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44a at , qu - . -,. X 6 ' Wi-,-. I is ff? ' ' 3" , V r , . 4 fa-A 1' H lc' Jul, . 1' Q f ., r I K I 4 A x r ,... K 4 ' . ' JA' Z ,o WNY ' '75, i':1ov"5.: 5 . 3 Wo , V 1 f 1 ff. 11 .' 1 . r , .9 Y x . . . . f via 'W S 1' Q l ,-1, I 0 , 4 1 fr.: , 1 , L v 0 ' f . I 9 0 ' " r I u X . I O I ' X L ' I a Q 11: ' H . ' K" qv I H ' :- qt i 3 'y' .Ol G o v " W , - . W1 ,4 .- k . wr 4. , Q . , ,- - ,vu A-. 1- , 5'-'X'-:A 'JA,g.-ft-gf? U " 'F - ' K 13, ,- .- N '. H , f'9".' ?ig'.fZw,,5gej '1Ui'!'1Iwi,y ' ' ' ' X " n!,,'M m I! ""!' v f We ., W' ' '.'E"..L? 'S' '. QPF" A6 M- . 'w .1 wh - N 51" 'l. ,.qJf'.s" Q fm E' x Y, , ,.. , Hx. uf .4 -1 , .1f' , 1 ""r I Nl' "" 'A ' S I l w 1 I 1 ' I A 1 M.- 11X 1 'Jb.nd..'! ' ax Y ' M .MY REFLECTOR 96 ANNUAL PUBLICATION OF NEWTON JUNIOR COLLEGE NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS VOLUME VII i M" ,i , Q-X KA Fr -. ' I Q ,Q ',.,- Iwi., I 'Z 1 4. "W ... M.. ' . NOWtQn junior CH"- Newton PJ " - ..-y 4. lwrnr Editors Barbara Cosentino and Elizabeth Snow Business Manager Harold Feldberg Advisor Miss Virginia Allen 5, K, 1 w ff . .1 ."7 ? f X ZS Xa Nw AW 4 1 in my " H 1 QUNIOR ta , 1- We 4' Ao 99 lv 6 'MASSAGQ' We the "Reflector Staff" present to you, students and faculty, this year- book in hopes that it will keep your memories of Newton Junior College alive. These pages reflect the chal- lenges, the accomplishments, the ac- tivities, and above all, the friends you made at NJC. ...containi FACULTY PAGE 9 CLASSES PAGE 11 FEATURES PAGE 31 ACTIVITIES PAGE 35 ATHLETICS PAGE 43 fig dedi ated to 7,4 vw vw 1' 1 ' Q' ,mac ' N22 fW!'fWvif, pn' fy if 00h Zig ' Wi? Q ff ' ' fue Q , ,L,, 4 , ,w fs 2 , -is ff tfvfyvi-'w,vf,ff' 0'-S, - yu.. 4 'ww ,fy af 1 x z, -as 1 x fxifn it 5. VW f.!f,f,, , f 4 W X A Q , L f X fwww, W 0, Q fe -AvsqmismfX-eisfadif ,ir -K--' ' Q 1 , o. W Q f"Qx5WN'Q'MN?wQtff f 2,1 fs M k. 'C 24 Wfzif ' ww 4 We 2 Y Q 1QX+2 A ww 1. M 'ff' s f f ' if 0 1, 4X,f lfsswrfvy s 'RVN ini f'x.57 i.'4f :VN W 1,5 sf If qfavsii , Q, , m'9',M -'Asst -ff,-W iz f ff fx? A, fmgl wif fzwf - 4 1 ffffzmlx ya , i2S?e?sf J? 9 ' WYWM, M. , Mr. Jerome Cutting It is with great pleasure that the 1961 Reflector is dedicated to Mr. Jerome Cutting, Chairman of the Engn lish Department, for his contributions as a teacher and advisor. "The spirit of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowlegeu 4 , 1 L? N N A 1 E Q e z , e 41. ., ,XY 0 X 1 4 s X 2' J .A ra, Q. 1 1 j 2 Ei ? X6 ,Q 1 X s - Q ' N, L-5 1 1 x 1 Q -1 x X i ,V fy 1 if X xr X. -: Q, Q . Q 4 e 1 2 .X In ' Faculty takes part in student activities. . 4 . if g.,-v . fr. K W. . af f W W1 A 1, fini: yi 'V .iggnz ,,.x. T J ' ' fl" Q".-'5 , .qi ' X- 'f ' N' ,f Q- 't ' fy ,- 2 ' A ' . ..N.. . .V ., - 2, ' it -wfqp Q "' . s - ass! ,Ng ,,,., f ...M . , ..,, ,, f , Q A, aw In V ,M SPN-fs, . .' F 3 Q 'SN.,f'i.s. W N-1 ,:, ,gif-1,2 . ,. I , , , 42 . f' ' ' ' , , Q Q 4 X ,, r, X X ,,,,, , vm i ,fb Q ,, z W , s fr f " ' L 5 . , mfr 1 " ..,, 4, ' V . 1 f ' 'f f J '4 , 4 W W J " V yy., 0 V f ,f , 30. wg I X, , ,ks 7 K , if rv ,, g .-ZA 4? Au. ,XZ , V K i . W -i4"f'if':eIZtmvf if ,Wi W' ' , " li, . . Q 5 The College picnic is an annual event. Student elections are held twice a year. Sports are an important part of College life. Newton Junior College, like genius, is part inspiration, largely perspiration. In- spiration for NJC came from the Newton community through the School Commit- tee. Well known as pace-setters in public education, Newton citizens were aware of the broadening gap between high school and college-a gap many students and existing colleges couldn't bridge. Since World War II, education beyond the twelfth grade has become a require- ment for many new careers in addition to the established professions. NJC is a school pointing the way-proyiding pro- fessional and vocational training to those who might be denied the opportunity for further education, it is a school for those "on the way up" in education or a career. The spark of inspiration still burns- in members of the faculty, student body, and alumni. Perspiration has nurtured, not dampened the vision of an outstand- ing school making an important contri- bution to American culture. X 2 G WW DlllllUTOR'S MESSAGE It is with more than ordinary pleasure that I take this opportunity to offer personal and official congratulations to those of you who stand proudly and confidently in a fleeting moment of triumph, who can sense in some small Way the rewards of accomplishment in the never-ending quest for enlightenment and fulfillment. You can, I think, take real satisfaction in having come this far in the pursuit of goals which you yourselves have set. But satisfying as this moment may be, you cannot-as I know you will not-regard your progress to now as complete triumphg complacency is a foolish luxury none of us can af- ford in a complex and dynamic era which makes exacting demands of the human mind and spirit. Constant, thought- ful, and energetic pursuit of excellence is an inexorable requirement of our times. We can only hope that your experience at Newton Junior College has provided you with those insights into the arts of living that will support and sustain you in your further and continuing efforts to make life real and worthwhile both for yourselves and your fellowmen. 6 Mr. Charles W. Dudley f f f NXNQ W 1, if "Wm ,fx , . nw 'si rw '-iff' X, - 3512! Q fb, ,,, rw gy, s .s,yfs,,y, ,rw 9 HW' ' sw AJ S. v' , .1534-' fax '-' M ,f 5. ' E- is ' fff2'1f ff f i 4-,xy ' s v 1 w y SS iff" W ff f 4, Wf, Dean of the College Dean of Student Personnel Director Charles W. Dudley Charles D. Merrill John Flynn able, efficient administration There have been some changes in our administration this year. Under the able directorship of Mr. Dudley, NJC has gone forward in the educational field. Dr. Merrill has been elevated to the position of Dean. Mr. Poock has added the title of Manager of Services to that of Bursar. The students are Well guided and advised by Mr. Flynn, Dean of Student Personnel and Mrs. Dorothy Wadman, Dean of Women. YS? Entertaining 8 Bursar and Manager of Services Harvey Poock ' , ,M y f , ' S , Wi? ,W ' :WN , , ' X 'F ,fi 2 ,12-Avi!" . , ' 2 , i f i .f f WX , i N . ,ei ,AA X -Q C " G -I i' ,114 f Dean of Women Dorothy Wadman We will always remember the NJC faculty for the intellectual doors they opened. The faculty constantly pre- sents new ideas and challenges to the student. Their teaching is in the finest college tradition. -' . V i f' 1' .rt ' V H, .K 4 s 0 Miss Virginia Allen Mr. Francesco Miss Martha Bliss Argento faculty continues expansion Mrs. Ann Collins ' ' ,wji-'T .r ' ' 'fffwz af , V lv' + .fy . 5 4' liuls e 'c ' f ' W "f i '.v1, 1 rl' 'ff .V if V F iasl,r V J Mr. Robert Hybels Mr. Jerome Cutting Mr. Charles Fielder Mrs. Mabel Greeley Mr. Alfred Hoose y f,A 11 ' A P. ,ff 01 fl 6 f Z, i ' 4 f ? Q f? 7 f W' ay! fr 4, A ,. g L fx 1 , tif. , ja gy! W .ZYZ 5? ,-722 Mr. Leo Judge Miss Eleanor "Bull Pen" Mrs. Joan Lewis Lindemann Mr. David Miller Miss Mildred Poli Mr. John Schuler .Ah ,313 ,...n-r 'Qt NOT PICTURED Mrs. Joan Alonso Mrs. Dora Baker Mr. Lawrence Bartnick Mr. Alfred Bloom Mr. Charles Chase Mr. Stanley Gardner Mr. Arthur Klein Mrs. Inge Marcuse Mrs. Miriam Ritvo Mr. Jack Shapiro Mr. Richard Steinbach FAC L'l'Y I X X X ff ,Mg N X X Q f 2 Q agffg ,H K ,my fray 14,54 if c QZPYXM k X I j .yy 1 My I if S gf JZ f s 1 fff, , f 4,4 " ' smrffx S557 . -, X ,V up . . ,. , if ,r'r , IN, ,'.-,1 .. his Mfg , X Q Q K f Z f I x,' x 4 X Q f A Q xg' J 315-v X W ,gf ,E-5, "' "wx .W SFX? ,, 5- e . lz5?Xg Xf1Qf-gf - .r,Qf,g!7-4' i 4: ' ' 'Q A , Qi 5 7 2 f M as WZ Mrs. Selma Mr. George Winter Stonberg Mr. Charles Towle Mr. David White Mrs. Jo-Ann Bishop Registrar 1 Mrs. Barbara Stanton, Mrs. Bertha Bleiwas, Mrs. Ozell Briggs, Mrs. Beatrice Hampe Secretaries 'Q 1 OT lg f25 1 f LN m Mk A1 W CLASSES Chester G. Baker 91 Westchester Road Newton, Massachusetts J Mary J. Adorno 33 Oak Street Wellesley, Massachusetts em 1"' 'V' I YYllll2:llI'l A. .D1'0fl1'lCK 309 Cherry Street West Newton, Massachusetts I3 Barbara A. Cos-entino 8A Edward Street Medford, Massachusetts Wm s Q Marilyn P. Damon 152 Walnut Street Braintree, Massachusetts 2, 2 af a fi' Michael J. Delouchry 8 Fairbanks Avenue Wellesley, Massachusetts 0 IO CQ, ' 'E 0 I ' 0 1 Il' Q H A QQ CHH CHR I4 sis 7 X 4 au f Alan Deutsch 10 Alden Street Newton Centre, Massachusetts ' i Y .L 4, HOME swear . ,ui- ,K,x,2 HOME l i,,-- .-if-' "RWM TW iv? i fa 'Q 3 Matt ,WM Joel S. Geller 19 Dania Street apan, Massachusetts John Hoar 23 Cleveland Road Wellesley, Massachusetts Sidney Grace 17 Cotter Road Waban, Massachusetts J' N ' C Q -iv b, n me f Wm ,1 Paul H. Katz 5 Oliver Road Belmont, Massachusetts WU Ruth L. Katz 312 Tappan Street Brookline, Massachusetts O ..,. Lawrence D. Maffiola, Jr. 19 Manhatten Terrace West Newton, Massachusetts Patricia T. MacEwen 462 Watertown Street Newtonville, Massachusetts X fx WL Q as 7 ,fi ,Lin 5,1 Margaret W. Martin 36 Cleveland Road Wellesley, Massachusetts A fa. L in ll f Herbert G. McKinney 370 Linwood ,Avenue Newtonville, Massachusetts BSR 1 9 ,m, - X :J Y, W :- , fa f .5 1 fi Margaret L. Mosher 297 Wavereley Avenue Watertown, Massachusetts 42? s Michael F. McNeil 70 Williams, Street Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts 41 r f K a., f X Q .l X X h X j S 20 J on S. Mucci 44 Old Lexington Road Waltham, Massachusetts 'di 7 1 it X W X f Q N 1, if f ' , I . 'mf - ' 'fvyff' K .. ,. f' M ae .h s 'il 'H'-f'-,fvisv-yu-1. I 2 1 S' Harry G. Nichols 371 Lincoln Street Waltham, Massachusetts VT ea HIYUR , . I R ESTGURHNT , fr X Arne Parma 138 Hancock Street Auburndale, Massachusetts X4 A X ' Joseph H. Nugent, Jr. 328 Hudson Road Sudbury, Massachusetts HAVE R COKE V 56 L H Charles Pauline 400 Winchester Street Newton Highlands, Massachusetts P ., u j f 2 A -:NJ ' 43 on , X Richard P. Rhodes 32 Bruce Road Waltham, Massachusetts I r , ..- Richard G. Simeone 309 River Street Waltham, Massachusetts I- ' X fl . I R ca-453 Michael A. Ross 509 Clinton Road Brookline, Massachusetts Barbara C. Storer 221 Winslow Road Waban, Massachusetts Kg "' S1 25 Joseph H. Tobin 35 Jerome Avenue West Newton, Massachusetts f ff Aff f gs O x fo K I Brenden J. White 273 Cabot Street Newtonville, Massachusetts MH. Lorraine M. West 9 Claflin Road Brookline, Massachusetts l Q CE, 47 1 Q: UQ, Q xxxxx ! ze ww i ff William F. Willis 29 Oak Street Newton Upper Falls, Massachusetts an f N 1 A """' 'W A ff FRESHMAN 2 5 5' ff CLASS CLASS PRUPHECY Well friends, this is your friendly an- nouncer-I am glad to see so many here at the tenth reunion picnic of NJC's class of 1961. I have been informed by Barbara Cosentino, chairman of the picnic commit- tee, that there is plenty of liverworst and provolona for all-no shoving please! Now let's catch up with a few of our friends. Over near the tables I can see Dick Rhodes, Chairman of the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Tractors. Tch, tch take your hand out of the cookie box. Mrs. Stonberg is passing out vanilla ice cream for everyone and Dr. Merrill has the coke. Margret Martin, Social Director at the U. N., has planned lots of games for today. At one table near the swings are Joel Geller, manager of the Celtics, Bill Willis, part- owner of Sarni's, Jon Mucci, the treehouse magnate, and Mike Ross, head manicurist at Marilyn Damon's Beauty Saloon. They seem to be enjoying a long game of whist. Speak- ing of swings, the woman who is singing with such gusto is Mary Adorno, the famous Metropolitan alto, with her is Sidney Grace. her accompanist on the harp. At a table by the tennis courts, I can see Mr. and Mrs. Alan Deutsch changing the diaper of their tenth child. Isn't it handy that daddy drives the Dydee Diaper truck? Trying to amuse the child is the current teenage idol, Bill Broderick and his Thump- in' Three Joseph Tobin, John Hoar, and Joseph Nugent. Eaing a pickle, is Paul, owner of the Katz Briefcase Co., and he still has his hat on folks. Paul. try some of Barbara Cosen- tino's lasagna, it's delicious too. It came straight from her Italian restaurant "Cosen- tino's Hideaway". Shooting marbles near the drinking foun- tain, I just spotted Chester Baker who is now raising Fox Terriers and Mike Delou- chry, an instructor in Cha-cha at Charlie Maffiola's Cha-cha Palace. Larry had to change his name so he could use Wildroot Cream Oil. Playing badminton at the far end of the field are Lorraine Mosher, Chairman of the Nursing Dept. at NJC, and Pat MacEwen. her assistant. Their opponents are Dick Rhodes and Dick Simeone who is just back from the races at Seabring. The athletic equipment for the picnic has been provided by the YWCA, compliments of Arne Parma. Friends, I have just been handed a letter by Brendon White, the Boston Post Office's chief messenger boy, from Lorraine West. She regrets that she is unable to be here today because of Mike McNeil's birthday party. I guess that the society in Manhat- ten moves pretty fast. By the side of the pool, I can see Herb McKinny, Olympic diver, and Harry Nichols, who is a professor of Home Ec. at a nearby junior college for girls. They seem to be enjoying themselves, reminiscing about the good old days at NJC. A head just popped up in the center of the pool. It looks like Ruth Katz. School is out, so she is on vacation too. Over by the diving board is Barbara Storer, 1971's Sec- retary of the Year. Well, I guess that's all folks-I hope to see you all again in 1981 X v X2 x f 2 QQ Xi FEATURES X ! :I MEL? X QLQS5? A3542 f r N Qs , XX. - I "Getting to Know You" Happy Talk" ' is 855. A Strike Up the Band" -" ff, i , Y 1 X xl "Missouri Waltz" mX,"fL gf 'XQZ'5"A ' yr x ,ffif ,-fi SWS fe Wa! J If you win ,., Anizff' , 39 f . K tudent Councll nv P It's a hard job! "Just make an 'X', Dick!" y mt. XX..- if Q 5' H: . , . ' Z 'f- X 'kbfflfvzll , , n 1 L f ff Q x my 3 Z2 f x 2 i. 9 I f f' ,ff , , J f Q 0 4' ea 1 10' P f,, "Y 463112 A, ,Q , ,.., .. f A ,v aw Fan Club? ? ? Nw S ,, f 9 A., Qu- Mg 1, f s w 1 Y' Yak' ,W M 4 f fl 22? Z Elections V af' f f 9 , X s W W J 11 fn , s. ,Nj ,M 2 M ,g UM. Big deci 4 ff f f W X N , X , 5 1 l 3 X Z 1 ,Z li 1 it May the best man win!! Student Council elections are an exciting part of the school year. Student enthusiasm reaches its peak at this time. Artistic post- ers and pep talks are some of the devices that are used to arouse the student body's interest. The efforts were Well rewarded on election day by a large turn-out. 35 sion!! Fludrej Tavamb Tor Se,-,fgfuve l RePre For what? ? ? ? Tammany Hall ' E IGH PRIJM "A Kiss for the Queen" sr f Q1 x if 1 I W' r ' Margaret Martin-1961 Prom Queen "Honored Guests" 36 The NJC Prom of 1961 was one of the many which has maintained the high stand- ards of the Social Board. Among those in the receiving line were Mr. and Mrs. Wad- man, Mr. and Mrs. Flynn, Dr. and Mrs. Mer- rill, and the director of the college, Mr. Dudley and his Wife. On the dance floor, the faculty were Well able to keep up with the students. The enjoyment of all the guests could not have been better expressed than by their continuous dancing. The Ventre band which was selected had excellent music. It was an eight piece orchestra which included a talented singer. They played a wide variety of dances, one after the other, to which all danced. For the first time, the Social Board bought favors for the dance. Each couple received two, half-sized beer mugs. The mugs were white with the school seal in gold. Charlotte Randall and Chris Moore 'W' "Dancing in the Dark" f ,gf ' fwn rm Q fm r T' ., ,.... . . f ...... 1 . is i 'wmv-' Q' val sq! A Overlooking the Ballroom "The Melody Lingers On" 75 J.. 'X 4 fx f if 1 X ff Ww gy ? Q K fwwwxa ,W 1 W ,, We 24 X . .KN A ,fi rf' at I W gf ... . W ,H 'mi s. W , . W D i ml .X f ,nn X I is AN., 5,-'17 si 2 X. -ow if 3 The Politburo This year a banquet was held for those students who have done much to further activities on the campus. A dinner was held at Ken's Steak House to honor these - students. Faculty advisors were also present. The banquet was a grand finale, climaxing a very en- joyable year. 'Xf I , KL ff A 4 ,,f 1, ff, aff fi Knights of the round table "Hail, hail, the gang's all here" W M 'M 292 ' 9- lt ...Ms ,X f W ff f X W X ,g x f W 571' W VW 1 WARIIS DAY The annual Awards Day was held at Memorial Auditorium, Newton City Hall, on May 24, 1'961. At this time letters for team sports and cheerleading were awarded, and nine students were given the Distinguished Merit Certificate for outstanding contribu- tions to the school. Scholarships were an- nounced for first-year students who had maintained a high average. The Newton Junior College Book Award, given by the alumni, was received by Harold Nicholsg a book was given to the college library in his name. Mr. Nichols, valedic- torian of the class, gave an interesting speech on "What Are We?". 5 in M Q, L Z ' V ' f W 5 SK 4 'Wa z 4 lm.. . The Class gift to Dr. Charles D. Merrill .la til? Aiiefi "as x .4 , 'lk Recipients of Distinguished Merit Certificates The Valedictorian ........-A gum N . X it .ju 5-9, -cf'-s 4, -,J 'S' Newton Junior College Glee Club X Xix Our Director, Mr. Chas. Dudley X u-'1':,1 1 I if P42 '11 rj Mrs. Louise Shea Faculty members A scholarship for My M M WW V, Wx, , A any f G ff fs, ff y Z znwww W WWNQ , aww, x ' Party Poopers? 4-Q V x-A vu PRI G PIC IU Good thing she Wears P.F. Keds" A Modern Dance Enthusiast A Wadman curve! My The Auburndale Playground was the scene of the Newton Junior College Spring Picnic. Baseball, badminton, and other games were the feature attractions. A buffet lunch satisfied the hunger pangs of all Who at- tended. An enjoyable time was had by all! , .. , 2 K ' Q' ' F , -3 5' V lv r are l iff! I., , .4 L eg. , 'S iv 0. Dr. Malcolm S. Knowles. The Processional GRAD ATIO The 14th annual graduation of Newton Junior College was held on June 11, 1961 at Memorial Auditorium, Newton City Hall. The procession was led by Dr. Charles D. Merrill, Dean of the College, and Richard Rhodes, Student Marshal. After the Invocaton, given by Rev. Wilbur J. Kingwill, greet- ings were made by Dr. Charles E. Brown and the Honorable Donald L. Gibbs. The Commencement Address "Planning for Life-Long Learning" was given by Malcom S. Knowles. There were fifty-one Associate in Arts and As- sociate in Science Degrees awarded, the largest class in the history of the College. Eleven students received Certificates. Eight students graduated with distinction. It is expected that at least sev- enty-five percent of the Class will go on to four- year colleges. "Congratulations ! " I I 5 X i L if The Recessional Www 2 sim 'aw Z Meeting the speakers t Faculty and Friends f fx, vw, Q. f Q. 6 .X v K 'f , ,, j t "Did you get the right diploma?" 1 .ve .fit N U FDRUM This year, students, under the direction of Mr. Robert Hybels, staged a mock Presi- dential Convention at the Claflin School. The Republicans were represented by David Pierce and James MacKinnon, the Demo- crats by Don Kula and Don Marden. After the forum, voting was held, and the Demo- cratic Party was victorious. Nixon will lead the way.. 46 The Democratic Ticket Kennedy promises that . . . The Republican Ticket K N-ff U05 X EQQE py,A,fA ,ACTIVITIES F af , " REFLEUTUR " STAFF Seated: G. Cooper, B. Cos- entino, H. Feldberg. Stand- ing: E. Snow, F. Stern, M. Bothfeld, P. Gaudet. After a delayed start, the "Reflector" staff Worked extremely hard and long to get the yearbook finished by June. With the help of Herb Gallagher, the school photographer, all the important INTERNATIUNAL CLUB 48 events in the school year were covered. This yearbook would not' have been possible Without the able help of Miss Allen, the advisor. The International Club is a group of students of many different nation- alities. Among the most pleasant activities of the club are the guest lec- tures and dinners at the homes of the members. Seated: U. Bender, L. Maf- fiola, R. Crosby. Standing. F. Stern, H. Feldberg, B Clickstein, G. Sabatini, R Seigel. The Harvest Dance Twenty-five students have been in- volved in Social Board activities under the guidance of Dean Wadman. With the leadership of Bob Siegel ffirst semester? and Margret Martin two formal dances, a theater party and NJC night at the "Pops" were planned. These are only a few of the events which were planned for the student's amusement. 0UIAL B01-lllll ...- X X f f . . ' The NJC Prom 44" it Seated: L. Lieberman, B. Clickstein, M. Martin fchairmanj, R. Seigel. Standing: F. Stern, J. Lally, H. Feldberg, R. Crosby, B. Whitty, L. Maffiola, G. 49 JS N.. Cooper, B. DeCarlo, S. Snow, A. Tavanis, C. Salvini, A. Deutsch. TUDENT 0ll CIL Seated: B. Cosentino, D. Rhodes, C. Salvini. Standing: P. Katz, N. Yanco, E. Richard. The Student Council, under the direction of Mr. George Winters, has been very active this academic year. Among the activities they have planned and supervised were the College picnics, the World Clothing Drive. ATHLETHIBUARD Seated: B. Cosentino, Joel Geller, M. Spano. Standing: P. Feld- berg, R. Morse, A. Kassatly. 50 purchasing of class rings, and the Activi ties Banquet. It is a credit to the school that the Student Council functions so effec- tively and efficiently. The Athletic Board consists of six members under the direc- tion of Mr. Leo Judge. Its main functions are to buy equipment and uniforms for the athletic teams and provide equipment for extra-curricular activities. v l' ' 1: ' ' ' , ..,, 1 . :N ,-A.. . K , . l . , x Zy f ...,. ' ww ff? if 15. 4 'visf fi- W l'9 llllll E CUMMITTEE Seated: B. Cosentino, S. Purifi- cato, V. Sawyer, A. Tavanis Standing: M. Needle, G. McGov- ern, R. Simeone, W. Willis, E Richard, M. Ross, W. Brodrick, L. Maffiola, J. Nugent, T. Bank- man, C. Paulino, R. Rhodes, N. Yanco. The House Committee, under the direction of Virginia Sawyer, has done a magnificent job this year. The main project they undertook was the complete renovation of the lounge. Their success shows the spirited enthusiasm of the club. GRIFF The school newspaper, the "Griffen" is published monthly and acts as a voice of the student body expressing their ideas and opinions Under the supervlsion of Elwa- beth Snow the staff produced many well written articles that were enjoyed by all ----.f b - I C - Seated: B. Cosentino, E. Snow, M. Bothfeld. Standing: H. Feld- berg, G. Cooper, V. Filosi, G. McGovern, F. Stern. . , -i junior Collctlb L"-'mfV Newton Public Schools, Mass' E 3' am K 4-md ms-mquQ.....f...,,W..m..,..,.. xg! ff X A if Vw, A Y wa, xv x I , M 5 w Q "Now, Mr. Babcock .... " 5 A Z V, N1 ig . .AFT X -,Q-sl' "On your knees-brother!!"' DRAMA CLUB F ,,,, - THE CAST AND CREW: P 2 X tg' up Jan ............ . . . . . . . . . . Gail Wax wx N Rob ........ .. Norman Yanco V 'V we fl Elizabeth ...... ..... M arjory Leben ,, iw " Mrs. Talmadge ..... Margot Fitzgerald 'I ':Qa it , Mrs. Babcock .. Diane Kanter Mr. Babcock . . . . . Ted Atkinson Director ....... .. Mrs. Wadman ...ALB Assit. director . . . . . . Joyce Wolman Prompter ...... .. . Janet Feiner Sound effects .. . . . David Pierce nv' I -ff ... 1. T ,Ny x.,f xf 4 5 I I Mark it down as a "first": N.J.C. now has a dramatic club. A small but loyal group persevered and finally presented an open dress rehearsal of "I Love You Truly", a one-act comedy. Final performance Will have to Wait until fall. A triumphant smile! Vx 'W . Wg? J ""'4gW, 'fm ir 5 lag 'Q '3g,Ji D57 was Flowers for our director candidl Y I I I 5 uf ., f f' , egg, Q5 ef Q , 1 Mkfkq 1 I f-xg 4 lv I ff "7 Come 11" V. .,L-' 1,5 ati XIQMW. .- ",, 15:4 xx X ff ' .- , , , 1. It 2 I 5 fwfx I I T ' 3 x'x' ff I I I Belles of the Ball "Sleepy-time guy" I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I , A I I "Fred, hold on" II "Look out world, here I come!" ' I ,I QW I , If... 1 , I I I "What'l1 you have" "DOM Call me, I'll call you!" I is I I I sz: MU' I I I I I I I I I 5V "Wi1'e tapping " I I I S' W MQXV ,f , X X49 u""VVhu,,M a M C6 2 'JS faq ,f 5 4 SPORTS W5 I 1 , W., D, f W 15' i at f ff .... f X X3 1 A , ly fl9'w,f..... -L: , if l .. ,fu B X ,Myne f ' V f' ,Q ,f Q sf ,Mft . , A-, . B tai :MGMT N W ,,E?"4' 4, g K ,mg ' JET' ' Y. X E K ' 4 'E J 3 ' 2 f ' ' x f s f ' K - , . xx, 4 , William Burndt Richard Morse N.J.C. N.J.C. N.J.C. N.J.C. N.J.C N.J.C. N .J .C N.J.C N.J.C. N.J .C N.J .C NJ .C BA KETBALL CUREBUARD Burdette . . . Chamberlayne Optometry . Emerson . . . Cambridge Broadcasting Chamberlayne Mass. Art .. Emerson .. Mass. Art .. Cambridge Broadcasting Optometry . Burdette .. if Kneeling: William Burndt, Theodore Tanner, Ernest Lamb, Joel Geller, Donald Marden itzindmgz Stuart Lasoff, Richard Morse, Robert Bornstein, Frederick Stern, Theodore o ow. 5 6 I X 35 li . The Newton Junior College quintet broke their own school record of most points per game by outscoring the Cambridge School of Broadcasting 113-38. All the players on the team scored, and four players had more than fifteen points. After this score the team tried to get a game with the Celtics. "strategy" Fred Stern Stu Lasoff Y Y" "Msg .1 A 35 , 4 Q Nw. 2 Joel Geller You little rascal! Watch out, chubby! 57 in X' X ' Kg, " :I 'Z V XZA - V , ,JSM ggfyfii . 'X , 1 5 I Catch! Up in the air Junior Birdman N i 1 I i E F r r z 2 F - v I Ernie Lamb r F It's a bird, it's a plane . . . CHEERLEADER This year the cheerleaders spurred our team on to great heights. Four new girls and two substitutes were added to the squad. In the second year of existence, the cheerleaders did a professional job. Some of our prettiest co-eds The Victory Cheer Fight Team Fight 59 V . wwf , M ff. iffy rg W., W, WM ff O I we wi' " M 'V wi Q' is ,PWA Q, ...xg , V1 K ' ,fic Y' XA - .An -. an .V ,Q f A 'Kat E55 3 ' Y, Swv .- N A '. 152151 MW if U If ff ' W fr.-rf k . 'f' ' A . fm wg- 5 . . - , , f' f Wx " B35 eq:?"7'2QW' "W wif: ' 5 'V I v. 145' - 4 , T- f'f',:f.Q' XX 'NW f Y fff xx W: fx K 1 1,1 1 A 4 if ff W X -pw fn N , Q' ' . Ng, I 0 g, 7, n ,Uv "One, two-cha, cha, cha" , ,Eyes X X X Q32 ,gt "Campus Cuties" mwnm "Be sociable! " "False alarm" 62 "Regulation A or D qv 1 l l I l REVIEW x 1 u l I 1 E l l in L an l I "Bottom's up" Who said that?" was 7 xx, "Camera conscious ?" I l l I I 1 i I l I w V Will they turn green?" "Ever since we ran out of 63 Lady Chatterley's L o v e r things have been slow" CLASS lllCTl0NAIlY Active-Arthur Lewis Adorable-Judy Bromolow Agile-Clyde Grubs All American.-Joel Geller Amiable-Harvey Bray Appealing-Gerald McGovern Artistic-Vinny Filosi Athletic-Ernie Lamb Attractive-Margaret Martin Bashful-Ted Kolow Beautiful-Ginny Connors Bright-Harry Nichols Bubbly-Mary Adorno Capable--Roberta Orenbuch Charming-Ruth Karp Chatterbox-Ruth Katz Cheerful-Donna Beckett Classy-Diane Dana Clever-Mat Needle Collegiate-Mike Ross Comedian-Alan Deutsch Cool-Harold Feldberg Courteous-Herb McKinney Crazy Legs-Dick Morse Cute-Roberta Forsberg Dainty-Helen Dana Bashian Delightful-Arthur Kaplan Dependable-Brendon White Don Juan-Erik Stern Efficient-Michael Steele Entertaining-Bill Broderick Enthusiastic-Ginny Sawyer Exotic-Carolyn Goldstein Friendly-Paul Gaudet Good-Natured-Jon Mucci Graceful-Beverly Back Handsome-Arnie Palma Happy-Fred Moscone Helpful-Francis Griffen Inseparable-Dick Rhodes 8L Sheila Purifi- cato Intelligent-Margot Fitzgerald International-Ursula Bender Interesting-J oe DeStephano Joker-Phil Feldberg Kind-Chris Salvini Leader-Charlie Merrill Likeable--Chris Moore Little-Stan Liner Loquacious-Gene Richard Lovely-Lorraine West Manly-Fred Stern Muscle Man-Burton Baker Musical-Larry Maffiola Neat-Cecelia Butera N ice-Mary Bothfield Peppy-Paula Legere Petite-Valarie Maloof Photogenic-Derry Patterson Pleasant-Lorraine Mosher Pixie-Elaine White Polite--Phil Jenks Popular-Barbara Cosentino Quiet-Barbara Storer Regular-Richard Hoffman Romantic-Joel Cohn Sensational-Charlie Freedman Sentimental-Sally Stonberg Serious-Ken Hale Shy-Paul Katz Smiley-Jimmy Cookery Sociable-Pat MacEWen Studious-Richard Simeone Stylish--Janet Troccoli Sweet-Marilyn Spano Suave-Michael Delouchry Talented--Herb Gallagher Talkative-Audrey Tavanis Terrific-Laurence Lieberman Thoughtful-Ingrid Schroeter Tiny-Steve Shaubell Versatile-Betsy Snow Vivacious-Pauline Smith Witty-Ronnie Berg Zany-Jerry Hulak I s LANG 8. TAYLOR, INC Manufacturer of the KELTON IOO Felton St. Waltham 54, Massachusetts Orders Taken For Special Occasions - -SSEELWZ' b.fA""4 -' -- X ' SUBMARINE SANDWICH SHOP Home Of The Original Sub A 9l2 Main Street-Waltham, Mass. Sam Corrado Prop. TWinbrook 3-9684 FRENI'S ESSO SERVICE CENTER Complete Servicing Tune Up 81 Repairing Tires - Batteries - Accessories Road Service Front End Alignment 8. Wheel Balancing Spec. Mass. State Official Inspection Station 570 SOUTH ST. WALTHAM, MASS. TW 3-9328 Ill vii 1 Y A study in .... GOOD MUSIC Symphonic light music show tunes opera JJJJ 133oAM E F"1VI 102.5 REED'S FILLING STATION Corner Trapelo Rd. and Lexington St. Tel. TW 3-9540 Your Personal Store In Foods and Needs Including SS Pierce Quality Foods VERONlCA'S 1060 Main St. Waltham Store Hours 7:00 A.M. to 11:30 P.M. NICKERSON 81 HILLS 917 Main Street Waltham 54, Massachusetts interior decorators - TWINBROOK 4-1952 - Custom Made Draperies Handprints and Scenics Schumacher Fabrics Artists Supplies Drapery Rods Draftin S li Window Shades Venetian Blinds Strahan Wallpapers Q UDP 95 Benjamin Moore Paints Cabot Stains Pettit Marine Paints TW 4-3401 Open Sundays and Holidays Jim 81 Al gan' playa., TWinbrook 3-3806 9 1 fs Moody Stationery Cv., Inc. Office Furniture 84 Equipment Office Supplies sANKs SQUARE si-:ELL Mel Mezzone, Prop. 962 Main St. CBanks Squarel TWinbrook 3-9405 Waltham 54, Mass. Tune-Ups With Dynavision Bob Senigo 368 Moody Street Waltham, Mass THE WALNUT DELICATESSEN 335 Walnut St, Newtonville LA. 7-5712 Offers You Fast Take-Out Service The Finest In Quality The Best In Prices For Your Eating Pleasure NEWTON FLOWER SHOP iixxx v 899 Walnut Street KW' ilixiix Z '1'1 2 Q 2 3 1 Newton 61, Mass. 1 LA. 7-2900 FOTO BEAM INC. 249 Walnut St. Newtonville, Mass. Tel. DE. 2-123O- 1231 -- 1392 White Prints - Blue Prints Offset Drafting Supplies Compliments of School Supplies 311 Wolfwf Sf- 338 Walnut sf. Newtonville, Mass. Newtonvme NEwToNvn.LE C In t f omp amen s 0 TV AND RECORD Co' THE COTTAGE DONUT SHOPS Latest Pop, Classical, Folk Recordings 829 Washington St. Newtonvme At Diswunt 315 Center St. Newton Corner 321 Walnut St. """"i'e WASHINGTON PARK SILHOUETTE RESTAURANT PHARMACY 334 Walnut Sf. 346 Wglnuf Sf, Newfonville Newtonville 60, Mass. 67 128 TENPIN 40 Lones Bowling At Its Best Free Instructions Compliments of BRAM INC. Battery and Tire Service 252 Wolnut St. Newtonville, Moss. Air Condition ond Sound Proof I-A 7-0835 Meeting Room - Nursery Yeor Around Bowling Plush Food Bor P Automotic Pinspotters Open Doily 9 AM. to I2 P.M. Compliments Sundoy's I P,M. to II PM. Score Projectors "OPEN PLAY ALWAYS" of Route l28 ot Winter St. Wolfram wAL - LEC MUNTCLAIR SERVICE S'l'A'l'l0N uf North Quincy Gr. 2-1200 ,, S I . f . ,, . - - -A. 11- . Q-.. - 68 Compliments of CHARLES MAILLET SIMEONE SPA 8. I33 P t St. GERALD BELLIVEAU rospec Waltham, Mass. PAINTING CONTRACTORS WA'-THAM twat-.brook 4-6525 JOSEPH L. RICHARD TW 9-0087 TW 3-8604 Interior PAINTING Exterior PAPERHANGING 39 Alder Street Waltham, Mass. OUTSTANDING QUALITY FOOD STORES For people who shop for quality and don't mind paying a bit less. 'l'Winbrook 3-8353 Charles E. Frechette TWIN BROOK MACHINE CO. --General Machinists- Tool - Instrument and Model Making Experimental - Electronic Components I I Francis Street- Rear Waltham, Mass. Compliments of MAIN ST. AMOCO Main St. Waltham "THE BARUH The Republic Co., Inc. 25 Kempton Place Box 55 West Newton 65, Moss. SHOES FOR THE FAMILY COMPLIMENTS ROLAND A. BARRETTE D.D.S. ROLAN D M. BARRETTE D.M.D. 2'f..,,,5-,ff ' ',., N--.,. " , When you graduate it's wonderful to have a telephone job waiting for you. You'll love the friendly new people you meet. And you'll like the excellent salary, the regular increases, the opportunities for advancement and the many additional benefits that make working for the Telephone Company so attractive to so many young people. Telephone jobs are important ones. We have our own training program which you can enter without any previous Job experience. Why not come and see our employment interviewer soon . . . before you graduate. Ask the Guidance Counselor at your school to tell you when and where to apply. NEW ENGLAND TELEPHONE . Q 1 , Newton Junior College- Newton, M l0ln1r1vX assachuseffsj I r 1 1 44a at , qu - . -,. X 6 ' Wi-,-. I is ff? ' ' 3" , V r , . 4 fa-A 1' H lc' Jul, . 1' Q f ., r I K I 4 A x r ,... K 4 ' . ' JA' Z ,o WNY ' '75, i':1ov"5.: 5 . 3 Wo , V 1 f 1 ff. 11 .' 1 . r , .9 Y x . . . . f via 'W S 1' Q l ,-1, I 0 , 4 1 fr.: , 1 , L v 0 ' f . I 9 0 ' " r I u X . I O I ' X L ' I a Q 11: ' H . ' K" qv I H ' :- qt i 3 'y' .Ol G o v " W , - . W1 ,4 .- k . wr 4. , Q . , ,- - ,vu A-. 1- , 5'-'X'-:A 'JA,g.-ft-gf? U " 'F - ' K 13, ,- .- N '. H , f'9".' ?ig'.fZw,,5gej '1Ui'!'1Iwi,y ' ' ' ' X " n!,,'M m I! ""!' v f We ., W' ' '.'E"..L? 'S' '. QPF" A6 M- . 'w .1 wh - N 51" 'l. ,.qJf'.s" Q fm E' x Y, , ,.. , Hx. uf .4 -1 , .1f' , 1 ""r I Nl' "" 'A ' S I l w 1 I 1 ' I A 1 M.- 11X 1 'Jb.nd..'! ' ax Y ' M .MY

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