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gag Q? 1.--x . V111 su, ,wg-Q . 'Sf nd 21, V ,?Z".i2' 5 4 .',.5L 7-if' . i V .' .':3- ,gf- ' J'-.L f . . 4-g, . f v. .5-, vi., ,K -cuf- , -.5f,'.sg . ,A At., 34- ' -4 45:-' IA , 'A Z' ,:':.- 5 .. Q-',: Lf? 2-1-L "g 3,1-z Q: 1 'WQ1 3 , -1.35. P1 zfkfjl, .F 4--,L rv if x: .,.. QL gf .- , -- ,5'j:i- 1327 -'P 'ZJJALLQ 5-V--gn XA -'- .A . Vnf,-A ,.-4: ji 5 ge-Q-1 f,',f-45114, A - -1 M, Y, Q. 'lf 14-'L , fa --J" fl. V1 ,, 1--X 'ff .--1:,,4:,.- - 1 .4 g if fi ' I'1'yJf1g!5'i1'3 . Q.:-sr..-yff . ' ,: E'.k'gr3YL'f , 1.5-"-JJ,-. ,Yue-. 2 . .fi'P5, r gg-iwfbvq, --.L , ,A '.':5'.:-:Es , -N y-,?fIv,'-'fl-1 .I V , , ' ' ggi,-.ff gp, ,gel .3 , A ,V V f -- 'n-',,- 4 :-. ' ' "'-' ,, x ,, ' "4"-'Q' L J MI -. lt , .ij Uv! ,M g, ,r "1 . ' :fini '. MF '1-19' ff'-ig s ' 'LL 5 f. . IZ f ' Dv xi, . . rfb" .J fx '-- 3.1 ' 'gy 3 fat f I Nf'- f . A. , . , - fl. ,AS 1 r. 5 5'-ff. .',f..,-,Rv-- ', , .. I- ."..A I., V, fgfn. . -. 4 -. ' if , uk ' .,-51 , fax T . 1 , ct'-I.. 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N' ,wh ,A 1 DEDICATION The 1971 Newtonian has been dedicated to Mr. Howard Ferguson, for having been a source of inspiration and encouragement during his twenty three years as head baseball coach at NHS. ,f .1 1 -4" SW 'E' If , g5Q, . , " , f' Jf ij" .Af ,FN 'fr NEWTCJN HIGH SCHOCJL Newtonville, Massachusetts Kelsey Thompson Terese Henes Resa Silver Richard Vaughn Madge Kaplan Eric Kahn Carol Elitov Amy Seltzer Ellen Peghiny Debbie Desmond Phil Silberstein Arnie Mandelstam Beth Weinberg Gail Karas . Claire Gallo julie Walsh Susan Davis Susan Ekizian Armando Rossi Cynthia Aronson Editor-itz-Chief joan Kanovitz flsriftiirzt Editor-irz-Claief . Literary Editor Arrirtarzt Literary Editor .. Art Editor Pfyoto Editor Photo Coordirziztor Layout Editor . Data Editor Arfirtftrzt Data Editor Copy Editor Auistiirzt Copy Editor Sporty Editor Adz'erti,rirzg Editor Adrertirirzg Editor Bufirzefr Mtzmzger , Cirridrztiori Editor Afijffdllf Cirrzdatiorz Editor Asyiytizrzt Cirtzdatiorz Editor Sporty Editor Adriyor " 4 33, 3843, 145' W 9d A 1 O ofx Qi D2 Q59 Q Q7 O Dedication Photo Essay The Governing and The Governed Murray Road Clubs Publications Sports Campus Events Art Gallery Seniors Advertising Table Contents 7 8 42 90 102 ll6 126 l6l l7Cv U76 221 1 if 1 1' x Ys'Q,:eJ. ' - J,r-- 'i5Sfr,faSTf1iM If x I .L ' -. "H..w 2-be-,1.-,-,1 vu j,-, .- . . , . .'.+' - . I X , .- l 1 .Vr- .v " ff,.' : 44-if F, -f'r - ' ,s?f-ff1f.2- iff-1 4 ' , -M eg .-- . N - ., B 3 - " , -J' 3' - ': .5 ' " I 'Q 0 " 'Z' ' 8 'P' ,' rf I. ' " ' ' . , ...ave .,,. 0 ,Q eh,-. .,'-Y. ' . in . JVV- 'V-'ZH ' -" 7f'v - F A ' ' ' in X 'P 1 -. In ' 4 17"- M sl k,n. 4 4 r - ' . .9 Y . .l 'I l Q1 ,. ina .. . L.. l. 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'manga E' X fs X x S I A Rigby X . , QQ., Q, 145 . i b 'L 'E Vi . .- - -by Q lf, . . - ui: , g ' ,A I ,, bi-1 if - 40 rf 'Q Mimi ,mf fp s , X fwf- C' 4 , A 1 1 , 1 ? 'Yiff 4 Y X K FQ ,x . , K , - 1, ,,,, fx 1 , , v f as , v ff, , 1 X 'x fa if Va QC, 'M' v l fi is A My And we, the eternal mu' trinm hunt oun , 3 mn add our own joyous shouts to the noisy world. . . . we seize the day! fibr- Q nl Y XC libum 3nnm,,.,i::x H. 'in lfs Cheer on the human super-runner, he ctzrz't wait to get there before he knows where it is. K 'HU '-1 Revolving Evolving Revolution f'0LlI1gCl' ...... knowing it ll- older ...... 21 knowing 21 little ITIOIC and telling those now younger just what you do know b LII eolarf 0 9 we MU 9 wi by Fx' 659 Q arsnlgy A they are younger a book of thoughts by stephen 1968 knowing ir all ..............- ...-1-........................, ..,...., ..... . iisfifffgi . R ,4 . Q. 0 1' nz 4. w 'ini l 'S ' V 524, sf M n, ?gl lv 5 . I -vw' 4 6,3 '15, 51 36 ttwwrar ,Jil ,, 'f 'W 1 hi Sometimes in the pell-mell pace we need to STOP and forget that time existsg we need to halt the unifue1'se's turning Conly for it momentj so that we may reflect. b 1 TW.: f fy: win 4 I Q -' IZ 'f , T haf? ' kj 1 . 1" i?ig,, .v!g2 33,1 if 1, ' f i mf g. fx s 15.541 11' QQ E f v i va 4 ' ' f rw A' 11? My .,, f ff fif' ' I . ,,'. . f ff? f f if "2 X if digg, mf hwgsif if ge? ,Ai 1 ei , fm I V fm' :Eg U.-. .' '.: . ,- ', - n-,"g. v bggmfiffh M . . A-. R 1' Z-pr Xu ,A U5 aw 1 - n Q Q 141 A , 1 - -, f 4 :xf,.' , -fx-V1 ig? Y. z j::!"Q 343: ','. 4 v?5,':',: ' .- , J ff' 12 ' f. J T , ,mi ,Nan lvxsr 1:"zif2 2 'A ' w i : ,l, 554 ',. Q v 4 4... , v-me-.I ' -f-war cw-A vw ful'- L -en 1.-fav' wr-sytfgxr xmv 'v X . s bw'fX'Q'X1g?N' QY.'Fi A , . . A Q M U rj-'N WI -fy Q Q, - 1 FT Av X, 541 ' ' Q' fx , , " ,v,' A 'Rf Q' 5 , L ' lx. V1 X .. I N 5 M .M ' X N L . Y NX gi f A ' .BQ if 1 ai- W N, X, y.,rT,, ,F X , ' 'X D "xt f - A A A QQ XX x'Xfi'- f 5 V' , , wa , . , , - . r i i Q ra ' -T RS? . 4 f V t 'Xf- 'E was "Our spirit is An essence ofquite indestructahle nature I Its like the sun, Which only to our terrestrial eyes Appears to sink, a But which in reality never sets, Which, goes on shining Incessantlyf' : KA Q., , . . -1 --1. x.. 11,904.1 'K A I V w 1:11111-' -- f - W 1" 1 , A N , I -Q , 5 w 1 ' The Governing i 1 4 e I I Ana' The Govemea' 4 I v I 4 ,,.,.,..,,,,..,.,.-uni' Richard Mechem, Principal CHANGE Change has been "the order of the day" around Newton High School for some time, and this year is no exception. The most dramatic changes always take place in the attitudes, ambitions, activities, and interests of the students. These will be reflected throughout the rest of this book. Administrative changes have paralleled the personal ones, sometimes following and sometimes anticipating. By far the most significant change this year has been the niove to an open campus. This has been discussed for many years by all members of the community, but the last two years have provided additional impetus. As with all administrative change, it remains to be seen whether this will seriously affect the tone and productivity of the school. The objective is more human and humane treatment of and by all members of the community. Only time will tell whether this objective has been reached. Other major changes are under way which will affect the program from this time forward. These revolve around the institution of a large number of elective courses within our regular program and a complementing array of mini-courses. The traditional three year' English requirement has been aban- doned, with students able to substitute three semesters of electives for the last three semesters of their regular work. This is only typical of coniparable changes in most of the other departments. And always there is the new building going up alongside of us! This will dramatically affect our lives, enabling us to develop the totally comprehensive high school that we have had in mind for many years. Richard W. Mechem Principal February 9, 1971 --f-pq ii? A .. ..-. ,Y 'Tix-.qi l , . UN... -.-.. 1 Q -25 . 5- Jw.. , Eiga . . 8 1 X 2 i il' if X ' x it "' e f xv sae. V a' X - t , ,ff H, , wxvg' The Student Senate was faced with a paradoxical situation this year. We could not honestly expect a broad base of student support unless we proved we could make im- portant changes in the school, yet it seemed as though we could not effectively produce school-wide change without a broad, vocal, base of student support. To solve this problem, we felt a change in the structure of the Senate was necessary. Large-group meetings had usually accomplished nothing, where smaller groups could often work effectively. The Senate was therefore broken down into study groups, each committee with a specific topic in mind. Topics ranged from discipline, grading, and open campus student evaluations of courses and teachers and an SFA. We hoped this would give more students a chance to be involved in the Senate, and would accomplish change in specific areas independent of a large, cumbersome organization. Our plans were only partially successful. Our greatest fear, that students would not get involved proved justified. But the year was not without certain successes. Open campus finally became legal for juniors and seniors- sophomores will still have to break the rules to leave the campus. Student evaluations of courses and teachers were introduced and made possible. Primarily due to student proposals, the English curriculum has undergone basic and beneficial changes. Other proposals have not had immediate results. As students are in high school for three years, it is hard to have a perspective of events in the school. It is hard to under- stand changes, unhappily, take time to push through. just three years ago open campus was merely a student's whim, and a walk on the grass meant suspension, while five years ago abolishing the dress code was considered impossible. Ideas being seriously considered for the first time this year, such as voluntary class! room, a court of appeals with fundamental laws to refer to, or a student option in electing pass-fail or letter grades, have not gone into effect. Whether or not these proposals and the many others being introduced are implemented within the next few years is the final test of how successful this Senate has been, and how effective future Senates will be. -lf, ....., STUDENT SENATE and Seth Rolbein, Paul Margolis, Co-P1'erfm'e11f,r John Dichter, Vife Pfwjffelzf Cindy Ulmau, Sef1'efrz1'-y Robert Gordon, Trefzrzzrer ru! i Q-W' uri , 1 .., .Af .h 3 E R' 2 E' -.Q-6 1,9 A-1 , W0 s- -mx- in , 4--1 .Abu , 1 4 - .2 ' , X i 5 Y 4 ff ffffk- 'N N"f45"g?4Q,,Q,Qp f l.a1419'HVS'Y" , ku ,- I Q., 1 , I QNHH1-mafia am Now we're gonna go out there and hit 'em hard! A ' f ff -. J q YI h f 4 I 1 41. I h QV , , xg, wi ff 1074 ' ', 'I . f 7 I I :S""4 h' , - 3 ' 222167 4' Slifghpfffh Slay' :A 1.91 5 Y -,I SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEE Martin Cohen, Pl'6Jid6lZf Anne Cronin, Vife Prerirferzt Patti Jacobs, Serretary Roger Asch, Trearnrer FN. JUNIOR CLASS COMMITTEE Daniel Aronson, Preriderzl Ellen Darmin, Vire Preiideut Nancy Urban, Treamrer Diane Raum, Secretary I With Special re gards I to the Sophomore Class Committee - dn?" Borry House Council Adams House Council Beols House Council F l l Bocon House sg Council i 2 1""""'f: fi '..EM' -fg 4. - 1,531-Y , f ' f Q' s ,-V :.- ....-.53 if 7 AJ' 1 .id is A .4 .,t,. 4 'S' SQHWFJ ggbmmmiis 5 f I We , 4, , ff Q -' Sw Riley House Council Polmer House Council l . if E .351 . ,gy fa V A '- 1.22 ' Hlgxslf. N X A l003""" QW W 'W Aaron Fink N511 M11 Sfzperjzzfelldefzf Atwood P. Dunham .1 vnirhzzzf Primipfzf Y , " ,. X l ,J f Y W 3 1 . V if V ---..-0 Elgiu McDermott Mary Miscella Anna Luccnta Lf- L L .wffz f Sm'rehzr'3 SFt'l'L'fL?l"y' S6N'EfLll'-1' 'X I' Q VI ff r K: ' "' .LQ 'Gm .Agp v?"7' A4 x S ,V fr ff vi -Q. . , 4? ,. , X, x Marjorie Billings Ruth Morse Mary Turner 5'ew'e!m'jy Sefr6Ir1ry S6t'l'6fzI1'Q' QQ. . 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"We have been open to change, increasing our flexibility, for we want the house system to help students as fully as possible." "We have instituted an SFA board and house discussion groups, and we have sponsored dances and coffee hours, rock groups and hayrides, ,aux getting people together for good timesg all in an effort to increase and improve communication. We want everyone to talk and listen and share ideas." "We have even created a new 'house': the Barry House Project, with its individuality, not in bagels or doughnuts, but in its program of a "school within .1 house." In this way students may get as much individual atttention possible." We haxe seen great changes at NHS some things never change: the need and expand new ideas, In realizing of stability and self-awareness, He 'student' a little easier." 4-5 ' s .k- 's p . 5 v 5 xt, W QQ ti 1 1 , . 4 if "' r -f , shift K A l s 2 ...I -.,,.u-clk rs joe Student says: a house is ..... where those sweet concerned secretaries never fail to inquire about your health if you're home in bed . . . for even if you're notj where a coke, and an armchair in the commons room are an untold luxury . . . where you learn math by totaling up credits-to-graduate with your computer-happy counselor, where doughnuts and coffee get spilled every Thursday morning . . . where you might escape for lunch when the cafeteria blows your mind. fas you wade through candy wrappers to find the jukeboxj where once in a while you meet someone who cares amid the many who couldn't care less: and you might get a sudden urge to speed down the hall on roller skates Qbut don'tj a house is three years of listening to the same girls gossiping in homeroom every morning . . . Cit's more interesting than the Daily bulletinj . . . or maybe it's three years of coming up with the 500 most original excuses for coming late and leaving early . . . a house is where everybody looks for answers to the superstructure and the chaos of the whole where unity through division is the themeg where a lot of crazy idealistic people discover its variations. I i i . I 5 f ! .H I 'I is , 1. 'spa JI: , , f Af., K -f m t. 1' . r -1. ' K ,A 1 1 f :git A. 1 if ,f ' T ,I ' if 1 f ,J 1 - 1 RT KY W A , 4 xl X X X xxx ,X ,5 , nk 218 I A 499' li N c 4 A 1753 'Q 0.9 'I XI v f-5 i 4 I I Edwin Fraktman H0z1.ven1fz,ftef '05 Sf' f fad 'Tfs' 2, -I 4 if Q Edith Rajpnwnd Ethel Charticr Ruth Ginsberg Roberta Black A Qm1'e,'.zv'1 S?t'l'69fLl7' Bmiuzr Gmdkzlzfe - 3 g. . S '- Biff , . 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Digisus HARPER lim S -'ggncid' T A ff wbwl Usa having been to the seashore, love dream of sky and windswept kisses like salt-waves swiftly whispering in. or the long slow ebb of a turguoise sea on the white sand sweeping through your mouth myself, gurgling smooth-stone pntterns on the beach like marbles given watery and sweet in the multi-colored mirrors of se.1-blue days. g JW fi 1 un A 1: U ON gt. . ,, Q N K5 ',-Q 1 O i ,sf l Through deadman pores the cursed stems emerged a plague of light green pointed spots thrust up crazed as army of sword bayonets oh of what dements genius to rise from frozen rancid flesh each living tendril out from knee and chest and empty eye the humans unspeakable decaying depths and spidery leaves bloomed on fattening stems cast their shadows on icy skin till overlapping they spread across a green weil like lace and the deadman darkened y in sudden shadow lying under within i his living field , and did not stir in his grassy bed when brazen scarlet petals emerged likes snakes maidens from green cocoons TOM BOTTOM LEY I i P sf., 9-4, it wig .bs Q ,wx f as , 5 to gr -ff ff 1 av? ,M , rf. 1.- ,-ia, 1 ' "5 'flfai ' Nl- I , 1 ff- , ' 'wil Prix . 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Slow soon you'll be among the dead. No-no-stop-wait. Once sunlit bubbles announced your presence Now your bags are packed. Ready to go. Don't cry caress you, kiss you, hold you in my hands, are you lighter now. DEBBY DYER 314754 gr-Q., I iv a . t af' , ,ki k Y - Lark' 1 A i ' PM i ,, - 1 ,V ,. M .. PQ:-X... .. . .r -.- ... ,M . .,. W S' I x nw J ' f il'- -Q 1 x A ,n , gg. x K ' -, , . ., J, ..,l 4 ,...,,. , TSN . , . ,Z ' 1- A "-'f 4 pl J kt tg,- 4 '., .1 X - '. ' 1 EW w 1' xv- A . . - in Y- E , 11.9 I3 K 5 , A -. gy-4 -5'3vi.H1f4 L' vm 14 . . , .1 eff' , ' . ' , ,. , Qu, 'WK ,fx in V , 4 f-14. J' H 3. 3273- fu v RR-1 A ' . . if ,Mm-. N YK 1 "" , ,Q .. Q if A I x y - N ,- A 5 ' 'JCI ' , F jj K Nm. S ' ' H iff "sf" 'Y 1 if if ' . :wh ' . 2 . -my yiwxcfilx A , V 'J-91.-',?'1F v A 'EEN J' .3 . 2 i , ,M ,gil x- '. 'Q '12 ' ' - v : -,o fi f ' 3 filfff , v. A V, ,I , r . :pn UN' .,: 5 ' "- 'Y . Ei 's g.. 4-1 fivf' V' . E ' K,-ggi-,s f' Vg, " ' X '. ali? 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BAND PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB -M ., 2 N . ...,., .Lg i N W w , i.1- . Af! HE SMITH FA 1 Il ,ii Till". t' Q ' ' 5 ' , 1 , ax A ' f ' ,'12'5.Q' 4 5 I E Y ? Ar.. 1 , T Ni, f in .JI X, XV M iw: W, 2 ll sg? MW A 1112 aff, .0 J f xr. 'I ai, 'Q . . f 5 E-1+-5' fi v ..,. sm- NX!!! isx, f' +-X In - 1 ,wg Q i Jaxx .f i ,ala f ri X , .lx if If there is audible outside noise The shades go down. Before. an introductory stage of think, must, a coordinated will. joining the instruments, soaking reeds, And other preliminary arrangements Require no special effort, I admit. Only afterward, enumerating in my nervous mind: test the reed, back straight, fingers curved, cushioning lips perfect the attack and don't strangle the instrument. lt becomes quite a responsibility. I begin by plodding through an exercise Including sharps and unheard of Leaps from low to high notes, Holding real music ahead of me A reward for doing a good job. But fhaving arrivedl stopping- repeating improving- stepping? l see mrmr on paper and hear it on records. Sometimes I am satisfied. l hear my own erzviable tone, technique Mellilluous. full and sing Attfcke--and taper off quietly. Ytfish images of perfect landscapes and sunsets I want to play. to prolong .... . 7-.1 fy W ff: Le Q "' ,Q F D-2-3 M ,-+A. nv- 3.4 "fm, ibn me - 1 55 'I L , , 44 lu " ,' . A QW? of ' S B Q XIII I, 90 Q X og 9 i f WW 6 3, x..L1.c +1 5 A TZ 2 6 wsu' 6 N X 7fX If A N Sa ll Wy JJ Q - g..."""' ' .I '-""' o I Q' X Jfjiff' -Y . ' ?.1'-"':.-, Q . gCE:.u:lll IllIIl , N X 5 J . W O 6 ff 1 4 ,5"' lllI' ?"'W , 1 3 ff I df . .JV I V4 gigs Q L OSSQQ, Q ' Q vp ' .1 ' Eg p W L Q - N 'Mr' 52,0 -J O ?" ' L, 3 I 1 W ! ,J ees- it if 'll ' , ,. iq l" ui I 1 C Cindi Aronson, Edi!or'i11-Cbiefq Armando Rossi, f1dz'i.r0r.' joan Kanovitz, fluirmnf Edffm'-in-Clvirf wwf' NEWTONIAN I 1 Q M 4 ' W' " N we - 4. 1 ' , W ',: 1 5 1 gm sm 2? 19' an wx., 4 Wfvg 0 . 'DJ' X . 1? Philip Silberstein Span: Edilor Ou , my Amy Seltzer Dam Co-Edifor I '- , 9- Carol Elitov Dam Edimr av' 4- my kr JJ 'f 'l Q-Q. x f -:rv K ' 1 ef l Q I NR V 'W A 1 Eric Kahn Lawn! Editor X .N . L x ..,,, Q lNlallgc Kaplan Plwfff Cf?-011fiz1.zmr Richard Vaughan Plwff4gr.1pb,1 Elfilm' W 6 I , S' in 1. ul at it 'fl 4 'A L -gx1f?,.4 . .zu -1 -HM . 1' : .-, I f' E X 1 0 7. ' u 3 5 32 - -- 3 -.. 5 l Gail KaraQ Bllfflllfff ilI.m.1g 1 R . Wg Susan Davis, Claire Gallo, julie XValsh Cm'1rl.1.'mu , l 'Ss Xa ai I QQ Ellen Peghiny Marie Chiavaras Copy Edilor Smff 3.27 'VIH gnu' Kelsey Thompson Therese I-Ienes Ljlenzrjy Edfmr ,-Irfzffmzf Editor Y . F H 5 Y l 1 1 ' Arr Staff 6,4 Q 1 1 fi 5' X vi nf" xx ',., 1 Beth Weinberg, Arnie Mant Cf!-Adl'c"l'fI'5IIZ,Q Edilory iffy CMT? clstam S 5" 1 ,. 5.. 53. l iw 13 ' .A 'if R - ' .W- N' , si, ,W -r , 455 ff V is U: ' 'iff-lffr "fi:-'ff f , 'if .. reef!-L-ff'1. 1 ' l , 5 ' ' ' fx :-"'1l' 'l f"X"'fQ'W"'5K, 1 :rv ' ,, gr '-V I Q ' QW if Resa Silver ,lff Edimr haw Advertising Stuff SL, ,lx M..-I Ji E we A 4 1 x lil . y 3? . x' 'I 'L' Rama -La. ' inn X' P' 5 1- .X .- . Y3g'iX:,'.,l ' g,:A'-'Qi' Q? 'J ',' ' Mg 'Q gn i Q xg! .6 u . 'Nh mu 5 '31 I 2 1 I G i I I I I n 5 I ' -A . amy' -A E ' psxii Q ., , , . fu, y In A A 7 h 5 gf ' ff 5: 1 ' gl N11 A Wg' rf.'.,.'- Q. .f hav-ng.,- 'Q v :.,,f.l4', V, 1- - . ug Ax Y, - . Q et? .AQ Us i lag is his ' '.-?:" 1 '- ' .2 f x ,ftp-,v, is ,lt .'x, f gg-,.-x. S 1 ii! ei 1 f . , .Pl , I A ,K1,!,.lr?J 2..- ,,,,. ""'vg!u'g! 1 1.5 I' ' A ifffff-2lf5?"Ff'w+1g f ' ' 1 ' 1 5 ' 4 K ' 2 - , , , , . Q n A 4 WS? 5, Mfg si2f'g5Qfi 'liifzlafj ,rf If l the NEWTO ITE The newspaper of Newton High School. Newtonville, Moss. 02160. Founded in 1922 to report school events, to publish student opinion. to serve os o record. and to comment on our times. Published twenty times throughout the school yeors ot l5c per issue or 52.00 per yearly subscription. Printed by offset. Co-editors: Doliel Cohn: Poul Rosenberg. EDITORIAL STAFF!j.,. hi IQ!! Elizabeth Ryan tfxf '10, larbara F-rant Kenneth Schwartz ov' .',h I I X' ' Y F-I n . 'zI"" I Jglg 9.4 .J spjgrn Elellzror Merc Rosenbaum 5P.m'dNn Judy Singer Jak Bury 11-t Dm," T"""' Torn Gorlach A-,Inu Eau Frank Lindo - R b rt W rdo . sm.u.y nm. c.:.'n.m ' " BUSINESS STAFF lllfdts S+ ' ' Fo lqjgefqry Manager Cornspondence Halogen Lisa Brown "U" u I . . . k , M I pr d Jamie Silverstein Robert Bur o DAB" cub" .ry I. men Circulation Mdllffl Diane Russo Robert Gordon Platoglqgy didltor Robert Vigodg Svtovon ahulman hip' ljfq-5 090' 0' Y Ell B ' lr P bl'c'ty nogon Cathla Hinlvlmg rrmggmphen 5015025 uG:a:Y Sfvile Shoiyl Silin paul Margolis Matthew Scott lzlsuoh-we'i.Wang win... """"' R""' "l4f.'ff'il'f.ffffH ""i4"f7uffl'fZ'1dm, Stevan Azhar Alaiibfn . - Ellen Raphael Billing H mln' 5- om" 'NJN Anno Turyn Miss Virginia Altiori 121 Bzzmzerr Mamzger: Bob Morrison. Literary Edzfor Judy Serkin Arif Lifemry Editor: David Rubin, Art Edifm janet Shapero Pzzblirity Mfzzzfzgen Barbara Zeles, Prodzzrtion Manage: ohn Harrer, Adz'ir0r.' John Fernandes. ORANGE BOCK Fin! COZHIIZII, lap I0 lmffomx Carol Elitov, Editor'-in-C15ief.' Donna Cole, Anita Lofchie, Judy Keene, Gail Karas. Semin! Colzmm: Arnie Mandelstam, Lynne Beighley. Mi.ri'ir1g.' Eris Kahn, Georgia Sherman, Andy Hyman, jim Long, Patty Jacobs, Bob Shriber, Bonnie NY'ilcox, Andy XX'olfe, Patty Sacks, Ed Cronin. TAT!-I f Z 1.1-z. -cm.-!joe'l WW 1, 35.11-QL bfi? f-,C0f.AV L of Us 66'Pf0LQLlg chomgekin curriculum Q-5 ll.ll.S. MIDI T15 D0 pegple Feolig CHOHB :de 1 7 ug I i I I A 7 ifvi I 'WN f"""'f- PCRTS l fm A X 5 , 'ff 'W "x 4 3- 1 6. . mlliw' "W 415 595' X August 31st to November 26th is L1 long, long time to play football. The hours are long and the physical beating enormous. The Tigers played to .1 6-2-1 record this year, for the past three years 22-4-1. Fantastic. But the true measure of success is not in the record books, but in the young men who choose to sacrifice their time, energy and soul, to play football. Improvement, great attitude, spirit, and most of all, toughness, are all words that describe this years players. The seniors have experienced the most successful three years of I U-IM 1 fy 1 is 7 i li! W, U rs ' 'L ' 1 . I. 1 .lf A ' -5 If 4 N -JM' 'ffl fl , Ss vi A ui X cw J-M 'QQ lif3 1 f , . 1,1 ' Sw fewer -"w'v"?,n ,J I . or 1' -E any class at NHS in recent times, and theyre proud. Pride, now therc-'s .1 word. Pride instilled by the line coaching or lim Ronanyne and his assistants. Norm XYI.llliL'I'. Paul Guzzi. Peter Copodilupo and Dave Bliss. Perhaps the most satisfying victory of .ill xxas at XY.1l- tham. Newton toughness prevailed and defeated the Haults 21-O, the last of 6 shut-outs for Norm XV.1ll4er's .letciisiw squad. Perhaps ot' .1ll the records, this. six slnirours in nine games, tells the story ot' this years seniors. 1 5350. llmu 'l'l'1ax k'l.l5hlx' against Brookline was .1 disappointment. lla: Xuxxiwm urlcuw spnrtrcrul on .1 sligk, tlrozcn llcld and the i lmgcmw rl-ll lwlmzll lj-0. Nuvton was unalwlc to score unti 1.151 pew-.l when mmm QB Paul Grillu drove the tcam Cul ya l the for .1 :wuz 'llmar malls ll lj-' .mll it Maycll that way as Ncxxato had ilu lull txw norm' firms lwut mould not scorc. For thc hrs .mms lll tlwcc mars Nuxlon lailsll to lwat Brwoklillc, and it was wi .1 lxappy' cualmg tm' the 11 acuiwrs wlm played their last ga 111 a lalallx aml Ulllllyk' lcracy that day. Q N3 x Q X I . IHC rds " Il 'Y 4. ve t Y-L 1 NJ -.-A 4 -rx , x ' X l '.'f.1Qw "wif ff ' , f- wa- xi . ff ww - if lf" 1 , " ' ' ' l"' w W' f X f -vfvpg'-qua.: ,, , 8337! "'l""""" if l X I Q X Hr 1 lx ' l . -an fl , 55579 f ..,.....v1lI' ff ,ws-, h ,y y-. ,4 - f 1-wi 5 , , W3 Q 2, JV . .:' ' .SX 4 'I -L V'- ' -in .P Q... A, fini., W - .n 'Vu - A . ,.,.. Z ff' rl Z N544 A.. ,..,95f ' L' I ig,- 2 F As all the coaches and players know: a loss is not tl pleasant thing, but it is not the thing that our players will remember. They will remember practicing in the dark that last November week, sweating in the late August heat, and most of all the great feeling it was to be part of this team, totally committed in a time when being committed to anything is far from the norm. It is an overwhelmingly good feeling to be part of a good tt-am, and it was certainly the case in 1970. aww, W nm 1 55' lit X1 tg. P.. w-ag. JK, l Iii I 'lu lf' O A P , ., xv! v , . , , " K I . Cf' ll 0 42. . V L"5 I I K rr Q E Q K .1 A .42 ' g v Q f 'A r 'Ax' 1 -x L t v ' .1 , ll 1 ' 1 u Q 5, . 2 ,BM . 'A . In 'T I' lk Q fy V , . ,-'. .- ,.f' W' ., , A, arid' , I 'L 'Q' A ' "' .- k .W , wb' a . - V-.L H. i i ,ig "w','H.1i., Q fn fyva I WS' M, f li +452 1 I f ,1 ,f 1 - 1 ar' 6 N '--.4 . , . cas. i's2'55 2-:Y - 'sr'- -' Y: 'xg-5 ,LN "Kyiv" "" gf, ' " 47 Lfks 1--1 'QL' -'-' .X . , ' 'O' if-as-r W: L:-bk..-.Q ',.,,.,!,,,':-ni x .. if '- 2s"""f' w:.'-'-'+'3.xa'? " - gg ' 1i"'I-g4hi.,Z,nr'.". f- ' W -. ,..',. ix ,. .Q if 4 Y: -.. .A x - .'-fr.. fg 0 0 -'Y' I fu, 5 5 V k jx xc-.""Qfg :Ag 37 .-5 1 'js ' .-, ' 5 5 - , . 'xxlifki , ., A J. ,, 4 .,1 Avy.: fx Qfk, Jax- +V f- we ' X JY nv I . 132 J 'Y' 15. Ny I 7 Lx mfg' ig ff- --Q. ' A2152 5 A I' '? u,4k A ,Q ff 'ff---If dr. fl X wwfib '4 -AGI xl a 9 VARSITY FOOTBALL son, Mike Coppola, Bob Fitzgerald, Miitt Myerson, Brian Migel. Iwmflw R'lll'.' M.1rl-Q Connolly, Bob Hroninntozzi, Mike Ball, Tom Green, Paul Grillo, Don Gentile, Mike D'Angilo, Phil Pescosolielo. Boh Hooner, Dun McKay. lfffflv 131114: Riilph Vitti, Lee Lexinson, Paul Freedman, john Doolin, Iltl Hinthey, .lohn ffetrone, Tony D'Arnico, Andy -lohnson, D.ixnl Doiultls, RlLl1.ll'Ll Quigley. SIXIAV Ilifziy' Peter Gentile, l-Soh XYZ-rtlen, ,lohn Collela. lift! Roux Stew: Br.1cci.1le, Glen Hoffinan, Dan Murphy, Mike Delllrosao, George Gardner, John Murphy, Charles Penelergast, Mark Lennon, lfriinlq DiRiihciS. R.ll1kly Connoly, Dan Borden. Sta' i .'..' ' Roux Kexin Cirxer, Steve Fox, Charleel Vitti, ,lim Doolin, Ritliartl Hnes, Gnoeleliiltl, Alan Elmont, Rithartl ffl.irle, -I-ihn C'onnoll5'. Riclmrtl Healy, Steve Hunter. 'l'fu'r.f Ruiz: Denis H.lllIlllij.lll, Peter fonxelli, .lim M.1nnix, Mark Henenrleen, Bnh Nnt5,i'tnin.imo, ,lim Iliy, Ken Hdywootl, Paul Vlohn- 1 -V f--V -- P- -- ,1 . . r- QQHQK S1312 .-. ' --u un- ..------. . ,ft 1 I .9 'B' .ay- '-P A 3-i l, '34 , l F- 1 fl 5 11-'X lv X31 N . 9 BIAJORETTES CHEERLEADERS V Hnlejt, D, harry, M.: Slmpiro, O. Sf.z1z.f,fii,g.- Sf.lll.ljU.L',' M. lliirns, P., C, Elitov, J, Kanovitz, K. O'Brien, L. Shiller li.+:..1lt-r, li 1 f tile. D.. fl.irk. G., Cirroll, Og l.eon.1rtl, G. lN'1Icc!H!,Q.' Al.hlUILll'lllI1, B. lfishkintl,M.Dohler,S, My.1tt.Tiger K. Best. EEE . is ,A ' as 1 ,. I fa Q24 . " 'Q SOCCER EASTERN MASSACHUSETTS SOCCER SEMI-FINALISTS The 1970 N.H. soccer team surprised everyone. Winless in pre-season play the club put together 10 straight victories capturing the Suburban League crown. It marked the first undefeated soccer season in Newton Highs history. Aggressive, spirited, the team was finally subdued by a tough Braintree team in the semi-hnals of the Eastern Massa- chusetts tournament. 3,000 fans braved the cold to witness one of the best school-boy soccer games ever played. Newton fought through five overtimes before losing 2-1. Mike Buzzi and Bernie "Butch" Flanagan did a great job in their first year as varsity coaches. ' ,B .L "If ll horse calf! eat it, ' ,Q 1, I d011't uvzmza play on it!" ,"Q 1'.2ft4 - A E x '4 A W 4 1 p 1 1 i .?fA"" "Fixx L, A . Q 'ff ei 1 '-ss, ,, A' -hr 6 1 ,,.. 1 Q J' A-as x 4' f ' 'T' 2' . fy, M,..' 'V Q. iw .lf ' . 4 a. , 5. ' in w , ,Q ,mi 37' !g:j"':ag',i ' xv 5 . 45193 tv Q a -.iv ,,.q,,, vn- nw .x 'NS vt, lf f,.,5,s,- fi I ' I Qf ga ' 'H ., ,., V f ff ggi. . -- 1 S x J 5 xx .xx ll ...A-n.. A wg.-fav , gg fi 1 Ji' ,, 1 k ,Q ,,,..wv'- 1.-YU: ' ' 5. -' w 5 , f .suv-'f + X ,'f"45i V K ff' . I 7 .I- I .0 J! "T U Q ,' . ' l' .':y Qx!.1-Y 1:Age-Q2-5:-Jw, 5 fgwly tl. H - v l , iw W WSWS' lf l ffl' ,W , .26 kv W P 1' Ag' VF, ,.,.,v . 4'-if -ww' fffgyqlwm,-,-C-3' -,, A: 4... .. 3: , . 'V , ' " S 0 4' 5 Y - " 1 . , , -sa.-new -A , nbvzmmw -- -" ' ",-ff-f' h ' Z. V, 1 -h V ,"' A, ,Q 4. rf' 4 ,' F V - gf' ' M Q ' was , "',.,.,wsq"N '.. - if 9 ' ,-,, .. X ' A 1 L -' fb " 4 -qr- ,V A 1. A3 ' fi . f IMAX, f-up ' " A . W . a. . - ...X - If "' 2 I- " M' 3 .- ,,, . ,m -0.16 Li. N I ' . b ' P.. ' v.. .. ,, . J 1 . -A .a A , , .. we - 1 . .. "J ' 1 ' ' ,fi 4 vs. wi wi- N J Ht, -i Q ,ul fg , . . L , --, q- , I . ,pw-yas. .W Q - we 1 "' B X , 1-s ' Q' vo ,K ,, A ,an .. 1 Q A h 4 -, -ff Q .4 . ...e, L P . , 4. . my . .ga iv' , L Img! Q- 'fk --. UQ.. W., ' 5 .. - "' 3, "" wwf Q 4 A W r , 'hu' -. o "Q 11,1 .,. .hiv A O' 5 0 v ia.. A A A " - 'R :' 951, A Wm .,.,... .,.,.4vuv ,.-1, 4 l -si. .. 5 . dh H t ' A As , -4 .. K is X. ."2 . ' --U . ' , - " v A v' 1 K f C fb-I1 ., .4 ,QpH,g gwhu '41 ' G ' , ' f - ,...4"il- 5 - A2 vigil' T , II, N' W is 1 X ' ., Q.. ,IJ Q B' 4 4 T Ii wma QI 'us N I I I v Q39 f f Q ,, , -l,,,?w--ff Y X " wif .fn www me - ' 1 " , I 2- I I , sv ' 5 ,. I . , ' 1 1 - N new ,AA -MV -' - 1 8 . ,- Q - - if Ev . r ,pr-Q XV ,ILQN Im. , I In Q.,.f I IJ 'FS , I,It,4i,IIIg,I, 'S , , 1 .g, II, I NII .II I f I ,Mig ,,, , ala' l 'QQ' gl- , Q-5'-'AU' , ' I I: Irs III I " III, 'Q 1 g I , 5 N as ' wx N ' In A . ,. .QIY I "' ,' s--QQ, 5 II I I - -0 5-nib. 1 ..4.........:pU-' Vidillilff ? 7? P-I Wig' fs s .HL Aff' . I QI Y ,A 5 w . A X , ,, iffy if As -,sw 0, AS 'LII' is fEff'f.,'I. sr. ,- 'ff' . -. Mn. , . S- f-231 .43 ' ,-.yn - 4 w Q f1...:-IJ -,' 0 Iv.,-31x ' ,..fa V 1 ,,, ,1-' " - f4,1"x. 'Ym,'xt.. ' 'rs -M "in -., '- -"fd I I . . . , ,.,-.. -.-'Qu .-.-. r.- v, --',- Y -,.- ' .-Q -wr .rf ' . '. - .' ---H .-v , ,. -- - . VARSITY SOCCER Smfzdifzg' Manager jefT Dunn, Vinny Meglie, Steve Shul- Phil Silberstcin, Alan Boyer, Dave jackscm, Due Ffmg, man, Tom Gerlack, Mark Donavan, Benjy Frieolell, Fred Paul Wfaregni. Siffing: Tim Tsochanmricles, -live Bayes, VUhoriskey, Bruno Viscomi, Dick Chaissnn. Dave Doug- Abe Orws, Co-captain Mike Blnucr, Co-captain Emilio las, Tom Fentin, Mike Buzzi, Coach. Krzeelizzg' Bill M.1zzol.1, jim Frutkin, john Geplmrr. Allillflg' fiom Silver, Steve Zimbel, Peter Miateregger, Dave Karlson. pbofff: Assistant Coach Bernard Fl.1n.1g4m. j.V. SOCCER Bark row: J. Prell, R. Wombolt, R. Deats, T, Mnringi, D. Hellman, S, I-Lllcy. lfxwrxf wil: I.. Nausbom, S. MacNeil, 1. Sieggnthal, G. Fagelmnn, S. Shulmnn, Fuzzi Mr. Howlancl. l, Q0 CROSS COUNTRY in Q if? tr' +V" To -4-fwyfal . "W 'M -vit ,JZ-5-.. V .f- -A M, J f-. , .If fn Us. X. , 71 . 'xx fs f Q an liybmx A s I - 5,55 I 5.1 'XE-L -- at-.t ,2, Running is an extremely personal thing. The individual is pitted against himself. The sacrifices he makes and the pain he is willing to l 1 3 wt , ,iygzfzag --we . fl 1 ,gsm 3 Qs 0 1 endure determines greatly the runner's success in competition. ' The members of the 1970 cross-country team had this strange com- bination of courage, stamina, and dedication that enabled them to continue on and outlast other runners despite the almost agonizing -pain. Led by senior jay Sidman, the harriers amassed a 5-2 slate. Coecaptain Sidman fractured three course records and failed to win only one dual meet. Behind Sidman the main stalwarts were Dan Gorhnkle, Peter Wrenn, Bob Carleo, Steve Caggiano, Ed Coan, Marc Rosenbaum and Jim Boates. The j.V. team, Dave Fray, Paul Souiatis, Jeff Garden, Frank Carey, Steve Van Trees, Paul DeMao, Joel Reisman, and Pete Granoff, also had a fairly successful season losing only to Brockton and Arlington. RECORD Newton 23 Wey'mouth North 34 Newton 28 Arlington 27 Newton 24 Waltham 52 Newton 45 Brockton 20 Newton 25 Camb. Latin 36 Newton 25 Brookline 52 Newton 25 XX'eymouth South 55 Suburban Leage Meet - Tied for Third State Division I Meet Y Eighth 1 I I l l l I I 1 1 l I l i 1 'Na' ' . L , J Q, . " f A Tlt'??'i:'i - .nf 5.14. lr .f A., 1 JV Q. '5- I 1-.4 -QQ -' 'aa 'J . .xi 'rv' 4 .-. 1- r' J.. 1- . .A ,. . in ,,p, V K"'a-o ,,, .Ali -lvl' 1. 3 .L Q, l 5 fnfg- ... , ',, . 'C' 'A 1 1 fn! i - - N -'C' ii p ,s-, a A-am.. -'4 1 4 Asn., , J.. lm .', v f --'I "'v P ,i . -on .un-5, as-H t, , . w . ,.q5fS"' ' U . l I ,,, ,A w ' u 'fjzy-v' 135 Q, 01" 'Q 41 v 5? X' ,f - 'P - . ' , '4 ', A vim, .4-Lg . -NWQQ .:,:'Q-Wg .?.gff' ' wav-1444 vw 1. ' .. Y ' 'Gif 5' 1-'M --s,.. N- , --., -I W H-.. VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Qi itnfa-iZ'7+l'21i il H li 'INp: Leslie Crutchfield, Mary Broderick, jane Gilbert, Gail Suchman, Cindy XXfhite, Miss Daxidson. l3o3!om: Suki Magraw, 'Ian Ryan, Doreen Quintiliani, ilfnfdle: Terry Bonteinpo, Susan Leary, Sue Nlartin, Sue Ifkizian. FUN FAST FANTASTIC FIELD HOCKEY There were some girls who said they'd like to play A sport where eleven all chase a hall XY'ith sticks. So they practiced two hours il day, Then ran. Some slid and even I would fall. Coach Davidson now had to try to make These girls work as a team. At first it seemed To he quite .1 task. But those who could take The laall down field all won the first, 'Iudith laeamed. And on they went, or So the legends told. They played twelve games some won, some lost. one tied. And yet what these girls had cannot he houglit or sold. At times it worked as a team, each knows inside, Next year I hope to return and find the same Spirit and ioy that these girls had for this game. Chop chop, to the pitch? 142 ,rl i 3, If J if ' 8 GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY ,C 10' ?K .J vi' j.V. FIELD HOCKEY Trip muy' Miss Daxidson, Anne Cunningham. Marion Carpenter, Pam Sabblth Firth Creenber ,Indy Gnndleman, Liz Ahern, Borrow mir: Dehhie Parisi, Kathi Arsenault, Joanne Dilorenzo Cheryl Kelly, Dianne Cardella, Pam Reynolds. I fl ffl gg i V, fy Will J Wi? T59 QQ S xmh- fT....f-1 l N 'J' My lfli ll N 1 lt x O 0 J 3 Hopes lor Newton Highs hotkey team to make the coveted llastern Mass. Tourney for the first time in six years fell short this year. The Tigers ended the Seaiifrl tied for fourth place with a retord of ten wins and eight losses. They finished hehind Arlington. Brioltline. and Hingham, the teams qualifying for the Tourney. The team ran off six straight vittories at the heginning of the year however they then headed into a tailspin hampering them for the rest ot the season. XValter C.--x was leading, scoring 19 points and as the leading goal scorer with 1-i points. He tentered the hrst lrne with to- eaptain 'loe Arnold and -limmy lfay. Arnold Iinished second, storing i goals with 15 assists. lfinishing third was Ed ffarey with l-l points. Carey was on the seeoratl line with Gerry Quaranto, Wfarren Peppieeli and Mark Howley. Heading the defensive crew were seniors. Andy Healy. Greg Blue and juniors Teddy Toeel and Steve f hapman. Besides the tremendous team effort and spirit, a laright spot ol' the year was the stellar goal tending of tofeapzain Jim Chase. ,lim always tame up with a laig sax e. He was rewarded hy lweing named lirst team goalie in the Sulwurlaan League. Many people, ineluding rrxal eoaehes. eonsider him as one of the hest players in the state. " Wx. ff i - " J 'je it l-15 F il 7 J-Fi 'Ta js FIRST RONX XX lrrm Peplcclh jerry mrmto hm Chasn I c Armll XX lllx Cox Stew Chxp mm Txm P1rts SECOND ROXX d In Q1 Grng Blue, Anly DCIIQ I1 hn C nncllx El Circ QQ 6 Q nr -f'f' W -ix 'N .4 . 3 1-15 INDCDOR TRACK I' z if . w g 3 xg ng' 'f iii ' xg -e fy za 5 sf", if 'QQ Y 146 'Q . 'WO 11- fs ,xv I R I' SS f Q 5 V5 X: 7 4-v slr' '09Q,.' ISI! A J" U :S-SJ? People find comfort in knowing that they possess a valuable item that will soon become unattainable. They develop such pride in that item they grow miserly and refuse to share it with anyone else. A case in point is the Newton High indoor track team. They out-ran and out-jumped every team in their league. Their unblemished record boosted them to the top of the Met League Division I above once- beaten Brockton. And they need not worry about anyone, usurping their crown next year. The Met League is to be disbanded. That's right no more Met League. This is due to the lack of a permanent facility to hold the meets and the procrastination of local politicians to build one. But don't fret about the Tigers from Newton High School. They'll have a team next year if they have to run in the Fargo Building. In fact Coach Lamoine Boyle is conjuring up a way for Newton to run a wildcat schedule which would include dual meets in the drill shed. Whenever Boyle mentions this he smiles and Says, "No one can beat us on those curves." This year's captains Alan Boyer and Stan Birdwell will quickly attest to that. They led the team in their daily practices in the shed all year. Boyle feels that these two boys were responsible for the excellent spirit on th squad which had to be a factor in the team's success. Besides their leadership Boyer, Birdwell and next year's captain, Dave Douglas, established Newton in the big meets. Boyer was the state champ inthe 300 and Douglas was second' only to New Bedford's Steve Caton in the 1000. Although it was a small squad there was a lot of talent. Contributing to the 7-0 season with their consistent scoring in the high jump were Franny Murphy and Dick O'Brien. Dan Borden was outstanding putting the shot. He took a third in the states. Coach Boyle has some real potential to cultivate in dashmen Gordon Manter, jim Shaw and Bob Hoover. If they develop along with hurdlers john Alphin, Peter Fair and Bob Womboldt Newton will be untouch- able in these events. Besides Douglas Newton had Steve Caggiano, Steve Haley and Frank Cary in the middle distances. From the long distancemen the Tigers had steady performances from Jay Sidman, jim Boates, Ken Gorhnkle and Peter Wrenn. Although the future of indoor track at NHS is a bit cloudy, initwo years the new school will be completed along with a nexcellent indoor track facility. Hopefully this will open the door-s for a Suburban League in Indoor Track. Record - 7-0 with wins over B.C. High, Weyniouth North, Malden, Brockton, Waltham. Natick and Brookline. Newton took Qith in states. 3+ l lik G Y M N A S T I C S , A win over Brookline gave the Newton High Gymnastics Team the Sub- urban League Championship. The season included only two losses, Wellesley and Andover. These were compensated for by the defeat of Lexington, a team Newton had never beaten. Gymnastic tri-captains were Guy Forte, Suburban League All-Around Champg Bob Simonelli on the rings, high bar, and parallel barsg and Mike DiBenedetti who unfortunately was out with injuries part of the season. Other members of the team included Bob Clancy, Suburban Free Exercise Champg Irwin Heckler, Suburban Side Horse Champg joe Marini, on parallel bars and high bar, Steve Webber, who took second place in floor exercises in the Suburban League, Bob Adler on ringsg Ed Coan on rings and high bar, and Larry Marini on side horse and rings. Newton has a strong j.V. and looks forward to a good season next year. VY 1 ' 4 ' gm 1199 Q fi 14. . in : V ' Z, 1 1. V - - . , 2 i f Q t xl sr , g ' lg 'VR lm' s 8 . x ' X A7 ' - ,,,V K-,E 4 sg, X., , . ri Y: 5 1 , , ' X 1 'I'-fp Rhur rl. M.1r1n1, B, Sirnmnnclli, G, Forte, M. DiBenedetr1, R. Clancy, I. Heckler, B. Adler, E Coan. S.wn.! R fun' ul. Plackcny, bl. G.1ngi, I.. N.1rini, S. XY'ilbOx, Simmnnelli, Adler, R. Xwnrdon Cmlchcs Gcnrgc nlcssup, Bill Martin. 501111111 Ruzv: -I. Benn, T. Currier, R. Ginxuni, P. McKay, S XYillcmski. D. Gricsc. X N 'ik r 4 13, -, w,3'ff" s 2 W 1 . ,,k I 'nv hKQQ 34 if. PN GIRLS' GYMNASTICS is 'i N . F Z if Ri The word around the girls gym during Septemher was "We're going to he Northern League Champion this year." No sooner was it said than done -ef in lielwruary, after finishing undefeated during the regular season, the lfffx-'L girls gymnastic team was named Northern League Champions for the third cifrisecutive year. The girls also placed sixth at the State Cham- iion held in Springfield. i l.ecl lop' senior co-captains Helen Chen and Mary Ann lirawley the girls .iierazed sexenty points per meet. Other strong performers were seniors Renee Goldherg on hars, Leslie ffrntchlield in vanlting, Ginny Clark on ix. , H, i , , 1 , v i irs. ban Mcfeartliy. Susan Needel and Nancy Brunswick. :Xlrhongli the teams success is due to hard work a lot ol credit should f ggi-,en to coach Mrs, Henry, affectionately known as "Mighty Mouse." ,Z U rf F 1 ' A l Standing: Gail McCarthy, Leslie Crutchfield, Ginny Clarke, Nancy Brunswick, Mrs. Henry, Renee Goldberg, Susan Needel, Suzy Relmar, Sandy Seltzer. Seafed: Co-Captains Helen Chen, Marianne Frawley. a 14 N -.-wa. WRESTLING M... Ina'-W fs, 'W-my i llllllllllllil ffiit Bottom Row: D. Rubin, B. Sostek, D. Simon, A. Elmont, G. Gardner, R. Rasnick D. Fong. Second Roux' M. DeWolf, J. Doolin, K. Pendergast, P. Pescoslido, P Carvelli, D. Aronson. Third Roux' M. Anici, R. Mullen. I- Randell, G. Fagelman D. Sostek. Fourlla Roux' R. Sheroff, D. Steinberg, D. Gentile, E. Wilson, I. Baker Q6 Lzijmpert. Fifzb Roux' M. Bantrice, T. Durkin, L. Levenson, D. Eggleson, J am olt. ' ' This year the Newton High wrestling team gained full recognition as a genuine varsity sport. Over 40 boys comprised the varsity and junior varsity teams, which were coached by Norm Walker and jim Bradley, and aided by Dr. Sabbath. After only three weeks of practice, Newton participated in the Lowell Tournament, where George Gardner finished third .and Richard Mullin finished fifth. It was the knowledge and experience gained from this tournament coupled with hard work that helped contribute to the building of the Newton team. This became evident early in January at the team's first official home match where the Tigers handed Brockton a defeat which will long be remembered, defeating Brockton by the score of 50 to 0. A week later the matmen encountered Newton South in the first intra-city dual match. Despite the team's loss to South, Coach Walker was tremendously proud of the job his wrestlers had done. The rest of the year was equally successful as Co-Captains Alan Elmont and George Gardner led the team to an 8-4-0 overall record, enabling Newton to finish second in the newly established Suburban Wrestling League. The close of the season brought on the sectionals, where George Gard- ner took a second, john Geary and Phil Pescosildo both took fourth's, which qualified all three men for the states. Not qualifying for the states but finishing as alternates were David Fong, who was fifth in the 100 class, Mark DeWolf, sixth in the 12 8classg Doug Simon, sixth in the 148 class, and Peter Carvelli, sixth in the 155 class. The state tournament now became a reality to this second year team and also to the coach to had founded it. In the state meet held at Wayland High, john Geary in the 107 class wrestled well, but was eliminated by the eventual winner of the weight class. Phil Pescoslido in the 187 class also fell, but not until he had knocked off the ifl seeded from Western Mass. However, George Gardner prevailed as he muscled his way into the Hnals of the state heavyweight Championship and lost by the slim margin of 3 to 1 to capture second place in his weight class, Many goals were met this year and still many lie ahead. With the devel- oping of the team and the addition of matches with such teams as Way- land, Ashland and Melrose, wrestling should become one of the premier sports at Newton High. Hildy Paris, All-star center at the Bills-rica Invitationals. i ,ff q 5, A , .-1 ,V Q il: I I 'fi Q5 J . . 5 4 , . in , 1 I 3 '4 ,M I' g x L I3 xi Jaw 5 g 8 '. if. 1 J, J 1' . - 1 1 v . 4 R v - -.H aktm' as Q Q? 5' 'v?'jg? fi -r J 's45'?."v 3' ,gf . ' ,fl Q w I 4ne'fA GIRLS' BASKETBALL X 2 .1 if -5 .Va i I yin "I I y , al .gfyd I' 1 -5 'f Fl ,g': ','.!'q1f' ' N ': N-' 1-.Z:,?'L. I 1. ' -.Op L ix f 4 r A, I 'ff 4.12 P1 '-Q. f nr Q ff' 5, .. fi' is L f K xXx 1 5' XXX 1-.-,, xl V r wb lf L uk SLN -: .X jj, 1 .- 'qi' , ' V ' L , 'srf I in -5.7 I' 3 rx YQJQZ s Q K 40 'N 'av 9' H ' 1901352 .. - -AV-aa-nga.. ff - ' V A-W 4- 1::f:,': ..,fapa,a:::-:'.1-av.-1 az.. .:-:zrre-"ever -:ages f M ...wssarrxesfae mic H M,gigf,.1a, , fi cm mmf. if--vu.: m,,1Qa1,.w Q-Q - M, -- , - . ,ZX l 'il wi This year, for the Hrst time, the Girls' Varsity Basketball team played in the Suburban League, against such teams as Arlington, Wfaltham, Brookline, Cambridge Latin, and Brockton. The girls finished an easy second place with an 8-2 record while Arlington, who gave them their only two losses, went unopposed as the champs with an impressive 10-O record. Co-captain Hildy Paris was the team's most outstanding player this year. She led the Tigresses with a total of 264 points for the season, a 16.5 point game average, and a record high of 32 points scored in a single game. Hildy's exceptional performance won her a deserving position on the All-Star team at the Billerica Tournament which the girls were invited to during February vacation. Co-captain Diane Reddy also proved to be a major wset to the team. By contributing over 100 points this year and maintaining a strong 6 point average she tripled her total output from the previous year and more than doubled her game average. Off the court as well as on Dianne kept the team together with her undying sense of humor. But where could the team be without the little people? Doreen Quintiliani and Sue Ekizian displayed excellent ball handling and setting up of plays while Susan Martin and Mary Curtis showed the opposition how driving should be done. Sophomore Susan Dalton did very well in the rebounding department and some pretty remarkable shoot- ing was performed by june Brenner. After getting off to a VARSITY BASKETBALL kc Kneeling: R. Wilson, S. Martin, H. Paris fco-captainj, D. Reddy fcorcaptainj, Mary Curtis S , Ekizian. Szazzdirzg: Mrs. Harrington fcoachl, J. Brenner, D. Cardella, I.. Marcgni, P. Delaney J V A Gilbert. Mirrifzgs S. Dalton, D. Quintiliani. slow start, sophomore Linda Maregni, worked her way into the starting line-up. Along with her superb rebounding ability Linda wound up the season with a contribution of 10 points in the girlsffinal game against Walthani. Senior Patty Delaney also showed great progress as the season went on. In the girls' second game against Brockton, Patty made a fantastic fake and dribbled in for 2 points. jane Gilbert, also a senior, was noted for her quickness and great "man-to-man" defensive playing. She stopped many of the opposing team's best shooters from scoring. Janie also did a nice job in the foul shooting contest in Billerica. Dianne Cardella did very well this season, defensively. She was quick to receive the rebounds and pass the ball off to a fellow teammate who would then, in turn, put it in for an easy lay-up. You can have all the ability and skills necessary for a great team but for it to work you need someone to bring it out and put it to use. Such an exceptional individual exists-Coach Harrington. As well as being an excellent basketball player herself the girls feel that without her coaching ability they would not have made it to second place. For her superb coaching and constant interest has made the Newton High Girls' Varsity an established team. With many thanks to our Varsity manager - Anne Rug- giero who displayed a tremendous amount of talent as she was the first manager to fracture her foot keeping score, Basketball In days of old Q-iO's and early 5O'sj the Tiger Basketball Squad was the terror of the Suburban League and a perennial Tech Tourney entry. This year, thanks to the fine coaching of second year Coach Jerry Phillips and assistant Mike Buzzi the tea mraced to its best season in almost two decades. Three year man jeff Dunn was fall man at 6'4". After two years of mediocrity the redhead blossomed into a top rebounder. john Murphy captured rebounds while small Bob Laughlin captured points from far corners of the court. The backcourt tandem was small but potent. Mike Blauer at 5'9" averaged 10 points a game and played outstanding defense. He was complimented by Super Chuck Pendergast also 5'9" who captained the squad. Chuck averaged 16 points a game, often while guarding the opponents' top man. A three year starter and star, this year he made the Suburban League All-Star Team and was named the Most Valuable Player of the loop. After a slow early-season record of 6-3 the Tigers surprised everyone as they ran 9 straight wins. Newton tied for first when they toppled Brockton 54-44. Their final record pronounced them Suburban League Champs for the first time since 1951. 'lun-his-ky? I--pn.. i 56121 -...M 153 ll m 30512, The opening game of the Tech Tourney was a secure victory. Pendergast and Loughlin each had 85 points for Newton. John Harris, Rich Bove, Bob Shriber and Jim Frutkin saw action throughout the game as did juniors Ben Press and 6'3w" Steve Platt. Unfortunately for the Tigers their opponent in the quarter finals was top- seeded Somerville Q71-lj. The Tigers hung close to the city boys, thanks to Bob Loughlin's corner shots and Pendergast's control of star Mike Fahey. jeh' Dunn was playing well under the boards with Mike Blauer running the offense. Down two points at the quarter and the half, the Tigers fought to within one point on Loughlin's jumper with a minute to go in the third quarter. Three minutes into the fourth quarter Somerville had a seven point lead and the game was over, for a final score of 55-37. The Tigers have completed their season with numerous team and individual victories. Many thanks to Coaches Phillips and Buzzi for their support and in- spiration. 63:-wr 'ft . 1 ai an I "YQ, 6? Al x. fe- f Rya- 5 if XS. ,, 1 t 4-I .Q 'JL' 911 1' ff 'ima W 5 3.9, 59' A f s-1' ' , .- if . lm . ., 0 , .. A " ' ' N ' -721' ' 39'11f'.7q , ' -' " 159 A ' Sf 6,55 C 3 -an N ix fi. 4, S ai 1 xg, 1 "jjj'l'?.ww s , ,,.vM..v if-' n n Il 4 , A b g f xx all ss Ill W Q l , Stazzdings B. Press, J. Harrer, S. Platt, J. Dunn, J. Murphy, B. Loughlin, Coach J. Phillips. Sealed: B. Shriber, M. Blauer, Captain C. Pendtergast, J. Frutkin, R. Bove. U lf' , In me i ls- l54lg5U 0 fly 'MU 3 I f if l f h l . 5 las EQAJ fl ll ,fvg 33. H 4 S-1 5.1 l -f W 9 'X fl l 1 4 N .4 .: JN , IV- ri' lb. P . C li N. W 6 51-' f 5 ,E . 41 f R fa s 1 hx N A Q. 41 ak 35 IS . fx xii f X' ij, vfgQf x 1' -J J X A FA 'Nr' 0- C3 ' I gi, QQ G ff--, I 1 4' r ' , W j lx' ,f f f 1 I I , ,X ,--...Aw-f2fff"7f"ZT'?K :N-" CSA fxf"5R5 A A95-.X ?p'UnfNQQfN'f9Cfl' ' I J 0' '- 'NPG Q5 A nfxw s Nm QA fx' - - 4 mKf?fw'N6Mb QF?m25qP'WE5fC',qa mfgqfw 'XA Dfw 'Nflffxfxfxx Qniggmffmm END ' 0 '5 ra" f-' 'fx" f"4'fX F' A - ,',. Q ,Nff - lsnnfrfx ,B .5 0 L 'x"1 rdgfkf nx'N.':5 r I.c 1. Q' ' E. 5- 'Q N fi' 0 ' 1' fN " fxq WEQQ 4 in ll x 5 X. dw- 1 gb ..-,- -4 T' ' A""": Wm f, :lx-J Q! -"' ,iv 5 ,, z"'S f-. X , Q, 5-'N--'X -Q-Q' QW! Y ggl S f :L wg ,,l4 1. A 5 arg , 1 55 ., Q .. S' nr ai' 1 1 I I ' iff r . ,fl , A- , 1 Excry det.11l from the neon SIQDS the sequmncd xrls the Brooklyn xcccntb down tw the 11st Qllxltnon Army smpc added to the protubloml lolxsh md cmhmtmmt mf the pertormancc 7 Wx is K Rx z r W" W r-. r V , b " Y xyvqb'-o 1 4, L, x ki. . Wap' MH E348 I8 sg!! A With many thanks to the cast and crew of Gzfyr and Dolly for allowing us to pause in our hectic, changing worlds, to turn back the calendar for an evening. Nathan Detroit Sky Masterson Miss Adelaide Sergeant Sarah Brown Benny Nicely Nicely Rusty Charley Big Julie Harry the Horse Arvide The General Agatha Lt. Brannigan Mimi Waiter Master of Ceremonies joey Baltimore CAST Steven Epner jay Ress Cathy Burroughs Gay Gordon jon Dichter Mr. Paul Weisberg Michael Blau Charles Vallely Robert Vigoda Brad King Debra johnson Selina Lovett David Rand Sherri Petievich Tim Thorman Robert Brown Dan Aronson PRODUCTION Director Vocal Director Choreographer Assistant Choreographer Set Design and Technical Consultant Mr. Engineer . Producer Student Director Assistant Student Director Make-up Costumes Susan Dav Orchestra Conducted by Props Mr. Don Wfeiner Mr. Raymond Smith Bob Berger Carol Caruso Michael-john Zolli Stanley N. Gardner Mr. Paul Sullivan Janis Bergman Lee Frank Nancie Dangel is and Carol Lipman jerry Gardner Debbie Carton ik' 1 ' ENIDR. L I I D A-is - M24 .V EA 'Hr' SUPPER A1 170 JK I M 'A if 53 4 WINTERFEST X ,LF -,A 'WM .3 A Y -naman. gi" Q0 -. ' :unnam- 'vv-Q ' . HJ. .E lb 1. ,N ,Wfw i 1.-may r, if ' 1. X X nk, It lxl 9:1 +4 Y ,, B15 .Hill-Fllli L -.4 .ni .ill Art, wbetber literary or grapbic, is continent of freedom, freedom yet un- circumscribed by legality or mentality. It delivers men from mental bondage exacted by pragmatists unaware of tbe necessity for spiritual fligbt and prob- ing. Its liberty can catalyze life again among tbe deprived, can divert tbe ag- gressive nature, can produce tbe flight of tloe genius. Art is greedy, 'art is imperialisticg it absorbs men into its permanence witb- out releaseg it urges expansion of intel- lectual borders without end. But art is liberal, its varied ingredients are every- whereg if it weren't for rnan's irnposi- tions, art would be diffused through- out all social strata. Wfe have nzade it an exclusive commodity. Our technology is an aesthetic off- shoot ofthe arts, but it is prostituted to functionality having lost the philoso- phies that nzaleeth art respectful of the earth and its nzaterials. To reunite and breed bacle beauty is the concern of us all today. -'f"' ff X xX E w .f fx ' 'Six 'X A g Q, A ylylfz , , N, I, f"f X' 1 , VJ, X , ff fix ' ,f f X' ff xx! ff! 'X Y fp ,V ff f' N LAI " by I -nhl W! X 'fi-1 ' '. yf ,f K' 5 wxkifsid 7' X f W", "r!'ff xydfi f f , ,,' .., N 1 4-'LHQNW ' " g4.f,,,J .fu fy J 'Muffy '92-Qanxw 'A.l Y if -' 1 g - 4 ,f-.. 0 'gsm Q0 ah'-0 P' v"?ps 5 .5 ilu mga, , ,, 'ff . eg - f ',., wg , sl 17' 1 ll K g hash-xg ,Agar E " S, K F15 ,, ' 'N vm.-Q .?, , , ' . - .. I.,-5 x yy ' lifgzl -V - .fld IW! 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But they are same-swift, and from this vantage, They seem stock-still, so speedy is their way. Fickle fate made he that seemed sea-bound Follow instead an everlasting scut. Love transformed the heavens for his death-mound. A brother less malicious might have-But Nocturnal, universal, he won't stray In endless search of his illusive prey. J.. J f 1 , U.. ' 0' - 1 ..,. , ,A -: A ,A.. I ---4. fu- ., 4' 1 r ffl!! I ..w, fipi , ., ,gugazu :.'.1:,f,:f. .- Y V- ,- 4 :,.A,,f,- y.'. 9 ,L fi Q'1'.f,'+,1-'",.'. 1 , I f v...'-411. 1,1 y my ,. -'z :,Jf", ., 6 X I g 'fix ,Pl ? -:WW f- i N ,, ' ' J .75 '-. x 3' f '.-" it SQ' J ., A J., , 'elf iss.-Zh f' 'Utsvl'-YY'-lxxm :r A . '.-1 " -hw In X "M.Nx -f n. ' .' '-Q., f- , . Q N -, " wif' M . Ki.. L. .1 I .E 7-5 X ,.3-ff I' ik 7: If 'X ., E an if 1 -"il , Q",1-'akr-f af- if . xx. Cr V' . 324 'L,f9?',5,2',1 -5.17 i l 4'-jf" . .'1-,:'-"JT xdanl, -,xg -- tl V Q 12. v -N - ,.,-1-p fs ifig? 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' - ' " , - .'f"wrn':l?T'-'I'.:": A Colding freeze settling first On Skin then driving deeper into flesh, deeper. finally touching constant bone, that the mind freezes over. O 0 .. O U U U 3 .2 Q V V Q v 0 u v Q O O O 0 O C- C ' Aj? 6 D 5 0 ci 9 0 0 o Ozv O 0 O C C, 0 O O O O O L 6 O O O O J O 5 ,ffy 0 if 1 O O 0 0 Q o O O a O O t 0 0 O 0 4 O E' a A4 P A o X U O 0 O O T5 C, O O O O o O O O o G 0 0 0 9 C I 5 O 0 o c 0 o 0 O cf 0 0 0 3 C o 6 D 7 P 6 l 7 5 6 0 Qi O 0 o 6 6 O O O 'L O o 0 G X, K is , V Q O O 0 C, O f x G 4. M 0 1 0 0 a 0 0 O rp 6 O ff? o Q ,f-X! . 4 0 4 O fi 6 0 0 ? O . 0 Vx,-Nf' U C i 'S 6 5 0 fb O ' bofix D 0 H Q O -. 0 O U O 0 D o f K 0 O 0 '- 5 O O lex G O O o G u Q 0 5 D -xv 6 5 c 1, Q - O A J CJ , 0 O O O C 0 O C1 0 0 14' 1 it fflg L: C. i i' lf 6 X 0 g G o C I f O O C O 0 OT, -' ff 0 0 :Q f: C X . ' , v ' ' Q . 5 . ll .I O - , of V Of' U O " 0 L C, 0 o C O KN L 0' C Y O 0 i l I l of 0 O o 6 0 O 6 O O 0 0 0 of 0 :DO ocff' at e - f 0 , -I , -55, 5 0 v is w f c- .e 'fi I . :fl .fi iff' ll 0 0 0 0 0 0 ff or O O AC: L 4 2 X L . , g-,, :I p.......I -- a O O rv ,Of . it - I ' ' ,535 -: i , "ann ' Q o 0 O O O O 6 - ' cg ' fi' T 1 'J 'l lf U ' , , l.o 0 !'Kf-fs' 0 r A N!-Ji V a L gf X 0 0 0 X xxx 6 0 O 0 imc X A XX, Q c J l " Y 9 N X 6 XXL d 'll O , 0 J L L ' A 0 1 v g, 0 0 ,I X 0 O of Cx . u o 0 o a C O f 2, L, 0 0 .1 I -9 V - N , 0 D O O 0 ' 0 Q a C 0 6 Q. ,V I ., e , D f 0 9 f L, t s 0 0 L3 . f' X . 0 o L, a H O Ag! 5 0 : , ' 0 0 X txg,f,ff C 5 , 0 0 O O xnxx v U 5' C' C Ffh ' r ' Ai O -V-N, iXsXJ-x P i ,'jA 0 v ' ' ,-1 'X Ki fxfvxffq A ow rg lf i L3 ww If C ' 1 2 'ridflxjmivffxml 6 5 Q 0 -X 1 la? s SX , X rfkiyk I I l x X N CEREBRAL PALSY ROCK CONCERT The sign was visible on the facade of the mosque Cerebral Palsy Rock Concert- November 3 All Wfelcome, Donations appreciated How absurd I snickered, asserted it by a sneer. I sped on two wheels around the corner. The third came and unconsciously I found myself before the blaring noise of the blind band. Sporadic jolts of bony arms seized me as the paraplegic rolled by on his wheelchair In a nostalgic manner he asked if I wanted to dance. Startled I ran . . . Smack in between a duplicate image My mind untwisted they were twins Mutilated a bit from congential defects, on outgrowth of our new sub-culture: drugs They smiled simultaneously and walked on each their separate way. I spotted the Cerebral Palsy Queen A pure heavenly image reflected in stiff white organza However coordinated efforts faltered marring any cherubic qualities She stood by the open door desperately trying to welcome the last stragglers . . . interrupted by the screeching of a speeding vehicle equalized by the cadence of the crunches, two legs and a jaw The screeching rang in my head I was engulfed by freaks of nature . . . of man Chilling my sense and yet drawing me away from my despondency All of us were desperately groping At least I had my impregnable facade of well being. Absurb perceptions swell and integrate in the mind anyway. he yxumlered w ill now my days he altered, will slit' Stay' tllc night. forget the yhildhnod innocence of fond friends or lirst lxiss! ancient summers can he united .ind softly he racalled the hours ot listening Qin the sadness of tonfidencesj tn her torn heart .ind grateful eyes. having reminiseent awhile at half past ten she went wanting not again even the kiss goodbye laughing only she called him dearest friend. I trusted you ...,...... you made my mornings far too distant from my dreams. for in between the dreaming and the dawn you disappeared. fwhen we were silent, was there need for words? or did you want to know. when you asked me who I was? how could your smile have frozen on your lips ?j I was content ...... but you refused to dry my sudden tears, or tell me if I should have believed the elegant illusion. BD6il.0I'1s My conscience follows me through ew-t'y' street A naked child, barefoot. moaning. lwroxm. Tuggiug at my clothes. I-low om l meet His gentle eyes when I lure let him tltm zz f i- W ,TT 1 boredom had begun to set in making gangrenous the mind atrophying the muscles and so I set out on a drive through the country side fighting the leaf slicked road of last nights rain. The hazy rellection over the pond was of variegated leaves branching off the sturdy trees the fallen mud caked leaves appeared soggy and contorted as they nestled among the reflection of their creator united again until the crackling abrupt wink would attempt to submerge them The road grew narrow the brilliant, golden, rust and crimson leaves lighted my route One hulk of a tree had huge moist wine leaves entwined around it in great masses The stems wired about it appearing as veins would splotched by mottled amorphous leaves natures covering looked like a shield until a gust of cold ripping air would set in The autumn sights were to me an ineffable delight as the vividness of the intense colors grew inside me my motives hit me I had longed to unite myself with nature yet nature is an transient .is l. Sitting in a Circle. facing humans standing in an amphitheater of mock nobility, the revelation Comes from within, without: ON YOUR KNEFS TO THF FUTILITIES, Touch the ways of war. Now, bathe in the moonlit waves of the sea of reality. , P 'i :ll l. l-I ga.. 1 l I wr yi! LN 1 it -'-4 ii 1 . a lax l if lx, ta tk ,'. fe li L + ',. C ai. I' 1-S. KT Ng., Q STI? Q01 K if 5 'Rf f , ,,-E, V ' 2 T f K, f,- 1 5 ' u f Qi. 2 'gllj X A I' 5 K A a ,gif on U X- ,X I YQN Z I ,J 21537 - ,, xi W x XR XXX X . X x XV W .M -- ly' lffxx 1 ,Lf' xii. X 'ND xx I if: VMXA , X X i 1 K s ,f , ,. X .K 5. ' iff? X is ,Ir 'f - x 155745-7' 5' N ' x CZ' f '12 . Wy f ? f1f , ff' -X KX Xf ' ' 7 ' ' . , , 5 17 ' X Y - V I VA! X Y" f Q ' J f fr Q- if!-L ' r K gwwf : ,gf ,I , f., Af, A E, 1 gf " I TAFE- X 5 fd f L 1 I F -- lf? w Vi..I,,f -f zxs sn A -4 f ' ,nz x 1' M-ag! Z' X Vg? , f --fx 4- , , , ' '4 J, , R i rf -3- 1 ,gg . , I V 1,6 lla ..-I 1 , ,1 V -" ' If ffffj IS LZ5? If , - 1 X f A -1-f' f ,yi Nr X pf' A J 1 1, f ,x g ,fx-31-, -1 ff v M 1 Nb f ,ef X, F , 5 In 151' ,A 8' we , . ,gk 'V' 1' ,ii f ' A ' , .- If " li J " J! V lx ' 'lljfm f l I - A Q Qv, 'Reef-169. .-.,.. , . 11 -A J 7' PQ Q , H . . H5 1 a X 'kj-ff ' n i-iiiifiz' ,, A , ' ,fl , -XX ,X Ex-5, ,111 -2 SHI, iv if Q, ' X' ' SN 7 Fzv 'Q Q 5:1 , X X Q , ' -..' ,o,'.' ,","g. .'x' ' 1, gifts ' Q xl 53 w X!! ! ' Q.: J . , i . I , 1 , ' , - .. . f N . Xl Y M YW X 1? .I I jx , gf,- X MU ', 0 iff, " '7f'1' , , , 'Fwy X 15, L, if , N 'Iv . L ,lx V YQ a xg. N' x Q if X N Q5 X Q vw M a K Q' X ! Q X J Aly K f'5J -I 1 vfx ' i X J- P -,fy A 1' ,g its Aix x f K my H7 M A .K 4 it , V , NT A XX fy, ,f 1 X Y If 'fg,?ff5Q,3 if T X Q 1335 t Q FY7'f 1 f ' 7f li. BX YVJX'-,Q ' - jg 'ixixlkgb f ,, X jg-ii -vxgvs 'Ea ' ' - '.--ml: L A K 338. Y- X Nw' 1 jf'-2-' - 91'-m-vu ,x i - ...,f ,, .N. 3+-,J f,,- .lm .. I -.S-vm --M -V mv .1 uf--W - -f f- ff' xma:i:'.'s'c' ' 'N -is '- uf' ' 1' ' kit: H 1 -5 . Y I X xx :G XX ,M ,1 I , J N v t-tg-f 'mid -, Hgh ""?x 'f,' 4 A s ' ' ff 3 fx .gf g. -Q-Iv Y YW!! ff A 153 in KX 513' f ' ' ve, V , ' " ' J ' V '4 ' ii . x-X ' .x 7, 7- Y A5 Ax Y if 3.9 - f3'2'qg1Q'jWEf i!f-1EfQ?3u- df ' aa X f F -5-:fg2--fix f D' 1 1 ay ., V-gg.-4:,4,f: , V , r I f Q.gj!,1,:59d9Nf vkbgvlvgdb, K , H '7 , , I ' 'Z W., . '9 3 - f!.,?Z5,: .f M xi Q"5'i"'2' DQv:yg!f' f f 34" ff1f"5Z" 1 ! " f P -'A f . -",-.1 ' f 'Q - 'rx' 1 ' Q: f ' , -L Q' , 1 V' i f 1 x , N K x. f, "fx 1 N! 'gk L X yr Il 1 X ' A Q' X I A network of wrinkles cracked her old face Like dried-up riverbeds. Passionate tears, Tender, bitter, had long since ceased to trace The contours of her cheeks. And through the years Eyes that had burned with life, by life were burned Until her sight grew dull with indifference. Even her lips, once warm, senuous, turned Numb, like prisoners condemned to silence. Where goes youth when bodies, by age are seized? And what of love when bitterness and hate Finally claim one too many victories? Let the love not die! But if it be Fate Who cries "My price for the wisdom of age Is love!" Ahh then, cruel Fate, make me not a sage. x i . xi N RQ X - - X1 ' - 2- N ,ff xx - f 'X 9 xx N , , , f x f J X K ' wwf' i- f , f f' Q 5f1XX f 1 A 1 1 11 fi f 'ymm ? XX R is 1 2-'f , 3 I SY H731 ,, li, 7 vt: YQ A ff- , X 9 uh Q 1 .1 qi C l 5 'Q sd L.: J 21 - fi' ? fi E f f-:mf P-i : -Rl-X 2 .ki j ji, . lf 6' . : ...Wg I iii xg N N , 2. S1 'U' .H 5 R 1 Eff' Q -E"-4 I Q 1 1:22, . , - 5 il? Q1 Y Z M ' 2 -- 7 " 'L S 'iii A fx .zggaas-' , '7' 5 5 x!E?: T :Q 2 2 1- -magma' 1 ',.4 fwx 'v S gi' 5. ww ,J X , f :, - 3 .. , -V- XA I 5 A . Z K If -H S 'S' xx my I ,Nj .517-nf, I 1 V b D 2 ,A ..-. ll. . ..,iffL5 V 14 , 1 L . gf Z 5 li mg Q W g f f .. - -.:A. xv 5 M ' P T it - :,i4, x H ff - - hi . OHOJLQQ - Q il-w1TAf'- ? W' 'im I X 4 S 21+ 5 3 L v i. 1 S 5 a 55 - n SEN I l N s 5 I I Y 15 f ' 'N 3 A, Ji ' if' XX ' fs 9 I - ' ' 5 1 b 5 1 v an In X x ' J Y ,sts ' A ' 4 3 B .HN ' d X I X : fs 1 . V, ' 1 I M 'NX gf V, ' 1 4 2, 'Lil K it lbi. D I ' 'li' x M X "QR E" qi, y- I, ff ' K ' 5 Q I l 'F si, , 'Gi' ' - " 'K 1.. A ff" . ' X X jf' , M- .- wif - Ia ' ' - 4 Us 1- A' N Q3 , Lngqgf st HN .3 if F f f . H A '13 . t .-.. k' WMA 7' ' ' x ' J ': l' 'X rf . 1 A ' L'.l,I dl- -I I X i F ' r if .V I ,uf , U I, .' X I If, ll' mg ."' ' V Q Q , I I ' , , TQ 3 I f fi A CCLl:E1.1E I W X , l , .r - K"- ,.,11 l Y . . 7 l- , 3 1 1 0. V I - , I S 'lim' A Q N . Qfffrwf. I I -jf' I' I 4 1 524"f13',' ---f:g,!5' , ',, 44 ' ' lj ff - , 3 T f ' 0 u , a 1 ' Q n ' Nfl, , ' C5 Q .,uLl f Q IN llkllllillll' li- Alillolilj SS lidlf Oaks Axe. Newton Da V, liltwt, llcklu' ROBERT MICHAEL ADLER Ron Hotel, Israel' The youngest: Karen N.C Eastern Slopesi New Years Eve. The lL11'1Ll1-bL111Ll1'IXI.lC'S lll be there," Nance, Jim, NR. 'XY' are you going to do with your lille." Gymnastics, Track, Ski Club. HCHAEL AHEA N x ,ji N ' R -19 Faxon St., Newton Day. Bacon. 'Q S.-F FF' . S if ,lag "I I '17 C-. U . QI. wx..- llmrz .ro rm u Of' SUSAN JANE AISNER 55 Evelyn Rd., XVaban Sue, Suze, Susie Weeks, Barry, College, " . . . I'1'e go! Io be me"-D.S. Biology Club 1, G.A.A, 1 2 5 NEWTDNIAN Ad staff 2,'Ri1lly Committee, Stage Crew 5, Gym- nastics. FRANK JOSEPH ALBANO 1-I Auburndale Ave., XX"est Newton XVarren, Adams, College. Berdowitts, good times in the NHS stands, Miss Harris. PETER JOHN ANASTASI 781 Commonwealth Ave., Newton XX'eeks, Riley, College, or eleva- tor operator in a one story build- ing. Favorite saying: XX'hat would we do without good old Newton High? We would probably have a good time. XX'estern Trad. Sem. l, Chemistry Sem. II, General Manager I, II, III. LAURA ANNE ANDERSON 5 Jaffrey Cr., Newton XY'arren, Bacon, College. WLT F. Lake C eI.f'7O, CW' with Bud, N.Y.C., "Rrglv! AI.1,g0o."' "Shi, tfzif you .tee flu! f1l0m1'e." Jayson,iMarshfield Rick lil' one QUE, 1200, BC. Sat. nights, "See ya at the circle, guys I" Ski II, S. Senate. Sen. Class Comm. KATHY FRANCES ALBANO 71 Auburndile Ave West New ton Warren, Bacon College HT0lftlJ' ir 1116 lomonou you uw fic!! .rbwzl 1 fftfdil Marsh ield Summer '59 C-l-I'+B+F sore feet. Hurts so ittle Huh Deb, 'Ix with M to see CB XX'ow! Great friends MPPMHBBRG Ski Club, GAA Bacon Commons Room Committee HR Manager 1 SUSAN ALTREE 65 Pembroke St Newton Bigelow, Riley "Your 1015 17e ww swmuf un 111,zi'kad, jog f mm 2 ez! ' New Hampshire ind XX Beach in 70. Stop the world CPC CG PC CS, JC, SUS LL Laughs with PC and CG, 9f4!7O ABBY JANE ALTSHL LER 12 XX'imbledom Cr Newton XX't1rren, Barry College "Life if 112 nz 1211 1111 1 l ' T CATHERINE JEAN ANNESE 9-I6 Moody St., XX'L1lIl1ZiD1 Cathy XY'arren, Batty College. 2"'25,'69 winter of '69 R.D., laughs with C.B., history A-block classes with "CuddleS," dead bat- teries and spotlights, good times at Burger King, nights wasted right, K.O.? G.A.A., Rally Committee. H. R. Manager. JOHN MICHAEL ANZIVINO 1 Beech St., Needham Newman Tech. College. Let's go down for ll smoke. Hey Mr. C., come here for a minute. XX heres Frank? I can't fix that! Half of the Double A. JOE E. ARNOLD 28 Orris St., Auburndale Cracl-:erjack XXfarren, Palmer, College. B.C. at 4 a.m., "The Bovin Line," puck. Pet Peeve-NHS. Varsity Hockey 1, 2, 5, Co-Cap- tain, Golf 2, 5. AMANDA ENDSOR ANNIS 157 Otis St., Newton Mandy Day, Barry. DENISE ANTONELLIS .J NAZZARENO AN'l'UNl.l.l.l 120 Pine St., Newton 54 Lathrop it N'.".','f,:'.'..fl'- Wfarren, Barry, Secretary. 501 lNI.A., Crutch, Med State .intl the D.ij,. Afl.1r:'1s. Colle-5 vanilla fmppe, remember Quang? Fontlcst memory: Summer '70, Fuvorite Expression: This place is rt zoo. Rally Comm., G.A.A. l i ". . . one piff nztzkex you fa1l'g6l', clllff one pil! 111111565 ,1foz1.f112a!l . . CYNTHIA GAIL ARONSON 17 XYt'.iuwinet Rd.. XVest Newton Cindi Vlfnrren, Beals. College. "I fury flwjr 11111 fm! r111t't, .tl1.'1 lqnutf fftt'1't'ff'1't' fzlilf I LIU! diff. fl7' .1111 Lllltlliltlf 111.11 I 1.111 ilwfzt, lt! 1114 Jo 11 11fuzt' fm' I ,rfmlll 11111 11.111 lf11f z1.11' tlIQ.lfIl." Thank you. Martha. A NEXVTONIAN3 Etlitor-in-Chiet. N.1tional Honor Society, Music Club, Jazz Bantl, Carousel, Goltl in the Hills, Pygmalion. DANIEL JEFF ARONSON 72 Cabon St.. Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. T. XVL-river. xNvl'l.lI'S-S11 tloin' f Peace to everybody l knew. It's been .1 fine experienet Curry tml Grolc in fullness-f tDiAu it.6 Hawtlif imc ,zoos on 'fn .0 CHERYL ANN ARCENE 602 Grove St . Newton Li-wer F Wfarren, Beals, College. 4 "lf 1 L-,,, 11,11 H- 1 -11 'V . . .1 J.: 1.4 f11'e.1i111,t'.' If I lA.lI.' filtffl I 1 . , ,. 111 X111 mt! .1L'.I.'t.', I 'f'.I. f11't1f 111 1,111.2 rv , . 1-'ifug' I 1 ax x : A . . in in ' LLOYD ISRIAC l' ARYYIION -ll Dm' SI. AMF. ff, XX'.trten. A.i.1:fs. C , l7f1v-wt1tel7.tst1"'t l'. in :he lawn .ii 1: it I 'ft .ld " 'l'rt.xsi:ttf I Z' lit' .Ct 4 A 1 tj O ROGER I'IlII.lI' ASCII loo 'll-mple St., Newton Ra ha ,NA . ,nw . ,... s. i 'gA IW. .'i '.'.i.'.: " ist. ut I. t.:.'. il tina fish. North iionxx ay Nlovirs. Sinendtick, blind lustite, ts y. - -- ". -N 4. -.i.1.. DI. S lo o, disaster' area in 'Sizmnitr Plat Stnior Class L'ommittee Ire. J i-,. I tuizt nm' .JU liar! 121.11 In X ll IU V THOMAS BABBIN S5 Albert Rd., Newton Tom XYarren, Adams, College' --Music Edutation. .H 'f.'.fi:q. fluff lit! fl zrlw! if rw , ' -'if I-1-'ui"H"-',S."ehItibY Dick. Concert and Marching Bands Iiamily, National Honor Society. F- ' I . ' K. x- it' . Orchestra, Concert Choir, Smith fix? y' law In - 1,5 s JAMES BAKER lfio Nevada St.. Newtonville Day, Tech. NICHOLAS ALAN BALDI 23 Smith Ct., XVest Newton "ol Sleeper," Nick loves Helen, Happy days at Hampton, Kings parking lot, Rat shoes PEC., Pool party, Ploxxing with Dad, The Big Day '... Kim and girls. myy to NIJ' wife I .l'zl-Jlfn -.fsJ ' ' TTY' SUZANN CHRISTINE BALL -15 Eddy St., Wfest Newton Sue, Suzy Day, Beals, Undecided. Fondest Memories, XX'oodstock '69, and my Senior yeariEcho Bridge. I will to N.H.S.-My two brothers. JAMES ROBERT BALTIMORE 33 Tennyson Rd., West Newton "Il if ivzprudezzf, if U tragic-A buf, ala, if ii' Jo betzufifzzlf' JOSEPH STEPHEN BANAS 12 Marion St., XY'est Newton Steve XX'arren, Adams, College. D.H., B.S., D.XX'., Bo, Rt. 25, Summer of '70, relaxing up on the stadium. pet peeveg working Friday nights. I will to N.H.S.g my empty beer cans. Sophomore Basketball, Rifle Team. BARBARA ANN BARDEN 19 Stoneleigh Rd.. West Newton Boofy NX'arren, Beals, College How many today Barb? "The radiator" Jogging at Sunoco, LOA-N-G talks with M+R.R. Bath- room detail 7, "a world of our own," Hampton "TO" last drop, rms. ZS +7 3x5 on the wall. "Groovin at ERT" G.A.A. MARY MARTIN BARDSLEY 1 Channing St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College, " ufw .Ure fury live' .ru'oi'J. jwriifv by ILM' .fzz'i1r.Z'." Pray for peace. Co-Coordinator of the Head Start program at Newton High FRANK A. BARIS 592 Cherry St., Newton Adams, Ministerial work. Looking forward to graduating from Newton High as .1 memorable occasion or event in my lite. I am satisfied with my education at Newton High. Ns 't FIS Vile , .il-:J ' 0 RICHARD FRANCIS BARRON 479 Chestnut St., Waban Richie Vfarren, Adams, College. L.L. -- R.11- -164. Dragging down Butkus from behind. "U"lJ.1l I mul! do if all ffm! con- cerm me. 1101 tvlml foe people Mink." Soph. Basketball, T.F.B.L. JOHN FREDERICK BARRY 11 Lorraine Cr., Vilaban jack XVarren, Bacon, College. "I'm no Angel." Regards to Michael J. Holovak, Doak, Satch, Susie, Thap and Super Shay. Sophomore Basketball, NEW- TONITEQ Columnist, Mr. Contro- versy. PETER PAUL BARRY 52 Lenox St., West Newton Peter Paul XY'arren, Adams, Col lege. "Lire free or die." "Lire for Iodayf' 'I-I-L-Ball, snatch in L.R., Bom Bay coolers, Italian rolls, speed racer, Bronson, Biki, 2 PG, BC, EH, DG, DC, JD, DV, GB, PH. DB, L + L Co. PM, DH, DB. fSwivil Hipsj fthe Indians knew -Howl, Fondest Memory - "the future." LU ANN BARTLEY 16 Edinboro Terr., Newton Day, Beals, Business. Loving Paul always, -i!16!68, -if28!68, 2X1-i!70, 3f9!70. All the great times with Pat, horseback riding, sailing, poppin' "pathagils." THE GREAT PUMPKIN, THE CAFE, RATSO, and HIMMEY. LEE STANLEY BATCHELDER 18 Adams Ave., West Newton Warren, Adams, CollegeAElec- trical Engineering. "Life ir your! fo life. IIE rlaofl enough, life il at you like. Meer flae fulure willnoul fear and willy u manly bean." Adams House Board of Gover- nors. 2, 3g Enrivonmental Section of Biology Club, 2, 3, Audio and Stage Production Asst., 31 Scholar- ship Club, Pres. of Sr. M.Y.F. WAYNE SINCLAIR BEAI. 919 Watertown St., West Newton XX'arren, Barry, Coast Guard. I will to NHS: All the cut slips that I have accumulated in the past three years. Special memories: Avoiding M.P.H., going down to the ville with R.C., G.H,, E.B., D.D. ' 4 t - DONALD EDWARD BECKLER 11 Hollis St., Newton Corner Mr. B., Crazylegs, Don Bigelow, Palmer, Oregon. 9f26!69. the day that changed my life, a love to cherish forever M.R.P., "Laugh and 1156 world ltzuglvr with you, fl'-'li' .md foe world luuglar al you." . . . 52 Round Dr., Demos N.Y. with M,M,, -ilfg at N.W.H.. V.I. XWNTN, XWBCN. B.B.B. sunshine wall, I ain't high, just shook up a bit, 50,000 for me? Summer of '70. iz? LYNNE ELIZABETH BEIGHLEY 55 South Gate Pk., Newton XX'arren, Riley. College. Ilflni GUJ .lillti HI.c'f fZ7c'7't' fit liglfz . . ." Orange Book, NEXVTONIAN. Riley House, Council, Senior Class Committee, Thoughprints, N,Y.C. 105 CATHERINE MARIE I5EI.I.l 266 Nezatla St, Nc-wtonxillc Cathy' Day, Beals, College I will to NHS' Uni: lOl' to r place Ll broken v.'inflfv.'. in 'he 4. ls gym. Surpressed desire 'IM haxf. lwrig .Incl lfldppy lrit'niIsl'iitv '.'. I Ron, Mari, A Peg. Cudclles--CLR. Iiltlt' 2 ISII I with It D, PH. ,Nl I, A 'I laughs with CA, X-l'1l'ifl-I I clon't care its up lim ytiuf rl! Ron, Camaro's. 5 fix., xy K A I, ,ff-11 THOMAS MICHAEL BEMIS I Arbor Rd, West Newton Tom Wkirren, Barry, Air lforte Eondest Memories Ifuzzg'-B-lx Class. The Cdl. with RD., f V, KA M.D., SK., PF., others Summer of "O-with the the times with the troor' JAMES PHILLIP BLRIXIX 20 Oaktlale Rd XY.zb.rz1 -lint XY.1rren. Barry. Collet ' Il". W, i :.. ft ,itt'.'.' v: ,:f.'..' -' ' ir.:v.uli tn' It lv.11.." ,ie 5913 I fe Karr zzjgbz, fwfr zzfr tl lmzrkilzgg for." ,ll .1 DAVID JAMES BERKELEY 35 Central Ave., Newtonville Our Lady's, Riley, College. A KS, 2 9 '70 DI-I, GB, DS. IB. -IC, Berkowitz. Midnight Mat- ties. Popcorn Balls, Buffs House, Drinking-fD,H.? Hampton Dances '11, MISS Parks N.XY'.I-I., l..'Ii.XV.'s After hlidnight, SANIBRA BERNSTEIN 44.1 Mosman St. XY'est Newton Amh. College and what exer else I wines aion: "f.I.:ifv.:f.'a H.1f'1.1,zf1 'i1'T,ll1l!7tj.llHN , , , ,, :t It .,. .W ,7. EMILY BERGER -105 Highland St., Newtonville Day, Murray Road. "The zz'm'fa', tfetzz' .lqaztm it LZ .i'lr.111yc .1ff.lir."-lNIOlierC. JANIS BERGMAN 9 Craigie Terr., Newton Day, Riley, College. ruff! lurk .1Zl'.Jil', pletzru, Drama, Ceramics. KENNETH DAVID BEST li Kimball Terr., Newtonville Kenny, B.N. Our Lady's, Beals, College. Favorite Expression: Flip out 84 go wild. l.L.Y.L., 1!8!69, XX'oodstock 69 with SK., K.B., 84 B.A., Good Times in Mort's Office, Hampton Beach, Rachigooch-C.A.E., Press Release, I will to NHS: My red track sneakers. Good Luck NI-IS: See ya in the spring. Tiger, Student Colloquiem, Homeroom Manager. RODNEY LOUIS BIANCHI 851 Vlfatertown St., W'est Newton Rod XX'arren, Barry, Wfork. ROSEANNE L. BIANCI-II 15 Lincoln Rd., Newton Rose, Rosy, Ro, Lue Warren, Palmer, England 84 California. Brockton, Kings, Hawthorne, THE TUNNEL? Tony, N.A. and RB. and Leo, Lunches with Anna. Greatest times with Sally, Cape with P.A.M., Boston here we come, Help a flying saucer? Prove itl MAUREEN ANN BILLINGS 22 Traverse St.. Newton Moe Day, Palmer. Vfork. Summer of '70 with EC.. AXY., SV., K.lNI., S.C., RB., PM, SB., Revere, New Hampshire, Xlfalex, Gurelles Open House on H. Rd., S 3070 a happening. STANLEY BIRDXVELL 19 Cappy Cr., XY'est Newton XX'arren, Barry, College. Varsity Indoor Trackp Co-cap- tain, Outdoor Track, National Hon- or Society, Barry House Council. PERRY BLACK -I3 Grove Hill Pk., Newton Day, Adams l 1 'Z' 1'-Y' fgytiffiv A - Y-'Y f I lf t ft FRANCES LOUISA BLAU 205 Homer St., Newton Centre NX'eeks, Riley, College. 'iTc'.Z!'.f and fe.1r.i' and fealizzg proud. T0 .ray I lore you rigbf ou! loud. Dre.m1,r and .ffbezzzer and rirruf i'r0u'd.f, I'1'e looked' .11 life Ibn! any," "Both Sides Now" Joni Mithcell. JANICE SUE BLAUER 57 Montclair Rd. Vfarren, Riley, College. "Nez'er be ,md for zvfmt if oz'w', be glad il Zl'.1.f yozziyi' In Knife." To the people who made Newton High, Thanks. Football games, the south gang. A.R. MICHAEL JEFFREY BLAUER 50 Putnam St., W'est Newton Hambone XX'arren, Barry, J.B. School of Broadcasting. , x Jays, Moose, Conk, Hank, Lippy, ,- JP Turk. Big Nothing, Butch, Milano, X A N ,, Rassle, XX'hite Socks, Ballm Mazza- X ffl-- rella, Plug, Bloody, goal, champs, if , Rock, Clocker, Mr. Clean, Most of ff fi. an ER. 2 . , - 4 1, ft-It SALLY BARRON BLAZAR 67 Sheffield Rd., Newtonyille Slee 4' Day, Palmer, College. 7f2!70 -JB. thank you for every- thing. "The irztzfze Krabi! of 5501.2 tzliwwzl- fied ,fpoilr e1'e:',i'Ibia1g." Pass, Pass, Pass, Pass. . . Goalieg U.S. Constitutiong Jag hoppas vi l ses igen snart. Y X. KATHRYN HELEN BLOCH 201 Fuller St., West Newton Kathy, KB. Warren, Adams, College. JB., Donna Friend, Pick-up, Twin, Ma, Pop, Ed-word, "The Three Musketeers." S.R.-If you had listened hard enough, You might have heard what I meant to say. HARRIET I.. BLOONI 12 Garner Sr, Nc-' VUL-i.-l-rs, Beals fyiliege 'f " riff 1- V , All the ual, p. ,l. fret., .. in with ii fiiulrl he sinh hig,ii,'- people if they v.i-rf-nr ri-lilIi,,i cloulat, Lll'l'.lltl of '.' i,tl,i7 y say, 'liliejr JWJI tilt 'fha' -trait l i , i l nc mlm Vi, lit-rig 1111 'li'-ve it go, when their iiiiiifl his i:,fi'.f,i il new low I,o',t- in l"mf,ii:,f',I say, but has 'ti he lin-i 'liliank you ,Xlarfia Hflfg, Raven .. GRIZGURY lj, l5l.l'l1 Wh' . 15 Charlesden Pl-:. Ne'xton'.'l - fire: 'M' .1 Day, Adams, Collegi- -J 1 "V Bermuda '717 Gootl riiiags x l IB., sweetheart puiiqil-ziii. F , ' Beach siimmer "0 -Angtlis l surprise- the golfers P D A R Xl l -the iase, Siiph year K I5 tk Nl 4 PUliSl1eal Oil" Hockey l, 2,3 PETER RICARDO BU 'M 56 Kenwood Axe., Newton XX'eeks, Palmer, College li luckyJ. Fondest Memory Climbing ot my t ir alter l demi 'lished i Fondeslt Memory No 2 Cflim rut ill Bill Ct ' ir itit .I 'IJ S K. . Ll' demolished it. Soccer J V. Ping Pong JAMES R. Boariis JR. -if 558 XY'altham St, Newton A Wlirren, Bacon, Engineering, "I will zzuzei' 'Qin' nfl-.-lfzz.1i'i 56511 figlvIi11,Q." All my love In Kathy, Always keep running. Varsity Track Team I. 2, , Pres. ot Bacon House, Senior Year, V. Pres in Jr. Year. DANIEL JAY BORDEN 110 Prospect St., West Newton The Hippie Football Player "Sf1111t'fii121t'.v I zviflt iztr',! Ilia' z1'm'ftf unzi fffimf, .iii lit' t' jlzdlqf' tnzif Age! lo for 5 .111 iffui ii fff- - tin? .IU flu' fflllfy .ifftf f.r:'it ..'..'vr 1.t X .zll uw," Thanks to all mv lrien-ls who looked at me and saw a QF? pcr'.w11." Thou art God, right guys' 'Q' Football 1, J, 3, Track I ', NEXYTONIAN. vit F -5. :itll S 4+ H: .., ..f. ' .:- 1'-71 " J J H 4 - , .:,, .',- r. 'I g '33, ai ' 7 3 3. GEORGE BORIEY JOHN BORGHETTI MICHELE L. BOUDREAU SUSAN ANN BOUDREAU 0' Garclner St., Newton Corner S2 Algonquin Rd., Newton 505 W'alnut St., Newtonville 59 Allison St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, Serxice. Palmer. Day, Palmer, College. Sue Nltmoiaes: lirientls and enemies, juddlepumping, ZZip, "The Big DLIY. BIICOD, Nursing. l the cafe. dances everywhere, thlayl B," Barnstable, Goin' Home, Ski "rival ff! f0dL7,l' Ffllflflife lffc' P4151 nartl. Hamptonl, fights, haxing a Trips, Shanana, 180 mph, I'm so wfffl 1'6fIlc1'lI1!21'd11fe :vid Ike future ' in whatex er I do. tired, falling into boxes-oops, wilh 1oz1ging." NJ.-T.P., it'5 3531, 2 a.m., Re Memories of the BH., P.V. '69 ,,-un. -Q ROBERT CHARLES BOLTDROT 42 XY'eir Rd., XValtham Boud -l.E.K. lr. High, Tech. Elec- trician, Favorite Pastime: Going up the farm, looking forward to the prom with TR. XY'aiting to be 21 to go down to the PC. with IR. K 4 CT 1: 4 . . . . gg 2' .. F1 .I ,,' ,Eggs .f . ,gn ' vt 2,1 ' 'A ffff il: 41 ,L-Q: ' Iggy RICHARD LAXVRENCE BOVE 25 Highland Ave., Newtonxille Day. Adams. College. becca, SRERS. Rally Committee, Ski Clubg Of- ficer, House Council, Sailing Club. C? . - it .,..4.. DAVID BOYCE ll XX'estland Terr., XYf'est Newton XX'arren, Barry, College. Basketball and Golf, good times "Two f7r.V7f7!c' fm flu' rom! muff and had. ' Let it be " lun' rz rwtfe 111.11 llnji' A121 Izzy bi." I A 2 J 'X KAREN E. BOYD S St, Blames St., Newton Corner Sam Bigelow, Adams, College, Barnett Center with L.C.+ the pokers, S.M.,Baby Ruth, Nantucket -the great escape. Lighten up with Billy and his mother, Great C.S.N. -LY, Concert at U. Mass., M S. and Church Newts, with Kinga, I-55 Hwy. avec P.H., sharing with a friend B.L. Love and thanks to all my friends. G.A.A., NEXWTONIAN. 4, 1 LAXVRENCE J. BOURGEOIS 5-l Madison Ave., Newtonville Corky, Fritz XY'ashington Irving. ,l.H., Adams. College. The kid in the green coat who passed out the funny signs said: lixxvlllffii It's been great at NHS. ALAN B. BOYER 71 Ruane Rd., XY'est Newton XYarren. Barry, College, "There it mfrliirsg fIc'I'I7I.II1c'I1f fsc- crfal cXv.uzgr." There is not enough space to write what I would like to except that I met a lot of great people at N.H.S. Indoor Track Co-Captain, Out' door Track Co-Captain, Soccer 5. House Council Co-Pres., National Honor Society. STEPHEN BRACCIALE S5 Fessenden St., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. "One if belief Klum mule." Dead weight squad. House in Wuhan, the room over the garage. Finals are no problem. Off to do some bookkeeping. FEMBO. KRISTIN E. BRAMELD 75 Fairmont Aye., Newton Kiki Bigelow, Adams, College. "fl ffm! .zmf ligflvl-fGf.1fIeJ. I Alfa' IJ Ilia Uffcill mmf, Hiazlflivi, free, Ilya' lufixlif zliejfore' NIE, The fmzlg IIVOZPII ,f7.1!ll7 belfore me, feadirzg Zl'Z7cl'cI1'c'7' I"-XY'alt NY'hitman. FREDERICK N. BRANCH 86 Bourne St., Auburndale Nick XX'arren, Barry, Living. ERAN BRANDXVEIN 32 Nonantum St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. Sheiach Hachurban Ile messager clu jugementj. ,. af "Liz raforme, ozzi. . . liz ulmrnlzf, f mm. "Charles DeGnulle lA hum- ble Frenchmanj. French Club. Tonmzy zz'fJ0?" ALAN I.OI,fIS ISHAI 'XVI IQIN ff Pri.-ntzfe Rd. xv'j'.'.l'JfI ff-zwra' XX"eelftS, Palmer' C,'ill"LlfI " ,I.1r S forget you lffg"u . JH.-'l'l1fgXX'lai, and Mli. 1. Siio'.i."' SARAH l,Ol'I9E ISRAZIIQR 136 Hurinewell Aye n Sally Bigelow, Aclaiiis, College "ffm dzizlfwfz ri L3 lfit i.fJi I i ff. , z4.1!i'ffm,1 lllifwi 141,11 If.: fwzzizu lei! lil- Jizifur yin. ll Q if Filffiir of ffm wlzf, Mi! i'ili.1i'3 lu fall L3 Hifi ,fm fi St. Cyril of Jerusalem, Ruindriips .. CHARLES PHILLIP BRIXJER R Hope Qt, Newton Chuck, Hands XX"arren, Barry, College. I will to NHS: The keys to ii: 1959 Green and XY'hite Cougar Memories of Suffolk. Rockinyuharr. cl Foxborii with Bob, fircplu, and Al, Intramural Sports, JEFFREY NEIL BRENNER 1071 Commonwealth Axe. Nt-'.i.:i n Day, Adams, College 'A 1. z ini! .livin if "fe .Ili 4.11. ion hw JH .1i,'. Bridge Club, Fennis Teaizi RI.'FSEI.I. YIOFEPH ISRISRON II North St. Nemo nm :Ile Russ Day, Adams. DJ iiixfi ifzifq 'f.".'. ' Y V . . , if if,'f'L V ll: Iflllt I4 'i.'.: .il K. Remembering my iunii r mar YR. and AO, A P. a.i.l Xi 'I' ix .lf iN.1rit.lsliet :kiwi Ilia' ii"- 'ii DI. ami IR NU' " war with P S and D B l5l5RN:XliD RUHINNUX lili-1 ll XXX ill Keiiritk S1 , Xu' Con Her: ze bl-'Qli'XX '.MIi"'N k it X 5 , , . .... . . 'Y '. A., ,M . . ,- . . ,vs .- . ...'.... ,. liridi tlizlx fir s V. " N MARSHAI L S, BROOKS I-' XYot-tlbiiie 'l'ei'r.. Newton Iitxlls. ALAN ,IEITEREY BROXWN SS Paulson Rd.. Newton Mieel-Qs, Baton. College. Eaxorite Expressionsi "Are ya goin down?", "And there's only one reason for that," "Turkey," "Pencilneck" Ifaxorite lNIemories: ".lay's," "After school football," Frosty: Ext-x6xS.8 dis. NEXYTONIAN, Sports Staff. XVILLIAINI JOHN BRYSON 21 Mague Pl., XX'est Newton XY'arren, Tech, Draftsman. "Ez'er',1l1fil1'y1 muff gel .rffnmi." f-Dylan. The Mean Machine, Chiquita, Brighton BP. B.I.A.T.XY'.Y.L.lNI.' A.T.T.M.I.A.T.N.Y. HARRIET BUDD -i5 Salisbury Rd., Newton Har, Petunia, Sadie "I offend you inf! Iliff 2221156 A , , ,Mid 717711 funk fllc' ZWIJIIZL' fZ7Hl'Q." So long 'funny girl' Erenth Club 2, Adams House Council 2, 43 Adams House Secre- tary 2, m SANDRA LEE BURCISSS CHRISTINA A. BURKE 161 Randlett Pk., XX'est Newton Tina Vlfarren, Palmer. if . A .12 4 ,a. .. it JANET ROMAINE BURKE 401 Lowell Ave., Newtonxille Day. Bacon, College. 5f9,f69 R.S.XY'., Proms, Sis hlul, T.B., D.H., BJ., C.R., SG.. M.O. .... Lut : Lum, Pump- kin -L GB., -LF., Grinasoar Parties 161, "Aids" 12 jinxj right DN? "Little world," N,V. Rally Committee. --I' ROBERT MAURICE BURKE 7 Concolor Ave., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. "The purpore of life .feevzi 10 be In izrquizirzf :mm willa lvimrelf... iNifIl1f11lU mn bring you pears bu! yfiurrelff'-Emerson. NEVUTONITEQ T.E.B.L.Q Soph. Basketball, Wrestling, Tennis. 4:2 as Z- '7 MELISSA ANN BURNS S1 Eliot Aye., XX'est Newton Mel Day. Adams. College. XX'.T.F. 4,f7O, Burkes Law, Questions, Follow that car, 1200, LC., CNY.. SH., Bu2zy's at 5 a.m. Higherl C.C.R, 71 at 5 am.. wheel + 2, mad talks, Bagged! 915 + Luv. See you at the circle, guys! A Cl1C'C'I'lL'.1ellf1g, G.A.A,g Rally Committee, Student Senate, Head Start, Class Committee .A ii. Q-Q, I-:vu-:'.":"'fsi-iz.-..i. W Sf-mII'1fKISV Aulwmdalf LINDA MARIE BURKE -IANET CHERYL BL'RRoL'C,Hs , Sandy 17 Fairview St., Newton 23 Cappy Cr., Newton fWffCf1pIJflf1EfA- AljT"I':lFf' I Bigelow, Adams, College. XYarren. Palmer, College. Acuplwkmu QM' ll' mum XY".T.F. 4170, Burkes Law. an "All the worldsa stage and Im ' A swers, eggs? Buzzys at H am. merely .1 player. Iye had my en- If--ndesr Memories: XY"hen AG.- S.P,A.XY'M.IS.PNI. and I got lost one Saturday night, Missing. SE. Ifuni XY'ith D.C. and gang + RB. -7 TA. 4- EC. l So Prime lt CCR., Bagged, Get Ready, Higher, Lake CC. XV.S.H. wfb wheel 1 2, See ya at the Circle guys. GAA 1, Rally Committee 5 Head Startlg Senior Class Commit tee 3 trance and now I'm making my exit. And in my time I will hate many parts." Target Blockg Sailing Club 1, I 53 Explorers Club. Szzpltvrerrjozz of Ike 1111zfe" NICHOLAS P, BLWIAERA 15 VC'inon.1 Rd., Newton Nick. Nicky X'X".1rren, Tech, Undecided. filer fluzaz to lite up iff flruzz, --Alfred Adler. LESLIE HILL CABOT 561 XX'olcott St., Auburndale Vilirren, Palmer, College. "Tire t1',1rie.r1 Zwur ir .zfuuzir 11: rf lzcfun' ffae dt1Zl'II.'l Nantucket, Penn., Nights .it 361, IM.. April '70, stranded, looney peeps, the dock, the bomb. Ski Club, House Councilg Stu- dent Senate. DONNA CADINIAN - 408 C3llfOf11l.1 SI., Ixlewtiwflville Day, Adams. l ' JAMES FRANCIS CAMINITI 158 Tolman St., West Newton Cam XX'arren, Tech, College. HEl'c'l'.10II6 of fbem kwa' ffm! at lflllcf wen! 012, llyefa' ,QEI iz lillle bi! older and a fiflle bil .rluu'er." Sep- tember, '69 A. "Il if etzrrer I0 fight for prfzzci- DOMINIC R. CAPPI2Ll.I 'CCI I9 Elmwood Pk., Newtonyille Dom, Big Cappy St. Patricks, D.iy, Barry, College. Elec tricul Engineering. Dominic, NOT DHD, wr Doni- inic, hut DOMINIC, Hoiiic-iwriii with Bruce, Hope to go to North' eastern with lgnotl old Brute G. C4in't wait to leave NHS DIANE CARDITLLA ill California St., Newtonville Day, Adams. SANDRA ANN CARDUCCI 99 Derby St., Wfest Newton S.1ncly, "Sid" "I u'm1'l 11'irfzm5 Ifae ilzmzfztr iff feefrzzlqr Muzi lure died. If I mln' lurid I zzezu' zwzzfrf fuzz' mmf," 6X7 cherries. Ring in the hole trick-right Eerg? Howdy Pardner, S pounds. Super Chicken! School Patrol. I'ni so upset! ifcmdckahin Rally Committeeg GAA. EDXWARD JAMES CAREY 110 Sf.1f1ll.0fd St., Auhurndale Chumha NX'.1ri'en, Beals, College. The prom, 10!2Sf'69, 201, july, Th.1t one ski trip, suppressed desire -to get tu school on time, Gixidu- .ttion day, B.C. .lt S00 Varsity Ice Hockey 1. 2. A RAYMOND CARLE 6,1 O.1kl.1nd Axe., Newton Beals. ELIZABETH CARLEO 40 XVestxic-xv Terr., XX'est Newry n Beth "ll"fi.1!Iv .1 1411.113 .l ,!'il.1i.'.' z.f Ilffllt it Zum mf! yt! f"t.f: .J':i.'. : t rt'.f."Y -'R NV. lfnier. ui Newnmin House. S H O lf Ci A.F S. E. Z? , . " le? rx ,., A T ', L ' ' ,':221.. N.. . - ws 1: 1 ,. -, -.K - 1-- Q --f . . .,. 1 .A , F y ,- - - 1 ' -- Ae'-'ri' . " .' -Ly' D, . , 4- . -.4 at -..- if v ."4-1:1 ,-. er ,ffl Q.- . l'il7X'lN liRlAlN CARSON IS liritlgcs Axe, Newtonyille "Kit" l3.i'.', liarrx, College. lioitilcsl Days Yl1llV 2, 00 -luly lt. To .intl who knows iNllL'S in the kliioka-Mobile with Chooka. Sax llellof' "Lint .1 li.11r'tut," Suiirmcr' ol' 00 on the porch. DR ., KC XY ll.LlAM ALLAN CARTER 'LS Fltlretlge St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Adams. College. ANDREA Pru wfj MARIA CACCAVARO 19 Lawn Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, Business. 5f51!69. Meeting Al. 'Com' 6!8!69. 7f7f69, "Fred," Free- wheel'n w!Luieei Dave. XX'here's the Chateau, Gail?, F Troop, Cafe, 84 M, Stairs w!Diane, Natick, M.M. A.H. D.C. LOIS CACCIA 21 Harrington St., Newton Day, Adams, School. 511-Nth U1 Pylf Sitting, Fondest Memory: Cape 69. 70 Hockey in Cale, "XVoocly," Flak, 5 yyith EIR., EM., KVT., BR., and Summer 'O-"I, French Rolls, Deke, "' MAD, 9f6f7O All the kidg at WCN, For things to come with AF., A Brighams, great relationship with P.H. PB. F H. D C IT. Li.T. P.G. -ID. xl G -IC. IP. IR. Lkl Co. Pencil. G.A.A., Hockey. Pet Peeve: Horses, you A.I-I. Ski Club, Softballg Field STEPHEN A. CAGGIANO ,152 Lowell Ave., Newtonville 18 Ionia St., Auburndale Caggi Day, Barry. More Homework, ANDREW' STEPHEN CARTEN Andy, Ans, ArniexB. ,etc., R'Sht h055f Albermarle and the guys, Chem X'i'arren, Beals, College. BB. King, right Dack? Suppressed Desire: To score on with Charlie, Cat, Mul. Mike, Peters, Ma and the Family, The track jocks, Lapper dan, Feeding the empty net. the ducks, GODZILLA, 10,f11!7O, "Yon mu .ray I Zllllll lo be Free. D.A.S. Sleeping Bags and Scituate. I tum my .rome dim I will bc... Track ig Cross-Country Co-Cap- Ski Club, Brighams. tain, A.P. Hebrew Clubz Senior Class Rep. if BARBARA LOUISE CAHILL 66 Cherry St., XX'est Newton Barb, Barbie KEVIN CARVER , - Warren, Palmer, College. 61 Highland Ave., Newtonville My memory of Newton High Day, Barry. will be of rotten eggs and frozen , chickens. Biology Club, Section Leader of Biology Club1 Science Night Ecol- ogy Day, Teachers Aidg Homeroom Manager. XWILLIAM S. CASPER ' NX' A 'Q H WWE-Fld' W ibm JOHN WILLIAM CALDERONE 9 XX'inthrop Ave., Newton .2 XX'eeks, Beals, College. "Yc.r1t'rJ,1y it buf lOc1,.I1lI nzem- Bigelow. Barnett Center + CHAMBER- LAIN. Halloween night with KB., T.D.'s 61 in the spirit in the sky. my tzmf Imzzfirmzz' ii' lmfizfi' tfn'.1n1,' .io lp! lutftzy c'IIIb711L'c" ilu' fmfl zvfllv fczlznrzbr-i'.111t'r' .md lfac flli'Ilf.'.' willy 1i7ll4QfIiKH.H Puppy dog, jane S. Running away Summer of '70-good times with with NlCli Baldi. AB. The Square Peg Always Lost. A 3 Sigma Alpha Rho. 1 O i in or I BARBARA JEAN CAMPBELL 206 Church St.. Newton Corner Barb, B Bigelow, Beals, College. S0 f.!U.l'.:', bu! I0 rerun f.zr.1zzxzt- Xozu. d1JI.n1re IJ' vzifu, ,-121.1 1:1- .fa flora."-bjc I Band-Aidesg Russian Clubg New- ton Youth Centerg Field Hockev 13 Dance. 1 CARMEN M. CARDELLA III 511 California St., Newtonville Cowjuice Day, Barry, College. I have skied the Alps. Perhaps tomorrow I will ski the Rockies and Sierras. I have exper- ienced a fair portion of sciences. Many thanks to Mr. Rist. on the slopes and in the lab. 75's to Don and Harry. Lastly, THINK SNOW". FREDERICK CASINELLI 150 Linwood Ave., Newtonville "La Dofre Vita at NHS." l J.. Aug., . ll Af 1 ga f 3 5 i gf A 1 iff CAROLYN L. CAMPBELL RICHARD F. CAMUTI DOMINIC CARISONL 29-1 Adams St., Newton Sl XX'hitlowe Rd., Wfest Newton Rl North St., Nerf." nnille RJIUY St. Bernards, Tech, Service, Bllall XVellesley, Adams, Business Day. Barry, College. School. 6HfSilhouc:tte, Thr: Por ISN A. Senior Class Committee. The pad, Iitiruer King. Ibertlq .s mean, no goal, CO: Sugar. Horns.. Look but donlt touch, ,IV'.'.vi iz"le things, Life is what you it. '70, -fi V, ....v Ll!! at ' at. . 1. ZffH ii,- Q 5' I.... 1 wal aww A 5 4? P I ,I ,f DEBORAH ARLENE CARROLL 57 Adams Ave., XY'est Newton Debbie, Deb XY'arren, Baron, College Ulf ,toll tfofllf int't'1t,f IV, .. .. fry t1,tftzif1." Summers in California and Rotk- land. Party, Totally B Football Majorettes 5g Rallv CN-mmittee1 Treasurer of Bacon House Countil. Commons Room Committee. Sidelofzg glmzres of ll pigeon-kirker PAUL S. CAVANAUGI-I 19 Burnham Rd.. XXWN. "Cav" Warren, Beals, College. "Be rfnzfwzl with your lofq nm' 111111101 be firrf in c'I'e'7"1'l!.7fl24Q." Ver- mont 68, 69, 701 Cambridge Sup' pers, The Troops, just a short climbl? Roxbury Tutoringg Ski Clubg Beals House Council. DONALD F, CAVICCHI ,IR FRANCIS PAL'L CTDROXII 52 Goldencrest Axe., Newton io Znirl: C. Xtra 'z Duckie Ifrangin' Kennedy-Ir. High,Tet'l1,XYork Dar. 'llyli Home St Stipprtssed Desi? l 1 1- .. .UC Spegial Xltzror' I tear in stlioo' X-..I.1 .L ZA LTLTIILIQ in t'o..b.t . thing xxe didnt spit l' .. beating on liippzts. games. Right GP? MYIT. "ms- t WIAYW 69" N.I-I, '69 200 Rl7LilN:X C. C'l7l.I.I'CCl S3 Pl'.II'l St, Newton Bigelow, Riley, 'l'r.ixt'ling in lt.1lx for .1 year. 'Cfu.:' 'i.:f:.' me ffm vtfsili Io 1 .'.': f",-'ggi' I I-.nfox t'l".n.-gtg' .v. ng: .'fl'.' ,'f','r.'1'i I ..:f.-. .z'w".' inwzt fit' tiff- 'iz V: 'fir Rtim' llouw Count il. DEBRA ANN CIYRIINDOLO Z1 Emerson St., Newton Corner Debbie Bigelow, Riley, College. "Tv iii vt'.Jli:t' .fffr .IU zvilfvin imwrftltl, rm fum' clit' um Nuke mu 1fl'.1'.',Q:.lie--k:CUfgC Harrison. times down AP., RS., CC, with A F., D.C., MS., SS., l..L., l..S.. SB., .ind the rest of the gang. The road runner, almost tanglit riding around looking for victims. Sure. MARILYN JEAN CHALMERS 100 Pine Grove Ave., Lower Falls Maril XY'arren, Bacon, Making people happy. "Tito murlv if Alien, much .1f1iJ5.t,' .wtf flux' zu' .nv rm! Hou' flu! .mwzgflv zwlvirlw in old dn-yi nmzeti curio and ll7e'.ZI'e'II,' 111.11 ztvbiulv Zl'c' tire. we fire." Biology Clubg Vice-President, German Club1 Secretary, Marching Band. ROBERT EDISON CHALMERS 254 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Bob Rosy fXY'easleJ 1!10!70, The great divide, XX'atching "Kong" at Rosy's. "Rosy, do you want me to carry you out? "Hoss, I can't be- lieve you did that." flllzf pz1.flv211g." LYNN WAN-HSIN CHANG 122 Bellevue St., Newton Linny Bigelow, Adams, College. "Age ir 710 befler, hardly to well, qualified for an inrtrurlor ar jyoufb, for il but :mt profiled .ro murb at if bar lofi." Concert Master of NHS Philhar- monic: Biology Club, Carousel, Pygmalion, Guys and Dolls. Trips to Juilliard every Saturday. KATHLEEN MARY CHAREST 22 Cottage Pl., West Newton Kathy Wfarren, Adams, Hairdresser. Past years with Ricky 5!22!69- 70, Going to the drive-in every weekend to see my favorite movies. Doubling with R.G. -l- V.L. Memories: Meeting all the kids in front of building one, and all the fun I had in class with R.G., C.C., and L.M. ANNE SIMA CHARM 211 Concolor Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. "llLz.tadtz will not fall again." Israel will live . . . Raindrops . . . JAMES CHASE 62 Prince St., VV. Newton Chasa XY'arren, Beals. Finish School. "Ir 111.11 right?" I'll never know why you can't get something for nothingietch is good, not like the "Jewell" I.L.S.M. Hockey-2 a.m. press release. PAL'L SCOTT CHITEN 50 Pratt Dr., XY'est Newton Day, NHS, Murray Road. Yamakraw, the Ricebird, the Sword, The Faisco, The Rose, The Krav, The Berg and Quasimoto! Human Rights Clubg C.S.P.E.1 Folksinging, Madrigalsg Cambridge Redevelopment Committee: Mora- toriumg Colloquim Committeeg Quasimoto Coordination Society. PAYE CHRISTAKOS 107 Central St., Auburndale XX'arren, Adams, XX'ork. XX'alex M.B.A.XX'. Guerrilas on Cal. St. N. Hamp. 710 D S.V. Re- vere SBAGMBSC 8.f30p70. A hap' pe-ning fSheilaJ The night... chased us. Private party at Carr. Polka Down Wlhiteys. l l 'l I 'IS' '-ci! li . CAROL MARIE CIVETTI 2117 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Carol XWarren, Adams, Work, Mar- riage. I will to Mr. Gaudet all my cut slips and white cards. Favorite expression: Don't be Bogus. Special Memories: Going with Bobby and time spent with the following great kids, LM., B.L., Mp.. Kc., Ro., co., js., oc., Pc., AD., DM., HB., J.P. XWILLIAM JONATHAN CLAFF limi Austin St., lNewtonville Day, Barry, College. "To lore IIISJIIY 10 HJINIIIII 0115- Jrff uilbout ,QllpZI'JIIfe'E, 10 gift' 0115- .feff 1'0n1ple'1ef-y 111 156 110115 111.11 our lore will fvroduce lore 111 Ili: lated per.ro11."-Erich Fromm. ROBERT XVILLIAM CLAN CY 41 Everett St., Newton Center "Clance" XY'eeks, Bacon, College. ',G7'c'.1fe'f fore 17.11157 110 211.111 flI7.1I1 be zvlm ltzyf douw fJ1i life for bit friend." All the good times with the kids on the gymnastic team. Gymnastics. RICHARD JAMES CLARK 68 Tolman St., NX'est Newton A.I. XWarren, Riley, College. Auby Mongey fan club, Wfalter Mitty fights on "Buffalo" right Al? Face off-Turkey Day, No. 1. Football 1, 2, 3, Lacrosse Co- Captain 1, 2, 5. VIRGINIA MARY CLARK 68 Tolman St., West Newton Ginny Warren, Beals, College. Bruce 7f2Of7O. Pier el. Summer 70, Nantasket 5f22f70, backwalk- overs. Cafeteria, huh Cindy! Doub- ling WXKT4-MT. Great Times DHTBCRBJ H, Ave. wfcar What? Always BH, CR, JP. WL V I DIANE MARIE COEN 26 Blake St., Newtonville Day, Adams, College. UGGS, Littleton League, Howes, 'JI was only changing direction of- ficer," I7 turns, "89", tree on Aus- tin St., CG, "I don't have to tell you what we look like," Stairs with Andi, Natick with AC, MM + AH, Cafe, CocktailCruise, Manor met. JAMES CLINTON COFFIDES 175 Crafts St., Newtonville Jim Our Lady's, Riley, College. Hampton Beach, Lake Winne- pausaukee, Summer '69. Jenny, Moucho Carni, Matties after Cotil- lions, Beer and popcorn, football games, D.B., J.B., D.H., D.S., JD., JF. Basketball. LARAINE M. COHEN 47 Lakeview Ave., Newton Day, Adams, College. "ll"lJe11 lore bEL'fffHI.f 111 31111, fwf- lou' kim, Tbonglv lift zzuzif .zw lmiz' and .tfeefv . . . llHZ7t'lI you 11.111 from your f1'1u11tf, you ,qriezr film 11111, for ilu! u'fJ11'fJ 711111 1111! UNIV! 111 him m.z1l1e rltzzrsr III lm' .1!1,iw1rt:" Thanks K.N., N.Y., NEW NS., D.A., April lst, 1970. --r MARTIN DANA COHEN 50 iNIr'1ffat Rd, NX'ahan Marty XX"arren, Riley, College "You, zrfm are on Me mmf A1111 btllc' 11 code T511 you 1.111 11:1 ff. and Su fftcrnm' pwuiitff 611.111 1 The fmt! it fur! J :'f1ffJ-fn, f Best of luck to the class wt 'I Chairman Newton You'h Centrf Newtonite Cir. Staff, 'ITBLQ V P. Jr. Class, President Senior Class Committee. STEXWART LAXWRENCE COHEN 15 XVinchester Rd., Newton Moose Bigelow, Barry, College To my best friends, ER. and L.A. thanks. The flower in her hair and .1 big mouth Jack is .in out and out bum Buddy DANIEL CHARIIN LOHX 191 L'pland Rd.. Neu'.in'.:..t XYVJFFCII, Rilev. College 47. .44 . .H nw ru' ' 11.'.',41".' 151:11 'in l1.v.u1l.J' 1.'u.i'1 ' ' ' INISXYHIAONIJVIT, Liv-lithi Chief. Russian tilzfw Ct i"' t IIUI1. '7 DONNA IX NNIE COLE XX uuinct Rd XX est Newton I 1 1 1 L tirstl t c eoplt Carol .Ind XEXX 'I-ONIAN Dttl Staff, Mae XXIII HOXX ARD COLE YR 1 -K 1 C llt L 1 1 1 1111 hile experf -s z" , 1111 1 ll II ll 1lf111' me 1111 111 the llljcllfffc' of rf1z.1,1 CAROL LESLIE COHNE 61 Fairmont Ave., Newton CC Bigelow, Beals, College. HLfI'fIIAQ 1.1 z1w1r15111,q 1114qell1t'r 111 Ifult' 111111171 file' ,1tl'171'c',1' 1' nf rfc'1'!l'llL'- Ijllff. S11 11111111 II 111,11 .1 I.111' of 1111111113 1111! .1 211.121 111.11f1' f11'f1jrrf l't'.l'll!fliU.Q fr11111 111.1 t1111," Library Aideg Red Cross. DAVID M. COLANTROPO 227 Lexington St., Auburndnle Vifarren, Bacon, College. The two best things about New- ton High are Study Halls and le.1xing. The 'SS Chevy will rise one day. 11 111113 11111171 1 1 1 1 I1 11111 1 1 1 f1 1 It 1 11 1 111 111f 3 Il 11 I1 f 1 1 1 It PI 1 Il 1 1 171' 11111 1 1 I f1 1 Killil-l JAMES COLEMAN 54 Gilbert St., NX'est Newton XX'arren, Bacon. PAMELA EMILY CO LETTI 45 Greenlawn Aye., Newton Ctr, Pam Weeks, Riley, Freedom. "Il 1,1 Zl'bt:'I1 you give of ,11.111r1elf fha! you lruli' gifs." My grey Oldsmobile, HB riding, Summer '70, A certain beach, Elor- ida, the funniest night of my life with R.C., R.M. and S.A., Junior year IB., "stop I cant laugh any- more." I want to get off. CSA. DARREN WILLIAINI CONBOY 80 Vifithington Rd., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, College. KATHLEEN T. CONNELLY 15 Edgewood Rd., XX'est Newton Warren, Adams, College. "Gold of friendship" thanks to Aim, Andrea, Peggy and -leannie, 3f'71'7O Hey Jude, oopy Evins, stranded, strange, IM. : S915 -5 2-121, Buick gang, Hollow '69, N.Y. '70, Ski Clubg House Council. DEBORAH A. CONSTANTINE 29 Smith Ct., XX'est Newton Deb, M.1ggie XX1'11rren, Adams, College. "Ne'1'e1' be ,uri for 11'1f1.11' 11.1.1 f1t'e11 . . . 111.11 he 11.111111 111.11 111111 1.' ll'.I,l' 101117 lo f7.1I'F.n 11' ' S111 69, 'lhunks to PM. f N.B., Senior prom '70 with TF., Gbblock fights with DK. Onset, See ya later Goob, right Patty? Super chicken, EB. with ,I M. the gang: KAMBPPMH's BBRG5 VIMAESC. G.A.A.1 Ski Club. JANE CORRIGAN 53 Nonantum Pl., Newton Bigelow, Barry, Vista Friday nights with P.1ul.1 and -His Chevy "2S5's," Auto shop, A Lady, Agh 3 at once, heavy pop. corn, the cafe. EDXYIN G. COSTA 'R 36 Vineyard Rd., Newton Day. Beals. College. . . . ,. ,Maas All-A Jfxxicii I.I'C,.Y citosio' 35 Central Nt, Atihurn lalf: Ltitjx XX'arrcii, Allan s Collifgc Stiiniiicgr 'WJ PH IJXYI' .NIIS litltets. NIQNI f.AIJlJ I at f Xu Apt NHNIK. ls I'o'aroi: ri- fs: 'IKI' CLR OIA K lfif WX' i c Y I 1 ,.Q c' . 1.1 NC I5.I2l.lJC'LlQ plrllfj X'iUr.i1f. A Nag. Qffl IIQCIPYIIA lifgtictg bl IAAII MICHAEL IRXVIN COVITZ 'S Oali Cliff Rd.. Newton Mike Day, Palmer. College. L'nreal Times with IA. B'mbs. hikes 8 cars. Summer of '70, Ep- ping, 1Sunnndayl Senior Studies, BK. Home of the XY'hopper, Mrs. Leone 8 Mrs. Cassidy. Guys 8: Gals. JEFFREY ALAN CREW' 299 XY'oodland Rd.. Auhurndale XY'arren, Riley, Business. jewel. The Family. My Ma- chines. "Lets XY'hale," "Learn From Your Mistakes." ANNE CRONIN 3-I5 Highland Aye. XY'est New ton XX'arren, Riley, Go tell it on the mountain. KIind liberation. I'll het hy with a little help from my friend. Student Senateg Ir. Class Com' mittee: METCO Tutor: I-louse Council, Orange Shield: Youth Center1 Honor Society, Senior Class Vice-Pres. EDWARD B. CRONIN 8-I Saint Marys St., Newton Lower Falls Hockey Action and Rhetoric .. I hope that in future years G.F.'s hair may begin ro grow So he may become great. Lacrosseg Soccer Manager, House ' Council: Junior and Senior Class I f X Committees. I had a past, and l haye a tuture, hut what ahout today? Mrs K especially Cath, a star. Cut- fPrmt hill, Outing Cluhp Marching Band CI-IERYL FRANCES f.ROSSI1'I"lIL ll Rowe Et. Auhurnilale Cherie, bus, Ilooziic- 1 XX'arren. Adams. Ianel. Nantucket. 9 9. Apple lsait' lands, sol, Dorm, Cisco. I. A I6 Castle, liart. Mr Iiarncgs Vi:in'. .lfltl Tmmf, vllltlk, l5, PIM., f lllf l lfqlil, R l . I lfftles Ktitffs Is that him? CACA, XX'rc-stliiig Andover LESLIE E. CRIQTCHFIELID IRS Derby Qt. Xliiest Ne'.'.'on Crutch XY'arren, Adams, Physical Ifd Amie, Dyhtlc-efr4.oo, Little Ai AIA., billy, Annie, Allss f.lii,-Vi. Mtmchlcin, Mighty Mouse. llsllf. " garcle, Iioatc-s, Izllen. lan. lxarli. ,iKccfV ffl! .1 f'1!lZVi'il.", S mtzi ' 9 Sonftfwzv, I lzwfzi' tit tai: 11.15. 55 , , .. K ,X zvlllv 311 If .1 ffltir of i 11.2 A Gymnasticsg Vollcyhallz lfieltl I Hoclceyl Solthall. G A A ottiicer ,IOEL CL'CCINOT'I'A y :gr 114 Adams Axe., XYest Newton XX'a1'ren, Riley. l ANNMARIE CTNNINGHAM 183 Tremont St., Newton Raree Bigelow, Barry College. Drakes Island, Jetty to Ijig Sur' itesl Thanx. Doreen, Tom, and Y 'o.A.A.g Field H..t1ar. trian- 'J VIANIES MICHAIII. L'l'R'l'lS Tl Stl'YTllt'I St, Newton Centie lim Xloiton XX :wks Ailaitis, Collage. I '.' 'ru 113.1 1:1 is .'1'.1.'1.' 1 ., i . ,,. .., ,, Nutr totes! lieel. lirown, Antli, liolv. Ann. Mark, Xkfillv, Al, C, hip, Henri, Rol-, Mag, Caroline, lin, liathx' N Lantli, Fellowship Phila. wktl Apt. I-I. Svzygy, Wth with lf. l.'th with LD House gan-' A -I li, State Lhamps 71 .' P.V, To, Liolr l, I. 4, Treasurer -f N.H. Stholorship Club NIICHAEL FREDERICK DALY Woo XX'ashington St., Newton FFUSIY Day, Beals, Art College. "ll 'tt i11,z11ge 115.11 .zffw all If Il .otfx i,'1.1t't ffnl 1.'111t in Ifllllg' 111, 11 131. :.'f.'1.'t llcl 11 tw." CLQ on the root7lfH'-L'fll1e- liexahle' Stop will ya? G.lf. PAMA XYAMA The Clutcher, XYP 'IG TNI HIQNG LP, ALISUN SUSAN DANIS 'I E11-ltr. P,-I. XXIJDAIT Xklelts. Riley, full: ue l cz CHRISTOPHER K. CL'RVlN IOS Cetlar St., Detlham Detlham lr. High, Teth, Good ,loh antl Marriage. l want to thank my teathers, ess petially Mr. Nicolas, for what they haxe tlone, aml for what they haxe trietl to tlo. It was not in vain, alll!- DAVID ARTHUR CLITRONE Ill! Comm. Ave., Newton Centre XVeeks, Atlams, College. Snateh in L.R., Pole Sitting, Hockey in Cafe, "XX'ootly" - Elak, Summer 70-71, Deke NNW, EH, XX'AC, PB, UIB, Pencil, JC, QIT, VID. Po, AIP, CA, KR, JR, NL, DG. RH, GOAL! ,Ni- FT Ilore you. I fore you. STEVEN MICHAEL DARGON I7 Beaeh St., Newton Day, Beals, Undetitletl. D,A,, May 25, 1970, Summers of '09 and '70, Sli, Foothall Stantls, School year of '6Sffi9, St. Patricks Day 1969. 'f- ROBERT F. DAGOSTINO 191 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Dago Day, Tech, Business. I want to thank Mr. Visco, Mr. Murray and Mr. Nieolas for the past three years in the Auto Shop. They are the smartest teachers I have ever met. NANCIE DANGEL 257 Mill St., Newtonville Ding Day, Barry. College. "You 6.111 fool .it 1111: 'fl Hive ,fwf- jllc' JU iff IIN 111715 .IIJJ .ZH uf Iflc' jnopff n1111t iff ilu 11111f. fm! you 5.111 111,026 .1 tiff iff tf11z11it'ff .1111- Iflllclll Ceramics, junior and Senior Slump, SUSAN INI. DAVIS 24 Ferncroft Rel., XVab.1n Vifeeks, Riley, College. "If 111 flu' Izuflqlvfiglil uf 111e111111'i zu' .Vhilllfij mee! 1111rf' 1111111 In 111.111 .llfcllf .1g.1111 f11gt'1l1c1', .-111.1 ff our 1I1.z1111',i' .rlvozzld 111551 111 .111t11ln'1' tf1'e.1111. zu' .rlnzll bzdld .111a1l1er lozwf' 111 fg7C1 Jer." NEXVTONITE, Asst. circulation etl., Costume Chairmanl All-School lklusicll, NEVUTONITE1 Ciriula- tinn Staff 121, Student Senate, Ski Cluh, Strike Coordinating Commit- ICC. LUANNE MARIE DEAGLE 15 Walnut St., Newtonville Luie Day, Riley, College. Yay freewhellin, E-Troop, The Cai. 'ACAHGsMMf.Tfue friends. Looking forward to a beautiful life with Dave and enjoying the love we have now. ANDREXX' JOHN M. DEALY 19 Temple St., XVest Newton Etch, Drew, Don The Chase Diamond, Broc Bros, my best friend Romo, Puck, Mills press release, The golden btwok is yours. Doc Kal The Greek + Vin the Grec. Hockey 2, 3 SHAUN C, DEANE 40 Villllcer St., Newttlnyille Day. Beals, Oblivion. ".-lf! Jeep. t.1w1s,l! flvirziirzg Il 1214! flu' 211111 phi effur! uf lille' ,mul fly Leap lllk' Uf7c'II fIIdcf7cl.7LI:'IIL'c' riff Ill: r' ml," SANDRA MARIE DEANGELIS 52 Crehore Dr., Newtnn Lower Falls Adams, I want to become the best mile .1 husband ever had rind be the greatest mom tu my children. Also, "To be HAPPY?" EILEEN V. DELANEY 93 Farwell St, Newtonyille Day. Barry. l 011 Lzzzglvf AI feast my fegy are 5Illf7f7O,l'6lZl Io be lmi1'y." PA'l'l4lf lA lJIgl.ANliY -4 XV1sf.'.'Jll Nr NX'est N4 ri lhlllff lJ.iy, l5.trrl., Vwlrl-1, lj!! Pt tit' fifjrll till Nllfglil fl whip rlilrllf lin .1 tif-ig' lfizgtir C1 l5.lllllLl1'lN, Agrnznfr. l' il fling gijl ' tlitfsv: .ill riiglire,-in N dnl A . : l' we 'lil rwriiylirf' NN ', t r ruilinillrlxu lllfj wt 11' l','lJlIl-' .ind NXA'lCll 'llll, If,l:"' NYQOFISQ CJ A A XXII! HAH. A Dl.I-C,liHsxU lli l Aslzllirmt Awe. Nt:'.'.Vil1i Del, llllll DJV. ljetils. Xxfeeliend Nights in iw. -,ir l"itli.i-lilly likli with fl' illlf night mei' Yliiifs Nr yeir liiifflml l'CI'-LIICN Clilxxn, lzxgilwrf-rs 1il"' Hdiizptffn lSe.i4h, lll be thera- ANNA iNlARllf DEl.lf Ail A ,172 Xlihitertimxxn Nt, fXIexxtilr:'.:lli,- Day, liirry. Cnlleue. The Iureglrest thing eu er li.i5if Pune-,l til me 'l.llllll'LI in line '.'.itl1 Al, lin -lnly stlrry l didnt i'e.ili,'e sufllltf Wlhlf .1 Agmtl Illlflxej l llrlll l'll wntinue til lme him lllreuer -IANIILLE ANN DEl,lC ATA -lfi l.tlxx't:ll Axe. Nekyti-r'l'.lile Ddy, l3.lffl'. 'lb he hdppy 'fl 111.111 yijtll lintf nl' 'N ifrw1r1.'r1', llt grill ffl it i.. i.1rf.fml' ifflfmf, lil '.a'JI.4Ji" i Jw. lHtli Cenftirx' Peiiixmii l'-ill: ide.- 4lLlY. Arsg 'lll-iiiglirprinrs Art built. 'lwLlSlfll.lQ SCLil'Cf.ll'l' H ii,liiil.'il'slwp Club, SHARON M, DFNNINON 317 ALllWL1THel.llL' Aye. r'Alll7Llfl'.tl ' XX'.ll'fCI'l. Barry, flillege "I iw! In Li ,a . '.'. '.'.lt fxfxft 'f ml FHM-'ifl , , Xxmlllj fl -' l..1lxe C, SH S KAY' S gil? Nitw bud "l1ellii-gdbyef' Apr N llil Club, B C. Cape eh. Nldeiiif ' Yi fb A 2, 'l4ll.lIlli5 tu' Nlagw-X Nm. Xl Ale, K, l., KC. E Pun TI X y.1 .lt the tiiele QLIXN Seniur Class tllnxizufitt li.. x fivmmitteei Lv A A . Ntnit iw 1 i rllli-ins SUSAN llf.-KN Dl7OlYNllllU lO3A RMU' S' XX es' NLM' "1 XX.irren. bdrm. M'tzet.1in Special ihemiiits lin, y I' hllrli 9n:itn't-r tif' 'J ni. .i Rll ll, Nlli DRI. PA l': X s in the "l4OA'l' xx tilt Nlhlil N. A pressed Desire lit lui-t-n Mark in xe.1rs in v ID - r ,.,. 'el' A ' ,.. K ' 'K J r' ,wil get f 'et .. .rf 14' JOSITPH A DI7If'ASQI'AI.I? -til Vratts St., XXkst Newton Our l.ady's, Riley, Leland Power' School of Radio, Telexision and 'l'hc-.tire FRANCIS I.OI'IS DeRL'BEIS 21 Jasset St., Newton Day. Tech, College. Per Fayore. Non Mi Rompere i Coiulioni. Gtxtzie.-Soph EB with Eddie, XVeyinouth 69, "W'ho'S .LL 1 1" Football, Baseball 3 National Honor Society. RHONDA DeSANTIS 1-i7 Linwood Aye., Newtonville Ron Day, Riley, NVork. "Son1etf.1w1' zz'e'ff all be !o,gt'!ltc'z'." Ledge with Cath and Peg, Cuddles, I DCILTTY right Cath, EBDKM- TAT. Camels. Camaro's, BHECED, BBXYEDAP, Blg. 1. SCETNSM, I will to Newton High: All my stolen clothes. Suppressed Desires: TMPI-IH. DEBORAH C. DESMOND 16 Melrose St., Auburndale Debbie, Red XVarren. Barry. College. "lu fllh mm of JVIIH' life. ffm'- of HI lfhll 1tv111.f1'o1zi' time 3011 ilnzff fm! .ztftf lo flu' 111i.ft'z'i' tim! .i'rn'mi1' of lfte tz'nrfaJ." +'1"f'7O B.S.+T., Three months of laughing. E.P., RC.-I-the I7.V., the chase, Glue Factory. M.H.+ Olley, MAC. Senior Class Committee, Rally Committee, G.A.A., NEXVTON- IAN1 Asst. Copy Editor. RICHARD A. DeSOUZA QS Barbara Rd., XY'est Newton Rick Wlirren, Palmer, College Art Mayor II, "The box," Mr. P. "Shapleigh," Froster, LB. "The pusherf' "Psycho" DeMeo, and all those lnp frealzs in my math and physics classe Remember kids, al- ways I-:eep laughing. XY'XVXY'. A 3 -L -ff? I 5 Nt' lt-R , . DORNA JEAN DEVANEY 60 Lowell Ave.. Newtonyille Dorry, Donny "Yt1m1'd.1i' it bu! fmftljfi 1116111- oriti tom' IUIIIUHWJZL' ii' flu! ftltlkllli tfi't'tm1.i." South Pacific at 2 a.m. 8 Rubber Duckie, Right Lucy? Foot- ball games, Cuddles, C.C. M8tER Susan! Pp. Up 84 Away 2f27!70 Drop Dead! Jr., TM., K.P., MJ. and all the kids. That certain someone of U.P. MICHAEL G. DIBENEDETTI S5 Brookside Aye., Newton Mike Day, Riley, Stud. Mothers Day Massacre-January 27, 1969-The guys down Albe- morle, Jimmy -7351, Joey, Tommy fThe QueenJ, Charlie, Yid, Men- tal, Moon, Cogg, BoonfPoker games on Thursday nights-Cigars on the bus to Andover with Joey. Gymnastics 1. 2, 3. Captain 5. ig I fi JOSEPH DIBONA 107 Linwood Ave., Newtonyille Day, Beals, Bentley College. K"'4, JONATHAN SCOTT DICHTER 11 Clements Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, Live. Looking past the Newton High public relations department, I see an institution which does not pro- duce the keen minds and good citizens it claims, but instead turns out people who cannot act, only react, and who feel all the hate, prejudice and fear, even here in "liberal" Suburbia, which is send- ing America into the gutter. 7. 'TS fr . i ll 1- . s. 2 4 .ifff 1 .1 1 4 "" 5 . RICHARD G. DILIELLO S5 Allison St.. Newton Richie Day. Riley. Business. Fondest Memory: Cliffs house. Fun times with CS PB CS JS PM GXV SM. I leave to N.H.S. a moldy old gym suit. Pet Peye: Bringing books home. Favorite saying 'Toadf' Greatest wish: XY'inning that 10 from Patty Future: To get ahead in life. CARLA BETH DINOXYITZ -IS Cotton St., Newton Newman, Riley, College. 32 gnzzzzx fo 1111 OIIIILP. I6 ozzfzrei' In 41 jmznml, 2.2 jwzzfzrzly in if kilo . . . gl'zZl1zff0fJ!i S8 million nloffizixf fare pmqfif' MARGARET RL'TH DOBLER 60 Bowen St., Newttin Centre Punchy Weeks, Palmer. Nursing. Hsffcllft ft fb: lllcP'lcl'ftl'f l'LP'.I!t1l ,ff iffy: I zctra fun lsfflt' Znijvfiu. ff I rtfnhf 1.1-3 lvfzt' 11J1frlm"fSl1.1lqes- peare. 913 + LUV. Cheerleutlinu. Caphiin. Concert Chnir A LEE THOBIAS DOHERTY l9 Clytle St.. Newttinville Day. Riley. College. in "Tri pn! IIIAZIZTIIIQ mm ,full lift """ 111.1-J' emi 1:1 zmzdzztii, lsflf lift lllffl- nlzf 2m.zfzfr1J:g ji' flu' ffflfzzrt' iff it il- fttvzzgtt. .1211 I,l4Ql1t Jtvzm, If .fi .J !m.z1, lffzzugfrzbg fm flu' l:.l 1:1 .zfr.1itf. " RICHARD JOHN DIRIENZO 57 Johnson Pl.. Auhurndale A- Richy. Dick 'Q XY'arren. Palmer. College. Majnring in lunch .intl Study Halls, I've enjoyed my three years at Bridgewater . . . mips, Newton High. Go wilcl. RUTH DOLBIER 83 Madison Ave., Newtonville Ruthie Day, Barry, Data Prncessing. 1l!22!69-Steve, Drive-ins with Snubby and Rosey, OH ROSEY! Funclamentulsg Auth shup, Climb- ing trees with Jane. the CAFE, 55 and 57 Chevy's, ALAMYSCG. JAMES PA'i'iuC,K nooux fr' , 112 Rancllctr Pk.. XY'L'Sl NU.-.'tiiii 1,-'7 Jim , J Day, Riley, Cnlleiic - llSl1L'l'tll' ll ,f'tfIl2Z" It L.1.f pn 'F . Izmir, llilflflfllt ii ll zz Jllflf! if It fuzz - 5 11111 tml." v S-l. lg lull, Sul! Sliwlil-lt-I' llln' lll lots llf l.ll'S. RN. ll l., lJl'J. i l'.Nl, li K., City H.rll UO .Xlitfh " .intl f5l1.lfllL' lfmithull, liislulhgtll 'liriitlq 1 I ie! MARCIA XV. DORIBIAX 5'l Truly l.n.. Newtwn XY"ecliS, Puliner, f.UllL'liQL'. lin' 'I'!7"lt zfffff fem, 'limt l.1i .z fftgjfmzlffg' .wif .nf twrf. lim :Ui Tfwnr zrfw full. 'liimt lt tltmlf, 'l'h.1nl4 yftu l.ce, my l-flL'llllS Hur- riet 8 Cintly. JAMES FOTIOS DRAKU8 AH Xxftlxcrly Ave., Nt-xxttim Jimmy, Prnfeswr. M.irin Hlflltffff fftffifztf 1111! I ut flu rfziflmfzr. Ou livin .I AlLL ffm gjlffm. 1 ., f ' . JOHN DRAKOS ,Q 10 Freenmn St. Num-.min 'nf Pa l mer. DEBORAH DL' MEI. 55 Crwss St., XY'e5t Newtmi Dtw1vlWlC , Belmont. Riley, C-tllehuc '5' AIXYK. 6 l9"'ll 'l'xx'i:il4iex A i A as lx.1l5it0liicS, lrlwnlg qtltitlw. :Xqul 1005. 5l.l.A.M.l-. Oh' mx' Lit-tl, we were niugtuetl liunnx' lfiee lxxiineliwl. "SwI11ctl.1X'. mfl'lit'xxl1crt' S-iinelioxx' Nl T Cliitquiti , Hwineronin Al.lll.lAQCl', it-n flux fkiminittee, Ski filuh JEFFREY MARK Dl'XX 1-1 f' S5 D.1l'TllJ1!llll1 St. XX'ut Ntxxtwn 'fx XY'.1rrt'n. P.ilmt'r, Ci-illtA:t'. 29" Q at "Silva ,".fiJfw'L .'.:.lf f.'.' mlm .ali S "ft fu fn' I 1 flux P. 'tw' grit, S !l.'1,' ffltl l,'..' ' Mt. .lt. '.. . f,,7 Af.f,4,lf,' ,. l. ' ' ' f -.4 i' .- 'l li.1wl4cIlNll. ll'.lx'l'i, Nmrr. Pu! 4 15335, Y AA, ' mer House C --uny Q..-1::jjY5g4' " iff f' Q' :i:5i::Q2T5T"':f X - -, 'Lg ' Q A , '. .I .- ll lay, 5 err' 1 XIAIQIII.-X If DI NN H Uxx.t.onn.t Nt, :Xuht1ti1.l.1le Nlt:tth.t XX.ti:.1i, Iittx. Inu he lmptw. lhtttttte . P -' "L . - STUART B. ELFLAND -I8 Sumner St., Newton Wfeeks, Barry, College. AW, 'lf,.,,,t,.,,,,,. H,ii,.,, M, xml f 2 "Your life IltI:'jIf doeflfl mal- .X liiuttiztiirtiti lio stax with l.5. ff"',f'U1f' fwfr If fi If 1'0l1'fc' 1111! ,,.1,,U firms imgk- tum MIUIIIKQ iuzyllmzg zwfff fl." f:o" 'ti turn i'iist.tl4ts 'lhe toll K-I-B to.:.I Ellie Iits . . I. I, 5f'ettlt.ttti' Nlx' iooin. 'IHONIAS KEVIN DTIFITY lo XX .aslitngton-bt. Newton Drift liigeloxx, Barry, College. Living to Iltlinouth with NB lki. Ii Q Trip to AIJIIIU, Xxesterri Tr' ' T It Fri .ish tlass with Miss Cilut . V tttu nights tloxxn NC, Sat red He.trt l7.tnt'es ,ICS t-I hoinh, lthe little I1I.ICI11IIl'I. Gym tlasses, these ttatliers, lets go ft laps, Desire-A 'Iwo beat that football gartl It .11 tum' on JJ: 1 f1rrrt't.I Qflc' riff," B.1slxe-tball, IS.1seb.1ll, KEVIN MICHAEL DXYYER S111 Cherrv St, XVest Newton XY.trren. Palmer, College. Hill? Summer ol "To" with gang .it Ks XY'ork on the C Stay sober. FRANCIS H. EARTHROXWL III ORS Beacon St., Newton Centre XVeeI4s, Adams, College. School is meant for two things: Learning and meeting new people. The time with N.I5. at Coll. Gail Ilmcl SMC IIIC5 WIICU IVUIYC . . . Ifnreal times with HRV., PG.. II-Nlnil IUUI PM., LL, IIE., P.T., A,K., ALI., KC., .ind Ron Barnes Stay alive SCIMMI. i W X Norrie ANN It I1c'IiL5ON Wfeeks, Palmer, College. 1 so Pine Grote Axe, Newton "If zz'.1.r KIM' Ina! of Ijmty, 11 ztgzi' WM-WDA MurryR,,,1,j. flu' ztwift of finial. I! ztxzf flu, ' thzwzz uf Iiglvl, 11 Zt.1.l' film lc.I.lIIIl Sophomore Basketball, Golf. CAROL ANN ELITOV -179 Crafts St., West Newton Day, Barry, College. "If I pem'eiz'e in .mother perrou lI1.1I7IIi't the .iurf.u'e, I perfeire main- Iy the differezzre. If I f76I1t'I7'i1Ic7 lbs mrs, I perreire our itfenfilli. the fur! of our br01berf50fJd." P.L.S.. Rachigooch-K.D.B., 912 + LUV. NEXVTONIANQ Data Editor, Orange Bookg Editor-in-Chief, ' I Cheerleading, Tutoring, Senior Class Committee, All School Musi- cal1 Carousel. ALAN SCOTT ELMONT ' 45 Harrington St., Newtonville 5 Bigelow, Barry, Politics, ' I Soph, Tea group, 11:00 pm. fn: T' "f - with DS., Trash '68, O.L, + SH. ' 1- ' A dances, Moon runs with the Alber- B marle Alkies, Election time, Psych. N Y, A' ft! . Class, Thanksgiving '69, "Buffalo" ' , fright Rick?J First xarsity start, , 3, 511 cooking, Summer talks with CA- I5. l i? Soph, Football with Eddy, IV. 1 V + Varsity Football, Varsity XY'rest- ling, A.V. club, Barry House Coun- cil, Student Senate. STEPHEN SCOTT EPNER 5 Gaysod Ln.. Newton pifarren, Metlhicirie. LEONORA EPSTEIN 71 Greenlawn Ave., Newton of zf.!f'kIlcI.f.1'." Roxbury Tutoring, House Coun- cil. f"? JOHN T. EVANS 65 Islington Rd., Auburndale John T, Wlirren, Palmer, College. E-Z Market, J.V. Hockey, Aub. Bus, Fights with A.D. JUDITH C. FARRELL 25 Washburn St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. Fondest Memory: ZXISX69 meet- ing Jimmy, and all our happiness together. "Little man," "Kay- ROBERT ANTHONY FABIANO 123 Auburn St., Auburnclale Fabe XX'arren, Palme, College, Horgans Heros 557 -- P.M., SF., KC., M.L., D.H. May-Yiirt nouth JC. That greenish-yellow color-ConcorclfFerg K Er.1k. Pet Peeve: "You clon't know that" LXV. its been great. I will to N.H,S. ti lot of BO-DIDALE. Varsity Baseball 1, 2, 5. PETER MARSHALL ITAGAN 461 Albemarle Rtl., Newtonxillc Fug Day, Bacon, College. Pet Pecye' Running between huilclings in the rain, Spetial Mem- ories: Playing c.trtls in the Cafe- teriag Jr. Math Class with Ali. Newman house ping-pon.: games. lITfI'.HDlII1ll Basketball, l5.iseh.ill. Ski Club, Ncwman Hniisc' Trtnts- urer. ROQANNL MARIE I Ale' NENL U2 l-C"Q1l'I!l'iYt SV Aulmtrilale XX easle. lttiwy l flll V-'U lifnlb ,Xlml lJ','.f1i rc-st. il-fill. s thirty f.ig'f.- X' H.nnpshn'c.- "I nm 1W.'.," Hs, fnfzrmf' litgmitc- 'il' gritty liigh' XY'.ill'y"9 l5.tslgf,tlw.iIl-lt,..vh...' ,if f lit-an ANNE M, FEIL I7 XY'.ire Rtl. Auhurn..l.tle Xxrdffifl, Barry. Cnlltae "l.,lIzgfv. ,I1,'.,f .Wit Il", i.',J' Ly, fl with -J'O1'l,' Lu. .mi ,wit iz' .z.' f. Espana? "Don't Let the Ntri Kay"?? Long talks. got-d times Catch You Crying f C .ina with JOZ1DiC'. Vfitllitl, Rltllhl "Gite fu me Ilia life I lair." Orchesis Club, GAA 2, Pygixtl- fJimmy. ian 2, lltytiestrian C' hih. iczn. r Class Committee ,, "Ami 112612 Papa bear .mid to Mtzma betn' . . " x 'X 5. y t. J . ANDREA SUSAN FELDMAN DONNA JEANNE FEMINO CAROL JANICE FERGUSON ISETSY SAR.-KH ITYNHKIXD 17 Lombard St., Newton 81 Auburn St., Auburnclnle 473 Alhtinmrle Rcl., Nexxtoiuyilltt ll Artltzr RJ N.-.v fi .. Q Bigelow, Beals, College. St. Marys, Adams, College. Janice, Fergie, Turk D.n'. Beth, KT .het- . . and so my fantasy becomes "Pe'r'ht1p.f one u'.1y you 1471! look Day, B.1fl'J',COllL't2C. IJ Q J: . reality and I must be what I must .md Jee...B11t will -you :tw CS. 5 yrs!, Nev' H.nnp' tt lfuxxtt' .. 1 be and face tomorrow." rare?" "Friends" Janie, Judy, shire J.C. Summer "tt TJ, PD xc-:1t.Dnnrlm.f lsggnt Kathy, Michael, Eddie. Winter Pepino Ck me! BC. its. BXYS mt wut X-iufims ' Walk-J.R., A Rose. S.lNl.H.i lNl.B.M.l, Six, D.D. Ring in the XUIAI7'-ilf -'vt'i'i't'f1' VJ- AMLNKBAHCCEC. hole trick, C.C,'s Right Sitl' t.iLitnz'.x'.i il sunt pztt Xin ' Softball, Rally Committee. GAA. M 3 - l.l Y Ski Club, Lihttrlt.icf1ng kin 'i 21. Comixtittct. Li :X A. 4 XI t'...b sin cm. tsrl' i at ia 210 Cvklliitl IIWXX XRD Nl.-XRIIN IISIINIAN I1 kiltiitiilt Rel, Num.-11 C1-nt1'e I:lxl1 Iiigfiixx, IJ.1I:11t1, C 1-lltge ' ,I US Ii' R1-ik, XXIII' xOI1l1I ll.lNL' .1 lu,111t'11:l t.Il'k'g1 111 slum' him, hut Xexxiiin De1x1i1l.11fIIr1' .llhl the '11 1u11tl.1xe xx 11l1 NINY.. The 1111114 I i.I11g1Q' ,intl Iioltl Dutk, lw.1sk:.:li11I1lw111s.11iut.1lltl1.11xxn1k ' Llie I'11tl.11 night hinges, one wne 101' the IU.ItI. It 'J 'I' NIJXRY I'l,I7AliIf'III FLYNN Q2 Ovxii' Terr., Newtoii lflynne LIIII' I..1tI1's, Riley. C'-illege. Hex Itri 11" h1r1Iitl.1x' IXIFIICS, Get ieillx, iiztsnle tI1,lIN Ifli' Help, TD iight on, tlxing st.11's, Zip Zap, l'!'l'IlY spititx' IIILIIIJIT, TXY9, Ken- ivi-re, The I.-ing .intl XXlII1LIl11g R 1' 11, 1, C.-XTl"lERlNE GRAY FULSOBI 203 Higl1l.111tI Ave.. West Newton DIUUP XXl.1I'l'CI1. I'S.1rr1', College. DF.IIiCS Isl.1ntl ,letty ti- Big Sur. I l1.1xe trientls to line .1ntl, I l1.1xe .1 lite to line. 'ISI1.1HX-fAI1I1III.lI'IC', Jerry. Karen, George, S.1ntlr.1 .mtl George you too Boo-B1-11. Annmarie, well make itl Cut- Print itl DAVID T. FONG ll Maple St.. Auburntlule Lee, Dave XX'.1rren. Palme. College. I will 111. 1 L if 1111111-iff. liiimlest hlemoriesi Math with rsuirli. 11.11. MB.. -1511, a 1.13. 1 will In NHS The Auburmlale bus .intl I..1l'14LILI.IA!t.' I.1b. Surpressetl ele- sire' A. E, .intl F block studies. Si1rLer,XY'reStling. 1 If I Ifmzztgfvf Hzzfzerf 1411.1 long z4'i11fferf."' -g, 5 inf -M... ... ,A GUY CHARLES FORTE -10 Los Angeles St., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. XX"hat can I say but three years at Newton High has done wonders for me. Lifes Ambition: To be able to reach the top of my locker. Gymnastics 1, 2, 5, Captain. THOMAS ANDREW FORTE 91 Crafts St., Newtonville Tommy Day, Palmer, College. VIRGINIA RUTH FOSTER 10 Baker Pl., Newton Ginny XX'arren, Barry. Eternity. "For ll'lJt1f if if lo dia bu! fu 11.1111 naked in lbs zrimi and fo mel! in live 5101.3 :Ind zvbrzl ii' il Io fetus bretzlbizzg. bu! to free lbs breazla from iff rertlerr Iider. ibut if 772,11 rife and exptzmi .md Jeek God Il71c'I1l'lllIIbE7'Ed.9'I - Kahlil Gibran. STEVEN H. FOX S5 Stuart Rel.. Newton Centre Steve T.V. and Toni. Soph. Class Comm. 1, Football 1. 2, 5: Track 1, 2. 5: NEXVTONA ITE 2, 5. STEXVARD ALLEN FRAMER 15 XY'inchester Rel., Newtonville Day. P.1lmer, College. 4'Tbe1'e',1' 111,1.'f111.'g 5 I ,fllccf .IPI life .11 filiff IJIUJQQ ifr'e.1m." I.L.H.Y.L.M. The Bev: Boxing gloxes. pistle, fighting, Cabots, Blake Street BK not Beth, How to break into the movies, big thing, Sheryl: Ricky, HELENE FRANK I5 Country XY'.1y, Needham XX"eeks, Palmer, College. ILL. -- R.11 - its-n, Don't ever p.1ss up the ch.1nce to be fl friend, or deprixe those who wish to be yours. , LEE I-IOXVARD FRANK 120 Randlett Pk., XY'est Newton Day, Palmer, The Yellow Brick Road. "I ztwflzfif like in jllllllff off fliii' tpzrlli, To ii! U11 .1 f,1r d1i'!.wf rlitzn' 111.741, foci .If IIN Yilif folk' ffellftft' lite. I ztwnlif rlwzrti mi ,.i.f.i .WJ mtl! mi rluzii' in l1i,i'fti'1t'.1f Lznglif fer," "Li,ilt'11 fu flu' .vflqlvifzvq font! Zunittf ffezzctzfli .1 illlllljt' iff fi.z!t"' gwffit 1' I flume. fltti'zfo1't, I ztxzi VINCENT FRASCATORE 315 XY'.1vely Axe, Newton Bigelow, Barry. MARYANNE FRAXYLEY 91 Xxfdbtlll Ave, Newton Frawls XY'arren, Adams, College. The Switch, N.L.C.-l-BL sl. .it CSCCXYNI-IN - The Clmsefl 9-24 .it 1:OOffP.I-I. with s, All that wood, MB tickets - NEM KOA 4- DELI + a fat man. TTAMF e RMSLLJJD, GENE ALAN FREEDMAN 55 W'esley St., Newton The Ostrich Bigelow. Barry. College rind the XX'orld. "F.1t'Ii' .ire the trfenii' nf lizzfiif' e-Ceruntes. XY'hy? XX'hy not? Alice? Harvey? Gene? XX'ho? Freedman? XX'ho is john Galt? -lohn Galt is the man who loves his life. Theatre Arts I, the Golden Goblet, chocolate c.1n- dies in the tent, XX".ick-a-cling4Ho. STUART ALAN FREUDBERG 160 Aspen Ave., Auburndnle Stu XYIJIICH, Bacon, College. "Tim fozzzzafztiozz of e'1't'z'i Slim' it the edzuxztzwz of iff jiffzztlif' XY'ith that in mind, goodbye to: A,C,, R.N., SR., LK., .I.M,, PB., D.P,. R.D., LG., IR., IS., SRV, IM, CH., I-INV., and best of all, A.B. Soph. Tennis Team, Ecology Action, Environment Section Lead- er of Biology Club. 4 ILENE PAYE ITRUMAN 11 Eellsmere Rd., Newton Centre XX'eekS. lilcon, College, "'l'lioi't iifm tfif uw! foam fiwnz flitlfwj' rift' Lwlliftlfflfttj In l'L'flt.lf rl." Israel, 1969 -e Sh.iIoin until 1973, I-I.T,C,, Yavneh, USY. toy xeyl. And, oh yes, I .ilmost forgot -everyone .intl exerytliinu thrit l want to remember lrom Newton High School. Latin Club, French Club. .IAIYIES BRUCE ERLITKIN MARX IGI GAI I AX l 10 XY'orth Cr, Newton irt ii n X est t Bigelow, Bgrry, College. iiren r t e Ulrflliflllg' ffm! zulu! ion wzre etiil Nlei i XZIHIIAQIU ztxzi' rt,1f ji xtjwzt' .md with lxexin L'l7t1lI4QjlI.Q.U x i 5 tt Varsity Soccer, Varsity Btisketl N Nl ball. tie Cipt N XXIILLIAM I-I. FVRDON lxl I NT 13 Burke Ln., Wellesley Hills R N X Billyf"Ali.1s Munchkin" ui Xwellesley jr. High, continuing t work in automobile field ' My '65 Pontiac will run forever I I would like to Petersen. Curwin, Stex e, .ind .1 good friend ot t mine, Gail. XX ttlzs, Iw.ti'i'x', Ciilltge. I51w':i 1-ith SAI N .Intl CI. RRI- i li A14 .intl Huge, Nut tw lui- L l1'L.tL f, .tistt .tll Illt 1 I l l .mtl Alun IS, I .ils.i tj'1ii1 'I ILITTIZIQ HIII ll1L' XYi'.IIl1' iil 1 . I7 1 ft7"' PATRICIA ANNE GANLEY 1i"7 XY'.1Sl1lI1.L1ltBI'l St, '. XY'est Newton N Patti, Mouse fx Our I-.1tlv's, Riley, Nursing. f - Susie 8 Openlmuse .it 1391 The ' 1 mme ut mickex' m-fuse R RAC., A in 'w'os, ' N.YE '68-'69 with sunshine. I..ilxe C. K times with "the Damlnlu .intl Nllluf' Ex'eryl'10tly neetls .1 "Friend," The tlrive-in with SFI.. IG, ik RH.-Right Inn? Antl XVXVA. MARY ELIZABETH UANNDN HV? XY.ishingttwn it. Newtnnville 'J' D.1y, Beals, Ctillege. , XY'eelqs turn into mwntlis, mtrnths ' 'I' int-1 years "N,fr .mi filft' rlfizfil w.1f't' mt lI.Jf7f7jc'7'.ll l, -1, 3, Always, you linuw wh.1t I mean, tl1in't fi-rget. ISRITIT S. UARBER flll XXi.irtl St, Newt-in im. me-i'i'.tii'it'fs sutli .is XX'7I1D . r I 1 D 'ILP-IIDN L .1 4 . .. rw A GA Wg, sf W Y ,, , M. ,fg,4, , -, ., + ,, film , t is ,if . arms, X . ....,- a, cm. . ROBERT ARTHUR GATH ZR Bemis St., Newtnnville GJIIIO D.1y, Teth, Service. Remembering .ill the QLLIKRII times with Dttnn.t, and hoping for .1 lot more in the future. OCT. 31, 1966 eNOV. 312, 191111411111 pm. All my frientls in the iiutti shtip, .intl h.1x'in,i.1 the greatest family. Friends: TS., RB., B.D., IB., VIP., BB. LINDA GATTI 185 Adams St., Newttin Day, Barry, XX'nrk. Suppressed Desire: Tu get that certain someone. Fnndest Memories: 8,f2f7O .it 4:15 pm. XX'ellesley, right Elaine? Sum- mer tif 70. Fun with tCI.' MI. SN CG EE1+MB AW' EC DM RB. SC SB DD EB DK. QTROLTIEPJ. CHRISTINA C. GAVALLER 181 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Tina XX'.1rren. Barry. Ctvllege. "lf if lei tfifflrnff In fu' lmmil, If 1111111 lit. lverri' fell' jnfijvfe ring" CORINNE GAZARIAN 611 I-Iarxntrtl St., Newtunville Day, Barry, College. Suppressetl Desire: To he .1 life- time memher of the K. tif C, ' 7 'js '70, 10 2 '70 EH, Surf, tethniques .intl iiinttiitytles, right Kath? Tree tin Austin St, Mani-A met Rm. 2311, DC our t.ihle. Student Senate 3 PHILIP UEARY 255 Ael.lI11S Axe, Newttin XY'.1rren, Bunn ,IOSEPH ,IDHN GENTILE IR. -111 Clinton St., Newton Joe Our I..1tly's, Riley, Collegef .5 'B ki-J ,J ..,7, K ROBERT GENTILE 1122 Chestnut St., Newton Soog. Crator XY.1rren, Bacon. President. Summer School with Mark .ind Rdndy, Summer '69 with MFA" tour scoll, Bo.ithe.1d .ind nature Boy. Pe-on's week-end party. G. XYong's 1:00 express, XYYN, square. JOHN XYESLEY GEPHART 96 Berkeley St.. XX'est Newton Gep. Geppy XY11rren. Bacon. College. HS77IIcffl'jI." lefty me fill' .ill fugi- jurxnig .11 ,ora Soccer l, Z, 5. B.1seb.1ll 1. 2, 3, President Biology Club. CLAUDE JACQUES GERMANI -17 Wltlnut Pl., Newtonville Claudy. Clocl Day, Palmer, College. "Lots 1'fNI!iZlc'1'f .zlfq le! ni' ,mild lv low." Saying "Slap it." Friday night .it the dances and after. SL'NNNdt1y. Goofing: oft the first chance I get. XY'.P.'s car roof. Gredt times with the guys-GF.. MD.. XYYP., IG., SM., and the girli-C.C., MB., ,l.H.. LM., C.D.. H.1st.1 la xistn. Audio Visuali Snilingg Ski Club. 1. '-..,,,, DAVID l.lfXYlS Lil1R'lMAN QLTQAN HEI-sY Lil FN W 1 S., N' v , Q ifi iiis BL Mlm st UK U n l 53 lemple ht Wlwt New ton XY'eelxs, Barry, College. Q t , 'Jw' Il' wwf ffm f2iQ1m11f11g' ffl cunt. VIANIZ l,Ul'lSlQ f.ll.l6l IPI 25 S' fN'i,,'.tori XX .mir-n. l'Si,-.ilu f ill' gf 'llnxnlgs 'it l,f llf lil: A li ll l, PD. SS i li 'E li.l. flirty: l.r.itf to lifj 'i lwottlc- f hifi' lit A ',i'iIti1,Y Co. 1 n-l.ij,c llelil lliifli, lw.-f. li., . lit H- i . I! .4 'i V LORIQN ALAN fill.ANIAX 'fr,l Sr, Nf.1','ori Riiwiliig lilggeltiv. lictllx, foilt-qi, li.ii.oritc- lf'-:prfw-.ii ii cIf."'ll'i wlmr l'oritlf,v Xlf: r 'llllf lSl.AfK ISUXIIS lli Im irl l'Al4 '4 'f"1t Ni l'i . .--1 ,',- ,i.. 1 i 4' . " Vik ' l.:',' 1 I' L. fomcrt lltnil l, J .Xldriii l liand I. 2, w, Smut- lmn. I .E SESAN R01sER'1'A Cil.ASkif7XX 24 lNlurr.ix' Rd. XXX-xt Nc".-fori Ciiil Stout, Silo, XY'.1rren, liedlx Clilleuu lioncl hlc-iiioi'ieN f lQl4YlDll'lilllli- lNll7-INV XY'l1cre'x tht' gmrtx ' lol ALD-Y iP1,::y l'a.itli'. XV Summerx. lfilcons. gowip '.-. ifh Ui 'l'h.1nl4s R D. -r ISA ,Nl.iilwii'M.'qu.1t'x 7 Minnl.N l.ut Lum. R.illy Cornm Yi-.f. Pit X f lulv, gillllllll Cluh 1, ,Nj !,,,f flu HM' of fbi li. XX'.1rrc-n,Bet1ls. ,:ji1111111,q."--XYinSt1in Churchill. How'S lf .!f'if1,:. lrloul' The Life, Liherty .ind Purwit ul' Long .ind XY'iniling Rodd Zap. Hgppinggg, Going After sthool lol Sundpee, Baiset Lane, Nur' DPL Mathyg SI-IE. SBC. SCD. Median Help. French Cluh, Student Represen- Truly XY'ondert'ul, Birthday .tPrtieS. tative. Barry Houge Council, Rifle the -ith, Halloween, Kenmore, tlv- Te.1m. Orange Shield ing Sfflfi- ROSELIARY GIANINQ CHARLES CiOl.DliliRQi 212 Chgffy Stix XY"Cgy Newton l7l RL1SSell Rd.. Wlwt Newton Q "Tfftf,1Y1 ji' flu fifty tfkfl of ffvi XX'.1I'Vcr1,ld.Icn1I1 Ct llc"'x' ' . A lclf nf MNH' 'iF'1Hi'f'-'fflffili f'Hf'flif4-l -'Y l 33 I .- Hampton '70, see my hlue pig' -ffltlill' -llftim U If flh li lt . ' Yi' Gfmlgjn' PM-tit-cv 237 JI Amy hgyul-N ulllfu, Xxlltllc, IIINJIHLIX' I 4 never forget B,R,MxD,K,B .ind hillk tiruclom XX'lieic .tru xou GAA, Youth Centcr, Sen Flaw ,l C5 9 lift'-llil' VVLLPHFY VL' flk Cflmqynittegl ixldfcllllig lzhlltcl. l:fCLPitl'I 1 lil IIN SYLYIA LIOLDBITRG 10' XX'itlmigIoi1 Rd, Nevxtonxille liiftlow. licklls. fiwllcjlc l'-I , . .:'xtr.'p,'..'.' , i f' .. limit, fm I 'V " I wa' IV in 'fu .V'--'Anim' Fmnlt, 91 .43- Q A X Q :V it ,IOHN RICHARD GOLUB I W Temple St, XY'est Newton XX'.1rren. Bacon, College, "II ,aff nxt .fmt zum' fiillt 10 iL'.'2'.'f'f. .lfftlj t'.frt'llt I Zl'.'fflffll! 7'L.IlrfIl, 1' .aff I nm. Ztllli f1.1,fl'.'1:' Il'NIt', AIA' r , I .f 4 lt.ll fllii .Z wllrwl e R, McGuinn, Tennis Team. DANA I2 GOODCHILD 29' Crilfw St. Newtonville Bulb, Ifunxbles D i' Plllutf Cwlleve Liv. L .I . 4 . w. , N B, Hlulv Ill fl", Poems res fir 1.-:it l7.z',orite P.1st1i"'it Dui :yung on Y,1lQ.1, B.illhgiwlQ 51, f lr, If 'l'roiigu Del s Mfibe, eggs F rl, Kms. rw Demi Xxxltllillll, Ill. - Angel, so td times with guys N li Is limi bill 1. 2,3 B.iseb.1ll l, 2 4 24 lx'si1',-tbnll l, IUIIVJNQC Shield. f:.'vs X, RENEE LINDA GOLDBERG 22 Avond.1le Rd., Newton XY'eeks, Adams, Nursing. BCM, Summer '70, Ledges, PH., D.XY.P., B.B.Li.P. ,I alt XYAPTSN- HMR. ls potato ricer, NB Ticket, Catltlv, D.l7, on M, TKE- ED, TCOYT Cros. MAKLUIDINIKLS. Keep the wood. -- STEVEN CRAIG GOLDMAN 121 Cedar St., Newton Centre "Coach" XY'eeks, Barry, College, Observing and learning from the unique. 'iliergief' Baseball 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2, Sp Math Team l, 2, 3, I . s-,:.rkf?4". f 4- : 'A ' I "If be z1'l1i.tIfe.r at me again IW fvznzub lvinz Sis x 1 W f .,,. 147 , i ALICE SAFFORD GOODXVIN Q8 Balcarres Rd, XX'est Newton XY'.irren, Beals, College, rdriflllik yr!! ffl 1'c',lAfVc'l.'f ,twlllei-'IIA' ztfw um ijulf ll"crf11t,l'J.11, uiwz if r -v.. r fit l.1z.ff tptll if zzlqw. House .lt Pooll Corner. Band, Orchestra, XXYXY. Quintet, Music Club, Student Senate, Drug Edututron. lf.. ELEANORA E. GOOLKASIAN il Albermarle Rd, Newton Ellie D.1v, Beals, College. B,C,, 1f12!70, Summer '70, Slobl-ly with the I.P., BB., B.B., and BB., right Linda? XY'eel4end in XX'nreh.1m, Fun and Games .lt the BB., Nnhnnt Beach to Lillie Co- chituate. ID fy 1--'r BARBARA ANN GOLDSINIITH 24 Holland St., Newton "ll"e'rt' nzplire an tba mrozzrel of lime, IV: 0111.1 refurfi ue mn ,Ugly Junk fzabjzzd lrunz u'1'1ere ue 1111115 ,zmf gif rffurztl .md round in fbf' rirrle grulzef' Humanities Clubg NENWTON- IAN Ad. Staffg NEVUTONITE Circulation Staff: Library Aid. ,IANICE JULIE GOODALE 45 Albert Rd., Auburndale St. M,1ry's, Riley, Nursing. Good times with P.G., "Ug.' I,R., LH., PO., D.C., N.C.C., Beach parties '69, Ronnie forever. 2j'lR'70, Troubles, Right Patty? Florida LISA, Point after, New Years '70, I CANDACE MELANIE GORDON SOS Commonwealth Ave., Newton XY'eeks, Bacon, Living, VIGIIJIJ If IIEIIEI' 111.111 c'l'f!. fdllfc' if',r :Urn-."-Mummy Yokum. I know what you are, but what am I? HELEN Y. GORDON 1081 Center St., Newton Centre XX'eeks. Bacon, College. "Il"111'J.t .111 only 111 1'e.f.v.11'y Zl'l7e'I1 1111 11.1.1 g1111e," "II011'1'1'e1' 1'.11'c :rua lon' 1.15 True fr1c11d.rb1p 1,1 1'.11'51'." Special Memories: Times with B.G.. Summer '70, and Halloween '69 with KC. Learning the hard way. Hucking, The Reservation, Downtown. I'll never forget you . . . Marcia, Harriet. Patti. No one ever had a better friend than Murtha. 10f9,! 70, Crush on M.C. - ROGER GORDY Mr. Charlie-man Day, Bacon, Beals, Promotion of the faith. Power to da people! Mom R Dad. To P.C.M., j.T., SP., EA., NC.. 1601, G.C. it P.C.M., BL.. J.-I., Sam 8: Mimi, BG.. Yama- craw, EB., EIB., B.M.XY'., Harley, countless others, Davison, Agfa. Nil-ton, Boy, Cheetah, jane, SK-12f 79! Bang! BRUCE L. GOREN 101 Garland Road, Newton NX'eeks, Beals, Research Medi- cine. H0116 ,YHTI7 of bark 171.11 feed 11111 L1w,11ee11 Ifee, 111111113 111 1111115 fezz' limbt .1 .rjfklpt gr. 511: .-11111 1111e 11,3151 .fl1o11'11' 1111 fb: 111111, I llkcll, 111.11 keep flu' jA!771I.7.Q fmnz 1f1'V1'111g 1111e1'- I-1' . . ."-james Russell Lowell. ROSEMARY GORGONE 591 Cherry St., VC'est Newton Rose XY'arren, Beals, Hairdressing. Val - '68 S '69 - '70 fMar- riageb. Pet Peeve: Going to His- tory Class. I will to Newton High: The Stairs, and Cut Slips. All the fun with C.C., KC.. 4- L.M. in Class. Going down to Newtonville with KC., L.M., +C.C. during classes. . 1- ww -wife.-'. l 1- P .' 1 3 1 H I tix .., v f I 5 rg ,uf 0 I f 4 X ,- 'Q "'-vm I1 ff! -if DEBORAH ANNE GRAHAM ll Hyde Axe., Neuron Debbie Bigelow, Heals fD4illi'4ZL'. 'vlif' 11'111f1 1' 1111 11'-- '- JL . 1 .- 1.1. '.., 1111t 1t1'111111.1l 1!1j'1111,-It 11. 511.1 flu' Wfllf, ull' J 1l'1I 4 1' 2g'f1.' .'7l.'f1'1,'- t1111 1111.11 11 111111f111,1111 1 11.11 1.1.1. it L.1fl.ILIL uf 111 1. lf .' ,"f11l 1151- 111111 ,:1l1111j1f1 111 ,111 11t1111:. of 11111111,."-Helen Hayes Concert Choir, Distrnt fliort. Music Club. School Nlt1sn..1l JOHN ANDREXY GRANT 3-i Clearwater Rfl. Newton l.!1VvLf lfalls Whitten. liaton, f,ollt.,:tp lit-Ar.: H1 ZIJIHQLJ UNIX IU HQ fu flllt 111 .11'1'f11'1l 111111 11511 111'f1111111111 z11l1r1l1 1.111111 f1'f1111 1111 11111 1111. Il"1'13 21.1- 1l1.11 ,tn 1111 1f1ff1'1'11t19" H1f1':':'.an Hesse. Slil Club DEBRA JEAN GRATTO 15 Rangeley Rd., XY'est Newton XVarren, Beals, College. Johnny Crow. "He 1111! 111111 ZIJIL 11111 t1 1 11511 If .1f1'.111f of Illtlflllg' 111111111 -IQNATHAN CLARKE GRAVES 317 Cabot St., NeKkt11r1X'lllc John J.H.S ISS, NY,C., Riley. Col- lege. "If 11111 1111111 .11 1111 I 11 111. J11-,t1.111.1', f1e1'.1111. .'1'v.1t' .11 ot11.1' 111.11 11'f'1'1f111t1'i t1t1'1111'1111 .1 1111 1.11111 f.111,t'11.1,t'1 "--c 5 n. ELLEN ESTHER GREENBERG 1701 Commonwealth Ant . XY'est Newton XXVJIICIT, Beals, College Sophomore year' parties. retreat Best Friends Lisa, Beth. lean Abby. -lunior year' Math. He-:range way. BBG. Dutliv. lioxv Stztnti' year I found sattstattion :rt rf life. Chess Club and Tetqhmg L45 NANCY AlANl' GRl'l'NlSl'Rt. S2 Xxeitliington lid. Nu-.' Ita. Q lilgelow. lical, Collect Dohlwles SLIZTT'T'.el' 1-of '1' A, S EG, R H S..l11tlLjlLl1.K1.Icf Nox entber l""0 kilxrkl If lllil.l'lYl' iiRlfl7NSlDIl Q In lmxxootl Axe., Ncxxtonxille Dax, lleals, Kiollege. .AX xxoilxl tull ol tlrutlgeiy, shame .in.l hioktn tlieams, is still .i lxeau- tilol plain'c'll1l. Stlixe to he happx. tkiooil toitime to my trieiitts I PATTI GRIITEITH llo Atlams St., Nonantum Peppermint Patti Grill' Riley, Murray Roatl, The Rexolul tion. Change the xvorlcl, it neetls it. ANN D. GROSS so Lockxvooel Rtl., Wlest Newton Xxlaffen, I5e.llS, College. "Gi jiI.1c1tfly .zmrif flu Pllfllt tum' fuzifr' .1111 rtzlftnzfni' llfhl! flcklckc' ffnrt' 111.11 fu' 111 ifItf1ct'." . . . So I stand antl learn fu walk again, .intl clream of times xx'hen I may run free. .I.A.S., Clulclhoocl .mtl alwaysi DIXYLH.. we grexxh GSS. antl R.-I..I.fthanks. Thoughtprintsg Eclitor-in-Chief, LOUIS I. GRUNES 66 Rancllett Pk. Louie, Lou Day, Bacon, College. 1 All the gootl times with my trientls. local 195, and 'l'.E,B.L. Baton House Council I, 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 5, NEXVY TONITE1 Circulation Staff, RICHARD BRLFE GL IDEA K Chirlotte Rl ecks B rrx C imes xxi i reit mem s A H N I 5 n tn er i Alx si Wil liss So X c hts xxr s uttot ll GS RUTH GUMPERTZ 47 Orchartl Ave., XVest Newton Ruthie XVarren, Riley, College. "To Live" 287, Long Talks, Grovin' parties with the guys, Hampton '70, "See my blue pig" Oltl Betty's still chuggin' along with BB., INI.H., R.G.'s, ancl others?l Youth Center, Sr. Class Com- mittee, GAA. N DIANE PHYLLIS HALEY 291 Derby St., XY'est Newton XX'arren, Riley, College, Never forget TBBHBSGCRMO- IVV, Doubling--JBanclBXVg Mem- ories MB, 6f'5,f70g Summer '70, ALD-5, "Peachy," 2 jinxes, 1615 "XX'here's the party?" "Sweetheart" fat 9l right R.C.? NV., L I' T-1 L U M. Nr MARGARET I' HALLARAN E y St XX est INexxtxn Dix Bells College I M I r 1 p s mind ot xxhit xxe ire not noxx ar 1 Hmxx ixet Cheerle Inline I J W' ' f I .lf.- DAVID BYRON HALLETT 61-I Vilalnut St., Newtonxille Dave Day, Bacon, Happiness. "Yun tio 'mln' llmzg .wif I Ju muy ffainlq, I am im! in Ibis' zzmld In fire up Io tour c.X'Il1eL'f.Ilj0II.f .md juli .mi 1101 in Mui zwwld 10 Irie up In mine. on rue ton .ami I .znz I amz' if by clnzfzru zu' wtf! exzrlv oflwr, iff Hire." ,IAMES MICHAEL HANDLER 79 XY'ooclchester Dr. .Iimrny Bigeloxxg Beals. Fonclest Memoryi Starring senior slump in the 6th grade, The corner of huiltling 3. V.XY.'s. Once in the morning eloes it. G. D and all the girls. No XY'ay. Langleys - Me- Donalds. No Respect. I will to NHS' One 9' 6" Eagle Builder. Suppressecl Desire :Learning to ski. House Council: Orange Shield1 Homeroom Manager A 'V Squad: Sailing Clubg Equestrian Club. r"',g' XX ILLIAXI XIARR HAINNA I0 Fur Oiks Axe Nexxronxille irren -Xlims Business P i xxton H1 h School ti it i xe ier xe ax o e Sixin B ire xou xxeir x I exxr ne s y use n i teuier iii le xxitl ctr 'Xcios Ami as ams House Bair ot box ernors AV Club 5 k ' , A I V4 1 ' 4 1 I 1. L' YV 4 1 7 'Lv . ' Zi -, . t, St1clcl'f., ' 'H - ' ' ,, Pegg' B'll -9 XX -' a ollege, i A Lt 'l H li v, H M, I t.,.,.if ati Ai. . L I if-. A , .1,-,f.f . Um, f md A IT U -,lm V4 J NI.'1. .- .e not tl e a't re- Th ry zi ,.f1:.Zrit1fI it.1i-ix ll' M ' 1 . A I nl I I il , '. ' ' ' 'U ' '.- Ne ' I' C ' . ke U' X A H ,K .1 k ti un Sai , Mr. I ' tl .nl 4 - - i ,V u e . Qf,Lf,I.ll, fy, His, A, ,KW Q, BH.. si . is? I -y sis. lea - iff ia rarl- its I iff F . J?-1L"i 5 at :H H1 HU K If Au S Ph C715 4- LL'V-I-I.T.A.M.F rit gg Toy . ,' ' df ,intl ,lone lfoorball, YI 'ig ' eitv V H ,T 4 Wlll tl VX I 'ln ,Hlghi ,O lin: ,ski cluh ,o l ur 'ack illghtl-' , 'Ad E sl 5h il 5 ft Efi.1..l-ex iglg 1 l.Itl ' ' I 1 el i I I . gt '. u v.g:,:' .fr .f. 4 lkxd . :.- Lt J 1 V. J l 25 C Afezver mz'ifje,i' DENNIS JOSEPH HANNIGAN 56 Lowell Ave,, Newtonville Day, Bacon, College. DB., AS.. D.S., J.C,, IB.. QBuftl, GB, Dances at Hampton, Dead XVeight EB, '7O. Facing with the guys, The Caf, D.B., GB. BERKOXVITZ, MDC, F.O.B. BARBARA LOUISE HARDING -40 Foster St., Newtonville Day, Beals, Occupational Ther- apy. Y I V Antz fm flu .take of fntzrt' .wif quiaf, Jem umm' ozwz tpvjvm-is wire or cmzifrfimzi'-Dag Ham- lN.1Sl'ilOld. AFS, Recl Cross, Rusian Club, Saling Club, Folksinging Club. EDNYARD CHARLES HARDING 16 Crehorse Dr., Newton Lower Falls Superman XY'arren, Adams, College, 'J Snatch in L.R., Pole sitting, Hockey in Cafe, "XVoody," Flak. Summer '70-'71, French rolls, Deke, Tempermental superstar, PB., XX'.A.C., D.C., Pencil, D.G., EC., JB., P.G., CA., IC., IT., I,D,, LP., G.Y., B.T., KR., IR., I NL., RI-I., CD., GOAL MARCIA JEAN HARLOXW 287 Cherry St., XY'est Newton XX"arren, Beals, College. Hampton '70, with the kids. Rms 28 and 7. The shower, On the rocks, stuck on that hill, Us seven, Deb's hump, L-O-N-G talks, jog- ging at Sunoco-Right Barb? the radiator, R's putmobile, revolving cloors-Hate 'em, PAUL MICHAEL HARPER 15 Beach St Paul Day, Bacon, Air Forte. I.uAnn, BH C, .Nlaynartl Ratso, Herinte, The Aquariuin, liiologfv, Ifsso, Electronics, The Parliiig Loi, Brighains, B Kfs S2oo.oo, Being continually broke. loxing stlioffl, Albemarle, Iinglisli, GYM Kata- tions. AIOHN VUELLS HARRER I5 Lothrop St., Newtonville Shatly Hill, Beals, College To A G. 'Yeh tif long in I ,xjmzcx I ffm!! gmzi' for jun, I itxnflr, .md I tlmnfif .tt.11rl1, zrlafu ipzltf, Tflll lf unzr zw'ffzzg?"f Jim Hirnonffl-Ian varclfl9o8. JANICE I-IARSIP 15 Concolor Ave.. Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. "It it ll'!.7c'Il 1011 ,Ure of toun- reff flu! ton frilly gzip." Cape Summer '70, hamburger hair, Reeny and one rainy Sunday, the reservoir, star, flying, cratter, BRIAN PAUL HART 19 Cappy Cr Bri Wat'ren, Adams, College, Three unforgettable years Go.-cl times with BK. Kfli. GC BLA BK. flf Jennifer. Playing pool cluring E,G,X at K.'I'.'s. Fire es- cape with MT. DI' IS, AMF, Newton I-Iigh. XVILLIAINI ANTHONY HASSAN 18 joseph St., Newtonville Bill, Harry, Big Brother, Arab Day, Adams, College "Benz dazed .wtf cmzflwtiz' it limp ffl mf! fI'1!t".. . G,'n.w:t Sfiif- fer, Srzfvnrrwi, Blzri, AIo.'lm'i' vtsif ftlfeclil jr, English with MAH, Sum- mer '70, the pacl. BNA Ent The bit is. . .Corvette AV 1516 LINDA HASSELL 15 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, College. AIVYXGO BLYF. 'NPL 'luesvlax Afternoons, Fun .intl games at the BB Boxvling anvone' Xfenwotahie Maine, I I5 .rm with IP, BB, BB., BB, Right Fl' laixt' starts when .mother persons nettls arc more important than votir own Bantl, Sophomore Ytar 4.45 --Q! 'L no T-7 N1-. x , ,L 11 2? IO.-KN NI.-XRII' llAYl'S fo XUILIIIIIEIII l'l Ytwton liiueltw, Ciolleilt' Iiiilx I I' To .1i:.l 1ll our ll.IP' pipitss it-gelua, nx.1n1,' S.IILllxl.lY '1:.gh1 ,111 XX.1slui1gtoo Stru-t. te.1rf 1ll.1 lei is, lone t.1lks, Koo-ul limes with luth' .mtl k.lIl1lX. thi t xi us IOIIN Allfilllli HAYES ll Xxnlslllwllfll Axe. Auburntlale XX .111 11. . xllllls, 1 '1 ,., ,1 , .,, . ,i.1i I .N . his ,1 ,,, WA ,,,,, .1 ,i , 1 Mtiti. Nlt:-'omits SIl',IXXl7L'I'I'y' fields lol'- tml. N.1i1t11tket Ski cilLIl'Y li.lLI'UNSL', Student Senate. 'Q MARION Ii HAYES RS XXvUOtll7IIlC St.. Auburnd.1le xxgimtn. Riley. tit-liege 3 Feb. l9'o, Skiing at North Con- xi w.11'. le-.rving blue stre.1ks down the Q ? mount.un My Olley, The chase. Glue f.1t'to1'V, INIini-IXI.1nsioi1, Gimivgl 1 times witl1 .Ill the guys. R.1llx' Committee, Soph, AClass Committeep Circul.1tion Staff. 1 4 ..1 RICHARD NICHOLAS HAYES -il Otlli Ave., NY'est Newton XV.1rren, Adams, College. H.1mpton Bench '70, Good times '1' with IM., CP., Del's -I GtlI'I'iS X -, Mobes My years .II XY'est Newton. The Clinic, Good Luck to INII.. . , g and GC. I' H Football 2, Baseball R. , . . Afglf ns A - ' 1 '55 ROBERT HAzEr:1'oN Hi River St., Newton 1. Q I' 1 J fi? 3 -gt i ge C Cl the roof. r.1t. THERESE DYMPHNA HENES 23 Bemis St., Newtonville T.D. St. M.1ry's lXY'.1sh,. D.C.l, Beals, College. To be .1 writer. Peate is .1 dre.1m in L1 world of woe. XXVJI' Vk'..lS f.ut, not long g1g.IO. But life is re.1lity. Stop drinking without refilling the stre.1m . . . by T.D.H, XYILLIAM HEXVITT IZR Gr.1smere St., Newton Bigelow. Beals, College. Those were the days, three years went up in smoke. GEORGE FRANCIS HEALX 3 Eairxiew Terr New ton XXILIFIEFI B1rry Colle3,,e Suppressed Desire 'lo open my -rv own Audio l1b I will to NHS 1-1 8 ohm resis tors, and I burnt out hghtbulbs Memories The odor of the tafe terin at A lunch WALTER MANSFIELD HEBARD 295 Albemarle Rd Newtonxille Our Ladys Palmer Llndecided Good times x ith BSJS and R.C. and his GIN The 71 Pet Peexc Ranks 'ibn ut beine 1 ERXVIN MARK HEIxI.ER 77 Day St XX est Newton XXIHIIED Beils Colle e "Tli7r7ll1g!7 I fwfr 112 111 roi I ll'0Il'f 111115 t 1 1 1 111 11' pl.z111.' 1 III 1 t v .mil 11111.11 11116 11111 111 The Rock Bones XX oman tapanya, Georeetown Iiil Vireinia Beach, Times with DS K BZ ber! in 1 e 1 1 1t1iu11 '7 XY'.1rren, Riley, Nursing. "Il ir pwlnzfflt JU riqlvf JU 111 fl In .zmffnivziq you txzmwf be zvlmi 17 It 'Z7H1!Q' f J. M V be .. 4 .X - 1 A rv-"QRS ' 2-' We-I 'f C- Y' fl" '25,--1..g, 212' PETER ROCK HICKEY RICHARD CHARLES HILL, VIR. PETER HANS HIN'I'FRECiCiIiR C .KTHII1 ANN Hlliellla 215 Temple St., XYf'est Newton 116 Vifalthtiin St., West Newton lem Newtonyille Axe., Newton il f lfiiif.-:ns Ril, N- nut XY'.irren, Barry, College. Rlfk- Dlfk Bigelow, Riley, College. ll"75l1i-' .1 171.111 dost not keep pare XX'arren, Barry, College. Revolution refreshes the .nr but l'1i,wflli'.f- Iiiligg. 'Iliff I6 4 'I 14.9515 Ziff mm'p.z1zfm1f, .perZv.zp.r rl 11' Bleachers, S.O.T.B, daily, Hor- ltxixes .1 filthy odor, "ll"1f!lf,11! fit .I .11 l1et'.z1z.n be 115.1711 .z differeflf HJVIHYZ' gans Heros, "Something's Fishy." Orange Shield, AltlI'Ll1lI1'Q lS.inil, wuz' iff Ifli ffitffzfii. mer. Lt! firm .tmp ro flu' Nllllff Good times with Steve, Don, Bert, 'l4Y.ILl'iQ Sorter. lflfyff ID H I...-.urfi zailifrlv fre l'c'.ZVj, fwzi'ez'er U?e'.1l'IU':Id "lXIoo5e-" tgnother rtml, Mike, ACC, N R ff' fm' .1lr.1,1."fH6I'lry' D-Kid Tho- Bo?? Summers in XVareham. Ales- NI2XY'I'ONl'l E reau. sups -Iym. Huit Mr. Russ. Basketball, Riflery. It wg? 'gif wi M V r 'M ' Lf: 5 we ., 5 'HE' ZAINA N. HOBICA Forest Grove Rd., Auburndale fired 112.21 you zxzfzzmf be gz'ery- "You were Lzlzxezzf Ieeozzme yor: were on zzflmf ermz' of trip?" GLENN HOFFMAN CAROL ANN HOGAN HELEN HOLMBERG 21 Mosman St., Newton 2027 Commonwealth Ave., Newton 111 Gibbs St., Newton Day, Adams, O.T. Warren, Riley, Travel, XVeeks, Bacon. My only wish is to say good-bye IOXNIXGS MF., Nantucket, 10,1 to all those people I'ye known. 12f70, R.I. with john, Me, BP.. Thank you Mr, XY'alker, Mr. R CC., XX'ziltham Biltmore, Harriet Ronayne, Pete, john, -Iudi, -Iay, Bradford Inn, Bacon S Eggs, Emily, Bo. Cherry jelly, j.L,'s car, CACA, Rats, Football 1, 2, gl Shafty, Strike. Alexander, Andover Police, Judy ANN MARIE HODCQDK ll Iudkins 'Qt Ne'.'.tiin'. ll D.iy, Riley. Citlltgl-L' Q D1t.1n.'i.1f. Y 1. It f.- Llft ll fill Iii ,w Le." I I' Iroop Reyeivs wi llit F Dames, turtles loin e tl nr n Irene lDD I, Vlieljly -ll lxl Ll R s YY l1 f L H 1 I Q N -XI VITXY., The cj " ,it XVXYIII. R.its, It 'i ii MM. .ind the Kids ii I 4 1-5 I --wr' Q4 4 - 9 AIARION lllll N-il N ll Ntulaitf St. 3.11 XXRIIIVIT, Rzltm. fi- 'L 'I f,:', ,, .. ,azz "' - Lizeit x rs, A I : hint iznxxbx ks - . Fn: "W XX X . N .lin s.1,,.1' U so lf- ii Nl SliXl9Xl'lliliX1Nl?-ENIIQQ 'sul-'fl ib tiki - X ,. 1- .ei ., . Rlfll.-XRD li, llUl.All:S. lli. 1111 l'i.l1'UNl.l St. l5.lnlK XX.111.11, li.11'1'y, College 'X11.lx, l1c'1't' t11111t's 1315 King w1:l1 her 11-C' s Aulw Klogx' Klub R1-.1-rsnle Attiorf' XN1ll1.l tlc-1.11le ti1c11.l Rowe Sfieet lllxlslfllf .mtl Kill' Altt. St.1tt- XX 1-.l11rs1l.11' Nights. LINDA SVSAN HORLICK Ill Kirkst.1ll Rtl, Newton Day, Rxlt-v, College Next 1'e.1r there will be .1 change rn this school. .1 S111.lll improve- ment. l wont be here. lilllxl, Biology Clubi Retl Cross. MARYANN HORRIGAN 1511 Pine St., Auburnclale XXVJFFCIT, P.l.l111C'F, College. D.A. "Crutch" Bill. Summer "O" LP. D.C. The Pad, Banana, wlr. Eng. .mcl Skiing with Bill. "H.1ppy .l.1ck." Whistle!-Ok Bob? Mer State Vanilla fruppes-Right Ginny? H.1ry.1rd Sq. with UTLH- PSRG. Sophomore Clas Committeeg Ski Club, R.1lly Committee, GAA. MARGARET DIANE HOXVAT 14 Gay St., Newtonville Day. Riley, College, Teaching. "II.1f1f1111wr 11 Hee rl .1'1z11be.1111, z1'f111'1l1 111.1 Z:.'.I.ff .1'1l1.1r1'0z1' 1111r'1'1'ej1Ir, ztfiife' .1J111'111V1 1.1 Uflfc'7I .15 1155 1.1111 uf 1111111-Q." Rockport 1970. Cherish, jr. Eng. S Hist 110, special peopleg three gre.1t years. Wlhat L1 wonderful world. Library ClubL Biology Club- Marine. UR 1I'1'TRAIN" " 4' :.. 6, l X? C1 ' 1 3 ,gi 'iff-54' 'E' '. lwvgdg fb A ' it ' KATHRYN JANE HUMPHREY 180 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Kathy Bigelow, Riley, Successful Com- promise. "You are 11111.1:111g G1'.It't"?YUll .ne 11 preriozzf jezvel-lV'11u1d 11 e1111'1.11'r.1.1'r 71014 wry much if I uvre ffl fell you f1,.7.Il I lore you." DELORES HUNTER 15 Prospect St., XX'est Newton Wlarren. Palmer. STEVEN ALLEN HUNTER 145 Rowe St., Auburnclale Steve Warren. Bary, College. "ll"e'z'e 0711.1 114.11 b6.QlHl...U Long live the Anby Mongy Fan Club and BB. King. I'll never for- get L.M., Hojos, Hyannis '70, Thanksgiving. Footballg Lacrosse. ROBERT A. HURST 37 Ellis Rd.. Xilest Newton Park School, Palmer, College. HllnlJc'71 I 1'e'fIe'1'f 11.111111 lbs 1111111' ber of d1.1'.14Q1'ee.1bIe' Atnople' ZFIGU I E111111' 15.112 guns In .1 be11.'f z1wI.I. I .1111 111ozeJ 11 141.1 .1 J.'lllc'1'c'1Il Iifef'-Pucld'n Head XY'ilson's C.1l- endar. Ski Club. MAXIM DANIEL HCRXVICZ 258 Mill St., Newton Maxie "H1.1 Isfe 1'111.g1' .,11:. flu' 1'c1.1.I g1p111J .fI1'.11.'ge' zz 1115 f.1rai' 116241 .111.f flclll' the 111.1 Ibti 7III1c'.f.'07I:'.l Iflfl luxzd- 1'1o11e Lilhlflgci 'Ne411f1 11111 01:4 .1 f1'1e111f."MfA Maximj. SUE HYATT 229 XVaverly Ave., Newton Sarge XX'eeks, Murray, Road. "To .III my f1'Ic'1IjJ', .1 111.1115 'lolz .r1111g for 1151155 51111 111 me..." HIIl,l'.I!IIf-1' 1.1 0f1e11 flu' ZUKQJLS of .111 IL'l'l!1'.1Ie' 111111.17 Ul'e'7'l.1.Y:'rlJ." For once I made the right decision. Sargennt-of-Signs. JOHN HYDE MARGARET MARY HYDE Z3 Smith Ave, XX'est Newton XV.1rren, Palmer, XX'ork. "To11mrrou' if ffm' ffl! cfm of flvg fcfff of 'wuz' life. Suppressetl Desires: TBAATBHACF. All the times with Gin K Tree, Ledge with Ron R Cath, CuelclleS, GRS. NET, FG, BLG BHFCED. BBNVEDRA, IIBY?lNISXX'lNIBXXf, POH. ANDREW' ALAN HYMAN 98 Morton St,, Newton Centre Andy Day, Adams, College. "Guzzi 111 1155 sivrwzjfi' lu .zwejvl flu fli7fI.7lQ,f zzz' rizmifff vlmzfzgt . . . L'01ll'.11QE Ia L'b.,l7lIQc' flu' 117121.31 zu 11171. .wif zrfnforzz lu Erma' flu' dif- Vfn'er1re." Summer of '70, D,M. NEXVTONIAN, House Council- Treasurer: Student Senate 23 Class Committee 1, 2, 3. LESLEY J. IDELSON 145 Morton St., Newton Centre XY'eeks, Adams, Uncletided. Tease, L, Clark, Pain to Xwayne with Putty. Vnskin Tchaprske. DAVID JACKSON 362 Wfalcott St., Newton Wllrren, Barry. DEBORAH JACKSON JANI I I IIAHI IH IAI II 28 Fuller Terr., XX'est Newton io ifsm XXQIFFCII, Palmer. ttlxs A lm PATRICIA SUE JACOBS ROBIN NI IAXIFS 65 Kenilworth St, Newton V' Alllmfflsllll 'Ml Patti R h Brownie Bigelow, Riley, College. XX irren PllINL hursin Hyrrlllf' fritwd ir your mtifi' 1 XVX C l BV NI izz't'n'tf, For you wnzc fu H111 III! X l l NJ! za' lvznzlqer, .1121 ,ion use lvim fu 'W 71 ff , mu! zzm-df. fu friwz Wi 5 'IL JU fZ7Ul11Qbf,li, JU ifi"iinis', lf! CS fmt-Wi' In t'.x'ju'rl.zfffn1i' .iw born .wif Hill! J PJFUU H111 zriff ' X ax , ' 41.35 'M rin iii mllwoi OM az x f I It ! jul fr 'zu II ll! J fuy flu! if 1111izrrf.1in1i.f," Pmlxlc Ilffls Vhlll PL N JV' Kahlil Gihren. U ff 1 fQ.1P AMY JAFFE 8 Bullough Pk., Newtonxille Day, Murray Road, College 2.7 ,, f S 1.-uf l': Q got flu' "frZ::.1 f'1fm'i" I ANDREW' DOUGLES JOHNSON ' . 9 Prospect St., XX'est Newton ' rd, Butchie, Andy Boston, Mass., XX' Howard - Taft + Garland St. Jr. High, iw Bangor, Bile. l 3 RICHARD JOHN JOHNSON 96 XVebster St., Wfest Newton Wfarren, Barry, College. Fondest Memories: Horgaris heroes junior yearg That night with Ed, Nick, and Joe, all the new friends that I'xe made while at NHS. Pet PCCXK No mtrlivtilliln. BEVERLY ANN JONES 22 Bonmar Cr., Auburndale Bev Xkarrcn. Palme, College Lore to I0 peaches. AID-S, Piggy. rainhats Inc.. lemon, Oct. if Summer "H, Cellars and doub- ling xx tb, concussions, 161, Vogue. NY., Little Linda, "Hurts si"-MT. LUTZLUM. XIARY LOUISE JONES M We fil Plym Itcl. Ncwtonxille 3l.lI'l'l1itl. Lou A ' Day. Paley. College. fr lllhc !z.f1t.l.'f.'.' fair fiom ' f ,ww . . 3f2offo X- likashirietin D C 'S Vfwf with- 0 - 'ui v.l.:els or iqiigiixe, 25 mile , 2 'J' s rigli' 5.imlj.'7 A lilocl: Ciym Qg'qW'q67.l"gQ8S45 j.'e.inrs. Ciootl Iiifends. CAA I ff Iillfllftl' ni.lTl Mgr i 9.5 . .. . A A A PHEBE JONES 5-i Cross St., XX"est Newton XVari'en,'Ad:1ms, College. If lu' lr nzdeul zurg be do ' . r - Cl., uof lm! you wzlw' the 1101116 of bfi zz-iiifum, bu! mfber le.1d.i you lu flue !l2f'i'.rlwf:f of win' ozwz fllfllzllfl NC., B.C., Mallorca, Zorbas, 1000 acres, LAUGH, Best Buddies, Cape . . . R.B.B. ERIC DAVID KAHN 52 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Day, Adams, College. "Yon .tes bu! your .tfaadozaf zvlauz Jun mm JIIIH' fitlfk lo five ffm." XVe've made it, together.'s raise a little Hell, start to live like it's meant to be. NEWTONIAN, Layout Editorg Ski Clubg Student Senate. ROBERT HOVUARD KALISH 35 Garland Rd., Newton Bob Weeks, Bacon, College, Stock- broker. Last Summers Job, Last Summer "TYPICAL," "Could have been close," "Out to Lunch." College Conferences, The gang, 62-210. Homeroom Mgr.g Jr. Class Com- mitteeg House Ball, House Patrol. KAREN HOYCE KALJIAN S Capital St.. Nonantum Bigelow, Riley, College. People Change. Xkforking in Riley House Office, Soph. Biology ff.p.J Senior Asst. Homeroom Mgr.: Senior Officer M. Icom. ans.J MICHAEL XV. KALOYANIDES 56 Buswell Pk.. Newton Mike, Kal Bigelow, Riley, College. Good times with D.D. Huit. Mr. Russ, Mr. Dick, Mr. Steve. Flash a smile, Flo. Faces with Mill, blel and O'B. Mono, Broc's, Didge, SB say hi to Vito. Basketball 1, 3: Golf 2, 3. BEVERLY SUE KANDLER 1558 Commonwealth Ave., GAIL DEISRA KARAS ywcst Nexyton 6 Iiessen-len Sf, Neu-:W nvillte Bev, the Bev Duy, Riley. College "There if mi lzeffer IOOEIIIAQ 'A' "II 1 ,ut Mft Szmmzti' rrlfl ,g1.m fluff .171 oft! friend." HIIIJPIYI' fit !frt.1i'!f wf tiimff .w.'.f :Lt .K tr.iu.'..".i in AQCIIUILIZ mm' 111 .i'A!7et'i.1f." zffftu .JH m.1, fft f,,fftJ fif,7,l Togotwan, Poochie, -ILLABBG, Siiioiners trtii- trien la, log g .nu Slutty, Fiehtins, SF '69-ILI-IYLINI, NIfXY"IiUNlAN lllL.SIl'l'3ki fwlgr ' I l ' ' O ZS 69, 5 see, flat! Hair, tuby, S PLPP, Sweet 16, Bev, not Beth, Majorettesg Rally Committee, GAA: House Committee, Library Aidg NEXVTONITE, Circulation: NEXYTONIAN, Circulation, Head- st.1rt1 Big Sisterg Homeroom Mgr. ,IOAN SUSAN KANOVITZ 104 XVestchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. "Tig .IfffI'II1.ZlIOI1 of UPIc'.l' ffzwz fjft, fi.1ppi11f,v,r, AQVIIIIYXJ, ,wtf frm'- t!'fm.' if zmofad III wztfi' L'.If7.1L'ffi1' In foie. Le., gz'ozr1li, rwpfrf. zwfpofz- .l'iIl,1,I!.'ifV1 tzfztf Er1ozz'IeJgs, If .zzz fu- .1'.f1'nf11.zI if .zfzile fo lute pwiflzu- tistfyi. lie foray liizzznflf Iuof if be tim .7015 only oflmpr, lu' txzrzzzol foie .11 all." ,IL'DI PAMELA KAPLAN 521 Commonwealth Aye., Newton Centre XYeel4s, Adams, College. "Ltr !mf.1,1 ezzslmzm the fur! zwflv 'O -0 i'tr11c121fvi'.1f,'t't' .zmf Mu Iii'li'11I': uiflv ffizrvqlaixq. S House Council: Vice President, Homeroom Mgrg French Clubg President. 'il l MADGE ,IULIETTE KAPLAN 24 Bencliffe Cr., Newton XX".1lnut Hills, Riley, College. NEWITONIAN-Phtitev Cotvrclirhl- tor, THOLIGHTPRINTS-Literary Staff. SUSAN ELLEN KAPLAN 55 Placid Rd., Newton Centre Sue, Susie, Suzanne lNIe3Clowbrook, XX'orlc, INI.1rri.1g1e. I remember the Bobby Sherman movies, Ted Kennedy, I leave all the gym equipment and m.1th books, GAA, Music Club. Expresl sion, Aclios Amigos, fJI'.IIl.!CIj1r1rl'fI All Saliooi I'i,i', I . torine DAVID AIIISIIN KARLSUN will Shornetlilitie Rd, Nekhtt if Iiiluelow, I5e.1ls, Ctilltjge OAIHIHIIXYYIS, The Burr-9-ll-ll. The 'I'ouney, Ci Iilfitlfs iinil Ilrui-ies D.A.C., th.1nl-gs, Iiostorl-fNIi.ti.1-Bow ton iid Greyliourid Bolio, BIJYIII- by eleven. STEPHANIE FIANITI' KASHDAN 910 XV.itertown St, West Newton XY'.irren, Murrdy Ro.i..l, College Sometimes lite is exquisite Iitr, only I tan help me Or Cin I It is fur worse ltr be lonely in .1 trowd, than to he lonely by oneself MARGARET KASPARIAN Ill -Iewett St., Newton hfuggy Bigelow, Riley, To tr.ix'el, especi- ally to the XY'est Coast. I will to NHSr The grass o Newton .Iunior College .ind every- one who s.1t there. I-1 t JANE KATZ " ' H160 Commonwtqtlih Axe, XVCSI Ixlewton XXI.lI'I'L'Il, Baton, College f x I N LA LISA NAN KAIIMAN STEVEN AIARK KEANI? ft illall- i'i:.llC RJ . NUYY-IH CICIIIFL' I1 Groveland St., Auhurndale NN wks. Axl.1lYYN. Kiolla',:r. XY'arren, Barry, Trayela College. l..".'...:' :.f..'.' in Af' My wish is to start .1 new life . ,i 1 f,.': 14 t1tf'1'f"' tor I' Rx 1 Q-'tv ,P OWEN JOSEPH KELLETT S' Fairmont Aye., Newton Canisius High, College, -In criticizing todays society, we must be wary ot outgrowths, twr in the words ot Allred N. , I XY I I1 i tel1c.1cl' V , 1 . . n myself hy hc-ing secluded from this congestecl world, .Ind I hope that someday this will come true. l XWILLIAM JOSEPH KEAVENEY I-IS Edinboro St, Newtonyille Bill, "Keave" Day, Adams, College. Noisy classes and quiet classes. Gym in my five year old shirt. Home football games, Monday nights. Q41- ql clilfnrt .Qi 111 111 ffmif ffwzv- v i t 1 I 1 i f 111 ff L ' It 'L' lu' 7: QI 1' ffl J I. JL' .l:iiI.ii Gulf, Baseball 7' V-'f' ANNA KELLY CT 1' llveff. if you Lllllif get 11 Xmrfe f -. 1.3 4 PAU LA ANNE KELLY 78 Page Rd,, Newton Snubby Day, Bacon. Friday nites, right jane? 11!29! 69 with Paul, Drive-in Sat. nites with Ruthie and Adele, building a special 55 Chevy. Oh Roseyl Heavy Popcorn, Rats, Y.S.A.L.M.D.L.B.- P.M. ALBERT W. KENNISON 51 North St, Newton Al, Bert Weeks, Riley, Service, "Tha caring tvorlrf of lore brozzgbt raft from Atmin, live joy .md life found in me." I'll always remember Middle- bury, The room, Horseneck, B.B., Day, Marriot, and Linda, JOSEPH T. KELLEHER 9 Maple Terr., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. Times down the park with the guys, going down Austins, working at Blue Bell with B.C. -1- SM., hockey, Big Bug, see ya later, Newton wins championships '69 football "Anyone got 50 cents for T. gas. -49 PAUL ROGER KELLEY 57 Chesley Rd., Newton NX'eeks, Riley, College. I wanted to say something deep and sincere so everyone would know what a wonderful time I had in High School. But a feeling of honesty overcame me. So all I want people to remember is that -Iohnny got his gun. jr. Class Pres.: Riley House Hero. GERSHON RAPHAEL KIEVAL 1766 XX'.1shington St., Auburnclale XX'arren, Bacon, College. "I 11272 rm! in lbix world lo life up 10 your e:cper1.z1io1z5." Senate, National Honor Society! President New England Region USY. NANCY ALENE KILSON 1807 Commonwealth Ave., Auburnclale Mensch Girls Latin, Bacon, Beals, Col- leze. "She 111.1561 lore jul! like 41 zmm.zr1-X110 fb: l2P'c'.lk3' jul! like .z lillle girl." NEXVTONITE 2, 5, Feature' Staff, 5 News. News Analysis, German Club 1, 31 Student Senate 3: Roxbury Tutoring 1. ROBIN XYALLACE KILSON 1807 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Kilse, You Dumb Slab GLS, XYILIFICU, Murray Road. "Oh I .flvozzld zvorrjx .zml fre! tlltyztlv .mtl I zvlll L'0!fllc'fIt' Ill1t'7'E'.f .z tl.zf.'re' in flat old tlxnzt' yer. fall- ltjllff gal, Iozzjtvzn-.r AQ.1l.l'-QfI1Cl'lllL1- bel. LISA F. KING 15 Proctor St., Newtonville Day, Murray Road, Nursing. "Tie milf! er.vwzIi.1l flvizzhq for ll1.1f7Al7.l71c'f1' ,ir 1116 gif! of friwzd- ul1ff7.ll AB.. P.V. '69 with Boud, CB. 5,f'5..'69 "Humming," who ate-e 71 at 5 11.m., QV3 + LUV. Rally Committee, NEVUTON- IAN: Cheerleading. F" o er 5 UU FU 'J' o 'TI o 'JU U E 2 cv .JJ :Q I" W rv rn Cc? P-:fb ,E-, I-'P 1: U' 4: "1 :J Q. 'L ft nibble .Q Nqr.. Nw, . 1:33, 4.04 Qi.. 'x.. 7. NNT-4 QN-'n,e1 g-'QT'-. Q -xiajjfw... 'X..yQ...a :Nix 'x.x' vN'Nki ef' Nos N N.. N.. Srxxlq-.ft QN' 'ffl-9 EN: ga 'LT 'iii E12-X, EQ ,X ,u,q- 51559 -L -N., N, ...- N.N . .Q . 'fl . --X. r Aware . Cx-,. -3-CNN. C ,Q 'iblg vi.-N4 'uh' 2 QE -exilzrq A52- 3' cn fi ::' in o 7' P'N r: ff . F1 E-I 25 -+1 rn '-I fl' 2-3 :J T' .,,W Ami flvezz you add jzzfl-41 llvjzzrlwz mfr." . fuss .4 Q' Q4 . J wwf ,.X.fe,. - fy W? J .5 I Q . Cram, ,- X Y 'tw -J 1 A' -J ,J lilflliclj liljwiifltlilj Kll4l'ff.f51l.lfI' 92 XX'f.lJSl','l' l'l:. Ynis' Num' H L XX'.irr'.n P.ili..'fr ff ffiflfib. :IFN 'll,' l3f-' 7311 l"1'.lfllf liiwwi N1 'lr.L IXX' liiieliliylw f,,, ,- f 1 . lhiiii. 'llliiriflfgrliiiil lfig l if' lt g Vluwt .1 llllir' lvit' 'ff ".7' IJIANNH lslflw' Kl.AYiXl.".N 111 l'l'iilii.iire liil, Nunn' ri l5i"t'lrw.v, I7.llIJ.L'l' In llf.-'t' ",' 1 iltzll rr! .mf Mull lmrl mt ff llifiiz iff me zfllli flu lion' .Jml 1 PHILIP STERN KLEIMAN 21 Xllliitney R-,l. Nutt: :i Bear Day, lS.1rry, College. All the guys and HIS A All the Rock-ins. JLTLIANNE KRLXINI 59 Pleasant St, Newton Centre .lulie Hllnc' .Ill rtt'fvAQf31i:e H. . V z'lv1l.lrt II fur lf' ' .lm I' . , tZ77l.IZlIINZ lmzz' fuzz' .mu 1 lfgll7lt'lI77.7t'7If,H AINA LINDA KURZEMXIFKS 61-1 Grove St.. Newton XY'.irren, Bacon Cwllthlc 5 .tm Cheese .1n.l Ii11:l,1'i' LIN SE Exprcxs, Laughing Pi.k Park 5,"7"O CSI X .'xL1lW1fS.1!'1. 'gli .l morning" KC PK. I Nl Al' G K P Chou. XY'liirpetl C:''e Hollow "oO," Il-l1.111lxS iv .1 S?t.:.:l friend. Ski Club IJXXYIQIIXC li l.'XX1lwl 25.1 QQ I IT! J 's :Y if I Q I -as -1 ., ? .. 4 re ,f f -QA 'II 'fx ,as 1- V 'Q ' gr i -, i-,. ' I ' fffz. DIANE LANDRY I7 l"ortlli.iin Rd., W1-st Newton Adams. DENISE THERESA LANGELIER SS Falmouth Rd., XY'est Newton St. Marys, Palmer, College. "pl 'Ilfmu for L'.r," Trips to the Cape, The Associations Concert, ARP., and .1 special friend IB. Time, see what's become of me while l lool-: around for my possi- bilities. I was so hard to please. CLARA LANNI 78 Dadby St.. Newton Bigelow, Adams, Marriage. To Lina C.--Remembe the fun we had in class!! JAMES I-IALCOMBE LANING 150 Temple St., XXf'est Newton jim, Rabbit, Thumper, Bugs Bunny, for any corruption thereofl "I fiefzaze in Ilia zvmiifwfzzf zwrfiz' uf flu' out Jmfrf, Mn' llliflllllflllii uf ffye tf,1zi', lbs flfrzzlqllv nf flu' luffi, flu' .txfwzce of Mu' myglyl .md flu mlzwf of flu' brimlft .md !m'e,r," BARBARA ANN LAROCHE I3 Capital St., Newton Barbie Day, Riley, 'Nursing 1tlfI2,'69 Iootballs, bagged at Browris 1 forget, The Quarrie, stuffed pockets, A.V.'s bucket of swill, sharing with .1 friend-S.B., A IIDIOC for you, Skywalking P.,I.S., R,R.i K Co.,'S in a bunk, Kidnap- ping P.I..j.P.S.A., love to Diclcery. 0 . 1 BARBARA ROSE LEACU 70 Bowen St., Newton XX'eeks, Adams, Nursing. "lf .111-wfze tubs' me 10 gffc' iz 7'c'tl,f071 zvlay I lore my friwzif, flame it wifi nm''er.' Bemure He ir he and I am I." Always D.B. 8: NC. Gang. IXIELISSA LEAHY 291 Crafts St., Newtonyille Day, Riley. ANDREW' LEES 50 Eliot Mem. Rd. '-"f MARY F. LENNON 48 Wamick Rd., West Newton Warren, Adams. CH., Miss H., Summer '70, 7f15!69, D block B -1- R., right LIL? SBI., L.G., R.D., IRI., A.L., M.J.C., J.C.G., P.G., winter '70, .pq ROBERT LENSON 16 Lombard St., Newton Bob Bigelow, Riley, College. U of Mass., 8,f28!70, 8f2!69. The pad, Bliss, Conlon ent., Pu- tonic lighting, Rm. 1516, B. -9- R., Little Boy Blue, B.B.B., S.K.B., and M., Orangatang DeMoIay, AXV Pes. AGNES N. LEONE 55 Emerald St. Larry, Glick A9316 Bigelow, Riley, Engineering. Day, Palmer, Hairdressing. Mar "L'11r1i1w'5 eff infini ef 1011! duff ridge, C-1,15 poy,rjl1lg," 2 '2f'6O, '69 in the tunnels with Strasbourg'70-"Firelight fought Eddie. pk and the cops. Getting moonlight and the Moonlight stuck in the mud, I'm .1 lady jane' ' " P.K., R.D., C.G., A.M., TABLE! died. French Club, Chemistry Club W I OR 12011 fu fzlblzzlzg 10!H' .ffONIrZc'f7 at flve mme time." CAROL LEVENTHAL 422 Chestnut St, Waban Weeks, Palmer, College. "Une are zmu' fared zrillv fbe far! IIJJI tomorrow it Iodrzyy. Une .wc rozzfrwzled zwifb fierre zzrgezzcy of flow." JOAN RUTH LEVENTI-IAL 5-16 Commonwealth Ave, Day, Palmer, College. "Belief by far you .flaozzlif fmggef .md mule flmfz flu! you .ffmuld reflzembar and be r.1a'." French Club, Co-Presiclentg Ski Club, Treasurer, House Council, I-IAYDEN RUSSELL LEVER 9 XVessex Rcl., Newton Wfeeks, Riley, College, Forestry. JLTDITH ELLEN LEVIN 38 Westview Terr., West Newton Judy, Vera, jenya Wfarren, Beals, College. Very Special Friends-R.j.,I., B.L., IK., f8 yearsl Isreal 12f18! 69-1!11f70. IF. IB. kfar, Mak USY, "Maksim" The GK. thing. Gymnastics. s AMY LEVINE 182-1 Commonwealth Axe., Ncwif ri Warrexi, lyiuruy Roiul, "C'w21!f'.11'fz4'itu," L0?lfHillttif ,lill tt- Jletlw, "lf if um iff, ll Iliff!-I Lt and if if zum- iff, If zwfnld bt. Ln! ur if it 1X lllllf 11 111117. 'lff,1J'i fu,i5ir."f -Lewis Carroll, LARRY LEVY 110 Mill St., Newton Centre Moose, Ace Iiilmkmaker, Mr, Levy Weeks, Beals, Murray Ro.n.l PATRICIA MARIE LEYDON -H Grove Hill Pk., Newtonville Patty Day, Palmer, College "Your pain if ffm' bfetzkzazlg uf 11,15 sbs!! ffm! elzcfofct your zlmfgr- ,tl.11zc2'i11g. ' '71 XlUhitewash, HM70 LC, CXX' 4- SI-I WXB, Summer '70, Bmunigecl, 69-S wfK.O.-Finally! EI-I WX E.T.-DI, See yu at the circle, uys, INIEL, WWE DID IT! Sen, Class Committee, Rally Committeeg Ski Club, NEXVTON- IAN Circulation. SARA LICI-ITIN BARBARA ANN LIKELY Barbi NX'.1ri'en, Adam, XY'ork .incl Mur- riage. All the great times with PR. BLD., C.C,, LM., ID.. Gil. P.C., A.D., .ind especially Mike Lennon. 1,fIOf6S, Homeroom with R.I-I. + GB. Telling Mike I lnxc him. 7,f15!68 .incl 1 9 71. Special thanks to Mr. Salugiun and Miss Harris. FRANK EDXYARD LINDIT 547 Lowell Ami. Nuxmnxille D.1y, Bacon, College V G,w.1".'z-i i'ffn1.'.Qgf . 'I'iV1.':.fg in f.'2J.!' If ' 1:4 ':, .l'5.. l z. rf I 'l , , " , Ju' zwwil Hwy .Ulu v.:,".. -- l. ttf tlence f'li'.1rw.1tei' Rc-ximl. NEXYTONIAN, NIiXX'lUX1'1'lf. Crossftfountry, Tmck If ...v- , fU 1 ' 7 s-'ff' N N -.A l .Xl :XX l'llUNlAS l.lPlil2 KW kUllllIls'llNXQ'.llllI Aw., New ton K entre XX rt ll.lilllt'l', follegt' liaiitl, Drama, :Xrclit'ry. CAROL SHELLEY LIPINIAN io XYauwinet Rd., XY!-st Newton XX'.irren, Adams, College. ' . li: 1 '.'i','t'!i'.':",'L'Li rnxzrs fnztf fin! we .."n.'tf- -fo mel' ffm' !t'.I1' .fo film- ' 'ii rt'.1U" .i1.'f.'t V it l'f.1H!f'1'. Io fxxi 11.11 1iir1t.1rif, fri 111.1flt'r H .'t.1.1'.t," Hesse. 'TUDITH ANN LIPTON 30 Crestwood Rd., XY'est Newton XY'arren, Adams, Life. MT., L.A., C.E., RR., Nan- tucket, Clubhouse "Sol," Orleans, Nauset L.G.'s, Stranded, Laughing with BXV., Castle, FG., TXV., Cheryl. Andoxer. 7fTi,f'70, 24 bis- oo Cannes, Testing, DIRTYROT- TONCACA, Laughing across the street Ski Club1A Capella1NEXY'TON- ITE. Homeroom Mgrg Headstart, Equestrian Club, JANET LEE LOCKXWOOD If L, 28 Bullough Park Day, Beals, Lassell. , ff- r y "l1't ffffs' fffzzfrmz I 7't'tl1H, I -, -it npzffi' duff! broil' lift' .11 riff." . ,L XY'eekendsfThe Studio, Foot- '. ball at OL, AXY, XVG, BP, Thurs- ' day nights at Ann's-69, Parties i with all-yeh Lynne? Pineapple l v ' yuice at CP. ' ' Equestrian Clubg Ski Clubg 1' Q House Council 1, 2, S. ANITA LOECHIE Q 35 Noble St., XX'eSt Newton Nita XX'arren, Riley. College, "plot .zrzrzl .ff flu!! be grim yin, f tum' If ifizff fm Il!7:?1LNJ 1121111 wlz. Sally. Andy. P.P.F.T.E.C.P.P.5.- L.R'l'.If.A.. lL.L., B.I3.G., N.C- s'tii.e-imiiip Club, scum cuss Committee, Riley House Council MARC LORRAINE 21 Vernon St., Newton Murray Road, ROBERT PAUL LOUGHLIN 151 Peal St., Newton Corner Loff Bigelow, Riley, College. If I can only get the chance to take the shots that win the games . . . But will I make those shots? "TlJere'J rzolbing you ran do that cmft be done." Basketball, 1, 2, 3. NAOINII RISA LOXVINI 19-1 Hobart Rd., Chestnut Hill XX'eeks, Beals, College. "Ir if flu! in all flu' znzizerre lbgre ir fill! one Gnu! C711 mn- mnznzg Sormu: joy, Ecftzry, Agmzy, The 272011676 of Cl'E:7lf0!l.H-+ISZ1d0I'Il Duncan. CHRISTINE HELEN LYNCH S28 Grove St., Lower Falls Cricket Warren, Adams, Military or De- tective. My life was an impossible dream but one person made it come true Mulls, I like everyone especially B.E. always. Great friends. Best years XYOXVY PAL'LA A. MacDONNELL 22? Yfebster St., Newton 2. XY'arren, Barry, College. "Il nur mzlijvfcfefy znzimjwmzzzf, flu! fi' zulu if 14111 to !r1i'w'etlir1g." -Agatha Christie, 1 rv BIITCHELI. BRUCE INIACEY ROBERT KEVIN INIACINNIS ISIENITA ANNIE lNIi1cI.Ifl-I.AN KAIHIIYN I.I?lf ,'xl.ii l.l'fJIJ IS Normandy Rd.. Auburndale 1-l Thornton St., Newton Il Cfottalee Pl., XVest Newton lil l.o '.-, 1-ll Axe fi lNIitch Mack Bonnie K.1'li'. XY't1rren, Beals, College. Bigelow, Riley, College. XX'lLlIfL'fl, Barry, College. XY'.irren lS.irrf,'. .Xlfi'lL'llfl'Q "No limilf .ze ral zo Ilia rrtcwzl Real Estate, construction, Travel- Hljllfl wizrr ll .1 rfffzzmt' rl wrz I,otl:eUhers, l'1f.'rii.l:: f-r.. Ilf.l I' uf 111.111, .md ttf curb and ezuryozze ing. money. irrozr' ffffzr' In road fum." Special l'f.'neloiic' low to ltlzirp- t Ib: luiglu.f1 .r1.zmf,r open. Here il it To make the most of life with tiines with PG. SXZUJWI Suinincr Kevin the fic-lil lf' gran onli' yarn- per-,m:1.zl .-rm-E 115111 de- whatever I prove successful. Good ov 84 70. FrihhlesY "Rc-rtlli'Y" NNCC . .intl I flont lrriov r1.!i.r.l'-INI.1rtin Buber. times at the First, Summer work in Horselmick riding with filiutk. irore x-.licre I lr,-.iw off .fnli I House Council 1, 2. 51 Concert garage of '70. Crcitcst liientlshi s with KA PV. hegins. Band 1, 3, 5, Band 1, 2, 5, Stage Band 2. 3 I '. 1 P CINI.S.C.lNI.H.P.P.B.B.R.CJA.I". Ami. Ski Clubl GAA . y ,tr ' -'fi ' i ,,, L JEFFREY M. MACCLURE 95 Highland Ave., Newtonville Vilirren, Beals, College. "Lire azfry 11.15 lu Hr f1zlle.tI,"L Being absent and Mrs. DiRusso's telephone calls, 5 hr. teachers, Mr. Adams, Summers in France, 1970, Avenue des Champs Elysees avec Fred. Ive liked my High School Days. Rally Committeeg House Coun- cil 1, 2. 51 President junior Year, National Honor Society, Senior Class Committee, French Club. 'TTY MARIS ELLEN MADDEN Our Lacly's. Riley. College. "If Ilya end brizzgr me 0111 al- rigbf, zvlml if mid agarrrrf me zrw1'f arzzozuzz I0 azzriffaiazg, if Ilya and brirr,g.t me our zw'mz,q, Ian mrgelt .rzuetzrirzg I arm Hgh! uwzzlzll nuke no differw1re," - "Af - Mgrg House Aide. ". . . Irfifflff .fee 41 glmrf . . . Irlialzff we rz glam! . . , All T' 'T' ...ig ,X . T I .. .. . A . se ff .. i s rig it ,""' , 0'-21-" . -I 2 ,I .f.-Hmggfxqfair-, , H ' all 'ff J f ff .. .1 is iffy? 'f SUSAN MARIE MAHONEY TONI VIEAN MALINS ARNCVID NVIANIPII Sl .NN 21 Clarendon St., Newtonyille 199 St., Newton Centre if I 'ebl' IVV? ""L7' ll Our L41cly's, Riley, Art. XXI-eks, B.1ri'y, College I 7 ASM' ' M The "Uggs." Emerson Heaclg Biology, Blue Hills, Drunilin. NF NM- lx-1-' A ' ' Lordship. Burtonsg Pillar House. English l-4, IS hours, foxes. Goltl- l"ff-1f'Q5l9' ' -A ' Biking with IS. "Fluffy" Little- en Retrieyers, homework, hots. let' RIS - kids N ' ton, Mass. Stoned Soul Spaghetti ters, lNI.iy 0. new '.., 9 l'i,'.xi, Psych. Fifi-'li' 'Ili' X at Bi+D's. Before the Gateway, mccoons. skunks. spies. SXXANIIV Nils Rfiilffifflf l' -I I X JOHN "CK," scorii rv., .titf.itrlt.ltt, XY'.illts, Nl-1111 It iff A XVQW1 ,,,,,,,,I-ki, ness. :iz on r- n w : '. - NI'XX1'ONl.'XN. KITTQ Y.1'.nt'li. Ililli, IVSY. .'X."fx K X . , , .inox'i.i li:.:'.1st:'t SANDRA ANNE BI.iclIII.I.AN ZS Bowen St.. Newton Ccn'r Sandy. Sam. Sdlly Weeks. Barry. College EIR. 1 Ill CII. Sr Profit I N. York City. nener nw lone N 4 you two sisters? SKI NI. Sun r' ILIL, A SS I- I think you re we GAA: Sr. Class Co:'iir:'iittee H F qiosx torisr MARCHAND l lo? 'lirc-mont St Bodine. li N. Dax, Palmer, College. bummer ot O with Lili., 'Auntief' IF. f SA. Bruins farm's Apartmciit. Great times with S U. Boston. Thanks to Mary "l" for exerything Parties at Brandeis. ROBERT MARCHIONE - '37 23 Capitol St, Newton 4 Bigelow, Barry. 3 R NANCY ELLEN MARCUS ,Q 76 Paulson Rd.. Newton XY'eeks, Barry, College. "You tQfI'c' Im! fifth' zwlwrz you S316 at JOIN' pu.i,re,i,rim1.i'. I1 it zvlwzz V11 gil? Of A1'fv1n'.teff flu! ,tml ffllfvl rite."-Kahlil Gibran. Roxbury Tutoringg Thoughprints -Business Staff, NEXWTONITE -Circulation and Publicity Staff, A.C. .V I I NEAL ALAN MARGOLIN 29 XY'essex Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. Six great years with R.K., L.G. and SG.-the Dynamic Duo, P.F., BZ., A.S., MG., Juniors, crazy PB, Sub Shop. Skipping classes, Bruins Parade, BXV. and the but- tery. Hockey-football games, 70-71 yearbooks. ll fn If 11115 ffw rj!fe.t'fj011.7' 'sr-M' ' ' W as Q 3' .4 3 6 -Ay .N j.: 0 JOSEPH JOHN MARINI -15 Hawthorn St., Newton Puppet Day, Barry, College. Memories: Sunday afternoon at .Iimbo's, States, OK. Coral, Jimbo, Mickey, Spider, Fingers, Mental, Crazy, Moon, Boone, Frank 8a Yid. ,I.V. Football, Sophomore Base- ball: Gymnastics. RINA MARY MARRAZZO 1-1 Ryan Ct., West Newton Ding-a-ling Warren, Riley, Work. ,. Boston NO ice, 8!69 M.jfs, N.C., IM. Hall 69 cops, working, j.M. laughing, my twin IM., snowball fight, V.C., Joes adven- ture, "Meet me," j.D, yatch, don't chew loud, 10!70 Rer. Baby face, Ha C.C. FORGET IT. D.R., E.B. ADELE MARZILLI 155 Vlfalnut St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Marriage. Suppressed Desire: To be happy with Al. Memories-Nov. 22, 68 first date. Oct. 25, 69 that special ring. GTO's don't go-ha! VFW Sat. nights right Snub! Wild times at the table wfpkpmadahrdicacmm- ldmdcgpmdcysmralgs-RatsI LORI BETH MASLOV' ll Viforth Circle, Newtonville Lor Bigelow, Palmer, College. Riley House Commons Room, Gym-sophomore year, 1969 .lun- ior Prom, "I will, I will," "But don't forget." The third floor. Student Governmentg French Clubg Ski Club. MARSHA ANN MASON 288 Newtonville Ave. Mase Our Lady's, Adams, Business. 10f'17"'69 meting -IG., 1l"17.f' 69, 2 ,.i' 'rl "70 Natick with ACAI-IDC. where is RRS? 7 ft. in .1 '52 Ford, Rats4Cafe-F Troop. GSM mark of excellence. A block with A.C. the Pru, un- der my thumb. ALOT, XY'eek-end with AHANGKLP at 0.0.B., GSLDKKIDS. CARRIE LYNN MASS 31 Montvale Rd.. Newton Centre Baldwin -Ir. High, Adams, Col- lege. "XY'oody" 3 am., Roger, good times, NYC.-Summer 69 LG-E KH-RXY' aiever, Dennis "Shock"- B.C., NHC., EF-Q-AR Escalator with T.T, + D. "Pepino-I-Janice," Summer "TO" Israel+Eran--I-QS Rally Committee: Sr. Homeroom Rep. we-f 'R CHAD MAXNER HELENE CARYL MAYER 152 Algonquin Rd.. CH. Wfeeks, Bacon. HEZ'c'7'i1' deed and wary reltzlrozz- .rlyip ir rznmznzdea' by tm trfzzzru- pbere of tifwzce. Friczzdrlvip zieedx 720 zvordr, if if .rolffndv 12'ufiz'e1'r'rf from Ilia t1IIx2llf,1'!.7 of l0r1liz1r.rr." 5, Feb. 6, 1971. JILL MAYNARD 96 Freeman St., Auburndale VUarren, Barry, College. "Newer be .fad for utlvtzf but been. fur! be Zmpfw-1' flu! mire if zmr yorrrr 10 bare." 3,f2f'7O K Locker with ECH.- Dr. Z - AFEHCMDCKABMMH BG? Suttlel F talks with Debl- Olcay Annie. Mobil ' minutes. See ya bye! GAA3 Equestrian Clubg Senior Class Committeeg House Aide. DANIEL DAVID MAZZOLA 38 Clinton St., Newton Danny Day. Tech, Wfork. I enjoyed my 3 years at The High School. Someday I hope to make my Nova a little better than now. It was fun going down Bur- ger King my last year. LINDA ANN MAZZOLA 535 River St.. West Newton Wfarren, Barry, Work. I will to Mr. Hall all my cut slips. Special Memories: Going out with Dennis and hanging around Building I with: CC., KC., RC.. BL., lXI.D., IS., D.M, D.C., P.C.. A.D., CG., and all the rest of them who hung around there. MARIE ELIZABETH MAZZOLA 52 Fern St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, Hairdresser. 46 'f - 'TZ 2 X' PAULA MAZZO LA STEVEN MAZZOLA XR Central Ave Nfj's'.'l'il'I',lllfS Day, Riley. . ,Q f' .1 ,it GAYLE P. INICAELIFFE 100 Pearl St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer. Social Wlirkc I or Nursing. Suppressed Desire To get iziar ried and live happily and to helt people that need it. I will to NHS all my absences. LORNA Rl 'TH NltC.'AI,I 201 jackson Rd.. Newton 110 H.1wtho.rne4S'. Xuvvzi EMILIO MAZZOLA Day. Palmer, 5-WHA 62 Haxvthorne Stq Nexxvton XYQSI, Iicals. Btliiflws. V Somewhere . Sortaeiitv. Day, Barry. College. - ' t ' if 'll tlanc. I have nothing to say. Nlllulll' hm- N ll' X MARYLEE McCARTHY 25 Locke Rd., Waban XVarren, Adams, College. Joes gym club, MKOOA, skip .1 few, jailbird, flushahush, SP at NH, Party? Where? long talks, letters, and a gentle touch. C.C.R. To these who have made me happy -Thanks. Gymnastics 1, 2, R. PATRICIA ANNE MCCARTHY 17 Fuller Ave., West Newton Pat Day, Palmer, College. LGFTD-LuAnn. Summers in the city, right G.G.? A.B. on Friday nights, we'll do- it yet, Deb. Fond memories and everyone with whom I share them. GPBAThanks! XA BIARTHA ANNE INICCOURT SJ Concord St., Newton Lower Falls XY'arren, Bary, College. "ll 1' do 1111! lfllflll' fi'lll'.Itllc',f Im' 5151: ivsrffvrr 1if111.f1'f1'1qvl exfep! .15 If wstfr mm Ira!-y ff-1'r1m.zl refu- f'f rw' 11 'tif from pa llfllt' r . . My deepest gratitude and love to -lack and Cindi. CYNTHIA E lIcELI-IINNEY 155 Parmenter Rd., Yfest Newton Cindy. Sid Wlirren, Beals. College. "Tip mp!-1'1e," A '2O,'G9, 5731169 id 11 21 '69--1-everll '2 hours ini 1' minute-SP7 Summer of 70' .'1nQ the surf " Kid in the car. The Fm ga R:r.ner'f-'Eh Deb' I'll always :erf'.eifher the great times Ive had vxitli P Nl. D C, S C.. K V., G.C. D.G 'f' GAA' Ral ly Committee. CATHERINE ANN MCGERIGLE 4 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Cathy Day, Palmer, College. "Lore will abide . . . Take thingy 211 .ff1'idv.' A1f2Sf69-KK. 11f2sf 69-j.N. l0,f18!70 - Thanks, Andy . . . Littleton, Jo-jet, Bein' Spiffyl Suttle-jill! The locker - Barry House? IM., B.M., A.F., S.C., D.C., K.A. Familiar Faces. Howdy Pardnerl MARY ELIZABETH MCGOURTY 78 Prospect St., West Newton Magoo W.T.F., AU70, Lake C, all nigh- ers, 1200 Club, Buzzys 3 a.m., Volks -1- 2, C.W., "Burkes Law," Duke, See ya at the circle, guys. Class Committee I III, Rally Committee III, House Council I. PATRICIA A. MCLAUGHLIN 15b Maple Terr., Newton Patty Bigelow, Palmer, Secretary. Suppressed Desire: To marry L.C. Special Memories: The great times with L.C. and all "my friends" Hawthorn, julie + Barry -The Fogge! The tunnel? The Cape WXRB. Anna's car. Boston Prove It! SHEILA MEEHAN 164 Highland Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. 11f15f68 JC., I.L.Y.j., Summer of '69, T.Y.lNI.F.-K.O., PL., E.T., S.A.B., always, N.R.l The jewel, S.H., B.R., LQ doz. roses, Lake C., Bud, irginia, Nites in K.O.'s C. Bagged behind lib, Eggs, MB., N.E.M., TKE. PETER ARTHUR MELANSON Mel, Mental Wfarren, Riley, College. Horgan's Heroes, B.F., S.E.. M.L., D.H. Love tap from Ferg '70 A lot a cold ones at XY'.H.B. P. Town JO "69" Summer '70 AW. Basketball 11 Baseball 1, 2, 1. -TIM MESTHENE 99 Franklin St. XX'eeks, Murray Road, Mechanic. Hi Ma, Pa, and you too Gramps. I see Peggy and Sue and Billy and I hope you're feeling better Tommy andIseeAl... LINDA MEYER 2-I Jameson Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. "I will be mizzdfzzf of Ike' jiri! prmrzple uf iz Berea! period, ziciw' fu fi!-1' 071 .md let nzyfelf be dir- uuzzrerfed by fcllfdil, alunzyr .fo lermzz' flu! fiiiflv if .fH'07I.Q'61' 115.111 .ru-azlled rea!!!-m."-Hernuan Hesse. SANDRA GAIL MICHELSON 15 Emmons St., XVest Newton Sandy, Sam Day, Bacon, Business. june 30-21, That's right! S.M -5,'28,f70. Orgy time. Hello! MS. XYLL., L.B., CP. Six great years Little white bugs and horses. DRS with RJ. 100. Summer '7O. v BONNIE MILLER 65 Anthony Cir., Newton Day, Bacon. ...Y j 4-P T"TY ,X 4 ,ff 1 I I X , ,. PAIIL CHAIM INIISHLIZR F4 Brookilale Rfl. Newton Mish Day, Barry, Destruction of Cip- talism. C'est pour roi que ru fait la rewtlu- tion. CHARLOTTE M, MOA'l' 27 Ash St., Auhurnclale Wfarren, Beals, Murray Road, College. "The zz'fn'ltf If 11 fmt jtftzrt 112111 unrlb ff,tflv!ir1,L' ffn'."- -Ernest Hern- ingway. Beals House Sec., Sailing Cluhg Biology Cluhg Stutlent Advisor, National Education Assoc: Mo-.lern Dance: Student Intern, Microhi- ology, Boston City Hosp TRINITY INIOLLOINIO 7 Riclges Ave., Newtonville Adams. ANITA LAURI MILLS 6 Merton St, Newton Wally Bigelow, Palmer, Work. Summer '69, The pipes are com- ing, right rosy? "Peach Fuzz," San- tana, Colorado, Week-end in N.Y. with T.A., "the Guys," VC'eston, and a certain someone. DIANE MARY MIRABITO 529 Lexington St, Auburndale Dee Warren, Palmer, College. Sr. Prom '70 with Peter. All that way for a kiss. No Doz Rm 132. Laughs -4- Oars with PL-1-DB. Many weekends with The Gang! MKLBS. Trips into town. 954-16- '68-'7O. Christmas '70 HC from Peter. 2 more years. Most of all ancl always PIT. GAA, House Asst. KAREN ANN MOLLOY 35 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Enjoying Life. "In iz jar put up by fefifilri, The JIIIIZNZFI' uilaifla niizybe uerer' um. Hat been mpfzzred and prc,ft'rz'er1'. ,--Ind zrlamz we zzzzfrrezzf Ike lid, and .vfire L1 fliers, and In if linger 011 our fozzgue Uzzifowzi bamnn' puffible a,qaizz."-Tobin. CLAIRE LOUISE MOLNER 20 Park Pl., Newtomille Day, Barry, College. "But I dont want to go among mad people," Alice remarked, "Oh you can't help that," saitl the rat "XX'e're all matl here." 'lx 244 T'.,"S X , w x . ' w qs: if f l ,H 'xv A Q N 1. . gas'-'. .R ...- lit at ,4 . LA 'Syk xq,j'.j.-Q' 9 Nl.-Xlili A. NIOINITR MlC'llAlil. MONAHAN MARTHA J. MORALES NED MORIECE Io Park l'l. Nuxionuillti 41- Bennington St., Newton 665 Grove St., 66 Montrose St., Newton Dai, Beals, College. Bigelow, Riley. Newton Lower Falls Thanks to all the people that ' 'I fi it .1 ..-. fp: 'iaitlti 2 XY'arren, Beals, College, make me smile. .. i . 'fx .:i. 1 i .'.. ' ' It "Hold fm! I0 z1'z'c.1n1.t, for il l l .iiirosw ifn'.1211.t div, lift if iz l1mE'w1-zrizlgcd film' ffm! tlzmmf ffl." Ecology Action 2 53 NC 251 German Club 5. , I' i",' 5 . .-.,,'N tw, , 1 5? I -' " . . 'Ju '- A' fi V - fries xg- titties: .- 'cf f 1 '- Her. L-f ., V ,N 4,49 ' .. Er. - 9 4 1. 'vase' .t'.!:47.Z LISA ANN MOROG 60 Moffat Rd., XY'ahan XYarren. Riley, College. Lt! ,'i7IIg1'IL'.1 fu' .'iNlc'l'1t'.l agtzni, , .4 . vw v ' Le. .. ft .lit ifftanl .I Iron' lf: f ix. Riley House Council, Student Senate, Newton Youth Center, Library Aide: Sen, Class Commit- ICG. l .. ROBERT MORRlSON th' L.i'.-.ell Ate. Neustonnille LJaj,', Beals Ci llcge 'lil fttxzfi' f'w,tft'fif lo 1n1t1'ei- ima' fi: ruff 1,:,?llf iff fit: .wtf i 1o.i.:'ti-ffifitz' limo f ...nfs :sm ,fuzzy H lh tial ttariiitsfliusincss Ed 3 Sail r g F sh Trick Team Hl'01l'I'6 not .teen llllfbjllg A5 -e its Q if PAMELA D. MOSHER 1865 Commonwealth Aye., Newton Pam XY'arren, Beal, Undecided, "jun ffllfffrfc my zriwlwzz are 14vn'J,t flu! uiflzfd tIUl'Il'tl' n'I'c'l'l- thing." ii 2- x.- N i iz J ' 'P at '-iii 5 , " pri. X Q. W T ,,..,,.t , -4 ,l t, ,r.. . .N - 3- filee :be zlliglily Qzziznf' MARYELLEN MORRELL 45 Eliot Aye., Newton Day, Bacon, College. XX'.T.F. "-UO" Lake C. Get ready S.M. Plot, the Rez. Bagged. Higher. C.C.. R.C.XX'. -l- S.H. with B. Eggs? Saturday nights, Burkes law. C.L', at the circle guys. Student Senateg Rally Commit- tee Representative. SARAH HUNT MOYLE DEBORAH L. BIORT 3-l Cook SI.. NCNN'ttwH Sails, Day, Bacon. 9-I Berkshire Rd Newtonville Day, Bacon, College. "lI"lwt'r1 il0ll'?'c' z4'e.zr'j', feeling .tm.1ll, zrltwz l'c.Z7'5 .uf ffl Jour 6,161 I'f1 ulfl llum JU." 2 '16-20 70 Viidsh, D.C.. 5f16 70 Cape Cod, Maine 19'O, 10,f2-ly' 70 Scituate, R.V,, monfire + rain. Bex-the great times we had on nst. soccer + whistling! TBPJS. Marching Band Aide: Red Cross Clubg GAA: Concert Choirg Music Club. DAVID MOYNE 125 Otis St., Newton Day, Tech, Army. I will always look back on these years. so rich in learning and won- derfully fulfilling. I came to this school thirsting for knowledge and left with .1 dry mouth. ROBERT STEPHEN MULCAHY 49 Eliot Ave., XY'est Newton Mul Day, Beals, College. Great times with Tommy, Moon, Boon, Paul, Patton, Frank, Mike, the guys. Dicks car. The Yidmo- bile. Xlfonderful times with Shelley. Lhforgettable experiences at Out XY'ard Bound. Movie Theater Cap- ers. It's all been great. Soph. Ek Jr. Basebaljl: Coordina- tor of NHS Soph. Gymnastics: Caff. Staff. DANIEL MURPHY Oi Atwood Aye., Newtonville' Yakka Day, Beals, College. "1 mt 10 Ziff . . .'+D.o. Kathy yesterday and today. The Tower. Excursions with Del's wheels, Late night capers. Neyer enough brew. Knife. Hiding smokes from Storm. Lost teeth Football 1. 2. 51 Hockey 1, 2, 3 JEANNE MARIE MURPHY IR Rider Terr., Newton Ernie, Libby XY'arren. Beals, College. King Richard. Supercurb. star, returns, Mrs. Murphys chowder, The trouble twins, BZ. the Buick gang, Horseneck, Ellen, Lisa, Cali- fornia, XY'ooden leg, Rally. Rally, Met State. GAA. ,v .1 ' y, , . U i fi 3 W.- -4 -IOHN C MI 'RPHY .1 1 - 1, XX aiitn, Riley. f fnicge llfjflltllflit CU. ln V-uri 'l lie tml - ei' l ,wil flu' lgniff. in 'CU 'lilff lhtliiefifiin 1-'.'lllfl'i '.'. 'Ili' fi.: ' i.--ti l:r111fl7Jll l. J. ni ini' T.i1Il lids- I kt-tball -3, La frfissfg 1, J. 'i Nllf HAFI, .Nll'Rl7HY H3 lialinouth Ril V41-st Ni.-ruff n Paliner SALLY :JAY iNiYAiliil' -IEW Yfalnut St. Nexxton'.1lie Sal, Sandy, -lose Day, Bacon. College 9,flf7U ,lose and Cif.. 9'.'.'ee'- ness and surprises. Sun nites with SAM, Ylul. ABSL, Top of the Pri.: RH is great. Pluck Yum. bunches and tons, Lili we Ll'V. Are jo 2 sistersV No. twins XYliate.e. happens, happens for the best GAA, Sen Class fon'.i'nirte Cheerleading CAROL ANDREA MYERSON lit Paulson Rd. Yfaban Candy XYeeks, Barry. College Hill In ffff fm' fum I ifliff ffitl' 'Zh f.Z.'illi'wPt' l .wif nffflf zioiift -' we ' nl ,'o111ffr'z'fzr'. zu fgzxt Ilxfltfi fo fu .'li.:1:ft1r,' V' DORIS ANN NAlNlAN 12 Vineyard Rd.. Newton XY'et-ks, Barry. Colvltgge 'iililffft .'.' :tm .1f,'.Zl 1. ft" ' ' ff Il,Il,H illiuf' lik' It .fill-'fc ylfflc '..- HT' ii' A -J., ' I fit! .'f'if'y ff: vit :"'.:' ' French Club' Qtudtnt lfx.5t..: Teaching, XYILLIAM ylOSliPll Xl l l Y lol California it X 'i.1::'p' Dax, lltxils, C-illzet ' '1",'i'..'Vi',' K 't.i", .'. " ' li51v1- Ki :. ., J ' . ff: f " S l. Fiis Al5N1 Nlizsit' Cilnla Lit . PAVL NOLAN ti Prairie Ave., Newton JANET MORGAN NORDBECK 1613 Beacon St., Waban Jan, Janie XY'.1rren, Beals, College. ".-I bird door no! .ting bffuzafe lu' lim' an .zn.fu'er. He .ring.f bemute lie Zur fz Jong." KAREN BETH NOVAKOFF 35 Alderwood Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. "xi true friend ir lbs grealexf of all bltufirzlgr and the one uw take leur! fbozflgbf 10 acquire." KATHLEEN MARY O' BRIEN 66 Prescott St., Newtonville Kathy Day, Bacon, College. HS0lII?Zl'l767't?, mmelaouf, .tome- imy, ,l'07IZEdt1J'.'i 71 white wash, Plymouth + Edith-Skip, D.M.+Spring Fever, Glass, 102-iayou, Lake C, Motor- cade, QLQ-J-LUV, see ya at the circle guys! Mel-we did it! Cheerleading GAA Rall Com- t - I Y mittee, Headstart, Sen. Class Com- mittee RICHARD JAMES O'BRlEN 50 Pelham St., Newton Centre Dick, O'B XXf'eeks, Palmer, College. Facing at the hill. The circle and all the fine times. August 69. XY"orking with M.J. Basketball, Track. A11 rl! at ieiihii ABRAHAM QUINTERO OROS 16 Beach St., Newtonville Bigelow, Palmer, College. Watching old movies in the study with V.J. Waiting in the rain Friday after school. The good times with CB. The spring of my junior year. Torn ligaments. Ski Club, Bridge Club, Basket- ball, Track, Soccer. . ', PATRICIA MARY PAINE 14 Jerome Ave., West Newton Patty, Little One Warren, Beals, College. "Time ir um, and what a fime if nur, it um . . ." Paul Simon. Claim to fame: Being short! P.J. Party, Homer St. sign, Cape Cod and RH. Finast, the rock. Hmm. 8: KH KAINIHSSDCINIRINILTINIBC- BMPD. Film Club, GAA 2, 3. KATHLEEN O'TOOLE 57 Underwood Ave., Newton Kathy Warren, Riley, College. "N0flJing if a uuzrfe 115111 nmker 41 mommy." Summers at Y.B., Mr. G's class in 212, Studies in Junior year, Good jokes, lunches in Newton- ville, football games, spot lights, dead batteries, Good Friends. THOMAS JOHN OVANS 257 Wfaltham St., XVest Newton Day, Palmer, College. ,ag 00 MARTIN LEE PALEY 1525 Commonwealth Ave., Newton XVarren, Palmer, College. "To Jtrize, I0 task, I0 find, and noi I0 yield." Concert. Marching and Jazz Bands, House Council, Tiiack. NEXVTONIAN. JO-ANN FRANCES PANAGGIO 15 Melbourne Ave., Newton Day, Bacon, Business Career. "Hare patience. Eren freer 1151! .team fo die each fall .1lu'.1Vi,r turn green in fha .f,f77'I7I.Q'.H ATHENS: THREE MILES JEAN M. PANZERA 9-I Jewett St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, Business. Fondest Memory: Every Night at Brighams with P.R,, J.G., C.H., and the PEEONS, and wait- ing for Gatar to say something to me. -I!9f69 with Stubby. Favorite Sayings: You F.A.H.. Really? Pet Peeve: Being called BOO- BOO by Daebay. JoAN PANZERA 94 Jewett St. Cardie Bigelow, Adams. Fondest Memory: '68-'70 with Chico. All the good times with J.W., P.R., P.F., J.D., J.G., V.N., MC., M.K., R.B., B.B., DB., in front of Building one. ,let VIRGINIA ANN PAPA 15-I Auburndale Ave., Wfest Newton Ginny XX'arren, Bacon, College. G.G. Feb. 21, 1966. Football games. Times with P.H., TP., S.S., A blocks - George 84 Mr. How- land cfo Wfednesday nights "52". Homeroom Rep.-Mgr. 5, Council Secretary 1, GAA 1. NICHOLAS A. PARADISO 62 Oakwood Rd., Auburndale Nick, Parrot Vifarren, Palmer, College. Fondest Memories: Horgan's heores Jr. year. The night with Joe, Ed, and Rich. i . N .3 -.1 , 54'-3 I Pet Peeves: 1961 V.W. 55' , 2 1 :S . ' if ff' - . ' ii? HILDEGARDE B E. PARIS GS Pernbrr ke St. Ncwton Hildy Etlgey Bigelow Bacon, College. "The ,Q1'6'nlf drffirzzlfy nz ttffzriz- limi it fo ge! c'.1Sf1t1'1t'71Ce 11141 uf an idea." I leave Leo to Mrs. II, th.inks' Thanks to everyone, especially M,A.D. GAAQ Pres. '71, Basketball .intl Softball 69, 70, 7l, Ski Club. ANNA-STINA PASANEN cfo Mr. and Mrs. F, J. Goldsmith 31 Dorr Rd., Newton Oulun Tytto Lyseo, Beals, Re- turn to Finland, College. Eliimamme Taitekohdissa Ajattel- emee Menneisyyttd, Ystlivia mme, Ilojamme, Surinmme, Vaikeuksi- amme, Nykyhetkelle On Ominaishi Haparoiminen Pimelissi Etsien Tu- levaisuutta, Itseliin. Odotaen Mariil- man Aukenemista, Yastuuta, Aikui- sutta. AES, German Club, AFS Ex- change Student. ROBERT FRANCIL PAUL -17 South Gate Pk., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College. "U"15i1I lure you go! Io my zmu' manila?" "Somethin' for Nuthinw "Turkey" "Pencilneck." Fondest Memory: Summer evenings at the track. House Basketball, House Foot- ball, NEWTONIAN1 Staff. JANET BETH PERMUTTER 51 Llewwellyn Rd., Wfest Newton Shrimp, Shorty Warren, Riley, College. On the wall football games with T.W.B. III and having "the IV" 1320 with B.C., cheese lunch with G,L.-ARBIE and Sunipee with B.L.C., and Nantasket and Tiger 6. R -4- J's with T., Carols class- Ugh. Alans nanny. Me-Ace Crotch, and now Kenny? ELLEN CLARE PEGHINY 2202 Commonwealth Aye., Newton Pegin Warren, Riley, College. D.D, RC. and EV. Three months of laughing, BS S T, 7f22f68 PINID, Mini IXI.insion, Ap- ple, The Chase, Glue Factory, Memories with Friends. GAA, House Council, Sec., Pres. NEWTONIAN, Copy Fditor, R,iI- ly Committee, Publicity, Sen. Class Committee. CHARLES A, PENDERGAST 2:12 Linwood ANC., INCWIUYIMIIC Chuck, Pendy. Grass Day, Barry, College. Bermuda '69, Tower. Dels Mobe, Fergies. Cookies. Guygis meetings, E-mass. Cluinps, Class A Clmnips, Surprc-ssed Desire To nuke 41 Tech Tourney. Football 2, ?, B.isketb.1ll. tliptain 3, Baseball S. 'nav 'ir' 'Z lg Q29 Yew!! , .a I' 1.4! .4 u v. , w.r-ixr 1 Vg r ig fp . -Mgr YB . 2 fAnne Frank. .ll'DY lll'NNlNki'lAUN fit ciidflil lictr., Nexvtoiixillt' 2 Dux, liiton, College In Sonii. vtxir xxith RXY. hlli, A . W 7 zitktis N l' Nl Ohio "'O Suinincr or 'Ro 'lhe XXX-irs. NYS-li .it KXY, ' XX lll, lili, the Lupe lgp. XY.ilfQut. I . lusigfgctl' llili. 1 to .1 iu..SSS X .3 WARREN TAMES PEPICELLI -11 Rustic St., Newton DAY. Riley. College. 'llc' who ltesittltes is lost." Driv- ing to Tevxksbery. Speech Clinic. Hotl-cevg Tutoring. DEBORAH PERCHIK 20 XY'oodl.iwn Dr., Chestnut Hill XY'eelcs, Barry, College. "I fitfiezt' nr ffm good uf m.111." 4 SUZANNE ROBERTA PERLES " 58 Everett St., Newton Centre ,MJ Wfeelcs, Palmer, College. , .. Did you ever stop to let time V go by-and it clicl? JOHN GAVIN PERRY 67 Grove Hill Ave., Newton Day, Beals. Dulwich, Profligii- tion. Hedonism Newton, Oct. 15, 1960, XX'.ish- ington, Dont light the match at , both ends or hold it too long: ix 2 Youll get burnt either way. t AFS, Bridge Club, VLC. Smoking Society. York. ANDREA PETERS 620 Grove St., Newton XXfarren, Riley, College. HI.c'r17'71 carb dai ar if you uere in fire fw'e1'cr, Lire crzcla day r Vyozz zvere to die l0mw'1'ou'." Lentherchairs. Sat, nite, mouth dripping screen, phones 8: M P.P.F.T.E.C.P.P.S.L.R., CARS, New Ski Club, Rally Committee. Riley House Council, Class Committee goal. Day. LOUISE CAROL PFUND 16 Biilcarres Rd.. West Newton Louie VUarren, Riley, College. "Be of fore .1 fflffe more I.'.1P't1fllf Mum of ez'ariflvi1zg." Feb. 14 DB. Rings BST. Colom- do '68, A.j.R.D.R.B., TK. -l-A Feelings mutual S. Knockn, Knocka . . . R.L.-A.S.S.L. Soph. Class Committee fSect.l1 Slci Club, Riley House Council, GAA. LARRY LEXVIS PITCHEL 27 XY"estboune Rd.. Newton Centre Pitch Solomon Lewenberg jr. High, Adams, College. Hllnfiezz lbii jun ws. 1'w11w11I1t'1' me .WJ fuzzy' me in 'win' mimi. Pmyi zviflv me ffm! fuxzct' wr txzrfh 121.111 will .ronzadqi fnziff' CARL PETERSON SUSAN MARIE PFEIFER 1079 Whshington St.. Day, Bacon, Nursing. If we want a better society in which we can live in, we must work towards our goal together and XY'orld Peace should be that Biology Clubg Red Cross Club GAA1 Equestrian Club: Ecology -.49 ,Y 4? NANCEE POLLEN S6 Park Ave., Newton Bacon. KEVIN MICHAEL QIQINLAN 50 Albert Rd., Auburndale NX'arren, Palmer, XY'ho Knows. Go wild, got to have it, Little Louie. Lebeau, Shirley, Moom Mo- bile, Shon Doe HD, The great Trip. E-Z. M.H. E.B. KS. -IC. LB. DS. D.F. 8: Desi. Hockey, Vforkstudy. 29' i DONNA POPPEL 20 Morton St., Newton Centre Wfeeks, Bacon, College, "Sleepy f1li7"l'J' I lure kzzozwz mme." Distant follovrings have shown some ways to live different from the ways I've known, To my friends. a thank you song for being so kind to me. or 5'-lk D so .1 . R A fl TYLER MILTON PUTNAM 537 Highland Ave., Xlifest Newton Tv Warren, Palmer, College, "The Ptuzct' we .ravi Ili rm!! simply flu' .zffftvzrtf nf tzrzmil mez- fficl or fmflilt' dfI'IfIfN!.l.' -Robert F. Kennedy. TIME OUT GERO ,IOQIIPH QI 'ARANTO IM Riuer Qt.. XX es? IXL:-:fin Cicrrx' Whitten, I'almc-r, Cmlleut- Summer of i.-.i'li lziifs Kids from building fini: lJt.i'-M. I-lorseneck Kids fri-1:1 XX N. Ne ,i Mtlfenncy. Ciiulligt, Mi Curinf' Hockey, Baseball, 'lic-rg Ball MARY M. QI 'INONE 9 A12 Chesley Rd, Neuvron Runkle. Brookline High. Rilc- College. NBc'.lIlf,'l' it wzfi fill! Jtttif' Mind + Body. Mindbbii-dy The body is only but .1 cover 1 r the real self, Beauty in ones QC is .1 rare quality. ROBERT FRANK RADIN LOIS ANNE RECCO DIANE ,MARIE REDDY IUIZI. IRA RFISMAN 59 Channing Rd. 150 Aspen Ave., Auburndale S Cross SEE XLS? Newton JS lf.uru.iv D7 XXAQ ' Weeks, Bacon, College. I-015 XX, I P I '1 C Hn bwlfll' Strawberry Fields, Brewer Maine Mt. Alvernia, Riley, College. ,,EMrm1,'A, 11'mf'-I 3 f Day. I?.ilz:xq:', Colt Summer 70 "I am a rock I am an "Remember, keep 1111.11 lflll lure 'V "U 'jf"f., Q l"'L:'l 5 ' Mis Ret I--.trutlz S9 f 1 island, and a rock feels no pain for one rzeiicr mzliztxi lbe izzzpmf- Q0'm'1'9u l' gif." R jl W Ur I-I-:1'troo:'1u1'fi I.-gist Rx. and an island never cries." mire of if wifi! if iv Aikwz In un UPS tl' 'lm' C54 ul 'U fllftlllyll- is :V-I--I-iiixbi mlofbwfv ap. BIT oh-60, Thanks and love KVM h,..,.kf., lyk, Q , - to all the kids for evetwthing, Heso C-I ,bi U Ng 'is 411' Xl. 'f,- 'I thinks Bgfble l the T. and Mrs. H. yo AR. HP. I ' My L' ' ' A LC. RS. BLD. KIT. PBI. IT C. CI-I. R.lNI. Rina -b -Iune good times. Fuzrys class. Be good Mr .1 I'I. Sports .intl GAA, lRl7Nli lOUlSE RENKE 21 Atlierton Pl., Nc-xxton Lower litlls XX'.iti'en, li.1ll11L'f. Truck Drixei Ot' Chris LXR' 17.1.1 .wx 1111. 1 Jfxz. ".'."'f'n..1 rflxf ul 111' 11. 1 'l 'fi .'..:' 1 " ,Q"i't r. ylmf 1z'f'1it' It .".' . if g1'1'.1.' fxrsrx. 11 1- ,ill 1. . fi il rv .wh if lil 1 1" . 1.1 . .. .1.. .111.1i. Ht-inerooni xxitll Ira. ,TONATHAN RESS Foo Franklin St., Newton .l-15' Bigelow, Riley. JANET LYNN RIES 63 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre XY'eeks, Beals, College, ,'TA7t'1'c' .zu 1177161 I ll'1U 1101 5111.2 171-1 l1t.11'1, r1111f 111:11 11111 onfy .rpctzk 1111 llljfldfl He who understands and for- gives, where would he find a mo- tive to actfXY"here would he not? Thoughtprints, NEXVTONIAN, NEXVTONITE, Theatre Arts. BEVERLY NANCE ROBERTS 22 Arden Rd., Newton Day, Bacon, College. "Bowler are good e11o11gl1 111 111511 01171 zmyi. but 1fJcYr are 11 7111-Qlllfj' 1'1lf1111fle.rr 5111551111118 for Ziff." Special Memories: Quebec Sum- mer "60" Skiing Boston Hill with the Group sm., rc., rs., LS., P.C. House Council, Student Senate, Civics Committee Secretary, Library Aide, Music Club, AES, French Club, Ski Club, Marching Band, Tennis Team, Thoughtprintsn Cir- culation Staff, flue bomb 116111 off 11111 111119. LAWRENCE H. ROBERTS 1011 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Warren, Palmer, College. Fondest Memory: The American Wfoman with Miss G. THOMAS SMITH ROBERTS 51 Page Rd., Newtonville Sugar Day, Palmer. Looking forward to seeing my friends in the future, Bob, Paul, Moon, Boon. Charlie, Alan, Mike, and Carshey. Looking forward to Sept. 3, 1975, and the unforgetable experiences of Outward Bound, SETH ROLBEIN 10 Pierrepont, Rd., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, College. "So long ar there are 772672 011 t'tZI'fli7, I 11111 doomed to go o11 dclflfillg before 1be111,"-Sartre. C.H.. P.R., P.M.. M.G.S. NEXVTONITE, Student Senate. CAROL ANN ROONEY 239 XVebster St., XVest Newton Warren, Palmer, College. Fond Memories WXSGBJTBDHJ BMFJXYN' Peachy, Piggy, Marrion- ette, Farquar fRd1 Summer 70 RBDCS. R.C. fRah, Rahj Pres. Gntwn Bashes 111 161. It's been reall HMXYMS only make believe. Lut : Lum. Pres. Rally Committee, Ski Club, Sailing Club. NANCY BARBARA ROSEN 11-l Lowell Ave., Newtonville XX'ilmot Jr. High Chicago, Beals, College. "Il".1lk 11.11111 111 lnzrzd, .z11J Io- geflvw' we 11111 .r11z1111, 1.111 Ihr' i'Z17'6.f- 150111 of .1 1z're.z111."fMoody Blues. I Believe! MARC JERALD ROSENBAUM 339 Lowell Ave., Newton Day, Palmer, College. "Pfe.ter1'e your 111e111o1'ie.r,' Tbewi .ure all fbdflf left of jon." I confess Mr. Rosen, this cluck couldn't always see. jay, where are you calling from? Battling Abner, and Russ-XX'hat do you think of this, a windmill? Yamahas too. NEXVTONITEQ Track, Cross- Country, Ecology Action, and other lunatic fringe groups. fail A ti . N .I all PAUL LOUIS ROSENBERG 42 Morse Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Pancreas. "'I will Zjfftwfl, I will filzrr-ii-11, 1 1111! ffailzk. I will Ttlllllll, .wtf I :UU BllU1dc'I'.u NEVVTONITE Co Editor Tci - 3 ach- ing. 'Makes good water sense." AINIY RUTH ROSENBLATT 6 Ferncroft Rd. XX'eeks, Barry, College. "ll"li.z! .tzzfzrliiwze if 10 flazzwf, Jnziles are 10 1111111.11111-y." Beacon Street Bridge. Songs, dreams, joys, tribulations, tears shared with special friends. Thank you Mum, Dad, Phil, Jana, Mrs. Black, J.o.R.R.M. BRUCE EDWARD ROSENBLUM 15 Bemis St., Newtonyille Juicy Day, Murray Road. Mistah Kurtz He Dead. If you werent mad you w.eiuian'i be here. Tell my brothers . . . Yamakraw, Ricebird? The Breth, buses, beaches, closets, Happy Freeport, friends fly away good time la la la. NEXVTONITE, C.S.P.E., Human Rights, Folksingingg Carousel: Sen- ate, Colloquiemg Moratoriumg Mur- ray Roadg Frisbee Team 81 Glee Club. PAUL N. ROSEN FE LD I-4 Leonard Ave., Newtonyille F.A. Day, Palmer, College. "A 111.111 11 rirb in p1v1,11111'1jo11 ffl Ilia zzumlzw' of fbirzgi be 11171 afffmi 111 Ie! Jll771c'.l'iI'I.D.T. DAVID LAWRENCE RUBIN 6 Risley Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, Constructive Dialogue of Action. I can. Thoughtprints, "Rap" Sessions. Band, Wrestling. X ii, ' aww, V., ii V ,.A,,yu N ., 1-,say . in 3 . xi ,,,,, .,f3,5.. , . 1 ya' , i,-:S .aw J, -3 , . f , .I xv -r y . I .L I ANNE MARIE RUGGIERO 37 Frederick St., Newtonyille Annie Girl, Mit "No lqmxftr loin' hizllf 771.111 16.111 Iliff 16.121 111 lay t!'lIl'7l lm lffii fm 111i f1'1t'111fi," Anyone for Chinese food? Fri- day wfSally N Pat. Mother! Thats frizz Leslie, terrific banquets, thanks for listening PM., thanks special people. Sports, GAA, Bacon House Council: Hoineroom Mgr. " ' 4. 'T MAI 'RIEFN .XIARC1Alil.'l' RYAN l ii Clierry Sr, Y-,Vw - - IXIIHQ. I.lIl. Xli'ai'rL-ri, Pali' hr 41 5 hcliofil ij1il2flf'9 Aix-Ilt,l'.I',5 ,Xli,j,i'f,, biiiiiiiier if VH liuzgfr lsf. 3, ll 5 VT. HK iii lj lk T'.'l.' Cuff l, rle far '.-,' 1c,KEslcIiIJAXl.H.I1.',i. llIi'wwLlir1 iff 'l3' 1- if, lj , ISK 'fi '.-. ,XIAIXI I . ' fl. -A DC Y Nlxliildl lfiiaawt li'ffl"fi if' l'-f ll 6: PP. 'l'ABl.If 1' -x , .,-0, -,. yf 6, X ROBERT DANIEL RUNDLETT 17 1 Wfebster St., Wfest Newton Bob W'arren, Palmer, College. Building III XX'all Club J. A. Slapshot, 74, Cracker Jack Pauls Big Splach. Jeffery, Dildo, Falcon, Bar of soap, BB. King. YVONNE GEORGETTE RVSSO 206 Melrose St.. Auburndale Littlebit, hlousie XY'arren, Palmer. Sctietarial School. Hampton '70 with 'I'.X'i'.. N,M., -P PD. Talk sessionsg 6 -1 'tl --f meeting Mike, lil Rl Til. Gootl times down the tatieg D and Li blocks, Senior year Helping Mr. Pappas, ' Yxonnie". Favorite Fay- ing: Oh my heart, is that him' Is that him? tRiglit Tlieresal? Biology Club. ,,, 1 i Q is ', iv V . J, f L 61 ftifff 'Yr' 'gs I . ,wal . . I . oi, .Fi Q all PATRICIA A. RYAN 2-i2 Riier St, Yfest Nc-2'-'Ti Patty lCariil Pi j XY'arren. Palmer, Iiuszness Fondest Memory' Sat nf: -IO my house. Fun tinits uaifli AIX! IG., ul P., an.l B I. Di 'an lixcl ams every niti' waiting TY-r AID t drive hy vfizli SC fi PA ' ' Saying lm liunkzir. right Pet Peeye: lic-ing tailed I 7 Burnett by KIT S Kfil Iqtgftgrf. xl.. waiting' 'JOE lil'li'l' DAYII3 Sfiiilwki ilii l'.1':'s ri R3 X. XY'eeks. li C' ', I Sgli-wi My gm x V slil ott till tw' x Wlirren, Bacon, Murray Road. g -N - ,. fy.--f I Q- afrvw-vu00""' '-.Iv I -r' I , ,Y 'f,,,.... ,.-- gvnuC?"" .- .'---vv-Y "'4"""' i PATRICIA ANNE SACKS Zo Morton Rd., Newton Centre Patty Weeks. Bacon, College. "1 1Zf.'11i, I XZYTIDIE' I 51712, lZ7c'I'e'f0!'c' I .1111. I flfiliflk . . . 1,721 1111111-' 111.111 11l1.11, I fliilll' I 11111 .,,L 11 fall! I Mimi I 1111111 !2t'.'l-G1'.lCIIIC Edge. ANITA GAIL SALSBERG -tl Eliot Memorial Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon. College. "Bur you i-11az1' .iff Zlllicf 111 fell ll'X7t'7Z ,yf111'1'e T11 flu' r111t-I if ffl! ZUPUIIAQ 111' ff 11'r will B111 ,11111'1't' f1111111if 111 flue If 31111 fe! flat, f1f11t.i' ,Cul yifff .itrtzntf 111 ft't'I." - Joni Mitchell. ANDREW' MAIR SANDERSON tio XY'indsor Rd., XX'aban Satch XX'arren. Bacon. Prep School. Basketball, Tennis, Soccer. Bacon House Representative. Homeroom Manager LURNA ANNE SANTAMARIA fil vI.tI'E'ieS Sl., INMVIOIW Mt Aluernia Academy, Riley, iw lieu: 'Illini 1.:7g7' LH! 21.1, JJ! 1'1ift xlfktlf Iii f.J.f .rf .Yi 111 PJ f11:'f1 '1 7714, l?Z:HtZlt T1!ft1t' .Im 1 Hill' l.1' 1:t1e1 't.l'I.' fo MARIE G. SANTONASTASO 148 Chapel St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College. 'Taking 11 neu' ifep, ultvrirzg ll Ilc'Zl' u'11rk, 1.r zulu! 1111111115 fam' 1121141 . " C.C., AP., the great times I spent there, with D.C., L.L., D.C. froad runnerj SS., A.F., and all the r6St. .I.L.? . . . I TRIED . . . A crumbled seashell . . . Riding Dub. I-IUBERTE LOUISE SAVOIE 95 JL1SS6f St., Newton Day, Adams, XX'ork. The thing I can say is I am go- ing to hate leaving this school. What I really want to do is get my own apartment with a few friends of mine and live the way we want to. I have my idea set on buying a car. Then I want to work for :i while and I would like to get married and have a big family, LINDA SUSAN SCI-IILLER 122 Fessenden St., Newtonville Funny Face, Little Linda Day, Adams, College. Summer '70, All my luv to "everyone" 8 T.T.A.M.F. especial- ly - M.T., 10,f12f7O f Lighten up Mame - XXf'ineo. 91Q -P LUV. "Une bare .fn 72111517 111 .7115 forgro t1111le." Ski Club, French Club, Roxbury Tutoring, GAA, Cheerleading. ELLEN SCHCSN 291 Otis St.. XY'est Newton Timid Frieda "I1111'e'c,f 111 ffm' P.zc1f1t' Iil.111J,ix I1.lITI'c'.t' 5.11 1115 fft'.i'1f1 uf flll'7'c'f- i'1I1t'ff.f, .wif i'f11i't1I.f 111.1i1't' f1i1111 flu t1I1clI.r 1,1 f1111ft1' fhcjl' 11111.11 ii" ROBERT JAY SCHPEISER 37 XY'hittien Rd., Newtonville Bullet, Butch, Termite Day, Bacon, College, Things to rememberfChemistrv Mrs. Meyer, Mr. I-Iagopian. Bridge Club, Biology Club, Ten- nis, Indoor Track, AVP, TGG LSM. ,IUDITI-I ANN SCI-IRIBMAN 1-I2 Farwell St.. Newtonville Judy Day. Adams, Travel 84 NY'orlc. "II"l1.z.' 1115 11'111'.7.f 1.wt'.f.r 11t111', v -, 'Y'-'.V,, lou .izzttl Itfzt. ixllf 111,11 fm tome, fm! for e1r'1'1t111u." "F1w.1111 -yoln' tftzre ffl 111.1115 1f.1Vi. !J1'll,l'Z7 11,1111 fc'.7P'.f :ZZl',1-I'.l. MATTHEW' PETER SCOTT 15 6 Grant Ave. Matrick XY'eeks, Bacon, College. "Yt,c'111, OL! fl'le'h'JI' 1,1 fzlzrnzyiy 11551, '1'a,vf 5011 11111 r.1fr1'1 .1 Uclll' om' tl1.1:',r fy! 111 111.155 .111 wld Ulla' 0111 Of," H.V, St.1ph Power, P,H.C., D.O.M., H.Y.C.? XY'.X"C'.XY'. -Il-I, 2l'. Life-F.A,Y.? Tiger Marching Banclg Drillmas- ter, NEXYTONITE1 Business Mgr., Carousel, Smith Family. PAMELA SUSAN SEALE 16 Arbor Rd., XYest Newton Pam 1 'H-. XY'.1rren, Bacon, College. "Tw 111.11171 juifpfe, 11,111 111.1111 111,111Jc1.'1sr, 1011, 11,111 122.112-J' 1111111m'1e'5." 'E' ' 9 '22 68 Love to one big Honey? Cotillions with SRV. SB,-I-OAL, Mornings in Blue Bell with D.L 6 -2- CP. Homeroom with B.C. -1- , '1 3 72' LM. f f I EDXYARD DAVID SEGAL 135 Beaumont Ave., Newtonxille .,. ' A Day, Btlcon, College .Ind Traxel- y. 1 ing. 'Ev I "Beauty-untouchecl by human V! , hands." Xl ,, Basketball, XVPP. i' 4 I ROBERT GERALD SEGILL 15 Clinton Pl., Newton Bird '57 Wfeks, Bacon, College, I will to Newton High: My min- ute Golf team. Fonclest Memory: Leaving school. ABIY LYNNE SELTZER 5 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre XVeeks, Riley, College. "To 1.1516 111 t'z't"1'i' 1t'.11'rf1f1j1 ilu' p1i11111,ie of f11111111u1'." NEWTONIAN, Asst. D.1t.1 hil- tOr, NEVUTONITE, Circulation Staff, Roxbury Tutoring. S'I'IfI'I'II"Y I' PAVI. SIzNNIf il MKII X' g IJ: Hiiizr Inf rut: ii s IIYDIVIII ANX SIIRI-IIX IH XX'cs'ticl-I Iiil llxi ' X' ill, , ,li T Mfrs, I4 Arxrnls .iiit N-r1t1.'f+i'y lil' N Xlxiitli Ilifu-In 1' 4 " 'I'HfJI't,II'IPRIX'I'S " A I 72I1ftusfiilkI IX I .ilxxuixs vninttil In he Irie: STEVEN ELIOT SH.-XDI IGM X'X'.1sliin:o:'i S' XX'cst NcR'.'w:: XX'.irren, Iiitun, Colleen .Ill fwjlt T 1 31,1 fn' j11z'f1.11llf Iwi Mt zi i J . -ri JANET GAIL SHAPERO 55 Park Axe., Newton Bigelow .Iii High. liicon, Ari SCIIOUI. "Il l21.Iflc'Ii 11.11 61111 i.f1,11! 11'-t lgrzle. buzz' l'Xl.II'.Qc,.X 1111141 ,'1111J1i1i- 111t'111,t ilu' irwff, I ,1111 ffft 11:.1i,'t1 of 111i frm' I .1111 Ihr' r.1Ii1.111: iff' mi mzzff' Thoutuhtprtnts--Art Eclitor, AIN Student Council. ALAN PHILLIP SHAPIRO ITTS Coimnonwcgllth A1-tx Xtxi it ' XYtirrcn, litcvii. College Special Mtniories' LC. D K KI-I., li. li, loo, Ifuroptx South Frientllyk, M.ic's, lhc Lctitr, 'Ilit Strike, The 'liiyuhtf' 'lfirmls Xt with E H r I s I S p Suzy It Swuri, AL' J l My bearcl, Dangiis Hi u Li I laugh. I pretlict th.1' in n ni uve to perform tree tm. 1' B.tsItetb.1ll 1. B.1seb.tlI I 'I Tennis 2. R, Strlge Brznl I Y ,ll'I7lil'H ANN SHAPIRO LOUISE B. SHAPIRO ROBERT ALAN SHAPIRO W XX xlteliam Rd.. XX'est Newton Jo M.1nd.1l.1y Rd., Newton Centre :fl F-lrluw Rd.. NCWtOn ,Iudy Ouisie Bob XX',tiz1n, Bacon, College, l'sytlii.1- Bigelow, Bacon, Halycon, XVeeks, Bacon, College. 'rut ifisexxorlc H1514 r: flu' imxzffc if of t'1't.1lln'ef I ask you who I am and you tell ll :..:i'..'itv f'.'ifi'ti 1.1: t'.m:ti .1 NIH! in Mi' uit-ig" "D,-,i.,,,, me who I was. Purdy Picture, . .", swf H .. img Init fu c wifntr fflffe ffxfi iff firm." N.,I.C., Tree People, Dooked. fin! I .wiv t' I.oye to you Sun-My truest 'ff It .J'..n,i fi r .i',i.ff,-44 friend, Smile-S.P.C. M's seem to The problems of Anxiety Sigmund slip away. I reud. Roxbury Tutoring, Majorettes. 'U F fa f fl ,IAMES PAUL SHAW' oi Greenlaxyn Ax e.. Newton Weeks, Palmer, College. "Uwe i'li.ffs4g I rtueref if Mhz! 121.111 'f'm.'. HI c.'cl1."lI.I!l1l. Illfflllllfl fu ff't'fc.f1 .wtf iff 1'ctfIlI7r.'IlZt'Ilfl',l Home Room Mgr.. Student Sen- ate. Ski Club, French Club, Euro- pean Travel. Tlnzffm .tome .i'ltm'A1' lllezlffiilfff AM-.5 SUSAN M SHEA GEORGE WIAMES SHERMAN GEORGIA BETH SHERMAN T3 SUVIUWT Sli- NCWTUH 17 Brooksbie Rd., Bedford S2 Mosman St., XVest Newton Dulk' Sum' Bedford Ir. High, Tech, XY'ork. .lose I5,irlf"'-I B-lifrfl. Cl'llC,:C. Chiquitaf K.M F., 7X1-UTD, Boss "Build for -wzzryelf .1 ,rn'011,g!10.x'. "T ,JJI1 g il, fgytg ,JU ,,f ,fig Gil Comet? 'Gfm'IQe, zrtzfcfv out for fin! .IU tum' fmrzlaftir llvwfh' fnive " r g git ffl," ffm! free." "Dorff zzwlifi iff gurl tiff tour' lu'.1i'!.1t'Xu'.f zfifbizz il. flier: Sui. :Teri ,it the Cape. R 'IS in ffm' umm I ifr'i1'e." "lf 'W fIW!ff?'L1'1d I-I1f.SlVl" H B- A, the r.i"i, tii'i"es xx ith Ginny. George, BJCRUS' lI,I'if.'I't'S.t EliC'.'lT ttfltl DIIIT-n.T. Prkwngl-ani' III USC I7-'lll'ii.Il, Hl1lIIL'- 1' iiirzi Nlxr. SARA MARIE SHAUGHNESSY 715 XX'atertown St., Newtonyille Sally Day, Barry, College. H-TOIIIOITOZZ' - mtzlie mnzeozze laiztlpzif' Fond Memories-F Troop, Good Luck! Remember always - teams and banquets, Ossepee in a pick-up and especially P.D. - thanks for waiting! GAA, Outing Club, House-aide. M ny.. Evgen- e .5 K. Q. Fw 'awp f."1' ,. J' " ,sq . , , .gr r A W- ' ., . is I t "'7 I SANDRA ELAINE SHAW' 19 Owatonna St.. Auburndale Sandy XY'arren, Bacon, Medical Secre- tary, Travel. Time is fleeting, flowers are falling. Life will soon be past. Pause and ponder where you are going. Time is flying fast. Biology-X and XII: GAA XII. I 9. ,- ROBERT HAROLD SI-IRIBER -12 Holman Rd., Auburndale. XY'arren, Bacon, College. "ll" wuz netsw' ,til .wif nail .zlumf llwir iH.f,' 1111! L'Zl:'c'!'4fllHiI .wee other lt'.l-If fa !l1c'l.'t4J i'!il:'III." Tbirzk of tvflwxgr. "Tir .zu frz.fz4':edrtf gar- Jen."-Awesome. Biology Club. NEXVTONIAN. Orange Book, Basketball, Tennis. DAVID SIEGAL 18 Hatfield Rd., Newton Bacon. SIDNEY RAY SIFF 592 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Sid Day. Bacon, College. "If 11 721.172 1111111 1101 56511 ,fnzca Iliff' 1111 r0111p.11111111.r. 1w1'l1.:f1.r 11 if bc'C.1Il.l'c' be 155.11'.r 11 1f1ffc1'u111 dr11111- 272572 L51 151271 .flap 117 1l1a 11111111 be 176.Z7',l', Z70ll't:lI'E7' 111e1z.t11red 01' flu' .1u'11y." YVONNE R. SIFEORD 71 North St.. Newtonville Day, Barry. College, Best times with friends-RATS! R.D., P.K,. A.M., my Auto Me- chanics class. Chevy's "55's." "57'S," "61'S" and "64'S." TECH 1,1"2Of69. Desire: To be happy. Pl-llLlP INIICHAEL SILBERSTEIN 51 Xlifestbourne Rd., Newton Centre ButhuS. Plug XX'eeks, Adams, College. "If .1 111.111 liflthf 1101 keep pace 141117 1111 c0111p.111if,1111', pa1'b.111.f 11 if 655.11116 be 1161111 11 1f1ffc1'c111 11111111- 111c1'. L11 111111 .flefl 11.1 IXJE 11111.f1c zvbiclv be bemxr, b0u'e1'e1' 111e11.f111'aa' 01' far 11z1u1.1'." Soccer 1, 2, 5, Baseball DI. V. Soph., NEXYTONIAN. 1 I' 11' 'NHl,l4Xl. . '1 CMH ll -'1 lain-1101 l" , 1 1 lSf.11s ff-llf "f'1 11" 01.1 1 ' 11,',, zf11.111!M ' lwi. ,',l:'f P1 lil NA l, ill. xll l ill l,11'.'.L'll 1'X'." N D433 linrrj.. fwlngg 4 Alu' fiulsfs .mil Ii.: f " ' lvl.11'1t.1 '.'.1.-cl:-cnl lll l'l1 long disc t1s'1111ns l'r.1 f ' r'1'1c'r lnvlitxnw. f1l11,.l1 11 from li11r:' .l.l'. 1 -f friends. SLll3'.lIA:Y,'F k,t".lY NlLXX"lUNl1AXN Art l Clnlw, Nziling fl1.l1 l l1 f "U'f1z11'l1 0111 f01'y0111'g001z'1e.f, H11z1'ke-ye!" .4 an , I is-4 Ntirioml Hon r N 1 t 1, 111 1, XVILLIAM YI I 'AR l ill X I ll ISR E.1st Side Pliv, Nt I Bigcl11'.x'. Bacon, C1 llc c "Hun IXIZPJQ ,','1',t 111111 ffll 151.111 .1111 511 jllff 1lJ"tlI."f ltr LH JAMIE ELLEN SILK l lo l l lX 27 Trax is Dr.Cl'1cs1 1 f llc XY"eel4 Q, l4.1co:1, ,11 1- -1 vff,I4lL1.!1.L 1111111111 f1Zl'.H I.t.11'11 ,if .fl 1 111 F, .. 3 . NEXYTUNITI' fh llll rr I l Dance. FRANK VlNCEXNl Nll.X IO 2 hlldclle 53. Xen Day, Bacon, Lndt- The stmin ur t N Place .mil in Clmt. .intl DM The sttriint Cape C 11.1 with DK x l1 ht ll 1 TBI l 1 v' uw, xllcltl, lWUl'L3l .XS sl X 'l 5iL..t:I lil X liigcl mx. li... X l 81.111, 91 ph l': XX .- NHS :X li x 1? lifs Svttu. XX 10' Num .Q 1 ROBITRT ,lOSlTl'lI SIMONIILLI ZW Adaine Aye.. Newton Bob, Sim XY.ii'i'eii, Bacon, College. Ii iltii fi' Hin' fnllii ffihlllxf foal!! i Mit .fi.if.'g." Pc-t Pc-tive: Home- work XYH, DC, The Rck rank about my cars. Faxorite Pastime: Ciymnastics .ind Clirl-watcliing. GymnasticsfC.iptain. ,lL'DITH SI'E SINGER S9 Beaumont Ave. .ludy Day, Barry, College. "I in zwfil I LTXUVTC' In lat" I i I ft I rl, . .rm nz mi l'Z7ilIL'A', 111 mi' zu!! fo L'Zlfll!Yq'," Bridge Club: Math Team, NEW'- TONITE. RACHEL SIPORIN 300 Franklin St., Newton Bigelow, Murray Road, College. Sffuxzia in Frmrlv zvlvwz ian rtzzfl fluff! of flu' Erzlgffrlv for ,1 flung? mwz on! win' lou zrlvwz you imfk film! J'c'7Ilc'NZ!7i'l' who ,ion izrt'.l"-- Lewis Carroll. MARLENE FRANCIS SIVACK Sl Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre XVeekS. Riley, College. Ufiitrzrfi' .wif foiwrw juli! .wif goin' .mj no wma zzxzffjfzg fnrflu 1' on Illli' flllillflillf f!7U7'f of flwngi fo in .wif Sznzilvmt' nzozur il for fu NIL H BONNIE LYNNE SFIITH 19 Edward Rd., XY'e5t Newton XY'arren. Murray Road. College. Tom who? S0 ski weekends- alone' A trump on Skid-right Roz? "Robert will you take Bonnie home now?" Midnite rides thru Back Bay' 'Tow who? Can toilets walk? "Id like you to meet my dog. . L'.S. History B. Ski Club, Sailing Club. BRUCE STEVEN SOSTEK 28 Turner Terr., Newton Day, Bacon, Something XX'orth- while. "I 1221111 a"!IdIll'4' lbs fu'i'tt'11rt' of lzwo or flvrec a'.1Iw'p1fl.111i if I ll'l.l'l7 lu lftronzt' .1t'q11.1i11liw' zviflv flu' bu!- li'rffit'r,"fAntivine de Saint Exu- pery. House Council. Student Senate. NEXVTONITE, Thoughtprints, Ski Club, Wfrestling, Biology. .43 v N , ' K' Ya' Q' f fx , 7. .f,.x9Q M "'?".I:wa,s-J . L4 RIVA SPEAR 310 XY'ayerly Axe., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, Murray Road. "Yon mai fire zvfwzz ion .111 ftilcj-1' Gridley.'2fAdmiral George Dewey. ROBERT STAHL 15 INIanet Cir., Newton XVarren, Bacon, College. "THE BLEACHERSH . . . Men on the moon, Hoga's "D.T." in jolly, XY'ells Beach, Ma .... "P.O.B." A gun at our head, Stew is 18, Moose going on runs. "BO"? A Dream' Peace throughout the wol'lLll I . lo l v J fi .I ' -E .' RALPH CARLSON STANLEY 11 Kimball Terr., Newtonyille Day, Bacon. College. "Que saisfje ?" 1 54' ff' INIARSHA BETH STARR I Cotton St. Fugitive from Natick, Riley. College. Eprarious giggling . . . The Big Muck-aAMuck of the supreme High Order of ElSie the Cow . . . The whole worlds insane . . . only 6 . . . "Belton f1iiz4.i!f.yg zi'l'.z.' if rfglv .lfitll zifmzf .fr Zt7'0I.'.C. fn'-.' ue mum' lm! on! zi lu! ut' Jn. JANE ELIZABETH STEELE 75 Clearwater Rd. XY'arren, Murray Road, College. "A zine mul. 1l'.1fi'l'H.'KQ 1176 J'f.1f.Y p,1,r.r .ZC1'0f,t' fbi Jkri, r'n11.1rf5d.' Ir: flag zzplhfr Jil' lbs'ffis.i' more more .f!0ll'!v1.l'-Aml' Lowell. l ll i fn.2'ff?"' l . 1.5215 -,WV A h 1 ,' .- Vwigl- ,lrr 7, 4 tl '. .Y V i ...i 13.7319-, ii i . X .. is 'g :I in r A , " T. T....g."1 Ag. I 4 X , tal, jr p:nQ'v-sv1-- l l "And flvefz you ro!! if fike Miki." LORRAINE HELEN STEFANIAK 5-i Adellti Ave., W'e5t Newton Laurie Day, Riley. College. 4 Lots of laughs with Geodale, ' -lanet and Patty, A bronze, yellow MGB. Good times with "joe" l Summer of '70, P. Town. "Queen of my Nights." GAA. JANET E. STENHOUSE 1-i2 Russell Rd., XY'est Newton XX'arren, Adams, College. l l l Y- 3. ARLENE DEBRA STERN , 7, 1-l Clyde St., Newtonville 1 Day, Beals, Art School. ' Q l 5 y 1 l l 3,1-D CHARLES LINSLEY STONE ,... 429 XY"olcott St., Auburndale T S Chooli l XX'arren, Bacon, College. Tech, Ski Club, Track. l PALYLA All'Nli STYLUS 60 Moiifmtlc Rd Nu.-.ti ri Wfeeks, Riley. Arts and Lite "f,fffftf1'uf. 11411111 lfit flkzzfflzflf. fffAntoine ale Mint Izxupf-rx' 'l'li1inks-Ned, Mike .intl liifli CQAIL Al, SLil.l.lVAN I9 Schofield Dr., Newton Day, Iiczils, Collage lnm'f." lf Troop, ill ltlfilj. iflw 69, SXIZXOQ with lili. 'Youre IllC ORCH -ff lilimlil SCN 'llqg Hlwrltily ers." Regents '69, tlames-parries. D.D.'s with A -Q L YN, M.itDori- olds, S 4 R werent tlicre. XVXYIII '70, our table with AHACMNILD 84 KIDSQ "'l'ctliies." JUDITH SULLO l26 Chapel St., Newton Judy Day, Beals. GLENN DAVID SLSSMAN 88 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Glenn XWeeks, Adams, College. The Attic, W'eek-ends, Teti Par- ty, C.V.S., Little Red Bug, Rodney Dtmgerfield, The Strike, South, Hands, My Neighbor, North Con- way. Ny fondest Memory: Newton hlunior. Ski Club. BARBARA SZLAMOXYICZ 125 XX .ilmin St., INexxtoi: Bdrb, Barlwie. lit-elwt Solomon Lewenlveiju lr. High. Hyde .1Prk High,, C-illL'!QL' "I ZILIIII M ffzu. is .' 'fl'-1 iso I'jI'C.H Junior .ind Senior flnss cDill'7 mittee. DIANNIT El lXAl3lf'l'll il Adil Uli ill XY.ih.1n Hill Rd. Xexizwi Wvceks. Riley, l'i1.itiit:4.l Litli- 1 . - , I il'lf'1.',' ll 'F l wsu" M.-XRIANNE TAYLOR 1 111 wlewett St.. Newton M.tri Bigelow, Addins, Modeling, 'X"f.'.'.1'.1i." XX'Ufl'i1I1tQ .tt Conti- 11L'11I.1l, os? Summer .ind Clpe 'U S 511 'U Stew, lfire lstxtpt' with DL-lwlwtg, if.ti11t'ls, ?f'l"'liNSM, PT xy D D., Specidl thoughts to .111 my trit-tmds. Stippirssetl Desire: XX'e'll .ill meet .1g.1in, ANNE MARIE TEDESCO lo' Sheridan St., XY'est Newton XX'.1I'I'C11, Adams. "I'11: .to ,QI.1.I 11111 111111: 111111 1111 I t 13 c'. Pet Peeves: Be home enrlyg tights. TDTBMGHNSDS, 111-10- 'O. SPOOKY, Football-41, Volks- xmgon, The queer, ATGTBC1 ODITA, GTXYMRC, Geo--rs Sen- ior Prom, N.Y. 1970-STTMSMNQ XY'illikersg Rocky, FFMLRMIMQ MS- YXVLABPHRRD, Rubber Ducky: YOL' KNOXV. EVE MELISSA TEIXEIRA 92 XY'ebster Pk., XVest Newton Wlrrren, Adams, Hampshire fpy- choloigyl. Class of 1926 . . . BNTMB , , . Matthew, Peter and Scott . , . Lisa Doolittle . . . Hail W.C.S. and thank you Mark . . . ,lack foreevr: R.O.G.'s unite. Smile. I love you, Drama, Music. X137 THOIVIAS JOSEPH TEIXEIRA 92 Wfebster Pk., Wfest Newton "Sl1II 1'011111I M111 c111'111'1' IZ7c'7'c' 111111 uuzil 11 IILIZI' 111.111 111' ,tec1'ef lqrrfe. A1111 IIJOIIAQZY I off Inzzv lI7tZ.f5c'LI 11111111 by, 1159 f1111e z1'1II 1111115 111 IJ!! Zl'Z7c'!I I .rI111II 1111511 1I1e .ter1'a1 jmzflvr 111111 11111 Ear! of IIN 11101111 1z111I llnaff of ,tp0ee11." KELSEY C. THOMPSON 2-IO Mt. Vernon St., XY'est Newton Riley. College, HIXVIIOZI' flu! 111 1I1c LIIJIJIII .i111A1111g I IIIIQQZYI be rI.1tI 111111 111 'tic' It 1111 I111'e," I c.1rus and my s.ttyr the pine forest and the wild surf still call me on soft nights. Thoughtprints, Drama, NEXY- f1965Il'I.ll TONIAN, NCE, Philosophy .Ind three absurd years. -1 HUSIDIO JOHN TEMPEST 245 Highland Ave., XVest Newton KENNETH R, THLIRSTON Wfaffenv Bacon- College- 151 Mt. Vernon St., Newton CI11IdI111012' 15.111, -1'1111'1'e 1111111111 Ken 1116 710112 flu' ,turf 11111 LNII1' fu' I1111' 11 I 111171. I 1 lbe f11f111'c 1zI1111d of 1119, P111t1c1111111t 111 115 .1z1'11iw11111,Q 1'1nzI11y." Concert Band, Stage Band, Ski Club, House Council, Student Gov- ernment, The finer things in life- ILLEHDNASLAMINAU. 1'e1111111,fre1I. f 1 Wfarren, Adams. The unforgetrtble three years with M.A., B.H., B.K., GC., F.A.. Best times Friday and Sunday nites, meeting after classes, going to have a cigarette, playing pool. "me too." LINDA TEINIPESTA 155 Adams Axe West New ton Wfarren Barry College "Tb1111,gI1 1101b111Q m11 bmzg bzck Ike I111111' 0 1111111110111 111 IIJ1 Q71I5 of KQIIJISI' 111 16 ll 61 1 11 kQ1'IL'l'8 1101 11,1767 11111' IIIKIIQIZ7 111 11'I1.11 1'e111 1111f hebnzd 45'KK NANCY MARIE TENNAN1 189 Mt Vernon St New ton Warren Beals Nursing "Brief une 1111 dur 11772021 1011 1111117 briefn VIII 1 110111 lwze Say, 6WOfC9 PRjr Hard 1691, I-LI-IG 68 Guys, MM DJ NC Rt ses Beals Student Council Ski Club JAINIES EVANS THOINIAS 11 Edinboro Pl Newtonville Shnritor Bacon Life Man, we w .15 lonely and we w TS hdrd pressed to tind .1 friend Man we was lonely But now we re fine all the while Smith Family al EDITH CLAIRE TIRRO 24 Shirley St., West Newton XY'.1rren, Barry. College. "Tri mm' 112165 Mit' zc'1mf." "1 XY'hitewash, Plymouth 8 Kathy. M.B.B.V.D. 102-IQSZ, Sum- mer of "O: L'p-chuck. SH R CXV XY' B, Bagged, EH WXPL--I, 3-I sc. See ya :it the Circle, Guys, MEL-XVE DID ITl Sr. Class Comm., Rally Comm., Equestrian Cluh. Headstart, GAA, Y'-1? S Y. if S . is SANDRA LEE TURNER 63 XY'yiiming Rd.. Newtonxille Sandy Day, Riley, Nursing. "Glu YIWI11' z4'.1i'. II! gn mme . . Summer 'TO-awright, 25 for Freeport. XY'ellfleet w.1x'es1 Drakes .it night. Lets print it, Moop. AI. and A. Our Music. Their Music. 'Xifzz' zz 1111. fl fb: qzz1i'211tgv,f 111115 zulmirfi zu r.zi'1ji Un." S I w . 1 i s 5 -fa: 7 X r 1 ' ' V. A J ff. 1,5 A, S I I. f.....'f.?t in Q -' DEBORAH FRANCES UINIINA 99 Park St.. Newton Corner Debi Bigelow, Adams, College. "I ree 115.11 flu' lime 1119111 ron- fzntri 11111 Ibtt 112116 112.11 I rfwrzl Il'ifA70llf 1011.-John B. Sebastian. Love always to Andy and Rich- ard. Mari. Shell stations. Mashpee. The fire escape. l ,if MICHAEL JOHN TOXVER VERA MARIE TSVNIS .Xllf HAI I, 'll 'likl If 516 CCDIFIII SKI. ALIIULIYIMIJIC IR Huntington Rcl., NL"i','I'ill l i lSr: lr 'f.-s S' FQ' r. Mike Angel Adm. Wfilrreii. Palmer, 'I'r.ivel + Sur- Palmer, lXI.lI'fl.llllC, Night Stliiiol vival. "ll'1t'ff1114:' 111.11 1.1111 1f1ff11.ff flit Trying to unclersnmcl people. 111,t'l11, 11111 My fnmrf 11,1111 fir Finding IFICUCIS. NIM., I-.S-. IIC.. u1fn111114f,j." "1 foie 11111 mffit 1f1if.1, the guys. Pokecl? Lighten L'p Y ' Y 111,111 'yti!r1tf.11, 1,111 N111 .zi mmf, Ji To fincl that person I thought I 1f11111,H-nie," founcl. To my real lriencls Rule Thnnlxs. Sally M.. Ann C., Mcli- on Stl L., H.1i'x'g1i'tl gl'lLlt1I'L'fP.llIl, Lin' tlil, lNI:1i'y'.1nn-Hfrientlly"' fhrist- mas-New Year '70-Grek Line. ,y.q,wm- Z 'I- ' nr 1 Q ru 3' f' , 3 ' f if " ' Eff' CYNTHIA MAE t'i-xiAx ' I at 5 149 Al'on uin Rd. Chfswpg' H: - 1 ' A q C Q-Q-1' Cintly. Npfru. L'i if XY'eel'cs, P.ilmci'. College "Um riff" .1 left '- " Xtfl ZTIPIVLXII IVL ff" li I fzl, 115, ,. J, . ' e fllie Little Prince. Thtmlc you People .ff f' imer :n lndzg ' Pyginalion. Guys S Diffs. T Smith Family. Sc-::.z'tf Si Marching B.i:i.l ". . . If djllif so bad bein' .iXm1'1." .J DONALD MARTIN VACHON JOYCE ETHEL VALENIE S'll7lIHI'X rl Yfxl lPX.'.4.XU I7 Gardner St., Newton RIO Cherry St., West Ntxxien W if 'lined X1-' i DWI XY'.irren. Barry. College. lim. HJ- YN' 'l Bigelow. "Bm 1.f'i' nm' ilt.1r.i1.': -' "Kap fmflrzzg. fluff! i1wf11.1'r1 1i111,1w11.11.'.'. 111 .'r.:vi"f" u 1411.11 1'r1Illl'C bcuz 1111 In." z1'1.'1'i zi1'x1.' 1 31 .' ' T.F.M.C. :Nw i ll i'r.1'f.' CHARLES VIOSEPII VALLELY IIS Cilicstriut St., XYest Newton xvlf XXl.lI'fi'II, Barry. 'ly .ui -J' .u1!w'.' 'fix ,gf .u'.'.J' .l'.'.I' i.1.." if. ryli ii? ffm' .f..1.'fi M fx.".',g+ ol Lvreen Park, llioinas A. lletlicf SVS.-KN VASH K Nolascot Rd., Newton Sue XYQ-eks, Palmer, Halycon. 'S '.'i','.llt' of f,111lqf'!5r', fwfr' imeitr i.'i'.'o"f',': w.'.'if.ifiQq f.n't't .iff .1rf'1zfnf,' Tfxi ,'ii-mm' iw, !2J'w1i you tml- if".'.x rx- ri' 1 'Jr turf: fzawr lr! 1175111 .llvli fr. I 1.11 .I1zlr'.Ul'iL7i'c' . . .-l.T, Love always to B.P.O.C. I RICHARD K. VAUGHAN Day, Adams, College. Love conquers all, cure all, is all. "Neat - sports fans - habaso- ber? XY'hat's a Rocktina? Fonclest Memories: IOXZ, 3, if'70, S.M,, N.Y.F., LUV-Thank you I-LH. Rifle Team, NEXVTONIAN, Photo Editor. DOROTHY E. VAXWTER 37 Alban Rd., W'aban Dorle XY"arren, Adams, Undecided. "Tits ,farm-ef of rofzfwzlmszzf ir fu .ialffa for lnzff .z NIt'J.fZl7'? before five czzfv rznzr miter' .ml nzizktyv tl I7Ic',f,V,H -Bevins jay. I zz ali! . . . Kelli do it rzgaizz ROBERT ALAN VIGODA ii Colbert Rd., Wlest Newton Robby Wllrren, Bacon, College. "I.eaz'c him tzlmze for .1 nlfmzenl Ur lun, um! 101171 .ree him wifh lair lieth! fit!!! zfulwl, lllvffudflljf, c'j'c',f fin-if ml mlm' chip, mlm' fhule, mum' mmmmz Illftllll, Ibn mmnznu- tw! living, as if if ivan' lfae flue." -Robert Lowell DANIEL PAUL VISCO 67 jackson Rd., Newton Danny Bigelow, Bacon, Navy. Fondest Memories: of N.H.S. Summer of 70. The day my wheels came off going down the street. Art Class 69-70 with Mr. P. Intramural Sports. ENRICO VITONE 54 XY'illiam St., Newton Rico Bigelow, Tech, College. A black and white 57 Chevy. Favorite saying: "cherry" The Cape -18 girls come on down. Marsh- field, right Nancy. Hopington: No cars beyond this point. Ashland. CHARLES ANTHONY VITTI 826 Vfatertown St., Newton Charlie Day, Adams, College. Boon, Caggi, Mul, Sugar. Mike, Frank, Moon, and the kids, July 4, '69, XVeymouth '69, Thanksgiv- ing '69, NY'hip cream and the Yid- mobile, Fun flashes, feeding the ducks, batteries from NC., -Ir. year. remember the Albemarle. Varsity Football 2, Fuzzy's -IV Lacrosse 2. DEBORAH XVALLINS -184 Lowell Ave.. Ne-wtonville Debbie Day, Riley, College. All The nights at "Beth's." "Sues," and "Nat's," T.V. dinners with Marion and Nat and the night after, Filene's, the Christmas of '69 me, Nat, and Jimmy. MARION XYALLINS 48-1 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. Barrobee, Nat-taking a taxi home at 3:00 am., Boston. XY'orrying to- gether, 1X2 -'vo MY ,limmy-Ya think you're pretty cute huh? 11 at ln- f f 3 Gil -ll G3 X it - 1' all A 07 h . f 'l ll .. M IN pf". vs ANNE WALSH 25 Melbourne Ave. Anna Day, Palmer, XY"ork. Private party down Carr with FC. SC, Hawthorne Kings with RB, PM, TA, IC, NA, MB. Sum- mer 70. All good times with TH. RB, FC, SC, INIB, LG, SV, KM. SB, NA, TA, IC, DD, AG. Prove lf. JULIA LOUISE XVALSH 17 Wfeldon Rd., Newton ..J.. Day, Palmer, College. All my love to Steve Alf22f69, Memories with 'Janie Bah," SM., S. MacPooh! jr. and Sr. Proms, IOKZS f69, Black VNV. and Caddy, ALD-5, The guys, Zoey, "Sharing," Trowbridge parties, Nov. 23, S. XY'.D.I.T.T.XV.Y.L. Rally Comm., NEXVTONIAN1 Circulation: Asst. Editor. INIARY XWANA S10 High Street, Newton Puff Good times with lay. Friday night drags. Bagged! Anyone got a niclcel??? Travel Cluh, DANIEL XWASSERMAN 55 Rangeley Rd., Newton XVassa Vifarren, Beals, Air Force. The Star, B P.. C.A.. KR.. KB.. -LP., P.H. and SB. RIPE and ready to eat, SL, Lunch Blocl-cs, Snatch, A Blocks in '69-'70, these faces look familiar, Wfoddy. RICHARD CHARLES XVATTS 15-I Eliot Ave., XVest Newton Richie Day, Beals, College. XVarren bet. Friday the 13th. Soph. year with JP. The mobe. Free rides. Sl,'SAN JOAN XVAXMAN 18 Green Pk., Newton Sue Bigelow, Adams, College H,'lIliJ in lfw szwiifiztwi of Immi- fbffl fd fffwi' fu' ffflc, l.lll!"ffft7 .wif flu' Ifleflflfy of fl!t.IlIHtl.U "Keep smiling and the world will laugh with you." RICHARD SCOTT XVAYNE l-I Manor House Rd.. Newton Centre Rich Wfeelcs, Barry, College. Soph. Soccer Team, Sailing Cluh. ilu TRACY XVEAVER Zl I Bellevue St., Newton Bigelow, Baton, Life. "gli if ztxli 111 flu !tL,""l' um' .mtl utr whiff fit." 7, 1 3 l6lf'l'll ANN XYl1lNl1lpl4t, lil I lll"'l' n St Nt-" 'Q' .I -.A ., Girls. Lafin. liilfy.. ft . f. It ll! t ffl .Zeta ffl: . 111,n1ljz.f.l fi ttf X11 tif. ffft 'fjlllc ' Nfflcl.. f 11.112 ffezf Hit if .4 f futux ,mtl ffif,,'f'tn tn." f. fft.z1t,1f1f1""r. l,.'i.f.r K Nitrile-,i.l1t.r1, si wtl. '.'. ' I' ' . . stit''. Stliolarsliiiw f,lt.l'i l"'t"l".C'. toritig Nl2X'x"l'UNlAN Af' ing. ml M4 I I.AL'RlIf ANN XYE lNRlf B i2 Bl-intrtise St Biuelovv. Barrv. College "l'It12,'tv1f"ti' . . 'lil fm! .z'.1n of iffy ft ' f l 'H 'ti9AKennv , 'T 65" 555 .. ' .f ' -Q' ,.' 1- 'fa - fill' ff? ' ' Z. -za DAVID ERICA XX l-SVLDUN W Clianf't:14 Sf. " liixgtl NW, K tfiegc li 'Q' , vlan .-I If QS x Fa Y pd ,ya . .. ,N-5 . ' A N woofer Cf1ii'ec'11. , in 6' 'F 4' S X .J - I , 4, . 5' .i - yi .f , sy, Ia- s I ., 01 -QM DONALD E. XVI-IITE 79 Cleveland St., NVest Newton Donny Vfarren. Barry, College. The Bleachers. Sat. Night at XY'ells Beach, Cape Cod, S.O.T.B. Ski Trips-Killington, Cal. "7l." Hockey, Varsity and -LV. NATA LIE PHYLLIS WHITE 2 Harrington St.. Newtonville Nat Day, Palmer. College. The snowball fight, roller skat- ing. 3ff9!69, the Cape with everyl body . . . .Iimmyl Debbie and Marion and all the dumb things we've done. Barrahee. General meetings at Murray Rd.. Astrology. ,IANETTE J. WHITWORTH 3-io Cabot St., Newtonville jan Day. Palmer, XY'ork. I-Iomeroom. 212 with DS.. Paul, all the good times. Newtonville with D.K.. Paul, Sleep tight. Fred. S'I'EPI'IEN ,IOHN XYHYNOT 2" Crafts St.. Newtonville .33 'TUV 'P Pencil Bigelow, Bacon, College. f Car atcident. XY'oody. Hockey in fr ' - J Cafe CB, KR, CA. IT. ZIP. GT, IC. RH. SM. DG. LB. GO. EH, DC.. ID. PB. IR. Wkic. NI.. Snatch f L Il, Mass deke. Rudtlo forties irilffv f ctfiy 'rl Pole sitting, Italian ,lf ' rlfii' , .1 s Siimraer "fl, Blustangs dont 'g t lali. GOAL ' " " fi V BONNIE CARMEN WILCOX S18 XValnut St., Newtonville Piglet Day, Bacon, College. Hfrllllgbffilll rpm." This warm and sunny Spot be- longs to Pooh. And here he won- ders what he's going to do. Oh bother, I forgot-it's Piglet's too. Library Aide. Scholarship Club, Red Cross. KATHLEEN WILLIABIS -105 Cherry St., West Newton XVarren, Beals, College. Along the lane of memory the blossoms never fade for near and far, still cherish are the friend- ships we have made, GAA. PAUL S. VVINKELLER 12 Fairfield St., Newtonville Wfink Day, Barry, College. "I bold ilu! Zfye aim of life if fo find lv.zj7pf11e.f.r, zrlvirb merzrrr fo fizm' fIZfc'l'cI.ff. Erfzzrxzfiozz ,flwzzld be tz f7rep.1r.1fi0z1 for life." 1 A, S. NeilliSummerhill. Tennis Team, Bridge Club. SCHUYLER DENNY XVIRES 27-i Auburndale Ave, Sky XX'arren, Beals, College. ".-I diwizzzzsi- of 'f7fL'fIlf6,f 41 wuz in the zzigbf 1011 ,ree IH Itigeffm' flur- IIZKQ flu' friotwzfiglil .1 i'iz11f.zn1or girl" Rock-in's over ,I.C.'s house, '69 Honda, bouncing off trees with the bird. Hockey. XVILLIAINIBI O. XVISE III 6 Richard Cir., XY'est Newton Bill Day, Barry, College. If I am able to some day put even half as much into life, as all the joys and sorrows that I've got- ten from it, I will consider myself the luckiest person in the world. Headstart, Ecology Action Com- mittee. Biology Club. Ski Club, Vice Pres. ANDREW' JOSEPH XYOLFE ll Evelyn Rd.. Wltban Andy XY'eeks, Beals. College. The thing I like best about year- bokg ig how everyone makes a tool of himself by writing things like this under his picture. House Council, NEXYTONITE- Circulation Staff, Sailing Club, Orange Book, National Honor So- ciety. ff? 'fs -.-u I-"' B' at --r t at t I KEVIN ROBERT XVOLFENDEN 851 XY'atertown St. XY'arren, Bacon, College. "f1.1ftpirze.r,r it 2101 lnzrizzg zrfm! K1 in upzixf, fill! Zlllllfflllf zvlmf you lure." Lois 1,f'+'T'O. "Hey Ned were Art-a-here"! Rappy, "Let's Go Road Rallyingnl GARY STEVAN XVONG 35 Farquhar Rd., Newtonyille Hotshot, Gallery Day. Beals, College. Mayor. Hanging with the MEN. Noo- dles. Camel Filters. Loser at tower with busted arm. Giving jobs to the men at my future nightclub. Hanging up sneakers. ROBERT PAUL XVORDEN 112 Pleasant St., Newton XY'ord and Chief XY'eeks, Barry, College. The training room, Jessup and Yaitanes, 2 great guys, N.C.P., Nick POZ, Murph, Hammy and gen. Donuts. Chieg and Vfillis, Pete C.. Aloe S., Thanks. Go Bruins. NEXYTONITE. KAREN ,l. YANCO 15 Dexter Rd., Newtonyille Day, Bacon, College. Scott - "People Get Ready' Spanky SKIL NNI. Going Home, Home. Sailing Club. FRANK ANTHONY YERADI 145 River St., XY'est Newton XX'arren. Bacon, Navy. and in front of Building I. R.S.P. Tinkerbell B.L.g -luddle Pumping Teapartyg "They're dead" Leaving Ski Club, Rally Committee, Favorite Pastime' Newtonyille l BRADLEY ALAN Yoi 'xo 3? Burrnze Rd . Nc-'.i."on Ceffrf. lirzifl l5lQClU'.'.'. l5tl','il'1. Cfdltyfg Mdriie I 8: ll 'li'- KTA 'T Serfxri. 12 'il "U 'li l' l6 l, Kyf Kutfiu, Ciiolirgr llzg.. li If f l.": erx . .ie T.. s .7.f':f. , 1- zapiri . o. i it .af I l" with llflf-I, Soutliies. l'rif:r.'ls MARYAGNEN YOVNC1 , 16 Marlboro St. Ne-.1.'i ri Klart .' If ' L 'lf '?.',' .,",, Q my' of iff lim' i I' 1' 'if ' JE. f X ffffli flillll' fm .fo.1i! - zmmzzizif .zurff itfit field' V House C'tLll1Lll lJfQ'.Iil'Qfl'f NEXX TONIAN ROBIN TSE'-XVANG YIQAN 110 Cedar St. New-:ton Centri- Wfeeks, Barry, Colle-ue .C . wiki arry House Countil. Nxtioz.. Honor Society, 'liutoring Progran BARBARA THERESA ZELES 267 Melrose St., Auhurndale Barb, Barhy XXf'arren, Beals, College. Forever and eternally NYC, God bless it. last minute work. all my siekie friends. Newton Youth Center, Vitt- ehairman, Orange Book. Students Senate, Gold in the Hills, Pygmal- ion, Thouehtprints, XYENDY LFE ZIKIMER 6 Valley Spring Rd. Newton Bl42.IfflUNV, BL'.llS. Lillxlfslilkxl. To Dale and Carol ' lffllfjt i.1.5.f, 'i,"i.1f' fo :ii , 'i ififff' .wif fit' .mist . vp lillll' firtwif xi 1 Kitt' . . .:"- mutif."-AGihran You are. and l thank you hurl: ll-. K UH, lime lS1irfi. SQ- fit ' 'f "DQ wifi , fnzit 1114111 do lmao , .i. l.'.:i' ,,. . e . Germany and Musit C lube, lenfi s L02 .S Caro em. ILHK I ll E . f' ' , J ' an -11 -1 li Q . ii-vflr' NANCY AYERS -11 Gratn St., XX'est Newton Stinky warren, Adams, Murray Road. Travel out XY'est this summer, go to college. I am a complete nut. I love animals and people. Some- day I'll be famous. Equestrian Club and others. ANDREXV R. BORNSTEIN 24 Travis Dr., Newton Shrew, Captain Amerika Weeks jr. High, Riley, College. Pet Peeves: Mr. Bowers Con- temporary Soc. Class. Memories: R.M, DP. CXV. GS. GM. EB. Mr. Boyles "stoned" English class. DAVID M. CHIAMPA Q .1 Adams Ave.. XY'est Newton Doc liiqciov.. liarry, Church 'T' ' if :tum .wil win .Ht I.f. I'.1'lHl'lk,ifCL'l'1 park, fnigagwr Val .mtl Actors, .i 1914? U as 'i fl.f.ri ".' it.. Ian. Fl, 19641 tifxiltii ' . I col. JOHN RICHARD ABRIIZZI lo XY'oodrow Ave., Newtonville Day, Tech, Police Officer. I'm a man yet I still miss a dy- ing flower. I still can run with youthful abandon and yes I can still cry. CLAUDIA H. APFELBAUINI Z8 Prince St., XX'est Newton Duggan Jr. High, Adams, Col- lege, XX'ork, Travel. nlllailze Ibis 2111! Ihr' btxzzrfri' of flat' old m.w'r fare-be luil lullfbftl mzuflaer permzz. Ivlizgizze iz zrorlzl like flJ.1!-fwofvla zwlw riwznzznzl- mls u'iIlJ people. They could zzezw' kill eizcll olber-u'r1r 710 more." Orchestrag Media, AFS. e . - 4 :Jn.,."- -. O so " if-'R' -v ,. ' f .. ,- W 1 'fm wg, .,, A "Try if amz' I'll slug you rzgizjzzf' BRUCE ALAN COEN 97 Wlaban Hill Road North Zoogiles XVeeks, Adams. "The ozzlpy re.z.rozz we zvere bowl rum Iliff zvorlil 1411.1 I0 lore' rum' fo be lured."-A Summer Place. Sunsets, dreams and beautiful people are my memoirs of three years at N.H.S. PAUL DAVID DeMEO 1925 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Riley, College, Air Force Physi- cist. "lift Ike Imzar pwgvozz, no! llw order .rlwfll flu! L'0IHIIJ'.H Cross Country, Indoor and Out- door Trackg AFS, Riley House Council. RICHARD ERIC ATLAS 79 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Ricky, Ratlas Weeks, Riley, College. Thank you A.G. for help -1- kihhaven + being yourself, pass, pass, pass-goulie! Thank you al- ways, Mother Goldstein + class for experiences and have a bagel. "S0nzeday'r I mile good, bu! other days' jurt nzediorre . . . Izz- deririonl' VUILLIAM M. BROXVN 132 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Ratso Vleeks, Riley, Parasite to Society. "ll"be1z I look 0z'er my rboulder, ulaizl do yy.: Illlllk I fee? S0l7lEl70L4j,1"f looking afar flaeir rbozzlder al meg Oarmb, mar! be Ike .texzsofz of the u'ifclv."-Donovan Leitch. LEO CARMEL 59 Newtonville Ave., Newton Leoc, Lockle, Leocke Bigelow, Adams, who? Lying silently under a hollow log, I contemplate a monde of dog- Someone should write .1 book on how to fold a Tent Schwoomp. DOROTHEA DOHRMANN 10 Washington Terr., Newtonville Dohrmann Day, Barry, Travel. . . lofi in am' izldlfferevzce like .tbl-Zlr uptnz .z fA70l'c',' IV: tum ban' 1156 octxzrz rum' .... md lbs img- lizzg c0r1z'w'r.z!iw1, .md Ilia Juperfi- will Ugbf, .mil lbs borifw-.r Of our liref . . ."-Simon. D.M., 'GODOTQ S.R. - was to understand . . . Thank you all. DEBORA DYER Murray Road. ". . . 1159 lllillri if 1'e.t1Ier.f, 1111'- bzzlenf, .rirwzg .md llII'l'fe'!Ijf7IKQ' . . . .15 diffirzzll 111 fzzbdua 17.1 the z1'1111l." Bhagadavad-Gita. "Sf111111f.f of 11111,QX1!er 1111-1 L'l1N1c't r1111.r1I1111e .r1111l111.q ftlfcil' iff! t1rf111111f, Tbey pore!! -11111 bltxnr 3011 r1111r15111t' bon' 11111 'wir f1c'l'c'I' Ie! fllelll dozwl. I Stu' SIlIIIl5f1l6'.l'-JJHISS Taylor, STEVE GARAFALO 205 Vlfatertown St. Steve Weeks, Tech, Auto. Mach., Ser- vice. Thanks to Daga for my red "Gal" Chevy, never forget "Monkey Man" and I won't forget "Munchkin" for my 0641" Chevy, and Georg1e's wheel standing "68" Nova and all my buddies in the Auto Shop. Vera Sept. 29, 1971, "NX'opper" and "Guiseppies." FREDERICK STUART GORDON 55 Charlotte Rd., Newton Fred, Flash, Red fnnd many moreb XVeeks, Barry, College, Life. "Life 15 1011111 you 111.1612 of if." 'TU fire life 1111 zzwzy. for Jie Irjriazgl. Pet Peves: CEEB, Certain rules and teachers. Random Statements: I like certain people but I don't like cliques, I really can drive a car. Sailing 1, 2, 3, Barry Council 1, 2, 5, Thoughtprints 5, ect. and more ect. He1 Zone 1111111 11 1111xe1f rozzpleu 1. .ui 3, -. --'Y 1, .1 V- - . in .,, A 6 YI"i'1v!xJfnf ' . ,., STEVEN BARRY Cil?,fJSK,'xlAN 51 CJTCCr'lWtirivl Alexander Sunshinf Adams. The Tiine has form: '.'.lif'n :nf must stop wliat 'M arf floltm: afnfl plate ourselves riutsiilf- nt' 'llf' "gulf ture" to ohservv thc- '.-.ays ul' ii all 511111 lfft' unrfif, I z1.111f 111 ' off."--Stevell Ii, CJIVISSIIIJII DENNIS HARPER Ain Orthartl Ave, XY'est NY"-'flftll Murray Road A I., Anil R 9. L12 fllc A Antl l'7'l'v next question is I5L1l1lW','c.l1u1li Part sienne. INIARY PATRICIA HOSENI-'VS 13 Ardmore Rd., XY"est Newton Patti XX'arren, Riley, I7ntlecidetl, 'Ihis is no rnoxie, Lite is real XY'hich REEL? The last one' A.F.S.. Je SS S.H.O.E.C KAREN ANN HOXVARD 54 Fairfax St.. XY'est Newton XVarren, Palmer, College, Whrlt is it that you took up st gingerly? Lite. There is something in the wind, I.ove to Mex, Susan Beth, Paul, Vermont, skiing, Inn I-Ioch, Home MARGARET MARY KELLEY 61 Hancock St.. Auhurndale Pe,!plY. Sadie XVarren, Palmer, College, Tr Live. B.T.C. 7X2ll"6O "Sugar" o I 'l M,T.A. Kathy 'oppyexln Ernie Tin kerhell Star Aina Andrea Klortlank handstand B2 carrots I.uI.u liux.-w K Melienzis certs Vegas Switftrlairl Dungarees B PH. Ski Club. LOIIISI: LANDA1' 15 Ransom Rd , Newton Cl::'rt XYICLAIKS, Beals. College, "1 .'!l',"'1f .'f'..',' I i'f''.x:u 1"1.U1'111.:i..I 111111 .si .: IEW.: 111:I1iu N1 .st 'I " .l.'. ' 17' "L: .I .'Y':: '.' W 5 a ' -Y , n ffl1'l"' Y' D.-KNYll.I.E LAPAINTE Si' Chestnut St, Palmer, Art College in Montreal lior .ill those who remember me l'onne tliantef et lion voyage . , . Ycneg me xoir. Au rexiorl v. - J . 1 sy A I MAIA CAROLINE LEE 76 Otis St, Newtonyille Cambridge, Riley, College. 'Ola' Bi Iflve zzuzy wil! flue 71111 me pfuzre .rf.zz1t1' 1111 .md tell the l'e'Jii' ffl gc! flilz' bcwff Ollf . , ,il FREDERICK J. LEVINE li Lockwood Rd., Wfest Newton Fred XY'arren, Beals, College, VISIILVG, .IIIFAI were flu' forty." Beals House lunches. Mrs. Di- Russo's sickleaf calls, Cottage doughnuts, The Strike, a question or a comment, summer in Europe, '70, frequent weekends in Phila- delphia, House Council, Ski Club. ,lI.'NE RACHEL MALKOFSKY 117 Adena Rd., XVest Newton Dummy XY'a rren. Barry, Haird ressing. S oy MSIS. V.C., RM. I-Ial. 60 Cops, 6.1 Party ,ID Yatch Boston VO R Ice RB. S LM. Arty Phil "Band of Gold," BB XX'ed-Laugh- ing, Yxkirlging RM Laughing, Sleep RM HACC. Food Fight V.C., My twin RM, Eb--i years NHS. lhank you? A tout mes amistesl H ? glass. PAUL MARGOLIS XVarren, Beals, College. "But I nur ru much older IIJEII. I'm wznzger llatm ffm! flow." f B. Dylan. Student Senate. GEORGE xl. MANSOUR 58 Bowers St., Newtonyille Day, Riley, College. i'Hi1Z'i2ItQ been here you can cluzzge llve zworfd by offering rome- fbizlg of ,wzzrrelf for iff fl1If77'0l'6'- men! and .f0lidifim!i011." Track, Soccer, Orange Shield. M PETER LOUIS IVIARTINELLO Jr. 56 Colwell Dr., Dedham St. Mary's, Tech. Past, present and future with Punkins aren't best at Halloween, the natural bridge, my invisible en- gine model, Mohawk, N.M., the greatest mom in the world, Stews four bolt '55, Tony's free bus tickets, Punkie in my Valiant with ears, the guys in the Auto Shop. Momma fre der night, the greatest cook in the world, STEPHEN INI. INICDONALD O75 Dedham St., Newton Centre Mack Meadowbrook, Tech, Service. I will to NHS C1 piece of ground JACK A. MCGUIRE East St., Sudbury Curtis, Tech, Police Officer. My wife Debbie, '66 Chevy ROBERT MICHAEL MEEI-IAN 10 Hunnewell Cir. Bob, Bobby Bigelow, Riley, College. I would just like to say thank you to all my teachers for making my three years at N.H.S. enjoyable ones. Special Memories: NJ 110- 30-705. DIARK B. BIOYNIHAN Concord Turnpike Brooks, Tech, College. "Baby Im :IALAIZED five 14415 'run lore me 1:11 fbi rims. Zllxrilie I'm :ISHAMED flu' zipzi I fore 1011.1 '-Paul McCartney 1970. I .fbnxx t , 1-514 NN X1 , ,W if , IF' 2 7 r is 'I A A - . Bfozz nz my em' ami IU foffozz' you zIlI'1'Zl'l76J'6.H XVILLIAM LUKE MURPHY 9 Hale St., Newton Lower Falls Bill, Bronski Meadowbrook. Tech, Engineer- ing. 365 days a year on our favorite corner, Mrs. B's Fence. Nedham Common with I.H. ik TG., A very sick Italian, G.T.O.. IG., stories 8: 100 ways. XWALTER H. PLENDL 371 Cherry St., Wfest Newton Wfally NX'arren, Riley, College. 2-25-69 XVinters at Brae Burn, Dead Batteries and Spotlights. Cars, Bikes and girls, girls, girls. 6 yrs. with M.S., Wfowl Summer of 70, GC, and Tolman Pond, DAVID PSATHAS 150 Mt. Vernon St., Newton "I do my Ilvizfg, amz' you do mznyt. I am Hof in fbfr zmrfd I0 Zire up Io your e'xjve'rf.zlimzr, and QOII are fmt in Iliff zworld lo fire up Io mine. You are you and I .zm I3 .mi if by clnzzzre uw find cxzcfa oliver ,it it bei11zfiful." Yes it is beautiful Laurie, Ed, Lisa, Thank you all. I I l CHARLES MICHAEL RAY AIR. 85 Peacedale Rd., Needham Charlie St. Bartholomews, Tech, College and Technical Drawing or Engi- neering. I J- fn. v- ' N. xr- , JOSEPH L. REIDY 479 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Palmer. I wish I could personally say thanks to everyone who smiled and sorry to those I neglected to smile YO. Be happy, Thank you, Keep in touch. DOUG SINIITH Gray Cliff Rd, Weeks, Adams, jefferson. Trees grow in the ground which in turn shorts out through negative hias across VII. The organic aspect - fs, 'sk -f .' , ' M f X7 ,, ly, ,g 1, HV' X u 1 JEFFREY FIAKIES 'I'AYI,OIi 10 Barham Rd. 'West Tx'2'..' 1: NY"arren, Bacon Ciiilfguf- i will to Niis iis S Ia '.-. sa,- presscfd Desire' 'Ili poi, rho-Q i-fIlf.'gz and hear IB rc-ad the Cin-tt ahora Address. Ifondcst D.lei'nfiriev limits an IIOG with IIS, IE XIIS .ini D.I'f the moxie, the worfg, twrlmx. white Socki, Alf. toiitri-'-C'rv,' Pun- cil neck. Homeroom 1. 2 VICTORIA A. TIZRRANOVA 595 Gfivfc Sl, NL"-YIUIYI I.w.i,r,T ijaiix Vicki, Vishnal: Diplomatic XY'ork Teaching Sincerest sympatliies to the tt.- ture graduating classes ot Nc-'.'.ton High School A -I -1 XVINONA TOOPKEMA 202 Bellex ue St., Newt- ii Nona Flagstaff ,Ir High, Palmer. fol- lege. No comment ahout change har I do send my condolences zo 'ht incoming Sophomore in years t come. STEPHEN AI. TRAINOR 37 Mague Axe.. XY'esr Newt- n X"i'arren. Tech 4 1 of the situation is ohviously great 1 - cn Q' 1' NYILLIAM HERRING ,gdrw Nm o Ckn t Fl' 115 JOHANNA M. REICHARD 65 Monadnock Rd., Chestnut Hill 44 his Q x 1 ALLEN XYEAYER MAUREEN AHERN 229 Rix'-err Sr. NICHOLAS BADARACCO 50 XY'inchester Rd. THOMAS BARISANO 16 Melville Axe. ERANCESCA BLAKE "2 XY'.1xerly Ave. RAYMOND BLUE 15 Ch.1rlestoxx'n Pk. MAVRICE BOITEAU 115 Highldnd Axe. BRIAN BOLIO H' Adams Ave. INIARY BRODERICK 21 Grox'el.1nd St. CATHERINE BROTMAN 22 Hoxxnird St. NICHOLAS BROXVN 56' XY'.1lnut St. ROBERT BROXVN 56" Vililnut St. HECTOR CAIOLA 1-1 Driftxxood Dr. THOMAS CALLAHAN 55-1 Auburn St. DANIEL CAPASSO lmlo C'ommonxx'e.1lth Ax e. JOSEPII CAPELLO 57 James St. ROBERT CARROLL 25 Kenmore St. BARBARA CARI'SO 5 Oelli Ax e. GERALD CASHMAN 21 T.1rleton Rd. JOHN CASTOLDI 21 Normmdx' Rd. DIANNE CHAPPELL 15A Prospett St. HELEN CHEN 111 ISCJLHI1 51, Rl 'SSELL COLANTIVONO 11 Aforn Dr. ,II.'STIN COLE 158 Ced.1r St. I'ASI.fALINA COLLELLA 1'1fiCh.ipel St. NANCY COLERON 22H Auburn St RANDY CONNOLLY 513 Elni St. PETER CONROY 1'f'Nortiin 51 KITYIN CROXYLLY NA furletofl St. Oiange Book, Student Sen.ite Jody XX'eeks, Bacon, College 'llfllk fifgelflw, fillk lifgufllw, .III 1,9 14' Ilfeopfe of ffm' t'il7'fl7. rlfrwz 1011! T Z? ELIZABETH DANIELS 55 Huntingdon Rd. DANIEL DART 511 XX".llIl'111fl'l St. KENNY DAVIES 18 Devon Terr. DEBORAH DeSANTIS 78 XV.ilker St. ANTHONY DeSIMONE 221 Adams St. PAUL DeVITO 617 Groxe St. DAVID DORNBUSCH 27 Cotter Rd. DAIANA EGLITIS 12 James St. MICHAEL FIELD 168 Elliott St. DAVID FREMONTSMITH R5 Temple St. MERYL ERIEDMAN 212 Gr.1nt Ave. PAUL ERYAR 17 XX'illi.1m St. JOSEPH GAGNON 192 C.1lifornin St. XVILLIAM GALASSO HHO Ciommonxvetilth Axe. XVILLIAM GENS 56 B.1rnst.1hle Rd. ROBERT GENTILE 1122 Chestnut St. PATRICIA GOULDING S11 Brookside Axe. STEVEN GROSSMAN 51 Greenwood Axe., DAVID HAGAR O Kingswood Rd. MARK HAGAR 9 Kingswood Rd. CHRISTOPHER HAGGFRTY 12 Jennison St. THERESA HALLOXX' 272 Nexvtonxille Axe. LAURENCE HELD 1117 Monatlnock Rd. GUILLERMO HERRERA H1 XX'estl.ind Axe. DAVID HUNT 115 Hunnexvell Axe. THOMAS JOYCE I7 Ddxitl St. BRIAN KADISH 11 Omar Terr. HELENE KALISH S7 H.1Il1ClLl Rel, 'only 11101 ilu!! Ju fuzzy' pau-.1 " INIICHAEL KEEEE 565 Austin St. ROBERT KIELTY 1807 COI1'1I1111111VC'LllII1 Axe. WILLIAM KING 1-17 XX"indei'mere Rd. DANIEL LAMSON, JR. 191 Newtonxille Ave. DEBRA LEARMONTH 30 South G.ite Pk. SUSAN LEARY 58-1 Centre St. ROGER LEGER 52 'llillwot Sr. RICHARD LEVENSON 35 Bellexue St. MARGARET MMKINNON 55 Hituhland Axe. PAULINE MAEEIOLA 2291 XY'.1sl1ington St. STEPHEN MAGUIRE 26 XY'iltshire Axe. BRIAN MARKS 11 George St. LAXVRENCE MARKS 14-15 Commonxxetilth Axe ANTHONY MARRAZZO 1,1 Ryan Ct. NICHOLAS MASTATUONO 10 G.1mhler St. PAUL McMAHON 125 Adams St. SHEILA MQMAHON 125 Addins St. JETHRO MILLS 6 Merton St. LUCIANO MONTILLO 57 Elm St. GARY MOORE 509 Rixer St. JOHN MORRISON 56 Billings Pk. MICHAEL MORRISON -13 Algonquin Rd. PETER NATALE 18 Hdrrington St. DAVID NISBET 112 Austin St. CONRAD O'DONNELL 56 l'moxx'ers St. DONALD O'NEIL 85 Gardner St. RICHARD OSBORN 15 Omar Terr. CYNTHIA PORTER 159 Charleshank Rd. ROSEANNA VACHON DAVID RABINOW 10 Seton Hill Rd, ALEXANDER QUINN -11 Colgate Rd. ROBERT RAETERY 52 Blake St. JOHN REILLY 275 Mill St. DIANE RUSS 50 Adella Axe JANET RUSS 50 Adellgl Ave. CHARLES RYAN 4 Briar Lane PEDRO SANCHEZ 156 Highland St. LOURDES SANDOVAL 54 St. Marys St. CHRISTINE SAUNDERS R5 Vfoodbine Terr. JONATHAN SCHINDLER 118 XX'indermere Rd. MATTHEW' SEEDS 1 Barnes Rd. BENJAMIN SELTZER RR Wflhusett Rd. MARCIA SHERMAN 55 Langdon Rd. ,IAY SIDMAN 12 Applegarth St. DANIEL STONE 45 Brooks Axe. STEPHEN THOMPSON 560 Cabot Sf. HERBERT TOBIN 12 XY'indermere Rd. NANCY TOMPKINS 27 Brooks Axe. XVINONA TOOPKEMA 202 Bellevue St. TIMOTHY TRUMBLE -12 Thornton St. JOSEPH VOLPE 229 Chapel St. GEOEFREY VUADSXVORTH 5-1-1 AY'.llf1L1I St. XVILLIAM XVALLACE 58 Page Rd, JODY XVEBBER 51 Gr.1x'lx'nn Rd. JOLENE XVILLIAMS 54 Palham St. LISA ZACKS 53 Irving St. MARK ZAMCHEK 65 Kenwood Axe. LENARD ZIDE 70 Clyde St. DOUGLASS ALLEN I 1 Rx' I JOHN BIANCHI 1 PATRICIA CAPELL0 PASQUALINA COLLELLA I MICHELE DION I KEVIN FLYNN .-.up STANLEY AMBROSE X TT? 'V EDWARD BICKFORD ' ag 7 1' i .,a , If YY? , 4- ga I I I,.,, ROBERT CARPENTER BRUCE COMISKEY CANDY EDWARD MICHAEL FLYNN ANTHONY ANTONELLIS '-av' ELAINE BONICA JOHN CASTOLDI I JOEL DARACK ROBERT EGAN BARBARA FRANT I -or if S A I I 2 qgsff-:A,5feSE.f95? JOSEPH BAYES STI1 KVA RT BERM A N 'J' RICHARD STEVEN BRAMS BRACCIALE xx a, Z, fl f V EDWARD COAN if f by - i I gf 'J,',' 1 If ,M 5 .. f ' ,I 1 W1 . ' Ilia I yzii' ANDREA DeLUCA ,2 JOSEPH FARMER PAI 'L FRY.-XR . lr.. l ,' I 9 SUSAN COHEN Z 'vi - Eff, ...h Y . 3 " JF -xv . ,,. .xiii i54.jif..gLf1Eg . If ni? ' JOSEPH DeRL'BIiIS 1 r, fx .A, PAVL I'L.XIIER'l'X R.-YIIIY IfOl.IY ,IOSIPII G .-XGNON DAVID KAYCE A JAMES LOHMAN DAVID MASTROIANNI S. 19.525, s -W S ' 547 IOHN NICHOLS DAVID SALIEMME -mf I E I STANLEY GOLDEN DIANNE KENNEDY DAVID MacGILLIVRAY ' 2-. 'N ' fl W in 'I+ , . 4, ,5 -"' , V,,. f Li A51 4325 39' ti 'sf 'fit 4. 55 ' "' x SUSAN MAXWELL JUDI NUSSMAN RONALD SHORTON diff .. ,::. 1--I ,fi v-A 4? X 4, Q I ffm pg-nr ROBIN GROSSACK V2 MARK LENNON ... Q ox av X ,..., M -W' "5 gf fy-- Iwfu'--,.Q' I' lm' ' :Tyrr- ,. .. . ,WW "1 at-,iff fi' +::j-,z:::f: 7' :'ll"x,'x, Lf""fg ,F Af, ff ff GEORGE MANSOUR ff, Q", , 5 :Nj . 1' '17 N , I '..15'li' . 'yin 2 v, Aww I Vi'-1295 " ,I .J I 3 . M Y' THOMAS MEDLAR DEBORAH ORZACK PATRICIA SUMMERS 19 GEORGE HAUGH KATHLEEN LILLY STEVEN MARCUS 1? tl-Af X, 1 S , EDWARD MITCHELL l ROY PASQUEROSA GARY SXXVIMAN DEBRA JOHNSON ! px 4,-41' 1'-Q I BARBARA LITMAN MITCHELL MARSH 1? ff' EDXVARD MUNATO MICHAE L PAVAN TONY TE MPE STA l Dr. Cushner fk Allied-Radio Shack Alumabilt Anderson Jewelers Anns Subs Anthonys Shoe Repair Atwoods Camera Shop Auburn Cleaners Auburndale Gulf Auburndale News Bacon House Council Barnes 8: jones Barnett Fabrics Barry House Council Beacon Paint Works Boston I Store Boulevard Pharmacy Carley Realtors Aldermen Carmen Carmens Barber Shop Centre Meat Market Circle Theatre Chin Dueys Restaurant Class of '72 Cleveland Circle Driving School College Sub Shop Cramer HiFi Stereo Center Crowleys Office Supplies DuBois Corporation Paul E. Dutelle Eastmans Flower Shop Edwards Lumber Ellis-Gale Studio Environmental Interiors Fairway Sports World Flaherty Company Fox Pharmacy French Shriner Shoes G8cS Paper Co. Garden City Oil Garden City Trust Gaston Audrey Saab Gathss Restaurant General Plumbing William Gens and Son Glover Sheet Metal Gordon T.V. Hammond Furniture Fred V. Fowler Co. Harvey Construction Hendricken Brothers M.F. Higgins Co. Highland Mills House of Favors Jeri-Sue Gifts Ken Kaye Krafts Keyes Pharmacy Lauriats Books joe Lee's Laundry 1 Mackay Funeral Home Mandells Mals Luncheonette Manhole I' U'-'aan lil Index to Advertisers Page 287 290 283 292 283 281 290 281 285 277 285 293 285 275 283 281 283 283 290 293 292 291 279 292 283 281 285 293 292 293 283 288 281 273 292 287 289 289 292 288 288 293 293 290 285 279 281 292 283 280 289 286 290 293 291 289 291 293 283 293 279 283 287 Marriott Martini Imports Midnight Foods Monets Music Corner New England Telephone News Tribune Newton Centre Camera 8: Music Newton Co-operative Bank Newton Flower Shop Newton junior College Newton National Bank Newtons Newtonville T.V. 8: Record Nonantum Lumber Northeast Federal Savings Norumbega Stamp One More Tyme O'Toole Printers H. Piken Polagrutos Shoe Repair Prep Shop Proud Peasants Purdy Studios Raytheon Rhodes Pharmacy Rino of Italy RobertsfMadco Ring Man Roblin Insurance Agency Al Rogans Sports Shop Roma Sub 8: Pizza Shop Rouffa Furniture Sages Newton Centre Market Sal Rizzo Coiffeurs G. Salvucci 8: Co. School of Fashion Design Senior Class Committee Seltzer's Garden City Shaw Prep Shell Station at Four Corners Shipley Company Shoe Horn Silver Lake Electronics Harvey Simons Drums South Pacific Star Market Stans Mens Salon Eric Stevens and The Huddle David Suvalle Inc. Swartz Hardware The Travel Center The Tux Shop University Camera Veterans Cab Wfaban Hardware Waban Hill Associates Wfaban News W'allace Pizza Shop Wayne Drug West Ford West Newton Savings Yem Mc-e Restaurant -5 pq f,,. cr, ,',,: U9 'J 281 -OO 288 1-4 290 285 289 293 va ,f 293 293 wgsq -5-- 286 591 51a -b- 11 -86 x91 w , -bv 29o w-1 2 8 wr, -35-I 283 292 w-, -tw 191 svg M-,il 'Sf'- 185 1 . i'5 wx- 291 s-s ,wx X i 1 1 I 4 QNIWG SU! ru 0 ff U6 2 4 xx! 3 'J 'L'5LZ1lN?Fi?U5f9 Z CAIBUSNIS. 1859 Every addition to true knowledge is an addition to human power." -HoraCeMann THE SENIOR CLASS CCMMITTEE MARTIN D. COHEN PATRICIA S. JACOBS P7'6.fl:ll'67Zf Secretary ANNE M. CRONIN ROGER P. ASCH Vice-Preiiflefzf T7'6zl.l'llI'6l' ANTHONY TEMMALLO Ad z'i,s'01' Best Of Luck To The Class Of 1971 I Complimefzff of I BEACON PAINT WORKS, INC I JAMAICA PLAIN , MASSACHUSETTS lII47lIZlfflL'flll'6l'J' of 1 1 I ' ' A R E A 5 ea' Latex M01 I Blacktop Coatings In I Nezvfmz I I I I I ' M Wm W1 ju' W I ' UITIU MOTOR HOTELS NEWTON, IVIASS. I 4 I N High School Ring I 4 in I" ll-77 'EEF 1 ANIMICuLr- f I I ,X II -, It I Created by John Roberts 0 Prom Fcuvors 0 Closs Fund-Raising Promotions CLASS RINGS SUITE 205, 161 HIGHLAND AVE., NEEDHAM HEIGHTS, MASS. O2I94 Gasp! ONE MORE YEAR! QXN E W Class of 1972 Good Luck fo ffae GRADUATING CLASS OF 1971! Dj.l'ffl2fljZ'6 Mezzfr llvem' For Your Formal Functions Visit Our Modern Rental Department NEWTONVILLE LAsell 7-6940 Compliments of SHIPLEY COMPANY, INC. GLOVER SHEET METAL C011f1'.1rf011r for IlZi7ll!A'lI',1' 44 RIVFRDALF AVFNVF NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS 0168 Area 617 060-9060 George Glover Reg. Prof. Eng. HARVEY CONSTRUCTION co. , ? WALLACE PIZZA SHOPPE . fu' 3 ,W . E "' C7 QC: -137 CENTER STREET , E ' , 5 I-5 E7 QI NEWTON CORNER, MASS Tk., I :mc stevens " I ' BOULEVARD PHARMACY Clothes For 2090 COMMONVUEALTH AVENILTE AUBURND X L . Young Men Y V n V 1 LE, MASS X ' 1 Outfitters for Boys it 7 john McHugh Tel, 537.9537 "Dv" 5125511515 To AUBURNDALE GULF CLOTHING 36 ' 44 REGULSEIES :ova COMMONWEALTH AVENUE SHIRTS - SXVEATERS HUSK fat Auburn 5116611 S 1 M - L ALTERATIONS NEWTON, MASS. 02166 SLACKS 28 - 44 FREE Open 6:30 am. - ll pm. 32 LANGLEY ROAD, NEWTON CENTRE ATWO0D'S CAMERA SHOP 552-3520 969-4910 O F hd , .1 P M 21 PELHAM STREET Pen U als tl 900 ' ' NEWTON CENTRE, MASS l ' El-U5-GAlE STUDIO, INC- CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF '71 751 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Neu'lOn'J Leadlng Pfaolognzpfwr N ft! I whybawffbif BI 4-3586 1 , 76 , lll'll"lllllllllllll1llfllll1llllll"lmIh '1 Sfqgick. Jimi A fe 'Cf 3 3 2 - 2 8 9 5 W T li T 'il111,1ll1l 1,11F1111l , 1 ', 1 OE! 'iiufff 3 1-ii ef 1111l1lTl'l1'11l,' 1 " ., H-S" , T 'OSWER . 1ilA'lllfl11ll1l"11ll1 lil 11- 1 'I 1 'lil ll Ali L. E. GORDON co. fc it ll jl A . I V E ,3 ' NL E' Tr--f -'W . Radm and Telezvfzofz Saley and SEl'Z'1l'9 5 15 . 3 ,511 "" -,P V' A -M ' I ' ' -'- Esl:lQ1 l 2 HARTFORD STREET 'f' ' ,, NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS, 0:1151 .2 ""fge " A5 A T I5 .i' "TTI illlil' ,' A-T ....1 T, -'X ' ---f Member - Electronic Technicians Guild, Natesa 5 L ,tl 1' . Master License NO, 426 ' T l l ' - Cromer Hlefl Stereo Center, situated in tlw hoof! Of the New Eioitfm app -'1".1 tc- thf- P11111-1111111 C"'f'llCV, featuring New Eng- IOr1d'S V1 we--, ond m 1'1', n11111r1r11 --'11r11i -Oliiny tar M- dcmcinl A strOt1Or1 gint orUn1ple-telnolwitrn rw fit br-Jnii ncima fltefeo cOmA NX 'f' iormn S 111111 nn- V11 .'11 1 n 111 rnfiirilpr, nm' O-iiewwori Ag zizizgnig gsfffsif 32351106.1211 fixes WABAN, MASS' H RDWARE Me1N1Os1-1 . ADVENT - NONEER . scorr . SONY . . . ' TANDBERG . sHune . PANASONlC - PICKERING - Revox H"'du""e - Pam!" 0125 5.1M R as TS - RECTILINEAR - WOLLENS CK 2 4 4 - 4 5 6 6 BOSTON PEABOOY MIDNITE FOODS a. LAUNDRAMAT BL7,,Sf'1C2'2?f" S1Z',,",3I2Qh5lEL, 267-4700 532-0800 719 WASHINGTON STREET ODQAQAM 1O9P1v1 Oiwiifa anmmnm- NEWTONVILLE Satuvdaytofn PM Saturday to 5 -15 P M Open until miclnite 7 there is only one way - V il yearbooks T. O'Toole St Sons, one of the first printers in the nation to produce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for pains-taking workmanship. Personal service to advise you on I Yearbook Production I Themes I Layout I Use of Color I Fitting Copy I Line Drawings I Advertising I Proof Reading I Photography I Produc- tion I Personal Service At All Times 'T' DTODLE S SONS INC KEELER AVENUE, NORWALK, CONNECTICUT 06856 AREA CODE CONNECTICUT 203 838-4761 AIUED RADIUS!-l,4L'K Extends sincere congratulations to the graduating class of 1971 and wishes to serve you with a complete line of Stereo I-Ii Ei Components, Tape Recorders, Radios, Phonographs, and of course all accessories M- J. FLAHERTY COMPANY .T-I-UA G yi' '-ith? Meflmfzzml Contractors 29 WAREHAM STREET HEATING 18, or AMERICA VENTILATING TELEPHONE! HUBBARD 2-4920 AIR CONDITIONING FREDERICK J' CASEY POXVER AND PROCESS PIPING President 84 Treasurer COOLING SYSTEMS RICHARD J. FARRAHER OIL BURNERS Vice-President Meclmfziral C 07Zfl'flt'f01' for Yom' N ew Higla School G. SALVUCCI 81 CO., INC. l pg N.. I -'rl f' f L E- :I in . 1 Masonry Cozztrfzrfors ' 4 , .."' 118 NEEDHAM STREET A' NEWTON HTGHLANDS, MASSACHUSETTS 02161 CONSTRUCTION DIVISION BOOKKEEPING DEPT. 332-1627 527-5997 Bef! ll"irber I0 fbe C L A S S O F 1 9 7 1 We would like to thank everyone for their patronage in the past year and hope to see you in the future, S88 COMMONW EAL EH AVENUE 845 BOYLSTON STREET MAN:-loLE LTD. E I fl f 5 THOMPSON - WINCHESTER ZS3 52"-6-I12 GARDEN CITY OIL CO., INC. PIIINIXLAIIXQ - H ehztifzxq .Tir Cfwzdifiazzizzg Cozzzlfllizflefzfy Uf SILVER LAKE ELECTRONICS, INC. ,8 CRAFTS STREET Xtfx 557 WATERTOWN STREET I 1 "I ' " NEWTON MASS - NIZWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS I V 1 ' 07158 .S I K .C . I X N msn Prompf .md COIH'f80ll,I' Service Phone LAsell 7-0300 or LAsell 7-7500 VETERANS CAB CO. OF NEWTON, INC. 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