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Text from Pages 1 - 44 of the 1951 volume:

77951 Railroader Published by the Senior Class of Newton High School Newton, Kansas The Staff Editor-in-Chief: Pat Flinn Associate Editors: Diane Darling Kenny Schlender Adviser: Alden Allbaugh Photography: Leo Brandt Printing: Kansan Printing Engraving: Sun Engraving Company, Parsons i Page Tim JOHN B. HEFFELFINGE R Dedication it To Superintendent John B. Heffelfinger, in recognition of his distinguished leader- ship and devoted service through twenty- eight years as head of the Newton city schools, the Class of 1951 respectfully and affectionately dedicates this book. Company, Newton Company. Appreciation The Railroader staff expresses sincere appreciation to Leo Brandt photography in structor, for many hours spent in taking pictures, developing and printing them for this book. Thanks to Teri y Lee Merryman who posed for division page picture The staff is also grateful to H W Scott Senior class sponsor, to Beverly Lander for art work which has been used in the book and to Senior journalism students for assistance with writing copy. Much credit must go to persons connected with the Kansan Printing Memories By MARILYN BROWN September: School was started, everyone gay, This year was the end for the Seniors, Hooray! Cheerleaders, monitors, and officers were selected, Senior class president Bocock elected. After the state fair came football and thrills Cheering and yelling, bumps and spills. The Senior Kick-Off party was quite an affair Refreshments and dancing, fun for everyone there. Newtonian and Railroader staffs were chosen by Allbaugh, We think he's the nicest guy We ever saw. October: The time to choose a queen for Old King Football came, All nominees were so fair 'twas hard to pick the name: Lovely Diane Darling was the one to win this race, Pretty attendants Branine and Fotopoulos set a speedy pace. "Pride and Prejudice," the senior play, was really some production, The cast and crews were grand, and that's a true deduction. November: Phyllis McMillan was presented the DAR award, Citizenship, patriotism, dependability were the points on which she scored. The mothers served the football boys a dinner quite delishg They had a cake shaped like a gridiron and chicken on a dish. December: The Christmas dance was very nice, good times were had by allg The decorations were cute and smart, it was a lovely ball. Four teams were at the tournament that was held in Lindley Hall, Though Newton took the second place, they really played good ball. The debaters took a little trip, they journeyed to Hutch: Second place was won by them and that is pretty much. Then they went to El Dorado for another meet, Goering and Baird took first place, a typical Railer feat. January: The first semester was at an end and everything was hummin', The exams were taken and then, of course, second semester was comin'. After 28 years as superintendent, Mr. Heffelfinger has retired. Mr. Scott will relieve him, a new history teacher is required. Po 1 l J Page Four Superintendent John B. Heffelfmxzer: Principal Prank Lindley: Associate Principal H. W. Scott: Miss Carmnlita Suttlc- and Mrs. Ruth Grahill, se-1-1'eta1'ie-s. Friendly Counselors The Class of 1951 will always bear a special distinction. They will be remembered as the last class to be graduated from Newton High School during the administration of Superintendent John B. Heffelfinger who, before the opening of another school year, will retire after 28 years as head of the Newton school system. Under Mr. Heffelfinger's administra- tion, Newton schools have been distinguished as among the best, and Newtonians have known many occasions on which to be proud of the achievements of students and teachers in many activities. The Class of 1951 also pays tribute to Principal Frank Lindley and Associate Principal H. W. Scott for their helpful, friendly and sympathetic leadership during many memorable days at Newton High School. TOD Row: ALDEN ALLBAUGH Journalism, Dramatics OLIVE L. ANDERSON Spanish, English JACQUELINE BOYD English LEO BRANDT Mechanical Drawing, Photography JOHN D. DAVIDSON Vocal Music ESTHER FROOM English Second Row : BETTY GRAHAM Physical Education SHERWIN B. GRISWOLU Biology, Gcnvral Science THEODORA GROVE Home Nursing, Biology CHRISTINE HETZEL Commerce RALPH M. KARNS Vocational Agriculture LAVINIA LEIBENGOOD Clothing Patient Supervisors Third Row: M ARY E. LINTON Fourth Row: JOHN RAVENSCROFT Physical Education ERNESTINE ROBERTS Librarian BONNIE SELANDERS Latin, English A. R. SELF Social Studies J. BIRCH STUART Chemistry, Driving BROOKS TERRY Mathematics, Physics Fumls, Home- Making Bgttom Row: WAYNE LYON Nlanuul Training: ELVA MQBETH English ALMA MOORE Siu-och, Dalmati- LELAND MOORE Social Studies MARIE ORR Art EDITH WHITTED Mathematics CURTIS FISCHER Physical Education Not pictured: E. S. SANDERSON Instrumental Music Page Five Q L M- A ,M 4 ROBERT BOCOCK Class Pres. JAMES TANGEMAN Class KENNETH KENNARIJ Class IJUANE HOWARD Class. Treas. 4: Class Treas. 3: Football 1, Vice-Pres. 4: Basketball 1, 2. Sec. 4: Football l, 2, 3 QLD, 4: Football l, 2, 3 lLl. 4 tLj: 2, 3 QLQ, 4 ILE: Basketball 1, 3 ILI, 4 QLD: Baseball 1, 2, 4 lLl: Basketball l, 2, 3, 4: Track 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4: Hi-Y 2: Track 3: Baseball 2, 4: 4: Football 1: National Honor Track 3, 4: Baseball l, 2. Officer 4: Scholarship Pin 2: Scholarship Pin 1: Hi-Y 4. Society 3: Scholarship Pin 2, Latin Club 1. 2. -1: Chorus 4. 3: Hi-Y 1. Playmates of I 951 BARBARA AINSWORTH Chorus 1: Y-Teens 1, 2: GAA l, 2, 3, 4, Latin Club 2. ARLISS AKERS Monitor 4: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4. BARBARA ALEXANDER Monitor 4: Y-Teens 3, 4. PHILIP ANDERSON Football 1. 2, 3: Basketball Manairer 4: Basketball 2: Tennis 4: Student Coun. Rep. 2. 4: Junior Play' Senior Play. LYNN ANDUSS Monitor 3, 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Officer 4. PATRICIA ANGOOD Girls Glee Club 4: Latin Club 1, 2, 3, 4 Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 4. CHARLES AYERS FFA 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY BAINUM Saffordvillo 2, 3: Orchestra 43 Girls Glee Club 4. F. L. BAIRD Debate Pin 2, 3: Dc-hate 2, 3, 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: All-School Play 3: I-Ii-Y 3, 4: Hi-Y Officer 4: Tennis 4: Monitor 4: Latin Club 4: Band 1: Editor Newtonian 4. JOAN QBARKEIU SEIBEL Monitor 4: Office Girl 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. BERNICE BERRY Latin Club 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4. WINIFRED BLANKENSI-III' Editor Newtonian 4: Chorus 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 1: Pen Club 1. MARY FRANCES BOHL Editor Newtonian 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. MARY JANE BOTTEVVECK Usherette 3: Head Usherette 4: Stu- dent Coun. Sec. 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Editor Newtonian 4: Lntin Club 1: Pep Club 1. Prigc Six JOHN BOWERSOCK Football 1, 2 QLD, 3 KLJ, 4 1LJ: Basketball 1, 2: Track 3: Class Vice-Pres. 3: Student Coun. Rep. 1: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Officer 1, 4. JAMES BOWMAN Football 1, 2, 3 QLJ. 4 1Ll: Track 3, 4: Base- ball 2: National Honor Society 3: Class Pres. 3: Hi-Y 1, 2: Band 2. NANCY BRANINE Senior Play: Junior Play: Student Coun. Rep. 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4: Usherette 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakes- pearean Club 3, 4. MARILYN BROWN Cheerleader 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Editor Newtonian 4: Latin Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1. MARY KBROWNJ HALL Y-Teens 2. BETTY BULLER Lehigh, Kans. 1: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. PARK BURKHART Football 1: Basketball 1: Track 3: Baseball 4: Debate 4: Junior Play: Band 1, 2, 3: Drum Major 2, 3: Orchestra 3: Boys Glee Club 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 3, 4. SALLY BYLER Cheerleader 1, 3. 4: Class Treas. 2: Chorus 1, 3. 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Pep Club 1. CHARLENE CASEY Y-Teens 1, 3, 4. RONALD CHAMBERS Footbal 2, Basketball 2: Monitor 4: Hi-Y 1. 2: Spanish Club 2. DANIEL CHASE Wentworth Military Academy 2: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4. RONALD CONNER Basketball 1. 2, 3: Chorus 4. JEAN COOKE Usherette 3, 4: Y-Teens 1. 4: Latin Club 1: GAA 1 2 3 4 RITA COOKE Usherette 3, 4: Newtonian Editor 4: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3: Chorus 1. ANNE CREPPS Newtonian Editor 4: Scholarship Pin 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Chorus 3, 4: Girls Glee Club 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. DANNY CROY Football 1: Hi-Y 1, 2: Latin Club 1, 2: Meade, Kans. 3: Monitor 4: Tennis 4: Stage Crew 4. CAROL CUMMINGS Office Girl 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Y-Teens 3, 43 Chorus 1. DIANE DARLING Cheerleader 1, 3, 4: Football Queen 4: Rail- roader Editor 4: Class Sec. 2: Stage Crew 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakespearean Club 3: GAA 1: Pep Club Officer 1. LAWRENCE DAVENPORT Basketball 1, 2 fLb, 3 ILD. 4 fLJ: Track 3: Baseball 2, 4: Hi-Y 2: Scholastic Art Award 4. GLENNON DECKER Roxbury, Kaus. 1: Baseball 4: Monitor 4. HAROLD DILL Football 3: Track 3, 4: Monitor 3: Hi-Y 1. 2. JIM DILLMAN FFA 3, 4: FFA Officer 4: Monitor 4: Hi-Y 4. MONROE DUERKSEN Cheerleader 4: Junior Play: Senior Play: Chorus 1, 2. 4: Boys Glee Club 4: Hi-Y 1, 4: Latin Club 3, 4. VERE ENGLISH FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: FFA Officer 4: Hi-Y 1, 3, 4: Hi-Y Officer 1: Lib. Assistant 4. FRANK ESTRADA Baseball 4: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 4: Hi-Y 4. DONNA FAE EWING Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1. PAT FLINN Railroader Editor 4: Junior Play: Senior Play Promp- ter: GAA 1, 2, 3: GAA Officer 3: Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Chorus 4: Shakespearean Club 2, 3. ROBERT FIERRO Page Seven i l M. IRENE FOTOPOULOS Usherette 3, 4: Y-Tm-ons 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2, 3: Stage Crew 3: Pep Club 1. VIRGINIA GAISER Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Musir Pin 3: Band 1. 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Monitor 1: Y-Tvs-ns 1, 2. 3, 4: Lib. Assistant. 3. PATRICK GARVIN Tennis 3, 4: Senior Play: Scholarship Pin 1, 2: Student Coun. Ren. 3: Hi-Y 1: Latin Club 1. .IO AISN GOERING Debate Pin 3: D4-hate 3, 4: Scholarship Pin 2, 3: Junior Play: Senior Play: Monitor 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2: Shakesm-aroan Club 3: National Honor Socic-ty 3: Pop Club 1. KATI-IRYN GOERING Scholarship Pin 2: Chorus 1, 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3: Shakespearean Club 4. JOHN GOMEZ 1"ootball 1: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 4. RAYMOND GONZALEZ REYNALDO GONZALEZ Football 1: Baseball 4: Stage Crew 1, 2: Chorus 4. BETTY QGREENJ AMICK Girls G14-Q Club fl: Northf-ast High, Kansas City. Mo. 2, 3. JOAN HALL Y-Tee-ns 1, 2, 3. 4: Stage Crew 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 2. KOZETTA II-IALLJ GARNETT Girls Glee Club 4: Lib. Assistant 3: Y-Teens 1, 2. 3. 4: GAA 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1. DONALD HARBOUR Football 3, 4 QLJ: Basketball 1: Track 3: FFA 1, 2, 4: Band 1: Hi-Y 1. ' DORIS HARBOUR Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2. 3, 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. MARJORIE HARMS Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Page Eight KENDALL HAY Hvad Monitor 4: Monitor 3: Junior Play: New- tonian Editor 4: Track 3, 4: Hi-Y 2, 3. MARY ALICE HEGE Banrl 2, 3. 4. JAMES HERSHBERGER Chorus leach-r 2, 3: Hi-Y 3, 4: Latin 3: Orr-hestra 2, 3: Y-Teens 1, 2. 2, 3, 4: Boys Glee Club 3: Cheer- Club 1: Newtonian Editor 4. OPAL HOBEREFHT Peabody, Kans. 1, 2, 3: Y-Teens 4: GAA 4. JEROME JACOBSON Junior Play: Senior Play: All-School Play 3: Debate 4: Newtonian Editor 4: Tennis 3: Football 1: Bas- ketball 1. 2: Monitor 4: Hi-Y 4: Latin Club 1. DOROTHY JANTZ Y-Tec-ns 1. 2, 3. DONNA KAUFMAN Partridnre, Kans. 1, 2, 3: Senior Play: Band 4: Orchestra 4: Chorus 4: Y-Teens 4. DOROTHY KAUFMAN Ushvrette 3, 4: Senior Play: Junior Play Promoter: Ns-wtonian Editoi Class Vice-Prn-s. 1: Pe-p Club WENDELL D. KIRBY Monitor 4: Y-Teens 1. 2, 3, 4: Monitor 43 1. 4: Hand 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 3, 43 Stayre Crew 2, 3: Hi-Y 1. 2, 3. PHILIP KRATZER Football 1, 1, 2: Baseball 2. 4: Chorus 4. 2 tLl. 3 lLl. 4 ILE: Basketball NANCY KROULIK Y-Teens 3. 4. CLAUDE LECKINGTON JAMES LINGAU Hi-Y 1, PHYLLIS LOEWE Senior Play: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Lib. Assistant 4: Latin Club 2, 3: ELMA LOUGH Scholarship Pin 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3: Stage Crew 3: Pep Club 1. ELVA LOUGH Chorus 1, 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Band 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Pep Club 1. EUGENE LOVE Monitor 3: Hi-Y l, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y Officer 4. CAROLINA MARTINEZ Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Y-Tc-ens 2, ,,, 4. PHYLLIS MCMILLAN Junior Play: Senior Play: Scholarship Pin 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society 25: Latin Club 2: Y-Teens l, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Officer 3. 4: Class Pres. 2: Band 1, 2, 3, 4: DAR Representative 4. NORMAN MILLER Football 1, 2, 3 lLl, 4 QLI: Basketball 1. 2: Track 3: Hi-Y 1, 2, 4. ROBERT MILLNER Football 3: Monitor 4: H-Y 1, 3, 4: Newton- ian Editor 4. VICTOR MORALEZ Football 1, 2: Baseball 2 fLl, 4: Hi-Y 4. MAXINE MUSSER Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. FLORENCE NEWBERRY Office Girl 4: GAA 3. 4: Band l, 2: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. SHIRLEY OBLANDER Music Pin 3: Scholarship Pin 2: Monitor 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Y-Teen Officer 4: Band 1. 2, 3: Or- chestra l, 2, 3: Pep Club 1. JOHN PENNER Football 3. ELLEN PERKINS Office Girl 4: Chorus 3, 4: Y-Tee-ns 1, 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 3, 4: Shakespearean Club 3, 4: GAA 1, 2, 3, 4. LEWIS POLSTON Cushing, Okla. 1: Football 2, 3 QLF: Basketball 2: Track 3: Stage Crew 4: Lab. Assistant 4. WILMA PORTLOCK Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. ROLAND PRUETT Lake Creek High, Granite, Okla. 2 PAULINE PULASKI Office Girl 4: Y-Teens 1, 3. ,3. DONALD QUIRING Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4 ILJ: FFA 1, 2, 4: FFA Officer 4. FOSTER RATZLAFF FFA 1, 2, 4. JAMES REBER Monitor 3: Senior Play: Debate 3: Hi -Y 1, 4. MARLO REIMER Football 3: Basketball 4 QLJ: Baseball 2: FFA 1. 2: Chorus 4: Hi-Y 1. DON ROYSTON Monitor 1, 3: Band 2. 3, 4: Orchestra 1 2 3, 4: Hi-Y KENNY SCHLENDER Usherette 3. 4: Railroader Editor 4: Office Girl 4: GAA l. 2, 3, 4: Y-Teens 2, 3: Pep Club. KEITH SCHLUP Football 1, 2, 3 QLD, 41 Ll: Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4: Track 3: Hi-Y 1, 2: Newtonian Editor 4. KENNETH SCHLUP Basketball 1, 2 ILI, 3 fLB, 4 KLI 3: Hi-Y 1, 2: Hi-Y Officer 1: Newtonian Editor 4. JAMES SHEPLER Student Council Pres. 4: Head National Honor Society 3: Football 1, 2, 3 QLJ, 4 3 fLl, 4: Class Pres. 1: Class Vice-Pres. 2: Hi-Y 4. : Class Sec. Monitor 3: QLD: Track JOANNE SLOAN Scholarship Pin 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society 3: Student Coun. Rep. 1, 2: Junior Play: Senior Crew 3: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1: Office Assistant 2. BETTY fSMITHj I-IERRINGTON Chorus 4: Girls G Y-Teens 2, 3, 4. Play: Stage Girl 4: Lih. lee Club 35 Page N ine V MARVIN SMITH FFA 1, 2, 3: Football 1: Monitor 4: Chorus 4: Hi-Y 4. VERNON SMITH Football 1. 2, 3 QLJ, 4 QLD: Basketball 1, 2, 3 Track 3, 4: Chorus 4: Hi-Y 1, 4. LEKOY SPENCER LAWRENCE SPENCER H-Y 1. JOHN STAHL FFA 1, 2, 3, 4: Hi-Y 4: Shop Team Alternate 3. PATRICIA ST. JOHN Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Latin Club 2. WILMA SUFFIELD Walton, Kans. 1, 2, 3: Chorus 4: Y-Teens 42 Nurse's Aide 4. Page Ten HOPE TERRONES Girls Glee Club 3: Chorus 4: Y-Teens 2, 3, 4: Spanish Club 1. BETTY TURNER Usherette 3. 4: GAA 3: Shakespearean Club 3: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4: Stage Crew 4: Pep Club I. LUBERTA UNRUI-I Band l, 2, 3, 4: Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Pin 3: Office Girl 4: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3. 4. NATALIE UNRUH Junior Play: Senior Play: Scholarship Pin 2: Spanish Club 1: Y-Teens 1, 2, 3, 4. ELDA WEDEL Chorus 4: Girls Glee Club 3: Orchestra 1. 2: Stage Crew 43 Y-Teens 1, 3, 4. DONALD WHITE Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 4: Orchestra 1: Chorus 4. RICHARD WIEBE LE ROY ZIELKE Football 1, 2: Band 1: Hi- Yl. DAVID ZOOK Football 3: Track 3: Baseball 1, 2, 4: Hi-Y 1, 2, 4. MEMOREES OF' 15750-'51, upper left: ltziilc-rs gge11:'i':1ii::g pop ut ll willy in Lindley Hall before Z1 basket- ball fgzuiie. Right: Stuclerit Council lll'C'Slil4'Ht .lim Sho :lor 4-linizifcc-s the Crovviiiiifi' of Diane Dzirliii 1' as Football 4 PJ Lueon with Z1 lllil'ilQltI'f'Lll kiss :it tlio Cm-oiizitioii lizxll at the Y. CI'lltOl'I Clieei'lez1doi's Uarliii ' Ainsworth, B ler, 7 Duerksc-ii Brown amd ,-Xiizlmsoii load ax song :xt :1 noi rzillv. Lower loft: Football lioroc-S, Bowersock She lei' , l . y and llowniuii, shift tlieii' interests from tho g'i'idii'on to the rlzuivo floor 111. the Coroiizition Hull. Lower right: -ueon Darlmff with her' zittelidzuits Hmiiiiie :md Foto oulos i'c-iffiis ova-r the Hutchinson game at Athletic 57 Y 3 FN , Park. Page Eleven N Toddlers JUNIORS, Ton, first row: Joan Casner, Loretta Bohling, Connie Duke, Carol Enns, Susan Cor-ring, Donna Allensworth, Barbara Brandt, Betty Fiek, llonna Bergen. Ri-ta Bowen, Delores Ileclter, Nancy Chapman, Evelyn Caldwell, Dorothy Daugherty, Lucille Botter- week, Mary Ann Griswold. Sec-ond row: Brooks Terry tsiionsorl, Leon lfranltlin, Eugene Cox, Marvin Ewy, Joe Cougrhlin, Glenn Burkhart. Larry Calhert, John Bevan, Wayne Boese, Bill Foley, lion Arnold, Arlen Anderson, Beverly Allen, Deane Ilreier, Mary Alice Barbour, Joan Bulls-r David Vlaassen. Third row: Melvin Barts-l, Keith Ellis, Ervin Berger, Hoyt Eells, Bill Klasse-n, Bill lirainard, Eldon Akers, Dirk l' Bob Dunlavy, Williur Stocks, l'lai'e-rice Waters, Kenneth Storks, Gene Sewers, Ronald Holmes, Gene Whitney, Ronnie Zielke, Merle 'rs-y, Schroeder. MIIJIJLE PIQTTURE, l'irst row: Ted Prouty, Clayton Harms, Frank Fenner, John Jenkins, Irene Janzen, Joyee Peters, Joan Nail. Marian Ornin, Kathleen Karns, Uolletta Kenagy, Shirley Mattison, B.,-veriy Lander, Uiie ra Eelt, lris Pulaski, Gladys ltosminski, Uarolyll Pierce. Second row: Leland Moore lsironsorl, Donald IR-nner, Jim Kelly, Shirley Pla-tuher, Alice Loewe, Sallie Love, Jo Ann Perry, Darlene Frey, Donna Beeson, Marilyn Molzen, Judie Morgan, Louetta Adams, Naomi Gililiens, Marcella Hernandez, Nancy Hall. Juan Groneman. Third row: Lester Larrew. John Hieloert, Thomas Laswell, Joe Mc-Guire, Charles Kos-rner, Ted Ice, Arlo Janzen, Sammy Krueger, Bob Ingold, Bruce Loyranhill, Roberta Oliver, Frances Hanke, Edith Neufeld, Sondra Long, Katherine Ultman, Marilyn McCr0ry. Shirley Dyck. BOTTOM PICTURE, first row: Jean Thomas, Pat Scott, Jean Sui.-lman, Barlrara Butts, Janice Royer, Anne Stone, Joan Swanson. Betty Toevs, Madalyn Srhmidt, Charlene Myers, Beth Ann Martin. Norma Smith, Janiee Manewal. Margaret Hutto, Erma Lou Umhariejer. Second row: Shirley Sc-hroeder, Delores Wielme, Sondra Simms, Ilarlene Ulu-rherg, Marilyn Smith, t'athe-rine Relic-r, Nadine Pearson, Frances Thomas, Iloris Wielne, Donna Voth, l"ranr-es Schlun, Arlene Pankratz, Joan lilassen, Joan Salas, Esther Porter, Miss Bonnie Se-landers lsiionsorl. Third row: Duane Rowland, Willie Smith, Ric-hard Schmidt, Maurire Kurr, Norris Smith, Gary Royer, Burton SL-hmitlt, Duane Ratley, Bill Zuercher, Frank Jones, Jerry Vetter, Charles Rodgers, James llose, Rosalyn Tinton, Joan Marsh, Gloria Swarts. Pays Tweliw' Little Folks SOPHOMORES, TOP, first row: Eunice Alexander, Shirley Blosser, Janice Brice-Nash. Diana Baird, Lola Mae Cash, Mardell Carter, Elizabeth Branine, Phyllis Egy, Joyce Burkhart, Lois Bickel. Donna Ens, Irene Dickerson, Donna Blanchfielrl, Wanclalee Draper. Marilyn Davis, Lois Cowan. Second row: Lawrence Brunner, Dick Anduss, Ned Arthur, Roy Down:-n, James C1'e1mps, Wally Dick. Merle Entz, Stanley Eason, Jim Bauixhman, Duane Deschner, Lewis Bartel, Clayton Ainsworth, Lewis Boyd, Dick Asheraft, Robert Challans, Larry Buller, Richard Hunter. MIDDLE PICTURE, first row: Pat Morgan, Barbara Griffith, Marfraret Findley, Jennie Estrada, Joan Dyck, Eulah Belle Holle, Ed- warda Leffingwell, Dolores Griffith, Irene Mearc-s, Jan Lehman. Shirley Friesen, Shirley Germany, Vida Anne Groneman, Carolyn Hum- phrey, Sue Kitching, Marita Maloney, Rachel Gomez, Janice Dillman, Carolea Dick. Second row: Kaye French, Bill Harper, Glenn Kater, Jack Hoffman, James Johnson, Dick Kitching, Carroll Jantzen, Jim Hill, Joe Jones, Alan Heine, Harold Fauchier, Loretta MeJilton, Marjorie Harder. Joan Morse, Shirley Ingrim, Judy Ballard, June Meador, Eunice Mull, Beverly Dillman. Third row: Lewis Lane. Charles Fryhover, Darrell Grove, George Mathias, Jimmy Liuebarger, Donald Bafus, Jim Cadle, Mickey Mutter, Gilbert Molzen, Dick McGlachlin, Clayton Kaufman, Wendell Hauck, Phyllis Huffman, Norma Frey, Greta Goering, Jane Hogan, Janet Gray, Shirley Morse, Janice Groneman. , l BOTTOM PICTURE, first row: Victor McCall, Donald Wedel, Elva Lois Williams, Pat Skene. Faye Schirer, Ann Sturgeon, Delores Reeves. Sally St. John, Marilyn Pletcher, Lupe Tafolla, Marlene Perkins, Helen Oliver. Judy Peters, Evelyn ,Ratzlaff, Marjorie Zook. Marjorie Whomans, Jean Stone, Iva Lavon Schmidt, Norma Stahly. Second row: Louis Nobles, Alfred Miller. Marvin Spencer,'Ted Sills. Leslie Walton. Gary Warkentin, Lawrence Pe-nner, Barbara Parker, Sandra Royer, Elaine Rowland. Iris Schmidt, Helen Naylor, Marcella Quiring, Dorothy Werner, Donna Underwood, Donna Ortmann, Ernestine Roberts, Jean Ralph, Connie Taylor, Nayda Weaver. Third row: Herbert Mattison, Norman Stauffer, Bob Mellott. Robert Tener. Howard Oliver, Donald Schroeder. Bob Simpson, Bob Trousdale, Ed Thomas, Bob Raffety, John Reese, Jackie Ratzlaff, Doris Jean Rodgers, Elvera Reimer, Carolyn Willis, Shirley Sannur, Phyllis Utterback, Claudette Smith, Louise Runnels, Page Thirteen Senior President Bob Bocock is Congrzitulutcnl following class ul-gtlous liy Counfil Prcsiilcnt Jim tfliqvlcl' . . . Hllszuitics zinil the Beast." Red Schlup surrounded by Seniors Doris Hzirhour, Shirley Olslzindcr, Natalie Unruli, Elma Lough, Luhurtzi Unruh und n lucky sophomore, M21l'5.f211'St Finclley .... Dizinv Darling: looking qucenly from hp-1' 50-yard line tllmiii- .... Kinda' cool, Rita Cooke, BL-tty Toevs, Diane Darling, Put Flinn, Kenny Schlendc-r, Jean Cooku .... Ellen Pm-rkins IIOSUS U1'L'Tlily ---. L0!'0y Zi+-lko studyililrl Biwk in junior high, that is .... Jim Rc-hm' putting the finishimz touches to the bzilvony Christmas mln-coratioris .... Smiling priftty, Pauline Pulaski and Wilma Portlock .... Charlene Casey peeking at the birilic- whilu Wilma Portlock is more interested in something else. Page Fourteen Educational Past-imes ,ArI', PI1oI'ograpI1y ..... -------I6 Deba+e .... I7 Chorus ........ - ........ I8 Journalism ..... ........... I 9 Band, OrcI1esI'ra ...... 20 and ZI Dramahcs ....... .......... 2 2 i Art Iiaxwrr-lace Davenport sketches while Jim Reber annl Alfred Miller look on appiw-ciatively. Students in Miss Marie Orr's arts and crafts classes and Leo Erandt's photography classes received training and experience in creative expression which, if continued throughout post- school days, will provide worthwhile leisure time activity and perhaps profitable vocations. Lawrence Davenport, Joan Marsh, Elma Lough and Alfred Miller received cherished Gold Achievement Keys for work entered in the regional Scholastic art contest at Wichita. Davenport was one of a few student artists throughout the nation to receive a National Scho- lastic Art Award scholarship. Elma Lough was chairman of the Art Service Committee which provided posters and other displays used to promote many school activities during the year. Other committee mem- liers were Beverly Lander, Sue Kitching, Joan Marsh, James Rose, Rosalyn Tipton and Alice oewe. Artists gave performances of living pictures of famous paintings of the Christmas story before two Newton groups. Crafts students made many Christmas gifts and other useful articles. At the end of the year, arts and crafts students made decorations for several stu- dent banquets. Miss Orr and the art department also entertained the state art teachers convention. Photography Students Don Royston, Marvin Smith and Barbara Parker won honorable mention awards in the regional Scholastic photography contest. In addition to work with his students, Mr. Brandt spent many hours doing photography for the Newtonian and Railroader. Photography ffm Johnny Gomez gets the camera focused for a shot in photography, with Marvin Smith ob- Pnyc Sixfvcn Left, AT K. U. WITH SECOND PLACE STATE TOURNEY TROPHY: Ice, Jacobson, Okerberg, Goering, Baird, Mrs. Moore. Right, STATE TOURNEY TEAM: Baird, Coerimr, Okorberg, Jacobson, with tha- ye:ir's collection of trophies. Debate A highly successful debate season was brought to a climax with the NHS arguers annexing second place at the state debate tournament. The debate question for this season was "Resolved: That the American people should reject the welfare state." The debaters won firsts at El Dorado and the district debate tourna- ments. Four second place trophies were taken at the Salina, Hutchinson, Wichita North and Wyandotte invitational tournaments. During the second semester, orations, readings, extempore, informa- tive and after dinner speaking occupied the speech activities. Ted Ice, Gloria Swarts and F. L. Baird won highly superior ratings at the state speech festival. The speech department closed its activities with the annual banquet. The speech, dramatics and art classes participated in this gay event under the toastmastership of Jerry Jacobson. Left, FIRST SIX, seated: F. L. Baird, Ted Ice. Darlene Okerberg. Standing: Mary Wheeler, Jerry Jacobson, Mrs. Alma Moore fcoachj, Jo Ann Courimr. Right, DEBATE SQUAD. front: Wilbur Whcrrel. Mary Wlaeelc-x', Pat Skenl-, Judy Pr-tc-rs. Collutta Kenauy, Rota Brown, l-'. L. lizrrd. Hack: Ulor.a Svrarts, Ted Im-, Diana Baird, Parlt Bux'kliart, llarlvnv Oku1'l1m1'5r, liruct Loganlvill. Jo Ann Goering, .Terry .lzvui on Page Seventeen GIRLS GLEE FLUB. first row: Nztomi Giluln-ns, Joan Szilus, lizu'lu:lx'n Grif't'1th, Joan Pt-rry, Elaine- Rowluml, Donna Blzlrichfivltl Gila! ll um Tafulla. Second row: Shirlry Germany, Roso Mario Gzuwivtt. Kozcttzt tlzxrnctt, livtty 1"icl4, Salliv Love, Marcella Quiring, M ultiit PLL ins Esther Porter, Elvzi Lois VVilliams. Third row: Pat Angood, Sondra Long, Mary Scott, Claudette Smith, Shirley Morris, Wanddlr-le Dlapex Shirlpy Bainnm. Betty Amick. Vocal Department The vocal music dopurtmcnt, this ycar undor the direction of J. D. Davidson made several public z1ppeu1'ui1ces, including usscmblit-s, Christmas program, fustivzil conccrt, Rotary Club program and at spring conct-rt. The quartets presentud a program at L4-high. Climax of thc your was the spring conct-rt ut Lindlcy Hull wliero thc vocalists sang' groups of religious and spiritual numbcrs and a st-rites of sclections from tho Broadway musical, "Oklahom:1." Soloists and vocal groups brought buck st-Ven highly superior and ninc superior rulings from tht- district music fc-stivztl nt Limlsborg. At tht- stuto fcstiynl at Emporia, Jim Hershbcrger was rated highly superior in boy's solo. Other vocalists were uwardt-d two supcrior und two c-xccllcnt ratings. v CHURUS. first row: Jnzinitzt Sut'l'it'ld. Howl Te-rront-s, Put Ske-nt-, Lois, Wilmn Sul'l'it-ld, Elvn Lough, Elvt-ru llvim 'Huy 1 nn Griswold. lVl:uI:1lyn Schmidt, Pat lflinn, Nlztrilyn Molzvn, Sully Bylt-r. St-vom! row: Norman Smith, Rt-tn liowt-n. t':1rol Enns J P t Sondra Simms, Ernwstint- Iioliorts, llonnn Undt-rwoocl. VVinifrml lilzmlwnsliip, Iizxtlit-rinv Ullman, Ellt-n Pvrkins, llonnn lxuxlmm Emmi Lon UIlll!2ll'K4'I', 'llhirrl row: Kathryn Got-ring, Mary Alict- llzirluonr. llrzuu- lirt-ivr, Rt-ynziltlo Gonzalez, lltl:1n.f llowzirtl, Holy lngot iw munl Hcrnzimlt-z, Jim Ht-rslilvt-rgt-r, Nod Arthur, Kvnnefth Stocks, Howrml Olivvr, lVI:u'ilyn Smith, llolorvs Wiolu-, Shirlt-y Sc iotu loin row: Larry liull-ir, Mt-lvin lizirtt-l, Marlo lit-imt-r, Monroe- lluerltst-n, Wilhur Storks, Kolzxml Voth. Marvin Smit,h,Johnnio Hur it How us Rav, Philip Kl'1liZt'I', VVz1lly Dick, Elslzi Wvtlcl, Ilurls-no Oltt-rlmerg. Page Eiglztrcn sv' me ia ,fsif ,YW Q NEWTONIAN AND RAILROAIJER S'l'Al"FS: Mary Jane Botti-rweek, Mary Frances liohl, Winifred Blankenship, Marilyn Brown, Anne Crepps, Rita Cooke. Standing: Jim H4-rshlierger, Jerry Jacobson, Bob Millner, Diane Darling, Alden Allbaugh tadviserb, Kenny Schlender, Ken Schlup, Pat Flinn, Keith Schlup. Not pictured: F. L. Baird, Kendall Hay, Dorothy Kaufman. Journalism Assigning stories to the reporters, editing copy, writing headlines, correcting proofs, making-up the pages, writing ads and selling them, learning to shoulder responsibility were among the experiences of the editors of the Newtonian. The result of their efforts was read by hundreds of students and by subscribers scattered from coast to coast. Meanwhile, editors of the Railroader were planning pages, trimming pictures, writing copy and identification for this book. The aim of both groups was to record in picture and story a history of the 1950-'51 school year at Newton High. The Newtonian staff included Winifred Blankenship, editor-in-chief, F. L. Baird, managing editor, Anne Crepps, news editor, Rita Cooke, associate news editor, Marilyn Brown, feature editor, Dorothy Kaufman, associate feature editor, Kendall Hay, sports editor, Bob Millner, Ken Schlup and Keith Schlup, associate sports editors, Mary Jane Botterweck, Jerry Jacobson and Jim Hershberger, business managers, Mary Frances Bohl, circulation manager. Pat ,Flinn was editor-in-chief of the Railroader. Diane Darling and Kenny Schlender were associate editors. Alden Allbaugh was faculty adviser for both publications. Left, SENIOR CUBS. seated: Ellen Perkins, Pat St. John, Sally Byler, Phyllis McMillan, Irene Fotopoulos. Standing: Ronnie Conner. Jean Cooke, John Bowersock, Lynn Anduss. Right. Pat Flinn, Railroads-r editor, and Marilyn Brown. feature- editor: Mary Jane Butter- week, business manager: Anne Crepps, news editor: Winifred Blankenship, editor-in-chief, of the Newtonian staff. Page Nineteen Orchestra By Wiuifred Blankenship The S911101' hi!-Th 01011951121 P111'1'T111Il 115 1WCl113"f1f1l1 year under the direction of E. S. Sanderson, made its 11181, puuny' 1111111-41.111611 L11 Luv 54'111t11 play Ill 1wUx1'1l1111-1-7 M111111' IL playvti Ili'lNU'l'l1 LICLS. Ill ll4'f'0l1llJt1l', UN' ll1'L,11Uzu,x1L lulu un' Nuxdl uL'pdl'1,11lt'111, 3:gllNxf on lf1lIlhL11lilh QjU1115g-11, 111 L,111111Cy 111L1l, n1Lc1' bcvL:1.11 11111111115 111 morn, 11111 u1'c11r:s11z1 il.b1.UlIL1Q11 11111 111511-.CL 11111510 11-sL1V11l at Lnlldsburg lviarch 251, WIIUIU, 101' 11119 11711111 151111SUCL1v1V1' ,Y1'111, lb 1'Uv61V1'11 11 111511151 Su11v1'1r11' 1'1LL111g. Maul' 1I1s1,1'ul11c-11Lz1l 011561110165 zulu LIUCC lIlhblUIllt'llLiLL 5111111515 cum: 1'l'l,L'lNL'U. Lup lllhlllgh and ML-1-Q 1111311111511 L0 pa1f'tlClpu'L0 Ill LIN' SMILE' INUSIC 105111211 111 L1111111111111 1'11J1'11 11- U1 111211 811111111 1111' 111111111 Lrlo, VV. U. rurby, 11011 lngold and 11owu1'o Ullvvr, l'CCCIY1L'k1 ll 111251115 bU1JL'llUL' lilulllg. QIX SL1pEI'1lJL' HILIIIQJJS Llllu Luv CXCCIICIII Yllllllgti XX'Ql'L' zu-,-zu-dvd thi- Hujltq- i1151,1'u111011t3li5LS, A1101' 1116 W111'1'5' 111111 1111111 1'1'111'111'1F 1111 1111' 1'1'1111'S1 llL1I1lfN'l'H, thc- 0l'Cht'SLl'Z1 wnrkcd on numbors tn pn-svnt bCtWC1'11 11015 01 1111' 'JU111111' 9133- 111 may U11' '11'1'111'S11'11 took part IN the Hlllllllll ull-inst1'um41l1t:1l concert, pru- Scntcu by all OL' Mr. b11l1de:'so11's 1-Izxsscs. T110 YCZUUS 51Ct1V1t10S 9111114 With 1110 01'C111'SW11'S plzmying' the fnmilizu' "Pomp and Cil'Cl1IT1St2UlC07, at C0n11mz11c'cm011L May 24. Band Hy Phyllis McMillan As in the past, E. S. S2llldOY'SUll'S llziiler band started the 1950-'51 year by atte11ding tl1e state fair at Hutchinson, which proved to be as lllLll'll fun as ever. The followin 1' lVlo11dz1v, suecial band dilig'e11tlv b9'21ll U . D b is . l 1 . 8 ' preparing f0l'lll2lt10llS whleh they e11z1ct1-rl at the football g'1lllll'S. One of these, an "Nfl Llll "lm" and a music lyre, they presented at the Newto11-lizist gfznne U11 the Wichita field. The special band was made up oi' 60 n1e1nbe1's including' the top chairs of each section and the seven twirlers who were Janice lflrvin, lClle11 Dingwzill, Mary Scott, Gladys Kosminski, li2l.l'b21l'2i Griffith, Donna Kaufman and Phyllis McMillan. When the football season was over, the ti111e came to cheer on the team at the lil l'lOl1l6' basketball games plus galnes ut Hutch and lflust. The band also played for all pep zissemblies. Next i11 li11e was much practice during band period and :it sectional rehearsals for the district music festival at Lindsborg where the band received a superior rating. May 7 was the night of the annual instru- mental spring eonce1At and marked the end of the bandls school activities. However, one pleasant task still remaining was that of the Memorial Day parade at which the Railers played together for the last time. panama., , If , ' ,W 1. CAST OF "PRIDE AND PREJUITICEI' sm-ziteil: Natalie Unruh, Mary Jani-'wi-ck, Nancy Branine, Marilyn Brown, Phyllis M4-Millun. Standing: Donna Kaufman, Monroe lhwrkse-ii, Phil Anderson, Jr-rry Jzwolison, Jim Rvlivr, Pat Garvin, Alden Allliuuirh irlirn-:'tui'J, Phyllis Loewe, F. L. Baird, Joanne Sloan, Jo Ann Govrinir, Pat l"linn lprompti-ri, llorothy Kaufman. Dramatics In room 207 is offered a course of work, play and companionship with other students. Under the direction of Alden Allbaugh, those inter- ested in the dramatic side of life, as an avocation or, who knows, maybe a vocation, are given a chance to learn by experience. Classroom work consists of study of the drama, radio, motion pic- tures, theatrical makeup, reading of plays and putting on one-act plays. The plays which are prepared by the students are often loaned out for programs here in town or many times in the country schools. Mr. Allbaugh also takes care of selecting casts and directing the class plays. Under his direction, this year's Senior group presented "Pride and Prejudice" adapted from the novel of Jane Austen. Last year, as Juniors, they enacted t'Mother ls a Freshman." The Junior class this year presented the comedy, 'tMen Are Like Street Cars." Left, SCENE FROM "MOTHER IS A FRESHMANI' seated: F. L. Baird, Phyllis McMillan. Park Burkhart. Standing: Jerry Jacobson. Nancy Branine. Monroe Duerksen, Kendall Hay. Right. CAST OF "MOTHER IS A FRESHMANK' seated: Joanne Sloan. Park Burkhart, F L. Baird, Phyllis McMillan. Nancy Brunine, Jerry Jacobson, Natalie Unruh, Phil Anderson. Standing: Dorothy Kaufman Kprompterl. Lfuerlcsen, Alden Allbuugh ulirectorl, kjnrul llich, Pat Flinn, Jo Ann Lioering, Kendall Hay, Marilyn Brown, Mary Jane Botterweck. 3 I Page Twenty-Two Supervised Play Hu-Y, Y-Teens ............. FFA ............. - - La+in, Shakespearean. Spanish Club ..... - GAA .................... Usl1ereH'es, Cheerleaders - - S'ruclen+ Council, Monifors, Office Girls, Librarians l R .,'i' 4' U 32. ',":2'fsZ ' 'Y"8""4iV' Z M - , , . -.- 5, ss, -5. ,Q , . fi-0? X gig - f .. .V , - .Q fjsv.,..ALfof5Af,. - 1 . - ' - ' A ' -"- -. 1.-. 5 x . :.f- --" gg,f,1f2 - ' t 4 gg -in - fir? ,.. -'--- , s. s w ? 2. . " - , P 2' W . Qi f iff , . ...., . , W' sawn - , 5 . ti: 5 , new 5 u 'i fi . - vias ' 3' We . I ,Q 'HZ ' -.. -V W ,E .ri if Q .W . 1- 3 I . '13, "2 ww ff' '. . 2 'I 3 In -K -X SN' 2 -- - E - 5 1 M Y of ,. 5. . F 5, Y-TEEN CABINET, seated: Phyllis McMillan fiwesiclc-iitl, Mrs. Alma Moore, Miss Esther lfroom, Miss Edith Whitted, Connie Duke. Standing: Barbara Brandt, Jo Ann Goerinir, Virginia Gaiser, Shirley Olrlander, Carol Enns, Joan Buller, Elva Lough. Winifred Blan- kenship. Not pictured: Miss Theodora Groce, head sponsor. Y- Teens and Hi-Y The Y-Teen organization was expanded this year to include eight committees instead of four. Y-Teen officers were Phyllis McMillan, presidentg Shirley Oblander, vice-presidentg Connie Duke, secretary: Joan Buller, treasurer: Jo Ann Goeringr, publicity chairman: Virginia Gaiser, social service chairniang Barbara Brandt, assistant social service chairman: Carol Enns, pianistg Winifred Blankenship, song' leader: and Elva Lough, devotional chairman. Faculty sponsors were Miss Theodora Grove, Miss Edith Wliitted, Miss Esther Froom and Mrs. Alma Moore. Among the year's Y-Teen activities were the traditional Father-Daugliter Frolic and Mother-Daughter Tea. The Y-Teens and Hi-Y worked together in operating concession stands at home football games and at the invitational and regional backetball tournaments. Hi-Y officers were John Bowersock, presidentg Ted ice, vice-president: Duane Howard, treasurer: Gene Love, secretary: Park Burkhart, devotional chairman: Lynn Anduss, chairniang F. L. Baird, publicity chairniang Bruce Loganbill, song leaderg and Hoyt Eells, membership cliairnian. J. Birch Stuart and A. R. Self were faculty sponsors. HI-Y CABINET, seated: John Bows-rsoek lpresidentr, Park Burkhart, A. R. Sr-lt lsifensorl. J. Birch Stuart lsponsorl. I", L. Baird. Standing: Hoyt E4-Ils, Bruce Loiranliill, Gene Love, Iluane Howard, Lynn Ancluss. 'l'i-rl ice. S Page Twenty-Four Latin, Spanish, Shakespeare LATIN VLUIS, front row: VaRena Reains, Caru- lyn Mc-Call, L-'ona Iluerksen. Soi-ond row: Tn-sl lee, Shirley lfriesm-'n, llonna Unch-l'woofl, Marilyn Davis, Phyll.s Uttc-rlvaek, Je-an Kinser, Karen Peterson. Karen Kelso, Johanna Suzie-rman, Jans- Kfornirk, Delores Decker, Miss Bonnie Svlanders iSll0IlS0l'i. Third row: R1-ta Kay Lehman, Sharon Re-gier, CH1'0li'IL Dick, Winifri-rl Tangxeman, Janice Brice-Nash, Vi-ila Ann Groni-man, Muriel Hendry. Mary llc-an. Irene- Dir-kerson, Bonnie Hoover. Jerry Hertzler. Fourth row: Phyllis Huffman, Jean Ralph, Ted Sills, Jimmy Johnson, Jim Soth, Al- fred Miller, Jimmy Lineharger, Robert Dickerson. MIDDLE, SHAKESPEAREAN CLUB, first row: Mrs. Elva Mclieth lsnonsorl, Joan Casner, Shirley Mattison, Marian On-pin, Arlene Pankratz. Anne Stone, Kathls-4-n Karns. Susan Gourimr. Second row: Melvin Iiartel, Connie Taylor. Erma Lou Umhargrer, Barbara Brandt, lfranm-s Schlun, Donna Voth, Ellen Perkins. Jean Spielman, Joan Klas- wfi-n, Connie lluke. 'l'h'rfl row: Louetta Adams, Bevewly Lanflvr, Nancy Chapman. Judie Morgan, Uolletta Kenauy. Bi-tty Fifk, Mary Ann Griswold. Marilyn Molzvn, Donna Bu-son, Pat Scott, Bruce Loganlrill. BOTTOM, SPKNISII FLUTE, first row: Jan Leh- man. llulli lllll-n vv'1ll'lllll'tSf, Naom kllilililw n. Judy lllanu.val, Juvly Ballard. lXIar'lyn Mekiory, Ellvn l'erk'n:s, Joan C'15l1l'l', Jan tlalclwell. Carol Enns, Nani-M: Ayers, Marrla Royvr. St-roncl row: Mary Sane-"la, ljarluara Gaim-r, Juily Stroul, Iva Lavon Schmidt, Helen Oliver, Lois Biclu-l, Janice Mane- wal, Irene Mi-ares, Phyllis Epry, Janire Royer. Una May Ilillman. Thirfl row: Viola Klassen, David lflaassen, Hoyt Eells, Darrel Grove, Phil Tener. Robert Fierro. Shirley Sannur, Marlene Perkins. Miss Olive Anderson fsponsorl. Page fzucazly 1 V l nf FFA OFFICERS. left, seated: Sammy Krueger. Vere English. Standing: Jimmy Dillman, Merle Frey, Don Quiring. STATE FARMERS, l'ighlC Vere English, John Stahl. Vocal-ionaf Agriculture The vocational agriculture department, directed by R. M. Karns, had another outstand- ing year, both in individual farming operation achievements and in judging contest conquests. The Railer judging team, composed of Vere English, Sammy Krueger, Maurice Kurr and Charlie Rodgers, alternate, placed third among 114 teams in all-events judging at the state contest at Manhattan. Newton won first as a team in crops and animal husbandry. English was second high individual judge in crops, with Krueger fourth. Kurr was the top judge in animal husbandry among all entries. The state contest shop team was Don Quiring and Foster Ratzlaff, with John Woffenden as alternate. Prior to the state contests, NHS teams had won district crops, poultry, livestock and shop contests, and had taken third place in a regional livestock contest at Larned, with Kurr as high individual judge. Bobbie Cathcart and Harry Dirks, freshmen, Won gold medal awards in their division of the district FFA public speaking contest. Vere English and John Stahl were namedto the select State Farmer group. FFA officers were Vere English, Jresidentg Sammy Krueger, vice- Jresident' Merle Fre , , O 1 , A C, , , y, treasurer, Jimmy Dillman, secretary, and Dan Ouiring, reporter. The officers won second place in district information and ritual contests, with Krueger making the all-star ritual team. Sl'.X'l'E CONTEST JUIDC INC TEAM: Maurice Kurr, Sammy Krueger, Vere English, Charlie Iloclgcrs. Page Twenzty-Six GA. . Each Tuesday afternoon after school, vigorous shouts of enthusiasm by girls of the GAA could be hoard from the junior high gym. This organization, which provides girls with a chance to participate in kim, ifi.s,a.- N.-wi..-i-ry, em.: new-Cent, Rita Cooke. active sports, was sponsored by Mrs. Betty Graham, Barbara Ainsworth. SENIOR GAA MICIVIHERS: Kozetta Garnett, Ellen Pei'- girls physical education teacher. Jeannie Thomas was president, Shirley Sanner, vice-president, Donna Beeson, secretary, and Beverly Dillman, sports manager. ' .The group consisted of approximately 85 girls, from sophomores to seniors. This year's senior group included Opal Hoberecht, Jean Cooke, Rita Cooke, Flossie Newberry, Ellen Per- kins, Barbara Ainsworth, Kosetta Garnett and Kenny Schlender. Activities for the year included volleyball, softball, basketball, tumbling and hikes. All rneinbers were required to observe health rules and pass physical examinations. Pins were awarded to sophomores and juniors with 600 points and seniors with 1100 points. A highlight of the year was a trip April 28 by two carloads of girls to Hutchinson for an annual 'playday sponsored by the GAA there for girls from surrounding schools. The girls spent the day playing games and seeing a style show. Beverly Dillman won a prize for being a member of a championship team, and Flossie Newberry won second place in a posture contest. GAA, kneeling: Beverly Dillman, Jean Thomas, Donna Beeson. First ro','.': Phyllis Egy, Ruth Ellen Warhurst, Doi'is Wiehe, Rita Cooke, Irene Mc-ares. Shirley Mattison, Florence Ne-wlierry, Judy Richter, Ninf-y Chapman, Jenn Spivlman. Kathleen Karns, Colletta Kenagy. Mrs. Betty Graham isiioiisoiw. Second row: Shirley Pletcher, Jan Lehman. Marilyn Davis, Jean Stone. Edwarda Leffingwell, Kozetta Garnett, Marilyn Smith, Catherine Reber, Jean Ralph, Donna Bergen, Sue Kitehing. Marilyn McCrory. Third row: Elvera Reimer, Marita Maloney, Barliai'a Ainsworth, Carulea Dick, Iva Lavon Schmidt, Pat Morgan, Janice Dillman. Vida Anne Groneman, Marian Orpin. Marilyn Molzen, Mary Ann Griswold, Loretta McJilton, Betty Toevs. Fourth row: Una May Dillman, Irene Dickerson, Lois Cowan, Donna Ortmann, Janet Gray, Eunice Alexander, Eunice Mull, Opal Hobererht, Erma Lou Umliarger, Marlene Perkins, Connie Taylor, Mitzie VI -'ivr-r, Ji- Ann Perry. Page Twenty-Seven , i I L- ,, . O UR I' X is E 2 A? A it rl Q- of USHERETTES. front row: Irene Fotopoulos, Nancy Branine, Rita Cooke, Mary Jane Botterweck, Kenny Schlender, Betty Turner. Edith Hcrshhcrger, Betty Fick, Marian Orpin. Back row: Marilyn Molzen, Beverly Lander, Susan Coering, Delores Wiebe, Dorothy Kaufman, Mrs. Betty Graham Isponsorl, Darlene Frey, Carol Enns, Joan Bullgr, Ju.1n.Coolie. Usherettes Under the direction of Mrs. Betty Graham, the Usherettes once again took their places on the scene at basketball games, the regional tournament, school plays and musicals. Hold- ing the position of head usherette for the year was Mary Jane Botterweck. Uniforms this year were made of yellow corduroy which could be changed by five dif- ferent types of accessories. Seniors giving their services this year were Irene Fotopoulos, Nancy Branine, Rita Cooke, Jean Cooke, Kenny Schlender, Betty Turner, Mary Jane Botter- weck and Dorothy Kaufman. Eighteen girls make up the usherettes and are chosen on such qualities as poise, gracious- ness, dependability, punctuality, cooperative- ness and scholastic standing. CITGGFIEBJGTS The Newton cheerleaders, for the second time under the direction of Mrs. Betty Graham, gave the Railer teams their best. Their spirit never died and they tried to keep up the fans' spirit as well as that of the boys. Uniforms this year were of black and gold. The girls wore black sweaters with gold skirts having black pleats, while the boys wore black corduroy trousers with gold sweaters. Representing the school this year were Sally Byler, Diane Darling, Marilyn Brown, Monroe Duerksen, Buzzy Ainsworth and Arlen Anderson. CHEERLEADERS, left to right: Marilyn Brown, Arlen Anderson, Diane Darling, Buzzy Ainsworth. Sally Byler, Monroe Ducrksen. Page Twenty-Eight STUDENT COUNCIL, standing: Jim Shi-pier fprosiilm-ntl, Bob Rocoi-k, Dick Kitching, Arlen Anderson, Herb Mattison, Kendall Huy, Phil Anderson. Seated: Mary Jane Botterweck lsvcm-t:ii'yl, Marilyn Molzen, Betty Toevs, Jean Ralph. Student Councii, Monitors, Office Girls, Librarians The Student Council, under the direction of President Jim Shopler and sponsored by H. W. Scott, planned and directed many student activities, including pep assemblies, all-school dances, football queen election and coronation, assemblies, pep rallies, elections, the Sock Hop, Christmas decorations and others. Other officers of the council were Bob Bocock, vice-president, and Mary Jane Hotterweck, secretary. Several students offered valuable service to the school by acting as library assistants to Mrs. Erskine Roberts, librarian. This year's group included Shirley Pletcher, Delores Decker, Phyllis Loewe, Vere English, Anne Stone, Joan Buller, Janice Royer and Judie Richter. Always on duty on each floor for whatever service was required were the monitors, named and supervised by Kendall Hay, head monitor. This year's staff was composed of Doris Harbour, Bill Foley, Dorothy Kauf- man, F. L. Baird, Barbara Alexander, Marvin Smith, Shirley Oblander, Glennon Decker, Lynn Anduss, Joan Dunlavy, Don Royston, Joan Seibel, Bob Millner, Arliss Akers, Dun Croy, Esther Porter, Jim Dillman, Jo Ann Goering and Carol Cummings. Assisting Mrs. Ruth Grabill in the office this year were Luberta Un1'uh, Pauline Pulaski, Florence New- berry, Carol Enns, Janice Manewal, Kenny Schlender, Susan Goering, Carol Cummings, Ellen Perkirt and Joanne Sloan. These girls checked and filed absence reports and performed other similar tasks. I MONITORS, left: Shirley Oblander, Marvin Smith. OFFICE GIRLS. center: Ellen Perkins, Joanne Sloan. LIBRARIANS, right: Phyllis Loewe, Vere English. l Pogo Twenty-Nine Mull lrii-ez, sand lnlw, riding: lzikvs . . . Playing Logvthf-r sainw- lililv t kin . . . Yiznuz ol' lil'it'I1llShll7 l'illc-rl with fun . . . Climax:-rl by grrzul- uution in 'SL Pictur:-cl hz-ro arc- snmr- sunicws as thvy used to znipf-:n' in days :msn fan' back as nnfmfrry will tulw us, Starting: inn lvft ar-A Li-wis Polston, with thc- dog, and Jim llnwmun . . . Mziry l'il'2lIll't'S Hnhl . . . A QVGLIIP ul' Iinofze-vi-lt grzulu sclmrxlcws, invludin1.r in thc- front, Rolrvrta Duncan who moved to Kansas City, Jo Ann Gm-ring, Mzirilyn lirmvn, Ilonnzi Ifzn- Ewing, Mary I"i':i11m-s Rohl, Mzlxinz- Mussvr, Donald Deck, and Don Royston. Hvhind them :um Philip Krzitzc-r. lVl:n'y Juno Botti-rwm-ck. Wilma Pnrtlm-lc :xml Ellen Pvrkins El l Fl I wh J' . . . Luhc-1't:1 Unruh in thv EILILO . . . Kc-nny Svhlvnder on thi- grass . . . Mary Jzinz- Bott:-1'w4-A-li . . . va. :inf 4 mu ml, . . . im Tang:-man . . . Marlo 1il:lIT1C'l' . . . Rod and Kfln Schlun in tho overalls . . , Iluzmc- Howard . . . Ilonzild and Doris Hzirlvour . . . Lynn Anduss with grade sr-hool group . . . Kunclall Hay with glussus . . . Monroe lluurksvn in the hat . . . Rita and Jenn Cooke . . . and Arliss Akers with the bow. Page Thirty v Recess Foofball ..... Baskefball .... Track, Baseball Tennis, Golf ...... 32 and 33 34 and 35 -------36 -----37 i y-One V Q A i E Top, ISACKPIELID MEN: Iiulr Iiocuck, Jack Merritt, Jim Shepler, Dick Dunlavy. Kenny Kcnnard. Iioiv Mn-llott, John Bowersock, Haxolcl lfauc-hier, Eldon Akers. Bottom, LINEMICN, knu-linir: lion Psnnn-r, Joe ffougrhlin, llc-rliie M4-Coy, Burt Schmidt, Gene XVl111n1-y, Vernon Smith. Jim liowrnzxn. Standing: Kvilh Schlup, Oliver l"ryhnve-r. Willnu' Stocks, l on li:xi'us, lion llarlyour. Kenny Stocks, Philip Kratzer, Duane Howard. oofbalf By Hob Millller In his second year of coaching at Newton, Curtis Fischer, assisted by James Corey, line coach, produced the best Railroader iootball team in seferal seasons. The 1950 grid team. with 12 returning lettermen, started the season with a 13 to 12 last quarter loss to the Hays Cadets. But they bounced back in the second game of the season to trounce Ark City -10 to 1,1 for Newton's first Ark Valley victory since the 1947 season. Then the powerful Wichita East Aces handed the optimistic Hailers a resounding 33 to 6 defeat. Although the Trainmen scored twice in the last half to tic Hutchinson 13 to 13, they suffered a major setback when Jim Shepler, co-captain and half-back, received a broken leg. ,ww FOOTBALL SQUAD, front row: Harold Fauchier, Eldon Akers, Vernon Smith, Jim Bowman, Duane Howard, Ha-rlnic McCoy, Burt Schmidt, Kenny Kennard, Jim Sheplcr, John BOVV0l'SOI'li,- Jack Merritt. Dick Dunlavy, Joe Coughlin. Back row: Gone Whitney, Philip liratzer, Kenny Stocks, Oliver Fryhover, Bob Mellott, Don Bafus, Donald Harbour. Keith Schlup, Bob Bocock, Wilbur Stocks, Don Penncr. Fullback John Bowersock scored for the Railers in a hard-fought 14 to 7 loss to Welling- ton. Halfback Eldon Akers galloped over with two thrilling touchdowns as the highly favored North Redskins escaped with a 13 to 13 tie in the high spot of the season. Bowersock, Kenny Kennard and Wilbur Stocks scored as Newton bumped Winfield 19 to 6 in a game marked by the loss of Vernon Smith, co-captain and guard, with a broken leg. Led by all-state fullback, Don Feller, the E1 Dorado Wildcats shut out the crippled Railers 53 to 0 in the final game of the season. Coach Fischer's team ended in a tie with North for fourth place in the Valley, behind the champion East Aces, El Dorado and Wellington. Vernon Smith was chosen as a guard on the All-State second team and was picked for the All-Valley second team. Bowersock made the All-Valley third team backfield. Earning honorable mention on the All-Valley squad were Stocks, Keith Schlup, Duane Howard, Jim Bowman, Gene Whitney, Shepler and Akers. Ark Valley Standings Season's Record W. L. T. Pct. Newton 1 Hays Cadets - Wichita E9-St -- --- 9 0 1 -92? Newton Arkansas City svfeaigiig "" --- 1 1 Newton Wichita East - xiii-6---ii 2 3 2 Newton fIl1tC.l'1lHSOI1 -- Wichita North ..,.,. 2 3 2 .428 Newton W6ll1Hg'C0H -- Hutchinson .... ,,- 2 4 1 .357 Newton Wichita North Arkansas City ...... 1 6 0 .142 Newton Winfield ..,.. Winfield ....., -H 1 6 0 .142 Newton El Dorado --- Left, HER MAJESTY, Diane Darling, football queen, is escorted to her throne by Jim Shepler, student council president. F llo 1, are attendants Nancy Branine and Irene Fotopoulos, escorted by Kendall Hay and Bob Bocock. Right, the FAMED RAILER FOOTBALL CASUALTIES display their casts with two senior cuties. Left to right are Joanne Sloan, Vernon Smith, Jim Shcpler and Manly B Page T11 irty-Four SENIOR VAGERS AND COACHES, top row: Larry Davvniuort, Kc-n Schluim, Jim 'I'nnQi-man. Mirhilv: Dun Quirinpr, Marlo Re-irnor, Kvn Ks-nnzu'd. Bottom: Keith Schlup, Cmxch John Rsivunscroft Assistant Com- h Curtis Fisr-hor. Ark Valley Standings '1'vzm1s W. L. NEWTON -2 ,,,.,,, 12 2 Wichita East .g,,,. 12 2 Winfield ,,,, WWW 9 5 Wvllington .,.,,,., 6 8 Wichita North ...,, 5 9 El Dorado AA,,..,,, 5 9 Hutchinson , ,... ,- 4 10 Arkansas City W Y- 9 11 Pct. .857 .857 .643 .429 .357 .357 .286 .214 ,X . IU ii. E Q 3 X-.,, i .UU MN' ND' '-e 1-S-...-..f.gN , 5 MEMBERS OF "A" SQUAD. left to right: Phil Anderson fmanagerj, Marlo Reimer, Gene Sowers, Don Quiring, Ken Schlup, Bill Brain- ard, Gene Smith, Larry Davenport, Clarence Waters, Keith Schlup, Jim Tangeman, Eldon Akers, Kenny Kennard. Basketball The 1950-'51 basketball season was another to be long remembered, with the Railer cagers placing second in the State tournament, losing in the finals to Wichita East. Coach John Ravenscroft's team gave Newton the Regional tourney championship for the eleventh straight year. In the Ark Valley race which was one of the closest in many a season, the Railers, who had captured the league title five years in a row, shared first place with East. The Railroaders lost four games during the season, all to Wichita teams, bowing to North in the first contest of the year, to St. Mary's in the finals of the Newton invitational tournament and twice to East. One of the highlights of the season of 22 victories was the Railers' comeback in their first game with East. Newton trailed by 14 points early in the first half. But in a red hot final quarter drive, led by scoring twins Ken Schlup and Lawrence Davenport and climaxed by Kenny Kennard's winning goal, the Railers edged the Aces 65 to 63. Schlup hit 23 points and Davenport 21. Three-year lettermen Davenport and Schlup were placed on the All-Ark Valley first five, Gene Smith was named to the second team, and Jim Tangeman and Don Quiring gained honorable mention. Davenport captured a berth on the All-State quintet while Schlup and Smith were on the second team. Marlo Reimer received honorable mention for his outstanding showing at the tourney. Season 's Record '36 Newton . . Newton 59. Newton 53. Newton 59. Newton 45, Newton 65. Newton 66, Newton 49. Newton 65, Newton 53. Newton 54, Newton 57. Newton 54, Newton 318, Newton 45, Newton 57. Newton 62. Newton 56. Invitai Newton 59. Newton 40. North 39. Wellington 34. Shawnee Mission 35. Hutchinson 32. Winfield 42. East 63. Arkansas City 47. Salina 34. El ll0l'1lllll 49. North SEI. Wellington 41. Hutchinson 46. Topeka 38. Winfield 35. East 52. Arkansas City 40. Emporia El Dorado 27. ional Tournament Argentine 27. St. Mary's 41. Regional Tournament Newton 71. Newton 57. North 46. El Dorado 37. State Tournament Newton 65, Pittsburg 50. Newton 61. McPherson 42. Newton 36, Winfield 31. Newton 48. East 62. SOPHOMORE' CAGE SQUAD, left to right: Coach Don Peterson, John Reese. Bob Raffety. Herb Mattison, Jim Cadle. Don Bafus, Jack Bannon, Bob Mellott, Victor McCall, Gary Cooper. Clayton Kaufman, Ed Thomas lmanagerj. Page Tlzirty-Five TRACK SQUAD, front: Jerry Ilunnells, Coach Roy Hoff, Head Coach Curtis Fischer, Coach James Corey, Herb Mattison imanagcri. Second row: Lewis Boyd, Kenny Ki-nnard, Jim Shi-pier, Victor McCall, Jim Bowman, Vi-rnon Smith, Eldon Akers, Duane Howard, Jim Kelly, Kendall Hay, Harold Dill, Gilbert Molzen, Don Arnold. Thiixl row: lliek Ashcraft, lion Pi-nnvr, Micky Mutter, Richard Miller. Bob Schroeder, Merle Frey. Gene Whitney, Don Bafus, Boll Mellott, Alan Hi-inc, Alfri-cl Miller, Kenny Stocks, llick Anduss. soared into the The Newton High track team winning column this year, capturing three out of four dual and triangular meets in which they participated. Newton won meets over Emporia, City and VVinfield. Mr-Pherson, Ark The Railer thin clads traveled to the K. U. R1-lays, Hutchinson Invitational. Ark Valley and Regional meets, They took fifth place in the Ark Valley with 17 pofnts. Outstanding for the Railers this year was sprinter Eldon Aki-rs who captured fourth in the 440-yard dash at the K. U. Rm-lays. He was runner-up in individual scoring at lioth thi- Hutchinson and Valley meets, winninir the 100-yard dash and taking sm-cond in the 220-yard dash at both meets. Other outstanding iii-rfoi'mers we-re ilashman Jim Sheiiler, who placed fifth in the 220-yard dash at the K. U. Ri-lays, and thi- HSI!- yard relay team of Kenny Ki-nnard. Jim Bowman, Jim Ki-lly and Shepler that was a consistent winner during' the season. Harold Dill, leading Railei distance runner, took third in thi- half mile run at the Valley meet. Other seniors on the squad include-rl Vernon Smith, discus and distance runs: Kendall Hay, pole vault: and Iluanm- Howard, javelin. Curtis Fischer, head coach, was assisted liy Jim Corey and Roy Hoff. Baseball returned to the spring sports scene after a year's absence. And with the return of baseball came ill-timed rains which forced postponement of several successive early season games. The Railers opened the season with a 2 to U loss to Hutchinson. Then Coach Wilfred Okerberg's squad stopped l-ic-rington 8 to 0 in the opening round of the regional tourney at Marion. In the next round the Railers put up a stiff battle with a strong El Dorado nine before bowing ii to 2. Victor Morales, catcher, was the only returning letterman. The pitching staff included Joe Jones, Bob Raffety, Clarence Waters, Kratzer. The infield was made up of Harold Fauchier, first basog Arlen Anderson, second base, Reynaldo Gon- zales, short stop, Wilbur Stocks, third base. David Zook, John Reese, Bob Bocock and Frank Estrada saw action in the outfield. David Zook and Philip BASEBALL SQUAD: Ass't Coach Don Peterson, Ed Thomas, Bob Raffety, Arlen Anderson. Harold Fauchier, John Reese, David Zook, Clarence Waters, Philip Kratzer, Victor Morales, Wilbur Stocks, Reynaldo Gonzalez, Joe Jones, Frank Estrada, Coach Wilfred Okerbcrg. Pagi Tiirly Six I 1 TENNIS SQUAD: Ronnie Zielke, Jack Bannon, Phil Anderson, Danny Croy, Pat Garvin, Bob Ingold. F. L. Baird, Lewis Bartel, Jon Tennis The Railer tennis team, coached by A. R. Self, played in six dual meets and the Hutchinson invita- tional tournament. The highlight of the season was the Trainmen's victory over Wichita East. The netmen were defeated by Ark City, McPher- son, and Hutchinson and engaged Augusta and Win- field in later matches. The first five on the squad were Pat Garvin, F. L. Baird, Phil Anderson, Dan Croy and Jon Epp. Golf The Railer golf team highlighted thc 1951 season by grabbing top honors in a dual match with El Dorado, the Newton quartet of golfers winning 354 to 391. The Ark Valley meet on May 3 brought the season to a close with the Railer entrants taking sixth place in the 4-man division with a score of 568 for 27 holes. Jim Cadle, consistently the low Newton scorer, fin- ished with a score of 136 to place with the eighth best mark in the meet. The Newtonians also participated in the annual invitational tournament at Arkansas City and gained fifth place laurels. In the Wichita invitational, Cadle led the Railers to eleventh place out of 16 teams with an 18 hole score of 86. GOLF TEAM: Bob Simpson, Jim Cadle, Ted Sills, Bob Trousdale, Brooks Terry Kfaculty sponsorb. A 4 Page This fy-Seven workimr on the The "Nawtonrs," Howard Oliver, Kenny Stocks, Bob Ingrold, Monroe Duerkse-n . . . Jrirry Jacobson takvs a break while i Santa lfv 1-Xtra uunp: . . . Senior Class Prvsiflvnt Boh Bocock sc-vm-ral years prior to his administration . . . Senior girls quartet, Kathryn Govrinu, Elva Lmmh, Winifrvd Blankenship, Sally Bylvr . . . Dot Kaufman smiles right at the c'amf-ramzui . . . "Ma" Mr-Bi,-th in an zmimatc,-cl momvnt . . . lfharle-nv Casey anrl Wilma Portlnck . . . Danny Groy and Jim Hwshln-1'm-I' . . . Nancy Branine and Larry Dav- Qnnurl at the Sock Hop . . . Always cutv, Marilyn Brown. l t . t 171156 T11 ziriby-l'lfjl."r More Memories February: hdarchz !XprH: hdayz The debate tourney at Wichita U. was truly quite an affair, Newton was really goin, in high when they took the first place there. Then they placed second in the state, beaten only by Hutch, But with many split decisions, they didn't lose by much. The Sock hop was just gobs of fun, and everyone was there, The girls did the payin', there were no shoes, not a pair. In the Regionals, the Railers took first and everyone was gay. We journeyed to State, played in the finals, and took second place, by the way. The Y-Teen Mothers and the Daughters were invited to a tea. A lovely time was had by all, as one could plainly see. The State Music Festival was attended by students of Newton High. Honors and good grades were received by them, and we felt as high as the sky. The Dad-Daughter Frolic was an awfully lot of fun, The food and games were very gay, just ask anyone. Just as sure as spring comes round each year, it's followed by spring sports, Track, tennis, baseball and golf teams prove that Newton has all sorts. Larry Davenport, who won great fame on the basketball court, Also won an art scholarship, we are happy to report. At the Senior Banquet, everyone had loads of fun. The entertainment and food were swellg I bet we ate a ton The Junior-Senior Reception took place in Hawaii, so fair. We ate, signed programs, were entertained, and everyone had a grand time there. Kid Day was a wonderful time, the Seniors were children once more The assembly and picnic were oodles of fun, what cute little clothes we all wore. The Junior-Senior Events proved which was the mightier class. But no matter who won, it was lots of fun, we were sorry to see it pass The Honor Assembly was held at Lindley Hall, and everyone attendc-l. The students received awards for their work, they really all did splf-v.dl:'L On Sunday Eve to Baccalaureate the Seniors all did go. It was lovely, reverent and full of good faith. Ask any Senior. th-gy know. Commencement Eve finally arrived, long gray robes were worn, This was the end of high school days, the beginning of new timer- is bori . Faye Thirty4N Ir? ' 1 7 L Parting Thoughts As 'ye grasp in our right hands our diplomas, we will all experience successfully completing another step in our journey through life. Since the day when We spent our hours in making mud pies, we have dreamed of the time we would graduate from high school. Now our dreams become reality as We Walk across the stage, taking with us many cherished memories, ready to seek out and achieve new goals in life. Pmfw lfmfv ,,.w-. Si. 55- X --Q 'f fd 1 jr: ' ' 'QE' 4.144 s'.. . A rt"s". ,ms e ia- ., fi 'SM' ff kkiiifl -2 , 13g . .4 .1,f-:Vg-Q, '-v ,M 4 1 E ,T If 4 'I K Y an 1 n V 1 f ,. :4 4 -if .aff 1 f .4 --bg' n . '. 'L' , 1"n5,,1 ' H- 1 - ,-:. -w if, Q HA I., 'Q if gi ".-E., . :fa 'fw, .A f' '. Ja , ,. A 1. .X -- , v 7' ,... . ' 4' --f -s . f!",.. ' " A ' fr. - .qu ., QQ, ', un... Q if . ., . V rl.

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