Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1968

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3,5 5 0. I 4-.1 A I '- i Xl , 2 s A A , r J- . 1 1 1 1 " "LH ' 'U 5 -w,'kl- ' r l L' 5 I sl' Q.. J J ', U X L " Q - -Bw 4 1 ' n a n o's ' O 4-',, n 'J I . 1 ' l In ' 5 ,' . :A , 1 ' 3 , rn v I',ln . ' . l'. ,'. -4 . gl, V- 2, 5 k' 'uf fy, rs .Law . n - ' X .4 . .pe ,l , '. 'AM , , rn . , 4,4 .. . '1:" ' .x ,,', . .4 'I' 1-. - -'-nl , 117,-, 1 . ,. 4 It ' " M," 1 , -,,-.,,,:.'g"A 1' ,slim - K' -'J 1. ','A'1' "'.'. ,1"'.."- ' I. ' 1 ., .. H .- , I . 4, I ,f!'.Lt"" tri: " If a"L-H, ,yi D ' --.-,.,..A.. '. '. , Q-:Q ' '. ,. f. fl' X. . , A . 4 ' N- 4, ',:'." " X . iflg' I . 1 9 - n . . " ,' 4 ,- 1 '1 . ll ':"- ., .Inv I il! ' 4wk'.'f"1 N' 6 --x .J ' ' V: ,-..f. - V "'.. . .ml "'f'll-L' 531.5 X, ':.,,.fbr45Y!, r .,- A. f ' -, 53,1 ,til-V JV fl T? 135 ph 1 1-'11 5 g ,ARI I, +!,,". 1 , I - 1 4 'fy 'a '. p xx 1 ,- Y h ' f.44'- L v 'u,:,T4' -'J xr li: ,iz-1 01.49 ,.1 . W. . I. Jvqv ., . I V 55.3 'l-- Jw- , ,',-J, .1.,f-J " nA..4U, X. xx . -.. ,"l.1 ' ,., Q .Y V L - I-. 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PQ 0 SLEZL-' ' ' ' Lx - N 455 -,jig ' f .sizzix .--,.,. 3191 kg? . .fu , . , A .0 J .J- hug , .- -an ue .7 lf. n - ' 11,1 A ' "rw- , .4 . 1 I lf, 2 rf, " 1 1' 1. ,nh JY 5 , q' , 1.4. 4.1 -1 M, xflv,-X1'.fg . '-3-1 .1 lf r ',,q Nl V, .- ' . V lhnbfyvi , I .IAQ 1473, -J,wN,i " fff- 2115 YY - -Q' ' 1415? , 5 'L' . ', 'HJ g-1: ,Q 'nge' ff33'?1?Ei7 H1 ilu: II Ranting., C-1 in -L -J qfrvgfifj 2' ANZ' 75 'HJ ,J' '24 t??"',"-E' 'df J.. T' l if J 'J .nv nlvv7'1vln"n!'., 1, fl 'S' ' v, z,g.w,r,,,J, 4 .4 N 4 W. 9.x P fi f .6 19 W WX' f 1 'Zi A 95, -Q-S 6, X . li 3 -an - fi 1 1 ' xv.. , 52 ,-.SCM-f ' ,- ...- ..-Q tv fu. , Y' 'CQ-ug. xy? wa 9-Q? 'rf -ZLL.. v -, LF N' -.I".:'a. UGO" N- .l twnn. -4-AY'-0 A fn . , "' . V -.4 .... , - ' I ru- ' r ,3 4. ' 'fun- erjzntgf' , .- f -- . M. . wx, 'f---.4 V ,, 1 1 .. . V. . gg-545,-xl .,3.,,. A . K ,jr.,K.:wLtf ,A EU,-Ai: -A . , 45.5, 'f'V 1V'? V 1.71 ,, jf-, 'wg .J::1'-Lgpx.. 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He then disregards his last an- swer and proceeds to write his book. A yearbook is no exception. We sat down in September to decide the purpose of this book, and we didn't get up until March. By then it was too late to worry about our qualifications. What is the purpose of a yearbook? That was the big question destined to wrack our congenial staff with civil war. In past years, a yearbook was assumed to be designed as just a record of the year's activities. It was a souvenir from our three-year holiday to which we could refer later when we forgot the name of that dear gym teacher. It produced nostalgia and spread good-will throughout the com- munity. This was iine, but it seemed to us that six dollars was an exorbitant price for a sentimental scrapbook. Or perhaps it was that we thought we would forget a great deal more than the names of our friends when we got older. We were afraid that we would forget how it was to be a student at Newton High. We were afraid that we wouldn't remember that feeling clearly when these three years began to blur into remote and disconnected images. Somehow we guessed that we would want to have pre- served a total, or near-total, picture of the school that would be more accurate than our memories. This task entailed more than faces and homerooms. We included samples of the art that was in vogue in these years, psychedelic art. This in itself defines a part of our high school person- alities. We included a more analytical, more critical appraisal of our school or- ganizations and activities because we wanted to remember not just their names and functions, but also what we thought of them. We wanted to remember our- selves and how we felt in high school, not just how we looked. Our decisions about the purpose of a yearbook were complicated by the sense of responsibility each of us felt to the student body. We asked ourselves who was producing this book, and we realized that it was ideally, and in many sections actually, all the students. Each student in the school has a stake in this book, not just the editors. However, the editors were entrusted with the task of bringing the book through all the steps to completion. Therefore, we had to do this as repre- sentatives of all these students whose book we were making. In making decisions we could not afford to consider just our own expectations. We used our talents and our best judgment in doing what we thought all the students would want. Because we functioned as a representa- tive group, we adopted the voice of an imaginary, "typical', student. Each aspect of the book is looked at through the eyes of this student involved in the various ac- tivities. It is not any part-icular student, not the editors. It is just the student as a ,fp -vt' 1 9 Q A7 ,V af ,QL J-' lqlxal -.vw v g-f.-nf-47-I41H'l. ,f .,.-..p-ns ' 'ff 'F' 1 51: 'wp in-09 41, +- W 'eff ,M . , , 55' 3, Us .L ' 'M ur' "" WWF M., I " -f'f-'FF I ,,i-new-. if 1 r 'me-yfrp 'f-V' " ., . 153 Q. -, f,:feg,2-f- Q. ' QQ 'V F14 - -141 4 V-.UQL :I W, My,-, ' ' ' ..,c..Fw-13 fans f---5 'Nix . 4 fi' f- 14 ,J ,L -tw' ,. '13, W " wav ' '- ,- , 1 W-fl"s'w,-I YT vw-A f .eff ..:.,.-, v- iq 1ffQ'f?i','+a'l?"?'4 Z , M25 fgmf 1sw","' 45 -ln- ,Hvamr 11- nwmnunqa- 'UV' 42:1 iw S ll its-se vm..- , A , up- an- H-f 'Q- 14 uldaq' 1 S. r-ij" 'XNL1-1 'J' . QT 'A 151 ,av- gvw 'E 4 al, N- U wr :1 I- XAX M fw Mfr. W L '1.14"5.ff M. mu' I EMM H M , . ...m ,1 .1.. 1 3- Rn U 1 X -' 'W ,. flu 'x'l..-., .. XX " .9375 1 ' P f' ,X .1 . 1 1 LX rx 1114 "' W 4' NH, A i.M1f 1 vm t 1 ,, .X X. X5 XLXXXXH X X11'X A XXX' X .k X P E--K. 'Ev 'LA " 1' Q, f W 1- 1 " 1 1 H - .. . . ,,.. . , ww . -.. . .Q-:M 1' ,Q +- If ' X ' 1 1 .. . " N '1 U A - -'1.' Wifi' N W--1 -1 -- u T Q.1"'6+?? 9 '1 1 'M ' . W '51-3 1. 1M T NW Q' 11 -.Q fin? ' 1 N ' sq' 1 1 'FJ I X '. 1+ .-'fnhg ,N W 43341 ' Xi 'A ' AEM . 'X 'A .1 K ' s Wi wg? ' 'Wiuf ff NV A,-:"5,m'1 'T Xtra !M1Am 'M W 'X ' - of r . . ,W , , , Q, ai :eh 5 , .. if M , +.,, , Q- Q , .. . MRM ,Mx . , n . 1. .. .5 . R 1 ' 'A ' ' T5 nd if 5'5"--'51 QP! M51-f-Q '4,f11f5.,X w- 1 1 3 K- 2-'aw -121' Mg- "4 rA11'Wi! 1- wg. ,. 'x ' - .se X1 , X.XX X ,n,rXX,, .X.,, .X , fag. 4 'T , 1 JL V55 -i, i L .X ,. .LX Ji ...Tj ' X X ! .-X ,X Xt?rX XX.. 9,4 QX .X 'N' an ' N3 ' N. Q' 1 he xr' gl W lm fi Q ' ' ' Q all "1 A ' ' fy T ' V " rw 4 - - -- J .11 5 1 A 1 11 . J f 1 1 1 will f x . ---- " 1-1 '11 - 1.. ' 1 -.1 1: 1 1 H . K, X X is , .. ,i.Lr'XX M XXAX J X.. XX!-K Fwy H A X11XXX X X if hwmdg XX md! ,X 1 F XX A N -- .J ' 1 .K 9,--A... J 1 -. 1 . W4 .1 if ' if pg -. --M11 A Q - Q 4 K - ,c 1., f 1. . 1 W.. A 3? - . . A 1, Lf ,1 A .- 111.1 'Q 1 - 1:34 -. p1 1 , a .A ll- 9 11 pm- 1 1 If 1215. F f f HM? Unit ' ,Q ,Ninn tk nu wx A X4 ' . , afar ' J' M. T1 R 'X ' - 1 ' J ' ' .1 " 1 ,V f ' . .4 . ' ' f '- , 5' ' , 1 ' ' ' 'I ' A 1 -X 3 '41 E X., 1 v XX JX5.:,g4'fl.gi5 X6 1 Y. XXX 1,5 XX 'VXA X X . 1 X A X F 1 5 XL . - , I " " Q . , -- X 1 ,MAX . 'f 1 ,X ' 1 .1 1, ' y- 1X X 1 X XX- L. , 1, 1 vi ' 1 x 4 , f XXX QX X X 1 JL X i 1 E. X !mXXX,XXXXX1XX ff 8 rx X rs? Vkvq M X AKX. 1a. X ax A X' iX., .X X' I A . 1 ,Q 4 XXX . . . .. . , 1 . , , A f , ,l 11 4 - , ,x f' xf L P4 4 X X X . .KW ,rf 5 ff 2 . ' 5 , ' . - 511 i 5 X' 'W ..- R . ...,.1Q11.. " Q u- . ' ,M M V . 1 ' -1' -1f"::, x1 1 1 L ' 15 .f .- .- A .1 1. 14- - 5 ,m 1 11 x . . 3- ' "-" i ' H' f. " f ' 'V' . ' . f wx " ' A ' . , 1 I . . - -H " . 1.1 ' " ' ' ' R ' ' ' ' ' ' L . as .N X X 3 K 4 1 ,X Mm X XXXX X . Xgw, XX vm 1 LX Ti f ' "' f F 'i. - . U . . AM N' 1 "Q 1 ' ' rm 1. R XL 'Aj X X XX! f X :MX .X 'S' , X 11, .X 'X X .115 11-1 My M Q, X! Y . As gag! 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J :QQ E E lx , , A Q'- F 'i-K . if 3 personified abstraction. This is his year- book, told exactly the way he sees Newton High School and the community around him, sometimes serious, sometimes satiric, sometimes joking. How do we find out what the students' opinions are about Newton High? That was our next problem. Someone logically suggested asking them, and that's exactly what we did. Each student at some time during the year probably received a ques- tionnaire. We sent them out to a sampling of the students whenever we discussed an activity. Subjects dealing with aspects of the school that were familiar to every student were discussed by a random sam- pling. Programs that only involved a por- tion of the students were discussed by those people. We used the responses to our inquiries as the basis for our remarks. Therefore, although our essays cannot possibly encompass the reactions of each student to each activity, they are a general indication of the students' responses. I have already said that the readers are the students when they get older, but that is only partially true. Ourselves as adults represent only one-fourth of the audience. We are also directing this book to the en- tire Newton community. The high school is a public institution, and it is supported by the taxes of all the people in Newton. Therefore, it is fitting and necessary that the community knows what is going on at its school. It is also fitting that it be told what is going on by those who are the most involved with the school, the stu- dents. We have the greatest stake in this school. We have invested more than our money and time in it, we have entrusted a great part of our education to its care. We are understandably concerned with how this education is turning out and we would like to share some of our conclusions with the community at large. This responsibility that we feel toward the Newton commu- nity was another factor inhuencing our decision to try to present a critical and frank view of the school. Anything less would be unfair to it. ll f N f .v.., ' V , p,p,V,...A, V Oli-1 'V 'FN' L..:3g u2'4?'v-'Pr' . 'Q Yi lf'-lg. , VV ' 'Kina 34-74 ,Vi VV. I ' I, Mi-I 4: 5, ' :wr ' 'A' sw. gba gif' -- mv ' v- A 2 ng- V V : , V . fLuB4U, ' Vf . '.,"K E- -915: -Lg ,, " A Y "' '--- . I -' ..-'31 S "' ' T'.""' ----V ' .91 V V. V vi I :Tl Ajjjl-Aim-V. ,JV ' 3 E-93 , - "L, Q-. I"---".L-Tf..1'gV , fmgglq Q V. , v-f -,,,,. -,-.. qu. A 'L' vi -. , ...1'j, ---lfffjj' - , V ,gf ,. If .' , 3 I k.....,-.. I pea- . .- ,. . , . A- A --,-- q,41f,' -4 J 17f.g1',V ,,,-, "" -- T vayhff ,f ...D - Q pl ' 0--x :- "-Q I r ' 'a . K , x Al fait , - I 'Y " '5' "V X f Q R Q , '41 Q f v- 1 .A Y' 1 1',,':,1L"'- .... ,,, "' . - I V - I , V ,. 5 , ,,.f",' X 1 I V. - 72 4. x . H .V . N gr , ,ff 1 . -Q Gig?-x" 'nw M ' ix"7v-v' .,, 1 ', ' " + Vg. N U ' ' " 5 ' " X -..W -. f A , 'Q'-ff , L .V -. hm. , - ,gi . ,V V 1:55, -SVVVVV 5 gi , V , .,.. 7. -V 3,2 ,V VV 'r V -, - . V : ,V gg f,'q"'-55'1g,,j,V, .V . . lt ,WV . VVSGAVV V v I.. vq-n 'V f 3 N - fi 1 X Y - 3 f A ,VV - 554. V 1 'WV ,. , .1 V V VVVV ,.,mVV,VVV V we-,'1Ffk m3. . f9 " U 1'7' f. f W we W 359 .M V N V, , ,, 'si' SH " : V M uV ' Mf1gSffES33fe 2 I K. 4 - - V. U Q -ZA N-2 rf, 'I' ,z W: , V V W , YK I ,K vi - ' ' 3: -x, 2 ' '75 , ,V f , ,',55Qg5W' If " f'GW'- iviY,,,.- 1 V 1 h ew-wQb. M-'.,.,.,'5w, ' 1 ,- V. V 1-vi y .- '4 .V L V 5551"-if-1 'Ja 1 . :gig ,-6.4 gg . :M U, gnu' 44 ui... We must not forget, however, that we are also making the yearbook for the stu- dent now. A yearbook is not to be locked away and only brought out when sporadic tits of nostalgia seize us. It is meant to be read now, too. This book will not be to- tally a review for anybody. No student can possibly have been part of each or- ganization, each activity, or each team. This will provide an opportunity for stu- dents now to become familiar with those parts of the school that they had little contact with while they were there. We feel that a critical presentation of each function is more valuable in this capacity. Not only would students not recognize a less precise picture, but any new informa- tion they might find would be of little use if it were merely an overall description. The last part of our audience is the teachers and the administrators. Unlike the community at large, they are actively involved in the high school. However, they are involved on a different level than we are. They look at the school from a differ- ent perspective, and sometimes, under- standably, in their preoccupation with their own thoughts, they may overlook ours. Therefore, it is important that they too be presented with a purely student re- action to Newton High School. After all, we have been sharing the school for three years. We should also be sharing our ideas about it. This is a start. 1 A wang-Q' ,..0--- . X A' "ix, 42 ' 5 . I 4 A ,. , - :H F . 1 '4 - ,m ,. - a 1- . .. 921 ." A - .nv 1!4.l '-.,,.- ..,,.. V l ,. -, xml.. . I "Alf !t , if 3, .un Lv' -'rf' a x Y . -' .', A Vmf, x'.',t' - 'Q 'lf .-1.14 L "KVM, 1,0 '- '- .'- KQcg,'4P9i- '-' 1 I .I- .:::, fa .4 f " '- rl" - 1 ' , Aj, gl ' l.'.", ,' I ' wiv. . '. 54" - 'I 5 1 .. 1.5. , f -- .aj . Til. file' A "I I- ' uns., fb , 1 "' 1 ." . .M- x.. . .. . , .-JL, n"".:: 1 . ' - '.'! ,lf 1 .M-In -. . ?.,9,.g... .f 1 v H -11 L-:A , . I A f, , TTY .Fig cr: ft .--A fi ' " r- :sfi-'H -Qi I "' .O ff.-... glgg 5 V , , r lx -v. '...-. 1- - . . , . 'vga - - . 4 if 1 s I K" ,I x w - 2 ,.'r' 4 .'v ' rv' ,, .., , . A k ,I,A,. 'sl , 4 :- f ,-.. -. 5 .' .uhm l 1 IL .1-.. : .. H . ' ', H- X , a ,,." , ' I A ' 1 - 1 I . . I ' 1 f ' 4 ' I . I 4 1 K o -.. n 7' 1 1 ' ff- S . r . 3. . I 5 Th l968 Newtonian Diane Levine .,,. Bob Weiss ....i,i.., Fay Yanofsky i.,.. Mark Whitehouse David Railsback , Karen Mitchell . . Marcy Menitove Ann Nowak . . Harriett Fox ,. .. Marjorie Wolf A Amy Saldinger , . Jeff Secunda ,,,i., Barry Rogoff ., Sharon Raum ..,, Joanne Glickman Linda Altshuler . Nancy Polishook Richard Borison . Mike Boyajian ,,.. Karen Schpeiser Marvin Glasky Editor in Chief Paula Stone Assistant Editor Armando Rossi Advisor . i..,..i , .,.,, Literary Editor . Assistant Literary Editor . ...., A, ,...i.. Photo Coordinator t .. , Photo Editor . ,s,.,.Feature Editor S Feature Editor A .. .i Layout Editor t , Assistant Layout Editor . .. . Business Manager Circulation Manager Assistant Circulation i Advertising Manager i Assistant Advertising S... ,. S., Copy Editor Assistant Copy Editor . . Data Editor Assistant Data Editor Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor Assistant Sports Editor The Shape of Newton wo School Days 3 we W3 "Nw The High School Club . 38 102 What's Happening? .20 The Chiefs , 6, , 36 Movers and Shakers ,..,l. ., ,. 74 Publish or Perish ....i.... .,,.. 8 6 ws. A -,4 .- .4 . ,., ., ,n ,..-A-, A,,, A---.f V , .15 97, - M- .6 ' wi.. ,,, f - Yi .. ,Vit Sporting Life li, 126 I 1'HigI1 School - if The House System .o.. .. 150 f 2 's 2 'i If 1 I 1 ' ll 1 , M... , S W ,1,, W ff yr Ax ,vzg 11, f ooe ' Newton High School Productions ., 196 ..n I nr Y, , , ,, t E 1 1 'I 1 1 f, 1 5 so? S ,h., 312 1 k . I A School for Determined Pirates Hlgh School Hope ....,.............,r... . ., 192 f The Free Enterprise System . .S Classliieds ,..,r.r,,..... ,.,,.,.t..r. . lx .fl '. X 's . 5 I .df What s 535 QP If X . wi 1035 aE'N ppenmg ,A-gg 'Xx fb 1 WN WZ 2? ,.,4fY3 f'?4:fXQ4 ' g WJQHJ 2 ff Wf 7. Q-N m- g 9 1 Q 6 M, r 15+ -4191 'w ,as I iq.. i , ffl. ,fe-:.f,. .H 1 L ' .. ..'.f: Hrrr, P 5 A ",,- NNN Q5 4 mzwswx 1 WTTEEF Q - ww., . f f. ' ,,, 3.4. - , f T1 ,-,ml -,, , fl .gqkxg a,4.5I'g:,g 2f93'B'5rf'E. 'H wg -- Fly.. "b - " "'svf"' .Q ' , J, t X What Can I D09 Where Can I Co? ! 'ADH in '27 X jf?- u i -.rl ' 1 -an-fy-ng 'Q --I benign 9. - x av A u ,N 3 2 A , -1,4 1. -ndifii H if . .IN U I xi Q Q ,'-A- '- F ,, ffm' X 1' QUWU' MW! We V YI ivy 4 3 QQ . mr' ! FE-: fi' 5 ' vm ilyyqffw ' Qsgg, . 'T'-65,6 ., Clif! A59 Y . EX -412,-'a i , , .bm ww 4.5: LQ... ' f 'W WM 'W V 11-' Nlwww ' 'l E Xifilvr-..w?wwamsxw ,' 'NWN are ffm Q gm W fx' X 1 N gg i X W, N.. ,.:'. ' .Swv L W rf x 1 , x - f ' 4. N ew 9 N ww-A X 1 3 S . Q 3-, S 1,5 4 1 ww my X mwrwx Y X X W fr Nw www! 'QMW A v ,guy ,Q , wwf Mf lflivlvfw' 1:45, f U Nl 7 f wwf, L+- My fx, '-an...-an 'sgzgp 3mQsb': , vyyl, N' 'i hw yw X ' M932 WWA Q WWW ffl, , ,H 'VYQM ' W fwk -1 .em 1 w-wmv-Wm . i1ZW"'7, ' iw A. A ' A ,X f The Absurdit of it all W W H4-5 SQ S "'5p 3 1 M? 1 +' Sometimes its beautiful Sometimes its a prison. 0 Il J-,,. . .dinin- NW W 1551520 , f M f jf N, Mfg . Q9 ,af 5 If , av, 4 f , X f 4' 1, H B: 4 if Q fm!!! X ua f X I 4 f V X WVM ZKW . cf? hlgcw X f But what's it all about? X 74 X ly' n Who Can Help Me ? 'VNU h5wwwA,g....WJx A lx ,Q 0 7' ' aff 1, ,,,A 1 x - , , I ,.,s,. , I . ,' Q 9' Q'- y ,Y V '-I fa fa .:' 5 ' -, 4 4- . . . .ya as ,.- .: lata.: p .- -a-l.n l.s,p '. -,ru 1 n 1 -E .1,1,1lrIr,1, .,, 'x v D I li 35101 I W v eff I fzffwl 3 " i in A' , I v i in-is qi , 3 . UQ 1 'Mal un... V9 wx. . .L-N. 1 I 1 1 1 L I c D Y D 4 2 . g s V2 X09 MN, . 1. ' 4 4-- ..n -f- --uwvwv4 M . vw-4 wmv ,. ,pug XI' Nl' Xf N Xxx ,N 'N AX 'X .X X X 'X f ' K 1 , x mx x N v x X X, X , xx N X x X xfX X N PXSZXX :XX .XXBJXXS -KB X XX NX X, xx: xx X X kQfXjX,'X,!x!,X XX xx X x XX NX , ' f Who Knows That I' m Here? - - . ! ,.,.- , N Xxx XXXXSXXNX Q1 KEXXXXX IX3 wr A X Q Nag y ' X X X W R ,xx X ,av x V AX The Chiefs Rlchard Mechem Principal in 1 dom and Responsibility are two ends of the same staff" Richard Howland, Assistant Principal Superintendent Brown spoke for me last fall when he said: - The schools cannot be an island of tranquility in the stormy sea of our soci- ety, they must in some measure reflect the conilict, the tension, the change that is all around us, while at the same time provid- ing a sense of purpose, of self-conlidence, a knowledge of self for each individual with whom we work . . . change must be- come the hallmark of American educa- tion. Teaching skills may have been enough for a quiet country in quiet times, but this is hardly adequate for the turbu- lent and demanding future. No part of the present institution can be considered sacred, no tradition or accepted pattern of the past can remain unexamined. You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown s , f ' i, ,,,2z5s,i'?g g,2iQf.v'.a-y-Ml, 4' ,224 ,. 'Hs 'l. if 32 wi !" f A 2 I I , M'w"""v wid ,M ., Dfw. E I Wi" ' , .N-new Q7 513 gulf' """'r ' S l I i 1. F s E E P 4 5 ,. Newton High School sometimes seems like one wild carnival. It is four publica- tions, ten student governments, God only knows how many clubs, assorted plays, l It is a wild carnival, or at least a wayward n merry-go-round. But that isn't all Newton H High School is. That's just the trimmings, fl thc extras. Amazingly enough, NHS is fflicks, symposiums, games, and dances. " first a school, a three-part falling down, C burning down, peeling-off school. And a g good one, too. What makes this school special Cas a 1 lot of magazines have told us it isj, is not ' the trimmings, the myriad of extracurricu- n lar activities that can be found in more or 'less fusually lessl the same form any- awhere from Newton, Utah to Newton, H New Hampshire. The difference is in the : classrooms, the nitty-gritty of the 8:15 to 22:45 for laterj life. In its classrooms lie I the power or perhaps just the noise of this 1 high school. I'd like to tell you what is being .1 taught in this high school, but itfs hard. fHow can I possibly crystallize what goes ion in even one classroom, let alone try to fi figure out its worth or impact? Even the an teachers are dumbfounded when they try 1 to understand what exactly is taking place :in their classrooms. The kids are equally fawed, or confused, or amused, or sick of .I it all. And the administrators don't dare :guess what's going on. lt hasn't always been this way. Qnce I .2 could have told you everything that was "'covered" in each course by naming the mpages in the textbooks that were read. A afair guess was that between twenty and fforty percent of that was learned and lthere you were with an adequate summary nof the tedium and drudgery of class. For- ltunately, in most departments, the ped- uantic schoolmarm and the reciting pupil lhave been done away with. Unfortunately, iwith them went any hope of ever again :being sure about what kind of education uwas going on. I Now education is left to a mysterious :combination of our participation, the fteacher's genius or lack of it, and the lmaterialfs richness or banality. In the ischool we can try to simulate one, two, or lall three of these vital factors. We can fexperiment with different doses of the fthree. We can discuss and evaluate and lanalyze this crazy alchemical reaction qcalled learning. But it is as impossible to fpredict the outcome of our efforts as it is l to understand what happened later. With all the problems involved, it is probably foolish for me to try 'to general- ize about the classroom learning at New- ton High. Too many teachers' methods to consider. Too wide a variety of material to discuss. And most temperamental of all, student interest and participation is really impossible to measure, let alone trace to its stimulant. A I ' On' the other hand, if I want to give you an honest picture of Newton High, I can't. shy away completely from this magnificent daily drama called learning and resisting learning. So ,I'll" rllt top' what's happening in each- slightly less impossible' A discussing each classroomgfln Ifd like to talk about how interesti'ng-2-the general curriculum is to most people, effectively the material is presented,rnaind' what, if anything, characterizes each de- partment. Again, the teacher is themost influential fellow in determining the suc- cess of each course.. But I,can't,evaluafe each teach-er'sj" performance I rightg nowi Besides, its hard' 'toremain impartial with teachers. Teachers are- all isligh-tlyfcrazy. School Days ., .,.,. 53 f ' - " ff.. ra 1 w X -ary i l ll ll il l u I le Jane Hoyt l vv""""""' Donald Weiner E sn. l l l D. .FV lrlfqdifuig-1 ff Jgtwlgo 4 nv-3,4 in . 1 Judith Brier l , 40 Elizabeth Lee Frank Bliss 'T l 1 l 1 l , l L is as ' , 2 X Elizabeth Goldstein L21m0il'lC Boyle l l 1 John Harrer -a-1""1 ,,.. ,ff .1 "E ,,a, ffl! 1 PT in-f1""' Florine Borden Miriam Schwartz uni' Sheila Mahoney The English department is one of the most diflicult to talk about, generally be- cause of the independence of each teacher. Yet, English is the most talked about, and talked in, course in the school. It teaches what I guess is the most basic need in civilized man: communication. It gives me a tool that is not only useful, but vital. My progress in English does not affect my future just through that devious ve- hicle, my "record,', as other courses do. It determines my everyday success at living and understanding. Without English I can communicate enough to live, but not much more than that. Therefore, I'm really con- cerned about my English courses. The major discrepancy in the courses' function and their accomplishments is that the balance it seeks to achieve is warped. English courses set out to teach reading and writing, but in actuality thcrc is a concentration on reading. Read-a- book-and-discuss-it-in-class is thc routine of most English classes. lt's not a bad routine at times, butioriginal expression of my own ideas is neglected while l try to analyze what others are saying to me. My papers are written discussions of other written material, often just a rehashing of ideas with seemingly no new ideas added to the pool. l'd rather write papers to ex- press myself. Although l hate to admit it, a lot of students think that a particular lacking in the writing half of the curriculum is the neglect of grammar. Perhaps I don't know when l'm well off, but I'd like to bring back a little of that instruction in sentence composition which was thrown out with the rigid, formal English classes. That was a mistake that is obvious in my writing and one that can't easily be corrected by independent study. As one person said, "1 hate grammar, but I need it." A second thing the English course- formers seem to worry about is the bal- ance between traditional and contempo- rary books. This balance, unlike the first, is religiously maintained. I too, really think about what should be the focus of my English class. Certainly not just the old masters, for while their structure may Susan Bloom Ruth Levine Michael Morris 7 Q1 ci JV xiii? C, ,V -"f """- V 13 .MQ K f Q S ' " , , " ,...... ,,,, l . , . f ,,, , John Harrls , wx X Susan Littlewood Colleen Krebs Robert DePhoure . 3, 'a .Ji ,fi Thomas Wolf Roland Dowell be very much worth studying and their English the best, the subject matter is usually obsolete. I mean, Wild Bill Shake- speare is great, but he somehow turns me off. The old books just do not stimulate the spark of discovery in the souls of twentieth century kids. Identification with the situations is a strain, if it does not nul- lify the more valuable aspects of the book. The language, though flawless and beau- tiful, is sometimes ornate or out-dated, hardly a satisfactory example for my own writing. Yet I donlt think it's wise to study just contemporary literature either. I'd be miss- ing an awareness of the literary history, the evolution of English and its stages of development. I'd be getting a short- sighted, shanty view of literature with no foundation of the "greats", for one reason or another, with whom to compare mod- ern writers. The focus of English classes should be, and is, both a balance again, providing me with an idea of where I came from, and where I'm going. .ai R -LI if. ' 5 e.. -.' The teaching mystique George Bower E' n-up-. E' gf' ppudvl x.,VQ l l A I Barbara Killion Paul Kelleher as , s :eww f 7 Henry Bissex S. --ol" George Bresnahan Barbara Streibert 'inu-. Q' Mary Lanigan if . A ., i Dorrie Levin , is 1 ' ,- I 1 in 45 r-45 Newton High has a Social Studies de- partment, not a History Department, and I take history courses which may truly be called Social Studies. I study a society, not a dateline, and I usually feel that I learn more about myself and more about others this way. At least, I think so. l'm never really sure with history. Maybe that's the way it should be, but I some- times get sick of the sociology of the "Harvard casebooksf' Take U.S. History, for example. It's a really interesting course, but I'm some- times not sure about the relevance of a Spanish beggar boy in the 1400's to the development of the American ideal. I'm also not sure that an American History course that doesn't even get to those Puri- tans until February is really an American History course. Although Ilm not sure about the course content, I'm sure about my classes. ff" ,qff,""' 'T I i W Edwin Fraktman I 1 1 Af-, i I 46 They're much more interesting and rele- vant to me than math or French. Since there isn't a standard textbook, a lot de- pends on the teacher and on his teaching technique. lim kind of lucky that way, be- cause my teacher is really liberal, and we talk about Vietnam, the draft, and pot. Some classes, though cover nothing but the mountains of mimeographed sheets conscientiously collected and collated by the department. Some ambitious people even are in the new Seminar Program, which allows the students who are interested in history the Sally Martin fy it , , Joseph Connolly Robert Smith ff 'IA ,,....-f' Q Rosanne Pearlmutter David Hall ...vii- Charles Lindberg g I .ay Z 'Trl vvlx 2 In American His- tory I learn about Bed Franklin. , ' Q 0 chance to do extra work for extra credit. The seminars, taken along with the regu- lar classes, meet when the students and teachers want them. Since the seminars are smaller than regular overcrowded classes, the teachers and kids get to know each other much better. Next year, in fact, I heard that there will even be an advanced seminar in place of the Advanced Placement European History class. One really good thing about the History Department is that they put the lousy gods of Princeton who plan those College En- trance Examination Boards in the right .ltllldlllltl Ross . 47' i all Kenneth Zeno 3 ar x Thomas Kalmar "1 EUQCDC lVllllSI6lD Carol Goldbaum 3 l ilk. ,Z L fi .ffgf X perspective. They know that once you start aiming a course toward a college board, the CEEB ends up planning the curriculum. The achievement tests in his- tory, I've heard, are really factual, so why spend ten months learning those damn dates and names for a one-hour exam? I do know one student who wanted to take the American History board anyway, and so he took out a couple of books for a couple of days and studied furiously. He did really well, which shows how compre- hensive the test is, anyway. But teachers are most important in the history courses, like everywhere else. And one problem is that so many of the teach- ers are teaching their courses for the first time. A little turnover is line, and I can usually relate much better to a young teacher who may be looking for meaning in life himself, but it does hurt the course a little bit when the teacher is keeping only a week ahead of me. I can tell. But it's fun anyway. 3 me V Peter Scharf Howard Ferguson Jeffrey Griflith YM if: X Y f. X , . r W SA A Nancy Dellmuth 12 Robert Hurlbut Q Qian fu 'wr Paul Weisbcrg I really don't like language. It's a lot of work, and I'm not sure it's worth the effort. But my dedicated teacher never flinches when l whine "But it will never be of any use to mef' He calmly explains the importance of international relationships, trips to Europe, and speaking French to the Frenchmen. He is unfortnuately less patient with claims that English is be- coming a universal language. But there are always the colleges and the parents lurking in the background, demanding, for some ridiculous reason, language training. The French part of the department has the burden of reversing the hostility toward French built up such elementary and junior high schoolish institutions as the terrible twenty-one inch classroom and those dialogue records. The phonetic recitings of inane conversations killed me. Mary Waters ., It X 1 I Virginia Cox ,ft H -Z, Holly Moody Brenda Franklin I 5, "F l ,,,, y F. i "" ,, -,gl ,, NSA skis Q Franklin Davis Junior High clinched my "poor atti- tudei' by drilling and drilling and drilling. I sometimes wonder if I would have con- tinued with French if I had not been tempted by the promise of literature in high school. Yes, I have read literature but not without more repetitious drilling and drilling and drilling. One of my friends summed up the disappointment for all of us when he said, "Most kids don't know how to speak. - , l ' -U. 'VN l Nina Ebb Katherine Elliott Holly Moody 'bk' Margaret Gamble r. ,fax Elizabeth Jewett 'CRV l - - E' 'A P write, or read when they finish." This is, of course, an exaggeration, and many stu- dents are gratilied by a sense of mastery over the grammatical points of the lan- guage. One once delivered the ultimate compliment by saying HI have learned something in this course." Spanish, Latin, German, and Russian recruit their followers either from those with less endurance than I or from those who are interested in more drilling. Rus- xxXx X I :iv 'W SJ 54, vi ff 'E ,. ,M- ...-. ,......... Q 5' I ..efY,- ,A --,i John Fernandes Douglas Woodworth Rose Neufeld sian holds the marvelous fascination of being subtly unpatriotic. Latin is differ- ent from all the other languages, because you don't speak Latin. That means no language lab, a real blessing in itself. Of course, that peculiarity of Latin obliviates the original reasons for taking a language. In its stead Latin offers a solid, depend- able foundation in grammar plus a pain- less way to increase your vocabulary and probably win friends and influence peo- ple. Latin course-makers try hard to make Latin more interesting and more lively. In a way, all of the people in the language department mean Well. But they're doomed to failure unless they can find a miracle answer, and they haven't found it yet. Marion Dimcheif 1 4 fvff I fa Q , wa na Mary Hogan Myrna Patterson Helen Saunders Barbara Litt N A H4 :EX 'fi Florence Solomont Eugene Ferguson Math teachers have the same problem as the language people. I already knew what I thought about math before I came to Newton High, and little could be done to reverse my "negative inclination". I'm willing to recognize good teaching when I have it, but it can usually do less to en- hance the subject than it can such subjects as English and History. Math is math no matter which way you rationalize it. Some students, though, don't share my hopeless opinion. They say "It is basically hard, challenging, and in many cases, im- possible." Well, that's Hne if you're a stu- dent. Personally, I don't really like to study unless there's some fun involved. But I do admire math's aura of no non- sense, and I appreciate its absolution in the middle of an awful lot of wishy-washy "issues". Another advantage to the math 1 . . .f V,qw v Everett Lahey Atwood Dunham courses, though a rather dubious one, is that, due to the very nature of the sub- ject kids are prepared adequately to take the college achievement tests if they want to. In this ease, teaching for learning and teaching for an achievement test comple- ment each other without harming the course. .ff, Ina Schwartz Abner Bailey Frank Propp I A. -. ,ly . f Q-5,31 f ' 93' new ' -' Reuben Rosen 'WI S X Rose Ford if l. Jack Shapiro M 56 ..'n. W t,:'l'!.C'g.j .'-wb-.J ' -. f ' ' " t -A U K S4 K 'f . .,,, . . V' ., ' cs l- : fr F I ew u-flee -ee as Stuart Rist ,M B 6 I t Eileen Mandell John Barden Annette Carpenter David Giekie -5 5 I i3 Q I J i , ,ff Vir inia Clark Ann Winton Christine Sverbely g Linda Keene Harold Wiper e ww 5 nf Q -3 7 , , ,if xi 1 ,NX if , x if 'V y Q 7 Ruth Hansen -u-I I N11 as ii ii " "' '5 ' 2930 Gail Roberts Irwin Flink Sally Hanelin Frances Rogovin Last of the "homework-every-night" subjects is science. What makes science perhaps more exciting than other subjects, is that each course is completed in one year. When you're done, you've accom- plished something that you can name. While many of the courses do rely on material covered previously, each science course is more independent than any other course in the high school. This avoids all the wasted repetition that occurs in more overlapping courses. Another advantage to science is the unique opportunity for me to get out of my hard seat and use some fancy equip- ment. It appeals to the baby which domi- nates me at times. I can imagine myself more easily as an atomic scientist when I'm mixing purple "substances" over a bunsen burner than imagine myself as old Cicero while declining a Latin noun. So science appeals to the ham in me, as well. Don't get me wrongg I'm not questioning the value of labs here, I'm just satisfied with'their being fun. Like math, the science course, being more one-directional than some other sub- jects, lends itself readily to those lousy achievement tests. But it's not all memo- O '-2"' Montgomery Wells 5 8 l ' 1 X Frank D'Agostino Nkxxx 'sr Wil J ean Gilfallen Rebecca Bussey Z Z Z Z Z Michele Monson 1 QAA f f .Z ,, ' ,f rization of facts and formulas. The em- phasis, following what seems to be a great trend in education, is on the concepts in- volved in all the scientific processes. One Herbert Drury friend of mine called his course "challeng- his ultimate: 'cnot bad at all." Z In the same way, lectures stimulate in me little more than iidgeting. I always want to go where the action is. "hr-el' f QW il 3 Robert Malone 59 ingv-a really high tribute. Another gave b- Q Q Henry Lasker Art and Music Departments are un- usual. They actually reach both those stu- dents who are seriously interested in these two subjects and also those who think of them as relaxing hobbies. Both depart- ments offer majors and minors, one being geared to the first, more professionally- minded student and the second to those who either have little time for non- academic subjects in their schedule or who would like just to "dabble in the arts." Classes in both departments are generally relaxed and free. Some kids taking art complain that there is too little 1, A ,U Daveda Movitz time in which to really complete their plans,but they do applaud the depart- ment's emphasis on individualism and creativity. The fact that students are frus- trated sometimes by the lack of time in- dicates though, that the assignments are amazingly stimulating. In other subjects I Rnd that the lesson is tedious before the class is over. Music classes are necessarily more structured. There is enough individual at- tention to make this course more personal than most, but there is a greater emphasis on discipline than on music. The fact that in music you are sometimes preparing for a performance necessitates that the classes be more organized. Both of these departments also offer courses to those students who, though not interested in participating themselves, want to learn about art and music. These appreciation courses are naturally en- hanced by their taking advantage of the opportunities Boston offers. And there is a contrast between my appreciation of music or painting before and after taking a course. 61 Daniel Malia Joseph Ryan 5. if i Renzo Ricciuti With Work-Study of the Industrial Arts program, kids who were on the verge of dropping out are staying in school for a half-day of classes and a half-day of on- the-job training in electro-mechanical de- vices Cthatls fancy for audio-visual equip- mentl. Like my friends in Fundamentals of Engineering, I get in-school instruction on electronics and machinery without having to make a three-year commitment to one trade, as the Tech High people do. The Work-Study program is great when the conventional Newton High program becomes meaningless. WSers, instead of wasting the day in school, get experience working in industries around Newton- with pay. Qi Ward Manghue Home Economics is an elaborate rein- carnation of playing house. Unlike the other courses that either deny or ignore my childhood, Home Ec cultivates this one childhood game. It blithely skips my limbo state of dating and school and jumps to the more interesting, more per- manent condition of housewife. More im- portant, Home Ec is a painless study- killer which offers unique dividends such as a mid-afternoon meal or new clothes. It allows me school time, which is always longer than normal time anyway, for working on my own hobbies-eating and dressing. The chief difference between my girlish fantasies and my earnest Home Ec studies is that now I have gentle supervi- sion in my play. Mother never took as serious interest in my games as these teachers do. Mother never taught me a lot of things my Home Ec teacher told me. Elinor Brilliante Y ft, 23, w .f ,pb tt, 3 Qgii' mm? Carolyn W00dbUfY Lynda: Borrie 4. The business oilcrings are of two gen- eral classes. One type includes courses such as shorthand or typing, which teach elli- cicnt study tricks even if you donlt want to spend your life sitting on the boss's lap. But most of thc people who take the courses do. For general interest there is Personal Typing, which many kids take just to learn, really. Its "Symphony for Orchestral and Thirty Typewritersn gets on your nerves after a while, but that's off the point, What's really important with this aspect of the business department is that it comes to grips with the center issue of usefulness. It may come as a shock to those who have only had contact with the purely academic subjects that the need to be equipped with more than ultra- sensitivity to each other is recognized in this department. Some of the fun is lost, though. The other type of business courses, could be called Social Business. They at- tract students Cand non-studentsj who are either testing out their interest in business to find out what they want to be when they grow up, curious about the nation's economy, or desirous of a gut course. These business courses, like Problems of Democracy in the Social Studies Depart- ment, present to a great extent an eco- nomic approach to history and current events, but they are generally easier. After all, 210 credits are better than none. A1- though these major courses, like minors in other departments, are often taken to fill up a schedule, they are usually worth taking. They represent subjects that are moving, and active in changing society now and quickly. 'ja . .Ui WS-slut .t ,,,,"" l. Ain... -"""f'Hi "M Mary Machakos fr Rudolph Satlak Anna Nolan it was R T John Meyer N Mildred Caram . Q f f X 14 i , ,F fix f :, ' ' nf Armando Rossi Vollin Wells Robert Chalmers l 65 Robert Mitchell Guidance Head The Guidance Department is the most elusive department in the school. The problem is that my counselor has just too many students to handle. His schedule simply cannot provide the time for him to really know students as he would like. My guidance counselor doesn't really know whether Pm extremely motivated or not. Luckily he can look it up in his files. He can also Iind out whether I'm emotionally stable or excitable. These la- bels seem useless to me except that they perhaps indicate whether I'm in enough trouble to deserve the privilege of his ear. My guide is also continually in the throes of an identity crisis. He doesn't know whether hels supposed to be a fa- ther-mother, a psychiatrist, or just a walk- ing Lovejoy's College Handbook. Father- mother is aitouchy role. He's in enough trouble without having to worry about my rebelling. Besides he can't really muster the familiarity necessary to be fatherly. Psychiatrist would be nice if he had the time or the room in his cubicle for a couch. Walking Lovejoy's is the only practical role he can assume. He is in fact quite adept at providing me with general information on colleges and outside em- ployment. Guidance counselors are also invaluable in that they have access to pamphlets and statistics that are not gen- erally available. The job of my guidance counselor is basically a tough and thankless one. But he is reassurred each year when seniors mature. Newton High School student after meeting with his guidance counselor " ? ,, s Y 5 ry N- .14 A LD '5 V 1 . Q 'fi . ,t 1 ii' . 5 . l l l l l l I've finally found a college for you. It's in Alaska . . . Mr. Edwin Weist WW' '-we W' Records Ofiice Secretaries Seated: Eugenia Copland. Standing: Norma DeAngelis, Bar- bara Shaw. X , Driver Education is the most popular course in the school. Practically everybody elects it. Of course, this is not an indication of the course's value, but rather an indication of the expense of auto schools. The course is devoted to emphasizing what is obvious to any rational adult-that you need common sense and com- mon courtesy to stay alive in an automobile. This is done by writing down cute tips and reciting a wordy equivalent to the Golden Rule two days a week for half a year. The sheer repititiousness is enough to prevent this ap- proach from being very effective. Fortunately, the course also incorporates the opposite ap- proach-invoking terror in me. The movies on automobile accidents may be disgusting, but they're invaluable for shocking me into appre- ciating the much-overlooked obvious. lf l've really become immune to vague warnings or even parental threats, I may need to be terri- fied if they're going to make any impression at all. if . wlwkf xi Donald Mitchell Placement H eaa' ...- .341 ul' ,S 'r Miriam Abrahams Biff Q! 1.4, . Y, 0 ' Hope Butler . ,,.,.q-ni?-""' M , -4 ',, -. T r 1 r I I Edward Beatty Marcia Lucenta -'25 is-ll' Marion Moriarty The library is a test of your diplomacy. It requires a skillful balance of abusing other peopleis privileges and sacrificing your own whims for their comfort. It re- quires a thorough understanding of the library rules and an even more thorough knowledge of the elasticity of each one. It requires an understanding of how far you can stretch the nerves of your fellow man and how great the endurance of the librarian is. It is a gamble, with your ac- cess to the library as the stake. Perhaps that is what appeals to me. The gambling instinct drives me back each study period to brave the cutting voices of the librari- ans and the pleading looks of the boy cramming in the corner. It takes a knack to know how long I have before my voice begins to grate on Mr. Beatty,s ears. It requires real concentration to be able to read while someone else's voice is grating on Mr. Beatty's ears. For that is the amaz- ing quality of the f'regulars" at the library. I can be among the obedient, earnestly studying few, or among the more boister- ous time-wasters with equal readiness. I attack my role as idyllic studyer with as much gusto and as much resentment of the others as I do my role as public nui- sance. My inconsideration is indiscrimi- nating. It doesnit care whether its object is a friend, a teacher, or even myself. All that matters is the cat and mouse game I play with the librarians. The library is not only a free-for-all study hall. As a book room it is both efficient and well-equipped. There is little space for many general library books, let alone rarer ones. But the Newton libraries are plenty accessible. and well-equipped to provide for my outside curiosity about literature. It is enough for the school li- brary to provide a speedy, uncomplicated exchange of the books used in English and History classes. s ii I I 4 I' Y" vu" ' -' . "u -xx O' ' Dgq. Wi ... 9921117 xr HIGHJQ 4 IE! 6- " QQ! 5 l i Y' it f fig' -5 i -L Reginald Smith Alvin Fortune Linwood Gatley Boys, gym classes are the most sweared- about in the school. Teachers who were or would like to have been Marine drill instructors often work and hound me hard. The locker room is rotten, and a third of the gym period is wasted dressing and taking attendance. But phys. ed. really isn't that bad. I sort of like playing bas- ketball, or football, or even climbing the ropes or wrestling. I don't like the run- ning, but it's probably necessary. I do wish that the gym instructors, when they assign exercises, would do them with you. James Ronayne Michael Buzzi IL,-,,,,,,,,,, Carolyn Lukowicz .,-.410 . Katherine Schimke I 71 ,lla xswr' " dglhw.. "X , ,t In Girls' Physical Education, instead of shocking me, the teachers try a curious combination of intimidating and wooing me. On one hand, they must adopt a strict, military attitude in order to activate the hordes of students in each class. On the other hand, in the Girls' Gym Department, their pride refuses to allow their depart- ment from being outdone by the rest of the school in creativity and progressive- ness. In a valiant effort to prove that theylre as experimental and anti-tradition- alist as the rest of the school system, the teachers, especially the student teachers, strain their imaginations finding cute gim- micks and variations on the routine. Cal- isthenics must be done, and done by every girl regardless of excuse, but they are done to music instead of a clip count. Locker rooms are still the chief complaint of students, boys and girls. Femininity de- serves a bit more privacy, but it doesn't escape cold cement floors and tiny, crowded lockers. nf' d ,Jw-W . . 'Q levi Mm' . vw' ' ,. - - . ' - " .a ' Ha- , . 'F ., ,gf HM-.1 - wwe :M - ' , Ruth Frazier Nal'1Cy Jo KiIlflCy Q ' ' A : 1- J X ' .,..-- ' iii . .- .-g1"! . -"' .- ' ' 1-xv"-"'..--3 'A"..v , ' 'v A' ,.,, . - .1 .- . ' - 4. y 1-.N x . V ' . ,,Q" K -f 1 . . . ' 4 ' .,,P"7.-1-Qyql' -. j"' f,n'd9-AVA.. 2' .,,.:f. .., - f xr' .,.,, . .rf .I , I - ' za.. ,. ., " ' .L -i,, X ... . - l .W N5 bk . 0 V., g 1 wi 1 W, . -as ' ' . A- lavf- nu ci , Q- 15, '. ,nlff . ,dp A A "Nv.6n'Kff'F'g ' -'X fa 'H . , A-r ef S' , - Www' 4 .:....4-.1 ,. - -- A 1" . vw H . fr ':, .78 Mft-"' f Velo- .Y su 4 -. l --i4,p.Egg,t,,gMy.5 L- Lu' s. A ' 1 v H , - as in K .-- -yank " 'V s-hiv" .rv -. " -1 .f H . w .ww 'rr "- " ' " - fx Y fvsikla' A in SVT fa. -s.- 5 .f Q - ff , ,434 ' ' ,. 4 gy, 1 L., e wi. ,' ,-0 'Vu ,,' ,, . . .,'3'r-.1 1" ' et. -...J-faxff' - 'Gif-R ' A ' ' 0' l V - W ? A ,Q 'lx' l cr 1 ' The Winners: Merit Finalists Cbranch to trunkb, Bob Hough- reling, Bob Weiss, Andy Levin, Larry Samet, Ann Har- rer, Gretchen Mueller, Marvin Olasky, Ann Carren, Debby Bovarnick. Mining: Harold Lichten. The Movers and The Shakers dum f-eq F ,A 'X e . ,. Q. Q Q V4 , .XX w 9 f I f" XL Q P1853 Q X I 57 E X buf, ff Keep your children off the streets! Make them well-rounded! Enrich their records! Support the extra-curricular ac- tivity of your choice! This may seem to some to be the think- ing behind extra-curricular activities. It may appear to be one huge sinister plot to steer students away from juvenile delin- quency and towards that ivy-covered admissions building. But the extra-cur- ricular program is not an invention of administrators or social workers. Believe it or not, the program is one of the only aspects of NHS that was created for the students, of the students, and by the stu- dents. This fact alone makes it one of the hottest aspects of Newton High, and per- haps it also accounts for the almost ab- normal amount of participation in the activities. And their diversity. I don't mean that we have full power over our own organizations. No, certainly not. Immediately following the birth of a club or publication or any other organi- zation, a kindly god-mother is appointed to watch over it. She, the advisor, pro- vides the new-born organization with a veto. If she is clever, or has read Spock, she can do this while keeping her clubbers under the delusion that they are running the organization themselves. If not, well, this is nothing new. At least the relation- ship between the students and the faculty advisor is closer to that ideal'of coopera- tion and togetherness that is sometimes half-heartedly strived for in other areas of student-faculty contact. In clubs, how- ever, there is always the veneer at least, and sometimes the reality. . The most imposing extra-curricular ac- tivities are publications, government, and the musical groups. They are the Big Three as opposed to the tiny thousands, the clubs. One of the main differences between the Big Three and the clubs is that the Big Three are more formally organized. The Newtonian and Newtonite staffs have their own homerooms. Most music activities meet regularly, either in scheduled periods or X-blocks. Even the nearly impotent student governments seem to see each other quite often. Really. Membership in this trio is selective. Auditions determine your participation in music activities. Admission to advanced Orchesis is also only achieved by a demonstration of your gracefulness. Stu- dent government gorges itself on elections once a year to exercise and exorcise us in the democratic process. The selectivity of these activities seems to pay off. At least the members' efforts are pretty good. Performances by the band, orchestra, and choral groups have cheered up many a dull X-block. Every two weeks the waste baskets abound with discarded Newtonites. And what better way to get out of X-blocks than to join the Newtonian Circulation staff? Even that Student Government sometimes produces a new privilege for me. This brings me to another characteristic common to these three different activities. Unlike the clubs, which direct their ef- forts toward entertaining or improving the "skills" of their members, these activi- ties concentrate on producing a finished product from which the whole school can benefit. Even their names indicate an identification with the school. The New- tonite, the Newtonian, the Big N Tiger Marching Band, the Orange Book. Beyond these categorical similarities, the Big Three organizations are as differ- ent as each NHSer. Each appeals to a unique need felt by students. Each re- sponds to a unique talent. Each is Aa unique and probably indispensible part of this high school. . y "' 5 .A U sl' A bg, at-l I i - an , P' 3' A 1 I 'ZW 5 But Nothing Really Changes an- ? NVQQN-WMM? ' tl aw, in-M , hs"T'u4.-,,a,.w I ' "np , v . FUD: ,,.,,,,,,, Ewuxnxnumgqqmv-A ' - 1 fy 5 . Ao., .,.. N.-1.f f.upluF"4 ,-A f.7':45-F0581 l ,l.q:'.!lM" ..-fu ' M 'i"!xx,.,, an ,rm gg K. -N Ex f K NX 3 X Q as fl QE 4 , , X .mmudlnv-f Q quasi-an-w , L, Q 11... H x lwg t -Q 'S X5'NWW ' l New -4 xv, ' .f x A ?f -nu-lluuhlv- l mnunnnnlilh- ,J manluumnmw if I VX: xmx 1 V X Z ff f 1 f Z Q J Wgfff f f fff Q X! ff , 2. ' 'I f gjimgyyyf , . X f if if., 4, ff A Y I Z Qf?? C ,lfWL4",2y' X' .X " v. , Q' . f , -. , , iii? ?ZfZi'Z?5? Q iwwymwgzy 2 WMFSWZZZ' Z Vmayimynf ,A42, A fy 4767? f W ? f fmwfmfwf 'f , if 717, ,f ff ? ' yfh 72 X X f 1 ff X X X jf f 2 52 ,W ,,Z!Z -.. , f??f7,f'f f ,V x .", , f ' " 4 F, N -nd" 41' 'vu' , L Fu' N 1 A4 in 1 Xu 1 I. 1 X K ' 77 The Shape of Student Government i I 1 l l i I l ,l l l ie 4 ii I 1. 0 i- X As a Newton High School student, I am constantly reminded of the projects sponsored by the student government, which after three years, I placidly accept. I stage no coupsg I impeach no one, I force the abdication of no one. I am a peaceful and rational citizen. I simply accept my student government. I accept them when I'm dissatisfied and I accept them when I'm pleased and I accept them when lim indifferent. But, if I make no distinctions between the improvements the government has made and its failures, it must excuse me. I'm just not paying attention. Holler that I'm apathetic, but at least I'm consistent. Each spring I can be counted on to scrutinize my ballot for a familiar name and bestow a hearty check beside it if I find one. If I am familiar with none of the candidates, no matter. Iim not fussyg anyone will do. Iid rather turn my attention to the more engaging problem of folding the ballot exquisitely, for I can rest secure in the knowledge that I have helped elect an upstanding committee of my peers who will do their best and perform their cus- tomary rituals expertly. The only difficulty is that they usually are too optimistic to be satisfied with performing only their tradtional rituals. They discuss the splendid changes they want to make and boy, if they could only put them into effect, how the school would be improved. What they don't realize is that they canlt put their plans into effect. My attitude is partly to blame as I often don't give the active support neces- sary for the electees to carry through their plans. The trial period hurts too, for new and wondrous privileges are usually judged failures through the folly of some reckless moment. And whether or not I attend traditional student activities, they are always called successes in some aspect or another. It's discouraging to extend myself when my efforts seem to have so little effect. The administration won't allow the realization of the hopeful innovations be- cause it knows better. Giving the students a freer hand in making decisions con- cerning school policy would threaten the standards of respectability and order that it has so carefully and skillfully main- tained. Despite the disappointment of so few successful student-initiated changes, I still applaud the student government for succeeding as a remarkably viable service organization. As a standing committee it takes care of all the conventional high school projects that would otherwise re- quire a million ad hoc committees to supervise them. By having a central con- trol of routine tasks, unpleasant delays and disorganization are avoided. The proms are arranged with a minimum of complications. Merit cards are issued regularly and high school rings are ordered and distributed with as little hysteria and as much efficiency as we can muster. One of the reasons for this effi- ciency is that the student government has a structured hierarchy with' assigned posi- tions for each of its members. Each per- son knows his responsibilities and to whom he must report. No duty is over- looked or done twice with a specific person assigned to each job and a record kept of all proceedings. Most important, the large permanent government organizations are better equipped to raise money than several dis- jointed fund-raising projects, especially when the activities require the coordina- tion of several separate efforts. Only a formal organization can arrange for ade- quate publicity and all those other details without creating chaos. But I'm not entirely satisfied with our student government. Neither are its mem- bers. I'm not fooled into thinking that our student govemment is allowed to ful- fill its chief aim: to govern. I've seen too many of its plans vetoed and its privileges restricted to believe that it is as viable as l'd like. I see that the rules don't come to us through our homeroom representatives. They are introduced most formally by the morning bulletin. Apparently, the reason is that there just isnit room for two gov- ernments in one school. So student gov- ernment is forgotten. ...K iLi "" - Q , , ,ll 1 ' 19 v- 'fs I l n in mg .R The Civics Commission sits fx UN ,., , ' l ,, NL F Wg., W? X' The Student Council machine Student Council vice-president Joanne Glickman and president Bruce Baltimore I f lglillwi Q ooxGUY9f X-! l fi f ,,,.....,.,.Q N We ST UPQNI' CQUNCI L4- Senior Class Committee W ! .410 . ll., IQ 4 5 1, A' 2 ' 3 ,75'C,. ' f ,- . WN '. . , A N. . - uf? 5 ' 155,-M 1,11-- 1: xg - i 1'.i'1. "-Q iff- 5 U V LV., , ,,,X2A,.v: A -A 1-71kl,?.v3i 1 fffjj 'H-11, gf? .1 , 'Xi' J' , f x - V tx' 'X A m f ' .f 1' gf? . . I We J, 1. , N . gag' li 4 , "'4'.wf', , ' f Lv. ' - JE' 5 'L . , J HY 1 ' x ' 455 Q 4 ,sv V4.5 4 I 82 3' Z9i-fiQf" f,F 'f.f'4L- Junior Class President Iris Brass MSF' 5 Sophomore Class Committee N X X X e f -NS x Qtz fill! P' Adams House Council 'Q . fl lr' flffrfnic n Barry House Council Beals House Council Diane Burke, jackie Rando, Leon Bowle, Jeff Hyman: Pravidenl, Eliot Oven, Mike Morrison, Edith Goldstein. Kathy DeLuca. fr 1 -1 L Barry House Christmas Party 'Qu 'awh- ,,w""""'N' Riley House Council Palmer House Council Front row: Sandy Rohsenow, Nancy LeVine, Nancy Jacobson, Elaine Fandry. Second Row: Patricia Bell, jane Chessman, Roy Tobin, Iris Kramer, Mary Walsh: Advisor. Third row: Lois Jacobs, Joan Glick, Regina Olsin, Kathy Heberle, Iva Rubin, Ethel Rolbein, Roberta Ross, Frank D'Agostino: Adviror. Fourth Row: Pat Pingree, David Stavdt, Harry Kart, Cheryl Walsh, Debbie Lieberman. 'TW fX i Bacon House Council Front Row: Robert Hurlbut: Advisor, Mike Schwartz: Trearurer, Barry Tatelman: President, Evelyn I-lartel: Secretary, Martin Weiss: Vice Preridenl. Second Row: Betsy Feldman, Janet Haydn, Sue Gartland, Jeff Bloom, Bruce Bernstein, Daryll jer- nigan, Meritt Keleher, ,lanice Elia. Third Rout jerry Cole- man, Ed Reilly, Tom Coen, Richard Echlov, Bob Snyder, Tom Vallely, -lim Tye, Tony Lupo, Anna Gracia, Sue An- tonnelis. Fourth Row: ,lon Marcus, Ellen Marcus, Patty Schwartz, Leslie Newman, Anony Mous, Karen Kono- witz, Pam Black, Ellen Leahy, Patti Gordon, David Dworlc. P , if W 3 0.19.50-F Us Q. k 1 x -1 Q ZA 6 ,.' -'lui Record Staff Janet Magni, Karen Mitchell, Bob Weiss, David Railsbacks Editor, Richard Borison, Mark Whitehouse. 'F- ff Advisor Rossi and Editor Olasky settle their differences. Copy Staff Front Row: Sue Hurray, Sharon Raum: Editor, Ann Paul. Back Row: Ellen Sivack, Paula Elitov, Joanne Glickman: Afxiytarzt Editor, Lois Jacobs. Mixxirzgz Ronnie Sherman, Nancy Wecker, Donna Ross, Lynne Raum, Gail Paris. Photo StaH jim Levine, Fay Yanofsky, Mark Whitehouse. CENSCRED Publish or Perish Q W L KM Circulation StaE Front Row: Sue Hyfer, Lynne Brilliant, Margi Wolf: Editor, Amy Saldinger: Assistant Editor. Second Row: Sue Laskey, Carey Proshan, Nancy White, Carol Summers, Anita Hartsrene, Mona Stone, Georgia Goltsos. Back Row: Debby Keezinfi, Laurie Leviiiie, Polly Bell, Renee Weiner, Beverly Rissman, Jeff Gil- lespie, hanger-on, Ma tin Cohne. ' ' 3 'Sports Editors Richard Borison, Karyn Schpeiser, Mike Boyajian. Feature StaH Front Row: Linda Gradone, Sally Angoff. Back Row: David Rails- back, Andy Golub, Karen Mitchell, john Ziergiebel, janet Magni. f W' If as 1- Q. . ,, ,f,f W' 5 gi ibm? 1, eric Data Staff Linda Altshuler, Nancy Polishook, Debby War shaw. r wk 'X 'X X., X Y, W fs QW"-s .. f. OP :A f-1 uv? Linda Altshuler, Data I -4.4. in Q A 1 NEW 5 mmf "' 'iii' 'J E fwfr F i , a 'iii Richard Borison, Sports I' ,f fa: ,Wx 75 Marvin Olasky, Editor-in-Chief N f, Harriet Fox, Business sr -ua-IQ Mark Whitehouse, Photography David Railsback 8z Friend nv' .l e 55, Q' LCVIDC, Lzterary Newtonian Editors K aren Mitchell, Feature Sharon Raum, Copy F Margi Wolf, Circulation Marcy Menitove, Layout Paula Stone, Assistant Editor Wwmmn'-fs. N 'Um J eff Secunda, Advertzszng .2 W Fay Yanofsky, Photography V 'ink' X I. w w: if vin Sta e TV Debate on ,USED UD Lett eary, 3 ,gt Q Q2-t o Slapstick Comedy Returns With Advent It Q0 . Q,'A0W 'ex' tt Um std YM13' gsevd WN Editor-i -Ch'f H b' ' iss 0 0091 0 X599 Y' YW' xs 59 C56 'x '55 SS' mgkg XQQXXQ stew meet QW sports editors write Tiger Tails column. t 4, The Newtonite li K A Typical Deadline Day Ak It As the time factor becomes urgent, Newtonite editors race to 511 90 their assignments. Thousands Jam Wakefield' T if Barrow's Gang in 'Bonnie 81 Clydef Ima f 33.7 r " 4329.1 I Q : n V9 CD U3 r O Sa YN s Im QQSWA , 5,5 2 XKNSXS 1 lted decis th B d , pf?1d geiginhgsthaeskigasfblty f Ogiilaqngiewgggf 38 dth News editor Steve Singer remains in close Contact with Newton Q p g i High's newsrnakers. 5 -1 it 4 :U to 4 J' CD 46 W- 5 0 1, ig Q 49 4? S JL 602 9 1' 0 Q 42290, 00 f aaa 4. sf V' 'Kr 9 CD Q J' . 0 N n gg .0 ap of t A 0 i 0 S V9 'Q cf 02- cu 430, QW o S Managing Editor Tom Mansfield and Business Man- Q ager Fred Swartz go to work. Q C7 D3 Z U! CD U3 State Fire Marshal Probes Cause U3 FF .n . - . I . W. 5 4 Q Herbie and Budgetary Manager Crazie Charlie Raffel find way 1 make sure that the Newtonite gets to you befo you get h 91 The Beat Goes On Hope of the Future: jimmy Hirshberg and Sammy Schemer ' s 'ik In lf .I f Uv 4 L 41-? iN -if n RET!" wwpkqxu The Newtonite One crucial issue the Newtonize didn't discuss. Photography Editor Bob Smith stays on top of the action, and the action stays on top of him. 5 0 33- rf Bill Tomb, Margie Goldsmith, Editor It's really hard to transcend the luke- warm issues usually found in high school newspapers and present a paper that is really provocative. So I will have to ex- cuse the Newtonite for not doing so and laud it for at least trying. I compare it to my junior high school annual newspaper Cyes, there was onej and see that it is the epitome of sophistication, wit, and all that. Their typewriters throb to the pulse of NHS and their noses and axes crowd the grindstone. Their issues are crammed with vital on-the-spot coverage of the many exciting happenings in our cozy commu- nity and its sweet surroundings. The New- tonite is a nice clean paper, too. No sensationalism. No graft. They reserve their editorial column for in-depth inter- pretations of what I'm doing or cute punches at those administrative people or, best of all, attacks at their public enemy number one: student apathy. I'm really so proud of our editors that, in a fit of passion, I might even challenge our Boston newspapers to match issues with the Newtonite specials. In fact, it's safe to say that the Newtonite contains more political coverage, line for line, than the Record American. And it's easier to fold. For the Morse Code readers among us, there is Thoughtprints. That staff's policy is that esoteria is profound. More im- portant, it's fun to understand something that nobody else does. Sort of the same idea as the Emperor's New Clothes, only more discreet. Instead of parading in non- clothes, they exhibit non-poem poems and non-story stories. Challenge them and you're not just deemed unworthy of your position, but utterly and hopelessly shal- low. Simple-minded, that's what you must be not to appreciate the obscure sym- bolism. Luckily, you have time between issues of the magazines in which to deepen your- self. If you work at it, by the second issue, you will be sufiiciently equipped to feel that being the ultimate determinant of a poetic temperament. However this Year's second issue was a welcomed surprise. They met me half-way between coherence and obscurity in a cool collection of writ- ings. Then there's the Orange Book. When I was a sophomore I waited for it eagerly. Where else could I find out where the Annex hides itself? what the National Honor Society is all about? who the Presi- dent of the Student Council is? and best of all, the first names of my teachers. The Orange Book saved me. But now I know its drawbacks. Where else couldn't I find out the best places to smoke? how to cut classes without being detected? and best of all, the most sophis- ticated ways to brown a teacher. Orange Book Front Row: Pam Green, Amy Green, Linda Altshuler: Editor, Terry Karas, Vicky Newman, Ann Nowak. Back Row: Susan Frank, Patti Gordon, Elaine I-lorn, Ellen Sivack, Arnee Blauer, Bruce Friedman. 95 ,-nun ,gn-1' wg I, x- ,Q -Q I 1 s-..,,... -5 -vi, - -l...-,,-... N 4, -mann... . lib-M gf I, Q, , ff f' 1- Xb f 4. K av . 3, w 1' 2 , I V f 4 ,,q. wap, l ..- ,nhl '.1-e-1" hm' i f 4, .1 .:',,.-..w- 4. 9 ,,. I . 1. ' . JV' . 4 e S A b I' flu- -- .1 ..h,,.. MA. k n 34213-'4.?'Li :ff n- 1 f 4-if E"Z'31'f-"5-Iyigs f-5 '52 2.3-j."f ' ' ' 4 I la . 4 rd-"1 I Q , 1 Ms WA 1 , 2 43' , . I' U 'li'-fx .r',- 'D . -fx on .7 - . .- 44- ..--.A-rf vifvdn' ' Al , f Q '46 aninfi ' ' nv , 4 -- .f' Q.s'i I ., . Q vrdinxt .fwhyh -if ." , ., ' 9 ,1,f.,' .' Ma iorettes Lynne Houston, Karen Ford, Ellen Precopio, Nancy Cucinotta, Jane Berson Sandy DeSantis. Most of those regular activities are in- doors, but those Big N Tiger Marching Band people really sweat and freeze in their line of marching duty. I watched them once practicing, and many times at the football games, and they are really Newton High School Tiger Marching Band the only group that believes the old stories about school spirit. They are wild. There are plenty of stories about the annual band party, the function resembling a can of sardines with 90-odd musicians assembling for the presentation of band awards, band movies, and dirty jokes falso bannedb. Besides, it was an opportunity to look ahead. They agreed to burn their water bills in protest if they put the NHSers be- hind the horses again in the Memorial Day parade. They say it's hard enough to march in formation without having to dodge "obstacles". But the band people are always filled with the most spirits for the half-time show. The tricks were obvious but funny. One sketch showed a 100-foot long ciga- rette, and the music to the Benson 8: Hedges commercial was played. The foot- ball coach tried to hide the players' eyes, no kidding. The new band director, Mr. Jerry Gardner, kept up the corn of the Cobb, but it was really bigger and even better. ' .. i'.-.ann-I t 2 'N Orchestra A Capella 4 and A Capella 2 First Row: Kim Wolfe, Carol Summers, Barbara Case, Carol Boyd, Nancy Pellows, Leland Brown, Sue I-Iurray. Second Row: Kathy Gurd, Donna Chapman, Carol Sacks, Debbie Gordon, Lorrie Flamm, Danny Kaplan, Bob Carr, Joanne Barres. Third Row: Kathy Malone, Lillian Lanza, Shirley Maclay, Diane DiBenidetto, Kathy Dever, Steve Perlis, Steve Clayman, Mark Whitehouse, Sue Carp. Fourth Row: Wendy Keil, Joanne Muskalski, Didi Ramee, Vickie Pollen, Scott Fair- banks, Scott Glazier, Alan Kristal, Ralph Mudarn, Linda Gradone. Fifth Row: Charlotte Hamilton, Maureen Kneelancl, Eileen Malone, Debbie Pearson, Debbie Zaoncheck, Carol Shapiro, Emily Bloch, Jocelyn Covington. A '1 Orchestra players listened to a few pros talking about musical intricacies, but through a lack of scheduling Ca plague that infested most of Newton High this yearj, the only definitely planned event for the orchestra was performing at gradu- ation. And that had better not be post- poned. For those musically talented students who not only can't play an instrument, but also can't stand to even hear one, there are always the A Capella choral groups. They sing without instruments, but that is not to say they sing without music. I watched A Capella perform at the December musicale, and they were good, really good. Girls' chorus this year seemed to be a sort of secret weapon. Although they practice regularly four times a week, no one seems to know much about what goes on down there in the basement of Build- ing II. Perhaps with a little more liberal choice of singing material, the Girls' chorus could generate enough enthusiasm for a performance. Enthusiasm is no problem for the Madrigals. There are boys in this group which may account for the additional in- terest. Madrigals performed at the sopho- more assembly for the tenth graders de- signed to acquaint them with the music department. Creative expression is not by music alone, however, as demonstrated by Orchesis, the modern dance group. This year the Orchesis did a split and found itself with the two separate groups, ad- vanced and awkward. Note the lack of an intermediate step. The beginners meet once a week, the advanced group gets together twice weekly. It does seem that the beginners would need more practice than those who have already mastered the basics. But both aren't bad. 9 f Madrigals Front Row: Diane DiBenidetto, Cathy Dever, Vicki Pollen, Pat Hilton, Barbara Case, Barbara Ribock, Joanne Glickman, Joanne Barres, Susan Hurray. Second Row: Steve Goldman, JeE Crosby, Samuel Kayz, John Burke, Eric Malins, Ronald Vincent, Charly Levi, Louis Stern. Mining: Ann Farmer, Suzanne Wyman, Clifford Orent, Mary Jo Carr, Julia Brilliant, Amity Hall. Girls' Chorus and A Capella 4 Front Row: Dina Press, Linda Hunter, Joyce Rich, Judy Nesbitt, Carol Zinman, Donna Ross, Marion Cooper. Second Row: Fay Yanofsky, Betty Mezer, Debbie Fisher, Chris Smith-Peterson, Floral Mal- lon, Kathy Wons, Nancy Abel. Third Row: Carol Shapiro, Debbie Zamcheck, Pat Gordon, Debbie Lifland, Judy Shutter, Linda Gradone, Susan Carp, Joanne Glickman, Joanne Barres. Orchesis Linda Altshuler, Nancy Smgal Marni Lipsky, Ann Nowak m u Q Q VP f N i l if v 17"- -s ', " 1 'Y . , . X, .v- 'gl- ,I V!! ' . ' I ' iw" . wx Q. ,159 Ei Ng34I'Qf3-,j 4 y .- yd I L, Q 2.5- ,. iffflf ., -Q -. .3 530 :ip-x5,ils1i. J W - Q? .!. , J' xg - . AG' .' X . 4. ,ns Q- Afifw Www -' ' F 'Ibn'-iM!'r:f.! ,,' ug - ' -f ,ggyf Y H, "fm-rf 13' 98 1 fy f . X: e sz ?Q from The Sandb ox 1 fs ' Q. Q3 F Q 2 . if J ,LT v 'Y 5,-gg, ,. , ,NL IHA from View From the Bridge from The Sandbox It seems that Newton High School drama has changed. It's gone theater group. The production image ,has gen- erally been scrapped for a more casual, more experimental selection of bits from plays. Of course the great metamorphosis is not entirely deliberate. I heard that part of the change was forced by lack of a director for a spring musical, a lessening of interest in the Senior Play Calthough Rhino has changed that trendy, and not enough participation in the Drama Club to even keep it going this year. It had become a sort of Future Stage Crew- ers of America anyway. So some of those swinging English teachers came up with an idea for having a Theatre Arts class preforming parts of plays before English classes during regular school periods. Pretty nice, I think. I was able to get out of an English class and see some plays that relate to me. And I could ask the actors questions afterwards. from Hello Out There from a rehearsal 4-I ,....4'-' ,pf - ,..f-- r-,-I 1 ,,,..-i ,,,.4n- ..-ff" ,Nf- Lyn. nz r., V sf ire W ll , " J ,R " w if Q9 5 4 Libertarian The High School Club gxliilm Festival 'fr' X. According to oliicial scheduling policy, every Tuesday and Thursday after school is supposed to be playtime for New- ton High's three thousand little kiddies. During that little-understood, I-block, Newton High's clubs meet. By a conservative estimate, about 7596 of the' students at NHS belong to some sort of club. By another conservative esti- mate no two of them join a club for the same reason. But no matter what your reason may be for joining a club, you can rest assured that almost half of your com- rades will point an accusing finger at you and yell, "Brownie Points!" No use trying to defend yourself against that cynical on- slaught. According to them, participating in clubs is just one more rung on the lad- der of power, status, and college admis- sions. But in a poll taken by the yearbook, a peculiar phenomenon was noted. Al- though half of those polled accused others of joining for Brownie points, only one quarter claimed to have joined themselves only to improve their records. In other words there are a good number of us who are really and truly interested in something at NHS other than classes, so don't l be too surprised if you find yourself participating in club activities simply to get out of the rut of classes. It probably does the soul, not to mention the body, quite a bit of good to be able to go on a Ski Club trip after a grueling week of chemistry. And what could be more relaxing, yet stimulating, after end- less hours of meaningless haggling and ar- guing in class, than a meeting of the De- bating Society? But clubs do serve as more than just the ridges on the edge of a rut. To those ' , Axtronomy: UFO sighted ESE l9hr23m5Osec l0f51f67 sophomores, at least, the many clubs offer the first real experience with the school as a whole. Clubs are really valu- able as a melting pot for sophomores, juniors, and even me. After the newcom- ers at NHS see how the club is being run by the seniors, a feeling of respect and admiration soon develops, which is usu- ally demolished by the end of November. Well, listen, you can't expect all us seniors to be born leaders. Curiosity is also a factor. There are probably some who join the Rally Club to learn about social protest, only to find out it is concerned with nothing more potent than football rallies outside Build- ing One. I bet the Math Club, Alpha Gamma Tau, must be plagued with girls just waiting to get into a real Greek- lettered sorority. Then there was the stu- dent who went to a meeting of Tusitala to see what the word meant, and was made editor-in-chief. Seriously, curiosity is an important part of a club's drawing power. It's usually the most interesting clubs that have the most interesting pro- grams that attract the most interesting people that' form the most interesting clubs . . . But while Fm talking about a club's power to draw new members, I won't for- get the core of any club, the "repeaters" Fortunately -for most clubs, those who have joined once seemed destined, or doomed, to join again. These people form the backbone of any club. These are the oflicers, the chairmen, who will teach the newer members the really proper behavior and attitude. ff Of course there are some who join clubs just for their own records. These pose no serious problem, however. After all, even if they don't show up for meet- ings, they do pay their dues. Actually, if it weren't for them, our clubs couldn't afford activities for the rest of us, the faith- ful ones. Indeed, we should encourage our disinterested friends to join as many clubs as possible. It's absolutely painless to them, and absolutelynecessary if the less prosperous clubs are tosurvive. Club fever seems to strike hardest when we're juniors. An average sopho- more joins 1.5 clubs, the average junior 1.7 and an average senior only 1.37. Re- member, though, that no student should ever be considered average, so don't go looking for .37 of a club. Most clubs can be considered as wholes. And away we go Lively Latins 'lf 5 Q- 1 ,ab ??'l27ifg 'K 1 9-as 515' V' .- 1 - flu- I: , ,Q -I 4 I ,N 1 T i i 1 1 I 4 German Club 104 I 1 . 1 S 1 2 French Club Charley McGuilery: Secretary, Barbara Kotzen: President, Ginny Shulman: Vice President. Missing: Sue Hurray: Treasurer. Russian Club 'Nm-me iw-Wesxwfwwwssstt . When you hear people wandering around the halls muttering "Ich Lieb Dichf and "veni, vidi, vicif' you begin to wonder about language clubs. But they're really great. German Club mem- bers sometimes go to Language Institutes in the Fatherland for the summer, but even during the school year they have lively meetings. Another popular misconception among language clubs is the apparent belief that the essence of a country lies in its dances and food fmostly in its food, but when you eat those tortillas, baby, you gotta dancelj. Their members whirl and stamp and clap their hands, and then it's "Vive la Deutchland! and pass the sauerkrautln I understand that the Latin Club has a bit of idilliculty in this line. I know about those Roman orgies, but what exactly did they eat? They are also very sensitive about Latin being a you-know-what kind of language. This year in an all out eilort to prove their liveliness, they are show- ing the full un-censored version of Ulys- ses. No kidding! Talking about pictures, do you have anything against slides? If you don't, join the French or Spanish Clubs. You are apt to see the outside of the Louvre or a bull- lighting poster for the hundredth time, and on the way will learn how to speak the languages better. But the French and Spanish Clubs do have that alluring mys- tique of all language clubs: you can be sure of at least one trip to a restaurant. Those Russian Club members periodi- cally took off their shoes and banged them in unison on the tables. Building I col- lapsed during the linal meeting of the year, but club members promptly accused it of aggression. 3 Most formidable of all are the science clubs. You'll see no frivolous dancing at their meetings, except for a bit at the Pl1y.s'ir'.s' Club get-togethers. Certain mem- bers havc been threatening to build the Bomb if A.P. Physics is not moved from H-Block. The shady Independent Re.s'earc'h Club has been giggling foolishly all year. It's either the laughing gas they concocted or they know something nobody else knows about the Clzemistry Club's picnics. The Chemistry Club, according to the inde- pendent researchers, are perhaps search- ing for that Philosopher's stone needed to change old NHS into a new high school. CWell, would you believe aspirin in case they can't change it'?J The best trick, though, was pulled by the Biology Club. In amoeba-like fashion they are now three: terrestial, marine, and laboratory. Terrestial and marine are busy beautifying America. For starters, they are making Edmand's Park as cozy as good old Central Park, and purifying the muddy waters of the River Charles. Meteorology Club Frank D'Agostino: Adviror, Mike Kayce, Rich Levine, john Aisner, Bob DeLuca, Rich Goldman, john Gatti. Biology Club Steve Roberts, Arthur Frank: Prerident, Harold Wiper: Adviror, Steve Grinley, Grace Kaczynski. ,, -V ti Q? Chemistry Club Left Back Row: Steve Ringer, Bill Gephart, Craig McKenna, Mike Zim- mer, Richard Wilder, Cliff Orent. Left Front Row: Evie Storlazzi, Lyn Karlson, Margi Wolf, Smart Rist: Advisor. Right Back Row: joel Hur- witz, Robert Weiss, Harriet Fox, Eliot Singer. Right Front Row: Mar- cia Cohen, Merle Kahn, jim Battista, Michael Boyajian, Martin Yaffe, jim McDonald, Vincent Forte, Paula Stone, Howard Belkin. GG Independent Research Club Front Row: Martin Yaffee, Harold Lichtin, Laurie Garden, Marcia Cohen, Eliot Singer, Vincent Forte, Jack Paley, Paul Reichenbach, jon Deitz, Sandy Katz. Second Row: Chris Wilson, William Gephart, William Clark, Howard Katseff, Jeffrey Secunda, Craig McKenna, Carl Johnson, Jim Weinberg. wg N ' nl, I X We l I 4 F Library Front Row: Ann Krystal, Hsueh-ming Wang, Abbe Kostant, Jessie Wolf, Ellyn Shear, Joanne Womboldt, Lois Jacobs. Second Row: Steve Moreau, Mrs. Hope Butler, Nicky Hall, Amy Andler, Linda Platt, Pam Archon, Martha Porter, Ann Londo. Third Row: Mark Golden, Ellen Smith, Craig McKenna, Mrs. Marion Moriarty, Marilyn Segal, Edward Fanjoy, Edward Butts, Linda Malkofsky, Phyllis Gentile. Mining: Rocky Matini, Martha Joyce, Debbi Lifland, Mary Scichilone, Mary Davis, Mary Kerns. I Now let's have. a hand for the service 'Q .. I. . clubs, or the "future janitors of America" J clubs, like the Orange Shield. Thereis a bunch of hardy souls for you. They hide behind pillars while you eat and then pop out just as you're about to slide your tray onto a nearby chair. They must get a kick out of it, or indigestion, or white cards, or all three. And then there's the Library Club. I think that anybody who can constantly re- member tomorrow's date deserves a white card. Just remembering what all those dif- ,,,,, ferent colored cards mean merits a kind word on your record. Just ask a library l 'df aid what a white card means, and she'll rattle off instantly whether it's for your unnaturally good behavior or your misbe- havior, or whether it's just that you just have two weeks in which to read your book before it's curtains. It would be curtains for the library without them. K M L . 1' fr' ' ls J M- ILL:-.- i.,, 108 Z, Q .gy ,, 2 bn .W A 'UK M6 Orange Shield 3 bv' 'D I ide Audio Stage Crew Faculty Advisors: joseph Ryan: Stage, Stanley N. Gardner: Audio, Kenneth Appel, Stephen Covitz. Missing: Michael Schwab, Allen Oszy, Kevin Donegan, Veronica Hall, k Richard Laronde. Photography Club Sitting: Paul Polaroid, Eric Nelson, Steve McCarthy. Standing: Henry Berman, Amy Andler, Steve Klayman, Pamela Brownstein, Kid Kodak, James Levine, Peter Scharf. fv- 110 Audio-Visual Service Squad 'X' I" If Q.-6 Speaking of curtains, how about the Audio Stage Crew? How about the stage crew? Malaprops all, but they try hard. They do sound recording for the Music Department, and control all audio effects for outside athletic events and graduations. And the Audio Visual Service Squad. There's a group of boys who show you any movie, any movie at all, from "Your Friend, Hemoglobin" to "I was a Starving Eskimo" and you won't be able to hear a thing. Nothing. The Photography Club keeps busy blowing up and scrutinizing their pictures for hidden bodies. No luck yet but every day they follow suspicious-looking mem- bers of the Biology Club to Edmand's Park. s Anyone who can do math problems all week long and then want to do some more mu-st either be very intelligent or very in- sane. Or maybe both. Anyway, members of the Math Team have problem-solving parties and compete with students of sim- ilar enthusiasms from neighboring high schools. Bridge Club members play cards. No kidding. Sometimes they think they're the Magic Club and do tricks such as hav- ing five aces in one hand. Luckily the club, like many others, meets in the Beals House Commons Room, so throw- ing members out the window for such of- fenses is easy and effective. f -f wry-av 11? 13471 .' 1 9, E l i 112 G.A.A. Front Row: Tina Davenport, Darlene Gratto, Ruth Pigeon: Pretident, Betsy Fessenden. Vice Prerident, Wendy Keil. Second Row: Cheryl Ar- slanian, Donna Ross, Lynne Houston, Janet Arslanian, Debbie Suvalle, Ellen Cutler, Elaine Fandry, Margie Drew. Third Row: Barbara Mul- cahy, Nancy Womboldy, Theresa Arsenault, Mar- tha McDaniels, Shirley Mackay. Fourth Row: Nancy Pigeon, Sue Atkinson. Mining: Janet Turner, Jocelyn Covington. Leader Corps Front Row: Betsy Fessenden, Ruth Pigeon, Darlene Gratto, Susan Coleman, Susan Bloch, Diane Burke, Judy Ken- nedy, Debbie Kazing, Robin Blauer. Sec- ond Row: Claire Ford, Frances Frechette, Debbie Frechette. Jane Barden, Andree Boudreau, Sue Campbell, Nancy White, Nancy James, Polly Bell. Third Row: Kathy Fay, Jerry Layton, Diane O'Day, Gail Stoelzel, Clare Sweeney, Pam Black, Sheila McGourty, Linda Mitchell. ' 5 ef .V Rally Committee 4. Front Razr: Merritt Keleher, Elaine Fandry, Donna Rossz' Chairman, Dar- lene Grazto, Allison Krebs. Second Row: 4 ' 'A Joanne Yifomboldt, Sarah Fernandez, Sarah Patterson, Kathy Hevele, Debbie Devaney, Patty 'xWelsh, Chris Fernandez, Diane DeBettencourt. Third Row: Betty Critch, Virginia leraci, Anne Dealy. S And then we have the horse club, or the Equestrian Club as it is called by those Chef's Club Five boys have found the solution to boring study halls, among other things. The Chefs Club spends its time collecting recipes and cooking up dishes. In the words of their advisor, Miss Cooney, "Boys are neater than girlsf' , , W QQ W ,Fw , horse lovers. It seems to be the largest club, boasting of a membership of 268, but they seem to be very vague about whether or not this includes the horses. One week-end they trotted off to the Dude Ranch Resort and gave vent to their sup- pressed desire to be Roy Rogers. You can always recognize Equestrian Club mem- bers: they holler "Whoa,' when they stop in the corridors. X fw ,W QPF' fl. al.:-,gl N - x, " ' ' ww- .y,.-'img . w x. L '5 Q. , , .. .nm , - iq, , ' ,. -..Af 'PM' :ff ' rags, ll Q: n X J ' Q. 1 T Ski Club Front Row: Kathy Ham: Trearurer, John Sullivan: Vice President, Charles Floyd: President, Sue Currier: Secretary. Second Row: Stuart Rist: Adviror, john Young. J if 4 he Q The Balmy Ones Of course the horse lovers, in the win- ter, become snow bunnies. I don't know whyg they just do. So don't be surprised the next time you see a bow-legged Ski Club member singing "Happy Trails to You . . as he gallops down the slopes. The Sailing Club is also popular among these fresh-air friends. Sailing Club mem- bers can be instantly recognized by their habit of calling "Coming about hard 'a lee" when they tum corners. l The Mental Health Club busies itself every Saturday morning working with re- tarded children who gather at the Mason- Rice elementary school. The morning is spent helping these children learn new games and exercise their physical skills. The club also has a few choice sugges- tions for improving the mental health of NHS, like no one should be allowed to be a house master unless he has undergone a minimum of ten years of analysis. For students, the Mental Health Club also has a ready suggestion: join the Future Teach- ers Club. The Mental Health Club "How do I become an active future teacher?" you may ask. It's easy. You get together with a lot of other future teach- ers and you practice asking alternately provocative and leading questions to each other, such as "Why do you think nobody showed up?" ltls lots of fun. ,ln the spring you take a field trip to the teacher's sec- tion of the cafeteria and sometimes see slides of teachers' lounges around the world. ll5 : In.. ,ig'iN,N,.i9nvqr"--'i--ar-H"""f4 -X X X N .9 4' I -J '53 u.. E E 3' N "Sv-1 K mimi ...-al Folksinging Club Don't forget Tusitala. Tusitala? Oh yes, Tippecanoe and Tusitala too. No? No. Obviously, it was the natives' pet name for Robert Louis Stevenson. Oh. It's all , very simple. You get rid of the aggressions and the tension you have built up in a day from the unfair detentions and un- announced term tests by tearing down vul- nerable young writers. All in the name of honesty, you understand, so everything is on the up and up. Long-time members seem to develop a curious habit of licking their chops, but I suppose that's only natural. 5 x 1 J-, ri' if"x"'5 6--,,,.4ndA Tusirala 1 16 The American Field Service recently got exasperated with talk about negotia- tions and strife. One member said, "Why don't you just invite your enemies over and dance with them?,' With AFSers, it's not where you were born, it's how you dance that counts. And with Patricia Chica around to tell us what really goes on in Columbia, you can never tell what will happen at those international coffee houses. mm- Libertarian Club C If you find that your guidance coun- selor and you just don't hit it off too well, the activity to try is the Debating Society. This year the Debating Society has had a tremendous turn-out and its prime debate topic Creallyj has been "Resolved: The marigold should be the official national flower of the United States." I think of the Libertarian Club in the same way I think of that Toosawhatsis which I spoke of earlier. So I asked about the Libertine Group, and found out that it used to be the Conservative Club but is now made up of Future Politicians of America from all sides. The Libertarians spend their time fretting about peace and brotherhood and then chase the Debating Society around from Model U.N. to Model Congress. The Human Rights Club worries about the same things, but was and still is com- posed of political liberals. Besides talking, members tutor in Roxbury on a weekly basis. Some, like members of the Sailing or Skiing Club, go on trips, but the Human Righters do it for protest in places like Washington. International Club members are more worldly, but they know enough about Newton High to understand that most peo- ple in the high school wouldn't go to one of their infrequent meetings let alone join and enjoy the club. +4 ,,,, Human Rights Club International Club 'Win 2 ' 1 1 i YK'- Music Club sextet Cliff Orent, Cha Mary Jo Carr, Barbara Case, and Lindsay Hines. K 'lm Q KU On the Chess Team the constant cry is "I just threw away my queen" or "I made a stupid mistakel' or "I got rookedf' After you lose a game in a chess meet, unlike in other competition, you make sure that everyone knows about your stupid mistake fthe assumption being that you would have won otherwise, since you're a better player than the other guy.J The Music Club, in the words of the immortal Mike Fruitman, has been a hum- dinger, sponsoring assemblies, concerts, and other activities in the grand manner. Not so the Film Festival, which, in its offhand style, sponsored that annual ben- efit of Newton's proximity to Harvard, a Bogie movie C"Casablanca,' this yearj. rles Levi, Joanne Barres, P5 A flag f ,, I .,. We az ' is Q1 f 1 123 ! Q K- fl 6- s ' 43:9 'Z' e if l 2 f 1 4:-1 5 'Q " 1. r g' A ,Q-'S-was, M, Q Q F5 'wins-5 3 - a ' ' xxx O E - 'ff ix. .1 in 4' 'Qin-1"'A5-x , , Q-,,-., 47" ga?- But the responses to Newtomte Newtonlan, and Student Councxl questlons thls year would show that the club system dled a 11ttle blt th1s year Due to apathy and H Blocks I guess, there are less clubs and less general mterest th1s year than 1n the past xNX 22 A .. M I ,J ,, .1 MAJ ff" -1 .44 ,V ,lfqqx-J rm' , M- 4, J' ', 4'5,Q11g?Ai'f 1-, ,. , u- -, :f . 54 4 ff - ws .i ,U V ,f'.f5,?f. A ,vu 4. X uf ' , , . . ws" ' - H 5, K wif ffffffwss- 1 -f ' -' A 1 H, ' Y xv, 1,1 , i y, -ff W . .-,-A 5,4 ..r.V - lf. 'J li yy , I 4 ,f A . -:V ,W WH, , f 1 I , ,f, ' ' ' I Am, .QQ 1' fl ' L an 5. , .n f4'n..11xf,2M 9234 -.' .51 ff, 1 . f Wa' uf' fgitx 1-of So the clubs and all that stuff are fine. But is Newton High for real? ".v ' 1. ' 3, -'i',4-:,K.'u!,'1 ,FQ , ,P xv , QQ- ' fx " 5. z 'f ' 33iFlg".u- 'an 'I' a 1 , W 1' 4' 6 3 -an ics.: - " ' X v A 6 . lm , , LQ? S ,f ,S tlql iff. 1,1 ,413 ,lu :,,.4 -V V , if x . 'Y' g ' i so E . I-Owl' ' s 1 YM' Q7 A ' K HP 'f - .4 . . D g "c-VS' N Qs! : 53iiffI f'ifi?3af, I , I l .K J'f41tf: fl'1'5l' I'-I fn Q 'J' ,o 4 1-45 L-iQ p , QR N ll, :sl I -1 'I Raw 5 1 ,Y 4- :N y' K? 5,15 x Q 1 - Wa' 'ft' K ' ' Iii! 1 xx N Xi X xv x un: xwx X W R XX X XXL? X N Xxx N XX ' A XG? . I Q. X, B - L? 5, mf .Af tw ,Q 'A v 1 'L' p, 1 1 'ff dv Q W ,. as 'S U 1 1 'I f JH X , Y' ' xf' ' ' a'4?"i.'.si.f: fs 12ff'f1'i Qs, . G? K' 3- Atv: E5 ' ,AY Q N N1 'ii . A av iff' Y .4 "5 5 Q 'Q aw ni -RQ , 3 4 .. He -even has to alter his social behavior during the season. Drinking, smoking, or sex is prohibited,,and he may be expelled if caught doing anything considered wrong. Some people on the football team must even cut their hair shorter than they normally like it. , But the demands are not unreasonable, because they all contribute to the most basic prerequisite for a good performance on the Held: discipline. An athlete's life is disciplined, not really restricted. My friend must be disciplined, for as a team member he is responsible to people other than himself. Discipline makes him physi- cally and mentally tough. There is no room for thoughtlessness in a team, or laziness, or carelessness. Success, which is measured in wins and losses, I guess, de- pends on cooperation, so no laxness is allowed anywhere. But to all the people I talk with, wins and losses are more important than coop- eration and discipline. Victory is the ulti- mate goal, the-most supreme,reward. Vic- tory means that all the rest was successful. The sacrifices did make the team more capable than the opponent's. The prac- tices did improve performance. The ex- perience of having been on a team did help make the players tougher. You have to win. s if ,. - r W f 'll .. 'E'? X ,X l s -' , ii Q 51 5.5 -I A - . A in X . fr 6 t QQ ' .9 'awe ' A'-xv - f""llfg13ff','lif .- 2 r 'R . The Tiger Makes Out A compoiite touchdown . , I f 'Qi ftr"bI5' ' xt. ni fs LH rv 'Skit . .L s ..- -Q. -A if . Fl. 8 31:2 it 2.1. When the football team wins, the lock- ers suffer as the players demolish them in sheer joy. The lockers had it easy this year. Things began popping early this year, notably Phil Nelson's knee. Nelson was the team's premier pass receiver and his absence hurt. I took the bus to see the first game against Everett. Newton looked poor as they were crushed 28-6. Coach Jim Ronayne had only three returning varsity men: co-captains Robbie Cohen and Billy Thurston along with Nelson. Funny thing about the season: the first four games, and six of the nine during the season were played on enemy soil. The Tigers could certainly have used some home park encouragement as they dropped a 3-0 toughie to Brockton and a 20-0 defeat at the hands of Weymouth. The team appeared to be heading for a terrible season. The defense had shown some signs of coming around and all they needed was the experience to get rolling. The oifense was worse. Only one touch- down had been scored in three games. Colin Clapton started the first three games at quarterback for the Tigers but against Watertown Jim Ronayne decided to hand the ball to Reggie Benn. Benn was able to get the team moving and never relin- quished his starting role. Ronnie Arcese started in place of the injured Thurston against Watertown, and a star was born. Benn celebrated his first starting role by completing a touchdown pass to Arcese, intercepting a pass and demonstrating the play that was to make him famous. When Newton had the ball within the two yard line the play was to give the ball to Reggie on a quarterback sneak, which means that Benn falls down and his 6'3" frame puts him three inches into the promised land. Arcese who caught one touchdown pass from Benn also grabbed one thrown by Clapton. Ronnie intercepted a pass that led to Benn's touchdown. Robbie Cohen, called by Ronayne the best fullback- linebacker he has seen in 21 years of coaching, recovered two fumbles and ran for 82 yards in 14 carries. Bob Wargin also starred against Watertown, picking up 69 yards on ten carries. f N 'av' 4 u N xx fs Q, 1 5 X X 2: 4. . X ' L , yfakw a xl X ix 5 X Q g , 34. W QP Q m ly Q 'A " M if 'Q Wm ,, ,if 4 1945" sf' . jf, , . '- ff . if ,220 '-,, 1 -r M ' -"UW-nf ,FU ,xv t L. v9!!f"f' , se. .f--0-"A,-f 1 A-'r '.y.H.'.f'--..,,4,m.-1, . iffu,--w 2 A. 'PU' . , ,grub ' 'OQIU '7' . I . 'ali-'VA' is , Q ,I-5-"sAq'f, . . , ,. - vu .45 -gg g Q. . i,--,' V 4 ' 1 ' xwriagmx ..""'iw . 1 Newton brought its one game winning streak home to Dickenson Stadium to op- pose Arlington. Coach Ronayne was out for revenge and dearly wanted to defeat Arlington for the first time in seven years. I watched him get his wish. The iirst time Newton got the ball they scored. Wargin and Cohen carried the ball to the Arlington 16. Cohenis 30-yard rush accounted for most of the yardage. Benn completed a pass to John Quigley at the three. On fourth down and two yards to go Benn fell over for the score. Quigley kicked the extra point and that was it for the scoring. Newton's defense stole the rest of the show. With Arlington on the Newton 13 yard line Arcese intercepted a pass to prevent a possible score. When Arlington next received the ball on the Newton 20 Arcese batted down a pass in the end zone. From the Newton nine the Arlington fullback was on his way to glory when Arcese met him on the 2-yard line and held him there. Newton's defensive line held Ar- lington's scoring bid in the third quarter at the Newton three-yard line. Against unbeaten Medford the hnal score was Medford's superstar Ed Rideout 7, Newton 0. Against New Bedford, Newton scored early when Robbie Cohen, who really gets around, blocked a New Bedford punt which wound up as a safety and a 2-0 Tiger lead. Newton scored again when Arcese intercepted a pass and brought it to the New Bedford nine-yard line. The ball was then given to Cohen who bulled his way through for the score. Thurston was another star of the game. In a fourth and one situation deep in Newton territory, Thurston spotted the play and stopped the ball carrier at the line of scrimmage. Late in the game New Bedford made its final attempt to score but Thurston intercepted the ball and Newton kept possession for the remainder of the game to win 8-0. Newton next faced Waltham which had been defeated only once before. It was a tremendous defensive battle with neither team doing much. Thurston's tremendous punts kept Newton out of trouble. Wal- tham finally scored and went ahead 8-0. Benn started to get the team moving. Reggie recovered a fumble and a penalty put Newton on the Waltham 25. Benn then carried the ball to the 10. Gardner, who distinguished himself in this game, then carried the ball to the four to set up a score by Benn. Reggie could not com- plete the pass for a two-point conversion and the score was 8-6. Varsity Football Front Row: Bill Anderson, Moose Piselli, Mark Hoffman, Robbie Cohen, Billy Thurston, Bob Katsefl, Snake Gardner, Reggie Benn, Quig Quig- ley. Second Row: Mike Mannix, Phil Nelson, Mark Snyder, Joe Picariello, Carl Anderson, Colin Clapton, Doug Miller, Bob Sweeny, Peter Manson, Paul Murphy. Third Row: Jay Civetti, Peter Bax- ter, Ronnie Arcese, Tom Shaw, Ken Butler, Tommy Keyes, Gary Genovese, Walter Bianchi, Mike Ryan. Fourth Row: Joe DiSeglio, Richard Johnson, Jay Wilton, Bob Wargin, Bruce Mac- Leod, Mike Butts, Ray Ball, Ron Kinznick, C. Drakos: Manager. Sophomore Football Holding Ball: Buster Lepera, Brian Keefe. Back Row: Jerry Coleman, Dave Russell, George Nocross, Paul Gorfine, Eric Nelson, Glen Davis, Keith Koslowshi, Murry Solomon, Steve Frager, Kan Yanco, Tom Graceifa, Richard Simonelli. Sophomore Football Holding Ball: Peter Brandon, Marc Simon. Back Row: Steve Jaffe, Marc Lenson, Dave Halloran, Tony Mariazzo, Vin Greco, john Healey, Ed Healey, Ed Riely, Larry Rufo, Lenny Gentile, Richard Cunningham, Gerry Beatrice, Paul Devito. -Nr. ...-...........,..,,.. .,,,,,,,,- 1 Qu. M, -.... ..... ...-... .,,, .,""-I-3.-,ga N..-. .. .'.iJ'L 4 3 uv r . Q. L "T W - -- - -- .1'..:.-: er El 5. f ffl 5 il QI! -F Q 'af lr 0 ew .1-,UP ' Q-s'lg.g.51f-. , ' ' , 1 'QL A 1 :- ' e r 322 :lf PJ? gg l MY -Til, , , VI I V ,Nucl , ,,, 5 N for A 1 ,:F1,'.gg,...., Q, sr , pu ,, 1 .gk ll an p it Za.: j M ' - 'W I 4' 'f- .Q-'jr--J im qftiFf'2' "il - .-ahjtitp 1,6-N. J 'rf v uf- H . wr .i , ' iff? ... ' t. Aff'i'?'g121.'z'54Qas-afzrtatsiflibarif !..r.-1 .J Usually the going was rougher. 131 'az sa 'ff-it xk-L' Cheerleaders on good days . . . and bad. In Newton's last drive they brought the ball to Waltham territory thanks mainly to three consecutive complete passes thrown by Benn. With 55 seconds remain- ing Waltham intercepted the ball and the game was over for Newton. In the mud at Brookline, the Tigers ended their season. They scored in the first half on two great runs by Cohen and Benn, and Reggie's fall-over for the score. Newton squashed two Brookline scoring attempts when Quigley and Myerson threw the Brookline quarterback Moloney for a loss on fourth down in Newton ter- ritory. Later, Benn intercepted as pass. In the second half Newton's offense dis- appeared and the defense could not hold. Newton lost 8-6 in the mud. It was a dis- appointing season. After losing the Hrst three games the defense was great but the inability of the offense to consistently work allowed Newton to split its last six games. The cheerleaders this year inspired the football team to a 3-6 record. What would have happened without the girls toocheer the team on and to tell us that if Benn can't do it then Cohen can? The girls had the standard number of cheers and yells to stir the audience up. They certainly did display their best side in the game against Waltham. After ca- vorting around the field, they stood with their backs to the Newton side and then displayed an inscription on their derrieres. For some reason I have forgotten what it said, but I still got the message. There were numerous Tiger Trainers and the Tiger himself who had a slightly better season than the football team. He suffered only one loss, a broken toe. gf Z 4' X If z T - Wh' 1. Start 1 is L, p fe f! 5 ff ,' ,if 13553 f,,,.:kV s 2 f. ,gag ' 4 M . Q 3 r"'f '- '. 1' il' in l'f"f?5' A !2g,.iS:!STMIk.?' Q 4 5 , ' 1, -Axe 4 ,k .Jil k. fl 5,7 Y ,ni . -' x 'ix N Q lon '--Q sdu I ' , '- Ex. A H 5 tai as - S li, is i i 1 0 ai is 'H' c M 5' t s -' - , 'fs ',,mW 'S g1,f, if ' 'Q ig. A-cf , , , jiiieliig ,M ' ' f if HP: ' '5' -if, 13:1-. lil il 1' 'it 1 1 'iz' 'fri " xr, av .iq ' 1 fu ii' -J Nu- "utr S 'T ja. ' i' -, 1 1.1 41 134 2. Finish The cross-country team is one of the few that does not require teamwork. It is therefore one of the fiercest competitive sports in the school. You are out not only to beat the opposing team, but your own teammates. It was individual determination that won the meets for Newton as the squad finished the season with a 6-1 record. Despite possessing the best record of any NHS team, only the dogs seemed in- terested in seeing them run. While practicing for a football game, the cheerleaders became curious and watched a meet. I am sure Coach Bailey would like to have the cheerleaders along to push the team into bigger and better things, but the girls just could not get ex- cited about having to wait 15 minutes for their heroes to come into view and finally cross the finish line. It all goes to show that you have to be a football hero to get the cheerleaders, although Newton's'track- men are better muscled than their rivals, who look like Twiggy and sometimes run like her. Captains Bob Tennant and Bill Tomb led the way for the season. Tennant is a talented runner, as he ran first in the League meet and in the Senior Class presi- dential race. Bill Tomb was a frequent visitor to the winner's circle. Tomb was the star during the first half of the season including his first against Arlington. Dur- ing the second half, Tennant and Tomb were constant 1-2 finishers, notably against Malden and in the League meet. Rounding out Li'l Abner Bailey's su- persquad were Bill's brother Doug Tomb, Jeff Hyman, Ken Prince, Dave Hoover and Chuck Raffel. One of the highlights of the season was Dave Hoover winning his first race, and did he win it. He smashed the school record by finishing in 13:43, 4 seconds faster than'Bil1 Tombis record set earlier in the year. Another high point for the team was their first place finish giving Coach Bailey the Suburban League title. Abner Bailey's philosophy is simple, when they run so hard that they ache, keep running them until they forget about the pain. Mr. Bailey also beli-eves in eat- ing properly before a match. After Mr. Bailey lectured the squad on eating lightly before a meet, he asked Bob Tennant what he had eaten when Bob won the race. The answer was a peanut butter sandwich. The light eating must have helped, be- cause Bob finished twelfth out of 160 in the State CClass Aj Meet, followed by Bill Tomb's 18th, to lead Newton to a spectacular third place finish, a happy sur- prise to both coach and team. - 'I' sf. ' . Q7 -yy y XX, Xixf 3. Aftermath x x if r b my 'v '-.G Xixb ,7 0 ix XL BQ X XS Yi ,ix K 21 t fue-A-iQg., is b 59551. f 'f 'f7 "XX i'.fx?"-f A if L X X in 5 f Q X XX x xl ax: E979 it X X S nba' 5 Vx' 'li , P,. ll X Q' A Nb., I ' 1 si ti Qhxxii is X' N -rs. X Q q -B I ,X qhbdlbdrh Icjfx X Q B . J -N '4 B Q, A i 4 i X K 1 5 xx fx A lb, x V5 6 4 f fn! if 4. When the season ends, most cross-countr men yom the indoor Y track team, they Just can't get enough. 7' '31 Cross Country Bill Tomb, Tom Best, Bob Tennant, Dick Friedman, Dave Hoover, Richy Linn Doug Tomb John Hennelly, Jeff Hyman, jeff Harris, jeff Grossman, Ken Prince, Doug Avery Chuck Raffel Peter Huntsman, Harris Gaffm. ,I an 'vt' 'Hvwi 1-.1 L' '. .. ,, A . 4 ., .s . V., .,ul'. - - . . '.' tl 1: Y nu : if I atv ,"'1 . ., I i ,A' ' lgbr. ,,,,.,1 , ir g d, H . .alt .'I I 1 . l , LL , .linkin . ,, it 1 .,,. h.ira'-.LL . 3 F-, fa. P' 'IP . F s, ? jx wa it B-. ,v, ' 1 ... EW , 92- . w .1 gm,.Z:..,.,er-v-f au. x.'N0nvv-. iiiaiise . , , , ,fn , i ' rag. " 'lung -sq.. K - .. 1 -- 4- li 1 '. , -Ai:-r . 4 -f'f I ,W 7 . . ,V 's ' ' '1 ws - 1 Q , . . V, .4 r- ,,f .. f f sa " ' r- - , , .. -.4 v . pkg: . L Q . , 1 f . .- , -..., . ,W-I w , M V ff- x - "M .sql , Q tl. ,f -Away, R -, - ' t-".NgtFeJ- Y , efrflgt: wa., .5 aqua . . l,, ,auvm H at a3.:,,',: ,W Q 7 5 v' ,xv H l-QP.,-x 'I -. ,0X4- - Q. :nut-ik ., -. N-5 ,1 x. - nb- ay f V1.2-, rf , ' ' Q 'j g - x .' .,,- wi '.., ., 1. ,- D-L,-ye - -f 7,534 .. - nw X- ,. -Mp , J I - .- ff g.f'C-' MW, ,.,, ff, A. " - , , , - ' ' 1 ,,,-' sr. ,A A s " - ' f .. " ' f L' i 'L '. , Gy. N . Q, ,wb . M - 5, " .-'A-7 1 . I , - -- ' A' 45. , ". 'g "5 4 ju M, . A -ry? I, JSM' X r i, - - J V fffvjfiu-Kgawggv 'gHs,,?- q..1f:y.-oA . " ff .-. B -tr' ng .1 ,- - :.,Z -,.,2.' ' . va' .:. 2 -:1eglgL4:v:.!9esL..'1e1,,f2!ee3.f ie: -8-' WT- kg Vf'Pl""'l' "" v unsheox-'tm--N """"".l ' ij mum' - K V E Varsity Field Hockey Barbara Case, Nancy Wombolt, Donna Ross, Glenda Lovell, Margie ,Drew, Sarah Conant: Co-Captain, Ruth Pigeion: C0- Captain, Lyn Houston, Helene Kassler, Tina Davenport, Betsy -Fessenden, janet Arslanian, Maureen O'Halloran. junior Varsity Field Hockey Judy Nesbitt, Martha McDaniel, Carol Clinton, Ellen Cutler, Sue Atkinson, Cathy Daniels, Beth Stone, Nancy Wolfe, Cheryl Arslanian, Shirley MacKay, Pam Leary, Barbara Mulcahy. Fore- ground: Sue Campbell, Peggy Carten: C0-Captain. Mining: Chris Edwards: Co-Captain. The girls of the Field Hockey Team fol lowed the Golden Rule of "it's not whether you win or lose, it's how you play the game." When a 1-1 tie is the highlight of your season you have to be lieve in this axiom. '-'I P2-, , ..,. E. A 'IQ' -'fra 'l " .'l 1 5 . A . --sffin ti:.U..i!w 1 A .42 ' . L-gp -vs. -1..'- A A" '-'iii'-ff' U -a :T , .., 5 7.,fV-.9-'.3f5n'.r-4e:31.Y . .- . ., H ., N Wg., , NNJH iv. 'wie 1'-x , V. 'f ' ' p ' ' ' ., 'I ' , . ' ':. X' I , XX. . . ,n . 'I.T,4.- . 1 si., , ,QW ,,,---rf ,gf-,X ',b,nJ.." , , + . : 5., U-'.,- 1 1 ,- ,.- 5.0 ' . ,.-sr5A4+Ag133L'f1,',-.':.1,4 ff - Q . ' , E. -' .5 ,Sv . - ,swf-1 'e-ff'-i'f.arvfY:'-2 .fu ' L ' ' o 's - -- 1 --. . . 3 tex. . in rl- ,.. , V H..t,,.,',z-, L - V , . I . u.-4:--S' , .,. - 1 g X x -v -'dt . ' , , , , ' . ., '- -4 1 71 .1 qi an Q H '- , , 1' o., rf .. 1 O Q0 it"""' ' -fs -..'i+- 235312 '65 1'-. The girls displayed a fine spirit this year. The many losses they suffered never seemed to get to the plucky girls. Margie Drew and Ruth Pigeon were the 1-2 scoring punch and Maureen 0'Halleron, Sarah Conant, and Donna Ross tried to stop the deluge while play- ing defense. The girls will long remember this year's highlight, the 1-1 tie against Winchester played in the rain, and they will say that The Girls Field Hockey Team made a woman of me. At the beginning of the soccer season the team was counting on taking part in the state tournament. By the end of the first half they hoped,they could finish the season. They only had a 1-5-1 record during the first half. They only beat NSHS, 5-0, and that is not much to brag about. The first half ended with them playing Watertown, the perennial patsies. When the dust had cleared the score was 1-1. Coach Elliot was prepared to chalk this year up to experience. The team had not been able to play as a unit, resulting in a team defensively weak and offensively weaker. During the first 7 games they had only scored twelve goals, live of .those goals coming against NSHS. Seventeen goals had found their way through a weak Newton defense. Too often the locker room shouts were, "We are lousy." The second half held little promise, be- cause they would be playing the same teams. The first game was against the consistently powerful Lincoln-Sudbury team. As expected, the Newton legmen were beaten 5-0. The next game was against Brockton. Brockton was new to the league and no one figured on having any trouble with them. Yet, in the first meeting Newton had lost disgracefully 2-1. They say it is better the second time around, and it was. Newton scored only once, but it was good enough to win. The offense began to jell and the defense im- proved with it. Pb: C5 Newton South was beaten 4-O. The Boston College freshmen also felt the might of the surging Cats in a 3-2 win by Newton. The team finished off Brookline in a tough battle and it looked like a new group. The shower room scene had changed from one of gloom to frivolity. The soccer team put the A Cappella Choir to shame as they literally sung with joy. The most popular -lyric was "live Got Sunshine." The team's record was now 5-6-1, and they needed to win to hit the magic .500 percentage. The schedule showed that Medford was to be the opponent. Med- ford was unbeaten and they had already disgraced Newton 5-1. Medford arrived at Newton's Haw- thorne Field, which is situated behind Silver Lake Ford in case the team has to make a quick getaway. Medford was al- most assured of the win but Newton hoped to change their minds. Everyone figured the only way Newton could win was for the defense to hold Medford to one goal and for the duo of Skip Stearns and Bob Houghteling to combine on one score and Houghteling to make another goal unassisted, which is exactly what hap- pened. Newton 2 Medford 1. The season's last game was against Watertown. and Newton, still buoyed by their win over Medford, won handily 3-1. The locker room chorus led by bass and right wing Bob Houghteling, sang slightly altered lyrics to James Brown's song, "I feel good . . . but only if . . ." 4" A' N 41 loam. ..,,.,,,-, Varsity Soccer Standing: Steve Beckman, Barry Harsip, Gerry Tramontozzi, Archie Cameron, Tony Amadei, Harry Nesbit, Chester Proshan, Enrico DiMambro, john Marcus, Dudly Cotton, Kevin Sheehan, john Lampert, Bob Houghteling. Hanging: Steve Lieb, Dave Horo- witz, Dave Russell, Pete Heggoy, Phil Levine, Jay Seltzer, Clayton Austin, Eliot Pvan, Andy Levine, Henry Brown, Ronne Cohen, Kenny Stone. Other members of the chorus were En- rico DiMambro, who was the high scorer with 7 goals which earned him the name of the "Golden Toe". Enrico suffered a foot injury during the season which ham- pered his playing somewhat. Joining Di- Mambro on the left side of the forward was Jeff Crosby whose consistent play was a highlight of the season. Also on the offense was Gerry Tramontozzi who piled up the assists. The two big men during Junior Varsity Soccer Mark Volk, Miles August, Charles Levin, Ken San- ders, Howard Levine, Leon- ard Zide, Marl jones, Dave Stolper, Robert Libon, Dave Buka, Jon Silin, Eliot Shapiro, Nick Desouza. Junior Varsity Soccer Paul Mahoney, Tom Don- ovan, Charles Glovsky, Paul Boyer, Gary Furst, Leonard Zide, Nathan Aro- now, jon Linn, Brian Quigley, jeff Silverman, Steve Scrimshaw, Eliot Nusbaum, jon Weiss. ef W WWWW ,. ..... ffmwwfa 57 f W ,X .. ...... ff fifa! ,, . --ft fs,,,,,N Y , ' 41 , V , lfifb f . T W1 t f5lW? WZ! the second half were Bob Houghteling and Skip Stearns. They accounted for 7 goals and 8 assists during the last 4 games. Co-Captain Harry Nesbitt did not leave his team defenseless on the field as he led the Cats in yielding only 5 goals in the last six games. Two juniors, Dave Russel and Roger Resnick starred at halfback. The hard' working fullbacks who must work hard because they cannot run fast were Steve Beckman, Andy Levin, and Demo Dudly Cotton. And no one picked on Cotton this year. Versatile junior, Barry Harsip, played three positions and all well. Goalies were Chet Proshan and Steve Lieb who had three shutouts. The ever popular Hank Brown was the manager. ,fX' ., The Hockey players got off to an auspi- cious start when they beat Rindge Tech. Jack Droz scored the first goal of the sca- son with assists from Captain Gallagher and Bob Cotter in the first period. The rcst was just show as Gallagher scored two goals and Cotter one, and the defense led by Mike Dezotell and Paul Britt gave goalie Bob Sweeney an easy afternoon with only seven saves having to be made. After a scoreless tie against Medford, Newton ran into the best team in the league, Brookline. Coach Sarge Kinlan and Captain Gallagher would have liked 24 hours of amnesia on that day as the Newton team fell apart. The offense man- aged only one goal and defense was poor. Brookline made five goals. But with sophomore Steve Condon in the net the icemen came on to win their next three games, all shutouts. All was going well until they met Arlington and Condon was finally scored upon. Newton had many chances for scoring but could not use them. The pucksters proved their comeback ability again as they, like everyone else in the league, ganged up on Rindge and won 'X S, Nrw 9 T0 12-l. In this game Droz and Matt Kumor had hat tricks, Gallagher scored twice and Cotter had one goal and five assists. Newton then faced a tough opponent in Medford. This game was almost as close as the earlier scoreless tie, but this time Newton broke the Mustangs. One of Med- N arsitx Hockey Fmt! Rou George Reynolds joe Rossi Tom Donovan jack Droz Second Roz: Stexe Cofidon Bob Barry Mike Dezotell Matt Kumor Don Gallagher Bob Cotter Ralph Murphy Bob Sweeney Third Rott btexe Dunn Paul Britt jay Reere Bob Fay Maurice Reid, Dudley Cotton Sarge Kinlin 9 ,Q QF :iw HIV' 5? , 4. pm ..-if " 5 I O 1 Q KN .Vg-XX , K X X S wx xnxx X X X xx, X xikfxxxx x x'fR,X H X S 3 T1 'X XY - . X X x x N si 3 fn 'x 'W xg. 'ia K 'E Y 1 t , l I ford's scoring attempts was disallowed be- cause of a man in the crease. Britt cleared a shot from the crease to cool another try. Gallagher, who has been the team scoring leader all season and is a candidate for all school honors this year, displayed more of his talents when New- ton had a double penalty. Gallagher killed 30 seconds of it in one drive up the ice. To reach the State Tournament a team cannot lose more than three games, and Newton lost its third game to Brookline. Newton could not penetrate the Brookline defense, and although Sweeney made 24 saves it was not enough, for Brookline kept the puck in Newton territory and kept shooting away. The icemen, faced with elimination, warmed up against cold Somerville by winning 12-0. Gallagher starred with four goals and six assists. After beating Cambridge 2-1, Newton had to tie or defeat Arlington to compete in the EMass tourney. Newton had not beaten Arlington since December 1962. In this game Newton could not keep up with the GBI's most valuable' player, Bill Corkery, who scored four goals. With eight seconds remaining and Sweeney out of the goal, Kumor scored and it was the game's final goal as Newton lost 5-4. It was a disappointing finale to an oth- erwise successful season. .ffl If 'rtt E ., V 1 Q Q xflb-Q 4- . Q' k r Ravi' J " Q I , ff?',4Zg'gf 9 ., 141-3i7,4,4 ,X .sf M, W, 5, . WA. fn , .M , 4 , ,r .ra , A f E7 J L an nf ff .. ,. W X' v.,, 7 f f ff I, If Aj, " " 3 21 , 7, V , , V f ' ,d d ' vf ,. ff. Q I V 7- , . Q5ff5:gx,,'Z5 may . X 1 A, , -f , . 'i . . X fr, I x vi:-I f i . I My , V ,, 4 I m f g. ', f , H . N A - '55 ,f-.1 , .L-if 145' ' 'W' 4, .5 - . 3 , A f, ' , f, 5 . , F ..,, ' fa if 'A 0 A f , , W, ,A My If wr Alggwxwgiksf -y- -ff.,. ...LJ.1W, - ,,,',, , I 1 -2 , ff 1 ,. , A Fe- r re- j.V. Hockey Firj Row: Mike Kelly, Paul McMahon, Mike Collins, joe Rossi, Dave Fournier, Kevin Corrigan, Ray Blue, Arnie Freidman, Richard Frank. Second Row: Dan Robinson: Manager, Bob Davidson, Tom Nugent, Mike Walsh, Dean Karoblis, Steve Dunn, Paul Mahoney, Henry Berman: Manager, Jim Ronayne. Mining: Francis Murphy, Larry Hasenfus. ww 1 at Aw-ul0l1Bil N" L alt 5 w lAl The basketball team got off to a suspi- cious start against Newton South. Coach Al Fortune looked at his bench at the be- ginning ot' the season and looked at it again and them said, "Oh dear," for there was no one sitting on the bench. Co- captain Phil Nelson had a bad knee, Mike Gallagher had a calcium deposit in the joint between the thigh and the lower leg, Bob Wargin was recovering from a bro- ken arm, Clark Berry had an injured leg, and Paul Murphy was just missing. lt doesn't take much to beat the New- ton South High basketball team and the Tigers beat them 65-42. Newton then set the pattern by losing to Weymouth. The next loss was to Brockton. The Tigers were outrebounded, outhustled, and lost 76 potential points on turnovers. 30 40 Varsity Basketball Left fo right: jerry Beatrice, Phil Nelson, Clark Berry, Paul Colantonio, Jack Mavisaklian, john Colantonio, Bob Wargin. Center: Sandy Winslow. F 'fxvfw 34 X The Waltham game was the Tiger's fifth loss in a row but it was significant because Gallagher returned. Paul Lubin, though, quickly took his place by tearing the cartilege in his knee and missing the remainder of the season. Paul Colantonio who starred all season was the big man C6'5"J for Newton in this game with 19 points and many rebounds. Newton went on a one game winning spree by beating Watertown 56-40, thanks to the efforts of Colantonio again. He scored 25 points and had 14 rebounds. In this game Wargin returned to action and contributed five points. Newton was trying to stretch it to two J.V. Basketball Team Front Row: Mark Furman, Bert Savitsky, jon Marcus, Bob Snyder, Tom Chalmers. Back Row: Michael Buzzi: Coach, Paul Karlsson, Chet Proshan, Jeff Richmond, John Loughlin, Paul Price, Mark Volk. Mining: Rich Echlov. Sophomore Basketball Mavisikalian shoots Front Row: Mike Brown, Charles MacGillivray, Ray Ball, Bert Sa- vitsky, Steve Matlolf, Eliot Baker, Leonard Gentile. Back Row: Mr. Jarvis, Paul Vershbow, Chris Doolin, Keith Koslowski, Evan Carton, Steve Silverberg, Ronny Kniznik, Charles Cupoli, Charles Glovsky. in a row but a letdown in the final quarter gave Brookline its only win all season, 49- 38. The collapse could be attributed to the absence of a bench because of injuries, so that the starters could not receive their proper rest. The game against Arlington put the name of Jack MavisakalianC?J on every- one's lips. Newton was behind as usual, 61-54, with seven minutes remaining. Winslow and Mavisakalian helped tie the score at 64-64 but Arlington came back with two baskets. Mavisakalian then scored to put the Tigers two points be- hind. With only 16 seconds left, Jack was fouled. The 25 spectators sat on the edge of their seats and watched the sweaty, tired performer stand at the free throw line, make the free throws, and then send the game into overtime. Newton won 75-70. A greater melodrama came against Newton South. South was leading 58-52 with 70 seconds remaining and it looked like the same old song but fortunately a lad they called Mavisakalian was there to change the lyrics. While Newton was em- ploying a full court press John Colantonio, Paul's brother, stole the ball and set up a basket for Nelson. Gallagher then stole the ball and Mavisakalian made a basket. There were only 50 seconds left and when Jack got his hands on the ball again he hurled it towards the hoop with the net- ting hanging on it, and it miraculously fell through and the score was tied. Barry Harsip then set up a play for a jump ball and he won the tip. The ball was being passed around but the script demanded that they pass the ball to the personable young man from Lebanon. When Jack did receive the ball hc let it fly and Coach Fortune slept that night. lt was unfortunate that the basketball team did not hnish with a winning record but I certainly appreciated their efforts. Tommy Best, John Venclitti, Brian Leacu, Bill Tomb, Vince Grecco, Tony Marrazzo, Mark Nierman. Dick Reilly, Bob Caggiamo, joel Farber, Ken Yanco, Mark Simon, Clay Austin, jeff Grossman. ,,, i 417 .wt A 0 M? 'P J: S- A' f -,viral W" Don McMillen, Ken Prince, Bob Tennant. Rick Friedman, jeff Hyman, Doug Tomb, Harris Gaflin, Bill Clark, Rick Mason. Skip Ferguson, Bob Cohen, Bob Katseff, Bill Thurston, Chris 144 Quinn, Crazy Charley Raffel, Peter Huntsman. The Newton High indoor track team finished with a mediocre 4-3 record this year. The season began with an upset win against B.C. High. In this meet Bob Ten- nant set a school record time by running the two mile in 10:09. Bob did not win the race until the last turn when he kicked past his opponent to win. Bob is the Senior Class president and looking at him you would not think that he has the stamina of a long distance run- ner, but his appearance belies his true strength and toughness. Bob has not done as well as he can this year because of the time he must give to his job as Senior Class president, but he always gives his best effort. In this year's second meet against last year's champions, Waltham, only two firsts were taken by Newton, one was taken by high jumper Dave Hoover. Dave is not very tall but he is one of the best high jumpers in the state. This year was a frustrating one for Dave because he hurt his leg. In the State meet Dave had to stop after the first jump because of his leg, and the winner's jump was one that Dave has beaten before this year. Newton easily handled Rindge Tech. Ned Epstein easily won the 300. Speaking with Ned I would not think he was the state champion in the 300 but after watch- ing him streak past his opponents I can easily believe it. This year Coach Boyle could depend on Ned to win the 300. Ned was usually picked to run the first leg of the relay and sometimes he was able to give his team a permanent lead. Ned was ill the week of the League meet and was not able to run. Against Natick Newton lost 44-42. The absence of Dave Hooper was costly. In the final meet Malden was lapped 62-23. Hurdler Chris Quinn and runners Ken Prince and Bill Tomb helped Newton take eight firsts and nine seconds. This year was individually profitable to many trackmen in this individual sport. But as a team they were fourth. Il 1 4 The Newton High gymnasts are the swingingest crew at NHS. They won the Suburban League title again and it was decided to retire the trophy to Newton which has not lost a league meet since the league's conception five years ago. This year thc team took seven out of twelve possible awards and first place in four of the six events. The gymnasts continued their domi- nance outside of the league and finished with a lO-2 record, the same as last year when Coach Jessup had the state's top gymnast, Richie Martin. In the locker room the general consensus is that this year's team is the best in NHS history, maybe. Steve Clancy Suburban League Floor Exercifer Champ I Dudley Hall Qtla Ringr, Suburban League l4 i Gymnastic Team KW lg, -6 L F I Q V First Row left: Paul Henry, Bruce French, Tom Iodice, Mark Lenson, Hillel Kieval, Ken Formalarie Andy Semonelli, Paul Pasquarosa, John Pafcher. Fin! Row right: Dudley Hall, Steve Clancy, Paul Gorfine, Louis Branzburg, Jay Gentile, Steve McCarthy, Bill Henry, Mike Boyajian. Back Row Peter Brandon, Jim Battista, John Blakeny, Bill Egir, Billy Keyes, Murray Solomon, Jeff Silverman Ecl Childs, Tom Drakos. Front: Ed Hallow, Richie Searle. John Blakeney 2nd HiBar, Suburban League r Co-Captain Rich Searle 3rd Rings, Suburban League ,ww-.watfdgaanw Q ,f lVHMK Hill 11 , fJ 1Qf ,. f I' fr W e 6 "' cl t I. ' I 1 I ' C QW. his ln 1968 a group of girls looked to their '-4 ,Qc f s first year of gymnastic competition. They were almost all sophomores and only three oi' them had had previous experience. Yet Coach Ruth Frazier watched her team compile a 4-3 record against established teams. A good deal of the teamls success can be attributed to the dedication of those three girls with earlier association with the sport. Co-captains Paula Lundbohm and Dale Cook, together with Janice Charbonier, all juniors acted as a back- bone for the team and ran together a total of ll first places in three of five events. Next year the team will lose only one senior, and in all probability, these three girls will lead that team to a better season. -1 i .-O. f'b'C O0 QN Ov- WB ' 1 Q, 37? v-N 'CD W ro "'1 5 in ne'I 'u aipg 'uewuialg 2. CD E? N BE 59. - ci. 3' EE' P-U 'TZ B: t-' EU: FE. wg' 3:1- .QYB ' vi Girls' Basketball From Row: Marsha Howland, Barbara Marzilli, Lynne Houstonf C0-Captain, Tina Davenport: Co-Capfaizz, Ruth Pigeon, Janet Arslanian. Back Row: Gretchen Mueller, Kathy Fay, jean Wilkinson, Margie Drew. Mirringz Shirley Mackay. In the words of Coach Lukowicz, "They are a hustling aggressive team, which they were not last year." The football team? NO! the hockey team? NO! The girls' basketball team? YES! Despite their hard play they are Newton's Pussycats. In their live games this year they won three. The girls were beaten in their first two games but re- bounded strongly. They surged past Wes- ton High School 45-39 and Margie Drew scored 26 points. Against Newton South the Pussycats clawed their counterparts 32-29 with Margie Drew scoring 16. The season ended against Watertown with the Pussy- cats winning once more thanks to Margie Drew with 15 points. It looks as if Coach Fortune might have made good use of Margie. H i B r. -1 2 i 4 5 A 1 1 1 I 1 i N , l A 1 i 1 L H Q J 1 N Y 1 ,I Q, 1 ,,- ' I If V-i'-' I :f',g'!,f.' .s, '1' ,,v, i!""' .xv A ' 'ffl' "HJ - ' , .,: I v 1 f .I 1 - H 1' 1 f - ' ' , , "M..5' '-1 ' . , ,.1,, 1 M., .A , 1 . . A '.' 'f :', J' N . .xx VN., v, .,.,, , 1 ' . - --....., .y . x - .- .. it x x. 4I'I'. , . Q' H- ..: -,xg '. 7' ,1"' 'Q .: Kf- 'M R1Y'1"" ,tb . .'1.:.,.1 I-V2 rf . n.,7'.- -.3 - . VI, wh, - x - : 1. -L- .g ,, ,. X Q-" -X'.'cz - 'Q' .'-111: : - 1" iixfif -:WS-'.1:f' "rf: V .z "'- -r1F'gi'? ri! fu' 'Ei-ES f?:.I.:S i"E,'3:,'.ijfg 35' - '. giiz'-ax,-m 2,-.i" -- fx .wa HA. -.,-..,,,g.,,. .. ., . - I f:, ,. r"'n2551!xi-E rgfffis I I Y-'!9.""' 1'-:lx ' " 7I'.:.",.A' IA x .-fxff 'Q ' ' ..t. 1.-...X .' ' - i 'fir . wx-vs ri.: XSQQSQ. -,Lf ,Trfwtx ,, V' . '. .. 5- "'-b'x1'Xf.T:a 1.g'.:r::3n'-::..:j ,:',,':-I ff' . u::.4g:g.:'23ia1-155 . " - -- x Q x . k , .1-.- , '. 1 .. R5 1-1i1'x:.s.N,.:'3 .,.. .. V. .xg .N 1, X '.-!w.vm,132- Qf1.'.'f'i0F2 '-:--Y xii. " X3:?334F5.fs.i.:iEf'.un-K. Fi1,7,,fj.5f :HIL " : 5 7' :g::,.:4.LQ.:r... I-:K -1, .,l ,I .-.f, , . f.. - rn- -- - 'ar-Nw 1,35 f-J. J'l'7s1 JN ' 5 ?i1Z'-W-'-'ltzvfi in -'sift' .' 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' , ,.. ,'A,:',f.,4g,2 ff 7' "ful" 'ff ' f ' . f1'3.r'Yf,'11ff!fN7"1. X ' ',.,..p3!'.5,:.c:1n5, 'v - 5j,g"'1g-.Qi-jffidvil 1 ,', 'fx4'-'f'1ff?'z'5:f!" . . 1 :., 1.-4.,--. ., H.. ,- Q.:.",,.W1 '.A-1 Q ..-- - ...f,f. .1, . '- ' :N ."-':.".Sg- - . - , xg, ff'-.-sf rf, ' I .,1. I 'L-::,i7Z',,:,.u'J.1' ,I Q .. l',j:Mu,v :Ali H: -1 , . !,ff12A:'f . I , .,.4, ., ,,.-.-.ll f' .' 1 :-'W' . :' 4 .V .ff'1:-'3f.' "'2ff1'Jii'-' 1 Q .-'I' 4- 1- f-"pl I 'I -"Q'v1 I-Qt" . ' 1,lgC,4'l.'3-' .-'fl - fxj I,.""'-,4 ' " .', .' I . . , . V , . 4t,,.,' 4. . z , jf,,g f"L, 'L . 1 ' ,1 ' 'Q' 1. 3' , 1, ,liyl n,,1,355..,',-1 Il.. 8 + in if 46 ,A is Bethelm Bilezikian Guidance ' x , Peter Mackie Guidance X- wp. Norman A. Gaudet Housemarzer 'MP pr? 'Q 'RG J,- , "YM"- NX ?.,gp1Ii""""' vf ' 1 Anna Lenox Secretary ' 43,1 N, 4 1" A35 '1 f' WM' Florence Taplin Secretary 1 Q f s, it 'Q 1 , . xg.-1 L ' 4' f i , ' " S" .1 1 A . A .ff 1' tri ff ' s . I , I . 1 ' ' , at 7 'V I 34, 9 WWW U f 4 .1 l 5 Q ,MY " " ff W Q1 ' ,,f' 1 . FA at i ' fi .t . 2' .,, y , t .. , , '15 , s F 4 W ' V ' fy, f l -i if t I .f 14" - 1 U' D, , . ' , af It '. ' ef 3 ! . 4 1 1 X' . N 2 f y ,,, ' - ,wg gg! ! X 4 rs- vu 1- s 3 2 ' Y AA nw, X 4, Adams 1102 Front Row: Bootsy. Second Row: Arnie Krakow, Peter Segal, Steve Albert, Scott Fairbanks, Rob- ert Marcus, Howard Katseff. Thin! Row: Helen Ditto, Ann Ditto, Aheda Relf, Joyce Weiner, Nancy Hark, Alison Rieser. Fourth Row: Tom Nugent, Tim Hawkridge, Marc Jones, Ken Sanders, Mike Cody, Paul Gorfine, Frank Norris, Tom Best. Invisible left to right: Nancy Colella, Gail Giampapa, James Bono, Cathy Jernian, Donna Malgieri, Anthony DeSimone, Carol Halder, Alisa Hurwitz, Eunice Lee, Elaine McLeod, Shirley Nicolazzo, Evelina Storlazzi, Lois Tedesco, Lisa Held, Frank Parker, Edgar Teas, Peter Turchon, Ann Caulfield . ' it f .. I V V w Z I f git, ff tr 1 ll if yi ii in t12e3"W'eii'7' Z ' Z . "- at l 1 W .. .-M' l l X f 4 f gy K ., as f If S . 1 W fi? ,i 'lf,Qr. 'ta acl, ,.r - ... r-,' 1110 Top to bottom: Ernest Nazzaro, Gordon Kaswell, Robert Mirabito, Joe Piccariello, John Magni, John Linn, John Meyers, Richard Ristuccia, Janice Charbonnier, Barbara Marzilli, Allison Blanton, Pattie Cunningham, Carolyn Volante, Nancy Bertsch, Tina Davenport, Patty Mintz, Pam Leary, Sue Rubin, Linda Valenzano, Sara Peattie. Mining: Lee Bowes, Peter Early, Larry Schwartz. The House System ff' ...s . I am one of nearly three thousand people at Newton High, and yet I am an individual. But therein lies a paradox. How can I remain an individual in an in- stitution as large as the high school? Since 1960 the answer, according to the administration, has been the house sys- tem. By splitting the school into six or seven Cno one is really sure about Tech Highb separate units, I should no longer be totally lost among three thousand, but should perhaps only Hounder among four hundred. So how much more am I an in- dividual in a house than I am in the school as a whole? And what happens to the unity of the school when it is broken up into houses? First, look at how the house system has affected the relationship between the administration and me. The key figure in this whole production, of course, is the housemaster. Ideally he should be the l 1 1106 principal of his house. Just suggest to someone that every school should have seven principals and you'll see for your- self how ludicrous this idea is. However, in theory there is one advantage to having so many principals. Since each one is responsible for only one-sixth of the stu- dents. more students should be able to get to know someone personally in the administration. There should be greater contact between the students and the ad- ministration and, with it, greater coopera- tion and appreciation of the individual. Of course, in practice the housemaster does not have time to be a combination big brother-great white father to me. His main concern is with misguided delin- quents. He uses most of his time for re- calcitrant skippers and Brighams, de- votees. They're the only ones who get individual consideration. The house secretary, that amazing indi- vidual who distributes those perennial yellow slips and detention notes, is left to get to know me. And she does know my name, my class, how many times I have had detention, whether or not I am on Merit, and has a few other similar in- sights into my character at her fingertips. But at least this is more than my house- masterls uncertain memorization of my name. And she is far more eilicient than an all-school secretary would be, having fewer students with whom to contend. Not only is my relationship with the house administration superlicial, but as a result of the house system, there is no re- lationship between me and the administra- tion of the entire school, personified by the principal. Principal? You remember .him. He gave the sophomore indoctrina- tion lecture. He has become a remote and mysterious figure, known to me only by a name at the bottom of a notice that makes everything, oh, so ofhcial. I I ' f3'i'i T' l X ', 172'-SIN' . I W 1 tim, f I e .. my c NA L B' . me I l . ' 15 f Li s .gl 1128 Front Row Seated: Christine Fierro, Charlotte johnson, Dorothea Norris, Carmella Leone. Second Row Seated: Patricia Roche, Nancy Abel, Susan Campbell, Betsy Fessenden. Standing: Francis Squillace, Gary Furst, Ronald Rosoff, Louis Bergner, Robert Berkowitz, Paul McQuiston, Richard Mason, Robert Russo, Joseph Sincuk, Irving Houston, Chester Proshan, Thomas Shaw, Gerard Fagan, Robert Deverix, James Derusha, Suzanne Marie Dion. Mining: Arthur Connolly, Enrico ,lI?iMambro, Benjamin Lucardie, Donald Matheson, William McCarthy, Barbara Myerow, Paul oomey. ig., i ... 4419 g i in V5 C5 It l Front Row: Deborah Fisher, Eileen Shea, Antoinette Poly, jane Berson, Naomi Benaron, Lois Aronson, Sheila Wilensky, Lois Indursky, Coling Clapton. Second Rout Robert Deluca, Peter flfabor, David Martin, Joel Farber, Richard Goldman, Lloyd Lenson, Jim Fenten, Robert Kasar- nan, Lester Goodman, Lawrence Finsen, Frances Mancini, Lee Sullivan, Elizabeth Nabors, Paul Pasquarosa. Mining: Donald Hatton, Enzo Gargaron, Mitchell Mills, Rosie Thomas. 'ix' 'C X ax, -f 1002 Seated: Betsy Casper, Nancy Barr, Sharon Van Fossen, Roseann Zuno, Laurie Woodman, Christine Dillard, Margaret Silluzio, Juanita Morales. Standing: Mrs. Judith Brier, John Venditti, Jordan Appel, Dana Albano, Mike Baldi, Bill Sacks, John White, joe Connors, Bob Davidson, jeff Cope- land. Mining: Russell Colantuono, Gary Younker, Cindy Wilson. ! 41 5 lifaf Q4 5. W 1 2 3 fy W, 5 5: , v. .. ., avlf Y si, .Q f ff iii' 'Hi ' fi 2 .if ' if I E' it S My S 1 ,. 'nil'7 Q H 'ff mf. f if 'Sf .. gl A .62-ag' gm ... 1' if' 4:4 , A ' ' 1' i 1 Q.. 5, : 6 , 2 t, v , , fVkv,... M Hag! Q f H' I I 3 ' p If ' " ' -mm- 'gt . wi , . f - 1 1 C' ' .jf f ff ,,f'.,.. . ips- fj'fff4A--f E if Q'J.f.,5f'a HSQC-7-A ' W 'ew ' ,viii .f-A 9- Nfl lf." ' fir'--1 'I .1 ..! 5-ff, , "' 4 If "1 T 1 - .' ',l 4 ' ". ' E1 ,,,4, V , -lt, ,r,N, ., M, ', 4:,,i.k6s 3 ' ' rw" f, ,f.., j V, ,f .. mv ., - can-1 -W . w. M , . X ,J " ",. N - . . ' T u','fiM'k?, K! ' 4-ff'9".' ."'Q'. 155 Y -,adv GW A -4 75. nk Y, 1006 Front Row: Mr. Peter Scharf. Second Row: Elaine Bianchi, Patty Welch Mary Davis, Margie Aronson. Third Row: Joyce Anims, Joanne Farmer Pat Boureois, Ruth Alexander, Laurel Cutler, Liz Mezer. Fourth Row Bing Chin, Ed Isenberg, Peter Baxter, Barry Wodman, Tom Calahan, Paul Boyer. Fifth Row: Chris Ferguson, Bob Caruso, Ted Delorenzo, Bob Bibbo 1 1134 Seated: Patty Gahali, Susan Sacks, Ellen Arbetter, Robin Blaur, Sharon Lovelt, Debbie Steel. Standing: Anita Izman, Emily Sharoff, Polly Maf- nola, Amy Goldsrein, John Roche, Kathy Fay, Nicky Piccorari, Tergus Gurthbertson, Lucinda Myres, Ken Longrnore, Charlie Levin, Scott Shepard, Paul Finkle, Vincent Grecco, Bill Donalds, Bob Fay, David Rabineau, Michael Kelly. 1108 Seated: Laura Lohman, Pat Salemme, Betsy Harrer, Joanne Marrella, Karen Hollis, Donna Riccio, Francine Proia, ,luey Finn, Arlene Suchman. Standing: Louise Matz, Jack Barron, john Marzilli, w, Peter Brandon, Hohn Levin, David Mueller. Tom McGreenery, Harold Tou- mayan. In Tree: Ron Stanley, Skip Faw- son, Jack Gargone, Renny Perelli. Miff- izzg: john Castoldi, Steve Matloff, Ed Stolper, Ann Keough, Claire Molner. Norman Odkan. ,r 156 HMNX 1 NX XY XX 1 xx, X k e ' A .2 , 1 w:,e l,?iJ5fEi 5 Q- X X Q QQNXQQXSQ lfivffi SSX: 1 be 1, ge W , .M ,X-X Ak ex lwee S HQ3 lxeeeklm b A XX 'RQ XX swqwsxvwl V, ggi X-NW' ' fl 5 4 sf Q X xiii e manual Manson Hall Homemlme, Marne Kenney I w : i 1 i . .-. i my-g, Elizabeth Linde Selma Lamkin Secretary Seffffdfy fEngliJb Oficej -:X Secretary Barry gl 9. .- 54 Samuel Gramger Guidance Irwin Freedman Guidance . if -s , l I I 1208 ' Front Row: Sandra Leam, Mary Cody, Pamela Perry, Judith Morrison, Patricia O'Connell, Debra Wolfson, Valerie Powers, Phyliss Paul, Sue Fineberg. Second Row: Dennis Terron, John Sullivan, John Rosenberg, Mark Mannix, Nancy White. Third Row: Tom Morris, Gary Gentile, John O'Neill, Monica Vallely. Fourth Row: Jon Marcus, Jeff Silverman, Ronald Metro, John Parker. Mining: Robert Perchutz, Steve Glowaski, Kathy Tennon, Philip Moralu, Marlene Goodman. I 1",'1mn : tivimfit 1 :nun 1256 Front Row Seated: Bobby Libon, Deborah Blackler, Roger Cabitt. Second Row: Nancy Needel, Dianne Napolitano, Gayle Putnam, Sandra Tannenbaum, Sue Block, Claire Kalish, Iris Polivoy, Lloyd Simon, Walter Gallo. Third Row: Judith Van Why, Joanna Proia, Andrea Peligreno, Mr. Propp, Rebecca Crosby, C. Frechette, Donata Salvucci, Robert Burke, David Buka. Fourth Row: Michael Zimmer, Janet Smith, Michael Brown, Stephen Lupo, Bruce Marks, James Peghiny, Stanley Schwartz, Bill Quinn. Mining: Jocelyn Bott, Michael Cupoli, Lenny Zide, Judith Terenzia, Fred Jutras. Find the fezzcter. The administration, however, is now trying to breech the gap with the students, and Mr. Mechem has started his "black- board side chatsf' The other day, he came to our homeroom, and we spent the period talking about whatever was on our minds. But even though the administration may not have time to be my friend, it seems to have made it easier for me to make friends with other students. In the first week of my sophomore year I clung to the other timid sophomores who had gone to my junior high. We were scared. I had always thought of the other junior highs in terms of fights and strange danc- ing. If I had not been grouped with kids from other junior highs my illusions would 1228 -until nun-vmfu M-t -,agus-ol' ll ' at From row reared: Janice Rosenberg, Wendy Breslau, Susan Coleman, Maureen Mannix, Cathy Daniel, Pam Masters. Second rou' reared: Rona Foster, Marjorie Glick, Mariette Sanchez, Maurita Campbell, Bernadette Stohlman. Fifi! rou' .rtandingz Gail Smith, Amy O'Donnell, Esther Schwartz: teacher, Bruce French, William Caruso, Peter Camerato, Stephen Campbell, Jonathan Spitz, James McGlame. Second rote: Marie Patriacca, John Fanelli, James Topali, Bert Schwartz, Robert Russo, Robert W'argin. Nicholas Komow, Peter Cogan, Scott Glazier. Mirring: Beverly Andler, Karen Cutler, Pat McMillen, Audree Moore, Louise Pellegrini, Mark Russo, Evlyn Shifman. nave been destroyed anyway. But because I shared a tiny house oliice and house rules and house activities with kids from these other junior highs, it was easy and natural to become their friend. Detention and assemblies were what we had in com- mon at first, but soon I noticed them at my lunches. Later I even became so brave as to venture from the comfortable circle of my old friends. Really. Over the three years, sherely by con- stant exposure to this same group of kids, I have been able to develop close friend- ships with some of them. At the same time I was able to become friendly with juniors and seniors, a privilege that I might not have had if we hadn't been in the same study hall every day. 1220 Seated: Allison Karsh, Diane Barr, Catherine Stoff, Helen Lynch, David Salett, Deborah Aronson, Sallyanne Cole. Rear: David Watts, Michael Trarnontozzi, joseph Fallon, james Nutting, Peter Spalding, Cathy Daniel, Susan Dillon. Mining: jay Keefe, Stephen Klayman, Paula Boudreau, Carol Cedrone, Patricia Marks, Andree Boiteau, Jim Hirshberg, Stephen Magliocca, Deborah Zamcheck, jane Ann Quinn. Find Snoopy. 3 ar' 3' s . in 1218 Front Row: Joyce Ric, Kathy Loree, Karen Speier, Marjorie johnson, Suzanne Sullivan, Darlene Gratto. Second Row: june Malkofsky, Robin Zenger, Diane Weston, Andrea Corry, Carol O'Brian, Liza Remar. Standing: Kenneth Zeno: Teacher, Steve McCarthy, Michael Deehan, Michael Kayce, Robert Egelson, Kenny Butler, Fran Delicandro, Carl Anderson, john Arpino, Clark Berry, Albert I-Iasenfus, Lewis Stern. Mining: Judy MacMillan, Sarah Fernandez, Anne Dealy Bonnie MacLeod, Charlotte Hamilton. 160 r' nl ,BV 'VP' -I . 'FW' lg!! s ll, :Y IW 1232 Top zo bottom: David McCormack, Norman Yanofsky, John Sbordone, Ronald Vallely, Donald Cobuzzi, Jeffetey Christo, Allan Cohen, Kevin Fitzgerald, Paul Webb, Daniel Coletti, Peter Larosee, Bruce Taylor, Cathy Dever, Christine Ericson, Carolyn Cosgrove, Joyce Lapp, Constance Coletti, Barbara Ribock, Carole Zinman, Gretchen Kiebala, Lenore Rirey, Sandra Goodman, Mary Dee Ramee, Margaret Lennon. Mirr- ing: Lynne Houston, Robert Capello, Paul Blazar. Find Snoopy. 1248 Front Row: Mary Morris, Betsy I-Iochberg, Karen Cutler, Deborah Shelkan, Pat Dezotell, Paula Guilford, Edwina Brooke. Second Row: Robert Kaitz, Wendy Entin, Anne Rohsenow, Judy Yashinsky, Janice Wilcox. Third Row: Richard Badaracco, Greg Sullivan, John Colantonio, Nello Giglio, Robert Chaney, Robert Johnson, Robert Searle, John Jarnis, John Morrison, Laura Baker, Paul Trombly, Henry Berman, Jay Wilton, Thomas Graceifa, Arthur Parnell. Z The only school in the world with grain alcohol on tap. The houses limit my friends to some degree, though, to just those people who are in my own house. It is more diflicult to meet those in other houses. If someone is in another building, then the major con- tact possible with them is through a fifty- minute class. And if that someone is not in my grade, then forget it. In addition to providing opportunities for making friends, the houses also func- tion as the primary source of disciplinary and clerical activity. The houses differ, however, in meting out discipline and privileges, so much so that there is a re- markable inconsistency between them. One house may give you detention after three unexcused later arrivals, another may wait until you're tardy five times, H., W WM A W i YZ Ei 'I' ' 3,0 V a X . while my house lowers the boom after only one. The amount of detention given for the same offense also shows quite a discrepancy. One house may give you up to five hours for tardiness, another only enough to correspond to the time missed in class because of the late arrival. Mine gives five. Some offenses which carry a heavy penalty in my house are largely ig- nored in other houses. That infamous mini-skirt is a good example. You can almost tell to which house a girl belongs by how high her skirt is. It's easy to see why those who are in my house consider the house regulations unfair. Why should we have to endure more excessive punish- ments than other students? tgffrw ,,.,.,-,,, .M ',:1ZfT"5317ff' . 7 X ' jf i' TW "" Q ,Tr f r 1 iiis' 99.3114 FZ' 'fi if A gl Y' ft. 1 ,.v5" , " Y E-X' Q i t , r tg: R 3 ...i if 5' i.. nf Q I -',4...,., , . Q 1242 Top to lmtfomz Keith Kozlowski, Eliott Baker, Michael Mur- ray, Allen Doane, Richard Abbott, Peter Gass, Robert Worth, james Farina, Phillip Lawry, Ricky Farian, Stephen Jaffe, Stephanie Lent, Barbara I-lcllman, Debbie Willianis, Mary White, Carol Whitt-, Debra Horton, Clara Lo, Anne Levine, Donna Bclocas, Phyllis Kecfe, Rachel Korati, Donna Chapman, Kathleen Burke, Brenda Feeney, Kathy Vassalotti, Christine ' l-lallgren. 161 I ,QW .." -t. r . J. . ' 1 .. rf,-"., :flue .I .' f ,,', fi ..... ,f- xqgriaw 51,4- '. U.,-S ,x.,,34:,,,. A .- 1 :rg .12 X . Elizabeth Weiss Guidance Richard Adams Houiemarler Esther Aronson Secretary Patricia Light Guidance asf i Beals X 1308 First Column Top lo Boilom: joanne Barres, Esther Marchese, Magdelene Mihalopoulos, Debby Devaney, Maura Morrisey, Francis Frechette, Stephanie Catliff, .lean Steinman, Kevin Mahoney. Second Column: Helen Newman, Lea Ruggiero, Dick Greenberg, Steve Cutler, Alex Cameron. Third Column: Ken Jacks, Alan Garber, Bill Melanson, Bob Wilker, Bill Ellingwootl, Richard Rogers. Mining: Tom Drakos, Dick McGrath, Paula Boudreau, Judy Contola, Cora Giroux, lackie Rando. A 163 1324 Fi:-.rf Row reared: Owen Frager. Cheryl Proia, Sandra Lenneten, Christine Mason, Susan Har- rington. Sermm' Row reared: Stephen Donegan, Kathleen Fairweather, Cynthia Kalo- yanides, Edward Reidy, Emily Fenn. Third Row reated: Karen Castoldi, Deborah Rob- erts, ,lane Steinberg, Ken Yanco. Sffzndifzgz James Brode- rick, Evan Carton, Doug Tomb, Janice Demmonds, Richard Johnson, Peter Forte, Deborah Qualters, Frank Rob- erts, Howard Levine, Will Neptune, Christopher Shat- tock, Eric Herman, Stephen Rundlett, Steven Orent, Rich- ard White, Tom Monnahan, Elizabeth Weiner, Judy Math- ews, Cynthia Otis, Mack Her- rod. A f , ' A Q.,-J 2 W1 ul . f . N ' .1 ' ' H I I " " ' L.:f"i . ' 1, , Q' alliij i , 9 I f The world is my ashtray, I shall not want! 1450 Front Row: Wendy Sherman, Verna Hatch, Ellen Thurman, jane Weiss, Marcia Pactovis. Second Row: Florence Macleod, Nancy Dean, Linda Hire, Nancy Wolfe, Lynne Raum, Diane Burke, joan McCormack. Tlciraf Row: Steve Saxon, Mike Espo- sito, Charlie Laflin, Richard Gillespie, Chuck Cupoli, Miles August, jim MacDonald. Fourtb4Row: Phil Green, Walter Bartberger, Scott Griffin, Larry Rufo, Lenni Gentile, Mike Barry, Dave Ryan. Mirrirzgz Cathy Deluca, Andrea Estes, jeff Harris, Dorothy Kelley, Jethro Mills, Paula DePasquale. w-hav g Y " "1 ,-5 ' 4.J Beals House Christmas Party players. The most serious consequence of the inconsistency in devilish discipline and privileges is, perhaps, the general weak- ening of the school. Since each house has its own policy on such issues as lateness, the Merit System, student dress, and poli- cies which were originally school rules de- signed to affect 'the entire student body, the school regulations are shattered into six separate legislations. These six legislations may be more ef- fectively enforced by the houses than by the main administration, but ask five dif- ferent students what the school policy is on early dismissal, and youill probably get five different answers. There is no school policy, only house policy. Of course, since each house is designed as an individual unit within the whole, there should be some autonomy. But, the only apparent result is a weakening in my relationship with the main office administration. It's hard for me to regard those people in Building III as higher authority when my life is run from my house office. Itls a tough problem, and people are trying to straighten things out. ra 1 304 Front Row: Maureen McCabe, Cynthia Vogel, Karen Argo, Denise Drummond, Donna Carroll. Second Row: Mark Houghton, Henry Perez, Jeff Gopen, Dean Foster, Don Thurber. Third Row: Ken Swanton, Bob Vaughn, Bob Denn, Joe Milewski, Keith Hardy. Mining: Niki Bronstein, Jocelyn Covington, Pat Hilton, Dale Partoll, Paula Rubin, Cynthia Salzman, Kathy Fitzgibbons. 1306 Sealed: Deborah Pearson, Diane Copatch, Susan Brady, Nancy Boisseau, Carol Algeri, Marjorie Johnson, Dorene Lane, Maria Cellucci, Dale Cook. Standing: Carol Lynn Tal- kov, Jay Civetti, Marlene Segall, Ross Bellar, Andrew Berezin, Ralph Mudarri, Robert Finelli, Robin Baker, Peter Horton, Jonathan Newman. Mining: Janet Albano, Joseph Diseglio, Colette Feldstein, Steven Gilbert, Paul Karlsson, Craig Ross, Jerome Sifford, Michael Sturniolo. 1328 Seated: Sue Sinofsky, Jacqueline Roche, Deborah Lifland, Gretchen Hunt, Kathy Reardon, Deborah Devaney, Amy Collin, Janice Leland. Standing: J. Cline, Elizabeth Hinchey, Marion Dimcheff, Ellen Nelson, Stephen Salter, Jonathan Dietz, Dorothea Blackler, Judith Lemack, Ernest Asaff, Jonathan Kastle, Ronald Cohen, Richard Lawton, John Ullrick, Howard Belkin. Mining: Stanley Brooks, Peter De Rubeis, Jean Flanders, Gary Genovese, Sandra Kaliiian, Joseph Murphy, Janice Parriacca, Mark Rosenfelt, Steve Ross, Stephen Sherman. 1408 Prim! Row: jenette Nicolazzo, Gianna Monaco, Susan Davis, Ruth Rottenberg, Cynthia Halliday, Diana Kal- weit, Antoinette Connerney. Semnd Row: Lucille Cor- mier, Maria Ciocca, Betsy Kaplan, Debra Samuels, Sarah Skinner, Barbara Levy, janet Smith. Third Row: Leon Boole, Kevin Boyd, William Tempesta, Mitchell Frank, Bruno DiBona, Eric Smith. Fourth Row: Donald Mc- Millan. Charles Bronstein, jonathan Russell, Charles MacGillivray, Wztrren Jacobs, Peter Huntsman, Bradford Morgan Mining: Paul De Vito, Kenneth Goulding, Donald Maclellan, Karen McKenzie. 1406 Kneeling: David Fleishman, Jon Silin, Brian Keefe, George Norcross, Stephen Gentile, Michael Kaufman, joseph Rizza, Paul Halloran, Mark Burns. Standing: Elizabeth Stone, Carol Carter, Terri Poster, John Levin- son, Denise Civetti, Linda Ripley, Robin Goldberg, Deborah Frechette, joan Napseth, Salvatore Cappizzi, Maury Fallkoff. in, .,.. V NL. Senator Brooke speaks and listens in Room 1320. Q cf l Cecile LeClair Guidance ggffvwi 2 MLW W I' l 'N- Rachel johnson Houfemaxter EG ,vffgij ef 2' , .4 I .,, Rule lp 3 fm V y ff K r 'Y SQ , ,.,, , Q V M l "1 Q W A 1 l if L gy" xl j kj' j 1114 . l '. iw . ' W- , T250 , 2 2e ' l axe + aria l ' 3 N --F N A v' .,,-jjv fj Archlbald Stark ' e ef ' Guidance ' ' ' l my 9 Jewel Boyd ' V. ' Sefretary 5' Q l D .NQ slif' '11 T Ethel Chartier Icannc-rrc Davis Secfetafy Glfljllallfe I 218 Front Row: Joanne Caruso, Elaine Alpert, Lesley Kan- tor, Jacqueline Bryson, Martha Penzer, Karen Katsines, Lisa Finnery, Leslie Hymoff, Judith Johnston. Second Roux- Pamela Martin, Sandra Lofchie, Jane Lawson, Bar- bara Lee, Amy Bresky, Jean Blake, Janet Deegan. Third Row: Gillian Peerson, Jeanne Hallemared, Laurie Pana- riti, Joan Indursky, Pamela Gartland, Niki Kirshner, Margaret Harkins. Standing and Sitting on Column: Leland Brown, Harold Kobrin, Richard Gorgone, Peter Natole, Alan Kristal, Bruce Carter, Edward Boyce, Alan Greed, Robert Kaplan, Anthony DeLucca, Anthony Das, Ross Hahn, Mard Ahearn. Mining: Richard Marr. 2210 Front Row: Conrad Fong, Gail Bloom, Terry Karas, Virgiano Fabiano, Gary Moore. Second Row: Anthony Antonellis, Amy Ralens, Carol Shapiro, Lindsay Head, Thomas D'Agostino. Third Row: William Henry, David Stolper, Walter Bianchi, John Collins. Remaining Slanderr: Paul Connolly, Douglas Yankauer, Peter Jack- son, Steven Smyly, Stuart Goldman, K. John Green, Robert Pignatelli, R. Scott Bolio. Mining: Joanne Turner. 43-2, 8 .5 a 2101 Front Row: Kathy Fraini, Pauline Lyons, Diane Com- pagnone, Linda DelGrosso, Susan Foley, Joanne Healey, Chris Fernandez. Second Row: Ramune Kerbelis, Karen Ruputz, Joanne Muskalski, Deborah Gioncardi, Sharon Kurinsky, Betty Demaura. Third Row: Gail Manugian, Jo-Anne Kazules, Gail Paris. Boyrz Clayton Austin, Ronald Cohen, Mark Furman, Andrew Stern, Richard Carlisle, Don- ald Blakely, Arie Valdberg, Steve Tocci, Marc Nierman, Joseph Albano, Charles Reynolds, Bill Conquest, Sherman Spritz, Mr. George Bresnahan. Mining: Denise Lennon, Louise Girouard. 'l i 'Q-1 l A X 2102 Front Rout Nancy James, Caren Elfman, Shelley Rollin, Donna Stadtmore, Maria Gavaller, Laurie Kepnes, Maureen Gorman, Pat Mingace, Diane Tutungian, Susan Marrazzo, Alicia Morgan. Sec- ond Row: Robin Gallant, Debra Wilensky, Ellen Shapiro, Eliza- beth Axelrod, Geraldine Casey, Joan Harris, Susan Bartzak, Carol Conzo, Diane Allen, Beth Shannon, Susan Tunstall. Standing: Robert Lowney, Thomas Murphy, Richard Kruger, john Singleton, Wav: Michael Sepinuck, Frederick Morrison, Norman Marcus, Arthur Greenberg, Evan Cohen, Paul Vershbow, Grantland Porter, Thomas Rooney, John Ryan, Barry Sheingold, Peter Kiebala, Paul Fitz- gerald, Michael O'Brien, Robert Brown, Frederick Camerato, George Reynolds, Howard Fine, Peter Giovangelo, Deborah Halliday. Fielden. Mining: Teresa ,, 5 M, , A M, Q X,QM f' Af A ,z V, .f"'. . , -" , ,,-1' rl , ' 4- 3' f ' Y, G f" Ivy, ,, . 4 ff ' 1 Z , f ,,w"' ff' i , I r",r, A A ',f"i' - Q-"I V ,O A ' " ' ' ,f-' ' ,f 'i I, ,Z A f ,- , auf" ,I 1 ,v x' . ' N, . may 1--it , ' ' .. .-P' A K, -' 1 li ' IH. 1 ' ci.. , - ,4""'jK9f-sr"' ,, , 1- 'Mu if ' 'F .Q-"Ji " , ' ,--" ' S 4 .447 A, 449' I' A 'I ,Je ' 1 V F JV ,.,T,., W ,-'ZF V J. .i , ,-- 4,,.,v 3 ,,.-f 'dll MW' .. l B 2104 Front Row: Kathleen Finley, Mau- reen Donegan, Gail Grella, Deborah Tompkins, Linda Kaizerman. Second Row: Nancy Borey, Diane Kelley, Regina Antonellis, Maureen Jones, Janet Pearson, Linda Algeri, Mary Ellen Daniels, Sharon Ridgeway, Lili Borowski, Cheryl Arslanian, Ann Goolkasian. Third Row: Robert Car- lino, Richard Ciccone, John Burke, Richard Gilley, William Keeler, Gary Berman, Robert Carr, Paul Britt, Charles Atkinson, John Garan, Paul Lucas. Mining: Mary Bonacci, Henry Brown, Stephen Covitz, Elizabeth Critch, Paula Lundholm. 'l v v- 8. CQ, ., . X 14 2105 Front Row: Paul Gillis, John Gilmore, Dennis Civetti, Angelo Caridi, Lawrence Meehan, Ken- neth Daniels, Arnold Freedman, Bruce Wong, Alan Conlon, David Champagne. Second Row: Ronna Jacobs, Mary Ann Dwyer, Josephine Precopio, Jill Johnson, Susan Aben, Sheerah Rosen- thal, Nina Piken, Jane Golden, Ann Chabot, Frances Yuan, Amy Andler, Marjorie Drew. Third Row: Lynne Davis, Jocelyn Green, Susan Ross, Larry Lomax, Eugene Fritz, John Mikelson, Ron- ald Sallett, Richard Harlow, Dana Tanimoto, Paul Reichenbach, Ann London, Susan Glick. Mining: Eileen Adams, Clare Sweeney, Eugene Devore. f-1. .mi ,yes H' '4?1"vH'v-...N l'-g'.llf:' .X " 2, I if, FUMYNYQT' f-,. 1-'t ,.' cv :H 1' f5:a,.l,m" an it 1 Ehthtklslk ,us Sa'-Eu lg 70 219 Front Rout Kathleen Leahy, Debra Fagin, Nan I-Ioughteling, Catherine Schwab, Irene Kennedy, Sandra Muir, Lisa Sheprow, Shelley Brenner. Second Roux' Arlene Norton, Amy Warshauer, Pam- ela Yogel, Beth Aransky. Third Row: John Reilly, Charles Kaye, Michael Seymour, Joseph Gross. Fourth Rout Karen Nelson, James Whynot, Michael Walsh, Arthur Amadei. Fifth Row: Ellen Wright, Douglas Porter, Robert Ashton, Paul Natale. Standing: Raymond Ball, John Pruett, Marie Bass, Rudolph Satlak, Michael Tramontozzi, Peter Delofh, John Tyler, Gary Kamen, Rocco Proia, James Zozzaro. Mining: Denise Brugger, Toby Clayman. l 1 'Sl , as 3 5 ' HZ ' KXXSXXX But this ir a study hall. AW ,N ag X N , -E555 . x Q X W ' MW is , - X, Q K ' . , x A V - xi x X S-f X wt... rw Q r ,N X t X , xg M aye t C X X N ,WM ,A X xt, X X -Qs N , h A "4 Nw . . X fi 2 as " . X - . Q, b E . X sir? if S?" 'X XX ,....,,hW" 2208 Front Row: Maureen McCabe, Geraldine Mort, Carol Ryan, Debra Bodner, Edith Reynolds. Second Row: Linda Babcock, Christine Cannard, Lisa Spear, Gail Bonacci, Martha McDaniel. Third Row: Gerald Polner, Paul Henry, Debra Suvalle, Ann Cohen, Marcia Ward. Fourth Row: Robert Blanton, Alan Holden, Gregory Sullivan, Cooper Eastman. Fifth Row: Robert Sylvester, James Betts, Steven Silverberg, Kent Larson. Sixth Roux' Norman Robertson, Alan Panzeri, Charles Alajajian, Philip Lnda. Seventh Row: Elliot Carp, Maurice Boiteau, Richard Tomezyk. zllirrizrgz 2213 Carol Brenner, Linda Cupoli, Candace Mann, Bruce Samuels. w . - ,,'7. as Front Row: Clifford Tanembaum, Thomas Hunter, Charles Floyd, anie Grinley, Julianna lh'lKDCJIl2llkl, ,Joanne Miksenas, Lois Leeper, Robert DeCoste, Harvey Gertman, joel Loitherstein, Stephen Ronni Cohen, Ferne latobson, Carol Goldfarb, Vittoria Newmzm. Cohen, David Ovans, Mark Slayton, Robert Murphy, Steven Marsha Howland, Sonia W'inter. Mining: Charles Kc'llihcr,,lz1mCS Perles, Steven Houlihan, joseph Cormier. Second Row: Deborah Merriam, Alan Razza, Robert lwolseley. Singleton, Marion Lipke, Candace Palmieri, Wendy Keil, Steph- , Palmer I- ..-:.r d 'fr Beverly Logan Guidance . 1 e Q . f. . Wi! 5 7 ,752 1? M . F235 Lain ,sa mdk!! Helen Leone Secretary lf! vf,.- ' - ,,f .' Julia Cassidy Secretary P: 'O Martha Bates Guidance Michael Gradone I-Iousemaxter Af W x S Undoubtedly one of the greatest ad- advantages of the house system, though, is that it offers the opportunity for more people to participate in activities. This also gives you more of a chance to be a somebody. If you want to become in- volved there is almost certainly a place for you in the hierarchy of government. There is not just one council, but seven, the Student Council and the six house coun- cils. There is not just one set of school officers, but six sets of house officers, the Student Council board, and three sets of class officers. No kidding. But to have six organizations working on the job which could be done by one does not mean that six times as much gets done, it means that each of these organi- zations does one-sixth as much and does it one-sixth as effectively as that single organization could. This follows since each house council has only one-sixth as much authority. Of course, we still have the Student Council, and they are all hon- orable men. But you have to remember that the house council has a representa- tive in each homeroom which the Student Council has only three designated repre- sentatives per class, plus one or two per house. So I find myself in closer contact with the house council than I ever will with the Student Council. This means that the Student Council, which could be the most effective body in student govern- ment, must relinquish some of its respon- sibility to the house councils to share. What we have is a central student govern- ment too weak to effectively reach the entire student body, and six house coun- cils which are too limited to make any considerable contribution. if 'es ss ' Q. ,t fm, we 2 304 Front Row: Karen Fitzpatrick, Agnes Nobile, Joanna Molla, Linda Bari. Second Row: Barbara McCauley, Linda Ryan, Allison Krebs, jane Bur- lingame. Third Row: David Shoul, Fred Manning, Mark Diaz, Alan Dechter. Fourth Row: Matin McKenzie, Barry Harsip, Thomas Chalmers, jeffrey Kalish, Harry Karp. Fifth Row: William Gephart, David Derubeis, Alan Fiske, Steve Hartel. Mining: Dan Fremont-Smith, joseph Capello. 2 506 Front Row: Vicki Phelan, Rico Vitone, Debby Colletti, Patti Bomica, Teri Cerrone, Ellyn Shear, Paul Cavicchi, Barbara Keeler, Richard Gen- tile. Second Row: Joe Stefaniak, Buster Lepera, june Barden, Rosemary Delaney, Shari Greggman, Richard Redier. Third Row: William Carda- velli, Barbara Mulcahy, Laurie Garden, Carol Tupper, Vickie Samuels. Fourth Row: Richard Proia, Frank Womboldt, Jonathan Weiss, Eliot Nusbauk, john Fray, Steven Markow. Mining: Debby DeAnglis, Helene Rose, Marlene Hough, William Litfle. 1-445. 173 1 .J 174 1 . 1 .-:' . it i 224 Front Row: Jeffrey Richmond, Elaine Fandry, Jack Margolin, Francis Murphy. Second Row: Stuart Rose, John Pappas, James Schneider, Adina Press, Belinda Hunter. Third Row: Stephen Delellis Larry Nellos, Florencia Mallon, Michael Johnson, Dana Harrison. Fourth Row: Robert Luizzo James Chase, Thomas Parisi, Glen Davis, Nancy Testa. Fifth Row: Philip Trainor, James Coni srantine, Susan Dickie, Paul Murphy, Paul Lowell. Mining: Williarn Brown, Richard Lizotte Kenneth Doucette, Michael Megliaccio, James McDonald, Carol Elliott, Kathryn Hebele, Bonnie Callander. 231 Front Row: Debbie Keezing, Betsy Silver, Mary Thread- gold. Second Row: Robin Koltenbeck, Polly Bell, Carey Proshan, Judy Maloney, Barbara Roby, Nancy Jacobson, Joyce Tidswell, Karen Barnes. Third Row: George Boule, David Staudt, Steve Scrimshaw, John Madden, Donny Beckler, Marc Simmon, Jimmy Dean, Mark MacLaughlin, Steve McCarthy. Fourth Row: Michele Shelby, Jonathan Bass, Stephen Buckwald, Steve Murphy, Steve Marchand, Kenneth Cahoon, Tom Callahan. Mir:- ing: David Asimov, Debbie Hurwitz, Gay Terrio, Dong Kang. Wx -'UK 7 v drift Now look what happens, to my school spirit. Or is it house spirit? Or is it class spirit? Or is 'it two out of three? Which two? Maybe one out of three? Or maybe I'm one of those rare birds who can iden- tify with all three. But nobody can pos- sibly? be enthusiastic about school, class, and house. To make matters worse, school spirit and class spirit often overlap. When I was a junior and I bought my ring, it was a Newton High School ring. The yearbook, although edited by seniors, relates to the whole school. The best that can result from all this confusion is that you concentrate on ei- ther school or house spirit, never both. What usually results from it, though, is that you have allegiance to neither school nor your house. You're sort of lukewarm to both. You may go to football games, but ignore baseball games and house foot- ball. So the conflict that the house and the school create in demanding equal time in spirit and enthusiasm results only in a weakening of your participation in both. i 2307 Front Row: Sherry Baker, Martha Epstein, Patricia Gorgone, Christine Vecchione. Second Row: Francis Griffin, Robert Sweeney, William O'Connor, Mark Ryter. Third Row: Iva Rubin, Regina Olson, Carol Tye, Margaret Sullivan, Gianna Felix, Bernice Matczak. Fourth Row: John Holcomb, Janis Reiters, William Renke, Joseph Murphy, Paul McGreenery. Mining: Hillel Kieval, Virginia Leraci, Sheila McGourty. .sgasy Q XL-lst If ihwsau , 2311 Front Row: Marion Cardillo, Barbara Model, Claire Dubano, Mina Morochink, Mette Han- sen, Teresa Lucente, jane Arabian, jane Chessman. Second Rout Robin Slater, Joan O'Conner, Ellen Lacroix, Kim Wolfe, Marla Riley, Beverly Gerson, Judith Ludwin. Third Row: Howard Katz, Brian Moroney, Lafrence Rome, Arthur Wilson, Nicholas Greatz, Steven galamoff, Andrew Cohen, Alan Berneld, Kenneth Gorelick, Harvey Graham. Mining: Pat iogree. Sri 2316 Front Row: Alison Cofhn, Judith Carmel, Mike Lallym, Paula Lawrence, Debbi Stanley, Ray D'Argento. Second Row: Mayra Hernandez, Elliot Shapiro, Rhonda Frank, Laurie Levine, Barbara Nemerz, Richard Feldman, ,Ioe Sturniolo, Debby Perry. Thin! Ron: Andy Klyman, Shelley Walk,.Sue Notartomasa, Joanne Maxwell, lrene Sholkin, Mike O'Grady, jimmy Price. Fourth Row: Stephan Coates, Richard Loronde, jerry Beatrice, Richard Blaquere, ,Iohn Schwab, Chris Doolin, Ricky Simmons, Steve Dunn. AliJ.u'n,q: Elizabeth Alphin, Mary Deehan, Nancy LeVine, Valerie Ross. Z T cull i Ei Q'5Wt: ,N gms? ill 'D -H". 2318 ' Seated: Joanne Gringeri, Joan Dalo, Nina Fiumara, Cheryl Walsh, Julie Rabinov, Marcia Howard. Second Row: Adrienne Glen, Ethyl Rolbein, Debra Sinafski, Susan White. Third Row: Jance Cavallaro, Connie Celluci, Stephen Goldman, Janet Polcaro, William McLean, Susan Epstein, Jack Vassalotti. Standing: Rosanne Perlmutter, David Russel, John Young, Kevin Sheehan Tracey Newsam, Peter Manson, Dean Karoblis, Paul Pando, Mike Lennon. Mining: Patty White, John Berman, Jimmy Lichter, Lon Cravath, Linda Mitchell. l 2319 Front Row: Iris Cramer, Laurie Segal, Cynthia Keagle, Lucy Roenberg, Angela Pope, Joanne White, Debra Lieberman, Roberta Ross, Joanne Ceppellucci. Second Row: Gregory Matoian, Peter Vello, Edward Tupper, Robert Clardy, David Cavanaugh, Bruce Patteson, Frederick Capen, Bruce Brauninger, Michael Harrison, Robert Horwitz, Rodney Ford, Peter Morales, Stephen Leone. Mining: Stephen Gardner, Ellen Shulman. III 2315 Front Row: Tom Meaney, Bill Allen, Cliff Schade, Richard Frank, John Callahan, Tony Feil, Billy Keyes, Steve Finn, Bruce Loree, Kenny Seligman. Second Roux' Diane Astone Robin Vernon, Margie Epstein, Carol Worcester, Cynthia Lacey, Barbara Fallon, Ellen Stein, Linda Miller, Wendy W'einstein, Lynn Pini. Third Rout Richard Friedman, Steven Pofcher, Kevin Brown, Mary 176 Scichilone, Andrea Merdith, Gail Mosian, Dan Robinson, Peter Hiatt, Mike Tyman, Atwood Dunham. Mining: Jose Malizia. ' Helen F innerty Guidance f Bacon Miriam Reinhard Secretary U ,Q . i-4 i Au A' 311 Q, M w . Q. Winifred Geiger Helen Ryan Secretary I1ou,rer11a.rter 5 177 t . my 316 Front Row: judy Tarutz, Lorraine Pelligrini, Cheryl Kosmo, Diane Souli- otis, Ana Caminos, Deborah Roossin, Teresa Treacy, Susan Whitehead, Breida McGlasme. Second Row: Bernard Elliott, Eric Nelson, David Good- man, Marc Zinman, Bruce Comenitz, Steve Friedman, Mike Smith, Robert Veaner, Laura Cassabaum, Susan Atkinson. Third Row: john Bowles, Steve Dibenedetti, Dan Colby, David Patterson, juan Navia. Mining: Carol Seeglitz, Eileen Hough, Bill Josephson, Ellen Marcus, Cindy Nassallah, Lewis DeSouza, Richard Mysuall. a. -'ll 'fl' 1- nv 2 lifi-Rfigifif' P' L-1: at 'aa if: sL. 317 Front Ron-1 Donna Kolikof, Carole Sacks, Leslie Newman, Sandra Rose, Dana Cunningham, Phyllis Gentile, Eleanor Precopio. Second Row: Veronica Hall, Claire Weisgold, Margaret Carten, janet Hayden. Third Row: james White, David Gosman, Richard Simonelli, Steve King. Fourth Row: Richard Kovack, Gerald Gentile, Ronald Atcese, William Clark, Dominic Piscelli, Richard Martin, Brian Quigley, Ed Bryant, john Turner. Mining: Jack Droz, Kathleen Malone, Glenn Sutton, Walter Tennant. l78 'nl'f""'q- r"qa-Wilall er 321 r , 26 3ww,'f:L zeznf ,ag ina- 520 Front Row: Richard Echlov, Marilyn Gracefia, Linda Baima, Cynthia Burrel. Second Row: Gail Cappello, Linda Elfman, Betty Ann Bonica. Third Row: Charles Hewitt, Richard Cunningham, Bruce Hall, Joseph Wightman. Fourth Row: David Dwark. Pillar People: Peter Kulin, Albert Carpenter, Garde Burgess, Thomas Godino, Kevin Maguire, jim Battista, Russell Pellegrine, Edwin Childs, Ross Holicker, Robert Caggianno, Maureen Sullivan, Jean DeLuca. Mining: Albert Bourbeau, Susan Antonellis. , fu fl l 'V ,gri- - fa -l Front Row: Francine Levin, Mabel Sambucci, Judith Andersen, Susan Wilbar, Theresa Papa, lrene Aisner, Pamela Brownstein. Second Rout Ruth Melvin, Charlotte Hay, Katherine Leighton, joyce Ford, Crystal Casella, Kristin Smith-Petersen, Susan Gartland, Sara Gilman. Third Row: john Lundbohm, Theodore Zakrzewslci, Steven Ringer, john Fursr, Ralph Lowell. Pillar People: Franklin Davis, Rogers Cabot, Kevin Ganley, Gerald Vitti, Paul Price, Mark Tambascio, William Flynn, Stephen Condon, Alan Kirschbaum, james Boudreau. Mining: Gerald Coleman, Karla Swartz, William Byrne, Carol Porter. ,175 .' N u I . I ir x s Q I 'v 7 I. ...A W 1 f 4 .L is J- 4 ,K 327 Firrt Column: Lawrence Clark, Anthony Lupo, Kenneth D'Angelo, Robert Finkle, Mary Ann Turbert, Donna Ford. Second Column: Howard Levine, Dennis Cedrone, Paul Feldberg. Third Column: Nathan Aronow, Donald McMillan, Gerald Tempest, Evelyn Crosby, Donna Qualbers, Diane Piselli, Carol Muth. Fourth Column: Thomas Coan, Michael Wolfe, Daniel Proia, Kathleen Venuto, Janice Rines, Barbara Berko, Meritt Keleher. Mining: Rochelle Berman, Larry Murphy, Laura Siiford. glans, 4-si" Front Row: Jody I-Iermanson, Barbara Marjorie Lee Sherman, Ellen Rodman, Medlar, Ellen Cutler, Wendy Neustadr, Ives, Michael Kuromem, Charles Wolf. Richard Haverty, Ken Slater, Ray Blue, Weiner. Mining: Bruce MacLeod, Cath Butt, Therese Prescott, Maureen Ahearn, Merlyn Green, Wendy Wilensky. Second Row: John Capello, Thomas Joanne Morrissey, Louise DiPaolo, Judy Kennedy, Laura Third Row: Charles Miller, Mark Lenson, Leland White, Mark Volk, Ron Kniznik, Charles Glovsky, Mr. Donald erine Lennon, Pat Summers, Pamela Black. l ll I l l w z l I . l l' 351 ' Front Row: Marianne Neal, Carla Cimo, Joyce Rand, Lillian Lanza, Karen Quinlan, Marjorie Cohen, Debra Kagan. Second Row: jane Ryan, Maureen Daly, Kathryn Webster, Terry Arsenault, Karen Mazor, Craig Sutherland. Third Row: Paulette Bowes, Susan Gordon, Elizabeth Biziak, Marilynne Hartwell, Robert Hackett, Vincent Bastianelli. Fourth Row: john Healey, Richard Corey, Robert Athas, jon Heggoy, Thomas Donovan, Peter Kates. Fifth Row: john Myerson, William Testa, Thomas Barisano, William Karanough, Neal Braver, Robert Stearns, Paul Kelleher. Mi.f.fing.' Burt Savitsky, Lewis Barksdale, Margery Bornstein, Marsha Elliott. M 332 Front Row: Nancy Pigeon, Nancy Womboldt, Carol Sinclair, Dianne Feffer, Paul Carroll. Second Row: Anita Lajoie, Diane Schribman, Nancy Troy, Ann Farmer, Ellen Malone, Donna Marchand. Third Row: William Grady, Niels jepsen, Lee Zazofsky, Kathleen Lopes. Fourth Row: Paul Melnick, Richard Levine, Kathleen Wons, Howard Tarlow, Dean Vernon. Mining: Larry Bearfield, Lynne Karlson, Sam- uel Katz, Susanne Laskey, Patricia Schwartz, Bryan Mathaisel, Susan Moger, Roger Resnick, Robert Snyder. 336 Front Row: Roanna Forman, Phebe jones, Paula Thall, Debbie Gordon, Laurie Flamm, Karen Zino, Judy Nesbitt. Second Row: John Crawford, Anthony Marrazo, Dwight Dewsnap, Steven Schertzer, Jerrold Rossman, Jeffrey Grossman. Standing: Susan MacDonald, Jean Chaisson, Eric Carleen, Daniel Penzer, Michael Flynn, Beverly Trumble, Patrice Davis, Cheryll Ridguay, William Eger, Helene Kassler, Reisa Schwartz, Jairo Rincoa, Maureen O'l-lallaron, Susan Levi, Linda Callels, Katherine Elliott. Mining: Stephen Moreau, Jean Marcus, Edward Reilly. 337 First Row: Rita Gentile, Elizabeth Muir, Linda Morgan, Anne Paul, Mildred Kennedy, Labol Garabedian. Second Row: Shirley McKay, Meredith Labes, Margaret McGourn, Bonnie Taymore, Deborah Kravitz. Seated on Pillars and Slanding: Bruce Wood, Steve Aronson, Edward Fraktman, John Loughlin, Richard Sockol, Henry Beeukes. Hiding: Jef? Bloom, joseph Bradley, Kevin Cor- rigan, Ken Furmavaire, David Glaser, Alan Glickman, Edward Holt, Lucien Jutras, Steven Olsick, Maurice Reidy, Leo Thomas, Lawrence Vickers, Randy Averback, Nancy Hannigan, Rosemary Panzera. Certainly it's a good idea to break up a large institution into more manageable units. But you must be careful to break it up without breaking it down. X X X RA4g V6 X Wm Mary Genry Margaret Burke Ruth Gmsburg Burmr Charlotte O Hara Cafeterla Staff ,KW If Theodore Gillmore Guidance A School A for Determined Pirates K Written by az friend of mine in Tech High! As children we tacitly divided ourselves into two groups: those of us who knew what we wanted to be when we grew up and those of us who didn't. Members of the hrst group were recognizable by their hats. We would either wear a fireman's hat, a mineris Cdoctor's?J light on our foreheads, or a pirate's bandana. When we were teen-agers we further purilied our group to include only those of us who knew what we wanted to be when we grew up and also knew what we should do about it. Those who couldn't decide on the most direct route to becoming a pirate or who had doubts about their growing up were dropped. We entered Newton Tech- nical High School. I don't know what hap- pened to the others. Tech High? It's on the first floor annex and basement of Building II having an identiy crisis. It can't decide whether it's a school or a house or both. We get a Newton High School diploma when we graduate instead of a separate Newton Tech High diploma, but we have, for the most part, separate classes. We share sports, regulations, privileges, gym, and, of course, girls with NHS, but we have our own facilities. So, does that make us part of Newton High or not? I don't know. I would just say that we're special- ized, but not independent. Print 511019 Offset Print Shop George Barnacle, Tom Baer, Tom Merchant, Robert Gelinas, Richard Fleming, Kenneth Vlass, Donald Miller, Charles Baegr, John Robieheau, Richard Camuti, Thomas O'Shaughnessy. James Stewart, Phillip DiDuca, Paul Moore: Teacher. Everyone agrees that we are unique. Our curriculum is different from those at Newton High. It's geared to a student with a goal different from that of a student at Newton High. We are going to be skilled tradesmen. We have decided this, either in time to wear the appropriate hat or in Junior High's eight departments, and enrolled as grade we chose a specialty, one of Tech High's eight department, and enrolled as a member of that department in our soph- omore year. If we were really eager to get down to business we could start Tech High in the ninth grade and in that way get one more year's training in the "shop of our choice". But even then, we had un- til the end of that year to commit our- selves to one department. We had the choice of printing, ma- chine, sheet metal, mill carpentry, draft- ing, electronics, electrical and automobile. Or, in other words, we could become a trained printer, machinist, sheet metal worker, carpenter, draftsman, electrician, or electronic or automobile wizard. Or, in other words, we could study . . . type- setting techniques. Or the use of industrial machinery. Or heating, ventilation and ducts. Or the production of wooden con- struction materials and furniture. Or the design of machines. Or sound systems and electronic control of electrical equipment. Or wiring and the installation of electrical equipment. Or automobile maintenance. We can change departments. If anyone ever gets disillusioned with the lot of a carpenter Cnobody ever doesj, he can switch hats and concentrate on, say, draft- ing. There is one complication with this other than the usual problem of "sure-I- know-I-don't-want-to-be-a-carpenter-but- how-do-I-know-what-I-want-to-be". You need to spend three year's worth of time QQ ' .r f 4 L. ,.,. i . Printing Related Class Front Row: Christopher Corley, Richard Morrison, Richard Yerardi, Thomas Mangan: Teacher, Jesse Head, Enrico Coppolla. Second Row: joseph Smith, Michael Antonellis, Kevin Burns, Edward Burmon, Paul Civetti, Arthur Bagley, Robert Ursillo, Robert Smits, Neal Dwyer. William Parmenter Stanley Wolzxszek I . l36 i -sq, MMT james Sullivan I Henry Haronan Philip Houle x w 'tC1"Z.."'..': N M63 , 4 Mill Carpentry Related jay Silliker, Paul Tocci, Phillip I-loule: Teafber. Henry Martocchio, Anthony Boudreau, james Sutherland, Jerry Duncanson, Peter O'Neil. Mining: james McKernan. zf' Nicolas Penta in one shop in order to earn the Tech High certiiicate, a precious document guaranteeing instant employment upon be- ing waved in the face of an employer. The solution is Tech High's post-graduate pro- gram which offers the necessary additional time in shop with or without the related classes. M4 Richard Santucci, Nicholas Butera, Robert D Agostmo Alan Rayner Michael Kobhs Petcr Maregm Robert Calcagni. -VY, I ' Ill! 1 I ., min . :mn ' mfs um U10 , IYW Il F Shop consists of one half of our school time and class the other half. This gives us the two kinds of knowledge necessary to become a skilled tradesman. We learn the "whys7' of our trade, the abstract con- cepts involved, while we perfect our own skill in practicing them. Therefore, our program is a cohesive and compact unit, not a scattering of unrelated courses. Math and science are not merely tastes of possible majors which are of interesting, but of dubious immediate use. We are taught the mathematical and scientific concepts and facts as they apply to our particular trade. For example, if I were a drafting stu- dent, in math I would learn about gearing, the transmission of power, the strengths of materials, and how to figure levels. In science I would learn about the composi- tion of the materials I use to make ma- chines and the processes involved in the production of machines. I would also take the appropriate drawing or design course, and English and history which are not re- lated to the technical skills necessary for i l I I i l l l : i fy ,X I , li l . . 1 24" fi . l l N .,.A..f.i 1' Drafting Shop Ivan Anderson, james Madclocks, Edward Bruce, Maurice Pilette, Francis Lew. , John Benson in I my trade. ..,' ' I m X Y E I il +- Mj A H Q X P . -i.ins1,:AJ'f"-,d'l"' A 6.53. M 7 . - Mig? W.: '- L. 1 Science Related Shop I 43 I A Up until this year we had shop all day every day for a week and classes all day every day for the next week, followed by shop all day every . . . It was really mo- notonous. By the end of Wednesday I was either sick of shop or sick of classes. I got restless. I was bored. On Mondays I found that I had forgotten what I had been working on in class or shop two weeks be- fore. Every Monday I had to go through what Newton High students only have to go through after vacations. The emotional strain of this schedule was enough to war- rant an alteration. This year we have instituted a new program which changed this schedule. Now the freshmen and juniors have shop in the morning while the sophomores and seniors have classes. In the afternoon we switch. Since we now have classes at the same time throughout the year, those of us who are eligible and interested may take math, history, or English in one of the Newton High curricula. This is a tre- mendous improvement since many of the 1 .gl 1, ' g Patrick Nicholas , ., Z? E? 77? 4 Zed' l ff ' In W W 'f John Murray ,, A 4 fi Auto Shop Front Row: Joseph Campana, Vincent Steirniolo, Joseph Antonellis, Dennisal-Ioey, Patrick Nicolas: Teacher. Second Row: George Damato, Edward Prince, Edward Dolan, john Loback, Thomas Benoit, Peter Martinello. Third Row: james Reid, George Vallee, Ralph Power, David Barron, William Gallant, james D'Agostino, David Kurzontkowski, John Tighe. F 'PW . I .4 I '- ? 90 Q9 Ji! 4 -0009 l U 0 6' " Q 'Quake 1 399,902.2 't -'KW I . i Electronics Shop Richard Burke Front Row: Peter Jones, Robert Franke, Roberto Boiardi, David Schermerhorn, Donald Gentile, john Renolds, Philip Placentino, Thomas Iodice. Rear: Stanley Gardner: Teacher, Steven Corbiere, Thomas Connolly, Alan Oszy, Thomas Mazzola, Donald O'Connor. l technical colleges require college math and science courses, but we don't want the entire college-geared curriculum. We also get the opportunity to be in a class with girls again! In the same way, Newton ' High students may now elect courses at I Tech High such as the fundamentals of I 'ily W auto, automobile shop, the fundamentals of electronics, and electronics shop. Beside facilitating this transfer, the new ' schedule adds variety to the daily routine ' and so makes the day more interesting. , A It also levels off our homework every night, instead of twice as much one week -f and none the next. I 5 . However, under the old schedule I could concentrate on a project for a week without being interrupted. I could work steadily on it and finish it. Now, between , setting up my materials every day and cleaning them up, I have little time to get anything done. In this respect the old pro- cedure was far more efficient and satisfy- mg. I Machine Shop Dominic DeAngelis, Richard Cashman, Robert Celeste, John Mulattieri, James Brita, David Fournier, Thomas Corbett, Stephen Beaumont. 190 ,, Electrical Related Seated: joseph Keefe, Kenneth Sligar, John Woodland, Charles McKeen, Steven Hegger, Howard Rummel. Standing: john McCarthy, Kenneth Yerardi, Anthony Serino, Stephan Wheaton, Joseph DiI.ofii, James Mulherin, James Leone, John O'Neil, Thomas Condon, David Weir. A second thing to be considered when evaluating this new schedule is its reper- cussions on the Co-op program. The Co- op program is an arrangement whereby selected seniors may be hired by Newton businesses instead of working in shop. As of now, these seniors must be in the auto, electronic, or machine department, but soon the program will also be open to qualified seniors in the Drafting Depart- ment. This experience provides more ex- tensive training in our fields than the school's facilities can allow, and we earn money. Some employers who participate in this Co-op program, though, are re- luctant to employ students for the sec- ond half of the day only. They would rather hire students for the full day every other week. Despite these drawbacks most of us are grateful for the relief from the tedium of the old schedule. The new program is an improvement on it. We thank you, O ad- ministration. Most important, this new schedule demonstrates one of the most amazing and ideal aspects of Tech High: We enjoy the personal attention and flexibility of a small high school together with the diver- sity of activities of a large school. Frank Cionti W QQQVYTF, -ed -.,.,,.,..h Electrical Shop tSeniorD john McLeish, Frances Fichtner, john Lally, Alfred Dipoli: Teacher. Stanley Walzcek: Teacher, john Buell, Lew Woolfrey, Michael Camuti. Hi gh School Hope fwritzcn by a friend of mine at Murray Roadj l first heard about the plans for a Mur- ray Road Annex last spring. It was planned to find new ways for people to learn, lt was planned to involve students in their own education. lt was planned to create a community at Murray Road, a community which would face its problems and try to work them out in general meet- ings. Students and teachers would join in a cooperative effort to learn, 'iw wqqsfat-r 1 .- .Qi ' 2 few tie -- I F7 J 5, Well, naturally, I was skeptical. Let- ting kids have a voice in deciding what they were going to do themselves? I never heard of such a thing in my old house. But I've always been a little strange. I've always been willing to try a change if it sounded interesting. Besides, it might just work out. So I went to Murray Road. I found many things there that are dif- ferent from what goes on at Newton High. My friends and I are involved in curricu- lum decisions and scheduling of some classes, so the courses at Murray Road tend to be more relevant to us. Through studying what interests us and creating courses around these interests we have a tremendous opportunity to learn about ourselves. l've learned a lot about myself this year. In an environment where I can do as much or as little as I wish, get in- volved or cop out. I can discover my own personal limits and capabilities. By getting involved for the first time in my own education, I'm learning how to become self-educated and how to remain involved in learning after I leave school. It's a great experience. tries to be flexible enough to 'serve the personal needs of all 112 students and 5 teachers who make up the community. Not all classes are held at the school or even during school hours. Activities are scheduled to best suit the people involved. The program can technically be divided into three areas: the Monday!Wednes- day! Friday program, the Tuesday! Thurs- day program, and the teaching program. The MXWXF setup is for structured classes in English, French, Math, and American History. Those classes are so we can keep up with the students back at NHS in the standard subjects. The courses have the same name, but the classes are different. Most include between fifteen and twenty people, one of which is a teacher. Generally, the group sits in a cir- cle rather than behind desks in rows. In this less formal atmosphere teachers seem to talk with students rather than at them. For some reason there is more freedom to be honest here than at Newton High, never any hesitation about saying exactly what's on your mind. If I don't like the direction in which the class is moving, I'm free to discuss this and to propose an alternative. I've done it. You can do this at Newton High in some classes, but there are too many inhibiting factors. At Mur- ray Road, my class sometimes decides what it will do as a group with the teacher acting as just another member. There is less emphasis on assigned daily homework here. Instead, I'm encouraged to work independently on weak areas, or I'm given long-term assignments. For ex- ample, I had no daily outside assignments in English for the first eight weeks, but instead, a drama project, which involved my friends and me getting together in small groups to produce a play at the end of those eight weeks. Responsibility is often handled by the students themselves in this way. Also held on Monday are the general meetings for talk about community prob- lems. Each meeting is run by a student who leads that school session and selects the leader for the following meeting. The Tuesdayffhursday program is made up basically of courses organized by j l . J. 1 .. I v . Vl.. l students, or people from the outside com- munity in areas that interest them. On T!Th I have a chance to study a lot of my interests. There are two art courses, a Visual Education course, which includes building a studio out of cardboard, and a Studio Art course. In the Photography class we built two darkrooms in which to work. The two literature courses are in- volved with the alienation of the individ- ual and changing roles of men and women in society. There are several math courses and two French conversation groups. The history courses include Chinese history, the history of the Arab-Israeli conllict, and an American history course. Other courses include Interpretation of Religion, Short Story Writing, and "Reading for Meaning? Dr. Charles Brown, Superin- tendent of Newton Schools, conducts a seminar on education once a week. 194 Also included in the T! Th schedule are student-teacher dialogues. These dialogues occur between interested students and teachers on problems at Murray Road and were instituted to increase communication between the two. Communication is im- ,.LJ C..- . T ' 2:21 I Tl portant at our school. People who go to these meetings want to learn something, and want to do something with their knowledge. Sixty of the 112 students at Murray Road are involved in the teaching pro- gram and are working in some way with younger children trying to discover how learning occurs. Most teach in the ele- mentary schools in the nearby area, but l'm involved in Headstart and some are in other tutoring programs. if K. wk Because Murray Road is an experiment and because this is the first year of the program, there are a lot of problems within the school community itself, and between the school and the outside world. Evaluation is our most crucial problem. Because we decided that grades would not be an honest evaluation, we w 'H I adopted a four-part method of reporting my progress, including: a description of courses for which I received credit, a written report on my academic progress, and a self-evaluation prepared, no kid- ding, by myself. I am encouraged to ask "What am I doing in school? How does what I do affect other students? the teachers?', It's real discipline. It's too bad this method of evaluation may be frowned upon by some of those all-powerful college admissions directors. I've been writing to a few colleges to learn their reactions to Murray Road, but sometimes I wonder if I really care. My reward for having participated in Murray Road will be personal and long-lasting. A skinny letter from a college can never erase it. At other times I'm not as coura- .geous. I do want to go to college, I think. It's confusing. Another problem is, as usual, our par- ents. We're trying to tell the outside world, especially parents, about Murray Road. Most people don't know too much about it but are experts anyway. In an effort to educate people over 30, and particularly parents about the school, we've had some "open housei' nights. A booklet has also been prepared to inform others, including students and teachers at NHS. Then there's the problem of re-entry to Newton High. If I go back to the old school next year I'll have to get myself used to a more-closed society again. The whole mood at Murray Road is different than the mood at the High School. and I feel I would be sort of running away from the spirit of Murray Road if I went back to the high school. So at Murray Road lim running into a lot of frustrations and discouraging things which I learn about myself. But I accept that as the burden of active change, and l'm actually starting to enjoy trying to solve some of my problems. Also, since I've been able to participate in course- planning, llve learned about some of the problems of teachers, so lim more under- standing now. Since I'vc had more of a voice in determining my own activities this year, I think l've been more interested all year, and l've learned a lot more. l'd just like to be able to stay here next year. Murray Road is an escape to reality and responsibility. 'ul 1 I , A . D530 Senior Play players: Andy Golub, Nick Silverman, Sue Hurray, and Jeff Simon Y x,, , ,A 1' . -X ,V ds l Q 0 If ' roumsrs RXLY N' - 'fa 19 -'a Q at H High seniors invade Expo. This year because of the senior class planners, I was very cosmopolitan. Or rather, three hundred and fifteen of us were very cosmopolitan. We gaily tossed our dollars to the wind and boarded the buses which would carry us far away to the cold northlands and foreign in- trigue. I sang as loud as I could, as many verses as I knew, as many of the words as I remembered, and then fell exhausted Cl 11 -io Ii, . lb 1 1 into a deep sleep. For two million hours I was bumped along to Canada, never really sure I would ever get there, never really caring if I ever did as long as I was on a trip. Friday night I roamed loose on the grounds of Expo. I explored the won- ders of the French cuisine and doggedly battling the lines and the elements. Satur- day again I walked and walked and waited and looked and walked and walked and was very happy and very tired indeed. Monday, I was back in school. It took me two months to recuperate and gain enough courage to go to another team project. This time I stayed at home, in Newton High's little gyms that were so gay and festive for the occasion of our Senior Supper. Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club was the theme. "How appro- priate!" we all squealed and returned for more popcorn. W' . fi I .'I Ai 199 I J i E 200 ln I J F X ,y "When does the fun begin?" We min- gled and ate and watched the busy class officers. Then someone perched Mrs. Levine on the top of the bleachers, and we were all ready for a few choice imita- tions of television. They were hiliarious, but how long can you laugh? We're rest- less teenagers and our feet were itching to dance. So when we got the O.K. from whoever was in control at that moment, we went into the other gym and reeled ecstatically to the beat of three bands. For once we were "wen instead of many "I's." 1 l 1 1 1 tt It 5 . 1 K 3 'Xl ti fa-A FW - ,- 1 X E' alfa. 'it . 5, 1 . ,Q ,,. ..... , .em 'limi ' me J . , ., I ,, t 5 113 1 fix lim' Nw 'ill I , K rl.. as ,E K ' ia 5 M Jr :TL fm sa W 5' ' ,-zu lll xl I 'Q P ' .. I. 1' L' f l -'- ,, . 1 1 . . f i " rl F. K a 2 . .1'- I S I , ark I if 1 f S lx? U E 3 l X -wswssurmv ., ,,,w- jfs-C. my fir 'Us' I .1 LEE BRAD ABBOTT 1572 Commonwealth Ave., Wfest Newton Duke Wfarren, Bacon, Collepe. "lt ir flatter to fire one day df a lion than zz hznzdred year: ai a ,rlJeefv." Baseball, My Family, Alligator Wfrestling, Bullhghting or an Indian Scout for the U. S. Cavalry. -6 DAVID G. ABBOUD JOHN ADAMS 441 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville 183 Walnut St., Newtonville Waldo, Dave Day, Riley, Business. Oak Square December of '66, Labor Day Weekend at Cape Cod. Bacon. " 'GSW S fi Q 1 I. J. . 151 gf, 1' . iqg,,Ae 'MU wi , my w, t ... .h l 3. I ls rf. ., 1 , I ,X S , A, W X , . f 4 , ,i,,.',4' AJ, .1 V, 1 ' .5,-1-,f1f"""t. All 'Eli' ?,.a'?- ' ' a.3'.:Il'L.1' ' b -'grgnx ri' "2 . :fix-isiuf qv " '. 'mn K 1- M - ,w'-ye w-vc-Q ,,,.w..,, - . Ir , f - 4 'M,g, f,fg,g, , ,,. . DENISE CLAIRE AHEARN 37 Jefferson St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College. Summer '67 -Plymouth, Brown- Eyed-Boy, Expo '67, Oct. 7, F- Troops' Drills, Oct. 15, 1967, My champ, X-Blocks and me, D., Deli. Pet Peeve: "Farm Boys." l JONATHAN ALAN AISNER 35 Evelyn Rd., Waban Jon, Ais Weeks, Adams, College. Soccer, La Crosse, German Club, Oceanography, Astronomy, Flying Saucers, Coins, Shells. Future: Oceanography. ROY AITCI-IISON 64 Dalby St., Newton Day, Adams, Service. Skipping X-blocks. Work Study, Guns, Cars, Girls, Swimming, Hunting, Fishing. Page 203 VALERIE AITCHISON 64 Dalby St., Nonantum Day, Riley, College. My favorite pastime at NHS was skipping class down the Deli and running into someone I'm not sup- posed to know now, like D. T., Boys. Future: Nursing. ALBERT ALPHIN 26 Orient Ave., Newton Centre Al Weeks, Riley, College. Music Club, Marching Band, Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Music, Reading, Sports. Future: Music. LINDA AMY ALTSHULER 12 Wimbledon Circle, West Newton Lin Warren, Adams, College. "Hold fast your dreamt: Within your heart keep one, still Jecret .tpot where dreamy may go . . . " J. C.'s at C. W. and the Dock, Expo 4104: Shafty, bye Margaret, right El! U. S. History. Orange Book Editor - In - Chief, NEWTONIAN Data Editor, French Honor Society, National Honor Society, Orchesis, Ballet. ARMAND ANTHONY AMADEI 98 Washington St., Newton Corner Tony, Almonds, AAA Bigelow, Bacon, College. Latin 1, 3, in back with the boys, iunior year and screaming ma- chines, Icarus, history courses. I'm Crazy About: Blondes, Alfa people and summertime. Cross Country, Track, Indoor, Soc- cer, Key Club, Newman House Youth Group, Chairman. WILLIAM DANE ANDERSEN 82 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Andy Bigelow, Bacon, College. Suppressed Desire: To stretch my surfing season into my skiing season. April retreat to Fred's, night swimming and mothball fight, Finding Marcony Beach. Football, Camping on the beach, Finding a good place to sleep, Water sports. DAVID M. ANDERSON 219 Tremont St., Newton Corner Dave, Crash Bigelow, Palmer, Service, College. Meeting Carol. I predict: That someday NSHS will let boys into their school. 1 will to NHS: My gym class. Suppressed Desire: To drive a H426 HEMI." Claim to Fame: 3 cars in 2 months. Cars, Football. Audio Visual, ing. SHIRLEY ANDLER 116 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Bacon, College. "If the doors of perception were cleanfed, Everything would appear to man as it is, infinite." "Madge war alwayr the pretty one." Bacon House Council, NEWTON- IAN, House Aide, Red Cross Club. MARK ANTONELLIS 120 Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Tech, Service. Getting above a "D" in room 2b. Pet Peeve: Sitting in room 2b for 14 hours a week. Flying, Baseball, Football, Scuba diving, Hunting. l PETER ANTHONY ANTONELLIS 5 Brae Burn Rd., Auburndale "Tway" Warren, Riley, College. T. R. S. at B. G. with B. M., Classes with D. P. G., G. Fox and G. Bower, Expo '67 and Pet Peeve: Are you related to -? House Council, Sports, Music, Art. ERIC ANDLER 20 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre "Mac" Bigelow, Riley, College. N. H. "66", HoJo's 6:00 a.m., N. A., L. L., C. C., greatest sum- mer '65, "L, A.", L. L. 86 E. M., "62" Plymouth wagon?, incred- iblel, Waverly bus, Chris, Joe, John, Pats Peak, 8:00 a. m., D. R., J. R., L. L., Never Again. Newton Plan, Scuba diving, Skeet shooting, Ski- 195 SALLY ANGOFF 31 Channing Rd., Newton Centre Sal Weeks, Riley, College. "Always leave them laughing when you Jay good-Zaye." Junior English 1306, Summers of '66-'67 at C. P., Torches-eh Amy? Professional Travellers, NEWTONIAN, Homeroom Man- ager, House Council, Future Teachers, French Club. fe M . Kgs MICHAEL ANTONELLIS 120 Pine St., Auburndale Mike Warren, Tech, Service. Future: Printing. 5, -Q .5 wtf- fi, n .'!.f' :5::.:Nis. , ' v tif -A Wifi, ' f tiff 4- . s1.ya.f:a H I -ff, " -in - ft .f '..g ." 'l l .1 'L.. M. 'ms J' rf- B , -'Ps ROBERT ANTHONY ANTONELLIS 335 Wolcott St., Aubutndale Warren, Bacon, College. Junior Prom, Night at tennis courts with C. B. and E. R., Week- ends at Mack's, Summer '67. I Will to NHS: My homeroom teacher. Rat Patrol. ROBERT M. ANTONELLIS 69 West St., Newton Bobby Day, Riley, College. Expo '67 Oct. 6 and 7, corner of Lexington and King St., Satur- day night with blackberry, The Deli and Newtonville Brighams every night, The Burns house every weekend, X-blocks down the Deli, 3 years of English with Brinda. Nr:-:si VINCENT ANTONELLIS 69 West St., Newton Vinny Day, Tech, Service. Pef Peeve: S. W. and H. H. Ambition in Life: To turn West St. into a combat zone. Stearns School on Friday nites. Cats, Bowling. 204 KENNETH APPEL 6 Arden Rd., Newtonville Palmer. - if PAMELA MARY ARCHON 350 Waltham St., West Newton Pam Day, Bacon, College. Junior year with some especially wonderful people, Dec. 17, '66, right Marina? Parties and MAPS vs. JAR. P.O.S.T., Library Aide, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Libertarian Club. FRANCIS RAYMOND ARICO 4 Lincoln Rd., Newton Franny Day, Bacon, College. M. B., talks with W. P., 5 years with L. F. B., "The Boys", kicking I. F. B. playing soccer, L. B., C. F., summerof '65 L. S., trips to Wes- ton, Junior Prom. Class Committee, House Council, Baseball, Hockey. Future: Social Work. BARBARA RUTH ARONIE 54 Orchard Ave., West Newton Barb Warren, Riley, College. Paragon, and the longest chase an history with Judy, B. U., and meeting Auc and the gang in Waterville, eh Linda! Pet Peeve: Paper dresses. Folksinging Club, Human Rights Club, Stage Crew, Scenery Com- mittee, NEWTONIAN. GILDA ANNA ARPINO 84 Hawthorne St., Newton Jill Day, Bacon, College. Summer '66, '67, July 27, '67, Expo, X Blocks and Mr. De- Phoure, our little corner with B. T. and A. B., talks with Lucy. French Club, Red Cross. Future, Fashioning, Designing. F 1 I . . I JOHN ARSENIAN 356 California St., Nonantum Harney Day, Barry, College. The "Dunkins Gang", R. I., J. M., J. B., R. F., P. L., S. C., M. D., C. G., D. R., throwing the hang on a certain Friday night. I Will to NHS: My white cards in my sophomore year, M. P. H. can have them. House Basketball, Orange Shield, Chemistry Club, Spanish Club, the Deli. . Q f JANET LOUISE ARSLANIAN 63 Summer St., Newton Centre Linda, Cheryl Weeks, Riley, College. Three years on the Field Hockey Team, The games, Feb. vacation '67 skiing, summer '66-'67 camp, Sept. 16, 1967, W. A., Expo. Pet Peeve: Having two other sis- ters at NHS '66-'67. Field Hockey, Softball, Leader Corps, H o m e r o o m Manager, G.A.A., Skiing. ....',. I. .1 4.111g:t,f.,g,, CLIFFORD ERNEST ASAFF 95 Hancock St., Aubutndale Cliff Belmont Hill, Palmer, College. E. A. D., IOf10f64 and L. C .K., Double dates with L. F. and L. M., Ferg and Eddie, New Years Eve '66 and Crew Pet Peeve: Not being able to play baseball in my senior year, stab- bers and phonies. l Palmer House Council, Baseball, Orange Shield, Sports. JOHN ATHAS 195 Woodland Rd., Aubutndale Johnny Warren, Palmer, College. The Jeste and the football team, Mrs. Arovas' most creative Eng- lish class, Nights until eleven at B. B., New Year's Eve '67, The Mafia. Music Club, Tennis, Folksinging Club, Ski Club, Art. A assi.. ,. . -- -. 5 ce ,wr B' , X x Hex? . N . A 2 NJ QR? DAVID AVE RY s ,Nl A HARVEY BAKER Q 142 Cabot St., Newton XI pf' , Y M Bigelow, Adams, College. 1 ,X ,q-' , "God must love the little people, hecause he made so many of , ' them." ' .le, Bridge Club, Chess Club, Liber- tarian Club, Thoughtprints, Poli- eeee 'af tics, Coin Collecting. 144 Hancock St., Auburndale R. C. C. S., Turkey, Adams, Col- lege. "The spiritual force of righteous, loving kindness, and trust is mighty hecause of the appeal it mahes to the hest in every man." JOHN B. AVILA 192 Lexington St., Auburndale Johnny Warren, Adams, Service. I Will to NHS: An empty can of hairspray, talks with Mr. Riccuiri, days with 2 hours sleep from playing clubs with the Journey's End, turtle back Electro-machine, Work-Study, The Journey's End, Bikes, Cars. ARTHUR E. BAGLEY 36 Adams St., West Newton Warren, Tech, Work. it T as BRUCE JOEL BALTIMORE 33 Tennyson Rd., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College. Life is sacred: cherish it, get in- volved in ir, labor for it, enjoy it Ccarpe diemb and maintain one's individuality at all times. Student Council, President, La Crosse, Co-Captain, International Politics. Future: Law, Tax and Corporate, Diplomatic Corps. tl vs as Kicks just keep getting harder to find. RONALD S. BALK 55 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Ron Bigelow, Riley, College. "If you cannot satisfy everyone, at least satisfy yourself." Biology Club, National Geographic Society, Numismatics, Astronomy. Future: Accounting. ur-'llll JAMES BARBER JANE ELMA BARDEN 19 Stoneleigh Rd., West Newton Fuddsie, Bardge Warren, Riley, College. May 28, '67, March 19, '65, "The Banquet", "The death of the bomber", "Ford, Fudd, and Cuch", "Dir-tee pants", "Crosb's gear", Typing class with G. C., "Bugs Bunny." Favorite expression: Welp! R-r-r- ightl Dir-tee. Rally Committee, Junior Prom Committee, NEWTONITE Circu- lation Staff, Orange Shield, Leader Corps. BARBARA JEAN BARON OWSKI 2 Alden St., Newton Centre Sacred Heart, Bacon, College. Summer of '66, Newport '67, Expo '67. Newton High would be great if -there weren't so many "social climbers." Sports, Music. Future, Teaching. R VW .' ' K ANDREA JILL BARRON 32 Philmore Rd., Newton Andy Bigelow, Palmer, College. "There is no heautifler of com- plexion or form like the wish to scatter joy and not pain around us." Mental Health Club, Presidentg Equestrian Club, Treasurer, NEW- TONIAN, Jawyn Club. f 1 t, 115551271 l i:-5119?5l5Q ,. J. - - fm - 1 NA Qivyli. . 1 s I -- ' -f' . " , ' '. vi' ' 'V '- lf , gt, .. 4, .3 T J .M fr X 1 l I I ELIZABETH ANNE BEARD 347 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. "A true friend can make all our carer melt away ll7ith the touch of a hand or a nnile, And make life Jeem more worth while." Cheerleading, National Honor So- ciety, House Council, Presidentg NEWTONIAN, Drama Group. STEVEN M. BECKMAN 40 Schofield Dr., Newtonville Beck Day, Palmer, College. "I am a mee, I am an irland . . . and a rock feel: no pain, anal an irland never Crier." Student Council, Soccer, La Crosse, Chemistry Club, Youth Center. .'...- ,, ry. ' ' V" 'wt 5 . lg i -., . ROBERT BARRY 26 Hope St., Auburntlale Baz Wfarren, Barry, College. Hangin', 3 years with ul. I., Lanky Lar, summers at Marshheld, State Tourney, freezing at Oklahoma City, kitchens. Pet Peeve: Nickle Bag, Bogeys. Hockey, Golf, Homeroom Man- ager. GAIL BARTLEY 16 Edinboro St., Newtonville Palmer. DO-NALD BEAUVAIS 37 Riverdale Ave., Nonantum Swill Day, Bacon, Business. Mr. Ricciuti's work study. Favorite Saying: Hey Onion. Music, Sports, Drums. KAREN BELL Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. New York, summer '65 and '67, summer and fall '66, those ridicu- lous baseball games, basketball game against Newton South, '66 football games. Rally Committee, Future Teachers of America. ' I ll ff at i f - . 11. mi- 'Q . 1 - ' - ' t . .-I 4 I --q,, w. :ig .- . , .. A . -. -. . Xt, ,,r . -. '14, 1 , S. 13 f ar... it ' , fx rw I -X-, . 1 ii- i., wp. Hg. '-- '. 1 lr: 'J .ru..f-. " - afvt-'.+S'v,7ab-' ur , f I I knew they'cl stop. ROBERT J. BELLI 266 Nevada St., Newtonville Bob Day, Palmer, College. Room 1232: Latin. Basketball, Latin Club, Ski Club, Rifle Team. Future: Aeronautical Engineering. ERIC LEWIS BENJAMIN 131 Harding St., West Newton Beniy, Spongie Warren, Palmer, College. DONNA MARIE BELSANTI 346 California St., Nonantum A. H. Day, Riley, Business. Summer of '65, George and Ricky, 2 years of love, lumps, and bruises, G 8: S Paper, G 1-3 study with Piggy, Night on a Vespa, right Janey? Brush of Death with Ginny, being with RIS for a tew hours a day, 'The car tipped over . . . oh my God." Pet Peeve: P. F.'s lousy iokes. KAREN BENNETT 15 Edward Rd., West Newton Barry, Warren, College. "ll7i.tdom ir knowing what to do, rkill' ie o' h t d it. . . . . If n wan ow o 0 Weekly imbibing contests with the . . -R group-"Thumper.", The week- end at Martha's Vineyard. I Will to NHS: A tape recorder outside of Bldg. I saying, "Keep off lawn." Folksinging Club, Biology Club, Guitar. Future: Medicine. Virtue :J knowing not to do it." Quincy nights with C. A. D., the Mustang, talks with M. K. OLGA BEREZELLER 65 Moffat Rd., Wab-an Carlisle, Bacon College. Listening to and seeing movies and plays, loafing. Future: Medicine or Elementary Teaching. LINDA LEE BERGANTINO 4 Elm St., West Newton Lynn "When you walk through a storm, hold your head up high and don't he afraid of the dark--You'll never walk alone." The greatest friendship with two really great kidsg junior math, right Neal? Leader Corps. Future: Elementary School Teach- ing. I thought they usually saved this sort of stuff for drive-ins! RUSSELL ALEXANDER BERMAN 30 Ellis Rd., West Newton Russ Warren, Palmer, College. Palmer House Council, Vice Presi- dent, NEWTONITE Editorial Board, AFS Senior Year in Aus- tria, Piano, Hiking. SUSANNA BERMAN BRUCE PAUL BERNSTEIN 8 Bonwood St., Newtonville Barney, Beans Day, Bacon, College. Boat . . . Bensons . . . Prom-Huh Melvin, Chase: Death of a Ramb- let, Pvt. Bud Bacardi, Lakes Court, Cape Cod. just Like Home! Blues Project And Temptations Live! House Council, Key Club, Work- ing?? At Washington Park Phar- macy, Hot Cars. Future: Pharmacy. DON BERTSCH 81 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. "Looe gives naught hut itself and takes naught from itself. Love possesses not nor would it he possessed. For love is sufficient unto love." Tiger Matching Band, Tennis, Varsity, Human Rights Club, Music and making it, Megan Walsh. RICHARD BICKELMAN 11 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre "Bic" Weeks, Bacon, College. Accolade to Tex, The "BOB", scuba diving in Charles, SIGMA spirit, Maine staties, Convention '67, bird watching in camp ball- field, sleeping with a whale. German Club, Ski Club, Inde- pendent Research Club, Sigma Alpha Rho International. Future: Medicine. ROBERT BICKFORD 181 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Bob Warren, Riley, Business. I feel proud to have been part of the 1968 class and will look back upon these past three years with fond memories. Sports. y Future: Accounting. WALTER ALBERT BIRD JR. 62 Webster St., West Newton Al, Oiseau Warren, Palmer, Business. I Predict: Someday Ed and Pete will learn to bowl. Claim to Fame: Borrowing a bat- tery of a "DIC" car. Ted Hilton's and the great kids I met there. Favorite Expression: "George - you're twirling the curl again." Fishing, Football, Baseball. Future: Service. JOEL DANA BLACK 44 Westfield Rd., West Newton Warren, Riley, College. Now, two images Float to the surface - Celestial objects In the lacrosse bus windows, And a summary of Hastings' summer In Pcta's face. LaCrosse, Debating Society, Band, Writing and other types of skin diving. 2 O K . , E-J P 'I - ' ' . 1' viii" 1 i ini, fl PETER BLACK 43 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Pete Day, Adams, College. Newton High and Sanity- "Ar1d lilfe a fool I mixed them And it strangled up my mind, New people just get zzgfier And I have no iezlie of time." Bridge Club, Chess Club, German 1 . .gaiaasi LEO F. BLAIR 31 Sewall St., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. Wendy, admiration for two won- derful people, the boys. Football, Basketball, Orange Shield, H20 skiing, Scuba Diving. JOHN BLAKENEY 12 Washburn St., Newton Johnny Bigelow, Riley, College. Favorite Expression: It's nothing. Pet Peeve: A moldy gym suit. Suppressed Desire: To put a drain- age system in the tunnels. class. MICHAEL BLANK 155 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Mike Weeks, Palmer, College. My three years here shall be an everlasting memory: band, Tro- ians, Expo, all the great times, and most of all, a very special sopho- more. Marching band, soccer, NEW- TONITE Circulation Staff, Rus- sian Club, Troian Club. Favorite Pastime: Sleeping in Gymnastics, Sports. - ji .. i., ' f V Y,- '- ai " , -'li ,Elin 3 ,' , " 'Jar 38,--i .V ,li ARNEE RAE BLAUER 57 Montclair Rd., Waban Arnold Warren, Palmer, College. "And in the sweetness of friend- ship let there he laughter, and iz sharing of pleasures. For 'in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and i.r refferhedf' -Student Council, Junior Class Com- mittee, Orange Book, Spanish Club, Secretary, Palmer House Council. Future: International affairs. EMILY JEANETTE BLOCH 201 Fuller St., West Newton Emmy Warren, Palmer, College. Crew '68, 'Sat. night spinsters', me and Bug, head over heels, 2:30 a.m. O.T.B., B's, Spoonful and Animals-C.C., "South Pacific" Bob, Yak, Lar, fire at 5:30 a.m., M.G.C. Class Committee, House Council, A Cappella, Spring Musical 67, Leader Corps. EDWARD B. BLOOM 54 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Ted, Blade Weeks, Beals, College. B.G.M., 10!2lf66-forever, Bud and the boys, Kahunas, 1444 with L.B.M., M.D. '67. Finance Commission Student Council, House Council, Tennis, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff Wine, Women, and Song. JOSEPH J. BLEILER 23 Waltham St., Watertown Joe Tech, Service. The day I met Karen at the roller skating rink. I plan to get married to this girl in two years, and then! Racing cars, Karen, Karen, Karen, 289 Fords. Future: Service, then machinist, making money. 1 , 1 'A . I I f 1 .' f .1 LAWRENCE MILTON BLOCH 201 Fuller St., West Newton Larry Warren, Riley, College. "It ir 0ne'r perrogative to do at he wither, but it if also advantageous to meet it successfully." Sophomore Class Committee, Bridge Club, Independent Re- search Club, Orange Shield, Girls. A I MICHAEL HOWARD BOGEN 75 Intervale Rd., Newton Centre Mike Weeks, Bacon, College. J. W. 9591 '67, G. . 4942 '68, Whale '67, S.A.R. Forever, Long, late talks with Mrs. G. Greatest Desire: To own diamonds and an Aston Martin. Worked for an international or- ganization, automobiles. Future: Engineering. ,guu....Ma,, .. ,Q :ix wi . ll ri MICHAEL RUSSELL BONADIO 30 Talbott St., West Newton The Mystical Grape Warren, Adams, College. "Yeah, right", The Newton Out of Sights, 11f28f66, The River Street Bridge, Rushing, Para- Tours-right Margie?, Thanksgiving '66 with Flowers, "Mommy brought home a dead birdie." House Council, Treasurer, Human Rights Club, Russian Club. KENNETH NEAL BORISON 15 Hallron Rd. Newton Lower Falls Ken Warren, Palmer, College. "Name me someone that'J not a pararite And I'll go out and Jay a prayer for him." Film Festival, Bridge Club, Art. RICHARD LO-UIS BORISON 15 Hallron Rd. Newton Lower Falls Warren, Palmer, College. "T1he wayr of .thining Heaven are ar,- Tnrn thee! Ah! turn to things yet nea1',' Turn to thy earthly home, O friend! And try to do thy duty here." Biology Club, Music Club, NEW- TONIAN, Music. Future: Biology. MARY ELLEN BORTECK 55 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill Mary, B.B. Weeks, Bacon, College. D.S., F.A., English and L.R., Skiing-A.R., S.B., RJ., 6!9f67g anniversaries, summer '67, DJ. and B.M., capers, Expo-Gottfried, "Do whatever, whenever, with whomever you want"-6f17f72. ANDREE BOUDREAU 10 Church St., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College. August '67, P.S., Linda's party '66- '67, Mr. B. and the Door, Dis- appearing notes in 322, "RIGHT BOYS!". French Club, Leader Corps, Red Cross, Outing Club. JOLINE A. BOUDREAU 17 Otis St., Newtonville JO, JOZV Day, Adams. 1Of28f66, R.Q.g LD. Claim to Fame: Three years at NHS and I've never been a junior, my sneakers. Favorite Saying: Yah?forget it. First Aid, Modern Dance, Music Club, Gymnastics, Richie. STEPHEN WARREN BOUDREAU 153 Hancock St., Auburndale Bouds Warren, Adams, College. "What thif country need! it fam- ily tfeer that will produce more lunzhef and fewer nifty." Class cutting, excuse giving, First year Deli. Future: Landscape Architecture. 'if'?'f"Yf 3fdfn..:.,f f V M' 1 if 3' wa:c:5j,4.,kg 1, Ze AFi.5,?i.i:. ' aw - V - 2 ' A 1 Q ' X- Us N, 'A x , . a, ig, 52 ss 5. qt. 'Z 2 wi f. ,, . . w, -vga ' T ' 'Qui Y Q. 1, , . . ,.i s, 1 4 ,'-as ,F ' c , I' 1" 1', 1 , f' A 2 , - i fa l , 1w1.t,u4-xr--.'va39f5f:af '-if .mmm , .1 ' f-if ,A , y . , 4 . , .H , And ive will have to keep picking them out of the trash. . . RICHARD BOUDROT 42 Weir Rd., Waltham Dick ,IFK Memorial, Tech, Business. W'orking on cars. Future: Contracting. DEBORAH BOVARNICK I X 41 Brentwood Ave. Newton Centre Debbie Weeks, Palmer, College. '3 "I am hir Highnerr' dog at kew, Pray tell me, rir, whore dog are you?" NEWTONITE, Art Director, Sci- ence "teacher" at Pierce School. MICHAEL JOHN BOYAJIAN 648 Watertown, Newtonville Mike Day, Riley, College. "There'r no time to lore, I heard her ray. Cath your dreamy hefore they .flip away. Dyin' all the time, lore your dreamt and you will lore your mind." Gymnastics, Math Team, Chemis- try Club, President, National Honor Society, Band. CAROL SUE BOYD 12 Billings Pk., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. Nantucket, L.S.C., coincidences, Brookline Police, B.C. parties, and the Great Escape, pushing Linus, three hobbies, D.S.K., the gardens at Expo, even the bad times are good, j.T. using curl-free. Homeroom Manager, Office Secre- tary, Music Club. WENDY MARGARET BOYD 21 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College. Summer '66, weekend at Lenox, Dandelion, Millwood with SK. B1ake's Estate and EH., Oct. 1. '66, Wed. night: Martha's Vine- yard, Paragon Park, "Windy", B.F., April 4, '63, Night Raids CSI-IVD, working N.W.H., "Hanky Pankyf' Riding. 3 ,,- Y NEAL DENNIS BOYLE 201 Kent Rd., Waban Warren, Bacon, College. Knowing K.O.', S.C., N.C., E.R., Expo, Oct. ll, '67, iunior math, right Linda! Pet Peeve: People who only use initials, the new approach to the yearbook. Suppressed Desire: Not to keep my suppressed desire suppressed. Ski Club, Investment Club, Rifle Club and Team, Anything that re- sembles a female. Future: Business Administration. PATRICIA MARIE BRANDON 104 Eliot Ave., West Newton Patty Day. Palmer, College. "Death hartr only the lining." New Year's Eve, Expo, The Great Act, K.A.R. with Barb, C. Block pool games with Deb, Jr. Year, 2 a.m. rounds with J.F. Rally Committee, NEWTONITE, French Club, Red Cross, Junior Prom Committee, Blue Hills with Diane, Richard and Billy. LEWIS NATHAN BRANZBURG 343 Cabot St., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. Died Drunk and Happy. Suppressed Desire: To iump out a third story window and not fall. Gymnastics, Biology Club, Chess Club, N.O.Y.B. 47 Grafton St., Newton Centre A ' . I' gg Di V 2 I' . , ' .. , li f. vw, A X . kk... , ,Z ',-. tt , , X Weeks, Barry, College. , One bleeding madras shirt, water 4 ' skiing at R.P., The J.J.B.D.M., ,DPL .Q ,. Rides to NSHS, Escapades in a f ct. M W , f , ---' X -C .. Sherman Tank, "You don't know the circumstances," right Guarch? Sandie's house, E.E. and Cherish. Student Office Secretary, Ski Club, French Club, NEWTONITE, Music Club. THOMAS BREARLEY 15 Wetherell St. Newton Upper Falls Burl Meadowbrook, Tech, Army. I leave to Newton Tech: 250OVg hours of detention. Smoking Club, Girl Watching Club. ROBERT BREGOLI 49 Washington Ave., Natick Brig Natick, Tech, Business. I like four-day school weeks and long weekends. Girls, Cycle riding. Iii CYNTHIA ANN BRENNAN 5 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Cin,-Cindy Warren, Barry, College. BETZY, New York-52nd and Sth, Sleeping in L.A., the Vineyard, Wal, my Guinea, my Joisey Teacher, Expo's mini-cars, eh Cin 84 Tricia? House Council, Gravestone rub- bing. THOMAS BRENNAN 4 Washburn St., Watertown Tom East Junior High, Tech, Business. Skating. Future: Machinist. JILL AUDREY BRESLAU 191 Valentine St., West Newton Gillian Warren, Beals, College. That dance, 2 sparkplugs and a fireball, Blltless trips, D.C. with Lois, Devil's Disciple, US516- 16663, Rockport, ABJ-Thanks for everything, C.Y.J. summers, Mr. Fox, Backstage Half a 66, WSWT German Club, Secretary, Bridge Club, Sectetaryg Spanish Club, House Council, NEWTONITE. ROBERT K. BRICK 60 Russell Rd., West Newton Bob Warren, Adams, College. "Tir education form: the com- mon mind: fart as the twig is hent the tree'.t inclined." NEWTONITE, News Editorg Biology Club, Treasurer, Public Relations, Spring Musical, Thur- ber Carnival, House Council. JULIA FAY BRILLIANT 25 Devon Rd., Newton Centre Julie, Jules Weeks, Riley, College. "A little ranhurnt hy the glare of life." Betsy and Joyce in Conway, Maine Mud to Expo, Crew '68, Talks with F.P., Summer with L.D. Drama Club, French Club, South Pacific, Homeroom Manager, Mad- rigals. LYNNE BETH BRILLIANT 14 Scarsdale Rd., Newtonville Brillo Day, Palmer, College. "Lore of learning ir a plearant and univerral hand, since it dealt with what one ir and not what one har." Parties, I-Ioio's, the Crew '68, sum- mers at the Cape, always F.R.A., Expo, the many "falls" of K.S.S., Tinkerbell, me and Bug-head over heels. Senior Class Representative, NEWTONITE, NEWTONIAN, Rally Committee, Tennis. . 'K I ,I X , 1 rl. 'itll' ,af , I if . , li ii , ', ' i l ' il ig? KAREN Biussrrrrs 20 Cambria Rd., West Newton Warren, Barry, College. Newton-British Exchange '66, Motorcycle Races, those Rockers! London, Tiles and J., Airport July '67 Sidney, Logan again August, Jane? No-Yes! Next year, Sue! Folksinging Club, Spanish Club, German Club, Drawing, Music. ft-if HOWARD BRONSTEIN 94 Mary Ellen Rd., Waban Howie, Big How Warren, Bacon, College. "Lord help 115 and Oscar Wilde!" Limey Land '66-167, The "Bob" and Wine-O's, Grape-nut custard, Weeks, Adams, College. MARITA MACY BROOKS 321 Kenrick St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals, College. Alpha Gama Tau, Spanish Club, G.S. Trailblazer Troop, Reading, Painting. Snoosiesl, Warning: Beware of changing warts and moles, LIVE!! MARCOMBE BROWN Coming every day, LIVlNG?? Shafty, N.E.F.T.Y., Exchange stu- 59 Highland Ave., Newtonville dent to England. - Adams. SCOTT ALLAN BRODIE 15 Normandy Rd., Auburndale Scott Warren, Palmer, College. "T's" tales-256, Bio. Club, Tro- ians, The "Dynamic Duo", Bud- dy's, Belvedere I1 Montreal and Expo, Cape Cod, NSHS. Biology Club, Vice President, Homeroom Manager, Palmer House Council, Trojan Club. Future: Medicine. and the B.S., HERBERT E. BROOKS 227 Windsor Rd., Waban ENID BRODY 28 Day St., West Newton E.S.B. Warren, Adams, College. Summer '66, Brookline days, Sun- days at B.U., Delta, Florida men, Canada, Boston Tea Party, cheap transportation, the Three Muske- teers Forever. Favorite Expression: It's been real. Ski Club, French Club, Rally Committee, Delta Omega. 212 Jay, Herbie Warren, Adams, College. Junior history with Uncle Ronnie Barnes, Expo and the 10 minute hike, X-block and Austin's, nurse's ofiice before Dorothy's French class, right Al?, Bronsky. Ski Club, House Softball, Trafhc Squad. PETER BROWN 88 Paulson Rd., Waban Pete Pied piper, Benson's Animal farm, being invited to the Jr. Proml, Tea and Crumpets, Expo -4104 shut-up, Peterl, Expo with Bugs CG.G.D and Bedbugs, Corner Gang, 4 years?, Contact, Ban Com, mercials. Audio-Visual, Sailing Club, Senior Class Committee, Sigma Alpha Rho, News photographer. A FRANK BUNICK 169 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. "Good peripheral virion can Jolve many a problem." I'll never forget: The 1967 World Series during Math class. 1 3 5 ,A l. CONSTANCE CHERYL BUNTIN 29 Ricker Rd., Newton Connie, Buttons Bigelow, Barry, College. Expo, Summer '66 and '67, Ply- mouth, "Groovin", F Troops' Drills, my minions, le beau corps, El Toro, the dog-catcher, "A brown-eyed boy". Drama Club, Outing Club, Red Cross Club. 'Ve CATHERINE M. E. BURAK -4 Leighton Rd., Auburndale C.M.E.B. Day, Palmer, College. Jonathan Freckle CPlant Patholb, Nonparasitic Jonathan, producing small, circular, skin-deep discolor- ations. My Joskin's a bumpkin. Ski Club, Equestrian Club, Secre- tary, German Club. JOHN M. BURKE 46 Westview Terr., West Newton Jay, Bronsky, Burkowitz Warren, Bacon, College. Summer '67, Expo '67 huh, Joe B.?, Math with Uncle A., 2201, What Now My Love. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites, White Socks. Madrigals, Spanish Club, Music Club, Ski Club, Swimming. I 1 XXX X EDWARD BURMON 144 Clark St., Newton Centre Ed Tech. JOHN BURNS 409 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Palmer. KATHLEEN M. BURNS 39 Farquhar Rd., Newtonville Kathy Our Lady's, Palmer, Business. August "65", 'M.S.L.B.F.", Good times up to High Schoolfwith M.M., T.C., M.K., and B.F., The Deli, Brigham's Crowd, Summer of "66". I Predict: Nancy and Kevin will get married. A XXX . , Nw? JANE BUSH 44 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Janie Warren, Riley, College. "Every human heing ir intended to have a character of his owng to he what no other is, and to do what no other can do." - French Club, Spanish Club, NEW- TONIAN, Senior Class Commit- tee. ww Think I art a choke him? KEVIN PAUL BURNS 129 Norwood Ave., Newtonville Kevin Meadowbrook, Tech, Business. Administrative Aids, Drag Racing, Hiking, Camping, Stamps, Coins Girls. A ul X EDWARD LESLIE BUTTS 59 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College High School should guide stu- dents, not lead them. Soccer Team, Library Staff, NEW- TONIAN, Coin Collecting. Future: Law. THOMAS BYRNES 175 Waverly Ave., Newton A STEPHEN PAUL CACCIA 21 Harrington St., Newtonville Crucher Day, Harry, College. S.T.U.F.N.H.S. at Expo to C.Q. T.B. Pet Peeve: Stuffed Animals, Stone face. Suppressed Desire: To gain Weight. Communist Club, Basketball, Milk Bar, Saluting the flag, Baseball. MICHAEL CAHILL 309 Webster St., Auburndale Mike Warren, Riley, College. Trip to Expo. Pet Peeve: Dick's car. I Will to NHS: My gym suit. Claim to Fame: Staying sober at Expo. Orange Shield, Anything I haven't done before. 4? ,J 'Q' u tmp DAVID CAHOON 15 Sumner St., Newton Centre Dave, "Cal" Weeks, Riley, College. Senior year, unpredictable Expo trip, uncontrollable Ceci, unforget- table experiences. Chess Club, Girls, Money, Knife Collecting. ALBERT CALIGURI 43 Riverside Ave., Nonantum Al St. Mary's, Barry, College Prediction: The take over of NHS by a military coup headed by A.T.C., J.D.F. and A.J.M. La Crosse, Hockey Baseball, Geo., Foxxy, Lard, Daggy, "Affirmative" "The Garden". ' KEVIN CALLAHAN 26 Islington Rd., Auburndale Our Lady's, Barry, College. "I thinh I could turn and live with animals. They are so placid and self con- tained." AL CAMERATO 718 Watertown St., West Newton Day, Riley, College. Man's search for knowledge is the basis of his humanity. Varsity Rifle Team, Explorers, Camping, Shooting. Future: Humanities. ARCHIE CAMERON 68 Parsons St., West Newton Archie Bigelow, Riley, College. Being in 2207, skating at 1:00 in the morning. Favorite Expression: "Gentlemen" and "anyways". Suppressed Desire: To buy "Ho- Jo's". Football, Hockey, Baseball, Weight Lifting. Future: To play ball or college. MARIA PATRICIA CAMINOS 83 Fairmont Ave., Newton Pat Bigelow, Bacon, College. T.,l.C. Suppressed Desire: To get out of here and take my fondest memory with me. Girl's Outing Club, NEWTON- ITE, Spanish Club. Future: Language Teacher. N l 'K' ' DENISE CAMPISI 84 West St., Newton Day, Palmer, Business. Meeting Vinny the night of 8fI0f65, That certain '56 Chevy, Doubling with Linda and Wally. Pet Peeve: Summer of '67, JOHN JOSEPH CANTY 15 Jerome Ave., West Newton Jack Warren, Bacon, College. Favorite Expression: That's close. Orange Shield. .. .x SUSAN ESTA CARP 439 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Sue, Susie, blogi Weeks, Adams, College. "All that is without me, and all that is within me, Where all is and cannot help hut wonder who tells you who you are?" Mental Health Club, Secretary House Council, Orange Booki Folksinging Club. Future: Teaching blind children. u...,.,.- nl - . 3 B . rihd If this class wants A s they will have to do hettei than small chan ge. MARY JO CARR 504 Auburn St., Auburndale ,JO Warren, Adams, College. Golden-green leazes, glistening Before erzcroaching searing storms of heat and ice. Must trust Spri1zg's grey drizzle and yellow urarmth. National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Madrigals, Philo- sophy Club, Human Rights Club. ANN CARTEN 18 Ionia St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. "The Road goes ever on and on Down from the door where it hegan Now far ahead the road has gone And I must follow if I can Pursuing it with weary feet Until it joins some larger way And whither then? I cannot say? Human Rights Club, Ski Club. STEVEN J. CARTER 48 Eldredge St., Newton Steve Bigelow, Bacon, College Summer '66, England, Expo '67, Back Corner of homeroom, E.Y.C., no last period studies any year, fourth floor Building I. Band, Music Club, Orange Shield, NEWTONITE, Council Commit- tee. CHARLES CASAVANT 50 Joseph Rd., Newtonville Chuck Bigelow, Adams, College. Expo '67, Kick-off Dance '67 junior Breakfast '67, 1104, Aus tins, the Purple Haze, just us flve, pinstripes, Uminsky, Guinea San tarpio. Alka-Seltzer, Fat Simon Nutrament Keefe. Favorite Expression: Send it in. BARBARA RUTH CHASE 139 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College. "He who sings frightens away his ills. . .and sometimes his friends." Madrigals, Field Hockey, Home- room Manager, Music Club, MB. Fellowship. WILLIAM CHAISSON 31 Evergreen St., Newton LINDA ANN CHARBONNIER 15 Carter St., Newtonville Charby Day, Adams, College. "Be yourself" 1104, milkbar, junior year, the great Pumpkin hunt, Pillow fights. Traflic Squad. Future: Elementary Teaching. DEBORAH RUTH CHASE 59 Chestnut Terr., Newton Centre Debbie Warren, Riley, College. Steve-August 26, 1966, Vicki-New York and Hull. Folksinging Club, Vice President, President, Human Rights Club, SDS, Guitar. Future: Peace Corps. MARILYN PHYLLIS CHERNIS 281 Prince St., West Newton Lyn Warren, Palmer, College. "Live as if you expected to live a hundred years hut might die to- morrow." jose, Dartmouth round, Parlia- ment Street, "Mushy", my un- forgettable summer in Israel. Drama Club, Theater, Traveling. RICHARD GREGORY CHIAMPA 64 Green Pk., Newton Hog St. Sebastian's, Adams, College. Qualing at Jerry's with Cull, S.T.C., Manlius, Senior Supper '66, Volpe's, Class of '67, Push, Push with DN-2, Yaka's barn with Keeta, Cape '67. Hockey, Track Outdoor, Sports, Bird Watching. Future: Law. PATRICIA CHICA 18 Sterling St., West Newton Adams, College. Christmas '66, School year '67 at Sta Francisca Romana, April vaca- tion '67, Christmas Vacation on the Coast '67, My whole year in the United States. -Q MMV W K x X X x x XXX A l - 11- .gif . . g,,,i,5,l, W iii., xg 'V ' x lf! I . F' iii. .. K' i I 7'-...Y . , ,,,. , , ., M1 ,. - M 1 ui ,G . A ' A ' Q ' ,ai 4 -., SUSAN M. CIVETTE ll Eddy St., West Newton Susie Day, Bacon, College. Capers at KeIley's, summer '67, "the wall at South", H-ing with N.C. and ,l.K. and ME, "Expo trip", Click-ins, "the new vocabu- lary"! My summer visitors and the S.C.'s! Rally Committee, Ski Club, Home- room Manager, Promoting Capers. THOMAS CLAFLIN 20 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Day, Tech, College. Favorite Pastime: My secret "wife" Pat. Suppressed Desire: To meet my wife's "Old Man". , . . ,... . .. .-...-, l 216 TOY CHIN 29 Chesley Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. The three persons I love are: Me, myself, and I. Boyslll, Sewing. STEPHEN A. CIFALDO 6 Churchill St., Newtonville Aldo, Foot, Dufus Day, Adams, Business. Expo '67 and a certain Friday night. I Will to NHS: My 65 white cards and my l4's. Favorite Expression: Gotta dime? Hanging down D.D.S., Eating, Playing cards. , PAUL CIVETTI 27 Clinton Sr., Newton "Barney" Our Lady's, Tech, Business. Stockcars, Racing, Fishing. Future: Printing Management. STEPHEN D. CLANCY 41 Everett St., Newton Centre Clance Weeks, Adams, College. Gymnastics Team, NHS Tiger Tumbler, Gymnastics . Future: Physical Education. f 1 ',Q?lf73 . , wi? . Stills. ,-fn, , t- J.. 'K-Ln' 5. i o ' 'x . N' ,I 11. 1 Dead on arrival at N ewton-Wellesley H ospital. DONNA LEE CLARK 5 Craigie Terr., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. Sophomore year, summer ' 67, New Hampshire-Lake Winnipe- saukee, Nov. 17-20 '66, Craine's Beach, Letters, Top Value, Expo '67, Montreal Cet Lasallel Oct. 6- 8 '67, La Ronde, Emile, popcorn, un clef et sa chaine. Pet Peeve: Those long months from Sept. to June, Feb. 10, '66. French Club, Tennis, Swimming, Camping, Flying. Future: Medical Technologist. RICHARD MY LES COEN 26 Blake St., Newtonville Rick Day, Beacon, College. Expo '67, The Raids, Rats B.P., E.S.L. the rat, the green stickers, Toy Brains and The Smiling Idiot. Famous Last Words: Mr. Dep- houre "What record player Miss Ryan?" Biology Club, NEWTONITE, Orange Shield, NEWTONIAN. 41' BRENDA LOUISE COGAN 73 West Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. IV' AMY COHEN 50 Moffat Rd., Waban Warren, Palmer, College. Good times with Larry, Fourth of "To dream the impossible dream." July weekend, Yarmouth and Fal- Summers '66-'67 at C.P., Nanc mouth, Raccy, English with Bob- from N.H.S., E.-N, Torches, the bv, six of the best, Bulkie Burgers, longest day, U4 gallon-20 miles, The Surprise. Equestrian Club. right Sal! Orange Book, NEWTONITE, Pep Squad, Class Committee. NEW- TONIAN. DOUGLAS MAJOR COHEN 17 Croftdale Rd., Newton Centre Whale, Maior Meadowbrook, Adams, College. B.D.B. and all those great 24's, "Angel", S.A.R. Convention-1967 and Bic, Advice to Sophomores: Join S.A.R. What would happen if: S.B. Finally lost. House Council, Class Committee, Student Council, Rifle Team, Sig- ma Alpha Rho. Future: Law. GEOFFREY COHEN 37 Emmons St., West Newton Jeff Day, Adams, College. "Every time I go to town, the lroyr .ttart kicking my dog around, Ain't no difference if lJe'.t a hound -gutta quit kickin' my dog around." Rifle Club, House Council, Horse- back Riding, Traveling. MARCIA ELLEN COHEN I9 Victoria Cir., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. "Time goes, you Jtay? Ab no! Alai, Time stayf, we go." Peirce School Project, Chemistry Club, National Honor Society, Treasurer, Folksinging. Future: Biomedical Research. MYRON BARRY COHEN 30 Saint Mary's St. Newton Lower Falls Mike, The Kosher Kid Smiles, My Warren, Bacon, College. Benson's, Stanley's and the Pru- dential, The lake and Barney's Boys, Banana's Beer, Binaca breaks, Sue's trip and mine, Cor- ner Gang, Mr. Bailey's yardstick, S'X Blocks. Biology Club, French Club, House Coop Committee, The GTO. NEIL COHEN 487 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, Collce. "Nothing preventr our being natural Jo much as the desire to appear Jo." I wish there were more people like "3 mote", Gottfried at Expo '67 Tennis Team, Tiger Marching Band, Student Council, Ski Club. ROBERT ALAN COHEN 62 Sheflield Rd., Newtonville Robby Day, Palmer, College. C.C., Talking things over with M.M. after practice, French with J.B., Football '67-'68, Counting injuries with M.M. 8: B.T. Football, Track, Indoor, Track, Outdoorg Horses, Skiing. MARTIN M. COHNE 64 Fairmont Ave., Newton Cohnzy Bigelow, Adams, College. Dependable black Rambler, right Barny?, Worm, Dizzy, Fakano?, Touring D.C. and Cabot Woods, Pvt. Bud Cardi, February vacation '67, 101 "Cohnzies", High spirits. Class Committee, Student Council, Investment Club, Cars, Cards. DONALD COLANTONIO 510 Watertown St., Newtonville Day, Riley, Business. Lumbard's shop. Suppressed Desire: To be a bachelor. I Will to NHS: Russ Pelly. Favorite Expression: How is it? Baseball, Football. PAUL JOSEPH COLANTONIO 4 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville I Day, Adams, College. NHS will go to the Tech Tourney and Mr. Fortune will get laryngitis. Basketball. PETER CHARLES COLBY 289 Mill St., Newtonville Pj CPah Jamesl, Peter james Colby lst Day, Palmer, College. "I'm fixing a hole where the rain gets in, And .rtops my mind from wandering, Where it will go." Folksinging Club, Stage Crew, Liberal Religious Youth, Music. Future: Ministry. I JOHN D. coui 518 Walnut Sr., Newtonville lohnny Day, Riley, Business. "If yon can hear to hear the trzrth 1'Ul1,l'C' .rpohen twifled hy t6?71d'L'!3.f to make a trap for fools or watch the thingy you gave your life to hrohen, and Jloop and huiltl 'em up with worn-out toolJ." Blue Bell Restaurant, Dancing, Pool. Future Career Plans: Service, Mar- riage. 2. ' in U X I K. MICHAEL PATRICK CONNELLY 35 Bennington St., Newton Corner Mike Bigelow, Barry, College. Happy times with P. L. I Will to NHS. Manson P 6: Sam G. my perfect record of attend- ance. Pet Peeve: Correcting my "Angle" NANCY MARGARET COLETTI 45 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Munch Sacred Heart, Palmer, College. lr. year, summer '67 and "Peeps", Arlington, speed kills, Expo D, Riviera, Plymouth, new vocabu- lary F. B., Providers, Kelly's, a closet, the blue sweater, my friends. Spanish Club, Rally Committee, tt fre a 44' ': . ,I MARION COOPER 114 Berkeley St., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. "Forget not that the earth delights to feel your hare feet and the winalr long to play with your hair." Apricots and Winthrop, 35 hours, Otis, Homeroom struggles. House Council, Vice-President, Class Committee, Patoma, SHAFTY. Future: Speech Therapy. 1 'I vs. X' K rf' tt PM ,s i . Q 'H . X . if .Ltr lr. Prom Committee, Ski Club. Future: Teacher. Tit fi . , . 'S MARVIN COLLINS 55 Lombard St., Newton Worm, Melvin Bigelow, Bacon, College. Boat, Benson's prom, huh beans? 9 a night, death of a rambler, dropped transmission, Irma and Peter, B. C. raiders, 440, Private Bud Bacardi, Summit Hill, Tours! Ski Club, Marching Band, Mak- I .4 a,,'z'f : I , al l Eg g 5 5' ing money, Hot Cars. lf Future: Medicine. I 2 GERALD MIRON COPATCI-I 31 Stratford Rd., West Newton Jerry Warren, Adams, College. I Will to NHS, My soul shoes. Junior Prom with D. C., Sunday afternoons with Paul, Donna and Ginny. Favorite Expression: Keep it up. Favorite Pastime: Being with Donna and listening to tea bag sayings. Industrial Arts, Fundamentals of Engineering, Soul music, Girls, Ping Pong, Cards. Future: Engineering. SARAH CONANT 525 Highland St., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. "How fortunate if he who in hir hzuy world, enjoys hoth the will- ingnerr and ahllity to help hir fellow man." House Council, NEWTONITE, Rally Committee, Leader Corps, Ski Club, Field Hockey, Tennis. SUSAN CONANT GREGG ALAN COPENHAGEN 310 Derby St., West Newton Copie Warren, Bacon, College. A Stonee hedge, Brigton P. D., and 3500.00 bail, Cape Cod, sum- mer '67, Animal League Hockey Cthree a. m.D, Wayland and parties, green bomb, and G O O D FRIENDS. Deepest Regret: Working at Star Market for two years. Orange Shield, House Council, Sports. Future: Business, Engineering. DANIEL PETER COSGROVE it r Q 325 Highland St., West Newton Susie Warren, Riley, College. "lWe're wonderful one timer one." 9 lanterns, cheering-next to a midget, Christmas Cove, weekend in Vermont, Expo '67, hockey games, 45612, always hungry, the three stooges. NEWTONIAN, Fu- ture Teachers Club, Music Club, Cheerleading, Co-Captain, Rally Committee, Tennis. Nz ,o fs 'lx 'l, 11 Henshaw Pl., West Newton Cusgrolf Our Lady's, Palmer, College. O. L. Crowd, N. C., Windsor Rd. Click, Key Club, B. B. Pool, Room 226, Expo '67, CRussianl, 1. C. Water Tredders, "Rat", Sagamore -H409 wings", "Arch". Newman House, Ski Club, Golf Team. We can salvage these green hearts here. . . MARY HELEN COSTA 92 West Pine St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, Business. Summer '67 at R.S.P., 2103 and Miss Kalivas, working for Mrs. Saleeby, Oct. 16, 1967 with Robert and Ruth. Favorite Expression: That's life! I .ff .fi '5 1 V Future: Secretary. FRANCIS S. COSTELLO 71 Elinor Rd., Newton Highlands .AN is '-l o El. Z Meadowbrook, Palmer, Technical. I wish to thank Mr. Adams and the Senior Class President for allowing us to go to Expo '67. I wish to thank Mr. Gradone and all of my teachers for allowing me to have a wonderful stay at Newton High. Thank you. Chess, Pool, Coin Collector, Circu- I - - Y lation Staff. V ' 1- . Future: Technical Woodworking. .af DOROTHEA B. COSTON 80 Pearl St., Newton Corner Dot Bigelow, Barry, Business. "The stream of time sweeps away errors, and leaves the truth for the inheritance of humanity." Suppressed Desire: To travel. Music Club. THOMAS PAUL COTTENS 670 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Tom Warren, Bacon, College. Summer, Weekends, and Holidays. Hockey, Chemistry Club, Orange Shield, Biology Club, Human Rights Club. ROBERT MICHAEL COTTER 350 Chestnut St., West Newton Bob, Bo Warren, Bacon, College. "Hell is empty and all the Devils are here." Tempest I, 2:214 "Get on to yourself." Homeroom Manager, Hockey, Varsity, House Council, Golf Tennis. Future: Dentistry. DUDLEY COTTON 40 Leslie Rd., Auburndale Dud Warren, Riley, College. Pet Peeves: Losing soccer games in overtime on penalty kicks-wings. I Will to NHS, The Green Hor- net. 67, 3rd Tee, Kitchens. Soccer Team, Hockey Team, Golf Team, Orange Shield, Sports. JAMES CROCKER 102 Walnut Ave., Norwood Sheldon Norwood Ir. High, Tech, Service. Parties, going out with one very important girl, turning red in front of girls. Future: Going in the Navy for four years. . r .51 , i:sft:5:,.:5 ,r szrfg rg r sf,r. ,,t HX ..l'rJ?s: S. wb. ' - . - we stew, x rg, .HN .vs 9 1 , , I X , 'S X . 5 ix , .s 'I f Ss wigs? ' J I . 3 I 3 8, at f ai, LOANS" 13 we ft ,Q W' wi XE GN Q , v s g Q my E X s .3 I s f Ks" .rj 'Q cl U V ,wr f Y ,, .Cr I, My rr ..-.meow sa: wi" , -N f X fe' 'T' ' i ..,- -. 've 'gh ,uf 'f Y Wwsii 3,155 ls this right, Miss Kinney? JEFFREY CHRISTIAN CROSBY 48 Ruthven Rd., Newton Corner Bigelow, Riley, College. Beatniks and politics fnothing is newl, friends and flowers, hulking squirmy conversations, your dis- tant drummer and mine, Minnie Strator and me, and the beat goes On. . . Human Rights Club, Co-chair- man, Institute of Religious Stu- dies, Study Group and North Carolina Field Trip, Wondering. VIRGINIA LEE CROSBY 55 Central St., Auburndale Ginny Warren, Barry, College. Falmouth-Labor Day Weekend "67", 506 a chain, junior D block, typing with Resnick-J.B., "THE G1-IIA", Expo, RATS, The Party and street right Pec? Equestrian Club, Gymnastics, Ski Club, House Office Assistance. Future: Computers. NANCY CUCINOTTA 114 Adams Ave., West Newton Cuch Warren, Palmer, Business. C.F. Outing, Jr. Prom with M.S., Biology '66, Cuch, Ford, Fudd, third Road Hard Guys, Expo, Hey, Colletti . . . Luchiti T. R.s' last looks. Drum Maiorette, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Ski Club, Rally Committee. PETER F. CULLY 294 Kenrick St., Newton "Hulk" Bigelow, Bacon, College. Beatin gon Art, August 28, Hog, Jerry's, Good times with L.T., Val's crossing the Charles, Quaf- ing, Runs', the wife. Varsity Football, Varsity Hockey, Riding, Baseball, Hockey. Future: To be President. JOHN CUPO 57 Oak Ave., West Newton Crash Warren, Beals, College. Expo: a great time. Pet Peeve: Rainy Days, Trees, No Parking signs, 1961 Chevy, Right Pat? Baseball, House, Football, House Basketball, Scholarship Roll. .ii i lil . 1 1 FRANCIS CHARLES CURRAN 79 Kimball Road, Dedham Fran Dedham Jr. High, Tech, College. The days of the swell food fights. Working, Drafting. SUSAN M. CURRIER 122 Pine Grove Ave. Newton Lower Falls Sue Warren, Riley, College. Bobbsey twin, frustration, all those gym meets!, ski trips, Math class junior year, and Lennox. Class Committee, Ski Club, Secre- tary: Rally Committee. VIRGINIA M. DAGLE 53 DeForest Rd. Newton Lower Falls Ginny Warren, Bacon, Business. April 6th to April 16th, 1967. Suppressed Desire: To marry D.S. Pet Peeve: The Navy. Horseback riding, Skating. Future: Marriage. MARY ELLEN DALEY 84 Grove St., Auburndale Puddy Warren, Riley, College. White Horse Beach, Summer of '67, Paul July 4th and 11th, par- ties and kids, P.R. Nov. 1, New- ton, prizes, friends, memories. Refreshment Committee, Horse- back riding, Water skiing. BARBARA JOYCE DANGEL 257 Mill St., Newtonville Barb, Dingle Day, Adams, College. "Tis hetter to he silent and thought a fool than to speak out and remove all douhtf' Class Treasurer, Cheerleader, A Cappella, Tennis Team, Ski Club. JEFFREY NEAL DANIS 5 Evelyn Rd., Waban Jeff, Woohe Weeks, Adams, College. Someday I hope to have a little white house down in Washington which is now inhabited by a flock of birds. House Council, NEWTONITE Publicity Staff, Sports, Living. RAYMO-ND DAVIS 140 Derby St., West Newton EDWIN W. DAVOL 27 Capital St., Wonantum Hoppv Bigelow, Adams, Business. In the front door and out the back twice a week. I Will to NHS: A bottle of glue to k'eep Building I together. Pet Peeve: 5 hours sleep at night and 5 a day. Sbul group CThe ,Iourney's Endl, Playing in the night clubs. Future: Club owner in downtown Boston. MICHAEL DEAGLE 15 Walnut St., Newtonville Deag Our Lady's, Beals, Business. Hanging around Dunkin Donuts, going to Expo, my night of incar- ceration thanks to a certain oflicer. Favorite Expression: "How is it." House Football, Basketball, Horse- back riding, Skating, Pool. DIANE ELLEN deBETTENCOURT 18 Sterling St., West Newton Dee, Di, European Elizabeth Seton, Bacon, College. Junior year, Summer '67, junior Prom, "Batmobile" and Kelley's, Blue Hills with Richard, Billy, and Patty, Flag alfll, Craigville Beach, April 28, '67, every B.B. practice, "Bronsky". German Club, Treasurerg Ski Club, NEWTONITE, AFS, NEW- TONIAN, Cheerleder. DANIEL DEEGAN 322 Adams St., Newtonville Danny East Jr. High, Palmer, College. Always remember Lee's Paper Dolls, Ur. Englishl. Hockey, Homeroom Manager, Golf. Baseball. IVY "" - fsr 'gh . r,,.. . i I , ff-i lt. I -as ,,. Q X 5 sf' gf, X iff tx I ' l"'N1".-T -tx Ks " t . ,UV .a yt 1 It fflls lx f x f eiflilf ii ai ' 221 s 'W VIRGINIA C. DeFILIPPIS 33 Middle St., Nonantum Ginny Day, Barry, College. All the good times with P.F., Brush with Death with D.B., The Rain, Expo-3:30. Pet Peeve: Not being able to do anything right. ,IQ 'I .Aki ' -.NL BARBARA ANN DeMAIO 79 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre Sacred Heart, Palmer, College. "There are only tears an' there is only Jorrow, there are no proh- lemrf' Newport, '66-'67, Chl. St., B.M., the Apt.-"L.!", M.B., July 4th wk. '66, joey's sense, long talks, friends. Folksinging Club, Music Club, Orchesis. SANDRA LUCILLE DeSANTIS 51 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville CAROLYN LOUISE DeSlMONE 5 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Leverne, Carol Bigelow, Riley, College. Summer, weekends at cottage, 10!I7f67, Mr. B and "Legs", The Bar with Ethel and Harry. Favorite Expression: Okay! What's next? Pet Peeve: Sandy. Outing Club, Equestrian Club, Red Cross, Marine Bio, Sewing. DONALD ARTHUR DEWSNAP 4 Eldredge St., Newton Center Don, Dewey Bigelow, Bacon, College. "I learned that people are. We are constantly invited to he our- selves. I5 happiness a skill, an art, or a quality?" Bridge Club, Latin Club, Math Club, B.D., Explorers, N.C.A., Coin collecting, Reading, Moping. .DIANE L. DiBENEDETTO I9 Marion St., West Newton Di, D.D. Warren, Riley, College. Expo '67, the Spanish dancer, running in place in D2, the tea party, summer of '67, Elijah, Fribbles, slow down in 1210. Library Club, Rally Committee, Music Club, Mad rigals. I I ii gtk, I Y ' ' Air, . ABRAHAM P. DIETZ 95 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre ChiD Weeks, Bacon, College. "The Horn, the horn the lusty horn Ir not tt thing to laugh to scorn." AFS, Tiger Band, Physics Club, Biology Club, Music. ' MICHAEL T. DEZOTELL 66 Webster St., West Newton Mike Warren, Bacon, College. B.S. Apartment, The Raiders, The Barn, I'm sorry ofhcer, hitting a telephone pole with Welchie. Pet Peeve: Reading Clinic in 1244. Hockey, Baseball, Orange Shield, Civics Committee. I Sandy W ' Day, Adams, College. Favorite Pastime: Sitting on "the wall" waiting for Ford. Expo '67, Cape, Aug. '67, Carou- sel, Sept. '65, P.S.'s car adven- tures, C.K.'s boat, Maiorettes. , ez, ' 'I ww ' T - . ui' ,. - Outing Club, ,G.A.A., Tennis, S,"',..:i, .l 1 , Future Teachers Club, Drum Il' ' 1 ' - Maiorettes, Co-Captain. 222 lf I gf Ll 9 ii r 'I fi -- Wa". new L l 'f I 1' .,i. limi EDWARD MICHAEL DILBARIAN 176 Spruce St., Watertown Eddie East Jr. High, Tech, College. The guy who made the Tech building spend S4l,00O. Hunting, Fishing, Electrical De- signing, Refrigeration. ERMINIO DiMAMBRO 170 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Corner Adams, College. I had a lot of fun in my soccer year fiuniorl. I am going crazy for M.I. Soccer, Collection of old pictures. Future: Chemistry. ,IAMES DiLIELLO 83 Allison St., The Lake Jimm Dav, Barry. Nites at E.B.'s House, Going out with B.M., ,Iessup's gym classes. I Will to NHS: My orange pen. Favorite Expression: Hi Pal. Flying, Hanging around Dunkin's. CAROLINE DIPAOLO 22 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Carol Day, Riley, College. 8!31!66, summer '67, Hi Div, Senior Prom '67, M.M. 2209, Mr. Fox, R.'s house, L.J.D. House Council, French Club, Or- chesis, Drama, Rally Committee. CATHY DOHERTY 59 Fordham Rd., West Newton Cath Warren, Bacon, College. Summer '66, the MUS' and all those people who needed a ride home, "what's - his - name" and movies, bicycles, balloons, and good friends. Senior Class Committee, Rally Committee, Ski Club, Sailing Club, Bacon House Council. l KEVIN DONEGAN WILLIAM DORNBUSCH 27 Cotter Rd., Waban Bill Weeks, Bacon, College. "The upper crust if just a hunch of crumhr held together hy a lot of dough." PHCfSHC:HYC. Tiger Marching Band, Radio Club, Physics Club, Greater Bos- ton Youth Symphony. Future: Teaching. SANDRA DOLBIER 28 Ash St., Auburndale Sandy Warren, Barry, College. Those X blocks with Mr. S. and my "conferences" with JL., Jan. 7, 1967 in Somerville, Summers in Onser, Our Peace and its com- pany, Ten through thirty, All the good times with L.N. Commons Room Committee, Spanish Club, AFS, G.A.A., Sports CAROLYN JEAN MARIE DONALDS 9 Roberts Ave., Newtonville Lyn, Lynnie-Poo Our Lady's, Barry, College. l0f30!65 The night I met S.C.P., Football, Baseball, Track, Drums, etc., etc. "Tastie Freeze" Nova Scotia The Hogan's The Straights and The Little Ones 8f26f67, C.B.G. III etc., etc., B-2, "Chuckie- Baby", "NANA", K.P., J.B., and R.Q. AFS, Ski Club, Softball, Home- room Manager, House Council. 9 is il What do you mean we're all out of white cards! WILLIAM B. DORFMAN 45 Harrington St., Newtonville Messiah Boston Latin School, Palmer, College. . A hirzl in the hand make: hlowing the note difficult. I Will to NHS: 1. that burning sensation, 2. 3 years, 3. 2 cents. Audio Rack, Drumming, Ham Radio, Electronics. .4-lv .l X E. DEBORAH DORSEY 151 Newtonville, Newton Debbie Our Lacly's, Riley, College. "Laugh hecaure ,rome day you might not he ahle to." Summer '67, Marshfield, pushing Linus, B.C. parties and The Great Escape, BPCN at Expo, 3 hobbies, The Tea's. Ski Club, Red Cross, C.Y.O., Tennis, Swimming. CHRIS DRAKOS 58 Waverly Ave., Newton Corner Zorba Bigelow, Adams, College. "Winning is not everything hut wanting to ir." Football, Hockey, AV Trafhc Squad, Flying, Government, Sports, Recording. Future: Radio and Television Broadcasting. JEANNE ELLEN DUBY 25 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College. The Paths, "gimme a buck", Laura and her episodes, Iowa-French- Fla., Fog, N.Y.E. the usual places, annoyances, the orange, buggy rides and the Gyrotron. NEWTONIAN Ad Staff, Ski Club, Library Aide, Sailing Club. I0 CATHERINE LORETTA DUFFY 323 Cherry St., West Newton Warren, Bacon. Summer '66, the kid with the black and white Chevy, Charlie, Monday night at Bev's and all the Saturday night's at Judy's, the group, Expo, Mr. DePhoure. Pet Peeve: Little French Boys. 225 2 ,.,, K 5 If-5 40 x Q. N Ls " at 'f , I 6, M-gs, Q' I Y . v 1- vf' 'Wi - A LAURA ANN ELFLAND 118 Sumner St., Newton Centre Wecfks, Adams, College. Soph yt-ar, ducking, all the cute- nesses, incidents, SK., M.B., I-I.P., N.Y., Kelly's, French lodging, E.H. Wc-ekencl, songs with mean- ings. Ski Club, NEWTONIAN, Delta Omega Sorority, Horseback ridin fl' Future: Dental Hygienist. JANICE L. ELIA 87 Elmhurst Rd., Newton Corner Gitl's Latin, Bacon, College. "And I guest . . .,' I jnrt d0n't know." Junior Class Committee, House Council. ' PAULA JEAN ELITOV 479 Crafts St., West Newton Day, Bacon, College. "For in the .vweetness of friend- Jhip, NED EPSTEIN 6 Surrey Rd., Newton "Envy" Bigelow, Bacon, College. "lf only I had run faster." The trip I never took. Right Ken?, 4 Caps and Bud, Listening to Shif., 9 flat, S's X blocks, ,Iunior Ski Trip. Ski Club, Track, Indoor and Out- door, Co-Captain, Skiing, Sleep- ing, Flower Picking. PAUL GUSTAVE ERICSON 104 Eldredge St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. Trafhc Squad, Orange Shield House Football Basketball Soft let there he laughter and sharing ball, Skiing, Hggmeroom Cfeamup of plearare For in the dew of little things the heart flndf morning and is refreshed." Orange Book, Supplement Editor, House Council, Senior Class Com- mittee, French Honor Society, NEWTONIAN. JUDITH BETTINA ELKAN 22 Furbush Ave., West Newton .Iudv Warren, Palmer, College. "The road to wisdom? - Well it'J plain and rirnple to express: Err and err and err again har less and lei: and len." ' Deutscher Verein, Human Rights Club, National Honor Society, Phete, Pulling off snos. PAUL ELLIOT 46 Myrtle St., West Newton PAUL ENGLISH 12 Shawmut Oark Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrook, Tech, Electrical Tradesman. "I love worhf I could tit and watch someone do it for hours." Sports, Bowling, Electronics. Committee. ALBERT EVANS 85 Otis St., Newtonville Bert Day, Palmer, College. K It all started when I used rnh her cement as a gar gle D.J.L. and summer of '67, listen- ing to Chuck's problems, L.K.M., ,Iuly 28, 1967. Audio Visual Service Squad. 0 MICHELLE O. EVANS 399 Cherry St., XVest Newton Warren, Adams, College. "For the elm nezrer grew in the .vhade of the oak." "I too have teen riz'er.t." Future: To live. GREGORY L. EVERETT 85 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Greg, Eve Warren, Riley, College. "Some . . . youth seek pleasure ar if it were all and they are judged and rehuhedf' The Team, 27-2, '66-'67. Soccer, Second Congo, QEDS and the basketball team, Fun. Future: Buck the System. umm, MW. ,af EDWARD F. F ANJOY 591 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Ed American Community School of Buenos Aires, Palmer, College. The virtue is that they have so lost the habit of war that they can't be fooled into going to war even for a good cause. Spanish Club, Human Rights Club, Photography, Foreign Lan- guages. Future: Foreign Service. ULYSESS EVERETT 46 Rockledge Rd. Newton Highlands Brother Beals, College. "One should never wear one'.r hert trourerr to go out and hattle for truth and jurticef' I'll never forget: My tenth and eleventh grade English classes with Miss Diemont. Sports, Attending lectures of "in- terest", Movies. Future: Social Work. ROBERT T. FAIRWEATHER , '38, fi " PAULA FANNING 51 Auburn St., West Newton Miss Fleming Day, Palmer, College. 3 years with G.D., Summer of '65, D.S., P.H. -1- B.G. Pet Peeve: Julia. Rally Committee, Ski Club. DEAN FARNSWORTH 55 Pine Grove Ave. Newton Lower Falls Harley Warren, Riley, College. "I am convinced that all individ- uals have .tome superior to deal with . . ." Getting Haircuts, Raising hell with the Brotherhood. Future Full-time derelictg Part- time proponent of insanity: Pro- priety of coup d'Etat dealership. PATRICIA ANNE FARRELL 25 Washburn St., Newton, Pat Bigelow, Bacon, College. "If a man does not keep pace with his companionr, perhaps it is he- caure he heart a diferent drum- mer. Let him step to the music he hearr, however measured or far away." Bacon House Council, Commons Room Committee, Yoga and East- ern Philosophy. JOHN DAVID FAUCHER 217 Church St., Newton John Bigelow, Adams, College. The Sarge, E-Blocks with "Sully,', Soph. baseball with G.O., Boston Garden, Daggy, Ev. Pet Peeve: The St. Louis Cardinals Baseball, House Football, Music Sports. Future: Business. WARREN FELDBERG 25 Lancaster Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. Love and Baby, what can you do? Nada. Well, you win a few Cvery fewb and you lose a few fyeslh. Tusitala, President, Thoughtprints, Asst. Editor, Human Rights Club, Class Committee. BETSY JOAN FELDMAN 11 Mandalay Rd., Newton P.M.'s, Turkey Bigelow, Bacon, College. Crew '68, Julie and Joyce in Con- way, Trips, Sue? My Starr, Thanks Vicki, Maine Mud-Expo, Jawyn, Summer happenings, Proms '67, Monte forever, someday sal. Bacon House Council, Ski Club, Spanish Club, Bridge Club, Ho ,Io's. s f -Au' sa E. KAREN FERGUSON -'i'5 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. Summer of '67, ,lunior Year, The raindance, Canada, all the times in New Hampshire. Tennis, Rally Club, French Club, Swimming, Skiing. 965. S 1. If .-1. 5. iii! ,,, 11 N 5 ' LOUIS A. FERRAGAMO 8 Larkin Rd., West Newton Louie Warren, Palmer, College. M.A.L., ll!l9f66, Junior Prom, Summer of '67 Mashpee and Den- nisport, The B's games, Double dates with C.A. and L.K., Becky's parties, The Crew '68, STEVE FINE 17 Morton Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. "Me2zJch.' Wfo du deinen Geist rchwingrt, ziher Ort und Zeit, Jo kanmt du jeden Augenhlich dein in der Ewigdeitf' Peirce School, German Club, Li- berterian Club. Future: Physics Research. ,,4"",,,: ,ia . 4439? -. fx L I know you u'o1z't helieve this, but when our dvfvmzmer drinks this potion. . . . it 7? -J 'Q O - l xx l GENEVIEVE C. FISHER 120 Bigelow Rd., West Newton Ginger Warren, Palmer, College. Chuck, White Rabbit, Mustang, Flower Children, S.F., Speeding, Stripe, Balloons, Debbie, Love, Iaffey, Ross, Cameras, Province- town, Smiles, Umbrellas, Gas light, Colors, Soft sepaking minds, Yours. Equestrian Club, People, Sailing, Painting. Future: Att School. ALAN F. FISHMAN 31 Star Rd., West Newton Brighton T .A. Edison, Palmer, College. Junior Prom and 9f30f67 with S.M.B., doubling with DJ., B.M., the times with P.L., visiting Gabe and Bunny at Austins. Pet Peeve: Stalag 2314 and X block. House Aid, Orange Shield, Foot- ball, Times with Segram 7. Future: Engineering. KATHLEEN FITZGIBBONS 934 Watertowrn St., West Newton Kathy Day, Beals, Business. Meeting that certain someone in the middle of my iunior year. Favorite Pastime: Meeting R.D. 8: WW. 8: M.D. 8: J.E. 8: F.F. and our swinging times together in the Donut Shop. Work-Smdy Program. d.?a..I JOHN FLANAGAN 17 Oakland St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. ,I.P. Barden. Equestrian Club. Warren, Barry, College. -:Q . ,,.,f, , f, . . .t . . .22 MM gt, fi . d i 5 ' a " 1 N ' .ss X R3 ' V K-V 3.-Eg' W' CLAIRE ANN FORD 485 Waltham St., West Newton Pixie Warren, Bacon, College. "Red I see, green to me!" Cuch, Ford, Fud, B-Day, N.J.C., Third Road Hard Guys, 70 . . . 80 . . . PAUL FLEMING 46 Harris Rd., West Newton Flem 11. sp VINCENT F. FORTE 80 Cragmore Rd., Waban Bigelow, Palmer, College. Tennis Team, Independent Re- search Club, Secretary-Treasurer, Foreign cars, Silkscreening. JONATHAN FLEISHMAN 14 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre Day, Adams, College. Remember D.L.'s soft sunshine, rising A.T.8cT, learning from teachers and friends what school did not teach. BARBARA ANN FLYNN 306 Watertown St., Nonantum Barbie Day, Adams, Business. "M.S.L.K.B.", good times at the High School with T.C., K.B. and M. K., the night up NHS watching Warren roll down the hill, my good times with George, Brigham's crowd. the Deli. PAMELA LEAH FOSTER 4 Ashford Rd., Newton Centre Pam Bigelow, Adams, College. ". . . to live in the hearty we leave behind. . ." S.R., Jan. 4, Prom, the Cape, A.F. and R.R., R.M., S.R., E.H., ,I.S., P.B. and G.G., breakfast at the Pancake House and football, Expo 4104. Homeroom Manager, House Council, Future Teachers of America, Equestrian Club, Teen Dems. S X X .Q . bv T i' ,fsQSii X S HARRIET FOX .t ' 53 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre t . Warren, Palmer, College. ' Attitudes are more importantlthan sip X aptitudes. We create the climate 5 -:TA if . ' X in and around us by our attitudes. Have 'a warm and friendly atti- it d - h' ' life will tu es, everyt ing in your depend on your altitude. 1' NEWTONIAN, Business Man- ager, Chemistry Club, Knitting, Sewing. Neff RUTH FRAGER 150 Monadnock Rd. A' Chestnut Hill . to ' . 1 ' iii? Weeks, Riley, College. "Well H 2 2 .1 f Brid e Club. g - . .Q 7 2 gk 1 DANA FRANCIS 52 William St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College. Meeting P.W. in my Junior Year, Jan. 1, 1967, Sept. 50, 1967, Den- nisport: Cold Fete, "My Pump- kin", Parking behind the dirt piles. av- 90-JANE!!!, outing with T.H., N.C.'s dictionary, Expo D-2. Library Aide, Leader Corps, Rally Committee, Student Ofhce Aide. Future: Teaching. KAREN IONICE FORD 19 Richard Cir., West Newton Ehtel Day, Bacon, College. Parties at L.K.'s '66, '67, Expo, Senior Prom, '66, laughing it up with Mr. B, Games we won. Pet Peeve: Early Saturday morn- ing majorette practice. Maiorettes, Outing Club, French Club, Leader Corps, Dance. ARTHUR FRANK 16 Brae-Burn Rd., Auburndale Warren, Palmer, College. Kinsley Kansas, Tel Aviv, BERT, Park Sheraton Motel, Barracuty, Fire Escapes, Movies, Sailhsh race. 420, Lewis Bay, Expo, Trojan Club. Tennis Team, Gymnastics Team, Biology Club, President, Trorn Club of Brookline, Skiing, Sailing. PAUL FREDERICK 17 Fernwood Rd., West Newton SUSAN JOAN FRANK 129 Ranellett Pk., West Newton Susie Warren, Bacon, College. "And let today emhrace the past with remembrance and the future with longing." Lakc-ridge summers, early morn- ing rides, "We started that riot!", 166 M . . . Orange Book, NEWTONIAN Ad Staff, Homeroom Manager, French Club. Future: Social Work. will-Z'l,1ii,1lf' f 1 V Y.1,q.,,,,,,,,M, M , , . 5f?f'j,.2' V. fi 111. r Frat Warren, Palmer, College. Coflee hours with Charlie and P.P.'s. Pet Peeve: Getting bald. Baseball, La Crosse, Audio Visual 1 Service Squad, Orange Shield. 4' ,. 122 Temple St., West Newton MARK FRIEDELL SUSAN BERGEN FRAY 180 Park St., Newton Corner Sue Bigelow, Riley, College. "He divided the inhahitants of this world into two groups, into those who had loved and those who had not." Virginia Beach, El Salvador and Montreal. Homeroom Manager, Class Corn- mittee, NEWTONIAN Ad Staff, Ski Club. 1? Nookie Warren, Barry, College. "Kahoona", sugar shack New Years Eve, second cong games, sans LH. Expo, second Girls eh Ted?, Lacrosse with Higgie, York, Craigville. Varsity Soccer, Varsity Lacrosse, Ski Club, Senior Class Commit- tee, NEWTONIAN. ,vs BRUCE MICHAEL FRIEDMAN If 418 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. "For the san will rise and the moon will set And yoa'll learn how to settle for what you get. It'll all go on if you are here or HO! So who cares-so what!" NEWTONIAN Asst., Photogra- phy Editor, Orange -Book, De- partment Editorg AFS, Publicity Chairman, House Captaing Rus- sian Club, Asst. Editor of "What's Happening Mr. Silver" show. ROBERT G. FRISSORA 100 Rolling La., Needham Fuzzy Tech., Business. One red '57 Ford with a 427 cu. in. engine, which is putting out about 535 H.P. through the M mile it turns 12.4, 114.5 MPH. Taking my wife out for a good time, Racing my Ford Future: Building drag racing en- gines as a business. CAROL DIANE FRIEDMAN 212 Grant Ave., Newton Centre "Freed", Friebee Weeks, Palmer, College. Crew of '68, cat at the Cape, Leo's party, the Brian Blues, a certain drummer, 41618, Q95 February-3 cases-broken chair, Brighton at 4 a.m., all the B's and The Four- some, VAR, my partner in crime. Class Committee, Rally Commit- tee, NEWTONITE, NEWTON- IAN, "daydream"-ing. ,L MICHAEL PETER FRUITMAN 15 Rochester Rd., Newton Mike Bigelow, Palmer, College. "Aho1ze all, to thine own self he true, and it must follow, as the night the day, thou canst not then he false to any man." NEWTONITE, Copy Editorg Na- tional Honor Society, Language Lab. Assistant. Future: journalism or Psychology. al DANIEL FULLER BRIAN P. FULLINGTON 29 Lasell St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. "Reach for the shy, and when you're lying face down in the mud you can say you tried." Favorite Expression: Why me? Marching Band, Music. I ,F ,Ms WW ,s . w,'- , wg . - Q at JOHN KINGSBURY FURBUSH 10 Irving St., Newton Centre Scab Edison, Beals, Service. "For that which ir honndiexr in you ahider in the miznrion of the shy, whore doof is the morning mirt, and whore windowf are the songs and rilencer of night." Creative Writing Club, President, Thoughtprints, Doorknobs, Keep- ing time. Future: Eternal Life. MICHAEL FURBUSH F 10 Irving St., Newton Bacon. 'typ -z 4 1, ,ia'Wwwwn,,,ii.,,, r 4 y -' Q- 2 Wnssmsfww . ,WM xx . HW 4 KAREN WENDY GAHM 41-4 Walnut St., Newtonville Brimmer 84 May, Adams, College "But that was yesterday, and yerterdayk gone." Cheerleader, Class Committee, NEWTONIAN Circulation Stafi, French Club, Youth Center Future: Teaching and Guidance. "W0W'?X ll X , PETER GALE il f 1 ' 17 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre 5 I Weasel Bigelow, Bacon, College. "U7hen yozhe in the bag, yozfre in the hagf' Memorial Day '67, the Apartment, Monster Rally, Kenmore Square, Student Union, a certain blonde, JK., Kahunas, the G.T.'s. Track, Human Relations Club, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Junior and Senior Class Commit- tee. DONALD GALLAGHER 39 Tennyson Rd., West Newton Hungry Warren, Barry, College. "Thi.r izhone all: To thine own self he true. . I can, I must, I will. Varsity Golf, Captaing Varsity Hockey, Captain, Golf and Hockey, Music Club, School Broadcaster. MICHAEL DENNIS GALLAGHER 3 Fayette St., Newton Corner Mike O.L. Xavier High, Riley, College. Fondest Desire: To play "B" in college next year. Basketball, Coin collecting. Future: Engineering. DAVID B. GARDNER 7 Washington Pk, Newtonville Desihnado Bielzibub Grogg Day. Riley, Art College. NEWTONIAN Art Staff, Eques- trian Club, Folksinging Club Future: Ah Yes. a , w -, ii. -'vi- . f 5-gf' .H ' 2-Wi" ,y,,l I . ,. Ji. 'L . E '37 I 'hi fi -E ,77 1 N Zi ,gg -3'. -HSP 4, - S Y f X 5 xl -M, X . .V . .Nw 1 , r,W,: , . -1. ev . was sf . 1 ,Y x FSA si 5 Mitzi. fgal Wilgv' jihgxgsig i, :Qi Ng' A 5i,i,. ,, , if sy s 2 s tw ? '- 8 X K V4 ix ff wifi Q N x 32 'siwffz 1 . Q .1 Yi. g .sf N l Nz? efiwxx 5 if wr ? XJ f 1 S X 2 X ,iii .. s.. - if ., , ,.,. - A Q ,.,:,rm . ,te l ftyiiiss E5 l -.ages t ?if,TfQ11 : 2 Z I ' if 971 - 'i"f.rX5 ,AQUA ia- , J A .' l .. f f? ..,, ..r rf? ai' WILLIAM GARDNER 1-1 William St., West Newton Billv, Bill Wfarrc-n, Palmer, College. Hlfarliy to hed, early lo rite, until You have IIIUIICJ' to do Uflh7L'!'ll'iJL'.H Football, Baseball, Track, lndoorg Weightlifting, La Crosse It's called a foot and yozdre on it. NORMAN GASSETT 182 Walnut St., Newtonville Norm Day, Tech, Service. CHRISTINE GAZARIAN 64 Harvard St., Newtonville Chris Day, Riley, College. Dec. 29, 1965 mer Rick, all the kids from the ville, Saturday nights with B., D., and L. 4 MARA C. GELBLOOM 16 Furber Lane, Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College. "The hilly and tea and the earth dance. The world of man dancer in laughter and lean." Phoning and groaning with E. NEWTONITE, NEWTONIAN, Orange Book, French Honor Society. LEON ALAN GELLER 45 Holman Rd., Auburndale Warren, Beals, College. "Experience it not what happen! to you, ltr what yon do with what hap- penr to you." Mr. -Ientz, Basketball teams and coaches, Tennis under Mr. Jessup. Basketball, Tennis, Chess Club, NEWTONITE, Sports Editor, Dogs, Reading. JEROME ROBERT GENTILE, JR. 28 Ardmore Rd., West Newton Jav, Jerry Warren, Barry, College. "Experience if hy far the hert teacher." Seven great years with Jay B., Expo '67, the Chinese Pavilion, All the fun and new experiences with Prevoir in 1002. Four convicts and one doll. I Gymnastics, Athletic Training, Ski Club, Class Committee, Scouting. Future: Architectural Design LINDA KAREN GERSH 35 Dodge Rd, West Newton Bobbsey Twin Warren, Bacon, College. The dance '66, good times at E.C. and Cape Cod, roses, getting caught in the rain. I Will to NHS: My sister. Future Teachers of America Club, Costume Committee, School Play, Spanish Club. Future: Elementary Education. MARCIA GERSON 321 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. A Weekend in August '66, Feb. 22 and every day after, muddy water with Lyn. Pet Peeve: X blocks, cars, Alice in Wonderland. Orchesis, Drama Club, Rally Committee, Astronomy, Chemis- try. SHARO-N GERSON 441 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. "If I am not for myself, who is for me? And heing only for my own self, what am I? And, if not now, when?" Youth Group CNCSYJ, Hebrew Teachers College Choir, Drawing, Sewing. Future: Hebrew teacher. JOHN FREDERICK GILLESPIE 19 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Jeff, Dizzy Bigelow, Palmer, College. Red Stang-Blue VW, Dick Tracy, Private-Bud-Cardi, Beans and the bottle, Melvin and the Cat, Lakes, Court-Eastham, The Tefila Races. Ski Club, Drags, Rallies. Future: Medicine. MARJORIE BETH GILMAN 244 Cabot St., Newtonville Margi, Gil Bigelow, Riley, College. "Laugh and the world laughs with you, weep and you weep alone, it mined ar I cried and I knew." What can I say? huh Nance, Sum- mer '67, the crowd, telephone Calls, HELP h.r., FLORIDA, "in- describably delicious." NEWTONIAN, Library Club, NEWTONITE, S.C.R.B. Future: Nursery School teacher. THEODORE M. GILMORE, JR. 17 Leighton Rd., Auburndale Ted Warren, Barry, College. 'In constant search of where its at Soccer, Chess Club, Spanish Club, Creative Writing Club. JOAN ELLEN GLICK 18 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Trudie, G.K. Weeks, Palmer, College. My Second Horne, L.H.C. with E.D., Lou, Weird and Si, Sn with L.W., Falmouth, the wave, S.S.C. with the hat, search for A.E., Rose Co., Misery is . . .!, football games, rides to Waban. Home Room Manager, Rally Committee, Palmer House Coun- cil, Mental Health Club, Red Cross. JOANNE GLICKMAN 33 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. Frogs in Latin, Study in 314, 10566, 4011? Ice Crearns, "South Terrific" eh, Mr. H.?, Expo 4104, just being the Haneen. NEWTONIAN, Asst. Copy Edi- tor, All-School Musical, Student director, Madrigals, Student Coun- cil, Corresponding Secretary, Vice- President, Youth' Center, Record- ing Secretary. CHRISTINE SOPHIE GLOW ACKI 378 Watertown St., Newton Chris, Krysia Day, Bacon, Business. The senior trip to Canada. Pet Peeve: X-blocks with Miss Mancini. LINDA ANN GLUCK 42 Cotton St., Newton Winsor School, Palmer, College. Frogs in Latin, Beep, T.0.0.S. days, Matoaka Summers, Slums, Iota, Cypress, Summer of '67, Crew '68, Ho Jo's, Wyndham, one rose. NEWTONIAN, Orange Book. Activities Commission, French Club, Drama Club. GARY KENNETH GOLDEN 74 Maynard St., West Newton "Capt, Rock" Solomon Lewenburg, Beals, College. Weekends with the A.Z.A., Sum- mers at Cape Cod '66 8: '67, un- forgettable experience! Weekend on Martha's Vineyard- summer of '66. Baseball, Track, Indoor, Music in R8cR group, Surfing. MARK GOLDEN 37 Grayson Lane Newton Lower Falls The Lechmere Kid Warren, Beals, College. We need, a year book like we need a new high school. Equestrian Club, All School Musi- cal, Library Aide. M' li' ' - " ' ' ' M.. 'pin . , .ei . 1 VA , if , -' L .inf 1 . Q MARSHA LEE GOLDMAN 20 Seton Hill Rd., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. "Laugh and the world laughs with you,' Il7eep, and you weep alone",' U.S.Y. and all the people, places and conventions Chuh Hershll, waiting for those letterslll. NEWTONIAN, House Council, Leader Corps, AFS, NEWTON- ITE Ad Staff, U.S.Y. g Future: Dental Hygiene. 96 5 Q! -,. MN s.. I MARJIE GOLDSMITH 31 Dorr Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. "Clasp the hands and know the thought of men in oiher lands. . ." The crazy four, jumping jacks, the meds, How simple will? Thought- prints, Modern Dance, Human Rights Club, Recorder, People. As 195 EDITH H. GOLDSTEIN 35 Cherry St., West Newton Edy Warren, Beals, College. Senior trip to Expo, Summer of '66, 2 months before N.Y.E., N.Y.E. '66, 10 months following so fat and being late. Pet Peeve: Late Bells. Gymnastics, House Council, Out- ing Club. 232 VERA ROSWITHA GOLLA 373 Kenrick St, Newton Day, Bacon, College. "Today is the tomorrow that you worried ahout yesterday." Pet Peeve: Being called "Twiggy". Music Club, Human Rights Club, Folksinging Club, Ballet, Model- ing, "Eating". ANDREW JAMES GOLUB 149 Temple St., West Newton Andy, Ange Warren, Barry, College. "The Family Affair", Potato Chips, The Drive-In, A-Block Breakfasts, Shafty, The Toboggan Slide, H.R., R.I'I., P.I.., and GL. Drama Club, All-School Play, Senior Play, Film Festival, Temple Youth Group. STEPHANIE ELLEN GOMBERG 264 Mill St., Newtonville Stephie Day, Adams, College. Swiss summer with Papa, Pru- dence and Sweet Pea, Paris sub- ways during rush hours, cheese parties at 4 a.m., good-bye kisses at the airport. Russian Club, French Club, AFS, Music. Future: Languages. ' GEORGIA C. GOLTSOS 96 Freeman St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. "Problems came hut they always pass. Experiences are sacred." 9f66, Summer '67, what I learned at NI-IS?, The Bull Pen. Pet Peeve: Nails, Stairs, H.R., L.I. NEWTONITE, House Council, Swimming, Skiing, Painting. .li LINDA GOODMAN .23 x'-' N: A 1 - s ,I 5 1 X WANDA M. GOODWIN 7 Taft Ave., West Newton Ralph Day, Bacon, College. "Accomplishrnent is what I strive for. I live for today in order to prepare for tomorrow. The past has gone: I cherish today." Commons Room, Co-Chairman, Future Teachers of America, Read- ing and Writing. Future: Elementary Education, English. 5 f-S 2 '67 -V KJ A GAIL GORDON 53 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Bugs, Gay Weeks, Bacon, College. Junior Prom, tea and crumpets, Benson's, Expo '67, 4104, keeping peace, huh Renee?, rabbits and ducks, 5fI9f67 and P.D.B., sum- mer '67, senior year, my favorite "playboy". Class Committee, Rally Commit- tee, "Hitching my wagon to a Star." 'I :LJ-,Q JENNIFER GORDON 507 Ward St., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. "Moz'et la ..... - dubious" Leader Corps. PATRICIA LEE GORDON 62 Clinton Pl., Newton Centre Patti Weeks, Bacon, College. Mornin', Michael, A certain Mos- lem and Love with the Proper Stranger, feuding with Mrs. B., Funny legs, Ready step and Svingl, Tuesday and Thursday S'X-blocks, melting eyes, August '67, discussing pressing problems with E.S. and M.G., "mixing". Orange Book, House Council, NEWTONIAN, French Club, House Committees. ROSLYN GORDON 1081 Centre St., Newton Centre Roz Weeks, Riley, College. "Good judgment is the result of lessons learned from using had judgment previously." Summer '66 and '67, OFND, May 19, 1967, baseball. Pet Peeve: People that like to cause trouble. Red Cross, Mental Health Club, Future Teachers of America, Ski Club. MARK ADAM GORENSTEIN 71 Oldham Rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. "From nothing to nothing." An unforgettable experience: Be- ing awakened at 2:50 in the morning and noticing a bus load of girls moving in. Chess Club, Chess Team, Bridge Club, Math Club, Sports, Newton AZA. NEAL ALAN GORFINKLE 124 Mt. Vernon St., Newronville Day, Barry, College. "To he moral is to ahide reli- giously hy ones own conscientious standards. The attempt to apply these standards to society is the only true Patriotism." Debating Society, Vice President, National Honor Society, Newton Teen Dems, President, Politics. I 5 5, SUSAN GRAHAM 11 Hyde Ave., Newton Sue Bigelow, Adams, College. August '67 with P.S., math with Mr. Barden and his wastebasket. Pet Peeve: People who put on airs to gain friends and popularity. Outing Club, G.A.A., Homeroom Manager, Music Club, Powder Puff Football. Future: Nursing. SARA GREEN 64 Bonad Rd., West Newton Warren, Barry, College. Building I winter mornings, slam- ming lockers, slushy snowshoes, freezing lavs, dripping musty tun- nels, Miss Krebb's junior English, Mr. Swartz, Mr. Shapiro's bulle- tin, Newton High! MICHAEL GREENBLATT Z h f i at We 25 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Greenie, Steve Weeks, Bacon, College. Teaching S'X Block classes, Da- Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da-Da- Binaca Breaks, Mr. B's stick which he may find over his head one day, The corner gang. Being negative, Photography, Music. Future: I plan to go on living for awhile. I was thinking more of an ORAL opinion, miss. LINDA ANN GRADONE 205 Grove St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. Corners in 338 and 2104, Mr. C, Mr. B, "Elijah", Expo, NHS 14- EHSO, games and laughs with J.S., P.L., D.L.g His smile and handshake at graduation. "'.'? PAMELA LOUISE GREEN 1411 Beacon St., Waban Pam Weeks, Barry. College. "Scenes of my youth world are warm in my mindg visions of sha- dows that shine . , ." Memories: ,I.C.'s at C.W. and the Dock, Christmas vacation in Fla. with LA. Orange Book, NEWTONIAN, French Club, Art. f . ri t VICTORIA ANN GREENHOOD 81 Intervale Rd., Newton Centre Vicki Weeks, Adams, College. My partner in crime, B's, S.S., Iota Phi, especially Convention, Crew '68, 2!4f66. A man's son lilled me with many wonderful memories. X f . . - fy' . -H '. " " f ,gi ' Hg hfvliil, .j!',y.,..5,,:h ' wifi'-1 -A z fr'1af1rf.ay.--.12-!,,'f'-mf: 5 . 'fiJir"leg1frf,i. -sl ,r ' .."f'fI 331:31 mf", ' Ke ,tix -, 171.-inn, t .. 4 ,.,.-'.me"' h s K Qc 1 , Y f x F' . . i. .Qt " . Q ., N iw H' i I dfgx 3 , Ig: J. K Q L ,- 4 " . rs l 254 RICHARD ALLEN GRETHE 292 Austin St., West Newton Rich Warren, Barry, College. Pet Peeve: The lectures from Mr. Rothman during X Blocks, The lire drills in my junior year. House Football. ARTHUR JOSEPH GRILLO 67 Smith Ave., West Newton Artie Warren, Barry, College. Pet Peeve: P. Whipped, F.F., M.M, R.S. Battling the Hulk, Cool F., The good times, Nicks, Parties I have attended with Betty Bud, Kahuna's, Korea '63, and Prim Rose '66, All my friends. Groovey. Ho Jo's, Tiger Tamer, Homeroom Igflanager, House Council, Basket- all. STEPHEN PAUL GRINLEY 109 River St., West Newton Steve, Grin Warren, Beals, College. jean, Sept. 7, 1967, A Christening, Brigham's, French with Mrs. M., Mrs. D., The Gang. Pet Peeve: A weak stomach. Favorite Pastime: Being with jean. Biology Club, Girls, Birding. Future: Biologist. MARY GUARCIARIELLO 1011 Centre St., Newton Centre Guarch, Mira Weeks, Barry, College. Sophomore Year, J. J. B. D. M., Rides to NHS, "You just don't know the circumstances," Right DI? Escapades in a SHERMAN TANK, the white Camaro and co, "Groovin' Pet Peeve: My Last Name. Folksinging Club, Sailing Club, NEWTONITE. NANCY GUILFORD 345 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, Business. Forgetting to go to study halls, a certain boy K. K.. getting silly on a Sat. nite. I Will to NHS: My 11 sisters and brothers. Favorite Expression: I don't under- stand. Oh, Dear. Field Hockey, Basketball, Gym- nastics, Softball, Getting into trouble everywhere, "Not going to school." KATHLEEN RUSSELL GURD 707 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Kathy Weeks, Barry, College. Dona Nobis Pacem. AFS, House Captain, Chairman, Tiger Marching Band, Human Rights Club, NEWTONITE, You. -,wr I MARGARET HALLORAN 51 Kensington St., Newton Adams. CYNTHIA LEE HALLGREN 75 North St., Newton Centre Cindy, lee Weeks, Riley, College. "God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change: the cozzmge to change the thingy I can: and the wirdont to know the difference. Amen." Music Club, Girls Outing Club, Swimming, Horseback riding. Future: Physical Therapy. ...-gs l 0 .. . . 'ri hh, ' SENWR COUNTDOWN KATHRYN VICTORIA HAM , A' 327 Franklin St., Newton I' fi Kathy Warren, Barry, College. ' Summers in Mattapoisett, Stowe T '67 and '68, April I-4, 1967, the ,,,,, "Boud and Rose." gag. Pet Peeve: People who say, Sorry ff' bout that .... ' Student Council Activities Com- mission, Co-Chairman, S. C. R. B., Ski Club, Treasurer, Rally Com- mittee, Tennis. !" 4 ,Q ri That's what they thznk LINDA JOAN HANDLER 79 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Riley, College. Three years of memories, certain friends Cand enemiesl, excursions, experiences, laughs, two years of unusual history classes together, Always laugh and keep smiling. House Civics Committee, Secre- tary, Spanish Club, Outing Club. THERESA HARRINGTON 45 Keasington St., Newronville St. Bernard's, Riley, College. Summer of '67 with C. W. J. W., "Barnacle Billies," "The Dugout,' The York Casino. Pet Peeve: Red-headed boys, yel low Mustangs. Rally Committee, Youth Center, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Tennis, Skiing. Are you sure this is the Lower Falls Bus? PATRICIA ANNE HARRIS 120 Adams Ave., West Newton Tricia Saint Bernard High School, Bacon, Art College. R. C., The class of '67 Cdirtmanl, Terry, Susie, Judi Csky writingj, all the friends, Mr. B's class with S. G., Bobo. Scenery for South Pacific, Boston Common, Art, Guitar, Letter Writing. EVELYN M. HARTEL 34 Owaronna St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, Modeling. Junior Year with P. L., Oct. 31, June 29 and July 18, Sammy White's Pool Room . . . A. L. A., '66, Skipping Biology class E blocks down the "ville", Can't foreget Dec. 31, '65 Czap, its' a mistletoe. Student Council, Sophomore Class Committee, House Council, Secre- tary, House Ofiice Secretary, Horse- back riding, Sewing. JOSEPH HART 57 Cook St., Nonantum Liver Day, Riley, College. Being awakened by Mr. Adams at 3:30 in the morning at Expo. Favorite Expression: Wait a minute. Baseball, Working with fiowers, Weight Lifting. RICHARD HARTFORD 34 Madison Ave., Newtonville Warren, Riley, College. Rats and all the kids I've met. I Will to NHS: A furnace full of all the things that people have willed to NHS. Orange Shield, Electronics, Art. ROBERT HARTFORD 45 Brooks Ave., Newton ANITA HARTSTONE 53 Morton St., Newton Centre Nita Weeks, Adams, College. Claim to Fame: Adam. Starlight, Canada, summer in the city and long Saturday nights, N. A. 8: L. F., seeing J. B. for the first time in six years. House Secretary, G. A. A., Future Teachers Club, Sailing. Future: Education. SUSAN HATHAWAY 61 Davis Ave., West Newton Sue, Susie Warren, Bacon, College. "Miss Brillante-How do you know?" my fat owl, expo '67, the Senior Class, all the other kids I'll never forget, Tricia, Mary, so many others. Scenery South Pacific, Horseback riding, Swimming, Drawing. Future, Art, Become rich. GREGORY J. HAY 18 Webster St., West Newton 033-40-5310 Warren, Palmer, College. I Will to NHS: Five sisters, one brother, and one pair of gym socks. Study halls with R. R., M. M., D. T., and the teacher H. L. Football, Wrestling Team, Chess Club, Hiking, Birdwatching, Read- ing. WILLIAM JUDE HAYES 38 Woodbine St., Auburndale Will, "Purple," Bill Our Lady's, Barry, College. Riding around the cape in B. W.'s Vette with L. M.. 1250 with Mr. Morris and all the gang, Little Sisters, D. D., M. R., G. C., D. J., S. B., I will my cough to Marsh. Orange Shield, House Council, Intramural Football, Civics Com- mittee, Donut Squad. , -Ag... ,x XXQN ' wt..-xx . f 6-' inf? 5 S AP' ff . t, .'m' ww- 1, Q V Pj ."v:'. 'TJ' ,.. - ',. 6... JESSE HEAD 28 Mechanics St., Newton Upper Falls Jes Boy Meadowbrook, Tech, Lithographer. Tech Basketball, Administrative Aids, Model Cars, Playing pool. 4 e - '1"::u,!ii . K 1 . f ' 1 ws 2 . f S .."' Y M"-',. A f'n1E'g,.5w I ll' e a 1" x-1 ' ev' ,K X K 'xx '4 1. l 236 x ,J LIBA HEKLER 77 Day St., Auburndale Lee Warren, Beals, College. Favorite Pastime. Talking to L. J. about m.l.g.da.l.l.b. Supptessed Desire: To know the last name. r.l.i.k.I.b.l., Dec. 18, August 27, July 1, Septmeber 27, 6 weeks in '66, right D. E.? dirty water, her man. ' NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, French Club, Spanish Club, AFS, Library Club. ,gf VK -1. Ls s ska - as z 4, 1 .3 Q N t N c f ssl 4 , gi le , is . , Cf wa' fi ', 0'k",x- i 'avgiw I L JEFFREY HELLMAN 61 Clements Rd., Newton Barry. LAWRENCE P. HENDRICKEN 87 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College. Swimming in the tunnels. Orange Shield, Intramural Basket- ball, Baseball, Swimming, Skiing, Hunting. 21" JOHN MARK I-IENNELLY 25 Maple Ave., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. " . . . because be know: now that you don't love becauie: you love derpitey not for the uirtuer, but despite the faults." Human Rights Club, Feeling stifled, People and things, Trying to end the Vietnam War. Future: Teaching English. PAUL B. HENNESSEY 115 Nonantum St., Newton Pete Catholic Memorial, Palmer, Col- lege. "Keep smiling, tlaey'll wonder what you'z'e been up to." Homeroom Manager, Hockey, La Y01l,7'6 right-it is tobacco. Crosse, Weightlifting, Track. ROBERTA HENNESSY 554 Auburn St., Aubutndale Warren, Palmer, Business. The corner and all the kids, Getting up at 6 A.M, to go to Cape Cod with M. H., F. L., B. F., and M. D., November '66-Septem- ber '67, Going to C and F's with R. B., October 16, 1967 with M. C. and B. O. Horseback riding, Bowling, Eat- ing Pizza, Certain Boys. ROBERT W. HOFFMAN 1275 Beacon St., Waban Holi Weeks, Adams, College. "Yesterday ir gone to liue for today." Summer of '66, E. E., S. B., S. G., trips to Cohasset and that "cold" night on the beach, the Cape. Chess Club, Biology Club, Eques- trian Club, Work, "Fishing" tr." ,I . V H. oc w Mogul' 4,1 ,,. zz .5 f , f f 2 A , 4? ff . , we 11 'IQ 2,1231 ' - :Ea " 4,521 ,il gig' , - ' 1 "' ' :S-ff N' -:zz . Q H? ' Q 1523, .4 ,iz E2 H . . . .. . " : -,,,'..:' 333552: - J.. -:Q t"f5w:'--5r::5 -Q, -.Q Sw -fra: w f. 'D x + A' , -KN:-'Q . -fm "'ii5fiG'5 1'f" .ffzsf SUSANNE PHYLLIS HENRY 59 Anthony Circle, Newtonville Suzi Day, Riley, College. POST: MAPS vs. JAR, Expo, Jed Cfor what it's worthb, Hello and goodbye, Monsters, Knickers. Suppressed Desire: To see Tom Rush. Pupils Office Staff for Teachers, Co-dictator, Outing Club, Presi- dent, Spanish Club, Activities Chairman, Folksinging Club. JANICE HOMSY 38 Lincoln Rd., Newton ,lan Day, Riley, Business. Suppressed Desire: To marry boy- friend, Tommy Higgins, 5-21-66. Future: IBM, Data Processing. Water skiing. i Z :Q- at Q :Q E l'I'1 at CD Z W O S I-1 N 9 Cabot St., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. The many hrs. devoted to work- ing and loafing down the music room before and after school, during study periods, and during X blocks. Band and other music activities, U. S. Y. Future: Social Work. fl xsf fw E S S , F i W X t f N DAVID HOOVER 25 Otis St., Newtonville Dave Day, Barry, College. Favorite Pastime: X Block parties at the student union, 23 Otis Street, giving away world series tickets. A third story window, and a clothesline, Expo, a certain nose. Soccer, Cross Country, Track, Out- door and Indoor, Ski Club, Presi- dent. 1 l l I V RASCHEL HERSON 25 Crehore Dr., Newton Lower Falls Beals. , I E Es X it FAQ X X I B? 1 XX tw A. N1 .QQ P ,,L5S:...,s. . Future. Law. ELAINE JOANNE HORN 37 Arapahoe Rd., West Newton "Velvet" Warren, Adams, College. "SucceJJ is getting what you want, happinerf if wanting what you get." Going to Newton High and loving every minute of ir, especially my Senior year, Deutsch, "unbeliev- able times", "More". Senior Class Committee, Second Vice President, Red Cross Club, President, Orange Book, Art Editor, Newton Youth Center. A ,ix LORETTA RITA HINDS i 29 Jasset St., Newton Day, Adams, Business. The Expo trip, the interesting pavilions different people. ,gs Bowling, Football games, Skating. Future: Secretary. lt MARK ALAN HOFFMAN 21 Mosman St., West Newton Hop Day, Barry, College. "Si notre nie est moinr qu'une journee ' En l'eternel, .fi L'an qui fait le tour I Chaise not jourf Jan: efpoir de retour, Si perirrahle est toute chose nee." Chemistry Club Ph sics Club, 1 Y Football, Shafty. Future: Rabbinate. DAVID HOROWITZ 8 Kenrick Terr., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. "A little learning if a dangerour thing." J. V. and Varsity Soccer, Sailing Club, Spanish Club. JILL ANN HORTON 74 Windsor Rd., Waban North Carolina, Riley, College. Falmouth, Otis, Expo '67, Jer-, F. F.'s, Keyes Drug Store, July 6, 1967, North Carolina, Friendly's, B. B. C. C., High Point. Pet Peeve: Connecticut license plates. Ski Club, Rally Committee, Golf, Tennis. .1 ,a 'W Y . Q.. :vs x 1 ELAINE THERESA HUMINIK 29 Putnam St., West Newton Warren, Riley, Business. Dec. 30, 19665 All those Friday nights waiting for the S.S. Suppressed Desire: To spend my life with that certain someone. Favorite Expression: That's close! G.A.A., Music Club. SUSAN LEE HURRAY 61 St. Mary's St. Newton Lower Falls Zilla Warren, Beals, College. "Where no wire direction ir, a people fallethg But in the multitude of counsel- lorr there ir Jafetyf' Marshmallow or paint??, healthy coedism, 82 kids and Expo, the playground wall, Benson's, Peter Pan, Impromptu, down's and up's of skiing, those sailing techniques. Music Club, Madrigals, French Club, Treasurer, SHAFTY, Trea- surerg Senior Class Committee. It t gl - ' i I i ROBERT MARIOTTI HOUGHTELING 258 Mill St., Newtonville Bob, Burns Day, Barry, College. "Walk cheerfully over the world, anrwerirzg to that of God in every- or1e",' "So get on up, and Jock it to me.' Human Rights Club, AFS, Soc- cer, Basketball, Track Teams, Out- side Agitation. Future: Peace Corps. I DEBO-RAH JEAN HOWE 13 Mt. Ida Terrace, Newton Garbie Bigelow, Riley, College. "Time erarer all Jarrow." Fondest Memory: New Year's Eve, Expo, 2 A.M., rounds with J.F., Barb and the "Commons", S.L.'s window, Patty and the C-block pool games, and so many with Jon. Rally Committee, - NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Girls Outing Club, Junior Prom Committee. TED HUNT 28 Putnam St., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College. 2nd's '66 B team, N.B. and guys, a certain tree on Otis St. in June '66, Bakes, 11f14f67 at 12:30 a.m., Mr. DePhoure, PARTIES, good and poorg Al, Steve, Barry in H.R. and "Life." Soccer, Homeroom ttedictator, QED'S, President, Scuba. Future: Science. ' JOEL HURWITZ 29 Mayflower Rd., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Barry, College. Egg on my face at the Chem. Club picnic, J.C. and the "birds", The Doc, The "Jack Shack", burning incense in 1206. Chemistry Club, French Honor Society, Physics Club, Treasurer. Future: Research work in science. 'Lf 3" l 1 ,E D 238 rr Y. ' 'M 1 'I' A! Q1 A ,,i.,,S' . f or So that's where they come from! DONNA JEAN HUSSEY 23 Pershing Rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. Plans to live in Plymouth . . Pet Peeves: Air Force, Newton . . . Happiness is that certain boy . . . Prizes August 14, summer '67, those memoriesll, "B", my friends. Class Committee, Rally Commit- tee, Beals House Breakfast, Leader Corps. ' SUSAN ELLEN HYFER 70 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Suzie, "Hyf" Bigelow, Palmer, College. "One mart not tie a .whip to a Jingle anchor, nor life to a .tingle hope.". ......... . Crew '68, 1-2-5 go, eh, Jen?, "cat at the Cape", 2:30 A.M.-O.T.B., many trips, Starfire, "B.E.B." -TPS r J 3-' JAMES HYMAN 57 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Jim Weeks, Bacon, College. Feb. 25, '67g 'hopefully D.F. in '68, Expo '67, hitch hiking to the girl's dorm at 5 A.M., trips to Brockton '67, trip to Braintree by 128 north. Favorite Expression: Right! I'm Crazy About: Girls. Chief Failing: Girls. Tennis, Equestrian Club, Ski Club, Sailing Club, German Club. JEFFREY MARK HYMAN 58 Morton St., Newton Centre Jeff F.A. Day, Beals, College. "The life of every man ir a diary in which herneam to write one Jtory, and writer another, and hi: humhlert hour if when he com- parer the volume a.r it is with what he vowed to make it." Cross Country, Track, Indoorg House Council, Presidentg Track, Outdoor. JANET HYNSON 367 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Warren, Palmer, College. A certain Youth Center Dance, the Deli, Senior Prom with Mike, summer of '67, flat tires, Expo '67, all the great kids I met at NHS. Suppressed Desire: To find what I'm looking for in life. Future: IBM Programmer or Sec- retary. PETER IAGULLI 153 River St., Newton Crash Meadowbrook, Tech, Service. Unforgettable Moments: Driving Mr. Sullivan and Mr. Houle out of their cool. I Will to NHS: My jet, the 443 Tempest. Administrative Aids, Girls, sports, and my Tempest. Future: Amy. . W, W And you say it really itclves? RUSSELL I-ANNUZZO 187 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, College. The trip to Expo with the kids in room 1, my Junior Prom with L.S., homeroom during X block. Horseback riding, Going to car races, cars. Future: Draftsman. MARSHA IDELSON 145 Morton St., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College. Prudential, Airplane tap, Soph. year, ducking, B's cough and beep, Junior B lunches at N.C., paths. cuteness, incidents, Matison, Ari- zona, Kellys, auto poem, Iowa- money-French, lodging, outside towns, annoying. NEWTONIAN, Equestrian Club, Red Cross Club. JANE IVES 25 Elmore St., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and l- I look the one let: traveled by, And that bar made all the differ- ence." Sailing Club, Ski Club, Human Rights Club, Tusitala, NEWTON- ITE. ANN JACKSON 362 Wolcott St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. Summer '67 and my trip out west. Music Club, Church choir, Sew ing, Knitting. Future: Kindergarten teacher. LOIS SIMONE JACOBS 155 Cotton St., Newton Lo Bigelow, Palmer, College. June 7, 1967 at Paragon with W.S., D.C. with Jill, Junior Prom, Expo '67, English Jr. year, Last period at Brighams with D.D., Operation Plots and Plans. Favorite Pastime: Talking to L.H. about M.L.G.D.I.D.E.B. French Club, Independent Re- search Club, Future Teacher's of America, NEWTONIAN, Music Club. STUART JACOBS 724 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Tex Manville School, Riley, College. School is what you make it. You don't have to get all A's, but you should try your hardest at all you undertake. Rifle Team, N.E.F.T.Y., Sailing, Shooting, Photography, Painting. GAIL JACOBSON 109 Withington Rd., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, College. Summer School '67, M.B., M.L.S., C.P.: Bluesl, Expo, summer '67, second home. Barry House Aide, French Club, AFS, Dancing, Teen Democrats. KEITH ELIOT JACOBSON 276 Mill St., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. Expo '67, the Raids, Censored, Mango. Claim to Fame: Never bought school lunch, driving the Rolls backwards up Route 9. Famous Last Words. Don't look now but Miss Johnson is in back of you. Flying, Sports, Surfing, Billiards, Girls. 5 I ':E.. i . ef' 7 X X - - , .' A . ag? vi yy , U 1' .:,e- wifi: ' i W A ii 2 v-6' 'X ""::f'I. M, , 239 rm i l l Y . I i l l . 4 I . I l i I 1 l l -.x xx , . t L fs L 'vt 'awe 7 Mini? ha! ha! JANET ELIZABETH JARNIS 64 Nonantum St., Newton Corner Janis, Jarnet Bigelow, Beals, Foreign Relation. "The world rteps afide to let any man pair, if he knowr where he'J going." AFS, French Honor Society, Eng- land, Summer of '66. 40 4. Jv- PETER JENNINGS 10 Oakland St., Newton Corner Pokey Bigelow, Palmer, College. Sept. 9, 1966, Expo '67, the day after the pennant, trying to get a library slip from Mrs. Leone. Pct Peeve: Boston Red Sox. Favorite Expression: Stop, will yuh loser. I Will to NHS: The wall at N.C. Orange Shield, House Aide, Base- ball, Detention. CARL JOHNSON 50 Harvard St., Newtonville Day, Bacon, College. "It'.f getting hard to he someone, but it all worhr out." Biology Club, Independent Re- search Club. Future: Civil Engineering. STEPHEN CARL JOHNSON 38 Elm St., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. Pet Peeve: A certain H65 Chevy". I Will to NHS: A patch of grass. Tinkering with my car. DEBORAH JONES 22 Bonmar Cir., Auburndale Debby Bigelow, Bacon, College. "Life is not life at all, without delight." Midnight coffee hour at L.B.'s with the gang, Senior Prom '67 and all the good times I had with T.I. Bacon House Council, Bacon House Commons Committee. Future: Teaching lower elemen- tary grades. DOROTHY JONES 22 Bonmar Cir., Auburndale Dolly Bigelow, Beals, College. 17th Birthday: a ring, a glass of water, and a restaurant, huh Bob?g long conversations and coffee, right L.B.?g Kick-off dance, Expo '67 and Oct. 7. 'C' YU? Q fr x gi QQ' ft r e ' 1 .,, e,.RQ'l? A 'i . , e MARTHA M. JOYCE 11 Charlesbank Terr., Newton Marty Bigelow, Beals, College. "If you do not think ahout the future, you cannot haue one." NEWTONITE, Ad Staff, Library Stafi, German Club, Human Rights Club, French Club. GRACE KACZYNSKI 774 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Beals, College. People who never change their opinions are like a stagnant pool and breed only reptiles of the mind. Ski Club, Biology Club, Sports, Drawing. Future: Biology. MERLE KAHN 52 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Warren, Bacon, College. "Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- l took the one less traveled hy. And that har made all the differ- ence." French Club, Chemistry, Physics Club, Sailing Club, Senior Class Committee. PETER KANOVOS 99 Aspen Ave., Newton STEVEN A. KANOVITZ 104 Westchester Rd., Newton Steve Meadowbrook, Riley, College. "Succe.r.v ir getting what you want,' happiness ir wanting what you get!! Oct. '66, Expo '67, the disaster. Spanish Club, French Club, Travel- ing, Writing. BERNICE KAPLAN 104 Hammondswood Rd. Chestnut Hill Weeks, Barry, College. "Yesterday if hut f0ddj1JJ memory and tomorrow ir today's dream." Memories of Sargent '67 and an Englishman . . . great times with Carol, Paul, and Frank will linger. Orange Book. Folksinging Club, Mental Health Club, House Coun- cil, Treasurer, House Secretary. X. ., W' 1,3 if-.3Z."5j N M Y I 3 'R A. ' bi X, ' X .stark FXS ! ,,,,..-il X K . -. ,:.,N :r: sagem -HOB Q ' ages, QI Qshlfjiz . is V Q-f?teat??g'Xin jail' ,s 191' 9 . Yrs' : V tiff? 'Sic Q15 Ni 'R tt.. f if ,rsgt txt.- Q -if ff ' 'X X X 9 N- I Q 'F 4,-,X ww x is as N5 my x NV suis, "ff e X Xl K X1 , Si W X I Rt 42 Q Q5 9 DANIEL KAPLAN 362 Ward St., Newton Centre Danny Weeks, Bacon, College. Writing "The Family Affair' with A.G., L.S. 81 V.F.g those un- forgettable detentions with Helen, those wild days and nights Phil- adelphia, sleeping in the St. James Hotel. Bacon House Council, A Cappella Choir, All School Play. JOYCE LINDA KAPLAN 21 Ivanhoe St., Newton JOVCCV Bigelow, Adams, College. "Some are weather-wire, .tome are otherwiref' 12f26f65, 5 months 4 days, now- f19f-, Always G.H.D., Rivers, Julie and Betsy in Conway, my car, "tickets", Pres. I.L. Ge-bear- Off Club, summer '67, "I to my- self." Adams House Council, Treasurer: NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Orange Book, Future Teachers of America, Library Assistant. ROBERT JON KATSEFF 340 Chestnut St., West Newton Bob Warren, Bacon, College. R.H., Junior English class with G.P. Fox, The NHS football team. I Will to NHS: Some more Kat- sefI's in 1970 and 1977. Football, Track, Indoor: Track, Outdoor: Working on our dairy farm, Golf, Horseback riding, Tennis. Future: Agricultural School. THOMAS J. R. KEANE 24 Groveland St., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. "The world ir a heautiful place to he horn into if you don't mind happiness not always heing so very much fun, or a touch of hell now and then." Surfing, Froggy Gremlin, L.E. Music Club, Jazz Club, Orange Shield, Marching Band, Concert Band. JUDITH ANN KEEFE 365 Austin St., West Newton Benewaufa Warren, Adams, College. Providers, Jr. year, Plymouth, summer '67 and "peeps"g speed kills, Canada D., RIVIERA, new vocabulary, Sunday afternoons, Kelly's, a blue sweater, a closet, The pony, Luchiti. Ski Club, Rally Committee, Jr. Prom Committee. Future: Plumbing. JOHN J. KELLEY JR. 391 Linwood Ave., Newtonville "Kel" Day, Bacon, College. "Memories of '67", the summer nights, the Kelleys, "J.A.K.", Hyanisport, my 40 Merc., World Series 2nd game, Kenmore Square pennant night. Famous Quote: Bozzonkan. Stamps, Coins, Butterflies, fits all a punch of Bozzonkab. Future: To have some more good times and make a million Cbananasl. i . , 8 .V jf m A , x 5 5 . 3 . , 5 X s tk . 1 ' ,na ., .. we ,. ., ,rfii4..F Vw 'um 12 45 ,fast r 5' . t' 51' -Q-Zac 9 My Q . ii?- 1 ,. 5 : .5 .,, , .if -4, -f bi-A, .,-1 t . .rf ,mp ,J ,. H' ':':jf,p,g?" .---ii I J' Jn?" , 4 , ' .. . '3 .f ed 241 MARY LOU KELLY 488 Watertown St., Newtonville Our Lady's, Riley, College. Summers '66, '67g Feb. and March, Good Times with B.F., 0" K.B., G.H., Expo '67, Brigham's, Deli, all the good times. Future: X-Ray Technician. THOMAS E. KELLY, JR. 70 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Tex Warren, Bacon, College. Saturday night at Expo, Newton- Brookline game-'66, ,lohn Bar- den's math class, Study Halls in 335. House Commons Room Commit- tee, Orange Shield, Ski Club, Aus- tin's, Social director of Newman House, Skiing, Baseball. Plas.. '16 "Qi STEVEN ALAN KENDALL 110 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Steve XVarren, Adams. College. "I would rather he attached than fnzzzofired. For the teorrt thing you can do to an author if 10 he silent at to hir u'0rh.f." NEWTONITE, Sports Editor: Gymnastics Team. Future: Journalism. 242 ,IOHN MARTIN KIYNYAN IR. 49 Sherrin Rd. Newton Lower Falls Ulugh.. Warren, Barry, College. Ask for Ilerby, You like Natick I'ligh?, Triumph, Sprite, G.G., L.G., H.G., IG.: The Brethren- IS, E.H. and his Plymouth, ID. and his Fast Front. Independent Research Club, Work, Sports ca rs. ,IANET KILEY 56 River St., West Newton Sandy St. Bernards, Riley, Business. ,Iuly 4th weekend '66, ,Iunior Eng- lish with Mr. DePhoure, the kids from the square and Brigham's, the Deli, the girls room with T.P., my excursions with M.C., the Patio CTubS2, "Pig", May 27, l967g the warehouse. l MARY ELLEN KERNS 177 Derby St., West Newton "Mira" Warren, Barry, College. Fighting with R.I., Laughing with Mira and Di, Wellesley, Route 9 in E.S.'s car, "keep it moving", gym class of '68. Pet Peeve: Nutrament. Commons Room Committee, G.A.A., Library Assistant, Pool, Collecting air mail stamps. ALEC WINSTON KEVORKIAN 58 Valentine Pk., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. "Wald rpring. Scudding cloudr. OH life! Dark .ttream of swirling hogwater on which appletreer have cart down their delicate flowers." Spanish Club, Tusitala, Flying, Photography. LINDA KIMMEL 22 Westbourne Rdr Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. "You don't like me, do yah, you hate me, don't yah?"g Mental, Math class with Mr. Barden. Future Teachers of America Club, French Club, Outing Club, Red Cross Club. Future: Teaching. 4 ROBERT KINCHLA 65 Waban Pk., Newton Corner "Kinchi' Bigelow, Beals, Business. Wipe out in St. Catherines. Square on the Senior trip. Most disliked past time: just hanging around the classes. Outside Interest: Flying. Hobbies: Cats. Future Career Plans: "To meet Uncle Sam in the Service". 1' DONNA KING 24 Sheridan St., West Newton St. Bernard's, Barry, College. Problems-S.R.'s and mine, discus sions with S.K., L.C.'s party. Pet Peeve: Aggravation, K.F.T.B.H.I.W.T.O. EDWARD KLEIMAN 21 Whitney Rd., Newtonville Ed, Wooly, Kli, Abe Day, Riley, College. "All permanently raluahle idea: matt he continually horn in thought." Benson's, Bed bugs at Expo, ,lolly I lack, Chem D Block, Mrs. Nolan, 2209. Orange Shield, Homeroom Repre- sentative, Class Committee, RYFTI. MARGERY J. KLYMAN 29 Concolor Ave., Newton Margie Bigelow, Bacon. College. Miss B., Mr. F., Mr. B., Science night, Expo, trip I missed: NHS 14-EHS 0. Chief Failing: "Coming to grips" with Algebra II and Mr. B. French Club, Music Club, House Student Aide: Future Teachers of America Club. Future: Medical Technologist. KAREN lNA KONOWITZ 11 Garner St., Newton Centre Cookie, Kon, Krin Weeks, Bacon, College. Trading "them", Janie Jawyn, Up with Clam, Junior Prom, Ben- son's, tea and crumpets, miracle prices, Expo '67-4104, "Hitching my wagon to a Star." Class Committee, French Club, Music Club, House Council, Lead- er Corps. X ABBE GWYNN KOSTANT 5 Merrill Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. Europe 6 months '64, parties, MAPS vs. JAR. Pet Peeve: People misspelling my hrst name, four studies in a row in my junior year. BARBARA KOTZEN 71 Kenilworth St., Newton Barb Bigelow, Barry, College. "Of all sad words of tongue and pen, the saddest are these: 'Il might have heerz."' House Council, Mental Health Club, Vice President, National Honor Society, A Cappella Choir, French Club, Vice President. MARK ANTHONY ROBERT KOZLOWSKI 21 Cotter Rd., Waban Koz, "K", M.A.R.K. Weeks, Riley, College. "God, man, me- are there really threeg Or is the first or last the sum of all From which there is no escape, no dream . . ." Trying to get C.O.C. to S.O.M.F. Riley House Council, Vice Presi- dentg Causing general confusion, Chone hunting, Zooing. Future: Politics ALVIN KRINSKY 45 Philmore Rd., Newton Beals. 7 Lets see . . . tha1f's 25 overrzite hooks at 25 cents a clay. .. JOEL NATHAN KRAKOW 222 Homer St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. Two exceptional young men opened my eyes. There's really no other way. Oh well, perhaps to- morrow. No obstacle is too great for that D.O.M. Marching Band and Pep Band, Chess Club and Team, Captaing Music Club, Life. Future: Education. ANN KRISTAL 33A Wesley St., Newton Miss Red Sox Weeks, Barry, College. April 11, 1967, pulling the wool over Larry's eyes that October weekend, listeninglto R.S. during L.P. classes, Red Sox 5, Twins 3, "This is the year." Spanish Club, Bridge Club, Red Sox, Bruins, B'nai B'rith Girls, Committee Chairman. CHARLES KRITZAS 280 Adams St., Newton Chas Day, Palmer, Service. "ll7e are all horrz with a purpose. and to achieve our goals is the true mark of a man. To each his own." Pet Peeve: A hatred of Shakes- peare. Fondest Memory: 2206 Orange Shield, Dating, Basketball, Bowling. STEPHEN KULIK 101 Central St., Newton MATTHEW A. KUMER 321 Elliot St. Newton Upper Falls Matt Meadowbrook, Tech, College. The time one of my friends turned on a fire extinguisher in the hall to see how far it would go. Varsity hockey, 1, 2, 5: Sports, Working and riding on motor- cycles, Drafting. cf f 243 Fondest Desire: To burn the 'P' . 2 GERALDINE LAJOIE 99 Russell Rd., West Newton Geri Lyn, Bunny Holliston High, Beals, College. Peoples! I love everything. H.I-I. and the Catharsis Crew, Ginny al- ways-Ani sometimes Cchin up? oh, noll, Senses and Innocence and No Inhibitions Wantin to be so PAUL LaROSEE 323 California St., Newton ..T.. Day, Palmer, College. The crew of '68, Marshfield at 1 a.m., The Costra Nostra, The cl raggin' wagon. . I-Z much. Film Festival, Orchesis, Drama Society, Going Anywhere. Future: Doing Everything. .IOHN LAMPERT 132 Farlow Rd., Newton Chopper Bigelow, Palmer, College. We try harder, Mrs. Leone's good humor, A last period study. Soccer, Chess Club, Bridge Club, Golf, Basketball, Bowling, Pool. ALAN LAPIDUS 126 Algonquin Rd. Chestnut Hill Weeks, Adams, College. I predict that somehow and some- day 1 will make the honor roll in some school. My favorite memory is driving from October to April with P.G. Temple Youth Group, Guitar playing, Sailing, Cars. - JH. Q' .vin V., , 't Q . 'v 'S' A ' f s'rEvEN LAPPEN 5 nn .gf zf' xg--145 .4 I. ., fi ol, ,gush , M VI . ,y JACQUELINE LAROSEE I 1 228 California St., Newton A 2 s' , ,V lf: Jackie . 4 3, 'Q 'f Day, Barry, College. X 4.15 Summer of '66 with Yvonne, Bob in . 1 and Bill. Summer of '67 with the fellows from F. N. and M. I Will to NHS: One Brother French Club, Home Room Man- ager, Commons Room Committee, K AFS. i pl PATRICIA JEAN LaROSEE Y . STEPHANIE LASKARIS 117 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Stephie Jolly Green Giant String Bean Weeks, Adams, College. Yours till the ocean wears rubber pants to keep the bottom dry! Yours till people drink Canada Dry Yours till Niagara Falls Yours forever Newton High? Expo '67, Swimming, Traveling. Future: Secretary ELLEN LASKEY 20 Chesterfield Rd., West Haven Ellie Warren, Palmer, College. "Better by far you should forge! and smile than that you should remember and be sad." "Cornf1elds", a sailflsh, "J.S.W.", 1076-finally-right Sue. G.W. with S., "good-bye Margaret", huh Lin, H.R.S., Lake Wequaquet forever. Orange Book, Department Editor, Spring Musical, Co-Chairmang Student Council, Treasurer. length of Elm Road. House Council, Cars. 3727 6,2 721 77 ifjjji Xff f "Titicut Follies" 20 Duane Ave., West Newton Pat, Tricia Warren, Barry, College. "To live in hearts we leave behind is not to die." Summers in Manomet, Watching all the football, basketball, hockey and baseball games. Sailing Club, Volleyball, G.A.A., Water skiing, Swimming. JERAULDINE LAYTON 37 Shaw St., West Newton Af . A Jerri -'TIA Warren, Bacon. A I'leave my gym suit here for a I nice gym teacher. Leader Corps. Future: Enter the Armed Forces and travel overseas. BRIAN LEACU 70 Bowen St., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College. "The rcramhle to get into college if going to he 50 terrihle in the next few years that .rtadentr are going to pat ap with almost any- thing, even an education." Sailing Club, Independent Re- search Club, Stage Crew, Tennis. ROGER JAMES FELDMAN LEHRBERG 46 Blake St., Newtonville Bigelow, Barry, College. "Mort of as don't know exactly what we want, hat we're pretty rare we don't have it." Barney's health, Michigan half-a- rock, Temple rally. House Council, Baseball, Gymnas- tics, NEWTONITE. JANE ELLEN LEAHY 300 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill Weeks, Bacon, College. "Yon will do foolirh thingr, hat do them with enthusiasm." My second home, summer of '66, P.C.'s little plastic rowboat, Elea- nor Rigby, Crew '68, Expo, P.S. Athlete's Foot, Weekend in Ver- mont, "Cat at the Cape '67", Jun- ior English with Mr. Fox, Sopho- more year. House Council, Rally Committee, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Music Club, Ski Club. DAVID ERIC BERMAN LEES 50 Eliot Memorial Rd, Newton Dave Hanover, Palmer, College. An understanding of the funda- mentals of the physical universe and their pragmatic application is an aim which I hold most im- portant. Russian Club, Chess Club, Com- puter Programming, Abacus. Future: Science. MARI SA CONSTANCE LEONE 97 Pearl St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Palmer, Business. NHS dance, May 17, 1966. Favorite Pastime: Going out with Maurice. MICHAEL LEONE 65 Bridge St., Nonanturn Our Lady's, Barry, College. New Hampshire ski outing 1966. Pet Peeve: Math Classes, D Lunches, Waking up. I Will to NHS: My disease-prone gym uniform. Favorite Expression: Censored you. Work, work, work, Football, Song Writing, Butterfly Catching, Skiing. PAUL LEONE 216 Adams St., Newton Beals, College. ' Favorite Pastime: Hanging at D.D.'s. The Marina at Expo and ,Ierry's in Montreal. Camera Club, Chess Club, Rifle Club, Mental Health Club, House Football. CARRIE LEVENSON 27 Orris St., Auburndale Riley, College. Orchestra, Music Club, Film Society. DALE ANN LEVENTHAL 422 Chestnut St., Waban Weeks, Barry, College. "A time to every parpore under heaven." Summers of '65, '66 and '67. Sailing Club, French Club, Span- ish Club, AFS, Bridge Club. PETER LEVENTHAL 87 Atwood Ave., Newtonville Meadowbrook, Riley, College. Pike School, Palmer, College. 1 k l I 1 .-5 3991 .0 IPO CHARLES LEVI 101 Cedar St., Newton Centre Charley Wfeeks, Adams, College. "God gizte me serenity to accept zvhat I cannot change, the courage fo change what I can, and the wii- ffonz to know the czlifferencef' Tiger lNlarching Band, Orchestra, Madrigals, Boy Scouts, Temple Youth Group. 'vf"7 ANDREW VICTOR LEVIN 153 Forest Ave., West Newton Andy, Lev Warren, Beals, College. Keep the faith, baby, and remem- ber . . . "Wherever you go, There you are!?!" Murderer's Row, 1232, right Tony? Those nights with what's- her-name at B.C. Student Council, Soccer, La Crosse, Skiing and Aptes Ski. Future: To make money. DAVID JOEL LEVIN 38 Westview Terr., West Newton Dave Warren, Beals, College. 2f4f67-L.R.E. and a hayride, Lake Cochichuate, Spring Frolic, junior Prom, Summer '67, Fall '67, and S.R., 600 yards with ,I.A.B., Kickoff Dance, U.S.Y. and everyone in it. Biology Club, Marine Biology, U.S.Y., President, Auto Mechanics, Electroncis. J in be DIANE LEVINE 131 Bishopsgate Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College. "Here ir life, an experiment to a great extent untried by me." Newtonian Thoughtprints, Library Staff, jamaica Plains Neighbor- hood Action Center. HERBERT LEVINE 620 Walnut St., Newtonville Herbie Day, Beals, College. "To be e man if to feel that through one'J own contribution one help! to build the World.' Newtonite Editor-in-Chief, All Play, Debating Society National Honor Society School SCRB, French Honor Society. Future: City Planning. 5' gi. E. if ,. JAMES P. LEVINE 15 Lockwood Rd., West Newton I will always remember being one of the distinguished, full time can- did photographers at Newton High. NEWTONIAN, Chess Club, R.Y.F.T.I., Ski Club, Photography Club. Future: Engineering. NATALIE LEVINE 42 Morrill St., West Newton Nat Warren, Adams, College. Jan.-May P.M., Afternoons at Cam- pus! Right Sha?, Sept. 16, j.C., May 6-B.P., A.S., and G.F.: Ca- pers with Ellen. MICHAEL ANGELO LICCIARDI 14 Jonathan Lane, Bedford Mike Bedford, Tech, Wentworth College. The day somone stole Mr. Dothen- thy's iacket with his wallet and eye LINDA G. LEVINSON Pet Peeve: White Sports Cars and Chevy's. House Council, Senior Class Com- 7 mittee, Racing, Pool. PHILIP LEVINE 11 Marion St., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. "How doe: it feel? To be on your own, With no direction pole, A complete unknown, Like a rolling stone." House Council, Chess Club, Track, Outdoor, Soccer, Gymnastics. glasses in the coat Future: Drafting. HAROLD LICHTIN 195 Morton St., Newton Centre Meadowbrook, Palmer, College. Physics Club, Independent Re- search Club, Pierce School Pro- gram-Elementarv Science Teaching. 404 Ward St., Newton Centre Lee Weeks, Beals, College. Suitor, flash-squiggles, Superman, D.I., eh Barb?, the crew of '68, al- ways there-B.L., K.R., W.P. Pet Peeve: I.L.L .... "but", NEWTONITE Circulation StaH, Rally Committee, House Aide, K.A.F.W.B. STEVEN MARK LIEB Steve, Liebo, Harpo 7 Manet Circle, Chestnut Hill Weeks, Riley, College. "A wet bird never Yier at night." Claim to Fame: C-stop, goalie in two sports. Soccer, Rifle Club, La Crosse, Audio Stage Crew, Skeet Shooting. DEBORAH LOUISE LEVY 19 St. Mary's St., Newton Lower Falls Debbie Warren, Bacon, College. It is not important that a man be famous, only that he lives a mean- ingful life. Spanish Club, President, House Council, Softball, Skiing. RICHARD ALLEN LIKELY 77 Newell Rd., Auburndale Like, Rick Our Lady's, Adams, College. Favorite Expression: Is that right? Pet Peeve: Girls that don't wave. I Will to NHS: My education. Remember: The Riots, Sit In, Skip Day, My car. Homeroom Manager, Girls, Basketball, Foot- STEVEN DAVID LEVY 58 Green Pk., Newton Steve Bigelow, Beals, College. I am not what I appear to be- Probing must be deep to find the real me. NEWTONITE, Advertising Man- ager, House Council, Tennis, aBs- ketball. ball. PATRICK BERNARD LILLY 56 Waverly Ave., Newton Corner Pat, Hombre Bigelow, Barry, College. Pet Peeve: Nosey teachers, Lec- tures, ugly legs with mini-skirts. Expo '67, and "Breath deep, Paul!" Good times, all the games and Ho ,Io's. EDITH LIBBY 108 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Ede Weeks, Barry, College. Aachen '67, K. K. G., N.Y.C. 3 A.M., Tuesday Lunches, 2 weeks of freedom, shooting chestnuts, Logan, 2 cows. German Club, Spanish Club, Li- brary Club: Music Club. RICHARD LINN 59 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Centre Rich Weeks, Barry, College. You get out of something what you put into it. Expo '67, Cross Country, Tennis, Sailing Club, Sports. i l fi' 1 1 K jiri 'S ill. BARBARA LITMAN 550 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College. The Crew of '68, Flash-squiggles, D.l., eh, Lyn?, Hi Dee Dee, Pro- fessor. lixpo '67, 007, Always and always luv. Pet Peeve: K.T.'s voice. Rally Committee, JPLS, H.B.-K.F. with J.S. JAMES LOCHIATTO 76 Clinton St., Newton Loch Day, Palmer, College. "Let us catch the higher vision." Spending studv halls in Newton Junior College's common room, Sept. 14, 1964 C2 block, leg shows, tales, The great white father in 1002. Equestrian Club, W.W.W., Indian Dancer. Future: Commercial Art. PAUL LONDO 48 Rustic St., Newton Riley. MICHAEL LOUMOS 51 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Mook Day, Barry, College. "On a golden day, you can see forever." M.D. '67, Bike Rally, '67, Expo and Vin, Capers, Ukhandoo, the Vigilantes, Happy Person 1250, Mr. M. and and the gang. Ski Club, Bridge Club, Senior Class Committee, Key Club Paint- ings, B.B. P ,.- ., u 'Nfl . 1 J' I wi, :'! -F. :S l :Quay ., 1- 5.5 'i 248 , A s 3.3 SHARON LOUGHLIN 151 Pearl St., Newton Red Bigelow, Palmer, Business. Spending weekends with j.E. and M.V., X Blocks with M.R. when we used to go to the gym. Suppressed Desire: Making the stairs in Building One and Two in- to escalators. Watching Red Sox World Series games, Watching Patriots Football games. Future: Secretaryf GLEN DA LOVELL 64 Hillside Ave., West Newton Duxbury, Bacon, College. "The world is so full of a numher of things, I'm sure we should all he as happy as kings." Field Hockey, Junior Class Com- mittee, QEDS', Living away. Miss April is u gruhher, isn't she? RICHARD A. LOWELL II 15 Hillside Terr., Newton W'arren, Barry. "You can? win 'em all." PAUL MICHAEL LUBIN 127 Cotton St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. Black lines and slumberful classes. Ambition: To study two nights in 8 FOW. Junior English class. 1 ' Basketball, Tennis, Co-Captain, ,Iayne's League, Library Alfie, House Representative, Homeroom Water Sports. . Manager. I I MARCIA LUCENTA 24 Melville Ave., Newtonville Day, Bacon, College. "Go where you want to go." A.L.'s all nighters, Wellesley, those long walks by the Seashore, room 315, my parties, Expo. NEWTONIAN Circulation Staff, Homeroom Manager, Rally Com- mittee. Future: Physical Therapy. RICHARD LUCENTE 406 Cherry St., West Newton Luck St. Bernards, Barry, Service. B Block English with Mr. DePhoure and all the guys, Four years at this place, Meeting a lot of new kids, Not enough words Left. Chemistry Club, Mental Health Club, Bridge Club, Equestrian Club, Girls. Future: Pro Baseball. RUTH SARA LUDWIN 1073 Center St., Newton Centre Ruthy Day, Adams, College. "All except for Cain and Ahel and the Hunchback of Notre Dame, everybody? making love, or else expecting rain." Folksinging Club, Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts. - Future: History. MARCIA ALBERTA LUPO 165 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, College. L. A. F. 11!19!66, Junior Prom, Mashpee, The B's games with Lou, Double Dates, Sunday afternoon. Rally Committee, NEWTONIAN, Beals House Breakfast, Junior Prom Committee. Future: Nursery School Teacher. I clon't see no car. SUSAN LYNCH 101 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Bigelow, Barry, College. The two o'clock rounds, B.H., 5 Ripley Terrace and my window, Expo, April showers bring?, Christmas Eve, 363 August 6, '66, Rip k 4 deb, smile! NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Orange Shield, Rally Committee. EMMANUEL 35 Grove St., Auburndale "We're all mad" CYNTHIA ANN MACKAY 465 Centre St., Newton Cindy Bigelow, Barry, College. "Only one thing matterrf That wherever we go, and however we go - we hear the music of life." April 19, 1965 and j.F.B. and the "grouD". House Council, President, Drama Club, Treasurer Rainbow, Worth Advisor. Future: Teaching emotionallv dis- turbed children. JOSEPH BARRY MacKENZIE 304 Derby St., West Newton Barny Tilt Day, Adams Service. Spending shers class at Sammy's, july 3, 1967 goodbye, the fern class. ' DOUGLAS MacLEOD 186 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. My fondest memory was being able to watch 3 of the World Series games between the Red Sox and the Cardinals during school. Football, Orange Shield, Photogra- nhy. Future: Teaching. PHYLLIS CAROL MAGER 19 Fenno Rd., Newton Centre Rumplestiltskin Weeks, Palmer, College. Summer of '67 in Hyannisg the only way to travel, Canada, Sun- days at B.U., the three musketeers. Favorite Expression: Have your eyes been checked lately? Homeroom Manager, Library Aide, NEWTONITE Ad Staff, Red Cross, Ski Club. BEVERLY ANN MAGNANTI 29 Richard Circle West Newton ev Day Beals Class trip to Expo 67 Living at the McNamara home Combing Mrs Aronsons hair Cutting Mr Adams during studies Going to the Deli X blocks Softball Volleyball Gymnastics ModernDanc1n1., Fencing Future Hairdressing " 1' . ' . Q A B I 1 S 249 -rl x., 1 if ,af JANET MAGNI 159 Tremont St., Newton Corner ,Ian Bigelow, Adams, College. l2!29f66,5!Z2f67 right Marleen?, l0f7f67 and Bob, Paul, john and Liz, N.U. and B.C. mixers, C Block '66, '67, G2 '67. House Secretary, Powder Puff Football, NEWTONIAN, Com- mons Room Committee. Future: Airline Stewardess. JOSEPH DONALD MAGNI JR. 220 Tremont St., Newton Don Bigelow, Palmer, College. "He who ir exalted Shall he humbled, He who it hzmzhled, shall he exalted." House Council, Tiger Ban , Orange Shield, Homeroom Man- ager, Latin Club. ERIC MALINS 199 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. Pet Peeves: Homeroom teacher, St. Louis in 4, 5, 6??, Minnesota Twins, Babe Parillils passes, P.j.'s sports, predictions, Eddy Stankyg President Johnson. Football, All School Musical, Ma- drigals, Ski Club, Sailing Club. W. MICHAEL MANNIX 67 Temple St., West Newton Mike. "Many" Warren, Beals, College. "What I mart do if all that con- cerns We, not what the people think." Zebulon, Karen Who?, Dip and H', Hoov's The Trio a.m. it , ' , 3 Hockey, the good hours. Football, Basketball, Track, jobs for ,Youth, Oraneg Shield. THOMAS MANSFIELD 580 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Beals, Happiness. NEWTONITE Managing Editor, Debating Society, AFS. ARTHUR MARCHAND 201 California St., Newton Day, Beals, Service. That night, L.T. and W.Y. over at B.C.D. Cars, Sports. LINDA MALKOFSKY 117 Adena Rd., West Newton Warren, N.Y.C. lunches, ploding Library Adams, College. '66 5 A.M., Mr. J., Tues. Somerset-Aug. '66, ex- chestnuts. Club, Music Club. -if PAMELA MALONE 50 Joseph Rd., Newtonville Pam Day, Beals, Business. Going out with G.C. and being a blonde. Favorite saying: "That's Close." Dancing. Future: Marriage in three years. DEBORAH MARCHIONI FLORENCE MAR ,US 449 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Flo Weeks, Adams, College. Fruit and other assorted lemons, the night with hope, '67 Seminar with flowers, Summers of survival '66, Huh Doc?, D.W. Sophomore Class Committee, Chair- man, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Manager, House Secretary, NEWTONIAN. XXX t Kb X . N ui . X Wh sf rf . 1 , Q 'P' X , if PETER MARCUS 76 Paulson Rd., Waban Weeks, Palmer, College. The corner gang, Thanksgiving game, weekends, Halloween eggs, KHOOB, the Mustang, Arogah, the Summer, junior math, chemis- try twice, good times, Expo '67 4104, SAT's, the Senior year. Ski Club, Sailing Clubg Senior Class Committee, Equestrian Club, Bridge Club. ROZANNE ELLEN MARCUS 55 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Center Weeks, Riley, College. "The last chapter of todaylf hook is just the brit paragraph of the new edition." Junior Prom, Deutsch, A good friend Horn, Summer '66, "All those unbelievable times." Class Committee, Red Cross, Get- man Club, NEWTONITE Mailing Staff, NEWTONIAN. MICHAEL MARENGI-ll 169 Washington St., Newton Riley STANLEY W. MARGOLIS 99 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Stan, Marg Bigelow, Barry, College Six Discussions, Binaca breaks, cor- ner gang, SH frosting, right jabs, match makers party, have a coke, skiing upside down, Expo, 4104. Rifle Club, Rifle Team, Ski Club, Band. Future: Stay Alive. MARY P. J. MARINI 45 Hawthorne St., Newton Gvpsv Day, Barry, Business. 3f18f65 with S.B., B.B., meeting Nicky N and P.I., senior trip to Expo. Suppressed Desire: To be that cer- tain someone's girl. Favorite Expression: Yah, right here! Future: Ofiice wbrk. PAULA MARINI 41 Melville Ave., Newtonville Day, Beals, College. Halloween Frolics and Veterans' Day Happenings of766, Little red and white comets that always re- turn, Ringing in the New Year the right way, Railroad tracks that get in the way. Pet Peeve: Turning into a pump- kin at the stroke of 12. Administrative Aid, French Honor Honor Society. ROCCO MARINI l ,N 4 l 53 y if Rl I ig ,Q l LORRAINE MARINO 14 Annapolis Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College. July 14 weekend, dressy Camaro, J.B. and IF., Moons at Sandy Ter- race, Heights' Beach, 2:00 a.m. Follies, four empty tires, P.M.'s V.W. at South Cape, Expo '67, DZ. Palmer House Council, Majorette, Home Room Manager, Horseback Riding. 'V' 'ms- JOHN A. MARONEY 13 Murray Terr., West Newton Jay Warren, Beals, College. Working at N.B.'s, summer at N.H., O chevy that I couldn't sell. Waterskiing, Swimming. """ll . . 59 aaa 'R . T ii- 1 ...Ass W5 , 'sat . . .-14 ku,-1-I . WUIW.: ' -zrgf. " ,fag-gg Luk.. sw Ls, ag T"i-Ezsiii ' f- -- ,l:,h'v -'U , 'Q-y1iL1:'?,,. , M-, ., ,, .. . ilu lag-.5 .. li, 4 2...-wwe -L A ROGER BERT MARRAZZO 14 Ryan Ct., West Newton Roge Warren, Palmer, College. Be your best and try your best at all times. Debating Society, French Club, Drama Club, Chess Club, Bridge Club, Assistant Representative of Class, Future Teachers of America, Astronomy Club, Running Pro- gram, La Crosse, Golf. 252 ELLEN WENDY MARSH I5 Noble St., West Newton EL Warren, Adams, College. "Don'l he wronged hy others" 4fI7f67 Michael Sfll-14767 at Brandeis, History with P.W., Hockey and Football games, Nan- tasket - L.G., A.E., The Mac's and all, "Tidal Waves", Capers with Joanne, Rose and Natalie, Louie. Homeroom Manager, Publicity Committee, Music Club, Piano, Horseback riding, Swimming. DANIEL THOMAS MARZILLI 217 Watertown St., Newton Danny Our Lady's, Adams, College. B.M. D. D.'s, Expo '67, NHS foot- ball games, Mr. Drury sinking in mud at Bullough's Pond with P.L. and me watching and laughing. Sophomore Baseball, House Basket- ball, Sports. MICHAEL F. MARTIN 42 Madison Ave., Newtonville Mike Warren, Bacon, College. Mr. DePhoure's B Block, gym class, a black and white frappe, a 5550 kiss with Debbie, 9f1f67, the Sub Shop, second floor smoking room in Building III, Phil's party, vacation 1967. Pet Peeve: Working Friday nights. I Will to NHS: My parking tick- ets and yellow slips. Debating Society, House Football and Softball, Swimming, Parties. LUCY MARZILLI 11 West St., Nonantum Lu Day, Barry, Business. "Be not angry that you can not make others ar you with them to he, time you can not make your- relf ar you wirh to he." French Club, Commons Room Committee, Junior Red Cross, Hairdressing. Future: An interpreter abroad. HENRY MARTOCCHIO JOHN PAUL MASSAURO 186 Chapel St., Nonantum BAZEAK Day, Beals, College. Looking for J.P. during passing periods although failing to suc- ceed. Rifle Club, Rifle Team, Drag Rac- ing, Hunting. Future: Architectural Engineering. 4--5 'T .li WILLIAM MASSEY CHRISTINA MATCZAK 511 Watertown Sr., Newton Chris Day, Adams, College. The night I met K.V.L. Pet Peeve: Nurses at NHS. Trafhs Squad, Baseball during X Blocks, K.V.L. Future: Marriage. JACK MAVISAKALIAN 164 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. "Tourney-bound Tigers, Cape 9f9f99, the Green Death, swim- ming "high" at the Cape with P.N., Weymouth 75, Newton 72, the lost night with D.C., wow-now Basketball, Golf, Chess Club AQ an 1 l STEPHANIE MAVRIDES 1801 Washington St., Auburndale Steph, Stevi Warren, Riley, College I Will to NHS: Speeding ticket and a tovel. Yellow Rose, 1, 2, 3, -ready- ya Amy? shift, paint and a fence, WLA - Fairey Few, jumpl, 210s boys: those bashes. French Club, Spanish Club, AFS, Ski Club. v ROBERT J. McCORMACK 43 Grove Hill Ave., Newton Mac Day, Adams, Air Force. I Will to NHS: My brother and sister, To the Fire Marshal, my parking space in back of Building Orange Shield, Stage Crew, Cars, Motorcycles. Future: Real Estate. :mm JOHN PAUL MCINTYRE 94 Randlett Pk., West Newton Day, Adams, College. Apart from my superior academic standing at NHS my memories in- clude working out at the 'Y', a boat on 128, screw-drivers and .l.C.N. Orange Shield, Golf Team, Opera, Playing the cello. .C v V- iff, " : 3 ""' I . f it . s 'ss . Q .:- . , t I LORETTA MARIE MAZZOLA 38 Clinton St., Newton Lorie Day, Beals, College. Summer of '65 with all my friends in Europe, Summer of '67 with all the guys from F.N., jackie, Yvonne, and Donna. I Will to NHS: My brother. French Club, Tennis, Sports Car Races, Singing. Future: Elementary Education. ANNE ELIZABETH MCBURNEY 93 Central Ave., Newtonville McBumby, Bumble Day, Barry, College. "You are constantly invited to be what you are." Tiki jr., Xmas Eve snowballs, Ski weekends, the group, good pizza, shrimp and chicken, certain smiles. AFS, House Council, House Office Secretary, Drama Club, French Club. JEAN MARIE MCDONALD 365 Cherry St., West Newton Jean Bean St. Bernard s, Beals, College. Kids at B.'s especially, C.D., B.C., KJ., Hurry back Chucky Baby! SP.G., L.M., M.R.S. A., 2 years Mr. S. August 15, 1967, September 7, 1967, Setpheng a ring, a christen- MAURINE MCKENZIE 25 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Moe Day, Beals, College. Expo with all the gang, july 4th and Labor Day weekend. Supreme Desire: For Linda and I to go to Florida. House Secretary, Field Hockey, Basketball, Bowilng, Skating, Ten- nis. 2 MARTHA MARY McMULLEN 92 Eliot Ave., West Newton Sissy Day, Beals, College. Summer of 1967, The good times in New Hampshire, April Vaca- tion in 1967, Expo. Administrative Aide, Rally Com- mittee, Tennis, Swimming. I WILLIAM McMULLEN 92 Eliot Ave., West Newton ing, summer '67 julies Gang. Day, Barry, Service. .,x ,-shfli' A l CRAIG MCKENNA 270 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. "Give every man thine ear, but few thy voicep Take each man'J cenrure, but reserve thy judgment." Chemistry Club, Physics Club, Li- brary Aid. Independent Research Club, C.P.F. s 253 ' 1 jk, Q' W' A ,Q -' DIANE ELAINE MCNAMARA 56 Faxon St., Newton Di Day, Riley, Business. All the great times I've had with lim. l remember Friday, February 5, 1965, Tuesday, October 12, 1965, and Friday, February 3, 1967 the most. Swimming, Skating. Future: To become a secretary and to get married someday. ANN NORTON MECHEM 36 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Annie, Meech Day, Beals, College. "When the going gets toughp the tough get going." National Honor Society, Class Committee, Secretary, Cheerleader, A Cappella Choir, Tennis Team. DEBORAH ELLEN MEDALIA 30 Dorr Rd., Newton Debbie Bigelow, Beals, College. "Don't laugh at youth for hir ajfectionr, he ir only trying on one face after another to End hir own." Thoughtprints, Human Rights Club, Silk screening, Guitar. JANET MEDALIA 30 Dorr Rd., Newton Bigelow, Palmer, College. "Within the realm of living there exirtr a :pecial evil, the hoypitility of mankind." Human Rights Club, Thought- prints, Art and "People", ' FRANK MEDLAR DAVID A. MELANSON 7 Raymond Place, West Newton Dave Warren, Bacon, College. Russ and 1 giving Mrs. Levensohn an excedrin headache every X block, "the group", cars, the Deli. NANCY B. MELANSON 30 ,Ierome Ave., West Newton Babs, Stella Warren, Riley, College. Equestrian Club ranch trip, all my wonderful moments with Gene. Favorite Sayings: I'm riding. Give me a break-I'm only a kid. Equestrian Club, President, Bridge Club, Folksinging Club, Class Q. . - , .rf x MARCY MENITOVE 55 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. The pitch and moment of :elf-ful Dialogue. ' 53. ,' 'if 4.5. ' ,' 1 as I I .Jn .. ,Av LAURA MERSKY 485 Crafts St., West Newton "To wail friends lort if not ,fo wholerome-proitahle, ar to rejoice at friend! hut newly found." 1444 and Teddy, 406 ice creams, groovy talk with D., Hey baby . . . Expo 4104, tangerines and B.R.S. Committee, Rally Committee. I I 0 'O LARKE MARY MEREDITH 108 Crescent St., Auburndale r r ' - Classical ,Iunior High, Palmer, A 1- College. Springfield, Mass. and Classical ' High School, C.W., N.,I.,I., D.,I., D.G., T.C., R.E., C.H., MF., R.S., D.R., G.W.. Trade Tech, The Basketball Games, L.P. and D'5, L. Favorite Expression: Are you for real? Home Economics Club, Homeroom Manager, Sewing, Cooking, Sing- ing in the church choir, Art, Travel, Drawing. Future: Fashion Design. Bigelow, Barry, College. KIRK DREW MEYER 89 Grove St., Auburndale Bear Warren, Riley, College. " .... and rememher thir my friend, wherever you go-there you are." Dunhuntin', Adams, Bull Sessions, Mr. Pants' Baby Teeth. Future: Literary Genius. 35 hours of detention. The only thzng these ma- chznes cant do is take at- TOM MICKA 19 Capital St., Newton Todo Bigelow, Armed Services, Business. My Dodo. Co-op, Racing and building race cars. Future: Aviation Mechanic. ..,, ' Wx ii .. li S " ' i.. :S . X akf .ff . -2 N 0 it NX xg ,C Weleda ,,,, E ,Z NIP B75 VI?-A SO Da EIT! QE 25 370 D s S 1 Margie Bigelow, Bacon, College. "Love is a many Jplendored thing." Jon, April 6, 1967, the junior Prom, my junior history class. I Will to NHS: My 14 studies in my senior year. Commons Room Committee, Delta Sorority. Future: Nursery School teacher. THEODORE R. MICKA 19 Capital St., Nonantum Teddy I Bigelow, Tech, College. "Live for today and not for to- morrow and enjoy life while you can." The food tight I started and the ROBERT MIKSENAS 68 Albert Rd., Auburndale Bobby Warren, Adams, College. Memories of the wall. Football, Scuba Diving, Shooting, Archery, Skiing, Hunting. Future: Oceanographer in Under- water Construction. IAN DOUGLAS MILLER 16 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Doug Warren, Palmer, College. "Though nothing can hring hath the hour of Jplendor in the grass, of glory in the flowery We will grieve not, rather find Strength in what reminds hehindf' Football, Tennis, Basketball, Orange Shield, Skiing, Athletic Activities. KAREN GRAY MITCHELL 15 Freeman St., Auburndale Mitch CGrannyD Warren, Adams, College. "All good things mutt end .rome- day. Autumn leave.: must fall." Splinters and bubbles, a purple pillow, sand and ocean, D Block, Expo '67, Pumpkins. NEWTONIAN, Assistant Feature Editor, Youth Center, Workers Committee, SCRB, Newton Teen Dems. Future: Science Research. JEANNE MARIE MOONEY 59 Fuller Terrace, West Newton Jeanie - Warren, Barry, Business. The only way to express my fond memories of the three years at NHS is to recall the summer of '66, junior English, and all the gl'eat kids I've met and whose friendship I will always treasure. Outing Club, Gymnastics, Boys. Future: Creative Writing. RONALD MOORE 150 Honneywell Ave. Newton Centre Ronnie Pet Peeve: Never looking old enough. Favorite Pastime: MPH oflice. April 5, July 18. PATRICIA LYNNE MORIARTY 5 Manhattan Terr., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College. July 4th, Falmouth, dressy Cam- aro, ,I.B. and ,I.F., Terrace Moons, Heights Beach, four empty tires, 2:00 a.m. Follies, moon over men- aunt, D-2 Expo - Copuska's? Ski Club, Library Aide, Rally Club. ,V , ,.. . 1 .1 Q Etta . X wt V. I Y:- eg, ,S -,, .I .N .ig lr- Q, x 'K -A ww:f5'? 95 .-4 3 171, ' A. E:5f?,3.gj grail , ' iig,",. Fi ,jig f., ,E ' . ..':f2gP::. ...15. 4 A ' .. rurprire which is lifef 'I .i . sllllfg ' , ini- , ' nl "' X ELLEN MORIECE C16 Montrose Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. 2 a cc! the nah! of the day "Tf ff' 'fl y I - that ir the hrghert of the arm." National Honor Society, Human Rights Club, Secretary, Co-chair- Club. MICHAEL G. MORRISON 487 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Mike Day, Beals, College. I Will to NHS: My fingers and toes to future math students. Pet Peeves: Gym at 8:10, 600 yard run. Favorite Pastime: Trying to get out of X Blocks. Marching Band, P.O.S.T., Beals House Council, Music. Future: Field of Mathematics. Q 40' RICHARD MORRISON CAROL A. MORRISSEY 58 Sixth St., Norwood 12 Ardmore Rd., West Newton Rick St. Bernard's, Bacon, College. Sports Junior year, walk to Newtonville Future: Printing Management. with Expo' D2 Slssy mn in place. Pet Peeve: S.C. at Newton High, Singing on the bus, Cows. Horseback riding, Swimming, Skiing. 'is l gl Z GRETCHEN MUELLER 157 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Gretch Day, Barry, College. "That I exirt ir the perpetual i' 'W' "flush, National Honor Society, Presi dent, AFS, Secretary, Philosophy Club, Chairman, MYF, President, Girl Scouts. -I WILLIAM JAMES MULLIN 11 Whalen's Lane, Natick Chipmunk Coolidge, Tech. My favorite years coming in late, skipping with Mark. smoking in the boy's smoking lounge, tech, driving to school in my favorite car, my '58 Chevy with no floor. Girls, Dragging on Elm Rd. Future: RETIRING. PAUL W. MURPHY 80 Elm St., West Newton Warren, Tech, Service. Pet Peeve: Not going in February. I Will to NHS: My gym suit which has been standing in the corner for the last three years. Tech Basketball, Cars, Sports, Hunting. Future: To become extremely rich. HARRY STEPHEN NESBITT 84 Moffat Rd., Waban H., Har Warren, Adams, College. Favorite Expression: That's all right. fltalian stylej. I Will to NHS: Three cut-up golf balls. The fires iunior year. Soccer, Co-Captain, Ski Club, Golf. RALPH MURPHY 90 Auburn St., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. State Tournament, Junior Year, Hockey, GXGXGG. Favorite Pastime: Kitchens, C.F. Hockey, Football, Golf, Folksing- ing Club, Watching the flowers. SHELLEY EVE NISSENBAUM 143 Lagdon St., Newton Shell Bigelow, Riley, College. Skipping classes in my sophomore year with D.F., P.B., and B.G., Halloween week 1965, Long tele- phone calls during lunch, "My Impossible Dream", Walking to school with M.B.G. Favorite Expression: Greetings. Favorite Pastime: PAUL NAIMAN 12 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. Newton High is a mixture of old and new. The students are thrown in between the jaws of this tiger. To survive and look back is to be in God's grace. German Club, Photography, Camping, Music. Future: Teaching. MARY ANN NOLAN 97 Madison Ave., Newtonville Our Ladyis, Beals, College. Lunches on the lawn, under the Tree, Red hair, Irish eyes, Suzi, Chief Dictator, POST, people I love, "Expo '67", mini-skirts, soon memories, but now . . . P.O.S.T., G.A.A., Spanish Club. Future: Airline Stewardess. PAULINE CATHERINE NATSIS 10 Kilburn Rd., West Newton New ' , nf ., , .st ,. . , N K ' I lit ,J ' Rl, fx -we if W. . ,N if 'ft ,gt Warren, Beals, College. Sept. 9, 1965, opal ring, Hyannis '67, carrying G.C., up stairs, RATS, talks with P.L., room R-2, my police whistle, making up ex- cuses, 50 cents a chair, being with Elliot. Pet Peeve: Black Fords. NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, Administrative Aide, Newtonville, Plumbing. WILLIAM J. NOTARTOMASO 61 Madison Ave., Newtonville Billy, "Statin Islandn Our Lady's, Palmer, College. Favorite Expression: "You devil". Summer of '67, a certain weekend. I Will to NHS: My slicker jacket. Expo '67, Chess Club, Math Team, Debating Team, Playing the violin . . may i 12' , 3 P -' Future: Elementary Education. LUISA NAZZARO 9 Higgins St., Auburndale Sacred Heart, Barry, College or Travel. "For every tear 1,126 cried, I with I had a tree for then I would be rzrfrozmded by a forert and could be hurt no longer." Mark, Willie 5, and friends, Sculproring, Drawing, Reading, Walking. Future: Travel. ANN NOWAK 17 Furbush Ave., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. Ouija Boards Cer les esprirs, eh Francois?J, the "Bar", English boys, the last Thursday night, coed PJ. parties, long talks, Bruni, Shnickelfritz, etc. . . Orchesis, Orange Book, Orienta- tion Editor, NEWTONIAN, As- sistant Layout Editor, Thought- prints, Chemistry Club. PHILIP NELSON 45 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Nelly Warren, Barry, Service. Funniest Experience: R.B., writing on A.F.'s board. Pet Peeves: Spending time on the black line, Trips to the pool. Baseball, Football, Basketball, Cap- tain, Golf. CYNTHIA MARY O'CONNELL 341 Wolcott St., Auburndale Cindy Warren, Beals, College. "But tba! war yerterday, and yer- terdayfr gone." Splinters, bubbles, and snullies, talks at T's V, 1255, seven years, Expo '67. Youth Center Committee Board, Teen Dems. Future: Teaching. I l 1' N- it' 6 .,A. A10 " .-7. , A , 4 ,A , gs, F-. DIANE MARIE O'DAY 22a Oakland St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. E-block Math, '67, W.S., A-block English, '67, Discussions, Soupy and Lightning, Ski weekend, friends-M.L.S., Mandy, N.S. Girls Varsity Baseball Team, AFS, Leader Corps, Guitar. GAYLE ELISABETH O'DONNELL 152 Pearl St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals, College. ". . . Follow Gethda to X-block and End The Pole. Create .rome papcorn and look for the Bohhiey Twin. Amen. . ." Meanderings in the occult. Future: Social Work. 258 SUSAN MARTHA O'CONNELL 341 Wtnlctntt St., Auburndale Sue Warren, Bacon, College. "Laugh and the world laughs with you . . . Cry and you cry alone." Snufiles, pumpkins, and splinters, Junior year, Senior Prom '67, T's V and Expo '67, House Commons Room Commit- tee, Secretary, Youth Center, Teen Dems. Future: Teacher. RUTH O'CONNO'R 56 Evergreen Ave., Newton Warren, Barry, College. Summer '67 in Germany. German Club. ...Q JOHN D. ODO 40 Cummings Rd., Newton Riley. KAREN ANN O'HARA 204 Austin St., Newtonville Warren, Beals, College. "Thi.t ahozfe all.' to thine own .telf he true, And it mutt follow, as the night the day, Thou canrt not then he false to any man." Rally Committee, Ski Club, Teen Dems, C.Y.O., Swimming, Base- ball games. Future: Elementary Teaching. l Tuha 01' not tuha I MARVIN OLASKY 42 Northgate Pk., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. "Let ur have faith that right make: mighty and in that faith let ut to the end, dare do our duty as we understand it." NEWTONIAN Editor - in - Chief, NEWTONITE News, Student Curriculum Review Board begin- ning, Chess Team, The United Nations and its problems. h,.,w?fi ?5i .Q 'fx t . I f- sig t . 2.16125 nl. 'ix KATHLEEN O'LOUGHLIN 286 Derby St, West Newton Kathy Warren, Beals, College. Weekends in Dover Foxcroft, Gym class of '68' CMarch lowb, Studies in room 1002, Missing school on Mondays and Fridays. NEWTONIAN, Equestrian Club, Animal Husbandry. Future: Airline Stewardess. l CARL JOHN OLIVO A 24 West St., Nonantum Rockey Day, Beals, College. , Meeting Carol October '66, whot stood up?, Cabot's summer '65, pumpkins T. C., BK, T. B., Press Box California T. C. DMC T. B. and C O., Eddy's Boat House T. B. B. F. E. U. and me. l l I it -at Q. i I I l KENNETH OLSICK f 52 Bennington St., Newton Corner O'Dick I Bigelow, Riley. College. Expo, New Year's Eve 1966, hCY Laura. Pet Peeve: Sunday. I Will to NHS: My losing cards. Favorite Pastime: Marios. Football, La Crosse, Skiing, Play-' ing cards, All big league sports. 4 W. Ai- 5 N X Y 53 w x , M ts VV Nix eq ' A X x X ,sig Ns xxx 5 is ms' x ,st Q xxx Q xX t X xx X is N jg? Mg.. 4?- DAVID ORENBERG 6 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Weeks, Bacon, College. Good luck to class of '68! My hobbies include bowling, I like to attend sporting events, and study meteorology in my spare time. I enjoy traveling. I've visited California, Nevada and Florida, among other places. I hope some day to own my own business. CLIFFORD ORENT 1151 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Cliff Warren, Adams, College. National Honor Society, Music Club President, Latin Club Treas., Marching Band, A Capella Choir, Madrigal Singers, District Chorus, All-State Chorus, New England Solo and Ens. Festival, Concordia Youth Chorale, Summer European Concert Tour, 1967, Chemistry Club. Delicious, sir PAUL OSBORNE 29 Ashmont Rd., Waban Morning suns shine, piercing these years, announcing regret, mockery, innocence, laughingand most exciting, growing, We can forget causes, but never can we escape effects. Music, Writing, Living, Jazz records, Photography. JOHN OSTROW 56 Cedar St., Newton Centre Weeks, Barry, College. "Let me forget about today until tomorrow." Key Club, German Club, Green Mountain C l u b , Appalachian Mountain Club, N. Y. C. DENNIS J. O'TOOLE 37 Underwood Ave., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. The senior class trip. Claim to Fame: A certain card game at Expo '67. House Basketball, Baseball, Foot- ball, Feeding my magnesium garden. ELLIOT OVEN 24 Morrill St., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. Trying to come back from Bel- mont before 1:00, 144 M, New Years Eve, Summer in N. H. '67. Pet Peeve: When you win, you lose. Senior Play, Beals House Council, Soccer, Track. LAWRENCE J. A. PACE 36 Cottage Pl., West Newton Larry Warren, Tech, Service. Pet Peeve: S. W. and H. H. Ambition in life: To turn Cottage Place into a combat zone. Being one of T. G.'s raiders. A. A., Captain, Football. HOWARD JEFFREY PACTOVIS 728 Walnut St., Newton Centre Howie Weeks, Barry, College. If men would go so far as to tolerate each other's actions, our world would be a better place to live in. Chess Club, Sailing Club, Math Team, Physics Club, President, Photography. MARIA ANN PALERMU 558 Watertown St., Newton Day, Adams, Business. I will never forget the trip to Expo '67 and the boys that Jane, Chris and I met. I will leave Harry De Mambro a pair of pink booties for his baby sister. JOSEPH W. PALEY 1525 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Jack Adams, College. Intelligence is personal, Education is Public Knowledge. Knowledge is Intelligence made Public. Stu- pidity is Substituting Brevity for Clarity: as in "MY PHILOSO- PHY IN 25 WORDS." Independent Research Club, Presi- dent, Debating Society, President, Homeroom Manager, MENSA, N. E. F. T. Y. 44' 1 1 l wr: W V.. is .fu -- J 4. gt, ,I an "-H L ffl!! if at --'t 3, 2, Es- . 1. r. .J CJ X . .i . 1 151717549 . . , , 1 .. l. .. xl dl, I ," Q-r' nu -f . nxaf-a . ,. . i fvjlv Il Tl if Ulf dfll?-I An J l ,git - I, , -7 5 44-2 JI lb I f 259 LINDA JANE PANAGGIO 9 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, Business. Pet Peeve: "A certain '61 Black Plymouth." Meeting XVally at the Stock Car Races October 9, 1965, October 29, 1965, Senior Prom '66, Head- ing home and ending up in N. II. with W. H., B. C., L. M. ANTHONY CHARLES PAPPAS 7-4 Davis Ave., West Newton Tony + "' I . . x Warren, Adams, College. Q' Q ,fl I Will to NHS: My body. Junior Prom with TOE, English with the fox, Big Bill and Math, Dec. 31, '66, Student Council Representative, NEWTONIAN, Bridge Club. NANCY IiLIiANOR PATTERSON 338 Central St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, College. "I held the starr and let them mn thromeh mt fizzgerif' Remember: Prisms and gourds, poems, tea parties and pansies, the cursed scorpio temper. Leader Corps, Equestrian Club, Vice President, German Club, Vice President: Folksinging C 1 u b , Human Rights Club. SARAH HOXSIE PATTERSON 58 Prince St., West Newton Sapparatterson Warren, Beals, College. " . . . A .feagull jizzdr The Pole and Crier about the fool. A rbi ir in from of me mm' I laugh ar I hegirz to ree through the mark..." Spring Musical, AFS, Rally Com- mittee, Skiing. Future: Social Worker. S2595 fb? 5 HARVEY A. PARAD 556 Ward St., Newton Centre Day, Barry, Engineering College. ' N L "Rerpo11.rihiZizy maker .tome men 'A 3 and ruinr otherrf' 32. Audio-Visual Service Center Presi- dent, Electronics, Photography. ,ii Future: Work in electronic sys- 1 tems engineering. I A we-'s f FRED PAUL PEGNATO 504 Watertown St., Newtonville Fred Day, Beals, College. I Will to NHS: My briefcase. Traflic Squad, POST, Future Teach- ers of Aemrica, Secretary-Treasur- er, President. Future: Teaching. 1 I ANTHONY PASSERELLO A- V 181 St. Mary St., ti'-s 1 Needham Heights rw Oakie Newman, Tech, Service. Detention, Cars. Future: Technician. LINDA MAY PATRIACCA 48 Holden Rd., West Newton Day, Barry, College. NANCY STEPHANIE PELLOWS 50 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Bigelow, Beals, College. For the warm summer days and nights that flow into winter and back to spring, for the shelter of love - for all this and more, I thank you. NEWTONITE, National Honor Society, Orchesis, French Club, Iota, Phi Sorority, Grand Scribe, Visits to Roch, Conventions. N asa-i311 Chemistry Lab, Going to Expo --J 5, I ' Y '61 ---v 3 Field Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, V ' Knitting, Horseback Riding. 1 Future: Dental Hygienist. i . i I I 1. , . i 1 JACQUELINE ADA PENNINGTON 20 Cloelia Terr., Newtonville Day, Barry, College. VE. MO. NA. DO. JU., Del., Aust., Mr. S., Yo. Cen. Dan., Bos., 10th G., 10th GC.. llth and 12th AC, 1202, Soph. Halloween, L, S, and S., Ch., M., N.S. Music Club, Outing Club, Rally Committee. Piano, Singing. Future: Teaching. 00 AMELIA MARY PERELLI 19 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Amy Weeks, Palmer, College. Homeroom, P.O.S.T., Visiting Eng- land, "Expo '67", Mrs. M. Math class, Day at the Cape with j.T., 1336, 1120, Mrs. Saleeby trying to write my last name. Pet Peeve: N.S. Equestrian Club, French Club, P.O.S.T., Swimming, Drawing. NANCY FERN PETERS 620 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Beals, Secretarial School. Summer of '67 with B.M., July lst, Revere Beach, july Sth, Sept. lst, Nahant Beach, Trip to Expo '67, Revere Beach with Mary Anne. Favorite Expression: Youabe. Sailing Club, Outing Club, Girl's Choir, Tennis Team, Field Hockey Team, Going out and having a real swinging time, Going drinking with certain kids from Wellesley '66-'67, Boys, especially B.M., Collecting stuffed animals, Sewing clothes. KAREN PETERSEN 279 Webster St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. Expo with friends, The Dorado, Berea, The Turtles, Florida, '67. I Will to NHS: An elevator for Building I. Gum on my chair. Folksinging Club, Cooling, Guitar, Creative Writing. Future: Psychology or Sociology. PATRICIA A. PHEENY 43 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Pheezy Weeks, Adams, College. "Life ir only what you make of it." Shoveling snow, fantastic Fridays 13th, summer '67, Expo '67, Commons Room Clean-Up Com- mittee, NEWTONIAN, Newton Teen Dems, Secretary, Tennis. Future: Teaching. PHILIP ERIC PHELAN 119 Hancock St., Auburndale Palondo, Pep Warren, Bacon, College. 200 pumpkins with B.W. and D.F., Grotonwood with M.M., 4,- 000 miles with B.W. and D.F. Claim to Fame: Went to both my parents' weddings. Suppressed Desire: To sell my '59 Mercury. Football, Hockey, Baseball, Orange Shield, Homeroom Manager. RUTH PIGEON 270 Upland Rd., Newtonville Ruthie, "Pidge" Day, Beals, College. "Learn each day ar if you were to live forever, live each day ar if you were to die tomorrow." Class Committee, Field Hockey Team, Captain, A Capella Choir, Girls Athletic Association, Presi- dent, Tennis Team. MARLEEN PINTO 484 Lowell Ave., Newtonville "Half the worfd if fort, and the other half CLIN!! hurl ilrefff' Homeroom, lockers, G-- blocks '66-67, John and Liz, advice lec- tures, Bruce. House Aide, NEWTONIAN, French Club, Commons Room Clean-Up Committee, Newton Teen Dems. W 'href' X . 4 lx' . .. . gf 1 ek N . 0 ,ef 1+ -, N 515915 Slfiu'-if 3 . Q ,f i-air wi A W "f, iii' ' I M5 ,..m.,,,t '. . ,Xj X 1, -.-ii .., ,..,1-. 5: 1+ t - 1 E1 "-vs. , , X Sv .. 1 . 4, st . I , K Mn, -- Q i,.,. 3 .F gg 1 TERESA M. PLATI 196 Derby St., West Newton Little One Sr. Bernard's, Riley, Business School. School has meant meeting people, getting to know them, having good times together and most of all - having them become your friends. Music, Dancing, Sewing. Future: To go on to a Business School. LINDA ELLEN PLATT 5 Byfield Rd., Waban WEIRD, Lin Weeks, Palmer, College. Football games, L.H.C. meetings- treasurer 1, 2, 5, snowball, 2311, summers of '66, '67, 7l1I66, D.P.F., and Rockport. Library Aid, Homeroom Manager, NEWTONIAN Ad Staff. Folksing- ing Club, Equestrian Club, Folk- singing. Future: Teaching. AVA PLOTKIN 14 Read Ct., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. "This too shall pass." Someday we'll find theml, B.C. ca- pers, we started that riot, Matta- pan, Nantasket, my favorite street with special friends, Junior Prom, N.P., white stangs, S.R., both of them. NEWTONIAN, Homeroom Man- ager, Red Cross, Future Teachers of America Club, Mental Health Club. NANCY ELLEN POLISHOOK 73 Withington Rd., Newtonville Bigelow, Adams, College. "And still tomorroufs wiser than today, we think our fathers fools, so wise we grow, our wiser sons. no dozzhz, will think ns so." Miracle prices, 55 hours, "WClS" M, Tower on a hill. NEWTONIAN, Asst. Data Editor, House Council, Human Rights Club, Civics Committee. Future: Social Work. MARTHA V. PORTER 236 Auburn St., Auburndale Mattie, Scooter Warren, Palmer, College. North Carolina, buttercups, marsh- mellow, my pal, Fanny Cshe hates thatl, Ruff, 5:50 with Marina, Sue, and Kathy etc. Favorite Expression: Oh bananas. Library Aide, Girl's Sunrise Seven, Candystriper, Knitting. Future: Stewardess. 41" 5 ESS ,- A . 1? .ef iii JOHN JOSEPH POUTAS 52 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Meadowbrook, Tech, Business. Watching the girls playing tennis from 2217. Football, Basketball, Going to Ver- mont, Sports. Future: To be a draftsman. SUSAN C. PRATT 57 Crehore Dr., Newton Lower Falls Sue Warren, Barry. "Thar ahoue all, to thine own :elf he true, And it nzurt follow, ar the night the day, Thou canrt not then he faire to any man." l MARY PRESCOTT 285 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Gertie Warren, Barry, College. Summer of '67, Kennebunkport and Drake's Island and all, the great kidsg working in the Regis- try, Expo '67, Pet Peeve: The 'Association'. Drama Club, French Club, C.Y.O. Future: Modern Language Inter- preter. WENDY SUE PRESSON 102 Forest Ave., West Newton Wen Warren, Riley, College. Sophomore - always J.J.R., The Crew '68, capers, "Superman", Double dates with J.R., W.P., E.B., M.C., Lap-lap, fire at 5:30 a.m., memories with L.F.B., "Look through my window" - K.S., my crush on Mr. Myer. Ski Club, Rally Committee, NEW- TONITE, NEWTONIAN, Hoio's. SARAH PREYER 203 Islington Rd., Auburndale Sally Warren, Bacon, College. Le tempt . . . 'Une journee qui parse Une nuit qui .r'ecoule Un cheual qui nzarche Une uoiture qui roule I fzvirihle nzair prerent On Pappelle le tenzpr . . . French Club, Ski Club, Archeology, Skiing. I KENNETH STEPHEN PRINCE 51 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Ken, Kenny Bigelow, Rilev, College. "He who liver life, not jurt en- durer, never fears death." Good times with L.K., Expo, the Privileged Few, 3 years of sweat- ing, training, and kicking for few victories, but lots of fun. House Council, Senior Class Com- mittee, Cross Country, Track, In- door, Track, Outdoor, Captain. Future: Law, Politics. FREDERICK PROIA 36 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Fred Warren, Riley, College. Kahunas, NHS hockey, a certain sophomore. Expo, my talks with J.F.B., a night in Ogunquit, Maine, student union. Homeroom Manager. KAREN ELLEN PUGLIESE 58 Adella Ave., West Newton Karen Day, Adams, College. Chinese food with Lynne, working with Ruth, Frank, Billy, Steve, Dan, Paula, Michael, Maryann, etc., Study halls with Mr. Easson. Favorite Expression: "That's Life." House Secretary, Softball, Leader Corps., French Club, Rally Com- mittee, Sports. Future: Teaching. THOMAS PUGLIESE 58 Adella Ave., West Newton T.J. Day, Adams. College. Everett football game, food fights in cafeteria, study halls with Mrs. Lenox. Pet Peeve: Boys with long hair that look like girls. House Football. Basketball, Soft- ball, Biology Club. PAMELA PUTNAM 337 Highland Ave., West Newton Pam Warren, Bacon, College. QEDS, our boys in green, t-e-a-m, choo-choo, NCK, Pa and retreats, History in 1218 and 1120, Mr. DePhoure, N.J., California, 16. National Honor Society, Music, QEDS, Guitar. DAVID M. QUALTERS 362 California St., Nonantum Day, Beals, College. Homeroom Manager, Pool, Basket- ball. Future: Teaching. JOHN DENNIS QUIGLEY 150 Church St., Newton Corner ..Quig,, Bigelow, Adams, College. Football, Baseball, National League Baseball, Newman House, YMCA. 5 ' ' 1 'Y ' 1 N awe. - , Q. ' Q X .A . X 1,3 .vm 'S , . Kiiifw ,A Q 1 .seq It , :tif Q ' 1' RY . 'Hr .1 .' M, ,. . ,, .. 4 , v " ". ' 1 - 4 . . X , , " '. r . . Y, 4 , '-.. 4 r 52:- an "Y e. yn, ,Qt .os N. t 1. F, frm - Ft I' . if , ual. his ,1- rss , rings' 5 3 ' 54 A Q .d PCS I CI'lRlSTOPllliR A. QUINN -il Colgate Rd., Newton Lower Falls Quinny Warrc-ti, Barry, College. Get all you can while you're hot, cause when you're cold, you stay cold a long time. Go against the grain, you never know where you'll be by eleven o'clock. Football, Basketball, Track, Indoor, Track, Outdoor, Co-Captain. Future: The Foreign Legion. WENDY SUE RADIN 59 Channing Rd., Newton Centre lvleadowbrook, Riley, College. "in jutt-, rpring when the world it nmzl-, lurriour the little, lame halloonznan, whistles far ana' wee . , . and it'5 spring, when the world it putltlle-wonderful." Marching Band, House Council, National Honor Society, Russian Club. Future: Linguistics. CHARLES MICHAEL RAFFEL 187 Cabot St., Newton Chuck, Crazie Charlie Bigelow, Adams, College. "You shoot a great game of pool, Fast Eddie," "So do you Fat man." Cross Country, The Red Sox, Com- posing Religious Hymns, Glass blowing. Future: Teaching. DAVID PHILLIPS RAILSBACK 101 Highland Ave., Newtonville Dave, Railsy Warren, Beals, College. June 50, 1967 A mouse who chews gum, A loyalty without regret, Two stubborn idiots, The beautiful Hell. NEWTONIAN, N EWTONITE, Debating Society, Babes, Booze and The Buick. . SARA RALEIGH 159 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville nut-nut Warren, Bacon, College. Ranks, Hoopiness, New York and the W. T., IWNFPGJPAEKS, in- stant turnofls, but a mail truck?. moodiness, May '66, tag anyone?, Abner's doom stick. Equestrian Club Vice President, Folksinging Club, Sailing Club, Ski Club, Homeroom Manager. Future: Social Work. PATRICIA ANN RATTA 126 Adams Ave., West Newton Tricia, Tris St. Bernard's. Barry, College. "Better hy far you should forget and tmile than rememher and he rad." Life w. Nancy, Nov. I-'66 to Eternity. U.S.M.C., letters, "and- one-red-rose", Trip to P.I., "The night, cookies and Barbs"?!!, Mr. and Mrs. Morris, Expo with the 3 C's loyll, Ratmobile, friends. etc. House Council. Treasurer. SHARON IANINE RAUM H7 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, College. "Memory it like a child walking along a Jearhore. You can never tell what .small pehhle it will pick up and time away among itr treat- uretl thingy." N Ii W TU N I A N Copy Editor, French Club, Secretary. French Honor Society, Student Ofhce Sec- retary, Shafty, "Hitching my wa- gon to a Star." MARIE REARDON 186 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Marie Warren Ir. High, Palmer, College. "Of all the meant to insure hap- pinerr throughout the whole of life, hy far the mort important it the acquitition of frienalrf' Red Sox's 1967 World Series. 7 years My., s.L.. Bk., Blue Autumn. Leader Corps, Gymnas- tics, Tennis, Softball. Future: Junior High Teacher. ISN - t . r Y v' Ljijl I T 1, , We 'itli'-f"Ef'-f1'J-Ct3'?tZ51.-'' 5.-rt: MARILYN RECCO 150 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Warren, Adams, College. Summer of '67, D.L. and a red cot- tage, a slalom ski and wet suit iack- et, whereis the bucket, Nancy? Ski Club, Equestrian Club, Gym- nastics Team. 'R KAREN REIMANN 59 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls XVarren, Bacon College. "A frienrl ir one hefore whom I may think aloud." Suppressed Desire: Counting my toes! Sophomore Class Committee, Ba con House Commons, Bacon House Council, Secretary, Music Club. KATHERINE RACHEL REMAR 661 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Katy Weeks, Palmer, College. "All that it ir, ir trying to catch the wind . . . " The Crew '68, Maine mud, Expo, Weekend in Vermont, The open ears and hearts of L.L., B.L., ,I.B., and of course, B.F., Always and all ways K.,I.M ..... Rally Committee, Mental Health Club, Palmer House Council, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff. S f GINA RIEGER , JANET REYNOLDS 23 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. Trip to California in the summer of '67, last week of summer vaca- tion '67. Spanish Club. Future: Medical Secretary. RANDALL RICH 35 Ware Rd., Auburndale 024-40-5878 Warren, Palmer, College. Auburndale Bus and "Stubby". I Will to N.H.S.: One 1962 total- ly wrecked station wagon. Pet Peeve: Old ladies in Corvettes hogging the road. Chess Club, Basketball, Rifle Team, Drag Racing. 226 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill 76286 . M Weeks, Barry, College. - "By .tpace the nniverre encom- E' ' parrer and Jwallowr me up like an . atomf hy thought I comprehend l r , I the world." Red Roses, June 20, 1967. Human Rights Club, French Honor Society, Orange Book, Section Edi- tor, Tutoring in Roxbury, S.D.S. Q DONNA ELLYN RINGER 29 Lombard St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. "When :hall all men'.v good he each manic ride, and univerral peace he like a shaft of light acrorr the land." Vanilla tulips, rasburry mudd, H.R.W. 8: B.W., a blue crystal bead. Human Rights Club, Russian Club, Music Club, Folksinging Club. AMY JANE RISKIN 105 Grant Ave., Newton Centre . Ame, Amitchk, Blogi Weeks, Bacon, College. Hlndinidnality ir the .ralt of com- mon life. One may have to line in a crowd, hut one doe5n't have to lizfe like it, nor Jnhrirt on itr food." Sophomore Class Committee, Bridge Club, Music Club, Home- room Manager, Tennis. BARBARA RISSMAN 25 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Beverly Weeks, Riley, College. "Life ir Jovnething like a trum- pet, If you don't put anything in it, yon don't get anything ont." EXPO 4104, American and North- eastern Airlines, Summer '67 with LJ., tales with ,I.W. French Club, Ski Club, NEW- TONITE, Iunior Class Committee, ,Iawyn Club. BEVERLY RISSMAN 25 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Barbara, Twin Weeks, Riley, College. "Friendship if like good COHEEI rich and warm and rtrongf' Expo 4104, S'x discussions, M.M. in 2209, Sam and Charlie, My sec- ond home at LW., Doubling, tri- pling, quadrupling, Trunks and G. s. Ski Club, French Club, NEWTON- ITE, NEWTONIAN, ,Iawyn Club. RICHARD J. RIZZO 356 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale 021-40-9704 Warren, Palmer. College. Study halls with G.H., M.M., D.T., IM. and teacher H.L. Favorite Pastime: Being thrown off the Auburndale Bus. Mental Health Club, Chess Club, Football, Bird Watching, Reading. ERNEST H. ROBERTS 51 Page Rd., Newtonville Day, Beals, Electrical Union. I Will to NHS: One broken mir- ror, four smashed wooden doors, one screen door, one bed, two cases oflempty bottles, and one cash register. In Barney's car with Hogo and Thomas. Camera Club. Chess Club, Rifle Club, Mental Health Club, House Football, Hunting, Fishing, Swim- ming, Baseball, Football, Blowing my mind. Future: Four years apprenticeship, then Electrical Union, hopefully. LYNNE SUSAN ROBERTS 77 Westchester Rd., Newton Twiggy, Red Bigelow, Palmer, College. ". . , yesterday ir but today',r me- mory, and tomorrow is todaylr dream." Summer of '66, summer of '67 our nightly gatherings, help M.G.?, chug-a-lug, right little Hersh? Library Aide, Red Cross. , 4 4 'at at STEPHEN MARK ROBERTS 1611 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Steve Warren, Beals, College. "The trouble with the future it that it usually arrive: before we're ready for it." P.F., A.F. and R.R., R.M., J.S., P.F., Expo 4104. Biology Club Activities Commit- tee, Coins, Rillery CHRISTINE ROBY 191 Mill St., Newtonville Chriss Weeks, Bacon, College. Summer of '66, Benjamin Hill, D. and G., Washington, D.C. NEWTONIAN, Travel, Medicine. Q . . ,AQV -"""""! of CC . 0?-I 4315-53s KX-5 r X.. ff 'g' if 'if' 1f, ff LOUISE BERYL ROCK 40 Randlett Pk., West Newton Lou-Lou Day, Adams, College. Summer of '67, LI-IC, passing out Playboys in French class, Mother Bay State. I Will to NHS: A long playing record of "Chicken Fat". Sailing Club, Ski Club, French Club. Future: Elementary Education. .r v ei . 5 f BARRY LEONARD ROGOFF 12 Barrage Rd., Newton Centre Rogue Bigelow, Palmer, College. "Any man who think! he is going to he happy and protperour hy let- ting the government take care of him should take a cloie look at the American I ndian." NEWTONIAN Ad Staff, Asst. Ecli- tor, Chess Club, Biology Club, Palmer Press, Editor. Future: Engineering. -. 43 0 SANDRA LEE ROHSENOW -47 Windsor Rd., Waban Sandy Clrvingl Warren, Palmer, College. Waking up with Dudley, Team Teachers, Boys in Maine, "You're going to California again?", Sen- iors who left. Claim to Fame: I smile a lot. Tennis Team, National Honor So- ciety, French Honor Society, Palm- er Council, NEWTONITE Mailing. DAVID ROME 37 Morse Rd., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. If one lives for 25 words or less, one has nothing. "Where was you at, Miller?" Human Rights Club, Tennis, Pi- ano, Sophomore Basketball. Squad. JENNIE ROSE 90 Woodchester Drive, Chestnut Hill .len Bigelow, Beals, College. The crew '68, weekend in Ver- mont with S.C.S.C., E.L., and K.R., Exop '67, Parlez-vous an- galis? Bon Soir! Bon soir! Right Kar?, Hi Dee Dee Doctor, l-2-3 go. eh, Suzie? G.R.'s hoio starlire. Rally Committee, House Council, French Club, Bridge Club, Watch- ing T.V. in living color. turning." STEPHEN ROSENDORF 535 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Rosie Weeks, Beals, College. Great times, B.U., A.P., P.W., M.l., three more years, two more, one more, no more, four more, these good years trudging to 1444, RK., F.R. Sailing Club, Future Teachers of America, Football, South Pacific Lunch Club, House Council. ALAN RONDINA 22 Tockwood Terr., Auburndale Warren, Adams, College. Nurses's ofiice before Dorothy's French class, right Jay?, a head on the road, falling money, 10 quarts of salt, Bronsky! House Softball, House Council, President, Orange Shield, Traflic PETER A. ROSENBERG 40 Lawmarissa Rd., Waban Warren, Riley, College. I hope that what I learned from the people at school "will still be sun on this high hill in a year's Investment Club, Vice President, Equestrian Club, Ski Club. BRUCE ROSENFELT 533 Lexington St., Auburndale Warren, Beals, College. Favorite Saying: Ya, right! Expo '67. Chief Failing: math. Chess Club. Warren, Riley, College. Sock it to 'em, soul sister, to the puppets .... Laugh, laugh, I thought I'd die, Time will see if I am right or wrong, the Garden of Eden, Montreal, Debbie. Human Rights Club, Folksinging Club, B.T.P. Cambridge. 91' Bigelow, Barry, College. "Good God! Ar fart they are be- gimrirzg to take me Jeriourfy. Tbii imposes a terrible burden on me. I must redouble my laughter." Thoughtprints, Art Editor. Future: To make the world wash VICKI CHERYL ROSS 296 Islington Rd., Auburndale a younger girl LISE D. RUBIN 19 Dorr Rd., Newton DONNA ROSS 30 Caroline Pk., Wagan Warren, Beals, College. "lf the ret! of the world crm? tee in ur what we uzzrzt them to, iff because we Ccllljf .fee it OZH'JEi1fE5.H Rally Committee, Chairman, Var- sity Tennis, Varsity Field Hockey, A Capella Choir, National I-lonor Society. JOSEPH ROTHENBERG 75 Fordham Rd., West Newton Lefferts, Riley, College. If you do something without thinking then you will be just as surprised with the outcome as the other guy. Physics Club, Photography Club, Chess Club, Photography. Future: Mad Scientist. ,aa its heart with laughter. A Day, Palmer, College. The trip to Expo with Maria, visits to the Soccer Club with M.P. and L.M., Sunday games with JANE RUSSO 146 Chapel St., Newton PATRICIA M. RUSSELL I2 Winthrop Ave., Newton Pat, Patti, Iggy Our Lady's, Palmer, College. 9fllf65. 9f7f64, Times up with K.B. and L.C., B.B., E.P. and K.L., Freedom trail with Scott, 4!27!o6, Aug. 67, Christmas '65 with H.B. Going places with S.B., Writing to and waiting for H.B. Future: Teaching. A.D. and E.D., Great times with MD., V.P., A.D. Reading, Sewing, Cooking. Future: Teaching. 3 1 AMY LEE SALDINGER 98 Sumner St., Newton Centre Bigelow, Palmer, College "There are .fonze thing: which can- not he learneal quickly, anal time, which if all we hare, mart he paid heavily for their acquiring." NEWTONIAN, Marching Band, Music Club, AFS. ANTONIO SAMBUCCI 20 Bemis St., Newtonville Day, Beals, Business. The day I met L.D. and all the good times we spent together. I Will to NHS: My yellow slips and black leather -laclcet. SUSAN M. RYAN 242 River St., West Newton Sue, Miss Go Cro St. Bernards, Palmer, Business. Summer of '66-what followed, the Deli, Brighams and all the ltitls, but most of all D.K.'s best friend Go-Go, right Donna? Favorite lixpression: "Thank you." Pet Peeve: Girls with retl hair and mothers sister. Expo '67, Rally Committee, Biol- ogy Club, Chemistry Club, Giving money to ,l.N. LINDA ANN SALAMONE 62 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College. "And in the Jweetnery of frienal- Jhip let lhere he laughter, anal tharing of pleamrer. For in the dew of little thingr the heart finely ity morning and it refrerheflf' NEWTONIAN, National Honor Society, Work Study, Leader Corps, People. - VIRGINIA THANE SALZMAN 70 Valentine St., West Newton Ginny Warren, Beals, College. "Men mart he taught ai if you taught them not, And thingy unknown proposed as thingr forgot." f Equestrian Club, Philosophy Club, Human Rights Club, Photography, Dance. LAWRENCE SAMET 12 Ricker Rd., Newton Larry Bigelow, Adams, College. Math Team, Chess Team, Bridge Club, National Honor Society. 268 flu: za-vm-. JOEL SANDBERG 49 Warren Rd., Waban Weeks, Adams, College. Stage Crew, Assistant Manager, Sailing Club, Library Aide, Audio- Visual Squad. Future: Electronic Laboratory Technician. ' STEPHEN SANTARPIO 121 Withington Rd., Newtonville Steve, Stomach Day, Adams, College. Sept. 15, '67 in B.U.'s carg The Guys in 1104, Math with Big Ev. the Great Times with Skip and the boys, that certain little girl I'll never forget. Baseball, House Football, Orange Shield, Traflic Squad, Ski Club. BARBARA SANDLER 115 Harvard St., Newtonville Barbs Day, Beals, College. "mair tout le monde . . chacztn de noui. a, au moinr, un ami." August 17, '66, cheerleading next to an amazon, night, cookies, Tricia, iunior year with E.L. Cheerleading, Junior Class Com- mittee, French Club, National Honor Society, NEWTONIAN Circulation Staff. 1 1 i PAUL ROBERT SANWALD 99 High St.. Newton Upper Falls Bob 1 Meadowbrook, Tech, College. "Nez'er do today what can be put of until tomorrow." Sports, Electronics, Bowling. I 'TS' 1 LAWRENCE SARIS Tech. KENNETH SCALES 24 Pembroke St., Newton Scalesy Bigelow, Beals, Mass. Art College. "And the time will come when you .tee we're all one, and ilife flows on within you and without you." Eolksinging Club, Drawing, Col- lecting Records, Writing, Guitar. ' Y nt u ' ut got your tongue? JAMES QUINT SCHREIDER 24 Ballard St., Newton Centre Jim Weeks, Beals, College. Life is hard by the yard. But by the inch it's a cinch. Marching and concert band, Music Club, Audio-Visual Squal, French Honor Society, Bridge Club. JOHN SCHNIEDER 514 Chestnut St., Newton Beals. KARYN SCHPEISER 57 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry, College. "Let today emhruce the part with rememhrtznce and the future with longing." Summer '65, '66, '67, D.G., M8cM, Jumping Jacks. Human Rights Club, Junior and Senior Class Committee, NEW- TONIAN, Piano, People. VIRGINIA M. SCHULMAN 7 Ashmont Rd., Waban Ginny Weeks, Palmer, College. "If in your thoughts you mutt meurure time into rearonr, let to- duy emhruce the Dart with remem- hrunce and the future with long- ing." PR, Roofus, crazy 4, how simple? NEWTONIAN, French Club, Vice Preisdent, Class Committee, SI-IAFTY. ,IUDITH SCHUTTER 23 Prince St., West Newton Judy Warren, Barry, College. "Weeping may endure for u nightg hut joy cometh in the morning." Favorite Pastime: Remembering all those fondest memories. Future Teachers Club, Vice Presi- dentg French Club, Music Club, Sailing Club. BRENDA SCHWAB 16 Converse Ave., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. Dedicated to the NHS Big "N" Tiger Marching Band: "Where there if muric there cun't he mirchieff' Tiger Marching Band, French Club, Russian Club, Riley Civics. Future: International Relations. MICHAEL SCHWABE 925 Watertown, West Newton Mad Like Palmer, College. Newton High is one of the great- est schools in the country and I wish more people would realize that fact and behave accordingly. Audio-Visual Service Squad, Audio Technician, Stage Crew, Boating, Electronics. Future: Electronics Engineer. MICHAEL SCHWARTZ 191 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Scurz Day, Bacon, College. Growing up with the redhead next door, "Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite", "Many a truth said in jest", Expo '67-4104. Bacon I-Iouse, Treasurer, Sailing Club, Vice President, Reading, Renee. Future: Medicine. :af gc,- ., ng, . My I. N....3 ROSLYN ANN SCI IWARTZ 4 Pierrepont Rd. Newton Lower Falls Lyn Warren, Barry, College. Summer of '67 and getting mixed up with the Right people at the Wrong time, Beals Hall Patrol- May '67, ,lune l4, l967g Ho ,Io's in lune, L.B.,l.l.D., Pumpkin, C.F., the feud, jawyn, Crew '68! Orange Book, Section Editor, NEWTONIAN, Class Committeeg Student Council Election Commis- mission, French Club. .fi il xiii A if GEORGE WASHINGTCLN 't.' i,"-Ax Q " 52 Mount Vernon Street " The problem with life is that all is fig f . . ', possible yet improbable while still . probably possible that it is possibly E' ' improbably possible that it is prob- ' "5 , ably impossible. JEFFREY A. SECUNDA 145 Fuller St., West Newton Warren, Palmer, College. I will Jil clown now, hut the time uzll come when I will he heard." NEWTONIAN Ad Staff, Indepen- dent Research Club, N.E.F.T.Y., Electronics. RICHARD SEARLE 15 Furber La., Newton Centre Rich Weeks, Beals, College. Summer and Saturday afternoons. Chief Failing: Failing. Pet Peeve: 55 Miles. Gymnastics, Co-Captain, Football, Music, Magic. . . . ,,,, ...WI E?.x..,,v:3 x. I ' V ' f JAY SELTZER 5 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Alkie Weeks, Adams, College. Mr. Donut, Marlboro, Chargie and Noah's Ark, The Fifth Amendment, Half of five dollar bill, The fabulous times with Chris, "Cookie - Hold Tight", Steve and llO4, Someone Special. Soccer, Basketball Trainer, Track, House Football, Basketball, NEW- TONITE Circulation Staff. fo MARJORIE SUE SHAFFMAN 16 Milo St., West Newton Margie Warren, Barry, College. ". . . if somehow you could pack up your rorrowt. . ." Red VWS, green Tr-4's, waddling people, "We started that riotl, PAULA JEAN SEPINUCK 94 Evelyn Rd., Waban Weeks, Beals, College. "To taste in each tear drop the pmmire of spring." Dance, Art, Skiing. TEl, Prudential -- 4:30 a. m., M.R.B,. R.B.c., s.J.F. Drama Club, Future Teachers of . i America, French Club, Music XA Club, NEWTONIAN JOEL N. SHAPIRO 50 Quincy Rd., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Bacon, College. "To he what we are and to he- come what we are capahle of he- coming are the only endr of life." Night-Riders and S'X blocks. Rifle Club, Ski Club, Equestrian TAMAR SHAPIRO 20 Prospect Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, College. My teddy ber, Frustration, New Year's Eve '65, '66, '67?g New York and capers at Lyons, Blakes, the clill, Bobbsey Twins, G. Street, right? Class Committees, Junior Prom Chairman, House Council, House Aide, Youth Center Committee. Club, NEWTONIAN Ad Stall, Sports car racing. DOREEN GALE SHERMAN 52 Masman St., West Newton Sherm Day, Adams, College. "Forgetting im't something you do, forgetting ir Jomeghing which jurt happens." Summer '67, Pink Cabins and a blue lake, a certain relationship, june 4, l967g K.G. Sailing Club, French Club, Eques- trian Club, International Club, Water Sports, Tennis. r S s .Q It s lzke sellzng refrigerators to eskimos. RONI DEAN SHERMAN 55 Langdon St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. " . . you don't love hecuure you love derpitef not for the virtues, hut despite the faults." Trice, Friends, Summers, Fun things, Donuts, Cherish. "South Pacific", Class Committee, Publicity Chairman, House Coun- cil, Roxbury Tutoring, NEWTON- IAN. BENNETT EVAN SHIFMAN 73 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Ben, Bennie Boom Boom Warren, Adams, College. April '66, with Debbie at dance, Expo, going with the boys and meeting C.B., Summer '67, with B.B., P.L., G.G., D.W., D.D., swimming at B's, Bash at George's, Oct '67, meeting Penny. Football, NEWTONITE, Intra- mural Sports, House Council, Orange Shield. .X Q sr MNs,t NEAL ALLAN SHIFMAN 229 Franklin St., Newton "Shifty" Bigelow, Palmer, College. Expo, German beer gardens, mu- chachas, silent athlete, Royce, green monsters, Fuller brushing, J. A. Yellow and Blue, Pigeon Cliff, Wm. 8: M., convincing P. G., Pelicitrudes, Negronus, Die, Keep the Faith! Student Council, Senior Class Committee, Junior and Senior Prom Committee, Saturday nites. HOWARD SHOLKIN 12 Evelyn Rd., Waban "Bulkie" Weeks, Palmer, College. Please make Newton High a real place. Not a collection of grade grubbers and browny point artists, with a school preparatory for life not college. La Crosse, Team Manager, Foot- ball, Basketball, Baseball. Future: Broadcasting. ,MARK sHoUL 9 Exmoor Rd., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. "Wake up hefore you die." JON E. SHUMAN 36 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Bigelow, Beals, College. "Don't let it he forgot that once there was tz spot. For one hrief shining moment that was known at Camelot." Belas House Council, Audio-Visual Aids Service, Senior Class Com- mittee, Water skiing, Trojan Club of Brookline. Future: Dentistry. KENNETH SIDMAN 12 Applegarth St., Newton Centre Kenny Weeks, Adams, College. "Like tl poorly written poem, rue are verses out of rhythm, couplers out of rhyme, in syncopatefz' time, lost in dangling ronz'er.mtion and ruperyicial right. The horderr of our fires." Cross Country, Equestrian Club, Beautiful people, Loving reflections such as C. O. Future: Maybe? Maybe not? DAVID SlECilil- 2l Royce Rtl., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley, College. Expo, Skiing at N. C., The mlziys with "Butltly". Claim to Fame: lflebe. Intramural Sports, Orange Shield, NIYWTCJNITE Circulation Staff, Athletics. PAUL SIEGEL 21 Royce Rd., Newton Center Weeks, Beals, College. Expo, "Athletes' Foot" with E. L., Skiing at N. C., Hey Mac, Watch out for the boat! Favorite Pastime: "Kiss till the cow comes home." Claim to Fame: Bumping into dis- guised cops. Junior Class Committee, Home- room Manager, Ski Club, NEW- TONITE Circulation Staff. VICKI SUE SIEGLE 64 Hatfield Rd., West Newton Bobbsey Twin Warren, Bacon, College. Bad times with S. B., Good with M. N., S. P. with B. P. and the ride home, Expo '67 D11 - Northeastern. Suppressed Desire: To find my H. Sailing Club, Rally Committee, Spanish Club, Drama, Art. Future: Elementary Art Teacher. EDWARD J. SIFF 392 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Barry, College. "But I war 50 much older then,- I'm younger than that now." Ev, The Bench, Documents, Fruits, Geniuses, and the Dregs, "You're done. you don't wanna - play ball." Baseball, Latin Club, Bridge, Club, Iglomeroom Manager, House Foot- all. NEIL SILBERMAN 21 Bonwood St., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. Pet Peeve, Hypocrites, my weak stomach, P. W. 2 yrs. C's house, Halloween night '66, The Hot Corvair 409 cubic inches, Tours with the V.W., wrestling. Class Committee, Elections Com- mission, Human Rights Club, Working at a drugstore. Future: Social work. NEIL SILVERMAN 32 Loring St., Newton Centre Nick Bigelow, Riley, College. Ex-Marines in building II, South- paws in building I, Such cascades of caca, "Family Affair" with Leslie, Laughing at Thoughtprints, X. D. and A. Z. at Q. K.'s. House Council, Senior Play, All School Play, Human Rights Club. Future: journalism, Free-lance writer. JEFFREY ALAN SIMON 71 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Simon Bigelow, Adams, College. "The mort waited day of all is that on which we have not laughed." Montreal, Goofus, H. R. 1104, Circus, Crazy Four, Remember how simple life used to be? Tennis, House Council, Music Club, House Secretary, SHAFTY. BONNIE JOYCE SIMONS 167 Valentine St., West Newton B. J., Si Warren, Barry, College. Three years of L. H. C. with Lou- Lou, Edie, Wierd 8: Good-Kid, Creative Arts Chairman, Lunches at South Pacific, Albertina Florna, One "Pudgy-Bunny", Albies' im- perturbable smile. Sailing Club, Secretary, Spanish Club, Secretary, Vice President, AFS, NEWTONIAN, Bridge Club. CHERYLE ANN SIMS 56 Westchester Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. Summer of 166, B. U., Brookline, inexpensive way to travel, Donald Duck, friendly umbrella man, 3 Musketeers forever .... Favorite Expression: No, they've always been brown. Orchesis, French Club, Riley House Council, Secretary, NEW- TONIAN, Delta Omega. ELIOT ALAN SINGER 59 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. I wish to thank Newton High School for having left upon me a lasting impression, which I will carry with me for life. Chess Team and Club, Physics Club, Vice President, Independent Research Club. Future: Minerology. STEPHEN ALAN SINGER 89 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Steve Day, Beals, College. NEWTONITE, News Editorg De- bating Society, Tusitalia, Inter- national Club, Teen Dems. ELLEN SISKIND 67 Oak Cliff Rd., Newtonville E. D., Carrot Day, Palmer, College. L. M. C., snowballs, Junior year art class, G. C. and the beat party, 2311, Falmouth and the Big Wave, San Francisco, the Grand Canyon and a boxtopC?J, N. G. and Rosie. ELLEN RUTH SIVACK 31 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. "Nothing if waste that maker a memory." Moans and groans on the phone with M., Tues. and Thurs. S'X Blocks with Uncle Mike. Pet Peeve: Cattle shows. NEWTONITE Ad Staff, NEW- TONIAN, Orange Book, French Club, "Hitching my wagon to a Star." BARRY ROBERT SKURNICK 230 Temple St., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College. "Life if ugly ar Jin, yet just ar delightful." Pre-dance festivities, Summer '67, Montreal, Wanka, Mill, Kizeg a certain senior. Basketball, Baseball, O r a n g e Shield. ffl if die, -N 'ffl' I 5 3.2-xiii ,' il., ' iii Q .,. .- costa . 'tw f. sttJQ"' :' ' ,Q . f- ,511- XXX K . f t R VS GAU- SI-OBODA . f ---' I 18 Parmenter Terr., , West Newton p s Warren, Bacon, Art College. M Sophomore summer, the Cape. is Q vacant house, Weston, Al D. and Nancy, Horror movies, nothing to N do Friday nights, Home room, gk all my sicknesses. 1' Future: Fashion Illustrator. t I l ALICE SMITH 21 Belmont St., Newton Simple Bigelow, Beals, College. Summer of "66" with J. C., Expo "67" and the night of Oct. 8th, F Troops drills "67". Favorite Expression: "Yo te amo." Sailing Club, Stage Club, Outing Club. ELLEN SMITH 49 Edward Rd., West Newton Warren, Barry, College. Harmonizing on Cherish with M. K., "Keep it moving" on Route 9-right Mary, Prackle, "Go Red Sox", Whites Pond summer '66, tangled webs, RATS. G.A.A., Outing Club, Library Aid. Future: Teaching. . 'Il .' ' .1 , 273 5 f xi til -gf . 1-'Tr' JOSEPH R. SMITH JR. 190 Parmenter Rd., West Newton lvdv Warren, Tech, Service. Administrative Aids. BARRY SNYDER 430 Wzrrtl St., Newton Centre Wet'ks, Barry, College "T0day ir the tomorrow we talked about yesterday" Homeroom with BK., studies with I. P., and S.M., weekends with P. M. and the group", good luck to the "iust plain average kids! NEWTONITE Advertising Staff, Sailing Club, Orange Shield, Equestrian Club, Bridge Club. jj, in f'j n ,J f ROBERT KEITH SMITH 18 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Bob Weeks, Bacon, College. Favorite Expression: "Photo by Smith." J. C.'s chemistry class. Pet Peeve: My math teacher. What I want to be when I grow up: Happy. Photo Editor, NEWTONITE, NEWTONIAN photographer, Girls, Photography. Future: Happiness. JAMES MARK SNIDER 79 Elmore St., Newton Centre Jim Weeks, Bacon, College. Mem. weekend at C.C. with B.S., Bud and the Boys, Kahunas, com ing in second, summer '67, Stu dent Council. Soccer,' Student Council, Parlia- meflfiiflafl. SCRB, House Council. 274 1" PASQUA SOAVE 71 Los Angeles St., Newton Patty Warren, Riley, Business. Friday nights with Paul. Surpressed Desire: To become Mrs. P. Allero. SCRB. Future: Ofhce Work. NINA SOLOMITA 83 Church St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Bacon, College. "The Grizzly Bear ir huge and wild: He har devoured the infant child. The infant child ir not aware It has heen eaten hy the hear." Human Rights Club, Theatre, Art. . ....7.,., I ' r M. -ws ,. .. DENNIS J. SOLOMON ll Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Terry Weeks, Barry, College. "That I arn I," Bromley, HYC - PICO, Dowles Beach, May 30's, Poor R's, Dismal swamp, White horse, tree Poopoo, Weasel, l2!3l!66, knees, Dow, 3f31f67. Ski Club, Sailing Club, Appala- chian Mountain Club. Future: Education. .Z KATHERINE SOLOMON 1632 Washington St., West Newton Kate, Katie Warren, Barry, College. Collecting 100 bugs for biology, winning at the Bridge Club two weeks in a row, rooms 1304, 1256, 1350. NEWT O N I T E , Feature Editor, Bridge Club, Secretary, President, Sports, especially tennis, Using the telephone. , Future: Author. w 4" , . I I DONALD SPAULDING 14 Madison Ave., Newtonville Barry. JAMES SPEAR J . fx. I BARBARA BETH SONTAG 36 Hazelhurst Ave., West Newton Barb Warren, Barry, College. Never underestimate people. New Year's Eve, Expo, The Great Act and rar with Patty, S. L.,'s window, Deband the "common's", 2:00 a. m. rounds. Junior Year. Rally Committee, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, House Oflice Aide, Future Teacher's of America. ":"gTf'w""' ' rr ' 'f I JC' I LAURA STADTMORE 55 Bigelow Rd., West Newton Warren, Riley, College. "He who eine: Ihe joy at it flier, liver in efernityit sunrise." Summer of '67, 2105. . Pet Peeve: Marina. Junior Prom Committee, Human Rights Club, Ski Club, Equestrian Club, Spanish Club. KAREN SUSAN STARR 110 Forest Ave., West Newton Kare Brimmer and May, Palmer, Col- lege. Crew '68, S. N. S., capers, Expo '67, "Monsieur, bonsoir, bonsoir, eh Jen?", M's, huh Bets?, double dates, M 8a M again, May week- end, Lillybell, l1!25f66, my girl next door, 2f27f66, McGinnis, HoJo's, K. F. 8: H. P. Y 1- ' ' 4 1: 4? 1 ss, H., IQ. 1 "Q Q aan-'Q t . .,., . . 5.55-Q s.. ..., .ft ,ss ,Q Q en 1 . s new :asf :,. f. --'- 1 ,t :lg H ' STEPHEN THOMAS STEFAN 21 Waverley Ave., Newton Corner Stuts Bigelow, Beals, College. Turning ahead Building I's clocks, Three hundred yellow slips. Favorite Expression: just Check- ing, Send it in. Avoiding speed traps, hanging around Newton Corner. Future: U. S. Marines. ' : ' gg., V " I PATRICIA ANN STEFANI AK 54 Adella Ave., West Newton Pat Day, Palmer, College. Friday Night Exepdtitions with S. D. and K. F., Expo '67 and the many wonderful times enjoyed with N. P. G., especially the junior Prom. Pet Peeve: Going up the stairs when everyone else is coming down. Girls Outing Club, Candystriper, Newton Cotillions, Sewing. Future: Government. IRENE MIRIAM STILLER 32 Cabot St., Newton Bigelow, Barry, College. Three years of memories, Certain friends Cand enemiesl, Excursions, Experiences, Laughs, and two years of unusual history classes together. Always laugh and keep smiling. Library Aide, NEWTONITE Ad Staff, French Club, Office Assistant. ., 1X JAMES FREDERICK STONE 26 Adlerwood Rd., Newton Centre Jimmy, Jimbo Bigelow, Barry, College. Hartman Rd. -4:00 a.m., Trees at Marblehead, 166m -, Wilk, Tickets, B. U. Library, Bundle Pick-up, DOC, Bl12206, "Officer, it's coke!" NEWTONITE Ad Staff, NEW- TONITE Circulation Staff, Sailing Club, Sapnish Club, Latin Club. MONA LEE STONE 579 Commonwealth Ave., Newton E. B. B., Barry, College. Math A-block-'67 with Mr. L., Discussions, Lighting and Soupy, D. o. D., s. E. H., G. J., and other friends, Expo, ski weekend, AFS weekend. AFS, National Honor Society, NEWTONIAN, Teen Democrats. Future: Teaching. PAULA J. STONE 46 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Weeks, Beals, College. " . . . this if not the end. It if not even the beginning of the end. But it ir, perlaapy, the end of the beginning." NEWTONITE, NEWTONIAN Coordinator, Class Committee Vice President, National Honor Society Vice President, French Honor Society. GAIL STOELZEL 87 Cherry St., West Newton Day. Bacon. KENNETH STONE 27 Salisbury Rd., Newton Bigelow, Bacon, College. Cleats. Soccer Team, Ski Club, Spanish Club, NEWTONITE Ad Staff, P. O. S. T., Key Club. DAVID STONER 350 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Boulder Warren, Beals. College. 275 I Z I F"'FFII I I l l l I ll, 1 , i I I I l l l l yi l I I l 1 I f ll. il I I I ll l l l ,-. rf .. -O -S N- 9, I, 'iz Ll .-I 'ffl ,IUDITH SUDHALTER 29 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Judy Warren, Adams, College. "This ahore all: to lhirze own self he lrzze, And it must follow, ar the night Ihe day, Thou cam? not then he false to any man." Biology Club, Homeroom Manager, French Honor Society. Future: Biology. gill? I 1 'XFQJK 9' , gf. rf ...J 8. KEVIN SULLIVAN 44 Woodbine St., Auburndale Sully Warren, Riley, College. 2103, B Family. I Will to NHS: A student parking lot. Claim to Fame: Bud W. Favorite Saying: What's the story? House Council, Soccer, Flying, Karate, Stock Market. 1" CAROL SUMMERS 17 Edge Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Barry, College. "You are good when you are one with yourself." Camp Matoaka, Cross Country '67 and Acapulo, "Oh Wow!", Margie and Mrs. Dodge, Bernice, "What Should I Do?" Class Committee, NEWTONIAN, Club, Jawyn Club. House Council, Mental Health NNW. R419 And if the cat lives we eat in the cafeteria. 276 40 'JAMES SUTHERLAND Williston Rd., Auburndalc . Jun Warren, Tech. Having a smoke in the Lumber Rack. Administrative Aides, Girls. Future: Navy. MARTA SWAINSON 59 Gay St., Newtonville Bdoppy Day, Bacon, College. "If in the hreeze dertined then let me fly. for when I'm captured I have nothing-ar the wind in iz jar." Folk Singing, Equestrian Club, Ski Club, Travel, Write, Sing. my life ir FREDERICK MARSHALL SWARTZ 47 Green Pk., Newton Fred Bigelow, Beals, College. "To underrland it to live. to live is to create." Pet Peeve: Arching sidewalks that lead nowhere. Band and Orchestra, Music Club, Magic Club, NEWTONITE, Busi- ness Manager, Greater Boston Youth Symphony. EDWARD J. SWEENEY 44 Rock Rd., Norwood Norwood Jr. High, Tech, Business. Administrative Aides, Cars, Drag racing. Future: Mechanic. ROWLAND SYLVESTER 81 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Ronnie Warren, Barry, College. You canit be up the creek with out a paddle if you don't own a boat. I will to NHS: a pair of white levis. Band with P. C. Drill Master Marching Band, Music Club, Trumpet. TINA TAKAYANAGI 12 Oakwood Rd., Auburndale Warren, Barry, College. Oh, you cun't help that, .raid the Cut, we're all mud here. Pm mad. You'1fe mud. How do you know Pm mud? You muxt he, or you wouldvft have come here. Orchesis, Vice President, Human Rights, Dancing, Acting. BEVERLY ANN TALLO 249 California St., Newton Bev, Bevy Day, Bacon, College. "I'm uohodyf Who are you? Are you uohozly, too?" X-blocks and our little corner and Mr. DePhoure, Expo '67. 1 Junior Red Cross Council. - Future: Social work. I LINDA TAPLIN 11 Fordham Rd., West Newton Warren, Beals, College. New Yearls '67, Patty, Barbi?, "The crew-68", '65-'66 proms, South Pacific specials, Expo, ' August 28, '66, thanks Claire, . 5 Holiday Inn. I Sailing Club. Rally Committee, NEWTONITE Circulation Staff, i NEWTONIAN Circulation Staff Class Committee. 9 BARRY TATELMAN 85 Woodchester Dr., Tiger, Tate, CNoseD Bigelow, Bacon, College. Junior Prom, TEA 8: CRUMPETS, Pizza, Benson's Farm, Marg's Fiasco, RRRR OOOAAARRR!!!, BINACA BREAKS, Van GT, Mr. Dephoure's Gorilla Costume, GLI- JO-LOV, Expo 4104. Tennis Team, House Council, President, NHS Tiger, Being Funny. Future: To be the Dave Clark Sixth. .K X BRUCE R. TAYLOR ROBERT WILLIAM TENNANT 183 Mt. Vernon St., West Newton Bob Warren, Beals, College. Expo '67 with D. J., 1O!7!67, The Gardens, 9:30 p. m., Herman, senior class and committee. Track boys, I'm a rat, hospital, IOXIBX65, XCountry, 10f31f66, state meets. Philosophy: Be an individual. Senior Class President, Cross Country Captain, Track, Indoor, Captaing Track, Outdoor, House Y Council. ROBERT DANIEL TERENZIO 51 Albert Rd., Auburndale Bob Warren, Palmer, College. Summer vacations. Suppressed Desire: To be a mil- lionaire. Pet Quotation: l'll do it tomorrow. I Will to NHS: All the homework I didn't pass in. COLLETTE TERRIO W, 6 Channing St., Newton Corner Tootsie, T Bigelow, Bacon, College. Expo, that Saturday night, Bus I and all the kids, the Deli, F Troops, Drills, the boondocks, ,Q . summer of '66 and '67. -'f Pet Peeve: Farm boys. Tennis, Swimming, Skiing. . Future: Secretary. T t Q 7 Ilui. . . QV i-i'i.',.,-: 3 . LYNDA ANN THOMPSON 45 Adella Ave., West Newton Day, Beals, College. 4!29f67, 6!2f67, summer '67 with J. B. hanging around in Waltham. Sailing Club, Human Rights Club, Mental Health Club, going out with M. B., G. B. and all the kids. Future: Elementary Education, Marriage. WILLIAM F. THURSTON 151 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Bill Warren, Beals, College. Suitor, 4 on the floor, tl. P. with L. L., C. C. with Robie, ,lunior year with QI. S. and boys, great times with Richard Hickey. Football, Basketball, GT-550. Nm CHERYL ANNE TOCCI 17R Crescent Sq., Newton Corner Cheri Bigelow, Beals, College. "My hitch in Hell", Blueberry cupcakes, wallpaper, and a door- bell. Pet Peeve: Late slips, Homeroom. Biology Club, Sailing Club, Stu- dent Council, Assistant Homeroom Manager, Modeling. Future: Teaching. PAUL TOCCI 94 Bemis St., Newtonville Tocci Day, Tech, Service. Saturday night after bed check-up at Expo '67 in room 2. Administrative Aides, Pontiacs that go! Girls. Future: Navy. ,--h ri -Q-v""7 ,rf ii ,M . 278 FRANK TIRRO Z4 Shirley St., West Newton Dutch Warren, Barry, B. U. A Rambler that burned four quarts of oil a day. Pct Pc-eve: Registry Cops. Football, Baseball, Long Distance, Gymnastics, Putting oil in my Rambler, Karate. ROY JAMES TOBIN 165 jackson Rd., Newton Roy Our Lady's, Palmer, College. I made it. Future Teachers of America, Working at Brae Burn Country Club, Tropical Fish breeding. Future: Teaching History. ' -'F DANIEL H. TOCCI 2057 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Toch Warren, Palmer, College. Expo, '67, Godfrey, crew '68, a. n. h., good times at Falmouth, catching the rays. House Aide, Hockey, Debating So- ciety, Grange Shield. PETER N. TOCCI 94 Bemis St., Newtonville Pete, Tocci Day, Bacon, Service. "Hi people',' "How's life?" Expo I67, Apt. IA, Bus 1, Dunkin' Donuts, The Lake. The Deli dur- ing X Blocks. Pet Peeve: "Which one-Peter or Paul?" House Football, Softball, Travel, Cooking. Future: Chef at a famous place. Jiu 133:1- . ,-1 I X , D , .,....i Fess up honey, what did you put in the milk? WILLIAM TOMB 34 Waterston Rd., Newton Bill Bigelow, Barry. College. The CRAZY FOUR and George and Remember How Simple Life Used to Be? Track, Thoughtprints, Mt. Suna- pee-Skiing. ' ,... , V. . , , Q? ,ff fs-...S-i-Wig t " si in Q GERALD TRAMONTOZZI 34 Clinton St., Newton Jerry, Jehira Day. Tech. I Will to NHS: About 90 hours of detention, and one future en- gagement to be carried out. A. A. Smoke Patrol, just one Joanna, Fixing cars, Body tautor work. Future: Aro Tech School for iet mechanics, my own body shop, marriage. QUEENIE TOUMAYAN 62 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Bacon, College. Day at the Cape with A. P. and the good times we've had together, trip to Expo with our gang and Bill. Future Teachers of America, French Club, Equestrian Club, Red Cross. GERARDO TRAMONTOZZI 91 Elm Rd., Newtonville Day, Riley, College. Favorite Pastime: Joanne Molla. Suppressed Desire: To get through school and get married. Soccer, Co-Captain. JOHN A. TRAMONTOZZI 90 Westland Ave., West Newton Trem Warren, Tech, College. Jan. 3, 1967 meeting Carol, Oct. 7, 1967 over C. W.s house, Junior Prom. Pet Peeve: S. W. A. A. Vice President, Electricity, Golf. X MSV WN' DOUGLAS TREEM 58 Jefferson St., Newton Corner Bigelow, Beals, College. "This pale and angry rose, AJ cognizance of my hlood- drinhing hate, Will I forever wear, Until it wither with me to my grave, Or floztrifh to the height of my degree." JEAN TRUMBLE 114 Boyd St., Newton Jeannie Bigelow, Barry, College. Did you practice? mogady, Stefiy, the Dutchess, Are you observing with us or at us? Answerl, H-o-m- o-g-e-n-i-z-e-d-m-i-l-k, yeah, Hail to GTGT, the spirits of Happiness, create some popcorn and look for the Bobbsey twinslAmen. Folksinging Club, Equestrian Club, Writing, Drawing, Music. DONNA M. TURNBULL 19 Webster Ct., Newton Centre Dana, "Dink" Weeks, Barry, Business. 8f11f67, The l'hookies" with K. E., R. M., and J. M. at the apart- men, a blue Valiant, The trouble Karla and I got into, three A. M.? John . . . Administrative Aide, English Of- fice, Newton Plan. JANET TURNER 5 Northgate Pk., West Newton J, J. T. Warren, Beals, College. , Warm Winter nights with B. T. '65, Summer in the City '66' with J. C. and the Group, Alfie and the Pru with J. C., K. G., and W. F., June 5th, 1967 with a Cheshire Cat, Laugh sessions with P. and M. Cheerleading. Captain, G. A. A. House Council, Majorettes, Rally Committee. JAMES RICHARD TYE 219 Chestnut St., West Newton Jim, Jimmy Warren, Bacon, College. Homeroom, The crowd, lunch at sub shop, K. M. and B. M., T.A.R., Horseback riding. I Will to NHS: My big mouth. I'll no longer need it. Favorite Expression: If you repre- sent the future leaders of America, I'm leaving. Key Club, Homeroom Manager, House Civics Committee, Soccer, Tennis. BRUCE DAVID UMINSKY 146 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Adams, College. A night to remember with Steve S., Steve R., Jeff W., Alan G., and the wall that walked in front of us. Best remembrance to my junior English class. Orange Shield, Traffic Squad, Music Club, Playing the guitar. Future: Dental Mechanic. ROBERT URSILLO 21 Commonwealth Ave., Watertown East Junior High, Tech, College. Golf, Record collecting, Printing. EDWARD A. VACHON 47 Gardner St., Newton Corner Ed Bigelow, Beals, College. "Dream to make Jffmething out of the world." Fondest Desire: To tind R. B. during passing periods. Sailing Club. Cars, Hunting, Park- ing. Guitar. Future: Architectural Engineer. ,355 THOMAS JOHN VALLELY 128 Chestnut St., West Newton Governor Warren, Bacon, Politics. "All who aspire to political honors should forezfer keep in mind that hread :aft upon the water returns in the shape of 1fote.r." Bacon House Council, Playing the RONALD HAYWOOD VINCENT JR. 72 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Warren, Bacon, College. "Carry around a Ere hare, Keep a clean note, Watch the plain clothes, You don't need a weathefnzan to know which way the wind hlowxf' Bridge. DEBORAH L. VAN WHY 38 Elm St., West Newton Debbie Warren, Riley, College. Junior Prom with Paul, summer '66, N. Z. and 2103. Favorite Pastime: Looking for Mr. Grillith. Pet Peeve: People telling me to smile. Biology Club, junior Prom Com- mittee, Baptist Youth Fellowship, Horseback riding. Future: Physical Therapy. l Football cards and numbers, ,Nga . . ,P s f? A l it ROBERT FRANCIS VELLO 383 Cherry St., West Newton A Cappella Choir, Madrigals, Folk- singing Club, Sprites, Sports, Car Racing. "1 MARY VITO 107 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bigelow, Beals, Business. November 24, 1966 with T. C., Disappearing notes in 332, "RIGHT BOYS"! Favorite Pastime: Writing letters to a certain "Marine',. Writing letters. LINDA VIZAKIS 371 Newtonville Ave., Newton Bob Warren, Palmer, College. Last week of '67 summer, Pushing Flash. Favorite Expression: Those are the breaks in life. Pet Peeve: Working Friday and Saturday nights, Class ring. Bridge Club. X ig if B Day, Riley, Business. Meeting Dave Feb. 12, Expo with the gang, Ville, Burns, Deli, July 4, Labor Day weekend, Deb's cottage. Suppressed Desire: For me and Moe to get to Florida. Field Hockey, Baseball, Bowling, Skating. PASQUALI S. VENDITTI 24 Central Ave., Newtonville at Our Lady's, Riley, College. Favorite Pastime: Chicks on the beach. STEVEN M. VOLPE 229 Chapel St., Newton Suppressed Desire: Success in everything else. Steve Day, Riley, College. All the good times with G. P. Orange Shield. av '11 il I ROELOF FREDRIK VERHULST 34 High St., Newton Upper Falls Hey You Meadowbrook, Tech. Why don't you all leave each other alone and go home and get some sleep? Every day living, Listening to my stereo and making stained glass windows. Future: To be a 100 per cent full time person. if" .le 1 ROGERIO ADRIAN WALCOTT 391 Cherry St., West Newton A. W., W. A., Wally, Jersey, Jo, Kingsize Warren, Beals, College. Liking girls that don't like me and disliking those that do. I'll never forget yah! My sincere thanks to Mr. Manning, Mr. Shel- ton, Mr. Fortune, Mr. Boyle, and all the others. Football, Soccer, Basketball, Track, Homeroorn Manager, S p a n i s h Club. X WENDY LEE WALKER 105 Temple St., West Newton St. John's, Barry, College. Trip to Puerto Rico in my junior year, 4!22!67g summer school '67, Cape Cod, German in 259, and the friends I've had at NHS. Homeroom Manager, German Club, Spanish Club, AFS, Rally Committee. PAUL WALLINS 484 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Day, Adams, College. "Look not at the jar hut what it in it." Falling window blinds, HZSO4 on the flood, the Red Sox. German Club, International Club. MARGARET ANN WALSH 53 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville Megan Day, Riley, College. "You give hut little when you give of your porrerrioni. It ir when you give of yourrelf that you truly give." Human Rights Club, Horseback riding, Don, Art. Future: Social Work. HSUEH-MING WANG 117 Gibbs St, Newton Centre Weeks, Palmer, College. " . . . Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow Creeps in thir petty pace from day to day To the last Jyllahle of recorded timer And all our yerterdayr have lighted fools The way to durty death Out, out, hrief candle! Life'r hut a walking rhadowf' Girls' Outing Club, Bridge Club, Physics Club, Libertarian Club MICHAEL F. WARE 33 Somerset Rd., West Newton Irv Warren, Beals, College. "Think . . . comparrionately not competitively' ' NEWTONITE, Publicity Manager, Studying theory with Addie, QUED'S. Future: Music education and com- posing. DEBORAH SUSAN WARSHAW 19 Brentwood Ave., Newton Centre Debbie Weeks, Beals, College. "The greateft hapipnerr ir to he that which one ir." "Relationships", Squeaky doors, Ellen's iced coffee, people who tickle, Philosophizing and summer '67. French Club. Russian Club, Or- chesis, Vice President, Siniites and N. E. F. T. Y. KATHERINE WASHBURN The Tiger gets tanked! WILLIAM STEPHEN WATERS 1179 Center St, Newton Centre Steve, Harvey Weeks, Bacon, College. "Niftyf' Track, Indoor, Track, Outdoorg Mountaineering, Sign stealing. Future: Forestry. JAMES PAUL WEAVER 10 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale "Diego', Warren, Barry, College. "I am very sure that if I do not go away from here a wiser man, I .thall go away a hetter man, from having learned here what a very poorrsort of man I am." Senior Class, Vice President, House Council, Tiger Tamer, Scuba Div- ing, Skating. NANCY SUSAN WECKER 113 Chestnut St., West Newton Weck, Wreck, Wacki, Dum-Dum Warren, Beals, College. "You d0n't love hecaufef you love tlefpitey not for the virtues, hut despite the faults." "I was an oak, now I'm a willow, I can head." NEWTONIAN, Equestrian Club, Secretary, Tiger Marching Band, Plumfleld, The West. MARJORIE SUE WEIN 41 Mayflower Rd., Chestnut Hill Margie Weeks, Beals, College. "To he what we are and to become what we are capable of hecomingf' J. C.'s at C. W. and the Dock, Carol, you're not listening, opals, Lucky corners. Pet Peeve: Maroon cars. Sailing Club, Library Aide, NEW- TONIAN, JAWYN. at-f 11 9 .xi -.1 ICN .r T3 f X ERIC JOEL WEINER ' . PAUL A. Weiss 40 Stafford Rd., Newton Centre , Rick Newton Upper Falls X 'n h Weeks, Adams, College. Mary E. Curley. Riley, College. " NHS: Continue to be a progres- To die, to sleep, to sleep perchance ts-a t sive, forward-thinking and acting to dream, many people are afraid 1 school-your mOSt valuable asset. to die, 50 maybe We are already 1 A Leaving unfortunately, one helluva dead, and are fearing our birth H, i X human being and friend, Mr. into life. l Barry Jentz. Football, Sports. Cars, Looking at 5 5 .fi I Concert and Marching Bands, Ger- people. H, man Club, International Club, Future: Perhaps Teaching. A '25 4 Music Club. Future: International Law, Diplo- macy, and Trade. ROBERT CAYLEFF WEISS KAREN HOPE WEINER 500 Lowell Ave., Newtonville I 42 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Bobby l Kar Day, Barry, College. Weeks' Beals, College. "Tolerance if defending az perronlv "A burner! of peace it produced 'fight f0 fm Opinion, Wen 91214819 l from cl .feed of contentment." if may dlllrff' from WOW 0107?- Cheerleading, DN2 sophomore NEWTONIAN, Chem15ffY Club, 4 National Honor Society, U. S. Y. year, J. S., Capers with E. R. B. u Future: Business Management. 3:00 A. M. The crew ,68, S. C. '66, Hockey Games. Cheerleading, House Council, NEWTONITE Circulation Stall, i Music Club, NEWTONIAN. RENEE WEINER 35 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Red Day, Riley, College. "Sleep tight and don't let the bed- bugs bitef, "Many a truth said in jest" Er Mikel, I-Ii Divl, M. M. 2209, 30 letters from Maine, TERRI WELLFORD M. J. S. J Drama Club, Rally Committee, l Junior Prom Committee, French Club, Mike. ,JANE WHITE 30 Valley Spring Rd., Newton Bigelow, Riley, College. l "The world look! out and acroix, V I turn my gaze within." JOHN ROSS WEIR III Noah's Ark. l . Favorite Expression: Right! 581 Main Sty Medlleld' M355 I'm crazy about: Richie, Hats, the .' Medfield, Tech, Service. HCHICY- Marine Biology Club, Science Night, 66 - 67, Beachcombing, Piano, Oil paintings. A I Will to F. C., 25 TV sets from the City Dump. Pet Peeve: No Tech lunch. Newton Audio Visual, Swimming and Hunting. Future: Navy. JANET WHITE I4 Edinboro Pl., Newtonville MARTIN BRAM Weiss Jan Day, Adams, College. Ogunquit, Maine, Perkins Cove, "The Golden Egg", "The Dug- I Out". C. W., T. H., L. R., and Bigelow. Bacon, College. Q, .Q V Wisdom: Pursuing the best ends 1 by the best means. A Cherished: Iris and our love, my 4-4-2, Bud, day as M. D. C. life- guard, Rouse 6. l Bacon House Council V. P., Stu- dent Council, Orchestra, Gymnas- tics, Skiing, Surfing. 55 Gay St., Newtonville Marty K. F., South Pacific, "Mt. Tom"- skiing resort. Rally Committee, Ski Club, Senior Class Committee. fa fK ...Q R. ste 5 gr F.,, ,.... . ,... ........,. , 5 JUDY WHITE li 20 Rose Dr., West Newton . Jud I 'Q if Warren, Riley, Marriage. The good times I had with N. B. ', and the trip to Expo and one L special Monday night at Bev's house and one Saturday night at my house. 5 283 ti IL ' 45, 3 , . . A g, Ql , is 1 ir fi? l PAMELA WHITEHEAD 140 Fairway Dr., West Newton Pam St. Bernard's, Adams, College. Jan. I, 1967, pumpkins, Dennis- port, Cold feet, History with Ellen, French II 3, parking behind the dirt piles, grief, Sept. 11, 1967, English with D. F. Sophomore Class Committee, Rally Committee, Sailing Club, Red Cross. f js, MARK HENRY WHITEHOUSE 25 Winhora St., Auburndale Warren, Bacon, College. "There'r at leart a little hit of good in everyone. You jurt have to look harder to find it in .tome people." Film Festival, Music Club, "South Pacific", Photography. Future: Television Direction and Production. RICHARD WILKER 287 Waltham St., West Newton Dick Warren, Barry, College. Chemistry Club picnic, a thirty degree swim, B. U. Library, Rock, Bundle pick-up, "D. W. got an 800!!??, burning incense in 1206. Sailing Club, President, Chemistry Club, Russian Club, Physics Club. 284 LORI WILKES 15 Welden Rd., Newton Christian High, Bacon, College. March 25, 1966, B. J. M. Field Hockey, Orchestra, Ski Club. Future: Nursing. el if sg A i -t l ' Q - r li E JEAN WILKINSON 206 Church St., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. The climb to Pike's Peak, resting at the top around the Pole and the call of the lonely wind. Hop to the sound of the hip beat and the white stag, Milk Bar Study with B. E., J. C., E. V., B. H., A. R. Mental Health Club, Spanish Club, Ski Club, Basketball, Sailing Club. STACEY ANN WINER I8 Valley Spring Rd., Newton Bigelow, Beals, College. "The part if never dead, it it not even the part." Favorite Expression: Oh really. I'm Crazy About: Paper flowers and P. Town. Ski Club, Marine Biology Club, Sailing Club, Experimenting with different forms of art. Future: Art. GAIL WINNICK 48 Woodlawn Dr, Chestnut Hill Weeks, Barry, College. "Look ahead, never look hack,- move forward, don't stand rtillg and never, never he .tad for what ir over. Be glad that it was yours to have!" Dramatic Presentations, Class gov- ernment 8: activities, "Homeroom Happiness", "To Sir With Love", West Hartford, N. E. F. AT. Y. JENNIFER WILLIAMS 405 Cherry St., West Newton Warren, Adams, College. "Look hack on time with kindly eyes, He douhtletr did hir hefty How roftly .rinkr hir trembling run In human nature? west!" Mental Health Club, Future Teacher of America, Horseback riding, Volunteer work. Future: Teaching. MARJORIE WOLF 23 Milo Street, West Newton Margi Warren, Palmer College. "This time, like all timer, is a very good one if we hut know what to do with it." Chemistry Club, Chemistry Lab Assistant, NEWTONIAN Circula- tion Editor, NEWTONITE Ad Staff, French Honor Society. X . 'far' -'Q ff JESSICA WOLFE 11 Evelyn Rd., Waban Jessie Weeks, Beals, College. "The world ir round and what seem: like the end may really he only the heginningf' Five days in May, S. S. B., Europe '66, Talks, "S", My Fire engine. Homeroom Manager, House Coun- cil, NEWTONITE Circulation Satff, AFS, Jawyn. is 1. JUDITH WOLPER 3 Willow Terr., Newton Centre Judi Weeks, Bacon, College. "When you walk let your heart lead the way and you'll find love any day." Watching Lois come bombing into the U. S. Pavilion at Expo yelling "Hey Judi! Guess who's coming?" Music Club, Orchestra, Marching Band, Composing. Future: Music Education, Marriage. J , l . ik l f SANFORD AUSTIN WINSLOW 156 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Sandy Warren, Barry, College. "Try to realize it'r all within yourrelf no-one elre can make you change and to ree you're only very :mall and life Yowr on within you and without you! ' Monster Rally '66, Bike Rally '67, Summer in Europe '67, Dun- hunten, M. D. '67, The Aub. boys, B. Ball, Bull Sessions. Basketball, Co-Captain, aBseball, House Council, Vice President, Marching Band. JOANNE WOMBOLDT 12 Salisbury Rd., Newtonville Jo Bigelow, Barry, College., I always seem to remember best what the teacher said when he seemed to be kidding around. French Club, Rally Club, Library Club, Reading. Future: Mathematics and Com- puters. fin' CHRISTINE WOOTEN 79 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Chris Day, Riley, College. Favorite Expression: Kan nagon har talar svenska?!!! "Happenings" in my life: Tufts- Newton Seminars, North Carolina, Sweden. AFS, Human Rights Club, Spanish Club, Hosteling, Art, Language, Music. ROBERT ALAN WURZEL 30 Oak Cliff Rd., Newtonville Day, Barry, College. Having English 1-3 in 1204 with good old Larry. Pet-Peeve: Having people walking up the Down staircase. House Council, Marching Band, Chemistry Club, Rock and Roll Band. Future: Engineering. SUZANNE WYMAN 290 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Sue Warren, Bacon, College. "To look up and not down, To look forward and not hack, To look out and not in, and To lend a hand." '- Suppressed Desire: Counting on my toes! l Madrigals, A Cappella Choir, Music Club. Junior Class Com- mittee, French Club. , ' TW'i'T ZYZTWN? i43jXSNs51'?'3i'3t 'F' APN!! MARTIN YAFFEE 4 Cotter Rd., Waban Marty Weeks, Adams, College. "Copernicus was wrong,' The earth doe5n't more in a circle-It rises continually hecause of the vast amounts of hot air expelled hy ity inhahitantff' Physics Club V. P., Boston Pops Orchestra, Greater Boston Youth Symphony Orchestra, Massachusetts State Science Fair at M. I. T., Ford Foundation Future of America Regional Science Fair. MARINA XYDEAS 132 Brackett Rd., Newton Centre Xid Robert G. Shaw, Riley, College. Suppressed Desire: To ,,.. .,...., ! Pet Peeve: Laura CHD, People mis- pronouncing my last name. 1Of15f66g Mapsvs. Iar, 12f16!66 rgght Pam?, Expo, the summer of ' 7. House Representative, Leader Corps, Rally Committee, Junior P rom Committee, Homeroom Manager, AFS. nu-W U' F AY ANN YANOFSKY 81 Montrose St., Newton Bigelow, Adams, College. "To.ez1erything there is a season . . . . a time to weep and a time to laugh, a time to lozfe and a time to hate." November 26, 1966, junior E Block Math, Jawyn, B. Y. L. NEWTONIAN, Photo Coordina- tor, Mental Health Club, Treasur- er, National Honor Society, French Honor Society, Tennis. RICHARD R. YERARD1 158 Pine St., Auburndale Dickie, "Little Kid" Warren, Tech. Water Skiing, Drags, Giant Store, Cars, Girls, Ladies. Future: Printing Management. ANGELA ZANCO 26 Rose Dr., West Newton Ange Warren, Adams, Business. The Year of August 26, 1966, with a certain someone. All the good times in the cafeteria, and room 2209 of 1966. I JOHN ZIERGIEBEL 21 Rockwood Terr., Auburndale Warren, Riley, College. "Twa5 hrillig, and the .flithy toner Did gyre and gimhle in the waheg All mimfy were the horogowef, And the norne raths outgrahef' Football, Football Announcer, Class Committee, Vice President, Presi- dent, Ski Club, The Guzzi Body Shop. . .,...,,5,-.5 .. 285 MARK ARONSON 82QPark Ave., Newton Bigelow, Adams. Expo was a smashing success. Sailing Club, Ski Club, Trallic Squad. NEIL ASCH 200 Temple St., West Newton Warren, Bacon, College. Homeroom periods. Biology Club, Spanish Club, Water skiing, Snow skiing. RALPH F. BARRY, JR. 149 Pearl St., Newton Centre Out Lady, Barry, Business. I Will to NHS: A burnt out slick oli my 32 roadster, a flat tire. Suppressed Desire: To punch a hippie in class. Photography. Stock car racing. Future: Business. ANTHONY BOUDREAU 136 Jewett St., Newton Corner Frog, Popeye Day, Tech, Service. Managing Muzi to victory, driving Mr. Howland and Mr. Sullivan insane. Administrative Aides, Cars, Girls. Future: Air Force. PHILIP BOUDREAU 90 Waban Pk., Newton Phil Day, Bacon, College. Junior year. Favorite Saying: I'm so happy! I will to NHS: A new cafeteria. Listening to the Radio, Fixing clocks, Sports. Future: Navy. JOHN BRANGW NE 1052 Pleasant St., elmont Belmont, Tech, Electrician. 286 BRIAN BUCHI-IALTER 156 Evelyn Rd., Waban Lenox, Riley, College. l entered Newton High as a Junior about half year. I had been going to a private school before. Newton High has been a lot of fun. Riflery, Pool, Swimming. Future: Physics, Engineering. JOHN BUONS 409 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Day, Palmer, College. The Summer of 67 at the Cape. Claim to Fame: 4 broken windows, 8 broken desks, 2 broken doors. Favorite Expression: You cow hand. GEORGE HERMAN BUTLERS 46 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Riley. College. "Live life ur if you would have to leave it immediately: ur if the time left ir an unexpected gift." Sailing Club, NEWTONIAN Photographer, to leave NHS in November. Future: Engineering. JOSEPH THOMAS BUTT, JR. 85 Adena Rd., West Newton Joe Warren, Riley, Business. "Silence ir Golden", "Still Wuterr Run Deep." Bowling, S w i m m i n g , Skating, Erack, Reading, Hockey, Basket- all. EDWARD CAMMARATO 134 Waverley Ave., Newton Fast Ed Bigelow, Beals, Business. Oh, yea you got a case for history. Fixing Engines, Racing Cars. PETER CEDRONE 315 Crafts St., Newtonville Day, Barry. Business. GLENN CHAMPAGNE 82 Norwood Ave., Newtonville Day, Tech, Body Shop. Favorite Pastime: Going out with my future wife Pam. Building and racing cars. JAMES CHRISTOPHER 505 Main St., Watertown Chris Tech, Business. THOMAS DeLUCA 51 Harrington St., Newtonville Our Lady's,' Palmer, College. Homeroom with Roberta and Amy Duck Pond with L. H. Cars. Future: Business Administration. JIRIER DEMIRGIAN 15 Margaret Rd., Newton Highlands Jehira Weeks, Tech. I leave to Newton Tech 5 years of my precious life. Smoking Club, Girl watching Club, Girls, Girls. Future: To get more girls. And you my you tripped, RICHARD COFF 30 Churchill St., Newton CHRISTOPHER CORLEY Chris Tech. Honeywell run, Detention, Cars. Plants. Future: Forest Ranger, Civil Service. JERRY DUNCANSON Garrison Rd., North Shirley J. D. Day. Tech, Service. Putting the old "Snow Job" on Mr. Penta. Administrative Aides. Horses. SUSAN ECKAUS 285 Highland Ave., West Newton Kitty Warren, Riley. I would like to say that I had three very good years at N. H. S. Outside Interests: Helping other people. Hobbies: Reading, Swimming, Cooking. Future: Take more classes. ' 151 Westland Ave., West Newton r I l 3 : I I ,. KENNETH F. GIORDANO ri '1 Kenny ff' Warren, Beals-Adams, College. "I guerr you can never realize what an education meant until you'1fe lor! your Privilege to learn. Everyone has to learn this for himself." 'People, Military, Skydiving. Future: Police Force, Free lance writer. 5 r il 2 l RALPH GORDON l 69 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls - Reggie ,llMeadowbrook, Tech, Service. f?The first time I jumped out of an '1irplane, the trip down. Future: Naval Air Force. l I l ll 'z 1 li l DUDLEY EDDY HALL 160 Chestnut St., West Newton Warren, Barry, College. Motto: If you must cheat to win don't play the game of life. Gymnastics, Systems Studies, Map Collecting, Statistics. Future: Chemistry. Physics, Mathe- matics. EDWARD HALLOW 272 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Eddie A Day. Barry, College. I Will to NHS: My gym suit. Favorite Expression: Do you must. Taking all lunches. Gymnastics Team, Co-captain, Cars. Future: Business. teach? I PHILIP T. GOLDSTEIN 35 Grove St., Aubutndale Emmanuel Goldstein, author of the Theory of Oligarcical Collectivism. Warren, Barry, College. ."WE'RE ALL MAD." Poster-Master General, Artist 8: .Artiste. Future: Bohemian Intellectual. GEORGE H. GRAHAM 8 Hersey St., Newton Highlands I ANN HARRER 60 Prospect Pk., Newtonville Shady Hill School, Bacon, College. IEJIEEVTONITE, AFS, Philosophy u . LYNDON JOHNSON "The Sage of Pedernales" Warren, Palmer, College. "I'd rather be right than Presi- dent." RICHARD A. LONG 17 Evergreen Rd., Needham Richie Tech, Work. Racing, Mechanic. MARY LOUISE MATHERWEIZ 10 Cliff Rd., Newton Upper Falls Mary Horrace Mann School for the Deaf, Riley, College. Future: Living in Italy-Perhaps three months or a year. LAWRENCE JOSEPH MAYER 280 Austin St., West Newton Larry Warren, Riley, College. Good times with Brenda, Fourth of July week-end, Yarmouth and Falmouth. a real bad '57 Olds. Sophomore Class Committee, Junior Class Committee, Eques- trian Club. Future: F. B. I. EDWARD MCCALLION 1238 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Weeks. DANIEL JO-SEPH MCCARTHY III 179 Crafts St., Newtonville Danny Day, Beals, College. Meeting Louise Kenney, having Edy on my neck, Art, going to Maine and New York on school time. Favorite Expression: Yes. Fondest Desire: To Get . . . House Football and Basketball, Girls, Jig Saw Puzzles. JAMES MCKERNAN 14 Cranmore Rd., Norwood Jim Norwood Junior High, Tech. Fighting theearly morning trafhc to get to school on time. Administrative Aides, Making money, Work. Future: Work, Keeping out of trouble. ARLITA MOODY 128 Jewett St., Newton Corner Lincoln Bigelow, Adams. My sprained ankle and crutches. Pet Peeve: Teacher being taken for my mother. Softball, Powder Puff Football, Traffic Squad, Teacher's Helper. CONNIE NICOLAZZO 6 Gannon Ct., West Newton Warren, Barry, Business. March '66, Drew, Hampton Beach, Pet Peeve: Guidance Counselors who misguide. Claim to Fame: The last day of school. I Will to -NHS: My brother Philip. LEONARD CHANLEY 197 Walnut St., Newtonville Weeks, Palmer, College. '67 with Tom and Willy, 2E base- ment. DON O'SI-IEA 57 Davis Rd., Belmont Tech, Business. JOHN PARISI 164 Bigelow Rd., West Newton Warren, Palmer. CHRISTOPHER PEATTIE 271 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Chris Brooklyn Friends. Barry, College Tutor Program in Cambridge. JOHN PISELLI I7 Wiswall St., West Newton Moose Day, Barry. Service. Met F. F. October 22, 1967. I Will to NHS: My reserve spot on the hrst floor of building I. Football, Track, lndoorg Track, Outdoor. 287 JOSEPH C. RIGOLI 225 Church St., Newton Corner Joe Warren, Palmer, Business. RICHARD RIGOLI 59 Melody La., Waltham Fife Waltham, Tech, Service. Pet Peeve: S. W. and H. H. Linda P., Cars. PHIL ROUSSEAU 229 Pearl St., Newton BERNADIO VOLANTE 82 Floral St., Newton Highlands Bernie Tech. KEVIN ROYDS 227 White St., Belmont Belmont, Tech, Business. WILLIAM SANTILLO 18 Barrieac Ct., Newtonville Billy JOHN SILLESKY 26 Otis Sr., Needham Needham, Tech, College. JOHN WALSH DAVID SMERLING 60 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Weeks, Beals, College. , Good Advice: Make the three years you spend here mean something. Don't waste your time. If I could, I'd do it over again. NEWTONITE Ad Staff, P.O.S.T., Music, Life. JAY SMIKER 32 Treeland Dr., Framingham Long John Framingham, Tech, Travel. Cars, having a good time. CARL TAPLIN 15 Sewall St., West Newton Warren, Palmer. My hero Timothy Leary. Favorite Expression: I have no school spirit. NEWTONITE, Film Festival, Am- erican Field Service, Photography. Future: Hippiedom. NICHOLAS VASSALOTTI 91 High St., Newton Upper Falls Nick Meadowbrook. Riley, Business. I have had a great time at Newton High and I wish the best of health to my friends and teachers. I will miss Newton High, my homeroom 2207, and my best friends. Riley House Ofhce, Golf, Bowling, Fishing. Future: Chef. Q. ...AP EDWARD DILBARIAN 15 Frederick St., Newtonville 176 SPIUCC Sf-. Watertown Our Lady's, Beals, College. "ll7l9ere Ibere ir a will, there it a tray." Elections Committee, NEWTON- IAN Ad Staff, Skiing. Future: Teaching. 288 SAMUEL WEINER I2 Avondale Rd., Newton Centre Sam Bigelow, Barry, College. Audio-Visual, Chess Club. SCOTT WOODWA RD 20 Robinson Rd., Lexington Woody Lexington, Tech, Service. Future: Some branch of the Service. l LAWRENCE J. MAYER 280 Austin St., West Newton Larry Warren, Riley, College. Good times with Brenda, Fourth of July week-end, Yarmouth and Falmouth, a real bad '57 Olds. Sophomore Class Committee, Junior Class Committee, Eques- trian Club. Future: F. B. I. ,rx-4: , - "7 RICHARD APRARDI ELLEN ZIMBEL 61 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, Bacon, College. "You-.tpecial miraculour, unre- perztable, fragile, fearful, tender, loft .rparkling ruby emerald jewel, rainbow splendor person. It'J up to you." Mental Health Club, AFS, Folk- singing Club, National Honor So- ciety, Creative Writing. +--.Q NANCY C. HALLETT 614 Walnut St., Newtonville Day, Riley. Business. Senior Prom with J. L., Summer of '65, '66, Maine, my friendship with L. D., Kennebunk High dance. Chief Failing: Not being able to graduate with class of '67. Rally Committee. Ski Club, Tennis, Skiing. Future: Marriage. Q JANICE A. RICHARDS I l 1 4 1 n 1 1 1 4 1 r, 1 ll 1 3 l 1 i it 1 1 1 ,L 2 vu-- -vi! 102 1-01101 '010 40-a -101 X011-01'-0110'101' 1011011?6110110110110110'1101101101'011011-011011?10110110101101 The officers, advisors, and members of the Senior Class Committee wish the best of luck to the class of 1968. OFFICERS Pres. Robert Tennant 1st Vice Pres. James Weaver 2nd Vice Pres. Elaine Horn Sec. Anne Mechem Treas. Barbra Dangel ADVISORS Mrs. Ruth Levine Mrs. Sally Martin 1104 1118 1120 1132 ADAMS -Marion Cooper Pam Foster -Doug Cohen Peter Brown -Karen Gahm Janet White -Natalie Levine Richard Chiampa BARRY 1202-Lyn Schwartz Mark Friedel 1204-Karyn Schpeiser 1206-Robert Houghteling Carol Summers 12 1 O-Tamar Shapiro Jay Gentile 12 5 O-Andy Golub Mike Loumos BEALS 13 1 O-Roni Sherman jessica Wolfe 1342-Barbara Case Ed Vachin 1344-Jon Shuman Donna Hussey 1 3 5 6-Ruth Pigeon Geri Lajoie 1444-Sue Hurray Eliot Gven RILEY 212-Rozanne Marcus Jane Bush 2103-Sue Fray 2206-Sharon Raum 2207-Sue Currier Ken Prince 2209-Ed Kleiman Brenda Cogan PALMER 227-Neal Shifman Andrea Barron 2 36-Lynne Brillant Carol Friedman 2 3 8-Walter Byrd Peter Kanavous 23 O5-Ginny Shulman Amy Cohen 2 314-Neil Silberman Roger Morrazzo BACON 315-Paula Elitov Linda Salamone 3 2 2-Sue Frank Barry Tatelman 329-Karen Konowitz Merle Kahn 3 3 O-Gayle Gordon Michael Bogen 3 3 8-Patty Gordon Mary Borteck 5 5 6 S 5 5 5 5 ,S 10110161101 '-01' 1-01' 101' 1-011010101 61 1011-01101 1-01 611011-01' 101101 1-0161 101' 91' 101101 17'0'1011011?1011?61101101616161011701010110'7101Q011011?616"6x Alice's Restaurant AA A Alvord Pharmacy A A A A Atwood's Camera Shop A A AA Auburndale Cooperative Bank Babcock Equipment Co. r,.n M. E. Baker Co. AA A r,nnr A Barber Shop Contincntale Barbour and Travis AA AA Barnett Fabric Stores A A Barrabee A A A AA Barry House A ,i,., A Bellon-Hupfer Lincoln-Mercury Boston I Store A A A .iii ..,i..i, A AA Boulevard Pharmacy ,,,.ii. Bunny's Foodland A A .,.i John TA Burns Insurance AA AA Cameron Machine A AA Campus Cue AA AA A C arley Realtors AA AAAAAAAAAAA AA C armen's Barber Shop AAAAAA Carousel Coilleurs AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Central Drapery Cleaners AAAAAAAA Classifieds AAAAAA AAAAAA,AAAAA,AAAAAAA,,A Clay Chevrolet AAAAAAAA,A AAAAAAAA,AAAAA. Cleveland Circle Auto School AA Clothes Horse AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA Coiffeurs International AAAAA College Sub Shop AAAA,AAAAAAAAA Crowley's Office Supply AAAAAA Newton Buick ,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.A,AA.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Newton Centre Camera and Music Shop ,AAAAA Newton Cooperative Bank AAA.A,AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Newton Graphic AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Mackay Funeral Home AAAAAA, Mal's Luncheonette AAAAAAAAAA,AA 7 Mandell s AA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAA A A Middlesex Ollice Supply Co. AAAAAAAA AAAAA A Midnite Foods and Laundramat AAAAAA AAAAAA Newcor Factory Outlet AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA New England Performance Center Inc. A New England Telephone ,,A,.AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA The News-Tribune AAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAA,AAAAAAAAAAAAAA, A A Newton-Wellesley Ambulance Service AAAA .AAA The Newtonite A AA A ,AAAAAAA Newtonville Fabric Center AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AA A Newtonville T.V. and Record AAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAA Newton Waltham Bank and Trust Co. AAAAAA A N.EA Federal Savings and Loan Association Norumbega Coin and Stamp AAAAA A AAAAAAAAA T. OlToole and all the little O'Tooles A A A A Palmer House AA AAAA Pete,s One Hour Cleaners A AA Pierre Coiffeurs Int. A Pizza Shoppe A AA Polagrito Shoe Repairing A Premier Packing Co. A The Prep Shop AA AAAAAAA 304 307 304 304 307 294 307 294 310 296 291 310 294 307 302 296 296 298 294 294 307 304 311 307 294 304 296 304 301 310 296 306 305 302 307 306 296 307 299 299 297 298 296 292 304 294 301 303 299 300 310 294 296 304 294 307 301 Ad Index Patronize Our Advertisers Demctras A Dick's Gulf A A A Roger DiPersio A A A A A Mr. and Mrs. Norman Dunn A AA Eastman Flower Shop AA Fashion Shoppe A Fred Fowler Co. Fox Pharmacy Norman and George Franklin A AA Friend A A AAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A A Another Friend A A Third Friend A A Yet Another Friend AA One Friend more A AA A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A Sixth Friend AAAAAAAAAAA A AAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA A Would you believe one more Alferd Fuller Insurance AAAAA Garden City Oil Co. Inc. AAAAA A Garden City Trust AAAA AA Halewood Pharmacy A Hendricken Bros. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A Hickox Secretarial School AAAAAA AAAAAA Homeroom 2105 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAA The Huddle AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Ken-Kaye Krafts AAAAAAA AAAAAAAA Elliot W. Keyes Pharmacy King's AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAA Joe Lee's Laundry AAAA AAAAAAAA Lou's Shoe Rebuilding AAAAAA Purdy Photographers AAAAAA QEDS AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Raytheon Co. AAAAAAAA A Ray's Dell AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Rhodes Pharmacy AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA David Railsback AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Robert and Richard Beauty Academy AAAAAAAAAA Roma Delicatessen AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Senior Class A AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA A AAAAA A A South Pacilic AAAAAA AAAAA Sparkle Cleaners AAAAAA Star Market AAAAA AAAAAAA Stowe-Woodward A AA Student Council A AA AA Swartz Hardware AA A Robert L. Tennant AA AA Tony's Italian Villa AA AA Tux Shop AAAAA AAAAA AAAAAAAAAA A United Liquors LTD A Waban Hardware Inc. A A Waban News A AAAAAAAA A Miss Wellesley Juniors AAAA West Ford AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA A West Newton Cooperative Bank A AAAA AA ,West Newton Pizza A AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAA A West Newton Savings Bank AAAAAA AAAAAAA West Newton Texaco AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA AAAAAAA West Roxbury Bowling Center AAAAAA AAAAAAA 301 Q 294 1 296 y 294 1 304 3- 296 w 307 A 302 I 294 294 294 I 296 4 303 T 307 291 307 307 301 298 296 305 299 292 298 302 307 294 1 304 307 308 306 A 295 296 294 309 301 296 292 302 302 302 310 A 293 304 301 I 301 y 306 305 296 296 3021 301 I 292A 2961 303 I 303 305? 1 A uf ."'r.,Y t. X-. 5 mae N + 1 'ilu , 1, x 1 v' i1 Y w i. 7 1- - -14. 51 'ff'fer,ixjNr , - , f . .r 4 4 '4 tn i 4' sr j I u! .- 1- 4,.prsf"" 4 R ,r J .1 :gait K , Wsixi 4 .. 0 ' 1. , L xx 'fwg NFO Ni M ' Q2 wx I 12' ll Jr I K , A f- 'L ii 4 P7 'N I .ff J 5 -- ww, HJ' I x Y Compliments of the parents What is The Oificial Newton High School Cafeteria record for milk consumed by one person chug-a- lug? Cin number of cartonsj ' L961 '1aqLu9AoN 'zpeq -Simi PIAUCI AQ PIQLI for IIQMSUV Girls interested in Photographic Modeling call: Bob Smith 257-3597 T33 ,ff 5 0 :il A i .t if V . i 0 5 5 CONGRATULATIONS 1968 Best Wishes G d GRADUATES WEST NEWTON AUBURNDAI-E CO-OPERATIVE BANK CO-OPERATIVE BANK 307 Auburn S 1308 Washingt S Auburndale West Newton C p1teC Op Since 1910 5 5 Bkgse 5 3 i 2 The Newtonite Builds Strong Bodies Twelve Ways 2 E 5 S4 6 9 5 3 9 6 5 5 5 9 5 6 9 5 9 E 5 3 102402171-01 1016101 402105405 '0'101'-0"L0f 20v'01'-0Y0K0'1 f-05 '-0"0K0" 1020"-01 0K0'0w0a 0NON0"' 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 9 2 2 2 im, S i' 2 3 QB H100 53 '41 02, ' f2'4'f"1VxX 2-3 E 'Q '11W,lN??Sfi5 S xx ' c,uausN , S I 859 2 5 , Q Q A E ' 5 "A Cultivated Mind ls Food For Humcmity" Q WE, THE MEMBERS OF THE NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT 3 COUNCIL WISH TO CONGRATULATE EVERYONE WHO 5 HELPED TO MAKE THE NE WTONIAN A SUCCESS AND THE BEST OF LUCK TO THE GREAT CLASS OF 1968 5 BRUCE BALTIMORE '68 JOANNE GLICKMAN '68 ELLEN LASKY '63 President Vice Prefidemf Treasurer BARBARA MYEROW '69 CAROL SHAPIRO '69 Rec. Sec. C orrefpomiing Sec. 9 3 8 X0u0w0x0u0f wv0w0e0Q91f0Qa'0:01e0f0n0:f0f0na010ma0w-.wQ010x0f0-10f101wX 93 10K0K0'L0XQQ7Q01L0Pf012?20X01' 10'20'201L720PC0N0"0fL0N0w4 X 491 C Z m 1 53.25 Q53 mme D' :2 Et, 75 cn Z rn E -I 0 Z WS Nr- rs. S.. :J 4 E. V190 FS 2 fr- rn H n 0 2 U O 9 C0"'0120N0'f'6 'U O K Q 3 5 H 5 w E ' EH .- 0 -n Q .fr J? o S F' aa 3 gf' 5 gr Ez 2 3 O Q fl v- Z Q Q xg 'U -I 5- ua Xl C -I Zg U O o H rn 'Q 'D W o Z 5' 5-' " 'iz' 0 3 'D cn 5 2 A 3 IP 3 'D S ' Z 2 :UV V- . Q ,D .1-1 Q :s 3 O up ma - H -u 'L New D, 0 E 7: U H fn tw fb M C- 9 fn Um X0 vw Ja O2 Q H' -r- Z H- rn : O53-o" c-1 Q3-U-'Lf Xl C O.. rw Pa 1 2 Om Z m W 5 Paxw 3 I OEOQ' W Y-1 L LN T 3 LII I 22 3 a gm Q P 0 3 zmgw :Wz an sepi -. to 13 Q uw r-v Q Ch Z H N O Q D -IZ 30 QU gp O g 3 cn 5 95 I Q H -I 9, 0 S 3 :1 Q fp , m , :s 5.3 U. rn ' "' cn ' .... Q. R "' " SS" P' 0 ef' 3 he oi? S3 2-4 ZS? Ds. gg 2 uw OX Z 2 'U NR -- 5, E QQ m 3 A UQ Ib gg U' vi gg w -u 4 71 Z vu ' E 0 -4 E Z 0 .- Z GN fb -rx S 0 6' sf if E E. Q 3 3. 3 5 4 5 9- ,. 2? :U Q w ,. if G 2 5 H -A N g ro I .- 'V O O W P1 ff av X. 2. gp Q U W I Z 0 "' rv m 2 :lj 0 ,- 9 3 U EQ Q o Z O Z ' U F ,.. .1 n 3' C -1 Z . U, O m Q N N :V g r- Y' 5 E. rn U1 t.. U rv 2' m Q' ' U, Q 'rl 'Qi f-1 Q g UO rn in JA 32 QQ '4 W x N tv 3, 2 Z '-' Q H E. W fi cn -5 A D' N. I X n Xl 05- 7:1 "' tn E r-1 O D O ' IQ, "" B U1 It ' p.-. O Z m Q ,D :J D I :J W Q, rn oo 3 pg C3 2 xg PD 1 5 :J fy H Z E? P , GX U2 'SN l'l1 gg- Q.: fm Gd rj Z 3 EZ Q. T: gl W 'P UQ 5 ox o cu P 'Q P EQ 5 U, JS, S 2 Qt m 'D a "' 5 LC, g D 2 'li 5- C 2' 2 S 0 FD : r: W N 7 gp Q 0 Dj 3 -I vm 4 rn 5 f' U, Q W Ib 3 Q H 0 S: rf U U H n Q N P' O fr fb vi C Q 5 -4 " E U' 95 tn 2 I 5' 3 3, 11 2 2' 2 gi : Q 9' " t O x gf 5 8 E z . U z Q 5' 'A gf OO an 3 o '6 Q0 Q0"' g0,- C01 3 5 5 2 5 5 2 2 2 5 E 2 E E ie 119 Elm Street West Newton Mass. 02165 Guitars-Portable Phonos-Tape Recorders Good Luck To The Graduates Compliments of from Norma 8. George Franklin A FRIEND 1 f f 5 J fy X. 4 f , , ,, mf N x 'Aww' 1? 4 W M lsr W4 W" Z,,of,1 , , iiirfkwif , 12,5 Q f i 4 I!" K ,,,, ,Q , , .LT is 2.4.-qt-3' 7 . - - Ha 2 za, 2 4 - f' Q K Q ' I ww X ' ff I A . A V, ,, . J, 3 4, ,, 'irfnn ff 5 U f ,us-Sf f V , 'I,:,, ,. f- ,Mn-,A W if fill f ' ZZM pa , W ,z I f , X X Zlffff' ' 7 'W' M ?ff.ffffffwf ef In ' , , ',,,, ,f fff W f ff i ff ' W K W WW!! X ' M . Z Z yi ,W ' ,ff X W Q V, , .V M kxLL 5 Z Z ty 1 4 f ,' f 3 X, f f V! , ' K Z a y ,, ,V 5 V 7 9,1 ,ff f f' ' f X XZ Vkry lj! f' -, j-Iistory's bein made ln your own backyard. And you can be a part of it. Some of the most advanced systems and technologies in the world are being developed right now at the Raytheon researchfdevelopment laboratories and fa- cilities in Eastern Massachusetts. Guidance systems for the Apollo Moon shots, air traffic control for the FAA, worldwide communications via satellites, highly- specialized data handling, sophisticated radar and sonar systems and many other programs for natural resource development, education, defense and prod- ucts for the home. Whatever field you're interested in, now or after college, Raytheon has a good job for you to come home to. The kinds of careers available are virtually unlimited and so are the opportunities when you put your talents to work on the exciting programs at Raytheon. An Equal Opportunity Employer 5 2 'S 5 5 Q FROM A FRIEND JOHN T. BURNS INSURANCE 805 Washington Street Newtonville, Mass. Q NEWTON-WELLESLEY AMBULANCE SERVICE 1255 Washington Street West Newton, Mass. 1 5521817 899-1818 5 WABAN HARDWARE, INC. 5 1641 Beacon Street Wahan, Mass. Hard ware-Paint-Oils Q 244-4566 WABAN NEWS Bob Smith IN WABAN SQUARE Q RAY'S DELL EINEST IN COLDCUTS 295 Watertown Street Newton, Mass. 52 7-9586 9 ROGER DIPERSIO 1205 Washington Street West Newton, Mass. 5 NEW AND USED CARS 552-9810 WEST NEWTON PIZZA 5 1365 Wlishington Street W'est Newton, Mass. 527-9200 I I E I S 5 9 2 S 9 S 5 I I 5 9 9 9 I 5 I I E I ,S 5' E' 2 tn 51 an H 2 OJ f:' 8 S 2 gg ' :r :' Z O Q tw fb Q C 5 F5 3 3 2 5 2 4 ,Q 2 to ft gf, Q 5 I J-N ..:. "' ... rr 2 2 N : tn " fs f- 3 B ' va . U.. O. ZTQ Q fd 0 o o Q :'. P1 'J FT If an o r: '-01'02'-01401 ROMA DELICATESSEN NEWTON CENTRE CAMERA 8. MUSIC SHOP 829 Beacon Street Newton Centre, Mass. O o m 'H l"l'I C 2 U1 2 l'l1 - 53 5 .11 l"l'1 Z Z za : o Z mf I- 'OY l0"6vl0N0Y0f'-0'H0510140H0"01 36 Langley Road Newton Centre, Mass. 244-0607 332-8638 CAMERON MACHINE Experimental-Electronic John M. Cameron 1 Brook Street Newton, Mass. MIDDLESEX OFFICE SUPPLY CO. 101' 550 Watertown Street Newton, Mass. 552-5156 HALEWOOD PHARMACY PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS 128-I Washington, Street West Newton, Mass. 02165 40' I If f C0161 97. FASHION SHOPPE 515 Vfalnut Street Newtonville, Mass. 532-'864 X0"40"H0X0f-7?2740v0'0N706'10'k7'012?'70N70000K7170X0f0'71?4?6f'7'7'76x Before you accept that first job . . . ook over your employer us eurefully us he does f you What's the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won't explode if I make a mistake? Will I make a decent week's pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can answer "Yes" to these questions. They work for New England Telephone. Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon , , . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply. Part of the Nationwide Bell System ii-5 I New Eng and Telephone 5 la s' wee U57 'MI 5 57' Q' I :mc stevens I T Wm 3 jfuonf FEATURING VARSITY TYPE 5 APPAREL 2 ' X CLOTHING 36-44 . SHIRTS-SWEATERS 2 s-M-L 5 SLACKS 2 8-44 l 1146 Beacon Street at Four Corners - Newton Centre 332-3320 5 Open Friday 'Til 9 P.M. GARDEN CITY TRUST COMPANY Chestnut Hill 232 Boylston Street Newton Corner A 259 Centre Street Best Wishes 5 CAMPUS CUE 590 Commonwealth Ave., Boston 15 Minutes from Harvard Sq. by M.T.A. Clst stop after Kenmore Sql 5 POCKET BILLIARDS "Great for a date" C omplimentr Of THE NEWS-TRIBUNE '6X 10110100 '-01' 101' 1010401101 01401 000 C010 '01'01 , L05, 101201 97. PC01'-0110140's01'01f-0N01201201L01'0K01G01s-7K0'0'010l0's01f011010000401s0f'04010Q0K0'0'01G6X 298 '-0Y-7'l0f'-0K0"40N0N710'0'-7s0K0"'05s0fs-0'v10'G0s-0v'0517'-Of!-01'-01'-0'2'0M0N-0'2s0N-0L0N0Y-0 NORUMBEGA STAMP 8. COIN CO. 297 Auburn Street Auburndale, Mass. JOSEPH E. LANDRY, JR. ANN G. LANDRY Phone: 527-5554 NEW ENGLAND PREFORMANCE CENTRE INC. COMPLETE. sPoRTs CAE SERVICE 5 Auburn Street West Newton, Mass. C owezfze-M .G.- I agzzmf-Triumph-Volvo short Courses. Gregg and EZ Alphabetic Shorthand. Start any timeg graduate when ready. Individual Attention . . . Individual Promotion. Full secretarial and special INTENSIVE BRUSH-UP COURSES for "RETURNEES" to JOB MARKET AHICKO SECRETARIAL SCHOOL Founded in 1879 367 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON ' Tel. 267-5920 lat Arlington Street, MBTAJ .un -n Iii 11 1l It in .ix ani. Q1 IE si: QI nm If .mt ii, six Ill 1 El m ll IU DY" BY 'S HI il mxnm nil lBBii rt am HI at-K :QUIZ 1095 tdvmii DH 1K 1 mi' Il 11 IC... l l11 imma 'Hull Aiwa I1 Ii hmm QI iv wil Q11 mu 11 in 11 Iii annul Bl' 'CI' ij' ai vis FACTORY STORE 452 Pleasant St. Watertown lCorner Bridge 8. Pleasant Streets at Newton Linel Nationaly Advertised MISSES 81 JUNIORS SPORTSWEAR 8: DRESSES AT TREMENDOUS SAVINGS xmvfeawfa w0Y?'0'6V'00140Y001049s70'?0610'61001Wf00fWvs-?'0490s76f6'0M0X 20X 1011051-01 f-02' 101' C01 0' 20120K-Om-01 014-02 206631-01' 02102 1-OYO1 p Wa. 'OXO' 001 71. f N TEM Vi SWWQXW TQ BETTER Wi'i!tilFiilS3tUDtUi1K4S Pow, ,,,., 4 ', - A 27 :4-: , L 4 "1'3t V 'b ' r ' V " A r- , , -NA L -E ,--,LQ - - W , uc "" T i- Q 44 E l YL'u .3cr3-.-- -,., .ry :TQ ,f- 4 sf-1.2, ,, - . , -owe--, -. .. , T. O'TooIe 84 Sons, one of the 'first printers in the nation to produce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for pains-taking workmanship. Personal service to advise you on I Yearbook Production I Themes I Layout I Use of Color I Fitting Copy I Line Drawings I Advertising I Proof Reading I Photography I Produc- tion I Personal Service At All Times T D TDDLE S SONS INC KEELER AVENUE, SOUTH NORWALK, CONNECTICUT O6856 AREA CODE CONNECTICUT 203 838-4761 E 5 S 5 S 5 3 9 9 5 6 6 5 5 6 Q 9 S S 2 6 5 5 5 si With every good wish to the , THE ORIGINAL Q Senior Class 5 from your friends 10" W 1: z 55. Ja ZE U-I O F, 21.13 'D fx-I 055 33 'gs J: z -4 5 Z F-,E :E SWE R I 5 .Q Ci 2 TONY'S ITALIAN VILLA 1-02 '02 AUTHENTIC SCHOOL BLAZERS 5 TUXEDOS-SALE OR RENTAL 527-6412 U N MEN- Q WO Sapp GARDEN CITY OIL co., INC. 5 5 THE as Q VD f- Plzrrrzlrirrg-Healing Q Q HARVARD SQUARE Air Corzfliliorrrrrg S 5 I-boar free parking at the Q 5 Cfrarcb Street Garage, right rrexzf door 78 Crafts Street 5l Church Street Newtonville, Massachusetts Cambridge UNiversity 4-2500 Q Thunderbird-Galaxie-Mustang-Fairlane-Falcon ROBERT s. RICHARD 5 Ford Trucks 5 BEAUTY ACADEMY Q 5 A SCHOOL DEDICATED TO THE ENGLISH FORD Sales-Service 5 FINEST FORM OF INSTRUCTION Parts AND ADVANCEMENT OF MODERN E HAIR STYLING Sc BEAUTY CULTURE W S 555 Moody Street, Waltham 775 Washington Street . N to , M . 02160 ' PHONE' 899-1500 Ed Ehrenberg, Prerzkierzt Tifiphnone ZSZ4-420Q WO 9-9840 Notary Public S CROWLEY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES S ROBERT L. TENNANT Q Irzmrarzce ami Real Eftate 558 Wnlnllt Sfffsf Newtonville, Massachusetts 5 H49 Washington Street Phone: DEcateur 2-55 I0 West Newton, Mass. S x07'-0U'-0'40's-0'Y-0'f'-01'-0f20f401e0v'0"-0N0'k9"f0140f6AC0N05s0H01s0v'0X0"1010K0H0"02s0'10Y-05L0110X0"f0x some L'71CbtI72fC'6Z eoerzlrzg at SOUTH PACIFIC S ' I - Exotic DRINKS f A ' K FINEST CHINESE CUISINE 4 , I, I THE Fox PHARMACY Open 'Til 2 A.M. 'i I Luncheon Special 11:30 A.M.-5 P.M. A up - I 416 Watertown Street 5 ' - Orders To Take Out-Catering , n ' Ca11DE2-72jO Newton, Mass. v X 1152 Beacon Street xx " -- Ak Newton, Mass. 5 Mansfield Chen, Mgr. S BUNNY'S FOODLAND Choice of meats and colclcuts Top quality groceries SPARKLE CLEANERS 9 a.m.-10 pm. Q River Street 508 Walnut Street S West Newton, Mass- Newtonville, Mass. 5 Also visit our new Bunny's Market on 418 Watertown Street "For Your Finest Clothing" 9 am.-12 midnight KEN-KAYE KRAFTS CO. H mztlicrtzfts-Art Sztpplies "Most Complete Line" tmcler One Roof MARKETS 867 Washington Street N ewtonville ' THE HOME 527-1206 OF MIRACLE PRICES L I Ouhtjzlothheslifni . is hegzaivy , 1 t . Mmwl Ufrjifoe pmlnsjd Llpninur zsrlziits 5 Ljwwwu mo. , . ' , shzrts and other thzngs. ACK R L We hope you'll drop by to see our display M AY FUNE A HOME' INC' in colors galore so bright ana' gay 2 Pre-Teen 6-14 jr. Petite 5-13 Juniors 5-15 Misses 6-16 bliss Wellesley funiors, Inc. 5726 Washington Street, Wellesley 81 Massachusetts CE 5-3420 465 Centre Street Newton, Massachusetts 3 5 5 6 S 2 5 9 9 5 6 5 S 5 S 5 5 5 S 9 5 9 5 5 5 1050102 K05' 101' '01 .03 0202202201 02102 '0N0K0v' 401102 '0v'01 10" 1011-0V 201101 9, 30"'-0"f0"0'-0Y-0Y0N0f20N01L0"0N011021-9K0f40"0N0110110's021020140's0'0G05s01'0f40'Q0"0"0"0'20"6X E 5 6 5 5 9 3 9 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 3 5 5 9 5 ,Z NGRTHEAST FEDERAL SAVINGS MAIN OFFICE 5 75Mai1'1 Street WEST NEWTON TEXACO Watertown, Mass. Tel. 924-4030 979 Watertown St., Rte. 16, West Newton BRANCHES 31 Austin Street Q Newtonville, Mass. 527-973 3 5 3 Tel. 332-6556 681 Mt. Auburn Street Walter D- NOfClSffO1T1 Cambridge,'Mass. Proprietor Tel. 864-3990 Q OPEN S ewice You Can Trust Q Days, Nights S Saturdays 3 38A Brattle Street Q ' Cambridge 876-8128 201 Alewife Brook Pkwy. S Cambridge 864-4363 3 5 Good Luck To The Class Q f f'68 5 it J .. O E- your diploma is a symbol of 3 .f ' h , Compliments rf scholastic progress-something ' at . j 5 ye -A p if-fi to be proud of. Be smart and b k' 'h bl f lx, ae it up wit a sym o o ' financial progress-a savings ac- Of 4 count passbook here at West Newton Savings Q A FRIEND US s '11 na '-4 if 0 X Q 0 so ' I U1 cn 1- E U1 E .5 f+ 2 23'-1 ' o 'Q tn Qi, : S-E sg Wm sr- 2 25 fag FF gf 0 B r 5 Q. 91' 101201101207 X0'G07'-0"-0'NOY01'-08-0'10N0fs0f0vQ0120Uk91'0fs0"0f401s0'010v00f20f00s0FL0Y0140'0f0'00f0'46X '4 S '-05'-0X0'f'-0401201s0N0N0N0'1'-0N01'05202s0v'-012020210110110'-02s0f'-05'-0v'01s0fs0N9'-0120"-0X CENTRAL DRAPERY CLEANERS COLLEGE SUB SHOP S 2197 Commonwealth Ave. 420 Watertown Street Brighton, Mass. NCWIOH, Mass- Submarine Sandwiches 84 Pizza 244-3000 Open: 7 a.m.-11 p.m. days EASTMAN FLOWER SHOP Villager Ladvbua Al Eastman Roger Carpenter Carl Chtistenson 540 Walnut Street Newtonville, Mass. JOE LEE'S LAUNDRY 210 Sumner Street Newton Centre, Mass. 5 5 Q NEwToNvlLLE FABRIC CENTRE 298 Walnut Street Newtonville, Mass. 332-1830 Zipper Hospital John Meyer THE CLOTHES HORSE 61 Mass. Ave., Boston 45 Bowdoin St., Beacon Hill Compliments of: SWARTZ HARDWARE 353 Watertown Street Newton, Mass. ALICE'S RESTAURANT Stockbridge, Mass. Thanks for raking out the garbage PIZZA SHOPPE ATWOOD'S CAMERA SHOP Picture Framing-Artists' Supplies 437 Centre Street Photographic Supplies Newton 21 Pelham Street 244-5150 Newton Centre 59, Mass. HOMEROOM 2105 The Armful For every parcel I stoop down to seize I lose some other off my arms and knees, And the whole pile is slipping, bottles, buns, 5 Extremes too hard to comprehend at once, . Yet nothing I should care to leave behind. With all I have to hold with, hand and mind And heart, if need be, I will do my best To keeps their building balanced at my breast. I crouch down to prevent them as they fall, Then sit down in the middle of them all. I had to drop the armful in the road And try to stack them in a better load ROBERT FROST '-05201101101 101' 1-01' 10" 402' 10110140 6 X . XQI'-01'-ON-0's0"' 27'01'0102Q747f01'0K01s701s7s7'761651?405s?'0"0N?'?'0N7s0'6x '02 '0ff0P f'01'0120f -'09 s02'01401100'0P404l0Ps7s01102'0Ps02f0Us01s05C02s7s0'f0P101105102'-01s0bf0'10f'-0'vs0N0s02f0P'-6 Compliments of UNITED LIQUORS LTD 1 99 Rivermoore Street West Roxbury, Mass. THE NEWTON GRAPHIC Established 187 2 Almost A Century Of Service To All The Newtons P.O. Box 102 Newtonville, Mass. 02160 326-4000 DIAMONDS-WATCHES-GIFTS HENDRICKEN BROS JEWELERS-SILVERSMITHS 45 Lincoln St. Newton Highlands, Mass. 02161 Where The Elite Meet To Bowl WEST ROXBURY BOWLING CENTER "House of Champions" 119 Park St. West Roxbury, Mass. Phone: 325-9239 STAN DENNISON Your Host 18 Lanes-Air Conditioned 'JK 01-05 402401 202' 102' 101 0 02010201201 '01 101'-0"l-01 f-05 101'01f-02' '-05' '0" 101 'c.0f 91' '02' x9'90799'40'N0Y -0'407f0Y0'99'C9'k9'40'G07'0'90'90510'l09905'-0"'-9"050W-0"l0"0'K0N0X05f-0N0"0"-0x " 306 7L0N710"0'10K740N7'0"17'0N011710vL7'01'?10N717C0-S01f01f010'W17S0401l0N0110N0N?'-7L0X6X S p S 2 5 Good Luck to 5 JUST RIGHT E0R the Graduating Class of 1968! , THAT 5 SPECIAL OCCASION t 0 i A TUX FROM Q 6 Diftinctive Men'S Wear H P THE TUX S O For Your Formal Functions 5 5 230 CALIFORNIA STREET Visito Q ur Modern Rental Department 5 Open Wed. and Fri. Evenings 5 5 T PM. YO 9 PM. NEWTONVILLE LASC11 7-6940 3 Phone LAse11 7-0459 g F Save that trip to Boston 3 E 3 CONVENIENT SAVINGS PLANS QQ' C' 4 3 .Aaaaa A. Od: mi '?.0.Z2R??.Efi,IV E ,Av -4 nun' unc: nn 1 -1 H Av? ' 'I E sof Ptmg vm A Successful g f gi' 9. 5 5 A SS ,pb 9.2.4, A J' CEZII8000 A Itawprtti 5 X06 Q' . L L A ' -2" I " f w mazxatrswaa.. A -A e , Gio QE D S 3 SIP BEST WISHES ,Xof 3' Q. from 6 JN Qcm 53' if 5 THE FIRST .sa LARGEST was A CU' N0 gy 4 Q- 0 5 CO-OPERATIVE BANK Q gig IN THE NEWTONS 'E Q' ds '51 Xe 5 NEW HOURS 9 5' . a b S37 N4 8:30-4:00 JL Q S V9 9' f 35 , -3,55 D'C0f'-0K0N0'-05' '-02'-0K0'10X?'-05'-0N0K055'4 LOU'S SHOE REBUILDING 311 Walnut Street Newtonville, Mass. We specialize in orthopedics Compliments of A FRIEND Compliments of: BABCOCK EQUIPMENT COMPANY DEMETRAS Formerly jerry's 454 Lexington Street Auburndale Dressmaking-Alterations 969-6030 ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY Robert Levine BS Reg. Pharm. 349 Auburn Street Auburndale 244-2794 MIDNITE FOODS 8. LAUNDRAMAT 719 Washington Street Newtonville Open until miclnite Compliments of: CLAY CHEVROLET Congratulations To Newton Graduates BARBER SHOP CONTENENTALE 21 Washington Street Wellesley Hills, Mass. 255-9757 L0K0'0'0U'01f0110N01-0140vs7s02101201202'01s02s01s-0N0f0'10X6 ALFRED FULLER INSURANCE AGENCY John P. Nixon 20 Austin Street Newtonville 244-7304 244-7440 Service Since 1890 PREMIER PACKING COMPANY 1240 Columbia Avenue Roxbury, Mass. BOULEVARD PHARMACY 2090 Commonwealth Ave. Auburndale, Mass. Compliments of: FRED FOWLER CO. Precision Tools Auburnclale, Mass. CAROUSEL COIFFURES Belmont-484-4874 W. Roxbury-32 5-6176 Auburndale-5 2 7 -2 5 7 5 Greetings From A FRIEND ALVORD PHARMACY INC. John Alvord Reg. Pharm. 105 Union St., Newton Centre 244-0760 MAL'S LUNCHEONETTE 1257 Waslninigton Street West Newton, Mass. S I x0'G0N0X0's0Y01L0N-0f105s01s0"0"04'0'k9N0fs0f0's0N0Pf01s7201'0'fs0fs0f10N0K0"'0"'-0N0"f'0N01f0'fs0"f0X 20'-04-0N0v'-9102 '0X0'H0"'-0 'OM-02 205'-9102 -L05 I 3 740N0Y0K01'07'0'f0'L0K0402Yf171710H0K01'7l740N01l0-f0N7f7LOWQQQQ'-01'-0XQ101'0"-Of'-7'-0'f-0 PURDY STUDIO NEW ENGLAND'S FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Omcial Photographers NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF "1968" D'C0N0'9'-OXO'N0f' 10220"0"0'0Sk7K?0'7L01L?W16110f'0'L0N01L7Q7L7'04?6f6N? 10101101-OYJN01 01-01 X?'10H0v The Bellhop and The Mouse Once upon a time there lived in the small town of Hocasett a bellhop and a mouse. They met one day by accident while they were both in the Sandel Reach National Forest stealing the Kings deposits of Sunoco 260. So great was their admiration for one another that by the following day they had forgot each the other. But great things from humble starts do come and this was surely the humblest of starts. So they continued to see each other in spite of the dangers which they faced. lt was far from uneventful, as the months passed, because the bellhop possessed an angry temper and the mouse herself was not a picture of tranquility. Every few Qutpp ,- . '-- weeks would arise such a tur- A ' moil that the ground would f , N . .I f . X. ' shake but the foundation that fl' R r .N was their relationship remained r i unmoved. Even when the mouse ' 'm i' ' 1 was swept off by the famous and i, X 1 -1 R '.,. tf"- X evil Rabbit of Handover and Q y i ' R M T imprisoned, their relationship i f 'ff p continued to grow through a se- a f pf 'bi ,. I ries of devious communications I a l right under the hairy nostrils of 1 ff .yt , it f 1 the Mouse's jailer. They, in fact, , T R T y L7-Q, so enraged and frustrated the if 'I , mean and evil jailer, Mrs. N", . , 1 l up 1 Devens, Cso proficient a woman N sl. 1 y 7 K ' 5 1 ',-Wifi lv f that the Army has named an 5 installation after herb, that she ill?-." - .. . Q ff terminated her employ with the t fi i ,Q lmfal evil Rabbit. It was later learned N 'T ' that she had retired to her little if T yijglil,l'g: shack to occupy herself for the y 4 Y rest of her miserable life pulling V It . I f T xf the wings off flies, stepping on W y ants, and beating the neighbor's t ' ' ,.3,.n,a ,I children. Through it all the Bellhop and the Mouse had survived and they still to this day are living happily ever after. And strange as it may seem the passage of time contributes rather than detracts from the feelings that pass between this odd couple. MORAL: Grief is too often confused with pain to be the same thing. I I I I Bellon-Hupfer BARNETT FABRIC STORES, INC. Lincoln , Mercwyl Inc. FABRICS OF DISTINCTION Visit our new showroom at Complyle Sewing Acceuonef 1180 Washington St., West Newton Phone LASC11 74587 To see our display of Continentals, 505 Centre Street Newton Corner NEWTON BUICK CO., INC. 371 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Exit 17 Mass. Pike Buy Your Buick in' Newton Mercurys, Montegos and Cougars Compliments of A Friend Emma's of Dedham Dresses - Bridal Shoppe 326-5511 589 High Street Dedham Square At The Lights ' K I 'xx .Cl xx f LAsell 7-5000 Cor091imenWS I A 'che Q K, r vc-We' O q I Aff! Q LN 90YPxe -7 I .-ff' 1 Vonage' 1,40 A "VMI, ,ll STOWE-WOODWARD CO. Division of SW Industries Inc. Telephone Cmftrmen in Rubber ,Not Q NEWTON UPPER FALLS 64 O MASS. GRIFFIN, GEORGIA Plantr at . . . NEENAH, WISCONSIN NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS '66 Bridgestone cycle 175 c.c., perfect condition, low mileage, candy apple red, best offer-ask for Scott DE 2-0046. "Try Margie GoIdsmith's Banana Cake" 0 WANTED: Grape crusher. Require- ments: Foot size 9WD or bigger. Prefer- ably no athletes foot condition. Wanted for bath tub duty. Apply: David Rails- back, NWTVE. If soused, call back. 0 Goo-Goo land is immortal for Bonnie and Clyde. 0 ANYTHING'S POSSIBLE. GIVEN TIME. 0 Behold the turtle-He only makes prog- ress when he sticks his neck out. 0 GYMNOSPERMS HAVE NAKED SEEDS. 0 A grape has fourteen chromosomes! 0 "My necessaries are embarked. Farewell." Hamlet Iiii. 0 GREAT PAN IS DEAD. 0 Gobble Gobble Eeek Gobble Gobble. 0 SUPPORT YOUR UFO o Prevent Tooth Decay: Fluoridate Gin- Railsy. 0 Hi! Ann, David. Hope you do well in col- lege and find out what you want to do. Good luck. 0 "For every man that walks alone, I feel a sadness, prone to darkness and a mellow glare of honest love and friendship rare." 0 Paula Loves Stevie. 0 All comes to he who waits so I will! 0 Toujours, gai, Archie. Toujours gai, Donna. 0 My eurleycue mind is scattered around the nameless colored walls, and throbbing to the mind breaking Purple Haze. 0 I'm in the Zenith of my Days and lim flying high. 0 Thanks Mr. Wiper for the greatest three years-236. 0 To Capt. Rock: I will never forget our 7-day party during Christmas vacation, and your famous quote, "I want some . . . and I want it now."-How about that night in front of F.F.'s. SPONGE. o Good luck class of '68. Mr. and Mrs. An- thony J. Magni. 0 "Absence makes the heart grow fonderf' Classified Messages Hi! from Jeff. 0 236 LIVES. 0 Super Cluck Lives. o REPEAL OHM'S LAW. 0 Many a true word is said thru false teeth. 0 Love is a many splendored thing: Support Love. 0 There is nothing quicker than something as quick as Motel Room Levine. 0 Whipped Cream is nothing more than Masochistic Milk. 0 Knappsie-Babes is alive and living in Siberia. 0 THE ALBINO PINE CONE LIVES. 0 Pass Pass-Fail. 0 BRING BACK THE TRIMESTER SYS- TEM. 0 White man speak with forked tongue. 0 SOMETHING OBSCENE. From Wal- tham High. 0 The Queen of England is of ill repute. 0 Muffins of the world Unite.-Mar. 0 Got a comfortable mind and a furnished soul? What a drag? Resist petty minny- strators and authority lovers at NHS and everywhere. Resist! AB2S and RMH. Tom K. loves Maureen O. 0 Life is a padded cell. Compliments F.S. 0 To the debating society: The U.N. was fun: the world will never forget you, the school will never forget you, I will-Jack. 0 When scum is confused with intellect, it is the time when Bob Brick will appear seek- ing his own Ievel with the garbage. 0 To a team which could play cards, basket- ball and Hard to get. We loved you. Les girls. 0 1210 has a crazy homeroom teacher and craziness is greatness! 0 Cheerleaders have fat legs, the basketball team has flat feet, and M.K. is a turkey! 0 "Boston Crusaders" The B.A.C.'s. 0 Are you a turtle? You bet your sweet I am! 0 God bless us the day and night. 0 My World: Blue Box, Friendly Ghost, Big O. Little Sister. Babes in Boyland, An Outlook: The weathering of many defeats and few triumphs proves a man. o Do the best in everything you do. Roger H687 0 ONTOGENY RECAPITULATES PHY- LOGENY. 0 Neither a borrower nor a lender be, or you'll get heck from HFC. 0 Can Dianne press 450 lbs. See our next adventure in 1108, B Block, hgm:LSD. Gillette drinks NH3, Hi Beany, Jim, Little Herb, Buffalo. Hey Bruce, How about a ride to Dedham? Mr. Papa has double runners-Big Murf. , 0 We the undersigned, being of unsound mind, hereby will to NHS-Chuck's Place, Noah's Ark, Vanilla Fudge, a were- wolf coat hanger, a 6' hat tree, a Large Lion, Bill Cosby's Hoof 8a Mouth, a can of CampbeII's soup 8: a white mustang. Richie 81 Jane. 0 Hi chunky, skybar, bit o' honey, forever yours, and tootsie roll, ribbit from the sophistieates, semi-sweet and butterchip. 0 Sigma Alpha Rho Fraternity Interna- tional. GAMMA NU CHAPTER-Ma- jor Bogen-Bic - Schwartzie - Pigpen -- Fred O and Who's Peter Brown. Thank you. Newton High School. For all the love we got while we were here. SAR? ATA. 0 PJLFORGETITJS. 0 My World: Tanned Blond Babes, while surfing at dusk, My Gal Bev: the girl who caught the pass, Swinging my sax to wicked Pickett's music, Driving around in my little topless yellow. . . Mike this year has been me for you and you for me. Remember Romeo and Juliet, 1230, the barn and remember me. Love Clear. 0 Dear Cleara-Chemple and Turch for- ever! Don't forget Band, I.P., Brighams, Saturdays in Boston, "To Sir With Love", and most of all Hammond Pond Parkway! Be good and we'II keep in touch-O.K.? Love, Michael. 0 CONGRATULATIONS TO MURRAY ROAD. 0 Best wishes to Mr. Stephens from his loyal threetimers. 0 Thanks to Mr. Rossi for his advice. 0 May the fleas of one thousand camels in- fcst the livelihood of your first born son. 0 What is the name ofthe two boys on "The Farmer's Daughter?" 0 Andover is a nice place. Yes, Virginia. there is a Jack Daniels . 0 Have you been nice today? P I . Q 'Q' X Y' 1 '-11 W , x 512 .f' ff' 'W 9 Q7 K fr ,-- '19 ja, 3 C ns.. E gr 1. 'if f ' I 0 C o ,Rn A Q P X I ,u Ui INS J v t 1 E i n I , V 5 ggwpmf--vw-f-'w .av , I -u5'!i.! "ff-r-: fftv., , ,- ,Q C f 9 if 4 J I I 1 A 7' . LFIN' f 4 , ,g z .. ,, , I QL". 1 is a 4 s54,,.', ' 1 I E in -1 1" 1 mbll I 1 be U!0'9mr-W. EE. . ,gg i ga I: I? ,A-K 2 ,M ,., ,X A... l I Su 1 W W " ,K+ M, A ill: I' O U C On March 15th and 16th The Rhinoceros invaded Newton High Schools Auditorium . . . rumble, rumble, rumble, rumBLE, RUMBLE, RUMBLE, WOAH, WOAH, RUMBLE, RUMble, rumble, rumble rumble . . . cough cough . . . and the standing ovation was left in a cloud of dust and disaster. On May -4, 1968 the Student Council turned back the clock in its presentation of the Student-Faculty Vaudeville Show. Laugh-filled acts included student jazz and folksinging numbers, a rendition by Ann and Daddy Mechem, and a faculty spoof on a locker room scene. Talent, enthusiasm, and just plain Laurel and Hardy antics made the evening a success and, needless to say, "we all had a real good time." An all-school play-The Apollo of Bellac-was pre- sented on Friday evening, May 2-4. The sensitivity and idealism were well-presented in Giraudoux's humor- ously serious play. Its moral: Success lies in telling men they're handsome. What do you say guys? 4 W, 1, 4 fl Y-""' Miss Johnson A 1, 3 x. nv, . Miss johnson, known to many students as "Mother johnson"-only too often rumored to stand behind the stairwells of Building Il , ' in ambush for that too short skirt or raiding Qs- that midday drag in the lavs-is retiring this spring after twelve years of dedicated x' 4, , QQ service. She is leaving her second home, V' l' ng, leaving her staff, leaving Riley House stu- dents, leaving Tech High Cher boysb and S 1557 , leaving Newton. She will take with her ' 1 crates full of clippings of "her kidsu, and ' X bushels full of memories. She'll be able to i Q., remember the happy successful times, and the tragic teary times. And she'll be able to remember those of you with whom she made contact, those of you that she devoted her time to selflessly because something was bothering you, and those of you that she disciplined because it was her way of mak- ing you adapt-teaching you to survive. . , And many of you are going to remember herg for shorter skirts next fall will not be the only lacking area in Riley House, the real Heart of Riley House will be gone, gone home to Rockport. .AA OUR APOLOGIES Barbara Case To Teacloerrx Mul Gallagher Stan Bolster Ray Stephens Deborah Chase PS. Om' gnzfefzfl flmazier to Bruce Friedmmz for bit iazzvzlzfabfcf cofzfrifyzfliozz to Pltologmpbj' of fbe 1968 NEUUTONIAN is ll A Sharon Gerson Marcia Gerson . .S. BASEBALL H 'ff' T 0 V if 9 Where have you gone, Joe DiMaggio? A late season surge of hitting sparked this year's base- ball team to five wins in the last seven games and allowed them to raise their final league record to a successful 10-8 and their over-all record to 12-9. This record was good enough to secure the Tigers a five way Suburban League tie for third place. The team, which often had difficulties hitting, was an outstanding defensive unit. They proved this beating league leader Weymouth 3-0 and twice defeating second place Waltham 5-0 and 6-1. At one period in the season the Tigers went an amazing thirty-three innings Without yield- ing a run. wo hii gybl ik! To X A nation turns its lonely eyes to you . . .- --M 'wq, F' gg v s 1 ,. .ga ...t ', " 5' 1 Y --,', , D .. I f'f5"3'5"'?i. 'l gf, " , 3 ohq-mf?-'w TS?-Q' f - ' '4 - w-. , .'1 ' , ' ' ' .- -2 '-a..-a --. -v-'+- t f. '1 TJ 5. .:.,'eo, .- tffwf ,v if ll l ""',? l Front row, left to right: Sandy Winslow, Don Gallagher, Ralph Murphy, Harry Nesbitt, Bob Barry. Rear: Brian Quigley, Dudley ' Cotten, ,lack Mavisakalian, Paul Murphy, Harry Karp, Mr. Ronayne, GULF This year's golf team won the South Suburban League championship on the last day of the season by trouncing a good Brookline team 8M-M. By thus avenging a previous loss to the Wealthy Towners, the Tigers compiled a success- Coach. ful league record of 7-ll. The team met Waltham, the North Suburban League champions, for the over- all league title. In non-league play Newton had previously beaten Waltham 9-O and 5-4. The Tigers prevailed again, 9-O, and also won a berth in the State Team Tourney. Newton dominated the tourney as they easily eliminated early round opponents -and now has the distinction of being the only team to win four State Cham- pionships. The winning scores were turned in by Harry Karp, Dudley Cotton, Brian Quig- ley, Paul Murphy and Captain Ralph Murphy. :,. Q il 'i rg-t ag-,Q 4 Q ,., Jann King' 'A .l!g:ii.'s, xg :ix ... I I .f my '- --x-'...' - -' . . e o 1 '- i- -- "' - t- 'ft gi ,- 1' if-H Q-HOU?" -1"il"" 4 Q LACROSSE First r0w.'xKevin Sheenan, Mark Furman, Steven Lieb, Joe Picariello, Dean Foster, Kevin Corrigan, Andy Sonis. Second row: Francis Murphy, Howard Tarlow, Roger Lehrberg, Richard Johnson, Jon Myers, Andrew Levin, Howard Sholkin CManagerD. Top row: Mr. Hurlbut CCoachD, Walter Bianchi, Robert Sweeney, Dean Karoblis, Kenneth Moore, Bucky Reidy, Robert Snyder, Andrew Narva, Mr. Healy CAsst. Coachb. N ,Sag X N. :FSR l968 SOFTBALL TEAM Newton I-Iigh's Girls Softball Team enjoyed a tremendously successful season, winning eight, while losing only one, a heartbreaker to Arlington 3-2. It was a well-rounded team, sporting both offensive and defensive power. With the fine coaching of Miss Carolyn Lucowicz, the record should be repeated. R3a'.N'NBAN' . s 1 . . K, , The lacrosse team concluded its sophomore year with an ex- ceptional 8-2-l record. This was good enough to place them near the top of the Class C Division in their second year of play! Showing great determination, the enthusiastic Newton team overcame their inexperience and even in the early games showed budding talent. Toward the end of the season their play had matured to a point where at times it was outstanding. Authoritative leadership was obtained from Co-Captains Bruce Baltimore and joe Picari- ello. Kneeling: Co-Captains: Lynne Houston, Margie Drew. Sitting: Darlene Gratto, Debbie Frechette, Patty McMillen, Ellen Cutler, Charlotte May, Barbara Mulcahy, Kathy Fay. Shirley MacKay, Debbie Horton, Debbie Steele, Tina Davenport, Robin Slater. Standing: Janet Arslanian CManagerJ, Miss Lucowicz CCoachb, Miss Ladd CAssistanr Coachl, Sue Atkinson. Mining' Chris Edwards, Barbara Marzilli, Helen Kassler, Micki Ciocca, Lynne Donalds. YL-.5 'f"":i:LQ1.i 'lllfizpiii 4 TENN S The varsity tennis team, paced by an outstanding doubles pair, completed their season with a successful 7-3 record against other public schools, The team's over-all record was 7-6. This was good enough to win the Tigers a berth in the Eastern Mass. State Tennis Tournament. They overwhelmed their early opponents but were nnally stopped by a top-seeded N.S.H.S. team in the semi-finals of the tournament. The tennis team placed second to South in this same tourna- ment last year. This year's captain was Don Bertsch, leading a team of able athletes, Jon Berman, Paul Blazar, Leon Geller, Tom Graves, Mark Brass, Neil Cohen, Richard Farian, and Andrew Berezin. X Sf Fi:-.rf rozzx' Merritt Kelleher, Betsy Fessenden, Jocelyn Bott, Margie Born- stein, Betsy Silver, Kathy Malone. Second foux' Miss Kinney, Coach: Martha McDaniel, ,lody Hermanson, Nancy Hark, Debby Suvalle. Nancy Pigeon, W'endy Ke-il, Carol Tye, Eileen Malone. Ao-, 9 ..1.5h-Q9 ysqf..,. tara .tl if frliiir 3 First row: Barb Dangel, Ruth Pigeon, Donna Ross, Fay Yanofsky. Second row: Lynne Brilliant, Annie Mechem, Helen Newman, Randy Averback, Sarah Patterson. THE CTHER TENNIS The '68 Girls Tennis Team established themselves as the undisputed champions, closing with an undefeated year. Racking up a successful 6-O record. The Varsity team defeated their arch rival Winchester, 3-2. Traditionally playing the first singles position was Ann Mechem, who put together a bril- liant 6-0 record. The J.V. with thirteen new sophomore and junior players, ended with a successful 5-O record, establishing a new prece- dent for next year's team. 'J M . . A Q C . ,r,.,,.t,,... ..-sr T .. . :sa X X . ers X WN , .X,, a t N, X uc Q vs A 4 TRACK The outstanding performance of the track team at the Class A State Meet highlighted Newton's most successful track season in several years. Newton started the season well and had trouble only with a power- ful Brockton team. They squeezed by Brockton with a score of 68M- 63M, and went on to win Newton's third consecutive Suburban League Championship with an undefeated season. The track team placed a good second at the Belmont State Relays, finishing only three points out of first place. At this relay meet New- ton had four teams that scored. At the Class A State Meet, the track team finished third, just IM points out of first place! Captains Chris Quinn and Ken Prince provided solid leadership throughout the season. Hold fast your dreams! Within your heart Keep one still, secret spot Where dreams may go, May thrive and grow- Where doubt and fear are not Oh, keep a place apart Within your heart, For little dreams to go. Louise DRISCOLL 6 Up, Up and Away we glidedg past ourselves, towards the sparkle and shine of that fresh warm night. We swished and swung together with the sting of an ending and the special sweetness of a new beginning close upon us. We were burnt a bit by the rain drops, but the warmth danced inside. And the night grew dark. . . We shine still within the remembrance of the instant. f 'x - vue t 'I '-s ' is 'TZ' I X J , 4,9 1 l :fi ' - ir f Kr' P 2 2 i D, A 4 V 1 X1 .1 ' 3523? A ., V, ' x Robert Tennant Ann Mechem Kenneth Prince Boyr' Senior C ap Girls' Senior Cap Mererrfe Scholarship Dichirzfori Memorial Athletic Crip CONGRATULATIONS! .. W., .-.....,,. . .,.. ...'.-,.,s ..,,,- f if-M '- 5 i - . rw 1? ' .ru-li ' Philip Nelson lWilliam E. C orzrzorr Memorial Award 'x Joanne Glickman Margaret South Award A E gm Left to right: Mr. Nicolas, Mr. Visco, Philip Rous- seau, Richard Long, Mr. Brown, Mr. Murray. lf' Robert Weiss National Merit Firzalift COMMENCEMENT The gang's all here. "There if ez time for e11e1'ytbing," DR. BROWN . . . . . And then the seniors graduated. The ceremony was handled with all the tradi- tional pomp of the event as well as the sobering circumstances of the occasion. The well-known music echoed across the held just hours after an assassin's bullet had been heard across the country. Dr. Charles Brown, former Superintendent of the New- ton Public Schools, addressed the graduating class. In his outstanding and timely speech, Dr. Brown answered the question Newton- ites had posed: "What's it all about?" It is, Dr. Brown said, "all about social progress, hope, and love." It's about "com- mitment to involvement," and, he said, "the choice between "chaos and community" rests in the hands of the intelligent and the com- passionate." Dr. Brown charged those gradu- ating from Newton High by saying: "You have seen power, and I want you all to use it," for "it's all about just what you decide it to be about." 'V' -v-r H-1 L -UZWWW I , 1 v I What the heck do we care? WW-wew Ml x s t ...,..., Hail, Hall' 2 William W. Clark Take your time. The making of a perfon IJ a work of art, cleferuey a life-time of hecoming Don't expect too much of Ielf juft nowg .........Goonhecoming Bit hy hit, ax you are fatifyiecl ancl prone it out. WILLIAM W. CLARK '75 sv iw H A "- ffm Pgigfvl Mrs. Margaret Erskine Chairman of the Libraries for the High Schools 1950-1967 December 4, 1967 "Her perronal grace ancl hinclnexx, her tafte in literature, her encyclopealic knowl- eclge of many jielclf enormoufly enceal the intellectual tone of our Ichoolyf' JOHN HARRER "It isnft so important how long you live. The important thing is how well you live." REV. DR. MARTIN LUTHER KING 1951 1968 William S. Gephart 5 - if if I H 3 +I I i 1 .XM i 4 A! i I 1 1 X? i 1 Q l ' 1 l 'E Y v E

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