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Newton High School - Smoke Signals Yearbook (Pleasant Hill, OH) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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D-fi. an If VOL, VI 1958 .L JAP- S ,Alma Maier Hail to our Newton High! Grateful are we, Of days we've spent with you, Our praise we sing to thee. May all our friendships be Loyal, strong, and true. Raise high the red and white. We 're proud of you. ffisfvry of Our Schorfl From the schooling of one man's seven children, with those of his neighbor's, in a home before an open fireplace and on seats of wooden sticks, to the first schoolhouse built in 1811, we see a start of education in Newton Township. This school had a clapboard roof, oak door swinging on wooden hinges, and seats from hewn logs. From 1813 to 1875 there were thirteen schoolhouses erected in the township, giving employment to thir- teen teachers. One of these was erected in Pleasant Hill in 1866, serving subdistrict No. 7, and employ- ing that year, Oliver Furnas and Harriet Moore, as teachers. In 1875, erected just west of the present site, a 60' by 62' structure was built. This building consisted of six large rroms heated by steam, as well as a hall on the third floor capable of seating three hundred pu- pils. In 1879 the enrollment reached the total of six hundred and sixty-nine, and twenty-three teachers were employed. In 1921 the district of Pleasant Hill was dissolved and united with the township districts to form Newton Township School District as we know it today. The present building, which includes twenty-five classrooms and a modern cafeteria, was completed in 1923 at a cost of 5250, 000. In 1939 the gym and auditorium were dismantled and the present gymnasium was added. Although additional adjustments have been added, such as an instant lighting system, the soundproof- ing of parts of the building, and the addition of floodlights to the ball field, better educational facilities for our community are needed, therefore the community recently voted the bond issue to install more mod- ern heating units and additional building space. il! .,sNk 'rh- .. Every year on election evening, the school is opened to all parents and friends. This provides an op- portunity for the parents and teach ers to get acquainted. This year over 400 people attended this occa- sion. The P, T, A, serves a soup supper. Our chaff! Open J-louse ,Nzyhf NHS Cfooioozfs "P " Administration Newton School Il juniors Somors School Days Orgomkatzous Sports jumor Hzglz Jroshozon Sooholooros The contents of the 1958 Smoke Signals are an attempt to catch all views and glimps- es of the school year, 1957- 1958. X Smzfkv lglfldfb' a Editor CHARLENE HAINES Business Manager GLEN MCCOOL Typist CHARLOTTE HILDEBRAND Artist SAM MANNING Photographers MONTE UHRIG TERRY SNIDER Additional Typists SENIOR SECRETARIAL PRACTICE CLASS Advisor MR WILBUR LONG Zfreword We, the Smoke Signals Staff of 1957-1958, are proud and happy to present to you, the stu- dents, faculty, and friends of Newton School, our book. We have tried to capture the moments of everyday student life as well as the extra- special happenings. We hope that each and every traveler through our book will enjoy itg now and in years to come. But come with us now as we travel through our book of 1957 1958 Imagine yourself as a student of our school You live for the basket ball games the dances vacations and noon hours You dread tests end of a six weeks per rod and the first day of school Now that an other year of this is over we can look back on it all with me help of our book Srncerely THE STAFF x N V l Associate Editor -------- BONNIE FOUTS ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' l a l l - - - - - - - 1 I l 1 Ms Adminisfrafivn and igh Salma! Zzculfy 'N l.' 9 W- 5 v I.. Grades Asszynmenls ,4dm'c aillucafiau ur sc ool. If h gxv h h student's ch f h g f life after high school graduat p the standards of o h -'3- -lil "THE COUNTY OFFICER" The county superintendent 1S a l1a1son between the state and local schools Upon hrm fall many and varred duttes The co ordrnatrng of these dunes IS carrred out by regularly scheduled meetxngs of the local superrntendents by many trrps to the state offrces by workrng wrth the local teachers or ganrzatlons and by meetrng wtth the county school boards For the past frfteen years the office has been capably handled by Mr Verdon Thompson a former superxntendent of Newton School We wish to extend to hlm the thanks of the communrty for a Job well done m a drffrcult perrod of rrsmg costs and teacher shortage Ralph Warner Boyd Coate Dorothy Coppock Clerk Mr Hurley MR, C V THOMPSON County Superrntendent THE BOARD OF EDUCATION The thrrd Tuesday of each month the board of educatron holds regular meettngs wtth the Supertntendent so that the school may contrnue w1th tts hrgh stand ard of educatron for the com mumty Some duttes are routrne but many are to formulate POIICICS and set goals to be attarned The record of these decrsrons 15 kept by the clerk For the extra hours spent for the splendrd Job done to contrnue the rmprovement of our school ln curnculum and expansron we owe a vote of appreclatron to thrs loyal body Rowland Deeter V1cePres1dent Warren Jackson Presldent Absent W rllram Bashore Plans Prablems Progress 'I ools ind Supplies Przmpal MR, C-XRL B FERGUSON .am : hy -Wfynrfmm' w M' Wlwa AD BC Cedarville Collegeg Graduate Work, Wittenberg and Duke University 0 Ag Shop Supcrznfcndsnf MR, JOSEPH E HURLEY wmv' mia-W""Y"s,m l Ohio Northern Univ Indiana Univ Our Superintendent is the connecting link for tll school groups He must correlate the state county and local requirements into a workable curriculum Among his duties fall the selecting of the school personnel securing necessary equipment transporting of student body and planning for expansion is well as maintaining the building. Our Principal with the cooperation of the high school faculty is responsible for the directing of the secondary school, He does this through performing such duties as helping arrange the schedule handling of discipline problems keeping a record of attendance and scheduling extracurricular activities L: 1 ":J il :lil 'll' I .-'. f, Q , ,QS Lai 1 s ii. 7 :,'1:i:..g:4'T.: ' X - ggi-5-I 33 K ' i ll V - ' R 'II ,, ' ,R i A f A-ri fi 1 t t f s. s- o R gs 44, I T V A R if .'-t f it l1TiQ"l"f"lff :ff 1 Q me . kv .K gi, K , g, TA., AQ B. S. , NT. 5. " """i" ' 1 Y L ' A I 'V 7' L ' ' x X L 1 . . X I ,P 4 5 f f ff N xi Rf K a I I X KN 5 if f Q x M k ' 'gf v K f pf, Q .ws-mms. ,-f K' MR, RODNEY SALISBURY A. B. Eastem State College Social Science - History Dates MR, WARREN W, COY B, S, , M, A, Miami University Orgeon University Chemistry - Math MISS RAMONA STAUFFER MR, FRANK A, KNUTSEN A. B. College of Wooster Kent State University University of Pittsburgh Ohio University English 9, 10 - Latin Junior High Track Diagrams - Diaifiaas AJ3. Bridgewater College English - History MISS WILMA SUE COLLINS MR. WILBUR LONG B, S, B, S, Eastern Kentucky State Manchester College Commercial Business Education - f" IV! f -of 1 l s f "U l MR, CHARLES E, PRICE MRS, RHEA L, GROOMS MR, JOSEPH W, WADDLE B. S. B. S. A. B. University of Dayton Miami University Cedarville College Physical Education Home Economics Ohio State University Math - Drivers Ed Physical Education Zfrmulas - Zzcis - Zgures MR, EDDIE G, MORGAN MISS GAYLE INSKEEP MR, GENE P, WEEKS B. 5. B. 5. B. S. Eastem Kentucky State Ohio Northern Ohio State University History - Science History - Physical Agricultural Education Physical Education Edl-lC3Ii-OD 1' isa! i 5 54 as Z XIX, Q ff MRS. WARREN W. COY MR. WILLIAM B. CRAIG B. S. B, 5. Cincinnati Conservatory of Music University of Cincinnati Ul1iV6ISiIy Of Cincinnati Cincinnati Conservatory of Music Ml1SiC Miami University Music vias - ,Noise - ,Nvuscuse 1. Favorite noon pastime! 2 Newton chiefs, Winner of Covington vs Newton teachers game. 3, Chatter at the annual Xmas party. 4. Presentation of Xmas gifts to Mr. Hurley and Mr. Ferguson. f" x a ll "Che Deer fc Success ls Ccleeleci '?7usl1. " SUCCESS PUSH Banquets J-lzylz Society Schclczrshzjvs Gnzducziien SENIORS The sophisticated seniors, consisting of sixteen girls and thirty-two boys, love to be thought of as sophisticated. The 1958 graduat- ing class, selected as their motto, "The Door to Success is labeled 'Push'." The class colors are royal blue and white, and they chose for their class flower the white carnation. Twelve years of work and play together have helped to prepare these students to face the world as better citizens. Dale Just about always Readlng Zane Grey Books Best known for The Blue Bomb QNashj Pipeline welder Dick just about always Playing tucks Best known for Getting into trouble Ambmon Buslnessman DALE ANGLE GEORGE CAIN BETTY BERK npete.. Just about always: Getting along with other people Best known for: Baseball fan Businessman "Cherry Laney' Just about always: Down at Becky's Best known for: Baseball pitcher Ambition: Lawman ,v 5 . 1 A 1 MAXIE CURRENT Max Just about always Typing Best known for Her giggle Ambition Typist l JOHN HAWN .. Max.. Just about always: Eating and Reading Best known for: Dagwood- sandwiches Ambition: Patrolman "Barney" Just about always: Getting belted by Mx. Salisbury Best known for: Lousy jokes Ambition: Mechanical Engineer DONALD FARNO MAXINE DELCAMP Johnny Mack ust about always Working at the farm Best known for Evading work Ambition Engineer B1 just about always Best known for Tinkering with cars Ambition Businessman Just about always Eating and laugh in Best known for Mayonnaise Cakes Ambition To get out of school JANET EDWARDS WILLIAM I-IELMAN u U llEdll . 1 ' 2 I : n -110: l If wi: j A 'ile' Evading work A 1 Q 5 1 , , . L , hz Chuck Just about always Looks sleepy Best known for A grrcultural work Ambxtlon S011 conservatlon UC Just about always Asklng for bookkeep rng ard Best known for Shorthand ab111ty Ambmon Stenographer Ernle Just about always Napplng 1n study hall Best known for Hot scooter Ambmon Core Maker CHARLES HISER WESLEY HISER CAROL ELLEMAN BONNIE FOUTS JACK HIXSON JAMES HOLFINGER WW Just about always Answermg questlons Best known for Argumg IH Scrence classes Amb1t1on Vetennarran Fouts Just about always Busy Best known for Natural curly ha1r Ambmon A1rl1ne personnel K1 lust about always Starmg at books Best known for Popcorn Ambrtlon Owner of popcorn stands Ron Just about always Worrytng Best known for Playmg the p1an Ambmon MOIIICIBH Mae Iust about always Sm mg Best known for Muslc Amb1t1on Receptlomst Bruce Just about always Pol1sh1ng apples Best known for Abtllty to argue Ambttlon MIDISICI RONALD JACKSON JAMES JAY 4 CHARLOTTE GALLAGHER MARILYN GANGER BRUCE KESSLER LARRY LONG UD Just about always Eattng Ice Cream Best known for Playtng Basketball Amb1t1on Gram Farmer Manlyn Just about always Ltstentng Best known for Good lntentlons Ambttton Good Job Butch Just about always Htttmg the bas ketball floor Best known for Sportsmanshlp Amb1t1on Farmmg ..Mag.. Just about always: Chewing gum Best known as: An Elvis fan Ambition: Worthwhile citizen Sam just about always: Doodling Best known as: "Heavy eater" x Ambition: Construction Work MARION MAGEE Just about always Madly scribbltng something down Best known for Frrendliness Ambitron Accountant CHARLENE HAINES HUPPY Just about always Thinking of homework Best known for Being studrous Ambition Graduate from high school Mick Just about always Working in lab Best known for 2 generator destroyer fkrb NBAQ SI' .-mr ,- 'tfwggi' J wt ja' xjgff 6 X C1v1l En ine r at AW X g e f lhw Ambition SAMUEL MANNING Rusty Just about always TYPH18 Best known for Red Hart Ambition Private Secretary CHA RLO TTE HILDEBRA ND GLEN MCCOOL GARY McDOWELL HM.. .. .. : My x ' - : . ii 5 .. .. .. . .. if- 1 FM V i ,: ' ' ,. s Q' fx . 'Q 1 s,vy,,gr Msg:- vs ..-'H' , : . 1 is.?'-3,945 B ni ,gifs-gig. L52 . . z. yall A- U - V Q if x .A -, is - fc. V wi fggfyzfff, 'Q . . . . ' f.f,1'f21'Tr - AV 5:-H f. 4, 1 vu." f :za I sv- xx X X ,ff J gg "Miller" Just about always: Driving his Ford Best known for: Sleeping in class Ambition: Farmer "Frog" Just about always: ! Playing basketball Best known for- Dunking the ball Ambition. Engineer DORV1N MILLER JAMES NEWMAN IZ Just about always Studying Best known for Long honey blonde air Ambition Psychology Career NOEL RENNER ELIZABETH JAY COLLEEN JOHNSTON Noel Just about always Tinkering with engines Best known for Car fixer Ambition Mechanic Abie Just about always Tardy for school Best known for Driving a 53 Ford Ambition Engineering Rae Just about always TYPWS Best known for Neatness Ambition Good mother DEAN SCHAUER HL, N n n h - ' I I I ag xx - - u u Y I "Scrooge" Just about always: Working in the store Best known for: Being late to school Ambition Engineer Rita Just about always Erasing typing errors Best known for Being a tomboy Ambition Stenographer Jerry Just about always Without pencrl and paper Best known for His haircut Ambition To travel JACK SCURLOCK STANLEY SHQELLABARGER RITA LEONARD RITA NOLL ' '' GERALD SHULTZ TERRY SNIDER "Stan" Just about always: Doing farm work Best known for Quletness Ambltron Farmer Rita Just about always With Kenny Best known for Frrendlmess Ambition Comptorneter op erator Just about always Busy Best known for Faithfulness Ambition Full tlme Christran Service Kmgflsh Just about always Playxng practxcal Jokes Best known for Verbose phraseol o Ambmon D1sc Jockey Sm1ley Just about always Laughmg Best known for Talktng Ambmon Nurse Wolfte Just about always Talkmg Best known for Consummg mllk Ambmon Busmessman TED SOLLMA NN JEANETTE SANDER NORMAN WO LFE Beaver Just about always Puttxng gas tn a Plymouth Best known for Sharp clothes Amb1t1on To obta1n a Cbem1 cal Englneenng De gree MONTE UHRIG Shuffle Just about always Eatlng Best known as Semor clown Ambmon Recepnomst BEVERLY SHUFF Don Just about always Farmmg Best known for Quxetness Ambmon Farmer DON YINGST -I U u - - H gy My ' . ' U - wa J. Al' -- Y . s 5 x ' ' , 5 A lf ' 7' ll ' il ' if E '. . ' gf Z X' 35.155 .N t , J - , X Q B J V lv el ll ' N K Y . . . , f 5 se J a gf ' "Our ffmrfs Were young and Gay" A large and enthusiastic audience attended the Junior Class play "Our Hearts Were Young and Gay, " presented March 28, 1957, in the high school gym. In the starring roles were Betty Berkebile and Bonnie F outs, interpreting the characters Cornelia Otis Skinner and Emily Kimbrough, two teenage girls who declared their independence from parents during a 1920 summer trip to Europe, Their experiences on board ship included meeting two handsome young men, getting involved with a stowaway, fighting seasickness, and disguising a case of measles. Even after their arrival in Paris, Comelia and Emily continued to encounter excitement with fireworks, bedbugs, a window washer, and a mercenary thespian. Such experiences might not seem unusual, but with Cornelia 's consuming passion to be an actress, every incident was played to the fullest of her dramatic imagination, and a highly interesting play was the result. Supporting roles were played by Charlotte Gallagher, George Cain, Beverly Shuff, Jeanette Sander, Carol Elleman, Bruce Kessler, Dorvin Miller, Ronnie Jackson, Harold Manning, Ted Sollmann, Rita Leonard, Jirn Newman, Wesley Hiser, Betty Jay, and Charlotte Hildebrand, "you Gan 'f Cake If With you" i 3 r ,B l , 1 ., r Q i A x 5 DQ 'SWB Til-H Newton play casts marked another success in good drama with the presentation of "You Can't Take It With You" by the Seniors, This entertaining comedy is a picture of a family, happy because they live in an atmos- phere both permissive and creative. The scene is set in the family living room, which lives up to the fullest meaning of the term! ! With a grandfather who collects snakes, attends circuses, and commencementsg a father who manufactures fireworks illegally in the basement, a mother who writes plays because a typewriter was delivered by mistake, a sister who wants to be a ballerina, and a brother-in-law who plays the xylophone and runs a printing press in the living room, our young heroine, Alice, has difficulties. For she is tom between her loveable, carefree family and a boyfriend from a rigidly conventional home. The resolution of conflict comes when Grandpa converts the conventional Kirbys to the Sycamores' philosophy of just being happy in their own sort of way. Gerald Schultz, portraying Grandpa, was supported by an excellent cast which included: Bonnie Fouts, Jong Hawn, Betty Berkebile, Bruce Kessler, Charlotte Gallagher, Don Farno, Janet Edwards, Norman Wolfe, Dean Schauer, Harold Manning, Jack Scurlock, Rita Leonard, Terry Snider, Beverly Shuff, Betty Jay, Marion Magee, Max Current, Jim Newman, and Wesley Hiser. Director: Miss Stauffer, Sewers af I 958 ,ang wi' Wx Sen1orC1assOff1cers John Hawn Vrce Presrdent Bonn1e Fouts Secretary Rlta Noll Treasure Larry Long Presrdent Monte Uhrrg Reporter Beauuful Dreamers at last year s Junlor Senior Prom Thanks to The Kmghts for then' muslc at the Proml rwer .5 1 zcensz C UIICHSSIUHS Prom Glass Kzugs The jolly juniors, con- sisting of twenty-five girls and twenty-two boys, are jolly indeed. If you have ever bought a sack of popcorn at a home basketball game you have seen how much they are looking forward to their senior trip in 1959. '," N, I WAYNE ANGLE Vxce Presxdent CAROL PEACOCK DAN WOLFE PAT HAMMOND KAREN EARHART MARILYN NOLL DICK MITCHELL BYRON JACKSON HELEN SWARTZ DARLENE BOSTIC ROBERT MARTIN K Re porter Presldent Treasurer Secretary X N fi-' ff xv' ,444-' Standmg JEANETTE VICTOR MARY TAYLOR RHONDA MCKIBBEN Kneelmg JAMES STOCKSLAGER ROBERT CECIL WK "'V,,4'.x' WEA is ix s, iffy? Q W, ...., Swim .wmlwwka 1 ff x ,, 3150: W, , .yn . . .. , , wi 'E .af 6? Y' M. L! ff' x 43 "'gff',...--f DELORES KREITZER WAYNE SHELLENBERGER IEROL COATE BONNIE SCOTT ,- ,,...aG I .ii -U-.. il E , N s 5 , K BETTY GRAHAM DON PAINTER RUBY DIVENS GARY TROST JOHN MOYER JUDY FETTERS CONNIE PASH DEAN BEERY BILL LONGNECK ER WINIFRED HERR Pi DON MANNING ' KAREN C LARK Standing: LEROY MYERS LEANNA PFISTER KAYE CHANEY RONNIE MORRIS Seated: WILDA PHIPPS EUGENE OBURN W? Standmg DAVID PETERS SUZANNE ROETTER COLLEEN KINNISON Treasurer PHILIP I-IOOVER Seated CAROLYN BURNS JERRY MILLER NANCY NETZLEY myfs vphomvres XX S7 .f-B Enthuszusm Smbarrassment Scrap Drives Studies consisting of thirty-five girls and fourteen boys, are typical of all teen-agers. They are working eagerly to finance their senior trip in 1960. The silly sophomores, CAROL LAVY - - - - - Secretary LOIS CRESS - - ----- Reporter DICK CECIL - - - - - Vice President EDDIE SANDER - - ----- President BEVERLY FESSLER - - - -Treasurer I 7. JK W X x . 1 s Blaine Hollopeter Martha Rudy Lowell Schleinitz Waneta Rapp Marilyn Sipple 'TU fi MW liiyfkia j L i r n 5 A Barbara Roeth Carl George Linda Locke Shirley Brown Lynn Shellenberger David Holsinger Barbara Yingst Linda Sampson Kathy Whitman -3 4 ' Lau, Gary Shiverdecker Shirley Ganger Darlene Eamest Nancy Coppock Cecil Jackson I . ,, ,. Janet Kay Riffell Janice Taylor Joan Border Lavonne Kay Swank Becky Short Janet Brumbaugh Dinah Klepinger Mary Ann Linton Dan Snider Judy Yount Shirley Laughman Paul Whitacre Margaret Coy Don Wolfe Alice Snider Veronica Sewell Patty Fessler Sr 'TN 4 I .ix A Terrilee Smith Iuaneta Russell Judy Hess Vivian Niesley X ,-,KX ' -, Sq I 1, Doug Baker Sheryl Davis Nancy Delcamp Alice Oburn Bob Stoner kowdzness ,Lessans 1-1. C70l'Ifll5'lUl'l 611111111555 FRESHMEN The green fresh men consrstmg of thuty four grrls and thlrty three boys are be gmmng the last of then' free edUC3C1OH Ahead of them 11e many days of study recreauon and engoyment First row: Roger Rapp Kathleen Pour Charlotte Swartz Don Sharp Second row: Raymond Kingery Marlin Flory Judy Harshbarger lx JOHN MCCANN ----- - - -Reporter SHARON SCHMERMUND - - - -Secretary KENT STOCKSLAGER - - - - Treasurer DEANNA SOWRY - - - - Vice President JOE LONGNECKER - - - - -President i 1 63' Peggy Shumaker Don Brown Kenny Hammond Scott Rudy Eva Schmalenberg Carol Wehrley Judy Bucholtz Dale Murphy Patricia McDowell Henry Schmalenberg Connie Sleppy Jerry Patty Xa! 'iv Garry Brown Peter Stahl Patty Myers Judy Berkebile Jolene Jackson Bonnie Sleppy Betty Minton Stacy Coliett Barry Coppock Donna Pash Nancy Moses Earl Manning First row: Carol Garrison Doug Tuiiis Joy Beery Second row: Charley Painter Mary Ann Iddings John Miller First row: Stephen Piper Wayne Spahr Loraine Odom Second row: Bruce Hiser Eleanor Herr Sherry Argabright Kneeling: Glen Kreitzer Gary Alexander Ronnie Keller Standing: Linda Hollopeter Linda Wolfe Carolyn Bostick Judy Miller Bruce Fetters Vaugh Barton Luella Vantilburgh Nancy Warner Bonna Dean Roeth Kenny Bashore Ursula Taesler Nedra Strong Larry Scott Ralph Johnson Amos Hoover M fi Qrowflz ,Aayuslmenl M4 Wk Wardness Pumshmerzts The trmrd seventh and elghth graders known for theu roller skat mg partres take ume out once IH awhrle to study Wrth thrrty s1x students IH the seventh grade and forty erght 1D the erghth grade the Jumor hrgh becomes a hustlmg group of krds Sighih First row: Phillip Sheridan, Bob Sollmann, Carol Warner, Carol Fast, Nancy Kinnison, Linda Wolfe, Ronald Herr. Second row: Richard Coppock, Virginia Martin, Carol Fisher, Elizabeth Elleman, Rachel Thompson, Jer rine McCool. Third row: Cynthia Preston, Nancy Yingst, Nan Klepinger, Pamela Flory, Judy Chaney, Tom Warner. Fourth row: Gary Frazier, Joe Fessler, Gary Fessler, Fred Snider, Bill Hildebrand, Nelson Hill. First row: Warren Sherman, Jim Whitman, Don Patty, Bonnie Carroll, Bob Fessler, Patty Caldwell, Second row: Isabel Hoover, Faye Johnson, Sam Collett, Carol Brown, Diana Kinnison, Emma Taylor, Third row: La- von Knife, Iris Vogann, Jerry Hixson, Richard Beery, Dean Evans. Grade 1-Q 5'--nuv'sL., K J' K , " 1.5 First row: Vera Haines, Gay Bucholtz, Wanda Huff, Gloria Johnson, Louis Manning, Allen Hawn. Second row: Jeanette Holsinger, Evelyn Lavy, Diane Smith, Marvin Baker, Bruce Fouts, Judy Clark. Third row: Rachel Mur- phy, Nancy Sander, Cordy Schauer, Marilyn Stockslager, Sunny Whitacre, Connie Ferguson. Fourth row: Gordon Schlafman, Jerry Hill, Gary Phipps, Chalmer Stocker, Roger Knutsen, John Schultz, Absent: Dixie Warner, Don Herbst, Keith Godrey. Grads First row: Rex Strong, Richard Swank, Larry Myers, Rebecca Rapp, Ruth Ann Coate, David Taylor. Second row: Esther Ganger, Wayne Noll, David Odom, Rhonda King, Connie Harshbarger, Vicki Fasick, Linda Robinson. Third row: Don Evans, Bill Locke, LaVeme Deeter, Gary Myers, Linda Work, Sheryle Davis. Absent: Patricia Moyer. s-sous-v4r"'1' At the end of the frrst semester the new students at Newton Hrgh mcluded Pam Robertson Clalre Motter and Glorra West Not prctured are Veronrca and Sheryl Sewell Jfzgh School Snaps We Three Kmgs A group of eighth graders at one of their many skating parties. Junrors sellmg concessrons at a basketball game Study Hall? x Crazy man crazy! 'E Frophzfs L0 ardlmzlzan Team Splrzf Gam Wark At Newton, sports are the center of activity. From baseball in the fall to track in the spring, the boys and girls are practicing and participating in busy schedules. Var 9 DAN LARRY LONG ,Lf 12' GARY DALE ANGLE -Xfffws SHNERDECKEEY "Y DEAN I 7 SCHAUER DON FARNO sity TED SOLLMANN X23 JIM JAY 9 DON YINGST Mx WAYNE ANGLE GLEN MCCOOL f R' V M NEWMAN Coach: MR, CHARLES PRICE Phillipsburg Bethel Franklin-Monroe Covington Miami Central Northeastern Tipp City Arcanum Bradford Arcanum Bethel Northwestern Brown Beavercreek Versailles Covington Bradford Miami Cfrfunfy Cflzarupivns I 958 MANAGERS VARSITY SEA SON'S RECORD Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Dean Schauer, Larry Long, Glen McCool, Dan Wolfe, Ted Sollmann, Jim Newman, Coach, Mr. C. Priceg Don Yingst, Don Farno, Jim Jay, Dale Angle, Gary Shiverdecker, and Wayne Angle. Kneeling, Managers: Joe Longnecker, Terry Snider, and Byron Jackson. fHoliday Tournament Trophy.J The hours of training for interscholastic participation are many. The sacrificing of some desires and the making of choices are a necessary part of that participation. Early in the season some of the coming season's high points could be anticipated as the bench depth became evident, The winning of the Holiday Tournament as host school was one high-light of the early season. This, along with the trip to the Ohio State - Michigan State game, made the Christmas holiday one to remember, The Homecoming victory over Northwestern before the large alumni crowd was satisfying. The climax of the regular season came when a share of the Stillwater Championship was won by the victory over Bradford. A successful season came to a close with the boys winning thirteen games and only losing four before entering into county tournament play. Activa, l6'1fys! 2 lfrwk df 571056 fudzans gf . WFTQSE i ..r,.kr,- , M.. Kcscrves Joe Longnecker Ralph Johnson Barry Coppock Kent Stockslager Don Mannmg Gary Shrverdecker Bruce Hrser Jerry M111er Bob Cectl Dan Snrder John McCann Edd1e Sander Drck Cecil and Wayne Spahr Coached by Mr Pr1ce S41 Phrlhpsburg Bethel F rank11n Monroe Mlaml Central Northeastern Tlpp Crty Arcanum Bethel Northwestern Brown Beavercreek Versatlles Covmgton Bradford SEASON S RECORD Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton i' 4 5 avg fl X X ' ' 36 27 X-5 35 32 K'- wk. f -4- ' - 51 26 I Covington 29 Newton 30 W 4 ' ' 47 25 ,. 56 27 X ' ' 29 31 42 45 32 35 40 42 25 , 43 30 32 ' 29 37 ' 27 30 31 38 W gg, AA 2 Varsity and Keservc Ehevrleaders IEANETTE SANDER CAROL WEHRLEY SHIRLEY BROWN KAREN EARHART BONNIE FOUTS Ftve Cheerleaders were- chosen from flfteen grrls th1s year 1n a new way at Newton Hrgh Each of the three teams drd two yells and each g1rl gave two cheers by herself The upper four grades then voted for ftve grrls The Freshman and Iunlor Hlgh cheerleaders were chosen 1n thrs way also 6' INDIANS, INDIANS IS our name We ve got a chance to wrn th1s game We re gonna beat them u And beat em dow n Cause our b1g team won t 1 We re gonna go fight wrn and beat this game tonrghtl FIGHT! I FIGHT SONG Newton we thy anthems ratse for all the PIBISBS untold We ll cheer for the red uphold RAI-ll RAHI RAHI Ftght for the vrctory so we can ra1se our standards hlgh Play the game both fa1r and square for dear old New ton Hrghl I IU-KH! RAHI S S S Boom Bahl Newton I-hgh School! RAHI RA!-Il RAHI ' LT ' pl and white, whose colors we 1 Q . I . - - - I , f 5 . , , 6' - W 4 L 1 .ireslaaaa Basketball :. 1 Q OE - ' LONGNECKER, ' E L RALPH JOHNSON sl I "' X Q SPAHR, f'X J s BARRY COPPOCK MR MOR AN JOHN MCCANN, KENT STOCKSLAGER, BRUCE HISER Ga-6l1a1a,aiaas af Stillwater Lfeaaue With Versailles SHARON SOHUMERMUND, A CAROL if I GARRISON, 5 Q 15, CONNIE 2 K Z SLEPPY, Z PEGGY - if f-F SHUMAKER, X JUDY MILLER, - N junior High l6'aske Im!! ru1deb,and1 F121 S O92 ea gum 609 Y-21' Nelson H111 Coach Mr Morgan Won 2 Lost 7 :emma 9119 ,sm ,WW Bonme Ruth Ann Pam Clndy Nancy Carroll Coate Flory Preston Sander am ' is if 'UD J' 'Mm L: WN -., A I L 1 Ax' rw 5 Q' an Aff' nl Egg Q 3 1 Queen CHARLOTTE GALLAGHER and Her Escort, GARY McDOWELL 7.1 ,iff ff. W I K ,,f a .-q ' M, if 4? , , it JACK BETTY BONNE Q HUQSON BERKEBILE MONTE f: fn E OUT 5 UHRIG 'WW V ,Vx w A 2. ' ' . E X 4? K K 'E A4 . I TX, "N RQNNXE IEANETTE R114 A MCKSON SANDER JOHN LEONARD HA WN :Sa Every year five girls are chosen from the senior class for the Homecoming Court by the top six grades. The queen is chosen from the court in a second election by the upper four grades, The identity of the Newton queen is secret until the actual coronarion. The girls choose their own escorts from the senior class. The flower girl and the crown bearer are also chosen by the court, A Coronation program was planned and performed by the Senior High Band. A dance was sponsored by the student body in honor of her majesty, Queen Charlotte, 5 The first Homecoming queen was Vivian Adams in 1947, Lee Van Dervort is the founder of Newton Homecoming. The occasion has grown until now it is the high-light of the basketball season, K . Flower girl, ' DEBBY LOCKE Crown Bearer, 'Mi JIMMIE WEAVER rs., Miss Becky Preston, Homecoming Queen of 1956-57, crowning Queen Charlotte, Becky is a freshman at Ashland College, Ashland, Ohio, where she is majoring in physical education. First row: John McCann, Stacy Collettg Manager, Wayne Spahr, Joe Longnecker, Gary Alexander. Second row: Gary Shiverdecker, Larry Long, Bob Cecil, Dan Wolfe, Jack Scurlock, Dean Schauer, Dick Cecil. Third row: Eddie Sander, Don Manning, Jerry Miller, Don Farno, George Cain, Kent Stockslager. Coach: Mr. Waddle, BASEBALL RECORD FALL 1957 Won 4 Lost 2 Newton 12 Brown 3 Newton 4 Miami East 2 NGWIOI1 5 Bethel 2 Newton 2 Miami East 6 Newton 23 Brown 3 Newtgn 2 Bethel 11 wx Q ff NZ 4- f X 1 I yufzivr flqll Kascball .c A A F ,az U , .Q K 'kfyqrf . ' ' ' , f fir - - wi- as . W 49" ..,,.. ' 4: 5 A New 5- A , . J. r . t A i F' F ' '17 ' " ' ' e. at ""' ' ,Q Hz . v . k . r . . H 4 . - -f-51'-14 sift. -HQ' ' ' ' . ,mi A' Q I Ind' fi JY x, 2 .. wt,-7, 13, M g iss? , .423 Xi' xx A i. K 4: Y A Nsggxfy 'M' W i t I A-at -. 'f 4 ' " ' W 6 S - ,f B .Q - r ' i sw ,, ,Q First row: Don Herbst - Manager, Allen Hawn, Phillip Sheridan, Bobby Fessler, Rex Strong, Bob Sollmann, David Odom. Second row: Chalmer Stocker, Louis Manning, Billy Locke, John Shultz, Roger Knutsen, Dean Evans. Third row: Mr. Price - Coach, Billy Hilderbrand, Nelson Nill, Fred Snider, Gary Fessler, and Don Evans. 5 ff ' 0 . J' 1 f x 1' if ' . 5' s , .1 SEASON'S RECORD Newton 9 Lostcreek Newton 12 Franklin Newton 4 Gettysburg Newton 30 Bethel Newton 9 Franklin Newton 18 Bethel Newton 11 Gettysburg .- 'wud' ..f""'w "Smack it, Dan." " Y ' A5 FT 52? W, ,-4 W ill!-Q, 1 . n gs that app C waffjh that d ere Com H Ust, Dean. N Q gm F Qvijv ,Q 7"-1?-4:5ffFf'iifliiii4'? if 5 i 5 5 'x Spring Crack af I 95 7 Q .... .1 ',o,.a,.. L .L ...Woolf , .W G-it ...X Q, Qfb- Kneelmg Dar1Sn1der Blame Hollopeter Monte Uhng Byron Jackson Wesley Htser Wayne Angle Standmg Mr Morgan Ted Sollmann Don Farno Jerry Mrller Gerald Shultz Max Current George Ca1n Larry Long l ur' Kneelrng Ralph Johnson Gary Phlpps Roger Knutsen Bruce Fouts Wayne Spahr Standmg Mr Knutsen Peter Stahl Nelson H111 RayrnonK1ngery Ear1Mann1r1g K i , , - . - 1 15:3 ,L l K v 'X 1 gi V, 1 M ' g 9, 5 K K . ,K . X . nfl K L X 4 Q- 1 ' ' 3 X'-g K - 4 . I . . . . I ' i ax A - .1 1 1 1 . 1 Q, , Y X? . : . , I , , , K' ' 1 1 1 0 ft, Rv ' 'gli N ' vr 19 , , Q , , Q ,. 1, V Kin ,qu ,fr X K , ' ,, . . ,flak 5 5 fi 5 1 1 . y' X Y I r , ,Q , K ..,l E A. Y . 1- , Q' . 43 at V 2 1 3 ,X X 5 aww. is my intl' K. I -l X WU L. V , A N 5. x , K V If ks M , 'LF 'K ' x K fb , t : A Vw I xx , kd . ,A 1 1 1 . L . 3' - V . l Q, W 1 S "' n .,-1' Q 2 'W im L 5 ri ' 'ffi 7., ' . " A A .5 , in r' N, X l M 2 f Q ', 1 ,. ,ze ' 1 - H, W. Y' . X J 3 ' t .' .f Y 11 L .-L ,4 A 1 1 or ,, . 3 1 ' 1 1 1 Q l I . , . . ' . ' . . 5.,4.,4. lfaskefball Kneeling: S. Roetter, B. Berkebile, J. Beery, B. Fessler, K. Whitman, N. Warner, J. Riffel, P. Myers. Standing: D. Earnest, G. West, R, Leonard, S. Schmermund, P. Shumaker, C. Garrison, S. Brown. Next row: B. Roeth, C. Wehrley, J. Fetters, M. Iddings, J. Victor, J. Sander, L. Locke, D. Sowry, J. Miller. U 6.4.4. Vrflleybull Varsity J. Victor, M. Iddings, P. Shumaker, D. Sowry, B. Berkebile, S. Roetter, B. Shuff, J. Beery, C. S1eDPY, S. Brown, C. Garrison, S. Schmermund, J. Sander. Teacher: Miss Inskeep. Kescrve J. Riffel, N. Warner, M. Rudy, K. Whitman, D. Klep inger, D. Earnest, B. Roeth, C. Wehrley, J. Fetters, J. Berkebile, L. Locke, J. Mil- let, D. Sowry, M. Linton, B. Fessler, C. Bostick, J. Yount, J. Harshbarger, P. Myers. NHS Urgaulkalivns kecrcatzan 901119 Ideals U0 aperalzau inn' Q-P Students of Newton are always ready to lend a hand to help the needs of the commumty through the or gamzed efforts of the many clubs and orgamzauons l6'0ys'zz14d Girls' Give 67uI1s SOPRANO K. Chaney R, Divens D. Earnest P. Fessler C. Gallagher J. Hess R. Noll C. Pash J, Sander B. Short B. Shuff TENOR D. Cecil B. Fetters K. Hammond C. Jackson G. Kreitzer- nc. 5lQ9Wp3n25h'Q2'DlS1 fd S Q S. I. C. C. I. L. D. S. M R. P. D. L. G. I. R. A 'A B. Berkebile N. Coppock J. Fetters C. Kinnison H, Swartz J. Bucholtz M. Iddings J. Miller A. Oburn P. Shumaker D. Sowry BASS D. Beery B. Coppock M. Magee J. McCann J. Miller N. Warner J. Youm ALTO C. Burns S Davis K. Earhart B. Graham W Herr B Jay J. Beery J. Berkebile L. Shellenberger T Snider M Current C. George D. Manning x Q. 'fi .E M. Coy B. Fouts E, Herr J, Jackson D, Klepinger K. Pour M. Rudy A. Snider G. McCoo1 J. Newman 225. af. 4, K Q-Ln Argabright B. Minton Border N. Moses Bostick D, Pash Haines S. Puckett Harshbarger S. Schmerrnund Hollopeter B. Sleppy Kreitzer N. Strong Laughman C, Swartz Linton L. Vantilburg McKibben C, Wehrley McDowell P, Barton Schauer E, Oburn Schleinitz E, Sander Brown D. Snider Coate W, Spahr johnson , .4 , J L F -.1 I 5 XJ' E Jlflzlfcd Uhvir SOPRANO J. Border J. Bucholtz C. Haines M. Linton R. McKibben A. Oburn S. Schmermund B. Sleppy D. Sowry N. Wamer ' ,714 ississzjvpz' Melody " Presented in April I 95 7 TENOR Fours D. Cecil Klepinger J, Coate Rudy B, Fetters Snider C, Jackson Berkebile G. Kreitzer Burns E. Obum Davis E, Sander Earhart D. Schauer Herr L, Schleinitz Jay D. Snider BASS D. Beery B. Coppock C. George M. Magee D, Manning J. McCann G. McCoo1 J. Newman S. Piper G. Shultz Past activities of the choirs, under the talented direction of Mrs. Coy, include tours of local churches participation in the annual Christmas programg and presentation of entrants in the State Contests. . . , -' 8 , L+-., ,fx fi .' f f 'W U R- fs gf-wi 'K "gN1f'k ' 75- Jr. 'vt' go H -,X -. if .af-I 'S'-' U '54'Ni"- , " 8' : N' 'F' R ,MQ 4- Vx. Q9 F? R - 'VL' QRS 'N if "r ' up .fi .gs 3- ' ' sf gg ' xr' nk.'. 1 R: . Q Qvwmlsq 3- ,Jim Ka r 6, i su ,Q f" gi :Q 0 Q, . 7 5 S' A 'ff " n f- ED -Fx i "" -h - ' Q , 1 , gg C, sv -5 4 N 'JIM ,. I ,- www' 4-,Q - -A-f. --n-M -f ,- .,.-m..',11fwf?f"swaf 1 5 M, ,,, Av,v ,f ,Q 4,4 H I, -N .., i..,f' .,.f ' x.,....f -N...,,.f .. .3 "Ng S 4 'P 'v XJ 'W' , .T 'Tix M , S--I 's-.- N -,rl ,W , ,R ,,.ffy ' i Aki" ewton jurzirfr Ham! gs,.L1 il g ,,,,,, , NEWTON JUNIOR BAND CLARINETS Cheryl Mitchell Bob Fessler BARITONE Judy Clark Shirley RHZOI Sheryl Miller Peggy Bucholtz Carol Fast Connie Messer Elizabeth Elleman FLUTES Mike Short TUBA Vera H3il'1CS Ruth C0316 Fred Dupuis Rachel Thompson Stacy Alspaugh SAXOPHONES LaVerne Deeter Shirley Riffell Gloria Johnson DRUMS Shirley Anderson Linda Brown Elsie Knutsen Lynne Leistner Mary Middendorf FLUTES Margaret Coy Janet Riffell Cordy Schauer OBOE Marilyn Noll CLARINETS Lois Cress Maxine Delcamp Patty Fessler Carol Garrison Dinah Klepinger Shirley Laughman Patty Myers Carol Peacock Wilda Phipps Martha Rudy Becky Short Lavonne Swank CORNETS Joe Fessler Don Herbst Carol Brown Dixie Warner Richard Beery Bruce Noll John Randall Ronald Shultz NEW TON SENIOR BAND SAXOPHONES Dean Beery Joy Beery Charlotte Gallagher Mary Linton Barbara Roeth Linda Locke Connie Sleppy Judith Yount Pamela Flory CORNETS Nancy Coppock Ronnie Keller Raymond Kingery Roger Knutsen Rita Leonard Nancy Sander Jack Scurlock Bonnie Sleppy HORNS Joan Border Gay Bucholtz Nan Klepinger Diane Smith BARITONE Judy Bucholtz TROMBONES Sheryl Davis Jolene Jackson Glen Kreitser Gary Phipps SOUSAPHONE Jim Newman PERCUSSION Bruce Fetters Ronnie Morris Jeanette Sander Richard Coppock Gary Frazier Ricky Alexander Tom Beam Steven Piper Dan Wolfe Eugene Oburn Richard Coppock Gary Frazier ANNOUNCERS Bonnie Fouts Ronnie Jackson MAJORETTES Head: Charlotte Gallagher Rita Leonard Carol Peacock OFFICERS President, Rita Leonar Vice Pres. , Dan Wolfe Sec. , Jeanette Sander Treas. Lavonne Swank Rep. Joan Border usw Wy Carol Peacock Charlotte Gallagher Head Majorette Rrta Leonard -v--um--u-.,..,...,,, Our Pep Band rn acuon' 'K -H J' The ,Tumor Boys Quartet at the Chrrstmas Program Hand l6'00s!ers Practrcmg for the Senror Hrgh Musrc Contest. Mrs Lowell Border, Mrs, Clyde Jackson, Mrs. Donald Swank, Mrs. W11l1am Prper. fNot rn prcturej Mrs. Walter Lrnton. Sfudvnf drunczl "Www 'HP'-""' Rrta Leonard Secretary Treasurer JerryM1ller Presrdent Mr Salrsbury Advlsor Marrlyn Noll V1cePres1dent Nancy Wamer Rep Patty Fessler Scott Rudy Jack Scurlock Gary Shlverdecker The purpose of thrs organtzauon IS to foster school SPIIII to secure orderly student partrcrpatron 1n study hall, to promote democracy and umty among the students of Newton Hrgh School, to co operate wrth the faculty and to 1.n1t1ate measures for the welfare of the student body Our Petra! Hays Dale ROb1I'15 Mme Khne DICK S01l1'1'lal'l1'1 Rlckey Alexander TWICE 3 day Mrke Work through all kmds Phrlrp Furnace of weather these srxth grade boys are on duty 510 0 h 7 4 -z i ' Q 1 9 . V g 5 . . I a . 'M V 79 . I! p X 4 I I IT 51 ,XZ s V . ly V r . 2 1 L K ate E ' . ' Q ' . ' : . ' . ' : ' . ' ' I 1 1 I n 9 0 . I Nan Klepinger, Allen Hawn, Rhonda King. : . . , . . . , . . X vga - if of ' mr I l . . ' 1 . Q ' .. 4 my X . Beverly Fessler Rec Leader ?ufure J-lolffzeufuzkers af America Carol Peacock, Secretary Linda Sampson Treasurer Susan Roetter Historian Patty Mrs Rhea Lavonne Fessler Grooms Degree Chm Adv Swank Bonna Dean Roeth Sheryl Dav wh Janet Rlffell Sandra 44, QS P k NEW A UC CII Bonnie SIGPPY The purpose of thus organization 1.s to promote a growing appreciation of the Joys h and satlsfactions of homemaking to emp a size the importance of worthy home member hr to encourage democracy in home and S P community to work for good home life for all to promote international good will to d r foster the development of creative lea e shrp in home and community lrfe to prov1de wholesome mdrvrdual and group recreation to further interest in home economics Nancy Coppock, V P Merit Mary Taylor Ziff! Mug of 1957 , 'W' Terry ' 'li K 1 s . . 1 Sflidel' W 4 s Da e 1958 Pro ram g o Wilda iso: Phipps Pres Mary Wilda Taylor Phipps Jackson Helen Swartz Hi 1957 Luella Linda vamnburg l-lollopeter Loraine Odom Janice Angle 1958 Nancy Moses Linda Wolfe Jolene Taylor Mary W Taylor Patty Myers Jeanette Vrctor Judy 1lda Phipps Cha ter Mothers Bucholtz Betty Graham P Kathleen Mrs John Roetter and Kathy Whitman Pour M rs W111ard Phipps Q E P . . 4 D . 3 ,A . VP' Bb . . 11 is " , QC ' only n . 5 y'2 A J . ,., El .E ' 2114? 1179 gi -I gr ga 4 ,MO , 0 0 . ' ?uture farmers ef,4mer1ea Schauer ? 9,4 Sweetheart ef I 95 7 Pfesrdem Terry 3 Roetter 1957 Bonnie F outs 1958 Marlin Flory Dorvtn Miller, Sentinel Lowell Schleinitz Byron Jackson Blaine Hollopeter Snider Gary Trost wuda Re g Phipps 1959 Don Painter Jerry Patty Don Yingst Charles Hiser Dale Angle Dale Murphy Raymond Kmgery Philip Ralph Hoover I ohnso Advisor: Mr. Gene Weeks Leroy Douglas Myers T ullis ll John Miller Kenny Bashore Wayne Angle, Vice Presi David Peters Treasurer Scott Rudy Cecil Jackson Rapp Stanley Don Brown Charlie Pa IHICI Roger Dick Shellabarger Mitchell dent Larry Long Sec Us p.T1 0 AFXA S I W Qlcut.-'Yo gamzation is to ssive, rural, and agricultural leadership, to create and nurtu a love of country life, to strengthen the confidence of farm boys and young men in te more themselves and their work, to crea interest in the intelligent choice of farming to occupationsg to encourage members improve the farm home and its surroundingsg to participate in worthy undertakings for the improvement of agriculture: to develop character, train for useful citizenship, and foster patriotism: to participate in cooper- ative effortg to encourage and practice scholarshipg to provide and encourage the development of organized rural recreational activities. The purpose of this or develop competent, aggre re Girls' Athletic Assvciafian Vice President Betty Berkebile P. Recorder Karen Earhart President Jeanette Sander Secretary Rita Leonard Rep. Beverly Shuff This year, under the direction of Miss Gail Inskeep, the G. A. A. girls have conducted an active program. Team sports have included basket- ball games with girls from Bethel, Green- ville, West Milton, Troy, and Piquag volleyball games with teams from Green- ville, Sidney, Troy, and Covington, and several softball games in the spring. Traditionally the G. A. A. sponsors at least one school dance. In addition to these organized club activities G. A. A. girls earn individual points toward letters, pins, and trophies, by participating in many sports activities such asg hiking, bicycle riding, bowling, and tennis. The girls are honored to be in G.A. A. because it gives thern the privilege of representing their school in sports and sports- manship. We hope that each year more girls will realize the advantage of club membership and will join the Girls Athletic Association. Advisor Miss Ins keep Mrs Marre Preston Mrs Mrrrarn Fouts Mrs Jane Kleprnger and Mrs Doro thy Cecrl VVS! N1 Qs! l6'mrd nf Hrffzllmn glllb Mrs Jane Kleprnger Mrs C1ar1ceHerbst Mrs Dorothy Alexander Mrs Mrldred Border Mrs LOIS Beeman Mrs Norma Puckett Mrs Dorothy Cecrl and Mrs Evelyn Flory Drsc Jockey Irm Smrth and spectators at the Cotrlhon Prom Parent Zfcaclzcr Assaczatzou ig! 'X I' . e 'f ' A E Y Q 2 i f Ifl H 0 .Z '5- Q Bonnie Fouts, Associate Editor: Glen McCool, Business Manager: Charlene Haines, Ed itor. Photographer from Osborne Studios, "Emery, " is Miss Stauffer, are you really helping us? A Harold Manning, Artist: Terry Snider Photographer: Charlotte Hildebrand, Typist: Monte Uhrig, Photographer. If I4 fl I ll I4 Carol Elleman, Associate Editorg Rita Leonard, C01- leen Johnston, Editor: Charlotte Gallagher. Betty Berkebile, Charlene Haines, Rita Noll, Jeanette Sanders, Charlotte Hilde- brand, Maxine Delcamp. Mr. Long has been the advisor of the annual staff since 1953. He has been a commercial teacher at Newton High School for eight years. A married man with four children, he is kept quite busy with school activities, side jobs, and home life. Q' Advice from our company advisor, Matt McCormick. dvismg some seniors on the choice Of The ministerium meets with Mr. Hurley to set up the schedule for the school assemblies, four of which are conducted by the ministers. NHS Salma! Days -.T Yriemtf flame Work I ,Nam J-frfurs Detention Some of the fond- est memories of Newton alumni are experiences from an ordinary school day. X., flrfmfr Four seniors are rewarded for many hours of study when they find that the average of four years' grades places them at the top of sf-fP!'!' their class. Wesley Hiser, Monte Uhrig, BSIFY Jay, Bonnie Fours. Six juniors, at the head of their class after the first semester, view some of the atom models they prepared for science classes. Karen Clark, Dean Beery, Winifred Herr, Jerry Miller, Dan Wolfe, Nancy Netzley, not pictured, Darlene Bostick. term: aw-fv QfgzsQa5ii2G9 Flanked by many books of knowledge the sophomore honor students determine to stay at the head of their class, making that class notable as the one with the highest number of honor students, Dinah Klepinger, Nancy Delcamp, Alice Snider, Carol Lavy, Janet Brum- baugh, Paul Whitacre, Dick Cecil, Lois Cress, Joan Border, Nancy Coppock. fudeufs These four freshmen felt as though they were on top of the world when they discovered they led their class scholastically. Eleanor Herr, Roger Rapp, Joe Longnecker, Peggy Shumaker. A ,,. .Q ei ft-Q-: l 'a. Q 1 sf These seventh grade honor students seem to be enJoy1ng then' work Wart untrl they hear about physrcs trrgonometry and book keepmg! Wayne N011 Bonnre Carroll Isabel Hoover Lrnda Work, Becky R-QPP 1 J 55 1' ai At the end of the fust semester these frve students were chosen tops rn the erghth grade Roger Knutsen must be sellrng trckets for a trrp to the moon and the grrls may be wrllrng to go rf rt means a vacatron from books' Pam Elory Roger Knutsen Nancy Yrngst Cynthra Preston Nancy Sander Hammercial Four early bird juniors try to grasp the Short- hand "worm" while Miss Col- lins coaxes him out of hiding, "Why work so hard, Bruce. Try it Jack's ' way." M 4 LS fiance . . and Ithought they were just SHELLS! " A cross-cut of a tree can teach an interesting history lesson. Meanwhile back at Cape Canaveral Open house visitors find the science lab an interesting place, P Q Y 1 if . ' , Y ,' 3 If ag - 1 . . , 1 1+--1 H+-J.-+--1 1 ! , 1 2 .'iA--+--!- "QN,,.v A :gi 1 4 J :li , - wxfg' fm ,M 'Hx Y r 4 , My , gs .yn Yff Tm , Y 'Lk .1 ' if F151 f a gi l -Q Q 1 IE' X . .AL 5. . V F nk . 5 ' ,ggi ff 5' 1 Qi....,,,P . ,s K Theorems and postu- lates, geometric terms, explained and used, 6518 The advanced al- gebra class, under the tutelage of Mr. Ferguson, exploring higher realms of mathe- matics. is rl Ofkgu' at -fs P-arrears Mathematics Wrapping Christmas "goodies. " C Home Economics candlemakers IN' Newton' s fir dress designers Christmas Gifts A tip of F,F,A, initiation the HHUO har Costumes to seniors '1- 115' CX X, 4, I Christmas decorations Coming down the stretch, it's Maxie, no it's Norman! It's a Tie!! Physicial Education activities Something old, something new for driver training. kia! ,ii 231. Ai yf Q X K X 'jg Q?" It 's not really going down hill! enirfr The seniors of 1958 are grouped according to the course of study they have followed during their four high school years - based upon at least 3 full elective credit hours. Larry Chaney Maxie Current Don Farno Bonnie Fouts John Hawn Wesley Hiser Dale Angle Charles Hiser Jim Jay Betty Berkebile ,fc fig, 1 .fl 1 of 2 I s Maxine Delcamp Carol Elleman George Cam Gary Chaney Pat Barton ACADEMIC Jack Hixson Jim Holfinger Betty Jay Marion Magee Sam Manning Glen McCool AGRICULTURE Larry Long Dorvin Miller Dean Schauer 155' COMMERCIAL Gary McDowell Jim Newman Noel Renner Jack Scurlock Gerald Shultz Monte Uhrig Stanley Shellabarger Terry Snider Don Yingst H Charlotte Gallagher Q 5- R1ta Leonard Charlene Haines vg Rita Noll Charlotte Hildebrand 3 Jeanette Sander GENERAL ' Bill Helman X Ted Sollmann Ronald Jackson sv Norman Wolfe Bruce Kessler K HOME ECONOMICS Janet Edwards Marilyn Ganger Beverly Shuff Besides the regular course of study offered to the students of Newton Hrgh there are other numerous ac IIVIIICS high school students have had the privilege in whrch to partrcrpate On this page and the following three pages you will find a list of the SCIIVIIICS seniors of 1958 who participated and the year or years they were active in these organizations Betty Berkeb rle 3 Don Farno 1 Bonnle Fouts 1 2 3 4 Charlotte Gallagher 1 2 3 John Hawn 1 4 Dale Angle 1 2 4 Jack Scurlock, Mgr 3 Don Farno 4 John Hawn Mgr 3 S X I M55 ,XZ CLASS OFFICER Ronnie Jackson 2 Jim Jay 2 Rita Leonard 1 2 Larry Long 3 4 Glen McCool 3 VARSITY BASKETBALL J1mJay2 3 4 Larry Long 2 3 4 Glen McCool 4 Irm Newman 3 4 Dean Schauer 4 5 Ss Rita Noll 1 2 4 Jack Scurlock 4 Dean Schauer 2 3 Beverly Shuff 2 Monte Uhrrg 1 2 4 Terry Snider Mgr 4 Ted Sollmann 4 Monte Uhrrg Mgr 3 Don Y1ngst4 N rw' 'fe 'xp ix 'WN 54 . ' . xf V ' . ff-R W i 3 - IN fa 1 ' D I f l ' . I U4 I X l X - ff X N .1.A,i? : Q ' ef if ax? v 323-' g' Q-,Zyl A Xl 'Q Dale Angle 1 2 George Ca1n 1 2 3 Don Farno 2 3 John Hawn Mgr 3 B111 Helman 2 Jack Hrxson George Ca1n Gary Chaney Mgr Larry Chaney Mgr Maxre Current Don Farno B111 Helman Larry Chaney 1 2 Don Farno 2 3 4 1 George Cam 1 2 3 4 Maxre Current 3 Don Farno 3 4 Wesley H1ser 3 4 OFFICERS Betty Berkebrle Jeanette Sander 3 Beverly Shuff 3 4 Maxme Delcamp 1 2 Carol Elleman 1 2 3 Charlotte Gallagher 1 2 3,4 Ronnre Jackson 4 Charlotte Gallagher 3 Charlotte Gallagher 4 Charles Hrser 1 2 3 4 Wesley Hrser 1 2 Larry Long 1 2 3 4 Activities RESERVE BASKETBALL Jlm Jay 1 Larry Long 1 Sam Mannmg 2 Glen McCool 2 Jrm Newman 2 3 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL Charles Hrser Jack Hrxson Marlon Magee Sam Mannmg Jrm Newman BASEBALL Larry Long 1 2 Sam Mannrng 1 2 Dean Schauer 1 2 TRACK Ronnte Jackson 1 2 hm Jay 1 Larry Long 2 3 Sam Mannlng 1 2 G A A MEMBERS Pat Barton 1 2 3 4 Janet Edwards 2 3 Charlotte Gallagher 3 4 BAND Colleen Johnston 1 2 3 Rrta Leonard 1 2 3 4 J1m Newman 1 2 4 BA ND OFFICERS Rrta Leonard 1 PEP BAND Rtta Leonard 4 F F A Marlon Magee 1 2 Dorvm Mtller 1 2 3 Noel Renner 1 2 Noel Renner 2 Dean Schauer 2 Jack Scurlock 2 Mgr Terry Smder 2 Ted Sollmann 2 Monte Uhrtg Mgr n-jr-4 ser? Uoagvg Oiwcnsg Dog-ow F4 r-E073 ,gg :ro as-' "'N5 v-two!!! 03'-Doom HUQDTHH CD42-uhhh Jack Scurlock 1 2 3 Terry Sntder Mgr Gerald Shultz 1 2 3 Terry Sntder 3 Ted Sollmann 1 2 3 Monte Uhrrg Charlotte Hrldebrand R1ta Leonard 1 2 Jeanette Sander 1 2 Beverly Shuff 1 2 3 Jeanette Sander 2 Jack Scurlock 1 2 3 4 Beverly Shuff 1 Terry Sn1der Jeanette Sander 4 Jack Scurlock 4 Jim Newman 4 Dean Schauer 1 2 3 4 Terry Snrder 1 2 3 4 Don Yrngst 1 2 3 4 ' . . .3 , ' , . 3 , . . 3 ' .3 ' ' . . 3 ' 2 ' , . 3 . - . 2 ' , . 9 , r 1 4 ' n 1 1 4 I I . I I 3l 4 . I ' 1 I I 31 4 . '4 . . , I I I I I . 4 I I I l 1I 3 Rita Leonard 4 Betty Berkebile 1, 2, 3, 4 Colleen Johnston 1, 2 I 4 I , I I 3U 4 I I I, I 3I 4 D I I 3I 4 I I I 3I 4 I I I I I I l I I 4 . . 1 Q I 31 4 . . . xv, . 9 I I , Q.-. , . Q 1 1 l I : I , ' ' 4 . . , , . , X 0 1 9 s if Pat Barton 1 2 3 Betty Berkebile 1 2 Bonnie Fouts 1 2 3 Maxie Current 1 2 George Cain 1 Marion Magee 3 4 Sam Manning 1 2 3 Betty Berkebile 1 2 3 4 Geroge Cain 1 GIRLS CHORUS Charlotte Gallagher 1 2 Charlene Haines 1 2 Betty Jay 1 2 3 4 Colleen Johnston 1 BOYS CHORUS Glen McCool 1 2 Jim Newman 1 2 3 4 Dean Schauer 1 2 3 4 MIXED CHORUS Colleen Johnston 2 3 Marion Magee 3 4 3 BOYS QUARTETTE Maxie Current l 2 3 4 Bonnie Fouts 2 3 4 Charlotte Gallagher 1 2 3 4 Jim Newman 2 3 4 Sam Manning 1 2 3 Glen McCool 1 2 4 Betty Jay 2 3 4 Rita Noll 1 2 3 Jeanette Sander 1 2 3 Beverly Shuff 1 2 3 Jack Scurlock 1 Gerald Shultz 1 2 3 Terry Snider 1 2 3, Monte Uhrig 4 Jeanette Sander 2 3 Dean Schauer 1 2 3 Jack Scurlock 1 Beverly Shuff 1 Gerald Shultz 1 2 3 4 Monte Uhrig 4 'F ,115 is Qi".-".'-E":"' "NN- STATE MUSIC CONTEST Betty Jay 3 Colleen Johnston 3 Betty Berkebile 2 3 Bonnre Fouts 2 3 Charlotte Gallagher 2 3 GIRLS ENSEMBLE Bor1n1e Fouts 2 4 Charlotte Gallagher 4 Betty Berkeb1le 4 Jrm Newman 4 Betty Berkebrle 3 4 Charlotte Gallagher 4 Colleen Johnston 2 3 Dean Schauer 4 MIXED ENSEMBLE Glen McCool 1 hm Newman 2 4 Rita Noll 4 DISTRICT MUSIC CONTEST Pat Barton 1 Betty Jay 3 Betty Berkebrle 1 2 3 4 Colleen Johnston 2 3 Bonnie Fouts 2 3 4 Glen McCool 2 Charlotte Gallagher 1 2,3 4 Jim Newman 1 2 3 4 O Glen McCool 2 J1m Newman 1 2 Rita Noll 3 Rlta Noll 4 Monte Uhrtg 4 Dean Schauer 1 2 4 Monte Uhug 4 R1ta Noll 3 4 Rrta Leonard 4 Beverly Shuff 1 Monte Uhrrg 4 ottawa? f Sewage 526953 6fllS.S' af 58 gggsggggigb f535M76W5Ei7a5g555 , y ,4 0 I v4 7 1 14 I I3I4 I I4 U I 94 I I I4 I I I I 7 74 .2,3 I I3l4 I I4 I I I I I I4 g I n a 1 1 4 1 1 9 I I I4 I I I I4 Charlene Haines 1, 2, 4 Rita Noll 1, 2,3, 4 Terry Snider 1,2, 3, 4 l fl 3 -5 1 5 , , w X 5 , QNX F if 5 Q efogbifokkt 9 Larry Long 4 Charles HISCI 1 Charles Hrser 4 Larry Long 3 4 Pat Barton 3 Pat Barton 3 Betty Berkeblle 3 4 George Cam 3 Max1e Current 2 Janet Edwards 4 Carol Elleman 3 Don Farno 4 Bonn1e Fouts 2 3 Charlotte Gallagher 2 3 4 John Hawn 4 3157 F F A OFFICER Dorvrn Mrller 4 JUDGING TEAM Dean Schauer 3 4 Terry Smder 3 4 PA RLIAMENTARY PROCEDURE CONTEST Dorvrn Mrller 4 Dean Schauer 3 4 F H A Janet Edwards 3 Bonn1e Fouts 3 F H A OFFICERS Bonn1e Fonts 3 EI I CLASS PLAY Charlotte Hrldebrand 3 Wesley Hrser 3 4 Ronme Jackson 2 3 Betty Jay 2 3 4 Bruce Kessler 3 4 Rlta Leonard 2 3 4 Marron Magee 4 Sam Mannrng 2 3 4 Glen McCoo1 2 MISCELLA NEOUS CHEERLEA DERS Betty Berkebrle 1 Charlotte Gallagher 1 Bonn1e Fouts 4 F F A QUEEN Rrta Noll 2 Bonnre Fouts 3 F F A COURT Bonn1e Fonts 2 Betty Jay 2 Rrta Leonard 4 G,A,A, KING AND QUEEN Don Farno 4 Bonn1e Fouts 1 Inq LU Dean Schauer 4 Don Yrngst 1 2 3 Terry Snxder 3 4 Don Ymgsr 4 Beverly Shuff 3 5 K Dorvrn Mrller 3 Jrm Newman 2 3 4 Jeanette Sander Dean Schauer 2 Jack Scurlock 4 Beverly Shuff 3 Gerald Shultz 2 4 Terry Snrder Norman Wolfe 4 Rrta Leonard 1 2 Jeanette Sander 1 4 DRIVER S CONFERENCE Ronnle Jackson 3 Betty Jay 4 G, G, A, COURT Charlotte Gallagher 4 Larry Long 1 l D2 I ' I I . . . 5? ' . ,YQ Rf 'A Y P SX 1 . . . K! , ' ' Beverly Shuff 34 ,M XY J, x Kp Ill .llf '- HI' ,ullf . , 4 I h ' i G 1 s n . 3 D I B4 . 4 ' ' '. . .4 I I , l I I I 7 I 4 ' l I 2U 3 I l j1ffff6S 157115 Drivers letra , ,.. 'f Qt' .12 SCHO0l ii , F XL Joseph Waddle Paul Shellenberger Herman Besecker Chester Zlmmerman Bruce Fessler Alan Wall Charles Prrce Harold Obum W1111am Crarg Uusfadzau Jlf10fr7l'5 and fldzrcrs Vernon Paulus Amos Hoover Bob Fessler Gusladuzn :K 'vs -'Fo Ei 'na- ff ,fr 'Uh Wu Vernon Paulus Mvps 1 . 1' , , . x . j ' .834 X K l 'jw Q f . R Q 7 . r mfr of W e x Ari: S XV 1' X y Y 1 ' N' ," , rv? an g fr .V Q. , 9 'Q Xl ' X 5 . ' 1 ' ,ff ' I ' 'r , k N A X 1. k F - K - f '- sr S XX X X4 L A V""' fa, ,g R X., if I Q I 1 I I I Q ' . if V' .Tlfxril L - r A M. , X r r l 1 . Ar- 55 5 3: 'Hi K 2. r . :J ri H A 1 . ,HGV I 9 . Q' Hvvkf Kcczpcs 3 3' 3 6 Y Q Www 3 M3 FIISI row Mrldred Shellenberger Mary Noll Mane H111 Bea Schatzley Second row Joan Wackler MHYIOD Paulus Gerald1ne Noll Verda Wolfe Secretary Kccvrds J-lead draks F' If in ui 3' --1-, KX V fl! f ASSISIBHI, Verda Wolfe, Head, Mane Hlll, Asslstant, Geraldme Noll, Keparfs Mrs, Dorothy Hawn .1 A W X l ZA. M ff ,N l M ' ,, , . l l ,, a . ' 2 vi , , . my-.M Lllhl ,MR Sz., K Ar ig , .b M r ' e re W M M A a ,RMK I, ij , M, L ' xl X E ' 3 . , Q ' 1 l a. Nr fa we - - o - - ff 1 l ' fn' D wi fy . Y , ' ' A' 2 , M l, 31 P Q..-.M ' 1 ' r.Q- J l o r ff :ig rfrgff . X7 ' l JY Q . iii an y-IYAA Yllggs V ips ' n v, , I5 kv is E Q22 'imfx of -sg 'Q 2 J " , , . NHS Elementary W K C! DO Recess lfmisvs I grade' Farris Zrsf Day The elementary years are some of the most important years of a student's life. Learning the fundamentals, adjusting to one's fellow classmates, and under the careful guidance of teachers and parents, these students will be the future adult citizens. istmas faculty mfs' P ed bv me flemenfary Zfazchers 4o'L1 Mrs. Laura Gillette, Zndg Mrs. Anna Morgan, 1stgMrs. Hazel Hall, 3rdg Miss Earleen May, 2nd: Mrs. Lucille West, 5th: Miss Elaine Stauffer, Zndg Mrs Kathryn Loxley 3rd Mrs Dorothy Wright, 4th: Miss Mary Gnodle, 6th: Mr. Thomas Gibson, 6th, Absent Miss Harriet Rayburn lst Miss Elsa Kortsch, 5th, Here Miss Elsie Kortsch and Miss Harriett Rayburn fplaying the recordsj, who were absent from the group picture, pose with Mrs. Oburn and Miss Gnodle 'in the beautifully decorated front hall. Sirffh Grade' Frrst row Marcra Taylor Stacy Jo Alspaugh Lrnda Lavy Tom Beam Larry Mrller Rrchard Pry Bonnre Rapp Bruce Noll Shrrley Anderson Second row Drck Sollmann Carol Krrchner Patty McBrrde Mrchael Work Mary Mrddendorf Janet Frsher Ronald Lerstner Elsre Knutsen Kerth Krngery Thrrd row Peggy Bucholtz Darlene Haney Robert Edwards Janet Bond Werlfrrd Schmallenberg Brlly Current Sharon Moore Sharon God frey James Roades Teacher Mrss Mary E Gnodle Absent Mary Sherrdan Ronald Shultz Frrst row Lynne Lerstner Georgra Pash Shirley Krnnrson Dale Robbrns Mrchael Short Cherry Vogann Shrr ley Rasor Jeanne Earhart John Randall Second row lrvrn Clark Brll Taylor Barry Nxesley Mrchael Klrne Alan Mrller Ph1l1p Furnas, Fred Dupurs John Davrs Rrcky Alexander Thrrd row Kathy Stocker Lrnda Brown Darlene Landrs Cheryl Mrtchell Donald Pry Lrnda Anderson Charles Sweargrn Shrrley Rrffell Teacher Mr Thomas Grbson Absent Connre Messer Kathy Warner Slifffl Grade l : l I I ' I I I I I I , I I I ' :I I 1 I 'I ' I . , . ' . ' . ' . . . . : , I I I I . I . I I . . : ' . . : ' , . . : . , . ' . ... .'. ' ' .- I I ' : l I , I ' I . ll . ' .. .' .'. u . : .. 'v 1 9 1 . 1 Il I I I : ' . : ' , . - Zfflz Grade ' "' Frrst row Karen Frazrer, Bob Wlllrams Kathy Sleppy, Alan Murphy Rrcky Mrller Mark Bradley Connre Krrchner, Carolyn Shellabarger, Dennrs Schauer Maurrce Garbry Second row Rrchard Drvens, Mary K Snrder, Larry Sowers, Kathy Roeth, James Klght Trmmre Swertzer, Jun1orl'esser John Stocker Phyllls Gee Thrrd row Connre Noll Conme Shrverdecker Diana Earnest, Roger Bashore, Douglas Lowry, Robert Holsrnger Melanre Thornton, Douglas Wehrley, Marrlyn Mrller Teachers Mrs Grace Garrrson, Mrss Elsa Kortsch Absent Bonnre Jackson, Kathy Randall, Donald Sleppy Frrst row Joyce Ganger, Karen Keller James Murphy Danny Thomas Jan Shellenberger, Alrce Mrddendorf Prrcrlla Shook, Kathy Work, Sharon Smrth Second row Terry Barton, Adolf Marko, Brenda Perry Mrke Puckett Robert Hammond Judrth Sherman Bruce Hurley Davrd Gallagher Thud row Janrce Elleman, Patsy Rankm John Mrller Harry Bashore, Bob Smrth, Jeny Branson, Patty Mote Gary Stockslager M1chaelWhrte Teacher Mrs Luc1l1e West Absent Ruth Roetter Zfflz Grade a , , . V, a ,ba rn lay, I :L - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . 1 'A 1 1 1 . 1 . . . . - 1 1 1 1 . . . l 5 . - 1 1 1 1 . I g 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - . . . . 1 Hvurfh grade Ftrst row Melwrn Frady Barbara Alexander, Marla Uhrrg Freddy Roeth Judrth Kllne Brenda Wamer Becky Taylor Sandra Johnson Second row Darrell Thatcher Donald Angle Tom Nresley Marsha Major Tun Ttlton Eddre Cress, Janet Ytngst Thtrd row Sue Branson Rex Mlllhouse, Mary Crabtree, Kathle Chlpley MLke Hrldebran, Rrchard Wenrtck, Sandra G1nn Maltnda Butts Absent Douglas Chaney Mrke Kauffman, Sam Schultz, Marsha Morrls Teacher Mrs Ada Oburn Ftrst row Paul Lavy, Steven Adams Edna Branham, Kay Brmrng Gene Chaney Kathy Carroll Ray Garbry Drane Jackson Dtann Mrller Second row Tante Wackler Dtane Laughman, MaIC13 Peacock John Dupurs Tommy Edwards Dale Snyder Nancy Keller, Donnie Thompson Thtrd row Donald Robbrns Bobby Welbaum Stanley Crabtree, Dick Peters Danny Prrce Charlotte Swartz John Wackler Manlee Thomton Cherr Fetters Teacher Mrs Dorothy Wrrght Absent Dtck Netzley Jeannme Warner Qrfurfh Grade 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 1 1 1 ' ' : ' , 1 - - 1 - I 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 - : 1 1 1 . . . 1 1 - - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 2 n . 2 3 u Uzzrd Grade Fust row Lauren Schauer C1ndy Cooper Marc1a Frady Wauneta Butts Paul Laughman Mrke Garvey Tommy Barton Barry Bashore Second row Jerry Schlrenrtz Larry Clark Rlta Snyder Ronald Perry Carolyn Ferguson Gregory Cullers Sharon Johnson, Johnny Wh1tman Larry Snead Thud row Vlckx Locke Karl Marko Ted Shellenberger Vaughn Schellhause B1llyWeh11ng Gale Kleprnger Dav1d Herbst Janet Stewart Teacher Mrs Hazel Hall Absent Rita Vogler Frrst row V1ck1 Boehrmger Gabnele Taesler Brent Paulus Stephen Smrth June Carroll Jerry Sherrdan Tawm Barton L1nda Wrllrams Emrly McK1bben Second row Brlly Westfall Jay Fetters Paul Adams Jack Holsmger Van V1a Rene Wackler Mrke MaJor Mlke Thornton Thud row D1ana W1lmoth Randy Bradley Dav1d Hess Jrmmy Bucholtz Alan Hess Gene Cox Leroy Ganger Cheryl Earhart Debra Furnas Teacher Mrs. Kathryn Loxley Absent Ronn1e Kress Zfllfd Grade 0 . . . . . ' I I I I I I . . . . ' I 0 ' I I I l I . . . . . I I 9 ' I I . . . . . I I I I I 0 I . . I . . . . . . . . . 0 I I I I I I . . . . . . . . I D U U I I I . . . . . . . . . I I I I 0 ' I I l I l I l I 0 V . . o o 0 0 Second Grade Frrst row Grey Lowry Rudy Yount Freddre Stump Jacque Netzley Irmmy Beeman V1kk1 Cremeans Larry Ganger Second row Lmda Kress Pamela Burton Mark Vra Rrcky Yowler Byron Fouts Danny More Drane Peters Thrrd row Susan Wenrrck Mrke Johnson Bobby Prrce Marlene Gee Julra Warner Lonnle Chaney Donnre R1ffell Teacher Mrs Laura Grllette Absent Van Shellenberger George Woods Delores Baker Jan Frrst row Drana Garbry Inge Marko James Adams Mrcky Powell Blake Hurley Dennis Warner Drxre Scott., Mrchael D McGr1ff Second row Chrrsune Hocker Drane Strchter Butch Shook Geralchne Selander Crarg Furnas, Darlene Brown Kevrn Work Thlrd row Amy K Cecrl Alrce Fehlmann, Steve Shade Mrchael Church Jerry Brumbaugh Denms Thatcher Danny Klopfer Floyd Shumaker Teacher Mrss Earleen May Absent Carol Burton, Irmmre Crabtree Sammi Grade , z . , . I ' . ' . . I ' : . , ' . , . , , ' . 1 . : . t . , . ' ' . ' . ' ' ' . : . ' . 1 , , , - ice Baker. . : . . ' ' . . ' . , . . . . . , : . . ' . . , D . I . , . i . : I . I . . . , , ' , , , : ' . : Sammi Grade Frrst row Lors Caldwell Vernre Cullers Mary Jane Branham Rosemary DSVIS Nancy Laughman Roland Srnk Debbre Bare Second row Kenneth Adams Bobby Randall, Ronnle Chaney Danny Wackler Mrchael Hrnes Bonrta Sue Ferguson Hal Kauffman Eunrce Ganger Thrrd row Paul Snyder Rrcky Bradley Marsha Pash Jlmmy Shumaker Garey Mrller Jackre Haney Dennrs Oburn Teacher M153 Elame Stauffer Absent Bobby Wood and Jean Shellenberger ' 1 1 1 , , ' ' ' 7 ' 1 1 9 I 1 ' I , , I 1 1 1 . Z , 3 . -af., ' A A 1 ,, . r, few-ww I. A "' 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 - Z 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - . I 1 - '11 Frrst row Gary Boathe, Davld Thompson Richard Boehrrnger Carol Bruung Cynthla Fledderjohn Hannelore Marko Chantel Vrres Mary Laughman Mark Noll Marvrn Adams Second row Chmon Thompson Jrrnmy Weaver Brenda Davrs Trrnmy Coppock Kent Hess Paul Carroll Steve Khne Belrnda Hess Toby Duffey Dean V1a Paula Burton Thrrd row Tom McBrrde Sandra Shurnaker Patty Crabtree Davrd Getzendmer Nrcky Wackler Lrnda Harvey M1tchellFogle, Gary Sleppy Danny Zlmmerman Douglas ChI1SI1Eil'1 Teacher Miss Harrret Rayburn Absent Freddre Selanders Zrsf Grade Hrs! Grade First row: Doug Netzley, Vicki Melvin, Jim Angle, Sherry Fessler, Billy Butts, Everett Branham, Debbie Locke, Jerry Hocker, Monty Fogle, Richard Brinkman. Second row: Phillip Shellenberger, Bobby Snead, Donald Thatch- er, Tom Tilton, Joe Deeter, Roland Stahl, Jimmy Laughman, Elaine'Deeter, Charles Christian. Third row: Jack Coate, Joan Hiser, Sharon Whitman, Pamela Ashmore, Kent Schellhause, Duiane Vogler, John Ralidak, Joy Miller, Paul Yingst. Teacher: Mrs. Ann Morgan. Absent: Deeua Jess, James Longpre, -N Every day at 1:30 the first and sec ond grades have a "milk-break. " Here are Deetra Jess and James Longpre sharing their nourishment. Some elementary teachers faced this during the Halloween season. Boo! Dick Netzley and Jeannine Warner pose before one of their open house displays in their room. Now thrs 15 a gourd Grbson leads some sucth grade students 1n a scrence lesson In add1t1on to sc1ence h teaches hrstory geography and spellmg and 1 to carry makes Mrss Kortch morrung teacher of one SCCIIOH of the frfth grade 15 ass1st1ng wrth a perplexrng problem Miss Gnodle's si.xth graders find that prepar- ing for those important high school years means careful attention to many topics and ideas. Miss Gnodle teaches math, writing, English, and reading. h 'N if' Mrs Coy s mus1c class one of many she conducts throughout the day creates an atmosphere of warmth Wlth musrc even though the wmd and snow blow outsrde Whrle Mrs Rayburn leads a reading class, the rest of the students color Of course it doesn't hurt to dream a little!! I n 5 P Y an. ' W' E YM ny f -" X A 6 W K , 15+ .-,,...:::-:f . . X , , .qs '12 , Immun: wwlfvavnw .MV ,gy .nal i ' Q I - i . if 34' rx s..4m3..L.4D4L 4 f ,. f W ' I . up--,...s ,fkf sg 3 "fy Av if X my ww M, 4 X Q ,,.4-. , f 7. fd- x , 1 , . -u mx' ., . iv: 4 xx W R S J ix m, K ,jg , yy f ' Tw ,,, ' Mi 'I 5 F' 5 ' ' W A - 2 f MQ' x 1 5,66 . V rf'-n. 1 ' , Q4 K'-,X 44 iii' Ag ,Q Q Ex A , 4 if Q-1 I K . f 1 Y ' M Wm' m, K MTF' Wag 1:,f 3-ff : . f.,,,Q. f"f-Tigfnfr 154 W... .i',wba 9- Qwmfw ,xi "1 wwgwanwp , Q wsagg 4. . 5jili?fff'fg gray I 1 5 1 ,V t:,v1'.:ggi: .1553 ,gf :asus-ff' 41 I -4355 ?f gwffg ff iq f X , - , ww- 5 we H iwix- .W, 5-A -ff .4 , .1 ' f-,Hifi 3 ., Q ' 1 -M ja , 9 ,gvfkvx-f mamma- , - 5 5 I , ' if if Q i 5 N , . k Y 'nf asf -2 ' A J Q 'f 'QL X v X -we , J . ff ' sf . 'Ming 3 fy .-1 . 1? Z1 E. I , Z . ,, 3, I E E Ta, , ' Ki A . Industrious third graders learn to work carefully under Mrs. Hall's super- vision. lu Mrs. Gillette gives as- signment instructions to attentive second graders. "I know the answer Mrs. Oburn. " iff ix TRIBUTE TO SANTA Charles Edwards has played Santa Claus for thrs commun1ty for numer ous years Delrghtmg many chrldren wrth treats he has V1S1ICd the elemen tary grades of Newton School A up of the hat to you, Charlrel I We Three Krngs of Orlent Are list Monkeys on the mon key bar Exh1b1ts on varrous brrdges clrmax a umt study by the frfth grade Sammy Shultz Douglas Chaney Mrke Kauffman Marcla Morrls fmd that they 11ve 1n an mterestrng world d ts are gathered around their These stu en I The C1355 decorates Halloween decorat1onS. hrou hout the Year' for each holiday I S xi Masks, masks, and more masks. Watch that ball! These fifth grade students are showing some of the bridges they made. I y 5 The monkey bars provide many hours of fun for elementary students. More bats and gobhns on the nee! I 'Round and 'round they go, and where they stop no one knows! e If x M6 f' W ax, B Q pi .5 A W A M 3 as 5, A ffl L' if, P I " ge' y 1.10 wwf E 1-E v 5 5 gf ' - W1 sw . H Y ' Lv-Y-- " i U X X G 3, 3 ,J myqs dverfiscmcuis li. Salas MVK! Prop! Hargazns Salesmanshzjv ADS Our sincere thanks go to the following busi- ness people who helped to make this book possible. With- out them, there would be no "Smoke Signals. " We feel these merchants de- serve our patronage. Ab-,W,"""f'ir-' eF"Q:.... ' ff-4.555 C-'.sTE-JNE-129 Sand and Gravel Washed Crushed Graded Top S011 F111 D1rt Ready Mlx Concrete Also Winterized Concrete West Milton, Ohio Phone ll8 Congratulauons to the Class of1958 THE CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK Cov1ngton and Pleasant H111 Oh1o 57 Years of Contlnuous Banknmg Servlce Featumno S Vlngs Llquldlty and Complete Banklng Fac111t1es ' Photographlc Supplle s ZWMZZQHM 3 BARBER SHOP AND PHOTO SPORTS CENTER Phone West M11tOn 239 West Mllton, Oh1o Ath1et1c Equ1pm ent I H . . . . 9 o 3' f , 5. Wayne and Rudy' "Quality Feeds S. J. RUDY AND SONS Pleasant H111 Ohio sb? 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Goodyear bf Battery I Wai fhflkw LUMBER CO Ill! West 'KHIE mm Phone H3511 mum WHBER co 01110 11113 M1lton A Complete Bu11d1ng Materlal Store CZITIZ-ENS NATIONAL 'BANK US HLP K VE 5 "QQ ' 41 'im qv? I 35 9554 Qawz 7Zanelf We st M11tOn Ohlo W 'IZCBEIZT L.. SAl1ND4:'lP SAUNDER'S PARKING LOT Dayton, Oh1o I N,ii ..,xh,g 4 ' 23 ,..,-.,...- My ::'-wry-f.r --'H' -"""' --.-io, , ,W re' eeoo 5 MM 155 ., ,- N5 if - S 2 4 9 I, ' 9 , 7 i' ' . . f X A TT".,'N:g!1x, 'Ss ' C, X 1' 24"-QW .if-j f 5'1- - .S qu, l - , f 555555 "' a . , - .. CITIZENS NATIONAL BANK AND TRUST COMPANY Establlshed 1 865 Ma1n Street at Ash Plqua Oh1o See LESTERA MCDONEL Manager All Personal Loans Insured Under Our C1t1zens L1fe Protect1on Plan Open Da11y 9 00 A M to 4 30 P M Thursday and Saturday 9 00 A M to 12 00 Noon Two 'Dr1ve In Bank W1nd0WS Customer Parlung Lot Member Federal Depos1t Insurance Corporatlon S10 000 O0 Maxlmum Insurance for Each Depos1tor lCl2.CJ'l3I..l N JEWELERS Ng 1 Guaranteed Watch Repalr G1ftS for All Occasmns Phone West M11ton 141 W 105 North M1am1 West Mllton Oh1o THE SD CD-F IF I1' S GOOD FOOD YOU YIAI1' WM!! 1 T 'Q College and Water Street Plqua Oh1o TEV MIAMI MAID BETTER BREAD Always Bette 1' B etter Always DAYTON BREAD COMPANY Dayton Oh1o Wawfwaf LUMBER COMPANY J' AMES ANDERSON Phone Troy FE 9 3556 FE 9 3886 Troy Oh1o MAHE2 NECCHI ELNA 424 North Maln Street P1qua , Oh1o .T C CRON AND SONS 322 North Ma1n Street Phone FE 9 -7 40 1 Troy Oh1o ,W LQ I I I Ag li! Watche s Diamonds 1 N Quin! TIRE COMPANY New T1res Recappmg Maln and Ullery Street Covmgton Oh1o Phone 2141 Best W1SheS to Semor Class of '58 gvffga XXX XX N 'T no BARBER SHOP Troy Oh1o Phone 233 44 50 0 yiiffw 02556122 FUNERAL HOME Ambulance SSIVICC Phone Fr. 21211 Troy Oh1o NETZLEY BOAT AND MOTOR SALES Troy Oh1o Publlc Welcome to Our Year Around Boat Show Ownes Century Thompson Larson Boats Ev1n1-ude Motors LJACKETT5 MagaZ1HCS Newspapers Glft Items Noveltles Sundrles for the Whole Famlly 57246 Clgars Tobaccos Clgarettes ' Troy S Frlendly Store PIPES and Smokers' Accessor1es Greetlng Cards for All Occaslons You Are Always Welcome to Come Phone 6096 ln and Browse Around 105 F. Main Phone FE 5 5256 135 W- Maw Troy, Oh1o . - . 1 1 i . A 9 nm r ' u .K-at 1 . .N" . ' mn. -..- 39. . ' -:+:-:-:3Q:5:5 Q'- I 13:323:3:1:3:3:3?:-1-264:-:1:3:i K..ffffmf1,. 1 m 2 H s v 7 I I ' I , , I I ' uv 'W 2570143 STORE P1qua's Favor1te T1'ad1ng Place SIHCC 1883 P1qua Oh1o The Best of Everythl g to the Class of 1958 D12 C I-I LJBBEE Troy Oh1o Be True to Your Teeth or They Wlll Be False to You CHEVROLET SALES ,"x New and Used Cars and Trucks Complete Fac111t1es to Se1'V1C6 Cars and Trucks 225 South Walnut Street Troy Oh1o Q Putt1ng programs together, Comphments of EDWARD FOUTS R R 143 Troy Oh1o - - .,:.-- - 'n - '-.-,: ' 0 -, 4-3 -,1 " - I C I - I I I I D ixv lim 1 , ' ' 1 9 WZWIQZ our QQ DRUG STORE "' 'V DEPENDABLE DRUGGIST Phone 40 West Mllton Ohlo EDNA YOUNG'S QICHAQDSONS BEAUTY SALON JEWELRY AND PHOTO SUPPLIES Watche s Argus D1 rllyte Ans co S1lve rwa re B ell and Howell C olo 1- F1n1 shlng MOVIE Equlpm ent Phone 9740 106 West Ma1n Street Northeast Corner Ma1n and Monument Troy Ohlo Pleasant H111 Olno IXAIAJVII SEQVICE STATION 124 North M1am1 Street West M11ton Oh1o nsvgrysfffy !f'?:. 4affLt?"'?"' ' f ' 1-:!'F"1" 'E ,.fF-54,-P!! l 1 Diamonds Kodak ' ' . 2 A' i , . . , . 2 12656 INAEIVICDQI,-CM. I--ICDINATE Ambulance Se1'V1Ce Phone and Hospltal Or 6 220 Eqnupment Pleasant H111 , Oh10 COVINGTCJN LUMBER C OMPANY Lumber M111 Work margins runnin C0 Insulatlon Bullder s Hardware Supplle s Palnt Glas s Phone GR 3 3521 Covrngton Oh1o SHADES FURNITURE at APPLIANCES 9 S Ma1n Street West Mllton . . . ' ' I V - Q . - ! a NT . mf, FUNERAL HOME NED PEARSON, Funeral Director M Phone Covington ig? Gr-3-2271 Ohio 24 Hour Ambulance Service Hospital Equipment THE WESTERVILLE CREAMERY CO Covington Ohio THE PEOPLE'S BUILDING AND SAVINGS ASSN Troy Oh1o Good Good Place Place Borrow Save Organized 1890 Never Mis sed a D1v1dend Where Thousands Have Saved Millions Safety of Your Savings Insured Up to S10 000 00 if ., . , . , . A A to i to . , . 'EDLBTIQOIXI PICKERING S PLUMBING SUPPLY THIESING S DRUG STORE MITCHELL 'S LITTLE STORE VAN DALIA CAFETERIA GALLAGHER S GROCERY STORE MCDOWELL BROTHERS BUTLER VARIETY STORE BERRY SCHOOL OF HORSEMANSHIP MILLERS GARAGE PRESTON DYE INTERIORS ELLIOT S FURNITURE COMPANY LONGENDELPHER S as-.Ns I C GARDENER MABEL ELLEN AND JEANS DRESS SHOP QUALITY HARDWARE INC TROY ROWLAND COMPANY BOWER STATIONERS MILES JEWELRY HITTLE 'S JEWELRY LORD S DRESS SHOP WALTZ 'S DRY CLEANING TROY GRAIN 81 SUPPLY ASS'N TROY HARDWARE CO M 81 R DRUG CO INC WILSON 81 STEVENS BARBER SHOP 309 I-Iarrrson Street Oh1o Pleasant H111 Oh1o North Mam Pleasant H111 Oh1o Var1da11a Oh1o Ludlow Falls Oh1o Fletcher Oh1o Trpp Crty Oh1o P1easant H111 Oh1o Route '25 Troy Oh1o West Mam Street Troy Oh1o 127 West Ash Street Ptqua Oh1o 108 West Matn Street Troy Oh1o Ptqua Oh1o Troy Oh1o 1000 North DIXIE H1ghway Troy Oh1o 515 Mrchtgan Avenue Troy Oh1o 4WestMa1n Street Troy Oh1o Troy Oh1o Troy 01110 Southeast Corner of Pub11c Sq Troy Oh1o 432E Maru Street Troy Oh1o 2.493 Mulberry Street Troy Oh1o 15S Market Street Troy Oh1o Pub11c Square Troy Oh1o 223Pub11c Square Troy Oh1o , . . Y , . . I I I , . . I I ' I , . l l , . . Y I , . . I I Tiiiif -1,-"ef-.,. . 1,.., . . , D , , 1 0 I I l 9 I I , . . 5 I I 0 I I , . ' I 9 I l I I Q Q 9 Q 1 1 I I PAGES ETTER MUSIC COMPANY DIXIE WRECKING COMPANY CON DON S MEN SHG' WEST MILTON INN FULLER HARDWARE AND PAINT MIAMI STREET MARKET SCRANTONS FOODLINER POTASKY S RUTH S DRESS SHOP VANS TEXACO SERVICE MEL S SERVICE STATION HEIN HARDWARE 12 North Hlgh Street Covmgton T1ppC1ty Ohto 108 East Marn Street Ttpp Crty Ohro West Mtlton Ohro 16 North Mam Street West Mtlton Ohio Mlaml Street West Mllton Ohto West Mrlton Ohto West Mrlton Ohto West Mrlton Ohlo 885 South Mtamr West Mrlton Ohro West Mrlton Ohto Covmgton Ohro CROMER PHOTOS AND SUPPLIES C R CRAWFORD APPLIANCES FREDDY S FRUIT MARKET STUMP S BAIT SHOP H 8: M PASTRY SHOP RADIO STATION WPTW GENTNER S MUSICANA BAR XL CLEANERS CROSBY DRUG STORE PIQUA OFFICE SUPPLY COMPANY WILLIAM D MARSHALL D D S GEORGE BANKERT AND COMPANY SPORTSMAN SPORTING GOOD STORE HEIDLES 'S HARDWARE I 10 East Wnght Street Covtngton Ohto 16 East Wrrght Street Covtngton Ohto 10 Broadway Covmgton Ohto R R ffl State Route 48 Covtngton Ohro 928 Pennsylvanta Avenue Troy Ohro 1625 Covmgton Avenue Ptqua Ohto 114 West Ash Street Ptqua Ohto 420 North Mam Street Ptqua Ohto 418 North Marn Street Ptqua Ohto Publtc Square Ptqua Ohlo 21st North Wayne Street Ptqua Ohto 212 North Street Prqua Ohto 505 North Mam Street Prqua Ohto 112 North Mam Street. Plqua, Ohto , , . 1 . . , . I ' I l i . . ' . ' . , . ' . , . , . . ., . . . 1 ' . ' . gf trertr f P' . I 1 . , . ' . U . . ' . , . . ' . ' . , . u - ' . , . . . ' . , , . , . . l . ' . . 1 . ' . . , . I . U Q O O I U . 9 ' I I D , . ' . , . 2695 Z7 67 M04 CUSTOM PHO TOGRAPHIC JWWIZZWWWQ SERVICES 1 3 1 O South Street 320 North Maul Street P o BOX 405 Phone 3262 P1qua. Oh1o Plqua Oh1o 1 Y 1.3 THE COVINGTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOC HU f 10090 Q X, N SAFETY Y' or voun 0 sAvmcs C.: Y' INSURED Z uv ro Suo ooo 'X QS 05 CHRIS Complete Sav1ngs and Home Loan Servlce Phone GR 3 2151 Covlngton Oluo I f I 9 :LEM 9. 415+ fl ' -"gun" Q 6 5 "'I 0 l 5 f Q ' YN 'IN fi.. h . W .JQMWJJW EXCAVATING CONTRAC TOR Phone 289 03 Troy Oh1o ICHEV-3-OLETM TIPP CITY MOTOR SALES INC Sales and Servlce Phone 3441 West Broadway Tlpp Clty Oh1O CZK? CLEANERS DYERS LAUNDRY SERVICE Phone FE 9 3141 14 W Franldln Street Troy Oh1o 'PLE ASANT 1-4 ILL HARDWARE STORE P1 ea sant H111 AND Oh1o SA VE 'Tl-IE M4 North D1x1e H1ghway A1 r Cond1t1oned 'Where the Pleasant People of Pleasant H111 Eat Ch1cken Steaks and Sea Food" Carry Out Servlce Phone 29021 Troy Oh1o 5 KTQESDCSE COMPANY P1qua ' s Fr1end11e st Varlety Store C A BERGER Manager 326 North Maln Street Phone 461 Z 'Qi"f 5 A A T M5224 DIL CQ Ludlow Street Laura, Ohio 7fMq, LIVESTOCK EXCHANGE Rural Route 4153 Troy, Oh1o Www STORE 3 North Market Troy, Oh1o 74mg SPORTS CENTER 111 West Ma1n St Troy, Oh1o MADISON HOME FOR FUNERALS Oxygen Eqmpped Ambulance SCIVICC Telephone 88 507 West I-hgh Troy Oh1o Zfpzffk CLEANERS 8: DYERS Complete L1ne of Dry C1ean1ng We Spec1a11ze ln Knlt Dresses and Suede Jackets N E Corner of Square Troy Oh1o 025 UWQZJWZ 407616 Vwcf Miami County's Volume Ford Dealer 220 S. Market Street Troy, Ohio Congratulations to the Class of '58 XJMKMZ fwddf Good Dependable Insuranc e Phone OR 6 2251 Pleasant H1ll, Ohlo TQGJAN PPIVE IN Pt My GOCD FOOD South Dune f We Phone FE 242 62 x t,.,,-gym' Home of the Trojan Jumbo I i a i C a' G . , ,rv ' f 2 -.133 . if ..'1-CCL ' - if, .:H?XH2aaaz2aaa221- -aw'-' . ,,.,...,mm:+ aaa 'z ,-iizazzam, . Can? 5 TRUCKING INC Lwestock Transportatlon Phone FE 2 3659 Troy Oh1o Vfzaq IRON AND METAL CO 641 South Ma1n Street Troy Oh1o Yizffg Qffmfaffs SOHIO STATION 24 Hour Front End Wrecker Allgnrnent 120 North Maln Service Wheel Balanclng WHEN INTHE Phone OR 6 2681 MUDD FDR DDD P Oh F lqua 10 Pleasant H111 Oh1o .111 Tl-ICDIVIA. AND SONS 321 North Maln Street P1qua Oh1o Jewelers S1nce 1838 KWWZZLZ OLDSMOBILE CO West M11ton Ohlo I 5 I 4 I 3 I inte 7765? Sundaes Foot Cones Long Quarts Hot Plnts Dggs Malts and Shakes 521 South Umon Street Troy Oh1o jagwfvus Qvfdmu FURNITURE STORE We Repa1r and Sell Shoes 704 West Maln SIMPLE SIMON DRIVE IN Outdoor Outdoor Car Table Serv1ce S61'V1Ce and Ohlo . , . 1 I Pleasant Hill, Ohio Troy, Ohio . . , . COATE Bur1a1 Vault s Septlc Tank West Mllton, Oh1o W1nchester, Indlana New M1am1 Oh1o Phone 62 M West Mllton, Oh1o Mllk Cream Phone 23 61 THE MIAMI C OUNTY DAIRY C OMPANY COV1ngtOR, Oh1o Ice Cream Butter Ice Cream Noveltles Qmwzeza gvchwge Pleasant H111 Oh1o Farm Supp11e s Graln 5:7 K-A Fleld Seed Coal .Eva xwmmasm ew- Phone OR 6 3161 DEAK-E: SERVICE STATION Mlafnl County Headquarters or General TIIBS and Tubes Passenger Truck Farm and Industrlal Kraft System Retread1ng and Repan-mg 336 South Ma1n Street Phone 160 Plqua, Oh1o "Flowers for Eve ry Occaslo G1ftS Nove1t1e s Planters of A11 Klnd Phone 124 I1 ll X vm 4'lP uw ,Q P West M11ton, Ohio I 4 , e e fi-X. ,M t 6 I ,gt ,E . 4' .M ax X 1 Pork and Beef Sausage Smoked Meats vu B Federally 6' Inspected Meats for Your 00 uns Protectlon 44m 5 Phone Z 1275 Troy Oh1o Compllm ents of Z6 JEWELRY STORE Southeast Corner of Pub11c Square roy, Oluo FE 9 6756 M620 FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSGCIATION A Safe Place for Sav1ngs A Mutual Savlngs Assoclatlon Chartered and Supervlsed by The Unlted States Government West M1lton, Oh1o We ek FURNITURE Out Our Way We Deal Your Way Laura Oh1o Phone 72311 I X 9 1 v IF 'G-I leg Ie, ' I 'ish eg-J ' T v - M66 f THE MIAMI PARTS COMPANY Automotlve Jobbers Troy Oh1o Phone FE 9 9256 AutOfflOt1V6 Parts and Complete Your N A P A Jobber Is a Good Man to Know CITIES THE MIAMI SERVICE PETROLEUM PRODUCTS CO C1t1es Se1'V1CC D1str1butors Troy, Oh1o Phone FE 9 7066 F1161 O11 Motor O11 Tank Truck Dellvery to Your Home SerV1ng 1n Mlaml County QZMMQWJ IMPLEMENT COMPANY John Deere Equlpment Badger S110 Unloaders Gutter Cleaners, Bunk Feeders COV1HgtOH Oh1o Phone 462 1 wail All Quahty Name Brand Foods Troy Ohlo 0256422425 SERVICE STATION Fr1endly S1ncla1r Servlce Market and Canal Troy, Oh1o Zflzzga GARAGE Oldsmoblle Sales and SCIVICC 2.14 South Mulberry Troy, Ohro Y ' 'Il I ft IW? Machine Shop Service GaSO1iI1e I I , f We, the Seniors of 1958, now bequeath to you, the Seniors of 1959, the busy schedules banquets, and bills that we have put in our memory book of the year 1957-1958. 5 I4 I Z7 0 r I S 9 5 9 LTLLJ R rf"LD B TA LOR PUBLISHING CO I T PH , . ,X ,N , -X. Y- 1 V , A x.: rs . A 1 - fZ5,Ll..74.F fa Fe E s' Yeyzca s :rv TAYLT

Suggestions in the Newton High School - Smoke Signals Yearbook (Pleasant Hill, OH) collection:

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