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Text from Pages 1 - 52 of the 1952 volume:

W' VTT TI-IE RAILROADER vzewfw. Hfgu gem fnewfon, Kansas 'The Home of the Railers' ime 7-alvle I. Conduclors - Engineers - II. Big Blasls Tiny Taa+S Wee Wnislles - III. Seclion Gang IV. Slop, I.ooIc, and Lislen V. Clulo Car VI. Viclory Bound VII. Side Track - Qfaii Edilor - - - Judie Ivlorgan - Sallie Love Joan Casner Associale Edilors Arr Edilor - - Belly Pick Plfiolograpliy - - - Leo Brandl Prinling - - Kansan Prinling Co. Newlon, Kansas . g ',kn' -,J T .-if L. A 'Navi' a n ffl 4 ,,..i ,I 4- ,154 wigs ,, -I ' JL Reporlers Eacully Advisor 3 4 6 I3 I4 I5 - 25 - 29 - 35 - 43 Bruce Loganloill Kallwleen Karns Donna Beeson Connie Dulce Wilbur Smilli Engraving - - Sun Engraving Co. Parsons, Kansas MR. H. W. SCOTT Miss Margaret Orpin As we seniors close the chapter of high school from our book of life and go out into the world to our lifetime work or to further our education, we will realize more and more the teamwork of the administration, teach- ers. students, custodians-All working to- gether during some of the happiest days of our life. With this foundation of leadership and co-operation, it becomes our goal to live up to these standards - having the right to say with pride, "My high school-Newton High-is tops with me!" We of the 1952 class wish to express our sincere appreciation. Gonducfofzs We, the Newton High School class of 1952, will always remember the friendly and efficient services of the administration. Superintendent H. W. Scott and Principal M. D. Morris, during their first year as coun- selors of our school, along with their assist- ants, Miss Margaret Orpin and Mrs. Pauline Bowman and the school board members, have done much to retain and even further the high standards accredited to our school. Newton schools have been recognized as among the best, and we Newtonians have the right to be proud of our capable execu- tives. MP M D MORRIS ' Mrs. Pauline Bowman "f",5,' E Pfsx :gig jug 1. " a' , ' ' A 1 ' L .16 is 'tl 3, .gm 'WM ew M. 0422715 OLIVE ANDEPSON English, Spanish LEO BRANDT Mechanical Drawing, Photography JAMES COREY JACK CRONK Industrial Arts JOHN D. DAVIDSON Vocal Music ESTHER FROOM Driving, Industrial Arts CURTIS FISCHER Physical Education, Football BETTY GRAHAM English Physical Education S. B. GRISWOLD CHRISTINE E. HETZEL Biology, Commerce Basic Science VIRNELLE JONES R. M. KARNS Dramatics, English LAVINIA LEIBENGOOD Clothing Vocational Agriculture MARY LINTON Foods, Home Management ngineefzs WAYNE LYON ELVA MCBETH Industrial Arts English MARIE ORR DONALD PETERSEN Arts and Crafts Physical Education Social Studies, ALMA MOORE LELAND MOORE Speech, Debate Social Studies JOHN RAVENSCROFT MARY ROBERTS Physical Education, Librazian Basketball E. S. SANDERSON BONNIE SELANDERS Band, Orchestra Latin, English A. R. SELF' WILBUR SMITH Social Studies Journalism, English J. B. STUART Chemistry, Basic Science BROOKS TERRY Mathematics, Science EDITH D. WHITTED ' Mathematics vw? TED ICE Class Pres. 43 Hi-Y 2, 3, 4g Hi-Y Off. 3, Latin Club 2, 33 National Honor Society 3g Scholarship Pin 2, 35 Forensic Pin 3, Debate 2, 3, 45 Jr. Play, Stud. Coun. Off. 4. B19 glasts When we toddled off to school on that Sep- tember day, the track that led to our senior year seemed to stretch for miles. Standing on the first tie, gleaming rails ran through meadows, up and down rocky hills and finally disappeared in the hazy distance. Even though we looked until our eyes grew weary, we could not see the end of that track. Perhaps, at intervals, when we were trudging along the track of education, we asked ourselves if the last station would ever be reached. Now, with graduation, that question has been answered. Most of us have a perfect right to feel proud that our goal has been accomplished. We could have been derailed or stopped completely in our desire for education. Not all of our travel over the long miles of track was enjoyable and easy. Sometimes we stumbled over cinders and had to be assisted, often we had to watch our step care- fully in going over those rocky hills. Those of us, anxious to get on to the next station, would wait impatiently for the loafers who had stopped to look around. On various occa- sions it would have been easy to have given up completely, however, we kept struggling over the miles and after the summit of the steepest hill had been reached, we saw the finish line. Al- though most of us would not admit it, we were sorry to see that the last golden spike had been driven in our track of education. JUDIE MORGAN Class V. Pres. 45 MARY ANN GRISWOLD Class Sec. BILL BRAINARD Class Treas. 45 gv1:1T1i9US 2, 3, Cttiblfgiltlg hcfub hgi 4g Y-Teens 2, 3, 45 Latin Club 23 Hi-Y 23 Basketball 2, 3 un, 4 UA: a espearean u .5 c oars ip 1 1 , N , , , - Pin 2, 3g Jr. Playg Sr. Playg Thes- Slddliebpecuedn Clllb 3' Schohushlp Track 2, 3, Cross Country 3 QLJQ pian pin 45 GAA 2 da, 3, 4 4115: Pin 33 Vocal Music 35 Stage Crew BO ,S Stat 3 Annual Ed. 4, Journalism Pin 4. 4g GAA 2 QLJ, 3 fm, 4 QLJ. Y 9 ' Page .Six JERRY ADAMS Colorado Springs, Football 3: Track 3: Vocal Music 3. Newton. Hi-Y 4: Vocal Music 4. LOUETTA ADAMS Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 2, 3: Vocal Music 4: Stage Crew 4: GAA 4: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. ELDON AKERS Hi-Y 2: Vocal Music 4: Band 2: Football 2 ILJ. 3 QLD. 4 QLJ: Basketball 2. 3 QLJ: Track 2 CLQ, 3 QLJ, 4. BEVERLY ANN ALLEN Y- 'Peens 2, 3, 4. DONNA ALLENSWORTH Topeka. Y-Teens 2: Vocal Music 2: FHA 2: Science Club 2. Newton, Y-Teens 3: Vocal Music 4. ARLEN ANDERSON Stud. Coun. Rep. 3: Hi-Y 2, 4: Hi-Y Off. 4: Newtonian Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Cheer- leader 3, 4: Baseball 3 1Ll, 4. DON ARNOLD Hi-Y 2, 3: Football 2, 3, 4 KLM Track 2, 3, 4: Basketball Mgr. 2. MARY ALICE BARBOUR Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Shakes- pearean Club 3: Vocal Music 3, 4. MELVIN BARTEL Hi-Y 2. 3, 4: Shakspearean Club 3: Vocal Music 2, 3, 4: Lighting, Jr.-Sr. Plays. DONNA BEESON Stud. Coun. Rep. 2: Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: GAA 2 un, 3 11.1, 4 :Ln GAA Off. 3. DONNA BERGEN Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Vocal Music 4: Band 2, 4: Special Band 2, 4: Orchestra 4: Special Orchestra 4: GAA 2 ILJ. 3 ILT, 4 QLD. JOHN BEVAN Hi-Y 3, 4: FFA 2, 3. 4: FFA Off. 4: Baseball 3. WAYNE BOESE Monitor 4: Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 4: Newtonian Ed. 4. LUCILE BOTTERWECK Y- Teens 2. 3. 4: Scholarship Pin 2: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. RETA BOWEN Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 3: De- bate 3, 4: Forensic Pin 4: Music Pin 3: Vocal Music 2. 3, 4: Jr. Play: Stage Crew 4: Thespian Pin 4: GAA 2 QLJ, 3. JOAN BULLER Lib. Asst. 3: Y-Teens 2, 3. 4: Y-Teen Off. 3, 4: Latin ,Club 2: Class Treas. 2: National Honor Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Usherettes 3, 4: DAR Award. GLENN BURKHART Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. LARRY CALBERT Hi-Y 2, 3, 4. EVELYN CALDWELL Y- jfeens 3, 4: Vocal Music JOAN CASNER Head Mon- itor 4: Stud. Coun. 4: Lab. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Shakes- Dearean Club 3: Asst. An- nual Ed. 4: Stage Cl'ew 3: GAA 2. NANCY CHAPMAN Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Vocal Music 4: Newtonian Ed. 4: Jr. Play: GAA 2 QLJ. 3 QLJ. DAVE CLAASSEN Monitor 2: Spanish Club 2, 3: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 3: Band 2: Special Band 2: Or- chestra 2: Special Orches- tra 2: Basketball 2, 3, 4: Track 4: Photography Key 4. JOE COUGHLIN Walton. Class Sec.-Treas. 2: All- School Play 2: Football 2 lLl: Basketball 2 QLF. Newton, Football 4. EUGENE COX DOROTHY DAUGHERTY Y-Teens 3: Orchestra 2. DELORES JEAN DECKER Lib. Asst. 3. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Shakespearean Club 4. DEANE DREIER Hesston, Class Pres. 2. Newton, Y- Teens 3. 4: Vocal Music 3. CONNIE DUKE :Not pic- turedj Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Y- Teen Off. 3: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: GAA 2: Asst. Annual Ed. 4. JOAN DUNLAVY Monitor 3: Y-Teens 2, 4: Vocal Music 4. f at Q 1: ,Q , uv LALR Page Secen, 3 Ve 1 is 3 '95 , wg., , 2 SHIRLEY DYCK Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 2, 4. OBERA RUTH ECK Y- TFGYQS 2, 3, 4: Vocal Mu- sic . HOYT EELLS Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Off. 3. 4: Spanish Hi-Y Club 2, 3: Debate 4: For- ensic Pin 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: Football 2: Boy's State 3: Hi-Y Model Legislature 4. KEITH D. ELLIS Band 2, 4: Special Band 2. ' CAROL ENNS Off, Asst. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Off. 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: National Honor Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Vocal Music 3, 4: Usher- ettes 3, 4. Q MARVIN EWY BETTY FICK Lib. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 3, 4: Y-Teen Off. 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Vocal Music 3, 4: Usherettes 3, u- 5 Bl .3 4: Head Usherette 4: GAA 2: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. BILL FOLEY Monitor 3: . Sr. Play: Cheerleader 4. LEON FRANKLIN Hi-Y 3, 4: Football 2, 3: Track 2. DARLENE FREY Y-Teens 2, 3: Stage Crew 3, 4: Usherettes 3, 4: GAA 2 fLl. 3 QLJ, 4. MERLE FREY Hi-Y 2: FFA 2, 3: FFA Off. 3: Football 2: Basketball 2: T1 ack 2, 3, 4: Photogra- phy Key 4. SUSAN GOERING Off. Asst. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespear- ean Club 3: National Hon- or Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Newtonian Ed. 4: Jr. Play: Stare Crew 4: Thespian Pin 4: Usher- ettes 3, 4. FRED GONZALEZ Band 2, 3. 4: Special Band 2, 3: Orchestra 4: Special Or- chestra 4: Track 4: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. . WALTER GRAEVS FFA 2. .ie was ' 4. .srl '- , , JOAN GRONEMAN Moni- tor 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 4. NANCY ANN HALL Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Special Orchestra 2, 3, 4. FRANCES HANKE Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 2, 3: Shakespearean Club 3, 4: Vocal Music 4: Stage Crew 4. CLAYTON HARMS Hi-Y 3, 4: FFA 2, 3, 4: Voc. Au. Judging Team 4: Vocal Music 4: Band 2: Special Band 2: State Farmer 4. EDITH HERSHBERGER Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Usherettes 3, 4: Football Queen 4: Girl's State 3. JOHN HUEBERT FFA 2, 3, 4: FFA Off. 4: Voc. Ag. Judging Team 4: Vocal Music 2, 3. 4: State Far- mer 4. SUE BOUDREAU Y-Teens 2: Vocal Music 3, 4. JIM HUDSON COURTNEY HIEBERT Hi- Y 4: Spanish Club 4. MARGARET HUTTO Y- Teens 2, 3, 4. BOB INGOLD Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 4: Special Orchestra 2, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Special Band 2, 3, 43 Vocal Music 3: Music Pin 3: Basketball 2: Tennis 2, 3, 4. ARLO JANZEN Vocal Mu- sic 4. ROSALIND JANZEN GAA 'I JOHN B. JENKINS Hi-Y 4: Stage Crew 4: Golf 2, 4. KATHLEEN KARNS Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Off. 4: Latin Club 2: Shakes- pearean Club 3: Scholar- ship Pin 2, 3: GAA 2 KLJ, 3 lLl, 4 :LL FRANK JONES Lab. Asst. 4. COLLETTA KENAGY Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Debate 3, 4: Forensic Pin GAA 2 QLD, 3 QLD, 4 l. JOAN KLASSEN Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Vocal Music 4. BILL KLASSEN Hi-Y 2: Vocal Music 4: Basketball 2, 3. CHARLES KOERNER Hi-Y 2, 3, 4: FFA 2: Band 2: Special Band 2: Orchestra 2: Special Orchestra 2: Staire Crew 4. GLADYS KOSMINSKI Spec- ial Band 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 3. 4: Nurses' Asst. 3. SAM KRUEGER Hi-Y 4: FFA 2. 3, 4: FFA Off. 3, 4: Voc. Ag. Judging Team 3: Voc. Ag. Speech 2, 4. MAURICE KURR Monitor 4: FFA 2, 3, 4: FFA Off. 4: Voc. Ag. Judging Team 3: State Farmer 4: Boy's State 3. NORMA LAFFERTY Vocal Music 3, 4. BEVERLEY LANDER Class Sec. 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespear- ean Club 3: National Hon- or Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Newtonian Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Jr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: Usherettes 3, 4: Journalism Pin 4: Stud. Dir. Jr. Play 4: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. JIM LASWELL Monitor 4: Photography Key 4. ' TOM LASWELL Band 2, 3. 4: Special Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Special Orchestra 2, 3, 4. EVERETT LLAMAS BRUCE LOGANBILL Moni- tor 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: Hi-Y Off. 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 2, 3: National Honor Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Ile- bate 2, 3: Forensic Pin 3: Vocal Music 3, 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: Boy's State 3: Stud. Dir. Jr. Play 4. SONDRA LONG Monitor 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Scholarship Pin 2: Mu- sic Pin 2, 3, 4: Vocal Mu- sic 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Special Band 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra 2. 3, 4: She-cial Orchestra 2, 3, 4: GAA 2 lLl. SALLIE LOVE Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 3, 4: Asst. Annual Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Stage Crew 3: GAA 2, 3, 4. ALICE LOEWE GAA 2 ILP, 4 QLPI Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. MARILYN MCCRORY Y- Teens 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Shakespearean Club 3: Vocal Music 4: Orches- tra 2. 3, 4: Special Or- chestra 2, 3. 4: GAA 2 tLl, 3 tLl. JOE MCGUIRE Stage Crew 4. JAN MANEWAL Off. Asst. 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Span- ish Club 3: Shakespearean Club 3, 4. FAWN MANRING Lib. Asst. 4: Hi-Y 3, 4: Vocal Music 4. BETH ANNE MARTIN Monitor 4: Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 2: Music Pin 3: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Special Orchestra 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY MATTISON Y- Teens 2. 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Orches- tra 4: Special Orchestra 4: GAA 2 11.3.3 fLl, 4 tLl. JACK MERRITT tnot pic- turedl Football 3 QLJ. MARILYN MOLZEN Class Pres. 3: Class V. Pres. 2: Stud. Coun. Rep. 4: Y- Teens 2, 3: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: National Honor Soc. 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Vo- cal Music 3: Stage Crew 4: Usherettes 3, 4: GAA 2 tLl, 3 tLl, 4 :LL CHARLENE MYERS Y- Teens 3, 4: Band 2: Spec- ial Band 2: GAA 2, 3, 4. JOAN NAIL Argentine, Class V. Pres. 2: Stud. Coun. Rep. 2: National Honor Soc. 2. Newton, Monitor 4: Y-Teens 3. 4: Stage Crew 4: Stud. Dir. Jr. Play 4. MELVIN NAYLOR FFA 4. If g,5Pag: ,vu 'lf 4 WL., 'I ., Q, X522 '- X W? 3 T 3 EDITH NEUFELD Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 4. DARLENE OKERBERG Y- T1-cns 2, 3. 4: Y-Teen Off. 4: Latin Club 2: Scholar- ship Pin 2, 3: Debate 3. 4: Forensic Pin 3. 4: Vo- cal Music 3, 4: Sr. Play: GAA 2 KLM Girl's State 3. ROBERTA M. OLIVER Y- Teens 2, 3. 4: Scholarship Pin 2, 3. KATHERINE OLTMAN Philippine Islands, Stud. Coun. Rep. 2: Stafze Crew 2. Newton, Y-Teens 3, 4: Y-Ti-en Off. 4: Scholar- ship Pin 3: Vocal Music 3, 4. MARIAN ORPIN Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespeare-an Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Usher- i-ttes 3, 4: GAA 2 iLj, 3 :LL 4: Girl's State 3: l-'ootball Queen Attendant 4. ARLENE PANKRATZ Mon- itor 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Vocal Music- 4: GAA 4 ilil. NADINE PEARSON Y- Te-ens 3. 4: Vocal Music 2, 3, 4. FRANK PENNER Monitor 4. DON PENNER FFA 2. 3. 4: Footlmll 2, 3 11.1. 4 HA: Track 3 WLI. 4: Huy':' State 3. J0 ANN PERRY Y-Teens 2, 4: Vocal Music 3, 4: GAA 2 QLD, 3 lLI, 4 :LM GAA Pres. 4: Jr.-Sr. Events Cap. 3. JOYCE PETERS Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Vocal Music 2. 3. 4: Stalls- Crew 4. CAROLYN PIERCE Y-Teens 2: Spanish Club 2: Shakes- pearean Club 4: Scholar- ship Pin 3: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: The:-:Dian Pin 4: GAA 2: Nat'l. Art Soc. 4. DELLA MAE PLETCHER Y-Teens 2: Vocal Music 2. 4: Orchestra 2, 3: Special Orc-hm-stra 2, 3. SHIRLEY PLETCHER Lib. Asst. 3: Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Scholarship Pin 2. 3: GAA 2 QLJ, 3 QLD, 4 ILJ. ESTHER PORTER Monitor 3: Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Vocal Music 3. 4: GAA 2. TED PROUTY Hi-Y 3, 4: FFA 2, 3. NORMA PRUETT Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Vo- cal Music 3, 4. IRIS PULASKI DeWAYNE RATLEY Hi-Y 2, 4. MELVIN RATZLAFF lnot picturedj Bakersfield, Cal.. Nat'l. Honor Soc. 3: Quill and Scroll 3, 4. Newton, Latin Club 2: Baseball 4: Newtonian Ed. 4. CATHERINE REBER Off. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 2. 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: GAA 2, 3 QLU, 4, JUDIE RICHTER Lib. Asst. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2. 3. 42 GAA 2 ILJ, 3 LLJ, 4 QLJ. JEANETTE RILEY Vocal Music 4: GAA 2. 3. CHARLES LeROY RODG- ERS FFA 2. 3. 4: Voc. Ag. Judging Team Alter- nate 3. JIM ROSE Hi-Y 4: Vocal Music 4: Band 2. 3, 4: Special Band 2: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Special Orchestra 2. 3, 4: Jr. Play: Natfl. Art Soc. 4. DUANE ROWLAND Hi-Y 3, 4: FFA 2 :Vocal Music 2, 3, 4. GARY ROYER Hi-Y 2, 3. 4: FFA 2: Newtonian Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: Basketball 2: Track 2. JANICE ROYER Lib. Asst. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. JOAN SALAS Y-Teens 2, 3. 4: Vocal Music 2. 3, 4. Qi... VW 493+ fir' mt v 4 FRANCES SCHLUP Y-Teens 2, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Newtonian Ed. 4: GAA 2. BURT SCHMIDT Hi-Y 2, 3: Vocal Music 4: Football 2, 3 QLD, 4 QLD: Track 2, 3, 4. BOB SCI-IROEDER Hi-Y 2, 4: Basketball 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY SCHROEDER Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 3, 4: Band 4: Special Band 4: Orchestra 4: Spe- cial Orchestra 4. PAT SCOTT Class Sec. 2: Class Treas. 3: Lib. Asst. 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Newtonian Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: GAA 2. SOINDRA SIMMS Lab. Asst. 2: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Shakes- pearean Club 4: Scholar- ship Pin 2: Vocal Music 2, 3, 4: Band 2. MARILYN SMITH Off. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Vocal Music 3, 4: GAA 2 QLD, 3, 4. NORRIS SMITH Latin Club 2, 3: Boy's State 3. GENE SOWERS Class Pres. 2: Hi-Y 4: Vocal Music 4: Football 2: Football Mgr. 3: Basketball 2, 3: Track Mgr. 2: Track 4: Cross Country 4. JEAN SPEILMAN Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3, 4: Vocal Music 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Special Band 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Special Orchestra 2, 3, 4: Music Pin 3: Stage Crew 4: GAA 2 QLD. 3 QLD, 4. KENNY STOCKS Stud. Coun. Pres. 4: Stud. Coun. Rep, 2: Vocal Music 2, 3, 4: Football 3 QLD, 4 QLD: Basketball 2: Track 3 QLD: Boy's State 3. WILBUR STOCKS Monitor 4: Vocal Music 3, 4: Band 2, 4: Special Orchestra 2: Orchestra 2: Football 2 QLD, 3 QLD, 4 QLD: Bas- ketball 2, 3: Track 2: Baseball 3 QLD. 4: Boy's State 3. ANNE STONE Lib. Asst. 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 4: Shakes- pearean Club 3, 4. JOAN SWANSON Monitor 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. 1 s Mt: GLORIA SWARTS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 3: Foren- sic Pin 3, 4: Debate 3, 4: Newtonian Ed. 4: Sr. Play: Jr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: GAA 2 QLD, 3: Journalism Pin 4. FRANCES THOMAS Y- Teens 2, 4: Spanish Club 3: Vocal Music 2. 4. JEANNIE THOMAS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Newtonian Ed. 4: Cheerleader 4: Alter- nate Cheerleader 3: GAA 2 QLD, 3 QLD, 4 QLD: GAA Off. 3, 4: Football Queen Attendant 4. BETTY TOEVS Stud. Coun. Rep. 3: Y-Teens 2. 4: Scholarship Pin 2: GAA 2 QLD, 3 QLD. ERMA LOU UMBARGER Y- Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Vocal Music 3: Stage Crew 4: GAA 2 QLD, 3 QLD, 4 QLD- GERALDINE UNRUH Tur- pin, Okla., Debate 3: Vo- cal Music 3: Band 2, 3: Jr. Play. Newton, Y- Teens 4: Vocal Music 4. JERRY VETTER FFA 2. 3: Stage Crew 4. DONNA VOTH Off. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Shakes- pearean Club 3: Jr. Play: Stage Crew 4. ROLAND VOTH Vocal Mu- sic 2, 3, 4: Band 2, 3, 4: Special Band 2, 3, 4: Or- chestra. 3: Special Orches- tra 3. CLARENCE WATERS Vo- cal Music 4: Basketball 2. 3 QLD, 4 QLD: Track 2: Baseball 3 QLD, 4: Cross Country 4. MARY CAROLYN WHEEL- ER Y-Teens 2. 3. 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Forensic Pin 3: Debate 2, 3. WILBUR WHERRELL Scholarship Pin 2: Debate 3, 4: Forensic Pin 4. CONLE WHITE Hi-Y 3, 4: Vocal Music 4: Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: Special Orchestra 2, 3: Football 3. GENE WHITNEY Stud. Coun. Rep. 4: Hi-Y 2, 3: FFA 4: Jr. Play: Sr. Play: Thespian Pin 4: Football 2, 3 QLD, 4 QLD: Basketball 2, 3: Basket- ball Mgr. 4. x .. .i. f at ,,,...,.,s: .: - ,z f me Q 5 x Page ,Eleyq - ., . we 1 . ik va lm-A4 -,Y J- me Zi 2:: 1. if ll I. as 'ah ' is- , .f ,Q A . 11. f' ' 7 .3' 4173. L. e V. Q ,P Vi' I ' n, 'UH A. an 157 . 5, ui. 9.. Al 1 we 'SSH rd :' ,,.,,.- -- .. 32 39 'K s Z fa. Page Twelivl- V fl -2 ,-s 3: Off. Asst. 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: 3, 4. 'i U Shakespearean Club 3: I f- Vocal Music 3: Usherettes 3, 4: GAA 2. RONNY ZIELKE Hi-Y 2, " 3: Band 2, 3: Special Band 2, 3: Orchestra 2, 3: , -V, Special Orchestra 2. 31 DORIS WIEBE Y leens 2, Vocal Music 4: Basketball 3, 4: Newtonian Ed. 4: GAA 2 fLi, 3 QLL 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3. e 'sm rg T. " " K i, DELORES WIEBE Monitor V, SAMMY WORDEN Hi-Y 2, it is A 3' ft if ef ia ei Q Q if 'S .1 5' , .,.. LEE VI-:RN WIEBE V BILL ZUERCHER Hi-Y 2. 3. 4: Vocal Music 4: New- 4 ' tonian Ed. 4: Stage Crew 4: Football 2, Track 2- -A JOHN WOFFENDEN F1-'A ""' 2. 3, 4: Voc. Ag. Shop Team 3 4 if Y' meweil As Seniors, Newton High School is about to open its doors for us once more, only this time in EXIT. Our elementary and high school train- ing is now as passing landscape to us, the graduating class of 1952- passengers on Life's Train. Our long-looked-forward-to high school years have suddenly passed without undue warning. It is now even more up to us to keep our engines humming and headed in the right direction in order not to sidetrack al- though a slow, rough track may lie ahead. We, as Seniors, think back to our highlights of memorable scenes- to the advantages we have had, one of which was knowing Miss Theodora Grove, biology instructor and friend, who passed away September 18, 1951. Her passing was deeply felt by the class. One special attraction we have enjoyed has been the winning of new and better friends and working with them so that another record run could be made for us Newtonians and our home station, Newton High. Now again opportunities for hard work and achievement lie ahead, also the pitfalls, and easy paths lure with false promise. This is our fer- vent hope as summed up by those of old, "Grant that we may have the serenity to accept the things we cannot change, the courage to change those things we can, and the wisdom to know the difference." l!.VliO'2S ---- im, 7-oofs if 'Za Y . t i TOP GROUP: Bat-lt row, lliek Asheraft, Larry Baller. Jim Faflle, Lewis Bartel, llon Bafus. Leslie Baitmgartner, Diek Anrluss, Jaek Bannon, Robert Challans, Neil Arthur, Eunice Alexanilvr, Lois Cowan: Miflclle row, Nancy Ayers, lliiant- Desehner, Gary Coolit-i'. lVlarg'e Dole, Beverly Diemart, Judy Ballard. Marilyn Davis. Lawrenee Brunner, Duane Box, Lewis Boyil, Vlayton Ainswortli, Miss Mary Linton, sponsor: Bottom row, Billy ,Bevan Dorothy Davis. Una May Dillman, lrene Divkerson, Beverly Dilllnan, Janire Brien--Nash. Joyec- Burkhart, l'arole:i Dick, Diane Baird, Lois mqkel, Shirley Blosser, Janice Dillman, s 'ip SECOND GROUP: Bark row, Phyllis Huffman, Merrelle Duree, Alan Heine, llarrt-ll Grove, Leon Gates, Rieharrl Hunter, Bill Henry Harper. Merle Entz, llarolfl l"al11'hier, Kaye Ifreneh, Clayton Kaufman, John Ensz, VVenrlell Haurk, Miss Bonnie Selanflers, sponsor: Mirlflle row, Joe Jones, Jgnbt Gray, Jane Hogan, Greta Goe-ring, Wanrlalee Draper, Stanley Eason, Dale Hawks-y, Jackie Hoffman, Norma l"rt-y. Dolores Griffith, Shirley Fries . Rachel Gomez, Janiee Gronemen, Eula Belle Holle: Bottom row, Jim Johnson, Jim Hill, lVlarjorie Harder, Donna Ens. Barliara Griffith, Shir Germany, Phyllis Euy, lylarirai-et lfinilley, Sue Kitehimr, Vida Anne Grnneman. Rose Marie Garnett, Sylvia Harvey. Jennie Estrada, Miss Marie , SIUUHFUY. 4 ' . THIRD GROUP: Bark row, Howard Oliver, Holi Mellutt. Dirk Miller, Bolt Simpson, 'lxerl Sills, VVally Dick, Javk Ratzlaff, Gilbert Molze JM Il Reese, Glenn Kater: Miilrlle row. Alfred Miller. Mickey Mutter. G. E. Mathias. Gary Nickel, Juni- lileatlor, Donna Ortmann, Marita Maloneyae r Schmidt, Lawrence Penncir, Elvera Reimer, Brooks Terry, sponsor: Bottom row. Jann Lehman. Jean Ralph, Helen Oliver, Barhara Parkcr,'C0 B North, Marlene Perkins, Judy Powell, Delores Reeves, Doris Rodgers, Helen Naylor, Sally St. John. N.,-,i . , BOTTOM GROUP: Back row, Don Schroeder, Marvin Spencer. Norman Stauffer, James Kluixe. Leslie WValton, Robert Raffety, Edwa,rdg'Thl3maQ, Lewis Lane, Boh Trousdale, Jimmy Lineharpzer, Dia-k Kitchimz. Don Petersen, sponsor, Mirlille row, Gary Warkentine, Norma Stahly, Jann Kurz, Leffingwell. Ernestine Roberts: Bottom row, Faye Ann Schirer, Sandra Royer, Iva Lavon St-hmirlt, Elaine Rowland, Iris Schmidt, Pat Skene, Elva Williams. Jean Stone, Ruth Ellen Warhurst, Charlene Libby, Connie Taylor. Itonna Unclei-wood. ,JL- Marjorie Zook. Marjorie Whomans, Shirley Sanner, Carolyn Willis, Dick lVlcGla4'hIin, Victor lVleC'all. Phyllis Utterhack, Loretta McJilton, Edwardatli Page 7'hirteenQ,,f- lr Q mcfzeS--- ee ldsfies 2 2 s 5 1 4 Q TOP GROUP: Bat-L row. Jani- Ann Fornii-lt. Jetta Hoyt-r, VVill+ur B4-sort-, Edwin Aviflewsrui, Pvter l'harlton, lmrothy Brings, Martin Bradshaw. Naomi Claasssn, lloruthy liylvrl Mimltllt- row, Shirlt-y fll1ll'lQ, Raymond Ari-llano, lluann- Bal'lu'l', Lori-n Amis-rsmi, Nancy lim-r'l'ai't. Norman Amlrovs. Rae liarackman, l"t'an1'm-5 liarrs-tt, lmin C'laa:4sn-n, Elin-n t'ummini:N: l"r0nt row, Jose-phinv Gomm-x, Shirlvy Ainsworth. llzlliwllzi Furnish, Ruth Chamluvl'S. Billie Davis, Norma liarton, Ji-:iii--ttv IM-vin-i', Mary IM-an, Mary livrryman, Dorothy Bailey, G1-urge Bllt'lu'l'. SECOND GROUP: liavlt row, lmnis Johnson, Glvn llvl'shln-1311-i', llaymonsl Hvrnanzlt-z. Dorothy llnnns-lly, Vl'illiain Hat:-s, lloliwrt l?iClu'rsrm. Rita Kay Harms, Mary Ann Hawlxinn, Gary EW-f-rt, Vim-tor Ewy, Bill Emlvry, Jewry Hertzlf-r: Midcllr- row, Ellr-n llingrwall. llarry ltirlts. llavifl lnghram. Arlan Kaufman, Farl Gam-fit-, Ann Haprni-, llonna Eastor, Annv Gralwr, Monty lf:-y. Boh Hughes, Marilyn Hmlt-l, Honnii- Hrmvvr, lfllaini- l"owlf-r: Bottom row, Leona llll4'l'liS4IH. Nancy Hivlu-rl, 'l't-rvsa Hefrnantlvz, Harlvara Gaisvr, Patsy Kamwr, Mnrie-l He-mlry. IJ:-loris lli-pri-. 4'h:1rl0ttc- lfoils-S, Nlarthzi ltlllw-0, Bvvvrly l"ag'an, Juily Jarlison, Gail Kiirntlt. THIRD GROUP: Back row, Philip Morigan, Geraltl l'ivl'm-, Curtis LaGl'm', Tvrry lllvllanivl, Art Mvlllillzili. Lmwn Nvwln-i'l'y, M1-lvin Luttrvll, Kola-rt Minsvh, Randall Pit-iww, lim-nny l'Iumme-r: Mirlcllv row, Vlara Sattlffr, Marcia Rnyrr, Glvnna Pnmmill, liarvn Ptitwsoii, Jnlani- lihoaclm-s. Karen K4-Iso. Ji-an Kinser, liolv Martin, Uhnrk Mills, l"i-rfliv LaGrt-up Bottom row. Jark Lindsey, Sharon R4-gin-u', Valivna lim-am, Carolyn Mi-Fall, Rvta Kay Lohmann, Connie Poole, L:-va Lon limlgi-1-s, Marjoriv Sl'lll'01-'Il!'l', Pilllllfll' Svhmiclt. Judy Mani-wal. BOTTOM GROUP: liarlt row, Arthur Schmidt, Dick Thornton. James Soth, Douglas Van Horn. Jim Slllll'I'Y'l12lYl, Allvn Ruin-rls, Lallonna Smith, Ruth Stahly, Earl Reifg Mislsllc row, Ruin-rt Stratton, Duanv Struc-hy, Jnfly Stroud, Don Sn-hmidt, Barbara Stnrfl, Jim Rafi:-ty, f'lari-new Ro:-1-, Bill Watkins. Delores Widnwskyz Bottom row. Mary Sauct-da, Enyzr-nia Swim, Johanna Snderman, llarlene Staley, Winifrf-cl 'fanart-man, Barbara Sechler, Rae Weidenbach, Pat VVi1liams, Emma Voth. Page Fourteen I -I... . x ' ' A, , , , . -A ,- . . . . . ' , ,. . .I . . ., -I ....-U I . -. . . - ..- 5 .- 3 ,- . .' '. , I. . J' 1 , , '. - .,:- S,'-tiff: - - . ,, . ,. . , . ,Q '-Z' ki 3 ' 'i ,P W1," i1 z!! ff .' ' V 1 ' t, l I .. 1 H'.:..'..,'. ' . I , . '. '-' ' ' -. . ':v ' A '. .- . , - . , - - - . - , . ..' I., . . - at Gfzctuesfuz ana gang Dfzamczffcs ptmofogfzarli Uocal music gouhnalfsm Delmfe anzen, Carol n Pierce, Joan Dunlavy, Betty Fink, ,YCZI ive anffl at VVIH' '. Q16 Students of the art department of NHS are not famous for their brush- offs, but rather for the brush-ons-the subtle touch of brush on canvas. Our young Rembrants and Van Goughs have as their teacher and in- structor Miss Marie Orr. Miss Orr always produces fine art studentsg this year is no exception. Bartcl, Dave Claassen, Tom Laswell, Mc-rlo Entz, dev th l ix s in e 1 ar '1'oom. P ge Sixteen 5 5 - . 1 - Senior artists: Freddy Gonzalez, Joan Dunlavy, Carolyn Plerc L ctta Adams, Rosalind Janzen, Betty l"ic'k, Arlene Pnnkratz, L l Bottvrweck. Alice Loewe, Jim Rose, Alfred Miller, Beverley L d One of Miss Orrls senior students, Betty Fick, has created the fitting drawings that illustrate the different sections of our 1951-52 Railroader. Many of the students of the art de- partment won awards for their draw- ings submitted in the Scholastic Re- gional Contest, sponsored by Allen W. Hinkle. Those who won gold keys were Alfred Miller and Max Penner. piwtogfzaplul The photography department is the only department in NHS Whose stu- dents shoot people-with cameras. The shutter-bugs have won many merits during 1951-1952 and have as their instructor, Mr. Leo Brandt. Mr. Brandt and students aid the Newtonian and Railroader by taking pictures of school functions. This opportunity not only helps learning photographers put in practice classroom study, but is ap- preciated by all Newton High. Several young photographers won awards for their pictures entered in the Scholastic Regional Contest. Winners of gold keys were David Claassen, Jim Laswell, Merle Frey, and Harold Rodgers. One of the largest squads in the history of Newton partici- pated in the invitational tourna- ments. Newton teams reached the semi-finals in the Topeka, Kansas City, Winfield and Haven tournaments, winning second place trophies at Win- field and Haven. This year Newton was desig- nated as one of the schools to host an annual invitational tour- ment. Fifty-four teams from 17 schools came in November for this tourney. Throughout the second semes- ter, debaters, as well as speech students, worked on orations, readings, extempore, declama- tion, informative and after din- ner speeches. Those who re- ceived ratings of highly superior in district competition were Helen Naylor, Reta Bowen and Darlene Okerberg. One of the highlights of the year came when Newton was admitted to the National For- ensic League. This entitled 15 students to qualify as members. A dream of past years came true for the first time on April 3, 1952. Newton high speech students collected enough points to win top honors in the Ark Valley Speech Tournament held at El Dorado. With that dream realized, all the hard work and long hours of practice put in by Mrs. Moore's speech students were well worth the efforts. Debate "Resolved: That all American Citizens Should be Subject to Conscription for Essential Ser- vice in Time of War" was the question argued by debaters this year. Another successful season was in prospect, but unfortu- nately the district tourney came when almost the entire first string was ill with the flu. Prob- ably this was a contributing fac- tor to a team taking third place in the contest. Top picture: Debaters study strategy. Bottom picture: Senior debaters, Colletta Kenagy, Ted Ice, Gloria Swarts, Hoyt Qs, Darlene Okerberg, Reta Bowen. f ' Page Seventeen Gfzclzestfza The 84-piece Newton High School Orchestra has also contributed much in the way of musical enjoyment to students and townspeople. The orchestra is always heard before the curtains open on a school play or operetta. This year the orchestra played before and during intermission when "Down In The Valleyf' t'Seven- teenth Summer," "The Little Dog Laughed," and "A Murder Has Been Arranged" were presented. In the spring, the instrumental de- partment gives two p1'ograms: An Instru- mental Spring Concert, and a concert ot the musical numbers that were played at the Music Festival, from which many hon- ors are always brought home. Newton High School students should be proud of their excellent opportunity for musical training. 5' Page Ezglnfen From the first roll of the drums and ring of trumpets as the Newton High School Band marches on the football field to the last strains of the Newton High School Orchestra at commencement, the Department of Instrumental Music, under the direction of E. S. Sanderson, has con- tributed much to our high school activities. A football game has never really begun until the gold and black clad band mem- bers play the lively marches which spur C214 on the crowd and team. School spirit is roused at a basketball game when the skillful baton of Mr. Sanderson exacts a rhythmic beat, as the band along with the cheerleaders leads the crowd in the singing of "The Ilailroader Song." During the academic year, the band, in the fall, journeys to the State Fair at Hutchinson where they perform before the crowds. The band and orchestra also participate in the High School Christmas Programs . l , , A a Y '. , ,UK vb,-, AF' F Page Nflnetwri i v, . E g, ., ,gi Back row: Ohera Eck, Betty Cooke, Shirley Morse, Frances Hanke, Evelyn Caldwell, Juan Groneman, Carolyn Willis, Donna Ortmann, Norma Frey, Sondra Long, Edith Neufeld, Helen Oliver, Marge Dole, Joan Dunlavy, Rath Stahly. Middle row: Pat Ades, Donna Bergen, Esther Porter, Arlene Pankratz, Jerrie Boudreau, Ruth Chamlsc r. Josephine Gomez, Teresa Hernandez, Jean- ette Riley, Jo Ann Perry, Shirley Dyck, Ellen Dinirwall, Dorothy Byle-r,Naomi Claassen, Frances Thomas, Jean Spielman. Front row: Donia White, Leona Duerkson, Charlotte Sharp, Barbara Gaiser, Eugenia Swim, Marjorie Schroeder, Juanita Suffield, Louetta Adams, Joan Klassen, Beverly Allen, Mary Alice Barbour, Beverly Fagan, Marilyn Hodel, Della Mac Pletchcr, Lupe Tafolla, Sylvia Harvey. Glam Wanting to sing is the major requisite for being a member of the Newton High School Chorus. Tryouts are given at the beginning of the first semester to those who have signed-up for this elective. As the singing Railroaders develop power, rhythm is heard above the engine hum and the chorus mechanics, 61 fnon- unionb members, fill the car from tender to baggage, being directed by John D. Davidson. Engineer Davidson also directs the Girl's Glee Club, Boy's Glee Club, Madrigals and other various ensembles. Traveling on the right track, the double header Chorus and Girl's Glee Club put full steam ahead in presenting a Christmas program comprised of Christ- mas melodies and Fred Waring's " 'Twas the Night Before Christmas." A timely spring concert was also giv- en. This featured vocal numbers taken from supply section of Spring Festival ar- rangements where many honors were accredited to this department. Students can be proud of the knowledge, experience and good times their music department provided. Hack row: Arlo Janzen, Dick Kitchinir, Bruce Loganhill, Ronald Zielke, Eldon Akers, Willrur Stocks, Clarence Waters, Bill Zucrcher, Larry Buller, 5 elvin Bartel, Clayton Harms, Kenneth Stocks, Conle White, Richard Sauccda, Pauline Schmidt, Emma Voth. 'ghlird lbw: Kenneth Kaufman, Wayne Boese, Roland Voth, Duane Rowland, Ned Arthur, Bu1't Schmidt, Harold Fauchicr, Dick Ashcraft, Howard l1vel',' il-VVH M21H1'lIU-E. John Huebert, Gary Warkentin, Wally Dick, Jim Rose, Marilyn Smith, June Meador. lecohd ow: Joyce Peters, Sandra Royer, Claudette Smith, Wandalee Draper, Karen Kelso, Lois Claassen, Ernestino Roberts, Ina Claire Carter, Nadine earson, Sallie Love, Judy Ballard, Dorothy Briggs, Katherine Ullman, Jean Ralph, Darlene Ukerherg, Shirley Schroeder. Front pw: Elaine Fowler, Pat Skene, Reta Bowen, Lois Bickel, Jan Lehman, Marilyn McCrory, Betty Fick, Elvera Reimer, Shirley Germany, Rose Marie drnett, Darlene Walker, Nancy Chapman, Elva Lois Williams, Sondra Simms, Geraldine Unruh. I -1 - 'wr : f - Page Twenty ' . . 3, L ,K 'L l Howard Oliver, Bruce Loganbill, Dick Ashcraft, Duane Rowland, Jim Rose, Reta Bowen in front of Jennie's house. Glnefzeffa Highlighting the season for the New- ton High School vocal department was the operetta "Down In The Valley," by Kurt Weill. This was presented November 5, 1951 by the Railroader chorus, directed by John D. Davidson. The roles of the narrator and preacher were enacted by Bruce Loganbill. Re-ta Bowen portrayed Jennie Parsons, heroine, and Howard Oliver was Brack Weaver, hero. Duane Rowland was Thomas Bouche, villain, and Dick Ashcraft por- trayed Jennie's father-All hillbilly folk of the South. The curtain opened with the narrator telling the story to the audience about Brack Weaver, in jail and condemned to death. Later Brack escapes to meet his girl. Reminiscing about the past, he re- members when he met Jennie in church. Jennie and Brack had also gone square dancing. This is where they met Thomas Bouche. Bouche had previously asked Jennie to go dancing with him, thus he and Brack got into a fight, in which Bouche was killed. Returning to realiza- tion, Brack gives himself up. Stage scenery, being very modern to correspond with the modern music, was made by the art and manual training de- partments under the direction of Miss Marie Orr and Mr. Wayne Lyon. 'The chorus also gave "Down In The Valley," upon request, to the State Probate Judges Convention, November 19, 1951. 1. - Square dance scene from "Down In the Valley" Page T e 130 f , W 4 in if Q Senior Play, Donna Beeson, Sallie Love, Bill Foley, Judie Morgan, Hoyt Evlls, lmrle 0ke1'be1'p:, Gene Whitney, Pat Scott, Calolyn Pierre, Brum- Lognnlmill, Arlen Anderson Gloria Swarts, Gary Roy:-r, Beverley Lander. 'zamatics "Show Business" is the curicular study of the dramatics students. Under the direction of Miss Virnelle Jones, dramatic coach, students study and participate in pantomiming, acting, directing, playwriting, stage-managing, make-up, lighting, costuming, etc. Requests for entertainment from civic or- ganizations are met with response from this department. They headline these programs with one-act plays some of which are written and directed by students. Besides filling the position of teacher and coach of the drama de- partment, Miss Jones revived the Newton Thespian Troupe 47 into an active club. Twenty students were chosen as Thespian members. "Seventeenth Summer" was the delightful play given by the senior class this year under Miss Jones' :Bees on . ge Twenty-Two 3 direction. This class, last year, as Juniors, enacted "Men Are Like Streetcarsf' "A Murder Has Been Arranged" was this year's all-school play. Dramatics is an elective course which students enjoy while learning that through co-operation, a produc- tion is carried to its fulfillment. Play standing Darlene Frey Susan Goeiing Jim Rose en aug ruec oi ru e L, 1 y hitney, Joan Haidei, seated Hoyt Eells Gloiia bwaits Beveiley Lander Nanny Chapman Reta Bovsen Baibaia Br unit Judn Moxgan , ' , , " , ' ' , Ald Allb' li, l" t ', B' c L0fzmb'll, Carol n Pierce, Donna. Voth, Ted Ice , pm.,-,, ,fr-f-fgvvf Page 'lfwenty-Three . 1 J ir Q. , ,MMM wwmw H, y,5.,,,,m ,,x..,.x Y im r ., fran Bz4,z,,s4 s . 5 ' nstii' 'i1.tkiEi?53i5 mlwxs pixxdiuiv . iiuizxwxal Vat 1, PHD? Twenty-Four uxdvxxlf .di in +m.n-xxx wg uv is iw' M, A " ixviwx 5 f'f-mfxam' T!LvMr" hm iisuiwn, :md Rub Rfsimwqivg' - mu. gf WM. L ' 'mg 2, H I ,VX llitw. ,x.v.. . ww:'3i1vep' :www in :ref-fimmexxi airzmixxg. My if I X '- :md ill, . f 555775. in-X want Jflhvliffh U M 3 ,, Li N :ww , I MZ Fsxunw lxfxmwnah-M4 U4-13:1 35:10 I -+V Q- . . . . X, Z'3hir1vv Xlxzitimrs, Ilmrie Wivhxa, tih1x'lQfy Hvilrm-der, Ummm Im H ,, mm th" 'mZ""""' 3112 'ffzxwi H! Q I ffm ' 'I' ch r S-vm Kl1iQHf'!ll Szdlief Lovv. H" ,Xlhxxrux-w:'t'E's, :md fwrmvy HAIL 4- 1 , , ..vxJ.PUmf' l hw num' ,A tm Y 2 X wvXX WNV Siimdzlxxxi Wm" Tuna 4'5" Umnw ?5tt1zU't'f4 jvuung aflwmiatr nt wxxii. 1 '05, WAT A lixtzivm- axu:!xmm fnurih hour lezsrniug Xhe whyka and lfxawkx of xs2'!'6X,W '?VNy 410 X99 f f Q 4 Dj QQ f L-DX Jyggp gk X x S . X ., AI G .-,ff' LY g 1 S X4 PJAQOQA Q2 .vf 2 :ce iz S i gf 9 f 6 uncil Wlonifcrzs Q I Uslrefzeffes Glaeefzleaaefzs 7-wifzlefzs f --- L Student Council Members: Standing, Joan Casin-r, Bob 'Frnusdzils-, M2ll'il-yn Nlolzen. G:-ne Whitney, Diane liaird, Johnny lin-uso, Lori-n Oli Morris, Ken Stocks: seated, Jenn Kinser, Johnnnzr Sudf-rmaxn. gtudent Gounci In-y. Mr. Q f it K 'Af 'Vg Officers: Johnny Reese, sergeant at arms: Tell Ice, vice nresidentg Office ifzls As the governing body of Newton High School, the student council of 1951- 52, led by its president, Kenny Stocks, can close its record of outstanding achieve- ments for the school with the words, Well Done! The objectives of the student council are to present assemblies and to discuss and help solve problems of the student body. It is also the aim of the council, which meets every Wednesday morning during activity period, to keep NllS's sportsmanship and spirit at the highest level through co-operation and supporting all school functions. Monitors: Standing, Larry Bulls-r, Wayne Bos-se, Joan Gronc-mn Charlene Libby, Janice Brice-Nash, Jr-an Ralph, Suu Kitching, Mari Maloney, Joan Swanson, Arlene Pankratz, Edwnrdn Lcffingwell, Pe Baumgar tner, Robert Challansg seated, Joan Casner, Wilbur Stocks. Il 1. fl lu Ilia-me Baird, secretary: Ken Stocks. president. "Always on duty for whatever service is necessary" might well be the motto of the monitors, chosen by Joan Casner, head monitor, and Mr. Morris. These people were chosen on the basis of grades and responsibility and whether or not they would set a good example to the students. They collect absence slips each day and check for open lockers, among numerous other things. Assisting Mrs. Pauline Bowman in the office this past year have been junior and senior girls chosen by Mr. Morris and Mrs. Mary Roberts. These girls check and file absence reports, send out study hall slips, answer the phone, put away mail, and keep Mrs. Bowman company. Office Girls: Standing, Dorothy Davis, Delores Wie-be, Carol Enns, Janet Gray, Marilyn Smith: se-ated, Shirley Friesen. Susan Goering, Catherine Reber. Page Twenty-Six I .gtlllfldftll Our Newton High library is one of which we can be justly proud. An attractive well-lighted room, many comfortable tables, and shelves well stocked with books of all kinds make browsing and reading a pleasure. Our growing magazine shelf and current events pamphlets are keeping pace with the more established classics. Presiding over this cheerful set-up is Mrs. E. E. Roberts, head librarian, with her student librarian helpers. Senior High Library Librarians: Delores Decker, Fawn Manrinfr, Betty Fick, Anne Stone, Judy Richter, Janice Royer. sl4e'zef'fes The usherette organization, com- usherettes of the previous year, and posed of junior and senior girls chosen H1911 the SGIGCUOHS are aDDF0V6d by Mrs. Graham and Mr. Morris. Betty on the basis of theufgfades' gmommg' Fick was elected head usherette by the personality, and poise, has been in Senior girls. existence as long as has Lindley Hall. The usherettes have been on duty at This group of twenty girls is spon- basketball and football games, the sored by Mrs. Betty Graham, girl's gym regional tournament, community and instructor. They are chosen by the school plays, and musicals. Top row, juniors: Wandalee Draper, Barbara Parker, Edwarila Leffingw:-ll, Janine- Ilillman, Phyllis Egy, lVlargaret Fimlley, Diane Baird, Mitzi Weaver, Connie Taylor, Janet Gray. Bottom row, seniors: D4-lures W'ir-lie, Carol Enns, llarlene- Filly, Beverley Lander, Marilyn Molzen, Marion Urpin, Susan Goering, Betty Fink, Joan Bullr-r, Edith Ho1'slihergvr. Page Tumi ty-Soren C Quleadcrs: Loretta M4-Jillon, Dick Kilching, Pat lVlor3ran, liill Foley Jeannie Thomas, Arlen Anderson. Altcrnatos: Sue Kitchinn, pintuied above. and Buzzy Ainsworth, not 1:11-lurerl. Glwezleabezs H-A-I-L-R-O-A-D-E-R-Sl Oh mighty is the echo of that familiar cheer given the last time for us seniors in Lindley llall at the special assembly after taking State. And with the dying out of those strains comes the climax of a successful season for Newton High's 1951-52 cheer- leaders, who were elected by votes of the senior high student body. They were seen at all football and basketball games, pep assemblies and pep rallies, leading yells and spurring on pep and enthusiasm. Mrs. Betty Graham, girls, gym teach- er, sponsored and trained the group. ' 5 'l'wirlt-rs: Standing, Ellen llingwall, Janice Ervin, Dick Ashua wcfzlefzs Our band twirlers in their new uni- forms cause the whistles to give-wolf whistles. This form of art takes hours oi' practice and with the signal "strike up the band" the twirlers go into action. The drum major charts the course and clears the tracks for the home town high school band. age I' enty-Eight' llladys Kosminski, Eunice Barn-11. Km-elinpr, Elaine MC1I1l1.,OHlOlV Barbara Griffith. .,-. - . .- '." X C I X'-N "1 aw i 23' 5 iw my 'gen 4 dk 'l7T' Q5ffiff if EEQIQ7' '53-. S .- fffi 5 f1l5!'l , l I O . .. . , bf P fin gpan 1111 Q if-7-eens Rowling Q glzalzespeafzean g ,, : my W 1 GQQQO H. H Y Off es-rs: Howard Oliver, Mr. A. R. Self, sponsor, 'll-rl Sills, Bruce Logranhill, Victor Nl:-Call, Noll Arthur, Herb Mattison, Hoyt E ll A l Mr. Birch Stuart, sponsor. K- ' 22145 During football season, the Hi-Y boys, working with the Y-Teens, managed a stand in the stadium at Athletic Park. The money earned by these organizations took care of expenses throughout the year. Hoyt Eells was the delegate sent to the Hi-Y Model Legislation at Topeka, November 30 and December 1. Meetings were held in the regular chambers of the State Legislature. After much discussion, the Hi-Y boys planned one party for the year. Then in the Spring, their fathers were cordially invited to attend the Hi-Y Father-Son Picnic. "To Find and Give the Best" is the motto of the Y-Teens. These girls accom- plished several worthwhile projects for the community during 1951-52. At Hal- loween, club members gave a program for the residents at Bethel's Home for the Aged. Apples and cookies were donated to the four homes in Newton. White Christmas gifts were given to a Newton family to make the holiday sea- son happier for them. The Y-Teens enter- tained their parents in the Jr. High Audi- torium February 15. After the program, refreshments were served at the Metho- dist Church. Officers: standing, Mrs. Alma Moore, sponsor, Carol Enns, Miss Edith Whitterl, sponsor, Betty Fick. Miss Virnelle Jones, p J iss Esther Froom, SDOHSOY. Seated, Shirley Sanner, Darlene Oke-rbergz, Kalhv1'ine0ltm:xn, Kathleen Karns, Greta Goering. Page TI ty faiin Among Latin Club highlights for the year 1951-1952 included the Sat- urnalia, Valentine party and the Roman Banquet. This dinner took place late in the spring and gave students an in- side view of Roman life and manner- isms. Consuls for the year were Donna Underwood and Karen Peterson. Caro- lyn McCall was secretary and Jane Cornick, treasurer. The Club, sponsored by Miss Bonnie Selanders, met once a month to provide social life among students taking Latin. gpanislfn Glulz An outstanding feature of the Spanish Club this year were slides shown by Mrs. Dwight Eells which fur- thered the knowledge of Spanish stu- dents on the conditions of present-day life in Mexico. The Christmas party on Dec. 20 featured Mrs. Ruth Stark, who talked on the observance of Christmas by native people in Spanish-speaking countries. Carol Enns presided over the meet- ings as "Presidente" Jann Kurz was secretary and Judy Ballard, song leader. glualzespeafzean Club An average of ten students met in- formally every Wednesday in Room 100 for the purpose of reading and enjoying Shakespearean plays and getting ac- quainted with much-loved Shakespear- ean characters. The club, sponsored by Mrs. Elva McBeth, will soon complete its eighth consecutive year. Among the plays the group read this year were "Romeo and Juliet," "The Comedy of Errors" and "Taming of the Shrew." Latin Club: Back row, Karen Peterson, Paul Robertson, G. E. Mathias, Jon Simms, Philip Morgan, Jerry Hertzler, Carolyn Ely, lVlarilyn Higgs, Marilyn Wilson, Jane Corniek, Jetta Boyer, Nancy lSm'ral't, Mary Ann Hawkins, Lallonna Smith, Dorothy Briggs, Phyllis Utterback, Reita Kay Lehmann. Connie Taylor, Miss Bonnie Selanders, 'o ' ' lf' t row Mar Armstro Nanc Ar old M'r"' Mor sp nror. ion , . y mr, 1 y n , a ua - gan. Ellen Cummings, Sharon Re-gier, Muriel Hendry, Shirley Spohn, Kirsten Peterson, Laurella Cornish, Carolyn McCall, Gwendolyn Entz, Lola Decker, Elvira Voth, Shirley Clark, Mary Dean, Susan Schmidt, Pauline Schmidt, Donna Underwood, Ann Speir. Spanish Club: liar-li row, Judy Ballard, Vernal Miller, Alfonso Perez, Enos liuree. Ralph Uaslillo. Courtney Him-lwrt, Bonnie Smith, Judy Gm-tsrhius, Billy Avila. Middle row, Miss Olive Anderson, sponsor, Palsy Kapper, Judy Stroud, Jann Lehman, Carol Enns, Jimmie Nightengale, Anita l'allu-rt, Deanna Kirby, Betty Perry. Front row, Joy Smith, Anne Stone. Dianne Cates, Jennie Gonzalez, Gloria Sau- er-da, Helen Terrones, Mary Sauceda, Elvera. Roclriquc-Z, Teresa Her- nandrz. - 'JP' ti F, -fig' e Shakespearean Club: Back row, Carolea Utterback, Donna Underwood, Ernestine Jean Spielman, Frances Hanke. Front row, Jann Lehman, Sally SL. John, Marilyn Pletcher, Bickel, Jan Manewal M I 1,4 Page' Tlgfurty-One . 42 p 69 QE be 14' S ---M....,,w,,M.-.. ..,,. A mu ,.- -Q, H g A A A A . Seniors in GAA: Back row, Judie Morgan, Sallie Love, Joan Nail, Mary Ann Griswold, Marian Orpin, Shirley Plvtcher, Col- letta Kenagy, Kathleen Karns, Judy Richter, Jw-an Spielman, Marilyn Molzen, Donna Beeson. Front row, Jean Thomas, Dar- lene Frey, Jo Perry, Betty Toevs, Louctta Adams, Marilyn Smith, Donna Bergen, Erma Lou Umliarger. Catherine Reber, Shirley Mattison, Arlene Pankratz, Charlene Myers. Active athletes exercising earnestly: Back row, Shirley Pletrher. Erma Umhargs-r, Donna Br-riren, Arlene Pankratz, Betty Toevs, Marilyn Smith. Third row, Jean Spin-lman, Mary Ann Griswold, Kathleen Karns, Shirley Mattison, Joan Nail, Vatherine Reher. Second row. Marian Orpin, Darle-no Frey, Judy Richter, Sallie Love, Jo Perry. Front row, Marilyn Molzen, Donna Beeson, Colletta Kenauy. Judie Morgan, Juan Thomas. ooo GAA, the Girl's Athletic Association, met every Tuesday afternoon after school. This group of thirty-six sophomores, thirty-two juniors, and twenty-nine seniors was sponsored by Mrs. Betty Graham, girls' gym instructor. The activities for the year included basketball, volleyball, baseballx tennequoits, tumbling, bad- minton, and two hikes. Several of the girls attended Play Day at Hutchinson on May 10. their various achievements. When a sophomore girl gets 600 points, she is awarded a Newton High letter. Juniors must work for 400 points to win a State GAA letter, and seniors must also earn the required 400 points to receive a gold GAA pin. - Girls participating in this GAA are awarded merit points for The officers were Jo Ann Perry, president, Beverly Dillman, 'vice president, Jeannie Thomas, secretary-treasurerg and Shirley Sanner, sports manager. 3 . . Top picture, Officers: Beverly Dillman, Jean Thomas, Mrs. Betty Graham, sponsor, Shirley Sanner, Jo Perry. Bottom picture. Sopho- mores and Juniors: Back row. Lela Cash, Pat Ades, Josephine Gomez, Winifred Tangreman, Elvera Reimer, Sharon Regier, Darlene Staley, Ruth Chambers, Billie Davis, Carolyn McCall, Phyllis Egy, VaRe-na Ream. Third row, Eunice Alexander, Marilyn Davis. Jean Ralph, Donna Underwood, Gail Girndt, Mary Ann Hawkins. Jetta Boyer. Jean Kinser, Naomi Flaassen, Dorothy Byler, Karen Kelso, r fi Nancy Becraft. Second row, Jane Ann Cornick, Ann Hague, Dorothy Donnelly, Barbara Sechler, Connie Taylor, Jolane Rhoades, Ellen Dingwall, Judy Jackson, Beverly Fagan, Karen Peterson, Lois Cowan, Marita Maloney, Edwarda Leffingwell. Bottom row, Irene Dick- erson, Reta Kay Lehmann, Mary Dean, Jann Lehman, Mitzi Weaver, Sally St. John, Pat Morgan, Janice Brice-Nash, Glenna Pummill, . ' Beverly Dillman, Shirley Sanner, Johanna Suderman. 1, F' 'Ali' Page Thirty-Two Girls' Bowling L1-anne: Back row, Gail Girnclt, Marilyn Davis. Evelyn Ralzlaff, Mary Whvf-le-r, Nancy Ayers, Gvralcliln- Unruh, Joyce Pc-tr-Vs, Eflxxarda Iieffinpzwell, lfrances Hanke, Rae Barackman, Mary Ann Hawkins. Mirlalle row, Dorothy Donnelly, Rulh Chambers, Anne Hague. Shirley Ingrim. Sally Sl. John, Iris Pulaski. Anna Sturgeon, llelorsw Decks-r, llonna B:-rg:-n. Arlene Pankraiz. Joan Klassen. Shirley Sanner. Front row, Shirley M orse, Barbara Griffith, Mary Alice Barbour. Joan Morse, Lvla Mar- Cash, Janet Jacobson, Judy Pulaski. Hs-lm-n Hawkins, Joan Nall, Jean Thomas, Jo Ann Perry, Miss Earloln- McBride. sponsor, Belly Took. Boys Bowling League: Back row. Ed Thomas, Robert Challans. Don Schroeder, Kenny Stocks, Bill Zuercher, Fawn Manring, John Huebert. Wilbur: Stocks Ifront, row. Jack Hoffman, LeRoy Ediger, Larry Calhert, Bob Ingolrl, Glenn Burkhart, Hoyt Eells, Martin Bradshaw, Leon Franklin, Dick Ashci aft Courtney Hiebert. 1951-52 was the first year that bowl- ing was added to the long list of activi- ties. Although composed of senior high students, it is not school sponsored. Both boys' and girls' leagues were organized. Two Newton Junior League teams finished high in the National Tournament sponsored each year by the National Bowling Congress. The boys' team, Twist- ers, placed eighth in National and first in State. The girls' team, Little Eight Balls, placed eleventh in National and first in State. Members of the winning boys' team were Bud Morse, Ed Thomas, LeRoy Ediger, Bob Raffety, Ralph Costello and Martin Bradshaw. Jeanette Decker, Mary Carolyn Wheeler, Marilyn Davis, Jo Ann Perry and Delores Decker Were on the winning girls' team. 1.-5 i na, U , -A in 1 3 Names of the various girls' leagues g were Inky Dinks, Little Eight-Balls, l Doodle Bugs, Ball Bearings, Bowlin' Babes, Good Deeders, Pinheads and Pin- busters. Officers were Jo Ann Perry, + presidentg Mary Ann Hawkins, secretaryg - Joan Morse, treasurer. The Fumbling c Q' Five, Pin Setters, Flying Pins, Twisters, v Keglers and Pin Pushers were the names of the boys' leagues. Their officers Were? Glenn Burkhart, president, Don Schroe-"if der, secretaryg Jack Hoffman, treasurer. as fa The bowling leagues were organized g lessons taught by the ABC Representa- ,igfl tive, Mrs. Irene Tucker of McPherson. The City Recreation Committee headed by' Wilfred Okerberg sponsored the leagues. is Page Tlzirt3v-Tlzrglll 7. 39 0. Future Farmers of America go by the following motto, "Learning to do, doing to learn, learning to live, living to serve." R. M. Karns is the adviser of the FFA chapter in Newton High. ln reviewing the year's work of the FFA boys, it is seen that they partici- pated in various contests and projects. The chapter attended the Hutchinson State Fair where judging was viewed and exhibits inspected. 'A 0i'l'icers: Maurim- Kurr, Sam Krueger, Johnny Hum-bert, ll yt K fman. John Br-van. All S phomore, Victor Ewy, working in shop 1-lass. P ge Thirty-Four Vocational Agriculturr- Judging Teams: John Ii:-vzin. Sam Krlir-1,:m', ih I Rodgers. Melvin Naylor, Maurice Kurr, Johnny Hum-bert, Don P Clayton Harms, Gem- Whitm-y. Next Sam Krueger, Maurice Kurr, John Huebert, Clayton Kaufman and John Bevan journeyed to Buhler to take part in the Officers Training School. In the information contest, Sam Krue- ger scored 96 out of a possible 100 for first place, with Maurice Kurr coming in second with 95 points. In the National FFA livestock judg- ing contest at Kansas City, Maurice Kurr received the silver emblem. Vere English, a graduate of 1951, and Sam Krueger also represented the school in this contest. Stanley Smith, a freshman, won a silver emblem in the district FFA speaking contest at El Dorado. He spoke on "Improved Wheatsf' March 3, the South Central Kansas division poultry and crops contest was held at Peabody. Poultry was judged in the morning and crops, with Newton as sponsor, were shown in the after- noon. John Bevan, John Huebert, Clay- ton Harms and Charles Rodgers com- posed the team. Gene Whitney, Rich- ard Miller, Richard Hunter, Dale Haw- key and Melvin Naylor were alternates. For the district and state FFA con- test, John Bevan, John Huebert and Charles Rodgers composed the judging team. Maurice Kurr, Donald Penner and John Woffenden were on the shop team. Sam Krueger represented the chapter at the state FFA speaking con- test With his topic "Soil Conservation." , .... , a L aa aa ll Q NW ll c Ca Q ' l ','- ICHAMPIONS I 'lfoolluall Basketball Taaala 7 gag Raaalyall NW DON ARNOLD, Quarterback GENE WHITNEY, Center KEN STOCKS, Guan! ELIHON AKERS. Halfl lx football Coach Curtis Fischer and assistant coaches, Jim Corey and Don Petersen, pro-- duced the most successful Railer football team in recent years. The Railroaders came through with a record of five wins, if three losses and one tie. They proved to be a strong defensive club by keeping four teams scoreless, two of which were Ark Valley contenders. Opening the 1951 season with ten re- turning lettermen, the Railers won two straight games before going into Valley competition. In the first game of the sea- DON PENNER, Tackl son, halfback, Victor McCall, received a broken arm. In a heavy rain Wichita East edged out the Railers in their initial Ark Valley game. One of the largest crowds ever to turn out for a home game, estimated at approximately 5,000, witnessed the con- test before the rain started falling. After dropping two more Ark Valley contests, the Railers battled Wichita North to a 6-6 tie. Burt Schmidt recov- ered a North fumble and Clayton Kauf- man scored to even up the game. BURT SCHMIDT, Tack! JOE COUGHLIN, End VVILBUR STOCKS, E d Page Thirty-Six The gridmen were victorious in their down. Newton ended the season holding Aug M. In-fensivv line-un: Gary Vooyu-r, tlcm- Whitncy, Williur Stocks, Don Pt-nner, Jack lVlerritt, Jerry Smith, Burt Schmidt. Eldon Akers, Kr-n Stocks. Vhuck Jackson, Dick Dunlavg. Football Squad: Back row. Victor McCall. Ray Hernandez. Eddie Bell. Lorcn Anderson, Loren Newberry, Jim Raffety, Ronald Collier, Pete Charl- ton, Richard' Muck, Loren Oliley, Tom l"ooln-r, Randall Pit-rc.-, Don Petersen. :assistant coach. Third row, Louie Sandoval. Williur Be-sore, Terry McDaniel, Glenn H+-rshlwrm r, Lt-roy Younger, Alfred Miller. Joe Couizhlin, Gary Cooper, Eddie Anderson, Arthur Schmidt, Ralph Gomez, Raymond Arellano, Jerry Runnels. Second row, Curtis Fischcr, coach, Don Bafus. Clayton Kaufman, Dick Miller, Bob Raffety, Joe Jones, Chuck Jackson, Ed Thomas, Allan Heine. Jackie- Ratzlaff, Bob Mcllott, Lcwis Boyd, Jim Corey, asst. coach. Bottom row, Dick Dunlavy, Wilbur Stocks, Ken Stocks, Don Arnold, Jack Nlerritt. Burt Schmidt, Eldon Akers, Gene Whitney, Harold Fauchier, Don Penner, Jerry Smith, Don Schroeder, manager. last three league contests which included a win over the highly rated El Dorado Wildcats. An El Dorado punt was blocked by Wilbur Stocks which Chuck Jackson carried over for the Railers' only touch- otlnll Queen and Attendants, Jcannif- Thomas. Edith Hersh- ul ind Marian Orpin. fourth place in the Ark Valley. Wilbur Stocks, Railer right end, was placed on the All-State third team by the Topeka Daily Capital, while Gene Whit- ney, center, received honorable mention. SEASON'S RECORD ARK VALLEY STANDING Newton ' Stat'i'ord 0 W '1 Newton 13 St. Mary's 0 Wichita East ,- ,-- 6 0 Newton 6 Wichita East I2 Wichita North -..- --- 5 1 Newton 6 Hutchins cili ZX El Dorado .,., --- 4 0 Newton 24 Wellington 27 Wellinirton ---- 4 0 Newton 6 Wichita North 6 Newton ,--, 3 1 Newton 34 Winfield 0 Hutchinson .... 3 0 Newton 15 Arkansas City G Winfield -, ---, 2 0 Newton Tm-El Dorado 0 Ark Pity Avo ,,.,,. -N U 0 Page Tlzirty-Sezfc Basketball Squad: Ge-ne Whitney, manairs-r. Dave Claassen, Johnny Reese, Eldon Aki:-rs, Gary Cooper, Clarence Waters. Ray Hernandez, lion Bafus, Bernie Castro, Bill Brainard. Harold Fauchier, Jim 5184114-', Eddie Bell. Bob behfnedefi Victor Mc-Call, Jack Bannon. Bob Mellott. Don P1-ta-rsvn, assi. 4-nach, John Ravenscrott. coach. asizetimii In one of the most surprising and exciting Se-?1S0n endings, .the Newton Railroad- ers captured their eleventh state crown by defeating Shawnee M1SS10n'S nlgnly favored Indians 54-53 in the state finals in Manhalltanys nngefleldnense- Wlth One Second to go, substitute forward, Jack Bannon, dumpedjn the Wlnnlng goal Wnlen Wes One Of the most highly disputed baskets in roundball n1Sl30Ty- Triumphant Railers in Topeka dressing room after winning over the Trojans 67-65. " 2. f ' I 3 3 --.- : V' ? I -'--- r , 1 V . 'Z egg -g::-W: I ' Q , ., ...,. """ ' ..., Q i .,,.. ,,,I. I f Q. .:.. i': .:.. " ' 4 ' 1 it - -: AM E1 gf .,.. 3 5. ' H ggsga-Ji' ...,.,., "f,,:,- .. v,f xi 5 5,1 gene , V -fee: ::,,, I- JS: V' 'll V 53420 :if w ' :I n 'l -2-" I ff ' ' 1 5, 3: 'K Sf" ' :" 'I 2 if . . in I sg zu: 'f f f ' A . V ,w x . ji W ., ,..A, . 2 .A Neg:-gi Y ., .. 1, i:.--A F ..,.. 5 I .5:. .l , I 15: .5 Bill Brainard tins in a goal at the North-Newton game there. Newton players from left to right are Don Bafus, Brainard and Jo Page Thirly-Eight Starting the campaign, Newton was selected by dopesters to finish in fourth place in the Ark Valley League. Starting from almost scratch with only two letter- men, Clarence Waters and Bill Brainard, Coach John Ravenscroft worked and changed different fives all year long until he found his cambination of Bill Brainard, Clarence Waters, Don Bafus, John Reese, and Jim Cadle. Bernie Castro, Jack Bannon, Jim Raffety, Victor McCall, Arthur Mc- Millan, Eddie Bell, and Bob Mellott com- pleted the first twelve. Newton brought home their eleventh con- secutive Regional and sixth straight Ark Valley crowns. All games this season were closely matched, many won by two and three point margins. This year's record stands 21 wins and 4 defeats. The highest margin the Railers lost by was six points to Parsons in their Invitational meet. Bill Brainard and Clarence Waters were the standout performers on this year's squad. Brainard was second scorer in the Valley, but was first in total points for the season. He was also top scorer in the state and the second New- tonian to play in the North-South compe- tition at Murray, Kentucky, in June. Waters was third in the Ark Valley scor- ers column. Both boys were selected on the All-State five. Don Bafus, rough- going junior, was placed on the mythical state second team. Next year looms as another great sea- son for the Railers of the basketball capi- tal of the world as they will have eight of the first ten returning. Coach Ravenscroft at Manhatta state championship trophy and crophone for acceptance speech. SCHEDULE Ulf' GAMES I Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Regional Newton Newton State: Newton Newton Newton 55 38 37 51 68 56 :-J an 55 SX .134 52 54 67 53 49 38 255 .ii 67 sz 52 30 59 52 54 Shawnee Mission Wichita. North -- Wellington ,-, Parsons , ,N Pittsburg' ..- Hutchinson .- Winfield .,., Salina ......, Wichita East --- Arkansas City v- El Dorado ,,..,. Wellington -- Topeka .v.,. Hutchinson e-- Emporia .... Winfield .,.,, Wichita East -,- Arkansas City ,- Wichita. North - El Dorado ,,.,,. n receiving' takinif mi- N 1951-512 Wichita St. lVIary's ..., Wichita North --, -,- Topeka --- Parsons ,,,.,.. - Shawnee Mission Top three pictures: Clarence Waters, Bill Brainard, Jack Bannon. Below, Don Bafus. Bernie Castro, Jim Cadle, Johnny Reese. asizettvali Newton is proud to be the home of the most underrated team of the state at the first of the year-We're proud of our boys who kept in there fighting and wound up as the best team in the state. ARK VALLEY STANDINGS: W. Newton e,.,,,,.,eY,.,,,,, 12 Wichita East ,,.,e. .. .,..,. 12 Ark City ....... ..,. . , ..,. 10 Winfield ,,.,,,.,,-.,,1,,,, 8 Hutchinson .....,1...,. . M 4 Wichita North ,,,,,,.r-,,-.,,, 4 Wellington ,,.,,,,,,, MH- 3 El Dorado -,,-.. ,,,,,1,,,. 1 3 'LCZCIZ Track was started three years ago in the Newton High sports pro- gram. This season's track team, under the coaching of Curtis Fischer, Jim Corey and Roy Hoff was compsed of about 20 senior high boys. Being faced with a heavy schedule this season, the Railer trackmen traveled to Sterling Where they placed third in the nine-team meet. Coach Fischer took a ten-man team to the K. U. Relays and entered his team in the Hutchinson Invitational, Wichita Invitational, Regional and the State m9etS- The Railer cindermen did their outstanding work in the dashes and shot put events. Eldon Akers was a leading dash man while Don Penner was outstanding in the shot put. Other important members of the Railer squad were Freddy Gonzalez, mile run, Mickie Mutter and Don Arnold, 880-yard rung Lewis Boyd, 440- yard dash, Gary Cooper, 220-yard dash, Victor McCall, 100-yard dash, Don Schroeder, high jump, Merle Frey, discus, Gene Whitney, shot put, and Alfred Miller, high hurdles. Seniors participating in the Track program this season were Eldon Akers, Gene Sowers, Don Penner, Dave Claassen, Merle Frey, Fred Gon- zalez, Don Arnold, and Burt Schmidt, manager. Top picture, Track Squad: Back row, Burt Schmidt. Ma-rlv Frey, Pete Charlton, Don Schroeder, Dave Claassen, Howard Oliver, Allan Heine, Gene Whitney, Bob Mellott. Richard Mille-r, Alfred Miller. Mickey Mutter, Louis Sandoval. Middlm- row, Alfunzo Perez, Martin Bradshaw, Glenn Burkhart, Eldon Akers, Victor McCall. Lewis Boyd, Eddie Anderson, Gary Cooper, Ralph Gon- zalez. Randolph Pierce, Don Arnold, Freddy Gonzalez. Bottom rox? Coach Curtis Fischer and assistants, Jim Corey and ROV Ho f. Forty Bottom picture, Cross Country Team: Standing, Bill Brainard, Jim Cadle, Arthur McMillan, Clarence Waters, Mickey Mutter, Victor Ewy. Bill Embry, Jon Epp, Johnny Reese. Kneeling, Lester Unruh, manager, Gene Sowers, Bernie Castro, Jack Ban- - non, Lewis Bartel, Coach John Ravenscroft. G lf T am: Standing, Bob Simpson, Jim Cadle, Bob Trousdale, Ted Sills, ChBkTyKlgCtLG JhJlx roo's err . nee in , Tin' is a 'i-ee, o n en 'ins, Ted I 2141413 This year's tennis team, coached by Mr. A. R. Self, was mostly a year of re- building, for they showed improvement as the season progressed. Tennis will become one of the top spring sports. The Newton netmen competed in seven meets plus the important Hutch- inson Invitational Tournament which attracts some of the best netmen in the state. The tennis team competed in meets played against Ark City, Wich- ita East, Winfield, El Dorado, McPher- son, Hutchinson and Augusta. . The squad was made of two seniors, Kenny Stocks and Bob Ingoldg two jun- iors, Jack Bannon and Lewis Bartel 5 and three sophomores, John Epp, Gary Pierce and Dan Turner. Although this was the smallest squad since Mr. Self started tennis at Newton High, the team should be hon- ored for their comeback and promise toward the end of the year. .lg Copping first and winning medalist honors, the Railer season was high- lighted in their own invitational meet. El Dorado and Wellington were guest teams of the Railer tourney in which Ted Sills won medalist honors with an 82 for Newton. In the four and two man events, Newton placed first and second. The Newton linkmen placed high in the Ark City, Wichita North-East and Salina golf meets. They also competed in the Hutchinson Invitational Ark Val- ley Tournament and the state meet at Wichita, May 15 and 16. All members of the squad showed top form. Bob Trousdale paced the linksmen with a 90 to place the New- tonians high in the Ark City meet March 25. In the North-East game Ted Sills came through with a 132 to lead the Railers into ninth place in a field of 19 teams. In Newton's tourney, Sills was low scorer followed by Jim Cadle with an 89, Bob Trousdale 92 and Bob Simpson 97. The golf team, under the coaching of Mr. Brooks Terry, had one of its most successful seasons. l Team: Gary Pierce, Lewis Bartel. Dan Turner, Ken Stocks, Bl Ingold. Jon Emi. Coach A. R. Self. IJ:-ick Bannon, not picturedl. Page P ri Baseball Squad: Standing, Asst. Com-h lion Pets-rsvn, lion Peterson. Joe Jones, Ed Thomas, Clarence Waters, Don Bafus, H110 1 lulhl 1 W1 Jul Stocks, J. B. En:-az, Ric-lmrd Meek, Jim Suslerman, Gary Ewe-rt, Coach Wilfred Ukerberg. Kneeling, Kc-rmit Smith. Carl Gasde Ioirn Obley Vit 01 Ewy, Johnny Rm-sv. Jim R:1l'l'1-ty, Arlen Anderson, Raymond Arellano, Pete lfvy, Jack Hoffman. Not pictured: Bob Raffety and Wilbur Be-sole W Page I"urfy-Tivo aselmll Due to bad weather this year's Newton baseball nine was ham- pered in practice and in two games. The El Dorado contest was postponed and Dodge City's canceled. This season's diamond squad, coached by Wilfred Okerberg and assistant Don Petersen, began with seven numeral wearers. These lettermen consisted of three pitchers-Joe Jones, Bob Raffety and Clarence Waters. Other boys who lettered were Arlen Anderson, John Reese, Harold Fauchier and Wilbur Stocks. The Railers started the season with losses to the tough crews of both Wichita East and North. The Railers lost to East by a 12-0 score and the North squad downed them 5-1. Other games were Winfield, Peabody, Wellington, El Dorado and Regional and State tournaments. This year's traveling squad consisted of Ed Thomas, Don Bafus, Joe Jones, Bob Raffety, Harold Fauchier, Jim Raffety, John Reese, J. B. Ensz, Wilbur Stocks, Raymond Arellano, Loren Obley, Gary Ewert, Arlen Anderson, Victor Ewy and Clarence Waters. A5 W5 A ffqxwf 5 KX i Qff : R ff Q 9X7 EBC '-D MX SQ YN gf NL A PMA, 15,1 J Page t'ar'zy-Fmir ,,,,,-wsrf fooizin, gac l. Ediv Hvrshberger with braids. 2. Teddy and Bvv, youthful twosomn-. SS. l-'irsl day of svhuol for Judy Richie-r. -1. Just what color is your hair, Ja-'annie-7 Dick and Joan Ilunlavy at an L-arly age. 6. Getting' studious. K1-nny? T. Happy no lun-ky, Don Arnold. X. Nanry. it's cold outsidv! 24. Which is Hoya-ri' iii. Whvrm- mlm-:1 Marilyn Smith 11411 heir natural vurly hair? ll. Swinuimq' Spielman. lil. flame-ra's a clicking, Vharls-nm-. ICI. Czlthm-1'iIiv Rvber ra:-idy for rainy wvalher. l4. What's thi- math-r, Frvddy, svarc-di' 15. Della Mar, saying your prayvrsi' 16. That 1-xml littli- Arlvn And5x-sun! 17. How's Flawiim- iminu to support Sallimi ii' she-'s used to furs so young! iN. Marian Orpin, aww-I and sn-rm-in-. lil. Catch em, Folia-lla! EU. Good old iuudmlii-s. T1-d and Jvrry, ll. Toothle-ss Toovs. 22. Erma and lim-is, always slinyinxr mud. 23. Bathing.: ln-auty, Bob Ingold. 24. Erma Lou Umbargvr taking it easy. 25. All dollvd up for a big' dati-, livon Z' 26. Brurm- and Darlene posing' pretty. 27. Si si, sm-norita, lim-tty lfick. 28. Seventh gradv singing canaries. 29. Sondra Simms, ain't sho swm-e-L? 30. Watch the birdiv, Bergen. 31. Vim- Mary Ann and he-r dolly. 32. Where-'cl you get those- lrritc-hvs, Shin-lov? 33. Always smiling Patty Scott. 34. Billy Foley. Marilyn Molzun. Susan Goering. and Ken Stocks atop a tombstone,-. 35. Hvy, Wil- bur, where-'s Kenny? 36. Good ole grade days at VVashini.:ton. 37. Mary Alice Barbour, Nancy Chapman, Susan Gow-ing and Kathleen Karns showin' off. WW S Tfzavel Qfifzacfi I4 1. Johnny Jenkins at. his favorite pastime. 2. 1"ranci-s Hanko and Sam Kriu-yror . . . forever and evm-r. Si. Sammy Worden, Arlen Anderson, Bill Foley, Gary Royer, Donny Arnold, Jerry Adams. To skip or not to skin . . . 4. Nancy Chapman, Shirley Schroeder, Jeannie Thomas and Judie Morganf"Shntgun Boogie, Ah-Hal" and 6. Where did Jerry Boudreau and Jeanette Riley learn to salute?! 7. Colletta Kenaxry, Erma Umharirvr, Darlene Frey, Mary Ann Griswold, Doris Wiehe, Pat Scott, Marilyn Molzen, Donna Beeson--Kid Day a couple years ago. 8. Whaifre Judy and Wilbur rloinir in the cemetery? 9. A thorn between two roses--Jeanette Riley. Gene Sowers, Betty Toevs. 10. Esther Porter all ready for the Jr.-Sr. reception. 11. Ma1'p::u'et Hutto's nearly hidden by that doir. 12. Suzie, is this your usual outlook on life? 13. Bill Foley and Gary Royer acting silly. 14. Arlene Pankratz, Frances Schlup, Donna Voth-Up in the Air, Junior Batrnen! 15. Voth and Pankratz, dreamin'. 16. Gene Sowers and Ronnie Holmes, who is finishing his senior year at Washington, Kansas. 17. Shirley and Gloria . . . remember those good ole Candyland days! 125. Nancy and Judie--still laughing! 18. Marilyn and Donna-pals forever. 20. Look at V0th's . . . racket! 21. Burt Schmidt looks mighty coy! 5. ,ew Pllgc l"r1l'ty-Firm COO 5145 WIGIS us l I 1 x :st '.-.'. iv- .3. , 1, HL 10011 ' '1 ' li lr: U. . wlmi H'gh's 11' why 'z.". T, . -: insvr, 'lzxrilyn Mo . 1 x1!I'3l2lIlv Donna lim-usrui, Ji-an Spivlinau, Muriuu Urpiu fixing up lhm- Y for Ruunrlhuusv-. 6. Sn-niors, Jouu Bullvr :xml Vnnuim- Duke svutvcl zllmzurfl ilu' "SS Lilillzllxn- lani." T. Bzxslu-tlunll vo-cziplziirirx. Flux'- Cnce W2llEl'S :md Hill B!'1lil'l2ll'4i, :wel-pt Rwsiunzxl fixxl-plzu-v lrophy from hs :ul 115111-iw ette, Betty Vivlx, N. Bruin: lmgzlrilvill, Gloria Swarm, Bun Lzxmlvr, Gary Ruyvr. Arlen Aiulvrsnn. Vzirnlyn Pivcw in si scorn- frum HSl'X'l'llll'0I1lh Summa-r." 54. "Hanging East" at pop rally lwfnrf- guniv. Ill. Chefs-r'lc-zulv1's at St. M:1ry's funtlmll grams-. ll. Custmlians, Charles Oliver and Bill Mill-S, pickim: up nftr-r kids. 12. "Ladies of the Mop" Susan Guc-Vinyl, Jann Kurz. Judie- Morgan, Bm' Lands-r. 13. 'fht'SDl?lHS l'COl'jI3.11iZC4i''Bl'lll't' Losranluill, Susan Gnerimz. Pat Scott, Judiv Morgan, Hoyt E1-lls, Miss Virnvlle Jomfs, instructor, Carolyn Pierce-, R4-ta Bowvn, Gene Whitney, Bev Lander, Gloria. Swarts. Page Forty-Six Highlights After attending school for 13 years, seniors have a lot of memories to tuck away in their scrapbooks. Of course, the year that will be longest remembered is the last year. Ah, that wonderful feeling of importance! Despite rain, snow, or below zero weather, the football games were a must. At the homecoming game, October 16, Edith Hershberger, Queen of Football, reigned. Her majesty, attended by Jean- nie Thomas and Marian Orpin, was driven to her throne in a red convertible. Seniors, after working long hours, gave the play, "Seventeenth Summer," on ' the evening of November 15. The two leading parts of Angie and Jack were por- trayed by Beverley Lander and Gary Royer. Then came basketball season. If you wanted to be sure of getting a good place to sit, the only thing to do was to come early. Fans were tense as the Railers fought for top honors, playing many close games against skilled opponents. Cheer- leaders, streaking across the floor in black and gold outfits, led excited students in peppy yells. Commencement Speaker, Franklin D. Murphy of Kansas University During the last few Weeks of school, se niors were racing about the halls with dazed expressions on their faces. Things were happening so fast-numerous activities to at- tend-a hundred and one things to do before graduation! Coming first in the spring events was the Senior Banquet. Seniors, dressed to the peak of perfection, had dinner together at the Ripley Hotel on May 4. Juniors had a chance to show off the talented people of their class when they en- tertained the seniors at the Junior-Senior Reception in Lindley Hall, May 8. Next on the social calendar came the Junior-Senior events held on May 14 and 15. What excitement as members of both classes battled for top honors in track, basket- ball and the fights. Seniors went back to those carefree childhood years on Kid Day, May 16. The "children" paraded across the stage showing numerous styles of youthful garments. Baccalaureate was held at Lindley Hall on May 18. Proud seniors put on their caps and gowns for this occasion. May 19 was a day crammed full of important moments. In the morning students gathered in Lindley Hall for Honor Assembly. Then the highlight of the year came in the evening with the Junior-Senior Prom. Couples gaily whirled around the gym floor to dreamy music played by an imported orchestra. The day of May 22 was the day for all seniors. Their years of high school were now completed. Commencement was held in Lindley Hall with Franklin D. Murphy from Kansas University addressing the seniors. With Ted Ice, Bill Brainard, Mary Ann Griswold, and Judie Morgan as class officers of 1951-52, most seniors felt that much had been accomplished. Yes, there are a lot of occasions and events to be remembered in that last short senior year. Paga .Fo rty-Sevcn c,. , .ff . l 4 S5552 Quia fz A W9 ffziiifw MW if Qfliwagrtdtff-QJ. M ZMZZMMMZX Q wfmwj .MW 223662 my Myyvgywiyy, KWKQA-' .riff CNW y3VliN43pWQf x Wfiqyygjmoifdwgf J P gfyzwlfy-Q5Zf'i?'f'! fi 'fj LS-L71 J! 0 f' 1,1 gf 3 Qfffjj-Eff 617542 5-E622 '1',,' A Q A . 14 1. 1. 'f 4 . 14 11 1. 1.1 Q 1 . 14 O 14 1 14 S4 14 1 S 14 1 I - A 1 4 I n I P 1 H fu 1

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