I took .em!.. 9 r i-5. :veg JAYNE POLCARO 24 Marion St.. W. Newton Day, Beals, college Field hockey-track-Lac, Friends. Fla Boston Roundabout wrJRL Beech Capisca'78 Let it be CF "To dream of the person you'd like to be is to waste the person you are." P. Us 'X Q' l .1 3 .L 4-4 S.,- gv .1-x - x t, rg: .tfw-1' T41 ...I t 1 . 1 N C A ff. if .A Q iff ,. Q - Y Tw KL P. X , Q . S ., A 31 HZ.. L .53 -LS? . 3 . 343' 1 -A'-,6:f'fsp't-' iw -. ,tg -iq -. 2: fi-. .4 -.?T-f:1p.fs.?.- ir . A ,lv A 3? wr M. 1 1 .if li ix 1 SHAWN M. POLLARD 87 Freeman St., Auburndale Bacon LYNN PORTER 104 Hull St., Newtonville Day, Beals. college Good luck to senior class. LARS G. POULSEN 83 Judith Rd., Newton Palmer THOMAS J PRALL 170 Sprague St ,Dedham Adams DONNA MARIE PROIA 32 Winchester Rd . Newton Bigelow, Beals. college Fl-lockey123 In-Outdoor Track23 Remembers DOM, All My Friel'1dS Especially Diana and Debbie Thanx to Teach- ers and Coaches Esp CG A Special Thanx to Mom and Dad at 1 -J 4 x x ff. , 1 1 0 l y 1 1 GABRIEL E. POLONSKY 364 Cabot St.. Newton Beals 5 iff .xl 1 STEVEN POPLACK Pop 114 Kirkstall Rd.. Newtonville Day, Barry Good friends: Jeff Linus Paul Neal Chris Acks Cathy Sophie "Life's been good to me so far," Joe Walsh I 4' COREY A. PRINCE 16 Lafayette Rd., Lower Falls Warren, Beals, college Remembers, DD, Late RC, "1O" The Hunt, Baba O'Reilly. babes. "Here to go Buddy!" tracks All my friends, Smirnoff, SS Cro- nins, "Later, .muchl" DIANA LYNN PROIA 32 Winchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college F.Hockey 123 B'Ball 12 In.Track 3 S'Ball 123 "Boston Garden" Remembers good times with my friends. Esp. Donna and Deb Thanx to teachers LSP Mom and Dad I LOVE YOU 'us ANN MARIE PUTNAM 19 Holman Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college Luv + Thx to all esp. MK DA SA SR CO SM RG JA Good times cafe B Lav Party 77 and 79 k-1Z Good luck to all. Luv ya SG DA KN and Mrs. F. ooohhhwee thanks JUDITH ANN OUINLAN LAWRENCE OUINN JR, Jude 180 Melrose St., Auburndale 50 Albert Rd., Auburndale Adams Warren, Beals, work Remembers: DDOTS,MOE,DA WN,JC SB,LM Flashlighaction, Partying wf frani cccwith Dawn, Palmer tree always remember goodtimes wfJeff Love Ya! "Put that camera away!" QU" Sv-f THERESA MARIE RASO 104 Albert Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Thanks for being the best of friends. LS, SM, Dye, EL, RJ. Prty hunt-yofya! Chicken faces. Laughs forever. F.Hockey, Puppy luv? Destiny makes no mistakes. LARRY RAVECH Yotis 34 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals. college Meeting excellent people. Lov- ing a special one Barri. Telling everyone to live life to the high- est point without falling off. TIMOTHY H. OUINN Tim, Ouinnie, Pugs 1344 Commonwealth Ave., W. Newton Weeks, Adams, college Swimming 23, Track 23, Kaps, Bob, Rigs, Dan, Cape Cod. "Poppy" The Bomber. FFF The island Sunrise Committee. MT2. BH, BFD,MBVEJLMELB Later much NNHS. RONALD DOMENIC QUINTILIANI Ouint 141 Jewett St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Football, Swimming, Baseball 123 CC 123, Family 23, HR. Munch, Remember, AWGMJMSL CC Fiorello ROBIN RAYMOND 566 Pleasant St., Stoughton Barry EDWARD R. RICHARD Ted Beam 232 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college Kendy, Flounder, Mark. Stiff and Leo. River Rd. NC High, Smile, Axe, HITS Bicycling, 4AM, Hug yah, Buick, TS August 24, Happy XXX Easter SUZANNE GISELA OUINN Zanna 3 Proctor St., Newton Day, Adams, college Jon USVI TCR Aligash Skiing Srs AlbRivbc Boston Doobies C DMRLTJ FLP and All VP! Good friends drift apart but memories last forever 53 Q ' J' I 3-if' J S... .'w1 if 'NO' 4. X- MATTHEW RITTENBERG "Duca" 11 Seton Hill Rd , Auburndale Warren, Bacon Remembers RS, G M. Fi, fi' ,,,..4 Wu-N tk N. KX., .1 LINDA ANN ROBINSON 176 Fairway Dr., W.Newton Day, Adams, college Remembers all my friends, the walds, woodstick, wak-me, walt- ham before, Wellesley, South of the beach, Dallas, JR, Bobby, JA, CK, all my love to just Anthony. -6535 x v-"5 X , LORI BETH ROGOFF 13 Sunset Rd , Newton Bigelow, Riley, college Cheerleading 2. Rem always PS, LW JD PS, LM, TC, BL, PC The falls Mem of David Rem Plym Party 'l79" 'lWe've only lust begun " P8P N.. GEORGE LARENCE RIVERS 91 Mary Ellen, Waban Weeks, Adams, college "l left one RIVERS never to be crossed." "A special thanks to Mom and Dad." Congratulations to all my friends. XO, LF, GR, RW, f'5 H . -ef Q ,VE-tm PAUL FRED ROCHA Buga 250 California St., Newton Day, Riley The f'- -N D '7 . DAVID ALAN ROONEY Roone 33 Cummings Rd., Newton Ctr Day, Barry, veterinarian "Aw too far we'll do It later," Remember the goodtimes in the SUA with Cully Remember al wags AC, JC, LM, MZ, AM, EM, CB, BS, JM, Blue. LINDA M. ROBERTS 10 Ronan St., Boston Adams Track 123. Rember Adms, Bench, LT, AS, SS, VA, CW, RT. ES, CS, DG, Fash, Show, Don, BB, Glennon, Houston, Soph yr., LG, PO, JM, HR, SS, DM, LR. Sra., Boglta. If you dream it, you can achieve it. -A-an AMY MERYL RODMAN 42 Blake St., Newtonville Bigelow, Riley. college Good times at Riley stairs Always remember BW SG MC MM DM LH also KS MK DL MC RT LM RC TC and special GL, Go for it! 1980 the BEST! Cruisin wfBW SG A fi' I EI 1 f Emo STUART nose 82 Fessenden St., Newtonville Day, Riley, computer programmer Computers, sciences, Mr. Hahn, Mr. Steinert, Homeroom, Snakes I will try to rememberi BL BB BC JS MF MK MM CB LD BV FL BS JO AH RAM JOHN WHITEMAN ROBINSON Ribby 53 Crescent Ave., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Riley, college Swimming 123, Track 123, Eng- Iish-Apples. Homeroom-football. Swim team parties and Skitrips. Pop Rock! GfL to JS, KW, CC, MM, JM, JD, DC, SP and Michael. JOSEPH W. ROGERS 45 Cook St., Newton Beals If JOY ANN ROSEN 200 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, college Today was born in yesterdays. dreams. Volbal. Trak. Cherlding. LG, LF, SC, ML, KF. tllus-bactr Galsy Southie Blip Plankton Boris? Sumr 79-Cape Brigms. BUM, PIT, SML, BC, MB, CK. BHC, OBC, Hyst. 0,0 J .R f X . I-' I PHYLIS ROBIN ROSENBERG 12 Fairfax St., W.Newton Warren, Adams, college Love to Bill, Independent Eves, T Fits, and Walks wf sorena and Debi dips wf Zig, Niacin and Pino's wf Cara, Common BF's w f Jo, V8.T wf Jen, Parties at Leachy's w!Pikey Big Tom l .. gt. 5 SUSANNAH ROSENFELD Sue, Rose 38 Bennington St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, college House cncl, Yrbk, Brig Bum '78 Remember LAHPJRMOSRPMY FALMYME Don't let the turkeys get you down!! 9- JODY F. RUBIN Joe 14 Sherrin Rd., Newton Warren, Riley, dance Span clb ornt clb yj Fiorlo Rmbr: HKLBJB Disco Being Busy Hojo Com school piano HC Danc Inc Dancer Studio Israel DTT Rubi Best AACJ "You're standing on my foot!" 1. " 1 JACOUELINE ROSSI 3 Winona St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, Murray Rd., college l never think of the future, it comes soon enough L.M. L.S. G.P. J.R. J.M. Transition Europe here I come!! KB 1 STEVEN E. RUBIN Rube 16 Ashton Ave., Newton Weeks, Bacon, college Weeks-Frogs, S.B., Fire!SJ, ML JM DL North - New year's with PS, PG AL Poker mustangs and Magic Bus Football Pool, TBCM Jobs BR's Golf Parties YO US See Snod CHRISTOPHER V. ROWLAND Chris 140 Moss Hill Rd., Jamaica Plain Park, Palmer Business Wrestling 123 JP HELENE PAULA RUDOLPH Lainie 75'-Ylffaodchester Dr., Chestnut I Bigelow, Palmer, college Destiny is not a matter of chance, it's a matter of choice The Mall Ziba FNC disco RHPS CP Love to: CSTERCPALLMBJ WRVSJBBRK VARDA TSIPORA ROSENBLUM 36 Grant Ave., Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Bacon, Israel, college "Do not go where there is a path, rather go where there is none and leave a trail." Shalom NNHS 1 1 X 1 'K QB 1 , C V CHERYIL M. RUBESKI Cheooh 16 Whittemore Rd., Newton W. Bridgewater, Adams, college It doesn't matter which way you walk so long as you get some- where Good times: DW JH CM work: MML JJ Mac Annabel! miss ya WeeBee ew- S TRACY J. RUSSELL Tracy 410 Lowell Ave., Newton Day, Bacon, college Afro American Center, Cheer- leading 23 Concert Choir 3 Good luck to the class of 1980 will always remember all of my friends. 223 pc A' - St rw. --zur ,5 ,.f- JOHN JOSEPH RUSSO 115 Adams Ave., W, Newton Day, Beals The Tigers Loft, Home Ec. 4 f X, r if A if JUDITH SACKS Judi 1033 Walnut St, Newton Hlds. Weeks, Bacon, Boston And it goes like this, T.Curry ND SH JM ES JA and the rest. Sister Punk Rocky Horror Weirs Fram- ingham Snow 80 WIWWIWBWISB Transition 6 qs, ,iw X . . ' . Al li - is r I A 9' X. JAMES SAMPSON Jim 1601 Washington St . W Newton Warren. Bacon. college V Soccer213 TJ Williams-LW ebb Ski Club, TCN. Parties. Cape Cod with Ramey, Concerts with Shaver Skiing with Ben 79. Mare5 2 79 224 .rifb CAROLINE MARIE RYAN 12 Merton St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Soccer, Thoughtprints. Judy your my player Smile Buns! BC K1 Team The Outsiders, SHYC Scituate NE Beano and Jenny - you're still the ones. "Noth- ing gold can stay" stay gold kids R. 'Q LEE ANN SAKAKINI 49 Walker St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college NYE 78 Bush league. Sas- quatch, 80 club, FS moves, Damien, Jog, at 12, YS Face. much love and thanks to all who made it great- Stay young at heart-let it be 1 . -Hx l MARY ELIZABETH RYAN Mer 10 Cherry Pl., W.Newton Day, Bacon, college "Never be sad at what is over be glad it was once yours to have" Rem 1077777 secret shares FS 9 75-Lyasw 575 614-6 Thanx Seltsq l REBECCA LEE SALTZER 54 Gammons Rd., Waban Weeks, Palmer, college I hang out in Waban YPFl Hey Babes, how's it going? Christ- mas parties Jim Rick and Alison, nothing but circlesl HR of the year TDJHCPLCCMJSHRCC " Why did they have to cancel my gym cIass?" 'lar .4 if if 5 . 1 ., . PAULA JANE RYAN 46 Vista Ave., Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Field Hockey 23 All my love to Cappy "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time."- JT ANTHONY D. SALVUCCI Tory, Cheech 70 ernon St.,Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Italian Club, Basketball 2, Good luck to my friends at NNHS, Remember: stakeouts with MM and Fri. with my sisters and the crew. JEFFREY SAMPSON Jeff 26 Capital St., Newton Day, Palmer, college Swimming, gymnastics, Remem- bersi CA, KM, EC, BB, my sis Dot, I will never forget the good times with JO Love Always. FELICIA SANCHEZ Leachy 156 Highland St., W.Newton Warren, Bacon, college Lots of love to Wuggy, Pikey, Phily, Cra, Debbi, Yim, Linsky, and the rest. Thanks to big Tom and Cappy, Go for itl .sg MARK SAUNDERS 768 Watertown St., W. Newton Day, Barry, college Remembers: JF JR DR BP LM JH DD '78 '79 '80 GAYLE J. SCANDALE 26 Auburndale Ave., W.Newton Warren, Riley, prof. dancer "l'lI always love Barry forever" My Soph. and Jr. years with LS, TR, DL, EB. Everyone in the girl's room, DB, EB, KG, CS, and all the rest. BB's Party. KAAREN SIMONE SANDERS Simone 90 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill lt's been real memories, A.A.C. Fashion Show, Mr.B, Mrs.JC, Senior Class, goodbye and good luck to those left behind, these were good times. mf? ,my-M YT' ' '7 Mi RICHARD SAURO 53 Cook St., Newton Beals KATHERINE MURRAY SCHILDHAUER Katie 297 Cabot St., Newtonville Day, Beals, the real world "All I ever needed was the music and the mirror and the chance to dance." Thank-you Mrs. Cradle. V -nanny if PATRICIA ANN SANTAGATI Pootie 10 Raymond Pl, W. Newton Warren, Palmer, undecided Rem Always LMLLPSLWLRJDV LTCMLLM The Falls PARTY "79" Golf Course SI, prom and plym, pts, The Lighter and the pain, The mem of David. . V -1 I MICHAEL JOSHUA SAVITZ 170 Chestnut St., W.Newton Warren, Bacon, college Bike Club, Yearbook, Math Team, Bacon House Council, Remembers: Rocky Horror, crashing the computer the Pope concert. .5 . . LISA MARIE SCHILLER 122 Fessenden St., Newton Day, Beals, college Pres. Beals Council, Cheering 23 Swimteam, gymnastics, "the break" jr. and sr. class comm., Newtonite memories with Adele, Donna and all my friends "Always and Forever" ELLEN R. SARAVIS Mel, Elwood 110 Evelyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Bacon, college And I would not trade away, not a day, even if I could. Our Gang, CeIlarPartiesl JF, AB, SN, MD, CU, SH, JS thanx! Rocky, Thea- ter Paul. FRANCES SCAFIDI 62 Albert Rd., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Your time has come to shine, All your dreams are on their way, Best of love, and thanx to all ESP Brian, RL, LH, LT, MB, MG, Guys+Gals, Nites, M8.Ms, mints, luv u Mom8.Dad. 1' LINDA ANN SCHMITT 285 River St., W.Newton Warren, Riley. college good times WXTRDLEBRJ Brgtn? PRTYHUNTI MAC- ATTACK "33," F's fgt,prty, night of punishment, a packed gra- nada, charisma Di's pals: Pete- Puldanibob. 1 F ,vs ' 1: ,Q r XJ' vi ' 'ff li J , 1 lwpwx' 'Marial , x Dx Q 'K i , S71 . K .ff JANET MARIAN SCHNEE 18 Priscilla Rd ,Newton Bigelow, Adams, college Sw1, X-Country123, ltO, Track 123, "I never let my schooling interfere with my education" Memory sharers I am going to miss you' Keep in touch Good luck' Z Q 'CN 'iff."'f'7T ' SUSAN SCHON 291 Otis St., Newton Warren, Barry, college Ind. and Out. Track Nothing is a waste of time if you use the experience wisely. PAUL SCROOC Pooka 236 Chapel St., Newton Day.Adams 10 1 79 Music Hall, 10x 21 79 Tuii Ski Trip '77 JD'S Party, GF Party JENNIFER SEAMAN Jen 140 Mt, Vernon St., Newtonville Day, Adams, Montana, college Rosencrantz and Guil- denstern are not dead umlaut Ido infinitely LLOYD SEYMOUR 511 Grove St , Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, college Memories' with Cheryle B Since 1st day NNHS, good friend Billy M, rsatlak. all friends Hobby Building and flying gas airplanes and being I1 in NE and -'28 in USA PETER VAUGHAN SHAVER 18 Sewall St ,W Newton Warren. Beals. college Soccer 123. Track 123, Skiing 2, Ski Club. Soph Class President. Year- book Remembers OJ, Luke, MC Nary. Wash- burn. Mort. all the stiffs and Devois Its Been Sur- real si L7 N I RAYMOND JOSEPH SCICHILONE Shick, Chickie 100 Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, carpenter Rem "the Greek," Pod, Tony, Zuff, John, Martin, Steve, Mike, Crip, Kelly, JM, Nancy, Carol, Martha, Betsy, Sal, SC, Wood Shop, home room, Frenchie, LG, Special thanks to Zuff, Renee, Matt JENNIFER R. SHADER 132 Homer St ,Newton Ctr. Beals ANGELA DENISE SCOTT Neicee 90 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Lewis, Bacon, fashion merchandising AAC., Senior Cl, "Disco Drac' Dance," Bye: N.P., Z.B., L,T., DB. C + L.D., Good Luck Sophs. Rem: Fashion Show, Mr. B., J.C., Ms. D. Mr. A. Chow! Je suis heureusel I . PETER SHAINIAN Shain-the-brain 59 Cumming Rd., Newton Ctr. Day, Barry, college Chess club treasurer, Astron- omy club, Golf team In Put Equals Out Put 35 e-ng. APRIL C. SHEEHAN DAVID SHEIN 66 Fairway Dr., W.Newton Dave Day, Adams, undecided 448 Ward St., Newton HR 2367 Can We Go Now Mr. Bigelow. Riley. physics Burke? LS KM JB JG LP CP LZ Do you think I'm CRAZY! SCDF TP BN LM PM JA Lenny stop it, AAKKJRDLGGMGMP This Aint RT BG Good times at kK's the N0 Party. This Aint N0 Disco. corner always AMO LENNY and Jaws Nl- DOC H- The Clonies his MGM softball ,-5 "My tests are harder than I thought." ...qv Q-w ,I X fi X DEAN SIFLINGER 231 Ward St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, law work, college Bike Club, MCS PETER E. SILTON 76 Moffat Rd., Newton Warren, Beals, college Remembers, The stairs, F-Block chem labs. FMgSF MC VW JK OG FL RG PO EB SN BP SL LR RK GG AW Soccer 123 Outdoor track 123 "No human thing is of serious importance." nr' W CHRISTOPHER AVERY SHEPHERD Shep 4 Dunford St., Roxbury Bigelow, Beals Take it Light and Keep the Faith AAC LAB ES RT NP LRABC GB EB Track BRUCE SIEGAL 18 Hatfield Rd., W. Newton Day, Riley, college DM CB DB TB OTTO LC Lacrosse Hockey SARA SIEGEL 415 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, college f 1 I i X . PAUL SHORT Ajax, Nerd 38 Carleton St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals Bench 123 L.. . I "1 Will remember ED LL FJ SG BB AL MD MK KB TM CM LB LP MH AR Just when you thought you 'V had Iife's puzzle all put together someone hands you another pieces JOSEPH T. SILVANO ll 322 Waverley Ave., Newton Adams E32 Y ' gm if l 'ffL4?La?E'fs5siffg ' 5.t,.,21'5,w.,,H. .Ah ROSS S. SILVERSTEIN 27 Travis Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Bacon, college lt's nice to be important but it's more important to be nice Move over Getty, here I come. "Q-ff 'Tw H , ik f 49 . IV I JOANNE ELIZABETH SIMMONS Jo 22 Elmwood St ,Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Remembers CM, LE, all my friends especially ED and MM Stage crew' Rocco' Penn' Sum- mer of '79 parties .rr MARIA OLVIDO SIRGO 950 Centre St., Newton Day, Bigelow, Palmer, college Thanks to BD SR LE BB LB CM CL RH, true friends forever! LS - wish you were here. "Worry not what tomorrow may bring, enjoy what today can offer." DAVID SMITH Smitty 122 Concord St , Lower Falls Warren, Adams, college Remem-SKYNYRD-Cells-Sege r Tressel Parties-The Shack- Gingo All ofthe Falls boys and esp DC Freebird KIMBERLY JEANNE SOSTILIO Kim 26 Gilbert St , W Newton Warren Riley College These were the best years of my life? Good luck to KL. GDT. DB, AR CF. CC Always remem- ber the good times in the library LEO MATTHEW SMITH 727 Centre St., Newton St Sebastian's, Beals "Long you live and high you fly And smiles youll give and tears you'lI cry And all you touch and all you see ls all your life will ever be" - PINK FLOYD PETER J SOUTHARD 63 Kenwood Ave . Newton Palmer EILEEN MARIE SKINNER I, Leenie, Guy, Tookie 59 Parsons St., W. Newton Maine, Barry, Masters- counseling Ben Kathy Hortence Nuts Sandy Current Love- Benjamin Memo- ries Ski Team Pleasant Moun- tain US History Saw Mill 3 's ' 5 BRYAN RICHARD SNODGRASS Snod 40 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Bacon Soccer 12, CCC Hoop 23, Par- ties, TBCM, FBall, Pool, Stay out of trouble. LC. '-'N if 'x . 437 - fx V f' A . 'Is I I --'J .N . Z. . LISA SPERGEL Pamie 26 Salisbury Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college "Be able at any moment to sacri- fice what you are for what you could become." AML! Jeanne and M. Nancy! Big B. NKJRKBT. LRC. MMP. I-of T -..- PAULA SLACK 12 Mt. Ida Ter., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, life PartieswithLRLWJDTCBLPSL MetcThe boysTHEFALLSDAVl Dmr7879GElLSG PalmerTree HousePartysGolfCourse 6yrsl Uonlylve1EWF221lloveUaIlPT P S1 ANDRE G. SOLOMITA 83 Church St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Football 23, "It was the best of times. It was the worst of times." 3121 GT you made a difference. U to LEW. MARK DAVID SPITZBERG Spitzy, Boo-Boo 17 Noble St., W, Newton Newtonian, Newtonite tphotographyb DFIM SFLTHRN STAR Bom- circls MS DBAUR PPRHOOFTE OSOSRIAOPNHAYL Life is only what you make of it so don't pro- crastinatel SDLB "WS fEf'ii1f A 7fPlv"?'?sfl5 i :wwf K. ' .4 .. ,W . , . ,-,A, I 1- ' 4.1, .1-Q. 'iizbalw ' .1 .,.i.fy'w,1- ' - . pr 4- ,.,. t 4: ,. ..3.-.yi -fgfqfmilif v.... -J .J , -511281 "Ji tw , se--tn. A , 5. . , X ,anti .-- H:-f.. , X. ' W. . L Y A - if 0' JG", r ilfg I ., , Q V' T . K . f .mfr T f ee- ff 'fiiflfw rsile i ' f ff twzggg v ZW- VW i A' , "Al'3?.uE,,z,uZb z .zT h-,i:flli5 "Yes yOu did!" "No I didn't!" MARCIA ELIZABETH SPRAGUE 38 Covington St., Brid ewater Day, Barry, Gallaudet gollege Pres. of Deaf Council. Never for- get good times we had. Always remember my friends esp RR JM. "Today is the first day in the rest of your life." Love ya Dad, Mom, Skip, Amy. 1 Et Y 6 FREDERIC A. STATEN 175 Palfrey St., Watertown Bacon JOHN ALONSO STEPHENSON 34 Hamlet St., Newton Meadowbrook, Riley, undecided 'K' QL 5 J 5, if , A ' PAUL STARK 276 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, undecided Remember all the good times with GW, SK, JO, BM, DM, CD, Barbs, Riley. Commons parties, W. Newton boys. Good luck to the band. Zeppelin forever. Thunder. WALTER EDWARD STEELE Wally, Eddie 54 Shornecliffe Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Adams, college Hockey123, Football123, BasebalI123 Remember: Every- one, there are so many people l'll never forget. My best friends JL, NK, PG, LR, PB, MZ, MS. S+ D + R + R "Adams Bench" DEBORAH RISA STOLBACH Debbie 56 Evelyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Barry, college Barry Council, Speech, Crises, Prefect, Natural Highs, "People who need people are the luckiest people in the world." BEN STEIN 361 Wolcott St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, year off school Remember always. People. Bad times and good times. LAURA STREIGHT Wee Wee 299 Centre St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, undecided LP, JM, RC, CP, LM, JG, KM. Smoking it. Raising hell in the hallway. AC. Remembering the fun with grampa. Food fights. Beach. JACKSON office. ELIZABETH ANN STENHOUSE Betty 45 Auburn St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college MB. LC-thanx. "Don't be afraid to take a chance in life!" SF, JC, EP, CT. Armies. BSWXT. HNV. Band. S 21'?! Phone WfL. Calif. WfM. swf GEORGE STRIEDTER 20 Applegarth St., Newton Ctr. Barry Remember the great ski trips and the crazy but good times in the "KiIler's Zoo." 229 f 1 wi are 'V' .--ff Mr' 'i CAROLINDA SUITOR 166 Tremont St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, college Love to my friends, esp. JRAAJ MJKMYKHGI-l.JCRem Spain + Maria's. Gym 123 frail , '-'TJQ :Q sxg'f5L, JULIE SZEKELY CK, Jules, Red 389 Newtonville Ave., Newton Day, Palmer, travel and college Remembers: Larry Babes, LB, KT, PD, CC. Sailing, Orchesis, Open Campus. "Punctuation is the virtue ofthe bored." "To Think isto Live." I ug . I 1 4 Q g -4 X. Q, ROYCE LEROY TERRELL Teddybear 106 Camden St ,Boston Bigelow, Beals, veterinarian Good luck to all, GB MW CS JP lt's been real and l had fun all the way through but I'm glad I'm gone so take it easy, love every- body AAC QW! MOLLY K, SULLIVAN EDWARD E. SUMPTER 21 Berkeley St., W. Newton 31 Harlem St., Dedham Palmer Adams ELlZABETH LOUISE SWEET Betsy, Purps, Toot 281 Lexington St., Auburndale Joan of Arc, Palmer, college, lite Orchesis 23, Russian Club 23, Images 23, I LOVE NEW YORK, A, Mag, stph, Leza, Peky, Trac, SS, Disco, MC. PURPLNESS, Camp, 79, KG, BM. ANNE MARY TAFE 72 Homer St., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams, college "Trust the dreams, for in them hidden the gate to eternity." Smile! DONALD THERRIEN 62 Washington St., Natick Palmer RAMIN TAVASSOLI 149 Berkeley St., W. Newton Beals ,1- A TERRI JO TEMTE 743 Watertown St., Newtonville Warren, Riley, college Soccer123, Endearingly Spa- cey, Life is but a day, follow your dreams, follow your heart. Thank you all. Best wishes! Many thanks and all my love to Eric .-2 "I'm lost." RENEE L. THORN 10 Blackstone Terr., Newton Bigelow, Riley, college I will always remember Bacon stairs TPTCACKGMCPLCAMT GMP, MACARPSLWLRASBWP WVW "80" the Best Good luck Tracey and Cindy The Park ILY Richie 5 lF5ESLlE JAYNE TONEY ez 105 Hancock St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, college Tennis 123 Gdts wfMR EK SQ USPT BC UMAss Bllghs-18 FS 595-Ame vc Rem JL KH U8iDWf DB-lvs 4-21A Spec 2-D8iT TMCAT-BIHTM 9-5 Thanx MJB CHRISTINA M. TROPEANO 29 Hargrave Cir., Newton Weeks, Barry, college Good luck to all my crazy friends Lynn, Emily, Jenny, Joanne and The Gang, Hermy and Hammy Also Main St. and Cafeteria HELEN TIMMS Aussie 483 Auburn St., Auburndale Palmer, college Swim Team First Snow Hi CMD MCHSLHJMIKKJFMMLSLTAS SHCW Homeroom TD Vegimite Land Australia W . 5 KY ERIK TOOMRE 55 Hillside Ave., W.Nevvton Warren, Barry, college Varsity Soccer 23 Thanks Killer lt is impossible to enjoy idling thoroughly unless one has plenty of work to do. Jerome K. Jerome fr'-x 415' SUSANNE THERESA TROY BB-DQ 28 Putnam St., W. Newton Day, Beals, fashions Remember 3 yrs. with Paige Lori Adele Special thanks to Mom and Ms. Ghattas Remember "Roy's Girls" Love to Bob Burns Forever April .-3, an 4 ig my .3 LYDIA MARTIN TODD Lee-Dazed and Confused! 26 Walnut Pl., Newtonville Day, Barry, Try it alll!! Thanks to everyone for all the fun and sympathy. Good luck to you all, Esp. CN JF "Rock and RoIl" Led Zep Forever-Glenn Always! 'E' STEPHEN TOWNSEND 40 Washington St., Newton Beals l'm proud that I went to NNHS. CECILIA C. TSAI 25 Princess Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adams, college Always remember MM MB AA CM BS CS LD BD Orch123 "Humor is the spiciest condi- ment in the feast of existence." Happiness and Good Luck to Everyone! , I 1 TROY TOMPKINS 27 Brooks Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, college Remember everybody rv ,X but fl . ' li ,L it i ELENI L. TRIANTAFELL 124 Washington St., Norwood Day, Barry, college Theater group-"lmages," Deaf Student Council Member, Rock and Roll Revue Very Special memories of the Class of 1980- CM, KB, GM, BL, GM, RR, MS Nw H ww? DANIEL A. UBERTI 27 Jackson Terr., Newton Palmer - 15 rv- QU' 1.3.-vi JENNIFER H. ULIN Jenny 161 Dartmouth St, W. Newton Warren, Adams, college CC VA PR LB Chapy Basil PE Mr S lt was the best of times, lt was the worst of times. Charles Dick- SDS tut- .4-rt .f' lx . .,,t '235' ' I Ac lf 5 rv , i' - 73 -:av -1-f, VASSILIOS VALAES Bill, Greek 12 Dexter Rd, Newton Day, Barry, college Diving 123 Skitrip 123 Home- room Joe Ben ABPORSMSTPJ HRGJWBM Haydangpussycat DAJMAMANKATHRC. Have funl CHERYL ANN VECCHIONE 860 Watertown Ste, W Newton Day, Beals, college All the Good times with Jackie, LS KD KW ND NM WB MD JM Parties down Boogie A, Getting in trou- ble in school, Ain't no stopping us now, Girls room, Bad girls 5f'18!79 SChr1elllt's been real. Party JERRY VENTURA 88 Auburn St., Auburn- dale Warren, Riley Participate: lndoor-Out- door Track 123, Soccer Xcountr. Remembers: BL SK JK MK DP PS and the rest SAUDI M VERGARA 20 Channing St , Newton Corner Remember all the good times here Friends L S L V G ROBERT VISCO 16AdamsCt Newton Day, Adams, college Always remember STERYL HEL' ENE MARY LARRY RICH Ski Club Swim Team Hull St, and PS 1 'Qi x . ' I .w-' . ' - ,l .aiu KRIS DUTTON Van ALSTINE Mr. Key-sta 16 Freeman St, Auburndale Warren, Riley, college Deputy Dawg Fan Club 'i DEBORAH VESTAL Debbie, Deb 235 Cabot St , Newtonville Bigelow, Bacon, work Remembers Good times with Kathy, Mitch Mary Debbie Linda D study HR Bacon stairs - I Love You John 'tj' MICHAEL VAUGHAN 48 Lexington St., W, Newton Warren, Palmer, college Lacrosse 123 Remembers BB, KA, JA, OB, KH, All the boys. Nov.3 + 4 - YY I DAVIDE P. VETTRAINO 5 Westchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, college, tNavyJ Football 23, Track 123 Remem- ber the first gang. Starting a new one CAT OUINNY LINDA WENDI and rest, SMG best. The spot, Brewskies, Mums Car Very Sorry Lois F S RL X t MICHAEL J. VITO 43 Playstead Rd., Newton Corner CM, Beals, college 9,40 Nnrrlwff If is ,vi xl 1. il DAVID VONA 15 Dale St., Newton Beals ,pc-f' "Don't tell me, let me guess." DEREK RICHARD WALTON Iceman 299 Mill St., Newtonville Day, Hobbs, Riley, college My sincere love to everybody who has touched my life. Mr, Guild ESCSVWTLJHNBCAPB and the AAC Gang - 1 GEORGE WASHBURN 228 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, music Remembers the West Newton crew the Boys from Riley com- mons All the Private sessions big bashes at old Pierce and parting with SKBMPSJOJS ...ffm KIM MARIE WALDVOGEL 712 Watertown St., Newton Day, Beals Rem. CV BB ND KD KK Schnell All the crazy times with Jackie. Michael, the memories and times we shared together will never leave me, all my love to you. 10f3f77 PHILIP WALLACE 15 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, college SWSBJAJMGPSB, Village of F he Sun, Billy the Mountain-ZAPPA LTD Luna Transition JR Cape Cod JAMES W. WALSH Jim, Walshy 6 Auburn Terr., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, college "The torture never stops" FZ All of the fun l've had with Sue. Football 123 Baseball 123 EH BF GM BB BK SR ML JANE DEBORAH WASSERMAN 104 Austin St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college All my life l've Been wait- ing . . . Purple Passion, 12 f31f78, Calif. C.P.W.V.8. T.Ware Parties "lt's not time to make a change, just relax, take it easy. . . GREG S. WATERS 145 Dartmouth St., W. Newton Bacon, college, travel Take it to the limit one more time! 714snowdays Let's see more Transition 80! Takin the time to find some new roads into my mind. Goodbye everyone and Remember Let the good times roll and roll on! ANDREW JOHN WALKER Butch 36 Woodbine Terr., Auburndale Warren, Bacon Remembers good times with the Bacon Gang CA ML KH LM BG TB DS PS ML JM ML Happy XXXXX Easter I A2 " 1 If , FY I . . .re il . E4 ROBIN SUE WAXMAN 164 Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, undecided Good Road Trip-Sum-79 Love+Iuck to Gina+Laura Kinky Wknd WJRCGR LFGLMD Bermuda w Jen+DE Maine + The Vineyard GRT times wf JLMCLC NKLRBL SKI Special times wlPaul All my love to Bobby HAPPINESS 4 LINDA DEBRA WEINRAUB 181 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Beals. college LoveAlways2LoriPaulaJenSLP SBLTC RALMDFEBTheFallsD avidGeiIsPartyMocaGolfcours ePalmerTreeSmr7879 FranFr eeBird"LiveLoveLaugh" PTP JOANNA LYNN WERMAN 37 Woodchester Dr ,Chestnut Hill Bigelow Riley, college If you can imagine it, You Can achieve it, If you can dream it You can become it THKS MM LB LR SG DB AW MSWMMTJSCBJNKMRK RSJCI images weekends Sign itll Right ROBERT S. WEINBERG 51 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, college Thanks and good luck to all my friends. G.W. Club 123 Football Pool 23 Baseball 123 'bf' ADAM LAURENCE WEIS 124 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Beals, college Honor Roll, School Service Award Council, French, Psych, Ski Club The MGH, Goodbye "Freestyle," a very sore kneel Special times wr Rochelle. Love ya Mom and Dad. l..eill.+ SUSAN WESSEL 233 Highland Ave., W. Newton Day, Bacon, college A knowledge of the past is an aid to the interpretation ofthe future. I. 1 , 'I .. A 'cg ,. X f 'W f- 7' ' - X, ii ' 1 SCOTT ALAN WEINBERG 822 Walnut St., Newton Ctr. Beals Outdoor Track 13, Riflery 3? Remember: MHGBDSLAHBUS TEDCHINSEY Soco Kid and RPOA8tP Geoff St:11 can't hold his guts, CAPE COD And Mat- chuga and had fun at North 3 SARAH WEISS 285 Crafts St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, college, music "Man's clouded sun shall brightly rise and songs be heard instead of sighs" - Godspell Love to APDGRGBRDBVLJKS P Music Dept RSTL EBTD Show sRoccoTodayForWW7 WOKKA SUSAN M. WESTWATER Swest 611 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, college Everybody's gonna tell you it's not worth it ,.,. But the need for Love will still remain Jack Son Browne Ti Amo Germano QQ . N X -R EMILY WEINER 45 Oakwood Rd., Auburndale Meadowbrook, Beals, work I will remember all my teachers and friends. Will never forget Prom. Won't forget Beals. I like working in the Tigers Loft with Mrs. O'NeiIl. Goodbye Newton North. I had a nice three years here. JILL WEISSMAN 38 South Gate Pk., W. Newton Riley, college All things change and we change with them. Bears, Ski Club Pres., Ski team. Sounds never dissipate they only recre- ate in another place and time 'A '51 EMILY ANNE WHITE 62 Lenox St., W. Newton Day, Palmer, college Swim team 1, Boston, Golf course Sasquatch, Damien, Bess, and the all. Love to my friends and special thanx to O'H Love to Mom 411 .f79 41' ROBERT JOHN WHITE Whitey Itch 16 Farmington Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, college Baseball, Golf. Remember Homeroom On This Tavl Do'in it up with ML, SR, O'B, and the guys. BBCC Tradition of Sacco Excursion 1977- STEPHEN ROBERT WHITE 23 Worthington St., Dedham HR. 2217 Great to be out! Best rock J. Geils Out to California GR and SS to Phil, Jim, George, Eric Dedham 1t1 CLINTONA WILEY Tonie 70 Bernard St., Boston Bigelow, Adams, hotel manager Remembers Soccer 3 Track 2 NP VA Fuzzy TR LR ZB LT NB NS ES CS RT BG PR HES JH DP MS Cradle AAC DB LA Adams Bench "Together" CASSANDRA WILKINS 35 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Barry Rem. The Caf Wasteland Offices Barry Lav SB LH Party Forever! The Brook The Field Bacon Stair The Hill 4th Floor Riley First Day of School and the Last Briar Lane .-'in W, f Xl fi if 'M' ' "Did you see that lice poster in the Nurses' Office?" .V Hg LQ ' v hm V 4 :fi -'ii' , ei' I we my ' 4 'fi' I , X I we 7 xi ' I .. DAWN ALLISON WIRES 274 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Warren, Adams, college Yesterday is but a mere mem- ory, only tomorrow holds true value. l'll always love my true friends Good Luck to everyone! Good times: CRJH JOJS DF DF JF BA GF ED SHAWN M. WISE 116 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley PAUL WILLIAMS 20 Harding Terr., Dedham Barry GTO-68 +1 Keep it cool BONNIE LYNNE WOLK 36 Salisbury Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley' college GO FOR lT!248i3paCs. All nite w f BMSGSKMS8tS,4am wfBND SRUSHI Blh Crusin wfAr8tSG emb. or what?WN C. CIiff,RiIey stairs. GNL SG, AR, SK, TC, DM. NC and everyone. ILY Billy VERNON WILLIAMS 55 River St., W. Newton Warren, Beals, college May I be remembered to you with love and affection. DW DW TL GD HK RC JM CV SM KF AP PS RG CW LR AS ATBS AAC LG LA MB RT JA RC EB JM DS GG DA SP JS RY BM MD MN EarthgWind8tFire MW VW FW AM ff W ffl tif , Afsfgs ff wi-if ,V , I, ,4,.yllA , W N y, , . kgjlgy' 1z,,5, sf-iffy, ,. NM , , .i5i'i'gy K1f,fQ, gf x' - . H, 4 1. J , 1 if 9 s V 1 f' CYNTHIA JEAN WOOLF 76 Gordon Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, college When you see someone without a smile, Give them one of yours SH What RU Driving on? Broad- way-takeEs U GUYS R X-ellent PMStay Young at heart JAEvery bodyplays the fool Bliz78 Mark1 2476 LuvYa 2 . rs'-' - 'a-,, f-gin L .5-.Q-Vg .ur 1- .1 gif -.gif If. ha d .niiifj -,g55.1' . , f , ' - ' ,.-.i ,174-N "I .f 4 V' , 2 Y 1 I s 5 9 , , .wir J " ,114 lv: ,-1. -.-4Q.' , A "M, " V-L4 t-3 A Sli, ,. , g, iz. .ff':5',v: l T , ., - . 5 . 5 . P' , IV ' --4: in . Q W rt .1910 1 .' W . 1 Q RICHARD ARTHUR WORRlNGl-lAM Whompa- War-Boy 1107 Dedham Ave ,Needham Polard, Palmer, carpentry Carpentry class, Cafeteria, Th ten year plan az, ' 'Q 'S 'Z . , . .,..... 'sf PETER ZABCHUK 299 Albemarle Rd., Newton Day, Riley JG, JL. RW, RG, JB Good luck to everyone in the electrical shop if JOSHUA C. WORTZEL 39 Stafford Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Beals. college Remembersi Ski Everywhere's Wild Weekends, Boston College and Empire Work at Codey. Colorano Covers, the A.V, Squad, and my first love . . .Lau- FIG, 'elf' fy. ll 4. 1 -I STEVEN W. ZAGORIANAKOS Zig 96 Boyd St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, work 0.5 f JAMES ROBERT ZALCMAN Dough-Boy 504 Commonwealth Ave Nfywfon Ct' Weeks Barry college Ffflctball l 2 Skiing 123 Newton lligwli I Caine l saw I conquered llul rntlst of gill I survived 236 U55 ff- W-'ab 11 . - X X I I LlSA ZAMBELLA 25 Charlesbank Rd ,Dedham Day. Adams, undecided Homeroom 2367 "April get away from the door"l' AS LC LP PM LP Love to Kenney and HUG - Acantforget him' RICHARD YERARDl 52 Henshaw St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, undecided Lacrosse "79" West Newton Square Behind Davis, all the good times with my friends, Fuzzy TEE Clarky, Good times with Janet, party-jail-bail. 41" MICHAEL D. YOUNG 80 Eliot Ave., W. Newton Barry Nur "Oh, ljust knowthat answer!" 'U l 77MB AMY B. ZELTSERMAN 47 Karen Rd., Waban Meadowbrook, Riley The 5th floor, loading docks and outback, BM., DP., MD., Ms, G. and everyone there, Green Cut- lasses. M.V,, BS, D.D. and the falls, LAURA F, ZIGMAN 71 Walden St., Newtonville Day, Riley, college "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back cease- lessly into the past." F. Scott Fitzgerald if I f .l A, X bl L MARK J. ZITO 26 Winona St., Auburndale Adams BARBARA ALBANO 4 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Riley PATTY ALEXANDER 50 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Riley, college Burr's Lane, Long Island Hello Charlie, Thank you Pam, Woodstock, I love Neil Young Crosby Stills Nash Young live! JOHN F. ARSENAULT 125 Grasmere St., Newton Riley TRIFON ATHANASIOU 103 Pine St., Newton Riley ANTHONY J. BARBERIO 289 Webster St., W. Newton Palmer ELAINE BARRY 43 Williston Rd., Auburndale Barry DEBORAH BEAL 50 Greenough St., W. Newton Beals TOMMY M. BEATRICE 143 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bacon WILLIAM F. BECKETT 94 Crescent St., Newton Barry KEVIN P. BIANCHI 46 Bunker Ln., W. Newton Adams CLAYTON E. BLAY 54 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Adams MARK STEPHEN BRADY Mark 36 Broadway, Newton Day, Bacon, work Auto Body ..-S 1 Y ROBERT PAUL ZUFFANTE 104 Westland Ave., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, life Candy8tPix 1st8iLasts Stox8.dr ox and a NewYears Blast mich in math and Mo wfhis caz Girls on my staf and Now This Race:RG JL AN NL Ray Toni PhRN JW SB Haii Fla. LL ZMC P hys8tMath8tMlTStevensFort8.Y ou8-Me IVAR T. BRYNILDSEN 88 Berkshire Rd., Newton Adams MARK T. CAREY 97 Montvalle Rd., Newton Corner Palmer LISA J. CARMEL 39 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Bacon KEVIN J. CASEY 29 School St., Newton Riley ANTHONY CAVALLO 166 Webster St., W. Newton Riley JOSEPH J. CIERRI 22 West St., Newton Riley PETER COUFOS 109 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, college Newton High Basketball KAREN P. CRAIG 120 Crescent St., Newton Bacon RAYMOND CRANDALL 47 Arapahoe Rd., W. Newton Warren, Palmer Remembers LB SM MM GB JH TD SA RM Parties SB MA PD Debbies Who Mongrol Zap Giles BC High Vern The van SBB Mrs. Brown, Full tilt The concert Luna Gallery Lisa Main St. Veteran's Day TKAA STEPHEN P. DAVIS 48 Auburndale Ave., Newton Riley DANIEL J. DEMEO 1925 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Bacon MARK DePASOUALE 155 Auburndale Ave., W. Newton Barry GEORGIA L. DULAC 58 Rochester Rd., Newton Palmer ROBERT JOHN FANTOZZI JR. Fanta 5 Fayette St., Watertown Palmer "To be rich or not to be." Plan to be success- ful and mostly richer! BRIAN S. FLEMING 298 Cherry St., W. Newton Barry ANTHONY GELFUSA 334 Linwood Ave., Newton Beals STEVEN N. GERSHON 33 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Palmer OMID GHAYAM Georgio, Georgees 8 Gran Ave., Newton Iran, Barry, college Rifle Team, Tennis Team, TEAM Gard's Rifle 8. March Weight Lifting RANDI GOLDSTEIN 300 Homer St., Newton Ctr. Palmer THOMAS A. HACSUNDA 11 Perry Rd., Auburndale Barry MICHAEL HANICK Mental Mike 148 Tremont St., Newton Bigelow, Barry Always Remember Pickles, Coleslaw Best of Luck to the One and Only "Brown Eyes" TIMOTHY B. HATHAWAY 61 Davis Ave., W. Newton Bacon JEFFREY HOLMES 69 Kaposia St., Auburndale Barry 7 1 I E A H ON THE RADIO 1 .One More From the Road" fLyngld Skynyrdj 2. " ho's Next" CThe Whoj 3. "The Cars" QT he Carsj 4. "Led Zeppelin ll" QLed Zeppelinj E 5. "Earth, Wind and Fire's Greatest Hits" fE.W.8.F.J 6. "Best of the Doobies" lDoobie Brothersj El. "Eagles, The Long Run" C 39 957 , 8. "Sticky Fingers" tThe Rolling' Stones! 9. "T e Wall" QPink Floydl 10. "Rumours" fFleetwood Mac! SHINING STARS 1. Dustin Hoffman 2. Butch Hobson 3. Steve Martin 4. Bo Derek 5. Robert Redford 6. Cheryl Tiegs 7. Clint Eastwood 8. Woody Allen 9. Diane Keaton 10. Burt Reynolds W? SENSATIGNAL SONGSTERS 1. Donna Summer 2. Billy Joel 3. Mick Jagger 4. Bruce Springsteen 5. James Taylor 6. Barbra Streisand 7. Michael Jackson 8. Linda Ronstadt 9. Barry Manilow 10. Robert Daltry W 'W gf 7 E". Cf? 1' 7 t ' an in 'r U'J n I Y wh. Ei ,-. gr. . .. g ' 1 15+- av-' 'in 0'-Y .Q .M 9 q W 41's r'fl1 - "'T 4- . zw ,. in . . i Az-ggfzf. M1-HKS' ? ' . -'V . A 1.5 i t . 5,.,j:g1.55. 1 3-1 1 .V vs .ff N 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. is MAMMGTH MOVIES Kramer vs. Kramer" 10l I Apocalypse Now" The Jerk" The Rocky Horror Picture Show" Breaking Away" The Deerhunter" The Muppet Movie" MeatbalIs" A Little Romance" "EXC-U-USE ME!" 1. "My dog ate it." 2. "l left it at home." 3. "l forgot." . 4. "l only got three hours of sleep this weekend." 5. "lt went through the wash." 6. "My grandmother died." 7. "l hurt my hand." 10. " 3. "l had to work Iate." l had a doctor's appointment." l'm having an identity crisis." fl l K l l l l Q Z l Z Yi fl l tl L T l it .qezegzafavf f Afanvafzsa N S CLASSIC CLASSES English Psychology Free Blocks Gym History Shop Homeroom Human Sexuality Studio Lunch fm .+ ,2 , 1 r W, it Q, ,.,, it .T :sl R1 HI LZ if! S1 xp: -3 5-ii? till :gp- I , 'iz T, T We T.V.'S TOP TEN "Saturday Night Live" "General HospitaI" "M'rAiS'iH" "Soap" ,L "Mork and Mindy" "The White Shadow" "Dallas" "The Muppet Show" "The News" . "Johnny Carson" I jf: 2120+ 242 5454 l .T 4 I sl' ,o 'N .5 ,Nl QD' .A 0 1 , . iv f Aouezzczsememzs TO THE NEWTONIAN STAFFS AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO HELPED US - THANK YOU! THE NEWTONIAN EDITORS ,, i,....,. I I J ,1 'gilila Z -, uc, , 1 ,, l.......l' DIAL 'N SEW Simply Be+'+er Sewing Machines Sale and Service A. I.. Plamonclon Co. 2093 Commonweal+h Ave. Auburndale, Mass. 02 I 66 244-2479 NEWTON CENTER MUSIC SHOP 839 Beacon S+. Records, Shee+ Music, Accessories lns+rumen+ Sales and Renfals 332-3578 CONGRATULATIONS, YOU'VE TAKEN YOUR FIRST STEP TOWARD MOLDING YOUR LIFE... Now whe+her i+'s on +o college or work, we wan+ +o help you ge+ esfablished. So if you bring your diploma proving +ha+ you are a gradua+e of +he N.N.H.S. of I980 we'll give you 202, offon your purchase of any T.V. or maior appliance. On +op of +ha+, we service wha+ we sell. Since we've been in business for 32 years we'II be +here in 'fhe fu+ure +o do ius+ +ha+. LEE LOUMOS INC. 78 Winches+er S+. New+on Highlands Offer Expires Sep+. 30, I980 244-7240 FOX TRAVEL AGENCV I VH Good Luclc Class 0+ I980 Your Vaca+ion Is Our Voca+ion l00 Winches+er S+. New+on Highlands, Mass. 02I6I Telephone 6l 7-969-2000 Complimen+s of SWARTZ HARDWARE 81 SUPPLY I6I 7l 965-3356 For All Spor+ing Needs AU BU RNDALE SPORTS SHOP Professional SIra+e Sharpening 4I9 Lexing+on S+. Auburndale, MA 02 I 66 25 Kemp+on Place Wes+ New+on lofi Washing+on S+.l 332-6300 Mon-Fri. 9:30 +o 9:30 Sa+. 9-6 One 0+ New EngIand's Iarges+ selec+ions o+ running shoes a+ discoun+ prices. A++rac+ive Dress and Casual Shoes. Frye, Nilce, Puma, Pa+riclc, New Balance, Tiger, Hyde, Broolcs, Wilson, and Converse. You Name I+, We've Go+ I+. OUALITY SPORTING GOODS AND SHOES AT DISCOUNT PRICES 245 BOB'S WABAN NEWS I 633 Beacon S+. Waban BARNETT FABRIC STORE 305 Cenlre Sfreel' New+on Corner, Mass. The jlU0 LE Tel. 332-3320 32 Langley Rd. ' New'I'on Cenler, MA MJSFEAS PAINTS MOORE 81 MOORE 244-8072 PAINT 81 WALLPAPER CO., INC. 323 Washingfon Sfreel, Newlon, Mass. O2 I 58 Charles Ricci John Moran Waltham Congralulafions l aint Io 'the Class of I98O Domeslic and lmporfed Fine Wallcoverings Marlin Senour Painls and Williamsburg Colors 59l Main Slreel Walllwam, Massaclwusefls Besf Wishes From All of Us a+ HAIR BENDERS UNLTD. I5 Lincoln S+. Newfon Highlands 964-9290 Printing -ron me Joe vou ussoso vssrsnnnv' 86W chesfe S+ eel MINUTEMAN oz nan rbi rp 965-0399 46: 7I 893-3732 Congrafulafions Io fhe Class of I98O From ATWOOD'S CAMERA SHOP 527-9864 KNOTTY PINE LUNCH Umbedo Sosfilio, Prop. 295 Auburn Sfreel Auburndale, Mass. MUTSCHLER CABINETS Aufhorized Dealer S CARBEAU CUSTOM KITCHENS INC. "Your Kilchen Can Be As Individual As Your Signa'Iure" Fealuring Tradilional Slyling - Flush Conlemporary Medilerranean - Early American Counlry French Provincial - Colonial M I347 Waslwinglon S+. 527-6300 MUTSCHLER Newfon KITCHENS A6 gs A 4.1 Q?b f'. l Froni row I-r: Dawn Wircs, Cheryl Rubeslri, Jill Busny, Saudi Vergara, Franlr Morrisey. Second row: Renee Chisolm, Lisa Bouley, Richard Parrifz, Cafhy Conrad, Amy Liss, Judy Mackey. Third row: Orian Bianchi, David VeHraino, Mrs. Resnick. Missing: Larry Malloy, Dana Norris, Ross Fanger. Q1 WT K l 3 L I i i i H.R i l 5 , l i li l il, l V i I i ,,.,.,4,.-af--f 7 ,SQ l Debbie Vesfal, Varda Rosenblum, Mary Dolbear, Karen Marchioni, Kevin Lewis, Mr. Harris, Melissa MowaH. Seaiedz Sfeven Dempsey, Danny Fifzpafricln, Chris McCar1hy. Back row, above Dempsey: George Washburn, Brian Hill, Alex Ayocholr, Sieve Coan, Ross Silversfein, Siu Bergman. 111 247 Frame Yourself d D I lor .e, Us do if fo, wg., CuS+0m an 9- +- WABAN HARDWARE INC. M35 Beacon Sl' Yourself Framing' I64l Beacon S+ Waban Mass We ban' Mass' AH Reproducllons' Hardware Painfs - Cils G qi? Original AFIWOFIK. Garden Supplies, Kifchenware, Household V 2444566 Sundries ,mo Program , C Jay Sfringing I X Adolph Thomas N EWTO N VI L LE PIZZA IN C. M Membe' U'S'P'T'A' h xp ADOLPH'S TENNIS SQUASH AND 322 WaInuIS1'reeI' NGWIOHVIIIG, Mass. 1, f RUNNING SHOP For Fasr Service Call Us Ahead and 4230 Cenffe 51. Your Order Will Be Ready When You Arrive NG1:lCGgIllY+5qU:AfS e on en re, Tel. 6I7-964-6633 02I59 Delicious Pizzas and Ho? Oven Grinders and Greelz Salads Try Our Specialfies - Thanli You Price Subiecf 'ro Change Wa ban Es+abIished i903 244-3776 CUMMINS WARDROBE SERVICE I637 Beacon Slreel Waban, Mass. O2 I 68 Myron Cummins HQ 3 1 1 I ... , i ad "" I My 'L I iii" I I5 ' .4 ' I :s..,,',, j f ' I .jj I ' A A if rikrix-I rtbfg if Willy 4. .I 'lf 4 5-.l . Agp li? 2 -1,1 :1 AUTOSPORT INC. ' rf? - . f .ffibfe Accessories for Impor+ed Cars I I , 'Z' f 4'-' , A .R 287 Washingfon S+ree'r, Newlon, Mass. 02 I 58 A i M " Y I , A 4 , U ', -7--144' 1 Arlhur Qullori 6l7e969e6666 l I, :L,1.Fy-gl. Managef ' I . .A I . I , ' Q. ' ' if . ,f I' -- ' . F 'Q-,,.!:,vg:i5,: 4 ' ill v , 4 ,'..f:.',.. ,1 YI v -- ' ' . 'P -T S' :Li iii ng?" ' I, .- - , - - 'DJ ,. ' . ',- ' I' I' , 'M-ff ft, I-i'1','. qi."I:Li,"i Ln' as ff" ' 13.1 -17" : ' ' 42 ETQMPLETE AUTO SERVICE 'B lm . Y - NEWT Q 'IIPE CENTER f1,'fj,,, Em, ' W 96" '832 Q-Qgdypgir 397+ - lViICIWeIir1 - ' Tunefup ' Alignmenl' Q' . Kleber - gc, A ,qi ' Air Condifioninq '. , 8I I Washingfon S+. 77,42 'Shlr Nw? 'II,M .02l60 :4Need+-lar!! ocs 969-8665 M- e onvne ass Newham' MA, I ,ui Q6Qv8666 . ' ' ' Suppliers Io All Teams of Umbro Uniforms and 248 Chris Williams Mifre Propriefor Sho:-is and Balls. .i cQXN'2IIB "an iI'aIian s+yIe res+auran+" 5I-53 Lincoln S+. Tel.: 964-7260 New+on Highlands, Mass. 02I6I Cafering X .ai ff' fs, . I Q- ' F " -,. Q S 1 rf . I ,Q If S PM , XX :ks A T- W L N4 SAL RIZZO PRESENTS... 3l0iillBOIll 3 HAIR coi.oniNc S99 A New Dimension, Fea+uring Laiesl' Techniques in Beaufy Care RevoIu+ionary Hair Color Sysfems and Skin Care For Men, Women and Children HAIR PROBLEMS OUR SPECIALTY "Are You Losing Your Hair?" We Have Ihe Lalesi Equipmen'r Available To Tesl Your Hair and Skin in Our Affilia'I'ed Laboraiory No Promises . . . Jus+ ResuI+s! Le+ Our S+yIis+s Design a New You 527-8633 ' 527-9l98 Mon.-Sa'I. 8:00 A.M.-5:00 P.M. Evenings by Appoin+men+ I65I Beacon SI. IWabanI Newfon BesI Wishes From AII of Us a+ AU BU RNDALE CO OPERATIVE BANK 307 Auburn S'IreeI Auburndale, MA 02 I 66 62 Bosron Posi Road IRouI'e 20I Wayland, MA OI 778 35845 I 36 ' Q 527-6090 249 DIAMCDND AUTO PARTS 44I Wa+er+own Slreel, New+on 527-470-47I I Exper+ Eleclrical Service, Tune-Up, Brake Worn-S+ar+er and Al'rerna+or Repairing All a+ Wholesale Prices Foreign and American Cars it 'H 'x 3? 2? T iw A 'f 1. ' Xi- XX! TA EPT ,f A A Qian W A1-ffsf lllulREi2""-. R wi T Nf' Xi iliixk 5 "XI,- !l' 'l!'ll!ll'lllA:lril:'-hfal' 'lwl IIT' f he l ' R . ru' I I lillillljlunuriu I1 'll,,l:,1l-1 -lp . illmm HllllmM!fMmmE'5Em?: f- In if 4 ""l' -Wum.-nil..-i-fire ' 1' ff ffl -II u LLluiJ-' LJ 4 .,: I' I-ll llloll. I ' '-- .. ...LJW 'l" ' V 1 i ilu .. . " liiimlini ' Q 2 'xx X -Ll X 1 ' - ll 'Q 'Q 1 If ' "a tion: ".-' .hfavpnwflw -ififzslv I 1 I. - 'Q 5 T 1 iw U- in ' 1 c N ' - ll ii.-, iff, ' if V f es' :'w15iiTsl J'-f 'X' Wishes T A ' AT . NNHS Class of '80! E NEWTON MARRIOTT HOTEL Commonweahh Avenue af R+. l28 and +he Massachuseffs Turnpike I 4' 1' H 1745 IX . ' A. .Je ' In' Camp Yavneh of 5 DTUW-71 0 fhe Hebrew College 2 IDI? ' in ll 07 95 "' Y LV Leadership Training in Jewish Educafion for 9+h and I0+h Graders. Sfaff Posilions Open for I I'rh and I2+h Graders. Apply: 43 Hawes S+ree+ Brookline, MA 02 I 46 232-87 I 0 739-6238 IEveningsI hos GVQ me Wishes Ihe Class of I980 Greai Success Walerlown Mall 206 A Sireef Wa'l'er1'own, Mass. Needham, Mass. ii- I f- 0 " . t 'un ,,.,....,.4oe-f-- , ...ap-.pawns-w-0' -'P' l - Q,-4,4Q'a-A e - Newton Co-operative The Personal n k ' 964-8000 I NeWt0rlVllle: 305 Walnut Street I WeSt NeWt0l1: 1 308 W3Shll1gt0l1 Street v,,,i,f I NeWt0I1 LOWer Falls: 2276 lN3Shll1gt0l1 Street I waban: dwlndsor Road l chestnut mu- 210 Boylston street tkte an X . v 1 . ,Lv - ' t ' , V 1 Tel. 244-5466 SILVER LAKE ELECTRONICS, SEQIYYYFE'-S5 INC. E Television ' Radio - Air Conditioners ' Stereo 4 E -. 59 l Silver Patrons , Baystate Beauty Supply y. The Dragon Family lt The Trelstad Family 26 Lincoln Street l Newton Highlands, MA 02I6l 965-2488 l Heels While U-Wait ' One Day Shoe Service f Speeielizi-ng in Orthopedic Work ' Wood Sfgveg ' Coal Stoves , Lppm Repwed ' Fireplace Accessories ' Red Flannels A THE COBBLER SHOP , Master Shoe Rebuilders X 435 Centre Street ' Newton Corner, Mass. sm Kapreilian end son 527-9336 I l C a ss of I 980 f it 45, - 1 'jgu 1 V 'V l l lr L , J - NEw1'0N'S l , Feafurlrllg ' 0 12- -' Polynesiant l -H 0 gr "' Lyn: fa l L .W Py P Cantonese Dy ' .6 A 'R 5'- 1.1 5 ' ' Szechuan y I L If tt Dishes 4 N9 "I PORTION Plllllllsfn - Herald Amt-teen IQ! 23 4 Discover on outstonding restouront right in your neighborhood, See our inflation fighter luncheon specials! 870 Walnut St., lowton Four Corners - Take 0ul Orders 969-2240 QUE. X G 0 5? 'mf I CH I N ESE R ESTAU RANT Specializing in... ' is 11 ' Orders Put Up To Take Out... Open Daily 11:30 A.M. - 1:45 A.M. Luncheon Specials: Mon-Sat 11:30 A.M. U LOUNGE . 3:00 P.M. 817 Washington St. NEWTON NEWTONVILLE can 244-0631 INear Intersection of Walnut SLI ALUMABILT INC. I387 Weshingfon Sf., Wesf Newfon, Mass. 02 I 65 I6I7l 969-0500 Siding ' Roofing ' lnsula'rionfWindows ' Doors ' Porch Enclosures "We Did Your NeigI1bor's House" Tel. 332-SIS6 MIDDLESEX OFFICE SUPPLY CO. Office Supplies - Prinfing Office Furnifure 36I Waferfown SI. New1on,Mass.02I58 Tel. Ibm 965- I730 THE MEATING PLACE, INC. Qualify Beef, Porlr, Lamb, Veal and Poulfry Wholesale and Refail 880 Walnul Sfreef Newfon, MA 02 I 59 WOMAN'S WORLD HEALTH SPA OF AMERICA 28I Needham Sfreef Newfon Highlands, MA 02l6I 964-5 I 36 253 Service Qualny LeBARON HARDWARE Everyfhing in 2088 Comm. Ave. - Aub dale MA Tel. I6 I 7I 527- I 036 Hours - 8:30-6:00 P M IN ICUNVEAIIIEIII 5 uvz:IInIInII'1nmulnulrf I ' " 'Z TT 1 THE FRIENDLIEST STORE IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD Diamonds - Wafches - Giffs HENDRICKEN BROS. INC. JEWELERS 45 LincoIn SIree'I New+on I'IigI1Ianc.Is, MA 02l6l I6I7I527-666I A Ags+on I anjg Y OF BOSTON ca.-,lem 8. FALL RIVER THEATRES CORPORATION 2I4 Harvard Ave., Bos'Ion, MA O2 I 34 I6I7I 232 I400 QQ I1 Q1 OWU Ox I'IOIr Design 20941 Comm Ave OI7O Auburndole, Moss Showmul niiy Bank Thomas l. Henderson Branch Officer SHAWMUT COMMUNITY BANK, N.A. 35 Ausfin S'rree+, New+onville, MassachuseH's, Tel.: 244-7580 1. ,X I 3 A .ln 1 Q Annn ,. M l :Q - X SALONS Besl' Wishes +o lhe Class of l980 308 Walnuf Sfreel Newfonvllle, MA 527-7343 THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY Esxlablished l885 Roberl M. Levnne, B.S., Reg. Pharm. 349 Auburn Sfreel Auburndale, MassachuseHs Phone 244-2794 Ren+al and Sales on Cru+ches, Canes, Wheel Cheers, Wallcers and Hospifal Equipmenl' :za I-clogs Phone 527-4I I0-4I I I I III if 24 Hour Tow Service and Repairs 527'OOI3 527-9073 Meat Specialists 547 Commonwealth Avenue 1354 wsSmng+on s+ree+, wen Newton, MA 02 I ss Ne"'f0" Ce""'e- Mm- 02 ' 59 Hy and Harry, Props. 1 . .4 , J- i . ff ,el . 4. I , ' if-,, - . ' 1i3.v',4f-4' -j.-, 4 -fgjggifefzss' - rf r 1 Y- J: h .K .,,,,8 . ' . I-5?,t'g""',,.-: 0 ' vI',,.g' . ,.- - "fy, - If . , - .L " I "J, Ji L q,s'5'f .g.- ,.--., . o .-. ,s f.- . I , K' ., s., ,AJP , 1 v- .fi .W ii' A it i 2 X 1 Emu iinvesi nnrrs ' if To rfb A- A, I ,W :INV 1 . M , J, gg Q P4329 fi! 4 In ' f " 'fi ,f IQ .I I e2e2e1'5,x .Ingles 1 15351 I ni? U 11 1:sz.,i1.1m1,.i,h1,1I2 A Rainbow of Arts and Crafts Supplies, Colors, Ideas and lntormation 863 Washington Street Newtonville, Mass. Phone 521-1206 X I f Tel. 926-8I00 N Z Catherine E. Hinds -- e President T. W. Anderson Jeweler Newton Four Cornersl965-4930 Mercantile Whart!723-60I0 Salem!745-4455 Creative Malce-up Placenta Products Therapeutic Skin Care - 'A-if-3"-""' 1 A G9 3 'z . L! V ... Qfv ,, f .fi I ' I . . M ,. JN E .s 4. 4 'V' . ,o 'N PHARMACY JOHN B. ROMANOWSKI, REG. PH. 416 WATERTOWN ST. NEWTON, MASS. TEL. 527-2310 Watch Repairing Tel. 244- l498 52714333 PROVIZEITS DELICATESSEN Since 1936 mf 6' 'W 153 Newton's Oldest Quality Delicatessen L ' "4 K IIIfUUIIIi""5llUUIIIUII FIIIS ' " 549 Commonwealth Ave. Ben WIiI+eS+One Newion Cemire 329 Auburn St. Auburndale, Mass. 02 I 66 256 Congra'ruIa+ions +o Ihe Class of I98O f .S From a Fruend Phone: 527-9670 244- 3 740 wx JOHN'S HAIR FASHIONS 3 I 5 Walnui' S+re 'r New+onviIIe, Mass 02I60 MALVINA'S ANTIQUES 283 Auburn S+ eef New+on, Mass. 02 I66 244-927I Shop: 964-93 I9 OCCASIONS PLUS INC Cards ' Sfdionery ' Gif? W p C dl Pa Goods ' Books ' S I S Besf Wishes rw W I f 'IO II16 Class of N W1 H gh' d MA 02l6l NEWTON MEMORIAL ART CO. 732 WaInu+ Sfreei' New+on Cen+er, MA 02 I 59 BEACON SHELL STATION Service Is Our Business l6I7I 527-9595 964-Ol35 I099 Beacon S+. Eranlr Roberis Owner Newfon, MA 02I6l MuI+ipIe Lisfing Service EDSALL REAL ESTATE, INC. Sales, Ren+aIs, Appraisals I277 Waslwingion SI. Wesf Newfon, Mass. Realfors Jane? Edsall Nofary Public 527-3457 HARVCO ALLOYS Buyer of Silver - Gold Plafinum and Rare Me+aIs Immediaie Assay and Paymeni Coniaci Harvey Cohen 386 Waferiown S+. lbl 7l 965-2692 Newion, Mass. 02 I 58 ,sf 1' "S Tel. 244-236l A. J. HARRIS HARDWARE INC. I276 Washingion S+. Wes+ Nevdon, MA 02 I65 Q ILWQQWQ . MEN S AND WOMEN S SALON f For Appoinfmeni Call 527-9450 or Walk In 85 Union Sfreef Nevdon Cenfer, Mass. Picadilly Square Complimenis of FRIENDLY ICE CREAM SHOP 204 BoyIs+on S+ree'I' CI1es+nu+ Hill, Mass. 9' K QW! fifvw me .ifvmjnooi Ex? Www vvfw love ws, WMC Mow WM mfwsc 150 Dove wwf, Hfz,5crwCc9 CONGRATULATIQNS 'fo 'Uwe Claw of 'From 'Wm SLLYUOF C1055 COrvwv1H'+ fff-Sfxfxfl , 6 SPONSORS 'W M..w'?"" wi A' ,i ' V 'uw P ig WQII xl .. k. L Sw ICC! I af fi . 14551 ff' 3, xx. Y' Yx,,f "ia , l 5 I I n 4 W il 1 .3 I1 it Q Q Gtr ,, .pg 52 Q iso si, 'F X U 11 I. "f'-117' FN K-.N-of gots W? 14" VY? Q sf up I 1 if 51? 1 f x -...J-"""""' -4 I . ,,,,.... . 'N' ,,.....-w1...f mn., ,... ""-" , , ,,-.f,,,,- ' ...I , . -J 1 ff: fi U U1 1 1 I fl l s 2 , wp wg if 'ianlil' ' """-fu... ir., 4, L Rx -.- Xa ,Eg . x I ?"x The months and days are the travelers of eterriity The years that come arid go are also voyagersl A I too for years past have oeeri stirred bythe sight of a solitary cloud drifting with the wind to oeaseless thoughts of roaming. Matsou Basho 11644-16945 I' l' y . A 1 I , I l l. I. l l l l l it-sw i i -- . .meg f ix 'I iligfslfi , 'Sh Z' Tl-Il-ilzlz YEA!-ES IN REVIEW TALKIN' 'VSHIFRTS ' 15"'3jS5f'i'?1H. J - , ""'?,1gf51g, f ':' ' ':?i9?wk. 41' Qi' -ff "- 2 1, X -y.,.jg41:5fafM'?l39fir-fiqiz?-wifT'9fi"31'Q '-'T' ' :yi 1 BA if 7 - ' A ' ,' f ' , -.-,- 1'-'Vi wi -"SJ, lf ..S.4 1.-Ti J-ww-5yr1a, H- Rf: - . '4"fQL1iT?A'ffx"',1f.fQi.' ' .'-:U1?59qw'fY ' +A MQ!"f'Gf'v'g'1i.'v"W W fwmwwwaxw W.wwwwWwwww '- J .14 5341! A -. 'A 5933. , .-. I chin,.n,,g!Fgy5:4Yq'g,4Y+Jg,f,: "flff-X' V ,f'w2A: -V -w1c.g3Qg1,:- 4 A v J ' - 51" 'V fi "' V ':i?:i.."p11,. N N- .VL Q. '- ' 5 :R 'Zi' P? f,1.7,-"Wi , AW , .,, 'Q wg? H fm, My is ,vfyb w , Q4 'Ng' MZQM j' 5, wh nv. 1 f ,-"gpg-':v,X - SURVIVE 4 -1,14 .1 .qw h ' ' , ,M 4, :xlfjfr , ':zJfq5,hLQ,:-it -f '- ,w "r 'Q w 'M - fb A . f Aw- Qiigiff ig f " - af HW, -N Zagw . .x f J. .gg R J p .. 1 l jg' V -5' - v lx' lic.. ' 'Wei ' ,Q 17" ' -5 A: x W? f' A .3,,:,Qf5' ,Q V...-ap ,, " -1 'V ,N , ,Q .pg , M 211-1 2' V 'T ffl ' ff w sffefa Q 4 3 1 5' ' in an . , .- - X - yffw' "7 'X : H we 9' af, L. ' 1- , i ff? f 2 +f?!5w' H A ' . ' . pf,-: pw W' A 5 , S , ., " - ai-at - Sfifgf ' I . . - f- 'wr ':""' Y 5 S 11" , 'Q - ' U v. , V . sf .- I x ,? 7 4' ,, It . , W 0 SOLAR ENERGY U 'fs su ' Vfmfg aan: 5'4" 51? I Us if :ll D6 F 'E' Q 3262 .f-All ab ' ' 4 f Sgm-C 'fw 2 Ls.-f. , Q9-wL.q .LEED L.. iq fl '6- ' f, 7' 1' 1' ff Q5 5j'fug??sw,!5 5? fxpf-1-. '- M y Wm: Q gf 'M YI ' A M , l , ,g , . X , - I ur, Bl I J -if X a ' -- 0 "1 i .V f, ' Y' -Q gn ANS w-MQ I5 WN X aw SE A qx, Ts 4? SEN AT f -,Qi HEADLINEFZS Three Mile Island . Y W,- M i ,... 4 in qu SA Q n 3 ' gi' Test tube baby, Louise Brown .. 5 6 Q i K r ' . ,Zi l 5 2 , I JM JN I 'l at ' H, K rdf rx fr! L.. , , N 'X 5 ! if ' ' T T 3 wi , 1' W V 0 I, Pope John Paul II ,Z , .E i. wp: fm, A xx' IH ' 'x s l -. ' - + 'g ...... , Lb, we Blizzard of '78 ff ,aww P. - -ff' fi TTTNG 1 f Q LIMIT M jg Q 3 if li , i z M FIR ,J f A cu-from: T' 1 - T, i ,mn-of in 'HMV .." E M xg Q in warez ,T K ' fzfffg me ' .... ' Oil Crisis Hare Krishna King Tut 1 Yourbasxn' 7 , higli-livin2Div1nc , ' qi Lightguru E j became a LQS, X 1' 17 Q' LIIILCH. " Y 1 , A 1 'H ii ai ' ,I , ,i i 5 like " ' Death-pena lty victim Gary Gilmore Mass-murderer Son of Sam Sadat. Carter and Begin afier signing Peace Treaty 267 PEOPLE I M. ' f N' ---1 . L.. to ,. . .di A "1 .. 'X Q? 165 .z..mii"" l...f'--. The Bee Gees C-SPO John Travolta 1"'T'T 'EJ PH Farrah Fawcett Jimmy Carter Senator Edward Kennedy Levar Burton in "Roots" Steve Martin 'xii' 268 I 'Krng Kong" Pete Rose AULD LANG SYNE During the last three years the lives of many outstanding men and women came to an end. Among them were entertainers, politi- cians, athletes, and artists: people whose talents, achievements, and sense of goodwill helped enrich our lives and our world. Thurmon Munson: Star catcher for the New York Yankees who died tragically in an airplane crash in the early part of the summer of 1979. Elvis Presley: "The King" with his undulating pel- vis and rebel-like image changed the course of American rock and roll. Norman Rockwell: Famous artist who depicted small town America realistically and poignantly. wr x Bing Crosby: Legendary singer f burying these gave us so many "White Christmases." Arthur Fiedler: Boston Pop's grandfatherly con- ductor who will be remembered for his talent and vital contribution to the world music. -1- --- Joan Crawford: Matinee idol who projected and lived the role of the self-assured, unshakable contemporary woman. X Guy Lombardo: New Year's Eve will never be the same without band leader Guy Lombardo. Howard Hughes: The ultimate tycoon, aviator, and actor: Hughes will be remembered as the century's most conspicuous eccentric. xxx tg., I 'S - ,jf I Charlie Chaplin: As the "Little Tramp," Chaplin's more than 80 movies depicted the human strug- gle to maintain dignity against all odds with a combination of comedy and pathos. Nelson Rockefeller: Though a successful billio- naire senator from New York, and Vice President of the United States, Rockefeller died before achieving his one goal: The Presidency. Jimmy Durante: "Goodnight Mrs. Calabash, where ever you may be," Mao Tse-Tung: The colossal leader who inspired fundamental change for the Chinese people. Pope Paul VI: He fought against a changing soci- ety to maintain Christian standards, beliefs, and morals. Golda Meir: lsrael's Prime Minister remembered for her iron will and her struggle to attain peace in the Middle East. 'X 8 4 -4.3 Groucho Marx: Cigar smoking member of the famous Marx Brothers, Groucho brought laugh- ter into the lives of America. Hubert Humphrey: Small town politician who grew to be a senator, Vice President, and Presi- dential candidate and was known for his bound- less goodwill and optimism arid his successful advancements for the cause of Civil Rights. Karl Walenda: The unflappable founder and 1' f father of the "Flying Walendas", Karl plummet- ted to his death from the high wire. L Q 1 , if : .E W . sf ' ' H lr.-' "1 , A xi Q 1 i -i as X Q 2 ' Ka. it A ' 3- X' 8 5255. 1 " t ,, , X i " .... V L John Wayne: "The Duke" conveyed in his West- erns a singular breed of American: tough, mas- culine, and patriotic. TRENDS I 1 Stileho Heels Punk cut 4 ig' Zigi t h ,J y ? . ra r 'J iff 35 ra s ? Iii' , 1 3, H W ' .. ' 55 f .. , wif-' . a- JE m "I ' Q -if - . -Q , az no I V V ' VL, " F :Q x iao 3. ,Wa :N 3 5' ' f U nov 'f r s ' 2 ' "- Ja' is r 1 - o I - " w rr- r b -'. - ia, - . ' W ' , r', ..- Disco Wear Pet Rock Annie Hall Cornrows and braids X- . I, '-5' I 552 I X r f- : ' 'ily QI! A is -1bff'4'i. f ' , it 3 Backpack Bug Mac fo, 3- Li ,il A Q if - sf' Q ,ay 270 Fmnmng Shoes "Star Wars" button Clones Roller Skates l i Y i i i J, 4 l A is for "Animal House," Asbestos, Atomic Power, and Adidas 7 B l is for Baggy Jeans, Billy Carter, "Bad Girls", and Boat People C is for Conehead, Cults, Clones, and Cambodia D is for Devo, Disco, Dracula, and Docksiders E is for Elvis, Equal Rights, Espadrilles, and the Eck E F is for Frisbees, "the Freak," First Night, and the Fonz I G is for Gnomes, the Grateful Dead, "Good-buddy", and Gas lines H is for Hare Krishna, Havlicek, the Hulk, and Hang-gliding l is for Iran, Indira Ghandi, lzods, and "interiors" J is for Jimmy Carter, Jonestown, Jogging, and "Jaws" i K is for Khomeini, Kunta Kinte, Khakis, and the Kinks L is for Lynyrd Skynyrd, Lasor Magic, L.L. Bean, and Louise Lasser M is for Mr. Bill, Molly Hatchet, Meditation, and Mopeds l N is for Nuclear Power, Nikes, and Nicaragua. ' O is for the Oil crisis, the Outlaws, and the Ozone Layer. l , P is for Punk, Pin-up Posters, Pele, and Pina Coladas l Q is for Ouadrophenia il' R is for Red Sox, Rainbows, Rollerskating, and the Rocky Horror Picture Show , S is for Skateboarding, Solar Energy, Sequels, ans Sassoon l l T is for Test Tube Babies, Talking Heads, and Terrorism li U l ll V is for Uganda, "Upstairs Downstairs", and the United Nations is for Ventilation, Van Halen, and Vibes , W is for Woodstock ll, The Who, Wave-lengths, and "Wild and Crazy" T X isfor...hmmm... Y is for Yippies, Neil Young, and Yaz l Z is for Zimbabwe-i, and Zimmer. 1" li M1 i E 5 S 352 X , I 1 4 vu 5 f U iw , v fl .1 . ,,, Fw ' " f 'a It yt? 'Fl

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