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,Li 4 C- .- , WK - - - -I Y , n 4 -... , ,. ' -if Y '- Jhiftrwvfpnbp- . , . I L rf ,n 0 . ' - --'- -'L ,.- ,f -.: -,Q CC VL, - .. vo- ,' . '-sl f pf I Q-ini -'2' . , Y 1 u f cw-, -- ,., , '1 'f '1 QM'-L' .,--. L. 1 rr- a 1 1 ' l L ,,,,... A -... -.L ng ., Q J 4. V ' 3-r.',4nL-.4 f. :jf J V 1 .0 ...- -fif- ---F, I' " f.---gg-, -,,, ..4.-...v 4. 1. "" NEWTON FREE LIBRARY NEWTON, MASS. Open Campus "Open Campus is our right," said one Newton North student. "It's hard to imagine Newton North High School without a movie or discussion going on in the Film Lecture Hall." Open Campus allows students to plan their own free periods. They can choose to do homework for their next class, have a conference with a teacher, watch a movie, listen to a visiting speaker, go to Newtonville for a sub, or just sit on the library steps and talk with their friends. Along with the freedom Open Campus offers comes the students' responsibility of disciplining themselves. They must learn to manage their free time so that after graduating from Newton North they can easily adapt to an unstructured environ- ment. The program has greatly expanded since it began eight years ago. Students enjoy the liberties it offers them and work for Open Campus' continued success. T' NEVVTQNIAN 1978 NEWTON NQRTH HIGH SCHQOL Lowell A N t ville,Masa. VQFIUQ 02160 TABLE OF CQNTENTS DEPARTMENTS ART 84 THEATRE CLUBS SPORTS SENIORS ADS 0 fx gn -f M.: 40 p6,,.,vf' in ,MS V' ., V ,W-'H' 4.1 ..,.,. ,Wm-4 f-W 'iff " if I .4,?y'a',v',,.,w,,,nl" ..' My F,.iJ'w, X ' 1-ff" ,, v f A "' .1 . +1 , -,Q v ,,,.- - y,.M,a WV, V , . ,,..w0'V ' . gif: . . b W " A' lf um- -J" ' ' fin' .Q , , . N ,, in :YW Q, ,- wr. Q. H 'rf'i7f:mM,z,f?""'5 S' -' lg' W ' vw' h .,., -V "uv-M.. M' 1-ff'f,1-'f't"' i M, ,,, ..,.,.,-ff N. BA iff 'W' vm fl' l Wi Rxleg W1 ggi? , QOOGOO' ff M 4 fif N 3' f X LE 5 gg K1 3 KM W ff EL 1 -,J-,J , 8 mow WHAT T0 "D0- gf' ' iii-Q --3 x G 2:65 ,J fi f JO E 6 M, 0 l f N0 2 , 0 QM X Y' f I Richard Mechem, Principal In january of 1977, Mr. Mechem took his first leave of absence from the high school. The New England Association of Schools and Colleges, contracted by the State Department to organize a project reviewing the operation of the overseas American schools, appointed Mr. Mechem as director. After accepting the job, Mr. Mechem spent two weeks planning the trip and an additional four weeks visiting the State Department in Washington D.C. and other offices in the United States that support the overseas schools. He flew to Europe, for a period of three and one-half weeks, travelling through Stockholm, Moscow, Belgrade, Rome, Madrid and London. When he was not observing schools, he toured through the cities and saw many famous sights. Within four weeks after his return to the United States, he had written up and submitted the final report of the project to the State Department. Upon re-entering NNHS for the 1977-1978 year, Mr. Mechem felt refreshed and happy to be back. 10 Atwood P. Dunham, Assistant to the Principal Atwood P. Dunham, North's assistant to the print ipal, is gener- ally said to have "the worst job in the whole school." He is the man most responsible for the day to day running of Newton North. His numerous responsibilities include: scheduling, transporta- tion, field trips, the Daily Bulletin, special schedules, senior fai- lures, visitors, a sophomore math class, school public relations, emergencies, and verification of the MPA. He also helps with Graduation and the closing of school, registration, cafeteria supervision, and the compiling of the school course booklet "Opportunities" Mr. Dunham's biggest accomplishment this year was the in- stitution of Rainbow Scheduling, a system acknowledged by all to be a great improvement over the former system of computer scheduling. Fortunately, lvtr. Dunham's background and experience pre- pared him well for the manifold responsibilities and computer work involved in his job. Born in Brockton, he attended Phillips Andover Academy and Wesleyan University, then went to Boston University for his Masters Degree, and back to Wesleyan for a certificate of advanced study in mathematics. He came to Newton North fourteen years ago, and taught for six years before becom- ing assistant to the principal. As for the future, when he has time to think about it, Mr. Dunham plans to continue in administrative work for some time and then perhaps to finish his career by returning to the class- room. 'ig Dan Malia Director Technical Vocational Patrick Nicholas, Assistant Director Technical-Vocational 11 Secretaries T01 .- 5 fx q I ui, -, YY ,.4 ts 5 s ' r Flo Turner Meg Conolly Eugenia Copeland Marie Danker fix fl! I 5 v,'vP' l 2 'ff' x x ,-'hm X0 Marie Esposito Ruth Ginsberg ff Q, T In Elaine Kell Ann Kelleher 4 A r Mary Miskella Margaret Sadler yn-v-er-.-a Sylvia Golub Frances Goodman Elizabeth Lindy Elsie McDermott Nancy Turner Celestine Saleebv Housemasters Gail Stei 'Q' ,, " 'nr ' V ' 'll nl n- Ig' T . fled? Z ilk?" i tt i n, Barry House john Milne, Actin g Housemaster Beals Richard Adams, Beals House W 7 I 'B x . ' 1 , ar Nt 1 I I rY!.'l" - 'K Q. 's 'a'. L Norman Gaudet, Adams House Michael Cradone, Palmer House 1 Q Q IN' ,Q ff F' 5 s ,xl Edwin Fraktman, Riley House ., me lan-X i H! Is. 'FIR d 1 Helen Ryan, Bacon House House Secretaries 15. 311' T Q 1 ,.,, 1 1' Q C I it f f N ef'-x 2 .I 1 JN V l Marne ixennx Selma Lamkin Esther Aronson . X .J I 1 - -L 4 .as r ' x s N i Katherine DrRusso Florence Festinger Florence Taplin f , . .Z , A -.x Helen Leone Marge Ruggero Cecilia Adams - 5 ' A W. I 74 f pals si Edith Raymond Patricia Caira Winifred Geiger lvlurra Road if i fi 'if f . 'l Murray Road is based on a radical philosphy of education. lt's a school not run by "them," obscured figures in the sys- tem, but by "us," the students and teachers currently in- volved in the school. ln general meetings, where everyone has an equal voice, the year's schedule, class choices and other decisions affect- ing the vvhole school are discussed and decided. Within classes, curriculum is planned and implemented by students and teachers. This includes choosing books, leading discus- sions, assigning homework and planning field-trips. At the end of each term, students write evaluations of their progress within each class, their personal effect on the class as well as the class itself. There are no grades. Instead, these evaluations coupled with teacher evaluations help to give an in-depth picture of the student. Learning to work with people like and unlike oneself, as this process demands, is one of the most exciting and chal-' lenging elements of Murray Road. ln addition, though 68 students and 6 teachers may sound like a small number, in reality, 74 individuals present a large and diverse group of people. 4-HP" Does this sound Utopian? At Murray Road the emphasis is on people, and, since human beings are not perfect neither is Murray Road. We have our problems, although at Murray Road students and teachers work together in an effort to help everyone discover and meet his own goals. Students and teachers are also encouraged to initiate change within the school. This year Murray Road had a new structure call Focus. This change was developed by students and adapted by the school. During the afternoons, the school divided into focus groups in which each concentrated on one topic and studied it in many different ways. The structure of Focus allowed for use of community resources that included many speakers and field-trips. One focus group created this year studied politics and law. One student, on a related project, spoke to the governor who then decided to establish Dec. 6, 1977 as Murray Road Day. This was in recognition of Murray Road as the longest- running public alternative school in the country. 18 fws tw - . 'NQ Q xgui S C! 'Z-1 'i 'x M' A' . 5, -s " 'L ish X 41 I ' 1 .v!Y K fi ' 4 4---- I, .v ,. 4 V, H- . an . 4 ' . 5 1 I if -- 'Q' nf x 'Q Y f 1 r X E TRANSITIO The senior year is one of transition for the student. lt is in this year that he moves from the relatively sheltered life of an ado- lescent, a member of a family and a high-school student, to the world of adulthood, independence, and work or higher educa- tion. Each of these roles will make much greater demands upon his ability to make productive decisions and upon his assump- tion of personal responsibility. Transition, Newton North's alternative senior program, was designed to help students learn "experientially," to help them develop a sense of responsibility and to enable them to deal with problems through direct experience, at the same time that they continue to learn academically. During the first semester, Transition students spent every A and B block in the Transition room, 4692, with the two Transi- tion founders teachers, Mike Morris and Ron Boucher. Most of the time was spent in group meetings, in which students shared experiences, discussed various aspects of sociology, psychol- ogy and history, and generally prepared themselves forthe trials and challenges of the second semester. Transition is almost exclusively funded by the students in the program. ln order to raise these funds, Transition students orga- nized several profitable fund-raising programs, including a flea-market and the now traditional Transition store on Main Street. This year the students organized a Political Action com- mittee, to make Transition a cohesive force in the crucial School Committee elections. The second semester, in which the students were involved full-time in Transition, was divided into four modules, each a month long: the Social Service module, the Urban module, the Occupation module, and the Wilderness module. During the Social Service module, students spent their time working for such organizations as the Medford State Hospital for the mentally ill, OXFAM-World Hunger. the Cambridge Head Start Program and Mass. Advocacy. Although they had to work within the general framework of Social Service, students were free to choose the type of service and the organization that most interested them. The Urban module consisted of supervised field experience in the city of Boston. lt helped the students to understand cities, 20 the relationship between them and their suburbs, the workings of their governments, the interrelationships of their "parts", and their value as cultural and esthetic entities. Since many students will probably spend the majority of their lives in urban areas, such training is truly invaluable. The Occupation module helped bring into focus what most students realize only vaguely, that one of the most important functions of education is to prepare the student for his future occupation. During the Occupation module, students chose occupations that interested them and gained first-hand knowl- edge of these fields through actual work experience. Students chose occupational areas as disparate as farming, journalism, carpentry and college-level teaching. The culmination of the Transition year was the Wilderness module, a twelve day trip through the Allegash Wilderness in Northern Maine. The students underwent extensive training to prepare for an expedition that included canoe-skills, training at Walden Pond, and camping skills training at the Blue Hills. Transition students also prepared for the voyage by going on numerous smaller trips throughout the year, such as a survival weekend on a Cape Cod island and a winter hike on Plum Island. The Wilderness trip was designed, among other things, to help students appreciate the glory and the majesty of the wilderness. It helped the individual students to increase his self-confidence and sense of personal worth by confronting cir- cumstances in which he had to deal with his own strengths and weaknesses in order to accomplish crucial tasks and overcome obstacles. In the four years since its inception, Transition has become a well established part ofthe Newton North program. It has given students an opportunity to escape from the stagnation of Senior life into the warmth and excitement of group "meshing" and personal challenge. This year's Transition students declare that the program has provided them with one of the most rewarding, beneficial and educational experiences of their lives.TranSiIiOn reflects well the flexibility and the brand of realistic idealism that marks Newton North, the enthusiasm and vigor of its stu- dents, and the creativity, organizational powers and the vision of its teachers. L '7 1.4. 4 lm TJ? R. x .rf-'- vi -a gf? ,pm . . my sly' II' .- 1 ,I ?'. Q I ,ld X UU S117 Y v fam' J KU t we Enghsh ., 4 V , t 4 , :'- - Q. Y . ffm ' ..A. V ' 4 . 1 s AA. Lori Borden Don Burroughs -v ? F -f ' Q4 31 f ,, .W-, Y. ,gn ,,, , , ., .. f '-Qt, QT? ,gf .LA ,4, Stan Bornstein Peter Capodilupo Tom DePeter Robert Dephoure Inez Dover ohn bw Beth Goldman Shirley Guignard Alison Hill 'B' F ,571-'H' KV Marilyn Hubbard Ron Ingalls Barbara Killion Lynn Montague - ff ,Vie-+"' l K M. H X 'Q FM' Q if X Ellen Moore David Outerbridge Mike Papa Anna Radzukinis ' 'SE .Ki Q , Q 5 ,ff I joe Rigali Lynn Rossman Miriam Sargon Tom Shaefer Ann Serafin Helen Smith Barbara Streilbert Margaret Tavitian Al Sheila Tierney Norm Walker Burt Wiener Nancy Zimmett Language ,J , A.--wS""'Pf2 " '- ' 4 Y-M3185 A-4 Dick Clark Esther Cohen wq fx 'V 4 . 4137 is 1 Effie. - i': 'EW' ' 4 .N 'ki ' a ri , "if exif " is, ,M 1 Mary Waters, department head Virginia Cox 'xii i1ll""" , . N re' i L' .. , W Y -4 ATX js john D'Agnese Franklin Davis lean Degnon ge V " Ciaire Fenn X fTaifJ- 1 L ll Q Bernie Flanagan Hilda Karp 2 Ty ' , ..,...... ,...V....-......,....,,.-v...-.. .. i I Q vang Q ee Helen Mancini Miriam Meyer C i' in 'ilu -we William Paul David Phelan Helen Saunders In M91 Mum Russell Steinert loan Steinmuller Carmine Trubino Maria Vallone Lucien Weisbrod Marlene Yesley Mathematics Mary Sapienza, Department Head Ronald Barndt 'E 4- N: X-X t kxkx , 1 LQ U ' Q - A ' H i e 'Q are ff 1 uavbfjr I 4 ,x-f Philip Bowman Chas Broming Richard Burke --11? :SX K.. -JY Ni Williams Burns Annette Carpenter Marilyn Donlan i Marjorie Flanagan Meredith Ghattas Esme Green 17 Lanii f gwfgff? Q. A , t,, 517- 2. Q 4,,., - l'f'r , of 'lifll 4' ,1 1 4 Ifp , 'v'f'11,si , 1' ', l,P'glI.2-1 r yrf' 1 Q ,W J "-o0"'.'.l .. lo, tif? 'Kiel .. . , Ina Heafitz jo-Ellen Hillyer Kathleen Hollowell it , afar W.. Ellen Levitt Dick Mackler Peter Martin 'P Lucy Rakov jimmy Schreider jack Shapiro Q-Q1 li 1 4' t ' , ,'Q,.9,,l, , , -, 30,1 3: 4 o , 1. qv- - .. f, 'cf' - 'f 'af I ' 5 01-12.12 ,, 1, lllfq Q fp llsnfr' 1 , !'-,"""lln f ' I ' Paul Shapiro Flo Solomont Ray Stephens , A 1.' ,., 4 . Nxt!- ..Q A f.J""" Science 'QC' AX L Qfv Stuart Rist, Department Head Gretchen Ainley lean Alfano -'-f wutv ,-,vnu -...J 1 ia David Belmarsh Frank D'Agostino Ruth Fernandez n-din. 14" 1 ,,-. David Geikie Debbie Cerstein Virginia Ghattas . 'Eli l N , X s H x 'I lf N 'Q95 George Hahn lack Hankin Barry Howland . ,,,i' 'G ,,. -L f 1, a I I ty ,l ll ' i -iN"g Christopher jones Abby Kurnit George Martins i Uni .1 Z '1 lohn Milne Hazel Schroder Rachel Sheridan 'Q - , 1 , w - M M , ifffiiilf 113 ' 'iw '. N i WT l fn 'if 'Z ' H as M- i 5 if U ' 5 "lk ,pf ., K l'-9 ,. ' l l ll... ,f . gf, ,X ,fl lf' . X N ' i 1 "5 ,Lu-if., 1, 3 N. ' ' I N 1 . ,i f , , b 3 'life L, r- J, 2 5 'Qi f -, Pu . " yl 1 ' N. , l - ' ' g if A 4 fy f -K . X l x, 571 f 1 g N-Q. , 5 ji' QQ 3 L mm- I Fffmk Splllef Monty Wells Harold Wiper Social Studies N Ned Rossiter, Department Head Bill Ames lg john Amoroso Henry Bolter Ron Boucher fly if, - 4 E Y 1 B 4.322 Grainger Browning joe Connolly Don Crowley i-1 v-""" Nancy Dellmuth Paula Evans Scottie Guild Dee Handspicker jim johns Helen Kalivas lustine Kent-Uritam john Livingston I , Mike Morris june Namias iim' Roxanne Perlmutter Richard Reid X I ik I it 'Y- I " K .-156: RJ 'fr . Alan MaCDougaII - V X-3,1 Q. . 15 5' if ', -'11 , ' 0 1.25 if .--Ma +, , -Q 1,1-'a.'-. 7 55 ' , f me A ,Q QW. "raw 5 s if in 14 - Kit Ober Johanna Ross Ernie Wight 0 Business Vollin Welles, Department Head Virginia Altieri 7-QC? .I 1.1, Mildred Caram Mary Machokos john Meyer 636' Anna Nolan Libby Resnick Irene Roman Armando Rossi Rudolphe Satlak 3., :J 2 ov,'1'Y"fYT. . 'if Physical Education ,wi lim Ronayne, Department Head julia Cradle in I - S., Ruth Frazier g,.,,, c Maureen Enos F ,, , sv, SA V r ' . rf' , I Linwood Catley George Jessup Pam jones Ben Merritt Colleen Lynch rf' Tom Williams ff .- 'Qt .. , Richard Marshall Art . WA ,ix - ' Q .iii I f 6 'Q' ' 1 , V b' ' 1 4 s n f . .1 4' Y l Aki? .jr 1 , , Davida Movitz, Department Head Erika Chisolm Beryl Higging jeff Silverthorne Music Q. IPL' .' JL im Raw Smith, Department Head Rick Benjamin Gary Good Saul Stern o -HV. W ,,.g-fl Counselors Robert Delulio, Department Head Larry Allen Roberta Black 115,1- :bba- 9 t, 14 if Q? 1 Michael Bower Rosemary Colson 1-. Beverly Logan N Peter Mackie lay Snape Archibald Stark Sam Grainger Robert jackson s fm-+1 Maureen Prokopy Dorinthe Sacks Mildred Williams Anne Wolf Library f --' A v Edward Beatty, Department Head Robert Duggan ae- qu .-X Belle Gilbert Mabel Greeley Beverly Hurney I If 0--F-f V I 3 i' , ' AC'- Cloria laffe Dorothea Nabseth lohn Scanlon nu 13 Career Guidance Home Economics Driver's Education wkl' gne: A '- Pi 17 Ann Caggiano Sara Danziger Myra Trachtenberg Kathleen Henighan William O'Neil Carolyn Woodbury 'kfxxx if E v i Norman Swerling Ed Weigr 37 0' I Ll FSGS Margaret Burke Mary Gorman Learning Disabilities ,4 4: if in-1 Liz Cornell Clara Friedman janet Ginsberg Winifred Green Tobe Marshall Charlotte Mason Marion Pruslin ludith Rosenthal Special Charles Brinton Bob Chalmers 6,1 I- Q an ., Q EF., N , . A , 'Ns "Sw of-s sift Noman Katz Donna Haydon Richard Scherr Ken Tempkin Hearing Impaired Program Bello Ellen BeTnStell'l Gloria Bgfngtein john Carroll Margaret Flaherty Fred Horan Betty Ann prgnz ,O 11 Q Technical- t Vocational J e e "5 5" L 5 ---' --.ef 255' 55" 1 323745: ff: 9 15 221 . ' L 1 . L Patrick Nicolas, Department Head Louis Campbell axis Frank Cionti Charles Day Al DiPoli c A , ,A .fl E .19 ' "iiL.Q,,,m4 ' - A ,111 William Doherty Stan Cardner Gerald Hegarty .ws Charles MacLeod Ward Manghue Paul Moore f 5 A, john O'Connell William Parmenter - K ggpsg Anthony Penta Ernest Reppucci joseph Ryan la-Saga "'-wr Edward Sahagian Charles Stevens james Sullivan Charles Texeira Sam Visco Stanley Wolaszek V X .LL1 Vi Lb W7 ' A 1-vii , Hg- els me ga fl M 1 ' M 'V 'QF' ,fn A ff? 14' P Mm!"5?! E 5' E i 43 1-" 'I i 1 li3cn.i. -CE -A7 c T S .ini-L..-1 vv""" 'rl .1 A 'ms 'Si xv? 1 Ms Lui ei fi 5. 45 'QQ S "iY E' f'f3 ' 1-4- 5 vc "Ns V. .4 1 -16 - . N A " 5' I " I M ' ,V ! 4 : " 1' 5' 'A : 'I -f Q : + s l - ,, xy. f - 1 ' . R fr ' A I ' ' A ' s " f ' ' - 0 . 2 0 -5- " ' i . S' 2 1 N dw. ...f k , 4 LA.-.,,,,. -mud ' ' x l ,, ...ff " "" 2-,,,,....---f .f 3 l 1 "" ' ,. 2 Xlx 1. , iw" ff W 47 'x MQ XT, xiii k W G J by ' 'U ' 3 5 -ff -v iff TW x X .-'gf-f , C39 .N b QI X C523 WK H 'X i Xx fb?V13X,g 1 7 G f M W W f X A 17 Qviyff ff Jbygj J, X' my K M552 , I lffgfg-' Y Q1 m X Q5 7 wb. ,,,...d C: J! if 1 4,-f :,,,-ff- RTS E 'fl x-"x'4r' S A ,D ggfifxx I g X5 xv N X X, 4 1 ff f J, 5 x' and 1 V 2, 1 .,-f-" ' X M- .v '- "' I WlW' TH EHTRE The Shakespearean Players' performance of The Crucible was one of the best plays ever presented at NNHS. Produced by stu- dent Michael Kharfen and directed by English teacher, Tom DePe- ter, the play captivatingly drew the audience into the lives of the people of Salem. Terrified and paralyzed by the powers of the bewitching Abigail Williams, played by Katy Powell, and the wrath of Reverend Samuel Parris, played by Michael Kharfen, the audience could only watch as the good name of Elizabeth Proctor, played by Elizabeth McNary, and john Proctor, played by Philip wolf, was slowly destroyed. When Mary Warren, played by Lucia Sanchez, testified that the dancing and chanting of the girls in the woods "was only a pre- tense," hope was restored. But it was abandoned again when Mary "changed her mind" and swore that john Proctor had forced her to testify so that his wife would not be condemned as a witch. The obstinate Deputy Governor Danforth, played by Scott Re- illy, refused to be swayed by the pleas of Reverend john Hale, played by Dan Coggins, and the audience left in tears as john Proctor was unjustly accused of and hung for selling his soul to the devil. 51 FANNY ,Z fr I S v-Q 1 K O 'L This year's school musical, Fanny, was one a little less known than those performed before. Both a tomedy and love story in one, it kept the audience going from side-splitting laughter lo tears. When Marius, played by Chris Giron, chooses between his love for Fanny and his desire to go to sea, Fanny, played by Felicia Sanchez, is left behind, heartbroken. She soon discovers that not only did Marius abandon her, but he left her pregnant. Fanny's mother, Honorine, played by Lisa Stone, tells here that the only solution is to marry Panisse, a rich busi- nessman played by Peter Atlas. Panisse is quite willing to marry Fanny, especially when he dis- covers that she is pregnant and in marrying her he will finally have the son he has always wanted. Marius' father, Cesar, played by lim Kaufman, vehemently op- poses the marriage, having wanted Fanny to marry Marius. When Panisse tells Cesar that he and Fanny are going to have a baby and "a seven month baby at that," Cesar realizes the situation Marius has left Fanny in and tells her he will send for him. Fanny's hopes are dashed when Panisse agrees to name the baby after Cesar if Cesar will forget about sending for Marius. On the baby's first birthday Marius returns. He tells Fanny he was mistaken. The sea was not his true love, while he was away he only thought of her. Fanny is torn between her love for Marius and her desire to protect the welfare of the baby. Cesar discovers them together and turns Marius out. The years pass and Cesario, played by Pam Caslowitz, develops a yearning for the sea and with the help of the admiral, played by Michael Kharfen, who drew Marius to sea, Cesario sneaks away to see Marius and tries to convince Marius to take him to sea. When Panisse discovers his son gone he has a heart attack. He is on his death bed when Marius brings Cesario home. Before dying, Panisse has Cesar write a letter to Marius in which he tells Marius to marry Fanny and to take care of his child. R. l 1 ' I .Ji -. l ,V K .Lf ef'- H M Q I 7 f if V X 1 1 X' xx X L Qu. is STQRY THEATRE Crows, fish, geese and wolves flocked about the Lit- tle Theater lanuary 26, 27 and 28 when a cast of 19 acted out and improvised "Story Theatre," a play by Paul Sills. The play, written by the son of the creator of improvisation, was dicected by teacher Tom DePeter and produced by senior Michael Kharfen. "Story Theatre" was unlike any other play performed at North. The cast took turns acting out eleven children's tales such as "Henny Penny," "The Fisherman and His Wife" and "Rumpelstilskin." The play demanded much from the actors who were on stage singing, acting, and producing sound effects throughout the entire play. "Story Theatre" was a test of each actor's ability to act and improvise and each gave an entertaining and outstanding performance. The TNQ, Eff 1 li cast members were: Peter Atlas, Linda Berman, Debby Boskin, Adam Chinitz, Dan Coggins, Tom DePeter, james Dolbear, Chris Giron, Roxanne Gobach, Michael Kharfen, Elizabeth McNary, Katy Powell, Billy Ryan, Lucia Sanchez, Lisa Shatz, Lisa Stone, Qlga Sucu, Steven Weingarten and Phillip Wolf. Susan San- ders did the lighting. ',,.vC-4 I . 4 'J 1 K .S. VOCALISTS 4. The 42 students lucky enough to be accepted into The Family Singers -the group generally acknowledged to be a collection of the finest singers in the school- were also lucky enough to enjoy a year of highly successful concerts, tours, and other choral activities. The year began with the Strauss Ball, where Family, Concert Choir and Brothers and Sisters sang and danced. Director and coor- dinator Raymond Smith organized several concerts throughout the school year, including Winterfest in March, during which the Con- cert Choir sang the famous Requiem by Maurice Durufle. The climax of the vocalist's year came in April, when they traveled to Baltimore and to Washington D.C. for a series of con- certs, and then were visited in turn by the Baltimore High School Choir. ln order to bring the group to the attention of future high school vocalists, the Family sang in several junior highs, enjoying the same success as they did at North and on their various concert tours. The Brothers and Sisters are to the Family what the Boston Pops are to the Boston Symphony Orchestra. Under the expert guidance and coaching of Saul Stern, arranger, conductor, and director ex- troardinaire, the singing and dancing pop music group completed another fun, successful year of concerts and tours. 58 .grape ' rv w P INSTRUMENTALISTS C There were two wind groups this year: Wind Ensemble, which plays specialized music, and Concert Band, which plays a more general repetoire. The orchestra was composed of approximately 75 players - 35 winds from the Wind Ensemble and 40 strings from the String Ensemble. The year opened with The Strauss Ball on November 9. The Concert Choir, Orchestra, Family Singers, and Sisters partici- pated in this tremendously successful evening. Music from the Strauss period was played, such as waltzes and polkas. On November 14, there was an instrumental evening, includ- ing the wind ensemble, the jazz ensemble, concert band and orchestra. Two solo concerts, one the evening of lanuary I8 and the 60 other on the afternoon of january 31, featured student soloists, the Wind Ensemble and the Orchestra. In March, there was a tour in Washington D.C. for the in- strumental groups. The tour gave concerts at various high schools en route. Also in March, the Winterfest took place. Newton North's orchestra and Concert Choir combined with South's orchestra and chorus to perform Durufle's Requiem. The year concluded with the Pops concert in May. This in- cluded all the music groups in combination with other art forms. On the whole, it was a tremendously successful year - one of the best ever experienced. T , x v r V -nf' Q' i l kg I ' . B! - ,4 N Q ff! 'Ox I" uw -. ,qva .- 'Q ,AJ -,I be n n 9' , -:QQJ 'lvl . 'ik 12 f'. 'ull i' ir gn' 5 'T 4 F7335 'V I! f "...'::: Q -1 9 Q R 31 W A ww O .1 5 IFN "51- fu lf" . if 'W Q fffffr' IFJ? V' Ili O 151111 6 if ogfoooo Q Q oO,3,:m' o 0 0 0' 5 Q 1 's Af ' 4 L 4' J Q 513-f fi O Q U Q 'pf J 1: goof? 0. K 1 1 H! I t bu y 5432.330 Q 1 1 1 ' K W, QM? G6 " I f 42 1 3 1 I 0 9 wg, N 0 01 1 Q 1 , I Wx ,gy Jo 1 11 1, Q 1 1., Q1 1 1 1 A if J Q I ' 1 'Obi 1ff '1 P1 m 0 1 1 ,ga 11141 70 D1 1' 9 I 03? 1 1 '1 F ?'5ir14E52'1- I f U H H 111111 fp 11 1Mf'1N1 Y N1 X .XX . 1 T 1 1 5 UV W 1 '1 X 1- f 1'1 1 11, A 531 1 41452253 -I M5111 "5E5b4fgf5f75 1 1 XY 1' H Uk N 1 1 5 19 X1 M g:Aph'Wa5!,?gZf5m 'mx 25' 1 I if I 1 I 1 ' ' 1 ..1111W'.-1.1 1 1 1 51111 V f 1 1 1 1 1 V1 X u, fi -, 6 11' K 11 1 1 E1 1 11 1 !M'W91fW1' ,W .1 1 ,SEN w N XY . 1 K - ' r 1 MMM Q '1 1 1 111i 7 . , S- , 1 Q Alayigxiwv 1159 2- f 1 1111 X1 1 1 111 fg ,ew22'a'15,w115114'4Ef,,,l- Q 1 1' 11 1 1 X' 1 X N! . -mx eg!3QVgg5ndAjlbg,f!py1rf, X 1 1, 'X qw' X 1 1 X Q, 1 V - ng5,4g1dll1M1,f' 99199 1 1. 1 1 1 1 1 111 1 '1QQ5W1N.4K ,f ll i 1 ' 1 X X 417354.39 "1 1 V 1 '1 1 1 1 1 1 1 RW X ' WW 1 A 1 1 1 1 M N X X X1 I ,ill .5 u gp 1 H1 I Q33 v 'ff' , N 0 uf ,,,, xia!i l g A ff tfl I 1. . ff , wff , ,gx 4 SIRJTEN an JG f L 66 Xxx! W 'F-3-'X-7. VJV XM W C1 lg I n 1 f VO X f bu UQ , if x Q y 45 DQ A ! 3 1 1' 0047330 Q f j ', s ' J' ' gg 0 I I :N Q F If-fr' Q 6 D7 I' f 0 ,Q Q I l 'XX "Th 449419 A Q P fi' p. '.f"' X W 7 4? my CbWf yizfpw 511NSf i ,mmf . A, my A A " ' 1 WXV 1 Xxx fm mms .rl X-M. x ' Y 1 W 1115339 fl ff' ' ff! Q!!! 1 X 9-"lx Q - 411114141 ff il: -if I Q 'Q 1 I f g0W2QM2f x1 wg" ' x , - ly 4f'4f I 3 ,.f5f!lgf 1':'. f fffi , 1 Q 9 ' I A gif iqptsav 1' 'if' ff W ,-, , Lf A if ,Lf f-. f-- ,SNP-. - ff' ""3li4f'5S'U29fig5:2i 'f f fl' Q f- -N I--f N Wf'i www. f , 5 I 31 'N A ' ' '71 ' N v Ev ,f, !f M ff! ! XV VUSXA J-fx QANK Xmvvxi X 'W N Q iizglwffx FNX Q ' K X XX X X X- ff? W 41, fZ2w2ff222i2Kff w wp 4 X X X f f 1:2 U MEX X XX X j X ff gg. K" ' W XX jf x Emfwfmf I L xl' X xll N K K W X!! fxmfv .fx W Eff X N f 5 Alt lth newmnitell 4 -.Q W ---- M...-- 7- -.Y ...-...--.. --- ' Q f P 4 G 7 1 5113 .D ,- , '!. 1 john Reichard l E Chris Nash, Nancy Vetstein, Helen Smith THE NEVVTONITE The Newtonite is the Newton North High School newspaper. The newspaper was founded in 1922 in order to cover all school related events and student opinions within our Newton North community. Among the Newtonite staff are the Editor-in-chief, Chris Nash and the Managing Editor, Nancy Vetstein. The four page-editors of the paper are john Reichard, News Editor, Philip Corcoran, News Analysis Editor, Carrie Bernstein, Feature Editor: and Charlie Slack, Sports Editor. 68 , . Phillip Corcoran The Editor-in-chief is elected by the entire Newtonite staff. Once elected, the Editor-in-chief chooses his four page-editors and the Managing Editor. The Newtonite, published ten times throughout the school year, is partially financed by Mr. Meche-m's Principal Fund which comes from the city. Advertising also contributes to the support of the paper. Hopefully, advertising will increase with greater circulation of the paper. The Newtonite is now distri- buted without charge to all Newton North High School Stu- dents. rf -A lil ' M, ,ff ix- , ., ., i . .X Z- J, V , i 5,53 -Ria., . .,.-, ' 1 , rf ' Q 'YK V ,.,g. latin. rd 2 f" 4, ,ti jT9 Ai f7,3'?1"l.lf 'X' ,fl I l 1 - I 1 .N Afqazg 1, if 9' if ,1 1 i'-"W ' , "I, ' ' 'l I Q' , lg, 5 ji I ,I .N 1 X K ,X u . ' 3 if Q' XX xy QPU -Mig.. wx ' I X 7 i ' ' - -'af K 191 ',1,i,,f7i' X 5.3. , lin ,'-X: '.-A.. ,I ,. ,..x Carrie Bernstein Charlie Slack Kevin Silver ff' 7' - il P ,, 0 in Il ,...-1 S. fi Vu V Q...-' 1,5 ll X - P 2 , 2 i 'sl K s s Kg .4 if .,-in N ' eigifir th' l . . - . e . . Spfw :X William Mandell Renee Antonellis lody Kravitz schmi i - Rio Sc :Ti 21 r -. L G I in in ix A I s fi W Sv O , .,- -....:,,,,. -. .. 2lf'l3'j.l'Qfl3- , A-u--Mi-y'Cfi5FYlEdBUI:gQE'S, mm' n I n 'W n Vlhaig' lie: riffs ,Q will T13 I V3 el i-il Sz 5,31 Q6 , , G llavvifwiin EKVVJ Y YS 7 l yy' Avvnwes - ffif' V ' if u HwQlf--'- i.H'IT 'f vufiwrfif A Eiwbmmdsla, Maui , .n 'sine QM' . MIM Paul McCarthy i 3. l , ia G mall ,,f' .,., ., '11 '5l Q 955. ,AJ Ken Tempkin annual' ,n '- l 1 F 1 , Il 1 Mid l K S i -A .nu-1 ,,-1 THO GHTPRINTS bn-f Front Row L to R Stan Bornstein, Anita Puzzenghero, Amy Silin, Pattie Suyemoto, Laura Martin Leah Pressman Linda Zigman Middle Row L to R Andrea Squires, Liz Offen, jessica Kovar, Clara Deser, Barbara Gordon, Kellie McHugh, Lois Graham Editor In Chief Back Row L to R Lorena Braudwine Barbara Kerr, Lauren Inker, David jacobs, Emily Newman, Michelle Kisliak, Karen Zuffante, Sheila Stanton HTHQUC-HTPRlNTS" "Thoughtprints" is a literaryfart magazine consisting of student sub- missions. The three publications of this year were in the months of December, April, and May. The staff is divided into two groups: art and literary. The Editor-in- Chief is Lois Graham. Key positions selected by Lois are Art Director, Leah Pressman, Literary Editor, lessi Kavarg Production Manager, Bar- bara Gordong Publicity Manager, Kellie McHugh, and Treasurer, Karen Zuffante. The "Thoughtprints" staff meets weekly to review each submission to the magazine. Voted upon by the staff, the piece is published if ac- cepted. If rejected, the piece is returned to the author or artist with an explanation for the rejection. A staff member meets with the author to offer constructive criticism. The piece may still be accepted with revi- sion. The technical production and publication are done in the school by the "Thoughtprints" staff. These operations include type-setting, paste- up, layout, and printing. All students are encouraged to submit creative work to "Thoughtprints"l 4 an ,,. 1 :MS ' z?" rf x 4,5- -0-'J Rf. W Wi -' " ft , me-+ 9.0 X8 , ,W 1 Swap., BICYCLE CLUB The Newton North Bicycle Club, with Pres- idents lon Fasmen and Mark Trafton, held var- ious bicycle trips throughout the Spring and Fall. The objective of the club was to work up to a hundred mile trip, starting from forty miles and gradually increasing the distance. The Bicycle Club held an overnight bicycle trip in the Spring. They also sponsored a tune-up clinic and an accessory swap. The Northeast- ern Bicycle association held races in which the Newton North Club members also partici- pated after having their own time trials. CHESS CLUB The Chess Club consisted of twelve mem- bers and combined the intellects of participat- ing sophomores, juniors and seniors. Regard- less of Chess expertise, participants played in tournaments against one another as vvell as in informal competitions against other schools. Perry Orent presided over the club's opera- tions along with Vice President lerry Green- berg and Secretary-Treasurer Phillip Hark. Elections for next year's officers were held in May. The Chess Club met weekly during x-2 block. THE OPERA CLUB Although the Opera Club has been in exis- tence at Newton North for over eleven years, this was the first year it had any members. Among the many productions staged were Or- pheus in the Underwear, Carmingia, Fido and Anneus, and the 17th century Latin classic, Lucer et Vannitas, by Amando B. Rekonwith. "The year has been very productive," said club advisor D. Giovanni. "The performances were spectacular," added club president B. Hilda. "I only wish someone had come to see them." The summer production of the club will be The Hair Stylist of Seville. '7i."'A"'- 0 L to R Peter Wilson, lon Gaines, Haoquan Tai, Ned Rossiter, Peter Sigenthaller, Cindy Carpenter, Keith Mahon, Carlos Santana, lon Fasman, Tim Cahill, Steven Schwartz. Missing: Mark Trafton. Wi . L to R jeffrey Chin, Phillip Hark, Paul Reynolds, Larry Weinfield, Emanuel Dertorossian, john McPherson, jerry Greenberg, Perry Orent, David Moolten. 9-9 Back Row L to R: Greg Herr, Anne Starr, Arlene Phalon, Caryn lohnson, Peter Atlas. Michelle Gauvreau, Danny Goldstone. Front Row L to R: jill Allen, Lauren lnker, Lisa Gradone, Sharon Goldstein. Front Row L to R Coach Lori Borden, President Carey Goldberg, Charlie Boyajian, Vice President Brenda Heller, Phillip Astone, Anthony Pahigian. Last Row L to R Chuck Vane- sian, Leigh Graham, Susannah Rosenfeld, Karen Smith, Greg Herr, Becky Levin, Sharon Goldstein, Dan Goldstone. Missing: Ricky Cohen, john Lane, Tim Caso. 'f-w.'42F2E':sl1:s na"-" . M- 1 f -as C935 FORENSICS SOCIETY The NNHS Forensics Society tfamiliarly known as the SpeechfDebate Clubj took a giant step forward this year towards establishing Newton North as a power to be reckoned with in the Massachusetts Forensics League. Under the leadership of coach Lori Borden, Presi- dent Carey Goldberg and Vice-President Brenda Hel- ler, the team succeeded in carrying off several trophies and awards from inter-league speech tournaments, in- cluding awards in such events as "Prose Reading," "Original Oratory," and "Extemporaneous Speaking." Due to the limitations of Work To Rule, the Newton North Debaters were unable to meet on a regular basis, however since most of them were Sophomores and juniors, the Debate program had great potential for next year. FOLK DANCE The Folk Dance club met every x-1 block in the Little Theater. President Peter Atlas guided the eighteen regular members. Others drifted in for a special workshop. Events included a jitterbug workshop, a contra and square dance session, a performance at the Music Depart- ment's International Night as well as many simple international folk dance classes. Fac- ulty advisors were Helen Saunders and Frank Spitzer. The club had expeditions to folk dances in the Boston-Cambridge area. The purpose of the club was to meet people and to have fun. Back Row L to R: Greg Herr, Anne Starr, Arlene Phalon, Caryn johnson, Peter Atlas, Michelle Gauvreau, Danny Goldstone. Front Row L to R: jill Allen, Lauren Inker, Lisa Gradone, Sharon Goldstein. D--...... ...,,, PSYCHOLOGY CLUB Maria Sirgo was the president of the Psychol- ogy Club. Events included a Christmas party for mentally retarded children, a trip to Equus and fund raising for the Cerebral Palsy tele- thon. There were fifteen regular members. Other activities were tutoring kids from North and volunteering at the Newton-Wellesley Hospital and at a school for retarded children. Faculty advisor was Roxanne Perlmutter. Front Row L to R: Mrs. Perlmutter, Kim Hoffman, Suzannah Rosenfield, jane Darviche. Back Row L to R: Sue jacobson, Helene Rudolph, M. Eugenia Sirgo, M. Olivido Sirgo. 73 The French Club members explored French culture while enjoying themselves. Co-Presidents Martine Culbertson, Nina Gleekman, and SecretaryfTreasurer Con- stance Martin along with faculty advisor Mr. Carmine Trubiano and the rest of the club members went to French restaurants and movies, had French pastry sales and participated in an International Night. The club's major event was its spring trip to France. Club members sold candy and gum to raise money for their two week trip. Other events included a trip to Para- gon Park, a bowl-a-thon, and a crepe- eating contest. The German Club was formed for stu- dents interested in going beyond the class- room in learning about Germany and its language. The club, with Gary Fai per- forming the presidential duties, began the year with a reception for foreign students in the International cafe. The club, under the guidance of faculty advisor Richard Clark, also had a cheese fondue night, a ski trip, a sail on a Windjammer, and a picnic on George's Island. Other club leaders were Vice-President Nancy McGarry, Treasurer Martine Culbertson, and co-secretaries Nina Gleekman and Valerie Bloom. 74 FRENCH CLUB 'YEL . l A is I , 3 A, 'gg I A it . ,t , '3 -xgsxijf . Q I .QV V 1 Front Ron L to R Mr. Trubiano, Laura Levine, Valerie Bloom, Martine Culbertson lCo-Presidentl, Nina Gleekman lCo-Presidentl, Chris Nexxes, Caroline lacobs, Amy Silin. Middle Row L to R: Dana Norris, laime Fields, Andrea Brown, Heidi Bronstein, Iessica Kubinsky, Paula Lozano. Back Row L to R: Aurelio MARIO, Roberta Hershon, Hilary Kassler, Ianet Schnee, Anne Tale, leanette May. GERMAN CLUB - lWiNCFlNfPll WleH'SI4ir.i CO 9 2 Front L to R: Martine Culbertson, Sylvia Kolenic, Arthur lackson. Last Row L to R: Keith Mahon, Nina Gleekman, Gary Fai, Lisa Abeles. Bernherd Stegherr. Marlese Mahan, Mr. Clark, Beckx Seltzer. Missing: Valerie Bloom. ITALIAN CLUB 'v --ww--Q-, 005 . Front L to R: Robert DeSousa, Mary Ann Baeringer, jack Daley, Ms. Vallone. Back L to R: Chrissy Cedrone, SPANISH CLUB N , s 1' QC- . I tg., ac I +I 3 .Q is . 1' Q 5 Q I-. 4 '-S. c"ura",P '-L ev, Front L to R: Shauna Kaplow, lecca Hopper. Middle L to R: Kathy McHugh, Karen Zuffante, lody Rubin, Laura Aronson. Last Row L to R: Lois Graham, Marcia Patterson, Anna Bechar, Leigh Graham, Kellie McHugh, Linda Blouin, Valerie Bloom. This year's Italian Club was advised by Maria Vallone. There were approximately 35 students in the club. Members enioyed a trip to Italy touring internationally known cities such as Rome, Florence and Pisa. Stationary and Italian pastry sales contributed to the club's trip. Adviser Maria Vallone remarked, "The basic pur- pose ofthe Italian Club is to enhance the Italian culture and to familarize students with the customs and traditions of con- temporary Italy." A formal banquet at the end of the year commended the members for their hard work. The Spanish Club immeasurably as- sisted Spanish-speaking students at New- ton North. Students who had difficulty with the English language often looked to a Spanish Club member for aid. Members also extended their helping hands to Span- ish students in the Boston schools. Club participants tutored English to the young students in the city. In the spring, the Span- ish Club participated in a Latin-American dinner festival which students and com- munity citizens attended. 75 Because of what we have marked as ris- ing anti-Soviet sentiment among the Fas- cists and decadent New-Capitalists of the school, our subcommittee for the Educa- tion and Information of the Public has de- emed it unwise to detail our activities at this time. The ministry of Education and Public Enlightment of the Russian Club has determined that our activities are not meant for public knowledge. Those right-minded individuals truly interested in our philosophy, aims, and highly effi- cient methods of reaching those aims, may address enquiries to: L. Brezhnev P O Box I RUSSIAN CLUB 4 .-1' The Kremlin Moscow, U.S.S.R. The Oriental Club is composed of stu- dents coming from Thailand, Korea, Hong Kong, japan, Iran and China who join to- gether to share their different cultural backgrounds. This year the Oriental Club, led by President C.I. Lee, opened the year with the Club's annual tea party. This was followed by several dinners in which the students demonstrated their culinary ex- pertise. Various dishes, such as white veg- etable with shrimp, fried scallops in soy sauce and baked Cee Bear were prepared and enjoyed by the members. After celeb- rating the first day of the Year of the Horse on February 7, the club participated in the International Night by demonstrating Oriental caligraphy and displaying cultral pieces of art. Front Row tL to RI: Anna Karenina, Natasha Rostov, Mixhail Baryshnikov. Back IL to RI: Ivan Groeny, Sergei Doe, Rudolph Nureyev, M. Mayakovsky, Pyotr Yevtushenko, Svetlana Stalin. ORIENTAL CLUB Qfflv ' " Front Row tL to Rl: Karen Rodman, leff Chin, Cary Fai, Bennett Chin, Peter Tsiang. Back Ron IL to RI: May Hung, Iody Rubin, Martha May. Mourala Meerapol, limmy Sonn. Missing: Hellen Kim. 'J X1 Front L to R: Charlene Wallace, Sue Rosen, Amelia Zaleman, Lindy Annis, jackie Cohen. Middle L to R: Beth Boates, Kitty jerome, Lauren Bufferd, Donna Richards, Amy Moller. Back L to R: Mr. Scherr, Chris Windborn, Andrea Lipman, Charlie Boyvjian, Mark Pistone, Lisa Stone, Stephen Cohen. , fi' m at.-, .' ei, ,FS- I L to R: Mr. Bolter, jimmy Antonellis, Dawn Wells, Danny Goldstone, Peter Shaver. fs? J V -W5 'P L to R: Mr. D'Agnese, Pam Kenney, Debbie Brezniak, Michael Darviche tmissing: Randi Reissj. OPEN CAMPUS HOMEROOM The Open Campus homeroom planned and coordinated the activities of the Open Campus program. Its members were juniors and seniors who met once a week during homeroom period on Wednesdays and occasionally after school. During the meetings the club members discussed new ideas and received weekly as- signments for carrying out the various pro- grams, such as movies and speakers, which Open Campus offers. SOPHOMORE CLASS Bringing the sophomore together into a more unified group has been a difficult job for Peter Shaver, this year's sophomore class pres- ident. "The transition into a new school should be smoother," says Shaver. He would like to see the sophomores become more in- volved in school activities. Shaver was quick to point out that the class needed money for next year and one of his major goals was to raise money. Shaver also worked to grant Open Campus rights to incoming sophomores during their first quarter at Newton North. jU IOR CLASS Mike Darviche, the junior Class President, felt his class had the most unity and participation seen in a junior class in a long time. Believing that academically the junior year is the tough- est, he wanted to provide the juniors with some diversions. Fund raising is very impor- tant to the class and they planned several events in which to raise money. This year the junior class tried to bring itself together into one big family: Mike feels that they suc- ceeded. 77 REX TRAILER CLUB Ei "' The Rex Trailer Club has North's few remaining cow- . boy worshippers as its members. When a f'yee-hah" is X heard along Main Street, it must be one of these rowdy boys, probably dressed in boots, Levi's, western shirts, vests, bandanas and that pride and joy -the cowboy hat. The group has considered selling toothpicks out- side the cafeteria - regular and mint. The club's ac- tivities include shoot-outs, parties, and concerts. They're a wild bunch of boys rumored to ride horses on city streets, to hike in the middle ofthe winter and to drive small foreign sports cars with their cowboy hats on. Here's the club with Rex at the studio. YR: Front row L to R: The Nebraskan Kid, Apache Willie Danko, Mean Mike, Sundance Steve. Second row L to R: Calamity lane, Badland Ben, Chris-Boy Nashly, Terrible Trafton, Mongol Mike, Spike. STAGE CREW The Stage Crew is responsible for constructing and producing all technical aspects of theater production. It is an excellent opportunity to experiment in many theater crafts including lighting design, set construction, costuming and sound. This year's Stage Crew, under the direction of Bill Ames, contributed greatly to the creativity and originality displayed in all theater productions put on at Newton North. They are looking forward to an even more successful year next year. Back Row L to R: Adam Chinitz, Paul Fritz, Paul Pichitti, Pam Cederlund, Anne Starr. Front Row L to R: Alison Edwards, Dean Bonis. EXPLORERS CLUB The Newton North High School Explorers Club, with Presidents lon Fasmen and Mark Trafton and Co-Chairperson Tim Cahill, is a joint outing club with Newton South High School. The club participated in various cross country ski trips, bicycle trips and hiking trips, visiting such places as Dartmouth, New Hampshire, Mt. Chicora and Miles Standish National Park. This, year the Explorers Club tried to bring the two high schools together by sponsoring various social activities as well as ', outdoor trips. lf" 1-4 L to R: Steven Schwartz, lon Fasman, Tim Cahill. x , 555' . 7 Front L to R: Rachel Alexander, Kate Green, Carol Abromowitz. Back L to R: Dan Kline, Rochelle Feldman, Sarah Fisher, Mr. Stuwart Rist - club advisor. i Mr. Ray Stephens rg ' y if L to R: Laura Bryan, Eleanor Ruggiero, joe Hershenson, Russell Greenberg, Mrs. Goldman tmissing: Nancy Spodick, Michael Smoller, Mark Chavous, Doug Perlowl. SKI CLUB The Ski Club, advised by Stuart Rist, head of the Science Department at North, is a non- profit organization which provides an oppor- tunity for skiing students. During the winter, the club goes on day, overnight and weekend trips to the mountains of Maine, New Hamp- shire and Vermont. This year the club, with Sarah Fisher as pres- ident, flew on an exciting trip to Lac de Tignes, France, where they tried their skills in the French Alps. ORA GE BOOK The Orange Book is a guide and handbook given to all incoming Newton North sopho- mores. lt introduces students to the many and varied extracurricular activities such as le Cer- cle Francais, the marching band, and the New- tonite. It also outlines school policy and aca- demic requirements, while giving a broad overview of the departments and houses. In total, the Orange Book serves as an introduc- tion to Newton North High School. ORA GE B ROA DCASTI N G Orange Broadcasting, the Newton North Radio program "Tiger Talk" that's broadcasted every other Saturday on station WNTN, is run by a group of students. Led by the program director, senior Mike Smoller, Orange Broad- casting informs the public of school activities and community programs. It also has special features such as the covering of the mayoral campaigns. 79 , I wif' iffnl 4' N. The Student-Faculty-Administration met on Wednesday mornings to discuss issues such as class- cutting policy and penalties against false alarms. Senior Greg Keenan and teacher john Ameroso were the co- chairmen of the caucus consisting of 5 teachers and 6 students, one housemaster and Principal Richard Mechem. Each member had one vote, with Mr. Mechem having absolute vetoing power. Both teachers and students had tvvo alternates, One student out of the six was a sophomore, the other five being juniors and seniors. The meetings were open to the vvhole school commu- nity and refreshments were served. Pending legislation dealt with curbing open campus abuse and requiring that counselors meet with all their students at least once a year. .1-"' lib..-.. BARRY HOUSE COUNCIL Barry House Council Activities this year were both exciting and profitable. Under the enthusiastic leadership of co- presidents loyce Cohen and Wendy Kaplan, the council raised a great deal of money for scholarships with activities like fried dough sales and ticket sales for Rocco and the Celestials. Barry House Social Studies teacher Alan MacDougall played a big part in Barry fund raising, not only as Rocco but as the famous "Shrinking Man," who claimed he could lose 65 pounds between lanuary and May. The money he helped to bring in was donated to the Phil Ochs Schol- arship Fund, a scholarship awarded to a student with out- standing social studies ability and close involvement with the community. With all the Sophomore and lunior support they've gotten this year, Council officers expect Barry activities to be equally if not more successful next year. BEALS HOUSE COUNCIL The Beals House Council had two main goals this year: to raise money for scholarships and to further house and community spirit. The year began with a pre-Halloween pumpkin decorat- ing contest and then moved into more serious, lucrative projects like dances. Beals House contributions to the school included several signs strategically placed to help visitors and students find the main office and the well-done mural on the Beals House commons room wall. The money the Beals House Council earned from various activities was donated to the General Scholarship Fund and to the Beals House Scholarship Fund. A AMS HOUSE The Adams House Council worked hard at raising money this year. They sponsored bake sales and other activities for the scholarship 9 fund. Mary Anne Sheehan was the president. Other officers included: Helen Biciak, vice Presidentg Patty Lavorgna, secretary, and Ed Bresnahan, treasurer. The council planned and executed "This is lt," the annual talent show. Music events, dance exhibitions and comedy skits comprised this exciting variety show which was held in February. The council also fixed up the commons room and initiated school spirit. gf- vfv iii-1 QL Back L to R: Kathy Peterson, Marta Metcalf, Carol Whorisky, Sarah Galdston, loyce Cohen, Wendy Kaplan, Martine Culbertson, Kim Hoffman, Arlene Phalon, ludi Hayes, Beth Guzzi, Monica Adler, leanine Boudreau, Patty Mccabe. Middle L to R: Sue Scarpato, Sharon Goldstein, jackie Cohen, julie Mills, Carol McCarthy, Alison Walsh, Denise Burke, Susan jessup, Millie Magraw, Hillary Berkman, Becky Galdston. Front L to R: Anne Finenger, Susan Schon, Lisa Gradone, Karen Hartings, Karen Fisher, Deborah Stohlbach, Diana Proia. j F i Front L to R: Lisa Schiller, Lynn Rosman, lerry Epstein, Andrea Lipman. Middle L to R: Paula Lorano, Liz Charm. Back L to R: leanatte May, Don Egan, William Brazier. . ' , 'i nv 'i ' i Lai? Front Row L to R: Edward Bresnahan - Treasurer, Marv Anne Sheehan - President, Anne Starr. Back Row L to R: Robert Visco, Anne Tafe, Patricia Laxorgna - Set retarv, Helen Biziak - Vice President, Dana Norris, Laura Aronson, Pam Gelles. Missing: Beth Banks, Liz Often, lauren Pooler, Mary Ellen Pamhookian, Roberta Oliver, 'Karen Klerman, and 'Heidi Toyias. av- giraffe Row l Paul Anderson, Maria Sirgo, Helene Ruddph, Debby Feinstein, Christine Keaney. Row 2 Lynn Goldstein, Cathy Broduay, Becky Sahzer, lane Wolfson, Pres. Susan Iacobson, Ianice Bullwinkle. Q09 'vs' W! vw 1... A' 5 Q ,Z i r is l Front Row QL to Rl Peter Ezrin, Rachel Berg, Anna Mazzei, lack Lane. Second Row lL to Ri Mr. Montague, lecca Hopper, lane Wasserman, Eileen Cronin, Laura Levine. 1.0 ffl .4 I ,a xi Kneeling L to R May Hung, Mark Greenberg, Lisa Lieffert, Suzanne Ferner. Standing L to R Michael Caira, Veronica Tomlinson, Robert DeSouza, Ann Goldberg, Pres. Anthony Pahigian, Vice Pres. Ellen Cutler, Margie Feinzeg, Lisa Castoldi. Palmer House Council According to President lane Wolfson, the Palmer House Council had two main objec- tives this year: to raise money for a Senior Scholarship and to bring the House members closer to each other and to Newton North through Council activities. To supplement their weekly doughnut sales, the Council also sold candy and held breakfasts and bake sales. ln the Spring they sponsored a dance and went on a picnic. Other officers were Vice-President Debbie Feinstein, Treasurer Maria Sirgo and Secretary Helene Rudolph. The faculty advisor was Mr. Michael Bower. Riley House Many sophomores joined the Riley House council this year. President Anna Mazzai, Vice President lack Lane, Secretary Rachel Berg and Treasurer Peter Ezrin led the council in numerous exciting activities. The year started with elections for the Riley Mascot. Riley Rac- coon won. The annual dance at Millis was well-attended. There were Thanksgiving and Christmas breakfasts. Santa Claus collected money for the Home for Little Wanderers. There was a service auction, an overnight ski trip, a spring dance and the year concluded with the annual Riley House picnic. The council also served doughnuts and coffee every Wednesday X-Block. BACON HOUSE COUNCIL This year the Bacon House Council concen- trated on raising funds for scholarships and supporting an American Indian orphan. Com- munity service projects included a "Toys for Tots" campaign, where the Council collected enough toys for a hundred children. During the year they held special breakfasts for soph- omores and also instituted the Bobby Donahue Scholarship. Curtailed by work-to- rule, the Council missed their annual apple picking outing and an outdoor flea market. Othefevents, organized by President Anthony Pahigian, Vice-President Ellen Cutler and the Council members, included a Christmas party, Sophomore Orientation Day and a Dan- cathon. During the second semester the Coun- cil ran the School Store and held their elec- tions for the following year. 83 SENIQR CLASS Q! .-til' 1 .-'Z Senior Class 3 W ixvlfki azfkgzflif ' K sh-'Sl I-fi First Row lL to Ri: Stuart XX urman, Bill Peterson, Mark Ross Faye Russell, Marcia Patterson. Second Ron IL to Ri: Vice Pres. Ted Kelley, Karen Smith, Martha Fernandez, Kate Greene, Wendy Berk. Susan lacobson, Sarah Fisher, Lisa Rice, Heidi McGuire. Third Row iL to Ri: Adviser jim Schreider, Pres. Gil Boule, Louise McQuillan, Brian Kinsella, Laura Castagnino, Mary Beth Whitaker, Holly Laemmle. -1 1 84 The objective of the Senior Class Committee was to make life more enioyable at Newton North. They sponsored such events as Fright Night, Quincy Market, and of course THE PROM. Money made by selling black and orange socks and holding breakfasts went to pay off expenses of the Prom and toward scholarships, Officers are elected the previous year. They are: President, Gilbert Boule, Vice President, Theodore Kellyg Secretary, Kathleen Greene: and Treasurer, Sarah Fisher, f I -L Jim in f"'ji"Lg,gZK'S- Q11 'Xia P.-tptaq s I :Et M wifeidfwv, fin, ifuf. if .- ,. L to R: jackie Cohen, Helane Rosenblatt, Wendy Berk, jennifer Barnes, Mary Beth Whitaker, Laura Humphrey. R LLY COMMITTEE A great part of the spirit and enthusiasm exhi- bited at all Newton athletic events must be attributed to the work of the Rally Committee. The President, Mary Beth Whitaker feels that the more participation by spectators the better the teams seem to play. With this in mind, the Rally Committee sponsored buses to every football game and conducted rallies every Fri- day afternoon to pep up the high school spirit. Motorcades, confetti, school songs and even candy for the athletes have all been organized by the Rally Committee. To express gratifica- tion to the athletes, the Rally Committee also sponsors a dinner at the end of each season. One wonders vvhat the effect would be on our athletic achievement if school support didn't exist. Fortunately, the Rally Committee hopes to never find out. . 85 DEAF COUNCIL This vear the deaf council had a student fund in order to supply coffee and doughnuts at meetings, to send cards to sick people and to provide money for the scholarship fund. Each student paid fifty cents every month to support the fund. There were informal meet- ings w ith coffee and doughnuts on the last dav of each month and also several field trips, such as a camping trip in New Hampshire and a picnic at Lake Cochituate. The council also held many parties for its members. SHAKESPE REAN PL YERS This year the Shakespearean Players, a pop- ular student-run drama club, performed The Crucible, The Festival of Plays and scenes from Shakespeare. The club, headed by seniors Michael Kharfen and lane Fischberg, also held many informal play readings and sponsored trips to view different plays. Because the club's efforts to rehearse and practice this year were hampered by XX ork to Rule, it hopes to offer an even greater number of productions next year. DDEL U.N. This year about fifteen North students partici- pated in a model United Nations, organized by Harvard University and held at the Sheraton Hotel in Boston. There the students met in forums with other students from all over the United States to discuss and make proposals on current issues. The North students were assigned to research the coun- try of Niger and then to represent it at the forums. While learning how: the real United Nations func- tions, the students also learned about the politics of many foreign countries. The head of North's repre- sentatives, Social Studies teacher Henry Bolter, hopes that the group will participate in model U.N.'s organized by other colleges next year. "Anyone w ho's interested can become a represen- tativ e," he says. 86 X .Q I f-:Ili l Marcia Sprague, Kns Allen, Kim Allen, jim Guertin, Donna Atherton, Karen Ambrifi, Pres., Row l: Kimberly Bell, Evvv Calis in ,fi 6 429 lf' Front L to R: lane Fischberg. Michael Kharfen. 2nd L to R: Scott Reillv. Liz Brown, jenny Louiglio. Philip Wolf. Elizabeth McNarv Larrv -Xlberts. Sarah C-oldsten, Lynne Cioldstein. 3rd L to R: Beth Donaldson loel Bard Lisa Merrit Amv Silin, Karen Zuffante. Laura Zigman, Anne Serafin. Back L to R: Lindv -Xnnis, Lucia Sanchez Lisa Ehrmann, Cindy Stone. Cireg Herr, Cassie Costello, Dina Freed- Lisa Stone. Dan Coggins Front Row L to R: Lisa Chemin, Charlie Slack, Bill Ceagan, David NN ang lonathan Touster. Back Row L to R: Mr. Bolter, Martha Keenan, Martha Mettcalf. Rachel Berg Richard Weitz David Rosenberg, Frank Morrissev f- ff 1-A - A wjfx A E- i -cf 1'N 3 uv 'Q' 0 av K ,mfs- 15:1 "' 11....... .4 YH fp CQ kk Li'Lffn Q, ,Sf l 90 if '---..f KH ,v""" ,SQ 7,4 jj:-"- 1" I' Q ' 1 I x 2 "4 NZ lb ff wifi . v- 0-.-4. 1. A 4? S!! ' v 1' .A J' , 4" 7 x f if nfl ' '+- id.-L .. W7 ,. fn- ' -35 fb tv ,Ql- "'w. i A 'T ff 'I-4 2, Q Ffa n 4lQ55 Mlm 1 N ll-!N"yf'f"'-'JN'A',-N, X fl? 1-'ivifli' if md ,1- J J -ar' pw- 4- A- 52 rfvgg I: nt , . '- -,T-F " '- , .. gl V 4 . v ha J I, - Cf-zdw ' .ll ,. -A...,..- f N -ff, +-'21 ' --Tab? .E-s I 'OR E B A! 4-nj. - , - - n-,li 'Ea Boys' Cross Country -w Front row, left to right: Tim Petter, Bruce Sarota, Paul Fischer, Bill Peterson, Andy Epstein, Tony Ricker, Dan Laredo, Paul Ventura, jerry Epstein, jamie Forsythe, Peter Dennis. Back row, left to right: Head Coach joe Connolly, Assistant Coach Dave Kingsbury, Rich Calderone, Mike Chernin, jon Wolfson, Mitch Katzman, Tony Pahigian, jack Lane, Lars Toomre, David jones, Dave Blouin, jim Doona, Dan Demeo, Ken Boudreau, Bob Lane. Boys' Cross-Country The boys' cross-country team entered the season with high expectations. As one of the perennial powerhouses they ex- pected to be in contention for the Suburban League title. How- ever, the loss of all-scholastics Duncan Scott and Garde Wells as well as inexperience hurt the Tigers. juniors Dan Laredo and Paul Fisher consistently led the pack while juniors Peter Dennis, jamie Forsythe, Bruce Sarota and senior Bill Peterson followed close behind. The Tigers defeated their first four opponents, then lost three consecutive meets. The season concluded on a winning note as Newton North easily defeated Brookline to finish the season with a 5-3 record. ln post season competition the Tigers finished a respectable seventh place in the Class A meet. Dan Laredo ran the fastest time for Newton North as he finished fourth. Gther varsity letter winners included co-captain Mitch Katzman, Lars Toomre, Tony Pahigian, jack Lane, jim Doona, Kenny Boudreau, and David jones. The 1977 season proved to be somewhat of a building year. Almost the entire team will be returning next year which should put the Tiger runners back on top of the Suburban League. Record 5-3 lLower score winsj Newton North Cambridge Newton North Waltham Newton North Quincy Newton North Weymouth North Newton North North Quincy Newton North Brockton Newton North Weymouth South Newton North Brookline .fi!,"ff'Z'C'f'ZC'2' iffiifjg gfff X ,Q :-'rf ,,.,.?,fFf-p' I..a"wq1vvvv "" Girls' Cross Countr 4 .J:"0-. -slip., ifIQi'53gIf2f45ljiQlfjZ'5:,5, K ffirfifff -f"iP?f' Q x ?,l-Q, 7 hit Front Row L to R Audrey Freudberg, Cynthia Antonellis, Rachel Berg, Martha Keenan, Laurie Schnee. Second Row L to R Gail McCulluch, Sarah May Margie Sheridan, Marta lenson, Ilse Pistone. Back Row L to R Heidi Maguire, Linda Hatch, lulie Walker, Coach Peter Martin, Lorena Kelly, Lisa Chemin Girls' Cross Country The Girls' Cross Country team, alias "the Coneheadsf' raced through their fourth season, placing third in the league, and qualifying for the state finals. Despite their third place league finish, the girls battled at every race and emerged with an ad- mirable sixth in two record. The team was exceptionally strong with tri-captains Lisa Chemin, Audrey Freudberg, and lulie Walker contributing to its unusually high morale. The two leading runners, Rachel Berg and Martha Keenan, were supported by first-year runners Lorrie Kelley and Linda Hatch along with senior Heidi Maguire, juniors Cynthia An- tonellis, llsa Pistone, Margie Sheridan, and Sarah Metcalf. Seniors Roberta Oliver, Laurie Schnee, and sophomore Gail McCulloch were hampered by iniuries and unable to compete. With the return of the strong under-class women runners and additional newcomers to Cross Country, the future of the team looks very promising. ' 98 A A .. Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton . 19 Cambridge 15 Waltham 25 Quincy 28 Weymouth North 15 North Quincy 42 Brockton 39 Weymouth South 20 Brookline tLowscore winsl Record 6-2 D -4 QV xx 'K' F 5 I Q. ,nf V hm, . f 'N 'Wg Mvy WA iq onli 4671, .rm 21.5 1 .-- 99 FIELD HOCKEY l l Left to right, first row, Liz Antonellis, jayne Polcaro, co-captain Carol LeConti, co-captain Bootsie Schon, Robin Kanter, Amy Fine. Second row, Donna Proia, jenny Keenan, Paula Buckley, Randi Reiss, Lee Sakakini, Karen Fisher, jackie Cladu, Carol Kennedy, Martha Moy, Constance Martin. Third row, coach Pam jones, jan Oleson, Marie Boule, Susan Forrest, Debbie Krieder, Maureen Fairbanks, Kathy Weber, Diana Proia, Anne Geagen, Linda Antonellis. For the fifth consecutive year, the Newton North Field Newton Bf0Cl4f0h Hockey team captured the Surburban League championship. Newton Bf00kllh9 This was followed by their 'annual' trip to the Eastern Mass. Newton Cambridge Tournament. Newton wavland Their regular season record was 7-4-1, including five shutout Newton Brockton victories. The Tigers bowed to Arlington in the first round of the Newton Bf00l4llh9 tournament by a score of 2-O. Newton Cambridge The team's success can be attributed to the outstanding effort, Newton Waltham cooperation, team spirit, and fundamental skills which de- Newton Waltham veloped throughout the season. Guiding the girls in these areas Newton W3Yl3hd was coach Pam jones. NGWKOH VV9Sf0h Leading the wayfor Coach joneswere captains Carol LeConti Newton Dedham and Bootsie Schon. Returning veterans included Maureen Fair- 51819 TOUFU-Hmem banks and Deb Kreider. The varsity squad included seniors Newton Afllh8t0h Carol Kennedy, Linda Antonellis, Martha Moy, juniors Liz An- tonellis, Anne Geagan, Paula Buckley, and sophomores jenny Kennan and jackie Crladu. 100 Q sn' 4 . , ' x-.VM . "' rv s I I 0 ' J, -J! . 1- .' T . Q5'-an-',,9j.1.,. K f. J., 4. fl --few-A' 4 ' . H ' 1 A' - L .X .'. K., ,-I. ,,, ., . '. -5 4 I Q 4.... .,., -w ., , X . .1 " rxc-..-vflli .Vi ,Ann "fn 1.. ww: -v A , .'f',, ' ' af. - "' ' .5 ' V , .in ffvvm 3 -1 4 ' 'f,"'sY vi HI.. K v ax, . . .. ' ,. um' .,,..-. '- fvl. -.x-4 1 -4--f A I, . .4 k 'ff Biff-13546.-ai A 4-,,,. '-' X-Q.: 'V h r Q U g ' ' "vr."'i,. -,,. .,c,, Nr. . R. VB. 4' ? 27 ,f j x . . W " 'K N K5 I MXH ' 6 . , g ' v-. ' '- sv A .V . Q ,- x "s W A - ., 1 , , . ' H, .' I ,X '. -Q . ' .. , 1 a 1 v. , - ' . 5 -'I 1 1' as , I -.-Q-'11 Iii ,, V 4 4. -- - fi' ,,, "' x ",, . J. JA . , . A 5 t -U .-a.,:,-.,.,,-N.. ,- W1 1.-,ff M-1 u fl-Ar 1 E x VN ,k ., ,A .wfyn .r-,. 4 f -1. -Fl . w 4..- lv 5l 'Q-, v. J- A x 1' mr-A !.,n' ,M x ,L'.1.gJ. - 'M' f .L.,,. '-'.."' , ft-S2312 "-A 1-L '45 Q 6 .4,, 4,-Jn . -1, .H :- . J' '. , . ,Q-.',', 471 ae, .' ff'Qr:"' , K g?"..4.,, nav- 1 '12 .. . , . ,,.-., 'Lv JN v .gg . va A gs ef 4 A ' I , I, . . ',-55 x ,. 1-43 .fig ,. 1,-- 5, - .C ,--Q -1- Q' 9: A, uv "5 ' f .. v .H- 'N ' IAQ" '.'.'-f' .J ':" ' 1. ',, ...f Sn' I fi-1" - WT'-' ' - ,A K r' N L'bH',.v-v., 7,1-M: . ', 1' - ,i ' ' 1' ' " 'K v ' , ' ' fi- . N .4 .- fl s .kr x! .-Q1-. , -, 1 -,x '. Z' 4 Football -.4 r",,.3pr'r"',-v"""f1',,"',v'f'9a5'1'v" be --av"- -f'-' .' :'2"ff,-:f'.""-'fl'-5-,-,., ' ":"--"' .--eng 'f-.-- 'Vr"f-"' . . U , L " '11 :??- ,,,,--,.-:...u-f H-"""" -ms --Q - '- Q , "1 'rlzfr P' or , 4 K 9 , vt - .61 . . - - 5.85.3 1 f m ' ' . 81' . 1-P7 -.1 - " r Ll 2 1,11 taff l ' " l - .12 . 2.32 - -, ,' "J I L t ' ' 1 gwallll. -r ' -L if' it P WV' ' l I ' 4-.L ' 0 -M - ' """"""' ' 'It - L ,- -, .....---.-.-aan.-.:f'-"-"1 '4'3."""Z":".:'!.:: - First Row L to R: jamie Boyle, Tom Parker, Phil jennings, Mike Rossetti, E.A. Morgan, Co. Capt. Richie Proia, Co. Capt. Mike Poplack, Co. Capt. Steve Fleming, Tony Santagati, Bobby Donahue, Seth Medalie. Chris Flaherty, joel Dennis, Nick Butera, Fran Tarpey. Second Row L to R: Shota Aki, Kip Chinian, jerry McDade, Chris Leahy, john Mulvaney, Mark Nardone, Bob Daly, Steve Sylvester, Ted Kelley, Bill Dempsey, Phil Costanzo, jeff Kent, Mark Rpss, Frank Stark, Steve Prince, Brian Bernard. Third Row L to R: jeff jordan. Steve Flynn, Steve Wasson, Mark O'Brien, George Sementelli, Eddie Assayle, Eric DiMartino, Dallas Morgan, Mike Thomas, Donny Troy, Bruce Leonard, Matt Goldwait, Charlie Slack, Tommy Mannix, jeff Parker, Lee Waxman. Fourth Row L to R: Chris Gilson, Noel Foley, joe Mulvey, Steve Burke, Donny Murphy, jackie Keefe, Steve Wilson. Gary Frechette, Dan Corrigan, Doug Condon, George Bresnahan, Alan Stern. Coming off an undefeated championship season, Newton North was definitely not the team Eastern Mass schoolboy foot- ball experts were predicting to burn up the rest of the league. Coach Norm Walker, who, along with assistants Pat Cole- man, Pete Capodilupo, and Bill Matyskiel, had coached his charges to the schoolboy Super Bowl was not prognosticating glory for this year's team either. "We are just concerned with one game," Walker said. "The next one." The reigning champs gave the fans and the experts plenty to talk about, though, Through the first half of the season the Tigers had won five straight contests. In that time they allowed only three touchdowns, outscoring their opponents 95-20, and had posted three shutouts tone half of the season's grand total.l The squad was led by tri-captains Steve Fleming, Mike Pop- lack, and Rich Proia. Though plagued by injuries, Newton cap- tains were hard to keep on the bench. Fleming, in his first season at quarterback, showed lots of poise and became more and more adept at the signal calling spot as the season wore on. Poplack fought off a tenacious ankle injury and kept the offen- sive line strong while Proia, after being sidelined the first half of the season, returned to lead Tigers back in high fashion. The stingy Tiger defense tor, as Newton fans preferred: DEEEEEEEEfensel was led by linemen Tom Parker, joel Dennis. Phil jennings, and Don Troy. The secondary proved themselves equally strong against the pass as well as the run. Tigers mind- ing the secondary were Lee Waxman, Chris Flaherty, Kip Chi- nian, jeff jordan, Bruce Leonard, and Steve Burke. The second half of the Tigers schedule didn't start so well. They were stunned by North Quincy 20-7. A 34-14 defeat at the hands of Waltham three weeks later put an end to the Tigers championship hopes. 102 ln the Tiger's three victories in the second half of the season, they outscored their opponents 69-0. The Orange and Black's explosive offense was led by captain Steve Fleming, the team's high scorer. One of the league's finest rushers, Steve was backed up by junior Charlie Slack - one of the areas best passers. Tiger completions went to ends Mike Roswtti, George Bresnahan, as well as Fleming, who snagged several of Slack's ariels for long yardage. The offensive line, led by captain Poplack, with jamie Boyle, Tom Parker, Nick Butera, and Fran Tarpey cleared the way for Tiger backs. Tony Santagati and Captain Proia twhen healthyj did the bulk of the rushing. Fullback Shota Aki distinguished himself as an All League selection. The season left Tiger fans and players with much to be proud OT. "It may not have been a perfect season," said one Tiger, "but it was close enough." N EWTON NORTH FOOTBALL Record: 8-2 Newton North 14 Framingham North 0 Newton North 12 Medford O Newton North 25 Brockton - 6 Newton North 25 Weymouth North O Newton North 19 Quincy 14 Newton North 7 North Quincy 20 Newton North 33 Cambridge-Ringe 0 Newton North 26 Weymouth South 0 Newton North 14 Waltham 34 Newton North 10 Brookline 0 W , 5 .ss " Q f 33 , .. 3 I in 'Q fi-554.1 , 'ii .0f"'Q . QQKQ 5' 3? i " , ' , X ' A if X ' QW -Xa, f 1 S f' - Q ' Q ' ' . .- . is ' . d 'A -, bi ii " ' '2',.gr"'5'.!' ' " ' - U --i.,ff4,",q:-J,Mlsl, " ,cm X 'M ,.w9.. 3, wi. y , fl' 'uf to , f- ' 1 f' H. '-'-:'r'v 2 9 R .- fl- .IQ ' 6-x bp. " i su, A aw- xEsf,..g,,-535115, ,g,,f E fm ' .4 , -s 1 + ' . . v . ' , 'x ' f .- ' '. V. - :-vgg.?1v!nfi,53'5:7g.4LfN 4" ... " 9 f-mamwa4fy f Mwfwiw - fx as 31,-'3f.,m:'f'.g,, SML, Sftw - . ma x ., . . ' 1. 'E h. 5 if-f J -- me 6 N, L 4 :A , X A I 1 Rami:-Q' J A , " T-:7T7" ' T l'v!r".f'1Avg- MWF .Av N az'- 'rx-5 - rw, 6 if 2- i 5 '::L:fLE:....-x-1:'-- 'X 5 , ' ' - . ', I V .' A Q l rx:' 4' ,ss ,fi BA A 1 . 4 N H 0 " N -If I-4 'M . f- -' .np 7- fr an A V - - - 0 ff' ,, , 01.3752 71 H gym- W' ,, f"Q7'1 gh fm, 4 ,v . u I Qi, xrsfi Q I 'K .QI x D ,3 -Q - '. A I , I D 3 v " ' 4 ' - .. "" " ' mc Q 'Af"f-. L ..,,. fi' 1 K xx," . -sr, '5N-Q Qc- f'S-X t 8 r is '. '-4 - A S... X - gn I - F'I P 1 '- - 1 - f 'QQ -A71 lg- QE? 4 L G hz 1 I ,Q- .fvvx '-L" 'A if -3' 2. 1 n x ,A v .lt V 94, I. ,,,.-5 sf"- ' :I in I ,N .22 e Q57 -ni Q ..-. in S 'lf n -,' Y A 8 if p XT' Av +6 Mlggf ,Q "'l' ,uf-Q , xi . Q .Ar , A BOYS' SOCCER Q.. T 'Tf ua 1 gg .ma T"'a -As .-1 .r-Du - J nan 'Q-al .,. H, ,, ' 'T' - ...shi e law- Q 332 if - as --1. . W., --.. .-4.21. sw . use , .V-4' t -ai ss- Front Row L to R Daxe Sheridan, Ron Gilroy lon Spelke, Daxid Jenkins, Mario Santi, Bill Shulman, Mike -Xmbrosino, lon Ferina, David Lowe, lorge Montoya Herbie Sidman, Back L to R Coach Tom XX illiams lohn Tennant, Danny Fitzpatrick. Ben Levitan, Germano DeMambro, Bobby LeBlanc, Tom Hagerstrom Cordie Ntoore Straxros latridis. Iohn Ntaclntxre, Put Goodwin, Bobby Simmons, Stephen Hagerstrom, loe Oliviere asst. coach. A combination of skill and effort led the Newton North Var- sity soccer team to their best record in a decade. It also brought them as close as the division I semifinals before they were eliminated by Needham. Prior to the season Coach Tom Williams was very optimistic about the 1977 varsity soccer team. "There is great depth at all positions," he said. He set some very high goals for the Tigers to meet. His goals included: going undefeated, winning the Sub- urban League Title, qualifying for the Eastern Mass. Tourna- ment, scoring 50 or more goals and allowing only 8 goals dur- ing the season. The Tigers opened up the season against Brockton and got the shock of their lives as they were defeated 4-2. They were determined to show everybody that this was only a fluke. They went out and dominated the Suburban League with 8 consecu- tive shutouts and 15 straight wins. They scored the most goals in the state, 70, while allowing only 8 goals. They finished the regular season with a stunning 15-1 record and won the Subur- ban League. Some standouts for the Tigers included co-captains Tom Hagerstrom and Cordie Moore, Seniors Bobby Leblanc, Put C-oodwin, Ben Levitan, and junior David Sheridan, In the Eastern Mass. tournament Newton North was seeded third. First they defeated Winchester 4-O, then they proceded to roar over Danvers by the score of 8-O. In the quarter-finals the Tigers disposed Braintree by the score of 3-2. In the semifinals at Boston College the Tigers faced number 2 seeded Needham. Newton North was clearly the aggressor throughout the game, however, Needham scored very late in the game to win 1-O. Needham went on to be the Eastern Mass. champions. Although the Tigers did not win the Eastern Mass, tournament they did achieve most of their goals. They also provided New- ton fans with some of the most exciting soccer ever seen. 106 Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton State Tournament Round 1 Newton Round 2 Newton Quarter-finals Newton Semifinals Newton Brockton Weymouth North Brookline North Quincy Waltham Quincy Weymouth South Cambridge Brockton Weymouth North Brookline North Quincy Waltham Quincy Weymouth South Cambridge Winchester Danvers Braintree. Needham 4 0 0 0 0 O 0 0 0 O 1 0 1 1 1 0 0 O 2 1 CZ.'.,.-- ,. -. ... "' 57" l..k-. .1 - - S'Z..1....,' -- fl ,-a MT.: . - . i I 2, "' Q.- . - L-IS.-vi , .Aus -x mv- , .v .,.C---' - au. ,. ,. '. , .L 3. -,- ..-' X -:QA " a..,.-.,-- 43.1 13 -..adS 0999? Q fda MHS ff' 107 l Girls' Soccer 'fs-,,.. "' wa I l S 5. Hs 07 W YI '06 .wi .Aa 1 -... First Row L to R Shelly Hatton, Carol McCarthy. Second Row L to R Phyllis Rosenberg, Debi Mayman, jamie Feldman, Carol Whoriskey, Cathy Malloy, Toni Wiley, Caroline Ryan, Terri Temte, Marion Taillacq, Carol Carnes, joni Morrisey, Haya Mayman, Bonnie Pollard, janet Ferguson. Third Row L to R Maria Sirgo, Kathy Q'Nell, Doreen Bassinet, Lee Pendergast, Robin Gilroy, jenny Nash, Sorena Fee, Ann justice, Bonnie Goodfellow, Elaine Bassinet, Sherry Levin. Fourth Row L to R Sue jessup, julie Colliton, Patty McCabe, Sheila Fitzgibbons, Sarah Kontoff, Rebecca Schleifer, Lois Hovsepian, Susan Malloy, janet jepson, Barbie McGrath, Karen Pollard, Brenda Sabbag, judy Hinchey, janice Casey. GIRLS' SOCCER Newton 2 Weymouth North 0 Two years of intense work brought the Girls' Soccer team a Newton 4 Framingham North 0 long way. They finished first in the Suburban League and fifth in Newton 2 North Quincy 0 the state. Only in their third season, the girls' outstanding record Newton 6 Wellesley 3 reflects the effort put into the young program. Newton 1 1 Quincy 0 Under the leadership of captains Shelly Hatton and Susan Newton 3 Brookline 2 Murray, and coaches Barry 'Fuzzy' Howland and john Meyer, Newton 5 Weymouth South O the girls have improved rapidly. Newton 3 Brookline 2 Soccer is a fast growing sport in the U.S. and with students Newton 5 Weymouth South 0 from junior high schools actively participating, North's soccer Newton 1 Needham 4 program can only improve. Newton 2 Weymouth North 11 "It took a lot of hard work to get this far," said captain Hat- Newton 8 Brookline 3 ton, "though l'm sure everyone on the team agrees that it was Newton 5 North Quincy 0 worth it." Newton 3 Norwood 1 Newton 2 Belmont 1 Newton 11 Quincy O Record 15-1 108 1, 7 'QQ 545261 - ,ft dv -f ,.,, f3f"2a 1' 4484, af 11--M .V-. Q Bitzi .. r V., -- ,5-21 .. , ., 'ggrr yy? vf":-v- -I M p nz. ,, 51.1. , 'U 4.1-jo., we-. . A, Mfg, :vf!, i .fr'f"s'Q 1 3 . 1 :if ' U W, L 5 'Z x 'Sr .,.,.,,,. V, , an If 4 .. '...w"'t" A ," A ' 'ahh' "' .14 ' ' 4' .Az M -. ,,f5.g,,..1-MA J . . ,. 1, K, . ,ff ' 6531"-5 -'z-' 52159 154: 39425 hmvi 'Q' ' W " a vs. , Wm -. -L in , 4 .- W - .-.1-4' W. 109 SWIM TEAM I pl .- , ,k Q a Ll ,lt 7 L A 1 I rf, T1 1' s T Front Row L to R Benn Merrit, Coach, Steve DiBenedetti, Meg McKenny, Karen Rose, Donna Magaw. Second Row L to R janice Chin, Sheila Riley, Karen Klermen, Lisa Shiller, joanne Clarke. janet Schnee. -Xnn Mulvanv, joanne Fay, Collen Lynch, asst. coach. Third Row L to R Lynn Kellerman, Lisa Foisy, Meg Burns, Marv Ellen Nugent, Melinda Berry, Karen Fox, Susan O'Halleran, Leslie Swift, Karen Miller. Last Row L to R Emily White, Susie Cullison, Linda Pghlman Xkendx Fallon, Eileen Cronin, julie Whoriskev. joanna Bonazoli, Kate Greene. GIRLS' SXjVli'y1lN4lNG 'fls this not OUR swimming pool. . .?" This year the Girls' Swimming team could answer "Fred's" famous cheer with, "Yes, this is OUR swimming pool." After technical difficulties in past seasons, this year's edition of the team was finally able to return to the friendly confines of the Newton North pool. This year's squad included a large group of sophomores and new juniors, along with the remnants of last year's small, early morning team. The season started with a promising victory over Weymouth South. The high point of this meet was the 100 yard breaststroke in which Newton underclasswomen swept the top three places. In the next few meets the Tigers ran into several strong teams which possessed the depth and experience which North lacked. As the team passed the halfway point in the season, thanks to the strong coaching of Benn Merritt and Colleen Lynch, point totals and team spirit began to climb as the team picked up victories from Quincy, Weymouth North, and Boston Latin. The new team members did an outstanding job, picking up the additional points that the Tigers needed to win. Tiger swimmers broke four records this season. Senior Sue Cullison broke the 500 yard freestyle record with a time of 6:23. junior Leslie Swift's time of 2:18 established a new mark in the 200 yard freestyle. Sophomores joanne Fay and Susan O'Hallo- ran set records in the 100 yard breaststroke and 100 yard free- style respectively. Captain Kate Greene, senior Karen Miller, and diver Linda 110 Pohlmain, along with junior joanna Bonazoli, sophomores Ann Mulvaney, Emily White, and janet Schnee all did outstanding jobs in netting points for the Tigers. Despite the handicap of inexperience, the team entered fif- teen swimmers inthe Suburban League meet and six swimmers in Eastern Mass. State Championships. lt was at the league meet where the team spirit and commitment was personified by joanne Fay. Minutes after being 'touched-out' for the gold medal in the 100 yard breaststroke, joanne forgot her own heartbreaking defeat and exhaustion and swam an excellent leg aiding the team of Kate Greene, Leslie Swift, and Susan O'Hal- loran in capturing the bronze medal. "As our team spirit grew, we began to work together more and more," said captain Kate Greene. "I hope that the team spirit continues in the future and that everyone gets as much fun and satisfaction from the team as we did this year." Girls Swimming RECORD 5-3 NEWTON 92 WEYMOUTH SOUTH 80 CAMBRIDGE 91 NEWTON 80 NEWTON 89 NORTH QUINCY 82 NEWTON 98 BROOKLINE 75 WALTHAM 92 NEWTON 79 BROCKTON 102 NEVVTON 58 NEWTON 106 QUINCY 55 NEWTON 100 WEYMOUTH NORTH 58 KJ' s 41" ' Jii- ' 'Q-I W V 4..- urs? ' fr 'ff -ar Q -AN 1 -ef if T KWH Q ",,,.s ' .4 WHS , y I 5 1 ,S 3' , ...Q Q., 'Z Q Q'5"Qg"i an ,P 55 V 2 Av 3 L -. rf f g 1, 'Rf WWW? 5Q.'gu'g' ,V '51, ' , .7 'bf E?Zf:u5:'g,1" ,K .4 'gi-QM' ,A ' K if if U , vup fa . ' 'fn' ,5.",- .J -A -. f-':ff"'a. 1 ,Az .jam :fl ,V 2 W " 4" , 'fa IAQ 5 A 1 Mg ff' Q?" Q!! Lf, 9. N F . 4 f , ,. - fm, n ,V Y U .1 X" ,af 51 'h' J mr 7 ai if 1, f .fn , .p 1' .1 five: f:5g,',:?VQf'- . 2 103 fr V434 3 ' if ,Q f,,v1 zf' 'a-fi pe, - f . 1' vm ' , ' '., an tml , W 1,94 f,. xg, . . vu, , V , 4 1. Y . ,A .V . 9, A . , , , " 4.14 wg 4-,N , ' " ' ha? r - 'M3."V2,.. V, Q V Y Q -Qjfin, if ,TQ 'Z ,fn K, 'ffl , 2 - ., fi .5 -'-.Mba . , .A KM' S 3' ' 5 8 N ,4.n-aww. 'I 'fb' ',,L . -af ""' '1-v..-, gil K: I r, ,fn nn....p...-., . -. Lau. n L X YV. ,, in 1 K .,,. wr , . fiy, , ... " "?9h?"'r 111 Volleyball Volleyball This year's Volleyball team surmounted many obstacles which had faced them in previous seasons and achieved many of the goals they had set for themselves. Under the guidance of coach lay Cradle, the girls worked as a coheisive group and in the beginning of the season were unstoppable. They lost their opener to a tough Waltham team, but came back to defeat their next six opponents. Included in this string of victories was a triumph over Boxers of Brockton: a first in the history of vol- leyball at Newton North. Aside from beating rivals such as Brockton, Brookline, and last year's State Champions, Cambridge Latin, the girls had other goals in mind. They wanted to obtain a berth in the State Tour- nament and make a reputation for the Newton North Volleyball program. Seniors who have worked towards these goals since their sophomore year included co-captains Mary Beth Whitaker and Patty Connely, Ruth MacDonald, Susan lacobson, Heidi Toyias, Beth Boats, and Suzanne Casey. Rounding out the squad were juniors Laura Flaherty and Betty Colantropo who will take on the job of leading next year's team. The talent on the team this year was unmistakable, coach Cradle had more than she could handle. North's spiking attack was devistating. Susan lacobson had the responsibility of setting up spikers Ruth MacDonald, Patty Conneely, Laura Flaherty, Heidi Toyias, Betty Colantropo, and Mary Beth Whitaker. The spikers and setter lacobson worked well together, making a number of decisive spikes. 112 Highlighting the season were well executed games against Waltham, and the season's finale against North Quincy. ln that final confrontation the girls in Orange and Black worked beauti- fully and had no trouble in blanking their opponent. Looking back, captain Mary Beth Whitaker called it a, "fine season. Each girl improved and achieved a number of personal goals, while as a team we accomplished the ultimate feat of working as a unit and playing some fine volleyball. "We posted a winning record and a similarly positive at- titude. The season was a memorable one and we all look for- ward to the continued success of Newton volleyball teams of the future." Newton Waltham Newton Brockton Newton Brookline Newton Cambridge Newton Arlington Newton Quincy Newton North Quincy Newton Waltham Newton Brockton Newton Brookline Newton Cambridge Newton Newton South Newton Quincy Newton North Quincy Record 9-5 fn-Wg. ,' ,Q ,V - My 43 f 4: 4,1 W , 2 JU! e- '-. ,df ,u g, '43 I, xi y'o 1.2 - 'tr 3-u .- 2 F M - 1 M I ff ug fl? w .-,s Q Q N ' r .J C425 ,,- 'Sill' ,Pav . 'Ay-. , A . ,K. N , 4 Agni X, fl I ' 13 in-Jil... -. .-'vlefl . ,, X X,,...4-1 E '99, in -Ill S.. 915 - W ' 1 ffm 'H t -lt 5, - ' an ' Hr: kk f T ' -- " ,n 61' ' v-'J - " dm 54, A ., 1, , fm fu 1' 1? ' 'f , -1' W' - 4 fe' f '+g.,,,.,.v'yvv 2-sf' tm . 2" , wig 3, AA,. p A .Q Q J I ' - ,. b 'fgfff' zffif LA! 5 L B... 7. munpweu , il? Q. I ,. 1 BOYS' BASKETBALL Front L to R: Coach Phillips, Timmy Ryan, Rich Proia, lim Quinlan, joe Fucci, David Cappola, co-captain Back L to R: Manager Brenda Heller, Rick Meek, lim Calechman, Rocket 1. Squirrel, Matt Fitzgibbon, Stan Bratton, assistant coach Missing: Keith Russell- co-captain. The Newton North High basketball team had a fine season, finishing with a - record. The team was led by co-captains jimmy Quinlan and Keith Russell. Other key players were senior guard Richie Proia who controlled the floor, junior lim Calechman, Dave Coppolla and Phil Averbuck. These three should giye the team experience next year. The highlight of the season was thrilling 59-58 upset of league leader Cambridge. Keith Russell hit a jump shot at the buzzer for the victory. Center lim Quinlan scored 20 points while Dave Coppolla contributed 15 to the winning cause. Newton 51 Lincoln-Sudbury lO.T.l 47 Brockton 55 Newton 47 Cambridge 68 Newton 55 Weymouth North 58 Newton 41 Newton 64 Weymouth South 53 Newton 65 Quincy 40 116 Waltham Newton Brockton Newton Newton Newton Waltham Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton 55 Newton 60 North Quincy 50 Newton 59 Cambridge 49 Weymouth North 62 Weymouth South 47 Newton 44 North Quincy 61 Brookline 51 Brookline 51 Brookline 57 Quincy 69 Lincoln-Sudbury Suburban League 12-5 57 Brookline 69 Lincoln Sudbury 53 59 l 46 ' 58 ' 45 7 52 . 45 40 . 55 55 39 - 52 49 5 2 . 49' 5 o ho l l i I 4 i 3 4 M4 Q " we ...J .qvurn ' v- 'ix' 13 i' 3 GIRLS BASKETB LL -,..,-,,,,...--- - M, . , .-.--W--4-1 '.. , .,..4.s at W ,... 'MV A r 1 ' r ' ' .. ty- . 1 , -, w:.,,,,-.....f------:1 "' Q9 I., V 4 . ' M - 4, Q P 0 qx I ,gf -41 .1-I' Front L to R: Heidi Toyias, Ruth MacDonald. Capt. Deborah Kreider, Carol LeConti, ludith Hinchey. Ms. Enos. 2nd L to R: Barbara Cahill, Anne Geagan, Lenor Ross, Diana Proia. Back L to R: Laura Flaherty, Sherry Lexin, Maureen Fairbanks. The girl's varsity Basketball team captured second place in the suburban league this year with an impressive 13-3 record, qualifying for the state tournament. The competition was tough, but the mighty tigers proved they could handle any team. The highlight of the season was the Tiger's devastating triumph over Cambridge Latin. It was the first time any team had defeated mighty Cambridge in seven years. Captain Deb Kreider summed up the season by saying, "We worked well together. We looked for the pass instead of the shot KQ 118 first. Everyone had more experienceg the incoming sophomores played like veterans." junior Laura Flaherty and sophomore Sherry Levin were among the leading scorers this season. Other team members who played important roles in the team's successful season were seniors Carol LeConti, Ruth MacDonald, Maureen Fair- banks, Heidi Toyias, juniors Anne Geagen, Lenor Ross and sophomores judy Hinchey and Diana Proia. In state tournament action, the Tigers defeated Madison Park 49-37, but lost to Norwood in the quarterfinals 47-37. it , be 1- ' ' E- -Ri l - V 17,1 - , J xii-gf' QT .,..f:"""' E441 I XXX 1 Z "U ,I 'SV 1 1 .,.v ..... 'Q Q 1 Q, .14 v ,',- . . . . J'-5,-..' ep, , X,--,wg H.. , .- ?QNJ,,f'M Q-1 .2-y -I giver, We iff iff' F ., .95 H,-g I Ii' x--.4 ". a" 3. F A am, ' 'Y ,HM ' k,.,. flffff- r"',.',,.,.- i J RTW , ffm 6 55 wykd V ,......- , ... 'S wg-:'. 1 J - +A f -f-Z - 5 X! J, 119 BOYS' GYMNASTICS LA-"' ...nadafi - X I 1 kb , J ' D 1 5 . 5 L3 I. I 'Q , . ,f f o 1 l 4 MIA Back Ron L to R: Mr. Ceikie f Assistant Coach, Karl Dabritz, Loren Lidsky, Dean Mazzola, Bobby Collins, George lessup- Coach. Middle Row L to R: David Shein, Sung Pak, Tim Rix iere, lim Antonellis, Paul Anderson, Guy LeBlanc. Front Row L to R: Sitbar Nayor, Bill Bianco, Brian Cove, Larry Ravech, lim Maglizzi, Cecil Andrew s. The Boys' Gymnastics team had a good season under the leadership of co-captains Robert Cullins and Loren Lidsky. The predominately junior squad compiled an impressive 6-2 record during the T977-78 season. The Tigers captured the Suburban League championship with ease. They went undefeated in the league for the first time in sex en years. Fixe team members qualified for the state individual champi- onships. They were senior Karl Dabritz on the high bar, rings, and parallel bars, juniors Paul Anderson and james Antonellis in the floor exercises. Ciuy LeBlanc in vaulting and sophomore 1.20 Brian Cove in all six events. Next year 11 varsity letter winners will be running to the squad. Holyoke Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton South Portland 97 95.7 93.75 86 95.7 95.5 99.7 Newton Brockton Weymouth North Brookline North Quincy Quincy Newton . fi I-Q TN K7 f .' .4 s ga" A ' f 1--' Q . A" Qt? ' ii .J v s -1 ' , . . .W ..L ..- 1 92 93 85.9 66.6 62.5 62.7 93.2 'lla lviiiif T-'Ms-,. .- -ni . ,, 1, .gv..,-, 1 " Y 21 f , .' 91+ Y ' fi' ' ' -4" . 5:3 " wx - :mg ' Eg:-Q6 1 'Z 'il SL-il if 1 .Ji Q 'Afi all 14 ,i's'v i Q 1 ww' F - Y Y Wai --A -,sw , I' A I' V W., 9 an ul""""".' fm ug A :hu .Alai-.4-,,, , . nnnhnn--M GIRLS' GYMNASTICS 315 1, .-fm -fa 'P -vp- . Wi First Row L to R: Betty Colantropo, Paulette DuBois, Lori Boskin, Mary Beth Whitaker, Kinley Morril, Laura Rosenblatt. Back Row L to R: Mary Stavis - Manager, Betsy Bassett, Nicole Snow, Darlyne Vona, Lee Pistone. Susan O'Halloren, Pamela jones - Coach. The Newton North Girls' Gymnastic team has gracefully ended another fine season. This year they held a 10-O record, 7-O in the Suburban League. This league record indicates that the Tigers have swept the league for the second consecutive year, and that in 14 Suburban meets they have yet to be de- feated or even seriously challenged. The team of 1978 is one of the strongest in the school's history. Their motto has been to- getherness, and this has been stressed by Coach Pam jones and Captains Lori Boskin and Mary Beth Whitaker. To attain their goal of states and keeping a close-knit team, a lot of hard work and a great deal of team support was needed. Everyone gave all they could of themselves, and therefore Coach jones had another Championship Team on her hands. The ultimate re- ward ofthe team's discipline came in a rescheduled Cafter the stormj meet against Weymouth South. On this day the team total was 91.9 points, and this was enough to break the previous Newton record of 90.9 by one point. So this team now has the distinction of being credited with a school record. The team had a number of shining individual stars, who al- ways could be depended upon for a brilliant performance. The Tigers have junior Lee Pistone to thank again for all her help in the team's success. She again qualified for the State all-around, but along with all her accomplishments she is always ready to give up her time for her teammates. Lee was a fine example for 122 all to follow, and she was always an important part of the team. Senior Paulette DuBois had an excellent season for the Tigers. She had the honor of being the number one vaulter in the entire Suburban League, and represented the high school at the States in that event. On the balance beam she was ranked second, and, for the most part was unbeatable. Lori Boskin always gave a strong performance in Floor Exercise, and could be depended upon in every meet. Along with senior Mary Beth Whitaker, who specialized in the balance beam, Lori served the team as co-captain. Senior Kinley Morril was another valuable asset to the team's progress. Without her strength on beam and bars some meets might have been more difficult to win. Finishing off the Tiger team were seniors Nicole Snow and Betsy Bassett. juniors Betty Colantropo, Laura Rosenblatt and Darlyne Vona, and last but not least Susan O'l-lalloren, who was a State Qual- ifier on vaulting. Susan is a sophomore. These gymnasts could always be counted on for a super performance, and made up the strong depth Newton Gymnastics is famous for. This team worked together and accomplished a lot so they have much to be proud of. Next year should uphold the fine gymnastic tradi- tion built up in Newton, but the team will greatly miss three year-seniors like Paulette DuBois, Lori Boskin, Mary Beth Whitaker, Kinley Morril, Nicole Snow and Betsy Bassett. lf' -move-ni 9 Q D 50" lQBMllI'EfXI"1 I HOCKEY E' Y Ae 9.1- Front Rovx L to R: Lee Waxman, Cordie Moore, Felix Lidonni, Ricky Cohen, Tom Hagerstrom, Carl Centola, Peter McHugh, Back Row L to R: Ass't Coach john XX alstien, Manager Stev en Hagerstrom, Asst Coach Paul Buckley, David Laroche, Cary Frechette, Billy McCary, Mike Thomas, jimmy Mchale, jeff Larson, jon Leavitt, Karl Hatton, Mickey DeMeO. Coach Don Crowley. Missing: Glenn Buckley, Paul Lechiaro, Mark Crowley For the first time in many years, the Newton North hockey team was picked to be the top team in the Suburban League. lt took them a few games to get things going. However, by the second half of the season they were where they belonged, in first place. ln the opening two games the Tigers looked very strong with convincing victories over Weymouth South and Brockton. In the next four games the Tigers managed only one win and two ties. With the entire season at stake the Newton North skaters fought back with seven victories and one tie. This winning streak allowed the Tigers to reclaim first place. During the course of the season the team was led by coaches Don Crowley and Paul Buckley along with co-captains Felix LiDonni and Ciordie Moore. Offensively the team was guided by the high scoring line of Tom Hagerstrom, Lee Waxman, and Glenn Buckley. juniors Mickey DeMeo and jimmy McHale were also key offensive threats for the Tigers. Standouts on defense were Ciordie Moore and junior Mike Thomas. Outstanding goaltending was contributed by goalies Felix LiDonni and Ricky Cohen. 124 Although several key players are graduating next year's team promises to be just as good as this year's. Ten varsity letter winners will be returning to next year's squad. Newton 7 Brockton 2 Newton 7 Weymouth South l Quincy 6 Newton 5 Newton 5 Brookline 3 Newton 2 North Quincy 2 Newton 2 Weymouth North 2 Newton 9 Cambridge 0 Newton 3 Waltham 1 Newton 7 Weymouth South 2 Newton 3 Quincy 3 Newton 1 Brookline 0 Newton 7 Cambridge 1 Newton 4 Waltham 1 Newton 7 North Quincy 1 Newton Brockton Newton Weymouth North l i CJ! I yn 0 Vx A , 3 'Y -N350 M1g,LL4.ew:v5:-f.?5Qig' , " X 'r N N3 fe., Q t o rx x ,lf I NK . N .xn- " Ev. xl '-1 QC -x :JP--.. 1 , , O , 0. .N-1 1 ' sv swf--.ff N. aw .u , . x -.. .A '+,:5 , . 2 k""' ' wwwfwwwf .,T'::'-T A -iff U we t glxflg 'rid 5 . Ai: 2jzfc,. ,l l V A, li+.'LstQ 5 Q '51 , 'S .Lia , ff L -I - N fXf,",V-i,,:'gw 1 - we , vw , ' f X . 2 Tb--, 'Q--551. ' i .Q,A, QYxi- 'f,': x 1 2 f fa' f ff- ff' ' " ' fff, 2 .V ' 13 T 5 ,f WWI I 'X . .6 55 W l- .V . ,I W 0 1 0 n a -' 'O Q V ,'0'f""f"1'5"'N' 5 A 52 '. 'J' ."1L.J"7'o " wb" " ,,-,A k'QI"E?L:-Q ' , V. -rx' ' ,u -1 ', - V- Xf'f"ff5'f2 4 X: 1 " Q ! 'JFK Q- O ' - 1 f '27e'f"?fN 'Wig . P' Q' "sn.,.,.-., f W :ml Y, Rx 16" ,. 1 vi . W 'AF . 'I 193 . .x- 'Q Q 'A , K -1 . ',' R r V ' 4,-'H . Y' ' "5 'va wtf- -'fix' NSA. ,QW Q V ' fi , . '5Slf1Ia'glM-v-553,'L.5i"ff 0, . fm' 1 7 ' , if, .391-:ks-Wy 'H' -11-M A . , in mf? wg ,Q X r -fre J A 'Sf .a....,,-I M, A M ?...4 v , Qf Jw I A .J 'S-'.r9n.4...,:d .X-. , v-uv-"4 aff?--xg, ""fi"'Dbv.f. , vu. in 2. . . -' 'fi' , ,Kilim sr g , . .fvsw ORCI-IESIS Orchesis, the school's modern dance group, is a noncompetitive varsity sport. The group consists of twenty girls and an advisor, Ms. lay Cradle. It is a sport which involves much discipline and dedication. The girls practice every day after school during the spring season. Although the girls do not compete, they do perform at Newton North one night in May and in many lecture demonstrations at high schools in eastern Mas- sachusetts. On March 17, the girls perform at The Mas- sachusetts Association of Health, Physical Education and Recreation State Convention in Boxboro. But per- formance is not all that is achieved by Orchesis. The long, tedious hours of practice allow each girl to be- come aware of her body, and to train and develop its beauty by the art of dance. Each girl choreographs her own dance in which she expresses herself, her ideas, and her beliefs. She then teaches her creation to the other members so they can perform it. This allows each girl to be creative, and to see herself through the way her dance is performed by others. Orchesis is a group of artists who use their bodies as their tools. Their art is a reflection of their inner selves, their satisfaction comes from performing what they have created, and from allowing others to share that for which they have trained and worked so hard. 126 .Q nl Li. i l ll i s - jg I ru. 127 SKIING S .hiv , Front Row L to R: Coach Debbie Gerstein, Barbara Green, Hilary Berkman, Millie McGraw, Leslie Swift, Margie Sheridan, Christa Coggins, Doug Perlo. Second Ron L to R: jennifer Chase, jill Cardella, Marie Boule, Rochelle Feldman, Martha Metcalf, jennifer Keenan, Martha Keenan, Dan Gordon, Chris Nash, Tim Sullivan, Ross Fangar, Gary Chin. Third Row L to R: Erol Morey, Mary Carton, jennifer Nash, Karen Aberg, Karen Miller, Kevin Lane, Graham Morey. Coaching Staff Captains Coach: john P. Fernandes Boys Slalom: Greg Keenan Asst. Coach: Girls Slalom: Deborah Gerstein Martine Culbertson Assistant: Dave Smith Boys Cross Country: Dan Coggins Girls Cross Country: Diane Green The high point of the 1978 ski season was the winning of the league championship. While the NNHS teams boasted few "stars," they consistently scored strongly in both nordic and alpine events as a result of scoring depth. ln most races, every team member scored some points and contributed to a team 128 win. Further, an early and intensive conditioning program ena- bled Tiger Ski Team racers to outdistance the competition, especially in lengthy, cross country races. Record Alpine Pts. Nordic Pts. Score Newton North 773 1040 Westwood 687 1020 Wellesley 632 987.5 Waltham 1169 183 Walpole 242 794.5 Newton South 594 250 Milton 647 121 Franklin 280 474.5 Total Dalton Score 1813 1707 1619.5 1352 1036.5 844 768 754.5 13-1 11-3 8-6 8-6 4-10 4-10 4-10 4-10 +'! 64-4 .ox RIFLERY Front L to R: Vicki Davis, jerry Greenberg, john Doe, Bruce Brinkerhoff, Back L to R: Coach Myers, AJ. Saney, Steve Poplack, Capt. Nick Butera, jeff Sudby, john Doe. 4'n 1 A .- S -lt I The 1977-78 riflery team was the best riflery team Newton North has had in a number of years. The teams stronger shooters were captain Nick Butera, Mark Foisy, jerry Greenberg, Spencer Car- penter, Vicki Davis and two promising sophomor- es, Steve Poplack and Mike Herman. The team practiced 5 days a week instead of two y as they had done in the past. They also had the advantage of shooting with new rifles. Coach lohn Meyers led this years squad. Newton Waltham Marlboro Newton Bedford Waltham Newton Newton Record 4-4 871 883 910 875 869 866 895 880 Riflery Record Bedford Newton Newton Concord Newton Newton Marlboro Concord 816 849 869 845 864 860 887 850 129 BOYS' lN DOOR TRACK 1 .4 Seniors iFront Roni L to R: Lars Toomre, lim Doona, Ken Boudreau, lack Lane, Bill Peterson, Tom Arsenault, Tri-Captain joel Dennis, Tri-Captain Wes Harris, Tri-Captain Mark Ross, Rich Grossman, Mark Nardone, Tim Pruce, Chris Cato, Mark Trafton, Chris Flaherty. juniors iMiddle Rowl L to R: Herbie Sidman, Tom Berrigan, joe DeGianvittorio, Perry Orent, George Bresnahan, Frank Eldridge, George Bloom, Bruce Sarota, Andy Epstein, Paul Fisher, Tony Ricker, Dan Laredo, Larry Dore, Mike Dews, Peter Tang, Wayne Merritt, jerry Epstein, Greg Yaitanes. Sophomores tBack Rowl L to R: Coach Frelow, Larry Chin, Shaun Doe, Brian Martin, Dave Vona, Paul DiBenedetti, Van Allen, Linus Vachon, Mike Pendergast, Dave Blouin, Eddie Sumpter, john Sapovitz, jon Horlink, Ray Mooney, Paul Fisher, Bob Lane. Missing: Bill Rizzetto1Seniorl, Tony Santagati tSeniorl, Mike Chernin tSophomorei, Glenn Goldman tjuniorl. The results of the 1977-78 season were all too familiar to Newton North trackmen. Their season consisted of seven rela- tively easy meets and one difficult meet. After an undefeated early part of the season the Tigers suffered their only defeat of the year to Brockton. North finished second behind the Boxers in the Suburban League standings. This year's squad was under the direction of coaches Fred Frelow and Fred Yaitanes. Coach Frelow worked with sprint and middle distance men while coach Yaitanes worked with the field events and distance men. Also leading the men were tri-captains Wes Harris, joel Den- nis, and Mark Ross. Wes was one of the state's finest 600 yard men. He picked up a key victory against Brockton. joel was also one of the area's top men in his event. He broke the school and Suburban League record in the shot. Captain Ross distinguished himself as a versitile distance runner, one of the league's finest, specializing in the 1000 yard race. Next year's team will be led by two of the state's top track performers: miler Dan Laredo and 300 yard man Mike Drew. The two juniors had outstanding seasons. Newton's squad had many outstanding performances. Their Boys' Track Record Newton 45 Cambridge 41 Newton 62 Waltham 24 Newton 48 Weymouth South 38 Newton -18 North Quincy 38 Newton 62 Weymouth North 24 130 field events were unmatched in the league. The high jump! hurdles crew was led by seniors Bill Rizzetto, Chris Cato, and Chris Flaherty. junior George Bresnahan will be the sole return- ing performer in those events next year. The shot put squad, led by captain Dennis, was unstoppable. lt included seniors Ralph Berry, and Rich Grossman and juniors George Bloom and Tom Berrigan. Led by captain Ross, the distance crew had some fine per- formances. Bill Peterson, Mike Pendergast, jim Doona, Lars Toomre, Ken Boudreau, and Wayne Merrit were the mainstays along with Ross in the 1000. Dan Laredo, Andy Epstein, jerry Epstein, and Linus Vona led the mile crew. Herb Sidman, Peter Tang, and Paul Fischer handled the chores in the deuce for the team. Newton also had its share of pure bred smoke in the sprints. The team of captain Harris and junior Tony Ricker was un- stoppable in the 600 yard race. juniors Mike Drew and Larry Dore were likewise a formidable duo in the 300. Senior Tony Santagatti and junior Glen Goldman were the Tigers performers in the 50 yard dash. Brockton 53 Newton 33 Newton 69 Quincy 17 Newton 75 Brookline 11 Record 7-1 2nd in Suburban league 2nd in class A 41 Q 1.4 5 1 i ff- , 1 4 I N A ,I .Z 'JA' ' -1 Y ' 'A ai 'V 1 165 'R Q' 1 5 4 1 is 131 TT GIRLS' INDOQR TRACK GD K3 3--en Front Row L to R: Debbie Carpenter, Phyllis Russell, Anna Mazzei, Linda Roberts, Diane Leahy, Sue Schoen, Laura Laemmle, Lauren jones, Marcia Patteson, Heather Walker, Susan Forrest. Second Row L to R: Beth Lazot, jennifer jones, janet Schnee, Wendy Habelow, Hilary Kassel, judy Hayes, Monica Adlen, jeanine Boudreau, Paula Buckley, Linda Hatch - Co-captain, Laurie Kelly- Co-captain, Beth Boates, Third Row L to R: julie Walker, Holly Laemmle, Roberta Oliver, Bob Clennon - Coach, Chris Cato - Manager, Pat Grant - Assistant Coach. The Girls' Indoor Track Team ended its second season with a Seasons Record 3-3 record jthe Brookline and Brockton meets were canceled Cambridge 42 Newton 35 due to snowl. Coach Bob Glennon stated that he "was very Waltham 39 Newton 38 pleased with the performances of the girls," and he had very Newton 51 Weymouth South 46 good reason to be. With ten of the girls qualifying for the Subur- Newton 48 North Quincy 29 ban League and State Meets, coach Cilennon had his share of Weymouth North 55 Newton 22 quality talent to work with. Newton 63 Quincy 14 The ten qualifiers were led by Captain Lorrie Kelley in the 1000 yard run, Beth Boates, shot put, Debbie Carpenter, Holly 3-3-0 Laemmle, and Beth Lizotte in the 300 yard rung jenifer jones 12 cancelledl and Lauren jones in the 45 yard dash, Laura Laemmle, high Brockton W jump, janet Schnee, mile: and followed by first place meet Brookline- finisher Co-Captain senior Linda Hath in the hurdles. 132 V ' X wf 655 1. g 5' M, A . 1 AX I f M.. ,. 6fg"4f2'f- " .. .,,,,,J J, ,, M qs x -r . 2 W 1-,, 1 f af 1' Ex 5 'gl I me-,sa f-ff 5' Q vw ,yff f L1 kb' K 4, 1 'K , 4 ,. 0 -Qfqiif mf g - ui? ' e . 5 'WD -A buf' CLY' 1 -.. I Y Q 1 WA?" s 4+- v . up .,,..- .,,- , ...M- 3? 4' INHS Y QW iv, 'Ky 5 BOYS' SWIMMI Ci 'N- 5 4 Front Row L to R: Eric Agrnat, Mike Fields, Mark Logan, Dave Colburn, Dave Like, Andy MacDonald, Mark Fishman, john Haten, Paul Agrnat. Middle Row L to R: Ben Merritt, Ronny Quintiliani, Ed Martens. Sam Pellows. Richard Wieitz, Phil Corcoran. Phil Schiller, Howie Abramson, Peter Hawkins, jimmy Cullison, john Harrington. Iohn Mulvaney, Geoff Melson, Billy Cullins. Back Row L to R: Dave Roberts, Ed Maloof, Eric Fallon, Alex Busansky. Forest Freedman, john Robinson. Final Row L to R: Suzanne Quinn, Diane Desouza, Trish Fuchs, Mary Cunning, joe Carleo, jeff Kennedy, Tony Lee, Ed Fields, Dave Albrecht, Rich Paritz. Billy Valaes, Chuck Mulcahy, Chris jones, jeff Sampson. The Newton North swim team started ol? the season well as they won their first six meets of the season. The teams major problem throughout the season was inexperience. To compen- sate for lack of experience the Tigers started practice in Sep- tember and continued through November into the season. Cap- tain Paul Higgins had the team in the water at 7:00 each morn- ing and the hard work obviously paid off. One of the teams strong points was its depth. In every event the Tigers had a good number of competent swimmers. The team finished the season with a respectable 7-2 record. Four school records were also broken. The 200 yard medley relay team erased the old mark of 150.02 and brought it down to 149.9. The relay team consisted of seniors john Mulvaney, Paul Higgins, junior Peter Hawkins, and sophomore Alex Busansky. Diver Ed Fields topped his own personal best. He eclipsed his old record of 202.3 points with a new mark of 231.5 points. Senior john Mulvaney broke his old school record in the 100 yard backstroke. He brought his time from 103.4 136 down to 101 .0. In the breaststroke, junior Peter Hawkins broke the school record of 108.4 with a time of 107.5. Sophomore jeff Kennedy and Paul Higgins swam the freestyle events while Alex Busansky did the butterfly. Newton North finished third in the Suburban league, much to the pleasure of coach Merritt. Next years captains are Peter Hawkins and Andy MacDonald. Newton 106 Wellesley 60 Newton 94 Quincy 55 Newton 89 Brookline 84 Newton 93 North Quincy 77 Newton 110 Weymouth North 60 Newton 48 Waltham 35 Brockton 94 Newton 77 Philips Exeter Academy 94 Newton 78 Newton 86 Cambridge 78 Q hx UU fig .1 s 3.145 A w 5124 2.2 .- iii ' K Ax ,hi S vuyqyqvq- N I .- . ,Jr ..."'- 9- A " - ., ",, ' . . . . I , r .Q XA., ,.- ,Y ,une 1 ' sux U.-'kv M 'Y' '-'Ss , .. -.,,..- 'V , X Q 4, K 5 - lvl... 2 z ... 5-5, ,. Q ' - ' -if' ' H3 . A ,, 4 ' "1 --s - . -' - u - 3 gf -, . I - ,...5',-.. f ' . gy ' ' J.. ' 4.3, 2' ff. I .Q " ,.s1'--- , 4. . s-. . Fx .E , ? , . A A -- l- B. 4' . i E :fj- , I A., ' cr, 44 at is 144 ' . . A A lui H wk.. I M ak, . A .. .. - 1 -".f-'zm,,'ws--'z'-1,' ,I nf- r svwu ' JI 'ff QKV-fJ'gf" BY W Z . ' f' if" .Q-v" if , ' " P , rnjv, gg A , , W-N r 1 2 , ,WK Q Nt.. fm. Q- ' . 1-'1x.':". Q "" .155 'f"ff3.2I.g'f 1 .N .,,-'2:f123g,1,s.-,.ezaa'- r - V .. 'Z ,xwuid vwvibv-,L an-'-Af . . f TQ", D .sn--f ' 3 fix. 81' I-1 fr Q V. .1696 5 N 4 I 1 x M I . fb . ,r Wu --.1 . qty: If N' .' 'N "' ff.. '.,4,.4 'P-'F!""'N'1' .-P45 n+'2v'. " . - ' f f, e . xy " A ,,gA'.'-, ,C f wx.. f .Ax , - , '- x., 1- -xgf::1. ' ,x !:Mf - 'ww w 5 ' ' ,x .i '- . T X V . 1 .. fix in 3:51, krfs 3 .fsvw If . K sky. .K W X , ' . 2 . . ' 'if 5551 " ' Wai." M . N. 'zgig-wg' ' , it .Wg 511539. 1 ' ' , Q V, -' W .5 f g ' ,, ' "-.. , -3 Q, ., '-- 4 f' ,gg - Avent: .-92: Q. 555 :-1. +R. ' 1 , 5 15'-R Eff. ' P wr" , -' pw 1 , .i'v2.r1:.'?,ea:ffi- - rg,-r., F- 3' ,Q-,gygA,v?wzw.,g, ' ,X .552 -1291-Lv k A "..yg.-zzmgg-Qgffrss' Q- . Q ,M . ""'fwfi ,, s-W" f , .'. '--,,- , -' .ss-,, xt. . A Q 'v JF A .K ,,:,.r'ag uma., , L ., vm ...:.g,,. -2- P 5-.'7y-vw 'L " . ?,f:"Kia I 1 . . 'L , -P szwigigg' fix ,:LZ,"f'. ' ,ga gg' .3 531 4 ' 'N ' 2 " 'M '295 -'adv' " ' filfw . 73 Nifvl ' Ni, 1 ifljveilz-W Vg - na' ,sx,,,,,A"e. . , ' M W-' I . 1. H. '- , W, M W Ag fi MWA g V . 0' A W' ' ..-e"'i32js.3j. 'Q ' f 1' .7 1:3 Q -lx in wr' x Dxfqtljfgsx,-4 u 'WA 4 Q g A Q Q :f m Y, , W ...ff 'xv xiv' f 5' 'ww-.wwf aw- S., ' ' .--,Q ,- g -A 1 -.ff wiwxww, -y+. Aw ,ww 5-31 ' Y 'l F J U X . -Nxt., 1, Q. M , , ., wg! V ly. . K- - 'Sf ' sv W v,g'5,:f, l 3. .Y :ki x A a '...' 4 'I Kr A Mgr? if ,Ak X.,Q..2,. ,A 'M , H .- xi 1 '-,w':g3' 1, gifiir' . iw fi ,fn- ., L ' PY' N .--.fx T,- ' MQ' . ' - M4 f X ' 1-qqlff '- .Q 'ff . . 4 f -. .Ng-Nzgm 24 wk ' .- . , ,rf ,A-w":g1rffff'k'3'Q , ' 3 . xfwi.-N ,f,g""" ' -1 or . . Q .1 - A a - wx 1 2 0 '- . -. .H N ' 8 Q v. 9 if , ,V v, fwfr. .. N gg. .g-fiesigilwb-:r,A,.,?5Q ' 35? ,gkfff ,. , , -ei-' A, I ,, ' ,F - . K. - Z,-f 4, fx- V .4 yn , S 'p i . - ?,,,Q .-Q A :Eg-,,.'Yg,, -4 , ' . 4 s I , R w A.: x w. Q Jw QS' Q , , . Y x i A M.. 5 N I KY av .. A 5 X Q .Q ls.. Aa fat 1 . ,M x ' X 1 A K n N A xi, LW 4 . . , : '- lv? Q v' 32 Qgw Q' R 5 0 " ix 3 x ' 1 W if 'I 5, li Q K Se . Q - 1 X ,Q .f -Q Qgsgix 2 " Was' iQ a. ' .1 . 1 W . , at Q , V ,t M: . A yi' 5-' iz! .iljdt . I Q: v.!'Sgff,M 'wax , ' ' ' ' . ' if Q' . gfi"EY,5, A, -1 ' fu' E, 'gfjk' , , , - A- . . gi ,.,, 5 K' -f?i,1!!qfi+-31.1-.zqgf -uf K' NMA ,K fl V 4 :, if 1 ' - gk.- ::?'vfgQ.1 wsu, " ' A 2 gg2i,?'- A '15 - w f- . , 0 1 - V H t -f-,. , K - J' - 4 W wgxxwwf. is ' 'T 'Q X -' ' A' . ' " f'.Fi.'i7"1+.f3."".', - 'eh is if '1' -fm. "in, ,,, 4.1 -,ww 1-A-I 1-, V. 5 r' QW? ' fx. W J' dw ux 137 WRESTLI G 1 . . fb A 'fi L. . if X-"5 Front row L to R: Steve Krutt, Shota Aki, Tom Parker, Kevin Bengston, Rich Kim, E.A. Morgan, David Gasdia, Harold Cutler. 2nd row: Ted Bresnahan, Harry Shainian, Ricky Sewall, joe Mulvey, Steve Wasson, Kip Chinian, Brian Bernard. 3rd row: Dan Brown, john Larkin, Ed Kim, jimmy Gerton, Greg Sotir, Dave Castanzo, jeff Parker, Chris Gilson. Back row: Coach - Pat Coleman, Tony Rosetti, Armand Cortina, Mike Gardener, Adam Levy, Peter Bonazoli, Norman Walker, Assistant Coach - Tom DePeter. The 1977-78 wrestling team proved to be the best wrestling team Newton North has ever produced. Under the tutelage of coach Pat Coleman the Tigers finished the dual meet season with a 14-4 record. They won the league crown in a very ba- lanced and competitive Suburban League, as they went unde- feated with a 8-0 record. They then proceeded to win the divi- sion I central sectionals. The key to the success of the team was balance. The Newton North grapplers were strong at every weight class. The team could have possibly gone undefeated had it not been for injuries. During almost the entire season the Tigers had to forfeit class because of sickness or injury. Finally in one of the last and most important meets of the season the Tigers entered a meet at full strength. Their opponent was league rival, Quincy, the team thought by many to be the best team in division I. Ifthe Tigers were victorious they would clinch at least a tie for the Suburban league title. 100 pounder Ricky Sewall returned to the lineup after a long absence and won a major decision, 10-2. Dave Costanzo at 107 and Dave Gasdia at 114 both lost tough decisions. Tri- captain Kevin Bengston then defeated one of the premier wres- tlers in the state at the 121 lb. weight class as he totally domi- nated his opponent 14-2. jon Larkin lost, the Kim brothersg captain Rich at 134 and Eddie at 140 tied their opponents. Harry Shanian won a decision followed by E.A. Morgans dramatic pin at 157. Senior Steve Krutt then widened the lead with a clutch win at the 169 lb. weight class. Captain Tom Parker clinched the victory with a pin. Harold Cutler wrestled in place of jeff Parker at heavyweight and was defeated. When the smoke had cleared the Tigers were victorious 31-21. In the Needham X-Mass tournament 7 Newton North wres- tlers won trophies. Kevin Bengston won 1st place. Ed Kim, E.A. 138 Morgan, Steven Krutt, and Harold Cutler finished second in their weight classes. Dave Costanzo and Harry Shanian finished third. The Tigers won the division I central sectionals. In the pro- cess they qualified 9 members for the division I state champi- onships in Springfield. Tom Parker was Newton's only sectional champ. Ricky Sewall, Kevin Bengston, Harry Shanian and E.A. Morgan won second place metals. Ed Kim and Steve Krutt came in 3rd place. Dave Costanzo and Dave Gasdia finished fourth. Newton qualified more wrestlers than any other team in the section. Rich Kim and jeff Parker finished fifth in their weight classes and went to the state tournament as alternates. Wrestling-league meets are starred' Newton 54 Cambridge 6 Newton 39 Needham 23 Newton 45 Dedham 9 Framingham 30 Newton 26 Newton 47 Medford 18 Melrose 34 Newton 21 Wellesley 35 Newton 21 Newton 43 Lexington 18 Newton 42 Natick 21 'Newton 31 Waltham 17 'Newton 54 Weymouth South 6 'Newton 26 Weymouth North 22 Stoughton 26 Newton 25 'Newton 43 North Quincy 23 'Newton 35 Brookline 21 'Newton 31 Quincy 21 Newton twon by forfeitl Malden 'Newton 41 Brockton 14 i 'KV' ' '5 ul -:' Z X fi: 1 R gif? 2: K g -- X WW--M lx' ml' YI 139 Q-fr Cheerleaders W,Q,,v'!f" ' 7,1 'A I 1 is i ' 3 J-5 ff ini , . , . n -4- 1 , . - fssfzlli f .. .,, -.rv"- , T"!".,fa" v. S+? --,..- Hifi .r v 4, J-2' , e so Y' . ,K "' - . o,. 4.-1 ..-5 . f , 5 IT. 11 1.3 11 Inf G-sq '..x fr- ug? 5 1? 9 ,-' 'W'-0-J' '5'm.1,--,' qw YPA .1 rs 4 ..,fA...- Agg: wh,-as - '54 - - -. - us' gan. .... , 'lf I ,,..,, "- j'...,l4i ag- 4 A. -4 , xl . taxi-- . Marching Band The beat of the 'Big N Tiger Marching Band' goes on. This courageous group of musicians marched and played at all Newton North football games. The Band played in all sorts of inclement weather - even when visiting bands refused to perform. Under the direction of maestro Tom Leonard, with drillmasters Vikki Davis and Amy Davidson, and an- nouncers Phil Schiller and Steve Siagel, the Band kept up its reputation of providing unique halftime entertainment. The dedication shown by the Band was best exemplified by senior class President Cand trombonistl Gil Boule. At Newton's game in the Eastern Mass. Soccer semi-finals, Gil acted as director, conductor, and drillmaster for nine other musicians who made up the 'Little N Tiger Marching Band.' In the words of one member of the soccer team, "Now that's what l call 'school spirit."' 141 'vw - -, 1 Q 1-5 P1 Wffvdxma. ?T"zl'Lrxg,.Q-ff ' -J-:ha ss. " -44:45 -A - -.-.' .7 if is 5-P 'i' 7 I If J. guy' wh 1 'ha Q. af? 11 Q -,, I pf' uk I I lf '31 f 4 ' or N.. ,LV nail , . J- Ja 35 ivy Newtonian 96 2. Louise MCQuiIlan Robin Wolf Editor in chief Layout Editor Q i E rf? . I Charles Texiera Laurie Schnvv Advisor Photographx Co-ordirmtor 146 LJ i P I i n nn IN. 'NS ? . , lj 41 Q , , fl ' . 4 i fi 35 53 'f sa ' , 1 , 1 . A Z 1 33 , f 5' i 44 rf J Marion Buchsbaum Literary Editor -I5 li lmx o 0 1' ,, 3.5 0 1.-so gl, l Richard Grossman Steve Krutt Clrls Sports Editor Boys Sports Editor 94 'eff' .- 'v1, ,r V v fan, . !', ' I .qs avi 1 Q ,5 I :Lu 1 -1- 1 . .Viv 4 3.. 4 - v P A.. - 1,3 , X ,4 , - ' ,Q , o fi,'t:j-A, -' ' E ff J . -nv Nl J' L - . ,,,.1- : my o P -ra g'Q'l Yfv- I Constance Martin Linda Zigman Copy Editor An Editor dll VU! . rv!! n, , Fi ' v v, 'J ' 1 . -, ,pfv y ' JIIL4-rffgi' Leigh Graham Moira Schiff Circulation Editor Senior Co-ordinator l I C 1 9' fb. Nix. Peter Ezrin Ways 81 Means Editor ff 2' is Qi M Lars Toomre Business Manager K---4 9 i Stavros latridis Advertising Manager I Erol Morey Business Manager 1 i 'I 4 ,, I 4' T' QQ' wr Y ,.,,'x C' arf! Layout Stah' Front Row L to R Mary Carten, Pam Celles, Eileen Cronin, Robin Wolf, Back Row L to R Hope Wolfson, Cindy Bauer, Lisa Cross, Holly Laemmle, Missing Philip Corcoran, Amy Moller, Cl. Lee, Krista Stewart, Karen Rodman, Paulette Dubois, Penny Meyerson, Lisa Guzzi. ,'l-us? Photography Staff Front Row L-R: Elizabeth Fuchs, David Bronstein, Howie Lerner, Belinda Annisg Back Row L-R: Stanley Bratton, Patty Hunter, Stacy Landau, Nancy Shaw Andrea Lipman, Paul Margolang MISSING: Kevin Silver, O . F? , '13 'iffy-4 f , g ' Nj - l 11 Literary Staff Front Row L to R Carey C-oldberg, Antony Pahigian, Carol Kennedy, Back Row L to R Audrey Freudberg, Carrie Bernstein, Howie Speizer, Maureen Fairbanks, Missing Dale Hunt, Martha Moy. il Copy Staff Front Row L to R Dina Bronstein, Constance Martin, Cindy Love, Roger Wolf, Karen Rodman, Back Row L to R Lisa Salvucci, Maryelien Hallaran, Nina Crleckman, Marge Leith, Kathy McHugh, Missing Beth Hurney. 151 . ,f . ,. Sl - gil il 1 ' Shuts. nnulll lusll' nu! - llil .mx -l.l.I I ll ? ll ' it 51 L t 5' 'L it tml ' 51. ,, S' 'Xl Art Staff Front Rpm L to R Lorena Kelly Randi Reiss, Back Row L to R Nano' Robinson, Chris Buck, Linda Zigman, lane Butterworth, Missing Renee Antonellis, Marge Leith. 9 s -GE? g G1 it -y 1 I .A Circulation Staff Front Row L to R lohn Supovitz, Pam Castolx-xitz, W'ei1cly Brunswick, Leigh Graham, Lisa Shatz, len Seaman, Middle Roxx Anita Puzzanghero, Millie Delicata Karen Zuftante, Rochelle Feldman, Sue lacobson, Shari Krantz, Debbie Boskin, Peter Ezrin, Back Ron L to R Eileen -Xnnese, Ellen Cutler, Susan Goldfarb Linda Blouin, Kellie McHugh, Carol Mahoney, Maria Sirgo, Missing Debbie Rollins, Liz Sooho. 152 xl ,A-.. but ,na- Ways and Means Staff Front Row L to R Brad Miller, Laura Humphrey, Peter Ezrin, Nadine Snyder, Cheryl Burgess, Middle Row L to R Linda Zucker, Bill Brazier, Maryann Malloy, Helene R0S9f1bl3ll, Wendy Berk, Valerie Bloom, lan Oleson, Back Row L to R Heidi Maguire, ludy Goldenberg, Penny Meyerson, Paulette Dubois, lennifer Barnes, Missing David Hinchey, Missy Rabinow, joanne Lesse, Lisa Gershon, Linda Berman. Y "4 Advertising Staff l-'RC Beth Banks, Terri Turner, Haya Mayman, Stavros Iatridesp Missing Nadine Synder, Paul Fritz, Laura Rosenblatt. 153 x 11 4 'N L' L lQt9 -L A, 4 Q05 l .. 1? . ,nqf I L. 1 Ji 1 1 ip 3. V V N N -- 5 -uv W 'ati' W Q? . I Mm,-fyant . - I-gi., 1.1 f .X R " lv. QI 1 ,J 5 Y 'fi s va .7 5 1 5 Q if .-W., ffl 7'f:' pw 44 gw -fe' , eww QW "' -iii--1 -avr -3,-F JK:-:ff iv,,:fpv5 ilfgzggg-ligzigelt 1 . I. iz- mlm- xfvt. 'ff N- f '5'3vQ'ib?3!'i'. A-in-Q.-J: e x.f'.x sf-'N , 1 -f "'f- ,mst ' 73- - l,s,:..aQi.:"Z .1"w -- 1- 1 -wyxy- Q k -4 xi?-s b- -: :rw rf' ' . 5tg,"5g?':-1'-nj' .1 J - 'Nik --1+-5 mir 5 x " N r,4u- -af Y rf f,,g -Q x ' 'P'-' +1 1, 2 1' "' " ' ' '--v-'.,': ' 4231, 1325 " fin I-.,. .li . -.xg 4:3 -'if' .Zi .. 4, 4 ,, . X -.LQ1fz9'!'P K .A-f .pm-i " .Ria 1' gg,-:-. 5-"jg-51 ,,g.fLLf411 xw-'i'.gfi-Q., ,Qi 35+ ,A 8 I 1 -. .A 'Y1:e4',, J M flu?- -51 A 112.. An' 2. lc. 1--Y It A 'FT-?'F+??.'f?'5Q-se .,-x - ,Q sn. ,- f,. K . rl. 'K 19"-3"i?. 2 -. ,, 1 - . ..L,' ",...a,'4 . H - vi - .--V7 -ii ' -241-.L , , '-'Q' 'LV-2-.' , '2,'e'.y1 17 ,Y " :iii 'fPi2-A -:--A ,'- t 4 ,1- ,..- -.. Y..J K'-4 rv 'E-wi-: 'K . il ::'L 'izvviggh vn- 2.-222. .fjf 1,5 A I 'ffm 2 1"- af- t." N" -ll N531 - , '.-.- V Irv? . -:RQ Jliif- !f,:Q 4, . , :1,,:.f,- -3- xy-. ' ' .ani 5-Lux r, 17 - " - '- fffl ' . vr.. , fy . , ' "'-G--'4'.- x,.:.q, " ' "fl'g.3-.3-f!'.,s1-1-C' .., , . . N W1 1'-r' J., '--J-1'.', vfrukfg- V 1, ,V Aa..- '- 3. .vip ..,.4. -nw ,, ,U ,A kiwi .X - 'z ' Li-f'4,f' P M M-. -'W 1 1 J. Y + Jfafu , 1 I Q fx. :fix .. . - Q , "fu- x-44 ,WJ 'IA' ' P g6':'! - .rx . '-1 Q . SIX . , lv x, , ,Y f Q - I, , 313. 4 A f' A c . ' ' CF' , 4 .. vi'-5,15 . simia- :akin ,Q 'xv -at ' +A. E , ,im 'FA ' ,lr l - ,..:.'f -A , ' . 'V , 'vw V--Q-vi.,1 'F W.. V Y ' "' J 1 sq!-V 4' "fi Y vf? vsff' .L I M "f,f.Y r P , ,W y , """ I V ,, 8' . W I9 M. I 1 '. 4. , n HA 5 - W8 53 3' ,- Q 3 X V xo 15" fl . s x Hi tv' rs I 1 'ik 1 pani- s Q 4 A -S-"H-e 51 IIN 1 z ' 1 ' A .:, N, H., , 'O 1 A"-sf ,, "x.Q-L is fs- s 'iff' TK is-2 . F . i 1: +- ' 'Q ,s f:'-..gj' .QH1 .- .3 -Q Y Q- I , . - - Q X , 'sa Q I- T- ' f l-w if V. ' " ' " 0 1 an I . , , .4 F' 5" """""'9 ' - "H ,mi sf -e""r: I. M4 1 f- . 'X , sf'-'H 1 . V 'P A-Aga-'L,T,t,,7'i" W, j . V- , "A'f'ffLg 'fffv ". 4 'FFP fl-Q, .fix f 'X'-' 'fm-1"-' -f""'- ' 1f""'s , " ,rn 93 v :-f Z :Z J ..-.f J lfff v 3 Q. 15' ' 4 - -'nuns-.4 . ..,,3,,.,, -f 1 ll 5 1 I .v , f.,-vnu.. ---v-'suv-,p W ,Wu ' 'xffw aff. 5,12 517. Q f- ds- -Ll Amiffffiwti ,I N1-.-.5 ,gs -4+ 'wmesr .gums Y. .4 ' ,X 1 fs . xd ""'-of fz-5m'.-Mm,.- ' . . ' H .qw--, Q x A - A 2 i wb. f s. Wk u 7 .1 I ,,,,, h 1 ...u- ., .a..,',.:f 4-9YN:.w 4 -f " I Y - 1-. up the seasons they go round and round 161 i i l I 1 I . I s 4 4 ' Q I I A ..4 we' re captives on the carousel of time 163 3 W w s 4 iii 96" 15' , 4 if f' -b.LLll1lZLL4 . Tzif, .1' 1.1 :':f ll' i 'A' 164 " 15 -VII" V4 f: .lj , J 7:1 L rw-'I we Can't return time ' 'uv l f I 'll4,f, ffl, .z I j , ' A "4"- we can only look behind from where we Came 165 -4. nun 3 'F .ou wiv' A Q I wif? fx ,,,,, 55 yr xi 'H al 1.2. :ig-53: - QI? 3 111 biTl1.:1 52, ' N zwgxj .1 'Wx24'?TfD: ,.vr-2153 V fff 1:35 w. . ff 4 ' 1 ' I 5 , i J 2' H f. ru e xl Q . L.. .1 , . "Zh . ,, 1 f ,,4f w, ' f fi A l EV U Lv' '-1?-V v W W -.l:LfL7v-2- --- 11- mdlmm ,J--"f ,'y-w-- ' .IJ JO in the circle game. 167 A is ' Q17 nf' . J- , 1111111 5 -- if l""" 'J ' J :XF , Q - .Q , I- , :si 'I ha' .sf dv: Asa? yf-'E 'Q-alll". - war 'a' 1 'J 'S ,A 9' ' , 4. ' ' '5' 'il P, Q, - W 14 -. 1: 17.5 Xfgggua ,A ri ,,'.",x A - xx-'- fff 2,189 ii-, -'ni ' .u-fee? s Awe' ?'4. r' 5 o .Qu s o f . U k I r in in "'Wux .lk A - . X ri ' f - 15. -,, ff F X.. ' 1' 'K' sixteen springs and sixteen summers gone now Cartvvheels turn to carwheels through the town ULU ':,,-f-- Hn L5.f":2'?a 5-115' T' f, SW' W r l,.,l X Q 9-3 A A-tr ' gy ' Q. , ' f f'g'f'L.giq A - N f 1 uv. r X 171 3 7 X r ' 4 S fe I X L if 1 ,J ' 1 4 If 1 1' an v . . 4' .V .wil ' . Q . . I 5 tmim Y",,f' xv,-:X V is-5:15 , V .1 ' ., :E I1 iff' - :iff "' " sftffg' , .y -., .. N r, 1- 4 'f--- "'l- . L -E 3 - eigq X3 I vi Q ' X ' S ,, -A fW.'p e- r "ff-P: . . W -. ' I QMYQ:-.K 'XX' A ' 11- ..... .:.1 r I fwfffvifmf is I, V' T rf M- 2 1, f if r it A f . V t I 5, r idly ' . x rg 9 .'-,V 4 and they tell him take your time it vvor1't be long now till you drag your feet to slow the circle down. 169 C.. . 4 e Ffa' my 1. I Q -1 -... 4 1 1 'VW s l r ' in-rl Livia 3 , , I yi . Y 4 , Q 1- ia5- ,X m 'E 'NA , , ' .1'sQ? -, 3 , ii A 'HX .4 ,. - and the painted ponies go up and down I'- Q 9' I if h "' . 1'5- -.5 C . ,'-u 'Y 5, Q 'ST r , a Fx.-i ' . ..... ' Q A .-up - ... .. ., .. , ..,- "Qt- .-4,4 3.. 1 .1 F ll Qi,"'f if ,ff E 11 ', s ' f ri 2 172 6 me ' s . ' ' .I 8 !' 1 s r A A... , :QQ-' vve're captives on the Carousel of time 1 fir f .al N .wil Q. lj., .f fn'-vw, fi' W. 'Effi- 'Nl' JAP ig 4' X I -E frivlz N .mv ' L . Q I I H Z lflr' h 3 , A . if u '12 ' 1 - ' - hug .- mf V+ we can't return 173 I, Q-Jan! .ls , ,ff Wy' 1 ur' r ,yu - V F. ' 4' l, Jil I wt' Amo " P" A 4 H and go round and round and round 175 .,...-.F ,M :3'g.I4-AQ ,!.,, "rf: ff 'bs N lhfiw , ' r ri , 'K T""fT -1-"'4'2"" M 'f"" .., f - K tlyiiz-Pjvs ll - ,I -Ill. ..f- uw, ., g,,Xl gr.-.y1:-1x- G ll - 'it' , 4 , A V ' ,-7. v,..".. - -F -' f'- ",A- . A "'1'.hf"f'.: V. ,f 'fql "" - - '-""" ' ' ,av,' .v - - , -4 Q ,. K Tl .,Y 'xg' rj, I iz A S ,Pi 5, , vrfjzr: Lag- ' , v. I ' 'YE' 'A V .. --- -"' -I. I l' H""! . , "AEK 2 -,jjj r-+ 'C - I .. gk- ---- h-ww ' .v-A 'll Q ' ' ' ' V ' '-'-A ,vu ' " K ' T-L94 .J D lim """ -. L, ,- . 1 -'I '. f--.A,. I-v..g F-'-.. - , 11 Y ..-'L -r-o X? Qbff? --. Jada '--' 'ai o 'sb-fb .-'1 M Q4 7 , "rm-5 'rigii I 1' '1' ffyr 1,1 'CP - 11' ill v 3 176 in the Circle game T emtuntun Prep, Slump, or Tweed? Were you a prep, tweed, greaser or funk during your NNHS years? The way you dress can distinguish you from other kids and classify you as being a groupie or and indi- vidual. Preps are the easiest to distinguish: straight-leg corduroys or Ievis, turtlenecks with the turtle straight up, crew neck Fair Isle or solid-colored sweaters, docksiders, and for the girls a hair ribbon. These students generally buy their clothes at The Lodge or order from L.L. Bean. Prep locations: The library steps, the "Silent section," the closed off room in the cafeteria. Tweeds for straights, as they may be calledi are more dif- ficult to find. Outfits consist of tweed skirts or slacks in gray, man-tailored shirts, hacking jackets and boots or high-heeled shoes. Some tweeds carry walking sticks. Girls wear their hair in chignonsg guys comb theirs perfectly straight. The strain of wearing tweedy clothes is so great that many straights will appear the day after this perfect attire in fatigue pants and their younger brother's camp T-shirt. Tweeds tend to scatter but can always be found during Open Campus movies such as "Romeo and juliet" lnever Three Stooges filmsi. , Greasers have the look. Greased hair, leather jackets, tight 4 jeans and boots with a white T-shirt underneath -they have 5 the "Happy Days" coolness. They aren't frightened of any- thing or anyone. Creasers hang out on Lowell Ave. and in front of Barry House. Funks are definitely among the most interesting. Try a gunny sack lace dress, chinese velvet slippers, a gold necklace, and a picture hat. Or for a guy, pin striped pants and vest, suede shoes, a neutral-colored shirt, jazzy tie and the jacket slung over the right shoulder CBooks are tucked under the left.J. It takes a lot of guts to dress like this but the results are worth it. There are also many nondescript slumps, wearing pants and shirts without bothering to coordinate them. The most extreme cases are recognized by the way people who look at them wince and whisper, "He must have gotten dressed in a very dark room." Though slumps are often very tacky they are definitely the most comfortable and least self-conscious of the groups. Most people are a combination of all groups, mixing and matching for mismatchingi according to their moods in the morning and the clean clothes left in their closets. Although it may be simple and convenient to classify people according to the clothes they wear, its important to remember that what a person wears usually reflects no more than his taste in clothes, and may reveal nothing about the personality be- neath. Remember, a slump may be a tweed in disguise, and a leather jacket may have a silver lining. i Contributors: Elizabeth McNary 1 I f 1 Carrie Bernstein Seth Medalie i Z i 9 Philip Corcoran Martha Moy "iff I X 'Z i N A ,IX iAudrey Freudberg Howard Speiser W? , J. 95 Q 'f x ECarey Goldberg Nancy Vetstein 'Gif 5 wa: , 'tgf ,Dale Hunt Bradley Warren ,Avi li 'J' . iWilliam M. Mandell 1 . s-it X QL run 1 U li LN I N A 'l- V ' f ,. ,l,. il l r j .yffri j' ', fpslil i 'll ,T l , -jig-. . ' -,j ig gagwgfig 1 -1 l i ,' " it i j l,lj l M l ' X 10 'Q' ,dl ' E i 1 T if ' " PREPS rfxrmsme 177 How did you change during your years at Newton North? 2 How did you grow? How were you different as a H D U G . sophomore? Have you really learned anything? Some Seniors, asked these questions as guidelines, were given the chance to try to sum up their entire High School experience in a few short sentences. They replied: "I'm so much more confident now. When I first came in I didn't Know what was going on, what to expect. I'm not sure I have really found myself yet, but at least I feel like I'm on the right road." "I understand and value education a lot more now than I did in 10th grade. I have a much stronger fear of institutions because I realize some of the hideous things they can do, but I also realize now that all an institution is is a bunch of people stuck together, and the only way to get an education is to keep in mind when you're facing that heinous and execrable brick blob is that you're using it and it's not using you." "I've learned to deal with alot of people, with being one of a herd. I've found ways to express myself so that I don't feel lost. I have a deep respect for Newton North, not because it's such a great institution but because it accomplishes what it should accomplish in a very positive way. Three years is enough, even when they're good years." "ln all the ways I've grown - socially, artistically, emotionally - I seem to have grown in spite of school instead of because of it." "From IOth to 12th grade the main thing I learned was how to skip homeroom more successfully." "I learned all you have to do in order to- get something done in an educational system is to bring your parents to school. "At first it was a challenge to work myself into the system. Il Then, for a while, it was my place, I knew all the ins and outs, how to break rules without getting into trouble, how to do almost exactly what I wanted without really seeming to. And, finally, it has all become a burden - the whole framework is so limiting and it seems like there are so many better things I could be doing with my time. I don't want to fiddle around with their framework anymore, I just want out!" "I think at North I've just been introduced to a lot of different ideas and people that I'd never been confronted with before. The experience of learning all these new things just opened my mind and made me more adaptable. It's given me a broader background." "The major thing I've learned in High School is that nothing I do in High School matters at all. But ifl had it to do all over again I probably wouldn't have done it any differently. I realize that High School is the last time you can do whatever you please -- or rather, not do whatever you please, and still get away with it." -ec? ff- 39 Q W7 .fr Xi- 1 ' I I sl -' - I -glib .I 4' I 'I , .7 N N bk' L 27'fQ3:ll. ' 'jf . f lkillf f' . l I dm, ll Ii , Q KSN, Q. it I - 'I all ff 1,5 'E . ' 'Q-I V ' t, - QI. ' L I . , T ,'- iiggf. U I Ne. U A ,- gi , 3' 'flll ffl j T' eiffltl X I IW, ' I. -alllt h I f Il? ag .M JLCEIIIQIQIQQ K I-1 ' hif i , ' - .-. I ' S ' , - -I 7' '.' 'I -' E TI 54 ' , I IL III'I.l 5. .R , sig' -'ti if f ' I' . c j f 'I I Ll' I 'N 5- 1 I 'fill 'I KX 'II i .. Im.-:gg y7?F ' I il l 4 'I '-1 . :I II, I . I -y ' ' I X'X"'I - Q I. ', V I I g : I I ,I I . , I 'I-I 51- ' FFQQBFQ .3 I J I 5 I I I I"IC I I I I' I , I'N.i'e".I . l I 'fy l II, lf by lli 21 ': M h . It.IlI X AAI ., l XXII IW 9 'Im . N III I I I , :I I, I . I I I , .I ' -. . 5 X l' llill I ll I I ll- ff I l Q it T If I X I V l Y I I ,I I-0 ' XX' f . Q ,I III I I I Ti I XI I IZ, 5 Mlm Huh.. I s' Il 3 I " I X XX I ' H' ' ' .Q I ...., ., .5 I 1 My- ,,,- ,I W Xl WW, I 'II III' C Q G lk I N I 178 FROM SOPHOMORE TO SENIOR Through the eyes of an incoming Newton North High School sophomore, the transition from junior high to high school presents a mystical challenge. Look at all the obstacles you're concerned about when you enter NNHS. There are three thousand students, a minor fraction with whom you are already acquainted! In addition you are confronted with free time which adults interpret as a test for student discipline or initiative taken toward participation in extracurricular ac- tivities. The primary concern mystifying the NNHS rookie is how to mingle into the ranks of a mere three thousand student com- munity. Sure, you always belong to onerof the six color- coded houses within the school, but not all five hours of classes are spent in that one house. For example, if you are eating with one of your new friends in the cafeteria and a flying fruit cup fantasia lands on your appetizing mass- produced pizza, you may be grateful for the new acquain- tance but may also question the hopes of enjoying new expe- riences. If you encounter trouble meeting people in the cafeteria, try Main Street, NNHS. You are bound to bump into new friends on the way to class, literally speaking. If you are com- fortable on Main Street, you most likely feel at home in NNHS. The corridors seem to be an endless "rush hour" to class. You may believe that all three thousand students are walking your direction at one particular moment. The crowded hallways inhibit student traffic, creating one more problem. Tardiness to class is the subject most emphasized and reemphasized in classroom lectures. Yes, so many "tardies" equal a "cut" and so many "cuts" result in parental contact. However if you yearn to participate in extra curricular activities, you may join one of the govern- "TQ-Eliffg ' 4 ing forces of NNHS, namely the SFA iStudent Faculty Admin- istration boardi. Being a member of the SFA may enable you to influence a decision toward extending the five minute break between classes to a ten minute break, thus allowing more time to battle the elements of corridor traffic. If you are not physically drained from your sophomore year, you may stick around for your junior year. Now don't misinterpret that. Of course the junior year is enjoyable, par- ticularly as many students anticipate P.S.A.T. exams in the spring! Face Reality! At the ripe age of 16, emotional fatigue could result from matters more significant than worrying how a three-hour national exam might affect your entire college and professional career. School ventilation is a prime concern. Each day, students ask one another whether school will be cancelled for the following day, not from the snow outside but from the asbes- tos inside. Perhaps the tension from a final exam given on a hot spring day may be eased by an explosion of the cooler in the back of the room. Such are the conditions through which you achieve your junior year grades. These grades are the most significant on the high school transcript. However there is no space allotted on the transcript to explain the learning atmos- phere in NNHS, an institution surely conducive to high-grade achievement. During the first semester of your senior year there is still some stimulation which maintains a desire within students to work. The stimulative forces are college applications and job opportunities. The second semester is a graduation party for many students. The work load is decreased, or so it appears, as students consider themselves graduated in january. The Senior year enable you to reflect on your secondary school education. Feelings of both dissatisfaction and praise concerning NNHS are sensed by students. Most importantly, though, the positive reflections upon the high school experi- ence may illuminate the successful emergence of Newton graduates toward a promising future. -Qfxzbf - 1,15-3-,Q :X IA P'-':' ffffksfa f F fN . Q Ott fi 22, it lf F ' X if' 'Nl ES-93 fc f ra J? ' I 1' it ilii -f f F g ill Q A .A fs 5 i' 5 ' tits it j j lf 'N F gy r - ,Wr.iyi!irw. .1 -f it L ' TX . l - ' -ia 'lx 'f""'!'i fl ' Wifi fl 'T' ' l fl ' . ' il' XX eg-1 T T 9 E ,slate K l ,,.. 4. lxgl M il! IXQA-"" mg it T l j 'W?mifg,jWfM,','.l, si- ff , X 'fail , i x, - ' 1 j X j fr, .Vg flfmff fl , r lr f s li Xx Q A Y , lj xiii X , . 'i e " 0 ji I 'F-'X Q X 7 'ss' it . i ' ' f l X j 99- . ij i- 'T i . it . T . .M M DQ li . f iii v .Aim X l I li- A , N -' . l 1. XXX - ul lynx l. I! lx XX M l ZWWIQ ffqlj l r i - ,ws -' X , it it xx i- ff it T il " i -- 'j - 1 i .il 51 X ', lj! tl it i. l li li if - t fi!-. it T ,. Il .i f F fl r i r i Et' Il iii . . i t f is it ss 'i . N, l' W if X J Q, Q, M E v 5 X X ks' A' r. , -f I3 KN j qi I gi 'lg ' it 179 The Three Year Mirage Dedicated To Doug Harper "Wow! So this is high school!" thought Charley. He had sneaked away from his stuffy, small junior high school to visit the high school where he would go next year. It was huge. He was looking down now from the top of the stadium at the ominous building and the crowd milling and clustering on the pavilion. Two of his friends from ninth grade stood beside him. "What do you think it'll be like?" asked Phil. Charley didn't turn to answer him. He was looking over the school with much the same sentiment that permeates those movies about New York in which the hero stands on the roof of a building with a girl at dusk and says: "One day this will all be ours . . On the first day of school Charley strutted on to Main Street, his boots freshly polished, a creaseless leather jacket lacquired with his summer's savings as a social prerequisite to high school lifel pronouncing his evolving manhood. Main Street was like one long stage with a thousand actors playing at once. He felt self conscious and embarassed by the count- less eyes that followed him down the hall, and wished him- self in the company of someone more conspicuous. You had to be glamorous here, he thought. Image! A lean, confident senior walked by, laughing with a Farrah Fawcett blond. They walked with a bouncing oblivious air past a pack of frightened sophomores led by a teacher, who they waved to, and then they vanished into a doorway, leaving a wake of impressed stares that splashed to the floor behind them. "Who was that?" he asked a girl on the library steps. "Uh." She looked past him into the crowd. f'whai2" lShe walked away.J He went into the maze of hallways off Main Street. There were more pretty girls there than he had ever seen before, running from room to room tryingto find their classes. People stopped him at every corner to ask where their rooms were. He didn't know, and he said so, but inwardly he congratu- lated himself that he looked like he knew what he was doing. That was a start. When he found a stairway he went down to the basement and headed toward what should have been the cafeteria. The labyrinthian white halls soon had him reeling and confused, and huge hard-faced young men passed him rapidly, grunting quickly when he asked for directions. He was hungry and tired, and the tortuous blank halls brought him several times to intersections redolent of hotdogs and ketchup. He ran in the direction of the smell only to find himself in some foul hot room full of machinery and grease. He walked back down the strange halls to an intersection where he knew he had smel- led food before. Now he heard a violent grinding noise from a nearby door, but the only odor was that of his polished boots. He looked in the narrow window on the door but there was no one within view. He walked around a corner and came to a dirty black steel door. Hah! He could smell food behind it. He felt like some kind of subterranean creature drawn by crumbs from his lair. He tried the door. It was locked. As he turned around he felt a strong hand close suddenly on his arm. "You!" It was a teacher. "You a sophomore?" "Yeah." "Get to study hall. You know you aren't supposed to be wandering around loose." "Um. .. "C'mere. What house are you in? Beals? OK. I'll take you up to the office. What's yer name?" He was silent. He felt himself propelled toward a stairway, up it, across Main Street, and into and office. He was thrown in the door. "I found this kid downstairs by the music rooms. He's sup- posed to be in study haIl." The teacher left. The secretary looked up at him appraisingly. What are you, a sophomore?" He nodded. "What house?" "BeaIs" he said. "What lunch?" Excuse me?" "I said WHAT LUNCH?" "Oh. I don't know." What do you mean, you don't know? This'll wreck your whole computer file. Here, fill out this form and we'll find out what you did wrong." "I didn't do anything." Yes you did, you little . . ." Damn it, I didn't! I'm hungry and I'm going to lunch." Sit down! Look, fill out that form or I'll have to report you ll ll II ll H ll for skipping study hall." "jesus, I don't even know what study hall is." "Are you here on chapter 716?" No " ll - "What's your name?" "Charley Barron." I Q - , VRS?" ' V' ' Ax " Q ---',-f" so 'ZZ X S- I :ak I Xp Q , , If .- il'L"rii! . , i ti .. , ' , W- I, ,ml 1 4 g X I, QNX- r ay , . I . S , -" Xt that Q I f I it + ffllfl i .Jlr f I X 'ii - ' I i 1 ' -.., A - . . r . .f , A Xa l I I -A K. LA ,f N, -V I X- xl I S I fi :lf xi-ii I Wi' rlmssj 'Tig g- ' ' , , ir f If l gl t if I i 1 . llftfifsf 7 ilk XY igllfjl .J' W L' PV ' sa X I fi I J I ff ,ggi-, I- c l -I 4 x an d ' . X' A ' 1 '1 ' Z! U. 180 "OK." She looked at a list of names, wrote his at the bot- tom of it, and said, "Here, go to this room." She handed him a slip of paper with a four digit number on it. "But I haven't eaten yet." "How can you eat if you don't know what lunch you have? You are missing gym now and you've already messed up your school file. If you skip Gym you could be suspended. He walked out, the secretary's exasperated sigh rushed out after him from the closing office door. A dark little voice from a row of lockers said, "Get a job, Freak." His eyes were moist as he walked out of the building. Three years later he wondered how he had made it through that first year. He leaned back on a couch in one of the commons rooms. A girl from the art room passed by and waved. Funny, he thought, how people here get depart- mentalized. There were people who belonged to certain sec- tions or rooms of the building. You could always count on finding them at Stair four or in the auditorium, in the ceramics room or the woodshop. They all found a place to fit their personalities, like books on a shelf. For easy reference . . . he wondered how he was referenced in the minds of his friends. Had he learned anything the whole time he had been here? Yes. He'd had to think that out when he applied to colleges. They all wanted to know what his most rewarding academic experience had been in high school. What had he learned? He had felt like he was cheating at a game of poker when he'd listed off the names of his favorite classes. That wasn't what it had been about at all. Hell, if he had really concen- trated, he could have learned all those facts and read all those books in less than a year. He had gotten into Columbia, and gone down to New York fretting on the train about the interview there. Would they reject him at the last minute? No. He reflected on how he had felt when he first saw the university: frightened, young, un- prepared. "lt's the real world," he remembered somebody saying. He got up and walked out on Main Street. The real world . . . lt echoed in his head. He thought back to when he'd first seen the high school. lt was all his now, and it wouldn't be next fall. It would be somebody else's crowd, somebody else's face. He knew the rhythm of the class changes, the clockwork of the throng's flow. It all spun away and shrunk before him now. In September he wouldn't know this school at all. He remembered his elation when he'd stepped off the stage after his only play. He had caught Cathy up in his arms and spent the night with her. He grinned' and watched the tiled floor fall back behind his feet. That was over now. He'd been terrified when he had read somewhere that very likely it would be a moment like that one, stepping off the stage, that he would remember as the emotional peak of his life. "A high school play," he had thought, "how disillusioning!" lf there was no more excitement to life than that, what was it worth? Still, that had been a happy time. . . maybe it was enough. lf he had really learned anything, he reflected, it was prob- ably that the whole glamorous illusion he'd brought with him from childhood didn't exist. One of his teachers had seen it and called it a chip on his shoulder. He wondered whether the teacher had been accurate in calling it that. He had learned how to angle through an administration and a social crowd, he had learned how to impress some people. He'd even learned how to impress himself, but that usually didn't last. There were good friends, and half-friends, and there were those nervous studious faces that scurried into the library, there were studied faces, like his own, calculated to be some- thing other than they were. The faces he liked best of all were those bursting into broad smiles of enjoyment, so that the lines radiated from their eyes and gave off little calories . . . you could always count on seeing one or two in a day here, he thought, because the crowd was so big that someone in it was bound to be happy. There! There was one now! He watched her rippling into the throng. He stopped, glancing around the hall. A few clusters of gossipers hung by the walls and the first trickle of students was already on Main St., indi- cating that classes were about to change. "Out, out, brief candle," he cried suddenly, mounting the library steps with a dramatic flourish. "Life's but a walking shadow, a poor player That struts and frets his hour upon the stage And then is heard no more. It is a tale Told by an idiot, full of sound and fury, Signifying nothing." Main Street's clamor died. A few fitters were choked back among a cluster of jocks and pink-sweatered girls. The build- ing's air conditioning throbbed audibly through the frozen hall. Someone clapped three times and stopped, feeling hard eyes turn in deadpan faces. Charley walked down the steps and through the crowd. The door was open, it was a warm afternoon. Charley laughed. The percussive murmers and pronouncements that followed him out the door were applause. Work to Rule Members of the Newton Teacher's Association tNTAl worked to rule for six months of the past school year. NTA President Mr. Richard Adams said that their action was a reaction to the Newton School Committee's unsatisfactory contract offers. The teachers' work to rule severely limited all extra-curricular activities for which the faculty advisor was not compensated. On September 8, 1977 the NTA voted by an overwhelming majority to enact a work to rule policy. Under this plan, teachers were to arrive at school no earlier than 7:55 a.m. and leave the building in the afternoon no later than 2:50 p.m. They were not allowed to attend any club meetings as faculty advisors unless they were paid for their time. Accord- ing to the policy, club meetings and class committee meet- ings were both banned during X blocks. The purpose of the NTA's work to rule action was to put pressure on the School Committee from the community as well as from within the School Department. According to Mr. Adams, the work to rule policy accomplished exactly this. Students were becoming frustrated by the work slowdown and were complaining to their parents. The parents were in turn putting outside pressure on the School Committee, he said. But, former School Committee chairman Mr. Alvin Mandell said, "The NTA's work to rule has had the exact opposite effect of what they intended. A number of private citizens have told me that they have been incensed by the teachers' action." The NTA rejected the School Committee's proposed three-year contract on Monday, December 4, by a vote of 482-45. 74 percent of the NTA members who were eligible to vote did so. The following were the terms of the proposed contract ac- cording to the NTA's Personnel Policies Committee. The sal- ary schedule would be increased by 4 percent retroactive to September 1, 1977. The schedule would be increased to 5 percent over the 1976-1977 schedule February 1, 1978, ef- fective September 1, 1978. For the third year beginning September, 1979 the percen- tage increase would be equivalent to the national cost of living index, but the increase would be no less than 4 percent and no greater than 6 percent. Learning disabilities teachers would receive the same salary increase as the regular class- room teachers. Secondary Physical Education teachers would receive the full coaching stipend for each season coached. Their salary percentage increase would be the same as the teachers' for two full years. During one of the years there would be no increase. Part-time teachers would be on the same salary schedule as full-time teachers. lf part-time teachers worked more than half-time, they would advance by full steps on the salary schedule. Otherwise, they would advance by half-steps. Teachers requesting maternity leave would have the remain- der of the school year off. If the teacher made the request after April 15, then she would get the remainder of that year and all of the next year off. The teacher could notify the School Committee of her intention to return in September. However, by july 1 the School Committee still had the right to deter- mine whether a teacher may return early. The following clause would be added to the present provi- sions for the hiring of substitute teachers: "The School Com- mittee shall not be required to provide substitute teachers for 182 first-day absences at the senior high schools." The two major concerns that the teachers expressed about the proposed contract were about the substitute teacher clause and the reduction in force specifications. Many teach- ers felt that substitute teachers were a vital asset to North and wanted them to be hired whenever a teacher was absent, according to Mr. Adams. All club activities and academic field trips held outside of school hours were forced to be cancelled on account of work to rule. Two house council sponsored dances and two senior class sponsored dances which were scheduled in the fall had to be cancelled. The NTA's work to rule policy produced an atmosphere at North which at times was not conducive to learning. For instance, the Halloween Dance sponsored by the Senior Class Committee was cancelled two weeks before it was scheduled. This upset many students who had helped to or- ganize the annual event. This cancellation eliminated an im- portant social event which builds school spirit. Fortunately the Senior Class was able to organize a rock concert and some school dances. Work to rule crippled the activities of North's annex, Mur- ray Road, which are taught by teachers who aren't paid, were the Murray Road curriculum because students choose and design their own courses. These meetings, which take place outside of school hours, were banned. Night courses at Mur- ray Road which are taught by teachers who aren't paid were also not allowed to be held because of the work to rule policy. Teachers at Newton South refused to write any form of college recommendations for their students at one point during the negotiations. Fact finder Mr. Edward Pinkus was called in to aid negotia- tions between the School Committee and the NTA. The NTA finally adopted a three-year contract proposed by the newly elected School Committee board on Thursday, February 16, by a vote of 350-151 . 70 percent of eligible NTA members voted in this election. The new contract provided for a 5 percent pay increment for the next two years and between 4172 and 5172 percent pay increase the third year. The new contract also provided substitute teachers every day that a teacher is absent. The reduction in force language has been sufficiently improved, according to Mr. Adams. The NTA Negotiations Hot Line called for an immediate termination of the work to rule policy since it was a protest to the insufficient contract offers. As soon as work to rule ended, teachers and students eagerly resumed their normal activities. l bf 1 b af .sam -X S N- Y CHH ! One of the most talked about books during our high school years was Ordinary People by Judith Guest. It tells the story of a 17-year old boy who has attempted to commit suicide. He comes home after eight months in a men- tal institution, and has to begin the slow readjustment to his friends and family. Conrad, the boy, had been a straight-A student, swim team member, and all-around achiever. When his brother drowned in a sailing accident, Conrad blamed himself for not drowning instead. He had always pushed himself to measure up to his idolized older brother. His own basic feelings of insecurity surfaced and tormented him until he decided that he no longer wished to live. His father, Calvin, found him in the bathroom, where he was lying in a pool of blood from his slit wrists, and saved him. From this point, Conard has to begin to redefine his values. The family lConrad, Calvin, and Beth, the motherl are dis- mayed at this departure from their status as "ordinary peo- ple." They had hoped to remain a typical middle-class, mod- erately happy, suburban family, and suddenly they find themselves shattered by a very typical unordinary attempt at suicide. One of the book's central questions is introduced here: Can one be "ordinary" and still have serious problems! For Judith Guest there is no simple meaning for the word "ordinary," She portrays typical teenagefhuman dilemmas - will Conrad sleep with his girlfriend, Will Calvin and Beth seperate, Will Conrad make it back into his former way of life - in such a way that each reader can see part of himself in the characters and their problems. Ordinary People is occasionally unrealistic. Beth is a cold, callous woman with no love for anyone but herself. She doesn't want to worry about Conrad or her bewildered, lov- ing husband. The characterization of Beth is so extreme that it is unbelievable. Beth is not ready to give any part of herself to help her son or save her marriage. Guest never helps the reader understand why Beth is like this - what events in her past have shaped her into what she is now. The ending of Ordinary People is melodramatic, yet it is the kind of melodrama that occurs in ordinary life. This book hits a nerve that most people try to keep covered. No matter how stable and ordinary our lives may seem, we are all vul- nerable to the chance circumstances that could send our or- dinary little lives crashing into ruins around us. The Bush at Newton North Bush is defined as: Slang, short for bush league, the oppo- site of classy. North students have their own particular brand of bush. For instance: Wearing shorts to school Leathers in 90 degree weather Sitting on the floor during lunch People who cling to each other in the halls Going to school on snow days Drag racing on Lowell and Elm Mooning in school bus windows Sitting on the library steps Sitting in locker rows Seniors who don't slump Being caught picking your nose Farah Fawcett hairdos Not being able to say a whole sentence without swearing Getting kicked out of the Silent Section Wearing shoes you can't walk in Getting cut slips Parading around in drag on Halloween Singing "1OO bottles of Beer on the Wall" on a field trip bus Chewing gum like a cow Leaning over bannisters and spitting on people's heads Wearing a calculator strapped to your belt Pretending that you're stoned out of your mind when you're not. Loudly rating girls 1-10 as they walk by Having to sit on pillows to drive Saying: "But what's wrong with caf food?" 'fWhuju get?" after a test "Groovy!" "Ciaol" "Laytah!" "It's been real . . . g' , ,.-1 J., A fle- wwss' Q lv 183 Musical Notes The music scene for the class of '78 had few memorable events. In fact there were quite a few letdowns, no Beatles reunion, no new Bruce Springsteen album, the death of Elvis and the ever-increasing record prices left us disappointed. Many of the artists who emerged as our overall favorites seemed to have one thing in common: they had all been making good music for several years without getting much attention until the past three years. Fleetwood Mac, George Benson, Boz Scaggs, Steely Dan, Bob Seger, and The Steve Miller Band had been with us a long time tsome since the Fifties and Sixtiesl but did not receive their well-deserved popularity and appreciation until our high school years. In the Seventies, pop music threw down the signs it carried during the turbulent Sixties, gave up its protests, and put on its dancing shoes. The major trend during our high school years OUR LEGACY: COURSE RECOMMENDATIONS was Disco and Funk, uptempo dancing music. The mid and late Seventies were a time for personal expression in music, for escaping from pressures and looking for a simple good time. Disco music, which started out as a commercialized fad, gained integrity from the stylish innovations of such ar- tists as Earth, Wind, and Fire, The Bee Gees, Donna Summer, and the Average White Band. While dancing music was in, Punk Rock or "New Wave" music never really made it. There is one word that describes the music we listened to, and that is "diverse" Besides all the different modes of Pop and Rock it listened to, the class of 1978 was well versed in the classical, jazz, and folk idioms. Class taste included all different types of music, old and new. The music we listened to. Whether it was Disco or Classi- cal, it will remain forever associated in our minds with the Saturday nights out, cafeteria lunches, and noisy parties of our high school years. Newton North High School offers a great array of courses, the 93 pages of its famed "Opportunities in Sec- ondary Education" contain virtually all the skills most high schoolers wish to possess. Still, certain skills that are necessities in today's world remain untaught. The Social Studies department has omitted a very important area of study in its curriculum, an area necessary to every normal, procrastinating teenager. This school needs a course which teaches students different excuses - ranging from the modern "left notebook in school" to the classic "felt ill" - which can be employed any time an assignment just isn't there when the teacher asks for it. A course such as this would never be under-enrolled, and would give students added knowledge that would put them one step ahead in the academic world. The Physical Education department is thought to be very thorough in the courses it offers, courses which strengthen your arms, legs, stomach, shoulders, and other parts of your body. But there is no course that strengthens your fingers, the part of your body you use far more than any other. There should be a course on bottle-cap shooting. The student would be strengthen- ing his fingers while doing something both fun and likely to prove profitable in the near future. Our language department offers courses in French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German and Latin, but fails to offer a language which students have searched for many times at the high school. There are no words in the English language which can describe the lunch-time scene in the cafeteria. Many times l have tried to formulate words to accurately depict the sight of garbage spilling over table tops or spaghetti slithering down the sides of barrels, but time and time again I find myself at a loss for words. Somewhere, there must be a language that contains the vocabulary needed to describe our eating place. lt is the duty of our Language department to find it, and then teach it to the open-mouthed scholars of Newton North High School. The Science department is depriving our students of some very important knowledge -- knowledge to which every student in this building is entitled. A course on the effect of asbestos fibers on the human body would be quite a popular course at Newton North. Many of us would love to know exactly how the asbestos enters our bodies and slowly beings to kill us. It's reported to be a very stimulating subject. But maybe we should wait another decade to begin this course, because then the teachers will be able to use some real live for deadl specimens from the school who are perfect examples of the subject matter. For any student who likes to use the library the way it's meant to be used ffor talking, of coursel, a course on library conversational techniques would be very attractive. A course stressing the different voice tones which are hardly audible from a distance but are easily interpreted by your neighbor is a necessity for any library regular. The English Departtgment should offer such a course to accomodate this great number of students who are continuously having their conversations interrupted fand sometimes endedl by "sound-sensitive" librarians. M-LEiTr 10' S- ,,,..-iiliq -A--fa-lui f 2 I S. J s .X an '56 '-fn..-f" l .pn-gg-Qt: , ?l,f:fL1f ' 'N -..- 1 :kg,,gg.:2jeg.f.ssf 5 ji -40' Q' 2 I ' WN , A D WW n 4 5 K 1 X U E if 1 X W U5 if EE L. mXf72X'5 F M M3 my yfylgwswm W N NM ff fff X 1 X I X I ff'3!Af4!ffX ff , ff XMQ J L X X 1 I :I+ M W U' N W' L W f f 1 I ff I' A w . A ' - N1 f 'I' M W L IW? W 1 4 , f Q7 5' fi f 'A af, ! ! f' ff 4 AW A if lj fa , 4 '! ' fr ' , wk' f W f Y -lik Q g 5 E 55 , 1 'w 2 1 r gi UkMxi A a 3 W 1 ix Elf 3 I 1 ' fp WX 41 A X ' L 5 ' ' W 'g 1 LP U L , 5 CSN? seam A ts QR K :L ' ' I 1 I L QQQQWQYMQQ B L f I fwv8cssmte x 0 1 h f Nea wewggzbf + Q f L ' 9 N:i'OW1 f x 'WQp"N' ' f 'ir " Nj K W wwf , ' ff CK iw! f 1' ' ' X V ' ' J iw -'Q "flu ' f SEN Gum. N, nf I ifgxgfziy. fr, If klt U ff X Q QQ xg, .sz-,gl 1 , I QA " fl ,W f f 1 X fsllfw X X 5 1 f 1 i e f 1 f wf f W.. ,way f I , X , , QQ. K 14 ,V A ff X13 lf NL f y ' ff f ' f f ff ff 7 I .I- 7' October 27, 1959 - November 20, 1977 In loving memory of Bobby Donahue. 9 From The Class of '78 and friends 0 el LISA IOY ABELES 215 Ward St. Bigelow, Barry, Law "How inevitable does an immode rate laughter end in a sigh." Late papers Tues off Lori! Air roses on Wed. IOHN ACKERLEY 17 Whitlove Rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, Work Jethro Tull 77, Party 10-7-77 leff's, Dobbies and Spliffs ok the woods shortest Force 12 Trip SHOTA AKl 56 Park Lane Newton Center Weeks, Barry Football - 123, Wrestling- 123, Lacrosse - 123, Remember Waste of time in NM 81 Star Wars EAA 81 SC, DBAGS ln 3165 eXC -5 Y! 15, DONNA MAY ABELLS 107 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Warren, Beals, Good times Remember Sweet Love all the good times with joey 2!15f77 never forget Susan at hockey game MB AS LR CL Palmer Y: lOAN CAROL ADAMS 183 Walnut St. Day, Bacon, Post Grad. Murray Road, the offices, the peo- ple, Tech. I won't forget. Bye. l N-. STACEY ELLEN ALDEN Annie-Stacia 66 Maynard Street, Newton, Day, Adams, Musician Music is a world within itself with a language we all understand. Kitched Convos. Beautiful friends. . KARIN MARIA ABERG Exchange From Sweden, Beals Thanks Everybody "Life gives you what you put into it." I It Y K DANIEL B. ADNER 210 Upland Rd. Day, Beals, College will always remember Friday St Saturday nights, Football and Hockey games, Friends - C.E., N.C., E.H., T.M., B.F., D.B., M.M., D.l. 4-Q, RACHEL L. ALEXANDER 116 Manet Rd. Bigelow, Adams, College Always remember Good Times with C.A., C.Q,, K.K., G.W., T.G., l.M., M.O., S.T., B.K., W.B. Party- ing ski switz. France Ski Club 123. CAROL ANN ABRAMOWITZ 58 Rochester Rd. Bigelow, Beals, College Best times with R.A., C.Q., H.C., W.B., S.T., G.W., l.M., B.K., K.K., Clubs, Lefty, smile, l'll always Love you. Switz France Ski Club, 123 MARSHALL H. AINLEY 79 Fountain St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, College Remember good times Bon' Slyons Hallow 77, M.F.P.M.D. Down in Plymouth, ood friends. CCCP.C. 14 yrs. of shat never again KIMBERLY GAIL ALLEN 44 Hartshorn Street, Reading, Beverly School for the Deaf, Barry, Secretary 3 Vice Pres. Bye to all my friends. KRIS RUTH ALLEN 44 I-lartshorn Street, Reading, Beverly School for the Deaf, Barry, Business I enjoyed being with my friends. I said "See you you tomorrow, OK." ROBERT ANDERSON 7 Lodge Rd KAREN MARY AMBRIFI 8 Rezza Road, Beverly Farms, Day, Barry, College 2 Vice Pres., 3 Pres. Deaf Pro- gram, Member Advisory, Group Farelwell, my friends! Good luck to a I! IACK A. ANASTASI 781 Commonwealth Ave Weeks, Adams, College How can I forget about the sum- mer of "77" with S.C., and S.A. Going to "NM" and Having a "FU" time. 1 The Original Coneheads LUCIA MARY ANDREWS I7 Murphy Court, Newton, Day, Bacon, lunior College I will remember all my friends the sad and the happy times we all had. Good luck to everyone. Ii Y F! HM EILEEN MARY ANNESE 946 Moody Street, Waltham Warren, Palmer, College Thanks to everyone who made my 3 yrs at NNHS the BEST! Esp CL GM AA LR MOH MS AS PC TH LN MB Memories 436 PENNY ANDERSON 116 Atwood Avenue, Newtonville Day, Riley, Travel "The moment may be temporary but the memory lasts forever." Cheerleading, Summer of 77 WNEW 5-20-77 Mike I5 f ,.,.4pi l t BELINDA S. ANNIS 157 Otis St. Day, Barry, College Aye me . . . Katherine Dustin, Douglas and lots of Ioni. Qx RHONDA MIRIAM ANTELMAN 5 Prospect Avenue, Newtonville, Day, Beals, College Remember: KD, TL, LH, Partying, Concerts, NHC, Tigerettesg WC, ABR, 365 Fire alarms "Nothing's gonna change my worId." 4? i Q U I2 I I - g t XX? I I , 'Tlx X 1 u ,, Hllllfflihllhq K ,ks I . 'Q DOMENIC A. ANTONELLIS LINDA MARIE ANTONELLIS RENEE ANTONELLIS 70 Hawthorn Street, Newton 32 Melville Avenue, Newtonville 71 Monadnock Rd. Day, Bacon, College Day, Adams, College Bigelow, Palmer, College Good bye 81 Good luck to Cap, The memories in my heart will last Can t e child within me rise and all of my friends. Great times forever Bobby, Luv Kelly 81 CS above? Can I sail the changing with Linda hope many more! RN, Thank you jamie, F Hockey 2,3, ocean tides? Can I handle the sea- MD. Training 2,3 11!20!77 sons of my life? SUSAN HELEN ANTONELLIS 9 West Pine St. Warren, Riley, College I'll remember all the love, laughter 81 rowdy times forever. Summer 77, Dummie, B.B., Mush 81 my D partner 1 Deb it. "Isn't that a physical impossibility?" THCMAS RAYMOND ARSENAULT 125 Grasmere St. Bigelow, Riley, College Remember Summer of 77, Good Times with LL., B.P., K.B., S.F., L.M., Track 123, Riley Council 123, All my Love to you Princess! CAROL PATRICIA ASTONE 19 Smith Avenue Warren, Bacon, College "Look to this Day! Yesterday is al- ready a dream, and tomorrow is only a vision," H.B., C.S., S.A., K.F., K.B., C.L., K.W., W.B., B.C., Cap. PHILIP IOHN ASTONE 124 Sheridan St., West Newton Warren, Bacon, Undecided Barry Control, Riverside, Albemarle Good times with everybody. In Memory of Rfbert D. Donahue. Mr. Weiner E ite. i e 3 l R P i' 5, :AL 'mmap uluu.n.u.u uw- ' if nl' ,E i s , i" J . 1 DONNA ATHERTON 576 Broad St .lv v-,517 JONATHAN BAKER 930 Centre St. i CATRINA E. BARRY 16 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville, F.A. Day, Barry Remembers all the great kids l've met. Don't stop thinking about tomorrow - it will be here, better than before. KlM MARIE ATHY 353 Lowell Ave. Day, Palmer, College Memories of 2-22-77 w! M.B. Good times wi Lin B.C. C.M. P.A. L.M. Summers in NH - Kerry WRXWC. What happened Big Brother? DEBORAH LEE BALDI Deb 23 Smith Court West Newton Warren, Palmer, Colle e Memories "teachers, friendi, and family school, fun and happy times teaching, sharing and al- ways caring!" 1 i -Q fl? - - , Jkr ' X I J N QI'-0' in - If, E KATHLEEN MARIE BARRY 43 Williston Road, Auburndale Warren, Riley "Walk this way", Flasher reading, WHSPM W!TM KMSA K F L O R H K M C M Minn, Harvey, Bob 143, 6f11!77, "If you leave me now." PETER MARK ATLAS 79 Garland Road, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College FOLK DANCE CLUB, "If you can walk," country wife. "Miss, l can not make ching for you all!" NH 'il 51 IUNE BETH BANKS Beth 19 North Street, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College "Eurkea, I have left it!" AHC 123, Concert Choir 23, Newtonian 3 will always Remember: T T P H D RLALSLADDIBCDWBMD S C L F R B G B. BETSY AMIE BASSETT 342 Auburndale Ave. Warren, Bacon, College Gymnastics 123, "There's so much left to know, and I'm on the road to find out." CAT Stevens Adieu! 7 SANDY BABCOCK 86 Bourne St lx 'VY L-'9 '--QD JENNIFER ANN BARNES 96 Arlington Street, Newton Corner, Bigelow, Beals, College Thanx to all, my years at NNHS have been the best. Remember BHTkidS,LHLZNBjMMR, BC, Parties, M.B. and -- Flag O summer as so y Lf-D 'T I S A CYNTHIA ELIZABETH BAUER Cindy 205 Dorset Rd, Waban, Warren, Barry, College If you see someone without a smile give him one of Yours AFOOF Forever, Pi ron Balloons CS Q that Business. l ' .5 - I V' 5- to -'vi t 2601: , 5 WENDY BAUER 642 Center St. Bigelow, Adams, College Thanks 2 L.B. C.A. A.P. 84 M. For the best Times ever CQ P.I.P. N.Y. P.P. I. SS' L.A. E.A. Someone Spe- cial making up for lost time. Cheerleading 49636. lb' KIMBERLY ANN BELL Cutie 2 Belcher St., Canton, Day, Barry, College Remember The Great Times W!AlI My Deaf and Hearing Friends. Miss you all Good Luck! 2 81 3 Sec. of Deaf C. DEBORAH BERCER 35 Ellison Rd f . -gui DIANE BEACHAN 159 California St. 1 ,. 4 KEVIN MICHAEL BENGSTON 57 Cherry Street, West Newton, Warren, Adams, College Wrestling 123, Capt. 3 RK, DG, BK, RB, Killer, Stan, IQ, IM, AH, MN, TT, 6 over. BD. Arai. I r 1 ' WENDY GAIL BERK 43 Ruane Rd., West Newton Warren, College A Smiling Face + A Loving Heart 2 Laughter In The Air. . . much, poor Bobby, BD, xP, BR, ic, LAv, FY, ccom 123 cc123 FAM 23 YB 3. Qt L Y CHRISTINA BECK Chris 43 Walker St. Day, Adams, to be happy "I 'count life just a stuff to try the souI's strength on" R. Browning. COLIN BENTALL 152 River St. BRIAN T. BERNARD 173 Adams Ave., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College Sprinting with "GM", Totlot BD, Pop, DM, PI, II, TP, ES. Always Remember Bobby D, HR Football - wrestling 123. KEITH EDWARD BELCHER 432 Waltham St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, Millionaire Remembers BF, AF, DM, IC, DL, PA, IG Good times at Barry, RC, MP, BC, Mall, Fondest Memories of Bobby Donahue. ROBERT BERGANTINO 85 Waltham St. ipx CAROLYN ANN BERNSTEIN Carrie 22 Hobart Road, Newton Centre Bigelow, Riley, College now if all my golden moments could be rolled into one, they would shine like the sun on a summer day. jt. 195 ,A via: .QLQ 36, Is' N Sf" ,X N RALPH EDVVARD BERRY 34 Tyler Terrace Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College Baseball 123, Indoor Track 23. Basketball l, Football 1, Re- member: Friends, Summer 77 5-27-77. KM's cute tricks. QS V 1 X , DEBBY MARIE BERUBE 83 Morrill Street, West Nexwon Day. Bacon. College Always remember good times with DF, TV, RC, Poley, LC, Doc, AL, IW", LA, LH, TL, KD, CD, 129 76. 642 76, lOi29f76. 1 is-auf f'f IX ALAN BESHANSKY 9 Bridges Avenue, Newtonville, New Eng. Hebrew Academy. Barry. College A prudent man conceals knowl- edge: but the heart of fools proc- laims foolishness. 1' f ....,,,, X A f Hx, E1 - 'fp I Q 7- 1? MARK BESHANSKY 9 Bridges Avenue, Nemonville N.E. Hebrew Academy, Riley, College Whoso loveth knowledge loveth correction: But he that is brutish hateth reproof. f I 74' Q4 1 Studley Do-right Ti , 'N ,TGS N' fr QT? xt' FRANK KENNETH BIANCO 42 Smith Avenue, West Newton Warren, Bacon, Undecided Nobody could ever be at the "Cruise Line", Remembers: all my great friends. Robert Donahue the Greatest!! MARY ANN BIBBO 83 Faxon Street. Newton Day, Bacon, College Heres To The Times We Used To Know, lt's Hard To Hold Them In Our Arms Again, But Harder To Let Them Co. THANX: A S L N S H, CMBC Ratel-10. ,ads THOMAS PETER BILODEAU 200 Harvard Circle, Newtonville Day, Beals, Business Remembers: SP. IK "Mad Dog" Mc. FB, CM, ocfso. im, rRf Football 1,2,3. Superbowl 76 CCC, AV 1,2,3. ELIZABETH BIRK 180 Kent Rd. l' .VM l 151' 1 F HELEN ELIZABETH BlZlAK 206 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Adams, College ThankSMASKClMSCDCMl G C A K W P L 7 and all. "ain't it good to know you've got a friend?" The BT, Tennis 123, AHC 23. i 1 i x X lOHN X. BLOCK 51 Troy Lane, Newton Weeks, Beals, Business Bristol goes on forever, badgers, dappers, lefergn joel, joy. Love you Martha. My spirit is cryin for leaving - zep. 9.3 Q0 GEORGE l. BLOOM 12 Garner Street, Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, College Never orget ski trip to Switz. 77 withMMHSAA.CARA. No.1 Frend, BM. Never forget julie love ya thanks mom and dad. fy, VALERIE SHARON BLOOM Val 89 Gordon Road, Waban Weeks, Adams, College Summer '77 Mc NS, Quebec 77 Wfc 81 G, Good times wfNG - LB, CS, EB, "CIN", Driving lC - Spec. Thoughts of PE - . Thanx Mom 81 Dad. 1 W. LINDA MARIE BLOUIN 82 Cherry St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College Gymnastics 123, Newtonian 3, Summer "77", Dream what you dare to dream, be what you want to be. '-mu -., lffffl li "But Mr. Mechem of course they're soft drinks!" xl' .,,.M..e.f.E ELIZABETH C. BOATES Beth 3581 Waltham St., W. Newton Day, Adams, College Forever learning to live. LK-Hard to port. Ours wait for us in the fu- ture. Rocco Volleyball 1,2,3, Track 2,3. MAURA KATHLEEN BOLIO 87 Adams Avenue, West Newton Warren, Riley, Undecided PHILIP lOHN BOND 177 Homer St., Newton Center Weeks, Palmer, College Soccer 1,2,3, Moush. K ', fe f S? ' ! . ' ff . wr- .Q g ,. ze ., .- 2,5 -, I x wx .G .. . If I iw? +3 I DAVID ALAN BORR The Borr 3 Rangeley Road, West Newton, Warren, Bacon, College Remembers 4691, All the kids around Riley House, Harry Or- well, Minnow Golden gloves, Ray I and other friends! , . Jw- 'iff X DTF43 . GILBERT E. BOULE Gilly 72 Randlett Park, West Newton Warren, Barry, College The eggbeater, vice Pres 2, Sen class pres, Rmbrs: Bacon tree kids, Mornings w! Mac, Bob Tony, 3 Stooges, My TBone. I e all fs. L I is DANIEL I. BORISON 11 Whittier Rd. Day, Palmer, College Nervsy Treas 77, NA Staff, New- tonite 12, S Pacific Ile, French with BF, 12 Good Times with j.G., SS SSS in Homeroom. KAREN BORNSTEIN t ui KENNETH ROBERT BOUDREAU S9 Allison St., Newton Day, Bacon, Undecided Soccer 1, x-country 2,3, Track 1,2,3, Au Revoir. in 7 . E lf? CATHERINE ANN BOYLE Cathy 15 Taft Ave. Day, Barry, College Remembers: Everything Good 81 Bad, the caf 81 going crazy on Fri- days. Best of Luck to P.S. - L.T. - H.D. Cheerleading 23. Bye. L. MARK BOUDREAU 41 Sherrin Rd. Bigelow, Bacon, Undecided fi OWEN IAMES BOYLE Harry 16 Hatfield Road, West Newton Warren, Riley, College Thank you Ma. Great times wi'HO, Paulette, Pop to M Holly, Ab, BK, BD, NB, Love you Linda. CF, Fball l,2,3, Lax 12, Tri-Capt 3. fl 'fi A "lk LORI K. BOSKIN Boz 18 Quincy Road, Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, College, Live 6GRTYRSW1SWUVWBC MP74GGGBHBDMMHEL LOSQIGSPECLove,TODU ANEWELWCGCFWBTLP1 IEFFMYWMFCVV,Gymnst 123, Track 3, cheering 3. yu., CHARLES ANDREW BOYAIIAN Charlie 34 Eldredge Street, Newton Corner, Bigelow, Barry, College Sail 12, Capt 3, Indr trk 3, SPCH 3, Snr Clss Com. Thanks to all my frnds who helped me mke it thru the yrs. Good ,luckl pn. EDWARD PATRlCjK BRESNAHAN Te 42 Grant St., West Newton Warren, Adams, Forest Ranger What can you write? What I want to say has been said in many ways by-bye everybody else. Football 1, Wrestling 1,2,3. , . lv ADAM S. BROWN Herc 273 Otis Street, West Newton Belmont Hill, Palmer, College New friends - BD, KR, JM, DC, jj, FL, Claire, EA, MR, oldies - IM, PL, BM, Cape WXIM, RO, EF, wres- tling - 3, Barry RS, I made it! v-, - STANLEY CHARLES BRATTON Stan 33 Montrose Street, Roxbury Warren, Adams, College To Brenda, our love thru thick and thin. Kit thanks for all the help and inspiration. Keep in touch. ASA MARIA BRONGE 345 Crafts Street, Newtonville DeGeer tSwedenl, Barry, School in Sweden CC3. Ma3, Ush 3. E 3 fr 3. d 3.1 WILLIAM FRANCIS BRAZIER Bill 136 Hunnewell Avenue, Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Band - 123, House Council - 3, Newtonian - 3. With Malice to- wards none, with Charity for all . . .Abraham Lincoln. A A4 16: DAVID BRONSTEIN 35 Noble St. ffl! J I FRANCES AMBROSE BRODERICK 153 Randlett Park Beals, Business College Poker every Sat. night, Buff CCC Chuck. Rezz T.B. Let's Get Small. l.K. R.A. R.G. B.G. Ned Star Big Al D.l. Mod Squad B.C. M.K. rem. my year in USA as an ex. - -- stud. at NNHS, and as a memb. of the Wenstrom Fam. DINA BROWNSTEIN 7 Mt. Vernon Terrace, Newton- ville Day, Adams, College So as sure as the sun will shine, I'm gonna get my share now what's mine, sue, NH!Kath 81 Bri - LYB goodtimesl ww!LW. AF! K' I fl. 5 ".wl1'ff'i WENDY MARA BRUNSWICK 509 Ward St. Weeks, Riley, College Pause "Sundown, a thrush, 1 Liq- uid note, a sudden tightening of the thrOat": VP - SHAFTY - 3: Charly Opts: S - G + TatR's. ' ' Q.,-.. as BARRY DAVID BROWN Barr 238 Homer St., Newton Center Day, Beals, College "I'm finally glad to be finished" At last from Newton North High! "Good Luck" I MARION EVA BUCHSBAUM 3 Victoria Circle, Newton Centre, Weeks, Bacon, College 'Lx CHERYL IOANNE BURCESS SO Staniford St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Air Force IDRM ZEE, EH, ED, My Thanks and love to my parents for helping me through high. Michigan, Mans. Newtonite 123. BRENDA LEE CADMAN 408 California St., Newtonville Day, Riley, Undecided RememberCCNMCBLNMB ASLMMMMPCECSwTonys Fan Club. The Screech. Boston Macs wkends. 9-9-77 FTBL. CMS BD The River. 5. E- W5 rf 3 r' I kiix XT.. .ZF GLENN BUCKLEY 15 Owatonna St., Auburndale, Warren, Palmer, College Hockey Lacrosse 123, Bacon Tree 123, Bob, Soupy, Clarky, Mac, Brian, Skylk, V-Dub, Maine Clar- kysh. Great times W!Donna. ll s NORMA MARIE BURNS 296 Watertown Street, Newton Warren, Bacon, School I Know we can make it: Rem. ludy Noto Buds. forever thanks to Miss Rayan. MF, DB, TS, RP, Paul, APr. 16, Bor Sr Nor Dec 19. TIMOTHY PATRICK CAHILL 122 Monadnock Road, Chestnut Hil St. Sebastians, Bacon, Mainte- nance of Sanity Two Roads Diverged in a wood, and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the dif- ference. R.F. PAUL BUCKLEY 38 Riverview Ave Sai NICHOLAS IOHN BUTERA Nicki 26 Oak Avenue, West Newton Warren, Beals, College Never forget my friends and all the great times. Nate. 67 Buddie. summer cape so's working with Paleep olds Bob D. JOHN CAIRA 66 Newell in LAUREN AMY BUFFERD 8 Whitney Road, Newton, Day, Palmer, Not a false gallop, "Only a dark cocoon before I get my gorgeous win s and fly awa , only a Dhase. Tiese dark caze days." IM. IANE ERMENTRUDE BUTTERWORTH 127 Bellevue Street, Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "Is is time to leave?" He asked. if A-an STEPHEN ANTHONY CAIRA Little Benny 13 Middle St., Newton Day, Bacon, Undecided Good times on Palmer Stairs, MP F C B C P D AND Down Caf. The Lake and Park Auto Body 123. Thanks to Tex and my parents. Xt .1 SCOTTS CANNING 10 Manson Rd. DEBORAH j. CARDUCCI Debbi 99 Derby Street, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "When you feel down and out singasong"lMMSMG PLAM ACKWH BKFKC,Wooga-Sb Blue, Tank jacuzzi 7, Hi There - lm Bye! Q ?",'L'IV ' v ggi, ,,,l., ,W if 'Nfl flf DAVE C. CAMPBELL 25 Belmore Pk., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Adams, College The Deuce, Hey Champ, BE Ob- long and have your knees re- moved. Oldie, they just fade away. LEONARD ION CARLEEN 12 Cross Street, West Newton, Day, Palmer, College Thanx to all my friends who made these 3 years very special to me. LF, SC, GL, LE, RI, AW, HW, LL, LC, IR, KB 84 ALL OTHERS. IOANNE MARIE CARUSO jo 5 Oak Aveenue, West Newton Warren, Bacon, Undecided Fri 81 Sat nites, Parties and dances, Remembers: DS, BT, IN, IR, MW 81 MEveryone. Good year 76, W.N.Square 81 the common. 6!9!76. CURT CASELLA 83 Morrill St. MARIA IRENE CAPELLO 105 Central Avenue, Newtonville Day, Beals, party. Rem. all the good times down the park, rme.MMRMCWWBKKF BKKKIGIDBFKBandDL. Don't forget the dreams of the past and the dreams ahead. I? lil MICHAEL IOHN CAPPELLO Relish 99 Highland Street, Newton Warren, Riley, College CYNTHIA ELIZABETH CARPENTER Cindy 16 Ctafford Road, Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, Life, IAPAN I SAILING 23, WHY DOES IT ALWAYS HURT TO CROW? LOVE AND AFFECTION TO ALL. KEEP DANCING! THANKS DC, in 50 yrs - SAP SUZANNE ELLEN CASEY 110 Fairway Drive, West Newton Day, Bacon, College Volleyball 123, Tennis 123, Thanks to Mr. Howland, H B S F MHLSBBLKCLDSIDRCTP F L D M D A W, and my family for everything! SPENCER CARPENTER 28 Central St. ANTHONY C. CASIERI 22 Melville Avenue, Newtonville Day, Barry, Electrician Remembers good friends Felix, Franky, Carl, Nicky. Good times in homeroom with Carole. Special memories of Bobby. NN N. fr ii 4 . I .ff CATHERINE I. CASSIE Cathy 848 Watertown Street, West Next- ton Day. Riley, College f. A ft! 3 Ei s'x' - . .v- 4 1 'R , N v -A LAURA CASTACNINO SANTO CATENA ROBERT CATINO 12 Taft Ave. 55 Carleton St. S I je' '13 -J , is I 0' .9-tk xxx 5 A F3 1 fi'.:f5"f I ARTHER CAVALLO 32 Orris St. "We are the champions!" PAMELA K. CEDERLUND Pam 6 Agawam Road, Waban Warren, Beals, STAGE CREW 123, WILL REMEMBER PC, TC, CB, AE, AW, LM, HH. AND GOOD TIMES VVITH ALL MY FRIENDS. if I DEBORAH CEDRONE 9 Clinton Street Newton Day, Adams, Undecided It was good. Thanks to all the new people, I made it! All my love to jimmy. SB CW CS Mary and lafs. I IEAN MARIE CELLUCCI Trapper 6 Angier Circle Auburndale Warren, Adams, College I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yesterday and loved to- day. IDH. Choir 123, Fam 23, Sis 23, Mash Gang. MARY KATHERINE CELLUCCI Kathy 47 Playstead Rd., Newon Bigelow, Palmer, College The Success of yesterday that helps catch tomorrow's rainbows. The Blue Tank, 20 - Big B! ISCCBL 7 Partie! 2X2 CARL RICHARD CENTOLA 20 Floral Circle Waltham Day, Palmer, College Hockey Track, 1-2-3, Bacon Tree, Friends - C-ood times. Dr. "O" OK lunches, N.E. Girl Best. PC TC FL Good friends. if -1-3' MARY ELLEN CHACINON 201 Adams Avenue, West Newton Warren, Palmer, Nursing Yesterday all my troubles seemed so far away, I need a place to hide away oh I believe in yesterday. 10-29-75. ,MLA MARK CHAMBERS 48 Boyd Street " . . . and he plays the trumpet too. What a man!" MARK DAVID CHAMBERS Bigelow, Beals, Auto Body Sr. Auto Body, Thanks to Mr. Ste- vens and Mr. Texiera, Mopar No. 1, Chevys No. 2, All the good times in shop. CHERIE CHANDLER 11 Allen Avenue SHEILA A. CHAPMAN 63 Baker Place, Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, Writer, Teacher Volleyball 12, softball 12, C-olf 3, Track3,CCPCKC?CDHBFC LHBMPDD,LKBBLFEB" ML, Bonanza Little house, SH Tapes LIC. T ELIZABETH MARTHA CHARM Liz 21 Concolor Avenue, Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Its been real and its been good but it hasn't been real good. Track 12, Soccer 2, Beals Council, True Thanks CAP. z I I 4 11" 00 1 .0 -sl MARK IARRET CI-IAVOUS 97 Washington Park, Nexxtonville Day, Bacon, TV and Radio TB and football, predictions OBC and"Tags for your Bags", Thanks TB, MS, RG, CC, BG, BK, Tom DePeter. Crucible 3 MV, RS. I 'Q' , N-rf?" an i IOHN CHIN 47 Trenton Road . ,3 5 . ,I .tiff .1 i ADAM iAY cnirsiirz Wiz 20 Morton Street, Newton Classical tProv., R.I.l, Barry, Ad- vertising "They locked up a man because he wanted to Rule the world. The fools, they locked up the wrong man" L.L. 4 LISA T. CI-IERNIN "CO" "Il" 109 Highland Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley. College "The unexamined life is not worth living" - Socrates CC 123, Love to C.D. etal, thanx to NRRI for being teac. LISA CHIN 144 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Weeks,-Barry, College MIDNIGHT LOVE AFFAIRS LOVE FM. FOREVER TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE IT, HEY- C L C C D SLENTNKJCDBDISCO- Parties P.D.l.B.! CETTINA MARY CHISARI Connie 26 Broadway, Newtonville Day, Barry, College "The only way to have a friend is to be one." Good luck and take care to all. 'I' il!" f , 4 X BENNET CHIN 314 Adams Street, Newton Day, Bacon, College Some one said 'some achieve greatness. All I know is all my friends have this greatness to go ar. -.,-it WAYNE IONATHAN CHIN 10 Larch Road, Waban Warren, Bacon, Business Remembers the control, good times at the field, the gand of bums and for racing at Mass Pike. F ., Tw. MARINA CHRISTODOALOPOULOS 32 Madison Avenue I I GEOFFREY CHIN jeff 28 Algonquin Road, Chestnut Hill Boston Technical High, Riley, Ar- chitect I have served my time with fellow inmates. RK MQ, PR, BC, MC, CY, MH, CK, MB, AB in NNHS. "I'm Free!" CHRISTOPHER CHARLES CHINIAN Kip 34 Walden St., Nevvtonville, Day, Riley, College "Ours is not to question why, ours is but to do and die." SSIK HS Be- neath the sun. football 123, wres- tling 123. GREGORY SPENCER CHURCHILL 61 Temple St., West Newton Warren, Beals, College "Lol as the wind is, so is mortal life: A moan, a sigh, a sob, a Storm, a strife." TAMARA CIVETTI 44 Warwick Road IACQUELINE COHEN jackie 174 Mount Vernon St., Newton- ville, Warren, Barry, College "Days filled with sunshine and just a little bit of rain." 'tv-'sd' iw STEPHEN DAVID COHEN 33 Berkeley Street, West Newton Warren, Adams, Graduating For the ones l have loved, re- spected and admired, I hope this isn't the end. Thanks to all my friends and Trandy! 97 IEROME COFFIDIS 103 Randlett Park IOYCE COHEN 174 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Warren, Barry, College "Sometimes I can laugh and cry and I can't remember why, but I gill love those good times gone Y fl il DAVID CRAIG COLBURN 310 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Central, Bacon, College Swim Team 123, Remember Times at the pool, Connfski trip, Lane6waksESPHlKjNDHA MPSEMLSKCMLM. R . sv: if I DANIEL SETON COCICINS 48 Islington Road, Auburndale Warren, Beals E MORTON COHEN Mort 346 Cabot St., Newtonville Day, Adams, College 3 "So long NNHS, we are finally free." Remember the football games and lousy pizzas. FB, BC, CF, BL, MQ, CY, IS. if MARY IEAN COLE 106 Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Recreation Leader Remember ll, EH, IH, SC, SHALJN, C. Remember the softball team. 1"""P BETH ANN COHEN 110 Greenlawn Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College Later - Stavrous - spaz - 2UMass - Tai - IwuvU Peter - Party! - Freds - Ubangy - Suure - Baaaa - Summer 77 - Bad Co - TM 81 D4yp 81 1, lmi! fm 'vs x xA ' - - 'HEI ., yr. T ., 2 'I is I I. .. My :A RICHARD A. COHEN Ricky 10 Bigelow, Bacon, College "Super times!" 3 yrs. of ranks '77, down the Cape with FL + GW, EA, BK, NB, BR, BD. Felix where is Andy? Hockey 1,2,3. STUART NATHAN COLE 138 Cedar Street, Newton Weeks, Adams, College I ain't what l oughta be, I ain't what l'm gonna beg but I ain't what I was. Wrestling 1,2, IA, SA, Track 1,2, NM 6-7-8. X LYNNE M. COLLINS 15 Washburn St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "Dream Until Your Dreams Come True." Good times wfSM j M M F L T D B D B - Dbik NNM8 Eram. Boyd Canada Cabots - Really? Later . . . J IEFFREY RAYMOND COMEAU 7 Newell Road, Auburndale Warren, Palmer, None Golf 2,3, See ya! 42 'i 5' IOHN EDWARD COMEAU 48 Stratford Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Remembers SP, AP, RM, PR, NH. Hunting Trips! "7O" Esprite! Cars! Ron, Al Summer of "77" with, Sue. Hockey 1, Golf 123. KATHLEEN COMERFORD 39 Chester Street E- vu-wunq C PATRICIA ANN CCNNEELY Patty 25 Furbush Ave., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "Friends Weill stay forever and a day." Pooh and Cuddles 76. S C MBSCBFCLPIRHPLI-lMl C. Volley 1,2,3. Soft, 1,2,3. Wk f ' l v A ff ' Moe, Larry, and Curly V.. X" rf, . NZ: 1 XNILLIAM HANNAN CONNELL Cones 367 Albemarle Rd,, Newtonville, Day, Riley, College Remembers All of the gang and all the good times. Basketball - 1, Baseball - 1. KIMBERLEY ANN CONNERNEY Kim 16 Traverse St., Nonantum, Day, Bacon, College Cheerleader - 3, Best times 81 Best kids outside Palmer. 'Elvis Forever'. Don't be afraid to take a Chance in life! ROBERT CONNOR 19 Fairfield Street BRENDA LEE CONSIDINE 25 Brackett Road, Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Gymnastics 123, I'll always rem. everyone esp. CM, LR, KA, LP, MF, IM, SM, LM, WKN. ftbl gms. WR Hope all mem. will be great. YOLANDA RITA COPPOLA Yo 29 Melville Avenue, Newtonville, Day, Beals, ? I wonder where the days go by! Will never forget the good times with friends, DD, CC, TG, DP, DB. Clad I met DP! ROSE LOUISE COPPOLA 19 Lincoln Road, Newton Day, Adams, Modeling - airlines Crab your dreams and run as far as you can before you fall, friend are your needs answered doy you know. . . Cal. M 84 D, DIFK. ov' 1'-sr'-'1 fbi . I PHILIP CHARLES CORCORAN 40 Sewall St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "When it is not in our power to determine what is true, we ought to follow, that which is most prob- able." - RDH596-16501. " . . . and here's Donny and Marie!" WN C. DARCEL COSTA Darcie 36 Vineyard Rd., Newton Weeks, Palmer, College I want to wish the best of Luck to all my friends, l'lI miss you all. Lab School!!! l' .Qif if PHILIP EDWARD COSTANZO EILEEN M. CRONIN BARBARA CROWDER 564 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Riley, College Bacon Tree, football 123, Lax 123, 343 Highland Avenue, West Newton Warren, Riley, College "No canvas absorbs color like Pop, Dingy, Duck, MR, EA, CL, memory." CAVA 2, IS. CC, Dogs 2 81 4, Pop we'Il make it to R.I. Everybody 84 Bobby. Warren, Riley 5F Y'-1' ROBERT MICHAEL CULLINS Bobby 85 Crescent St,, Auburndale Da , Palmer, Undecided Remember: BM. IM, TR, IQ, DG, PM, IK, BD, IC, RC, LL, Wild Bill's Turnpa, AM Gymnastics 1,2,3. I all the woodchucks. 4 9- BRENDAN CURRAN 748 Watertown Street KENNETH IOHN CUCCHI S5 Upham St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, Auto Mechanic MARTINE A. CULBERTSON 220 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Live, Love and Learn Good Times w!MD, KS, SG, GF, DI, NG, VB, KH! Ski 81 German Club 23, Take Cafe. 11' Q , .1-ul LOIS CUMMINCS 40 Adams Street f4Qy w--4 HEIDI S. CUTTER 117 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, College Life's a journey tnn was def. 1 Fr- ance - Cape - Me. Midn. Cruises! SF NTS. WXGSDCZ B S T XW!CORACACCTGIDX+ C O N S. LUV 2 KEV. STEPHEN CUNNINGHAM Sam 103 Staniford Street, Auburndale Warren, Bacon Remember good times with Bill. Skin, IH lQuackJ Fuzz P.C. and Moose. Q . . ,' ,t If . f 4 KARL E. DABRITZ 23 Iohnson Place, Auburndale Nancy gymnastics 23, Rings HB, MR, I. Billy Gumby, "Deano Let's Drop the Rings". BB, MF, DK, In Rips Wild Parties. SUSAN LEIGH CULLISON Susie - who? 147 Randlett Pk., West Newton Day, Riley, College Nov 9, 76 ID Con. Early Morning practice at Waltham The Record! Sr. Class Comm. Swimming 123 Thanks Benn. Hi guys. Jb- HENRY CUTLER 944 Centre Street mi ! TIMOTHY FRANCIS DARGAN Ding 81 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, College F-ball 1,2,3, Lacrosse 123, ICw! Mac Duck 81 the Erb Burb. God Bless you Bobby Donahue. Bacon Tree 123, Remembers class 78. DAVID l. DeCOURCEY Diviny 73 Kaposia Street, Auburndale Warren, Riley, Auto Mechanic David 81 Carol, Mugger Terry Fuz, Fords are fast, Skinny Spanky, CB, GL, ES, PS, Sid, 3!6!77 M805 Gulf, Skinny 81 Orca 77. lOHN FRANCIS DALEY jack 62 Elm Street, West Newton Warren, Rile 18 + 6 2 PanyAll wall Family a Gang, MA, RN. All my friends 5 dollar Babes, BEACON Riley PARTY on, everyone Good Luck. MARTHA DAVIS 12 Salisbury Road lEAN DELANEY 4 Wiswall Street ROBERT IOSEPH DALY Bob 18 Wiltshire Rd., Newton Day, Beals, College Remembers Riley Commons w!M KDRMNCBBMTMBCSPT B B G C V 2 was Best 2377 Foot- ball 1,2,3, Riflery 1, Lacrosse l,2,3. VICTORIA DEAN DAVIS VICKI 503 Walnut St., Newtonville, Day, Adams, College 1'There is no place like here, There is no time like now." B.B. 81 LO. Halftime at BC, Rifle Team 2,3. liz. LORA G. DELICATA 46 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville Day, Palmer, Forestry "The wind is the symbol of all that is free", jd9!1 1776 En 81 Sc 81 Ct 81 Dn 81 Dr - etc! Boring 123! Foresters unite. -og, -Q Q -v vf , X x 5 I L I AMY RUTH DAVIDSON 23 Exmoor Rd, Newton Centre Bigelow, Riley, College PARTY! Who is it this week? R I R R I L E R V I D Marching Band - FTBALL BB 81 Company, White Wagons, BYE, NNHS. DEBORAH DEGENHART 53 Bennington Street ,X "nm -..-1 be-1. if i N I MILDRED A. DELICATA Millie 46 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville Day, Riley, Undecided CC23 IT, Club 123, B 84 S3. "TO- DAY IS FOREVER, TOMORROW' IS IUST ONE OF YESTERDAY'S DREAMS." ID. Od' LYDIA ENCYLOPIDIA DEPHOURE 31 Gay Street, Newton Bigelow, Da , Barry, College I did it with a Iittle help from my friends. Love to Martha, Fuzz, 2109, Bev, Kit, lune, I. Cradle gpg, Mr. Ingalls. I P. ALAN DEWS Kin-AI 181 Upland Road, Newtonville Day, Adams, UMass lAmherstl "Hey don't give up I did it you can", thanks lanice you're the greatest, I made it. "I will never stop looking." 'Q MARIE LUCILLE-CHURI DeLUCA 9 Cottage Pl., West Newton Warren, Palmer, Hairdressing School "Always remember all my teach- ers." Esp. good times with D. Kal- fon, and cruisin in S.B.. CLARA DESER 45 Whitney Road, Newtonville Day, Barry, College CSI 23, PP123, All my love to LTC as MS. "And I must borrow every changing shap", TS Eliot. NA , A , bet: A LAUREN MARY DIBENDET-TI Lori 83 Brookside Ave., Newton 02160 Day, Beals, Travel Best of Luck to all my good friends. Coll BP, NP, FU, IS, VM, BARB C, Nancy M, MS, Pl, Cym- nastics 1,2, IG, 10th Grade!!! ,JIII WILLIAM l. DEMPSEY Demps 334 River St., West Newton Warren, Beals, College Football 123, All the kids at the tree,BLMRETTDPFGMCiB B D T H C F Alb Riv Bar Mil, lt'S a great day to be alive. IOHN DeSOUSA 72 Perkins Street CERMANO DiMAMBRO 170 Oakleigh Road, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Great times w!B L C M T H. "Stay on the right side of the road!" The Van! Thanks to Tl and Olli. 1-4 ICMD, Soccer 23. IOEL DENNIS 1320 Commonwealth Avenue, West Newton Weeks, Bacon, College Capt 78, Indoor and Ourtdoor track, Varsity Football 76-77, IB MD, Pop, Richy, Elem, l'lI Never Forget You Bob. 1- DIANE DeSOUZA 38 Barbara Rd., West Newton Day, Palmer, College If I make a mark in time I can't say the mark is mine. Swim Team 2,3. Love to everyone, including Uncle Ben. Qf' BILL DIMARTINO 291 East St., Dedham Dedham, Palmer, To be a musical Star I prize my guitar and all my limi Hendrix records. Remembers great X's in Electrical with SC, MF, Dedhm. .4'N ERIC IOHN DiPlETRANTONlO IEFFREY BRIAN DIXON GRACE E. DOHERTY 2303 Commonwealth Ave., Ieff 200 Kent Road, Waban Newton 24 Lodge Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, ? Warren, Riley, Undecided Remember Bobby Donahue forever, as he was not as he is, re- member WG, KB, PS, DD, Always Nicole Snow. J' S'--Q NANCY LYNN DOMICO "Baby" 260 Langley Road, Newton Centre Pollard, Palmer, Hairdressing School Baby, music, cars, art, poetry, H.H. N.R., K.C., Guess what else . . . Beautiful Sunshine, Good- bye. JAMES DOONA 152 Lexington Street Day, Adams, College D.D. Red., C.B., L.L., LA, M.N., G.M., Ike. Special Thanks to C.C. MH Night Moves. MICHAEL DANIEL DONEGAN 118 Hunnewell Avenue, Newton Bigelow, Palmer Printing HR MRS. GOBBLES, CRUISING DOWN TO LAKE WALDEN, GOOD TIMES AT THE COR, MICH IS NO. I SEE YOU GUYS LATER. . .MUCH. BRIAN 1. DOUCETTE Mouse 18 Washington Terrace, Newton- ville Day, Bacon, Armed Forces Oct. 1 76 Cooper Aerosmith Queen Piper Lizzy. "Be mental like me." Sire frog People, BV, IC, MM, CC. "Spark", MARIORIE. lx 1 SUSAN DONNELLY 13 Chesley Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, College Always Remember Dl, BS, LA, VD, PC, AB, MS, RO, LF, NT. "Hull Street," "The Bench." "The Steps." "Adams Commons." "Ba- con." 5. , lt 5:9 SAMUEL W. DOUGLAS Lou 97 Hillside Ave., West Newton Warren, Riley, Radio land Long Live concerts, WBCN Friends 81 Co. Rblack words and wisdom by Supertramp a faithful who lover so long! IAMES TRENERY DOLBEAR jimmy 200 Fuller Street, W. Newton Warren, Riley, College Life is bush. ,gb I f 4 if -:Q .- ' IOHN ROBERT DONOVAN 76 Arlington Street, Newton Bigelow, Riley, "Remember the good times we all shared with each other at NCBP or whereeverf' I'lI love you forever, Tammy. IAMES M. DOWNEY Michael 45 Ashton Avenue Weeks, Barry, College, Law "Live each day it comes and to its fullest." Barry, French, Sailing, Homeroom lr. Eng. "Please" PNBHMC Live. F71 rw' . KATHLEEN MARIE DOYLE IULIE A. DRUKER DONALD DuBOIS Kathy 29 Furber Lane, Newton Centre 277 Waltham St., West Newton 604 Walnut St., Newtonville Weeks, Beals, College Warren, Palmer, DuBois Corp. Day, Barry, College The love in your heart wasn't put Football 1, just hanging around Remember: RA, TL, LH, swim there to stay, love isn't love until 2-3. Remember BC. team Ig Tigerettes, NH and MV: you give it away, Thanks to all, Partying: AB R: Concerts, France, Dazed and confused, Bobby. .1 c", q, RJ .-1' l .453 Q, PAULETTE MICHELLE DUBOIS 42 Anthony Circle, Newtonville Day, Beals, College Memories of MBW. IB! IG, LR, MS. The Best - BOB Exile? NQ BMA w! Penny. Bambi, Montreal 77, 'Cymnasticsi Tnax SD, SFA, PB. L, '- -my - . - "" "rx 3' I ' X 1 7: - v DAVID PETER DUMAIS 36 Parker St., Newton Weeks, Adams, California Later NNHS. Time to Go West. 'J H L ' -, D k C14 "Alice in Wonderland did that?!" STEVEN RICHARD DUTTON 'Dut' 57 Shornecliffe Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Bacon, College x-country I,2. Get into Action, I ,2,3, w!Harrl! Ton of Laffs AL, my HR8i AT Kabes, B4 SCH wfjonesy, Chargin' wf383. JAY DUVAL 7 Mathew Court 15- 7 'Ov f'l' if 3 ELIZABETH CAROLYN EARTHROWL Lizzie 935 Beacon St., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, Legal Secretary LOVING YOU IS A DREAM COME TRUE. LOU RAWLS. CCG. LLClCDSCKCClCS niteswfVVRCFMPE,BClD XNILD DISCO, DANCE ITALIANS. v if 115' X fri' 'T7' ALISON LOUISE EDWARDS Beeb 77 Davis Ave, W. Newton, Day, Bronze team, Beals, Surviv- ing Transition "78" Thanks LDP SO77, the office Hey it was great. I Leave you with this last word "finnn" ha ho ho. IOHN GREGORY EKIZIAN LC. 35 Holman Rd, Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Hollywood Remember Fearsome Fivesome, the bureau, this wonderful facility, my dixie cups! Luv ya, Andrea, all my friends . . . DONALD CHARLES ECAN 32 Llewellyn rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, College Thanks: To the Beals council? The bike club? Mrs. T's Eng. class and the PDP ll!4. M.H.T.P. D 81 D. Etc. BARBARA IANE ECELSON lane 136 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Warren, Adams, College Thank Heavens for Tranny, The Ceramics Room, The Beals Stairs, and everyone connected. 4 ,0- SAZ. . DANA EISENBERC 9 Hillcrest Circle, Waban, Meadowbrook, Bacon, Survival Once a merry rodent, always a merry rodent. "Don't Laugh" Y'-. 'Q--1 i ELIZABETH ELLENA 74 Manet Road MACNUS EMILSSON 11 Maple Circle CARL ERIC ENCELBOURC 34 Westbourne Rd, Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Beals, College The past is never forgotten. Re- member Always: DA, EH, SS MM, BF, GP, Nc, MK, oi, TM, CAB. PETER MICHAEL EZRIN I3-1 Annawan Rd, Waban MDBK, Riley, College One must not wish his life away, but rather live each day to its tul- lest. Way 8 Means Editor, Riley Treas, l " 'ix r-4 rf . we 'm--5 STEFFEN FANCER 74 Putnam St., West Newton Meadowbrook, Adams, Guitar I23 SF + SR, 3 Music Dept. WILLIAM FARRELL 252 Islington Road L r fx -2 5. CARY EAI 28 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow Adams, College Friends, help dull the pain friends, thanks Cer. Club I2, Pres 3, O Club I23, Nnite 23, Wrstling 23, SFA 3, NY Killers, BCingU. MARY ELIZABETH EANNINC 80 Waban Park, Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College TO GIVE SOMEONE A MEMORY KEEPS YOU CLOSE WHEN YOU'RE APART. NXF, M E M N M IMCLBCTHE PK,MV, LB, CVV74-77. EVERYI at MCMNS. IW' 4,9 KELLY ANN FARRINCTON 71 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry, College No one could ask for better friends' especially, Carol 81 Linda, I'll always remember BD, CF, MT, MR, IM, RA, TD, kathy. MAUREEN I. FAIRBANKS Moe 6 Grove Street, Auburndale Warren, Riley, College Memories . . . YVB - oops! 7-4-76 - El ESP "And there was Maureen. . .HCKMIAGICG O: THANKS! F. Hockey, B'BaIl, S'Ball I23. V ALBERT T, FARACA 42 Larkin Rd., West Newton Warren, Barry, College Good luck to all my friends. TML, MR, Fondest memories of skinney to all the good parties left. 'ri' -4 IONATHAN ISAAC FASMAN 69 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College exp, Bik, Ski, Team, Bee, Yrb, Newt, The Boys The Men MgrchB. What is life but a spectrum and what is music but life itself. B. Cosham lr. ERIC CHRISTOPHER FALLON Buoy - II7 Mr. Vernon Street, Newton- ville Day, Riley, Colege Remembers: All the gang, the cape, the "MAX" CCC, KFC, Marching Band, Baseball - 2-3, Swim Team 123, B Pl SMC, Cr B P S C M A M, and the hill gang. -,ll -.,, ,I , , 2 H , :J ,PPIITF I g 3 1 IAMES MICHAEL FARRELL Cumby 252 Islington Road, Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Printer Remembers BR, KD, SH, BB, PO, RK, GP, Fish, El, abc's, SB, IS, AH, MF. K BARBARA HELEN EEIL Babs I7 Ware Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College All my luv Paul, Remember the shack, Mark TC Robert CW TD N.H. on Sunday Waltham I-42 West-end 8-2-77. if X - ,. K , ROCHELLE T. FELDMAN 523 Ward St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, Medical Career "We must leave to each a mem- ory" "oh My!" snookums + "Mr" Mauchos, G + T Cf? RP, CBII4 Boredom - MG biking - ski, Yb - 3. BRUNO FERRARI-SCACCO 344 Austin Street z w ' Y . . gi -..X . i " Q i I I ' I X gw ia f Tx' SAMMY LEE FELICIANO 1521 Washington Street, Boston Beverly School for the Deaf, Barry, Teacher I've enjoyed it here 3 yrs. Love to meet with hearing people. Miss all of you. Byeeee! at EDWARD M. FIELDS Ed 281 Otis St., West Newton New York, Barry, Aviation-Law Diving - Track 123, stood out in the rain and caught cold - col- dest day 11!20BD. Smile you pay the piper if you dance. "iff-5' I X 10' if IANE FISCHBERG 10 Burnham Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, Hence with Dili- gence "I would be a iar and one of your safe world if I should fear to say the same words of my best percep- tion." SARAH ELIZABETH FISHER 43 Prince St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College Moments may be temporary, but memories last forever. 47 36 58 S. Circle, Ski trips, XP, locker Sr. Tres. 3. .f fi .I ,I I li KATHLEEN MARIE FENTON "Pie" "Fent" 44 Hale Street, Newton Upper Falls Day, Beals, College Remember good times wffriends DN, KP, DP, DD, FF, IB, IA, BF, MR, CC, AL, CS, PC, MG, The Lake, Park 76 77, Prom! Thanx MV. PETER DOUGLAS FINE Duck 59 Hyde Ave., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Good times in NH. Kosa with books?? Party in the good time Burb. Oh hi. Boys Lacrosse 123 God Bless you Bob. .eM,tg,. MARK STEVEN FISHMAN Fish 918 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Weeks, Bacon, College Lots of good times. Football in the library, Bio club 12, Pres 3, BC, GS, MM, Water Polo, IR, O L I M P L K 77, Swimming 77. 4- vs-' -A 'L 'L I' 7' -A1 MARTHA BOYD FERNANDEZ 91 Lenox Street, West Newton Warren, Adams, College Each to his own way, I'll go mine. Best of luck with what you find, but always remember the good times. IMS. X Y. 1, . as .1 V LINDA C. FIORE 16 Ricker Road, Newton, Meadowbrook, Palmer, Unde- cided Gdby and Gdluck. You go your way and I'lI go mine. Remember our friendship 81 happiness that we had. IQ? QUIK BARBARA FITZGERALD . Barbie 40 Highland Avenue, Newtonville Day, Adams Good times out, Palmer partying atAmyswithGT,ARB HABPN N N and all the rest Italian club 1, Newtonite 23. LEO T. FITZGERALD 40 Highland Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Tech. School Summer of "77", PH Gang Ski, BB, NP, PN, NN, AB, TC, LC, BF, RN, Cellar. All My Love To Michelle. Horse back riding. If., MATTHEW IAMES FITZCIBBON 44 Fuller St., Newton Weeks, Barry, College Miss my friends, AW, RK, SL, HS, PB, TWM, YPF, VFW, SRW What can I say. . . Immeasurable. Bas- ketball 1,3 Cross Country 1 Bye. . :gigs Q .13 DEBBIE FLAGC 22 james St., West Newton Warren, Bacon. Undecided Remembers- MS, BS, PR, IL, CH, IP, Blueberry Hill party times flash, Bacon Stairs, Lake Waban, Cat Stevens. CHRISTOPHER IAMES FLAHERTY Harry 48 Chestnut Terrace, Newton Centre Day, Barry, College The dirty dog, skinnyhead, Ftbll 123, Trk 12, Bbll 23, D-backs, so's good times w1SF, MG, LW, IB, Pl and Studly. "The world is mine!" 1 S 4 . .F .-1 KATHLEEN MARY FLAHERTY Kathy 2 Beach Street, Newtonville Day, Riley, College Ciood times with A R M H W W B KRCMCBKKKMM,Crazy times, Hampton 76, Sta's 77 with E F G A C D, Always treasure Ire- land "77". . I .e Qld as -rr ,Q -v rr, 1 , .'. - Y- , 1 i 'F -af xf-fs f it 'I , ,,.. .Qs STEVE R. FLEMINC Flem 298 Cherry St., W. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College CdLuck To My Friends M C C F B OMIKEREMRORSatEves Till 4 am, Mary Love Will Keep us Together T C I L Y B 118176 Fball 123, Bball 1,2,3. PATRICIA ANN FLACC 22 james St., West Newton Warren, Barry, College Remembers Terry and judy. D B D PSMKMPLLM,Brigs,Ciood times with Friends, 3104, Parties, ENIP Softball Team SC. , V? I s I '. ' . I -Le MAURA B. FLESSAS 32 Woodbine TER., Auburndale, Warren, Beals, College - Travel A.L.F.O.P. The Grass is always greener Sanny, 3-Billys Pick Up your gear and Gypsie roll on . . . 4110178 BARRY I. FLINK Clink 54 Garland Road, Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals, College Trany 78, Nefty 74-78, Rembering Rich Mosieur, joe, Sam, E H M R A M H W, FLURIS THE GANG, FRI., F.BaII, Track 23, Iavhill. ,Un sd .-.fs I fi fl' 4 I "mi CATHERINE FLYNN MARIE ELIZABETH FLYNN LISA ANN FORREST 96 Harvard Street, Newtonville 278 Melrose St., Auburndale 204 Pleasant Street, Day, Beals, College Warren, Adams, College Newton Centre I made it LA, Good times w!KG, I'll always remember all my Weeks, Adams, Public Health CC, LW, DB, Cape, M 81 M Wknd friends who have made these past To he is to do. - Socrates To do is ABR I-IO, Rem CM, IB, LB, IS, IB, three years so good esp: Barbara to be, - Plato To do be do be do. TP, PI, II, BR, Spec T'S-TS. HI, FT, MR. - Sinatra '2 - Colombia I D D P ICMSCLWBONF, "I wish I could draw my sweet face." Ask' 'Z.'7"7 KRISTINA G.A. FORSYTH Tina 516 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, M.R. Hello everyone who won't fit here. If you think you belong here, you do. Il hate long lines of ini- tials.I ,Z MICHAEL ANTHONY FORTE "Flash" 74 Nardone Rd., Needham Newman lr. High, Barry, Electri- cian All the Good times we had, Ah Scott Dee Roby Chin and Wed. Camino "Miller" "C to I" "Let's go ll A31 N 5237 'Sl . X .gy BRENDA FOX Q KAREN MARIE FOX 80 Prairie Avenue, Auburndale Warren, Riley, College Remember great times with friends. Blue tank, Rescue sum- mers at the cape wknd in Maine Idebit! Swimming 123. -Si - K 1 ,Ir L, ' 'Q is Q FS. Y' K "I 1' o. fl" ' . . 1 DEBRA LYNNE FRECHETTE Debby 285 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Day, Barry, College Rem: Friends - esp 6 w! CC, KG, LW, CF, LB, Wknds: Abr Mac!B 81 E Mcl Berm Chrldr N 12-13 w!BR Spec t's w!Mike Bobby D. PAUL R. FRITZ 236 Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Goodbye N.N.H.S. and Good Luck to all, ,,.4vl 45.9 ' 4 IIMMY R. FRAZIER Old man 296 California Street, Newton Day, Bacon, Millionaire The cellar AM, DR, MN, DL, WS, KN, TH, SB, IM, ML, summer of 77 let's go get some cheers. x 1 t PAUL ELLIOT FREID 382 Ward St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Adams, College Dinsdale Thanks To all Friends S GPHPFMKGPHACMILD W And all others. Monty Python Good Luck. I ROBERT E. FULTON 15 Shirley, West Newton Warren, Bacon Memories of KB, DL, AL, gratz PA, Koka, H'O on KB in my garage I like gold PM, 78 Dedicated to Skinny. MICHAEL FRAZIER 10 Owatowa Street 73 I I I YI A AUDREY SANDRA FREUDBERG 160 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Dartmouth "You have the freedom to be yourself, your true self, Here and now, and nothing can stand in your way." MARTHA LORI FURBUSH Marty-party 10 Irving Street, Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Good riends R hard 2 find but I did love 2. Lyd. A tray loan B C B B F D B L Tranny! Luv 2 RBMM My love 2 BD 4ever. MARC FREEDGOOD 4 Travis Drive, Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals, College The best part of school was sum- mer and good times getting with MF, MS, IB 81 GB. ELISABETH ANNE FUCHS Tish, Bunny 75 Sumner Street, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College "My whole life lies in front of me, now I've got to figure out what to dowith it! LovetoAPCATTRD RVDSGDKSKSwim-1, Mangr 3 Con. Choir - 1,2,3. Family - 3. L25 ROBIN E. GARDNER 7 Washington Park, Newtonville Adams, College Remembers: IRP, Electronics 1,2,3, Stage Crew 1, Football games, Homeroom. Good Luck to Friends. if' AC' Us PAMELA EVE GELLES 17 Lafayette Rd., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Adams, College "The friendship that can come to an end, never really began." Ten- nis 123, Newtonian 3, Ski 123, Thanx to all. -.0 I , , THERESA SANDRA GALLELLO 120 Tolman St., West Newton Warren, Barry, Good times. Remember Good times in the past and present. P.S. Remember Bobby Donahue. we Q as DAVID R. GASDIA Gaz 92 Fairway Dr., West Newton Day, Beals, College It's been real . . . boring! The whole gang. Lite weights do it best! Wrestling 123, Girls - LP. -qui 1 if MARC GERMANI SARAH SCH LOYMO GALDSTON 62 Hyde Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College What's to say? "Still crazy after all these years," Barry. House Coun- cil 123, Everyone and everything. 9? 'Cv 161-. . WILLIAM GEAGAN 25 Rowe Street -..Q ' N ,,. ...ff LISA LAUREN GERSHON 47 Walnut Place, Newtonville 33 Sherbrooke Road, Newton Day, Adams, College Weeks, Riley, College North's been good times, good Whisper words ofwisdom let it be friends tthey know who they are.J . . . THANKS to ALL, see ya later, lA1C:jew" 123. Thanks to T.S., S.G. N.N., It's been real?? u . 'CK MATTHEW K. GAROIAN Matt 11 Pine Grove Ave., Lower Falls Warren, Barry, GM Auto Design Remembers friends of '77' Ray, Sem, Roy, jamie, Teff, joey, Dougy, Al and Brian. Drawing 123 HR 3118, BC Adventures. 9.15 9 -... , 0 . Ka.. s '-at 4. . 'A ,I X i'lnv Nia I 'I . EN " 2 I , C 5' Q' f fx, in .i , 1 fi. 3 A IAMES A. GENS 56 Barnstable Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Remembers All the good times in homeroom. also, TR, LM, LE, DS, DC. KATHLEEN ANN OETMAN 38 Hamlet St. Newton Weeks, Adams, College Thanx to all esp, CC, CF, LW, DB, LB, Pl, TL, TP. Rem. B4 Cape wfCFCC 84, wkd. CC UMI Zhwf DB, NMW, Lau. ABR Rernem. Bobby. .1 A j ..""' H X , Qu 5 . J 5 'T 1 , -' ,gf- f. 4 hi' 1- X CYNTHIA l.. CIORDANO Cindy 260 River St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, Modeling RememberBCNMCBAAAAP CRLLMMMECSW,Tonysfan club, The Screech, Bostom Mac, Champange Wknds lf'8f77, Calif. Ga. rf. I - 'HQK1' ,,lA1,v-5 SUSANNE MARGRIT GLOOR Radar 22 Lenglen Road, Newton Day, Riley, l-luh?? Hawkeye f Fred, Trap Duke Sherm, Pago Rob, Invisible Table, Lots 'o' luv and luck. 220 , MATTHEW' OHANNAM 62 Maple Street . DEBORAH MICHELLE CLANTZ 14 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, College Uglys N.L., LW., Partys, l-lanna's, Angles, L.l.G.? C.C,, Sign Subs, SC., N.V., lO'S. Library Driving for what P. wall. PAUL GLOTZER 70 Creylock Road "-5. MARUEAN GILBERT 23 Fuller Terrace, W. Newton Day, Palmer, College "Before you walk in the sun you have to laugh in the rain." The Blue Tanklohny. R H A W Rl M A SKCCUDCIUKWKFBILU V 1 A S. ,fi NINA ROSALIND CJLEEKMAN 35 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Warren, Adams, College 81 Chocaholism Quebec 77 wi'CC, Good times WPVB, CIN, Fr+Cr Clbs MC, NS, Ich Habekeine Ahnung ML Dream On. "I'm Sure" 54321 KT tooth Mom + Dad. NETTI MARLA COLD 48 Marshall Street, Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College 78 GRADS, live! Laugh! Love! Remember, Long Lunches, FTH! 8:14, . .CC Endless notes, flash- ing hands, spec. Friends. RONALD THOMAS CILROY Ron 150 Washington Street, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Soccer was great. We almost beat Needham. Can't wait for College. l MICHAEL GLENNON 89 Chestnut Street SUSAN LYNN COLDFARB 53 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow Bacon, College Thanx to the best friends that anv- one could ever have. esp, LC, RF. NL, DC, Sl, VXB. "Don't hold this against me!" G-1. CAREY BETH GOLDBERG 472 Crafts St., West Newton Day, Adams, College vga i THOMAS DEAN GOOLISHIAN 31 Chandler St., Watertown West, Adams, Undecided That's Life in the fast lane . . . It would be of small avail to talk of magic In the air. I'll say farewell." STEPHEN D. GRABOW 6 Summer St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Adams, Dentistry Thanks to all my friends PF. PF, remember DH. Thanks to AK, SS, SF, IP, PR, El. It was fun! LAURA ANN GOLDBERG 56 Cotton Street, Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Russian Club 1,2,3 lPresidentI. Goal: To learn to speak 10 lan- guages. "lf you will it, it is not a dream." lx gil' fi ,f, 1 'E ,ll ,r ii. ' a' r l l , ,ilu 1 BARRY GOOLST 20 Marsh Street LEIGH ADRIAN GRAHAM 73 Williston Road, Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College "No man is an island, entire of it- self, every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main." Donne. I H IUDITH GAIL GOLDENBERG ludv 37 Pratt Dr., West Newton Day, Beals, College Happiness consists: not in the multitude of friends, but in their worth 81 choice. LR, PM, PD, BK, You're the best. Att -I . 5 g L. ' - au: xsw C- 1 Q Q -.w I ng 4 ' A 'A A' BARBARA S. GORDON 54 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, College LOIS ALEXlS GRAHAM 73 Williston Road Warren, Barry To make my dreams come true, "The questions make you wise, the answeres make you human." Thoughtprints, Spanish Club. I . 1 at 'g 51" iv ., - . ., I GEORGE PUTNAM GOODWIN Put 38 Balcarres Rd., W. Newton Warren, Riley, College "A day without sunshine is like . . . night." Soccer 1,2,3, With O.M.W. Song and Monty P. Gumby essays ok. fs 1-:fi ' I 'N' X MICHAEL SCOTT GOREN 350 Kenrick St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College The good times with G W C F M M I S. To Steve we did it all and I'lI never forget it. l Love Lucy. Base- ball 123. ARTHUR CHRISTOPHER GRANT 50 Bowers St., Newtonville Day, Palmer College Yes - lane, Lisa, AD, MR C, Mr Wells, Dr. Barndt, Mr Walker, STC. No - the air, asbestos, red tape, destruction. X X fx ,, vs N TERESA CRASCIA Terri 6 Emmons St., W. Newton Day, Riley, College "A friend once told me, you've got to take the HBITTER NVITH THE SWEET." Tante belle cose - Lenny - Chunky. HAM 'Nfl I Q,-gp! rp tis. LAS' CIOVANNI CRAZIANO 361 Cherry St., West Newton Warren, Beals Ciood times at BC, RVSD, ALB, Rem wkends, Parties, All my friends. Fondest Memories of B. Donahue. -Ji 'tsl ENRICO C.RECO 930 Watertown Street 3 JERALD S. CREENBERG 1701 Comm. Ave., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College NE AZA Editor Rifle, Team 1v23 Golf Team, 23 Chess Club ITZVP3, MSND, Big Brother Good Times DB, JC, AW, SR, DY MK. "I think my brain is coming out" -if-an '42 -fl: 3 C fi :' :Q' -C I 3 :Y 1 'Y' ' 'f RICHARD CREENBERC 44 Pierrepont Road si f Q., KATHLEEN GREENE 23 Risley Road -5 51 SUSAN D. GREENE 8 Irving Street, Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Always remember LP, CT, MK, IS, PL, CK, MIC, DD, PH, DM, LD, l, DI, C, IE, IO, Beals, Chicago and most of all the great times. , .J - x i--.ff V- tx- 1. i ' . X. , .gc DANA D. CRECORIO 133 Rand Terrace, Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Undecided Will always remember the great times in Riley house, and in 1113. with the guys. Remember RS, MM, SC, KV, AV 3. 1 1 1 f S Q9 BRIAN C. GRIFFIN 13 Prospect St., Watertown West, Palmer, Electrician See Ya Later. CHERYLE ANDRE GRIFFIN 48 Fair Oaks Avenue Day, Bacon, Travel Don't be sad for what you've lost, just be glad it was once yours. Remember NB, KD, RA, LC, GW, IN, VW, SL, PA, HC, CQ. LISA-IANE CROSS 30 Hobart Rd., Newton Bi elow, Palmer, College WoulcF we do it all again? Re- member: SkiCBS, FBI, Parties, P. Wall, Hanna's, NL, DG, SG, CB, HW, Best of luck to all! vt- f" AY,-f 1 I ' ... -' '41 1, I X XX I DAVID ALAN GROSSER 20 Pierrepont Road, Newton Warren, Barry, College Mr. Photography, Work-study, Danger! Explosive!! Boom! RICHARD STEVEN GROSSMAN 70 Iudith Road, Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College There are times in life, when to dare is the highest wisdom, New- tonian 2,3. SFA 3. I. Track 1,2,3. Track 1,2,3. "I'm absolutely bored" rf: -li- IAMES GUELLI 265 Newton Street THOMAS FRANCIS HACERSTROM Tommy 295 Central St., Newton Warren, Beals, College RIP Bobby D 77, soccer 123, Hockey 123, BBall 123, Good luck to all my friends who made these 3 yrs the best ever, ,f"P I. I I MARYELLEN FRANCES HALLARAN 54 Eddy Street, West Newton Day, Barry, College I remember photographs, water- colors ofthe past. . .Lisa D S A P CSSCLKDWMKStRd.12- 24-77. 442. Newtoniet 2,3. YB 3 3104. I I I I I I I i I E 1 a i 1 I I 1 1 s I -1 1 I I 1 I I I I I 2 I r E I I lr 1 l I I I 224 .R xx V " Wm. 'Nor -Na b 1 . Q X if .f Ti, . .. 'S CARLA ROYCE HALLGREN 73 North St., Newton Centre Weeks!Norfolk County Agricul- tural School Bacon, Work-College All the best with Bob Bacon, Everybody. It seems just a mo- ment, but three long years have passed me by, WESLEY LEROY HARRIS "Harri" 19 Rangeley Road, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Indoor track 123, tri-capt. track 123, tri-capt. 2cc, kids at Riley H, 123 DUT. DeBaar Minnow AND ALL THE GOOD TIMES! gn - I , I 3 BRENDA ANN HELLER 99 Sumner Street, Newton Weeks, Barry, College U. Zoo, Waterskiing, just flash it, twins 1 yr apart, P.M., rowdy M.G., S.D.M.C., a million F, a N.E. lock, NG, MM, HIH. E' '6- can SUSAN MARIE HANICK 148 Tremont St,, Newton Bigelow, Riley, Nursing Good times with AMS, MB, CC, LN. lt's been three good years, thanks to everyone. lt's only the beginning!!! -.AQ I I LINDA ELIZABETH HATCH 50 Emmon St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College, Moscow 1980, Coaching - Track Cross Country 3, Indoor Track 34, capt., Track 123, Remembers: Every one, "partying," Alb. X Riv. X B?C?. the tree, L.B,B. MICHAEL G. HERZBERG 47 Esty Farm Road, Newton Centre Warren, Palmer, College "Good'bye NNHS, Good luck" Newtoniete 2,3, Remember Ted B, Mr GB, DE, Signs, PF, Mrs. H, PH, HO! MW, KW, BP, Edit, EH, FB 81 ALL. K 'v-I 'yff I , ' 1 THEODORE MOSS HANSEN 155 Homer St., Newton Centre Day, Beals, College and Un- employment Remember the bronze of day, Mrs. C, Soph. Eng, Your initials, Photo- graph and posters. ROBERT HAYDON 77 Beaumont Avenue v' T? tl I ff, ,, ' ,IE H R ' tv- at I I JEAN ELIZABETH HESKEY leannie 54 Broadway Street, Newtonville Day, Adams, College Regrets leaving all high school friends. Remembers R.P., L.G., T.G., and all Waltham friends especially M.L. .S .fi PHILIP HARK 80 Woodchester 'Drive Chestnut Hi Bigelow, Riley, Doctor Thanks to TG, DD, PE, SG, Chess Club, Hoop Sam "Bam" Special, thanks to WS. STEVEN HEKLER 77 Day Street ,ttkf PAUL IOSEPH HIGGINS 34 Wilwood Ave., Newtonville Warren, Palmer, College 3 Great years, Skiing, Swimming, Conn Force - 12, Great People. Swimming 12, Capt 3, Tennis 123, Ski Club 123, Good Luck. f", ...45 THEODORE HILL 101 Carlton Road 8 MARY M. HODGON 44 Iudkins St., Newton Day, Palmer, College I can't worry about it today, I'lI think about it tomorrow. RBWK, MBM Glen, Color my world with hope. . . ROBIN HAMILTON HOTVEDT 91 Grasmere Street, Newton Bigelow, Riley, Colle e SS with KIV, '75 trail rise! My Atlas in '76, Great BBB times. . . Franconia . . . Graduate in lan Love to Flash. 'TI' WILLIAM HILLSON 52 Felch Street fi NANCY ELLEN HOFFMAN 80 Greenlawn Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, Life NNHS76MURRAYRd.77 Tranny 78 "you can get it if you really want, but you must try and try, you'll succeed at last" 'jimmy Cliff. sf, N-mi PAUL HUGHES 41 Morrison Street 'Tp-7 l y x I DAVID THOMAS RICHARD HINCHEY Hinch 47 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College-Show Business There is no death when you live in the hearts of those you've left be- hind ludy - Mickey CCB 81 SFAM Showsparty-sing. EVA HOLE 49 Eddy Street LAURA L. HUMPHREY 34 Lombard Street, Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College All Of The Answers You Seek Can Be Found ln The Dreams That You Dream,jBLZEGCLBDBHT 81 L S Kids, H Mall nite. . .much DRD'SCHARlM8fMR. ELLEN HINSEY 20 Gammons Rd. Weeks, Murray Road, To be Georgia O'Keet How do you FEEL about that?. . . the well-educated are those who can sing and dance Well. PLATO ,. T. R, - 4 x 7 I '1' HELEN CATHRENE HOLLAND 811 Watertown St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College "Today is the day in which yester- day's dreams can be fulfilled, and If not today there is always tomor- row." DALE MARSHALL HUNT 77 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College-Business Career Injury prone is part of my game they call me Chip as part of my name! Remember 2505, Soccer 123, Track 23, BMPG. vflilj wi 3 " .Q !w I, ET -,,,, I-.R f l , ' - f 6 ALAN IOSEPH HUNTER 79 Hillside Ave., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, Conservatonisti Tubist Soccer 41, Tuba, M.Y.W.E. Knee Power, Swimming 3, Bon lour Francais, Bessy Greece, Great Friends, Backpacking, C.S. KIMBERLY HYLAND 288 Prince Street PATRICIA ELIZABETH HUNTER Patty 13 Prospect St., West Newton Warren, Barry, College Tomorrow is yesterday's dream. Track 123. BSU 12. Thanks every- body for the good times. "Bet", DW, RO. PATRICIA HUSE HEATHER HUSZTI 221 Highland Avenue "Now THIS is what I call a model!" Y Q7 F Alfa EDWARD ADAM HYMAN Eddie 29 Ellison Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College "Beach"NCDlTMDASSBE B M C E, Fun in Schreid's Class with "Dick" I. Besw and DF Covrse SF Detroit, is 41, Tennis 123. STAVROS IATRIDIS IOSEPH IACKSON 44 Taft Avenue 112 Brackett Road ED JACOBS 21 Taft Avenue .Q 4"'N f' "' 1? 11' ' fl 1" ..... X . "' ' :A - .. .Q X Q, I wx lflkc. QT' f ,X . 'gay :ffi3f,Q,f I lf Q l""f'1"f' P11 fvl SUSAN CAROL IACOBSON DAVID IASSETT DAVID W. IENKINS Sue Spike 223 Upland Road, Newtonville Day, Bacon, College "THE THING THAT GOES THE FARTHEST IS A PLEASANT SMILE," SENIOR CLASS, NEW- TONIAN 2,3 TENNIS 84 VOL- LEYBALL 123. 102 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College . Soccer 123, SHGM, Tennis 123, MBNC, "Take it from the top hey," HM Cone, Mac, Soccer glam, germ SCRUF putter. DA, BF, li?"If' -'sg , "To enter or not to enter . . . PHILLIP DAVID IENNINCS jenn 189 Parmenter Rd., W. Newton Day, Beals F+Bll, 123 Sup Bowl, 76 wtlifting, Rmbf. TP, KR,11, MR, MP, cM,1T, LB, IS, CF, KC., CC, Gd. times w!Bob D. party w!DT, AF, Thanks LW, S, L, E, T, W. LEAH IENNY PETER IAMES IEPSON 530 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Entering Life When l'm right, no one remem- bers, when l'm wrong no one forgets! Bye to False Alarms, HVAC, Cafe, Asbestos, P.A. KATHLEEN FISHER IEROME Kitty 38 Warwick Road, West Newton Day, Beals, College "We're lost in this masquerade." Office 1,2. Cronins 2,3. My friends: Meet me under the dky on a sunny day. 27 'Z-' X, QT- E A ff' F l . v s KAREN LINDANI JOHNSQN Caryn 44 Norwood Ave., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, To be joyous + busy! 1 Time is but the stream I go atishing in. IDH Choir 23, Sis 3'. As 's reckoned a lifetimes a second. Backpak. l5u SJ JENNIFER LAURIE JONES J.l. 62 North St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Colle e I wish all my friends good luck in attaining their goals. always re- member Lab, School, the good exps. 8. Track 12. ROCHELLE ANN JOFFE Shell 32 Park Lane, Newton Weeks, Palmer, College "Looks like we made it," the big terror - high school, 4-169 New friends,JCRNMICDCMJ, Goodbyes best of luck to all. tx sv-f DAVID DALLAS JONES Jonesy 63 Washington St., Nevnon Bigelow, Barry, College X-Country 2,3, Tennis 1,3, New- tonite 2,3, "I can relate to it." Friendship: CB, SD, JR, LR, JK, SL, FB, SM, LK, GF, RG. 1? ini 1 1 it . L1 DENISE E. JOSEPH 15 Bonad Rd., W. Newton Weeks, Riley, Miscellaneous lco- DIANE LOUISE JOHNSON 18 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, Business School Never Forget SD, LA, BS, AB, VD, PC, MS, RO, LT, LF, NT, RB, lta- lian Club 1,2,3, "The Steps." "Hull Street," "The Bench." JANET LYNN JONES "JJ" "Fu-Fu" 58 Winthrop Street, West Newton Warren, Bacon, Mass. Bay Com- munity College Remembers: M.C. J.H. J.M. E.H. "Les," Always doing a report paper the night before it's due. XJ I 'XF MICAELA IOUVENAL 138 Cedar St., Nemon Centre Torino-Italy, Adams, College rulerl Thanks From My Heart and All My Pity the poor potter 8. Best to PAC Love To The Cole Family. Thanks 8. Wi I what Wag that mad to ever one that hel ed me. gg Y- ' ' Y P ness? Transition 4l MICh9ll9. BILL L. JOHNSON 29 Tarbox St., Dedham Dedham, Palmer, Electronics The Kids From Dedham. IU E - ,,, u n as . is s -1- X it JEFFREY JOSEPH JORDAN Jordles 317 Nevada Street, Nevvtonville Day, Beals, College Football, Baseball, Hoop, Lax. Elise, Albe, Rvrside, B.C. Sat. Nites. The Men - CM. Tunes. The Cape, lt's been real! Lori. B.D. To win without risk is to triumph without glory. BARBARA ANN KADISH Bonnie 11 Omar Terrace, Newton Day, Bacon, College, Marriage NeverforgetMHMCRCWWB K K F. When I need love, I hold out my hands to Iimmy Cavalieri. Together forever 81 Ever. BETH ELLEN KARAS 30 Maynard Street, Newton Day, Barry, College The better art of one's life con- sists of his lfiendships. R C I A W WBKMCMMMH"LA", G!Times W!Artie, Love to Parents. SUSAN ELLEY IOYCE 17 Davis Street, West Newton Warren, Barry, College LIISBUITIRCBPILMDKC CTPCTMUTCLMHHCHE CKCETFSMBPMFFEITMP D, Beals, Austins parties, H R I S Fumanchu et. Camaro SS. SHARON CHRISTINE KANE 10 Rogers St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Good times w! friends, IC, IS, GW, LC, DS, MS, LW, LB, NM, M-squad, PI-P, Cheerleading, MM, DKECIC, 7!31!76, IL, Iohn- always. xx 9 if PETER KEARNEY 40 Oakland Avenue MARY ALAN KACZENAS "MAR" Ducky 133 A North Street, Newtonville Dedham, Barry, College Poems 4 U Steve, 4 me claws - spaz. TM DC DHS Butta Best es- calator Si Frisbee l was happy a dedhamite forever! MA. WENDY ELLEN KAPLAN 64 Evelyn Road, Waban Weeks Ir. High, Barry, College "lf you could look into the seeds of time, and say which grain will grow and which will not." Shakespeare. IANE M. KEAVENEY 145 Edinboro Street, Newtonville Day, Beals, College Good times with the kids esp. Ann 84 Patty, PI Parties, Sen Cls. Comm Rally, Comm Cheering, Looks like we made it. ERIC LEE KANDLER Ricky 1338 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Weeks, Adams, Business Man- agement 3 Great Years. Drafting with Ed- die. POS. R, G. S. K. P. R. l. C, Stacy And I. All those studies. HML B. Gees summers. 'Ox MITCHELL KATZMAN 34 Irving St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Adams, College "Winning is everything." Don't fag out. Rocco Indoor Track 25 Outdoor Track 2,33 Cross Country 1,2,3, Co-Capt. 5 xfv 229 H ' - I ' g T 1 :U t ii f -Q Ie 'I X4 x, GREGORY F. KEENAN Greg 16 Bristol Rd., W. Newton Day, Adams, Engineering, Politics Skiing 123, Capt Track, out, but not in 23, SFA Chairman, "Let the good times roll! Hopefully." ,ia fr y :-,I CAROL ANN KENNEDY 167 Cherry St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College CDT remember WD, 4-2-76 prom, deep gratitude, MGH, Re- spect BD FILMS. - Craig, HR, TV FIELD HOCKEY 2,3. TRACK 2,3. Friends, MFIGEP. 4' MICHAEL KHAREEN 162 Mount Vernon Street, Newton Day, Palmer, College "We are such stuff as dreams are made on!" Shakes Players Vt. lane. X fs' ..Q,-L32 E, ,QV is ' Y: A 9 73 Jw 'U' Tf If ! fl, EDNVARD CHARLES KELLEY lll Ted 350 Highland St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College Football 123, Remembers a very special friend, GL, The great times with my friends and may Bobby rest in peace. CAROLE KENNEDY 461 Wolcott St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Work RemembersLPPLCTMKBYS GDBKCTP,DavidMRD'sHR C C L E D S I G, Weekends Al- ways, "47", 1 43 Tex summer of 77, Thanx NNHS. MARY PATRICIA KIELTY 20 Grant St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, Business To all the people that I know and love, I thank, and we'll all be here forthe happy things to come. BD 5 if 36! 01 -415 LORENA MARY KELLEY Lorrie, "Kell" 28 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College If you do not understand my si- lence, you will not understand my words - Sports - Track! "Rocco" G. Luck 2 U All. LESLIE ANNE KENNEDY 117 Eliot Ave., West Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College What else is there to do but laugh? Remember people not events EM, PK, SG, AZ, MP, DK, CS, Lab, NR. LF, BG, IM, CC, LP. 118 HYOUN YOUNG KIM Ellen 271 Mill St., Newtonville Chandler, Worcester, Bacon Dear teachers, thank you for your understanding and friendship. l'll cherish them wherever I go. LISA ANN KEMPLER 277 Mt. Vernon St., Newton Warren, Adams It all happened at the zoolsi - thanx - SnG, Yl, EXEC, TheoH, giggles, L+M, bio-parties, adoles- cence, friends, notime . . . I . Q li IU CIEOFEREY KENT 52 Clyde Street, Newtonville Day, Beals, College Football 123, Superbowl 76, BD 11, 20, 77, BI, BSKIP, SP, IW, RR, DBACKS, PBI, CFKCLW, MRSM, 124, 76,PlMRTPED, BT,ETM PRPIBTSNBEA. RICHARD IONG IIN KIM 104 Harding Street 230 I LP? BRIAN IAY KINSELLA 4 Windermere Rd., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College Ev-oneQ Bac, Triee We-ends WXWL, 'R ABR, Kids "NBL B B R T SGBMPKPMAC.TDAlways 12!5!75. HT he OCV-DUB HI Pool "77", CL 143. MICHELLE ROBIN KISLIUK 65 Crasmere St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College "Cu-la-nu ye-la-dim shel ha cha- im." Toadies forever! MICHAEL SETH KNIGHT 24 Hazelton Rd., Newton Ctr. Weeks, Palmer, U.S. Marine Corps Infantry Officer When the military man ap- proaches, the world locks up is spoonds and packs off its womanking - iden-USMC. DEBORAH ANN KREIDER 16 Bonmar Circle, Auburndale Warren, Barry, College Remembers: CL, IC, AG, LA, LM, IC, MF, FH 123, BB 123, SB 123, THE BETTER PART OF ONE'S LIFE CONSISTS OF HIS FRIENDSHIPS. JOHN EDWARD KOHLER 133 Newtonville Ave, Newton Bigelow, Beals, Attend Wentworth Institute To my friends far and near, it has been quite a year. Asbestos and fire drills everywhere. Good luck and so long. TANYA MARIE KROHN 24 Plainfield St., Waban Sacred Heart, Bacon, Traveling 84 Law Thank God! Good times, SD, CW, KD, Football Games! Albermal Riverside CF, EA, IM, BD, Good times with jerry, Christmas tree- Barn. AK. ar- 'x ' ' . y, 4 ff A x .fi Yvf A .-' -Wi. at . 2' wan? , , ,I - 1... M IAMES KIVELEHAN Kiv 58 Warwick Rd., West Newton Day, Bacon, College Remembers: Conesmul, BM, PM, TR, BC, Gaz, Quinny, RC, Stumpa, Mousey, lC+All The Good Times. MARK VINCENT KOSA 35 Studio Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, ? "If I leave here tomorrow, would you remember me?" M N B D B M SPPFCLMEHLS,ThePintO. Mobile. Bagels. Homework 3, La- crosse 1,2,3. STEVEN KRUTT Muz 75 Maynard St., West Newton Day, Beals, College Wrestling 123, Newtonian. ELIZABETH BERYL KLERMAN Beth 21 Hammond Street, Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Bacon, College Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that can not fly. Music and math team 123. IODI LUNN KRAVITZ 11 Valleyspring Rd., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College "Hold fast to dreams. . . " L.H., To all who know - what more can I say except thanks. tx A Y in NATALIE RAY KURITZ 92 Deborah Road, Newton Centre Day, Barry, College Remember all the great times with deaf students and hearing stu- dents. good by to NG, KA'S, LC, DS, DA, KS. I , HOLLY LYNN LAEMALE 77 Crehore Dr., Newton Warren, Beals Remember most of all Michael, Life with Susan, My Best Friend, Iamie, fun with M.B.W. ti . 2 R E 25' aerr , 3, , ,f - v 'x ,... if ,- ' gf ,tire f- kill-?T I ' WALTER LAFKO 169 Washington Street IUDITH ANNE LANCIANO "The jude" 15 Rowe Street, Auburndale Warren, Adams, Secretary Donna 81 Martha, Parties the gang 81 wall Kenny Bones, summer "76", Lisa's 81 Europe, my bike working. thanks alot Mark. 51' 'gi Get Aload Of Those Ears! v"? STACY LAN DAU 18 Brackett Road NJ! f q ALBERT LANDRY 208 Brown Street -96 i M - . K' 0 ' Q E' . lair! ak -NI 2 CYNTHIA ANNE LANCILOTI Minnie 30 Grant Street, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College And tell me grey seal how does it feel to be so wise to see through eyes that only see what's real? Elton john. IOHN VINCENT LANE lack 46 Ierome Ave., West Newton Warren, Riley, College Indoor and Outdoor Track 123, Cross Country 23, Riley House 5 5 ,IW f- I STEVE SCOTT LARSON 661 Comm. Avenue, Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Fitchburg State I had many good times here. I will always remember KM, who I care Council, HR 2505, KB, TA, BP, SF, so much for and wish best of luck AM, Fred, Uncle Bob. to. DAVE IOSEPH LATINO 54 Fayette St., Watertown Day, Barry, Success Best Times with the cellar. AM, 1, M IF, MF, MN, DB, W, S, KN, SN, TH, Party, Nov. 4th 6th, Best 2 years with KK, Me More way more. ABICAIL LAUFMAN Abby 180 Highland St., West Newton Warren, Bacon The Goat Thanks M D L U C Y Y O PPCPIBMCSERBDHAYA Cappy. l PATRICIA ANN LAVORGNA Patty 36 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, College To Everyone, thanx! AHC, Senior Class, Rally Committee. Parties, tigers, the Blue Tank! S K D C I M MwKcPLHBKF-Bye. 2, v 5- N x , V I I ff- 't ai i t 1 I. 4' .as-'R N 2 4 ' f i v , , I PATRICIA ANN LAVVLESS Patty 658 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College Good times with friends esp. TMK, BHN thanx. Rally Comm Sen Cls, Cheering soft 81 Volleybl. Looks like we made it. CHRISTOPHER IOSEPH LEAHY Pugga, Mad Dog 16 Highland Park, Newtonville Day, Riley, College "They can have anything except my pride." Football 123, Track 23, The devils' brigade, MM friends. Honest, I didn't see the tree! 'WN I Q PHYLLIS ANN LEBLANC 30 Sheridan Street, West Newton Warren, Barry, College Friendship is the best possession! LL DB 81 STI The flag! Yogi 81 BooBoo 629 AEnWB Always AC . . .143i Fuzzy-2109! AIN REGINALD LEBLANC 37 Hargrove Court ROBERT A. LEBLANC Bobby 260 Adams Ave., W. Newton Warren, Beals, College You only live once but if you live it right once is enough. GD T H C M H M C G Cod Bless Bobby D. Soccer 123, Baseball 123. 4 N 5 PAUL M. LECHIARO 71 Freeman St., Auburdale St. Sebastians, Beals, College Baseball 123, Hockey 13. Sum- mer 77. Scrdocs Accident, Pan- cake House, MBI, MD, HM, Rick, Paul, Palmer RTIL. OL. B. LAURA ANNABELL LEE 15 Bertrand Rd., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Dance Teacher "How do you know that the fruit is ripe? Simply because it leaves the branch." - Andre Cide. ' i X Q IOANNE R. LESSE lo 162 Evelyn Road, Waban Weeks, Riley, College It is with the heart that one can see rightly i what is essential is invisi- ble to the eye. Thanks to all. IOSEPH LECHIARO 5-1 Clark Road -0 0 I' MARY ELLEN LEITH 1831 Washington Street, Auburndale Warren, Riley, College My Dream is, but a golden thread to be woven into the tapestry of life, best of luck to KM, LS, CM, CB, and everyone! CAROL ANN LECONTI 45 Cherry Place, West Newton Warren, Adams, Live! Will never forget KT, CD, SC, BF, MF, PC 81 all you guys, BS F-Hockey Capt, HR 4362, Bball, Camp, Friends, Forever, Deb. K. ANTONIO LEONE 50 Cook Street lOHN LEVENTIS 37 Algonguin Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Beals, College Soccer 12, Track 23, You're right Bill! and don't forget it. Remember jav-Hill and 440 y. Ours was the best class. GREGORY LEVEY 10 Crosby Road CHUN-IEN LEE 79 Walnut Street fx ff DONALD ANTHONY LEONE Duke 32 Larkin Rd., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College Excellent Times with Bobby Donahue, fondest memories, Good times with AF, jC, DM, BF, FB, IC, PA, KB, Pl, TP, BD, TL, lj. NANCY PHYLLIS LEVIN 16 Plimpton Rd., West Nevnon Warren, Barry, Bay Path lr. Col- lege DG, LG, SR, HW, LK, PE, Hanna's angles, cappy our parties sign lang, inter Ugly love, to all my friends. REBECCA MINNA LEVIN Duke 32 Paul Street, Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, Veterinary Orchesis Levies, If IT Was So It Would Be If It Were So It Might Be But As It Isn't It Ain't That's Logic. 7-Ea GAIL KATHRYN LIKE 83 Lenox St., West Newton Weeks, Bacon, College Remember: REDDY, DIMPLES, BOB, DON, LEGS, DAG, PAPA, LOCKER, BRIGHTON 888, MANHATTANS, Wilddisco, Be- ach,LCLEKCCCTClCLF. DAVID LIPWORTH 20 Ripley Ter. Q- x 1.8 Irv 5- . ,f . Ol" ' so I .v N I BRETT MATTHEW LEVY 5 Sylvan Ave., West Newton Day, Beals, College When You Have Come To The End Of A Perfect Day . . . It's Probably Not Over Yet. That De- pends. Of Mice 81 Men. 3: 5' . XE 2 R ..,,:.,,jQ1. N N' .4 IUDITH LIKELY 77 Newell Road TIMOTHY LITURI 1.7 FELIX LIDONNI 6 Anthony Road IUSTYNA LIPINSKA Tina 97 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, College Remember: RA, KD, LH, Tigeret- tes, NH, MV, Tree, ABR, Stones, Parties, Bowie, France, Dazed and Amazed, 7-I2-76 Bobby 36. ALEXANDER LOB :N .322-f , A Wi u 1 , A ' LOREN LIDSKY 215 Highland Avenue I ANDREA IUDITH LIPMAN 50 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, College I've Been Happy Thinking About The Good Things To Come, And I Belive It Could Be Something Good Has Begun. In I ""' 'als GORDON LOFTUS 52 Grove Hill Ave. 44 Marshall St. 29 Pearl St. 2 I IQ -w"'i'? WF? lx' Ill Il WILLIAM LORD STEPHEN LORY DENISE LYMPERIS ANDREW LYNDON 260 Central Ave. 44 C.ratton St., Newton Centre 112 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Weeks, Murray Rd., Life Day, Bacon, College A coming week we do seek, death is a one way street, Stacy, lots Grateful dead. Yes, Quick - hide it! N 1 KIMBERLEY MACAULEY MICHAEL MACDONALD RUTH ALEXIS MACDONALD KMHLEEN MACKAY 22 Webster St. 45 Laurel St. I7 Eliot Avenue, West Newton 21 Gordon Rd. Day, Barry, College P.T. - Best friends always, You're terrific. My family, you're all fan- tastic. Many thanks to all my friends. V DIANE L. MacLEOD River St., West Newton Warren, Riley, Secretary Thanks to some close people I made it. Palmer House. Re- memberPBKBNRlRMFDBD BLCDLPBACKAPA,C0Od Luck to all my friends, All my love goes to Barry. I NEIL MACIOUSKY 3 Orchard St. lv-V BRUCE PETER MADDOCKS 39 Holman Road, Auburndale Warren,Bacon, College Thanks to my friends who made it seem worthwhile, and I wonder how the brick will burn. N PN 1' N at XM H ' Q . CLAIRE FRANCES MACLIOZZI 6 Rangely Road, West Newton, Day, Palmer, College Friendship is the golden thread that ties the hearts of all the world. Thanx: CM, MR, EF, AB, AM, SPL5 6-7-8. X-o ILEAND MACOS 29 Newtonville Avenue, Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "Hithere" DCKSMASH BKW M 1 C C K P L, The blue tank, IACUZZI BYE 54I Bonzo, Oh Hi! KFSA Partie! I Hate you! Love it. - BATMAN AND ROBIN :II HEIDI MACUIRE 1573 Beacon St., Waban Barry, College Field Hockey 1, Cross Country 2,3 Riflery 1,2,3 tennis 1,2,3 srcc 3wtm3mrRHKREMCMECL H 1 B L Z, Cone heads oh no Big Mistake 77 Mushy. CAROL MARIE MAHONEY 41 Kilburn Road, West Newton Warren, Barry, College Take your time, think of every- thing you've got for you'll still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not. CS. ., ,,s. 'ffl aff" K ,f ,ww K if I MARY ANN MALLOY 70 Prospect St. -vu, -- ir -.- -iv 4' I l I . 1 'I I i I 1 I ., ....-.. z I ...L 4'- ' Til" ---za-' I 1 ....-4,-, Amr- ,. 5 a .7 TZ? Y I: 13451 DONNA MARIE MANNINC 268 Cherry St., West Newton Warren, Palmer Remember: Mario, all my school friends, all the people I worked with and everything thats hap' pened - bye! BENIAMIN EDWARD MARCUS Ben 449 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Bigelow, Adams, College To my friends and teachers who made HS so fine, thank you. Re- member "I have heard no bad news." Thoreau. Peace. 'si EDWARD MALOUF 20 Arlington St. WILLIAM MARK MANDELL Bill 107 Cireenlawn Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College "Ah, but I was so much older then, I'm younger than that now." B. Dylan - Love to all who l'll always remember. Egg: F , 5 Y M .n l X Q' I C, . ,I xg, Qfii ff ' 1 I ' Y ' .' 1 f ' 'I is . f i' . . 5' l g-f' t' MARK DAVID MANNINC LUIS MANTILLA Markie 170 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, Business 104 Westland Ave. Sure, North was fun - so aren't tests! l'll never forget Netty, and Brands. I had good times. Clad it's over! CLIFFORD WAYNE MARTIN 150 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, whatever Remember SM, IS, DK, AL, BM, IL, DF, others. Driving, Alice 2 stay up always, Special Thanks to LT TLA, Bye. 5 1 .X 3 JAMES IOSEPH MARTIN jamie 11 Rossmere St., Newton Day, Riley, College Wrestling 1-3, Remembers DR, Cones, Mul, Vec, Kiv, kids in the Caf., "Pai1ies", "4 case Ioss", "B's and j's'. K it ZF GLENN M. MANNINC Bubs 36 Park St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, Electrical Con- struction Mary, It's not us, It's the rest of the world that makes it that way, Luv Always, Had some fun up the high school. DIANE MARINI 45 Hawthorn St. T EDWARD MASE 1032 Centre St. INGRID MCAULIFFE 40 Arlington St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Cherish yesterday, dream tomor- row live today. Summers with Des! Good times with Fellow clubers, BC what Lif. CONSTANCE LILLIAN MARTIN NONE! 31 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre Sacred Heart Country Day, Palmer, College Field Hockey 1,2,3, Orange Broadcasting 2,3, French club 1,2, "I scrape orth since liberty is Iever." RLR 81 8. ANGELO JOSEPH MAZZOLA 25 Bridge, Nonantum, Day, Bacon, Undecided The cellar, best times with DR, DL, KN, TH, WS, MN, IE, SB, MF, All the good times down the cel- ar. PAUL MCCARTY 121 Windsor Rd. LAURA IOAN MARTIN 1047 Walnut St., Newton High- lands Weeks, Beals, College Good bye white dove, your life was fine but no wit's time to die. They held you down but now you're free to fly. Q ni! DEAN A. MAZZOLA 1046 Centre Street, Newton East, Barry, College 2,3 GYMNASTICS, "HI CHRIS, HAVE A GOOD 2,3 YEAR." "HEY KARL, YOU GOING UP E 81 F!" SEAN MCCARTHY 23 Glenwood Ave. HAYA ILANA MAYMAN 49 Fairfax St., West Newton Maimonides, Riley 11" "'3"' CONNIE MARIE MCCARTHY 39 Fairway Drive, West Newton Day, Bacon, College Yesterday is today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream. Good luck to all, especially Claire, lim, 81 DC. T577 f S Q X 4 4-L ANN McDADE 111 Mt. Vernon St. 41 -1 4 r' . A GERALD CHARLES MCDONALD Gerry 401 Beacon St., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Riley, College Stage Crew 1, Beals House, Oh Well! Good Luck, KM. ab KELLlE'ANNE MCHUGH 88 Adena Rd,, Newton Warren, Beals, College The greatest adventure is what lies ahead . . ., Orchesis, Gymnas- tics, Newtonian, T.P.'s Sum- mer'77. Live, relax, and ENIOYI ' 6 Qs " QP 1 l'?"'T7x if COLLEEN MARIE MCDADE Coll 371 Waltham St., W.N. Warren, Beals, Police Academy Love to Lori, BP, NP, DT, Pl, TP, RP, ll, LTfNever forget Bobby DIKR, TL, A special Love to Donny 611 11177, Franklin. " Ox T. x gi? IA IERRY A. MCDADE 371 Waltham Street Warren, Adams, College Football 123, Lacrosse 13, re- members the team friends, parties, girls, BC rivers please, CHead, M RGBTSMACBR,Bob,DFLM O D O N N A. 7 3 BOBBY F. McDONALD Eddy 39 Auburndale Avenue, West Newton Warren, Riley, Undecided I .P h 5 QS RFP. ' is S 1 NANCY EILEEN MCGARRY Bunny 171 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Ulmmortalized in words", French Club 123, German Club 23, VP 3. -.ri -J IOHN P. MCDERMOTT Micky 7 Washburn St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Track 23, Indoor track 2, Track Season, Hockey games. Detroit Stinks I will to N.N.H.S all the teacher's l've had. ,3 KATHLEEN MARIE MCHUGH Kathy 22 Farmington Road, West New- I0n, Warren, Bacon, College Orchestra, OBC, Sp. Club, GYBSO, Marchin Band, ML, LS, BK, CM, LG, All tie wonders you seek are within yourself. U IOHN T. MCINTYRE RICHARD C. MCISAAC SUE M. MCLAUGHLIN Mac 41 Chaske Ave., Auburndale 100 Gfeenlawn Ave.. Newton 3 Kilburn Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Centre Warren, Beals, College Grocka - Sonny's - CA - Baby Sccr 81 Bsbll - 2,3, parties, Bob, - Razp - BC - Foxies - Tony, DTB, So's 3D's BK, GB, GB, Cape-Cod OH - Come - On - DC, BP, Bacon, Friends, Eagles, Now - HI - Dress - Oh - ICWXTD, Remember Bobby D. Skylk, Blaz VDUB. 4corn - Sakes - Hi - Damlin' - I love you. MARY ELIZABETH MCNARY 204 Grove St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College It was the best of times, it was the worst of times . . . My love and gratitude to all of you who made it so. 901 l LOUISE KATHLEEN MCQUILLAN 11 Virginia Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, Colby-Sawyer Col- lege "What a difference you made in my life," 1454, 2505, summer. MIT, NYE, Ftball, Thanks Mom 81 Dad, everyone, Ria, Mc. Year- book. QE? RONALD MEIIA 75 Valentine St. Q' CAROLE MCNULTY 501 Beacon Street, Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, College CM 9941 - Will never forget: BENE, Sue, KA., LP., DK, SM., BC., - NYE. BC 84 IM. - DR. l's "76" - Summer "77" - Red B.M.W.'s. NADINE MEDAGLIA 137 River St. ,,..-nl MARK ANDREW MELANSON 5 Howard Street, West Newton Warren, Bacon, Music Field GOOD-BYE to my friends, W. Ens. Music Dept., Office friends especially my best friend, Sophie. Transition "78". 9 1:9 - 'if l CAROLE ELAINE MCNULTY 23 Kenwood Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College CM 9642 Love always to: Mom 84 Dad,PCBBM1,SUE8tMY BUDDY, NOBODY EVER HAD A RAINBOW, BABY, UNTIL HE HAD THE RAIN. IC. SETH MEDALIE 38 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals, College Football 3, Basketball 1,2g Base- ball 1,2,3, Cruising in the Burb, Remember the tree BC, and most of all Bobby D. .-1 1 SALLY MERMELSTEIN 223 Park St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College The Lion and the calf shall lie down together, but the calf won't get much sleep. W. Allen Fiddle. ,,.. 10 'v- IC' Q, thanx 1 THOMAS IAMES MCQUICGAN 420 Webster Street, Rockland, Hartford, Connecticut, Barry, Car- penter I enjoyed being with lots of friends. BRUCE MEDOFF 396 Ward Street, Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Remebersl 81 P Mull, Kiva, Tim, Quinny, Gaz, Stumpa, Bobby, Kos, KV, Wild Bill, 2505, The Cap, Rob C, the 4 Case Loss, MN. -fi - X N X M .S C S LISA CLAIR MERRITT 222 Grove, Newton, Warren, Barry, College "The secret of life is enjoying the passage of time." james Taylor. 241 Zfix '3 ,Lx r"?' I "I ,ff iv ilk? tr 1 Sv , I li DAVID P. MESCALL 48 SouthGate Park, West Newton Warren, Beals, College Best memories of Bobby Don- ahue, Golf l,2,3, Good times with AF, IC, BF, DL, ICI, MR, CL, BC, KB, AT, BC, Riverside. QS BRADLEY STUART MILLER Brad 29 Ellis Road, West Newton Warren, Riley, College Swimming - 1 l.V. Tennis - 2, Riley, House, Council - S. - 2,3 TRIVIA TEAM, CAHMP St CO, CAPTAIN - 2, Thank you -- CB VFCPGLRRSEWCI. , 4. s Na' 'S--ov' I .X A X i. THOMAS ANDREW MEYERS 57 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College I know SS: HYCI NC: RT. ICRASHI Dj: Where's XH? B Ml C D A EH: Does it come with my pizza? Critter! WBCE Tennis 123. m g . IOHN A. MILDNER 63 Bowen St., Newton Weeks, Palmer, Business Man- agement Remember always Bacon Stairs, going to Mac's party? Race c9ers Buzzed homeroom, skipping class, Later, NN. "I think I just hit the wrong note" I iff' , I KAREN MILLER 67 Bourne St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College Swimming 23, Track 23, Ski 3, Music 123, Remember 6:30 a.m. Homestretch, Good Friends, L H K B L M H M, Sf27!77 RB. ttf MARA CHRISTINE MITCHELL Mitch 67 Waverly Avenue, Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, Science fields l'm truly sorry K.D. 81 l hope you're OK. Best times - Rocco 8. the Celestials, W.E., Marching Band, Love to MR, CD, PP. 5... .. i ANDRA I. MILLER 38 Elm Street, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College AMY MOLLER 21 Barnstable Rd., West Nevxton Warren, PaImer.College l've journeyed to the rainbows end and haven't found gold, but you my friends. Orchesis 12, yrbk 3, OPCA 3, Tranny. ill 'VX KEVIN ROBERT MOLLOY 35 Fair Oaks Avenue, Newtonville Day, Riley, Business School hockey IV 1,2,3. Tennis IV 2, BSM, P.S. G.M., Paul Sapiro Leo, Corsi Barry G. see you all much later. Go for it. wi! wav' I ! 5 FRANCISCO MONTOYA-RIVERA 323 Watertown St. 'l 'il 4 l DAVID N. MOOLTEN Dave 20 Dolan Avenue, West Newton Warren, Beals, Medicine Remembers: D.G., D.E., T.B,, M.M., Busses That never came, food FIGHTS in the caf., Chess Club. Good Bye. fa -1 GORDIE F. MOORE 2054 Beacon St., Waban Warren, Adams, College Soccer, Hockey, Lacrosse 123, Bemb, friends at Bacon, House tree, ESP, Lisa, Tom, Germ, Bob, Mac, EA, THX, Tl, OLI, DC, PBT, Fuzz. '. J I' ju SHIRLEY A. MOORE Muggs 7A Fayette Pl., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College A day is not complete until you have laughed. Boyd wfj M M F L C N D R C, Lynne, Canada, Fram, shorthandw!MFLTKMBCPC D l S D. Q " -2 -If is l' 1 ill .. Age, X , w..,..., ls this what senior slump is all about? EROL DEAN MOREY 65 Bothfeld Road, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College Thus ends another chapter sailing 123, Skiing - 23, Sousaphone - 23, Yearbook - 3. Good luck to all my friends. E.A. MORGAN Conehead 49 Charles Street, Auburndale, Warren, Bacon, College It had been the best 3 years of my live. Everyone has been a part of it and l love you all for that esp. Bob D. 84 Wendy. Os' 4 -..-H' PETER R. MORO 178 Webster Street, Needham Day, Adams, College Good times at Palmer with MT, MP, FC, Good times at lunch, Auto Body 123, Needham DD, Farcos, My Wonda 750. l 1 I I I i Q ? H I' X 3 1 P I I A 'Q , I an HEATHER LEE MORRILL 133 Park Street, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College "Time it was, and what a time it was, a time of innocence a time ot confidence." S 8 G Bye. I 1 I .,. , , I T. l i ,I fl -1 if ,. i . I in 1 I ' ROBERT MOSMAN il I 7 Crown St. l 3 1 I I I , l I 1 I ll MATTHEW ALLEN MURMES 37 West Bourne Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Good times with GB, MG, the BM, BM, Rm. Good Friends, DASP, "gall" Paul "Hello" Patty? "what's next" Lisa Always! Chevy!! I I I I 244 1 I i i KINLEY ANN MORRILL 133 Park Street, Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Gymnastics 123, Exp Club 2, I will always remember SL who means so very much to me and also PF, SM, CM. I CHARLES DAVID MULCAHY Buck 49 Eliot Avenue, West Newton Day, Bacon, College Remember: PS, RS, EF, IT, DD, GN, SP, CC and BM. All the great times skiing. Swim team 123. CHRIS MURPHY Murph 95 Atwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon,College PartyingwithSMTILTSRWL, Remem. CF Parting down Albe, Park BC Humarock goodtimes down the ville, Miller 1,2,3. NANCY ANNE MORRISSEY 80 Grasmere Street, Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College never forget MF, SK, IC, IM, CV, IS, DK, Cape 77wfCL, AC, mem, H m p t b h m 81 m, nothing gold can stay mcmnfwknds, DO. 1 . IOANNE E. MULCAHY IARMO 158 Pearl St., Newton, Bigelow, Riley, College Grt, times 'BOYD' w! RC - ND MF NM SM BC MEM-BR-IR-IO-BL Gdtimesi CAPE 770 Hilo MCMN RC To much to say ND IM crazy! 2513. I IUDITH MURPHY 82 Falmouth Rd. 'U' DONNA MOSCHELLA 108 Fair Oaks Ave. IOHN I. MULVANEY Mul 61 Wildwood Avenue, Newton- ville Day, Beals, College Remember, great times at the fort, the gang, Bowling ball, sub shop scenes, cap and BOBD, Football 23, Swimming 123. MICHAEL MURPHY 423 Albendale Rd. WENDY IEAN MURPHY 44 Henshaw St., West Newton Warren, Barry, College Majorette - 3, Good Luck -IM D81 LA8tMl-Thanks-SM- GC-1311-MG-4101 .. tomorrow may not be but I have today." Bobby. B . at GREGORY MURRAY DEBRA L. NARDONE Debbie 713 Watertown Street, Newton- ville Day, Palmer, College Always remember Summer of 76. Never forget 7717176 all my love to Leo. Best wishes to KF, KP, DP, DD 81 FF, MG, AC. lat' X ff' LORINDA lEAN NEGROTTI Lori 56 Chapel St., Newton F.A. Day, Riley, College AMS, MR, CB, BC, SH, EA, CL. Good Times w! Chris CHK 1-10 FEARSOME-3some "Sing a song, It'Il make your Day" 11718. X . 14: X ll MARK STEPHEN NARDONE 95 Blake St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, Engineer Remembers: Beach Boys '76', commonsw!MKBPBDMMB MPPTBTLMCSFWB.Bob.S. Bowl '76'. Track 3, Baseball 123, Football 23. ...Ik F111 RACHEL NEIMAN 65 Cotton Street, Newton Maimonides, Rechavia, Murray Road, Israel The stones of the hills will crawl towards the house like wolves coming to howl at dogs who be- come slaves. MARTHA LOUISE MURRAY 11 Woshburn Ave., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. Our spoil is won, our task is done, we are free to dive, or soar, or run. Copley square steps BH everyone HR. X' CHRISTOPHER FORBES NASH Chris-Boy Nashly 123 Park Street, Newton Bigelow, Riley, Buy Cronins Ben Ralph-Boy Faz Tim Sue Cass Kitty - You've made me Cronins Swifts the Porsche Trany Harvard Hemlocks ebago skyline why. A3 A1 nl! ELISA CHRISTINA NELSON 119 Lowell Ave., Newtonville, F.A. Day, Bacon, College W.A. Rainbow Post 506, BB, SR, KB, LD, "I know he'd be a poorer man if he never saw an eagle fly." john Denver. I0 l ' n , PENNY SUSAN MYERSON 154 Paulson Rd., Waban, 02168 Weeks, Bacon, College "An act of love may tip the ba- lance." Memories of MBO, MS, IB esp ludy Lisa - WQ BMA wfPauIette Golfing' - BF. fm wfvy. CTD is ' yi s :lx 'K I, 1 ,f ,345-nf' ,L -fm . EILEEN E. NASH 94 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Remember Bacon, good times, water fights, Lake Waban, sweet sixteen, lo's partys? Remember S S lPDFSSPF,Dither. T7 "XL GEOFFREY A. NELSON 17 Prospect Avenue, Newtonville Park School, Adams, College "Get in the Gondola Line", Swim 1,2,3, NRD - Good time 76-78, G00dLuCklKlFIBLSRM,LLB PPHKGSFKBESDC,Hangin there BM. 24 -31" .JL EMILY BETH NENVMAN MARK NEWTON 121 Intervale Rd., Chestnut Hill 305 Newtonvllle Ave. Bigelow, Beals, College 'sis TWD it ig fr? i...v X. sr. ' . ig Q i ll t fm. . ROBERT NOLAN 45 Prairie Ave. 'i' ,1 J ,f f PATRICK S. NICOLAS 18 Byrd Ave., W. Newton, Warren, Barry, College Tennis Team 1, Barry Council 3, Remember MD, PK, DW, IW, AH. NICOLA NICOLAZZO 56 Smith Av., W. Newton, F.A. Day, Barry, Computer Operator 1. Barry Howes secretAries. 2. Italian play, and members. 3. Palmer, Riley Remembers Lydia Always. l'm guarding my locker! -sf 41 FRANCIS NORTON 13 Wilson Cir. J. 4 Tsfihf f IOHN NORTON STEVEN NORTON 299 California St. 383 Linwood Ave. IUDY NOTARTOMASO 61 Madison Ave. MICHAEL NOURSE 405 Cherry St. ai' '- 3 1 ,Q ' I "- I IAMES EDWARD O'BRlEN,1R. 173 Paris Street, East Boston, American School for the Deaf, Barry, College I enjoyed it here for 1 U2 years and had good times with Karen A. and Sam F. .3 al: V .Ao ROBERT O'CONNOR 8 Newtonville Ave. MARY ELIZABETH O'HALLORAN 46 Clarendon Street, Newtonville, Day, Palmer, College Thanks to my friends for good times Ca e 77 Bermuda Ski I p I I trips, Crazy nights LLWMI! Free- dom lies in being bold! l now pronounce you man and wife IANICE MARIE OLESON jan Weeks, Barry, College K Sl W C T E C 5-5-76, jr gym, "Lovin' is a blessing, Ya never let it fade away." DG Thanks for the past 12 years. l F G E .4 ROBERTA ANNETTE OLIVER Coconut 56 Hamlet, Newton Centre BigeIow!Warren, Adams, Colle e The lime is nothing without the coconut! Venus. LAND OF THE LOVELY LIVING IN A GLASS HOUSE Track 12 UGH! IAMES RICHARD O'TOOLE 37 Underwood Ave., West New- KOH Warren, Bacon, College 1. Tull "77", The woods, Party! At jeff's 10-7-77, shortest Force- 12 Trip, Bacon Stairs, Focus. 4 I hr P 4 X. I ROSAN,-X PANC 27 Busxxell Park, Newton Bigelow, Riley, College "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step!" Love to Mom and Dad, CH. LAURA PARPART ANTHONY ARMEN PAHICIAN Toe-Knee 398 Waltham St., West Newton Day, Bacon, College, Foreign Ser- vice x-c 123, Scp '76, Cobs' 77, That which doesn't kill me makes me stronger keep the magic in your eyes enioy it. BRIAN PALMA 74 Bowen Street CARRIE PAPASTAVROU 31 Elm Street THOMAS CHARLES PARKER 'Parks' 86 Warwick Road, West Newton Day, Barry, College Ftbll - 123, wrslng 23, SB76, "Life goes on" Great times w!Pl, ll, MP, IB, CM, LT, DT, KR, MR, KF, CC, KG, LW, lS, Dina "Skinny", MICHAEL PATRIACCA RAYMOND PATRIACCA 62 Cook Street 62 Cook Street ' ii NICOLA PAOLA 327 Cherry Street I 'HN 4? LISA MARIE PATRIACCA 459 California Street, Newton- ville, Day, Beals, ? Remembering: IS, LM, KM, GL, MF, RD, White Horse Pet Hard Dore, Lola MAM lA RAD, IOE. Italy! Today my world, it smiles. "FIVE Q yfi MICHAEL IOHN PENTA Mike 24 Westminster Avenue, Water- town, Day, Palmer, College Good times at Palmer with MFLP MDEC BC ISVIDA, "The Lake" CudA 1, Remember good times with Susan 76 81 more to come. BRENDA IEANNE PHALON 61 Upham St., W. Newton, Warren, Riley, College BB8tCOF00tball,KlRGlLERI V I D German Club, The Office Marching Band, Stage Crew, No- thing To Wear Love 81 Music. t r Iafuih MARCIA RICHMOND PATTESON 96 Lenox Street, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "If it's magic . . . Why can't we make it everlasting - What has been must never end." Track 123 let' Babe. , wr. .1 rr' ,4o IO-ANN PETERSON 128 North Street PAUL R. PICHETTI 373 Winchester Street, Newton Meadowbrook, Adam, Undecided Use everything to your advantage and nothing will keep you from your goals. Stage Crew 23, Ski Club 1. ROSEANN PEARSON 62 Court Street, Newtonville Day, Adams, Nursing My friends are the hardest to leave. Remember all my friends and my Waltham friends ML, IM. Love to Paul!!! J WILLIAM CHARLES PETERSON Bill 37 William St., West Newton Warren, Riley, College Cross Country 2,3. Indoor 81 Out- door Track 1,2,3. Riley Council HR 2505, Fred, Uncle Bob, IL, TA, KB, SF, KG, AM, Amy, 'Sue'. STEVEN DAVID PIERCE 29 Dresser Avenue, Dedham, Dedham, Barry, Construction Seen with Mike and jeff, dislikes getting up in the morning, can't wait for Vermont on to the Navy. I GREGORY PETERSON 15 Euclid Avenue MARK PHILBRICK 474 Watertown Street il i I I ,i 7 A .' N 'Q ,Q gs K .ga i .a K 1 ft 1 v , I Sl. TA. 1 . MARK A. PISTONE 17 Washington Street, Newton Bigelow, Palmer. Sailor Sailing 2. Soccer, Track 1, ' I want to go to St. Thomas," Mass Maritime, Semper Partus. aff' T ' ,al Q.. - , e X X S , 1 ,y N i' ,. MICHAEL IAMES POPLACK Pop 114 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry, Space, the last frontier Holly me you toot sweets, Phil, Bob, Tom, Cap The studisprints, tbal 1 - "!? Golf f 1,2,3. Exile Pops Gym! Gail, EA, RP, MRII, 1 ks KATHRYN MIRYAM POVVELL Katy 14 Somerset Road, West Newton Warren, Bacon, College "SO VVE BEAT ON, BOATS AGAINST THE CURRENT, BORNE BACK CEASELESSLY INTO THE PAST." - Fitzgerald. 1' y STUART PITCHEL w. . Q n' . , . Ib- If I T" ' If I Y -I Him GEOFFREY L. PORT Geoff 26 Auondale Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, College Football Library steps, Tennis - 2,3, The Portly One! SS, CE, PF, MK. EH, DI, BM, BM, PG, TS, DA, DCB Good Luck 77-78. LEAH PRESSMAN 183 Lake Avenue, Newton, Weeks, Palmer, ? l'm going to saddle up my frog and get out of here - GS. LINDA POHLMAN 15 Otis Place Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Memories 2-22-77, Great times and good luck to Kim B C B Y B M W F K F L R, IM never let go! BK diving 123, Indoor track 23, Ski Club. if BASIL I. POULAKIS Billy 375 Cabot Street, Newtonville Day, Beals, College Goot times at VWgs PA's CB's RememberMLMSBSRTPLD C T W I S Muzzi, "Coll" BLFF Vals Devastation Love Gun Kissaf. HARRY WlLLlAM PRICHET-T "Buddy Prich" 139 Mt. Vernon Street, Newton- ville, Day, Palmer, Musician "The Blue Max", BOUY Rhoda Relish Stub Shnoz Fritz Mac Gil CCC, "Bacon Tree" Anny: "The Cape" BD 36 Music "Bermuda". LAUREN HURD POOLER Hawkeye 4 Marlboro Street, Newton Bigelow, Adams, continue to live Fred through Hawkeye says thanks for all you've done and been. May MASH live forever! I love y'all. -, ' - 'Q'-1. 56:7 5g17.a-,f 5537 qi-Tx-'S'-75" -31123 . 'P' 'flffiii ff NICHOLAS POULAKIS 375 Cabot Street LAURIE PRINCE 16 Lafayette Road I 'Q f o s. l . STEPHEN EDWARD PRINCE Shiek 60 Harvard Street, Newtonville Day, Riley, College Football 123, remembers MD, TB, RM, GN, AM, ffrmyfq Bo, MK, FM, BS, Remembers Electronics and parties on Friday. DEBORAH A. PROIA Debbie 32 Winchester Rd., Newton Day, Bacon, Undecided Thanx to all my friends rem: 3BS HIP, That's the way I like it. Cape B4, Party, Bermuda 78, Looks Like We Made lt! TIMOTHY PRUCE 81 Maryknoll Street 7? ANITA CARMEN PUZZANGHERO 537 California Street, Newtonville Day, Beals, College "lt's only the beginning." - Chicago. Always love: D RM HC SPREELACMMGVDMSM DCAPCCI23,TP23,MB23,B 81 S 3, CB 23, IC 134, B3. 4' I K v. 'I DEBBIE ANN PROIA 146 River Street, West Newton, Warren, Beals, Undecided Where's Bill? Will always re- member Oct. 2O and Bill. Good timeswithDBPFYCDDBD. YO Nove. 18, Friday night. . del 3 ,Gu lll' I A? 41 ..,.f l IOHN QUINAN 16 Capital Street L -J ,zz . sq 1- 1,9 . f . illllll A I 5' I' fish- Til "1 ' 5:.ll"l.1l1l-l uaiksxf . ' . RICHARD PROIA 652 Watertown Street 'Q f LORETTA C. QUINN IOHN ANTHONY QUINN CYNTHlA QUINTILIANI 1344 Commonwealth Ave., New- 97 Adams Ave., West Newton Cindy, Ginzo ton Warren, Adams, College 10 Rockland St., Newton Corner Weeks, Palmer, College Bigelow, Riley, College Good times down the Cape. Class France + Party wknds wfbst of Of "75" LC, ED, SF, CS, Party frnds - racahc. Cape wfhc times with CCI, kids, DM + GB, slpless nts! lv2tg. HCBD + IOE + All my love to Peter. FMLY - thnx! wl - bst of my love. fi IAMES FRANCIS QUINLAN IQ 5 Melbourne Avenue, Newton- ville, Day, Adams, Millionaire Basketball 123, Capt. 3, Remem: TR, DG, PSIMUL. IK, RC, Wild BC, BM, KC, SW and many others, sub-shop, NHS Gym, Ls, u1Rs, Walking. .i f Q, lkfkx' MICHAEL DORAN QUIRK Mike 1019 Washington Street, Newton- vi e, Day, Palmer, Accountant "I have served my 3 years here and now I am free." Good times with EK, RK, MC, FB, IC, BC, BL and all imnates. 251 MARY G. RABINOW I4 Seton Hill Road, Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Now you're telling me you're not nostalgic - Then give me another word for it - IB. Oh Wow!! Re- ally!?! 1 'F 9' , A Lau S 1 f' Lt . ' Q -ft me LAURA A. RABINOWICZ 14 Exmoor Road, Newton Centre Bigelow, Bacon, College "Would you tell me which way I ought to go from here? I don't care so long as I get somewhere." Lewis Carroll. at' . arm. .4 inf? NANCY ELLEN RANDOLPH 25 Ware Rd., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College Karl all those wild parties!! Con- certs all the kids! "Come a little closer . . . closer. . . closer. . ." QP' -..av V IOHN PETER REICHARD 63 Monadnock Road, Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, College Thanks to family, friends, teach- ers. Nothing beat good planning like dumb luck. But the shadow walks. MacBeth. WILLIAM RELFE 9 Bertrand Street IOY W. REUNINC IWR 19 Salisbury Road, Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Love to Martha, Frank, AIC, Cat, Carly, IT, Theater, Frustration, helping Kit and most of all thanks for friends. Z' 'c""'9 IANICE THERESA REDDY 5 Cross Street, W. Newton Warren, Bacon, Good times Precious and few, memories are forever. Raisin Karen Pinto WG, SP, D-H, Inn. never forget RT, IB, IL, MS. PAUL REYNOLDS 33 Washington St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Become A draftsman ff Nr' if ""? LISA BETH RICE ROBERT RICH PATRICIA RICHMOND 1670 Centre Street, Newton Hlds 177 Valentine Street 54 Grove Hill Park Warren, Bacon, College Never forget SR, YR, Wfludy, Ei- leen my Ist friend, GM, PD, PM, 81 especially Steven IOf8!77, Mom 81 Steve I Made lt. A STEPHEN M. RICHMOND 833 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, Law??? Run, run rabbit run. Dig that hole, Forget the sun. To Transition 81 its essence. Also, PAC Swim I2, et al. "Yov've got the cutest little baby face!" . l , I , A WENDY RICHMOND Queen 833 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Riley, Stairway to heaven Rod The Mod Hun, If Your Child Aint All He Should Be Now This Girl Will Put Him Right Asmith Zep Yes Heart Forever BADCO Till The Day I Die. Cf? SIMON RICKABY 642 Centre Street MARIA ROSA RIGOLI 223 Chruch Street, Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, travel "Dreams" Fleetwood Mac. Good luck to: C C B F K F Italian Club I23, Italy trip I,2, Special thanx to Mom, Dad, CC, MV. sa- x"l'3 DAVID IAMES RINES Dave 36 Orchard Ave., W. Newton Day, Palmer, Carpentry Will always remember the kids in the cafe, "mu 65 goat" and all the fishing trips with IM. My thanks to Mr. Sullivan. 4 JSI' D- I X ' . P n 'Q V" F .-if ' S H., V . .3 .A A NANCY H. ROBlNSON 30 Hawthorne Avenue, Au- burndale Warren, Palmer, College "Shower the people you lox e ix ith love, show them the way that you feel." I.T. Many friends and mem- ories, Art Rm. DAVID ROEMER 34 Lodge Road, W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Rock Star Lacrosse 123, CT, ROB, ROB, IB, OVER STERRA'S, PP, RC, NC IC, MN, DEADLY GREEN, THE TRACKS, THE DUCKS, BC. CTV, A Q .5 wtgvo 'Q ,gl Q 'tgitifpii SUSAN R. ROSEN 114 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville Tranny '78! "Observing The Hypocrites mingle with The Good People We Meet Good Friends We Have Yea Good Friends We Have Lost." D, Lv U ALL. .. . vc:- .4 1 JI X x I li .t STEPHEN PAUL ROBINSON Robie 170 Fairway Dr., West Newton Day, Adams, College All the good times, "C to I". if SUSAN MARIE ROONEY 25 William St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, College RememberBABSCHCKBHS B,Riley,PH,IDGMRD, Weekends, CC, Biggs, Sherlo, CK, Dr. Watson, CC, 1551, 651. cf? HELANE ROBIN ROSENBLATT 216 Valentine St., W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College "Never be sad of what is over be glad it was yours to have." The plays. . .MuchxpBHT8tLS kids, BD, BC, CC 123 YB. KIM RUBINSON-HYMAN 105 Fair Oats Ave. DANA ROSRIO 3 Fottler Rd. DEBORAH SUE RODMAN Debbie, Deb 42 Blake Street, Newtonville Bigelow, Palmer, College There were days when there was nothing to do: those days are gone. H.R.! Ld Md Dm Md Nr Ad Db Dn and special Id. PHll.LlP ROSEN 775 Dedham St. 9 I MARK EDWARD ROSS 25 Rose Dr., W. Newton A Warren, Barry, College Ftball 123, Indr-Outdr Track 123, D-Backs, Barbara 1-21-76, Barry, Rvsd Alb Tree Parties, Mr. R. IM, LH, GB, IB, MM, SA. ? fx.: 1' MICHAEL FRANCIS ROSETTI 45 Moulton Street, Newton Lower Falls Warren, Beals, Something suc- cessful Fri 81 Sat wfF-ball team, Sup Bowl 76, "nice," "Good Tunes", FT. Pl. II, TP, BD, MW, CM. IM, TS, BR. 8. all my friends. ji. , l, XTTQRC W 'F ' A N , MELISSA R. RUBIN 25 Holden Road, West Newton, Day, Barry, College and really liv- ing! "Go our and have some fun, most things in life are free!" And have the courage to be different! 143 Life NH. ROBERT NOEL RYAN Bobby 10 Cherry Place, West Newton, Warren, Bacon, College Wknds MLLR 3D's MAC Eagles Soupy SO's Cape wfTS 81 BD Glen Bacon Tree BK Maine Clarky N. 12 81 13 W! DF "36" Bobby D. 173 SUMNER MARC SAITZ 14 Loring St., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Cmodbye NNHS Good-Luck to a .. DANIEL A. RUFO 63 Dalby Street, Newton, Day, Bacon, ? Good luck to AM, JM, KN, IF, MF, DL, WS, MN, SB, TH, SN, ML, WN. Remember the good times down the cella R. and down BC. A.....-me Q V Qr I "1-'A 1 If V, A . 'fu TIMOTHY EDWARD RYAN Timmy 77 Page Road, Newtonville Day, Barry, College Football- 12, Basketball- 123, Baseball - 123, Remem: JP Mul, IQ, BC, IK, BC, DG, BM,, RC, Esp. loanna Oct. 15 of "77". IONATHAN SALES 23 Turner Ter. X FAYE DAWN RUSSELL 131 Prince Street, West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "lt is not the lofty sails but the un- seen wind that moves the ship." Orc 12, Sail 23, Gymn 3 YP78 + 47 I 31 France. 5 .pm IACLYN ELAINE SAOANOV lackie 38 Hood St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Great times Wfl, C L W C F F L T P PIM G S F KG, CW, MNDY, BST, timeswfLBWUVWbMMGG GSAUlGBHBDCamp74, Bobby- 5!18!77 D L T S G D O M. 'Li -ICS DAVID S. SALOW 15A Crescent Sq., Newton Meadowbrook, Palmer, jazz Star- dom All my love to ISBA a Tom Collins in East Hartford, 374177 w! A D L S S M on stage in a Bikini 11!5!77 Rocco, 78. ROBERT KEITH RUSSELL Hoop 65 Auburn Street, Newton Day, Riley, College The Creek: Bones Please mush Hr, Scoff the Park another zerox BC, Beals windows 81 Bacon tree lmenl, Basketball Track workout - 220, T.l. xflefl 1 ,i , xx i ? AIAY SAlNl 125 Evelyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Barry, College Had many good times in the last 3 yrs. - but H.S. wasn't one of them, and an old Indian saying - "Tae tihs" LISA IANE SALVUCCI Lee 23 Eddy Street, West Newton Day, Beals, College Lobster Boat '77, "And you Mike . . ." Gina, Mare 81 Leah - U R great! POT HOLES - "Stuck Mare?" StRd., Bast, LLn., WALL! MN DW 442. fl 5 I Q is , kv- - A Q . ' . ' I ANN MARIE SAMPSON MICHAEL SAMPSON 26 Capital St., Newton 26 Capital St. Day, Palmer, College "We may never pass this way again" Thank MB, LN, SH lBluel, BC, CB, EA Ciood Times WRO Fearsome 3 some Rate 1-IO. LUCIA CRISTINA SANCHEZ 156 Highland St., West Newton Warren, Barry, College - Health Field Pha. l..M,S. 3104, PH Peg Art, C. wife parties, crucibleco, shks prclvb music, 6232WAB All the good people. ANTHONY IOSEPH SANTACATI Tony 10 Raymond Place, West Newton Warren, Beals, College Bobby 84 Mac and all the great times, bacon tree, friends so's DB, CF and Our good times 3D's 40, Soupy KS Bobby. GE .a,l J D. . Q4 .- 'X 31' ,. ,QA Smile! You're on Candid Camera! X,l 005151 fe., Q-19 31,0 I 34 STANLEY SANTONE MARK SCAFIDI 51 West Walnut Pk 114 Windemere Rd 'Z DEBORAH IUNE SCANDALE Debbie 26 Auburndale Aye., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Undecided Ciood Times with IC, IN, BT, IR, MW, NM, CC, BC. Hr wi' LE, CK, IC, CS, Fri 81 Sat nites, dances, par- ties. AXL RT. xmas 76. RICHARD SCHIAVONE 24 Maguire Court MOIRA ALLISON-SARAH SCHIFF Day, Bacon, College "For now we see through a glass, darkly, but then face to face." But NNHS, you did not help. TIMOTHY SCHOFIELD 75 Central St PHILIP WILLIAM SCHILLER Fritz 122 Fessenden St., Newtonville Day, Barry, Oceanography Swim team - 1-2-3, March Band, WE, IE Fun WXAII A-Z ESP. - MUSIC WXBP, EF, IS, GB, MC Swimming WXPH, DC, ES, EF, BY. ICS 'Vw ef' if AARON SCHLEIFER 237 Park St 18 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, College "Still crazy after all these Years", Best of times 84 this summer 8!9f77, Thanks to all those who cared. LAURIE SUSAN SCHNEE "lf you could read my mind. . ." - ,Q ' 'L L I 'F ELIZABETH SCHON Bootsie 291 Otis St., W. Newton Warren, Riley, College I've cried some Laughed alot but LOVE the Most. My love to my Friends Field Hockey 123, Riley Coun 2 SFA. MICHAEL SCROOC ROBERT SEAWARD 236 Chapel St 19 Davis St., Newton Beals. 2 -L8 li f Q J. CAROL ANN SEMENTELLI 5 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, College Don't be sad because your sun is down you can rise above it- Luv 8tLuck: Kelly,SZLATCLRTR KTDRTFMFVVHVBAPCA M G. - . MARY SHACTER 258 Lake Ave. W" ip' . f DIANA SECRE 112 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College Good luck to all kids in int. class 78 Thanks to all my friends 1 l M H LCNLMILBMRNCRHDM F R P T C Barry kids. 1' DONNA MARIE SEMENTELLI 71 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College Thanx to all Esp LC, Cape HIP, Ski TP, Wknds, LTL, Guys, Cheering 23, Good times W!Glenn, Poail Looks like we made it. fly' Defi '23 A. HARRY SHAINIAN Ai 59 Cummings Road, Newton . Day, Bacon, College sb Wrestling 123, Football 1, Golf K, -f i,2. ,..! .- . . '.i - -. Lu EJ! xx 'J .' ' ' 1 F- ,' LINDA SELETSKY 38 Bowdoin St. SUSAN MARIE SGARZI 20 Oldham Road, West Newton Warren, Bacon, College Remember Bacon, Stair 1. P. A. G. E. N. L. C.. lordans, D. A. S. V. N. R. All my love to Mike 10f15!76. 'liz IAMES SIMON SHAPIRO 27 Noble St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, College Hebrew National Rmbrs: Harry, Buoy, Rhoda, Gil, Relish, Everyone at Tree, CM Cape March, Band, PC, BC, AM, Always BD. DAVID SEMENTELLI 24 Clinton St. Q s.- SHAHEENSHAH SHAH 129 Norwood Ave. 'G li -as MARYANNE SHEEHAN 42 Falmouth Rd., W. Newton Warren, Adam, College "You can see the stars but still not see the light." The Blue Tank H B KCMCIMDCKWPLKFPL, Salami PARTY! Bye 56! IU' ADAM M. SHUMAN 349 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Bigelow, Adams, Life TRANSITION 78l MIGHTY THINGS FROM SMALL BECINNINGS CROW ICCI SCHMAYS. I AM A RIVER AND YOU ARE MY DAM. MARYANNE SHAUCHNESSY NANCY SHAW 48 Larking Rd., West Newton 423 Commonwealth Ave. Warren, Beals, Undecided Adams "The moment may be temporary "The road to a friend's house is but the memory is forever." Italy never far." PAUL W. SHEEHAN 66 Fairway Drive, West Newton Day, Palmer Remembers C.M., R.S., Parties, Concerts. The only sure thing about luck is that it will change. DAVID SIDERIS 24 Belmont St. WILLIAM SHULMAN 25 W. Boulevard Rd. 4 ' i I I ' C X . I AMY ELIZABETH SILIN 82 Paulson Rd., Waban Weeks, Palmer, College Old Father, Old Artificer, Stand me now and ever in good stead. 12? 'Vv mf-4 'f. 4. PAMELA MARIE SHEEHAN Red 6 Crescent Ave., Newton Weeks, Adams, College MGTLTLCBLTLSlSD,K Cape 76, NY Champagne, Cenna Mars, Cape 77, All Nighters, LL, IMC?ut of here! Thanks Mom And Da . STEVEN ALLAN SIACEL 129 Garland Road, Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College "My years have been spent with the sweet sounds of music and the warmth of my friends." SIKE 84 PLAGEL 4EVR. was KEVIN H, SILVER 31 Lancaster Road, Newton Bigelow Rilev It anything can go wrong it will F - Murphy, Mac, LM, LS, MSBS, MS. DD, AS, HS, CN, CB. IR, NV, PC, CS Newtonite 123, Moot! , if V., . lf, i KAREN SMITH 48 St. Mary's Street, Newton Lower Falls Warren, Riley, College, Medicine Love doesn't make the world go around. Love is what makes the ride worthwhile, F. P, jones. 'LQ IESSICA SOLLEE 1 1 Lodge Rd. I Q I' ,Q 'UQ -it Ei f ST' ax 1 fy! VZ! 1 1 r I - "ff MARC EDWARD SILVER 1325 Beacon St., Waban Weeks, Riley, College No, You Are! vvuy 1 f ' MICHAEL E. SMOLLER Kabe 42 Hamilton Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College D.B.C. Teenage Wasteland from Cronins to Celebration Party all the way! It is time for a change, it's here. ELIZABETH SOOHO 220 Adams Ave., West Newton Warren, Beals, College I'll never forget Forrest's, Chem. Club, AP Bio., Mr. W. GBYSO, MP, KM, MM, ROB, IT, ML, DM, KW, And . MARIA EUGENIA SIRGO 950 Centre St., Newton Day, Beals, College Tomorrow is another day, 2F Club, - Thumbs up Love to LF, RP, SS, AP, Weez dissecting R. Bassett - Psych club. NICOLE N. SNOW 9 Crofton R1., Waban Warren, Bacon, College "Yesterday is but today's memory, and tomorrow is today's dream." - Kahlil Gibran. ,A 'ii X-.1 I'--- IOSHUA SKLARE 12 Nathan Rd. -5 IP , I li TIMOTHY SNOW 9 Crofton Rd. 44- STEPHEN FRANK SOSTILIO S.O.S., Meca 26 Gilbert St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Eating at Mac's, Girl watching and crusin, good luck to the class of 78, may you prosper in the future, RICHARD SPAULDING S40 Centre St. x. QQ' IOHN L. SPAULDINC Doctor , 14 Madison Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, More school Plymouth, NO. 1, Good times with MM, MP, PM, LOU, BA work with MA, DH, Friday Nights, Eagles, Boston, Hector, Doctor. ANNE REBECCA STARR 4 Cotton Street, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College, Sanity If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost - Thoreau. Smile! Wookie NU! 81 all that. IEANNINE MARIE STOHLMAN 173 Highland St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Ll, Sl, BU, LB, lT, TC, CB, LP, IR, MD, LM, CT, LM, DK, TP, ET, HT, MT, CC, FF, TM, Beals, Austins Sue, S, SS, EC, GH, Always De- nnis. HOWARD MICHAEL SPIEZER 80 Manemet Road, Newton Weeks, Barry, College Peace to the class of '78 for the years to come. MARY ELLEN STAVIS 363 Highland Street, Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Thanx to all my friends: MB Amy TC, 76 OH 3Sum 77PjP NEWMB, Cheering, You are my everything Steve. CB ILYB 1!8!76. BRIAN STOKES 74 Albemarle Rd. SHEILA MARIE STANTON 28 Sargent St., Newton Bigelow, BealsfAdams, College Don't just do something, stand there! l WALTER R. STEWART Wally 25 Lincoln Rd., Newton Day, Barry, Remember the good times down the cellar with AM, DR, MW, DL, IF, KVN, SB, lM, TH, ML, MF, Petersons Miller, FalconSS. 1. ,A , KATHERINE sToNE '-NW . ,X :1 .X A l V5 l 1 'sg A 2.47, Tw ! 6.1 . ,. FRANK EDWARD STARK 276 Cheery St., W. Newton Warren, Adams, College I didn't talk much, but when I did you knew l like you, Football 123, Wrestling 1, Lacrosse 1. IOAN A. STOCKMAN Dolly 600 California St., Newton Day, Bacon, College The best times on Cape Cod, Kit, Lisa P, Kini, Lisa, Martha, "Baby we were born 2 run," A little coke and sympathy. LISA ANN STONE Stoney 1428 Commonwealth Av., W. Newton BCDS, Riley, College "But All is changed with time, the future none can see, the road you leave behind ahead lies mystery shows! 261 1 I x "Wx, -as Z' 1. if If I iT CARYN SVVEENEY 50 Fenns Rd. I-IAOKUAN TAI Ho 34 Highland Avenue, Newtonville Day, Bacon, Decidedly unde- cided It All Ended With A Whimper 81 Not A Bang, Wres. 2, Bcyc 123, I Might Actually Get Over This Exp. Call Adolesc-Ciao. J-0 NOREEN TAN 103 Westmoreland Ave., Ar- lington Day, Barry, College The time has come for us to say goodbye. Thanks for all your con- stant care and your hours of pati- ence work. .A FRANCIS XAVIFR TARPEY Fran 354 Wolcott St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Football 3, Lacrosse 2,3, Good Times with Mike 81 Bowes, DTB W! Everyone H.T. 1071777 Cape Cod, 77 Scoff Tunes. DONATELLA TEMPESTA Donna P.O. Box 156, Melrose Day, Barry, Work the Computer Remember MY, our senior class and never forget them! Farewell NNHS - All the deaf students! Good Luck. "Have I got a sore throat!" DONNA TERRANOVA 595 Grove St, Newton Lower Falls Warren, Barry, College EM, IM, RL, CL, FM, DR, LQ, SB, MUR 81 B. PHAM, Nastash, Killer The Inn, CFM 911 Swim 51 Trac SFA 1, Italian Club 123. ffl... SUSAN L. THOMAS 222 Prince St, West Newton Warren, Bacon, College LLMBWIBMES. . .LieWith Holly Lithzy! Will it explode? Name that tune CM. Summer of 77. CHERYL ANN THOMPSON 45 Adella Ave., West Newton Day, Bacon, College Memories of yesterday, dreams of tomorrow. Never forget 8-24-67. 8-15-77. Dr. Ed. SKBTF Good Luck Anna! IOHN THOMSON 55 Wyoming Rd. KAREN F. TORCHIA Kay-Kay 34 River St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Good Times Always remember David, lancie, Pinto, palmer, Mrs. Leone, SV, DA, PP, Raison Help WC. Sum- mer of 75, june The Inn. 'W "A CATHERINE LEE THURSTON Cathy 151 Mount Vernon Street, New- tonville Warren, Barry, College Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is like a broken winged bird that can not fly. Never forget Fuzzy. '-. gt BEATRICE TONTI Bea 1 1 1 Webster PK, West Newton Warren, Beals, Undecided good times with IC, DS, IR and all my friends. W.N. Common Fri and Sat nights 5!28!77 parties lr year best. ,T LARS TOOMRE 55 Hillside Ave., W. Newton Warren, Adams, MIT and beyond Simple education, Input:-Output, the key to success 84 friends gov- erns with silent touches of time all we do. Boy, am I scared! S X 'Ht MICHAEL K. TOUFANIDIS Toufie 86 Fairway Drive, West Newton Barry, College Good times at Palmer with MP, FC, PM, SV, DA, "The Lake", FC, "Vett", Good times in N.H. with Sheryl for ever. It is time! HEIDI ANN TOYIAS 114 Valentine St., W. Newton Day, Adams, College Thanks to my friends and to my parents who always cared. Vol- leyball 123, Basketball 123, Softball 123. ,C fs MARK BEATTY TRAFTON 68 Beacon Street Choate, Palmer, College "I never let schooling interfere with my education" Go Choate! Thanx: 1.F., C.N., S.L., M.S., M.K., Hawk 81 everyone Later! 4 SUZANNE MARIE TRAVERS Sue 109 Commonwealth Axe.. Chestnuthill Bigelow, Bacon, College Partying wi'SF, MD, RA, CA, IS and the rest. Old Times down NC. Good luck - keep in Touch. Soc- cer 8 Gymnastics 2. RONALD CLARK TURNER 17 Lodge Road, W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College Lacrosse 123, BSU 12, Party, Central Forever RH, DR, PP, SS, BH, NC, Iuly 4th Wkend, Cape BC, Alb, Mc, Exile, Sterra's. l 1 E A Q KENNETH WAYNE VECCHIONE Vecc 860 Watertown St., West Newton Day, Adams, Business Remember Dave 81 Iamie 81 the Sauce. Four case loss. Ion special thanks and all my love always to Margie, x r V J x' x v -fy , A 1. I I1 I -5, 1 Q it LEANN TROY Leigh 355 California Street. Newton Mary E. Curley, Bacon, Marria e My 2 years were great, I met a Eot of friends. They were nice to me. 'J -J' ' Y'-7 PHIL L. VACHON 142 Randlett Pl., W. Newton Day, Palmer, To Be The Best SF 8. SR, MS, AS, DT, AG, RR, MM, SC, MrS, MrB. MrG, Stair 4. Music Dept, Family BR's, Drawing '77, Guitar Players! Girls, Shmays, AP. I sf- ff ul' H I I AL VENDITTI Betho 52 Prescott St., Newtonville Day, Beals, College Remember class of 77-78. To all Good Luck Rc -IA - RS - BA - BD - DW- Neil- Matt - Finast is one big joke ha-ha-ha. 'UN W '-QW -fig LINDA MARIE TROY 42 Eden Avenue, Newton Day, Adams, College Remember:CB LTKCKMIMM BKBIQSWBGDFHCCCPS T L G w T M, Iuly ie, Kelly, Iim- my's Camaro, St. B. N J A CHARLES F. VANESIAN Chuck 12 Frederick St., Newtonville Day, Riley, College Aqualung, Flash, Cape 77, com- mons, GSM Land Co,, l am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul. FRANK GREGORY VESCIO 103 Saybrook St., Brighton Day, Barry, College "Aay, you better remember me not as the Fonz." All the fun in HR and the cafe. Thanks to Edco, Good. Luck to ALL 78. s TED TSAING 109 Russell Road, W. Newton Warren, Riley, College With luck and hard work the out- come will always be in your favor. Tennis 1,2,3. ROBERT ANTHONY VASSALOTTI MVN 76 Cheery St., W. Newton Day, Bacon, ? European IB's, MM, IC, BD, CC, PUNK, ROCK, CAPE, BGP, AEROSMITH, QUEEN, ALICE, ROD, S, BRS, HARVARD, HOCK- EY, 1077776 Donna. Y' NANCY IANE VETSTEIN 144 Fuller St.. W. Newton Beaver, Palmer. College To reach the port of heaven we must sail - not drift or lie at an- chor. Holmes, Newtonite l,2.3. I J S TL? ANTONIO VISCO 64 Broadway, Newtonville Day, Beals, Electrician 'ii . 3 X if K 5 fy --f - V . If .a XX 'I BARABARA IEAN WALKER Babs 36 Woodbine Terr., Auburndale Warren, Beals, College THANKS TO GAIL AND MARIE FOR EVERYTHING. ALWAYS REMEMBER GOOD TIMES WITH EVERYONE, MBW'S BUNNY, HT, FT, MR, FL, PC. DENNIS WALTON 299 Mill St. Fw, SUSAN C. VOLPE 229 Chapel St., Newton Day, Adams, Best times with Louie 81 memories that could never leave me. Since 8!23!76 IP 81 DA - "Our canes Donna?" Good times out. if IULIE ROSE WALKER 66 Clyde, Newton Day, Bacon, Nursing X-Country 123, Dodi, B T E DIG D W Waddles, L K M O H, 96436 I1!20!78. DAVID MATTHEW WANG 101 Exeter St., W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College Concert Choir - 1,2,3, Smith Family - 3. This has all been very AMUSING. gvwv L IL KENNETH BRIAN VONA 112 Webster Street, W. Newton Warren, Riley, College Rem. ALL THE FTBLL, GMS IO! 15!77F,GWBClLYBlWNFY I, W L Y A K en, Good times with BMegg Mn DG, Sr, Math Cl, S P D CESTRDSNN Nol. E CHARLENE WALLACE 15 Trowbridge Ave. WENDY LEE WALDVOGEL 712 Watenown Street, Newton Day, Beals, Model - travelling Where are you going to, do you know? CALF Dream en f Hello stranger - Stop the world I want to get off - Always DC friends forever. M. gif 1 41 at ,I .fi iq. N 3: fix . 6 F mg Qjrfvqs 1 .f ' f ' if' - I fi A I 1 is 1 . , 1 I PHILIP HOTCHKISS WALSH 538 Chestnut St., Waban Weeks, Murray Road, Deification Tell me ifthelovers are losers. . . tell me if any get more than the lovers. . .in the dust. . .in the cool tombs. PETER WARD 261 Webster St. 'I BRAD WARREN 53 Newtonville Ave., Newton Day, Murray Road, Writing What are the roots that grow in this stony rubbish. . . Come. . . I will show you fear in a handful of Lust. The wasteland. LTIRDG. fig, 'X .,, A Q.. T LEE MICHAEL WAXMAN 164 Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College The Hardest Thing To Learn In Life ls Which Bridge To Cross And Which To Burn. Fb, Hck, Bsb 123, 49436 Bobby. Rx MARY ALICE WEBBER STEVEN WEINGARTEN 159 Adams Street, Newton Warren, Riley, College Day, Riley, Undecided "Remember jays are never past, at once the fountain, stream, and sea, they were, they are, they yet shall be." CAIL LAURIE WEINRAUB 354 Kenrick Street, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Partying summer 76, 10grwf SHAUN, why can't anything be plain 81 simple? joey Remember Mathew jackie Mndy, M A M C H C R A D L C B S S. DAVID ILAN WEIS 124 Woodchestelii Dr., Chestnut Hi Bigelow, Palmer, College Goodbye to everyone, Thanks to "killer", Remember French Plays, Ski Team, "traction" 81 "Fell my Victim." , rv lliltll SHELLEY WELSH Tackle! STUART MARTIN WERMAN Stu 37 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Riley, College I don't know I don't have a TV. HR: FMR. 3ST, HYP SC, Upland Rd. Hiiscoff, Shu, Tons, Mite, Diz, Redi, Buck 81 PNS. Ski- 1,2,3. iv- .. . ...gli RUSSELL WESTON 118 Langley Rd. 15 FRANCIS IOSEPH WHALEN joe 17 Tudor Terrace, Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Business -' i'?3'?'t6i'i?iQ'I5'9ax-. 4 ' AMY KIRSTEN WHITE 53 Maple St., Watertown Bigelow, Bacon, College The crazy 1 year changes! I grad- uate in jan, finally! Bye eve one. IPK - you stoked me org my horse. . . . Thanks Kippy. Ai KAREN MARIE WHELEN 312 Derby St., W. Newton Warren, Barry, College The great times and friends I will never forget - Palmer tree, the blue tank B, BIGT Svine I M D C H BMSMCKCCACKAM. K MARK THOMAS WHELAN 87 Edenfield Ave., Watertown BY West, junior High, Work Eli 'eff l Fw MARY ELIZABETH WHITAKER MaryBeth 429 Waltham St., W. Newton Day, Barry, Colle e Wherever I am you got a Blend luv t0:MSHLSTEAToTheRest Youre The BEST! N E W M S N Rl OBZOCRCAPKCBDPKM DFMCVBALLCCYMN Rem. BD36 SMILE. "Hello there!" DAVID PRENTING WHITE "Too Fall" 148 Sumner St., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, Srt School Stagecrew 2,3. BA Art Room, DC, Monty Python, Eyth, Tom, Buns, Rocco, Cast, Party, Brigadoon, M RBPTFPCICCDWHComics N W A C P F C C. 3 JOYCE WHITE 20 Rose Dr. LAURA LOUISE WHITE 62 Lenox Street, W. Newton Day, Beals, College Thanx - KG, CF, LB, MS. We Made It! Phil - Thanx for under- standing. W8t W!Dina. CTW! Eric. Cheering. Memories of Bob. 7 DOUG E. WHORISKEY 17 Willard St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, College SCITUATE X DANCES REMEMBER -IANMODMBRMLKWK LLSCLMEHAOCHAS PARTIES CRUSINC TRUCKS A CAS MONEY DIVING CET DOWN. HOPE BETH WOLFSON 15 Varick Rd., Waban Beaver, Palmer, College To all my friends, it's been a long time comin', it's goin' to be along time gone. PAUL WI-IITEI-IEAD 21 lames St. 3. LJ- ELIZABETH WILSON 142 Aspen Ave. Ng'- "Tx IOSEPH S. WOOLF 36 Frederick, Street, Ville Day, Beals, College USY "But your wit? Not when it plays with love for when one loves it is a crime to long to thrust 84 Parry." GAIL LISA WHITINC 187 Melrose St., Auburndale Warren, Adams, College Thanx to all my friends for the best times! Esp Babs, Cape B4, Skiing, Cheering, PINS w!Semi Love to Felix, Bobby D. I. ., I, .. V- ROBERTA E. WOLF 48 Swallow Dr., Lower Falls Warren, Riley, College A "Hope is the dream of a waking man." - Aristotle. 'Xb -yi 4-r I , xx . ELIZABETH L. YOUNG Busy 340 Chestnut Street, W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true. RICHARD IOSEPH WICMORE 70 Kimball Road, Dedham Dedham, Barry, Work Remembrance to all the kids in shop to all the teachers I had. 'Vt ANDREW G. WOOD Woody 115 West St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Track 1,35 Cross Country 2, ln- door Ir. Track 2. 1 -if -sf, -vi , l V-- 'C ,..,,-f" , f I ,,.- if a ,""'-fi ' LINDA ZIGMAN 71 Walden St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Art School ls it time to leave?" he asked. AMELIA ANN ZALCMAN 894 Commonwealth Ave., New- ton Centre Weeks, Riley, College, Law School Petty Lives, RAC 23, SFA 3, Thank to Ms. Killion, Ms, Stein and Sarah and everyone else. ---ln LYNDA MARIE ZUCKER 874 Chestnut Street, Waban Meadowbrook, Bacon, College The end yet only the beginning Remember:AADKLCLHlBH MGHNHRCCNP8tDProm '76, james, Dr. D's, F'BaII games, and Mck. BORIS ZARTHUR 78 Harvard St., Dedham Dedham, Adams, Carpenter Do it in Newton Tech. From a girl to a party. Good times for three years never to forget my experi- ences. ILN. KAREN ZUFFANTE 104 Westland Ave. DAVID L. ZOLL 30 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College Don't let school interfere with your education. Teresa L. Adams 183 Walnut Street Barbara Albano 24 Auburndale Ave. john W. Alesse 59 Cedar St. Charles j. Amara 60 Country Club Rd. Denali F. Anderson 52 Washburn Ave. Brian P. Andrews 17 Murphy Court Pearl Avedisian 145 Pearl St. Kimberly A. Bere 12 Columbus Place joshua Berg 186 Park St. Erica S. Bernstein 4 Oakwood Terrace john j. Bianchi 111 Adams St. Kevin M. Bianco 159 Christina St. Cheryl j. Boemer 14 Mount Ida Terrace Susan M. Bowe 45 jefferson St. Arthur Boyd 8 St. james Street Ursula P. Brandon 1075 Washington Street jay M. Brousseau 524A California St. Dirk A. Bryant 48 Gay St. Sheryl Busa 258 Derby St. Stephen Burns 39 Farquhar Rd. judith C. Burrell 249 Crafts St. 270 Edward W. Buttery 18 Milton Place Andrea L. Cadwell 25 Hunnewell Ave. Benjamin E. Caira, jr. 13 Middle St. joseph Ci. Caira 62 Dalby St. Robert j. Camerato 718 Watertown St. Sharon Campanile 86 Tower St., Methuen Michael P. Carrol 39 Newtonville Ave. Beverly School for the Deaf, Barry, Undecided Happy days are coming remember the good times good luck and bye to all friends . . . Debra Carpenter 53 Hawthorn St. Richard A. Carr 24 Hibbard Rd. Darci Ann Carroll 194 Auburn St. Anthony Caruso 5 Peabody St. Christopher L. Cato 377 Shawmut Ave. Anthony j. Cavallo 83 Central Ave. Christine Cedrone 315 Crafts St. Susan Chalmers 89 Kaposia St. Tony j. Checchi 16 Marlboro St. Noel B. Clayman 53 Garland Rd. Weeks, Beals, College K K forever! j D weekends. Tose with SS-2. Fri. f0otballTMCDABMDDjEHLNjDRBAM Fri night drives Track 123 Mary jean Cole 106 Pine St. Ann M. Collins 11 Quirk Court Scott A. Comean 10 Bemis St. john 1. Concetti 46 Faxon St. Karen A. Conley 4 Dennis St. David A. Conrad 11 Freeman St. Thomas A. Cotone 37 Edenfield Ave. Robert B. Craig 4 Clenmore Terrace Michael R. Cummings 127 Dedham St. Harold Cutler 34 Hammond Street Kenneth Daly 2 Colonial Avenue Lynn Davis 48 Auburndale Avenue Steven P. Davis 48 Auburndale Avenue Anna M. Defazio 35 Saco Street Nicholas O. Depasquale 430 Watertown Street Maria Desimone 48 Sargent Street Chief Bigelow, Bacon, Undecided High times with In- grid Sue Deb Peb, all the rest from the corner, never forget those weekends with the gang! David j. Dilibero - 204 Westminster Avenue Kevin R. Diperre 389 Washington Street Thomas Divico 10 Keenen Street Daniel Donahue Dunny 55 Hunnewell Street, Wellesley Wellesley, Palmer, Life Good times with all the people from Tech. See you in the future Tom Boris Chris Ed Mark Mike Little Ray and Fred. Mary A. Donahue 84 Lexington Street Helen C. Doona 9 Tudor Terrace Paul G. Fair 20 Morton Street Glenn L. Faria 30 Riverdale Avenue john F. Fay 35 Kensington Street Wendy Fiering 142 Elgin Street Donald P. Fitzsimmons 86 Alben Road Lisa S. Fliegel 108 Arnol Road Mark S. Ford 709 Centre Street Donna Forte 76 West St. Day, Beals, Nursing Always remember: D.B. P.V. T.V. S.L. L.G. R.C. G.O. D.G. j.M. L.W. Homeroom Palmer Summer of "77" LC Cheryl A. Fucci 9 Cook St. Robert M. Gallagher 17 Bacon St. john G. Gallello 157 Webster St. Russell E. Garrigan 51 Grove Hill Ave. Michelle Gauvreau 123 Bridge St. Mary C. Giglio 184 Pine St. Deirdre M. Gill 882 Commonwealth Ave. Chris Giron 38 Barnstable Rd. Esther E. Gott 262 Nevada St. Thomas j. Greeky 34 Farquhor Rd. Laura Greenbern 33 Bennington St. Neil E. Grundle 59 Elliot St. Vincent H. Guy 98 Babson St. Wayne Hansen 89 Gardner St. Donna M. Harris 23 Pearl St. Robert W. Hart, jr. 41 Lincoln Rd. Peter Hiltz Highland Terrace. Ralph A. jannone 12 Hallron Rd. William joe 37 Westchester Rd. Hilary Kaplan 863 Commonwealth Ave. Andrew Kaufman 39 Colbert Rd. Nancy Kell 56 Freeman St. Lynne Kellerman 40 Dearborn St. David Kelly 29 Pleasant St. Mariam Kenner 1298 Commonwealth Ave. Aileen Kohlberg 17 Woodhaven Rd. Sylvia Kolenic 85 Lombard St. I am an exchange student from Norway I thank my teachers and my Friends for a good and interesting year. Patrick Lai 57 Court St. Erik Landfors 10 Weldon Rd. William C. Lane 40 Homer St. Lisa Lapp 244 jackson St, Therese Leacy 70 Bowen St, Michael LeBlanc 66 Fiske Ave. Eugenia Lee 163 Warner Ley Ave Oscar Lee 115 Elliot St. Cynthia Leonard 372 Waltham St. Angelo W. Leporian Cheryl L. Lewsi 11 Perry Rd. Sandra L. Litwin 115 Pine Ridge Rd. Karl Lomer 13 Winter St. Brian Loughlin 151 Pearl St. julianna G. Mahan 32 Dartmouth Ave. Richard Marchetta 920 Center St. Louis Mastromattei 221 Crafts St. john W. Maze 62 Yurich Rd. Elizabeth A. McKenney 28 Williams St. Patrick S. McKenzie 25 Bemis Rd. Brian McNulty 23 Kenwood Ave. Brian Millen 445 Highland St. Corrine Miller 144 Edinboro St. Glenn Mills 81 Arlington St. Peter Moment 1484 Beacon Stl Naomi Moody 81 West St. Moualo Mouacheupao 49 Prairie Ave. Beals Goodbye dear, remember, Hist of Laos. Don't worry about the future let it come tomorrow and keep smiling for it. Martha Moy 19 Samoset Rd. Warren, Riley, College "Cogito ergo sum" - Descatres French Club 1,2, Oriental Club 1,2,3, Field Hockey 3, Remember: L,S M.L.. L.C. C.M. K.W. june Mullen 18 Morgan Pl. Catherine Murphy 69 Fordham Rd. Dwight Myers 60 Greenlawn Ave. Gabriel Myers lGavl 14 Ellison Rd. Palmer, Secretary of State Shalom! Chaverim Sheli ad anachun ripdgaishbl erets yisrael Warren Newton, jr. 301 California St. Gina O'Brien 35 Prince St. james O'Brien 35 Princeton St. David O'Connor 51 Williams St. Nancy O'Leary 159 Prince St. james O'Neil 85 Gardner St, Christopher Ostram 1007 Boyleston St. Cynthia Ouellette 258 Cherry St. Anthony Paglia 74 Boyd St, Mario Palmer 52 Milo St. joseph Paoletti 58 Cook St. Peter Paradise 34 Putnam St. 272 Maura Parker 78 Center St. judith Pellegrini 58 Clinton St. Stephen Pescosolido 1 Willow Terrace Robert Pfeifer 1079 Washington St Paul Polson 154 Lexington St. Eugenie Porges 261 Webster St. Robert Porter 31 Cottage St. Coolridge, Riley Party 78 is GREAT Yes, Queen - Bumming for bones OH YA WELL? SPARK it UP Laur Definately Mathias Rault 24 Madison Ave. Thomas Reynolds 22 Arden Rd. Kevin Riffe 180 Adams St. William Rizzetto 100 Hull St. William Roderick 120 jewett St. Karen Rodman 1 14 Sargent St. james Rooney 293 Main St. Barbara Russo 206 Melrose St. jeremy Sagan 106 Gibbs St. Antonia Santonagtaso 40 Faxon St. joseph Silverstone 26 Harley Pl. Blaire Sneider 31 Pulsifer St. Paul Stefaniak 54 Adella Ave. Day, Beals, Get Rich Cruzin with Bones Do some Brew Remembers: W.C. F.D. K.B. D.D. T.H. S.D. and S.R. Class Hypos forever. The Bike is gone. Goodbye. james Stewart 340 Madison St. Paul Surette 706 Sawmill Brk-Pky Steven Sylevester 611 Watertown St. Lynn Tartachny 26 Pershing Rd. David Teeven 57 Southgate Pk. Lucianna Tomburrini 23 Wodrow Ave. Edidio Tramontozzi 28 Beech St. Linda Tupper 30 Upham Rd. jacqueline Tyman 257 Auberndale Ave. Richard Vetstein 144 Fuller St. Cahh Vo 321 Commonwealth Ave. Khanh Vo 321 Commonwealth Ave. Donald Voke 229 Chapel St. Eric Vona 15 Dove St. Ken "D" Palmer? BC Hockey, so long to GFIDP Richard Wallace 62 Bourne St. David Weems 45 Clearwater Rd. Carol Whelah 11 Central St. Christopher Winbourne 22 Netta Rd. Thomas Winter 44 Butts St. Christopher Yannoni 234 Upland Rd. Gail I. Zazofsky 75 Hatfield Rd. Day, Bacon, College "You must be happy with yourself or you have nothing to offer." Sergey Bababekov 6 Charles St. ln Russia, Riley, Brandeis The last bell ring the last goodbye let stay it with you through the time Stacey Bryant 106 Pleasant St. Murray Road, Bliss will you please take my brains out and put the pebbles in so I won't ever feel above my station in life? S.L. Ionie Marie Caron 4 Ridgeway Terr. Murray Road, Famous photographer, Weeks Murray Road is a pleasant surprise. l'd still rather be swimming and climbing mountains. Never going back Timothy Rocco Case 26 Fennington Ave, Dedham Dedham, Palmer, Help Remember the gang E I P C H H C H and all the rest. Thanks "Sally" and Mike Gradone you kept me here and helped ILUE David R. Clark 12 Floral St., N Warren, Beals, Travel Remember good friends the Shack wf Mach Bob Glenn all the boys Down the falls. Bacon Tree 123 Bobby D. 36 Karen Ann Cooley 4 Dennis St., Clinton Boston School for the Deaf, Barry, Business I enjoyed being with my friends. I miss my hearing friends Nancy and Ian and deaf students. Pamela Ieanne Costello Pam 110 Woodland R. lNew Yorki, Barry, undecided Remember BCG TC He Beals the R Tipsy EP S HR The Pond 81 IS Arlene R. Gilfedden 18 Hale St. Meadowbrook, Bacon Bacon Stairs IP SS PR LG GM IOS Sweet 16 Party oh summer of 77 Partying at the Tracks ALE AD Milk Stop IUB DB Shelley Ann Hatton 14 Lodge St. Warren, Adams Child and Adult Abuse Remembering always Mary Ellen, Fuzz, Friends and most of all being Captain of the Best Soccer Team Ever. Alan B. Hopkins 43 Carleton Street Bigelow, Palmer High School was good. All the good times with IC IR IO ML WH TC BL. The only thing I hated about NN was cuts. Geoffrey Hill Kennedy Guido 1629 Washington Street Warren, Palmer, College Tull, let it be Lowenbrau 7!10!77 Spliff Beavers Force 12 all that I learned in Newton High IIGMPGV Focus Richard I. Kim 104 Harding Street Day, Riley, College Wrestling 123, Cadt Remember IM, ID, Kiv, KB, GAZ, FB, SAT N2TE in Brock Milneis, Phys, Pdker, Capt. Pat Nina Kodis 39 Shurnecliffe Road Bigelow, Barry, Hawaii "Ain't know telling when l'll be seeing you again baby." Hendrix OI CAF CL WR RM BM MM BAD CO Mark Samuel Lightman Conehead 117 Norwood Avenue Warren, Adams, College RE: Bobby, my buddy, waiting to come back for the 20th year as a sophomore. EA Tony Dallas Teddy Steven Nick Norm Deborah M. MacNeil Debbie 21 Washington Terrace Day, Adams, College I am not afraid of tomorrow for I have seen yester- day and love today. RE Loretta PA IR KT PC CW DT CC. Nancy Ellen Reddy 5 Cross Street Warren, Beals, Good Times Smile and the world will smile with you. Cry and you will cry alone. Good times our Palmer. Re- memberKDDSIKAL Domenica Mary Russo Ben 65 Anthony Road Day, Bacon, College "I needed you. I couldn't find you. I don't need you anymore." CC23 M B 1 H R 123 Anita P A C MDCSTRTFVDLABWRSVITE Erin Sia el 1 16 Fulfer Street Warren, Palmer Swimming 123 Rem. PCPHIWAMIKIFBML SSCCC BIB LI CTPGreattimesatthe pool for sure. Don't ya know Remem skiing and ME DC Caterina Munti Katia 129 Iewett Street Fontanesi tltalyi Barry, College Io Ricordero per sempre con placere quest anno e tutti. I mie amici di A Blocke S.T.L.S.I.D. Mary Ellen Nugent 235 Webster Street Warren, Palmer, College Remember, Take work lightly but pany hard Love Shelley, Mr. Merritt and swimming. INFV and keep smiling. Daniel Leo Polonsky Day, Meadowbrook Murry Road "Life is just a bowl of cereal." Mikey C, 1971 David Matthew Teeven 57 Southgate Park Warren, Riley, Working Transition '78 Office '76 AS BR MM GL. Time to hit the road. Mooseborn YCC ES Michael Stephen Toney 64 Rutland Street, Watertown West Iunior tWat.I, Bacon To be an electrician See ya later. Eric Vona Ken "D" 15 Dove Street Palmer, ? Bglhockey. So long to CFDPDB and to Ioe MR 74 i i A-ug I! 1 353.25 72-is "Well, you see there was this shark . . " "Is someone looking at me?" uid S td, I think I just stitched my finger." fp 1 Ib-'U i Q gs.. 54 ,l i, -Q -,vw-+ ,il smug, "l'll take Dallas by five points The Chalet that lack built. 1 2 "Are you sure she has the same dress designer as jackie O?" ! ,X A X XY X ? 1 1. 2 P! 71 A I 1 l 3 1 : 1 u l 5 5 s . 1 x f ,V 1 .un M ffx ,, .X ,- X . V ii f l. , 'N' W. I 45' AQ 2' ' 4 N xk db- X X K, fm L v 'S,sff ff 1 M' W 'N 'N Nxg-if 1 W I , r J 1 XL' ff 4. V A 50 1 N f V J uw ff 5 Vu 'VW X f I f xv! .1 , ww! wi f f' M STX X1 L,, X 47 t fx 1 MN' UMA ' ffl!! 'fix K 1 LX VRML ff! W I W 'Nfl X Hffff 'LLLLVN fly X1 ff f1f,f! ff f M X ff ff ffff-fx, 276 I M! HU ff ff M W geo Waban Market Inc. IO Windsor Road Waban, Mass. FEATURING PRIME MEATS 81 GOURMET SPECIALTIES CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OE 1978 The News Tribune Auburndale C0-Operative Bank SILVER PATRONS CROWLEY'S STATIONERS WISI-INOW'S SUPERMARKET KERRIGAN BROS. TEXACO WABAN SHOE REPAIR OCCASIONS PLUS, INC. RITA and RICHARD FREUDBERG ONE MORE TYME DR. G. FASMAN PATRONS CIOLD PATRONS THE WOLF FAMILY STEPHEN'S VILLAGE BARBER SHOP Mr. and Mrs. Luther R. Manning Ir. BORIS COLOR LABS Priscilla M. and lohn Douglas Leith CONGRATULATIONS TO AN EXCELLENT NEWTONIAN STAFF MOORE 84 MOORE PAINT 84 WALLPAPER CO. 323 Washington Street Newton BOBBY'S FRUIT 301 Centre Street Newton Corner BEST OF LUCK FROM GARDEN CITY OIL A Q C t 'Ili I th CIassof'78' The Senior Class Committee On behalf of the Balfour Corn- pany, we would like to extend our sincere con- gratulations and the best of luck in the years ahead. Balfour Iewelry's Finest Craftsmen Represented by RGB OFFICE Box 822 Oakridge Avenue Norlh Attleboro, MA 02760 SAL RIZZO YEM MEE RESTAURANT CHINESE 8. POLYNESIAN FOODS 2036 Comm. Ave, Auburndale 527-0725 THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY 244-2794 349 Auburn Street, Auburndale, MA Rental 64 Sales on Crutches, Canes Wheel Chairs 8 Hospital Equipment Compliments of IADE ISLAND 870 Walnut Street Newton Centre MIDNITE FOODS AND LAUNDROMAT Groceries Subs Pizza Hot Foods 719 Washington St, Newtonville Tel. WA4-4498 Established 1932 Nonantum Lumber Company Inc. True Value Hardware "Buy Where The Builder Buys" 430 Pleasant Street Watertown, Mass. The Tux Shop, Inc. Formal Wear Specialists Complete Line of Men's Formal Wear Rental and Sales Thomas McCullough Home phone 894-3702 230 California Street Newton, Mass. 527-0459 EASTMAN'S FLOWER SHOP 370 Walnut Street 244-8150 Newtonville 244-6781 DISCLAND 290 Moody Street Waltham, MA 02154 894-4800 CONCRATULATES THE CLASS OF 1978 HANLON'S MEN'S SHOES, INC. "Happy feet wear Hanlon's Shoes" 484 Moody Street Watertown, MA 02154 965-3356 For All Sporting Needs AUBURNDALE SPORTS SHOP Professional Skate Sharpening 419 Lexington St, Auburndale, MA 02166 4 CENTRE MEAT MARKET 547 Comm. Ave. Newton Centre 02159 GOOD LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '78 NEWTON CENTRE MUSIC SHOP 839 Beacon Street Records, Sheet Music Instrument Rentals and Sales 332-3578 CARB DRUGS The Modern Apothecary Complete Cooperation With the physician The Discovery Shop 1304 Washington Street West Newton, MA CONGRATULATIONS To the Editor VVE'RE PROUD OE YOU! Your Family WABAN HILL ASSOCIATES 554-6 Comm. Ave. Newton Centre 964-1832 COAL INC. 811 Washington Street Newtonville, MA 02160 KEN KAYE KRAFTS HARRIS CYCLERY 1294 Washington Street, West Newton A Rainbow of Arts and Crafts Supplies lRt' l6l' Mass' Colors, Ideas and Information 863 Washington Street Newtonville, Massachusetts 527-1206 Oldest authorized Motobecane and Raleigh dealers Now featuring the Motobecane motorbikes 244-1040 I I x . K V GM 1 K Xp...-f 1 fix M 7 ii . J 1 Y 4 S Q 1 I I N W- ' 1 'R 1 L 1 ' fl g Rx ...fa x if . . g f' ss... A - V X, if .1 , li! i IL r s 4 I I r i f .. -An.: ,,,,, , -r.' ' Ju. -- '. I'1.4 . ' '. 'I 11 .""JS"i-F' tin' 111- .Y A .f - -. ' 4' . I' ' .I ' ' 5 ' A.. .. 4 M , ...Li-,...,:..A ff:':f4Qu,3 . ..' f 1 . A .

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