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NEWTON FREE LHBRAFW NEWTGN, MASS. W m H O ,.. . 3 -' .1 r 1 1 1 4 w J , , I Ll " Q 5- . ,I ' - -mm' 41 Newton High School Newtonville Mossochusefts Efhv 1957 P111 111113111 Layout Editor .,.....,,.... Art Editor ........,............ Publicity Art Editor ...,..4 Literary Editor ..............,.... Axriitant Literar Editor . y .. ,. Copy Editor ,.4..,.,.,,,....,..,......... Photography Editor .,...4..,o...,,,.... Arsirtant Photography Editor Feature Editor ...,..,......,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,, Data Editor ..................,.,,........ Boyr' Sporty Editor ...,,..........,,.,., Anirtant Boyi' Sporty Editor ....... Girls' Sporty Editor ...,,....,,.,.,,,, Burznefr Manager .. ..,...,,,.4. .. Circulation Editor .,,.,..o,..,.,.,. Advertising Editor ......44...A.4., Arriytant Aduertiring Editor Editor-in-Chief Amy Jacobson Asfiitant Editor David M. Parker Advisor Mr. Armando S. Rossi Literary Aduiror Mr. Robert C. Zeeb Nan Rubin Helaine Klein Naomi J. Berkowitz Wihna Y. Chen David L. Dobler Linda S. Harmon Alix Myerson Bruce M. Friedman Ann E. Glass Joyce E. Young Iames Boudreau Andrew L. Rosenberg Sharon T. Carey janet Levy Harrier J. Selkowirz Bonnie Proshan David C. Kennedy TABLE OF CONTENTS TITLE PAGE .,...., IN MEMORIAM .... DEDICATION ...,..,. ADMINISTRATION ............ PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY ....... "One School Day" ACTIVITIES ..,...... Senior Supper ........ junior Breakfast ........ All School Play ......l. Senior Play ......... Cheerleading ..,.. HOUSES ...... ..... 4 8 Adams .,.... ,.... 5 O Barry ..... ..... 5 4 Beals ..... ..... 5 8 Riley ..... .,... 6 2 Palmer ....,. ..,,. 6 6 Bacon ...........,...........,,... ..... 7 0 PHOTOGRAPHIC ESSAY ..,..4 ..... 7 4 "Sights and Sounds" Music .........,..,,...... ..... 7 6 Newtonian Pin-up CLUBS ..............,.,..,,s.. .. 86 AFS Exchange Day ..........,...... ..... 1 08 England -and Germany Trips ...... ..... 1 10 STUDENT GOVERNMENT ..... ..... 1 12 Student Council .......... ..... 1 15 Senior Class Committee .... ..... 1 16 junior Class Committee ....,.. ....i 1 18 Sophomore Class Committee ,..... .,,,.. 1 19 PUBLICATIONS .... ..... 1 2 O Newtonite .i.,.. ..,,.. 1 2 2 Thoughtprints ....., ,...., 1 2 5 2 - Orange Book ..... ..,... 1 2 5 Newtonian ..... ...,.. House Councils ,... ..... 1 14 ' 1 2 6 ?"':' X ,.,,, my ff 5 , 4 W, V, Y, 'vw+..'7Z I7 71 f W ml 5434 X wf,,,,,,q f . . 5 fa, ,t ff ,, ,. W f V .X 1 of Is SPORTS ...... Football ...,... Soccer ............. Girls' Field Hockey Hockey ........,.. Basketball ......o. Gymnastics ...... Indoor Track .,..,. TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL ....... Cross Country .,......,.. Girls' Basketball ,..,. 160 SENIOR SECTION .............,.... ...,.. 1 70 ADVERTISEMENTS ...........,. ................... 2 48 MARGINAI. COMMENTS ..... ....... V arious places around the book .WJ 7' 4 ,24 794 T.fl3I'.'f3 5"liYf5ff'7f'lil' - '. f '24-31 it it--Aww P 'w"t,'E, ll-2 ,' 5,79 . . giwvfttlw.isi2fF..,'yn My -- yi pw 415121. at f2sSi2,l-gfwqta t 1 .:. F3 -.112 ' Us 'fQ'L'Hl'llii'!3'l"11s'f35 is , -it 'I3"1f'I'ffi7l'l-3 -'--'1'. - -1' 1r','t,,f ' LT"2W'sl'-"'-x1'i.,'11"l -ii 1 , 1Ns- t' .' su- . si -J 5-f",.,.:.-it 'mt -flyz -i:'.'fm','ffi ,ffsg,',!kg'.,-N' -'g'-"f',sM fir xg'-.-.121 ,'s,U'-,.L -sp, ,.n,,?f-.i.""r,-I -if . ., F ,- :g, 1 f,.,'-.'.:s,f.,4s in -, I-1.-rw fsgxi.i.:.s1-s jg -".' ,:f:. 1, .qi 0 X :Q 1v:.ig33::N:iVF ,M .fini-,ti 1 Ms:-Q 5.g-1-.f-,','5w5-gf - ' ,3,:.':"v.k-.gig ,'?f1',"!,.L-!:.s.f lift fgwr-:-fm-.'z'1-15:11 15 .-3.,3:,4,,fg-3531 155. . , -fs-gg-9,1 . wp. Issisfligii-Lissiiwf W, f . 1' 3-H: t:,i."f,3':Z5Qigg g ' -I 1-,F-5i"'f'lN'i9i71l'3LF5EY5:l.3,232555?-L ' .1.t',-3: J, ga-Zhi sff, it-,I ' Iffltl, si. 557'-. V, I -. 1 W, v :,.2g'1v-x x This past Winter an incident occurred which touched the hearts of many NHS students. It was the passing of Mr. Arthur Klein, a teacher par excellence. Mr. Klein was a Math teacher loved by his students because they knew that they could always count on hisfriendship. His students loved him not only because he was proficient inimathematics, but because he was also capable of transmitting his prodigious knowledge to them. I The love of his students was beautifully expressed by the editor of the Newtonite, and we at Newtonian would like to preserve his eulogy in the 1967 yearbook. p When you have the same teacher for the same suh- ject in the same room H1022 for two and a half years, you develop either an intense dislike for him or an equally deep respect. I don't know anyone in my math class who disliked Mr. Klein, and we were his students since we entered Newton High School in 1964. How could you not like the man? Mr. Klein was probably the only person I have ever known who could get mad with a smile. Not that he got mad very often. He didn't have to. Mr. Klein was a master of the rare art of friendliness. He usually managed to inject just the right amount of humor-his own personal and often corny hrand-into a class. and he was always receptive to questions "from the floor." Perhaps the one attrihute of Mr. Klein which en- deared him to us more than anything else was his im- perfection. He was forever reminding us that he was capahleof making mistakes and that we should not hesitate to correct him if he did, In fact, when someone would ask him to do a home work prohlem from the night hefore, Mr. Klein would refuse to answer him unless the request were phrased, "Would you try to do numher . . 2" The one mistake Mr. Klein never did make was to place himself ahove his students. With him, learning was a partnership. A I g Last Monday my math class met in a different room for the hrst time in three years. I'rn glad the school didn't have us meet in II02. It would haveseemed so empty. . . . '-.a. -C lflslmlve' -f...i. , ., ,.. .az-I W, ...M was .,.,,,. H-gf,-.-is eg hcgnig- Q, X . .4 -.3s,-wat. .M-,. ,, Uma. we N-Fw :QQ .tr ".-v va.- DEDICATION When you enter Miss Waters, classroom, you im- mediately become aware of her sparkling enthusiasm. "Good morning!" she exclaims, as she smiles and rushes over to provide any aid she can. In class, her energy and patience are matched only by her thoroughness in preparing her lessons. She constantly walks around the room as if her energy cannot be contained. Her pats on the shoulder and her gentle corrections encourage a student to work harder. Miss Waters is especially capable of understanding her student's problems since she too attended Newton High. She is not, however, the kind of teacher who looks back with a sigh to "the good old days." Quite to the contrary, she is always searching for new and better ways to lessen the students' difficulty in learn- ing French. Miss Waters, enthusiasm does not end in her own classes but extends to her duties as assistant head of the foreign language department. If you have a prob- lem, go to room 315. Miss Waters will usher you warmly into her office for a personal discussion. Don't be surprised if the phone rings several times while you are talking, she is a very popular woman. The quality which often separates an excellent teacher from his colleagues is the amount of enthusi- asm he shows for his work. This enthusiasm is dem- onstrated by the way a teacher conducts his class, by the amount of free time he devotes to his students, and by the services he performs in addition to main- taining his regular class schedule. Miss Mary Waters and Mr. Lamoine Boyle show such outstanding en- thusiasm for their profession both in and out of the classroom. It is for this reason that we dedicate to them the 1967 NEWTONIAN. Miss Mary Waters gr n Mr. Lamoine Boyle V W nr. ,,, 17 J I i ill'-f'-"' Even after thirty years at Newton High, Mr. Boyle is still one of the most lively and enthusiastic teachers in the school. Whether in his role as English teacher, Assistant Housemaster of Riley House, Coach, or just plain friend, he displays the type of spirit that immediately makes him stand out as an exceptional man. Mr. Boyle is by no means either an easy teacher or an easy coach. He maintains just the right amount of control and discipline to make the students both re- spect and admire him. He brings a rich background of teaching experience to his classroom and, there- fore, is able to understand the many types of prob- lems presented by his students. For his job as coach, Mr. Boyle draws from his own experience as a two- time olympic qualifier and as an honored member of the University of Pennsylvania Hall of Fame. As As- sistant Housemaster of Riley House, Mr. Boyle per- forms his job with understanding and always manages to deal justly with the students. Mr. Boyle will be very much a part of the future of NHS. Having taught in both Newton High and Tech High, he will be very valuable in helping with the upcoming merger of these two systems. W., -..X V' H ', !'1:'.s'i, , ff vw ' , ' ya, ' - ,. N, , . . W. 556 ,M ., ' U74 'CQ A , ru.-A I 'if -A 1 if . , 5 . Q nf A' 1 f ,' -' fn 14 4 .5 , JW, e g. Ax: . V . ., , 57 -' .. , 1. . .M . ,lf if :Stag rgg4,,',,, 3,1 ' ' if ' 4"'wf7'gfcf?iW 5 f 1 ' ' :L ,, Q , , ' J". J :E 5 f . ' 1' i f Q. 153565 -A ' 4 ' ' A f G X Q I R 4,55 ,v - , vi I 1 5 .lt -vip 'V J L A , x x ,X1 ,X ,r,XXX.- ,X X 1 1X:,X' X'h:,1',,n 4Uw3X,,,,V. MTW, 2 . - A " mg , .X '..:.w" ' fywfWw:'4fzf W'-'Q . .. .I 1- 1' J'f'15gfn' ms I 1' ' k ' 1.-f .HJ HQ.:--f'i+L'fi2'gfiyfp 1534 I 'I X' ' 'ft 4 '., 9311! 5:2 3 N' ifffg Jw 'gif ffm'-' X'Ef'.?'f'.!.,,S1 .if ,. 'N ' f ,- X- 1, , :jf " j.1f':,.:,f'5,-rw Mg-Xwqw-mv? -X f J ' 1.2 .4,.'t'1 .,.',,f-f'-"Q",'j, lf.-,y-3 xf5kw-g.'lk1fg., q'5.- ' ' ' ,7"'-x 4 3 ff -'IH ff3:ftQ?1'1X4fi4'1121'537-YQf"I,vH'g . ' if Y MQ:-'Ei' sH:2'tf5ii4Qe sm? . 4 ...cgi X . . .. . . X : . ,X be 4 3-1 f, :.La,.2p..A.m.,. :Xp XXX3, ., - X . ' .. . fwJ+1g..?fff'.alfa,-v.'.4.:,?:' - ' ' ' ' . 1. , 'N '- ., - X-N .'-H312-I"n.v:? 25-25--.'.f2?w:!fwi4i:':'a1r::M"fqfQ3' ' ' ' ' , . 4 'f"- '- " f ' ' " .. " . '.--r I :U Z"?.fi.?F1.?x':2'5.-5iL?i:3'5 ,Q9v3"3V5?f . ' ' ' v 1 -, ' . ' l " "V ww-5.f"iviff1'f1ief:.'e'' f.i1i.wp' - . ' X - IJ ' ' -'Q , ' ,- 1".,,'X-,Xi'fX'fXHX'II'HM'-mg'azQ'jXu",'f1'+-5 X X , X . X J. X X X. X XX ,XX ,,iX.lXg.X.X,4j TXXXX.,X,XXX:,yf.:x?XigX ' . ' - ' " 41 -' '- .- wit -,Q '1 v fv:."1""'r-:wwi , ,. r-pf, - X --.X X 5. ,.X EFX jf. ,F.,1!1c.X X XX XX X XX X X. MXQXEQ .X X, X :ggi c 1 0 7-X 1 ' . .,' XfXX,.,Xx XXXXX-X: XfXXXXX X. X X X 1 .415 x H , '-X-'-'x-.,iy.,:Ag, X sl, . X, X ,,. . . ,.,-. -.. .. X 4 . , ,'X - ,, .. :...'.X-s, "fp-X3'XX. X. X nl 09 ig XX X 1XX X X1' 1 . ' eff. if 1 , 5 ff I . X XXX, XX X X. . X X,-X ,. ,XXX .. X X.XXXXX,XL. . X 1 X ' ' XX . X X -X XY. X X: 1, iXXw:.XX,X:XiXgg 2, . ' X H . 2 X Q x , X5 . " 1 .. , ' . N 4- ---X -. ' 2-"-,-fvsq X 'A "f 1- , X .' XX 1 X . X .jiyqggz ' '-- , ,f -'31 . s, 3 " . X3 , K ' ' - 2' v 1 " x - . 9 j . . XX , 'f 1-, X X. X . ' . 1 . X f,XX g XENXXXXXX X X XX .X . ' ' " :'-'f ' 'H ' ' ' H f f, X ,X .izfkif 1 f1,, "!Jf .XX N. , X552 ff, Xf 1 7,T"!X. 0 ix.X',f.f ' .Z. X, ., , , 1 fp-jf" fl X, -j-XX. ,, 'Vg mX ml: rw , . 5- ,X L- ,-X, 15.-' ,. 'eh ..-A . V -X gr.-:Xy ,. ., X- 1" ff fi?" 1 .1 X :df 2 " X u 1: -, 1. ,s1',.,-we - Y- : .in - ' X , V X '- f. fe , . ,,- -X XfX -,X.:XgX X. - , ' A V 1 "7 ' ' .g f' " 1-Lf. XX wifi .. 1 -' 6 ' -- -' 'ff ' 1 . , ,,,, ' . . X 1- ', ' , wel' lf - ,-ff' '. Wm N57-:X ' , r . , -f- . 4. X3X ,:: w' ww z--.qui - v ' a. var -. - X. 4 vs-V ' . - . - ,L ,,:, 2-.1 N. ".'1.4. 5 -L -2 V . , ,' . .X.,XM X WJXXXXXXX X . . U '- -a :Xxx-:X 1. ,457 .,Xq., ' XX w . - xx zX-HMRRXXXQXQ .13 X XX1X1 X Nr XX , .X XX XXXX A. ' X XHIXXQXXX X.X1XXX -. . '- -J.,1'f'..1-- .Lv .lug g - - , -2 . - f l, 41,-"3--' , : ' ' ,. if XM' tg: 5,53 " '! , iii?--11, " , . . 'iff' "5 :FEI I. 2 ' L T SE " , ' 'FL' ""' L 7' . I '-21' .' 1" 1. if W XX, ' Xp- . . 'X 11 XX-5 Xggg,-,..e 1 g,. Q? ' if. X ' ' - F ,j'- , HL! 35122, gl f ' 5- 3 ?'4?- X 5. :ffgXQ5-35. 4 ' '- --'L' rf, - f. : .pf . f . ,E-rl' F-'E ,. ...g:. '- . I il 'N H, ,ai-HL' . ' - rr . 5 - , - X ' - X 4 . Lew .'N'.e:Q, - I XXg,,, ' 3 15. X . gjhg! gg' iii! - vf-51 5 .a .- :e.sfl'f:.' . 5s5gf:s.fp.::' Vi: ' - .- N" ., ..... 1---,-,e . ',:. uf- g'g 'q- V . -... 1 X :EI 1- "'-2 ' ' 52 F VXIZHJY .2 'uf' gl 'Z r::':T' ' 4. 'Eg 'f::!f?, ilff fi X '!""Z . f E X A' '- " M: 15' ' lgaiifa-2 k 1 5' ' , 1 - f T1'I'7f' .2 wi-2 V ' 'ff -W fir 1' Tas , 'I 4, ii, X, l'Ll,"' X, A L X- - it-X, 'f'1i,-X. .X.XXXX XljXa XX .i1g. I Z 1 ' ' A' ' ' , , , X I - . I f 'i , ' 1 I , . X J X X X . 1 N ' ' l , E I W X ' l 4 1 k -- . I. X, X X XX r - - , .X .1 .ay ' 'X -. - ......-V--V ...gqgxvfyzr-5:. ADMINISTRATIQN f ,,,.. Q ' " 1i1".g 1 . ,.1. 1 f v 1 v 1 1 I 1 ' 'f , X ' X . +L' ., X XXXX,..XX L 4 .JJ ,X L,XfX, , , ,,g:.4 --1 x ,,.,,1-1-'12 Hg,-WX "1."'W r -1X.,',X,1,,f , "' f,-rv., 9. jXfj",'-1- 1 .. XX ,.X,XfX XX .-1 'QQ Nz"-. ' 4 f XJ . ,X vi' 'V' .M 1 r , v 1 ADMINISTRATION Mr. Richard W. Mechem Principal The central administration at Newton High School functions differently than the administration in most public secondary schools. Newton High School enjoys the freedom necessary to operate in t0day's complex and rapidly changing world. This tradition of free- dom, held for over 100 years, has enabled Newton High School to remain among the top public second- ary schools in ,the country. Furthermore, this inde- pendence and support have given the Principal the opportunity to extend this tradition to the individual teachers and other administrators at Newton High School. On the negative side such independence makes it difficult to maintain lines of communication. The di- rect contact between the Superintendent's oilice and the individual student and parent has been decreased. This is a calculated risk, but the success of the pro- gram throughout the years seems to justify this risk. The House Plan at Newton High School is an- other example of the same principle. It creates op- portunities for smaller groups of students and teach- ers to exercise initiative and judgment, at the same time as it moves the central administration one step further from the individual student and teacher. Although seven years of experience with the House Plan cannot compare with over 100 years of total experience at Newton High School, the decision to inaugurate the Plan seems to have been justified. But the basic dilemma remains: how can we com- bine centralized control and supervision with inde- pendence and individuality? Our answer is to lessen the effects of the central administration and increase the independence demonstrated by the houses and the students and teachers therein. At the risk of oversimplification, we might say that the less the stu- dent sees of the central administration the better! It is important to keep in mind that this de-cen- tralization Cthe House Planj was superimposed upon an already existing academic independence Cthe de- partmental structureb. Since the departments have contributed so much to the strength of Newton High School throughout the years, their integrity was main- tained when the House Plan was established. Thus, we now have two separate channels of communica- tion and control working at Newton High School. Sometimes they parallel each other, sometimes they reinforce each other, and sometimes they meet head- on. The sum of the problems resulting from the above define the most important daily role of the central Mrs. McDermott Mrs. Miskella Mrs. Billings Mrs. Copeland Mrs. Russo Mrs. Linde Mrs. Turner administration, namely, to coordinate and integrate these sometimes divergent and powerful forces into a unified whole. At times this can be frustrating, since each individual andf or group would like the school as a total institution to fully support his or its activities. However, the central administration, in considering all aspects of our fully comprehensive high school, often provides direction in a more subtle and less dramatic fashion. This is ultimately a strength, rather than a weakness, since the strength of Newton High School comes from the strength of its divergent programs and from the marvelous in- dividuals who are carrying them out. A further area of major concern to the central ad- ministration is the relationship of Newton High School to the Newton School Department, to the New- ton Community and to the world at large. One of the main reasons for Newton's eminence in the educa- tional world is the fact that the High School has dealt directly with institutions and groups throughout the nation which are interested in quality education. Newton High School has felt that the stronger pro- gram which it is able to offer because of its activities in the broader educational world justifies the lack of direct communication between the individual student and central administration. Finally, there are certain routine activities which the central administration must organize and super- vise which are not related directly to house or de- partment. The most obvious of these are Student Council activities, class activities which affect the entire school, and certain all-school areas such as the cafeteria. In the conduct of all of these affairs the student does, indeed, come in Contact with the cen- tral administration, but these are exceptions to our general policy rather than examples thereof. Thus the role of the central administration may be summarized as follows: l. Coordinating the departmental structure. 2. Coordinating the House Plan. 3. Coordinating the House Plan with the depart- mental structure. 4. Relating Newton High School to the Newton School System Cro the Superintendent's Office, the junior High Schools, and the Elementary Schoolsl. 5. Relating Newton High School to the Newton Community. 6. Relating Newton High School to the educa- tional world in general. RICHARD W. MEC1-IBM Principal M. Donald Mitchell Administrative Assistant Professor john J. Mahoney, Co-founder of the Lincoln Filene Center for Citizenship and Public Affairs wrote many years ago, "The most important business of the Ameri- can public school is that of making good citizens. It may turn out scholars. It may pro- duce successful men of business. It may edu- cate for culture. It may make possible for its graduates to make a better living. These and other things it may do and yet possibly fail. The real test of its accomplishment is the kind of citizen it furnishes the republic. That is its excuse for being. That, and that alone, primarily justifies its support from public funds." In a time when our country is recognizing and encouraging intellectual achievement, and in our Newton community where aca- demic excellence is our heritage, we must remember that good citizenship must head our list of objectives of public education. Increasing numbers of parents are turning to the schools for help in this area. As students we ask to be vitally involved in Values and Citizenship. As teachers we cannot but honor the request. So at Newton High, respecting the indiv- idual, we give help and direction in this "super-curriculum" called Citizenship. Our A.F.S. brings students from countries all over the world and sends some of ours across the globe. For the past few summers Newton has offered a Seminar in Citizenship to high school sophomores and juniors. Our school annually has a Student Government ex- change with smaller schools in the Common- wealth. However, the concern for Citizen- ship goes on most regularly and most ef- fectively in the clubs and classrooms, often without fanfare, but always with enthusiasm. Probably every student who has ever at- tended N.H.S. knows that in definition and analysis he must "be specific!" If someone asks you to define this school I hope you will be at least this specific: Newton High is the pursuit of academic excellence and good citi- zenship. Good citizenship of course, is not easy to define either. We may not capture it or mas- ter it, but no matter, we strive for it. What- ever Citizenship means, it must be akin or lead to another word, perhaps the noblest of all. That word is Compassion. RICHARD C. HOWLAND Arrirtant Principal Mr. Richard C. Howland Arristant Principal Robert Mitchell Gaidance Department H eaaf W. Eugene Ferguson Miss Ruth Frazier Miss Mary Lanigan Math Department Girl: English Department Head Pbyxical Edncation Head Department Head I We av-1 Wi Daniel Malia Industrial Arts Department Head Jacob Skilken Science Department M3644 , H if , J Reginald Smith Boys Pbyfical Education Department Head One of the frustrations in teaching is that the teacher seldom sees the full results of his labors. To be sure, examinations are administered and evalua- tions made, and students are graduated. These, how- ever, are things of the moment, necessary and im- portant, but not the true test of the school's effective- ness. This comes later, and comes in many forms. Some parts of the test are obvious and straightfor- ward, such as the record of our graduates in college, or their performance in a vocation, or their success in a business or profession. Others are less obvious, perhaps, but even more important. These have to do with the attitudes and values you hold, and will be measured against your performance as a citizen in an increasingly complex and difficult society. Here the test will come in such places as the voting booth, where you will exercise Cor notb your right to deter- mine what kind of people will represent you in es- tablishing the legislative and executive framework of our government. It will come in the schools of the future, as you help to decide just how important the matter of public education is, and how much support it deserves. It will come in the churches and temples and other places where we will decide what the spiritual fabric of our society will be, and what rela- tionship this fabric will have to the rest of our cul- ture. It will come in the press, and on our television and radio sets, as we determine the quality of the ideas that will be discussed in these and other forms 16 Dr. Charles E. Brown S nperinlendent 0 f Schools of public communication. It will come in the streets of our great cities, as we wrestle with the question of whether Ieffersorfs promise of equality for all men is something we wish to take seriously. It will come as each of you in the Class of 1967 examines your relationship to Emerson's statement that "an institu- tion is the lengthened shadow of one man." Each of you, in one way or another, will be shaping an insti- tution, even, if you will, the institution we call our society. The true test of our effectiveness in helping to educate you, and of your ability to assimilate the ideas, the attitudes and the values that we have tried to make important to you will come as you measure the length of your shadow of influence on the world of the future. That is what education is all about. DR. CHARLES E. BROWN Snperinlendent Newton Public Schools Mr Vollm B Wells Department H end :IWW James Remley Mrs. Patriacca Mrs. Ginsberg Mnric Secretary Bnrmfr .W1 l X Miss Eleanor Brillante H onze Economics' Department H end Department H end ' ew: 5 V ' Memes M 1 f swam 'lg-We 'ls wsu Wm Sgrwwnvt V610 9'-fl' .X fr N'-iww-'RN L-an sm ' 'wmxvr 'S L frf.x.v3a-wk 2 mr fem' ' 1 ' Jwwmmws -is vi rswznmsw L r,...,N,1s 1 ' s s I w A r sk swings r- S Q 4 ' . lu 5. iQ A rm. nr ' xr .Nw 4 4 ' 'Y 'msuuxslsm ' - -K ,mg ' L f - I 2 Q 4 'RRS' V M a a s Msxmxxx' 'fm .uwvaf 5 Qfur-YW! 9 fSs,6mXtt ' va 9 Shi:'Fh- i 'fn l ' g xlnvxsfkif 'N 'ff' j ivuunnv i l wang - L 5 Rm-.ww S ' sms 1. 2 Q ' www 5 'Q-.eww Q . - 'W' -Ar Mrs. Margaret Erskine Libmfry H end Mining Secrettzrier Mrs. Cahill Mrs. Gilbert Miss MacDonald Mrs. Saleeby 17 . 1 X ' f ,' . f' " is , tl , ' 1 1 . 9 fl -' ,f ,-X . X . , , V --- . V A f.,,f.V- , VVVVV , .V . J.. -, ,..-,hz , , V A x . .. . - , . 59 f i X . 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A sound mind zu az sound body That final bell rings, and still they lin geif on. i 7 i ,f i n A f ,gm X f 1 l 7 4 X f f Z Wi, Z X, y f Y f W 4 f' 1? 7 n , f Z X y ' , ggi' ,ly , X fn 5 , 'y 4 , v Z 12 ' f I Z f 1 I 4 5 A If f 1 ,, ,,,, 5+ f X l In w Z A V MQ I X7 ' Z Q Qi ,I , 4-1 :'0 fb . A 1 ,gg . ' 1 h "I -9 . ,t v' 2. ,' IRQ ' 1 in f Ax J 2. . . .Q ,elf ,. 1 K., n ,V 'A' ., , in , ,511 M . K. I, .egg " an 1 ,sf 4135 I f Lf ff 5... e X ' ' 4 Q ' ev 3 MV," -14' f 'Y ij 1 'M f ' I 7? f Q ' 7 6' w X 'YA X, , ,wx ,Q N X v A 1 f r K - I H fb 'J Nl IMgqg.'Igg3'fII,54M Q "' ,VI ., III .. IP f,WWIwmQw Q I I- , . I:,'wL..L-i grim., i'fv,'W IZ .. I W,---.. 'A ,,L.I. , I .. ,- ,-. .m In WWI N Kp, WM 35 ,, ,, 5iI2wIi . I I Iwi- '-i:3,:' J,-I I1 -1 I, I- s,.:s.In JE' "'I'.I1m F II v :Eff IIISII' 'I 'f 5L'gv?iIS,I"-pf ," I I '- "'r'3l,.v,f.'i' 7 1 E-154 'fi e I YI- I. K I V rf ex v w.-.3 . K " ' X 1 I I I I' V X ..-Q. 4, ,Q Y'-1 K I ll" I l I I ',I X I ' I I 'I .I Al , . X4 X llllll X ilili, ,S f g n , ACTIVITIES ,f I,I,,4V'gf.I,'I" ' 'M Il .1, :mf I I ,,II 4 " L .,.I. X ,.,, H, X f I ' I ' I , s 1 ' ff' , f fum' , ,I V-III-N 'lI,ZI1,'I:If "5I' ' I H, F, ,J', j,1,fi"-'Q I, I I, II ,If ' ',y,'1',l',f'I" ' 5' F 'Q 51 X I1"Uf x Man is indeed a social creature as was proven at the 1966 Senior Supper. On December 10, 1966, about 400 odd seniors gathered in the gym, under the shade of a fanciful lollipop tree, to find out ex- actly what "happiness is." They began their investigation by filling themselves with roast beef, salad and other assorted goodies served in buffet style. After the great line up and after proper time had been allowed for digestion, the seniors looked to the stage for entertainment. The lights dimmed, the curtains parted, the audi- ence held its breath and . . . out walked President McEvoy cradling a bunch of carnations. He called out three smiling young ladies from the dark depths of backstage. Why, they were none other than corn- mittee chairmen, Judy Martenson, Nancy Rosenberg, and Toby Stone who each received a flower for their efforts. Then, blast-off on a take-off of a take-off Cof Wei N. 'uf JW? 14 1? 3 38 I 0 z W I I X' su- a take-off?D of "Funny Flickers" sponsored by new and fantastic corporations such as "Killcream" which featured a giant squirt of hair tonic crawling incon- spicuously around the stage. Then, on to a "typical day" at NHS starring the seven dwarfs who, decked out in their finest pillowcases, did their rendition of a girls' gym class. The scene switched quickly to the girls' room where a misguided young man sang "I Feel Pretty" while drooling over his image in the mirror. The next bit of entertainment was the presentation of slides taken around the hallowed halls of NHS. Oops! Someone had lost the tape of synchronized music that went with the slides. Never fear, President McEvoy, whose motto is "be prepared," improvised some lovely background music while an infamous member of the audience incessantly called out, "Take it off, Millie!" When the slides came to an end, someone gave a signal, and "there was light!" So, upward and onward to better things. The newly formed Newton High jugband, a rejected bunch of the Salvation Army band, played an old familiar CPD tune. Next, a short folksong was fol- lowed by mass hysteria-i.e. "organized" square danc- ing. The seniors certainly proved that they were no squares in attempting to dance. They formed lovely triangles, hexagons and even octogons, but not a sin- gle square could be found. The tired caller finally crawled to the door, and, suddenly, the loud familiar laughing of a drum and the twanging of electric gui- tars rang Out-a chain reaction of spastic attacks spread throughout the room, the seniors began to dance. Miss Krebs, Mr. Guzzi, and Mr. SatterthwaiEe joined in to prove that teachers are human after all. Around 11:30 the seniors began a mass exodus to- ward home. They hurried away lest they be changed into pumpkins, but I heard them exclaim ere they drove out of sight, "Happiness is the Senior Supper all right!" 'Jeaii Jxau Hugop a1,Aaq1 Jeqm mount sxogunl sq: wg: azgeax nod Ipun 'deaq sql go do: uo 'loguas e 91 1105 I hm. Xi 'Y STC i' gil 2 4 "Fx xg XS' igwixsgli 1 nf ' W UN' - 'if W' X X ,ax if 'X W, Cf? ,if '32 Q ff' X Y . gig f 3 ,sf of . 51, f vig RW' kg X QQKN A B X wx 7' JUNIOR BREAKFAST "Come and get it!" On November 24, 1966, better known as Turkey Day, the ambitious Junior Class, through a touch of magic converted the drill shed into another version of an NHS cafeteria, and break- fast was served. Hundreds of cups of coffee and dozens of doughnuts were sold to hungry students who filled themselves up in an effort to build up enough strength to cheer the Tigers on to victory against Brookline. Obviously the students did gain enough bodily strength and lung power to rouse the team to a sen- sational win. Our thanks to the Junior Class! ,ost -sms E 41 'S 1 'L , L+, 5. , Ii' 153, 'l A 3. I af carnival The theatrical season at NHS opened with six sketches from A Thurber Carnival. All six scenes were characterized by a sense of fantasy and wry humor that are james Thurber trademarks. Some scenes were spoken, others were pantomimed with narration. The sets, designed under the supervision of Miss Gorton and Mr. Prevoir, consisted mainly of neces- sary furniture enlivened with colorful detail such as military uniforms and empty bottles in "If Grant had Been Drinking at Appomattoxf' and an imaginative tree in "The Little Girl and Mr. Wolf." The action was accented by music from the Steve Tanimoto jazz combo. A large cast participated, directed by Mrs. Paluska, and the faithful stagecrew did their share of work under the supervision of Mr. Chase. ' Q ,,,1,.-t ., . ,. , -, X, N.. ., iv.,-,,. ,,, . .. X , W- k, . . ,..-,sf .. .l up 4. , ' ., s yy cz P 2, .. . .Hx -'wtf rx- ' 'Ph-3:i': . Qliigx- 4 ,, t, - ' ' 15x11 . A x 3 Wa i ,X xr. gli" V w. ' 4 f s 1 " A-' " In g35'?'EF.'L. 5 ' x ' 5 Z1 X K Las:--. 5 , , N f A - ,fi,:,i,sm53,,,,4....r g., .- ., -' f s 4 - 2 . 5 . img. - -1 H, S 5 . A . . L G v.. 5 b ff! ,L ,m,..,, .. N- V , . , 1 t . N- N p WL. -'- 1141 ..u .Mi .ii X i4f,,,',,f -...' -1 , i C. y i nw, , ... sms: , 5 4- A E .'Q.i..5-Ll 4 f,-.JAX 3 Q vrfl-::,'.'Li . N- ,. , - T. -, - J Z ' ' 1-f ,ah-"t -'sewn'-:x - "'-.Lv tr lr , -i.,i n,- . . ,. . . -' N ., - Q W ..x-mp nv,-,.v -yi. it Yr VH- '- if - . . 1. - i 3 ' , 1' if gl7ll'W.ih'g.4 m,i...1,,,:,',-', tg, y,.,un Y i 4 I - ' N . ' 1' 1 . 5 -'f' . . 5 v.w,,,gif,g,f,x--i.fray--,1- '-1: fa, , 1 A. ,, , 't .' 1. ' ' " ' ' , V s as -3li5k.e:f..3?i4si-1. -"bv-ff fs T ' T . V s ff -fs Agz2g34r:fi-i.y.3gff,:fi-. Y - - . ., - 'Zi ii 1i'fi:'."' 'R f ' w- ' at , i.,.':'gs.i-in-,'f , .g5im,s,a.1:-.:a2f2"T02' 'ls . . ..eP,+. f ii .T - HW-'f"a','Ei'.'2E,,'a!.ff' I - ' -. I ,i.,.,,i,l-4 , .M m.-:H 1. X If l , 1 1 1 4 . ..: .- .1 1 ri-5 r.5,vu.g ..-,-,sys - , ' .HW ,,.. ks , :qv-Ji Ir- idx.: 'v,,,- ,Mini irhhuffi.:lm'wZ,'l4.:,'- '- H ' 1 a The Modwomon of .Ip THE WAITER ,....,.... THE LITTLE MAN ...... THE PROSPECTOR THE PRESIDENT ....... THE BARON ....,,,. THERESE ,.......,,...,....,. THE STREET SINGER THE FLOWER GIRL ...,. THE RAGPICKER ....... PAULETTE ..............,. THE DEAF MUTE ...,.,, IRMA ...,...................,.. THE SHOELACE PEDDLER ........ THE BROKER ..........,...,,.,..... vp fn me via CAST OF David Cline Eliot Sherman Daniel Levin Michael Pingree Jonathan Gray Gail Salemme William Perry Anne Michael Bruce Hambro Nancy Diamond Nicholas Simms Esther Hengoed Rod Garcia David Wright DR. JADIN ...........,................,....,.......,............... ........ H ans Hailey COUNTESS AURELIA, THE MADWOMAN OF CHAILLOT ...,......................................... ..... -I udith Segel THE DOORMAN ....... THE POLICEMAN ..,.... PIERRE .................,,... Alan Alpert Robert Stone Richard Cohen Choillof by jean Gimudoux CHARACTERS THE SERGEANT ...... stephen cfosby THE SEWER MAN .........,.....,,,,.............,................,.4 Nicholas Simms MME. CONSTANCE, THE MADWOMAN OF PASSY ...,..,,....,...............,..........,............ ....,. B arbara Hurst MLLE. GABRIELLE, THE MADWOMAN OF SULPICE ......,,..A...................,,...........,... ...... W endy Kaplan MME. JOSEPHINE, THE MADWOMAN OF LA CONCORDE ..........................,....................... Hope Miller THE PRESIDENTS ..,.... ....... M ichael Pingree, David Wright, jonathan Gray THE PROSPECTORS .....,. ....... D aniel Levin, Robert Brick, Neil Silverman THE PRESS AGENTS ...... ........ A ndrew Golub, Stephen Harris, John Fleishman THE LADIES ........., Nancy Diamond, Gail Salemme, Deborah Leahy THE ADOLPHE BERTAUTS .....,,.......4..... Juris Kaza, Eliot Sherman, Eliot Oven IST VOICE ...... .,.. B arbara Case ZND VOICE ..... ...... J effrey Crosby 3RD VOICE ..... ....,. T ina Takayanagi GWR The Prospector, the President, and the Baron plot to l The scheme is temporarily halted when Pierre, the Prospector's agent, fails to blow up a government building and tries to drown himself out of shame and despair. tear down Paris and exploit the oil deposits beneath it. T The Countess Aurelia, the Madwoman of Chaillot, now takes command of the action. She convinces Pierre that life is really worth living despite the materialistic plots of the Prospector and his cohorts. At home, in her dark and mysterious cellar, Countess Aurelia de- vises her plan. She calls upon the aid of the Sewerman who shows her the secret entrance to the sewers. To con- clude her plans, the Countess invites her three friends to tea: Mme. Constance, the Madwoman of Passyg Mlle. Gabrielle, the Madwoman of Sulpice,' Mme. Josephine, the Madwoman of La Con- corde. The waiter and Irma, the waitress, of Chez Francis, revive Pierre who, the truth be known, never hit the water. Irma is entranced by the young man. The Ragpicker, the Flower Girl, and Irma, a few of the poor, gentle people of Paris, watch the Countess. Their distress inspires her to create a counter- plot-to destroy the Prospector, the President, the Baron, and the other evil people ofthe city. Mme. Iosephine 2 ff Mme. Constance :A2 Mlle. Gabrielle 4 fr, Wm ,, , Constance and Gabrielle arrive together. They are accompanied by Constance's imaginary dog, Dickie, and several of Gabrielle's friends--none of whom anyone can see. The three Madwomen decide that the Prospector and other unsavory characters should be tried for greed and material- ism. The arrival of Mme. Con- stance, an expert on law, confirms the plans. All the people of the streets-the Deaf-Mute, the Flower Girl, the Street Singer, the Shoelace Peddler-attend the trial. The Ragpicker acts as counsel for the defense. His brilliant speech ends in a damning conviction. .One by one, groups of finan- ciers, journalists, and Ladies of the Night, arrive at the cellar, lured by the smell of oil. Now that they have been convicted, the Countess ushers them down the. steps to the sewer--and ob- lwzon. g Q. As the Countess closes the door to the cellar, the threat of destruction and materialism vanishes. Paris rises in rejoicing as the simple people thank the Madwoman. The birds sing and the people dance. The genius of the Madwoman has saved the land. 45 Stand ap and cheer for N ewton men. Oar team if here to win again . . . S P R T CHEERLEADERS First Row: B. Dangel, P. jefferson, B. Sandler. Second Row: B. Callahan, S. Slavet, K. Sacks, S. Carey, S. Conant, M. Floyd, J. Turner. E I PEP SQUAD Fmt Column: K. Gahm, T. Stone, B. Stazesky, E. Precopio, B. Beardg 1. Breslau. Middle Column: A. Mechem, R. Rosendorf, A. Cohen. Third Column: J. Steinman, D. Gratto, 'B. Hunter, R. Piegon, E. Horn. I. he 25,35-. H 3, X . ,X rr- - A' 'X r . E1-.L A H N lx WL' V"'E-fs-f-QQ - mfgg,5'w.: .,, ' ' w:,,.i, ' 5 an .XA - K W , 1 . H fi ., ,, Nzfxx-N . , X F . -gxih . .. 'FV fu' 1, V - , A '5 V. ' KW- . . ' 5- ' if ' 4, Q. K '. , x ,Y f4:.,y, I . ff".-I f 2g-.jg - 'N-f-.M . "J me ' 'f,::" "4 ' I ""'-V I YNLVV Y: ' , . Ain-, I Q Il. it 1 ' lf .- ' Q. 1 kv 'vi 1 i 7. ' ffm 'Q , Q. 1 "" LIKE OMB "' , ' . - 'Ng.5:w'x3f3?!f331'fl'g?j?i?':!if7i?g , ut, A 1H1':"', :53.','5w,'1:X'1m!lKm,ag , . V, , r .. ,,,-,,, ..1,., M, 1a.1,N,B'5191.-va.: ,,-, . w un-N. ' .' 1,-iaQ,'5:.'s:g'g,'3ww?"g2"z-iw' - ,vnu , V: '.,vuuemzvl vi' f .' '"'zv1ms:"dx,':2,,,,wn.F :H , vgwy-,Ax-g.m4.+.,y',f. vwamvuj A . ,.w...,,, ...1,,.: ,-, N ' ' , '- nf 95?Y'iU,'aZ?T,'5fRj3'f3125'!Zi w H, C4 Ngl:,v,g,,5fxvs:1.,.,-.SQA 1 'uw f-:f.rf1,.,w-nb.-.r W'-v-11 - V , ..N,... ..v .f-M-Q51 2--.v-r . 1 X '3 JH. ...v4L.,ggi2:2-gl Y ggglzyg-g,,,,' .N , U .:,.,,..u,l,.,,,,..,,,,, I "-' Y ' R "-' J v2 .1 "7f."'2'v,,'5?-"X-5321-Y.'lf?l"'Ti3f,,' N . f'- N .N nv. ,q. 1:fqag.5:hQH1fy,-m,:g..--fw7n.4 " L ' 3':fif1f :'fjW1"ia:'v75fS1:gz-fw:1?QK4eZ'i X .' .,x. V wi. ,iw JAN.- . wb .xv MIA:-'fra-f-' v , , . -. Wagyy.-. gig.. mr,'.,'f,S .'c. 4-f-M-. Q 2. 1 X A mfg. Wire:gnijg-3frmg-Z7-1'Y-'H' , . ' -W5 greg . r 1- , 1 ,g.,.,,,,1,e..-hfafl-my 3.1. .. , . . ,W,,A,'. .,.... Y I., ...jak ' X'-"'+73N'G:l'W'lff5. 'aff .fs N, . .. wg' ww 4 ww 1-1' X . pf, 31.9, ,wx ,:4,.,5fL3 '11 -:-kv-.14-f-uf-" ' . , .'1ii.:: EM 2125: X Q5 .1-r-NFA ,-1 :-,s il'-,4.g:3i5iE1--,-4.4-..g ' P exif-Sa L- 1511 E V-xi':'i LM: 14:4 5 ' .,.Q1g:.S'.',f- Tn' 'ii - - x W- -L-Qhzllnig X 23-i,-5 - 4'.,v.r,s,x, -- . E I -, ,.. M. ' 'PJ-fERE'S NO nncx: I I ' I via.. E W ui, kicq.. ., - .- -1-.-.4,,..' : -X..-... ., -. , ., 1. 1'5"-.-' '-X .-rx- .1 -.,1 'Y , .Av ,.-.Av-X ,,..1,:.4-.--f..,. . M, ,f-...--,:.L.-Q. i' w..?SfF 'X .1 Jia RIS' v."fr:,v1:3L:-S - . x mm..., ,-.X .-mv-,.-2 ., . 4- fuk,.i.v:v11f1"-fg::- -ig 'ff 1 J .gy-q..,:,.fs, "2-L. 1-,IJ-L 1 911' 51:1 Vtwrxga . A- --pg-f:fes'5g-5gg'wg:: 'zgififafesfmebi are ,'1:,,x.+...e-:L 1: ,- ,.- 35:-ig: 1- x. Q:-:eN.::in.x'. 'IQ ""X?vl:.x. , -- g.. u, . . Q . M f. P 1 ' ' ' A Q 1 'Eg' Wx 'SSX 'Ss 1 1 eefw Qj,u4,1 ' Z 'S aff' A: 7' I ' fkf' lx fe t 1 J W 74741. 4. 45,7 45, 1 l 1 cle' A L SWEET s 4 4 'AY' ..:..:5.,'.3,t-" '.1z' .N 1. V 1 .. mv? : -.V V . 1 -,.-., ',-.1 f ., - 1 . ,I',1mf . .x f f' ""'lf 17 1 'i1i5"LgQ4 4 H, .M I ' '11'.:.ijf'r'."Q'fIfJ ' i-1 , 1.yyg55wm3gp "' ' 1 1' " 'i"w1 .f, V. :,'Ii:.A,Ih.,.1 1 . Sakai' ,IJ Eggigara I ' . 1. 1""f'Hggk'!2--:gy f , ' .'f1l,'1i1:.45f3w1i,4,4Hg , . , ,I ,l,,E,A. . :fmfyw 2 Mr. Easson Mrs. Taplin Mrs. Lenox Mr. Mackie Homemade, Secretary House Aide Guidance ,WW 1006 First Row: P. Curtis, P. Boyer, T. Callahan, C. Ferguson, R. Caruso, B. Chin. Second Row: Mr. Sullivan, E. Carter, 1. Ferrera, J. Annis, M. Aronson, E. Bianchi, P. Welch. Third Row: A. Hous- ton, R. Alexander, J. Bianchi, P. Baxter, T. Delorenzo, B. Wadman, P. Bourgeois, D. Andersen. 1 104 Pint Row: S. Boudreau, IP. Levine, S. Kendall, P. Wallins, R. Brick, S. Clancy, J. Seltzer. Second Row: D. Sherman, J. Williams, M. Carr, 1. Sudhalter, N. Polishook, L. Charbonnier, J. Keefe, P. Foster, M. Cooper. Third Row: R. Ludwin, S. Laskaris, P. Ericson, S. Santarpio, C. Casavant, J. Simon, M. Evans, D. Boudreau. N i if '. 221 12 .fn My . ,S A 'Wx ., '1 fl . I, 1- --Ziprtxx ,., f 7' M 'e :tg ,Z .QNM .I M64-ii 'fvf I I Www-2 ,aw ,f M . ,V inn M ' .. 'gy AMW w nwwff. f ,f yfff- "hi WW 'f M I - 4 I., ' W Mm, WQMWM . ' ,- l?J'rfI+1i44vLi:f:3-ft fvirifffis !f4tbmw.,M Zn! flilizzfff TM if 3 mlm ww ffizvnffifka Mfg: MM , y Mm I v,:"'fLra 5257, ,qw 4 it F, r,.,,i,i-..-, .,,i Q. rf-1-wr... .,fwQy,,r 'ran wr-mf. tat VWETW MHZ? 77'Wyr5H'Wf f' i j, ii sh WE , M122 . fi... I " f -wif., :ww 'Mm fr-W .fx ill may f wa.'M"efar2ww1 gina" .ff . ,Q Wifi: 539.gif hw, H Q-1-me fi-Qiwan:axssssa f-ft ' ' Adams House, in addition to be- ing the smallest house in the school, is also the busiest. One quick look at the congested halls would be adequate proof of this fact, but if a student goes so far as to attempt to walk through the packed corridors, he'll come out glad that "Ban takes the worry out of being close." Stu- dents are naturally drawn to the first two floors of Building I because they include such enticing spots as the school library, the art rooms, and the infamous blue grotto. In addition, the commons room has always welcomed foreigners, non- Adams House students, and is, therefore, usually overflowing with students who help to create a friendly, though frenzied, atmo- sphere. The abundance of activities at- tests to the never stagnant charac- ter of the house. This year, as in the past five years, the lively Adams House football team has won the intramural championship, never giving other houses a chance to taste victory. Its newspaper, the patriarch of house newspapers, is, according to loyal members of its staff, "better than the Newtonite! The paper has been issued more than once a month this year. Adams House displayed its generosity this year by devoting two of its activi- ties to helping others: it remained a loyal parent to an orphan whom it has been supporting for the past five years, and it started the noble tradition of presenting a 55300 scholarship to a worthy senior. U wr! if I 50 , Directing the two-way traiiic through the bottleneck at the dan- gerous Adams intersections, and regulating the many house activities has required much skill and hard Work on the part of the House Council and Housemaster. House- master Easson, not content to re- main behind his desk all day, demonstrates a personal interest in all the activities of the House by znrning np in classes and at athletic events. He is aided in his office work by secretaries, Mrs. Lenox and Mrs. Taplin. Meanwhile, Council President Rennie Cullman, playing the part of "king bee" in this hive of activity, helped to organize and keep track of this year's events. S S .,,, Mrs. Abrahams Mr. Barden Library Mathematics Mr. Chase Miss Gianferante Industrial Arts English M LI if .1451-f Qi., .-112453 1 f ff .M f xl Aw W E- 'vm 1 A wil..- S f ' ' .'f.l,.,y 1 1, S 1 1 . i' ' "N: ls Q if . 'hal it , S kg fa, , f . li fi r , ' iii. 5 1 E 1' sa .S .J i 1, fl Mrs. Bloom Mrs. Brier Mrs. Butler English English Lzhrary if S A ff tit"'ii , A e 3, xxx M Stl :., ' ' y as' we . ,712-k M Q "Ugg ' " . - " ' - f k + f, Carina ! Yltiivi .. anviwgfiih w 1 ...A tt. , Miss Gorton Mrs. Hogan Mr. Jessup Art Mnguage Phyngal Education 1 106 First Row: L Finsen, D. Hatton, T. Keyes, M. Hellerstein, R. Goldman, P. Pasquarosa, L. Good- man, R. Deluca. Second Row: Mrs. Bloom, J. Berson, A. Poly, S. Wilensky, F. Manchini, E. Shea, M. Both, J. Kaye, L. Aronson, E. Nabor. Third Row: L. Lenson, P. Tabor, R. Kasaiian, J. Farber, D. Martin, C. Clapton, M. Porter, M. Mills. an -:D 1110 First Row: L. Schwartz, J. Magni, T. Lerner, M. Goldman, J. Linn, R. Minabito, I. Korinow, R. Ristuccia. Second Row: Miss Gianferante, B. Marzilli, C. Volante, P. Leary, P. Mintz, C. Daven- port, S. Rubin, L. Valenzano, A. Golahny, S. Pearrie. Third Row: P. Cunningham, A. Blanton, R. Casetm, G. Kaswell, 1. Piccariello, E. Nazzaro, B. O'Leary, A. Hall, N. Bertsch. 51 Missing Mrs. Lucenta Library Mrs. Movitz Art Mr. Ricciuti Industrial Arts 1118 First Row: E. Davol, T. Pugliese, M. Yaffe, H. Nesbitt, H. Baker, V. Mackenzie, D. Cohen, J. Avila. Second Row: Mrs. H. Saunders, J. Kaplan, M. Recco, L. Elfland, E. Brody, S. Gomberg, L. Altschuler, J. Magni, M Pinto, K. Pugliese, B. Flynn. Third Row: P. Whitehead, P. Pheeny, J. Faucher, J. Paley, R. Aitchinson, P. Brow, L. Blair, K. Mitchell, S. Carp. 1120 First Row: R. Miksenas, E. Weiner, M. Aronson, G. Copatch, M. Brown, L. Hendricken, B. Shif- rnan, J. Fleishman. Second Row: L. Rosenfield, G. McNamara, A. Hartstone, M. Halloran, L. Hinds, F. Marcus, S. Raum, J. White, N. Guilford, A. Zanco, K. Dangel, K. Gahm. Third Row: E. Marsh, S. Conant, M. Bonadio, R. McCormack, J. Quigley, H. Brooks, J. Duby, F. Yanofsky. .4 , Pt Miss Kenney Mr. Livingston Miss Lukowicz English Social Studie: Physical Education Mr. Ryan Mrs. Saunders Mr. Schultz Indumial Arts Language Art 4 Mrs. Martin Social S tudies I 4 X .gm rg, W Mr. Sprague Social Studie: 1.w-f--f':1- W f-rssssp-w - ,fr M-:ga-fgxz. Mrs. Moody Language N . ,, , QS S , ss Q - R. xi 5 if X M:-awgsgg' 5,72 X6 . . A 1 fb 5?-x I .gg-.. -is -asv: rrigmrf rg Mr. Sullivan Social Studies 1128 First Row: B. Squillace, B. Lucardie, A. Connolly, J. Sircuk, G. Fursr, B. Berkowitz, H. Gafiin. Second Row: P. Roche, J. Boudreau, D. Norris, C. Johnson, L. Yanco, S. Blumberg, N. Abel, B. Myerson, C. Leone, L. Farrell. Third Row: P. McQuiston, D. Matherson, G. Fagan, R. Rosolf, C. Proshan, T. Shaw, R. Russo, B. McCarthy. 1132 Firft Row: J. McIntyre, K. Sidman, M. Cohne, J. Danis, A. Rondina, R. Likely, S. Brody, C. Drakos. Second Row: M. Menitove, K. Washburn, C. Matczak, V. Greenhood, S. Graham, N. Levine. M. Idelson, E. Horn. Third Row: S. DeSantis, A. Moody, A. Papidos, D. Marzilli, A. Pap- pas, P. Colantonio, C. Orenr, D. O'Toole, W. Richards, D. Ringer, L. Rock. Mr Prevoir Miss Rosenfeld ,WW ,... . .,,. R f. ill 't 5,1 .l'n:.w s 4 N H X. G. ns Mr. Hall Mrs. Kenney Mr. Brown Mr. Grainger Mr. Freedman Mr. Barnes Hozuemdfter Secretary Guidance Guidance Guidance Social Studie: l ,die Mr. Beatty Mrs. Carpenter Mr. Fortune Mr. Gaudet Dr.. Gottlieb Library Mathematics Physical Education Language Social Studier Barry House will always be remembered as the house that suffered the loss of two candy machines in one year and still came out smiling. Yes, Barry House represents the real tiger spirit in its happiest form. Early this year, under the leadership of President Robert Graceifa, the House Coun- cil invaded the deepest, darkest jungles of Africa to hunt down the rare long-tailed tiger. After trapping a few hundred tigers, members of the council transported the tails back to good old NHS where they were sold at re'tail' prices to the students. They also brought back one stuffed tiger, bagged by Mr. Graceffa himself, which was raflled off at the end of the year. In addition, the coun- cil again sold their traditional Barry House keys and membership cards. Word is out that this yearis keys open a safe on the fourth story of a bank exactly 25.8 miles northeast of Tuckahoe, New Iersey. The council has also made sure that its members were entertained. On December 15, 1966, it sponsored a Barry House Talent Show which starred the glamorous Liz Tyler, Toby Stone, Patty Newman, and jean Shapi- ro among others. Five days later, the untiring house sponsored an all-school Christmas party. In May the council expects a great comeback with the annual Barry House pic- nic followed by a june beach party at the end of the year. The far-reaching activity of Barry House 54 Mrs. Grosser Social Studies Miss Jewett Language 1202 First Row: P. Lilly, R. Lamson, J. Kenyon, R. Linn, M. Leone, R. Weiss. Second Row: M. P'res- cott, S. Dolbier, R. O'Connor, L. Schwartz, B. Sontag, S. Lynch, L. Pennington, K. Gurd, Mr. Shapiro. Third Row: R. Murphy, E. Hallow, M. Friedell, S. Caccia, W. Tomb, S. Greene. 1204 First Row: D. Solomon, J. Arsenian, A. Caliguri, S. Margolis, N. Gorfinkle, E. SiE. Second Row: D. Coston, J. Ives, G. Jacobson, B. Simons, K. Bennett, V. DeFi1ippis, K. Schpeiser, A. Jackson, T. Takayanagi. Third Row: G. Goltsos, D. Leventhal, R. Barry, C. Quinn, P. Fleming, J. Ostrow, P. Elliot, M. Stone. l Mrs. Killion Mrs. Kosh Miss Krebs Mr. Morris Mr. Rosen Mr. Rothman Mr. Satterthwaite Reading Clinic Speech Clinic English English Mathematics English Mathematics has been stimulated by Housemaster, Manson Hall who has retained a liberal and generous attitude toward the students. He is supported by kindly assistant Housemaster, Miss jew- ett, and House secretaries, Mrs. Kenney and Mrs. Moat who give out detention no- tices, though ruefully. Finally, the Barry House tiger places his thinking cap squarely on his head as he en- ters the classroom and happily discovers that the faculty of the House has also captured much of his lively spirit. For instance, he may see the famous Mr. Schwartz in the midst of demonstrating a typical Bushman dance very similar to modern rock and roll, or he may meet lively members of the Eng- lish, Math, or Language departments trying to spark their students' interests through their own enthusiasm. In connection with the faculty, the council sponsored a Student- Missing: Mrs. Moat, House Aiafeg Mr. Bell, English, Mr. Bolster, Social Studies, Miss Hall, Math- ematic? Mr. Holley, Mathematics, Mrs. Lee, English, Mrs. Solomont, Mathematics, Mr. Titkin, Eng is . f i f Z tif Q ff Teacher Day for which worthy students were elected "teacher for a day" in order to learn how the other half lives. Thus, the much sought after tiger spirit has found a permanent home in Barry House, making the second Hoof of Building I a popular and thriving place. Pk- f T l . -3 1206 First Row: T. Gilmore, R. Lowell, A. Grillo, J. Stone, R. Wilker, J. Hurwitz. Second Row: M. Marini, E. Libby, A. Kristall, A. McBurney, B. I-loughteling, B. Kotzen, K. Brissett, C. Summers, jj S. Mirriam. Mr. Shapiro Mathematic: Mr. Schwartz Social Studie! 00665 ,gym -n 'QB' 1208 First Row: M. Manniz, J. Rosenberg, J. Sullivan, J. Marcus, P. Gray, T. Morris Second Row' M Mr Spear ML Warshaw Smith, K. Lennen, D. Wolfson, M. cody, P. O,COHHCll, K. Williams, N. white, s. seamen, MQ Ekgliih Englij-1, Goodman, J. Silverman. I S 1210 Q ,J Firxt Row: P. Lilly, K. Callahan, D. Fuller,- H. Pactovis, M. Hoffman, S. Winslow. Second Row: I. Mooney, C. Buntin, M. Washington, T. Shapiro, L. Nazzaro, G. Winnick, D. O'Day, L. Donalds, J. Womboldt. Third Row: B. Ross, B. Sontag, B. Snyder, J. Hennelly, S. Kulik, D. Spaulding, P. Cedrone, D. Horowitz, E. Smith. f X 1' 'i . :Ei -.iPs:a+M'Z-JJ Vw 1' '-'-' 1. .lv fy. 4.15, I H2142 'Y ' Z .... f-. W.. ,, 1 1218 Fimt Row: B. DeAgazio, P. Arsino, R. Dezzio, F. Dalicandro, K. Butler, L. Hosenfus. Second Row: , J. Rich, L. Remar, C. O'Brien, J. MacMillan, J. Mackousky, B. Macleod, C. Loree, M. Johnson, S. Fernandez, D. Gratto. Third Row: Kayce, J. Rosenberg, C. Berry, J. Beark, S. Glazier, L. Stern. Q M- - - I -4 I 5 1220 First Row: R. Scotch, D. Watts, J. Falcon, J. Nutting, S. Klayman, J. Hirshberg. Second Row: Mr. Gaudet, S. Dillon, D. Barr, D. Aronson, C. Cedroni, S. Fox, M. Swartz, K. Stolf, P. Marks, A. Karsh, D. Zamcheck, M. Silberstein, K. Amicangioli, J. Quinn. Third Row: P. Boudreau, J. Smith, D. Salett, M. Timiatozzi, A. Solomita, S. Maglioca, P. Spaulding, J. Keete, E. Patterson, R. Rosenberg, S. Cole. .4"""'u. 1252 Pint Row: D. Coletti, P. Webb, J. McKensie, D. Cobuzzi, N. Yanofsky, R. Vallely. Second Row M. Ramee, J. Glass, C. Dever, K. McCabe, G. Kiebala, J. Sbordone, L. Cosgrove, L. Riley, S Lapp, M. Lennon, D. Cannon, M. Geller. 1250 First Row: S. Weiner, B. Leacy, R. Lehrberg, A. Golub, M. Loumas, R. Wurzel. Second Row: L. BraH,. D. Brass, W. Walker, I. Stiller, L. Rubin, P. Rarter, J. Arcese, L. Marzilli, L. Patriacca, Mr. Morris Tbzrd Row' P Green G Mueller P Nelson H Parad R Hartford W Ha es F. Tirro ' ' ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' v ' 7 ' y 1 D J. Trumble, E. Moriece. l .,...- i 1 304 First Row: E. Perez, S. Scheifler, M. Houghton, J. McGourty, S. Morse, J. Gopen, S. Stylos, D. Foster. Second Row: S. Silverman, L. Argo, P. Rubin, J. Levenson, D. Carroll, D. Drummond, C. Vogel, R. Vaughan. Third Row: Mr. Jentz, D. Partoll, J. Covington, M. McCabe, S. Miller, C. Salzman, J. Wong, N. Bronstein, P. Hilton, K. Swanton. Mr. Adams Mrs Aronson H ousenzaster Secfefdfy 1.33.2224- Q5.?,A::.i?.. Mr. Barndt Miss Bilezikian Mr. Bissex Mr. Bower Mathematics Language English English Mr. Bowman Mathematics Mr. Bruer English Mr. Connolly Miss Cox Miss Diemont Mr. Fox Miss Gamble Mr. Harrer Social Studies Language English English Language English 1 306 First Row: H. Levy, S. Gilbert, C. Ross, A. Berezin, J. Civetti, R. Finelli, J. Diseglio, M. Sturniolo, Second Row: R. Baker, J. Albano, N. Boisseau, D. Lane, I. Brass, M. Segall, C. Feldstein, D. Wal- lace. Third Row: Mr. G. Fox, R. Gill, R. Mudarri, D. Copatch, D. Pearson, S. Brady, M. Celucci, C. Algeri, B. Brody, P. Karlsson. l l l R i 'A lr . X ff L. . if G75 Mrs. DiRusso Mr. Clark H owe Aide Guidance 1308 First Row: J Maroney, J. Whalen, A. Marchand, P. Osborne, A. Kevorgian. Second Row: S. Winer, M. McKenzie, A. Mechem, L. Taplin, -I. Wolfe, R. Sherman, D. Levine, L. Hekler. Third Row: Mrs. Roser, S. Levy, M. Nolan, G. Koczinski, A. Smith, J. Breslau, M. Brooks, K. Scales. . ,,., . .WWI H . l ., i ' M., .,.,,,., , .... .. ' y ,gf ., , ,, .f, . if ' f EW If you're on the fourth Hoot of Building I when the wind starts to blow, grab on to something quickly. If you manage to make it down to the third floor-good for you. That is Beals House. By now, you must be tired and hungry, but luckily it is Thursday morning so you can have a dough- nut ancl a cup of coffee in the Beals House Commons Room. Now, just sink into one of the comfortable commons room chairs and relax. If you come back in the lonely afternoon hours and want someone to talk to, just call out for House Aid Mrs. DiRusso who will refer you to the Secretary Mrs. Aronson who, if she isn't too busy, will tell you to march into the office on your own two feet and tell Mrs. Cox, the Miss Massey Mrs. Moriarity Mrs. Schimke Enkll-fb Library Phyrical Education f, fi! Mr, Weigberg Miss Wollan Mr. Zeeb Mr. Zcno. 505541 Sgudiey Erzglirly Englirb Social Studie! 1310 First Row: K. Greenberg, R. Mooney, D. Becker, K. Sacks, S. Cutler, T. Drakos, K. Mahoney. Second Row: J. Barres, M. Morrisey, E. Marchese, L. Ruggiero, D. Devaney, B. Wofsey, F. Fre- cherte, S. Kadiff, J. Steinman, J. Centola. Third Row: A. Gautier, R. Wilker, D. Murphy, R. Rogers, A. Cameron, A. Garber, P. Boudreau, J. Rando, J. Silverman, Mr. M. Bruer. 1328 First Row: A. Hwang, J. Silva, S. Salter, J. Kastle, R. Cohen, J. Dietz, M. Rosenfelt. Second Row: S. Sherman, S. Sinofsky, J. Roche, K. Reardon, J Flanders, J. Patriacca, D. Lifland, G. Genovese. Third Row: J. Cline, H. Belkin, M. Kneeland, J. Boudreau, J. Lemack, J. Ollrick, D. Blacker, E. Hinchey, K. Connolly, J. Leland, S. Ross, S. Kaljian, R Lawton, J. Murphy, G. Hunt, J. Helman, D. Warner, A. Collin, F. Gamble. , . 1 342 Firrt Row: J. Furbush, S. Singer, G. Golden, D. Qualters, M. Gorensrein, J. Massauro. Second Row: M. Gelbloom, E. Goldstein, C. O,Connell, P. Sepinuck, K. O'Hara, B. Case. Third Row: J. 0 Turner, P. Lubin, F. Swartz, J. Hyman, J. McDonald, Miss C. Diemont. , . assistant Housemaster, what you want--getting frustrated? Here comes Housemaster Adams smiling his way into the room with' his NHS megaphone in hand. He is always willing and, more impor- tant, able to help anyone who needs advice. When he approves of what the students want, Mr. Adams does all he can to see that they get it. The students seem to identify with the warm, friendly atmosphere of Beals House. Listening in on a typical Beals House afternoon, stu- dents can hear rising voices coming from the direction of the NEW- TONITE Office as well as across the hall in the Newton Plan Office. On the fourth floor, in 1408, stu- dents can hear members of the Hu- man Rights Club discussing some controversial topic while members of the Future Teachers Club march through the halls searching for an empty room in the House to hold a meeting. Downstairs, cheers of triumph from the Chess Club are almost drowned out by the singing and guitar playing of the Folksing- ing Club in the commons room. Projectors whirl in 1550 as the Film Festival presents a movie to an eager audience. A phone is now heard ringing in Mr. Adams' office. These are all the sounds of home to a Beals House student. Missing: Miss Light Guidance Miss Dellmuth S ocial Studies Mr. Jentz English Dr.S1edd English 1 , T PGM' iFfl'l9 WUIRW Kfiiliwilil, ,Mm 1 344 First Row: A. Scichilone, D. McCarthy, J. Shurnn, D. Grinley, S. Roberts, M. Golden. Second Row: P. Malone, D. Warshaw, P. Fanning, D. Jones, L. Levinson. Third Row: J. Cupo, M. Lupo, M. Mannix, D. Hussey, D. Treem. ' , 1, 2 l ?Vfi8 1356 First Row: P Siegel, J. Walsh, D. Levin, A. Levin, P. Leone, F. Pignato. Second Row: Mr. Zeno, P. Natsis, P. Marini, V. Salzman, M. Vito, J. Murphy, N. Pellows, T. Sambucci. Third Row: K. O'Loughlin, E. Roberts, S. johnson, R. Huling, S. Stefan, D. Medalia. A Six IRIUIII llllllll IIIIIIAIS .1 X 1444 First Row: J. Sullivan, M. Simon, D. Stoner, W. Thurston, E. Bloom, N. Dwyer. Second Row: D. Ross, N. Patterson, L. Mersky, B. Litman, S. Patterson, M. Wein, S. Hurray, N. Peters. Third Row: 1. jarnis, L. Thompson, L. Geller, E. Oven, G. O'Donnell. l , .Ss l l Y l'3"'if" i . . f E ' I f -- ff " , 253521 1 i wp 171'-2,7 f , 5, ,Y , t ,i..v.A,,-X '. - 'ww ,f 'V .' 1 GN 1iff-ii1f--- if ' ' il , Q. sais yr., r ,Q ,- p Q ' V' , j, ..,. , X arp 52,3 ll , I K x.,. I f y l Q x I f Q W ll K Mrs. Boyd Miss Johnson I . H0109 Alfie H ousernaszer l l l I 5 4 ,. I 1 ll Riley House means business. If you enter the side door of Building II nearest the ath- I letic held, you will find yourself in the midst l of one of the biggest business corporations going: the NHS Tiger Cage. Or enter Build- ing II through the center door, and you will find yourself in front of the glass enclosed Bursar's office and the smiling face of Mrs. Ginsberg who is ready to help you with your financial problems. Or walk through the halls on the second floor, and you feel as if you are walking through the offices of A. T. 81 T. - The sound of a hundred or so typewriters I going at once is almost frightening, but it means business is in the making. Q Miss Johnson, with the help of her efli- E cient staff CML Boyle, assistant House Mas- e ter, Mrs. Chartier and Mrs. Boyd, Secretar- iesl, tries to run Riley House in a fashion . which sets an example for such a business- oriented house. This may mean strict dis- I ciplinary procedures, but it also means that 1 Miss Johnson is able to organize her time effectively so that she can talk to many of the students in Riley House and their teach- ers. She keeps track of all the students, pub- lishing a "Who's Who in Riley House" which tells of the accomplishments of Riley . House students in other areas of high school E life. She also keeps an alumni register and a l I I l 62 l 1 2 . 3 Q if Mr. Andrews Mr. Boyle Social Studies English Mr. Stark Mrs. I.eClair Guidance Guidance Mr. Bresnahan Miss Caram English, Language Business 212 First Row: M. Boyaiian, K. Olsick, J. Weinberg, N. Silverman, J. Butt, P. Londo. Second Row: Mr. Andrews, S. Narvides, R. .Marcus, N. Hallett, J. Homsy, D. Belsanti, C. Boyd. Third Row: K. Bell, J. Krakow, D. Kasparian, T. Keane, D. Colantonio, D. Dorsey. 2101 First Row: W. Conquest, S. Tocci, R. Freedman, A. Sonis, T. Cook, S. Spritz, C. Reynolds, A. Stern. Second Row: Mr. Bresnahan, K. Ruputz, J. Muskalske, B. Demaura, C. Fernandez, D. Len- non, D. Gioncardi, J. Healey, D. Compagnone, V. Saper, P. Lyons, L. Girouard, D. Meyers. Third Row: E. Fitzgerald, G. Paris, D. York, R. Cohen, C. Gaylord, M. Nierman, M. Furman, R. Car- lisle, K. Lavely, J. Kazules. N Q Mr. Chalmers Mr. Cobb Business M14-W Mr. Lasker Mr- Lindberg Music Social Studies very complete bulletin board of newspaper :lippings and other records of student tchievements. Riley House is also the home of the music iepartment which does its share of selling :andy for the band and tickets for school nusicals. Under the leadership of President Wendy Kaplan, the Riley House Council has indertaken several money making ventures. i-Block coffee hours have raised money for l contribution to the Newton Community Christmas Service Committee. During De- iember the council sponsored a Christmas Varty and sold candy canes. Riley House has lso hosted the minister-cartoonist, Dr. Palm- luist, and the Harvard University Band. iusiness propositions for the future include lising funds to redecorate the Commons QOOIII. w w ll E 5 if A , V 5 .15 ,gf Q1 , . .?. , s rf- . . as Mrs. Ford Mr..Gallagher Miss Kalivas Miss Kinney Mr. Lahey Math Social Studies Social Studies Physical Education Math . ,Q A - as . . . t lb ,si - Y: i... Mr. March Mr. Meyer Mrs. Nolan Mrs. Reznick Mr. Rossi Music Business Business Business Business 2103 First Row: S. Volpe, P. Antonellis, K. Chaisson, K. Sullivan, P. Weiss, D. Gardner, S. Kanovitz. Second Row: Miss Kalivas, L. Stadmore, M. Xydeas, B. Schwab, W. Raclin, D. Chase, J. White, C. Wooten, T. Chin, D. McNamara, T. Plati. Third Row: S. Nissenbaum, V. Airchison, D. Van Why, L. Mayer, E. Butts, R. Benn, K. Meyer, M. Kelly, S. Fray, M. Matherwiez. ,. . . . 1 I .. . 'g 4 CH .. 4' -' ., 1' 1' :L 1 , , . 2104 First Row: R. Carlino, J. Goran, nl. Burke, R. Cicconc, 1. Bianchi, P. Britt, R. Carr, R. Gillt-y. Second Row: Mr. Lahey, L. Borowslci, L Algcri, M. Janes, R. Antoni-llis, C. Arslanian, M. Donezan, A. Goopasian, E. Critch, D. Tompins, N. Borcy, A. Farthrowl. Third Row: K. Kc-lly, M. Bonacci. 63 2207 Firft Row: K. Prince, J. Rothenber, J. Blakeney, J. Hart, A. Cameron, R. Antonellis, M. Maren- ghi, J. Ziergiebel. Second Row: S. Currier, W. Presson, C. Sims, L. Handler, D. DiBenedetto, T. Wellford, E. Ferguson, S, Henry. Third Row: J. Meyer, R. Gordon, S. Angoff, D. Cahoon, C. Wetherall, J. Cole, S. Eckaus, R. Terrio, B. Aronie. 2209 Firrzf Row: D. Abboud, R. Bickford, L. Block, J. Black, R. Hartford, P. Rosenberg. Second Row: B. Beard, E. Humanic, C. Gazarian, L. Arslanian, S. Berman, B. Rissman, T. Harrington. Third Row: S. Gerson, R. Weiner, E. Kleiman, G. Everett, D. McLeod, M. Daley, C. DiPaolo. 2210 Firrt Row: C. Fong, A. Antonellis, W. Bianchi, T. D'Agostino, S. Dyer, P. Connolly, S. Smyly, J. Green. Second Row: Miss M. Caram, G. Manugian, Rothstein, S. Foley, J Turner, L. Delgrosfg, K. Fraini, M. Ronne. Third Row: A. Ralens, S. Boho, L. Head, P. Jackson, G. Bloom, S. Go - man, C. Kaufman. Miss Sarandis Miss Seaver Buszners Muna . ..... ..,... -S. XX 55 s ,..,....W.........,... IN 2213 First Row: J. Merriam, C. Tannenbaum, T. Hunter, R. Fieldon, J. Cormier, S. Perles, C. Floyd, J. Loitherstein. Second Row: J, Mikesenas, C. Palmieri, L. Leeper, D. Ayvazian, D. Singleton, K. Pignatelli, R. Cohen, P. Jcobsen, C. Golclfarb. Third Row: S. Grinley, J. McDonald, H. Gertman, C. Kelliher, D. Ovans, M. Slayton, R. Murphy, S. Houlihan, W. .4 2 Keil, M. Howland. 72 S , , .,.wfW,wVWM' 'WX f 1 l S M R 1 . ' f .... . he . R f . ,.,.,.. .yrr Q , , ff? - f, ,, WW M , If, ,Z , ,,,, X I 5 rw, , hi INN 1. 1 f " 1. fi ' M . c Y 9 We W' ' ' ,f , , , . I Y . WMWMMMW ff , 1. g ,W , Axvmwgixiwg . M-, 1 . X ,Mmm fy, X .,. f a J 4 ,W . -. R R eee' + 'f 1 , ......, rr' ' A , 2 11-' ' , 3 - ,Z z i , eff., Q QA ,I I Q 'f ffygl , Y 1, if ,,.. :A .1 , f fr, W ff 'ff z:1,",7Z'ff ffnfj 1 f',e.fff!. 1 . 7 Q . W4 , , W3,.,3,,,,rMM 5 1. .- W ,Y L M , 'I , .fzwwmf Q as ' 4' 'V g " ' ' gs' ., ff 1 1' ' vi. - f f f . I M W . , ':..,. A K ' a A... 1 Q ff? A 4.1 , if ' 4 2 W2 rfll ' 'R f Al Z' 1 ,, -. W ' 5 xW y Wh O ' f iw fi 5 C. WM f 2 s , 'eff v ' , - . fl L. 1 ' nf- f' I 3. - A , U, K. A 4, 5 M 6 4 A H ,, it I .,.,.:,3,?7L 'V I 4 , ,K l 5 ll Y .V A A? 'K 4 41 2' sw V' "3 "W -' lvfwvfw D'fSW"'1'l" M" lm ' 'C Cr ' ' 1 wx M e f . 4-. ,. Qs ,, , , 'W 1 .as 1, 1, 71 V , I S Q A XT W: M me v ,, Q V, Q6 gi- K , ..-. 4 X. A , Q - . s A l 1 JZ ' f s x.. - ge r 'f X 1'Qsm f A 3,-.. '-.- X -V 4 we ' ,if 2 MMM.. . 'Sf V . -. , ,!.? 1 f . Zo.. O ni .5 A ,V , . f 'Q M m Q ' QV' .j QS lr- 9 , . Wu, Ml L, Z: , . ' . Y f 1 "" j . - -f 5- - rrrr 1 V' 'x..s.n,,.'vn-um...-.... r .D .l ", N' ' , ' "' ' V ' n 74,5 A I if ' rw W. l I F '1-, ,Z 'glut . P Q ff " " '.,f 5 - A :gp - ' , A 4 H vs ' . ., M.-...zwa1. 4 . l - . . ra -..' 'x-44' ""'y ' ' 9"ma.vdsw'31rn-v -..,......,.... H.-f. w Qs -al Mr. Stephens Mathematicf af .4 Q r "3 . 1 1' a J 1 . N 5' 14 . lf f C . 1 1 . ' Mining: Mrs. Chartier Secretary Mr. Ferguson Social Studier Mrs. Landers Burinerr Mr. Sarlak Bufinerx 227 First Row: J. Meister, R. Cohen, P. Frattaroli, H. Sholkin, T. Deluca, J. Landsrnan, E. Benjamin, R. Marini. Second Row: M. Wolf, R. Hennessy, L. Luclwin, A. Perelli, P. Mager, A. Barron, J. Glick, A. Blauer, L. Roberts, P. Russell. Third Row: K. Borison, M. Blank, P. Garlinkle, N. Shif man, H. Fox, J. Medalia, L. Jacobs, A. Kostant, R. Tobin, D. Francis, F. Mecllar, B. Libby, D Miller. , Mr. Clark Miss Clark Language Science Miss Cooney Mr. Dowell Home Economics English Mr. Drury Mr. Dunham Science Mathematics Mrs. Cassidy Mt. Graclorle Mrs. Leone Miss Logan Miss Davis Secretary Houyemmtef H oure Aide Guidance Guidance 2204 Pint Row: R. Luizzo, J. Scheider, J. Pappas, F. Murphy, J. Chase, R. Lizotte, J. Margolin, M. Kennedy. Second Row: R. Brown, N. Testa, D. Harrison, C. Elliott, P. Gold, D. Riley, B. Hunter, D. Press, Mr. Papa. Third Row: B. Callander, P. Trainor, R. Medoff, J. Richmond, D. Murphy, J. MacDonald, P. Lowell, T. Parisi, G. Davis, W. Tutungian, P. Reese, E. Fandrey. Mrs. Ebb Mr. Flink Language Lah Science Mr. Geikie Mrs. Goetze Science Science F94 yrafwwwm. firming i Y ,im 5 'Sm sa leaf .:. iz, f, :mge.:em:1fo,W,,,,f., 4fW.....,.,..... W... .f af fr '11 N fy!! ,4 Q, Q ,. 5: 51 -u,.WMa,,,,.,M.. ,. An inquisitive student wanders aimlessly through Building II until -lo and behold!-He finds himself in a new World, different from any part of Newton High. After trying to figure out just how he got there, he manages to find enough of his voice to stammer, "Wh-where am I?" Any "Palmer Prodigy" could tell him that he's in the annex Cthe WHATD part of Palmer House. C"Oh, you mean I'm still in NHS?"D Besides its annex, Palmer House contains the science department, the driver's ed. room, the home eco- nomics rooms, and the language lab. The Commons Room boasts the only baby grand piano and picture of Santa C Mr. Gradoneb Claus in the entire school. Yes, our wanderer is still in NHS, but the mixture of different classes and activities, makes it a unique part of the school. Palmer House has the fortunate distinction of having an enthusiastic House Council which sponsors a great many activities. The Council, under the leadership of Richard Martin CPresidentJ, Russell Ber- man C Vice Presidentb, Karen Sacks CSecretaryD, and Andy Rosenberg CTreasurerD, has accomplished much this year. They've sponsored a party for the sophomores, a hoot- enanny with the Folksinging Club, and a free Christmas party for Pal- meritesg they've fixed up the Com- mons Room, shown old Charlie Chaplain movies, and established a House newspaper-the Palmer Press. A spring picnic is being planned. 'Tm very proud of Palmer House," says Housemaster, Mr. Gra- done. And he has good reason to be. "The House with a Heart," as Pal- mer House is called, is traditionally ,rw 236 First Row: E. Alizzi, A. Frank, P. Larosse, S. Brodie, M. Fruitman, D. Rizzo, R. Nich. Second Row: W. Boyd, R. Stump, S. Rosenhow, L. Panagust, K. Burns, M. Chernis, M. Porter, S. Hyfer. Third Row: K. Remar, J. Lampert, J. Magni, J. Lochiatto, C. Asafi, G. Hay, F. Costello, L. Bril- lant. 238 Pint Row: D. Deegan, D. Appel, P. Colby, E. Singer, D. Rome, W. Bird, H. Lichtin. Second Row: S. Loughlin, P. Stefaniak, G. Bartley, E. Bloch, B. Demaio, J. Elkan, A. Saldinger, L. Gluck, N. Colletti. Third Row: M. Schwabe, J. Secunda, R. Terenzio, P. Kanavos, D. Anderson, J. Burns, E. Fanjoy, V. Forte, H. Drury. Bill 2304 Firrt Row: M. Diaz, J. Kalish, T. Chalmers, A. Fiske, D. Fremont-Smith, A. Dechter, J. Capello, D. Shoul. Second Row: L. Ryan, A. Gracia, J. Burlingame, V. Pollen, K. Fitzpatrick, A. Nobile, J. Molla, L. Bari, C. Clinton, B. Staszesky. Third Row: Mr. Hanson, F. Manning, D. DeRubeis, T. 67 Graves, W. Gephart, B. I-Iarsip, R. Harris, H. Karp, S. I-Iartel, B. McCauley. 2305 Fir!! Row: S. Fine, S. Beckman, L. Ferragamo, R. Belli, J. Rigoli, P. Marcus, J. McCown. Second Row: Mrs. Goetze, D. Clark, J. Glickman, K. Hammond, V. Schulman, N. Cucinotta, D. Bovarnick, A. Cohen, M. Leone. Third Row: L. Marino, E. Laskey, C. McKenna, R. Fever, J. Gillespie, C. Taplin, J. Athas, C. Burak. 2307 Firrt Row: J. DiRusso, L. Block, M. Ryter, J. Medaglia, F. Grifhn, H. Kieval. Second Row: Mrs. Rice, B. Matczak, C. Vecchione, S. Baker, M. McDonough, V. Ieraci, M. Epstein, M. Levenson, P. Gorgone. Third Row: S. McGourty, W. O'Connor, J. Reiters, R. Sweeney, C. Tye, R. Olson, M. Sullivan, P. McGreenery, W. Renke, J. Murphy, I. Rubin. the elc who 2314 First Row: P. Hennessey, C. Kritzas, R. Marrazzo, B. Evans, J. Melideo, D. Tocci, R. DeMichele, B. Rogoif. Second Row: P. Fanning, P. Moriarty, S. Ryan, M. Cohen, M. Hershkovitz, J. Russo, K. Starr, J. I-Iynson, H. Wang, P. Brandon. Third Row: Mr. I. Flink, P. Jennings, R. Beqrnan, N. Silberman, R. Borison, L. Platt, L. Meredith, E. Siskind, E. Malins, A. Fishman, W. Gardner, .W. Notantornaso, J. Flanagan. dedicated to helping people. This year the Palmer House Council started a nickel drive and collected enough money to send 5525 Thanks- giving and Christmas dinners to needy families. As in past years, they plan to donate money to the Peabody Home and the check will be presented at the final House as- sembly. The Palmer Prodigy Assembly in the spring is also a Palmer House tradition. Trophies are given to outstanding seniors for scholarships, athletics, and civics. The Senior Last Will and Testament, read at the assembly, reflects a year of friendships, activities, and esca- pades. At this point the juniors and sophomores assert themselves. Can- didates for next year's Council read their campaign speeches. A new generation follo-ws in the traditional prodigal Palmer footsteps. Mi.r.ving: Miss Altieri Bnrineyr Mrs. Gilfillan Mrs. Hansen Science Assistant Mr. Hanson Science Mr. Sanders Science Mr. Skilken Science Mr. Wells Science Mr. Hall Science X' as ,. a 9 , S Mrs. Neufeld Language Miss Schwartz English Mr. Tempest Science Mrs. Handelin Science Mr. Papa Englixh Miss Mancini Mrs. Mandell Miss Monson Language Mathematic: Science Mr. Malone Science X x . I 1' 5 ,Q gf? -1, ,f, ,. j,,,12f?,1ii,L P XV may Mrs. Pearson Mrs. Rice Mr. Rist Mr. Ronayne English Science Science Physical Education Miss Shakis Social Studies , ' f Za 9 I fr J 1 J' l K W' ' s .Mr. Wiest 2318 Dmfff Edfwrffvn First Row: W. McLean, D. Russell, K. Sheehan, P. Daniels, P. Pando, M. Lennon, S. Goldman J. Berman. Second Row: D. Blitzer, D. Sinofsky, J. Rabinow, C. Walsh, C. Rowland, J. Dalo, J. V Na ,ZW Polcaro, P. White, A. Glenn, E. Rolbein. Third Row: J. Giangrande, D. Karobhis, L. Cravath, 'JW 1 N. Fiumar, J. Mager, C. Norton, J. Cavallaro, M. Howland, C. Cellucci, N. Silverman, L. Vas- ff f salotti, P. Manson, J. Rosenberg. Mr. Wiper Science wwf L-sf --11. 'Q 'W ' .'.,.i:5 ' ' " '9?a.4'a..2fQ . -- , W fir K ,fd H 4 Q, , dn l 1 Mrs. Woodbury Home Economic: Wino' e..,.,,gf 6 t 2319 Firft Row: B. Patteson, D. Cavanaugh, S. Leone, E. Tupper, P. Vcllo, G. Matoian. Second Row: D. Lieberman, R. Ross, L. Segal, E. Shulman, N. Levy, D. Norton, C. Leone, I. Cramer. Third Row: B. Brauninger, R. Chaisson, R. Horwitz, K. Vigoda, L. Rosenberg, J. White, M. Harrigan, S. Gardner, R. Ford. X Miss Burke Mrs. Geiger Miss Ryan Secretary House Aide Houjemdster Mr. Bailey Mrs. Bendall Mathematics At first glance, Bacon House seems to be unchanged. Its students are those same lucky people who have the advantage of working in one unified building without the confus- ing situation of two or three houses. They are still in the only house in which they are close to the Nurse, Cafeteria, Auditorium, Main Office, Girls and Boys Gyms, Place- ment, Guidance, and Records Offices all at the same time. The same Baconites, tradi- tionally plagued with D-lunch, continue to consider last lunch an advantage, explaining that the day ends more quickly when lunch time arrives later. Yes, Bacon House with all of its physical advantages looks the same this year as in the past, but a study of its activities reveals that it is really a house going through change. Bacon House, this year, has been seeking new enthusiasm, house spirit and pride, and more participation on the part of the stu- dents in order to further develop its individ- uality. The House's new ideal was demon- strated at the Council's Christmas party which was not only a hnancial success, but also a success in student participation. New and hopeful additions to the Bacon House activities were discussed by the House Coun- cil, under the leadership of President Michael Vengrow. Some changes and future plans are: A Bacon House sponsored Student- Faculty baseball game and the presentation of one-act plays by Baconites. The Council realized that any transition is difficult to achieve. Every Bacon House student knows, how- ever, that some things never should or will change. Bacon House will always be known as the initiator of the Coffee f Donut sales held in the commons room before school. It 70 ' ,.-sv Mrs. Bissex English English Mrs. Burke Mr. Buzzi N ufse Physical Education ,,.y .,F. 315 First Row: Gordon, S. Andler, S. Hathaway, B. Baronowski, K. Ford, I.. Bergantino, D: jones, E. Zimbel, L. Salamone. Second Row: P. Tocci, G. Devery, N. Boyle, J. Hyman, P. Elitov, G. Lovell, P. Cully, B. Cotter, J. Tye, T. Pescolido. X s X5 X if ts 1 Mr. Davis Mr. DePhoure Language English Mr. Garley Mrs. Geriry Physical Education N WJ6' ' f l w. f 'X . H. X MQ .- Miss Elliott Language qnay, .W .,. , . EMS, ll . D- 451. 1 iw K 'Q pigs . .Lg . . . at Sy- .- W , -' lx?-e'v"Q1X,1s',R: XX? .,,!laae'yW 1 Mr. Guzzi 'Social Studies Mr. Fernades Mr. Fraktman English Social Studies Mr. Harris Mrs. Hecht English Social S tudies -,A was the first house to administer coffee, hot chocolate, and fresh donuts to sleepy-eyed breakfast missers and send them happily on their way. This practice will probably con- tinue until there are no more sleepy-eyed students-in other words, forever. Also, the lovely duo, Miss Ryan, Housemaster, and Miss Burke, Secretary, are still sitting in their offices, ready to befriend or terrorize the many students whom they must deal with from day to day. Meanwhile, Mrs. Geiger, House Aide, continues to "hear voices." Undeniably, Bacon House is on the wing and, trying to appreciate its advantages, has been working hard to develop a new and brighter character of its own. 4, 1 317 Firrt Row: D. Piselli,. R. Martin, S. King, W. Tennant, J. Droz, J. Turner, J. White. Second Row: P. Gentile, D. Cunningham, C. Sacks, D. Jernigan, L. Newman, D. Kolikof, K. Malone, J. Hayden, S. Rose. Third Row: W. Clark, E. Bryant, B. Daniels, M. Carten, E. Procopio, P. Evans, V. Hall, C. Weisgold, R. Arcese, R. Kovar, R. Simonelli. Miss Finnerty Guidance Q 320 First Row: B. Hall, G. Berges, R. Pellegrini, K. McGuire, R. Declou, R. Hollicker. Second Row: G.. Capello, S. Fazio, B. Bonica, J. DeLuca, C. Burrell, S. Antonellis, D. Brown, L. Biania, M Graceffa.,.Third Row: E. Childs, R. Cunningham, P. Kulin, A. Zelman, M. Sullivan, T. Godino, D. Dwofk, A. Carpenter, C. Hewitt. Mr. Hurlbut Miss Knaus Social S tudier Language Mr. Marshall Mrs. Paluska English English Mr. Peters Miss Waters S otial Studier Language 322 First Row: J. Snider, R. Antonnellis, N. Ash, B. Tatleman, T. Hunt. Second Row: S. Frank, J. Elia, A. Riskin, J. Arpino, A. Boudreau, B. Tallo, P. Archon, C. Duffy, P. Caminos. Third Row: S. Carpenter, R. Cohen, T. Cottons, A. Cottons, P. Putnam, V. Golla, K. Petersen, J. Layton, J. Burke, A. Deitz, A. Scott. Mining: D. Ahearn, C. Terrio, J. Wolper, H. Bronstein, S. Waters, J. Adams, C. Doherty. 327 Fzlrrt Row: P. Feldberg, R. Finkel, D. Proia, K. Dangelo. Second Row: C. Muth, B. Berko, R. Ber- man, W. Bliss, D. Ford, J. Greenberg, M. Keleher, J. Rines, E. Crosby. Third Row: N. Aronow, M. Wollfe, L. Murphy, H. Levine, D. Piselli, L. Siiford, K. Venuto, D. Cedrone, A. Lupo, T. Coan L. Clar . 7 X Firrt Row: J. Canty, M. Martin, D. Beauvais, S. Stylos, J. Stylos, M. Collin, R. Davis, R. Smith Second Row: E. Leahy, V. Castoldi, K. Konowirz, S. Wyman, M. Kahn, G. Stoelzel, T. Ferrari, O. Berczellar, K. Kelleher. Third Row: B. Baltimore, R. Bickelrnan, M. Whirehouse, W. Goodwin K. Reimann, A. Harrer, P. Phelan, G. Kennedy, G. Copenhagen. SW ff 2 f. I 530 F1?r.rt Row: C. Ford, L. Kimmel, M. Meyer, V. Dagle, Q. Toumayan, S. O'Connell, G. Gordon, L. Goodman, M. Lucenta. Second Row: M. Weiss, D. Dewsnap, C. Johnson, M. Bogen, R. Iannuzzo, 72 M. Swainson, E. Hartel, D. Melanson, F. Bunick, K. Stone, F. Beziak. -,... 1 ...ix 4 , .ui as t 4 , K Q f A r 1 Kg' . 'EN Q l l i 6 i "' xx E L 3 332 ,QB I 7 Firri Row: L. Bearfield, S. Greenbaum, P. Melnlick, P. Carroll, L. Zazofsky, S, Katz, J. Simone r 5 gy J. Simone, Mathaisel. Second Row: C. Sinclair, K. Lopes, M. Troy, D. Schribman, N. Wom- , boldt, N. P1gCO1'1, J. Brown, D. Marchand, E. Malone. Third Row: N. Jepson, H. Tarlow, D. Ver- non, A. Lajoie, S. Lasky, P. Schwartz, K. Wons, K. Palmer, L. Karlson, B. Snyder, R. Resnick R. Levine. Mirring: Miss Davis Language Miss Evans Language Mrs. Hennin Language Mr. Higgins Math Mrs. Levensohn Englirh Miss Mann Language Miss Schuler Guidance Mr. Smith Physical Education 337 First Row: M. Reidy, K. Corrigan, J. Packer, S. Aronson, S. Olsick, D. Glaser, R. Bernstein, A. Glickman. Second Row: W. Orenberg, L. Morgan, S. Mackay, E. Muir, S. Kistin, D. Kravitz, R. Gentile, C. Garabedian, R. Panzera. Third Row: S. Marvin, R. Sockol, J. Morgan, L. Thomas, B. Taymor, R. Averback, A. Paul, M. Kennedy, E. Holt, J. Loughlin, L. Vickery, L. Jutras. 338 First Row: M. Dezotell, B. Skurnik, L. Abbott, J. Shapiro, M. Greenblatt, M. Schwartz, N. Jepson R. Vincent, N. Cohen, M. Cohen. Second Row: S. Raleigh, P. Gordon, E. Sivack, D. Libby, S Levine, P. Furrell, J. Reynolds, V. Siegle, B. Feldman. Third Row: J. Brown, A. Amadei, J Maviskalian, L. Gradone, M. Klein, C. Roby, M. Borreck, L. Gersh, D. DeBettencourt, G. Sloboda N. Solomith, T. Kelly, W. Anderson. Y 4 I.: zzfikfff lx' 11.210 , .1 y ff, Q fa? Y 3' 9 iyw' 'az v M-312' fm as f A 4? fffxi ,Q Q., 1 - gg A 1 Sfi,LE!'5"3" nl.. w. Si Rs' F' f Q , ,. , 4 f ff. X 1, R , L SIGHTS AN l x 4. 3 X fjf . , MM Q .3 N. ,MY . U X P W 4.-'L fn , Wy fr " 4 H5 K 1 , 'V IP, f hh ! ff, ,'. :Lt I v' . I . r 4 tu H , Wi lf m ' + 774 X ' UMW 4 1 . ' if . . 4 . .. 8 2 ,j x ' if ll N .2 W 4' X f M mv ' , . I ,w f .1 LN f XXXX 'N-0 4 f Q , vw f f . f z ' , llf 4, . ff A N J f ' U D 1. f M MIII? ,W W M M ff 5 f , V .. ..:..........,-,. .V V . H.: no .... -, S3-mfg. :W . -. ...m . .f 7.041 .- y T :..,g2Qg':I1 .0-.M 4.. 5 'frm 1... wgzvwfcyag A .. 9 wniriru A 'ir - if Q2',I1,'wQQ.g,' 4.3.11-.v v .. Y-WEEE.. .. 3:47 '4 --wrfamxwfffisf ' 7.1.3 . .9 .1 sf - fa Swv so 'ff""if. za' vw-Q.. "1-gg l . , '55-ffiifikf. 7118-2 1. .',.,. .VAL 'ww .Vx ., ., 1 ..,..vw.. ,, ,, f-A Ns 4s.':2SA1a'F-?1'5B2i1T1i1 r 1. .,. 21.1523 F3-div? I' A '. .-Az Q. M .-14 ...A Ama. - ,, -ng,,m,"vf,.,-Q...-.fray-.YE' w : ja ,.,..g- F 1-115-15.-aw 1:1 va ,.., MM .. ,,. 4... .,,-gg, 2, ., , -.Jgx..:1'sL'x:wi:v'f- --1 ' "- ...W .,. Q., f, iw., 1 Ax- Z ., .,-W...-., .,..,,-.'Q:sfaH'- V L .N 5' ah. al .1-. -.-.- .a.-t?wn x'X+g"iZl5'f'.'. . Q M1 f'1'wf Mffiff. 'N , ,, Q M K..-vg a:.u:., ,-ww. wx , .W .Q .- 'QL 4: E... 'CTIZ -' 1w"5'4u -Mg w...,g:..., x 2-bm., if-' ' ?1:'1?ZTf'1Lffi' I' .,. .- T l J.-X Sigbxg fff 0 .. .. .M . ., ,A-A.,...w-,. ..,. ..,. 1-:,.. ..x . W A . . . . .:,wv'-aw::1-.1:- .-Q- e--. X. hug ky tsg-:U . X. --1 -Qu, ' j-+21'..'.' T :fu X' - , , .,.. H . 4. um...- K, . .. -A ..,,. ,,.. ,. N., . -P .la ha'-.,"'Q.gjf1Efr':1S-' 'M R , .. ... .: VJ... u ff-Hr:-..z.11.s-1 4 Q 39 M ,-,If-ff 1-fqf A-nf.. 4... , w. ,1, 1:1 .fjfw -, gllg-wi 4' 1 vx-:www-X rf x K- ??.?Qi'.QfA f "x . ,w 4 X" " .x .. -W ...Q-.J-11 A A. 2-ervig .,f55:-'vw l . SOUNDS ,?3v3X,,f.3, .AQ u., M, y .N .-tp. 35.2. , N .XD J... n. . - ...L-" '1- .U . ,. ,..1 '. ,M H f v Z I 1' r " .LA-' ...url FFF., .'-"U, 144 uw- .,.J1n' , '. 4 ..11.f. - " 5" ':"i 1' 'FQ' ' vhs' ' 11511 -1.1 .-, ,. 1 I f 1 1,1 4,.f.r.:61,,',fQ ..,' I , 4,5 1.x I, '."1 , 'wx fgi'ii:l91E' if .I . - ,f'p.'4 'Q' 1. ,fl-,Y . ,f,eff. . . 4.5 ,N '-'1'.f'..'i-uf. Jfjlgi. . 'itz-X ' Jflqfi ' ,c .,. 51- - 1. 1 'I .., , V. 1. lv". 1. f.. 1 . .x-A J . 4. ...xl .4 4g,,,,,,,,,W M , , 4 Sounds of Newton High demonstrates its crea- tivity in musical excellence. You can hear the wonderful sounds of music at Music Club assemblies planned under the supervision of Mr. Lasker, or at special concerts given by members of the orchestra, band, and various singing groups who have spent their class time preparing to perform. This year, if you happened to wander into auditorium during a Music Club X-block, you were probably surprised by the variety of sounds that came from the stage. On one occasion your mind was sweetly awakened by the sensitive playing of Peter Zazolfsky, twelve year old violin prodigy. On another occasion, -n . f to Quo I I cog 'Q so 'Os HUM 9U0 Sugplgng 'sn 195 1,uop suegssng Sql JI Music student-composer Ken Werner and Mr. Alvin Lucier of the Slosberg Music Cen- ter, Brandeis, gave you a good strong taste of electronic music. On December 15 you might have walked into the gym to be greeted by the Orchestra, the A. Capella Choir, and the Concert Band presenting the December Musicale. No doubt Mr. March's meticu- lous style and Miss Seaver's encouraging smiles impressed you as you Watched them conduct the combined orchestra and choir in performing three pieces from Vivaldi's "Gloria," or perhaps you were struck by Mr. Cobb's seemingly uncon- tainable energy in directing a piece Writ- ten solely for the drums. CWilliam's Con- certo for Percussion and Bandj The en- livened faces of the performers were witness to the strength of the music which they performed-the sound was mag- nificent. MADRIGALS Q W, an WW wwf Pint Row: R. Beckler B Prken M Trowbridge M Choroszy D Shuman D Hydt J Grecnman Second Row: J. Burke S Wyman C Orent S Hurray A Sooho S Moylc J Hightower E Mal lins, B. Case, J. Crosby 5 ww vf azxagpq noA plnom r x w I L I MAJORETTES Seated: J. Jepsen. First Row: L. Rollins, L. Jepsen, N. Cucinotta. Second Row: L. Marino, S. DeSantis, K. Ford. 1 ,S 'Www 1 A1-U 9' ' . ,- X 51 ' ef: Y S x .k , K .5i' -we ,, , 43' ,Q ' 2 A f ..1 ,- I ' 3.1 :.. Y .. 4, ,W , 79 ' , , g g X . .X .. , , X EX 75: ' ' , 9WQg f , 1, fr--s. jg . . . ,Q 1, 1 , pf -U . uw rf. - fl QA.. - 51,1- A wg- Nil, ', -V -' , V. ,, Q. fggqgy, , g,WQH,Sywgu3wf , fa v ,:' gmwww 12. 'Y 2 !HIi4N9HHii i lllilililmw f . 5- gjggxi Iilwlltii I ls! 'WX 'JE Q -3: H .r Qi.. f , 'ES' x 2 . 'N mf? iq. , L ffl-S- I 1.1, wwwikf , , 14- A i f QS' 951, s ff Q QW' 2 jf, 'U 4 xff' " X5 565 3 3' x W gf ? X 3, .. J 3,913 5 ,I 5 Q n 'KW Q! Xb: 9 Q-W 9 21155 w e Xi JA Xa of f f f 1 if , Y 5 ,QE ' 21 at y M1 ' wifi 1213 . ' rdf 1 X 41 A Q 3 J if Q gf! - . x K X x N 5' 2 " f , AA 1 W f 1 ' A ta W X X f Y ff 5 sk ,f X Yi x Km Z ,," vs 75 'rn f f 1, sig, gf: 56 x N5 Q X V? x 2 l , , 5. 2 5 Q . A 'if' 4 X X, 4 f 1 ,Q rw? V 5 - aff , J, Y? X x, I ' ' 1 . W 1 I 1 X :1 kai x ff . V .gez zff .Q 51'-ar-f::f.Q' V ff' f . , JV ' in ll 7, .V 3. x z 4- mm 1- r x V ,1.,-,Qg-x.-, , j 4... , 1- 'Y V .w V, . 'X ' fff-.,- ' Z' ' 1' . . mf, 5.-, S ,. ' , mx, -,Ja .m, :V .' -Q f A ' , .- ' -In e 1-2, . 2 . - -.Qs :4q.'.,v .V .1 'N I ' "1-iff wa, HL-N -X 'H SN ' .l,:.,.:.-QT, -:W-3, .hu V! w eww! -. ' 2,43-EU fffjln 4'-'J .- -V1 if 5'-1, x fix? X ' , , 1552 ml -yi. -.'1f4Z','y'zN:5g'-59,19 ' . 1 w ' i4Z,Iz'4..' ' :.1 ',-. 1' 1 ff 1 v ' 'Mk ' ' ' ,fm V ' I':!':,LS-. 1 A , fn ' xv, J -J: In ln ,Y , -. 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V .,.f- mwkbyy-,,-4ggqn.V -V ,-In ,, ', I X V. ,F41""' 5.14.-ei , .iieQ'i?2H -23 ' .. ' 7 ' -lf., -1' I antiwar 'ie 2575-I , I I 5 f--Q, ,, Ctfff , a2if.ifs..V W ,?,-7V.,.,yv":gfg.-faztyrwg-1' .. 'K V.-V.i, . .f- ZE7f5'f2fL.,fi,'-iff-164'Z2-:-:I ...aj-Q -' 'L-: :L ' 6f"' 'W . . , . LQ.: .,., ,,.,,.., ..,. J' I I , . 1 f 1 J z:r,'rL'i I L?-T?-.-gg.-.-X 7:-gg-ir, .Vu . 4... r"5:'tr1 f lr.. - A .WV . .1 - AH... . I I ,,..-,i Vp. C. x I .w,,,...,1 ,. at-afff::ql'i-A, -4-0 "-'-Q:1-- Sum- .. . :sU.p,.,,t .W N. Ntnliliillf, ' H YQ'zI!45F'?i x.CQ5:+3'i'f... - .T --wus. -, I 1- :51.-nn-.'-, ' 2... ,w .n.,.C.-...v ,f :,n.....--.,.. ss., V.. my . :-,, x I -gs:-ri, 1,-,fag-....,..,. vf' , .., . ei-1. . 1 .-g.,,,..,... vnu - . ...' f. r,...wa -.. .. -. .rsym .: ' ----.-M ,, gr-' V gi... , D WN. X, ,.,.. fu.. 1, ..,. W .... s . s'- - ....-N... CG ',,.,.. .-...-. .I . . gf French 1 fQDrama . ' " 7' German A'Math, ' , , Chemistry Biology V , ' Physics Vs A.F.S.. - V Bridge Outing Sailing Orchesis Music Human Rights Chess Mental Health Investment Film Festival Ski Debating Society Equestrian Library Future Teachers Stage Crew Folksinging Radio Rifle . International 'orange Shield Orange Key Independent Research ' Libertarian Red Cross . o.A.A. 'Ffa-:1l21i'1-st-"-,N 1:.,VQrti'fi'V" 'Vfit , ' " 2 'Y . L. - V -' V f4.:fsgsi.-agiiffu 5. ,L gg 4, V . ,-omeroom Managers TWHkiMS2l'.5,l.l-'QW 'TL' 1' 5 Q ff, ' ' ' .. s-an.. ..-im.-...I ' ' ' ' J x Wi mi' Iv wu:.:'. ' V550 . .. as .ai f wi'w'U. -5-I' .V ' 1 . , gs- ,,,'q',xgX?,"'--:gm ' ' ' . 1 ' 5147522523-l fijifigif I f- Q' f f Vw. .Vfffnz x,:'rr',xMi??i1'-tad Wa 2711- iv, . 1 it .Huggy -,- -'A i. g. ,,.,.i.l-1 ,,.V. l'bml4 , HM- 1.4 ,- :,. . L I mV.,:'Hv .5,-,:..-.i.vAMif.,5t,gViA SV I V 'tt 'fly -Again: 'wat a 1. , 'K 1 -l iw, w lugvgxy ' I' zssiifisi'-A.-w'l tn 2ll'.,.i"1l'g'-'Hill' Q2-it lil ' ... W,,m.,.V. wx., ,?.!H,5?M3.,,i,,wir ,W , . . v mn. V. A 'L' '-:3Vf'gif":' '.' 1 .- ':.l:wVih:f- V- :V I - 4 m.f-umm .. V s , l I l i ,-Q.. ..v..- --. -E.. -MW,'i.' '. i ll 1 tv' L 3 tll'1?:'i5Yi-,pl-...'1 i FV," .4151as2-Simi-' , 15-fi. i f I yxf if 1 sb'-...l sn-':' ' " 3 3 ,-Zara. '?,1:.k,,fQ N. . .' .21 I. 4594, 'iv , -.4 su- ., A 'funk-1' 2'--11.144 I iI'1'Tfll'f-5 uz ffl: W... -li V- H. .fi ia. .Q flf3:iSi?':i35 ,JA vi' wJ5lQ'wl'-i' I f An., .... i ti . ' ' .- .mar '. BIRTHS Home Economics Philosophy Club Construction Club Obstruction Club Anarchists United Neurotics Club SDS Demolition Squad 11 F 1 1' H 1 M f. ' ,p3:,.. ' ' X. , , .. H Jwgu-4 ' ' - rl N! tl ,q ,4 4, - , x... x .- W ' 142' 'xf ,, L ,ELM 1 T- .. 2 fi, . .gk ' V 'R -e-1.4. . 1 . ,. , , , . V. . ,nw .ff 5 .1 '- . '2f,:f'wf1 .V M-N -' :11b,'.". - ' I , . , , Q f . . . Qf"1i4:L5 .. f'c"!"' ' ,li ' T':'1"?'1 :I2.3,.., , . ' 'V' :ASF- A 1 ' x . N ,zr , .1: ' A 1 .f,r:'i . , ,, 4, 144,311 . , ,,..55, N .jE2Si.fd . ..'-5542321 ff ai!! ' .. If -s E ...nh .-1 Wg, '14 fu .- V1 Wj::,j.,.,..f 1 ffl ,, I ":1'1U1". ' 9. , w '-J 1,113 1,411 1 . ,wi f , , v ,',ffFAEc ,r1' f4?f+,-1 1. . N My-. dr 41 -,x .,i.:. 1,1- 41,51 '-",'t1f'1' ,,"'j,'-1, V gi.. vm . --ff . ,, 1, . ' U.-3 'v11gq1.u.,ff':',2l 1 ,n', n4Q-I,-5 3.1, v-.jg-3-iffy v Wg-gIf5,' ,eil . frgrjiffii'-'f,.'f,'df ?f1Ju.2:!z, 4 '.x.w...4,7,-.l ,:, ,.,,r3p'fr , .. amz! 2111532 . ...n o. 4,1 -I . Moth Teclm Firrt Row: H. Fox, M. Brooks. Second Row: A. Levine, S. Tanimoto, B. Houghteling, B. Berko, G. Mueller, H. Baker, R. Berman, M. Gorenstein. Third Row: H. Pactovis, D. Stopler, N. Gor- finkle, M. Boyajian, Y. Paul Lee, L. Samet, M. Goldman: Captain, N. Yanofsky, P. Hanneford, T. Scotch. The club exists at Newton High simply because the students want it to. Knowing this, one could drag out a psychiatrists couch and poke around in the brains of the students to see why they form and join various clubs. Before long, however, our poor doctor, having discovered many reasons ranging from the most healthy to the most sickly, and having ex- amined clubs ranging from the most vigorous to those which are barely breathing, will probably throw up his hands and cry, "Why, it's useless!" He will have learned that the formation of clubs follows no pre- scription-the only important fact is that b-y joining certain clubs each member satisfies some need, whether it be to visit with his friends after school, study in depth something of interest to him, or to get into college. Newton High has well over thirty clubs which can be broken down into seven categories: science fi 'Eesti Mft' X 4' l QS Chemistry Club Pint Row: M. Boyajiang President, S. Beckman, B. Wurtzel, S. Perles, R. Wilker, S. Scheffer, A. Narva. Second Row: M. Wolf, H. Fox, A. Nowak, G. Mueller, M. Cohen, P. Stoneg Secretary, M. Kahn. Third Row: N. Scrimshaw, J. Hurwitz, Tredrnrer, N. Goriinkleg Vice President, K. Zahka, R. Weiss, P. Butler, B. Geparr, G. McKenna, D. Railsback, T. Pappas, Mr. Rist. Al Biology Clu Wm5ffO'rvo 9 Njffjsf 551 i QAQJQLJJ L af: jp LQJZQ k. .Firrt Row: F. Murphy, L. Ru,eiero, A. Frank, N. Evans: Prerident, S. Brodie: Vice President, R Brick: Treasurer, M. Ryter. Second Row: P. Elliot, I. Korinow, J. Hollis, I.. Branzburg, R. Balk J. Sbodone, H. Karp, D. Fuller, J. Schrieder, B. Rogoff. clubs, political and historical clubs, artistic clubs, lan- guage clubs, service organizations, career or special interest clubs, and fun clubs. The scientific clubs could very easily be called the clubs of the elite: members of these clubs are the Einsteins of tomorrow. The famous MATH TEAM spent its time this year with very select friends dis- cussing topics such as the angle of the school Hag pole in relation to the squared inverse of the cube root of the area of someones front tooth. The team Independent Research Club 4 I Firxt Row: L. Jacobs, J. Dietz: Prerident, J. Paley, E. Singer, J. Secunda. Second Row: A. Narva, G. Butler, K. Zahka, D. Farnsworth, L. Block. F' Radio Club SEAM N.. ux.g.r4JQ 5 DeRusha, J. Cormier. 'QWM ' fab? ' N' '74 Mental Health wvuais wvam u We '70 if Firxt Row: S. Covitz, T. Clayman. Second Row: P. Roberts, J. fm First Row: A. Plotkin, R. Gordon, F. Yanofsky, A. Barron: President, B. Kotzen: Recording Secretary, N. Singer. Second Row: Miss Schwartz: Advisor, C, Roland, B. DeMaura, N. Singal, A. Glenn, J. Burlingame, L. Rosen, B. McCall. X af if I ff! XV K Debating Society i I ,. i ,Q g. . , 7 t i tilffidh 5243 11' , 1 t. YX3 X initi- ff . lf , ' it i l I l H ,M 1 ffff? , , 521 A A.,-" mf f ,W We ' fi +m.,,,,,t .4 if x' ' Firrt Row: D. Parker, S. Gertman, H. Levine: Vice Preyident, W. Kaplan: Recording Secretary, H. Miller: Correrponding Secretary, I, Grossman: Preiident, B. Dichter: Treasurer, N. Rubin, W. Chen, S. Singer. Second Row: N. Gorfinkle, M. Olasky, R. Berman. ,f f, mm' mv, ff ff K. ia! I . fft?WQe:gqfff ,, i spent the rest of its time at inter-school competitions such as with Boston Latin whom it tied. Having chosen equally special members by an examination, the CHEMISTRY CLUB proceeded to perform countless "controlled sequences of observationsj' bet- ter known as experiments to all non-chemistry stu- dents. The highlight of this year's activities was an annual picnic in the Blue Hills to which each mem- ber brought 552 test tubes of food for lunch. Mean- while, members of the BIOLOGY CLUB heard speakers, took field trips, helped with Science Night, worked out plans for a Latoral Society, and planted trees around the glorious NHS grounds. Word just leaked out that their next project will be painting Humon Rights First Row: D. Hellerstein, E. Moriece: Secretary, J. Crosby: Co-Chairman, A. Lown, M. Goldsmith Treaturer, N. Rubin, E. Kline. Second Row: D. Madalia,, K. Schpiser, D. Rome, T. Takayanagi, M. Simon, P. Rubin. Third Row: R. Cook, J. Madalia, M. Gelbloom, S. Berman, P. Gordon, J Furbush, J. Glass. Fourth Row: J. Hennelly, A. Krinsky, D. Kelly, K. Gurd, A. Narva, W. Feld- berg, M. Meechem, R. Berman, S. Rubin. Mining: B. Piken, N. Siegel. 'It Clu Philosophy Club ,qw First Row: C. Laning, D. Lee, M. Cohen, T. Takayanagi, N. Rubin. Second Row: R. Ludwin, S. Rooney, R. Berman, G. Mueller, A. I-Iarrer. Mining: G. Salzman, K. Connolly. P' awww . V ,Ulf ' . ' -. W nm Nh X nw 2 Z W! X G Vi gh 6' , Z I 7,1 A 1- ,.,.. 1 ..-.5-gin S cw, dw, I . ..,.....w, ... ' n P f ,,-wn-- fake grass on the grounds of Building I. Word also leaked out that the PHYSICS CLUB exists. The IN- DEPENDENT RESEARCH CLUB also exists for all science students who want to research independently. Highlights of this year's activities have been lectures and films on scientific exploration. If scientific clubs largely represent an elite group of students, the politically and historically oriented clubs represent the most controversial figures around NHS. One of the most active clubs in this category is the DEBATING SOCIETY whose function accord- ing to President Grossman is "to debate." This year's International Club First Row: S. Singer, J, Grossman, S. Gertman: Secretary, J. Stern: President, A. Narva: Vice Prefident, M. Smith: Treafnrer, E. Klein, D. Parker. Second Row: R. Medoff, H. Stecker, H. Le- vine, E. Weiner, M. Pingree, A. Stern, P. Wallins. .Q QC Q .D Folksinging Club First Row: J. Horner, D. Chase: Vice President, ,M. Lundquist: President, Nan Rubin: Secretary- Treasurer, E. Kamerman. Second Row: J. Furbush, J. Meister, A. Hall, J. Zinn, J. Zinn, V. Ross, D. Levin. Crchesis 1' First Row: D. Jensky, N. Pellows, J. Kovacks, A. Nowack. Second Row: P. Newman, P. Omer, J. Shapiro, I.. Altshuler, C. DiPaulo, B. Sonis. 93 Ummm Club PHE BHKDS r, 'fy f 4 5 r ff' ,,. +....a, ,. ,Ad ,ij fm - ,drywa- ,,e -ZJZ, ., af ff . 4, , J .Wil V . mW' 1 f f ?'2 , ,Ze . a. e 2? ' W. , H' V' f AYW-1, .ff 1 fs, -Paw , 2 son, A. Golub. Xydeas, R. Marrazzo, S. Blumberg, G. Berman, M. Blumenthal, B. Shinkley, J. Parker. First Row: L. Ruggerio, S. Rubin, D. Haralunian, J. Boudreau, S. Goldman, D. Pfelfer. Second Row: J. Rosenberg, P. Paul, N. Pellows: Secretary, H. Miller: President, B. Zimmer: Trea- surer, W. Kaplan: Vice President, L. Stone. Third Row: Mrs. Pearson: Advisor, B. Hambro, M. C. Wolfe, D. Ander- F'I ' First Row: A. Lepie, R. Greenbaum, A. LeJoi: Treasurer, B. Hambro: Chairman, A. Dealyz Secre- I m tary, K. Werner, N. Diamond. Second Row: C. Salzman, L. Gross, C. Fernandez, A. Krebs, L. Jacobs, S. Fernandez, N. Levy. Third Row: S. Leahy, M. Meehan, M. Whitehouse, J. Simone. First Row: S. Cadiff, P. Paul, S. Hurray, L. Jacobs, L. Kum mel, C. Sweeney, K. Finley, M. Wolfe, M. Cooper, S. Wy- man, P, Lennon. Second Row: A. Boudreau, G. Shulman Treasurer, H. Selkowitz: President, S. Raum: Secretary, D. Mannin, B. Callahan. Third Row: J. Medalia, K. Konowitz, D. Brass, J. Womboldt, F. Yanofsky, S. Patterson, R. Cohen G. Gordon P. Gordon, E. Sivack, N. Polishook, E. Furman L. Schwarti, S. Frank, D. Jernigan, D. Shuman, K. Dealy: P. Adler, B. Sandler, N. Pellows. Fourth Row: N. Bronstein A. Blauer, B. Serkin, M. Stone, J. Shuman, J. Simon, G Butler, B. Tatleman, S. Karp, J. Schurter, D. Blair, N. Levi- son, D. Lieberman. S Q Frenc Club .uf-'r Sponish Club 1 K3 Firxt Row: B. Morse, W. Walker, B. Feldman, R. Lebovich, Handler, E. Ferman, P. Caminos, D. DeBettencourt, A. D. Cohen, P. Adler, L. Stone, D. Levy, D. Shapiro, L. Stadt- Glass, A. Blauer, M. Eibner, K. Brissette, M. Rosenbloom, more. Second Row: J. Breslau, R. Casey, A. Gordon: Preri- D. Warner. Fourth Row: T. Gilmore, D. Horowitz, D. dent, M. Goldman: Treasurer, L. Harmon: Vice President, Worth, J. Paley, C. Kohan, W. Segal, J. Burke, E. Fanioy, B. Simons: Secretary, L. Butts. Third Row: A. Kostant, L. J. Stone, A. Kevorkian, K. Stone. Firrt Row: T. Karas, D. Blair, H. Stecker: Vice President, C. Orent: Treasurer, D. Worth: Presi- dent, S. Moyle: Secretdry, R. DeLuca. Second Row: D. Aronson S. McKenna, J. Stone, C. Saldin- tk-i x f Q. 1:3 X et Q E-. ,mwilw-W S Lotin Club ger, P. Magni, P. Murphy, S. Tartar, S. Jacobs, D. Dewsnap, G.,Tempest, F. Yanoksky, I. Kramer. Ge n sir- l ,T lKYKQCQKKCQCKKKCKKKCC ? First Row: K. Fuiimori, F. Medlar, T. Lerner, A. Sonis, B. Case, S. Seligman, M. Smith, B. High Patterson. Third Row: W. Walker, A, Fanner, J. Hightower, R. Marcus, C. Marcus, C. Burak, J Burlingame, D. Barr, D. Debertencourt, J. Breslau, J. Mooney, P. Olrich, G. Rieger, S. Sweetnam R. Crevoshay. Fourth Row: J. Hyman, P. Black, S. I-Iendrican, P. Butler, E. Weiner, B. Renke R. Sacks. l X 32 WH! -1 kill! .44 1144411 .UULLKQUICL land, F. Gurd. Second Row: E. Horn, D. Warner, L. Farmer, D. Roby, K. Werner, L. Tyler, Nl Club JQ 2- ? 1 flaw 96 Russian Club QVGA, Firtt Row: A. Levin, R. Wiker, R. Vincent, D. Lees, B. Friedman, M. Blank. Second Row: T. Lanigan, D. Bovarnick, K. Hammond, P. Elitov, W. Radin, G. Lovell. Third Row: Miss Davis, D. Warshaw, B, Schwab, M. Hershkovitz, S. Gomberg, S. Berman, D. Ringer. question of debate was "Resolved: that U. S. Foreign Aid Should be limited to Non-Military Assistance." This year's motto was "we oughta be in pictures-" more specifically on Channel 5 debating this yeat's topic. The most controversial club in this group is the HUMAN RIGHTS CLUB which could best be de- scribed as a precocious child. Only in its third year, the club has gained school-wide fame through its massive and far-reaching activities which included discussions on Black Power, tutoring in Roxbury: dis- cussions and films on Vietnam, and work projects for housing rehabilitation. An even younger club that has gained recognition is the PHILOSOPHY CLUB which was formed this year. Under the leadership of Homeroom Managers First Row: D. Levy, J. Muskalski, S. Frank, J. Blumquist, M. Storlazzi, L. Covington, P. Hilton, J. Jones, A. Paul, J Glass, N. Bertsh. Second Row: A. Lown, A. Grascia, D Blair, J. Wolfe, B. Ribock, N. Comenitz, M. Lucente, D Wires, S. Freedman, K. Finley. Third Row: C. Mackay M. Duddy, J. Kaye, B. Kotzen, A. Jones, J. Covington R. Terrio, C. Edwards, J. Hayden, P. Mager. Fourth Row: Mr. Ferguson, P. Jones, A. Smith, H. Kieval, L. Stern, R Steinberg, J. Larosee, M. Goldman, R. Slater, T. Medaglia R. Kwalters, B. Cagiano, D. Russel, S. Rutherford, T D'Agostino, J. Comier. Fifth Row: J. Magni, J. Stern, P Smith, J. Paley, G. Everett, F. Paule, D. Vernon, D. Arte- sani, T. Coan, D. Cavanaugh. f X 57 , - . . 1 - rn mi Librciry Aids First Row: C. Ford, M. Davis, E. Tatelbaum, P. Morinity, J. Storer, R. DiBenedetto, D. Lilland, J. Rosenberg. Second Row: Mrs. Morinity, M. Wein, C. Summers, C. Clinton, N. Hall, Y. Brisson, R. O'Connor, M. Porter. Third Row: G. Kaczynski, D. Levine, M. Kerns, E. Siskind, J. Duby, L. Butts, M. Carey, M. Joyce. Fourth Row: C. Ross, C. McKenna, M. Golden. Grange Shield Fi W-'N lfiliiwi sxsr ssh- av e s .......... i .- l. xrlxscx ' First Row: S. McLeod, W. Clayton, J. McQuarie, H. Kennedy, S. Bagley, G. Jones, R. Steinberg, G. Jones, D. Weist, E. Kleiman, M. Vincent. Second Row: J. Gorin, J. Remley, R. Rosen, S. McLeod, D. Cedrone, L. Agostino, J. Greenman, D. Westland, E. Libman, M. Blank, R. Steele, G. Gershman, J. Tobias, D. Hall, K. Mancuso. Third Row: J. McEvoy, B. Newis, J. Spear, L. Pelle- grine, D. Kennedy, E. Norton, K. Goodwin, A. Seronick, P. Venderti, B. Graceffa, A. Rosenberg. M252 'il 1 First Row: G. DiRusso, T. Leahy, W. Mackie, J. Antonellis. Second Row: R. Chiampa, B. Masters, T. Ciocca, K. Callahan. M Aud o Visuol Service Squad First Row: S. Weiner, P. Katsines, C. Drakos, J. Hirshberg, P. Marcus, P. Pasquarosa, M. Rosen- feld, R. DeLuca. Second Row: M. Schuabe, R. Goldman, J. Schreider, H. Parad: President, E. Naz- zaro, B. Evans, P. Gray. Third Row: R. Steinberg, D. Russell, C. Ross, K. Chaisson, P. Lilley, K Swanton, M. Furman, J. Farber, J. Parker, M. Tramontozzi, J. Cristo, J. Marcus, M. Mills, Mr. J Connolly. President Sharon Rooney and with the aid of an able- minded Crimson Man, the members of the club met informally to discuss almost anything that came into their heads, and a lot of things obviously did. The INTERNATIONAL CLUB's biggest project this year, besides keeping alive, was sending eight repre- sentatives to a Model U.N. in Washington, D.C.- "Tell Mr. President we've come to call." NHS's artistic clubs probably represent some of the most creative people in the school. There is usually specific talent among members of this group. For those who enjoy singing and playing the guitar, the FOLKSINGING CLUB provides them with the op- portunity to perform in front of a sympathetic audi- ence. The highlight of the year's activities was a concert given at Newton High by a nationally famous folksinger. Dancers find their special outlet of ex- pression in ORCHESIS, headed this year by Joyce -,, Kovacs. Both beginners and advanced dancers study the technical as well as the creative parts of dance. This year the girls have performed at four assemblies. Music Club , i N. Aber, R. Olson, G. Bloom, A. Hall, J. Hayden, S. Moyle, J. Segal, K. McCabe, J. Kaye, P. Hilton, B. Ribock, K. First Row: V. Newman, C .Davenport, M. Ramee, J. Wol- er N Fridell S W man S Hurra G Schulman N. . p 9 ' 3 ' V 9 ' V9 ' 9 Weclcer, L. Goodman, B. Staszesky, C. Dever, A. Gillarney, Gurd, S. Berman, H. Klein, A. Riskin, K. Weiner, D. D. Myers, D. Royhstein, D. Ross, E. Mezer. Second Row: M. Trowbridge, J. Horner, A. Lepie, J. Kovacs, M. Laird, K. Werner, D. Dobler: Vice President, S. Harris: President, D. Shuman: Secretary, D. Hyde: Secretary, A. Saldinger, D. Stone, C. Joyce, T. Shelkan, C. Sweeney, S. Carp. Third Row: Mr. Lasker: Adviror, B. Berko, A. Blanton, D. Daven- port, G. Harris, S. Pfund, M. O'Brien, J. Muskalski, B. Flat, Ayvasian, D. Kolikoff, P. Gold. Fourth Row: A. Alpert, N. Cohen, L. Stern, C. Deitz, D. Stoner, W. Walsh, F. Schwartz, T. Keane, K. Meyer, J. MacDonald, C. Orent, S. Tanimoto, H. Finkel, E. Weiner, C. Rondina, P. Sweet, M. Whitehouse, M. Pingree, D. Ruthardt, M. Ware, B. McClatchy, M. Morrison. ' Stage Crew Pint Row: S. Covitz, S. Perles, K. Appel, T. Clayman, J. DeRusha, C. Ross, P. Roberts. Second Row: B. Daniels, N. Rubin: Tredrurer, P. Barrows, J. Horner, E. Kamerman, E. Nelson, M. Knee- land, G. Bloom. Third Row: P. Colby, F. Alsmeyer, R. Weiss, Mr. Chase, G. Butler, D. Cohn. The stage struck element of NHS has again united to form the DRAMA CLUB. Members of this club discuss plays and various acting techniques. They learn to be confident and skilled hams. Lastly, poten- tial film makers and plain old film enjoyers watch the bulletin for notices concerning the FILM FES- TIVAL. This year, under student head Bruce Ham- bro, this club- has shown several 45 minute films dur- ing X blocks and Hitchcock's "The Birds" after school, as well as discussing film making techniques with interested members. Tusitolo 1 l First Row: J. Greenberg, D. Kravitz, M. Goldsmith, K. Gurd, D. Cohn. Second Row: J. Furbush, R. Berman, J. Kaza, N. Silverman, W. F. Feldberg. Clubs that draw an extremely large number of people are the language clubs. The language club meetings could be said to represent NHS students in their own Little France, Little Germany, Little Spain Little Russia, and Little Roman Empire C!?D-how little depends on what room the club meets in. This year, Little France's main tourists attractions were speakers, movies, slides, and a visit to a french res- taurant. No can-can dancers, mair deft Za vie! Mean- while, Little Germany preached a simple doctrine of having fun-in German of course! Speakers were 99 '25 V5 is Rav c I Red Cross First Row: L. Marzilli, M. Cooper, A. Boudreau, S. Aronson, L. Kimmel, D. Wolfson, G. Arpino. Second Row: R. Lebovich: Treasurer, E. Horn: President, M. Schertzer: Vice President, D. Cohen: Secretary. Third Row: B. Tallow, M. Idelson, S. Karp, P. Mager, R. Marcus, A. Plotkin, T. Karas. the highlight of the SPANISH CLUB's activities: the members heard from Mr. Davis, Wigmore Pear- son and Carlos Kohan. The club also sponsored a Spanish Christmas party. What can one say about the LATIN CLUB?-here is a quote from a member, "The Latin Club, unlike the language is a lively club and the members will find activities interesting and Future Teachers America First Row: T. Coan, A. Paul, M. Silberstein, M. Epstine, I. Cramer, T. Parisi. Second Row: L. Goodman, L. Kimmel, L. Magarian, J. Shutter, Second Vice President, N. Berkowitz: President, F. Pegnato: Secretary-Treasurer, A. Plotkin, R. Gordon. Third Row: Mr. H. Bissex: Advisor, N. Pel- lows, F. Jacobson, L. Gluck, L. Gradone, D. Ringer, D. Aronson, A. Hartstone, L. Jacobs, V. Ieraci, N. Levy, T. Karas. American Fielcl Service Nl Eliza First Row: B. Cort: Vice Chairman, A. Myerson: Chairman, P. Friedman: Secretary. Second Row: J. Levy: Trearurer, J. Kaza: Publicity, C. Nordbeck: Refrerlamentr. Libertarian Club .. W- , f ,i" , xl.-,ai , . fx ryf , 1 are , X... 4 - . Firrt Row: H. Baker, M. Olasky, R. Garcia. Second Row: A. Kristal, A. Michael, W. Bliss Tlwrd Row: J. Gray, S. Crosby, D. Worth, J. Kaza, S. Tanimoto, M. Pingree, N. Gorfinkle E. Sherman. 101 iiilm Bridge Ciub 1 Pint Row: J. Breslau, Amy Riskin, D. Wright, H. Baker: Treararer, L. Sarnet: Prerident, K. Solomon: Secretary, P. Harmeford, N. Melanson. Second Row: Miss Massey, I. Larnpert, N. Gorfin- kle, B. Renke, P. Black, E. Siff, L. Bloch, D. Sewsnap, L. Finsen. 5-M ,Q Y p . bv fa .IJ 4 ' "QQ HCLQ Chess Club 102 Pint Row: R. Garcia, W. Slotnik, S. Klayman, T. Drakos, E. Singer, H. Baker. Second Row: C Fong, C. Levin, M. Olasky: Secretary-Trearnrer, A. Kostant, L. Ludwin, J. Krakow, M. White, C Gaylord. Third Row: B. Rosenfelt, M. Gorenstein, C. Woodruff, J. Lampert, P. Hannaford, S Tarter, H. Finkle, S. Tanimoro: President, P. Cort, D. Wright, L. Samet: Team Captain, J. Gray L. Viceroy, D. Becker, M. Kruger: Vice Prexident. Sailing Club First Row: D. Goulding, B. Hambro, P. Orner, M. Schwartz: Vice President, D. Worth: President, B. Proshan: Secretary, J. Hightower, D. Leahy, Mr. Rothman: Advisor. Second Row: J. Duby, J. Kaplan, E. Sivack, G. Butler, L. Bergner, E. Siskind, S. Harris, H. Pactovis, K. Hammond, B. Simons. Third Row: L. Segal, M. Aronson, G. Shulman, K. Vigoda, S. Cole, M. Davis, D. Freeto, D. Wolfson. Fourth Row: D. Jernigan, N. Bertsch,.B. Taymore, P. Aarons: Treasurer, V. Pollen, P. Marks, A. Earthrowl. Fifth Row: S. Tanimoto, P. Marcus, G. Kaswell, C. Wolfe. gg H- N First Row: M. Nolan, B. Wolfsey, J. Arslanian, A. McBurney, G. Mueller, D. Halliday, M. Mamee. Second Row: A. Boudreau, C. DeSimone, S. Graham, D. Warner, K. Wons, C. Lorre, S. DeSantis, K. Ford. First Row: N. Coletti, J. Martenson, K. Dealy, P. Gordon, M. Duddy, D. Sheehan: Chair- man, D. Wires, N. Pellows, C. Ford, L. Mersky, T. Harrington. Second Rota: J. Keddy, G Salemne, D. Hough, L. Prell, L. Levinson, M. Lucenta, L. Taplan, P. Fanning, T. Shelkan C. Joyce, V. Miller, G. DeFilippis, L. Farmer, S. Slavet, J. Glickman. Third Row: C..Wh1te: D. Hussey, S. Lynch, M. Lupo, H. Miller, J. Barden, D. Howe, P. Brandon, A. DiFoggio, J. Lupo, N. Lockwood, B. Litman. Outing Club stimulating." Finally, the RUSSIAN CLUB, in keep- ing with the country it represents, has kept its activi- ties somewhat of a secret. The service clubs at NHS can be said to represent the most virtuous students, if service is indeed man's greatest virtue. HOMEROOM MANAGERS head the list of service organizations. These iron-nerved people help their poor homeroom teachers in their eleventh hours-bless them! Then, there are the LIBRARY ASSISTANTS who have helped to create the tomb-like atmosphere of the school library so conducive to study. Members of ORANGE SHIELD, however, have the job of requiring the most diploma- cy: they must referee and judge all of those infamous food fights for which NHS's cafeteria will gain na- tional fame. The most gallant service club is the Na- tional Society of Chivalry, better known as ORANGE KEY. Members have performed their mundane func- tions such as slaying fiery dragons and saving damsels in distress. At the same time, the notorious STAGE CREW served the school by doing all of the dirty work that goes into dramatic productions. So thafs what goes on back stage .... The last service club, the RED CROSS CLUB, helps the needy community rather than the needy school. Its main activities have been helping with community Bloodmobiles, tutor- ing grade school pupils, and preparing boxes of school supplies to be shipped to Vietnam. Really Committee 103 Ski la U 4 Mr. Rist: Advifor, S. Currier: Secretary, D. Monosson: Vice Prexident, N. Finn, K. Ham: Treasurer D. Hoover: Preiident. Equestrian Club Firxt Row: E. Krezwick, C. Burk: Secretary, H. Hailey: Prexident, N. Patterson: Vice President, M. Mack: Secretary, K. Finley. Second Row: P. Holloran, D. Sherman, A. Barron, M. Davis, A. Karsh, C. Brennen, K. Hayes, L. Heckler, S. Graves, F. Alysineyer, M. Cossaboom. Third Row: T. Parisi, K. Siclman, R. Swerling, M. Vincent, P. Butler, R. Bloom, A. Glover, Mr. Prevoir. 9 ! hai-amaaw at E G.A.A. Boca rd Girls' Leader Corps if in f f :rr . cya .1 s rrr , W . .i 4' if Zi ' if W r fhwani First Row: J. Torn, L. Arslanianz President nosson, P. Jefferson. Mining: M. Moore. Pint Row: P. Cambell, T. Takayanagi, B. Sandler, P. jefferson, M. Silberstein, D. Gratto, D. Monosson, L. Gluck, P. Gordon, M. Xydeas. Second Row: J. Kovacs, M. Celluci, S. Foley, R. Cohen, K. Dealy, M. Storlazzi, S. Sinofsky, L. Aronson, E. Horn, M. Reardon. Third Row: J. Arslanian, M. Moore, C. Sinclair, E. Hengoed, B. Sonis, N. Bertsch, L. Arslanian, L. Gradone, P. Orner, P. Barrows, N. Patterson. K f x fe X Unfortunately, NHS doesn't offer career or special interest clubs for doctors, lawyers, and indian chiefs, but there are enough clubs of this type to satisfy most students. The most well-established career club is the FUTURE TEACHERS' CLUB. Members of this club, led by President Naomi Berkowitz, have been planning a revolution to overthrow the present faculty and step into its place. In contrast to this old- timer, the HOME ECONOMICS CLUB still sits in its cradle. Meanwhile, members of the INVESTMENT CLUB spent their time at the Boston stock exchange raking in the millions--great fun idea! Though per- haps not as rich, the members of the RADIO CLUB had a great time studying the short wave radio. If you gn-ab' , -all 0 4 l gi 4 E' I' " if I ' Pint Row: S. Carey, M. Duddy, D. Sheehan, F. Yanofsky, A. Ralens, P. Carten, J. Gurry. Second Row: L. Neptune, J. Tom, H. Miller, E. McWilliams, L. I-lead, AI. Covington, P. Friedman, J. Hayden. Third Row: j. Turner, M. Floyd, J. Keddy, R. Pigeon, A. Meecham, B. Beard, S. Rose- now, J. Smith, S. Antonellis, M. O'Brien. 105 M.O'Brien. Second Row: J. Turner, D. Mo- Administrative Aids First Row: J. Marchant, T. Hayes, J. Sutherland, J. Dunkeanson, J. Head, L. Pace. Second Row: W. Homes, P. Langelier, M. Bonadio, T. Londo: President, J. MacDonald, J. O'Donnell, A. Grigas. Third Row: Mr. J. Sullivan, T. Boudreau, J. Smith, J. Tramontozzi, R. Coutu: Vice President, P. Iaguilli, P. Tocci, K. Burns. Fourth Row: H. Martochio, J. Tramontozzi, B. Gurney, B. Valente. heard someone interrupting your favorite radio pro- gram, it was probably just an NHS Radio Club nut on his short wave. Lastly, Andrea Barron headed the MENTAL HEALTH CLUB whose. membership is limited to juniors and seniors-sophomores not yet unstabilized by the NHS climate. The club- had speakers every month plus occasional field trips to hospitals. "School can be fun." This is a possible motto for the fun clubs at NHS which are organizations formed to help the student to smile once again. The two 74'-+-sg 1- W gdb, 'fic' is My X N i A X I f ! I X! 1 Magic Club games clubs in this category are the BRIDGE CLUB. and the CHESS CLUB. At meetings of the Bridge Club, uproarious cries of "Defeat South" rose up among the members while at the Chess Club meet- ings, sedate smiles crossed the faces of the NHS team as it planned an attack against schools such as Brookline High. Meanwhile, President Donald Worth and other members of the SAILING CLUB looked for red sails in the sunset around Marble- head Harbor, and members of the OUTING CLUB promoted physical fitness beyond the call of duty First Row: D. Smerling, J. Landa. Second Row: M. Morrison, G. Berman, Mr. Lahey, F Swartz E. Patterson. Mining: R. Searle, M. Boyajiar, F. Goldstein. Y Q nf fff,,f7a, n in Z ff ,? Z R. Swerling First Row L Bearfield L Dinner D Cohen, B. Rayburg. Second Row: S. Margolis N Boyle S Jacobs B Denn R. Lawton, R. Vaughn, R. Dery: C0- Captazn L Camarado Mining R Eine, Co-Captain. by plowing and bicycling. SKI CLUB members looked to the slopes following advisor Rist's motto "Think snow" and finally spent a dazzling weekend at Okemo. While skiiers glided down mountains, EQUESTRIAN CLUB members took one horse power rides to Andover and Randolf. Out on the hockey field, the GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIA- TION organized Powder Puff Football in the fall and spent the rest of the year sponsoring Varsity Sports. Lastly, the MAGIC CLUB finally reappeared, after having vanished for a year, to perform at meetings and assemblies. Frfrrt Row M Wolfe S Frank P ,Fr1edman, A. Farber: Advertiring Editor, P. Major, M. Gold- man A Paul Second Row P Rubin P Adler, D. Manin, I. Rubin, M. Fruitman, N. Bowen, B. Rogoif G Shulman S Hurray A Cohen, I. Cramer. Mining: K. Olinger, M. Kneeland. 5, ' ,Z f ,,, f .4f'5W JW 'Milf American Field Service President Alix Myerson, Vice President Becky Cort, Secretary Pam Friedman, and Treasurer janet Levy have worked hard this year to make the NHS Chapter of AFS as exciting as it has been in past years. First of all, in keeping with the original purpose of the organization, which is to promote peace by sponsor- ing foreign students abroad, Newton High's Chapter of AFS welcomed Carlos Kohan from Argentina and Barb- ara Patzak from Germany into the school. AFSers also saw it in their hearts to Welcome five non-AFSers to Newton High: Ruchia Mohammed Alibos from the So- mali Republic, Yang Pal Lee from Korea, Antonio and Enrico DiMambro from Italy and Ziv Fox from Israel al- so spent this year with us groping through the dark halls which do so much to contribute to the homey atmo- sphere of NHS. This year AFS also sent one good-will package of American culture overseas in the shape of Miss Bonnie Bell who has spent her senior year with a family of six in West Germany. The organization, with the aid of Mr. Gaudet and Miss Dellmuth, sponsored activities based on the theme: getting to know you is fun. The most exciting events of the year were the Student Exchange Day and the an- nual Coffeehouse. Both of these activities included small intimate dinners to which club members and foreign students from greater Boston schools were invited, fol- lowed by large "come one come all" dances which fea- tured hysterically happy students running frantically around in circles trying to master folk dances-"No, it's not clap, clap, step, stomp, but stomp, stomp, clap, step." Meanwhile, committee members dragged in box after box and case after case of doughnuts and coke for the hungry crowd. Alix and her organization also undertook smaller ventures this year such as having occasional meetings to show slides and listen to guest speakers. 108 Americon Field Service 4 W it f V 2 Bonme Bell Barbara Patzak A-, UVA if Y -I d ,f rv f ld Acichen, Germci ny Frau Gindorff owned a small bakery around the corner from the Kaiser-Karls Gymnasium near the center of Aachen, where we 27 Americans had classes five days a week. Patroniz- ing Frau Gindorff's Backerei was only one of the cultural ac- tivities of the American Association of Teachers of German Summer Institute for High School Students in Germany. The director of the program was Mr. Richard A. Clark. The group left Logan Airport on june 30, 1966, and ar- rived in Frankfurt on july lst. We then transferred to another plane to Cologne and rode by bus to Aachen. On the bus Mr. Clark made the first of many decrees: "Enjoy yourselves now, but remember-as soon as you're off the bus, no English!" Once in Aachen, there was a short reception at the KKG CKaiser-Karls Gymnasiumb, where we met the families with Whom we were to stay for six weeks. It still was not easy to convince ourselves that we simply could not speak English to these people, anyway, they had been forewarned to speak only German to us, no matter how frustrated we became. This was part of the "cultural shock" we had been warned about before we left. Slowly, we became accustomed to the new culture in which we found ourselves. Discussions and lectures in class encour- aged us to speak more freely. Visits to the Suermondt and Couven Museums, a boat trip down the Rhine and Saturday afternoon bus trips into the Eifel forest and neighboring Bel- gium were planned. Aachen was so situated that it was pos- sible to travel by Streetcar or bus up to the Dutch and Belgian borders. From there, one could take a bus to go further into the border cities. Although Aachen, a city of about 180,000 is 110 . not as large a city as, say, Munich or Berlin, there were many summer concerts and theater productions. The "highlight" of the program was our stay in Berlin, where our luxury accomodations consisted of rooms for six or eight in a Youth Hostel. What made the biggest impression upon us, though, was our bus tour into East Berlin-a corn- plete change from the bright lights of the Kurfuerrtendamm, West Berlin's main street. All were convinced that the program was a complete suc- cess: it established lasting connections between two different cultures, removed many preconceived notions adopted by both Americans and Germans, and certainly greatly improved our speaking ability in a foreign language by immersing us totally in that language and in its traditional culture. The success was great enough to encourage Mr. Clark to make definite plans for the 1967 Summer Institute in Aachen and to think opti- mistically about opening other Institutes in the future. The International Club went International this summer. Under the direction of Mr. John Livingston and Miss Eliza- beth Massey, thirty NHS'ers left Boston for London on June 30, 1966. The exchange, sponsored in part by the Experiment in International Living, saw the NHS'ers live with English famliies for three weeks in Stockport, a suburb of Man- chester. In turn, the NHS'ers hosted English students for three weeks. What the Newtonites did in Stockport de- pended upon what their host families thought Americans should eat, smell, feel and see of English life. But the mem- ories the NHS'ers share are those of the days spent as a group in Oxford, Stratford and London. Oxford, their Hrst stop, reminded some of Harvard Cand others of Yaleb. Many of them climbed the bell tower of St. Mary's Church on "the High," the Church always seen on postcards of Oxford. Some slept the sleepless flight and time change off on a grassy bank of the Isis River, on the grounds of Magdalen College. On a trip with typical NHS'ers there were bound to be Stockport, happenings. The first happened in Oxford. Meeting Mr. Livingston and Miss Massey, the students were told of a 21th century pub on the outskirts of Oxford. About two dozen started out on a trek that led through a meadow, over a bridge, along a river bank path frequented more often by cows C which they sawb than by people, to the Trout, a story-book like English pub some three miles out of the city. By that time the group had dwindled to nine. A very thirsty nine. Why, they later asked, had they safaried so far to visit the Trout. To have lasted for 800 years, came the reply, it must be doing something right. They traveled next to Stratford-Upon-Avon, where there was another happening. It was July 4th, They had tickets for HENRY IV, part i. After the play, they marched across the theater grounds, bellowing YANKEE DOODLE, and dumped a pound of tea into the Avon River. They left quickly, fearing the police would suspect them of attempt- ing to poison the swans. After the Stockport stay, the group journeyed to London, where there were more happenings. Some fthe hardier of themj climbed the 611 stairs to the top of St. Paul's Cathe- dral. Most all visited the British Museum, Trafalger Square, Carnaby Street, Westminster Abbey, 10 Downing Street Cwhere Miss Massey saw Prime Minister Wilson-"very good looking," she told usb, Soho, and Parliament, where some attended a session. Then, too, there was the changing of the guard, the tower of London, and the Crown Jewels. Picadilly Circus was the standard meeting place, from where they set out each night to enjoy London's night life. They arrived back in Boston July 50, an hour late. They had "stood up" the plane for twenty minutes in London. Some had hoped that the plane would leave without them -they were quite willing to make the International Club's summer exchange a permanent one. England .,v ' . ' ' 4 . J' . . vlvl V, -I I A my Mmwyw L15 lll 3 vii' , .. A .N . 'x M ' X' "Flu", 'L :F-,Qri 5 ?'? 'F 1.3,--F -,.... . w,Y..,q...a -. " -' -..,,-,... ,. -.. 114-' '." ', - f -Q-13,553 1 :.:., .,' . , 'x' ' x ' L ' Q-W' sq x 'ff . , .. ..- g -1..LI.Q, -my V ' 1 E- ,x , AAA,AAAAAA1 l , f v wliiaiw 1 v V ' .1 K --uw' N Q w l 5 1 x , ' 1 i ,n fx x x 3, I him-wx feunmvw ' . . 7. , ' F " ' . 5 af' se. ' . Am . X 1 1 -ww. 4 , . X --S saw X, ' f" --maiz e., X X Q 5'-4 Q x V ,M MQ , f . f ,fx ,Q .Q Q Q , v' 7 32' . nf . N wwf N . 'ka - -M. ' x ,sf , ,S -W ' , V he 22' + f - ' 'N" M 'Wi ' V , ' X, x gb x Y Q 1 f 'Hxf-A'1fA'," 'Q Tilivk, +3 , Q , X, 2-W,-tie:-2,,.Q,17 fm. W55, gf N M' J 11' -xg-'Y A 37 5 JK 'Gi f T. 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H' ' n I I II . 1 -I ,, 1. 1 I 1.III--I,,I.X,E11,,I1 ,..iI: ' ' ' ' '- I' ..I-- 1 .I 15 1 'L-Lfizl' ' 1 1- ' 1 x 1 1 . 11.1 , I I 1 III . III---I. -, , . I ' . A 'IX 5 " '17-Y , V11 I . ' ' " '-, Yf. I I I I I 1.1, I . . , I A -ji - ., J 1, - ,I1., II j-I-g1- . ,:,',JgI'g 1 - II ' I. " -- I , 23-.I., 1 I -A , .T.11g,3 I 1, 11 1 II :II I ' 1:1 1 II, -1 - 5-' q'N'jj,.::I1I ' 1 1 1 - . 1 1 I II I x .Lx 2 f I I I ' ' ' A ' X f l W I 1- 1 5 . W6 1 i - 1 1 1 1 1 I1I, ADAMS HOUSE First Row: D. Monosson, P. Leary, R. Cullman, N. Levine, E. Horn. Second Row: P. Adler, S. Conant, P. Friedman, J. Paley, P. Baxter, S. Bloom, J. Simon, S. Carp, J. Kaye, N. Polishook. BARRY HOUSE First Row: R. Lehrberg, A. Grillo, S. Winslow, N. GOff1HklC, R. Scotch, W. Slot- nick. Second Row: L. Fanelli, L. Covington, B. Kaplan, R. Graceffag Prexident, C. Brennan, Secretary, M. Eibner, T. Shapiro. Third Row: Mr. Hall, C. Ericson V. Powers, J. Goldfarb, R. Foster, C. Mackay, P. Gill, Vice President, B. Kotzen J. Gray, B. Dichtet, P. Ratta, D. Gratto. HOUSE COUNCILS BEALS HOUSE Firrt Row: J. Kaloyanides, S. Gorfine, J. Freedman. J. Gilman, President, J. Shapiro, M. Herwitz, M. Golov. Second Row: K. Weiner, I. Brass, R. Sherman, L. Mersky, J. Covington, J. Turner, P. Sepinuck, S. Cacliff. Third Row: E. Bloom, R. Gill, J. Shuman. 114 Q RILEY HOUSE First Row: M. Goldsmith, G. Grella, P. Lundbolm, F. Jacobson, W. Radin. Second Row: N. Levison, L. Marino, L. Keough, W. Kaplan C. Shapiro, L. Leeper. Third Row: M. Moore, T. D'Agostino, B. Beard, W. Mackie, R. Leahy, M. Kozlowski, C. Austin, S. Conant, K. Prince, C. Sims, A. Sonis. 3 PALMER HOUSE First Row: E. Lasky, K. Sacks, Secretary, B. Callanderg H. Miller. Second Row: D. Russell, J. Secunda, R. Martin, President, R. Berman, Vice President, W. Segal. BACON HOUSE Firrt Row: E. Sherman, D. Dwark, R. Sockol, J. Simone, T. Coen, J Stern, M. Vengrow, R. Howland. Second Row: B. Bernstein, S. Seligman M. Weiss, B. Tatelman, A. Sooho, M. Schwartz, J. Snider, E. Leahy Third Row: A. Paul, L. Gross, S. Resh, P. Gourjdon, B. Serkin, P. Elitov B. Sonis, E. Tatelbaum, D. Levy, P. Campbell, J. Rosenberg. 1 B If you happened to pass by Mr. Mechem's office this year, chances are that you saw Student Council President David Hirshberg, Vice President David Kennedy, Record- ing Secretary Debby Sheehan, Cor- responding Secretary Joanne Glick- man, and Treasurer jeff Spear sit- ting in a neat row around the all- important desk and moving their mouths in discussion. As an out- come of much mouth moving, the Council created the controversial and highly selective Student Cur- riculum Review Board, who spent the year dreaming of abolishing grades-at NHS? The Council's other activities have been the sponsoring of an Alumni Day for "homesick" college students and a NHS-NSHS faculty basketball game. The Council's greatest accomplishment was the printing of this year's Merit Cards in the newest and most fashionable pastel shades. At the time of this writing, how- ever, the most stupendous efforts of the Council have yet to take place. A "Great Escape" is planned for March, and if the members get back in time, the generous and rich Council is sponsoring the Spring Musical. '51 fb m FI G D- fb D rv O O C D 6 E an 'S 2 2 O v-1 E 'D UD O D F9 23" YD UD v-1 5 ua 'U H First Row: S. Beckman, B. Zimmer, P. Baltimore, P. Elliot, M. Olasky. Second Row: M. Floyd D. Kennedy, Vice President, D. Sheehan, Secretary, D. I-lirshbergg Prerident, J. Glickmang Sec retary, J. Spear, Tfreamrer, E. Laskey. Third Row: J. Gorin, E. Libman, A. Shapero, S. Bloom Mr. Howland, S. Gorfine, J. Schneider, D. Dichter, M. Smith, R. Steinberg. STUDENT COUNCIL A -4.91 Owing to the kindness and generosity of Miss Krebs and Mr. Guzzi, the Senior Class Committee has advisors this year Cyes, twolj. Unable to use last year's excuse,-"How can we do anything? It's November and we don't have an advisor yet." President james, big sign, McEvoy had two choices, he could find a new excuse or he could plan a year full of senior events. Senior activities it was! Led by jim and his merry band of women, Debby Burkhardt, first vice-presi- dent, Judy Martenson, second vice-president, Beth Callahan, secretary, and Sharon Carey, treasurer, the Senior Class Committee spon- sored activities which introduced the class to a new and amazing phenomenon, class spirit. The year began with a kick-oil dance. The motorcade from Auburndale playground fol- lowed and helped heighten school spirit dur- ing the football season. Fall was a busy season for the senior class. SEN IOR CLASS COMMITTEE First there was the Senior Assembly, com- plete with three ravishing beauties, enter- tainment and speeches by our illustrious ad- visors and president. Then the committee declared November 17 a class holiday- Senior Sweatshirt and Crazy Hat Day. It was quite a colorful festival. Happiness was, ac- cording to Mr. McEvoy, supercalifragilistic- expialidociously the Senior Supper. Slides and films of the Beach Party, the school, and the Thanksgiving rally and game were shown along with the "Funny Flickers" Program and other entertainment. There was no slumping for the Senior Class Committee. February was the date of the Senior Play. A student-faculty basketball game followed by a dance, a Senior Slob Day, and a Senior Work Day are being planned. CDid someone mention a beach ci B O "-? 4-J GJ -1 l-4 O --1 G' CU an CD -Q 4-r 75. 4 E. ntdow the senior cou rn 5-C CI bri uary U3 l'l'l Z 0 W I P -I U JP -4 Jan party?D Last and not the least bit least, the Senior Prom is, with a bit of luck, june 5 at the Monticellds. First Row: N. Comenitz, S. Kelly, S. Careyg Treasurer, D. Burkhardtg First Vice President, J. McEvoy, President, J. Martensong Second Vice President, B. Callahan, Secretary, P. jef- ferson. Second Rowf J. Zises, R. Rosendorf, T. Stone, K. Sacks, P. Presson, Mr. Guzzi Third Row: P. Gill, B. Proshan, L. Stone, T. Lanigan, M. McCann, B. Zimmerg S. Slavet. Fourth Row: E. Libman, B. Hambro, G. Salemme, D. Sheehan, J. Blumquist. Fifth Row: D. McWillimns, B. Steinberg. G. DiRusso, M. , . . . Duddy S Gorhne, A Shapero D A 'lil 1 il :ii 41 4 f .f I 4 The Class is planning two more events in the Spring. One is a Spring work-day and the other is the "Junior Jam." Enthusiastic President john Ziergiebel, Vice President Paula Stone, Secretary Anne Mechem, and Treasurer Barbara Dangel, took the liberty of representing their Class in saying, "We are all looking forward to our Senior year." gm 701 :ro 's: FV ET :1 rr' FQ :r fb FF: o o ra. .... W o- W Q. wnoli' JST! U' fb QN uroq UOJM .IUNICJR CLASS CCDMMITTEE The juniors discarded all of their romantic notions as the year began. President john Ziergiebel declared that no one can live on spiritC?D alone and though money if the root of all evil, it is a very necessary evil to a business as important as running a class committee. In order to "become more evil," the Class sponsored a successful Bake Sale and a Car Wash in which the water was supplied at no cost by God-i.e. it rained. Having made enough money to put the Class at ease, the Committee held a "Beat Brookline Breakfast" on Thanksgiving morn- ing. The class rings arrived only three weeks behind schedule and were distributed in "typical fashion" by the members of the Class Committee. The biggest undertaking of the junior Class will be the Junior Prom to be held May 19, at Chestnut Hill Country Club. Preparations for the Prom began in january. First Row: B. Sandler, E. Horn, M. Cooper, K. Schpeiser, K. Konowitz, K. Gahm Second Row: T. Shapiro, P. Sepinuck, P. Stone, Vice Prerident, J. Ziergiebelg Prerident, A. Mechemg Secretary, B. Dangelg Trearurer, L. Mersky. Third Row: J. Elia, B. Beard S. Currier, L. Altshuler, L. Schwartz. Fourth Row: Mrs. Nolang Adiwor, E. Kleiman, M. Cohne, L. Mayer, P. Siegel. SOPHGMORE CLASS CGMMITTEE R -.. N. A little bit off schedule, the Sophomore Class came out of hibernation right in the middle of the winter by organizing a Sophomore Class Breakfast on january 19 in the drill shed. By means of a small-scale lottery that monring, jay Cevetti and Shelley Fox were given the much sought-after titles of King and Queen for the day of the Class. Some plans for the immediate future are a Computer Dance, a record hop, and the sale of '69 pins. The far- sighted committee is also starting, a year in advance, to plan for their junior Prom. May ll is the date of the elections for the Junior Class Officers when this year's Chairman Iris Brass, Vice Chairman Allison Krebs, Secretary Winki Bliss, and Treasurer Howard Tarlow step down from their pres- tigious positions. , - e --,, N Firrt Row: C. Goldfarb, J. Charbonnier, B. Daniels, N. Sullivan, A. Earthrowl. Second Row: C. Norton, A. Goodwin, A. Antonellis, H. Tarlowg Trearurer, A. Krebs, Vice Chairman, D. Ander- son. Mirringr I. Brass, Chairmang W. Bliss, Secretary, S. Scheffler, P. Pasquarosa, P. Toomey, I. Parker, J. Rabinow, S. Gardner, C. Anderson, J. I-Iirshberg. 119 32gVjVf'.eV.V:.'2V VsQi,V,JjVjV,?V .-53333 'VV V, VV.-'JV-.VVVV -V-VV :V Vw VVVVV, ,VV V VV- V VV:V:VVVVV--4-Vf--V --V1- VM:-'.VfVV :AVN LUVVV-.V',.'VgV,1:1V'1,vhQV,-.fVI Vy V Aalfggl. J AV !7x'V:.VViV:L5,n.2, - - ww- ,V V.VV-V1 5:i-VM,'QV- jV'Vg'yV?,VV"V I1 V-L: VrY-kVVQViV'Ngffif. - JV: K7?i,W'H'f2,Q512,ff-T'f1V3"g'?VVfJ ,ke 2,1 f'!XlV'f!.l'V': H332 MVN-H , , -Vwirxli V'1f-Iwi? Y? -QR bi' if iifWEf?E'?5sLg?i??J fb ff- wi? LWf,f.-"iV-'VHVVVVV'-'VVV- .V -VV V V: V V az my MV'-54?-' VV- V VV QV MVVWVVVVQUFQMFVI-1-71.'VV.-V:.2VV.V1'V-V VS ' V VMVVVVVVVV f' VVVJGVJVVVV V gg VMI- V. 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Ktiixxev and Sw Q22 4 -sys, S 994 0 so 6 Q31 420 96' Q. com? M g 1 ! X D SLU? tgf 32? H '52 4 'Q QQTWPU Q W E o u cu E 450 W Q is Q9 . . GQ 6 GQ file I0 Q' ef 259 ?o' 'No C' 25 X B Q0 :Barr Hg! 1-Ia' 1 Teen C nj 1,0115 6 nf' h EE Q, P 2 SVNHS to QQ GJ LJ I-up -2? Q . R W edfwadi goog XB Trlmes Z' 29" 993524 .495 -Q fb Qjfxfg fb s GJ Q, o XL Eh,Wha'E ,gg gk 01' Q50 bs QS' S . Qs Cb 'L CB c l- S NS? .gwnfo E I A QS 1' He? . JH' Y qlcockq' S PM 4' O emu .eu 92 Q 'Qall Day o, Aqtfex 156 ls N ew? F lgellsf ogg' lad t Ye 5105 an 0 C31 ar '3- bm: Q11-h cu CB E 3 S.. 1 I w 523' -2 ,o Q1 W lf Si rocgloh 3 I -'QQ who ge Q 99 Ge Q? Q' Nausea is 8 Every A M 1 113. 6 6 'Q 001 'Wx' obflitr. 2 -S Q7-N w NE WTONITE Editor Carl Shapiro NEWTCDNI TE The 1966-67 NEWTONITE staff got off to a contro- versial bang last spring with "A Rose is not a Rose." Frightened of being invaded by "one of the numerous militant pacifist organizations," Editor Shapiro and Business Manager Nierman staunchly refused to print a "fraudulent" petition allegedly circulated by the Newton Chapter of S.D.S. The reprecussions were numerous, "but," as Editor Shapiro remarked, "did you notice S.D.S. hasn't dared to rear its ugly head since?!" Oh, the power of the press! After that incident, the NEWTONITE staff quieted down and began to make plans for this year's paper. Some of the editors were upset with the plan to put out an eight page issue every two weeks. "It can't be done," they cried. But with Editor Shapiro at the helm, who "eats, drinks and sleeps NEUVTONITEQ' the issues have come out, more or less on time .... A few new things were added this year to fill-up the extra pages. First, NEWTONITE polls ranging from such problems as political elections to the pizza backlash. CDon't be surprised if you've never heard of these polls, or the results, or for that matter, the NEWTONITE. The Circula- tion Staff has some problems finding certain homerooms. . . J. Second, "OK's and KO's," which is followed by a stirring editorial paragraph ending, "Tell the NEWTON- ITE, and you've told the world." CAmenD. The NE WTONITE had two pet projects this year other than the polls. The Newton Youth Center and next year's schedule vied for the top spot. The editors finally put the latter in its proper place in the january 5 issue. There the final schedule revisions were announced. "What's so new about that?" asked starry-eyed sophomores, jolly juniors and sleepy seniors! "Nothing, you nuts, this is a SATIRE issue." "Oh." And a fine issue it was. How generous of the NEWTON- ITE to dedicate an entire issue to our beloved Andrew T. Drill. Of course they made one minor mistake. Anybody knows NE WTONIAN rates more brownie points than the Newlfonite. All in all, however, the NEWTONITE did its best to maintain a good standard of journalistic writing while be- -1 -4 your brownie points and str to 305 U 223 o U3 D- Q2 P2 :J o yr? -:E Gt: tina .1 1, t: 'o .to 123 NEWTONITE Circulation Staff and Friends First Row: E. Libman, M. Blank, J. Seltzer, S. Levine, T. Lanigan, W. Wilton, H. Miller, V. Fielden, D. Sheehan, S. Fine, L. Sackowitz, D. Cohen, A. Seronick. Second Row: B. Ribock, V. Powers, L. Erickson, J. Wolfe, B. Devorin, L. Taplin, M. Golov, B. Steele, M. Muther, S. Gold- man, E. Michaelson, P. Elitov, B. Sontag, S. Lynch, P. Brandon, D. Howe, C. Birmingham. ing published more often. More writers 'were added to the staff for the purpose of introducing a wide range of articles. Besides the "run-of-the-mill" news articles, there were fea- tures and editorials on civil rights, C in school and outj, Vietnam, college admissions, and course changes by such talented authors as Joanne Grossman, Juris Kaza, Randy Averback, D'Vera Cohn, Ann Harrer, Herbie Levine, Mar- vin Olasky and other "non-bylinersf' Perhaps now that the juniors on this year's staff have become accustomed to pub- lishing more often, they will continue to upgrade our school newspaper. the NEWTONITE The newspaper of Newton High School. Newtonville Mass. Founded in i922 to report school events. to pub- lish student opinion, and to serve as a record. Published bi-weekly throughout the school year at i5c per issue. -EDITORIAL sure- Editor-in-Chief Carl Shapiro Associate Editors Joanne Grossman Howard Steclter Managing Editor Nancy,Evans News Editor Bonnie Serlrin Assistants Marvin Olaslty Herbert Levine Editorial Editors Stephen Gorfine Juris Kaza Assistant Charles Ratfel Feature Editors Barbara Hurst Jean Shapiro Assistant Paula Stone Sports Editors Joseph Gorin Peter Hicks Assistants 5 David Railsbaclt . fi f Kate Solomon f Art Editor Carol Silver Copy Editors Patricia Gordon Deborah' Shapiro Photography. Editor Photographers Q Richard Saclis if Steve Tanimoto Adviser Miss Jacqueline Wollan - BUSINESS STAFF --f - s. f Business Manager Eliot Nierman Circulation Manager Hope Miller Advertising Manager Arlene arbor Subscription Manager Vicki fielden Classified Ad Manager Ann Nowal: Business Adviser Miss Virginia Altieri o x sv N V S i V et?-s s rf I ,Q Qitgxi' 1 " 5.1, ' C .... .Q A N s it 5 75 T' 'PPT 'PPSZQ L. is "" r cv, KN: .V up , YE Kenneth Zahlia Q i- , I is ls. fl .. . , S C l 3 1 ,wi 5 5 S MM . 'i i .ai a f . ' ig , X 93" gi I , i gs ss I X in BU SEL mf Pi O gs 32 m2 gr. 33 Q H079 N ql nrugqa on 'H JE arp HN 51509 H.LI N 012.41 THOUGHTPRINTS if liftu Gam? Rtpeaf IT! First Row: C. Silver, D. Blair, D. Bovarnick, J. Jacobson, M. Salett, D. Hellerstein. Second Row: H. Baker, S. Rooney, B. Hurst: Edztor, M. Lundquist, J. Crosby. This year's White Book alias Omnge Book rolled off the press on time to help the poor aimless sophomores find their way around the labyrinth, better known as NHS. Editor Wendy Kap- lan, in addition to shocking the school with the book and sup- plement's covers, did a marvelous job of producing a book filled with materials with which the administration could test their new set of victims. 'W it S Orange Book Editor Wendy Kaplan This year's Reflection! staff declared independence when it severed its final tie with Newton South. The staff no longer promised a joint issue "sometime in the near future" and even went as far as changing its name-"We are no longer Reflections," declared Editor Barbara Hurst, "we are Thonghtpifintrf' Under the new name, the staff set out on its an- nual search for creative literary talent and came across more ghosts from the class of '66 than anything else. In order to supplement the depleting supply of creative work, the staff started the policy of accepting controversial editorial mate- rial for publication. Material for the issue was chosen by the staff who sifted through the entries, picking the best pieces of work for pub- lication. While screening the pieces, the staff reduced their authors to anonymity to prevent personal prejudice on the part of the readers. The staff, including Sharon Rooney and Ralph Crevoshay, Assistant Editors, Rebecca Cort, Publicity Editor, and Janis Jacobson, Circulation Manager, spent the year waiting for the articles to roll in because the success of Thought- prinzr has always depended on the con- tributions of the student body. The staff did a fine job. in-,hh-X Thonghtprintr Editor Barbara Hurst ORANGE BGOK 'K Pint Row: A. Saldinger, L. Levinson, A. Cohen, W, Radin, J. Feinberg, E. Horn, J. Wolfer. Second Row: E. Budd, S. Frank, P. Adler, B. Serkin, W. Kaplan, H. Miller, G. Winnick, P. Stone, L. Altshuler. Third Row: N. Elliot, L. Gradone, A. Cohen, B. Kaplan, A. Blauer, A. Nowak, G. Rieger, E. Laskev, J. Kaplan, P. Gordon, K. Weiner, L. Schwartz, B. Friedman. 125 W 1 Joyce Young Data Editor W .fm 'Lf - ,A-wx .Q f-m Q f 2: w ' X Q E f f V a, 5 Linda Harmon C opy Editor .ln Sharon Carey James Boudreau Andrew Rosenberg Girly' Sporty Editor Boyx' Sporty Editor Alix Myerson Photography Editor Afxiftant Boyx' Sports Editor 4 Janet Levy Biiiirzeff Manager Harrier Selkowirz Circulation Editor Helaine Klein Art Editor Bruce Friedman Asxiftant Photography Editor Naomi Berkowitz Publicity Editor W W W WW W Y EDITCDRS W ,W ,W W ,, WW W W W ,W W WW 1 W W W W ,W WW ,W W A Paul Langelier W Tech High Co-ordinator W WW W V W W Robert C. Zeeb V y Literary Advifor y Wilma Chen Literary Editor W I W p s W W W W W W David Kennedy Bonnie Proshan iA.v.ritant Adoertiring Editor Advertising Editor W NEWTGN IAN David Parker Arriftaait Editor David Dobler Arrirtant Literary Editor Nan Rubin Layout Editor , A, Z f -. Q 'EA A . -a 111 " ' i?' ii 5 erfrsar Xi Amy Jacobson Editor-in-Chief Armando S. Roni Aihiror Ann Glass Feature Editor LSC- .ef EXECUTIVE BOARD ' A. Jacobson, Editor-in-chief, D. Parker, Assistant Editor,' J. Levy, Busineu Manager, L' CD on N En . E Q5 ,U-o C4 Z3 S,-I cu +5 0.0 .,,.:e D '6 is .E e E ga E E PUBLICITY STAFF GENE LITERARY STAFF N. Berkowitz, Editorf L. Rosen, B. ,Q Seated: D. Dobler, Auixtant Editorf W. Chen, Editorf J. Gilman- --C1 Levy. Standing: D. Blair, M. O'Brien, J. Storer. Missing: M. Salett, J. Recchia, M. Choroszy, R. Talent. f 1 ve' fy-Q .nn . 2,15 M l CIRCULATION STAFF flli -' 'St' COPY STAFF Seated: M. Ducldy, W. Kaplan, D. Parker. Standing: C. Martini, 128 B. Beard, M. Goldman, L. Harmon, Editor. Seated: R. Lebovich, H. Selkowitz, Editorg S. Resh, M. Rosenbloom. Standing. S. Glick, L. Carmen, M. Wein, C. Summers, L. Sakovitz, N. Levison, W. Segal F. Yanofsky, M. Schertzer, J. Keddy, D. Cohen, L. Seltzer, D. Shapiro. we FEATURE STAFF Seated.' M. Schertzer, A. Glass, Editor, R. Lebovich. Standing: A. Sero- nick, J. Reilly, K. Sacks, L. Milesky. 2 5' 1 W7 i DATA STAFF Seated: P. Gordon, J. Young, Editor, P. Adler, E. Sivack. Standing: W. Radin, M. Shaffman. Mi.v.ring.' J. Mooney, J. Fein- berg, A. Farber, H. Miller. ART STAFF Seated: P. Friedman, L. Rosen, H. Klein, Editor. Standing: A. Doris, N. Flesses, B. Gilman. Mirsingx C. Roby, K. Sacks. .N X, ADVERTISING STAFF Seated.' D. Kennedy, Afsistant Editor: B. Proshan, Editor: S. Flagg, P. Elirov. Standing: B. Rogoff, J. Keddy, C. Sweeney, A. Selby, L. Seltzer, D. Farina, M. Shaffrnan, H. Hailey, A. Plotkin, S. Frank, M. Gilman, W. Radin, N. Finn, S. Randall. Mining: B. Graceffa, F. Stuart. 2. ,...,,,,,, L ff: S Z 6 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF Seated: W. Kaplan, P. Friedman, B. Friedman, Asirtant Editor: A. Myerson, Editor. Standing: H. Gaflin, D. Blair, J. Shuman, R. Fleischer. 'TG' 'if' H ,. K' ycl 1. LAYOUT STAFF A. Glass, N. Rubin, Editor: S. Carey, J. Young. Mining: 129 J. Rosenberg, E. Berezin. " '---" J ff-rp A.: ,,l . , 4 wff wf -A T 4' rw' ' H, ul-. 1'-n .amz .1 .. . aff-Jgvgfr'hf,47:f,11-A1374 -vf. -' 4 1- ,' g:fQw.f,.L:,.p j 4.,, , gps 9 rr SQL ,lf 5 H ,M,, .. .y vf f ,- zpfnmfi Azpdyy V' ,Jim ' 'H' . WU 15 , 2 , if-,'fw',u A .m.,:mL,, -fn ' fl rw P ,4.m4",,, - rgp!nr"r' gf 5' 'S J s 1 JJ Qt I 'E 1 J A 'Aj ' 'is I f In 'I I J VJ xi 4 :- 'I ' J . 1",???i3Lf7:4ff+EH,fi 4 I , ,, 4 , 4, iwfwfxf u "1 1 K. Lf , f -6' HJ ,... MA 5 V Aria' iff : -.if 'fm 1 '- ' A ?1"?5'.'?Mf1af aA '-ff , 5 "-'J1v".',- ' J""v"1:4i'Z,1fq3 . rf' ,. , V ' , sigffiaaqlf frying? pgfjyglpgg , .. M., " ' 9995321 4 ,.u,f' W' QT iwzfws-ww ,, F 1' JE iff? gg, ms, rv - 1 . w ,f.f43':,'f,1',,,, gf mygfzgffrqiffifffa11-LQWQQ mm. 4, fwf,xfi.-n,,,,- Mg, f Mine " un -- - - vw-, ' - aw-Lf1...Qf!. .mfr :'-- -':f4'1'y4?1 Q -J5'+f1v:4 W .fi M i, 4111: 5-gr-s-ff 1aq:'-11.1-ff ff-an 2'J:gpi?f5- -5,--:ff'1'1-7512. L1rK1??iE'f.5 ' if .upgi 111423 J. QQZL5' 'i'r,.j", 1 fQ"f21f21'f: fj1if,y,,Z!?,4 Q, -fr.. zijn-1--e:?,.L-..4 - 14,4 Ig -. ?:.,5p,-,"f5'11', H ,rg :-'iff :5w"zf':gf,73,,-..4 5- -, .,, 1 .,,, ,,.., . ,, W, :"g11.,1,:fm", 'ff-,Q--:1.',Lp,5ij,, ,: . v..., , -5 y-ff ,,b,,f,,, f--. :,-A-V .,,.:1,r4:,, ,-,,y11.W'1 f ., ,,-,f ,..1--- -1:3 fp ,I-,m.,'.,,,..7 1 .,, ,...- N ,. ,,,.,,,.,,, W..-510 A . 1 i 2,111 , f-1-1--ff ...-1: '... , '.I1'f.L,2E"""""f'"J,-'1 f 7: 'wgghzq V 1-.L.rr,iHf ,Y 5j'ff',::'2'41fT?p'f--fu--'rw1 ,?f5QgC2i:g:.j:3r2fg1". 'ff1i,f ,lg : 'VZ-57L75lZ7:??' H P if 'fl'-g..,.Iei"FL':1f95jS: 577.131 , l ' 5 1 ' . ,1 Ay- -' -: 5-.-but Z.. im.-JJ,fIfC,,L', z-- 'fj'bV5",Ti-IPAL.. ,vitz-,. A, Y ',, 5-' 255,241 f.,'.'4,.ui'9'i'J-T'-':.,4 47. f L 4Df7'5?.f!:L::4r 5-:ac if J", '- -if 41,12 44-',fg"v'f'G' 'f.m,,, 'f,.- .4,3,.f,ff-.,-. .. ,. .g 2ifv'zi-E 5 if riff? ""1'11' L- 14fffff':.uf----is 1:1-,:.w',1-f i-l1:f?f5 2215744 -:i,gTf,'.',wf1, " ,- HL , Qfffaiial J. L ,, ,. ?g-gf:3a.L,.,,.-7 11- if 5. 'ja' .. 1. 5 , -f ' f Wf'Si2'f1 'jim L1 7- , , fikfiif- 'ff Q -.7 Z" V- . 11 f .17 vw- - -,, ,L ',,. --51.-Q 2, 1 f +1149 771 '- ETL' Vwfrz :',.,'- .fJ.:j"f.!I7..,.. . , 4 I I ff Q-fx W 4 f' l K! J w 1 i fp' gi' xi 1 Wai W E , E , . 1r.4 w'? 1 I Xu SPCDRTS X , X x N , N N x l 5 Q ff! v . , - I K 'J tin X ' v ' C35 A FOGTBALL It's Saturday afternoon. A feeling of restlessness pervades Dickenson Stadium. There are about 5000 fans. A lot of sophomores are there. This is their first chance to show off their school spirit. The juniors are out in full force, they are somewhat acquainted with the delirium which accompanies an afternoon of football, but they are still somewhat awed by it. Then . . . there are the seniors. They are somewhat jaded by two years of seeing their team lose most of its games. The best they can muster is a feeling of guarded optimism. The fans are for the most part uniformed in blue dungarees, sweaters, and penny loafers. Definitely in evidence are the spirit organs, the famous Tiger Marching Band and the contro- versial pep squad. In front of the stands, the peppy Newton High cheerleaders are attempting to incite the crowd to vocal mayhem. Then the black helmeted troops take the field accompanied by the wild cheers of the fans. Cries of "Kill 'em Tigers," "Go Newton," and "Down in Front" filled the air. And from the start of the season there was much for the fans to cheer about. First, there was the big one against Everett. We won, we shut out Everett. It was the biggest victory for Newton High fans since Newton beat Melrose in hockey. In this game the three characteristics which were to carry Newton to a successful season were evident. First, there was the strong defense, which was to mask the team all season. This defense was spearheaded by Nierman, Riley, Steele, Distefano, McEvoy, Jones, and Law- rence up front with Thurston, Norton, Nelson, Hous- ton and Boudreau in the secondary line. Also ' . f 1 5 ip..,5g,,fn,,W..A,,..,... ..,,, H-, Wg ,... ,... .f..,.m,M,,Mf,,. ,,.J.,, ' N R 9 if .Z 4 , .Z , Z A Z -:pf 5 -W, ,f 4 V ,Q ww M Z J stle! Hu apparent in the victory over Everett was the most prolific pasing attack in Newton High history. This attack was led by quarterback, Rick Dezotell who, throughout the season, was able to hit his receivers, Steve Pleuler, George Gershman, Steve Steinberg, Warren Houston, Phil Nelson, and Steve Coluntuono. Then, there was the strong Newton running attack which revealed two strong new runners in Bobby Cohen and Steve Coluntuono. After the 14-0 victory over Everett, spirit was at a high pitch for the Brockton game. And the fans were rewarded with a stunning 34-6 victory. Optimism reigned supreme. Newton now had to face a real tough opponent in Weymouth. At first, things looked good, with Newton jumping to a 6-O lead over Wey- mouth. However, Newton's luck ran out as a string of bad breaks and mistakes cost them the game and gave Weymouth a 20-6 victory. After this rough loss Newton overpowered Watertown with a 20-6 victory. However, after this victory things got rough for Newton. They lost two heartbreakers-first to Med- ford, giving up a touchdown with less then a minute left which cost them a victory. Then they were upset by New Bedford in another close one 20-6. Next came the lowpoint of the season-a 36-12 drubbing at the hands of Arlington. This was the first and last time Newton was outclassed all season. Next on the slate was the old rivalry with Waltham. Newton dominated most of the game but nonetheless could only get a 6-6 tie. Now the season was almost over, but, as it started on a high point, it ended on one. Newton slaughtered Brookline-40-I4! It was an f ,. ' i I 33+ ' ?,4:.::w,fs b awesome display of offensive skill and defensive power. Richie Dezorell finished off his fine season by hitting Warren Houston and Steve Pleuler for two touchdown passes each. Steve Colantuono also grabbed a Dezi T.D. pass. Bob Cohen ran for six points to complete the Newton scoring. All in all it had been a good season. Newton com- piled a fine 4-4-1 record. Even though, with a few breaks, Newton could have had 8-l, the 500 season they did compile was as good a record as a Newton High Team has had in many years. ,s wg s f as n' H .- ' 4 Q31 ' f fl' it ww- 1 n ii . I i ., Wg bilgfq ' 'Ji limi- ,eb -- ga , i n 5 ff, -. TZ? f My . Y, :JT X Ir H ,, W. 1 1 -'-'sw i? rl 1 ' Z or vas, A -'V'V' 1 K 3 li ' ."':'.?- , '1 i- .' ,rr ,f?Z.'315 . . I ,wa fa an-nw an M " 1 fr . Q , A X A x 'ai ' as - -' a e 62 f I if . r , . rf' . 'r 'A . ' f f , ,,, A E WH' s ff' 'ma 1 G 1 gill 5 K Z I W r -il VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: E. Libman, J. McEvoy, W. Houston, R. Dezo- tell. D. Boudreau, F. DiStenfano, B. Steele, G. Jones. Sec- ond Row: G. Gershrnan, M. Vengrow, E. Nierman, J. Di- Simone, T. Bott, S. Coluntuono, B. Steinberg, K. Muelleur, D. Lawrence, N. Norton. Third Row: B. Anderson, B. Thurston, P. Nelson, B. Cohen, J. Piscelli, R. Beut, A. Alessi, P. Gardener. Fourth Row: P. Cully, D. Riley, B. Richard, S. Pleuler, B. Sweeney, J. Picarillo, C. Anderson, J. Quigley, G. Genovese, M. Kozlowski. JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL First Row: J. Magni, M. Ryan, A. Mazzola, W. Bianchi, W. Gardiner: Captain, J. Civetti, E. Childs, W. Manson, C. Clapton, R. Caggiano. Second Row: Mr. Fraktrnan: Coach, C. Gillen, K. Butler, R. Karseff, M. Mannix, D. Vernon, R. Snyder, W. Gephart, E. Miksensas, M. Fraser, R. Santucci, Mr. Ferguson: Coach. 1 5 S SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL First Row: D. Karoblis, B. Hall, D. Fremont-Smith, M. Mannix, R. Tempest, T. Iodice, B. Keeler, P. Pasquarosa, J. Fagan. Second Row: D. Watts, Mr. Bresnahan, C. Murray, J. Gentile, P. Karlsson, P. Baxter, D. McCormack, B. Calciguri, M. Nierman, R. Ciccone, B. LeBlanc. 136 Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton FOOTBALL 14 34 6 12 6 14 6 40 SCORES Everett ..... Brocton ...... Weymouth Medford ...... Arlington .... New Bedford Waltham .... Brookline .... Almost every sports team, upon completion of its season, is overcome with the agonizing feeling. "We could have done much better." So it was true with this year's team. They fin- ished with an admirable 5-5 record which was good enough for third place in the State's toughest league. Yet the team's members were quite disappointed with their respectable show- ing. They all felt that a goal here or a break there could have made for a highly successful season and a possible berth in the State tourney. This feeling of frustration from having an "almost" season arose from several heartbreaking losses the soccer team in- curred. For, besides an opening game drubbing by Medford, Coach Hall's booters could have, with a little luck, won every game. After the Medford loss the Tigers began an uphill battle always aiming for first place. Success, however, was slow in coming and often just out of their reach. Their determination was not dimmed, and they went into their next game convinced that they could win. However, Newton fought bravely only to receive disappointment as a result, for Brookline squeaked by them. After these two frustrating losses the Tigers were hungry. They no longer were denied the fruits of their work as they stormed past Newton South 4-0. In their next game Newton spotted a perennially powerful Lincoln-Sudbury Team three goals in the opening minutes of the game. They fought back courageously but vainly to over- come this deficit. At the closing whistle they found themselves on the short end of a 3-2 score. Although they were defeated, the Tigers were still confident as they had played their best game against Lincoln-Sudbury. The booters went into their next game expecting victory and were successful as they clobbered an outclassed team from Watertown, 6-O. ew . f-.'f This success was short lived as the Tigers were robbed of a victory by Medford. Newton gained early leads of 2-0 and 3-1 but with luck and a Huke goal in the closing minutes was stifled by the Mustangs, as they lost 4-3. The conclusion of the season was more profitable for New- ton. The Tigers posted convincing victories over Brookline, Newton South and Watertown. It was a good season, but, with a little change of fortune, it could have been a great season. The team always seemed to do everything the hard way, while their opponents got easy goals. The offense was sparked by Erminio DeMambro who scored 10 goals, a Newton High record, while only playing one-half of the season. Other standouts on offense were Enrico Demam- bro, Larry Delicata, Bob Houghteling, Andy Rosenberg, and Adrian Wolcott. As a unit this group worked skillfully in setting up their goals. The defense was always battling and struggling to keep the ball in the offensive half of the field. It was led by Stan Bloom, Steve Cain, Dudley Cotton, Rennie Cullman, Captain Hank Fishkind, and Richard Sacks. Newton also had the benefit of often spectacular goaltending by Jim Remley, and when he was injured, by Fraser Gurd. If the season had been longer, the Tigers could have booted their way to the top. U- W VARSITY SOCCER Pint Row: B. Houghteling, E. DiMambro, A. Rosenberg, L. Delicata, A. Dimambro, J. Kaloya nides, K. Kelly, P. Elliott, A. Walcott, K. Morrison, J. Remley. Second Row: Mr. Hall, F. Gurd B. Graceffa, P. Finsen, K. Goodwin, R. Sacks, R. jepsen, S. Cain, M. Blumenthal, S. Bloom, D Currier, D. Cotton, R. Cullman, S. Leahy, B. Greenbaum, H. Brown. SOCCER SCORES Newton ......., 1 Needham ...... Newton ..... 1 Winchester ..... Newton ..... 0 Lexington ...... Newton ..... 0 Medford ........ Newton ..... 0 Brookline ....,,. Newton ..... 4 Newton South Newton ..... 2 Lincoln-Sudbury Newton ..... 6 Watertown ..... Newton ..... 5 Medford .....,.. Newton ..... 4 Brookline ....... Newton ..... 4 Newton South Newton ...........,...... . . . 0 Lincoln-Sudbury Newton ...............,........ 5 Watertown ..... Captain Hank Fishkind League Record: 5-5 Overall Record: 5-8 JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER Frlrrt Row: M. Blank, R. Resnick, M. Houghton, A. Levin, H. Nesbitt, J. Aisner, S. Lieb, N. Scrimshaw, D. Russell, S. Beckman, B. Chin, P. Boyer. Second Row: Mr. Buzzi, Kelley, A. Sonis, C. Devery, J. Snyder, A. Narva, J. Linn, K. Stone, P. Marcus, M. I-lellerstein, G. Tramatozzi, D. Horowitz, Mr. Tempest. Third Row: J. Silverman, C. Proshan, C. Austin, N. Aranow, S. Goldman, M. Friedell, G. Everett, E. Butts, 1. Stolper, A. Alfred, P. Lowell, D. Stolper, B. Harsip. .Munn mm A tremendous team effort brought the cross country squad to a stunning perfect record, Suburban Champion- ship. Blessed with great depth and dedication, the team was a credit to Coach Bailey. Captain Joe Greenman and his sixteen team-mates displayed great team spirit as they sped by the Suburban League. Two juniors, Bill Tomb and Bob Tennant, bat- tled for first places, combining with Greenman to form a one-two-three punch. This triple punch often clinched the meet before other squads had scored. The Harriers were not dominated by a few speedsters, though. Many times the squad took five, six, and even seven of the seven places. Six hard-working sophomores and juniors, Tony Ama- dei, Herris Gottin, Richard Linn, Bruce Patterson, Chuck Raffel, Ken Sidman, and Ken Prince, finished the season undefeated. One of the highpoints of the season was the suburban League championship. At the championship meet, six Newton High boys captured six of the top eleven places. Bob Tennant won the first place trophy, topping the honors. The state meet capped the season as the Herriers placed fifth, the highest a Newton squad has ever placed. Bob Tennant ran to a 14th place medal. Coach Bailey had a brilliant season, and we can look for similar success next year with the top runners re- turning. 140 CROSS COUNTRY TEAM First Row: J. Whalen, C. Raffell, B. Patterson, H. Gaflin, R. Linn. Second Row: S. Hendricken J. Hyman, W. Miller, K. Siclman, M. Slater. Third Row: Mr. Bailey: Coach, R. Purple, R. Leahy J. Greenman: Captain, W. Tomb, R. Tennant, W. Purple, D. Hoover, K. Prince. GIRLS' FIELD HCDCKEY The joy and satisfaction that a boy experiences in being a member of a varsity team at Newton High is paralleled by the joy and satisfaction which a girl experiences in playing a girls' varsity sport. This year's Girl's Hockey Team is evidence of this fact. Traveling from their first game at Arlington to their last game at Winchester, the team ended the season with a record of four wins, five losses and no ties. This rather discouraging result does not prove that the girls were not skilled or hard- working, for indeed they were. Captain of this year's team was Maureen O'Brien, a senior who played the position of right forward. Moe was backed up by a team which consisted mainly of underclassmen. Hockey coach Miss Lukowicz expressed delight with the team. She expects that next year, with the assistance of the many sophomores and juniors who played varsity this year, the team will enjoy an even finer record. ,.,,.., , , ,, ,, , F W 3 Ml' e e 4--aa , I IH ,fjiflll llll i T iii A J VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY Pint Row P Cam bell L Arslanian M O'Brien Tom R Pi eon. Second Row: T. : ' P 9 ' 3 ' 7 J' 9 ' g Davenport, D. Ross, B. Beard, A. Mechem. 5 Z Q Z JUNIOR VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY First Row: N. Womboldr, J. Steinman, B. Fessenden: C0-Captain, L. Vizakis: Co-Captain J. Arslanian, B. Chase. Second Row: C. Edwards, C. Clinton, S. Campbell, P. Carton, M Shapiro, C. Arslanian, S. Conant. 143 . GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: L Atslanian, T. Davenport, M. Moore, L. Houston. Second Row: S. Mackay, J. Wilkenson, M. Howland, J. Tom, M. O'Brien, L. Jepson. GIRLS' BASKETBALL Girls' basketball at Newton High consisted of ten varsity and ten junior varsity members, and coach Miss Carolyn Luko- witz. Once the teams had been chosen, the girls practiced numerous drills after school-layups, set shots, foul shots. After the girls had mastered these drills, they moved on to a more complex zig-zag drill, which they occasionally "goofed", to the delight of the boys junior varsity team, watching at the other end of the court. Co-captains of the varsity were Maureen O'Brien and Linda Arslanian, and of the junior varsity, Darlene Gratto and Jo Covington. These four were respsonsible for, among other things, seeing that each team member was properly dressed in her black and blue Csymbolic perhaps?J tunic. At the first game of the year, against Winchester on Friday the 13th UD, the team proved the danger of the dayg they were soundly trounced. Girls' Basketball at Newton High is being a senior and try- ing to make a team that each girl will remember after gradua- tion, and being a junior or a sophomore and trying to make a great team for the next year, and the next. JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' BASKETBALL First Row: B. Hunter, P. Leary, S. Campbell, D. Gratto, Co-Captain. Second Row: B. Fessenden, W. Keil, J. Covington, C0-Captainf C. Nordby, D. Anderson. W ' We W , N vt,' w--' I Iv I n, I ig IV' l. vii I-H ,' .I I R - U All ea if H T ' 9 -tf'?f f' ' I 4. 'S -Q: Q5 ' 1' i' ggi' J . " - gif Q y N 'z Q SF ...Aff ., V ',1x' tl N 4 ya' ,M Q-: V it A I J: X V- , ggi . . p., 1 walls' if "'v f Fl: ' 'N V nh A f 4 I , up , '. F122 1, ' I ' I : , 1 V r .Wt QQ Q t QQ W t - 3-if sg S g iggi Qi K. 1 - lygiti , 1 if-'gf 1 1 K 1, axs,,,'.,'t M 31"Sfgi':IAI: "Q: ,ff figj L-'Q 'QTY' ' . .I .V -- -- 1 .inwewatewa as pta -.v lv i ' 2 ,,a.. ,,Qw-'pg-fi, 'e , 'fuk ' - if' flelfz-31I."g?g?:.',l' 'lvaksft Iii' ' ' I it c S . . "L ' . ' Ls... e"f'fH",a'.H - "J rvfznfzf. fi 1 15' W 'fiiff i , 'iii' :'1:'f5'-1- '1.ff'Q'Si 1" . X . N - 1-f :Sta ff" '.iflI:'Pf"F L' . 51' -ff"--f' wtf?-K A fi. .P - .,f . wi' 'lt ffff ' '- B' es:j1f,,,,.wLv I,-Iiiifykz,-Q35 .., .5 E Q,,,I,..':,,:. 'f I ,fgff -'.., .'. 'i :EIQTQ "1"' i ' - ' " Q U7 1 Every Saturday afternoon several hundred school-spirited Newton High students go down to the trolley station and get a Park Street car. They jarn into the cat, ignore the "No Smoking" signs, often short change the conductor, and fight for seats with little old ladies. After a 50 minute ride they get off at the Arlington Street station and trans- fer to the Arborway trolley. They take this to the Symphony station where they get off, walk up one long flight of stairs and down two blocks till they get to the Boston Arena. They pay their dollar admission, find their friends, and go to their seats. They are now ready to enjoy 56 minutes of Newton High hockey. This year as in the past, the Newton High hockey team gave its fans a lot to enjoy. Newton has always had a strong hockey team, and this year was no exception. Except for two embarrassing losses, Newton remained undefeated, and clinched a berth in the state. Lacking exceptional individual stars of the stature of a Dickie Toomey or a Kevin Mc- Clatchey, Newton was forced to rely on good team play, strong forechecking, and hard fought goals. Newton had an abundance of all three of these things and therefore racked up an excellent 7-2-2 record Cas of this writingj. HOCKEY y u 14s,. .,,: ' 1 1 5 N A .c ,IH xl r In f., 1 1 U Newton started off the season convincingly with a 4-2 victory over Brookline. A hat trick by Donny Gallagher set Donny off on a high scoring season and gave Newton the margin it needed for its first victory. The winning streak, however, didn't last long. In its second game Newton faced Ar- lington, probably the best team in the state. The incredibly balanced Arlington sextet proved just too much for Newton, and it pelted the Cats by a 6-O score. Newton got right back on the victory trail in its next game by shelling a weak Rindge team 7-0. The next game was probably the biggest letdown for the Newton fans. The Tigers could only manage a l-1 tie off against the inferior Somerville Team. This game, how- ever, put blood in the Tigers' eye as they played two consecutive great games against the relatively strong Medford and Waltham teams. Medford jumped off to a lead early in the game, but the Tigers stormed back be- fore a crowd of four rooters to a 5-3 victory. Next came the game with Waltham, one of the team victories Newton had counted on. Newton stunned Bastarche and Com- pany with four quick goals, a deficit which Waltham couldn't overcome. They lost to Newton 6-3. Cambridge Latin followed. The defensively strong but offensively weak Cantabs managed a 2-2 tie with Newton. Newton played and beat Brookline for the second time, this time by a 5-0 margin. Next, however, came the second Arling- ,,,,,i,,,. ' f':,'1Xzia fl ww rn i ,ifluffi . .i, j 4. Awe. AIVAIQ ll A r ,A I A Newton ,Newton Newton Newton Newton ewton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton' ' VARSITY SCORES 4 . Brookline ....... O Arlington ....... A 7 Rindge ...,..., 1 'l ' 'Somerville 5 Medford ...... -6 ' A Waltham 6 V Cambridge Latin 3 Brookline 2 Arlington .,,.... 11 Rindge .... A 10 Somerville .,,.. 5 Medford ...,.. ton massacre. This time Newton got shel- lacked by a 9-2 score. Newton shrugged off this drubbing and on the next two Saturdays shelled Rindge 11-1 and Somerville 10-O! It was, on the whole, a great season for the Newton High version of the Bruins. They had fine team play from Captain Steve Toomey, whose forechecking and playmak- ing were invaluable to the Newton success. They got heady play and scoring from Donny Gallagher and Bobby Cotter. They got more scoring and speed from Charlie Donovan and jackie Droz. Great hustle was the contribu- tion of Bruce Huntley. Bob Newis was the goalie who never got the recognition he de- served for consistently fine netminding. Fine defense was provided by the Dezotell broth- ers, Ricard and Michael, and by Al Alessi. 49 'W 3- -5-',1:'t1 gui.. t "w,"-in 1-.ln-af,,.,,w..',v,,,1',t.p,: M4151 5-,...,,,,-1 -'QL' rvfmw. -, , .-W, .. -r ,V- iv X, ff - ,1L4U, .iv -..-.,.,....i-, ' V R M VARSITY HOCKEY 'H H' . y .'1' X 5 Firft Row: R. Newis, B. Hunthey, A. Alessi, S. Toomey, R. .DezQfe11, C..-DQDOYHH, D,i37Riley . .' ,h Vi Second Row: R Murphy, J. Droz, R. Cotter, D. Gallagher, M.'Dezpte11g J.jRem1ey, Reidyj- 4 JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY First Row: K. Carrigan, PF. Murphy. Second Row: R. Sweeney, R. Barry. D. Cotton, A. Cameron, M. Porter. Third Row: Mr. J. Ronayne: Coacbf D. Karoblis, R. Fayweather, M. Reidy, P. Britt, P. Phelan. . . ,nm nw, , .t.H.f. , . ...if wk , ,Li...f,.gQ A :gift 'FG 12 U 1, -7:1 .x"':.-'S.. 'f'!vq'32'f11'4'lf'i'R"2:, it f .' - -. rl... P1'f.:1e4.0'.-'HM li BASKETBALL Newton has never been a real basketball town. Weak teams have failed to generate very much fan interest. This year, however, was a real exception. Coach Al Fortune managed to Held the best NHS bas- ketball team in years. This hustling, exciting team thrilled its fans all year long with upsets, near-upsets, and come-from-behind victories. A team that wasn't supposed to give anybody much trouble proved that it was capable of beating almost any other team. It wasn't until al- most the end of the season that Waltham finally eliminated us from contention for a coveted berth in the state tourney. The hoopsters started strong with a victory over Newton South 45-31. In their second game they showed just how tough they were going to be. For although they finally lost the game, they almost upset the league's strongest team, Weymouth. The next game was an exicting, though also as heartbreaking, as a game can be. Newton appeared to have fallen too far behind Rindge to ever catch up. But with just 3 seconds left, the supposedly inferior Cats tied the game. Unfortunately, a basket by Rindge as the final buz- zer sounded shattered N ewton's mo- ment of glory as we lost, 56-54. Newton bounced back with two straight victories, however: 52-35 over Cambridge Latin and a stun- ning and brilliant 53-50 victory over previously undefeated Waltham. Another heartbreaker followed as the hustling Tigers just couldnit snatch a close one way from Brook- line, and they lost 49-45. Two strong victories followed as Newton gave successive drubbings to Arlington, 72-57, and Newton South, 80-56. In the next game Newton was outclassed for the only time all sea- son as it was shelled by Rindge 90-63. Newton roared back with three straight wins. They revenged their earlier defeat at the hands of Brock- ton by a 77-75 score, shelled Cam- bridge Latin for the second time with a 72-56 score, and really bombed Arlington 83-49. This good fortune finally came to an end as Waltham, a team the Tigers had upset earlier in the sea- son, got back at the Tigers. They knocked them out of tourney con- tention by beating them 48-37. Nonetheless, Newton had a great season. They compiled a fine 11-9 record. Their strong defense, upheld particularly by Houston, Ward, Cook, Howland, and Hicks, held their opponents below 60 points 11 times in 16 games. Captain Paul Ward had a brilliant season as he scored, rebounded, and defended peerlessly. Warren Houston was often the offensive star for the Cats as well as a defensive standout. Peter Hicks contributed both points and defense work. Another all- round performer for Coach Fortune was Ronnie Howland, who regret- ably missed much of the season due to injuries suffered in a car crash. Newton had tremendous bench strength with such capable perform- ers as playmaker Ron Cooke, Paul Colantunio, whose shooting and re- bounding often sparked the Cats, and hustlers Dwight Weist and Bob Houghteling. l5l VARISITY BASKETBALL First Row: A. Walcott, R. Cook, P. Hicks, Co-Captain, P. Ward, Co-Captaing W. Houston, D. Wiest. Second Row: Mr. Fortune, P. Lubin, C. Berry, R. I-loughteling, P. Colantunio, P. Nelson, S. Wins- low, J. Seltzer, Manager. Newton Newton VARSITY SCORES 5 7 Belmont ............ 45 Newton South .. Newton ...,.. 60 Weymouth ........ Newton ...... 54 Rindge ,........ .. Newton ...... 67 Brockton .......,.... Newton ...... 57 Cambridge Latin Newton ...... 5 3 Waltham .......... Newton ...... 45 Watertown ........ Newton ...... 45 Brookline ..... . . Newton ...... 72 Arlington .......... Newton ,..... 80 Newton South .. Newton ...... 65 Rindge .............. Newton ...... 77 Brockton ......,... Newton ...... 72 Cambridge Latin Newton ...... 83 Arlington ,......... Newton ..,... 39 Waltham ..., . . 9-6 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL First Row: L. Geller, S. Winslow, C. An- dersen. Second Row: J. Aisner, Managefg K. Butler, M. Gallagher, R. Benn, C. Berry, Mr. Buzzi. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL First Row: Mr. Smith, J. Marcus, M Hellerstein, T. Chalmers, R. Resnick R. Echlov, M. Furman, R. Sockok. Sec- ond Row: R. Cohen, C. Proshan, R Snyder, P. Murphy, D. Vernon, T. Rich- mond, P. Jackson, S. Silverman, R. Har- sip, N. Jepsen. TECH HIGH B Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton New ton Newton Newton Newton Newton TECH BASKETBALL SCORES 45 Lowell ...... 31 Haverhill 55 Everett ...A.. 41 Brockton ..... 43 Alumni 67 Malden 43 Somerville 61 Lynn ........... 83 Everett 38 Malden ..., 37 Rivets ....., 43 Lynn ,,......,.. 40 Brockton 61 Somerville 31 Lowell ........,.. 28 Haverhill ....... 58 Newton South Firrt Row: J. Lally, J. DiLofh, J. Poutas, S. Watts, R. Allosso, K. Vlass, P. Langelier. Second Row: F. Dunlap, P. Murphy, D. Fucci, P. Rufo, R. Connolly, R. Gurney, P. Nicolas. Mining: M. Bonadio, R. Testa. GYMNASTICS The Gymnastics Team repeated last year's performance as Co- captains Richard Martin and Dan Runfola led the squad to the state championship. As was expected, the Tigers dominated the competition in the Suburban League as they captured the Cham- pionship with a 6-0 record. Outside of the league they were not as successful, losing to pow- erful teams from Andover and Lexington, but their championship hopes were not yet foiled. The day of the state meet arrived and it looked like it would be Very close between Newton, Andover, Lexington, Framingham South and Braintree. The lead fluctuated throughout the meet as none of the ,teams could gain a sizable lead. Going into the final event it was still anybody's meet, as the four teams were within two points of each other. It required two spec- tacular performances by Andover gymnasts on the ring to capture a comeback victory with Lexington second and Newton third. Richie Martin proved that he deserved to win the title of all- round champion of Massachusetts by winning the floor exercises, horizontal bar and parallel bars. Dan Runfola won the long horse, the event in which he is the state champ. He also placed fifth in the rings. Steve Clancy and Robert Henry took fifth place in the tum- bling and the side horse competitions respectively. Newton High School is indeed proud of the team's fine accomplishments. 3 L E 1 C 2 V 1 1 Y 1 Q V 1 .K Q Q E 1 2 GYMNASTICS TEAM Fin! Row: Mr. Jessup, Coachg E. Marata, J. Spear, E. Jones, R. Martin, Captain, D. Runfolag B. Henry, R. Prince, Mr. Martin. Second Row: J. Battista, M. Boyagian, D. Hall, B. Henry S. Clancy, E. Hallow, N. Scrimshaw, R. Serale, M. Collins. Third Row: S. Kendall, B. Conquest D. Bleakly, P. Elliot, R. Blakeney, A. Frank, S. MacCarthy, J. Silverman, J. Gentile, K. Formalare IN DOCDR TRACK Mr. Boyle and Mr. Gallagher guided the Indoor Track squad to a successful second place Suburban League finish. The team won six meets, yielding only to undefeated Wey- mouth. Joe Greenman was outstanding in this year's competitiong when entered in the 600, 1000, or mile he won. Captain Dick Horri- gan excelled in the 1000, while john Walen, running the 600, came up with the fifth fast- est time in the division. Two-miler Bob Tennant set a new school record: 10:14.8 beating the old mark by more than a second. Coaches Boyle and Gallagher are to be congatulated for the success Newton's squads have consistently enjoyed. Their coaching Newton Newton Newton l Newton Newton Newton Newton 66 47 SOM 48 34M 6934 48 SCORES Malden B.C. High Waltham . Rindge Weymouth Brookline Natick ..... 20 39 35W 38 5136 16M 38 talents have been amply tested in the past and we can look forward to future winning seasons. 1 157 1 4 1 158 l fy. Vw. ff nf f' fQj ' f .W .U W 'W hwhhwhh , ,V,, 3 V . M .,.. E Z 4 f. My a .W 'M ,f f 7. M, f off wx I fl i o x fx'-nifg. wrow Thin, .. K Lff x f K , . . ., ,.,,... INDOOR TRACK Fin! Row: H. Gaffin, T. Keyes, C. Ferguson. D. McMillen, J. Stearns. Second Row: P. Finsen, J. Alperin, S. Henclricken, R. I-Iorrigan, Captain, J. Greenman, N. Norton. Third Row: Mr. Gal- lazher, Coachp K. Prince, P. Frattaroli, M. Slater, K. Morrison, j. Whalen, R. Purple, N. Epstein, Mr. Boyle, Coach. Fourth Row: R. Tennant, M. Piselli, C. Quinn, 1. Hyman, R. Katseff, J. Linn. Q JR W NA ,,,.,A!xx D, v -K. 1.9.55 ' , Q . Z.. L zw 9 .an- o fi . 'I .I.g:!Q'j. , fd . ,M . V: ' 1 7911 2253, wh ZS Q Q , ..:. .. 1 ,. , -- f mf' ,WW , JW, .4 , , ff K if' I-3 am. ' ,4,,,4 ,, A MWA His" ,WW ' L, 5 TM 'V 1 1 4 , 37' ff A a , QM? W-1vmsmmanf,.""4ig ' 5 f 1 1 4, I -fd " ,rfavw 4 , so .gn 9 s 4 D 1 -N TECHNICAL I , X.. ,. , X ,V N x 1 f A ...A Hx.. Qu.. -. .. - .M , .-.s ' ...f .iii 1 X -'J.,.-.SI .23 -'Sn :LT1':L':M5 ,,4"i2-,SSM ' I Y , ' 1 4 - X 1--n-IN: ,.,.5.Af....4.. up-'pu-11 .f-,. . ..,-m,,.- , . ' ,Q 15,35 ...K .. .,,x.g jiri ' .X '. 5, u'-q--1- . .J-.gzx . . w. 'rx -lvfl' ., M w--1,-::3,.r .'.,,:..g-.I -.L -.,..x -- ..1,K... -- t 'rv Y- -.X Q . ...Nz .'..-Xa,,.,.. R A .... -V. .Um QM, x .. ... . K- .-X ' .:g:..-L x r : x x , X-M '-129: . :fn I, '.,.1f.'f 4 Qff 1 Eglin -,Min f:12!:!i?.2 -.v .f.., , . . ..,,x Q - xZ."L'.5-xy,-:,5 S V- fl.-'Gb L: SCHCCDL Q T559 K6 QM SWS O 1 , . 1 ,mf , LU' f ' 1.1 'rw .' 'r ,, . f,1,f y".rk,':f Y m".1"'-as-' . '., 1..-.ww 1,-.1mf...,1,!":fl' -.I ,, , qu,-,"f ',Nff'f1fJLx. , 1 ,.1' 5 wp .V M , "fi 1? 1 v ,f , In H n It .ukfhxyv u 4 4 TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL Drafting is the accepted means of ex- pression used by the scientist, engineer, designer, technician, and tradesman. Usu- ally an idea starts with a rough sketch, then the sketch is refined and eventually it is made into a linished mechanical drawing. Since drafting is a key function in any engineering or development proc- ess, a drawing is regarded as a means of instruction and must clearly convey its intended message. At Newton Technical High School the boys are taught to prepare drawings that Mr. Penta Mr. Thompson Assistant Director Guidance Mr. Brawn Director conform to accepted standards and prac- tices. The students use the same equip- ment that is in use in the most modern drafting rooms. The boys learn the basic techniques which are the accepted stand- ards in industry. Mr. Benson Drafting DRAFTING DEPARTMENT 162 DRAFTING First Row: F. Lew, S. Murphy, J. Brita, J. Poutas, M. Kumor, W. Relf, W. Power. Second.Row J. Sawyer, R. Egerhei, T. Corbett, R. Gurney, F. Greco, M. Licciardi, F. Curran, D. Vecchionne Third Row: Mr. J. Benson, R. Cashman,.J. Maddocks, W. MacDonald, T. Gillespie, D. DeAnge11s S. Ciccariello. Mr. Nicolas Mr. Visco Mr. Murray S H Automobile Mecbunicr Automobile Mechanics Automobile Mechanics A well trained mechanic, one who can diag- nose automotive troubles, is always in demand. For example, motor tune-up is a process that re- quires the services of a man with technical knowl- edge, coupled with shop skills and experience. Likewise, the adjustment and repair of automatic transmissions, and power systems is a task that only a trained man can perform. To keep abreast of the developments in the design and functioning of internal combustion engines, a mechanic must have a diversified and sound technical education. In Newton Technical High's Automobile de- partment, the skill and experience necessary are included in the program. For example, the School is fully equipped with machines, apparatus, and testing 'meters for a teacher to help a boy to de- velop along more technical lines. f -27 W AUTOMOBILE Firrt Row: K. O'Neal, P. Rousseau, J. Antonellis, R. Frissora, R. Muller, W. Santilla, H. Hoffman Second Row: M. Fraser, R. Power, E. Vacca, T. Micha, J. Brodie, J. Crocker, E. McCallian, J. Tighe Tbird Row: Mr. Nicholas, S. Woodward, T. Kelly, R. Lang, R. Gordon, J. Reid. I5 M AUTOMOBILE Furst Row: G. Vallee, J. Lobach, J. Campana, G. Damato, D. Barron, D. Hoey. Second Row. M. Mighiaccio, V. Sturniolo, F. Boiardi, T. Benoit, R. Rando, D. Butera. Tbird Row: Mr. L. Visco I. Anderson, C. Shea, T. Higgins, J. Boudreau, R. Connolly, W. Lippolis. ..,. ,. 1. I 163 -.w4,-- W Firrt Row: R. Molzen, J. Stewart, J. Mancini, R. Morrison, B. Belcastro, J. Smith, R. Orsillo, D. Hannon. Second Row: M. Antonellis, T. O'Shaughnessy, T. Baer, P. LaRosee, P. Civetti, C. Baer, K. Burns, J. Marchese, J. Head, E. Burmon. Third Row: Mr. E. Repucci, Mr. P. Moore, P. DiDuca, N. Parker, D. Miller, C. Corley, R. Fleming, K. Vlass, R. Stearns, R. Yerardi, Mr. T. Mangan. Fourth Row: J. Zilinskis, P. Holmstrand, A. Bagley, A. Grigas, J. McDonald, E. Rainsford, G. Barnicle, P. Daley. . A ' 'Y JN ni PRINT SHOP A boy who wishes to become a printer is en- tering one of the most important arts of modern civilization. As an industry, printing ranks among the leading occupations and always has attracted young men. The work is interesting and steady, the wages paid are high and con- stant throughout the year. Few trades offer so many opportunities for the energetic and skilled workman to advance himself. The Newton Technical High School prepares a boy for employment in the many divisions of the Printing Industry. The student is trained in all the phases of the printing trade and during his senior year he may specialize in an area of his particular interest, such as linotype or offset camera. wa--T . f 7 45 6,1 1 AA, A Si 1 -- K A e l an .9 V5 mf' 1.-3 V ihewnfaf N., x iff 4 Mr. Mangan Przntzng Mr. Reppucci Printing Mr. Moore Printing I 4 Xi X M if 5 9 :F H s fit ' f Ze, V 1 l at iw W W . is yi' V f 'W C 1 i I I I I I I I I I I I .bp .r I I I . ELECTRICAL SHOP , Q a i lim Mr. Gilmore Electricity X Mr. DiPoli Electricity ELECTRICAL SHOP Firrt Row: J. Mulherin, M. Jennette, P. English, M. Camuti, R. Boudrot, J. McLeish, K. Yerardi J. Keefe, L. Pace. Second Row: J. O'Brien, J. DiLofi"i, J. Buell, T. Sparkes, D. Millers, M. Iagulli J. Delfino, P. Grifiin, B. Kagno, B. Volante. Third Row: Mr. A. DiPoli, K. Sligar, V. Antonellis J. Tramontozzi, R. Jenkins, P. Sanwald, K. Finn, P. Rufo, N. Gassett, J. Lally, G. Aucoun, A. La rosee, E. Corliss, Mr. S. Wolaszek, Mr. T. Gilmore. '11 Mr. Wolaszek Electricity The electrical trade cannot be thought of as merely an occupation where the artisan is concerned with a lirnited appli- cation of his skill but rather as one in which the scope is so broad that a person finds employment presenting challenge in many phases of work. The rapid but steady increase in the use of electricity gives every indication of continued growth. To equip boys with the training needed in this field, the Newton Technical High School has two courses. For boys who wish to begin training when they have com- pleted the ninth grade, a three-year course is available. For high school graduates, the Technical High School offers a two year intensive and concentrated course in electricity. 165 ELECTRONICS Firft Row: A. Passerillo, K. Donegan, R. Arsenault, J. Weir, S. Watts, H. Dong. Second Row: M. Anzivino, S. Casale, R. Iodice, J. Thomas, L. Saris, P. Murphy, M. Antonellis, J. Leone. Third Row: Mr. W. Parmenter, R. Trumble, D. Fucci, T. Micka, J. McCallion, Mr. S. Gardner. Mr. Gardner Mr. Cionti Electronics Electronicr ELECTRONICS Out of the myriad fields of human en- deavor the fascinating art of radio and tele- vision has been expanding along many ave- nues at such a pace that the industry eagerly awaits those boys who have acquired a good preparation in the basic fundamentals of these new and interesting industries. The School offers a course which provides proper training in the most modern methods of radio and television repair including an expanded study in the use of transistors. Success comes first and easiest to those who are prepared for their jobs. Actual repair and testing on all types of radio, phono- graph, and television receivers are carried on in the shop training. ELECTRONICS Firrt Row: R. LeBlanc, T. Iodice, P. Placentino, D. Gentile, E. Testa, R. Tucceri, R. Garcia. Secdnd Row: D. Schermerhorn, R. Boirdi, A. Oszy, T. Mazzola, G. Lent, S. Goldstein, P. Mahoney, R. Que- bec. Third Row: P. jones, D. O'Connor, T. Connolly, S. Corbiere, T. Gordon, R. Franke, R. Deverix, Mr. F. Cionti. V82 'fbffwf ...agp 11,3-.5 " ,Rule Jill' " f. KJ sus- 'Q-W... L Q fr i twig. 'fi i it "ii Viz I 'Q W 't i f J ! i Wy, , raw J .?f1Z,IV.: ? m- Q A W '- ,ji The decade ahead will be a period of above- average growth for the building industry. Strong economic and population trends support the favor- able outlook for construction. Whenever there is a need for new housing, there is a corresponding demand for cabinet work, interior and exterior builders' finish, furniture, and other wood products. The call for skilled workers is so great that on many occasions Newton Tech- nical High School has been unable to supply the industry with the desired number of trained boys for full time employment. In part, the demands have been met by our students who are in the Cooperative Plan, and by others who work after school hours. Although the latter practice is not ideal, it does give the boys valuable trade ex- perience and often may be an introduction to future permanent employment. Q , i f ff ff, .fl 1 - ' D' ' ...-Q i S' if Q L-5 M ,, , if fa, ...---.f..l.....--., ..Q..Q--l.Q......r.L.4.b-31.53" Q-- .., ..,.. MILL CARPENTRY ,Wm7Z77W7, f vi' f Q f-if MILL CARPENTRY First Row: A. Boudreau, J. McKernan, T. Hayes, G. Danca, M. Butera, K. Mitchell, P. Tocci. Second Row: D. Gleason, I Sutherland, M. Mazzola, P. Iagulli, M. Bonadio, R. Coutu, M. Kobbs, R. Santucci. Third Row: Mr. J. Sullivan, M. Murray, R. Smitko, P. Langelier, J. Silliker, J. Dun- canson, K. Kiley, Mt. P. Houle. Mr. Houle Mill Cdmemry Mr. Sullivan Mill Carpentry 4 1 .. ..u ., V .. ' S..- -..Q-r"""'-' L 167 Mr. Penta Mr. Parmenter Sheet Metal Science We would lihe to thank the Technical High School for the me of their pamphlet: in the writing of there aiticler. SHEET METAL Firrt Row: G. Butler, T. Claflin, G. Leone, J. Marchant, G. Champagne, W. Walsh. Second Row: N. Penta, T. Brearley, T. Londo, R. Shine, C. Murray, G. Tramontozzi, R. Valente. SHEET METAL SHOP Metalworking is one of the most signifi- cant areas of instruction in industrial educa- tion..Its importance stems from the fact that it represents an extremely essential founda- tion of our industries. The increased use of metals had created an increase in the number of sheet metal work- ers. Due to the urgent requirements and de- mand for precision the sheet metal workers in the held of missiles, aircraft, IBM, radar and its component parts, the manufacturers are turning to technical schools for assistance. The Newton Technical High School pro- vides a course of instruction in sheet metal work comparable to the general atmosphere, standards, and practices of the trade, and prepares a boy for employment in many phases of the sheet metal industry. Mr. Burke Machine Practice . n Mr. Doherty Machine Related MACHINE SHOP B ,"" ff X QW Machinists work with metals. They cut, bend, forge, grind, and form metals into literally millions of shapes to produce the machines which make our lives what they are today. The work of the machinist is challenging and interesting. There is a real and lasting satisfaction in having a part in the production of machines and mechanical devices. The School offers a three-year course which provides training so that a boy may 3 MACHINE i First Row: R. Ciccariello, T. Brennan, E. Saunders, D. Tournier, R. Allosso, J. Mulattieri, K. Leach. . Second Row: G. Marcy, L. Cedrone, S. Beaumont, R, Celeste, K. Langmead, M. Kadlik, W. Mullin. E Third Row: Mr. W. Doherty, R. Cunningham, F. DeStefano, V. Rossi, J. Longbottom, L. O'Hanley, f J. Baccari, R. Tempesta, Mr. R. Burke. f obtain work in the metal-working field. To supplement work in the shop, a machine laboratory is equipped with the latest devices and machines for performing experiments relating to the trade. Swx I -sg, dh. ' 1 l l . i 4 l ll 1 l l l i i 169 .,f ir, -1,5-wh. ...W .,,.1,. 1,.,.j:-.A...., . , .. N "" 511' 4' .', . 1 Q wif: fiizh -g v ju 9 -551, 1i'27b'??HQF?5VQ-fiE':"5"+. 1ifw2'-Sq-'WG -1:":' - ' ''5vM a1M 21s1wffXM4fmf:A'.-sw' Usa A ' fm f:f':r:fg2??f1v2:1igW4gg.-"e'gf4G4'Q!g'iSiki1giy li 1: ',i:1"Ea1SZ'k'1'VPs',5L!ff4i4x'11g1.'zfi1" 5-vi -f-sgmkzrisfsaizarmm.5-lkifqi-Lxici-wig f 'X Fi'F-1f2Y1 w:M,f1a1'.1 ma4n':,:1s3g..:1fzwim- 'ii P wx-ii -Nu i5i,iEb5'?fQ'Laiiklsif,-1.81. WL , Ay . HK Y v 4, K "SPM il X2 n 1 Li-Ku! M v 5 'vi Lx' W--ff--"4:5fHET?"A 3:,r.". " '-1311 V :41f!n'ff?""' ' sf 1615,-ifsi 'R' - 7 :Z :gigs 2 S' 3-:H-.-s Iii.: 1-?f:2:v,m?-.fin :'i"w.x5g3f3y:-ai? W vu v L5 -53 ,nk Exv'Xh "u,,Q L5::9u:i1'i'-1 k'5g1vdf1.'if'ii:ifhi',t' A- agxkif-1 --,.-WU-v Br' A Mn, 'T.i:,1 4. rw...-sl Q-.,-,,..,, e .LU , 251:91-'1a51',12u9a rgmfs- It -1112-t--L--.::A,sg,QL.. . ..,g.5'J4':lMxv,: ,rbgvy-.1',--m:l7n-.r 2 i:.....fgns-55, V52 . 213.9-L'21,172-.,gI1'gQ'i2'g',j5g :,:f,'Ap213.-:Q .Az , A , , ymm LJ- :""t ' 'LVN 1 -f . ,QV H i xlsjl '21"..'t?1'f . . ., -- ....i-dvi.. ..:..z V . - M' 1 1 . an Q - Is'-.w 1, 1 H!iv:1'.ig.f at :.T1K':'x7'q'3 , 331-if7i1TZ'i5. . iff WT-'E N' A-x 1'-'E-:ai-1 2-N.,--.cvir x , .. an-wx. V .. ,:g. M hm.: :':x1::y,q:f '14 X xi' 1 J, .- ' fp. ,. 'Lgpfzff -12: - -' 55 --,-NIV., . x '1-- N '-,.yf.:m'.,:-fig-w-. . Q ' , 'rf-M ...wx-.4 ...,.-,, X .. Q-, I:-ry:-. . ,.. 0--rv ' , . X .-:rgr -.WE -vw: N- ' :His .skew MY- . 1.5 www. -' 'K 2- 4. -ns. -1,-1--fy, W.. -,-J' i'!"' 'N -sn ... -.,,:.x: ya., V -Q wg. x xi'-14:51 Y: flaw - ve BLT J 'i1:"1.2--x Q , un- . 'T2.'2'.'-YQQ A -523122 Qs-1' - M. I ,W Y . ,, . V, 31. ll. . fn -.A .111 mari, ' - "71"',-z 1 f ' ,'-,,- , ,.,'L.,.! KEVIN M. ABBOUD 441 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: N.Y.C.: Statler Hilton: my eye. Favorite Pastime: Vegetating at D.R.'s: knowing there's something up for the week-end. Adams: Day: College. Class Committee 2: Baseball 2: Orange Shield 3. PHYLLIS RUTH ADLER 128 Prospect St., West Newton Phyl Pet Peeve: People who spell my nickname with an Fondest Memory: Dayton, Ohio people: P. B. C. C. lifeguards: a singing telegram: Ohio State and U. of Penn.: travels and correspon- dences: Math with Mr. B. Adams: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Orange Book, Section Editor 2: NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3: Student Council 3: Class Com- mittee 1, 3. HELEN BETH AISNER 1471 Beacon St., Waban Fondest Memory: Summer of '66, Whispering Pines, and Gregg. I'm Crazy About: Red licorice: a motor boat: a pair of water skis. Adams: Weeks: College. House Council 1, Secretary 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: French Club 1, 2: Student Ollice Assistant 2, 3: Girls Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3. SANDRA MARIE ALESSANDRO 32 Cherry St., West Newton Fondest Memory: July 21 to Aug- ust 31, 1966. Suppressed Desire: To join the Peace Corps. Adams: Warren: College. Outing Club 1: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 2, 3. On the count of three we gmh her. ALBERT LOUIS ALESSI 33 Bencliff Cir., Auburnclale Al Fondest Memory: The 1966 Everett Football game. I Will To NHS: My white hair. Adams: Warren: College. Hockey 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 3: Lacrosse Co-Captain 3: Lacrosse Club 1, Secretary 2 and 3: Class Committee 3. RUCHIA MOHAMED ALIBOS 28 Billings Pk., Newton Corner "He who, from zone to zone guider through the houndler: .thy they certain flight, in the long way that I mutt tread alone will lead my step: Might." Fondest Memory: January 24, 1966-NHS. Riley: Italian Secondary School: College. International Club: American Field Service. SUZANNE C. ALLEN 1015 Washington St., Newtonville Sue Fondest Memory: The night Steve proposed: Thunder Road: Steve's house. I Predict That: Steve and I get married. Adams: Meadowbrook: College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: Home Economics 2, 3: Outing Club 1, 2: Rifle Club 1: Class Com- mittee 3. JONATHAN F. ALPERIN 98 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Jon, Alpy I Will To NHS: My locker which stands under a dripping water pipe. Adams: Weeks: College. Track, Indoor 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Football 1: NEWTONITE 2, 3: Key Club 1: House Council 2, 3. ALAN JASON ALPERT 18 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Al, Grouse Pet Peeve: NHS Cafeteria, U.S.A. Fondest Memory: Summers of '64 and '65 at U V. M.: Newton-14, Everett-0: My three years of Gym with Mr. Fortune. Adams: Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 2, 35 Class Com- mittee 1: French Club 1: Baseball Manager 1, 2: Football Manager 2. IVAN HARRY ANDERSON 836 Chestnut St., Waban Andy Fondest Memory: When the steam cleaner blew up. I'm Crazy About: Lynda Priola, my girl. Tech: Day: Business. I'll get out, I'll get out. Stop praying. FRANCIS A. ANNESE 48 Hawthorne St., Newton Fondest Memory: '65: T.L.S.3 a special uncle. Barry: Day3 College. JAMES L. ANTONELLIS ll Jenison St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Doing what's right in- stead of what I want. Fondest Memory: Terry Shorton- one in a million. Adamsg Dayg College. Orange Shield 3. ROBERT THOMAS ANDERSON 152 Stanton Ave., Auburndale Bob Fondest Memory: J.C. in my junior year. Suppressed Desire: To sell elevator tickets to the sophomores. Adams3 Warren: College. Golf 1, 33 Intramurals 2, 3. MARY ANNE VIRGINIA ANNESE 48 Hawthorne St., Nonantum Maize Fondest Memory: T. G. in my junior year-The graduating class of 19663 S. E. Suppressed Desire: To be able to act 19 instead of 3. Adams3 Day: College. House Council 23 Equestrian Club 2. Jimmy WILLIAM ANTONELLIS 16 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Bill Pet Peeve: Monday mornings. Favorite Pastime: Roof climbing. Bealsg Our Lady's. MICHAEL JOHN ANZIVINO 1 Beech St., Needham Mike Fondest' Memory: My Junior Prom with M.C. Favorite Pastime: Going to the Ville with John. Techg Newmang College. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 33 Basket- ball 13 Radio Club 1, 2, 33 Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 3. MARJORIE ANN ARONSON 17 Prentice Rd., Newton Margie Fondest Memory: Summer of '663 NHS-14, Everett-Og beach parties' Ho Jo's The Golden Egg. Adams: Weeksg College. Administrative Aid 2, 33 Rally Committee 2, 33 NEWTONIAN 33 NEWTONITE 23 Class Commit- tee 33 American Field Service 1, 2. 7 JOSEPH IRVING ARSENAULT 55 Lincoln Rd., Newton Favorite Expression: You're all right. Fondest Memory: The Deli. Adams3 Dayg College. SUZANNE ARSENIAN 356 California St., Nonantum Suzie, Sue, Sam Fondest Memory: The Kings, Kids3 K.A.g J.B.3 M.M.g K.P.3 P.R.3 Billy and summer of "66"3 doubling: New York "65." Suppressed Desire: To marry Billy after college and be really happy with no fighting for at least one night. Adams: Dayg College. House Council 33 Assistant Home- room Manager lg Outing Club 2, Mental Health Club 1. LINDA EDITH ARSLANIAN 63 Sumner St., Newton Centre Lin, "Butch" Favorite Expression: Oh Margaret! Be real Chuman at leastb. I Will To NHS: My faded, patched up, worn out, cut off, blue jeans. Ad amsg Weeks, College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, Secre- tary 2, President 33 Field Hockey l, 2, 33 Softball l, 2, 33 House Council Za Marching Band l, 2, 33 Leader Corps 1, 2, 3. .s Lf I it 5 ,Q V ll g. A , ' Qi: ' N 6 8 l..,.1f 5 . . ., ,. si i 5 Y' s. g .k . ,XS S 245 sit- VI . + 3- A 3 -J-Q 3 . 6' KAY Q ix 4 NW? .s ,- 1 5 :Qu -Q - . A,,.x Mai .. f . SMR, Q xy ' ,Xa ...str .Q MN , E Aww xh in 9 X ff " 2 A 'ff 4 5 623332 ' 1 5 fifrfk L - -.. 3.1--gf-21 " -X N pg. I 2' 'xv' . ff' ith. DAVID PAUL ARTESANI 175 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill "Judge" Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Mel- rose-1, tobogganing at B.B.: beach party '65: drive-ins: triple date: bakes in 1102. I Will To NHS: A Blue Bus Van- line. Adams: Bigelow: College. I-Iomeroom Manager 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2, 3: House Baseball 1: House Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 2. LINDA ELLEN ATAMIAN 853 Washington St., Newtonville "Tame" Fondest Memory: Summer '64: the Do-nut Shop: that book? huh, Gaylel: all the kids I've mer at Newton High: July 4, 1966. Claim To Fame: Making G.L.J.'s. Barry: South: College. Leader Corps 1: Class Committee 3: Home Economics. JOYCE ATKINSON 88 Arlington St., Newton Fondest Memory: A boy: a red Saab: Martha's Vineyard and the wet ride home. I'm Crazy About: Fire drills on the fourth floor of Building one: the lovely, spastic sinks in the Art De- partment. Adams: Bigelow: College. Music Club 2: NEWTONIAN: All-School Play. KATHERINE LYNN ATWOOD 174 Valentine St., West Newton Kiffv 'This too rball pass." Favorite Expression: Great! Riley: South Kingstown: College. Equestrian Club 3: Home Econom- ics Club 2, 3: Rally Committee 3. MITCHEL JAY AUGUST 163 Sargent St., Newton Augie, Mole Fondest Memory: Woods of Hyan- nis: The library in North Conway: Bud and Nick: Chop chop at 1:30 A.M.: hockey at 2:00 A.M.: Brady's Diner. Adams: Bigelow: College. Hockey 1, 2: Orange Shield 3: Traffic Patrol 3: Assistant Home- room Manager 1: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH PAUL BACCARI 57 Allison St., Newton Fondest Memory: Yelling "Mary" in the halls. Favorite Pastime: Looking for Mary between classes. Tech: Day: College. STEPHAN RICHARD BAGLEY 4 75 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Bags Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Mel- rose-1. Adams: Warren: College. Hockey 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 3: Traffic Squad 3. RICHARD P. BAIMA 36 Jasset St., Newton Chief Failing: Math II-1 twice: Math II-2 once. Fondest Memory: Newton-14, Everett-0 '66. Adams: Day. JOHN ROBERT BAKER 26 Lincoln Pk., West Newton "Bakes" Pet Peeve: A certain tree on Otis Street. Fondest Memory: Butche's junior Math class: the "JUDGE" in 1102. Adams: Warren: College. Football 1: Orange Shield 3: House Football 3: House Basketball 3. RONALD BAKER 146 Nevado St., Newtonville Ronnie, Bakes Favorite Expression: Kid, send it in! I Predict That: Mr. Gatley's Gym class will become co-ed before 1970. Adams: Day: Service. JAMES PHILIP BARBERIO 11 Oak Ave., West Newton Hog Fondest Memory: August 22 and November 6, 1965. Bacon: Warren: Business. Astronomy Club: Folksinging Club: National Honor Society 2, 3: Ger- man Club: Math Team. ILENE BARENBERG 115 Adena Rd., West Newton Natalie Wilpower, Miss Aggravation Fondest Memory: Days of milk and roses: Not another maniac, Linda?: Jan's Dodge: Marlboro Country, eh Roberta?: the chase. Suppressed Desire: To be a motor- cycle. Adams: Warren: College. American Field Service 2, 3: Fu- ture Teachers of America 1, 2, 3: Mental Health Club 2, 3: Rally Committee 2: Administrative Aid 2, 3. JOHN ANGELO BARISANO 53 Court St., Newtonville Jack Favorite Expression: Meanwhile- back at the ranch. I Will To NHS: Two younger brothers. Barry: Day: College. AVRON BRIAN BARR 33 Reservoir Dr., Chestnut Hill "No man it an island, entire of it- self: every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main: . . . any man? death dinzinither me, he- canse I am involved in mankind: And therefore never send' to know for whom the hell tolli: It toll: for thee." Riley: Pennsauken: College. CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH BARRETT 77 Newtonville Ave., Newton Corner Kip Pet Peeve: People who can't stay awake in class. Favorite Expression: Ask me if I care. Adams: Our Lady's: College. ROBERT JOSEPH BARRON 479 Chestnut St., Waban Chief Failing: Thinking of what to write. Fondest Memory: Junior Gym class with Mr. Jessup. Adams: Warren: Business. PAMELA SACHT BARROWS 149 Cabot St., Newton Pam Fondest Memory: "Thieves Carni- val." Suppressed Desire: To lock the IN door in Building one at 2:44 and stop the stampede. Adams: Bigelow: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Folksinging Club 2, 3: Stage Crew 3. JOHN JOSEPH BARRY 45 Eddy St., West Newton J.B. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Claim To Fame: Finding an eleva- tor shaft in Building one. Adams: Bigelow: College. Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN THERESA BARRY 32 Lenox St., West Newton Kathy, Sweet Pea Fondest Memory: May 4, 1966: Betgson's parking lot: Wellesley College on a Sunday afternoon with R.B.S. Suppressed Desire: To be wearing white on a Saturday in June in 1972 with R.B.S. as my partner. Bacon: St. Bernard's: College. Administrative Aid 2: Latin Club 2: Music Club 3. RUSSELL DANIEL BECKLER 11 Hollis St., Newton Centre Russ Fondest Memory: S.B., summer of '66: D.S.'s farm: V.S. wedding: E. basketball team: the group at F.R.: A.M.: District Chorus: light at Weston: '65 Kickoff Dance: salad shirt: the outer island. I Will To NHS: ,A paisley shirt. Barry: Bigelow: College. Track, Outdoor 1, 2: Soccer 2, 33 Madrigals 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 1. BARBARA JANE BELL lege. American Field 55 Woodbine St., Auburndale Bonnie Adams: George Washington: Col- Service 2, Ger- many Exchange 33 NEWTONITE News Editor 2: Human Rights Club 2: Spanish Club 2. ROBERT THOMAS BEMIS 4 Arbor Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: The fragrant aroma of the locker room. I Predict That: Smoking will be permitted in study halls by 1970. Beals: Sacred Heart: College. Y I .Ls 5,1 " ' an Ig.. .1 . s V' ,x U. A 'muh . f ? K: 211 W A E hx lf' -X x : J i ' at 3 ' -v .,5'f?a "him Q 4 wunm...,v 3 Q. . nit' i ft, .wlmimim , I .Qi .wif Q f "'f"fw A " J I t.,ps.ii.ggk Y'-. , Y-LGB LQ 51,-.:,,',,.13's. :Ti ' I -AS: .. r AW -A llzyv. 1 1' . , . . ' I I' .. ...n,3y.','."x"" "' . ' f " 1' lt" l ,'.4,rA.V,-vnu' I do helieve in fairies, I do helieve in fairieff 175 Birm R, ,H fl X 1, MICHAEL THOMAS BENSON 23 Turner Terr., Newtonville Benny Fondest Memory: Coming home from the Cape june, 1966, party with J.A., D. MCC., B. LeB., meet- ing Krise-December, 1965. I Will To NHS: A certain waitress at Hojo's, a '54 Chevy. Adams, Day, College. Track, Indoor 1, 2, Track, Outdoor 3, Intramural Football and Softball 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 1. ELLEN RUTH BEREZIN 20 Oakvale Rd., Waban TWITCH, FETUS "Laugh and the world laughs with jCci'1gl,and you cry alone, But it mined as I cried, And I knew .... " Fondest Memory: The little cars, the men, S.F.J.P., the tsorris. Adams, Warren, College. American Field Service 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, NEW- TONIAN 5, English Club 2, 32 Future Teachers of America 2. DONNA MARIE BERGANTINO 85 Waltham St., West Newton Fondest Memory: All the days at Cronins with K.L., September 25, 1965, lunches at Jean's and the Colonial, the Cape in April. Suppressed Desire: To someday be- come Mrs. R.K.L. Barry: St. Bernard's, Business. 'i lf, W ,. 4 'Rf' f , ff. ,- I O.K. johnny, detention is over. Yon can go home now. NAOMI JUDITH BERKOWITZ 93 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Favorite Expression: It was only an idea. Claim To Fame: Being told to re- port to: Newton High School cafeteria, 44 Ryerson Avenue, Newton, New Jersey, in order to take my SAT's. Adams, Day, College. NEWTONIAN Publicity Art Edi- tor 3, Latin Club 1, House Council 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Art Club 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 1, President 2, 3. NANCY MARIA BIELSKI 11 Loring St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Junior English. Claim to Fame: Three last period studies on Friday. Riley, Bigelow. American Field Service 1, 2, 3, All-School Play 2, Drama Club -1, French Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTONITE 2. STEPHEN DAVID BERTOLINO 4 Quincy Rd., Chestnut Hill Steve Pet Peeve: Phony, put-on people. I'm Crazy About: Motorcycles, sur- fing, summer. Palmer, East, College. Sailing Club 3, Ski Club 39 Track, Outdoor 3. CAROL L. BIRMINGHAM 15 Montclair Rd., Waban Favorite Expression: I love the microphone, Yea, I do! Fondest Memory: June 30, 1966, Bashes at the ROCK, a micro- phone, Lugar's party, the surf at Falmouth, the rays at Marshfield, quiet period with Mr. K. in 1102, B. Brothers, summer '66. Adams, Warren, College. House Council 2, 3, Future Teach- ers of America 1, 2, 3, House Newspaper 2, 3. ALICIA JAMIE BISHOP 42 Gilbert St., West Newton Jamie Chief Failing: Physics. Fondest Memory: Mr. D"s party, the drive-in, those Gym classes. Riley, Star of The Sea Academy, Business. Youth Center Committee 1, 2, Math Club and Team 1, Mental Health Club 1, 2, Equestrian Club 1, 2, Independent Research Club 1, 2, Vice President 3. DONNA LEE BLAIR 40 Fountain St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Q.E.D.'s, Groton- wood and the left loafer, The Pied Piper, chchchch .... , a wise old Indian, wink adventures, H.D. Thoreau and junior English. Riley, Warren, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, 3, Latin Club Secretary 2, Program Chairman 3, NEWTONIAN 3, French National Honor Society 2, 33 Homeroom Manager 3. I i l l l V. 1 l. l .5 l I P in ll I IM JUDITH KAREN BLOMQUIST 39 Copley St., Newton Judv Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. Fondest Memory: September, 24, 1965, the night I met Dwight, the summer of "66", Harwichport and my guy. Adams, Bigelow, College. Folksinging Club 1, Music Club 2, House Council 2, Class Commit- tee 1. RICHARD CHARLES BLOOM 12 Garner St., Newton Centre Richie Fondest Memory: The Quiet Period with A.K., L.O. in my sophomore and junior years, homeroom, girls. Favorite Pastime: Walking people to class Cmostly girlsb, saying hello to people I know and people I don't know on campus. Adams, Weeks, College. LaCrosse 2, 3, Orange Shield 3, House Council 2, Traflic Squad 3. STANLEY VICTOR BLOOM 11 Carleton St., Newton Corner Stan Pet Peeve: L.S. 3, N.H.S. 2. Claim to Fame: Having two differ- ent color eyes, words of disagree- ment with Holly, Gordie, and the Bird. Adams, Bigelow, College. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Class Com- mittee 2, House Council, Student Office Assistant 2. MARC AARON BLUMENTHAL 75 Bellevue St., Newton Fondest Memory: A swim to Israel from Martha's Vineyard, Saturday nights with Worm, Toad, Curly, Rat and Nose. I Will To NHS: A decree chang- ing Building one into an ancient museum, a medicine ball to be used as a soccer ball, and an ash tray for the boy's room. Adams, Bigelow, College. Soccer 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, All School Play 2, American Field Service 1, 2, Senior Play. FRANCO JOHN BOIARDI 61 Oak St., Wellesley Boiardi "Make mine hot chocolate." I Will To NHS: My greasy cover- all, my Gym suit, my notebook Tech, Wellesley, Business. JOANNE MARIE BONADIO 30 Talbot St., West Newton Fondest Memory: April 9, 1965, ride on the "Black Bagel". Adams, Warren, College. Human Rights Club 1, 3, Sailing Club 1, 3. MICHAEL BONADIO 13 Cottage Pl., West Newton Mike Favorite Expression: I didn't do it. I Will To NHS: All the girls that I know. Tech, Warren, Business. Shop Room Manager 1, 2, 3, Ad- ministrative Aid 2, 3, Basketball 3. LINDA MARIE BONICA 54 Taft Ave., West Newton Pet Peeve: The night Sandy got sick at the carnival, right Diane?, trying to teach Sandy how to open my locker. Fondest Memory: Seeing myself really happy with Paul while it lasted those few months, my sopho- more year with Mr. Daube. Adams, Day, College. FREDERICK HAROLD BOOTH 193 Adams Ave., West Newton Pet Peeve: Gym and school in general, getting up at 3:30 on Sun- days. I Will To NHS: One vacant seat to anyone who may want it. Adams, Warren, Business. DEBORAH ANN BORDA 379 Central St., Auburndale Adams, Warren, College. ANTHONY RAOUL BOTT 77 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville "Bony" Pet Peeve: Spanish train tunnels. Favorite Pastime: Crawling at Cape Cod. Adams, Roxbury Latin, College. Football 1, 3, Hockey 1, 3, Tennis 1, LaCrosse 33 Ski Club 1, 3. DOMINIC JOSEPH BOUDREAU 246 California St., Nonantum Pet Peeve: Football practice. Fondest Memory: Beating Everett 14-O. Adams, Day, Business. Football 1, 2, 3, Basketball I. '-C' N mms-. JAMES A. BOUDREAU 503 Walnut St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Robby's demo: winding the film for Dellmuth: "sure Neb": E.S.M.: Newton-14, Everett-0. Suppressed Desire: That all senior girls be led out to a field and shot. Adams: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3: NEWTON- ITE 2, 3: Ice Hockey 2, 3: Foot- ball 1. JAMES J. BOUDREAU 90 Waban Pk., Newton Jav Chief Failing: Football-I broke my leg twice! Tech: Day: Business. JOYCE MARIE BOUDREAU 153 Hancock St., Auburndale Favorite Expression: That's cool: get lost, will ya!: you guys. Claim to Fame: My slave bracelet- August, 1965: never been to nurse's oflice. Adams: Warren: College. Home Economics: Girls' Athletic Association: Fencing: Tennis. NANCY ELIZABETH BOWEN 124 Country Dr., Weston Nance "He who ring! frighten: away his ills" Fondest Memory: The Fellowship: those nine days: communicating: Liesl and Rolf: early morning talks: Sound of Music: Q. E. D. retreats. Adams: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 3: NEWTONITE 3: French Club 1. DEBORAH GRACE BOYD 8 St. James St., Newton Corner Debbie Pet Peeve: Detentions. Chief Failing: Gym. Barry: Bigelow: Business. Girls' Athletic Association: Drama Club: Outing Club: Ski Club: Ad- ministrative Aid. THOMAS POWER BOYLAN 142 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Tom Fondest Memory: French I and II. Suppressed Desire: To get an "A" in Chemistry. Palmer: St. Sebastian: College. Key Club 1: Ski Club 3: Sailing Club 3. BARBARA ANN BRANDON 104 Eliot Ave., West, Newton Barbs Pet Peeve: Uncle Sam. Fondest Memory: February, '65 and all the wonderful times that have followed: S. and J. Prom with him: graduating class of '66. Adams: Day: Business. Home Economics: Rally Commit- tee: Class Committee 3: Tusitala. ROBERT PAUL BRICKER 731 Beacon St., Newton Centre Bob, Stretch, Wilt the Stilts "Do unto otherr, and do it yirrtf' Pet Peeve: Low doorways and pipes. Adams: Weeks: College. Basketball 1, 3: Track, Indoor 2: Class Committee 2. CHARLES ROBERT BRINDLEY 590 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Charlie I Will To NHS: My white sneak- ers for marching in the band. Suppressed Desire: To do a five- foot wheel stand with my scooter. Adams: Warren. YVONNE CLARI SSE BRISSON 11 North St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Summer of 1966 with Jackie, Bob and Bill. Favorite Pastime: Working in the library. Adams: Day: College. Library Club 2, 3: French Club 2: . Music Club 1: Red Cross Club 1. V 1 JosEPH EDWARD ' BRODERICK, JR. 17 Rogers St., Newton Joe "So, then, to every man his chance -to every man, regardless of his hirth, his shining, golden opportun- ity-to every man the right." Fondest Memory: Miss Jewett's Latin class in my sophomore and lunior years. Barry: Bigelow: College. House Council 3: Folksinging Club 3: Human Rights Club- 3: Latin Club 3: NEWTONIAN 3. JUDIT H ANNE BROWN 111 Crafts St., Newtonville Judy Fondest Memory: The Prom of '66: all the things that "never" went right! Adams: Day: Business. Class Committee 2. tiff .,..,,. ,, Wa. 4 . f ,M,,W,.c .Wm X.:-W wwf' If M Dub I don? understand. MARGARET MARY BROWN 567 Walnut St., Newtonville Maggy Fondest Memory: These Willy Hilly peasant colonists. Riley, College. Human Rights Club 2, 3, Thought- prinrs 2, 3-, Film Festival 2, 35 Russian Club 2, 3, Equestrian Club 2, 3. THOMAS PATRICK BROWNE 38 Court St., Newtonville Tom "T.B. or not T.B., their a good quertionf' I'm Crazy About: Cold pizza for breakfast. Barry, Our Lady's, College. Ski Club 3, Rifle Club 3, Junior Varsity Hockey 2. CHRISTINE MICHELLE BUCUVALAS 140 Harvard St., Newtonville Chris Pet Peeve: Questions, white socks. Fondest Memory: Weekends, sum- mer of '65, J., junior year, S., B. Adams, Day, College. House Council 1, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, Red Cross Club 1, 2. ELAINE ISABEI. BUDD 45 Salisbury Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: Summers, New- ton-Brookline football games, junior year, library, 22, Box 54 Winchendon, G-Block study. Suppressed Desire: To have sum- mer ten months and school two. Barry, Bigelow, College. French Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, Red Cross Club 1, Orange Book 2. DONNA MARIE BURKE W. 7. r A fw. e..,,,..,,L I' 'f f I '4,,..1' .,,.,YIf-'-7755? 'I' ,gg s , A S MQ:-.-ks.. 449 Washington St., Newton Corner 7, ,,.7 I 3,5 Fondest Memory: September 14, 1965-the day I met my boyfriend. 7 cm , I Will To NHS: My brother and ii' 57' sister. - 1 V " H Adams, Bigelow, College. A 5 I PAMELA ANN BURKE 17 Fairview St., Newton Pam Fondest Memory: December 18, 1965, All the roof climbing I did in the summer of '66, most of all Billy. Adams, Bigelow, Business. Outing Club 1. DEBORAH RUTH BURKHARDT 5 Jenison St., Newtonville Deb, Burk Pet Peeve: Having my name mis- spelled. Fondest Memory: O.S. 4 A.M., Newton-14, Everett-0, Mary Pop- pins, G.R.A.G. '66, Bryan and the Fat Moosh, Uncle Arnie, October 5, 1964. Adams, Day, College. Class Committee Vice President 2 and 3, House Council 1, Rally Committee 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 3, Leader Corps 2. STEPHEN BURNS 9 Decatur St., Newton Steve Fondest Memory: Coming to school. Barry, Day. GEORGE ROBERT BUTLER 470 California St., Newtonville I Will To NHS: The Sheet Metal Shop. Suppressed Desire: To own a G.T.O. Tech, Day. PETER OSWALD BUTLER 46 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Aachen-summer '66, A-strasse, go-carting in Vaals, Ralph's party-midnight swim, Berlin-Saufen Blues, Ste- man, Mark's party. I Will To NHS: A Version of A- Streer for Tech High. Adams, Weeks, College. German Club 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, Equestrian Club 2, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. 179 LINDA JEAN BUTTS 59 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Chemistry semin- ars with Mr. Hall. Favorite Pastime: Collecting and breeding tropical fish. Adams, Weeks, College. Biology Club 1, Spanish Club 2, 3. STEPHEN ARTHUR CAIN 106 Summer St., Newton Centre Suppressed Desire: To be able to tell people my SAT scores without mumbling. Claim To Fame: The only soccer player to trip over a chalk line. Adams, Weeks, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Soccer 3, Basket- ball 1, 2, Chess Club 3. MARY ELIZABETH CALLAHAN 311 Lexington St., Aub-urndale Beth Fondest Memory: Marshfield, O.S. 4 A.M., 4f3!65, huh Pat?, Cheer- leading, S.D. at K.D., all the foot- ball and hockey games, rain and bare feet, three years. I Will To NHS: Two banged-up megaphones, eh Shar? Adams, Warren, College. Class Committee Secretary 1, 2, 33 Cheerleading 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, NEWTONIAN 3, French Club 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA ALINE CALLANDER 139 Mount Vernon St., Newtonville Ginny Favorite Expression: Ya-Ya Yshgt. Fondest Memory: March 12, 1966, the P.C. skywalk, a certain blue station wagon. Adams, Warren, College. Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, French Club 3: Spanish Club 35 Archae- ology Club 1. . rw . .X is X ll .. h, .assi X sax 1 is , . s.. jvnrxw . .,.. i . .,,. .i - .f hh V NRA 51.4 , g K ,... . N Kgwgwxgs 704 spread. X.. W PATRICIA HELEN CAMPBELL 206 Church St., Newton Patty Fondest Memory: Painting the Commons Room, 7:30 rendez-vous with Miss Ryan and a percolator, goal with five seconds left, Orienta- tion Day, 1966, Voice Training. Claim to Fame: 16-9:5, I have a twin two years younger than me! Bacon, Cutler Ridge, College. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, House Commons Room Com- mittee 1, 2, Chairman 3, Girls' Choir 1, 2, A Capella Choir 2, 3. RICHARD J. CAPELLO 52 Stratford Rd., West Newton Richie Fondest Memory: Watching fire- men trying to put out a fire in Building I last year. Favorite Pastime: Watching sopho- mores running laps around the track. Adams, Warren. LARRY JOSEPH CARAMANICA 14 Emerald St., Newton Fondest Memory: Finding notes from my girl friend in my car after school. Favorite Pastime: Going to the Deli for lunch where the better food is. Tech. PAUL LAWRENCE CARDARELLI 19 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Cardar, Pablo Chief Failing: Trying to predict scores for NHS Football games. I Will To NHS: A comb for Mr. Livingston. Adams, Day, College. Track, Indoor 1, Track, Outdoor 1, Orange Shield 3. MARGARET LORETTA CAREY 97 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Dee, Charlie Fondest Memory: B.C. Pizza fights, Rhode, last year's senior class, S's parties, 6!24f'64. Favorite Pastime: H., Betty's, food, climbing mountains. Palmer, Sacred Heart, College. Drama Club 2, Library Club 33 Powder Puff Football 3. ROBERT PAUL CAREY 97 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The 2:45 bell, on the rocks. I'm Crazy About: Quiet periods. Adams, Sacred Heart. Intramural Sports, Orange Shield. Wormf.f SHARON TERESA CAREY 110 Staniford St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: 4-1-1: cheering: NHS-14, Everett-0: NHS-2, Mel- rose-1: 46915: 12:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M.: O.S. 4 A.M.: Marshfield: The Jap: NEWTONIAN: FDM's with Laura: class of '67. I Will To NHS: Two banged-up megaphones, eh Beth? Adams: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Cheerleaders 1, 2, Captain 3: Class Committee Treasurer 2, 3: NEW- TONIAN Girls' Sports Editor 3: French National Honor Society 2, ,N 3. CHRISTINE ANN CARLINO 8 Orris St., Auburndale Pet Peeve: My curfew! Fondest Memory: August 20: De- cember 18, 25, 29 '65-'66: Ken's '56 Chevy: B.C. Sophomore Prom: Yankee fisherman. Adams: Warren: College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2: Rally Committee 3: Class Commit- tee 2. RUBY NANCY CARMEN 48 Philmore Rd., Newton Pet Peeve: Brockton High School. Fondest Memory: Homeroom 1256: Say-hi Club: February 11, 1965. Barry: Bigelow: College. American Field Service 2: French Club 2: Girls' Athletic Association 2: NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTON- ITE 3. El E. DAVID PAUL CARUSO 60 Westland Ave., West Newton Fondest. Memory: Meeting Jo-Ann in my lunior year. I Will To NHS: A comb for Mr. Livingston. Adams: Warren: College. STEPHEN CHARLES CASALE 220 California St., Nonantum Steve Suppressed Desire: To keep my suppressed desire suppressed. Chief Failing: Being a real estate broker on 10!7!66. Tech: Day: College. Radio Club 1, 2, 33 Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 33 P.A. Tech- nician 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES CASE 139 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Bill "When you point u finger of scorn at somebody else, take a look at your band. You'll see that three fingers are pointing back at you." Favorite Expression: Of course. Adams: Weeks: College. German Club 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH JAMES CAUSE 97 Warwick Rd., West Newton Joe Chief Failing: All subjects, Gym too. Fondest Memory: Skipping classes in my sophomore year. Barry: Warren. DAVID JOSEPH CEDRONE 191 Melrose St., Auburndale Dave Fondest Memory: All the home- work we did in those quiet X- Blocks. I Predict That: Mr. Livingston will one day dress conservatively and comb his hair. Adams: Warren: College. Gymnastics 1: Orange Shield 3. FLORENCE ANN CEDRONE 315 Crafts St., Newtonville Flossie I Predict That: N.M.N. will never leave E.P. again. Suppressed Desire: To become a secretary. Barry: Day: Business. Home Economics 1, 2: Girls' Ath- letic Association 2. ROBERT CHAGNON 201 Adams Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: January 26, 1965: meeting Diana before and after classes: talks? with Miss Ryan: February 13, 1966: the Prom: Gym classes with Mr. Gatley: the corner outside room 321. I Predict That: R.C. will marry D.B. and that B.T. will marry D.C.: that Newton High will go HRAT... Bacon: Warren: Business. ity' Hz' X iw X- x. W qt- :HMB sQw:x1 sa5iH,1s'zE'. 'isa' S i .. S V' ,sr Z y 1 X. CAROL C. CHANOCK 49 Hazelhurst Ave., West Newton Chan, Charlie Pet Peeve: Being taken captive to R.I. for dinner with S.B. Fondest Memory: Senior Clan sophomore year, the barn, D.C. and TEP formal, BJ. and A and W Root Beer, Crane's, Hey Cath, I think we forgot something, sleep- ing bag MFT, 4 in a Vet. Barry, Day, College. Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 3, Home Economics 3, House Council 1, 2. MARK BRADFORD CHASSON 294 Highland Ave., West Newton Marki, MB, Milkman Pet Peeve: Journalism, Edicts. Fondest Memory: Newton 2-Mel- rose 1, triple date, 1138, seer- sucker pants. Barry, Warren, College. Tiger 3, Hockey 1, 3, Orange Shield, Lacrosse 1, 2, House Coun- cil 3. WILMA YING CHEN 185 Fairway Dr., West Newton "Only that day dawn! to which we are awake. There if more day to dawn. The .fun if hut a morning star." Claim to Fame: Being one-fourth of a French class. Barry, Day, College. NEWTONIAN Literary Editor 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, House Council 1, 2. NANCY JEAN CHIACCHIA 6 Manhattan Terr., West Newton Copper, Chatch Fondest Memory: R86, Gary Theater, Charlie Fatso, John, Lemon Whoppers with umbrellas, curbs, wall climbing. Favorite Pastime: Wall climbing. Adams, Warren, College. Future Teachers of America 3, French Club 3, Archaeology Club 1. RICHARD GREGORY CHIAMPA 64 Green Pk., Newton llHOg!l Fondest Memory: 12:00 A.M.-3:00 A.M., Newton-2, Melrose-1. Bacon, St. Sebastian's, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Class Commit- tee 2, 3, House Council 3, Ice Hockey 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 2, 3. MELISA NANCY CHOROSZY 217 Harvard Cir., Newtonville I Predict That: There shall a star come out of jacob. Favorite Pastime: Clam digging. Barry, Day, College. A Capella Choir 3, Drama Club 1, Music Club 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3. RICHARD BERNARD CICCARIELLO 66 Bernard St., Newton' Highlands Dick Fondest Memory: Meeting at the basketball games. Favorite Pastime: Driving home in the snow at midnight. Tech, Meadowbrook, College. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1. ANTHONY FRANCIS CIOCCA 25 Adams St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Okay! Fondest Memory, Newton-6, Brook- line-5. Barry, Day. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Cap and Gown Committee 1, Orange Shield 3. LUCY ANN CIOLFI 112 Dalby St., Nonantum Lu Pet Peeve: Running around the field in those ridiculous gym clothes. Fondest Memory: The summer of '65 when I met Morry and all the fun we had double dating with Bruns and Danielle, our continu- ous problem through '66. Barry, Day, Business. Home Economics. JUDITI-I ANN CIVETTI ' I I .. ,,,.,- .. : ,gg 2117 Commonwealth Ave., ,, ,,,, Auburndale '..' I cl L I Ju V " ,.,,.'. , Favorite Expression: That's pretty fir good Pete!!! . xl Fondest Memory: My three years :-.. at NHS with Pete. "ff : 1 Adams, Warren, Business. Y 'ii C, QE , we, NX Sq fe, 41: 5 .sf b x X R xg l ,mmf 'B fn Q S 1. Z Q 2 3 X ERNEST SIDNEY CLARK 670 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Ernie, Bones Fondest Memory: Newton beating Everett 34-6. Suppressed Desire: To get a "B" in one of Mr. Rossi's classes. Barry, Warren, Business. LaCrosse 1, Intramural Football 3. THEODORE C. CLAYMAN 518 Lowell Ave., Newton Ted Favorite Expression: Help, the Lord has finally provided. Barry, Day, College. Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, Manager 3, Radio Club 1, 2, President 3, Ski Club 3. CALVIN WHITNEY CLAYTON 20 Hereford Rd., Waban Favorite Expression: Certainly! Certainlylg I reckon. Suppressed Desire: To pass. Barry, Warren, College. Investment Club 2, Ski Club 1, 2, Orange Shield 3. DOLORES MARIE CLEMENTE 18 Jones Ct., Nonantum 'Dee Pet Peeve: Gym. Favorite Pastime: The girls' room during lunch. Barry, Day, Business. Home Economics 3, Girls' Athletic Association. CAROLYN ANTONINA CLIFTON 221 Highland Ave., West Newton Clifiie Fondest Memory: E.D., bashes at the rock, the group, Labor Day and the Demmies, that Wednesday night, waiting for Lugar??, July 4th weekend. Claim To Fame: Climbing fences, that stupid hat. Palmer, Warren. Folksinging Club 2, 3, Film Festi- val 2, French Club 2, Ski Club 2 3, Russian Club 1, 2. DAVID MARTIN CLINE 23 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Dave, Aleph Sopher Pet Peeve: Climbing to the third floor of Building two for Biology as a sophomore, Chemistry as a junior, and Physics as a senior, just plain STAIRS. I Predict- That: Building one will either burn down or be wrecked within five years after my gradua- tion. Adams, Weeks, College. Debating Society 1, Recording Sec- retary 2, 3, Key Club 1, 3, Soccer 2. 3 RICHARD COFFIN 30 Churchill St., Newtonville Claim To Fame: 135 feet on Elm Road. Tech, Belmont, Business. DEBRA JANE COHEN 20 Overlook Pk., Newton Centre Debbie Chief Failing: Four Neighbors. Fondest Memory: E1len's math, C.C. riding with S.A., a bike, Juan Tex Valdez, R.B.L., M.B.S., March 24, 25, 1966, lost keyS1 Jawyn, Tomerny, of course, 13 .... Barry, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Red Cross Council 1, 2, Secre- tary 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. RICHARD BARON COHEN 88 Day St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Nothing. Chief Failing: Being able to create a fondest memory. Adams, Warren, College. All-School Play 3, Debating So- ciety 1, 2, 3, Senior Play, Russian Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, 2, Advisory Board 3. K 6 .M X we t fi is Q Fixx ' XZ. .sg,,,... ' if -'Q'-.muff Q -1 'f'F""" we 2.8 SEQ -X Qi ii t STEPHEN NICHOLAS COLANTUONO 11 Acorn Dr., Auburndale Steve Favorite Pastime: Trying to com- prehend a certain person's feelings while showing Mr. Guzzi how to tie his tie. I'm Crazy About: Football scores, pumpkin seeds, a darling mother. Barry, Warren, College. Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Music Club. FRANCIS ANTHONY COLELLA 191 Chapel St., Newton Frank Barry, Day, College. GARY CALVIN COLEMAN 29 Baker Pl., Newton Lower Falls "Old soldiers never fade away, they just die." I Will To NI-IS: All the "Keep OH The Grass" signs that should have been changed to "Keep OH The Dirt." Barry, Amhurst Central, College. 1 ,a QW? O.K. Kawolsky, you start at left tackle. il' a NANCY LYNNE COMENITZ 92 Stuart Rd., Newton Center Chief Failing: "Born too late." Fondest Memory: The senior class in my sophomore year: Waterville: "The Thing"g B.C., my favorite pet: my sis across the street: sum- mers with Bev, G.M. Barry, Bigelow, College. American Field Service 1, 2: Future Teachers of America 3: NEW- TONITE 2: Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. MARYA JULIE CONKLIN 21 Hood St., Newton Marvin Fondest Memory: La Boheme. Claim To Fame: My long blue cape, my long hair. Beals: Bigelow, College. Russian Club 1, Music Club 1. MARY JUNE CONNELLY 207 Auburn St., Auburndale June Fondest Memory: All the friends I made during my life at Newton High. I'm Crazy About: The Beatles, Herman's I-Iermitsg and all Eng- lish singing groups. Adams, Warren: Business. we JEANNE CONNOLLY 21 Rogers St., Newton Favorite Expression: Look: we this: right. Chief Failing: Tommy. Palmer' Our Lad of the Presenta- 1 Y tion: College. Library Club 1, 2, 3: Administra- tive Aid 3. JOHN ALLEN CONQUEST 480 Walnut St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: How that. Fondest Memory: Graduating. Barry: Day: College. Stage Crew 2, 3. DEBORAH PEARL COOK 75 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Cookie Fondest Memory: Class of '65 Senior Prom. Suppressed Desire: To be able to make it on my own. Barry, Day: Business. Ski Club 3. need CHERYL DIANE CONNOR 49 Smith Ave., West Newton Charlie Fondest Memory: The summer of '66 with M.M. and T.F.g The Ebb- tide gang, J.Q.'s house: the date 7!27!63: the girl's room on the second floor of Building one. Favorite Expression: Get off my back: and what's your problem? Barry, Warren, College. Administrative Aids: Class Com- mittee 2, Mental Health Club: Home Economics. about CAROLE ANN MARIE CONTI 21 Harold Terr., West Newton Carole Fondest Memory: june 22, 1965 at S.Kfs party with Larry: the sum- mer of '65 and '66. I Will To NHS: My green taxi. Barry: Warreng College. House Council. A RONALD LEE COOK 21 Talbot St., West Newton "Pm now zz name, but .toon will be zz legend." Chief Failing: French. Palmer, Carver: College. V l W l 1 1 l 1 w 4 1 i l . EDWARD ARTHUR CORLISS 121 Newell Ave., Needham Corky Pet Peeve: Not meeting enough Newton girls. Claim To Fame: One of five who survived Mr. Hale. Tech. PAUL FREDERICK CORT 11 Devon Rd., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: Hearing "just wait 'till next year!" from the coaches. Favorite Expression: Just wait 'till next year! Beals, Ateneo de Manila, College. Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3. REBECCA HELEN CORT 11 Devon Rd., Newton Centre Becky Pet Peeve: Senior year. Fondest Memory: Junior year. Beals, Maryknoll, College. American Field Service 1, House Captain 2, Vice Chairman 3, Thoughtprints 2, Production Editor 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Human Rights Club 2, 3, Inter- national Club 1. MARTHA ELLEN COSSABOOM 17 Malvern Terr., Auburndale Fondest Memory: The entire year of one thousand nine hundred and sixty-six. I Predict That: "Yorkshire or Bust." Barry, Warren, College. Equestrian Club 2, 3, Orchesis 1, 2, Sailing Club 3. RONALD F. COUTU 40 Easy St., Sudbury "The Kid" Pet Peeve: Parking tickets. Chief Failing: Being on time. Tech, Sudbury, Business. Administrative Aid 1, 2, Vice President 3, NEWTONIAN 3. LYNDA SUE COVINGTON 12 Curve St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Boys who wear white socks with black shoes. Fondest Memory: My three won- derful years at Newton High School with Mr. Fortune as home- room teacher. Barry, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 2, 3, Tennis Team 3, Orchesis 1, Girls' Athletic Association 3, House Council 3. RALPH. A. CREVOSHAY 41 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Ralphyleinchen Fondest Memory: May Day. I Will To NHS: A 350 foot high, full-length, color photograph of James Dean suitable for mounting atop Building three. Barry, Weeks, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, Editor 3, Film Festival 2, 3, German Club 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club Treasurer 1, 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3. WARREN PATRICK CRONIN 189 Tremont St., Newton Corner Pat Fondest Memory: The Cape, D.C., J.P., and G.E. Suppressed Desire: To make 30 credits my senior year. Barry, Day. Football 2, House Council 2, In- tramural Sports 1, 2. ROBERT MICHAEL CROWE 106 Lexington St., Auburndale Bob Favorite Expression: So good. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3. ANTHONY DANIEL CUCCHI 122 Hawthorne St., Newtonville Cooch Favorite Expression: Repetition of a point. Favorite Pastime: Climbing stairs. Beals, Day, College. Orange Shield 1. REYNOLD ARNOLD CULLMAN 78 Hull St., Newtonville Rennie, Cul Fondest Memory: Okemo, "the switch", scoccer games, summer '66', Chemistry labs, Blue's dances, house council meetings, 1110. Suppressed Desire: To become an Olympic skier. Adams, Day, College. House Council 1, 2, President 3, Soccer 2, 3, Latin Club 1, Ski Club l. ELIZABETH ELLEN CUPRAK 27 Orient Ave., Newton Centre Beth Pet Peeve: Fire drills during my only study period. Suppressed Desire: To slide down the bannister in Building II from the third floor. Adams, Weeks, College. Music Club 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 2, 3, Field Hockey 1. .rr :pp,,,,,,. ,. ,f, -.1 ,IW 4 yan' sm 45' 'firmer 'I 1 .,.- z 9' ,A.,. x 1521.1 L . 'fihvi fx: f .:. ,,.. N 13,1 , 5' tm. V, v ,Lv ta' 1 .1 - A 1 wi 4.3 l up I, . ' K 1.1 ' 3 ti, .f ' I Q A - 'Q' - ' ' " ...Q 5' . W'-X , 1' . ' 'ix 1 , fi tif"-L J ' . , tl., ,li jug, vfivl.-In ' fx I 12" i. ". "AH ,jc 177331 is 'NQ'f"gYT'M1N+H A .. . GFX. " Q , X . ,,, , 3 aff., , . , 111.71 Ar, 'V - - . ' , Q -13' 522, " .wt ' .-371 i f ' 186 DAVID HAMILTON CURRIER 122 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls I Will To NHS: My sister. Claim To Fame: Washing 8,463 dishes during the summer of '66. Barry, Warren, College. Soccer 1, 2, 3, LaCrosse 2, 3, Ski Club 3. LAWRENCE MICHAEL D'AGOSTINO 9 Perry Rd., Auburndale Larry, Dag Favorite Expression: How's you? Fondest Memory: Junior Prom, S.H., 1408, English II-3, last period studies. Beals, Our Lady's, College. Class Committe 3, Orange Shield. STEPHEN PAUL DARDIS 44 Swallow Dr., Lower Falls Steve Fondest Memory: Our Science class with Mr. S. in my junior year. I Will to NHS: All my parking tickets. Barry, Warren, College. DEBORAH MARY DAVENPORT 15 Groveland St., Auburndale Debbie "If your mouth if shut, then you can? put your foot in itll!" Fondest Memory: Eight months with W. J. H., and then those Italian rnen, that little mountain village in Italy, those homeroom and study hall talks with E. H., J. D. and others. Barry, Warren, College. American Field Service 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. DIMITY ANN DAVIS 61 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Dim Pet Peeve: Making that same cer- tain mistake more than once. Fondest Memory: June 12, 1965, taking over D.J.'s hobby, the Winter Carnival, that party and the snow fight, the frat party, Go- go a go-go, Happy New Year, initiation into the S.A.M's. Beals, Day, College. Orchesis 1, 2, Music Club 1. MAUREEN DAVIS 140 Derby St., West Newton Favorite Expression: Fun and games! Fondest Memory: My Junior year and all the fun I had in my C- Block History class with that cer- tain person, the rides home every day, Franklin School, next door. Barry, Warren, College. Outing Club 1, Class Committee 2, 3. KATHERINE KRUM DEALY 49 Temple St., West Newton Katie Pet Peeve: Water in' my back yard. Fondest Memory: Marshfield, spider legs, lambchops and bends, O.S. 4 A.M., Uncle Al, 1228, T.L.S., 4f24f66, 8f18f66 and J.M.M., S.D. at K.D.'s, socks and M.L.D., my partner in crime, A.G., firecrackers, J.M.F., group therapy. Barry, Warren, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, NEWTONITE 3, Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 3. MICHAEL A. DeGEORGE 136 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Mike Fondest Memory: Four interrupted years, Hampton, Mr. Adams, Squirrel Lane, Plymouth. Favorite Pastime: The Y, talking to Bud. Beals, Sacred Heart, College. Football 1, Basketball 1, Intra- mural Football 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 1, Ski Club 1, 3. LARRY JOHN DELICATA 472 Watertown St., Newtonville "Dell" Fondest Memory: All the happy "Overtime Hours" spent in Riley House study. Claim To Fame: Being a Part of a Great Band, and a great bunch of kids: Kevin and The Echo's. Riley, Our Lady's, College. Soccer 2, 3. FRANK JOSEPH DeLUCA 30 Hawthorne St., Newton Fondest Memory: Discussions with Mr. V.B. Wells. I Will To NHS: Two brothers and two sisters. Beals, Day. FRANCIS ERNEST DeMAIO 79 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre Franny Favorite Expression: At least? Fondest Memory: Little Apple. Adams, Weeks, College. Football 1, Ski Club, Homeroom Manager 1, Tusitala. DONNA FRANCES DeRUBEIS 19 Murphy Ct., Newton Fondest Memory: October 14, 1964, summer of '66, Labor Day, May 30, 1966, D.B.'s party. Suppressed Desire: To be that someone's girl. Beals, Day, Business. Tzckle, Tickle, Tickle. JOHN FRANCIS DeRUSHA 1075 Beacon St., Newton Centre Johnny Favorite Expression: You wouldn't believe it! I Will To NHS: My Gym shirt. Barry, Weeks, College. Ski Club. RICHARD EDWARD DERY 331 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Rick Favorite Expression: Right, you know it. I'm Crazy About: The food in the cafeteria. Barry, Day, College. Riiie Club and Team 1, 2, 3. JOHN ROBERT DeSIMONE 925 Watertown St., West Newton Fondest Memory: K.J.S., 616166, Sheraton, Boston-1:30 A.M. Favorite Pastime: Long talks with S.K. Barry, Warren, College. Football 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 3. JOSEPH PAUL DeSUA 144 Day St., Auburndale Pet Peeve: Girls that look alike. Favorite Expression: It bothers me Beals, Warren, College. DAVID KEITH DEVANEY 69 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Dave Barry, Day, Service. Football 1, 2. MONICA MARIA DEVER 819 Watertown St., West Newton Monsie, Mon Fondest Memory: Senior Clan sophomore year, Sam, you're no good, hey M.F.-wickedlg four in a Vet, weekend in April down C.C. I Will To NHS: Another home- room like 1256, Mr. Boyle. Barry: Day, College. Class Committee 1, 2, Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3, Orange Book 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club. DALE M. DeWOLFE 29 Faxon St., Newton Pet Peeve: Little black Ramblers BARBARA ANN DEVORIN 45 Warren Rd., Waban Barb Chief Failing: Never giving up. Fondest Memory: Three special friends, Iota Phi, sharsies with Debal, Schuss Inn in '63, put! put! crunch!! with Jamie, C.C., Dia- monds with Debbie, Ralph, Gaff, Stace, etc. Adams, Weeks, College. Class Committee 1, 2, 3, NEW- TONITE 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Rally Corn- mittee 2, 3. JAMES MICHAEL DEVOY 289 Cherry St., West Newton Red Man Chief Failing: Not going out for sports and going out with L.M. Beals, Warren, College. that don't know enough to move on cold winter nights. Fondest Memory: Wagon wheel chandeliers, thick red carpets, dim lighting and him. Beals, Day, College. Administrative Aid. DIANE FRANCES DeWOLFE 29 Faxon St., Newton Pet Peeve: Railroad tracks that get in the way, pillows that explode, arguments that are always my fault. Fondest Memory: My first cup of tea, Wingearsheek Beach, Winter of '66. Beals, Day, College. Administrative Aid 2, 3. RICHARD MICHAEL DEZOTELL 66 Webster St., West Newton Dezy Fondest Memory: Having a win- ning football season, The Raiders. I Will To NHS: My daily reports for Furg! Beals, Warren, College. Football 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 3, Orange Shield 1, 2, 3. JON PHILLIP DIAMOND 3 Milton St., West Newton I D "He who play! tag it a little touched." Favorite Pastime: Going to school . . . hah!! Beals, Warren, College. Rifle Club 2, 3, Stage Crew 3, Philosophy Club 1, 2, 3, Astronomy Club 3, Radio Club 1, 3. NANCY JOAN DIAMOND 55 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre "Life itself can have no meaning. Otherwlre it would not he." Fondest Memory: Gooseberries and conolies. Riley, Weeks, College. All-School Play 1, 3, Band 1, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Outing Club 1, Music Club 1. BRIAN FRANCIS DIAZ 66 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Why not! Fondest Memory: Mr. Warshaw's English class, 11th grade. Barry, Weeks, College. German Club 3. 1881 we don? win this one, Fm going hack to the Congo. -viz? BRUCE HOWARD DICHTER 11 Clements St., Newton Chief Failing: Losing elections. Suppressed Desire: To win one. Barry, Bigelow, College. Debating Society 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Student Council 2, 3, Class Com- mittee 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3. PETER PAUL DiDOMENICO 4 Bowers St., Newtonville Pete Fondest Memory: Asking Judy to go steady on January 1, 1965, go- ing over those scouting reports with Furgy. Claim To Fame: Looking for a watch that Furgy never lost. Adams, Day, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1. ANITA JOSEPHINE DiFOGGIO 5 Churchill St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Oh, your mother loves ya!!! Suppressed Desire: To skip a class and not get caught before leaving NHS. Beals, Day, College. Class Committee 3, Rally Commit- tee 2, 3, Outing Club 2. MARY FRANCES DILOFFI 181 Jackson Rd., Newton Harry Favorite Expression: A lotta trou- ble. Fondest Memory: Meeting K.F., S.F., L.A., B.W., R.D., and E.R. at the Donut Shop. Riley, Our Lady's, Business. LEE DINNER 12 Kenilworth St., Newton Favorite Pastime: Going home for lunch. I Will To NHS. My pen, pencil and eraser. Barry, Bigelow, College. Rifle Club and Team 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1. GARY LOUIS DiRUSSO 406 Lexington St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Mel- rose-1, nut island, T.L.L. Pet Peeve: Les gens qui sont but- inskis. Adams, Warren, College. Baseball 1, 2, Ice Hockey 1, 2, Class Committee, Orange Shield, Traffic Squad. Who Me, Mr. Beatty? THOMAS G. DISARIO 298 Langley Rd., Newton Center I Will To NHS: My bad marks. I Predict That: I will marry her. Barry, Weeks, Business. DIANE ELLEN DONOVAN l DAVID LEE DOBLER 69 Bowen St., Newton Centre "Don't be too clean. It impover- irbex the blood." I Will To NHS: Nothing worth keeping. Barry, Weeks, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club I, 2, 33 Music Club 1, 3, Lacrosse 2, 3, NEWTONIAN Assistant Literary Editor. 1 ai? r. Q MARY COLONY DODD 40 Groveland St., Auburndale Sally Pet Peeve: Going into Purdy's for my picture eight or nine times, cockroaches. Fondest Memory: June 5, 1965, Noah's Ark, March, 1966, Charles- ton, summer '65, the Junior Prom. Barry, Warren, College. Student Ofhce Assistant 2, 3, Span- ish Club 2, Rally Committee 1, 2. JAMES A. DOHERTY 200 Kent Rd., Waban Bacon. ELLEN JANE DOKTON 160 Randlett Pk., West Newton "Don't min on my parade." Fondest Memory: K.M.'s mobile, some place in Watertown-trust, on parole foreverlg a special re- lationship with D.G. which, in my heart, will never end. Beals, Day, College. American Field Service 1, NEW- TONIAN 3, Sailing Club 1, Pep Squad 3, Rally Committee 5. ROBERT KEVIN DONAHUE 362 Waltham St., West Newton "Indian Fighter" Fondest Memory: The nights down at the store. Suppressed Desire: To drive to school. Beals, Warren, College. KEVIN THOMAS DONNELLAN 9 Hibbard Rd., Newton Corner Red Fondest Memory: The summer of '66, july 9. Claim To Fame: Not getting caught. Palmer, Our Lady's, Service. Orange Shield 3. CHARLES THOMAS DONOVAN 19 Exeter St., West Newton Charlie, Dunny Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Mel- rose-1, triple date, driving with D. A., hockey. I Will To NHS: Six brothers, all the goals I scored in my junior year. Barry, Warren, College. Hockey 1, 2, 3, Magic Club 1, 2, Orange Shield. 166 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Corner De Fondest Memory: August 11, 1964 and all the great times with Pete. Favorite Pastime: Being with P.S. and doubling with Pete and Judy. Barry, Bigelow, College. Outing Club 1, 2, Administrative Aid. ANNE J. DORIS 56 Park La., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My D.R.'s, Buz Fernando Walf Miller, Serenity I-Iill, Rockland, Maine and all its charms-don't we know it, Dale, my junior year, most of all, we three. Claim To Fame: My coming and going, being a circle. Bacon, Lynbrook South, College. Class Committee 2, 3, House Publicity 2 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Drama Club 2. 7 X i 1 . fb... X, My .H f X ,WW v ' ,M .- .MW .... .---yt.-...,...u.........,., 189 171. LINDA LEE DOWNEY SHEILA ANNE DOUCETTE 79 Faxon St., Nonantum Buddy Fondest Memory: "Rats", Saturday nights, two Proms with M.P. '66, toasting marshmallows in a one room cabin, the Cape '66, a three mile hike, right Kathy?, a beach party. Claim To Fame: My one and only Buddy! Beals, Day, College. Sailing Club 1, Girls' Athletic As- sociation 2, Tennis 1, Assistant Homeroom Manager 2. WARREN DANIEL DOUCETTE 14 Faxon St., Newton Barry, Day. 377 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Betty, B.B. Pet Peeve: Having Miss Cooney tell me to lose weight and that smoking is not lady-like. Fondest Memory: Junior English 1304. Beals, Day, Business. EDWARD J. DREW 230 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Eddy Chief Failing: Learning to climb stairs. Fondest Memory: Any time I have spent with Dale, pushing black cars out of black places at 12 o'clock at night. Barry, Day, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1. MARY LOU DUDDY 2033 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Pet Peeve: My middle name. Fondest Memory: O.S. 4 A.M., S.D. at K.D., Marshfield-Spider Legs, Lamb Chops and the Bends, peanut butter and marshmellow socks-K.K.D., football and hockey games, brownies on church steps, cooking in 1308. Barry, Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 33 Class Committee 2, 3, Homeroom Man- ager 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3. CHRISTINE A. DUNLAP 28 Grant St., West Newton Chris Fondest Memory: Pigeons and peanuts, sidewalks and Chevys, a Pizza Shop, "Lest we forget . . .", two years with Mr. G., J.C.H., ghosts on Mondays, a Ford wagon, a common name, eh Nan? Favorite Pastime: Writing long notes with little asterisks, right Cath? Barry, Warren, College. Biology Club 2, 3, Folksinging Club 1, Future Teachers of Amer- ica 3g Science Fair 1, 2. WILLIAM JAMES DUNN 12 Fayette St., Newton Corner Bill Favorite Expression: Send it in. ROBERT ARTHUR DUNN 70 Faxon St., Newton Bob Favorite Expression: Hey, cut it Ollt. I Will To NHS: A French chef for the cafeteria. Barry, Day, College. Fondest Memory: Newton-14, Everett-0, Summer '66, F.L., D.D., Hughy, Gook, Larry, Peter, and Mike. Adams, Catholic Memorial, Col- lege. House Football, Hockey 2, 3, In- tramural Football and Basketball 2, 3. ELAINE MARIE DWYER 319 Cherry St., West Newton Fondest Memory: May 1965-1966. I Will To NHS: 3rd floor classes. Barry, Warren, Business. WILLIAM FREDERICK DUTTON 14 Winona St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Mr. Rossi re- minding me to have this picture taken. Favorite Expression: O.K. Barry, Newton South, College. Rifle Team. 26, 19663 THOMAS M. DWYER 23 Hazelhurst Ave., West Newton Tom Fondest Memory: Being on the absentee list. Favorite Pastime: X-Block in 1356 with Mr. Zeeb. Beals, Warren, College. MADELEINE KAREN EIBNER 293 Kenrick St., Newton Maddy, "Matrichl' "The moe ir not to the swift, nor the battle to the strong." Fondest Memory: A friend, sardines and poetry, C.S., long hair and understanding, J.C., the chase with I.B., L.S., and J.K., campaigns, Chemistry. Barry, Bigelow, College. Spanish Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3, Red Cross Club 33 House Council 3. Class Committee 2. BARBARA HELEN ELLIOTT 239 Washington St., Newton Corner Barb, Barbie Pet Peeve: No last period studies. Fondest Memory: Summer of '65. Bacon, Our Lady Help of Chris- tians, College. Administrative Aid 3. NEAL I. ELLIOTT 48 Rangeley Rd., West Newton "Ami miler to go before I sleep, Ami mile! to go before I Jleepf' Su ressed Desire' To do some PP - - thing of significance for my oc- cupation. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Book 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 3, Track, Indoor 1, Soccer 2, House Council 2. KARLA W. ENGLUND 3 Winthrop St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Rainy days and bikes- one rainy night, 14 studies a week -one last period, the blond bandit, rules of the house. Fondest Memory: "The Wall"- October 13, 1965-Honda, OJ. at 4 A.M., playing golf-skunks, August 25-Ducks 'n Chevys, my European correspondent-summer '66, Pete .... Barry, Warren, College. Administrative Aid 2, 3, English Office 2, 3, Newton Plan Ofiice 2, 3, Folksinging Club 1, 2, Outing Club 1. F MICHAEL JAMES EUSTIS 80 Cherry St., West Newton Mike Pet Peeve: Teachers. Fondest Memory: Food fights in the Cafeteria. Barry, Warren, Business. NANCY ELAINE EVANS 14 Blake St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Moonlight, "Batch," Samantha and her parties, April 1, 1966, May 21, 1966 at 3:00 A.M. in the morning, 13EE. Suppressed Desire: To drop a super ball from the top of the Prudential. Barry, Weeks, College. Biology Club Vice President 2, President 33 NEWTONITE Copy Editor 2, Managing Editor 3, Sail- ing Club 2, 3, English Ollice 2, Bridge Club 1. LINDA MARIE FANELLI 9 Manhattan Terr., West Newton Funnel Pet Peeve: Guidance counselors say- ing, "Why, hello There" when your name isn't There, but Linda. Fondest Memory: Yeah Cathy, pizza, John from London and our walk around Boston, July 4, 1966, B.L., my kangaroo and her baby, Ceri and the tiki. Barry, Warren, College. Folksinging Club, House Council, Future Teachers of America 3, House Co-op Committee. ARLENE FARBER 25 Leslie Rd., Auburndale "Happiness is undermmding and being understood." Pet Peeve: Carrying all those books. Barry, Newton South, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 2, Vice President 3, NEWTONITE 2, Advertising Editor 3, NEW- TONIAN 3. DONNA ANN FARINA 41 Bridge St., Newton "Laugh, and the world laugbs with you, weep, and you weep alone." Fondest Memory: The sink that sang with Luci, A.L.'s all nighter, our place and our dream, 101 If 66 at HoJo's, M.S.M. girls, ou-day. Beals, Day, College. Class Committee 3, House Council 1, 2, 3, Breakfast Club 1, Chair- man 2, 3, Ski Club, NEW- TONIAN 3. LOIS MAUREEN FARMER 16 Bemis St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Junior Prom, six weeks in Germany. Claim To Fame: I was the Easter bunny for Grover Cronin's. Beals, Day, College. German Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Administra- tive Aid 2, 3, House Council 3. LINDA MARIE FAWSON 28 Clark Rd., West Newton Sidney Fondest Memory: Junior Gym class with Chicken, kalferin and Gold Digger, being with the kool jerks at the Donut Shop, L.A., D.P., N.N., S.F., M.D., Pini. Barry, Warren, Business. :T ' Q- - ' -4.-. A Boy, wbat cl great mpplement! JERI MAIER FEINBERG 24 Lockwood Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: Party at Thayer with H.M. and W.K., firecrackers and Krumb, tennis at Dana Hall, Summer Seminar '66, flying in 3295 April 14-May 3, 1965, Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Walker, H.G. Favorite Pastime: Making dents in Sonny Starfire. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, NEWTON- ITE 1, 2, 39 NEWTONIAN, Orange Book, House Council 1, Secretary 2, 3. ELLEN LEE FELDMAN 11 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Melon "Yer, blondr do have more fzm."' Fondest Memory: W.T.G., H.P., Holly, Molly, Lolly, Newport '66, Mit, C and C, PICCADILLY, 28 cents and a BMT token, Xmas in August, hinkle, crumbs . . . oh, Evan, Giovanni's, the last will and testament. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Girls' Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 2. MARJORIE FAY FELDMAN 73 Davis Ave., West Newton Midge Fondest Memory: Fried seaweed and green eggs and ham, eight great years with Roberta, my other half-Ricky, june 18, 1965-A.R. "Sam you're no good," B.M., M.F.T. Suppressed Desire: To be a motor- cycle. Barry, Warren, College. Student Council 1, Class Commit- tee 1, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, Future Teachers of America 3, Administrative Aid 2. Shear and shear alike. JOHN JOSEPH FELL 3 Walnut Terr., Newtonville jack, Feff Favorite Expression: Is that right. Fondest Memory: The lake's hole. Adams, Brighton, Business. GAYLE ANN FERRERA 10 Fernwood Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: April 2, 1965 with D.V., the MW, the Del, the Wellington kids July '65, August 18, and August 31, 1966, Junior Prom, all the wonderful times with R.H. Favorite Pastime: Walking to classes with R.H., Miss Gianfer- antes' home assignments, doing homework in X-Blocks. 5 1 -f-'2-' Barry, Warren, College. VICTORIA ELLEN FIELDEN 90 Hancock St., Auburndale Vic, Vickie Fondest Memory: Haskell's, that October, The Boo Bear and the junior year, Austin's Le Montpar- nasse, his Glass Menagerie. I Will To NHS: Two bushels of Newtonite slips, 3,000 chair-run stockings, my assignment books. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Folksinging Club 1, NEWTON- ITE 1, S.A.T. Manager 2, 3. ROBERT PHILIP FINE 45 Gralynn Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: How are you feeling? I Predict That: NHS will be the same in twenty years. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Rifle Club and Team 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Chess Club 1, 2, 3. SUSAN LEE FINE 23 Channing Rd., Newton Centre Sue, Susie Fondest Memory: Winter vacation '63,-'64, all the great talks and times with M.C., November 27- January 15. I'm Crazy About: Chocolate mint chip ice-crcm with butterscotch sauce, a certain boy. Barry, Weeks, College. Class Committee 2, House Council 3, NEWTONITE 2, 3, Adminis- trative Aids 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, American Field Ser- vice 2, 3. HARRY ROSS FINKLE 9 Winchester Rd., Newton noons. Chief Failing: Friday nights. Beals, Bigelow, College. Chess Club and Team 1 2 3 Mu sic Club 2, 3. Fondest Memory: Friday after- NANCY ELIZABETH F INN 56 Colgate Rd., Newton Lower Falls Little Finn Pet Peeve: Three homeroom teach- ers, right Selby, having to go from 2305 to 1450. Fondest Memory: EG, August 1966, Friendly's, the country club, September 16, 1966, Wellesley, Ski Club, that sailing trip, Cotil- lions, vacations. Barry, Warren, College. Ski Club 1, 2, 33 Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3, Student Of- fice Assistant 2, 3. PETER I. FINSEN 11 Shefiield Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: North Conway '66, Junior Prom switch, May 30, '66 on the Cape, rides home from Crane's Beach, summer of '66 with the Lexington boys. Barry, Day, College. Basketball 1, Soccer 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 1, NEW- TONITE, Orange Shield. BONNIE LEE FISHER 120 Waltham St., West Newton Favorite Expression: Have you ever looked in a mirror? Fondest Memory: Qeds-Pyramids, long talks, how I looked at 4 A.M., the 11:00 service, all those great basketball games, last retreat, Gin- ger Snaps, all that Chocolate Pud- ding, dancing and all those kids. Beals, Warren, College. Administrative Aids 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2. ERIC JONATHAN FISHER 92 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Fish Fondest Memory: Trying to explain to Mr. Sanders who put the 35200 dent in his 35150 Morris Minor. Chief Failing: Not Remembering things. Beals, Weeks, College. American Field Service 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, Tennis Team 1, 2, NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTON- ITE 3. HENRY HERMAN FISHKIND 11 Arden Rd., Newtonville Hank, Fish Pet Peeve: Beats, rats, and other assorted outcasts and primadonnas. Fondest Memory: Basketball with the Regular Guys, the CROWD, the Trojan Club. Barry, Day, College. Soccer 1, 2, Captain 3, Gymnastic 1, 2, 33 Class Committee 2, 3, Orange Key Club 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3, Chess Club 1, 2, 3. JANET JEAN FISHMAN 24 Glendale Rd., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: Having a different homeroom teacher every year. Fondest Memory: September 12, 1964, January 24, 1966, September 13, 1965. Barry, Bigelow, College. Administrative Aid 3. SHARON ANNE F ITZGIBBONS 934 Watertown St., West Newton Sherry, Sher, Fitz Fondest Memory: My junior year with Mr. Satlak, meeting A.M., B.S., D.S., L.C., L.A. and M.D., meeting that certain someone in my junior year. Favorite Pastime: Skipping X- Blocks with Dave, Gayle, Noreen, and Dee, meeting all the kids in the Deli. Bacon, Our Lady's, Business. National Honor Society 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross 1, 2. DIANE ELLEN FITZ-PATRICK 810 Walnut St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Standing in front of my Chemistry class making a fool out of myself. 'I'm Crazy About: Northeastern ROTC men. Beals, Dana, College. ALAN HOWARD FLAGG 52 Williston Rd., Auburndale I Will To NHS: A coffee pot for Fundamentals of Engineering. Favorite Pastime: Flying airplanes. Barry, Warren, Service. SUSAN HELEN FLAGG 52 Williston Rd., Auburndale Sue Suppressed Desire: To grow. Claim To Fame: The only junior in a senior play. Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Senior Play 2, Equestrian Club 2, Girls' Athletic Association 1, Home Economics. RICHARD ALAN FLEISCHER 28 Fenno Rd., Newton Centre Rich Pet Peeve: The annex to 1408 via the tunnel. I Will To NHS: My place in 1408. Beals, Weeks, College. Independent Research Club 1, 2, 33 Biology Club 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Science Fair 2, 3. MARJORIE NEAL FLOYD 454 Wolcott St., Auburndale Margie, Flood "Happiness if a curly blonde." Fondest Memory: Cheerleading, Prudential, O.S. at 4 A.M., eh Gail?, Newton-14, Everett-0, Garth, D.C.D. and summer of '66, Williams. Beals, Warren, College. Cheerleaders 2, 3, Class Committee 2, Activities Commissioner 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3,. Leader Corps 3. af.: tl. ir 1 Vi . . T , , xii Q- Kfse' 'lfst Q ,Egg .,.-.,,,,,.p,,,gs,. Z, , an .5 1, 1' V 1 ., 1 'I , .., . ' fy . cr Q 1 I Q g ' , " xr 1, Y . YQ. 9? at , 1 V. 'iv . 1: 1 - -fn,--s' .1 J-.W 3,51 ,, 1 -.. 'E Ip, -- I -.Q M- gr?-., .. : ,' '51-3 f rffavgf, 'if .41 .ss 'ai '-f 'i5fi':,, A is .- - wifi 'S ri--1.1, , 4, 3 rg. ,p , .,,., I M fF?fi.?:x :C .. .X . 6 .,.., . ...AX I LM . ill .-,, ,Arif S t x ,':- Q ' -. as S f t ff:-. , wx ' ' - 11539 , Ti." -'rv 193 1 1 1 41 ROSEMARY ANN FOLEY 18 Westview Terr., West Newton Fondest Memory: A dance: a day: a dream. I'm Crazy About: Midnight picnics: Troubadour pizzas: drumming lin- gers, right Sheila?: "cool car": Kentucky fried chicken: a roof top: 331: a wonderful guy. Beals: Warren: College. Drama Club 1: Sailing Club 1' Scenery 1. 7 RICHARD MICHEL FORTE 91 Crafts St., Newtonville Flapper's Fondest Memory: Many hours spent with J.F. Beals: Day: College. RICHARD F. FOSTER 10 Baker Pl., Newton Lower Falls Ricky Favorite Expression: Ah! Ma- mamoiselle: Whoopee! I'm Crazy About: Volkwagens: people. Barry: Warren: College. Chemistry Club 2, 33 House Coun- cil 3. DARLEEN SUSAN FRAMER 7 Bonwood St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: That's par for the course. Fondest Memory: October 8, 1965: Senior Prom-'66: The Chick G.: August 16, '66: having pizza at 2:00: the two letters-so far. Barry: Nautilus: College. Spanish Club 2, 3: Future Teachers of America: Girls' Athletic Asso- ciation: American Field Service. LOUIS FRANKS 84 West St., Newton Louie Suppressed Desire: To finally grad- uate from NHS. I Will To NHS: A desk full of papers-three years accumulation. Beals: Day. Football 1, 2: Orange Shield 3. BETTY JOAN FRASER 12 Baldwin St., Newton Fondest Memory: Kelly and the purple heart: The Elliot: "Blue and Blue." Suppressed Desire: To live in Cali- fornia and travel around the world. Adams: Weeks: College. American Field Service 1: Folk- singing Club 2: Chess Club 3. JUDITH FREEDMAN 24 Holland St., Newton Judy, Judee, Jude, 32467 Fondest Memory: The Fezzo fam- ily: the summer of 1965: Pugsley: hayrides: Sunday rides: Barry House: a fox named Zir: Sam and all the great times we've had. Suppressed Desire: To be a coun- selor at Frank A. Day boys camp, Senior Unit 6. Beals: Bigelow: College. House Council 2, Treasurer 3: Homeroom Manager 1, 2: NEW- TONIAN 3. MARJORIE BETH F REEDMAN 12 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Marne "I am you aud you are me and what have we done to each other?" Fondest Memory: My comrade: taynayno seebo: Holly, Molly, and Lolly: Newport '66: Piccadilly: 28 cents and a B.M.T. token: Xmas in August. Beals: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Drama Club 1: International Club 1. NANCY FRIDELL PAMELA SUE FRIEDMAN 418 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Pam "Dost thou love Life? Then do not .squander Time, for thafr the stuff Life is made of." I'm Crazy About: Summer "don- nybrooks": Harvard men. Barry: Weeks: College. American Field Service 1, 2, Secre- tary 35 NEWTONIAN 3: Class Committee 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 35 NEWTONITE 2, 3. SHARON LYND FRIEDMAN 54 Woodbine St., Auburndale Beals: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3: Administrative Aid 1, 2: Newton Plan Office 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 3. SUSAN T ERI FRIEDMAN 32 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: "What's to come?: S.L.W.: the lion: Monday nites: "I like you a whole bunch Favorite Expression: Don't, see if I care. Beals: Warren: College. Rally Committee 3: House Council 2: Homeroom Manager 3: Ski Club 1, 3: Breakfast Club 2, 3. In uick! tbe Funeral Mercb. RICHARD TIMOTHY GANNON 61 Eddy St., West Newton Dick, Richie, Rich "Remember Grant, remember Lee, tbe beck with tbem, remember me." Fondest Memory: Homeroom 1324 and all the kids. Beals, Day, College. Radio Club 1, House Council 2. RODERICK GARCIA 14 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Rod Pet Peeve: High school yearbooks, rings, etc. Chief Failing: Modesty. Adams, john Marshall. Libertarian Club. .-my nit, DAVID LOUIS FUCCI 14 Arnold St., Needham Dave Fondest Memory: A certain girl in Auburndale. Favorite Pastime: Watching the girls out at Gym from room 2214. Tech, Newman, College. Basketball 2, 3, Radio Club 2, 33 Audio Visual Service Squad 2, 3. KENSAKU FUJIMORI 35 Lasell St., Auburndale Ken Fondest Memory: As I was about to leave Japan, my best friend gave me a compass telling me not to get lost. He looked very sad, though. I Predict That: I will live till I die. Barry, Katsuragi, College. Track, Indoor 2, Track, Outdoor 2, German Club 2, 3, International Club 1, Chess Club 1. ELAINE LOIS FURMAN 56 Elmore St., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: Onset, having a Ere drill during a study, the long dull tapes in language lab. Fondest Memory: Summers at the beach, December 24, 1965, Junior Prom, X-Blocks in 1324. Beals, Bigelow, College. Future Teachers of America 1, 33 French Club 1, 2, 3, Newton Plan Ofiice 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, American Field Service 2, 3. GAIL MARIE GALLO 95 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: D.D.P., Mr. Ma- chine, B.C., August 1966, Ply- mouth. Riley, Day, Business. Administrative Aid. NANCY ANN GEEGAN 237 Pearl St., Nonantum JOHN WILLIAM GATTI 54 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: The time Steve, Rich, and I walked home from WBZ in a blizzard when we were with the Radio Club. Beals, Day, College. Radio Club. PATRICIA MARY GAUVREAU 123 Bridge St., Nonantum Pat Fondest Memory: Brant Rock and a leaky row boat. I'm Crazy About: 11:00 every day, after that I can't take any more. Palmer, St. Bernard's, Business. All School Play 1, Drama Club 1, 2, French Club 1, Philosophy Club 1, 2, Camera Club 1. Sophia Fondest Memory: August '65, Ducka, P.T., L.L., the corner, tea parties, P.G., D.B., L.F., 'Mickey Mouse', July 10, '66-Lisa. I Predict That: Laura and Pat may get married either this weekend, next weekend, or next month, or the month after that, or maybe next year, or the year after that? Barry, Our Lady's, Business. Outing Club 1. ANTHONY JOSEPH GENTILE 254 California St., Nonantum Mouse Pet Peeve: People calling me mouse. Chief Failing: School. Beals, Day, Business. ANTONIA JEAN GENTILE 24 Emerald St., Newton Toni Favorite Expression: Ya know. Fondest Memory: Summer of '62 and '63-J.P.: LM., D.K., j.Y., and CM.: Cape Cod '64: Junior Proms "65" and "66": Watertown "62". Riley: Day: Business. JOSEPH JOHN GENTILE 254 California St., Newton Pet Peeve: Bookkeeping. Suppressed Desire: To get out of school. Beals: Day: Business. MARGARET THOMAS GEPHART 96 Berkeley St., West Newton Margie Pet Peeve: People who say what they don't mean. Favorite Pastime: Sitting in the cafes. Beals: Warren: College. Bridge Club 1, 2: Homeroom Manager 1: Latin Club 2: French Club 2. GEORGE P. GERSHMAN 47 Lewis St., Newton Fondest Memory: M.Z. and P.G. at S.P.: J.R.: HoJo's and after: L.P.: I don't know: E.O. Pet Peeve: Chinese Food: potato chips. Barry: Bigelow: College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 3: Orange Shield: Rally Committee. Q V . t, X '- Nfilfxs X x n Q 1 ' lg .313 JSA, . nr is . , 'X I Q.: I :nf s , v 3 fl skit' . 96 Listen, you tackle my son once more. . SUSAN ARLENE GERTMAN 1355 Beacon St., Waban "To thine own self he true." Fondest Memory: 'Waiting for the bus with B. and J.: Christmas va- cation 1965: Math department days: Thursday afternoon debates: my junior year: 1248. Barry: Weeks: College. National Honor Society 2, Vice President 3: Debating Society 1, 2, 3: International Club 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Homeroom Manager 1. CLAUDE EDWARD GILBERT 86 Farwell St., Newtonville Chip "I hate Mustangs." Favorite Expression: That's it, it's all over. Beals: Day: College. Football 1: Gymnastics 2, 3: Weight Lifting 1: Rifle Club 1: Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 3. PAULA JEANNE GILL 14 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill "P", Ellie Pet Peeve: Brockton High School. Fondest Memory: March 16, 1965: summer of sophomore year: Beach Party '65: ferris wheel at N. Beach: English junior year: Halloween '65: Spinster's Club: Mack Truck: No- vember 13, 1965: March 4, 1966: March 25, 1966: Charades at Muf- fits. Barry: Weeks College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2, 3: House Council Vice President 3. BARBARA JUDITH GILMAN 138 Albemarle St., Newtonville Marge, Margie Fondest Memory: The Senior Prom with J.S.: running to J.C.'s Chemistry class from 1450 every A-Block. Claim to Fame: Not getting a hair- cut for three years: not having any suppressed desires. Beals: Day: College. All-School Play 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 2, 3: Stage Crew 3: NEW- TONIAN 2, 3: Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3. JEFFRY STEVEN GILMAN 31 Loring St., Newton Centre Gil "Although we have already laid the foundations for the hig things, we can't all build our giant." I Will To NHS: Twenty new tape recorders for the Language Lab and a broom for sweeping outside the Windows. Beals: Bigelow: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: House Council President 3: Class Committee President 1, 2: Music Club 1, 3. PAULA FAYE GI LMAN 56 Woodchester Dr., Newton Centre Ceebee Favorite Expression: This is true. Fondest Memory: Table a Go-Go: Arnie's daughter: would you .be- lieve Watching airplanes?: wind- shield wipers and paper bags: the day I got my license and the morn- ing after: the Persian Room. Beals: Bigelow: College. Drama Club 1: Future Teachers of America Club. KENNETH SILIN GOODWIN fp-' ,Flag .ff va You want a face full of cymbal? ANN ELIZABETH GLASS 4 Cotton St., Newton Anngie, Annie "Only a little man if troubled because .rorneone Jbould fail to appreciate bis greatness." Fondest Memory: My partner in crime, K.D.3 cooking in 13083 growing up-summer 19663 N.F. and family, my breakfast compan- ion S.S. Barry, Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 2, Feature Editor 33 Class Committee 2, 33 Student Council 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 1, 2 MARY CELEST E GLENNON 89 Chestnut St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Oh wow. Fondest Memory: Summer of '66, the Cape, capers with Rosie, Memorial Day weekend. Adams: St. Bernard'sg College. Sailing Club 1, 33 Library Club 13 Stage Crew 2. SUSAN MARTHA GLICK 55 Morse Rd., Newtonville Sue Fondest Memory: My calendar: Club 473 the floodg S.S. and all those parties, warm milk and OJ., right Dale?3 Marlboro Country, the little red Alfa, my three proms?g summer of '66, Serenity Hillg Favorite Pastime: Following those golden arches. Beals, Dayg College. Class Committee 2, 33 Rally Com- mittee 2, 33 French Club 2, 33 NEWTONIAN 33 Sailing Club 1, 2. x . ALFRED WOLFGANG GLOVER 256 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Al, Wolfi, Alfie "If all men lived in unison, par- ents would be hast cousins." Claim To Fame: Founder of Build- ing I coffee house and set design. Adams: Weeks, College. Coffee Haus 1, 23 Scenery Design 1, 23 Equestrian Club 1, 2. ALAN STEPHEN GOLDBERG 29 Lewis St., Newton Al Pet Peeve: People who say, "Are you really jerry's little brother?" Claim to Fame: Going to NSHS for lunch and never getting caught. Barry, Bigelowg College. Civics Committee 1, 2, House Soft- ball 2. JEFFREY IRWIN GOLDFARB 235 Upland Rd., Newtonville jeff Pet Peeve: Newton High School's petty bureaucracy. Favorite Expression: Right: that's close! Barry, Day: College. Key Club 1, Lieutenant Governor 2, President 33 House Council 1, 2, 33 Student Office Assistant 2, 33 Library Club 1, 33 Orange Key 3. MICHAEL CARY GOLDMAN 121 Cedar St., Newton Centre Mike Chief Failing: Not finding out the meaning of B.M.G. which a certain teacher calls me. Fondest Memory: Almost blowing up the Chemistry lab on numerous occasions. Beals, Edgewood: College. National Honor Society 2, Trea- surer 3g Spanish Club 2, Treasurer 33 Math Team 2, 33 Baseball 2, 3g Homeroom Manager 2, 3. MANUEL GOLOV 458 Chestnut St., Waban Manny "Be original. In tbat way you can make many unique mistakes." Suppressed Desire: To get to school on IIIIIC. Beals: Weeks, College. NEWTONIANg NEWTONITEQ Ski Club 13 Debating Society 23 Biology Club 3. BONNIE DIANE GOODMAN 11 Pierrepont Rd., Newton Lower Falls "Time will tell wbo bar fell and wbo'.r been left bebind, when you go your way l'll go mine." Fondest Memory: Cbrirfee family and friends: Morgang the summer circus, Mona Lisa: Barbie doll, Kansas. Beals, Warren: College. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2. 231 Upland Rd., Newtonville Ken-Ken Fondest Memory: J.C.B.P.g mother at ski trip, bus rides: 128 with Ello and R.B.: Roger's by the sea: N-14, E-Og Lamont C, Cosby, C.W.'s party. I'm Crazy About: Barrasg beatsg protests, white socks, all-around coolness. Barry, Roxbury Latin, College. Soccer 2, 33 Class Committee 2, Lacrosse 2, 33 NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE 3. - as va fi ? 2l11i? l iii: wi- 2 , t ai:-awsz:Q'ff51ni1 -1. EES X, jjj., .1 was .1 . - -J:-2.-H V wt- L '- -f 1. 1 .55 I '52, ' ISL fiiQR ff'Yf SXT ,. . . Q1 ., 3 ' sis... ,S .- Y. RN, ..- ii 5. ' , X r., .3 . , ss. N ' wi' R f Q N 5' W. . f . 2 5.1! . 3 ' 4 -V I -: Q ' ng, . - " f ff" in ,g if iii, gilt ' -3 if .f - sf 4:1 + , -a p. ,Q f Q3-iffzfgl Ggzg. X Wg Q-,gf ,111-. bi., ,Q .. 6gwi.v4f?,,-,X : 1:1 .. w 'J , 3, ,: : ,a 1, f 5. , T- ., ,.-flag.,-g:gS,f2f"a ff' A 161.6-,K 'Vw-' . - M .tif . TS .ai , .2 ANITA DIANE GORDON 47 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre "Thaw the ntzmre of men, . . . not to love when we love them, and to love when we love them not." Fondest Memory: T., February 12, 1966, the New York trip, right Linda?, C.D. Riley, Warren, College. Spanish Club 2, President 3, Biol- ogy Club Treasurer 2, Secretary 3, House Council 3, Civics Committee Secretary 2, NEWTONIAN 3. KEITH GORDON 305 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Pet Peeve: Maids. Favorite' Pastime: Inviting everyone over swimming. Adams, Weeks, College. Chess Club 1, Orange Shield 3, NEWTONIAN 1, Ski Club, House Council. PATRICIA LESLIE GORDON 41 Nobscot Rd., Newton Centre Patty Favorite Expression: TAOBI- TWBGG. Fondest Memory: Marshfield, Hu- marock, which way, Judy?, Fare- well '65, O.S. 4 A.M., April 3 1965 with Beth, my brother, D.M., October 31, 1964, Mrs. Pearson, Paris Secret, legs and lambchops. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONITE Copy Editor 2, 3, All-School Play 3, Rally Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 2. STEPHEN RICHARD GORFINE 19 Treeland Cir., Newton Centre Steve Pet Peeve: Card games, dents in my car, 4-4-2's. Fondest Memory: The boys, the girls, '66 Beach Party, chop-chop at 1:30 A.M., F.B. on Sunday mornings, M.C. and the prom, the football games, woods of Hyannis, the giant, my F-85. Beals, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, Editorial Edi- tor 3, Student Council 1, 3, Class Committee 1, House Council 3, Soccer Team 2. JOSEPH PHILIP GORIN 20 Risley Rd., West Newton Joe, Gore Fondest Memory: The Regular Guys, our basketball team losing 70-17, not playing hockey at 4 A.M., yellow journalism, Mr. Boyle's Math class. Suppressed Desire: To sing for the Rolling Stones. Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONITE, Sports Editor 2, 3, House Council 2, 3, Soccer Team 1, 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Key Club 2, Orange Shield 3. DANIEL B. GOULDING 80 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Dan I Predict That: Because of the cost of the Vietnam War, lunches will get worse and Building I will be put off. Fondest Memory: Not a single N.H.S. football riot was caused by racial animosity or prejudice. Barry, Day, College. Football 1, 2, International Club 3, Sailing Club 3. 1 ROBERT CHARLES GRACEFFA 16 Westland Terr., West Newton Bob Fondest Memory: J.C.B.P., pool party at C.W.'s, Robbie's demo, lirst day, beating Everett 14-0, Junior Prom, scrub '66. Suppressed Desire: To have Build- ing one torn down to save every- one from disaster. Barry, Warren, College. Class Committee 2, House Council President 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Soccer 3, Lacrosse 3. SYDNEY ELLEN GRAVES 301 Islington Rd., Auburndale Syd Fondest Memory: Don't shoot until you see their whites, a western ac- cent, that southern charm, a tolling bell, leghorn hats. Suppressed Desire: To migrate South in the fall of '67. Beals, Warren, College. Equestrian Club 3, Sailing Club 3, Science Fair 1. JONATHAN DAVID GRAY 56 Walker St., Newtonville J.D., J.D.G., Ace Pet Peeve: "Friends" who use me. Favorite Expression: I haven't the foggiest. Barry, Day, College. House Council 1, 2, 3, Traliic Squad 2, 3, Chess Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, Film Festival 2. KEVIN J. GREELEY 61 St. James St., Newton Corner I Will to NHS: My book, "How To Succeed In Skipping," plus 469 yellow slips. Claim to Fame: 6948 brownie points in Barry House. Barry, Bigelow, College. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 1, 2, Audio Visual Service Squad 2. NORMA SUSAN GREEN 100 Tyler Terr., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Ceebee's taxi, the month of July, sorry about that, Frank, February 20, 1966, P. Town, X-Blocks in 1324, English muffins with apple jelly, Lynn Beach. Favorite Pastime: Drag racing on Beacon Street with a certain blue Stingray. Beals, Weeks, College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, German Club 1, Future Teachers of America 3, Newton Plan Office. ANN LOUISE GREENBERG 116 Westchester Rd., Newton "Who want: to hear her, .the kills pigs!" 'J Fondest Memory: No, I don't want to buy an Englishman, Aphrodite, Kip and Jeremy. Beals, Bigelow, College. Music Club 1, 2, German Club 2, Folksinging Club 2, Stage Crew 2, 3. PATRICIA ADRINNE GREENE 34 Copley St., Newton Corner Magoo, Rudy "IJ it true blondy have more fun?" Fondest Memory: Receiving my friendship ring. Barry, East, College. Rally Committee 3, Math Club and Team 1, Ski Club 1, Outing Club 2. ROBERT HOWARD GREENE 92 Langdon St., Newton B.G., Greenie Fondest Memory: Robby's demo the first day of school, "play ball", catchin' the rays with Larry, Boudy and a projector in European His- tory, soccer scrub, squirrels, stog- ies and a quart of melted ice-cream. Beals, Bigelow, College. Soccer 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Film Festival 2, 35 Track 1, 3, NEWTONITE 2. JOSEPH AARON GREENMAN 25 Ellison Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The hot sun, the hot track and Mr. Fortune. I Predict That: The fourth floor of Building One will blow away in the next stiff wind. Riley, Weeks, College. Track, Outdoor 1, 2, Captain 3, Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3, Cross Coun- try 1, 2, 3, Civics Committee Chair- man 2 and 3, Key Club 1, 2. ALAN ALPHONSE GRIGAS 9 Central Ave., Newtonville Big Al Favorite Expression: Dump truck in a hole. Fondest Memory: Finding my Volkswagon on the sidewalk. Tech, Day, Business. JOANNE BARBARA GROSSMAN 70 Judith Rd., Newton Centre "There': no ure trying," .the said, "One can't belieue impossible things." "I dareray you hauen't had much practice," .raid the Queen. "When l was your age I always did it for half-an-hour a day. Why, sometimes I'ue believed as many as .fix im- ponible thing: before breakfast." Beals, Weeks, College. Debating Society 1, 2, 3, Interna- tional Club 1, 2, 3, Newtonite 1, 2, 3. JUDITH ELLEN GROSSMAN 44 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Judi Fondest Memory: Those 2 A.M. visits The day that never was, Carol, you fool, Quack! Quack!, the party at Patty's. I'm Crazy About: MELVIN! Beals, Warren, College. Administrative Aid 2, 3, Stage Crew 2. Debating Society 1, 2, 3, Interna- gonal Club 1, 2, 33 Newtonite 1, , 3. FRASER BAILLIE GURD 707 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Fras Fondest Memory: '64 Soccer with Mike and the guys, trying to invent things, being with people-learn- ing to live, being with Kikki, LYABION, ditto. Claim To Fame: Being the repre- sentative of NHS to Phillips Exeter on the three day exchange in '65. Riley, Weeks, College. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 35 Orchestra 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 2 3, Independent Re- search Club 3. ROBERT CRAIG GURNEY 1026 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Gurn Pet Peeve: Sixth period in room ZC. Fondest Memory: That sophomore year-all of them. Tech, Meadowbrook. Administrative Aids 2 3, Tech Basketball 1, 2. dent 3. ' ' LL. 1. . . . then you do the hokey pohey CAROLYN JOYCE GURRY 57 Hunnewell Ave Newton Favorite Expression Oh no I Predict That Newton High will get a new che Beals, Bigelow College HANS RONALD HAILEY 1103 Commonwealth Ave "Yes, yes .fir no no quertionf sir ye: I do understand .fir Hey Peter' What'J he ray? Fondest Memory One oclock eh Boud?, "Downtown Holderness full house Connecticut parties Barry, Day College NEWTONITE 3 NEWTONIAN 3, Ski Club 1 2 3 German Club 1, 2, 3, Equestrian Club 2 Presi ' L I 'si ' a DEBORAH LEE HALLIDAY 222 Islington Rd., Auburndale Deb Fondest Memory: NS with the greatest 16, England with Living- ston, Massey, and company. Claim To Fame: The youngest senior? Riley, Warren, College. American Field Service 2, 3, Thoughtprints 3, Outing- Club 3. BRUCE DAVID HAMBRO 138 Cotton St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Sprinting to 1408 at 8:25. Suppressed Desire: Walking up to 1408 at 8:20. Beals, Bigelow, College. Film Festival Chairman 2, 3, Drama Club- 2, 3, All-School Play, Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, Inter- national Club 1, 2. WALTER JAMES HANLEY 88 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill Favorite Expression: That'll keep 'em guessing! Fondest Memory: A certain D.M.D. Riley, St. Monica's, College. PAUL FRANCIS HANNAFORD 112 Warwick Rd., West Newton Pet Peeve: The use of my home- room desks as a wastepaper basket. I Will To NHS: All the pens, pen- cils, and lunches I have misplaced in three years. Beals, Day, College. German Club 2, 3, Chess Club 1 2, 3, Bridge Club 3, Math Club 1. DENNIS MICHAEL HANNON 21 Floral St., Newton Highlands Mother Chief Failing: Gym. I Will To NHS: Nothing, I need all I can get. Tech, Weeks, Business. MARY ANN HANNON 168 Adams Ave., West Newton Pet Peeve: Climbing to the fourth floor for most of my classes, all my worn-out shoes. Suppressed Desire: To have an elevator in 'Building one so that by the time you reach the fourth floor you're not so tired that you sleep all through the class. . Beals, Warren, Business. Home Economics 1, 2. The Lady and the Tiger. ROBERT MICHAEL HARKINS 70 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Bob Pet Peeve: Going to School. I'm Crazy About: A 5'1", dimpled, brown-haired, brown-eyed, cute accumulation of aggravation. Adams, B.C. High, College. LINDA SUSAN HARMON 1720 Commonwealth Ave. West Newton "lVl9at'.f affection, but the power we give :mother to torment us. Fondest Memory: New York trip, right Anita? two surprise parties Brandeis and a certain boy therein Riley, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN Copy Editor 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, V 3, Spanish Club Secretary 2, Vice President 3, Biology Club Vice f-sf President 1, President 2. CATHERINE RUTHALINE HARRIS 120 Adams Ave., West Newton Chinny, Cathy Fondest Memory: Two Chevy's and everywhere they went, a bombing Lincoln and C.C.D., pizza Lin?, Ick-burr, Charlie, Ho Jo's, many long talks and notes with pictures even. Claim To Fame: A curb in front of the Deli and a few others. Beals, St. Bernard's, College. Future Teachers of America 3, Ad- ministrative Aid 3, Science Fair 1. DAVID M. HARRIS 263 Washington St., Newton Ducka I'm Crazy About: N.G. Pet Peeve: Clicks. Tech, Bigelow, College. Track 2. GAIL B. HARRIS 167 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Pet Peeve: Are you two twins?, Too many bubbles in root beer. Fondest Memory: November 1964, "My Fair Lady", june 1965, W.D., Mr. P's English class, 2204. Palmer, Palmetto, College. Girls' Athletic Association 2, 33 Equestrian Club 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Sailing Club 3, Music Club 1, 3. STEPHEN P. HARRIS 167 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Steve Pet Peeve: Are you two twins? Favorite Expression: Good day. Palmer, Palmetto, College. Music Club 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 1, Latin Club 1, 2. ROBERT PETER HARTEL 34 Owatonna St., Auburndale Peter Fondest Memory: A certain Wednesday night. Favorite Pastime: The lake's hole. Riley, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3. GARY PAUL HARTMAN 54 Underwood Ave., West Newton I Will To NHS: The two elevator tickets I bought as a sophomore. I Predict That: In a few more years they will be able to fioat sailboats in the 1-3 tunnel. Riley, Warren, College. Debating Society 1, Human Rights Club 2, 3, Physics Club 3. RICHARD FRANCIS HAY 18 Webster St., West Newton Ricky Fondest Memory: Friday night, Oc- tober 7, 1966. I Will To NHS: My one extra credit. Riley, Warren, College. KATHLEEN M. HAYES 11 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Kathie Favorite Expression: What are we going to do for the next ten min- utes? Claim To Fame: A brownie a day, making the Auburndale bus stop at the bridge. Bacon, St. Charles, College. American Field Service 3, Eques- trian Club 33 Ski Club 33 Stage Crew 3. JANET MARIE HAZELTON 135 River St., West Newton Fondest Memory: My junior year with Butch, july 15. Pet Peeve: Waiting for a pink and white Ford, untidy kitchens, locker 39. Palmer, St. Bernard's, Business. DEBORAH BETH HELLERSTEIN 1489 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Debby Fondest Memory: Healthy people?, quick changes, Susan's face wash- ing, marches, daisy days, Nirvana nights, my knapsack, long bike rides, being hurt, FRIENDS. Riley, Warren, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club 1, 2, 33 NEWTON- IAN 1, 3, All-School Play 1, Film Festival 3. STEPHEN MARK HENDRICKEN 89 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Steve Fondest Memory: Skipping cross- country practice to play football with the cheerleaders. Suppressed Desire: To see Mr. A.B. run a mile circular and his reaction thereafter! Riley, Weeks, College. Track, Indoor 2, 3, Track, Out- door 2, 3, Madrigal Singers 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Key Club 1, Secretary 2, Cross Country 1, 3. ESTHER LORRAINE HENGOED 4 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Birde Chief Failing: Answering letters. Fodest Memory: Those H.R.'s and studies with D.D., G.C., j.D., friends in the hall, Mr. Boyle's Math class. Barry, Dondero, College. Folksinging Club 3, Leader Corps 3, Orchesis 3. ROBERT LEE HENRY 55 Page Rd., Newtonville Flex Fondest Memory: Being one of the "big five gymnasts" and my half of the Dynamic Duo. Claim To Fame: Tight Sleeveless shirts. Beals, Day, College. Football 1, 2, Gymnastics 1, 2, 3. . 1 F 313- . fv3f' ,... s M ' 1 .. .4 JJ i . .M s ,mm ihiwa I :gf 4JZ',w4 amp-1,r.,v,2 . , .ggi ,,,2,,,Xr, ,wx , Hts vffly 1 S X 13.5 MA A ,H x 5 X iz 5 , ' ef ,K gi, t. I . , 1 . .- L 235. K nazi' M ,sv - 2 I Q-PE' 3. I M v, .-'fi K 1. wi .Ag , 1 S X . .gm 5 .vi t st X . X , is X s X Y Nts ,I X F. 1 vi . .. -11 ts? r .ff . 'v1Y?'l557fW?Ns"if 'X ps- ', 1. ffl? 201 5 '1Y'fZC5f', . 'S 732177 1 . get 13.11" if. , it V . ' ' N,., 5 4, 1371. " ' -"E: 1 ' It 'Q' I . .- ,rf ti st- wssxafaz. ., it - '7J'rsi'N I-V 5- ' ' :ssh g. f I. 1 f- ..3:.:,-',i f . . f bs. AN 1 :Xi Q if M 5 1 ' JJ WSF' fx Q "Q A X 15 uw, 1 M3 X3 534 Nui 1 ' 3 RQ s 3 X I 35 X Y ww '50 st 1-. I R X 1 1 fi 4 sf. ' AJ? aging it , .. A 59" ..,. .,.. fi. ,' .I .,.. V if 1 6-rf nlmy, .igfgyf ti is x 'Lim .ails ' '-J, rx '1f5z'i5Q"i1 e 233,53 SFF' ,t aa' af gg qs. wif. M 4 3 My Y Y' 'f . . . . 7, M, --.ww at ty. . in 13: 3 Z 3 ' A .J I 3.1 .as f L ' "': ' 1 3 3.1 1' .UQ'-'- .' 55553227 :ff 3 Q . f a 5 , . . 1 'E 25t.si2?"?i 4 . 202 ROBERT BRUCE HERSHON 140 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Bob Fondest Memory: Monday thru Friday July 5-August 26, 1966: Spring vacation of '66 in New York: "Time" in Physical Science. I Will to NHS: A clock for 1108. Adams: Weeks: College. Folksinging Club 3: Human Rights Club 3: Music Club 2, 3. LINDA MARY HICKEY. 62 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Fondest Memory: June 8, 1965: Junior Prom: party in J.P.: end of my sophomore year: Retailing with Mr. Rossi in my junior year. Suppressed Desire: To marry a cer- tain Italian boy. Beals: Warren: Business. NEWTONIAN 3. RICHARD FRANCIS HICKEY 588 Walnut St., Newtonville Hick Fondest Memory: The summer of '66: New York: the spring of '66. I Will To NHS: The pieces of my car. Palmer: Our Lady's: College. Hockey 1, 2, 3: Folksinging Club 1, 2. PETER JONES HICKS 5 Fairfield St., Newtonville Chief Failing: Yellow journalism: eating cafeteria food: walking to classes: kicking doors: shooting bas- kets: driving a scooter: brownie points. Fondest Memory: Being called Jeff or "Little Hicks" for three years. Bacon: Day: College. NEWTONITE 1, Sports Editor 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2: Ski Club l. THOMAS ANTHONY HIGGINS 12 Cottage Pl., West Newton Tom I Will To NHS: My one inch pen- cil: my grease covered comb: my moldy Gym suit. I'm Crazy About: My girl Janice Homsy. Tech: Warren: Business. J OSEPHINE HIGHTOWER 321 Central St., Auburndale Josie Fondest Memory: My year in Ger- many. I Predict That: I'll go back. Riley: Warren: College. German Club 1, 3: Equestrian Club 3: Music Club 1, 3: Ski Club 1, 3: Sailing Club 3. BARBARA ELLEN HINDMAN 99 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Barbi Pet Peeve: SCISSORS! l l Fondest Memory: Jackie Washing- ton concert, February 6, 1965: sophomore year. Riley: Warren: College. House Council 1: French Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Biology Club 1. DAVID LAWRENCE HIRSHBERG 54 Clements Rd., Newton Dave, Hersh Favorite Pastime: Judi. Fondest Memory: The woods of Hyannis: The Giant: P.W.: Foot- ball on Sundays: Roxbury in the summer, the Student Council: and the "Boys." Beals: Bigelow: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Ten- nis I, 2, 3: Bridge Club 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2: Student Coun- cil 2, President 3. NANCY JANE HOCHBERG 51 Prospect Ave., Newtonville Hockee "Let today embrace the part with remembrance and the future with longing." Fondest Memory: Two's a half, three's a whole: November 11, '65: "A Midsummer Nights Dream". Riley: Day: College. Future Teachers of America 2, 3: Rally Committee 2: Sailing Club 1: Ski Club 1, 2: American Field Service 2. WILLIAM H. HOLMES, JR. 5 Pinevale Ave., Wellesley Billy Favorite Expression: I didn't do it. Favorite Pastime: 'Sleeping in class. Tech: Wellesley: Service. Administrative Aid 2, 3. JANICE ANN HORNER 15 Grove Hill Pk., Newtonville Jan, Peanuts, Wee One Claim To Fame: I finally found a place where a person can earn hon- or and trust: thanks to Mr. Chase. Fondest Memory: Two kind and handsome Davids-Br. and Mac.: M.Y. and P.D.: the Johns-Ch., Ha., and Sch.: the iight for long- haired lads: Stage Crew and moving bottles. Riley: Day: College. Stage Crew 2, 3: All-School Play 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Folksinging Club 2, 3: German Club 1, 2. RICHARD JOSEPH HORRIGAN 130 Pine St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Biology in my sophomore year and the events that followed. Claim To Fame: Being "rat." Riley: Warren: College. Track, Indoor 1, 2, Captain 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 1, 2, 3. I"i'W'W 7 Yeah, well it heetr their pear. DONNA MARY HOUGH 33 Emerson St., Newton Chief Failing: Not owning that funny looking red hat. Fondest Memory: April 1, '66, lollipops: RATS on Saturday nights: Wingearsheek: the: Cape: hockey games: Cherish. Riley, Day: College. Rally Committee 2, 33 Class Com- mittee 1, 2, 3: Homeroom manager 2: Outing Club 1. BRUCE EDWIN HOUGHTON 152 Chestnut St., West Newton Favorite Expression: Hey, Kevin, how about E-Block?g I'm roaring. Fondest Memory: Last day '65, second,.third, and fourth meals in Newtonville: Mr. Nilsen '65, '66, Town and Country Mattapan. Beals: Warren: College. Class Committee 1, 2, 3: Gym- nastics 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2: Tiger Tamer 3. WARREN BERNARD HOUSTON 421 Wolcott St., Auburndale Hughy, Huggy I Predict That: This year's basket- ball team will go to Tech. Suppressed Desire: To have a bas- ketball team to go to Tech. Riley, Warren, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 2, 5: Football 1, 2, 3. WAYNE JOSEPH HOWE 13 Mount Ida Terr., Newton Corner Suppressed Desire: To have a knee that works. Favorite Expression: Okay. Beals: Bigelow: College. h RONALD NEIL HOWLAND 38 Islington Rd., Auburndale Ron "Fortune favors the hrrwef' Fondest Memory: I..A.N.g the guys on the basketball team: of course, the Administration. Bacon: Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 35 Basketball Team 1, 2, 33 Track Team 1, 2, 3: House Council 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2. DIANE SUSAN HOWLEY 216 River St., West Newton Hoodsie Pet Peeve: Boys who wear bell- bottoms and round white hats. Fondest Memory: Going up to the Hill with a certain someone. Bacon: William Howard Taft: Business. if Z JO-ANN HUMINIK 29 Putnam St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Meeting Dave, going out with him, and all the good times we had together. Suppressed Desire: To be with him. Beals, Warren: Business. SHARON SUSAN HUNT 4 Brookdale Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Summer nights of '66. I Predict That: The end of the world will leave only Building One standing. Riley, Day: College. Ski Club 2, 33 Orchesis 1, 2: Fencing Club 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 33 Stage Crew 2. BRUCE EDWARD HUNTLEY 172 Washington St., Newton Corner Butch Fondest Memory: First hockey game: Newton High. Favorite Pastime: Surfing. Palmer: Belmont: College. Class Committee 3: Hockey 2, 33 Baseball 2. BARBARA HURST 8 Devon Terr., Newton Centre Barb "Never let your appetite: control you, hut neither let them go hungry." Fondest Memory: Being "in" with the Beaver crowd: Chicago '65: T. Wolf and the Plan Ofliceg NEW- TONITE and "French teacher visits girls' gym class", certain Wolfe- boro, NI-I boysg October 17, 1966. Beals, Weeks, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2,' Editor-in-Chief 33 NEWTONITE 2, Feature Editor 2, House Council 1, Vice President 2, NEWTONIAN 1, 3. X MARTIN RICHARD HURWITZ 345 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Mart, Squirrel Claim To Fame: Making the hockey cuts 1, 2, 3. Fondest Memory: The Weekends with S.T. and A.R. Beals, Day, College. Class Committee 2, Bridge Club 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2, 33 Rifle Club 1, International Club 2. DEBORAH HYDE S33 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: "Thou shalt not stealf' Fondest Memory: Babbin '62, hey Rebecca?, two hours 6f22f66, M.1-4,5?, "Rose, glorious rose", the beach. Beals, Weeks, College. A Cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 2, 3, Class Committee 2, Rally Com- mittee l, 2. MARY JOSEPHINE HYDE 23 Smith Ave., West Newton Doedie, Sunny Fondest Memory: The hill, my mansion, summer '65, B.'s crowd, an Olds, a green fenda, INKIE. Suppressed Desire: To find where I belong. Beals, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN, Rally Committee, Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, Girls' Ath- letic Association, Breakfast Club 2, 3. CAROLINE JOYCE HYMOFF 33 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre "I am you and you are me and what have we alone to each other?" Fondest Memory: Holly, Molly, and Lolly, B and H's, Newport '66, Piccadilly, 28 cents and a BMT token, XMAS in Maine, the Mexi- can cellar, YIPES STRIPES!, crumbs .... oh!, Evan?. Beals, Weeks, College. American Field Service 1, NEW- TONIAN 3, International Club 1. Quick! hefore they realize 106,126 gone. f ,t 'W N5 t ating Nik 1 2 .A MICHELE CHARLES IAGULLI 81 Grant St., Needham Claim To Fame: I was one of live to survive Mr. H. Favorite Expression: Tell someone who cares. Tech, Pollard, College. ANTHONY ANGELO INGLESE 44 Faxon St., Nonantum Tony Pet Peeve: Watching all the pretty girls go by and knowing that they all can't be mine. I Will To NHS: New blue prints for a new Building One. Beals, Day, College. ROBERT AL IODICE 9 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Bob Favorite Expression: Give it a rest. Tech, Day, Service. Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Audio Visual Service Squad 2, 3. HENRY PAUL IRWIN 12 Westland Terr., West Newton I Predict That: There will be a new Building one before 2000 A.D. Claim To Fame: Long hair. Riley, Warren, Business. AMY JACOBSON 87 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill "And so you .ree 1,119 come to doubt All that I once held ar true. I stand alone without heliefs The only truth I know it you." Pet Peeve: People who ask me how the NEWT ONITE is doing. Beals, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN Editor-in-Chief 3: House Council Secretary 2, Nation- al Honor Society 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3, All-School Play 1, French Honor Society 2, 3. JANIS JACOBSON Jan 441 Ward St., Newton Centre Chief Failing: Blond hair, blue eyes, and turned-up noses. Fondest Memory: Being "in" with the Beaver crowd, GBYSO, three julys at UVM. Beals, Weeks, College. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 1, 2, Thoughtprints 3. D0 Newton tzgem really go for Dash? MARK SCOTT JANUSZEWSKI 25 Pershing Rd., West Newton Jammer Fondest Memory: R.D.: R.D. at C.D.: Ginny and Mr. V.: D. and P. in Comet: Hampton: friend Al F. Claim To Fame: Arlington basket- ball: Brockton football: Comet: Ricky S.'s party: R.D. out after 12: Refreshment Committee President. Bacon: Brookline: College. Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1. PAULETTE JEFFERSON 15 Prospect St., West Newton Jeff, P.J., P. Pet Peeve: Boys who say to me: "If you were only a little bit taller . . Fondest Memory: Newton-14, Everett-O: cheerleading: a summer night in '65: C. and M., M. and N., P. and H., right M.? Riley: Warren: College. Cheerleading 2, 3: Majorette 1, 2: Orchesis 1, 2: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 1, 2, Activities Chairman 3: Leader Corps 2, 3. DONNA JEAN JENSKY 266 Grove St., Auburndale "I held the .stan and let them fran hetween my hngenf' Fondest Memory: My sudden hobby: the winter carnival: a Viking with his nose in a fjord: go go-a go go: Happy New Year: June 6, 1966 and him: the buried treasure: HELP D.D.!! Riley: Day. Orchesis 1, 2, 3: Sailing Club 2, 3: Ski Club 2: Fencing Club 1. LAURINA JEPSEN 297 Cherry St., West Newton Laurie I Will To NHS: Six decrepit majorette uniforms. I'm Crazy About: Marshmellow. Riley: Warren: College. Drum Majorette 2, 3: Leader Corps 2: Girls' Athletic Association 3. ROBERT NIELS JEPSON 530 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Rob, Jep "What time doex the Midnight close?" Fondest Memory: Demo in front of Building three first day of school: soccer scrub: spring '66: J.C.H. Beals: Day: College. Class Committee 2, 3: Soccer 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Lacrosse 3: Rifle Club 1. EDWARD LEO JONES 61 Page Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Beating An- dover. Claim To Fame: Catching the sixth best female trampolinist in the world when she missed the triple twisting front somie. Beals: Day: College. Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3. GERALD EDWARD JONES 49 Curve St., West Newton Gerry Fondest Memory: N ewton- 14, Everett-O. Claim To Fame: My constant smile. Riley: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 3. GERALD MARSHALL JONES 69 Walker St., Newtonville Jerry Fondest. Memory: Orange Shield in my Junior year. Favorite Pastimez Sleeping in my hrst period study hall. Riley: Warren: College. Orange Shield: Football 1. CAROL ANNE JOYCE 89 Jackson Rd., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: 1, 2, 3-J.R.: those stairs: Tam the Sham and the A: summer '66: B.C. Prof.: Gin's mack truck-Shea: determination. Pet Peeve: Spaghetti. Beals: Bigelow: College. Spring Musical 1, 2, 33 Music Club 2, 33 Rally Committee 3: Sailing Club 3: Folksinging Club 1. BRUCE MILTON KAGNO 621 Walnut St., Newtonville Wholesale Fondest Memory: The two years I spent with Mr. Hale, '64-'65. Suppressed Desire: To beat that "GTO." Tech: Day. PAUL DAVID KAITZ SENSE' siixssg wssgxmwygg seg: -ss: 3, rx -,1r:Wg' 3.-,ecwfg I iss, Jas- , :N E X . I twig, . tc. ,. sr ' Ei xii 'G by 4,1 WWNX mf? , 1, x vs 1. seq' ' S, knife-fij'Qf vw' kxigsl' '30 uf-,'E"hl1 s Q IQYCM, if ,491 "ma merit-sv: ',if:,1, - .sgJs'il,'a-if Jr.-: .ears-,. in ir .. f. -Q f'-'iiifgxvtmiisniigf -' , W Y X4 .1 ev 5,11 . an H' Nv ' . I WfsfQL,W W ,p. 1 , azz., g' .1 1- V uf-af, 1. X .. , ,. I., . C ,W k T .. L-'I f 51? '- wwaw 206 ROBERT STEVEN KAHN 95 Montrose St., Newton Bob I Will To NHS: My four broken LaCrosse sticks. I Predict That: The NHS La- Crosse Team will be undefeated Eastern Massachusetts Champions. Beals: Bigelow: College. LaCrosse 2, 3: Soccer 2: Ski Club 1, 3: Physics Club 35 Sailing Club 3. 40 Ruane Rd., West Newton Pet Peeve: Everyone talks about a new high school but no progress is being made. Suppressed Desire: To let my hair grow for one whole year without any interference. Barry: Warren: College. Track, Outdoor: German Club 1: Class Committee 2, 35 Athletic Manager. PETER JOHN KAIZZI 262 Cabot St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Getting lost while hitch-hiking in Germany. Pet Peeve: Conformity. Riley. JAMES MICHAEL KALOYANIDES 36 Buswell Pk., Newton Jim, Killer I Will To NHS: 100 manikins to fill the side lines at our Soccer games. Claim To Fame: Going from start- ing J.V. Soccer to Varsity Soccer, scrub. Beals: Bigelow: College. Soccer 2, 35 Tennis 1, 2, 33 Class Committee 1: Chess Club 1: In- tramural Football 1. EILEEN SIMONE KAMERMAN 50 Winchester Rd., Newton Favorite Expression: So! So I hope you sew buttons on your coat and I hope you sew them on the wrong side. But why sew buttons when zippers are in style? Fondest Memory: Going to New- tonville on the lunch break and hoping that I am not caught. Beals: Bigelow: College. Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3: Eques- trian Club 2, 3g Music Club 1: Stage Crew 2, 3: Costume Com- mittee 2, 3. WENDY JOAN KAPLAN 68 Kenilworth St., Newton "E1Jerytlaing'r got 4 moral if only you can find it." I Will To NHS: A batch of brown- ies, right B.S. and J.G. Riley: Bigelow: College. House Council 2, President 35 Na- tional Honor Society 2, 35 Orange Book Editor-in-Chief 3: Drama Club 1, 2, Vice President 35 De- bating Society 2, Recording Sec- retary 3. PETER A. KATSINES, JR. 56 Pembroke St., Newtoh Corner LINDA ROSE KASPARIAN 124 Jewett St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To become a hair stylist. Favorite Pastime: Doing my short- hand. Beals: Bigelow: Business. Pete Fondest Memory: Newton "14" Everett "0": Saturday 9124 at C.R-. with G.S. and K.M. Favorite Pastime: Thinking about Newton's famous victories: Melrose and Everett. Riley: Bigelow: College. Soccer 1, 2, 35 Hockey 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 35 Student Office As- sistant 1, 2, 3. JURIS KAZA 217 Crafts St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Mr. Schwartz: reading NR in study: 1350: SDS'ers and other stray sheep: lunch outside in May: US and European History: Mr. Zeeb's beard: Bodo. Favorite Pastime: Telling Mr. Schwartz how bad things are. Riley: Day: College. NEWTONITE 2, 3: All-School Play 2: American Field Service 35 Tusitala 2: Debating Society 3. JANE ELIZABETH KEDDY 79 Adella Ave., West Newton P. J. Fondest Memory: junior year: Kingsman Dance: Junior Prom: QED's: closing retreat at Cataumet: Grotonwood: department 181: Moody, Maine: April 25, 1966: many friendships. Suppressed Desire: To remain a teenager forever! Riley: Day: College. Class Committee 2, 3: Leader Corps 35 NEWTONIAN 3: Rally Committee 2, 33 Science Fair 1. THOMASIN DONLON KELLERMAN 40 Dearborn St., West Newton Claim To Fame: My pocketbook. Riley: Warren: College. Music Club 2. CHARLES WILLARD KEEFE 57 Faxon St., Newton Pet Peeve: Getting a haircut. I'm Crazy About: Long hair: car. Beals: Day: Business. KEVIN LAWRENCE KELLY 15 King St., Auburndale Kell, Skrub Favorite Expression: Ask me if I care, check. Chief Failing: Being in a sopho- more curriculum three Physical Science class in my senior year. Beals, Warren, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Times Circulation Staff 3. ROBERT JAMES KELLY 15 Gambier St., Auburndale Bob Fondest Memory: The great times I had with Donna. I Will To NHS: What it takes me to get out. Palmer, Warren, College. Radio Club, Rifle Club, Orange Shield. SHEILA MAE KELLY Kel, She-She, Raphael Iget Peeve: Brockton High School ' 5. Fondest Memory: March 16, 1965, "B" lunch Wednesday, sophomore year, birthdays, the B.P., B.P., "on the shore", Halloween '65, Mack 'gruckg triple date, Sauhi, March Riley, Bigelow, College. French Club 1, Outing Club 1, Class Committee 1, Ski Club 2, 3. THOMAS J. KELLY 19 Ricker Terr., Newton Tech, Bigelow. Basketball Manager 1, 2. DAVID CHILDS KENNEDY 461 Wolcott St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: The 4 -I- 1, Tap- ing in Studio A, N.S.B. '65, Mid- night snacks at Stoney's, 14-0. Claim To Fame: To have been privileged. Beals, Warren, College. Student Council Vice-President 3, Class Committee 1, 2, NEW- TONIAN Assistant Advertising Editor 3, Orange Key 3, Home- room Manager 2. HENRY JAMES KENNEDY 2049 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Hank Fondest Memory: Laughs in 224, fairy tales, graduating day, A.S.P.C.B.P., times down at Lyons Playground. I Will To NHS: One gym uniform able to stand up by itself, a few white cards, a seat in the Palmer House Office. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Administrative Aid 2, 3. MARY M. KENNEDY 336 Lexington St., Auburndale Vanilla Cake, Buster Brown Fondest Memory: June 21-the wall, September 4-C.T. house, September 11, D.S. house, But- trick's, St. Ann's, Wayland High, the tank-and "Neil." Suppressed Desire: To get to col- lege and find that certain some- one. Riley, Warren, College. Class Committee 3, Home Econom- ics, Rally Committee. LINDA CLAIRE KEOUGH 36 Williston Rd., Auburndale Linnie Fondest Memory: C.E.A. 1, 2, 3. I Will To NHS: A four year man. Riley, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, House Council President 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, French Club 2, 3. . tr ,MX ,,,.,. . 9 .L . , , 1 V: X AXQXX N g S 'fix X X , f X . X - Yr . . me 'eil E B W X .. X X Ns x INGELIEN KESSING 8 Nonantum Pl., Newton Ing, Inkie Fondest Memory: My blond, re- sponses, 112-3, long talks with R.V., "The Hill," determination- Caroll, Doedie, T. D. Suppressed Desire: To remain with T. D. always. Beals, Bigelow, College. German Club 2, NEWTONIAN, Rally Committee, Sailing Club 3, Breakfast Club. JEAN ANN KILEY 56 River St., West Newton Fondest Memory: July 4th week- end, Sept. 11, May 27, Brigham's, meeting S.M., the deli, June 21- the wall, May 29 and all the P.J. parties, Sept. 21. Pet Peeve: S.M. working on his car all the time. Barry, St. Bernard's, Business. Biology Club, Mental Health Club, Class Committee 3. Me strong like bull. CAROL ANN KING 147 Tremont St., Newton Favorite Expression: I need you! Right! Fondest Memory: April 27, 1966. Palmer, Our Lady's of the Presen- tation, Business. Library Assistant. ELEANOR N. KLEIN 37 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: A laugh will be had by all when the hoax be- comes apparent. Fondest Memory: D lunch on Mon- days, Casanova 70, I.ennie's, the zoo, breakfast. Beals, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Russian Club 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Human Rights Club Secretary 1, 2, 3, International Club 1, 2, 3. HELAINE LOIS KLEIN 169 Mill St., Newtonville "Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast." Fondest Memory: The Region, Litchaven '64, '65, Great Barring- ton '65, Tevya '66, Ohehyahtah, J., and D., 2206. Beals, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN Art Editor 3, New- ton Plan Office 2, 3, Music Club 1, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Orchesis 1. Anal bow many brownie pointy clo YOU bane? LINDA KNOFF 1 10 Albert Rd., Auburndale Bacon. Q KAREN JAYNE KOBRIN 822 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre "Look to tbe Rose tbat blows about ur-'Lo, laugbingf :be Jays, 'into the World I blow . . ."' I Will To NHS: Those endless stairs, the stubs of my pencils, those things floating in the jars filled with formaldehyde. Adams, Wilson, College. Biology Club 2, American Field Service 2. CARLOS ALBERTO KOHAN 133 Fuller St., West Newton "Of all values, the greatest must be the freedom to doubt." Favorite Expression: Walk to- gether, talk together, then, and only then, will we have peace. Beals, Argentina, College. American Field Service Exchange Student 3, Spanish Club. S MONTE MAXWELL KRONER JOYCE SHARON KOVACS 57 Grafton St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Songez donc! Fondest Memory: All the modern dance rehearsals and performances. Riley, Weeks, College. Orchesis 1, President 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Folksinging Club 2, 3, Leader Corps 2, 3, Girls' Ath- letic Association 1, 2, 3. 21 Tennyson Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: April 3 to Sep- tember 10, 1966. Claim to Fame: Rich and I skip- ping 150 X-Blocks without being bagged. Beals, Warren, College. French Club 1, 2, Class Committee 2, Ski Club 2. MARVIN SOLOMON KRUGER 181 Bellevue St., Newton Beals, Bigelow, College. Chess Club 1, Secretary-Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, Chess Team 1, 2, 3. Riley: Day: College. ELIZABETH KATHRINE KRZEWICK 30 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Betsy Pet Peeve: Overnight library books, due the next morning before school. Fondest Memory: Going south with the rebel. Barry: Sacred Heart: College. Sailing Club- 3: Equestrian Club 3: Stage Crew 1: Biology Club 1. GENIE ADRIENNE KUFFLER 9 Surrey Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: Orange leaves and wind: high boots and snow: soft greeness rain: freedom and sun. Riley: Bigelow. Human Rights Club: Reflections: Orchesis: Music Club. CHRISTINE BARBARA MARYANN JOY LAIRD 26 Whitney Rd., Newtonville MJ Pet Peeve: Cello and Bass on the piano. Fondest Memory: 2!5!65: 6f6f65: a toboggan at Thorn Hill and Hay- stack Mt.: a grey Peugeot: a tandem at dawn: 6!4!66: sand dunes and a very large hat: a Coast Guards- man and 17 red roses. Riley: Day: College. House Council 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Film Festival Treasurer 2. JULIAN DAVID LANDA 53 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill I Will to NHS: My suede boots. Riley: Weeks: College. Athletic Manager 1: Magic Club 2 3. 3 ELEANOR MARIE LANDRY 42 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Ellen Fondest Memory: December 24, 1964-an occasion that brought many memorable and happy ex- periences with Steve L. Suppressed Desire: To marry Steve Londo. Riley: Warren: Business. SANDRA LEE LANDRY 21 Studio Rd., Auburndale Sandy Chief Failing: Bookkeeping! !: junior year with Mr. Mitchell. Fondest Memory: Sophomore Eng- lish class-last period study, right L.R.?: New York: Februray 24, 1966. Riley: Warren: Business. Equestrian Club 2. PAUL ALBERT LANGELIER 58 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Finger, Pag, P.A.L. Pet Peeve: High School Students who think they are greater than Tech High students. Suppressed Desire: To have a project 'made in shop meet with Sully's approval as 100 per cent correct. Tech: St. Jean's: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Ad- ministrative Aid 1, 2, 3: NEW- TONIAN 3: Basketball Team 3: Student Council. ANN MARIE LANGILL 384 Waltham St., West Newton Fondest Memory: R.R. year of 64- 65: summer of '66: my all nighter: sophomore English class with Mr. Bresnahan: my locker 1057. Suppressed Desire: To relive '64- '65. NEWTONIAN 3: Rally Commit- tee 3. KARL HOLLIS LANGMEAD 32 Walcott St., Natick Batman Fondest Memory: Running through the tunnels to lunch. Suppressed Desire: To become a success. Tech: Coolidge: College. Basketball 2, 3: Football 1. THERESA LOUISE LANIGAN 21 Bennington St., Newton Terry Fondest Memory: GLD: 12!7f64: Farewell '65: DMM: Hyannis '66: Newton 2-Melrose 1: the C. S.: Ho Jo's: hockey games: 3!19!66. Riley: Bigelow: College. Class Committee 2, 3: NEWTON- ITE l, 2, 3: Russian Club 2, 3: Rally Committee: Homeroom Man- ager 1, 2, 3. LANING 130 Temple St., West Newton Chris, Piper Pet Peeve: Organization: people who don't think: people who don't Cafe. Fondest Memory: 585: T.I.F.: friends: Pine Acres: Natarswi: quaking bogs and tree frogs: "paper gods:" Pan, Plato, Wings, Tramp. Palmer: Warren: College. Red Cross Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Tusitala 1: Philosophy Club 2: NEWTONITE 2. LAURA LEE LANSED 78 Dalby St., Nonantum Chuck, Bull Fondest Memory: Summer of '65: Pat: Nancy: Pam CLisaD: Cochitu- ate: all the kids from the corner. Suppressed Desire: T.B. M.P.D. Riley: Bigelow. Class Committee 3: Future Teach- ers of America: Student Council: Audio Visual Service Squad: Girls' Athletic Association 1. 4-- W " ' . 6.52 t. X 1 g. ' . ANQ1-,.,,, .z ,. ,Q vga. ,f .. " X. is H .t f gg 'X ...ff .A y , fi' X Y XX I. I I I I I 1- I. 2 d RICHARD JAMES LAWRENCE 302 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Dick I Will to NHS: A loud speaker on Mr. Fortune's sled. Favorite Pastime: Hanging around Brigham's. Adams, Weeks, College. Football 1, 2, 35 Basketball 1, 3. DEBORAH ELIZABETH LAWT ON 123 Langdon St., Newton Debby "There if nothing either good or had hut thinking maker it ro." Fondest Memory: A-Block study on Monday morning, spring of '66. Beals, Friend's Academy, College. Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3. DONG HONG LAY 973 Washington St., Newtonville Hong Fondest Memory: The night we went to Howdy's in the back of C.M.'s truck with Mr. P. Tech, Day, College. Football 2, Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 3. DEBORAH MARIE LEAHY 291 Crafts St., Newtonville Debbie Fondest Memory: February 6, 1966 and all our great friends. Suppressed Desire: To fulfill Mr. Easson's accusations. Adams, Our Lady's, College. Drama Club 2, Sailing Club 2, 3, Class 'Committee 2, Folksinging Club 3. RICHARD CHRISTOPHER LEAHY 73 Lombard St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To have seen the Newton-Melrose Hockey Game instead of standing at the door all night. Favorite Pastime: Talking about anything but baseball at the end of the bench with K.A. and H.R. Riley, Bigelow, College. Football 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 3. STEPHEN PETER LEAHY 73 Lombard St., Newton Fondest Memory: Newport, surn- mer of '66, New Year's Eve '66. Favorite Pastime: Rolling around the Cape in J.S.'s V.W. Riley, Bigelow, College. Props Committee 2, Spanish Club 2, Film Festival 3, Soccer 1, 2, 3. THOMAS F. LEAHY 57 Taft Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: The night we owned a trampoline center, coffee sessions with Mr. Britton, Mashpee '66 Pet Peeve: Girls who go steady in the summer. Beals, Day, College. Orange Shield. REBECCA LEBOVICH 790 Walnut St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Meanwhile, ghzoonten dine kop. Fondest Memory: Summer of '66- H.B., Hull Gala Day, S.S. Boat, P. Town, Steuvan, M.B.S., D.J.C., March 24, 1966, lost keys, Jawyn, N. Con., Fla., Mr. Babbin '61, right Debby?, and of course 13. Riley, Weeks, College. Red Cross Club Treasurer 3, NEW- TONITE 2, NEWTONIAN 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Art Club 2, 3. HENRY ALLEN .LEEPER 79 Mary Ellen Rd., Waban Favorite Expression: It's a lie. Chief Failing: School. Riley, Weeks, College. CAROLE ANNE LELAND 263 Cherry St., West Newton Kay Favorite Expression: Oh, really. Pet Peeve: Boys with long hair. Bacon, Thomas A. Edison. PAULA JEAN LENNON 48 Warwick Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: Sept. 16, 1966, A-Block junior year, L.M.L. and what would I have done without her, 1228 and many great times, S. R. G. and our morning Deli sessions. Pet Peeve: History and not having everyone agree with me, J.K. and I being separated from B.K. for talking. Barry, Our Lady's, Business. JOSEPH PAUL LEONE 35 Emerald St., Newton Joe, Leo Fondest Memory: My junior Prom with D.H., Joe Mac., and Gino. Tech, Day, College. Radio Club 1, 2, 3, Administrative Aid 1, 3, Audio Visual Service Squad 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 33 Equestrian Club 3, 'Tusitala 2, 3. B C.P NEVER!! ALICE LEPIE 18 Travis Dr., Chestnut Hill Favorite Expression: A smile. I'm Crazy About: PEACE. Riley: Weeks: College. Drama Club 1: Debating Society 1: Film Festival 3: French Club 1, 2: Music Club 2, 3. ROSALIE SUE LEVENSON 55 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Rosi "I think, therefore I am." Fondest Memory: The three stooges vs. the group: the lights: 343: fun and games with L.B. and E.F.: Powder Room. Beals: Day: College. Class Committee 1, 3: Girls' Ath- letic Association 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 1, 2, 3: Outing Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. DANIEL ELIOT LEVIN 7 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Danny Pet Peeve: Going from 1450 'to 2315 and finding out that we had a lecture in 1320. Fondest Memory: My striped hipster pants: summer '66 in Eng- land: classes at the Deli. Beals: Warren: College. Track, Indoor 1, 2: Track, Outdoor 1: Folksinging Club 3: Chess Club 2: Human Rights Club 3: House Athletics 1, 2. SANDRA RENEE LEVINE 169 Abemarle Rd., Newtonville Sandy Fondest Memory: Somewhere over the rainbow: Newton-Everett game: I need my pretzels: junior Class Beach Party. I'm Crazy About: A certain tiger trainer. Riley: Day: College. Rally Committee 2, 3: NEWTON- ITE 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 2, 3: French Club 1, 2: Class Committee 2, 3. NANCY FAYE LEVISON 38 Cabot St., Newton Fondest Memory: My junior year summer: Marlboro Country-Capri. Suppressed Desire: I'll keep it sup- pressed. Riley: Bigelow: College. House Council 3: NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE 1, 2: French Club 1, 2, 3: Rally Committee 2: House Civic Committee 2. JANET ELIZABETH LEVY 36 Calvin Rd., Newtonville "And once helow a time, I lordly had the trees and leave: Tmil with dairies and harley Down the rivers of the windfall light." Fondest Memory: Hopscotch in front of 1220: invoking the spirit of Walden Pond: September' 21, 1966. Riley: Day: College. American Field Service 1, House Captain 2, Treasurer 3: NEW- TONIAN Business Manager 3: Bridge Club 1, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. ELLIOTT HARVEY LIBMAN 48 Edward Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: 4 + 1: the regular guys: "locating the ball": hockey games: "the tapei' at Rog- ers: China Rose: V.W. and J.S.: Newton-6, Brookline-5: Kevin's gym: Lemont Cranston-the shadow: grand slam vs. Rindge. Suppressed Desire: To go unde- feated. Beals: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Student Council 3: NEWTONIAN 2, 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3. THOMAS JOSEPH LILLY 56 Waverley Ave., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: History trip to Harvard and ride back. I Predict That: A new tunnel link- ing Building One and the Deli will be built by Newton High School students trying to hide from teach- ers. Riley: Bigelow: College. House Council 2: Chess Club 1, 2. CECIL LINTON 3 Ware Rd., Auburndale Sonny Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom. I Predict That: Building one will be condemned by the Board of Health. Palmer: Warren: Business. WILLIAM JOHN LIPPOLIS 1110 Main St., Walpole Willy Pet Peeve: Fords. Chief Failing: English. Tech: Walpole: Business. NANCY JOAN LOCKWOOD 13 Edinboro Pl., Newtonville Nanci, Nanc Fondest Memory: Summer of '66-- Maine: those early mornings: D.D.: breakfast: walks: AHA Pat: double dates: Junior Prom of '65, I Will to NHS: A year's supply of nylons! Palmer: Day: College. House Council 1, 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 2, 3: Administrative Aid 2, 3: Outing Club 1, 2. JANET ANN LOMBARDI 43 Brookdale Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Every junior English class with Mr. Papa. I'm Crazy About: Need I say Joe Godino? Palmer: Day: College. Biology Club 2: Future Teachers of America 3: Ski Club 3: Student Oiiice Assistant 1, 2, 3. THOMAS JOSEPH LONDO 413 Cherry St., West Newton Tom I Will to NHS: The Newton Tech High. I Predict That: Newton Tech High will go coed. Tech: Warren: Service. Administrative Aid 2, 3: Basket- ball 2. G. JOSEPH LONGBOTTOM 29 Emmons St., West Newton Limey I Will to NHS: Three gym uni- forms. I'm Crazy About: Pattie. Tech: Day. . X Ss :- r NN:-,.'-fx PF- : .s X:-5 ' . S l :H X . 'sv , V t is 11' 1 7 Sheff my high flying hahy. ANNE CAROL LOWN 194 Hobart Rd., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: ,Healthy people: daisy days: "There's no reason why . . .": marches: a pink balloon: packing food: Friday Xafternoons: the playground: seeing the light. Riley: Weeks: College. Human Rights Club 1, Treasurer 2, Co-Chairman 3: American Field Service 1, 2: Film Festival 3: NEWTON IAN 3. ARMAND D. LUCARDIE 1561 Washington St., West Newton ' Chief Failing: Bookkeeping. Claim to Fame: "The Challengers." Palmer: Warren: College. Gymnastics 1. MARILYN ANASTASIA KIRBY LUNDQUIST 33 Hancock St., Auburndale Melvin, Christopher, Kirby Fondest Memory: My junior year. Claim to Fame: My phone booth on 42nd Street with wall-to-wall carpeting, gas heat, and an In- donesian violet growing out of the quarter slot. Palmer: Warren: College. Folksinging Club 1, Secretary- Treasurer 2, President 3: Thought- prints Art Editor 3: Drama Club 1, 2: Human Rights Club 1, 2: Senior Play 2, 3: American Field Service 2. JEANNE ELEANOR LUPO 18 Lawn Ave., Newtonville Jeannie Fondest Memory: Summer of '66, Beach Parties, sand dunes, and a four man football team: THE Pyramid: fiery rocks: July 24, 25: winter parties, tobogganing: I.. P.: a snow ball fight. Suppressed Desire: To ride on a certain "sick" Honda. Palmer: Day: College. Rally Committee 2, 3: Outing Club 2: Assistant Homeroom Manager 2. PATRICIA M. LYONS 29 Crescent St., West Newton Pat Pet Peeve: 8:00 bus going by. Favorite Expression: Today's your clay, Rose. Adams: St. Bernard's: Business. Softball 1: Girls' Athletic Associa- tion 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN REYNOLDS MacDONALD 19 Prescott St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: You can't win them all, but you sure can lose them all. I Will to NHS: One slightly used Orange Book Cwith Supplementb. Beals: St. Mary's: College. Debating Society: Chess Club: Political Science Club: Bowling. L -J-W5 r--0 zz E I new f A- '1 qnanvwnwpau gg'---mw...,' 'few 4 . , 5 .--,.., V 2 I 1 ul V A zz ..... V L........ .L iw ' 'r 1 '. .1-1: ' '::.-- 2:2551 inf M 1231 M' K' N 'T' ' ' if W' 5' an ll 1H1:.,, 'z ' f 'Il F iw ' ' ' A 7 "F ' 'Um uf wr! vi f 1 A ' 1"1.- 5" , ., fafi z 1. ' " .-.. .... """f" "1 M 5, k 3 1 4 F IIIA . .. V .,,, , 1 , . ' ,,,,, 1 .. .lf ..,. ,. if ' Ii?" , .- I- 4' 11 . ,,,,, :11 ..... fag' :nfl , ,, . ,pr ' 3 111111 E fig. "' nu iiiii' iii? 11:5 " - f 3 4 an me 'W' nm ,325 -.ia i A ., H , 1 1 ,, 1 . , ,, U . f ,Q , 4 H A i If .. . 2 ML S I x f lu l11g1iF"- E35 1 .i,,i . an . . ' 1 - ' bf gf M, t f 1 1 , .- . 1' '1-- 1 . V- , I ' ff 5 : " V . 1 1 .5 1' .wa ' 4 'iw-Q 2" 2 :gpg "ws 3,4 . ' ii F332 .1 1 .' 'kj 3' if Q33 GX 5. M' i3"'1p. 3: .1wf' nr GW' : mfg ' 'Ax' . 1 ' i -Q : as 'L . M? ,.: Agfuifi - 'iffy' . ' if . wig: fi:-.11 '.v- f i , J,":2G2gy . f 1, ff 1 q f .-1, 1 1-',.,,7,,' 1 ' 1- ,1 . ' 1 . '..',J!X YJ ' ' 1' ' '51 ' ' W . if 'T 2. ' .1--ljizgy ig, '. - . " s . 5 Y . 1 ff ,, ,. .,,,M..a,,.,,14.: 1,.... Q ,,,,. ,, .,, In 51 , 1 I . an Q, 1 .1 . 4. ..WM,..,,,..,... 1?"ff"""""Y'!"'f1f"""'f"'W'G"f" v""""' , ' H s-,nag rf , , 1 'fl' 1s"S'1 .ft f ir- -- ,- . , V .1 . ,, 1 11,11 My fi.M,:,,., 1, . 1 .f l ...aa 1. 1 , f K 5.4 -at fu 8 .,i.,. IJ.. I V ag. f . . .An f , .1 ng I , ,H IL, 4 . W. if lfif ff 'tfff' ya' , -f. , ' :,,,f1. -'rw' ' alsteaff . f - Al' . 4 1 ' f al f '- - . qw ' Q' ,f . .1 ,1. W 'fha U 3 W" , ,Wul f 4' ff' Q47 ,ns Y f. '- - 43:-A in H e ' .af ' . L.,yi,1s-: Sw ' ':?:f"'fa if Q, . ' V' 'f Sw .1 A 'V 1' .w il Z , y Q :Z . V MW, f" f ' .,....,: l'a'i !fwM5, vv I ., Ajwgy.-f 1,71 1 1'-1 - 'f ' .. 11.1 W ' " 1. ff ff' 'W M V '31 tif' -if -- f' . f y ' 9 f . - 1 ' 1 1 , M ,' ' i '7.,ifff'4',7o:,5+.f sf, If vi fairy.: ,,,v:,,e Y. fi, 17.431 'ftf-,'4' "":Tf'j "L 1' I If if ' 'QZY Zi: 6",5"f,f.' .J ,fy,g:q'1 .y -,'1,,7. ' ,,, ff. ' 'ie' 1 ".,.2's,'.. 24 'L" "'2"ff' r:5a1Q.Cf-'W4' 'f:'fffL," 'wif ' 'fd Q. - " ' 1,116 heard about Sqzmtten' Rights, but tbir if riaficulom. WILLIAM GEORGE MacDONALD 10 Peck Ave., Cochituate Willy Fondest Memory: When I met Abby Stone. A Favorite Pastime: Being with Abby. Tech: Wayland: College. MARILYN ELAINE MACK 346 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Muffy, Muff, Muffles, Malerin, Mal' Favorite Expression: Yeah, you know it! Who's your friend? Any- how? Fondest Memory: Equestrian Club trips: falling in the mud: Fellow- ship retreats to LeBarrons and Am- herst '66. Riley: Warren: College. Leader Corps 2: Equestrian Club 2, Treasurer 3: Outing Club 1: Sail- ing Club 1. WAYNE DOUGLAS MACKIE 75 Walker St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: A friend from California: New York City '66: picking T.L. up off the ground: Dan's house. Suppressed Desire: To become manager of the Newtonville Star Marker. Riley: Day: College. Orange Shield 3: House Council 3. DONNA RITA MAcKowsKY Ml ,Q 29 Old Colony Rd., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: Labor Day week- end, '66: "mash potato" with M.Z.: shel-mark mobile: Spinsters' Club: parties: capers: Ho Jos: charades at muHets: drive-ins. Favorite Pastime: "Sleep overs." Riley: Weeks: College. American Field Service 1, 2, 3: Red Cross Club 1, 2: Sailing Club 1, 2, 3: House Council 2, Treasurer 3: Student Council 3. NINA GENEVIEVE MacNEVIN 3 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Noodles Fondest Memory: The summer of '66 at Salisbury with E.P. Suppressed Desire: To be a secre- tary. Palmer: Day: College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2: Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3: Home Economics 1: Red Cross Club 1, 2. JOHN 'L. MaCQUARRIE 161 Walnut St., Newtonville Lanny Chief Failing: Not telling the De- fense Department about Building one. The Russians would never dare to attack if they knew they'd have to go into it. I Predict That: Building One will soon be the only museum piece ever used as a school and prison at the same time. Riley: Day: College. LORRAINE ROSE MAGARIAN 56 Bencliffe Cir., Auburndale Rainie, Lory Fondest Memory: May 7, 1966: September 24 and 25: June 9, 1966: Bermuda: great times with R1M.: F.H. and the Cape gang: three special families. Claim to Fame: Being the shortest senior C4'8"D of '67: skipping French: staying in the office by mistake as an oflice aid. Riley: Warren: College. Orchesis 1: Future Teachers of America 3: NEWTONITE 3: In- ternational Club 31 ARLENE THERESA MAGNI 360 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Mag Favorite Expression: It's all over. Favorite Pastime: Girls' room dur- ing lunch. Palmer: Day: Business. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2: Home Economics 1. PETER ROBERT MAGNI 220 Tremont St., Newton Pete Pet Peeve: Missing the bus on a cold winter morning. Fondest Memory: Watching the cheerleaders fall in the mud at the Thanksgiving Day Game two years ago. Riley: Bigelow: College. German Club 1: Latin Club 1, 3: Chess Club 1: Class Committee 2: Basketball 1. PAULA E. MAGNUSON 19 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: 2:45 Fridays. I Will to NHS: My Gym classes. Riley: Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Orchesis 3. VQ9 MICHAEL RICHARD MAGUIRE 26 Wiltshire Rd., Nonantum Fondest Memory: Kookie Combo walking through Brigham's. I Will to NHS: Three years of ag- gravation. , Palmer: Bigelow: College. RICHARD ROBERT MALO 268 Grove St., Auburndale Bean, Stretch, Rick Pet Peeve: Fourth floor Building one last period. Favorite Expression: What? Riley: Meadowbrook: Business. Astronomy Club 1, 2, 3: Future Teachers of America 1, 3: Eque- strian Club 2, 3: Mental Health Club 1, 2, 3. KEVIN MANCUSO 23 Marion St., West Newton Fondest Memory: 4 -l- 1: Regulars: the tape: next period Bruce: China Rose: 2-1: 14-0: V.W. and J.S.: Mr. Neilson's class: the gym: Mag- nolia. Claim to Fame: Being the psy- chologist. Beals: Warren: College. Class Committee 2, 3: Newtonite 3: Orange Key 3: Ski Club 1: Base- ball 1, 2, 3. DOREEN JANET MANIN 108 Morton St., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: Smile! Fondest Memory: Summers at the beach: The Midgets: the files: Mr. Hall's Chemistry classes. Riley: Weeks: College. Future Teachers of America 1, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE 3. JOHN LESLIE MARCHESE 239 Washington St., Newton Corner Favorite Expression: You'll be all right. I Will to NHS: The Print Shop. Tech: Bigelow: Business. CLAUDINA PATRICIA MARINI 2 Middle St., Nonantum Claudia Fondest Memory: D.D.A.: glowing stars and meaningless letters: Chem class: summer '66: ou-day: sol: A.Lfs locker 1057: tonight's calls -tomorrow's plans, right Donna? Suppressed Desire: To frequent the House of Nine. Palmer: Day: College. House Council 1, 2, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: French Club 1, 2: Administrative Aid 3. LINDA ANN MARINO 14 Annapolis Rd., West Newton Lin Fondest Memory: Summer of '65 with J.T.T.: the white Pontiac station wagon: the house on Clover Lane: "D. and E's": -the light house and the Green Hornet 366: Cape Cod: NHS. Favorite Pastime: Horseback riding. Riley: Warren: College. Student Oflice Assistant 1, 2, 3: House Council 3: Ski Club 2: Out- ing Club- 1: Library Club 1. EDWARD JOHN MAROTTA 11 Pillion Ct., Newtonville Eddie Suppressed Desire: To become Fiction Editor for the World Book Encyclopedia. Fondest Memory: Having lunch at the Deli. Riley: Day: College. Football 1: Gymnastics 2, 3. JUDITH MARIE MARTENSON 12 Acorn Dr., Auburndale Judy ' Pet Peeve: Legs and lambchops. Fondest Memory: Marshfield: 12f7!64: Newton-2, Melrose-1: The Jap: O.S. 4 A.M.: S.D. at K.D.'s: wife: 4f12!66: K.K.D.: 8f18f66: fois: the Dud: football and hockey games. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee 2, Second Vice President 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Administrative Aid 2, 3: French Club 1, 2. RICHARD J. MARTIN 15 Bigelow Terr., Newton "History not areal is nothing, for all intellectual life ir action, like practical life, and if you d0n't are the .ttabr-well, it might ar well be dead." Fondest Memory: President of lgalmer House: Beating Andover: ' 7. Palmer: Bigelow: College. House Council President 3: Gym- nastics 1, 2, Co-Captain 3: Track 1. MARY ELLEN MARZILLI 276 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Mel Fondest Memory: R.E.: December 27, 1965: March 11, 1966: oh ya: March 12-isn't a fond memory but I'll never forget it: three years with M.C.S. I Predict That: By 1970 there will be rowboats for the tunnels on rainy days. Palmer: Day: College. Rally Committee 1. JOAN MASON 63 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Hockey games: Sunday drives: weekends at the Cape: Mrs. A's fire extinguisher: "Where did you have that smoke?": laughs in 224. 'I Will to NHS: The Pink Jeep. Palmer: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Administrative Aid 3. BRUCE LEE MASTERS 54 Brentwood Ave., Newton Centre juicy Brucie "Live for Today" Pet Peeve: Long Skirts. Barry: Weeks, College. Ski Club 2, Class Committee 1, Orange Shield 1, Band 1. DOUGLAS L. MATHESON 21 Kimball Terr., Newtonville Doug Chief Failing: Not being able to tie Claud Rosenberg's CClass of '27D record of 3.26 classes cut a day. Fondest Memory: The night before the school doors opened legally for the 66-67 year, remember Rich? Riley: Day, College. House Football. ALICE MAVISAKALIAN 164 Auburn St., Auburndale Favorite Expression: Are you the one? I Will to NHS: My wings, halo and harp. Palmer: Warren: College. A Class Committee 3. LINDA GAYLE MAXWELL 1684 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Lynnie, Max, Crash Fondest Memory: Summer '66g a little old lady, a Red TR4g Senior Prom '66, a mack truck: Spring- field, Vt.g talks in 2204. I Will to NHS: My Pink Jeep. Palmer, Warren, College. Administrative Aid 2, 3: Ameri- can Field Service 2, 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 NEWTONIAN 2, 39 NEW- TONITE 3. CHRISTOPHER LOUIS MAZZOLA 25 Bridge St., Nonantum Chris Favorite Expression: Don't worry about it. Claim to Fame: Seeing the movie Mary Poppins 33 times. Riley, Day. Football 1: Class Committee 2. LAWRENCE MAZZOLA 181 Adams St., Newton Bacon: Day. JOHN KEVIN MCCALLION 1238 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: My sophomore year with the boys. Favorite Pastimes Going down to the Ville with Mike. Techy Weeks: College. Administrative'Aid 1, 2, 3: Radio Club 1, 2, 33 Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, 3. EDWARD FRANCIS MCCANN 86 Sargent St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Newton -2, Mel- rose-1: Farewell Dance '65, June 30, 19655 summer '65, B.L. March 25, 1966, junior year: Hyannis and Falmouth '66, Newton-14, Everett- Og hockey games: dances. Suppressed Desire: To own a custom-made hobie. Rileyg Bigelow: College. House Athletics 1, 2, 33 All-School Play 1: House Council 1, Treasurer 2, 33 NEWTONITE' 3, Orange Shield' 2, 3. MADELINE MCCANN 86 Sargent St., Newton Corner Maddy Pet Peeve: Brockton '65. Fondest Memory: 12f7f64g Fare- well Dance '65g summer of '65: Beach Party '65, D.F.g Drive-In'sg Mack Truck: triple date: "Sauhi", 1612 Jo'sg March 4, '66, March 25 Riley, Bigelow, College. French Club 1: Class Committee 1, 33 Student Ofiice Assistant 2, Out- ing Club 1. BARBARA ANN MCCARTHY 71 Fairway Dr., West Newton Barb Fondest Memory: The day that the Volkswagen stopped at Page Road and the "content" spoke, X-Block in 2315? I Will to NHS: Mary Poppins' vast wardrobe and her St. Patrick's Day corsage. Palmer: Day: College. House Council 1, 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 2, 3g NEWTONITE 25 Ad- ministrative Aid 2, French Club 1, 3. ' . Y f rx. ff, ,. ' - 'visu- 1 a .5 The momter war THIS big and I are him. MARTIN MacDONALD MCCARTHY 12 Heushaw Pl., West Newton I Wlill to NHS: My bald tires. Favorite Pastime: Beating Steve Rubin at the lights. Palmer: Warren. LOIS ELEANOR MCCLARY 311 River St., West Newton Favorite Expression: What's going down? Fondest Memory: Looking for a front seat in study hall so I could get my homework done: February 5, '66. Palmer: Warren: College. Rally Committee. JOHN JOSEPH MCDONALD 929 Dedham St., Newton Centre Little John Favorite Expression: You bet. I Predict That: Lunches will get better. Tech: Meadowbrook: College. Arid did that stop the little piggy? . . . N 0000! JAMES LAWRENCE MCEVOY 57 Albert Rd., Auburndale Pres, Little Whale Fondest Memory: Dates with C.C.: 14643: trying to date Maxine: Everett-0, Newton-14: Al's hill: heavy duty: Batmobile: little signs: Marsha: Herb's danger signs. I Will to NHS: The remains of my election signs. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee President 3: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3: Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3. love ya. SUSAN L. MCKENNA 270 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Sue Pet Peeve: Latin translations. Fondest Memory: X-Block in 2315: shinin' up the Caddy for Senior Prom '65: Haystack Mountain Country Club in February '66: ice cubes Carol?: Caroling in B.C.'s convertible with the top down in the snow. Palmer: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Administrative Aid 3: Latin Club 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 3. pachewie. STEPHEN STUART MCLEOD 17 School St., Newton Corner Steve Fondest Memory: J.C. from Ded: those days in 1306 with Mr. Jentz and the kids: the "Eddie" and "Furgie" fights during the fall: "keep those feet chugging." I Predict That: Some day George Bresnahan will be the varsity foot- ball coach. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Football 1, 2: Weightlifting 1: Orange Shield 3. LINDA JEAN MCGOVERN 144 Edinboro St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Can't see it: Chief Failing: Making plans and not keeping them. Palmer: Day: Business. Home Economics 1, 2: Rally Com- mittee 1, 3. THOMAS STEVEN MCLAUGH LIN 15A Maple Terr., Newton Corner Mac, Tom "Although the joh he uery small, and the rewards uery few, just re- memher that the Mighty Oak, was once a Nut like you." Favorite Expression: Bang a Beals: Bigelow: Service. Audio Visual Service Squad. PAUL MCMULLEN 19 Melville Ave., Newtonville Favorite Expression: English. I Will to NHS: My Gym suit. Adams: Day: Business. KEVIN JAMES MCNAMARA 126 Derby St., West Newton Lizard Fondest Memory: The frog I dis- sected in sophomore Biology. I Predict That: Sooner or later I will squeeze all the water out of a watermelon. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee .3: All-School Play 2: Mental Health Club 3: Magic Club 1, 2. BARRY PAUL MCSWEENEY 805 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Bashes at the Rock: 6-30-66: catching the rays at Marshfield. Claim to Fame. My glass eye. Bacon: College. ELIZABETH HEATH MCWILLIAMS 62 Windsor Rd., Waban Liz Favorite Expression: Thats life: see ya around like a donut: coulcl be trouble: in by 11 huh? Fondest Memory: Summer "66', all the kids at P. S. B. "Health Nights" H. J.: M. W.: C. M. The A and W., T. D. C.'s car: the surf. Palmer: Warren: College. Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Leader Corps 33 Outing Club 1, 2: Rally Committee 3: Sailing Club 3. ROBERT DWIGHT MCWILLIAMS 62 Windsor Rd., Waban Dwight Pet Peeve: My girl friend is one of the fellows. Fondest Memory: September 24, 1965, the night I met Judy: sum- mer '66: Harwich port and my girl. Riley: Warren: College. Investment Club 2, President: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 1, THOMAS ANTHONY MEDAGLIA, JR. 11 Cappy Cir., West Newton Favorite Expression: Cut it out will ya. Fondest Memory: D-Block study with L. B. Palmer: Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 3: Class Com- mittee 3. ELLEN RUTH MEYERS 43 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Mufiit Pet Peeve: Blind dates. Fondest Memory: Iota Phi Sorority, America with Nanny: Debbie Cohen's mail: Washington, D.C. with Deb: Charades: a portfolio. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Red Cross Club: Class Committee 1, 2, 3. ANNE ARCHER MICHAEL 24 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre "What doth the Lord require of thee hat to do jartly and to love mercy and to walk humhly with thy God." Riley: Weeks: College. Libertarian Club 1, Secretary 2, President 3: Administrative Aid 1, 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3: International Club 1, 2: Play 3. ELLEN RUTH MICHAELSON 11 Trinity Terr., Newton Centre Bunnie Pet Peeve: Kids that say: "Silly rabbit, tricks are for kids." Fondest Memory: All my sisters in Iota Phi Sorority and convention '66: North Conway: all our great times at New Silver: car stalled, hood up, and traffic jam. Riley: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE 3: Ski Club 1, 2: Sailing Club 1: French Club 2, 3. GILDA MICLEY 90 Mill St., Newton Centre Gil "i thank you God for this mort amazing day . . ." Favorite Pastime: Israeli singing and dancing. Palmer: Weeks: College. Class Committee 2: American Field Service 3: Mental Health Club 2, 3: Red Cross Club 3: Administra- tive Aid 2. LAWRENCE BURT MILESKY 25 Milo St., West Newton Larry, Ned Fondest Memory: Soccer-until: elastics: bus rides: J.C.B.P., and C.W.'s party: junior Prom: A.C.C.: Roger's by the sea and Cosby. I'm Crazy About: Barras: beats: protests: white socks: all-around coolness. Riley: Warren: College. Soccer 1, 2: NEWTONITE 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Senior Play: Magic Club. DOUGLAS RICHARD MILLER 13 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Dougi I Will to NHS: All my toes and fingers to future Math students. Claim to Fame: One of "five" to survive Mr. Hale. Tech: Meadowbrook: College. HOPE MILLER 16 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Hopeless Fondest Memory: Thayer mix-up with Jerimiah T. and Wen-D. Suppressed Desire: To become an actress or at least another Holly Golightly. Palmer: Warren: College. House Council Secretary 2: Orange Book Co-Editor 2: NEWTONITE 1, 2, Circulation Manager 3: Drama Club 1, Vice President 2, President 3: Debating Society 1, 2, Corresponding Secretary 3. svn, at f 4 E so wr-15111. , . " "N - s -.N 41 3 - :,:f.f', :tx ' - "1 . 4 . ff X, ,UN ,f Q. , Ma . .., . X p R X X s A W rx .MM 5553- 5. V, XM .ss ss. V 5 Q ., . A ' V -4 e .Q "f lf lj, -,M . ,, sa v. , p. ,. ss ., f..- . , 11.1 Z Xe. 'l' 't 55:32 .4 I vl 1.34:-:-,Z '5 S5--' , , fl . Q Q . . 2 -im a' 252315 .:fl'i17g22'Yf3:5ii5 ' 1' i . .-iff,-".,r.s.3:w . ,pf :gm'rM'...w: . sa. sw , L.'t.:-Le-it-f. il 'Z K. ,si ' 1 CSN... -M fy V as ,r .a , ': 3 jf A 1-27-:, Zi ii , -i . ' 9 v.-NS 218 2 KN WS A ss 1 4. JONATHAN STEPHEN MILLER 4 Overlook Pk., Newton Centre Anthony Favorite Expression: Allrright. I Predict That: The sophomore and the juniors will make it. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Class Committee 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, Ad- ministrative Aid 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA LOUISE MILLER 504 Centre St., Newton Gin, Ginny, Mill Pet Peeve: Carol J. Fondest Memory: "l, 2, 3", I.K., R.V., CJ., Tam the Sham and the A's, My Mack truck and all those good times, Wingearsheek Beach with D.R., table cloth and candy- Palmer, Bigelow, College. Leader Corps 2, 3, Rally Commit- tee 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association 1, Outing Club 1. WILLIAM RANDOLPH MILLER 505 Centre St., Newton Centre Bill I Will to NHS: My late slips-all 50 of them. I'm Crazy About: Carol Ready. Beals, William Gaston, Service. Cross Country 3, Chess Club 2. DAVID JOSEPH MILLIGAN 1575 Washington St., West Newton Dave, Milley Fondest Memory: J.L.M., 6-6-66, the Crew, 1 A.M. pool hops, Qt's with Bud, summer '65, sophomore year, Uxbridge 29 mi., vegetating, Ho-Jo's, Stevarino. Claim to Fame: "The Outlaw". Riley, Boston College H.S., Col- lege. Orange Key 3, Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3 MARY ELIZABETH MISKELLA 20 Kimball Terr., Newtonville Favorite Ex ression' Yes Euri ides P - , P , there is a temple of gold. Beals, Our Lady's, College. Folksinging Club 3, Human Rights Club 3, Newton Plan Oflice 3, Future Teachers of America 2. DEBORAH BASHA MONOSSON 98 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My trip to Italy in the summer of 1964. I Will to NHS: The crowded stair cases while passing in Building one. Adams, Weeks, College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Sports Chairman 3, Leader Corps 2, 3, Ski Club 1, Sign-up 2, Vice President 3, French Club 2, House Council 3. JANICE M. MOONEY 103 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Making and breaking The Big 3, Elisenbrun- nen, K.K.G., party at Maria- Theriesa Allee, September 23, 1964 and R.C. Favorite Pastime: Sundays. Palmer, Day, College. German Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTON- IAN, Ski Club 2, Film Festival 2, 3, American Field Service 2, French Club 2, 3. MADELINE ELAINE MOORE 40 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Maddy Fondest Memory: May 28, 1966 and all the days to follow, junior English with Mr. Papa, Newton-14, Everett-0, a summer night in 1965. Favorite Pastime: Being with Him! Riley, Bigelow, College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Secretary 3, House Council 3, Leader Corps 3, Rally Committee 3, Softball Team 1, 3. CHERYL ANN MORGAN 145 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Morg Fondest Memory: junior Gym class with Fidney, Gold Digger and Kafoen, the hill with G. L., M. V., D. S. and the Monsters. Claim to Fame: Four-eyed sailors. Palmer, Warren, Business. GREGORY STEVEN MORGENTHAU 83 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Bo Neb, Hey, Rob? Chief Failing: School. Riley, Day, College. Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Hockey 2. SUSAN MARY MORRELL 69 Faxon St., Newton Sue Fondest Memory: Blue Olds, july 23, 1966, "Hon". Suppressed Desire: To be his one and only. Adams, Day, College. MICHAEL ANTHONY MORRISSEY 13 Craft St., Newtonville Moe Favorite Expression: I go to school, "Ol'1icer". Fondest Memory: The Crew, sum- mer of '65, trampolining. Riley, Day, College. Orange Key, Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3. .XX sg! ,sw gi xx ff .tr K X gig, I "Nha-M... M an . -WW X: .Ni , NSS . Let'.r ree, tloe knee bonelr connectetl to the BEVERLY MORSE 54 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Bev Fondest Memory: Two weeks in August '66. Claim to Fame: An everlasting supply of Kleenex. Palmer: Weeks: College. Library Aid: NEWTONIAN: Film Festival. LORRAINE L. MOSCATO 91 Walker St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: The group at Tilli's: New Year's Eve on a roof- top. Favorite Pastime: Going horseback riding. Palmer: Day: College. Equestrian Club 2: Ski Club 1: Rally Committee 2. 1... .1-99" Na-"""" I I SUSAN ADAMS MOYLE 94 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Sue Pet Peeve: Chicken fat exercises and then "once around the track, girls!" Fondest Memory: My sophomore year: August 6, 1965: C.P.F. night- life at I-faystack Mt.: "Country Club": "The Back Porch Minority": spaghetti at Manomet: my sopho- more companions in 1220 E-Block. Palmer: Day: College. NEWTONITE 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Club 2, Secretary 3: American Field Service 1: Ad- ministrative Aid 3. PAUL FRANCIS MULLEN 9 Kensington Ave., West Newton Mul, Miz I Will to NHS: A couple of burnt valves from a fuely Volkswagen. Favorite Pastime: Eating. Riley: Day: College. Rifle Club 1. PAUL THOMAS MURPHY 90 Auburn St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Freezing while waiting for a bus that never came. Suppressed Desire: To ride the elevator in Building four. Riley: Warren: College. Latin Club 2, 3: Tennis 2: NEW- TONITE: Intramural Sports 2, 3. ROSEMARY LOYOLA MURPHY 129 Fessenden St., N ewtonville Fondest Memory: B. C. Mixers: weekends at the Cape: going out for Chinese food. Claim to Fame: Getting away with eating breakfasts, X-Blocks, sopho- more year. Bacon: Day: College. Rally Committee 2, 3: Girls' Out- ing Club 2: Girls' Athletic As- sociation 3: Homeroom Manager 2: Commons Room Committee 3: House Aid 3. KATH I E MICHAEL WALLACE 152102-TYIQQANNE MUTHER 36 Lexington St., West Newton 133 Gibbs Stf Newton Centre Kathy Miguel Fondest Memory: junior Gym class with L. F., C. M. and J. D.: The Donut Shop: 7:30 at the "Deli". Suppressed Desire: To marry that Special Someone. Palmer: Warren: Business. Rally Committee 2, 3: Student Council 3: Stage Crew. STEPHEN JOHN MOUSER 30 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Favorite Expression: Ma, I don't feel good. I don't want to go to school. I Predict That: There will not be any more last period studies. Riley: Day: Business. Radio Club l. Fondest Memory: Summer '66. Claim to Fame: My 1929 model A "Woody." Riley: Weeks: College. American Field Service 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3: House Athletics 1, 2, 3. ALIX GOULD MYERSON 26 Rice St., Newton Centre "Come my friendr, 'tif not too late to reek a better world." "Don't let it be forgot that once there was a spot, for one brief Jhining mo- ment that was known ar Camelot." Palmer: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 2, Photography Editor 3: American Field Service l, Co-ordinator 2, Chairman 3: Orange Book 1, Section Editor 2: National Honor Society 2, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3. RONALD LOUIS NARCUS 41 Edge Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Ron Favorite Expression: Do I have to? Claim to Fame: In the fourth grade I did a nu-lizz commercial on the Big Brother Show on T.V. Palmer, Weeks, College. International Club, Music Club, Astronomy Club. ALFRED LOUIS NARDONE 26 Stephens Rd., Newton Highlands Fred, Alfie "All ir well that emi! well." Favorite Pastime: Bowling, playing records. Palmer, Meadowbrook, Business. DAVID P. NAZZARO 86 Auburn St., Auburndale Dave Fondest Memory: Getting an early acceptance to Harvard. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Barry, Our Lady's, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3. DONALD JUSTIN NAZZARO 86 Auburn St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: The Newton- Everett game. I Predict That: For every Friday night there will be Saturday morn- ing. Palmer, Xavier, College. Orange Key Club, Basketball Team 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Student Council 3. XXX .X t si? 1'laey're putting the toll road through WHERE? JAMES FRANCIS NEELY 262 California St., Nonantum Jim Chief Failing: J.C.'s Chemistry class. Suppressed Desire: To pass J.C.'s Chemistry class. Palmer, Day, College. LENORE ANN NEPTUNE 203 Mt. Vernon St., West Newton Lenni Pet Peeve: People who call me Lenore. Fondest Memory: September 23, 1966, X-Block in 2315, the B- lunch clan, R.N.H., and muguet des bois. Palmer, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN' 3, Music Club 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association 2, 3, Leader Corps 3, French Club 3. ROBERT EDMUND NEWIS 114 Warwick Rd., West Newton Bob, "Gump" Chief Failing: Being a goalie. Fondest Memory: Laughs with the gang in 224, "Noah's Ark" at B.C., S.D., graduating day. Palmer, Day, College. Homeroom Manager 3, Adminis- trative Aid 2, 3, Orange Shield 2, 5, Ice Hockey 2, 3. PATRICIA SUE NEWMAN 84 Mardalay Rd., Newton Centre Pat, Patti, P. Fondest Memory: Spinster's Club, Hyannis "66", inspecting Dorcey's feet. Favorite Expression: "Laugh" Cin a high "C" octivej. Palmer, Weeks, College. Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Orchesis 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3. ELIOT HILLEL NIERMAN 83 Judith Rd., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: agile as a dead cow, stumps, did, Everett "math Wiz" nonsense, monkey rolls missed blocks and tackles, slow reading. Fondest Memory: Newton 14- Everett O, showing Miss Altieri how to get ads, S.S., junior prom with C.R. Riley: Warren College. Football 1, 2, 3, NEWTONITE Bus. Manager 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Lacrosse 2, 3, Math Team 1, 2, 3. NOREEN ANN NORCROSS 73 Clinton St., Newton Blondie Pet Peeve: Working 'till 2:30 in the morning and getting only three hours sleep for school. Fondest Memory: Mr. Satlak and all his X-Block passes with Gail Parker. Palmer, Day, College. French Club 1, 2, Latin Club- 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2, Russian Club 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 2, 3. They mid they wouldn't leuoe without nze. METTE CHRISTINE NORDBY 45 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Chris Favorite Expression: You don't understand. I'm Crazy About: Speedy cars: Hondas: Royal Nords. Palmer: International Brussels: College. CAROL TOUSLEY NORDBECK 1615 Beacon St., Waban Fondest Memory: Snow drifts, snow fights and puddles: all ski trips: sophomore year and everyone: X- Blocks in 2315? Claim to Fame: Dudley and ice cubes. Palmer: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3: American Field Service 1, House Captain 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Class Com- mittee 1, 2, 3. School of EDWIN RUSH NORTON 12 Regina Rd., Auburndale Crazy Horse Fondest Memory: Skull sessions in 329: the day we didn't have A.B.C.'s: S.R. and the Junior Prom. Favorite Expression: Funny thing about that, ya see it was like this . . . Palmer: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 3. MAUREEN PENNIE O'BRIEN 15 Kenyon St., West Newton Mo, Moby,-O'B, Moses, M'reen, Rosemary Favorite Expression: Switch!!: Oh, Look! ! Claim to Fame: My nicknames- all Five of them: having language lab last period for almost three years. Bacon: Day: College. Field Hockey 1, 2, Captain 3: Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, Vice President 3: NEW TONIAN 3: Leader Corps 2, 3: A Capella Choir 3. JAMES E. O'DONNELL 70 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Fondest Memory: Killing my Ply- mouth. 1'm Crazy About: Burke's Law. Tech: Weeks: College. Administrative Aid 2, 3: Youth Center Committee. KATHERINE ANN OLINGER 1136 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Kathy, Kath, Kats Fondest Memory: Feverishly pedal- ing around Baboosic Lake in a tandem: that inspiring grin at L.K.'s pool party: tobogganing with "The Group": 8:00 A.M. one Sat- urday a month: 219 in my junior year: mailing letters once a week at "The Box". Bacon: Greenaces: Business. NEWTONITE 2, 33 Drama Club 2: Outing Club 2: Rally Commit- tee 3. PHYLLIS SARITA OLRICH 158 Harvard St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Making and breaking the BIG 3: K.K.G.: Elisenbrunnen: work weekend: butterkeks and petits-beures. Favorite Pastime: Visits to Roon- strasse 3. Bacon: Day: College. German Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2: Sailing Club 1. LESLIE ELLEN OLSON 70 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Lee "In quietness and in confidence Jhtzll he your rtrengthf' Fondest Memory: St. Sebastian's Senior Prom. Adams: Bigelow: College. Future Teachers of America: Home Economics: Tusitala. SHARMAN DIANE O'NEILL 10 Howard St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Newton High. Fondest Memory: B.: A. E.: Sum- mer '65, '66: Boston: everything and nothing. Palmer: Warren: College. Drama Club 3: Film Festival 3: Outing Club 1: Rally Committee 2. ANGELINA SARAH ORIFICE 59 Underwood Ave., West Newton Favorite Expression: Right. Chief Failing: Math class. Beals: Warren: Business. X W X O PATRICIA JOAN ORNER 127 Rand Terr., Auburndale Patti Favorite Expression: Beep-biddly- oten-doten-bobo-skedecten-daten- shh! Fondest Memory: Red Rover parties: Barnaby: purple Stollen: Bustins: A.A.T.G.: Beckridge. Palmer: Warren: College. Orchesis 1, 2, 3: German Club 1, 2, Vice President 3: Leader Corps 1, 2, 35 Class Committee l: Ski Club 1, 35 French National Honor Society 2, 3. NANCY A. OSTERBERG 13 Nonantum Pl., Newton Corner Zerroe "Good judgment is the result of lessons learned from using bud judgement previously." Fondest Memory: Summer of '65: Pirates: Junior Prom: red cars: 7!1!65: triple dates: coke bottles and D.S.: 4!16!65. Riley: Bigelow: College. French Club 1: Stage Crew 2: Rally Committee 3: Student Council 1: Ski Club 3. LOIS ANN PANELLA 283 Cherry St., West Newton "Biscuits" Pet Peeve: Forgetting my telephone number. Fondest Memory: S.W.: July 4th weekend: September 30th weekend: Stumpa's all niters: the guys: and the whole summer of "66". Palmer: Warren: Business. Leader Corps 2: Rally Committee 2, 35 Student Council 3. TERESA ELLEN PANZERA 94 jewett St., Newton Corner Terry Favorite Pastime: fail House num- ber three with Sue and Linda. I Predict That: Dennis and Lulu will always be the same-crazy. Riley: Bigelow: Business. Administrative Aid: Mental Health Club. MARY MARGUERITE PAPA 154 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Pet Peeve: Living in Newton. Fondest Memory: Summers at Brewster: Cape Cod: all the kids I've met at NHS: C.Y.O. Dances at O. L. C. Church: The,A-go-go: park dances. Palmer: Warren: College. Folksinging Club 3: Library Club 35 Student Ofiice Assistant 3: Equestrian Club 35 Outing Club 1. DAVID M. PARKER 76 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville 7 102 6 "Le coeur u ses ruisons que lu raison ne connuzt pozntf' Fondest Memory: My "sister" and my "wife": a weekend in Montreal: the harem in 2206: involvement: the Region. Riley: Day: College. NEWTONIAN, Coordinating Edi- tor 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 1: Film Festival 2, 3: International Club 222 1, 3. with MARGARET A. PARNE 187 Gibbs St., Newton Cen Alfred, Mel GAIL MARIE PARKER 62 Green St., Newton Pini Pet Peeve: Having Mrs. Leone call me Shirley. Fondest Memory: All the passes from Mr. Satlak for X-Block: going Noreen Norcross. Palmer: Day: Business. Home Economics. LL tre Fondest Memory: Coffee fudge ice- cream: the Tycoon Room: Mary Poppins: making plans for the class of '66: S. P., right Ralph?: strawberry shortcake, chocolate pie, and pickles at J. and M's. Favorite Expression: Wicked!! Adams: Weeks: College. House Council Vice President 3: Leader Corps 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 35 Administrative Aid 1, 2: Rally Committee 2, 3. times DOUGLAS MICHAEL PASSARETTI 22 Walnut Pl., Newtonville .tDOC,, Fondest Memory: August 13 and what followed: the Donut Shop after school: doing the crossword Wingearsheek Beach 5 the good with L.F., K.M., J.T.. I'm Crazy About: L.C.: "Cherish macaroni and cheese. Riley: Day LOUIS JOHN PELLEGRINE 99 Cresent St., Auburndale Louie Chief Failing: J.L.: school: Mr. E.: Mr. P.: Art: English. Fondest Memory: J.L.: Rats B.P.: BANZAI: A.L. and Rls Wheelies: drags: motorcycles: bad 50: W.L.: M.M.: slicks. Adams: Elm Bank: College. Orange Shield 3: House Football 2, 3. Orange Shield WILLIAM HENRY PERRY 50 North Gate Pk., West Newton Bill Fondest Memory: 'That Wild party out on the island! I'm Crazy About: ......... ....... y a, you guessed it! Riley: Warren: College. House Council 1, 2, Vice President 3: International Club 1: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Student Council. TERESA PELLEGRINI 25 Gardner St., Newton Palmer. SUSAN CASEY PFUND 16 Balcarres Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: Building four, September 12, 1964, the good doctor, that proof. Suppreseed Desire: To publish that book. Palmer, Warren, College. American Field Service 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, Film Festival 2, NEWTONIAN. ELIZABETH ANN PHEENY 43 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Betty Pet Peeve: Forgetting things. Favorite Pastime: Helping people. Barry, Weeks, College. Sailing Club, Mental Health Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Human Rights Club. BETH AREN PIKEN 21 Merrill Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: F.L. Palmer, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club 2, 3, Madrigals 2, 3, A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL EDWARD PINGREE 41 Pearl St., Newton Corner Mike Pet Peeve: Building One. I Will to NHS: The talking doll Marvelous Melvin. Bacon, Our Lady's, College. Future Teachers of America, In- ternational Club, Libertarian Club, NEWTONIAN, Philosophy Club. LINDA JEAN PLAMONDON 330 Wolcott St., Auburndale Steff I Will to NHS: My halo, wings and harp. Suppressed Desire: To know what the "H" stands for. Bacon, Warren, College. Commons Room Committee 3, House Art Committee Chairman. STEPHEN CLARK PLEULER 62 Harvard St., Newtonville Steve Favorite Expression: Oh no, I did it again. Fondest Memory: Mr. Roynane, Mr. Fortune, Mr. Guzzi, and all the great guys of the football team, Everett, October 30, 1966, the night I met L. D. and lived happily ever after. Palmer, Day, College. Ski Club 2, 3, Football l, 2, 3, Trck, Indoor 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 3. S-ay. in-.g..4u-A STANLEY M. PORTER 50 Mary Ellen Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: Dinner at the "Y" with my little Chickadee. lim Crazy About: My fondest memory. Adams, Weeks, College. Folksinging Club 2, 3, Ski Club l, 2, 33 Class Committee 1. GEORGE B. POWERS 58 Judkins St., Newtonville I": Skip Fondest Memory: Labor Day week- , end '66. ' 'We . Favorite Pastime: Being with M. W, "mee" K: Bacon, Bigelow, Business. 5? -f if ...f,.:,. ...zz ,L ,Q Q - , 1 , -.,,, .,,.., ,. -- '- ,L ' 515656 tin , V-91221. .S .wrt ... 3 I ff Nl fe ' ff 0 f ' X v I ,fl 7 ff if ' I ff 3 1 g CA., Max:-sv 44, 5 5 I if f ., 7 I - ,V fg- ,ipifiisfii-fzf' .. t ' WILLIAM HUMPHREY POWERS 72 Tolman St., West Newton Bill, Lump Chief Failing: Trying to get out of Gym in my sophomore year. Suppressed Desire: To pass Chem- istty with J.C. Hall. Riley, Warren, College. Band 1, 2. RONALD S. PRAGUE 17 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Ron "Some people are like blisters, they .fbow up right after the work ir done." Favorite Expression: Ya wanna bet? Palmer, Day, College. lv-vids. , ,Z lbt, ,at X., Lil . . J, , ,.2.V,,. , t V, me G' -"1 .tv H3 1 1. PEN? .1 Q1 J: , ' .'Tl7..f'riZ. Y. 'Q , .xc A s ,yas .NPV .,-. s . X 4' sf . S I . , t . 2,5 5 iS!:.qiaf . QV? X , Vfr. ,iw , f 9 ag .QAWAQVW Sgr? We W lj: , if. . Q, .K .s .XX 1 X ks : LINDA ANN PRELL 190 Temple St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Beach parties: jawyn: "The Men": M.H. Week- end: planning, right girls?: sum- mer '66: Newton-14, Everett-0: Hyannis: G. and B.: minute streets: Ho Io's: Friendly's: NHS. I'm Crazy About: Chinese food and football. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee 2, 3, NEWTON- IAN 3: NEWTONITE 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: Student Ofiice Assistant 2, 3. DAVID MICHAEL PRESS 18 Furbush Ave., West Newton Chief Failing: Third year French. Suppressed Desire: To put a pass- ageway from the third floor to the annex to the third floor of Build- ing two. Riley: Warren: College. Rifle Club and Team 2, 3: Radio Club 1: Chess Club 3. PAULA NAN PRESSON 102 Forest Ave., West Newton Penny Favorite Expression: Moron! Fondest Memory: "Spinsters": March 4, 1966 "Car-Car": Hyannis 1966: Jr.--K.M.: October 30, 1965: 3K's and P: parties: friends: capers: Ho Io's: March 25, 1966. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: NEWTONITE 3: Rally Com- mittee 3. .. QW ,f f K+- X . . f Tlmzfir soccer over there. This if ORCHESIS. JOSEPH QUENTIN PRINCE 9 Church Rd., Newton Corner Scotty Pet Peeve: Beals House detention. Chief Failing: Having a successful year of track-undefeated. Beals: Lewis: College. RICHARD KEVIN PRINCE 9 Church Rd., Newton Corner Suppressed Desire: To let Building one burn. Then we might get a new school. I Predict That: Newton will one day have a winning football team. RICHARD MARK PRINCE 28 Blake St., Newtonville I Will to NHS: A contract banning all post grads. Favorite Pastime: Laughing at the people getting sick in the cafeteria. Palmer: Day: College. Gymnastics 1, 2, 3: Football 1. Riley: Boston English: College. DONNA MARIE PROCOPIO 43 Carleton St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Summer of '66 with C.A.: June 12th and Labor Day weekend: October 2, 1966. Favorite Pastime: English classes with Mr. Papa. Palmer: Bigelow: Business. Home Economics 1, 2: Library Club 3. KAREN IRENE PROCTER 66 Highland Ave., Newtonville Kaky, Bertha Fondest Memory: B. R.: Noah's Ark at B.C.: a hick town in N.H.: 1304 with B. J. Suppressed Desire: To marry B.R. and have kids-millions of 'emi Palmer: Day: Business. Assistant Homeroom Manager 1: Homeroom Manager 2: Student Oliice Assistant. BENITA ANN PROSHAN 19 Marymount Rd., Auburndale if Bonnie Fondest Memory: B.U.: lost keys: Kake walk '66: sailing '65: New Year's '66: Lollipops and Roses: Newport '66. I Will to NHS: The advertising section of this book. Palmer: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN Advertising Editor 3: Student Council 2: Sailing Club 1, 2, Secretary 3: Class Committee 2, 3: NEWTONITE Advertising Editor 2. ROBERT DAVIS PURPLE 626 Centre St., Newton Purps, Bob Pet Peeve: People who mistake me for myself: people who ask me what event I run in in cross- country. Fondest Memory: The day I beat Joe Greenman in a race: Prospect Hill and good old Ab baby: Dotty and all those great weekends. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Track, Out- door 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM CHARLES PURPLE 626 Centre St., Newton Pet Peeve: People who don't be- lieve I have a twin. Fondest Memory: A.M.C. from South: December 7, 1965 and 1966. Riley: Bigelow: College. Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Sailing Club 3. KATHLEEN JANICE QUINN 14 Cheney Ct., Newton Upper Falls Kathy Fondest Memory: Coffee Shop with j.M., M.K.: summer '66: Revere Beach wilth Gail M.: NHS with Linda. I Will to NHS: All my lost books: all my warning cards. Palmer: Weeks: Business. ALAN JAMES RABINOWITZ 232 Cabot St., Newtonville Al "We are but pawns in a world of kings and queens, yet all eyes are upon us, for we and others like us shall shape the destiny of man- kind." Fondest Memory: X.K.E.: the sun, the sand, the wind, the city and the emptiness. Riley: Bigelow: College., Key Club 1, 2, 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 3: Rifle Club DANIEL, M. RALEIGH, JR. 159 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: June 6, 1966: E.V.: a certain place: a '58 Ford: long talks. I Will to NHS: A set of bald tires that are on Elm Rd. Palmer: Warren: College. Administrative Aid: Science Fair 1: Orange Shield 1, 2: Audio-Visual Service Squad: House Council 3. STEVEN WILLIAM RANDALL 14 Eddy St., West Newton Steve Fondest Memory: The Junior Prom with B.K.: that certain incident with the V.W. at Ho jo's, remem- ber Rich?: the NHS Football Team defeating Everett 14-0. I Will to NHS: The regime of Homeroom 2316. Palmer: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3. WILLIAM H. RAYBURG 2 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville' Bill I Will to NHS: One used 22. Favorite Pastime: Shooting pool. Palmer: Day: College. Orange Shield 2: Rifle Club and Team 1, 2, 3. JUDITH RECCHIA 208 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Beals. JEANNE MARIE REILLY 275 Mill St., Newtonville ". . . A complete unknown . . . like a rolling stone . . ." Riley: Gordon: College. American Field Service: Drama Club: Ski Club: NEWTONIAN: National Honor Society. JAMES HOWARD REMLEY 73 Randlett Pk., West Newton Jim I Will to NHS: My father. Suppressed Desire: To spend the summer of "71" with C.L.W. Palmer: Day: College. Homeroom Manager 1: Class Com- mittee 3: Orange Shield 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3: Hockey 2, 3: Foot- ball 1. SHERYL LYN RESH 38 Whitney Rd., Newtonville "Little friends may prone great friends." Fondest Memory: July 4, '65: From Northshore to Southshore starving, right? : Newton-Everett game: summer '66: Ice-Car-Tears-Men- Antifreeze: Car stalled plus hood up equals trafhc jam. Bacon: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 1, 2: Ski Club 1, 2: House Council 1, 2, 3. DAVID BRUCE REYNOLDS 23 Washburn Ave., Auburndale "Success is just a matter of luck. Ask any failure." Favorite Expression: What the hey? Palmer: Warren: College. Human Rights Club 3. 'YV if it 'Mafia CHERYL LORRAINE RICHARDS 63 Elmhurst Rd., Newton Cher Pet Peeve: Having my Homeroom and locker on the fourth floor of Building one. Fondest Memory: My junior year: working last summer with Elaine and Bonnie: Mrs. Nolan: my sophomore year in Folksinging Club. Beals: Our Lady of the Presentation Academy: College. Folksinging Club 1, 2: Library Club 1. DAVID N. RILEY 525 Walnut St., Newtonville Adams. SANDRA ELIZABETH RIPLEY 32 William St., West Newton Sandy Fondest Memory: Sharing Locker 1376, junior year: taking walks with D.S. during X-Blocks: 3-25- 66: V.N.C.-time we almost got caught!!! Pet Peeve: The night I got sick on the Octopus, right Linda and Diane?: not being able to get the same answer twice!!!: people rank- ing out my writing. Bacon: Warren: Business. House Commons Room and Social Committees 2, 3. ALAN THOMAS ROBERTS 51 Page Rd., Newtonville Al I Predict That: By 1970 Elm Road will be paved with rubber thereby saving the city money for gravel. Favorite Pastime: Taking trips to Martha's Vineyard. Palmer: Day: College. ARNOLD PAUL ROBERTS 22 Arden Rd., Newtonville Paul Fondest Memory: Newton High School and Miss Ryan: getting out of studies to go back stage. Favorite Expression: Yea! get out. Bacon: Day. Stage Crew: Radio Club. JANET ROBSON 39 Whitemore Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: Weekends on the Cape: P. Town: Orleans: mama and papa: the DOGS: May 30, 1966: H.R. and Norumbega: John: Getzel the pretzel: grenadine: El- lsies: Boston with Sherri and Lisa. I'm Crazy About: Charlie Byrd: liverworst: Marlboros: earrings: pink V.W. convertibles with white poka-dots. Bacon: Day: College. Folksinging Club 2, 3: NEWTON- IAN. W 1.. p :X ,N DONNA RUTH ROBY 191 Mill St., Newtonville I Will to NHS: My extra middle name for anyone who needs one. I Predict That: German 4 has reached its numerical climax and can only go down from now on. Palmer: Weeks: College. German Club 1, Treasurer 2, Presi- dent 3: Administrative Aid 2: Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3: Spanish Club 2. LYNDA LEE ROLLINS 152 Adams St., Nonantum Lynda, Lynda Lee, Marshmallow Fondest Memory: September 15, 1964: Joseph James Vincent Sonia Junior: "The Esquire": R.D.S. and L.M.J.: The Crowd: '64-'65: St. Bernard's dances: summer of "65": my party February 21, '66: my '65 yearbook. Favorite Expression: You kill me. Bacon: Day: College. Homeroom Manager 1: Drum Majorettes, Co-Captain 3: Girls' Athletic Association 3: Outing Club 2: Co-Op Committee 2. CARL JOSEPH RONDINA A 22 Rockwood Terr., Auburndale I Predict That: Building one will either burn down or fall down. Favorite Pastime: Working with J.P. at the supermarket. Bacon: Warren: College. Music Club 2, 3: Orchestra 1, 2: Class Committee 1. SHARON WILSON ROONEY 32 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory: TIF: Randy parties and red rover: the "under- ground club": 5:00 A.M.: Hay Market. Claim to Fame: Counting the holes in the language lab "cells" and coming out with the same number four times, only I forgot what it is. Barry: Warren: College. Philosophy Club 2, 33 Thought- prints 1, 2, Assistant Editor 3: Human Rights Club 1, 2: Library Club 1: Tusitala 1. HOWARD EDWARD ROSE 184 Cabot St., Newton Howie Fondest Memory: Butch's Algebra 2 Math class. I Will to NHS: A "Little Caesar" movie starring Mrs. Leone. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2: NEWTONITE 2. LINDA LEE ROSEN 409 Crafts St., Newtonville Rose Favorite Expression: It drives me up a tree. I Will to NHS: The six handbags that died in service to the school. Bacon: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Mental Health Club 2, 3: Orchesis 1. He TOUCHED me! RICHARD ARTHUR ROSEN 90 Eastside Pkwy., Newton Dick, Richie Fondest Memory: Skipping Science classes and pulling an Favorite Pastime: Checking out cute sophomore and junior girls in my study halls. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Homeroom Manager 1: Orange Shield 3. ANDREW LLOYD ROSENBERG 609 Beacon St., Newton Centre Andy Favorite Expression: I don't know. Fondest Memory: The idiots on the tennis team: soccer, and the C.C. picnic. Palmer: Weeks: College. Tennis 1, 2, Co-Captain 3: Soccer 1, 2, 3: House Council Treasurer 3: NEWTONIAN Assistant Sports Editor 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. IAN M. ROSENBERG 35 Judith Rd., Newton Centre ' Rose Fondest Memory: The go group: the line: Braer Rabbit: The prince of S.W.T.: summer school: Crane's Beach: twilight football. I'm Crazy About: Study Hall teach- ers: mini-skirts: Cleveland Wil- liams. Palmer: Weeks: College. NEWTONITE 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Physics Club 2, 3. NANCI JANE ROSENBERG 40 'Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Nanny Chief Failing: N.J. Fondest Memory: Orange and black: March 25, '66: Hanley with "P": memories with M.Z.: charades at MuHet's: America with Ellen: Labor Day weekend. Palmer: Chapel Hill: College. Student Council 2: Class Commit- tee 2: House Council 2: NEW- TONIAN 3: Spanish Club Treasurer 2. MAXINE 'RHONA ROSENBLOOM 59 Commonwealth Pk. W., Newton Centre Max Fondest Memory: Summer '66: Iota Phi: K.M.G.: Ad Book: Jim, I'll get to a game yet: weekends at R.P.I. Claim to Fame: Being fat. Palmer: Weeks: College. American Field Service 1, 2: French Club 2: NEWTONIAN 3: Rally Committee 2: Class Commit- tee 3. ROBERTA ANN ROSENDORF 30 Myrtle St., West Newton Fondest Memory: May 8, 1964: Bobby: Labor Day Weekend '66: spring '66: 7 Hereford Street: eight great years with Midge: A.S.W.R.: Marlboro Country, eh I1ene?: 305 S.H.: someone has to drive, right Midge? Favorite Pastime: "Only my hair- dresser knows for sure." Bacon: Warren: College. Pep Squad, Captain 3: Rally Com- mittee 2, 3: Ski 'Club 1, 2: Class Committee 3: Administrative Aid 2, 3. RONDA FAYE ROSENFELT 33 1965 blue again walks Assoc 78 "You die." room two: runni Amer VICTOR PAUL ROSSI 52 Bartlett St., Newton "Chopper" Chief Failing: English. Suppressed Desire: To be a ma- chinist. Tech: St. Patrick's: Business. CAROL JEAN ROTHSTEIN 31 Kilburn Rd., West Newton I Will to NHS: The Mamaroneck High Tiger: a Boston accent: my college rejections: tranquilizers for all seniors: maps for all sopho- mores. I Predict That: When I return everyone else will leave. Bacon: Warren: College. House Council l, 2: Anti-Smoking Committee 2: Stagecrew 2. 3 Lexington St., Auburndale Shrew Pet Peeve: Having two younger brothers: a sophomore and a junior. Fondest Memory: Valle's, May 22, 1975, 11:33 P.M.: November 1, and S.R.: S.Y.T.S.-L.M.S.: fairy loop: Sky King strikes - Brruoomml: midnight and donuts: E-Block studies -sophomore year. Bacon: Warren: College. Home Economics 2: Girls' Athletic iation 3. JEFFREY DAVID ROSS Elmore St., Newton Centre Jeff only live twice--once when y0u're born and once when you Pet Peeve: Trying to find a class- in the annex of Building bubbling drinking fountains: ng from 2316 to 1132. Riley: American: College. ican Field Service 3. 227 WILFRED ROUSSEAU 305 California St., Nonantum Fred Fondest Memory: Painting Elm Road. Bacon, Day, Service. ROSELLA MARY ROY 126 Tolman St., West Newton Rose Suppressed Desire: To marry Zoel Leger. Fondest Memory: My trip to Canada. Beals, South, Business. Student Office Assistant 1, 2, 3. ANN LESLIE RUBIN 40 Holden Rd., West Newton Nan ". . . if somehow you could pack up your rorrow: . . ." Fondest Memory: All-School Play 364, a yellow bus and all that went with it, England Crightlbg David, David, and David. Bacon, Day, College. NEWTONIAN, Layout Editor 3, National Honor Society 2, 33 Stage Crew 1, 2, Secretary-Treas- urer 3, Folksinging Club 1, 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3. JUDITH S. RUBIN 144 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre Rube Favorite Expression: You're so cute. Fondest Memory: "Four years", Hampton Beach capers, Junior Prom, '55 Chevy, monkey, Labor Day weekend with J.F. and 4, October 1, X-Blocks, long eye- lashes. Barry, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN, Ski Club, Home Economics. You should .fee what huppem when I tweeh my uore. c PAULA JEAN RUFO 63 Dalby St., Newton Pet Peeve: Pretty girls that like to flirt with taken boys. I Predict That: Bob-by will get his Vette. Bacon, Day, Business. Rally Committee 2. DANIEL R. RUNFOLA 236 Nevada St., Newtonville Dan Fondest Memory: The trip to the big city, the executive with Louy and S.S.'s pool. I Will to NHS: K.A.'s coolness. Bacon, Day, College. Gymnastic Team. STEPHEN CHASE RUSSELL 34 Temple St., West Newton Steve , Pet Peeve: People telling me to "take it easy." Fondest Memory: A summer with Daphne, last period studies in room 238. Palmer, Warren, College. junior Varsity Tennis 1, Varsity Tennis 2, Co-Captain 3, Orange Shield 3. DONALD THOMAS RUSSO 1595 Washington St., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Driving by my friends on a rainy day. Palmer, Warren, College. DAVID GROH RUTHARDT 81 Church St., Newton Dave "Squirrel who hite ou hitter .ride of tree watch .ruu rise fatter!" Favorite Pastime: Girl watching, no jazz, no girl watching while playing jazz. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Chess Club 1, 2, German Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, Future Teachers of America 3. PATRICIA ANN RYAN 21 Adams St., Newtonville Patty! Pet Peeve: Language Lab and those silly earphones. Fondest Memory: My sophomore year and the Junior Prom. Bacon, Day, College. 1 French National Honor Society 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, House Commons Room and Social Com- mittee 3, Outing Club 2, Home- room Manager 1, 3.. You don? know bow to play either? 2 KAREN FAYE SACKS 26 Morton Rd., Newton Centre K, K-REN Fondest Memory: Maybe, girls!, summer '66, O.S. 4 A.M., tobog- gans, cheering, NHS-14, Everett-0, Sully's, beach parties. ' Claim to Fame: My class ring! Palmer, Weeks, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, NEW- TONITE 2, 35 NEWTONIAN 3, Cheerleaders 2, 3, House Council 2, Secretary 3. LYNN BERNICE SAKOVITZ 34 Morton Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Green Horn Dorn, 'driving lessons, Lazarillo in 336, summer '65 and '66, ex- cursions, lost keys, New York ac- cents, the Grand Old Union. Suppressed Desire: To get to school before 8:25. Palmer, Weeks, College. NEWTONITE 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. CARL MICHAEL SALDINGER 98 Summer St., Newton Centre Pet Peeve: People who use ex- cavating tools instead of preparing schoolwork in a studious manner. Favorite Expression: Weh-ell, Clyde. I mean, ya know. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Concert Band 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Debating Society 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 3, NEWTONITE 3. GAIL MARIE SALEMME 95 Freeman St., Auburndale , Fondest Memory: O.S. 4 A.M.- i s ,QP 2nd floor window, huh Matge?, a 1' r -x Q 4' by 5' apartment, Marshfield, a C rusty church key, Newton-14, Q E - ' f ' se ?f verett 0, ois. K - - fi .. i "" Bacon, Warren, College. ii Class Committee 1, 2, 33 Rally Committee 2, 3, Administrative W ' 3 Aid 3, Homeroom Manager 3. ' - RICHARD SCOTT SACKS 63 Clinton Pl., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Elisenbrunnen, Kurfiirsterdamm, 9445 Hoiiiing. I Will to NHS: My sneakers. Bacon, Weeks, College. Soccer Team 2, 3, Tiger Band 2, 3, NEWTONITE 3, German Club 1, 2, 3, Debating Society 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3. MARSHA CAREN SALETT 27 Mason Rd., Newton Centre Marsh Fondest Memory: South's Senior Prom '66 and D.C., a rose, "Un- chained Melody," summer '65, the beach, the "monster," Bobsnake, Linda's "wipeout," camp '66, Bunk 1. Suppressed Desire: To double with Linda. Palmer, Weeks, College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3, NEWTON- IAN 3, Thoughtprints 3, German Club 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, Spanish Club 2. t A .1 is PHILIP A. SLPIERRE 224 Newtonville Ave., Newton Phil Favorite Expression: Gee, oh yeah. Fondest Memory: The boat at B.H.M. and the kids. Barry, Bigelow, College. Administrative Aid, Sailing Club. BRENT EDMUND StCLAIR 85 Park St., Newton Corner Pet Peeve: The corner of Franklin Street and Park. Barry, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3, Equestrian Club 2, 35 Ski Club. JUDITH ANN SALVUCCI 567 Watertown St., Newtonville Judy Favorite Expression: That's dis- gusting, smile, oh, no. . Favorite Pastime: Going to college conferences with Kathy. Bacon, Day, College. Administrative Aid, Music Club, Folksinging Club, Mental Health Club, Ski Club. SUSAN ELIZABETH SANTILHANO 148 Bellevue St., Newton Fondest Memory: No, I don't want to buy an Englishman . . . , Aphrodite . . . , Kip and Jeremy. I Predict That: Peter's Pond will dry up. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Music Club 1, Folksinging Club 2, Stage Crew 2, Equestrian Club 2. 229 S x 5 r '1 I ""' ff. . , I 'R' N el' 'Wan V' - is if ' ' 'QE .Q X an . f ,Q Hina., ' I K . M f Mir J? " ' ...2 ,fair:nf-".,,':-?::'Z-wie.-f 5512? 63221: 4 , WX? 92+ ' 'z 1-g:,4Ev1.rf g,m,, ,g,,4m, ,m t , H .ns:'44w:.u. as 230 ,Q- ANDREW F. SANTUCCI 84 Boyd St., Newton Centre Andy I Will to NHS: My parking space. Favorite Pastime: Working on my car. Beals: Weeks: Business. SUSAN KAY SAVET 20 Nottingham St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Our favorite Jewish expressions, right Beth? Favorite Pastime: Riding around in rented Corvettes and Mustangs. How fast are we going, Jeanie? Palmer: Weeks: College. Basketball Manager 1, 2: French Club 2, 3: Bridge Club 1. ROBERT OWENS SAWIN 32 Bemis St., Newtonville Rob Chief Failing: 8:25 A.M.-2:45 P.M. I Predict That: Chuck Rak will sooner or later get in a fist fight with Mr. J. Palmer: Day: College. Ski Club 1, 2, 3. JAMES DAVID SAWYER 70 Allen St., Walpole Buzz Chief Failing: English. Favorite Pastime: Working on cars. Tech: Walpole: Service. DANIELLE JEANNE SBORDONE 162 Chapel St., Nonantum Danny Pet Peeve: Waiting patiently for Dom's letters and writing back to him the same day. Fondest Memory: The crazy sum- mer of '66 with Lucy and Arlene: the Cape and all the fun we had: July 13 with Dom: all the problems Lucy and I had with Morry and Bruno. Bacon: Day: Business. MARJORIE BETH SCHERTZER 11 Philmore Rd., Newton Margie Favorite Expression: Meanwhile, ghzoonten dine kop! Fondest Memory: Summer, '66- H.B.: Hull Gala Day: Boat: P- Town: Jometty: "Moco"-bike: lost keys: R.B.L.: D.J.C.: Jawyn: J.R., N.C. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Red Cross Club 1, 2, Vice Presi- dent 3: Administrative Aid 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE: French Club 1, 2, 3. RANDOLPH MALCOLM SCHUTZ 225 River St., West Newton Randy "The howling hall is hald you know." 1 Predict That: P.o. will be bald before she gets out of the eighth grade. JOANN SCICHILONE 50 Bowers St., Newtonville Jo Pet Peeve: Trying to get out of awkward positions with awkward people. Fondest Memory: The summer of '66: Hampton: the fourth of July: crazy'trips to the Cape: my junior year: all the fun in English. Bacon: Day: Business. Ski Club 2, 3: Sailing Club 1, 2. Palmer: Warren College German Club 1 2 3 French Club 1, 2: Chess Club 1 2 French Na tional Honor Society 2 3 DOUGLAS WILLIAM SEEGLITZ 315 Franklin St., Newton Doug Fondest Memory: Parties at the Farm: night at D.S.'s, Maine: R.B.'s paisley shirt: basketball: Nielsonis class. I Predict That: Mr. H. will start selling pass tickets through room 2304. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Soccer 2: Sailing Club 1, 3: Ski Club 3. JUDITH ANN SEGAL 325 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Judie "Life in itself is only a wild, di- rectionless force. But when nonr- ished hy ideas, hope, dreams, and aspirations: it can hecome some- thing precious and heantifnl, with an aim, a goal, and a direction." Palmer: Weeks: College. Drama Club 1, 2, 3: All School Play 3: Folksinging 3g French Club 1, 2: American Field Service 2. WAYNE MARSHALL SEGAL 30 North St., Newtonville Irving "It is an impertinence to give advice to those who have not asked for it. It means yon think them imhecilesf' Fondest Memory: Splosh: long philosophical talks with Raisin: fresh danish: Margie: the DXI venture: submarine races. Palmer: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: American Field Service 2: House Council 3. MARK ELIOT SEGILL 15 Clinton Pl., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Leaving school and going to the Deli. I Will to NHS: My parking space. Beals: Weeks: College. Audio Visual Service Squad: New- ton Plan Office. ANN ELIZABETH SELBY 18 Marymount Rd., Auburndale Zelda, Samantha, Selby Pet Peeve: Rainy days, model "Surf Woody", a '59 Batmobile, double dates, three homeroom teachers, right Finn? Fondest Memory: S.G.-February 27, 1965, 10:30, May 22, 1975, 11:33, Valle's, summer of '65, New Year's Eve '65, Saturday nights. Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE 2, Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, Adminis- trative Aid 2, 3. STEVEN IRA SELIGMAN 9 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Td. Pet Peeve: Wasting Friday with two majors first and last periods and four studies in between. Fondest Memory: Going to sleep in commons room studies. Bacon, Weeks, College. House Council 3, NEWTONITE, German Club 1, 2, 3, Kev Club 2, 3, Chess Club 2, 3. HARRIET JEAN SELKOWITZ 9 Westchester Rd., Newton "Words are eary like the wind,- Faithfal friend: are hard to find." Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, unexpected visitors. Palmer, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN Circulation Editor 3, French Club 1, 2, President 3, NEWTONITE 1, 2, French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. DAVID STEPHEN SELLERS 127 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Dave Fondest Memory: Not having to go to gym for half a year. Pet Peeve: Never being able to get Commons Room study. Bacon, Day, College. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Radio Club. LAURIE SELTZER 21 Elmore St., Newton Centre "That ir the land of loft ccmtent, I ree it shining plain, The happy highways where I went Ana' cannot come again." Pet Peeve: Has anyone ever called you Alka-Seltzer? Palmer, Weeks, College. American Field Service 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, March- ing Band l, 2. BONNIE PHYLLIS SERKIN 18 Westfield Rd., West Newton "We are all in the gutter, hut .rome of nr are looking at the starr." I Will to NHS: A year's supply of Green Stamps. Bacon, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, House Council 1, Vice President 2, 3, NEWTONITE News Editor 3, Orange Book Editor 3, French Club l, 2, 3. ALVIN JAY SERONICK 182 Parmenter Rd., West Newton "What are-you wearing a tie for?" Fondest Memory: J.C.B.P., Cosby, J.c.H. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE 2, 3, Track, In- door 1, Sailing Club 3, Physics Club 3. ALLAN EVERETT SHADE 1639 Washington St., Pet Peeve: Avoiding homework. I Will to NHS: My unfinished homework. Bacon, Warren, College. ALAN JAMES SHAPERO 55 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Mad Dog Fondest Memory: Running for 21 different oflices in 3 years, finding a Sandy spot at the Beach Party, canoeing at Wendy's, the woods of Hyannis. Claim to Fame: S'what, losing all 21, erecting the Giant, "odd iob" at 2 A.M., my 427 Brown Bomb. Bacon, Weeks, College. Tiger Trainer 3, Class Committee 2, 3, Student Council Elections Commissioner 3, Deuling Team 1, 2, 3, Orange Key 2, 3. CARL WILLIAM SHAPIRO 19 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Newton High 1970--- er, 1984? Fondest Memory: New York, Co- lumbia, the 48-hour day. Bacon, Day, College. NEWTONITE 1, Assistant Editor- ial Editor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3, Math Team and Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club Secretary 1, Chemistry Club 1, Tennis 3. L. B. who? DEBORAH MARA SHAPIRO 10 Laudholm Rd., Newton Debbie CGaf.D "In the .rweetnerr of friendrhlp, let there he laughing md the sharing of plenrnrerf' Fondest Memory: Iota Phi Con- ventions, Mag Beach with She-she, J.P.S., "Good nite Zi", D.C. with Muff, Don, we'll make it, English junior year, March 25. Bacon, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE Copy Editor 3, House Council 1, 2, Administra- tive Aid 3, French Club 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. DEBORAH RUTH SHAPIRO 6 Cotter Rd., Waban Debbi Fondest Memory: Iota Phi Soror- ity-Convention '66, ice-car-tears- men-anti-freeze, Newton-Everett game, car stalled plus hood up equals trafic iam. Pet Peeve: People who call me "little Deb". Palmer, Weeks, College. Student Office Assistant 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTON- IAN 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 1, 2. JEAN LYNN SHAPIRO 2-4 'Mayflower Rd., Chestnut Hill Jeannie Fondest Memory: Dancing '64, "the boys,'l summer of '66, NEW- TONITE-"French Teacher Visits Girls Gym Class", March 25, 1966, NMC, Spinster Club,- "Genevieve", drive-ins, parties, capers, friends, HoJo's. Beals, Weeks, College. NEWTONIT'E Feature Editor 2, 3, House Council 2, Secretary 3, Class Committee 3, Thoughtprints 3 . When I prefr the other hntton, the other .ride MARJORIE ANNE SHAPIRO 52 Kenilworth St., Newton Centre Margie Fondest Memory: When I iust happened to be sitting behind some some people on a bus ride home, the last night at Pembroke, N.H. I will to NHS: A pair of sus- penders to hold up building one. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Bridge Club 1, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers of America. MARY CATHERINE SHEA 25 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: A certain sum- mer weekend with a special some- one from California, three years with M.E.M., Nantasket bathhouse. I Will to NHS: Two left sneakers in a stray locker in the girl's gym. Palmer, Presentation Academy, College. American Field Service 2, Folk- singing Club 1, 2, Sailing Club DEBORAH ANN SHEEHAN' - ' Z3 Waverley Ave., Newton Debbie, SHE Chief Failing: Cartwheels, huh Gin? Fondest Memory: 16-14 U.N.H., Newton-2, Melrose-1, Gradua- tion '65, Tam the Sham and the A's, Gin's Macktruck, summer '66, walks, four in M.G., ielly beans, Kitchen Kaz, Newton-14, Ever- ett-0. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Rally Committee Co-Chairman 2, Chairman 3, Student Council Re- cording Secretary 3, Class Commit- tee 1, 2, 3, NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3: SANDRA LEA SHEELY 164 Chestnut St., West Newton Sandy, Sam Pet Peeve: Being called a TRACK STAR by the .flow walkers. I Predict That: J.F.W. will break the record for the New England Track Meet. Bacon, Warren, College. Folksinging Club, American Field Service, Music Club. STEPHEN D. BRENNAN 5 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Steve Fondest Memory: After the foot- ball game, on Walnut Street. Favorite Pastime: The Deli. Adams, Warren, Service. TAMAR LEAH SHELKAN 31 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Tammy, T. Favorite Expression: TAOBITWB GG. Fondest Memory: Summer of 65 and the Cape, summer of '66 away from home, SHE and the A's, Mack truck, the circus, Ding Dong School 1228 with Uncle Al, K.K. D., group therapy, Cher and Flood 1208, brownies on Church steps. Barry, Weeks, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Music Club- 2, 33 NEWTONIAN 3, Adminis- trative Aid 2, 3, Outing Club 1. ELIOT ARNOLD SHERMAN 107 Withington Rd., Newtonville "All ir fair in loue uml me." I'm Crazy About: Girls! Girls! Girls! Bacon, Day, College. House Council 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, Co-ordinator 2, 3, Ameri- can Field Service 1, House Captain 2, 3, Libertarian Club 2, Tutorial Co-Ordinator 3, NEWTONIAN 2, 3. RHONDA LINDA SHORT 14 Angier Cir., Auburndale Pet Peeve: Trying to stay awake between 8:25 and 2:45. Fondest Memory: The year of '66 with B.K. and all the parties with D.C., A.C. and R.W. Bacon, Warren, College. Outing Club 1, Biology Club 3. DALE LESLIE SHUMAN 97 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My calendar, "that sweet talkin' guy," that touch . . ., warm milk and O.J.?, Marl- boro Country, Rockland, Maine and all its charms, right Anne?, little red alfa, most of all we three! Favorite Pastime: Following the golden arches, searching, searching. Bacon, Weeks, College. Music Club 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1. BETH M. SIDMAN 12 Applegrath St., Newton Centre "'Tlaut'r okay Honey, I love you too." Bacon, Weeks, College. Girls' Choir, A Capella Choir, Or- chesis. NAOMI RUTH SIEGEL 40 Orchard Ave., West Newton Nomi Fondest Memory: "People," play- ground, packing-Perchance to Dream .... Barry, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3. CAROL NAN SILVER 541 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: That light blue notebook, remember J., B., and L.?, a special summer, waiting for let- ters, orange phosphates, high points of the cycle, all my hot- fudge sundaes, being half a set of twins. Bacon, Day, College. House Council 1, 2, NEWTON- ITE Art Editor 3, Thoughrprints 1, 2, Leader Corps 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, French National Honor So- ciety 2, 3. DONALD GARY SILVERMAN 78 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Donny "Life is ugly ur Jin, yet just as ale- liglotfulf' Fondest Memory: S.L.'s party, pre- dance festivities-J.S., P.K., Feld, B.S., V.O., summer of '66 and D.S., Newton-14, Everett-0, kickoff '66-'67, a special sopho- more, 3 A.M. hockey games. Bacon, Warren, College. House Council '3, NEWTONITE '3, Ski Club 2, 3, Tennis 1, Intra- mural Softball 1, 2, 3. MATTHEW TARO SLATER 9 Baldwin St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Fayetteville, Manlius High School, a bishop's daughter, D.C., and running with E-2 and E-4's girls, Gym class. Suppressed Desire: To be a future Olympian, to return to my home- land, Japan. Adams, Fayetteville, Business. Cross Country 3, Track, Indoor 2, 3, Track. Outdoor 2, 3. RICHARD JAMES SLATER 874 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre "Where tlaereir u will, tberek as way." Favorite Expression: The early bird catches the worm. Bacon, Weeks, College. NEWTONITE 2, 3, Debating So- ciety l, 2, 3, Investment Club 2, SANDRA HELENE SLAVET 162 Evelyn Rd., Waban Sandy Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, O.S. 4 A.M., Sully's, October 2, 1965, Newton-14, Everett-0, Hojo's, Lucky 7, Bluebirds and Blueiays, NHS. Bacon, Weeks, College. House Council 1, 2, 3, Cheer- leaders 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, American Field Service 1, 2. LINDA MARLENE SMALL 198 Adams Ave., West Newton Lin, Elizabeth Tailpipe Favorite Expression: Oh no Ilene, not ANOTHER maniac! I'm Crazy About: That certain New York boy from B.U., the red hair, my days of paint and lost keys at Peter Pan's, blue toenails, Sears-page 189. Bacon, Warren, College. Future Teachers of America 1, 3, Student Council 1, Rally Commit- tee 2, Mental Health Club 2, .mg ,mf :ICN CHARLES E. SMITH 211 Church St., Newton Beals. GARY MICHAEL SMITH 87 Cherry Pl., West Newton Smitty I Will To NHS: Two sisters. I Predict That: In the next ten years boys hair will be longer than girls. Bacon, Warren, College. Rifle Club 1. SHARON JILL SMITH 15 Ricker Terr., Newton Jill Fondest Memory: November '64- February '65, B.C., C.M., Oakie, the mailbox, summers at the Cape. Claim to Fame: Being Denise's best friend for four years, being one of the Roslindale crowd. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Leader Corps 2, 3. DOUGLAS ROY SMITH-PETERSEN 36 Westfield Rd., West Newton Doug Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Melrose-1. I Will to NHS: A Tums dispenser for the cafeteria. Bacon, Warren, College. Lacrosse 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, House Council 1, Publicity Committee Chairman 3, Key Club 1. BETH MEREL SONIS 19 Evelyn Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: Meeting the twin in 316, the night the tent fell in and we fell in the puddle, for- getting the world with Renoir, Shafty, running errands before school, all the peaks and abysses. Bacon, Weeks, College. All-School Play 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, O-rchesis 2, 3, Band 1, 2, 3, House Council 1, 2, Vice President 3. ALAN SOOHO 220 Adams Ave., West Newton Pet Peevez Yearbooks. Claim'to Fame: Nothing. Bacon, Warren, College . National Honor Society 2, 4, House Council 2, 3, Chess Club 2, Music Club 1, 2, 55 Human Rights Club l. THOMAS RICHARD SPARKES 49 Dale St., Needham Tom Claim to Fame: One of five to pass Mr. Hale's Course. I'm Crazy About: Cars and girls. Tech, Newman. GAIL MARIE SPAULDING 14 Madison Ave., Newtonville Chief Failing: Typing, dripless sundaes, English, whistling, and many more. Fondest Memory: Sophomore year, that first day of school in the tun- nels, all the kids and the great gab sessions in the ofiice, football games, and all those sundaes. Riley, Day, College. Folksinging Club 2, Music Club 1, Student Oflice Assistant 2, 3. JAMES ABBOTT SPEAR 121 Bishopgate Rd., Newton Centre Jimmy, Jim Chief Failing: French, 600 yard run, Chemistry, keeping a straight face, telling jokes, writing. Fondest Memory: August 30, 1965, summer '66, junior home- room, K.B., R.H.'s U.S. History, K.S. at G.C. Bacon, Weeks, College. Intramural Sports 2. JEFFREY NEIL SPEAR 310 Waverley Ave., Newton Jeff Fondest Memory: F.B. on Sunday, W.S. at Groton, Wingearsheek Eegch in August, Sophomore year Suppressed Desire: To be five. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Student Council Treasurer 3, Gymnastics 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 3, House Council 2, NEWTON- ITE, Ski Club 2, 3. SHEILA ANN SPILEOS 1005 Centre St., Newton Centre Jinx Fondest Memory: All the great kids at NHS, the girl's rooms, summer of '66 and parties of '66, let's face it--"1966". I Predict That: The cafeteria is going to collapse-just look at the ceiling. Bacon, Weeks, College. House Council 1, Orchesis 2, Girls' Athletic Association 3, Homeroom Manager 1, 2. DIANE KAREN SPOONER 91 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls Dy, Dyzie Pet Peeve: Sara, chocolate frappes that bounce, people who rank out my Corvair, the tails on our polka- dot shirt, when Sandy got sick on the Octopus, right Linda? I'm Crazy About: Raindtops on a tin roof, April 293 baby orchids, V-baby. Bacon, Warren, Business. 1 lttvfixik 1. , Mind if I spit ont iny reeds? . x t x JEFFREY T. STERN 57 Kenwood Ave, Newton Centre Jeff Pet ,Peeve: 88403. I Predict That: This NHS will stand here for another 100 years. Bacon: Weeks: College. Student Council 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3: House Council 3: Interna- tional Club 1, 2, 3. GEORGE FRANCIS STEWART 497 Auburn St., Auburndale I Will to NHS: One brother. Suppressed Desire: To race a Le- mans at Riverside. Barry: Warren: College. RICHARD WILLIAM STADLEN if 6 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Having clases two years straight on the fourth floor of Building one. I I Predict That: Someday someone will invent a butter-free sandwich for the cafeteria. Bacon: Day: College. ' American Field Service 2: House Commons Room Committee 3. HOWARD ALAN STECKER 172 Cabot St., Newton Howie "Everyone knows the .round of two bands clapping, bat what ir the round of one band clapping?" Pet Peeve: Inane comments in high school yearbooks. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Latin Club 1, 2, Vice President 3: International Club 3: French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3: NEW- TONITE Assistant News Editor 1, Associate Editor-in-Chief 2, 3. ROBERT EDWARD STEELE 73 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Bubba, Agility Plus Fondest Memory: Newton-14, Everett-0: sled and other "fun" with Yaka: 4 -1- 1: K.E.D.S. Inc.: Cape Cha-hal: the Jap. Favorite Pastime: Telling D.S., W.W., S.C., B.S. and D.B. how much I love them. Bacon: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: LaCrosse Z, 3: Class Committee 2, 3: O-range Shield 2, 3: Orange Key 3. ROBERT M. STEINBERG 133 Fuller St., West Newton Bobby, Stein Fondest Memory: Langley's Deli before the football games: four days on an island: English class 1, 2: Bacon House Girls: W.W., C.W., P.G., JZ. S.S.: dances. Pet Peeve: Big "T": "Winnie": sleezy people: misunderstandings. Bacon: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Student Council 3: American Field Service 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2: Baseball 1. . :.,i its . 3 ff E Q N X if M sf. as ' L . Q , A I . - sk X Y ' :if 29' ,Jn 1. 'N' " t . .s xxx, DIANE BETH STONE 1428 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Toby Fondest Memory: Planning, right girls?: sophomore year at NSHS: somewhere over the rainbow: Newton-Everett game: Sully's: T. Stone and the Pebbles: in and out the window, huh Deb? Riley: Newton South: College. American Field Service 1, 2: Rally Committee 3: Class Committee 3: French Club 2: NEWTONIAN 3. LAURA MARJORIE STONE 26 Alderwood Rd., Newton Centre Stoney, Froggy Fondest Memory: Orris St. 4:00 A.M.: the Sunday Tool: Mr. S.: F.D.M.,s with Sharon: the Spin- sters' Club: March 25, 1966, being a mother and wife: midnite snacks: group therapy. I Will To NHS: A slightly used '66 Stang. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Class Committee 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3: Reflections 1, 2: Rally Com- mittee 2, 3: Russian Club 1, Secre- tary 2, 3. LESLIE ELLEN STONE 340 Cabot St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: F. L. L. C. every Wednesday afternoon. I Predict That: Building one will be around for another 100 years. Riley: Solomon Lewenberg: Col- lege. All-School Play 2, 3: Drama Club 3: Senior Play 3: Future Teachers of America 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Library Club 3: NEWTONIAN 3. ROBERT CHARLES STONE 391 Highland St., Newtonville Smaxie I Will to NHS: One basketball. I Predict That: The Boston Celtics will never lose. Bacon: Day: College. Baseball Manager: Basketball: Foot- ball Manager: Russian Club: House Council. AN-'FE JANICE ELAINE STORER 44 Lexington St., West Newton Jan Fondest Memory: Junior and sen- ior year at the Deli each morning with K.M., "Magnolia" and Bos- ton with J.R., Psychology with Mr. Andrews and M.F., the Brook- line pool, B.L. and L.T. Favorite Pastime: 7:30 right on the dot, remember K.M.?, "What are you gonna do when I'm gone?" Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Library Club 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, Drama Club 1. MARIANNA STORLAZZI 14 Buswell Pk., Newton Marianne Fondest Memory: I.C.'s class with Nancy and all our goofed-up labs, B-4, April-August '66, "Irving", D.D. and gang, Fred's "youth cen- ter", water balloons and frogs, Mu- sic Camp. I'm Crazy About: Track Meets. Adams, Indian Hill, College. French Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Association House Captain 2. ELLEN F STRAUSS 10 Ruane Rd., West Newton Favorite Expression: My New York accent?, I love your Boston accent. Fondest Memory: New York and my first real homes. Bacon, jamaica, College. German Club 3. VINCENT JOSEPH STURNIOLO 74 Westland St., West Newton Vinnie Fondest Memory: Meeting Denise at Brigham's. I Will to NHS: My Uncle Pat. Tech, Warren, Business. 55 'I 4 l""1s XX xlx.!,:,V::?ZZ3" -, sr : ' Q 'LQ ? . if 'al -'FW' " In ,., Ny. -1- 'Yau-sz, -HV dx is . if And now this is the mme play on C.B.S. stop action. S. Nw- -a, . NNN t , c .t ' S f x' sb X . 3 "f5"frxv, JAMES P. SULLIVAN 52 Nonantum St., Newton Barry, Bigelow, College. CONSTANCE MARIE SWEENEY 85 Farlow Rd., Newton Connie Pet Peeve: Running to beat the 8:25. Fondest Memory: Summer of "66,', Main St., Nights in Georgetown. Palmer, Holy Cross, College. Ski Club Z, 3, Mental Health Club 2, 33 NEWTONIAN 3, French Club 3. MARY LOUISE SWEENEY 15 Vincent St., West Newton "Let nr begin." Claim To Fame: My unique stu- dent number. Adarns, Girls' Latin, College. Girls' Athletic Association 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey junior Varsity 1, Varsity 2, German Club 1, 2, Biol- ogy Club 2, Junior Red Cross 1, Vice President 2. SHERRY ROBERTSON SWEET 15 Shaw St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Sky King strikes again BRRRVOOOMM, Charlie Byrd, Shepard's pie, Biff and Fred- dy, root beer and oatmeal cookies, the flashlight, the ice cube, a trip to Caracas, mercurochrome, Poody and his watermelon. Bacon Warren, College. House Commons Room Committee 1, Outing Club 1, Stage Crew 2, House Art C.ommittee 2. SANDRA MARGARET SWEETNAM 1670 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Sandy "Tl9ere'r no way 0' knowin' where the next flowefll bloom, or which way the wind'll blow tomorrow." Fondest Memory: QED's, the sink at Grotonwood, our Winkle friends, Irv and the gang, beep- beep-em-beep-beep--yeah!, junior English, "Cam Down" in Pa. Bacon, Warren, College. All-School Play 2, German Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 2. ROBERT DON SWERLING 1874 Washington St., Auburndale Bob Pet Peeve: Finding myself in school after a nap. Suppressed Desire: To see the war in Viet Nam end. Bacon, Warren, College. Ski Club 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Folksinging Club 3, Chess Club 1, French Club 1, 2, Equestrian Club 3. .,,,:, V-------'Q 1 A 'Y' i . ,Sr".,u,vz, .. 'K' BETH ANN SWIMAN 5 Garner St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Our famous Jewish phrases, right Sue? Favorite Pastime: The three of us riding around in rented Corvettes and Mustangs with an occasional extra two. Bacon, Weeks College. Music Clubi23 A Cappella 1, 23 Madrigals 23 French Club 2, 3. STEVEN LARRY TANIMOTO 156 Bellevue St., Newton I Will to NHS: Three dead fag- bags and a perfect attendance rec- ord. Favorite Pastime: Musically analyz- ing Science. Bacon, Bigelowg College. Chess Club and Team 1, Captain 2, President 33 National Honor So- ciety 2, President 33 Math Team 2, 33 Music Club 1, 2, 3g Sailing Club 2, 33 French Club 1, 2. ,unit 40? ELLEN TATELBAUM 52 Noble St., West Newton STEPHEN JOHN TARTER 84 Fenwick Rd., Waban Steve Chief Failing: Math. I Predict That: Building one will last forever! Riley, Wayland3 College. Chess Club 33 Tusitala 33 Latin Club 3. Fondest Memory: july 27, 1965 at 7:25 P.M.3 his ring October 1, 19653 the Righteous Brothers and another ring March 12, 19663 N.Y. with Allen in the V.W.3 the best ring March 12, 1967. Chief Failing: Trying to write about something in the yearbook other than Allen. Bacon: Warren3 College. Administrative Aids 33 Library Club 1, 33 Stage Crew 23 House Council 1, 33 Co-op Committee 1. . sis: ROBERT CARMEL TEMPESTA 155 Adams Ave., West Newton Temp. Fondest Memor : Meetin Donna V 8 in sophomore year and meeting her between classes. Suppressed Desire: To have all my plans for the future fulfilled with Donna. Techg Warren3 College. CAROL ANN TESTA 29 Hollis St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: My better halfg a happy couple I used to know and the day he started talking to me again. Suppressed Desire: To see that hap- py couple againg to lead a reckless lifeg to be happy until my dying days. Bacong Bigelow: Business. JOSEPH JOHN THOMAS 30 Abbott St., Newton Upper Falls Tubes Fondest Memory: Mr. P. in his bermudas. I Predict That: Mr. C. will be a millionaire. Techg Meadowbrookg College. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3g Radio 'Club 2, 33 Audio Visual Service gquad3 National Honor Society 2, SHELDON M. THOMPSON 204 Temple St., West Newton Shell I Predict That: Newton High will soon turn into "Drag City." Claim to Fame: Passing Mr. Bai- ley's class without him knowing who I really was. Bacong Warren3 College. PAUL KEVIN TINKER 22 Bemis Rd., Newtonville "Tink" Pet Peeve: My career as a student. Riley, Bigelow. Administrative Aid 1, 23 Audio Visual Service Squad 33 Orange Shield 2. JASON L. TOBIAS 182 Eastside Pkwy., Newton Neb Fondest Memory: Newton-2, Melrose-13 regular guys, nights at T and C3 pulling in at 3 A.M. at the prom, Newton--14, Everett -03 of course, PJ. at the Kings- men Dance. Favorite Pastime: Talking to jane at every dance. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Class Committee 2, 33 NEWTON- IANQ Orange Shield, Ski Clubg Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. it ' " XY.. ww A-.f X. x AIU X X N Y 'fl 4:1 . 3 X N W 8 SB? .75 we N!-K x .Lal-5 ft, as .Q . "H . s , -.gyllb ig .1 t ,rf fssfiag' S, sc: 1:3z1t,:sif, f . as A I : r ,w '- -A.. f vet We-1 X : w g, -we-,,z Nia.. ...ysx gn - Nh: X X r i E233 s sf Egg:-if-Mx' O wifi 5:1 5, '?:?".'S.'::-ANL " A .an it 1 5-5x,i..'f?f. 's1s3f'::rs-jrfm 'j2"'1sfz'ff - -.1-cr' :gg ,, ziiqiswxc -' 3:1 J -f , J.-1 .. L xxx . x, ,g, L- U, 411 -1 --iyfw 'Gif ,Q-1 .: ' raw -- .- 5: 4 ,a,gs3r,ti,r,1. 6 :Y Y.: ' .- - .r i' Sirvw 44- ,3-efw, , L- , Y -- x exam, Q, he s is 1 A H 5 ' Ma X 1 . . 1 Q, Q X N' y 1,4 ,. 1,1-vu t 1 fifif 122- :-- 8 ,. . , , . . Q . W ' 2 3 8 ROBERT J. TOBIAS 134 Withington Rd., Newtonville Tobis Fondest Memory: The red-bearded monster on the fourth floor. Bacon, Day, College. Ski Club 1, 2, JACQUELYN TOM 22 Maple St., Auburndale Jackie, Sam Favorite Expression: Are you kill- ing me?, switch, cool it! Fondest Memory: Daily visitors at home '65, '66, the unholy trio in sports, a restless native drummer, summer '66 in Hawaii. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONITE 1, Sports Reporter 3, Girls' Athletic Association 1, Board 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Folksinging Club 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN GEORGE TOOMEY 12 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Claim to Fame: Being a brother. Fondest Memory: Peter C.'s party. Bacon, Day, College. Hockey 1, 2, Co-Capt. 3, Golf 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 3. MARION HELEN TROWBRIDGE 18 Pershing Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: A car, one side- walk, one curb and two cops. I Predict That: That curb won't last long. Bacon, Warren, College. Folksinging Club 2, Music Club 1. CAROL ANN TWIGG 32 Freeman St., Auburndale Little Stumpa, Twiggsly Fondest Memory: The summer of '66, June 21 at the "wall", Septem- ber 3 and 4 with N.C., "the tank", D.S.'s party, Wayland High and St. Anneis dances. Suppressed Desire: To find that certain someone. Bacon, Warren, College. Rally Committee 3, House Com- mons Room Committee Secretary 3, Youth Center Committee 2, 3. ELIZABETH LAWTON TYLER 75 Clinton Pl., Newton Centre Liz "May the roads fire with you and the wind be at your back." I Will to NHS: Its condemned colfeehouse in Building one with is missing doorknobs and win- clows. Bacon, Weeks, College. Folksinging Club 2, 3, German Club 1, 2, 3. JANET AGNES VALENTE 320 Cherry St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Times with B.H., two fab ski trips, Welling- ton, S.B. dances, April 10, May 23, Sophomore Dance, hay rides, horseback riding, Junior Prom, N.H., F.N.S., Christmas and all the times we've been together. I Will to NHS: My two sisters with my best wishes for the school. Bacon, Warren, College. Administrative Aid 3, House X Council 1 GEORGE DONALD VALLEE 37 Stratford Rd., West Newton Wally Fondest Memory: Meeting Donna outside 327, the Stingray's. Claim to Fame: A green Chevy '55. Tech, Warren, Business. DIANE MARIE VALLETTA 22 Melville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: April 2, 1965 with G.F., my Sophomore English class with Mr. Bresnahan, those WILD conversations with G.G., Ou-day, A.Lfs all nighter, most of all that day to remember-May 31, 1965, with D.W. Suppressed Desire: To be four inches taller! Barry, Day, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Breakfast C.lub 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 33 Ski Club. ROBERT WILLIAM VALUKIS 281 Bacon St., Natick Houk Pet Peeve: Burke's Law. Favorite Pastime: Girl watching. Tech, Wilson, College. MICHAEL IAN VENGROW 127 Park St., Newton Mike, Rat, Vinney Favorite Expression: Sorry about that. Suppressed Desire: just once, do something 100 per cent right. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Football 2, 3, LaCrosse 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, House Council 2, President 3, Boy's Ath- ELAINE CAROL VERDUCCI 154 Cabot St., Newton Favorite Expression: "We gotta get out of this place." Fondest Memory: My junior year with C.C. and the '58, English class with Mr. Papa. Barry, Wayland, Business. Administrative Aid, Ski Club, Dra- ma Club, Outing Club. letic Committee 2. . Wffa v WW EAA 1 ." 1-f ' ,!, a f,f' ' '11 MARGARET LOUISE VERTUCA 90 Elm St., West Newton Hoodsie Fondest Memory: A certain boy at a certain place. Favorite Pastime: Boys. Bacon, Warren, Business. MICHAEL TIMOTHY VINCENT 72 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Chief Failing: Not being able to see a fire in Building One after all those drills. Suppressed Desire: To shoot sleep- ing darts at my teachers all year. Bacon, Creighton, College. Equestrian Club 2, 3, Folksinging Club 5. ROSALBA VITONE 54 William St., Newton Rosa, Rose Fondest Memory: The Cape, 1-2-3, long talks with I.K., a Honda, the crew at C.L., Hampton Beach, Pru- dential. ' Suppressed Desire: To go to Eu- rope someday. Bacon, Bigelow, Business. House Commons Room Commitee 2, Spanish Club 2, Girls' Athletic Association 3, Student Oflice As- sistant 3. DEBORAH WALDMAN 521 Chestnut St., Waban Bacon. PAUL R. WARD 18 Auburn St., West Newton "From Reservoir to Rerervoin' up to high, down to really down." I Will to NHS: An undefeated, untied chess team. Riley, Catholic Memorial, College. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Football, Intramural Softball, Class Committee 2. CATHY ELLEN WARSHAUER 16 Ballard Et., Newton Centre Spee Favorite Expression: Oh goody! Fondest Memory: 1, 2, or 33 the barn, a good man, Crane's Beach, "hey, Chan, I know we lost some- thing.", twos and'a half and three's a whole. Bacon, Weeks, College. American Field Service 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Future Teachers of America 2, Ski Club 1, 2. STEWART WARREN WATTS 134 Eliot Ave., West Newton H Stew Fondest Memory: My sophomore year with Diane, my Junior Prom, April trip to Nova Scotia. Claim to Fame: Four years in high school without staying back. Tech, Day, Service. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 5, Radio Club, Audio Visual Squad Service 2, 3. MERYL LEE WEINER 585 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Myrtle Fondest Memory: junior and senior homeroom with JD., out in the hall, the summer of 66 with S.D., M.K. and S.P., down the Cape with the Old Lady. Suppressed Desire: To iind the right one with the right religion that will last. Beals, Weeks, Collge. Administrative Aid, 2, Girls' Ath- ei lags L 'ff .3 ex' , K' I Q , letic Association 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee . 2 MYRA SUE WEISBERG 5 Wimbledon Cir., West Newton Mi "You've got to be rtrongf' Fondest Memory: October 2, bas- ketball and baseball games with Mrs. V., Jawyn, 2102 and 2101, Mr. Lindberg, Barb, Bon, Lynn, Pen, Ru--Comm. Ave., rides to Weston, surprises, Suzie, Jean and Mike, M. and D. always, D.L.V. Riley, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE 2, 53 Ski Club 1, 2, Administrative Aid 1, Rally Committee 1. DAVID J. WELCH 82 Randlett Pk., West Newton Bacon, Day. ig. It'.f about the bat coach. SARA SUZANNE WERMAN 20 Beaumont Ave., Newto-nville Sue, Werman! "What foolr there mortals be." Fondest Memory: RAYS! parties, that ONE movie, eh P.N.?, the crew psyche?, from bla to blase at NHS with P.N. and T.S. to help. Barry, Day, College. Ski Club 1, 2, 33 Sailing Club 1, Human Rights Club 1, 2, Home- room Manager 2, NEWTONIAN 3. KENNETH ROBERT WERNER 583 Chestnut St., Waban Tomorrow's Morton Feldman Fondest Memory: Dylan, the Square, a can of Campbell's Toma- to Soup, autographed by Andy Warhol, the whole scene at Aachen, babysitting for Janice, lat- kes at the Schnell, boycotting Mama Leone. '.Bacon, Warren, College. 'Film Festival 2, Happening Co- ordinator 33 German Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, NEWTONITE 3. DANA CARL WESTLUND 53 Henshaw St., West Newton Pet Peeve: D.V.'s worrying, JVBB coach, Daddy Al. Fondest Memory: D.V. May 31, l965Q trips to C.C., Norumbega Tower, Jammer in Comet. Bacon, Warren, College. Basketball 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 33 Orange Shield 3. Here boy. JOHN FRANCIS WHALEN, JR. 35 Sharon St., Auburndale Johnny "To be or not to be amd I war KWH." Bacon, Warren, College. Football 1, Cross Country 2, 3, Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3, Track, Out- door 1, 2, 3. CAROL ANN WHITE 14 Edinboro Pl., Newtonville Whitey Favorite Expression: When does the Miclnite close? Fondest Memory: Kingsmen dance, Junior Prom, summer of 66 at Perkins Cove-Moody, Maine, capers with J.W., J.K. and L.R., Labor Day weekend, the Golden Rod, high tide, R.J., B.A. L.A. and D.L. Beals, Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Breakfast Club 2, House Council 2, Assistant Homeroom Manag . LINDA EILEEN WHITE 9 Parmenter Terr., West Newton Pet Peeve: Running around the boy's track in Gym. Fondest Memory: Problems of Democracy class senior year, eating lunch with C., B., M., J., T., D., J., S., L., and B. Bacon, Warren, Business Folksinging Club 3, Music Club 1, 3. er3 MARK ALAN WHITE 81 Brackett Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: The '66 Everett Football Game. Claim to Fame: An "A" from Mr. Boyle. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 33 De- bating Society 1, 2, 3, House Council 2, 3, House Athletic Com- MARGARET ANN WHITEHEAD 140 Fairway Dr., West Newton Ann Fondest Memory: May 13, 1966, the most memorable time in N.R.I. Suppressed Desire: To be a nurse. Barry, College. Folksinging Club. mittee 2, International Club 3. STEPHEN L. WHITEHEAD 21 James St., West Newton Horn Pet Peeve: How Miss Ryan could know the truth. Favorite Pastime: The bench with J., J., B., C., W., T., E., P., B., and H. Bacon, Warren, College Administrative Aid 1, 2, 33 Basket- ball 1. DWIGHT SCOTT WIEST 40 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands Fondest Memory: Playing basket- ball with P.H. and seing how many brownie points he got off the coaches. I Will to NHS: A Submarine Shop next to the cafeteria. Bacon: Weeks: College. Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: Orange Shield 3 House Publicity Committee 3. CHARLES ROBERT WILCOX 310 Highland St., West Newton Chuck Fondest Memory: Santa Monica Beach in California: "Ashley" from Miami: "Toolie": Jackson Lodge bashes: Terry Cases's cabin in N. Conway: "Everybody needs some- body to love" at Jackson Lodge: "Pandora's Box"-Sunset Strip. Favorite Pastime: Playing guitar: "Chuck City" out a window at J.L. Bacon: Warren: College. Varsity Track Team 1, 2, 3: Gym- nastics 1, 3: Ski Club 1, 3: Biology Club 3: Folksinging Club 1. SARA DENISE WILKER 81 Arlington St., Newton Denise Pet Peeve: English junior year. Fondest Memory: November '64- February '65: trips to Oakie: C.M.: the mailbox: being Jill's best friend. Bacon: Bigelow: College. DAVID LAWRENCE WILSON 91 Court St., Newtonville Dave Fondest Memory: Junior English 1104: History with the "gang": 1450 bound with Spiffy: PAK F- Block with D.R. and A.G.: times with J.D.-fa real blast ! Favorite Pastime: DXI, DXI, DXI! Riley: Day: College. American Field Service 2, 3: In- ternational Club 1: Orange Key 3: French Club 1. wi' 3 age A is . I WENDY ABA WILTON 16 Nottingham St., 5 Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Summers in Groton: J.S., S.T., F.G., T.M., S.A.: two Junior Proms with T.T.: J.C. B.P., party at C.W.: borrowed ring: T. Stone and the pebbles: Sully's: planning girls, right Karen? Claim to Fame: My hats: Q.T.'ed legs on Bermuda Day: a raccoon coat. Bacon: Weeks: College. Administrative Aid 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 2, 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: Sailing Club 1, 2: American Field Service 2. DIANE ELISE WIRES 25 Groveland St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: R. D. August 17, '63: Junior Prom: summers '65, '66: Halloween 65: Raiderslg Eng- lish junior year: gritted teeth: CREWIN' IT, PIRATES. Suppressed Desire: To have myself be my happiness' happiness. Bacon: Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 2, 3: Student Secretary 2, 3: Rally Committee 3: Student Council 1: Anti-Smoking Committee 1. LAWRENCE BURT WOLBARSHT 34 janet Rd., Newton Centre Larry I Will to NHS: My gym "excuses" I Predict That: NHS will beat Winchester 11-0 in Lacrosse. Huh! Bacon: Weeks: College. Ski Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3: Tennis 1: Lacrosse 2, 3:3Audio Visual Service Squad 1, 2, . RICHARD DAVID WOLFENDEN 854 Watertown St., West Newton Chief Failing: Algebra 1. I Will to NHS: 700 yellow slips. Bacon: Warren: College. Riiie Team. DONALD ALAN WORTH 101 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre "Veni Vidi Cucurrif' Pet Peeve: Lack of school spirit at NHS. Barry: Bigelow: College. Latin Club 1, 2, President 3: De- bating Society 1, 2: Sailing Club 1, Vice President 2, President 3: Band 1, 2: Libertarian Club 1, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3. DAVID FREDERICK WRIGHT 76 Randlett Pk., West Newton Dave "If thou hart two pennies, spend one for hread. With the other buy hyacinthr for thy soul." Favorite Pastime: Collecting mint United States' postage stamps and plate blocks. Riley: Day: College. Chess Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: American Field Service 2, 3: Bridge Club 3. EDWARD YORK 340 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands Pet Peeve: Eating in the cafeteria. I Will to NHS: My grubby sneakers. Riley: Warren. JOYCE ELLEN YOUNG 49 Helene Rd., Waban "Somewhere I have never travelled" Fondest Memory: High points of the cycle: "Jean and Mitch and Robert": my nightingale: confess- ing into a tape recorder, right C. and B.?: French with Sue: involve- ment at la Shafty: The coffeehouse: Brandeis: censoring the senior sec- tion. Bacon: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN Data Editor 32 Commons Room Committee, Sec- retary 2, Advisor 33 Ski Club 2, 3: NEWTONITE: French National Honor Society 2, 3. wan KENNETH GEORGE ZAHKA 30 Byrd Ave., West Newton Ken Pet Peeve: NEWTONITE dead- lines. Claim to Fame: The school is al- ways in debt to me. Bacon Warren: College. NEWTONITE 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 2: House Council 2: Chess Club 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3. JAMES MICHAEL ZAKON 21 Barnstable Rd., West Newton Jim, Zeke, Zack, Zake I Will to NHS: The Sub Shop for lunch bunch. I Predict That: Fisher's S.S.-596 won't go. Bacon: Warren: College. Administrative Aid 2: Commons Room Decorating Committee 2: NEWTONIAN 3: Debating So- ciety 2: Class Committee 1. STEPHEN R. ZANDE 19 Ohio Ave., Newton Upper Falls I Will to NHS: A parking lot. I Predict That: This place will blow up. Adams: Meadowbrook. FAITH ELLEN ZARLING 1344 Commonwealth Ave., . West Newton Pet Peeve: People who are "good time Charliesf' Suppressed Desire: To see the world through rose colored glasses. Bacon: Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2: Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3: Folk- singing Club 1: French Club 1. JOSEPH JOHN ZILINSKIS 22 Fuller Terr., West Newton Bah Favorite Pastime: Checking the girls in the halls. Fondest Memory: Every day for lunch down the Deli. Tech: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 5: Volleyball 1, 2, 3: Softball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2. WILLIAM HOWARD ZIMMER 6 Valley Spring Rd., Newton Billy, Bill Favorite Expression: This is defi- nitely true. Fondest Memory: My junior year and P.S.: the Senior Prom Cl hopell: Mr. Livingston. Barry: Bigelow: College. Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Student Coun- cil 3: Class Committee 3: Folk- singing Club 1. JEFF WOLF ZINN 24 George St., Newton Rock "Senator, I tbinb yozfve beautiful, baby." I Predict That: Newton High will be accidentally bombed by the first airborne division. Bacon: Weeks: College . Human Rights Club Chairman 1, 2, 3: Folksinging Club 1, 3: Film Festival 2: Sailing Club 1. JANE KAREN ZISES 111 Blake St., Newton Centre Janie Favorite Expression: P.M.O. Fondest Memory: Twos a half, three's a whole: Iota Phi: New Year's Eve '65 and 66: rides out to Sudbury on Sundays: a mid-sum- mer night's dream-'66. Bacon: Bigelow: College. American Field Service 1, 2: Fu- ture Teachers of America 1, 2: Rally Committee 1: Co-op Com- mittee 2: Ski Club 2. S EY .. I tbink tbey ml! it tt bome mn DOUGLAS ANDERSON 51 Bernard St., Newton Highlands Doug Suppressed Desire: Harley-David- son Dou-Glide. I'm Crazy About: Money, but I don't have very much. Tech: Meadowbrook. STEVEN BAKER 11 Seton Rd., Auburndale Steve Fondest Memory: July 23, 1966. Claim to Fame: When I totaled the car the first day I got my li- cense. Riley: Warren. BRIAN BELCASTRO 57 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Favorite Expression: Ya sure. Chief Failing: Math in room 213: Burgundy Vettes with Mags. Tech: Warren: Business. CHARLES CHRISTOPHER BOITEAU 315 Highland Ave., West Newton Charlie Chief Failing: just about every- thing. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Adams: Warren: College. Audio Visual Service Squad 2. JOHN THOMAS BORNAS 99 Sheridan St., West Newton The "Hawk" Fondest Memory: The all-night party at the star!: food rights in the cafeteria: Fundamentals of Engi- neering with Clark Kent. Claim to Fame: Starting the feud between big George and Little Al: imitating A.F. Adams: Warren: Service. Football 1, 2, 3. PAUL JOSEPH BOUDREAU 139 Bridge St., Newton Favorite Expression: What! I'm Crazy About: Janet Greene. Palmer: Dartmouth: Service. 3 av W .mf an Fw Z DOROTHY ANN BOURBEAU 276 River St., West Newton I Will to NHS: "All" my brains to the future seniors. Suppressed Desire: To get married. Riley: William Barton Rogers: Business. ROBERT JOHN BRAZIER 136 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Corner Pet Peeve: Not having my picture in the yearbook. Chief Failing: Failing. Barry: Bigelow: College. Magic Club: Sailing Club: Chess Club: Human Rights Club. STEPHEN D. BRENNAN 5 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Steve Fondest Memory: After the foot- ball game, on Walnut Street. Favorite Pastime: The Deli. Adams: Warren: Service. -we Z -vf Ob, bow gtzucbe! REMI CYNTHIA BROOKE 535 Beacon St., Newton Centre Rem Favorite Expression: We're through and you don't even care! Fondest Memory: Summer '64, '65, '66: Risa B.'s house that special night: 9th grade with R.B.: June 5, 1964: those weekends. Palmer: Weeks: College. ROBERT L. BROTHWELL 18-B School St., Newton Corner Bob I Will to NHS: My name on all the desks. Favorite Pastime: Playing my stereo or sleeping. Bacon: Bigelow. STEPHEN MATTHEWS BROWN 49 Walker St., Newronville I Will to NHS: 600 Baroque Over- tures in the French Style. I Predict That: My bomb will go off September 14, 1967: 3:15 P.M. Adams: Day: College. DOMINIC PAUL BUTERA 297 'Webster St., West Newton Dom Claim to Fame: One pair of grub- by sneakers. Tech: Warren, Business. MADELINE MARY CAIRA 12 Benecliffe Cir., Auburndale Maddie Fondest Memory: Going to the Junior Prom with M.A. and dou- bling with D.F. and T.B. Suppressed Desire: To have an XKE with leopard seat covers. Adams, Day, Business. RICHARD CAMPISI 11 Melbourne Ave., Newton Favorite Expression: How sweet it is' Fondest Memory: Having Al for homeroom. Barry, Day: Business. Football lg Basketball 1, 2, 3. CAROLE CATAPANO 17 Woodrow Ave., West Newton Pet Peeve: The two wonderful years in Home Ec. Fondest Memory: The day I met Gene. Barry, Warren. MICHAEL CATAPANO 468 Watertown St., Newtonville Barry, Day. HARVEY CHECKOWAY 72 Withington Rd., Newtonville "Only in America can yon get de- tention for not being in the year- book." Favorite Expression: What, no BOSCO? Riley: Solomon Lewenbergg Col- lege. French National Honor Society 2, 3. ROBERT WARREN CICCONE 24 Staniford St., Auburndale Bob Favorite Expression: "Aco Lat Ca Chumba" by Romanda. Chief Failing: Girls, girls and more girls. Tech, Warren, Service. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3: Ad- ministrative Aid 1, 2, 3, Baseball 2, 35 Football 2, 3. PAUL D. CONSIDINE 155 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Barry, Bigelow. PHILLIP STETSON COOMBS 55 Hillside Ave., West Newton Riley. STEPHEN DAVID CROSBY 19 George St., Newton Steve, Croz "Friend:, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears." Claim to Fame: Second in my homeroom for tardiness with 52 times. Barry, Bigelow: College. Latin Club 3, Chess Club 1, 2, 3: Lacrosse 2, 3g All School Play 3. JEAN TONI DEMSKY 2 Beach St., Newtonville Jeanie Fondest Memory: The great times the four of us always had in Phys. Ed. even though we hated it. Claim to Fame: The fact that no one has or ever will have as many Art classes as I have had. Barry: Warren, College. RITA DiBENEDETTO 19 Marion St., West Newton Fondest Memory: M.S.J.g Mrs. Pearson, C.D.'s party, Ded. D., Hampton Beach and all the phone calls and letters, Junior Prom. I'm Crazy About: green eyes: golf- ing. Barry: Warren, College. Future Teachers of America 1, 2, Rally Committee 23 Library Club 1, 2, 3, Co-op Committee 2, 53 Class Committee 3. Well, sometimer you win, sometime: yon lore . . . F RANCO ANTHONY DISTEFANO 44 Dalby St., Newton Pet Peeve: The A.B.C.'s in foot- ball. Favorite Expression: That's life. Tech: Day: College. Football 2, 3: Baseball 1, 3: Track 1, 2, 3. PAUL GORDON ELLIOT 46 Myrtle St., West Newton Twinky Fondest Memory: Illegitimate: The '64 sophomore Soccer Team. I'm Crazy About: Delivering the New York Times. Barry: Warren: College. Soccer 1, 2, 3: Gymnastics 2, 3: Lacrosse 1, 2, 3: Student Council 35 Class Committee 2. JAMES RICHARD FACTOR 55 Cedar St., Newton Centre Jim I Will to NHS: A year's supply of air freshener for the gyms, cafe- teria, and classrooms. Suppressed Desire: To understand Mr. Harris. Beals: Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 3. MICHAEL JAMES FAGAN 35 Carlton St., Newton Corner Mike Suppressed Desire: To get all A's. Fondest Memory: Playing football at "the field! Bacon: Bigelow: College. Football 1, 2. JOHN L. GENTILE 24 Emerald St., Newton Palmer. THOMAS W. GILLESPIE 22 Walnut Pl., Newtonville Tommy Tech. 1...-4 .i Wbaddaya mean iff Saturday? NAOMI L. GURIN 63 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Nomi Fondest Memory: Act I, Scene Fair Lown: It: Nirvana nights: K. for Blum: an unnamed palm tree. Riley: Warren: College. American Field Service 1, 2, 5: Folksinging Club 2, 3: Human Rights Club 3: Latin Club 1, 2: Spanish Club 2, 3. DEBORAH HAGAR 9 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Debbie Fondest Memory: History in room 1208: P.G.s parties: L.O.D. at P. Town and the window caper: our expanded future under the front seat of the batmobile: a summer in the city with J.P.M. Suppressed Desire: To ride the Appaloosa. Riley: Warren: College. Administrative Aid 2, 3: Stagecrew 1. BENJAMIN HERWITZ Beals. JOEL MASON HOLLIS 125 Windermere Rd., Auburndale Chief Failing: Pantomimes in Pub- lic Speaking. Fondest Memory: H.Y.C.: Harvey 2! 17X 66. Beals: Warren: College. Biology Club 1, 2, 3: Band 2, 3: LaCrosse 1, 2. DAVID KASPARIAN 124 Jewett St., Newton Riley. JOHN J. KENNEDY 74 Pleasant St., West Newton Jack Fondest Memory: A rear-end col- lision on Watertown Street. Suppressed Desire: To see Building one burn down. Palmer: Warren: Service. 46 MARK S. LANDE 256 Ward St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Help! Chief Failing: Math. Riley: Weeks, College. Stage Crew, All-School Play. DEBORAH JEAN LEE 325 Lowell Ave., Newtonville "Tout le monde est une nonnef' Fondest Memory: R.S. and Barnaby in the Square. Adams: Day: College. NEWTONITE News Editor 2: Human Rights Club 1: Philosophy Club 3, French Club 2, Interna- tional Club 1. YANG PAL LEE 50 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Adams. KAREN ANN LENNON 30 Rowe St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: September 21, 1966. Favorite Pastime: Going out and having a good time. Beals: Waltham: Business. CLIFFORD A. LEVIN 35 Cotton St., Newton Cliff I Will to NHS: One picture of myself. I'm Crazy About: The idea that NHS will build a swimming pool within the next hundred years. Riley, Bigelow: College. Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3g Sail- ing Club 3g Gymnastic Club 3. TED ROBERT LUCHETTE 19 Mague Pl., West Newton Ted Pet Peeve: Too many hours in school. Fondest Memory: The wax paper cutter in room 213. Tech, Warren: College. Rifle Club: Camera Club: Athletic Managers. BARRY J. MALTON 141 Aspen Ave., Auburndale "If you can perceive something it is relatively easy to prove it exists, hut it is extremely difficult, indeed, if not impossihle, to prove that something that might just possihly exist, does not, in fact, exist. Claim to Fame: I am a panoramic genius. Riley: Herbert Hoover, College. BRIAN H. MCLATCHY 30 Rowe St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Neilsen's class with D.B. and the Pet Peeve: Oh, do you play goalie too? Palmer, Warren, College. Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3. MICHAEL MEEHAN 164 Highland Ave., Newtonville "To live outside the law you must he honest." Fondest Memory: Sorties unparal- leled in blues or jazz, insidious subterfugeg misguided and fraudu- lent views. Riley: Day, College. Human Rights Club 1, 2, 3: Film Festival 2, 3: Football lg Folksing- ing Club 1, 2, 3, House Football 2. HOWARD MODEL 7 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Chief Failing: School. Riley, Dayg College. CURTIS AMES MULLER 34 Chestnut Terr., Newton Centre Curt I Will to NHS: Three PJs on stale. Barry: Weeks: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Mental Health Club: Magic Club. LEONARD JAMES O'HANLEY 197 Walnut St., Newtonville Lenny Fondest Memory: Shop week. I Will to NHS: The Trade School. Tech: Weeks: College. Ice Hockey 2, 33 Administrative Aid 2, 3: Track 1. JOHN CHARLES PARISI 164 Bigelow St., West Newton Palmer: Warren, Service. Radio Club 1. CHARLES HOWARD RAK 551 Chestnut St., Waban C'huck Fondest Memory: Senegal, West Africa. I Predict That: Within 20 years Building One will sink into the mud. Palmer: Warren, College. Thoughtprints 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3. STEPHEN ALAN RUBIN 26 Elsworth Rd., West Newton I Will to NHS: Six heavy-duty rear tires that somehow wore out really fast from just riding around the school. Favorite Pastime: Ranking down a little yellow Corvair. Palmer: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 1. MARIO JOHN SANTONASTASO 5 Peabody St., Newton Corner "The person who makes himself is not owned." I'm Crazy About: Motorcycles. Bacon: Day: College. Football lg Baseball 3. DOUGLAS MARTIN SARMIENTO 33 Sherrin Rd., Newton Lower Falls "Hate thrives on ignorance, .und love hegins with understanding." I Predict That: The world will awake some day to the sound of silence. Beals: College. ROBERT STEERE SEDDON JR. 455 Beacon St., Chestnut Hill Sot "I refuse to answer on the grounds that it might tend to incriminute me." Favorite Expression: And according to the latest unreliable news sources . . . quite DEAD. Palmer: College. Orange Shield 2: Anti-Smoking Squad Chairman 1, 2, 3. ROBERT IVAN. SHAPIRO 550 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Bobby, Bo "lVlaat'.r the .rtory l2e1'e.9" Favorite Expression: I forgot my note . . . again. Beals, Weeks: College. Athletic Manager lg Biology Club 15 Film Festival lg Senior Play, Library Club 1. C. TIMOTHY SHEA 268 Fiske St., Holliston Tim Pet Peeve: My first name, Judy: being so short, rats. I'm Crazy About: Judy Wood, skateboarding. Techg Barnstableg College. Tech High Basketball 1. 1 ANDREW JAY SILVERMAN 120 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Herbie Pet Peeve: Latin. Suppressed Desire: To have my own car. Palmer: West, College. Bridge Club 5: Sailing Club 59 Ski Club 3. NICHOLAS MARTIN SIMMS 41 Arlington St., Newton Nick Favorite Pastime: Falconry. Favorite Expression: Look at them goodies there. Palmer Bigelow, College. Lacrosse 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Band 3. BONNIE SMITH 21 Belmont St., Newton Fondest Memory: Martin. Bigelowg Palmer. JOANNE D. SPIVACK 62 Cabot St., Newton Jody, Jo, Geek Pet Peeve: Not having a cycle, 7'Deli"g "yecch, school", Newport 766. Favorite Expression: Wow! that's beaut1ful!g we are the sons of sor- row, go to the head of the class. 'Bacong Bigelow, College. Sailing Club 1, Folksinging Club 11, 2: Commons Room Committee 11, 2, Senior Play 2. FRANK H. STUART T69 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Butch Pet Peeve: The "in" crowd. 'Chief Failing: Getting caught. Riley, St. Sebastian'sg College. 'Ski Club 35 NEWTONIAN 33 Folksin in Club 1' Sta e Crew 25 - g 8 , S .Audio Visual Service Squad 2. LORETO PETER TEMPESTA 732 Watertown St., Newtonville Larry I Will to NHS: One size 11, brown, open toe lofa. Suppressed Desire: A picture of Ernie's iump from first floor win- dow during fire drills. Barry, Day. DANIEL J. TRAMONTOZZI 265 California St., Newton Chief Failing: High School. Suppressed Desire: To finish school. Bacon, Day. VANCE R. WALSH 9 Elmwood St., Newton Corner Techy Ferndale, College. ROBERT WILLIAM WEBB 61 Gardner St., Newton Bob Pet Peeve: Having an hours de- tention for being late by two min- utes. Suppressed Desire: To get out of Newton High School with average marks or better. Palmerg Bigelowg College. WILLIAM HENRY YANCO 30 Auburn St., West Newton W.H.Y. Chief Failing: School. I Will to NHS: Building one-a year's supply of scotch tape to hold it together. Beals, Warren. 5 247 ,4 1 NL-L1-XT .z .M .Q .ga :4-11 V .,-515552: . '- +, f + . , ' V: fi F A 4 ' V ..:i-gg'.fi.. . Q x. . 421 f L, X , ,Q . If . 3 . ,M ' f . -R. .15 sf ' f' 5, af Vx 2,11 .54 X f f , 4 w .f gf f 7 ji X :S '4 4 5 ' ' , A . 1 N izgav fy, 1 ' X. 5 . ' K A ' sf ' if -ff? 'em-M5 s X1 f J 5 f ,E if 3 1 f, II '53, 4 Rmb- :s.g,2,g. . it QA- Z M f ' ' ff ', ff' ,TP .. a .f fftwf. :A 1. Yiisxsef' ' .. -. . H-. .. V. gg.1...f31Tzf.ggg2xg-g::... A N . ng X--R . .. 31:-"1 1- .-.0 - M: -. -. H .,.,.. X .L. ' -1-2 x1iffC1fwri:.:Q?? lr.. 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In the meantime, our congratulations for a step in the right direction. IXCEHINCE IN ElEC!l0NlCS An Equal Opportunity Employer when you SAVE BY MAIL POSTAGE PAID BOTH WAYS M6 0 NSURED IN FULL 0 QUARTERLY DIVIDENDS .765 Established 1892 1380 WASHINGTON STREET Q-?G7C727G?s7104s0X01'7f727'0N0S0v'0162S0f65'0Ws01'0V0f0'6N0 3 CONVENIENT SAVINGS PLANS 1- 'YAMAHA 'SALES J lsl::lIlhtl Q05 201:22-EAT IV ,X -VESPA 'SERVICE unuu unc: un 'Q gf X ii' '-T2 -' ,, l Proven Plan! 347 1' s,,cfg,g,u, in OBRIDGESTONE Q PARTS ,,,g?L1:i,I 5gfJ""-Qi -T 'J E 5 . I 244-8000 I ,HT I assi ? S I Ti I 'KAWASAKI 'ACCESSORIES sos WALNUT sv, ei' AE -1 - - " - 'I R NEWTONVILLE squnz -- A Q G df BEST WISHES 43 SN 1404 Q "' , 0- from X f ' ll' THE FIRST Sc LARGEST CO-OPERATIVE BANK IN THE NEWTONS NEW HOURS 8:30 - 4:00 Bert Wifbef to the GRADUATING CLASS Checking Accounts Safe Deposit Boxes Savings Accounts Are Available at the cNewfon-Xmnifhum on CDC! UYUSII Com POUR, Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation KW! X ,nf?a'?yb B 2 Q fu A 7 HOME 0F CHAMPIUNS 949 Commonwealth Ave. at B.U. Field 254-1 150 WHISTLE STOP SPoRTSWEAR FOR YOUNG JUNIORS BoSToN, MASS. x0u0w0n0n0r n7'7101q0sQ7nyc?'710N7S0N71?0YQ172?G0'47'?'0'G0"?'0'6'W"6x 5 '-00'0V-0'f402'?G05'04'-04'l0"'0Sf0'J'-0N01'-710"01f02l0'C7202-011-0'-f101C0f2-7'-91021-07'-6X 3 ROBERT 8: RICHARD S BEAUTY ACADEMY NEWTON BUICK cO., INC. A SCHOOL DEDICATED TO THE FINEST FORM OE INSTRUCTION AND ADVANCEMENT OF MODERN 571 WASHINGTON STREET , HAIR STYLING 81 BEAUTY CULTURE 5 353 Moody Stret, Waltham NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS PHONE: 899-1500 Some Staff! Have It 3 Some Smjjls N ever Will! A Oens 5 5 Our deepest regrets . . . Q -the NEWTONITE 5 THE NEWTON GRAPHIC GOOD LUCK TO S THE SENIORS DEDICATED TO THE INTERESTS OF From NEWTON SINCE 1872 I BARRY HOUSE 5 The Paper With the C lpmiyied Ad: C,,mi,,,,,,e,,,j Of, cROwLEY's OFFICE suPPuEs 5 Muzi FORD CITY 338 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS CYOUI Big City of Fordg Phone: DEcateur 2-5510 G N012-6?N-10"-0"N0"' f0V0W00G7k9N0N76N0'4?l7'0'C76N?f71740'40V0N7G7'0547f0'5'6x . Compliments of: May's Bu kery 5 71 MOODY STREET WALTHAM GREETINGS From a Friend Compliments of: MR. and MRS. 5 CLARENCE. N. JACOBSON 5 WHEREVER You GO ' THE "Y" CAN SERVE YOU Best Wishes NEWTON YMCA FOR SWEATERS AND SPORTSWEAR THE "IN CROWD" GOES TO GREENFIELDS "Sweatervi11e U.S.A." 40 Glen Avenue, Newton Centre B14-4301 GIORGIO'S ANTIPASTO HOUSE, INC. D.B.A. TONY'S JUNIOR VII.I.A 71 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE COIFFEURS CONTINENTAL MR. PETER MR. CORY COMPLIMENTS OF THE FASHION SHOPPE 313 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASS. 332-7684 NEWTONVILLE TV 8. RECORD CO. 321 WALNUT STREET Guitars - Portable Phonos - Tape Recorders Compliments of M. E. BAKER COMPANY CAMBRIDGE, MASS. EASTMAN'S FI.OWER SHOP' "Quality and Service Since 1934" Al Eastman Carl Christianson Roger Carpenter NEWTONVILLE, MASS. ARO MANUFACTURING COMPANY INC. 191 'WEBSTER STREET WEST NEWTON, MASS. COMPLIMENTS OF WAYSIDE MARKET 2297 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS JERRY'S DRESSMAKING - REPAIRS - ALTERATIONS 454 LEXINGTON STREET AUBURNDALE Phone: 969-6030 NEWTON'S INC. NEWTON CENTRE -SMART FASHIONS- 843 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS Tel. LAse11 7-7400 Congratulations to Newton Graduates Courtesy of SAL RIZZO HAIR STYLES 1651 BEACON STREET, WABAN, MASS. Tel. 527-8633 Wig Dept. 527-9198 2 S 2 2 2 2 6 2 5 2 9 2 2 5 .2 f0w01'-Q05 101' 102' 405 62 202 JYJN-OP' '-0"f0f W' 202- X0'N0"0Y-00w0" 40Y0"0101k7'f7470R7s72720v170K?0110ff0N7'0110N0XJ402WP0N6x Before you accept that first job . . . Look over your employer as eare ully as he does you What's the Company l1ke anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputatlon for square deallng w1th employees? Pleasant surroundmgs? W1ll I be worklng wlth others my own age? Are they frlendly? Do they soclahze after hours? W1l1 the boss be reasonable? Apprec1ate good hard work but won t explode 1f I make a m1stake? Wxll I make a decent week s pay? Have a chance for ralses advancement more respons1b1l1ty? How about frlnge benefits? Is the work challengmg? I had what It takes to get through h1gh school Wlll they g1Ve me a chance to use my brams? Note Many young men and women 1n th1s area can answer Yes to these questlons They Work for New England Telephone Why not talk mth our employment 1nterv1eWer soon before you graduate? Ask your Guldance Counselor to tell you when and where to apply E New England Telephone "' Part of the Natnonwlde Bell System 0 9 I3 J S G0f0'W56N?1?G?s761'7s?s?'0v0s?s0N?s?s?f910N0YQs?0's0'0N-?6X 9 5 2 Full Secretarial and Q S R B A N Short Courses . Open A11 Year, . S S I Day and Evening S C H 0 O L Standards - Highest Rates - Modest S Location -- Convenient Free Parking 105' Member of United Business Schools Association Twinbrook 4-1245 3 Q 267 MOODY STREET, WALTHAM 54, MASSACHUSETTS 3 . . .I where kind teaching create! conjidence! ' s QQ' 5 9 5 S1'ow:.w o wAnn, Inc. 5 -f:a7gZf.4.nt.e.n. Ln, Qadief TELEPHONE ' 'Asn raooo Uvc.. NEwroN UPPER FALLS 64 . MAss. '- Plant! at... GRIFFIN, GEORGIA NEENAH, WISCONSIN 5 NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS S x0"0'N0'K0fw0' 6Y0"01G0'k9K7s70vs7s?f0N72?0f'Q6P1?10ff0"0f?'0N0's0N7'0'6x 9 9 9 5 E 3 5 9 S 6 5 5 5 5 9 5 2 5 5 5 6 ,Z gg A01 9 Q 3 Q o QE Cf LQ E Q'Q.' ff' H 0 5 25 S ii 91 . P' 1 "' 'UI E 5 m 1: :mg Q ww m -.32 2 Q 2 -4 g, 5 Q gg 5 1-:Eb 2 Z s 'D QD I W I Z Z us rv Q' jg 'fl CPN l' 'G IF. "' E V3 3 55 'FU E E rn P-I E 9 5 N P Q E EE :Q 5 2 S6 E 5 2 e S. z S F-f 3 A c 0 ' Z H r-1 3 U E O 5 Z Q :U E D' O ,-. Q, Q O Q, D: -I rn n Cn Z Z r-I 'N' z B r-f td' CD . M G D' Q - 'E' '-o "' O 3 Z 5 E: m 0 Q 'r n - P: ,I Eg Q E cm -1 ' E Q E as 5-5 5 5 59 9, E EE 'ri g gg E2 'S Z S 51' E 5' g O O 75 g :,1 Z W S. nu v Sf, Us 2 H Z a C ffl U fn S FU ax ' 5 H' H fn P ff Ei " Q 24 2 E? fn '53 Z Q r-1 . lv fp D, U-'1 5 3 H Q 'I ff ue 3 ' ' 2 '6 S 4?G?C7v?6227Q?2?61'74?6N0vG7s01'0101720N702WN?S016N?S05f0X0X BEST OF LUCK TO "67" WALNUT DELICATESSEN FOX TRAVEL AGENCY 2 100 WINCHESTER STREET Q NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. 969-8550 JOHN T. BURNS CO. Thomas M. Dillon, Manager MODERN INSURANCE FOR HOMES, BUSINESS and INDIVIDUAL Newtonville DE2-1840 Albert M. Chandler - jack C. Hoover CHANDLER, HOOVER 81 GILES 5 INSURANCE AGENCY, Inc. 1359 Centre St., Newton Centre, Mass. 244-4500 893-0543 BEST WISI-IES to THE GRADUATES THE ALL NEWTON MUSIC SCHOOL THE BARN 25 KEMPTON PLACE WEST NEWTON "Where N ewzfon buyr in .fb0e.r" Best Wishes CAMPUS CUE 590 Commonwealth Ave., Boston I5 Minutes from Harvard Sq. by M.T.A. Clst Stop after Kenmore Sq.D POCKET BILLIARDS "Great for a date" THE TRANSCRIPT PRESS 420 WASHINGTON STREET DEDHAM, MASS. 401'-01201'-01 107' 'QP' 200' 'Ov' 402' S x76X76f0' 47'01701Q9N?00f6N7S06v190f0f6P61610Y?6N?61616'0K0x NORUMBEGA STAMP 82 COIN CO. 297 AUBURN STREET AUBURNDALE, MASS. JOSEPH E. LANDRY ANN G. LANDRY NEWTON CENTRE and MUSIC SHOP 839 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE Records-Music-Guitars-Cameras COMPLIMENTS OF DAVID SUVALLE PLUMBING and HEATING INC. BEACON WAYSIDE' SHOPS FLOOR COVERINGS 1296 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS LA7-1773 DE2-4530 THE DELL RESTAURANT 8. LOUNGE 817 WASHINGTON ST. NEWTONVILLE, MASS. serving Newton and vicinity since 1923 Compliments of BOULEVARD PHARMACY 2090 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE Q AUBURNDALE, MASSACHUSETTS 3 FAIRWAY SPORTS WORLD In E. GORDQN Co. ' Rte. No. 9, NATICK, MASS. BOWLING - GOLF - COFFEE SHOP SUMMER DAY SCHOOL Ridio and Television Sales and Service 2 HARTFORD STREET 653-5820 NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. DE2-2893 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1967 T' W' ANDERSON JEWELER ALVORD PHARMACY, Ing, 329 Auburn St. Auburndale, Mass. NEWTON CENTRE Authorized Accutron, Bulova, Caravelle Dealer WATCH REPAIRING DIAMONDS WELLESLEY PHARMACY 15 Washington Street Wellesley Hills, Mass. 'The Rexel! Store in the Fells" Tel. 235-2630 ALFRED E. FULLER INSURANCE AGENCY JOHN P. NIXON 20 AUSTIN STREET NEWTONVILLE 244-7304 244-7440 76 years of service to the Newtons M'LacIy Coiffu res 7 Washington Street, Wellesley Lower Falls Cedar 7-9341 Cedar 5-9610 CLEVELAND CIRCLE AUTO SCHOOLS Driver Education 2 2 5 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 S 2 ei f-01101611-05 20" 401' 201 '05 0120K-0? f-0'f20'4 is -205 5 .GE 0 3 E3 F? R :T om :U E I-12? I 3 FDUJ O CD 'QE 2 - UIgrr1U cn Z mmm ev --aw -u Pd O I O 2 5 zo Z 3 'P QQ 2 U1 5 -U 92' 155 5 2 5 55 -4 5 2 E Z GU 5, cn Q 2 2 Z Z Q 3 2 2 fn as S S S22 F? 2 2 535 S ' S.. Q X1 agigszg 2 , : 2 r-r"l12. OEOD, O ' 52.522 E 225.253 ': gd Q OMZM- 3Qc""5':a fb Q b -- 2, 232 H 3- gsm O S, ev CP iff 3 E S 5 8 xew- cor 20-2- . PURDY STUDIO NEW ENGLAN D'S FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Qfficial Phofog raphers NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF "1967" 3 E 5 3 E 2 5 2 6 E E E ,E 00'-01 '-02'-01 i0'Q10N-05 6110201 f-0'N0'0'-0'N0Y0N0' f-0'10K0'2L010' '0ff0"0R0" 10161 0x01 4-0"'20"'-0M-02' 01010164 X9f10v0f 5 5 9 2 9 Q 5 6 S S iv 5 S 5 6 5 9 S S 9 5 2 20x01 202202202102 'OWWN-05 f-020N0' '0N7f02'02101 '0261 VAN BUREN PRINTING AND OFFICE SUPPLY, Inc. Compliments TELEPHONE: WO 9-5880 101 MORSE STREET NEWTON 58, MASS. of 3 Good Luck to 2 the Graduating Class of 1967! 3 Distinctive Men? Wear For Your Formal Functions 5 Visit Our Modern Rental Department 3 NEWTONVILLE LAsell 7-6940 -0XON0f' 3 2 i 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 5 2 2 2 lm, 2 S 2080K-0N0"l0N0N0"f-02'-7'01S00'-02 some enchanted evening at SOUTH PACIFIC EXOTIC DRINKS FINEST CHINESE CUISINE Open 'Til 2 am. Luncheon Special 11:30 a.m.--3 p.m. ORDERS TO TAKE OUT - CATERING call DE 2-7250 1152 BEACON ST., NEWTON, MASS. MANSFIELD CHEN, Mgr. The Food Storey for People Who Care W. J. co. 5 3 Plant: at . . . ' GRIFFIN, GEORGIA NEENAH, WISCONSIN NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS TEL: 244-0769 GODINO MACHINE COMPANY Experimental and Mannfactnring ELM AND BORDER STREETS WEST NEWTON, MASS. 02165 C ompllmenty of CLAY CHEVROLET 431 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER AUTHENTIC SCHOOL BLAZERS TUXEDOS - SALE OR RENTAL .4 O U N G M E N S . of I 40,0 59 THE 4? Q A . 1-hoar free parking at the Charch Street Garage, right next door 31 CHURCH STREET CAMBRIDGE UNiverSity 4-2300 THE FOX PHARMACY 416 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASS. KEN-KAYE KRAFTS CO. I-Iandicraftf - Art Snppliex "Mon Complete Line" nnder One Roof 867 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE 527-1206 S .3 10"-09 S0101 105 f0f L01'0'1f0Y QOYSOS 71' '07' X01'0W0N01S0'f 27'0f'0N7k747401'0K016'W16fL010N76fWK01S01'7'7L0N?i9'05W56x W N tH3ifiiiVl1iiWiiW W1 BETTER WI5fiilHilB3UDtU1iiiS ies- K N Y, f ,V . w a? -f ,.,,. x f , 3 as- .. f, - W .. M1 7 wr' , , , g - ---Tir, ' . "' . ' -1 A '3 ' 1 W' 1- fi Q . Ti 14:-f E 1 N :-.sexi fm t Aw QW F ' gif f I 1 '7 1 - 1-v1'3l""' uri i 3 if 1 - P- E r , lt . 1, A "' 'itiwi T: 4 5 3 1533? T fl-, 5 - ' P ' . ' 'TM , i C I A f?ft,'es,g11,s, f f '-'- Q . -Q. P P- . T lui lgj uri fc, jg if T' i gill, puf f? I E932 1, . ' . rf' fi A .I , , Q i f TV 2 i s E 3' .. UV '1' .sf?., pic? 1' i . t , .Yi . 'Q ' ., ' of '. .-- - - r . I "W" " - , L .2, ' 5" g1-' 1 ' X' ,, Q'N' I M' X - P -A . ., , T. O'TooIe 84 Sons, one of the first printers in the nation to produce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for pains-taking workmanship. Personal service to advise you on I Yearbook Production I Themes I Layout I Use of Color I Fitting Copy I Line Drawings I Advertising I Proof Reading I Photography I Produc- tion I Personal Service At All Times TDTDDLE S SONS INC KEELER AVENUE, SOUTH NORWALK, CONNECTICUT 06856 CONNECTICUT NEW YORK 838-4761 " MEIrose 5-4112 K J E 6 9 9 5 3 9 9 S 5 S 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 E 5 E Q ,S 6220261401 65102 102202 The Student Council wishes the class of '67 the best of luck in the years to come. 5 David Lawrence Hirshberg 5 President 5 5 9 5 David C. Kennedy Debbie Sheehan Vice-President Recording Secretary Q 5 Joanne Glickrnan jeif Spear Corresponding Secretary Treasurer 5 5 8 x0'C0"'0'C0'u0'v0N0v'0'10"G01l0"0f'0N02'-.?K-0ff010f'-0N0110'L0N010K0110510ff02'-0Y0N0110f'0"'0fL-0'f-0ff0X 50209 '-0-"-0's02'02'-02s01s0"fs0K0'f0vs05f-0N0N01s0vf01s0110W0P'-7s0'N-05'-0M-0'N0"-0N05'-0'vs6x 3 JUST RIGHT FOR CONGRATULATIONS 1967 Q THAT GRADUATES E SPECIAL OCCASION Q A TUX WM AUBURNDALE Q co-OPERATNE BANK THE TUX SHOP S 307 AUBURN STREET 230 CALIFORNIA STREET Q AUBURNDALE 5 5 Open Wed. and Fri. Evenings Q 3 7 PM fo 9 PM COMPLETE CO-OPERATIVE E 5 Phone LAsell 7-0459 BANKING SERVICES 5 1 Save that trip to BOStOr1 SINCE 1910 3 If E 2 i 77 E i Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of '67 Q L - We hope that the years that lie ahead for you will bring a full measure of happiness, success and a useful and rewarding way of life. ' ""'L':' 'P Whatever your future plans may be yOu'll find ' that starting a program of regular savings now will help you achieve your goal more quickly. ON ALL IMPORTANT HIGHWAYS -Stop in and Open an account right away- for a delicious meal or snack . . . quality and courtesy 5 st Newton 5 Sewage Zami Q 0 1314 Washington Street, West Newton Q 0 I9 Pelham Island Road, Wayland " su-'Erv for SAVINGS" 8 X0'40WL0'40'w0v'-0M04G0110N0'10P'0"01h02k?K0fs01W5s0N0fs05s0K01Q0"'-0"0110Y0'f-09'0"0'-0'N0N0"0N0"'-0x S0205 G7fQ476'G0N?G7G74?'?61f-76N7s0'f0NJ6N?s?s7G0'f02L7'0G717C056 "lf: Smarter To Charter' ,. t f-'- A ' ' aa. For All Occasions Call Waltham The Oficial EWTO TW W0 High School Rang 1 Q MIDDLESEX 81 BOSTON 2 snuslsr RAILWAY co. 1020 MAIN ST. WALTHAM Aren't you glad you're graduating? Now you can enjoy Child-Mild Franks for their pure pleasure - not just because your folks say they're good for you! ji-ff . e SS SS 'M - -X Congmtulatiom TEENCHI MN 'Wh S - ,ft A. well done . " 9. Yr - e .,. ' ' from everyone 'fret I .-fill!! J. . Ai H if". 01-Jy M f'1' t ffXX-new 1 ANIMI CULTI.. S V 't 'fHUMANITA'I S si ,, x '1t,,g Z N t 1 t f 1 1 Q l x K rink !1'JO7q,'5,9R,g5 QQ., IXXKL 4 . w. ' I M Q 1 . -. sz' X .1,g L ff, 4,1 'X - 7 " 'Y fi f A ! X fl!! , r Af! x 4 Q fr KW . I XXX 1 ,ff ,,f ,,,f A 'XX 64 1 X - M X I fr OWATON NA, MINNESOTA ATTLEBORO, MASSACHUSETTS C, ea,ed t, 1694 '0'f0120N0'2 02 C01 101'0N0v' '0"'f0'+ '-05' 91' 202' X?"-0N0K0's0Y-020'47s?1?6YJ'0101h?N?01'7s71?061s?'0v1Qf?17f0f1-7'001f0K?s76f0N0x 05'-05 G0N0K0N0'2s01s0f'-710K0v0Sh0'1s-02'-02fQs-02f02s01s0Ps-021021052-0'2W'1s0N-0's?s0510P'65g 5 S R 6 S West Roxbury 5 DAY and EVENING counsns Bowling Center Secretarial Training for ' Past, Present, Future Secretaries S Individual Attention . . . Individual Promotion, Q Diamond jubilee Gregg and EZ Alphabetic . . Shorthand . . . Start any time: graduate when S- W- Dennison, Proprietor S ready. Full secretarial and special short courses. H I C K O 18 lanes air conditioned SECRETAFIIAL SCHOOL Oldest in the United States Q 367 soYLsToN STREET, sosToN - Tel. 267-5920 191101161 325-9239 Q lot Arlington Street, MBTAQ 6 119 Park Street 3 9 West Roxbury, Massachusetts 5 5 5 5 6 5 HAPPINESS IS 224 at E X01G0N-01100w0v?h7G?G?4?H7'?'01s762h7s?0f001?62s70N900f61s?'0176N?s?f?4?6if E E 9 2 3 2 2 2 5 E 6 2 2 ,E f-0'2f0"10'C0' HE O I- geoe 5' Q Sgt-fii f' H can 2. E HES :s " D-Dv-v I QQU2: 2522 5 53 kqcnm H offs- n S "WE c Q. Q53 Q Q 3.215 - C 532 " Us 222 2 V' an ' seg 'U Q1 3 5 1 Q Q S' EE '33 'S 'SHS' A F E' W SE Q 31 L., 2 CERN E-1 0 mm? "' N WHQMQ 32 '3 Kes. ONS' NE' 'G' BN : F-ll Q52 GNU: 2 x3 I ' NN, n-AQ 'eo w ga 23. "" 32, S E3 5. 'sg EQ fs a S' Effie R 53 2 " lf U! :0w0f0w0:f-af Q01- 40161101 f-01 0 Q 3- z 3 EL O 9 2 '2 S :I ?4 C Q. 5 'e 9 3 se 'U E2 n 3 -4 W P W Z I'l1 -I -I E W Z E S, n S s. 3 w su l'l'l 9' E 9 0N0140v e0v'-01 -Q01 IND ts? oi 3,2 RQ Qs ge 0 Q to 3 0 q O - B V' E 3 B S S Q' 5 :". fl Q 0 2 'L F-f 6' 3 FD se z 2 S D O O F1 F? H 9' 202' I Our clothesline is heavy , with school time things. lfVe"ve pinned up our skirts, p A ' ' shirts and other things. Bench' Hupfer We hope you'll drop by to see our display Compliments of Best Wishes Garden City Oil Company, Inc. Paramount Theatre 78 Crafts Street FABRICS OF DISTINCTION Chestnut Hill 232 Boylston Street Complete Sewing Accessories Phone LAsell 7-45 87 X7WN?6'v?'01?17'7Q?47'0K765k76'C?'?G?C?W16140f0N0'f70v6120f' 1-01-01'-65C S0201 '-0vQ0'K0'2'0N0420'N0V'0N0'0f0J'0'N-0N0NQ10'2f0N01405'-0'N-0'2s0P'-02'-0'N0N-0N0N-0'N-0U'0X E EDWARDS- LUMBER CO. In Little or Lots T 29 CRAFTS STREET MACKAY FUNERAL HOME, INC. 5 NEWTONVILLE Q LA 75500 465 Centre Street OKEMO CAKE KITCHEN g Newton, Massachusetts For the cake of the patty S Telephone LAsell 7-1862 841 BEACON STREET 5 NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASSACHUSETTS BEST WISHES 3 NEWTON TRAVEL Q 40551102 101621-00 O O Z 'U EI E Z P-I cn O "Tl GUY L. HARVEY HARDWARE Q 1641 BEACON STREET 5 WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS g A Happy Future 5 GENERAL TEXTILE COMPANY 44 TEMPLE PLACE 5 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Q Fabrics for Home, School, and Industry 5 Pounds A Go-Go! Join . THE DIET WORKSHOP Q 317 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER - 244-5847 ATWOOD'S CAMERA SHOP Picture Framing - Artists' Supplies Photographic Suppli-es 21 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. 5 Good Luck "67" From 5 THE REGULAR GUYS Elliott Kevin Eliot Bob David Steve 5 Hank Hank Joe Neb '02 2 2 2 2 9 2 2 2 2 5 2 5 2 2 2 5 in X , Z f M , go 1, 'AEN' " J ' N' if .E gif, A ' V K N if ,.,:'AJ' 'Fr 5, . , '-'f.x53y?1f4"-, ff' 1 S"-, gi, 31276 M K., if-fffiq. . g4fYHv:.,,,, 7 ix J' fd. Q- 4 , '- vfm f:'f Z,3f'1 , .,!. , ,N A: 'aww fu .1 'Y , 1 34 i ? , Nw Wi, 1f"1ft-'-HG? f .. uf Y, M,-g , W,z,,.., ,wx-3, ', .. , 1' .- 'U Q' wf- fm AH MW' .a ww-1 7 1 f ' Afiwfgf " 1 , wwgfffv- ,H Ji ff! ' sf ' ig Q., :jg-..'gsf xr j , G., gh, + , f V M y -" .. gffflg. , . 1 swf-iw , 25?SgifJW555i' 5: xt 'Q , fl f l Q , f - if?-5 , '-wigs'-M ig:5gE, E. ' - f' 'Q 2 1 f f ' wg ff ,Q-M F ra: .Si m -uf:-vb! ., ' . - - lg, .Xxx-3, QA,---5 ,iegfww ., :SXY-,gif -Q x' f if-N 1, ,A 535' "X lr' ' ff? 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V XX W , f nxxtz ki a f , f UD 1:13 GAR H fgmngaahe-.- J ' Notionol Honor Society Barr, Avron Brian Berezin, Ellen Ruth Bowen, Nancy Elizabeth Butler, Peter Oswald Carey, Sharon Teresa Chen, Wilma Ying Cohen, Debra Jane Cort, Rebecca Helen Farber, Arlene Joy Feinberg, Jeri Maier Fielden, Victoria Ellen Gertman, Susan Arlene Gilman, Jeffry Steven Goldman, Michael Cary Clair of 1967 Grossman, Joanne Barbara Harmon, Linda Susan Hirshberg, David Lawrence Howland, Ronald Neil Jacobson, Amy Beth Kaplan, Wendy Joan Klein, Eleanor Nancy Langelier, Paul Albert Levy, Janet Elizabeth Mason, Joan Morrison, Kevin Joseph Myerson, Alix Gould Nierman, Eliot Hillel Nordbeck, Carol Tousley Greenbaum, Robert Howard Piken, Beth Aren Reilly, Jeanne Marie Roby, Donna Ruth Martha Rubin, Ann Leslie Sacks, Richard Scott Selkowitz, Harriet Jean Serkin, Bonnie Phyllis Shapiro, Carl William Siegel, Naomi Ruth Sonis, Beth Merel Sooho, Alan Moy Storlazzi, Marianna Tanimoto, Steven Larry Thomas, Joseph John Vengrow, Michael Ian Clarr of 1967 Adler, Phyllis Ruth Alessi, Albert Louis Anzivino, Michael John Barrows, Pamela Sacht Bell, Barbara Jane Berkowitz, Naomi Judith Bielski, Nancy Maria Blair, Donna Lee Brown, Margaret Mary Butts, Linda Jean Callander, Virginia Aline Campbell, Patricia Helen Choroszy, Melisa Nancy Conti, Carol Ann Marie Cort, Paul Frederick Dichter, Bruce Howard Dobler, David Lee Dodd, Mary Colony Duddy, Mary Lou Evans, Nancy Elaine Farmer, Lois Maureen Flagg, Susan Helen Foster, Richard Fells Friedman, Sharon Lynd Garcia, Roderick Gilman, Barbara Judith Glass, Ann Elizabeth ADMITTED TO MEMBERSHIP APRIL 11, 1967 Goodwin, Kenneth Silin Gordon, Anita Diane Gordon, Patricia Leslie Gorhne, Stephen Richard Greenman, Joseph Aaron Grubb, Ferlin George Hannon, Mary Ann Hickey, Linda Mary Hurst, Barbara Iagulli, Michele Charles Jacobson, Janis Kaza, Juris Keddy, Jane Elizabeth Kennedy, David Childs Klein, Helaine Lois Kuliler, Eugenie Gabrielle Lanigan, Theresa Louise Laning, Christine Barbara Lee, Yang Pal Lennon, Paula Jeanne Lown, Anne Carol Marini, Claudina Patricia Marino, Linda Ann McEvoy, James Lawrence Michael, Anne Archer Moyle, Susan Adams Neptune, Lenore Ann Olinger, Katherine Ann Orner, Patricia Joan Parker, David Miller Proshan, Benita Ann Rollins, Lynda Lee Rooney, Sharon Wilson Rosenberg, Andrew Lloyd Ryan, Patricia Ann Sacks, Karen Faye Salett, Marsha Caren Schutz Randolph Malcolm Segal, Judith Ann Shapiro, Jean Lynn Silver, Carol Nan Stecker, Howard Alan Stern, Jeffrey Todd Stone, Leslie Ellen Sturniolo, Vincent Joseph Sweetnam, Sandra Margaret Twigg, Carol Ann Tyler, Elizabeth Lawton Valente, Janet Agnes Watts, Stewart Warren Wires, Diane Elise Worth, Donald Alan Young, Joyce Ellen Zahka, Kenneth George 2 Clam of 1968 Altshuler, Lincla Amy Baker, Harvey Joel Beard, Elizabeth Anne Beckman, Steven Mark Berman, Russell Alexander Bovarnick, Deborah Boyajian, Michael John Carr, Mary Jo Cohen, Marcia Ellen Cohen, Neil Alan Drill, Andrew Thomas Elkan, Judith Bettina Fruitman, Michael Peter Gorfinkle, Neal Alan Gradone, Linda Ann Harrer, Ann Hershkovitz, Marcia Pearl Houghteling, Robert Mariotti Kleiman, 'Edward Stuart Kotzen, Barbara Jo Levine, Herbert Jay Mansfield, Thomas Clallin Mechem, Ann Norton Menitove, Marcy Ellen Mersky, Laura Beth Moriece, Ellen Madeline Mueller, Gretchen Louise Nowak, Ann Leslie Olasky, Marvin Orent, Clifford Pactovis, Howard Jeffrey Pellows, Nancy Stephanie Polishook, Nancy Ellen Putnam, Pamela May Radin, Wendy Sue Raifelg Charles Michael Rohsenow, Sandra Lee Rome, David Benjamin Ross, Donna Lee Salamone, Linda Ann Saldinger, Amy Lee Samet, Laurence Marshall Sandler, Barbara Merle Sillesky, John Dixon Solomon, Katherine Heldman Stone, Mona Lee Stone, Paula Joyce Swartz, Frederick Marshal Weiss, Robert Cayleff Yanofsky, Faye Ann Zimbel, Ellen Joyce Spring 1967 "Newton schools to teach sex" screeched the Boston Traveler and later the Newtonite during the end of April. But Superintendent Brown quieted down irate parents and interested students by explaining that the program was only under consideration. Even so, spring 1967 at Newton High was remarkable for its lack of controversy. After the winter fire scare, NHS students and teachers found that they were not going to blazes and ran off some successful projects. The spring musical, the expanded sports schedule, the proms and the graduation are all recorded in these pages. The often neglected little things at Newton High added the most interest to the spring. The completion by Mr. Renzo Ricciuti's Fundamentals of Engineering classes of a mechanical tiger named Renzo which will roar at Dickinson Stadium this fall, the establishment of a "jobs for Youth" service enabling many NHSers to accumulate gold, if not wisdom, during the summer, and the added beauty? of our very own Building I after a February vacation painting and fireproofing job were all subtle highlights of spring. Other small points of interest included almost invisible work by the Student Council, the expanded "new history" program of the Newtonite, the club election meetings featuring the highest attendances of the year, and selection of the 109th planning com- mittee for a new high school. Newton High also had its own mini-love-in, known as Gentle Thursday, which will probably not rank alongside Bermuda Day, Senior Skip Day, and Memorial Day as a Newton High institution. And NHSers continued to produce their own graliitifdefined as wall inscriptions to be regarded fondly by future archeologistsjz "Caution: Building I May Be Hazardous to Your Health," "Mr. Wiest took the dare," "Support the Newton School Committee: Bribe Your Teacher," and "Did he or didn't he? Only his house- master knows for sure." Only the seniors knew for sure what Spring 1967 was really like-and they weren't telling. South Pblfli zk "South Pacific," Newton High's largest dramatic production of 1966-1967, was presented to two jam-packed auditoriums on the nights of April 7 and 8. The play was both an artistic and financial triumph due to the hard work and cooperation of over 250 students and faculty members who contributed both on the stage and behind the scenes. An all-school musical had been absent at Newton High for five years when the Student Council laid the ground work for its long-awaited revival in the early 'winter of 1966. Auditions were held in December for "South Pacific," and rehearsals soon got under way under the direction of Mr. Michael Bruer. Other faculty advisors included Miss Geraldine Seaver, chorus and soloists, Mr. Peter Cobb, the orchestrag and Mr. Charles Chase, the stage crew. Finally, after four long months of after school frustrations and evening nightmares, the opening night arrived. For over three hours the almost liawless production continued, and it was well worth the standing ovation it received. There are few people who saw "South Pacific" who will ever forget the sailor chorus, the nurses, the musical score played by the orchestra, the never-miss-a-cue stage crew, and the supporting committees which contributed to Newton I-Iigh's bid for the 1966-1967 Broadway season. 4 You may jire me for tbir, but you smell! f rf 4 'Z f ? , Y f ,gf f Q 9 'ti f f K hc? ' It ' 2 i J , , yr ' HZ 71' , f V , , f , 4 A 1 4 f ,Ce 5 , 5521 f , .' fr , 0, X U 7 ay A , 1 . 3 1 vw -I 3 Z f ,Q f f, , f f wf ' Zjiw P ' ln af-' X' Should we wrap it? CAST Cln Order of Appearance? Ngana ...... ..........,....................... Jerome ...,.......,.............. Henry ...............,...,............. Ensign Nellie Forbush ..... Emile de Becque .... ....., Bloody Mary ...............,....... Seaman John Adams ............. Seaman Thomas Hassinger ..... Sergeant Kenneth Johnson ....... Private Sven Larsen ,.................,. Radio Operator Bob McCaffrey ..., Seaman Tom O'Brien ..............,.... Yeoman Herbert Quale ..................... Marine Corporal Hamilton Steeves Marine Corporal jack Waters ....... Marine Corporal Richard West .,... Srewpot .............................,........ Luther Billis ........... ..,. .......... Professor ....,.......,.. ......,.................. Lieutenant Genevieve Marshall ..... Ensign Lisa Manelli ,,....,......r,.. Ensign Connie Walewska ..,. Ensign Janet McGregor ..,.. Ensign Pamela Whitmore Ensign Sue Yaeger .......... Ensign Betty Pitt ..,........,.......,.... Ensign Dinah Murphy .........,,,.......... Lieutenant joseph Cable, USMC ....... Bloody Mary's Assistant ..4..........,......, Commander William Harbison, USN Captain George Brackett, USN ......... Marcel ...........,................,,.............. Nancy Pellows Ann Elliot Robert Brick Leslie Stone Eric Malins Diane Stone Ralph Mudarri Stephen Klayman Clifford Orent Stephan Goldman Joseph Prince Mark Whitehouse ,..... Joseph Bearak David Parker Robert Steele David Riley Lewis Stern Lawrence Milesky jeff Zinn Susan Hurray Sandra Sweetnam joan Kaye Julia Brilliant Emily Bloch Gail Bloom Susan Moyle ,. Catherine Dever William Perry Vicki Siegle Richard Scotch William Zimmer Carl Shapiro Liat .......,..........,......,.....................,....,,.....,...... Ruby Carmen Native Girls ...... Nancy Bowen, Susan Lieutenant Buzz Adams ........,..........,.. Moyle, Jaquelyn Tom Ralph Mudarri Oflicers, Nuns, French Girls, Small Boy St si S -. ' sax M5-sg Never let ber goooo . . wi' 1 s '-ff.- ?Z?95X'V' ' A ill- rw.-.Ai....,, N0 matter what .rloafpe your rtomacb if in 1 I ,aa-. K . 1 Spring Sports ,v4.., misss 2 RQQQQ ea J- .ans Y-A VARSITY BASEBALL P. DiDomenico. Second Row: Mr. Ferguson: Coach, S. Colantuono, E. Libman, S. Pleuler, R. Steinberl, A. Cameron, K. Mancuso, C. Clapton, Mr. Fraktman: Auistant Coach. Back Row: R. Arcese, P. Nelson, D. Westlun, C. Berry, P. Manson. Newton High's "hitless wonders" combined pitch- team's leading hitter but missed most of the season Front Row: G. Gershman, P. Hicks, M. Goldman, A. Ciocca: Captain, C. Asaif, R. Dezotell, ing and defense to finish with a 14-4 mark, one game behind league leaders Weymouth and Arlington. The highlight of the season was Archie Cameron's no-hitter against Rindge Tech. Only three men reached base and 14 went down swinging. The over- all Newton pitching was strong, with just 23 runs allowed in 18 league games. Next year juniors Cameron and Phil Nelson will provide the Cats with a strong battery. Nelson was the due to injury. Sophomore infielders Ronnie Arcese and Colin Clapton will also return. Players from the j.V. and sophomore teams will ,complete the squad. Despite the team's season-long batting slump, Coach Ferguson was happy with this team because they played as a team. The Tigers lost a crucial game to Cambridge Latin' 4-3 to ruin their pennant chances, but they did not become discouraged and finished the season with a 1-0 victory over Brookline. -s as X 150 ii wr ' N 'ss' ,i SOPHOMORE BASEBALL Front Row A Cameron, R. Echlov, P. Pasquarosa, D. Piselli, D. Russell, R. Sockol Back Row R. Cunningham, P. Karbon, P. Baxter, R. Vallely, P. Britt, This year's girls softball team Was, in the Words of its coach Miss Lukowicz, "A pleasure to work with because it was comprised of many good athletes whom I both admired as players and young ladies." Unfortunately some femininity did not help in an essentially masculine sport as they ended their season at 0-5. The team relied heavily on Linda Arslanian's pitching and bats of co-capt. Mo O'Brian, Linda Arslanian, Lynne Houston and Tina Davenport CI.inda 8: Lynne hit homersl to keep the games close. The outlook for next year is promising with many sophomores returning. They tried but finished last this year, so the only way they can go is up. QP' ,H 4, .' jfgw. ' ,p .gpg 'in V ' . fan., -4,,.,m.Q .V ,q,,,.,.A. . -v ' A' A ' ' BOYS' VARSITY TENNIS Front Row: S. Cain, S. Russell, A. Rosenberg, D. Bertsch. Back Row: D. Rome, L. Geller, D. Hirshberg, P. Lubin, Mr. Jessup: Coach. GIRLS' VARSITY TENNIS Front Row: F. Yanofsky, B. Dangel, B. Beard, R. Pigeon, J. Feinberg, K. Dealy. Back Row: D. Lawton, H. Miller, S. Conant, A. Mechem, R. Averback, L. Brilliant, D. Ross. Mirring: K. Ham. S. Conant. Tennis coach George Jessup went one up on his team's superlative third place in the state gymnastics meet. The tennis team placed second in the state, losing 4-1 in the linal match of the championship tourney to their unreconstructed cross-town rivals, Newton South. Paul Lubin was the most consistent tennis- bagger all year, while co-captains Andy Rosenberg and Steve Russell, along with Steve Cain and Dave Hirshberg, the best net player on the team, all were consistent winners during the 8-2 suburban league season. The girls' varsity team led by Anne Mechem and Lynne Brilliant in the singles and Jeri Feinberg and Debby Lawton in the doubles finished even on the year at 2-2. Two games were rained out which indicated the main problem this year. Too much wet stuff. With wer courts there just wasn't enough time to practice, and things were very hectic. The JV team was better, losing only once in live. Two of their victories and their one loss were against varsity teams. Front Row: K. Goodwin, K. Corrigan, B. Baltimore, B. Sweeney, L. Wolbarsct. Second Row: P. Magni, E. Nierman, D. Smith-Peterson, A. Alessi, S. Bertolino, B. Steele, D. Currier. Back Row: Mr. Sanders, A. Sonis, B. Kahn, A. Rabinowitz, R. Foster, M. janezuski, A. Levin, Mr. When Newton High started its first competitive sea- son by breaking into one of the toughest leagues in the state, many of the players had never held ala crosse stick before. But under the leadership of team captains Al Alessi, who scored seven goals in the last three games, and Doug Smith-Peterson, the team compiled a very respectable record of 3-6-1. Mike Vengrow also starred. The team progressed through the year, as it won three and tied one of the last five games. If the advancement were continued into next year, Newton could be very impresive. Next year's varsity, with Bruce Baltimore and joe Picarello co-wielding the captaincy, looks forward to really going competitive. VARSITY LACROSSE Hurlbut. The golf team finished with only a 5-4-1 league record, but the team was not at its full strength due to the dismissal of its top two players because of disciplinary reasons. There was only one senior on the squad this year, so seven of the eight lettermen will return led by the top golfers, Ralph Murphy, jack Mavasakalien and Dudley Cotton. Mr. Ronayne wishes his football team was as good as his golf team, which he expects to win the League Championship next year. t 4 V 4 5 Y lx GOLF TEAM JV LACROSSE H, Nesbitt, R, M 11 , B, B , I F B. ' 1 . - Front Row: A. Narva, S. Beckman, A. Caliguri, M. Shoul, D. Foster P. Murphy, D. cgifisni H. Kiig ii. Aiiierikon, Ridnalynhtfilalggizlgzilenl 9 J- Aisnfffi F- MUfPhY, M- HOU.8hfe'1' BM Row-' Mr' Higgins: COM 5 Paley, R. Cohen, P. Frattardi, j. Black, J. Secunda, W. Gepharr, J Rosenberg, S. Lieb, M. Mannix, D. Karobhis, M. Friedell, H. Sholkin. Walking on air . K 1 , il l " felli y. f , Outdoor track should ltave lleen i doors this ear. lr he team was nearly drowned as well as frozen on successive occasions, but they still managed to finish with an undefeated season and the Suburban League Championship. The track team maintained its winning tradition, having lost only three dual outdoor meets in Mr. Boyle's 24 year coaching career. The team scored well in the St. John's and Belmont relays and the State Meet also. Next year's co-capt. Chris Quinn took a third in the low hurdles in the Mass. Meet. This year's capt. joe Greenman and Adrian Walcott were usually 1-2 finishers in the 880. Ken Prince, the other co-capt. for next year, looked strong in the 880, while juniors Bob Tenant and Bill Tomb were the dynamic duo of the longer events. Ron Howland excelled in the broad jump and low hurdles, and Kevin Morrison was exceptional in the broad jump and undefeated the high hurdles. juniors john Piselli in the shotput, and Robbie Cohen in the discus, were also regular 2 E winners. Coach Boyle's silver anniversary should be golden. A 7 f'f?1f Whats. ' ,Z 'X' ...-44mm-me ' 1 TRACK TEAM Front-Row: J. Hyman, C. Ferguson, P. Levine, H. Gaflin K. Prince, D. McMillen, J. Seltzer, R. Caggiano, J. Farber J. DiSeg1io. Second Row: Mr. Boyle: Coach, R. Tenantj J. Barry, R. Purple, M. Slater, J. Alperin, J. Greenman Captain, R. Horrigan, K. Morrison, R. Howland, N. Norton, 1 S. Silverman. Third Row: Mr. Gallagher: Coach, W. Tomb, 1. Piselli, W. Manning, R. Katseff, A. Walcott, J. Whalen, K. Fujimori, K. Kelley, R. Henry, D. Hoover, B. Harsif, Mr. Fortune: Coach. Back Row: R. Cohen, W. Clark, C. Quinn, C. Raifel, C. Proshan, J. Linn, R. Simonelli. W 'Ai' .5 The gifted Mr. Peter Cobb, now leaving for study at the U. of Chicago, revitalized the Tiger Tooters during his half-dozen years as director of the Band-wagon. The music sometimes spluttered but the spirit was always great, and Band-Aids were always glad to help with crazy hats, Mickey Mouse cheers, or other antics. "Corn off the Cobb" was the key, but now Mr. Cobb may temporarily have a chance to rest his corns acquired from hours of drill and planning. Thanks. Beginnings ond gf. Rita DiBenidetto Mr. Ricciuti Sorry about that Mr. Charles Chase Mr. Chase, a Newton High industrial arts teach- er for over 20 years, never tired of teaching, and was MAL always involved in making improvements, particularly in our disciplinary policy. His devotion to education and his management of the stage crew deserve our gratitude. Steve Rubin Mr. Ferguson The Rlfes of The junior Prom, otherwise known as "Son of Senior Prom", was a great improvement over the Sophomore Batman Dance of 1966. President john Ziergiebel and prom chairman Tamar Shapiro re- served "A Place in the Sun" for every junior on May 19, and if a few places went vacant, so what? Great suns on the walls and smaller ones on the many tables transformed the conventional ballroom of the Chestnut Hill Country Club into a sun-shiny, colorful beach for 250 junior sons and daughters to bask in. Mr. and Mrs. Mechem, as well as Mayor Basbas and other big local celebrities, welcomed the comets at eight, and only after the witching hour of midnight could class committeemen be seen making plans for next year. 12 , f Z, f., ", f 'W rn, Z 14, W M nf in 'W fy X f y f ,4 ' WWA' y A an Z an 93 QM 7 W ' mp, . M434 fl ,- 7' 2, 'Z ai, W , , yarn 4 4-fa in zf, W' , nf, n w si ff, fz x 34 'f 'il f' 1 nl SX . , 'fs 2 999 E, W fi a s 1 5 z Zag an ,. fn Z iw ans 5. ni 4 V7 W A7 ff! Z X ? 1, ' wwf Q ,W.affff,,,fnw,,,M.4 i , a M 'af naw ,W' E ,fa 5 'Q fi.. , j Nil ' E- Q., it 5 a 13 I Write your own N ewtonirzn .fzforyl The Senior Prom was just like eating in the cafeteria. Sure, the cafeteria, serving 1.1 with the il. Band and Connie Francis belting out a tune from behind the counter of hot pastromi. "Try to Remember" a lunch like that! Yet, despite its failure to evoke the aura of the cafeteria, the Senior Prom was a very V? con- clusion to a three-year history of ,,..- events. In true class of '67 style they abandoned the customary prom procedure of first storming various restaurants and then converging on a bestreamered gym. Instead, Monticello's mga- was chosen as the gracious host of both Miz-, with all and -wH.a,- on hand to lend an air of traditionalism and to make everyone feel at home. : ww W M Harriet Selkowitz Senior Cup Joanne Grossman Phi Beta Kappa Award Merit Scholarship Prefidential Scholar Peltier Prize B ooh Ron Howland Senior Cup EX, , 04 Wi The SX ' Prizes .A ,, 2 , Sharon Carey Elliot Nierman . M girls 521351237 ip Ma,.ga,e, South Awdfd Mexerve Scholarxhip ,,,,A,,, , , 7 ,Z a ,W 1 , If f 7k f f- law Q, , X , X ,ZW QW f f f W , ,ef ,QA 'e ' VAL? f ,ff 'Nh Dom Boudreau lane: Levy Joe Greenman Merit Scholaryhip Dichemon Cup 14 Cannon Award 'The Losf Days' The senior countdown is both a time for rejoicing and a time for sadness. Seniors look ahead with rising expectations to their new careers in college, business, or the military, and recall with a sense of relief their hours of basking in the fragrance of our cafeteria and dashing madly through the labyrinth of halls and tunnels. But they also remember the friendships, the shared delights, the three years of learning, and above all, the piece of life which they have left behind and will never regain. For it's an incubated world that they have lived in for these three years. No place else will they ever enjoy a thirtieth of the attention of five adults or even the brief consideration of the IBM machine. At no other time will they be expected only to do their daily assignments, shouldering no real responsibility for the befuddled world we live in. When afterwards the unnerving aspects of their high school careers are forgotten, only scattered memories of good times remain. Even a few months after the last days those years at high school begin to take on an unreal quality. Who can tell what will happen to the departing seniors in five, or ten, or fifty years? Some will be satisfied, other disgruntled, some wise, other close- minded, some respected, others feared, some loved, others hated, some of peace, others of war. But whoever or whatever they become, they will never feel or think exactly the same as they did in high school. The gum Live and let live Yearbook signing P w l 'Zi F. 3", iv, ,.f'.. " H! -.. . '- Miss Ryan helps direct graduation rehearsal The Culminolion Newton High is characteristically restless and impatient with one technique after several years. In its teaching approaches, its curricula, and the members of the faculty themselves, the pass-word is new. Tradition is eyed with revulsion as being out-dated and regressive. However, we do treasure two traditions, our old buildings and our graduation exercise. Somehow there is nothing as spine-tingling as the same old "Pomp and Circumstancev. Year after year, the sight of all those hundreds of human and humane graduates trooping down the field is enough to renew one's faith in humanity. The harmonizing voices of the choirs, indistinguishable as the words may be, and the almost audible exhortations of the speakers are all precious. Each year, though, the face obscured by the flourishing flag is different. This year Senator Edward Kennedy spoke clearly and meaningfully to the graduating class. It was painful at first to listen to the familiar Kennedy voice, but as he spoke we could not help but become engrossed in his message: Climb every mountain. you never got your picture into the Newtonian, huh? So Superintendent Brown and Mayor Basbas V 1 I I L.,

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