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..,.-W.-.1103 -- . mf, ,.w-.-, r .f i I I ' ---W-. . .,- N . . r V' Q-S -I 'vi M i ' '7' , - , rig! - 4 1 'fpfi' is View ' 5 L ' '41 sf'7'S.??'7ff"5 -, - '4s.vlif'EVL -ii-,v :I H V A5fL'.g:4?5Fw, -1 gift. sr, v. -r" 3 33 If . .LZ ffl. ' F. ,,,.. --f" 'tri f '!" . ' 1 Z' Hg b,,,1 Z' ., v .ff 4 1 , gr, -L' rt f' ..-5 -.fn 4 r q.4n'1 ' . - ,.A"'1 " - A A- 'V-la-,, ui N Z- fx JT-im-, ..l-YQ: ,-.-. ww, . -. "".:l. ' "15'.," , .,. . ,,..4. . . ..,-2832" . ,. W, .. ff'-'T ' A. 1: NEVVTON FREE LIBRARY NEVVTUN, MASS. Bl 'iii Departments 8 I 4 Clubs 52 Seniors 72 Arts 178 Sports 196 Ads 264 IQ 1 ,- 5 EQ 1 'L'-'?""-V .xxx-v l r ' K 3. ..---H. I. li w' ' gg R. I 55' .p gif 4 fl! Y Q 'Ll A X X' 4 ., 'u K f J ' ' L H N 1lJlllL MAIN ,Mia ll Vlffjllln X l nflfzfff - ... DEPT S , Y- W P , -V . .,.-M. -i. W Q .W H ul'-, ' 1' '. X " " 'xv -. -.Ju , - ,,,, ,. , ..-,L 41 -A ' t rr I 1 7 " 9 , 4 L ,5 - . x:.j':xM,5'1f,,. . . ,lm " -. ' ' ' ' ' ' , -V Y- U ' 1 vi ' A- '51 I : 7 ,52ai-39:61 X' QU.. ' ' :A . .asf , " .3-wg-24.1 - f A V I i, , , ,4:i -A-ii,?, . U ?3:,:1:A.j-Mn' 45 11 .1 x . f ' TWV .rf X' ,fri . T' . Q u fi cl Q r ' 'fu b "g1'gl'TVAw4 lu L X , .: .b . -f +4- 1 1. , '. J- - Y W 'D f' A l1fl1...l ' -4.1 W 4 Viil f -I I 1 . 4 r - ' .QQV N . r' l fn A ,. ,W .av . ff' its 7 7' , .dir 1.11 Richard W. Mechem, Principal PORTRAIT OF A PRINCIPAL Mr. Richard Mechem has been the principal of Newton North High School since 1960. Born in Evanston, Illinois, he attended Illinois public schools in Lake Forest, St. Paul's School in New Hampshire, and Harvard College in Cambridge from.which he graduated with honors. He married his wife. Jane, in 1944, and they had three children: Richard, George, and Ann. He also attended the Harvard Graduate School of Education where he received a Masters Degree. Mr. Mechem worked as a teacher, housemaster, and coach at St. Paul's School, and was Director of Studies there for two years. He then acted as Principal of Walnut Hills High School in Ohio, and finally went on to become Principal at Newton North. He is interested in Philosophy, Sociology, Shakespeare, and Sports, and is currently the Trustee and President of the Judge Baker Guidance Center, as well as a member of both the Commission on Public Secondary Schools and the New England Association of Schools and Colleges: and a Trustee of the Children's Hospital Medical Center. As Principal, Mr. Mechem has a vast amount of responsibilities. He supervises the curriculum, the house plan, and various student activities, and discusses the schooI's problems with students, faculty, department heads, housemas- ters, and parents. He must determine what changes and improvements are necessary in the school in response to student and parent ideas, and must contact the people needed to facilitate these changes and work out any financial or educational problems. In his position of leadership, Mr. Mechem is greatly admired by both the students and the faculty. His personal qualities of honesty, integrity, and courage stand out in the minds of those who know him. He knows what he wants to do and is never afraid to state his position. Through his experience and training, he has acquired a strong personal committment to the individual, along with knowledge, skill, and a sense of humor. Although the ultimate responsibility of the school is his, he is always willing to listen to the ideas of others with an open mind, and ready to lend his support and leadership. ' This year Newton High's major problems were ventilation, financial cut-backs, the parking area, and the pool. The class of 1977 did not see them all solved, but they were constantly being worked on and solutions were being sought. In spite of these difficulties, Mr. Mechem felt that this year was a good one, and that this class was an excellent one. He felt the students were bright, active, enthusiastic, and athletic, and that they were relaxed with the school and the faculty which made for a healthy learning situation. As the class of 1977 leaves Newton North High School, we thank Mr. Mechem for all he has done, and he extends his wishes to us for a bright and successful future. U Q- -5 'f f,,,,yN. 1' 1 .. m 'hm . lm Atwood P. Dunham, Administrative Assistant xx Orrin M. Brawn, Director Of Technical Vocational Dept wf1 Marjorie Billings Secretaries 3 if if: A iiw,w -N ,uyzq i' .liz ?l13? - 'm"f4fbf xt . "Hu- Eugenia Copeland Marie Esposito Miriam Feinberg 8' Ruth Ginsberg Frances Goodman Ann Kelleher Elizabeth Linde 1 .1 Elsie MCD9l'm0ff Lilliam McKenney Mary Miscella Margaret Sadler Celestine Saleeby Flo Turner Mary Turner Maria Danca SFA 4 Q N- 'Il--- 4 ' ' -Y The Student Faculty Administration is the representative body of the school community. It consists of thirteen voting members, their alter- nates and two non-voting members. This year the Co-Chairmen were Danny Goldhagen, a student member, and John Amoroso, a faculty member. Aside from the S.F.A.'s job of "promulgating regulations and policies affecting the operation of the school," the S.F.A. worked hard this year to improve the communications between the S.F.A. and the school community. A sug- gestion and communication table was provided for students and faculty. This way, the school community could find out more about the S.F.A., make constructive suggestions and voice their opinions. This was a very productive year for the S.F.A. Some important accomplishments were work- ing with the school committee and giving them ideas about the allocation of money and the budget. Also regulations were instituted con- cerning areas of the school which were out of bounds to the students. The S.F.A. was able to quickly deal with problems and suggestions that arose because of their excellent organiza- tion and the improved school community in- put. F I' i 1 4 V' B e a I s FIRST ROW - CL TO RJ Mrs. Lynn Rossman, Debbie Degenhart, Pam Cederlund, Mimi Wolfson, Liz Charm, Cathy Goldwait. SECOND ROW - Peter Paradise, President Donald Egan, Chris Peters, Alex Craven, David Hinchey, Holly Lammele, Andrea Lipman, Sec'y Laura Martin, Treasurer Cathy Amantangel CMissing: Vice President Pam Pritchettj. Beals House Council This year's Beals House Council officers were President Donald Egan, Vice-President Pam Prichett, Treasurer Kathy Amatangel, and Secretary Lau- ra Martin. Mrs. Rossman, who teaches English and a film class was the Faculty advisor. These officers were elected in Febru- ary by the members of the council. The members them- selves were approved by Beals Housemaster, Richard Adams. The council had it's own per- manent homeroom in 3263 where all of the members got together to plan and discuss their activities. Some of these activities included their spon- soring several Newton North High School dances as well as holding pizza and bake sales. Their major fund-raising event E up Richard Adams ..--3? ff 'U for the year was a spaghetti dinner held at the Post 440 in Nonantum. This year marked the beginning of an annual Beals House outing. The outing was planned to get members of Beals House acquainted with each other. One of the house's goals was to support the Beals House Scholarship Fund with the money that they had collected within the year. Mr. Adams chose the recipient of the scholarship from a list of stu- dents who qualified on the ba- sis of scholastic achievement, effort and overall cooperation. Beals House had another successful year getting to know each other by working togeth- er to support the Scholarship Fund. Esther Aronson Katherine DiRusso Norman Gaudet Florence Festinger Although more concerned with unifying Adams House, the Adams House Council this year succeeded in fund raising, as well as socially conscious activities. The Council was under the leadership of President Connie Gleason, Vice-President Patsy Nicolazzo, Secretary Patty Lavorgna, Treasurer Alexis Rosenoer, Publicity Manager Beth Banks, and Faculty Advisors Stan Bornstein and Kit Ober. The Council figures heavily in all of the Clean Air Action petitioning. They worked constantly on improving their commons room. The annual Before Thanksgiving Hunger Day to raise money for Care and Oxfam was a success. The rest of the year the Council conducted endless programs including apple picking and selling, and the Student-Faculty Talent Show to raise money for the Adams House scholarship fund. 'B fax F Florence Taplin V FIRST ROW - CL TO RJ Ed Bresnahan, Mandy Johnston, Amy Levin, Roslyn Brisson, Debbie McDonald. SECOND ROW - Sheila Casey, Mary Sheehan, Helen Biziak, Peggy Tenant, Jane Kaye, Anne Cronin. THIRD ROW - Stan Bornstein, Publicity Manager Beth Banks. Sec'y Patty Levorgne, President Connie Gleason. Vice President Patty Nicolazzo, Treasurer Alexis Rosenoer, Kit Ober. i X X 1 I ili'. 'I L.1....'lX, S,-L33 Michael Gradone Once again the Palmer House Council had a successful and exciting year. With the organizing leadership of President Judy Rollings, Vice-President Diana Cohen, Treasurer Nancy Vetstein, Secretary John Carleen and Advisor, Palm- er House Housemaster, Michael B. Gradone, the council brought the famous "Expo" to Main Street. Expo Main Street was truly a phenomonal success, most certainly a highlight of the N.N.H.S. Open Campus activities. In October and November, the council undertook the sale of fresh oranges-yes, delicious Florida Sunshine Oranges-to students and faculty at N.N.H.S. Considring the scrumptuous delights offered by various cultural clubs at "Expo" and the oranges sold in October and November, it would be fair to say that Palmer House Council successfully satisfied our appetites. Funds received from "Expo" and the orange sale will be graciously donated to several charities. -ff Helen M. Leone Ann Nicoletta 4'-f, 7j4?x 'L' 'EL' FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Vice President Diana Cohen, Treasurer Nancy Vetstein, Debbie Feinstein. SECOND ROW- President Judy Rollins, Susan Shannon, Hope Wolfson, Secretary Jon Carleen. This year Riley House had a strong coun- cil. The council functioned under the leader- ship of President Elizabeth Schon, Vice- President Tom Arsenault, Secretary llene Cronan and Treasurer Sarah Fisher. Mr. Schreider, the faculty advisor was a large i asset to the council. The Riley House Council inspired large student participation through several suc- cessful programs. There were three House outings: a trip to a lodge in Millis, a ski outing e in the winter and the annual Spring outing. Riley House also worked hard to plan a se- ries of entertainment evenings consisting of fe X comedy, movies, cartoons and a game show night. Last, but not least, we were all grate- ful to Riley House for the delicious donuts and coffee every Wednesday morning. Edward Ffaktman Edith Raymgnd Cecilia Adams L 0 7 v Nb--if 3 X FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Vice-President Tom Arsenault, Treasurer Sarah Fisher, President Bootsie Schon, Secretary Eileen Cronin. MIDDLE ROW-QL TO RJ Faculty Advisor Don Crowley. Stu Werman, Bill Peterson, Kate Green, Louise McQuillan, Peter Ezerin, Maureen Fairbanks, Faculty Advisor Inez Dover. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Rachael Berg. Janice Ward, Lee Pendergast, Linda Berman, Alison Visco, Diana Fay. Kim O'DonneI, Faculty Advisor .lim Schreider, Mark Carone. 5 h, 'Ns X...-I Helen Ryan The Bacon House council had a profitable and exciting year. Beginning with apple-pick- ing in the fall, under the leadership of Presi- dent Joan Danziger and Vice President Tony Sirgo, the council continued to do great things. They sponsored a booth at a flea market in October, a bake sale and a com- edy night in November, and a toys for tots in December. They also ran an International night and had a booth on Expo Main Street. The proceeds went to support the adopted Indian boy, Levi King, and to Bacon House Scholarships. ills, ,.-P' is K Patricia Caira 1-1- Winifred Geiger -1.2 l J FR FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ, Ed Martens, Meredith Young, Amy Munsat, Cindy Stone, Stacy Landeau, Ellen Cutler, Nola Van Alstine, Sandra Kim. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ, Aaron Needle, Marc Johnson, Joan Danziger, Tony Sirgo, Elizabeth Young lleana Magos, Gail Like, Victoria Finlayson. APT' 5-9 -'Y il 1' Murray Road isn't just another program offered by Newton North. lt's not just academic classes and motivated students. Nor is it just athletics and sports teamsg music and drama, all school policy meetings, or parties and dances. It's all of these things- and more. More? Yes, more of the same, but lots of different things. Classes, for example. Someone's schedule could include Hard Working English, The Re- naissance, lntense Spanish and Junior-Year Math, as well as Theatre Arts, Psychology, Chinese Cooking and Oil Painting. There's room to explore the variety, room to try. Exploring new kinds of learning means lots of field trips and guest speakers, job internships, total immersion into a subject, Ctwo weeks on a reservation, studying the American Indianj, problem solving approaches to learning. Ex- ploring learning opportunities means going beyond Murray Road's faculty and having students, parents, graduate students and professionals teach. Since learning doesn't start at 8:15 and end by 2:30 every day, credit is given beyond the classroom. Building a harpsicord, teaching in the pre-school, keeping a journal while living on a Kibbutz in Israel- all these projects received credit. But Murray Road is more than a school and graduation requirements. lt's a supportive, accepting atmosphere. lt's seventy people all excited about a party they're going to have together. lt's being asked, "What's wrong?", when you look unhappy. lt's general frustration after an unproductive meeting, and a group yell. lt's a friend telling a friend, "I love you." I I I I ...g-,.. if 1 5 I I 'S I..- 'E' funfitl mgllb O W., o Wwmwwfll foo Ei swf F 4? Droplets in puddles I ,-" - . , 1"ff,f!4 f 1, " 'I 1,6 ' f 7 1' ,' f X ,Q-QV' , g X f 1' f 1' v if , f ff ff JZ? fr 1 if ff ff N 5' X HA., X ff X f of ,, i ,fff if ,ff ' ff- lf'N'f X- 119 f ,f i pyhz , ' f ,f in H: be ' Ha- ,, 1 + fr -.svmm f f 4fg' - , ,efzfg i , ff , uf- , " u v'-' X ,f fi f, 1" 'fo o f ff -rg i Li- '-X 1 Vi v -,m K .- ,. il .e . -'77 Form rings upon rings, Odd, wavy reflections Radiate out from each gem, The only monds go. telling where dia- Erica Sigal 5!21!76 u s Q Q Lax xl .18 ' ,s5X x I i fi 1 i JJ x U 1 Z WX ' xx ' xi, v x, L f 49549 IQAC 'ir ULU' 417772113 6 snag Uilebrakion Qarfik , .A , ' fl' . v W fbi..- fl -v-A ' Q. X.. 'K 4- . . A . ' A - I' U ' 'T . I F' ,X IL. 1 Transition, Newton North's alternative senior program, has had its third successful year. lt was both experientially and academically rewarding for the thirty-two students enrolled. They began the year, with their teachers Mike Morris and Ron Boucher, by perservering through a three day "surviv- al Experience" on Falmouth's Washburn Island. The Hrst semester in Transition was devoted to academics, fund-raising, and the preparation for the second semester's out-of-school projects. In the classroom, the students left school and began another educational process- the transition into the reality of the adult world. They participated in four month-long projects, each chosen by the individual student for its personal relevance, The first module, social service, included work in Head Start schools, juvenile rehabilitation programs, and legal services, Next, the urban module, students investigated various aspects of the city, using Boston as their resource. Popular this year was transportation. Topics included Mass. Transit, Logan Airport, and South Station. Some other subjects studied were industry, ethnic and religious communities and the media. For the third module, Transition students chose an occupation they were interested in. People elected to work on farms, apprentice in wood- working, journalism and numerable other fields. The last module. saved for warmer weather, was the two week wilderness canoeing trip, a 150 mile journey in the wilds of Maine. Although students were extensively prepared in lirst aid and survival skills, in addition to intensive physical conditioning, it was the fortitude, commitment, and perserverance of all those involved that led Transition successfully through the wilderness. Transition was a complete learning experience. The focus of the program is on the individual and his direct participation in the creation and mange- ment of his own learning, and a productive cooperation with others in pursuit of common goals. Transition students felt this emphasis provided for a learning experience they will long remember. kk . y., 'E . v -sf xf - 1 ' fa' -si awww-'1.Q-4 ! K4'..l w, b A In , J 'AN ' Q ' 1 , I . ,Q wtf. Z6 X Y Q, ' ,, ,,,. , . x L, Q Q 0 ' via, X A91 ar '55, sw uh fp! 11.1 1: f' Q11 -dnb Q-ini L'.1L:! E' he English '1 5 . ."- v, ' l J K , kilt Stan Bornstein George Bower Peter Capodilupu Selma Crevoshay Robert DePhoure lnez Dover Shirley Guignard Doug Harper nv' if Lori Borden I-.Aj ' George Bresnahan Don Burroughs , 5 Ethlyn Davis Tom DePeter John Fernandes Beth Goldman John Harris Ron Ingalls Barbara Killion Mary Lanigan Malcolm Marshall Lynn MOF1tague ,ap A David Outerbridge Mike Papa Alice Perry Anna Radzukinas Joe Rigali Lynn Rossman Miriam Sargon Ann Serafin Tom Schaefer Helen Smith Barbara Streibert Margaret Tavitian Norm Walker Burt Weiner Nancy Zimmet Marilyn Hubbard Language Dick Clark " HPI it Esther Cohen Franklin Davis RI Virginia Cox John D'Agnese ' plan 4 Jean Degnon Claire Fenn ,, Y ., gl - ii-1-iigwpll-in-rwli-inigiiniii-iii-gli T ga A r ' f JL 9 R . A f.,,4-.---tr 1:-1.7-1,-i, 'v L, i , , ff'-Y-'P 5-,gl -' If A I F P27 'mr!'ffn'fv'zzrrr'1"f'uuri- ,mir-fLr,' l" "'1 C ' 1 4 5 "-754' if F -....- - ' of ,Q WM, ag Ca '-.' 4 ff C gf , - W ifi' L-7 ' , - pgilgagtyztgs fq 2 -i.749 - ""Z f-s-'2"PEf:o 1l -fzf f, ' - C i eff '15.f.:e1:4gk 1- -lf:-2 ' f K f xliif r ii Emivdl- 5 .-. -- xx M Q'- ': -:fx- Y I , 4 . s I V 5 1- f f 'ii ' Xl. vw? 5 '- - ,,-f - gl, sn - , 9- . .l' -- ., ,N 5' A his -: fff -f - f f f f r Bernie Flanagan , 'iv ife-f --M Hilda Karp Miriam Meyer William Paul is Q C I ' 4 I .1 is D id SG! cg C . f 3 5 J Jw, Q ,aa. David Phelan Helen Saunders Russell Steinert :ga LX 4,1111-"" Joan Steinmuller Maria Vallone Mary Waters an f'i"fv 4-9 . . Lucien Weisbrod Marlene Yesley Math sin qos Sift cos sin cox sin cos sin cos-' X EI x ..... 3 " I 9 x 0 lL5"l5Q7S'CflO, , , l 0 D "q fi .gb ....-, X 'rp , ., A., . .W . . 'A xii' wr ffl V ' V fi ff .Q . I .We as-, , ,l 1 xr 4. 'V la .ai Ronald Barndt Phulrp Bowman Grainger Broming iv 5, A A . .1 -HM' , , f Q 14:91, .. ' ,s I4 A ' ' rg . i , , fy: 'IT' 4 x f-..., Q f 1 .-,, 1 , ,V -.r f L f. X Richard Burke Wulluarn Burns Annette Carpenter I ' ' f,-r L,- Marilyn Donlon Marjorie Flanagan Rose Ford l Meredith Ghattas Ina Heafitz ,, V' 1 fl 'i :gnu ' Jo-Ellen Hillyer Kathleen Hollowell Dick Mackler I . -Ag: Q? '.,- - 1 a.fffsrL59 ' if 1 '27 5 New '5 3' Q, a I BRifg wg-KE f X Peter Martin Lucy Rakov Reuben Rosen ' ifiiuw .S A 9 QV Mary Sapienza Jimmy Schreider Sharon Senk ,410 Offzzri. ff X f 1 n - I .. ' --fr - ,mf -1,2 , ,.,.... .0"f'f1'f'u"f '-'vlap:.f"':' A Jack Shapiro Paul Shapiro Flo Solomont Ray Stephens Esme Green C . I G F1 C G i ,1 Gretchen Ainley David Belmarsh Frank D'Agostino x' .Arif 1 Ruth Fernandes David Geikie A Gulc Q-11p1,, V1uinu' George Hahn Jack Hankin 4 Barrie Atkins Virginia Fano -T Deborah Gerstein 3 i S h 'S ' I-""'Sr 5 ,gifff " 1115" '-or e Xe.: Barry Howland F ,ai I I RW, R John Milne Stuart Rist I - in Frank Spitzer Sandy Wiper QQ Social Studies 7 7 2 ' X O l " ' Z1 4 UilXQS1li , f ix ll jmck - H1515 . ilglll A gl 5, oiifffl Q free: S 'UZEY ' Ni?-S .. W if Ni l we lb-:e in i x 4 N I A 4 I X ' X , Hg dvi i X X, X 5 I J R il -:Ll ill A 3 ,. ,J r-- ol ar 'P ,a-. T, , John Amoroso Ron Boucher Grainger Browning Don Crowley I flv O i D ,I-3 1 . ,J if. .- ' n Y . Nancy Dellrnuth Paula Evans Paul Gottlieb '- 4. N 'a-5.9 an -fx Mlm' GFOSSGV Scottie Guild Dee Handspicker Carol Horgan Helen Kalivas Justine Kent-Uritam John Livingston ,ff , Alan MacDougaIl Mike Morris Tim Murnane June Namias F' N' 9 . "3" V Vx'Ai it V V! , 1 - t' I I si' Kit Ober Roxanne Perlmutter Richard Reid Johanna Ross Ned Rossiter Ernie Wight Richard Wines , 3 f. V H l , T l f "' A 5' , fl Q X! ff il Z . ,A .- f Physical Ze 1 Ed t' ff, " k v of uca lon f , , - 'I Maureen Enos Ruth Frazuer Linwood Gatley fix -wg George Jessup Pam Jones Julia Cradle 'ull A . . - . A l Colleen Lynch Ben Merrltt Jim Ronayne sow Torn Wnllnams Fred Yantanes """' f Business ' R 93389-S M If JNfw2MwA Q Tag W WX yeeegggiieeei c Qeie-2-fwieevfcsesa is . ' ,,--nllll- Virginia Altieri Mildred Caram Leo Judge Mary Machakos John Meyer Libby Resnick , tw J 4' ,I 4 . Y -'V ' ' More Irene Roman Armando Rossi Rudolph Satlak AV R Vollin Wells Anna Nolan F1 ,- 60 'S bf Beryl Higgins Davida Movitz i William Rathbun Lloyd Schultz Jeff Silverthorne ,,fi,fN,,fx,,vfx-,-x-,-x-f-x-fx-,x-i-i-,x-i-l-1x- v2-2-g-2,2,L2,g-g-g,iv .vz. .Ji fa- vv- -if yy yy vw' 'vv vi vv vv Music FN I F I--1-4 E ..Le.,'j Y HUM Rick Benjamin Terri Bryant Gary Good 'i Dave Johnson Ray Smith Saul Stern gv-' Guidance Larry Allen Roberta Black Michael Bower Rosemary Colson Dr. Robert Delulio ' . i!sTffff R0beff Jackson Beverly Logan Maureen Prokopy XE' P Sam Grainger Dorinthe Sacks lub Robert Savidge Jay Snape Archibald Stark Ann Wolf 113. Library I - . ' 1 1 . K ,Q 6 B, E I s.ii:gllll Vx .. Q A K I f-B .l b., i, -N x " ' 590 , I - , ' ly: ,- Ax ll ' B I Edward Beatty Joe Connolly ,1- Xin- l"Q',-7' Z- g . ,I X '- Belle Gllbert Mabel Greeley 1 lK- als- ft? wgf' YH U74 we-'- Robert Duggan 1. Beverly Hurney N m -. .- ,xi 'L' .gif Q' fx 'Y '- 'A XI' --gf - 1 ' ' 5 Q -f f V x . 'xgyf Y , - l .411 I V A V ' n -5-Lx 'rt " '.' 'X--lg i 4 Dorathea Nabseth John Scanlon ff-ii N'1"Y : X X x Ann Caggiano V! va 13 I: 1: 11, 2: 1: ,D 15, 1 H 3 15 o r li' m G 15: 15' fl Kathleen Henighan G 9 1: I' 11 15' 15' C O E 15: U 1, ,D . 1: I 15' n 1: Saf-371 Danligef d if: 0 Dorothy Shriber 1- 2 11 'T' m"""""f1w-. n I P ,.. c 1, C G 15' S fi 1 1: 0 5-'M-..4.:.-, , 15 A 15' Myra Trachtenberg Carolyn Woodbury I , . W-ww,Av-Maawhfma D r IV e r s E d u c a t I o n A-Mfv-fffvmf in-ff' 9 , - lv .IL-1' 31142.51 Norman Swerling Ed Wiest Nurses AR 'L Margaret Burke Mary Gorman Learning Disabilities may HM fix Elizabeth Cornell Judith Freedman ,lr I , I' I Q- 120' Ur' Janet Ginsberg Winifred Green Tobe Marshall ' 1 'al Mary Stanton Eva Weiner Clara Friedman 'ln Special Needs L"- Charles Brinton Robert Chalmers Hearing Impaired Program 1,49 .'Mfl" - l ,jaxmfii "hh sk 'QA Michael Bello Gloria Bernstein John Carroll Margaret Flaherty Elizabeth Mantandon Betty Ann Prinz L. V ln 1 ,, fr V X P 9. 9. Technical Vocational Frank Caontu Al DIPOII Ax 5 -1 "'s John Colller Jr. Louas Campbell Charles Day 1' 'W Wullnam Doherty Gerald Hegarty Charles MacLeod ., l 5X Ward Manghue Stan Gardner X Y Paul Moore Patrlck Nicolas Wllllarn Parmenter 1'-5"-XX ' 1 I . 5 its Anthony Penta Ernest Reppuccl Joseph Ryan 'nf ,Q 1 NA '55 Edward Sahagian Charles Stevens James Sullivan Charles Texeira Sam Visco Stanley Wolaszek - . . 1' Q' l N 'I ' jj? ',ga':::E:, ':.':"2-'I-2 , , 4 . 'x f ' 'X A I - 1 1 6,9077 fi L: -4-all ig X. 71 x x "' S ' , x, Q A . b"-'-'ev- Xsxaxr I .VX 5 1 4?3x ra. QX J 'd ,Il A A' 15" .. I C I- 1, -1 .- - A is x 1 I 1' H. I U f- 'I 19 'iw , v ', a '94, I A . 'X i ---111-.45 . MTN ,aa s l . l .NX QQ UL 2- "-I-it 7' 'WE ' -r 'U 'vcr' , I MH ' 5- n Q '- I p, f L I w , N is 1" I I 'V ' - sw Q" W g1'x,N I J 4 S. ,Z-nv-g LLLSCQL Q , 1 -.- X xx 9, 5 Za' -1. .1 -f Q . . xxx lx .K , ..-X ' i. ni 'W-4.1 A 5-93,5 Q V i fn f f ' Q Z iii! ,M 5 1 I 1 . 411 PQN5 I I 1 , i Iflik F ' ' E f I I . ' 3 . f bf . N -ft f ' V - . -:IK an 3....... ....,, W P- ! , ' 53 2 3 Q .E lm ' K fx F N XX Qi W C-'21-3 s?j'Q2Q X x xf xg fi " " "" 'M4' lif- I X N VX 1 X U WLS 4 x M-if fb 03 XX l N 1 f i 47 oo' x 5 'Rf if 7 ffnkxfg? Uooxfyj, 1 X X O5 fjfgfif I . I K U N ffl? U 19 15 ,pg K X X X N89 3 E93 Q3 f ., ,,,,A ,-wl..W X, CLUB 5 A Senior Class Committee 'FW l Ll .u wi. if .11 '9'-Legg, ' . -3 Jane Passanisi - Treasurer . Q 4' , CP: Tom DePeter - Faculty Advisor, Rusty O'Dowd - Senior President, James H. Snider - Senior Vice President Anne Holzmann - Secretary The Senior Class Committee was full of spirit and enthusiasm. Rusty O'dowd - President, and James Snider - Vice President lead the zealous committee. The senior class sponsored an Apple Picking Weekend, Senior Day, an Emblem and Lyric Contest, Festivity Night, five dances, and of course the traditional Prom and Graduation. James Snider's business knowledge aided the commit- tee in successful fund-raising. The senior class sold mini foot- balls, NNHS pencils, pom- poms, tiger buttons, and NNHS tote bags. The legacy that this senior class has left is the new lyrics to the NNHS song, and the new emblem which appeared on our class mugs, as a result of the contests. The senior class had a home- room with fifty students. The committee was affiliated with the Rally Committee and their rigor helped to increase the school spirit of the class of 1977. FRONT ROW: CL TO RJ James H. Snider, Rusty O'Dowd. SECOND ROW: CL TO RJ Elizabeth Avery. Holly Wallace. Lucia Antonellis. THIRD ROW: CL TO RJ Susan Trumball, Mr. DePeter, Wendy Siegal. Jane Passan- issi, Anne Holzman, Debby Silverstein, Jeannie Bernard. Julie Boskin. Open Campus The Open Campus program this year was more successful than ever, benefit- A 'f' ing a wide range of students with many and varied interests. One of the main ' ' 1 Q functions of Open Campus was to spread information to the student body . N ' 1' ' through various programs, and being an election year this was particularly impor- . A t tant. Candidates such as Drinan and Mason were heard, and the political scene , -X4 f' was highlighted by the appearance of Senator Kennedy. The referenda issues V .Q 5,65 x g , ' 13. -- -f 1' were informatively covered and debates on the E.R.A. and Public Power ensued. -- 1 .M There was also a two-week program on Defense and the Military Industrial Complexg a unit on ecology, and a discussion on consumer rights featuring one of Ralph Nader's henchmen. The movies ran the gamut from old Beatles flicks to ROMEO AND JULIET. During the unit on old age, Ruth Gor- don starred in her immortal film, HAR- OLD AND MADE. There were two other exceptionally well done units: the fam- ily, Marriage and Divorce, and the year ended with several live shows from the POCKET MIME THEATRE and the BOS- TON REPERTORY THEATRE. Open Campus put a lot of spice into school life this year, and Richard Scherr, the Open Campus Co-Ordina- tor deserves much credit. Through the various programs and special units, students were kept interested, in- formed, and occupied during their out- Of-CIEISS time. FRONT ROW CL TO RJ- Stephen Fanger, Liz McNary, Sue Rosen, Robin Reisman, Helen Hollins, Janice Ward, Joshua Chernin. SECOND ROW QL TO RD- Debbie Boates, Kathy Stone, Emelia, Julie Drucker. THIRD ROW CL TO RJ- Kitty Gerome, Lauren Bufferd, Carrie Burnstein, Linde Annis, Leslie Engelsman. FOURTH ROW QL TO RJ- Andrea Lipman, David Salow, Dan Coggins. FIFTH ROW CL TO RJ- Beth Boates, Jackie Cohen. Richard Scherr-Coordinator Rally Committee Spreading the school spirit is the chief purpose of the Rally Committee. The Committee is run solely by student members who plan and take all responsibility for their activities. The Rally Committee officers for 1976-77 were: President Holly Turin, Vice-President Sherry Rist, Secretary Pam Blue, and Treasurer Mary Nardone. Membership quickly grew to nearly sixty students. The committee met in the cafeteria during x-block every Tuesday to plan many activities including bake sales, a carwash, and a very successful garage sale which brought in one hundred and fifty dollars. Money from these activities was used to sponsor the Rally Committee's party at Post 440 in Nonantum and their annual Football and Soccer dinner. The Rally Committee's annual motorcade through Newton suc- cessfully started a spirited foot- ball season. During the Football season the committee gathered in mass for home and away games to support the cheer- leaders in cheering on the team. The Rally Committee was Newton North's "Spirit of '76"! FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Wendy Siegle, Susan Trumball, Sheri Rist, Holly Turin, Julie Boskin, Anne Holzman, Jackie Saganov, Jeannie Bernard, Michelle Chisholm. MIDDLE ROW-CL TO RJ Pam Kenney, Roberta Lahey, Debbie Catanzaro, Sherry Manes, Cheryl Foley, Debbie Silverstein, Pam Blue, Mary Nardone, Heidi Cutter, Lori Boskin, Elise Leppo. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Laura Catagnino, Gayle Whiting, Nancy Grossman, Susie Reichard, Cindy Castagnino, Sandy Adler, Mary Lou McCarthy, Kathy Gardner, Karen Bengston, Jane Passanisi, Marcene Mitchell, Marci Shapiro, Mary Stavis, Mary Beth Whittaker, Paulette DuBois, Kelley MacLean. Armenian Club ?9 F-...I '1,, ,gb A . W' .li :EY K re 3. 'T J "" . . x' , , . Kfreii-ff..., -sk, -- 'vim Ne. 2 1 x , A ' L .., . QL TO RJ Mr. Sahigian, Chuck Vanetian, Alan DerMarderosian, Gary Eynation, David Donabedian. Sam Bachar. French Club QF xl ' v FIRST ROW-CL TO RJ Heidi Bronstein, Randy Reise, Debbie Robbins, Natalie Wattine, Stacy Landau, Elise Supovitz-co-president, Lisa Gelin-co-president, Caroline Jacobs. SECOND ROW-CL TO RJ Ilse Pistone, Eric Hintsa. Anita Wenngren, Laurie Schnee, Lisa Alberts-secretary, Elaine Fiore. THIRD ROW-KL TO RJ Susan Malloy, Tim Riviere, Peter Ezrin, Ellen Kim, Martine Culbertson. Yvonne Yannoni, Mr. Trubiano-advisor, Grace Tang, Nina Gleekman, Eleanor Ruggerio, Laura Rogovin. BACK ROW-CL TO Rl Jiff McGarry-treasurer, MaryAnn Malloy, Carole Kennedy, Donna Richards, Nancy Shaw, Lauren Jones, Jenny Altshuler. The Armenian Club started off its second year with its five members: Gary Eynation, Da- vid Donabedian, Alan Dermar- deroshian, Tony Pahigian, Charles Vanesian and their ad- visor, Mr. Edward Sahagian. It offered an opportunity for so- cializing among Newton North students sharing a common Ar- menian heritage. They spon- sored a lecture on the history and politics of the Near East in order to share part of their Ar- menian culture with the entire student body. When enough students are interested in learning the Armenian Ian- guage, they hope to start a lan- guage class at N.N.H.S. The French Club met weekly during X-Blocks. This year's ad- visor was Mr. Carmine Tru- biano. Elise Supovitz and Lisa Gelin were the presidents. The positions of secretary and trea- surer were filled by Lisa Alberts and Jiff McGary. With the help of it's sixty members, the French Club had a fondue party, a' French lan- guage day, participated in the French play, took a trip to Paris during February vacation, and a trip to Quebec in April. lt's principal goal was to be- come more involved in French activities, and the club achieved this goal. German Club FRONT ROW: CL TO RD Lynn Hartyl, David Kaufman, Keith Mahon, Veronique Douchet, Beth Klerman, Nancy McGary. BACK ROW: QL TO RD Warren Heepes, Ann Mahon, Mr. Clark, Brenda Staley, Martine Culbertson, Gary Fai. Missing: Steven Sepinuck, Gordon Wolfe, Steve Riviere. Italian Club -Y FIRST ROW- CL TO RJ Mark Coron, Marie Rogoli, Diane Marini, Ms. Valone, Donna Rondina, Elaine DiMatteo, Yolanda Copola. SECOND ROW- CL TO RJ Cindy Castagnino, Danny DiBona, Clara Montillo. THIRD ROW- CL TO RJ Mike Moracian, Ed Martins, Tonna Terranova. Jill Cardilla, Millie Delicata, Lisa Guzzi, Anna Marzilli, Arlene Belli,Patty Leone, Jack Daley, Kathy Pepe, Nick Nico- Iazzo, Anthony Caruso, Bruno, Cheryl Foley. The "Deutscher Verein" has ex- sisted as an active organization at NNHS for many years. Its purposes are to stimulate interest in German- ic culture and encourage a pleasant social atmosphere outside the class- room. Executive meetings are held bi-monthly and general meetings five or six times a year. There are two traditional func- tions of the "Verein": a reception for foreign born students at NNHSg and a cheese fondue dinner. This year the officers, President Brenda Staley, Vice-Presidents Lynn Hartl and Steve Sepinuck, Secretary Liz Pfund, and Treasurer Scott Ma- comber, had a ski trip to New Hamp- shire, a windjammer cruise of Bos- ton Harbor, and a musical evening. Italian Club The Italian Club was one of the most active groups this year. Its pur- pose was to give Italian students an identifying organization, to en- hance culture through Italian festivi- ties and to stress the importance of the study of Italian at N.N.H.S. This year's club officers were President Donna Rondina, Vice- President Danny DiBona, Treasurer Diane Marine, Secretary Marie Ri- goli, and Social Chairman Elaine Di- Matteo. They arranged such suc- cessful programs as the Spaghetti Supper, a trip to Italy, and the Italian Club Banquet. The Italian Club mem- bers also generously donated trick or treat candy to a children's home. .Q 2 U To -I-I C .Q 'A L O 1 .,f i 4:1 I f ii lt The Oriental Club prom- ised an exciting year for stu- dents interested inthe beau- ty of the Far East. Under the - leadership of Young Pak and advisor Mrs. Selma Crevor- shay, the club learned about the Oriental Culture, 60 stu- dents attended the Oriental tea. The club learned about Oriental Art, Bonzai, calligra- phy and listened to guest lecturers. FRONT ROW: CL TO RJ Ellen Kim, Young Pak, Martha Moy, Rosanna Pang. BACK ROW: CL TO RJ Peter Pang, C. J. Lee, Karen Rodman, Karen Sasahara. Ms. Chin, Gary Fai, The Russian Club has once again ful- filled its three year socio-cultural pro- gram in two and a half years. In their struggle toward a brighter future, their cadres have emerged unified and strengthened. In the course of these two and a half years the membership has been collectively subjected to an Octobrist expedition, a Russian Ortho- dox Easter church service, and vast quantities of starchy and greasy Rus- sian food. ln the pursuit of world peace and brotherhood they have overlooked Sino-Soviet ideological differences and consented to a dinner and a round-ta- ble discussion in a Chinese restaurant. T -,quc"i. ,Qt Russian Club Wi ax -.2 ,. ' ., TV ,x A Q1 fy 'G 3, FRONT ROW: CL TO RJ Peter Tang, Frank Kosa, Sharon Cornu, Karen Sasahara. SECOND ROW: QL TO RJ Stephanie Hudner, Dan Gordon, David Rosenberg, Laura Rogovin, Mr, Weisbrod. Carrie Goldberg, Adena Cohen, Mike Wilkinson. Spanish Club U iiwl 1 This year the Spanish Club was the most enthusiastic group in recent memory. It was also the largest. The club had fund raising activities such as bake sales and taco sales in order to support a Columbian girl. The board of officers was Eve Leeman, Andrea Lip- man, Kellie McHugh, and Lois Graham. The faculty advisor was Ms. Dagnon. The club attended the Whole World Celebration in Boston, and they held their own Fiesta, for the second year in a row, in the International Cafe. There was food and dancing from Latin American and Spain, and, and it was quite a successful event. B FRONT ROW: CL TO RJ Barbara Crowder, Liza Paige, Roberta Oliver, Juanita Ricker, Dana Rosario, Adrienne Porter, Karen Pryce. SECOND ROW: CL TO RJ Karen Burns, Patty Hunter, Janice Dyles, Robert Jackson, Lita Rosario, Beth Banks, Terri Turner, Rose Fontine, Kim Abrams. THIRD ROW: KL TO RJ Michael Gittens, David Walton, Timmy Pruce, Chris Costa. wiv? 'L FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Chris Kendall, Karen Zuffante, Amy Silin, Stacey Bonner, Kathy McHugh, Martha Fernandez, Eve Leeman, Joyce Cohen, Scott Reilly, Leigh Graham, Kellie McHugh, Lois Graham, Margie Leith, Andrea Lipman, Marcia Patteson, Ann Mahon, Sue Mann, Nancy Gill. The Black Student Union at New- ton North High experienced some problems this year. Their bid for a special room for black students to meet during school time was unsuc- cessful. For this reason, the union had some trouble organizing them- selves. The Black Student Union was ori- ginally formed when the Metco pro- gram was first implemented at N.N.H.S. The membership of the union is now extended to all black students. Approximately 35 stu- dents regularly attended meetings. According to their advisor, social studies teacher Mr. Scotty Guild, the union acted as a "security group". It gave the black students a chance to get together and discuss the problems they faced, being black in a predominantly white school. As a club at Newton North, the Black Student Union planned and carried out various activities. Black History Week was on the drawing board this year. Successful in other years, it was a time when several activities, sponsored by the union, were planned with the aim to inform the N.N.H.S. community about black history and culture. The Black Student Union should not be confused with the Office of Black Student Affairs which was a proposal to grant permission to Beals housemaster Mr. Richard Adams and Mr. Guild to have a special room to be used to counsel black students on furthering their education. I '7V51 -' n 3 ""ff' 9 l' Fl au Tb ' I 0 'Sl fl 3 B r i d 8 e C I u b .J BACK ROW- CR TO LJ Co-President Robert Resnick, Co-President Alan Katz, Co-President Mike Segre, Co-President Ross Albert, Karen Rodman, Carey Goldberg, Eryn Monahan. FRONT ROW- KRTO LJ Steven Wolfe, Treasurer Steve Karel, Becky Levin, Chris Buck, Roger Wolfe, Peter Cutler, Steven Resnick, Allison Burroughs, Eric Hintsa. S-AKJ5, H-KQ3, D-Q42, C-Q83 1 Passl? "When in doubt, win the trick"- Hoyle. A new star on the social horizon, the NNHS Duplicate and Contract Bridge Society and Coffee Club had its most successful year evertlt was its first year everj. Organized under its new charter to promote the causes of bridge-playing and coffee- drinking, the Bridge Club surpassed all expectations. Drawn to the weekly duplicate tournaments by the ever-present enticement of cof- fee and doughnuts, the member- ship grew both in quality and in quantity. Under the fearless leader- ship of Seniors Michael Segre, Ross Albert, Alan Katz, Robert Resnick, and Steven Karel, the club estab- lished a tradition of missed slams, renegs, and improbable bidding. Other events included a champion- ship tournament, a coffee-drinking orgy, and a card-throwing contest. I. . .- .-.1 1 , ' uw if This year's Chess Club had perhaps the most zealous membership of any organization in the school. Under the leadership of President Mark Silver, they devoted all their free time to the perfection of their games. This year's activities include a round-robin tourna- ment to rank the players and competi- tion with other schools. AA -2.1. 6 S S C I u b z . . X FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Michael Quirk, President Mark Silver, Vice-President Douglas Stangler, Geof- frey Chin, MIDDLE ROW- KL TO RJ Philip Hark, Perry Orent, Kevin Malloy, Chris Larson, Karl Wright, Jerry Greenberg. BACK ROW- CL TO Rb Brenda Heller, Galen Brooks, Ted Nelson, Michael Moy. 'E a'-,-, i x! X xf BACK ROW- CL TO R5 Tony Pahigian, Anna Kittzis, Ann Mahon, Elizabeth Pfund, Lauren Pollard. Liz McNary, Amy Moller, Presidents Jim Nolan, Veronique Douchet. Qui Chau, Holly Wallace, Anita Wenn- gren, Mark Trafton, Peter Carmichael, Alan Katz. FRONT ROW- QL TO RJ Lotta Jensen, Jennifer Mennel, Nola Van Alstine, Fariba Sanikhatam. Penny Woods, Sandra Kim, Diana Cohen, Tammy Civetti. The International Club was formed this year after the American Field Service program dissolved last fall. The International Club formed so that foreign students who attended North could have a place to get to- gether and make new friends. The Club .presidents this year were Seniors Jim Nolan and Veroni- que Douchet. The club had a very successful year, with a membership of over twenty-five students both foreign and American. The group planned several lectures and par- ties. A dinner featuring foods from many countries was also planned by the club. This proved to be both a culinary and financial success. Faculty advisor Miss Nancy Dell- muth was very optomistic over this year's club and expects even more members and a busier schedule next year. O r 8 Fl 8 e B o o ks Among the many publications at N.N.H.S. is the Orange Book. Pub- lished annually, it is given to every Sophomore on the first day of school. The book is an aide to the student in getting to know Newton North. It lists the many clubs, activities, rules and regulations, and faculty mem- bers that make up our school. This year's staff under the super- vision of Advisor Mr. Raymond Ste- phens and Editor Lisa Spencer, met twice a week, updating the previous Orange Book in preparation for in- coming Sophomores. ln a school the size of our, the Orange Book is a very important l and worthwhile publication, and l was a great help to many this year. FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Advisor Ray Stevens, Editor Lisa Spencer. BACK ROW- CL TO Ry Donna Karsh, Susan Bloom, Karen Jones, Diana Fai, Marcia Golden, Debbie Silverstein. Orange Broadcasting was a group of students who produced a bi- weekly radio program on WNTN. Senior Matt Kramer and Junior Mike Smaller headed this year's staff. Together with eight other stu- dents they wrote stories, taped in- terviews, and actually put together a half hour program about Newton North. The shows were pre-taped in the AXV department during the week and aired on Saturday morn- ings at 11:30. Some of this years highlights included an in-depth fall sports wrap-up, a special alterna- tive school report, and this year's added feature: a concert report. The show was renamed this year and is now called "Tiger TaIk." P i n 8 P o n 8 C I l'l gg 2 Cb. e i I1 FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Kathy Amantangel, Drew Sivak. BACK ROW- QL TO RJ Kathy Goldwait, Kathy g McHugh, Matt Kramer. Missing: Advisor Mrs. Beth Goldman, Mike Smoller, Steve McCulloch, John Block, Matt Lahey, Carol Marchand, Mark Chavous. The Ping-Pong club got off to a great start this year when nearly forty people came to their opening meeting. Under Co-Presidents Rob Resnick and Howard Katz the club became one of the most popular in the school. Almost one hundred contestants signed up for their an- nual handicap tournament where the better players are handicapped to compete with the poorer ones. Members had playoff matches ev- ery Friday to raise their club rank- ing. The top ten players faced New- ton South and Murray Road in team competition. Because of the club's , success this year, club President Howard Katz hopes that the group will receive more recognition next year and perhaps even become an official school team. FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Mike Cohen, Joe Mansour, Robert Resnick Cco-presidentl, Ross Albert, Steve U Resnick, Karl Wright, Alex, Alan Katz Cvice presidenty BACK ROW- QL TO RJ Wayne Merritt, Eddie Goldfinger, Tedesco, Howard Katz Cpresidentj, Peter Dennis, Ben Levitan, Dave Zahka, Mike. Q16 of 100 membersj B r o Oa rd ac a s 'E l J. ,f I Clint Eastwood Club After a slow start, the Clint Eastwood Club rapidly gained popularity until it even rivaled the Platyhel- . minthes Club in membership. This sudden surge of recognition was due mostly to the efforts of Kevin Jones, a man whose intellect and cunning rivaled that of Mr. Eastwood. The activities carried out by the Club members were intellectually stimulating and diversi- fied. They included spitting on chairs in the cafeteria, playing army in the library, shooting imaginary people t in their imaginary backs with imaginary cannons, and A trying to look as fiendish as possible. f 1 FRONT ROW- CL TO Rl Salvatore Chisari.BACK ROW- The Needle, M.D. Jones Studley Riviere, Hit Man Sem. Math Team Determined to make up for the failures of recent years, the Math Team worked itself up to a spirit of enthusiasm and comradeship previously unknown to the members. Working feverishly on fiendish practice problems designed to unhinge the most stable mind, the members were quickly transformed into automa- tons capable of solving anything and everything. Since only five members could compete and the team had over a dozen, the competition to get into the meet was often fiercer than the meets themselves. The team had a brilliant year, beginning by placing second out of forty-four teams in it's first meet and first in it's own division. The strong backbone of juniors and sophomores on the team bodes well for years to come. Y' Q --J 1' , 1 FIRST ROW - CL TO RJ Steven Resnick, Peter McHugh. SECOND ROW- QL TO RJ Beth Klerman, Roger Wolfe, C. J. Lee, Gary Fai. THIRD ROW - CL TO RJ Rob Resnick, Michael Moy, Ted Nelson, Roseanne Pang, Lars Toornse, Galen Brooks, Michael Segre. Folk Dance Club The folk-dancing expertise of junior'Peter Atlas and senior Lynn Hartl successfully guided the Folk-Dancing Club through a year of enjoyment and performance. Each X-Block, the stomping and hand-clapping of the folk dancers could be heard draining through the doors of the Little Theatre. This year, there were about twen- . ty steady Folk-dancing Club members, but many other N.N.H.S. students took the opportunity to learn and enjoy many international dances, including Baltic, Indi- an CMexicanJ, and Israeli dances on a Tuesday after- noon. The club skillfully and thrillingly performed on Parents night and at the Beals House Talent Show. Bravo, Folk-Dancers! FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ Ann Star, Cindy Stone, Kenny Caryn Johnson, Laura Cantrill, Barbara Kerr, Peter Atlas, Lynn Hartyl, Sharon Senk.BACK ROW-CL TO Rl Eric Holman, Patty Montgomery, Laura Goldberg, Dede Noonan, Donna Dewsnap, Chris Buck, Keith Mahon, Lorena Brandwein, Faye Raye, Cori Ertha, Becky McDonald. Psychology Club The psychology club is not for eggheads who ponder Freud's theories all day. Kids in the Psychology club learn about people through experiences. This year's officers were President Tony Sirgo, Vice-President Ma- ria Sirgo, and Secretary Robert Smilg. In addition to their successful annual Christmas party at Peabody school, they planned peer counseling with the Multi Service center and student tutoring. s-,' -v QQ l?, 5 'b A . , , g 5 a P l -L N ' T-ff ,r - gfff . sg , 1 xx f W . V - V X HW- ... ,,,.."'fa. FRONT ROW-CL TO R3 Maria Sirgo, Brenda Heller, Alison Slack. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ President Tony Sirgo, Dan Coggins. FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Alison Burrows, Lauren Bacall, Robert Smilg, Carrie Goldberg, Lois Graham.BACK ROW- CL TO RJ James Snider, Ben Levitan, Eric Starbuck, President Jennifer Hirsch, Karen Jones, David Kliman, Heidi, Steve Karel. MISSING- Lisabeth Ryan, Tony Sirgo, Matthew Kramer Shakespearean Club The Shakespearean Players is made up of 25 stu- dents. Their first production was "Much Ado About Nothing" which was a tremendous success. It was pro- duced by Lisa Alberts, and the cast included 17 stu- dents. The Shakespearean Players is a sub-group of the Shakespeare Club. The Shakespeare Club functioned as a social organization and provided Newton North with Shakespeare fthrough the Playersj. The Shake- speare Club took trips to see Shakespearean dramas includirlig TAMING OF THE SHREW, MACBETH, and A MIDSU MER NlGHT'S DREAM. The officers of the club were Sarah Rosenfeld as Queen, Jane Fischberg as Princess, Lisa Alberst as Scribe, and Michael Kharfen as Chancellor of the Ex- Checka. Ann Serafin was the faculty advisor. The club planned various overnight trips and a grand project which included a Shakespeare Day for the en- tire school. The Shakespearean Players and the Shakespeare Club succeeded in providing our high school with Shakespeare throughout the entire year. Debating This year saw the return of NNHS to a field of endeavor too long ignored: forensics. Frustrated by unsuccessful attempts in recent years, this year's crop of debaters was organized under the leadership of President Jennifer Hirsch, a refugee from the Califor- nia forensics circuit. Her enthusiasm, combined with that of coach Lori Borden, obtained not only a firm sense of commitment from the students, but even financial support from the school. Basically, the competitions are divided into two divi- sions: debate and events. In debate, two-man teams do research into a given topic and then argue it togeth- er in a formal setting. This year's topic concerned penal reform. Events range from readings to oratory to group discussion. Most of this year's effort was con- centrated in events, as material in debating was late in arriving. Despite a late start this year, the team had high expectations. Their primary aim, however, was to re- establish the debating tradition and restore the name of NNHS to a position feared and respected in foren- sics. FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Michael Kaifan, Linde Annis, Jennifer Hirsch, Cindy Stone, Jay Silverheels. MIDDLE ROW-CL TO RJ Tom Schaeffer, Dan Coggins, Lauren Bufferd, Scott Reilley, Chris Dustin, John Carleen. BACK ROW-QL TO RJ Jane Fischberg, Martha McKenna, Anne Serafin, Sarah Rosenfeld, Jim Dolbear, C hris Buck. CL TO RJ Billy Akrivoulos, David Zahka. Monte Wells, Jacob Alex Klerman, Jennifer Aronoff, Denise Noonan. Missing: President Howard Katz. Explorers Club This year Explorers Club ll, once again under the guidance of fearless leader Pam Sotir, ventured into the wilds of Northern New England. Gallantly, these adventurous souls braved the wind, the rain, and the snow to hike and snowshoe up treacherous trails. hardly ever getting lost. Despite the absence of moles and aard- varks, the E.C. ll trips were filled with fun and lots of laughs, In the words of the immortal Sotir, "lf you missed the E.C. ll trips, the ioke's on you!" Chemistry Club The Chemistry Club was formed last fall after several years of inactivity. Under President David Zhaka the club was made up most- ly of advanced chemistry students. The club was formed in jest but they got down to business when they went on different field trips. They also worked on mutual class problems with their advisor, Mr. Wells. FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Bruce Karsh, Dan Fasman, President Pam Sotir, Fran Osmond. MIDDLE ROW-CL TO RJ Maria Caruso. BACK ROW-CL TO R3 Ralph Keyes, Christa Coggins, Tug Buxbaum, and multiple South individuals. ln." I Q 4. I. .- . 2 n ,I I n ., - I I l.l- . '5 's'u'q , . .E 1 I ' I I I I -I A I C a Q 'Y FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ Brendan Underhill, Debbie Kenney, Anthony Psathas. Laura McGerigle, Helen Doona, Dennis Lee, Bruce Crowther. MIDDLE ROW-QL TO RJ Jim Bishop, Jon Carleen, Brendan Curran, Tina Forsyth, Missy Rubin, David Bronstein, David Averback, Anne Starr, Dennis Feil. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Brian Stokes, Neil Wille, Anthony Pahagian, Sam Pellows, Ben Thomas, Gerry McDonald, Marc Germani, Thomas Schaeffer, Mr. Rathbun. MISSING: Maura Underhill, Linda Trenholm, Brenda Phalon. Stage Crew The Stage Crew is in charge of lighting. ropes, sets. props and sound and is responsible for keeping the auditorium stage in general order. This years crew did a superb job at just this. Comprised of approximately 20 students from around the school, this year's crew was headed by Tom Schaeffer. Their hard work and strong sense of organization. along with their creative and original ideas added much to the success of each production on our stage this year. Ski Club H5517 44 l ':::,n'-.di Under the superb leadership of Stuart Rist, John Fields, Amy Abrams, David Kliman and Paul Glotzer, the Ski Club this year had one of it's finest seasons. The club proved its perserverance and loyalty by waking up at all hours of the morning to ride the bus through blizzards and storms just to spend a day on the slopes. The highlight of the season was the annual trip to Europe. They skied the Alps in Davos, Switzerland this year. The club's grande finale was a weekend spent at Sugarloaf Mountain in Maine. All in all, this winter was filled with great snow and lots of skiing fun. Biology Club The Biology Club was divided into four sections this year. They were Greenhouse, Marine, Pre-Med, and Animals and Aquaria. The Greenhouse section had several plant sales and grew some vegetables that were sold in the spring. The group also took care of the trees on Main Street. The Marine section of the club went on field trips to Boston Harbor, The Aquarium, and Cape Cod. They arranged several seashell displays in the school and ran the salt water fish tanks in the science department. Reports on drugs, health, and nutrition were three of the things the Pre-Med section of the club worked on. They also visited the Bloodmobile and Mass. General Hospital. The fourth part of the club was the Animal and Aquaria section. This group studied some groups of animals and fish. They visited the Boston Primate Center and several aquar- iums. They also worked on the endangered species program. All in all it was a very productive year for the Biology Club. Orchesis Orchesis, the school's modern dance group, is a noncompeti- tive varsity sport. The group consists of twelve to fifteen girls, and an advisor, Mrs. Cradle. It is a sport which involves much discipline and dedica- tion. The girls practice everyday after school, but they often find themselves rehearsing late into the evening. Although the girls do not compete, they do perform at Newton North one night in March and at many other schools during the spring. But perfor- mance is not all that is achieved by Orchesis. The long tedious hours of practice allow each girl to become aware of her body, and to train and develop its beauty by the art of dance. Each girl choreo- graphs her own dance in which she expresses herself, her ideas, and her beliefs. She then teaches her creation to the other members so they can perform it. This allows each girl to be creative, and to see herself through the way her dance is per- formed by others. Orchesis is a group of artists who use their bodies as their tools. Their art is a reflection of their inner selves, their satisfaction comes from perform- ing what they have cre- ated, and from allowing others to share that for which they have trained and worked so hard. -A5 hvi. X Is 0 ' ,f'.44, .,'.vf', . L ' .. , , .,. I' . Oc 4 15" . 'e Q ,' I I 'i-1-I I.f.P,I5 SUMO ghtprints, which is published bian- I7 I. I - s .' , I', . ' ""g'I-frp.6xafl5-"is ,the schooI's art and literary .I..vQI.1I"II'.III: II,IgII,,I , I ,gif "' 1. IIi'.:.. - .' azineI',IIt,isentireryI dependent on stu- 1- +,'t 'I '.II Q 1-,'.'.-' , ,1 I. ' . --'Q I ' , opktwhich the students-are encour- I. 4 . . III I , .I 5 , 5... I, I I -. I ,Ich II . 4 'II I .I. I III .II I l I 3,-I I -If ' - - -.: .t 'I .IL:I.I?f-32- , . - ' I ' ' K I, f-'aged to submit. This yeIar David Kliman, I ' I . 'as rio I - II II.Iu I , 'I' In III.. e -I ' I I.II -QL:-I av. , wa.. ' ."f,P.yIg'g:,-:I,- - :qffjzf 9 .I ' ,,,!,.,, .,,.-- .the-advertising manager, helped to make 2C."'.ffIi'LII,IIfII' .F -I5:fjf:gK'j,Q'iIL ':IIII,g,34. ia '...lef'- Thotightprints known around the school, -. L DI """'QS "u ,' ".' . 'wo .', . .,' " "IL . , . "1 gf? :tiff - ' -454' -' II.,--I thereby inc,QeasiErg.U:ieftumber of submis- -" ' . 'g , A-4' . v .' J-L" - J' " ' " '1 ' .I ' 1 sionjg received, ., ' nu .9 . 4 J, ,, - .jo .-1 . u F I I n ' 4 Th'8ughtp'rints'consist of art and liter- 'ifg ff' - -- ,, ' Q 81,5 Q? ia f " s ' ' I.qjIx. ja: '. - f- ary staffs which work independently of ff '?g?.'g?-,'?5"w5QI,z-Q one another. Each staff has weekly meet- ' ' ont- 1 Q' Q ' - - - . II? Q .I 5 ings to evaluate the submissions and to ,Ii ""', I ZA I" Id decide, what should go into the Magazine. 1 "I,f'vIII - ggi' Ruthanne Simmons is the editor of the 9 1, :ff literary staff which consists of twenty v ' J . . . . .gn ,-mf: 'Y .--'L eo le. Rachael Donaldson is the art edi- . 'g Q ,'x l l',' A 7. . . . IIIIM1 ...if .I IL III: tor. Brett Goldberg, the editor in chief, 1 tifeflf 3 59? '1-2 he-Ips'bring the magazine's work by the -. -z '2f't2""..4'f9 .ts :fm 4 two staffs together with his people. The J' f. ' -D " ' 'cl f ' X' i. 2 5 ' , .v '3f,'. .1 .4 . ' . . . of -rg, ,.,I-II: .qw Q ' gf. 'I IIIIIW, . gp. ' . -. ,,,sQ'yIr7r':.SQ-pervisor of t-he magazine is Alli Perry. 'I .,I. II 4 , I It,I, 'f,, . , 'I g.II II. A. I 'I .I I I I I I fr -T222 '7,b,f -2 'bf . - 94' - ,M-.3-.ln addiiihkto spending time working .q "'-,'f - .'-,Ugg s' uf- - -- i I -cf :I - ' ' JJ- ' ' . . M, ,553 it. , I V I g .wx ,pa hardwgemiknthe staftmso meets social- "IMI: qv, I, ', -- 5' f" -' if Q g"If-2 - "-XI ly foif-aIqIg'rner,"a"soccer game, and a pic- S 54:1 - 'If II. - 4 I I FII I: I ez.: I! . cc: '!I!,.I ,IInICI.L'i.- .4-,I I . ' . , , S - I' 52, .'.' . 0 L-w :Z 'Vs Q 1' ', ' I ' . ,. .1 . ' I - ,LI - I 'Ci .. .3-I lg - 9 .'5 Q- , II I, 1 - TheThougl'1tprints homeroom, 3344 is . . , ,I ,'.?', .', I 'I , f ': .-0 I " II I yi I-,.-NJ., tm i- -, y- If I: . , also ,a place -.where staff members can .'. -5. Q-. 'AQII . I' ,- I... -' ' ",' . I . - I - I I ff ,II:I9,I I Imqejfnd talk. I I . , . I I .I 1 . - t g, :tl ' . v "-' -- - , -- ' . houghtprihts is a well run, .beautifully I , u"q :I,. I II,I I sh If II iv- -:VT u , . I I I I II - - IIIf.ff Q UI I- ,, -I 1' -- Haut- together magazine depicting the ,- IIIIIIJIII It-III ,, I I. many 'talentstof the students at Newton ,. ,- 5- 'Q ,, gt . North-High. :I 'O I I I. . Q t u, Q I -WS. It ..-"0 ' ' . '.w- '. -'..f..- We ,.,,. 1 it - 4' . .. -,. - - -- -fem ' . 1. ' " ' . . , 't ss' os's'o. f . 2 . .'.,' 'T' r . ' f . D 5 ".'i. I 1I,ttIIg.gI,f!,III!. , . ,:.fwg5aII'-I:It31QI.II4.,..,II:,f-f,:-2zgIItgII JI... Y - ' ' -.f 'th "tm ' pf. nliv' " ", - I ' 1 .ly I ' '. ' t . 'ZQ5 1 - ' . -. rf. P'-. - -- N-'Z-I . - .- -. -R'-H f - e - ---,:- . 'I.1,4I?' I 'qfiv :SWE K bfI:fP'. qII4:'1 5:54-:gh --,I III?? -94:1 . .II-III 3-1' "Jays lvhitqo " 'fn nfl-' ' ',,,..!gr" ' - 'tm' : 'I .x . 1 ' 'we ggaf- -'5'3.f- 'f 'Q' 5: Q -..r4-tmffi-., -tr. ff -get-re - I I ' ' ,Q Ibtfq iI - Asif 'QI Isgdrw II .Ja-' .II I.. :mfs . I IIEII ,-l,III-.!i:I.I-I'oIII ,S II- , I I 'I: r:T. , I ,I gm , ,. ' - 'Ip Q ' e I o I n . .I ,:.,.' ' . I .'.- sn, ', ' . - ' X .-U M :Q r"'.': - Dvulib, ' . lyggayt 1.12: QV wif Quang u 3041. --1'..'?J",s.. l ' h-glut!" H914 ' :A F' ' F .' J: ..f-.vv....- -.74 . 9- "Ku-v l-- ' "3f93'1" 'HV' Y' "Y fiv ' "" 'tv..1.---'59 'rff ' nl I I ha I, IAIIRII. r 1 yon, . I I Ixgrf-r I WUI gd: , I .IJJI 10.3 s I . ui . . , . I.. . ,QF . .6I,sII4I5:IIII.:II. 454 . I II .l,1It5I:I'g IIII lg, :I4'YII3'y:-af: ,I :II .-I Au.. WA. . .I 5,957 I I1-:'5II,,I, :I,II.I. of I 25? Ifv.e'!.hI I I I on msg'-:!,er II Pai... I- 1 V I Z I .1 'v I- - I I . I 1 . . .ov '?e' "t,.'. ,I fvn. J -I 1 Q - l , 0- is - . -if--.,:--I..-1 , . - ' ' ." l- - W- 3 Sv. y A 1 ff .Q 0 :.- .n --t.- ...- elqtfi' -,I '-,, ', ' ' .4 -,if 'If' -,YE 5 11'-2320.3 . ..'.',.' , :""6 -'v,Ir.r.,"j' , SI -. -, I- 5--1 ' - ff- .1-, '- - '.:'- I' ig 351'-'f-E: YQ:"'1'r.-M"-'v' - ' " ' -t ' ' ' 1 '-9' "'.!':':!'i.: :,:J:r. . .1 mkt, g I . Q In Q' '. 'O s. o " ' J. Q' :.'.. A ' . s "' 5 1. 'n , . L: " 1-rufrgl: ' ' A ' -' 'FQ ' ig? ' - ' - 4 gh' axe," - QQ . 3' s , v, f v ' ' ' 5' ' h fo...:. "",v-31:-.," "nts - ' -.-, .:" '19 . ' ' l ' """.. , J I . . I -I . A ga.. - h,.,,In: In II. Z-:AI . -e,1:'i"' ' '.-.wh "'- ' - -J," N' ' ,J II.- ,Ia . f, 'sax I Q -5 y, . ' A , 1 g t Thoughtprints i977 the wtonite , ,- . 6 - Y ' o ' .fy . 1 v V. , . f Q V ' Q' , ' 'J V . A 'V tx, . .h , J i., Ti!! 7 f 4 my Y Avnwmjy? li A' i ,ff . . ' . K ' V -3 -m.., v , Wendy Silverman- Advertising Manager Josh Hyatt- Editor-in-chief David Calechman- Managing Editor Helen Smith- Editorial Advisor Eric Yaffe- Sports Editor 4 THE NEWTONITE The Newtonite ran very smoothly this year. This year's Editor-in-Chief was Josh Hyatt, and the Managing Editor was David Calechman. With the exception of the presswork, the paper was completely processed in the school. The layout and paste-up was done here in the shop. Through more ads and a more professional circulation staff, the paper was much more successful financially. Another major feat of this year's Newtonite was its third place finish in the New England Scholastic Press Association Annual Award Ceremony from a field of more than fifty. The sports staff did an outstanding job covering the Championship football team. The feature staff expanded with weekly movie and play reviews. The news staff had their hands full with the pool and ventilation problems, and they managed to cover both in an objective manner. The news analysis staff took more of a stand on the issues and spoke out against the administration on several occasions. All in all, the paper was handled as professionally as ever. This year's Newtonite is an example for smaller, less important papers to follow, like the Globe or the Herald. 14 Matt Kramer- News Analysis Editor ki Jacob Alex Klerman- News Editor Sharon Cornu- Production Manager 'f Janet Corcoran- Feature Editor l 5 41 Stephen Young- Broadcast Manager Jon Parritz- Business Manager Alan Katz- Photography Editor Andrea Cadwell- Circulation Manager Ernest Reppucci- Business Advisor W 'I -H i.. '.., Q, P 1.-'F . Wm' ,, Q!-3 Q Q ' Q-- NW . Q- Qf. 'An a I . d . ii i. L1 ig L, i, 1 4 I X X x x X x. 1 t S x 1 Q 3 Q va: I v I P I f 'sh . I K A 'K .1 x r I 3 x N I 5 X r' .v A15 f ,fl -.f', f 'X Ah. " 1-E A45 QQA . .,wgxQ+,:,.. . M, .4 4. . 17, jx svi'w':xxL"-,',."i, Q- .V -a -ca 'fs 4-"J'f', V 'Q nf' 'Q . 1 1 fr, ' ' x NX , A I. 'i ..:-. fi . NN mm ' 4 . ' MW K Mtg! V' v ,. , - , 1,-rf' Q5 I 'sk .41- 4,T'Lr,,f.1", 5 SE RS Xia- Sl' Amy Abrams 38 Arapahoe Rd. W. Newton Warren, Beals, College "Everybody needs a change, a chance to checkout the new, but you're the only one who sees the changes you take yourself thru." Sum 76 W. Yarm. Rite MS? H.R. wf ASMS 5 Michael A. Agostinho Augie 34 Argyle Road Dedham Dedham, Adams, Bio-Medical Always seen on second floor, special thanks to Mr. Parmentei, Mr. Gardener 81 Mr. C.. can't wait till that last bus ride home, see you "later" Newton Tech. "2368" .La Lisa Adelle Alberts 56 Montrose St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "They don't need no band-they keep time with the clap of their hands." Zeemedesteerkee, qua- tro,RRRRaven,The Sheik of Araby. Sandi, you are the BEST! My love to SR,SK,MM,DC, AW,CB, and RC.Shakespearean- Players,SailingTeamFrenchClub- etalquatro fi 3 -.I Raymond James Acheson, Jr. Jim 26 Hollis St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College "In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer" Almost not coming home from Geo. IS. Right l-land BM, Riley's IS. Foot- ball 123 Wrestling 123 Capt., La- crosse 123 Class Pres. 1 SFA 2 S.A.C. 3 Newtonian 23 I? Renee Beth Aisenberg 192 Evelyn Rd. Waban Weeks, Beals, College There are places l'lI remember all my life, though some will change all these places had their moments. With lovers and friends I'lI never forget. Good times down the lake, out Pal- mer,Cruisin' ' of us Parties Best of luck to all my friends lla- Theresa Alexander 90 Sumner St. Newton Terri Lynn Adams 183 Walnut St. Newtonville Day, Murray Road, Teaching, The. "As a soon to be former furry toad,l would like to say truly and in all sincerity, "credit credit" Remembers: l.W,ALE,JK,TF, LM,MJ,DF, NEW,BP,AS, LM,AM. PM, noon, doughnuts in the booth. partys in the swamp the four square the marshmellow. BSiectiect 1 Vasilios Konstantine Akrivoulis Billy 15 Peabody St. Newton William H. Taft, Barry, College NNHS Gymnastics 2,31 Barry House Council 2gJr. Class Repre- sentative 2gVice President Chemistry Club 3: Newtonian 2,33Good times in Chemistry with Dave Z.,The bell and the well and physics with the Geik. "Greeks are great" Right John?! Good luck to all. I Kathleen Elizabeth Amatangel 320 Chestnut St. W. Newton Warren, Beals. College A toujours le mot pour rire" Beals Council 1.2.3 OBC 2,3 Swimteam 1,2 French 8. Italian club 8- plays. Remember: Figaro, Mes Amis, THN, "Lunch bunch" Bubbles Etc. Scuola e Fantas- tico. Sandra Michele Adler Sandy 41 Helene Rd. Waban Private, Beals, College "Happiness is a perfume which you cannot pour on others with- out getting a few drops on your- self." Losing the motorcade Football games UMass Mickey and Minnie Mouse Remember all my old friends and new ones Sr Class Comm 3 Newtonian 3 Ral- ly Comm 3 :alll Ross A. Albert 56 Chapin Rd. Newton Centre Weeks,Adams The trees are whispering but the pizza stays on. Do the bunny hop. You would two if you were hare or thair. Stew if it's better than frying reap. Time wounds all heels it also wounds sockets Rl. Please suh ah wants samoa. Segundo Andreu 76 Boyd St. Newton Brian Andrews 17 Murphy Ct. Newtonville Glenn Anthony 5 Heidi Lane Natick Wilson, Palmer, Work and party "Party in Lot 1,2" "Chevy the Best" One of the three T.D. Best Homeroom "Dedham 42 Great times in shop 1,2,3 Echo Bridge with Manson, Stubs, J. Nap, Gay Gus, and Cook Bacon House Stairs Marian Antonellis 46 Court St. Newton Day, Beals, Undecided Q:-' X I I John Larry Angelucci Angle 6 Ashmot Ave. "The Lake" Day, Palmer, College Albemarle "No. 1" Good luck to DM LR 8. SV, JP 81 DA, JD, KR, DS, MC, BG, JM, JL, EP, SL 8. MY idol SC "THE STANG GANG" Sum of "76" Flyin' down Cape w! DM, JP 8. ED 2A.M. Lets take a dip Best times wf BM, JP, LR, TD, KR, DS. Tenn. We'lI be there! We've only just begun Wrestling 103 "Do it." L-.I '14 K I Lawrence Antonellis Larry 38 John St. Newton Centre F.A.Day, Adams, Auto Mechanic Remember the good times in auto shop. 72 roadrunner and lots of great times up the track. Lowell Av.Palmer Riley House. 76 F250 and down the Cape ev- ery weekend. P Liwx Karen Leslie Annesi 14 Owatonm St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Smile and the world Smiles with you Cry and you Cry Alone. re- members: Bob Bowtwanki, FP Gin HS wSue, Linsky definately tough. BW W!Lou Bara Jab, little P Bend those knees Bengston. Special friends E.D and L.M cSTummer 75 1 way ticket, thanks Lisa Ann Antonellis 6 Milton St. W.Newton Warren, Riley College Good times with MSPBMNCFSRJCMCAALPJBLB Put a little faith behind's a family thing. You're a pal.3 Mus- keteers.Albmle.Alsn.Rvs- de.NHPL.PM-And I love you so. Favors.Football games.TOMOR- ROWSGONNABEABRIGHTER- DAYNOONEEVER Paul D. Antonellis 5 BraeBurn Rd. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College Remembers the best people in the world, my friends. "What Me Worry" "And everybody was one as we sailed into the mys- tique" Van Morrison F.K. P.M. S.T. F.H. T.S. M.D. G.W. M.M. B.Baby. MacParties L.E. S.W. E.D. R.D. Track 2 and 3 , 'fi L .i 2 Arthur Barrett Arbetter 52 Oldham Road West Newton Warren, Barry, College Summer of 76, Good times with Lynda, Squeaky! Allright Dowd, MK JM, JG, ACE, MB, MC, AF, JC 8. TB, GS,AB,JS,RC,AS, 11-5-76. Parking lots. All good things must come to an end. Patricia Antelman Patti 5 Prospect Ave. Newtonville Adams, Undecided Orchestra 3,Concert choir 2, GF Remember the resolution of the Dominant seventh By exception. Lucia Louise Antonellis 71 Monadnock Rd. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Great times, parties, dances '75- '76, CPudge, AS, RS, RG-of '76J Riley House ski trip 2!76 Panny 8t Pasta, Ren, Cinque, Marie, Nino, 11:30 handicap. TM, MM, DS, KM, DG, 4342 weirdos - no Mandy, the great class of '76. Goodbye. Gymnastics 1 Jr 81 Sr Class Comms, Newtonian 3 I-mi Paul E. Armington 30 Elm St. Dedham Dedham, Adams, Work Carpentary major 1,2,3. Re- member and thanks to Jim Sulli- van Always "Think". Found down the caf. our with his 66 Chevelle. J Jenifer Aronoff 524 Ward St. Newton Centre Joseph S. Auciello Iron head 16 Fairview Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Remember Barry House and DW,PF,BC,BF, BA,AG,JH,PS:NM. RM,CD,MP,KF, JK,LH,C?,MC,SK,TH,BP,DB. RV,JM,DT,RW,HC. CC,MR,CC,DC.White Shagmo- bile Track 1,Lifesaving 3 Speed Boat, Honda.Summer Parties MacDonalds,New Hampshir- e,NOW I AlN'T STUPID NO MORE I . ,fir-:Tl 'A .yu ' , J:41"'.l, .ix -NW 1' f .hm David Bagley 151 Beaumont Ave. Newton Judy Arsenault 125 Grasmere St. Newton Bigelow, Riley,??? "These times, like all times, are good ones, if we know what to do with them" Party on! God W.Y.F.F.P.l.DL? The Rooster Blueberries Troopers Unite Trip Pink Floyd W.l.Y,P.F. Can't find my way home Mac CJM CJB M.F.H.M. Later much I hear ya. Annette Marie Aucoin Gumbie 38 Chestnut St. Waltham Warren, Palmer, Work-travel Remembers the good times with EE, EA, MB, FD, ST, NM, and all the kids down BK. Good times with Eddy, 9-28-75 to 10-19-76. Better luck next time. Never for- get 9-28-75 "Right Eileen" Nev- er forget 6-9- 76 DD "Right Trish". Remember 10-29-76 RM. lphigenia CNinaJ Angela Balodi- mos CITGO 28 Westchester Road Newton Bigelow, Adams, Pre-med "Contentment is not the fulfill- ment of what you want, but the realization of how much you al- ready have." l'Il never forget the 'gang', Poo and Patti. P.S. Smoke gets in your eyes. Hel- lenic Club 1,21 Girls Varsity Out- door Track Team-1,2,3g G.V. ln- door Track-3. Benjamin Henry Asher Benji 54 Windermere Rd. Auburndale Warren, Adams, College Elizabeth Melanie Avery Beth 24 Elmhurst Rd. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College I'd like to thank everyone who helped make these 3 years so very special. Esp: My family, Mrs. Wolf, and RL AS BY DM. To Steve, all my love and fondest memories. 4-2-76 Ski Team 23 "To be happy is not to possess much but to hope and to love much." Mark Steven Barisano Barra 203 Adams St. Newton Day, Beals, Undecided "Albemarle itl Good Times with Beav, Earsl,2 S.S. 1,2 Leo. Meeka. PB SV ML Streaking at Burr, Trying to sleep out in Vis- cos Car with ML, AV Beating on Brews Car with RP ML The Gang SL JF EP ES DM AL GD SN FL TS Goh "FIatmoon" Football 1.2.3 Richard Aswad 43 Walker St. Newton Norman Ayochok 1828 Washington St. Newton Katharine E. Barnes Kathy 96 Arlington St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer. College "Poetry is the journal of a sea animal living on land wanting to fly the air." Sandburg Remember:MOB and grapes. the store. the library and lunch tables, spring fever in the fall, "Insanity reigns." W 4. I Cheryl Louise Bartley 33 Alden Place W. Newton Warren, Barry, Undecided Remember 6-19-75 + All the good times with Kent.And good times with Joanne, nobody could ever have a better friend. KC,KS,The"Y"Crowd, Firebox 321,Boo,Queer,Motorcade,1O- 29-76, MM+MM,Nurses Foot- baIl"76",Boobie,Ramblin rod me wuvs you! V.Fieldhockey 1,2 Judy B. Beck 33 Huntington Rd. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Gymnastics 1 Thoughtprints, Newtonian 3 LK,PM,BG,E- .Green,N. Walker,S.Lampkin. See ya Dr., take it easy and good luck always!To sail on a dream on a crystal clear ocean in search of the answers to ques- tions unknown. "lm lo achshav amatal?" Kirsten Benson 26 Page Rd. Newton 'af rf Michele Battista 51 Pontiac Rd. Waban Warren, Beals, College Always remember 4-19-76 Re- member all the good times with BR.Never forget the great time at Vermont. Good times with BR,CG,LF,FP,DM,MM,KB All my love to Brian. BR Best of luck with DD. Never forget the great times with Brian. Remember Canada with BR. John Bellevue "Bell" 72 Cumberland Road West New- ton Warren, Palmer, Auto-Body All the good times down Burr. Ferg I'll drive. Down the Cape with OBJ Ferg Mike. Another scale another itch. Moonbeam, Scale, Artie, OBJ, Goosie, Goody, Danny, Skin, Nancy, Kel- ly, Nicky, Maureen and every- body else, Maine with the boys, Hocky- 1,2,3. -44 --ef Kimberly Bere 12 Columbus Lane Newton ----.-...J Christopher L. Bauer 642 Centre St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College The chase, Last House, W.G.C., Winter Vacation, The Machine, Shot Score and Bones. Alas Kay, The Island, The Reception. Zoopman, DJ and JB, Lark's. The summer, Nantasket, Face. AH, TD, NN, LM, DS, JA, CB, HR, TD, PHG. Get up! Lacrosse 1.2.3 9-Q-A Cynthia Lee Belli Cindy 271 Nevada St. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Memories are for keeps.Grea- test times with all the kids, most of all Annette and Kim.ln the mood-Keep it cool Amanda! Connie I can see clearly now! Motorcade 75,76 Weekend Par- ties-The Best!Alb- ,Br,Aln,Nhs,Rvs. The Beginning- :Colour My World With Hope. MaryJane Bergin 14 Aspen Ave. Auburndale Warren, Barry, College You have the freedom to be your self, Your trueself,to fly higher faster, to learn to discov- er. Open your eyes and see be- yond. Remembers:CL,AS- D A , L R R L JT,JB,JM,PL,DT,BH,DF,NYE 75,10-4-75,9-8-76,RVSDE,BUR- R,ALLYSON. 47- Samuel Bechar 51 Adella Ave. W. Newton Warren, Adams "The harvest is past, the sum- mer is ended, and we are not saved." "I watch,and am like a Sparrow alone upon the house- top." "A wise man's heart is at his right hand, but a fool's heart at his left." fl in li lv is V1-Lil Karen Elizabeth Bengston 57 Cherry St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College Remember good times and best wishes MMCGLFFPDMKAL- MEONGESJPBCBRMB Cutsies- Library stairs Lou's cottage air- port 8-75 Cabots Football games Baar Where is everyone? Mon. at B. Lasagna Raggedy Ann and Andy Sr. class Rally club Newto- Dlafl Paul H. Bergman 9 Craigie Terrace Newton Day, Palmer "Good times at Albermarle with Ears, RP, ML, Butters. Parties, Weekends, HO, What's Hap- penin'. Fun while it lasted, time to look ahead. Streaking at Burr with ML, SV. Homeroom with Tom D. and Vara. Losing Aris to Janice. "GOOD-BYE NEWTON HIGH" ff? . Z Jeanne Marie Bernard Jeannie 173 Adams Ave. West Newton Warren, Adams, College Great times wf everyone. 13 iw a cam? Stranded at Onset wf CG: MJSJKCMJPBCEDBFBLTC- BUDLKSVPWLTRVSB. "Memo- ries are long remembered" Nob- stocke. What a howl! Lou Pou and Nou. Cheerleading 3. Rally Co. 2,3. VP Jr Class 2. Softball 1. Sr. Class Co. 3. Pamila Binder Pam 419 Lowell Ave. Newtonville Day, Beals, College Without the love and under- standing of my family and friends I wouldn't have made this far. GOOD LUCK3JL,JM,SM,KM,PT- ,SY,PN,3P's-Summer of "76" the Feds Sailing Team 123 Co-captain 3 French Club 1 Q51 l-, , -i Kathleen Ingrid Bergquist Berky 118 Lowell Avenue Newtonville Day, Riley, College, PT l'To life!" Remembers kinder- garten kids, morals mac. sum- mers in Maine 5 families. JS "You're my best friend" Teach- er's pets DM, JF, PS. Pet teach- ers Cappy, Rist, Hollowell. Chem trio. Thanx Mom and Dad. Keep smiling. Fritz! Football 1,2,3 lat- er. John H. Bickford 526 Lowell Ave. Newtonville Susan Elizabeth Black 11 Kenwood Ave. Newton Cen- tre Weeks, Adams. College "Though he may devise a multi- tude of distractions, no man can long avoid himself" Beach Boys 76 Hey Barney, you're great. who could ask for a better friend Thanks for everything Adriane. What a Goon! Thanks Mom and Dad you're special. Cindy Ellen Berk 43 Ruane Rd. West Newton Warren, Beals, College "Follow your own bent no mat- ter what people say" Family 23 B 8- S3 Concert Choir 123 Plays: Little Mary Sunshine-Forum-Bri- gadoon-South Pacific French Plays-123 Ski Club 3-Newtonian 3. Memories always of my friends lHK-S17ANBKR-rehears- als. Mary C. Billings 22 Traverse St. Newton Day, Barry, College The end but only the beginning. Best times with John 3!21!76. Special friends AC.KD.LV. Re- member the green walls are for the girls. Party 3!19!76 Brow- nies.Pretzels. Who's that in your locker? Hull St. Hill, Rita and Ping. G.A.T? G.l.JOE. Michelle Marie Blay Shelley 54 Evergreen Ave. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Work Always remember People down the cafe.Majoring in study hall. lt's just like bridgewater. The Green Bomb will ride again. Areosmith Concert.HaIloween night. lt's the real thing Never forget Albino Rd. What's you're excuse for living today. 1 ' f fi James Kevin Bethune Spazz 54 Grant St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, open my own shop Never forget the teachers at NNHS the good the bad and the ugly will always remember Franklin the kids in front of the juke box WKDS at Burr Allison Albermarle and Riverside NH on Sun "Nothing Serious" SU and LT FIGHTS shop and all my friends I lift. Cecilia M. Bishop 7 Monroe St. Newtonville Bigelow, Beals, College "Hey Gorgeous you wanna get lucky?" Carol, Arl, Sam, Urs, Arl, Danny, Homeroom, Beer Cans The Beast, AV, 1,2, TV, Radio 123 Film 2 WCVB 2,3 514 "Q: Pamela M. Blue Pam 15 Charlesden Pk. Newtonville Day, Riley, Nursing G r e a t t i m e s w SRMNCFJCJBLBARDBSRDSL- PLAMSMCAKJTJCACHH Re- members, "My eyes adored you", Sundays, 3Bs, you're a pal, night at Jm, Alsn, Rvrsd, Alb, Parties, Hi Laura, Put a little faith behind it, F'ball games, Fa- vors, Motorcade 76 Benone sv, "Hungarian Chickens!" Butter 4 ff 3 Joyce Ann Boisseau 27 Owatonna St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, Undecided "A smile can never be kept it can only be given away" Party Cape BKD 6pack LF SUM'76 L.K,S.N.D.B.N.K.M.M.K.C.A.K. Burr N. this is J. They heard! "Flamin Damin"-Right Kim? FB- Games Taco FribbIe.We've come Lo fag to leave it all behind. Bye .H. . Susan Bloom 176 Highland Ave. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Those 6 AM practices . . . never forget them! AM-how do you goof off so much and be so good? A few laughs with DB,KS. EY- lots of fun in Biology. Swim- ming 1,2,3 Indoor Track 2,3 Out- door 1,2,3 Orange Book 2 New- tonite 2,3 Swim mgr 2,3 Newto- nian 2, Circ. ed. 3 -is Eric Bodner 9 Frederick St. Newton Mary Frances Bond 177 Homer St. Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College "Dreams full of promises hopes for the future l've had many" Thanx to you all for saving my life allagash2,3,? lnterntnal club 3 u win a few u loose a few Hi to KS JC SR JW CT MM GA CJ Love to CB8iVD an extra hi to the cits of CW KJS, AMB Thanx mom i ..---..., Valerie Jill Bloom 82 Wyoming Rd. Newtonville Day, Beals, "make millions" Concert Choir NY PA South Pa- cific Brigadoon Bye Bye Birdie! Smitty Lisa Jimmy Leo Ben Nan- cy Tim Michelle Scroogy Brian Ricky Disco Skiing 300 Heffie Waldon WORK! lam where I am I know where I could have been had I did what l did not do BE HAPPY! Cheryl Joann Boemer 14 Mount Ida Terrace Newton Bigelow, Adams, Interior Design- er "The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step." Lao-Tzu "Like it like it not I live," We're all troopers! Bumpy days past,pursue future. The strug- gles in life are enough to fill a man's heart. Julie Lise Boskin Jules 18 Quincy Rd, Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "Nothing is a waste if it makes a memory" Remember Albrmle Alsm Rvrsd Fb games Fvrs M'cade 76 GN 8. JM The harder they come GN Should we go in? Gymnastics 2,3 JC 8. AH Au Re- voir CF Sexclass Party with CFA- HARMNPBSRJCGNJMDM JCDSSRMCMSLAJSHTAKJTAF Thanks JCLD Q 01 Deborah Lynn Boates Boots Day, Bacon Transition 77 still alot of land to see but I wouldn't want to stay here it's to old and to cold and settled in it's ways Joni Luv to Bob "Keep a tire burning in your eyes" JB Stephen A. Bonazoli 65 Fairway Dr. West Newton Day, Bacon, College 1 4,-j' Carol Anne Boudreau 55 Pilgrim Rd. Wellesley Bigelow, Riley. College I do my thing, and you do your thing.l am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine.You are you and I am I, and if by chance we find each other it's BEAUTIFUL. Judith Anne Boule 72 Randlett Park West Newton Warren, Barry When I love someone, I love for keeps. But there comes a time when I must let go. It is not for me to say 'stay'. Special thanks to SM JK, when I was down they picked me up again, even when I didn't want to MUSICMU- SICMUSIC "Good Morning!" rg., 3654541 self 3-.Xb ' 5 , ,Q ' I Q35-?f9g . e 1 f v ' - y - ' vi V -5- ' ' Wt' L . f QQEWQT-?'?'?fQ 5... 2. , -,gS:i:,'1-:yt-ff 4. 15. 1 , ,ab- 1. 1 s 'lr J' x . xi - 1'mA'1 ' 5, 1, L iv Q,- . . A 1 V: 7 I ,Y-.1 Arthur H. Boyd 8 St. James St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Unknown Good times down the Corner and beginnings.NCV MM TM CG MS DB always there when need- ed MM Never forget 4-9-76 wf Beth, God bless and watch over her.Remember live your own life not someone else,otherwise you will not have lived. It iff! -A ., .9 YN I JI V 'I' 'j 4 Q .,i7ly if , Q 0 .mx Pl HB4 Sue May Brady Braid 21 Vernon St. Newton Our Lady's, Adams, Occ. Therap. "Dream what you dare to dream, Go where you want to go, Be what you want to be ... LIVE!" Remember:PB TG KW JG Good luck to all my friends,kids down cafe + out Beals "Sue- who-shy- no" Aerosmith + Steve Miller concerts party Summer 76 So long NNHS. Af'- Q0 .hind 1 2 He's right-it's not a football! Susan Brandon 104 Eliot Ave. West Newton Day, Beals, Undecided Remember the kids, PS DT CR PP JM NM MSIM Remember 10!31!76 Remember the Hal- loween party at DT's Remember the duck, remember all the par- ties Se ya NNHS lt's been real! Remember kids out Palmer House, Well kids it's been real take care, Never forget PF PF Gilt Lawrence E. Bravman 20 Woodbine Cir. Newton David Christopher Bracken 21 Oakland St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, College "Fortune Favors the Bold" Su- perbowl '76 The flag has re- turned. Anything is possible. KH CB PH GM Who's "Kay"? "These were the days?" Foot- ball 1,2,3 Indoor Track 1,2,3 Baseball 1,2,3 Neil David Brick 60 Russell Rd, W. Newton Warren, Beals, Unemployment "Voted least likely to succeed Friends: not worth mentioning Concert Choir 1,2.3. Smith Fam ily 3 Bass Rep. Basket weaving 1,2.3. "Craziness is the only san ity" "Everyday's a holiday Member of three Stooges Fan Club and amalgamated Morons End Amy J. Brightman 23 Burr Rd. Newton Steven Levitt Brilliant Bavan 320 Otis St. W.Newton Warren, Riley, Real Life One of these days Bennie you gotta get going, out of the door and down on the street all alone, later BANANA, Connaught, BUBA Yoga rfb' z Y Roslyn Jean Brisson 48 Brookdale Rd. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Ready or not world here I come! Thanks Music Dept. especially Terri. C.C. 1,2 Family 2 School Musical 1,2 Student Prod. 2,3 Marching Band 3 Talent Show 1,3 Adams House Council 3. Fun and memories with all my friends. Hey Deb it's been real! 'Z 'w. 4' . I - 4 Donna Gail Broide 5 Sherrin Rd. Newton L.F. Warren, Adams, College Blue Max, "Are we just friends?" Soccer games, Never forget those Swim team Practices Am. Dream Remember always: JP, AM, ED, JD, SM. Thanks Mr. Merrit Senior Class Comm. 4354 Swimming 1,2,3, Ski Club Soft- ball 1,2,3 H, 1,1 IVA Denese Patricia Brooks 12 Lincoln St. Newton Highlands Palmer, College "No memories" l will my pen- nies to Ricky Burns and a plane ticket to Janice Dyels. Good luck to everyone l've left behind. Black Student union 2,3 il?" Qin. Let me out! arf wr 001 B ...iv-1 Cheryl Ann Brothwell 18-B School St. Newton Bigelow, Adams, Working All my love to Gary. April 26. Summer of 75. Westfield. Good times with GT, MU, EH, MS, ED, EC.. The School St Gang. Good Times in Homeroom 2368. Beals Stairs. The Post. January of 77. Best of Luck to Eleanoro Dominic Thomas Brown D.T. 26 Trowbridge Ave. Newtonville Day, Palmer Theif A few good times down Albe. Too many good friends down Burr to mention. I finily came back to the ville and hung around with Duane and Phil, to the best times of all-Mai Tai Action! BR GOH and JR old friends. lg 'e 'Y'f'i James H. Brown 11 Overlook Rd. Newton f go, . -l Christopher Michel Buck 174 Valentine St. W. Newton Warren, Riley, Undecided We shall But Pass This Way Once May the Rememberance Of My Passing Be As Joyful As Yours in 'nine. Remember-The roads of life are varried and many, and the roads seldom intersect more than one. ST ,, N 5. --A -an 5' '41- 1, Brian John Burns 81 Eliot Ave. W.Newton Day, Bacon Good times down A.B. Pink J's with B.M E.P S.L JF. Y' xx in Robin B. Brownstein 69 Prince St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Lookin back, we touched on sor- rowful days, with futur pass they disappear. E.W.F., Falmouth, my beautiful spinner ILY, Turn it around Lynne! That's the ash- tray Cill! Long hours wf Gwen. K. Budd Conn Steven always. Mel's B-day Bros. 4, Reasons? A.W.B. Christopher John Burke Burkie 11 Forest Ave. W. Newton Day, Riley, College lt's been real with CB,DJ. and KR at last House on the left. Siphe's machine and hopping pools all summer, Putt with DJ,CB, and JG. Special thanks to Pipo and CR. Basketball 1,2,3 Newtonian 3 Keep in Touch. Really. :ei Karen Ann Burns 408 Norfolk St. Dorchester Meadowbrook, Beals, College "Remember no matter what happens life still goes on" Best of luck to all the black faculty and students of NNHS Thanks Mom for all the help you gave me through these three years Good luck to: LA LP PH RJ RP JR RB ID SG GBTT BB DR LR JD DB Robin P. Bryson 11 Acorn Drive Auburndale Warren, Riley, Secretarial School J.P., Remember all the good times, Don't ever forget the big "L" Dance Classes with MS cra- dle, crazy lunches in the com- mons room joking around with D.B. and P.l-l. Homeroom with J.P. 2,3 working in Guidance Of- fice Favorite saying "This too shall pass." Susan Burke Sue 7 Concolor Ave. Newton Bigelow, Murray Rd-Riley 'Happiness is a clear sky Give me win s so I fl " Smile eo le , 8 Y- I D D will wonder whats going on. Co- lorado.Hopi Sargent Camp with Lizzy Yani laugh! J . iffrii. . lf P N 3:11 'K f .ig uv S111 . y 4 Q o Q v K:-1 -111.52 'px 51:5 K-1 52.1 QHZ Richard Anthony Burns Ricky 895 Morton St. Mattapan Warren, Adams, Business "We are the party people." Re- member all the people l've come in contact with, "livin' for the weekend." Special thanks to CB for helping me get straight. Michele Burgess 20 Hallron Rd. Newton L.F. Warren, Bacon, College Good Friends 84 Good Times were made to be remembered. Never forget BA LS SK KIM The Cape'76 HADC Marsh8tEvans MB All my love to Tim 1!29!76 485,56 P.F. Thankyou! Spring- tield Crowley8tK.K. Senior Class Comm. Swimming 123 Don't look at me that way! Gael M. Burns 12 George St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer Your time has come to shine ... Colorado Kid.Alpha Tau Omega. MSC etc . . . i Lil A 1 Edward M. Buttery I8 Milton Place Newton 1? .9 43 Lawrence Caccia Cac 2l Harrington St. Newtonville Day, Adams, Business College "How ya doin" Summer of 76 1:30 AM AT.S. 81 J.G. Handball anyone? That Wed. Remember Volp's? Mongo Chops, Ace, Studs, Dork, Jojo, Shemp, Blanch, Dreamer. No matter what it takes, Donna C. will be mine! 13 beers my record. Schools out. See Ya later. Qu . mx' li?-lr. In Thomas Patrick Burns Burnsie 56 Albert Rd. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Undecided Good times at NNHS, a fast three years of my life but a good three. Especially a lot of times down Burr. Summer of 76 great times with Jane since 1-3l-76. Hope to have many more, after high school. DKS Rec RD PD RVSDE JR SKP Day at gh Base- ball 1,2,3 +7 r 1 1 1 jf , 51.3.11 Susan Mary Byrne 40 Byrd Ave. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College David, Remember: Paris 75, Boo Detroit, Losing bets, Basketball 21, Greatest times lly-Ls: English Tea Room, Silent for 10 min- utes. JW: 76 Birthday. Football games. WS, SF, Cape Cod 76 Sundaes. French Play 1,2,3 Bri- gadoon Rehearsals 3 Newtonian sas 40" Judith Ann Gahoon Judy 115 Summer St. Newton Center Weeks, Riley, College Remember: All those science classes, cross country skiing in Vermont, and bowling most Sat. nights. Work at Newton-WeIles- ley Hospital. Good Luck LD DO MK MB GM JE KM ST. Force-12 - -ll-r John P. Busa 89 Faxon St. Newton Day, Barry, Undecided Cape Cod JZBuick115 rt. 3 Boys Club Sam Leo Big Joe IHOP The Dell Garb Fish Carmine Trub Farewell. 11 X Anita Caccia Harrington Street, Newtonville Day, Beals, Undecided 4211,11 in a Charger? EW,MLl Alley's LGSAD-WS, KEYS SEW- ER, Mac's, Thumb it! Flat tires, BP portoniganese, gusto, Cape "76" w! Smiley! ESP!, Lanno's Calif. Cart we're all in this to- gether-JL. GYBT Bacon, Red M8iMs floor it! Celts-Res game only 16 JM CQ KK Adrian Ann Caira 81 Washburn Ave. Auburndale Warren, Riley, College Cherish Yesterday, Live Today. Dream Tomorrow. 'D' X nu X -.. Ya- V, n J James Brian Byrne Jimmy 56 Bennington St, Newton Cor- ner Bigelow, Riley, State Policeman In my 3 years at NH I had a lot of good times. But most on the outside, spending a lot of times down the Happenings with FSMSGMMMGSCBW L J L E S G H M F C WRCJNDLBJTCBG TMDDMSIMGWALEXCOMDRF and Mar. 18 with MOCA MF and JF. To these people l say Than- kyou. "JB" ,.. Renee Denise Cadel 173 Morton Street Newton Cen- tre Weeks, Bacon, College "What do you want to do?" "You decide" Remember: Mutt and Jeff Cat Stevens, Elton John, Bake Sales, MM Friday motesg MJDP. ED and KS at SW 1215775 Tonys. T' Michelle J. Carmel Micki 366 Lexington St. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College Old Days Good Times I Remem- ber: Maine summer of 76 Burr thanks to Kelly where would you be without me Pasta Shakeys Never can forget moe Fitzs Nan- cy SM BC DC BM AC Benoit LW Jackie 3 in 1 Mooney Family Be- ware of Dogs Thanks to All Who Made Me Smile Gerald Caruso Jerry 19 Prescott St. Newton Day, Beals, College "Words are like leaves, where they most abound, much fruit of sense is rarely found. Remem- ber good times, At the tracks with SR,JS and eggs,RM, RH, DC, MM, MC, MB, and the rest. Swimming had its merrit. Sailing 1,2,3. Swim team 2.3. Italian Club 1,2. Joanne Marie Catino 289 River St. West Newton Warren, Riley, Undecided All my love to Brad-5!30!75. Remembers:Best of times with Cheryl,Divia at Sammy's Jack's, 8iArb's,MM8tMM, Box 421,10- 29-763it was all your idea, Cher- yl,football games. Thanks alot Anna! Work study 1,2,3, Don't give up yet KC, maybe you'll get lucky. AC' i Peter Stewart Carmichael 69 Otis St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College "The only person who can have everything done by Friday is Robinson Crusoe" MOD SQUAD 2,3 COMPUTERS 1,1.5,2,2.5,3 'BRIDGE Remember the door handle??!!?? WRESTLING 1 'GYMNASTICS 3 International Club 3 'tMATH-ROSEN'tCHEM- WELLSYPHYSICS-MILNE QED. 'Y"'7Z 'Vx ' f 1- Sheila M. Casey 44 Sylvan Ave. Newton Chris M. Cedrone Turkey 315 Crafts St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Entrepreneur Sorry seems to be the hardest word.Remember,Beals,.Barry. BaconGood times with MO- +Kathy+Bruno,on the steps. Good luck to: MR, KB,BF,KF,KG,KM,SB,JM,JA. Fri- day night North End MO, "Youre right"California, Cape Cod + Mike + Kathy 7!3!76."This will be" Y -1 - lil., 'C' Anthony F. Caruso 43 Pine St. West Newton Warren, Barry, College Everybody who is incapable of learning has taken to teaching- that is really what our enthusi- asm for education has come to. Good Luck to everyone in the Class of 1977. Italian Club 1,2,3. Bc E lr-. QA-QA . Cynthia A. Castagnino 12 Taft Ave. W. Newton Joseph G. Cedrone 26 Playstead Rd. Newton Bigelow, Adams, Start my own personal brewery Remember: Accident at Bentley with Ronnie, Keys-Sewer, Hit- ting oncerts with Mike, Dave, Rich, Chris and Steve "Hey Win- kie", Fri. Nights with Sandro, Mike, and Mikey, Boozin' and Schoolin', "Hey Volpes, let's have a party." V 1 1:22212-.1 N-f lx N Ji. , -,'.' . ,... Qgg, .', V . . , , -S .' . 'i .' .gk ' , ' .. .....,... . ..... . . . .ii H ...iii---limp.. -.g . K ' 4, '.'.'.i.,. ""'-' ..'.i..- H . I ' I "::::r:z.. S. . S '.'.'.'.' 1.1. 4 iintyyn Sin I I I Dominic Michael Caruso 144 Webster St. West Newton Warren, Beals, Business "So you tried to skip AV did you" Remembers: Scanlon WJIB Mr. Connoly all the guys in AV the tea cup Beach Boys Concerts Mrs. Goldman "Give me dos melons' HR 3237 'tTwo scoops of dead baby" "Don't you dare chop it off" Audio Visual 1,2,3. CSB il7r"f Debbie C. Catanzaro Cat 41 Prairie Ave. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Richie Peter Blandyif3inIiiBurr Kds Party Nl"sit down"MC"D Ld and ZP"KF"my eye lashes" sum"76" LRRCC"CAC "BM"KSR''MS"B"BBC"to many J+S"SKPD"DF"whre Am l HLMD" FitzShaker"76"Your still the one"KCFMYMSC"JB- "NYE"MOONY "HS"RS"AB" ALKORMB LF "lYLMN" RA.B.J.L.K.S.M.D. ',.wf Gina Maria Cetrone 18 Rochester Rd. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Ignorance is bliss BC'75,'76 Don,what can I say without get- ting 9000 volts thru me? Special thanks to Marcia and Carol.Bye JRPLB RJGFSISS-Those are the breakslWha' happened? Finas- t'Adios Newton High School. i V7 Margaret Ann Chaisson Muffy 31 Evergreen Ave. Auburndale Warren, Barry Barry Council 1,2,3 How nice California blueberry "Poor young grandson, there's nothing I can say you'll have to learn just like me and that's the hardest way, ooh la la"-Faces.ZZZ X' if . li sfl?i'.fflli0l Joshua Cort Chernin 109 Highland Ave. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Day, Bacon, College. Thanx to PM,NR. G'by and good luck to PA, AN, GW, MC, RL and all friends. Space YP. Sailing 1, Ind. Track 23, Out. Track 2 Spring 3? Op. Campus 3, Newtonite 2. X--av J Salvatore Samuel Chisari Sal 26 Broadway Newtonville Day, Adams "Anything you accomplish in life takes 596 talent and 9506 sweat" Remember: Henry Lasker and the composition concert 1, 2. Clint Eastwood Club 3. Most of all "My Lady Princess" 2. i 1 Thomas Chamberlain 49 Holmes Rd. Newton Q:- r , Q XX f Janice Marie Chiasson 14 Falmouth Rd. West Newton Day, Barry, College It's the laughter we will remem- ber whenever we remember the way we were. Remember: PBSRMNLACFJBKDACMBNM. Good times with Aris, 6-9-76. Never forget: Shu-bop, Hungar- ian Chicken, pals my corner or Albermarle, AC-IMT 1 3 'Cir 'P 5 - fi' if 'It-1 Michelle Norma Jean Chisolm 20 Oakland St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College " ... Time may cha change me, but I can't change time " eglsC-MBBM-H 5 years on the LT w!Holl Really? REALLY! "Laura?" "Hungry Marci?" 13 in a cami-WN1!28im-"BB"-Mic'! Thanks to:MSHTSRDSAHS- RARPBLAMNCFJBLBAA8tever- yone who made my 3yrs. at NHS special Q is Catherine Diana Chang 122 Bellevue St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Pammy, remember: "Before you meet your Prince. you have to kiss a lot of toads." l'll always remember homeroom and the 3 under the clock. Also MC, Envy, MM and of course you, cutie. "D. Kids" Orchestra 1.2.3. New- tonian 3. PS KEEP SMILING! Eliot Thomas Childs 10 Melbourne Ave. Newtonville Day, Beals, College The park "Roll over Joe" best times Quinnie Will Dales Narg H.R. "Boom-boom" Four in ten Frisbee good luck men! Cellar with the tunes "Albermarle all the way" New Hampshire "76" Remember: BGSBJRTLKCJR MGACJPJLCMLD "Glad it's final- ly over with" 1 '15 . Vt i ' A '12 get - Aris Christopoulos 40 Madison Ave. Newtonville Day. Palmer, Electrician Albermarle is no. 1 Good times with Janice 6-9-76. Times with Rich.GerbiI-Tony. At Hojos with Sammy. Latin Last play-goh Su- perbowl hopes.AlI my friends Greg,Ritchie, JoeD.HEAB,Skins- .Beaver,Ears,NN,JR,JM,Rlmt. Qui Phu Chau 42 Oakland Ave. Auburndale Vietnam, Bacon, Undecided What a year that was! Spent a week in Washington DC and in Somers NY and Soccer 2 Gym- nastics 2 But this year nothing is fun SAT, ACH and have to say goodbye to teachers soon, "To Sir with Love" But one thing fun is graduation."He! Happy Free!" iff. if ' li- ,i Elaine Karen Chin Lainey 144 Gibbs St. Newton Ctr. Weeks, Beals, College "There is a past which is gone forever: but there is a future which is still our own." Great t i m e s w I LDKMYVBPTDKCLMFMBKS TCCCJMDWLWMMJSDM-F.H. NJ. 1! Field Hockey 123. Softball 12. Oriental Club 123. Many thanks to PM, PJ, BM, MC, EKC Valerie Joan Chuha 19 Bond St. Malden Day, Barry, Teacher for the Deaf Remembering good times. Cin- dy since Randolph. Camping at N.H. "Bill" .. Summer of 76 ... Babies . . College . . . Betty Ann .... "Friends are forever!" Good Luck. Class of 77 . . "Thank you. everyone!" .. "Goodbye! I am going to miss you, all!" ..... X l Douglas C. Clark 70 Walker St. Newtonville .al Kevin Coffey 14 Westview Terrace Mark J Colantonio 4 Fair Oaks Ave. Newtonville Day, Adams, College "Success is getting what you want out of life without violating the rights of others." Remem- ber: The summer vacation driv- ing around all night doing noth- ing, LC 10-9-76. Sarah Bridget Cline Sarah B. 129 Grasmer St, Newton Bigelow, Barry, College "Get me my bags and let the good winds blow" GB JW KG KO I love you all! "Come on shorty" "The three B. stooges "1 1-3-76 Lab School!!!,Rocko. Diana Evelyn Cohen Dede 1599 Washington St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer Summer of 75."Chino baby- "Painters.MM's Flip FIops,KG DOG,WASH. PK Florida MM JR MW SS MW'S 50 x 40's JR's love affairs,the teeth"My eyes ador you" "Feelings" "At seven- teen"Be real,YOUR MOTHER! Counsil 1,2,3, Pres 2,3 Inter. Club 3 Erne White I Bonnie Colantropo 277 Lexington St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College "Yesterday is already a dream, tomorrow is only a vision, but today well-lived makes every yesterday a dream of happiness and every tomorrow a vision of hope." The kids down Burr. They heard. Thanks NG Summer 56 6Mik NQ games Cheerleading Maureen Theresa Cloonan 12 Green St. Newton Day, Barry, College Thanks to all my friends for the good times Ski- Trip 76 Cap-w- Pasta Mooney MLMD Tip-Over Good times at Burr-Alsn-Alb-RS Star MK-w-Mickey Be-noodle "Tacos" AV Parties Parties Pond "Flaimen Damian"Jackie ups and downs!! "Nothing is a waste if it makes memories" Howard Mark Cohen 91 Mandalay Rd. Bigelow, Beals, College "And this our life, exempt from public haunt, Finds Tongues in trees, sermons in stones, and good in everthing. I would not change it. Shakespeare Thanks to all my friends who laughed at and with me and made everthing bearable.Love to JCD Andrea Jean Coletti 50 Lenglen Road Newton Day, Palmer, Airlines KD,MB,LY-No one could ask for better friends! Good times with kids outside Adams. Home Room-DN. Colour My World. Clyde! 1130. Best times-BG. "So dawn goes down to day, nothing gold can stay" Thanks Ma and Dad! Mare Ritall!25. I bet a dime xJ'T A,-f-5 Margo Rose Coakly Mang 36 Parsons St. West Newton Day, Beals, College Jean,friendship never dies! We've been through alot -it's 9:00. "Cause me and Dad are like this'',HoIly.Donna,Debbie D., Phyllis remember good times,DebP.,the summer of '75. Sheri the "Shrink".Leanne the "Wife". "lt's the laughter Rally Com3 Steven E. Cohen 57 Warren Rd. Waban Weeks, Adams, College I drank this much before I came "The" EE, flex your muscle, sing for us Sepo.CP up perisco- pe.This game takes no skill. April fools day in chem l.EY CP JM AL SS JQS 2350 AN BW NC 1 -97 Janet Ellen Collins 45 Sewall St. West Newton Warren, Riley, College "Time has made us older, and wiser-I know I am." M.M. Swim- ming Tennis. How many is that, Deb? 6:0O?? Hey Chump! GSOFN Jane Bradshaw Collinson Wrangler 323 Washington St. Wellesly Hills Warren, Barry, College "We arrive in this world alone we depart alone this time called life was meant to share."Good times: JBAKPBJCCFMPSCDTA- HAAJCKM Thanks-Anne,Joan,A- my.Albm river everyone at Burr. Skiing with,TB8iDF.All my love to Tommy. 1-31-76! Moved 5-12- 76 Diving 123 if oi? -Q A 'ik Sharon Marie Corbiey 72 Austin St. Newtonville Day, Riley, Undecided Never forget all the good times with Benny 4730772 and for- ever. Good times with the Bird. BC I hope we always stay to- gether. Never forget the kids up the Lake or at Riley house. Long talks with Holly. HR with Sm. Good luck to CC and TG I Love you BC --i Kevin Lawrence Collins 18 Neal St. Newton L.F. Warren, Bacon, Auto Mechanic 'Remember all the weekends" "Good times in Auto" "Leaving Riley house steps, the old hang out" "Glad I'm out" David A. Conrad 11 Freeman Street Auburndale Warren, Adams Always remember: summer of "76" Kevin "Humma" BF SZ CM CM PH BF "Hot Seville" "Race Car" Cougar? F Block munchout Farrah Rick P Cruisin down Wal- tham 6730776 Red Lights with RM MT Debbie P! Bionic Betty the Cape TC LC PCV. F ',. 'O ' Thomas Joseph Cormier 13 Purington Ave. Natick Kennedy, Barry, Party Machine sho Mr. Doroth The D Y Natick Boys Mendel Bennie Spin Puss FLA Brownie. Plaza Ba- keoutsLumbo 4-Eva'68 Caddy Rubber man Aerosmith rules- !Stoned again! Amethamines Royce you dummy! Annette76 Marianne75 Dale74See you in the next world.4-Q Later Patrick Collins 17 Mayflower St. Newton .5 Edward M. Considine Eddie 25 Brackett Road Newton Bigelow. Adams "l am a young man l ain't done very much you men should re- member how you used to tight just like a child l've been seeing only dreams l'm all mixed up but I know what is right." PT FEB LY MS MM, thanks again LY. Base- ball 1,2,3. Sharon Cornu 150 Cherry St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon Mrs. Sargon, Mrs. Stein, Mrs. Smith. Wed. nights and Thurs- day mornings at Stan's. 1975 Russian club trip. Newtonite 1,2,3. Russian club 1.2,3TP 3. Thanks to Mr. Reppucci and Mr. Moore. Vyesevo Khoroshevo! ,,,.4r Meg Ann Colliton 6 Colgate Rd. Newton L.F. Warren, Beals. College "And we all know it's better Yes- terday has passed Now let's all start the living for the one thats going to last." Fig, LC, AC, LS, SB, JD, ES, LM. JL, WS and sce- nery, duh, 'tthe pits!", James Taylor, Brighams. Longmeadow "wicked good!" Janet Emily Corcoran 40 Sewall St. West Newton Warren, Riley. College We should so live and labor in our time that what came to us as seed may go to the next genera- tion as blossom, and what came to us as blossom may go to them as fruit. That is what we mean by progress. -Henry Ward Beecher Christopher G. Costa 36 Vineyard Road Newton Cen- ter Weeks , Riley Remember: Homeroom JH, MG, MM, CC, MR. B 8. MH AT 11:30. SOCCER 1,2,3. And there was Marcene and things. "Koala Bear Chris" "Smiles" -The night of the party made lots of sense.- Catherine Janice Crowe 13 West St. Newton Day, Adams, Happiness My love to Gene for always. Rec Rd Austins Beals Ducks Many fun times with friends. LMDKTMFSSSTPEJJS LJKBLBNBRMBR PJCTJTMBJH CTWLFFGBJMHHJTMCB- ASJRHRTBSSBKM N.H.! Baby Waldon 8!16!75 Grease! HOP "What'm l gonna do?" Thug! Long talks, Jeremy 81 love. Memories! Eileen Corrigan Crafts St. Newton Day, Bacon, College fu t -... QTWQ' Michael J. Crocetta, Jr. Mickey 32 Mosman St. W. Newton Day, Beals, College "Education is what's left after you've forgotten all you've learned." Soccer 12, Rifle 12 Captain 3 Beals Council 123 T- Prints 23 Bio Club 123 Newtoni- an 3 HR Pres 23 Party Nights: Day Gang Nova DZ Wick BG Charly Library BS JP-Pumpkin! - SZY SO EXCELLENT! Monique Arlene Culbertson 220 Newtonville Ave. Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Remember: All the friends, all the times, all the memories, for- ever. Life is a journey not a desti- nation. Arrowsmith "Dream on" Led Zeplin "Stairway to heav- en. ' Elizabeth Ann Corsi 66 Pelham St, Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College "lf only you believe like l believe, we'Il get by .. "-KATHY, VARA, BONNIE-Fab4 4-ever! HP-New Years-75. Centre-Feel-Like! Hampton Beach-The Gods! Good-Luck BG 8. CM, AS 81 BG, DW 8. BOL PD 8. CR. BM-accil PD,GS 1-12. CRAZY-C Blackber- ry! FOXY. Kevin-Always. QQ Anne Katherine Cronin 84 St. Mary's St. Newton L.F. Warren, Adams, College "inthe garden of bali'hai, a flow- er hath begun to bloom. Chem labs with J8lK, Adams House all s28tts2, "rident stolidi verba la- tina" , 1 , at iff Alex W. Craven Al 2 Rowe St. Auburndale Warren, Beals, College I"ll never forget the big green bomb, and Sat. nights in it. Al- ways remember Lacrosse with P.C. and C.P. 84 M.T. Teen Time 8tB.S. l'll never forget J.A. For 2 lousy nights. Lacrosse 1,2,3. Youth Basketball 3. Beals Coun, 2,3. "l'm going to get a vette." Ronald D. Cucchi Ron 94 Falmouth Rd. Newton Warren, Palmer, Undecided Burnt Spring Sundays at Allison. B.M. R.O. Skiing BM Skeech MS BM BH MK PP Gloucster MK MS BM Pits Hampton 76 PP BM Burnt School DR CT RH Bobs Gone PP Good Times LL TL Bum Load. I saw god MK Havahooch MS Give your head a Shake EM Like ya read about DC lk--r . V Rosemarie Curtis 160 Waltham St. W. Newton le A 1 x ix -. -N 'NQXLXQ . 13 w .4 ' V fl '. -'- T J 4 I ' f iz ,V Tx Anthony D'Agostino "Tony" 191 Linwood Ave. Newtonville Day, Palmer, College Never forget NNHS and all great friends and times that came with it. Franklin 75 and to all it's girls. Hey Fem, "Don't come near me baby" Great "Vintage" Week- ends with BD, RV, SV. JS. and JF. Football 1. Gymnastics 2.3. 1 41- 9 X Joseph John Dalton 150 Concord St. Newton Warren, Riley, College Remember all friends Good luck Good Times at WHB. Night cruise snow + water skiing. "Getting captured" Parties. LSAJ July 4 Football in UNd's Rocket ifuel. Does it hurt now MTLSM MDWAP BW ahs Foot- ball 1,2.3. if 54 NAPA DECENT 40? T7 Blandisio M. DaMore 60 Brookside Ave. Newtonville A x Joan Caren Danziger 96 Temple St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon, Dartmouth Newtonian, Bacon House Coun- cil Do not follow where the path may lead. Go, instead. where there is no path and leave a trail. Thanks to-my friends who helped me grow- My teachers who opened new doors-My parents who always cared. Love to HMC. Anything you say, Mr. President. Gary Emerson Davis Red Bush 15 James St. West Newton Warren, Barry, Electrician It was fun while it lasted. Now we must all earn our "stairway to heaven" Always remember good times with J,A. and Co. P.W. T.D. Sem K.R. M.M. RP. N.B. M.S. G.O. J.R. L.W. D.K. 442. Albe. Rivers. Haw. Football Lacrosse Basketball "Schlitz" 1.2.3 David Dayton 5 Bradley Rd. Belmont Beals, Party Parking Lot 1.2. Uncle Frank. Cruising in the mall 1 of 2.3. counting maggots. Manson to bad the door won. The Italian?- What can I say? Nothing. C.C. Nap Gay Gus the head. aww X Doreen Marie Dangelo "Dodi" 304 Adams St. Newton Day, Bacon, College "Don't let the sun go down on me" "Blue Genes" Onset Sum- mer of 74 75 76 Neil Young "only love can break your heart" Best wishes to LS KA BG KM LD EC MA RR Good Times "The Division" with Karen "The wall" Hey mush see ya around ni 1' Peter Dennis Deasy S.M. 50 Everett St. Newton Ctr. Weeks. Riley. College Best times with Colt 45 Good times with N.C.P., 825 and N.C.V. gangs "The only thing that l got from N.N.H.S. besides learning is headaches" Always remember CR Basketball 1.2 Wallace Vincent DeCourcey Wally 73 Kaposia Street Auburndale Warren, Adams, College Remember-the summer of "76" down Burr, the Shaker, the pole 81 the fence also Maine. Remembers Fitz's Art Dan Jake Timbo Face Skin Goody Nick Nancy Micki Benoit Kelly Moe Kim Annette Cindy Pasta Sherry Important sayings: mslmd ksbwttwohhc hkiiyp. blinded "JE Christopher J. DeLoffi 256 Pearl St. Newton X Y' .,f Lisa D. DeGeorge Joseph S. Delgizzi 136 Gibbs St. Newton Ctre. 96 Central Ave Newtonville. Weeks, Bacon, Engineering Hi to: MG and DO, LW, MS, JP, SL, EC, Mrs. G, PJ, JC, and ID. 1332 and Hachacha. Thanks to my alarm clock! Outdoor track 1,2,3. Volleyball 2,3. Marine Bio Club Susan M. Delgizzi Sue 41 William St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Travel, College 7717776 Martha's Vineyard. "Jane T. There's no one in the tree."Friday nights in W.N. at the troub. Summer of 76. 774176 Elton John, 7721776 Jethro Tull, we almost missed it Spying Days are over JM Sally poed at 9:30. Many thanks to Charlie. vb 2 She is UGLEEE! ff ,V A ae? is sy- Y TY SN Karen Ann DeLuca Valerie A. DeLuca Robert J. DeMaio Rita "RAL" 16 Taft Ave. W. Newton Chapel St. Newton 30 Hawthorn St. Newton Day, Beals, College Day, Beals Special times with special friends AC, MB, LV, Maine many memories GW, SP, KC, DT. Good times with those outside of Ad- ams. Mar skip D block? Midge I bet a dime! 11!23!76. . Clyde! Thanks ackie. Italian Club, Italy 76. If we only have love tomor- row wil! dawn Wholellottalove "go but go sIow" D8ib 1 PP With VA AD DF 2 We did it RE! 3 The CAFE it's too late now! AC 18. The Summer of "76" down SJJS with JP. Good times with RE DC AD Ridding around in DC Dodge MF! HR! And our tours of NEWTON. RE wants her MP "ALRlGHT" Carol Ann DeRubeis Dube and Shorty 21 Jasset Street Newton Day, Palmer, Secretarial work- fteacher lt's been fun! Thanks for the mir- ror MK, I wish l knew! HR with JL,MK,JM. JL rememberthe dia- logues, Watch out-Julio! MK is coming. ltalian with Ed, Sharing the locker was fun miss ya, Love ya allways Julio Soccer team 1 ltalian club 1,2 Debora L. Dickey 11 Fern Street Auburndale Warren, Beals 5-Q Thanks for all Donna. Last- ing memories with Mike, Always, All-Ways. My buddies CH,WC,DP,PD,TY,Cunkin- ,FLo8lBFF. Rambling Rose. ltal- ians Qalas for those who never sing but die with all their music in them "PS Thanks Mom Anthony Joseph DePasquaIe Bloop 430 Watertown St. Newton Ourl.ady's, Adams, Electrician Remember Garbageman, Haw- thorne, Bone Cruise Chevy, Rl Jam Crash I don't believe what l see "SS" Brothers Symgma Good Times with Ruff, Froggy, Red, Pel, Harpo, John, Joe, Muz- zimTuskies, Butters, Stiem. Sparky, Lou. Chin, Lu, Rodent. Bird, Ears 12 Del. Sandy. Rye, LIB Norman Dias 13 Tarleton Rd. Newton , " .Vin 1 -ss 5 r ' -5 Giovanni DiMambrO John 170 Oakleigh Rd. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College NNHS is '??'?'?! :Gaudet do I still owe you the six-pack: l'm gonna miss Pigs PJ sandwiches after practice: Eager beaver club led by Olli: G. Moores jock tro- phy case back of bus: Soccer 23 The itch, BB Betty: The count: Mueller Thanks to TJ, Olli and cat Alan Dickran DerMarderosian 230 Melrose St. Auburndale 8663 Warren, Bacon, Music Homeroom-20 minutes of bore- domFufe!!Happening shats- .Jams we good had a lot of. 3 years of the music dept. Hartt and the double wammie. Never trust a man with blond hair and blue eyes. "Your'e a fool!" "Go away" What can you say after 3 years? A-f"Y ,Nr-.W Karen Joan DiBenedetti 17Copley St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, College "lf you love something, let it go: if it returns. it's yours: if not, it never was." UMASS W!S.J, A in wonderland, 483, losing the mo- torcade. Jr 8. SR Class Commit- tees, Newtonite 2, Newtonian 3. Fond memories of the Class of 76. Elaine Mary Dimatteo 340 Cabot St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College "Mike and me"7f25!71-5 yr. Tricia, You will always be my best pal. Talking to Martha on the phone, again! Steve's let- ters, You Big Puppy! Longwalks, Goodtimes with JW, DW, LN, JG. PS, CW, 4699, and CD! ltalian Club l,2,3. Bigsister 2 Never say goodbye! Ask Beth! Donna Lunn Dewsnap 4 Eldredge St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, Fame+Fortune A poet soaring in the high re- gions of his fancy, with his gar- land and singing robes about him.- Milton A dreamer of the unconventional is a most serene individu-alist, iQDew'tl Inc. No initials, my love and fond memo- ries for all. Dream on. amis. l W 1 Annette Teresa DiMambro 14 Burton Ave. Newton Day, Riley, Medical Assistant Remembers: "motorcade" "Football games " summer "76" "fribble" Italy thanx to mom + dad. Good times down Burr RS Allison + the rest, Lippy uses less but Connie can see clearly now. Thanx to all my new + old friends who made my 3 yrs. here the best. Bye. NNH . Veronica Anne Dodd Ronnie 45 Murray Road West Newton Warren, Palmer All the good times with Brian 5f18!76 Cookie Monster, Win- kie, Gail, Terry, Jimmy, John, Mike, Tom, T.F., R.T., "Teenager In Love" Thanks to C.M., B.l.T.R.C. "lt takes a long time to Gnd out who you are. .But the answer is worth the search." David Allen Donato 441 Salem Rd. Framingham Warren, Beals The wise word of Cappy, "lt's Great to be alive" Football 1,2,3 Lisa A. DiNapoli 46 Lothrop St. Newtonville Day, Barry, Dancing Don't walk in front of me I may not follow, Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk next to me and be my friend. Remem- ber RR KM MA DD LS BG LL, Don't for all the gang in HR 2120. Remember good times with Liam. I love you Liam O'Brien. f gl 9' David Aram Donabedian 15 Sterling St, W. Newton Warren, Riley Things that you held high and told yourself were true Lost or changing As the days come down to you lt all comes down to you. 'r --'ti Veronique D. Douchet 308 California St. Newton France, Palmer, Jr. College When you walk through a storm hold your head up high and don't be afraid of the dark You'll never walk alone Amities A BS JM FS OG AP PC JN MG Remem- ber Chemistry MB Gymnastics 2,3 Co Pres. International Club 3 Cercle Francais Deutscher Vere. W123 Leonard E. Di Paolo Lenny 22 Whittier Rd. Newtonville Day, Beals, Dentist Time to hang up the cletes and pick up the books. Paul's was the greatest concert. "My love does it good"-Teresa, The best bus rides home with the team. Soccer 1,2,3 l Rachel Annette Donaldson 195 Woodland Rd. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College '-x to Charles Harris Drakos 19 Freeman St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, College Senior Class '77' What a way to go.Albermarle and Big Bad Burr Mrs. Beasly 8t Mr. Sleasly - Bob and the water buffalo Jeannie Parsons, aL, Dubee, Bob, Marci Mr. Merritt Main Street, library stairs, ,Summer '76' - Ron, S.S. Baseball 1 Swimming 1,2,3 .fl Cynthia Ann Maire Dolloff Red 101 Chestnut St. North Easton School for Deaf, Barry, Business Remember Barry Beal Austine Good time we had smoking in the bathroom cutting the class My love to VC JH LM MW YM BAP SF GT CT My best teachers are Kirk 84 Mike wt 5 ,, Helen Catherine Doona Bud Warren, Beals, College "We must leave t behind but to each a memory" BB77 the glo- be+unknown parties dances concerts Franklin and Alber marle Summers swimming in the juice.PW+ ML C+B Ce soir BJRJM burger if nothing great times with great friends. JKMJSJBTCCMAMBFCBS- BAGTDSVSBBCSLW "1 . .- Ffh as S-" s -I , +1 S av Eugene W DuBois Gene 42 Anthony Circle Newtonville Day, Riley, College Albermarle and gangitl "party" Demo Squad "Dont drink the gas" Fenway Beav-chins+Co. Mac+ Nad Remember: AL,DM,SS,MP,and rest Good times with AH. The big N Foot- ball 1,2,3, Indoor Track 1.2.3 Outdoor Track 1,2,3 The big D spring job 1234 "77" .Li , va ,NE Douglas R. Duval Manson 7 Mathew Ct. Natick Coolidge, Riley, Party' Parking Lot 1,2, "Manson One of the 3 all I want is tits and "zap" I only have to do two things in life Pay taxes and die "55" Dodge Gay Gus Cruising in the mall CC nap A - I Edward Egan Albion Place Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College "I had 3 before you came." E.Y. "Steve, is the garbage disposal working." "I never touch the stuff." CP "Rich, is the window fixed." Good times New Year's eve 75 and chemistry, right. Good times with CP, Claybo, SC. BW, BJ, H and JM. Track 2,3 'l ..- ,..-... ' O XI' 55.531, 3232:-jf..-2.-2:--, ..:...: .g..:: Aff.-3. X , .' .Ji-. 1:13 j..--5 - .gy " . ::.:,-I-,::.-nag -ffa.,. i "i.1':?:-252: me LEE-I' . v.i'-'!- -,r -. .'.::--::I.':.'.':5-4. us".--I f-gf? . -'''.':f:::5ffii:.'2f5.f-5552232 s - .'L.-- "U, -.... , '. -I ,--I .':p ' y-:::.-.'. :gf-.. '::f,',':f-1:1352--g:l .mit --:r.-.- -..:::::f'.fH--:::: ::::.-f MaryAnne Dubois 585 Grove St. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, Undecided Every Days an FSD Day Did you?? Outside Palmer where were you? What do you want me to do run or walk! "Nothing is a waste if it makes a memory" All my love to Phil 3f13!75 'iv Erin Frances Dwyer 4 Ionia St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College I don't know where l'll be tomor- row, because it took my whole life to find today. Thanks to my Buddy, Great times with great friends: Parking lots, Wonder- land, Mac's partys. Football Games, MaryIou's cottage: Long talks with Karen: Susan's secret. Matthew Steven Ellman 28 Graylynn Rd. Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Palmer, College "The sky is clearing and the night has cried enough. The sun he comes the world to soften up. Rejoice. rejoice. we have no choice but to carry on." To my amigos-you're wonderfulg thanks and good luck. Kathleen Elizabeth Duffey Kathy-Kitten 63 Pierrepont Road Newton L.F. Weeks, Beals, Law Enforcement "lt's sad that lucky people do not realize how lucky they are until they catch a glimpse of those who are less fortunate." Remember: RH VM DB KB TG BM PD BA CB GT GH LG MP AB Fondest memories of Reed 9- 25'76 Thanks to all my teachers and friends. -If Gail Ann Dwyer 319 Cherry St. W. Newton Warren, Barry Good times with BT,KW,SD,AA,JM,JC and every- body, Never forget all the con- certs-the Cape-the skunk-crui- sin' and all the partying, "The time of our time has come and gone." Leslie Scott Engelsman Tigs 20 Vista Ave, Auburndale Warren, Adams, College I know l'll never lose affection for people and things that went before, and I know l'll often stop and think about them. Love to all especially Rachel, Susan and Waldo. Music is everywhere 1345 Orchesis Marching Band Thoughtprints Tiger. iii .Is "Y-i.'i Matthew James Durkin "I don't know - well, I don't know either." "what can I say?" Mur- ray Road "41" Plymouth NH, KE SS and all Skiing ','l' I .JI Janice Benita Dyels 50 Hinckley Rd. Waban Canal Zone, Adams, Attend UCLA Basketball 1.2, Outdoor track 2, Afro-American club 2. I leave my lunatic ways to Kathy MacKay and my ulcer to Scotty Guild. Good luck to all sophomores "Got to keep on keepin' on." ht I .X I ' 1' John F. England 154 Parmenter Rd. West New- ton Warren, Palmer, College "Two roads diverged in a yellow wood and I took the one less traveled by and that made all the difference." Robert Frost Mattapoisett Summers Will al- ways be. JC SV JC JK MJS RV BC CM ED and Bridgewater. Great Hill RV. and his pumpkins. l Gary Vasken Eynatian 42 Standish Rd. Watertown Warren, Riley, College "Loosened and fertilized by edu- cation, a student will grow as a weed among stones." Remem- ber: The school, Pool, Church Mall, Driver Ed, Oversleeping, KG my teachers, pals, and Gals, Capri Music, South Pacific. ,Ann Kirk Jonathan Fallon 117 Mt. Vernon St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Undecided "Bus rides and dirty jokes." Re- members: JP EJ DRJ BM MM JC DC DH CC KFC AMBPMC and HELTER SKELTER. "I LOVE lT" Also remember ands. Concert Choir 1,2,3. Smith Family 3. Swimming 1,2,3. "CROCUS". Susan E. Farrington 71 Wyoming Rd. Newtonville Fulvio A. Fabrizi 889 Watertown St. Newton Paul C. Fallon 68 Oak Street Dedham Dedham, Riley Mill carpentry major 1,2,3. Spe- cial thanks to Mr. Sullivan. Daniel S. Fasman 69 Kingswood Rd. Auburndale Warren, Barry, Photographer We've all finished. So what do you want a medaI?? Thanks to JSAW SR and of course JA. Will always remember the great times with RK BM CN AL RE MC AW DS BA JF's friends and the darkroom, weekend trip CR cleanup and partys cove and yearbook staff. fi if 3-Q Diana Y. Fai 28 Wessex Rd. Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Riley, College "lt's getting better all the time" "Dry?" Wedfs plan, Dolls, Brigh- am's, 30 seconds, school plays, towtruck, jammed gears, munching out, passing out, one- day diets, JF, JL, LK, LM, MC, VF Call, Newtonian 3, Sr. Class Committee. Samia Fam 138 Berkeley St. Newton Bigelow!Warren, Bacon, College Thought Prints 2,3. John F. Fay 35 Kensington St. Newtonville Day Jr. High, Beals, Living Best time Cape 75 "Let's get a drink of water" Good times SL, EP, GOH, BB, BM, BC. Football 1,2 Hockey 1 Swimming 3. ,-if i Paul Fair 20 Merton Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, Tool Design Good times with DW JA P.l.N.G.A. AG Smoke up those wheels. Good time out in Ariz. BW JG Drink that beer Bill, your eyes are shut. Joe, get rid of that toilet. Thurs afternoon out to lunch Hello TY Soccerl. ... 'N - 5 ---ar st- 1 i Elizabeth Ann Farrell Beth 54 Pond St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "The moment may be tempo- rary but the memory lasts for- ever" 6125776 Sippin' with Sandy thinkin' everythings dan- dy. Remember the good times, Remember SL, BR, KM, DO. BB,EAT, EG and TG, 143. f i'2'l Denis J. Feil 17 Ware Rd. Aub. Warren, Beals, Wentworth The office, the High School Joan Jimmy's house SATURDAY NIGHT Stage crew, Little Mary Sunshine Much Ado About Noth- ing Special thanks to: Tom Schaeffer, Neil Wille and Brian Stokes. Tom don't forget about the good times we had with Lit- tle Mary Sunshine. s... Cx John Paul Femino 81 Auburn St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Medicine Gymnastics: The only true sport. "Hey, Hey Mr. "J" Working out with the gym rats. My buddy JP. MB: and if by chance we find each other again, it's beautiful. Gymnastics 1.2. Captain 3. 'S al . ' ' 4, '12, ' A' at 1- fi?- l 4 John Fields 281 Otis St. W. Newton 'ttfl Amy Jane Fisher 404 Chestnut St. Waban Warren, Palmer, College "Do not walk in front of me, l may not follow, Do not walk be- hind me, I may not lead, Just walk beside me and be my friend" Much thanks to Jane. Anne, Joan, LEJCAKNGSAT- BAADTJBST CC75 Jr. skp day at gh PSWA Do you LM Nancy? Summer of 76 Burr Track 1.2. N"-i Douglas M, Ferguson 42 Sheffield Rd. Day, Beals, College Remember: Eric, PC, MP, EZ, Mr. Williams, Ms. Cradle, Mr. Wines, Mr. Wells, Mr. Belmarsh, Tom DePeter, and Mike HR. 2246 was terrific. "Never forget to think". ,. if 'f f x . L Q 1 fl desi L Q' 'A , . I P, - ,4 lx Jennifer A. Figgie 111 Moffat Rd. Waban Beals, College "Good-bye is too good a word so l'll just say fare-thee-well. ain't saying you treated me un- kind, could have done better, but don't think twice, it's al- right" Canoeing, Elton John, Longmeadow cigars. LK,DF,JL,MC. "Spacey" "Weird" New friends. 'fi -'Q Ann Marie Fitzgibbon 44 Fuller St. Waban Weeks, Adams, College A shining face is an earth like star, A frown can't bring out the beauty that you are, Love within and you'lI begin smiling, They're better days ahead. Cross-coun- try 1.2.3 Newtonian 3. A Mark John Ferlisi 19 Wyman St. Waban Warren, Palmer, College "To all of my friends of the of- fice, it's never the wrong time for one, and it's been a great three year party" Never will for- get ES CP MM BR SP SM NW SR DT RL KB NP AJ Concert Band 1. 3. Marching Band 2.3. JA 22 En- semble 3. 61- '--7 Victoria Byrne Finlayson 12 Valentine Street West New- ton Warren, Bacon, Dance or Col- lege Bacon House Council 3. 1 IDLE? David M. Fitzsimmons 86 Albert Rd. Newton ICN Karen E. Ferrera Pasta 10 Fernwood Rd. West Newton Warren, Riley, College Good times are to remember- WKS Pty's-Alb-RS-Alsn-NHS- Burr KidsAll-niters-too many: CAPE, SKl-76 NKllYP: MTPQ MLMD3 KBS: MOONEY, Be-noo- dle3 "TACOS" "You can't always get what you want, but if you try sometime-you just might ind- you get what you need".-BBB- 4 Wy ,-fx L. Johnathan D. Finn 60 Mosman St. W Newton Day, Adams, College l'm so glad that l know more than I knew then, Gonna keep on tryin' till l reach my highest ground-Stevie Wonder. Thanks to everyone who helped turned this massive brick building into an insane and enjoyable place HBAP ABJ4BS4SFAPOCO6. Donald Patrick Fitzsimmons Fitz 86 Albert Rd, Auburndale Warren, Adams, Work Burr Drkg on sch nts with skin Danny Scale Nick Moon Art Bob- by John are we dead? Maine with Nancy Micki Kelly Sherry Bobby Scale Moon Jack Debbie were in Hlnd Never forget the shaker of "76" tw's was a nice night Special thanks to Nancy Love Don Q We ' Kevin J. Flaherty FZA 8 Whittier Rd. Natick Barry, College-Electrician The Village Green, 67 Buick "The boys from Natick" spin, Tom, Brownie. Its all over boys colt 45 "O.J. and doughnuts" See you on the dark side of the moon. I'M as free as a bird now- free bird-, "I think therefore I am" -Fla- Karen Marie Forte 4 Jenison St. Newton Day, Riley, Undecided I mean really now when you think about it Bones Parties Good x's WXKVLFLLSLTGBG Parking lot Deg. Always remem- ber 31f76 KISS Pri Concerts HR-Brian Hey look at the kid in the diamond shirt Love to Kurt SOS K+L Flashing Tunes! Luck to JC Thanks to ALL. Ellen Jan Frank 129 Randlett Park West Newton Day, Beals, College "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams go. life is a barren field frozen with snow." Hughs. C'mon. Really? Track Co-Capt. C.C. Smith Fam- ily Newtonian Staff. Victoria Susan Floyd 6 Billings Park Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Don't be sad 'cause your sun is down, you can rise above it, don't be sad 'cause you are on your own, you have to learn to love it! J. Taylor Sailing 23 Gym- nastics 123 Barry house council 23 CC23 ML-JL 6. Lori Anne Forte 40 Los Angeles St. Newton Day, Bacon To live is the rarest thing in the world Special thanx to LLKFKVDBESCTKM. Remember all the good times. CM Prom 5!9!75 Parties 7!2O!75 8!28!76 Concerts McDonald's Parking lotisj Cape w! PM Love to Lisa 8. Steve always. Thank you. Take care! ltal Club 1. 1 I Joshua S. Frank 8 Eldredge St. Newton Corner -,.--..1....4.-f lf' Cheryl Joan Foley Fole's 27 Eddy St. W. Newton Day, Palmer, College Thanx!MNTNJBPBSRLBJS JCSBLAMCAKJTSVSRDS What a pal FB games Buy guys July 18 Later much Pebs I'm mortified "you get a lot more if you settle for a lot less" Mom, Dad I made it albermale RVSD Allison Favors Memories Thanks DJDSNRELE Cappy! goodluck gang. 'David Fowler 6 Bonwood St. Newtonville Day, Murray Road, College These are always so dull so I'm not going to say, "Hi BZ,XN re- member LRYNT" Nor will I rattle on with things like KK skiing, 3 four square 2,3 Lastly under no circumstances will I write out whatever comes to mind in a long, strange, tiring furbishlik. Richard L. Fruitkin Ricky 10 Worth Circle Newton Bigelow, Adams, Business The Iron Cross Boys. The band. Late nights in BG's garage. Thank God it's Friday. l will al- ways remember you Patti. Nev- er forget the good times with Adriane and Brandy. Q Rose Caroline Forbes 68 Omond St. Mattapan, Mass. Bigelow, Adams, Physical Ther- BDY It was a good experience l will never forget I will always re- member Denese Brooks Rose Fontez Agnis Stefopoulos Susie Reichard and most of all Robert Jackson Thanks a lot Mr. Allen I won't forget you and Miss Guin- arred Good Luck everybody. yi- . I Linda Marie Fraini 21 Cambria Rd. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College Remember: All my good friends, especially Franny, Airport-8-75, Baracuda, Canada with Benis, Lou's cottage, summer of '76, Kaaaren, 12!27!?, Lasagna Din- ner Dazer, Andra Keep smilin. Barbara Jean Fryar 17 William St. West Newton Warren, Bacon Last of nine, oh well all good things come to an end. All the kids down the Caf. What a riot! Dream until your dreams come true. Cup of Coffee Please. "Hey I'm confused." Hmrm with Cm 81 Mjs. SV Parties. Sheila M. Gentile 14... Robert M. Gallagher 17 Bacon St. Newton Sf Patricia Geary Tricia 255 Adams Ave. West Newton Adams College Remembers Bk, no bstock 76, office Jou, Lou, nou, Beaver Brook B.C. Good luck with 27, 2350, SC TL FD ST MS NM MB IS BC NG JB DM MM Post 506 Nan- tucket, Marsh Field-Good Luck MEC lf you do not understand my silence, you will not under- stand my words. 07 v Cheryl Ann Fucci 9 Cook St. Newton Day, Riley, College Always remember RHO,E-BL gym, Luv and luck MG3Mar-al- ways remember LGS: 69 Che- vel e and 69 Camaro3My luv al- WSYS to Peter: 1-9-76:remem- ber NEDW,Hampton BC and 76 PromgGood luck PBgDM8.BCg Good times down cafe and palm- er stairs, Breaks Axles, Huh Pete John I. Gaudet 27 Winchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College I don't know where to begin I'lI remember m any You know who you are A. Soccer team was the best kill Needham! Friday and Saturday night you can get the van Zani? Killing 'em at River- side Soccer 123 Hockey 13 Golf 123 Bobby 40 bucks geeze! Irene Brenda Gelles 17 Lafayette Rd. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Adams, College "Everyday is an FSD Day." Re- member: Palmer House, Boring days, driving around, Summer of "76" Eastgate Good luck Judy and keep looking Steve Love you always! Piotr M. Gajewski 166 Waverly Ave. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "MUSIC IS A LANGUAGE, AND IT MAY YET BE THE LANGUAGE TO SAVE THE WORLD" PABLO CA- SALS REMEMBER THE GARD- NER AND YOU KNOW. 71 Michelle Andre Gauvreau 123 Bridge Street Newton Newton Catholic, Riley, Work- Travel lt's a little bit funny, this feelin' inside. Remember HR!w KC CC MBM GC "the Deli" "G12" babes "Bosox" games fw PL "Work Study" w!Mrs MrB. "Concert Choir 3" "Elton John Forever" "pudge" 27 and But- terflies are free to fly, fly away. high away bye bye 26 Thornton St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals Ricky 9728175 "Your the best thing that ever happened to me" Summer of "75" "76" woodburys. Good times with He- len. Graphics "meet you out front" Homeroom with J.W. "Did you see him?" Nantasket with M.M. H.M. M.S. R.U. Thanks J.C. My taxi Woolworths. Catherine Jean Gardner Cathy 14 William St. West Newton Warren, Beals, Hairdresser Remember: All the good times up Franklin JBTCBFCMMJSHD All the kids down the cafe Cheer- lead 13 in CAM? Judy you are the best friend anyone could ask for THANKS! All my love to Bob 143 3!18!76 All the good times were had Sats. at hockey games. -ri LJ W '- Lisa Diane Gelin 23 Kenilworth Street, Newton Bigelow, Barry, College "lf I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain: If I can ease one life the aching, Or cool one pain, Or help one faint- ing robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain." -'rrp Constance Anne Gleason Connie 16 Garden Road Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Memories of: my old home- room, Asparagus. the nucleus, M8tM's, tick-talk + my T. Pump- kins and commons concerns, LIMB! Do it - I did! So many people and all those blue eyes. Football days, Crafts Club, Greenhouse 1, Adams house council 2, PresAHC 3. 1 Jonathan Adam Goldberg 107 Withington Rd. Newtonville Bigelow, Palmer, College Forum, Gigi, South Pacific, Bye Bye Birdie, Concert Choir, Fam- ily, Brothers, Elec. Music after school "Oh my god!" Smooth progression and others. Cele- bration orch. Anne, Jon, F Riley. Mattress to be. William B. Gerlach 8663 262 Otis St. W. Newton Mary E. Goddard Beth 510 California St. Newton Day, Beals STEVE thru everything Judy time for school friends today gone tomorrow JD Never Forget RB true to the end Rowde DD SF LS LD Meet ya out front. STEVE 171176 We stuck it out l think we're together forever smile I'll always be there to smile back ILY. I Barry Nathan Goldenberg 37 Pratt Drive W. Newton Day, Palmer, College "Bright is the ring of words when the right man rings them." -RLS- Tony, Steve, Mark-great times and many thanks. "Sooner or Later" "Time?" "despicable" Best of luck to "MJCJr." Tennis 1,2,3 Newtonian 3. , -l-a- ,A ,.... ....... ,,.-. -,., A Michael James Gill Mike 41 Faxon St. Newton Day, Bacon, Undecided Good times with P.C. "l've got to get you into my life!" Can't forget S.L., J.C., R.C., L.T., D.P.. J.B., M.C. and the Masher. l-lull St. crowd. Taking care of Am- way. "63" Chevys are the great- est. March l2, l'll never forget it. God bless my pajamas. Brett Goldberg 472 Crafts St. W. Newton Day, Adams, Remarriage "Something is rotten in the state of Denmark" Remember: 650th Infantry, Jenine's sister Joanne. Thoughtprints 2,3. Wrestling 1,2,3. Key Club 1. Michael Jay Goldfarb 53 Fellsmere Rd. Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, College We endear such famous quotes as "Go Reggie" "Did you see the baby frisbee?" "Satchmo" "l'm all over the place l'll go Max. Re- member Farb and Weymouth North Remember 96, 1111 Best wishes to Rochelle, Lin, Bill, Mighty, and Stu. Michael Gloor 22 Lenglen Rd. Newtonville Marcia Beth Golden 14 Clements Rd. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "Follow the trail to the open air, Alone with the hills and sky, A pack on your back, but never a care, letting the time slip by" Gigi, Mary Sunshine, Gymnastics 13, Newtonian 3 "A teacher af- fects eternity, he can never tell where his influence stops". 1' f:f 'l .zqjfw 4 ' 3 A fa Rx 'gs -,S Susan Ellen Goldfarb 235 Upland Rd. Newtonville Day, Riley, College "So on and on l go, the seconds tick the time out, there's so much left to know, and l'm on the road to find out." C.S. To my friends-Thank you. Il 'I Daniel Jonah Goldhagen 185 Highland Ave., Newtonville Warren, Bacon, College Few friends are real friends, and some of mine are the best. All my love to Tommy for being Slomhead. Also, AC EL JD KM LA and our beloved Editor DMS. Newtonian and SFA. Life's pillar of flame should be compassion and understanding. an 3' Bonnie A. Goldman 49 Waban Hill Road, Newton Weeks, Beals, College North's going to be missing some angels VL LC KM truckin around with Charlie Fla. 'tLong distance is the next best thing to being there." Keep in touch, I don't want us all to be just memories in the past. MD can do it! VLA alot to say, but not much room, :xg b , 32: ,ml 1. ' K Ir.. .4 5 N r r , 1 - 'IIE I A Il. DF' f Nr: . - -S .i . P -1. - X A 1 -4 s 'n ,,...: Will you marry us? Fi ff' ,J pf li. Kathleen Mary Goldwait Kathy 12 Devon Terrace Newton Bigelow, Beals, College "Its nice to be important but its more important to be nice" "A true friend is the best posses- sion" l'll never forget S. BEEEEE, G.B., L.M. and N.N.H.S. "Come on shorty" Junior Class, Senior Class, Newtonian, House Coun- cil, Track, Gymnastics, Basket- ball. . . W r , J r 439 iq" .4 ii 1 fl , Q of 4 fg Six O 1 I 1' -S Cindy Robyn Gordon 88 Harding St. W. Newton Warren, Beals, College "We do not remember days, We remember moments." Good Times with L.F., F.P., D.M., A.G.. M.M., K.B., K.A., E.D., L.M., B.R.. M.B. Lou's Cottage. Lasagna Dinner. Skiing with D.M. Strand- ed at Onset with J.B. Summer of "76" Ski Club 3. ff'f.g .--iq 1' IOS Richard V. Gorgone 39l Cherry St. W. Newton Jeffrey Michael Goldstein 1445 Beacon St. Waban New York, Adams, Business "I am leaving my classrooms and my teachers to my brother" Baseball 2,3. U il Esther Elizabeth Gott Twiggle 262 Nevada St. Newtonville Bigelow, Murray Road, College A8.P is more than a bowl full of cherries. Long live 9 lives. Adults are just expert children. Singin in the bathroom. The artroom blues and hoits of Joy. Brandon E. Goverman Brandy 25 Surrey Road Newton Bigelow, Barry, Business GTX .... The Dragway .... 13.6 Late nights working on the car. Han- g'in around Palmer. All the guys at Tech. Autobody. All my love to Adriane. S 1 Naomi Ruth Greenburg 109 Westchester Rd. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "Things past belong to memory alone, things future are the property of hope." Best of luck to DG DK KS LB CV PC. Remem- ber: AM Darts Pinball CJ JP NN The Cape! Memories: Hull St. Diets Rainy Soccer and Football Games French Fries, Cabs and w s. 7, gil-QTH , "Q: '9 Y 'adv' f' -,, 2 I-I . ga 5:2 V -if we 'fgfffl' , Michael Jay Granoff Mike 24 Bruce Lane Newton Bigelow, Adams, College "We the willing, led by the un- knowing, are doing the impossi- ble for the ungrateful. We've done so much for so many for so long with so little that we're now fully qualitied to do anything with nothing." Soccer 1, 2 New- tonite, Newtonian, Thoughtpts. Amy Margaret Green 28 Lenox St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "Everyone in the world is weird, and, if you're not weird you're weird." NNHS 1,2,3. The music department. Soccer 3 School Plays 123 the pit sleep- NNHS cough-cough-gasp-gasp suffo- cate-suffocate NEVER AGAIN! D ff. You like it? I stole it. V- . hifi -L Richard A. Green 36 Ivanhoe St. Newton Corner Eric M. Greene 8 Irving St. Melinda B. Greene 59 Wachusett Rd. Royce Parker Greenwood 50 Willis Lake Dr. Sudbury L.S,R.H., Adams, Navy Thank you to Mister DePeter for my rides to school every day. I also would like to thank all of my teachers I have had in my short stay. Thanks to the hole The ad- ministration also. E ,,.u2:f55::g, -gzzzzz' - . : ' ezzzzzif' : ' 310 . ..q::::',gg.-,-ipff.j'.- voo,voau W 1 'gl ovo,Son? nvofr' I "'0o!f- , :uf Nancy Ellen Grossman 64 Paulson Rd. Waban Weeks, Adams, College Heaven! I'll choose to ignore it they heard! TUNA-Thanx Ron! NT JR crap thanx Sher! Ba- nanas-HBESEDAMD. I? Amy. Later! Sandy! Thanx to every- body! Burr Summer 76! HeyCooI HR JMD-Rockman. Run to Cel- lar! Thanx to Barb Si George - "No goal is too high!" Newtoni- teIRally 3. ry. Cathy M. Hacsunda 11 Perry Rd. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, Undecided "Sometimes the lights are shin- ing on me, other times I can bar- ely see, Lately it occurs to me what a long strange trip its been" My love to ALL . 4 -,. 'R 1 'w S . -x ' I A U 4' 'sr :z 1 Mark Joseph Gregorio 133 Rand Terr. Auburndale Warren, Riley, Work Will always remember the good times I had in 1551. S .I 1 Connaught Helen Guiney 102 Highland St. W. Newton Warren, Beals "What good is that happy lie, All you wanted from the start was to cry, it looks like another fall, your friends don't seem to help at alI"J.T. 1 Ronald Peter Hagar 43 Union St. Newton Centre Weeks, Riley I have enjoyed my 3 years in Newton North High School. Joel Howard Grosser 20 Pierrepont Rd. Newton Low- er Falls Warren, Bacon, Science Remembers JL: Cowbells, "Dirty, Mean and Rotten" BT: Treehouse and Laugh, End of Ju- nior Year. Gorp, TNT, Everybody at "The Table" French Play 1,2,33 Sailing 2,35 Astronomy 2, three Sciences. Joseph W. Guiney Jr. 64 Greylock Rd. Newtonville Day, Barry, College "Maybe people only ask you how your doin' cause thats easi- er that Iettin' on how little they could care. but when you know that you've got a real friend somewhere, suddenly all the others are so much easier to bear" Jackson Browne. Bradford K. Hammer 37 W. Boulevard Rd. Newton Centre 'C' Jean Pierre Guertin 54 Jenness St. Quincy l'm going to NTID this fall. I ex- pect to become an artist or ar- chitect in New York. I enjoy with my friends in High School. l'm interested in talking with them, to say to special persons "Good- bye" MP MB PH DJ MF VA AND MS GOOD LUCK!! Q Susan Claire Hadley 142 Moffat Road. Waban Warren, Riley, College Remember: Woodshole. the Big Nuke. Parties, G.L., K.S., The Wall, A.H. JP.R., Y.P.F., Hayf- ever, M.J., A.F., B.C., E.W.,Prin- ceton, M.L.. B.D., LongLake, 73, T.W.. S.B., N.I., D.C., J.B., Going cross country 76, T M A G.. D.H.. D.T., C.R.,A.F., M.K.,T.M., Peter and Terry forever? Zip . 102 ! Robert William Hart Bob 41 Lincoln Rd. Newton Palmer Remember the terrace and the kids that hung around all my friends down the cafe JD JG LC DV PH TS Fatman Cathy 3!18!76 A very special thanks to Cathy for being so loving and understanding and also the great time we had together 143. Patrick Joseph Hayes 26 Nonantum Newton Corner Day, Beals, Electronics, Art and Akarma ".syad eht neeb evah lliw eseht sraey ytif ni, rebmemer tsuJ" Tong, Gloor, nosloP luaP. 'Lec- tronics 1,2,3. Art 1,2,3,4, Cheryl f.em erusaeMJ Hope for EC, NUMBER NINE, NUMBER NINE! nootrac nohtyP ytnoM a emi si e1ilJabberwocky undoubt- e y. f", 2 Fritz Allan Hampe 191 Auburn St. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Work or Navy "l'm glad to get out" Remem- ber: 1,2,3. ff i - Regina Dianne Hatherley Gina 119 Charlesbank Rd. Newton St. Columbkille, Barry, College "Far away there in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, be- lieve in them, and try to follow where they lead." Louisa May Al- cott Hi-Lo crew. Thank you 119 Dorene 84 Friends. J.,-ll Roy Charles Hebard 293 Albemarle Rd. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Wrestling 1,2,3. -lgr Holly Ann Harrison 75 Walker St. Newton Day, Beals, Modeling "My love to Dane" 7YRS the Lake "Sharon + Benny Good times in Dave's Camaro Best of luck to SM + FP JD + JC Pam and Sheri never forget YA Haw- thorne DD + LS 74 Jean and Margo NWH Sunday morning Hangover "Dunkin Donuts" "Keep on smiIin" JPPBSRMDSCSMJD. Joshua Brook Hauser 37 Claremont St. Newton Bigelow, Riley -All that is necessary for the forces of evil to win in the world is for enough good men to do nothing- Edmund Burke Wres- tling 23 Soccer 1CgawbageJ2 Newtonite 23 Newtonian 3 -As brief as a dragon-fly's repose- James Russell Lowell. 39. Ronald Henessey 38 King St. Newton of-,N 3? Lynn Elizabeth Hartl 671 Grove St. Newton L.F. Warren, Barry, College "To know someone somewhere with whom there is perfect un- derstanding, in spite of dis- tances in time or thought - that can make this earth a garden." Goethe. A dreamer of the un- conventional is a most serene in- dividualist. Dew'tI Inc. Someday in Galilee. Peter James Hayes Buff fBuffIoJ 12 Rugdale Rd. Dorchester Barry, College "Hey you better watch out. I am telling you why" Because l am like a "Big Bufflo". fi ' --s 41, ' -,X 2' 'J 4 LL K... Peter Hiltz 2 Highland Ter. Newton Z' ' Kevin Thoms Hinchey 47 Sargent St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Living well They looked around and turned about, then laughed at their mis- fortunes. Keep on smiling kiddo. Michelle "The heartbreak kid." Chumly Larkins party. Thanks Cap. KJ remember Saturday nights with PH SK. Raincoats life is good to us all, "SUPER- BOWL!" Janice Holton 71 Central St. . 7 . .I I fi Paul Michael Hurney 200 Concord St. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, College Remember: Soph english, 3670. BK, WTT4, PRS, JG, DN, LO, JB. LH, DD, Esta, BSA, The tree, H LAK, GS, All the V's, DW, KA, JL, SJP, Mrs. W, Concert Band 1,2,3. 3345, BZ SP Credheadb. AS BE ST OS, fGagJ. f an 10 Q. fi. X .4 . ..y , xv I i i f K ,, , 'T '75 I 4 . . Anne Sara Holzman 15 Beaumont Ave. Newtonville Day. Riley. College "The world is like a fruitcake. it wouldn't be complete without a few nuts" Thanx: DSSRJBSGMCMS + old gang "You only live once" Remem- ber: Alb. CBS Aftnoon talks w!MS 13 in cam? 1!31!76! TL:ED sum. of 7576 Cheerlead- er 3 Tennis 1 Sr. Class Sec 3 Newtonian 3. 1 N...0 Peter Alan Hurwitz Bambi 491 Chestnut St. Waban Warren, Beals, College Great times skiing in Maine. The Face "Hey Kay" Dink 1..2 "Ducks" ls There an exit there? Remembers being of service. Mac Moose Shoulders. Friends: CB AL CP JM DB JD LA MS ST FUZZY Soccer 123 Gymnastics 123 Lacrosse 123. 1:41 Barry A. Hoffman 39 Grove St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Living lt's been a dogs race all the way. lt's too bad that there were so few thoroughbreds. lt's been a mean, filthy, dirty race and l'm no exception. The winners are the losers. The losers . . . Some won, but most lost also. lt's time to break loose and be beautiful. Robert B. Hovespian Ho 16 Elsworth Rd. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College, service " Woo, woo, woo" Remember: The gang down Albermarle. The partys. The weekends. AL l'm home. Exile. The showers. Franklin. Pete the knife, The cop car at Sheraton. Eating the fish. Football, Lacrosse 1,2,3. Tex. Fuzzy. William Hurwitz Billy 63 Oakland Ave. Auburndale Warren, Beals, College l am finally being paroled from this school. l was sentenced to three years and served two and one half Cworkingl. At Walpole they give you a new suit and ten dollars. Here they give you a di- ploma, l'd rather have ten bucks and a suit! 69 Camaro. me g"Z7' N . Aram Hollman 88 Berkshire Rd. Newtor Stephanie Hudner 30 Bennington St. Newton J -4 Josh David Hyatt 225 Waverley Ave. Newton Bigelow, Barry Frank Perdue was killed last night. NNHS is the only school that boxes in students instead of asbestos. Thanks to Moses, Fre- drico, Gordie-boy and Pa.NNHS is allright in my book-I just don't happen to have one on me . . . lt was almost like a real school. Q cb fr' -X I i'lrf Michael lagulli 81 Grant St. Newton Robert James Jackson 21 Cunningham St. Dorchester Wellesley, Adams, Electrical en- gineering "We share good times together" "Track meets ball games and don't forget the good times after school I'll remember you all Love Robert" P.S. JR TP KB RB RP RF TT PH CC DR LR MG BC The gang. 'aqu- Peter H. Jenney P.J. Beals, Armed Forces Much love to Cheryl Grease, P.J. Peach Daddy Joline Beals-house Austins Spirit of 66. Fred Gene and all you other goofs, how the hell are ya? Love is a rose and the rose has red hair Art lives in a greaser's mind Ace's Alas My Poor Valiant. Nancy A. lorossi 18 Higgins St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Undecided Sum '76 Wknd in Maine. Jacki 120 trains. Shakeys w! Micki + Kelly. "Linda, a Mocos too mony" 3 in 1 what a nite! Wes- ton, were gonna tip! Alnts Burr 4am. fitz lets go to Maine! "De- bie, you can't always get what you want" Best of Luck to Don- ald. PASTA! Andrea Jacobs Butch 98 East Side Pkwy. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Sometimes I feel so uninspired Swim team 1. Goodbye zoo, Jan. 28, 76. Psyched! Office 1,2,3. Golfing-gardening-baking!!LM's housefBC,SM- ,SA,SP,BM,LM,BR. BM,LP,RM,NK,GL,BK fThanx Ms. C3 YES FLOYD! ELP. To a special friend Tom I made it Ma!!! LATER. .7- 1 Liselotte Jensen Lotta 138 Cedar St. Newton Center Barry I will never forget this year. lt was full of new impressions and a nice time. International Club. Track 3. Cross Country 3. 44 - -4-f , 4,....4..4...4 4 4 4 , Judith Beth Jackson 28 Fuller Ter. West Newton Warren, Riley, College Palmer House, Watertown, Na- tick, Eastgate Summer of "76" Good times Denise. Best wishes and luck to Irene and Steve. Ev- eryone keep happy in everything you do! Fords Forever E.S. N.. . tt... Cheryl Lee Jacobs 50 Roslyn Rd. Waban Weeks, Murray Road, Suicide "Don't expect, accept." Murray Road! Friends, General meetings "Always maintain a high degree of tolerance and understanding. This is, after all, a higher good" 'The vineyard, Slideftape QOYJ, Freaks live in trees Spoon river poetry. Thoughtprints 1,2,Etc. X Cal., ..4 - 5 . '-, - . 4 . , '- , x -: -4 -9-iss x vit - jr A-A D ' in W W I QL -9 . Q .3 ,K V 9- ! , its :SQ . .113 , - . Alexander H. Joffe 32 Park Lane Newton Centre Barry, College, Grad School And as we choose between reali- ty and madness: it's either sad- ness or euphoria. Man's great- est invention: Stereo head- phones. TS, GW, RS, NW, ER, Wold, DC-X, DS, GS, BJ. Newton- ite-3, Ind. Study-2,3. f' I ,Q fl Mark Jackson 31 Capital St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, College a . 1?-,L .V B '57, 'K . , iw v . f -- 2- 'F' 6 X?" it . I I X I t 3 f Douglas Bradford Jasset Doug 96 Nevada Street Newtonville Day, Adams, College Always to remember meeting L.A. in the summer of '76! We can't let anything, ever get in our way! Always G.H. with S.T. and C.B. Partying at Albermarle and Riverside with everyone. Later! Library Stairs 1,2,3, S.F.A. 2, Swimming 1,2 Golf 1,2,3. Marc lan Johnson 249 Mt. Vernon St. West Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College There's no quote to sum up all the great times we've had here at NN. All my love goes to Yvonne VB! l'll always remember BR, SR, SP, MF, DA, SM and CR. They're the greatest! Let's do it all again. Tennis 1 Track 2 Gymn Mgr. 3 Newtonian 3 Rmbr NH. .- al fl Neil Richard Johnson 646 Grove St. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, Collebe "Life's battles don't always go to the stronger or the faster man. But sooner or later the man who wins is the fellow who thinks he can." Football 1,2,3 Golf 1,2,3 Wrestling 1,2 Co-Captain 3. Kevin Anthony Jones Stonehands 62 North St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Favorite pastime: chasing skirts. Remembers: My girl friends, The Super Bowl. The States. Teach- ers and coaches but most of all, winning! Thanks, lt's been fun 80 16 83 football 1,2,3. Indoor track 1,3, Outdoor track 2,3 Clint Eastwood Club 3 W. INC. Teresa Kane 5 Cotswold Terrace Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College "I don't know" "lt's your turn" Remember: Mrs. B. Mutt and Jeff, Bake sales, MM Friday nites: JMDP, KS and EDAT SW, 10711774 Washington DC, Tony's. -my fi Amanda Michele Johnston Mandy 80 Pine Ridge Rd, Waban Weeks, Adams, College AF, SH, BC, EW, JF, CJ, DJ, DM. hay fever, NWV, retreats, VPF Hull St. The market kod, SC, DC, TR and PH Intro to Japan New Hampshire Yellow olds, driving Adams House Council 3 The mall all the "Rare Specimens" in Wa- ban and NNHS be good. Michele Lisbeth Joseph 741 Watertown St. Newtonville Day, Palmer, Lawyer "The thing that I call livin' is just bein' satisfied: with knowin' l got no one else to blame." Gordon Lightfoot N.J. H.C. Bye guys Cape Cod J.M. The ham was mine. Pools Sis Hi Cappyl .X iffl Steven Karel 10 Walker St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Various School is where one learns what not to do with the rest of one's life. "La fois consiste a croire ce que Ia raison ne croit pas. ll me suffit qu'une chose soit possible pour le croire. " Voltaire. tif! sl Donald Robert Jones Donald Duck 22 Willow Farm Rd. Westwood Clarke Cfor Deafy, Barry, College "Never forget you" to all my friends! Good luck in the future. rf' Kathie Kadish 11 Omar Terr. Newtonville Day, Riley. Nursing All the corners Pewter Pot NH Cape Hawthorne The Park Best times with BK, WW, MC, AR KF. RC, MM, BK, KC, MH, Our Lady's Day Jr. High Best Math teacher in the world Mr. Marine All my love goes to David forever and ever College Nurse Marriage 1977 Best year. 'i Lorinda Karoff 100 Prince St. W. Newton Warren, Adams, College Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must That's a part of the plan, await your arrival with simple survival and one day we'll all understand. I will always remember my friends, and Steve. my teacher. "Q Karen Elizabeth Jones 1087 Commonwealth Ave. New- ton Warren, Barry, College "I believe man will not merely endure: he will prevail." School Committee, Sports, Publications and thanks to my parents and friends. Donna Marie Kane ,IO Rogers St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College "Although it had to end the end- ing was fast, but the memories we have will always last." Good times with EC AK SD JC KK JS CR AV JT D+DL NM GD MD JL Manomet-EC JC SK CF 8i MN Hampton w! AK Elaine BB8iBl Good times at RS ALB NHPL. Fond memories of E.A. Rebecca Karofl 100 Prince St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College "And here is a sunrise to set on your sill, the ghosts of the dawn moving near. They pass through your sorrow and leave you quite still . . . sitting among souve- nirs." D.F. friends. pfx with-'N Donna Faye Karsh 141 Gordon Rd. Waban Weeks, Riley, College "Though lost to sight, to mem- ory dear thou ever wilt remain." Will always remember the soc- cer team, the bus rides home, Hull St., vans, Cape 76', football, "Hide it quick!" neutral, OYl Good times wf KS JS NG CV. Fondest memories of CJ JD TW JO. K .jg 2 L ff J. Ellen Ann Katzeff llana 10 Chapin Road Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, Philosophy!P- sych. "When G-d-given splendor visits Man a bright radiance plays over him-How sweet life is!" Pisastra- tus, Fri. Bio., Caf. music in morn. sunrays, swimming, auditions, creat. writ, Prendergast, GWTW, Shall we dance? One Life To Live. RJ Hey World, here I come! Michael Andrew Keene 608 Grove St. Lower Falls Warren, Beals. College 3 years at "Newton's finest" sure, there's things l'lI always re- member, but what l'll never for- get is the lonliness and deep de- pression which one must over- come when the wind becomes fixed and stagnant. Football 1,2,3 Lacrosse 1,2. --.ghpf L .. Gregory Bacrad Kassabian Koko 22 Kensington Ave. W. Newton Day, Beals, College "Don't worry about it." Remem- ber: DM, RP, LA, ST, AC, JR, and A-Z. Football 1. Trainers 2,3. In- door Track 1,2,3. Baseball 1,2. Outdoor Track 3. Jane Claire Kaye Janie 196 Morton St. Newton Center Weeks, Adams, College "lf you demand the freedom to decide you must first decide to be free." Transition. Lisa-you've been a true friend. Next summer in Europe! Rachel, Mike and Ron: Thanks for everything. ' 01' "'f"?'7 .I Nancy Jean Kell 56 Freeman Street Auburndale Warren, Riley, Tech.-Voc. Class Major - Auto Mechanics Cape Cod '76 Rum 81 Coke, EH, LM, DL, RB, Don 81 Technicali- ties, The guys from Dedham 81 the rest of us Tech.S, My love 81 thanks to Gene. Fuzzy 81 Coach- "Forget the boys 84 learn how to shoot." Rifle Team 1,2,3. 1? Alan M. Katz 12 Ruane Cir. W. Newton Warren, Riley, Business Manage- ment "It was the best of times, it was the worst of times." Newtonite 1,2,3 Mod Squad 3 Bridge 2,3 Newtonian 1,2,3 Ping Pong 2,3 Sunday Softball, Water Skiing. Remembers: NVA. 11' W- A. K L f . X ix Kathleen Anne Keefe Keefa 51 Eddy St. W. Newton Day, Beals, College To all the kids I never spoke to l want to say hi, To all the kids l know and Love l want to say Good-Bye. Adele Louise Kelley 54 Marlboro St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "As for me there will be few times when you are far from my thoughts." Remember: JT DK CL KK MBM SK JC JNE AF NM AR PB EA CV Junior yr. RJD, JB and Mark. Hampton with Donna, Chicago-BB, "Jacques", "The Accy", Joany thru thick and thin Ken + Cath. STAR. fps za! Howard Bernard Katz 12 Ruane Circle West Newton Warren, Bacon, Bus. Admin. "When the going gets tough, the tough get going." Remember ping-pong + Chemistry Clubs-R "Can't believe it" L,D+RW, R+ RR,B "Red" CJD "Yes" K,DZ,JA,RG,BEL. Student calcu- lators 23, Soccer 123-JV, 14G- 7A,V: 4G-1A Suburban League Champions: Newtonian 3. Judith Anne Keegan Judy 46 Auburn St. West Newton Warren, Barry, Hairdressing Whenever you see this, bear me in mind, let the others speak of me as they may: speak of me as you Hndf' B. Jones. Thanks to the best friends anyone could have, especially JB TC BF CM HD CS MJS LK CG RV SV DN JE SM LT PW ML BH TD AM SB. Tina way! Q Kathryn Jean Kelley 54 Marlboro St. Newton Bigelow, Barry Remember always: CV AK DL JM SK MBM DK NM KW CQ AC MC MB KL SH SR JT KS LW DG GH Hostess Helpers 2,3. Cyo and Jaques, "Ginos" Remember all those good times at Hampton Beach with CDC, KW A special thanks to Ms. Kleinberg. -1 Debra Lynn Kenney Mouse 52 Judkins St. Newtonville Day, Palmer, College Remembers:Cath Maura Laura Aces Antwon PJ Gene Jim FS LJ JR SJ TM JS LT PM BU WS MG WHATM IGONTADO BM-DO What you want!Fluff Garrartins Math2367 Special to Antho- ny12-2'754:45 Love ya!-58- Grease is great!Ork 67FordfBLKJGalaxie5OOYa- !Crew123Choir23B+S3 Ralph Frederick Keyes 20 Duffield Road Auburndale Warren, Riley, The Long Trail Some good times with some good people. The AT with B.E.M. DAN, A.L., C.C., NASHLY. Mar- ley, P.D. BAND. Sunrise at Sky- line, Moonrise over Sebago. "The harder the battle you see it's the sweeter the victory." Jimmy Cliff 412 Clif fl x-"5 Maureen Ann Kelley 28 Manemet Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, Jr. College Remember football games, whether we win or lose we'll al- ways be no. 1 Remember stone- face, freckle-face and twitchy. 515 ' 803 C.D.-Why does he laugh at me? D.O.-MISSION IM- POSSIBLE! H.R. with CD,JL,JM. French with CT. Remember MB,JC,LD,CK,DO and all Stephen Keough 79 Cresent St. Auburndale 5 . di i, .fir --X. . , 0 . .-,, ed , 'cl' 1.-,-. O:o.f. ,' Q '. - 'J' ' .. ' . 4 ' i".- r ' ,' I .l Sean J. King 18 Gilbert St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College The woods are lonely, dark and deep, but I have promises to keep, and miles to go before I sleep. "Architecture for-ever" Gary Kendig 47 Brookdale Rd. Newtonville William David Kerr Bill 52 Cherry Street West Newton Warren, Palmer, College 2412 1,2,3 Track 1 Wrestling 1,2,3 Computer Lab 2,3 Re- member: Panic before tests, All the messed up labs, Friday after- noon. lf I could only do it all again, I would probably make a worse mess of it. Jacob Alex Klerman 21 Hammond St. Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Beals, Israel, College "lf you will it, it is no dream," Herzl. Thanks always DD JB JP DN LH KB LK, the gang at the house, the lunch table. Newtonite 2.3. Debating 2. Richard Henry Kent 52 Clyde St. Newtonville Day, Riley. College Night's at N..I.C. Summer of 17263 Wrestling 1,2,3 Lacrosse Sarah elizabeth Kier 94 Grove St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, College Remember: Antelope, "I've got someting in my pocket for you" fHA,HA,I-IAJ. The Sheik, half the school on crutches. "Decent, Excellent" M.M.Y.S.! Thought- prints 3. Harmonious Colors. Sf' - 1- - ' 'ig Kerri Klugman 63 Kirkstall Rd. Newtonville Day, Murray Rd., College, S.W. 4 square ping pong wf Matt Rundtfahrt durch gross britania mit fahrrad mit Mona thanks for my clean house Es+ Et P.P. and xcountry w! Pen Horshack, LAB School Karen "76" "Oh baby baby its a wild world" Good Luck to all especially MS,CK,MD,EG,lmhappy QQ. Ki ' - .1 bfi, QR Ronald William Kosmo 108 Warwick St. W. Newton Day, Bacon, Broadcasting I had three good years at New- ton North High School and look- ing for a lot more outside of school. Ag - - --ang' A- David Kliman 48 Glendale Road Newton Ctr. Bigelow, Adams, College "Earth shall be fair and all her people one." QC we got close on the close-up trip. MC remember lowering the flag. BG lifetime member of the 350th Infantry. LS One day our love united. My little brother. I hate down vests! I missed the Swiss trip. 195 Matthew Kontoff The Count 85 Homer St. Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, 1980 olympics Yes! Yes! Yes! Am I buying again? "lt's not how you play the game but whether you win or lose" Remember: Moose, Usefulphal, Dmueller, BZ, DJ, JD, TJ, Joe Beaver and Kay. Soccer 123 SL 23 Basketball 1 Ski Team 23 Track 1 Matthew Bert Kramer Matt 30 Perkins Street West Newton Warren, Palmer, College, "Wait a minute" Remember: Mrs. Smith's worrying Mrs. Goldman and the OBC "FOL- LlES" The sound room mara- thon sessions Sunday deadlines working with Mike S. Steve Y. Josh H. Jacob K. Steve M. - Thanks for good times. AIV Newtonite 1,2,3 OBC Andrew Brian Klubock Andy 61Judith Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference." Cross Country 1,2,3. Indoor Track 1,2,3. Out- door Track 1,3. Newtonian 3. A.. Frank Paul Kosa 35 Studio Rd. East Oshkosh Warren, Riley, Urban Guerilla Did they suspect foul play? "When I think back on all the crap l learned in High School, it's a wonder I can think at all." P. Simon, I don't go to school-I go to Newton High S.O.S. At NHS, Party Hearty, Thanks to my friends who made it worthwhile. Neil Krasnigor 90 Clearwater Rd. Newton Low- er Falls i L. 1 Kathy Knight 305 Central St. Auburndale is Mark Kevin Kotsifas 11 Milton Ave. West Newton Warren, Adams Remember all the good times with Nancy M, Sammy Whites with Steven L Summer of 1976 Florida and Gloucester at the Pits with Ronnie and Michael Ex- pressions OH WOW MAN MUST HAVE A BREW!! .2 1-xx .I -1' Donald Francais Krier Old Mil 19 Hyde Ave. Newton Bigelow, Riley, ROTC Amish never die they just fade away. Mag,Gordy Boy, Pa-Pa. PG "l'm not a crook?"Nixon"I don't take drugs?"CB CK EC JA JM WZ PR AH SW Russell Lahti 28 Davis Ave. West Newton Warren, Palmer, ? "After all its only a weed that turns to a flower in your mind" T Benton when I came to this school I was thirsty for knowled- ge,I leave with a dry mouth.Par- ty's at the oftice with all my cro- mes. re' -J' . .., Laura J. Krims 5 Nobscot Rd. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "Can the child within my heart rise above, can I sail through the changing ocean tides, can l han- dle the season of my life?" Mov- ies to be seen again dry? Boing Bang 17 Wed? plan the doctor, How did that fly get up there? J.B.,D.F.,L.M.,JF, JL David F. Kunitz 49 Judkins St, Newtonville Day, Barry, Remember: MM LL DA TP DM JH AM PL AN DH. Fights in home- room Transition LaCrosse 1,2. JM RG LM SM. Summer of "76" Roberta Jeanne Lahey 112 Harvard St. Newton Day, Beals, College Remembers: Parties, Dances, Football Games, Weekends, Lost without Miller Oh What a Night! MO'H DS LC DP MB GW DB JT JB "Your Stairway lies on the whispering wind." It's been real Fess Pool Riverside, Alison con- Segts Beach Boys Rally Comm and this is the best class l've had all day. ai. Paul Ed Lambert 236 Nevada St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Work "Paul Lambert Bacon House 1977" Mike Wayne Lamm Chops 461 Albemarle Rd. Newtonville Day. Adams, Beaver Hunting Chops says,"Remember the of- fice with CAC,MM,DORK,TS- ,Bionic Bob,Del,BM,Stud.getting stif at 440 Shemp, Blanch good times fw band. Hockey Sat- 'night guys. Good times at Blan- chards get out the beers folks summers here Spark it up Hey catch ya later and don't tap. Ellen Langer 249 Adams Ave. West Newton Warren, Beals. College Jude and Laura, Years with ah. Nec, Cairanne, France 1976, Je jeu du violoncelle. Donata Lanni 97 Dalby St.Newton St.Jeans, Barry? To have a good ie "l like the good things in Iife" Remember:The office,Mac 81 Joellen, JRA, AL, Shop 81 Ceram- ics. R8lR, to SM 8 MM. Wasted words on Black Friday. 7":-gg, if A--gif 4 im! . ,JQ Marc Charles Laredo 175 Bellevue Street Newton Bigelow, Beals, College No matter what happens you got to keep on living! GW 81 DS Boot LSD Sawbib Thanks: PM FCY JC The Pit Cross-Country 1,2,3, Captain, Indoor Track 1,2,3, Outdoor Track 1,2,3, Newtonite 2,3, Newtonian 3. . ,.,, bi M' r ' 1 ,as David Larkin 239 Ward St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, College Wrestling 1,2,3.0utdoor track 2,3,4.Little Mary Sunshine. Broadcast staH,Newtonite radio news. Thanks to everyone who made the awful times only bad. The boys! "I know not all,that may be coming, but be what it will l'll go to it laughing", Stubb- Moby Dick. 'Vp-1, I I 'W '1'.-iii.: Sandra H Larkin 47 Alderwood R. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College ls this a dream ? O, if it be a dream , let me sleep on and do not wake me yet. Have a drink BF8tMT!ThanxMT,MS,LW, FM,LC,HM,MJ,MK,LDG, cutlass Newtonian 2 Thought- prints 3 Swim 1,2 Soccer 3 Ten- nis 1,2,3. N I ,G Joan Marie Laroche Joannie 38 Brae Burn Rd. Auburndale Bigelow, Palmer, Nursing "Those who bring sunshine to the lives of others cannot keep it from themselves" Sailing 1,3. Co-Captain Cheerleading. Re- member: CD, PN, LW. Lollipops and waterbottles with SM,PC,ML. "Big Aland Delores" with Sis, SY. Never forget- :Cheering Squad. if Um, where was A block?? Michael Gene Larson Mikey 661 Comm Ave. Newton Centre Bigelow, Riley, Business "lt's Been Real" NNHS Cafete- ria JC and Sabbath 75 The Cen- tre if 1 Homeroom DK LM JB RH MJ JM Ben Maine Donna and Jan Shena Punim Good Luck to PWCSBV DT CC MB FD NS V8iL TJ BJ MM LD VP HJ DR AM PJ CP AL MP BS BJJK Relate to MJ KJ "l'm never gonna give you up" Patti I Love You Cheryle Lee LeBlanc 63 Cornell St. Newton L.F. Warren, Adams Remembers: HL,MB,AS,DT,RL- ,DA,LR,DF,TC,JB,David- .Burr,Rvrsd. Cal, with Holly.Nye, 74 4-12-75 Eve Leeman 139 Park St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, Writer .. . Some blessed hope, Where- of he knew, And l was unaware. - Thomas Hardy. Spanish Club 1,2,3, Bicycle Club 1,2, Concert Choir 1, Newtonian 3. 1 i' John Joseph Lennon 48 Warwick Rd. W. Newton Day, Riley, College Albemarle 111 Good times down the park with the gang, remem- ber Beethoven, parties forever, the country with Al GD, MP, You only live once so enjoy it while you can. Baseball 123 Football 1. fa. 115 ' fr N N- H -r ' .. " ' :xx'x 'N 'ssh I S G. John Thomas Leone Leo 209 Adams St. Newton Day, Adams, College Best times down Albermarle wl AV. ML. SS. JC. FL. EP. JF. GOH SL Summer of 76 in NY. w1 Sera Baseball in Texas w1 Flem Vona 81 Bob. Fishin' w1 Meek 81 Dom. Can't forget the girls DK JC JS GW NM LB. Good times w1 Shar- on Baseball 1,2,3. 4? 40 Richard J. Lemack Rick 9 Troy Lane Waban Weeks, Barry, College "l've only just begun" Good times with: Billy, Bruce, Joel John, Badger and the King. Mike and Calif. "lt's great" Gary and Florida. Janet and Big Bird 18 l'm psyched. Doing them bars Onion Rings. 75 Duster. That a boy Luther. See you later NNHS. Alan Joseph Leone 56 Brookdale Rd. Newtonville Day, Barry. Work Albemarle intl. Remember all the gang down the park, the parties, demo-squad with GD DM SS, thanks for wounded knee SS. the shower treatment, "Ho wake up." Football 1.2.3 Indoor Track 1,2,3 Outdoor Track 1.2.3 Football 76 the BEST Sandro Leone 95 Faxon St. Newton Deborah L. Lemons Debbie 53 Brookdale Rd.Newtonville Day, Palmer, College "I will always remember the people I knew here. because it is the people who give any building life." R.B. L.M. K.B. We are in- separable. Concert Choir 1,2 ik David J. Leone 35 Emerald St. Newton Day, Beals, To make money Elise Amy Leppo 92 Manet Rd. Chestnut Hill Bigelow. Beals, College MM Remember summer '76' DJMVBKKO. HTSRJDLBJA LUV YOU. MS "Gum"MR Never for- get you! Doug thank you, luv you. Stephen always remember you. Linda always remember "Love so right" Jeff. Remem- ber, the greatest thing in the world is to be yourself. Beals. i 1? Steven Lennon 28 Middle St. Newton Lisa Marie Leone 14 Adams Terrace Newton Day, Palmer S ecial moments with friends UQKFKVNMPMLD lts the laugh- ter TT.Luck to LF How ya doin- ?PunkinsV-day 2114176 Blue diamonds KF?We arent ladies? Florida "Brad"One of these nights2115176 Yup!Thanx KM!Steve 9125175 Someone up there must have . .. Steve 2,3 Amy Lynne Levin 164 Newtonville Ave. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College President B'nai Brith Girls JLL ghapter 3 Adams House Council Perry Ligor 25 Claremont St. Newton 2 - 7--Qi, A, Thomas M. Leventhal 55 Grant St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College Barry R. Lewis 12Orchard Ave. Waban Bigelow, Riley, College "Having a S with TWG out at Ba- con stairs" STC 23 PTC 1 P+ B+ HD on Tuesdays 2nd half "Good times bad times" College here I come? Warren Thomas Lillie 19 Maple Ave. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College High school's just a hair in the armpit of life. Will remember: PM, JT, ET, FS, MB, PJ, JM, EJ. MK, RH, Antwon and the rest of the people on Beals. The boys at the Y LP41, CC, AB, "special Memoir to TA Sorry you couldn't be here" Swim Team 2,3 It was real Later CMUCHD Jennifer Anne Levey 10 Crosby Rd. Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Bacon, College "lt was just after sunrise and down by the sea, down on the sandflats where nothing will grow I remember quite clearly when l got out of bed, I said Oh good morning, what a beautiful day." J. Taylor V.L.J.M.D.S.S.B.T. Chebeague Island C.C.E.A.S.M.J. Cheryl Lyn Lewis 11 Perry Rd. Auburndale Warren, Beals, Work Excellent times with Murphy, Mi- chelle, Hucki, Jerry, and Bobby. Never forget all the people I met and partied with. Bobby I still say someday l'll own a vette! To Tina "ZIP," Concerts, parties and just getting burnt, was a bar- gain on weekends. Jun-Ming Lin 40 Princess Rd. West Newton Framingham, Palmer, College Orch 1,MB,1,2,Transition 3 M.F. To the "lunch-bunch", love to you aIl,don't get lost in the crowd + do great things! "There's a frog in your tree- house!" Summerof'76:Bach- ,Beethoven,Brahms,J.J.and his piIlows3Love is knowing that someone's always there. fi J if! ,r r.:,1.'f.' David A. Levitan Dave 249 Homer St. Newton Ctr. Weeks, Landmarlt, College There are times for Landmark 1 decisions l must accept what has happened,then come the 2 consequences for the Secret of Life is not doing the things 3 what one likes to do but doing the things that have to be done Dr. Drake Chris Dr. G,B. Mrs. R.D.W. Elizabeth Like Betsy 83 Lenox St. West Newton Weeks, Beals, College "I was thinking jest what a rum go everything is." H.G. Wells Varsity Cross Country 1,2,3. Varsity Outdoor Track 1,2. Wind Ensemble 2,3 Marching Band South Pacific 2. Brigadoon 3. Science Math, German, History. 4 Andrew I. Linn "shoulders" 59 Bothfeld Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Adams. College f'Every joy is gain. And gain is gain, However smaII." Browning Good times summers 75, 76. week-ends. parties. The collec- tion in mooses car will grow. Marching Band 1. Soccer 1.2.3. Baseball 1.2,3. Basketball 1.2.3. Newtonian 3, S.--O I . , Sandra Litwin 115 Pine Ridge Rd. Waban John C. MacDonald SPIN 36 High St. Natick Kennerly, Palmer, Coast Guard "66 Jeep" Head for the Boonies One of the Natick boys Choco- late Milk and Donuts "Got to have em" FLA Brownie Tom Camping ALFORD LAKE 72.73,74,75 RIGHT! Su Nailed Ye MAKO "Lank" HENDRIX "Jackie 75" .-:J Richard Mark Lipman 50 Wauwinet Rd. W. Newton Warren, Palmer. College Who is rich? He who rejoices in his portion. Remember: Young Judaea, Night before World Book specials, Lunch Bunch, Bad Jokes, Friday Football. A lot of special people. Soccer 1.2. Table Tennis 1,2 Newtonite 2. Bicycle Club 3 'la X Richard Eric Lorant 21 Walden St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Maybe Advertisements try to con you into thinking you're the one that can do whats not been done. that can win whats not been won. Meanwhile life goes on all around you. B. Dylan SJSSLVMPSSTHEBOYSDOA- BONENODOUBTYESTYESR- CLUMSIESAYESNGONENWAY- HAST. fi . xx - . ,. i . f. .X X I ' Sv! in Q .I 1 'I , 1 . . . A . . Lois E. MacDonald 17 Eliot Ave. W. Newton Day, Adams, College "In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy path." Love to my family and friends, especially: DL RB KB DM ST Remember KN and Aug 2nd. Saranac and parasail, CC I,2,3 Sisters 3 Teachers: Ms. K Mr. Leo and Mr. Rist. Vara Joanne Lipworth 20 Ripley Ter. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, Pediatric Nurse "Memories of yesterday. Dreams of tomorrow." Always remember "Fab-4" Bonzo. Lizzy, Kacky, Palmer and Ad- ams. Florida, B8tV Love and Luck BAC, L8tK, DAB, "Dor" special times-Mary "Hull TD Mass" "Disco Lady" S81J B.A.G. A thanx 7 G's luv ya's stay close. Mario L, Lucchetti 21 Green St. Newton Day, Barry, College Albermarle with Leo. Butters, ViscRP, and the rest. Leo the sleeze. Razzledazzle leading the Cals 1234. The Bizoona! BM Face of Falange. Sleeping out in AV car. Football 1,2.3 Basketball 1.2.3 Lacrosse 2.3 Fuzzy the who 77 Shower treatment and the BRU. fo 'Q Laura Ellen MacDonnelI Mac 223 Webster St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College "Well Ive been afraid of chang- ing, cause Ive built my life around you, But time makes you bolder, Even children get older" To Dave I.L.Y. 5729775 remem- ber good times: Remember al- ways Karen+Erin POW Sue Wal- dos return! AIW 13 Cam? Good luck to all! .lb Catherine Mary Lizotte 175 Waverley Ave. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "Sometimes, so very many times. one doesn't realize how good they've had it until it's over." Chicago-BB. Jacques, the river, all nite, Lucifers. U.Mass- JM, EJ-4th, Cape. MRYS W! MLS MBM MEM LC AK GH JMC SK NM + Hi-Lo. "Goodbys should be left unsaid" Helen Melinda Lukens 324 Central St. Auburndale Warren, Riley. Teach "I know l'll never lose affection for people and things that went before I know I'II often stop and think about them in my life I love them all." Vice Pres 1, Concert Choir 2,3 "ILE" 5 X . I. ,sg Micheal William MacEwan 362 California St. Newton Day, Palmer, College "First the man takes the drink then the drink takes the man" Remembers: BM Mrs. K Dr. J DC PM JN ES JC JT SM JE BA CD BM SLS ALS WSI and the swim teams. Be yourself. Life is too short to play the part of an- other" Swim team 1.2.3 Buona Fortuna! Kelly A. Maclean 2 Orris St. Auburndale Warren, Barry, College "Cherish your yesterdays, dream your tomorrow, live for today" Maine Summer 76 Burr School Pasta Nancy Shakeys Fitzs BC DC Benoit SM NG Jack- ie MB LW AC Flaimen Damin Family Cheerleading MC Many Special thanks to MICKI It's not the end it's the beginning. .si Philip Maddocks 39 Holman Rd. Newton 4 ' .' . A ., f. "4 W4 . gr Y. f 4 K 3 John R. Malloy 70 Prospect St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon Remembers: Beals, the gang, eat JH, LM, TM, RM, FS, WL,SE, BM, SE, and LG, mom, and all the rest. DOIN THE BEERS, the Ducks rec. road, Crusin, Grease, Chevts never die." The Ce- letials, Mcdougal and Big Block Chevy's. v0 Diane Catherine MacMillan 25 Bowen St. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College Smile! God loves you! Thanx to my friends at NHS. A special thanx to George. Thanx Mom and Dad. Can you hear me? MV MM marry me? TP Gertruda LM. PT Hollowell Meyer goodtimes in LA Thank God l'm a country girl BM CMD JO DOC TMJMUPC trainer 12 head trainer 3 Bye. Denise Claira Magni 360 Linwood Avenue Newton- ville Day, Riley, College Italian club 1,2,3 Italy "76" All the memories N.H.S. gave me and to all my friends-thanks, you made it all worth it! Best of luck and love to: Liza, Judy, and Keefa. Many thanks and love to Pap. Michelle Marie Maloney 46 Washington Pk. Newtonville Day, Bacon, Law "Todays success holds tomor- rows future" I will always re- member the summer of '75" The gang JR DC CD ED MW CV DC Palmer lockers My maw SP and the good times In work our places RD Boston and McDon- alds Mrs. Nolan and the help she gave me. "Its been Great" 's Patricia MacNeil 21 Washington Ter. Newtonville Ann Mahon 47 Freeman St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, bus to Anatolia "Ten thousand rivers flow into the sea. The sea is never full." Remember "Pitstops" with Brenda "Why not go to Prag? It's only 650 km. away!" BS, TS, EK, JS, HR. Clark "Geht mit gott, aber geht!" ls this devotion or stupidity? fi-J' I , .1 Y-QE L l, Sherry Jane Manes "You're So Little" 25 Helene Rd. Newton Weeks, Palmer, College Gdby NHS good x's 84 memories gd lk 2 evryone esp. NGNT BCMC-KMMCIMOMJB LWDCBBCDPASTAM-out ski trp KLH Sum 76 MNE. Hre we go kidies whre to? Rvsd Alisn Alb Burr, KDS 84 Al niters ftbl gms- bro party 6ts to mny Mic8.Mil B8iLS J8iS Skp D. Coch JB 5mns. Prom l3cam? Cheerleading '+- 'ii I- .N- ' x I ,R ,. 2-I ., 1 N I l Scott Macomber 19 Shaw St. West Newton Brian Patrick Mahoney Ringo 41 Kilburn St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, Work FIA + BRIAN forever Good times with: Gene Fred Tony Jim PJ CTRMLJJCDKJSBS Aces Joker SOD Squad Grease lives forever JMMU ROCCO RINGO Good times Ducks old Buddies RM ROD Party Central TS Fritz give me that Brewsky 405 has ar- rived Beals Matpa 10-4 Elizabeth D. Mann Liz 26 Merrill Rd. Newton Centre Bigelow, Riley, College I believe that the poetry of the earth is music and I wish to be a creative voice. Pops concert, Ti- ger marching, Cast parties, hot soup, popsicles, take a left, Cleo go home, Las Vegas, can't take it, festering wound, what is it? Music. Susan Margot Mann 137 Temple St. West Newton Warren, Barry, College 'lThe road goes ever on and on down from the door where it be- gan. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow, if l can. until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet." Tolkien. Marching band 1,2,3. SC JB LOS TODOS. Linda Ann Manning 268 Cherry Street West Newton Warren, Adams, Undecided Remember: the "exit"sign: Nan- cy and the boys in the cat: the Beach Boys Concert: NK, DC, GC,SW, 2350: cafg Library steps: Summer of '76. Hold fast to your dreams, for if dreams die life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. 4.5 Carol Jean Marchand Chrry Lee 163 Tremont St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, Communica- tions "l wish that I knew what I know when I was younger ooh LH LH How nice ARL EFA "Time keeps on slipping into the future" Barry council 3 F.T.N.F.W. Gigsy Moes 1729776 Doing alright M.B. Zip alley Bad co. D.S.O.T.M. Cape Cod later...Much Victoria Ann Mannarino Vicky-Stretch 44 South Gate Pk. West Newton Warren, Beals, Working and trav- eling "To always remember never cut class it never pays off. The best times with KD MB BV BB KB PH BD CB RJ JH Remember the good old days in U.S. History in Jr. year with Peter H. the fun we both shared making eyes at each other remember 11676+112676+ 22777. -.I Mark J. Manning 36 Park St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Bacon, Work Good times down the corner with AB DB TM MS C9 NCV's- Beginning all the plays, can't stay away from trouble with Ar- thur Boyd from 3-12 l'll always remember the good times with Maria Sciliano 9-12, "good luck everyone". 75 Richard Marchetta 920 Center St. Newtonville fs: Katherine D. Manners 134 Sumner St. Newton Ctr. Weeks, Adams, College Precious and Few are the mo- ments we all have shared-Liz, Vara, Bonnie. Fab-4. The Centre. New Year's Eve 75. Hyde Park. Nights with LC, BS, BF. Blue Tree 1,2,3. EfHe!- Location Job. Fatrone, it's been real! I I Robert James Manning Bob 105 Adams Ave. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College Hampton summer of "76" RC, PP. BNT. Sundays at Allison. 3 sets Dowd. Alsn.!Rvsde.!Al- berm. Mars CB pronto! Right hand J.A. Riles want a hit? The nest with JM, MK, RO, PL. and 3FootbaIl 1.2.3. Lacrosse Tina-Marie Marchi 67 Evergreen Ave. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College "Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must. it's a part of the plan. Await your arrival with simple survival, And one day we'll all understand". Dan Fogelberg. LAB school Yvonne Marie Mannette 47 Princess Rd. W. Newton Day, Barry, Business Remember Beals, Austins, cut- ting class Sr going for coffee. Good old silhouette, Arline may we always be the best of friends and party together 4 eva. Good old Mr. Wells l'Il never forget, my love to-JM, CS, MA, CD, HM, JM. DB, MF, PM, KB. PS, MS, DS. N.f Anna Manto 54 Bridgse Street Newton Day, acon, College "lf everything appeats to be go- ing well, you've obviously over- looked something" Always re- member: LS,DG, BS, HC, MM. Italian club 1, l 4 Diane Mary Marchioni 12 Fayette St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Barry, Undecided Gymnastics 2+3 Best of luck to everyone Karen Ann Marchioni 62 Warwick Rd. W. Newton Day, Beals, Secretarial Work Carol Diane Markowitz 59 Garland Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Riley!Bacon, College "Always have the freedom to be yourself" Volleyball 1,2,3. Soft- ball 1,3. Newtonian: Photo, Copy 3, Bio. Club 3, Concert Choir 2. 2637:Eat Up! Saturday Mornings "Ride the wind" Hi to YVB,SLY,BM,K8tES,LW 8. Friends. "Methinks it is good to be here." Robert William Martin 5 Washburn St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Indoor Outdoor Track 1,2,3. Three years l'll never forget. Let's hit the steps boy's good friends CJM CM JP KR3 LP- Don't forget George for all those who don't graduate this year I leave you this word "Suckers". --ltr. - +7 Lisa Ann Maregni 35 Langdon St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, l "Fortunes come and fortunes go But things get better that's one thing I know And l'm over to that Sunnyside Road" -C. Ste- vens- Janet M. Marotta 11 Pillion Court Newtonville Day, Palmer, undecided Martha's Vineyard w!Sue 7717776 EJ-4th Friday nites in WN the partys in Tauton w!CM,SD,LP,LR,MJ U.MASS! wfCL Thurs. at Anne-Marle's "The Harder they come" GN, JB. The talks w!Joe. Never for- get MA,EC, and Mary. ' Eljfiff " Joanne Marie Marucci 4 Rose Drive West Newton Warren, Adams, College Skate-a-thon, 75,76,JC,LR,JB Skating Fri.8.Sat. Remember: Fuzzy D'agostino, Geikie. ILJ It went by fast. "You'll get over it:" Barry hall. Bowling Thurs. DM MC party BM DM Remember: JC,LR.JB,RL,JW,GM,GD,SV. Rockport "air 13" David J. Marino 25 Anthony Rd. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Albermarle No, 1 Good luck GD, AL, JA, GW, SV, KJ, RS, RP, MP, SS "Ace My Idol" LG- Hendrix- demo squad "My Gloria" 5776 Flyin' down the cape w! JA JP GD At 2 a.m, Let's go take a dip. New years "76" Football NU BC. Applesauce MB-69- Track 2 Baseball 1 Football 1,2,3 Roger Marrocco 196 Melrose St. Newton Chris Marzilli Muzzi 217 Adams St. Nonantum Newton Catholic, Palmer, Col- lege Everybody needs change, a chance to check out the new. To my friends I say thank U and Good Luck! Steps in back 1,2,3. Schlitz The school kings idiot! Who, Mardilli? Special thanks- JP JM RM KR TD DS AP JS JD MD DC VD Da Lake! We're all insane ,I George Markopoulos 26 Swallow Dr. Newton LFS Warren, Barry, College Remembers HR 3119, Meyer's Maulers, and Wally O. f"'P Gordon Marshall Gordy 21 Waterston Rd. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Great times the 4th was best of best Pa-Pa mag DT TS "Really" Church St. Library Old Mill "P-L- T", we tried our hardest, Chop- Chop. Soccer 1,2,3 Tennis 1,2 Senior Class 13 Ann Marie Mason Smilie 158 Auburndale Ave. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College-Ac- counting I came to this school poor and now that l'm leaving, l'm rich with friends. Thanks, everbody, for all the fun times. Rally Com- mittee 3, Football Games-The greatest team. Times down the caf. Out for chinese food. "Her pork strip's on fire!" Class 77 Sandra Marie Mastroianni Sandie 136 Pine St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, Hair Dresser All my love to Frank 5!5!75. Re- member all the new friends I made out at Riley. HR with Shar- on. Good Luck to BC+ SC,DG + HH,RS+AC, Re- member PP's MG All the good times at HDS with the native. FP hope we always stay together forever and ever. Ronald F. Mason 297 Newtonville Ave, Newton Day. Riley, College Remember Calahans and the TCR and remember PH JC Re- member the accident at Bently. :L Mark Burns Matheson 298 Central St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, College I never realized how much I need friends. All my friends I thank you for being you, and letting me be me. Steve, Tony, Barry, thanx for putting up with me. My Idol. John, Lucia! l'm in luv. My Buddy. God you're beautiful. What can I say? That's life. John Mazzola 25 Bridge St. Newton .XX- f'r I. Kathleen Mary McCaIIion Kathy 1238 Commonwealth Ave. West Newton Weeks, Palmer, College It's been rough, real rough!" I've had good times and bad and l'll always remember NNHS esp. F.H."76"-Thanks Miss Jones! PT-I really can smile. Softball, Field Hockey 1,2,3 B.BaIl 1,2 Bio Club 3. Good times w! YVBKSMFDKCLBSE- CESJSLDDLDMT CHTRMCKKRBMRS.C Julie Masters 121 Dorset Road Newton George Barry Mathis 36 Swallow Dr. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, Who Knows? I will always remember the size and shape of the school as well as the messed-up schedule. Managing the Swim team 2 cre- ated many good memories thanks to Benn Merritt. -f-' Lynn McCann 106 Shornecliffe Rd. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College Vincent Mastroianni 15 Sharon Ave, Newton Sheila M. McCabe 10 Westview Terr. W. Newton Warren, Barry, College "I told you I'd make it" Barry Council 2,3 Always remember: 582, ss, chemistry with ML, PC, JL, Iollipops, water bottles. the three P's, Winnie the Pooh, KB, DM, JM, BS, ST, KM vi-E. Marylou McCarthy Lou 158 Parmenter Rd. West New- ton Warren, Adams, College Good times W?KBDMCGAKLF- PAGLMEDNGESJPBRMB espe- cially Bobby, Airport 8-75, Cut- sies-Library stairs Cabots Nan- tasket Football games Baar Where is everyone? Cant say no! Lasagna RaggedyAnn and Andy mon. st B. Mickey Mouse Rally Club Sr. Class Newtonian. l"h 3 Laura Stuart McDaniel 76 Hyde Ave. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College My very best to all CG,AH,L- S,AZ,LS,WS,EA,SB,KM, MC,CB,MS,KR,SF "All those crazy nights" How's homeroom Cin? Animal-Lanolin! Likzright guys? Feb'76 Learned the lt's yet? Good times w! History Xl l'm happy! Concert Choir 123 Newtonian 3 Sr. Class 3 Sharon Marie McCann 13 Crescent St. West Newton Warren, Beals, Modeling When does Friday come? Re- member: SH and all the Hadleys DN BF All the gang. Steves par- ties-What a trip! Bones are great! What are we doing? HR What a dirty word. "All my love to John" The bomber! My G.M. Steven Joseph McCulloch Steve 305 Cherry St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, College "OK" Remember MR L and Mu- sic, Computers and Time- Thieves SS "75", MR C, MR D, and the AXV Gang, MRS G and OBC, SB, TC, AH, MK, RK, TL, MM, SM, JT, DW, and all MES Professeurs. "lt Wasn't always easy but it was worth it" Orange Broadcasting 3. i James Frederick McGarry Jiff 171 Sargent St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, Into the sunset lt's too late Vain French club guillus Phatar Joyce Track Nuts Tennis track ego Gordy boy T H Always I Old C I C Nite Fky EYT Warm Bar Sat i T e Mil Stones H Jack Flash on rtn Friday SN etc. There must be MAG my instru- ment ways to fly "how vulgar" basic 7,7 A LY---f -, James P. McCarthy 43 Wyoming Rd. Newtonville Day, Riley, Auto Mechanic All the Saturday night parties with KC,DL,JS,RG,BC,SE,LL,DZ. Remember KC Mustang. Rec. Road Action. Good times on Ch. 22. Remember the Doberman. "Chevys Forever" "Collus Smoke" Shows at Pinkys House "Later Much" Kathryn Kerry McDade 111 Mt. Vernon St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College To live without love, laughter, and the respect of others is not to live at all, and the ability to give these to others is the most precious precious gift of all. Thank you all - l'll always have a special place in my heart for each one of you and most of all - Doug. Laura Ann McGerigle Headda 126 Crafts St. Newtonville Day, Barry, Theater Production "Remember me is all I ask, but if remembrance be a task...for- get" TFTM,JAF-3"green"gas- caps. DKCCMU RBCTLJL TSJJSSHTPPJETFSBM GBHHPMTM,JT.Barnes.lly-Ray + Lee. Miller+ Bacardi. Grease'59. Mint-EJ. Napkin let- ters! Stage crew 123,A.MGR.2,MGR.3.CC23.Cru- sin' If .i L-rv' 1 ..1 - '0 . ,.-it fi, fl! i I Raymond Joseph McCarthy Ray 433 Albemarle Rd. Newtonville Newton Catholic, Bacon, Col- lege Remember Matt,Roy,Jamie, Sem,Jeff,Mark,Jerry,St eve,Wick,Bill and the Shadow. "Hey how ya doin" the Parties and the weekends Cheating off Doug in Physics. Joey, Mark in lifesaving. Matts parents walk in on party. Always thinking of REB. ic' ..' ,uv , gg. fl. A. A .. 'lr Karen N. McDonald 62 Park Ln. Newton Ctr Weeks, Beals, College All of the good times w! RS CS AS SB SH PM PRT EE. TIL never. All summer w! RS 81 AS 81 The Poohper. Too many WD and WN We can't miss it again. CS i kow you'll make it! N.H. in the sum- mer-riding SH we've got no S only Fumes Kevin McGlame 31 Burnham Rd. West Newton Jeanne Marie McGowan 48 Kensington St. Newtonville Day, Beals, undecided Remember always: M.J.,P.B., Y.M,,M.P.,L.K.,J.N.-U.S.S.D. And Friends:D.C.,E.P.,S.B.,N.P.,M.L.- "Beep Beep".S.L.- "Stretch"D.8tG.S., AMLA-DP- NEVER let go. "Love wasn't put in your heart to stay, Love isn't love Till you give it away". Kathleen Marie McGrath 18 W. Pine St. Auburndale Warren, Riley Too bad for the toad --- Tennis Courts Prom 76 Football Games Love to Bug and also the Toad Remember JM LOD HW SA JP CC KB Maryland Submarine Races and Lots of Good Times CM SC MN Robert Michael McGrath Timbo 18 West Pine St. Aubandale Warren, Bacon, Service All the Burr kids, Albermarle, Riverside, Allison, "Thank you" Football 1,2,3 Super Bowl hopes The Millers. Larry I old orchard my second home,D.L. Jan 81 Ralph Summer of 76 The Big Brig,Cap,The showers smegley- .Tex,York 81 Hampton Beach,LC Lou 377 stewed 1 1. il- ,i Kathleen Marie McHugh "Kathy" 58 Bourne St. Auburndale Warren, Barry, College Remembers:MFP- MINBBMGTPMKCMK DNRSHBRTDJSSBLJCCJF Baba and the palace Eric, Fred SO76DL J9 VT, Frampton 69RR DH BM KK men and the big brig always my love-Mark 11-30-75... Let's be resonable. -iv-X Pamela Ann McHugh Pam 80 Elm St. West Newton Middle School, Adams, College "Life is like an icecream cone you have to learn to lick it" All my memories w!AM JM KH RH LP SS JS LF DS LL CC MO SK RL DP Camping w! J7 8iA Always remember 971776 wants to for- get 873176 Rally 3 Italian 3 Football-Riverside Love to MTA K8tS Thanks to P818 M8.J 153. f 4. X xv! 4 L-Sai Martha L. McKenna 270 Linwood Avenue Newton- ville Day, Adams, Theatre Ed 8. Dir. To create revolutionary art one must create a total emotion of the artist and its tic tac city again. Long live Shakespearean Players 1,2,3 and many thanks to Ann and Tom and Cilla and Eyth and all those who lent me their noses for molding. Bye Mov. Gail Patricia McMahon 306 River St. West Newton Warren, Adams "You can't teach a man any- thing you can only help him dis- cover it in himself." Remem- bers: Judi and the good times at Liggetts, Ronnie and Brian, Win- kie, Mike, Terry, Ann, Patti, MT.. T.F., B.l.T.R.C. Mr. Howland, Lit- tle Jay Joseph Paul McNamara Jody 147 Hancock St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Good times at the crows nest with Dowd, Ace, Arb, BM, MK, AB. Albemarle, Allison, River- side. Summer of "76". The Cape with AB. The fights with MB, Ho- tel class Brnt with BC, MK. "All good things must come to an end." Hockey golf 1,2,3. 'rw l9' V 1----,fi f-- -A4- -- - John Medaglia "Too many people advising me but they don't know what my eyes see" CB.S.J "Bonnie" - l John Joseph Meek Meeka 15 Jones Ct. Newton Day, Palmer, Undecided Good times with Mario Beaver Leo Butters CMJPRMBD JDCFCBKRBCSC and the rest of my friends. Fishing trips with Dom and Leo always had a good time what a' you doing tonight. Good times up New Hampshire Hope to do it again.JRJAGDPR 1974 Good Luck! L I g g if Paul Michael Meltzer "Meltz" 176 East Side Parkway. Newton Bigelow, Adams, Work and School "Free at last." Never forget the good times with WL, JT, and all the rest. Good bye Beals House gang. Remember cruisin' and my ACCI, Rough weekends and everything else. t'Not recently" and ofcourse Martha. Good bye NNHS! "4Q". 1 '-U I lv I ' J Jennifer Anne Mennell 74 Brookside Ave. Newtonville Beals, College Good luck to Friends Cheerlead- ing 3. A.F.S. 2 Close-up 2. Beals House Council 1,2. International Club 3. Remember: Football games, '76 Halloween, Great! Later on l'll show you the rest . . . Stephen Francis Merriam 57 Henshaw St. West Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "ln a soldiers stance, I aimed my hand at the mongrel dogs who teach. Fearing not l'd become my enemy, in the instant that I preach" Bob Dylan Frances Dale Meyers 43 Woodchester Dr. Chestnut Hill Riley "...Happiness of Life is made up of minute fractions-the little soon forgotten charities of a smile or a kind look, a heart felt compliment and the countless infinitesimals of pleasurable and genial feeIings..." SC smiles with: SL, WM, E+Kg T+T, SG. Michael Louis Meyers 43 Woodchester Dr. Chest. Hill Bigelow, Bacon, Law Career Although there were some prob- lems NNHS has not been that bad. Never will l forget all the fire drills or the rally at City Hall, all the things we got out of school for. Bacon Council 1, Junior Class 2, Spanish Club 1, Newton- ite 2. Bye NNHS. Helen Elizabeth Mills 92 Algonquin Rd. Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, School Look far, think deep, and you will find scattered memories across your mind. Good times with Sheila X trips to Newtonville, Graphics and Human Relations. X I love you Paul 7 Summer 75 X 9728775 See you later! Me! . 5 A, Eryn Isabel Monahan 56 Sherrin Rd. Newton L.F. M.A.A., Riley. College D.T. L.C. C.S.H. Plum Island WYWT75 O.S. J.M. B.P. S.W.J. K.K. Stl,2 TT2 BC3 FMAE Bermu- da BK JK AH WDC. K XX X . -5 ' Tm Brian D. Millen Wally 445 Highland St. Newtonville Day, Beals, To live Rock-n-rool all night and party. Band jammin all my gd friends BM-LM-JA-AJ-NK-GL-AM-BD-MI- KM-KM-JS-JG-DV-LC-HI Re- member golf gardening echoing Lisa's house. Sum of 76. Good times Dedham Dl's 67 Chevy. The Cape, N.H.,ConntSAJ Cafe 1-2 Anywhere 3 Rockon Kiss. "L Judith Lenora Mogul 218 Franklin St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "When I Have Plucked The Rose l Cannot Give It Vital Growth Again" ELLEN: Truffles instead of Earth Genesis. Remembers OCT. Scrub Brush, Lycee DE L'ARC Et SUCHARD. Toodies Luv. Russian clb 123, FRANK. Crp BWYWH, Finally with Ma- dame, Bolivians 8t Beards Clara Marie Montillo 180 Derby St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College "lt's About Time" All good things come to an end. Always remem- ber dances, parties, football games, coffee in the morning. All the kids down the caf especially JB JK MJS BF TC CS SM+JM PW+ ML The Juke Box, Malibu JE lt. Club 2,3 Bruce A. Miller 199 Temple St. West Newton Warren, Riley, College, Law When a man points a finger at someone else, He should re- member that four of his fingers are pointing at himself L. Nizer the fun with AB,D- S,EL,JL,VF,LG,ML,AS plus Em- manuelle,Bunny,and Mar- gaux.TMMM Wild!,red lips,soft PA,ST,FU,SR,BH,MJ. BA,MR,DL,TR,CF. Tom S. Mollung 56 Fuller St. Newton Weeks, Adams, Business College Hi to everyone at Beals I'll al- ways remember you all, And the best we all tried to make out of these last three school years. L.Y.S. Salvatore Montillo 81 North St. Newtonville Day, Barry, Work, College Remember Italian Play 1,21 G o o d L u c k t o PT,DC,DH,TP,AC.SC,FT,TL,NN. and all others. Love with the deepest of my heart to Phyllis. "Good things in life take a long time" Marcene Dianne Mitchell 460 Commonwealth Ave. N. Bigelow, Adams, College Not I said the kangeroo to the rabbit 516 for me sics Mr Got Hit with the ul Cheerleading 3 13 In a cam? Loala Bear Chris Re- member: Ressaroo Srenchy skippy 81 Baby G. MRLSDSESJRJPJGHCDHC CCALC MALCHIWG B2 Stage 1 CC123 F23 forum 2 SP BBB That's my nose Moira M, Monahan Goi Day. Bacon, College Remember good times down Hawthorne, and Albermarle. The wall. MCWWBKMHRC BKKKARKFWB SKUGZ The vine- yard. Something inside is mak- ing me crazy. Thomas Michael Morog Slomhead 69 Moffat Rd. Waban Warren, Beals, College l'll never remember Danny,Lu- cia,my partner Doug his toots Kathy Diane amg,the best 3 years,the best friends,the spirit of"77""P.B.'s" or GW'ing on the LS's because I won't forget. HR 4211RACAPSTDLM- STASSJD. 4' S Charles Mosman 7 Crown St. Auburndale '-'ii' ' W. Eric Moran 104 Temple St. West Newton Warren, Barry, College "This is harsh, but thus the law was written" Cross Country 2. Indoor Track 2, Captain 3. Out- door Track 1,2,3 l fi Robert Morrisey 12 Ardmore Rd. West Newton J 1 Ann Marie Mulcahy 49 Eliot Ave. West Newton Day, Adams, College Okay Miss another practice! In our "lovely" pool? Many thanks to SB, CS, DB, PT, GM for mak- ang ghings so great! Swim team Michele Laurie Morgan 296 Ward St. Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, Coll, Violinist "Music is a prophecy of what life is to be, the rainbow of promise translated out of seeing into hearing." -Lydia M. Child. Or- chestra 1,2,3. QR Jeffrey Michael Morse Moose 72 Ferncroft Rd. Waban Weeks, Palmer, College "Porter, get me my bags!" Un- cle Jimmy, Ko, Zep, Yaf, Christ, Papa Ginos, York, Frostee T, Hockey, Softball. Hurwitz, Mac- don't you feel useful? LinZ, A Medoff, Zips, A8tPfEganJ. "Sum- mer of '76" Soccer 1,2,3- Champs 2,3. Baseball 1. New- tonite 2,3. Maryellen Mulcahy 158 Pearl Street Newton Bigelow, Bacon, School "Enjoy yourself this is one of the good old days you're going to miss sometime." All my love to Bobby 9-2-74 Summer of 74 with BR-JR-LM-BL-JO-MF-JM- LM-RC And good times in 75 with CL-MS. HD There is no pieces l am all together. Thanks Viv. Swiml. ICR Marybeth Morrissey 40 Grasmere St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, Undecided All that is left is memories now! Remember Beals Austins The River Jacks l AK CR DS FC NM SK DK Homeroom wf MG CC KC, MR B Special times with Mark. Elton July 4, Beack boys, Chicago 76 CML and MLS l'll never forget you. Parties! So long NNHS. .sic Michael Gene Moy 19 Samoset Rd. Waban Warren, Palmer, College "That tends to fail to..." Chess club-3 Math team -1,2,3 Good times with MM, RR, RR, CB, TC, SB, JR, AN, PC. VS:SYSCG+N3 Hang out: :Math lab +BCCC June Mullen 18 Morgan PI. Newton Cathy Murphy 69 Fordham Rd. W.Newton Warren, Riley If you can , just for a moment , remember when the glow of joy was so bright that it seemed as if time stood still-then that joy will blind you forever... New Years Eve at Time Square The Cape check it out at the local saloon Happiness to all 4 Bettina Mutter 19 Montvale Rd. Newton Centre Jaclyn Lee Mulrain Jackie 70 Auburndale Ave. West New- ton Wellesley Jr. High, Adams We gotta write a book. Keys in a sewer. 11 in a charger. Slap me 5. RL, I do but I dont!Sweetie.? Thumb it.Lannos Gusto.Sweet 16!Shannon-EW-BR Aerosmith! The Big Brig-RED SOX 10-10-79 I luv you MM! Mac's GYBT Stewed Thats the way I like it-AC- WS+MG-BC B , . Paul Mulvaney 61 Wildwood Ave. Newton Day, Palmer, College All the good times skiing. Re- member JL JM BC TR JK PH and others all the good chases. Sum- mer of "75" Swimteam 1,2 Donna E. Murphy Murf 122 Falmouth Rd. Newton Warren, Bacon, College Thanks for the good times FPLF BRCGMMAGDSEGKOKAK- BEDLM My Love to David Parties Concerts Shing with CG Week- end at Lou's cottage Riding on FP's hood with LF Biking Yavolt Hampton Stones Best of luck to everyone Track 1 Ski Club 3 'S 1:17 Mary Elizabeth Nardone 108 Concord St. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Barry, College JMTNPBCFSRJCJB MSLAMCNJBMLBJS.l'm so em- barrassed.I don't get it. You're a pal. "Lean on me, when you're not strong,and l'll be your friene d,l'lI help you carry on." Rvsd,aIsn,abImle.Favors,fb- games. Hey Pam... Hey Fag! Thanks Mom 8. Dad. "BUTTER" i5'.5'b' ,: A .1 . 15' . 'P' ""' Q. I. ' ji' ' f . A uc. ,ll Nancy Murphy 15 Otis Park Newtonville Day, Riley. Undecided Remembers: Mark, B.K. and all the kids, MB, JC, IS, ML, PS, JB. and the party at WMI, Summer of 75, Polaroid parking 10 81 weekends, Chris's Duck pond and the 25 at Jade's, fsf'N Aaron Needle 603 California St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College lf you are taking the time to read this, chances are you know me, chances are I know you, chances are that we are friends. Thank you for your friendship. Thought-prints, Newtonian. Julie Ann Mulvey 86 Waban Hill Rd. Chestnut Hill Barry, College "It's a long long road" Para- gon,DJ. The End! I hope to God! Snake and Apple, Beth, CM dances Mary and Math, Kings Row, Mac's Dedham Mall, VFW. Stephen Murphy 37 Jefferson St. Newton Corner Bryan B. Nelson 188 Church St. Newton Bigelow, Adams. College Library. Capt. P and the crazie S, "Uncle Ben"-Waltham at 6 AM, "Schried". Charlie Brown. "Transition", DH on Thurs.. NEKA E BAS, Esplanade, CF AA NA GT NV MM TB QR MJ SC MG MJ. Swimming 2,3 Sailing 2,3 A.V. 1,2 Orchestra 1 Media Prod 1 "BEST YEARS" Theodore Robert Nelson Theo 126 Moffat Rd. Waban Fort Hunt High, Riley, Architect "The greatest achievement is the one longest remembered" Remember: Brand new pool "Good teachers can never be good students" Swimming 1,2,3 Math Team 1,2,3 Track 1 Chess 3 James J. Nielsen Weasel 234 Sycamore St. Watertown West Jr. Bacon, Electrician Remember A.V, remember Avs big hassel at the end of school year "76" "Everybody out" Re- member Mr. Wiest "Driver Ed" I-le 'needs more help "Mr. Sca- ey. ' .. ,jr Daniel A. Nugent 235 Webster St. Newton Warren, Palmer, College Remember going down the Burr School Remember Donna skin goody Mark Moon Scales Donald Donton my Jackie Bobby Re- member under the star the swim swinger John's fencing Day's Art8iJued Bob8iSue Don8t Pigdeon and the womens and the fourth of JuIy"76" -..ggi- 'l ., .-er Gwen I. Nichols 17 Barrleau Ct. Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, Undecided You can get it if you really want it JimmyCliff JB Where? Mel FAI.M.V.8tEverywhere!Together- l!!!Miss Ya Lynne Robaine T'S8tT'S Thanks John Roggae on! Love to Gail- Stein8tJMJBPRMSMKSBSRLVK- JOP In Love? Always! H.Choc.The Vineyard103 C8tW. James Timothy Nolan 97 Madison Ave. Newtonville Day, Beals, Life You are you Si I am I 8. if by chance we meet it's beautiful BAC HSE CLAN Parties at CM miss ya Jane 2 trips to Somers NY by MM it's been 12yrs gbye to everyone an retake swim- teaml, VPres AFS French Cl 2, Pres International CL, Exchange Cl, Newtonian 3. Diane M. Nugent 13 Cresent Street West Newton Warren, Palmer Never forget our great home- room with A.C. CM. B.H. "Wanta skip"? - "What do you want to do?" "You do your thing and I'll do mine and then we'll have something to share" Bones are great! Leanne M. Nicolas 18 Byrd Ave. West Newton Warren, Beals Forgive and Forget: Jenny Al- ways P.A.B. Goosebumps thats good 19yrs love lots JG PS CW ED 1f9!76 Edwina the wife Big Boy Jen your adorable Math:85 Eddy creamcheese:Dickie Pat twins or twiplets tush Ducorne Pattie Ducorne Robert Nolan 17 Woodland Road Dedham Dedham, Palmer, To own a ga- rage Auto mechanics SS Nova Ded- ham Good luck to everyone in Auto Shop. sjillj . Rebecca Elizabeth O'Brien Becca 20 Emerson St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, Medicine C'est Ia vie C'est la GUERRE. l've learned more from the people l've met than from the books l've read. Ulcer candidate 1,2,3 Slavery 1,2,3 Happiness 1,2,3 Pasqualina Nicolazzo Patsy 3 Staniford St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, College "At any given moment life seems senseless, but viewed over a long period of time it re- veals itself, having a purpose, ex- tending in a certain direction." Orchesis 12, Italian Club 123, VP Adams House- 3P's JL Thanks Pam Smile Lauren, Julie-Labs Denise C. Noonan Deedee 25 Ricker Rd. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "Thank you Lord,for my friends" Rememberzthe lunch table, the library. the store 1. South Pacific props 2. Folk dance 3. Chem. club 3. proof reading 3. "Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life." Carmel Burke O'Doherty Mel 177 Franklin St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College "To love me is to know me and to know me is to love me" Gwen- nie M.V. Be Ready! July 4th Get a TV Summer w-Lynnie Bros 4 Falmouth Parliament BIN8.L Weekends Sorry! My B-Day Take Care! Kimberly J. O'Donnell 19 Balcarres Rd. West Newton Warren, Riley. College Everyday I wake up lust the same And l'm waiting for some- thing new Everynight I have my- self to blame for the dreams that haven't come true.- James Tay- lor J.W. SC. G.B. M,R. LAB! Love and graditude to J.G. for being a true friend. .flg i Donna Aileen Oleson 66 North St. Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, Undecided Hey, Are you on drugs?? Right! Chicago with Lisa 81 Michelle. Wishing You Were Here. Follow that car! Working at K's. MK - There he is! Good Luck to: MG.LD,MS,MK, JC,KL,CP. SC,MM. "Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live Today." Sailing 1 Susan Lee Palmieri 116 Auburn St. Auburndale Warren, Adams "And on those days when no- body wants to know you, and all your smiles keep falling on stony ground, don't stop believing you'll get by. Bad days will hurry by. "-ONJ smiles to SIS, MYMJC. Snooks, Bros. Pheasants. Charles, and a bunch of twits... .1 4 'YTPXX A DV .-2 Lois Odowd 43 King St. Auburndale d"'., ,4 Richard Brendan Osborn Ricky 984 Chestnut St, Newton MBDK, Palmer Cafe stair 11 810 Party in June Rolling Stones Rock on Boss on memories of IG Live on KL WAF ND JS Bill Tom Tony and the rest of dedham UF ' '-"i?',- ' . " A -xr l. . Pasquale Paola Barski 327 Cherry St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, Auto Mechanic Rembers the auto shop 3486 1675Rembers the good times at Pinkys house CB22 Big Banna Horse shack Fire Ball Pine Pan- ther Leo Shamus and the Fonz Rembers Homeroom and the Good Times PEWcru5in55 Willys Jeep AC JM RY Palmer Riley House JM rifle team f . ' iw Russell James O'Dowd Rusty 49 Adams Ave. W. Newton Warren, Barry, College "Parking lots" Burnt. 13, The Bull. The Vineyard, Summer of 76. 3 sets Manning-superstition. Good times with Ann. Allright Arb, "But I lied" B.M, J.M, B.C, Ace. Basketball 1,2 Lacrosse 1,2,3. Senior class president. Al llrffaill Liza Lenore Paige 94 Centre St. Roxbury Meadowbrook, Beals, College "Getaway" Remember: BSU 1.2 The office of Black studies af- fairs 3, Main St-The tree 60'clock bus Caps Expo 1,2 Bus- top togetherness is a virtue Good luck. May your future lives be successful KBRBDBJOPHJRRJT TTPMGBCDWIDSGDBEDLAGP GGBBBDWDWLRDRVGROJJB- FLATER i.- P iiii Pi 2 A I. Joseph David Paoletti 58 Cook St. Newton Newton Catholic. Adams 1317-139-113 -1l-l3-3- 11719.233-3-19-113 - 13172521l117-9'-11,19-119- 11! 15-1521-51719 -15-5- 917175 17-119-11 -1-111-l1- 11-15215-11!-1719? Greg John O'HaIIoran 377 Walnut St, Newtonville Day, Adams. College REMEMBERS: New Years Eve- Then Golden Star The Bridge Front Page with Riles, Keep sav- ing those Caps, Cools or Nic's Last Play B. Latin with AC KSJ EARS 1 4 3 Cindi f, Young Pak 935 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre f "i Joseph Thomas Paolini Joe 262 Nevada St. The "LAKE" DAY, Palmer, College Albemarle Atl Remember Rocky Fish Aris EP, SS. SL. BM. DS, DR. JA, AV, ML, MB. Stang Gang For- get JL, CF, SR, NPD, CANADA. Good times with Donna Hope there's more to come. Friday nights with the Bun doing noting. Tenn. I no we can make it. A SQ oy! Christos Anthony Papastavrou 31 Elm St. W. Newton Warren, Riley, College The friends I have are the ones who will know. They'lI remember the times in the office. The good times with DD RL ES MM DT SB SM JS PM. Howard Pierce 1900 Washington St. Auburndale -ln:-f - Jon Parritz 54 Bonad Rd. W. Newton Warren, Beals, Israel, College Summers747576-Elan8tCape- Cod, Elan, Sima8tlsrael, EIan8tth- eBus Margot the Pseudo intelec- tually ugly Years JE rryJeff Dear Type Writer Golden Age Weston The Slush Jr. Depression Propa- ganda the Deficit Maya Lisa Jon Lynda Lisa Rich YaleSnakeKa Kantro Russ Steve Dibsoke Shirl-- The Xoo Q Edward J. Pendergast Eddy 232 Linwood Ave. Newtonville Day, Bacon "'..'7?" Deborah Ann Perruzzi Billy 77 Lexington St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, College "One day when a man con- demns me for what I say and for my actions may I also be sent the courage, through my knowl- edge of love, to stand before his wrath, not in the quicksand of submission, but on the solid rock of my own awareness." Christopher John Peters 14 Rice St. Newton Weeks, Beals, College Does BC Play Here RC'S Domi- nate Summer of 76 Dana Hall The Cape wish you were here JT She's K. Take a wiff Steve lt's only my third time vdtcc SC'S average ool. Moose check the glove compartment duck thanks to EESCEY Lacrosse 123 Beals Council 123 ,,,.:4 x Michael James Parsons 144 Albemarle Rd. Newtonville Day, Riley, College Albemarle if 1 Good Times down the Park with the Gang. Football at BC AL's cottage, state troop- er, parties killing GD and AL in the hall, Chuck Mike L Football 1 outdoor track 3 indoor track 3 . X Q l Ex Joan F. Pendergast Pendy 18 Copley St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Nursing A smile is worth a thousand words, thus, I smile for you. Best of Amigos: DB8tMS. Luv to LW LN ST NK DW JD LDG JC HR: 2637, etc. "Silly Chicks live long- est." Redcross,1,2,3 Volleyball 1,2,3 Softball 1,2,3 Jay Senior Class Comm 3 "youve got to make your own sunshine: "Smile! D-K -I Elizabeth Jane Pfund Little Neil 16 Balcarres Road West Newton Warren, Bacon, God only knows "Then I saw and considered it, I looked and received instruc- tion." Prvbs.24:32 "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowIedge" Prvbs 1:7 Field Hockey 1 Sailing 1 Orchestra 1,2,3 International Club 3 Ger- man Club 1,2,3. Machen Spass! 16 A LX gk! TSD1 Jane Angela Passanisi 217 River Street West Newton Warren, Beals, College "Smiling is happy and fun, feels good, looks nice and doesn't cost anything!" E Bohemian SOD! SIW! SUE AT - BC. I lied! B- Baby. Mr. Gatley! Hi ES! V2-time WN! Thanks and Love MZJFJBBMSTSYASWSMMK- MEDCGHWNGBCCA CHEER- LEADING 2,3 CLASS TREASUR- ER 3 TENNIS 1,3. 1 -A ,M William Pepicelli Billy 43 Rustic St., Newton Day, Bacon, Work Rem: All the good times at DD w! SR EC and JC- All at work especially LC. All at NNHS espe- cially MM JG RK DC and JC. Will always rem. 11!18!75 5!22!76 gl 6!24!76. To MM: Will the fire- chicken ever run? Champs al- ways 41. 'L 'R Judith Robyn Pike Judy 1548 Comm. Ave. W. Newton Weeks, Adams, College "Alas for those who never sing but die with all their music in them" Thanks so much RS, GG, TL. Leprechauns? LITTLE MARY SUNSHINE, CELEBRATION, SOUTH PACIFIC, BRIGADOON, BIRDIE, Marching Band, Family B8iS, CC, Newtonian "lf l laugh just a little I can carry on" Peter John Poirier 19 Fordham Rd. W. Newton Warren, Palmer Time is on my side. Always re- member: Soph year chateau and Sheraton cops car BH skieching.Mantion NC DR CT Have a hoochie Franklin MEP SKEP The stabbing. 67 Ford NHPL Bobs gone JB and BK. Gloucester Hampton Pits 76 RC BM HI SB VAN Lacrosse 1.2.3. 04? 4. 1 A if Mark E. Porter 25 Frederick St. Newtonville Meadowbrook, Adams, Work Electronics 1 Auto 2 Wood 3 lt's been a great three years at New- ton North. Patricia Pillion 290 Newtonville Ave. Newton- ville S. ' YNJI .E Lauren Pollard 87 Freeman St. Auburndale Reginald Jonathan Price Ashley 104 Columbia Ave. Newton Highlands St. Jean's, Riley, Electronic Engi- neer What's happen..l want all my friend to remember the good time we had in the van. CT KR RH DR. Goodbye to all the girls l had the pleasure of...KP LP RB Indoor Track 2,3 Outdoor Track 2,3 A special thank to Mr. Frakt- man for keeping out of trouble. Michael S. Poirier 97 Park St., Melrose Day, Barry, Majoring Computer Science "Yesterday is experience, to- morrow is hope, today is getting from one to other as best we can"... Goal to attend college to become scienti6c or space pro- grammer. ...Remember Barry and friends. Good luck! Newtoni- an 3... Camping trip 1,2 Paul C. Polson Lexington St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, "May Mickey Mouse, and Cookie Monster be the same person in my Iife." And dont forget to keep your banner flying high. Thanks to everybody for helping me make it. .,-.A O .'l,L,a fn, Q0 .' g "Wa U 0 1 il.. ', ,O 'l.'.'O. .!..' - o.,,n Pamela Wyeth Prichett 139 Mt. Vernon St. Newtonville Day, Beals, Art School "MagicalIy bored on a quiet street corner free frustration in our minds and our toes quiet stormwater my generation up- pers and downers either way blood flows."-PT oh Mick Mango Pits Transition 3. ?""1 Leonard Roy Polivy 27 Overlook Park Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Barry House Hockey 1,2,Newto- nian 3 Summer of 76 Best of Luck to JN JC SK SS DL N86 Maine Fla The cape That ride to NH Black Cutlass Gloria The mir- ror Afternoon Delight C8tB Good Luck to all in grad.of 77 .Q-, ,bo Michael Brandon Porter 104 Hull St. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College "Here today gone tomorrow" Remember: Football Games. Chem H.W. SATS. "Thats Rude" Wrestling 1 Sailing 1 Tennis 1,2 Newtonite 1 Marine Biology Club 2,3 Sandra Joan Proia Sandi 20 Robinhood St. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Registered Nurse "School is where you get home- work assignments" Remember: GW,DW, DN, RB, PH,VVT, JG. VBW, SM, AR, ES, LT, KS, RO, SP, TS, DD, LH. Modern Dance 2,3. Homeroom 1, Marching Band.3,French Play 2,3, Italian Club 1,2 ...S . 1 Anthony Paul Psathas Antwon 150 Mt. Vernon St. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Grease Aces JH PJ ST Austins DAW-New Beals Galaxie 67 Ducks Do Babes Ork Ork Stage 2,3 Cape C C-Bass Draggin lD's JS SJ TM BUGH CC LM SV MU LJ BM LT FS MB DM CM AS CD VBW Special 4:45 PM 12-2- 75,12-2-76 4225 12-31-75 TP + DK always being loved, Deb. GD 7 , --A.-,.f .Y .-- Marc A. Proctus Dick 288 Grove St. Auburndale Warren, Beals, College How wonderful life is when your a kid!!! Remember all the Smith Concerts, Dick, Chuch, Killer, SB,JC,Stair4,"Let's Boot" Par- ties at the Cape. Dick,Do a Bone! All the wonderful people I met during these three years. Best of luck S.C. f ' X Dawn Prouty 2323 Washington St. Newton Lower Falls Judith AnnMarie Proia Judy 293 Webster St. Auburndale Warren, Riley, Nursing College Remembers: All the memories that I leave behind me at New- ton North. The week-ends with someone special. Good times with my best friend Robin. Homeroom with RB. 2,3 The fun in the commons room and in the math class with D.B. all of my other friends. 'NK 1- Frances Helen Pruett, Franny 96 Waltham Street West Newton Warren, Bacon, Business Don't walk in front of me I may not follow. Don't walk behind me I may not lead. Just walk beside me and be my friend. Barra- cuda. Work at Pomroy. Good times with all my friends espe- cially Linda. l'll be there Andra! gurnmer of 76-77 always loving I 1 I :P Steve G. Rand 40 Greenlawn Ave. Newton Cen- tre Joseph Rainey Weeks, Beals, College 1046 Chestnut St. Newton Up- Baseball 1,3 Basketball 1 Many Der Falls dreams come true And some have silver linings I live for my dream And a ocketful of old. U D 8 Led Zeppelin N Elizabeth Rodman Prophet Lisa P. 324 Central St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College "l'll keep on movin, things are bound to be improvin,these days I sit on corner stones and count the time in quarter tones to tell my friends, dont confront me with my failures I have not for- gotten them." J.B. Life with Da- vid Vermont l Arthur Joseph Pugliese Joe 66 Fayette St. Watertown West Jr., Bacon, Undecided "Thanks alot for the good times I had at school, and a special thanks to Miss Ryan for letting me through High School and for all the breaks she gave me. David Kweku Randall Kwek 31 Capital St. Newton Bigelow, Beals, Stanford, Medi- cine Never Forget "Stievie" SAT Newenglands What a mind blow- er Thanks Fred, Mitch-"I can't Bend it!" Car Pool Moovingber- ries and studdly-do-wright keep shaken'em Jack! What a relief if I get in I was the only one for me Time for livin "We're Lost Masqu" Marcie Beth Ravech 34 Sherbrooke Rd. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College, Life 3 years of learning, a lot to be forgotten.3 years of growing mostly outside these walls. There but not there. A friend CB, Thoughtprints 3,Newtonian 3 For someone Who made it all work and who gave me back my smile. Stuart D, Ravech Son 61 Woodlawn Dr. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Outside Bacon 1,2,3- Pizza and beer and happy days 2,3 w! CS RW BL-NJ Scof-RI Scof-how are ya? TD Best HR- Cruisin in TR61115 Days Southern Com- fort Party on final note JL Good Times X -ND . lr Suzanne L. Reichard Susie 63 Monadnock Rd. Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Barry, College Really? Really! Thanx Starsky Goy! You only live once Zuko BD Best of luck to DSHTAHNICMSRFLMSC- FELLBJBPB And everyone else l've come to know at NHS. Bes- sie and George JLI Albml + Rvsd Cu! Cu! Rally Committee 3, Sen- ior Class 3, Newtonian 3 I can't believe it's finally over .. . .Af Robin Sue Reisman 28 Fairway Dr. West Newton Day, Bacon, Demiurge Each to his own way I'll go mine, best of luck with what you find JT To everything there is a Sea- son, and a time to every purpose under the heaven. Ecclesiastes. Diem Campus 3 Greenhouse Ronde G. Reiss 260 Waverly Ave. Newton Bigelow. Bacon, College Life is like a piano, what you get out of it depends on how you play it. I think that l've gotten alot out of life. I wish lots of luck to all my dearest friends, BGLDMMDDLSECGK. Special love to Fred, Special friendship to Lynn and Beth. vi Louie Lee Recine Lou 135 Albemarle "The Lake" Day, Palmer, College Good times in front of Palmer house The good times down the LAKE, Albemarle The Stang Gang to show that Ford was number 1 Good luck to JPSIDA Best times to JA,RS,DG,JP, Fish, Frogg: KR,JD,Greg, 8i times with Susan more to come. "The Yard" I KNOW WE CAN MAKE IT. Robert Resnick 12 Westbourne St. Newton lifti Melissa Ress 306 Franklin St. Newton Bigelow, Barry "Not I said the rabbit to the kan- garoo "" A bush chased me all the way home"Mr+ Ms LSJRBRLCHCDSL-POOKOD- MEMRLSHTDS "This school has more ugly people,MM"Marching Band people, thanks, l'm now deaf Koala bear Chris! Peace Ba- beee! Hey! To all I give my love ADIOS M.' 77- ----gf, - ' fab. : I , - '1 Jonathan Carl Reuning 19 Salisbury Rd. Newton Bigelow, Beals "lf you can't laugh at your best friends, who can you laugh at?" Baby G,B Riley,Skippy,Res- saroo, Lucy S.l love you all."The play is the thing" Gigi,S. Pacific, Brigadoon,Celebration,Little Mary,Once Upon a Mattress, Shakespere,Mag,Pits,Ming,Gin. i' ' . Anne Marie Reynolds 22 Arden Rd. Newtonville Warren, Adams, College-Trav-Liv Cherish yesterday-dream to- morrow-live today! Jane-You've got a friend" Joan, Amy, Keene KMJCTBPBMNSRJCCFJBAK- SAS RMCHTJGAA TLDTMPKMLC B+S-W.VA.-Mu- sic 3388 "Star" GL All my love to John. Remember: "lT"JCWL- ,LaselI, RandAl'lI do it later, speed racer... Duane Richards 16 Washburn Ave. Newton - 1 She'd kill me if she saw this. Alison M. Ridgway Ali 8 Beach St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College Remember all of the great times with:KF KK DL MM LW MH BK. Will never forget BS! All of the great summers at CBC! The big partys up NH with SN.Marini: The greatest guy in the world. Don't forget, Play it again Sam. I:-wie best of everything to SH and If John Joseph Riley 525 Walnut St. Newton Day, Beals, College Saving the caps. Parties with J.D. The Island. Albemarle with G.O.H. Cals with Mario. Bob, want a hit? Mary. The Cooler and the cold ones. N.A.F.A. Foot- ball 1,2,3. Lacrosse 1,2,3. Schlitz .... Barbara Gail Riordan Barbie 80 Putnam St. West Newton Warren, Riley, College When all at peace, two friends at ease alone, talk about their hearts, yet still between the grace notes of the voice of love from each to each trembles a rare speech, and with its pres- ence every pause doth fill. l'm not defensive SNAKES w! tes. I Sherienne K. Rist 503 Walnut St. Newtonville Day, Adams, College Great times WXPBMNJCCF M C L A M S M C D P - DRARJCSRDSHHJBLBAKJT Thanks. Remember:RVRS- D,ALSN,ALBERM,NHPL Parties! "Summer of '75' it's a family thing, your a pal, NC's TD. F-ball games favors...It's been real so lets stay right here cause these are the good old days. A . I I i . I N. , I i" ll Jon Julius Robbins 300 Prince St.W.Newton Warren, Palmer, College Willy Nothing but my memory in- stilled inthe heads of my teach- ers, Remembers: Flansy- "Mon- oiell" centaur, "Crosby" Cappy Squeeze!! dyfdx Pat Life's but a walking shadow-signifying noth- ing "Wrestling 1.2.3. Band and Marching Band 1,2,3 Cycling 1,2,3 Chess Club 2,3 T.R.'s five Bucks A Il, s' E Judith Ann Rollins 10 Prospect St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, Hair Dresser MW,DC,MM,SS,DS,JC,BT. DD,DP,Erni,Ken,Painters, Sum- mer75,Love of 1af28,Love Always to M Papa, AI 76Summer night in Common. "I like playing with dy- namite" "A fifth of Phil" 'lHe's a big boy" "The Juice" House Council 1,2,3 Mrs. Leone, Mrs. Nicoletta. ff 1 4 Stephen Riviere 70 Hancock Ave. Newton Something inside is telling me that l've got your secret are you still listening? Fear is the lock, and laughter the the key to your heart. Sill nutsropeyes faces Syph-Splift Fballg1O-031 Leme- ferrcwswbkbrqr lnda-Love ya! To lor-My best pair of pants-S ag, Stephen J. Roche 169l Commonwealth Ave. West Newton Warren, Barry, U. Mass. Transition, Newtonite 2,3 Open Campus 2 Remember JG. LDI, the carrot people, Keep going TC,ES with AG,CB Donna Rosa Rondina Rosie 22 Rockwood Terrace Auburn- dale Warren, Riley, Life 5-12-Thanks so much Deb. Par- ty 75.Love to Phyllis,Mang, Cin- Nov. nite,Buns-those fri- tos!'DDT"-T-Italy 77 "'Pres.3" Play 76.Austy.Love to Di and her Mortimur.Summer 74-Precious. Rustys Raun,Dan."Looking for an Island in our boat upon the sea."Day Dreamer Brenda Lee Rizzetto 100 Hull St. Newtonville Bigelow, Palmer, Peace of Mind To trust the opportunity of night. K.G. -Shakespeare- DRAC''76"M.R.B.R.A.W.J.H. HIE.S. SpecialtimesLMl'mwith- youallthewayS. R, Onwithgoodti- mespartyingfriends-yougottok- nowhow-Sugarmama- William Roderick 120 Jewett St. Newton Corner William John Rooney Jr. Bill, B.J. Weeks, Palmer, CoIlege-Engi- neering Remembers: Jim "Flanzie" SC EYCP EE SR SS WK JRJM EC AK BW "The Bee Sting". Indoor Track 1,2,3, Outdoor Track 1.3. Good Luck Mike! Charles Robertson 25 Rowe St. Auburndale Scott C. Romero H.D. 15 Princeton St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, Coast Guard Time to move on. Com Time to move on. Come again when you can't stay so long. Little League Coach 75-76. Love to BRG,HP,MJ,YVB,OJ,DM! Foot- ball 1.Riding,Biffing,Fishing,Liv- ing, Shirtsleeve w! Shirleyltui- tion totally.Basically.Sort of.Re- gglar people.Hasta Manana. Bye 7 . Kathryn Ann Rosenblum 15 Bemis St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College Remember: France '76, Cape Cod '76, The Candy Store, L.A.B., Home Room, Expo, James Taylor, Friends. Concert Choir 1,2,3 Family 3 Marching Band 3 South Pacific 2 Briga- doon 3. Theresa Rowland Terry 29 Manchester Rd. Newton Highlands Weeks, Barry, College Peter and the future. Getting older. S.H. A.G. D.H. going cross country in the Van. L.D. M.F. B.L. Mollys. Babe, Pepsi, Snoop and Tormite. M and R.W. M.V. Pop Moe P.D. Charleshoward Virg. Cut it out. Party. See you later, thanks for the ride. X 4 Mark Rosenberg 24 Hilltop St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Newton High is only as good as the students make it. ME ST BA BM PNS HMC 2DS MR SS MG made it good. To Wendy: lt took a special girl like you to teach me that having is better than wanting Thanks for the name Charlie Football 123 Alexis Sonia Victoria Rosenoer Alix 16 Overlook Park, Newton Bigelow, Adams, College Has successfully completed re- quired socialization. To all whom I love: "You brought some joy inside my tears" -Transition lll- Massimo Rufo 1560 Washington St. W. Newton Day, Bacon, University "Da quando sei partito e comin- ciata per me la solitudine, e in- torno a me c'e il ricordo dei giorni belli, del nostro amore, la rosa che mi hai lasciata s'e or- mai appassita, ed io la tengo in un Libro che non finisco mai di Leggeref' Rem. fun times at N.N.H.S.-M.R. - -. ----sf 3, Ronna Sue Rosenblatt 40 Brackett Rd. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College "Love when you can, cry when you have to, be who you must, that's a part of the plan." DF, Gymnastics 1,2 Choir 3 Briga- doon 3 Stephen Patrick Rowland 11 Parsons St. West Newton Day, Riley, College "Never tip your hand" Remem- ber JC "lt was bad stuff" RH + SG JS in the tub RS JC RM MG KJ MC TS Wrestling 1,2,3 1343! Jenna Lynn Ryan 207 River St. W. Newton Warren, Beals, Service-School Love to Vinnie for all we shared. Good times up the lake and Palmer. Good luck to the crew and those to be remembered Cape 76, crusin', wknd parties, many accis, P.O. and "Thumbs up" 6-9-76 and 8-8-76 16-1-hon- est to God. 'fx '-Jim. A X3.f"'h'-rl.-"gl L Sarah Elizabeth Rosenfeld Sal 38 Bennington St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, Laugh and the world laughs with you,cry and you cry alone.So it was for Stepan Arkadyevitch Ob- lonsky.He was relieved in know- ing that his sister Anna Karenin was soon to be arriving from Pe- tersburg that same day and she would help with the trouble. rf I 5 r g Bernice Sandra Roy 21 Cambria Rd. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College Remembers all the good times with Michele,LF,DM, CG,FD,KB,MM,especially all the good times with Denny.Canada with MB and LF.Good times with the characters on Tuesday nights.l will never forget all the good times in the summer of "75 and 76"l! Ll Lisabeth Anne Ryan Beth 12 Merton St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Swim Team 1,2,3. Track 2.3. Ski Team 3. Newtonite 1,2,3. New- tonian 3. 'lWe both know what memories bring-they bring dia- monds and rust."-Joan Baez. Love ya Sus and friends. ' I j LIP Miriam Leticia Santi 67 Court St. Newtonville Bigelow, Riley, College What l must do is all that con- cerns meg not what other people think. Ralph Emerson Indoor- track 1, Outdoortrack 1 2 3, Soccer 3. Karen Hideko Sasahara 221 Mt. Vernon St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College ls it good bye Ellen? Luv 2 EK AM SB AR BS LWJP LD MB PC SC 8- All other friends. Ruth! Boates! Remembers: steps, halls, good times in Russia and best days ever. Russian Club 1,2,3. Orien- tal Club 3. Volleyball 1,2, Cap- tain 3. And life will go on. Diane M. Sakakini 49 Walker St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College "J'ai des amis a decouvrir, et beaucoup de choses a con- naitre."- St. Exupery. My love and sincere gratitude to the friends who have made it all quite worthwhile. Enjoy- we've got so much more living to do. Laurie Anne Santilhan 148 Bellevue St. Newton Sch. for the Deaf, Barry, Coll. I will always remember the good times w!Friends K.B.,N.T.,A.M.,D.T. And Memo- ries we will have in the future! Camping trip in New Hampshire '75' Work-Study 1812 Library 2 Michael John Saunders 186 Parmenter R.D. W. Newton Warren, Riley, Electrician Remember RC and MK BM Up Glouster.The pits.Al's gas sta- tion with MR RC Al Obee JB LL8tTL's Party's.Expressions-Oh Wow take to the limet Johnny. Have a houche. Get Bent.Re- member up John's house Fri- days8tSat.nights 8tNNHS Party's Fariba Sanikhatam 18 Fredana Rd. Waban Riley. Go to college Salam QHeIloJ NNHS is sure dif- ferent from HS in Iran. What a great experience! Best wishes to my new friends and teachers. HK, VD, JM, JN, QC, DG, RB. RO'B, HC. I hope l can see you in Iran. Good luck in Future. Kho- dahafaz tGood byej Antonio Santonastaso 40 Faxon St. Newton Corner Michelle Saunders 186 Parmenter Rd. W. Newton Warren, Bacon, Living MR Day GYM Remembers The Office CM:Huck CL AN JTULLNY Cape MNTS MSP JDONRIE Check out the freezer! Keeping our heads together Beach Force 12 Run away with CL Thumbing everywhere poems I gave to oth- ers Deal Flash Good People Art Mark Santamaria 221 Grove St. Auburndale Warren, Beals, College Swimming 1,2,3 "Great men die young, OH! I feel sick already. Ellen Reiko Sasahara 221 Mt.Vernon Street W. New- ton Warren, Adams, College K:You'll always be my sunshin- e.Remembers:All of the people who made my three years at NNHS so outstna- ding:KS,DW,KM,LD,P- T,YVB,CL,JS,Kl,Wl,D- K,EC,BS,MF,MM,MJ, PC,EW,ETC.NNHS theatre,li- brary,For always-MarcenegActi- vities:Fieldhockey123BioCIu- b30riental3 Theodore Scafidi 114 Windemere Rd. Auburndale Timothy Scarlett 36 Central Street Auburndale Warren, Beals, College Football 1. Wrestling 1,2,3 Thoughtprints 3. Remember: Wrestling team 75-76 RH SP SR JS BH ST CROZ. ui Thomas Schwab 16 Converse Ln Newton Tamson Elizabeth Scott 1 Winthrop St. W. Newton Warren, Palmer, College "I don't know what I may appear to the world3...whilst the great ocean of truth lay undiscovered before me."-Sir Isaac Newton i 'A' Robert B. Schenk 33 Hunter St. W. Newton Warren, Adams, Auto Mechanic Remember:PlNKPANTHER,Leo, Shamus,aIl the kids on CB. Nev- er eating in cat. 3 yrs. BS,RM,JS,JM, and all the kids in Shop. Friday and Saturday nights. is 1 Daniel Asher Schwarz 14 Nobscot Rd. Newton Bigelow, Israel, College Thanks to everyone, never for- get, "Hunah","Weekends- ","mint'',"Quistia,","The Boys","The woman","Squid- dy","The Syphemobile",Good- bye: ME,DS,MR- ,BA,JD,MR,MM,HC. PS,RL,JY,LK,CB,DL, ST,WS,MU- DEP,Newtonite, The Killer 4-f -' Y Barbara Scrooc 236 Chapel St. Newton Corner - L--.--43 Jamieson Montgomery Schiff Jamie 90 Hull St. Newtonville Day, Riley, College RM, MG, What luck we had sometimes. SR, You want to walk faster, I don't want to be late for class. SC, Who helped me with KM, - For Good. KB, "Stay gold". Football 1,2,3. Newtonian 3. Laurie Ann Schwartz 51 Montvale Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College Love to WS,LS,SB. LM,AZ,CB,CG,MC,AC,MG,DC. Special memories of David. "funny you should ask!" RA,R- E,REN. IHK. Football games.Sur- prise Party'76,thanks? "Wen, what's new?" English Tea Room! French Play 1,2,3. Musi- cals 2,3 LITTLE MARY SUN- SHINE rehearsals Deborah Ann Seltzer 99 Mary Ellen Rd. Waban Weeks, Adams, College "A moment is never wasted if it can later be looked upon as a precious memory" All my love to DAVID 577776 only the begin- ning of the very best of times. Those wild Weekends of 76. Hey Chump what number is that? 13 in the Cam? Love to MOLXZ GSOFN 'Z 7, W '93 ' 972 Ronald Schilvone 24 Maguire Rd. Newtonville Duncan Anthony Scott Grant Ave. Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College Hey Face! Best of luck to ML,SR,WEM,AJ,the trackies and the sawbebs.Be true to yourself, and be here now.You can run but you cannot hide.Copley Square,the Red Tank and Li- saugh!PM8iFredly Cross-Coun- try.lndoor8.0utdoor Track 123Captain 23 23 3.MrchngBand. Judy Beth Seltzer "Chumpness" 99 Mary Ellen Road Waban Weeks, Palmer, College "Happy are those who dream dreams and are ready to pay the price to make them come true." - Suenens Priceless moments with Chump, J.W., and countless others. Above all my special love for my other half. Jockette 1,2,3. S ii .. lf' i if, I Richard Guy Semintelli 5 Bemis Rd. Newtonville Day, Beals "The Biggest mistake one can make is being afraid to make one" Remembers: MC KJ AN DM SR RM MG JS AL GD CAP BH and the "Bowl" Football 123 In- door track 23 Ce club 3 SE JC RH "Don't hold back" Laurel Beth Shader 132 Homer St. Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College Only that day dawns to which we are awake-HDT.Love to: GG RS TL Music Dept.LB. Remember: West Virginia, Hula dance, Foot- ball.Keep your face to the sun- shine and you cannot see the shadow. Orch 123, Marching Band 123, CC 123, Family 23. Musical 123. S 'i I Jan Shapiro 26 Mandalay Rd. Newton Center "QT I 4 Stephen Sepinuck 94 Evelyn Rd. Newton Mary Jane Shanly M.J. 21 Lodge Rd. Newton Warren, Bacon, College "We may lose or we may win but we may never be here again" Remember: Good times in the cafe Franklin, Cotuit, All the gang Es. CJTCPJPRSSHB, Par- ties,to JS: All the dreams l've lost and found and all that I ain't got... Marciann Shapiro 57 Howland Rd. West Newton Weeks, Beals, College Its been 3yrs should I give up now ThanxMich Luv2MCLAG- DAHLMAA8t The Rvrsd-AIbmIe- gang 2!14!7544OLLJP6yrs CCsummer 13inaCam?ltaly 76- Baby its a wildworld-ZUKOSR HRWXASSA mustvebeenhungry BB AFTHRAH 3msktr-If we had the chance to do it all again would we Steven N. Sera 36 Rustic St. Newton Day, Palmer. Law Albermarle and the gang, Exile? Great Times with LR. Summer 76 at LG with JL. "Heroin" with Leon. Hockey 1,2,3 AL at "Wounded Knee. Fenway, Beav- Chin and CO. Forever! Canada 75 with JP and AV "the robber" Concerts with DJ "Julius" Demo Boys GD, AL DM -J 4'--v Susan Mary Shannon Sue 91 Charlesbank Rd. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College Remember: Bacon Stairs, Silowett,Areosrriith, Deep Pur- ple, "Dances" The soods. Good luck JR DC MM CD JP SS DF PF GM JA JK RO BS Remember! DCl,KK Staff parties.. Special Thanks EN Br ...isw .fL. . "za .' ,-' K P r LA .3 Q . .gr . . L L . +41 - Int. do Brenda Belle Shaw 19 Owatonna St. Auburndale Warren, Barry, Nurse "The comfort of having a friend may be taken away,but not that of having had one." Never forget NNHS and what I learned there. Earl Sgarzi 20 Oldham Rd. West Newton 'F Q X Elizabeth R. Shapiro 10 Laudholm Rd. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College lt's not really over! Is it? MR- May we never talk over a stubby! LM-Do you know what I mean? SB-Be happy-so I can be! BR-It was real! Or was it? JR-Peace! DD-Keep the cat! BR,LM,MR,SR, Remember pits,cuzzies,Drac! Love to: JW-MM-Brian-BS-JG- DZ Lauren Fay Shaw 24 Valleyspring Rd. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College Love to CG LS LM JW LG SB WS ES LM EL JK AZ MS. Remember: RA RIE REN. Tick Tick. "Do you care?" Asparagus M8iM'S. "Can I borrow this?" Football Games. "Father and Son." "Look what time it is!" Spanish Club 1.2.3 French Club 1. Newtonian 3. Y. -1 - 4- - --f C5 Paul Sheehan 42 Falmouth Rd. West Newton 1 Wendy D. Siegle J.A.P. 64 Hatfield Rd. West Newton Warren, Beals, College 4211,Bacon, Mike,mmwah- ,Mac's,Red Chargerand M8tM's,alleys,Keys- sewer nghbrhd, Martha,13 in a cam- ?,SlJ favorsfpeel out.J,Portoni- ganese LGSAD"'AC,B"'Blast.,"a- propos",lMM Haircuts?.,Europe 76',dstrct-23 conc-ch- 123,Cheerleading,vlIybl mngr- 2,rally club,sen-cl-comm." i lr Kwai Deborah Ellen Silverstein Debbie 82 Stuart St. Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals, College Now somehow I know, l've come a long way got a long way to go but something inside is making me strong and in the bad times l'll get along. lt's not so bad all alone coming home to myself again. Thanks Hutch,Buns you only live once! Luv to the gang. Adriane B. Sherman 75 Garland Road Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, Undecided "Cherish Yesterday Dream To- morrow Live Today" I will always remember good times with Patti and Ricky. Good Luck always KM SB and RA. Brandy, "As time goes on I realize just what you mean to me." 415775 Erica Sigal 43 Grey Cliff Rd. Newton Centre Day, Murray road, College, life Giving,caring,gentle sharing. Taking your hand,trying to see it your way.Searching-for what- ?Maybe a rainbow or sunset.Or flowers to give to someone.Or music to set your feet dancing.A song in your heart and a star to wish on. NNHS1.MR 2!3!Shalom . hm Fw 1 T as 5,1 Wy 'ie gg i I 'X .Q ' - . i 1? 7 . '..- Q - siftf ' Y i 1"f J' T. f ' A Es'u f iif if . Howard R. Silverstein 29 Westfield Rd. W. Newton Warren, Riley, College America's leadership must be guided by the lights of learning and reason, or else those who confuse rhetoric with reality and the plausible with the possible will gain the popular ascendancy with their seemingly swift and simple solutions. - Y Shi.: '- --' -- Nina Shoolman Neen 37l Highland St. Newtonville Day, Riley, College "lf a man does not keep pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured or far away." Thoreau - l'll remember you guys always! Linda Silva 346 Walnut Ave. Newton Centre Ruthanne B. Simmons 333 Otis St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College K5 Maria Ann Siciliano 71 High St. Newton Upper Falls Bigelow, Barry, College l'll always remember Beginnings and all the great times. Fantastic summer of 75. Party weekends. Chevey. Driving the GTO. Thanks to MS RA CA JS JI KM and BUBBIE. Great times with Mark. Wendy B. Silverman 62 Marshall St. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer Hey Laurie, do you have the car? Always keep that TWINKLE in your eyes! Mark-Remember English, May 22, "You're such a GUSH! "" Headaches,"The beach. Thank-you for it all. l re- member football games, sun- daes with "the girls",SB + French.DC,JP,and others. Angel Antonia Sirgo Tony 950 Centre St. Newton Day, Bacon, College Steve please part your hair, don't forget Skin, Smelly, and Lips.Barry don't fondle your fuz- z,eat them up with the Buick. Mark onward to the NBA of Rockets? Na!Ri tap your way to stardom. Barbie? Best always to Jon "Preppy" Silver. Never enough time. Kristin Elizabeth Small Kris 23 Melbourne Ave. Newton Day. Adams. College "How sad and bad and mad it was but then. How it was sweet" Remember: Hull St. The Pinto, The Mall, GWTW, soccer and Football, Newtonian 3. Good Times with DK, NG, DG, LB, CQ AND CC. Best Of Luck To PC. JG. AND JO. "-'L Xi . Kevin T. Smith 172 Concord St. Newton Warren. Murray Road, None of Y.B. Ping-Pong,lAC,The trips, Patti S. Mita and Lou Joel, William. Serem. My best to Mr. Mechem X - Alison T. Slack 75 Homer St. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College "Don't walk in front of me-l may not follow. Don't walk behind me-I may not lead. Walk beside me-and just be my friend." Al- ways remember TAJPJSDSSJ- BYBBC8imany more. Good times with Stu,Best year 77 Ten- nis 2.3 Newtonian3 skating for- ever 4:15am BDSMAZ Douglas Cole Smith Jr. Smitty 21 Mt, Vernon Ter. Newtonville Bacon, College Work hard, strive for friendship and success will come naturally. Thanks for a great season John and Mario and the rest of the grid iron gladiators. "you've got to love it! The Foreman, Cappy and Pat: TMLAKJ- JAKHSRDSJSST. Highland Landscaping. Football 2,3 Skiing 3 Baseball 1: SFA CAII my love to Kathyy James H. Snider 66 Priscilla Rd. Chestnut Hill Cyrano and I-Panache E. Lynne Slamin 35 Washburn St. Newton Day, Beals, College Class of 77 Good luck ahead. Al- ways remember-Dodi-Summers on the Cape-old and new friends- Stay close.DD.BG, RR,KM,MA,EC,MC,HH. Edward Joseph Smith 211 Church St. Newton Cor. Bigelow, Barry, Navy To all my friends down the hap- penings,JB MM AB JT GS BG BJ JN NS AD JF MF GH and all the laides Beer Blast Bad scene at Pl I will to NNHS the things that are left in locker. BasketbaII13Tran- sition Goodbye to all my class- mates l enjoyed you very much Andrianne Hathaway Snow Andy 9 Crofton Road Waban Warren, Beals, College Remember ups and downs with Mary B. Cheryle L. Donna A. and Lisa R. 6726775 Thanks to Peter for understanding. I.L,Y. Re- member Lisa P. S.S. Marci CF. Debbie P. Eric D. Tennis 1.2.3. Robert Gordon Smilg Rob 107 Beaumont Ave. Newtonville Day, Palmer, College and more I never thought I'd make it. I did. Psychology club 2,3 French club 2,3 Newtonian 2,3 Newtonite 3. Thanks to everyone. Lesley Ellen Smith 64 Adella Avenue, West Newton F.A. Day. Bacon, College Marcia L. Solov 28 East Boulevard Rd. New. Ctr. Bigelow, Palmer, College "Born with the gift of laughter and a sense that the world is mad"-Sabatini. "Time to go." Gina we're crazy. Summer 75 JRBRJGPL-Good Times. Con- cert Choir 1,2. Marching Band 2,3. London 75. Newtonian 3 Art! Lisa Jaye Spencer 69 Farlow Rd. Newton Bigelow, Riley, College "A friend is dearer than the light of heaven" Luv always to BS "Don't look at me like that!" X Luv to LG aff! Summer of 76! BM and SG-Thanks!! Swimteam 1,2,3, Newtonite 1.2, Servi- ceawards 1,2,3 Newtonian 3 1 William Solomon William 104 Oldham Rd. Newton Warren, Murray Road, Bootleg James,Bowes,Joel Darling,Smit Slow Ed, Money James again Lob lac Aegean Fare Who went to church this sunday? 1975 Nervous breakdown Mick and Anita in performance Ketih's so lucky The greatest RNP band in the world "The Rolling Stones" 'Z .i. is Pamela Ann Sotir 165 Harvard St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College ltisn'tthe mountians ahead that wearyououtit'stherockinyour- shoe Tolovesomethingistoletit- befree- Thanks Mom and Da- d+EDWlNA+SLECATHY- Befor- eyoumeetyourprince,youha- veto-kiss a lotof toads! ALWKGh- ouse Cross Country 23 Explor- ers Club Party? DKIDSILO- VEYOUBPS Have Fun. Brenda Jean Staley 20 Freeman St. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College "Rivers belong where they can ramble: Eagles belong where they can fly, l've got to be where my spirit can run free, got to find my corner of the sky." -- l...11.,1-.f L 7,1 ,,--, ..-, Michael A.T. Solomita 83 Church St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, CLive, Love, Diej Some people look at things as they are and ask why. I dream of things as they could be and ask why not. The late Robert F. Ken- nedy, If you look at things as he did u are allrite but don't get into politics you might end up the same way he did- silent. IDN Mike P. Speisman Miquel 25 West Field Rd. W. Newton Warren, Riley, College The fox, when he cannot reach the grapes, says they are not ripe. S4, and company. 1 Douglas Eric Stangler Doug 26 Magnolia Ave. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Hot. Man. in Ha. Chess Club President, Rifle Team Member, Ping-Pong Mem- ber During Junior Year. Chess Club Vice-President During Sen- ior Year. Strongest Interest ls Science Fiction CStar Trek, Space: 1999, and Logans Run In Particularl. Love to Travel A Lot Too. A- if 1 N I -1. gif Qi. LA. A Eda Jennifer Sonis 19 Evelyn Road Waban Weeks, Bacon, College "The friendship that can come to an end, never really began." Newtonite 2, Newtonian 3, cheerleading 3, Remember: Harry Bididi from Syria-SMG, Hiii JP, Duck Walk-St. Chinese food-- The pork strip is on fire-AM, PW, SKABINSKI, Walter's single, Thanx. Rachel D. Spitz 35 Oak Cliff Rd. Newtonville Day, Beals, College Nothingness at NNHS.Narcs with CS.Always good times with KM CS LS RF MK. The chapter. Baking in the sun.Frye Isl and and the good times. Summer School with KM.The fight. Con- certs. Work. The pooper.What a waste. Bagged. And always my love to TS. 4 . Virginia Louise Stanton Ginger 28 Sargent St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Remember: Sailing with Kub et al, History Classes, Sacco Riverg Spanish Club 1,2,3. Barry House Council 2.3. Newtonian 3. Con- cert Choir 2.3. B848 3."Morning has broken like the first morn- ing" "All my dreams are on their way, see how they shine!" Benjamin R. Stocking 85 Hillside Ave. W. Newton Warren, Beals, Congressman "You might as well fall flat on your face as lean over too far backward." 'T Eric Starbuck 64 Putnam St. West Newton Peter Steinberg Sebastian 258 Mt. Vernon St. ' vr"r- They do THAT on Main Street? Ei Karen B. Stifter 15 Magnolia Ave. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College "The ending always comes at last...Endings always come too fast...They come too fast, but they pass too slow...l love you and that's all I know..." Love and thanks to: SK,KS,LF,DK, KM,GS,HT, TC,PT,DN,ES. DD,SP,GW,FM. Fld. Hockey123 Bball Sball123 Xe- Aw. Baht! IU' . 9,4 . Ji, Gary Struth John Mark Sturniolo Suzanne Sudikoff 11 Carthey Circle Newton High- lands t'Pinky" 37 Smith Ave. West Newton Warren, Adams, Mechanic Shamus dropped reverse up Rec. Rd. Parties every weekend All CB nuts Shamus Fireball Big Banana Fonze Horshack Butter- fly Capricorn Debbie Sara Kevins Race car The old wagon race Duster with Great Smoke shows Rick and Gary at Macks Ch. 22 forever. 23 Karen Road Waban Warren, Palmer, Dartmouth "Still round the corner there may wait a new road or a secret gate: And though l oft have passed them by. a day will come at last when I shall take the hid- den paths that run West of the Moon, East of the Sun." - Frodo Baggins - 'E i 4 E li l i J I i i ,,, , .v Pkvv t Elise J. Supovitz Karen Sweeney Paul N. Syphers Eugene A. Taillacq 248 Park St. Newton 65 E India Rd. 23B 19 Lewis St. Newton Gene Bigelow, Riley, Dartmouth Boston 69 Hillside Ave. West Newton You can get it if you really want- J.Cliff NNHS-Des amis, divers avec des occasions variees l'll al- ways remember the limitless op- portunities my parents, teach- ers 8l friends let me have. New- tonite 123 French Club Pres.3 French play 23 Newtonian 3 Warren, Bacon, U.S. Army "To be strong is to be gentle." Remember greasers, Aces Baby Bud Miller, LAB School Wror. NPD PC Racing Wash. St.FF. Guns R,l.RH Ducks.Rec. Rd.17thbirthday Beals Small block Chev.Ford Trucks.YA FIGHTS THE GANG8lS.C.,CD,TC, LAST AND BEST MY LOVE CATHY CROWE 'S ms. l My interest is waning... - Wt, viw ix l Lisa K. Takayanagi Catherine Tang 12 Oakwood Rd. Auburndale 131 lntervale Rd. Chestnut Hill Craig Dennis Taylor 64 Truman Rd. Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College CAK remember letters,S- WAK,8tWD,8t4-2-76:L0ve to you always. Au Revoir JF,DM,KWEK- ,KELLEYS,BA,PJ GJ FCY Great Scott, BW "No more home- room" Jav: Outdoor track 1,2,3 "Spearchucker" Eternal Friend- ship-Carol Sharon Lynn Taylor 25 Curve St. W. Newton Warren, Beals, College, Nurse "glad lt's over with. Remem- ber:BSU BB, PH, TT, LP,JD, DB. RB, XB, RP, VG, DW, JB, SG, IN. ED, GB, LA, GPG, DB, MJW, DR,LR, CT, RH, CC, JR, RO, JJ, LM, DB, SR, ST, 4 David Thomas 176 Oakleigh Rd. Newton lsr-P Joan Cecilia Tosney Joanie 117 Prospect St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College 'True happiness consists not in the multitude of friends, but in the worth and choice." Remem- ber: "Adele"- 3 great years. Much thanks to Anne,Amy,Jane- ,Mary, SAMOHPBCFDCSRJC- CLAATBFJBMMD, sen. Prom 76,8!7!76,Goody.GH.B8iS 23, Con.CH.1,2,3, musical 1,2. 45 Margaret Ann Tennant Peggy 189 Mount Vernon St. W. New- ton Warren, Adams, College LOVE and a very special thank- you to LGR I leave so many memories here. RM your fantas- tic and l'll never forget you. I've learned so much from all of you,and without all of you I wouldn't be what l am. I thank LFKSTCHTDS Remem- ber:5!15f75 ff AX' Kimberly A. Threadgold 69 Madison Ave. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College I never liked Goodbyes and this one is my hardest. Gymnastics 123 "Olga I'm trying" Good spotting guys JF DM SD TD Get a Dr. I think l'm Dead! Track with Dover Walker I quit! Gorks drowning noto l'm coming. CC a bore huh DF MD CS Weasy loves Nolan. William T. Townsend 40 Washington St. Newton Cor- ner St. Andrew's, Bacon, Greatness "Aren't I the best?!" Remem- ber: Pistellio, GSCPudgy and Prettyj, PHCRedJ, LOfGood Mor- ning!J,SC+THKACEyesD, Girls, JGCTrouble,poof,bang,pyro,bat. AVG., stilly, Treehousel, Tele- phones,Good friends, aay!,Phi- la,wrestling 1,2.3. Benjamin B. Thomas Ben 14 Edinboro Pl. Newtonville F.A. Day, Palmer, College C.C. 123 Transition C.C. In Phily 8t L.l. "A laugh a day keeps the bummer away." Falling asleep in Dougals native Americans class. Looking for walls to climb with DS good times most of the time. Q WK' Stuart M. Tobin Moose 12 Windermere Rd. Auburndale Warren, Riley, College "WARD l'm worried about the BEAVER" Thanks Willy l Love NY Peaches Bones with Headly 8. Bobby Yukka buk the MOOSE Radio 123 Smelly Newtonian 3 Hockey 123 Herk Squiddy BA ME JIM DOC call Love A.S. J.L. S.W. J.C. B.M. J.H. F.K. BH J8iD Bone Rack CF TR ERN PA OIGA Susan Ann Toyias Sue Day, Bacon, College When man begins to under- stand, he will begin to love and when his love is understood. there will be everlasting peace. All my love to my friends at NHS. Clubs sports, loves. Cartwright McMillan Thompson IV 240 Mt. Vernon St. West Newton Warren, Palmer, Tycoon I might be moving to Montana just to skin it back and extend my search for some lonely lamir- illo brillo and chickenz for break- fast with a duck on Sundays. Still, in all seriousness toodle-loo and have a good one. Love to all and remember-RUBARB. ,fy James Patrick Tower 316 Central Street Auburndale Warren, Barry, College Local limbo 3119 Exalted Ruler. Acadamy of Malt Scotch Whisky. Brewmaster 1.2.3 PC 2,3 By Dand Tom Trudeau Ike 1595 Central Ave. Needham Newman, Palmer, Electician Partying in the parking lot! Lets go to lunch Dapper electrical shop Mark Arthor JohnBoy Rus- sas the cliffts New Hampshire water skiing James Michael Twomey 126 Derby St. West Newton Warren, Palmer "A.V. Squad" DC SM BD TB and everyone else. Swim Team 2 Ben MM JC ED WL CM all the BAD Divers Skiing for the first time From the top of the moun- tain "How could anyone like me hate highschool so much and yet have a good time." MK PK 7 A - l,,,Aw, AY- Bonnie Trainer 37 Mague Ave. West Newton Warren, Beals, Work, Travel "Don't let it bring you down-it's only castles Burning. . Re- member: John-Always, Gail, ln- spector General. Good times with J,G,D,K and all the others. f,-Lkfnl I Linda Catherine Tupper Sunshine 30 Upham St. W. Newton Warren, Barry, Undecided "Feb 15 Dom and me forever" Wake up sunshine. Gold Ford Torino-April Chicago Beach Boys Jenna's Party MY Party one two three leap! fourth floor Barry G.B. taking care of busi- ness! Hull St. 3 Palmer! R.C P.C.M.G.A.A.A.C.Cf1ppy Library ,Af Nf- 7'-rg ' 2 . , ' Stephen John Vachon Steve 254 Derby St. West Newton Warren, Riley, College Good times 6-75, 76, the shack, Franklin-the kids that made it great, FIS, S40 Special, bathtub duet, lJG, CAF clowns, JE, Coro- net 440-500, wild times with the boys, the girls, all of you were great! Linda Joy Trenholm Dusty 108 Eliot Ave. W. Newton Day, Barry, Physical Therapy Remember:Dear friends,Cana- da,Beals,Austins,Small+ Large thoughts,the 5O's.Miss one who has died CS 3-14-74. Love to MOM,RT,CT,JT+ BG.Stage Crew 123 Assit.MGR.23. Miss Stan! Never say, "I am bored with life" Instead lift your eyes up and see. Holly P. Turin Sunshine Holls Bigelow, Barry, College "They say in the darkest night there's a light beyond" Eddie 8- 29-76 me wuvs u 5 yrs on the LT w! shelley SRJCMNC FPBELFRSR 84 all others i've come to know 84 Love- Good Luck Eileen gl Audrey Thanx I love yas Gladdys Rally 2 Pres 3 Italian 3 Sr Class3 Charles Underhill 17 Orris St. Auburndale tx i XX'-Axk Susan Marie Trumbull 19 Chase Ave. West Newton Warren, Riley, College Concert Ch 1,2,3 Family 3 Sr Cl Comm Cheerleading Rally Comm Wrestling Mgr 3 District 3 "We may never pass this way again" "apropos" SIJW Jane, ATIBC Gil 13 in a cam? V2 time WN EBS of DDuck walk ES favors "Peel out!"FSD's B-Blast! Keys in sewer! Jacquelyn Marie Tyman Jacki 257 Auburndale Ave. Auburndale Warren, Riley, Undecided "lt Takes A Long Time to Find out who you are...But the an- swer is worth the Search" Party! Get Rowdy! Would you believe? CH what can you do? Rem: Palmer stairs, the hill, The Smoke in the stairs. Thanks to all my friends, and Good Luck 14 44 - ,,d. 'J 1+ A1 Nola Marie Van Alstine 16 Freeman Street Auburndale Warren, Bacon Remembers: The FS with Lulu and Lola. Jivin' in dance 4Butts!b Rockport and of course those Saturday afternoons at the Gar- diner. All my gratitude and espe- cially my love to: LP. SB, BS. AM. PN, NK, Lulu, Lola and PG, l 1 I, i L if Cheryl Ann Veduccio 196 Tremont St. Newton Bigelow, Palmer, Undecided Memories wf SK KK NM DK JC MM MBM CL SB SH DL BH Re- member good times wf SK JC DK down OS The letter parties allnight "lf you want something very much let it go free if it re- turns its yours if it doesnt it was never meant to be" Goodby NNHS. Steven Paul Vona 112 Webster St. W. Newton Warren, Adams. College Rem's Alb "Benene" Gang Flyo- d!Al Rem Wounded Knee.EL Rem always Sum"75"Farmer Siera Where's my feed cluck JL Texas "76"Motorcade cra- sh"Ach we were noticed Hallow- een 7576 Hey Gaf!Studly!AVR- PAC shaving cars "Hey nothing" Soccer 123 Wrestling 123 Base- ball 123 H. Yvonne Van Bodengraven 100 Homer St. Newton Ctr, Weeks, Palmer, College F.Hockey 1,2 co-capt. 3 B'BaIl- ,Softball 1.2.3. Bays Soccer "Feeling Groovy" -DB- "lf You Leave Me Now" -MJ-N.H,- Neil Diamond- OOPS! MF-FSH- KM,PT.KS,LC,Bootsie,Right- y,AS,BR,SR.JS,TC,Best Times! Mr. Walker and Jessup.Miss Jones: Thanks! Richard Bryan Veduccio Richie 60 William St. W. Newton St. Sebastians, Barry, College Limbo 3119.Percy 10-31-75 10- 31-76. Steve Remember the wedding. Franklin: the shack.The night at the troub with Jimmy and Tony. Bathtub duet.SV TD MJS JB SPAZZ JE CM NA RM SB JS BD HIYA SC JT Barry Stairs BH The caf DAD BH PP l'm sorry Jack Dick.Helen DV Diane E. Walker 66 Clyde St. Newtonville Kim M. Vardinski 108 West Street. Newton!Non- antum Billerica, Bacon Penquins bones Dedicate to KF, LF,LL.SL,BG.TG remember Kiss on Halloween Providence flash- ing "I mean really now" "when you think about it" shattered l'll always remember LF, LL. KF, SL, BG. TG, DS because they're on barbs. Alan Richard Visco Beav 16 Adams Ct. Newton "LAKE" Day. Beals, College t'AlbemarIe if 1" Summer of 76 Remember Canada with SS and JP The big "Hiest" Sleeping out with ML and MB in my car. Ho- jo's at 2am with Sammy. Good times w! Ears 1 2 Butters. Boona, Leo, SS 1 2. SL EP JF JM MOE JA GD AL JS LB FL CF SN GW SK DK GOH. Holly E. Wallace 62 Bourne St. Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College Success. happiness, love, and respect to all l have come to know, and most of all to Robert. Do not follow where the path leads. rather go where there is no path and leave a trail. New- tonite 3 Newtonian 3 SR Class Comm. 3 Int. Club 3 Educ. Post CYO :Mx Linda Ann Vatalaro 58 Oak Avenue West Newton Warren. Barry, Hairdresser AC,KD,MB-The best friends one could have. Adams kids. Clyde. MIDGE! Babysitting+Mr Unso- ciable. The common kids, THE- GREATHEIST! Fic's 55 Chevy Sparties75-76, David, JH-al- waysiill Friday nights-PARTY! Vodka Collins. B'd in B! Duck- +Ostrich-l Love You! Donald R. Volpe Mad Monk 229 Chapel St. Newton Day, Adams Remember The Great Down TBE, Ter..Celler,Cafe,Hawth- ..Y"jt Frank. Lil Cac Remember that we ds. LC8tML The summer of "76". The Boysin the Band JG.ML,LC.TD.lS,BM,RA. The of- fice8tHooch, The Cast,BD,PH,RV,JC,BM. ML.BP,JK,JBCM.MJS.CG.Bionic Bob,SV.PW. .' -sg-K.-.1 Y Robert Walton 74 Forest St. -3- Janice Maria Ward 18 Auburn St. W. Newton Warren, Riley, College, live for the sun, the dream, the excitable gift-Sex- ton. Lab school! 2, open campus connittee 3. I I Kathleen Elizabeth Wargin Kathy 105 Cleveland St. W. Newton Warren, Bacon, College Good times with G.D.,B.T., S.D.,S.M., S.A.,M.C.,D.L.. L.M.NC.O. Remembers: The Skunk. Good times8ithankx to P.M.,star,D.D.,128Hojos. Week- end down the Cape with Gail,Ju- dy8iDonna,Z.Z.Top concert sum- mers down the Cape with LF,CF,RP,GH,.Good Luck to all! ...i Joan I. Washburn 228 Cherry St. W. Newton Warren, Beals, Undecided Remember summers of "75,76". The good times with everyone at BK and Marshfield. Theresa, Seabrook NH 7-11-76, Maura, "lt's mobody's fault but mine". Thinking of you M.C.. Ju- niors English with G.S. and our meeting spot. iii 'fr' . Elizabeth M Weisberg Liz 34 Ballard St. Newton Center Bigelow, Barry, College "It's not how much we have, but how much we enjoy that makes happiness" Volleyball 1,2,3. Capt. 2. Outdoor Track 1,2,3. LUCK TO THE CLASS OF Ned Richard Wasserman 104 Austin St. Newtonville Day, Palmer, College, Work "We have only just begun to live" JY JH at TI. RL,MF,KB,CP, :CC,and TC. GE: CAPE JR,MF, BP, JB,pB.S.A. Cycling JR, BK, HK. Thoughtprints 3 "Extend your orbs in life" Garde MacKenzie Wells 22 Converse Ave. Newton South Weymouth, Barry, Col- lege "There has been no great talent without an element of mad- ness." Face, Skull, DS,ML,SR,DH,AJ,AC,LT, SAW- BlBS,PM,FCY,JC,CC team, track teams, LY,WEM, Cross Country 2,3, Capt. Indoor track 2,3, Capt. Outdoor track 2,3, capt. Emu! -,.i-......4.-nf -- 7---A----f - David J. Wartofsky The WART 277 Homer St. Newton Bigelow, Riley, Extensive If I do not get a chance to sign your yearbook personally then just fill in the blanke: Dearest XXXXXX, XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXXX XXXXXXXXX XXXXXX Personally Yours, The WART David Webb 61 Gardner St. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Harvard or the Army The best thing about this school is leaving it. I will to this school a place to park your car. Susan Wester 30 Vista Ave. Auburndale Warren, Riley, College "Reach on out take hold of my hand let me know that you're ready to go, there ain't no dues + you can leave your blues be- hind"-LXM HSW!Karen-HELP! Lost sleep over E's secret won- derland POW!Laura! Waldos re- turn KDP Beatles! LESLIE + RACH MIAM Jean H. Washburn 228 Cherry Street West Newton Warren, Barry, Undecided Remember the Zappa concert with Carol and Mickie. The sum- mers of 75 and 76. All the great people in Marshfield and AT BK, the times I will always remem- ber. l'm still waiting M.C. 3-6-76. Thanks for all the happiness Bobby. 'ff Bruce David Weinberg 822 Walnut St. Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College "The beautiful babies" Hey! Wo! As homeroom rep. I did my best. A.K. told the most unbelievable stories. "The Schried" Friday Football. JAV. MEN-Leroy,Lan- ce,lsaiah,Bambi,Thor. F.C.Y. "Uh Guys" Indoor Track 1,2,3. :Outdoor Track 1,2,3. News Staff Carol Ann Westwater 86 Morril St. W. Newton Day, Riley, College "Happiness comes of the capac- ity to feel deeply, to enjoy sim- ply, to think freely, to risk life, to be needed." Love and Thanks. Greenhouse 1,2,3 Track 2,3 Ski Team 3 Newtonian 3 4 1-Q . X Michelle Renee Whitehead 57 Grove Hill Ave. Newtonville Day, Bacon, College Summer of 76 "Waddles DC Basketball 52 NN PAB, 'WTB. 380 tl 8tDMW l could've sworn you said BR "Foxy Lady" Joan W magic 10730776 "Checking you"PJ BB, JW, Dad,JB, DL, CL. "He doesn't like me" JR Hockey 1, football-KJ Shell 45- Shawn Whalen 73 Charlesbank Rd. Newton A Susan Whoriskey 17 Willard Street Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College "Can you imagine us years from today sharing a park bench?" "Preserve your memories, they're all that's left you." Lisa- beth, you're special. Clair Thanks to all who have shared in my agonies and my joys. Swim- ming, gymnastics, Newtonian. Michael Wilkinson 330 Waverely Ave. Newton 4 1 ' ..'s' AL'- - 4 .J . x t X nii.JL Mary Jane Williams 405 Cherry Street West Newton Warren, Riley, College "Look back on time with kindly eyes., He doubtless did his best: How softly sinks his trembling sun In human nature's west!" Volley Ball 1.2. Out Door Track 1,2capt,3. Benjamin Joseph White 64 Hancock Ave. Newton Centre Three Level Tudor, Starving Mu- sician Forson et haec olim meminise iuvabit. Many thanks to JT,AC,LC,GB and JSB who with infinite patience and insight taught me to like myself. Marie E. Wigmore 1 Mt. lda Ter. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College Remember: YM, CD. CB, PC, YD,LB"Good friends and good times will last forever" All my love to Gil, thanks for all of help you gave me. 1-25-75 forever. See mom and dad I made it. Gil never forget C.R.M. Ha-Ha. R.I. Tatoo R.J. The Cape. Annette Adele Wilson 15 Bracebridge Rd. Newton Ctr. Weeks, Barry. Listening To Mu- sic Life without caffeine is exciting enough.Undermining the entire structure of society by leaving the pay toilet door ajar so the next person can get in free.The longer you live and think the more things tend to get out of hand.Oh rotting horsehead- s.Yeah Linda Whiting 187 Melrose St. Auburndale Warren, Bacon Thanks to all my friends who have let me have all the good times Weston we're gonna tip! Cape Aerosmith Nancy 1 Moco not enough Burr Hey"J"Fri + Sat nites Slow down Jacki WAL!l! Thanks mom + dad for every- thing Kevin thanks for all the good times 74 Joyce Wilker 287 Waltham St. West Newton Warren, Bacon, College "Rivers belong where they can ramble. Eagles belong where they can fly. l've got to be where my spirit can run free. Got to find my corner of the sky." Ste- phen Schwartz fPippinj I' Q 'H- Laura Marie Winslow Laurie 66 River St. Wellesley Hills Day, Bacon, The Service "What we've got here is a failure to communicate." Will Never forget good times and Elton. To those to be remembered- You know who you are. Patricia Sue Woolf Patti 76 Gordon Rd. Waban Weeks, Bacon, College To all my friends-good luck and stay happy MLHDCMTCCSA- SESBES LLMJBMJSJK TDDNRFLT JKJM EDA rah rah forever gettin' rowdie F-ball games Holloween 76 NHS dances Michael-remember all our good times together and I'll love you forever! Cheerleading 3 7 - ..--4-gf , Leslie Gayle Wilson 44 Lakewood Rd. Newton St. Jean's, Adams, College Remember: All the great kids out on Palmer and the parties. Who could forget the caf. Kids and their parties? Times down the lake. Summers down Denni- sport. "l'm so coordinated. sure" "Are you serious?" Never forget dynamite friends and times. 5' Laura Marjorie Wolfe "POO" 154 Woodchester Dr. Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Adams, College Goodbye to Norwegian Wood, good times at Freeport and B.C. "Just keep dreaming until your dreams come true." It'll always be DFBONFO. Good luck to NBDGPAAR and thanks to Sera- fin and Bower. "I gotta read the dirty parts twice!" Newtonite 1. H fix. Priscilla Jane Wrenn 18 Warwick Rd. West Newton Warren, Palmer, Art School "WE ARE SAILING AWAY ON A RIVER TO THE SEA, MAYBE YOU AND WE WILL MEET AGAIN" "J.T. Christopher Winbourne 22 Nette Ave. Newton Miriam Karla Wolfson Mimi 64 Valentine Pk. West Newton Warren, Beals. College "There are two things to aim at in life: First, to get what you want, and, after that, to enjoy it. Only the wisest of mankind achieve the second." Logan Pearsall Smith an Eric L. Yaffe 65 Mary Ellen Rd. Waban Weeks, Palmer, College "My average may be cut down" X-rated, sing Sepo, Steve-Hanky Panky with J Levi Ed- lscometric man. Chris-Submarines in the toilet SCCPEEBRSYAKB WJMALSRSBLSNK..and you too SS "Turn on the headlights!" Tennis 1,3 Basketball 1 Newton- ite 1,2,3 Gordon Vaughn Wolfe 51 Royce Rd. Newton Center Weeks, Palmer, College "Training is everything. The peach was once a bitter almond, cauliflower is nothing but a cab- bage with a college education."- Twain - Forum 2 German Club 1,2,3 Remember: SP, DN, AR, JF, L, D, C, B, J, J, B, K, chemi- cals 8t Dr. W., Fri. lunches David Scott Worden "Bugs" 10 Gail Rd. Newton Warren, Adams, U. Mass. - Bio. "Three years and it's only the beginning" Remember: GM, MC, SC, BA, PM, BH, TR, LD, NJ. "Friday never came fast enough" Rifle 2, Bio C 3, Re- member teachers. Teg, Doc, Papa, Schried, etc... . ..,, 14 f A Jonathan Yerkes 33 Somerset Rd. W. Newton 'A AVI, 1 I D' . David George Zahka 30 Byrd Ave. West Newton Warren, Barry, College Chemistry 3. ls element 108 really DEWELLSIUM? D.C. You're welcome for the comb. BW and gang- are you ready for some hard hitting, TS., what about MG. Have the car M.C. Tina Jean Yazbek Buddy 61 Prentice Rd. Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals Remember all the parties at the C's! The weekend stifts! Best of luck to DY + JT. History with JT. lgchat a joke! Marines with BM + Stephen Arthur Young 16 Marlboro St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, College "If you ask how I am then I'Il just say inspired. "Tony,Mark- ,8lBarry what can I say? Wa- shingtn Park.SmelIy.Riiiight!You are so gullible! Feeling stron- ger.WBZTV "The Schreid" New- toniteI23-EY,DC Thanks.JAP. Dracula. Newtonian3 The Li- brary Wall Track 1 UCP23 William C. Zani Ziggy 75 Hunnewell Ave. Newton Corner Bigelow, Bacon, College A zero zero tie so close but ... We're so "crazy after all these years" and all the MIK and Miller on the weekend. To me NNHS is: KH TJ LM JL JD JG JS EC JC PNS "Goo" PH 8. Ducks Dr. Z Soccer 123 Swimming 123 Ten- nis 123 Also IG OT TA GE TO VT OF HE RE Robert Michael Yerardi "Rocky" 143 River St. West Newton Warren, Riley, Fireman "Hang Loose" Hawaii 75-76 Down the park with RA-Em-mh- JT-TN-ES-Jm our Sunday foot- ball games the "track" good luck RA DG TN Baseball 1,2,3. -4 '19 Sandra L. Yukes Sandi 234 Church St. Newton Corner Bigelow, Riley, College I never let schooling interfere with my education-Twain. The crazy I Mer in Lane 2, I'm not deserting you. Quatro, Zee Meed Turkee. This shouIdn't be the end. Benn's girls, AL, A, M, S, Tray, tray Bong. Swimming 1.2.3. Saining 1,2. Newtonite 2, Newtonian 3. 1 fill' Joseph Zegarelli Crazy Joe 700 Centre St. Newton Day, Adams, College T Ville 41 T's Mustange remem- ber doing the beers MP JB MR BM AF TV Italian Club 1,2 JM pick remember the rink, the ar- senal, Sammy Whites, Kings Row, Nap's the Buick 455. Elizabeth Dana Yoffe 303 Ward St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, College, Theatre I'm overloaded on my way. Bye bye, you better keep in touch, I think your ears hear a whole lot of music and like me tl'iey've heard a bit too much-P. Town- shend EMC, BKM, PWP, GS. FEB. 14, Dec. 13, Pekerojo. MAC, EMC- Thanks again Anthony Zambella 25 Charlesbank Rd. Dedham 1 I Tina Marie Cotoia 18 Beech St. Newtonville Day, Barry, College "As time goes on I realize just what you mean to me "" I don't want to lose" SKJKCGKFKS CMKSCMKS PTJBHDR MDKBFHTLFC LKMCFCSMJ SDMLWKK CDSBAMS VBHRVMR BFKVCCM BPWMLJBYB Remembers: 5f15!75, Italy '76 Strawberries, Judy way! Thanks SK IT. Club BasketbaIl!SoftbaIl 123 Daniel Prunty 19 Erlandson Rd. Natick Alana Jo Zion 77 Atwood Avenue Newtonville Day, Palmer, College "the ultimate is to live ... most of us simply exist"-Jonathan Liv- ingston Seagull- "CELEBRA- TION" "Forum" musicals 123 CC123 Smith Family 3 French Play 23 "Howdy" To all my friends I wish nothing but happi- ness. Thank you for everything! "There goes the Wapiti. Hippety- hoppity!"-Nash Glenn Michael Johnson Butch 355 Sprogue St. Dedham Dedham, Palmer, Air Force Cars-327-Nova ss! Dedham!! Newton Chrysler Plymouth T.J. P.B. J.C. B.N. Honarably Dis- charged from N.N. H.S. Tech. Voc. g .X z. Ill' Philip C. Reidy 479 Walnut St. Newton Day, Riley, College "Had no preconcieved ideas 'bout how things oughta be, I'll just take life as it comes and hope that it takes me!" CD. Ma- sony Hockey 1,2,3, ... Thanx to all my friends. Special thanx to : DSB, DH ,..... Etc. ..-1 - ..1..-11:6 A ,.,..,, ,L - Douglas M. Cain 17 Lancaster Rd. Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Business "I won't know how much l'lI miss this school until I leave it." Base- ball 1, Football 1, Wrestling 1,2,3. Robert O'Neil 135 Berkeley St. Newton 'Q :ff Margery Nan Harrison 48 Fellsmere St. Newton Centre Bigelow, Murray Road "He took the one to the moun- tains!He ran through the Vale of CashmerefHe ran through the rhododendronsfTilI he came to the laxnd of Pamir"-Robert Frost Rachel: El Artzi. 1"5't3t' photog- raphy, aerodynamics ,Q 09 Kevin R. Riffe 180R Adams St. Peter L. Rathjens 39 Sewall St. West Newton Warren, Beals. College "lt ain't a fit night out for man or beast." 15 Anita Kristina Wenngren Odengatan 44 24100 Eslov, Sweden Barry, Study Lang. in Fr. and Sp. "Tack for en rolig tid" or in eng- lish: Thanks for a great time. l will always remember this year 76777 at Newton North. French club 3, International club 3, Ex- change club 3, Film club 3 John F. Benoit OBJ 217 Lexington Street Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College New England Drag Way towed home 1:OOAM Pete Art Jack Fitz's goody pizza Nancy Kelly Kimba Cindy A-D Moon Skin Dom Danny MC Ferg's speakers Fitz Stewed and l take over Shower's WF Cape Cod Stew ev- ery day Football 43 366 Youth hocky 2,3 Hound Dog 4169. Robert Michael Bonner Mikie 65 West Pine St. Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Wentworth lnsti. "Bikes Forever" lt was a 'xlisiiv but l made it. Thanks to my friends at the mall and at stair- way 4. Thank for all the good times and all the buzzes, Catch ya later every body Jonathan U. Bowers Thomas Bernazani 53 Farnham St. Karen J. Bowe 45 Jefferson St Teresa Burgos Denali Anderson 52 Washburn Ave. Auburndale Warren, Adams, Nursing School Check it out Flounder Yellow Rain Cloud Buh! Good Luck DA Richard F. Beatrice 143 Charlesbank Rd. Frederick C. Blaney 47 Lombard St. Thomas A. Brandon 104 Eliot Ave. Josephine A. Busa 79 Chestnut St. W. Newton 356 California St. 7 Faxon St. Warren, Riley, College Francesco Cerminara Susan Chalmers Anthony Citrone 94 Dalby St. 89 Kaposia St. 12 Winthrop St. Kevin B. Ball 28 Davis Ave. Stephen E. Belliveau 9 Woodbine Ter. Nicholas J. Boivin 38 Clarendon St. Galen B. Brooks 321 Kenrick St. Edward J. Casey 29 School St. Ann M. Collins 11 Quirk Ct. Daniel P. Conway 17 Carleton St. Lynn K. Davis 48 Auburndale Ave. Christopher R. DePaoli 95 Border St, Francis Farago 538 California St. Dina Gaitanis 160 Randlett Park W. Newton Day, Adams, College To all my friends. Dream what you dare, do what you can. Go forward never back. Be happy and not said. Will always remem- ber: Frank, Maria, Adamo, Ver- onique, Giovanni, Agnis, Mas- simo, Anna, Sandy, Ann, Roni, Sue, Luciani, Rose, SPECIAL THANKS to Miss Mancini. Dane J. Grasso 36 Green St. Steve Peter Cotugno 25 Sewall St. West Newton Warren, Barry, College Never forget it. Remember: B Steps, Stair 4, Limbo, HR. Church cubby hole 2 Rue Bri- quet Dick Chuch Coff R.V. S.B,J.C. J.T.M.S. P.R, B.R. D.T. T.B. C.G. C.L. L.C. T.S. K.P. H.C. G.N. DR, G. and everyone else Robert T. Davis 48 Auburndale Ave. George R. Dobbin 254 Austin St. Debra E. Fitzgerald 17 Emerson St. Jeffrey P. Geary 1 Walnut Ter. Fiore Graziano Y? - --gun Andrew S. Cuneo 35 Simpson St. Donna M. Delgrosso 210 River St. John T. Davey 62 Strawberry HL St. Maria C. DePasquale Re 256 Watertown St. Newton Our Ladys, Adams, Business I finally did it!!! WTW in cafe Good times and bad with VD DC AD and you too KR. HR with BD The Bo and getting strange looks OH NO! Which way do we go! Killing the JB "l'm embar- assed!" Window shopping no more! Ditchin certain people right Rall Cruds. Daniel D. Donahue Kurt A. Ehrenberg 55 Hunnewell St. 50 Redwood Rd. Mark S. Ford 709 Centre St. Newton Bigelow, Barry, High School They said it couldn't be done sol didn't do it. Hamilton M. Gittens 22 Nonantum Pl. Laura E. Greenberg 162 Chapel St. 33 Bennington St. Allen M. Fryar 17 William St. Elizabeth R. Golden 147 Newtonville Ave. Lenore Grubinger 57 Fenwick Rd. Hanh Ngoc Hanh 42 Oakland Ave. Auburndale Bacon, Secretary It was a wonderful years for me in Newton North High. I will re- member my graduation day all my life. Remember 4699 81 my sewing class. And all the nice teachers and friends in school. Roberta Harris 23A Pearl St. Elinore F. Ingham 111 Gibbs St. Brenda Hanick 148 Tremont St. Mark D. Higgins 12 Cottage PI. Brian J. Jabbour 26 Walnut St. Howard Hanright 4 Hargrave Cir. Jennifer Hirsch 70 Temple St. West Newton Palmer, College It was nice while it lasted Shake- spearean play, Speech team 3. That's all ... Patrick W. Kennedy 20 Hammond St. Daniel F. Harmon 25 Dearborn St. Kenneth R. Holladay 37 Carleton St. Jonathan F. Keyes 20 Duffield Rd. Chul G. Kim Anna Kitzis Christopher M. Knight Joan L. Kunkel 611 Centre St. 156 Charlesbank R 177 Cypress St. Newton 236 Islington Rd. Weeks, Murray Road, College Lite's a bummer, ain't it? But don't run from the freedon of life. Therese C. Leacu Tora M. Lee Deborah Lewis Dorothy Lewis 70 Bowen St. 76 Otis St. 82 Arlington St. 82 Arlington St. Jonathan R. Lob Jennifer S. Lyons Bernadette M. MacDonald Ralph M. Maffiola 44 Marshall St. 170 Woodward St. 611 Watertown St. 659 Grove St. Natalie N. Malone 30 Joseph Rd. John J. McDonald 99 Kirkstall Rd. John M. Milles 144 Edinboro St. Newtonville Douglas W. Moore 2054 Beacon St. Waban Andrew Nagy 589 California St. Newtonville Steven R. Newton 301 California St. Newton Charles R. Manning 36 Park St. Kimberly A. McHugh 16 Hale St. Seth A. Minkoff 65 Gray Cliff Rd. Newt on -.l-l....guf 2 2 7.Lt...... Donna Maria Marrazzo 14 Ryan Ct. West Newton Warren, Beals. Undecided Frances M. McKay 31 Woodbine St. David Travis Mitchell 67 Waverly Ave. Newton Centre Corner Bigelow, Beals, College Gymnastics 1 2 3 Outdoor track and field 1 2 3. Go for a triple! Thank you NNHS and HSAA. "Only crazy people pole vauIt". Thanks to GJ FY JR LB AB SB BF BA KF and Doc Charles B. Morrow Jr. Mouala Mouacheupao 68 Pine St. 49 Prairie Ave. Auburndale Anthony J. Nardone Joseph M. Navarra 15 Foster St. Newtonville 24 John St. Newton Centre Warren F. Newton Jr. Edward M. Ogiba 301 California St. Newton 12 Hampton Ave. Mark J. Maslan 40 Royce Rd. Valerie K. Mental! 124 Dickerman Rd. Newton Highlands Rebecca A. Moment 1484 Beacon St. Waban Joanne E, Murphy 69 Fordham Rd. West Newton Arista E. Navickas Ari 19 Elmhurst Rd. Newton Bigelow, Beals, Psychologist May, Deuce, Strutter and CEE BEE Macon Bakin'. Kiss. Free bird and Mott. Hey, retake! Smokey. US and them-Ployd. l'm psyched for you 1U.B. Don't let it seal up! Gym. AAAROOS- TER! Allman Brothers are for- ever. Take a walk on the wild side. M.S. Peace, love, dove. HKAG Walter Olsick 10 Oakland Ave. Auburndale 4 Paul T. Orifice Barry E. Owens 59 Underwood Ave W. Newton 29 Stratford Rd. Christopher M. Petrucci Christopher Polselli 121 Warren St. Newton Centre 68 West Pirie St. Auburndale Barry M. Quinlan 50 Albert Road, Auburndale Warren, Barry, Army Brian G. Reidy 479 Walnut St. Newtonville Raymond W. Roemers 13 Weir St. Auburndale William V. Roemers 13 Weir St, Auburndale Eric Schildhauer James F. Schoenberg 297 Cabot St. Newtonville 48 Lawmarissa Rd. Waban Lisa A. Seymour Mark P. Shannon 511 Grove Sit. Newton Lower 91 Charlesbank Rd. Newton ails Robert Paglia 114 Pearl St. Newton Newton Cath, Riley, College Mark Polselli 68 West Pine St. Auburndale Kevin R. Riffe 18OR Adams St. Newton Luiz A. Ruiz 30 Lincoln St. Newton Highlands Elizabeth Scott 618 Center St. Newton Christine M. Smith 62 Parsons St. West Newton Day, Riley, Secretarial work Sorridi! Life will go on. True friends are forever. Thanks for making it a bearable three years: AM, DM,AD,CD,DR, CB,KB, KC,MR,GM. Italien Club 1.2.3. Goof times made by Maria. Par- ties in Needham, rides from Butchy, made it through the "highlands" TALANN Joseph D. Panaggio 15 Melbourne Ave. Newtonville Irena Primak 404 Homer St. Newton Brookline High, Barry, Physical Therapist You, are from Russia?! Wow! EK. KS, AN Zdravstvuite? Kak ri poz- hivayete? My best friend MB. Softball 1, Basketball 1, Russian club 1.2.3 Home room Thanks. Newton North Bradley A. Ritz 68 Clearwater Rd. Newton Lower Falls Richard A. Russes Ridge Rd. Michael D. Segre 112 Homer St. Newton Centre James M. Sorensen 490 Auburn St. Auburndale , 1Y . , -..1i...l.f. Jennifer Sousa Sam Spileos Jr. Agnis Stefopoulos Jeffrey Snenbelg 11 Hillside terrace w. Newton 1005 Centre St. Newton 15 Peabody St. Newton 64 Pierce Rd. Newton Centre Janet L. Streight Gerard J. Touchette Giovanni Valente Richard C. Ventura 5 Peabody St. Newton 43 Arlington Rd. 8 Beech St. Newton 88 Auburn St. Auburndale Lawrence C. Vereker Linda Walsh Glenn T. Warriner Jeffrey F. Warschauer 10 Day St. 50 Noble St. W. Newton 3 Wheeler Lane 64 Fuller St. Waban David Weems Roberta Williams Peter B. Woodbury Elihu D. Zeltserman 6 Briar Lane Newtonville 667 Chestnut St. Waban .i-I-er., 46 Rockledge Rd. Newton Weeks, Murray road Tu madre es un pescado? Why don't we do it at the road? Take care flash why am I doing this? Stage crew all those tt Q iiii meetings Ping Pong 2.3.4 square 2,3, What does A.lv1.R. toad say? Credit pig it up your I think we are all bozos on this bus 47 Karen Rd. Waban Af W4 71 767.647 ' r . ,Q-ff, 44. x v.. 'K 5 u . " Q . . ,ng ll" ,. Q 'fl'--6 ' , 4--. Gu' -QI B315 be J, 115' TV' T E , gal r T cy SPN NN' W 1 1 F --1 '1 1 Q. -. Q' f U P E-Ev 1' V! 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X E Q. ,Qxyvm H kc-Jw A K , 1 4 Y X y - ' Qx V fzfgfmwfil A Wffm! F ' ' f 7 4 1 X , xi M f ',,f lg! X N H XX X x E if XXV" ""' X 45 'I xx X ? 1 X'NxXx"04,.,.,4 X VN X X ,f jxih X 1 ,X f fr' . l k E , Aw Y 1 if X , ff -f fx!! fp! Q --W-J , K.-1-f ,fff 5 7' ' 1: If if L 1-1 ff Q f Y J! TH 1 I f -'V'-4 in -Q X1 fw- E 5 z -nf!! .f f YQ A ali ' YA X uumilW""f ' X X - +4-M-W A 1 - - X, ,X X I 1UY,. , , . 4 ,. .-A,,,,W--.. - , -, ,, f' 4 - 1' f f I -. 'if ,...-,1.11,..1-.44-:buf y v. f , 4 as I 1 I I- ev W "ff g i 1 5' , 1 Q,Li 1 X -Q - sf ' its ' l. : 1 . 3 3- 5 WIS'llvllM1ll"""""""""""""" """"N"""""""' 'Mm' :nunlfmnmlnmummm-lvl!! Ly- J K 45. .K r ip N X! A . v Q X X Iiffx. 422 , 4" ' X Ss -, 39 im ' fy ' xx "L X . sfbgif f 5 f f 5 ,. .,4 ji' ,ff f gf, R -2 ' 7 W5 X xf K 1 ,117 A ,X ji f I X kg fl N X X r N ' M N 2 N ,ln -- 'P Y ,ZX Xi x ' ,Z 2 ffflts'-S-gf Ax' , X YXXNXX I Wi X x 1 1 1 QR ,f f If J ff . f M ,,X4-Nih a W + 2 ,2 f , N I f W + XJ Kb f , A , , if W I j 1 1 N 1 5 x :N K 4 v w Nr y 1 11? Q Aff iq f 1 V hi i 3 i? i W j i Q' N Jw X X xx X 'Wim I X 1' rm lymfmllvuln Q! X ' Hum llalffguwilffiumuuquuzq X XX X 5 X 1 X X r ! I X , f ,X h 19" H, N I v The stage was bril- liantly illumi- nated by a string of lights which formed a huge heart. It was created by Neil Willie, and the cos- tumes were sewn by Jane Flschberg The sets of the Colorado countryside and the inn were designed by Tom Schaefer. Katy Powell did an excellent job of choreographing the play. Each calculated soft shoe step and graceful leap was well polished Piotr Gaiewskl conducted the orches- tra which contrlbuted greatly to the success of the show The hilarious plot coupled with a talented and devoted cast served to create an enjoyable even- ing for the audience and to prove once again that student Much Ado About Nothing A W XX! m, ,fa ff' wa.. X-.... -auf'-' 4 - ---.?.f gli-WY, , -M NK, MUCH ADO ABOUT NOTHING, one of Shake- speare's wittiest comedies, was presented on No- vember 18, 19, and 20 by the Shakespearean Play- ers. It was produced by Sarah Rosenfield, Martha McKenna, and Tom DePeter. Jennifer Hirsch was excellent as Beatrice, a woman who scorns men, and Jim Dolbear did a fine portrayal of Benedick, her male counterpart. Kathy Stone and Dan Coggins were convincing as the youthful lovers, Hero and Claudios, and the rest of the cast also did an out- standing job. Despite complications with the admin- istration, the play got its act together and gave an impressive performance. Other cast members were: Lindy Annis, Chris Buck, Jon Carleen, Chris Dustin, Dan Fasman, Jane Firschberg, Heather Huszti, Mi- chael Kharfen, lke Meyers, Scott Reilly, Cindy Stone, and Jane Wolfson. K I 1 , ,qi-11 ...i-4-:gf -Q' V? '55 wiglg x My r fxx My ,Q K N Q, ,Q-1,5 f , .X , , 1? Gig H YQ113 .- I 1 Q5 1 1, . I tw, I, Q S '-1 99-' Lib , 3 A""""" I like ! Q , . X,x fx iii H 04 1 Pc' re' +--psf , ,.-..L.,l...,-.., . l N' fl 44 5-4 w-'Sf i'Once in the highlands, the highlands of Scotland .,. "sang a far-off choir on December 16,17, and 18 as the curtain opened on this year's all- school musical, "Brigadoon" A brilliant Lerner and Loewe is woven around the enchanting story of a Scottish town that appears for only one day in the midst of a wedding celebration, and before the play is over, their lives have been inalterably changed. One of the two meets a lovely local girl and decides to give up everything he has known to stay in the town and marry her, the other leaves but is left with the haunting memory of this beautiful town. Howard Cohen and Steven Weingarten were superb as the two Americans, and Cathleen Calk made an excellent debut in her portrayal of the simple Scottish lass, Fiona McLaren. .lon Reuning and Suzanne Reichard made an attractive couple as they played the newlyweds, Charlie Dalrymple and Jean McLaren. The overbearing and hilarious character of Meg Brockie was successfully portrayed by Laurie Schwartz, and Kevin Ball, Mitchell Katzman and Philip Walsh were all convincing in difficult supporting roles requiring Scottish accents. The sprightly country dances were created by John D'Agnese and they added grace and professionalism to the entire production. The colorful highlands drop and stone "Kirk" were designed by Bill Rathbun. Scottish kilts, with each clan in its distinctive tartan, added a note of authenticity, as did the use of a professional bagpiper in the wedding and funeral scenes. Raymond Smith directed a large and enthusiastic cast as well as an offstage chorus in this superior production. Eric Benjamin conducted a fine orchestra, and Thomas Schaefer headed a crew that dealt expertly with such special effects as a fog machine, and slides projected during a dance sequence. "Brigadoon" was a well done and memorable production. It is too bad that we will not see it again until 2076. Rocco And The V'Hf' 5 Celestials S v S t tra, 4 I af ,. '. .X .5 M. fr 5 ! 56 dx I Wf ?f L11 -'x I J 1'-S' Ci " u 1 1 7 , fha Cv v--A . 1 n 'S w '1 ' ..'r5E'.""z5fi"w M AH! 'P' 129 n - ig- .-g.-.g--f V 7 1' I X X D bg ,c I-5 The spirit of the fifties was present in the Henry Lasker Auditorium on January 21, 1977, Leather jackets, white ankle socks, saddle shoes, and ponytailsp as well as songs like "Going to the Chapel" and "High Sign", helped teachers to relive, and students to experience the nostalgia of the those fabulous fifties. Rocco and the Celestials, starring social studies teacher Alan MacDougal, made its second smash appearance in two years in front of a standing room only crowd. With over one hundred students and faculty members involved in the production, the evening was a complete success. There was electric- ity in the air from the moment MacDougal was carried on stage by his "celestials", to the groups final number, their "National Anthem". Stu- dents and teachers alike clapped their hands, stomped their feet, and danced in the aisles, doing the twist, the pony, and the jitterbug with an enthusiastic flair. Rocco's back-up group were students of alumni of NNHS. Their own enjoyment of the show was felt by the audience, and this made for a lively and enjoyable evening all around. F' mf 6 ma- Vocalists Before ' e 4 F eLJf,.. e 6 1.9 iv.-'w-iZL' ' v i e 3 ,- ' A ' 3 . ' e ---W A Ai ',Q I fnbkx Ops' , .7 '- . ii K A -, ff fs ef- if iv ""1J'.' e A- .N -e e r-Q e 'Q' ' . .fl . - r' I 5 21 .e " ,ff , ' W. Q ,A: Y V V' 'r' I f nv -' 'lm' .W K L ',' 5 " L . I ' ' "f?f"L':5'j l .,,.: ' . 1 fi ' A' , W Tifjrw n M .5 Q X 75 I 'ff hh .gl FJ, Er -f -. ,, Q -"A 1 73 -5 ...T , 4 ,- After 'U FUBQFWQ 190 Y "Tl.i'-4 - - I! Mr. Raymond Smith returned to the Music Department this year and coordinated an innovative and interesting schedule of events for the vocal ensembles. There were two Harvest Fest concerts in November, one vocal and one instrumental. The Concert Choir performed the tuneful, rousing "Circus Band" by Charles Ives. The Family Singers, the more select vocal group of students picked from the Choir, sang from their repertoire of madrigals and other music. Also performing was The Brothers and Sisters, the singing and dancing pop music group directed by Saul Stern, now in its third year. One of the highlights of the year was the much heralded "Renaissance Faire" on January 20, in which the vocal groups played a prominent role. Dressed in traditional Elizabethan garb, members of the groups became wandering minstrels, court jesters, or opera singers, providing diversion and merriment for all. The impressive Haydn Mass was the centerpiece of this year's Winter Fest concert on March 16, with the choirs from both Quincy and North Quincy High Schools participating. The year concluded with a fantastic trip and choral exchange in May with a high school from Montreal, Quebec. This year's schedule was an ambitious and full one, but the challenge and the fun made the effort worthwhile. l 4-0 - - -, l i l ' 1 - U 5 7.4 wg! .. ,I 1' rl ily i I t 1 H' , i'-1 it PQI ri '- Sli u I' f u- J.. . ' u i 4 ,fx , There were vibrant melodious strains of music emanating this year from room 1337 on the first floor, deep within the inner recesses of our school. lf one was fortunate enough to venture down there, he would discover that the source of these mysterious sounds was, of course, are very own instru- mental ensemble. Under the joint direction of Mr. Gary Good and Mr. Eric Benjamin, the four main groups gave some excel- lent concerts over the course of the year, as well as training some proficient individual instrumentalists for future careers in music. The format differed slighty from last year, beginning with Harvestfest ll, which was devoted entirely to instrumental mu- sic. Highlights were the appearance of a guest conductor, Mr. Doug Nelson, a Handle concerto performed by the symphony orchestra under Eric Benjamin, and some "boppin"' music by the Jazz Ensemble. An innovative idea was introduced this year called the Instru- mentalists' Solo Night, wherein students could perform solo works with the Orchestra or Wind Ensemble. This concert was performed on January twenty-sixth, and some members of the Wind Ensemble, Concert Band, Jazz Ensemble, and Symphony Orchestra all participated. The annual Winterfest concert featured the gorgeous Haydn Mass, performed jointly with two high schools from Quincy. The stage was crowded but the music did not suffer in the least. The Original Composition concert on April thirteenth contin- ued the fine traditions begun by the beloved late Mr. Henry Lasker. His absence was keenly felt this year, but he would have been proud of the accomplishments of the students, many of whom he trained himself. .li-. -.....-prgf l. Q I 9 H Qt' V' " ' "- A 4 " .4.,,.,Q'w ,-'xi ,Xfff 1 ff' 1 w 1 , x 1 I l I I w r 1 I 1 1 1 A 1 i J . I J f N - , L fo xfrff f X ff!! m -ff!! SPGRTS vo-,H aim? ' " ' N A '.'f . 4'-rx. - - 'go'-' .x -,Y F .gcgi Qi' ' yd 'PL- -Q, 1 U Q . Q, ,kt c O 'R I N .13- 4' 1 -F' N. X .bt sn A--nur - iii , . ., i S . In .2 ,,f 1 i li xxx' ,J . ,. With the addition of two more varsity sports- Girls' Soccer and Indoor Track-the scope of New- ton North High School's athletic program has wi- dened to include many more participants. Our interscholastic sports program now includes twenty-six varsity teams and involves over five hundred students. The diversity, as well as the number of athletes is a source of pride. Our athlete's are as different as a gymnast and a linebacker, a cross-country runner and a hockey goalie, a sailing skipper and an outfielder, and a skier and a basketball center. The sports program at Newton North is suc- cessful because of the involvement and dedica- tion of our athletes. A swimmer practicing before the sun is up because the high school pool is broken, a football player spending long after- noons going over a play, a runner pushing him or herself past the limit of pain: this is why we can look beyond our winning records and titles and know that we are number one. , , N3-.3 . 13"-,-'Q A- L.':e.'.i.f .,.- -.-. i. , Q 'Qt f ,, ::. -- ASQ'--5 -153, A 5. Wvrfigl Boys' Soccer ,,, -i 5 FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Howard Katz, Gordie Moore, Chris Costa, Lenny Dipaolo, Ron Gilroy, Germano Dimambro, John Dimambro, John Gaudet Doug Moore, William Zani, David Lowe, Steve Vona, Jeff Morse. BACK ROW- CL TO RJ Coach Williams, Andy Linn, Gordy Marshall, Stavros latrides Putt Goodwin, Jon Maclntyre, Matthew Kontoff, Billy Shulman, Tom Hagerstrom, Ben Levitan, Assistant Coach Oliver, Donna Karsh. Suburban League Champs, quarter finals in the Eastern Mass Soccer Tournament, 15 shutouts, a 16-2-2 recordg these are the statistics which once again prove the very high standard of soccer expected and achieved this year for the Tigers. One can start by mentioning the talent, how team co-captain John DiMambro was selected as most valuable player in the entire league, or how the defense, consisting of seniors Andy Linn, Stephen Vona, co-captain John Gaudet, and Bill Gerlach, could play so well as to have only 9 goals scored against them in 20 games. The forward line of Doug Moore, Gordie Moore, Tom Hagerstrom, and Lenny DiPaolo speaks for itself when considering the 68 goals scored. The Tigers were, throughout the season, the team to beat. They started off strong after the grueling double sessions by pounding Cambridge into the ground 4-1 .They went on to shut out Brockton and Weymouth North, 3-O, and 5-O. They beat Brookline 4-3. Their next game against arch rival North Quincy was no match for Newton, and they won 3-O, finally getting them back for all those past disappointments. The perfect record was broken when the Tigers met Waltham, finishing the game with a 1-1 tie. Quincy, Weymouth South, and Rindge were to feel the Tiger's determination for League Title when they were all shut out, 8-O, 5-O, 5-O respec- tively, ending the first half of the regular season with an impressive 8-O-1 record. The big disappointment came after their second game against Brockton. De- spite the fine talent and skill, the Tigers lost 2-1. This was even more crushing SOCCER when considering how handily Newton had beaten Brockton in their first match of the season. The confidence was pulled right back together again, and the next three teams, Weymouth North, Brookline, and Quincy were shut out. Newton's fight for the League Title was stepping up, and their next opponent, Waltham, held the Tigers with a tie, 1-1. The second tie of the season, the first being against the same team! It should be mentioned that Newton was now in a neck and neck race for the Suburban League Championship with Waltham. Neither team could afford any more losses or ties, and Newton came out ahead, winning the last three games against Quincy, Rindge, and Weymouth South, ending a somewhat spectacular league season with the Title in their hands and a record of 15-1-2. Winning 75070 of its league games puts a team in the Eastern Mass. Soccer Tournament. The Tigers of course achieved this as they do every year. If Newton was to see the lights at B.U.'s Nickerson field, they would first have to beat Barnstable and Needham, two very strong teams. They beat Barnstable 4-O, and it looked like they would end up in very good shape after Needham, but all hope was pre-mature, and in a very high tension game, Needham pulled out ahead in penalty kicks 2-1. The year was a rewarding one. With talent such as David Lowe, David Sheridan. Ben Levitan, Gordie Moore, and Tom Hagerstrom, Coach Williams and Coach Oliver, in most likelihood, see another fine year ahead. NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON D BROCKTON W t N NORTH QUINCY W ith Quiivcv R age evuioun-i cmsnioce Newton BROOKLINE N it WALTHAM RINDGE Wey STATE TOURNAMENT N h a 16 D SOUTH 4 Cam ridge Newton 3 5 eymouh orth 4 Brookline Newton 3 1 a am Newton 8 5 in Newton 5 W Newton 4 Brockton 2 Newton 3 WEYMOUTH NORTH Newton 2 1 ort Quincy Newton 2 6 Quincy Newton 6 5 mouth South Newton 4 Barnsta le d am 2 Newton F I R Cord -2-2 A' 1- , ,.r"""' , - 4--m..f,-A 5 . 4 4 5 'A+-w,f . mil Y? - Y--.-3-f , we .-85 as ,H-'Ex ,. , 'A TI 'WW www, wwf N- .0 . ' 'Y .44 v"W 2 " 1, ,. . ' 1 Y .a 4, ,uf- ,- , 'Qi nw' u,,w-41, -' -, We fi' uf, 4 W: .Xa - -x,g...,,u- f, ,1,v., A . 1 35' y Wg 465,141-bu .Wa , fyf, I ,,, , .A My - -fffsi ,. ,, -A. ,- V w, ,., ' a.. . - p ut' --1. fi '- - ,gn ff JH' f . 4. ., 1 ,, "' ' g " 4 g. Q.. L" V W 2' 1- , , , , . A ,. H w . A, ' K,.,,f .L ,Th f -,, . , ,. -gl, f V , : In ,fw -. P .MJ-'. 'f ,J ,Y , -' 4. 12' - . ..,5,f v ..f.4 ji-Alvl-,.7!?L af if "'9j'f'Q 1 Q.-y,,,,.?1f.-' if if-'.'?,.I'Vg:,.,'1?,L46f - "' Y,-, v .' ' 1121173 diff: 1 1 J' 1 1. -I ws Nfl, 1 ' ' S4 V F 4. A X'-H 4' 1, 1 .1Gf.u-"fv1'.Y.5wi' .-1. . :,.!h"4..'. ,fxtx ...,.. ' ' "Y" , 1. -65' , 84. 7 Vg.-bw,-4,,,fv 1 Q .' , wfffffg' 1 J 'CEU is 1 ..- - 'f " x f""'5 'E 'f f. :"",gk1. 1 ' 54 " U- ,Ga V 1 V71 ' M 5 l,'-HjyfL'.l1 . rg g J?" ff f i! F . - ,mf g 'kk rl v L52 , . yy " ,- Q V ' f :I If Rv 3 F, asia -.H 4 , - Y 5--fi 1 I 1 . I I 1 1 J 1, ww. W 1 1 , ,N s - V wwf-bl 3,4-33 1 A f Q. , ,1 W' 3' ., A. , A 4 Ji- . , ,. A , , U A wifi 9. ',w..1z Q .. 1,1 . r g , '-:,T'-.A, W JS'-mvP1f.n"1 f f A F'?'3'1f,.f,n:5,-:gf '-mw'g,el 3' Q , 54 jfgtlyky. Q,--. fix, "f-,J 4,1 S , 5' , f5"'l-'f',-" fam' A' 'H-viQ:w'..'?"f wit' ' x':'lff'f ' fix? ' ' V ' 5-4951 ' 1g1Q.K1M"'1 R f1,:'7fT..3ff ffi4!Si,'. ' ' f ' in P K W'- J! 'l-fix.. ,k,-fu! . 9 x v 1 w"aI-IM f, ,'f"ln. Q. tuna, . if ,,,::,h,,1",,. ,xx ,X an .., K - -V-5145 'fm .if , ,-,.'f"""'-1 ,,":7V .fT 1 J ' ' ' - M 'H-!.1.Jf'w i A' .' ., . , ,f 1, + ws':r+:fA Vg:'?"sfw ' "gi r i' . ff.-'92 '- 'QQVQ I Ci 4 it ':fE?L'.v2w'gx ,f v , f ., ' ' 1 V -' . ' -414 , M' f. 43. '-nw ' ,wx , 4 ,-y,y,.L- f ,y ' K .yn ,f X 0 kk J? ' ,L - "4 fx... I Sak , ,gn , I , x, H ,?4'Jf f"1iA,f'Lg. ' ,' 1 .2: R ' ' 1- K , M .572 9 .- 3 nl 'ltatffbi 15: .a-...I i n p 1 I L P s ,Hn :lf - , lluvl ' 1 " :FII Q 1""' xx es fx . ,u ,f X' ' If N' I " .42 ef , N ,I f I 01 1'f , 4 ' f fl f f f fum, ' rX1 -JVQKUYQITIX7-.. 1 KI xfxxdffz , vi ,1- A r .xv i 'K J I I , 541.1-ji, ,ig '21, f X J if K 4 X v hfVlx Y M - 25x17 iff 4 pc .4',"f!?ZZ,lf.ff, fffflf ff If ff I f L I iff' ff X 714454 ff s. v Abc.. v . ' ' ' X Q Q5 . - .Gb - 'Q- .fbv . S - , 1 j ' - - ',.. Q2 ' . , ,,,,. I . x - . SGW' , -"gfJ!0-f 5- Lai Q nf- - V. , ' G.. , -. , , . 'I i - 4 5 il -Qu-Q' ' ull? ,. ..,:lt?45:'."' 'Q " ' N F if 5 "W ' ' Q-ara' 1 l 4 . ' I I J lui Y fl. ' - B F 53 1' 141. . W- y a 1 f 'ff 2 . Y ,r if 4 .1 K 5 ' 1 - P lu' .4L"-Q4 . - " -1 Ll:-dnl.:-W ' I -n. dh, ns 1 1 -z 1, . .-..-N4 , .2'.'5.e' r' 1 . 0 , . 1. M ,N ,Q Q ..U . .- 1 1 5. . P' x 1 i., I 1 I 4 f g , , - . 5. ,b ,JN .- dfiw-'5' 'Ui ' nf 1 Qh1A,7! " ,fu w-fax' ' 1 .- 3.0.-s .f""'9- A -QU I . 4, 1 10 so ' Q 'F pr' ' 214.51 "V1.1. ffh, 19-6-swq. . .,,, .. ,, f'-f"-,Lf ,mf 1 'swf I A J' . f 1 "1 buh... l,j,, if .2 'c ,Af, ,Mx -.., "" ' ,N asp,- ,., . ,. ,wx 4 E??"".1'..'f1n my x , . K .,- 51 -A xfjg V4 ,n.i. f' an 5 v ,rwcv Ln? ' I,,0 . " 3' Q - f, f' fi? was ,mm l, 5' -.., . ZQSQW , ,, V .71 , ' Nadu:-Q' V "wr ,an ..m""'11- .Q Xu.. a--J 1 Y . 91, I wa 4440 .' ., ,- -4"f.q 'W 4 Girls Soccer u v 1' .v 'iq , ' ,,,,, .V 2 1 Y 5 f 1 c , ulxfzsfe: at n ,nf , 'xx X B E sail- '7 ' B' QQ' .. ' ' Ek' D . , 49:- X l ut x! v I ,., -.,-.f -bu-'ggi-9-pf' 6-." Thus year the gurls soccer team was un actuon The furst year team was coached by Barry Howland and John Meyers 33 gurls partucupated un the sport 20 sophomores 5 uunuors and 8 senuors The varsuty team was undefeated un the suburban league and partucupated un the state Round Robun where they tued Needham and Foxboro The team wull contunue uts success next year wnth uunuor Shelley Hatton as captaun The team consusted of 26 varsuty members and 7 uunuor varsuty members and hopes to double un number next year The success and suze of the furst gurls soccer team wull set a precedent for future gurls athletucs at Newton North and the team us sure that uts spurut and success wull contunue to uncrease wuth the years l 'V u x X Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North Newton North If R xi Gurls Soccer Lexungton Burlungton Brooklune Burlungton Weymouth South Weymouth North Weymouth South Weymouth North Brooklune Newton South FINAL RECORD 10 O .iii -1-.1--f 6 - N f ,K fu I 1 Y. -1-'C f K Q. wife 55" 5' is, X 'iii -,5 if df, If if Y, .mem 4 aw? , 5 "Na-, gy M 'N Al.. .-s--. Q, 7 x34 fx, J' Field Hockey . '- ,g.K ', . y- fry... ,---' - . . " r' - . 'Ewa .Ein EG'fAlu.g- hgh- "X FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Laura White, Karen Stifter, Co-Captain Yvonne Van Bodengraven, Co-Captain Peggy Tenant, Kathy McCallion, Debby Krieder. BACK ROW- QL TO RJ Eliza- beth Schoon, Judy Seltzer, Carol LeConti, Diane Walker, Maureen Fairbanks. Elaine Chin, Coach Pam Jones. 25" i 5 ' .il W l 1 fl Rx 7. 'EQ' I 'T ' ff,-. X lv Xl i A Q I xx i ix I l E NI Q if The tradition of field hockey at Newton North is winning, including an undefeated Suburban League record and State Tournament competition. This year's team upheld that tradition with the exception of a 2-O loss to Brook- line. The season record for Suburban League competition was 10-1-1, and the team went to the third round in the States. Seeded eighth in Eastern Mass., Newton received a bye for the first round. In the second round for the State Title the Tigers played under the lights. Woburn domi- nated the first half, but goalie Kathy McCallion kept the half scoreless. In the second half Newton excelled offensively, but the game closed with no score. Seven minutes into sudden death overtime Ellen Sassahara scored the winning goal. For the third round, Newton bowed to Wellesley in another sudden death game, 1-O. With four three year varsity members the team was strong from the start. Co- Captains Yvonne Van Bodengraven and Peggy Tenant, Karen Stifter, and Judy Seltzer provided experience. Other seniors were Kathy McCallion, Ellen Sassahara. Diane Walker, and Elaine Chin. Pam Jones was a first year coach. Dedham iscr mmagei NEWTON WELLESLEY Newton NEWTON Ne to EWTON Ne ton NEWTON Ne ton NEWTON Ne ton NEWTON STATE TOURNAMENT HOCKEY NEWTON B ockton Ne ton QUINCY No th Qu nc WALTHAM B Ookl ne CAMBRIDG Qu ncy NORTH QUINCV Waltham BROOKLINE Camb dge Newto l Wobu Wellesley Ne ton Reco d l2 I 1 6 r 1 w 2 4 r i w n 3 N 1 r I w O E Newton 3 BROCKTON 9 i w 3 2 w 2 1 ri n rn 1 w Final r -2 l...-1 Pig vy- .lr-xziglg ,r-,, 'n 1 '-,. .J - .4.,-QQ. c .-' ' fa ,. 4 431, f-Mvla' M., 1 -M .45 -S .. , 7,f7x5"1':lf, we-A. -,ga 1 5 ,, ,1 ,als Q' 'g f,.-Q 'f . Sw .Q ef, gn 3' '1- Sf-.Gfrva ' Sr 2' "' Yfl... I! cv' 'Q 4,-.S-44: Suburban Lea ue Cham ions 6 'qi 631 G5 F5 Q -Ftgnff-'...9 as aqfjiks -fvlf: V144 ,Q .. ' f-Q 3 N rf '? jo fytmiagii Sgt- :F E6ifb.3fQf4 r ' 3 8 - I if 1 'f 'I 'J . '-H I if 'I ig 6536 5313952 555.54 91 i 4 -1- qtfilfg 49:54 ELA-3-9721575 1 5 . 'X I I 5 g Z V if. J ., Q 2.A kv- - -rj ...Aly T .1 .A A -I K AA' , 2' -? . , ' ,, - . -1 A .' ' ' - -' f A 5' 4 . 4 " ii '-'L 1 ' A A - .A .I 1-. ' A .Am . FRONT ROW -QL TO RJ Doug Smith, Steve Riviere, Eugene DuBois, Aris Christopolous. Michael Keene, Co-Captain John Riley, Co-Captain Mario Luchetti, Neil Johnson, Bob Manning, Jim Acheson, David Bracken, Bob Horsepian, Kevin Hinchey. SECOND ROW -QL TO RJ David Marino, Bob McGrath, Kevin Jones, Mark Barisano, John Benoit, Joe Dalton, Mark Rosenberg, Gary Davis, Alan Leone, David Donato, Jamie Schiff, Richard Sementelli, Greg O'l-lalloran. THIRD ROW -QL TO RJ Jeff Jordan, E. A. Morgan, Phil Jennings. Shota Aki, Lee Waxman, Tony Santigati, Richie Proia, Mike Poplack, Joel Dennis, Ted Kelley, Steve Prince. Chris Flaherty. FOURTH ROW - QL TO RJ Tom Parker, Mike Rossetti, Dallas Morgan, Eric DiMartino, Frank Stark, Jeff Kent, Alan Schoffield. Phil Costanzo. John Mulvaney, Jamie Boyle, Mike Thomas, Mike Scrooc, Steve Fleming. FIFTH ROW - QL TO RD Tom Billido. Jerry McDade, Paul Whitehead, Brian Bernard, Tim Schoflield, Tim Ryan, Kip Chinian, Timmy Dargan Perhaps the best indication of this year's football team was examining the hanging jaws of the fans as they witnessed incredible wins ranging from 4 to 30 points. Or there is the conventional method of examining the record: 10 regular season games, 10 wins, 4 shutouts, and proudly, after years of mediocre seasons, the almighty title of Suburban League Champs was finally brought home to Newton, where it belongs. The Tigers were destined for this title from the seasons opener, when Framingham North plummeted into obscurity with a humiliating defeat of 20-O. As it turned out, Framingham North was only the first of ten teams to experience Newton North's superiority. Newton pounced again, this time skunking Medford 20-O. Things looked very good at this point. The Tigers needed to win their next game against arch rival Brockton. The offensive line of Jamie Schiff, Dave Bracken, Joe Dalton and Doug Smith would have to maintain their fine exhibition of skill and determination shown in the first two games in order to come out ahead. They did and along with some line running from Jim Acheson, not to mention Kevin Hinchey's outstanding job as quarterback, the Tigers ran circles around this pathetic Brockton team, 35-6. The next game against Weymouth North was similar, with a final score if 31-6. Indeed this was the year of the Tiger! North Quincy was next in line for defeat, as the Tigers won the closest game of the season, 13-9. The season was half over at this point, and with a perfect record of 5-O, the best showing from a football team in a long time. The defense was excellent, holding opposing teams to about one touchdown per game. Greg O'Halloran, Steve Riviere, Bob Manning, and Aris Christopoulos were but a few outstanding defensemen who helped put Newton where they were. The Tigers went on to defeat Quincy in the next game, 29-13. There were 4 games left in regular season play, and friend and foe alike realized now that it was Newton. Only Newton. Boston Latin was next in line, only to succumb to the powers of the Tiger's Linesman. Victory once again came as the Tigers defeated Weymouth South and Waltham, 13-O, 13-6, respectively. Expectations were high as the traditional Newton-Brookline Thanksgiving Day Rivalry took place. This game soon developed into the Thanksgiving Day Massa- cre for the latter, and the Tigers romped 30-O in a less than exciting display of football than had been accomplished thus far. Regular season play was now over. Newton was crowned with the title. lt was now time for Newton to prove to the state who the best really really was. lt was now time for the Schoolboy Superbowl, which Newton had participated in only once before. The Tigers went into the game as the underdog. The team and fans soon realized that this prediction was justified when Walpole scored twice in the early minutes of the game. It was not Newton's day- Walpole managed to score twice more. The only Tiger touchdown came in the last minutes of the game, when defensive back Mario Luchetti carried from about the 18 yard line. The final score was Newton 6- Walpole 26. this last defeat was upsetting, the record still stands-it was a magnificent season for the football team Next year s team which will be led by Michael Poplack and Richie Prioa will miss some of the exceptional talent of seniors Kevin Jones, Jim Acheson and Neil Johnson Bob Manning and Mario Luchetti were chosen for the Globe All Scholastic Football team Neil Johnson was awarded the Unsung Player Award. Bob Donahue and Mike Rossetti will be returning next year along Chris Flaherty and other promising players to live up to the tradition that his year's team lived up to, and with the same determination and skill as this years team, they can see no losses. As a famous peanut farmer once said, "Why not the best?" M dfo d B kt Wey N W y S Waltham Brookline All Wir1S 10-0-O Superbowl Newton pole 26 OVERALL RECORD 1 13- 6 30- 0 6 Wal 10-1-O Co-captains John Riley and Mario Luchetti led the team through 10 undefeated games- a perfect record. Although Frarn No 20- 2 ' e r 20- 0 , ' . . . . . . ' . . me on 35. 6 o. 31- 6 . - No Quincy 13- 9 ' ' - ' ' ' Quincy 29- 3 ' ' Boston Lat 20- 6 e o 13- c , .92 5-Q49 Cv ff -422 'T I 5913 ' 52" if . ' I Nz' 7 V .Y Ivwlmlmf 'b. ' 5 Q '- cn7'1f1, ,g1.Qx1, . vfil Q' 53 4 gil 17 I Y 1 rw WM. -x CHM.-L' Aff' QT Q -Q, fi 44"jJ"l: lglff , Q , H, X " -4 . I-my -adv ,Mg WnW1wH z,'.. x:..-X 4 T, , gf., ' 4 'w '41 Y my v- 25' 4 1 V.. was-A new-4 Q 4-. a--f.. . ..- -so ...... 1 l' -N, , N.....g.,-, , -5 ,- 2' I , I Girls' Swimming 'ts im, f iv . A y Q vm Y nu j B5 I ' Y . ' 0 I ., l ' -T 1 " " 'I Q- ll .. . . .- I i ' '- 4 ' - - - I I A -11.4, in .Q H , .JV J , 5' A 2 ti ' ra! ":gs""'!EH Iffia JV ? S-'IK X I . ..-:sr '.:' . -- ,.f'af,5r -' .gs , "T-isdiciwgg t , 'H' 'fiv4.'fwf.'-'.. -L FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Denise Boudreau, Melinda Berry. Susie Whoriskey, Julie Whoriskey, Andrea Walstrom, Kate Greene, Karen Miller, Leslie Swift, Assistant Coach Colleen Lynch, Manager Lisa Spencer, Michelle Burgess, Donna MaGraw, Coach Benn Merritt. BACK ROW- CL TO RJ Laura Paipart, Beth Ryan, Windy Fallon, Linda Pohlman. Susie Cullison, Captain Janet Collins, Domma Broide, Connie O'Brien, Joanna Bonazoli, Renee Antonellis, Karen Fox, Sandy Yukes, Diane DeSouza. Missing: Susan Bloom, Ann Mulcahy. I at GIRLS' SWIMMING Newton 94 WEYMOUTH NORTH Newton 120 Quiucv gn BROCKTON 103 Newton " . Newton 45 WALTHAM , - BROOKLINE 108 Newton Newton 99 NORTH QUINCY A CAMBRIDGE 95 Newton Newton 91 WEYMOUTH SOUTH ' x - ' x Suburban League Meet ,- XS Newton Finished Fourth 103 points Final Record 5-3 A 7 - ---pf lr Y , - -T, B R 'li A, - . QW T, 523 5355151 . Jig. '1"F' There were trials and tribulations to this year's girls' swim team. Prac- tices had to be held before school in Waltham because the school pool was broken. But the hard work and the devotion of the swimmers overcame that obstacle. Thanks to the coaching of Benn Merritt, the team was enthusias- tic and successful. The Tigers faced tough competition from Brockton, Brookline, and Cam- bridge but outdid the other five Suburban League teams for a 5-3 record. In the Suburban League Championship Meet, Newton placed fourth. Captain Janet Collins, Michelle Burgess, Ann Mulcahy, and Susan Bloom helped to put together a winning season. The team also relied on juniors Kate Greene and Susie Cullison, and sophomores Joanne Bonazoli and Leslie Swift. fl 355 ' A1',,.yf "l l.' 1"' .,' "ar ' ' 1 T --ww-7 ,gg yn if iifv'-it 4 iii' gnlll I 'Ras' mei: 'W ,M ,.. -f wwf: yin .1,. , Cross Country r '., U-A 3 ,-L 5 , 'V '- -' 'vi V .F.,.x,Ll- ggi 'Q' 3 Q- bg ' 1 ijiww , S t,tlTxu.""Vu2.t1 Q , tiff fx: 'fl , I rx , fr i ,S T 5' I F H A w e if . r 'Q' ET"-I .ff ,, " ' ,, S N V I La-5 -Af J ww., , L 0 , ' f ' '? , . W r w -"rf-1 ' 'x-'I- qfiixf- to . -- , --we - - f.'F'.-175' -1- - I 6- . Lff .f S 151, l i'Y I r ' l f' ' IM 47" ' 4' - 1 grmfiff' - 0 ,it 1 '69 t " .4 5, 1 ' ig 4 JJ Lf' W .itz 'V ul . t 'F:.::-:.::,,,.! 'yW53fHli fii:iilA' 5 x X," ' Iiiiiiliw 1 Q "' K , H- X 1 "1 fly. W L ff ' dai-t r J J 'WW fiZf2'w?2. 'MJ' :L . L?"5':"f..o.'. r ,. , 1-.J 'ti vqfy' . 'N SFT- ,MOH f Wg? 'is-' , lei- '-P',..F54ixt " cf J ,,-,4fifi'2 V 2---- . - L r- F M-- '7 an ---2 JIQV?-Q. , , J f L Wir 1 -,.h., ,Q 25.3 if M J,,',Q95. -f,. I 'V' 1- -- BOYS' RECORD NEWTON 16 Rindge Tech 43 WALTHAM 26 Newton 29 NEWTON 20 Quincy 38 K' I NEWTON 20 Weymouth North 35 NORTH QUINCY 24 Newton 32 . BROCKTON 21 Newton 36 WEYMOUTH SOUTH 27 Newton 28 - NEWTON 15 Cambridge Latin 48 NEWTON 18 Brookline 45 Final Record 5-4 Suburban League Championship Newton finished second tLowest score winsj FRONT ROW QL TO Ry- Tri-Captain Marc Laredo, Tri-Captain Duncan Scott, Tri-Captain Garde Wells. Andy Klubock. SECOND ROW QL TO RJ Wes Harris, Mitch Katzman, Bill Peterson, Tony Pahigian. Steve Dutton, David Jones, Tom Arsenault, John Lane, Ken Boudreau, Jim Doona. THIRD QL TO Ry- Coach Joseph Connolly, Peter Tang, Paul Fischer, Dan Laredo, Neil Syphers, Tim Petter, Peter Dennis. Andy Wood. Carl Buxbaum. FOURTH ROW CL TO RJ- Tony Ricker, Steve Silluzio, Paul Ventura, Paul Hess, Lars Toomre. 2--me - -,V .-V- ,gil O. sims' RECORD . l f , f waimam 27 NEWTON P9 f NEWTON 26 Quincy 30 NEWTON 211 Weymouth North 35 Newton 17 NORTH QuiNcv as Newton 23 BROCKTON 37 L ,p l .. WEYMOUTH SOUTH 21 Newton 43 ' NEWTON 25 Cambridge Latin 34 Newton 15 BROOKLINE 50 . - FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Melanie Robbins, Pam Sotir, Rachael Berg, Lotta ' Jensen, BACK ROW- CL TO RJ llse Pistone, Lisa Chernin, Co-Captain Ann FINAL RECORD 6.2 ,, Fitzgibbon, Co-Captain Julie Walker, Cynthia Antonellis, Anna Mazzei. tLow score winsj x ' ,fl Q. N C 1 ' . 4 . I U In-N ' 1 - ,sw ..-rv.. ' . f A ' . T Tr 1 f ' 7 'J 0 . . ,Z jk A Q 1,4-'W . :gift 'C14 ,,, BOYS' CROSS COUNTRY The agony and the ecstacy of long distant running was exemplified by our Newton North Cross Country stalwarts. The 5-4 record of the season paled into insignificance when compared to the magnificent showing of our runners in the Suburban League Championship Race. The Tigers soared to unexpected heights of success, placing second out of ten. Tri-Captain Duncan Scott, ending a fine three years, fin- ished first in the Suburban League Race, earning an invita- tion for the All-State Cross Country Championship. He fin- ished in a spectacular fifth place, the highest Eastern Mass finisher. Tri-Captains Garde Wells and Marc Laredo finished third and eleventh respectively, out of seventy runners in the Suburban Championship Race. With all but five runners returning next year, the team will definitly profit from the experiences gained this year, under the fine coaching of John Connolly. GIRLS' CROSS COUNTRY Girls' Cross-Country is finally becoming a varsity sport under the direction of Coach Peter Martin. In their third year of competition the team compiled an excellent record of 6-2. The Tigers lost their opening meet to a powerful Waltham team, but went on to win four consecutive competitions. With four top runners injured, the team bowed to Weymouth South. A win over Cambridge and a Brookline forfeit wrapped up the season. A cross-country win depends on all the runners. Seniors Ann Fitzgibbon, Pam Sotir, and Betsy Like ran for the varsity squad. Sophomore Rachael Berg carried the team as top runner. Fitzgibbon and junior Julie Walker were this year's cap- tains. With eight runners returning, next year's team should also be successful. f " .i '51 'Rf'-f ' .Q J! 9-T IW"-'.','-' ' P'?"'f' Y J at R- . T s S ,Y --f -1 ' -' 1 . . 7- ' A ,SJ 3' .li ' 9 "' .Y ",1? Q"-1 . -' .- ' r"'f. , ff ', ' as -' cf-' 'rs V 'T 4 B, ., , -- a. . H. 4.4 sk: A ' f dwdk by ly. 3.9, ' Ux ' V N L. I 1 . 'R . ,R , 1,4 A . w -I 1- 1 Q I 77' 1- .H ' J - ' I Volleyball ' +L' H 1 '-r 1 r 1 L- i .F . 5 f L U , - 't -.... Y - ---- --B '14 ., 1 . . ' Q ... I ' A - H, . L 5 1 .4' L R FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Liz Weisberg, Joan Pendergast, Karen Sassahara, Linda Silva, Brenda Fox. BACK ROW- CL TO RJ Coach Linsley Kaufman, Heidi Toyias, Mary Stavis, Carol Markowitz. Susan Jacobson, Lisa DeGeorge, Patty Connelly, Ruth MacDonald. As one member of the volleyball team put it, "We may not have l'Tl3l'l. F nal Record 2 11 won many games, but we had fun giving it our best." VOLLEYBALL The team had looked forward to having a big season. With seven seniors and many returning varsity players, the girls had Nifgflnfmagey 2 L"'C"""S"db"'5' 0 hoped for a shot at the Suburban League Title. But for all the QUINCY 2 Newton 1 , . . . . NEWTON 2 North Quincy O team s experience and talent, it lacked consistancy. This proved waimam 2 NEWTON o to be a major block as the squad finished its season with two Sff2,fff,ffN Q QEHQN 2 victories and ten defeats in league play. EIQCAHQCSZLADGELATIN 2 zgmgm 3 Karen Sassahara was the team captain and starting right back. tscrimmagel 2 1 - - Quincy 2 NEWTON 0 Some of the team s other key performers were setters Liz Weis- Ne,,,,,,, 2 NORTH QUWCY 0 berg, and Sue Jacobson. Patty Conneely was one of the team's lgfoffliff' 3 QEQQQN 2 best offensive players. Seniors on the varsity included Lisa De- BROOKUNE 2 Newton 1 . , Cambridge Latin 2 NEWTON 0 Geor e, Carol Markowitz. Coach for the s uad was Linsa Kauf- Newton sown 2 Newton o 8 Cl Y 'L 4 ,n.v-... v x rflh I X X K ' j I I J ff ' 5 " f ,4 f H ' " -A 5 yf"v1 . ,Z UQ ,-.-- ,ri ff ,7 -L, -l -i ZZ. J i 1 'f If If . Boy s Gymnastics -- f If fi rf! f I The Newton North Boys Gymnastics team had quite a Hne season, turning a winning re- cord of 7-3. Finishing second in the Suburban League, the team couldn't quite take the top spot, losing to a tough Weymouth North squad by 4!1O of a point. Coach George Jessup's Crew pulled off a vic- tory that will go down in the books. For the first time in history, Newton North beat their big- gest rival, Brockton. lt was a well deserved victory, with outstanding performances turned in by everyone. Certainly, it was one of the high points of the season. This season, another personal goal was reached. For the first time ever, every boy who went out for the team made the varsity squad. This shows the high quality of gymnastics that was obtained from all the work that the gym- nasts put in. Senior standouts David Mitchell and Johnn Femino were the leading high point scorers. Both boys had scores high enough to qualify them for state competition. Femino. the team captain, was on the varsity squad all three years. With the tough competition this years team was up against and with the fine record that the boys came through with, they should be and indeed are proud. HOLYOKE do XO Newton 5 0 Newton 87 5 LROCKTON 85 10 WEYMOUTH Newton 90 80 STH 55 20 Weymouth N h 92 20 NEWTON 91 80 Newton 83 7 BROOKLINE 67 3 Newton 94 9 N i H QUINI Y NEWTON 9185 luiriLy Newton South 82 7 NEWTON WAYLAND 97 3 Newton gg 4 h Portland 97 2 Newton 93 6 x W u " BOYS' GYMNASTICS :lvl Newton 76 6 WINCHESTER 61 65 3 9 ig . Q 9 1 ' 7 7-J -ILP K, 81 75 87 1 St Final Record 9-2 UMD FIRST ROW-Q L TO R I Sung Pak, James Antonellis, Tim Riviere, Paul Anderson. SECOND ROW- C L TO R J Steve DiBennedetti, Captain John Femino, Carl Dabritz, Lauren Lindsky, Peter Carmichael. THIRD ROW- C L TO R J George Jessup, Dave Mitchell, Tony D'Agostino, Peter Hurwitz, Bobby Cullins, Guy LeBlanc, Billy Akrivoulos. '4?1"0-nnend'W'? Girls' Gymnastics ' ..' 35" 'ii' 7 -4.4 FRONT ROW-CL TO Rl Brenda Considine, Laurie DiBenedetti, Sue Travers, Darlene Vona, Kinley Morrill, Christine McDade, Vernonique Douchet, Julie Boskin. MIDDLE ROW-CL TO RJ Laura Rosenblatt, Marcia Golden, Lori Boskin, Carol Siegal, Paulette DuBois, Mary Beth Whittaker, Betty Colantropo, Linda Blouin, Lee Pistone. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Judy Goldenberg. Asst. Coach Lynch, Ann Bard, Nicole Show, Capt. Diane Marchione, Nancy McCann, Julie Whoriskey, Kim Threadgold, Cory Ertha, Mary Stavis, Coach Pam Jones. cims' cvMNAsTics The Girls' Gymnastic Team did an ex- Newton 72 70 BELMONT 69 25 , cellent job this year, upholding the tra- QEZREEE79 95 Waltham 63 30 I , dition of gymnastic excellence at New- 97 65 Newton 76 55 H 4 f YOU High School. NEWTON 72 20 coooofo-cofiisie 72 20 ' l With a winning record of 8-1-1, the NEWTON 67 35 Holyoke 48 35 F girls clinched the Suburban League Ti- 23 gg fvgiifliih South 3? gg l l ' UC- V NEWTON 82 45 Weymouth North 57 eo f ' Outstanding performances were NEWTON 8515 Brookline 7915 turned in by sophomore Lee Pistone Q2 gg 3 Qumcy 53 " . . . , uincy and junior Paulletteg DuBois. Pistone,'a NEWTON 8105 Newton South 79 85 -f. veteran to gymnastics, was the team s 7 Final Record 11-1 all-around performer. Her grace. style. and precision earned her many first places. DuBois was close behind, often in-wh taking the top spot in the vaulting A A In event. I ,A , . . Consistantly scoring high marks for the Tigers were junior Kinley Morrill and senior Captain Diane Marchioni. Rounding out the team and adding the depth that was necessary for the Suburban League Championship were seniors Marcia Golden and Kim Threadgold, juniors Mary Beth Whitta- ker and Lori Boskin, and sophomores Laura Rosenblatt. Darlene Vona, and Carol Siegle. Going up against a tough Braintree squad, with DuBois out with an injury, the girls were not able to pull off a win. But a superb effort from the team assured the girls of a victory over Brockton, three time Suburban League Champs. The enthusiasm and support that the girls gave each other was evident at all their meets. The long practice ses- sions, going over a move time and time 445 ,Q again in order to perfect it, paid off. The Newton North Girls' Gymnastic Team was a winner. ' ' 4 - ---' L Suburban League Champions i' I Af ,ir ---- N SSEN TX Boys' Swimming . - , , , , --wif.. 1 1111111115 1 Q 'fff4!gl, f ' if .. 5 fr Q 1' . if .,, 5 N -,QT ".jf,f5',i ' I gil ana r-:ig J 10. - 5 11 Yr- Z' FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ Howie Abramson, John Mulvaney, Michael Nelson, Dave Colburn, Joe Carleo, Paul Mulvaney. SECOND ROWQL TO RJ John Fay, Glen Melanson, Jerry Caruso, Paul Higgins, Jeff Welson, Forrest Freedman. THIRD ROW-QL TO RJ Coach Ben Merritt, Captain Bill Zani, Dave Roberts, Andy MacDonald, Steve Richmond, Bryan Nelson, Peter Hawkins, Howie Speizer, Mark Jackson. LAST ROW-CL TO R5 Mngr, Sue Bloom, Coach Dr. Chris Jones, Mngr. Barry Mathias, Teddy Nelson. Errin Siegle, David Kaufman, Eric Fallon, Phil Corcoran, Kirk Fallon, Mike Mc Ewen, Ed Fields, Jim Toomey, Chucky Mulcahey, Warren Lillie, n f an .svfn on rfi1tf'.W" BOYS SWIMMING CAMBRIDGE Newton Westwood 93 BROCKTON NEWTON 99 WEYMOUTH NTH , fgmpeo. Newton 06 Final Recor NEWTON Newton Waltham Newton Qeincy BROOKLINE QUINCY 50 d 5-3 While many Tiger teams were fighting for Suburban League titles Newton s boys swimming team has one obstacle to tackle first. That is: a place to swim. North's pool was closed for the early part of the season and caused the swim team much inconve- nience, However, the boys still came up with a 7-3 record and a second place finish in the Suburban League. Coach Benn Merritt commented on the pool situation. "For the early part of the season we had to meet at 6:15 a.m. and take a bus to the Waltham Boy's club which was undergoing renovation itself. lt was cold, breezy unpalatable situation-nonetheless six divers and 22 swimmers showed up regularly. This is a true testimony to their determi- nation. "We were notified that the pool would be ready by December 16 but when we returned we found out that it wasn't ready. Back to Waltham we went with 6:30-7:20 water time ,. Even with diminished water time, Newton swimmers were quite successful. Along with the 7-3 record, Tiger swimmers broke school records in 7 of the 11 events. The 200 yd. medley relay team of Mark Jackson, John Mulvaney, Paul Higgins and captain Bill Zani swam to a 1:50:02 record as well as capturing honors in several post season meets. Higgins' 2:2415 time in the 200 yd. individual medley was also Newton North's tops as well as swimming the 100 yd. butterfly and a place on the 400 yd. freestyle relay. Mark Jackson's 23.8 and 55.8 in the 50 and 100 yd. freestyles were also record breakers. He was also a member of the 400 yd. freestyle relay team. John Mulvaney captured the school record in the 100 yd. backstroke, swimming an excellent 1:O3.4. Captain Bill Zani's 1108.4 100 yd. breastroke was another school record. Paul Mulvaney handled the Tiger distance free style competing in both the 200 and 500 yd. events. Rounding out the 400 yd. freestyle relay were seniors Mike MacEwan and John Fay. Juniors in Coach Merritt's Freestyle fold included Dave Colburn, Errin Seagel and Jeff Nelson. Underclassmen swimming the breastroke included jr. Phil Schiller and sophomore Peter Hawkins. The Tigers also had success with their divers. Junior Ed Fields scored a school record of 20285, the only N.N. diver to ever break 200. Senior Warren Lillie and jrs. Phil Corcoran and Chuck Mulcahy also served the diving team well. Team captain Zani commented, "lt was really a positive experience for the people who pulled through the adverse conditions to perform well. Once we had our own pool back, we improved much more rapidly and finished up with a fine season." "ln retrospect," said Coach Merritt, "we realistically could have won two more meets if we didn't have the problems with the pool. "Our fine performance was due to captain Bill Zani and the other seniors on the squad who really pulled the team together through some difficult times." fl 4 -. ef, Q . - ..-fs - - , JT- alles. P.: ' - --A- LJ ' A V - 14 were s ' .KX . ff',1f-1" Q ' 1, we-J -H Q., tag, . .. .A - 1 4 . ld K' FRONT ROW-CL TO Rl Beth Avery, Coach John Fernandes, Deb Gerstein, Dave Weiss. Andy Lyndon, Peter Sigourney. Krista Stuart, David Kupferschmidt. MIDDLE ROW-CL TO Rl Greg Keenan, Janet Collins, Pam Sotir, Jeff Morse. John Fields, Andrea Wahlstrom, Chris Heespe- link, Robin Reisman. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Monique Culbertson, Martine Culbertson, Stu Wer- man, Alison Burrows, Alison Guiney. Loreen Prophet, Jon Fasman, Chris Gilson, Jim Dolbear. l bf? S This year's Ski Team, in its second season, attracted over forty mem- bers, The team consists of four 2x15 squads- Boys' and Girls' Slalom and Boys' and Girls' Nordic. The Boys' Slalom Team was led by senior Matt Kontoft and had the consistent backing of senior Jeff Morse and junior Stu Werman, Jim Dolbear. and Greg Keenan. Of the eight-team meets. the boys usually placed fifth. The Girls' squad usually fared better than the Boys' which helped to put the combined record at a little over the ive hundred mark. Senior Monique Culbertson and junior Martine Culbertson were part of a strong squad supported by sophomores Carrie Chernov, Alison Guiney, and Lauren Prophett, The Cross-country skiers must rely on endurance and coordination to complete the four-five kilometer course. The girls' Team started the season off slowly, but improved from race to race. Senior Kathy McDade and sophomore Leslie Swift were the team's high scorers Senior Robin Reisman and sophomores Margie Sheridan and Debby Friedberg helped the team to place fourth in most meets. The Boys' Team also boomed late, but improved with experience. Juniors Dan Coggins and Greg Keenan and sophomore David Sheridan were outstanding Nordic skiers. Seniors Ned Wasserman and Dan Eas- -1 , . man added to the team's strength. Since most of the Ski Team consisted of juniors and sophomores. Coaches John Fernandes and Debby Gerstein are optimistic of the team becoming a league power next year. X l -J..Nh-lb' Q Q o.Q 1 SKIING Alplne Team Newton N Ne ton Waltham Newton N Ne ton Ne to South Waltham West ood Newton N Nordic Tea Wellesley, F a kl n, West ood Walpole Waltham F a kl n Wellesley M Iton Vtaltha Newton N teams Ne ton N teams Walpole Newton N teams Weston Q W L 0 v5 r n i w 3 O w No vs 0 1 0 vs r n i 2 1 w No vs w n w . I 2 0 vs i ' m 1 2 ' m Newton No vs 7 teams at Walpole 4 3 o vs 7 al Wellesley 4 3 w o vs 7 at 4 3 o vs 7 at 4 3 Final Record 23-18 Y ,. ---,-,a.- Riflery '? . gt wi ,mi , ,fi ,,, FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Mark Fishman, Captain Mike Crocetta, Spencer Carpenter, Joel Grosser, Vicki Davis. BACK ROW-QL TO RJ Bruce Borganhoff, Mark Morathsian, Jeff Sudbey. Linda Noble, Peter Morse, Arthur Margolis. ' .1 JT' 1 3'1 .vwataf ' 1. r Ig? N -Q5 - "Y ily?-3,1-' . , ff, Jie, 1 ,J V 1. ,Q vi n., ' Q9 A lg g..3-qjgxl 4 ,, if , . v,,,,t,4m .. , , l. , if Vx . , ' Q wr rw .' t V, . lf ,L A19 M i 4 Q, ,Qi Y .Mfn2w,44,,,,, - W Q ,M .wwf H . 1. we ,. . . .QV '-, .' ,, ,gf gf- -wif " ' . Q 1:+:' as ' . f ,,,.f',3', l A fl ,Q . 1 ' ' I, .W , . ' '34, AL . , , Af- f-,gt Y, . .i, ,rw '-Q , .l ' 'E EE' .Wf . M A .,, 4- r e? -r T . gf .- f--1 1. " ' .'..l,.', - 's "Q " ' ,,.v. A r , ' vi , " -,.,,g A -g fy , 1 V Q - ' .. . ,fp-" '-H 4 I V I ' 'K , ' M '. ,t A1 - " '. ., 513.1-f's.g ' M-' -rfglj ' 2- Y V ,,,fi9:1g'Q!f'3,f--. ' ,f,. A -A, -.: . 3 A r I v . ,,,.,,sg If 4 Y ,w t ,H i, ., 373, A 4 ,, i ,Q . ,, .. . . . ,. A A .. ,fuk .ai .- MJ , , l t. V , "1 "r Sra?" 1iy ?i w "1"aeff. J A -, f .- "gf" - 'f ' ' Qi? - . , l . . , pk' li , . " pfwr A ,QV .A 'jigwfwf 4 My 1 n, - " ' gg . 1 2,535.3-,,f,?,3ff h fly ,A xi In AX '.,S!w,gP, ,? ,,, .,,. .f ,QQ ' " L QV Z, ,,,gi2,q"", 0 ' , V x . ' 1 M- s, , ,. 3 ,,, 1, ,. , 1- 4 1 ' Marlboro Waltham Concord Bedford Marlboro Waltham Concord Bedford RIFLERY Newton 64 Newton Newton Newton 8 Newton 864 Newton 4 Newton 89 Newton Final Record 0-8 834 8 32 9 84 824 0 3' Q, ' ' fs-,"5,zQM,gaay:f4'LT ", " , 43.2. X A . . . -A , xv!! 4 X ,. 3. .. . "1 3' . ., . Wye , i, t,,,, .1 1 li- we 1 . 'E The Riflery However a victory came to them in a different sort of way.l Unlike many other varsity Sports at N N H S nobody was cut from the team. This way, everyone, no matter their ability, was allowed to participate. . Under the coaching of business teacher Mr. John Meyers the team practiced twice a week at the Armory in West Newton. Here Newton was at a disadvantage because their opponents all had their own indoor ranges and were able to practice every day. In riflery, the highest score one can achieve is 200. Although the team never clinched a victory, individuals often had high scores. Captain Michael Crocetta had a team-high score of 186 Team did not have a winning season this year, ending with a O-8 record. With thirty students on the squad including four girlsg and only ten competing in every match, the Riflery Team was more like a club. It was a chance for all to participate for enjoyment, rather than being a serious dedication. . , hmm fi' I E Boys' Indoor Track ,Jn X ,iijjis-23 .ei jf Q ' 'MJF' J ,- 5 F -9 .5 Kr . if ,, Eff' in 'X 'T' 1 lr, SEQ s f'- ' - .. ., 1 Q 4 1" . ' . -- . ,ernfft rw 'fi " Yu 6 all "- .nj Y MJF! 'Q 4 I ,f f i C 1' w 44' FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ K. Jones. G. Wells, E. Moran, D. Scott, S. Riviere, G. Kassabian, R. Price. SECOND ROW-CL TO RJ D. Bracken, A. Leone, E. Considine, B. Martin, K. Hinchey, B. Weinberg, M. Laredo, J. Chernin, A. Klubock. THIRD ROW-CL TO RJ T. Santagati, M. Parsons, R. Sementelli, A. Wood, J. McDermott, M. Katzman. T. Pruce, W. Harris, L. Toomre, B. Peterson, M. Ross, R. Grossman, J. Doona. P. Antonellis. FOURTH ROW-QL TO RJ M. Trafton, C. Cato, J. Dennis, R. Berry, T. Arsenault, J. Lane, K. Boudreau. BACK ROW-QL TO Ry Mgr. Susan Bloom, Asst. Coach Bob Glennon, T. Berrigan, R. Demeo, P. Tang, M. Santi, D. Laredo, P. Dore. T. Ricker. V. Mace. T. Petter, M. Drew. H. Sidman. S. Silluzio, J. Epstein, S. Schwartz, A. Epstein, G. Bloom, Head Coach Fred Yaitanes. 55' 0 or 'WP NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON Brockton NEWTON NEWTON NEWTON . ff' JP' .ar 'B- I -1 p X Elk . ' . BOYS' INDOOR TRACK Final Waltham Rindge Weymouth Sth Nth. Qu ncy Weymouth Nth NEWTON Quincy Cambridge Brookline Record 8-1 . , :N.,,v?., er 3 ,, gg, L? -Z- Newton's Indoor Track season consisted of eight relatively easy meets and one hard meet. The Tigers won the easy meets by margins ranging from 54-32 over Weymouth South to 82-4 over Cambridge Latin. The only difficult meet for the Orange and Black was Brockton, to whom the Tigers lost 44-42. Newton's impressive record put them just behind the Boxers in the Suburban League standings. This year's team was under the direction of Bob Glennon and Fred Yaitanes. Coach Glennon handled the distance men and shot putters while Yaitanes coached the sprinters and high jumpers. Senior distance runners Duncan Scott. Garde Wells, and Eric Moran served the team as tri-captains. The captains were versitile distance per- formers with Wells specializing in the mile, Scott in the two mile, and Moran in the 1000. Scott, who cut 15 seconds off the Suburban League's two mile record running 9:28.4, commented, "Team spirit helped us to come back from a 4-5 season last year to finish 8-1 this year. Our strength did not lie in a few individual performers, but from the depth of talent we had." Aside from the captains' very impressive credentials, Newton had other fine performers including junior shotputter Joel Dennis, whose 55'1lf2" throw was tops in the Surburban League. Dennis, sprinter Wes Harris and distance runner Mark Ross were elected next year's team captains. Junior Bill Rizzetto's high jumping and hurdling made him one of the Suburban League's most productive performers. The high jumping team of Rizzetto and seniors Bob Martin and Kevin Hinchey established itself as the Ieague's best squad. Other standouts were sprinters Kevin Jones, Reggie Price, Steve Riviere. and Bob Jackson. Rounding out Newton's distance field were Marc Laredo, Josh Chernin, Bill Peterson, Dan Laredo, Ed Considine, and Rich Semen- telli. The sprint team included Paul Antonellis. Greg Kassabian, Mike Drew, and Tony Santagati. Seniors Dave Bracken, Al Leone and Bruce Weinberg. and juniors Chris Flaherty, Rich Grossman and Chris Cato led the field events. The Tigers finished off their season with a bang as they gave Newton it's Hrst State Class A Championship since 1971. The win was particularly gratifying to the team because they avenged their earlier season loss to Brockton, beating the Boxers by 4 points in the process of rolling up an impressive 47 points, The teams extraordinary depth was demonstrated in the meet as they placed in 7 of the 10 events. Scoring for the Tigers were: Kevin Jones 42nd in the 503, Captain Eric Moran 16th in the 10003, Captain Garde Wells 13rd in the milej. Captain Duncan Scott C2nd in the milej. jr. Joel Dennis f2nd in the shotputb, and jr. Bill Rizzetto 12nd in the high jump and 2nd in the hurdlesj. ..... .1-.1.-..-,-v- Girls' Indoor Track FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ Barbara Goolhasian, Linda Puhlman, Liz Yotfe, Rachael Berg, Wendy Habelow, Gail Burns, Lotta Jensen. MIDDLE ROW-lL TO R3 Patty Richmond, Anna Mazzel, Phyllis Russell, Debbie Carpenter, Lisa Merritt, Roberta Oliver, Linda Hatch. BACK ROW-QL TO RJ Coach Inez Dover, Lynn Slamin, Marcia Patterson, Laura Cantrill, Nina Baladimos, Beth Boates, Co-captain Laurie Kelley, Co- captain Mary Jane Williams. GIRLS' INDOOR TRACK Newton Waltham Weymouth Sth Newton Newton Nth Quincy Weymouth Nth Newton Brockton Newton Newton Quincy Brookline Newton 44 33 45 32 49 . 28 . 28 59 5512 21 'iz 54 23 Cambridge 59 Newton 17 47 30 ALL MEETS HELD AT BROOKLINE I ' I I I T 'YI I I I I I The Girls' Indoor Track Team made its debut in the 1976-77 winter i i I I K . - - ' I I I season. The demand for the team grew from the girls on last year's I . . i 5 I I Boys' Team, and the interest resulted in a strong team. - I f ' I I I I If injuries hadn't affected nearly half the team, the 4-4 season record t ' I I I I might have been even better. Twenty-six girls joined the team, but only I l sixteen competed regularly. I I Strong events for the team were the high jump, hurdles, and 1000- yard run. Juniors Marcia Patteson and Lisa Merritt were high jumpers, and senior Nina Balodimos and junior Linda Hatch were top hurdlers, Co-Captain Laurie Kelley was one of the League's top runners in the 1000-yard race. "lt was a building year," observed Co-Captain Mary Jane Williams. The record, which included wins over Waltham, Weymouth North, Quin- cy, and North Quincy, is encouraging for a first year team. Girls' Indoor Track at Newton North is off to a good start. . ' .-Q'-f T -...,. Hockey A -1 ' ,. L u T ,P 'Z . -1. -1172. J JL, Q A. After losing their first three games, this years hockey squad went on to win 10 straight and become Suburban League champions. It was quite a turn around for the skaters who were the first Newton hockey team in 15 years to win the Suburban League crown. ' Probably the most crucial game of the season was against undefeated Waltham in mid January, The Tigers skated circles around the Hawks for a 3-1 victory. Their opponent was an always tough Brockton squad, but again the boys came through, trouncing the Boxers 4-1. ln the final stretch the Tigers lost a tight one to North Quincy and tied both Weymouth North and Brookline. The season came down to a final encounter at Weymouth south. Both teams were tied for first place. In the most emotional game of the season Newton clinched the Suburban League title with a 5-2 victory. In post season play the Tigers were knocked out of the state tournament by Don Bosco, 7-3. Senior captain Joe Calabro led this years squad that promises to be just as good next year. The sensational junior line of Tom Hagerstrom, Glen Buckley and Lee Waxman played outstanding hockey all season. Seniors Phil Reidy, Phil Maddocks, Stu Tobin, Steve Sera, Jackie Bellevue, and John Gaudet all skated varsity this year on the tough Tiger lineup. This years squad, probably one of the best Newton has ever produced, was coached by Don Crowley, Paul Buckley, and Ken Hagerstrom. r -4 an FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Duane Tocci, Felix Lidonni, John Gaudet, Bob Ryan, Phil Reidy, Jackie Bellevue Peter McHugh, Steve Sera, Michael Thomas, Ricky Cohen. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Gordie Moore, Stu Tobin, Jim McHale, Capt. Joe Calabro, Tom Hagestrom, Glen Buckley, Lee Waxman, Phil Maddox Coach Don Crowley. WALT HAM Brockton Weymouth NEWTON Newton NEWTON Newton NEWTON Newton NEWTON Newton Newton NEWTON Newton Nth Quincy Newton NEWTON Newton HOCKEY Newton NEWTON fi NEWTON Quincy RINDCE Brookline NTH QUINCY Weymouth Nth CAMBRIDGE Waltham BROCKTON QUINCY Rindge BROOKLINE NEWTON WEYMOUTH NTH Cambridge WEYMOUTH STH Final Record 13 41 Q6 Q 'fly', as E? Nu I-J.. Wrestling FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Bill Kerr, Roy Hebard, John Angellucci, Co-Captain Jim Acheson, Neil Johnson, Dave Gasdia, Joe Pellegrini, Dave Larkin, Joe Mulvey, Shota Aki. SECOND ROW-QL TO RJ Tim Scarlett, Jon Larkin, Harry Shanian, Richard Kent, Doug Cain, Brett Goldberg, Steve Bonazoli, Gary Fai. THIRD ROW-CL TO RJ Ted Bresnahan, Kip Chinian, EA. Morgan, Jeff Parker, Brian Bernard, Dave Costanzo, John Pellegrini, Harold Cutler. FOURTH ROW-CL TO RJ Ed Kim, Rich Kim, Tom Parker, Jeff Kent, Roger Carmel, Greg Sotir, Ho Tai, FIFTH ROW-CL TO RJ French Brandon, Steve Wasson, Tony Rossetti, Steve Rowland, Peter Hiltz. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Coach Pat Coleman, Asst. Coach Peter Cappidulopo. Another winning team this year was the wrestling squad. The boys finished second in the division one central section with a 13 and 8 record. The tigers had a slow start, losing three of their first four meets. They turned the season around, however, in a squad meet against Framingham North and Wellesley. The mat- men handily defeated both opponents and went on to win five of their next seven meets. This included a red hot four meet streak when the Tigers ran over Weymouth North, Weston, Brookline, and Weymouth South. This put them in a fairly good position going into their last few meets. But two key losses to Brockton and Milford dropped the grapplers to a second place finish. Injuries hurt the squad in the late going. Co-captain Jim Acheson was lost for the season in January with a knee injury and junior Richie Kim hurt his back. The close of the season brought on the sectionals. Sopho- more sensation Eddie Kim was sectional champ in the 141 lb. class. Co-captain Neil Johnson and Peter Hiltz were run- ners up in their weight divisions. Johnson and Kim both went on to the state meet. The two each picked up a fourth place in the best Newton showing in a state meet ever. The Tigers had several outstanding performances this season. Veterans Roy Hebard, Tim Scarlett, Neil Johnson, Dave Larkin, and Peter Hiltz all started in the strong varsity lineup. Unfortunately, the loss of Acheson and Kim diminish- ed the teams chances. However, senior John Angellucci and sophomore Jon Larkin did an outstanding job filling in. Other seniors who wrestled varsity this year included Ste- ven Bonazoli, Steven Rowland, Richard Kent, Bill Kerr and Doug Cain. Despite the second place finishing, Coaches Pat Coleman and Peter Capodilupo are tremendously proud of the job the wrestlers did this year. WRESTLING Needham 27 NEWTON Dedham 28 NEWTON NEWTON 38 Medford NEWTON 30 Melrose N. Quincy 33 NEWTON NEWTON 33 Pfam. No. NEWTON 27 Wellesley Newton 48 WEY.SO. Waltham 28 Newton QUIDCY 27 NEWTON NEWTON 38 We!-N0 NEWTON 34 WGSIOFI Newton 50 BROOKLINE NEWTON 39 Malden Newton 22 CONCORD CARL WAYLAND 33 Newton NEWTON 49 CATH.MEM. Brockton 29 Newton MILFORD 33 NeW1Of'I Newton 25 NEWTON SO. NEWTON 47 Cambridge Final Record 13-8 I 'QI 'g,,.1' 5 x . w N , Q A K ' 5? X, I .sy '5 3 ' x Aman , V ol A K . l ' n . kr' s . "vp, ' w. ' 4'9" Av' I I I x '-,. S- is 'K' Q' 'I 1' gi' ' 'WX xl g mn. 3 47 ffl! gp 1 1 vit"- f'7 . . ffm U T u '.qnp,w. K i l, IW Mp- Girls' Basketball , V i ,Q .- xi aizl . FRONT ROW-QL TO RJ Maureen Enos, Maureen Fairbanks, Debbie Krieder, Carol Leconti, Judy Seltzer, Karen Stifter. BACK ROW-tL TO RJ Paula Drakos. Ruth MacDonald, Tina Cotoia, Peggy Tennant, Cindy Lancelotti, Laura Flaherty. Although a 9-9 record may not look particularly impressive, it is a tally the girl's basketball team can be happy with. After winning just two of their first eight games, the girls came back to mount an effective second half of the season. "We certainly had a lot of talent." commented coach Maureen Enos, "but we were making some mistakes in the early part of the season that cost us some very close games. After we corrected our mistakes, our record be- gan to turn around." Captain Petty Tennant. the team's high scorer, was pleased with the sea- son. "Although our record doesn't show the time and effort we put into our season, I think that we had a very successful season. We had an excellent coach and received a lot of help from juniors and sophomores." Other high scorers on the team in- cluded junior Carol LeConti and sopho- more Laura Flaherty while junior Deb Kreider and senior Michelle Whitehead helped the Tigers out with their tena- cious rebounding. Seniors Karen Stifter and Tina Cotoia helped the Tigers out in the back court while Judy Seltzer aided the team at forward. Juniors on the squad included Ruth MacDonald, Heidi Toyias, Cindy Lanci- lotti, and Maureen Fairbanks. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Newton 41 BROOKLINE BROCKTON 50 Newton Cambridge 53 NEWTON WEYMOUTH NORTH 53 Newton WEYMOUTH SOUTH 42 Newton Quincy 48 NEWTON Waltham 36 NEWTON NEWTON 58 North Quincy NEWTON 55 Brookline NEWTON 47 Brockton CAMBRIDGE 54 Newton Weymouth North 49 NEWTON Weymouth South 36 NEWTON Final Record 9-9 I Boys' Basketball aged aw ll x N ' 2418 FRONT ROW - CL TO RJ Keith Russel, Ed Pendergast, Dave Cappola. BACK ROW - CL TO RJ Rich Proia, Stan Bratton, Mike Gloor, Captain Tom Morog, Jim Quinlan, Chris Burke, Mario Luchetti, Coach Jerry Phillips. 17 if ,llq l Q WA, -4 f' f::4,J' -f f .- 'Qi'-' 4 x K f f" ' P V ',. UQ -5 X X I A. ' l' ll 0 1 2 X 1 ,.- ., J .1-up ,NIJ . l F .flilfrif l.l'l ,ff v. i The Boys' Varsity Basketball Team ended a rather frustrating season with an 8- 12 record. The team tied Brockton for fifth place in the Suburban League, placing behind Ringe Tech, Quincy, Waltham, and North Quincy respectively. ' The squad began the season slowly but soon picked up the pace with the help of Suburban League All-Star Mario Luchetti and jr. Richie Proia who joined the squad late due to their participation on the football team. Coach Jerry Phillips put the early season scoring responsibilities on his for- wards and later, as the season progressed, on his guards, mainly Luchetti. "Mario could do everything," said Coach Phillips, "He could pass and play defense well and was always around when there was a loose ball." The team lost momentum when Luchetti injured his hand and could not play for the remaining eight games. "Mario's injury was a heartbreaking loss. At that point our hopes for the playoffs and good league standings went out the win- dow," explained Phillips. With Luchetti's absence, a change in the offense was necessary. Coach Phillips balanced the scoring attack by involving both the forwards and guards. Captain Tom Morog played exceptionally well under the new offense, averaging 12 points per game. The team maintained an excellent attitude throughout the entire season. "Whether they lost or won, they would come out every game and deliver 100 percent. They put the same effort into every game at the end of the season as they did in the beginning," said Phillips. The team's 8-12 record was a deceptive account of it's performance through- out the season. Many of the games were lost by two or even one point. Having coached eight varsity teams here, Coach Phillips felt that the squads ability to win the close games hurt them the most. Co-captains Keith Russell and Jimmy Quinlan will lead next year's squad with the help of returning varsity candidate Richie Proia. Other strong hopefuls will include junior Stan Bratton and sophomore Phil Auerbuck. Coach Phillips is optimistic about next year's team and is looking forward to working with excellent talent. V I A'I,. ' ---ni' llllln iq, if ullf ill X O. U HC VOC O0 thS O. UIUC BOYS BASKETBALL b ag mm ms GW on U1 roo ew on ambr dge mouth N O, '15 '12- Ji -aff, -..fx ff 51+"ff' -.. ' - - '- .. , T- 1 - I T1 I J gf Yg' 5's'iLr'ali Q u . ' . 1 ,ff 5 5' r . Q , O .4 g. IC r" " L 1 irA-rf:-i. ffkf ""Pfff:',: 'if-'? S wr :I " " 4 g - ' if ,xml Q 1 r fr .R ,Y -:Btwn , U . . 1 f 1' 'YU' .7 "'. , ffsl fr, -x.-Ass' J ,Q 1 ' .. F 'L - e ff: qw.. .U . . ,, I Y Q S 9 Q f f ,. ,, .P 44- 1 all CVAA , x ' O r S 1 'C f 'D ni. ' 'tl xv' .85 -..l'l lkwfi' FIRST ROW-CL TO RJ Co-Captains Jeannie Bernard and Ann Holzman. SEC- OND ROW-CL TO RJ Sherry Manes, Kelly Mackean, Michele Chisolm, Marci Shapiro, Kathy Gardner. THIRD ROW-CL TO RJ Marcene Mitchell, Jane Passin- issi, Susan Trumboll, Debbie Seltzer, Laura MacDonell. qMissing-Wendy Siegely 1. .ff ' ff 'c ' 'V -Nb W'-,"?x'L-39 2 ' - ,Mg i QA, Yagi? g lfqfffg .f. ' W' . 4' " 4-gf - mfr- , 1 Wim, , U M H v ' f ff 114 ., X 4 - A., 3 ' 4 M " ' T 1 w FIRST ROW QL TO RJ-Donna Sementelli, Colleen McDade. SECOND ROW CL TO RJ Jennifer Mennell, co-captains Bonnie Colantropo and Joan LaRoche, Penny Anderson, Coach Julie Dunn. THIRD ROW CL TO RJ Kathy Boyle, Laura Castagnino, Janet Keaveney, Eda Sonis. 4 ng , , Q ,,. Fd "if, 4 inun- -.-, .-4, 5 is A 1 4.5- ,ii-.i -fa.Q.:..1 - ...--1---1 - n un -r' ,nf .41 1 X if W .1 .igrf " ' -1""' 4 mf ' ., ' Q.-H 4"-"'f "f'g. "".-gin? '13 ' f. f ', a-9, 43.-Q , V V 1- , ,.,-H Q .V ' t A . I ,gr-N, - vi: v.,Ak":2".,'. 5 ,. ,'pwa,:+'fP'-Y'-, ' L Tsai "- V ., , 'Av .lk .vw.p'.!g,4,: -Jay, 44 " 'fair' Wi f ,i",! 'is- lx s r:..g? 34 'XX . 1 f 45 '. H QA . I . . ' Gia , F - I T A 'A o X ' .Yu , 'W' S. un v --.-1 ,QQ ' ly 'i f' -.., , - 'W 'O 1 .,, N - -yn -swr- - fi'f .........-. ...-,- .- -1--an ,. -fr .--Q. .., --. 'IC .5 s. -Y - 1 I - . , 1 f 1 - , Y . , 'bile f as N- P X v . 1 wif' 4 2 ,.. N'-5191 ' l ' 'A L -xl la ' . QU., - Q fs- - . ff fif: Ex g- L L . 1 . 1 I A f-1 v-. ..-Q.-. -xx-, - as '-14. . i:v5.,,.,,,,. : l 5 .. yr. i 4 N9 I Jag Y g 'SQ .S O ou- 9, t 'Q '1- pl n i 4 O -ci' Il Us v QP- L-f "s"'d X ...Qi-A I 7 h- "'?-nf nqx A --Q.-.1 f is gi-1 Tb 'Q' WVQ 1 N f.1.....l A , h w x -' 14, 'wil X . S I EWT I-i,4. . fi . .,....- PM 1 .- - . L ' ' Mus' - ,..,.-- V ff . X 'Q - , . ' " , 391' X 1 1 , Q 1 o r ,f A S tv-4 gif! ' X I ra. Duane Sakakmu. Edmtor-In-Chuef Danny Goldhagen, Layout Editor Q . '1 r 'N - 1 , 1 . ' W . 0 . .41 fi- . I '-4 r,' A' - , '1 ' I s Q D g. I .'. V -I1-1 , ' ' 'Z' .I .io Q4 g , 1 ' -. , ' .4 P-tr! I H H' 3 g ,Ji-.Nl I! :.'A 1 , X .0 ' . . N : ,. ,I 'N I - Q I. 5 2 Q I O . . .Q - -.1 Y L.L-9-qhiii. Benjamm Asher, Assustant Edutor Joan Danzuger, Lnterary Edntor ... A O ,4 FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Kathy McDade, Ellen Frank, Carol Westwater, Eve Leeman. BACK ROW-QL TO RJ Judy Pike, Jon Revning, Amy Arnbrarns, Nancy Vetstein, Elise Supovitz, Marian Buxbaurn, Missing-Chris Borke, Jitf McGarry. F I -f 'L' .T fi A--Q 6 l' x F' 3 AAX2 P' Nr V 'Q' -- g. fi? FRONT ROW-CL TO RJ Matthew Ellman, Howard Cohen, Karen Jones, Robert Smily, Holly Laemmle, Richard Grossman. BACK ROW-CL TO RJ Susie Sudikuff, Susan Whoriskey, Stephen Young, Marcia Golden. 4 " x P Howard Silverstein, Boys Sports Editor Dan Fasman, Photography Editor Vw Beth Ryan. Girls Sports Editor Susan Goldfarb, Art Editor "1 sy. -ox gf F OK T 91 FRONT ROW- QL TO RJ Ginger Stanton, Andy Lindon, Miriam Wolfson, Janet Collins, Laura McDaniels, Lisa Alberts. BACK ROW- CL TO RJ David Bronstein, Alan Katz, Richard Lorant, Carol Westwater, Jon Fassrnan, David Sheridan, Billy Akrivoulos, Jim Acheson, Peter Hurwitz, Stephen Segal, Monique Culbertson, Rebecca Karoff, Alana Zion, FRONT ROW- CL TO RJ Renee Antonellis, Dan Coggins, Frank Kosa. BACK ROW- QL TO RJ Carol Boudreau, Ann Fitzgibbon, Priscilla Wrenn, Mike Granof. iii V f V. , 1:1-'--a Marc Laredo, Business Manager Barry Goldenberg, Copy Editor .ig Qi "CL 3 ' " Cas .ii 'X 1: ., A Howard Katz, Business Manager Donna Karsh, Ways 81 Means Chairman i FRONT ROW CL TO RJ- Cathy Chang, Alana Zion, Carol Markovitz, Susan Jacobsen SECOND ROW CL TO RD- David Kupferschmid, Danny Schwarz, Steve Young, Michael Granoff, David Kliman, Josh Hauser, Michael Crocetta, Jamie Schiff, Stu Tobin. Missing: Kathy McDade, Doug Smith, Ronna Rosenblatt, Lois McDonald. FRONT ROW QL TO RJ- Liz Shapiro, Donna Karsh, Cindy Berk. SECOND ROW CL TO RJ- Kathy Goldwait, Diana Fai, Susan Byrnes, Kris Small, Holly Wallace, Lisa Spencer. THIRD ROW CL TO RJ- Ross Albert, Robin Reisman, Patty Hunter. 1'.....J vig 1 Ins!! ' ' ' L' rf 5. i ' S1 , X54 E, . -- ' H I Sandi Yukes. Photography Co-ordinator Lisa Geiin, Advertising Manager 'Q' FRONT ROW CL TO RJ- Hope Wolfson, Judy Seltzer, Erin Dwyer, Susan Wester, Lynn Mc Cann. SECOND ROW CL TO RQ- Andy Kiubock, Marcia Solov. Karen DiBenedetti, Marylou McCarthy, Karen Annesi, Karen Bengtson, Robert Smilg. THIRD ROW CL TO RJ- Andy Linn, Wendy Silverman, Nancy Shaw, Alison Slack. Sandy Adler, Joyce Boisseau, Liz Shapiro, Judy Beck, Marc Johnson. Missing: Brenda Staley, Laura MacDoneII, Pam Sotir, Stacy Landau. FM... -Q79 'ln-W 'Q 15 FRONT ROW CL TO RJ- Kris Small, Susan Bloom, Eda Sonnis. SECOND ROW CL TO RJ- Jimmy Nolan, Jeannie Bernard, Lucia Antonellis, Lisa Spencer. Missing: Debbie Silverstein, Susie Reichard. x ,, 2. .W . 33'-fw 'Jap' ' In S i ' nf 14, -V 0' L f ig 'ig'-fsrnix if 'V r O2 Q" f - , E :rf vi 1-Sf -'742 -if iiilff-0' M2131- Susan Bloom, Circulation Manager lv' i ,yy - V -ilIff,,, if' . sw , ak .nfvu ,wg .ig Ji f .xv .., fffifsff ' wajigw, iz- 1 L 104150: -Q . 2 'Q' i r I I g W fv. iilf, , 3 75 ' 4 19... . Q. '-:rw u ,fi-A - Mr. Charles Texiera, Advisor ,fu HB LA x -1 , N' I . 12'-' I 1 . QI. I Y 'W1h- - .1 T .1 V I: Q-, I N n . x 1 1- Q s. V. .4 - . or , f' 1 gi. it qi- f " "' f' Y x 4 w flu I W-3 - 1 Q. Q. l , 4- 1 '.. ' 'it Ili -S 1' """.f 3 . 2 I I K 9 ff' .f,,,.mrf'-M fm umm 4 A.-,vwafnvwmy--A 'K 4:0-iff' 'ww -QW .f 1 e . W Wywlw, ,,.,,'. ,, 4-3 fur , .4 M 1 Iii' ru V 'Na nf? M' ' W.-3 fu ff Jil U +44 ani J sms 3 Emmy -11. lrdde R99 ADS A. L. Plamondon Co. T. W. Anderson Around The Corner The Asher Family Auburndale Co-Operative Bank Auburndale Gulf Auburndale Printing Co. Auburndale Sports Shop Austin Coffee Shop Balfour Class Rings Barnett Brothers Baskins Robbins Bob's Waban News R, H. Boisseau Sign Company Boston Fish House Burger King Butchers ll, Inc. Cabot's Carbeau Custom Kitchens Centre Meat Market sp Cohen-Goldenberg Insurance Agency Charles Antiques Si Jewelry Dennis 81 Donovan Travel Dial 'n Sew Discland Discovery Consignment Shop DuBois Corp. Eastman's Flower Shop Echo Bridge Salvage Co. Educational Reading Service Elliot W. Keyes Pharmacy Flower Bouquet Garb Drug Garden City Oil Goal, Inc. Golden Star Restaurant The Benjamin Goldfarb Family Greene-Shaw Co., Inc. G 81 S Paper Co. Hanlon's Mens Shoes Harris Cyclery Highland Hardware Hub Discount The Huddle Jade Island Jewels of The Dragon Jobs Unlimited Agency J 81 S Mobile Ad Index 272 272 274 271 280 281 272 274 276 279 272 274 274 274 272 272 274 276 276 272 275 281 280 274 282 271 271 274 283 280 272 277 276 283 275 275 282 282 276 272 276 281 281 274 281 281 276 281 Judith Carole Curio Jules Meyers Associates Ken Kaye Krafts Kentucky Fried Chicken Koocher Realty Krenos Leisure Sports Investments Carl J. Ludwig Man's World Marriott Hotel Mass. Army National Guard McDonald's McDonald's Midnite Foods and Laundromat Motion Market Mount Ida Junior College Multi Service Center Neleco-Products Inc. News Tribune Newton Centre Music Shop Newton's, Inc. Newtonville Camera Newtonville Pizza Nonantum Lumber Co., Inc. Okinawan Karate One More Tyme Oscar Mayer Paramount Theatre Picadilly Optitians Ltd Provizers Deli Purdy Vantine Studios Regan's Service Rhodes Pharmacy Rogan's Tennis Shop Rose Cleaning Rosenfeld's Deli and Bagels Paul Sagan Senior Class Committee Silver Lake Electronics Leonard Solov Star Market Tres Jolies Coiffures The Tux Shop VaIle's Steak House Waban Hill Associates Waban Hardware Waban Market Inc. Yem Mee Restaurant 271 275 281 276 275 282 279 282 280 280 273 279 273 272 274 270 280 278 283 274 276 276 276 273 273 275 275 272 277 275 269 280 274 272 274 281 271 268 276 275 274 272 282 283 276 274 275 272 Patrons Gold Patrons The Sakakini Family The Goldhagen Family Dr. 84 Mrs. Malcolm Rosenblatt Paul and Joan DiBenedetti Bernard and Elaine Reisman Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Mr. 81 Mrs Norton Shapiro Paul Bloom Gary Laredo Martin Goldenberg Stanley Gelin The Danziger Family Dr. 81 Mrs. Gerald Fasman Townsend Typewriter Stop 81 Shop Joseph and Arbee Beck Mr. 84 Mrs. Jack H. Calechman Dorothy and John Reichard Dr. 81 Mrs. Robert Berk Mr. 81 Mrs. Thomas W. Casey Mr. 84 Mrs. Neil McCallion Tags Home Center Mr. 8. Mrs. Edward Nielsen Dr. 81 Mrs. James McGarry Mr. 81 Mrs. John J. McCarthy Dr. 81 Mrs. J. F. Donaldson Mr. 81 Mrs. Hugh F. Colliton lll Mr. 81 Mrs. Reinhold Carlson Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward Katz Mr. Si Mrs. Douglas Cole Smith Dr. 81 Mrs. Dan Ferguson Mr. 81 Mrs. Paul I. Mann Mr. 81 Mrs. Daniel Grosser Dr. 8. Mrs. Thomas P. R. Hinchey Mr. 81 Mrs. Chambedain The Morog Family Mr. 84 Mrs. David Phelan 81 Family George P. Guild Jr. D. M. S. Kathleen 84 Louis Mogul Malcolm Marshall Mr. 84 Mrs. Albert Meltzer Mr. 8. Mrs. Ambrose Rondina Mr. 84 Mrs. Allan Mann Mr. 81 Mrs. Edmund T. Collins Jr. Mr. 81 Mrs. Allan A. Ryan Dr. 81 Mrs. L. T. McDaniel Robert 84 Gail Stein Maureen Enos Silver Patrons Dawn C. Prouty Phyllis B. Frank Carol Ann Shade Co. of Newton Drs. Tewen 81 Diana Chang Dr. 81 Mrs. Bernard Kliman Trudy Kontoff Dr. 81 Mrs. Warner V. Slack Lookner Real Estate David S. Engelsman Carol Horgan Mr. 84 Mrs. Leonard Zion Mr. 8. Mrs. Milton Holzman Mr. 8. Mrs. Dutton Van Alstine Mr. 81 Mrs. Edward A. Jackson Mr. 81 Mrs. Richard Ravech Mr. 81 Mrs. John H. Monahan Dr. 84 Mrs. Wm. Finlayson John 81 Freda Snow Gary Sherman Bronze Patrons Annette R. Carpenter Mike Morris Al Nolan Mildred Caram Richard Reid Jimmy Schreider Barbara Killion Departure For one month afterwards the eye stays true, And sees the others' face held still and free. of ornament, then tires of peering down A narrow vista, and then months run out. Too lax, this eye will crave the merit of A faithful sentry frozen at his post, And not a movement seen: yet ranges over Far other tracts, it's object lost, corrupt. Nor should I now swell to halloo the names Of feeling that no one needs to remember, Nor caper with my spray of wilted avowals To clutter up your path I should wish clear. Perhaps it is too late to crane the eye And find you, distant and small, but as you are If not, I will retain you honestly blurred, Not a bland refraction of sweet mirrors. Congratulations to the Class of 1977 - SENIGR CLASS COMMITTEE Best of Luck To The Class of 1977 PURDY-VANTINE STUDIOS The Official Yearbook Photographers 661 Boylston St. Boston, Mass. 266-1530 o f MOUNT IDA JUNIOR COLLEGE A fully accredlted two year college establushed ln 1899 and sltuated on an 85 acre country estate campus just 8 mules from all the cultural and entertalnment attractlons of Boston Mount Ida grants A A and A S degrees ln the following fuelds of study Business Admunlstratlon Chlld Study Dental Asslstant!Offlce Management Education Executuve Secretarlal Fashion Illustration Flne Arts Graphlc Desngn Human Servuces Induvlduallzed Studles Interlor Desngn Legal Secretarnal Llberal Arts Medlcal Asslstant Medical Secretarlal Physlcal Educatuon Recreatlon Leadershup Retanllng Scnence and Allled Health Flelds For your Mount Ida Catalog Contact Peggy Adler Dlrector of Admlsslons MOUNT IDA JUNIOR COLLEGE 777 Dedham Street Newton Centre Mass 02159 C61 71 969 7000 , N . , 0 o i f I ,la ,W PAUL SAGAN Photo Enterprises Creative Graphic Design 81 Photography of all Types 965-0053 ILILZL M DUBDIS 600 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN MASS 02172 Quality 923 oeoo Courtesy We have a complete home and lndustrlal Seruzce servxce whlch mcludes FUEL OIL 0 HEATING 0 ELECTRICAL 0 PLUMBING cunios JEWELRY Girrs JUDITH CAROLE CURIO 1146 Beacon Street Newton Mass 02161 C6171 527 2107 SILVER GOLD BRASS Qi' DISCOVERY I .1 consignment shop 1304 Washington Street!West Newton MA 02165 527 3200 Everything from ski jackets to camp clothes Athie tic equipment crafts toys and more Best Wishes Class of 1977 THE ASHER FAMILY 9 I I l . ! 7 , ' YEM MEE RESTAURANT Carry Home Piping Hot CHINESE 81 POLYNESIAN FOODS Open Mon. Thru Thur. 11130 A.M.-10 P.M.- 332.0444 Fri 81 Sat. 'til 12 Midnight - Sun 81 Holiday 1 RM. to 10 RM. Ample Parking - Next to Auburndale Star Market 2036 Commonwealth Ave. I 527-0725 AUBURNDALE, MASS. S Good Luck to the Class TENNIS SHOP of 77 327 wAsHiNGToN st . Mme ROGAN Newton, Nms 1 From Burger King S 02 58 CENTRE MEAT MARKET 547 Comm. Ave. Newton Centre 02159 HANILOV s MEN S SHOES Ilxc a H fa-:sf wi-:az cvjfanlon 572054 484 NI RUBBER STAMPS MAGNETIC SIGNS AIIDIITITDZHP Elrmttnq Qin OFFSET PRINTING STATIONERY - XEROX 415 EXlNGTON ST 9644422 NEWTON MA 02166 'T' 244 149 VVATC RE K za r EL B S. ll.lt0llll'l5 GHIBUITIUHSIFTS U EW 5436181100 JEWELER 329 A BURN ST AUBURND LE 02166 A.L. PLAMONDON CO. 2098 Comm. Ave. Auburndale Mass. Compliments of BARN ETT BROTH ERS 305 Centre St. Newton Mass. 02158 THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY Established 1885 ROBERT M. LEVINE B.S. Reg. Pharm. PHONE 244-2794 349 Auburn Street Auburndale Massachusetts Rental 81 Sales On Crutches Canes Wheel Chairs Walkers 81 Hospital Equipment Best Wishes 81 Good Luck PARAMOUNT THEATER NEWTON CORNER y vs r L 1 . A n , , u r ll 04 PP A Snuurr YVAL1-HA . M . 02154 ' O . I I V . L P IRING A . if - T01 , gl 1 U M SS uifii'-fil, HUB DISCOUNT Health and Beauty Aids BOSTON FISH HOUSE Seafood 81 Italian Menu 293 Washington St. 277 Needham St. Newton Corner Newton Upper Falls Exit 17 Mass. Pike Exit 56E off Rte 128 244-7022 244-2710 MIDNITE FOODS AND LAUNDROMAT Groceries ' Subs Pizza Hot Foods 719 Washington St. Newtonville Classucal Chmese OKINAWAN KARATE S10 00 For mrnooucronv counse at Newton Karate Academy 26 Peabody Street Newton Corner Mass 02158 MCDOI18Id S 9646230 fAftar 2 00 P M I 3 Located on MBTA Lune Qyu 509 We do It all for you Congratulations QELJVC 212932 To the Graduating Class of 77 S a 'S e From NONANTUM LUIVIBER CO MASSACHUSETTS ARIVIY N NATIONAL GUARD Buy Where The Bunlder Buys W t N t M es ew on ass 430 Pleasant st 527 2692 Watertown Mass ' I f ' lp?-YS . W : I U - C y - .... QD '22, 43' Across from Howard Johnsons's u T.M. 8o8 s WABAN NEWS WABAN SQUARE 10 Austnn Street 964 1149 Newtonvulle Mon Sat 10 4 AROUND THE CORNER GLORIA 244 9211 AHUQUGS ROZ 323 1794 NAoM1 332 9889 rvncm 1 784 3448 Cornplnments ofthe NEWTONVILLE STAR MARKET 1903 44 3776 hmmm Wmdwk Sefwcce CLEANING TAILORING WEAVING 1637 BEACON STREET VNABAN MASS 02168 IVIYRON CUNIMINS WABAN HARDWARE INC 1641 Beacon St Waban 02168 Hardware Pannts 01 s Garden Supplnes Kutchenware Household Sundrues COMMERCIAL AND INDUSTRIAL CLEANERS 010. Cfianln STEAM CLEANING SPECIALISTS 65 PE M PASQUAROSA 332 QQS7 RHODES PHARMACY WABAN EASTMANS FLOWER SHOP 370 Walnut St Newtonvnlle 244 8150 244 6781 DIAL n SEW EIZBQH Se QM FdDopodbIoSo HMI: AJ. PLAMONDON CO T I 244 2479 2098 Co d I, R H BOISSEAU SIGN COMPANY SILK SCREENING jlUO0E Outfutters For Young Men THE MOTION MARKET 67 Unnon St Newton Ctr Ma 527 0967 Flavors I617I965 3356 FOR ALL SPORTING NEEDS 46 Langley Rd Albllldlli Sports Shop PROFESSIONAL SKATE SHARPENING N9Wf0VI Cemfe Mass 02159 419 Lexmcron sr AuauRNoALE MA 02166 BUTCHERS I, ,NC NEWTON CENTRE Music sHoR 837 Washmgton St Newton 964 2350 Featunng Top Qualuty Meats Cold Cuts, Party Platters 839 Beacon St Records, Sheet Musuc Instrument Rentals and Sales 332 3578 I . Sim er win ochines Soles and Service - - c , n o rvico on a a es el i . mm. Ave. Auburn a , MA. ESTABLSHED 2 - I I O I I ARL STREET NEWTON. ASSE Good Luck to Class of 77 JULES MEYERS ASSOCIATES Best of Luck to the Graduating Class from PROVIZERS DEL 549 Commonwealth Ave XZ? 656+ as T iagtaefr Qualttij Foodo Souza 1883 f E 3 O O90 ONE MORE TYME Myrna Baer 10 4 30 monday fruday 1275 washungton street 11 3 saturday west newton mass 969 2959 WABAN MARKET INC 10 Windsor Road Waban Mass Featuring Prume Meats 81 Gourmet Speclaltues BEST WISHES TO CLASS OF 77 NLG TQ CoHeN ootomasno INSURANCE AGENCY :Nc 141 Mnlk Street Boston Massachusetts 02109 Tel 482 4131 GCDAI. INC an WASHINGTON STREET NEwToNvII.I.E MA 02160 Compluments of GOLDEN STAR RESTAURANT 817 821 Washmgton St Newtonvnlle Mass 244 0687 koocher realty l617D 332 3785 dewwmLQ FIBERS D FABRICS P O BOX 33 NEWTONVILLE MASS 02160 I . I I ' U 4 H - ,. "V" . B-'H K9-A' ff- , A I 4 but ,CA i ., X. f . L ., .141 I - , I 4 ef' 0 . . I 1 7 f' ff-'Ii ' - V A 34" fym ' Q, 1 ?'if -Ja. K 6 Q 65:-A .ff gyf ' , xp? BOSTON DISTRIBUTION CEN 200 UNIVERSITY wI2sTwooo, I-ms s 1 was vvamfqnmsn, . , vwsenewnm MA 02155 - : - EQUUYYSFZPHS x94S46 - ' 0 ' AN . . 1 617 965140 newtonvnlle camera mc SALES RENTALS REPAIRS 831 WASHINGTON STREET PAUL A ROBERTS NEWTONVILLE MASSACHUSETTS 02160 Compllments of G gl S PAPER CO INC 281 Newtonvllle Ave Newtonvulle Mass AUSTIN COFFEE SHOP Ioooo rooo AT Gooo Pnlcssl ARTHUR 8- ANN SPELLMAN I8 AUSTIN ST 527 9324 NEWTONVILLE NEWTONVILLE PIZZA INC 322 Walnut Street Newtonvllle Mass For Fast Service Call Us Ahead And Your Order Wall Be Ready When You Arruve Tel 969 9842 TRY OUR SPECIALTIES THANK YOU Joseph E P esteloh S NG ON STREET SSACHUSETTS 02160 ICE CREAM 964 9200 CARBEAU CUSTOM KITCHENS INC WABAN HILL ASSOCIATES 554 Comm Ave Newton Centre Mass 02159 Compllments of NEWTON S INC Newton Centre 843 Beacon St 527 7400 GARB DRUG The Modern Apothecary Complete Cooperatlon Wlth the physuclan JOBS UNLIMITED AGENCY 41 WINTER STREET 0 BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS 02108 GRADUATES OPPORTUNITIES SECRETARIAL BOOKKEEPING KEYPUNCH COME IN OR CALL 426 6233 Best of Luck from SILVER LAKE ELECTRONICS 377 Watertown St 1347 Washungton St Newton Mutschler Cablnets 527 6300 KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN HARRIS CYCLERY 1294 Washmgton St West Newton frt 163 Mass 335 Walnut St Oldest authorazed Motebecane Newtonvulle Mass 02160 81 Ralengh dealers Now featurung the Motebecane motor bukes 244 1040 I U - T 2 PRESIDENT DELICIOUS PIZZAS .AND HOT OVEN GRINDERS RECEPTIONISTS AND CLERICAL NEWTONVILLE, 'NC' v Tel 9 64 7 7 1 O 65.1006105111 Qplzczans .Bid EYEVM EAR OP DISTINCTIQN Iacques H stan 95 UNION 0111671 Q01 NEI Regustered Optlcuan NEWTGN CENTRE MA 02159 NEWTON CENTRE MASS g 0 '5 0 0 O A an J Open Mon., Tues., Wed. 9-6 Thurs., Fri. 9-8 Sat. 10-5 N ewton I8 n Excellent Work Staff Neleco-Products Inc Tronsporlollon clednlng speclollsfs of l Ko ig Ar' U W XDR L Sei.. P'-YN Keep your fleet looklng nevv vvlth Neleco Products Whatever your need Neleco manufactures the speclflc cleanser Heavy duty or llght o lnslde or out o fabrlc or fender There s a Neleco Product spectflcally developed to handle all of your cleanlng jobs So before you rnove your fleet rnove over to the nnodern safe Iovv cost connrnerclal vehlcle cleaners from Neleco Products Neleco Products Inc Manufacturers of lndustrlal Chemlcal Products 850 Provldence Hlghway Dedham Mass 02026 o l617l 329 3630 SUBWAY SOIL SOLVENT 0 PLACEFZ Llquld Spray Wash Concentrate CLENE IT Concentrate Solvent Ernulslon Cleaner o NO SOPE Synthetlc Body Wash Powder o CHALLENGER lntenor Cleaner I I . I l la 'P Nt . of L l f ' A l ' ' WX C I ' Q A l W, I, X l In L l ' r -s ' l If X I L I K it li ' ll ll L 1 l ll L ,.f'1-li il Y J- frwj " lf flll: ,PT - -" RL Nxlsh ffl. u IT' ' "-. 3 -l 5' r fr .Af Vtfdl i l Yllcll y P S Y T I LEISURE SPORTS INVESTIVIENTS CORPORATION DXBXA! RIVERSIDE LANES 396 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN, MASS. 02172 BALFOUR CLASS RINGS r dby FI 8 R OFFICE 822 Oakridge Avenue North Attleboro MA 02760 Phone 6177695 9695 Balfour BEST LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 77 NICDODGICI S 197 CALIFORNIA STREET NEWTON Reprefen e : Y I 1zwEl.RvsF1NasrrJ1,u'rSN1IeN Q U I . . llllllflllllli A , W Compliments of MAN S WORLD STYLING SALON FOR MEN AND WOMEN 244-4802 0 Counseling for Adolescents and Families 2056 Comm. Ave Auburndale Ma. Star Market appointments: Shopping 527-8793 Center Housing for Runaways Foster Care Information and Referrals Rogan! Samoa Medical Clinic OPEN SEVEN DAYS A WEEK CMedicaI Clinic call for hoursj 2066 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE AUBURNDALE MASS. 02166 527-3990 someone who can. SPEED READING All Services Confidential and Free for 1280 Centre St. Newton Wellesley Weston residents Newton Centre age 13 to 20' 964-3040 MULTI-SERVICE CENTER 1301 Centre Street EdUC3'tlOl'l8l Reading Sel'VlC6 Newtgn ,entre Mass' 02159 96515400 We want to make you happy DENNIS AND DUNUVAN H 0 'LQUE 2345 Commonwealth Ave. 1144 BEACON STREET GENE DENNIS NEWTON, MASS. 02161 C6171 969-1000 O 0 O O If we can't heip you, we'lI find P TEL Best Wishes from HIGHLAND HARDWARE Newton Highlands EWEL9 mer I RAGIIN 1280 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTER MASS 02159 ROSENFELDS BAGELS 81 DELI 1280 Centre St Newton Centre 527 8080 Choose from our 10 varuetles of bagels lntroduclng our Discount Dell Dept complete wlth the flnest dell platters In town congratulatuons to the class of 1977 J 81 S MOBILE 1094 Beacon St Newton, Ma 02161 CHARLES ANTIQUES 84 JEWELRY Ornental objects D art and authentic egyptlan artifacts nm nnvf KRIIFIS If t 3 Y, we as 5 11:13 wool 22 2313315 X11 A Rainbow ot llrts and Crafts Supplies Colors Ideas and Information B63 Washington Street llewtonvllle Mass Phone 521 1206 complnments of JADE ISLAND 870 Walnut St Newton Centre congratulations from AUBURNDALE GULF 2078 Comm Ave Auburndale f' - Y . . ,A f- 1 - 1 , ,Q - Y- . f uw. M y A M my ix ve . ,T A -f' 'eff 1 ' -. ' A jf" fi.-, 417 - ' ,W A Tis -A , 3 vii 'v . . 2. lla , V , 'W 'wa A ' Z X " 15" -5' fl' 2 :11'7" .- 1. V, I -4 3 N y, :,f ,ff fa. Ili- ,I :sl I L4 'Q ' 'I 1 ' 41. . I 1 fl Q. .' W- of Qltx-.gri t s ,, tm , ' J 'Q ,E 'f J 5 1, gfffffwf' f TQ -A f 1 9 y ,f ' U 5 ' Vrifxfrzrzgl' as A is , 2 .N M1-1 A flea' . V - sf x My . A . V -, 4, '9fpf',,. V . f 'Q QX,1...f?l 1 - , , I ' - Best Wishes from EGN A D Do ESTCTRAVEL G CARL J. LUDWIG BENJAMIN GOLDFARB FAMILY good luck to al of you GREENE-SHAW CO 70 Bndge St. Newton I from the , INC. Congratulations to the class of 1977 from VALLE S STEAK HOUSE 300 Boylston St. Newton Ma. 02159 B94-4800 .,.,. ..., the M .02I If W congratulates the class of 1977 KRENOS MON-FRI 9-9 SAT 9-5 823 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE MASS. 02160 TEL. 964-9311 The haircutting place for her and him. FO N M I xstifiz 0,211 XS' .X Z S1 290 Moody Sirnf 52- 5' X' Wal m. ass 54 iIIW"' I S a S 2 . 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