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 - Class of 1973

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w 4 V I 1 I s v 1 T T ---.....,,., p..-......., ,f 94 ,fs-an-ix.1-A---'- ,'.4'e'!'F9"!1, 1.1 dUl!s14s': A A -:ia . +I", .-: s-,zt Zi '-I ' ff NA 4 f . V ,ff ix l I f' ! . 2, ' If fx' '. f .Nm '7T"'r'u f -n 4 l igglgji ' F41 ,L L Zf7i ' 1 Q 4 i t UQ, , l-,,,,,,.A , , -, ...M ,, A IT' -1 .4 int A4-:.r-..... 1 - , ' Q.,-, ...,.-. V. . . gg---4" , Q ,iv :..,.J., . Q L ,. . 1 J "'T' '9- -in-1 - .ii 'uh-I in x i -nn x.. 'U 'J-'12 . 123' an 5,5 S I A., Piv- .:. ,M ,uv "Mum My-gwzzfw-" Y 'ff' .. 4. 5 ..nn.s,w.s... -my ,!k -T i"'Jjd.E-1QFF:"'k.,j f,g':75.j3s?i'i-fir-.-'T - f 'ici "uw-2--' -6- Y 1' 'V 4.15723-5.47-,:'.-, f , J ., , 5 , , Tv ff,-fy. -- -' V, ,- ::zn'ef.I,- 'Y ., 3:35. ,504 I H , A C ,ii f W.. -.rf -.H - 5 gf- .afqi ' f . :' Q-f A - 4, f-...AL Z "1 -Uri? 5,2 f - - . - xv-Sap, - , Y, xg f 513, , cgi? L 1412? Q ' . -f .PAT r-'gig W-2' -YQ '?1--1 S. gmffuf 9 X25 f 9 A Iliff' 'v , -. 4 LFK1'-? 'A v L 1 J 9 ,nh L, J Q.. wx-if V :L E ff f f ,A I rx , u . 1 P K Y li , A ,W f :EERE ' . N ',-:vw + " . ,. , umwmgf . 5.-nm .4., wi, N21-QIXJ 5 1. VY, 1 xx-eller.. ,A r' J' ba' '- -A 11 'X H K Q.. :gp ii' V115 ass X N is -0 2- . , A , x .1 , . 3 71.-1.1-. x -of 'I ..?'-ki 5' ' 'li-1 6-4-gg wi :fx v bf W ,-It-' I ,, . 5, , A P, nw? P i , r 5 L if L1 4.4-gk QR .gi if a L L 4 ixs -J 5 , ' x LY V T 4- 5. wk -5- :es ' - xx -- .X1 i- .,m1,-:4j,- 'y -7- 6 .- . . ' H ' 1,1,, -'.lf. ', ff- , ' 'gl' '. . - 'rf:.-- V f- K , ' L ""fx.'.f'. , 3' - ,f" ' A' , 31+-' .t A - ' - "5 H. Q -.f Y , ,- . df 1,-, .,3 ,. -,f-j , - . . V ,, , -j-f.yk:.:k - -. -,,,'...-555 ":..Y-5 - t v - I 5, L. , ' x - -- . '-aff EH 7'f'1-f L- M N - 4 - " ' -. -- , ' T" -- 4' f 1 - ' - 1 A - H ,, vi-gi, i " - 1 ' ' ffglzl: ' 1 F -T-n HW- -' 1 ' ' - . - -ww'.1fwvwmww .- +w:f.4.w in ful'-1 ' X -. -. 1-.sf A . . A W, . 4' - rf: 2-11-"-5 -'1 , , .3 - :BV ,V -5 W .:.aF5f,?fk-.,K,Q. .- , . n 4-1. L 1 m, -ary-,-' U - ' .., -- ,- -- ' ,-" 1 - - ' 'XJ ' '- - , ' fu ' 1. - Ui n,- V nf 5-' 4 'Z i - . . ' . X' ' .-1-y. . r L v agp, , I - , , ..-.,-1 - . N.. L, , . - , . YU..- hiv' A E51 'Maki - " . , ' 1 - V I ,fr ,wfff-,551 1--5 , 1 - f ,, P ,, 5. .Q-ty A ix f V V1 t , V I, ' 13 gg- 'K A WH- ' ' 'g:: a1f-115235-i.j - ,- , ' ' . 3 - . r - . , V Y . 7 ' I , ' 3 5 I "M W I ' .D J I 'I lj ' xx I 3 1 Xfxkfj 'ml-' qi,!.::1 1 4' b 5 .571 3 'a Q , Q ' -,gifs Q 1 ,ggi HH M V' I ,ww I iv, ,, ,Q K, M- x .V sw 5 . if 'F Y Y, QQ 43 Tv- 3 r..x,xN l I s X Lg- af .U . Y. .0 RM X Q U uhm I 1 M 1 i A n I V I l L p u f'- is V: C P. 7, A I' Ni. X -2-iz' .......47' IIJI 'YU' ll A 'H "ll ,l.' I' 'S il 31", Q57 5 QQ any 9 A Q' I J gr f, H , jf Y . 5.4 Q GPQI pc ff! i, 53195 41" my ,.. A .x-4 1 4' .gf 1 ,wry My 'bi' 'lf 'ill' 1. , .X Nds ' , 1' .MH is 1 i --t , . 5 "im, ' van! v ' 5 'E fl' '."3,q... 'fl " msgs-Qi ,Ji 1. 3 QQ- t C P P 5 if I -11,9 A Ai 3 ., .rv- , 1-- yf' .' - U 'Q' x swf,-. 1 1 F Fi I GMP ff- ' I JV Q, - .,,, Y V t 8 I QQ., If - :- S ,. i I I .QM -.- T f 45-v"'1il!f ' fy .ff ' 1 1'-Q UQ: L , ' 1 ?I.gnI0f'- 1' L51 E ,.,...--OO' air. be- 'Nd ,, nv-- I 1 I I Q , .fiffaby vw.-.1 . an 'x ,-24 . 1 2 -J ,Y 1' : 441.1 ,H 1 in 1-P' R Sif- im' A, ' -wif' Av Mrk' Q-m W A? M-. ,,,., an i f. or A- aa' EY, G59 .LI w Q. L sv-U-:I+ 54 '1 - 11- gh iff g 1 'nf In ylb. ,. .. 'G , ,gp NNI 1' ' , J.. -L fi . 'ffl .ffwf , 1-.s ,H . .fW ' w 4 1' 'gy lchanjlv. changed, changing, changes. -tr. l.a. To cause to be differentg alter. b. To give a completely different form or appearance tog transform. 2. To exchange for or replace by another, usually ofthe same kind or category. 3. To lay aside, abandon, or leave for anotherg switch. -intr. 1. To become different or altered. 2. To go from one phase to another. -n l.a. The process or condition of changingg alteration or modificationg transformation. b. The re- placing of one thing for anotherg substitution. 2. A transition from one state, condition, or phase to another. Q 4 QP' i Jw 4 X A t 'K ,gym ...Q L1 'L 1" J .--noi, .-.anna-IVV". -f P' 'H'-13,"f'f1lw' i , 4' ...ffl f KLHASN ... ,ffzfi ARMNG r' .l"' "rf-f 2.. X , V -'.- 4 !,ey:f-1: Q1 Q - 'P .. 1 F . , i 9513 fin, ,, ' in, 4, v 31955 pl" .551 H P' K 1 3 , I I I THIS WASN'T THE YEAR This was the year that wasn't. lt wasn't the year for McGovern. It wasn't the year for the Patriots for the Tigersj. lt wasn't the year for New England skiing. It wasn't the year for no-school an- nouncements. And it wasn't the year for our move to the new school. But this was a year of innovations at NHS. Sophomores were finally granted open campus. The Riley House Project followed the 'Barry House Project idea and Beals House offered a new and different second semester option for seniors. Several depart- ments expanded to incorporate new electives. Free 7:30 A.M. bus transportation was provided for students. Drivers Education was finally computerized. Bagels were introduced to the cafeteria menu, edging Beals House out of the business. The SFA under- went its first turnover and survived a second year. We thought the Class of '73 would be the first to graduate from the new school, but we'll have to settle for the last from the old. We're just wondering whether the donuts will be color-coded by house next year. Barbara Galton JeffSudikoff YN Q 3. 'eff lm! 'S '-'v... '- 'ff 1 - H55 53 I' 3 A fm g -- ' er' Q+M'm vQy "'v'Q . .- 4 K ' ,-.,. ,h 7 3 5 4 5: ff, lim K l-, .Jafar-r,, . vm g Q , kiwi. .'Y'! , ' gl !E.1!r.'S:L'S22"'7iU :::::::r:::vf 58 Us .. l4 I , -- -,..u -w-- ' - u 1,- --1.. A .M,.,.- Y ' , .gif nuP'A.r I f--frvW'Q v -fvr'h.1""LQ,,'f,., ,,. -4, , . , . - 1, , , . Q9 ,,,L , , W Q W, H , .. . .f ,,1.,ZX wQ Q -4..vm.'.,.j'2':'.. ,f?i,,1'rZf'- rf p - y-wwf ,pk ,f -U 14 , via, 0- . l4 -- .., 2-4 n'.F' 4Q4u-Qifguwrr -f4I'fMgfZw..L'-.' . Q .- Hz, ,A , W ' ,ffm ' sLJf., r . -f. 5?VM.- hw. - .- . . .-f . ,MLM 1? -is .4 bf' .N A -- 2 f' fn., , ., A . , . 2 , , in . .-, ,qv- .dd-' ? Wa.. xx Il Mmni,Gi V Jussi QW' 5? 0-'4 F74 t WV !"'3'7 '41 we-4.--'- rr--- --v--QP-'T' Q A 7, -I 'A 15 .fu ,rv 1 4 I ,1 i E T x ' Y 'M Q t N 1 V M -av. la, W - If 4 1 lb .: s f ? Q W if-f if ' gr X HN? X Q 'K is P' i U 1 ,Eff X f 1 ,sf ligx if is A Q Q gif x r I .ii Q., ,Q B Q.. 4 5. ld' x V' ,. N Y I VQQV N Jil 'f f AZ L ri In 4 qi ' Q95 A- si , n ,HX ' ' Q Lv - ' Q35 'vi M iw- -M i --f--R YY- ASK ' ifiw ' Q51,'?A . mr N , .- , Y J' :ef QTQQ vm. , F115 2 :is B Ls ,Ai ' . . 'Q rv' Q5 0 f . fb FA 1.. x 1' 4f. Q .lv Q . ,lit 1 ' ix wif- ,I 'A W 121 :N W S? Q. ,-asm: ,npvgfyiu ww . 1, -.W 3' , 52- ' u 3 Q' 75511 ' ,fx-,Q ..., 5.5.-'e41f.v f Q I7 Q 4 N, ity ' M". , :J A 19' A 5 H. if f , 2 :W X V A, . Y' 1 1 f '? fn' if ' i P-I ff A' A XG' 1 Hg ,A V, ,L 1- 4s+,,wf4 W , 4 Z 4 5 V' fp :j f-.sf f 1-my f,, fs' 1 1 3???n .N G' x 8, 'Wa is 5. 'Q ,. X BA4Q 'U . f 4 ' n , 5 s SRU Y vw ' ' E N l If v-- - W- an -4 ' 7 1 ,.:.. JS. ,f"yV'xx 4 ' I --14 7 I , , 1-6, ,ww Q 3.1 . .M .','1. :F A 'f'4"'f" Q-Q . . .A -. 1 f f- , X ' ' 'Q . My W. W, -.q rv ,,,, . . .-es. T -W"f'i" . , -Z. J-"' 2 ff -,.v- .r 'Q - " ..,-. ,,, . w-Jn... ..,. ,, H A 1,1 V g:""-QQPJ J: -"' , fx.. -1,-, 1 wg- A Esgbzp-vg'Qg-1-Q Av.-.. W - S. QA' . f".' gli rf-JS: -3.4 -7 - A r 7 - -ff-L rs: 4 i"f.15i"'f . , -Q. Ca ,Sl ,.,..- .-, . .1-U-gsm., , , 4 v .-pq.-up-1, W ' "? .--A 4- -Q.. "il we 'W R0 Ab. 'Mazda ' , . V ' ygw, fm 1 -. nrtmbgggd ,MQ ,,, ' Hwy s ' "-w.M""f?ifZQffifwz4 LJ? pus ' 'V!.n-mia. --4:-,A L 1 ,A , . v. A 1: ' fi 1 7 ,,..--af "' ' ...Q 1 all W 1 1 . x . it 1 V J ' , administration J 'ix P, l l ,Q Richard W. Mechem - Principal .Auf l . .1 Z 2 Z- S Q 7, E - Fa 5 , of l 1 i , Q. x 1 4 E Z JJ 1-It A X ' v T W, S 5. obj -A --A William Backer - Administrative ASSJSTGFIT Atwood P. Dunham, Jr. - Assistant to the Principal ll' 11 Richard M. Adams - Housemaster - Beals House 1 .X N a x, x Vx,- xx , ' fro --env-A 1 fr is 4, 1:-R P., -ii QI' if J? 9' , . f , Q .J N r?r"Aff1 mn ' . f ,,,!?Z . WWW Edwin E. Fraktman - Housemaster - Riley House 4-hw' Qin. wh-. qv .V av fl ,..-.4-" Norman A. Gaudet- Housemaster - Adams House Michael B. Gradone, Jr. - Housemaster - Palmer House 4" , Va- - B M f . K , Q- G 'tx' .D Manson P. Hall- Housemaster - Barry House Helen M. Ryan - Housemaster - Bacon House secretaries N S ww his 4127 51.117 i fy' ' """" 5 . . V is e zz .I I ' K 1-qv in-xxx 1, A ', fhf' '1 N 'Y' 'R Celestine Saleeby Eugenla T Copeland I If 34 me ,igw I 1 W If .. Lillian McKenney Janet M Blbbo 'S il' 'Wife- ' Patricia L. Robertson A,t,, iff 'ni' 0' 2 if wr" 'rr' rf-rryrrfrffrtrpyfyfy rfrrfrrrrrrrrrdn,-rv! frrffrrr-frrrrv,,,., ,,yQ",, I . . . 4 . fd' Mary M. MacDonald L if U . 1 gnrqw was ,f, Fin, Mary F. Russo Ruth Morse Margaret M. Sadler xlfifif Charlotte M. O'Hara A. Q Y 1 'ix AQ Patricia R. Caira Marne T Kenney Florence Taplan was-41" V .k C . . . In . i. ,M 4. I 'S ilu Ja ia Q vq v I -A YK qi, Aa ff ai' f Helen M. Leone P 2 W6 r 'if ' -, 3,461 if: W gh? ' 'Af' "" I 1: 4 V ..F5?::'..".:5i aff 1 ax '93 Q-as 4 S af ng Q, a Q 4 2 - , J' KW" , rr 4 J . ' V g f -45 Q er W 3 ' x , 4 14 'L-L15 fi?'1Q , 6 1f"J:,-me in K , F fx: ,,,ff.Xf i "1-rt, f'tI'Yx 5 i ' f B .2:"x af,-rrfafzz 4 ' e ll -1.5-.!'z?1"gQrt I l IJ ' Elizabeth Linde Ethel B. Chartier r H. we J ' i '- 7' su-I-""" H E 44" Selma I. Lamkin Ann E. Caggiano gfgb QL ""'5-fi x fi, X, ' E-?'?1X"R 'X Anna Lenox Winifred Mr Geiger Marjorie I. Billings Roberta S. Black Joan E. Sutton Anne A. Wolf '5 4 i WG. vt, jg!! ' if i A f f Robert J. Jackson Beverley J. Logan Ariel 23 ,fears as Head of the Guidance Department Robert H. Mitchell is retiring. During his career at Newton he built up the counseling staff from four to fourteen counselors. Under his leadership the department became one of the firest in the country and attracted the support of the Howard G." School of Education which used Newton as a center for it counselor-training programs. Another of Mr. Mitchell's efforts was the establishment of the country's first high school Career Resource Center. Mr, Mitchell has been an educator with deep social con- cerns and an unusual warmth and affection for people. He participated in many community projects, notably Fair Hous- ing. No teacher or student ever found him too busy to listen or to help. He was kind to everyone and always gave his coun- selors encouragement. support and constructive criticism, allowing them to be free to develop their own style and shape their own contribution. Robert Mitchell loved Newton High School and served it with ususual devotion and professional skill. We wish him a rewarding retirement. rs 0 ' Robert H. Mitchell - Head of Department "'g?x"' we 'Q 1 . 7-f -2 3. Nvyks. , Y Vw R ' i i exp i X . 1 -"' . f pile i w-' ' 5 if . i Samuel J. Grainger, Jr. Archibald Stark i 2 i i if i I -6' .15 4A IJ ' fx f .Q 5. I Myra Trachtenberg - Career Resource Center Eric F. Dicke cv, 1 z 9 ' NJFQH, , " ga' Q ' is ,X ,..,f' M.. is Ei s .1 Jay B. Snape Peter A. Mackie A-ff if 'N' , if f Jia 3 W? My fm" H: ' .. 1 14,-'W' ,'4,.1Zv ' f- ' . -i .. ry. 'A v"- :Z-'K X-vw .r - A ...J S ,gjf -uf, V-4-, vig 'f.w,,'r. .fm E as 4 X. --A gf- ? 'Q fr .. ,. ,,,, gig Jeannette Davis Dorinthe B. Sacks if t ,1,. alt Y -4 1. Peter A. Capodilupo Scot R. Eastman f eb Center W on 'T O' on 'T on P IP O' Q co U7 IJ cn no 9: 3 to sh UQ Q. 5 x X, fi W,..r,f A54 5 . K HY' fin Florine S. Borden George E. Bower Van . 4. , . I 2.-5? r' 'J Mary I. Lanigan - Head of Department George W. Bresnahan 'W' tix 4 3 ' fm Selma L. Crevoshay - Tutorial Program Thomas A. DePeter Lamoine E. Boyle 'fliw t'l"'i'f'v Jane Byran-Jones of "iff" ty i in SE 4 it Q 'gi , L. L35 Edythe Mary Avery - Speaking and Listening Center Robert M. Depnoure Dixie S. Livingston Norman M. Walker In our three years at Newton High School the English Department has undergone significant change in its initiation of electives into the curricu- lum ranging from Propaganda Tech- niques to Art and the Technique of Film. Consequently, obtaining English credits has become a much more en- joyable experience for many people. Under the direction of Miss Lanigan, the English Department is the largest offering more choices than any other department. 5' i its AV' was Florence E. Williams Thayer S. Warshaw W su., 'Y' Michael pg papa Barbara C. Killion - Reading Center Helen F. Smith Roy L. Montague , I IQ mf' Miriam B. Sargon Sheila T. Mahoney . ,,.a.f,,,l Charles J. Sykes Donald Fl. Wiener lf l - In 5:3 K . 5. . M mam W A 3. .5,y!lfF'5 1, Q , . 43,11-M LL ,k,,, QM .. ..,,. EN . I .W ll M Malcolm Marshall Kathy N. Harris Anthony J. Temmallo '11 '- gf gr.. 4 A- , 4 'W ' , L zfxf'-. -'Qjiwg , ' . 'A 'grieve 4 u -VY? '1 A, af- :1-f gb - ,I A,,., .51 'V f r, gf. 9 'Lit rf ,N Stephanie L. Laster A ff John P. Fernandes W. f"'O' f -f John D. Harper Dorothy Evans g y Barbara L. Katz John S. Harris Tal X 'am 3' 2, wr ,S P ........,.............4 iii K 4 N A ,owff Noel G. Evans Jill L. Parrish NL 7 ..,, ,i bl' M' 050' 133' 1751? 3 ,E it f' hvffyg 11 , fv af'r'G"H -" ,,, 3 w ,WV Y, John M. Harrer ,,.- N Mary Gianferante Susan M. Fahey Mary Gianferante was a devoted teacher for many years in the Newton System at Ward, Day, and Newton High Schools. Her involvement as Se- nior Class Advisor and Chairman of the Scholarship Committee are some examples of her dedication to the en- tire high school community. Miss Gian- ferante was an exceptional teacher. Her teaching skills and talents re- flected her total personality. Her spirit, vivaciousness and conviviality brought love, warmth and friendship to all with whom she came in contact. When you met Mary G. at school, your day was happier, your teaching or learning was more rewarding, just because she said, "Good Morning" and smiled. QB I 'hr C' 1 'K A I 1 " , V- fax V if ' -.aux--N i tw mug-aw Jean A. Degnon Virginia Cox 'Sw hx Q .AK Mary Louise Waters - Head of Department 410- P WX 'is ..,., ., g"""-on Miriam Meyer ,Z Q... 'A wg, 'T Richard A. Clark 'Uni .", Lucien Weisbrod lbw ff' Zgwfwx Bernard Flanagan QT, fd? Franklin E. Davis Gm? Elizabeth Jewett I 4 Russell C. Steinert Maria L. Vallone 0' -1 Q, , 'u Q- , ,,,., f ,T 1. . ,X K - visa-as-mssw Helen Turner Saunders Helen K. Rubel David J. Phelan G4 MJ 'L' g.egg9Jz'v! I 7 Z - f, 'MLS 7 . f- --'--11'-V -.,..f-.J.4 ., X . '- ,4 Mary J. Hogan ff' :ii 5 gif JWPIF' ,gun Dialouge I ltransliterated when necessaryl Le Laboratorie Bonjour Madame Ebb, comment vas -tu? Tres bien, merci. Pourquoi n'es-tu pas alle au laboratoire hier? No comprend. Flepita, por favor. No. Digame. Es gefallt mir nicht. Was? Nee-cheh voh. G'd'yeh oo-bohr-nah-yah? Poh-kah-zhee-t'yeh m'n'yeh. Nicht so schnell Sohnellerl Non, Vous devez rester ici. Pah-zhahl-stah. Adios Au revoir, Madame Ebb. Ergo sum! La fin Richard V. Rude 5 Q? -f' i sqgzf' J, any Y -, V, 1 xi s 'T- A., E. ......... i a E of-if r if, ., LN H .il i Lf' T ' Claire B. Fenn R059 Neufeld 1 no N 5, if LH. c.ft,fw Y xii.. e. John M. D'Agnese .L social studies i i us! -1 6' John M. Livingston - Head of Department Kit Ober vi ""'5tf- Paula M. Evans Ernest A. Wight, Jr. Edward V. W. Rossiter idx' QQ Q A George P.Guild,Jr wp f W, fl ar r x xx x l "' Howard L. Ferguson ll if Michael A. Morris Justine K. Uritam ldon't remember if I cried When l read about his widowed bride But something touched me deep inside The day Western Tradition died. Yes, "Trash', is dead. The Social Studies Department killed him. Gone are the ancient Sumerians, the artichoke hearts, and the long blades of summer grass. "Gad, what reckless temerity!" you might say. You wonder, "Will U.S. History be next?" And what about Humanities?" But then you pause to reflect. You remember that history is change, and that change makes life worthy of recording. This thought makes the blow of death a little easier to take. As you walk up the rickety stairs of Berman House you feel as though 2000 years of past history are ready and able to help you cope with any Future Shock. i i 'Q""" 'ff' LQ if-Hur' i i l Q iii xi l June Namias Allan D. MacDougall ' i l 1- 4. l . 3, i i i I-fe l ki li . , I .I ,lf H Helen Kalivas Johanna H. Floss Rosanne Perlmutter il I V635 l z if - wi JL- ' Richard A. Wines . ,J I Paul J. Sullivan Ii l 2 'Q' if 1. W S ixbxx 6 N fx 59 jf wig 4... it as im he 1 -3 ,- 'xi , . H' N1 Sli ,fy . 1 f . if f 5 ag , 1 , X f Y f if ,gh Q 5 i Ronald M. Boucher Diane W. Handspicker 3. I., ,iv . . W L' Q Q. Q 'Sa fl wi 5, Jug., f- ' , ' . -.K nv-'H 2' as .. 165 gf. 2. , iii 1 5 His X4 , 'I i .... 3, 4,5 4 5 f Gail S. Stein James A. Philip -3 ' - s 4- . K? I i if ,L if ra nd?" L lv' "' .. xi Richard J. Reid George T. Perry, Jr. K math .. x f' .94 va ' i N ' fff W. Eugene Ferguson - Head of Department Jo Ellen Crisafulli Q- 1 it fp .4 Til' 7 ...... Z' Richard A. Mackler Carol A. Felsinger Rose H. Ford ig , rg, f- if 1' ray, '4 X ,ef x .Q ' ,Zi N f .sg , 1 . v e, ,Qs . 4- . 7 if v ,arvfn nffffifiirgr f M , , ,,x,WiiE 4 gl gf A : V f. 95,3 'of eiigfff viiiif H ffffjb. V-frfitfl, 4 VW, 2315 xr' R ,Q 9 N, , N A ww A, A 'fir y 's Q ,W m r rr Katherine E. Klippert Florence Solomont Mary L. Sapienza 'Er ma? s,x ,,g, X! pri! -WA vm r F" Q,-N xw i Q Q . -'iff ep 1 ..,, 1' Y ' -SQ .:.., .A": - i Mx ' V Q -'if' 1- :fr A ' :1 f 'l ' 1 ' X W I ' I 9 'I Herbert E. Chasan ' M 2 . , , - M Y , . A 'K 2 Marjorie M. Flanagan gag .QW 53 -, Kathleen A. Hollowell Reuben Rosen Jack Shapiro 'Raymond D. Stephens, Jr. 5- Philip C. Bowman f W. 1, TUV 5 X. -c S.. i. Annette R. Carpenter Sharon L. Senk -X 4"'1""""" Although there are those who cringe at the very mention of the word math, there are also those who say that math has it all over the other subjects. Consider these advantages: 1. Instead of getting a row of letter grades, you get a cumulative point total. But if you are incompetent in math you won't be able to figure out just how badly you are doing, a definite advantage. 2. When asked to produce homework, a hastily scribbled piece of paper with the words, "I didn't understand it" is all that is needed. 3. Lastly and most importantly, the answers are in the back of the book for those who don't find the solutions as easy as Pi. Charles T. Ryan, Jr. .lf Diane S. Asnis science 6-I'-li diffs K ,S ,, if R ? 5 T2 ff' R S. Frank J. D'Agostino - 9'X .1 .Siv- Frank Spitzer 54 x qu. fr Lynne C. Freeman Experiments must be reproducible - they should fail the same way. I 4. .HP Rachel R. Sheridan Q . ,I if N99 i f ' Q' X Jacob M. Skilken - Head of Department A record of data is useful - than it indicates that you have been working. A it h ui X ! , Gretchen H. Ainley Howard A. Spielman Moore's Law If some is good - More is better and too much is almost enough. Christopher A. Jones Deborah A. Gerstein ,BM 117, Harold A. Wiper Old chemists never die - they just fail to react George F. Martins Experience gained is directly proportional to the amount of equipment ruined. , 41' 'ta 'UF David H. Belmarsh D. MOHIQOVTTGVY WSHS I x itil .git Karen Fi. Simat 1 IM Stuart Raymond Rist ,il . w, '- Q af , "'-fr I 'W if if' 1 iz in 'Pr 5 i l i l 'if f o l l A 4 fi gi' 4' 'ti' I i 4 xg A ' , if Qi , 1 , .X ' . ,, frm 1 ,W qgixklyy X ,xl ., A. Ernest Nicol Robert Edward Malone If it bites and scratches - it's biology lf it stinks and pops - it's chemistry If it doesn't work - it's physics And if you can't tell - it's mathematics. I 1 ,..,-A 5 MJ' " KP!! Ruth E. Hansen The law of "the too solid Goof." In any collection of DATA, the figure that is most ob- viously correct-beyond all need of checking-is the mistake. Corollary I-No one whom you ask for help will see it either. Corollary II - Everyone who stops by with un- sought advice will see it immediately. John F. Milne David E. Geikie L N 5 L Y , 1 K 'ad ' l rg, A If 4 n ,- ff.. U ' 1. . 1 s I Anna C. Nolan -'56 Barry G. Howland Armando S. Rossi 5 . 'SM Q 4 .E x V 6 f: , n' .. .9-0' Y f ' Alan K. Glick A Vollin B. Wells - Head of Department ev? gm s J ,-' Y--if fa L. is J C' 1 f Libby L. Resnick Lillian Landers Rudolph J. Satlak N-:fi R4 N ar" . 3,-1 I 'W ' aiiiwi. li John B. Meyer jwy my if , A 4 Mildred J. Caram Mary H. Machakos business murray road - io .W NQ1 1-2.2 X Wim ffl.,- Nancy Wilber Mildred Grosser Alison J. Kenney if I ,,,'f""'Qin ' E 11'-Nl. 1, ff, ' Q 5 Sarah T. Ismail John J. Callahan un"""L'AX Hill Catherine W. Ward Dorothy G. Shriber - an ' M.. 1 .., fu 1. V 5 I' is David E. Joseph and Merja Valilla 'nw 7' R Martha Williams Thomas R. Schaefer Ronald L. Barndt ..,,.,.,, 0 OJ' "i'+-'rv ........ 03 3.42 cv cn Kathleen M. Henighan Carolyn R. Woodbury There are some things in life which never change. Band, orchestra, and chorus rehearsals are time- tested examples of this axiom. Walk down to room 2001 any C, D, or F block and youfll hear anything from rigid classical to not-so-rigid contemporary music. Soothing assonances, as well as disquieting dissonances twhatever those arel greet you at the door as you enter the crowded room. In fact, it is then that you realize what a musical sardine would feel like. Trumpets blare, people chatter, clarinets squeak, and you begin to wonder whether this is a country club or a classroom. But alas, you are put at ease when Mr. Gardner or Mr. Smith mounts the podium. Rehearsal is now in session. The music begins and if you ignore the flat saxaphones you become truly amazed at the unified sound which is produced. Looking around the room, you see that the Baritone Sax player is slouched back in his chair with his legs crossed. Trying to get the most out of what you are listening to, you find your- self grateful for the directors pungent reminders that 'piano' means soft and that little dots over the notes mean that the notes should be separated. The concert is three days away, and you are too much of a realist to think that you can understand all the mechanics ofthe works just by sitting through the next 15 rehearsals. Fortunately ingenuity triumphs - you run next door to Mr. Lasker's room for a crash course in Music Appreciation and Theory combined! .ixkd h I X f xx music Raymond W. Smith Henry Lasker V' Jerry Y. Gardner art Art is an intellectual and an emotional recording of an attitude or an experience pre- sented in a personal manner. The visual arts are concerned with the creative handling of lines, textures, shapes, colors and space in materials such as paint, stone and wood. Ulf an artist wishes to see beauty, he has the powerto create it!" l-le has the ability to create grotesque, humorous. or truly pathetic things-"VVhat- ever lies in the universe-in essence or imagination-he has first in his mind and then in his hand." Through its own emotional language, art speaks to our sensibilities. lifting us up to those regions of the imagination in which reality is touched and perception is direct. Mr. Prevoir Ronald Prevoir fi' Daveda G. Movitz My xi Michael J. Zolli QD. rx ir .X I M 'fs' in 1 7 . Lloyd F. Schultz li 'Q 5 5 r XXXWUN 1 Wear "W F"'dQ7 Lf. .XJ i ffl l...++,,1x . Dorothy Nabseth Miriam F. Abrahams Eg:,V3rrt?nZ'n?eatty - Head of W '41 31 MLM? SL or "" x 5 f gy in - JP E5 ' tiff, Belle G. Gilbert Marion E. Moriarty Joseph P. Connolly 36 -' 3 wr in l W ft-lv X i. .I , 3jkA:. A, Harrison L. Harley Eva S. Weiner - Learning Robert H. Chalmers - Occupational Disabilities Training Specialist I' fa lib SS ic l'V S9 cia D9 J .fafi QT R ff'-s., if QR. - 543-3' technical vocational Orrin M. Brawn - Head of Department Charles E. Day f. :eil .,,l 4 1--i , 2' Thomas W, Demers John L. Benson lr EZ"'7l HW, 64 Luciano S. Visco Stanley W. Wolaszek Alfred P. DiPoIi . - T 1 je, ll bra 5 X ji? 7 F..- fi Louis A. Campbell Gerald J. Hegarty N N I fig 2 hw Richard J. Burke Philip L. Houle if are i i --J -a Q 1 . 5 J X iv ,vim u E Z 1 , .1 Q, v V f ? QR J 2 6 William J. Doherty Stanley N. Gardner 2' 'kr fwygwaswmwwrfwfm D 'Aw agf! f Ra Q :,,"x 1 S L . te Q all nl Charles E. MacLeod Frank Cionti Ernest Paul Reppucci 1 4 fm K , V 7 x I VViIIiarn H Parmenter X . rf X i xr wr, msmwm ,4- ? PIA. K., -iipl 1 Q 56' , ' 5 x at t"' ' 4 K f , HM, fx? tt' 'x W Nicholas A. Penta Anthony N. Penta it 9 'ii gf Paul T. Moore fi sr, 'Nts H ibn' H. Ward Manghue K Q: ff -4 'lf y , , ,ff ., K 07 Q f f ...lp ff 5 f ,f 6 if wi 'ff i , ' J, wwf! 1 f of Ii ff 91' W ' ,4 f 1 f' f f K fs gg M , , A . was ff M. , X! Lf! X R in nm, 'A fr 7 , , f 5 4 - ,fy ,fr ff. f fi 'Qin' rv' .N Edward H. Sahagian James H. Sullivan -Q :j'f'IE , 6 '19 '. if, X 1 .N , P- M 1, E .rf J .- ' I. .gm .yr fy, u' 'LH -Lf ,, 'Q i. Rx 4, 1 "" fl g l. Thomas F. Mangan Patrick S. Nicolas 'SM Q.. physical education Mother, Drillrnaster, Teacher, Propagandist, Nurse, Secre- tary, Father, Equipment lvlan- ager fand Moverj, Guidance Counselor, Locksmith, Fashion Coordinator. No, this isn't a list of an ama- teur football team's members. Nor is it a list of guests present at a recent spring banquet. Then what is it? lt is a list of all the things that a gym teacher must be, at one time or another. Yes, the phys. ed. instructor must be more than just physi- cally fit, He or she must be able to appease both the unknowing sophomore and the uppity sen- ior while dodging oncoming tennis balls and taking atten- dance. Besides making sure that each Newton High School student has an action-packed V2 year, the gym teacher must also stay at school until all hours of the night to train and coach the sports teams. lt's a rough lite, but in the end, dedication and satisfaction tri- umph over all. fEven if the teams don't!l . DQ James A. Flonayne Judith A Davidson Linwood W Gatley . 0 -.wx X . I '. Qf n-"xx .Q Frederick C. Yaitanes Reginald E. Smith - Head of Department u.:'.!'J":':'m ,I-Crm BGHD H- Merritt George C. Jessup, Jr. Joanne M. Ftandell fi' l il l . .O 1 sl Edwin H. Wiest - Coordinator Joseph P. Connolly D.. SAIJ 111 93. 2. :J 5- I.. I A , w' I I '1z3':" 7 La,- wwmr ,. lf Qlf wil 2 'U . 1 I if , , an -3 , fc wx .' FW? , , , fix E 11 I ,-. Q.-..2 go ernment hows: murmg rand 1 X I .E 8100 b 3IX5 PM ' 'Fa How ABM-3 cs. Sophmw- wh SF A500-"?-? 'Then VOTE for Sofft, OMIOUX. ,, - vw., ,..-' - ,W .,,,-....,.V,-.Y-ffm-.. ,,,,.,.-v-.:-.- ..--W-M-v :,..-iv. ww N'-5 '-v' lx if f firmly- S' 'lcv Q. ,, N 'vw' f ,pb- ,,,f . X Q wi ' Q, ."fY'g-: .x .- .ng .x ,-' 1-'L qwi, 1 " , wr' .. ,Ay . W, . , . 'H' ' na' Y hp -7 Chris Toomey co-chairman Candy Fisher Mike Mitrano Alan Stearns Bill Steinberg Jim Shaw falternatel Mrs. Barbara Kiliion co-chairman Mr. Richard Mechem Mr. Manson Hall Mr. Franklin Davis Judy Wyman Mr. Scott Guild Mary Pendergast Mrs. Diane Handspicker ialternatel Mr. John Livingston 'fit ::.:v:5l.f--f v"""" had Senior Class Officers Pete McKay Tom Currier Presidents Peter Mowatt Vice-President Debbie Kendall Secretary x Paula Wrenn BU' Tom DePeter Advisor ,F-al' ,1-' 1 '51, Fw ae--'A N 'S X15 R--i ' i , I ' s senior class . i gpm!!! Committee , ,Sf -'50, ? 'J' J wi . ' f if W ii if-I L.-- - -, 7529:- bacon house USE ho als be ,J Q A -X F ing Q-.,-M.. ,.,..... ' "I-'!Z1."Z'.!1'7 f CD GI' pal x I dna-3 'T' If calm me 'xl K w,4 sk, .Q li . 0 0 0 Y y O'000fY006 """2xweqnmn1Hs""""" gg,,:qsl1flm::i 4 45 Uv xx '- --W y B M "94"' "'K. 'X -. ff n . . X 5 XV Q "7 1' -f ..., I Fw! Q - riley house The Barry House Project, for those of you who are not familiar with it, is not a newly founded drug-treat- ment clinic, nor a low-income housing development. Rather, the Project is the successful fulfillment of an idea born four years ago to the happy "parents" of Barry House's faculty members, past and present. The Project is an independent unit within the frame- work of the regular High School. It encompasses a total of 350 students from all three curricula and diverse socio-economic backgrounds, 18 teachers and counselors, who are provided the opportunity to learn and work together as a community for the three years that a student spends in the school. The Proj- ect's goals, as expressed by teachers as well as stu- dents, are to humanize our educational process and create a healthier atmosphere for learning. The Project allows for a channel of communication and rapport between students and faculty, and among their own. With this new relationship of eased tension, a feeling of belonging and recognition is further devel- oped in various ways such as "Concentration Days" fschool days allocated for the pursuit of individual interests outside of the school environment in groups composed of both students and teachersl and the Barry House Project Players who have produced and directed their excellent production of See How They Run. Though all of the Project's goals and ideals which were set forth four years ago have not been accom- plished, the Barry House Project's positive effects and uniqueness make for a superior academic and social alternative. r-4-r - YV 50 JB uyztf 'ff' Mm' P irz1"Dbv gi ., A F' NF' S . sk 0 -.- ii. 4. 1 ' I IJ-"A ,:,2..?3g 'nf . Tas-Q'n."A 3 -H .bw Q 'QIQW , ,. I A dx - ll-54 V L' nr .MNQQ gd-- ,,.LIii--' i ' . meg, fs murray road H i -IQ .' gl , 1 units- .gs gl. Y ji I fl' 1Lx M X 1 1 ,W , J Hp? G MMV xvj, ..-f--"" ,gu- 4-mpgs.. --qw. 'api' ,. rw www Wat H - . if.. ,r-4, - 'sr ., f fi' V 'Kun -Yng- .f' V, - xv V . Q 5.4, if PU 4 xxx ' Q A, Q 1 , -. -5 'x 4'-Q. U, XXX fvbx ix , 1, . ., -,s:LNg"" rgml 'S-.sig FW .- s ' 1, sg I Yiii 1 sf ' :HQ f x 1:3 n ' 1 1 g ...... H J 1 , . Y xg . . ms 3 PT , + - i H 'z 5-ff 51 ' ff - S f"f"" -. im! - --. 4 Hifi H ' ua FN? 1 'QM 'ix if A N if - I A . N 58 up .V rv' - I ' gg f v ' nf. 9 . +L' f "F'E5 J .iff A I 5 z u , H 3 , .. I . L'Q'i ' 2 .1 .f 94544. Iii, ' , 5' - s 5 .x ,VJ X I 1 ,F 4 1, It 1' -' .-I fx ' r i . Q I. 1 Q I ' 'J ., - we ... s Y 1 A!! I 2 .x qi? if WW F' ..r - ' Q 1 rf , -1 5 '. X iff.- X 'SL ,f 1' 5 an 1' 1131- 111111 sus:-rn runny: 'Duns 11133 ISDH: 71111 S131 IDBI IBD' 'SJ HH IH YI I ,f ,x ,. A!! vi sm- A-mulnraneh F5 lmstf abuse ?,L43'f2 Rf' tu 1 ,4 fl ff" gf f l I X : , 5 r W an 1 DPEMHON ' mznsv m SW. ' . ,ix ' z,, ' ,J Y .l"'4, M E J , " I ,,.L,.3 1 i 1 , . QQVGV' 1 if , 7' . M , f 'FO'--A--.A ' Wh' QQ' NIA ly 1 f 1-x -1 -:"'l - ..' v -.1 . f w .- 'rw-ATW'v' un, 45 az Q 'H , . . w v. v VWi'35 7- ,9- . p .ix q.' E' -LQ i . f 'I C: 'Z ng , K J 'Ly 'z .,, L., t .5- L Wf .,u - ' .'fgH l ,' 1 fl, Lp:- .-nf W-0 . 1 rj' uri A1 1 .V 7 w W '-,V A , l 4-13 , '..::,L1,.Lw ,'igfQH ., 1. 4 . if.. v. .if , ,fig TQQQJ' p'Ln 1 X. ,,. . ,gels ,,,' 'Kal r Hu, T- Q5 fr ,Q :Tp -:hi .Tv UQ Am c ! A4! A J f v LY . . Q 'A 4 , , it f'L v 5' if. X ' ' . ., xv 4 Y-ll V. f 1 Wf? 4 wh u '. V' il 1'-71 . I ll ll Pl 47, ll ' s Q 1 I Su 5 - 7 I 't fx! 1 1 'H 55' , .3 gl ,' W . 1 K. X u. J. .1 v w I x , ' '- ,TV fiwlr Q 1 , H .i K, ., L., 'V FTDVC3 X lliq' M' 1 5 qw- ' ' xp! ,T ,N if ' qllf 1 event: club: publication: s'kf i f' 49' cabaret "Start by admitting from cradle to tomb isn't that long a stay. . Some left feeling a bit nostalgic for the gusto of the Cabaret era, while others left contemplating the morality of the decadent thirties, but everyone left Newton High School auditorium knowing that Caba- ret had been a fantastic success. From the sequins and spangles to the Hsprache- fuhlen" of the cast members, Cabaret had a contagi- ous charm and chill. Under the fine direction of Ray Smith and student director Lindsay Dyett the play emerged from cryptic words on a script to an exciting and intense drama. Jerry Gardner and the enthusiastic Newton High School Orchestra added an extra dimension to the dazzling show numbers as did the superb choreog- raphy of Richard Sosny. The flexibility and profes- sional polish ofthe set design by Al Hurwitz and Flay Smith aided by the invaluable talents of Stanley Gardner's Stage Crew, illuminated the entire stage and gave everything an aura of pizazz. The auditorium of Newton High School is being made ready for another production now and hardly a remnant of Cabaret remains, but for all those who were fortunate enough to experience Cabaret its memory will always be very much there. N." nhl E 'gi' 15' -,N ,'lr,i.7,1Y.,' ,,.-v. A, .,..w ..,,,,,x6 nf - Ni - vx,YQ J QA Qibsia.-Y it , . .mx px ggi. ..:!"' an A' 'S A A D.. is im,-of . Z! ' . fl h ' 5 , 1 an . JO .W i. ,nfnvtg ri , ,g l. 5 - g.,.- ,-if ' fix n o v,:i' niyq! .,L,v. , . ,, I . I IV. 1,51 P 1 KL n, -. ,- 1 . g' 1 . 3 ' 'Z if 1 r 9 1. pgwg . 1 V- 2' V., fi-7 I Qvsl ff? !, -15 :?1'f,.r.t .iii I V . if -4-I UD '4- 4-I CD P L .C ight JK' ."4 N. V . x... , A "3 ln October, the Music Department presented its annual Harvest Fest Concert, the first concert of the year in which all performing groups par- ticipated. One of the highlights of this year's concert featured the orchestra and concert choir in an elaborate perform- ance of the Circus Band by Charles Ives. The spirited music began as the choir sang while marching down the aisles. Gymnasts performed on tram- polines behind the orchestra, as clowns demonstrated various tricks of magic in the aisles, creating a vivid circus atmosphere. Selections from Godspell were sung, along with pieces by Jagar, Hanson and Erikson, played by the Concert Band. Not only was the music demonstra- tive of capable musicians and vocal- ists. but the off-stage attractions con- tributed to this unique performance. lt was appreciated by one of the largest audiences present at a school concert. I .A YW M CW RTI' L. CD SU HIOI' S9 It HD K 4K v""' QQ! Q -gm' I7 :lil N 7 bfi ,ss I I .L ix if O QF! -1 WW 5-V I V x .ani -I-J CD H- L. 4-I C On Sunday, February 11, the Music Department held its an- nual Winterfest concert. fea- turing the orchestra and chorus in a fine performance of Handel's "Messiah" The guest soloists were Hazel O'Donnell, soprano, and Fran- cis Hester, bass. The orchestra played the Bach Brandenburg Concerto No. 4, with recorder and violin soloists and also part of Mo- zart's Symphony No. 40. The smaller vocal ensem- bles sang works by such com- posers as Debussy, Hassler, and Pinkham, some of which were conducted by the stu- dents. lL H stage ban orchestra concert band HIP' fl. if 'X X o O fi Q midi' . ,-paul!! I2 I Ji -.Iv if aN'N'l'J ' 6' ' ix' 'iff' P an .4 Q36 31, Y 2 ' id ' V F 3 : 5 Q ,ffff??P 339 S5 OQIJW 'P2' xx!! n Rf' A XY' Ag' ng. ,' L .f L. ' L' V X? 2- 'B 1 .1 cb! XF' 'bg ix V if x. dx. -D X 2 I JA wk' fur: x F 'I' 5 ' k ff xxx Z-'GTX K L ,, 14, 040 ISSJ" Ek H HCS CO Q Y' P1 K. Juglw 1-un... .. Q 1 M 33 -Y L Q. ., . L W , . h Q Q M I' H-3 6 2 M. 1 1 6' 'Y xg at nf 3' 5 X Qs . 3 -. X , ,. J 4 41- . 2, 53' 711 V Y no smith family ' and madnigals . W ,- 14 . ' 'v ' ' f5'j qsM g-:sg A -5 , marc ing band sp 4 '- . fn - I , A 7 .4 A g. f., '5!!""vs' ,ww P' , if - I- ,M at 'Q' q 4. .. . V' M X . A . x , . .. , . , . V A . ' Y I , T 3 ' . 'Pnqii I E-eqztdi'-f'w.u.J'T,j ,"".aLgA. . ,- , X. Q' ,. - .- - x .. l 1 . ...f , 7 ' A R. . R X X1 'Kun x 1 . - .Q ,wh ,- , O vu' :ii kv-- Q Q ., -Q fJ--f . Po -!f'4 1 - i 4 "' ' . Lila f :S , A ? , .. M , ?5Q??Q'l . . .' ' 5991 -.tiff Maha .H 'V -,3.-jgrxsgag 41' ' 14"-A " ', Q IH A paw 5 5 N X M- -ug? V5 .,,, 4. , X V .f?::',,g'Qgyqlf5::i?:ff Af g. 'Q sig, 'W' "1 X 'neg ua Q A' V- 1 :Tl 4 - ft , Q xv NX . L Ab I ,U ,, fr W- gifm Y 1 f . ll ff' . IX. rf X n I ,A ,Q W" m F vw C' 52: '5-'Vg ' 1 "M ' " 1 ' ,NJ n in I , Q-ima V 9:55-ff" I iv Y If , '3"5"N X61 0 Q f"N :I -s W? ww A. if .M 4 H- , A T I K' tk if 'Y' ' ii xx x 9: .54 1 X -fa Y ' , 'EV jf - ff- I I 3 9 5 E . 5 4 1 'I 3 5, 1714 5,21 'WZ 4 ' M, 4519 - -5- I 'Q ei" 4l 'A'04- 4 Q w 3 E X f H ' j ' x,, M- fn' 3 'fl 'fm wwf ' .!""" j Adv ', fr f . Q 1, ' QMIQRM 'PQ pe.. , nv - , -we NA' , . First Row: Janet Fay, Amy Nabsetn, Co-captain Amy Jacobs, Hildy Fentin, Robin Robinson. Second Row: Paula Wrenn. Michelle Basinet, Captain Faye Fentin, Shelley Miller, Debbie DiSabato. DI is me Y. K Q I tl Q: -'i -ff 1 '32,-15" ya., -iff? 1? l lla X Q A '5' Q gpm W ii' J ,A fm wp ff'-L ' u - T,?!f-ffv - K 9, A ., Vtwwfge g gi, 45? Qtwgmi an A .fu ,Q W W X - w .L WM' '54 , A , 1 , . ff A J f x H , .Wg , . the cheerleaders 5 Ypqmg, n , 420, - lk L, M, I 13 5 5 E . ?g.- 7 'W ., A4 ' 1 F, V . v ,1 ' A 7 If J 'I r ji 5 ni A ll ra-5,31 ' . 'gn -oval' VAVQV49 111 X I gi I g.a.a. "H" il-I 53453- 41 . I0 ! Lg Standingz Beth Schwab. Erin Condon, Linda Ouintiliani, Mrs. Carolyn Harrington. Kneeling Jody Capello. Mary-Eve Manony. Paula Dargan. ,K I .N ,linux K '- ,... ' 'K VM. fi UF 4 ,JF W- f ,J 45 ...,,, bridge club . Ja A . . . i 9 ' u "1 ': , ' ' ' '. ' , ga , . ff 2 K Z E f ii 9 3 . ,,. , rp 199 - , 9+ A k Z " 'if 'Q xr ' , rpg M -. 1, ' ' , Jw X sv it Ay R 4' 5 N Pm Q 'L 31' Qu M John Kosa, Donald Rome, Carla Petievich, Gary Stone, Michael Zachary, Donald Fiediker, David Birnbaum, Andrew Zachary, Micah Zion, Peter Martin fstandingi. M 9 G 9 1 1 Frank Bodengraven, Phil Auslander, Chris Hall, Tim Thorman, David Woolf, Dale Syphers, Howard Frant, Gail Syphers, Mlle. LaCachee, Priscilla Lepera, Lissa Gilbert, Julie Brown, Joan Laine, Nancy Pfund. ,J V l 41 4' IG' vb 6 l l l l Ms. Marie Vallone lAdvisorl. Frances Loscoco, Paul Ar- l pino Era Thomas, Gerry Terranova, Richard DiBona, Jo- anne Pueeo J-Janne Gordon. John Malgieri. Donna En- r nrsr brrean Crialdo Valerie Pruitt. Anette Draper, Janet J Bonacer flflraarngr Loretta Antonellis, Josephine Antonellis, Rosemarie Webber. Ethel Boyd, Sarah Noll, Joanne l D Agoslrno Marie Garrgi. Tony Gallella, r I r l "' I italian club 5 ini l Q.,M l X - ,g-......-- N 4 Q- Pi......L . 'T' A '?f X '4 r" ., if ' " il' Q .V --ws.nnunpqw--w--.w..-.-.,....,,-.- tsp- First Row: Laurie Kunitz, Patty Low, Marco Mischler, Paul Lipke. Second Row: Mr. Richard Clark, Andy Langer, EI Cadel, Helen Fuchs. L 116 ff 'Q 1 " Lys. - I1 I , , .. .gf sul' - Lu F -.,.,M,..AIi-1 Q- 'A it' Howard Clayman, Larry Horlick, Daniel Freedman, Isabel Marcus, Fran Harrison, Peter Granoff, Irene Lerner, Bruce Miller, Erietla Deligiannides, David Regal, Pam Pollen, Liora Auslander, Ida Codington. Eva Thomas. Julia Malakie, Lisa Noonan. Andrea Baker, Doug Silver, David Friedman, Judy Austin. Mark Hauser, Bhonda Birnbaum. Judy Gondelman, Nick Wilson, David Birnbaum, Elaine Wilson, Karen Engelbourg, David Fishkind, Mr. Lucien Weisbrod. Missing: Susan Blank, Carol Ficksman, Howard Frant, Diane Levy, Mimi Thurman, Carol Thomas. 5 IN Q.- 09145 is B' 7 an 4-I , I i V-- N qi N1 xx K , ,J 'S 1' i A Ji - rl fx l l 4... '- l Back Row: Dick McCarty, Jeffrey Becker, Alex Mavradis, Dennis Geary, Jeff Thompson, Eddie Hynes. Chris Toomey, Front Row: Janice Nardone, Chris Bresnahan. Donna Taylor, Jean Pepicelli. K , rv .W--ig' 1 -ff? ,, ,315 is. 4 Q Qxlw W,,W,,,,, f M73 I 23? TS untainee Cabot oods o and Sli HS F S3888 Q1 i-5. 'V I 1 Ig . if .in 51'5f7?'f- T5 H Q . ,wk-,:f"xA -,e lilpx I: I Il 7b'1g.f,fl, .. 'x , ' uf .gl , .1 Q xielag 3 , Y i ',"' K f"'y 'J 7 .-"W, 4 'wf'r" ' " -,f L, , '-'V -,.f V ,, ,f .,,.. " 3 sa' "'- f X N - "f "H" wif .Sify x 0 H AT N -L M ,M .Rx 'U , ,WF l n .N xv f U, 1,41 Xu Q, .A X ,. 6, 'Q "Z, Q VN' Ln Q ,lr .X s ff ,-ff, W7 'Yfkfu 2 'aw ,M Qi' .r V 4 .uk .ff " ' as-,L ,1 , 9 ' ' V .4,3r. 31.13. j I -1 " . :F , ga., v- .ws A , . li ,f,- 1 3--, x .fl ,. 3 " B , fr? 2, ,f?',f's. .'a..Ql Q- , g Q ,NME A qw, ,M-Q VA gap - , P: H 5513.5 A ' f'. .,:'3 " -H .3 4' -3- ' ' : ' -,wr - MA, . 1-vw ' 1 . ' 1' P A -51 1 13' FQ image 3 -sf A-52 Q7 Q- , ' . mf... 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Q explorers club Il 'T' : Q n 0 r , l SVU , .4 5 ' ki Q . ,X at fda W ui g J if -f 'iff - 5 1 :Sf ' ,pkg yi w ' ,X gk-4 1? , s fi! .li 1' Q f I i i S v , 5 fi' -fran Q ,, si 'Q Q 9' 1' ""' 5' HN' 3 l 1 1 wi-.1 5 : za sz .I 8 Ili Fred Johnson, Lisa Thorman, Bill Howatt, Billy Fuchis, Jeff Horn iStage Managerj, Mike Costa, David Goldberg, David Cain. Down the stairs: Mike Mitchell, Louie Aswad, Gwen Payne, Tim Thorman, Joanne D'Agostino, Judy Curby, Kenny Dews, Lee-Ann McGonagle Amy Ludwin, Amy Lewis, Mr, Stanley Gardner. Missing: David Misch, Bob Gianopoulos David Kaplan. Cheryl Trentholm. Casey Eagle, Ken Bresler, Bob Dickey, Carla Petievich Lisa Zimmer, Ron Hendrickon, Paul Malloy, Kathy Boates. stage crew ,,,,..,...,f-.-A-' H" X. i, ' . '-1 , In ,' Y , f' 14-Q 120 J 1 Q 1 J -i .fy 'r iq 'Ks n, XX 7. audio-visual ulfl. .-. W V-M1 I. Q 4 ... s x 4 L s 1335 ' 1 Mr. Joseph Connolly, Jeff Santis, Bruce Beignley, Dana Mann, Kevin Russo, Jeff Rosenbaum. 7 A J ke.:-K L. 4' X' H i 'yy .v ,, ?"4",14 NX I 4 Q- V qv R uv 1 'R ' -U Q vu' Sw I in H' 5 ' u.. it f- fs- if-1 ,. 'H+'- 1' I fx E L if W I 14' ff 2 RALLY COMMITTEE OFFICERS Diane Blue President Carol leraci Vice President Mary Reidy Secretary Jackie Britt Treasurer J' Y' unm-Y 11 CD CD F O 0 7- E 4 L 3 IFJ X A b ,..u...:..:.-api Q-vw--N--J'-+"""' "M .. bfi' Q A X XXX -X 'VY I Q 'fig Q , 'ii' 3 VW N3 'Q 4 .1 VV. stiff 4 1-M YI L , 4 Qi::,,'nu'!i'Qx! A. omhna.. bearded wonder N club 126 SKI CLUB OFFICERS Paul Wolf President Peggy Lahey Vice President Cindy White Secretary Michelle Basinet Treasurer Chip Lange Sign-up Hire ix. . s. . A o 9 ' WEN. Us-125 U73 iigfiii WI ' ii?'uf' , X,Efi'j ' 5 X f-NZAGY gf , r. ,, , f ' 1 i Q5 ski club GJ .fl f'1".' . 9 - A! ,, , 1' ,"- .. 1 .3 A .. '31 1' A rl , ,A 5, 1 ' J L- I ' nf , K ful. N IA, .. flu ,Agfr ' 'f' -f ' VJ ,S-qi' j K' . gui: ..W. J' ' ' M0694 , Q' I -k Q1 is 2' -? Away, W,--inf 'Q N 7 ,.:, W ,Af-ASQ 'l ' l chess club .. Wzffu.. E.. ,obdifml ri 19" , TOP: Jeff Young, Carl Hahn, Robert Shore, Ed Kasndan, Dave Pergola, Leon, Robert Weiner, Donald Rediker, D, Rome. Dave Birnbaum, Daniel Freedman, Daniel Lichtin, Elliot Freedman ping pong team 'Nl 11-Xu x..-,,, :Sv 1 . Nix .. .-l A 1 I r, . l . f5 v-ll' 7 U Nw-vqfrgm fm svrf. l ... 'Q r 15 'Q 2 1.3 an 5 ..f"""' ecology aotlon olub L 'L ..,, ,...,Y- i W . IE., WM---W-M'-F 7 , W.. Y L fx v " o aff .nv ' 7,1- 4 ' .. -., ,I o.. F i-LW-M -Q '- - 1 Fx , Aff " uA .5-' yn? +- ld, '- .2 Y Qs H... .Sins L 2 This page, top right: Advisor Mr. Rossi. Middle left: Photography Editor Scott Saroffi Middle right: Girls' Sports Editor Erietta Deligiannides. Bottom left and right: Assistant Photography Editors Steve Hindman and Jeffrey Stern. Opposite page, top left: Editor-in-Chief Barbara Galton and Assistant Editor Jeffrey Sudikoff, Top right: Data Editor Susan Schofield. Bottom leftz Boys' Sports Editor Bill Steinberg. Bottom right: Layout Editor Debbie Kendall. ..g"'sT""" 0-1 9 -w-W W 5 ' is r V ' .S ,vi S, if ,. If , I " 3, xt , if L3 4 1 . ' . . 1 l , tk F t I If ., . . M E l i Qi 'A the newtonian Simi " f 2, in 1. Av 13" L. kay ,ggi-f -.. ,, i. wil 4, .giant fr Tnis page. top rignt: Business Manager Randy Wilson, Middle left: Publicity and Art Editor Gary Stone, Middle rignti Art Editor Mark Herleney. Bottom left: Copy Editor Mary Barry. Bottom right: Circulation Manager Marcia Ross selling Mr. Rossi first 1973 Newtonian. Opposite page. top lelt: Business Manager Susan Loitnerstein Middle lelt and rignt: Advertising Managers Robin Robinson and Amy Mandelstam. Bottom left and middle: Literary Editors Rochelle Leeder and Jon Glotzer. Bottom rignt: Publicity Manager Ellen Karsh. eq., 113 KKK f I 0 .. .-. Y !'x yr Aiwf 3 K This page top left: Photo Coordinator Ilene Silber- berg, Top right Music Editor Marcia Salamoff. Middle left: Barry House Project Editor Adi Ftaviv. , , Q2 fi' 1 , f it 3 ,, 5, M-lag-qlxmu X Sl' ff, , expr, . . 1 'jf J Steinberg fEditorJ , f ,. .ri Mp, i , t. . a .-- f" ', ' ' t- .':4Vi1'i1f 'N Q' ' f , z:',,. 4 'Q' ,Ili ' ' fff l. . ,Q V' Publicity Staffz Gerry Goolkasian, Ellen Karsh KCO-editori. Gary Stone ICO-editori, Rhonda 2 TQ. , i 2 My 'ii L wi 1 Advertising Staff: Mark Hauser, Amy Mandelstam iManageri, Julie Gianino, Robin Robinson iManageri, Rhonda Gross, Casey Eagle. 32? ,,,... 9 'cf' Circulation Staff: Marcia Ross iManageri, Debbie Stone, Rhonda Tobin, Linda Spitzberg, Franny Galvagno, Kate Scott. "ia----- . x'-'B C' 'X Layout Staff: Debbie Kendall iEditorJ, Marie Carton, Carol Shapiro, Sara Data Staff: Susan Schofield iEditori, Mary Barry, Mimi Thurman, Gail Matloff- Goldberg, Mark Kaplan. Ji Qnw i Z1 Jw! 'ix S.-,,,.f 161 X, ' ,,,- ii-f 51- ,, G M if K fx s-7"3' np- 'lil JIS 17' .Q Y' "1 'Ji the NEWTO ITE L E NEWTON ljllOH SCHOOL. NEWTONVILLE, MASS. E Q 1 i F 2 tl W i '-fe H Qi 'ff 'fy vu X1 - ix X.. swf' Opposite page, top right: Budgetary Manager Geoffrey Thompson and Business Manager Chris Toomey. Bottom left: Photography Editor Steven Silin, Bottom right: Feature Editor Emily Yoffe. This page, top left: Editor-in-Chief Steve Russo, Top right: Managing Editor Laurie Rubin, Bottom left: News Analysis Editor Howard Frant. This page, top right: News Editor Joan Stecker. Bottom left: Freelance Coordinator Richard Rand. Bottom right: Sports Editor David Cutler. -ln Q5 f, A i W T X5 i fl :Iii , I Kg A, A lei ,-owl' the NEWTO The newspaper of Newton High School, Newtonville, Mass. 02160. Founded in 1922 to report school events, to publish student opinion, to serve as a record, and to comment on our times. Published sixteen times throughout the school year at 20c per issue or 53.00 per yearly subscription. Printed by offset. EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Steven Russo MANAGING EDITOR Laurie Rubin LITERARY STAFF NEWS EDITOR Joan Stecker NEWS STAFF Jonathan Aron Susan Wolf Gerry Frank Mildred Krakc' NEWS ANALYSIS EDITOR Howard Frant NEWS ANALYSIS STAFF Abbie Katz Cathy Perlmutter Michael Zachary FEATURE EDITOR Emily Yoffe FEATURE STAFF Joel Freedman Judy Sklare Margie Spodrck SPO RTS E DITOR David Cutler SPORTS STAFF Maria Plat: David Silverman FREELANCE COORDINATOR Richard Rand FREELANCE STAFF Paula Barry Michael Fasman David Keyes Mike Mitrano Jon Skinner Steve Visco PHOTOGRAPHY EDITOR Steven Silin PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Roger Graves R0bert Grossman Jay Miller David Parritz Mark Spencer CA RTOON ISTS Steven Orzack Vincent Stanton Peter Mrsch ADVISOR Ms Veronica Tucker BUSINESS STAFF BUSINESS MANAGER Chris Toomey BUDGETARY MANAGE R Geoffrey Thompson ADVERTISING MANAGER Jane Greenhood ADVERTISING STAFF Richard Green Carla Petievich Elaine McNulty Lise Reichard CORRESPONDENCE MANAGE R Norman Wu CORRESPONDENCE STAFF Robert Clubb Wayne Fong Marne Zanco Danny Llchten BILLING MANAGER Lynnda Pollen PUBLICITY STAFF Leslie Abramson Betsy Howard Sally Nusbaum BUSINESS ADVISOR Ms Jo Ellen Crrsafulli "7 lr..,,,k Trying to revitalize itself after setbacks from the year before, Newton High's art and litera- ture magazine, Thoughtprints, again faced the perennial problems of lack of funds and liter- ary submissions. Since Thoughtprints, like public television, does not accept advertisements, another method of raising revenue was successfully implemented this year. After choosing new staff members in October, the magazine initi- ated a subscription service for members of the Newton community. In return for a contribu- tion of S1 or more to the magazine, Thought- prints was hand-delivered to patrons free of charge. Reorganization of the literary staff, as well as several publicity campaigns among English teachers as well as students, helped Thought- prints to noticeably increase its volume of sub- mitted pieces over the year before. Communi- cation among the entire staff of the magazine was greatly improved by both the Thought- prints homeroom t335l and periodic gripe sessions which were held throughout the year. As we move into the new building, Thought- prints is hoping to broaden its base within the school community. Two goals for the future are the printing of more issues per year and the sponsoring of art-related events in the new school. xms is 440 .,,,,,. 1 G -In g 4 . Q -Q- v i i l 4-0 ...v -E 1+-J -!,f'. ' ' Maki, "'-' Literary Staff, First Flow: Vincent Stanton, Patty Low lCo-editori, Judie Bronstein, Second Bow: Norman Wu, Tony Krebs lCo-editorj, Nancy Pfund, Jennifer Barber. Missing: Susan Buchs- baum, Julie Williams, Ann Miller. -Of gig, D' Art Staff: Gail Syphers iEditori, David Regal, Sue Smith, Lori Levine, Bill Lief, Melanie Baker. l ' f Business Staff: First row: Marco Mishler, Daniel Naiman iCo-managerl, Second row: Ann Hochberg iCo-managerl, Joan Mannix, Judy Keleher, Louise Leif, Lisa Schneider, Rachel Teplow, Judi Harding. 5 . Ii Rig in A E ' 1 i I, mul! X1 1 ' 61 4 U' s 3 . J vi' ' . 'fm' "1 'M 1 I 312' ' ' ' A 5 ' ' ' ' 1 Lx xx AX .fi .f Al if , A svgixyflxx lx. lx U 'Lx' 'xiii ww rHHfu: 1,1x,11 if l nf - Sf .,, U, ? 'F -Q 4 av"'1'x 75 Joi" 'K F JJ il-' I flex L il" vw' mv- ? li l 3 1'A X 5 atr r X 2' 71 i First row: Karen Nelson, Faith Montgomery tEditorJ, Mike Mitrano. Second row: Ann Miller Ken Fremont-Smith. Top: Gary Stone. orange book "You might look on this book as a kind of consumers guide to NHS. All sophomores receive Orange Books but few read them. We have tried to make this book something that can be used. "We will enter the new school next year. Wherever possible we have included information for the new school along with that for the old school. "Because the format of the Orange Book has been changed so much, it is quite probable that we have left something out. We sin- cerely apologize for any errors we have committed, and hope we will be forgiven for any oversights. Suggestions and comments will be appreciated." 12 : v ..a 4 KI ,AH -0' Wi.. .QV f -x , '-J in , "jf 1 v I .v r Y I H'- 14 '. - ,V V 3 'i 9 Q ai ' 1 A .A h 11 ' 4. --1 E1 ' 1 . , , v x 4 l In lv. I Q 4 I ' w E 'i Q 'u 1 1 ,X' J '31 1 . ,A I I n 1 . Aff j -xl ' 45' , , I , ff -C xj WPQH... ..:...-T5 ,Arai 14? , J 146 Sb 1' ' 'I Q, ,ww 1 1 ' ' av, yi Ng ,X , X 5 1 A5 Q4 Q x L4 kg I ,0- ,,,,,,,,,-mn'-mm V JHFL ww ' ' Lv fx li F. WB? ww: 'if Y Q 1 I I . ' 4 x , 1 gn V 24. - 'I 6 fl ig - , -F ' , Z , I ,. gi Q f J. Q60 43,1 f M, f 3 5' f ' W , , ggfzaa, ima f J . , , 1 , , A -- 1 h,,g2.,5 if-f - . . f . wi-:K "Q ff nf? ,' -f ' 'iam ' wa 4 2' Af: f fzt' , -"' 3g51N.5Q,,Q ' : fi 104 A I .. f.v,. , ' 12-: -1.2112 M If ' ' - fp X 221. WV' fs? - Q 1 Q 113 -3 , ' ' . - . X wfjih 42 - V , , S: ,, wg .L A Y f f ' X:1ff?f . , W. , 18" . - ' fi 2 5 . Y' If ' .-2 , , j . ' V jffhliz, W 4. , 'Aff 532-if ,: L ...m.,M Q li I .af jNP'X 9,15 Mx? Humax wi ' 5 ' Aw. all-5 F1 ,e 1, 5' A? 17' ina., I 2. '-3. wg, if ii? tim' .al A S-nl , 4- ""'A". in 'v fc f I 1 . 4? 7- -w QM-Q ,av .m5"" 1 N Cl' if AV ,ZW uf QW 0 af .A X4 4 l vw?" ik W My ? 3' 1 f wg' .fra-, , X554 3' . qiliiw, S. X 0 ' .f"'I4, lil '1 45 , lk ' 1 ' 2 wg. wi Q fwwmamnw wwwwmm , M mrmf ' i"'5f3'19Wv5wQm,, ,R wh if A' , 5 mf 1' M A , .3 ii? A X 3 ,. ,M Ji. -at v wbux b 1 AM 5212. Qb. Q 12 , -, A x y Q '2,.,Q, ,fg, X My we F , .. 1gfiT, ,?WiiijA , .W 11" R . X: , H ,xi Il-mwx fxt, I Q 0 ou . ,, .,. ,.'S:v1-f3..g,,,i 'Q in A .Je i? QF .-Rfgg W i gf I, I 4. 'X 'xx Vfnylflgf N 45 Q' 41. 1 T I -L wr 4... , ff S- -, --n'. ' Q X' Q- 1- K' N 1 A .a X ' . Iii. 'T .5 rf ,ff 1 y 4 1 l W 1 24 1 rf X 1 K 4' W, ,32- 1 xi '- 'I Sf' i A 5? 'Q Z W. lm' Ig if ' I 2 ,x"h'.:7 'ls-.I .I I, 'Y S 'tif , ..- Y r A ' B -if Il If A .QUE su iv 3 , ,. . ' 1 K' -1 fvql L2 ' " Q' r 05, F fu Q' gvhhzll ,7 f. ,Q . Y,. x s , Y I A, " 1 - , Y , i ,Lu ,eg I , . . V -1 . 1 J A , V 1 H, A ' . 2 Q' af ' Fu, .. . 1 H '.'!,iQ'Q. i , , - .. X K 'NN R 5 Q Vadax I ws fr , if x h-'-H J I , - Q f' - " y . 1 . -1' , ,, fl' r A v ,. F if g ffiyrgn Ag.. :Ap , X Y at 0 x . .N Y ' L 'V ' Y .A - I W' ' K I b-1 .J K 8 ' if QA? QI' A K3 is 0. J . Q , 'Fw -V - ,A M 1' s , fi x A K , 5' 'Q-' . - kv' .v-K 1 F V 1 J as ... ' 11 WYE,- J K i 5,32 '-,A 1 . gf :gy 'V ij f -f 9 f ' F55 aff K W Yr ?A 'ff W wi' ii-2 4" im ffm? ' v.Qj'f -29:7 + ' A 'Q' ie ' 19 f- Z Y ,f 4 L ,,j54'11fj X P' :S . . Q 'll 1 1 - Y :nf Y 5 . . v mt," ' 1 ,QL-v qw! , , ' v, . r x fff., ,. " , , - I J l Tv 13 . , ' 4' .f s 4 SN R' . LX 5 fs, Ks...,- I . 'vm , 1 K 1 alk- IH L I 1 1 T 5 w A 1 r i Q . I: . ,,- ,A ill!! ' .Qu , 1'-1 ' 1- La ' 0 f N ' gr V4 , b '- 5. ' M I u ,L U fx K' " l W - A I dd ' . in , . 1 4 . -, ' 'r -. ., , -Q-5 , -- "P-- . .44 -iq' ba! .,, 'Zu 'sig' X-lJ7"V" Plus ,gil 1-Q. if rj v l01""lxS' fr' QQQ.. 12. '54 N if' 4 . .uf J . 1 X S . ,Al Dn- 243- l 4' bmi, IK f -vs Qu! ' in Q . Mk, , ', , 5 A had - 1 rl s , ,. . ' , - ' ' H -. 1 , .gl 'Q f G -:xi 'T nf' :V,.q,-115 I'-1 7 Vg: 63?-f ei f 11?-'A A ' X - ' " ' 1 ' - ' , Q 4" '9 ' 'P 1. f sat" , '- - f A' ,-.,., J' ,K M ' "' N I . v ""'v4v."" en, Q Z-an ' -,f f ,A , ' '.' . 0 ' A . 'M h V ' A K' 7-Q v.. , .......,.9 I ! 395. if? fl"-4 1 Z 1 -ln- E . P! ' y .,v: - ,, :wi Q Sf' X , .- A ff in R f Ii ' A 9 . b Aff A I ,J ,, ani - fu ' A ..v"uil?' 45 2'1- K -1. , Q-my in R ui N , Q V pk " V 63 IT - 3'-L -, 5 vflf' 9 ' ,, s 'I - jgk-4 an V ,,., . 1,0 ' . . 'VV-5-4 "'1-s 1 k 7 u 4' 1 G 1.3 ff 1 W I, f' E' Q ' 1 Y,-11 '45 ' , Jw- - V .4 4 ,. TE W! H, as f--' .':':..-'.-..-- af...-.. -1 gi' R . I as , .. pw , , -,-1' y- 'f' ' 'S 1 Q ' of - . was 3 Xl f ',.:.Q, 1- .QV mm Vffffl' A W A W: if Q 1 'if' 1- ' ' 1 4 wp . ,J Q3 F1 X, 'vm 1 'LW 4 ji. ,ff -ul W 5 'WA QN 1,2 J 4 Y.. it s i 2, aw 31 " 'YRS wtf 'sf-'N ' :JN Fl' .. :QQ Q 1....i' Vp , 19-1 Q . ,uuml-,.!!wWf1 " WW, M he Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton UU L1 - tt W f 9 6' .-. V M 'ig 3 ' 'gb mix. ,Q 1 S I E M-X, it M ,. Weymouth North Weymouth South Arlington Medford Boston Latin - Waltham Brookline Super Bowl Brockton O 34 O O 13 15 14 8 20 M I H ,ik ,H ff fn ,ag . I 7 ,, -5 IIS!! H, S is I First Row: Kevin Cupoli, Steve McCourt, Bill Steinberg, Ralph Vitti, Co-Capt. Jay Tutungian, Co-Capt. Ken Billings, Ron Wilson, Jim Shaw, Dave Egelson, Ed Beckler. Second Row: Tom Durkin, Tony D'Amico, Dick Ready, Norm Sementelli, Jerry Wilensky, John Lat- tanzio, Dave Donalds, Dave Boyajian, Rick Snyder. Third Row: Bob Hoover, Lee Levison, Pete McKay, Mark Connolly, Pete Dion, Bob Arabian, Mark DeWolfe, Brian Pendergast, Don Keefe. Fourth Row: ' 5 '355'.! 1 A x Q ' 4 -E' 3 f i Pete Laskaris, Gardner Oleson, Joe Rondina, Pete Waxman, Cal Moffie. Jay Murphy, Jerry Keleher, Gary Breton, Steve Berger, Fifth Row: Ed Hartunian, John Connolly, Marshall Frechette, Pete Ber- quist, Kevin Russo, Mark Riley, Mark Frechette, Brian Vallely. Sixth Row: Kevin Gudejko, Pete Crane, Steve Berkowitz, Paul Winnick, Bob Keefe, Daryl Ramsey, Rodney Marshall, Bill Seavvard. r 5 my if A 9 sz- T? i - if. .'f, MP A ,,,,,,! 1 f 7 fifmwwx y , - B- if-Qffir Q. "xr we V 1 Y 17" ,nf we I wilt I N , , , . ,tl ff' nf T 'jnff ga 9' Q. U" ' 0 . fs, The bid of the Girls' Field Hockey team to capture first place in the Suburban League fell a point short. They came in second with an overall record of 10-2-1. The team was the best that Newton High has ever produced. Although the season started out slow, the Tigers soon picked up the pace and ended the season with an eight game win- ning streak. ln all of their thirteen games, the girls played outstanding hockey. The offense scored an average of two goals per game, while the defense only allowed three goals to be scored against all season. A high point in the '72 season was when the Tigers beat Arlington, their toughest competi- tors, on Friday the 13th. B ,1 .W Q W 0' fs'-nga A :4 'WV S 5 .f A 'f n 1- J , 4.7 gd ' , ' X x Q f yd IE X, ii? 5 1, 3... s v 5 9 xx!- fi. S " M in P-ws... . M I- N Q'e15. i 4? Vg Q ffww was 6,1 M mm? eff f 2125 0 . i -V so 1 it f an b 9 'Q- F 1 'o' A QM -,-9,15 fgfrirf ,,,,li-1 av ,ag 1. W5 it I. ihfv .wf ,QQ sl -.few TMA ,Jr 1401 i Standing: Coach Judith Davidson, Susan Laning, Donna Lafko, Mary Eve Mahony, Allyson Toney, Judy Curby, Sharon O'Brien. Kneeling: Linda Quintiliani, Paula Dargon, Cindy White, Erin Condon, Nancy Martin. F lm .,. 4 I f 1 f -Y f 1 5 'Y 0 ? 'O ' 3 ar fish Y. Y HN- 1 f X ,ji , .. E Q -.1 Q4 2 J ,,.r:s- .1.1Z1j":afg,,gf' , V, f , f 0' Q- 98 1' V. ,MQ ,..,.... ,M M , Q., ,Y 4,53 a , Ja MM K 'l' dv ff ,, M7 f. W1 4 ifA ff-1. 'IU-1 1 ft 9 2 Q if 3 X l I , it Jf,ib , , . , I t , 6 fix. XX Q ,, .. I S. Q, A Q ff' 2 A ' 0 E .f:-,,QQfw, 1 1 -,-T' Sn... 'is 'K V Q 1. 4 - X "AA. , 1 , ,L www... .1-5 wk ,, - , ug SOCCGF The Newton High Soccer Team had a very good year, not as good a year as the 1971 booters had, but a season that our school can be proud of. Led by coach Michael Buzzi and his assistant, Bernard Flanagan, the NHS Kickers sported a league record of 14- 3-1. Q V rrpggi 'ivjrr 1 Qiyb ii zlimk QA I 5 s " -at - K X 4-.... , X N , ..-ml , . ., .W my ff.-+, A aefwma-4 fn, ipaa ,TH w , 4 A A1 ., ,f-PM , QM weeewaggw ffiviw-+" M +155 J a.'v,Qw wr' W W Wwmw The team started out its season by rolling over seven opponents before losing to a pesky Medford team. They continued to dominate the league be- fore losing to BC. High in mid-October and once again to Medford a week later. They entered the playoffs against Nauset in very good shape, but went down to a tough, but not very decisive defeat, losing 1-O. That was the end of the season for the Orange and Blacks. Coach Buzzi was pleased with his team, notably star players Vincent ifleglio. Larry Antonellis, and Phil Kurinsky, whom he praised as being Houtstanding players." l-lefeltthe whole soccerteam played very well considering the loss of many outstanding players from the previous year. We had a very exciting and honor- able team and they did Newton High School iustice by making a fine show- ing in the Suburban League. x v Q' 41 51, 3 I ff i I ff we l ffl I ad' S 1 'ly fyfg, , S' xx Y vi-'ffrfffvf Q-. gwipwt , 0' x-U '1 Q i . ,. ' , ' 5 laws, 5, at dvr! Q.. 4 t ' x JIMIO4-1jq47u n A 4" d Q-dfngvvv gm-n0?"'v+"' f' ' "" " 4- ...J-1 mv:-W1-4-f' M' .ill 4, 0 lg, , I , E as Q 1 a. 'V 55' + ' . , 1 .. 'S lu. Jr 4 ., First Row: Paul Austin, Dom Proia, John Malgeri, Vinny Megiio. cardi, Larry Antonellis, Phil Kurinsky. Fourth Row: Coach Hamilton Fisher, Paul Vasselotti, Ted Tocci. Second Ftow: Bill Michael Buzzi, Gary Shabanian, Gabor Korthy, Frank Boden- Finn, Steve Hindman, Steve Bergin, Paul Cronin, Steve Forte, graven, Rudy Viscomi, David Cutler, Brad Schiff, Coach Ber- Steve Blaur, Steve James. Third Row: Bill Bertrand Johnn nard Flana an. . Y Q Eagle, Jim Morog, Joe Moussalli, Mark Wasserman, Tony Bac- Ads- Cross Country is one of the most physically and mentally demanding schoolboy sports. The members of the Nl-lS cross country team ran many miles each day to train for their meets. They did this without the fanfare of the other athletic teams. Led by co-captains Peter Wrenn and Gary Goolkasianthc1973 cross coun- try team compiled a regular season '- ' A 55515526 -pi va, ,U HQ, 15.22 4: A 1 ' ' i. 'r 4 ti -4 vas .Wg T, Gr., tx! til 5, .8 ,Kyo me Q.. 'Qf ug T J K M1 'fp . ' T 4' A ir . yr V -'--1 Q2 5 z" S 5 . W a 1-1,1...f .+........ lvl YF- W . Er P A , 'fffgbiti record of 4-4. The team placed 15th in P S ,. 2 the state meet. ,ll wa' Two regular season losses were to 'gi' Waltham and Weymouth North, but b,g,Wfi14,.M 37 ' i . ,fi senior co-captain Peter Wrenn placed 1 ' , rv third in the Suburban League meet to , asgywnf lead the Tiger runners past these two T Eiga' opponents and into a third place finish M in the Suburban League. It took more than a one man effort, however, as the entire varsity did afinejob. V This year was a rebuilding year. The Q3 team was young and inexperienced. l Sophomore John Block was a clutch Y runneras he placed high when needed. - V Juniors John l-lightower, Alan Yun,and 9 Flalph Gott were also key performers. 4 l ggi.-5213 .-al! 4 .. 3 .'v?...i: U Q Q 2,5112 5, 3 . ' 'wa 3, la' ..:,,, "N gi' t ll 1 1 Wk 1 4 ra boys' basketball 5 -ff - 'i V Vx 1 First Rowz Ken Billings, Ron Wilson, Co-captain Dan Curtis, Co-captain Brian Pendergast Steve Forte. Keith Glasser. Second Row: Ed Beckler, Wayne Nichols, Mark Wasserman Bernie Hinteregger, Peter Laskaris, Bob Watson. Coach Jerry Phillips. 1 L,,,. ......,,m .. , 0' Tn ...,.w.....k . 'S 1, ,-.......J.,......, -1 'Z w 1, 5 x 4 O . 4' 3? "'-'S ,T L -M 1? , ff" rf. ' ff I if FQ --ff -M' - 'W' . 1 fl . gb s 43 gli L' an L 'IWW- B if 1 Vw? . M f '. .wg x , g 1 I 5 Y ' tk " Q s f 'ff P- vligf' - af f- , 2 nf' M , . - I . - A, , i R 1 , I Mx I I J x Q 'N N 6 l 1 K ,, I . L . l ,W L ,H-M , . iq 1 ' V 1 . vu lf- W lim. Q. 'fl - 'uv A lam, 41 1 gf- . 'M' ,fl , an g 3 .A 4' HN fy 4 E ief' iff 1' 1, 5 1" fv,a w-,ffl Y - wzq- 1, e 1.4 -3,ggf1w,.. ,... ,. , . 'wg' 5-,-.31-aww fv. , , 5 -, 1 +7351 5 f ' fe Q 3.53 ' 4 QNQ ' ix ,. , V + ' ' , .wiv W F . 'f 5 xx., f X fi x ZA ' 2 , , 'i I' xv X I 1 F' - .3 f in T is ff T The Newton High basketball team had a fine season, tying for first place in the Suburban League. The team possessed height and talent in all- league players Peter Laskaris, Eddie Beckler and Bernie Hinteregger. Co-captain Brian Pendergast was called the man who "con- trolled the floor" with his excellent outside shooting. Other players who must be given recognition are Kenny Billings, Coecaptain Danny Curtis, and Ron Wilson. Coach Jerry Phillips stated, "This team has the most group talent l have ever coached in my career." The team suffered a disappointing setback in the injury of Pete Laskaris. During his ab- sence the team lost two important games to Arlington and Cambridge. The hoopsters finished well enough to play in the Tech Tourney against Taunton. After leading throughout the game they dropped the decision in the closing seconds with a score of 64-63. The season ended with a 14-6 overall record and a 12-4 record in the Suburban League. fm' -' YNY: 3 fs, tad T 3: 0 54 .. R f I 'i QQ, 5.1 G ay .F as-5 21 if? 5 t i ga Q li f-sy ' g ' N Q 4 V' is -Q , . mf! gf it ?' 55 W Q A- l , . X ff. 5. ' 'Q ll K it - Y fi if ' ' Q a,,5,,,. , T 4' V , ,iw M : 'gp 5- if Q, ' A' 'ti 459' " B 4, 'A Nkfiiauzv, , Z 1,1 sv x "' r A ' Y """""vi' A it X l is 4 t ati its F iff K +-J li I First Row: Sue Blakely, Sue Laning, Janice Gittens, Janet Applefield, Linda Marengni, Cindy White. Second Row: Mary Eve Mahony, Sue Dalton, Paula Dargan, Beth Schwab, Allyson Toney, Maureen Delaney. Third Row: Linda Quintiliani, Jody Capello. in. :"9'd'1tvovv . I Q -.1 , .dag Against very tough competition in the Su- burban League, the girls' basketball team managed to place fifth, with an overall record of 4-6. But the 4-6 record does not show the poten- tial that was shared in the team. In general, the Tigers started out slow in the games. By the second half they warmed up and started play- ing excellent basketball, but were a bit late to win the game. XT!! Q . r. ,A 5 E 5-J , -Y ST a- It ff ff 4 'mr' awe- , T i f 3 f, ,r r s' A. f f s f 1 r T' ffq b .,.:t , , ii, illixta ll AWPT ' A 'Q ,ii v ii A r--f "'- I - 4 .f --- W , -Mx -is das? --. l ..- Q f ' r 3'-l -in -wi st? Despite a disappointing 3-14-1 rec- ord, the 1973 Hockey team did have some bright spots during its season. With top flight teams, Waltham, Hingham, and Arlington in the Subur- ban League, the Tigers were up against tough competition all season. Against Waltham the Tigers led 2-1 going into the third period, but lost the game 4-3. lt was the same with Hingham. After holding Hingham to a scorelss tie for two periods, the Tigers lost 1-O. New- ton did have a big win, as they de- feated a fine Brockton team. Senior Captain Mark Connolly as well as other seniors Dan Ahern, Ham Fisher. Dave Rossi, Glenn Ross, Paul Vassalotti, and Ted Tocci provided great leadership throughout the sea- son. The future should be bright for New- ton High hockey with many experi- enced players returning. These players include high scoring forward Steve Donovan, and an excellent prospect in goal, sophomore Joe Steele. The team looks forward to an improved record next season. Jo --ff hockey gg: sl 0? Jigga, 59? 'Qs v 'Qi :YAG P' ,W--. LW ng: 1 ,gm Q' , u if 1-' 5 4 . J , mn M V if , 4 7 L X , I -f 1 : 4 Y JI 5 3 -gd" Y vs: 5 Q, P' ff " DE' 1 Q' an 5 -mv- 7' N ' 1 li Y. , K , 1... YQ -4' s ,uv 'S f5a4". . W fl' all " ' 1' Q '- ii 'W 544 1 X Q , ,W 4 1 r iii fx S 4 Q - i 5323 mi' J First Row: John Newis, Jeff Senior, Paul Vassalotti, Glenn Ross, Hamilton Fisher, Ted Tocci, Dave Rossi, Dan Ahearn, Joe Steele. Second Flow: Jerry Sullivan, Mark Jewett, Dave Chapman, Steve Donovan, Jim Comeau, Space Connolly, Fran Colantonio, Cal Mollie, Frank Boden- QFBVGD. 174 The top performers and their events were: track The indoor track team did better this year than most had expected. In the beginning it was believed that the lack of seniors and the loss of most of the top runners from last year would be too great a disadvantage. But the young team surprised everyone. They easily beat Arlington and rallied for a great team effort to knock off Waltham. The three losses were suffered at the hands of Weymouth South, Brockton, and Bindge. All of these meets were close enough to have gone either way. The team finished with a 5-3 season. The more memorable events of the indoor track season were Bob Hoover's second place finish in the state meet, the relay team beating Bindge, Peter Waxman losing his shoe while running the relay, Peter Wrenn forgetting where the finish was in the two mile, and the milk and cookies at Exeter Academy. Jim Averback Bill Seaward Gary Tutungian Steve Rosenthal Bob Hoover Artie Murphy Peter Wrenn Jim Shaw Peter Waxman Bill Fulton Bob Hoover Bob Meek Jim Shaw Peter Waxman Shot-put High Jump 600 Yard Dash 1000 Yard Bun 300 Yard Sprint 1 Mile 2 Mile 50 Yard Dash 50 Yard Dash High Hurdles Relay lei: . wi ar' I ,I ' inn Cv ' 4 . 'X'- ff 5 , ,it ? if Y Fu ff , W fx ,, ,f4,, . f , V ' ggi? I ,f 'Aw' f ,llV,wH,fQ",,f,f,'ffQ, y X 'ling' J ' C l A , , ij! Q ax, .Ny I ff y, Z, f ,, ,, y ' 'bf I First Row: Bill Seaward, Brian Carey, Co-captain Peter Wrenn, Co- captain Jim Shaw, Bob Hoover, Lee Levison, Peter Waxman, Sean O'Brien. Second Row: Assistant coach Bob Malone, Ralph Gott, Alan Shocket, Mark Spencer, Richard Raum, Dave Kingsbury, Bob Gross- man, Dale Syphers, Allen Rubin, Bill Fulton, Joe Marrella, Brian 11 ' McCaIIion, Steve Rosenthal, Head coach Lamoine Boyle. Third Row Jim Averback, Bob Meek, Jim Connolly, Artie Murphy, Gary Tutun Qian, Ken Tocci, Jeff Caplan, Jon Vitello, Hugh Caplan, Richard Sail Assistant coach Fred Yaitanes. Missing: John Cardillo. Tom Cardillo Ben Berg. ' MH ff I .- 1 5? af V it -., S, 3 gs "3 if 'T' 'rg 3:41 VV ,L 55 d, boys' gymnastics Until last year Newton High had the reputation of a good gymnastic team. This season was a drastic improvement over last year's record of 2-8, as the team fin- ished with a 5-6 record. This is the first step on the way back to the Newton dy- nasty in the Suburban League. Although Newton did not place in the Suburban League by collective meets, they did place third in the Suburban League meet by defeating teams they had lost to during the regular season. The team was extremely proud of the third place trophy. lt meant more to them than the individual ribbons and medals they won during the meet. Despite the mediocre season, there was a great deal of team spirit which was ex- emplified during the Suburban League meet and throughout the season, in victory and defeat. "Go wild boys!" '---' X f iflffizbi s 1 La a .Q-W X x!1sL9,.5i as ' itil. 4s,x5 smxxtfy at-w -'5t",ml 1Qx,,.l 'K aww. Ili KVQYI4' 'Alf qw w4'5s t N" . t T y T . 3, if , 1 - V Mm. J is I 1 .v -h A - . I t' I Ai ii ,. ' I , , 5 'Q . "-' r . N , ' ' 7 W ' , X ff fy? ,,.x. V Q 3 -5- ,,f f 4 X 3 ' . we, A R. ,X ff 'ml t- ' or . , " K - 5 3 Q U U" " ' ' nfs' 0 a X 4, -""'t. V - Q- . Qfgi.:,.,f R' 'Q fs-' Y ' - .1 1: .1 'ti X 1 Qs I .D ti? AI 1 I ff ' ' mllxl. 9. r'l' 'A .grin - it, .5 ,t ,- VVVV First Row: Philip Gilbert, Tri-captains Thomas Currier. Andrew Schon, and Frank Giovaninni, Gerald Wilensky. Robert Collins, Second Row: William O'Halloran. Joseph Benn. Christian Brown. Richard Connolly. David Donalds. Coach George Jessup. Third Row: Stephen Annessi. Anthony Webber. Robert Hodgdon. Roderick Marshall, Mitchell Baker, Kevin Gudjko. Fourth and Fifth Rows' Peter Clancy. Mark DiBenedetti. Thomas Tully, William Walsh, Robert Hersh- field. Randolph Cohen, 'Hx ig I a S f A . X 'iii fi 4! v girls gymnastics As last year's State Champions, the girls' gym- nastic team came back determined to win. And win they did. They ended their season with an impressive 7-O record. The outstanding performance of Margie Magraw on the beam and in floor exercise was supported by the excellent performances by Ann Hurwitz and Mary Pendergast on the uneven bars, Gail Whoris- key in vaulting, Joanne Green in vaulting and the beam, Jenny Barber and Nancy Brunswick in floor exercise. Sophomores Julie Myers and Gail Blauer prove to be very promising talent for next year. At present the girl gymnasts are looking forward to the State Meet and are very optimistic about returning back to NHS with the State Champion- ship. S f'Sf ,,.f V .- if-1 ,nw , V ,Iii ,evra vwlv A ,X ANN, , I xx ,4 5- . pa -xg- 4 get "' 1 i t-5, .fa . V it . ?'f N" ' v w f , 'fp . 'f. 'Q' ' A-1 ' in ,gy 1' .vi-i, Q X". MN f. i 1 fm r E . .5 I AA i 2 v 4-. is 'X MA I I ff Sail ig. "fin" Q 11,8 1-ll im Am. dl., Q 1" " --nq w-A1 .........4-1 H-QQQ J' ' ,A -L 'L Q V55 ali 'S 11:9 AA? nL 5 'lil' ' 035 i 1 is-.641-..1'z1:-.,..,.. cllrllilllili 1 a""""' wrestling At the beginning of Newton's third wrestling season, it looked like a championship was within its grasp. Almost the entire projected lineup was experienced and good. There were al- so good practice facilities at the new Day Junior High, so gone were the days of wrestling on thin mats in the cafeteria or running in zero degree weather to Cabot School. However, things didn't go as planned. People couldn't make their weights, others quit, and still others were injured or sick. Only four wrest- lers competed in all fourteen matches. Although 9-4-1 was a good record, it was somewhat disappointing because in every one of those losses, a few seconds-a few inches either way could have made the difference. The outstanding records on the team were posted by quiet junior George Hebard H3-ll, Tony D'Amico H3-ll, Johnny Womboldt j1O-2-25, Bandy Wil- son f1O-47, Mike Bates t8-1-3l, and rambunctious Donny Keefe C9-59. Co-captains Mark DeWolf t5-4-23 and Dave Egelson t6-65 provided ex- cellent leadership. Mark wrestled on a very bad ankle for three-quarters of a season and 'tEggyl' was not in top physical condition a good portion of the season. The highlightof the season occurred in the post season tournaments. New- ton placed a strong fifth fonly a few points out of secondl in the section and qualified a team record of five wrest- lers in the state tourney. First Row: Cliff Brown, ,John Womboldt, Co-captain Dave Egelson, Third Flow: John Monahan, Steve Fiosen, Mike White, Mike Bates, Co-captain Mark DeVt-olfe, lan Wilson, Tony D'Amico, Donny Steve Flosenblatt, John Jordan, Jim Glick. Fourth Bow: Cliff Cole, Keefe. Second Flow: Mark Trumbull, George Hebard, Bruce Mc- Marc Bordieri, Doug Pepper, Steve Bibbo. Nulty, Bobby Keefe, Jeff Wilson, Kevin O'Halloran, Mike Annessi. fl- 1 w w N4 sb Aff are .W " em W5 QE! ,'! 3. E I 4- 12 f r::"1......gA l QF' ss. G-I 'X 'Hr gn. , V Pi ' 1-. l -v af? I. wi K7 n v V 6 1 .,., 4+- lei. I ufv W ,- . y-V 1 'Q iw- f qi-'W - .gznhli -f THE EYEOF THE BEHGLDER a look at NHS in 1973 f ,f ff ff 1" f X f Graduating seniors have been to about two thousand classes while at N.H.S. l sometimes wonder why kids put up with these endless ordeals. Possibly it is because classes offer an orderly refuge from the outside world, but I would like to suggest that another reason why students go is because classes are far more interesting and meaningful places than most are willing to admit. What makes classes inter- esting is that often they are like short plays. The classroom is the stage, the teacher the protagonist and the lesson the script. Students are sometimes players, sometimes audiences. The result, of course, is theater and every- one knows that theater can be fun. Theater also offers the possibility for artistic experi- ence and we are always yearning for art. There might be the Greek theater of Euripides with students acting as the chorus, interpreting the meaning, or as Furies pursuing the teachers' weaknesses with deadly insight-madly driving him mad you might say. Or there might be Theater of The Absurd with students all cheat- ing on a test while the marijuana smoke from the lavatory next door hangs heavily in the air and the teacher, impotent, observes it all and does nothing. Or there might be Living Theater with paper gliders flying about in chaos while a Brandeis Student Teacher with a Superman Tee shirt chants Yippie slogans. Occasionally there is the great actor: it might be old Baggy- weather, the classics teacher, with the weird sense of humor and the incredible tobacco stains on his fingersg or sixty year old Miss Slick lnot THE Miss Slickl who constantly dreamed of Lord Byron. Whatever the scene, there was always the possibility that the drama might touch the realm of the sublime. When that happened in a poignant way we would have art. lt might be a moment of glorious in- sight from work on a poem, it might be a moment of fury or tenderness or anassertion of humanity in discussion. The notion of art as a succinct and vital possibility sustains our classroom-theaters. On the stage and in the classroom it is the same, we are vulnerable and exposed. The result is that class cannot help but be mean- ingful from time to time, and it may be that graduating seniors have learned more than they think they have. At any rate such a view of school is becoming a necessity in our tech- nological age. Ned Ftossiter Barry House Theater Group ,lg 'Ov il 4 . :nur-1 it 3 I. I-IA AS. ...J xr' 495515 Cliques Although the school divides us by house, homeroom, and curriculum, we divide our- selves into little groups commonly known as cliques. Much has been said, good and bad, in regard to cliques. Yes, let's face it-they're here to stay. ln elementary school the 'tcoolest" clique was the one in which the boys and girls kissed, and whose members could stay out later than 9:00 P.lVl. on a Friday night. ln junior high school everyone was running to climb the social ladder. Old friends were abandoned in hopes of being held in higher esteem. Cliques were great, in that if a boy and girl went out on Friday night and did more than hold hands the whole school would know about it by Monday morning. Upon reaching high school we are all sup- posedly suddenly mature, or too immature to know if we're mature, or too mature to even think about being mature. In any case we stop feeling compelled to attach a stigma to cliques. We now accept cliques as a reasonable force in our lives. We don't live or die for the people in our cliques, yet we will give them a certain amount of consideration when formulating plans for the weekend. Being able to drive changes things some- what. lt is now possible to maintain friends in other cities and they in turn can become part of a Newton clique and vice-versa. Very often the leader in a clique is the one who gets his license first, but this of course changes quickly. lt is obvious that the people with whom you have classes are the ones that you see the most and with whom you probably make friends. As much as we complain about how we are divided into groups by tracking we seem to accept and even like these groups. Within many classes the students are united against the teacher and this bond can lead to friend- ship. Projects, like Barry House and Murray Road, tend to encourage friendships between classmates because of the constant contact between them. Most groups resent being labeled a "clique." Although the difference between a group and a clique is negligible, most people feel that a clique implies dependence upon one another. Cliques are important at NHS because they determine what building you hang out in front of, with whom, and in what condition. As long as you accept cliques as a way of life, you won't end up going insane as a result of trying to cure America's social ills. Richard Rand A-ant." iiayhb Ju 1 :uni Q. . 1 lf!-, Q Ig x M me IST? 111.5 cf? 'Q 'Q if x 'xx U' xg- 441 T' .f,. ,, fm Af 1 N 5. r 1 I I I V .arf if mvvyu f Y"Yj" I i 4' If 'qi-'MY' --ad' ""w.. ' A 25 ...M !?.. ,, .W . Q' 'fm .1 ,P if r "' .".? s i' . Y .r-""?s dw' FROM A TEACHER ON BEARING CHILDMEN Thrustlng into my summer-stale September Mind, bearing sun-burnt bodies in my room Smiling sweetly, you proceed to eat me alive - Like foetuses chewing insideamother's womb, In my swelling amniotic soul you thrive. llove-hate you, all my children, inspired To devour me freely nine months of the year, Growing large as I hang, until we're tired And finally break through together in fear. Then you turn in the tenth month and madly Suck the last of my strengthg l do not grieve As l grudgingly give to you gladly Because, little cannibals, if you did not leave Me lying in pain in June, l'd die in December Norman Walker The school secretary is a paraprofessional person who, under general supervision, en- gages in office work. She is responsible for care and accuracy in detail and for individual judgment in the application of a standardized routine and compliance with definite instruc- tions or regulations. She plays an integral part in the student's school life and tries to bridge any gap between student- administration - parent. From the beginning of Newton High School to its present day she has added to the pres- tige and growth of the school. Her own role became more emphatic and more definite in its nature through the years because educa- tion in its entirety has taken a definite step up- wards and outwards. Through the secretary's helpfulness and tenacity for work she has be- come invaluable in her role. Teachers can now spend more time with their students during class and outside of the classroom because they can depend on clerical help from the secretary. Their work is typed, mimeographed and collated - ready for distribution. Our school secretary is a warm, gracious, human and sincere person with an aptitude to be discreet at all times. She has an intense desire to help the students in any way at any time. Parents often rely upon them for guid- ance in special matters, and it is quite often that a secretary is called upon to deliver a late --. 1 PLEASE: - no NOT SNEEZE . y on THE 1 unnAluAN! lc .- lunch or get a gym outfit to a student so he doesn't lose out in his gym class. Sad news and glad news to student and to parent via the secretary. Many people have posed the question of why work in a school .. with so many students it must be noisy - students are boisterous - teachers are demanding - parents call at in- convenient times and interrupt you when you are typing something important. Our answer is quite simple. This is our kind of life. Students are noisy because they are young and full of life. They have many projects going: musicals, bands, athletic events. Students are full of fun, talented and with a zest for life and a realistic urge to jump into adulthood. Teachers are demanding because they keep up with the demands of the educational world and their students' thirst for knowledge. Parents call when they can -- who has a better right? All the secretaries join in one loud voice to proclaim that Newton High is a great and won- derful place to work. We enjoy our association with the students. The school has changed dramatically the last few years and we hope that we, the secretaries, have maintained our capabilities as we deal with the teachers, ad- ministrators, parents, and most of all with the students. Elsie McDermott Once l could tell whether a rock was sedi- mentary, igneous, or metamorphic. lt was one of my great junior high school achievements. But somehow, in the process of getting from there to here, that prized bit of knowledge was forgotten. My lasting memories from junior high include discovering that is was easier to collect insects by cutting out their pictures than by mounting the real things, and learning how to act if suddenly you were aflame, de- livered with much aplomb by my seventh grade science teacher whose philosophy was, don't run, but walk calmly up to a teacher, in- form him of your plight, and let him roll you about with a big woolen blanket. I also have recollections of two films, one was a film on VD and the other an Air Force film on what to do if youlre an Air Force pilot who is forced to land in sub-zero conditions in the wilderness, with- out any food, plenty of water lalthough frozenl, and very little shelter. In the first film the delin- quent high school students repent and every- thing turns out all right, in the second film the Air Force pilot is finally rescued, minus several toes. During mythree years at Newton High I have learned and forgotten the principal values of the inverse trigonometric functions, the way blood clots, the differences between the Car- petbaggers and the Scalawags, the fourteenth amendment, the formulas for solid geometry, the proper uses of the subjunctive, the Populist Platform of 1896, logarithms, the Sherman Anti-Trust Act, the uses of vitamins A, B, C, and D, the Council of Trent, the book, For Whom the Bell Tolls, and the name l gave the fetal pig I dissected in biology. l remember, how- ever, the fact that if you eat raw gelfilte fish, tape worms and other exotic parasites will in- vade your body. And, oh yes, l remember when a tree is called deciduous. And far from loving it, we have tolerated our classes, our teachers, and ourselves, exploit- ing others, as well as being ourselves ex- ploited. But, then again, Mrs. Goodridge always said that after the sixth grade it was all down hill. Laurie Rubin w. .Lis - --"1 ff -'Lo Q s FF' '11 P' .f"""f 4 GN- ,...f-' --flalwiyj' .. ,W 1' Qffif I K I x Qi q- li Q. I., .til 'T ' L 'x . , """i'l f' E' A fi'f4if'f :"fI!A.' fs kr' H 5-ng ' v. ' Steven M. Zoll Lisa A. Zimmer Patricia A. Zimble "N-4 Kkflk. Mioael S. Zibit Susanna E. Zani Laurence R. Zakon Robin S. Young Jeffrey K. Young David A. Young Eric B. Yogel I Emily J. Yoffe Patricia A. Yerardi 1-1 Mary A. Yerardi Norman N. Wu 1'A,.7' fd Paula M. Wrenn John E. Womboldt Thomas H. Wolf Paul J. Wolf David E. Wilson Jeffrey M. Wilensky Alan Lee Wlnlck Ronald F. Wnlson lan R. Wilson fi Michael P. Weinreb A 1 . 1 I lf, Gerald M. Wilensky Peter E. White Joan M White f 1' N mm 4. ., Calf A , V Q. 6 i fl rx. Q5 JAM! .' I V!! .b ly 2 ilk N Cynthia L. White Edward J. Westbrooks Wayne W Wentworth 1- -' , Y .g. -. -- Gerald C. Wentworth 46' UK ,ff Robin G. Weiner Cheryl M. Weinberg It .... lA!' f- Philip B. Welsh '-nn Donald L. Webber 4.1 B M, f tk V Robert L. Watson f"l- Mark T. Washburn Peter J. Warshauer George J. Wansiewicz Paul F. Walsh Mary T. Walker Lisa D. Walden Ralph A. Vitti lv! ,, V9 Gary A. Vitti Steven J. Visco Sherrill J. Vine Peter K. Vey WWA Jonathan B. Vershbow Donna L. Vernon Carol A. Vernon '3i11.:f5 1 ' 44-. F' lv,,,'7 Mary E. Veduccio Paul M. Vassalotti Lee A. Vachon fm. F98 Marcia A. Tyman ' 'Zz C x-' . . Evelyn D. Tyler Morris S. Tye ."' ,af A-qwf' 'ii JOWT TUfUf19ian Franca Tusei Donna L. Turner Stephen 3- TUVSSKY 3 Margaret M. Tunstall Judith A. Tramontozzi Theodore C. Tocci Rhonda B. Tobin 5,11 7 f 7 1 -3+ -'t ,7 ,f ja . T R '5 752 V x ti Miriarn A. Thurman Kathleen Threadgold Timothy L. Thorman -gy: Y K, J-H '- are r 5" K N 3 Geoffrey B. Thompson Peter O. Thomas Eva M. Thomas 'U' TT? Catherine L. Thomas Timothy V. Terrio James S. Terrasi Turn the other cheek, baby! ui Sally A. Tennant John A. Tedesco, Jr Robert P. Tedeschi If ml 1 l r ll ll I. l I l l l l fl' '.. l Gail N. Syphers fn. , , v..k . 4' 5 j -.,4x,,., -in ggpifzf.-ifwtel 5f.'Jfffh:g?'2'A fer: is cffffg-.f.. ..-new f 3,7 -'tm' -wg. pt -fwfiff ,-:,--, ,. ,.-4 19541 f2Qt?,,..f,4- f X , 43-1:if"" V-47, 7 , 'f v-:,s'1'?' gt,--' .f"'T.g:1-1 -J 5 QQ 1" lil 331 "'-3'4" f" , f- .12 riff? ,,, I L6 .Iwi ,QV Elaine G. Suchman Joan M. Storer Gary R. Stone Michael A. Stolper Diane R. Stiller Scott D. Sternburg s. 2 I l f I l . Jeffrey P. Sudikoff Deborah E. Stone 34221: -vi Jeffrey A. Stern if William Steinberg Frederick W. Stefaniak L l Joan A. Stecker Joyce Stavis Virginia R. Staples Vincent P. Stanton Marjory Spodick Linda D. Spitzberg J 2 i l i i l l l James A. Spaulding Nicholas A. Spada Paul T. Souliotis George S. Souliotis i " i l X ' yi X ,Q . l li i I Donald J. Sostek Brand E. Sollee l , 'fr 3 . 1 3' of 1 ,x . Q . -nv N1 n N Q. 'ff' X Richard C. Snyder 'lv xxww Susan A. Smith he Jonathan S, Skinner Lisa Simon Robin L. Silverman Robert G. Silverman Gary S. Silverman David T. Silverman Steven Silin Af Ilene R. Silberberg Michael I. Siegel Dina A. Shuman Mary V. Shortsleeve if Q fk vv- 11-Q. nf- 5-'Wi ' ' if -tins N . 3 David M. Shore Mark N. Shonfeld Richard B. Sheroff Paul Fi. Sheridan i James F. Shaw , ,N mf- '-6. L i Carol J. Shapiro Thomas R. Shane Norman R. Sementelli Stephen lvl. Seltzer Thank you Friends fl You shared yourselves at intervals with me. While l grew "not necessarily erect" Confusidly at first I struggled in the background of your everydays We grew separate together. Now at leaving We will not pretend regret W 'll ot ocrastinate Barbara J. Selenkow Darrlyn Searle Rebecca Scott beixsenits Ein tum now' 3' 'V I , f P ' V 'gg VV A9 xx fl ' 'SJ l ' 1 al, N wx, -. -4 H , , l 4,.l"',,l t fb -V1 ,,. iv , ,, W ' 5 at. i X ' X ! C X! ya +2 ,552 ' s B .fin lg I ku ,. .gfkx . 'M 511 it VK' ii J-wi, 1 :YI 1 ll- l 2 Qlfffll , Y fr . ' , ll, .4 N xi i t 'i.,,, Katherine H. Scott Stephen Scill Muzzi Schwabeck -1 1 E! ogg l Elizabeth A. Schwab Barbara P. Schwab Andrew Schon vi' If aa, lr-,L 1 "r ? Susan M. Schofield 1 as xx Lisa D. Schneider Gary Schmitt Edward B. Schilder Bradford L. Schiff 206 A 1-wr-'1 Anne Schertzer Scott T. Saroff Salvatore Santucci 1. A Ni ' x fi f-We , Stephen O. Sansevero David H. Sandler Ellen P. Sanders 'W' Susan J. Samuels Susan B. Salett Marsha A. Salamoff Carole L. Safton l Michael E. Sacks Pamela R. Sabbath Mary K. Ryan Steven A. Russo John M. Russo Deborah E. Rudolph Laurie F. Rubin Leslie Rubenstein Daniel MacAskill Deborah L. Rossi David J. Rossi x "7 Mary E. Rossetti Marcia F. Ross Laura A. Ross Glenn N. Ross 7 :fa Diane E. Russ David J. Rosendorf Andrew A. Rosenberg R l! N V I Zjv ,311 ,np i i ' 5 Amy R. Rosenberg . I i Alan J. Rosenberg Donald E. Rome Lisa T. Rosenbaum Judith A. Rosen .ia '1-f-'inf' Mark W. Roche Robin M. Robinson wk Marie A. Robichaud Ruth E. Roberts Dana L. Riseberg Norma F. Riley 709 Qknnn D I' Kgs Cathy E. nies ff? mf' '+ John M. Riccardi , QKLIVL If u fr-'Ai Priscilla Mary Ress Suzanne M. Remar Sharon F. Heisman Cynthia A. Reilly Mary L. Reidy Lise A. Reichard Patricia D. Reese Donald E. Rediker 7 IR Brenda A. Reddy Anne M. Reardon Richard F. Ready Adi Raviv Jacqueline F. Rathjens David J. Rasnick Roberto J. Rangel Robert C. Rando Richard M. Rand '-TL' Lizabeth M. Quirk Thomas Fi. Quinn Michael Quinn ,A .s I .Q .f 1 ,. -' 1. .1 - r. . 1 - : 5 M-P ' fl' 'l' Sheryl A. Quinlan Peter J. Qualtieri, Jr. Donna J. Pucciarelli Paul N. Proia Dominic J. Proia Paula J. Procopio Bonney A. Prince Nancy B. Price Lynnda Fi. Pollen 71 David F. Polivy ffm gnu- Maria Plati nvvv ,Xl f J r T 7,5223 'f ' . :'?ff'?f-Q ' . .Q:,W2,f?' X Jacob D. Plati Nancy Pfund Eric Fi. Peterson Catherine C. Peters ".,--nd' , at -.tit David Y. Pergola Sandra J. Pepe Brian D. Pendergast Merrill J. Pellows Joseph Pellegrino Elvira P. Pellegrini James Pellegrine James Q. Peebles fa! if f-3" X l , , K' 1 Virginia L. Pecorari Gwendolyn D. Payne Stephen I. Park Deborah D. Parisi -4 Richard B. Parad William Pappas '7 Vw ff Christine A. Otis Kenneth M. Ostrow Peter M. Oleson K J Mfr 9 William T. O'Halloran Robert T. O'Brlen Joan O'Brien i I 3, Claire E. Nolan Jean M. Niedermeier lt's funny how you never realized there was a room 324 in the school until your senior year. When people mentioned the Records Office you logically thought it was the place to hear your favorite tunes. This fantasy soon vanished when you received your first college catalogue. Then your transcripts, applications per- sonal records ad infinitum were all brought fwith a stamped envelope pleasel to this humble hamlet. The place became as familiar to you as the cafe- teria-and just as pleasant! .. X5 X'f?' f .O 7' 'J f I s 505 I Wayne E. Nichols Stuart Fl. Newmark Ni 1 , , , t,' Y i i , i I ,wi . . to i - I V Karen D. Nelson Susan B. Needel 'hr Janice M. Nardone Daniel Q. Naiman f .X 2 Amy E. Nabseth Richard D. Murray George T. Murray Judith A. Murphy .la Linda Murphy Kathleen Murphy Christine M. Murphy Timothy J. Moynihan Carolyn F. Moyle Peter Q. Mowatt Nancy Mosher Roberta A. Morrell IDM -dia. Donna K. Moore Francis Mooney Faith Montgomery Lawrence F. Mitchell , f iyvn- M., A.-,414 Christopher S. Mowatt Kenneth Motyka 59 . ,qv 4 ggi? yr f if 4 James G. Morog Cathie A. Morgan ffl. Sidney D. Miller I , Peter Misch Tobie S. Miller Shelley C. Miller Judith A. Migliaccio Susan F. Meyers 71' 2 Wendy Mertens -P? Thomas Melnick 'ls j I . fl 9 -.4 l V l . Pamela M. Melideo Vincent Meglio Linda S. Meek Gary S. Medoff Cynthia A. Medalie Jeanette V. Medaglia Ellen T. McSweeney Paul A. McNulty, Jr i H in , M. E ,, , H 0 Q is , ,,,p 9395.11 f, 'M ' -Q .S "" 'R' 21.776 453' M ,g gf Elaine M. McNulty John M. McMiIlen X uit John S. McLean Michael McLaughlin Kevin T. McKenzie Peter E. McKay Edward F. Mclsaac Shirlee A. McGonagIe Robert P. McGettigan Janice E. McElaney '..--1 Stephen L. McCourt Michael P. McCarthy Justin P. McCarthy 77 ,ti-, . .L , 4 . if .. 3 .sf . NNYQ 'ax sp KP'- Catherine T. McCarthy Alexander Mavradis Sara J. Matloff Diane M. Mastromattei , M--'11 'V Patricia A. Mason .4 it C 'ai Paul E. Maslow Robert P. Marzilli -0. ifws . q 'fn ,M W. 1,3 Judy A. Martin William A. Marucci Elissa Marsh Patrick P. Marrocco Cl A. 1 2 -PJ,-.i".f!!. ,',f.'4'ff' ml Linda J. Maregni Gail M. Marchioni A 415 Luther Fi. Manning, III Donna M. Manning .J , wi ,Gu Paul Molloy Cynthia L. Malia Diane L. Marrazzo Gary K. Markowitz Dudley M. Marchi Montgomery A. Mansour nv! Amy A. Mandelstam Michael D. Maloney J0hn C- Malgiefi Julia A. Malakie 'az I f-as .u-v' Q. Mary Eve Mahony David C. Mahan Sarah A. Magraw ,ff.P'1':" -in f ,fi Paul B. Magni Denise MacLeod 4130 -2- Newton Hugh ff Debra M. MacLeIlan John S. MacKinnon ilgygi ?2',' S f 4 3 ,ri Stephen H. MacKenzie Alexander J. MacKenzie Hugh G. MacDonnelI Jane F. MacCormack Could somebody please tell me how the 72 up over the stadium turned into a 73? lt's not one of those things you hear about. lt has to be a night job, right? But which night, which kids? No one ever seems to know. And you just happen to notice during class one day, while looking out the window, that it has been painted over. 73. "Hey wait a minute, l think that's the year l'm supposed to graduate." And you wonder hovv long it's been there. OK., some- one must have climbed up there with a ladder and orange paint. Who are those, guys, any- way? Karen P. Lynch Andrea L. Lyman Nancy M. Lupo Constance M. Lupo -1. vt James A. Lundy Donna J. Lundberg Ar if- WW ,A K , I Jane R. Ludwin Loreto A. Lucchetti Robert W. Lowe Francis J. Lovell 'JST Robert Lombard Susan G. Loitherstein Erica A. Livingston William E. Lief Daniel A. Lichtin "5" Susan D. Lewis Gordon W. Lewis Lee Levison 19v :Q- J?- .-of David Levinson Lori Jill Levine Nancy A. Levin Jonathan F. Levin James L. Levin Sallye L. Leventhal Steven J. Lesanto June M. Leone 226 Camille Leone ,ox 'ff i . , 4 W L ii - Antonietta Leone he Bradley S. Lemack Christine A. Leighton Rochelle L. Leeder v any 1 xx fel 'af Kari L. Lee Eduardo A. Lee Cheuk Y. Lee .ff-v 1,5 Susan E. Lebow Claudia J. Lebel Kenneth J. Leary Brian D. Leary 2 Andrea Leahy Jack M. Leader Michael A. Leacu ' f .,- I . N 4 , .2-ri-" ' J 'X f . P 1 ' ' v-3' Joseph R. Learned Debra A. Learmonth John Lattanzio I 8' J fr r Alan J. Larrabee Donald LaFZoohe Debra Jo Lapham Andrew M. Langer 'vi Robert P. Landau William J. Lanciloti Rebecca L. Lanciano Nancy E. Lampert Sandra LaJoie Dennis W. LaJoie "lt is in changing that things fin repose." -Heraclitus Margaret Lahey Annette R. LaFerriere Peter J. Kurkjian QS' Theodore J. Kryzak, Jr. Anthony S. Krebs Carl S. Kravitz 22 .af- 1 Y r 4.1: w:.,'f?' '7 17. 5,1 '-".-uz'Qx'4' V "' ni "Rl: Gabor A. Korthy India K. Koopman .Vi 1.-gri' Q59 Ml. QP ' MVN Q3 :L - Y. fx-'fn' :vw V1 ,wiv ,dvjwld A , lf.: amzfl f ,Avw ,we-15 ., I 1115" 5 . '1 J 'fl ., . , 'QAevQvfQf':t' . .. ' ' 1 ' ' . -N 595, xQ f Aw.. ,-40, f.: ry' 'Ti' f- 54' .j-nb, fr, U4 x' 5 ,v ,g,.,f., ' avg- 3 I! 'V , if ,1-vii 4, , .W -' Steven J. Kosen Loree A. Kinsella lf f Harold W. Kinch, Jr x William Kiebala i Rainer Kern Patricia Kennedy Sarah B. Kendall Debra A. Kendall 'gfclgi I f , , :w,. ,.gf4f4f. Q aff 4 .ww , f-?W11ir2."i f Donald J. Keaveney Abbie H. Katz Cheryl A. Kelly Ellen L. Katseff Edward R. Kashdan Gail V. Keddy Deborah L. Kastle ICN Ellen D. Karsh 1 .. " ' .6 few P . v- ' L. H, I l- ' l ll? I Stanley B. Kaitz 7 .,a Q 4" . . U .".p'g ...Q'0',oC I. Q Q ' 0 . ' , 5 O 7 cgi O0-J' O e Y ,Q '. 'O'..l O Q 1 Mark D. Kaplan l x Bruce A. Kadish David P. Kaplan Mark Hauser Jill E. Judson Valerie M. Jones l Linda K. Johnson Carol Johnson -41' 1 ,' ,Q V- ' ,- Jennifer Jerome Stephen E. James o . Q ,au 5 J ' A' O . . Andrew L. Jacobs Amy N. Jacobs 3l nnlvv-'H'-M . X . John P. Iodice Gale J. lncorvati 1-GW Carol Ieraci J. Blaine Hunter Gail M. Hudson Eileen M. Howe 25 64 ' William L. Howat John J. Houlihan, Ill Derek J. Horton Someone said the only thing that's ever here to stay is change, transition from the old to new. You've heard it all before. But in spite of what you've heard how can one help thinking that there's more to it than that, when caught be- tween, as we are here, between what comes and goes. We feel that there is more to it because we are involved with what's going. It appears to us a frighten- ingly simple matter for cranes and steel balls to level buildings that have stood for an era of 114 years, typified by high ceilinged rooms, flanked by windows al- most as tall. There are tunnels, stair- wells, the mural in Rm 1320 that every- one has their interpretations of, nooks that we sought out in which to perch ourselves, tricks of getting from one place to another fast-these are the things we will remember, and because we cannot know what's coming yet, we will hold on for the moment-remember- ing. But only until what is becomes what was and all those things apply no longer. Then we will begin to adjust, one more time. What could be more natural. So that if in the late afternoon of some day next year someone passes by and notices about the place something of the haunted spookiness we've come to look for only in ghost towns, and if the cliche he once heard when talking of change seems somehow as hollow as the buildings, it would be understanda- ble, I think, however impractical. J Jeffrey C. Horn Gary E. Horblitt Robert C. Hoover Bernhard G. Hinteregger Steven E. Hindman Diane M. Hill Donald Hicks 7 "'M ji 1 lj rv ipffbw . . 'If . James K. Hickman Mark A. Herlehy Eli S. Hellerstein Linda Healy Cynthia M. Hay 3 1 Ronald D. Hathaway 'ft Robert J. Harvie Linda A. Hart Terrence J. Harrigan Steven P. Harrigan Richard A. Hanright David J. Halman Audrey Halloran Kenneth F. Hahn z2mg..,., A "3 Karl G. Hahn Melissa Hackett Kenneth A. Grunes 'X T I Rhonda L. Gross Jean M. Gringeri 76 I '? L. ,ix I Coffee, tea, or me? 420' 1 N 'I , QQ" "'.. 4. I I -L. ix. 1- X . e'J', .- M 1 ' 7. " A Q Cynthia L. Griffin Amy Grossman Arlyn F. Greenspan ,GH Jane L. Greenhood Ellen Greene '-.-4 41 Faith M. Greenberg David J. Greenberg 1 f .55 L1 A E Susan A. Green Mary L. Green Joanne E. Green L I y ,k-TQ f'3v AA S If ll Carole L. Green Jeanne M. Greco Peter F. Granoff Amy N. Gould I l 1 Edward P. Goren Sara J. Gordon Adam H. Gordon Gerald M Goolkasian 4 . A Q11 f ' fa ' ' if 5 Judlthl. uondeunan Lm-ia A Goldvvalt 251 Frederick Goldstein Andrew Goldstein Elias' ff? Anne Fi. Goldstein Paul Goldman Marlene S. Goldman Gail A. Goldberg 23 A i . -,' Jak Alyse P. Goldberg Fred R. Golahny Cheryl A. Goinsalvos Peter L. Godino Ella E. Glowacki AV, ,f , ,Q , , X ffwzrff " T M' Jonathan M. Glotzer Esta J. Glen Francis J. Giovannini 7 Lia fm ff' J. . xl - Deborah Gilley Philip K. Gilbert John A. Giglio Robert A. Gianopoulos ,i 'V ,.4n., Julie A. Gianino Daniel T. Gentilucci L 'U' IVA . :xx fo' Susan A Gentile Sara Lee Gens Jane R. Geller Nancy Garber Ceil Garber Theodore M. Gallant Steven Frutkin Frances C. Galvagno Barbara R. Galton .Q 1 'N-1' x gt, .N rv it J Donna M. Fruman Kenneth Fremontsmith Z4 Ruth W. Freidman Stephen P. t-reernan Joel S. Freedman Elliott Freedman Patricia Frawley Gerald C. Franz Howard Frant Leda Frank Gerard D. Frank David L. Frank I l Bonnie L. Frager Glenn D. Fortune Kathleen Foley The Newton High Solution We shall have to evolve ""' problem-solvers galore- since each problem they solve creates ten problems more. Patricia Flynn 3 Vg wp: 92? f. R 4. Qfttfitawftu X fi. '1i+1irf1fQ?F3- fm - :Io 3 uf, X 2.25 'aifEf?1f51.e I If John Floyd Betsy Fleischman Brian J. Fitzgerald Hamilton B. Fisher 2 , V. Candace L. Fisher William J. Finn Elizabeth Fl. Fernandez , -4. Kf,L..7 Hildy L. Fentin Faye L. Fentin Paula M. Femino Mary E. Feeney 'Tl r i' H' i I I I I l. I I I I I I ,. I l ' I I 2 Janet C. Fay Gerard Farina Ann Fanning or ii-uns X- l Joseph F. Fahey Z Deborah A. Ethier Joseph M. Esposito Jay W. Epstein Susan U. England Marcia L. Elmont Janice M. Elliott David C. Egelson fi' Dale Eastman Casey A. Eagle Lindsay S. Dyett Thomas E. Durkln Cheryl A. Dunn Barry W. Dumoulin ,X James L. Dumel Richard J. DuBois Thomas L. Droz Elizabeth J. Doyle l l 9 l if l i l If , ,, ,- ' ' gg! s 2 rf' " R ' f I 4 M . f . U Q 'lt tak Ai' A ' . X we Andrew S. Douglas Kenneth D. Donovan David B. Donalds David F. Donahue Aline Donabedian Roland Doherty Debra A. DiSabato P Katherine M. DiPesa Peter Dion Richard DiBona Janine M. DiBenedetti Pamela Dews Mark DeWoIfe Y., :.v,.,?f:., Denise M. DeSimone "For everything you have missed, you have gained something elseg and for everything you gain, you lose something." -Ralph Waldo Emerson .J so t Q Judith A. DeFiubeis Robert DeRubeis Nancy A. DeVito l Mark A. Dermarderosian it 2-46 ...,,q, John D. Derick Charles Fi. Depari Peter DeOlympio 'tmrr C,vs I ,sz JV U Linda T. DeLoffi Erietta Deligiannides Dennis Delicata ."'w 27 ,-do xg' X 1 . Barbara M. Delicata Mary E. Delaney John Delaney Otis A. Dean, Jr. it-flu. 0'U'F 4.,-l 'TV 3 10 4' 'WN ..4vv'K 6:49 Margaret E. Davies Paul C. Darman Paula L. Dargan Robert L. Daniels . -4'rl.lQ,'.-' f 5 0 ,gf J Judith M. D'Angelo Antonio D'Amico Aff? f xi, X ff Sifffyvf ,jf ff! 160 r ' . Patricia S. Dalton A5 IW' '-'av fa? ,JY .Joanne N. D'Agostino David J. D'Agostino Susan P. Cutler Robert J. Cutler Davld M. Cutler Thomas H. Curruer Danlel B. Curtls W Juduth A. Curby 1. 'gs ZUMW' 40534 Q? ,Q 24X Kevin A. Cupoli Theresa Cunningham if Judy C. Cunniff Matthew Cummings Joanne M. Culkeen Janet R. Culkeen Richard Cucchi Irene J. Cucchi 1-'- ' H: 41 Q Maureen A. Crowley Virginia Lee Crowder Q11 . ,, ix , ' fl sf' , 'Lg PM X' '- , 'L' l iv , rl? ff'Ef4iLtfi'4 41 A W' ' if Paul D. Cronin Mary E. Cronin Lola A. Covington 43 Cynthia J. Coughlin Paul G. Corrigan Mary L. Corrigan David J. Cormier Ralph P. Coppola Richard P. Connolly 4? Mark Connolly Mary T. Conneely Robert J. Comeau Robert Collins Christine M. Coletti 250 Rosemary Coleman f,- as gi, 1 5, Q X Donna M. Colella Valerie J. Colby Gloria Colantropo Peter D. Cohen Bruce L. Cohen Francis J. Coffey Ida K. Codington Debra Civetti Susan E. Cifaldo Paul J. Ciccone Mary Choroszy 4 Q-'Q Laurel A. Chiten David W. Chefitz Julie Castoldie .--V Joseph Chang Jeffrey A, Chabot Mary Cetrone Judith A. Cerra A' ,,'y' If AQ! 1 Steven C. Cedrone Deborah A. Cedrone Susan M. Catino Carol A. Castagnino 252 -nn Ann M. Cashman Robert A. Cashin qvdat Georgia A. Casey Frederica J. Casey William Carvelli my- 1- 1'-ff J .,,, 1 4-'.-fr 1 A 6 E24 ,, . ' RZ ,..,- V ,,.,:. ,,,., , . . ,.,, ., . ,.,.A..., 'fffii wtf .7 .-15-f-M ,- , 1 1, 'lffib .2Q4?xit.w. -' f uf Natale M. Caruso Marie G. Carten John A. Carroll Stephen L. Carr Donna Carpenter Lance O. Carleen Let me see if I've got it in brown. Elizabeth H. Carey 5 Joanne T. Cappello 'ZR William Fl. Camuti rs "' lv- A' 'NN ,, -4 6 ' N 1' . .gf A .i . if 4f xy Q' F 5' .r John D. Callan Mary M. Callahan Keith J. Calderone Paul V. Cannon, Jr. Y' xt-inf .-' ,I 4,1 A 'lfyfl ,J .,- - 'laik' Blanche E. Campbell .flt Pamela V. Cain Barbara A. Cain 254 ,N ,-3? Phyllis M. Cahaly Alan J. Cadman its ilu Nl l 3 l I ! I Gerald J. Caccavaro Nancy Burke lk' .l.. f' Qs. Y 'f ,V N-1 , Q. 'f','ff'W 1' , 5 Q. f l . Diane L. Bullwinke Donald E. Buell 3 I 1 - . 1" . ' kr wtf.. Susan L. Buckwald Gail M. Bryson . K X Angelina Butera Patricia A. Burke Lisa M. Burke Michael S. Burak lt's 8:18. You enter your English class with your head down and your eyes averting your teacher's icy welcome. As you take your seat, you realize that you neglected to read the as- signed chapters for today's class, so you feign attentiveness and comprehension. Un- derneath this facade you wonder how anyone can make profound i'?!?i statements at such an ungodly hour, and conclude that all the traitors have taken a Vivarin before school. At last the bell rings, and after writing down your homework in boldface letters, you go downstairs to attend your math class. Walking to the back of the room you re- member that you blew a test yesterday, and so you begin to dread the teacher's arrival. He arrives punctually, but without the exams. Pleased that your fate has been temporarily postponed, you turn your attention to a car accident on Walnut Street for the rest of the period. You have a study next block, so after pok- ing your head into homeroom, you take off for Newtonville. There you eat some soggy chicken that you really don't want lwhat else is there to do'?l and then start back towards school. You walk into history class just as your name is being called by the substitute. You take a seat and start a card game in the corner. You decide that there's no point in sticking around, since all that's left is gym and X block. As you leave, you wonder how you ever make it through Tuesdays. But then you remember that tomorrow is Wednesday-and that's your easy day. XA Jour ' 1 ,1 Q 4, ll Nancy J. Brunswick 7-f QE 2--""+-- ' Q N' Leonard Brunswick -N4 . 4.1 ! Emily F. Brownstein Sarah F. Brown Christian L. Brown Larimore S. Brooks I ' f . f Qc, f , Allen R. Bromberger Robert C. Brody Jacqueline H. Britt Denise M. Breton Mary C. Bresnahan . , ' Q f .ff ei ' 3 ' . , - M f ' fair V ,Sy xv! . 3. 't " "4 V Lisa S. Breger Katherine M. Bradley David H. Boyajian 'v -gtg: :w Az. , f fx: , V . ,jj 591.1 ' ,y'.r2'f'Qf5.?if',' 1.415 , , P X12 ' ff Sm ivffvi 1 , . V , 3, -742' , X , if-5151, ,M , J, f U 1, 3 X Q .Za Q 44? V 1 Cynthia L. Bowers Joel R. Bresler Elise M. Brenner JDK .gym Eleanor E. Boylan Toby E. Boyer 2 Things do not changeg we change. -Thoreau I-Q' Mary E. Boudreau Ann M. Bontempo T17 N Elaine S. Bodkins Thomas T. Boates, lll Susan J. Blakely James M. Blake Michael F. B0ve Michele Boudreau Joseph M. Bonacci Robyn E. Bolio Ai 5 Dianne M. Blue Susan M. Blank -, xi M, - v Q-if M-1 Jean Blagbrough David J. Birmbaum Kenneth J. Billings Lee C. Bianco v-""'T? Richard P. Birmingham IVF 1139 Carolyn A. Bird Carlene L. Bingham Melba A. Biggs --.5 Barton W. Berkowitz .,,i l , , , 1 Paul J. Bere Eleanor Belli John A. Bell E.. Ti X I 2 I i 1 gf J.- ' f 1 1 l fl l lla Xi Denise M. Bergin John D. Bergantino 'fx xh,,,,,,,. f 4 I Joseph A. Benn Karen A. Belli Edward J. Beckler Frances I. Bayes .nf 'Y 'fx f . -,Q , , . ' -1' 13 I , f . l f Judy Battista Allen Batchelder Michelle Basinet J Mary L. Bartlett J. ki Z 'if . 1 i X 'V 5 Q Q L '.'u It s A x nur .X " Q0 'at sr -.P Q X 'A ' n' 6,044 vs ,tiki .s"".t" Mary J. Barry Mark S. Barron Rae-Ellen Barisano .iii Robert S. Barbato Gina M. Baker Andrea L. Baker prim S 'T in V-New X . Debra S- BHCOIW Paul H. Bachteler Robert J. Babbin Paul D. Austin Nancy Arsenault 2 i if' Kim M. Annese Jack H. Arbeiter .4 A Q' 1 W 3 . v 4 Marc H. Andler A Louis H. Aswad Ftobyn J. Asimov Paula J. Asaro 9 s Q M2 i i i i 2 Sergi Aprino Donato Arpino Judith Aronson 1 i i I I i , ' fy,lH Robert K. Arabian Mary E. Annis Mark S. Annesi I i I i i i i i i -..4-. Leonard J. Ambrose N X I ox. Juan C. Aldrey Ronald J. Alden Deborah A. Albano ,-95: Q11 5 :u.f',,, .1 , J '74 " ' 4. SY 4' 1 f :ri V V. , f f 4 m is J 52nd ., .,,,. ,Quads A ,J .4 David J. Alajajian Daniel J. Ahern Stephen D. Ahearn aff Fl! Jeffrey D. Adler Dona Adams Frances A. Acerra Eugene W. Abel 1 2 6 ,,,4 Peter K. Wrenn Anne E. Miller fjgzff ff! David J. McGowan Robert Marcuso Michael H. Hurwitz 'rj --r-7' Clifford D. Gorfinkle Robert I. Feldman Paula L. Ellman Leonor A. Davila 26 Joseph Coen Gina M. Cataldo Wai? 1- In this world of nosense We try to understand the things we do wrong But somehow somewhere along the line We fail We fail to do the things that we strive for Butiwe always try again We will always try again No matter where life leads us We will go where we think that we will do best Let's just go for our goals Go out and get them And then we will know that we have gained something Something lostg something gained You're always going to lose something in life No matter how dear you are to it You will most likely gain something in life So therefore you have succeeded in gaining what you wanted to gain But you don't always want to lose something So try to understand the things that you have done wrong And in a way forgive yourself for them If you do that You'lI go a long way Don't go through life pitying yourself lt's not good for you So just do the best you can in life And strive for what you have And don't lose it. Ellen Silk I Mrs. Celia Arovas Ellen Silk 1 July 11, 1939-March 12,1972 October 17, 1955-July 14, 1972 Mrs. Anna Lucenta g ljavid Marsh , April 7, 1925-November 1, 1972 April 17, 1955-April 19, 1972 Mitchell Carl Aronson October 11, 1955-March 1, 1973 266 :amor Index EUGENE WILLIAM ABEL, It's a team effort Mr. Ps room. OSMAR ACYG BEEF PORK DON'T LET SCHOOL GET IN THE WAY OF YOUR Education "The Gang" FRAN ACERRA, Memories of the Tower 577771 Summer of 71. 72, down the Cape, The Light- house Inn Never Can Say Goodbye Love to all my friends, MH. DONA ADAMS JEFFREY D. ADLER STEPHEN AHEARN, Good times with everyone I had good times with. DANIEL J. AHERN ELIZABETH A. AHERN DAVID JOSEPH ALAJAJIAN, "But they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength .... They shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk. and not faint." Isaiah 40:31 DEBORAH ALBANO. 4729772 Ily. J Good times WNS is it raining Ed summer 71 Cape LD Ina tent Gail! Joy rides with Carol. Pam A Mary- anne Carol every night Fran -- Sand- TAIVIBFFT L7lVlin 73 RONALD J. ALDEN JUAN C. ALDREY LEONARD J. AMBROSE ARTHUR V. ANDERSON MARC H. ANDLER KIM MARIE ANNESE, Paul, "L.D.W. 72" Baked! The Ville, 'summer 71" Bld. 3 Boston "TJ's" SKidooing, DB'S LK 1- LB MARK STEPHEN ANNESI, Auburndale Fats. Hawthorne House Paid Its debt, Hello Colombo. Hey I think your friend has a problem. Long- street IWhere am II. Baked. MARY ELAINE ANNIS, They say that life is what you make it and who you make it with. And my life will be beautiful so long as I make it with you. Love to Dave and friends. LORETO ANTONELLIS ROBERT K. ARABIAN JACK ARBEITER, Good luck and thanks to all The Gang for making these past three years bearable. HENRY J. ARCESE JOSEPH G. ARD ARTHUR BARRY ARFONS. Art Cape Cod Oc- tober 71. 2S times is a little too much hey L.B. werent you surprised? many thanks to LR RY CM RR RL for all the good times BDA JUDITH MARCIA ARONSON, "And dream of our moments together, colour my world with hope of loving you" Green Eggs and ham BJR Thanks nirmsl PBM DBD Apples with Amy J. Aggots MITCHELL C. ARONSON, Oh well it was fun while it lasted. DM. it showed ! R.A.G How's your green life savers? P.S. lt's getting late out I3 hoursl DONATO ARPINO. Summer 72 Trip to Europe Good times at Newton High Stu Who? -4 Al La F- SERGI ARPINO. How - Wally's party. Plainview N Y A Joans party - summers 71-72 in Italy. Fros.. Chigot. who woo'P 72 it. Teacher. locker 1269 Guiseppe. Morris. -Long? KATHI J ARSENAULT NANCY LEE ARSENAULT. Everybody is a star. Billy. Summer of "72". Down by the river. New York with LM. Hampton. The Ville. D.B.'s. Building 3. The Cafe. A.F B.-right Deb? PAULA JEAN ASARO. Mike M. 9"11f69 231 Red Building I. CN C CC. PY. JU DH. Victory Field Allison Bermuda Right Debbie" wasted T F H club sick chicks P.J.W. ROBYN ASIMOV. "He who has a why to live can bear with almost any how." Memories of JR 10 29769 Satan To Rose. my bestfriend. who I depend on Thanks to Mary. Michelle. LW LOUIS H ASWAD. Great times with JHSPM 'Bowling Packs" 8. Rat racing. BE 8 vaults Stage Crew. 47 Chevy 8. Demos Rock Bands. Jamn Sessions at LB's Hi' JH. PM. SR. JJ. LB. SB. 8. Old Buddys JUDITH fi AUSTIN PAUL D AUSTIN ROBERT J. BABBIN, B.H.S.l. No. Andover Munchies with Paul Pat A- Margo. Scot 12th Green waiting for M.V.L.W. WM A- GF LIU 659 "Nurf" Mario Harem with B.C. Mt. Wash. with JP - PS. ANTONIO BACCARI PAUL BACHTELER, l've only begun to learn! Time goes quickly I'm going somewhere I don't know I know I have a purpose but what it is I don't know Thanx to all PM DEBRA SUSAN BACON, Look to this day for yesterday is already a dream and tomorrow is only a vision Summer 71 72 little D BC a party what next. Later, memories are here to stay, ANDREA L. BAKER GINA MARIA BAKER, Cape Cod Summers. France and the Dahy 72, Bake I don't know "Who knows what tomorrow will bring" Murph's Bar A Grill Love to Paul JEFFREY BAKER ROBERT S. BARBATO RAE ELLEN BARISANO. Sept. 13. 1971 Bill. Crazy Good times with Karen, Carol, -1 Susan. The proverbial locker! Riding on a cloud with my Bear. MARK S. BARRON MARY J. BARRY, "Any kindness I can do let me do it now for I shall not pass this way again." Love to DLEBDMLHSVCG C'est Ia vie! 505 at HI Feature Twirler, Newtonian, SFA Secy. MARY LEE BARTLETT, Plans after graduation- Master's degree in Art, Agriculture, Social Work, 'Heartbreak Hotel" MICHELLE BASINET, 9725771 B.K. ek P.S. P M.B. 2. Sing along with Mitch 4- Lov, ca Va, lights out! Stones sag. LD Weekend Bust Brock- ton at dawn! CMWM LR N on the run tenniskiel ALLEN JAY BATCHELDER, 'tFor what does a man profit, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?" JUDY BATTISTA, J-"It's the cycle of despair but what can you do" Ruthie Patty Betsy Tina Roseann Susan Johnny C. Joan FRANCES I. BAYES MICHAEL S. BEATON EDWARD J. BECKLER. Prom 72, M.A.T. Pierce T.L. Celebration of the lizard. Marks room change partners. "breaking into the world. bake city at the souls. "love the one your with" French by candle light. JOHN ANDERSON BELL. Concern oneself not with the temporal of life but rather live for the eternal of each day. ELEANOR BELLI, "l've been waiting such a long time for today." 278772-THE LOOK HAP- PINESS 4711772 "55" will always be! KAREN ANNE BELLI, Chigod tomorrow? I saw it in the movies Harry bring out the bridge bread quigley Carolina Rosa-if by chance we find each other it's beautiful-JD EB GEORGE P. BELOCAS JOSEPH A. BENN PAUL JOSEPH BERE. The wall Bld 3 calling names French 70 quack. Skipping to go to CDS mucka B.F.W, bus ride to Natick mall Oct 30 cap AM-FM Donna T, July 19, 1972 SBPMR JOHN BERGANTINO. Great day at BK. Summer of 72. BD -Q JB forever. At least. If she ain't my idol who is? The rodant. How is he going to make out? Not too good BC - PP DENISE MARY BERGIN. Goodbye is not for- ever just for a long long time. TTIGCBMT CD SW Live dangerously right AL? Thanks to everyone BARTON W. BERKOWITZ CLIFFORD E. BERRY EDWARD J. BERUBE LEE BIANCO. You don't find life worth living you make it that way. DB's KA8.LK Talks w7 Matt 8. Buck "Abby"-Youve got a friend "The Ville" Blg III LDW '72 Baked! FG '5O0 MELBA-ANN BIGGS. Cats. snow. being with someone special. Growing up isn't just living with someone. it is admitting that you really do need them. SGRSCTPDJUARME KENNETH JAMES BILLINGS CARLENE LORETTA BINGHAM, Bros. 81 Sis. The future may or may not be ours but one thing is sure if the pendulum of power swings in our direction then we must "seize the time." CAROLYN ANNE BIRD, l'Il remember 571772 and 6730772 Palmer House Lounge and those 2 hour studies with Martha. "It's been real." Groucho Revere lives! Wnglish with M.M. RICHARD BIRMINGHAM, I officially register "no comment" DAVID J. BIRNBAUM, Minister of International Security of the Russian Club: Bridge Clubg French Club, Jean-Paul Sartre Existenialist So- ciety. t'Existence precedes essence." THOMAS H. BLACKER JEAN BLAGBROUGH, 507-Cherish your yes- terdays-Dream your tomorrow-Live your to- days. JIM BLAKE, 69 Chevelle SS 396 Tri power Do- nuts in middle of lake Great Rides with Al Great times with JP D.M.C 9717772 Sat nights over Dennis Open headers MARILYN F. BLAKELEY SUSAN JEAN BLAKELEY, Good uh? I gotbywith alittiehelofrommyfriends bbmemmttwldnds- bIeachers3772phwyoleanonbbthanksall it could have been beautifuIPK 3rd party GAA girlssports GS BS HC SUSAN M. BLANK DIANNE MARIE BLUE, Rules? Bugs in my bed. Ah...She disapeared! Ho Jos phone booth Hey.Moo. People P Britt Don't worry about it. To those who have made me smiIe,Thanks THOMAS BOATES, "There comes a time in the affairs of man when he must take the bull by the tail and face the situation."-W. C. Fields ELAINE S. BODKINS, All the good times with DL LH MB DM SV ROBYN E. BOLIO JOSEPH M. BONACCI ANN BONTEMPO, '? MARY E. BOUDREAU MICHELE JANE BOUDREAU, If I laugh just a little bit. . .2 minute dip Sue!Twerps keep your shirt on! The shower Mac?Ski trips Keer Ban! Watch out.Pat!! I think I'm falling-George MICHAEL F. BOVE CYNTHIA L. BOWERS, 76 Chestnut St., West Newton DIANE E. BOWLES DAVID BOYAJIAN, We will start outside knee high and curve-Jim! Jim! "Cash your dreams before they slip away. Dyin' all the time. . .Lose your dreams and you will lose your mind. ROBERT C. BOYCE TOBY BOYER, And this above all to thine own self be true to Biff: True love is rare but true friendship is rarer. Secretary of Riley House Council Track ELLEANOR BOYLAN, One joy dispels a hundred sorrows thanks to BP CB LL RA DH Griff Bos- ton B's to all the losers puddin Belle. What lunch do you have under the tree Chow KATHY BRADLEY, All my love to Bobby, Sum- mer of "7O". Good times with the girls. Dairy Oueen. 'tThe cook-out"-7712772, MM, Begin- nings. "Katherine", 66 Chevelle, 66 GTO LISA S. BREGER, Smiley 127 Fox Trots.George Oh Jo Duff Pinto has to be tons The best the inexamined life isn't worth living not so just difficult changes become ELISE BRENNER JOEL R. BRESLERjIf the world were not so full of people there would be more time for them to get out and lie on the grass, and there would be more grass for them to lie on MARY CHRISTINE BRESNAHAN, Duetoperver- sitylackofimaginationandadesiretobeoriginaland obscureihavedecidedtoforegomostofthenostalgic nonsenseexceptedofmeexcepttosay . . . Yeallart God. . . DENISE M. BRETON JACOUELINE HELENE BRITT. Vs OJ:BC:Kari's bp:Oue Passa?! No-28! The pocket: DBQKLZ MR:SM3FCgetc. apple Picking: The Cape: attack: adoption:StretchiesgCarameI apple night:l'm Sorry! ROBERT C. BRODY ALLEN BROMBERGER, I remember: BF JL TM CM DM AF NL PM CC JC PG BHSI Brighams Le Grand Roc 5:00 AM WR Pitch 4- Putt C- Days Nantasket Rusty Luck Beatles throw shots pluck! LARIMORE S. BROOKS CHRISTIAN L. BROWN, SARAH F. BROWN, The best was learned out- side-but there are many inside to whom I give much thanks.To you all-take it easy-but take it. Barry House Project EMILY FERN BROWNSTEIN, To me, it is im- portant that we take advantage of our youth and act now to change what we see and know to be wrong. LEONARD BRUNSWICK NANCY JEAN BRUNSWICK, Thanks for Sum- mer 71 R+DS, JAZ for 7 important yrs, my dream come true July 1, My 'Delight' of 72. Maple Leafs can return but Jewels are lost forever. GAIL BRYSON, Joey 5-27-71 and Forever: Meeting Summer of '69, . . As time goes on l realize just what you mean to me. . 63 Chevy, 70 442, Good times with the girls. SUSAN LYNNE BUCKWALD, "Many people merely exist, they don't live" To faith at South, "I think that was them" To the mimicking gang, "Oh my God, Look it-yoo know 10717772 R.K. DONALD BUELL, 5-11:30 closes at MaoDonald's "64" olds. DIANE L. BULLWINKLE MICHAEL S. BURAK ODED BURGER, 969-3271 A kind word, A smile can make living worthwhile DOUGLAS R. BURGESS KAREN BURKE LISA BURKE, Summer of 72 M.Y. Cape. LM, DC, Found snakes in Maine. N.R. 2 hrs. Park St. wasted! DB Waltham Cem. Scarecrow 374772 Lime in Cocoanut. Good times down Park. Build- ing I NANCY BURKE, Is that your nose? or are you happy to see me? You've got an appendix, too, Chateau Baskin." Black Sheep Boy. Mush Fat Yama! Beats me. PATRICIA ANNE BURKE, Patty good times with JC SC TC LQ BL SB ME CK Work Study Soft- ball HI Lady Adams MO 8t B where to now? JUDITH A. BURNS ANGELINA MARIE BUTERA, Angie,Ang "Noth- ing is a waste if it makes a memory" Riding around with PM looking for certain people H.R. with M.R. Howland Thanks to everyone. GERALD J. CACCAVARO, Day Riley Navy school breakfast with JS good times two Fords eat Chevs drill shed hiper TAJ two TA go out' deck it, windout Charlies 100-proof ALAN J. CADMAN PHYLLIS CAHALY, MR, GC, PF-AIways,Best bet K of C, Jethro-rite Pat? Guz-Gol, MB W MR, Ginas 3 AS,WL apts,CDW 71, CONS 8- VS golden bucket, hot-!Grand view,Hampton- statue, Hill BARBARA CAIN, French Club, A.F.S. Club H- Partyj, Basketball, Tennis and 72-73 in Belgium. PAM CAIN, You look and look and look and look, but still you do not see. Bigeetz . . . Zingar ...HPT,NLS,AMC,B.B. HPT!! MARIE A. CAIRA KEITH J. CALDERONE MARY MARGARET CALLAHAN, Tommy 127177 71 "the finest years I ever knew, were all the years I had with you." Love 8t thanks to TK- MC-RA-RC-LW. Sr. prom 5712772 winter weekends. JOHN CALLAN, 1964 Pontiac Gto's forever 3:36 PCB spood smoke great times the wall KKKCR FDSDGMFJFRDB Epping drags KK links + Spood it was a good year all around. BLANCHE E. CAMPBELL, "Remember no mat- ter what happens Iife still goes on." Thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far. 12728771 WILLIAM R. CAMUTI PAUL VINCENT CANNON, "The end of high school tells me that my youth has ended and all I have is the memories and events of what it's like to grow-up and become an adult." MICHAL CAPLAN, "He to whom your heart does not open-is dead. Thou shalt not kill!" S.Shalom Juissez, Adieux, Michal Caplan May 1973 JOANNE THERESA CAPPELLO, P.B.S.C.T.C.L. O.M.W.G,H. Honk Post 520 thanks J.C.S.J.l.G. Pitchfork in Jaffrey ecology 8 Biology club 236 today is the first day of the rest of your life. BRIAN CAREY, Playing four square at Murray Road ELIZABETH A. CAREY LANCE O. CARLEEN LINDA CARMEL, "Lost in the Ozone again," Yellow-Yellow, storms. Booting it: Mush brains love to all the Newt's. ROBERT CARO DONNA CARPENTER STEPHEN LINCOLN CARR, "Behind the de- mands of youth for relevance and the demands of the elderly for order is the human concern for a life that makes sense." John Silber JOHN CARROLL, Three good years were spent at NHS cutting classes and getting away with it. The party at TMS July 72. I will to NHS the new Bldg good luck next year Barbs MARIE G. CARTEN NATALE CARUSO WILLIAM CARVELLI, Always remember wher- ever you are. when the Rangers, Giants or Yanks win a championship. I told you so So long to hoop Cuch and Cor and the Franklin boys. FREDERICA J. CASEY GEORGIA A. CASEY ROBERT A. CASHIN ANN M. CASHMAN CAROL CASTAGNINO, Good times WNS -A NV summer "71" FB with PY -I DA Brothers 4 Riding with DA JC with LM seven NO, right JT. Great times Debbie Pam Maryann TambFFT L7Min 73 STEVEN F. CASTAGNINO GINO P. CASTOLDI JULIE ANN CASTOLDI. Kevin 5731772 EY spaghetti much? Cinema Il what time is it Allan? 11710772 July 18 jumpin jack flash bike ride to Dedham Bert I'm tired SMH Gail Cappy CM GINA CATALDO, Happy to CS eyes, Lumpy 8t Cutie 81 AM, being so sneaky, aquaduct, long talks, ME-AN,BS, behind the library, and Rob so what else is new? Booga-Booga SUSAN MARIE CATINO, Crash! Hey Irish! Fun with: TC, PB, JC, LO, Pitchfork in Jaffreyi Start- ing tomorrowi Dept.31O: BC, BW, Admin.- breaks: JA, LO, Mustand '72, "Red7Black" DEBORAH A. CEDRONE, Someone special RCB 6721772 Summer of 72 with RCB 5726772 What are ya gonna do with it Good times w7DLDCRM Long talks w7MY Dee I did it again "Brandy" STEVEN C. CEDRONE JUDITH CERRA, T.B.C. Blase, Barnett, Skiing, the little house, 'Perfectly to will what God wills, to want what he wants. is to have joy." MARY CETRONE JEFFREY A. CHABOT-Schools OK. can't wait to leave then it's summer forever ha ha Thanks to JM for great help so long RB. see ya B.D. friends after school R.H.J.D.J.N.W.W., J.W. and the rest great year. JOSEPH WAN-CHUN CHANG, Red Cross Disas- ter service NHS orchestra biology club cabaret RC. Councila moment of silence to those who have perished in that jungle out there-JOSEC MARTHA I., CHASE DAVID WILLIAM CHEFITZ, I set my sail as the tide comes in and I just cast my fate to the wind. Werber JOEL P, CHEVRETTE LAUREL CHITEN, To all my radiant loving friends-"Thou art God." MARY SUSAN CHOROSZY, 'fAs we have,there- fore,opportunity,let us do good unto all men, especially unto them of the household of faith" Galtn 6:10 Latin Clubl,Concert Choir ll,III i 9-Q-.L E? 1 267 QOH PAUL CICCONE. Thanks to the Mush for all your help. Good luck with your wife. good times with the batmobile and the bomb. BC. at 1:15 P.B.11!17!72 SUSAN ELAINE CIFALDO. Che pasta Good times wif KB RB CJ JD CK 8-25-72 Summer dream The night JD8tME met PM8tSL Star Wrong and now I've begun to see the reason why I'm here-Elp DEBRA CIVETTI, ILYK Good times WNS+Park Maine LBLM not tonight Debby'?Much flashback Lisa Freakout Linda Good luck Mary+Patty wated TFH Love to my parentsa Mrs.Saleeby IDA KATE CODINGTON, I have reached the de- cision that everyone in the world is crazy, But for me and thee, and sometimes I wonder about thee. FRANCIS J. COFFEY JEFFREY M. COFFIDIS BRUCE L. COHEN. Two roads diverged in a wood, and I- I took the one less traveled by, And that has made the difference. -Robert Frost PETER COHEN, Good-Bye. GLORIA BETH COLANTROPO, The G.C. Girls Back steps OK?!Where do you want to go now? I don't care. !'Like everybody else I'm search- ing through what I've heard" See ya in H.R. VALERIE J. COLBY DONNA MARIE COLELLA, "A taste of honey is worse than none at alI"Havifthorn 4 Newton- ville "l'll be there" JAP Senior Prom "71" Crossroads. AMLT, J.M.B., 9!17!72, 1O!21!72. ROSEMARY ANN COLEMAN, Brandy Tangie Dondi RMACCLLWMJCVLP Thanks for memo- ries Rob the greatest.A curb in the VilIe.To the musk oil gang.2 Hi in Pitts.MFD OPNDSONB Driving ZL CHRIS COLETTI, lt's all a matter of opening up your eyes and looking around cause it's all here yea it's all here I'm just taking the sun- shine in-James Taylor. DONNA MARIE COLETTI, The seats at Building I. DM, SS, DD, DC. TC, Good luck to Debi 8t Buttsy the silent night with AS, DM 8t Willie Whiste, Wednesday nights over Denise's. ROBERT COLLINS ROBERT COMEAU, All the good times on the BH trips. The tunnels, 10 grade, the Chevy, 11 grade. Getting busted down the Cape. John's party broke down Andover with JCSLJAPM? 13? MARY CONNEELY, Thanks to Jan S. for all the good times together Nantucket I look forward to our future plans together "Beginnings" also I will never forget July 14, 71. MARK S. CONNOLLY, "Everything will come if a man will only wait" Svenska Flicka A. N. N. Y C. weekend Ed's 3rd floor FIakey's party C.F.M. all wine is fine RICHARD P. CONNOLLY WILLIAM E. CONWAY FULGENZI COPPOLA RALPH P. COPPOLA DAVID JAMES CORMIER. I enjoyed Newton High for one reason Hanging around Building ll with LT.KW,KM.JG,PL,RG.PK,GT,CD,DS, and the rest. MARY LOU CORRIGAN. Cape Fall 72 Turner's Parties Weekends Austins M A M Green Girls 8f16!72 Thanks Sally T.T.A.lVl.F. PAUL GERARD CORRIGAN. Lacrosse. Hockey, Outreach Program. CYNTHIA JANE COUGHLIN. Remember bath- tub pepsi WR zoo concentration days. The rock JS panties Pluck! Pitch - Putt BHSI circle thanks to BF DM TM NL AB AF RC DL SK LG cor- ruption LOLA COVINGTON, Two hearts and one soul Grapes. Cuv and Bug Ken's Knowledge is power! L.D Mr. P. and H.R. 1128 MARYELLEN CRONIN, Good times in front of I withDMMCDCSDKSJSSS. Thanks Paul summer of 72 in the ICT visiting Vince the bootlegger. Rolling inthe grass.BiIIy Boy PAUL CRONIN, Soccer, LaCrosse Carl Yastr- zemski Pass it to the vinger. So long! If QQ! l VIRGINIA LEE CROWDER, To my friends at Newton High I give my best regards. Love al- ways H.R. with your fine self, to G.B. don't forget the good times. C.B. stay sweet St fine. MAUREEN CROWLEY, FB + MC forever! great- est desire TSTROMLWFB! DM: Never forget the New Eng.Tel 8t Tel! 6000 times with DM MC EG MT and especially FB more to come! IRENE CUCCHI, "Don't it always seem to go that you don't know what you've got till it's gone" Memories PAF with B. MG, Something in your eyes. . .and many good times. RICHARD ANTHONY CUCCHI, MCDOnalds park- ing lot with B.D.P.C. B,C.C. with J.D. K.G. R.P. NP. RAL JANET ROSE CULKEEN, 8!18!72 Summer of 72 Its all your fault! Huh? What did you say? Can you go? I thought it was a right hand turn in a left lane I don't know you in H.R. NH JOANNE MARIE CULKEEN, Cheer up only fourteen more weeks and three more days till summer vacation I don't care when it's due I'm not going to do it! Ready Position! MATTHEW CUMMINGS, 56 Chevy on 5 New- tonville To all the teachers at NHS Estes mia esprima dezir ke fulmo frapus vlan pi non JUDY C. CUNNIFF THERESA CUNNINGHAM, Fun with SCJCPBL OSB "R- B" To all the happenings at MASM also a very special note of appreciation and love to my Dad, who I only wish could be here now. KEVIN ANTHONY CUPOLI, Football 1 2 3 Base- ball 1 2 3 The Toyota MacDonalds at midnight Summer of 72 JUDITH CURBY, Reach out in the darkness... and you may find a friend. My last salutations are to them who knew me imperfect and loved me, R. Tagore THOMAS CURRIER, Behind the high school. Go wild. Ace summer of 72. "The Sun Also Rises" the boy's are great action. DANIEL BRIAN CURTIS, Down at Pocasset. '71. Playoffs at Weston G.C. '72 Individuals 79-86 Ha! Ha! good times in the Nickmobile. Whichita 874772 72-73 Hoop-Tech tourney? Lucy DAVID M. CUTLER ROBERT J. CUTLER SUSAN PARKS CUTLER, "How could youths better learn to live than by at once trying the experiment of living?" HDT special thanks to peanut and Margaret CINDY L. CUTTER DAVID J. D'AGOSTlNO. Ann since Oct. 71 The Walls Summer of 72 The Surf RT 117 Miame The Boston Common Beacon St. DDAMEMLB good time summer of "76" Concord "Life is Living" JOANNE NATALIE D'AGOSTlNO, "sounds of laughter. here comes sunshine smiling faces all around: they possess you, bless you sun- shine now you can never let them down, I say SUNSHINE-JT. PATRICIA SUSAN DALTON, Patricia, Keerban J Keep your shirt on. 2 min. dip, the pipe, freckleface, the accident,twips, gross,Boud's ears. Aug.19-26.Nuala, the backyard. TONY D'AMICO, Those yellow dog blues. Honest Ralph-ha! Son, how much do you weigh? The hill. cold beef stew-ma-you slob. Longstreet. LL-bury. Hello Columbo-this is .... JUDITH MARY DANGELO, Summer 72 w!Randy 8 kids DCJMJM 68 Chevy coffee at 53 to the teachers at NHS. I leave my sweet smile 8t good times at Westport LMDGMM 81 99 right on to Alb. good parties at 508 good times w!Dan. MICHAEL M. DANIELS ROBERT DANIELS, Lacrosse Fuzz T.D. if at first you don't succeed you're about average. PAULA LOUISE DARGAN, Good luck to my friends, Green trolleys, back of bus, summer of 72, LM 4- CW No my...g beat Arlington Oct. 13, many good times. PAUL DARMAN, Lets play cards, too much French homework, Thanks to Killer Miss Abeles the only sane place is the Clinic. JS., J.P.D. M.T.B.J.R.R.S.J.F. Reds MARGARET E. DAVIES OTIS A. DEAN, JR. JOHN DELANEY MARY E. DELANEY, Good times with M.W.D block with Mrs. Resnick. coffee right Mary! "Nova's" summer of "72" "Hampton" alway's remembering CLDCMERMMWSPHR. S M Green girls. BARBARA MARIE DELICATA, DW.ME.KN.JD. PS.KR.CB.NACL.DN.GROK. "It's only the giving that makes us what we are." IA. DENNIS DELICATA, The Wall Riley House Hockey Hampton Beach Plum Island Forever good times at N.H.S. ERIETTA DELIGIANNIDES, "Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever" LINDA THERESA DELOFFI, Jabberwocky 'twas brillig and the slithy toves did gyre and gimble in the wabe, all mimsy were the borogroves, and the mome raths outgrabe.' Carroll DAVID FRANK DELUCA, Judy 9!9!68 parties at plum island. The recycles At least- we were there.. .pie DTG 55 the rain! Joe Espo prince Valiant The shag 125 forever the store MG PETER J. DEOLYMPIO, Yamaha saying with moldy pie, Bid D, Espo. Jerry NO, Nothing, The Wall. CHARLES ROBERT DePARl, JR., Good luck to all my friends at Newton Tech High as I en- joyed going to high school with them. JOHN D, DERICK MARK DERMARDEROSIAN, pen name: Mark Antranig I'm singing in the rain to buy a stair- way to heaven. JUDITH ANN DeRUBElS, Summer 72 Keep smil- ing it only hurts for a little while, right Ella.- Jimmy- ROBERT DERUBEIS DENISE MARIE DESIMONE, "Smile and the world smiles with you, cry and you cry alone. All my love to Rico 12!8!70.Talks with G.I. D.C. and D.P. 57 Chevy.The Ville times with the girls. NANCY DEVITO. Thanks to my friends at N.H.S. Summer of "72" in Maine. The elbow room. "Theres so much left to know, and I'm on the road to find out." F.C.Brake,Those Fri. MARK DEWOLFE PAMELA MURIEL DEWS, German club, biology club, Newton swim team. Post 530 mountain- eering. good humor makes everything tolerable, "sec est", Pamule JANINE DIBENEDETTI, Fantastic times with- SC CK LO CJ KB "rumors" right Chersie? Sum- mer '72 Night of 9729!-9730 right Susan? 4-CK? remember 1O!28-with the chigoddias "Joe Jock" RICHARD J. DIBONA, Scusa compare. come si va. ci sei Paesano Chi Lo Sa 8. Perche non ti vai a fare freg . . . bye sarge bye curley PETER DION, Football, track, 6!25!71 Ann H you got to please yourself. KATHERINE MARY DIPESA, "Give me inspira- tion to send my roots deep into the soil of life's enduring values: that I may grow toward the stars of my destiny." DEBRA ANNE DISABATO, Rockport-the jetty, Waiting at 9, the Iot3BZ,bust Brockton at dawn, hit-it girls: SLEAZEQ nights in white satin: MIFPT,something in your eyes-they say'a lot ROLAND DOHERTY, Goal accountant remem- bering the great times I had up the park with the kids Ha? And to my fellow workers down Jacques swamy sis slum and to the crew ROSS A. DOHERTY ALINE DONABEDIAN, Maz-Thank God for hay- rides 10718 Many waters cannot quench love: neither can floods drown it. Newtonian circula- tion staff Newman house DAVID DONAHUE, Water skiing, B.H.S.l. Foun. Bid, Scot, In Cold Blood Marie, Betsy Bob J.C. D.P. Loser DAVID B. DONALDS, "Life is a Jest and all things show it. I thought so once and now know it." S.A.S Sally L.S.M. N.Y. SANDS! KENNETH D. DONOVAN, JR., Edinboro Bomb- ers Bill Iet's go for a ride. Who wants my pickle Hockey with the golden grape horsenech? No brakes the training room thanks to Mr. Jes- sup P.O. KENNETH DOUCETTE, The animals to remem- ber at N.H.S. The whale-the Fish. The Prune, the Wiper, why I can't explain itl the Bear Good Morninglllll iAndrea DJ The Rambler Scrambler. ANDY DOUGLAS, l'd never join a club that would have me as a member. ELIZABETH DOYLE, Love to all my friends, especially to Joyce, Garvone, Pig, and Russell. Memories - Cape fl.M.P.J.l, Mr. Prevoir's, Christmas Eve, and colour my world. THOMAS L. DROZ, JN-AB Gath's summer of 72 Tom got your note tiny boo boo brown Reger Pillion Nute Nute wicked RICHARD J. DUBOIS, Skl Club, Camping, Bald- winville, summer of '70, working at P.H. "the tracks" JAMES LOUIS DUMEL, Sat nights at the surf with J.B. DM. GM JH JF the stands 5727772 the wall and the rude boys my idol J.E. Sat night with D.K. the summer of "72" at least baseball BARRY WILLIAM DuMOULlN, Vice President student council President sailing club Connie 72 Juthro tull Larry 8t the VW The cape and my little res ski boat Marblehead with SC? CHERYL ANN DUNN, Ricky 677772 W.R. Baby cakes Kasbar M.M. thanks to the kids that made this a good year for me. 49 tlmes goof. THOMAS EDWARD DURKIN, Football Wrestling "lt is a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma" Winston Churchill 1071739 8t Cappy LINDSAY DYETI' CASEY ANN EAGLE, The most completely lost of all days is that on which one has not laughed. JC JG TBC CN SBCARPFBHRCMPD MPLDJ's cape SP BPL JMMcGooch MK BSMSC Feb. 19 Jive DALE EASTMAN, CON.CH.,S.FAM.,R-WA,SHF "I am the vine you are the branches whoever re- mains in me and I in him will bear much fruit for you can do nothing without me" CONSTANCE L. EDWARDS DAVID C. EGELSON ELLEN S. EHRLICH JANICE ELLIOTT, Preserve our time when faith is all we seek. Let each day be a gift, unseen yet true. The party's over! PAULA ELLMAN, Life is not having been told that the man has just waxed the floors.-Ogden ash MARY F. ELLIS MARCIA LYNNE ELMONT, I'll never forget all the good times w7BBSBDMBD Nobscott 300 thanks Bob "Life is confusing with all it con- necting roads I found my way can you find yours?" Sports GAA Beal SHC SUSAN UNA ENGLAND, Here's to: The garden, B,I., the music hall, Mattapoisett, T.W.Hg Teb's, 6772, summer of 73, pepsi, dogs, foo yongg good friends. ..groucho lives-Is that reality? JAY W. EPSTEIN, Squash S.H.C.C.Katys A Bird in the hand . . .is very messy. Conserve water, drink booze. Allman Bros. Eat a peach. JOSEPH M. ESPOSITO, Summer of 72 going wild with pie Dave and Pete "Yamaha" dirt rid- ing, good times at the station with Eddy. "The Lake" DEBORAH ANN ETHIER, J.W.M. Always, butter- ball, brown-bomb, Hallowe'en-crash, New-Year's RM 621,G.W. House, Cape, l.L.Y. Mickey Mouse, wasted, not tonight Deb, R.I. flashback Lisa Trixie JOSEPH F. FAHEY ANN ELAINE FANNING, Remember. . .concen- tration days, BHSI, parties, parties huh Linda? Thanks NL, Mack, DL, GS, CC, BF, AB, BB, DM, DD, GL, TM, RC, SC, BL, JL, Thanks PM GERARD JOSEPH FARINA, 1969 Nova SS 350 The Zombie Crazy yeah Carole T. GTWDAM Sweets EYA Thids go wild the zone overchae smokem suit. JANET FAY, Bust Brockton at Dawn Hit it girls PESFAAHDPM Ca-va's Lights out! "I used to say I and me, now it's us, now it's we." Steve -Je crois donc que je suis- JOHN R. FEELEY, Ill MARY EILEEN FEENEY. Be mad and tell us what is behind the veil of "sanity." One of the purposes of life is to brin us closer to those Q secrets and madness is the only means. Kahil Gibran MARTHA J. FELDMAN . , ROBERT fROBBIEJ FELDMAN, Good friends and good times at-Murray Rd. Remember Dux- bury, the blue VW 1 the l'Bunch". "...each sensation is a note in my symphony." i?IX "Whats goin' on"-Les PAULA MARY FEMINO, "My soul is glad be- cause of God my savior for he has remembered me, His lowly servant" Time will tell Rats Barnet TWGBB3 AWTBC Really! SLTJAC FAYE L. FENTIN, "I can see clearly now" The Marriott Affair Labor Day Weekend '72. Love is now and so are we FAY-1 E Hello it's me JF Nov.23,197O Bust Brockton Hit it Girls! HILDY LOIS FENTIN, Thank you LW for under- standing, Beep 3710772 the start of a long fight 1077772 I won Ioser,V. Labor Day 72 Fal Moyle Bust Brockton Hit It Girls! "D'?" ELIZABETH RAE FERNANDEZ BRYAN L. FINLEY WILLIAM J. FINN BETH FISCHBERG, "Freedoms just another word for nothing left to lose- yeah-freedom honey and nothing if it ain't FREE" J.J. I will always remember 695 with Steve CANDACE L. FISHER HAMILTON B. FISHER BETH E. FISHMAN BRIAN J. FITZGERALD RICHARD W. FLAHERTY , - AJ, 2 ""' O N: , Q 'Alf 52. BETSY FLEISCHMAN. 3!10f72 WR Concentra- tion Days 71-4 72 Pepsi Our great parties-Q GTs The gang Thursday morning Hockey BHSI Pitch Y Put . SL- JC Special thanks to AB TM DM CC ALEXANDER B. FLOYD JOHN ELTON FLOYD, I've been trying to enjoy nature and find it difficult. So much to under- stand so much to feel but life has me so mixed up its hard to be real. "GROUP" PATRICIA FLYNN, "Too many friends, too many moments. too many memories Thanks to mey friends" AMLDRLMCCH 3:18-72 DBASSOLIATI ON Peace! THOMAS P. FLYNN KATHLEEN MARIE FOLEY, Go placidly amid the noise and haste and remember what peace there may be in silence KY GTW FG CR SLAT TKM JAN Germany WXPJ GTWBB always TW! JG GH parties DEBRA A. FORD GLENN FORTUNE, Kawasaki eats pehtons Wendy forever drill shedders inc. GK quit the weed Jerry tried the weed Riley house hockey is the best, BONNIE LEE FRAGER. Alan how could I ever forget you and all the wonderful times we have had together my love always to AC ME LS NS and other memories of the past. DAVID L. FRANK GERARD D. FRANK, "lt is better to ask some of the questions than to know all of the an- swers"-James Thurber thanks to:APLJBJSBG MAGSCKDSDE and the usual gang of idiots LEDA FRANK HOWARD FRANT GERALD FRANZ PATRICIA FRAWLEY, HAWTWYWHPJ Bughouse dont worry Gail foom! Bonne ldee are on ions and black candles LK? Don't Ma just across the river witches? Straws St all, curious. ELLIOTT FREEDMAN, NHS has been a true ex- perience of learning, not only from books but about myself and others. But my education of the outside world has lust begun. Class 73! JOEL S. FREEDMAN STEPHEN P. FREEMAN RUTH W. FREIDMAN KENNETH FREMONT-SMITH. A fond farewell to Newton High and to AM., FM., PM., MS, P.O., and anybody else. DAVID M. FRENCH, JR. JOHN J. FRENCH DONNA MICHELE FRUMAN. USY, volunteer work. tutoring, summers at Yavneh-days off and memories of H.C. and the gate M.T., D.R. thanks! STEVEN FRUTKIN RICHARD P. GAFFEY. JR. THEODORE MARK GALLANT, Faith Randy Obi Gary Eddie Israel Fi what are friends for 2 Sues and a Jack let's go to the hoplsl Ouincy F2 WVBF Riley House Council sailing team. ANTHONY R. GALLELLO BARBARA R. GALTON. Newtonian, Newtonlte, Marching Band. You find your own varsity man. No. I did not get kicked by a horse, tRBS84OJ FRANCES CHRYSTA GALVAGNO, St. M's Bar- nett Burke waterskling Florida how ya doin? Times with DKJCWMAGPCKBJ Martha's vine- yard Hampton ain't it good to know you got a friend? CEIL GARBER. You know you can't go on liv- ing your own way. cos if ya do they're gonna get ya someday, Dave Mason. 800-325-3535, Joan I I Mike. Barry. Keep high. NANCY GARBER. A wasted day is one without laughter thanks to ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPORST UVWXYZ the night we shared the ebb and the flow' France '72 MARK GARRON JANE R. GELLER SARA LEE GENS SUSAN ANN MARIE GENTILE. Great times in building ll I.'.'ltl'i JFIS., C.C.B.P.C.C.J.S,M.B. Greatest teacher ever. Mr. Penta 8 .iI' 2OI72 Days after. together with Jimmy. DANIEL T. GENTILUCCI. Plum Island going- going-gone Dave remember the rain at least Dune Buggy 69 GTO summer of T2 good times J.L. DD pie JE and the rest Wil JULIE ANN GIANINO, "The gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and few peo- ple find it." CEFSTBCMSCGCMFPFBCBPLMSM DPEJDCCCHMCMVBTWDJ'SCN'S ROBERT A. GIANOPOULOS, D.M. your meter is running. Good luck to P.S. M.A. D.M. and M.C. JOHN A. GIGLIO PHILIP KENDALL GILBERT, JR., Gymnastic team, track team Gorp I E block volley ball White Mountains explorers club. Mountains were made to be climbed. REBECCA L. GILBERT DAVID R. GILFILLAN DEBORAH MARY GILLEY, Hope to see my friends-Lorenzo, Burkey 8 Bread. Making my last year the best. Dooka-Horses and golf?- what could be better? Jayne. Kath 8 James,2 yrsfgood times. FRANCIS J. GIOVANNINI. Gymnastics-61 6 6 Chevy B Block 72-Marshfield-Andy's machine -B 4 C flyaway-all of a sudden-the naviga- tor-AKJDMCP-the world is in your reach so stretch out. ESTA J. GLEN JONATHAN M. GLOTZER ELLA GLOWACKI, "Yesterday is but today's memories, tomorrow is but today's dreams." Good times with, J.D. C.M. J,P. M.G. T.M. "Thanks Judy!" PETER L. GODINO IVIARLENE IS. GOLDMAN PAUL H. GOLDMAN, To refuse the idea that we are conditioned by society is to accept the attitudes of childhood, never seeing past per- sonal experiences. Plain leaving .... ANDREW GOLDSTEIN ANNE R. GOLDSTEIN, ILYDRG 11!1!71 love to DS SN IK PT CG VJ stars THIRSTIES camp- ing vineyard late nites the wall hey Dave New Years 71 OK "Nothing dies sooner than a tear" FRED GOLDSTEIN, Thanks to all you dumb jocks at the Y G.D. J.S. D.E. H.M. P.M. big bad Bob and high Henry. LINDA ANNE GOLDWAIT, Remember BHSI many good parties. Concentration days the rock! pepsi bathtub? good times with LW BF CC TM NL AF DM JL AB RR RL. RR remem- ber BDA. strawberries JUDITH L. GONDELMAN GERALD GOOLKASIAN, Cross-country 2,3 track 2,3 thanks to all my friends whom I want to remember, "theres so much left to know and I'm on the road to find out" ADAM GORDON, "The greatest accomplishment is not in never falling but in rising up after you fall," The high C's, toilet lanolin preserves chops, farkle, kablogney SARA J. GORDON EDWARD P. GOREN CLIFF GORFINKLE, It is not the same! It never was, and never will. XXXX it! maybe next year. what a trio! "figs M A Q lx X ' -,, 9' w. A g r ' L. ff' if-is CHEBYL ANN GOINSALVOS, 2!25!72 Bobby Forever! Looking forward to a very special day. Good times with Bobby GDOWW B.L.K. Great times in school. Lasting memories LTMNG LFAEAAD FRED R. GOLAHNY ALYSE PAMELA GOLDBERG, Memories of Riley House commons room-cherries? Fritz, how are you feeling? Curfew! 9f8!72 and all my friends. Biology club, marching band. Newtonian. DAVID CHARLES GOLDBERG, I am a great person. GAIL ANN GOLDBERG, No man is an island, entire of itself: every man is a piece of the continent. a part of the main .... Guys n Dolls Newtonian Thought Prints concert choir. ROBERT A. GOTT AMY NAOMI GOULD, Thanks to everyone! camping Martha's Vineyard DKEG friends! study periods the walk to school talking! thanks!!! RAPHAEL J. GOULDING PETER F. GRANOFF, There is no limit to the good a man can do if he doesn't care who gets the credit. FREDERICK W. GRAVES JEANNE M. GRECO JOANNE E. GREEN CAROLE LESLIE GREEN, Be yourself your best self. Dare to be different, follow your own star, 2!18! RR-Dave from Revere'?! JW AM- BC?-Thanks for 3 great years music, biology, French. MARY LEE GREEN, Games Love to the Newts. SUSAN GREEN, "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough!" Good luck and do not forget igf6!-Red Cross Club, New- tonite, library, USY and BI volumteer. MARTHA GREENBERG DAVID GREENBERG, Arch, Pres AZA BH hockey where's Ned? Sunrise seminar FS pucks hey George Fri 4 bid Erasers 1342 pie Catch 22 corruption Scot "Hey put that out" NR "You're not sorry" RFURMM FAITH MAY GREENBERG, President Riley coun- cil. Giving of yourself to others is the greatest gift you can receive. Thank you Debbie Ted Lisa Tobi Israel. I found happiness. ELLEN GREENE, Remembrance of back stairs of building 2,RiIey house commons,Building 1, Adams house commons,USY, Banana, Summer of 70-72, and all my friends. Who's a DOG? PETER G. GREENE JANE L. GREENHOOD ARLYN GREENSPAN CYNTHIA L. GRIFFIN, Always treat conquered people consistently cruelly or consistently justly. Thanks to all my friends LHDLMBDHCOD EKSLMRCPSPKNLTFDCEBSVDR Especially JD. JEAN MARIE GRINGERI, Good times with DLK BLMLCSRJMNA great fun in Marshfield ketchup 456 tSaI 7721772I love vets waterskiing JU Mrs. Weiner A kindness is long remembered. MELISSA CAITLIN HACKETT, "Education is what remains when we have forgotten all that we have been taught." George Savile, Marquis of Halifax 11633-1695i KARL GEORGE HAHN, Chess Ping-pong team. "Make love, take love, but you should give love and try to live love. Come on that's where you should be." Harrison KENNETH F. HAHN ROGER HAKINS, Brason is fat AUDREY HALLORAN DAVID J. HALMAN, Donna M. -Your meter's running. Mary I love you. Mitch-dinner's at 2:30-don't be late! Fairwell to Bullough's pond. Remember the U.S.S. Oglethorpe!-nips! ELIZABETH M. HANLON, He that would live in peace and at ease, must not speak all he knows, nor judge all he sees. Newton High works wonders! It did for me anyway. RICHARD HANRIGHT, Warren NTHS Navy Fun with J.C.J.S.G.V.P.M.R.S.G.R.B.S.V.H. Hope and the gang. The Bear was my Boss. Seeing J Fulton at the academy. The Frantic Fords MARK HANSON JAMES W. HARMON STEVEN P. HARRIGAN TERRENCE J. HARRIGAN LINDA HART, All the fun times with D.M. J.M. S.G. D.L. S.C. L.M. E.B. Remember the football games. fha- QA. JANET BEVERLY ROSLYN GRONICH, please remember me as sweetness. My thoughts will always be with ELG,RSG. RG. RJG. schools I attend, Nursery HS with NHS always remember me as a good thing. RHONDA GROSS, "The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost." G.K. Ches- terton AMY GROSSMAN STEPHEN G. GROSSMAN KENNETH GRUNES, "A heart is not iudged by how much you love, but by how much you are loved by others-Wizard of Oz.Biology Club, Newtonite,Soccer.BessyI+GP.Brandy.D.EarI CLARE M. GULLICH RICHARD J. GUZZI EDWARD J. HACKETT ROBERT HARVIE, I hope my printing training will make an imprint on my life. PAUL DAVID HARWICH, Ski Time, Spirit of "385" Spirit of 'Norwood' Ko 250 RONALD HATHAWAY, All those longhard days what abl.BiIl owes me five. CIOOIWFKY. The bad Ford leaky windows. MARK J. HAUSER JEFFREY B. HAVENS, Fords go? Kingstar PhilacapeN.H. Marshfield rail? 12-3 peace talks stanfalley vhaskgdgfgmmjdjtehblnladbknljtde CYNTHIA HAY, All the good times square rsp Boston store. A special thanks to Patty and Sandy RED BRATT. V.T. U.H. G.S. R.P.G.T.F.H. M.J.J.J.S.C.P.D.T.M.C.N.B. CPDELM ELIZABETH HAYES LINDA MARY HEALY, 'lt was the best of times, it was the worst of times' Summer of 71 Gym class of 72 can't ya wait? Heck no! Good times w7ATMACGAGSVDMDLMBECRDRPRDDHCOLH JILL A. HEINE, 'Ever drifting down the stream lingering in the golden gleam life. what is it, but a dream?" SETH HELLERSTEIN, l've been thinking about our fortune and l've decided that were really not to blame... Fiat justita ruat coel um... but l'm frightened for your children... MARK HERLEHY. Teenangel 55 will always be pure grease in the flesh schlitz B.A.F.W. iams searching for my Betty-Lou comfort yearbook and thoughtprints Art. Fran. JAMES K. HICKMAN DONALD G. HICKS. Goodby Newton High, No regrets about leaving. DIANE M. HILL GREGORY HILL STEVEN HINDMAN, Tennis Soccer Bio.Club Pats Peak and Mikes Mogul. The squnacook River GTO woo woo woo BERNHARD GEORGE HINTEREGGER, "lt's been a long time coming It's going to be a long time gone. But you know the darkest hour is always just before the dawn!" ROBERT C. HOOVER, The Atlantic Ocean Pearl Diver Wine tasters finest Syssiphus Dig it! Ogunquit P.R. Pipeline W.O. C.B. J.K. - R.V. DC. D.C. They are! MSJ. GARY EDWARD HORBLITT, Football Lacrosse Good times with SS, DS. IVIT, EY, KG, Camp Litchaven JH, NF, at the reservoir at Amy's RR, AM, DS, Who's drunk? Rocky tie l.C. FRIENDS? JEFFREY C. HORN, Great Nites with LA .St PM four gangl Fine times with Crew, 70-73 Bowling sixs, BE 8t Vault Cast PARTIES! STAGE MAN- AGER AND THE THINGS THAT GO WITH IT 72 CREW DEREK J. HORTON JOHN HOULIHAN, New Years Eve 12731771. Rent a car get to flats 1 free. Eagles 71, Marocco, Byrna,Boud, Lougige,Turkey.Pud, Corey Joe, Flame JEFFREY H. HOWARD WILLIAM L. HOWAT, Day. Bacon.CoIIege, No matter how small a gesture of kindness is ever wasted. Concert Choir, Stage Crew, KA. EILEEN MARIE HOWE. Handsome summer of 72 Marshfield Jr yr Nov. 13 Sundays-strongest in N.H.S. bust Brockton at dawn Betty Boopbop with J.F. gunky "hi hon" welcome. GAIL HUDSON, Person! Hi Lo! Hey remember Feb. 21, 1972? Life is holding one's head up and always looking forward. Thanks to all... SUE R. HUNNEWELL JAMES BLAINE HUNTER, A.M.D., 1728772, THE CAPE, B.S.U., Lunch in the cafeteria, WASH., D.C. MICHAEL HURWITZ, ABCDE FG HJIK LMNOPO RST UVWXYZ JOSEPH A. HUSE CAROL IERACI, Ronnie 11719771 Friday nites with girls. t'L'S" The Marriott. True Love is rare but true friednship is rarer. Italy "71" GALE JOAN INCORVATI, "Remember, keep your face to the sun. and shadows will fall behind you." All my love to Norman 277769. . .. "Let's stay together" Summer-72hN.S. "Can I say something??" coniving with my buddy!- Hawthornffhanks to my friends Bldg. Ill Talks with J.P. JOHN P. IODICE AMY JACOBS. "You've got to wake up every morning with a smile on your face!" Rll bust Brockton at dawn right-on far-out and solid! TABID NYg Mach lives forever .... ANDREW L. JACOBS. arrep aloh arededrev ad nu se ad aterg STEPHEN E. JAMES, Soccer Rifle B.V. Last year and this Brian. Glenn. and the rest kitty wist in Bacon House than ks for everything Campy JENNIFER JEROME, Summer of 72 Charlotte. Vt. BS Happiness is finding out who you are. in a world where it seems like theres no such thing as an individual anymore. MONICA B. JISEIVIARK ARTHUR J. JOHANNESEN CAROL ELENA JOHNSON, I AlN'T NO DUM BROAD! CHIGODIA I GOT BY WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS: JESS CGCK REB SOC KRB TD RP BSB . . . CRUISIN' 72 WHERE AM I NOW THAT I NEED ME? DAVID JOHNSON, David B. Johnson, I gotcha LINDA KARIN JOHNSON, Good times w7JB PD ST SB, My party '71, Maine w7JB,Motor- cade '72. The 'VilIe',BC Raps, Concerts, VW's - MGS!.Winter '71 Work-Study WAYNE P, JOHNSON, JR. VALERIE MARGARET JONES JILL JUDSON. My senior year at Newton Hlgh is my best year, because I plan to maybe go on to college. Last year I helped out with West Side Story. BRUCE E. KADISH STANLEY B. KAITZ, Stan the man. Manager for hockey. football, soccer, work study, library aid. Thanks to Mr. Bucci and the other coaches. MURRAY KAMERMAN DAVID KAPLAN. Goodby,Goodby I hate to leave Newton High but I must say Goodby Goodby Goodby Goodby Stage Crew 1,2,3, MARK D. KAPLAN, Don't tell me this is only the beginning! ELLEN DEBORAH KARSH, NEWTONIAN, NEW- TONITE, Bacon House Council, French Club. Biology Club. Sailing Club H.C. "I think no comment is a splendid expression." EDWARD KASHDAN, Knowledge is not happi- aess,and science But an exchange of ignorance for that Which is another kind of ignorance. Lord Byron DEBBIE KASTLE, Martha's Vineyard Jupiter AG. and EG. The best pals I could ever have. JG.ES. Thank-you Keith. Learn to love every- thing including yourself. ELLEN L. KATSEFF ABBIE H. KATZ RICHARD P. KAUFMAN DONALD JAMES KEAVEVEY. Great times with the kids.Friday nights in the Byrd mobile. Sacred Heart and the Golden Grape."72" 4th of July. B.C. - B.U. Horseneck,No Brakes! Spooks. GAIL VICTORIA KEDDY, Thanks to DM, DR. Frank and N. Within every man is an Island Sunrise at DI. The hard times you've lived through are the good times you'lI galn. KRISS KELLERMANN CHERYL KELLY, Fantastic times with -CJ TD SC DP LO KB "Rumors" right Tina? Summer "72" Nite of 9730 right Susan?-. TD Remember 10723-with the Chigoddia's never forget "GCS" MICHAEL G. KELLEY DEBRA KENDALL, 'tYou've got to get up every morning with a smile on your face, and show the world all the love, in your heart."-Carole King SARAH BOOTHBY KENDALL, "Weeping may endure for a time, but joy cometh in the morn- ing. PATRICIA JOAN KENNEDY, Good Times with NW, MH.GM.KS.CP.MD. North Andover munch- ies with Bob. Paul. Margo. "Nurf". Auburndale Bus. Coffee. Glenda You BAKE! To Bobby Damn you anyway! 71872. RAINER KERN. Create! If I havent been able to say anything all these years. I know I couldnt say it now in a few words. Good Bye, - R. Kern WILLIAM KIEBALA HAROLD W. KINCH. JR.. 312 years with good cid Dapper Good luck to the electrical shop, Giiseopies Harvey parking lot, S.S., T.K., C.D., T P, O l,fI .K M.. CB - R.G, JAIJES J KING LOREE KINSELLA. PETER 6-2-72 BIKES AREN T THAT BAD MEMORIES: SUZANNE, NH, Cape 5-26-72. THE VILLE, BLDIII. DB' S KASLB BUICK. FOOTBALL GAMES. STANDS. VFW, HEY PIE. ILYP. SUMMER 72 MARY E. KIRK TONY KOMOW. Best times with LM.AS.BF.SA. JD DBVCLL KF.JD.LB.DC.NB. Down the lake INDIA KOOPMAN 772 GABOR KORTHY, Is that a camel crashing the stones with Hunk 71872 Baking with the men. Freak Hunk Moona etc. Penton six-day "Built for Champions" Yossarian Lives! y-eh STEVEN KOSEN, Steve Kosen Ski Club wood Bonney and the Shaggs. Bucci. You're a good school Newton High but you gotta gooooo!! CARL S. KRAVITZ ANTHONY S. W. KREBS -BURP- THEODORE J. KRYZAK, JR. PHILIP L. KURINSKY PETER JOHN KURKJIAN, Don't give up for then you can only lose. Treasurer Bacon House Coun- cil. ANNETTE RITA LAFERRIERE, As time flies by and life goes on,stop for a moment and open your eyes to the beauty around you.SH4 NH were very different. Thanks and good luck to all. MARGARET ANN LAI-IEY, Skiing the Alps in '71, RED. Fenway. JocketteI'?I ByF. SUMMER BREEZE. Soccer. J.J. MSM S.C. DENNIS LAJOIE, 1970 Chevelle SS 396. Sum- mer of "72" 5719772 NUBBLE LIGHT. Great times with Marie. "The Ville" Friday and Satur- day nites forever. Marie 1977 SANDRA L. LAJOIE, Stephen always, the best to Bean.Berg,Cyd.Trish,Skin,Yedv and all my friends,CL. wons, 68, R.S.P, 69 S.T. 70 NANCY LAMPERT, It's when you give of your- self that you truely give. A.R.C. A little smile goes a long way. DANIEL P. LAMSON REBECCA LYNNE LANCIANO, lsn't life beauti- ful,isn't life gay, lsn't life the perfect thing to pass the time away,aIl my love to Tommy, 4720772,671772,PADML,DBA, the week-ends. WILLIAM J. LANCILOTI, JR., Bobby Moore superstar.Brad you can forget about Arkansas. I finniy hit thecard,lucky 28, LSUii1 My little Edward:do.G.MELGBTBJARTICKEE, Hoopy BD, BJ,AFEI 13 DEBORAH M. LANDA ROBERT P. LANDAU ANDY LANGER, Great times with the Etaoin Shrldu always remember Bokonon and all the Gungi. Band. Band,Band 4 more Band! Grok the fullness? ECB at BE. Eat it rah,rah,rah! DEBRA LAPHAM, "Love isn't love til you give it away" Larry 6772 Summer of '72.Thanks and happiness to my friends 1D.B.'s B.Z.-D.D., Hampton '71"Beginnings" Chicago Austins, N.A. house Mashpee Min size "Precious and Few" D.L.M. A.F.B. huh Nancy'?'? DON LAROCHE, BHSl,WlLD Partys, Oh Honey -,Concentration days,Chamonix,Juna's apt.the famiIy.hey blind baby, AYAUH. bazed with JR 8. GS.Dear Lulu.Mateus,Schlitz.Seven up ALAN J. LARRABEE JOHN LATTANZIO MICHAEL A. LEACU JACK MARTIN LEADER, I am that I am.l will be what I want to be. To make people laugh to be free in my own way to be my own man. Follow me and I'll show you the world. ANDREA MARIE LEAHY, Good times with DC + RM the ville DMBS The Complete Circle a '66 Chevy and a lead foot May 26 BP Whaddaya gonna do with it? oh God how gross YYGI DEBRA ANN LEARMONTH, The games people play "oh ya" The Newts 772772, 777772, the El Phoenix Room with Bean Beers 8 Butchie riding my Yamaha 125, "Do right you're not doing right." JOSEPH ROBERT LEARNED, Gail Forever 1975, 63 Chevy, Cabot Park, Our Ladies Stum- ble Bums, 70 442, The Wall, BRIAN LEARY, Good Times. No Breaks BU. BC. I! Our Lady's 71 St. Andrews Bag! Hot -I Ken your on time! Shot Goal. Spookies GR. DK. BK.K,L.S,J, Thanks MD Lacrosse 1,2,3, KENNETH JOHN LEARY, JR., Being with Nan at beach . in Pittsfield. Good times with the kids,BK.DK.BL,GR,KD. Having fun with MW + MP Our Lady's 71 Champs hot lips loves kissy. 774771 camping trip 171772 with DF soccer 4 baseball with MB CLAUDIA JEANNE LEBEI-, France!! Catchin' Flies Blue? I can't see you Ellen. Thanks but no thanks! SUSAN ELLEN LEBOW, "What sunshine is to flowers, Smiles are to humanity" Thanks EG7 LD7JA Special thanks RMY 9715771 Fantasia 671772 Tufts RM 331 CHEUK Y. LEE EDWARD A. LEE, Hockey at B.U. 3:00 A.M. football at Franklin, NTHL, 3 stooges, BS, BL, JA, RD, Oct 9 - the game, BL,RB,RV, slap- fights with Lance, AG, FA, Flyers ijfl. KARI LIV LEE, V4 OJ JB's Mustang BC 5min. Mary Chatham, Summer 72, Bill "SOME NICE" NST Sept. 7, 1970 "MHAOHCNR" That's NOT HIM! BL,JB,DB,MR, "You're Alright" ROCHELL LESLIE LEEDER, All my love and thanks to what was thanks Mr G Afternoons Right D Grimpers Animal J HBC in security zip "friends?" I see your face in everything I do Y CHRISTINE LEIGHTON, All my great memories with my guy Steve Albermarle Hey by the stand with BL8tCM 7-7-69 Cherish 7-2-72 GS 8t Popeye Thanks to all my friends I.L.Y.S.Tmurp hfth BRADLEY STEVEN LEMACK, Each person no matter how talented he is, Succeeds best as himself, IFungus7Zenowitz lives foreverI Flea before it's too late ANTOINETTE LEONE, I enjoyed my three years at Newton High School. I will NEVER forget all the FUN I had with D.M. S.P. J.V. F.T. P.N. D.L. and the rest of MY FRIENDS. CAMILLE MARIE LEONE, For to those who love God who are called in His plan everything works out for the good. ROM. 8:28 Barnett UPC Tillii love to those who made it better. JUNE M. LEONE, It's an elephant Gabe. Much love to three very special people. STEVE LESANTO, Three years is a long time but unfortunatally l'Il be longer. I just want to say when you step out into that big cold world don't forget your shoes. SALLYE L. LEVENTHAL JAMES L. LEVIN. Chang,Vietnam,Nantasket, Tom CoIIins,GreenfieId, Cards, Friends,OhIo, Rhine Garten, BHSI,Pepsi,CoId Duck,Hockey, Mar 10-Loser,PSYC. CIass,JLLM,LlFE? JONATHAN F. LEVIN NANCY A. LEVIN. Bigelow, Barry, College A variety of nothing is superior to a monotony of something. -Richter SPC Barry House Council Thought prints. LORI LEVINE, Rejoice Rejoice we have no choice but to carry on. IZAK-USY-The Gangj so many new things to find and so short a time in a lifetime. DAVID LEVINSON. To the people who are left one Jip, the key to High School is how well you can BULL- JEFFREY LEVINSON LEE LEVISON, "The cruelest lies are often told in siIence." ERIC M. LEWIS GORDON W. LEWIS, JR., Luis and Red Coach "sucked in" J.H. R.D. J.C. D. J. J.R. SUSAN LEWIS, "He did not die. He did not go mad, he suffered." PETER LEWITT, Peter "Legs" Lewitt, Top mah at Myrtle Street. Truckers "everything was beautiful and nothing hurt" I owe it all to Maria. DANIEL LICHTIN, Weeks Riley College "That's the reason they're called lessons because they lesson from day to day" If only it were true. Chess, Chem PP if it is. BILL LIEF, Hi, how are you?-or maybe how hi are you? you never know! THOMAS JOSEPH LINNEHAN, P. B. Ouacks unlimited ERICA S. LIVINGSTON ANTONIA LOB SUSAN GAIL LOITHERSTEIN, to everyone l have come to know "I'd like to say thank you for the good times l've had."-Becky Toby Lisa Darry Marlene Newtonian Riley - a special thanks. ALAN T. LOMAX ROBERT G. LOMBARD, I would like to be a cameraman. I like Drag Racing, Bikes, and girls, and other things. I like how everyone has been my friend including teachers and house- masters. FRANK LOVELL, Remembering Guiessepes, Harvey Parking lot, and good old AI A.M.F. PATRICIA M. LOW, Patty LIVING IS-Living is a thing you do now or never-which do you do?-Grooks Boom-a chick-a Boom-a chick-a Boom chick chick ROBERT LOWE, Will never forget Harvey and the team in Auto 73. LORETO A. LUCCHETTI JANE R. LUDWIN DONNA JEAN LUNDBERG, Friends are a won- derful thing. They help you Iook toward each day with laughter. Thanks MBKBEBSVLHDMC GLHAGMA 505 at HI huh Mari? Tigerettes Majorettes. JAMES A. LUNDY CONSTANCE M. LUPO, Summer of 72, Stearns 71-72, Building 1, all the good times with Linda, Loretta, April, Sandy. Jimmy always "go to class April" working with Janet. CH NANCY MARIE LUPO, All the good times with my Joey-70-summer of 72-Kings Hill with all the kids-you know-Storrow Drive-HaHa -I told ya so- ANDREA LYMAN, If anyone reading this is plan- ning to become a Broadway Producer, director, or talent scout-keep ANDREA LYMAN lBroad- way Starl in mind! KAREN LYNCH, It was great. J.G. and A.R. some really good times up here with. great times in life with J.N. hopefully get married, great muls, Fred, Family, Shires, D.P. Peppee DANIEL MACASKILL, HR1128 81 MRP RICHARD MACCAGNANO JANE FRANCES MACCORMACK, Jessica's mother the midgets junior Sue Boud Hag 81 Bozo Tony 8t Cuz Boombilini 8t wife "Keerban" Prom twerps! Grandview keep your shirt on?! Don 1971- ROBIN MACDONALD HUGH GERALD MACDONNELL, Adams House '73' Gold Fore pro shop. Good times at the wall. So long BUT IDINO 'one' so make it hap- pen and do your own thing. Boris Grogsl ALEXANDER J. MACKENZIE, Good times with the men Larry Kevin Jim Pellipimp.Wackyin gears olds.UMass state champs.Hampton sum- mer 72.Best times with Mitzi J CaioIa.Big D "73" Big Beck's STEPHEN H. MACKENZIE JOHN STEVENSON MACKINNON, On the street corner with the boys. To Hunk and his car. DEBRA MARIE MACLELLAN, RR,First luv,a special cuz,summer 71 8t2,2718"fat little every- thing"MPJC-joys"beautiful people, hurt peo- ple,broke people,in pieces peopIe,I Iove,I love. DENISE MARIE MACLEOD, Many thanks to J.N. Fybo S.B. B.B. M.E. Live one day at a time enjoy one moment at a time. I get crazy with a little help from my friends. MARK C. MADDEN PAUL B. MAGNI. Day.Riley,CoIlege Trainer1.2,3 Lacrosse 1,2,3 Special thanks to Mr.Jessup. Hawthorne can't beat it. Thank God for good friends. SARAH A. MAGRAW DAVID C. MAHAN FRANK MAHONEY MARY-EVE MAHONY, Remember all the great times with S.S. S.B. PD JC DB JZ AV BS 8 BS tMolly l'Il never forget all the funl MD "Today is the first day of the rest of your life" JULIA ANNE MALAKIE, Bridge 8t Chess,Rus- sian. "Who dealt this mess'?"I've got to stop procrastinating-tomorrow. NHS computer: You won't have 35345517 to kick around any more. , L MICHAEL D. MALONEY. Wall . . , T-Man Jeep- 48-51-Plymouth . . . Ford-Coupe-39-Muskrat-67- Maurice-64-66-65 . . . etc.-Jam-racecars.-AAT Least!!-Ch-15-17-Try-for-JoAnn-Help-Ariens-70 end. AMY ANN MANDELSTAM, Pumis. Ha HAAA! 5713772 JB A Dog? NHFO HTC YAVNEH New- tonian AD Editor BC anyone? Meet ya t here RR 8t CG "Life is what you make of it." Neatol DONNA MANNING, Lunch at 10:15 with JYNR LBLMDBDC. Good times down SW's.Thanks to the Red Baron. Good times and many more with Jimmy 3-11-71. "As long as your happy." LUTHER RICHARD MANNING, III, Chess Sail- ing Ding-Dong Outward Bound Y group Im- possible is a word only to be found in the dic- tionary of fools. If you can't make it fake it. MONTGOMERY A. MANSOUFI rv-"T-1 5, nb - fit? ' .W 'V , 4. JOHN C. MALGIERI, Movin it with Weav and Bonzi. Nights in WN. Hara Krishna-The Weav Machine. 2nd F.C. House of Pancakes. Down the ville. Shag. Do it all. CYNTHIA MALIA, 'lYet the timeless in you is aware of life's timelessness, and knows that yesterday is but today's memory and tomorrow is today's dream" -Gang much love Y DUDLEY M. MARCHI, 659.BHSI.S.S.- C NEW- TONIAN Tennis 3 B.H. Hockey The Champs H.R. Manager great parties tennis H and the Ace Monk,Pill Thanks to all my friends and colleagues. GAIL MARIE MARCHIONI, l'm free it's all your fault! Summer of 72 Great times with J.C. in NH don't forget our truckin along t'Jimmy" Thanks to Sno-mobiles! The raft! 8718772 I I I ,r 0 ' ' o J f v -I ' , as '7 his ' LINDA JEANNE MAREGNI. Summer 71 Old grandad P.D. Do your?C,W. C.F. HaIIoween71 3rd floor A.T. Old pal Ovaltine. Back of the bus CL. crcle why certinly 171771 Grab for gusto shz ELPIDIO MARINI GARY MARKOWITZ, It's not what the world can do for you but what you can do for the world' ' 'Remember the rooooot" '. DIANE L. MARRAZZO SALVATORE MARRAZZO PATRICK P. MARROCCO LISA MARSH. "Yesterdays hurt is today's un- derstandinging rewoven into tomorrows life" To Biffy: True love is rare but true friendship is rarer MLTK RGC Track JOHN W. MARTELL JUDITH A. MARTIN WILLIAM A. MARUCCI. l've waited all my life for the last day of school. I can't believe its here. but too soon. I have no regrets. I.L.A. ROBERT PAUL MARZILLI. "To strive. to seek, to find. and not to yield." The Ville. Bud's Hamburgers the Trumpet. MFIII it up Fred." PAUL E. MASLOW PATTY A. MASON. ESDP. GK8 The rest. Sum- mer of 72 remember times with E.S. J.L. mano- met beach Thursdays with W.M. Nantasket 72 Nothing New! DIANE MASTROMATTEI. All those wonderful times with JIVI. MB. EB. D.L. L.I-I. L.lVI. L.H. RD. SV. SARA-JANE MATLOFF. Sara-Jane Matloff French Club. Smith Family. Concert Choir. Newtonian JOSEPH P. MAURICE ALEXANDER IVIAVRADIS. Those who think for themselves will be better off than those who follow others. Biology Club. Four more years G C. CATHERINE T. MCCARTHY. Good times! "l'm not In this world to live up to your expecta- tions. And you are not here to live up to mine, You are You and I am I." Bye Newton High. JUSTIN MCCARTHY. You take your school and all its phoniness' ask for me by the whipporwill. H' Il my where I ll be found. 'IIKQHAEL P. MCCARTHY Its been a fairly good "ar-ae ,ears at Newton High. But I'm glad to get oI.t of here and go on to other things. STEPHEN L. McCOURT. Time it was and what a time it was. it was . . . Yienskava Janet Blakes Longstreet Weston P Thanks to my friends JANICE IIICELANEY ROBERT P. MCGETTIGAN SH.RLEE ANN McGONAGLE. "When through one man a little more love and goodness. a little more lirint and truth comes into the world. then Iflttl man fe Ile has had meaning" THANKS DAVID JAMES MCGOWAN. The wall! Bld. III Hey "Bergi" are you going to knuckle that kid or what! The "Ville"! Saturday night. Get the sauce and head for the surf! EDWARD FRANCIS McISAAC, Summer of "72" PETER E. MCKAY KEVIN McKENZIE. Summer of 70. With Stel Hampton with Mitch Al To DAH. The Cape with the Mitch. White Horse Beach with BB-DO-JM. How is it. Good times at Carr with BB AN At M.B. MICHAEL IVICLAUGHLIN KENNETH M. MCLEAN JOHN IVI. IVICIVIILLEN lVl.CHAEL IVICIVIULLEN ELAINE IVICNULTY PAUL A. MCNULTY. I'II always remember Nancy. playing cards with Dan L. in Riley House Commons. and Auburndale. Who could forget Auburndale! Thanks DA. for N.A. 11713771 ELLEN T. MCSWEENEY JEANETTE V. MEDAGLIA CYNTHIA A. MEDALIE GARY STUART MEDOFF. Those were the days my friend The good old Newton High days I would like to say good-bye and thanks to MS DS ER EC DL I must go home to watch the soap LINDA S. MEEK VINCENT PAUL MEGLIO, ATGTW Lynn CWMB Hawthorn PELE Soccer. Buzzi and all his ways. varsity 3 SLT3 Bernieustop posing" HR with Fenway starting All over again GTW BBIBBO PAMELA MELIDEO, 'lYou don't know what you have until you lose it." Summer 71 Dee Fire! Austins WNS talks with LMA JP Debbie Carol Maryanne Last minute 72 TAMBFFT THOMAS A. MELNICK. All the good times on the Charles River Building 3 the wall summer of 72 HFy Waldo Hello WENDY MERTENS, l'You may think you under- stand what I said, but what you thought I said is not what I meant." Mems. of Glenn 71-72 drill shed. felshipgoodfrnds 8 teachs SUSAN MEYERS. I will always remember 6724, VS 'STRSS houses with RS. VS. BS. BS. JO. JG. and the tree also CM RB BS PS-G VICTORIS L. MICKEY JUDITH A. MIGLIACCIO SHELLEY CAROLE MILLER. Wooly. BB's, MAP behind library. Bust B. at dawn-'lHit it girls", F.L.B. Kathy-CTC. ain't got no K.,diet bars in Falmouth, SH. "Bye wing".Rebecca. Prom., SAFO. Varsity 3 SLT3 Bernieustop posing" HR with Music and Science Departments for many en- Ioyable experiences. ADVENT3 DYNACO. MA- RANTZ. NIKON. SONY. TOBIE SUSAN MILLER. Concentration days. bathtub. pepsi. splinter 72. to be or not to be. wild parties. Tom Collins. BHSI, location jokes, smile. thanks to all my friends PETER MISCH MARCO SEAN MISHLER. We must look beyond the ugly steel of corporate to the ripe fruits of revolution. LAURENCE MITCHELL PAUL MOLLOY. Thanks to DHCDRRDDRRGLC MWGDJHACLASRSD and many others for a good three years. Good times at t'Sammy Whites" with our gang. 'll see" Good luck to everyone! KATHLEEN J. IVIONAHAN FAITH MONTGOMERY. Always leave 'em laugh- ing FRANK MOONEY. Good times: 10th 8 11th. missing 2 or 3 classes a day with TS 8 others. Hanging around "the wall" all day.I leave to NHS a corroded pair of gym sneakers. DONNA MOORE. Good times with MEC. KS. MC. EG. CH. LB. MA. GS.Vince the bootlegger 72.Phone co.Hey ooughboy!!! I dont know! Hey Karen okeedokeeyokee? Bye cappy! FISH!! WILLIAM MORAN. I leave Mr. Moore a box of cigars CATHIE A. MORGAN MAURICE C. MORISSETTE ROBERTA A. MORRELL. DC DH DC 5726772 BD what are you going to do with it DMBS merge 8 PASS 1966 Chevy RDDD 374 make a whole rounds PPD DI St F 8t HTB good times down the Ville JAMES G. MORROG NANCY DARLENE MOSHER, Biology club. ecology action, AFS. Smith Family, "Cabaret", District choir. Mass.Audubon.NYF,f'This could be so". to Mr. Smith. I leave a fried grass- hopper. KENNETH MOTYKA CHRISTOPHER MOWATT. Good times Rusty luck R.W. and the rest Hey AI Hi Tobie Good God Betsy! Hi Cris and good luck to all my friends. Little miss Concorde is alive and well PETER O. MOWATT. Rusty luck-Alice C. the HS. club parties. Luck to RR.SV.JA.AB,JM,SG, and the rest little miss Concorde 72-73 Ithica and the concert band.Dynamite.Bye CAROLYN F. MOYLE.FLBS-Vt. Feb. vaca. way down at. Skiing w7KT-Falmouth HF, DW, ya- hoo-eel right. gas station! green sneakers! JG "places I'II remember all my life" TIMOTHY J. MOYNIHAN RICHARD B. MULLEN CHRISTINE MARIE MURPHY. Art Arfon NVLRJ PFCASBFJDVCRYJPP-i J Nickerson T,Js J See how they run rolling ridge P.S.aJ. Martha's Vineyard TKH Vermont VaI's porch Cs-R Pj N the beach KATHLEEN MURPHY. "But follow righteousness, love charity. peace"...l'll take you for your- self. I know we'II be blessed, yes. yes. yes ,... JUDITH MURPHY LINDA MURPHY GEORGE MURRAY. Michele, I think I'm going to fall. at least. the wall. Lance, O.K. Buddy, Franky-Poo. Dana. Espo 2. I like you King Vita- min. ow is it. never tried it. only once muz. RICHARD DANA MURRAY. Summer of 72 We were there Parties at Plum Island Cell No.2 Saucin with Pete Dave Espo Big Buy gang Thanks to all my friends l'm on vacation thanks Bob KATHERINE M. MYERS AMY E. NABSETH DANIEL O. NAIMAN. "I never let school inter- fere with my education." JANICE NARDONE. Too much of a good thing is wonderful! M. West Smith Fam., Madgrigals, Opera Group. Fr.CIb.. "Cabaret" Good luck and thanks to: SSCBASMCDSNMPLBPDBMKJG SUSAN BETH NEEDEL. We may give without Loving.but we cannot live without giving I.L.Y. B.K. 3714772 Thank-youDSAGIHPTEAES Lady Sue Long talks Summer72 SD Gymnastics.1,2,3 JOHN D. NELSON Q 4- . g:.- lsr:.. . . KAREN NELSON, Baigels and cream cheese. chamber music and bridge for 4 KEVIN E. NELSON MICHAEL NEUSTADT, My weekend trips to Milwaukee Fun with MaryJane and Jack D. and all the other Goofy things people write that l could not think of. STUART NEWMARK, Get and do as much out of life as you can. lt's a beautiful world if you want it to be. WAYNE EDDY NICHOLS, Soccer game with CW A CF IWPl 64 Pontiac Tempest Summer of 71 in VI BB Dan the man Biology with Lov Hey here SH MB KB JB Bove I quit 16FCS BBTECH. in 737 JEAN MARIE NIEDERMEIER, Good times and the crazy stunts w7Deni.Fybo The Gook TFSM MS Allman Bros. "High Narc!" CLAIRE ELIZABETH NOLAN JAMES NORRIS JOAN O'BRlEN. l'll always remember these three years with BS RS SM BS VS looking for- ward to many more years with KB 1071769 Thanks. ROBERT O'BRIEN SEAN T. O'BRlEN PAUL J. O'DONNELL WILLIAM T. O'HALLORAN JEROME E. O'LEARY PETER MOORE OLESON, Boss 302 Mustang Bob leave the McDonald's sign where it be- longs, Donny some day you'll see my car, Hi Ken, JC BC KL BL RC SV EL VS JP TH GS LOUIS S. A. ORIFICE STEVEN S. ORZACK CHRISTINE ANN OTlS,Newt Newt the wall 700 Natick!! "Yeech"the dog dunkin donuts "toots" "banana" always CMDHRRPMRREMAGCMCCM PMSJMT Austins majorettes concert choir tigerettes. KENNETH OSTROW WILLIAM B. PAPPAS, "Learn each day as if you were to live forever, live each day as if you were to die tomorrow." The parking lot the Brook party-on T.M.O. STEPHEN I. PARK, All those hoopie days. I can't move I can't move. Do you know the way to Somerville? Are you actor? The wall special. Thanks to Jess Parkszpurales geitto NANCY J. PARKER NICHOLAS PAPAGEORGIOU RICHARD BARRY PARAD, On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est invisible pour les yeux. Antoine de Saint Exupery DEBORAH PARISI, It's been really great play- ing field hockey and getting to meet some ter- rific people. ANNE PASBRIG JAMES W. PATTERSON JOHN W. PATTISON GWENDOLYN D. PAYNE MIRANDA PEATTIE, If I hadn't wasted so much time in Newton High School, I'd be a lot further along than I am today. VIRGINIA L. PECORARI, The best years. 70, 71, 72 with Chris Miss Abeles the window with Marie and being on child care and teaching at Franklin. lAnd the good times with C.C.,MC,MD.l JAMES QUERZE PEEBLES, "lt takes a whole lot of human feeling to be a human being" Con- cert, marching, and stage band scum GBYSO BHP made NHS bearable Fab. defenseman Marshfield 73 JAMES A. PELLEGRINE, Today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday time will only tell AMLTDC T7W PM LB GI Hawthorn weekends at JI house by Chevy TF Rose garden TTAMF ELVIRA P. PELLEGRINI, G.M. who has taught me Eng LSITALIA CHE Ml HA dato vita C.H. parce que ie peux te l'avouer je me suis at-I tachee a toi Al Sr Davis porque amo el espanol. LOUISE J. PELLEGRINI JOSEPH PELLEGRINO MERRILL JOAN PELLOWS, Merrill Joan Pel- lows Though we travel the world over to find the beautiful, we must carry it with us or we find it not. BRIAN DREW PENDERGAST, Summer of 71 with Broken Leg, the Intermission, Hampton, S13 "Loser" . ',' 1,151-gr 'nj 1.1, 'I si! gaze! '?.?2,.'-'QL.'f:'5TI- fit , f fI5:."ll! '- ,JQL .b-'YL 'I f fry :Q 2' ' . ff z .7 f I I . I '1',:.t! F3 if-N, I At If -If ..f-iw' any 'AW I I g. il, Y 5 QR 'X I x ,if x s f1'k':tf-ii' "Ai I it .JN F 1,11 5 5. I j g Zh! gn 4.415 ' i'- 'I fri kg' l I - 'jg , ffm' if af 7. ti . LJ A . X hiya Al ,nv ry - IIS i 5 I- , X 1 ld i .i:"1 2 5 Y..-'fixI"'.X'1v.3' D tiff Q5 as ' HE -X V..- .Z 1 6 I . ' T' 'F -'itil 3 X I ' I .ix ff , tl?-"3,,?'2.'2,L"sv A 'S .J ri, F f-'42 K ,HIS 5TAN,C?Qf'!2' .'-4 'M ,L if - TIEN T. PENG SANDRA JOANNE PEPE, The fun times with J.V. A.L. F.T. P.N. D.M. D.L. L.H. Never forget the fun E block in the cafe with J.V. A.L. and D.M. DAVID PERGOLA, Yes it does hurt when buds burst, but then all buds must burst sometime DONNA M. PERRY CATHERINE C. PETERS ERIC PETERSON. Thanks to good old Mr. G- FC-WP. also to those rotten seniors from 72. including Rozy good riddance CARLA PETIEVICH CYNTHIA J. PETITTI NANCY E. PFUND, Perhaps it's the lunch we had or the lunch we should have had. but I am, in any case, a most inappropriate man in a most unpropitious placelWallace Stevens RONALD A. PHIPPS JAMES A. PILLION DAVID F, PINGREE, Climb the mountains and get their good tidings. Natures peace will flow into you as sunshine flows into trees. JACOB DAVID PLATI, "For goodness sakes" "Later on" the times when R.P. helped me with my homework."Hey Panda. where are your Panda shoes" the best years of my lite. NHS MARIA PLATI, Feb 18 "that's it, he knows" Lee NY 72 dead battery 3rd Mark super jocks my friend Deb flame B.F. CAAJ soccerettes softball 1 2 3 my summer of 72 DAVID FRANK POLIVY. David F. Polivy Bigelow Riley College FIA. 10771 NC 10770 The meal JHS 3772 CHAWMSJW 64 VETTE Ao 2rd home CB175 LYNNDA POLLEN, "lf you smile at me I will understand because that is something that everybody everywhere does in the same lan- guage."CSN Thanks forAllthe smiles! DAVID E. PRESSEY, Happiness is: the great escape from the N.H.S. Prison camp 12 years and I still don't know why NANCY PRICE, Good luck to Val. with ??'??'?! 10721770,1172771 with J.W. BONNEY A. PRINCE. Dying's very easy, wait- ing's very hard-Swarb.Thanks SSRCSKFMJNA BDBCBBBGTLLICG Carol 81 Karl8tTedl8tAlicel and others EKSMATH-SKOO lines."l'm still with ye mates!" PAULA J. PROCOPIO ANTHONY R. PROIA DOMINIC JOSEPH PROIA, Good times with Mal 8t Weave the zone Varsity soccer HR with V.M. 8 G.M. Fenway han's party "you know Stu" Washington DC "Got your l.D." PAUL N. PROIA DONNA JEAN PUCCIARELLl,"I'lI stand alone and take back something worth remembering." l'll never forget the good times at NHS. My second home with DBBSLC - EFS. smile! PETER J. QUALTIERI, JR. KATHLEEN M. OUINLAN SHERYL A. QUINLAN I ,Z A v" 'A' kd , an A 'A' Ala, - . z A " .4-rvf MICHAEL G. OUINN. 1 THOMAS RICHARD OUINN. The Wall. Dirt Bikes --Marhines I will have a Hypo. Checking out the beaver Favorite expression at least Joll The cory Friday nights at the DI with NM LIZBETH OUIRK. "One beautiful quality of friendship is to understand and to be under- stood ' Good times wi TD TC PB JC breaks w' SC JA Payroll SM. and trip 'BTP RICHARD MICHAEL RAND. You can't always get what you want. but it you try sometime you ll finil youll get what you need. MS - I6 month-.. Nous :ivons oeaucoup de ioie Hoben- l'lr.lriOrt Dog ROBERT RANDO ROBERTO J. RANGEL DAVID J. RASNICK JACCDUELINE F. RATHJENS ADI RAVIV RICHARD READY Jim,Jim Do I Dare.,,Long- street Crilumbo This is Annesi' Honest Ralph. F'.i,rnrin: llqtsliri-r' I hate you McKay' Dogman Fwd Tony" Uncle Norm Auburndale Fats NUIIIE I.l REARDON ERENDA A'-IN REDDY. Great times at N.R.W. Dxamite Wknds. at Bs house. Best times with B C L K D Sum TO T2 wackie Jackie Forever I E4 72 hi D S D DotW l.W,S. DIFIIIIALD E REDIKER PATRIC REESE LISE ANNE REICHARD ' .if N. ,+'-H , - . .I-wx. -5 .- W 'Gd . If 'tm I- ,,""ru fn ' . qv -- WY. . I MARY LOUISE REIDY. Thanks to K.L. for sum- mer of '72 Love to D.B, J.B.. M.L.. B.L.. M.J. l'N.P.M". lT.H.. P.T.. D.D,, J,L.I 'lheated dis- cussionsf Thats my song-up in a tree-"old stoney" "the green machine" CYNTHIA REILLY. "My mind wanders peace- fully in the happiness inside of me. the time is passing by and the rain now is gone" Thanks always MR. Asoonda Beach forever SHARON REISMAN. To live is to dance. To dance is to live. SUZANNE MICHELE REMAR I know no an- swers and no truth for absolutely no soul alive I will listen to no one who tells me morals, There are no morals and I dream a lot: Bob Dylan WILLIAM J, REMAR PRISCILLA MARY RESS JOHN M. RICCARDI CATHY E, RIES MICHAEL RIGBY NORMA F, RILEY DANA RISEBERG, N.C.C.H. V.W. S.L.G. C.V. D.F. P.E.A. Blue sky RUTH ROBERTS. 10721772 HR with Judy Monk Inc. I see what you have the fire escape hey man whens the next pink day? Good times with ML. K.D. R.S. K.K. C.C. L.B. R.S. C.N. MO. N.K. oh my God HAT MARIE ROBICHAUD, Summer "72" great times with Dennis 5119772 Chevelle S.S. Nubble light "the ville" Maine No.FaImouth memories "Baby blue" IC FA GB SO CD KB Scoop ROBIN MERYL ROBINSON, "Treasure each moment for it comes only once." 7!28!70 if Nantasket CG do you know Dave from Revere AM BC? Driving Newtonian Ad Editor, cheer- leader MARK WAYNE ROCHE, To all the good times in my Chevelle ANNE S. ROGAL MARC ROGOVIN DONALD ROME. Whatever you can do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness was genius, power. and magic in it. A foolish sonsistance is a hobgoblin of little of minds. JUDI ROSEN, Hey. Agatha have you got FF? Have 'nother joke Nudi 8 Nugi BB-DN Freak- ing out in Aud. How's your "D"'? Whoppin wooly FLB's queer dude BB's B-Bye now!!!!I LISA T. ROSENBAUM ALAN JAY ROSENBERG, I have nothing good to say about Newton High School except that I will no longer have to be here. ANDREW A. ROSENBERG, Though the dry grass whispers "necessary, necessary" And the mud-colored adder Answers t'fear". P. Klappert AMY R. ROSENBERG DAVID ROSENDORF, Intermission time. DIANE ROSS GLENN N. ROSS LAURA ANN ROSS LAURIE 1071769 great times with Bruce Z W L Y F E summer "72" N A K G H W M "nights in white satin" memorie J S K many times lHiI "Don't ever be lonley" MARCIA FAYE ROSS. "Walk hand in hand 81 together we will stand on a threshold of a dream" JLL BGG. Spic 8t Span. Spitz, Rote, Flip. memories wffriends. New Year's 72, lips. cookies. MARY ROSETTI, Witches 8 fire escapes, marching bands w!Phil. Rolly games: flics 8 six-free: curious. "sorry"-RV. 2719772 you do the talkingg straws and all, OK. MARY ROSSETTI DAVID JAMES ROSSI. Faceofts at Petes and gatherings at Den's. Not to mention the Phoenix with Pizanne. Hockey team, and all the other great times. Hockey 123 DEBORAH LOUISE ROSSI BERT R. ROZANSKI. Julie Loraine Cathy Grand Prix Gail cuts Mr. Dickie Mrs. Wolf human re- lations class electronics 1971-72 LL -4 RR Marian Connely West Newton LESLIE RUBENSTEIN LAURIE F. RUBIN DEBORAH ELLEN RUDOLPH, "Loving the peo- ple l've befriended." Thanks to "the guys." whos dented?! quawbucks. phone booths, red lights and the afteroom, right f.r8tm'? frogs GUY ROBERT RUFO. Bang, Bang, shoot 'em up! Corvairs. to Jeanette, remember mel Keep on truckinl 63 Chevy. Nova. Speed kills. Play it safe-buy a Ford. Momy. DIANE ELIZABETH RUSS. Thanks to great friends and great times. 912771 within every man is an island. Sunrise at D.I. thank you, F. for teaching me and for learning with me. JOANNE M. RUSSO. "A time for greatness" llD'un monde triste et gag" "thanks to PG PS MH LW JD ll tricolore hel mio cuore JOHN RUSSO, BHSI the night before the Sat. shot score! Trying to make a four bid. Buying a machine. Consuming the brew that made Barry House famous. JOSEPH L. RUSSO STEVEN RUSSO, Oh, well .... CAROL F. RYAN MARY K. RYAN PAMELA ROSE SABBATH, DEMI 8t BILBO ani- mals are the only good people in life. Goodbye Newton elementary school MICHAEL EDWARD SACKS,"GOIIy gee, Mud- head, where's your school spirit?" "It's in the rumble seat. Want a snort?" CAROLE LYNN SAFTON, "I was one thread woven into the tapestry, unimportant compared to the whole but beautiful alone. I am me." Good times with friends, Bruce, CG. Hi ya Sexy MARSHA A. SALAMOFF SUSAN B. SALETT STEPHEN SALL, Stephen I. Sall Day Riley Senior Class Rep "Some men see things that are and say why. I dream of things that never were and say why not." RFK RICHARD SALVIA SUSAN JAN SAMUELS, "I need you more than want you, and I want you for all time." M.A.S. always 671772-M.M. S.D. MARIA P. SANCHEZ ELLEN PAULA SANDERS, If you smile at me I will understand because that is something that everybody everywhere does in the same lan- guage. DAVID SANDLER, Florida with K.G.g all nighters at the B.G.g the route S.P. On Fridays, FIC-1, LITCHFIELDS Hotspot intermissiong Newman house card club, good times had by all STEPHEN SANSEVERO, Good luck to Tom L., Mike M., Joe, and Tom M. and to all the other on the wall "settle the down. SALVATORE ROBERT SANTUCCI, Good times in Harvey parking lot with BK. PH. CD. TK. CB. DL. FL. BL. DM. KM. TF Good times with JH in Sci, always remember the summer with Jean SCOTT THEODORE SAROFF, Life is but a bowl of cereal-it goes snap, crackle, and pop! Life is also but a bowl of spagetti-you must un- tangle it before digesting it. Thanks KAREN A. SAUNDERS LINDA E. SCALES THEODORE B. SCHAEFER JOHN T. SCHERMERHORN ANNE SCHERTZER, Bathroom memoriesg the gang, perpetual years. Oct. 23 and Jan 21, concentration daysg "I'm so confused!" Bessieg Bakes unite! BRADFORD L. SCHIFF EDWARD B. SCHILDER GARY SCHMITT,Once a king always a king but once a night is enough. El Phoenex with DL +- DR + Bavarian bake. The parties 4- concen- tration baze Hampton + the gang CCRMSCSP LISA SCHNEIDER, All my love to Bonnie, Llsa, Jim my Georgie Tunafish Days: Jerry David, Oh, Mr. Davis, Brigham's with S.S. 71. SUSAN M. SCHOFIELD, "Miles from nowhere, guess l'll take my time." Marriott Music Hall Look out for that nail You're soft Dr William God only knows Yrbk Deb-l've gotta go! ANDREW SCHON, 352 ford 95 ft. dynamite K.G. F.G. D.G. M.B. Jeff loves Fords 71 stock in first national great! gymnastics l,2,3. Muctohs Mr. Jessup thanks! Cabot's gang HC JEFFREY C. SCHULTZ BARBARA P. SCHWAB, l'll always remember RS, SM, VS, JO, RD, GS, DB at the tree 2772. 8716772 many thanks to Mrs, A. goodbye NHS: it was fun. ELIZABETH ANN SCHWAB, Basketball, Volley- ball, To some of the people thanks, it's been fun. To the rest so long. MUZZI SCHWABECK, Jeff, I don't know. I wish this was under my picture . . L'essential est invisable pour les yeux." St. Antoine Exupery Chamonix '72 KATHERINE HARNET SCOTT, "Some people look at things that are and ask why? But I look at things that never were and ask why not?" Best of luck to all my friends. Sailing Team REBECCA SCOTT DARRYLN SEARLE. Peace rules the day, where reason rules the mind. BARBARA J. SELENKOW, You've got to respect someone who can spell Wednesday-even if they can't spell it right. STEPHEN MARK SELTZER, Free Swiss, four bidy Maltese Falcon, Friday four, skating, cor- ruption, miscall math, grippo soph bio, English. chem labs, attorney general NORMAN R. SEMENTELLI THOMAS R. SHANE PAUL SHANNON, Newton High is a cool place to go to school if you can make your classes even if you can't,outside activities are the best offered anywhere AMY SHAPIRO, Some day l'll be a chorus girl and wear a sequined halter top and hot pants and live like a star. CAROL J. SHAPIRO LINDA B. SHATZ JAMES F. SHAW, HR Manager JR class VP SFA football indoor track-Co captain outdoor track-captain "show me a good loser and I'lI show you a loser" Red "ding dong" KL PAUL R. SHERIDAN RICHARD SHEROFF, Omar fthe tentmakerl Shariff Riley house whist and hearts Randolf Nantasket Dedham West Roxbury Brookline honest ABE Rose! BRG chem board? Academy MARK M. SHONFELD, I had a great time all through high school. Appreciate everything all my teachers did for me. I enjoyed the work study program. ROBERT B. SHOR DAVID M. SHORE MARY SHORTSLEEVE,"Earth's the right place for love: I don't know where it's likely to go better-Robert Frost. NATALIE L. SHULKIN DINA A. SHUMAN MICHAEL I. SIEGAL DAVID J. SIEGEL ILENE R. SILBERBERG, Romper stomper bomper boo tell me tell me tell me do magic mirror tell me today did all my friends have fun at play? -Miss Jean STEVEN D. SILIN ROBIN SILVERMAN, I'Il never forget the G.G. parties over VS's house with BS SM JO JR JE JR EM the weekend of 6724772 and the nights at the tree DAVID SILVERMAN, the men:E.Y., S.B., D.C.. K.G., DS., G.H., G.M., S.S.. RS., Amy-A great "little sister", Litchfield D.I. intermission club, 35.00--Eric, Volvos are fl, Old colony GS GARY S. SILVERMAN ROBERT G. SILVERMAN LISA SIMON, "Youve got to grab for all the gusto you can in life" Being asuburban--Hip- FreakfJock-Jap Was nice to keep 'em guess- ing. Anyways. besides, right Jeffrey? MARILYN J. SKILLMAN JONATHAN S, SKINNER IVARS V. SKRODERS ANN SLATTERY LINDA G. SMITH SUSAN ANN SMITH. Don't part with your il- lusionsg when they are gone you may still exist but you have ceased to live Weeks, Bacon col- lege thought prints volleyball RICHARD CURTIS SNYDER, Litchfield, the hill, the sled lax, 71 football, basketball lacrosse. The harder you work the harder it is to give up "Vince Lombardi" BRAND SOLLEE GARY L. SOPRANO GEORGE F. SORENSEN DONALD J. SOSTEK. If three years could fit into 150 boxes, then this is where they belong! Hi booze. FJ's at N.H. 420 next! L28 beat south no prince this time Antoine. GEORGE S. SOULIOTIS PAUL T. SOULIOTIS NICHOLAS A. SPADA 2 JAMES A. SPAULDING, Day, Riley Future service Tech, School? Times to rememberz breakfasts with GC and lunches with KB. Home- room with GV RH PM. Sayings l'll take two Chevy! Fords? DAVID A. SPEAR LINDA SPITZBERG. 'tWe are 2 alone we are 3 together we are 4 each other' JLL BBG Geez Louise Hey man! Bio W Ernie Neeto! l-lola Thanks to my friends. Love to Carol and Marcia. ROBERT S. SPIVACK MARJORY SPODICK WARREN K. STANLEY VINCENT PAUL STANTON, Vincent Stanton Jr. activitiesi too numerous to recite here. "One of the benefits of a college education is to show the boy its little avail" Emerson, VIRGINIA STAPLES. I won't forget Smackie Joanne Jackie Tommy and Colt 45 JOYCE ELLEN STAVIS. To grow is to change and to have changed often is to have grown. Much anonymous to the 5 yr. old club 8. it's members. or to the gang, I love you! JOAN AMY STECKER. Life is like a sewer, what you get out of it depends on what you put into it. Newtonite EUGENE PI-IILLIP STEELE. I liaven't been in this school too long but while l've been here, I've learned a lot about life Thanks to all the young Dudes. FREDERICK W. STEFANIAK WILLIAM STEINBERG. SFA. football, baseball. basketball, wrestling, Newtonian. Outward Bound. Knowing a lot of great people especially my teammates and esp. Cap and the offensive line. NANCY STENHOUSE, Common madness. Zin- gar, trilogy, scattered fragments of memories. its only the giving that makes you what you are. JEFFREY ALAN STERN. Newtonian Tennis Bi- ology club Pats Peak-NSPS tomorrow never comes. for when it is tomorrow. it is today and when today is over. it's yesterday. SCOTT STERNBURG. Intermission C.Z. Litch- fields F. Tours of Boston Cappy's home room Sat night dances Comm Ave excursion runs "Was it worth it all" DIANE ROBIN STILLER, t'Love to Carole King check socks and Koalo bears" 7730771 the worst Fleb 8. rock thanks Mr, Gardner for every- thing Art Ha! A certain Chevy that goes to Rl MICHAEL A. STOLPER DEBORAH ELLEN STONE, That we may love life and live it abundantly." Thanks to all those who have helped me do so, GARY RICHARD STONE. Ski Club Bridge Club French Club Bacon House Council Homeroom manager Newtonite Orange Book Newtonian "lf you never say goodbye, nothing ever ends .... " JOAN MARIE STORER. Sally. Judy. Joan, and Lisa remember the class in room 229 72-73 SCOTT A. STYLOS ELAINE SUCI-IMAN ELAINE GAIL SUCHMAN. Modern man wor- ships at the temple of science, but science tells him only what is possible. not what is right.- Milton S. Eisenhower JEFFREY SUDIKOFF The fish when hes exposed to air can show no trace of savour faire . .. The chastest of the vertebrates. He never even sees his mates. But when theyve finished. he appears And O.K.'s all their bright ideas. Ogden Nash ANNA MARIE SULLIVAN, All my love to be centered around the people who have made my lite worth living,Thank you Mr. Prevoir and to everyone inthe art room. Luv to Mike, EDWARD L. SULLIVAN ROBERT GEORGE SULLIVAN. Ever notice hovv last time flies when you're having fun? ITIAIL N. SYPHERS AIYINE R TAYLOR ROBERT PAUL TEDESCHI. Good times with Janet Hamton beach 64 Chevy 67 GTO. Great weekends down the store and ville. Crashing prirtys '71" Groging bays being A B 2 Hardhat The boys at the wall 7 8 JOHN TEDESCO, TDLA-Wetlook blue sneakers the ugliest thing I ever saw. JPA-good times with: JP JB LM BM DL AM GF TAMOFFU CC MY PM DA SALLY ANN TENNANT, "ln this seasonless world we laugh, but not all our laughter, and cry, but not all our tears." thanks Lady Warren you have become a part of me. pf-- tally JAMES STEPHEN TERRASI. Home Room and M, R. P. The gang at Stalag 13 DM CU Big one can't forget the ace mooch! possible!! well Fred it's all over. STEVEN M. TERRELL TIMOTHY VERNE TERRlO,"Oh my reason and my ways keep on changing from day to day as I grow it becomes so clear why l'm here" Chicago, table Tennis, choir, band, ornithology club. CATHERINE LINDSAY THOMAS. W.Ends at N.Ville 81 N.C. Burr Park Elliot church, baked 12718770 love Robert Bld. 3 CID, Diane "K" Elm Park. Big J. Mouse Kyle. Julia. John, 9737 72 Beach EVA MARIE THOMAS, Russian Club, Italian Club PETER O. THOMAS. "Damn It man! I can't un- derstand all I know," Harvey Gammage He who laughs last laughs best. Ha Ha Ha Orchestra Barry House Project. GEOFFREY BRUCE THOMPSON. As they say in Latin: Post Proelium, Praemium. after the bat- tle. the reward. Newtonite Biology club. sopho- more tennis. TIMOTHY LESTER THORMAN. Please! every- thing was going so well! Homeroom with AMS, stage crew and Sam. Thanks to Mr. Smith and Mr. Lasker. Music forever! KATHLEEN THREADGOLD, "Sometimes all of our thoughts are misgivings." Falmouth DN Summer friends VT, Feb vaca, CM JG way down AT are we queer? all g's bye bye map bb's safo all nighters MIMI A. THURMAN. "Everybody has to be somebody to somebody to be anybody" DF CG BW Thanks Tutoring Newtonian Russian Club MICHAEL F. TIGHE KARL K. TITLEBAUM RHONDA BETH TOBIN. Long ago. . . it must be ...I have a photograph. Preserve your memo- riesg theyre all thats left you. Good luck to all my friends. THEODORE C. TOCCI, JR., "Without laughter my world would be a very ugly place." Thanks and good luck to all my friends!'!The Rowdy Bunch" Canada CHRISTINA M. TOMACELLI JUDITH TRAMONTOZZI, Oct. '71 WC,NWC 357- 18P my house bk's strawa. MP's sayings J.M. D.C. M.P. J.C. Pete, l'll make you spaghetti anytime. Good luck to Denise and Jorge STEPHEN S. TURESKY DONNA LEE TURNER, Best of luck to Trixie 8r Pixie luck to DS. PN, JN, PB, RC, SP, CO, MC, MC. Summer of "7O 8r 71" good time at Lake Waldron with RAH RAH, democs! Screaming white zonker. FRANCA TUSEI, La vita e bella te la devi godere ma mon andarci mai troppo forte MORRIS STUART TYE. What little time I spent here was too much! Fat man -1 Friends, Katy's, Int. Lng, BrookIine'?'?? I am not in this world to live up to your expectations .... " The house on the hill? EVELYN DEVONNE TYLER. Blakie-Lo-8t Me "Happiness makes up in height what it lacks in length." We've only just begun-be for real be happy 8t be good! MARCIA ANN TYMAN. Worrying never solves a problem Nick 5727772 Sea coast shores. east Falmouth BW? the green girls Austins thanks Pam music always thanks Rudy! T.T.A.M.F. MARGARET MARY TUNSTALL, For my head is clear. from the cobwebs of a shelf, from a tear -God gave me a song-Love to all miss you, Stephen Thanks to gerlachs U.P Church. JOHN TUTUNGIAN, football co capt. lacrosse co Capt. state lacrosse champs 1972, great times with the team good times at the state. CHRISTINA L. ULLRICK LEE A. VACHON PAUL MICHAEL VASSALOTTI, Soccer, Hockey, UA man can be beaten two ways, if he dies or if he quits." CHRISTOPHER E. VAUGHAN, Possible!C.E.V. A L.E.B. Falcon '62 N.H.S. gym. '71 '72 '73 Three credits! Warren N.H. Evinrude. MARY VEDUCCIO, good times at WNSBFS right Janice! Mighty and Minny forever! Itchy Debbie? Maryanne and the Marriott. Mom and Dad thanks for everything. l.L.P.C.F.E. DONNA LYNNE VERNON CAROL A. VERNON JONATHAN B. VERSHBOW, Baseball, soph. JVQ student senate? Paranoia strikes deep "lf life's for living, what's living for?"-R. Daviesg sitting. starring, saying nothing -4 PE classes. PETER VEY SHERRILL VINE, College "Sherry" Europe 71 Switzerland 72 t'Ouerer es poder" l'll never forget LH EB DL MB DM LH MA CG RD the first kids I met when I came to NHS last year. STEVEN J. VISCO GARY VITTI. Joanne 72 Warm winter days in the tunnels, long days down Austins, great times at the wall and in homeroom with Jim, Paul, and Rich. RALPH ANTHONY VITTI. No more Mr. Nice Guy-Pa I Summer 71 w7FM DogMan-how'd you get that name? M.R.2719772-Vt.-M. Blues -Arlington 71 w746 sec Ftball 1,2.3Lax1,2,Co- Capt 3 LISA DIANE WALDEN. J-M-H-L-R. Miles apart yet always together, A.W. 10716770 CMW. Who knows where the time goes? P.C.-"...never be you." MARJORIE P. WALK MARY WALKER. Good times with PK MD GM KS CP D block with.Mrs. Resnick, "Nuff", Au- burndale bus, coffee right Mary?! Glenda you BAKE! to Bobby Damn you anyway! Summer of 71 and 72. PAUL F. WALSH STEPHEN J. WALSH GEORGE WANSIEWICZ, I had a great time I have never seen so many people lie in my life than up here. Wiesakowsky Scoopie The meoney did it to him Jungle Jim. PETE JOSEPH WARSHAUER, What am I steam: vapor, for the rush. Poking-12,3 and 4-Few hits.cIoset-food.FR122 FRl2201 a good times with D.B. J.R. Right on Nevt-Nevts MARK T. WASHBURN ROBERT L. WATSON DONALD L. WEBBER, Good times with Mal -Q Bonzi. The gun. TW. Hoop. H.K. French Fabene! H.O.P. windows. Mental health club. The shag. DOREEN B. WEEMS PETER LAWRENCE WEIL, Peter Weil, Mordor or Bust CHERYL WEINBERG, So hold out your smile take my hand and be happy. These pictures of sadness are not all they seem N.H.S. Teenage wasteland. ROBIN GAIL WEINER, Roblnsky G. Weinerelly -my summer and all good times with S.A. D. B. S. L-J. B. Forgeting all that isn't worth remembering and remembering what you can't forget. AARON WEINGROD. Undecided Murray-Hill 49781 MICHAEL PETER WEINREB, Sept. 11, 1971, 42 Montrose St. PR. and Florida with Debbie. South, Tennis and 62 Rachel Rd. Bubbles the Prom and all my love to Debbie. LAURENCE WEISBERG, I had a good three years here. I Shall miss the school and its faculty. PHILIP B. WELSH GERALD WENTWORTH, It was a great 4 years and l'll never forget all the kids J.C. J.D. J.N. B.S. R.H. P.W. K.M. and Eileen. WAYNE W. WENTWORTH, l have had a good four years at Newton Tech High and I will al- ways remember my friends of 73 JC, JN, JD, RH, PW, KM and Judy. EDWARD WESTBROOKS HARRY P. WESTON PHILLIP D. WETHERALL CYNTHIA L. WHITE, Chineese food-fisher? Big B-Do your? Nick-Franky's class 8 Pizza al: give 8 go! L.M.-why soitney 8t Cleveland Circle lodgehanger son ofa preacher man. JOAN M. WHITE PETER E. WHITE, Loree 672772 All the good times together. Dirt bikes. Yamahas, drive in, Buick wagon power lines parking. Hunting squir- rels with Peter D., fat ugly Benson etc. GERALD WILENSKY,SCI'1oOl's out forever! JEFFREY WILENSKY, Summer of "72" C.C.O. Bronco nehoc. C.C. I G.F. staff, U.S.S.A. Wheeler 400-2+ 4 JULIA D. WILLIAMS DAVID E. WILSON IAN R. WILSON, Wrestling 123 Baseball New- tonian "ln the final analysis, the individual must ultimately bear the responsibility of the group, regardless of position." RONALD F. WILSON ALAN LEE WINICK ALEXANDER WIRKERMAN PAUL JIMMY WOLF, Baking with the men moonal JBOY PBOY DIMBA MOOSE SAA BOR STONES with GABE July 18, Summer '72 Soitney, tramp. track, MBAND,skillub pres, P+ W,my cap, tiko tiko, THOMAS WOLF, "I'm not running away from my responsibilities. l'm running to them. There's nothing negative about running away to save my life." Joseph Heller Peace. ARTHUR B. WOLFSON JOHN E. WOMBOLDT, 13 Churchill St. Day Adams College Xcountry 123 wrestling 123 track 123 Adams House Pres. striving for what- ever you can get or whatever you give. BRADFORD G. WOOD PAULA WRENN, Marching Band Cheerleader Senior Class Treasurer Biology Club "On ne voit bien qu'avec le coeur. L'essentiel est in- visible pour les yeux." St. Exupery PETER WRENN, "Now l've been happy lately thinking about the good things to come and I believe it could be, something good has begun" -Cat Stevens. NORMAN N. WU MARYANNE YERARDI. Joe:5-15-72 . . . Oh! Darl- ing Rolling Stones-2:30 "Get me home" lDizzy B.l Austins MGS "Just once in my life" Thanks Mikie Pam, Debbie, Carol Tambfft L7Min.7"73" PATRICIA YERARDI, Summer 72 Falmouth Plymouth V.T. D.C. C.C. WNS Bld I Good times with C.H.S.L. A.S. G.S. P.R. K.L. "A.T.F.H." CRSRD9716771 NICKY always 10729772 EMILY YOFFE, "I was gratified to be able to answer promptly, and I did. I said I didn't know." Mark Twain. ERIC BRUCE YOGEL, Good times at Litchfield SF Vet He 73 the men, old Earl Tish Hoss. Salami, times with M.C. intermission L. Drive- Ins "the road to tomorrow is today" NIG DAVID ALBIN YOUNG, The Wall, The tunnel and the Hardguy I was, John, Meathead and the baked sale, Mrs. Ford's math? class, Marilyng summer school and of course, Nancy. JEFFREY YOUNG, Chess Club 8. team, tennis I P-K4 with E.K., D.P., K.H., L.N. A journey of a thousand steps begins with the first K'ung-Fu- TSE ROBIN S. YOUNG ANDREW ZACHARY. The most obnoxious fool is an educated fool. Bridge Club. LAURENCE ZAKON SUZANNA ZANI MICHAEL ZIBIT, I rejoice at the fact that my friends think well enough of me to mention me. PATRICIA ANN ZIMBLE, I can see clearly now. Marriott affair Labor Day weekend 72 Fri nights 1730771 Mmm the L8s Thursday's in the sum- mer. LISA ZIMMER, "I got the urge for going when the meadow grass is turning brown summer- time is falling down winter's closing ln" Lots of thanks G.G. 8 L.D. for keeping me going. STEVEN MARK ZOLL, Homeroom 1128 French S.S. D.G. Erasers I leave Nancy with her red hair. I, i 279 A nd index The Academy 302 Adam's House 303 Alumabilt 303 T. W. Anderson 306 Ann's Sub Shop 306 Arby's 292 Atwood's Camera Shop 296 Auburndale Gulf 301 Austin Coffee Shop 304 Bacon House 290 Barnes and Jones 304 Barnett Fabrics 303 Barsam Rugs 296 Berejik Motors 292 Boston Gas 296 Boulevard Pharmacy 293 John T. Burns 8 Sons 305 Cabots 303 Captain Mardens 299 Carley Realtors 299 Chestnut Hill Hotel 297 Circle Theatre 289 Clay Chevrolet 302 Cleveland Circle Auto School 303 The Cobbler Shop 284 Cramer Electronics 304 Curtis-Newton Corporation 299 Designs in Wool 299 Dial n' Sew 298 Diamond Automotive Distributors 299 Dubois Company 304 Dunkin' Donuts 305 Eastern Metal Mill Products 301 Edward's Lumber 299 Edward the French Tailor 302 Fashion Rack 306 M. J. Flaherty 298 Flodin Sewing Machine 293 Fox Pharmacy 287 Fred Fowler Company 298 Frisky Bait and Tackle 297 Ellis Gale 298 Garden City Oil 284 Garden City Trust 284 Gaston-Andrey 308 Gateways 308 Andrew Geller 286 Giorgio's 297 Greene Drug Company 302 Arthur T. Gregorian lnc. 300 Grossman Lumber 306 Guiseppe's 299 Hammond Furniture 303 Harris Cycle 297 Hart Printing Service 293 Harvey Construction Hendricken Bros., Inc. 295 Highland Mills Shop 293 Hip Pocket, Inc. 286 House of Favors 306 The Huddle-Eric Stevens 292 Hunnewell Market 297 International Tires 308 Jade Island 305 Jeri-Sue Gifts 302 John's Hair Fashions 296 Justin's Ice Cream 297 Ken Kaye Krafts 296 Keyes Pharmacy 306 Koocher Realty 287 Jack Lane 290 Le Baron Hardware 288 London Lass 288 Mackay Funeral Home 300 Madco 301 Mandells 285 The Marriott 305 Martini Imports 285 Mass Hardware 303 McDonaIdls 288 McNeilly Oldsmobile 297 Mendellsohn's 289 Midas Mufflers 288 Midnite Foods 300 J. 8 S. Mobil Station 308 Multi-Service Center 299 New England Telephone Co. 291 News Tribune 311 Newton Buick 295 Newton Car Radio 298 Newton Co-operative Bank 298 Newton Centre Camera 8 Music 306 Newton Flower Shop 305 Newton Junior College 285 Newton Photo 298 Newton's 289 Newton Shade 8 Screen 304 Newtonville Camera Exchange 305 Newtonville T.V. 8 Record 306 Nonantum Lumber 300 Northeast Federal 284 Norumbega Stamp 8 Coin 304 One More Tyme 306 O'Toole Printers 310 Paul L. Pattison Real Estate 296 Pewter Pot 286 Philippine Imports 286 H. Piken 8 Co. 305 Prep Shop 284 Pulsifer School of Music 298 Purdy Photographers 294 Ralph's Shoes 305 Rhodes Pharmacy 306 Riley House 295 Rino of Italy 293 Robin Personnel 311 Roblin Insurance Agency 296 Al Rogan's 287 Roma Subs 8 Pizza 306 Ronald's Coiffeurs 300 Rosenberg's Kosher Foods 296 Sacarob Assoc. Realtors 297 Sages 298 Salon Di Ca West 286 Sal Rizzo 308 G. Salvucci 8 Co. 293 Scrub a Dub 287 Seltzer's Garden City 303 Senior Class 309 Shell Station 311 Shipley Co., Inc. 302 Shoe Horn 308 Silver Lake Electronics 299 South Pacific 300 Star Market 311 Sunoco Station 287 D. Suvalle 297 Swartz Hardware 296 Tahiti 295 Timex 290 The Tux Shop 308 Vallees 311 Waban Hardware 301 Waban Hill Associates 306 Waban News 292 Walnut Street Garage 302 Warren Coveney's Ford Sales 287 Wayne Drug 308 West Newton Savings Bank 292 West Newton Theatre 304 Wiggen Realty 302 Winn-Gilbert Associates 304 The Wood Hut 286 Ye Friar Tuck's 292 Yem Mee Restaurant 290 Zenith World 289 patron s he Family of Toby E. Boyer Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Davis he Fentin Family Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Galton he Howard Family Mrs. Eva Kaplan he Marshall Family he Steinberg Family he Stone Family friends Mr. R. M. Block and Family The Davis Family SDORSGYS The Robert C. Baker Family The Boates Family Mr. and Mrs. Paul Fruitt and Family The Burger Family Dr. Earl Hellerstein and Family Mr and Mrs Jose h Davis . . p Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Katseff and Family Mr. and Mrs. A. DerMarderosian Mr. Robert Keezer and Family The David J. Kelley Family Mr. and Mrs. E. E. Kendall Mr. John King The Little Family The Herbert Low Family The Robert Morrison Family Dr. and Mrs. Herbert Selenkow Mr. Harmon Stone The Durkin Family The Fasman Family The Malcolm Green Family Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Loitherstein and Family The Luther R. Manning, Jr. Family The Allan Mowatt Family The Theodore Schaefer, Jr. Family Mr. and Mrs. Julius Thompson and Family The Arthur and Lillian Vash Family HEELS WHILE-U-WAIT Specializing in Orthopedic Work NORTHEAST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Fast Quality Service . . All Work Guaranteed THE COBBLER SHOP Master Shoe Rebuilders 31 AUSTIN STREET, NEWTONVILLE Phone 332-6556 435 CENTER STREET NEWTON CORNER, MASS. Open Days, Nights, and Saturdays Sam Kapreilian 8t Son 527-9336 , ,1i.1n THE PLACE TO BUY EVERYTHING FROM WHAT'S IN STYLE 527-6412 to what's traditional Open Thursday Evenings Until 8:30 GARDEN CITY OIL CO., INC. 64 1-HE '4, Plumbing - Heating IU ' PREP 5H0P " Air Conditioning NQRVARD SQUAIS 1-HOUR FREE PARKING T8 CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASS. Church Street Garage fright next doori 31 CHURCH STREET - CAMBRIDGE ' UNive-rsiry 4-2300 N34 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF '73 U THANK YOU, Compliments of GARDEN CITY TRUST COMPANY MR ROSSI' NEWTON BEDFORD WOBURN The Newtonian Staff Member FDIC 969 9500 Good Luck to the GRADUATING CLASS OF 1973! MANDELL S Distinctive Men's Wear for Your Formal Functions Visit Our Modern Rental Department NEWTONVILLE LAsell 7-6940 MARTINI IMPORTS 345 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON MASS FROM A FRIEND cancun .,',',' 's'o'a's'u'a ',',',',', u.o.aans ,,,,, a a u'n'e'u'u n n 0 n u'n'.'.' ' ' ' u's'o'a'u'u'n'o'-'.'.'.'.' 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Q ' WWW' ' "- " 1 'fu f ' . , f 1 '01, J 'r ' ' T' QM l1a"l.q'..e T M . b H . " 5 X ' I' I T -'i lH . t ' ? , ll- 1 r nh.. 's I2 X iT"v'I"'4 ' . 'K --...- -l': 'lifslgi . I' I : I 2 1 T' IWC -' 5' 'lf'-7'--'-' ... -1 .i 3' , - - 'S 'IT' T .. " - !':!A lIT',ll'll I , -,,aX 'th 1 'I I - li -. 'Si'-'i H- - -' THE WOOD HUT "Unique Handcrafted Wooden Gifts" 375 ELLIOT STREET, NEWTON UPPER FALLS, MASS. , COMPLIMEN7-S OF Telephone 332-2311 ""E1E3i3ifi3i1i3:1:1: -:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: Q A 115151136 POIDOI' S 5 cz 2 Q U 3 1:1 375 ELLIOT STREET N i NEWTON UPPER FALLS MASS 02164 I 0 C21 r 332-0800 ...-- ----- 'Z' HANDCARVED MONKEYPOD woon PEWTER POT MUFFIN HOUSE 'Z' A New 81 Most Unique Product Varieties of Muffins and Lunches gl Sold Through Home I 825 WASHINGTON STREET D9mOHSff-SHOWS NEWTONVILLE, MASS, opposite Steer Market 2 nib VI' A E! PM ' I t ROGAN S SPOVUUQ Goods - COMPLIMENTS OF - NEWTON Fred Fox John Romanowski n Gerard Boyce Sam Gerson Your Pharmacists At .III p.ns' P!-I-I-Z i:f:f:f:..,., Iffffffffzf' I P H A in If C777 Frederick A. Fox, Reg. Ph. NEWTONVILLE SUNOCO INC 416 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASS. 875 WASHINGTON STREET TEL. LASelI 7-3618 NEWTONVILLE MASS. aouaunnn.u'o'o" "son :,:,-.u.s.a.-...nn . . ff '.'. Q I SCRUB A DUB CAR WASH 445 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN MASS 923 1252 BEST WISHES FROM WARREN COVENEY S FORD SALES 777 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON MASS 02160 Telephone 965 5000 KOOCHER REALTY Realtors LEGAL BUILDING 1185 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON MASS 02165 Servicing the Newtons 527 2276 7 V LONDON LASS WEST 11 MAIN STREET SOUTHBORO MASS. 01772 481 5414 LONDON LASS COIFFEURS 969 1176 1176 WALNUT ST., NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. 02161 MIDAS MUFFLER SHOP 40 HIGHLAND AVENUE NEEDHAM M ffle s Shocks - B akes LE BARON HARDWARE Congratulations to the Class of '73 , lb .Z U f .1 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF '73 MCD0l13ld' C9 Compliments Of the CIRCLE CINEMA Compliments of ZENITH WORLD 991 BOYLSTON STREET KRT. 91 l NEWTON S NEWTON MASS. 02161 843 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE Teu. 332-3298 -0- n.--. -3 . . n 1 '."."'.'..... "" .oi uannnneeuuuno-fn-'..'.'-H .'.',', '.,.a . . - o ...nuns-.nun-on--nn ...'.'.'.' 5 0 O I I O I O C .-.........- , 0 0 I l.l.D.0.0.l'l . .Q I l I I l.l.A., . 469 MOODY STREET WALTHAM, MASS MENDELSOHN S, INC. 2 2 BEST OF LUCK TO THE CLASS OF 73 BACON HOUSE COUNCIL YEM MEE RESTAURANT JACK LANE LINCOLN-MERCURY Can, Home Piping HO, CHINESE 8. POLYNESIAN FOODS S3198 - S9l'ViCe - Rentals Open Mon. Thru Thurs. 11:30 A.M. Fri. 81 Sat. 'til 12 Midnight- Sun. 1 PM. to 10 P.M. 1180 WASHINGTON STREET Ample Parking - Next to Auburndale Star Market 2306 COMMONWEALTH AVE., AUBURNDALE, MASS WEST NEWTON, MASS. 527-0725 TIMEX 55 BROMFIELD STREET BOSTON, MASS, 02108 Llberty 2-8332 Factory Authorized Sales 81 Service "You're about to take a giant step" , f52fa,u.Qzz. a:.we,A4f4fg..1z7., ' . wwwl' AM-df 292 QCQOV n Or Q u D ll T I :mc srevm I C 100015 SISYEPS FEATUIIII VARSITY TYPE APPAREL Q V' ', wrmrm nn un SIZES 8-20 SLIMS CLOTHING 36-4-4 REGULARS SHIRTS-SW EATERS HUSKIES S-M-L ALTERATIONS 0 D :Y U Q7 QI ' 1. Q . A 1 Law H ERI io 1 1 SLACKS Us--H FREE 32 Langley Road Newton Centre 332-3320 OLDSMOBILE ALWAYS A STEP AHEAD BEREJIK MOTORS INC 126 HIGHLAND AVENUE NEEDHAM HEIGHTS WEST NEWTON SAVINGS BANK Safety for Savrngs WEST NEWTON WAYLAND YE FRIAR TUCK S RESTAURANT 16 WASHINGTON STREET WELLESLEY MASS. 02181 Fried Chicken - Hamburgers - Deli-Sandwiches - Hot Dogs CALL 235-9824 I OOOOQUIOODOO ARBY'S ROAST BEEF RESTAURANT 444 4797 1630 V.F.W. Parkway, West Roxbury Open Mon Thru Fri evenungs until 9 OO p m 806 Main Street, Waltham Saturdays until 5 00 p m Q GJ Arby's Sandwich WABAN NEWS CD ISDELICIOQS 1633 BEACON STREET WABAN MASS 02168 690 Huntington Avenue BOBS , l - ' ' ' - -'- - - -.-.-.-.-.:.:.:.-.-,-.'.-.-.'.'.'.'.-.g.L...3.5.3.----' 1 , , . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . , . . . . . . . ....'..... .......... . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .............,.. .................... HUn,,,,,, ' " ' '.'.'.'.'.'.f.'.'.f.'.'.'.'.2-?-.-.'.'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'-'- . , . iAt Brigham Circlej G SALVUCCI 81 CO INC Masonry Contractors 118 NEEDHAM STREET Construction Division NEWTON HIOHLANOS MASS 02161 3321627 Bookkeeping Dept 527 5997 HART PRINTING SERVICE INC 322 SUMMER STREET BOSTON MASS 02210 - Telephone - 269 4010 BOULEVARD PHARMACY INC Tel 969 2890 John D Farrington BS Reg Ph 2090 COMMONWEALTH AVE AUBURNDALE MASS Jeans for Guys and Gals Crew Neck Sweaters All Types of Knitwear LANDLUBBERS ARE HERE' Come and Browse Original and Authentic LANDLUBBER HIGHLAND MILLS SHOP 57 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON HIGHLAND MASS. RINO of ITALY Hair Stylists 969 3881 527 8811 FLODIN SEWING 81 VACUUM CO 257 WALNUT STREET NEWTON MASS William FI. Elliott Sales - Service - Rentals , - 15 LINCOLN STREET, NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS - I I 23 Purdy Studio New England s Foremost Photographers 80 BCYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Newton Hugh School Class of 1973 official photographers DIAMONDS - WATCHES - GIFTS Hendrlcken Bros Inc JEWELERS - SILVERSMITHS Forty-Five Lincoln Street NEWTON HIGHLANDS MASS. 02161 Buy Your Telephone Area code 617 527-6661 BUICK and OPEL In Newton NEWTON BUICK CO. 371 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER Compliments of: TAHITI 540 PROVIDENCE HIGHWAY DEDHAM, MASS. 0 l ' 1 1 1 ' ' ' 1 0 ' 1 0 '1'.' 'ff' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 ....-I-I-. -.frrr--B-1-1. 1: :.:.j.g.:.:.:.:.:.: ' 'glglglgl'I'Z'I'I'I'I'Z-I-I'Z"-I-I-I-I-I-I . 1 1 1 1'1'1',',',', .v.0.o. 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C6171 965-0400 Insurance Ot Every Description IRWIN ROBLIN ROBLIN INSURANCE AGENCY INC 555 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE NEWTON OENTHE, MASSACHUSETTS 02159 ROSENBERG S KOSHER FOODS 882 WALNUT ST. CAT 4 CORNERSJ NEWTON CENTRE MASS. 02159 Fancy Beef - Veal - Lamb - Poultry - Specialties Tel. 965-0100 KEN - KAYE KRAFTS CO. 867 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE 60 MASS. Creative Arts and Crafts Materials Compliments of JOHN S HAIR FASHIONS 315 WALNUT STREET NEvvTONvn.LE 244-3740 ATWOOD S CAMERA SHOP 21 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE MASS. Compliments of A FRIEND .e ' . ' ' l.l. l.I.l'l.l.0.l.l.l .'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. . """ 7 onouuuus '," 2'Z-Z4-I-I-I-I-Z '- onnnnnc.c. ', '.'. I- a u'o'a' ,'. 0 nn.:-:.:.:,' .:.:,:,.,.....o.:.:,.,.... 1 . . .-:-:-:-:-:-:1 :--'-:-:-:-:-:-.-.-.g.g.g , . . . . . . . . . . . . ...J ..........., ,:,:,-,-,:,-,',:. ... ... . ........ 0 I .'I'I'I'I'I'1'Z'I'I'I'I'.j.:I:.:.:-1-1-9 -,-,-I-Z'.-I-I'.-I:.:I:.:IgZ:.g.:.:.:.:.g , 'a I:I22:Ig2:2313.:.g.g.g.:.g.:.g.g.5.1.1212 .g.g.g:g:j:,:,:,:,:,:,:,:,:.:.:.:.:.:.g. . 5 -:-:-:-: :-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-'-'-'-'- 2 Sales - Mortgages - Appraisals 969-1710 Residence 332-8746 61 LANGLEY ROAD, NEWTON CENTRE PAUL L. PATTISON REAL ESTATE BARSAM RUG CENTER 270 CENTRE STREET NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS Tel. 332-6369 Best Wishes to the Class of 73 CHESTNUT HILL HOTEL C527-90001 CUSTOM MADE RODS RODS REELS REPAIRED FRISKY BAIT 84 TACKLE SERVICE FRESH 8. SALT WATER BAIT 291 WATERTOWN ST. RT. 16 NEWTON MASS. Open 7 Days a Week Tel. 244-9682 LA 7-3650 Res. LA 7-3980 LA 7-1222 LA 7-4411 Plumbing 8. Heating - Electric Appliances 20 WOODWARD STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS 61 MASS. SACAROB ASSOCIATES Realtors 2195 COMMONWEALTH AVE. AT LAKE STREET iacross from Boston Collegel 783 9300 Residential Properties in Newton and Brookline - DAVID SUVALLE INC HARRIS CYCLERY 1286 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON MASS. 244-1040 Visit Our New Showroom HUNNEWELL MARKETS Prime Quality Meats 441 CENTRE STREET NEWTON MASS. 332-6840 Compliments of JUSTIN ICE CREAM OLDSMOBILEII S J MCNEILLY INC 639 HAMMOND STREET CHESTNUT HILL MASS. 02163 Phone- 527-0828 GIORGIO S ANTIPASTO HOUSE Italian Foods and Pizza Beer and Wine 71 UNION ST. NEWTON CENTRE MASS. 02159 SAGES NEWTON CENTER MARKET Everything Good To Eat 1241 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE ELLIS GALE STUDIO INC 751 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Newton s Leading Photographer Bl 4-3586 Congratulations to the Class of 73 NEWTON COOPERATIVE BANK 305 WALNUT ST. NEWTONVILLE MASS 1308 WASHINGTON ST WEST NEWTON MASS. 244-8000 PULSIFER SCHOOL OF MUSIC M J FLAHERTY COMPANY 29 WAREHAM STREET BOSTON MASS. Dial 332-2487 NEWTON CAR RADIO Car Radio Sales 8 Service - Communication Systems Public Address Systems - Car Stereo Systems 873 WALNUT STREET NEWTON CENTRE MASS. John E. Borelli Gen. Manager DIAL N SEW Simply Better Sewing Machines I l tlooocolllltoiilil llllllllillllll , , . A . 1 Y 1 . , . . . . . . . . . . . I-I'I-.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'.'. -. I I ' . O.: .g. .gq -4.1.1. O I 'I I I I . . . . . . . . . .. . . . Orchestras for All Occasions - 322-7773 Joe Pusifer 332-7773 1349 CENTRE ST., NEWTON, MASS. 02159 u ....., -.--'- Phone 332 3808 NEWTON PHOTO Photo Finishing Cameras Greeting Cards 283 NASHINGTON ST NEWTON MASS 02158 FRED FOWLER CO 315 AUBURN STREET AUBURNDALE MASS 02166 Compliments of SILVER LAKE ELECTRONICS INC 337 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASS. 02158 Lumber - Building Materials CARLEY REALTORS Specializing in the Nevvtons 1171 WASHINGTON STREET 244-2966 305 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON so CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE 332 6000 ouoaaooaa. ua. ooauaoaeuo ou.- ooeononsoa ..- aacosaoooo --roof CURTIS-NEWTON CORP. CAPTAIN MARDEN S SEAFOODS INC WEST NEWTON WELLESLEY HILLS EDWARD S LUMBER 29 CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE Good Wood Goods LA 7 5500 GUISEPPI'S SUB SHOP Newton-Wellesley-Weston Multi-Service Center 22 Washington Terrace Newtonville, Mass. 02160 244-4802 MEDICAL CLINIC - DRUG COUNSELING EMERGENCY HOUSING - LEGAL AID V.D. 8t PREGNANCY TESTS - COUNSELING Days: 9-5 Mon. thru Fri. Eves: 7-10 Mon. Tues. Wed. Thurs. Fr'. No fees anonymous everything is confidential DESIGNS IN WOOL Yarns Needlework MRS DANA DRAPER Owner 37 Lmcoln Street Newton Hughlands Mass 02161 2441233 501 Hugh Street Dedham Mass 02026 326 5106 DIAMOND AUTOMOTIVE DIST NCI 441 Watertown St Newton Mass 527 2476 1185 Chestnut St Newton Upper Falls Mass 527 4710 All Parts for All Cars at Student Discount Prices 5 Some Enchanted Evening At SOUTH PACIFIC EXOTIC DRINKS - FINEST CHINESE CUISINE Open til 2 A.M. Luncheon Special 11:30 A.M - 3 P.M Call DE 2-7250 1152 BEACON STREET NEWTON 275 EASTERN AVENUE MALDEN Mansfield Chen Mgr. 527-8291 527-9153 ARTHURT GREGORIAN INC 2284 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS MASS. 02162 hand-woven rugs from Iran lPersiaI Tur- key and Afghanistan. We also have a large collection of rare antique orientals purchased from local estates. For informa- tion write or call collect 617-244-2553 f ' 7 Orders To Take Out- Catering We are direct importers and retallers of RONALD COIFFEURS 901 WALNUT STREET NEWTON. MASS. Opposite A8iP Parking Lot at 4 Corners 465 CENTRE STREET NEWTON MASS 527-9852 MIDNITE FOODS 84 LAUNDROMAT 244-2034 MacKAY FUNERAL HOME 719 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE Open until Midnite COMPLIMENTS OF NONANTUM LUMBER CO 430 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN MASS 02172 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1973 John McHugh Tel 527 9527 AUBURNDALE GULF 2078 COMMONWEALTH AVE KAT AUBURN STI NEWTON MASS 02166 MADCO, INC. fOpen63OAM H PM, EASTERN METAL MILLS PRODUCT COMPANY Best Wishes to the Graduatmg Class an The Red Baron Copper - Brass - Aluminum - Beryllium - Bronze DEDHAM MASSACHUSETTS WABAN HARDWARE 329 1200 1641 BEACON STREET WABAN MASS Hardware Paint Oils d T105 EAST STREET l 1 I f It i TT I i I il, rx x Q T JERI SUE GIFTS 318 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE MASS. 527-6820 Greetings Cards - Gitts Congratulations T' ' ' SHIPLEY COMPANY INC 230 WASH-NGTJN STREET N l O C R FB A L :,:,:,:,: ,:,:,:,:,: ,:,:,:, N - h A nnuuunnonnaaauanuo 3- agunn 1 332-1477 Volkswagen Specialists 527-9674 WALNUT ST GARAGE HIGHLAND TEXACO SERVICE 1151 WALNUT ST. NEWTON HIGHLANDS MASS. 02161 LIGGETT REXALL Dnues W'GG'N REA'-TY . 889 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONVILLE 375 WASHINGTON TR ET S E Sales, Rentals 81 Appraisals DOWNTOWN BOSTON N 4 . 332-6850 Discount Prescription Center selling or Buying Call Us for Fast Service U , A -l tu.,,,4, , Dressmaking ' , Original Creations "EDWARD" THE FRENCH TAILOR 845 WASHINGTON ST Phone 332 8052 NEWTONVILLE MASS Bus 969 2200 THE ACADEMY CLAY CHEVROLET ot Physical and Social Development NEWTON CORNER MASS 792 BEACON ST NEWTON CENTRE MASS 02159 431 WASHINGTON STREET Used Cars Bought and Sold Compliments of F Y - Y -qw, . HAMMOND'S CONTEMPORARY FURNITURE CAB01"3 ICE CREAM ROUTE 9 CHESTNUT HILL SELTZER S GARDEN CITY INC Flowers for every occasion 332-1157 1 FLORENCE STREET NEWTON Tfifiiiiiiifgsgsgi :: MAss HARDWARE a. suPPLv co 617 - 244-3100 Compliments of ALUMABILT INC WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON Tel. 969-0500 HOME CENTERS BARNETT FABRIC STORES INC Phone LAselI 7 4587 305 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CORNER Compliments of ADAMS HOUSE COUNCIL CLEVELAND CIRCLE AUTO SCHOOLS NEWTON LA 7 3100 CAMBRIDGE KI 7 6700 BROOKLINE LO 6 8800 Bunnie and Cape at the AUSTIN COFFEE SHOP NEWTONVILLE SOUARE Compliments of BARNES 81 JONES INC Steamheatlng -- Industrial Steam 31 CRAFTS STREET, lEwToNvlL.LE 332-7100 Congratulations Class of 1973 WEST NEWTON THEATER 1.3 Congratulations to the Class of 73 New England s Most Complete Stereo Center CRAMER ELECTRONICS BOSTON PEABODY 817 Boylston St. Northshore Opp. the Pru. Shopping Center 267 4700 532 0800 Residential - lndustrial - Commercial WINN GILBERT ASSOCIATES INC 753 BEACON STREET NEWTON MASS. 02159 l6'I7l 969-3320 5 V .',l.U.".'....Tllillliils :':'::':':':':':':':':':'o'o'o'0'l'l'l'l""""."'.'."' l I U 0 I Q I. .gunman ggoolo. uooeuso 0:','.'.:uza:u:q:u:u:0,','.'.'.:n:u:a:n:a:.:o:u:a:n:u 0 0.03. .g...5u.u.o.o.o.o.:.....-.J-..,.,.,...,., , l - A f l . . . . . . - - I i .7 DUBOIS CORPORATION 600 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN MASS 02172 923 0600 We have a complete home and Industrial service whlch Includes FUEL OIL ' HEATING 0 ELECTRICAL 0 PLUMBING -I-I-25:2:!:2:I:2:!:2:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-:-: v"" .naman--Q ' ' ' '.','.'g'.'q'a's'o'o o 0 o o u n o o :2:!:!:-:-:-'-' -' - '- '- '- '- '-' -Z-3-I-Ir!-I Congratulations to the Class of '73 NORUMBEGA STAMP AND COIN CO 297 AUBURN STREET AueuRNoALE Thomas Lesanto Blgelow 4 3128 NEWTON SHADE 81 SCREEN CO Venetian Blinds Screens Window Shades Aluminum Windows Doors Jalousies Aluminum Siding 282 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CORNER MASS M urriott NEWTONVILLE CAMERA EXCHANGE S31 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE MASS. 02160 Tel. 16171 965-1240 COMPLIMENTS OF UUNKIN UUNUTS 940 BOYLSTON STREET NEWTON MASS RALPH S Famous Name Shoes 1148 BEACON STREET NEWTON MASS 527 2774 I 17 Our Congratulations to the Class of '73 JOHN T. BURNS 81 SONS, INC. Serving the Newton's Since 7892 REAL ESTATE - INSURANCE 242 Comonwealth Ave. 803 Washington St Chestnut Hill Newtonville .....'..:-Q ,-,,, i.l.l.0'i.l.l O -'..g,t. '.'.'.'.'.'o o.. 8.0.51 .0.'.',','.'.','n'u a a Q n Q n n Q a Open Daily 11:30 a.m. to 1:45 a..m Sundays and Holidays open 12 noon Daily Luncheon Special JADE ISLAND Polynesian and Chinese Cuisine -- Cocktails Orders put up to Take Out - 969-2240 - 41 - 42 870 WALNUT STREET, NEWTON, MASS. 02159 .-.-Q--.ra-an T' ' " " -""-- Cllllllllllllllli .......l.0.0.0.ln NEWTON FLOWER SHOP 899 WALNUT STREET AT FOUR CORNERS NEWTON MASS. 02161 Telephone 527-2900 '-:-:g:g:2 Compliments of PIKEN 84 CO INC 40 COURT STREET BOSTON MASS an 0.0.00-'a's'.'.'. 9 annu- o.n...u.a.- 0-urns .nano ...nan anno. ,. 1 anno ,. ana...- .nan .manua- -...aa-..- I...-an-an an a an no s on Q 6 n u I I v 1 .uno-son.- nsunsnoooou olau 6 n'o'n'a'u'n""' l.o.n.o-u a'n'u'- 'Q'-na'n'a'.'. UNE M095 TYME CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '73 Resale Clothing from 1275 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON MASS. 02165 A FRIEND NEWTONVILLE T V 81 RECORD CO RHODES PHARMACY 321 WALNUT STREET WABAN NEWTONVILLE MASS. 02160 NEWTZNMZQTJQTSQTT flffhf 0iGIOCDCtGO Party Favors for All Occasions 323 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE Watch e , H 1 v Compliments of Repaurmg Gifts for the Grad 244-1498 J E w E L E R 310 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE MASS. 02160 329 AUBURN STREET AUSURNOALE MASS. 02166 965-2746 6 -'.'-'-'.'.'. OOMPLIMENTS OF ROMA SUBS 3, PIZZA WABAN HILL ASSOCIATES Realtors 322 WALNUT STREET 554 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE NEWTONVW'-E NEWTON CENTRE MASS. 02159 BI 4-2602 THE ELLIDT W KEYES PHARMACY ANN S SUBMARINE SANDWICH SHOP Establushed 1885 Robert M Levme BS Reg Pharm Where America's Finest Subs Are Served 349 AUBURN STREET, AUBUFINDALE- MASS PHONE 244 2794 138 NEEDHAM STREET Rental 81 Sales on Crutches Canes Wheel Chairs NEWTON THGHLANDS Walkers 81 Hospital Equipment g.:.:.:.g.-.'.'.-.-. ...aff--'u'-'.'.'. . - 1 y . ,v , , Y I I 'a 0 'I Q Q .4 0 - . 6 . . 1 '- '. 'a '1 - HARVEY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY Congratulations to the Class of 73 WAYNE DRUG 880 WASHINGTON STREET FOUR CORNERS Books - Newspapers - Magazines - Smokes Greetings Cards - Gifts - Toys - School Supplies GATEWAYS Good Luck to the Class of 73 PHONE 235-4753 7 WASHINGTON ST. WELLESLEY MASS. 02161 COIFFURES ELEGANCE SAL RIZZO OF WABAN INC Wig Department 1651 BEACON STREET, WABAN 527-8633 527-9198 SHOE HORN Famous Brands - Discount Prices 1400 BROOKLINE STREET Bnookl.iNE 566-4630 GASTON ANDREY of BOSTON INC 1290A BEACON STREET BROOKLINE MASS. 02146 734-5280 - Alfa Romeo - Saab sales and service ............ ...- .............. t.. - 5 u I I .'. - 1 Q n.',','.'.'.'- n o 0 INTERNATIONAL TIRES 527 5343 J. 81 S. MOBIL SERVICE CORNER OF BEACON AND WALNUT where the friendly and courteous service begins from the owner, John Coyle, to the attendants at the island. - Expert Repairs By - DUKE CATH and ROBERT DAGOSTINO Ex-Newton Tech Grads THE TUX SHOP, INC. 230 CALIFORNIA STREET NEWTON, MASS. lNear Kings' Dept. Storej Tel. 527-0459 Open Every Evening This season we are featuring the "NOW LOOK EDWARDlAN" jacket in colors including: PRINCE EDWARD PRINCE ALBERT CONTINENTAL DOUBLE BREASTED SINGLE BREASTED SHAPED TUX - TAIL TUXEDO ALSO: COLORED RUFFLED SHIRTS fall colorsl FLARED PANTS PATENT SHOES FORMAL BOOTS VELVET TIES "Each to his own way, l'il go mine i Best of luck with what you find. But for your own sake, remember 5 The times we used to know." I Ian Anderson l i T, SENIOR CLASS i l 2 l I i i 5 , Congratulations to the Class of '73 2" sENion ou-xss COMMITTEE i Debbie, Tom, Tom, Peter, Paula, Candy, Kathy Ii P ii it Diane, Carol, David, Randy 8t others flfhol Con We Do For Vou 7 I I I l lop circzoliye printing, directv rdoied To your yeorbook The yearbook-it's the Creation and the Celebration of friendships. Potentially, the yearbook staff Can metamorphose its experience into a book that is surprising, original, beautiful. The people at O'Toole's know how to liberate that potential. So you needn't go south or west to find someone to entrust your yearbook to VVe've been keeping our trust in the Northeast for over three quarters of a century. Graduate to 0'TooIe's. f '-l i l , li,lI'lilllllB EET? KEELER AVENUE, SOUTH NORWALK, CONNECTICUT O6856 TELEPHONE 203-838-4761 7 . -una ...sooooonooo :sooo ll ' 77 7 CROWLEY S OFFICE SUPPLIES 338 Walnut Street Newtonvllle Massachusetts 332 5310 Congratulations Graduates ROBIN PERSONNEL 1185 Washlngton Street West Newton Massachusetts 16171 244-8623 16171 244-8624 SHELL SERVICE STATION - 1099 Beacon Street Newton Highlands 4Corners Compliments of THE NEWS TRIBUNE L Best Wishes VALLE S STEAK HOUSE 300 Boylston Street CRoute 99 Newton 969-9160 Compliments STAR MARKET Newtonvllle N ..U...C.O.l...U.U .l.l.l I I O O O O I C O I I 5 ,A- -M -v 5 -l.'faF' Q , , X 'F if ' X . . NN 1 I 5-'f W- .a- 4w ' X 5 fr ff 1 4 FY -si -QL H5 -Q . ' A ? -b J, -' 1 ff - V V-3 .r A, .1 , K - . ' -Q gf'-'r'f'!:fffi'ff 'apr Akai. ... J A x "N-'T .11 '71:"f'- :"',i',"'4f Q 4' " . f 1- , 1 - '13 ,gf if 'I I7 f'R, .I M Ji ' .T w:"7:s' 'ffl-374 Q! al, .2 1 ' , 'iflk .fgef i -'N LVQV 1. 5 ' ' "9114"' -- .' 7.-"'i1.'. ' B11- ,, Q13 , 1 A , f.x+f--ff "1 K' 2 " Q 1 Q Q, ' , -4 . , 9 -a ' U ,- e - ,gg . - 1554. 'Y ,Lvl Up. I win. df .V Ji 4 Af1,52',A.,.?f'2h -,L-r 7 f .fly 44 Q. 44 -3 if :iw ., 'LL 'j-,,2:Af"Z-'3 vu' 'g 1, e if My... A , 464g Q , .VXA ' ,- 1. N, , . .L 95' . b.l."f xx'-,f 4 ' ? . - T' If f" , 'f ' 'F Y, 223512 'Qiiiifl ,V -. '- 1 1747 ' f la Q' V ,','v' 7' - f ' 7 , If '.,v. l -an X Qnw-"'Q ' . rf , .,- f 3. -. " A ,A ,,,, .vmqhys 'jj I , ,A .l l .3-'iQ , , Xvdfl ' A rp' Q ' v ' I L., 1 ' QL.: f . ,,,..:gc ., A x X, 1 .8 -6. 'Yi-' ' . 53 Q - 1- v 4 ' -' ' , - , f., we f ,, 'I f ' - 5 , x 'KP 9 u ' ' - 'TZ Lx 1 1 3' I ,f 36 .p 'SFA I X I I I I I I I I I I I I I L . II I I L I I I I PII ll 'II 5? II I I ,I' QI. .n. Q I II qi, EI' I 1, 'EI I l I I ,I I I I , I I X x I 1 I r 1 1 1 w 2 I il I 7 Y 1 1

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