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 - Class of 1975

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E-.v .V . .,4,,4, 34' , iff . an f fy-31, -A H. "fu N., ' . s, 'gh' 'ff .5- ,, A . , ,, 4 va H1 Nw5,gs,,., R F ' in . ff' -Aaz' ' g B? 41... .Affzrf Q -:fr 5.9 -11 Qi. , f ' gif A B "'f'a 1 514. 1!4 - 4Q'Fr!JJf f. Mia-'5F'iCf' . Ni,--.S 4 I K ' . gnvtd' asa?- A ir gg. A fn. 1 55 Aq- 7 ,,, , ,-mpg in! -. i' wr- wg WM '1'l'!'Y... . W gf- , JU 1 -J s,' ,A V- ' 1 'A wg 9 ' K: -JK af? 7. 'nn ff A 1 an X I L , , V - - .L f VI,-H ij' 5. L " .4 .,,. v 'if N : 'xr 1 9 iff. K ..'l ff ala. 4 sr H-, 2.3 ..,7 --: J "H g 'Wx' 2 1 I I P' A' . I - . - I- In J L .0 Juan -5 , ,Y H 'R- JN -7? .Al N' . ' 1.,.'. .' 4 ' 0 4. . .I .... ..,.-,ug -'-5 vu... L' ---on-. .ILS V M ,vu Hu .ytivrfw . ' ' -IH TA , ..-K . . ia? he ' -1 , V K... x ,V - -' . 77: x . ' ' IW, fi, ul 1. .. ...5 ,--- 'ig -.x., - if - 1--1-W'-f-W .- -may - - 'f J 4: 1 --Q..- . .. r t l . . , ,...u , . 4, -pf ,, ,. 'i dw-. , .N . N Q '55 Nc. , uf-n' 1 ," wk - M . ..- 1 ' A...-N' ' f ..,. .4 'Wm A..- ,.. .A-vp 1 ' Tix, y ' .. '- ,. ul. . 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' , f 'i ' w --N u ,. ,135 NEWTON FREE LIBRARY NEWTON, MASS. 1 Y. 'rf' ,f , ,fr Z' In INEWVFW ING lN! W Hl fH1!l1lIlQ53 HU FHM L lNEWiV lNW'4 N WHQWS5 ' I ..- - E x 3 l ,X 1 vc-" 'r E .1-H, , , ..-v-wIu!r""" .--Q---"""' was-nal' -,................-, -4 mm: 'F ', nv. ' W"'i""4' ,Gig . 25 4 vc H 1 " 0 1 ' F La,,,......f-u-f 'Op ,fl'JX 'N 3 vga RW .A "r 9. . ., N " Q ' A 1 , U 45 ,J 5 :Q '.xa. X ' x A 'S ' ' . 1 vw 0 K wztfsq 5 . fx' Y-q Ns nl G, ,. . A .Mau ,ff gn-0 il' f I 1 .,,. 411 5:0 Q 'Dv' 5 5 4 H r I m X Q22 r "' Q. .r-4-. J , J ,W A 4. 4. LQA . ww-n rw- uw., ,4 M, J -4' stir K X x Q 1 I .f 1,1 1 . -2 L V 'fin s 'A' -1 Y" 9 - 4 it -. rx H ' x I ' ,., us ,, . """" . , ' 1 n ...--u ' .-sr' le I w H .Q eff il 4 I I 4 I X EWTONIAN STAFF J if 5 Steve Karas Caren Arsenault Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor LaY1'outCo-Editor . 4 . Layout Co-Editor . , Photo Coordinator S L Photo Editor s...., Assistant Photo Editor Literary Co-Editor S L Literary Co-Editor , , Sports Co-Editor S S Sports Co-Editor . , Art Editor t..... Business Manager . . . . . Marin Collins . . A Julie Sudikoff . Peter Rosenberg ,.,.Jim Easton . 4 , Tom Cardillo . , , Billy Cutler . . , Susanne Stern t.....lack Green . Barry Silverstein At.. Beth Haney Brad Wigglesworth Q 91 i L, x if V 71 C opy Editor t...,. Advertising Manager Circulation Manager Data Editor ,...... Special Projects , . , Ways and Means , , . Music Coordinator . , Murray Road Coordinator A , Advisor .,,... Cover design by . , . . . Paula Auciello . . . . . Jeff Becker . David Rosenthal , . . Pam Pollen L . L , Bob Salsberg Marcie Abramson S . . Aldo Fabrizzi . . , Laurie Kunitz A . , Armando Rossi . . . Diane DuBois I 1 vi I J,. , PM ' 1 . , s gi lf, ' 'Y 1 Q . qi? Amid M V L. Y2!x .,, wi.. . 1 ""4 ,4 x .,, : ,.,,-Ht 'HK -N N 33" ,Fw ,V .g ' -lla EY? ill , 155 541. g't!!'a'! L ' 1fQf!!"' fit. -7- ,ao P Q 4 if .-.f .,4 ' xv Q5 Q0 OD 4 ,Q O ob Oo 1 0 4 1 0 O 4.4 4 I o'.1, A r o ., I Arr I ,1 QU will f' 3 .r' - ' 4 E3 'fi vs ... , L ,,,,, , q. ,,- 5 x , , "' I I .1122 :Oi 4 ,, 5? 5 w 4 1- fs. Q MJ, 21. M, , ' 1 213 A 51 .,, Y-, , -41, V. V 1 4, . 'ki Vi?Vf ' 01 1 ,fx i K -L 1 f -A., n 'i 1 ,rn at ax V- N ,. .nl ,, gs' .. . . ha ww f M -ro ,gf I ,1- F , ,, N,-V - W iYf.A,,.? fix? ey N 4114 -mx. . 41-fm-.-V1 ww- ff f 4- , 5 , X ,- ,,., , ...V Q . . rw ww ' www .Ur , . 4 ,. , wfim .' 4, - . f.. V .. .- ., ,,,,,. P 3 . ,ft 1, .1 V I R . Fzfs1.q:3, 1 :-.f .5133 " 2 " fi ,S+ ' l 9 3 Z I 'qfajgif 'xiii' N 1? LX A R il! a- ' i' :1r,' -1" .l ' L ' 5. , , xf '34 .' U 5 " 1 4 I ' .211 , ul 'I 'T' 2 6 Q f -lx . f lf 2 A sg V Q ,Q , 3 BT 4 4 " ai ' I E .JMR 's -L. L1 ,V Q I 4'- s . Si? , ,N wg V w -Y 5' H! ji - ' B . F' ' .Lnif . FGA. 5 -' v BL. jg , 1 I . ,. .Q-' -5 . .g L y H I 5 ,I ,, 4 E. ., arxgtu -fx Q -1 . f u3 fl fi G use .441-:?:N'.' . up Y Q ' '. -Y f " - - B an I . .flf h N ,Q. .. 5 6 ff ' ' 8- . ' , ' 3- I . x I .l I . ' 0-1 'X 1 f 1 v 193. 'z s I 4' rpg fr 1, A , 1 N I ' A 6 . f , Er! . I -ix , K ' fi lamk 'mf' rbf gbfif df, xw an ,, A, ,. 5 'NAM QiwQwvQ W ?f,: . '23 J- " fig. 'vm w- ' Y 4 'PP' . '1 f -1 'V fs iv, J 1, . ,, .rf aw , Za ' J' , , Q i lj., L4 l 'Rf Q ,- 2 s f XF vm, 9-,, J """"-in ,za V' F l f M .- . "' .f- 51' 'l' .s . 5 ' Y, as JZ if X , ,gm , .,-.4,:.m,.,f 1..:.. -V 1 . pug 4 ,- '5- in .f .1 Q fiizfg EN, I' , ,, ,1ff' 41- Q .11 wfgzf 'ff' , ' P' 35 5 dvi? 4 ,fy 4 , Q 10 " W ,,, ,A,.:V mg, 1, J 1 wx " ,' -I 5 YL... " ..g.x5..-L e 5 4 TN ...f wr-'N L - -ke-" Ja Rtght now a lot of kids are ltkely .sayzng how much they hate thts school, but wait until they have gone, and then see how they I71l'.S'.S' it . . . " 'iv :N .W .K 'Q is 5.- . ,Hx ' . .,-kxss,-S ' .2 a .ny .W Y " 'n .Q Q-.N I .,,., ' . EE! -up v "' "' ,ILM Q 'W 4' -A ,K . xx ,N Q 1 , ww. fu -A 'Y ,, 'UN ,4- ,.. 1 me 1,-,fv , 1 v N. Q9 'Ill 3 3' N'-.X 1 W my lx w ' I x ' .f . h ' . Mxx., 1' f .., - .ff x -L ,f 4 ,I Aa, ff, . Q 1 x Q ' " x. K x X C 7' 1 I, V fn-' - H' ..- 1- , :ww ....-Q, sv.. Q... A-L '25 'S-.. 'V -s. vqg QQ ll I . . I ,l .y. . 'r .X N , , ..AQz'm-Q, 5-1, . N -3 ' , v -1"'i 1 I Q, g - v,.g' 4 A 1 I . 0' ' I i I I -f . , l . 4 -' W , . L f ' . I' I-Q. , . . ,, .- I , X , ' 'ww . - ' I r , , ,. M25 h H t E 1 1. ,L I - , ' I " I . ' :Qfwdt X . - .f. x -' , ., Q 0 , Y ' . M' Q- N 'lt , If Y I ' '-- , ""' Y 'fr . W Y., Q , 3Rs.,Nq,. 'dwg' 1 ,bf , , , 4" E D' ..- N 9 .f" 9' O ivw , l ,di 'N fl .- 'Y Qi g T0 'film SQ is 4 'M -1 ' X ,Q XXXXX '15 . A QE I. N., . 1. X f", ' W' v X .l fl Q. Kb. 1 ., , gs- X X NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL 1859-1973 W, ,.:z:-gs, , .i, fi i AE E -f l ,J , 5 n qv, 12:-'13 , '? 'nw fm ' g ., ,F""'f"' A Wig It was old, decrepit, sometimes dirty and ojl ten depressing. But for a year it was a home and we all had to learn to live in it. Some ofus had more success than others, but we all devel- oped a kind of affection for the grey and dirty yellow bricks. In many ways it was a part ofthe past, a bridge to all the previous generations of students who had passed through its halls. We were youth among the ruins ofage. 16 1' Fl ,nv-1 . r X ', 2' 2 II. I Eiilan f' I V c a , i 4 2 l ' ,,--,,. we----"A" " 'W' . . . 1 4 V , 1 . 1 Y-W YY ,W ,,-.., "" , 1 , ,p0..114 'P ir i H lb if ."f'f"vfi fi' A ,,:i iff .ar .1 I miss sitting 011 Ihe voling machines. 1- .I-'Fi' Hd-,,,J ff" Z sf Vi-' - E- -1-wg,-f-31.1-v:LSfQ.i, . 3 .. 1 f f.. Y It was a hell ofa place. .KXA x . . - 'iq' '--:3'1.. The Ola' school was a mess, run down and battered, but iz had Class. A S 1 RW , Q--1,,1,,..ofu ., , 3., N f 1 5 5 1 2 i 414251,-1: 19 i r ffl R Y ,W -,A K if M- e e M TN 1, ,Q -ee , .,-- Q KKV' , fV"f'.T1ifg1i WZIQM, "J : ,. F , "' ,J .X ' -W f ,H L If 1 K . A - , i ' M ' fvfsfrflf'-lv -':-e ,1"!l',., . ' ,If , I ' i e 'f?a"f.f'fw M N ' Q 'if a f 711 s i 3 , 5 A, ig - A -1 'Q W -,fr 1 1 , P '+v.'1.', , W,,.-,...V ,,.. , i Q V, if . . , - 5 .., , F ---4 V N- ,,,,,,t -'ww "1 .1 ,W ,,,, ,A,A it , , . 3--gf - r " . ',,,.f " W ' .-uf' Q 1 , -if: V. 1 . .lf-4 '- 3 3? 1 ' "'.a4f'.sAg':i.i -1- -' .- ' 4 43, 5. 3- E P 59 4 C asf 'V ' f 5 ." 1 J H , ,- , ,.1, ., . ,, ' '. " y,L5, - ef fing? A'-'55, ?:5..,A- ,iffegigy ,- f., .,g -. V.. , -M .,,V, , 4 f A My-e. L 4 4,1 -i -' ,L A -H , 5-- -,1,c e l.l..l lt I li, - V e e fi? f fi 'im i , M Q, ,G ww, , if - ' -- - A Q' - -- - . ,-.aku Now it is gone and we are the beginning, tlze first generation ofthe new Newton North High School. The contrast ofthe new and old buildings has pro vided a mean- ingful experience for us all. The tinze spent in the old school now seems remote to some, close to others, but regardless, it is a part ofour memory of Newton High School. We have seen shadows ofthe past ana' have experienced traces oftlzejttture. 5 I I lb 1 I rl' it " .ff I Mr. Mechem NEWTON PUBLIC SCHOOLS NEWTON NORTH HIGH SCHOOL NEWTONVILLE, MASS. 02160 NEWTONIAN Although we are far away from fully utilizing the potential of the new building, our sec- ond year in it has brought substantial progress and improvement throughout our entire program. Reflecting a national trend, you were more serious this year about your classroom work and more willing to commit yourselves to the school and its various programs both within and without the classroom than other recent classes have been. The student mall, which was not completed until this year, attracted many students regu- larly throughout the day and complemented the concept of Main Street within the building. Increased offerings in Girls Athletics, new courses such as "Transition" and many others enriched what has traditionally been a full and varied program. The continued smoothness of the consolidation of the Technical High School within the comprehensive high school similarly added another dimension to our entire program. Certainly the members ofthe Class of 1975 have individually and collectively been re- sponsible for much of the change and improvement that has taken place. You are one ofthe two classes which has attended school in both the old buildings and the new and consequent- ly your attitudes and contributions were of great significance. We appreciate your help and hope that this experience has been valuable to you. Good luck to you as you leave Newton North High School for another major change in your lives. ZQZJXZMWN Richard W. Mechem Principal 'X s. .. ZA.-N ff A x Wifi! B BX 4 X f' 4 , f I an V f u sy MW lf, W, JA, f'?Nw f g , , , ,ff xxx? A , ff 4. X ,WW '-.,,l F If ' .- I Aff X . is H rIlM 'JS'Lf5'x'g X P141 T4 I " ' A I 'X N Qg'4r1UXu' ,,y Ht , , K 1 f Wann 'LW' k'X"f'U ,, M1 ' I 1- V' A- A 55 W Q' ' r N. N' :LX B 5-xxwxiwf fl! X X , " fi ,4 .f ,,-'E is 0 Mr. Dunham Bill Becker Open Cumpm Bourd,l-rm11Rmv l.-R, M. Hymung D. KLlFUfxfXQS.cil'CCI1, Prcxg M. Rmcnb.1un1.Scc.g PX. Grccng h.Snstclx1 M. Tcdcwoi L. l'.I1gClbIT1L1FlQD.fyDtIhCl'ljQBillBCClxCl',cNU0I'dlfI.ilUf HMA Run l AR. Lf Bcnncllg M. Dcnnlsg H, Barmng K.CialtongA.ShuuInmn1L.Cuhen1 D. Bmlcqu. l1.QkUI1I1UHfQC. l'Cfl1N. .I Koklurkg A. Lcwmg P. Grccng C. Cuhlcndu, Trcuyg MfIcdcxcu1 li. lfuschhcrgg .-X N1uL1u1111 .I Rmcntlcld. D. Burenberg, iwwnuvwn he .A ..... -.-. UIYYO lffl ' ' lllli lil!!! lil!!! DDU!! ilif 2' 9 4 ...Q 5 , Q. , Q ...,.--.ani iff Mr. Adams, Housemasler Mrs. E. Aronson ,AA s --X v :nw 5 ... X I 1 4 J . , ? in E- '61 F," vw WX X 4 X 'XX X, K ,W nf .W f L 4 W1 X I X XX 4 X 0 , f 7 J 2 fi z A ' Mol. X ww xx K 1' -F, J 5 xx A4 X K .M 5 x J h Qpx Ny w In ff www I I V , A I 'X fix E. ,ff , ' nf 2 1, 1 Mrs. K. DiRusso ig - nf ! I PALMER . P3-vt g " Q-e,.,:-iii? PQFN 5' 'L 7: E rf 4 11' , N jg, f!77"!f'Z M' f 1 W . X ' Q' 1 Xl, i f ,X if 7 ff A97 ,,5 fg ' ? . LM M j Y X f Mr. Gradone, Housemaster gli. V l' si Mrs. Leone Mrs. Nicolettu It w. J 1 .F If RILEY , N X ' A Mr. Fraktman s House-:master SWAN if fx if E Zi' x g Q, vmli-.S ' " X f x fl hx XX A 4-ml XXX f 1 Z jx 1 XX Z A w- B X If L1" '.T1 X X X N HJI QX. , ww f X HI JL 'Mb K Q? 1 +11 'X . .fmx M. f 'I r N ' X 4 ffl! fxf X' N X fy, X 1 s ' X , xgf A , X x 1 Mrs. Raymond Mrs. Chartier BACON 'Ns ,Agfa i i xqf it '4 Miss Helen Ryan - Housemaster Mrs. Geiger Mrs. Caira Bacon House Council SENIGR CLASS K 1:7 V , Daniel Coukley, Presidentg Susan Mescall, Secretaryg Alison McCann, Vice-Presidentg Robert HershEeld, Treasurer 'Eff' 5 In Senior Class Committee l975 ! MAIN OFFICE SECRETARIES P A ,,,. H 1 if ' U Mrs. McDermott ?' 7 . A f .N 4 ', u Af-, N. E ' , . are-wid' Q,-v""' 'z ZW .- . .1- Mrs. Turner Mrs. Miskella Mrs. Esposito Y F Q.-,Vt LLP-' :fat-:C ' V 10-pvfxf--f ' ' vr' f - r , ..,, 1 ,4 Q, E, Q.. .'::.'- ,sf rg'-f,a:q4fs'7 ,h zfy S . ' '1,.!:1 , JL.,-j, - ,- .,..l , -'-' 'tk-'. i' zo, ' "--4451, - 1 Q, -4:01 1..- 3' -, .-I 1.41 : " 'H'ff.':,- ' 5,3 -qn .w , ax, , ., 1- 5 wg 'g-af. if 5" f f.,.c,. lg ' -fi iii' Pa if i,p!:,d Tfgzf 29251 2 ggff-av' eff'-A V ,' 9,3 uggai , , iigwmgw ls! get ' Q . ,fiif-1'-1, 'f iii 'f' ijfiyy. 'f -i1'.1,w', , ' LS .' ..1.1.',,-, ff 33:41 5" tw f- - 'f ' ' .f2fQ2fs' f. , M51 Keg 'L"f?- Y: - L1 f 151.31 1' i '1- Laif? ,,...,, ,,?:-,:?:,,f,. V .,1,,.41gv '. 1 I .f , Lvqzyl-L. .3 . -V :-:5.'f2'!3i'f- .f ff' m 4 1 '-.- ' 'EN-1 . mega '. I Wg. n. :- fr.-n ' . .5-l-4 A Q 3: 1 v n '1 'P 1 2 -.4 I I I i ,, x 1 A , T X Y x ? " E s , V V dv-v4wl'9lluuqu.,,,,,,,.,,,,, . 5 . -.....,.s """'l"' A. 523 11 1 'J' , -'Q-J -'kL.l...4no,l f nf -,oval-P I5 Xkm-awmfm - M .. 1 11's a breakaway from the normal classroom scene, it gives you a chance to work with ,L our hands as well as V1 our m1na'. 3- I I I .w-v..,,,, "'w- 47" . 'ff ,an-.S ls! Raw Mr, Manghue, Mr. Nicolas, Mr. Doherty. Mr, Penta. Nlr. Bmw n Mr. Sahagian, Mr. Cionti. Mr. Mangan. Mr. Repucc1,.'rnlRlm Nlr N15 co, Mr. Gardner. Mr. MacLeod. Mr. Sullivan. Mr. Dnpoll, Nlr, Rynn. Nlr Day. Mr. Hegarly, Mr. Texeira. ann.. rffffm W wi X nl x K . a Y i f i 1 . Ex To Live Dari! le! if pciss, For you may ll6'1't'I'St't'1'I again Like a crawa' af'pc'uplf'. Like a I'l'V6I',fLUWl.lIg. Slay in, Dolfljunzp azil, Graxp Qf'WL1UIVl'Ull can hold. For you may rzawr sw 1.1 again ENGLISH English. Front Row L to R: B. Slreibert, A. Seralin, E. Avery, E. Linde, D. Harper, P Stone T DePeler P Gartland Second Row L to R Seated L Ross man, G. Bower, M. Papa, S. Tierney, L. Borden, A. Perry, B. Killion. 3rd Row L to R I Dover H Smith S Bornstein L Pistell B Weiner M Lanigan S Crevoshay, M. Sargon, T. Temmallo, T. Warshaw. 41h Row L to R: R. Dephoure, D. Outerbrldge M Marshall J Harris L Montague D Evans A Mall T Schaefer. Missing: E. Boyle, G. Bresnahan, P. Capodilupo, J. Fernandes, S. Guignard, M Hubbard R Ingalls N Walker D Williams READI NGANDWRITINGOFPOEMSANDS HORTFICTIONperrycrevoshayTHEBIBLEhar rispistellSPEECHfernandesMECHANICSOFW RITINGbornsteinstoneCREATIVEWRITING harpercapodilupoingallsLINGUISTICSJOURN ALISMevansstreibertPROP-AGANDATECHN IQUESsmithbordenTHEATERA RTSdepeterw arshawTRlALSlNLITERATUREplunketBLA CKHISTORYANDLITERATUREbowerHUM ANITI ESPPHI LOSOPHYpapaboyletierneyM E CHANICSOFREADINGLITERATUREOFT H EABSURDsargonrossmanwilliamsSU RVIVA L, EXPLORATIONJESCA PEbresnahar MYTH,FOLKTALE,SCIENCEFICTlONmon tagueREVOLTANDREVOLUTIONouter bridgedoverLATl N-ENGLISHSEMI NA RmarshalldephourewalkerARTANDTECH NIQUEOFTH EFILMshine , N 4 ,134 f 1 .- H - ,1 ff 7 f ,rg ' -' ef. . xl! Z.. -l l W SCIENCE Y X X at X - 00 l SCIENCE "The squeamish suffered through Biology. Those with a sense of ad- L venture and no fear of being blown up, took Chemistry. The very brave took Physics." T... i i l l I i I , First Row: G. Martins, D. Gerstein, F. Spitzer, Bird, K. Simat, R. Sheridan..S'emr1dRmv.- H. Wiper, E. Nicol, D. Belmarsh, J. Milne, D. M. Wells, J. Skbken, R. Mullone, L. Freeman, V. Funo, C. Jones, Rist, G. Ainley. R. Fernandez. i'lli.s.ving: D. Geike, F. D'Agostino. in .6", .-,s l t l l l Q if IIEPMH' AIA TH i GIVEN: Rm. 3682 is in I Adams House. Rm, 2147 is in Ri- ..feT'f'9'?fiTf3f?5?'T?-if ley House. V Q2 m. 4498 is in ll . 5... ...... Q . H . .... Barry House. l Q' -3' ' ea- :rw Q.. Rm. 2556 is in V ' Beals House. il Rm. 3347 has not ll yet been found. l QUESHON: Whem is Rm. 1 2294? :cg ANSWER: From the given A VV. dutzi is is obvious l that the room " number is deter- ll mined by the square l root ofthe length ol' l Q the corridor multi- , plied by the loga- E rithm ot' the height of the door divided l by the elevation i i i i 6 SOCIAL T DIES ,J RJ Social Studies: From I. m R, V, Darney, D. Handspicker, P. Evans and Nick, M. Morris. L. Bedford, J. Amoroso. C. Waks. Second Row: H. Kalivas, R. Wines, N. Rossiter. G. Browning. C. Horgan, J. Livingston. G. S. Guild, R. Boucher, K. Ober. Missing: P. Gottlieb, R. Reid, D. Crowley, T. Murnane, R. Perlmutter, T. Uritam. E. Wight, J. Namias, P. Sullivan, N. Dellmuth, A. MacDougal, G. Stein. I guess the most important thing I learned is that ifit wasn't for the Revolutionary War, the New England Patriots would l probably have a different name. l . 46 ANGU GE 'SAQKJ-MH, Front L to R: M. Meyer. R. Neufeld, H. Saunders, M. Yesley, M. Waters. E. Cohen, H. Carp. Back L 10 R: J. Degnon, R. Steinert, D. Phelan, V. Cox. Missing: R. Clark, J. D'Agnese. F. Davis. C. Fenn, B. Flanagan, M. Hogan, M. Pelegrini, R. Rude, M. Vallone, L. Weisbrod. I 3 . X Q -eea for X... WM 1 K X all lt Elk all , X V lt lxtllll,'. 'lx-1 . Bonjour Jean. Comment vas-tu? Muy bien gracias Cy tu? Molto bene. Wer ist dass? C'est un ami. Ah come ti Chiami. Se llama Pablo. Dass ist genug. D'accord. R Como no! Ciaou. l . MUSIC Mr. Smith Mr. Good Mr. Lasker ART Qfab 45 Mr. Silverthorne, Ms. Movitz, Mr. Shultz 48 PHYSICAL EDUCATIO Q Pa ,en Wof . J ,ff J F if Q 'lm ffgf . Z' " Q 4 w- TF .11 - I . f , 40 qi N I L Firsz Row: F. Yailanes, M, Buzzi, G. Jessup, J. Ronayne, R. Galley, B. Merril. Second Row: J. Levine, F. Picariello. Getrost, R. Frazier, J. Davidson, J. Cradle. -'-'--nu n tt? 12i...L, .1 .- ff. -. E mg'-xg ui-KSN W: L In R5 Mr. Shapiro: Mrs. Nolan: Mr. Wells Ms. Romung Mr. Howland: Miss Caram Mr, Rossi: Mrs. Rcsnickg Mr. Sallakl Mrs.MaChukoS1 Mr. Meyer,'11g,' Mrs. Allieri. GUIDANCE Isl Run X1f.1N1LiCklC.N1l'.GfLiI1gCl'. N1Q.VN'oIf.N1s. Yunofsky. Ms.Truchtenherg.Ms. Black. Ms. Klcinbcrg. Dr. Brinton. Ind Row Ms, Logan Nir. BclIu.N1r.Sturk.Dr.Dclulw.N1r. Bower.Ms,Dans.N1s.Sucks.Mr.Snupc.Ms.Lonrun,Ms.Prokopy,Mr.C41rroll. ,J ni, LIBR RY i ,.,f' su M,---',,..f 'WM ,,.,...,..-1--"""""' ,mwwrwlfvwf 'Q 44 Q , 4 M. , W, 5 bl ' ' - 0 xW - x -, I K-1 . fi? e RS' Q f KL, I t- , it -1 Vo 45 nm-nr' ff Edward Beatty, Belle Gilbert, Marion Moriarty, Dorothiu Nubseth, Shirley Ahern. Ruth Goldman. CAREER GUIDANCE 36 'og fe 1 Mrs. A. Caggiano. Mrs. S. Hickey. Mrs. M. Trachtenberg RECORDS GFFICE Mrs. Marjorie Ruggiero, Mrs. Eugenia Copeland - 'fi . ,1 fy- QW, W,-.' ., W'?v',,d!3A-'s,'f - KW: Jviqlg' ,L,t,,.. f I X. my. fgywwg.-,N'.: ,::1-ui-. 1593 ,,:mg222 , 541 r xkril. ,Hi V, Wy, it 5 ' 9 1' '4i't'1,., 1 , ,U f Q34 3, . 545:12 Q u' JN' . 1 if ,2:Z'?f3Q'?if'Gf1"-1, '. f vnu .f fy 2,'?. f iffflzqfafi' " -: '- +1l,'x:'..w, wr, ,iff :lj 4 Sieffff' ffxf' " 'iF,iT.2ff'5'5'j'C,1.' L' xx 3 -'S CY, , fi. ' ,,'!L"T'f,' ' , ,w,,ng1-9 '4 , V, "','.1"i , fx he - . :Cff11?'f f ' f :JG Ji" ' , , 11 ' ly., A , w 'U--" ' 1 ' xs','zj3 1 ' X 1,2 T51 ' Lf, - ..:X I V 1 'pf 1 . v ig. , , V .L "2 ' .23 5' i 4. , -W ,. yin '- e A bfi'-" 5 141514 'L' ' ,, ,, . ".,. f. ,,, , 'J NEWTONIAN EDITORS it 'Z , 11 4. Armando Rossi W Advisor lla Q , MT, V 1. s-6.w.ziA!Lg.. . t Peter Rosenberg - Photography Coordinator Steve Karas - Editor Caren Arsenault - Asst. Editor Marin Collins - Layout Co-Editor Julie Sudikoffh Layout Co-Editor lg .. taxi ii iw f K x. is Jim Easton - Photo Editor Tom Cardillo - Asst. Photo Editor Bill Cutler - Literary Editor Barry Silverstein - Sports Editor swf-'v V , .'.,, i Beth Haney e Art Editor ..,.,, WW' W, A nib-v - Susanne Stern e Literary Editor H , .,,,,4-naiQ,.gprr1' ., . V .. U Q V art, -.' , - I . . ' , 1 34.5. --V... -ni "' Q ' . - . . A nk., Q in A Q' , -A in 'L Q Jack Green - Sports Editor We should have gone to the beach. Brad Wigglesworth e Business Manager Paula Auciello Copy Editor 5- V. ,Q Gaia .A , aka ? :i:'x1. ,, P 2 ' 3' ' rits ' ,, 1, ,fa ,.. 5 2 'ff ' 'iii 'f 1 IN. ,., ,-'fa "'.a'T 'N Q-5.,. lf , M, if ' 'Xa ,Iell Becker David Rosenthal Bob Salsberg -Xdiertixing Manager Circulation Manager Special Projects ,--,-e x v , 'V - Fw' :iv ZFI, . P 1.3, f I . i 'fz,., Pam Pollen Marcie Abramson Data Editor Ways and Means ,H I WM' ,wr-any wan. . Q.. K' !XIdol'aliri111 Laurie Kunitz Music Coordinator Murray Road 'H' PHOTOGRAPHY Photo Stull: ,loel Levens. Gail Blauer, inset, Beverly Biblio, ',,,,..-4--""' 6 LITERARY Literary Staff: Jack Chinian, Amy Ludwin, Elaine Cocuzzo, Karen Engelbourg, Jim Von Hendy, inset' Alison McCann. Mming ,Line Mt'C.irlhx l-AYOl l l.1'.1iuISl,ill f If lJi.iriu lmli fwllirix Nl r lll 'Crier Hi. Sll'wCV-ltflll l Xcluerlixiritl l.iriel Sulli.i ., Qi' Q'-P ET X if 'niNgSt.i.l li l cel-, lJUi K lnitlx Mila. Debbie llulpcrn, 'Xnne Ruilx- mg - , ,",:.w 0 ,Q xu J U.. V I .-I an . It ,.. I' J 1 1 is ' 1 , . ,w - , +.V-' 1' w . '.., 6' " ll . W ip. , , N4 34 - Iii CIRCULATION STAFF Row lr Hugh Caplan, Lori Schlager, Maureen Culbertson, Emily Avila, Amy Sh0Olman. Row 35 Bernie Lebow, Scott Goverman. Randy Kravitz, Jeff Caplan, Doug Silver f?'x .....?,, ff, 'Mi . . -UW 5 if- I WJ A iff' ' ' 'A 'ff' ' Hgh - ,f A V' , A, f xx Jfi, "U" ' 7a X., '. ,-9 i', . , V.. 9- Y. 1.7, .W fy, IP! .fsufy , :Q Q if . . f- ii 1 I 1 Sport Stalil Robert Sleek. Robert Kinsella. Art Stafff Mark Mahoney. Debbie Salelt ADVERTISING STAFF Nlrirthu Sultlinger. lynn Baden. ,gn llni l exenwn Rim f .lel'l'C, 'WJ' 5x tt Duel'ixbni,in..lohnXolante Nltw- un Rowentlml. Suxun Nlexeull. 9 Q I 4-4-. X v. I ,' i If Ill 'iii i i I- I 15 lf? -iqiw f a ' . 3: 5 . . wggi X 'VR 'pf , was ,-3 V421 R"-Q23 Qq I V4 ,, 4:25 Y B X -L., -9 t .Q L 3 x J! I I W, 2 the N TO ITE Issue No. 5 Newton High School, Nvwtonville, Mass. - Nov. 13, 1974 i 8 Pgggg az. ry, Louise Krakow Editor Rick Gordon Managing Editor I 23 'af' ' 8 K I Ms.Smi1h Advisor F L I If r "' I X. '95 J as 4 . -4 -41 'fa luv ur' Dfw. ,v-.7 Eiirfkj -X , gzzggrrfv fb 'e2,iFLv . . . fu .' - 1. 1 , .,: , 1 E:-ai. - . S , . C? f Jffffl Xww flmlllm. Cl1g1rlcxNXu,L .l lorl. Brenner, edllur. lhlmcl Suwm, Num Muff. Sue: Wullc, Sandy Iwun. Sue Circcn. .lmh Hyalr Sufunnc Sud1Iwt'l', Sue Ycrkcx. cdntur, .-lr1 51.111 Yluc l'hL1rm,cd1lur. Slcxclfhln, .llnlrllu Nun Irv:- lla' lirmrrlrrlxfffzg, ld Muller, Niall Ixmmcr. .lctl Becker. Rlck firmrdnrr, C'.1rul x1.lfCh.iI1d, Sm Nignxx, ,lmh Hull. Budgcmry rrmgrrmgcr, Slcrnx, Spnrlx cdllnr, Rlch Ruum. Sfmrzx xluff. Hclcn I'L1uhx. Dgmd I-nshm.m. Rlch R.1um. cdr lor, lXCXlI1CUfbII1 li1f1Ifm1 HNWIIIQWS lllrlflxlltf Mlkc Orcnhcrg. I-Lmrzm' nuff. ,lullc Sudllxofl cdnlor, l.nurg1 H.1xl1ngN, Nilgucl S.mchc1, Suv Nkux, Mark Snider. .loh.mnc Hcrm.m. l.1rrx Chen. l'lm1.rgrr1fvlz1 xmff, x1lkL' Rims. Xl.m KLIILBJFIRONCI1bILlll.CLiIl0l' 9 . 1, g CIRCULATION STAFF: L-R, Rebecca Wilson, Robert Meek. Lisa Lofchie, Monica Scott, Tom Gordon, Audrey Berkowitz, Myra Zamansky, Joel Chernov, Kate Poverman, Abigail Rodgers, Mark Sniderg manager. ?3 4' 3, 3 . . r 'f' ry efsm ' 1 ,,, f I "W" vu- M. is l A A Mark Snider - circulation manager ADVERTISING STAFF: L-R, Amy Lewis, Betsy Mathews, Debby Reichard. Judy Newman - gdveftiging manager 9- Marcie Abramson billing manager nn Editor in Chief Louvse Krakow NITE Managing Editor Rack Gordon Robert t-tershlteld NEWS Edllor rf Sue Yerkes Q:-.:yGg55:,5,e,,, BROADCASY STAFF News Analysis Edttor Smve Chun Rick Gordon C J Lori S Brenner DICK Egg, Jett Santls Art Editor Susan Charm Kam, Kanman Susan Verkes Feature Editor Julie Sudikott Dawd Syephen Josh Hyatt SDOVIS Editor Rtcnara Raum Michael whne Carol Marchand Photography Editor Bart Rosenblatt Man Kan Mall Kramer Literary Advisor Helen Smith Susan Mass Sandy Ward Business Manager Mike Orenberg Shawn Comu Ed Moller .. Billing Manager Marcie Abramson Mau Kramer Harold Kalzrnan Budgetary Manager Frank Stearn Josh Hyan Jen Becker AdVC"'j'29 xiggfaerf Suzanne Sudtkotl Susan Mus U Ctrculailoil, Publvgity, Correspon ,:,':En:g'lfgrman The newspaper ot Newton Hugh dence Manager Mark Snider ,yawn Comm School, Newtonvllle. Mass 07160 Business Advisor Frank D'Aqostmo Sue Buchsbaum' F01-M095 'fl I977 to YPPOVI SCWPUI events and to publish student opinion LITERARY STAY F Won Maclean to serve as a record, and to Comment Susan Green Eric Valle on our lemes Published lb times .fanny K rg-edman pm' Smog throughout the school year at I0 cents mlnora 'inn Dawg Ftghman per issue or S200 per yearly sub it-It t-locker scription Printed by ottset Danny Sannn wr'-at Barron Richard Tanenaaurn Debbie Greenslde NEWTONITE editorials representing Miguel Sanchez BU5'NE55 STAFF the opinion ot their authors will ap' Sue Wolt ,Om swoon Rebecca wtlgon pearslgned and do not represent the Laura t-lastlngs Debby g,,,cr,ayd Sandy Erbatma position ot the NEWTONITE. Judy Wyman Bgtgy Matthlws Lisa Lotchte Editorials representing the ottlcial Charles F wu Debuy p-tatpgrn Abigail Roders Dositlon ot the NEWTONITE will Jean Salvucci Audrey ge,-kc,w,p1 Kate Poverman aooear unsiuned The NEWTONITE Lawreme Coen Mmg Chan Torn Chang invites members at the school com- steve Schaeter Bom, MR., Min zgmgmgy munlty to womn guest articles or Helen Fuchs Mm, Scan Amy Lewli edltofllll. letters to the Edltor, and arena: Beltmgure Joel Churnot my other mntorlet my pollution. 1 WHQUGHI PI QIIXITS 1 Y. - AI - ' A ' , . - "' 'x.-,.4J,-'K 1"A x Q N , tn W "'w,. i,. .,,, x .:il'f" xv. M- M,-sr . . ' ,,,.,. ' 'gl M. X ,rlnA,.-,- ,, .lv .r QV 'Q"f'-Zf'!:lx "- V-,rv -'I' ' ,Q '."' , ., 'fu 7. ' ,J .. ' , . '...4f,:'7 T ' m.'!9!evnn.u1wgf-L,-,..w . V IPS"-ff'5..". , -, 'rltigx .'-fQ"'r.'.1Z'3ViT'.f. . ' V.,'L.r' X ' bi, .' EEA:-1-:.' 'lib'-i.' .- -' wh?- f-xx 11.5 ' ' 1,1 1 'ak s BLACK STUDENT UNION . ,X 'wt XX E -ii ,x Z7 4- 'W 6 3 Y fx LL! "1-' j ..,f, . G, , M ,, ?WQ.:.., , X L. , .f rg. . . 14 1, f. . 1 V: ' f , J- K .- ' ,.,-A S-1" V w ,V U 1 .V .Q V , , In PX 5.59-I 4 'Ji :gy +I-3 -1.f'11Z,vf X f sv F , .,1g,,5 -:A-M , 1- 1: ,Q ' y 11 3 - km ' Y Z 'iw 'tv ?'!'f41'3l' - ' I .v A, , 'I , ., . . , . ' gh, A Y cfvywin- -u -V4 x ."5?" 'ev ' ,tfikg-,f,.r '61-A .....9+ .-if 1:15-ff--f 'nf 4 '-f' 'H 3. 5 :H ' 12ff?flzvf.'-'35, '-wZ"f9 ex Q . gf, ,gig Q J 55. ,:V3i?'.j-wry:-,i:, xo e 0 ., rv' f' ' faapr' .4 .' Ty. -f ff: W ,iw '12 ,, " G' It -.5 , .if " . '1"'2'e H' W Mr- -- f:.F+'ff 2 'bf 5 -Af-' ""'.' "mv fff- A A. "" fr . ff H - 'A' 2 ab "J'.1 ".firff'- E'-A 5 'L he - Zn!" ' r 4ggjg5:'1:,:m g,,Q , 3 A+ ff A . igfggn-C. , -ew . 314-. 1I,kJ "UQ, ik 55 -' 'f4E..". -' Q 3'2- qf 32" -.1 V tw in Sv -, ' , fxfav V 'Snr Q? 'A- ' ' ' 9 .ff Ki? A T . -I V: ,' ha- -' ff ,"2.. ' .9',m- f Z- 2, '. ' f x ' il--,A -f ls... V ' -W -I 41 "., .,:A ' 1 - - H ' ' ,- 43.14, ,r' 16-fg ' -.W '-".,l' .na fff- if , Y .. "NI ff X x ' Yi f,'l X' 3 , 1, X inf' J, X tl! Vx, , -X . X . X, 1- -f 5: , 'I ,H X xx ff f V " 5 PPI, fi 'N 'rg xx I-ew, fA , ,B , , , 1 2 ,f 5 K: v "'1. J "V 'lj Q 68 I -,vm M1 .EJ A' -uv? fx 'Bw f r 819 X 'x STAGE CREW a ' 1 J " a gf, r r 1 H :X gg i w if W 1 P ' IX ' F' 1- xx f ll 4 . , , .X , , .'- ,l'-J'-Nfl!! , - , I .V ' - ".- ,g"'B1,' ' -R91 -'- Ijw . ,,, L at l Q ...,g, ,M E mf. I Nd. V 1 N-4 M.-,em , t , . ,yy gm., I - . .JL Aix I-d A ll MOD SQL! Rb tW J gEdd H CXNMPUTERLABNHHWTERS if ji H Y f wmx Q 1y,xf1 CHESSCLUB 1 r S A . 2 , W1 . Auvkb. 'Liz sq a Q ig 3 ? I Q fin lv 431 lvl To Hn E I" ITI 'FU O I" W SX? I fx '52 f Sig xx X9 rv-O S 'X ri Xx Xt Iggy if rs mf' X Q LN. Q52 Q R Q P Xi XX L Q if A U S wi 'L YJ? HC f ,E 'JN Ci p x 'N' ' SX X. D 'Q 3 ,4 fx Q 6 1 V 'C' '7' C Nik 1 , ,. M. mumw-yawn. vmlwlldilllii if ww . ,W x ggmfxafewes-x ,-., .... W tx C x ,.+X U A 1.-wwwun--avuueweo-" , .2 xy ' N I T' ::r-.-5-pf-X-.exam 4,x,,,.,1 ggi. .4 'Mi : . X ' . .Q ' yi' x 52,-MM.i:v,-y 2' '- wvsmi. Qt' 1. . Q W - Q " 1 '1'1 5 1 . .df ,,Q', Kisbuidf 2-"N YTY: " gf, W, N ,X xg . . E3-4 fri 3 ' Q- " R-NI X -U 'W'-'1 N X v Q' if ,fx ,-,QQMQ . ' 1 1 "?93e,V"f!5EQ . ' . Q - I 4 I ff .fl ,l' "N U M ' iv 4, f wx, Y Q :nr '75 1 X ! -is f N 1 'gl 'xx ff I7 4 v'f Ill!! DFW ff L f- 1 i f I - the I - 5 E ' ' SMITH FAMILY fx i ff ' 4 M4 - 5 Nrwmxoaramcnscaoon 1 'A if "4" 'I ' I 5 5 . , , X X f, !,4, j 3f 'x 11 1 ' gz..,, , J tw A A Q W-m ' 1 ' Ln' gif' Z - -W. I 'W dl' -'f Y? L , ' 'A :,u J ' 3 'gh P , if Q l,,,,,?? 'lay' A Ii' A L9 QQ!! . - 'V 'F mm. Q' JA lfyou've ever walked along the basement floor of N.H.S. you know how easy it is to get lost. However, the sounds floating from the music department will always help you to regain your sense of direction. There are classes all day long ranging from voice training to electronic music. Forever expanding, the music department added a new group this year, the "Sisters and the Brothers." Mr. Ray Smith, Mr. Gary Good, and Mr. Henry Lasker put in 28 hours a day to offer a diverse educational experience. Aside from a strictly classroom education there is a strong emphasis on performance. There are two major con- certs a year which include most ofthe performing groupsg The Family, The Sis- ters and Brothers, The Concert Choir and The Orchestra put in a lot oftime to make Harvestfest and Winterfest a tremendous success. This year these con- certs featured highlights such as Burnstein's "MASS", and Mozart's "Vespers." The vocal groups, band and orchestra participated in exchange trips with schools from other communities. This involved a concert at home and a concert away. The Concert Band performed various times throughout the year. The groups host concerts here and there and bring the year to a climax by singing with the Boston Symphony Orchestra at the Pops Concerts. The music department is responsible for the two or three performed. as well as the various professional groups which visit the high school. Without a doubt, the music department offers a cultural as well as entertaining education which adds another dimension to N.H.S. .. 63 s 'C . t ..- . v a .- 4' T W we . e n tf it sl E, ei K -'f t tf i zip f . bi tt. as we, 'M is P9 . s ts L if l c. T .. n- if Z ,ii W a .il ef' he 1 lfmk A CONCERT CHOIR 61.5. 5- EEL ATIWVJ EIHL ,W 1 Nea ff, Q Sw fn CU wwyfifflf , ' ia M V 70 FO A N 1 H 'FU cn DP Z U M i ju, -,lm Vol x ,Q -Tami . W ,- 'x I J.-1v"""' .E hggrn' fro' 'v .3 5 . L , n . I 0 lr V. 25' I , ' v Q S 4. - . 0 X H 9, I 5 .. '- U O IT! lligz M 0 K ku N, 311 wi -nf h ' , -- mxxx L ' L " ff' gl ' I Y ,nfl ws 6' 7 ' F! It : . , W Mgvw U 5 as ikwfg' J, 5 ' ,. g ' L V:-J . r xa""'2 "J 1-.217im,w. -h 25' f Q51 'N A I K Q lx nfigh, T? I 'ff Ffqilw ' 1 - "f'?'i7 -f +1 "1 1' 1 1 'K . u ' ' fn , , ' ,EY ,I A P' .. ff, . ,. 4 -1 1 1 ,,,o .'s X fx F A 3 sf? ,, 4"-ff -. A -1 J 4 f f -A 4 'Z ' W ff X ' 1 gg I iff 5 ii :ff 4.5. K 4 - A X- Bxgmilh Q v 1 - r gif' ' in ' ' T V ' l ei. lf?-fu g f ' ? 'fr , X VH 35 , : Ig? .ff r 5 1.. 'V , ii. .5 3 4 3 5 f W 1 f 'S-, E, 1 1 E 1 f . N f .I rf' Aqgbx gwizfkxh i rfyk lx A I V K j4 f f L 1 K ,.... W if f L WM .. R, gi QNX .a -a W 4 - 5 "s , W . My , 14, s- I , -V 5 ww ff A 'E 5 ff' fi - My , f , um' 5 xx A-,v y I gt 5? L140.1,L,aL, A , ,, A jilfs5SQW2?SS'.'3Z73'l?F"f37"'f 'ff' X NURS l QQ l .gnu ERY SCHGOL ack, gg IQZQLSX Q 19 K 1 1'7" fi! 4,3 24 'bg -' I o 1 4 7 Aff A7 2 'i Q 1:45 .X .. -w ?y, if x-' PI GPO GCLUB f ' ' ' S - E 1 . ,, 91: 0 Q y Q f fs. ,M zix "W w 0.8. Lum Y ITALIAN CLUB .ri , -mm . V, 'l""'1-4 Sig, u f ' -u-ggi... ,. ,Q - : , .1355 A b., ,K VM W-H P X , A .I if 4, 80 I . 1-5 ' , ' 1 f Yi Ev 'I iff., 'sf-5 ' Q F2 ff 41' ' , , P M uw wwam 'ID TVJ. EIIHO El , 4 7' 26 'F'-'A AW EL CLUB DE ESPANGL il Yi 3 i 3 S 1 -'ir 4.3 . ,N 8 Z I AUDIO-VISUAL SQUAD A x K . . ' , 47 ,.XA,?,A,545Q:.m V53 L .xymfgv if ,L - ,T QI. 4 4 I b -A Yuan, '-.- -, 1e,gv,.,-,.-41,1 ,Q J, J, . . . f- , ..--. .. -. , Y-.- ,9 if 1 U-4. 1 Q s CIVH S EIDIAHHS'VICIH +L--Wu:-J'Q - B CRAFTS j f 3. 1' f ' -if 1 1 ' ,sf " ,. , , N4 K X! fi if ., 1, ,, " -1 1 11 Af?:j VKX' ' , Y--Q! CLUB if Q27 E ,Zig PHOTORAPHY CLUB .. , fgL?1E4lYrY51yl-uifi-rl ur.v'3r,nm? M--mn-- H 'lg' " I M ET EO R- 'L 8 ' " ig. 5 - P. F .N . NQMQ . ' 'USGA' OLOGY . K C l , 59 ' 1 , ' O FA Vx f i I A ' , C L U B - 'I 'K' :gm . R , 'U ' ' in A w LA FAMIGLIA D hRd7 Dug Lug I f Dt1nL.P.nI TUESDAY BRUNCH GR B LU C NCH LU 1 P P i 4, gr " 't .1::""" ws.- Q., s v . Y 5 We 1.41 X l" 3' I f f ff 1 1 N W AA w f 1' f :si J' P 9 mf Q' Q 1 A vi 5.5, Q . A LQ.H, si Y f 5 . ,, ,-n I5 " , ' 'F ,,A p '. ,, "A' ,' ' . gg 1,1 . yqmlii yn' fp q'r,: :.A . L'-.lf 5,34 'lllllllillllll J X I .ft .,,,,,.f, , ., , is U f g a It J -- A . . V . g fl -- S ,g V ' ,ii . , 1 g 1 ie rc .4 A, ,' , 1 N 5 .5 sfe 5 frfg mn: mm . ' is 4 1 + . 5 ' ' 4 X """f MM A' ' ' 1 fi? f J ,A 'X v 1 ,, . L 5 .. QQ' gj , F 1 w SN 0 f if ., X Ng! 'J 5' J vrxx P5731 'IEA nvvv I f . J WMA ga "' ' ff! A J-4 A l " . i' " 'b" I I Tvr W Iivtfj x' U ! "1 .Q K N I ' Y 6 T . Y' -W X' U ' F' K 5 ' K ' f 'E Iv- l,,f' 5 . -EQ i ., - Q gx I lff , Q ' 1. 1 gf :L fry 2,1 I FY I Q4-sung 1.x v " 1 93- Ks ' , Al ' Sf 4 1- 'fx x 4 ' s .Mi 5 N 'E+-vii-nfl' 3,1 R b Jr --""'Sqp .Ah pa x u P3 25 iw ' 1 a-44,54 Q .v ' fs f " is I X ww 1. ,Lv l li sd ' fa E A xnfx -' ' A 5 Q 3 ? 'ff5" ' ' . Q If A K 6 - , , 'X U " -f1 4. ' 'Q S" 5' "- P 'ff'-fi '15 ' -up 1, E ' . C5 I X iw IK X 3,-. ,lf Qi , .. af sy vi ,, Q N. 7 - lv Q l 7 AWK If T ft. u I l i, '23 .Hi -M' . we "H ::- if tjm. . -,. ,Xa v- Q sae' . '-3 J 1- . . n,-,I.: -fjg . There can be no doubt that sports is the strongest single extra curricular institution in our high school Anyone who disputes this fact need only walk down Main Street at two-thirty and count the number of Varsity Jackets . There is no simple answer though, as to why so many students at Newton High participate in the sports program. One typical response to this question is that the students wish to be part of a winning tradition. This answer's fine for the aging Tiger alumni. to whom a high school sports program is a Saturday afternoon football game. lt is not a satisfactory response, however. to today's student. De- spite what the Newtonite sport pages would have one believe, the student athletes are in it for more thanjust the glory ofwinning. It would be fool- ish to think that this years football players felt any less fulfilled than the players of past years, simply because their teams record was below typical Tiger sta ndards. The coaches have a number of explanations which differ sharply from the alum ni's. One is that the students go out for sports to aquire a sense ol responsibility toward themselves and their teammates. If this is so. we all know of a frog on Main Street that wbuld say the coaches should doa bet- ter giob, Be that as it may. the explanation doesn't hold much water, any- way. because the students themselves don't believe it. Another of the coaches' responses is that the student athletes are sim- ply proud to represent their High School. But school spirit abounds pi- marily in the cheering sections. The emotion on the lield is usually more of a team oriented spirit. This team spirit can explain why an athlete would perform to his utmost capabilities. once he is on the team. lt does no ex- plain. however. why the athlete wouldjoin the team in the lirst place. Cne way to go about answering the question would be to ask the ath- letes themselves. The most common response truling out the varsity jacket as a motivel would probably be that they go out for sports simply to have fun. This would be an acceptable explanation. but it loses credibility when the same athletes start complaining five minutes later about the in- humane workouts. lt would appear that there is no single logical explanation as to why the sports program has such a strong student participation at Newton High. Perhaps the fact that there is no visible concrete attraction is one of the factors that makes it appealing. Or maybe the true inner motive that drives all jocks to the locker room at two-thirty is a burning desire to End a candid picture of himselfin the sports section of the .N'wvIoI11'e111. True, the Football team's 5-5 record would be termed a disaster when judging by typical Newton North standards. There were many bright points in the season, though. that should not be overlooked. Early in the season Newton faced two tough opponents - Framingham North and Medford and defeated them both by a combined point total of 36-0. At that point, the Tigers appeared to have one of the most potent passing at- tacks in the state. The Kinsslla-to-Foley pass combination seemed destined for a place in the record books. But the high hopes faded as the team dropped their next two games. and regained their early momentum. A home game against a tough Boston Latin club was perhaps the Tigers' best effort of the season. Senior fullback Peter Toyias rushed for an incredible H49 yards to lead the team to an impressive victory. Sophomore running back Mario Luchetti was also a standout on offense, gaining 78 yards on only four carries. After two disappointing losses to Weymouth North and Waltham, Newton carried a 5-4 record into Thanksgiving Day Classic against Brookline. Pre-game controversies were set aside as the team set its collective sights on finish- ing the season with a better than .500 record. The traditional season finale lived up to all the expecta- tions ofthe excited crowd. Brookline opened the scoring with a second period touchdown, and held a 7-0 lead until late in the fourth quarter. The determined Tigers then drove for touchdown in the final minutes, leaving the game tied at the end of regulation time. A new tie-breaker rule went into effect, givinv each team four downs to score from the oppo- nent's ten-yard line. The process was to be repeated until a winner emerged. As it turned out, no repititions were necessary. Brookline scored on their first offensive play. Newton's offense could put nothing together and was held. It was a heartbreaking loss for the team especially those who would never suit up in a Tiger uniform again. In the final analysis, the team's basic problem over the course of the season as a lack of movement by the offen- sive unit. The offense was continually stifled putting tre- mendous pressure on the defense, which nevertheless did a linejob. So the team ended the season with a less than pleasing 5- 5 record. But how could anyone knock a team that went out and played its heart out week after week? How could any- one lind fault with determined athletes like Dick Doolin, Bob Kinsslla, Peter Toyias, Dana Foley, and a host of others? How could anyone put down a defensive unit, lead by Steve Dibenedetto, Bobby Meek, and Gary Tutungian. that strived day after day to reach a perfection that could not be reached? No, this season was not a disaster. lt was a season in which each athlete grew as a part ofa team that never reached the high plateau ofits own expectations. ar 19: VP, 5 K 72 ff' I f l I N F 5 p A r - f ' I Q 1... l and V I 3 ,.f, Q 'I ilk 1' -gf, N M , ,W , 4-A fum fr N F! tj ff Q Ga , K ,. ,M if 1. . "" lags! E361 , 1, S ' M In V W ' 'k ww f ',,,,,, "' V , ,V his. X 4 ' s f ' nn ix LWLEONE 3 4 I.. 1. 4, 'W V V WA, ,,,,..,I f.41..:,',...f,4.4.. wma ' 4..1dI""'f 4. i ' ' ' V .X N 1 42. '. A H nf f in 4 'S . W:w,,',g-5 4- :Mi Q54 4 M' ,ffm M ri , ' vgni 1 E. ,Ax v J, 'nw' mxi fmt-..-5. ' X 'ff Zi -nf if! ' "',.ml2 ,A3"" I FEW W 'M W4 N 'pi v ,J fi KA " 1 ,- , n.,q..A'-' W , 9. " "'-'N' .v ' A ,4 ' ,,k, ,, .k.,"1"'j:.. " no 734' Z1 I . , x . Q' 1 .,-1,2 7?-9 Winn' ?X.1ix HT . 1 .A ' f 7 -we 1. . ' A 1 "' ...Kirin -,vtjp v J V .. A. E . --.-f '- 541 1, , - ,., 4, ,.-,mf 'Q ' fi 1 uw.-Zz-. . - - ' :fa H..-. -.45-..,-r.4. . fs' ,, I . ' ls. ' ' . ,, 1.' v f F-' 'l 1 'V 'sv .JF 4 1 3 .ggi in R A " N ' '49 . ,,, .9 u .fa 17 4 'f BPEL' 70-v 7: -. it Wx 5' ,iq --'I iqfiu. .-1 f A. -2-'--..-, ,51A..Q L, ' MN 5I i A 'TWH NSt' ' f '- c sf. ' GQ? ms' 9' fc-"A We . ' xi r A 1 4 Lu, 1 if Q "' . 1'-'..Mz1vx': v 1 ' " f ' ' jg . -,,...,f.. 14' ' 1, 5- '. L 'L i :" lf 1 ,..4 ,fav A I v A b Ir . A - . v 1 Q 1. .0 Y .' ' .,r 1' - s .v -. in :Hg vivyxro .- N - x AV 41,-J -1 . - . ,,g......,-. - .'- --, ,' .- - - .. L, ' , -0, Q. - 4 4- Q .. . ,,- gbsrvvfq- mtg, I ., -- - -- .- ' ""c"f' 'Ff"",? JM - 'X -:I I f- x Mg ..- .--.. , V- -'. -.'. ' . . ,. .5 Q- fam in ua V, , ,T K 8 f f E' .25 h A " 3 3 15.4 u Mwfaw-f+ .Sn f, Y , W W 5 " x 'W' -PM fl , . 1 M 9 I ,- . Varsity 151 Row-Dick Thomas, Mark Marini, Jack Ryan. Bob Kinsella. Tony Pelligrinni. Gary Tutungian tri-eapt, Dick Doolin hri-Capt, T.J. Dargon, Steve Cutter. Chris Terranova. Bob Meek. Bob Cunningham. 21111Row-Paul Flynn. Kevin O'Dowd. John Morrisey. Jay Brinkerhoff, Steve DiBenedetto, Dan Coakely. Mike Burns, Bill Mosher. Dana Foley. Gordy NaeNeil. Dave Brilliant, Chris Jones. Joe Farina, jrd Row-Sal Yeradi. John Glynn. Dennis Fuller, Dave Silk, Joe Pes- calido. Dave Prince. Don Morrell. Ray Valente. Barry Stahl, Pete Toyias. John Vizakis.-1111Row-Ray' Rist. Bruce O'Leary. Ned Flynn. Gerry Murphy. Dave Keele. Greg Pappas, Bill Cullison. John Murphy. Ned O'Halloran. Mario Luchetti. Jim Vizakis. 511IR11W-,IOC Pepper, Vinny Cortina, Joe Venuto, Kevin Hin- ehey. Neil Johnston. Barry Bone. Andy Morog. Miek Sinessi. Chuck McKinnon. Craig Hill, Jim Tennant. 6111 Rim'-Head Coach Norm Walker. Coach Pat Coleman. Dave Dwyer. Rich Pellegrini, Steve Marchesault. John Murphy, Tom Foy. Bob McDunnough, Coach Pete Cappadilupo. Coach Don Craw ley. Y N - "'.-a.L. Q. n X . , I - 4 1 Q 5 I Q F 1 Y A Q . l an 5 1 fa. 4 .,t...'. FN., ,i 1- I if A .14 y 'F .X V U K I . .J is I -D B .i"ra':3,.. .ai .,. aa.n1L's.4..Ex., as. Artie Murphy, tri-captain Junior Varsity q TEAM RECORD Q 0 ' - Xewlon 21 Framingham No. O I 'U fj Newzon I5 Medford 0 G2 Inv Q? I Newton 7 Brocltrmz 40 pw Newton I2 Wegvnmulh .NU I3 N I if Newzon 22 Quincy 6 I0 533 Newlon 20 No. Quincy I4 if Newton I4 Boston Latin iz X Newton 6 Weuimoulh So. 8 Q , u . A I V, Newton 0 Waltham 22 ' 5' x I ' - 5 A ' Q- ' ,X . Thanks ivin Game , 2 U ' .4 2 E Newton I4 Brookline 20 Sophom Orc 'I ii W, NNHS sf Y., A in- 1. ' A V I -A , .V -,5..',1..i. -,.-Eg. ' J " .' "1Y.V".1f - 1. ' ,A D V Qrf rw L M 1" . "H ' ' -3 ,yfqinni LM CHEERLEADERS M' I 31 ' hs. ,S 1, !l?,,z, If wa x.., +99 .151 . . S1 s. ' 5 J I gfv i ' "' if y - br, E , x5 A- ' Jw. W 5 x "4':.,.L,g,W X .X- xfL .Q ' 1 , Q NW . N x L NXQL: ' Y M h 4:1 X v V A . . N . V1 Xx I I 1 as If Q v, . 5 'I f '5 -J , ,I 5.1. ,l 'Sal ' 4 -4 ,-!':nd"'C.'Sv- , n ...Q-1 H... A in . -ki ---A ...,fy..f, f f' .ww 'tm .E Q., . ,M , . E' .urn W? .-1-,p... .. , 5r'- , k, ':L .' T 1 g:f3tvJk'a my 'VN Q-glsf,5a!fW , Q4 7 V9 'mv 5 Y bf' r as 41-44 LX 5 I SQCCER Although the last few years have been turbulent and full of change, one thing has remained stable the success of the Newton High School soccer program. This year's team, continuing in a dominant tradition, overwhelmed opponents, rolling to a lo-l-l regular season record. They then battled to vic- tory in the first three rounds of the Eastern Mass. tournament, only to be stopped by a heartbreaking defeat in the semi-finals. From the start of the first double session in late August, the team had one goal in mind, a sixth consecutive Suburban league championship for Newton High School. This goal seemed highly unlikely when, despite hard prepara- tion headed by coaches Mike Buxzi and Bernie Flanagan, the team lost every pre-season scrimmage. The start of the season was a different story as Newton opened with easy wins over Rindge Tech and Weymouth South. A narrow victory over Cam- bridge and a tie with Brockton brought the Tigers back to earth. Wins over Weymouth North and Brookline sent Newton into a showdown with unde- feated North Quincy. The game started off with North Quincy scoring two quick goals, taking advantage ofa home field closer in size to a basketball court. The rest ofthe game was total frustration for Newton as they swarmcd all over North Quin- cy, only scoring once and losing the game 2-l. The North Quincy loss sent the Tigers into a victory streak lasting l-1 games and six weeks. During this string of victories the Tigers outscored opponents-ll-IO. lncluded in the victories were tough wins over a "rowdy" Cambridge Latin team l-O, and a 3-l win over Brockton in which seven players were ejected. A 2-l revenge victory over North Quincy virtually clinched the Suburban League championship for Newton. A final win over a stubborn Quincy team 3-2 gave Newton a l6-l-l regular season record and sent them into the East- ern Mass. tournament as one ofthe top seeds. The team was led all year by tri-captain Joe Moussalli who set a Tiger scoring record. Other seniors who contributed greatly were tri-cpatains Matt Berry and Barry Silverstein, Sami Fam, Alan Friedman, Greg Buck, Peter Hite, and goalie Rick Ol . Suburban Leagu All Eastern Ma All Mass. Team England " , i f . . , .tyy 'el 5 w 7 Q' . ' SUBURBAN LEAGUE CHAMPS wr.A.a..4v, ay, 3,1 ,V In 0 gf , . .'r' , A ' 1, ... .ff W J . . 6 Q tl J D, D 7 O ri, ,Ka L-3-fur' 'D 4 .1 . 0 a 'V-A V :A 1 1 I tie, S. Y L N ' , ,ly ,,.. ,,, mg V v -fx iff? ' Q gg, jk if Q, 1 1 '4 1 ' V 'Q , T 'HW X 4-fi' 7 ' ,F ' V ff W fi fu N A X' -- ":,. 5 '2 .., f "- ' H- ' , - 049 E1--' r' -"- , A- -9. K ' ., 2 X ... V ' J ' Q ., .Mi X E ' :A A. 1, b 5 -f ' if A Q j 3 Q 1 - - Q. M if iw . ,I 4 - t X ff xv V "Sq . -:iv S J x ' LH A' - x Q A ll ' N. . ' Z. 1 -., - . - "' 'Q' fin-K " . 1.15-1,'fr.I A , "':""" "1 . i .H . A H . A A, V ,, .y 1 QMM. . , V ,gif .- Q 1 . Jr- W J Ju, Qing, ,Q , A ., 4 9 - ""l' . I ' psi 4- ' ,wail , ' , x 'fl ' ' ' . ' , .J2 i- Y , -r I 'T . ,.-' ,. --1: ,. ' . ' - 4, vm. Y N-A--' ""-2:1 B Mme 1 'J I ,tfh f ' ffl ' I W u ' Q' -' ,"4 ' to haw' J ""'f:1 YW XJ' fi., ,Ja Q 4'f"" 3' nm., ff N ,, I, , 1 Q n ' Q . 1 , r S fa Ar . xx, W ax xx X J.. . . ,X . N Q Q g - F' . P Q 2, 2 A ' 5, 1 .H-'sf .,. lx" 1 X , P- ' - W4 . f 4' -'if' f. .p. ' - xl Plfffigi I Y - U . I 4' "flu 0' 1' ' 'il x . 9 wc' s -2 . mv ' 2:- if 'N Y. , 4. if N 1- ' M - , 'ii'DL9':'9f,':'."' '.:X:14i.g'-v . ,W - N: V' F. new f-'F +V lf. , -Q w !"5f'3' W IL X , ""Q 1.' - ' . , 1- Y' .v-102. A-'.!x5 -Q' ' -I- C. Jill 4 1 Q ' x P., 1, ,, V hx X., Y -f D x . ' 44 "' N ,AK y N 5' .,,,gp.,. 'Rfk 5-gf vi ' LJ' L L., - x, rr Q, Q M' .fv ,l V . A-4 ' Q all N 2. If 'Ml' ""'a M ' 2 mv, f -1 - ' r wife f' w. ,. "ff: +V ,, U' 'll 'Q 'ij 'Qi' My ff ,I 1 M y 'rf ,, Q, . ,.. w fx. - A Q ' f ' Ka-M up Q ' 'Q su ' L , 4 'f' ' 4 1- f .. ' . '4 I - ,Q 1 ' if-1 K.,. , ,Q .,f , I..-1, x P, ri Ag, T00 .Q tl ,gf it ' .--,H V -J' .yr . ', Newton entered the tournament against a Lynn Classical team unable to compete with the T igers, Joe Mousalli's three first half goals paced a -l-l Newton win. Newton then met a tough Braintree team on a rain soaked Concord field. A Franco Tramontozzi goal sent the team into the quarter- finals with a l-O victory. The quarterfinal game against Boston English at B.U. will not be forgotten by anyone who wit- nessed it for quite some time. The two teams bat- tled through regulation time, overtime. and sudden death overtime in a scoreless tie. Rick Olin kept Newton alive several times with great goaltending. The game was decided on a new penalty shots tie- breaker rule. The crowd was delirious as players from both teams matched penalty shots until a Boston English miss after a Matt Berry' goal sent the Tigers into the semi-finals with a 7-6 win. The semi-final game against New Bedford was a simple case of frustration for Newton. After falling behind l-0 early in the game the Tigers appeared to have tied the game on a Joe Moussalli goal but the goal was not allowed. A 2-0 New Bedford win sent Newton High School's '74 soccer team off the field for the final time. Despite having failed in their ultimate goal. la state soccer championship for Newton High Schoolj, the team can hold their heads high know- ing they produced the most successful team yet in a most successful Newton High Soccer program. lOl l S. 5 of' T Y Y 'Y 'Q Varsity lsr Rim' Billy Cutler. Sami Fam. Bussy Adam. Brian McDonald, Joe DeLoren1o. Alan Shocket, Luis Hacsunda. Ralph Helms, Jefl' Silton, 21111 Ron Coach Bernie Flanagan, Alan lfreidman, Mark Vasalotti, Greg Buck, Joe Moussalli tri-eapt, Mat Berry tri-capt, Barry Silverstein tri-cpat, Doug Jessup Jon Williams. Peter Hite, Donato Mauola, Head Coach Mike Buzzi, .Ml Run' trainer Tim Dunn, Ned Pendergast, Bill Gerlach, Bob Fitzpatrick, Ken Hages trom. Kim Hatton, ErancoTramontozzi, Ken Tocei, Sandy Pooler. Rick Olin, Ed Hines manager, wr ., -Q' 13 2 ,- gr tgnsivif X -,, ..-we-M' ,fit xx 1 2, Anil l l l ,after Wil tf ffm V J Qfgtfl l Q ' ,gf-wwf' Tlx X tX,fCX L W X- fr TEAM RECORD 5 i w .Yun lun 4 Rindge Tech .Nwrlmi 8 WCy'm0u1h S0- Xl'N'f1'fl l Cambridge Latin Newton l Brockton .'Yg'tt'IUll li Wgytmoulh No' .N't'n'l41l1 2 B1-ookling Newton l No, Qzmltji' .XVUIVIHII . Wqllhgim .xlc'H'lUlI 3 Quingy .xlCH'IlJII 3 Rindgg Tech .Vcavllfll 4 Weymouth So. -Xl4'Wf4"l l Cambridge Latin .Xl1'H'l4Jll 3 Brockton .Nlwvlml 4 Weymouth NO. .NrlL'H'lUlI . Brgokline .N Ktrlnll 2 NU- Quincy XUWIUII - Waltham .NVUWIUII 3 Quincy Eastern Mass. Tournament Nvwlnfi -1 Lynn Classical .Yt'li'lUll l Braintree Quarterfinals .xlwvltlll l Boston English Semilinals Newton 0 Nvn' Bedford Ami L LL, i lx Ill? . I ms...---D A,-g - 1,1 V1 - CD 1...-.n lvl Row Coach John Connolly. John Carleo, Alan Yun. Mike White, Tom Hightower. Owen Kuferschmidt co-capt. ,lon Black to-capt. Intl Rim John Demeo. John Rooney. Steve Cohen. Marc Laredo. Rich Schilder. David Freidman. Duncan Scott. Bill Hughes. Howie Pierce. Long distance running is a lonely sport as anyone who has read Alan Sillitoe's classic short story will be quick to tell you. New Newton High cross-country team ,has taken steps to reduce that loneliness. though. defeating opponents w ith strong team efforts. This year's team was not blessed with the superstar talent that many of its opponents pos- sessed. But. as coach John Connally commented. "Our great depth enabled us to beat teams with a superstar." With that depth. which was personified by over by' over fifteen competitive racers, the Tigers compiled a 7-2 record. After many hours and miles ofgrueling workouts. the team opened the season with disappoint- ing losses to strong Brockton and Waltham clubs. The Tiger runners bounced back. however. winning seven consecutive meets to finish the season with the third best record in the Suburban League. The teams strongest runners - Tom Hightower. co-captains Jon Black and Gwen lsupfersch- mid. and sophomore Duncan Scott - more than compensated for the lack of a super-runner. Supported by other fine runners such as Mike White. .lohn Carleo. and Howie Pierce. they pro- duced enough high linishes to account for the team's successful record. In years to come. the Tiger cross-country' teams may establish a tradition of winning by the devotion of the entire team. rather than by individual efforts. Ifso. it could bring about the end of the use of the "loneliness" cliche in cross-country articles. TEAM RliCORD Newton 29 ll tlfllitmz :fy Newton lb Hrotlvloii Ill XUWIUII li Cambridge Latin ill Xfflllllfl BftNllxlll'lC KN ,New lull IN Quincy 43 Nt-wlofi Il Rindge Tech 35 Xt't1'l4lH 23 Weymouth No, Ro ,ycivloii 2-1 No. Quincy 35 .Neil Ion 23 Vkeymouth So. BH Suburban League Championship Race Newton -ith place .1 1 -6 5 IUIQ3, 5 'Q 19 ? ' U m-iv Qs.. 3 GIRIQS SWIMMI .,- . . -' 1 W s - i-f""N Fire! Row: Sue Bloom. Beth Ryan, Rose Cas- tinina, Kerry Gorcn, Janet Collins Marcia Golden, Therese McSweeney. Sandy Lorkin, Lisa Spencer. Debbie Greenside, Kim Barres. .Set-orid Row: Jeanne Nicholas, Sue Fay. Sue Mchale co-capt., Susan Green. Joanie Rosen- blatt, Beth Ryan. Maurine Culbertson, Caro- lyn Dean. Pam Blue, Patti Ryan. Tl1irilRmrf Miss Uritam asst. coach, Frannie. Mary Ann Mulcahy. Kathy Amatagio, Connaught Gui- ney, Ann Guiney. Donna Harris. Andrea .la- cobs. Beth Miller. Beth Young. Anne Mulca- hy. Debbie Broide. Susan Rosenthal. Sue Gentile co-capt.. Mary Mulvaney. Pat Gard- ner. Kathy O'Halleran, Patti Higgins. Claire Bassinet. On Board Chris Kirsten. Mich- elle Freid, Jackie Nile, Ellen Leventhal. Lissa Gilbert, Sandy Yukes, Michelle Burgess. Donna Catino. Edwina Duffy, Donna Broide. Sue Whorisky, Mr. Merritt. hu-.. sm' I A f , ,44 Q G. i ' After their second year of competition. the Newton North High School Girl's Swim team showed the affects ol' one more year ofexperience and development by coming out with a win- ning record. Led by captains Sue McHale and Sue Gentile, the team boosted up their last year's record ol' 2 and X to a 6 and 3 record. Although the season started out slowly, the team picked up the pace losing only three tough meets to Brookline. Brockton and Medford. Some ofthe out- standing swimmers ol this year's team were Mary Mulvaney, Patty Higgins, Beth Ryan. and diver Rose Castignino. lf the enthusiasm ol' the girl's continues to increase. the team will continue to see rapid growth and improvement. '3- fi 'ma' TEAM RECORD .wivion lOl Weymouth So. 58 Newton l35 Medford l 59 Ngwlon 62 Blllcrix IUII ll l .Xlt'lt'IllII l lX Waltham 50 Ngwlon 64 Brzmltlillt' I0-1 Ntfwioii l07 Cambridge 55 lx'y,,i,,,,, 91 Weymouth No. 80 .'Yt'WlulI l0-4 Newton 50- 61 LM' ' 'X ' - v T- Q, k" " . QHKTZQ- ""-1 Z 15?-Q-517 +' ' ' "'-' " ' '-, . - -... f .. .mf tb' as ' V, . ' -Wg , ' ' ' jf . ' '-- .. -e ' +.U"'rw.'1':--fy 511 ,W K' 4 - , M- 'Q ., V - 1:f7..'??g' '3::,,L- , . -gggf at , E-'ig L. N ' 7' ' , 'Y' . 7 I Q. fp . .x' 'H --, ...YM - fx- 'A A .V 1' A' - f "-in ' r - ' .S. C ' 5 Aff' . I 1. X 4 L. X .1 . X -- M... -- ' 4 Lv. . .. . Q , , A M.. . Yw, ,, V. I .L x . a. - A r4xl?.4f.-1,-'---f:f.A. I ,- X kd.. ,,, A ,. un- -- f 4 ., .... ggi' 4... "' n Q ,,t""'i' A .. "" - X 1. - '- f'? ' '-, . -. il - A - , ,. -Q ' - --if--vr""1J I LVN- --i+.:,uf4..s::.-.'.-q4 H 4 03 ' - Q ,,,-.. ..., A. ' 1 44,4--v-0 ' I , . . . ,!,,,. as ,564 'HW 1 r xv i X' :'5i?-Q' f 75. f " 1 - 2'x T ' ' J N A' fs. - :p, , . .' 2 ' 4'0" It A gfs,a'- ,, ' .. .-'-1-1, t , . 5 . 1 j-' . - 3 - 1: N, - in -2: A ' T-f' F - 1-1:--Z: f ef'-i.f- ' Y - - ..- ,- Q - f - A fx. -, , . - -Q-- .A - - X --- ,gf-3 .. 1 ,A-f., .k A fi, -3:..v.-f P'-av' . 1 . - L' 21- J . !.Q ,Ll H "Y " , 115, ' ' 4 . -1' " -0 ,."' 1, - '-wi':+e-- '9 2 . .. N ,X .. xt' -- s-xflniv ,'- , ,rf ',-3,1 - ., . .- if Q r' 'Tx' v-'A "Ubi -N FA' 'R ' ' 'xxx "'.'f rfv- ,w l ..f- ," A.4 W, nil'-Q -2.1 . -.L . I - A, -'Y " W 'M. V -- .' K' ,. -5 X 1 q., 9 1 , --ww QQ of L .rg S 1 . 1 . ff "ig ,- ,y" , A Q -., R I B ,.- H '4 -,. .vm .49 A it A ' A s m 5 . T' . - "Html . 4, Lili? " -z--H -'S .,-' '.g?3h2:4i.,. . 4 - . -- .1 ' pa , t, - ' ' "-- :I bar' QQ, .YL ., 1 A ,,ff,,, If .4 . it gas , fxfn Y 'nd' ' ' ' 'f - r ,milf 4. . . - ' ,y ps, H -ff '. ' fs u-Yi-'F J 7-2"," Agn 1 ' -.'. ' 5' ' 'if ,X, . 52: B "1 r 1.1.1111 .335 1 lilohl uv-'.R"?' ' ua' JJIIII1 K ' 'f v ' f + , ' - "H" wi. ' aff " , .,,..:ff" 15 fff fav -- 3- ""-if-' T 32? iff' , .Vg ' 'ru if 'vw' , , .ur . . 1. ,. , W, .,.. 1- , gf. . . ' '- 4' ' .T 1,' ' f ag "yn-WV-' '- ::yif:rg4f:,f,1y5L:1'n-f if :J sr' -f' ,,,,, - A." ' .p N A A " A ' J..-4:-..'.Q. "1"', ir- --- QffJ'if'2i:. J " ' .'?ff.w,.'l" 'fH A . , 'mir' ' I '- Vp P 47' " V K 5 ' ' 1 M LV' f' ' - 2-my . '-'dip TIL2? 4 4 Q ' V . H ' . I ts f' . A -:K , QU, -3?-lg.. , J ,2'i,.:agS,Q.:,:? 5. V f ,,, '. 5' , ' .3 fi- - .gp -f.g,,-:wg . . ' wg ' , Q .N A,,w'.w-imfif l : -t'1' , , Qi ,,. 1 if ,. - 5, -4 ,--, . -, Q V, .6 - R V ,-.f f' Q- . .. , 4- .- f, - - 4 . f Hg . Q -f ..,f-W,-...f ., -. .- , ,.yfw,.... ff., A..-f' - .f- 7135" A - ' 'V V-1.3 ',,1'.f'.:R"'h7 W .f 1. ' 1 A f ff' ' W' nf -. - 5 -+-1' , , ,U r . - , 3' 7- ifkj i,ji'f.?, -. A , fl Y .f - I . 1 -, , r V..-15.541 545,101-:3,,,, , 'Z 3- ,A , 3' . V vf' M ,, . wp. , Wg iraqi .. x .. V, . vH,. . Vg A, ,-,,fffJg5g,z Q K SA ,Q "f""'3g,n.h!P . 4'-H-. 1. ' " xf' "iw-f 7 -' M' " q'NV " "1" " .J - "X-lf ' . xv f gy ' ' -- ' -' 3 . , mf ,r . . "-Egfr ,Q . -QQ - ' 'J-' ' P bw.. ' J' ' 'L V 'gf gg" ' .J ,:'4'f'g,, , W ' .r ' V ,-. , 3 - . , u .wi , xv, xy Y A, . - , 'A " Ox " in ' Epi ,' , sv' we '. Q 5 0. . 1' if 4., 11' 44 .J I, ,dsx S. fe 'W' .uf .Q m VOLLEYBALL , 'CF' hi s 4 ll' , 11 , ,aifii 2' s- . ., 5 S gg Q ,K 3. ff it t A vm s 9 f? , va J 9 s , sz ,s 77:12 fd W Varsity l,tI Row Linda Manning, Julie Deligiannides capt, Kathy Fox. 2IllI'Rt1M' -- Janet Thomas, Rhonda Sparr, Maeve Vallely, Becky Eston, Liz Weisberg, Karen Sasahara, Coach Jay Cradle. ', -as if Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton New ton Newton Newton Newton Newton TEAM RECORD 2 Cambridge 2 Quincy l No, Quincy 0 Waltham 0 Brockton 2 Brookline 2 Cambridge 2 Quincy Q No. Quincy 2 Waltham 0 Brockton W Brookline Latin Latin Junior Varsity This year, the Tiger volleyball team had its best season since volleyball became a varsity sport at Newton High. Amidst tough competition from rivals such as Brockton, Waltham, and Brookline, the team emerged with an 8-4 record and third place in the Suburban League. The Tigers were led by the consistent setting of co-captain Julie Deligiannides, and were continually sparked by the spik- ing of co-captain Linda Manning and Kathy Fox. The tremen- dous cooperation between coach Jay Cradle and the entire team resulted in a season that could be considered nothing oth- er than a great success. In the words of coach Crdale, "We were the best." 'fn s il 'vunrcnfvm-' 2 . . ,, f N ,,'::2- 109 11 FIELD HDCKEY if i lt's fun, fast and exciting. But one thing is lacking, support. Most sports need an enthusiastic crowd to cheer them on to victory. But the girls varsity Field hockey team ended their season undefeated with a superb 5-0-3 record, which gave them their second Suburban League Field Hockey championship. This enabled them to qualify for the District Tournament. The leadership of Co-Captains Debbie Blakely and Karen O'brien and senior Laura Rice helped put together a winning season. They also had two devoted coaches, head coach Miss Judith Davidson and assistant coach Miss Getrost, who gave their time and energy which produced a very exciting and memorable season. The high point of the season was a must game against Weymouth South that had to be won in order to qualify for the tournament. They did win 2-0 in a game that was totally dominated by Newton. The girls then entered the playoffs against Frankling but lost l-0 in a game that was "played just beautifully" said head coach Miss Judith Davidson. Although they lost the playoff game, the girls learned what a team sport is all about and that winning and losing is sec- ondary. Congratulations coaches and team for an outstanding season. Newton Newlrm Newton Newfwz Newton N e is 'I U H NCWIUII Nc'u'lUI7 Newton TEAM RECORD Brookline No. Quincy Waltham 3 Brockton Cambridge Latin 4 Quincy 4 Weymouth No. 2 Weymouth So. PlayoffGame 0 Franklin S 1 N. ?f Q' Q.. 3 6 L , 4 SUBURBAN LEAGUE CHAMPS .,.,V. .U 9 '9 X ' ' ' ' mx.. wx. 9 1 BGY'S BASKETB LL A' , 1 f . j f 1 1 r t ' ag l l V , . l i 'ff 1 ' I -...J 3 5 - ! A ' 'X R' , 5' ' A4f- ' H wi 5 if L.-5, " fa g J, .i Q af-6' ' X ft 111 ... 'ff , f " cj: VA ' "WW N I l ., , , N- "- ig 'Q In Rott .lohn lireider. Bob Kinsella eo-eapt.. .lack Ryan co-capt.. Dana Foley. .lim Billings, Peter Hite. Im! Row Coach Jer ry Philips, Dave Brilliant. ,lon Williams, Tom Morog, Kim Hatton. Mary Vassallotti, Steve Grant. Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton ivl'H'flll1 Newton Newton Newton .xit'lt'1UII Newton .XVUWIIJII Newton Newton Nt-it-Iwi Newton ,N wrlull Newton Newton Newton .N t'M'l1Hl 63 l.t'.X'llI,!flnll 57 6X 75 TEAM RECORD Ccllflnflt .l,t'HIlll'IUl 57 Hlflfllltllll 49 Xu Qimiut' 49 Bfrltlfxflllt' Q4 ll'tji'1i11111ll1.S'o 44 Rimlgt' Tvuli 66 Quincy 52 llitllllllllll S7 No, Quincy 62 Brunftllllt' 61 Bflltiklllll Cambridge Latin 60 li'ui'm11u1l1 ,No S9 Weymouth So, 66 Rlilllfjlt' 'I't't'h 60 Quimt 36 Bfllbfxltlll Cambridge Latin 64 llitfylllzflllll .Nu 69 Ctzlliollt'.llt'nif,riul 77 Lexington For a Newton North basketball team to end up with a 6-16 record is somewhat ofa disaster. But it is said that injuries and bad breaks can make the sweetest teams go sour. The North team was not one of the sweetest but they did have potential. The team opened the season losing a tough one to a tourney bound Lexington team. With top guard Jack Ryan and Dana Foley out with ankle injuries, the Tigers lost five straight before notching their first victory against Cambridge Latin. In the second half ofthe season, the Tigers came alive. Playing good ball and led by all-star Jon Williams and senior Steve Grant, they notched live wins a three over teams they had previously lost to. Probably the most heartbreaking loss ofthe season came against Rindge Tech who beat the Tigers with a last second shot. Basically the team's trouble was inconsistency. The players world work hard and never quit but errant passes and bad shots would bring them down in defeat. A very bright spot in the season was the development of sophomore Tom Morog who looks like a fine prospect for the future as doesjunior Jon Williams, one ofthe leading scor- ers in the Surburban league. Next years team will surely miss the leadership and abili- ty of co-captain Bob Kinsella, Jack Ryan, Dave Brilliant, and Steve Grant. You really can't say much about a team with a losing record such as Newton's. As coach Jerry Phillips put it, "We had a team with kids who worked hard and never quit, but injuries and bad breaks got us offto a slow start and we could never fully get back." 21, , .J , Q, f iff A is X X .If K ' 332 --.f ' Iv ' 'i Y W wa., ,S In 8 wif: 7 E1 " fx -i, f --ex .51 Z' ,QM ,mf-'gQ, . v 2222 , , 577 ,yffiaz 422542 ' f ., QP, , .7 V . ,Mg ' 3 ,, 'fwwg "W -CfA" "' X? ,pf 7i l , II 'w if 3.:'5Zj Q Alff. -or V K' ,"' 9:1-f "'lw" .., 1 LL 6 I , Y X .H - ,N -S.. . I W Q E , :gg 'Q A Q' , I , ai A .. ill f . J Q! if 2569 LQ '.x.f 536 xx M91 S I in ID i gf? .Ai Q- A x. 'a if fi 2? 3 44. 1 an 1 E2 H: 1 -.L. 33 ' -- 'W 1.1-1 -Nw-..... ..,, ,J :I u 'fr .5 S -Q xx sevi ,V A A cmmwb-jsirr. C,-...n .L Q 'Q 'ai 6 ,kr wwf MMM gun- fi -., 'lil 1 if g 'jx 2. ga A - sg, """L w-...Sis , -- --- 481' fl 1' 5 WMTJ' ' "P +- , - ..Q f -Q' N' ' M ' ' NJ A f' , , "' , ASKETBALL P11 lx x I-ox. .ILIIICI l.c- 'I l1A M R LCOR D .Nuwmn -lil Waltham I' M'u1.1n -14 Nw. Quincy 2' ,Nuulmi If Bmukllnc I5 Ncxxlun Ill lhmkzffn -141 Ncxxlqm Ill H UIIPIHIIIII 3-1 XCUIHII 23 QJUIHCX II Ncxxlun FU Cillzzlvrnfuv 3h Ncxslun IN U Ullllultllll 34 NCNXIUH KN li c'ffn'xfc'l -10 ,Xmzwz in Qumcy Rl Xvunuz 31 WVLIIIIILIIII lj XVNIIIH 29 N1!.fQLllDCf Q' XUHIIIII BN Bfoolxllmf jx Ncxxlun 3' H""LAlf'l1 RN Ncxxmn 22 C'u1r1fv'nf!g'u 35 Nqmmq 25 U vxnzfmllz .14 ,NUHIHII 33 Weymouth QU 3 ,..4, QQ yd 'Y' 5' -'gui' y 1' I zw ' " l X ' -JJ! H laws - ql ,I f x ,Ni 'f lv rf M 4 f f hifi, 5 C J' W' --. A 1 M new s. an Si T " ' , ui- k. 'fr' 5 5' The Newton North girls basketball team had the honor of finishing with a better record than the boys with a 9-8 season mark. The team, led by Helen Fuchs, Debbie Blakely, Kathy Fox, and Sue Kreider, played well in the tough Suburban league, well enough to finish in fourth place. Coach Debbie Getrost commented: "The team was strong and a few more breaks would have turned some games around." The team has five members returning and should look good next year. gm ,lf .awfd-fe?!3 .MH 'ff-2: ,,,... .,.. V' --',::,:2 -Wd...- fE::.',..n-'Mi': ., ...W-33 11 W.: 3 3 4. .NN N,-.. V V. P 1 BOYS GYM? we. .4 , 4 s' M4 Jeff: V 1 i 1 w 5 T wi qv. K N IK, JL 1 M 'J ,iWN3'!'5vx 1 41 'I XE il 1 Ln- 'V L v P 'x x r Y 8 A n I4 5 V G VMASTICS 'Qur- "s. its . .,,. ' X V. .. iiilfi, ,. - 74 S '-'V-.xl VV, , 'V 1 111 'fl-2 Vi-E' .'?l?'1l" fi 5 -1 f'l fVf, .:f .'3.i?fff3I ' . Vm Q 1, .,. " 1Q'7?L'2 25:2-V f.. "iff,-'7VfQif'sf,'giQA fL1"x1'Z" . 1 .. V ' G- . ff, -A,1,,,, .5 5 0 -A's'V'VLV. ,i Vpf, L, :,.1':-.V,1,."'V.,,.r,f., .w .. ...g,.f:f .,,.VA - x. 4 'AV -"'?:g"f-1'a2?:?L???"5?.. f5.Vf,Vf"T3f2F'Q?'ffi'??wM:V'2,:e, v 2-. ,,.V,:?'1,f'3'gAX?i1-35: we? 2 'fV :VV , , Mwa, .ww ,, . ,Af M. 4. Q. ,.. . N ,,- - -,V--5mrVV--ezVVVV-v..f..'w.::,wVrm-3-.mfg-V wwf Pg f..-w ,af f ,wr ,-.M ,,""i1i-326 .,-s.fw.VVV. ' ' ""'V' QFEHVT Aff- V3 ui 4- V 5 Vx, 215 0 1 it f' V W .' ':,V:QV:12bV-'-'Ewa" lVw1f'. iIwV H-?.'1"p:-dz 121121, fV""'.fvV:V's +f','1ifff:F:f f' w??'.' -- .' V-.V 1L:"':.,.' Z' 4 ,x'Vx:,' V ' -fV.-E:g'V2RfEag.g ifffwi.gV.m.fV?V"?:-VV2g9- Arai:f5',4iV.V.V1.s.2!'a1V 3 -Q.-yf,.,,pa?VVfA2'V' ff V., A V, VVNJ: .A ay ,5V1w2.V?afff, 53114-"'..-,,-rg,,v7,'sal'e:-.5-:nyi't'-CQV--V1-,fggtmq,vV5,.4as5.f,. - Vzff-wr. " V- . V: -1 1. X' 1 ,eral .za 221' Vim'-Vi'-V f HV 1 VLV ,w.-iff:-V'V2C'v:' 1,25 , 39 -, ezVfykf 7-.- ,ff as .zmx-'-V-,V . wr v V " - -.vfna ,vi---fVfV.fv.aV.s.'.V':qV':4-V,fa.V,1 V...V. Vi' .45 -,,,.,fV -V gf 'l:'5l'57'3f5 !'3""W5?-Qffifij. 5f2i5gV? .5521-L:L'ax,52f:3?-5'3'iV:e'hiiafag ig ' Ei-2 .. 'M-Vj 'g ' .1 mf. V ,gVw,m'n-. fJ Ra-. VwVfV 1 , :Vg . xx y VJ.. 7: -. yank wx-.., .. f VA 0 .V if WfiX4?" 'is 7' we V- V 4 V-V VV 4:1 QV V.: EVE' X Vp , .f ' V V' - . ' .1 ' V- VQWL2-V.-e',E,ii-etan3'V1fV'--515554 - 1 f. V f 1 2 If :ff-1-,.N'V'4s?'?F?29rl: VlfVV-lV?:""sx'1ai,' I X 'gf W 1- ,V-3 .af-gqwfVgyf39f2gqV 3V . 4. . Q ,. Q.. ,Lg ,V x v4zfwg?4A.w-.Q YN ' .2 V V 0 V V - .- . V. -, -. VV .J,-W,-.y Q-m,,.g.f,-1,1-St., V ...N " V, f 1:3 f' 3.1:-2 . ,V I ' V V -V 3' 'ap f " I , Vg 'fl-. 1 : gf- 5, 7 'f':- 'w4,':V-' , 2'-Lv. r- -4 V- v ' , jx., A -' -or VAVL: V- - -'.f,nf3W.Vf: f ,'vX4isV VNV- 2 V. - V V -45 my -Vff fs-ry V V X ,V , fl' ' . g.,-4 ., f, ,Vw-if, ,. -wig .1 ., :W . Z g,w.,V.:,1a Y . 311 2. ft ,--FFA-. A ,- g - ,, ,, , - 1 ., 5 5 - . ': 5 j -V rv.. J. .V., V psf - A f yn A ,j -:: vi 5 N Z.,-:lx i. 5 I ,Q ..., ,.. fi' 'f ' - ' V' V X ' . 1 I V fa-Q0 5- sci-Ejifjfx V ball., X 1. - I , - t v. , 5,-W .. . g,..V.,- 3 . . 5 ' " ' ,Z "-' '14 1.1, ' 0 L T ...,-,-. I, I 2. 2' K 1' J i is I ..f""'Xx ,M P'-"Kamik I I A . My ,w.-iva.....g A-1 ,. 'y , 6. X 4 't y f l l 4' Q y ' ' , J 3, V QJNBLQ X 4'sfz2":L' Q 5 9 'sb as 3 'K H 'T 3-0 n .40 2 it , f 'M U ,,. 4 E- ' ii Ta 'L 3 f A .ni . ' 4- .. e 'umwmmrw .5348 1. Q. 3. 1 . , ,I 57 - 'I M,-Ji . 1 V 'Wi ff ++'f-"'.e"t't'Q':':5t3?f27f"S"'5'5""""7f"' . ..-mov-:"""""'?"H 5 .- z'. .f532-ffafg-" mpeg iL:gfQ.Q3,.., .' 'z fu' 591- " ' ' ff'-f5f'.f.ffffe'w"f 5 71 ff"-,, :aff ml. f,,,..4' .'.f4:'fz'f"f" ""f' , ' '7aW2f,ff:Q'f2,.Z'2f. ,gig-h ljfff 5!f7?'..:fEw- " .U -4 - , ,4 1. ,Z , ,rf . ',,w':'gSm..1 -.y +4xg'gY5fg:'g. vw f. 2 V-Wy, 'ffj-iff, , 3 sf. f' .1 ,'.'-Qfygig, gf' V - -fy, fr, 2 fl' 4 ' J' '-' 24,55 vt - , .L . .A . : -i fly?" .. V' V f ..-vw 7 v uv' 4f M 130. M ' f gif. yn., fifty' rdf 1 ggai L :iw " ff - -Q V - '-M-N-mu. 4, Each year. it seems. the boys gymnastics team starts the season with a purpose ofgaining recogni- tion. The word. gymnastics. at Newton North has become synonomous with the highly successful girls gymnastic team. Well let it be known there is a boys gymnastic team at Newton High. Al- though the team has not attained levels of a state championship team. it has worked just as hard as the girls. This years team. again coached by George Jessup. wound up with a reocrd of seven wins and five losses. to finish fourth in the Suburban League. The team was led all season long by senior co-cap- tain Mark Dibenidetti who finished his Newton High gymnastic career by taking a first place all- around in the league championship. Other seniors who contributed greatly were co-captain Peter Clancy. Randy Cohen, Charlie Gen- tile. and David Schindler. A promising group ofjuniors and sophomores. such as Clark Texeira and John Femano, have high hopes for successful years in the future. K ly! Row, I. In R Dave Mitchell. John le' mano. Ben White. Peter Hurwitz. Arthur Boyd, Dominic Brown. Intl Ron Coach Mike Taplln. Ned O'Halloran. Steye Hodg- don, Clark Tcxiera. Head Coach George Jes- sup. Jn! Ron' Peter Clancy. co-capt.. Nlark DiBenedetti. David Schindler. Randy Cohen. TEAM RECORD .NUh'l11IIXHJl'l againsti Neyyton South Quincy No. Quincy Wellesley Wayland VN inchester Arlington Newton lost toi Brut Afllfl Blwulxflllz' lH'tn1null1.No li't't'n1imlli Sli l.mir1Nqrfn1 I 123 GIRLS GY NASTICS V -2 X l ' , S S '31 The Girl's Gymnastics Team started the year with a new coach Fran Piccariello and a new attitude. Those tow factors instilled a team concept that guided them to a successful 5-2 record. This attitude combined with the leadership of co-captains Julie Myers and Kathy Magraw got the Tigers offto a fine start. The team won their first five meets by convincing scores over Waltham, Weymouth North and South, Quincy and North Quin- cy. However the ending was not so sweet, losing to Brookline and Brocton. two of the stronger teams in the league. ln the Suburban league Championship meet, Julie Myers placed first on beam and floor exercises. Julie also placed second on bars, and third on vault. These wins gave her first all around. Junior Kathy Magraw placed second on the floor exercise which enabled the team to come in second in this meet. Consistant performance throughout the year from Gail Blauer, Kim Threadgold and Susan Green helped produce a victorious year. 'The gymnastic team has long upheld excellence and next year they should continue on those lines, 'B ffl ll lx! Run' Ronna Rosenblat, Luci Antonellis, Alison Spelke, Kim Threadgold, Marcia Golden. 2nd Row Victoria Floyd, Sue Whorisky, Eil- leen Linnchan, Sue Green, Karen Jones, Judy Beck, Mrs. Pickerillo. 3rd Row Mr. Buzzi, Kathy Magraw co- capt, Julie Myers co-capt., Gail Blauer. if TEAM RECORD .NVUWIIJII Lexington .Yf'N'IUII Waltham .N'uw1m1 Weymouth So. .Nfwltuz Weymouth No, Newton Brmflslillc' ,Ncivroiz No. Quincy .NUWIIIII Quincy Newton Bfllflxlllll I f A 'F . f ,fa , Sul 3 , V. f x ,xr- " a rr If 9 v""-i""t 9- 2 Q, . gg kt' e- on Q F s ix L- 5' ij - Q -2g1ff4'!'2?1 9 yj s . . bf. ana.. -, -5 M ,....,.-W Qgi ' 'Tig' WRE TLI G .. Q5 if I ! . 1-' N--f 1 eww..-aninvfat--'f-' 7 - ' 2?-'ft s 'tv' There are three basic ingredients in good wrestling: knowledge ofthe sport. desire, and great athletic ability. Newton North's wrestling squad can be extremely proud of their accomplishments for the 74-75 season. The team was not stacked with veteran wrestlers nor with super athletes but extreme desire and team unity brought the Newton Tigers a season oftremendous satis- faction. Their record of 8 wins and 7 losses is most respectful considering their highly competitive schedule. Wins over Weymouth North, Weston, and Quincy. were typical of the season the Tigers had. Desire was the xl contributing factor to the defeat ofthose three very talented teams. Special recognition to co-captain Anthony Pellegrini. who was the sectional champion and placed fourth in the state meet at Brockton. Pellegrini exemplihes the New- ton Wrestler of "75" as this was only his second season in competitive wrestling. "Fatty's" desire was truly his most powerful weapon against his opponent. Co-captain Bruce McNulty was the outstanding xx res- tler for the first half of the season until a knee injury forced him out of action. Mike Annesi wrestled extreme- ly well and qualified for the State tournament due to his strong showing in the sectional meet held at NN.H,S. Coach Pat Coleman described his wrestlers as. "a team with tremendous discipline. extremely enthusiastic. and an absolute delight to coach." Prospects for the next year look good. ifthe '76 wrestlers can follow the strong precedent of our '75 Tigers. 119 1 '-Ea 'Q A 5 Q f '-'- f - '19 jf w. 3 'Q V 8 x 9. 9,1-al' D .f'c'-" . e w'A.,!i" ,.',xls' 1" 1 K Q 'Y 1' 4 I Q., 5 ,1 ,ps of ' X 'vw' ff 1 Nf- i si Isl Row - Roy Hebard, Mike Annesi, Paul Siegenthaler. Steve Rosen, Doug Pepper, Tony Pellegrini co-Capt.. Steve Parker. DIIIIRIJI1' Don Morrell. Mil-te Duffy, Dave Barenberg. Coach Pat Coleman, Bruce McNulty co-Capt.. Austin Lampert, john Monahan. 1 - .7 TEAM AWARDS Tony Pellegrini Mos! Valiiahlt John Monahan Mos! Iiizprowci Bruce McNulty Varsiit' Sammi Effori ,Q , I, 5 ,L Marc Coackley J.l..Sttona'bjfor1 yijjf y 4 1 Tony Pellegrini Sectional Champion 134 lb. weight class Mike Annesi Sectional 2na'plaCe 107 lb. weight Class Z2 pw Il'lE'4f"fb H UN -A -N pn.. .YQWIUIZ Newmn Newton Newton Newmn Newton Newlon TEAM RECORD Quad Meet No. Quincy Melrose' Wallhanz Weymouth So. .x,t'N'I0l1 So Quincy Newton .vt'H'llll1 Nest-ioiz Newton Newton Newton Newton Wiivlarzil Weymouth No. Cath. Mem. Brookline .Uz1lz1't'n Milford Broflxlclll LU Newton Newton Newton Mewton Newton .Yewloll Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton .Yi'u'IoIl Newton Newton Newton TEAM RECORD H"0l6flUlt'II Weymouth So. H"6',l'l7I0llIl1 N0 Cambridge Brooltline No. Quincy Brockton Rindge Tech Qliimfl' Wes! Point Cambridge Brookline No. Qllfllfvl' Brockton Wullhanz Quinc-1' Rindge Tech lllilrliunl H"t'l'lP10llll1SO. U'e1'n1ouIh No. 099 By anyones standards, a record of three wins, fourteen losses and one tie over the course of an eighteen game season is a disaster. This years Newton North High School hockey team was simply that, a disaster, as any team member will quickly admit. The only wins came twice against a winless Rindge Tech team and over North Quincy. The tie came against Cambridge Latin. What made it so disappointing to players and fans was that last years team came on so strong at the end of the season and prospects looked good. The team got off to a slow start and was unable to gain momentum as the season progressed. Multiple "bone" injuries hampered the team all season long. There were some bright spots on Coach Crowley's Tiger hockey team. Senior cen- ter Bob Karem had a hat trick in a 10-0 whitewash over Rindge Tech. Senior John Carey also compiled a hat trick in another game. Right wing Dave Soloman played tough all year long. The defense was backboned by three year varsity goalie Joe Steele and junior Ken Haggestrom. The defensemen were backboned by hard hitting junior Rick Cavanaugh, seniors Chris Terranova, Scott Mertens and Tom Gilley. Although this year was not a banner year for Newton High School hockey, hopes remain high for improvement next year. Ni I Q,,,- " l ' 1 5 15 ff 19' ,fag x in 5 X ,I V .ix ii. 1 , . :ih- . J. i 555 if v ig, tt 9 t ' 1 , gn: 512.-bf 'f 251, l 'Q .3-3' so S , X 'W Q. Q. - , . 3 xl -A s T -,. A 'E F - r ,-A Y' 5 8--p rl NAP I 'J Q9 f- il Q Isl Row - Joe Doyle, Dave Solomon, Joe Steele, Ken Hagerstrom, Doug Jessup, Scott Mertons. Ind Row Don Crowley, Gus Quuranto. Ri-:lt Cmunnugh Steve Marchesault. Ray Valente, Tom Gilley, .lohn Carey, Bill Eagen.M1'.v.ving assistant-couch Powers, Chris Terrunovu. QW X yi f X- P, I N .7 j Jag ful J, INDOOR "-5.1 136 P. ,QE 1 ffffi r V ' Q? if IKE yi' 2 f fl" ' , '55 A'Q. A.n135 .' A ' 5 1 .,, TRACK Vx -'dd' g - -11-1-1-""""' ... 'Lt' ui Y P w,' I im W gm!-s KJ I f 'F 'um JW 'YK ' 13 S ..4--""",' if Ev 'if ,rf X ,f ,f' 2 xi bw Wi lr i 'Wlllulug iwhnnnql -'Hung '98 wr, f 4' 2 ,V i if r I? 5 ,-,rg I ,,.,.,3 a I WW Ei pn -A P+ i 3 i ' t 2f??W2bsa.vxm. if., uv"""" .x HM N Quai -nv ir ii: '- Gnd fY .L ix x ? 1stR0w - J. Caplan, J. Cardillo, R. Meek capt, T. Cardillo, H. Caplan. End Row f P. Toyias, A. Shocket, R. Sall, S. Scarpato, P. Saravis, J. Ricker, K. Toc ci, A. Morales. A. Yun, R. Raum, J. Connolly, T. Hightower. 3rd Row - B. Weinberg, W. Gerlach, R. Digento, B. Lebow, R. Schilder, J. DeLoren1o, B Burke, M. Scott, K. Barris, K. Hinchy, G. O'Halloran. 4th Row f D. Scott, R, Greenwood, J. Auciello, E. Dubois, J. Tramontozzi, G. Kasabian, D. Marx. C Hines, K. Kaufman, D. Randell, R. Martin. 51h Row A Coach Yaitanes, Coach Boyle, B. Rooney, M. Laredo, D. Bracker, G. Leone, K. Jones, M. Santi Coach Malone, R. Whelan. TEAM RECORD Newton 43 Weymouth So. Newton 48 No. Quincy A-Q Newton 52 Weymouth No f' , Newton 48 Brockton Newton 7l Cambridge Newton 72 Quincy Ov Newton 42 Waltham Newton 40 Rtndge Tech Newton 49 Brookline 7X Pride and success do not always go hand in hand, but together they create an outstanding conbination. Fortunately this year the Newton North Track team had both, and although they fell shy of winning a Suburban league title, not a member of the team had anything to feel ashamed of, for they gave it all they had. Finishing in a tie with Weymouth South for second place behind Rindge Tech, the Tigers can only be optimistic about their future as their coaches, Lamoine Boyle, Fred Yaitaines, and Bob Malone all agree "The future looks good". With this year's captain Bob Meek injured after the fourth meet of the season, things looked bleak for the tigers. But the team responded by winning their next three meets, only to fall to Suburban League Champs Rindge Tech, 46-40, in a meet featuring many outstanding performances. The Tigers finished their season with an impressive 7-l-l record. Many proved that record not to be a fluke. The distance events were led with young talent. Sophomores Duncan Scott and Richard Schilder were Newton's top two milers. Senior Tom Hightower and Sophomore Howard Pierce were excellent milers for Newton. The Tigers were tough in the middle distances as Seniors Alan Yun and Tony Morales ran consistantly well in the 1000, as did Ken Tocci and Richard Raum, in the 600. The short distances were also strong as Captain Bob Meek and Sopho- more Kwek Randall were among the leagues best. Seniors Alan Shocket and Hugh and Jeff Caplan ran well for the tigers in the dash. In the hurdles Senior Jamie Connolly tied a Suburban league record. Right behind him were juniors Rich Jaffe and Joe Delorenzo fnext years captainsj, who also ran well for the Tigers in this event. Newton was equally strong in the field events. They possessed four top shot putters in seniors John and Tom Cardillo, Pete Saravis and Rich Sall, and two consistant high jumpers in John Ricker and Kevin Hinchey. And "to boot", the Tigers had the second best relay team in the league comprised of Bob Meek, Kwek Randall, Jamie Connolly and "the tiying Tiger" Ken Tocci. For the first time, the Tigers had a girls relay team which included Cindy Hines, Moni Scott, Kim Barnes and Miriam Sami. The team will be losing alot oftalent next year as the bulk ofthe varsity was made up of seniors. But, the Tigers still intend to be tough as many good prospects will be returning next year. 1 I I - ii TRY " x. i f, ES' V . T A '4 ,YCDA 0 0 ,fix 'Z ,C ' X s Q 144+ . l 1 , , . i i 5 hyd K " ti i K ful J uk I s ,- F' l xii .l Y l - A K f l Yi X . r , ". , 1i.,5..1-,lv ... , Q., . IN, 4.4! R Isl Row - Jim Nolan, Mike McKevven, Theo Nelson, Marc St. Marie, Kurt Fallon, Chuck Drakos. Paul Syphers. Doug Jasset Bill Zani Dive Bagely. Paul Mulvaney. End Row -- Coach Chris Jones. Head Coach Ben Merritt, Tom Skinner. Steve Brighterwise, Marty W aters Mark Fallon Bruce Miller. Alex Shapiro. Ed Devine co-capt.. Scott Pohlman co-capt., John Volante, Mike Nolan. Dave Rosenthal, Charlie VN u im' Rm lerrx Kinsela, Paul Fisch, Bernie Goldings, Jeff McGaw. Ben Like, Tom Geeshan, Jon Wish. Norm Budge. Steve Schaefer, Joe Donato Swimming is unlike any other sport in the high school. In no other team sport is individual performance so emphasized and noticeable to the spectator. There is no room for error for a swimmer. If he makes a mistake. everyone sees it. With all this in mind, the Newton swimmers were op- timistic and confident as they prepared for a dual Med- ford meet at home. The meet was a grueling one but the Tigers dropped it 87-85. It was seesaw from there and at the midpoint ofthe season. their record stood at 2-4. It was all uphill from there. The Tigers were led by co-captains Scott Pohlman and Ed Devine. and other outstanding performers such as John Volante in the 200 yd. freestyle, Paul Syphers in the 200 medley, Dave Rosenthal in the 100 yd. backstroke. sophomore Bill Zani in the 100 yd. breastroke. and an outstanding 400 yd. relay team. The swimmers proceeded to win six in a row and close out the season with a fine 8-4 record. This is an excellent record for a team that has been in existence only two years and next years team will look to improve on it. TEAM RECORD NPWIUIY won against: Newton lost to: Fitchburg Brookline Keele Tech Newton So. Weymouth No. Weymouth So. Northeast Reg Bmclt Inn fllvdlnrzf ll ilIf1htlI7l Belmmil . Tech S ITE BOYS GIRLS Thomas Ryan l2O Cooper, F LOW 62 Brilliant Guiney, K 62 Whalen Glotzer 60 Cooper, R Levin 58 Ezerin Brilliant 56 Silverstein Culbertson, Mon 52 Buck Guiney, C 28 Cohen Friedman Avery Chernov 1-ig The l974-75 season was the debut season for the Newton North ski team. Suprisingly for their first year out, the team did very well, placing fifth in their league. The league was composed of 8 teams, that included Waltham, West- wood, Wellesly, Newton South, Franklin, and Walpole. The team practiced and raced on Prospect Hill in Waltham, which, although not big, provided racing excitement. The team was led by co-captains Fred Cooper and Greg Buck who did an ex- cellent job organizing the team without school funding. Coach Stuart Rist made his coaching debut and also did a finejob. The team is coed team and is a young one. Sophomores Steve Brilliant and super skier Shawn Whalen posted excellent times as did Josh Ezrin and Dick Thomas. The girls were led by Beth Ryan, Kim Guiney, Nancy Levin, Maurine Culbertson, and Jennifer Brilliant who are outstanding skiers and did very well against the opposition. Coach Rist commented that the team did very well de- spite poor ski conditions and should be excellent next year. COACHES - x Lu Y ff' A i' 9 Q f ng K ,,,L,,,L Z' H . ,hgh g 4 M X 5 I' . Y , , , . 'x f E f.1 h..i .- 'l':i',f 3? K4 '45 4277? ' 1 ,. " '1 f ",!"'b'a'A. g3'.l,..ll'Q 'l, no-any-6' sexi "flu I Q., ug., o n s', Q Q i??E '4,Q.gFRlg,gS Eiga 14 ! P, x . suffer CHARLIE BROWN 'Sn 1 x-9 35 T -xx ..-T N R LQ N' X l i "I'm conducting a survey to enable me to know myself better. On a scale of zero to one hundred, where would you rate me with regards to crabbiness'?" l 47 ga a .sf 9' 'sa 1 5 g J M K". , "You're a Good Man Charlie Brown," Newton' High's second student directed, student produced musical left everyone a little bit nostalgic for those "good old days," when life really was writ- ing l0O word essays on Peter Rabbit, and dreaming about pretty girls during lunch recess. All the whimsical charm of the Peanuts gang was brought to life by the truly talented cast. Bob Stern, as the luckless Charlie Brown, was perfectly complemented by the rest ofthe cast e Liz Robertson's Lucy, Aldo Fabrizi's Snoopy, Jay Foley's Schroe- der, Frank Aronson's blanket-loving Linus, and Sue Kaufman's Patty. Under the fine direction of Neil Goldberg and Bob Stern, 5 all combined to transform the play into a living fantasy. Q As the audience filed out, it was apparent that the production i had left everyone in a little happier state of mind with which to face the world outside. x ,ZA 'AV A - i I w i l GIGI There are certain inevitabilities in this world. One of these inevitabilities is that, come December, there will be an outstanding musical production in the New- ton High auditorium. This December was no exception, as the music de- partment staged .a heart-warming presentation of Gigi. The show featured Aldo Fabrizi and Tamara Hurwitz alternating nights with Richard Tannenbaum and Laura Hastings in the lead roles. They were ably supported by Frank Aronson, Liz Robertson, Mar- jory Appel. and a host of others. In all, there were over one hundred people connected with the show, and they all worked together to create tour evenings of de- lightful entertainment. I 4 , Y! Ms ,Q T -'x fx R l I X x 5: V, V 154 I Of course, the dancing was phenomenal I. ' f , Z, V , fy" ' . ,Q 5fyf'w'3Kf!'?75Lf?"' 771, 'W 4 , ,fiigigzfg l 1 , J, Y ' , 1 A f Q 1 ' i ' ' . - 2' A-..'.: , Cf ak'25ggv?w f ,wg Lm,.,.z, , g-ff-:4f,..V 'tg33'?1f4:3g1l3T'5f3' Af . e 'M 2:3 A- j, 'Q 'iq 1' ,H ' 2 :L n fgrga f-'fzfvl 5i"4?f , J 1 41 ' 1 1.'f'5Z'f'f"-' V ,gm ' ' ,. 51,g4,fg1,g1:,::,fg'1 , ' ,',,.,' ewzy, :g"Q,,: - ' ' ' fsf1'f4X?ef. 'vig 'vu' ,P'1f1": '- , 1, ,, , ,. . ' ' ,- -' .' 1142" 'S ,D V, .127 W5 X223 5-Eager V 5 ' ' W6-ffim N f' fi " ,v fig, f " . -uf L'-,fi lffflj, 454, V , ' 9.422 X .- w - A AL., My 4 v f, f.. V-417.-Q 4, Yiggfm- ,f :L Hi 1 5 . , i g 1 ,- guns . , I , ' 1, 4 ..,: ,'-'Til 1 , 3:1 1 'i. 4 5' , 4 'P LQ." ., A Qi.. ' "Alley L 23521 '- .."f,f 4, .,-W a Q Q.. af' J Ivr I ' 3, iii Wie! L .. 2. is if K V , , ll -Q Q. if Il ng, ,fsg QP Q, aff,- Li? 'r i H. I ru- B" .ff 1.1, I ! so .hm .. ... . lui-.H H A ' '-c ggmf ig, . A' I' .1 , Ysikfifll I4' slr, v W- 'N ' A 3 CP ,C gi 1 1 EXPO - MAIN ST. , if """t X iff. .-'G Say n .45 'LH X A-P' . I , ps 1,-3 i l lslll llill' Lll"!11i' Clin I Qll' All C3418 C F11 Ill 1 Iwi!! i"'7'i'l l' 6'i'7QlVlCi 1 lhln KI' VSAKWI if ill? , V 5' :X Q vnu i ,Xi 1 .y rg Q Expog slang for exposition: lJA setting forth of a purpose or meaning. 23 A public exhibition or show. 33 The art of presenting a subject in detail apart from criticism or argument. As the day designated for Expo neared, one could sense that once again something special was about to take place within the school, Then finally one day in late fall, Expo Main Street 2 came to pass and its' reality far exceeded everyones expectations. As one walked down Main Street, they could see the culmina- tion of many weeks of careful planning and the long hours of actual preparation that resulted in an Expo which fulfilled all of the above requirements. lt was not only the members of the school tadministration. faculty an of course the studentsj who helped make Expo such a success but also the many members ofthe surrounding community who came to share in the fun. Whether one was concocting crepes, running con- tests, participating in the contests, selling for buyingl at any of the countless displays, or just eating and having fun, all agreed that at least for this one day there was a feeling of oneness. "Oneness does not mean sameness, it means unity in diversity." K L 1- if P "5 Lv' J 4' ' '4 I f In SENIOR BREAKFAST 2 I '- itaif 'RXX1 '53 7, V "gif V' 1, 1 .gf-5 -N LA, 5 :gb . J , M. . . if y 5.,,W ig 4 Aw--vi , Zz ' , "' - 1-41.4 , -ff. ..q.., . W' 11" , , ,,' -5 if , , , .157 'LJ aff, 'fiwl-?fM' 46, 5? 4 .4-A-v Z"H'11,2f' 'af m fv ,, .f,1,I1.,.,,,v . ,,, , . - H ,ikffizw-21 A '2 2, X :'5vM " ...M 12" t 'J is ja ,if 'J' ' 43' f .i 1-5, J .J js, . f - 1.1.1.- I I I I T I I a A 2 i? wr' t. v 10. One way to estimate the number Qf'dlfl?I'6'III lzangoutx in New- ton Nartlz High Sclzool is Io add the number af exits to ilie num- her af Iahles in Ill? library, and add Ilia! suni to llze total nunzlver Q1 square ,feet on Main Slreei. The quaiility af'c1'ilfi'i'ei1I liangozils is nur ax inzpuriani, lwwever, as iliejaci ilzai 1l1eyc1llex1'st. ., ' ?x li SYN ,X n 'f -r 9' , n." 4 f X Q N ,gain ! 'N v T 5 1:3 A 1 "'!"' 'dl Ab-4 ,xv 1 fi E nQ, 7 ,nv 1 sf 9 5 5, . I f-. Wrwv, ,. 4-an ,JM A 1 f I 1 Q I 4 WN-x E9 ff' ...--,,: .Eff 'limi u . 4 'H ! 4 L Y i , S5 S. ,wfgivxlvf I I rn Fi 1 I Y3 M' YlIt'l'C' fx ll mujur fllllllfj' lvll IIIIIHX fll'UlllllL'lll llmzlglz, hL'C'llll.X'l' tl uulrzplvlv c'4lmu11'rn1 ufflwfx of umm' lllllll ulclxsrmmlx will lC'Xll7HI1AX lf Ll .Ylllllc'Hl is' In ln' f7l'C'flUl'l'll lm' lltlllll lm' lu' HHH! ulm lvurn In l'L'lC1IL' In wllzvr pwfplv llx lung an ll1t'I'c'Lll'L'f7ltlL't',S' wllcrv xlmlwzlx L un w4'1l1l1:4'. ilu .wlwnl will lu' f7I'lM'I'llllI'Q an f1ppUr1m11'1 x fur xm- zlwzix In fulfill Ilia! puff uf llI1'l'l' uflmulzmz ' 5 F500-U lb ,I if ,M , A ,cf ,-47 "wh, W W. 1 -4 -1 2 1 Q X73 fik 2 51-9 I ,I IWHXWX P. x A 5,4 Jil 66 23' i 43' 5.5. l 1 . xx ll . n Iwi fa Qt v, 1 pgt nm.-,Q -., . ' 'gat "'v I K f. If - I ,. Q 32 EWS- . I Q' 4 I I I I .411 V r L N L v. -T- s f 1-.1 'ffm . ,NEW T f ,gJ. I X X '12 4 W . f if : n ? Q X pi L . E h M 1 , ,.,m 1' 1-,g,, -f , YQ W fnj x 1 -v..n--.s..,. 4...-.,.. ' 4 ,N :M .A -11 . f fr .1 '.-f N .rv I 9' .am L ri'-.. i",,f xr-Q I v 1 , v 1 4 , , ,,,, ,, I Q E nl DEBORAH KAY ABELLS Warren, Beals, Undecided I Debby ' March I, I973-March I, I974-May I I - A 29, Deb-Jay B.A.-I.Y.-B.Y.- " in N.A.-P.M.-Labor Day weekend - - X 74-Danny. Summers oli72-73-74 at " 1 Westport and Dartmouth tWeston V A wx, Estates. Hamond Pond, Stoney -I E Brook. and the Mountainj K.A.- ilb- ir, A G.M.D.R.J.S.J.S.-Ma. Ashley. 1, , va ' Thanksto Shirley. 44?-ga if W see-we-' I I. sir? MARCIE FAITH ABRAMSON Weeks, Beals. College "ll I am not for myself, who will be lor me? ll I am only for myself. what am l'? And il' now, when?" Israel 73, USY. BBG pres, HC. George, Daphnia, Moose, Jive? JR DS SE LP MZ LL RK Could have been a love story. CC 2,3 Thought- prints 2.31 French Club 2,31 New- tonite 2,33 Newtonian 2,3. DEBORAH JEAN ACHESON Bigelow, Barry. College People hand in hand Have I lived to see the milk and honey land? Where hate's a dream and love lorever stands Or is this a vision in my Marching Band l.2, Concert Band 21 Orchestra 23 Orchesis 2,33 Fid- xi 5 dler Transition 3. SUZANNE ELIZABETH AHERN Sailing heart-ships through bro- ken harbors, Out on the waves in the night. still the searcher must ride the dark horse. Racing alone in DAVID ABRAMS RUSSELL G. ADAM Ra "Bussy" N.H.S. Parkinglot with D.C.K.O. "The Guys" Mt. Ida "Where's our clothes?" Bills rented cars. Motor- cade "7-1" D.R.L.F.P.W. "72" with C.T. Kagamagus Highway - Island Lacrosse "Main St." Let's hit the Packie Mrs. K - I2-14, mind? Lacrosse l,2,3, capt.g Soccer 33 Basketball l.21 Track 3. YT RICHARD G. ACERRA Warren, Palmer, Success A small leak can sink a great- ship" "Gentlemen prefer Blondes" "See you when you make it." See you in September. "The Wall." Elvis it I Summer of "74". Blonde in a white "57" T-Bird. "Don't you worry 'bout a thing" Newton Centre. Dances. Girls 1 C.B. 72 S.M. 73 E.A. 73 M.M. 73 K.G. 74 N.A. 73 J.N. 74 G.A. 73 B.B. 74 GD. 74. ss VERNON PHILIP AISNER Day, Barry. College Clallin Cadets. Sunday morning - hockey with Peter Plante. Fridays at Fishy's clam bake. Elm Rd. at 2:30. Barry House Commons Kit- his fright, Tell me why Neil ty-wist games. July 18, l973-Hole- Young. in-one. Bulloughs Bum 63-eternity. Chin. Guts, Kayween, Fungy, Ace. G.M.A.H.J. lt's been a pleasure chatt'n with ya. Ski team 31 Ski - !..m Club l,2,3g Lacrosse l. France 2,3. - MICHAELJALEXANDER HILLEL RONALD ALPERT V . Dummy Weeks. Adams, College 1" -7 A 'f'Vfit.VQ.' Weeks. Bacon Adams House Council l.2,3g Ten- ' 7 Eg., ' - "'. 3 3 Don't do anything I wouldn't do. nis Team l,2.31 Ping-pOI1g Club I. I I You sapsll 2.31 Chess Club I. 1 7 mfg. 1 If l I 5 Koi! :IA I . --J NILS ANDERSON THERESA ANTONELLIS SUSAN ALT KARIN ANDERSON CARYL LYNNE ANKIEWICZ Warren, Barry Summer ol' 74 with Donna and the kids from Meredith. The Parties. English class vtith Chris, Mary- Ellen and Joan. Eaggotl Donna NaNa!! "Oh, wow". ANNA MARII KNMI l,l KCI Ikfltilmirftlmmtllll Day, Palmer, llairdressir, Great times wffsteve "the fi-Pals NERWCBCDKCAA Bermuda '75 NHSPI. Lake I.MPLQN1LB.l CSDPD "Schlitz'?" Cape '72- 73RW'74NE "Hey Comparih Cup or cone? Going on a picnic "I'm so embarassed?" Flicks Mac Stop talking while I interrupt. Italian Club wfstudy Rally Comm. What I am is what my memories have made me LOVE-GOOD LUCKY MICHAEL ANNESI Warren. Barry, College What am I? And that proves it, You could have killed somebodyl Pink slip Tiger Head Clapton NRPS Concerts tmulesl Baseball lg Wrestling l,2,3. 7'fXI , ., X fi-in I If . ,,,, - fs'f.Qf. s . Q es..-1: u W za.-za . I -- 431.7 .s. 4.6 .36 ' QL: A. iw A i NICHOLAS ANTONIADES if 'C I X X BRUCE MICHAEL MARJORYAPPEL APOTHEKER Brother Weeks, Barry "This school is something else." A lot of friends, teachers? Wine, Women, Song and Dance! Man's Ruin! Auto Body 2,33 Cappy 1962. ff A i JQN Q", ' T' X v SQ tx I X C-XRIN ANN ."xRSl1N.AXl'l.T loss si-eisiiisiliz gifrfasfe' 1. LEE ARNOLD .. V . .- .7 X .i . Ly. as ,X- .4--1 JULIA PAMELA ARMSTRONG Taft. Beals, College A special good luck in the future to three special people vvhom I vvon't forget. N.M. B.H. LYS. It's been niee to have the folloviing people in the graduating class of "75" Con- gratulations and Good Luck in the future. IIN. SS. KH. BB. P.B. L..l. CA. K.C. D.H. M.T. G.L, .l.B. and S.L. Good luck next year juniors and sophomores. 4.1 X J' ij' : NK arren. Beals, College "Don't try to understand me Usl love mel" Ihanls you to all my ,l . . vvonderlul friends and leaehers vvho have made my years here so fantas- Ile Smith Iamily 2.3. Choir l.2.3g Nlusieal 2. lreneh tluhf,3LSls1 C luh ll. Senior C lass Comm 3. Nexvtonian Assistant I dilor ,,qs....., KEVIN .I ARSENAULT FRANK SETH ARONSON Bigelovy. Beals. College lt's so hard to say au revoir so let's just say hors d'oeuvre" M. Mull Snerd l.2.3g Musical 2,31 Student productions "The Fantasties" 21 "Charlie Brov-in" 31 Kit, Lix. Hot Discs" 31 CC 2.31 Smith Family 3: Band 31 to B. Cherner the more I knovv love. Thank you: Keep in toueh. Arsy' Day. Beals. Polieeman The Lake Hvvthorne No. l Forev- er. Good times down BC. getting caught in get away ear. World ree- ord for getting pumpkins "69". Manolas Bread. Garden raiding. Chase Paul. Danny' me. Favorite saying-That's all at least niee. nice. Sleeping in the ear at the heaeh. Sacred-Heart No. I. Dances. Will never forget the high sehool. LX' IILNLI I i et lt li is piouitlenl me .i neu pq .A II .N MXRII Xl C II IIO ff' -iff' Dv Ti U l.UIlgl-JXUIIIL Bigelovv, Riley, College "A good sense of humor can smooth out the rough spots in life." I ahle xv fa v ievv. K K KKQIIIA M- P.'XIsO.'s he .-Xli. yeah! Oli. sure' l have to talk lo you. lla? lla! Sure is hot in here' Baslimohile "lap-Shoes, Tvvinlsle-loes" Neu- tonian Copy Iditor 1.1. Senior class committee. Rally committee. Musiealf.vy,"study1.3. LEORA AUSLANDER EMILY MARY AVILA Warren. Bacon. Fashion Merchandising Steve 6-l-1-74 Love the mean- ing 8a that's too big lor the word. DW "l'm losing you" VM "The Joker" Grad 73. 74 PFOIT1 74 Flor. 73, 7-1. Orange Champange Love to DF, DP. MC. JF. KB, FG. TQ. MM "you've got to get up every morn' with a smile on your lace" JRC Newtonian 31 Senior Class Committee. qi l work :SL sc other llis lieziut root i Dls lJS,S'Xl.l SXXNIJR 'X l l,lfill 'Xl Nll Nuriilx Vlarren. l'.iltiicr, N .r ig l am not in this '.-.orlfl lu iw. your expectation- Xrifl '. mine lfl1llllY.i-l'ltlFlX.Ui"Cll"lQ-1. ilul f lliiic 1 , . llititl '-Hill ll fr l l'yl -'XNl.lS'Xl,IfiiNlfi JB. NlN ljl I N ljvinl xiiti l ll'- il' Nc Jersey "7-14' Sacrcil lleart Slip' s1llllmllNevX lJl'l X .- 'X kv' ,f V' Band l.Z.3. -Q41 DIANE E. BAGLEY Bagels Day. Riley. Business Swimteam 2: Basketball 2.31 vol- leyball 2,33 P.L. lm not afraidany- morellrememberallthegoodtimes- with PNM HMDLRDBMGCF going to miss the good times Bus rides. Weymouth South and Blake! The lockerroom bralls with MBDBLRSC Best of allhome- rooms with DB-CB-MN How preacious somethings are some will never know and ever so much more when you let them go. Good-by N.H. JAMES ARTHUR BABBIN Warren. Adams. College "He who deliherates lully hefore taking a step will spend his entire life on one leg." Ro, Corn. Legacy. Hank et Al. This place has gone crazy. Stage hand l.2.31 Marching 1 3, N. t :Ill rf' J 1 ,, SIGITA M. BACEYICIUS Sigi Bigelow. Palmer. College JP. LS. BR. lsls. SK. BB. TW. AS. LB. LA. MM. .-XH. PR. JC. PH. JG. CF. RW, LH. The 7.50 Streak IZXXBBSLTW Joan Help 23 "Kings BB L.-X Pull over Lincoln FieldfJP. LS. PH. DH. JP. Rial' Parties 8: Concerts Ward Stl P5llAsfCD 81 JP DR 62 Cl'T. BB JP lsls BRets. Newman llouse Stage IIJ Brewg Pool Summer 73fBB BR 6 yr, BR. No one can understand, homeroom. S partl. The Cat. R X fl' if. Q X if Wiz' 'Q - - ' f1l?f-WEE? 'J 6 g. NlFl,XNll' Sl l BXl'sFR Xlel . dams. Dancer 1 JLFFRLY 'XYRLS '75 -s I5 ind len tai Xl . L !XlNs. deriart laughter. eitlhlzdi .tml lisa gle s Vlrlte Uecan .i luke. l7llll.:l Xkintl-Dance The l wx. l"e Yi U-I--v H.V.W.. PATRICK A. BALL Day, Palmer, College Good times in New York Hey T "Where's Ball, find Ball" Dead nights in the lot. Bad luck in the Blue wagon, no more stop lights, 'cause accidents can happen, Right, Dowd! The Fiat 7 kids, Almost on to the Pike. I mell a gunk. L.F. Good Luck in Broadway Basket- ball -lg Lacrosse l,2,3. JAMES THOMAS BARDEN Jimmy Warren, Riley, College The "7-1" Gang" Jewge, Bob, Face, Limp, Scof, Squeeg, Danny, Karen, Jayne, DeeDee, Cheryl, Mrs. Borphis "Crane" 74" "Al- ways remember" Cindy, "dirty' Kelly Stephen Jr. Day. Ralph Foli- age. Larry Wayne Benny Gilley ole oak tree. It's getting Busby! The Dummy. Seventeen years with twin cousin "Cape" Time for vacation Tom. -. DONNA MARIE BALDI Warren, Beals, Eddie's wife Donna and Eddie 372277-1. Always remember: D.V., J.C., B.F., C.L., Mi., ac., V.H.. os., as., Ncoo. D+., J.T.J.P., os., P.G., Mario, N.B., Mc Donald's Parking Lot and especially Eddie, P.S. The Drillshed. Special thanks to those who understood me! All my love goes to Eddie forever. C A ROL ANN BARSTOW lv., . 3, Bigelow, Adams. Travel ,"' A London 8L Sloopy's. Hello Mick. T' The VYD-GB3, Joe, Rabbit, BSA. l' g. i"e- if RK, AZ. Think l'm gonna kin , P myself? CG House, what a mess! "' ,Q ' ,V Pick up vivi, Diwoaiiciii' with , ' V. Mr. D: April crusin, NM,BSA,EG. 3 '07 ji" sure! sr AT Gulf. askin with the it 'V ' V Squad 84 Mert. What a trip! , Q 1, W, Salem? Hot fun in the summer I l", ig, i , " " time-Bonnie 8L Greg's. Bunzaro f - fx Good-bye to Newton High! 1 ' 'i 5455 3 8 GHEORGHE BARZOCHIS Ayerah! 4 Big Nich lsmalll Chun,Big Pete, Big M.V, Franco-Italian A.S. Rus- sian Brain Lenin, The Wellsian Method. To all the other faces LORRAINE ANN BALDI Weeks, Riley, Life Old New building-tunnels Main St. Watching wrestling matches, 3 yrs. with MS, Ceramics Sculpturing classes, the best! So long to BG, SA, JC, the rest! May we meet again on the road oflife! .....:1qp" JEFFREY MILLER BANKS Jeff Weeks, Bacon, College "Take time to laugh. It is the music of the soul." Bad parties at Bran- deis, raise Chump, I rest my case. Good Luck to all. Nick you behave yourself. Be cool Mike. Resede stay sweet skeets always! Concert Choir l,2L B.S.U. l,2,3: Smith Family 2,33 Musical 2,3. HEIDI BARRON Day, Adams, College "Lady, it is to be presumed, though art's hid causes are not found, all is not sweet, all is not sound." "A writer takes his pen to write the words again that all in love is fair, "Us four and CJLSB Twins too bright eyes and CDM forever lwith interruptionsl SFA 2, Newtonite 2, 3: Buildinglg Goodbye Love to you. LAURIE ANN BARTLEY Bumble Bee Warren, Palmer, College Jane-Bobby NBCDYNO-times J,RB,BP, Beals House Hang, Math door, "I honestly love you," meet me under the r. The back of the caf f 74 - Lower Falls is great! Over the wall, Ray. Comput- ers are dumb-thanks all you jock- etts "The world is not ending, so suffer and learn to cope"-Let's rock it off Barb-75 is alive! CLAIRE MARIE BASINET Day, Riley. College Thanx and good luck to all of my friends.Riff Quartet 9720774 FAYRAYSAY A-2 O09 Chinese imposter DD the Squirrel --Mar- tha's Vineyard 74 Fishing!Con- trol Fear! SS'ing! Clouds! CM WGARY. Tennis l,3g Swim team 2,32 Rally committee 2,3. T' 4',1"s l 1 fx ax x X11 ' . j DEBRA ANN BEATRICE Debbie Bigelow, Riley, Undecided Remember the times we laughed and cried, remember the times we almost died, remember you and me made friends and tell me it could never end. All the good times with DC,EB,SG.DS.MG,DK. all the kids down the HiLo store, l'll al- ways remember EB,DC, you both mean alot to me love ya. Glad to get out. NGMBLUAMG JEFFREY L. BECKER Chandler, Bacon. College People who know little are usually great talkers, while men who know LINDA MARIE BATTISTA Day, Palmer, Journalist When homeroom meets, Beach Boys. Shanana. Chicago, Bermu- da, ya hadda be there, SDJCPD your the best. thanx. Good times with PD JCSDRCSWAANE. Cruisin, Drive-in,-NHPL, KO, you painL Hey RT, SD smile! 8fl6f7-1 wfsl, 2g Italian Club 23 Rally Comm. 33 M-D more than the end ofthe no. Its all been nice thanx. BRlIDtiIfI BAUILR Bigelow, Barry, Ireland lfree at last thak tiod and Rossitter Love to Sue, Mo, Nancy, Ann and all. Gary stairway to Heaven, Ben, Tommy, Hoops, Schlitl Gary weekends in Concord. Maine, The brass hed Ranione getting laced lor class. Bear SCIIIIII the park Gary I' I1vansThanx. Gym l-Zfltiary, 2,31 Lynn and the rest that made it bearable Howardll MARTHA BI1tIIf'XR much say little. Jean Jacques 0 Rousseau. Newtonite 2.31 Newto- nian 3. DEBORAH A. BELLEVUE Debbie Warren, Adams, College Soph: Bld-'I I. Mav.B. AR.P8cTM. RC Hol Inn. Chris l2fl7f72. CO. PIC.CTBM,MB. Aug 73, Cape- CT. Mav. sick! JR:P.Lot gang, LC.CO,PV,AB,San, JV,AD.LH- MB 4f5f7-1 B. "T" "Pssst" SUM. MB, Bikes-SW 8: LM.MB. CCC. CM. SR "If we ever get out of here" Foorball games. MDJZ, I i "Sandy, the Tiger" 3QK. L's. Bet- ' is ter Fri. 8: Sat. nts! Rally com. Sr. R lf. Cl.Com. xiii! iv J .0 , . f'fff1'l5 f - 1 mg J. PAMELA LOUISE BENN Pam "Remove the wrinkles, the frowns. and the gloomy face. then do the best you can." Can't forget Or- chesis, KH., D.A., L.O., LL., and most ofall. the JC. J i Martie Warren. Baton We are all Boeandei lriday ls the day ol the Cat. Skintight NN here have all the llov-ers gone? Stretcha out you're for real. Blanc Negr- Arm-Pow 8: Israel liorever Miss Brown a bad, bad missusfl Alas for those who never sing but die with all their music in them. AB,SR,64 JG,AA KB 84 them BS changes. Runl SS BRUCE CALVIN BEIGHLEY Cal Warren, Bacon, Communications "A man has to know his limita- tions." Remember the lun we had driving Mr. Cionti up the vvall. Drinking with the Rat Pack. Drag racing on Washington Pk. To: John, Ed, and the gang BEERYY Audio-visual 1,23 Girl watchers society l,2.3g Schliti foreverfl .aairw f if 9.3 3915 ii, - ,, ,ju ,.l .-1. .,lf,4,. . , 4' 'f it ' fr iss P BRENDA BELLIZEARE H' T. it Q Iii .. 3 . nm SCOTT DAVID BER E Shorty' Warren, Beals. WORK Whats happening, Hockey game 3f-U74 Pru. 6f2lf73 In Concert 9fl8f7-1, Frek the wall PSMPKOK Elton Johnllf20f7-1 "Try to realize its all within your- self, no-one else can make you change and to see your really only very small and lile llows on within you 84 without you" G.H. "Fly away dew"PC"Once a Ising "MP"Nothing Trivial" JS. ,gf i BENJAMIN BERG DEBORAH BERGER CATHY EVE BERENSON Weeks, Riley, College Crazy girls Truro 74 The great chase Right Gretch'? Exposers 74, 75 is alive.First house on the right. Consider the Sources. Partying mm2.Sr.ClassCommittee. Thanx: GC.JM,AL,BM,NW,EA,DG. MP,WB,ND,JN,DR.AL. Go and catch a falling star r FREDERICK CHARLES BEREZIN Warren, Riley, College In future years we'll look back at these years and laugh HaHa!! I mean really this place was a total joke. ave X S f Wonderland GORDON MICHAEL BERKOWITZ Warren, Bacon, College Thanks to Duch and "Right-On" Rocket Rog. Always remember: earitis.RCR. Thanks alotl What's there to do tonight? and "coke ear!" Never forget friends like: Duch, Rog, BS, RCR, and even you J.A.B, Many thanks to all friends for the good times. Good luck to all. MAUREEN BERRIGAN Warren, Adams, Travel Jimmy May'l2,73:L,H. Bld.l,G.T. Drill Shed, Onnh C.L. G.Parties Lou: York, me. DG,D.Ins Dig 5:30a.m. W,H. Deb: G.F. C.C.O. CT, BM Capt "73" S.T. Cape "74" CB T.D.on Priscilla: White Mins. Novi, Guys, .I.T. Wed "73" Jason, G,M. Cindy: B. Trip "Ton- sils are a bummer" KiT Thanks! Serenityjcourage,lwisdom, seek. 8a ye shall End. ADAM BERGER Warren Palmer College "Surl's up Aboard a tidal wave Come about hard andjoin The young and often spring you I heard the word wonderful thing A children's song The child is the father to the man Brain Wilson SARAH JANE BERGER Day, Murray Rd Palmer College "Oh, you can t help that said the Cat: "we're all mad here I m mad you're mad. How do you know l'm mad?" said Alice You must be." said the Cat or you wouldnt have come here A ice in MATTHEW W. BERRY Warren. Beals. Merchant Marine I have nothing to say except Good- bye Soccer 1.2.33 Tri-Captain, Rifle Team l.2,31 Co-Captain Baseball lg Track 2. B1'.Vl1Rl.Y LYNNI' BIBBO Bibb Our I.ady's, Adams, College Shayne remember the best summer meeting the best people. Good times at JA's Leo and his Merrg Makers. ALRIGHTY "We're in the company" Oh, O.K. Dickie- Poo. Don't forget Jeffs homemade Mateus. Edgar Winter, Bad Co. Dynamitel Hey. is this somehody's driveway? Luv toShayne, Mljland his horsejl GTW. PD, My idol DC' LAUREN JOAN BIKOFSKY Warren. Barry College "You've got to get up every morn- ing with a smile on your face and show the world all the love in your heart " -f-' Carole King f Newtonian 21 Volleyball 3: Co- Captain Tennis 1.2.3. JAMES MICHAILI. BILLINGS Day,R1Iey,College Basketball l,2,3g Gall 1.2.3, DONALD P. BIRMINGHAM Bing R.H.P.P. Old and new school good years? Ehhh could be. Soccer 1: Tennis 1.2.31 Ski Club l.2,3g Riley Council l Ifl. Thafsitfllll JONATHAN GLENN BLACK Nikolayevitch Warren. Adams, College Ruminating on Eden's apple. ln- haling Bohemian Peasants' Virtuf osity and La Cenerentola in Her- renchiemsee in one gasp ASL End- ing St descending. Great stairs with a knowledge of my individual posi- tion and a vagueness of my relatiye one. CoCaptain Cross-Country 1. 2,33 Symphony 3: Marathon 2.3. Elitist. Tsar. DEBORAH MARIE BLAKELY Debbie Warren. Bacon. College Great TimeswfDG LQSKLR74 SRS8cEveryElseF. Hockey 123 Basketball 123 Softball 123 Special Thanks To JAD8cDAG "The Lit- tle Green Sprout" Your The Best Thing That Ever Happened to me" I love you Together We Share So Many Things Alone You Enjoy Only Half Those Things. So Take My Hand And Walk With Me Touch Me So We'll Be Together Once More. SUSAN MARY BLARENEY Sue Bigelow. Barry. College You only go around once. God love G. Stein. P. Evans. N. Rossiter. God forgive B.B.rX.D,lVl.B.P.CI Having the best possible timefin school the least possible time. Ski Club 33 Never thought l'd get to he a million. Happiness is listening to no school reports. The Park. Big Buy, Rlsg My idol IRR. Good times. ls it soup yet? 78 GAIL LINDSEY BLAUER Warren, Bacon, College HSC. Doc's Flock and all the gang, Summer of 72 JTAKOM BB Prom News pig! KM State Champs, Cruising with JT Supers ! 35 yard line Darkroom Im- peachment I974. Newtonian 2,3g Biology 2,31 Gymnastics l,2,3g Post 535 2.3: Photography l.2,3 JANET ELIZABETH BONACCI Warren, Riley, College Italian Club l,2,3g La bell' Italia aprile, "7-l"! It was a beautiful trip. I Lemoni! Favorite expression: "Oh, how nice!" Good things are Day, Adams, College The Cape-Summers 72,73,7-1 CB Hotel l57 SCHILTZ Cup or Cone? AC-'member Fitch! I'm going on a picnic-FD Bermuda 75 Ne-Hold me back! Motorcades NHPL Football games good x's wfRWKCAANECDCB"The 6- pak. Lets stay right here, cul these are the good old days Rally Committee, wfstudy 2,31 Good SUSAN MARIE BOEMER Bigelow, Barry, College "I was young and foolish then. Now I'm older and foolisherf' f Mark Twain. Good times with kids from the Special times with T.L. and K,F. and J.T. N.L. Much love to Mike, whom I will always love! 'J' 1.2:-.f KERRY MARK BOLIO i Warren, Adams, Police KATHLEEN JOANNE BLUE Katie Day, Palmer, College Martha's Vineyard -- The Riff Quartet: GL,SF,CB. She'll pull thru! RB.JM.IH,SF . BBB's Fishing 74-5 Pulling a Fonzie, Gin'?Long talks 8c great times.G8cThe jerks!9f4f74 Mr-Far Out or Nice Legs!Ta-ta!"Memo- ries" .. Beatles! S's + OM- You're the best. Swimming 2,33 Rally Committee 2,33 Sr. Class Committee. Frank, to the "office" for a "joint meeting. "Hey Doug some case ac- tion tonight. "The night spot" Daves Partys-Doug, Peter, Pat, Elma, Taded, Frank, Remember good times with "Cheryle" DDRNSCLLPBKMLDDMBC Don't forget Taded "Life is like-a- ladder" I almost forgot Chag and Spruce. "The Cape" Big Party. "Life is one big trip." it LISA A. BONAZOLI Day, Bacon, College "and if I smile tell me some bad news before I laugh and act like a fool." ATGTWCMGH BLMMJA, Hawthorne, Ssing with the 4q's, dyny convos with C8cG, J8cF's party, boring nights on H st. with C Thanks Steven, good luck to all the phony unsympathetic people that NHS gave birth to. 'l 'Q ROBIN LEE BONNER LEE BORNSTEIN Beansl Q Warren, Beals, College t-5 " 7 To those who have made me - " ,, smile thanks" Surething, Jan. My ' it ' , American friend, Bob: Ay mate! , It s not my life, I'm psychedg Gini ' f' Q P and the jerks. 2bean or not 2bean. ' Thanx Irene. GroveSt.Bumpin': E . gx D' - f f . I I ,J xx G Al love and let thy discontents be 6 . Tx ' secrets but Ijust couldn't tell a ', ', , 9. ,'- 4 '!,' soul gym l cheer 23. , '5",'o ., 'o ', 'S ' Q 0 0 0 01" o o g to 0 0 ' l ' ' 0 0 DIANE ELIZABETH BOWDEN ' 1 I A ' .. iii 'Q ,. ' . , , ' 7 fig 'Q Eff! OZ, Baked Beans, Dream on a . fr CHRISTINE ELIZABETH Meadowbrook Fla, Barry "We are riding on a railroad sing- ing someone else's song." A James Taylor Love to EW,EF,EA,MK,JK,DC,MA,BH, and Art. Topaz, Emily, Bellestarr Mural New York, Homeroom, Rossiter, Mac, storytime, poetry, Zolli, Eyth, Fiddler sets, Bon Chance! Conceptual Art Club l,2, 33 Les Chevaliers Gourmandaises 3. DIANE ELIZABETH BOWERS Warren, Adams, College With every rising ofthe sun think of your life as just begun. Transi- tion, Jerry and Friends. Truth, beauty. adventure. art, peace. Don't let studies interfere with your college education. A smile is simply a curve that helps set things straight Smile Away!!! .ia pi A ably! 1 es. I:Tlll1l..I BOYD Bigelow.Adams.Sur', Only liools look back in sorrow the wise open their eyes and smile with optimism as they wait lor the dag- break ol tomorrow. 'ylil-.e I2flXf7-'lt Love ya always thanks to DC DB lor being there vt. hen l needed them. The Hilo store lst time skiing wflllbf and all the kids. Theitreelwalnut Pk I-un wfDCBMBNfiXM!VICiDKC.l-KX 1 STEVEN J. BREITKREUZ Hamilton, Riley. College Swimteam 3. SHAWN C. BOYLE Remember statue in library, home- rooms and lunches. llth grade eng- lish "Mr. Concise" Track 2.3. -...ff KENNETH LEE BRESLER Weeks, Adams, College "Back where I come from we have universities where men go to be- come great thinkers. And when they come out they think deep thoughts and with no more brains than you have. But they have one thing you haven't got -- a diplo- ma:" Thank you Stage crew, Con- cert Band, Music Dept. RAC and everyone else. GBNHSGLNNHS . INGRID VERA BRAM Beals, Undecided Chapfstr. 25 uitikon Switzerland. If nothing else, I have learned this year, it depends on you, what you . make of your life. ' vs f B I .- 1-'g 4 LORI SUSAN BRENN ER CJ. Day, Riley, College Thanks for everything: coach. aw Smitty, Carol H., and Robbie. Love to AS, HB, SY, DB. SB. MA, RT. MC, DB, DK, KD and the gang. Remember profound. Revelations, winners, code names, and Virginia Woolf All pover to MacBeth. Joe N. and Alice C. Still can't be beat. Cobra. Newtonite l. 2.3. , 4, 'e..f rf Q ROGER G. BRESNAHAN Beals. College Remember: Duch. The Gun. Big- Ad, all the temps, Conrado, Mr. Goalie, Glenn Asch, Bruce LI cek the Mangori, The Boob, Rolf, The Powell Movements, Groovy Gor- die and most of all Bob Gamere and all the gang at candlepins for cash. I came, I saw, I left. Rocket. Soccer 1.2, 3. DAVID J. BRILLIANT BK Casenova. Victor. Stud, Var- sity. Jack The Hack and Kimbies Dana USC at the beach beat Brockton "7-1" Spico at Nantasket Diane and Cathy HR. -1594.To all the friends I got. Football 3g Bas- ketball l.2, 3: Golf l.2,3L P.S. All my love to JR. BK, DF, LF, BL, GW. l'm taking the states." - JAY W. BRINKERHOFF Brinkie-,let Remember Adams St.. Nlike. Coke. Flynie. Vizak and Jet. Wellesley Parking Lot. Italy. what a Bargain. Cappaso and the bikes in Italy. Mike and his cards. Coke and the bars. I-'lynie and his I-'reneh Fries. Benny and his Pabst. Nan- tasket with Dow d the drixer. XX hat a horror show Slew. Nlad Dog. Football 2,31 Baseball 2.3. DEBORAH BROIDE V .IUDITH BRONSTEIN DOUGLAS BROWN DANIEL MARTIN BROMBERGER Day, Bacon, Rid the world of Evil When I learned of this wonderful opportunity l sat down and tried to think of something profound. yet poetic. Some bit of wisdom wfwhich to pass along the profit of my 3 yrs. Experience within these walls. l leave this advice: "Never let a Granfalloon get in the way of your education." W ABBEY BROWN What happened to thefrog? BRENDA ANNE BROWN DEAN BROWN Louie 2f6f73 Newman House. Parties and Concerts, Cross Coun- try 72, Summer of 73 MG. Ram- bler 8c GTO. Brew. Star. CW's At BP. The Great escape Cape Cod LA AS LB at YTM. Don't forget CHM Good times with TW. LH. CK. DC. SR, SB. LL. LB. AS. LB. CM, CP The model Homeroom cutfSB. l sa- 4 ibfvggg Y we " gfiiffe 7 ICN x an 1 1- ..-:Q .- ap. pf: we-:.: ' -' '.1:1ffrf::a-421-M -':" ' f: 'f:--:- :.f:..:'-we .21:za.w1A1:..,.-.fggg 4 9 1flps1?yva! .fgfrea ., . j,,p,.z- ..:s..:--11 if .- 'ska-:WAS ' -- "waffle, I J- 423,61-W vm aes: 1-PA" M eatrrsfff-'s ' - -V 11.1.1 V Ac, ff: "2 1 I - ' 4' if H1 Q7 srl P ERIC EDWARD BROWN Weeks, Murray Rd., Fame Remember me, Ms. Vallone and Mr. Schultz! Murray Road is very special place. How can you feel lonely if you know everyone? ChiIdren's Theatre! Inventive ideas, performances and direction. English authors: Ann. Carol, Dani ff' the "creme de la creme". MR. Food Co-op: Who froze the jello? l'm doing fine. Thanks, Tom. JULIE BROWN 4? SUSAN BROWN age '7 , Q x .N , , -A .-,I V "1JISj-'1.w.'5w , , A 'f V an -I 5 , f- 5 -I A Q I I I .may ,"ffZ15.Q,',.!,v.y ,H , ,. ,,:.. :N "Y ."i , Jgsf v- v,, , V, 'R' . . i U' 1 N f 1 I " P-Q :, w ,. MK M ,AX L, z ui. ii - ' 'sf1:S4':" ' , 5' ,,.yf,-pg E dw 2 5-in., ' .- - ' .1-cw. N, M-Kawai-W. . W 1 , - 1 sr ., M I' V V lu. Q H H A 4 l A . A Y - I i ' 1' 'F ffm' 14. . mfr, ' 5 ' If iv 4-2 ,aa ' I I SHA RON FAITH BRUNS- SUSAN BUCHSQAL N1 WICK '- f" 'i Weeks, Barry. College wi " ,-fffivvfffvfif-' "We don't really feel gratelul to- A 1 . s , , , f s Q, I ward those who make our dreams V ,VAV i ,Z I . i come true: They only ruin them" '..L-My -.s Lockers BarrylHse. Hmrm return Q, X of MAW BB-73 Suz adtmes sto- A I- ries, Mac "asbestos is falling" ' 'A "ir" Gdtms also with DB. BR. BG. f Thanxs to all the people who mde V , my' stay' bearable 8: SMTMS 8: -W., I V enjoyable Good Luck toyou all, ' X '-I E -- - ' l ai lJ ANDREA SHIELDS BURKE Beansll Day, Barry, College Beansl23 Luv to: LCCOHPVDD.lJRBlDR8cothers PDA5f25f73SC8cGreen. Crazy' cagg-Caught ya goobl Br. Bulls. HereIamMoe. TheBomb. HeHe. LuvToDola. p7000. Mabiesome- day? GIGNACKSBATTERY- OPERATED. HiDoe, 5- OJITTERSHIM. 6407, NHSP. ToBeanOrNotToBean. OZ, MainSt. D, Races "It's the laugh- ter we will remember "G mnl' y , swimteam21cheer2,3. GREGORY BUCK ,-1 .v,1" I 'ow . 1 NR V .ff N BRUCE A, BURGESS Warren, Adams 440 Slitz 8L Mills Decatur GA 84 Terri, Beach Boys Concert 8: Lex- ington Mall to TW you- WereAlwayfs a help. Luv to Kit who taught me alot about myself. Newman Hse WXDBLBTWBBC- MECDB Jay 84 the rest DAFFY DUCK You have a race ear Sue we made it No?-Pam 8a Lelsie Hamp- ton Beach, New England f Flat Rock Mich, Ann "Ili we lived in another place and time." BRIAN BIIRKL ',.--9 2 'vu L1-,H x 1 i J flilfdux THOMAS BURKE RUSSELL CADMAN 4 3 t f , c f J, . LISA BURKE Late Bigelow. Barry Madame Lobster. "Newton High School is a bum school all the bums goto Newton High School" H My Mother. ---ag .hw f k EV 1 N B U R NS 1 I, . MAUREEN BURKE most ofall. lf Y , J 1 t , ,mi il GILDA GRACE CAIOLA Warren, Beals, College John 7f29f72 LTD + LOVE 1 44. Good times with SM, ED. MV, CG. PR, AP R27-827 "Shines" 2 mullets, camping 73 + 74 IGLTSAHLLI sick puppy? Cape Cod suit case. Golfcarts Hy! JOHN PETER CAIRA Meadowbrook, Barry, Executive in Dad's Business Thanks Mom. I made it in 2 U2 yrs, and 200 parking tickets. HARRY GORDEN BURNS JR. Warren, Riley, Auto Mechanic "thanks to: PY, CT, LT, SB, DG, RM, RH, RC, TC, JC, RC, MM. JG, RP, MF, and Patty Young MICHAEL THOMAS BURNS Burnsie Warren, Palmer, College 2306-2490, Football l,3L Hockey I LYNDA ANN CAGGIANO Caggi Day, Barry, College Alcoop. R. Stones. Arewemoving? Burkiebabe? Chinkin. Harborhan- gin'nhsp. Thebomb. Happymoth- ersdayfather! Maha. Is he Donny? Redyoulightupmycorner. Where shank? Cupcakes. He He. wpi Abspecials gignacks. Caught ya Rum 500. Main St. "D" races. de- lucas. Scituate: gang, Luv to: ABCOPVD8Lothers. BC hello! Putter 7582. Field Hockey 2. u KATHLEEN PATRICIA CALLAN Kathy Day, Palmer, College ROSEMARIECAIRA Rose Day, Beals "Good things in life take along time." Chicago + BB Concerts. Beach, Second opening with R.M., S.C.. K.C.,+ T.A. Chem,-J.B. "Precious and few are the moments we two can share" f Rick 6f26f7l now and always. Great times wf+ "6PAK" AACBCDNERWKC NNHSPL Motorcade "IFY" Fangs on Fri- day "Tootz" Oozo! R+C GE Lake R PPSDDSSLS All NT's wfNoah "Ice Cream"l! LBJCPP AZACRLPFMMLMJGLCDDL and everyone in between Tftm's "After enough time has passed, all memories are beautiful" wfstudy 33 all times I,2,3! PAUL CAMUTI Warren, Palmer, Own Construc- tion Co. Will to N.H.S. I leave Palmer House and Mr. Gradone to Jackie Bellevue. Good times. PAUL CAPASSO DIANA CALISTRO Barnes, Riley, College When man begins to understand, he will begin to love and when his love is understood, there will be everlasting peace. Cape overnites. Skitrips brwnpts parties LLASJSMMBMBB ChicageBB HOMMSSTONED Canada Grmns YCMCTDGCBKIAJI? Rlydrs Mongolike Bigythal B'SDK Macslotriing MGBONES, KI-'I-'ITZ BGGOODY, SLOOR. ' 1 44 , , '5f?i"f"y-3 peg ,, ., A ROBERT CAMERON i ' ' I?"7:-'sf-" i gay A, N .gun -e 'N Yip! I Q1 SUSAN MARIE CANTY Warren, Adams, College "Time it was and what a time it was, a time of innocence, a time of conlidencesf' Summer of 74 High times, GM, Hey Mario, Jackson. Sweet Pea. Thanks to all my friends. Big-Blu, Gimme my halter back! WHB Concert Choir 21 Arts and Crafts Club 3, KAREN MARY CAPIZZI Warren, Beals, Nursing Thanks to P,A., K.K.,+A.M. for all the great times, and good laughs. Who's crazy? Oh sure? The I 5, opening with summers of "7l,72,73,+ 7-1" all spent at Hampton Beach, Second R M.. S.C.. K.C.,+ SP., A,T.+T.A. Chem. - J.B. "Precious and few are the moments we two can share" Rick 6f26f7l now and always. Kapp Bigelow Palmer "There must be something wrong wjeducationg there are so many more bright children than grown ups" Take care Steve, Cardies Pete, R+ RRKAS Intermission Its been rugged RC, Wiggy and many more More. Vacation with Sarak. The great escape, Lori cross country 1,23 Indoor track 1,2, 3, Outdoor track l,2,3g Newtonian X V51 Bigelow Beals College If truth stands in your way then you know you are headed in the wrong direction Vacations with Sarak Intermission and movies thanksto Steve Cardies Pete RR RS Rls RC AS BW many more! Cross country IZQ Indoor Track l 2,31 Outdoor Track l,2 34 Newtonian 3. N, 1' sv? if - A.-.151-. - r Q. N W-,P 2 . Q .rf in ' I , 1 I N? Q, as ,gegxgf HUGH J. CAPLAN JEFFERY P. CA PLAN I . 6 W Ssifi l xi Q s . f ,Q 4 -- .- f :FSL 'Q V I I 'I!Xx IC" Af 'ali v Z.-arf' ,, Qi'-'KH' 5 i 123 9 It 1' JOHN FRANCIS CAREY Warren, Adams, College "No man has ever stood the lower in my estimation for having a patch in his clothes." Thanks to the students. teach- ers, and coaches who have made my 3 yrs. at NNHS a fondest memory. Clinic. Or- anges with Beth, Frakt and Fudd. Cuz we areii l. Hockey l,2,31 Baseball l,2,3g Senior Class 31 Newtonian 31 S.F.A, 3. GEORGE CARMEL JOHN DAVID CARDILLO Cardie Warren, Palmer, College If you compare yourself with others, you may become vain and bitterg for always there will be greater and lesser per- sons than yourself. What's going on Caps breakfast, had a good time. Thank youHC, JC, TC, PS, SK, RZ+S LRMM Kill the world for me. PP, TB, It's been good. Track l,2,3g Indoor track l.2, 3, Ital. club 31 yearbook. if .'7""'.? ANTHONY CA RIDI 11' , p xt ' .f XY: 1 ELOISEJ.CARR Warren, Riley, Secretarial School Remember all the good times in Mr. P's Room. Buildings l,Z,3, Critter Corner, A.C.C.S.H.Y.G.-Harry, Barbara, Evyonne, Marga, Gretchen, and Denny, Grand- ma one's house. Eddy and Russel. George, Louy, EI, Ethel, Ethelweeze, weeza, Eli, Jelly Belly Eli, Alison in Wonderland, and Gargish George. 'ffm JOHN FRANCIS CARLEO Claw Jr. What's the scoop Rem Bld 123 Slaymaker Lane Jed, JX. Cof. Fogy, Tony-Jam Kid 75 Tiger Tos NUNCHAKU Card tricks, Magoos, Flicks, Chateau GM, JH, SE, VH, SD, ML, DL, Cross-country track THDKOKJBJGPW Pat Ice-Freezer 39-I9-13, 7- 49-31. Crock speaker Hor- gan's Heros l,2,3, Willy Ruf NHPL. KAREN CARSON THOMAS JAMES CARDILLO Cardi Warren, Bacon, College Wisdom is a tree of Life to those who eat the fruit, Hap- py is the person who keeps on eating it. Good times SK, HC, JC, PS. Indoor track I, 2,33 Outdoor Track l,2,3g Italian Club 33 Newtonian 3. .,,,?, ""k -ar .4 fir KENNETH CARTER . . CGCM. No Cut today'? The ff' y . I . I ' I y ll ' y tt' Xf 3 DORENE M. CASTRIOTTA Doris Bigelow. Adams. Undecided If you see the tears fall'n from a brother's weep'n eyes share them why should any- one be glad when another's heart is sad. Cherished mem- ories: always look for better times wfDBIiBMGD KNGMBKMSGDSCFKL7 treei penny pokerg Walnut Pk. Dirtywater ag The dump. All my love to Steve f6fl0f7-ly. DEBORAH ANNE CARUSO Day, Berry "Simple joys have a simple voice. It says: Whynot go ahead?" "Did you ever?" EL, TG, IF, Sharon, French? Surflight 73' Deb. Maw' Tues. 9f72 "Thanks alot!" Satur- day in the park. Chicago "Life is a song worth sing- ing," Raison. Shakespeare Players 3: Barry House Council 2. Tally-apples yum- yuk. Photography Club 3. :y-'5 lat l- - I .s ' - Us N. . I , y .bk f' 3 H fl Q v , Xc' ' ff 'Z . I wn A t I 3' - .Ere x Xl tt? it 5 " 'Ms SILVANA CASTANEDA CAROL CEDRONE For no more baloneyg Never let it be sed that I let schoolin' interfere wfmy education: Manga! Sugarbushl Jacques Pharmacyg Westfg Bristo. Ashland, Tuftonboro, N.H: Mattapoisettg I got the DT's Saco River, ME. Transyl The Vineyardg Cruising Second Retreatsg Love to my friends. Force-121 Jr. Class Pres. Ski Club l,2,3g Transition 3. 11 CHRISTINE M. CASTOLDI Chris Warren, Beals, College Kevin lf5f73. Now' and for- ever. Charlotte, The Para- mount. "As time goes on. I realize just what you mean to me." M.D.C. Lot. Beach Boys Concert. The greatest and best friend ever, Karen. ujegnaroakdov much? Secret oo-aa-oo! Thanx to good friends and great times, LL SG Italy "7-1" Memories of Warren. KP Q, Sl S.-XX I l.l I N K ARNQI I I I Warren. Palmer United we stand, rerneinher' The I'rankl1n Gang 24 ariz- ont: "VN lien horneroont meets" Johnny-Baby fretting Gutsyg Zfl-pointers l..tL1j1lls with Crock and Iriends Ihe Puddleyuniper-Xjl-1 Dear Bethl' Bye Donna So long to good friends and great times' -'Cv f -5? ROBLRT .l.-XNIIQS CASTO I. DI Bob Warren, .-Xdams. -Xutobody Good times dow n the bodysh- op: Drew, Bruce. Carl. Joe. Dewy, Eddie, Mark, Louie. Leo. Great times summer "7-1" 7f-1X7-I down south. down Rhode Island Il l7,- '3 68 GTO good times at the old school 7f l9f7-1 the GTO died who says l'm crazy w :Jim picking up Carl. pulling hole- shots in the GTO made alot of new' liriends--12-il .leep GoodLuck. at isis --. C Pi .. 5- , 41' PAULETT RAY CEDRONL Lette Beals, College Someone special MS l0f23f72 Thanks to Gram wfo her I never would'vc made it. Long talks wfPy', DM, HL, The Cape, The Common. The Kids'Y The Great Heist! Good times I J' RICH.-XRD CLDRONI Cid-Turf Day. Barry. Lndecided All my lote to Isathy 'rm' Buick May T-1 Crash custuni by tape .-Xllison Park ty Icy 72 IsNlA'y1.lIJSIeSS'I'l Rock fightsf Back of building 2. Saturday nights w the tainily partytime X I5 .tm Thanks for the tow Tint" PI .ind tire WXPVJGJMHLDMSBRSBPR hydrant I-riday nzghts PLMBBLVRCCCDINIINIBINIK yy Ritaf Stintnier '-1 Ilonic- SDSP RTWO .IB Hey Mun? Summer of '74 Naughty SC Now' is the time No nuts DS. room Iley teach 5 VINCENT CEDRONE MICHAEL CELUCCI RUTH CENTOLA NANCY C. CHASE Warren, Palmer May do 72-Bucky forever. Drillshed California, 74 camping, Heritage Hill with Big Bird and DL, AD, CB, KR. Good times with HVW, DB, KD, VH, JC, DS, BS. SA. RICHARDS CHALMERS QQX Ate 521, DEBRA LOU CHERNEY Debbie Bigelow, Palmer, College "To be capable of steady friend- ship, lasting love f greatest proofs of goodness of heart, strength of mind" TF: LH, BBG, NH, NYE- BBC"Cape-73, Cruizin'-The 442! Parties, z's8Lgang, wkend 7fl9f74, flipped! 4341 sis MG. LHJZCKTWBBJG others, soul- LH Palmer Council 21 open cam- pus Zg Rally Committee 3, Sr. Class Committee 33 Newtonian 3. SUSAN RACHEL CHARM Bigelow, Beals, College "Soon we'Il be out amid the cold world's strife, Soon we'll be sliding down the razor blade of life." - Tom Lehner Newtonite Art Editor l,2,3, Marching Band l,2,3, New- tonian 3g Force l2g Girl's Track 2, 3. V, ill? JOEL A. CHERNOV Bigelow, Bacon, College "So little done A So much to do" Rhodes. Skiing, Tennis, Bridge. BARBARA JOAN CHAISSON Warren Barry College BRUCE CH ERNER ,f STEVEN EDWARD CHIN Weeks, Adams, College Wer Hat Zauberberg Mit? A mole is a mole "What I believe I'll wail" Did you do the chemis- try. Molar'? "Old age. to the un- learned, is winter, to the learned, it is harvest time." Newtonite l,2,3g Thoughtprints 2,33 Cross- country v SCOTT WILLIAM CHISHOLM Bigelow, Barry, College To the good, bad, sleepy, and awake times at NNHS: 3 good yrs. at the knowing "Leslie" KR QSAI BW IWORMJ SC QBERTJ OD, FG LFENNALDJ AG QTWEETSL JS KSMITTYI. JT lRIGORl. JD NL, MS SB, JM. WL. PM. FM ISCITAJ Brother McCloud "l9" 17 blocks to the armpit of the world Barre Ma. Nobscot "322". To a good friend TA "goodNight". 40' 5 fa' ff!! ANGELO CHRISTODOULOPOULOS Day. Bacon, College Fishy's Funhouse, Claflin Cadet. Brew Foy, Fungus "The Stands" Partying at the office, The Hat, "The place was rocking, As I crawled across the floor. I tried to make it, But I couldn't find the door" Get crazed! "Bad Compa- ny" GMAHJ Cruising at high alti- tudes "I'd love to turn you on" Munch. PETER T. CLANCY Weeks, Barry, College "Be yourself' Gymnastics l,2,3g Track l. JOHN SCHINIAN Jack Day, Riley, College Clallin Cadets? wfout fail AL, VA, KD, The Friday Tradition, Flicks with Jack the P GMAHJ Dave? King Frosty and the Hat Twisted and Cra1ed'? C B wfout end Ace and the I-ungus Going mobile Stu? Guts Good times wfthc Furn, BS, .4 MW, HS, the Klein boys, "L hem" Cohen, Amy, and Sue, Joe! if X MARTHA ANN CHOROSXY Day, Palmer, College "From the bottom of the ocean to the mountains of the moon" For us to discover. Remember FC Skitrip. 50Dance, Lots of good times with LGC, MGC, AKS. RSL. KP. HAF, NBW, TM, DMW. KM. SE, JRR, DAG. BG, ML, and the caf-gang. Lots of love and luck to Michael. Ski Club l,2,3g French Club l,2,3g Palmer House Council l,2,3. LOUISE CIVETTI Lou Warren, Palmer,Travel Mark 9f30f72. SDCMW, six little Schlitzg crash-York, me. DI, wfMB. White Mtns. Hn Beach, Bingo, snozinf The old NNHS R.U.M. Dig 5:30 am. "Nature made your mouth to grin, your eyes to sparkle PC! And I feel like I've got to travel on. Thanks to everyone who helped me yesterday, to be what I am today. 95 Qi rl 'fvv JUDITH ANN CLARDX Judy Day, Adams, College True friends-LBPDSD: The B's at Y's. Good times wfSDPDLBRCSWAANE guys. Riverside, NHPL Sflofl-1 The key, Delivering, "I'm wounded." Thanx to the special people espe- cially SD BT. Concerts-31 The Trip. Expect the worse and you'll never be disappointed. Love to L.M. Fam. Work study 3g Rally 'TT' if X committee 3. 3 . 1 -Jin Q To If sf x 1 . ' Q 1 ' ' NATHAN CLARK T PETER JAMES CLARKE JANICESUSANCLEARY Clarkie Warren, Adams. Service ll' you want this world of yours to change around you and if you see exactly what to do please tell me llf9f73 The Dance. I'll never re- member. ELTON llf20f74. Soph. English, Jr, History, Thanks to SB, BK, JS, MP, PB. for being what they are. Friday nites ok Good- bye. Jan Bigelow. Adams. College Marshfield, Summers 73,74-Best times with, AGLLCHJBBBTK and the rest. 8fl0f73. Our Spot. Griffs party. G8672, New Roads, FG Firebird. Benntt 59fl. Thanks Dennis and Gene. NHJG, Ray 9f2lf74. Keep in touch, lt's only the beginning. and departing leave behind us footprints on the sands of time. 1 Longfellow N.. JOSHUA CLINE ,,v, THOMAS CLOONAN L.. ,A ff . ' ,Q fl A I .pi ia f--W.-u.,,,-..,..w,,,y45.Q,,,.,,,., DANIEL JOHN COAKLEY Day. Palmer, College Parking Lot, Nantasket, Wellesley Magoos. All the brawls. Senior Class President. Diane, BP. Need- ham "intoxicated" "Zone" John V. Art Sleeping on the tracks. Football 2,3g Wrestling 2,3. .sunn- Brocklon 40 f ,v ,4- ,,.,,.r..,,..A ,,..w' N0 LAWRENCE ANTHONY COAN Starteling Bigelow, Beals,College To all the Jacques Crew, the Beals House Stairs MBM. Whites onthe wked special Thanks to JK, MS, JM, KM, SG, KL, CV. NORMAN COBURN ELAINE MARIECOCUZZO Warren. Beals, College "Stick close to your dreams." I'll remember: The beginning of NNHS wfJE and the "Hot cheese and yogurt." Murray Road-JS, PS, JM, Burl. Sud. Wells. West. New Hampshire H75 is alive!" Nine on a line. But most of all l'll remember good times wfgreat people. Sen. Class Comm. Cheer- leading Co-Capt., Track. vm L i 1. xiii-Aft'--ifli BRIAN COFFEY PAULA MICHELECOCUZZO Bigelow, Barry, Nursing "All my life I never really knew me till today, Now I know why, I'm just another step along the way." Maureen forever SBA- DAWMCNM Love you all KR you're beautiful ADC for being what you are. "I get up, I get down" all the good people and good things Jonah Pinochio. C1RI:TCllI:N MARIE CODY Day, Bacon, College MPNWWZQCBJMDGNDAL- Love 8: thanx. Sunrise wfDeb-you got the notion. Truro 73,74 CD I remembered. The great chase, right Cath? Barn life. Wood-it loved to happen. M20 WestonNwhBuned. First house on the right 6207 Wait- ing lior letters. 75 is alivelhanx JDIlIispeeially Murph "it eluded us then, but no matter, lo- morrow we will run faster, stretch our arms furtherg and one line morning " 45 'CCW , ,qv MARTHA COCJLR RANDALL STEVEN COHEN Day. Adams, College Gymnastics l,2,3g Intermissions of movies. Cruising down the Cape. Mk---.N Well all righl! The cheerleader lost it again!! -,lf , I f 1 'f 34, ft"f'3 if Q !L"'slE2?f STEVEN DAVID COHEN SCOTT COH EN MIC HAEL COLARUSSO Steve Bigelow Adams College Great geniuses have the shortest biographies A Plato .49 Q DOROTHY MARY COLLINS Warren, Bacon, Undecided .31 l . N CLIFFORD A. COLE Cliff Weeks. Beals, College I have never let schooling interfere with my education. f Mark Twain. I shall never permit myself to stoop so low as to hate anyxmzrn, Wrestling l,3gGymnastics?aX31- S .kj ' D 1, I, -A-...A . - 5.x , , t ' 5 g 1" A r X. xg ' '-3 5 - V .ff X , - . Q , o , t X I I V 1 , V , I . 'ivy wmv' 1 Y '. -x" Xia. -J , I X J r " W -' rl' K T Rui K l , ,. It we , - J r' "Follow me where I go, What I do and who I know. Make it part of you to be a part of me. Follow me up and down, all the way and all around. Take my hand and say you'll follow me." J. Denver. Fan- tastic JD Concert 74 Little One. JR - SR Years. DP, EP, JM, TN, PB. TJ, SA. Motorcade, Cafe, Week- ends. Softball l,3. MARIN GISELLE COLLINS Day. Palmer, College SSCBFN-DAJL+M Motorcade 72,7-1, Austins, big brother, buddies Bldg III. cold feet, Eblock 72-73 IOf3lf72 FC original FA cruisin' Hawthorne, Jock City, Easy St. Mich HB Haunted house Oregon '74 CB RSLRR S74FLTA Truck MLSCSR "So many times I said I been changin' then slipped into pat- terns ofwhat happened before." FRANCIS COLTON WALTER COLE JR. 96 ,"'9Q Dir' ,,.-p mv' axis LESLIE GISELLE COLLINS Day, Riley, College "Lots to be learned - lots to be knowin' 'bout people" 5scbfn Remember DC, PP, DD, VM, BlgIII. Dances-SH, MA Concerts- Bread, R+ RR, Shanana, CB, 3DN Summer '74-sleeping out down Cape-Jack, cruisin'-Haw- thorne, Jock City, Easy St. idols 2- 6 IDGJ Your momma don't dance Stub? Vamp, Pita, Lassie. Love to Amy, MC. DS, AC, JS, ES. RONALD JOHN COLLINS JR. Barnabus Bigelow, Barry, College Last day of school. Soph. year, with CF, MC, GD, CG, EP. Four Trips to Star Market. Mon. and Tues. Aft. Alone. Football 1,21 Track 1,31 Italian Club l,2,3g Love is Island. Wed mornings at Bigelow with KV. All my love to Joanie. I'm going to miss you. CAROL ANN COLUCCI Meadowbrook, Bacon, Work J MARKCOMEAU JAMES MICHAEL CONNOLLY Jamie Warren, Bacon Indoor Track l,2,3g Outdoor Track l,2,31 Football l,2. .li its xl .16 13 GEORGE J. CONTRADA Bigelow, Beals. College CHERYLE ANN CORBIEY Fugi Day, Bacon. Hair Dressing My fondest memories wfthe kids outside of Riley House. Dreams your for those who sleep, life is for us to keep, All my love to Tommy. Good times at Hawthorne Getting kick out what a bummer! "Cud- dles" FunTimes wfa special friend KB. The crazy times wfDDLDKMDMSCRNBGLO. I love you all, JAMES BRIAN CORRY Jay Day, Riley, College A journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. f Old Chinese Proverb a Sugarbush '74 "Caught a tip" "Wait again" 36, "What's a vayum'?" JOHN J. CONNOLLY Warren, Barry, Work MARK CONROY Bigelow, Adams, College I do my thing, and you do your thing, I am not in this world to live up to your expectations and you are not in this world to live up to mine. You are you and l am I. li. Perl. Thanks to EP. 62 CK. .,g1-' .X N '55 af' uf 2 FREDERICK COOPLR Spitfire, garbage. skiing, more skiing, No car, Chamonix. More skiing, sleep. gin. ML ski Europe Les Meduires SAFO TR Laboto- vull. More tennis Elmo. ANNE M. CORRIGAN Day, Palmer, College 5 SCBFN 8fiof74-xfivfm Shall we try to remember or shall we try to forget! Concert to Beaches? Stub what about that typical conversation? Pickles? Can Vamp forget JM and does HL want to forget FA? Harley Davidson-Try lt! CB Remember Fitch? JS Whose on stagefll Bush? Weekend friends R BARR Ski Trip. MARY ANN CORTINA MAC DAY, BEALS. NURSING Make new friends but keep the old ones. One is silver one is gold. 3 Garden Club 2,3 Beals House Council 2,3 Explorers Club 2 Damon 3 Rally Comittee 2.3 Ital' ian Club l Homeroom manager. Thanks for the memories. to the Cougar AMA and Friends. Love to Rome and friends. I will always remember the good times we had together, Andrea. MICHAEL COSTA PAMELA MARGARET CRAVEN Warren, Adams, Occupational Therapy i I 1 D fJ And even as each one of you stands alone in God's knowledge so must each one of you be alone in his knowledge ofGod and in his under- standing. Of the Earth Rally Committee 33 Summer 73.7-1,YG TT come together Saturday Nights, Chateau TBC Eng. Penn Q UPC games Chinese Fire Drill. ' N g Meet you at the locker ff' x il' l9l MARIE SULTANA CROMPTON BIGELOW, RILEY It takes lo muscles to smile and 58 muscles to frown so make it easy on yourself SMILE! Concert Choir l,2.3 Smith Family 2 Madi- gals Z Sisters 3 Musical l.2,3 Red Cross 1.2.3 Riley House Project. 4-any Wx ROBERT CUNNINGHAM ANN CATHERINE D'AGOSTINO Warren. Beals, College Good times with JVDRPWNM and others. S+ C at CCC and MH Hey FM!! Peanut M+ M's and coke! The Cape with PW, Hey cougl White Chevyl 7fl3f74 Thanks NM. Motorcade 747 Rally Committee 3'J.A.' NEJM-summer 74. March 74? I have a nickelll Hits with Nancy? "You don't know lg what you have until you lose it.l" '- MAURINEACULBERTSON BIGELOW, BARRY,COLLEGE "THERE'S NOTHING WORTH WINNING THAN THE LOVE AND LAUGHTER OF FRIENDS." Like JJLCB, MR. M Fun times in tennis l,2,3 and Swim 2, well sort of3l SKI. ..1n?. WILLIAM SCOTT CUTLER DAY, BEALS. COLLEGE Soccor l,2,3 Lacrosse l,2 Ski Club l.2,3 Newtonian 3 Lunch at Meri- bel "For Years to come Centuries will pass." DEAD 74 ACECHIN- FROSTYIMPAYSTUFUNGI- From 9f26f72on, Shuffling from ClalIin to Lot to Partying on the Hill wfAS, SY. etc. Hitting the Cape wfStu 8: Larry "Life goes on within you and without you." I l,2,3. JAMES JOHN CUMMINGS Jim Day, Adams, Career Good times wfBD, PC, BM, and ML. Friday nights at Y's wfa cold GI. Parties in the cellar. "Hey, you weren't invited." The Ark. "Janet, we'll never get in." Toots Maroon down the ville wjBuddy. Wasted. "In and out of love" Down the Ramps wfPearly- Mae. Hey. Hey, Hot Stuff, Hot Stuff, RONALD STEPHEN CUCCHI WARREN,ADAMS, WORK "TO HAVE LOST YOUR REP UTATION IS TO BE DEAD AMONG THE LIVING." fS H SIMMONS GOOD TIMES WITH GREAT PEOPLE. GOLF SHARON KATHRYNE , CUSHMAN .1 7 iff I Bigelow, Bacon, Navy I I Halfbreed. Thanks to all the people W ' A iff, I and kids at the gym. Bomb, Flunk ' y, JLS, Rice, Blake. Pic special in R thanks to you and Mrs. C. "IfI " - should meet thee after long years A I How should I greet thee? With si -r ' 55535 lence and tears" To love a person means to grow old wfhim. P.S I X .jpaf X love you too. Hockey I,2,3g Trainer X A X ,,4,,: 1 2.33 Track 2,33 Soccer l,2,3. STEVEN J. CUTTER Weeks, Bacon,College "The title of respect which the proud soul ne'er pays, but to be proud" Triumph 650 VW, Mount Ida the Beacon Merills, the Cape. the cottage. U Mass, Long Island Holiday Inn. Kangamangus Sci- tute. The prom. The Guy and Girls. Thanks Cappy. Football I,2,3 La- crosse l,2,3, Senior Class Commit- tee. The Lot. rg? EILEEN JOANNE DALTON Swim 2, Thanks Nuala. OL. The Nurses. North Conway, Plymouth what a laugh! Sinc Znd grade Watch that pipe! Reo, you two f-'W light too much. E Lunch. "Endings f A 1 i 'X' l il ,I 92 come to fast" You only live once so live it up! There's so much left to know now we're on the way to find ip out. CS Good Luck Class of 75! THOMAS J. DARGAN T.J. Bigelow, Bacon, College Great times at York Beach and in H.R. Bad times in English. Foot- ball l, 2,31 Hockey lg Lacrosse l,2, 31Surling. CAROLYN ELIZABETH DEAN wif", GAILJOY DAVIS RUTH ANN DAVIDSON Weeks, Riley, College "Nostalgia isn't what it used to be." Concert Choir l,2,3g Smith Family 2.3. Not to decide is to decide. Remem- ber all the good times skipping class. Bob and Sally, Marlene and Tom, Larry and Linda, Skip and Shelly, stay together always. Fond memories. 'f JOHN DELICATA MARK DEASY 9,5 ---vi 1 f. lfl 7 EDWARD DAVLY DEBORAH LEE DAVIS ' :WV " ' Weeks, Beals,College "Soap and education are not as 5f??'gf'fi? sudden as a massacre, but they are H3 more deadly in the long run" f Mark Twain. Explorers' l, 2,33 Swim Team 21 Beals Council l,2g Force-I2 2,3. - 41 'f MICHAEL J. DELANEY My idols, Coak, Jet remember Adams St. CM Boy Tom tothe others, friends I made, Reg Reject Team SDAMBTBACTSYBMJV Sleeze, Mad Dog. The lighting spic aaa, .f I f ff J , -.v . -...a. Warren, Bacon Swimming 2,33 Bacon Council l.3: Lover Boy Blue Suede Shoes? Debs, Moe Confess Jules, Jazzman Give me a break 5 am Sat. night "our lives are shaped by those who love us to those who don't" lt was interesting while it lasted. Ski Club 1,33 Store 31 Thanks Mr. Merritt? JJ. remember. Wellesley what a time Q-ff DCJBKBLH House of love. Lake Boys and Assy and those good Dances, Bibb and ST to ol the best JA's. I9-a nite and more Susan. flak JULIE DELIGIANNIDES Bigelow, Beals, College Yea though I walk through the xal- ley ofthe shadow ol death. I will fear no evil: for thou art with me they rod and stall' they comfort me. I'll never forget you Ms. Cradle + Linda M. Bye Dana Hatton, Yol- leyball l,2,31 Concert Choir 2.3. IQ DIANA DELUCA Day, Bacon, College Thanks to those who made me smile LC, AB, CO, KC, PV and those on the steps caught ya goob hi dill battery operated Main a beautiful place SP, GW Whenever in doubt who your friends are re- member wfyour friends at hand you will see the light Ifyour friends are there everythings alright. Rally LINDA MARY DENARO Warren, Barry,College Summer of 73 at Hoth summer of 74 and Wingaersheek Beach Tower of power, Chicago "lt's only the beginning! " Italian Club 2,3g Sisters 31 Concert Choir 33 Original Compositions 2.3. Comm 3. JOHN LEO DEMEO Warren, Adams, Air Force Everything's possible. The impossi- ble just takes a little longer to do. LET X: fRND:"l0J+l "A man's gotta know his limitations." Cal, Fonz, the Rat Pac Thanks Kit. Newtonite lg AfV Squad l,2g Cross Country l,2,3g Computers 2, 2 lf2, 3. j,,,MJl X71 f j7jCg .. Cliffs? ,179-"'7' L .4 2-'Z,,t 177 el ji 5fg',1w-J g,l3,.j C' Qu: fare !?c'57L"' KATHERINE DERR ALBERT DONALD DESANTIS Buddy Day,Adams,College Thanks to the kids up the Ave. HoJo's parties. BBC 73 Right on! FN getting grogged. Sat NOC on wheels down JC's Sunrise cape cod summer 74 Dennis Port Beach Hopping! The 4P's 69 ChargerfBalls. Villeg Park, Lake, Cor, Stay cool Good times call my mistake Track 2g Explorers 31 Al- ternate tiger. ALL DATES IM- PORTANT 75. PHYLLIS LEANA DESANTIS Phyl Day, Barry, College I'll remember great times wffriends and everyone who made NNH worthwhile for me. Thanks! "I'll pass through this world but once: any kindness I can do, or show, to anyone, let me do it now, for I shall not pass this way again." Business wfstudy 2,33 Italian Club 2,31 Barry House Aid 2,3. ROBERT LAWRENCE DESATNICK Am. School of Paris, Riley Business Living in Newton showed me how ignorant people can be about sports. Imagine the idiosy of pick- ing the Celtics over the Knicks in '72, The choke of the Red Sox in I97-1 showed this area's true sport- ing Hber. And now there's talk of the Paysys and the super bowl. Bean town you're bush league. TONI DESER Day, Adams, College There is no one phrase to represent me, nor one word. Ifyou knew me, then you'll remember me without any special quote. If you didn't then you haven't wasted your time. Debating 2, Thoughtprints Literary Staff 3, Russian Club I,2g Presi- dent 3, Bloombury Group 2,3g That's all folks!! l94 i 2.3 -S x .' 0: i ' N EDWARD DEVINE Warren. Barry "Eat a lot, sleep a lot, brush 'em like cra1y'1Runa be lazy." Beach Swimming 2,3 Captain. lot, do a lot, never Boys Hockey l. KIiNNI',THASHLl1YDILWS Mountaineering and other assorted Larry wfthe Post, JC, JA, JK, FC, BS etc. and the gross peaeh. The Saeo, Nl, and many good times wfJS. Copley every Tuesday and Octoberfest every fall, rainer shine, The musie dept. IMr. Smithy CC. " l,2,3, and the C C gang "lfl laugh just a little hit I ean carry Ont.. 5 ...X 41.1 MARK ALFRED DIBENEDETTI Ben Day. Riley All the good bake sessions down the park wfCAC: Mouse: Ken: Butch, Greek, Al and Steve? A bone on the way to school or the leftover SC. w,fCAC. Visiting the shack. the crack. or the stands. Gin anyone? Bagged by Y. Gymnastics I,2.3.Co-Capt. 3. KAREN DICK i TA gf. 5 1 ' 1 l X ,I . . . Thafsfor me to know, ana' you toj7nd out! X STEPHEN GERARD DIBENEDETTO "D" ff Ben Bigelow, Palmer. Pro-Ball Player 'Anna'Celica St. Pabst, Stick wfpride. The gang. Dukes, Dovyn the lot. Dying for a beer. Bonesy. Coka. Dow, Merf. Vis. and the rest. South. Wellesley. Kangaman- gus, Cape, Nantasket. The Surf. We got Beans, Football l.2.31 Loafing l,2,3g 'Baseball'l.2.3. "I3" P.S.'A.A.'Why' are you so embarrased? Mottoi You Gotta Believe. CHRISTOPHER PHILIP DICKEY Skippa Warren, Beals Robin and C 68GTO Italian Farmer duds, Doin the DRUAHGTS. ""'7 NOW. Whats hris 68 firebird ice at the Ville. NOW, NOW. up, l'm up. Hole shot. Girl watching l.2.3.Ifl head. AREEMA, R EEMA Spendas. Wana get high'7 Mutetants, trog- ladites. Hey Ski ppa. Water-Skiing na nas Timothey's Spirits Co. The drags Pontiacs Rule Rhode Island PAULA MARIE DIFOGGIO Day. Barry, Hairdresser Special moments wfspecial people, SD, LB, JC. Good times wfall my friends SDLBJCRCSWAANE and the g'sll XXIM7-1. Chicago? Oh my heartY NHPL: BB never again? Caugh again, W-F iifLB. All my love and thanks to M-D. WENDY DICK 195 I xffff NICHOLAS DOH ERTY DEBRA ELAINE DINAPOLI Debbie Day, Barry, Undecided My life and love to Leo forever, 7fl8f74. My Little Honey" Lisa + Li am to my close friends, God Bless Them,CP + BC, SC, CCL RN,KMDM,Love is LC + DD Brighton Exxon,Ther,bur.A carni- val to remember, I love that Chev- elle, the driver too!!HR 3ll8 Yah! Business, Penny candy for life? The airport? Bye NNHS. 1 I CHERYL ILENE DINOWITZ Bigelow, Barry, College "It's only with the heart that one can see rightlyg what is essential is invisible to the eye." The fox. Ten- nis I, Track 2,33 Marching Band 2, 33 Concert Choir 2,3. A h-h-h page 27, The Godfather ANDREW DONEGAN RICHARD T. DOOLIN Dick f Doo. Day, Bacon, College "The roots of education are bitter, but its fruits are sweet." Hey guys here comes the forman Thanks alot Capp. Thanks to all the people who made me happy at NHS and good luck to all whom I Know. Football l,2,3 Captain: Lacrosse 2, 3. an f-K ,fi ERIN PURCELL DOWLING Ren, Lady Mauhs, Palmer, Mass, Inst. for the Bewildered To my "friends": Love to Al,Tim, Mark, Neil, Renee, Paula, Matt, Eli. l2f3f73g summer of 74, the Glen, the Dadmobile. Ed: Thanx but no thanx, I love ya anyhow. Thanx Mr.B. so much, you 2 Mr. Von E. "Be sure you can be," she said, and I will. Chris, thank you falletnme be mice elf agin.Snerd ,,,, YI I KEVIN PATRICK DOYLE Likas Day, Beals, College Claflin Cadets Bullough's Bums Chowders Clambake Hey Verk- nown I got a bone to pick wfyou Chin "Gulp" Get crazed Pimpey France:Ouchll Dick PJT Scredriver'?Hey Fungor GMAHJ Bagged 3x'kThe rain exploded wja mighty crash as we fell into the sun" Lacrosse 2,3g Football lg Ski 3g France 2.3, The hat lives on. JOHN JOSEPH DUANE Dewey Dedham, Barry, Business Autobody major. Like good music, boating, camping, and nice chicks. "See ya down there Fred." Ded- ham bus. Society 2,33 Newtonian 3. am! AZ' ,si DIANE JEANNI- DUBOIS Day Baeon College Orzli anollzfr breath itilll hrtulht in IIIIS will air onli lllltllhcr loimg look can hut'ltwura'. The Proph- Gibran. AM eruises int e bashmobile MK-Rah? 5f-f , ANN M Dlil I Y Ju Bigelow Adims C ollege NM 'VIH lt B ni s down Boyd PARK. Skiing in Ver- int. iiut Shop. ,e' skip P ,,lIJ,BB Iirking I t, KK Silt- -. ROF. Soph.VP, Cheerleader, ball l.21lfClgoMissti, f Q Newtonian. Rally Club, Sr. Class. ,tim 'L Ee? goflq, ff . 45516 effvbca .,f'Qe,,,fQnqv+f' QQAQA A W ,4f45Qff4e f22Qk' f ilvwf iL4ei,5i,fa5g li . . A 'L kg, A , Z6etriUifiT5riXEL'D-tffioiyp Hymn' tmviimisi iiorw ow YI R Bigelow, Barry 5, A V. Barry House Hockey l,2.3L with MPH. Ned and Charlie. He. 46' g 'sq' 'Vit 1,1 A, 'tt 5' IQ Dude Warren. Palmer. 'I o tiet Out 230672490 Old Maid little -Xl Vte go uptown together, we go dow n- town together "Cap" Busted Niels. Hebe HI-' Bowling "Double Ses- sions" Ken.Jamie,John PRIDI "Joe's pants" N 5 gn! -,X DIANE MARIE DWYER Warren, Barry, College I'll never forget the good times wfall my friends. The ACC. and B.R.B., Sandy Snooze Bingo Every Wed. nite. Friday and Saturday nights. The people at work A But- tons.Bows, Zippers,Snaps, Dave. Going to the A.C. ,X bis andthenshe 1- 1 fx , y tt JACQUELIN MARIE EARLE Jaeki Warren. Palmer, College Bobby Whelan lDoel Always and forever Can't forget the best days of my junior 8: senior years Zfl lf7-lg 5f2f7-1. Had alot ol' lun. Can't forget "Bennie and the Jets" and the good times with Doe and the GP. 7-l and my homeroom-1-l"3 wfMrs.Dover and the four ot' us. Well. Good-bye Mr. Gradone and Adams stairs. Q xl t JONATHAN R. EARTHROL Ace Weeks, Adams "Great times in Bobby's mustang and Daves old 66chev. If school is for learning, what happened. Will Dave go to Caps class. The great times in Maine at Cap's land. School is for one thing: That's for skipping and not getting caught. Hey Duke. nice one. JAMES L. EASTON Warren, Adams, College Education is an admirable thing, but it is well to remember from time to time that nothing that is worth knowing can be taught. f Wilde.E.J. GTO Rubber Finger- nails! Ping Pong lg Student senate 23 Adams House Council 2: Neit- tonite l.21 Newtonian 31 Tennis 3. 7 ,. Q .. ANCY ELICONE Curly reat times wjuthe 6-pa AACBKC CDRWNE NHSPL. Lake. JCLBPDSK + Gas station Gang Lucy, Flake + Dotty Spiga- tini "HOLD ME BACK" The ln- dians are coming KIDNEYS "Eh, Cumpari' MAC Cape '74 wfAA Dog Paddling ShadowsLB "Going on a picnic" Alone AgainCD The Limping Blond April Food. my fl ., f -, .I . -.QQ . . 'N I ,,i 1 ROBERT EDWAR E J A X WILLIAM JAMES EGAN - J C Ht X Bill - .X I f ' jx X Warren,Barry,College I XXX' A f' . lr t Barry House Commons Room. N ""' if,XQX fx v , ' HX f Glenns english classes. OD-on life A-R ff, NX ISM I I its elf The Hippies class Home- N. I- N f t x X room wfvern and Wayne. The flag. vis, f'5?f" XX 'X E s Weather reports. Of course 1 S Y 'R X SX . .A.H.J.S. "Success is getting il. , A . X X I at you want, Happiness is want- ' vfjf Y V Q! ii p J g what you get" Hockety l,2,3. I ' I ii X 1' ll I VL I E6 fl I N i' I I ' x , ' I kb js lit LL l KW 1 X y so ' ix I V- t Q l X , ICHARDIEGER X X U . t xp N l Dick A 'i 5 Day, Riley, College X, M flivwo veritas, in bier ist auch li 5 fx? et as. DJ XJXNKVVXL . Q l'wFkrt ix xi l 7 i ull . 5 f I X I "f fllb V C i , L a S I 461 MARY ELLIOT In that strong field today a cat fell asleep to dream ofwhisky and gin who were not good friends. and that frightenedhead who talked out clouds and no drops. JANET ENGLAND Warren, Beals ""'?" r Nw-I I-5. Fir? I fe- fs S I ' 'dxf 55. FRANCES ANN EVANS Warren, Riley Look in thy glass, and tell the face thou viewest now is the time that face should form another. f Shakespeare. Many thanks to N.High for the intro to the DB.T for 2? Slice then bake. The pit and bots, Cheese and wine, KAREN ANN ENGELBOURG Weeks, Riley, College With love to S.F. and P.B. I wish to hear the silence of the night, for the silence is something positive and to be heard. - Thoreau. Biology l,2, 33 Orchesis 2,33 Explorers Club l,2, 33 Newtonian 3. special thanks to "Daffy Duck." 'xr' Ra wif SANDRA MARIE ERBAFINA Sandy Day, Palmer, College CHRIS RICHARD FABBRI Polland, Barry, Undecided "If we only have love, then tomor- row will dawn and the days of our years will rise on that morn." LISA I'd like to make it perfectly clearg TRUE: BRUCE. Do you have the car today? Timo's class. itcohabeal- ost, Marcia, BBG JR. HB and esp.LL and BM Esq.Latin Club lg French Club l,2,3g Track 23 New- tonite 2.3. Building one "The Steps" Three great years of English wfCaryl. Go to the ville wfCyd. Joan the center of the click! The great homeroom cuts! BSA Going to McDonalds Dragon wagon on Coxy's party. Electronics 2,3. Lost in the woods. Radio Shack SA,LM,JB, LL,DP,RC, .IP.KK,RW, MM,DM,DG, BR,JG,SB, DB,CA,BG, LS.LS. 'T-"TP MARK FAHEY ALDO FABRIZZI KATIIRYNJIII: IAGAN Kathy Day, Adams I.uv to SB,MS I'irst night I got, hiloD8cT Can't wat for the week- ends! Winter camping "7-1" I.ove to SG Great eoneerts, BB.SW,GF, Turn on wf CIC one had night? MM is on my nerves,again. I.ots ol NC Snohsl 'Iihnks to gy Soccer? Crafts Cluh 33 Keep on rollongl WILLINN4 D I AIR ,' Bigelow Birrw to ere Barry House Hoekew I lhe hesl card games in the Barrx Hou e Commons room f-1... 1 - x. ,I S-1 I 'V A ,1, Q ...I C A SAMI A. FAM Fish Bigelow, Riley "Dori't live life in strut and fear" To wasted afternoons of street hockey at Dutsff Long lost dreams in boring english classes. Cherish the many few goals in speedless soccer, Hating the many brainless brains in math. Soccer l.2.3. MICHAEL FAIRWEATHER MARK D. FALLON Day, Beals, College Swimming 2,3. JOSILPH FARINAJR. CHRISTOPHER DONALD FARRELL Chris Warren. Bacon Great times with Walter. Bone Seofe. Pork and others down the Star Parking lot, Hey Chagl Marshfield Capes own Waltham Motel 84 ofcourse! Ailo.A. PAUL FANTASIA l st ,ff x '11 11h-K 2 ' at I " I I 'I ?3S:iaF2?T' 53 - Q3 ' '- wi rlarslfif 3355--A iid? 45 V -'WFTWS ' I ' , :., 5 A l ' ' . I ' N .., cf' 1 SUSAN EILEEN FAY Souffle' Day, Beals. College Thanx to my friends of whom I can't all name GLKBCB The Riff Quartet 9f20f74 SSing 008-Al jammers CMB Murderize-con- trolled fear Ginny + the jerksCI- BID Stephen 5f29f74 all summer long Color my world with hopes of loving you ,.. CloudsfAG fishing. Sunshine al- most always Rally Committee 2,31 Swimming 2,3. ,-.Q al. CATHERINE FEELEY 29' f A A 1 i JAMES FINKLE Y 1' MARY ELLEN FEENEY 5 l Q EVE FISCHBERG A l .ill . CARL C. FIERIMONTE Day, Palmer, Own Business Good times down body shop RC.DS,EP. LK.BA,MK, Good times down south with .lG,MT 70 Chevelle 64 Vette Hay! Tex. FRANK FEDERICO Freddie Hobbs, Adams, Work I came to this school from Dedham to learn auto medhanics. I liked the school but I didn't enjoy the system or some of the kids. I had to come here since this was the closest school near Dedham. I didn't learn as much here in 2yrs. than I learned in lyr. at Medford Voc-Tech HS. DAVID ALAN FISHMAN Weeks, Adams, College To all my friends, It's so hard to say good-bye, PH,BM,AF. NL..lC,HC, JC,TC,EL, SK,AS.LR, DL,DM,MN. LF,BD,BS, BJ,LM,JK. Take the world it's yours. Good luck! Hoop and football at the school.B8LB forever! GMAHJ 3Stooges! Soccer 2, Newtonite 2,3g Ping pong I, Bridge Club 2, Biology Club 3, Adams House Council l,2,33 New- tonian3. .xx , .l I 4- , f f A ii will I GREGORY FITZGERALD ,alt ROBERT FITZPATRICK it N--9 MICHAEL DAVID FLEISCHMAN Bigelow, Riley, Broadcasting NC keep on driving. Thanks for those great homerooms AMJ Pal- mer wfPG,LC,TT, DB. George, Buffy. Keep Spike on a leash snk doesn'twant you zitman, Q I I ' 0' ft?" f KAIIII l I N Nl I'l'IZSIN1'y1ONS Warrcn, Bacon, I. nflcciflcfl "Wc'rc lree tu go where we with and to be what we arci We rriaflc ntl Ill-20 IJPIIRLISK, 1 ID' GAJGCBMA CSPAPK RHI.- I.INi un-Klllcy Iiayirl Iull'yloor1' No Rilcyljoors- BGSIDIIC Illl NOSLBIGIIIII I-I.fVlARfi'Xl,K BrinBOS'I'MSS 'IONl'IJ'y1ON- GO I.ikeMikc CiYSI1mcllent HowRudc BcrmudaSummcr7-1 CHICABBB BIJKBNIIM IMICKRRJ BCI IGOODYI SLWJHN NHS '? LISA BELLE FLESSAS Flexor Warren, Bacon, College Beacon Hill Bandys, Spazs, + Spacecowboys. Sandy, I am Paul! Cape Cod Cruisade we're mar- ried! Sugarbush bakes Bodhis- stva. Virginia Beach, U.S.A., Ard- nas are we normal? I am crazy fol- low me. Big D + the Dominos. 75 is alive. Layla, until you realize the art of dying T.J. Flexor. Capt. Cheerleaders. SUSAN FLYNN DANA JOHN FOLEY Day, Beals, College "Life can get me down but I am never dragged" Thanks to all my friends for making high school the best time of my life. Hey"B" New- ton High has no more "victor var- sity" streaking on the motorcycle Good times wfPumpkin. Football l,2,3g Basketball l,2,3g Bseball I, 2,31 Guess what "B"'? Good time on Cape Cod 74. .fy 've 'YWQJ ANDREA MARIA FORTE Day, Riley, Travel Italy"7-1" Great times wfLG.Mac. JB and Italian Club. ANTHONYY I Where's the next party? Riley House Project I. Remember Bos- ton MC? Love wasn't put in your heart to stay, love isn't love till you give it away. The time to be happy is now! PAUL L. FLYNN Day. Adams, College Parking lot Holiday Inn. New York, Cape, Burt, Re-nie, Dowd, Pinnie, Murphy, Viakasis, Chris- sie, Billy, D, Jet, Where's the Caps Tunjie, Mt. Ida. Football l.2,3: Lacrosse l,2,3. JOHN ANTHONY FORTF JR, I-'rank Day. Palmer, College Remember the plates mail truck MD,DC,JB,RC Mark Hows the wife Tony .ire you uorken hang em up Nimble Knees Rick Smith Fires Leo Hows New York SH The Ducks Camera RC Scrub-.V Dub Its been liun tappen with 5.1 EA.PP,J.i11 that terrible RN good times. Schribs. Pudge. RU! CATHERINE ANN FOX Kathy Warren, Adams, College Always remember Basketball 35-0. winning streak and having Brock- ton breaking it by beating us by I point!!! Basketball I,2,3g Volley- ball l.2,3. DEBRA MARIE FRANCIS Debbie Warren, Adams, College Hugh l0fl3f74. As time goes on, I realize just what you mean to me. Thank for George. Love to EP,.lC,KP, MD,PM, and all the rest for helping me. Comet- Chrysler white fenders. What a way to drive. Beach 7-3-74. The tracks and I thought I was crazy. Little Millers, Are you drunk Yet? Gin f Love it. Blue.Fla73 Grad73, 74 1' :U 'O -l -fri LINCOLN ELLIOT FRANK Pheonix, Beals, College Reality alone is what counts. Dreams, Hopes, and Expectations warrant no more than to define a man as a disappointed dream, as miscarried hopes. or as vain expec- tations. Tennis. JEANNE MARIE FRASER Meadowbrook, Beals, Nursing Thanks to my parents for every- thing, Billy, Michelle, Bonnie, Rus- sell, Karen f Be happy and I love you. Remember High St. wfBarbara, The day Nancy said yes, High times and Baking"with Hilary, Spring thing 72, Bushels, Pecks, Hugs around the neck, 566 Auburn St., Be honest, try to smile and Buck Reidy I love you! , I if num KENNETH ALAN DANIEL FREEDMAN FREEDBERG Roxbury Latin, Bacon, College "Education is what you have left over after you have forgotten ev- erything you have already learnedf' Swimming l,2g Diving I, 2,3L Soccer l,2g Lacrosse l,2g Band I. 51- ,P I ?5',+2', Warren, Beals,CoIlege "I don't know half of you half as well as I should like, and I like less than half of you halfas well as you deserve." Lipson's Holligans: The Man From D.E.C. and the return ofthe M.O.D. S.Q.U.A,D. New- tonite 2,31 Russian Club l,2,3g Chess I. DAVID FRIEDMAN ALAN!-RIlIDfy1AN HOWARDFRENCH ANNE FRIZZELL LISA JAN FRUITT Weeks, Riley, College "We hold these truths to be self evident that all men and women are created equal" Thanx to the sextet. NS.KD,JS.NG. and of course -M and D. PewterPot. Incompatibility, THIS IS YOUR YEAR, LISA! Musical 1.2.31 Concert Choir 2,33 French Play 1.2. .,.,, .5 . V, ,T ' 154-fl 25-f 'S V 1 ' QPHIQN I-lyt C I STI . , ,,,4,s,. , , ,. .49 1 .K - Q., I thin' I i ug . V. , A ". 'f i f T' I mt I .. , fi ' Adm W I T w HELEN AUVILIA FUCHS Wiggy,Twiggy.Ma8LPa. Thank God for Moni. Ziplich, Harvey. the kids. "Dare to be great" Hillary Thanks to Mr. Walker Jo-Jo, King Mr. Clark -- German '73 Aw Honey! M.C. How can we lose when we're so sincere'?'? PS FZ "sea scape" EM "Aren't you someone I should know?" Tennis I.2,31 Ger- man Club l,2.31 Co-Pres.Ex. Club 1.2.3, I CARMEN PETER I-IUGAZZOTTO Puges Bigelow. Barry, Auto Body Good times beating my "68"Chevy saucing wfZiggy down Nonantum. Goodluek to CM,PL, and the rest of the guys. Thanx alot to CG. 3 cheers for the universal sun trying our hardest. Jamming wfthe kids at Sacred Heart. God Bless you PF you made me feel brand new. All my love. N J' J ark HOWARD S. FURMAN Howie-Furm Weeks, Barry, College "IrrationaI conditions of social survival - Irrational concepts of self being." tMulest What am I 7 "Ain't that right Ferguson?" To MC 8: PB give me a HJ! B-House Heads! TE bull- dogs! The keg NRPS. D8cD con- certs. Cadets. F-Schyler. "Gould" Basketball 1. ANTHONY JOSEPH MARIA CHRISTINA GANGI Bigelow, Bacon, Undecided GALVAGNO Tony Remember swim team 2. Shop. ANDREA DAWN GARABEDIAN Rowdy times wfKM the tree! Won't forget EB,DC,DB great times l,2,3. Late to school. Thanx to JI. Battle of the Bands who won? Rain walk DB Penny Poker Red, White.+ Blue.-142 Dick 2,3. Good times wfTom H Spanadal, KM.RT,LD. Freedom hang-ups l, 2,3. Let me out! "I will wait till a grokking comes of itself' Warren. Beals, College Good times wfall the lakies. Patty and Mona -f Watch out W Ryan's coming. Whata riot. Claire and SoulIe'. SS.. Clouds. Vets. Good times at Building 3. Brandon's al- ways right ff L.H. The walk - Little Lue. Curly, Stretch, Marty, Ham n' Cheese. The best of luck to all who know me and thanks for the 'U- LUCY A. GARABEDIAN I'll never forget 1974. The other two were good. but this was super. best times ofmy life. 1'5" X in ,fi 5 ?"' . '4-Us-F PATRICIA A. GARDNER Patti Warren. Riley. Nursing Thursdays wf'CF Good ol KID -f MC during class Best times wfLM 8: PA The gym gang .K The fun in the locker room. Great times L? N wfthe Rs Tues K Iihurs T7 wflklerritt Mr, Meritt youre su- per! Green sprout nightk alone Swimming l.1.3g Basketball 1.2.3. Softball l.2,3. AMY DENISE GAROIAN Warren, Palmer, College Concert Choir 2.33 Sisters 31 Golf 2.3. One day when a man con- demns me lor what I say and for my actions may I also be sent the courage, through my knowledge ol' love. to stand before his wrath, not in the quicksand ol' submission, but on the solid rock of my own aware- ness, Rinder. DEBORAH JEANNE GARTLAND Debi Warren, Bacon. Colege EVERYTHING CONNECTS TO EVERYTHING. H WHO? H In my country Dennisport in the summer. 5l5'? Smuckler's mice. Newport OR! Miss Ross: CRAZY class! Colleen's tiger Oh,Nol The gang. Bacon House Council l,2,3 Prez. Thoughtprints 2,33 French Club I, 23 Bacon-Palmer Store l,2,3, New- tonian"'l975' JOHN GEARY GREG GIAMPAPA l I'll see you in Ihe Senate! CHARLES EDWARD GENTILE Charlie Bigelow, Bacon. rinting Never forget the good times all around the corner and all the good times wfthe kids from the Lake. Great times at Band,practice wfKenny, Carmen, Timmy. Trem, and friends, I'll never forget the special day 3f7f73 wfRuthanne. Gymnastics 2,31 Good times wfLarry in Print Shop. SUSAN MARIEGENTILE Warren, Beals. College Tennis lg Swimming 2.3. Sunrise sunset, what you're born with is what you get let your fear pass away, then your love will fill your day,I know, People, ,Ear 1- . . il SUSAN MARIE GEARY Warren, Adams, Undecided Remember all the good times wfJC,PC,KM, and "JS" Oh yeah f S8LO -f R8cW Pickup ' Hay Don't forget that night 5f79f74 Rock the Boat and Dancing Ma chine. Always will remember my math class wf.lS - going to Natick wfVP Tech phone and Cem J FRANK A. GIANINO Warren, Riley, College Remember the good times in Au- burndale and the winter of '73, "They came from Waltham" Hor- seneck Beach and the tracks in Newtonville. Remember the good old days for the good times. ,,, ELIZABETH M. GILBERT Warren. Palmer, College SLS '74 Night Hawk Dancers '74- 74 Medical Explorer Postl7-1 Peac- able Kingdom '74 Polar Bear '72- 75 Cheyenne '74-75 MV Summers 5722 SDRSH Biology Club. French Club I1 Concert Choir l,2, 31 Smith Family 3: Swimteam 1.2, 33 Musical 2.3. iii' THOMAS S. GILLEY Gill Day. Riley, Gym Teacher Won't forget all the good times wfjimmy especially the nights do wn BC or the good times wfMuzi 84 Ferg and the kids down the park. Hey,Muz where we going to eat? "Womas or Ways" Shut-up Woo- Iy.Ted I ain't in the mood. Had alot of fun thru the yrs. playing for the Newton teams. Hockey l,2.3g Soc- cer 2. PHILIPGLANTZ DEBORAH ELLEN GLOTZER Debbie Day, Barry, College "I am always glad to touch the living rock again and dip my head in high mountain sky." A John Muir. Remember? DB,SB,AP, DDG.CJ. Explorers Club l,2,31 Bicycle Club 2,31 Ski team 3. it iv-5, 37 PETLR GILBLR I LK iv I ll ' Q -.J . A . J . f ,..6toapack ..,4toacase,.. lOcases,..5people 1 BETH I. GLASKY is ROBERT GIOVANGELO Geo Good times dovin Hawthorne 1.2, 33 PP,LO.PL. DC.l'iA.CS. GL,DD.AA, AF,Oth Helfers doing the beers JB 2 Hull LO.PP auto shop, RO 23. Sacred Heart Dances RO Jam Kill. Meadowbrook. Sigma, Secitery Beth loves school this year. Iwas ncrvios when I started the high school two years ago. Iam ivold in BBG two years ago. I was a good member at my charper John F kendey BBG the Group I didn't like the Group too much. They were snob. The president was very nice to me. I have lots of friends in my school. I like school very much. '14-i JOHN GLYNN YUMI GODAI FAYE ROBIN GOLDBERG Yummy Warren, Adams, College J. Borroughs,Adams,Japanese Tomorrows gonna be a brighter University day. I love you! Crunch! JLLBBG Loveislikeariver: Good times wfTT,DO,BM, 4 Ever flowing, never ending KF,SH,.lS, Elton John records, Always growing. Sharon a Cabots Sundae. BARBARA GOLDMAN BRENDA J.GOODALE Goodie Warren, Riley, Undecided "Today is the tomorrow you won- dered about yesterday" Fireescape excuseii 1000 EasyRollin MB,Nancy - Cybfu'?CCS Big4+hF Just like the picture BBS BMCCHICRR "BC"CTD GCB Iwill! Fitz -- MGBYN! CRRMICKJ Mac's Sacred- HeartVP! 3DKVO CH wanted - lou, l0f20 H725 ll-I0 MSPANP - 8:30amGnded SL-GDDY Canada74, PinSummer 74Unkay JENNIFER FAITH GORDON Weeks, Beals God made mud. God got lonesome. So God said to some ofthe mud, "Sit up!" "See all I've made," said God "the hills, the sea, the sky, the stars" And I was some ofthe mud that got to sit up and look around. Lucky me, lucky mud. ,vs -4, . . 1 NAOMI CAROL GOLDSTEIN Warren, Beals, College Only that day to which we awake. There is more day to dawn. The sun is but a morning star. f Thoreau JULIE BETH GOODWIN Bigelow, Adams JOANN GORDON Smokey Weeks, Palmer, College Great times wfLH,MD,DC, FH,JM,KB, CB,RW,TW, BB,DB,SW, MB,WD,KD, Thanx SG. I'll never forget all the good times. The lot, Summers 738474, Italy 73, Motorcade 74, 3f30f74, "Sure Mack Sure!" "Goin Fraid- y." Let's stay right here 'cause these are the good old days." Ten- nis 2,3g Italian Club l,2,3g Rally RICHARD M. GORDON Rick Day, Palmer, College "Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending." f Longfellow. Made it. Glad it's over. Thanks to all who made it what it was, whatever that may have been. Things will be different. Just wait 'til next year some- where else. Newtonite l,2,3g New- tonite Broadcas 33 Soccer 2. xl i',-," T Comm. 1 THOMAS STEPHEN GORDON Bigelow, Beals, College Finally! ML,LA,HK, GD,PG,JL. DA,LR,JB,EH. Good times? The Newtonite. i EVESUSANGOREN JAMl:S GORPN Bigelow, Barry, College When I look back don't you know it makes me mellow, right Geoff, Oh,Hi,Scott! Rockport 74. Hey Marcie let's call our friend we won, we love you! Hi Buns, Xmas in Fla. Karen8cMoe P.R. Laury'the divine Miss E. Say Carol, How's Mick But I like ill I love you EJ. Don't let the sun go down on me. PAUL GORGONE RICHARD PAUL GOTT Homer Bigelow, Murray Road. Incredible Fortune. loss ofacne You know that you are a man when anything you eat in the morning tastes like Wheaties. NANCY GRAHAM .AB 'C"? --nr MARK GORMAN SCOTT HARRIS GOVERMAN Goober Bigelow, Palmer, College Two roads diverged in a wood and I -f I took the one less traveled hy. and that has made all the dililier- ence. A Robert Frost. Try to luxe life to its satisfaction. - Kayeee. To Rosie. Dick. Ken, Al. Pete. and all the restg and always to Karen, Basketball l. RICHARD GRAHAM JR. STEPHEN GRANT JOHN GREEN ,tl 4 - , 3 s 1: X9-as--Q N- 1 .1 I ,I I gggc ,-'S' -'.,s.4w.l,,5, 'mis , s ::'9ll"1 ' ' '- "Wit W5-.'-jsss:i's-:fi , ' sr:.-xii-I V. 5111.111-1 f' i T . - '- N ,,,'1 I :1 :, ' 1 at 1.-7. SUSAN R. GREENBERG Warren, Adams, College "I awake in the time ofdawn with hope on this new day" Concert Choir l,2,31 Smith Family 2,33 Composition l,2,3. Thanks for three great years to everyone in t'he fantastic music department! DIANA MARIE GRUBB Von Grubenheimer Day, Beals, Work Don't forget Palmer House Stair- way DH.AL,RT, JD,E.I,PY CT,RH,CS,KM, Munchkin. EH,BJ,JD, HB,Rag, BH,CH,MK, MF,KS, DLRDERIC Don t forget Cust. bod. and quick 2 Brutus CM,.IC.JC, BGitt. Remember Austins and Charlie tRipl SS,I,A,ML. Eric amx anybody? Or GTX? Or race truck Ritchie? Peo- ple, Have a good life! Tom, Red pants? .1 MICHAEL GREEN JAMES GRINLEY Warren, Barry, Service Teen Angel hockey team lg Caryl, Donna, Sandy. All the great times wfEllen and the fastest purple dus- ter ever. Adam stair way, the great Q, heist. Remember good old mul- doon the greatest teacher ever, Mr. Malone. Paula -- 3f7f74. Lots of love to Duck. Hey Fic. See you lat- er, Fic, Faked you out ha! TWDE,PC. DAVID ADAM GREENBERG Bigelow, Beals, College The roots of education are bitter, but the fruit is sweet. A Aristotle. Sailing team l,2,3g Bridge Club l 2,3. BARBARA M. GROSS Weeks, Barry, Work Goodbye school, Hello Woodland G.C.? Bobby Y. from Dec. l972-7 From dark tunnels to Main St. 6- years P.B. + J.S. "The Green Hornet" BRUCE ALAN GREENE Bruce Riley, Professional Student "The chimes they are a tame n KIM M. GUINEY Warren, Barry, College Broad 5,WV, Pierre, MM,ED,Cuz. BJ,Marie, Crusin, Jazzman, "Outa here", Moab, Utah, J.T., Halpsie. Cat, Rocky and Bruno, GetHot. Oasis, Ouimet, Summer at "Wood", coffee houses, Tennis, Ice-cream Partner, "Let it burn", Reunion 49, DISNEY GIRLS. Dana Hall Dances, wfRoxie and Bubba, Snoot, Chem wfthe Greek! LOUIS HACSUNDA Penny. ANNE ELLIOTT HADLEY Warren, Riley Pat, this is true, Heid, Fla., JO, ya damn fool, Gregory, The big Nuke, W.H., Gazelle, K.,N.,T.,S., Jazz- miss, N.CTR.. "Stairway to Heav- en," OG'S, 'fn year, Nick. "The darkness of my past becomes less ofa burden when the understand- ing ofit lights my future path." THOMAS DAVID HAGGIE Warren. Barry Live free or die. DEBORAH LEE HALPERN Halpsie Warren. Barry. College Ski Club l.2.31 Tennis l.2.31 New- tonite 21 Newtonian 31 Diving Squad 31 "All the lun times spent ,,, wfold and new pals" The Meat Dept. ol' Waban Market. My Iirst haircut summer ol' "7-I". G.H.C. "My tirst legal drink 9 ,f" 22f7-I "Lit- tle Honda" Beaeh Boys "One way out" Allman Bros.. Trallie. James . Montgomery Cahot's. i t! PAUL G. HANTIS Day. Beals. C.P.A. I wish to thank all the teaehers whom I was associated wfand to all my friends. I wish them luck in their future plans. KENNETHJOHNIIAIIORAN Little Hal Warren. Barry. K ollege "Hey Henry" Good times in Marshfield 9th Road. Saturday afternoon Boat Ride. Highway Rain. "Platl'orm Please" Cans in the basket. Barry House Men Soccer. ,emo JOSEPH HARPER Nobel Good times RC.TH.DM, The Family. Thanks ELIZABETH A. IIANLY Beth Day.Adams.Lollege "But the endings always eome at last endings always eome to last. they come to last. but they pass too slow." Tennis l.2g Newtonite l.l. Diving Team 21 Newtonian 3. wfPL.PF. for the cars Tim Lets get some 4 beer.ISchlitzl who got the money? Hawthorne good times wfDD Sat- DONALD N. HARRINGTON Don Bigelow. Palmer. College "If you want to leave your foot- prints on the sands of time. wear work shoes." urday nights baby-sitting. Good times in school wfall the kids. No more favors Tim. Wasted material. We Still Don't Know. 'I alla .garb in l EDWARD RALPH HARRISON MARIAN HARRY STEPHEN HARRIS Bigelow, Barry. College Meterology Club I.2.3: Summer Computer work study 2.5. Com- puter work study 3. v ,, If tl Fe .it pf I I I I 1' I f 10' JOHN HASENFUS VALARIE HATHAWAY Warren, Adams Thanks to everyone that made the three years the nicest they could have been. Oct.3,l974 a new start. Remember yesterday, Dream to- SUSAN HEBARD morrow, but live today ff' 71 A!" I If i'.',X2'1. ,.'7 lf ,gg ,fr I I .Q ' ': 12" ig' . Jr-1 fa!-MP ly NATHANIEL SHAWN HELLERSTEIN Warren, Bacon "As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain: as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality." ff Einstein. Math team l,2,3: Thoughtprints 3. I RALPH EDMUND HELMS Warren, Adams, College Remembering the swim team party in 74 at JM's house. The tree and the floor. All the good times at B.C. and N.H.S. summer up in Maine water-skiing and building a pryamid. The parking lot. JIB,RC,BA. Good Luck? Soccer l, 2,33 Swim team 2g Lacrosse 2.3. Please accept these trays as a token ofmy eternal gratitude. ii S J iii. Xl ll ANDREW L. HERMANSO Presto Bigelow, Bacon, College Good bye chrome apple Ricky M and Kim,RP,JF, Rock and Roll forever f DG. Wherever you are. JD "English" Good Bye AXV Blue Jay Six Gun Poofl It's gone Marie. Austins and the stairs. KD Tanks FR,DA,Help Swimming .21 New- tonite l,2,3g Newtonian 23 Riflery 21 Smith Family + C.Choir ff-f Oops! JustFNS JENNY. it " ' ROBERT STEVEN DEBRA ALL HETHERINGTON F HERSH FIELD Debbie 'V Hersh Warren, Beals, Undecided Day, Bacon, College Thanks Kevin l2f8f73, great times 1 6130 swim had its merrit.Jessup for wfPaul York 3fl4f73-l0f23f74. In y ' gym I couldnt bear it. Jim GC A Dodge, Rambler "Boo" Yorka no use, give em back, crazy Jack MIWY Bernis in dodge AC Build- q W., 4 and the track.The Skilty saw row- ing 2 Waldo Homeroon "' dy times, at POP 20001 had mine. wfGM,CD,MM.TL Mrs. Wiener V, f 1' Before tests a last minute cram. GailAsaIy BFOCEH Friday nights V, I ga and cause it rhymes goodbye Mc- Waltham Prom 5-3l-74 wfPG " ' ' . f? Cann. Gym team lg Swim team 2, Good friends BP,LC,JV, 5 V jig , -gi 31 Newtoniteg Bacon Council: Class CP,EG,LY, MK, Austn's STEVEN Rig V' E Treasurer. Higley TFDD,KB, HM SS Burger King. 1-6 """? .1 WILLIAM HIGGINS THOMAS D. IIIGHTOWER Warren. Palmer. College "Lotsol'em" lJAAAVI1Y,l.SD,G and J Saturday' nights A and .I DGLLARNs .llll,Il: "Ya wanna" Da lot Izddy' and MRY O and Hall miles homeroom w',"'Big A". "Hey ya wanna rap" Mike - Dunean cross-country' l.2.3. 'Iraeleindoor 2.3QOUldOflfL1Clx l,2.3. I lo PETER R. HITE Remembers: Timo Forgets: Timo, Basketll 1.2.31 Soccer 2.3. Jw ' 2 ' A 1, gf: 4 1 f , 'Egan if 42. Cf Is . nf , Ex ,QX I' H SUSAN JANE HOFFMAN Weeks. Riley. College "The best way out is through" Conert Choir 1.31 Smith Family' I, 2.31 Marine Biology l1Orehesis 2. JONATHAN DAVID HORBLITT Weeks. Beals. College Remember the good times the had times too. arguements. Wheeler House lot SHMAJR SCRSMA Crabs Cohen. Rudys resort Min- ing for gold in the mountains. HemiDuster put to bed New Eng- land Dragway RJGNOLLM GUGATZ ILTGL S-3 Won't beat it MC boating in Maine SHASCMS Cape Cod Fred trying always LW Goood! Enough people, theres only one ounce! Citi' GAII. HODGIJON Day. Beals.C ollege Ain't you got no shimmy-shake Shoo fly and buddies -lqk CM.LB.BL SL others the park. think of something. Stand. ln the end you'll still be you. one thats done all the things you set out to do, Lisa I agree No its a girl LORI HOLZMAN Day. Riley. L ollege "We must always have old memo- ries and young hopes. Good times wfDC.lGRG .IZJSSW DBDD. evervone at NHS? Newman House. Stairs. lot. C ruzin in the 442. Cape 73 RG' DC. Bowling '-1 WXJZXSW. Bllxllll. fylarthak Yin- yard 74. Motoreade '-1. Sugar Ba- bies. If-If JW. Thanx DCY7 Tennis n Comm. 3. LORI E. HORIINK Day. Bacon. College Yesterday' is today"s memory. and tomorrow is today's dream. All my love to Steve 7-20-73. good times wf.INJGDD DPJADP. Soul Sister DC Xmas Eve 73 Mass Pike Par- ties. Concerts. South lot. The tree. P's Mkt. AG the walls CR thanks cuz, ToDCTWBB Cls.l.-X. we made it? Cars at the villa .IN yawn? LG Mads always Steve. IRENEANNETTE HORRIGAN Warren. Bacon, College Bean 3 8f9f74 Thanks Robin 84 Al. Grove St. Bumpin' Rides in the green bean G+ the jerks RBDRAB Don't forget the TR's "But we sure had a good time when we started way back when. Evening walk and friendly talk oh how l loved it then " Track 2.3. Sec. KAREN HOUSTON es 415 WILLIAM T. HUGHES Weeks. Palmer, College Ah is lhuh fuhst expuhment tuhs- uhvive-Algernon. The road goes ever ever on Viva Tolkien, Vonnegut, Longhairs, Chavez. Hi Mom. Hi Dad Bozo says. Mon amour a nies amis. que pasa aussi. Shoobop shoobop Ramble ramble Do l win? l'm normal than you. l hope no-one feels left out. Hankies are strange 2. BARBARA HUNTER BBLH Good luck to PA.DH.NM. VS.SS.CA. LJ.MT.BB. JN.GL.PB. KC.JB,SL. KH.KH.HHF. and MM l'll miss you all. Also good-bye to the rest of the gang. and l wish you much Luck. Farewell to Ms. Mur- rell. "Scott" G.. Miss Vallone, Ms. Schreiber, Ms. Cradle. and RW. Bye .lL..lD,DA. SG.DG lHome- roomy BSU l,2.3 ,.-an JAMES HUNTER .3 .5333 l' ..Y . .A Q Fay , ating A ii, A' S " .2r--aL'5 4fl' t i ' V, E 'fs s ,. -gxif . x STUART ALLAN HURWITZ Day. Adams. College "Going Mobile" Who? Lunatic laughs. Claflin Cadets. "What are you doing" "l don't know." Hit- ting the Cape. Intermission. Steal- ing quotes. throwing the B.S. Good times wfPT,PF.Chin, Gulli- ble, jg's.KD,Guts, Ace,DT..lF, E+ C. Soccer 1.2. Wrestling l. DEBORAH HUNT ' DAVID HUNTER 0? SARA HYDE MIRIAM S. HYMAN Weeks, Palmer, 1, ollege Goodbye -1468 you were a great homeroom? Only "great" isn't the word lor the past three yrs.Y Good- bye countless initials! l'll probably miss breathing in those good old abestos most ol' alll Palmer House Council 33 Medlield Volunteer 2g Peer Counseling 23 Open Campus Board 3. 2 -1 T' TTI! l EDWARD BRYANT HYNES Day. Beals. College Greaser. Rum+ Coke. Beer! Pl- mer Stair. Austins. The 50's, Chuck Berry. DA. Grok'? Hangin' round. DDA.AMC. tech rock climbing. hiking. beer+ pizza at 3am, Wolfman Jack. WROR, Maine. Blanchards. Chains'n leath- er, goin cruisin. squirt bottles+ Rist+ Wells CHEM. Beals counsel i231 Rifle 23: Soccer 231 Remember. Ra-Ma-La-Ma- Ding: Dong!! JANICE MARY INCORVATI Day. Beals. College lf-U74 all my love to Chucky. Hawthorne. My Buddy Luke. Car- ol. Marty, Lue never would have made it without yas! Getting to know thekids down the corner Thanks Bobby. Fondest memories remain of the past, tLet's stay to- gethery We grow neither better or worse as we get older. just more like ourselves!f -,,.- ALAN DOUGLAS JAMES Warren. Riley. College There are 2 kinds of highs in life. artifical and natural. artifical is doing the beers on weekends. natu- ral is W.F.O.. sideways in the Dirt. ,-? Suzuki 250 Good times wffriends. next year. getting ripped and riding Can- Aml23 the mud-hole, eatin' good food Sun.night. "The Nose" D's- B.T.S.B.B. Watkins Glen see ya 5 , .on 4' Y 'gal' ,-A '14 MICHAEL IAROSSI JUDY MARIE JEPSEN Warren. Barry. College Many good times and the best of luck to: S.C.,P.K., R.M..P.J.P.. A.B..M,K. "I hope you don't mind that l've put down in words how wonderful life is while your in the world." Love is Brian oi,-'9,"7-1. ALAN SCOTT INDURSKY Warren, Beals, College Will remember: Gord the goonu Big Ad Hook and of course Rog's deviated septom. C'est la vie. Thanks to: Glenn for I3 years, Rocket. Rog, Sandy. H.M. and .loan S. Also coke Heref Finally Don't forget "Don't work too hard." Good Luck to All. PETER STEVEN JEROME Day, Riley. College "I'm not always righ, once I thought I was wrong but I wasnt' Ace,KD, Chil,L'il Jack,A nge, Pete, Dick, Browne,BP and the rest of em. "Don't let school interfere with your education" MT Sailing Team 1.2 Captain 31 Riley House Council 23 Ski Team 31 Newtonian 3. BOINE THEODORE JOHNSON Te Bigelow, Beals, College "G-Block in the Commons Room" ROBERT FRANCIS JOHNSON Day, Adams. College if Biology Club 1.2.33 Goll' 2,31 Gary,Mike,Paul. Subshop Fridays, Elm Street Dragway watching the talent on Main Street. Swim team 2. Homeroom Larry, Janet. Betty. I i. I ' ' , g it .1 ' 1 if . : I 1 , I . i f .i i Q ' it ,J I al Zi-f Li . 'E lF'?1 1. I i . i 'in' . at I 3,5281 .IE fttill .isflli KYLE E. JOHNSON Lady Mackerel "Men think they're tough but real- ly they're soft as asparagus tips." f King of Hearts. Scholarship Roll l,2.3. Thanks to my best teachers lwho know who they arel. "BBCC" "The Burn Len", J.H., P.S., J.M.. i all the guys. "The lot". "Maturity comes with experience" B.Ball M,C. GARY JOHANNESEN WAYNE WILLIAM JOHNSON Warren. Barry, College Fondest memories: Baseball prac- tice in the snow, Ed's problem, Football cards, Hocky in the Caf.g all the great kids I've met at NHS. Pet Peeve: No motivation. Baseball l,2.31Loalingl.2,3. "Red-eye" "The B" "Tools" L.T. --BLr"f fn" PHILIPJONES ARTHUR R. JONES Art Warren, Palmer, College Concert Choir 2.3, Homeroom was always a bore. Palmer House Bacon House Store l,2,3. CHRISTOPHER JONES Chris Day. Riley. College "The longest journey begins with a single step" Get in the car. 5-l I-74. The notesfNew York. The "Bomb"g MM.DD,BM, BSfCappy's Talks. Football l,2,3, Lacrosse 2.3. if i LINDA CATHERINE JORDAN Warren, Adams, College AP ff 1 1 'gr am ' ' I 155 511 5 . , '-fa . 5 ws: 3 Black Student Union. 2 Concert Choir, Smith Family. "Thru it all l've learned to trust in Jesus, I've learned to trust in God." Good- bye! Pam! We made it! I will al- ways remember BldlYvette. Pam. Roy, AIlThose who I love! "New- ton High is going to hear form me again." Zox! ROSEMARY ANN JORDAN Skin Warren. Beals. College " Remember when you couldn't buckle your own overshoe or tie your own shoe or cut your own meat and those tears running down like mud because you fell off your trieycle? The world wasn't yours. It belonged to the big people when will I get there. taking giant steps " Anne Sexton O.S.D,O.J.G. t. x HT ANNI MARII Il 'I R XS Annic W1irrcn.RiIcy.tollcge o love is nice. lo bc lined it hcautilul Spec 'Ihanx In SRS ul 74. Most ul all Nllke. liltl 2 TA.B+ R. RNIIJIDDIJ. Ihe Pole' What can I say great parties. great friends. and those lantastic lritlaj. nights wfyou know who" lhanl-. you l.ord lor thinkin ol mc I ni 'xxx alive and doing line. ffl: Sisters 3. 13' ANDREW K. RONNIEKAHN Q-,az RADLUBKIEWICZ Andy I had a lot of thrills. laughs. and fun at Newton North High School. If SCOTT KARAS , STEVEN R. KA RAS Day. Adams, College "Patience is not alwys a virtue. certainly not when you're in quick- sand." Cruising at the Cape: Summers. Vacations wfthe Caps. Movies CSJL Intermission. Take it easy: Hugh8cJeliIi, Cardies. Pete. Coh, RR,RS.RK.RCi. Wig. many more. Thanx to the staff. Newtoni- an Editor 3. ROBERT KAREM DEBORAH A. KAROFF Warren. Ada College "Do I dare disturb the universe? In a minute there is time for decisions and revisions which a minute will reverse." T.S. Eliot. '? CPN ffl X. 94 Mi HAROLD KATZMAN Bigelow, Barry. College NNHS. Barry House. the Music Dept.. and so many others? Thanx for3 great years. I hope I've added a little something. you gave me so much. Mr. Smith ZAVAI Good luck everyone. may we meet again. MeteoClubPres. IZ3 Musical IZ3 Family' 3 Brothers 3 ConChoir 2 Board 3 Newtonite 23 BarryCncl Chrm 23 MathTut Origl23 Sec.OIf Help23 Stud.Cntr 2 Stud- Sen 2 NNHS PTSA StudRep 23 Q 'swf' xW! 55 DANA RAL I MAN NANCY A. KEANE Warren, Riley, College "Time is too long for those who grieve, time is too short for those with joy, but for those who love. time is not." Thank you Michael., Project Pals Musical 3, The NCB 9f74 wfCedrone. Love to JM,SW,BL, LERM. JEFFERY ROBERT KAUFMAN Bigelow, Riley, College "And we note our place with book- markers, that measure what we've lost." -- Paul Simon. Russian Club, Bridge Club, Student Senate. 'ilk 1 , . TAIKO KAWASHIMA Aoyama Gakuin, Bacon, College I am very happy to be able to spend about one year in the United States at Newton North High School as an exchange student. I have made many friends that I will long cher- ish and hold dear. I will not forget my life in the U.S. Thank you very much. PRISCILLA ANN KEDDY FRANCIS X. KEEGAN Warren, Palmer, Nursing Pudge Summer 74 Eli's it's over! Green- Warren, Adams house Club 2,33 Force l,2,3g For all Hockey lg Magoo's l,2,3g A lot of that has been - Thanks for allthat frosties, "And there's one more shall be Yes. thing I got the green slip daddy" f BW. Bogus and Brutal! 1 LEILA KEENE SUSAN ELAINE KELL Warren, Riley Happiness is: Good friends and good times. I've had alot of both and I'll remember them all forever, especially the on Annie O., the Rifle Team and my 42 V- Jacket, Ken A., and I.O.R.G. Rifle Team 2,33 Smith Famiy 2,33 Con- cert Choir 2,3. DAVID KELLEY III 5,1 MARIA ANDREA KELLEY Warren, Palmer, College To F.W.V. ILY C.F. Drill wfK.M.,D.L.,P.C., and to all my firends, Thanks "If nature has made you for a giver, your hands and heart were born open." French Club lg Concert Choir 2: Pee Counceling 2, Sr. Class Committee 3, Rally Committee 4g Cheerleader 2,3 RAH! 1 S bhlvtli BRIAN Ci. KELLY Kell Warren, Bacon, Law j'If it is possible it is done if it is impossible it will be done" 9-IX-7-1 Elton I I-20-7-1 I I-9-73 ask Pete we gotta get Little Scotty over the fence, Jr. yr.wfScott + no classes. The Wall. "Anyway the thing is what I really mean yours are the sweetest eyes l've ever seen." Judy 6-9-74. Toodalooll Nl K' Kell Bigelow, Palmer. College JAMES EDWARD KELLY Remember the kids down at Jacques: Beals House Stairs: MS,LC,SG,SOB and all the rest l may' have forgotten. The skating rink. the card games up at the Park and down the caf, "Jack or bet- ter trips to win," The kids down Whites DC,MB, Good times wfL.E. Y 3 If ll z'. KEVIN MICHAEL KELLY Kell Warren, Barry. College Remember all the good times and the bad times, Holiday' Inn, Wild Action P and J The gang, the commons room JZ l VA, Don't forget Friday' A-Block Rudeness, The pig that goes 50, in reverse? T 15? I ,J 74: - 1 LEO KELLY f fe PAMELA MARION KELLY Pam Warren, Adams. College Love I5n'l love urzrll you give .rome away. Thanks to J.J.,C.V,,S,C., R.M.,S.F,,J.B.. and EC. for being friends. Summer of '74, beach wfM. gang. Happiness always for my' B. Artie and Joanne, Thanks to M +D most of all my love to Ste- phen. 6f2lf7-1 f "H, I honestly' do." ln, O f ' ' VL tfgiv 'Ulflgif '. QV' "lng.":. JURGEN KERN Corn Warren, Barry' Jazz ensemble. Legacy' Ro, BOOB ET AL Wal H'G' B' Balls waiter, What's this Hy doing in my' soup? RENA MIRIM KIEVAL Warren. Beals, to have a future Chem, class 7-I whenever in doubt convert to molesl AS,SS,NS. MC. All the work I got done in the li- brary RT..lK.JB, MA,JT 69 Who's going to Springfield? l'm going lo Springlield. HC. cafeteria, Israel '7-1' TCi,.IR,JM. KA,JS,SE. JOSEPH KINCH J s. THOMAS PATRICK KINDREGAN Warren, Riley, College "Are you two brothers" "9f72" Gilley's Chevy Rossi's class right Tom, Jim, Rusty, Gus math. Yel- low chevy Summer "7-1" Cape Jimmy lost NB Evans bets FN. "Today I have grown taller from walking among the trees" Ski club l,2, ROBERT MICHAEL KINSELLA Warren, Palmer, College Motives are not purposes YT+T "Death be not proud" D soph at USC? Don't tell your real name lstudl! All my love to my family. Jr. basketball 8: Kimbies, Waiting for l0f5. DB your too good to her, Who's Casanova? Hey D! Say by- by! If we could all live as she did we'd all feel the warmth of happi- lt i HOWARD SCOTT KLEIN Wayland. Adams, College See my works. How line and excel- lent they arel Now all that I have created for you have I created. Think upon this. and do not cor- rupt and esolatc my vyorldg for if you corrupt it, there is no one to set ness and love! ROBERT KNIGHT it right after you. Eccles. KAREN ANN KOLB Sugah Bigelow, Barry, College Each moment you live, treasure the sweetness of now Keep a bright hope for tomorrow believe in the always of love. All the good times with Paula 84 Karen. Many thanks to Kenny for everything. TTFN. JACOB CHARLES KORNGOLD Jay Weeks, Palmer. Life "I am a thing called alive. All I know is we're being tested some- how hy somebody or something a whole lot smarter than us and alll can do is be friendly and keep calm and try and have a nice time till it's over Boaz Hil I'm Jay of Bill and Eric. Sailing lg Math team 21 Russian Club l,2,3: GB. JOHN I:. KOSA Warren, Palmer, College "My dear Sir, take any road, you ean't go amiss. The whole state is one vast insane asylum." J.L.Petigru. Tennis l.Zg Bridge Club 2,31 Palmer House Council 2. I 3 T, A if 2 ' . jf ,N fm, if 1' " ,Q r I A f -,I ,X X NEAL E. KRAVITZ Weeks, Adams,College RANDALL BRUCE KRAVITZ Randy Bigelow,Barry LOUISE N, KRAKOW Weeks, Palmer Newtonite 2,33 Piano l,2.3. "Little friends may prove great friends" Aesop. 3 I am a firm believer in "Bone Pow- er"' Varsity Tennis l,2,3g Concert Band l,2,3g Stage Band l,2.31 Marching Band l,Z,3g Math team I. "Brass is best?" ,nn K ...,v' t 9 X fb! LAURIEJ. KUNITZ Day, Murray Road. College Life was driving at brains f at its darling Q ALAN LAMBERT JOHN ALBRT KREIDER Warren, Adams, College "Life is nothing unless you maje something out of it." Remember: Good times at NNHS. To my friends l prosper from: SY,BV,HT, BK,PH,LH, LC,JB. Basketball I. 2,31 Baseball I,2.3: Soccer l1Boy's State 2. DONALD P. LAHEY Day, Bacon. College De aqui, adelante vamos. llab-P "lf you've got the time " via NJC "Saturday nights allright for " Totalization drinking Club l,2.3. 'I' 'LT' PETER LAWRENCE LANCIANO Gunther Gumby Institute, Riley, College Peter Lanciano, Gunther, member of Stinologists Club, Professor in Pincolgy. l.l1l1 Al.Ll,N KRIQINDI-,L l, f'X.lX, Bigelow, Bacon, L ollege l have felt lonely, lorgotten or even left out, set apart from the rest ol the world, l never want out. lfany- thing l want in. Thanks to Mr P. and Mr. Schultz, Goodbye lu the pool olilice and 'lMerritts Gang" vi: -,ff , V t ,,,, . owLNMicHAr1r. gi - I KUPliRLLRSCllN'lllJ 'Z Bigelow, Adams, IQX-1Olyriipic Marathon Soccer lg Cross-country 2,3g Tennis l,2,31 RAC l,2,3, LaLineal 2,1 Marathon 2,31 Mozart l,2,3. Brahms l,2,3g Co-capt, X-c 31 Tito Puente FanClub Space Cadet8cCo. The Syph of Mythysus Zen in the Art of Archery not Auto Mechan- ics Woodstock, BrownRice, Hairy legs, Heatstroke. Organic Vaseline. Willie the Pimp. JOAN AUDREY LAINE Joni Bigelow, Beals, College Concert Choir l,2,3g Family Beals House Council 2,33 Frer Club I1 French Play l. fwwfvw ,1"9ln ROBIN MARIE LAMBERT Day, Bacon, Undecided Chris 2-9-74 foreverl All the good times wfSM,VC.GA, SS,LC.DD PL,LM,RM,Jl. the Brat and all the guys down Auburndale. Sum- mer of 7-1 Maryannes, Dunfeys. the grog, Riverside, the Cape, Te- quila, Draughts, Hornet. Mustang. Bertha, Whipper will cling-cling. Hey Baby, Bla-blL1.L.O,V.l1. Look out here comes Red? "Bagged" MICHAEL ALAN LANCILOTI Warren, Adams, College Martha: Ski trips. vacations, let- ters. Blueberry Cheesecakes. AUBLIB. Chint, T.H.B.G. "No one means all he says, and yet very few say all they mean," Henry Adams. Ski-Club l,2,3g French Club 33 Greenhouse 33 Funny Girl 7 I N MICHAEL LANGIONE LISA LAPP ff 4. fi W . F L4 -41" ir X . I Q f v ,. fx I I H 4 ' t fi ' f A f , ,sf ua.. AA,"A. 75 . 1 '.".f i A , 7' STEPHEN LAROSEE MQNICA LARSON Steve Day. Palmer, Business Who met? Skip gym'7 Never? Cru' sin' C,D,F Blocks Mean Mary- Jean. See you later Carl. Favorite expression: Your out of your mind? Fishing. LAURA A. LAZO Bigelow. Riley, Scol CHERYL DIANE Cape Allnighters Concerts Ski- Trips Broad Squadtone JS,AS,DC, Good times on Hood St. St.Sehs MS,NR. "Loser" Jacks CC.MS.RD, Star Chinese Food TW,BB,lG 50's Melrose BB,BM. Love to Emerie's get faced why do fools fall in love? "A true friend is the best possession." '- ui ' 272124 'SSIC-34-.1 ,-pf MSG. " Q QTCKJV ' I fi- '4-Wfrff . 5' They say we'll know in 20 years. ff" if I N '44 I VIRGINIA MARIE LEAHY Ginny Day, Adams, College The Riff Quartet KB,SF.CBf IH,RB,J,SF "The jerks" lish- ingl She'll pull thru Knees? Martha's Vineyar '74 "The Squir- rel" Handsome G.A.Y Pulling a Fonlie Far-out? Here comes the sun Club 2,3. LEARMONTH Warren, Beals Cheryl and Jacky 7fl3f7-1. Best Friend: JE Memories: Billy 2fl9f7l-llf30f73 Love to you always. Winthrop WWW, Scituate McDonalds, Drillshed + CO, Poco Beals Stairs. AeroSmith, Dedham friends, Autoshop, "T"J,CJP,BF, BC,DB,ES. DV,PK,VH. WM,NC,BS, ML,BS,H,VW, JT.BS,DS, DF,GF,BB Brother: Brian! ROY PHILIP LEADER Day, Beals, College Sailing 12,33 Surfing l,2.31 Jeep IU I KWEE LEE STACEY A. LEBEAU LeBeau Meadowbrook, Adams, Pre Med. "Black is beautiful" Jukebox the bump in the calf Paarty Concerts Sugar Shack "Boston" Ain't noth- ing to it but to do it? Peace, love, and soul? Soul train. Good times, Blackessencellfl Best wishes to BB.KH,NM. AR,TK,LJ. SS.VS,KC. LB,NA,AA. SD.KO.BA, DEBSU l.2,31 Vol- leyball l,lg Gymnastics 2g Swim- ming 2. SlllRl.l'Y MARll.l l-.Bl AN! Warren, Riley "Today is the lirst day ol the rest of your lite" llx not the Mae kidx 'Tioodyx parties" Aro started it "all" ucnitllliiklllu Nil. gonna li yn' "Sharon" Mic, .l, Letx eut French? BU dealx in NB oll open campus again Mack parkin lot "rollin" got rooked by DRBJI-,!iK. l-it1DC"'fi Tkquarebaek. , . . and then we took their Clothes! 42 7 , 1 if Ne, , vox 5 N l J , ! W-f-00 Q, "Q if If ' X 4 A 'A F ELIOT JAY LEES Bigelow, Palmer, College "Do not go gentle into that good night" JCDGJK Behind the table "Never give a sucker a break" "Anything you can't understand is irrelevant"JS Newtonite lg Bridge Club 1.133 Swim team lL Ping Pong 2. RICHARD LEMPITSKI rom Life TERESAJ. LENNON Tree-"T" Day, Beals, Undecided Riz,thanx, Bertha Hold me back! Crew! KBMMLL MCSOAL DBSSLS 3-more minutes KB! Sunshine! WR wfDDAFRL JLPSJDBF He's so cute! I quit! HR wfDHMMCDGlVI squeeze me? OJ-+ H20, right LF? l2f3lf73 huh Lori? 6f2lf7-1 huh Ricky? Spenders LLJRLF SOKF you saved me. Thanx Ma Leone, Spei- cal thanx to Lisa. Love to all, A ,N XXV XXEV L NS Q ax M , it Wig UTM! LW ,cv 'I fi ilw ll i I I V- -- W- -Ie Duck'?'7 LYNDA MAF LEONARD Kennedy, Palmer. Business Lasting Lucky and Living, These 3 L's describe lor me, my 3yrs, at Newton North. Lastng or endur- ing school but lucky to have had the experience ol' attending Newton North, working wfsome great teachers and kids. Living is learn- ing to live each day andenjoying life and all it holds. GERALD LEONE LYNN MARIE LEONE Day. Adams. College Interests: Creative art, hard rock. sport cars, Suppressed desirei To "Have music wherever I go", New- tonian 3. it f DEBORA JEAN LEONE X Debbie ff' Warren, Bacon, College !"Faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence ol' things not seen." U.P, T.B.C. Retreat summer oI7-1 Penn. Life "Shall we gather " The Chateau CF Drill wfPC,MK,KlVI. Lost I3 meet you at the locker! Smith Family, Concert Choir, Rally Committee, Community Intern. KEVIN LEONE PAUL FRANCIS LEONE Warren, Beals, College "If wishes were horses, beggars would ride." Winners don't quit and quitters don't win. Best time of 74 was seeing BB's at C.C.C. Hockey l.2,31Goll'l.Z,3g Bye men. IZ i ROBERT DANIEL LEONE Leo Day,Adams Never forget the times wfSS'7TB,MH, lHal, and the rest ol' the gang. Good luck to all. Also remember IGW,BC, llf20f73, BMILNY, mostly the bees, shot Goal at l a.m.. Xfl-I+ XIS N,H,, and P42 MPH. right Sully? Hi FF,SD, tthe lake and Albermarle girlsl the Stooges always. House Hockey 2,3 JOSEPH DAVID LEVENS Warren, Riley, College Biology Club l231 Newtonite 233 Newtonian 33 Band lZ3g Photogra- phy Club 23g Force I2 l23g Riley House Council lg "Two road di- verged in a wood, and I f I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference." "Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers". re- :3ff'i4if1'r- , ww- til. , ,, -, gk 2 122 I s' -nm .1 -A SCOTT LEVISON DAVID LEVY MOONBOID LEW Dee Dee Day. Riley. College Thanks to the gang: Puzz. Irace-A. Big Bob. Malza. Karen. Jayne, Mark. George. Fors. Chip. Cheryl. Squeege. Brain. Jim. Patty. "Chi- cago" '73 New Year's Igve '73-4 Summer ol' '74 Sengekontacket 5205 Q 5357 God times l'll never forget. If you get the chance. take it! Biology Cluh 33 Girls track team '3 JUDITH LEVENSON PAIII I I VIN A 'iv it . Y .gs , 'I 'T I I f ' H -r xx 6 ' 1' . of W - 1 ' y l Ya ,1. is . 33? 'T X12 ,,,.4r I7 HN L iS ff kj ,kg get Q .1 V A rua Nl,-Xlwl. l I XIIXN Weeks. Barry! ollelac "The worst thing ahoot stieieiz i that It dictates heauty without euer letting the people hayc a cliante to explore and experience other ways." .IV Baskcthall l.Z. Xmhi- tion' Entrepreneur, Good times WXAI-',JI1,Rll, BR.lsl'.RC. 'Ihank you? Mrs, I1W s Mrs .lL', MARLENE RHONA IINY Bigelow. Barry, C ollcge Lile can he worthwhile ilyou make it that way. All the good times wflYA,SW.GD, LR.HIs.S-X., Thanks Tom. Concerts Parties The Cape, Summers '7tl1"4'. George. SK + LA. Raspherries. Ours Carpenters, Sues car, tireat years with great kids. l97-1 what a year. Convert Choir 3. AMY JEANNE LEWIS Weeks, Riley, College "Cherish your yesterdays. dream your tomorrows. liye your todays," l still want to go to NY. New man you blew it. Summer ol "'2" S .l Rlyer Trip Boat Man, Special thanks to .ludy.Deh. Bets Nlaine N.H. and SM. lalling rocks The many loies ol ,IN Stage Crew l. Open Campus 3g Newtonite 3. yy e made it? MICHAEL LEWITT -IOSEUDONNI inf i I N 'Q-1 1 ,ay ' i if LOUISI1 .IOY l.IIzIf Bigelow, Adams, College Thoughtprints l.2.3leditorl Musi- cal l,2g Dramatics l,2L Concert Choir l,2g Smith Family 3. "Lille, whether happy or unhappy, suc- cessful or unsuccessful. is Cktruor- dinarily interesting." George Bernard Shaw. ix-. A I , . f Nj A 0. f of '1 P E ,aw BETSY PAULA F, LIVINGSTON BP Warren, Riley, College Uvyregdtmss ltonl Tulsa TJBPDIX Howcanl tellyoucat "Iliour lrind- shipdeonthngs likespaceandtime thenwel'inalyovr comespaceand timewevedestroyed ourownbrothe erhood. Butovrcomespace andallwe havelel'tisHere. Ovrcometimeand allvvehave lel'tisNovv. Andinthe mddleot'Hereand Nowdontyouth- ink wemightsee eachther onceor4 Twice?" Nwte l, Chr 231 Rlly 31 Sr. Class. 3. JULIA RUBY LIVINSTON W' D0n'1l g6'If1 lollipop? ROBERT LITURI ,f 'au ..,f,,. JANET R. LIVINGSTON Warren, Adams. College So much of love is giving. Many thanks to: JLMEFT NJMDC. Good times: football games. mo- torcade, basketball games, dances remember the dance that never was, bowling. skating, Beach Boys, York Beach, Harrison. Maine, lit- ness '73, 'the old school. Rally comm. 3g Senior Class Comm. 3. MICHAEL LIZOTTE xg ik Y . Ll'-3 Judy' Warren, Beals, College Great times wfgood friends? JL.MI-IDC. JM.TN,KN. JR.SC.SG. Basketball games. Motorcade '74, lfootball games. Harrison. ML, Summers in York Ayuh Concerts Dances. "Follow your dreams. sometimes we can help each other along the way." Rally Comm. 31Sr. Class Comm. "' I 3. W- -K .X LISA LOI-'CHIE Warren. Riley, College "It is only in the heart that one can see rightly, what is essential is in- visible to the eye," Sandy: to tell you the truth. L.ove and thanks to Bruceg Marceg Chem lriendsg trueg trmts. Helping .lon early' morning. CRUSH? AD, Thanks to friends. Newtonite 31 Newtonian 21 I-'reneh Cluh I, 4770. ff! 1, ' f DOROTHY C. LONG Dot Meadowbrook. Palmer. Day Care Helper It has been a great three years for me at North. Many thanks to all my teachers and all he kids. I am really going to miss everybody next year. FRANCES MARIE LOSCOCCO Bedford, Riley, College I can't say I learned much from the books. but I did get a lesson in life, Italian Club Pres. 1.2, Treas. 3. International Club 3. .-1 if KENNETH LAWRENCE LOVELL Warren, Beals. Maritime "We seen the last of good king Richard, roll out the bones and raise up the pitcher" Time away from home, Cozumel. Cat Cay. Marshfield, Duxbury. Green Har- bor. GHM, God Help Me. Nielse Lea 496, Hong Kong 544, Lo Bob 4061 Toke, Do Me 804. Mach l for sale, van parties, the alley, love to "3 FIS DIANI1 l OW Warren. Palmer John 5f4f73. RZQR Reuiual. loaf Iforgive and lorget lweryhofll. plays the fool. Big girls do erj. Casper the lriendly ghost A rup- tured duck. 'limes to remember wfSA,NCi,PK.C,B.AD.N1B,KR "In order to loye you must except the hurt with the iffy" CHU 1,,t" T-1 Cape. Bottleol wine Aeton. Nle 137 ELIZABETH LUCAS R We Jan. ,..4' -at GINO P. LUCCHETTI Palmer. The Lake. good times down the park wfthe kids. The times bugging Mac. The night me and Paul threw her over the wall. Pummeling the dew behind J.B. Good times down Lesters Bar. Goal in life: Putting the Hiz between the Tiz and give it a Riz, LINDA MARY LUIZZO Warren, Beals, College l'll always remember the good times at NNHS. Good luck LM,CM,PL,CP, DD,RM,AG. KC. Remember this? What are we doing tng't which way now? Don't call me CHEESE!Last stop Marty. Lue will you drive? Oh Stretch! Ligg. Di? Mona, keep quiet! Doughnut maker, WHB S.C,A great 3 yrs. My education is just beginning. 'TVN Did hejust say 36-24-367 AMY FAITH LUDWIN Weeks, Riley, College Project Pals, Chix, M of D, Hotels and walks, First house on the right, He's from France! Crew, Post 530. "For with all it's shame drudgery and broken dreams. it is still a beautiful world, Be careful, And above all, strive to be happy." ,..n.4 STEPHEN G. LUNNY Steve O.L.. Riley, Autobody Business Farewell NNHS. Riley House, F Autobody boys. All the good times i at the park in the parking lots BL' Red Sox games "Popin' Frostys Ya wanna Duke. Axusite Tomileon 4' the fruit. Football games. "Sehilt1" The tech lives on. Mr. Bowers. English class. Horror shows on Elm Rd. Smokem' up Eller' Good- bye again. l'm gi tiger till I tlie"' PATRICIA ANN LUPO Patty Day, Bacon, College 73 Italy Wattts Floods, Smokey "You Wino" Sand man snoozing keep on smiling Don't let it get you down Old Lady "You Chiseler' The Lady" oose Bug GHWCMACPWAW Good times wfCMCPLMRMJI RLSMAGDDLL SSLCRWAA and thanks and God bless yous. RLHREAGBBMR "Only time has the answers "" All things come to whom awaits" RSSM PAUL ANTHONY LUPO Mad Dog Day, Adams, Commercial Artist The Lake, Hawthorne 69 Corner Reliving Roaring 20's Italian Club via Italia otto bus Zl M.Di C. Pross. 8,Q sofI-I LTD BoBo 007 Rip Off 10725774 Zepps N.C+ R,Hit Paul St, Summer of 73 GL AA Bagged Streaking dimes funni- est kid I know Bagged afloat in Hoppington Sr. Picnic 74 650 Yam 73 I'm not crazy. LYNNE A. LUPRIORE Lydia B. Warren, Riley, None JOHN MACAULEY JR. DEBRA LEE MACLEOD Beet Warren, Adams, Hair Dresser To all my old friends, new friends and friends to come. Always re- main as you are, and love and friendship will never leave you. Good times wfB.C.,P.V.,J.G., J.M.,S.B.,R.S., P.C.,J.B.,L. M., B.B. at "The Stairs" J.C.,B.F., T., E.S.,N.C. At Mac's. Remb. "A friend is a present you give your- self" Bree' I.A.L.Y fit! IT' Q Li K jf -. .sp MARY ELLEN MACASKILL Weeks, Barry, School Class Treas. l, Barry House Treas. 2. Who said all Southies were "Southies"'? Huhn Murrayberg, Nuz, Stub, Pitts, Nan? Who cor- rupted me JP SB? Connections Jules, the Park wfSA, Eggcorn, Retard. I'm availabe BR: Our day will come. Good luck SACASB SBDCLB KFBGNL JMGNJP JPBRLSCS MSRWMW. SUZANNE A. MACGILLIVRAY Bigelow, Beals, Travel I botsched things up! Dearly de- parted, KMDM good luck MA+ AC :MC You can find me in brown town. GD maybe you can bribe the tribe. Can't tell about JL the MD's are flee I wish people would learn to trust more. They'd have better summers don't forget the suggestion box! GORDON G. MACNEILL Mac Warren, Adams Karen, Let's remember, the talks, the problems we've solved, the smiles, the secrets we share, most of all let's remember the feeling of "us" Mac + KOB 4 ever good times wfPKPVRPJC PKLLCVJD Ev- eryone Summer of "74" Hampton Beach Rockypond Why not "Hunk" Dream on 5f3f57 Foot- ball l,2,3g Baseball l,2. -6' 2 7 J Q af,fQf1i-Liff . ,liz-,,,,f, JOHN MAGUIRE MARK DOUGLAS MAHONEY B.S. Babalou "Him just hang there on his tree looking real cool and according to a late world round- up from the usual unreliable sources real dead" Thanks BP, MH, JC, JD, Ain't got no cause. GREGORY SEAN MALANY St Seb s Bacon College Now is not the end It is not even the beginning ol' the end. But it is, perhaps the end of the beginning." Winston Churchill Yammie 360- 175 Power' -lth gear W.F.O. Crossed up land grab Sth and go super sideways Hot V-Dubs. Remember Pikes Peak, "The 90, SS Everest Waltham Yamaha . DAVID MANCHESTERAL CHARLES MANNING JR. l MAUREEN A. MAHONEY Warren, Beals Remember all the kids and the good times we had. The weekends up New Hampshire 9f2lf74 The long ride and getting stuck 9f l5f74 5f74. Room Thanks to Mr. Adams and everyone that helped me. WILLIAM PATRICK MAHONEY 49 ."" .,, 7-55' - 7 . Bill wif' ' '- Day, Riley, Coll a' ff' ' ' ege 55? - - Finding what you thought was real i 3 is gone and changing. , --4' .If ?'H Q JOAN H. MANNIX Warren, Murray Rd., College "You've got to be strong and keep on hanging on and have faith in yourselF' Virginia wfardnas 8172 behind every angle there's a sur- prise right Lisa? Studies wflierita and Comott. Beano. Chas. 'Y 1-.43 JEFFREY MALIxOI'SIxN DANA SCOTT MANN Weeks, Barry, College Here is to JS,JR,JC, HH.BM,PH, AF,KF,RK,HF,H e JC. What do you do at the Schlotsin cut ofI'7'? Fearless leader, Hasen Ben Sobar Rip B,A,T A little E MF,SP.RH. BS,FA, KB, No time catsup 6 grade Shelly CW,JB.MM. Irving who'?l'? Hm! Rm AXV RS,DF,BE,EH, Which HmRm. DF,Rm, Hail, Hail, Hailstone bed- lach the end'T'?'?7? LINDA ANN MANNING Warren, Barry Thursdays w'fCF Good ol' MDcbppgmc During class volley- ball l,2,3. Swimming l. Mother Cradle lyou're not always rightll Nights alone. Memorable times wfR's and ell' ears. Singing in the morning-"Put the milk on Kelloggs corn flakes, eat'em all upll" "Inde- pendance selfrelianee you" RAMON M. MANSOUR Day, Palmer, College 11 'J' ,...-. 52? X... ..- ,WAX JAN MARGOLIN KATHLEEN MARINO KATHLEEN MARCHAND Kathy Day, Barry, Undecided All My love to Ricky, 6f26f72 I'll never forget it. Good times wfRC,DD,LD,CC,AM, and JD. I wish you all the luck in the world. To LD chestnuts roasting on an open fire. To RC I love you. ,lv ARTHUR MARCHETTA "TY 1 X , , , 'Al i DANIEL MARK MARINI Danny Day, Bacon, College I can't take this place, the lot. Here comes the foreman, the Cape. Sat- urday nights, Sammy's, my friends and Scoff, Doo, Bones, Long Is- land. Lacrosse l,2,3, Football l,2, 33 Senior Class Committee. Could you have thought of a caption for this one? CAROL MAROTTA RALPH MARINO Rusty The milk carton hockey games. Good times at Caf table. "The Turkey" "Danny" I'm a juvenile product of the working class who's best friend floats at the bottom of a glass. The old buildings. HELEN MARRY Twinkie Bigelow, Adams, College Remember the good times in the artroom wfRonald. The wall and the gang. R + R Concerts and those great dances. Roudy! Stubb Well it's Saturday night! Three yrs. of new friends and new experiences. Good luck in the future. When January comes Paragon in the summer. I y JOSEPH PAUL MARZILLI Marz Adams, Advertising Italian Club 2,31 Italy "73" Don't jump Paul. Paul's nude pictures, Dibona-go evil grimis which one to tonight, Lester "Casonoff" SOM F down the lake "Keep on walking" "Keep on walking" Cloop"Don't bug me" "GO" "WABBIT" in i ' wuv-ZIGGY my idol. Good times Q if wfFanny Doodle, Carmanuces Roaring 20's TG's MMBWILY x P l GOTH is i I l. ALEXANDER MASTANTUONO CARLA JANI. MASON Herbie Warren, Palmer, College Remember the good times in Mr. P'S room, fellowship 7l-75. Re- treats: Sabago, Sunapee, Groton, Danbury. Austins wffieorge and the gang: IJGDIIALPY CLPGRTCT. Orson Welles wfMike f Patty counting bricks at Cambridge Commons. Good times wfAl-'RMMD MISSSW 'llli howare ya" Who's birthday is it, its Jurgensl Bye. BRLNIJA ANN MAS'IRUMAT'I ILI Yeah, but you forgot to tell them in which direction. Warren. Barry. C ollege "Promise yourself to be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind " J.V. BN' 12 in a row? Great times wfhlissfj.-"Li1. tle Green Sprout!" Basketball l,2. 31 Softball l,2,3g Italian Club 2,1 , f 1 '31 C e- 4. ,A ., 55, . ..':+. i ., f , ELIZABETH ALICE MATHEWS Betsy Weeks, Adams, College Thru thick 8: thin Judy, Amy, Deb. Cathy, Moye summer 73,74. Going west, Colorado River Beach, NH Skitrips, Kitty-wist, riding WPSC nights at CB The Centre. met Chuck wfJ 'J Bugs are best but vistas rate "Don't walk in front of me-I may not follow. Don't walk behind me-I may not lead-walk beside me-and be my friend. kg, L KM, - ., Yeah, but you forgot to tell them in which direction. ,4- Y 'NX xy! cs, a -sth, , -,f NANCY LEE MATHIS Day, Beals, College Remembering the good times in the caf, and BSU. Wishes for BRIGHT future to PA.BH.YS. DH,SS,BB. KH.JM.SL.PB.BB.L,l. GL,CA,MT, lsC,.lB.DD.AR. AND SO LONG TO EVERY- BODY ELSE. Remember knowledge is power. BETH AMY MAYER Weeks, Murray Rd. I've met some fantastic people the past 3 yrs. Thanks to Sherri and Rose for helping me make it through high school, keeping me sane and for their warm love. Pre- school. The great staff for their help. Great Friends. MZ BL for being there, Someone very special to me. GT. .A Quail. LUCILLEC. MAZZOLA Lue Day, Riley, College Good times down the park and wfPatty, Marty, Janice. Diane, Linda, Sheila, Robin, Andrea Rory, Anna, Chris, Carol, Doc, Andy. Homeroom wfMoira, Sue. Rhonda. "Not again" Spiders and snakes. Ham and theese. Louise Susan. Marty Hampton. The po- lice station? Thanks to those who made NNHS worthwhile. JF 7 - f RAMONA JEAN MAZZOLA Mona Day, Bacon Remembering all the good times up at the high school wfPLSMRL AGCPLM DDILLC CMGLSS FPRSKC JIPL watch out Ryans coming. All the headaches I took from fish. I'll never forget the good times in homeroom wfall the kids. All the good times wfGeorge. RICHARD MAZZOLA Rickie "Sophmore year hanging around the drill shed behind building I." Newman House. Swim team 2,3. MAUREEN ANN MCCABE Molly Concert Choir 2,31 Beals house council 2,33 Explorers 2. JAMES MCCARTHY g,:.,,yrv-efxtflqf 'TCS' WHAT -,QQ Y-'tt-C-at-IT BELIEJE, 'L Am 'nerr DEAD, aww THERE li MQ llvettslb HQLDIMLW UP Wifi HEAD TQ IIQEEEZ MS! wrt-twill SCQDW' l:P0Nfl PALt,mc2f , FQRWPWIQ Non fxlvtl AN- f' 5 x 'QB 'rf ' 'Q x' BRIAN PHILLIP MCDONALD Maca Weeks, Bacon, College "Learn that the present hour is yours alone." S.J. WJIB Soccer I, I 2,31 Golf l,2,3. 2 J . Lf .ff r ALISON JOAN MCCANN Ali Walpole, Beals, College Hey, Baby! Table wja view. Let's be Where did I go wrong? DD +summer 74-Bashmobileg hit- ting statues, walls, whatever else got in the way. Paula-Baby. KCKKCA + Bagel, too. Mahun- gus. Pako. Rockport 74 + PA's let- ters. Laughing always! Thanks to all my friends. Senior Class V.P.g Rally Comm 3, Newtonian 33 New- tonite l,2. JANE MARIE MCCARTHY Day, Palmer, College "To look up and not down to look forward and not back to look out not in, and, to lend a hand." f Edward A. Hale Golf 2,33 Newtonian 3. MAURA ANNE MCENANEY Swoop, Mac Warren, Riley, College Project Pals, Colorado, H. Street, dinner party, Louison, Wellfleet MofD hotels and walks weekends at AP's wfall, Stetson 8: the farm I night too many at PR's to all: "When you part from your friends grieve not for that which you love most in them may be clearer in their absence." KERRY MCGLAME CHARLES MCGOURTY M , S5 V. . bt, , X V V I' Q., S -. '3 'ei ,QSM ff N ' e f ifw, 'J ni L 1 -,iff -1, l SEAN MCGURRIN SUSAN MCHALI: Sue lfrance 73 La Thrice over one very special toothpick. Thanks to those who shared their time. Boopa. Swim team. Gentle Ben. KIMBERLY MCHUGH K5 SCOTT MCKEE SHEILA MCKENZIE Day, Adams Dow Hawthorne, the corner wfthe kids RLPLRM LMJICM. Down Auburndale WXRLVCGA SSLCDD. Talk sessions PL. "Mustangs Waltham good times" summer of 74" "9:0O- KSDFACRLN "Firemen" Cape "Hampton" "Peter" "Locket" curbs "Bertha" Hornet "Opals" "Groged" Whipper Will, Cling- cling" "BB". ff r,--1 YYY DENNISQHARLIQS MCINLRNLY Newton Catholic. Palmer. C .tlleue What you get from lite ls only as valuable as the qualities you uin- tribute to that life. The Y? Bunk- well and the Cady. Belmont-it's now post time TH, and the gang. Can't forget Burr. 't' W BRUCE M.MCKENNA Day, Bacon, Travel 'TIT I" Q T.-tj, i Q' There will always be somewhere I have never traveled and someone I have never met, but never shall I give up trying! Thanks and lots of luck to everyone. DEBRA LEE MCLAUGHLIN Mick-Porky Bigelow, Palmer. College Best of luck to SCBCDDLC CCTGLDLA RNHMLLRC CTRHJLPP BGRSLRDD JH. All my love to Peter. good luck to Sharon 84 Benny good times wflose good luck wfyour ear Pete. Laugh and the world laughs with you. cry and the world laughs at you. Hi to Certian Teacher. Cud- dles Riley House Stairs. horne- room wfTex. I shall be telling this somewhere ages and Two roads diverged in SHEELAH MCNAMARA Warren, Adams with a sigh, ages hence. a wood, and BRUCE H. MCNULTY Weeks, Bacon. College Making Morton St. a thuway Wrestling in the dance studio .ani- I-I took the one less traveled by and that has made all the differ- ence. FORT GORDON GEOR- GIA. Gilda and Eileen- Do the things you feel because those are what you want. Rambler Co-captain wrestling l.2, 3 l 231 f I If XX -as . Swim NANCY JEAN MCPHERSON Warren, Palmer, Work S +C +CCC I-RC! When every- body drove a white chevrolet! Big nites at the parking lot! Football games wfthe tiger. I've got a nic- kle. Go hide in the corner! JV,BFAY AMNMHW TTDIHTB-SE Remembering all the good times wf'?. WDRADLFLCSRW. We all feel the same! 0.0.P.G.A. Rick! Good times + badlll, . ROBERT PHILIP MEEK Day, Palmer, College "It's strange but it doesn't seem like a wild world." Another Sat. nite. Good limes withfgreat friends-Good luck. Medals? CSN +Y Back to Boulder. "IF"R.K. "And she makes me wonder." L.Z. Newtonian 2,31 Force l,2g Newtonite 2,33 Football l,2,3g Indoor Track l,2,3 Captain: Track l,2,3 Captain. FRANCIS JAMES MELIA Warren, Beals, California The office, Partying, Good times DMKBTA THCHDC POTPCB LEBPCJB. Free at last! LORI BETH MELTZER Bigelow, Beals, Therapist Time l-Stale-M +M +S. Quebec- the Unholy Trio-Uncle D + DadP +JB Newport-4 back. End yr. +SAT 2 partly. C +J I Dracula'?! HC 4 hrs. Thanx to all + everyone-Never forget tho may try-ll Red Cross l,2.3g Revolution- Committeeg NNHSQ 2 Le Cercle Francais 2,31 French Play, Gofer 233 Stage Crew 3, Beals House Council 2.3. ff-1 GIOVANNIN MERCURI SCOTT D. MERTENE Sickness will surely take the mind where minds can't usually go. Come on the amazing journey and learn all you should know. SUSAN SIOBBAN MESCALL Warren, Barry, College Summer of '74-Rose-a great friend 8: tennis partner-Maine-Danny, Sue my life long friendg Thanks to Mrs. Killiong Senior Class Secre- tary, Working wfCathyg Some good friendsg Debbie H., Mary M., John, Scott, Maurine, Julie. MOIRA MEEHAN J BRUCE ELIOT MILLER Boston Latin, Barry, College "The true profession of man is to find his way to himself." HH, Wahoo to Chief, Foot, 007,HRA, 6-Guns- Breaker, Firop, PG, Sand- y, Lisa, Whaling, wfSC,SM,JSK, SAMBAM "MF-Cut it out " LZ,PZ" intimodate" UPBLGA- ZA 947 Bedlach SWIMteam 2,31 Tennis l,2,3g Russian Club l,2,3g AP Math l,2,3g AP Chem. 3. KAREN MARIA MILLER Julius West, Bacon, College "The road goes ever on and on down from the door where it began. Now far ahead the road has gone, and I must follow, if I can, pursu- ing it with eager feet, until it joins some larger way where many paths and errands meet. And whither then? I cannot say." eBilbo Baggins. V AMY Miwrz l I' I x 3 -y 4' 4'-. " fa ' . .L9 In ID- ly W' A7 Day, Palmer, College SUSAN JEAN MITCHELL Day, Adams, Business "Remember our history class in l0th gradeg and how we met. It has been a good 2 yrs. ofknowing you. llfl8f72, Jeff. Spending most of our time down at cottage. Hanging around outside Adams House, between classes. The good times we had at your parties, and all the times We Had going out wfNM +JM. Good luck to Jeff and the kids. CHRISTOPHER GERARD MITRANO Warren, Beals, Work Good times down the Square. Summer of 74 Sheelah. Remember the 67GTO, Sideways, turn it on. How's your rearend buddy. The men MC,DM,MF, MS,KL,JH,TM, NA, MI, PT, SD. Remember Sagamore also GC,Cm. Never forget all the hor- ror rides. JEFFREY C. MOGUL Bigelow, Riley, College " Creeps in this petty pace from day to day, to the last syllable ol recorded time, and all our yester- days have lighted fools the way to dusty death " It is a tale, told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. sig- nifying nothingf' Snerd society 1,21 Student senate 23 Compute Lab Monitor 3. J' DENNIS MOLLOY IRWIN MOLTA yr toil 1 V' , Z 4 .Q A J 4 . - . ' :IQ Vi 4 Irv-Scurv JOHN TERRY MONAHAN Bigelow, Murray Rd.,7 "Damn Yankees" 72 over waters clean and blue. 4 square, ping- pong, volleyball too. Now I must leave old for NEW. College days are coming fast. I must move on and leave the past. Didn't time move way too fast? EAT BILGE 2 million flies can't be wrong!! P.S. I leave my locker to my pal Eddie. Farewell MRHS. Q Yes, son, that's tough. That's Life, Life's tough. Norman Walker, 1972-73, twrestlingl, Where have ye been, Doctah? Regarding wres' tling, baby, the fall must reign, Thanks to the many' great people I've mel at North. Wrestling l.2,31 Track 2.33 Newton North had some great coaches: Coleman, Becker, Walker + all track. ae , .2 -v rvdv, X. 1 MICHAEL B. MOODY Bacon. Auto Mechanic Keep on pitching guys. Hey Joe. I won a lot of money off you andthe rest of the guys. These last I yrs have been great yy you guys Don't forget to keep in touch. Had great times in print shop.Ha 'J 4. f-S ANTHONY MRK MORALES Jamica Kid Warren, Palmer, College, Pilot When homeroom meets 5-27-74 Bruce Lee NUNCHAKU good times at both PLS Scallops and Cohogs, Saturday nights, 50's dance, painting tigers 9-21-74 JC,KT. Cruising Beach sleeper, Track. cardtricks, Magoos, Never hit a man when he's down, kick him, it's easier. CT,BM,JZ,RC. PG,RD.DD, PP,LL,LB,DC,AM. MELANIE SUE MORGAN Weeks, Palmer, Music, Theatre Arts "Many of us spend half ofour time wishing for things we could have if we didn't spend half our time wish- ing" 4 RJ,JM,GM,JH,Sue SS tiger. I as ROY C. MORRISON Day, Barry, College l'll never forget the late nite card parties wfBM,DD,DC and NC. Going to see Doug in the hospital, only to hear his fathers' bad jokes. Will RR ever forget the two nights ofparties in February '74. '...-af KEVIN THOMAS MORRISSEY Bigelow, Barry, College THOMAS MORRISSEY JOHN F. MORRISSEY Fat-John Bigelow, Bacon Thanks to all the guys in football and the reading clinic. Bye to Mrs. Killion and Cap and all the other teachers that gave me a hard time. Good times in homeroom. Football l,2,3. I x Remember Barry House, basket- ball, Whites on the weekends, Jacques on weekdays. Thanks to the kids from the alley and wall special thanks to LC,PP,MS,MC, BF,JK and all the others. It was fun!! JANE MARIE MOSHER Jumpin' Warren, Riley, Teaching Special Ed. MN,TN8cDF, LB,DC,SD,JF, 4... RC,JG,PD,G , Remembers: "The Contest " KO'D Victory for me, dances, NNHSPL, RVRSD, CFM, Summer '74, fFrance avec Manoj Never give up the 3B's. Good times wfmany friends that I love. Softball lg Soccer l,2. "There isn't a word to explain, the love and friendship Scottish Golf saying. Hockey l: Golf 2,3. C.A.P.E. 35 summer of'74 The WILLIAM CARL MOSHER Moke Warren, Palmer NHS Parking Lot, Coast Guard Academy, Maritime Academy, The Intermission, The Clinic. I PAU LA MOSH ER 41 JOSEPH MOUSSALLI Immigrant Bigelow, Beals, College "In order to become a man, you have to work hard for it and now is the time to do it." Good luck to all my friends: KNSCTC JMSPFTDM and especially DD!! Remember all the good times we've had together during the summer '74 swimming, bowling, pool, and soccer games. Varsity Soccer l,2, Tri-Captain 3. .,-al .4 J, gil J f Ai qnan Doyl l X Ty, n MARLENE GRACE MOY KATHY MIJLCAHY Warren, Adams, College "When you have eliminated the impossible whatever remains how- ever improbable mus e the truth" iii l X i li. . UW , " llgh iid Mnlu' ww, CF J WR l F ' V wvqlp iifiwlljp' 1111 J l ff 'i J, lla f Iiugljtiff M A J JJ i 1 ' 1 in - ff Jxxxllllru Fx wvxrjw J RICHARD P. MULLER Mull Weeks, Barry, Undecided The kid has left. JOAN M L'LX'AN'l if Adams Remember: TNI D IM .FP DP,KN,DD,SC,JL, SC,MF,JL,SP, Sl.,CS,'XL.BY GY,GE,BT,BY, DA, ME,DY,KN," Is that you1"' PKGLT MRST "FLLW'?" GTNG out WHT A HNY CMPING MCDNDL'S. -1 ARTHUR JOSEPH MURPHY Murph "Parking lot. good times" Frosties. Scarf. Sneaks and goggles. "I don't know what it is either" Rules and the MEN, "poo 8L Her" Shed? Van? Chico in Nantasket party at Belehers Cuda-euda-euda Charlie. lke and Mike " THE .'lll:',Y C'0Mli FIRST" Football l,2.3L Track l.2, 33 Lacrosse 3. ROBERT LEONARD MYATT JOHN ALAN MURPHY C.Murph Warren, Palmer, Work Fun at Bacon House window. Remember cheerleaders. Good old building 2. Football l,2,3, Coach Walker. -' .I OKI I4 JULIE E. MYERS Len Day, Beals, College "The game was invented a billion years ago- don't you remember?" an Old Russells mophead eookee Zorro Bhl Bhg Pep Rally Water- fountain, ls it my beginning or is it my end. 28 f 1. . ,Kgs 21' -f F II 4. ...A-L 'E .9 :Q STACY MYERSON Julie A. Child To Gail, Kath, Marg, Andy, Joe. Kim, Frank, Doc. Liz. King. Moni, Gypsy and Gymn and Tom. Thal's nice when a 5 yr. old comes in oll the field in the morn'n before the sun has burned away the mist and shes carrying a jagged listful ol orange poppies 8: all the walk her own idea and all the llowers a gift for you fe SUSAN MARIE NANIGIAN Auburn, Riley The bridge, Newton Corner, 10th grade A lot of good times CBCH. The wall PFDFJM KMLBKM "74" Martha's Vineyard a great summer CBPFDF JMAZ Katama PF Don't go over anymore cliffs Mrs. D. l had a good time. "Schlitz" .ff X 'HY if Q 1 t 'iq-. RONDA ELIZABETH NAPOLITANO Nibs Day, Riley, Hairdresser Good times WXSCBCPD DMLDDD CCPPLO TGKMRC LLBGKBJL. All the great times at Riley House Stairs wfthe kids. Fun times at Hawthorne Benches wfthe kids, fun at the fish house wfCappy, CCDDDMLL. All the great parties we have had Q-bird. ERIC NELSON THERESA F. NAZZARO Boots Remember DCJMDPEP KNDDSCJL MFSCJLBM SAARGEKE JOJABOBI CHTO- RUBOBR. Remember always Tanasy, Six French Fries 8: one milk 54N eggs Flat-tires Bruised Beach Qeptnl maisokwith maindsal- lyann Mr. Clean forever. What a Honey. Russells mophead eookee Zorro Bhl Bhg Pep Rally Water- fountain. Is it my beginning or is it my end. 4'X ...yi- JUDITH ANN NEWMAN Judy Weeks, Beals, College Think not of what we dreamvto- morrow but of what we can do to- day. Good times with all Amy, Deb U0 yrs.J Bets thanks SPSAMZ- IHSMCBLC. Summer 74 Vista you blew it academ. Orient J.G. 3723777 Sh. Maine, N.H. Sophie Adie Stage Crewl, Open Campus 2, 3, Newtonite 2,33 Newtonian 2,33 French Club 3. Q-sf Wifi' lud?"" ntW"'eW- lyi- KAREN MARIE NEWTON Fish Day, Bacon, Hairdresser Good times wfSPSAJN MDLPSP has 9 lives. Summer '72, MD. Sept. 30, seeing BM after I0 mths. Fri. I3, Sept. 27, Oct. l, Spent wfBobby. Jimmy thanks for the good time. Parties, dances, Mary thanks for all the good times we had at your apt. getting baked wfSPSAMD, Aero Smith Con- cert, Cabot Park 4-ever. ey 91 N "And there goes? Sl streaking across the field." JULIE B. NICHOLS Day, Adams, College nf, lf, r 1 I remember the good times and the bad times in the BSU. But most of all I'll remember the good times that we've had together! Juniors your next! Good luck to all you se- niors, VX,SS,BB,KH, BH,PA,LJ,PB, KC, GL,MT,CA. DH,NM,SL, and of course you Banks! And all the rest of you! A part of BSU l,2,3, also MM. KIM NICOLAS Ala .A CANDACE ANN NICHOLS Candy Bigelow, Adams, Art Myer's St. C. Maryjane on the hill P.P. The T-Bird TGIF RORY P. and Jimmy H. "No, I'm not Amy" , ,And last but never least, Sandy. I searched the ocean for a heart of gold , . and I found it. ,an i ii' PATRICIA ANNE NOLAN Day, Riley, Meterology MARIE NOLAN Warren, Adams, Bull Fighter Ships that pass in the night, and speak to each other in passing. Only a signal shown and a distant voice in darkness so, on the ocean of Life, we pass and speak to one anotherg Only a look and a voice, then darkness again. f- H.W. Longfellow Silence to: PFFMELMM MGMTJR TGAT. The old NHS BII Tunnels Riley HR in pool all the gang in G. Lock- er Rm. Lots of love to DBSHSKCRP Luv ya Rosie' member me! Hey, Mikey, Gym teachers JCJDDG Amigo Pic Briggs W'ho's half pint? Rollerskat- ing Where's Big Ben Volleyball 23, Swim Team 23 Bus Rides BS Team Manager 23 wfRosie beat Brock- ton. Hate to go. MICHAEL NOLAN "I We V3 1 .ew 3 4. ,R 1 , .ul KAREN ANN OBRIEN KOB Warren, Beals, College When you rise each day, take along my love with you and if you knew how much I love you nothing could go wrong with you. Thanx PVLLDK LCAKCVKN PCPKJCCF PFTFJ?LR DBSCHVWfHamp. Beach "74" BBCFHCC "73" Dances. FB games. Friends are my best posse- sions. fPF+ LLJ MAC2f27f72, l0fl2f73 Softball, 2. Field Hockey 2 Co. Capt. 3 "es ? MICHAEL A. OBRIEN Bigelow, Barry, Music Music Composition 2,3. Choir 3, Chairmen of the Newton Chapter of the society to promote apprecia- tion of the music and philosophy of Charlie Edward Ives 2,31 Deutschland. "Noi You can't go to the bathroon now," ,J ..l . -nt, . my :. 1 KEVIN C. O'DOWD Dow Warren, Riley. College "Parking Lot" Crack me a frosty! "Wareham and Kancamagus '7-1. Sniz "Long Island Lacrosse" Riv- erside "SheeShee" "Nantasket" SOMF "Civilization being what it is and all, has left us very little choice about our lives. The only thing really left us, is a choice about our deaths, and mine will be glo- rious" - F,L l,2,3. LYNANN NOIARIONI RSO LlAMO'BRIAN CATHLEEN O'HALLORAN Day, Bacon, College Never forget all the good tims wfPVAB and LC. Didn't forget you Silluz. D.D. always Maine? Rainy Friday nights, SWDBJV'SMMM wfthe Y.Y.H! .lan's G.L. In law? and-so-but. My Roman Prince, I know you bet- ter than you know Swimteam 2, 3. YUMI OKAMURA Beals, College I could have a lot ofexperience dur- ing the one year since I came from Tokyo. And it was my first experi- ence in a foreign school. I thank very much the help of many of my teachers and my friends. I enjoyed a lot at this NNHS. RICKY M. OLIN Bigelow, Palmer, College 2X8-18. 1974 GH "tou" QPMBAH J.B.R: 3f15f73 143 Stooges 10 Of 9 Peter, Rosie and Shank. SOMF:JIB "V" My main man, Ken. "Take your time, think alot think of everything you've got for you will still be here tomorrow, but your dreams may not." SROSMS JWBS Soccer 1.2.33 Basketball 13 Baseball 1,2,3. MARIE E. O'NELL Warren, Bacon, College, Teaching Thank to all my friends: M.M.,T.C.,P.L.. V.W.,W.A.,D.G.,K.P. Don't count the days, make the days count!" Almost doesn't count. f wfhelp from D.B. Bacon House Council 1, 3. MICHAEL SCOTT ORENBERG Weeks, Riley, College Marching Band lg Concert Choir l, 2,3g Newtonite 2,33 Spring Track 1, 2,33 Student Tutoring Program 2,33 National High School Institute Summer, 1984, Exploring Program 3. x -.,-- , 1 1 'I . , n . ,,-- v,,,..-,,,'l'4o l,-.,,,.--- ., Ain. 'sr 'I MARK OSULLIVAN DENISE OLIVER LISA MARGIT ORAY Weeks, Palmer, College . Oohs and Ahs Spilling over the piano Vibrations sent Up through the floor Start them a'dancing. Orchesis 1.2.33 Orchestra 1,2,3. THOMAS ORENT Thanks to the music dept., ml in its field: Special thanks to Ray Smith, and Gary Good. both of whom made it all possible-from and outdoor concert to an all school musicale. Stage Band, Con- cert Band, Marching Band, Con- cert Choir. Smith Family, Funny Girl. ELAINE MARIE PANAGGIO Panage Day, Riley, Business I'll never forget: DP,DC,JM,TN,MA,OK,MI,SA. TG,AB,MG,OR, FP,DC,DM,MB. BJ,PF,V,l,MP, BH,TJ,VJ,MS. Unforgetable sayings: Eeokeel Doris is that you? Look grass! GFF + milk, EGGS gold, what a color! DoR I think it's broken, what? Pants Let's J-Bug! Munga It's ok wfmi and Salli, Ma! "Hasta la vista class of "75". DENISE OLIVER no--nj. r f ERNEST PANARITI PATRICIA JO PAPA . 1 Warren, Riley ., f 'T V -y 1'-1 'il "Dream on, dream until your dreams come true." Thanx, Fuu. The Tapdancing Tor edo. Buildin I7 g Il Riley House Council l,2,3g " Newtonian 33 Concert Choir 2,3. Musicale. MARY ANN PARADISO Day, Palmer, College "So, it's one more round for expe- rience and I'm on the road again." Summer of '74 especially Fiddler on the Roof-stage crew-the family. Rm. 4468 Wed Peer Council 2, Palmer Hs. Council 2,3 Qsecretaryj Palmer-Bacon Store 2.3: Student Senate 21 Stage Crew.3. NICHOLAS PATSIO JULIA L. PEATTIE Miss Fish Day, Barry Getting bored is not allowed-some- times I comb my hair with a fork- Eloise. o w i . wk. JULIE F. PARELES Bigelow, Murray Rd., Dat Be-bop Kick Fly silly seabird No dreams can possess you No voices can blame you For loving the freedom Ofall flying things. My dreams with Seagulls fly Out ofreach ofcry JM Scoo-bah-do-be-do-yah,be-bop! Ba-do-be-doop-doot- do-wah! Bird Lives! 8L Chick! Bazz fazzjazzz. JACKSON STURGIS PATTERSON Jx Warren, Palmer, College "Got to get away from this day to day runnin' around everybody knows this is nowhere" N.Y. ll 1,6 ,.,. 7, ELIZABETH PECKOS Betty Oskie Babalina. M.L.T. Chick Corea. 9257462774 Right here. Moon over Miami. MM,SM. 'PPI RICHARD ALLEN ANTHONY DANIEL PELLEGRINI PELLEGRINI Pelly Fatty Warren, Bacon Remember Italy '74, Summer '74 Dedham DWA'S Driving Italian Club Special rememberance to Cappy, Mama Vallone, Mr. Walk- er Football Team CA and DB the shortcut Godfather dimes AF,PC,JB,Chet,AF, LG, LB, Mac,SD, TC,JC,Ronda, TD,Jess, Jay, Dirt,MC,RR,DM. JM.PC,PB.SB, MP,JS Football 2, 33 Wrestling 3, Lacrosse 2,33 H.O.G. 123 Day, Riley, Women The Lake, Hawthorne, Summer '72 "Lets stay together" Fondest memories: Westwood, Cape l2f3f7l, times wfpuppy Luv, AMLTLC TDAYXWCD, Going on a picnic wf Fanny Doodle. Girls, my way of life. Happiness-Fishing, wfEL-SiD. Via Italia, Soccer 2 a.m, Great times down our BAR wfmy buddies. Football l,2,3g Wrestling 23 Co.Capt. 33 I34. 'T 4 40 TRACEY ANN PELLOWS Bigelow, Barry, College "All these places had their mo- ments, with lovers and friends I still can recall in my life I'll love them all." Drive-Ins wfFred, Sue and Greg. Gimme back my halter. J.S. The drink. Love to all my friends, and my AARDVARK. Ziggy, and one last heng. Crafts Club 3: Community Services 3. 4'7"- . a RICHARD PFEIFER JR, if t ,,' 1 X EDWARD HATTON PENDERGAST Ned Bigelow, Barry Soccer l,2,3g Lacrosse l,2,33 Key Club 2,3. Fuzz 'Cutler Line' Buzzi M.V.P. J.V. Soccer Fred 'l9-0'. DOUGLAS PEPPER MICHAEL PETIEVICH lvx JOAN MARIE PINK Bigelow, Barry, College JTSBRWLS KKMMBGBR JGSBSACFLD 7.50, streak. par- ties, 52.000 Damage at a party? The call-CD8cBR, the field wfPHAFDH, trips, horses kick. auto class, Pumpkin time, Quebec. Help-23, Shopping kings, The ghost, dreams- Sig JDCDGC. 50's grease, looks like rain, ooga- wfMM,BRl2, KK- thx, the Rock, "You cant always get what you want" STEVEN JAY PITCHEL Pitch Weeks, Barry, College I don't care what the people may sayg I don't give a anyway- MTH There's no way to delay that trouble coming every day-F.Z. Farewell to DK,BF,JT and Stone' face BT and TO,GS,TK Concert Ban l,2,3: Stage Band 3. I, 5- DAWN PILLION CAROL PISELLI YG? ,gr-0 ELIZABETH ANNE PITTS BettyAnne Warren, Beals, College Dead Heads-Unite-Love those Concerts-The Stands CD,KD and PD. Gone but not forgotten I'll always remember the dyno-times wfthe people I love. The park will live on. May the road rise to meet you and the wind be ever at your back and may the Lord hold you in the hollow of his hand. TC,NA,LB,DB.KW .. SANDRA PLATI SANFORD MERRILL Bigelow Palmer College My yrs at NNHS have been made good because of my friends. You helped me grow and made me hap- py and I couldn t live without you. Faq Especially OK you gave me strength You are in my heart for- ever if not my mind I love you all. Good luck Just keep on keeping on Soccer l 3 3 SFA 7 3. MARIE PRECOPIO Warren Barry' Vyhat makes the desert beautiful is that somewhere it hides a well." Jerry lf'6f74 Party U9f7-1, B.C. in June Transition Jams on Boyls- BJ KG AI Mvi KN1AP.RC in Orleans Buckles' Beginnings in Weightlifting LeSoleil" SCOTT W. POHLMAN Day, Adams, College Remember the great swimteam practices and the 74 swimteam par- ty. All the good times in Maine wfRalph + Kurt building the pyr- amid. Good times wfMM.RI-I.JN.KP,GP,RC. Soc- cer lg Swimming l.2,3g Lacrosse 2. 3. .g'! ,. PAMELA REBECCA POLLEN Bigelow, Riley, College "Anything is possible given time.' . We're only here live seconds, yet look what we've done! Sen. yr. decisions. AMY POFQ HILR KATE POVERMAN Bigelow, Bacon, College Chinatown, Denmark MV etc. Hvorvor ikke'7 PL,JL.VW,DG.MN Fishing. Thumbs. DAVID POWELL VIVIAN PRATT le- St. 'IF'-9 CYNTHIA PROIA Yi I o-4" S Ng X 'O .- at - -L ' 'Ly : Y' fifffif' ii 5' 4i".',1f gf- Q- 3 -jg: Wt, ' 213: 25:-551' xx, :fi-.'2..1i24' qgfzsfrf w ujlg, P iii '-Iii?"-'f ' " 7..5g,5,, W .Q sv + . .'f'-'zfw s ' ' ., 54" si: .4 .Q 5 . PHILIP PROIA THOMAS QUINN 141 '7N ie .,, , .2 DONALD PROIA DOREEN MARIE PROIA Dor Day, Beals Remember all the good times wfEP,DC,JM,TN, Monday nites down AA +DS. Is the train run- ning! Flat tires 7 Eggs Memories to Whitney and the gang- KASCBDGR JGJPFJC-CVPM BTVOMCMTYNOTJ. Good luck to SWVU EP Good ol' talks about. . weekends 9fl lf74, Whites Bridge 7fl8f73 never for- 1 I I " . get Del. Good luck class of"74". If 'lint Q5- I think I'll have to stop eating hot lunches ANNE N. RAILSBACK Day, Adams, College "Our moments od inspiration are not lost though we have no particu- lae poem to show for theml for those experiences have left an indel- iable impression, and we are ever and anon reminder of them" By- Henry D. Thoreau. Tennis l,2,3: Newtonian 3. is Wins 3 '. :f : -gy- kNIQf3P'2i J I N.. X JANE RAPI-IAEL EDWARD PROULX JUDITH ROSE RABINOWICZ Bigelow, Beals, College To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heav- en: a time to be born. a time to die A time to mourn and a time to dance A time to love, a time to hate, a time for war and a time for peace. f Ecclesiastes. gif ,J ii RICHARD KIETH RAUM Day. Barry, College "Its not how many times you fall down-its haw many times you stand up" first summer. 007 +"Joe" Lucifers: Gypsy: HCJCPSRSSKPS I "Sleep this nightmare off"3 "Should we run?" Newtonite: Sports Editorg Track l, 2.3, STEPHEN REDDY LESUECAROUNE BARBARA RATTIGAN RATHJENS Warren, Beals, College 1 lf!! 0,-up-f A ' T JOHN READY Wasted words DEBORAH REICHARD RUSSEL M. REISS Weeks, Riley. Biologica Field One's affect on life sometimes seems small and almost none. But one must remember that even a thing like a pebble of sand removed from a large beach can change the world of tomorrow. You are a part of a giant puzzle and don't even once think that your friends or foes don't work their life around you. PAUL RESNICK 1' ii. ,ii f oughly persuaded of each other LAURA GRACE RICE Butterlly Weeks. Bacon, High School PE Teacher Serve and stride and never yield Baskball 23, Field Hockey 3. Soft ball 23. Thanx to Mrs. D + Ms. G Bye Andover Hello Newton it wa a long trip but it was worth it S I Remember-l-1.392 TILESLQ +DB Big girls now! Martian the day of JC Shower tights back bu S sports FVR Ms. SSKLQD BPTDCG AKOUGLYECS LBWCCBOOM etc. MICHAII RICKABY ' 1 ,rf ft si V , xy- PATRICIA ANNE RIES Patti-Reese Weeks, Palmer, Who knows? ay ,.., 'B' Analyzing and sleazing the bogus hair project. 32 Wind, M-Sill. for Anne Gregory-Anne this is true. Billy- What's happening Jules- DM's Karlie-mmhm Calkid-ReaI- lyDiane, Tommy. BJPOF MACCED Alright no distance or space of time can lessen the friend- ship of two people who are thor- worth. KAREN LEE RITZ Meadow brook, Riley. To face each new challenge as it comes. "Being yourself is being real. Being real is being true. Being true is being honest. Always he you." S GAIL ANN RICHARD Ory Warren, Beals. Undecided Love + luck always to Babs. Slim, Biv, Fats.F. Jam +3 weeks +Slims l7th+ Biv at MWH, High Babs. S.Y. Foots. Oak Crest. Wes.R, New Hampshire in Bivs Mallibu. one-half bottle whisky. I love you EP 871774. ACl0f5f74-5716774 LBDBBShutt.TH TB. KENNETH A. RINES Kenny Warren, Bacon. Work My 1967 Race car all the good times down the pit. the wall at the old Building ll. JOHN RICKER JUDY A. RIZZA Riz Warren. Adams, College Thanx for everything: TLLLLFKFRL JFSSMOSOCF SDCDTBRMJG JFMMABHJMWR Zoo: DDAFRL JLMNSPSFSBK CDMDSCPDJD BDCSMTBC. Whale Bait! How's the bumper Rick! Pleasant St. Allison Thanx JDI'TlJD.MG,WALLYTL keep it up Lori! He's so cute. Right Rob- bie Bertha! Crew 9726774 9730774 Lee! ELIZABETH STEWART ROBERTSON Liz Warren. Beals. College Memories, like the corners of my mind, misty water color memories of the way we were, Thanx CAT + JCROJLPLKP JMDGLZSKBS I-JAJF-CB! Class of '74 -- PPKSMMCV Cornell '74 SAM 8722773 9720773 Love ya al- ways Levis Poulenc Musical l.2.3g Choir l,2.3g Family 2,33 My friends,'s do it all again one of these days! KENT SHERMAN RODDY Bigelow, Palmer, College Good times at the Y, Nobscot Bye to Barre. ARMPIT! Give me ajob! S "SA Partner"C B"worm"W JD J"Smitty"S Al'Harvey"G F"Odgf" Scita "M S" Bert"C "Riga" NL AC Brother McCloud JM.MS.SB.SL.EP. P"Gunther"L VG WR F T R"Moose"L JH LP Dragon Wolf R Rjr. Huck to a spe- cial friend D. Ri. To another friend TA. Hang it up! ROBERT H. ROON EY ABIGAIL MEERE ROGERS Abby Weeks, Palmer, College "Your children aren't your child- ren. They are the sons and daugh- ters of life's longing for itself. You may give them your love but not your thoughts. For they have their own thoughts." Iiahlil Gibran Newtonite 2,3 DIANE MARII, RONDINA Warren, Barry, Hairdresser Good times wf.lVAIJNMlH - many others, linglish wfAB, Great memories wfljamg summer '71 Harbor. Crazy times wfl.lf! Hey FM! White chevy S - C at MH Three Dog Night wfGB, Party Sf-U7-4. I guess I'llg1ust sit here and watch the river llow. I have a nic- kle! Hey couz! Cheerleading 2,3 ELIZABETH ROPTIS Bow Beals All the great times wfMD,JC.DF.KP.MRmespecially' the summer of IQ73. I974 wfRoberta Morrell. Happiness is spending it with the one you love. Liz Warren. Barry. College There is an end to everything ex- cept to something that is real fins 'A .-tg ,v-ai 1 JEFFREY ROSENBAUM EDITH ROSENBERG 3 flinx PETER LANDY ROSENBERG Pete! Bigelow, Adams, Making It. The boys. Philo! l've decided! Dick, don't Dirt! Ken. don't eat beans! AhRozi! Kool 8: the gang. Silent Sports. Flying V. Sit on my face! Love disease always. CLjinBA. Make a show of unpred- ictability. cynicism and indiffer- ence. Then, like a conjurer with his white rabbit, produce the solitary BARTON ALAN ROSENBLATT Cruisin' Maul Lay Rubber. What do you want to do? Hats stang B.G. Skins Goat The Break in. Newton- ite l,2.3L Riley House Council l,2: "Man is a history making creature who can neither repeat his past nor leave it behind". heart. ii i 5' . .ay 1 134 , E ll JOANIE B. ROSENBLATT J.B. Bigelow, Barry, College "It was the best of times it was the worst oftimesf' I'll always remem- ber l0 of 9 and all the great B's to P! My love to LS to JW for always being my friend! Rick I43 forever! Hog! Hengl What the Hey! M.S. Bye in harmony! Ken and Rick always be beautiful 'cause Babe Ruth was! Swim 2,31 Tennis 3. SUSAN GAYLE ROSENFIELD Suzie Edison, Adams, Unknown It is a story told by an idiot, full of sound and fury. signifying nothing. lt's been fun and it's not too late. All my love to friends RS,BP,TW,BBL to M + D. S f S. uquestion was answered,Bobby. no words necessary, no words left, only a smile. X fl ff vi i r tr 24 t, i XL DAVID E. ROSENTHAL Rosie All that we see or seem is but a dream within a dream. POE The future is a convenient place for dreams. Goob, Dick, Shank, Ken, Dr. Ed. avec Pete. The Tou 72-74 GH Dunkles MLC Vistim of cir- cumstance. Soph. Class Pres., Key Club Pres. 2,33 Lac rosse 1,21 Swimming 2,33 Circulation Ed. Newtonian 3g What do ya mean its over? if S 1 . f -,af . x MARK RUBIN SUSAN ELLEN RUBIN SUSAN DEE ROSENTHAL Warren, Palmer, College "No man can reveal to you aught but that which already lies half asleep in the dawning of your knowledge." Summers, Ann, sun, smiles, tears, beaches, dunes, waves, snow, ski, swim. spot 17717772 wfAMCl, H.R. wfsome buddies, Bananna's + socksl, Sue: my walking partner, plans wDebs, Kids: L + P, that speical row oflockersl Sue Bigelow, Barry, College "Some men see things as they are and ask why, others dream things that could never be and ask why not." Love and many thanks to my friends and family. Summer '74 Deb, Mike, Europe, Make-way! Dobbs strong leisureville USA Mr. Groovy high times heng Concert Choir 2,31 Sisters + Bros 33 Fr. Club 3: Com. Serv. 2,3. KEVIN M. RUDD These last 2 yrs. have been great. Thanks to all my friends. Just hope life out of school is the same way. Future Plan, Electrician. ,, CINDY RUSKIN South Africa, Bacon, College Thoughtprints, Newtonite, Debat- ing, Russian Club, Roxbury Tutor- ing Art Fake Detection, Bloomsbu- ry Group, Track, Bacon House Council Orchesis, Student Senate, Biology Club, Orange Broadcast- ing, Crafts Club. JOHN WILLIAM RYAN Jack Our Lady's, Riley, College Football l,2.31 Co-Capt. Basket- ball, l,2,3g Baseball, l,2,3g "Na- hant" Superchicken Summer 73,74 wfKimberlee l'Victor" "Casano- va" "Sh t" On David yr. class of '74 Prom at the Chateau de Ville, NM,MW, KG,DB,DF,BK,KS,SF the lot CM Victory 73-72 Party at Jeannes Kim wanted to clean the kitchen "June -ith" of l97-1. AMY RYAN ANTHONY D. RUFO Gooch Warren, Bacon, Work Good times at the wall Verner and his rotton jokes milk carton hockey in bldg. 3 range way wfGM,RM,BT. I only regret that I never learned te ohms law good luck to SM. Uncle Willie + Len- ny Jr. Rifle l,2g Pete thanx for the SC on the grandstand. Horgans Hero's l,2,3 PATRICIA JOAN RYAN Pat Bigelow, Riley, College Room 3506 in Bldg. ll. MS,BM,DC,DM.FP, CF,BL, BRS,JS,CC,UNH. Pet Peeves Ut! MC, Room 35ll, JR Flip turns. Softball l,2,3: Swimteam 2,33 Ri- ley House Council l,2,3: Ski Club l,2,3. JONATHAN SACKS DEBRA SALETT Bigelow, Barry, College 1. y N I X if' Ai MARCY SALETT Bigelow, Barry, College MARCIESAGANUY Bigelow, Barry, College SRJRBSTPSCQJWC.ANISHIQTIll Hats Hey Deb gone riga on the blocks yet? Your getting A B The lowest Hi Carol how you? Myra Meesh Tina the tiny woman lley Evie hows I'Iuffy-Hi Honey Thanks to Pat-Time may change me but I can't change time. Ski Club l23 Crafts 3 Swim 2 I-oree-I2 I3 The mind is restless, turbulant strong and unyielding,as difhcult to subdue as the wind. Summer 74- 3 musketeers, Sue,Micheal and Pen- obscot bay. Leisureville U.S.A. -Ill up, up and away Thank-you every- body- I will always remember. HENG. NEWTONIAN 3 Swim "Our whole being thrust into the future, and thats what typifies youth." Meena, superman, Sum- mers in tanglewood, Cross Coun- try, the shoes! Thank you always SC TP JR Hengl French Club 3 Community Service Modern Dance 3 Services 3 RICHARD KENNETH SALL Day Jr. High, Beals, College "A man's legs need only be long enough to reach the ground." - Abraham Lincoln - - Should vie run? Don't try and stop me! J.J. Fun in other cities. Indoor track l,2.3 Outdoor track l,2,3 Team 2 Craft Club 3 Community pi Q I Y L. 1 f' 1 ll ,J -,tri-, L 3-.I X . ELIZABETH RENEE - to ... .FY 5' ROBERT L. SAMUELS ROBERT ALAN SALSBERG Bigelow, Adams, College Getting by with a little help from my friends, to all you skeptics: I may be old but I ain't washed up, dirt, funny cars, June 75. Pats all the way! My Super Bowl predic- tion: Pittsburgh I6, Minnesota 6. Oh incidentally, thanks for the best years of my life. NEWTONIAN Co-Literary editor i f I I Q SALVUCCI Warren, Beals, Nursing Hello darlin'! Are we clear? Dyno munchies-Did something bite you? ELP OHOO 7307-13' lf a man does not keep pace with his com- panions perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears " H.D.T. Newtonite l, March- ing Band 12, Concert Band 123 Warren, Barry, College Barry, Nick, Furm, Ken, Ace, Rube, DK,BJ, ED,-1l07JC,NFG. MR. Ned, JB, MM,Madame 8LW, 2 Gail S's It was fun while it lasted Clique 8: JR, TP, You could have killed someone. OJ 8: Joes VO on Tues. Glenw 84 BH5 "No one ever had a rainbow until they had the rain." Who is this Muels? PT Barn- um 8c Charlie Chan. -.J CHRISTOPHER SANTILLO Chrissy Day, Adams. None Good times down Hawthorne. Jamming at Sacred Heart dances, saucing, partying, good times over P.L.'s house. Good times with the Universal Sun, F.C. and the surf. DRIVE-INS. Listening to B.A. Good times trying to help P.F. 8: C.F. Talks with S.H. Best times I ever had with R.B. JEFFREY BRIAN SANTIS ,,-0 Concert Choir 2.3 Orchestra 3 Chess Club l AFS 2 Audio Visual l,2,3 Media Production 2,3 "Be- hold the turtle who makes progress only when he sticks his neck out." DOMENIC SAVI Sav Dedham Jr. High, Palmer. Machinist Working at Wemco Machine. hopes to make it in the machinist field. Likes driving around and loves Saturday night parties and drive-ins with friends, . ALEXANDER SCHAPIRA Alex Riley, College tpre. med.l "Everything is relative," Sugar- bush. Signifigant figures 136-26- 364 Two! Thanks Mr. Merril swim team 2,3 PETER JAY SARAVIS Weeks, Bacon, College To my friends who made the trip something I will never forget. Stay cool. Let the sunrise. It hurt for years but its over and I feel free. The smile makes me feel like I'm on top of the world. Sonedayl Kapps. Cards. Sally or Zolly coh. Raum you're cool so dig it. SK. to the rest! Track I23 JOHN PAUL SBARDELLI Spud Warren, Riley, Work "If you waste your time a talkin to the people who don't listen to the things that that you are saying who do you thinks gonna here, and if you should die explaining how the things that they complain about are things they complain about are things they could be changin, who do you thinks gonna care" . PSKPMDK-the wall-front stairs. JONATHAN D. SCHIFF F.A. Day, Bacon, College , ii X aff. . . ,fx l I SCOTT S. SCARPATO Stallion F.A. Day, Riley, College "Many dreams come true and some have silver linings I live for my dream and a pocketful ofgoldf' Led Zeppelin France 2,3 Pinch, lacrosse 2,3 Pres. Riley house, Skilty Club action, Waltham the parking lot PJT cook me breakfast, rm. l028 L , fi 6 P , . 8 -4- H - 2,4 K "t1.g,.if1: . .1r:v:fg,3'? ,, A ug- .,1d,:.ai3:-. J' Q - - g "g:" '-i'fm.i,EQ ,A - ' i A, 4 fl , '."f. 1: - ' J ' . . -A ,.t...1 'ri' ,,'Y-f.. y. -. 'iffy s . ' . g,.1m1"ffg.'5-i!f..,9f15ivfQ'lE jg eitv ".:P".'2-' IQ,1.gfi"i3-is-'-94-Q,gigs -' ',k,'g.',.V li- ,uw lx ':,.':wf+rrs1i-fw+'f-I, "if ,-.-., w nf mf: . 'W f 4 ,fr 1' Lilzutagggtf xltjfftjn . DAVID SCHINDLER STEPHEN C. SAURO Spaz Day, Beals, Accountant I'll never forget the great times we all had. Leo don't forget the Stooges, the BBBHAG Program., New Hampshire. New York, the Little League Giants, and don't forget the Bees. I'll remember the Rotary, Dedham, Murcer High and Tony and Hag with their ideas. Bye all Good luck. Beees. Italian Club l,2,3 i '-r l5.iil.iillW" Q 7.29, GINNY SCHNEIDER Bigelow, Murray Rd., College This is not me in this picture. It is who the photographer thinks I am. My mind cannot be revealed by this portrait. Be careful not tojudge me by my face. I can only bejudged by those who know me. You may find it surprising that I am here a year early. Murray road is great but l'm ready to move on now. X 1" J JOHN SCHOFIELD HILLARY CARTER SCOTT Warren, Adams, College "I walk the earth, I swim the sea, I fly the air, And in all three, Meeting some Kindred Part of me, We conjugate The verb TO BE." JAMES MICHAEL SEELY Medfield Jr. High, Palmer, Machinist Work at having a good time and living without any hassles. Adios to NNH zoo and all occupants and may all the snobby chicks hit their noses on the rafters in the hall. V . . , , 4 ff' 2 tk PAUL MICHEAL SEGILL I5 Clinton Place, Newton Mass. Weeks, Beals, Business. Get on the good side of Mr. Rossi and he will do almost anything for you even lock the door when you're late to class. Good by Newton High, may- be we will meet again. ,,.4U 4 1 MARK ASCHRIBNIAN Day, Adams. Aultm di Alrerglt Mechanic l0th grade The vineyard. I lth grade ENG. with ES. and all the rest. Eric rats are still better than the drags. Cruisin' with SI.. in Black Dodge. l2th grade shop, Blue Camaro. Best summer 74 thanks to S.L. 84 GK. never forger Ijlj74, 2f3f74, l0f5f74. Will get C.O.M. D.C.1n F.T.D. CC I hope 7l3ll20l3l3l l9"l98" t V vd"" I, .. MONICA K. SCOTT Moni Weeks, Adams, College "Preserve your memories. They're all that's left you." I never could have made it without you Helen Harvey or Zip! Thanks to Mr. Clark and Mr. Walker. Good luck everyone. Volleyball, Track, Marching Band, Cross Country, German Club TSCHITSKII JHI t GAIL ROBIN SELIGMAN Weeks, Barry, College "Only when we pause to wonder we go beyond the limits of life." f Rod McKuen MONEY MS8cJR Does anyone have a car? Tennis l,2,3 Swim 2 iff w g , Q , ..'1ffv4v:1,.orf5f' 'W 'fi A f' ffl: ' ' ' .. V fet,'f11-4754? Q Ply' 5 Q ' 1 , -an V ,W-4 5 4 -I 'l 4- l I I ' I ' I I . . WILLIAM SEEGLITZ AMY SEMM EL BRUCE DAVID SHAW Warren, Palmer, Auto Mechanic Always remember auto shop. High School The best years of all schools. Mrs. Perlmutter, and homeroom. The three old build- "W ings. Mr. Nicholous, Mr. Visco, Mr. Mclead. Initiation. MF, FF, HB, RM, DC. Can't forget CAP- PY. Maybe I'll see you up in Maine sometime. RICHARD SHERIDAN X "YY BRUCE SEYMORE JAMES ELIOT SHAPIRO Bigelow, Beals, College -4-3 fi M-iq. If he doesn't get his hand off my knee, I'll scream! l f::,..," fs, g .l if gui : fn-lg I7 +1 THOMAS M. SHEEHAN Ichie, Tom Bigelow, Barry, apprentice in plumbing union To all my friends down the park having a few beers and a few Jays to put a good buzz in your head and to my friends up Newtonville going to bars, cruising around town, going to Weston Res., going to par- ties, meeting new people. And all the parties down the park and all the good people I met are good people to hang around with. -aw' Z gr ,453 w.fg1":Pr 'fx J 5 '11, z A . Lg ' 19,21 " '- 1. ,nf ..f ,gf f I ,ch ALAN SHOCKET Bigelow, Riley, College Flying on Comm. Ave and getting totaled on Comm. Ave. "Hey Jeff, how's the wife?" Southern aquaint- ances. Les Menuires '74'. Thanks Caps, Cards, SK, JA, Stallion, CD, Old Man, Satnick Jr., PS, The Band, Goob, Roe and everybody else. Soccer 3, Indoor Track 1,3 Outdoor Track l,2,3 Florida 3. AMY SHOOLMAN ELIZABETH SHORE Day, Beals, College "ls a city yonder pastures green?" Thanks to Sy, CJLSB, HG, MA, speedy and Christian. Smokey's middle name, Peachy? Sylvia Plath, James Joyce, Benjy. Thank you, Mrs. Sargon, DK, DB, SB, and special love to telephone poles. Open campus board 2,3 Newtonite l,2 French Club 3 Latin Club l Bye Martha, Jack, Mac, Sam JOSEPH SILIN KENNETH ROBERT SHUL- MAN Bigelow, Bacon, College Ideals are like the stars, You will not suceed in touching them, but like the seafaring man on the desert of waters you chose them as your guides and following them you will reach your destiny. The sports are really on the floor. Streaking at Cabots cc Pack R.O. P.R. L.S. H,O. G.I. T.M. TERMINAL Feb. 8-17174 Bet Alpha MARK STEPHEN SIDERIS Swamee Bigelow, Adams, College Can't forget all the good times with the crew down Jacquesg The beals house stairs, JK, LC, SG, SOB, LA, SIS and everybody elseg All the good times down the MDC,SUE, LEE,SOBg All the nuts who played hockey, Cap, John, Pelk, Boof, Hoops, all the rest of the kids. All the card games up the park and down the caf. SUSAN E SII I UZIO Day, Riley, College "Down the Ville" with all the guys "H" times feeding the ducks P.V,L.C.A.B. and my one and only C.O'H. Boppa TFATGTYTMIA- LY J.V.C.P.J.D.W.Z. my drinking buddies all my love to B.W, l'm sorry S.W. l2f25f73 Hawthorne good times with the 4 Q's F VN J party l0fl2f73 Hey Bet come on and take a free ride NHS IHY - ...J :wo-: 'Q , Lf so.. "" Y Lt ,av .,:'?SY"'.4 1... -if JEFFREY DAVID SILTON Warren, Riley, Furthering Education "Great to be myself." Will always remember Mr. Bresnahans H.R. A special thanks to my closest friends, my brothers Mike and Rich and of course Michelle. "One must keep physically active to be mentally sound." Some future in store. Soccer l,2,3 Tennis 1,2 Riley House Council l,2,3 Friendly's 1,2 Bob "Opel" Alan "Litter" DOUGLAS JAMES SILVER Warren, Adams, College "It is the nature of men to be as much bound by the benefits that they confer as by those they re- ceive." Af Machiavelli Russian club l,2,3- Treasurer2,3 Skin of our teeth, School musical 2,3 Remem- ber the Maine, the Alamo, and the old school. LORI A. SILVERMAN Weeks, Bacon, Travel 8: Art School I'll never forget 9th grade C.B., L.B., Sc E.S., Seabrook, Revere and Stinson beach, Cal. E.S., M.S., K.K., and Smirnoffs, Coolidge Cleaners, C.P. Boys, ect. To the Colt 45 girls and all my other beer buddies, It's been "A COM- PLETELY UNIQUE EXPERI- ENCE" E.S. and J.D. - I never would have made it without ya! BARRY P. SILVERSTEIN Warren, Beals, Colgate Oh wow! The attic. Throwing eggs at Yale. Soccer at B.C. and B.U, Boston English penalty shots. Bru- no, Boo. Summers at Alton. The family lives! "Eat a peach but watch out for the fuzz." "What do you mean it's over." Tennis l, Hockey l, Soccer 2, Tri-Captain 3, Newtonite 2,3 Newtonian 3 BERNICE EMILY SILVERSTEIN Bunny Bigelow, Barry, Colgate "Not by appointment do we meet delight or joy: they heed not our expectancy, but round some corner of the streets of life they greet us with a smile" Gerald Massey I see the moon MSDSJR SRJWMSTPSC NEWTONIAN: Smith Family l,2,3g Concert Choir l,2,3g Gymnastics 2-CoCaptg Ski Club. SANDRA L. SIMMONS Warren, Adams, College "Good "Luck" to KH, DH, BB, BH, MT, NM, KB, CA, KC, TC JB, JN, CR, AR, MN, PA, HTi GL, and to all the other seniors Thanks C. Murrell. "Good Luck" to the BSU. VALERIE ANN SIMMONS Warren, Beals, College Best of luck to J.N., BH, PA, NM, KH,DH,BB, KC, CA, MT, TC, KB,SL,JB, GL, HB, PB, LJ, CR, HT, MM, KB, GK. BSU 23 Spe- cial thanks to CM. Remember Ju- niors and Sophs. In unity there is strength. DANIEL SIMON PHILIP SINGER AMY KAREN SINOFSKY Day, Adams, College Thanks to Cheryl, Martha, Leslie, Jeff, JT, LB, BM, MC, SAS, 2,3. 8: 7. I love you. " . .And ifyou lis- ten very hard the tune will come to you at last. When all are one and one is all. To be a rock and not a roll . And she's buying a stair- way to heaven." JOHN JOAKIM SKILLMAN Max Quad Weeks, Bacon, College Tell me Mr. M. are there any nice You're still l360 dollars down, Molar. Hey Mon. How many whales was it that we caught, S.C., S.M., B.M., M.A.'? Werhat Zaub- erberg mit? Thanks Lisa for help in the early morning. You cowards. "What I believe, I'll wail." JULIA LEE SLAYTON Julie Day, Beals, College "If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic more starry, more immor- tal, f that is your success. . Only that day dawns to which we are awake." f Thoreau. Oh, well- munchkin, J.M.- sun. NANCY JOAN SLOBODA Warren, Barry, Undecided Music of the oceans echos through my mind as I sit by the lire. Memo- ries of close friends l've made here will always remain. Back to the days of, back to the ways of, Mon- hegan Island, Maine f It's only Natural. Always remember J.E. and C.W. B.B. P.C. P.K. B.L., Charlie and Sol from Mohegan. As for the high school ! MARK ALAN SNIDER Weeks, Beals, College "Sunlight comes thinly through an atmosphere of large cold brevity of day." Mourning become electra-A movie'?- No way! Get that paper out on time! Are you driving? Yes, I'm being driven crazy. Communi- ty social service progran I, Big Brother I, Concert Choir l, New- tonite 2,3 , ,, BETH SOLOMON V, Bigelow, Beals, College ' ' "All Rising to a great place is by a , ff l Q-Q winding stair." 592 li' 1' Track 2,3 Cross-Country 3 L, ..- A I , I 1-gtg , I il ff 2 'fill-2.1" X A .- 1a 'I I DIANE K. SOLOV Bigelow, Palmer. College "This is not the end. It is not even the beginning. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning." Church- ill Marching Band l.2.3 French club 2,3 Math Tutoring 2,3 Thought- prints 2.3 Do it for your project! HC and Isreal 73 JOHN F. SPRISSLER Snuggles Bigelow, Murray Road Good times with RG, BW, CD, 8: BR, and the rest at Murray Road. Good talks with BM, RG. A very special thanks to a very special flower. 25? .1..llV'lll'f I MARK STACEY SUSAN R. SORENSEN Warren. Riley Michael llfl0f72 Forever good times with LC,RL,SM. VCGA, MC,DD,PL.LM, Crash. LC,MC.NA,MF. Whipper-will- cling-cling Maryannes L.O.V.E, Dunfeys Sat. nites CM Summer '74 getting grogged. Auburndale DAVID SOLOMON Q' Sandy snoozing mustang. Hornet Y, 1 Bertha H.H. l-74 MD, C.M.W, 14 Riverside Bud. l C.O.M tequila - Hampton Hey Baby DD cold duck. DENISE STAAB f'YN BARRY MARK STAHL Weeks, Beals, College "For of all sad words of tongue or pen the saddest are these It might have been" Nights out with the boys Route 9 concerts What am I a? Play some baul Cappy what can I say? heartless Fort Beachbums what can you do-things are tough Football l,2.3, ,A li.: QQ s, J IQ tvs- i .' l KAREN STEARNS 13' JOSEPH JOHN STEELE Day, Beals Hockey l,2,3. SUS-ANNE R. STERN "Sue" Warren, Beals, College NEWTONIAN 3 SKI CLUB 2,3 FRANCE 74-75 CITY HALL INTERN 2 SENIOR CLASS Be nice to me l've had a hard day. I know that you believe you under- stand what you think I said, but I'm not sure you realize that what you heard is not what I meant. l23456789l0l6l8l9 HELPLESS NOT HOPELESS. WILLIAM STOCKWELL ' l . al R ' - ANDREW PATRICK STRUTH Strunz Autobody Wild times in the body shop Tex, Joe, Bob, Carl, Bruce, Leo, Ed, Dewy, Crash-comeau "65" Ford Simco's by the bridge. , . ,.v - ' tv- xv-we ' , 4.8 3 rn , H. A 'Q L f . fsrxx ff' 5 l w is . HAROLD M. STERNBURG Lacrosse l,2,3 Soccer 2 Fuzz: What's my name? El Pheonix-ad- mission- 304 Capesorry Bill- openning line me with J.P. and E.C. at the Boston Garden Life is like the reflection off a pane of glass in a maze, you never know where you are. M.J. -"With a little help from my friends" I'll be 20 in -,. ,, Jan. ll, , 'Ina , ' ben' I ., A , ""'- -i 'w- . V C- ' ""40iW'L.'4oA xv' ..,.,MsM.L - , .. S .- X ' 'J ir, -A N J as A I' 7' . -"- x SHARI BETH STOKAR f K' ' Shen " ci? ,mfr ' '. "N" -w L Palmer, Physical Therapist .I I, ' ' April 27 to infinity 65 mustang the A -ff ' ving "Don't eat cookies in bed." f ' 'h 'X my little sugarbush thunderthighs, . "' 'li' 4 V Lisa alias "Pluto" Chester "Grez- ' 'F ers" 57 Chevy R.M. and J.B. Aus- r-Q A N tin's Beales house stairs "When ' Q 5 homeroom meets." B Block swim- ' Y 4 . ming class and Norman Psycology ' with Jon and Al "Love is for tom- , N. morrow tool!" I f 4 Ifthey don't win I'll cry . .U ELIZABETH A, SULLIVAN Weeks, Bacon, Travel and Zoology L.S., J.D., L.B., K.K,, 8a C,B.. California, Kathys bodka Mt. TAM, 9th Grade, Hampton, Salis- bury, Seabrook, Cape Cod, Maine, and New Hampshire. To all the Colt 45'rs I'lI never forget you. L.S. and J,D. I told you I'd do it f But I couldnt have done it without yas, THANZI JULIE ANN SUDIKOFF Warren, Bacon, Dartmouth I am-lcan Newtonian, Newtonite, Explorers Club "When your horse is at the brink of precipice, it's too late to pull the reins." 4 N I JANET MARIE SULLIVAN H.B.S.H. Bigelow, Beals, College Bldg I Ski Trips summer 73,74 SSGBFN AMLDLCA Allnighters Cape CCC m I3, 23, 33, 36 8: Marin? Cruisin' Hawthorne, Jock City, Easy St. CB Concert! Soldier Boy BBBKWCM "If we would read the secret history of our ene- mies, we would find in each man's life sorrow and suffering enough to disarm all hostility" Ski Club. . 1 JEFFREY SWARTZ LINDA TAFAPOLSKY MIKE KEVIN SULLIVAN ELYSE SUSSMAN Scully Bigelow, Adams, Undecided "You only miss something when you don't have it." Good times with J.M., J.D., J.S., I love you cupcake! And drinking with D.M. and the Gang. It's been a good three years. Sorry I almost forgot you K.R., S.C., B.W. there's two sides to a nickel heads and tails, which are you? QQQQ iflfxlnss gt are x S Stl'-Q-'vw " 3 f l K , 51 hail vi' -1 ,...... - 5., Q J,J. school 1 'TJ X fazywvf' 'Q A j iwffe e find I-'lv a ' A 44lfJJJ44f s 351144 AFS: young. RICHARD LEE TANENBAUM Weeks, Beals, College "I am a mang and nothing human is foreign to me." Thanks for all the good times. Thanks to Aggy and Reagan F.M.F,M, 123. Virginia Wolf. Charly and T.P.O.A. Ma- leatnhs CJLSB, Paul Lyndey. 6.T.Be kidding. Mr. Smith-CCl23: SFl23g Musicall l23g Newtonite 123 "A wise man sees as much as he ought-not as much as he can." JOSEPH JAMES SWEENEY Warren, Adams, College and Law Being manager of a number one soccer team. Of Course! And of course a super senior year. That if group of strange people we all knew and loved in the cafeteria. Well not all of them, just the babes. I know we'll all miss those good times, but there are greater times yet to come. Especially for we. the -YO X 1 PHILIP TANAMOTO MICHAEL J- TAYLOR Mike The parties at B.C. Summer of '74. Nights at N.J.C. ,I 2 .upf- 'l MARK THACKER ROBERT EDWARD THUR- STON Bones Warren, Bacon, Something Good times down the lot with the guys and girls. L.B. "Oh! My head" We need a town meeting. Beng when we find you one, we'll get me one too. "It's done in blue" Hang amangus- Pub. Wareham- Brighton. Kevin learn how to whis- tle. Nantasket-Jose'. He's ice- cream. Lacrosse l,2.3g Motto: We were born to raise something. AMY TEIXEIRA CHRISTOPHER R. TERRANO- VA Warren, Palmer, College "The Falls" Killers clinicg Good times wfthe guys. Chico at Nantas- ket "2:O0 Van Ride" Cappy, a very dedicated mang Debbie l2f27f72. Hey Moe! Football l,2,3g Lacrosse 2,3. .IAN HOPE THALL "Now that you found yourself los- ing your mind, are you here again finding that what you once thought was real is gone and changing I be- lieve in you. NY" Taking care of Business "Andy's" watch'em windy "Lets Boogie" special per- son DE and his ulcer. The Y gang. Have it your way. KR JP Mustang I luv you. Barney. JANICE THIBAULT RICHARD M. THOMAS France 2,0,3. Sorry Kev I slipped. Thanks Pete, PJ, The hill good driving "The Mobs" A few minor adjustments Long Island HHH Staar light room Danny boy, "Contests allow no excuses, no more do friendships." Football 1.2, 3, Lacrosse l,2,3g Ski 1,2 KENNETH B. TOCCI Ken Day, Beals Weekends in the parking lot paint- ing the tiger I9-0 J.V. I love it but I hate it. Soccer l,2.3g Indoor Track l,2.3g Outdoor Track l,2,3g Good- by to my junior and sophomore friends. GEORGE TOMARAS PAUL TIMONEY Wally Remembers all the kids that made life easier for me at this dump such as Schofz, Chet, Port, Kell, Spud, Scott, Kenny, Chris D. and Chris F., Foot, Frank, and of course all the mutes from the star parking lot in Auburndale. N1'dlA-N:-,, 'lfvfflf'-if me :..t.c. , ZA it 256 V 1 X' J PM erfftfmfl 'ww 'CLUNQQG L W , , . it 'KU A PQOJX Shgvld B o .ygmi l X CYNTHIA TRAINOR Warren. Barry. T.M.J.C. BYRON W. TONEY Pl-fl lpR JA MLS TOYIAS Benny Warren. Adams. College Jade Contracting forever Benny all the good times with Cliff. JA. Te- quila DJ and JD. Pluke. Choak- land A's Batting 333, Opel we can't even think of a worrl that ryhmes Sydney' Veritas four St. Louis life is to short to sweat the small stuff. G.M, the teenage early shooter the Turkey. When you are truly being real to someone and they are being real in return. when you both are being rigorously honest about yourselfs and your feelings. a little tire starts deep down inside-a sure sign that something precious 8: important is going on. And if real is loye love is yy hat we need. then yye better learn hoyy to be real. N 611' BERNARD F. TRAVERS '5 TINA TSIANG Warren. Beals. College "We came. we saw. we conquered?" Good luck MB by "Friendship multiply joys. divides sorrow" 'FG BM K "F" tTeam- matest7 "Whose got itl" "Good times, Bad Times" Games. Psychsd'7. Bus. Winning is the Greatest!! Softball l.2.3. Basket- ball l.Z.3: Field Hockey 2. Buzz Weeks. Barry. College Always look to the future. Hockey Pete Day. Adams. Dentist "Success in Iile is a matter not so much of talent or opportunity as of concentration and preseyeranceu Thanks to all the guys lor the good times. Football l.2.3. lndoor lrack W A .J-f JOSEPH ANTHONY TRAMONTOZZI Trem Day. Palmer. Medical School The GroupfGood times-Cape 7-1 DNRF 33fS Plastic Person o!f9,f'7l Alice? l toJL, l miss you very much. Good luck to' FKJTJTPDJNAGLBMDCIDJB69 RKASTuchBB cuz LTMT Especially' JL in Canada" A fly on the wall. BC BU or U,MA Thoughtprints 3. Palmer Store l.Z. 31 Expl. Club 31 Palmer Council 1,2 Pres, 3. CHERYL LYNN TRENHOLM Cher 84 Punkin f Day. Bacon ' To come back next year for a P,G. Miss my friends who have die, GF. MA, CD. l wish they were here to see me I am on stage crew for 3 years, l love ever minute ol it. Plays are beautiful. Thanks to all my friend. And to Stan. Thanks to RH for teach me how to drive. And lots of fun. The 50's are ET 84 The 295 " 'r --wt grease. THOMAS TULLY GARY STEPHEN TURNER SHAYNE TURNER Day. Beals. College Summer 74, Sue. Ed. Broken me. Water skiing. rock climbing. Rist and Wells 2 sqirt bottles. Roma every Fri. Good times with "Fonz." Hangin in Beals commons 2 Force 12.2 Grand time in Main. Walkin the Trail, sitting on the Dock. t'Pickin Strawberrysn. Where did you go, Summer 747 fav 1 ,N ' ...Mx ll N ravi avoir Wea ...i tags Kwan Hey? This isn,t part of the road Bibbsl My 7 Loves Rock and Roll Lively-Woof! Leo's merry makers Sal Paul W. Paul B. John A.. John T. "All Right" Don't forget .leff's homemade mateus or Jack? The EW. and B.C. Concert with Mick Ralphs to Brave Bulls. good friends. Good old Mike and my Bibbsl To the best summer t 4th You Brought my Love. It didn't ofJul ,Y Leayfe. , l. . f X, ly C, .J Ui- .. g llxhq' y X lt lfiili J , T 1 lf i tive F ,fs-L X A fl , vi by f' Qt!J'J 1 ij -Tr'-Ml ,ga W '13 f U Y 'aglf 6gl,o ML! tif, K ' L in xfk rg lk , Y 1 A V Avy' J yx Aki. N r lL-L,'s., kyxxjv AV N i lxstl li X KV 4 V' f X K' Hwy .-i. f. we Cty fy fits -,ec'y'5L K t ll lt y 5 i J-To it 1 GARY TUTUNGIAN Tut Warren. Bacon. College X Tri-Captain Football. Varsity I Football 2.31 Indoor Track l.21 l Outdoor Track l.2.3, The Big "V" Good times dou n "The Side" Flee- bag. Murph. Pinhead. and "UG", carrying around the 150 LB stiff, The Big Yann. "Messed Up . Hair." "Smiley", MARGARET TYLER il! KENNETH JOHN VACHON Kenny Bigelow. Adams, College Good Luck to all my friends in the future. Always remember the ups and downs. Thanks to the Band + Kliasff + Especially DD. Times down the corner. + Bldg. 3. Love to Cheryl JR. YR-Confused learn, grow + happiness "Your head is humming + It won't go in case you don't know the piper is calling you tojoin him." JOSEPH VALENTE .- l What can I say? I lost my clothes in strip polka. HOPE E. VAN WHY Warren. Beals Alsays Remember 8fllf7.'Z Best night Never Forgotten all to Bob It's Never Ending Rings 8: things. Gookie. Babe. B.P., Come Here Henry l0f4f73 Certain 905 W. ST. Calif. Rem. V.H lgl D.S., D.B.. N,C.. RM.. J.C., C.L.. K.O.. J.T., B.S, 84 The S'S 8a J'S 8L H'S lice alarm 6f74 My Buffy 6f74 Today l0f4f7 Dinner: PETRA LINN VACHON Day, Riley Cranberry La. Rainy nivhts-park- ing lot. myrtle, turtle. AB, Cagg, DD, KOD, Bonehead, SW, DB, Jane, Don. Silloose. ST. ED. M.M.M, with AY Y.hat, "I need a beer" medals? the beach. CD. swings. fevil dogs at L.P. party at H.lnn. where are you Joan? "If" Seagull? CSNY, Nantascot. "I used to be a king" party, party, party. Weda l'm wcng NANCY CAROL VARTANIAN Day, Adams, College "Let there be many windows in your soul, that all the glory of the universe may beautify it." All my love to my friends-MGJLKSASLB Goo luck to KD A RM Good times with LLRLLFSSMD + SAD times.JTin Art 1 French + Hello to the people I forgot GoodLuck + Thanx. DENISE JOAN VASEL Adams, Join the Navy "Everything will come if you only wait." All my love to my fciends at NHS. I made it Dad. Thanks Aun- ty Dee. Cheryl and Jacky. Cape Codg Aarow Smith, Scituate: Winthrop. JUDITH MARIE VELLO Judy PA ULA MARIE VATAL,-X RO Duck Warren. Adams. Whatever the fu- ture holds Rememhersg the wall. HM,gang SH.-XNAN.-X. Mr. P. SteveY 55 TA COTTON N24 s'73 ROBK. MAC LL+RC Paul Schrihes. Brain. Adams Stair and what happened thereg .IIMMYI 3,f7f7-I-forever! Great times at the common with .IGLYJMHLPCSBRSRPLMBBLK DMBCetc. Lee's The great heist All my' love to Ostrich FIC? Never be sad for what is over. be glad it was yours to have." All the good times with NM. SW, D.R. A.D. P.W. white chevy' M MM with a YYH IZX73 the goodies and the badies S8cC ut CCC Hsy FM. Do you want to make a bet C.O.'? Great memories with John, I have a nickle? Rally Commihtee 3. DONATO VISCO ROBERT VENTURA -ms' JAMES W. VERNER Spot Wellesley, Bacon, Electrician Remember Gooch Willard Lenny. Hows shop boys MWTRBM Hor- gans Heroes l.2.3. CINDY ANN NIC! IIIONI Sid Warren. Palmer. Business Rernernher always I .Is . S N . the kids down Dans Cut slips and forged notes. llorever' Good times wn fi ones S I Prom 74 . Give me a moocht. WABI Most ol alll All my love to Billy, forever WI-1, 7 Xl MARIA LOUISE VENDITTI Day. Riley. College "lf all my' friends have forgotten hall' their promises they're not un- kind just hard to find." "Then came you" S.D, G.C. Your a good Iriend. Good times in 73 and 7-1. S.A. Good luck. Italian Cluh l.2.3 MICHELE VITTI Mike Day. Riley. College "Favorite pastimes." VN atchinv the irls go throu-wh the Beals House g . K , . . , Commons Room. Room 2232- Squirt Bottles. Hoses and Superlaf tive eyedroppers. To my I riends GT. EH. TJ. PH, RI-Q XX hat .i time we had? JOHN ANTHONX VILARIS Day'. Bacon, Unknown Parking lot. my club Coke, Ben. Flyne. Murph. and all the rest, "Kangy Highway" with all the men. "Zone", with "The Club" "Minus one" "All the brawlsf' AL "Sili Bra in" Mae two green "LTD'S" "Shinin on" "Gilda" three "To Sharp" Football l.2.3g "Norman the Foreman" Lacrosse 2.3 "T" JOHN NICHOLAS VOLANTE Day, Adams, College Swimming 2.31 Key Club 3: Green house Management 2,31 Newtoni an ROBERT PATRICK VONA JR. Warren, Barry, College Remembers: Sunday football at Franklin, Arlington Fight, Eddie's Cyst, Trophy case window, Caf. Hockey. To my friends who I hope prosper in life. Baseball l.2,3. CHRISTOPHER L. WALSH ChrisfShorty Bigelow, Beals, College 8:20 on Monday mornings, my 2 years with IDB.-Ilow can I ever forget you'? Fink, M.I-.. MRS. M, and Mr. R. BI'TH AMY WANG Warren. Bacon, College "Tu o roads diverged in a wood. and I-I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the differ- ence" Robert Frost. Tennis 21 Volleyball 3: Nefty 2.3.41 Israel forever THEODORE JAMES MARTIN WATERS DOUGLAS WALKER WILLIAM WALSH SANDRA MARY WARD Sandy, Ardnas Warren, Adams, College "All is changed with time the fu- ture none can see the road you leave behind, ahead lies mystery." Unearthy, Oct. 72, non- existance exists, Virginia, U.S.A. Ground Control 75 is alive The bath's the laugh asil. I want to be sane Beacon Hill "The Best" Skin of mur Teeth Radio 33 Stage Crew 2,3 WASH BU RN Ted Warren. Beals. Work JC. TM llow about Fri nite baged JX. JC Remember Slaymaker Lane. Beresy Baby: Friday. How many pounds ol' ice did we get? Whose nee pick got the most iee'.' Ilow about Blifs lockers, errich. Remember the eroeks? PI. don't forget the mystery oil. .IX we should have got the mimeograpli of-U75 my diploma, my best day Waren, Riley, College Riley' House Commons in my sophomore year the pool office, Swim team 2,33 Trainer 2.3. -gy Roll on. thou deep and dark ocean, roll? Ten thosuand lleets syyeep oyer thee in yaing man marks the earth yyith ruin. his control stops with the shore: upon the yyatery plain the yyrecks are all thy deed, nor doth remain a shadovt ol mans rayage Surling Team l.2.3 Sailing Team l Electronic Music'7"'7 D.-XNILL B. KN FINFFLD Bacon. College MARYANN WAUGH Day, Barry. College "Did you ever "EL 917-IKING 4-74 raisinl Canada DEBXLDAC Chicago 6-73 8: I0-74 "Irish" SHAD -f 5-6-74 "Ere" July-I7-73 "Dreams that were but fantasy a yesterday ago - Dreams to be reality far sooner than we know" thanks to all those who remember! French Club 3: German Club 3. LONNIEWEINBERG t A-3 4? .1 u .ll DITII Nl. Vt'I1ISM.-KN Bigelos. Palmer. College With each enthralling season we ask yy hy. yet we all foreyer hold the ,S need to lly. Loye and thanks to lriends and lamily, France '75 Rue. I loye a ducl-QL yearhooks. like Mrs ty. it s got to be a yoke. Gite it the hook. PB Heng. SC Zig BS FC Roks SS FM the tank sleep yyell, C rafts Club 3: French Club 3. --Q CARL ERIC WESTLUND Warren. Adams. College Remembers: When the yy hole school smelt that terrible odor. Claim to fame: Building an escape tunnel out ol' Mrs. Carpenter's class. Member of the Chamber Crew, The great times down Wel- lington playground. See you later, Steve. RUSI MARIIC YN I BBI R Iiay. I'alincr. Ilaiitlressinu fireat times yyxtlie "1--pak" A-Xt Blstt IJNI RVN Iierinutla '79 Italy -73 isyyyy -yi i is Wk. .ICEIMC MPI Xtilst RS toncerts these eyes Ullello Iholly' Iootfc 'ga NIIPI lake Mlley fomparim 'ti Ilicks goin' on a picnic. cnp or conef' Mac uSclilitf" .-Xlkic cape - lslNlIsI'IJI'-1.13.8 lu cyeryone else that I knoyy lliany Italian Club Cheerleading Rally Com,Wk. Stdy At SYS L.. RHBIRT ,I Vt I IN NN arren. Palmer. C tillc"l' I R "SIlII X IIXK Bl tm IN llll IINI ti B Iitidcin Still a Icyy rugs in the ac system - GB, Trudeau PY "Still a lety 7 in the OB system"-CII7 RSIS ll System I e Managers fjuide C, hess Club l.Z1 Team lg Table Iennis Club l.2.3g Team 2.3. Mod Squad .lL Buller Stulleri Muscle. BI,Is.ICls. Bub .-Xlsoi JA. lB,II .lNI. CW-Vt. PS. MIT T I1RRI WI'ISBI1RCi awk friends MPCGIP NANCY JIZAN WIiS'I'W,-XTFR Trix Day, Bacon, College The lst hotise on the right Truro 73,7-I Quebec Do you like apples? Crazy girls yy oo yy oo the go-cart tull' stulll' at the R-I'-S-H lyI.P..l.lyI.C1.CIJ.ti, Ilie B sisters lonely days Kelly Baby X larry 75 is alive 5flN,'73 B..l..-X, Jr, class secretary Senior class 3. Day. Adams, Colle MARK WFSTILR ge Today yye'll liyed makes eyery yes- terday a dream and eyery tomor- royy a vision ol' hope. Thanx Newman House BBG Milton Ran- dolph Needham concerts ills 1 . ties Dances doubling yy ,f all lsI'C STAR I-ULPWB Xetts NYe'3 Cape Vmyard 7-I cross-country 72 talks yyfBBI.IISRMRCIs Great BBcS:I.AI.III.I-IlNIIsCIsDCSRI,.I.Iti Bren' 'W MICHAFL S, WHlTli Week s. Beals, College "Cruisin-Lunatic Laughing. In a dream world-Good times at Char- leys "Six Inches"-Library Blues Gullible-Good times with SH, JC, PT. KD, JG, JF, DT, Caps, RS, ete. Cross- sountry l,2,3g Wrestling lg Tennis l,2,3g Newtonite 2,31 Band 2, Co-President ol Student Senate 2. l ll ' l T 5 ' i , ,, J BRADLEY MARC WIGGLESWORTH WIGGY Bigelow, Riley, College "To have no goal is to run up and down the field of life and never score" Barre, Ma L'Armpit De La Monde, Bricoleur. My best to Chris Kent Jorge Smit ODSLQB ShawnSl7Sboy brother MeLoud no mothers aqua CCVW Les Car- di's 8: CAP's Steve Jeff Big All Meril. lts been real. Newtonian 31 l,2, Outdoor Track. ROBERTWHFLAN LAWRFNCE WHITE CQ' Y Q' WILLIAM A. WHYNOT GARFUNKEL Day, Murray Road Here's to the people who made the past three years so great CD JS RG JK RC VG JL and all the gang "ll what l do hasn't hurt you and il' what you see turns out to be me then would you say the dues that l pay or don't pay to leel decide if l'm real or unreal" T. Hardin ,ff figs 62: 11 qxibk I vb , :E I , , -A wa .W 'qs ff' ZA MlCHAEL WILLARD Mike Wellsley, Bacon, Work Spot, Gooch and the rest ol the crowd Have a mee weekend. See you at the orthodontists conven- tion, PMJVTRPHOKUHR. Hor- gans Heroes l,2,3. ,.,,, t ,,,t. J JAMES wioiviorzu ' , 1-- . J J Q V X, Y g ROBIN LEIGH WILLIAMS PIGEON Weeks, Riley, College and Travel ByefBK KK AF PH DH MM JP LS SK SB CC TC JS BR BG CF. MACS, Pirios, IHOPXMONKS, The Ghost, Willy, eruisin, partiesfterror, pink ehamp, LS 8c JG! Shower, Kanalana, Pididle! The lield, non-lilter, purple marsh- mallow, green bomb, eeho, PSF, eyes, tasketforangeshirt, lifes, GN,Texas, extra vaeationf40 crim- son 8c elover, dream on!! lil..-XlNl1SllSAN WILSON Weekx. Pztlmer. Coneeptuul .Xrlixt "Nou, here. you see tl tukex ull the running you eun do, to keep in the same pluee. ll' you yyunt lo get someyy here elxe. you muxt run ut least tyyiee ax luxt uk tlyutf'-l.eyyty Carroll Love to LA.. lily, IIB.. S.B. I-ruxtrtttton to Lolll Concep- tuul .Xrt Cluh 2.31 Ley Cheyulnerx Gourmundguxex 3 PA MELA SUSAN WINN Pum Xkgtrren. B.1eon.College Thtmkx lor I-N'l1RYTlllNC.i Ron- dlntt. Good ttmey yy1thNNl JY.-XD Sy .NND the rent ol' the gang. Pin- kte und XIX. xummer ol' 72 .limmy Hey l- Nl White eheyy x und e .-Xtmh the llttrhor. l guew I'll juxl N11 here und yyuteh the rtyer llloyy. l have Ll nlekel. Don't lforget TO keep on Nllllllflg Gytnnuxtuex 15:2 Rally Commmttee. SC Oll Wll SON 4- Nl XXX . NN .u ren. Xtltunef olleue "Tlterenrepl.1teNl ll remeuther .tll my llle thou,h mme hum eltttmefl Some loreyer not lor Better Nome Jul huye Lone und some remtun Xyel. 'hd' l'lrunee'7-1-Slx.li1ology.l'lff.1l'.tr- isien. .-Xnnk mother 64 the hxll. NIP. Ml 55. QA. Nlfk. flllltllfkf du Du hnlu. Nldflll lJon't yyorry. ll. ,V ,X 84 LOUNIVIN Muerenye yyttll lhlllglllg Q- , 'J f Neyytonlte l.2.3. n . un , K, . t y 4 r .V ...E V, .4 ,V I . Www. film- W' 'Wt ' -' '4 4 y W X 9 A -- L -I. ' I 5 N 5 w 'Q 1 K 'yd ' 4, " ' V ' , , , - Q W ,.. X41 gui Q -L' QQ. y W .- 1 , . - .,y5 ..z. - 'dh' . 1 , X ig A 3 A 1 I ' ' V , ' W Q 3 sv, .KIJQA 'I ,, I Q .. A A It 1 P, f , lb ' 1 .. his .. C' . ' , - , . N5 'K V i' L . .i k X' 3 .Q fl. Us A Y H 1 ' .... ' f - E ".' l -Q99 LI' Q x 1 'Lt ' .. y, , -.ISL-Y: . '.'r t'iQ-,ggfirf ...Q , .Q Q L X .. ,...,.....,.r...1..... 'gs , 4-ffff, Wg. f an M-4. L " 6 l " 'fab ' 5"-7' --4 'N SY -1 in :rf ' " M M.. tw., L A xii' 'i . .. ' ke lr L... r - e HXRX yNDRt-.yy'yy'0LFE u Sfwtnkfy CyRot.yy'RlcsHT Rtley .r"' ,Ar Q - --wffff n..!' CHARLES F, VVU Chud VN eekx. B.1eon.Lollege Muny thttnks to Benn Merrltt .md Ray' smuth Thunk God for Vknng Dnnp "AAAC.iATl'lA" bttndy Warren. Beulx. NX ork. College lt N not the Nmtlex thttt you gtye 4 Thunkx Io IDB. JY. PXI. .ind tall my NK ll -. Tater .. Br. L ldv .. P.unted . ger l1l "3" Nlll' .IUDITH WYMAXN .Iudy VN urren, l eole Deeroly. L ollege . y x .1 gow murked hy lovers und styles ol elothes. Thtnr that you held lu h and told yourself yyere true. loxt or .nngtn . e .5 tot L you "-.lonl Nl. 'lhoxe ol' you eount knoyy It ttotl lllClLlN m douyl Muxnque-yportqlue-polltlque friendx. .Xll the duneex the good ek Syyeetyu DA. H.txketh.tll1tt.1l1.tger 9f2l.7-1 Bgtxketlmll ek lootlmll umes Bllxlllg ISIN-tlttlyyx l'm tt- 1. 2 5,XLy,yfQREy'gARD1 STEPHEN RICHARD 154, YERARDI Steve Warren, Bacon, College, Fireman "Pam" My everlasting love forev- er. BDOML 6f2lf74 Good friends: B.V., W.J., J.K., R.M., B.L,. E.L., T.B.. T.R.. J.B., C,V., B.T.. L.W., T,K. Fondest Memo- ries: Beach with Pam. Hockey in Cafe. Best line: "McGarrett". Book'em Baseball l,2,3. 60' ' ll .. SUSAN YERKES 'JU ...4 5 ALLEN CHUAN YUN Warren. Beals, College "Acqua1ntances may come and go hut friends last forever" Thanks to my good friends ffl., .l.M.. MA., .ILL JO.. and l,B. for making life bcarahle during the school year and off. Cross-country l,2,3g Ten- nis l,Zg Track 3. 'Y ' EILEEN YORK ff ' Q ' ' 4 we "lf you love something set it free il 5' - 'T fig! it's yours com "" doesn't it never was wsff 1 1 9' w. wt J--' if 'A i ' JAY ZAKRZEWSKI JEFFREY H-ZACKS SIX-GUN Weeks, Bacon, Disc Jockey Hi Koochie-Koos! So long 007, Zit man, Bedlach Sandy :SL Lisa Bye Lois and the Ala parties-Sam KFX-Zolo whats up'?'? Hey tutti lm busy. " M.F. cut it out! Hey moe 8: Uncle Bill. Laaruy! Jimbot his 455 wanna drag? Crusin on N.P.D. calls code 20 No Jive 105 Hey Mongoose! So-so-KL SW. Audio Vis. 2,3 Obc Gen Mgr. 3 Foot 8: Chief!! ,, MIRA L. LAMAN5l'sY Weeks. Palmer, College "To love the beautiful. To desire the good. To do the best."-Moses Mendelissohn l-reneh Soireeg The egg. Marching Band lL Volleyball li Orehesis 21 Math Tutoring 2.3. Newtonite 2.31 Palmer House Couneil 3. AN0l.l.A C,AROl.ZAlNl Bigelow. Palmer, Work tsl Travel lsehoolfl Hey' Bunfaro remember then The Wall. TA, "THh GANG" SN How's the prince? AAH MV ,IR Wanna 5WlTT1'lSCllllll 84 sunhans KC How was your weekend? PB say Hl to JN lor me CB ISL MJ l.ADll1S AND GhNTl.IzMl1N another slip? MPG l'm gonna miss ya! To all my friends, old and new, make the most ol' lile and havejun. Bye. JOANNE ZPG.-XRELLI Day. Adams. College "ll stile e brillante e le stelle lueis , eano quando tullo ya per te.' Summer 74 Nlanomet Karate ltal ianCluh 2.31Seeretary. JAYNE LEE ZIMBLE Day. Bacon. College The summer ol '7-1. bowling with LH SW Cruzin' in DC 442 Brand- iee with TW MK NH Parking lot motoreade good timesfLH, DC. SNK. DB. Rally Committee, Senior Class Committee 3. MARCY JIQAN ZIMBPL Weeks, Barry. College "Happiness comes of the eapaeity to leel deeply, to enjoy simply. lo think lreely, to risk life. to he need- ed. -I LIS.-X BliTH ZOLL Pluto Weeks. Barry College all the good times at the HS yy my friends. Thanks for all the help l.ori. you made things easier Summer oI'7-1 the hestf CAROL A. DEPASQUALE Palmer, Business Management Great times wf"The b-Pak" AACBIsCNI'RWCD Bermuda"75 NHSPI Lake Porky DCA PDLBJC Summers'73'74,Going on a picnic "I'xpression"They real- ly left me'ShadowsI.B Alone againNc Motorcadc Iflicksfwfl-177 "Iihey're following us!" Half- pintMMl4P The benches wfNE Cioodtimes,Badtimes. All times go on forever.Rally Com. wkfST DANA TERRI HATTON WARREN. Beals.College "Good Luck" to all the seniors, juniors and soph, Remember BH. SS, VS. KH. JN. BB MT. CA, JB. Sl.. NM. PA. PB. LJ. KC, GL. HF,tiH.LB. SU, Basketball llg Not to decide is to decide. Honieroom .Iulie Deli- giannides, Julia Livingston. Debby Abells, Diana Grubb. Susan Gen- tile"Hu-io" BSU I ' J ROBERT JAMES MURPHY JR. Murph Hockey l.21 Baseball l.2,3g Swim Team I,2,31 Ski Club 1,21 Math Club l.2. MARK R. OSULLIVAN Sully Day, Beals. College "You have two choices in life. You can dissolve into the main stream, or you can bc distinct. To be dis- tinct you must be dillcrcnt To he different you niust sllyc to be what noone else but you can be " RICHARD FORTIER Millis, Barry, Electrician Electrical Major, motorcycle rid- ing, racing. It's along way down. MARIANNE M. LENNON Warren. Palmer To get myself a Sportster,enjoy new people.raise HELL! The common wfCM,SS.IsL Tommy Poco.Summer '73-'74 JG ForeverYCOMC New Hampshire Concert,The Cape,Lee-Mark the road runner FE WallyGator HaHa Saturday nights at the wreck8ccricket.Tune-up English class. Were alright. I leave to New- ton High my brother. KIM MARIE NICHOLS Warren, Bacon, Work "There is a past which is gone for- everg but there is a future which is still our own." "Johnny-Baby". "He's nice", galavanting. home- room, Zorro, STHTGTHII lflf7-I, Flower. Good-bye Dig. KOB-MAC, Zen,Cush,the little room. getting gutsy, Soccer. SANDRA ELIZABETH SMITH Smitty Warren. Riley, Living all I can Good times with good people. Ch on the highway' Summer of 73 on the common, Camping with ML and the beach when it rained. Sat- urday nights at the wreck. The steps. line them up! DD,ML and me in car l and 4. Never forget ML,RB,JM.BM,CM, and about a thousand more. Like I said to my- CAROL ANNE FREEMAN Warren, Murray Rd., Barry Hellol All you furry toads and merry roadents. Jean!Jean!Sandyl How did the Stamp thing turn out Eric? Gickyrotland Horse-feath- ers.Watch out for Grendles.How is this for something typically inane. No comments from the peanut gal- lery. Lood Guck. me. MICHAEL DAVID MITCHELL Hamey Weeks, Murray Rd., College Thanx to Banks for keeping me out of TROUBLE. To all of my wom- en. I love you alll Good times on stage crew. Murray Rd.,2,3gCon- cert Choir l,2gSmith Family 23 Pimping around Boston. Cast par- IICS. JEROME EDWARD O'LEARY Red ARP and the devil made me do it the first time but the second time I was on my own.And remember Lit- tlewing Stevie Wonder and many married men. Wish a wife at forty could be like a bank note and be exchanged for two twenties. The H33 Space Flight-Diane.Diane. Diane and always Diane. NANCY C. SOLOMON Spaz Bigelow. Barry Pet Peevei Ernie R. He's not a Jamok like everyone thinks. Var- sity everything l23456789l0 "Brown hair,wavy eyes" "The Ducks" "L-i-v-e-, Live or you have nothing to talk about in the Locker room." Harold and Maude ll times self, self, I will? NICHOLAS TIMOS VALAES Paul, Andrew Moraitis. Beals. M.D. IMAI APO TIN ATHINA. IR- THA FAITOS EDO GIA NA FIGO APO TIN HOUNTA. TORA IPARHEL ELEUTHER- IA IMIA SIGOUROS POS META APO TIS SPOUDES MOU THA PAO PISO ZITO I OLYMPIACARA. I am sure that seemed Greek to you because it is greek JAMES VON HENDY Jim Boston Latin, Bacon, TO LIVE Dad says hi to his family and friends! And love to favorite daughteri Isn't caring everything? The philosopher has found his objectives are still in committee for all posterity. Someone said the sophomore year doesn't count so: Philosophy and objectivesl, Bacon House Council 3, T.P. 3 f 1, ' N ,7-'ff aff' ,Q , I Ni 3 sqprmvr Most people don't quite realize how much time and effort is necessary to pro- duce a yearbook. Indeed, a lot of credit must go to the editors and staffs for their time, but nothing can ever be done effectively on a yearbook without the time and assistance of the advisor. For the past fifteen years, Armando Rossi has been the advisor to the New- Iwzian. Mr. Rossi has worked hard on all ofhis books, often receiving late night calls concerning problems which must be handled immediately. Obviously his constant work and encouragement have paid off as the Newzmiian continues to be a first class publication. Mr. Rossi has now decided to step down from his long held position as advi- sor. He hopes that new blood will generate some new ideas. To next year's advisor: a GOOD LUCK! You have a hard job to tackle and tough shoes to fill. To Mr. Rossi: J thanks, we couldn't have done it without you. 1 ko I H5EFTkfg N , 1 6 X KX , . .ji , ' X sw ' -wfS'.W- f i 5 'X .3 if 'lpllivz H Q . wif- ,Q x L . wh glllllll 1 -iff, ,4 4 f zffh , I X x M ? 5 I Q 'f 1 Qi fi B "' Vw V .. ,L 'f-' 115' ci A A' 1.4 Xp: 1 f ,., W-53' 1 , K, , '.,,,,., . yy fi?::?2-G5 1 J . -Of In S 'lv 4 . GP yen-. .J A , H,444444444,44.............................................-------------------nnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn X i f rf' 1 ,M qgfiif :ff - '44--V 1 'tic' 5 n5"?"': NP' 'L is-un-an L.-. P -I' Xxn x A 41' I L 3 gl 4... Tig, wr-Y 1 " , 'ml-4' 'V 4 sg h,.S9"""':5E4 ,X , . ,W hirn Vg, lr 1 as, ' W- W A, an 1 ,445 'z ? Q4 1' ..-qt K-J U!! VA iQ'S Q. , L, it 1,1 1 , 3. i l 'fa V "I, I' ., 'sy gig il L1-L -1 A lb A ff Ex ESRB lr, x 1l. ie ii QIh WEiWW111NI1Q5 M NTS . .Y -g 'I'-A. . A: 4 . ' , K 5. A .K Llp! V, js N' Q Allxance Glass T VS Anderson Antome s Pastry Shop Atwood s Camers Shop Auburndale Com Cleaner Auburndale Flower Shopp nc Auburndale Sports Shop Auclello Iron Works Banner Glass Barnett Fabrlc Stores nc Bay State Glass Boston Pl ite Beacon Products Corp Beacon Shell Statlon Boston Frsh House Cabot s Ice Cream Capitol Glass Carbeau lsltchens Carley Realtors Carolyn s Sweets Shoppe Warren Coveney Ford Crowley s QIIICC Supplres Dlscland Dlscovery Eastman s Flower Shop Economy Glass Co Elk1 s Beauty Salon Flelds Corner Glass Focal Po1ntOpt1c1ans Fox Pharmacy of Newton nc E C Frederlcks Co Garb Drub Garden C1ty O11 General Envelope Glass Servlce Golden Star Restaurant Gregory s Formal Wear Hammonds Contemporary Furmture Harold s Hendrlcken Bros Inc Carl and Betty Hershfleld Hlghland Gulflnc Hlghland Hardware Co of Newton House of I0 000 Prcture Frames The Huddle Robert G Jasset Snow Plowlng lxaras Cgl lxaras Glass Co Ren lsaye lxrafts lsctchen 8: Moss Clock Makers lsoocher Realty Jack Lane Llncoln Mercury AD INDEX 7 77 7 77 7 77 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 77 7 7 7 7 77 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 Le Baron Hardware Lorrle s Beef8L Brew Los Angelos Auto Body Mac s Smoke Shop Mandell s Man s World Mass Glass McDonald s Multlpane ofN E INC New England Telphone Newton s Newton Centre Muslc Shop Newton Co operatlve Bank Newton Junlor College Newt0nv1lle Camera Newtonvllle Sunoco Inc Newton Waltham Glass Nonantum Lumber Co O Brlen 8: Johnson Inc One More Tyme Paperback Booksmlth and Musxcsmlth Pengum Ice Cream and Chowder Parlor Perfectlon Glass Co J N Phllllps Purdy Studlos Rhodes Pharmacy Rlno Colffures Rogan s Sages Newton Centre Market Second Appearance Seltzer s Garden Cnty Inc Shlpley Company Inc Sllver Lake Electronics Smart Set by Ronald Teradyne The Tux Shop Unlted States Army Valle s Steak House Vlctory Market Waban Hardware Waban News Walnut Street Garage Waltham Plate Glass Co nc Wayne Drug Co The Weaver Store West Newton Launderette West Newton Savmgs Bank Wok Talk Woolfle s Yee Mee Restaurant 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 7 ' 291 282 . 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Lafrenz SPGNSO RS Robert Bonner Jr Saul and Charlotte Engelbourg Dr Lloyd and Dorothy Caplan John and Helen Long Irving and Estelle Salsberg Gerald and Pauline Comeau Alfred and Elaine Halpern Dr Richard and Elaine Cutler Joan and Ralph Fox Ill Juan and Ada Tedesco Paul A Mosca Fred and Barbara Love FRI ENDS Jeanne M Burke Joseph and Arlene Weisberg Jean K Green John and Patricia Skillman Norman and June Rosenberg Dr and Mrs Harry N Antomades Samuel and Adele Katzman Hope B Hynes Svlvla Wyman Francis ind Elizabeth John on Norman ind Shirley Rosenberg I I I ' ' . I Judy Lane Margaret F. Maguire ' ' W' 'L 'e' s Now the world zs out there waztzng ov' you Nod the ufare 15 what you wzll make zz' Wlvzclv way to go' VVlvat job io xee lx 2 Wlvere IS the yelloz lvml mad? One company upmmrx so many dz erent acenzzes Zlven may be a jolv opporlzmzty tba! just a jolv that leads to a belief jolv AM yozn qzzzdame counselor L lvere and alven you can apply ov an znienzee aztlv Nea Ellfflclllcll Telephone A people to people lvzmmss Nea England Telephone A11 eazzal opporlzmzty employer HY, f Q Hy K 7 u , a . . ' f, f J if ' 2' ' ' f A ,fits yo11rpa17iczllar talents. More importalat, 13 L , t 1 I Besl Wzshes I0 Class of 75 from THE GFFICIAL NEWTUN NGRTH HIGH SCHOOL RING 0 BRIEN Sc JGHNSON INC Best luck I0 the Class of 75 McDonalds X 197 Cdlxforma St Newton Besl Wzshes from WARREN COVENEY S FORD SALES 777 Wdbhxngton St Newton Masb 07160 TEL 965 5000 A lu-.-1 fx MQWWWQ Congralulalzons and Besl Wzshes Io THE CLASS OF1975 455 Dorchester Ave South Boston KARAS SL KARAS GLASS CG 'X 7? 311 WALNUT STREET Newtonvllle MdbS07l60 N77 6940 DISCOVERY A conslgnment shop featurmg outgrown Clothes sportmg goods toys books ITCITIS Sellmg Hours Tues thru Sa H04 Wushmgton St West Newton Square inext to theatre! N77 3700 V' N 'Q games. Selected household ,,, we g nd ll VICTORY MARKET Meatb 0fD15tmCt10n Beer 84 Wme 3 C.1I1Iorn1dSt Ne lon GARDEN CITY OIL PLBC8L HTG CO INC CI0IIgi'0ILlfC1IlOII9 to 1975 graduates FOX PHARMACY OF NEWTON INC CROWLEY S OFFICE SUPPLIES 238 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE MASSACHUSETTS w YEM MEE RESTAURANT Carry home plplng hot CHINESE 84 POLYNESIAN FOODS OPEN MON THRU THUR 1130A M IOP M FRI 84 SAT TIL MIDNIGHT SUN 8a HOLIDAY I PM to IOPM AMPLE PARKING NEXT TO AUBURNDALE STAR MARKET S77 0775 7036 COMMENWEALTH AVE AUBURNDALE MASS NEWTONVI LLE SUNOCO, INC. 875 Washmgton St. Tel. LAselI 7 3618 NEWTONVILLE, MASS 2,2 A " 'f . W ' - I- - I - I l A 332-f3I0 Home Delivery D1L1l:24-1-4112 SAL RIZZO OF WABAN HAIR CLINIQUE We underbtand the suenee of harr Halr Analysts Done by Mreroseope BEACON STREET WABAN S77 8633 WALNUT STREET GARAGE Complete Automobrle Servree md Bodywork Volkswagen Speclallsts IliWalnutStreet Ne ton Hrghlands 33 7 7 9674 LOS ANGELES AUTO BODY FIBERGLASS SPECIALIST COMPLETE PAINT ANDTRUCK REPAIRS COMPLETE AUTO GLASS WORIx 41 Lo Angele Street Newton Ma 5 07158 N 7 734 CA ROLYN S SWEETS SHOPPE 331 Walnut St N ton llle 07160 LE BA RON HARDWARE Telsan Inc EVERYTHING IN HARDWARE SERVICE QUALITY GARDEN SUPPLIES PAINTS HOUSEWARES 7088COMMONWEALTH AVE AUBURNDALE MASS07l66 JT SANTOS TEL I6I71S 7 36 WABAN NEWS 1633 BEACON STREET WABAN MASS 07160 BOBS ROBERT G JASSET SNOW PLOWING SNOW REMOVAL FREE ESTIMATES RES 735CALIFORNIA STREET NEWTON MASS 74-10N3l EASTMANS FLOWER SHOP Qualrty 84 Servree srnee 1934 340 Walnut Street Newtonvllle Mass 07160 AUBURNDALE FLOWER SHOPPE NC FLORAL ARRANGEMENTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS PLANTS CUT FLOWERS GIFT ITEMS 783 Auburn Street Auburndale 968 7187 ATWOOD S CAMERA SHOP 71 Pelham Street Newton Centre Mas g 1 1 ff u Q 5 I 1 L1 165 . -- - - 1 1 1 I 1 v I . W S any ' ,-:-147 52 - S 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 , INSURANCE ESTIMATES Flowers8c Plants for all occasions 1 , , 1 5 s A ' 1 " I , 'Sf - , I2 -8 , 3 1 1 1 I . -- ' . ew v' ,Mass I .. , ' f-- E 1 . V 1 1 11 1 1 11 1 1 282 1 BARNETT FABRIC STORES INC Newton s Complete Sewlng Center Fdbrlea Buttons Trtmb Notions Laees Imxcooxs rr V fi 4 HIGHLAND OUII INCORPORAII D 30 wedrb ot expertrse dt wour bervree W Q NPLUlIlfLlI1Vl-PHYS 30 Centre St 5 7 4587 rexgn md Xmertetn x I xpertSerx1ee OYDCTWJIDUISLLCHIILNI N t H 'mom RINO COIFFURES PRODUCTS CORP super h ur euts Newton H'ghldndS Md 507ml li Lmeoln Street toff of Wdlnuty 13? 7 LORRIE S BEEF 8a BREW 1365 W 4 htngton St VN Newton RHODES PHARMACY WABAN WOOLFIES "Home Bdklflgv All Pastry Baked Dtuly on the Premlseb l2Ol Walnut Street 577 9097 Newton Hlghlands Newton Hnghlunds Mass 969 3881 969 ww BEACON SH ELL STATION 1099 Beueon Street Newton Centre TUNE UPS BRARES ALIGNMENTS COMPLETE AUTOMOTIVE SERVICE WABAN HARDWARE 16-HBEALON STREET VN XBAN NI-X55 urdwure P unt O1 PENGUIN ICE CREAM LXND CHOWDER PARLOVN RINO S SHOPPING L I NTLR INENK TON 9 1 v Q IMMHSST S Fo V ' L f ' "L cur 5 . -2 - , . V C " S x Lew on I!1!Il1FltIw.XI.1ew K' n . K. ' ' ., 'sr .. - , I 1617- ,2-13-5 I Q HIGHLANDHARDWARECO OF NEWTON CENTRE MUSIC SHOP NEWTON 839 Beacon Street 332 3978 47 Lln oln Street Newton Hlghlands Mas 07161 RECQRDS SHEET MUSIC T INSTRUMENT RENTALS AND SALES om Thornton Bu Phone 5 7 0898 Home Phone 944 7978 CIOHIf7lIHl6I1lS0f SAGE S NEWTON CENTRE MARKET NEWTON S Everythlng Good To Edt 84? Bea on Street 1741 Center Street Newton Centre Newton Center T W ANDERSON GARB DRUG JEWELER The Modern Apothetury Ns ebtcfewom Complete Cooperutlon Wlth The Physlclan Wedding and GrddudUOnGms 144 1498 179 Auburn St Auburndale THE WEAVER STORE CARLEY REALTORS YARNS for CREATIVE troehetlng IXf1lIl1f1g und Weuvlng speclalrzlng rn the Newtons 1741 MASS AVE MON FRI1l 6 1171 WASHINGTON STREET 744 2966 CAMBRIDGE SAT 10 6 HAMMONDS HAROLDS CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE AT CHESTNUT HILLINC THE MALL R mute 9 Chestnut H111 199 Boylston St 577 4992 617 44 X100 Chestnut Hr1102167 I- ' c ' A ' ', rs. .. s. ,2 - ' -- 'O AI . W N. , w O 'A J 1 - - 1. -1 Jewelryand Diamonds - . L - 1 7 L ' H - '- ' -3 -V ' . 284 ONE MORP TYVII PAPERBACK BOOKSMITI-I AND MUSIC SMITH TLSIlLClLSlLIlL.l'SLl lthes N tl x lrlt The mn Chestnut Hull IS HUM 44 sow 969 T959 SELTZER S GARDEN CITY INC FOCAL POINT OPTICIANS Flowers for exert oeedston Eyeglasses for everw oeedslon XX' W.1lnutSt Mwrner I lFloren eStreet Newton Newton Centre M U l 9 ELKI SBEAUTY SALON WAYNE DRUGCO The Flnest nn Beautx Care lor the Dlserlmlntitlna 880 WALNUT STREET Wom in ldtthe eorner ofBe1eonl Newton Mas 8 Hartford Street Newton Hlghland 744 6x10 e ROGANS JACK LANE LINCOLN MERCURY SPORTINGGOODS Sues Servlee Rentals uso WASHINGTON smut T Newton wEsTNew TON xmss KOOCHER REALTY DIAMONDS VX XTC HIS Q IPTS REALTORS HENDRICIxI1N BROS INL Multlple Llstlng Servnce LEGAL BLILDING H89 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON MASS 0,165 Fortx t1xeImeolnStreet Servlcmgthe Newtons N wton H1 hlxnds M1 s O ltl 577 QU76 Tnltipllolle XIX. Q ode bl 230 CALIFORNIA ST NEWTON I-IB ll-X t Q COMPLIMENTS OFA FRIEND SHOP FORMAL WEAR SPECIALISTS SINCE 1947 RENTALS 6 SALES PRINCE EDWARDS Ka TUX TAILS CRLISHED VELVETS YELLOW WOOOSTOCK BROWN WOODS MIDNITE BLUE HAIRCUTS PERMS WRMMHWPDPAWS COLOR HAIRSTYLING FORMAL BOOTS OPEN MON TNURS SFR! EVES 952,29 894 3702 BEAUTY SALON 795 Watertown Street Newton Massachusetts LAsell 7 9567 THE AUBURNDALE SPORTS SHOP Professlonal Skate Sharpemng FOR ALL SPORTING NEEDS 419 LEXINGTON STREET 965 3356 AUBURNDALE 1 I T Wear Kin9's Dept. S I . ,TTR " ' ' 4 I 'inf' 'TTB - Rx . ,.6. . X I :t55,1,1:,, Aff . t -,-'- 'S--zifsfif' X - 1 ...T, X I I ' I :- L gf: ,U I L: Q. -. 555' f -A eI I We - . ' PX 13132, - If !.' X f 1-'.-Z-E 5 QQ: ' I .'f'l X ' fl If T .fl :' 'Q t O . ' ' ' I ' f I O x X 0 0 ' WUI T ff-::s:3:s:s:s:25S! . mm moss X '-1:?s:. :2E5E5S5I5f555fS5E555E5Z 535533 'girffiiiiiiigigigirt E? I-I-1 :3:,:f:f:2.':2-':2:2gr3:- -' - :' 115 :' . ' :91' : ' 491fI ,, Congratulalzonf to Ihe Claw of 75 BesrW1slztsfmm NEWTON JUNIOR COLLEGE BOSTON PLATE Wabhlngton Park 40 Wormwood Street Newtonvllle Mass Boston Md s COHI,I7f1HI6lIIS of NEWTON WALTI-IAM GLASS NONANTUM LUMBER CO 4 Plt11ntStr t 104 Pme Street titert mn M1 0 Waltham Conzplimenls of , 30 usa ' cc VV' t ' , LSS. 2172 rw, ae,-be T0 THE ClASS OF 75 Your gr 1du.1t1on drplomu rs L1 symbol ot seholustre progress one Whlth you sun well be proud of You ll be sm art to buek tt up wlth 4 symbol of flnunual progress zfust growlng fully lnsured savrngs ueeount here at West Newton S nvrngs Bunk KEN KAYE KRAFTS rn W2 W E 1 YJ D nJ5 5 sa nJ7'5.u.2JJn n Us 1235911 A Rambow of Arts and Crafts Supplles Colors Ideas and lntormatlon B63 Washrngton Street Newtonvrlle Mass Phone 527 1206 ..-QR 'F est Newton W mutt t 'W SWW94 3404 N Wy d C OIIQI'UIllfGII0lI9 101116 C lass of 75 GLASS SERVICE 139 Provlnee Street Hvde Pork . 1 Conzplinzezzts of Bas! M!I.S'l1?SkfI'0llI J N PHILLIPS PERFECTION GLASS CO H57 Washington St. Wcgl Ngwlgyn ShtI'lCW SIFCSI Roxbury l l The 1975 Newtonian Staffwould like to thank Mr. Rossi for his dedication and help in producing this yearbook. BFST HISHFS C UIILIUIIIIUII im VALLE S STEAK HOUSE SHIPLEYCOMPANN INC X 1 I3 xl lun Str etllk ute Qi NhWTON MQJMU 1 l MAN S WORLD Mr N s HAIR sm LING C f"'11'f"'1f"'N fff HXRNIXRMT GOLDEN STAR RESTAURANT Xl BL RNDXLT for lPPOlI1lI1'IL.I1l W7 8479? VNDAPPIQARANCI: v1xx.hlnLumsmr AUBURNDALE COIN CLEANER XXI 7765 OMC mm mmm lllh Mc I rc owmd Llolhmp for uerxum lemlrx Sporum Cmodx Anuquu L XUNDRY AND DRX CLLANINQ H1s.1Ou1lllx Lou l mx Prius C nz fullzlulmm mm ANTOINI: S PASTRY SHOP Xuburndqlp N14 7 9775 MAC S SMORTQ SHOP C omplclc hm of us. lrs Tub uw Ormcrlcs r I LA70Nl9 Nex lmC rner A N L Lump lu 1 P xxorld of ILL up IIN' CABOT S IChCRI1AM Work guarar leed 64464 lxETfHEN 8 H059 Flock Makers IN ton Mass XX .lf All types of old weight and sprung drnen clocks 617 969 1297 Tues thru Sat 10 a m thru 8 p m 894-4800 AFRIEND Q Q ff W' SJW 290 Moody Sireef Walfham Mass 02l5Cf ' Q w 1 I 1 V A I .A I 3 .Y x 1 .7 L ' x -7- -I - UT Lx N' .' 'C Nc nI1v1llc.Muw. 52 - if ., ,. , , E - . 0 1 " f 1 9,-,,. , . ' IITNN L . f ,. . . . lx A L7 ' 7 7 . . A X, 1 V r S 7 'gl pl sz-A : ,. - , - Tl Q . ' I. ,S . i , su A1 -. - . N . Q L ' T . 293-29iCc1lrcSl, Tc: - f N 1 'U .MA .13 . TT y ,I . , L Y T4 NB N 'AL ' , . 0 I iv ' , E : is -'Q 1 ,... M. 6 A ' I X un ,I ,H ' 1 I 7 ' lp 5 : ---- sg Q ' Q . ' 1 Q - - f , 0. . . 'ew , . -'4 . . . . ' ' 1 3 1 AFRIEND xl II IN1ILN ll CAPITOL GLASS I7 Hampden Street R wxburx mg: ulululzmzs ALLIANCE GLASS D r h r C mnplznzuzlx ff nn MASS GLASS IM Old Col mx Axenue South Bo ton xllzztk C an MULTIPANEOF N E 144 M oodw Street VN .iltham GENI RAI I NVI I OPI B ilntr Cwzgrczlzzlrllfmzs C lass of 7W ECONOMY GLASS CO C lumhu A Bw tum B sl linux WALTHAM PLATE GLASS CO 991 'VIJII1 Street VN xlth am flllllll f Ill A BAY STATE GLASS lN9OldCwlmx A tu uth B n11,n1l11a1I1 11x C fu NC FEDERAL GLNSS CO lll I NC - - - - Cmzlpfnmwlt fmm I4-1lt1mIqtmtIJruxe. rt we Bu ','f'1HI ' ' K- ' ' ' 1 . ' , - i ' 313 tm N venue L' - LS I Cr AY' f UA, ,L ., I 902 Dtgrehester Axenue - ,- O C exte V, , . . ' A' 4 - 1 ,, , f C t , ter e ,, C 1 , - BC. - " .-'UCI75 C4 'Y' I 'fl I UIPICS -- - 1 A N '- . . I .f . . I fy Rn e0 U ' Ifmmrngl .tm GREGORY S FORMAL WEAR Rental And Sales Tw 0 Conwenlent Lot. xtlon A lt' M xssathusett Ave Arlington Tel 64? 6464 W Mt Auburn Street M Watertown Squ tre 1 Industrral Sctruetural Ornamental AUCIELLO IRON WORKS INC Englneerrng Servrces Rv Western Ave Brlghton M rss 07135 617 7K2 l-H4 Cong: ClIllfC1fIUlIS In the Class 011975 Contlnue educatron wrth the army guaranteed asslgnments ARMY RECRUITING STATION SFC Don Harvey and Sgt Jeanne Kerechanran l IXS W tshlngton Street West Newton 244 4011 9 I T 'Q' s 3- - Aw 1' I in . l " f ' ' l L I f"ul'll1c'f,l' Rucllvff 'fs' 92-1-7070 Open Evenings v -ij 1 . 'g - -- - L b- I - 1 .l .I ' Con raIulc1I1w1vClaw0f 75 W BANNER GLASS P RH 'XS 67 69 Propcut Street wdllhdm I xEHrONl1LL1:C4MbR4 WESTNEWTONLAUNDIRLTII NWA hmmm bmw WL xx uh md IIUII drx I iundry Ck SI RVICE BIAINRLTS SPRI XIJS RUCJS SI IPCOVLRS SALES RENTALS REPAIRS NRI L n CUHIj7fIl1I6lIlN I1 CARL AND BETTY HERSHHELD SILVER LAIXE APPRAISLRS XUCTIOINI LRS T XMI I11nQtLnSIrcLt Num n EXIT I7 MASS PIIxE BOSTON FISH HOUSE CONIPLETE SEAI-OODSL ITALIAN MENU WWA h1nLlnST NEWTONCORNER 4-1 70 MUTSCHLER CABINETS Edd CUSTOM KITCHENS INC Your Kutchen Can Be As lndnvldual As Your Signature Featunng TRADITIONAL STYLING MODERN MEDITERRANEAN EARLY AMERICAN COUNTRY FRENCH sy 'saoo n I r IIN mlm III K. Nl1mI1ru1L I HOUSE OL IU OOO PICTURE FR XNILS 0 . . ., fir' II lxflm O . .. K , E. D. IRL I1 ' CO, L , I . , . . I I'I-l1NIISIINf1RIII X INN 7I I Iurcnuc Iimul TWU-2NI'1 If, V' x H I Y W H Lk V L . Q65-1340 QU! .E . ' , Q Q ,P Q I ' ' . ' ' f T 1379 nxluny., sp NAM 5:13512 'V I Q LI. .X 1 I '. 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M.. . ,...............-. .. . ....................,. ... ......... v., V . .......w.,....-..... ... ..... ... .... . ..... ,.. - --... .........-A-.-Q-... ....,........ ..... .. ... -n- U ,... ........-..........-- ......,... ......W ............ 4-mr. .4-,, ......, ..............., . ......... ... .. U...-...... -.1..., .........-.., ....H-........... ,,,....., ......... ..,.............. mn... .. ....,....... -.........,........ .... ... ..... .........,. .. mm. ....W............-.m.m..... ..... . ......hy ........,.......... ...M-.. ,,.......... ... .....,.,-0-....... ......-..,....... ........... .. ... ...m.......m.-...,.,.. ......Umu.......,,.,...........-... ...,....-.. , .-.....m....u....................m.- .-.4.., ...U ..u... ......-......... .-v4..u..-.A,...,.m. , ... .4-umm-.-...., ......nw V m-wx. ......-,...-W... .............. .... ,........-......... . ........... ,......, Au.. ......-0... -...... .un-. .... ..............................-.. .mn-Vx,....,......m...-.,.q.4..H..-... ...,. ...-W-..-U....-....u4.m... , ,..n.u,. ...... -....n4m..uu.. -....K . ...... .- ...4................x.......-..., ...un ,............n-......--... ,....... ,... 1 ....- ........,., - ,.....,..... 1...--Xx..4.-4.-...-W-......-W ...... ... .4......-H... .... ,.., . 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H...m.f..,f..........,. .-.4 ..-4muuun-.........4-uunununuau...,,...4..1.....-m.... ...-wunnnnan ...Q--.4 . 2. 1 Q .xx 1 J ' w SWE 9153 ?,lv'.g11 . .11 ,M Qx. i-'rg' Nfam- ' A 3. tv 2.m1:f-: 'I' 3.41, Q, 'ri r.'-ew -,sw Q ,Nw-i ,V ,M- fiiigikx 3 . : ' M' cv w Q , 3 'E' ,N W" 33" 5S'53v 1' f X X N w Wx f" JW ' W W W NX N f j s! 'fx f 7 . MW Q Y J 5 1"Q'yf L'm i M 1 mmm A f f 1 fi W p J THE UP AND UP The view from the bar expanded lor miles. The lights ol' the city dotted the sky like the dots in a childs coloring book wait- ing to be connected. The Charles River stretched lazily below, winding its way between the buildings. She sat at the bar. watching lights llick on and ol'l'. changing the picture lormed in the sky. She raised the glass to her lips and sipped the remains ol' the whiskey sour. the ice clicking against her teeth. Leaning against the bar lor support. she struggled to her leet. For a lew minutes she tottered. her head spinning. "How many did drink? One? Tw o'7 No wait. l had more! I think l'd better get out ol' her." Her ey es were hall' open. heavy lrom the whiskey. She pushed her way through the crowd. As she reached the elevator. the doors opened and a sign caught her eye. She mumbled to hersell "the UP and UP. The name sure lits, ex- actly w here my head is going." She stumbled into the elevator. bumping into a body that was leaving. She glanced up brielly into his lace. Strange green eyes. a solt smile. brushed blond hair. "Hmmmm nice" she thought. "Maybe, l should stay. No. l think I'd better go." The doors closed and the elevator slow ly journeyed down to the ground lloor. "Oh this isn't too good lor my insides." She relaxed against the glass window. watching the cars below get closer and closer. Then it stopped. .-X crowd ol' laughing couples poured into the elevator. Shaken by the sudden onrush ol' noise. she groped and stum- bled out ol the elevator. lt was drilling outside. The cold rain splattered against her ey es. The lights she had seen lrom above. now surrounded her. She glanced around nervously. trying to locus on people and lights. On the crowded sidewalk people bumped against her. pushing toward their own destinations. The jostling ol' the crowd thrust her to the edge ol' the road. Cars sped by. their headlights blinding her. She walked oll the curb and into the street. She checked quickly lor any policeman who might stop her. then turned toward the trallic. She extended her arm and stuck her thumb out. Slowly. she walked backwards. Oecassionally she would trip over a hole in the pavement or a can thrown lazily to the gutter. She continued trudging. as the llilssllll' evil ' f. i . lrom the puddles m the street. lhe ixiiii vwlllll .i.' gf' l drops on her hair rellccted the lielits She was tired. She leaned ztgzliilsl a piili: ' port. Her hand rose and wiped tlie wet flair ltr.: Then slowly she resumed her psoition X on stopped a lew Ieet in lront ol her. lhe trom door l , . voice called to her. 'tfiet in. belorc j.ou'rc Stull A,-11 s 1- ' the car. her leet heavy and slow hs she ic tel elf . . 5 i in and asked. "Vyliei'e are you goin: "" llic lioi' g replied, "I don't know. iust gel inf' She could see three other people vtsltlc lrom tlic had just spoken to her. She llcsllitletl lor .i mon. shrugged her shoulders. "'vNilia1 the hell' Noilizzia ' l lo g and settled into the lront sCLtl. "Where are you coming Irom."i my dark haircfi 'i back seat asked. "The UP and U P." "Fancy place. huh?" "Yeah l guess you could say that." Then the driver spoke. "Hi Lisa." Her heartjumped. The voice was so lamiliar. Scenes ot coltl winter nights llooded her mind. They were memories dug up lrom their hidden place in her Pttsl. Slow ly she leaned lorwartl to look at his lace. She hesitated. a sticky sort til' lear stuck in her throat. "Hi Paul. Long time no see." .AX nervous laugh escaped her. "Yeah, l guess you could say that." Suddenly he pulled the car over to the curb and threw it into park. " drive." "Yeah, sure, okay," and his eyes looked at her. wondering. They both climbed out ofthe car. Paul slid in l'irst. sitting very close to her. He put his hand to her cheek. and brushed it gently. "So Lisa, how've you been?" And he smiled so soltly. .llariri Colliris ZQQ THE PARTAY Each person was a musical note as the page filled and formed a symphony of discord and rarestharmony. Composing lists of the dead while her friends danced and laughed and body-loved. Cold and empty house the stereo could not warm her nor drawing nor thoughts of old lovers. She tried and saw a blond body before her until it burst and flattened and floated towards the south. ' Please come please come at the party they danced She covered her ears with shaking hands but they thought only of parking garages red lights and the time he kissed her so hard She had to laugh. lt was midnight and her page all filled he certainly gone no longer summer when he was tanned and she cooling brown in shorts . . . The radiator burned her while they unknowingly danced. Amy Shoolman 1 ON CRUISING AND '69 CAMARo's if Undoubtedly, cruising is as much a part of High School life as cafeteria lunches. lt is debatable, though, as to just how important cars are to High School students. ome people will say that lifebe-r gins at I6 112, with the issuing of a driver's license. This is an exaggeration, of course: the truth is that anyone who is not living by I6 lf2 will not find life in a four-speed transmission. 1 On the other hand, cruising cannot be written off as just a way of killing time which could be killed in dozens of other ways. Cruising is more than going from here to there, it is even more than going from here, around and 'around and around, and back to here again. lt is actually the forging of a link be- tween a person and a car. This link should not be considered evidence to dismiss cars as mere phallic symbols, however, It is actuallytcomposed of every person who has ever been in the car. As the link is forged, acquaintances are molded into friends, and friend into close friends. Many people doubt the value of a relationship which is formed around an automobile. ln truth, the relationship is very difficult to evaluate: anyone who cruises is a part of the link which binds him to the car, and therefore cannot look at that link objectively. L Recently, a friend said to me, "l can't understand what you see in that car." I said, "Neither do I," and it was a good answer..When my vision has cleared enought to let me see exactly what there is in that car, then it will be time for me to find a new way to get from here to there. i F THEM 'sn P UL.- -AAS N HOOK 'Hiillll www inf 2, . X fvki xy, ,J ' r ,Q Q 'X - x i' W Aww- ---,Q-M -1. , M8704 V'I':z"t'd.L wsu gg.: , - +"7-"'2L'2'LJf'P.,. "' 'K lil!! in yn wg U 1 s ..., N uumi .f un we 1' ' 'vm Em ucuwcu HFS! WTI' ' um gm mx xx w .W ,.,.,.f. -q 'vm -: " x, . 5 .. N vu- -'-"""' '.--- ff 'tiff-41' ,cm '. 9-.-. x. x C' 'v el. 1, fi ' L! A KN A - fl, A 1 '5-'s. h 415 A is "'A. L UE. ll -Z' JE-ZX" ig ' ,Q anti 1 if 4 Y 4 .2mf.f,....I..- A ....,..,... , P-..... 4, 5 nnuvg-qnnn I". 944. .1-f' " J'1J'?'1'?i3"f1 rd, 304 -.'. 1-,s V- S 9 r Y W Y i u I 4'- ... f I wa., 3 ' 5 I .K Q . ' ! 6 5' .Q ku , 1 4 "5 ' ' Q 'ij 4 A 1 t My 9 , wk Q K fe MA 'W H5 'T . Q A 3' s Ex Yr 3 Q "'V 1 A sw b l avi, --RW " Q "2' , A ,ii 4 0 As W X Z?-.. ,IAW -iff' A, 4 W - - I N, X. I I , s . I J f V' - ' Q ' . ' 1,4 O f 1 H . T -Af 'ln Q 9 . 44- 'Al' 12' ,,. h H 1 I 6 'Q I N K... Q Q fa ' V, -'i,,,1-mf. mi, ,ai ' 4 . -dw' 4' : J' -Q . v ' ii- '

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