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 - Class of 1966

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wQa,. S. wa..w?..5 law- sw I 4 n K V 1: I L A y -- Q: I 1 M I k r V , r K I 1 . ' l 3 ?!:,,f'.' 'lj' 5 IE. Newton High School Newtonvi Ile Massachusetts THE 1966 EWTG IA Bzrrineu Manager Literary Editor Arriftarzt Literary Editor Layout Editor Photography Editor Photography Coordinator Circulation Editor Data Editor Copy Editor Sporty Editor Arrirtarzt Sport.: Editor Feature Editor Eeatiire Editor Art Editor Adrertirirzg Editor Editor-in-Chief Gerald D. Maxwell Arrirtarzt Editor Ruth K. Morse Adriyor Mr. Armando S. Rossi Literary Adriror Mr. Robert C. Zeeb Lesley M. Savlrz Douglas F. Levinson May Y. Chen Pamela A. Nalwscrlm Charles A. Yi'amc flmrlcs N. Gralaau Marvxn Krakow lfllcn nl. Segal llllcn l., Berman Marla B. Smxlvr Rudyard B lilaiar laura Kaplan lan Yu Carla A. XY'arc- Howarrl M. Slmrman Home and Government Editor Stephen .lvggu : ' 341' '-e'- -1' rr- 1- -f" 1 . , Table of Contents Title page , , ,e.A ,... , ,,e, .4eeA,,,.. , . . n 4 Q Dedication .e.......,,,,, Administration , Photographic Essay , , . Fall Sports Football , ,.,.... , Soccer a . .,.aa, a . Cross Country . . . Girls' Hockey N. ,go gif" -lv' I I Senior Play .. Senior Supper Music at NHS Winter Sports Hockey ,, Basketball Gymnastics Indoor Track Clubs .,..r........ Foreign Students ' Qi V 'Qz' 2 ' . Fw K 'K TT? Student Government Publications , . Clubs , ..,.n The House Adams House Barry House Beals House . Bacon House Palmer House Riley House , ., Tech High is , Senior Section Advertising Section Mr. john C. Hall We dedicate the V266 Newtonian to Mr. 'lohn C. Hall and Mrs. Dorothy Huss. ln their approaches to reathiug, Mr. Hall arid Mrs. Huss represent two aspects of the educational process which, although diflert-nt, are equally important Fat-h has developed a way of thinking and of teaching to a level of excellenceg each has helped several generations of students with a special ability which mere years of .service cannot develop. We therefore dedicate our Yearbook to these two unique teachers. Mr. Hall came to Newton High School in l937g by now he is a legend. No chemistry students could ever forget the experience of falling under his eye, now prodding, now threatening, but always burning with the questions, How? What? XY'hy.' and, most of all, How are you going to me your knowledge? The com- petition in his classes is fierce'---no one could fake their way through a "Socratic" interrogation hy Mr. Hall. He makes his students learn first that they know little, and second that there is much they can know if they will try. Mr. Hall's classes are- educational experiences that quickly become an important part of every chem- istry student's high school years. i 3- .1 , , N X jjj. :-Cars-'Q -,- . f -.5 ,v V, 5 ff P. ,L -..s:s::!f'a.Q,1!5'rb5, 1:15.45 '- Vi. -'-H-fgtyi' '---1-253159 -nr: -sv- y,4'w..5g1: tfZ.?,l't2':wg-V-f...... i 't ' "film itialhdiiiikliif il Q iiTg3:'k31C i '--.X-it-:-141 it--tffii-Lrg.-if " 151 gti,33:rpi.iE:f3. ygiptil ,Lisgp.3- ,Q L '- .- '-.V --1.5,-11 1- - 1" ., .ang ' E.-J. ":1:'.'1' Kr: 15-,S--fi ",X,: . -A- 1 'A'?1iw,.5f zt'Yi'sigj'.',L,'S:5gif:-Z1 is J 6221: EY'-1 17-5'.3j1Z'tI',-.': .1-::Q:E' -1 f'J"'5X1'i1 ,I-1-1.9.2. 121.31-cz: -- . '.t,,.1c,:,'-- :vhs-nk? ,- ,. " 'O .T?Ell'1'.xit :VT11-:, - sf-2394 4 t .- K U I - 5 gifs! T '.: ' Q-"G-'l' --9 T 'I-.Hts-'I :Y wg ' as- 'ff-'Q:.'g:vs5.,, SS .. W t '.?:vIf3x'3:si,aqE13 ,- ". 'avfb !'xS'n msn? Y. 5 Y - -.... .,, .e.,.-. ."f"i . 1- - M- -1,-.r-.N -Q- ' : -'j-Q-Ifibfftiq - 4-.js':i:g.' 1 ."Zf.1L:.w.: - 3. c-U --1 -:fx t.. T . ,....., K ,-55. 3.1?3 i viDedic2'itioh - t-S..- . 11.219 anal-wo.,fH 5 .x:,:gj45:1i:'-2-L.,. - A ' -. lm Xl .R 144. ,fc-s ' - It .l:'-'v":,'- i"'::T3f'.:f:'E ' " t"'::qs:gs':-We r- - ..'-...A w-5, gt .Mu sfiv-. L -.L...v 51:55 31 . ,Hz 4--.N ,,,, . . - , ,.1.,.... 0. Y fl: fest:-:ei wk- ' .noi-5-... 4, -V .t-,.,,:.v..Q. V' '4--.'-'-::s:::2:: --. . , ' 'Q '::1'lG'?Qi?".i-I ly: - L.u?."',f,' N iixli.-..-'Z ., E -- ...--..,. ' " L 'T"?5': 1.5z-- ., N Mrs. Huss has been teaching special English at Newton High since 1948. Whereas Mr. Hall teaches large lecture classes, Mrs. Huss teaches small classes and is also guidance counselor for her stu- dents. Concern for the individttal in all aspects of his life is an important part of her approach. She can he firm when neces- sary, but het students soon find in her a rare kind of straightforward and sympa- thetic understanding which gains their trust and respect. Indeed, for Some stu- dents going to Newton Highmeant hav- ing Mrs. Huss as a teacher and advisor, and their devotion to her continues long after graduation. A V .','l' '- . ,-- .J .. -T.-. 1 ' I6 . 'li . ,f-Ti' --,F '.' . i"f'gE 'il-!: -':':vP?" . -'?u," ' .- -Alvzjuilnz vgigit t 1. iii' . .ggzejlgyfi-r ' . . 4' f ' '37 t l 1335? f".3'.'l'i:l'v-Q, "fa-f,g1 ir "ti ,f'?'.5 , ,a --is-fjgfagf: 5224 . Vg.-,,.' . :,t,,3 ,l""" v-I-r 1 ' 1 ' ,g:.'laQ5Zq,g,rc. sv: 6 1 tain-l"l9'Ql4i-gr '. . gf .kt A X 5 . ..-as-9 Mr. Hall and Mrs. Huss will stay at Newton High, we hope, for many years to come. But we dedicate the 1966 New- tonian not to their memories, but to their accomplishments. Their methods differg their goals, like the goals of all good teachers, are largely the same. The widely- varied educational process which they y' "s represent so well is of great importance to all of us. P", L A at '11 I 9 Dr. Charles Brown Superintendent of Newton Public Schools Administration Mr. Richard Mechcm Prirzciptzf of Nt L4 'fu 71 Iligff Sul?-fvfff' 1, ., -Q- Mr. Richard Howland Aniftant Principal of Newton High School ,ll K Mr. Orrin Braun Director, Technical High School 2.4 v Mr. Vollin B. Wells Buriness Mr. jacob Skilken Mr. C. Wayne Altree Social Studief -1. S - Mr. Robert Mitchell czence Q Guzdance Mr. Fergusen Mathematic: Mr. john Harris Iffzglixlt Acting Department Head .H NK BRXXXQ. U' "9 5 Mr. james H. Remley Music .. ,-Y 1 ...Z Mr. Reginald Smith Boy'r Phyrical Education l -ll Mr. Anthony N. Penta Arrirtant Director-Technical High Mrs. Margaret W. Erskine Library .avr Zin- if Mr. Reginald Ethier Language Miss Ruth A. Frazier Girly Ployrical Education ,.,..9' i Uk! Ili. -,ff uv "'- .1 i -v Y -f W .,-.:.v....g,. S :...........-........--w- --- 1 . As' 4 . I Q' as-' -bfi ,QL A-L I",-,,..-.9 -unc' Qc! Nu-x A ju ll 'll 1 -....... ,fl Q 3 Q i 2 ,- 1. If 1-L- vw G x QTKIFQ 5 2 , l t .msf 'f?F:s- a ' - -22 ,Ft . '3K'1..4?4 :X ?'v.fYr.'.t'. -flfibff 45 ?3iHA,fif?gi'1ffv5iKlg'ffifffff'21- 'f-'f' I 1 an--, M7 'H 5- ' J'-:P 53+ '- ..-..-.V , , - ,is-9 - . .MQQ----...... - . -4.-.-.4--1 . ii -1-Q VT fx '.,, Q- --f , :vu -il-ur' 4 . '21 . 'C 36 vm ,ww -- i fu.. U. J Q .1 sy" F I '-1' FQ, -N s .5 - -W Q xrw ..--4 ,,,,,.-m...muu 1 ,...- I ,,.,,...,,,..,-I-Mrr, -.., ., - .,A..v....X V -4 W-.. .,,,, it-Q... 1-..,. 1 Im... ,K -wr, Q .WM my wa., Mft c .,.,,, ..-...'p ,-I' an... I QW-H'P ---..., I '-: Inf- '- .--1... --Q.. 9 ""1lu. V 1 'vm gi I 5g '-uqp.. f K F9521 1 , .ll'm 3 1 .xw ,.-, -- 4 .May .t I" n 1' ' 'ix u Y . ! ' x 'r . -54.1. X . x . .11 . a .--IX, 'ff-PQ W W 1' -2' - 1 4 -:ns . mv'-pqgg.w J 5 O yi' .E -1' A I ' in . wi I 1 t ou' Q .f . FT 0 ,N I P I' H ,, , X - .-.AQ ix --v c' ' - ..., 3 dl 1 1 :S I .1 ' -vi N Mx ,,,. . ' l " I - ' a Y I' ai 45, J' J -mv- . Anliq... ,ML-ix .,"?" W A . M, i J I KXXNYKX. - . NMIQUAI- , 5 Lv i. W xwdx l . 'gl , ., "M y if 'wg :ht it ,I X. L, V, .. 'Q sl' r". M 1?- is-at fl .xf'5,5 ,Q 19 ,,., f"" I -Q ,J-'egg J grim, ' IXQIOI 'L I' ' fry aZ"zi'5"'H I7 hy, .- , w - I -.-,-vw :I ,112 V.,r x y I '11 , ya ew 1 Z A 1' - -:ati ' -' 1-'f-'f'f'-6 - +4 'Z 74' nffdwffl. 1 f Y ' 1 " 2 " -1 T 1 .." Vf' f,:'::'f'N '. ' ..w- , ,f yur, jf-.',, 'JL' ' ,E . . 1 ,n - V, , -. C' L. I lf, . ,-2 ,,y,,,,.. f . .. i6..,igff':-fr" if A M4 2'i.'rf:ts,s':Qu1f'., 'YT L 4,-fl, 1, I -'Ltr' ,t 1 . ,,,.r":., , f , .1 ,, H., .-14H.41-L 1' ..,, 55' ' ffgf ' , mf?-f 49r'm:uff'wz1'545 ,fgsffi-55f1'?'nf..11562 ff,' ff" , mul? . lg - I zu-f p .YM Hifi'-v' A 1151, ,fvfifu-V' 1 , ,- z azz- 2 mg4g,ffp4Q1yz15Lx'e'fe,z:e4afxz:l.f:3g,-my,f- , -. . 4 . .-ep ,, v f 1-.1 .,: nf: via- ,. rp, 'Via j f. ,pl fg1e:'im-r?f,g'4fa:'-funn?'Ska!i' -Mygk, ' gf-be Vp' an , 525521523351fC56i3f,1y:,4f23f'eTari'fgrief 42-. 1 . '1 A 'fig ,v fri? 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Q x . ,L 8 .va N eps 1. . ,x 4, -me W ..-, ,lg ,h E. , ,A 'ibn 'fr 'w sq.. gif F . iv, I M , ' . v':5:.L -Q' 3 , 1 lx-X ,. - is. , ' .A , 1 - 4 , , ' M -. V , ' - A 5 5 ,Q F A X' W 1 H " !' z yr, ..,.- -.vqwua-a-sua ww P 'Gia I ,. .v ,vp - 'il ff' an 44.-.a A SIT' s ' , I' H' -J I Eff, .Y R X N N 'll gv gnu ll. HY!- lllixxlll URN. 1 "1 I ni' .?'."fJ gg V, Q .Q -aiu! --4-Q.. r... v,,..L... 7535915 1- nmflcgm 9 ps 2 "KW-fail V, ww 52. F E S5 N . - ix'x' 'H Qfv , - 36 U is 1 " if x f EVE RE 1 ILL ST! GEN N v7 QOE , j' I 58 ' an ,J , . 3 1...H ,, .Q-,,1,, K :vm ' ssfzfzfv " '-f 9 'A 'z . W, ,'..- V-fqsg "'-. X gm. '23 wi? if mai W .QV J Ya 'N--., fx W gd. xii -Q 1,.f.-7-Nr Tf' -vf f, 91" XQLLITQQ -1 H -'Q-x,-..'-.-. ..x.- x ,J -,1.s:-.,. w A0277 ' Q. 1 .I '.f24 -' '. I ': -4 - .-.-- . 1 -I-Y'fr",'1 -A! W ,ni 1.51 I CAI' D r JT-f' r 1 v 1 4 5 af I fi! Q HF IJ W 'Uv If 1 . . 5.-,IQ V-'f1f"fff" ",':lir,.l'LZ A -' f-fire 511: ' if fffI"i 1 ' ' 'i!'Lij".4113 ','1'5f!'Q2'.? . I , -..1i' . '- jfvix' .',.-1-"r'-'f' . ,Lv -ff ,I-'. .fbi - o 'HJ . , 7.5 un., , ,V :F-.'..,'ip.3.a', ' '-: H, . ' ,J :LU v '-1-I-.A -5513. f fi f','5, U23 .F wig- f. .f f ,A , ' H' ,' fu . i ' f' Football On Saturday, November 15, 1965, Newton faced an undefeated Waltham team in what proved to be the hight point of this year's football season. Newton had only a 2-5 record, they were averaging 6 points a game to Waltham's thirty, and they had no "stand- outs" to match Waltham's top Class A ground gainer or all-scholastic tackle. The challenge was clear, and the Tigers played up to it superbly. Receiving the opening kick-off, they moved the ball well until they were forced to punt. The defense moved in for its first try at stopping Waltham's big threat, Skip Vacarello. Playing on muddy turf, defensive signal caller Ted Kelly and the front six, Dave Foley, Tom Bowen, Franco De- Stefano, Charlie Worden, joe Fiumara, and Bob Martin, held Waltham's running game and forced a move to the air. The result was a first half stand-off, ending without a score for either team. The ball changed hands continually in the second half. Newton couldn't put a sustained drive to- gether, and Dick DiLuzio's 40-yard punts kept Wal- tham out of striking distance. The excitement grew as the scoreboard remained empty well into the fourth quarter. The turning point came with three minutes to go. Newton stopped Waltham deep in their territory and forced a punt. There was a scramble for the ball and Waltham recovered. On the first play from scrim- mage, Newton's Tom Warren and Waltham's Joe Caccitore simultaneously caught a pass in the end zone. The referee awarded the ball, and six points, to Waltham. Newton received the kick-off, but the hnal scoring bid was stopped by an interception. The final score was Waltham 6, Newton 0. It was in this game that the Tigers rose above their disappointing 2-7 record and showed that they could play some hne and exciting football. Up until this game, it seemed as if the months of preparation for the season had gone to waste. Coaches Ronayne, Guzzi, Fortune, and Walker had put the team through a balanced schedule of conditioning, practice, and scrimmage starting in -lanuary and continuing through the summer and into September. In the first seven games the team failed to live up to expecta- tions. But through this spirited team effort in a game everyone wanted badly to win, they showed that they could compete with one of the toughest teams in Q Q' - ,va -1 iv! , -'if fb- i 9. ii! 4 MNA :gif lg' 1 ..f-g,.??1, Qi-dnl! ..0""f Cl ,fl . A .J N. "su" , , V ' ' . '.-d""A 3-,,, - 'ff' Mr' .1245 ,I-pl.. 50 D- s. -Q-, ""' U10 ,, .V,, Sidi aa.: V1 1 in '51 . 7' .iw "1 'O-e 41 .aa - saw-w 'iwz' f5"'Jsi tr' 1 h, I. .,,t.,,. v-.e--.S ', , A. ia. .-J . wg-.4 , fat vhb, iv. '1 . V , "2 -'X t T sf-W... ,A gf-3: i - ,Q- ,+a3.1,, ,'f-Li Gtirift'-'Xu ' 51.65 Class A. The game showed them the value of a coordinated team effort where everybody was giving his all. Losing despite this effort was hard to take, but this is one of the important lessons to be learned from playing football. For the Tigers, all of invalu- able experience and lessons that football has to offer were summed up in the Waltham game. However, the rest of the season was not without its bright spots. The team produced victories over Brockton and Watertown early in the season. Team captains Dick DiLuzio, Bill Jonah, and Tom Warren gave Newton some fine play and leadership. Early in the season the team was weak from tackle to tackle, but with the help of Coach Walker, tackles Dave Welch and Dick Yukes, guards Elliot Nierman and Greg Hurray, and center Mark Snyder held the posi- tions to form a decent blocking unit by mid- season. And in the Watertown game, junior Richie Dezotell, playing quarterback for the injured Di- Luzio, passed for a touchdown and provided a meas- ure of hope for next year's team. Despite the losing season, the members of the team learned much from the experience. They learned that rigorous physical and mental conditioning alone can- not win football games. This conditioning must be complemented by the desire to win. This knowledge did not come without disappointments, but all who participated in the football program are better indi- viduals for it. fi k s.,-nr.. ,an Q 'JF ' 4 . fin.. Lx w- 4,15 Q, aw! I. ff ,I ,o if U IIA! -' .I Is , wlg, .Wm 'W 4 p Q 'U' if 'V .1-s. ff, Hbrf gp: as ,nw JP lv ii IQJQ 34. I ..., F' I :J . '. -.. 5 1 ,, "5',-,-0. R 4 i., ,XA Q nf. ,film V7 .SA . , 6 , 'S nv ff- UQ- Y , m 5 A K X x 1 , QQ ..o 'QR 1401 ww' i' pu. 1' I2 , ML50 fSkk'u"": A X' 4. bl if Q N ' s 'RY X 1 ' S I N Af K F ENYXCL K, 1 Lfca Lx irc ms wwcvi '-J-'XOM' WK CON L I Wo P Cfvisw., "38m-Elfjmmw XS 'X CICXSS, Mo S KDQQ Vx ck WX0fvvLc.Co..xolQ, . .o c:.4" QUT YM-L, C en?-QQMX GA WMU-fits I5 Q , V L'zcJ'S A54 V Q Cwvgohol -MXL PJWQKQ U...MaL WQMAAX QXXRLE. qvvxg-r,veQ3r-iii.gi4u31gf,5Q,1-Q, .I QLDONJXA Rsxil ln: X-Xe-Jo -Ce? xfxcwingx 64-'J""'Gs nine. cxovli M 'Lb I 'll LL xoolifvxix inf' Vlbh' gfaqlpn saofgtxxk mo AJ iw . WMM, 6C.lflQQlA 4442 3 ' ' .mn ."' , 'Mah-.1..' .L,f"flnL as 7'4" -A 4 'J I 'z I 2. ll kgs F 'G'tv U Q ,,,,, x Y I V l an U H, iw-M 5' '5"I".f.1 , Q 4-. . f -lf -2-' mfjairqf. if -.f .gg-Q-uf- , ., Q . N 3 yu .u. .- 'N' 'N A :Z X -. 'W N 'Mx f-Qjv T7 x 4, P K , x. me F-m-1'."?' wa-'mls .A "1 M 1 I . W , y 1 ' I I l W'H5!' s , ,U -4. 110.55 V, M, Milvvi-,.j ' X ., ' 'f"q'w wr - 'VR 955' ' '-'wtisf 'f -f' if L i . R Q xjifix'F?k,5 A 4 J' 4f7fJ:ie ag: ' 3 . we 'fe f ,gsm WE B ew . mae... s in I li' -6 I H wi? -,, , .r .,....:-L MS I il M I VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: Mr. Ronayne, D. jefferson, M. Snyder T. Warren, R. DiLuzio, B. Jonah, T. Kelly, T. Lyons D. Foley. SECOND ROW: Mr. Guzzi, T. Bowen, R Dezotell, J. McSweeny, H. Perry, R. Donovan, R. ,Iarnis C. Worden, L. Handler. THIRD ROW: Mr. Fortune, B. Anderson, B. Martin, R. Yukes, G. jones, W. Cronin 3 N. Norton, F. DeStefano. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Walker, S. Colontuono, S. Pleuler, J. Sullivan, D. Boudreau, D. Riley, J. Pescosolido, G. Hurray, P. Burlingame. FIFTH ROW: R. Trumble, D. Welch, E. Nierman, R. Cohen, E. Maloney, D. Wenstrom. QQ -I ll JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: R. Stoner, M. Vengrow, R. Benn, F. THIRD ROYVQ R. Steele I Deune-. R L I Thurston, J. Desimone, S. McLeod, P. Nelson. SECOND Henry, D. Colonnwniw. D Lax POI RTII R ROW: R. Leahy, T. Pescosolido, R. Lawrence, R. Stein- Bornas, I. Piselli, -I. Mannix V berg, C. Muller, A. Cameron, A. Walcott, Mr. Fralctman. B Anderson. MISSING: R Berman Tl: ll l ll l i 3 l ' 3 li on I! I il P-1 F r I I, . 53 Shi I F ,RY in ri - l i y- . 43, 7374 Rn.-Q ' 5. S1 SOPHOMORE FOOTBALL FIRST ROW: B. Shifman, E. Mallins, j. Moffie, J. Kelley, P. Tocci, A. Fishman, R. Searle, Poutas. SECOND ROW: Mr. Wiper, F. Arico, P. Hall, J. Weaver, W. Richards, M. Hoffman, M. Kozlowski, F. Goldstein, K. Meyers, D. MacLeod, R. Huling, R. Katseff, Mr. Bresnahan. Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton v FOOTBALL SCORES - 6 Everett 20 Brockton . 0 Weymouth 12 Watertown O Arlington . . 6 Medford . 0 Beverly . 0 Waltham ,. 14 Brookline 2-7 j. I 1 CHEERLEADERS FIRST ROXV: P. Schiavone, M. Sylvester, A. Feinstein. SECOND ROW: B. French, B. Resnick, S. Carey, P. Nahseth, H. Calvert, L. Hunt, B. Callahan. .W 35-AC' J Q. N. '22 Soccer Newton High's soccer team, coached by Mr. Gor- don Elliot, wound up with an impressive 7-4-2 record for 1965. This was only the third year of soccer at NHS, but enthusiasm was high, and attendance CBull Mastiffs includedj appeared to be on the rise. However good the season looked on paper, it was still a disappointment to many of the players. The 1964 team had, through great soccer and good luck, advanced all the way to the semi-finals of the Massa- chusetts Soccer Tournament. This year, the opposi- tion did not look noticeably tougher, and six letter- men were returning with the expectation of re-entry into tournament action. It was never, "this win will put us in the tourney", it was always, "this loss will put us out." Yet, somehow, Newton lost the big ones -Medford, Lexington, M.I.T. Worse than that, Wa- tertown, hardly a team, managed a tie. Unfortunately with that tie went the chance for a tourney berth, as Newton was edged out by half a game. 522:42 VARSITY SOCCER FIRST ROW: B. Nesson, A. de Mayo, N. Decina, S. Elliot. A Kaplan lx Shuman R Roath R Deilx S Mazzola, S. Katz, F. Gurd, H. Fishkind, T. Arpino, H. Klein, M Clapton I Rey nolds P Ivnmbe F Nl: hel Gordon, R. Berlin, P. Murphy. SECOND ROXX7: Mr. son, S. Rubenstein C Conn - ' I . Q y - 1 - r , , 5' ld ' 4 s. - I i-YI7 'Ir -'gin f 4 H FIRST ROW: P. Elliot, H. Hailey, A. Levin, N. Scrim shaw, P. Heggoy, j. Gorin, D. Hoover, D. Cline, R. Sacks. SECOND ROW: S. Bloom, D. Currier, S. Hall, A. Rosenberg, G. Tramontozzi, M. Blank, P. DuMoulin, J. Kaloyanides, R. Greenbaum, S. Leahy, P. Katsines SOCCER SCORES Newton 2 Medford . 5 Newton Needham Newton Watertown Newton Brookline Newton Newton South Newton Lexington Newton Watertown Newton Winchester Newton Lexington Newton M.I.T. Frosh Newton Winchester Newton Brookline .. Newton Newton South JUNIOR VARSITY SOCCER - THIRD ROW: Mr. Tempest, L. Milesky, S. Gorfine, R. Kahn, W. Jung, K. Kelly, R. jepsen, R. Houghteling, S. Blumenthal, D. Cotton, K. Goodwin, L. Delicata, N. Elliot, Mr. Hall. Captains for 1965 were Marty Clapton, Steve Klein, and jay Reynolds. Clapton, hampered early in the season by leg injuries, managed, nevertheless, to share the scoring lead with 8 goals from his center forward position. Klein, at center halfback, and Reynolds, at right halfback, together formed the backbone of the team. Usually both started and hus- tled through the entire game. Seldom were they not at the right place, making the right play. Sid Mazzola, a junior right wing, shared the scor- ing Iead, setting a record with 4 goals in the second Brookline game. The two other returning Iettermen, Bob Berlin and Barry Nesson, turned in commenda- ble performances at right fullback and left wing respectively. Newton was also aided by two foreign students, Peter Nsimbe of Uganda, and Alberto de Mayo of Chile. Tony Arpino, Bob Dealy, Ned Decina, Hank Fishkind, Harley Gordon, Steve Katz, Paul Murphy, and Dick Roche rounded out a fine playing squad. It would be very hard to pinpointjwhat made Newton as good as it was, Steve Klein supplied the brains, Bob Berlin the brawn. The footwork of Ned W. be - Decina was something to see. You just couldn't get the ball away from Peter Nsimbe, his smile alone was too demoralizing. If the ball was anywhere near the goal, Marty Clapton and Sid Mazzola had the toe. When it came to just plain hustle, no one could top jay Reynolds, Dick Roche, or Tony Ar- pino. And then there was Steve Katz, the goalie, who had the unrewarding job of covering up for others' mistakes. Variety was the word to describe Newton. Mr. Elliot and his team are to be congratulated for another fine season. Q. 1r5Z7Fa7f'p QS! ... . ,r W, . we V , WMM 'fl-trfflljfurry 1 pl -3 Wx, i M-.yfi-,ly ll rim i ii Q u X t9yJfAuQ'IL,fkf,pi.WNL,yl Vi iv flax I W9 WQWY' BCYF' I 5 446 ,W L ,ft 5 4:Q ,I "'. aka ,l ZA5ggiN 'A J . A il ty, . X , x,f q'l l , l ., CROSS COUNTRY 4 till .i 11' A g ,y Nqr g 1 FIRST ROW': j. Harding, J. Fleich- fy pf' H Q man, P. Ryan, C. Barry, W. Tomb, l M f . jf, 1 R. Purple, S. Ostrow. E. Prince. l f , y SECOND ROW: Mr. Bailey, K. sid- 1 l 1' X ' man, J. Heyman, J. Tomb, W. Pur- , 51. . ple, J. Greenman, F. Tom, J. Whal- ,l.HFgz7k len, A. Armadi, R. Linn. Cross Countr Newton Highs cross country team just missed the Suburban League championship this fall as Waltham edged the harriers 54-55 Clow SC0fC WiHSl ifl the league meet November l to grab the title. Coach Abner Bailey, however, can be proud of Newton's 5-2 regular season record in the league 15-3 overallb, especially considering the loss of promisingisoph Bob Tenant midway through the season due to injuries. Sophomore Bill Tomb and acting captain Charlie Barry formed a devastating 1-2 punch, and joe Green- man, Pete Ryan and Steve Ostrow were effective in the crucial 3-4-5 spots. CROSS COUNTRY SCORES l'Ofl IIOH KOH KOH IOI1 .32 . 21 .36 Everett ............ 46 Brockton ..... 23 Medford .. ..... . 40 Revere . .. 49 Waltham . ........ 21 ton ........... 21 Newton South .34 ton ............ 28 Arlington ......... 27 ron ......... .26 Malden , ,,,,,,,,,.. 29 League Meet 2nd place State Meet 13th place Bill Purple, jeff Hyman, Dick Linn, Ken Prince, Ken Sidman and Tony Armadi led the j.V. squad to a 7-O league season and a third place finish in the league meet. Coach Bailey loses three of his five top runners through graduation, but next year's team has a good shot at the league crown. Bill Tomb and joe Green- man are returning, and Tenant will be able again. So, if john Whalen can do as well as he did the first half of this year, Newton will have four proven men. Bob Purple also returns with varsity experience, and the J.V. runners all have good potential. IO IUH ..'.l,,.....,,,,,,mM, 1 y """""' X'-a-1----5-4.:..,-. . - - Mina-rye-v,' W -. WWW- S ju! ilk, J 5l -l VARSITY GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW: I.. Arslanian, J Myatt, N. Kenney, C. Kruger, G nell, M. O'Brien. JUNIOR VARSITY GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY FIRST ROW' D, Motiasson, N. Green, l-'. flptmltlaell, Ii. Feldman, B Danleell. 5IfC.'7NIQ Fcivsxdl sl. Coach Mrs. jean Flink received some fine defense work from Maureen O'Brien, jackie Tom and Gina Villa, and the get-up-and-go of Captain Nancy Ken- ney led the scoring squad to victories over arch-rivals Brookline and Newton South. High points of the season included the black and orange sweatshirts lshapeless but warmb on loan from the boys' physical department and the annual hockey-soccer field hockey game. The girls lost in black and blue magnificence, but all contended that defeat was well worth the fun. C-irls' Field Hockey Arslanian, I.. lX'i "S Tv. - 417i XY. Stamps, A. Mvthem, l,. Vi- zakis, N Guilford Villa. SECOND ROW: J. Thur- ber, 1. Tom, M. Shutter, P. Par- , zeueri ' arnufa ' A . November 19 and 20, 1965- I Cru! 0fChamcter5g . Q EETERBONO .4.A.. ,...A,.A 1 .AA..A.....,44,.4.,...AA. O , ,Ron .Am HECTOR .,..A. , , , ejoybmz 1KiQi2dZO GUSTAVE .,1 .,. . . ,., ..,,..... 2 Ja1m1McG0rzrty LORD EDGARD .,,,, 1 E, Thmzoia Hodge-pg.-i'1i. LADY HURF ...4., T E .,..A Lindd Sorzei JULIETTE .. .... ..,. K dren Hemeon - TirzabfAga:Ji EVA ..A,A....,.,... ....,.A...,...,........... .....A,. DUPONT-DUFORT SENIOR ...,A, , .. R .A Robert Alkon DUPONT-DUFORT JUNIOR 4..,.. ...,.. B ruce Cohen THE TOWN CRIER ...... ....... ...A . K aren Balfbrlef THE NURSEMAID 4A,.. Cynfbidyczine THE LITTLE GIRL .. ,... . Swan Elagg THE MUSICIAN ..,L... ....RRR...,...,,..,..,. E......4 O O Jim BPHFYQC6 THE POLICEMEN ....R..L ., .,R.,R AKe1r1zetlo,"I'rornbLyQ Lezrifqlecoexn' 'L THE CROWD . L,...., f ..A.,A.,. l. Lyn Mayterferz, Erierfmovzu, A A Niel Debra, Stepberi-Lbrrrzzog-Rey"Erown, Lomre Lerner, Beverly Stem, Ann Sweetxer ' i X n xv!! f 515' n .2 G.-4 E' ,,,s xi in L 1- :"lr"x M 8715 N535 Y K gffx fx wx? tn T 8 qt. -1' K , 'ff -,Ln K , ,,l3'4N,, :fx . .ASX -ilu' Q mi f li?- YY ,-fm' :Ss ,li,lf':,I. fi-:nn ' ' .:f.::4g1- V v-- V .i .',. ' 'K Y, iv-j.:'5' M . ' : ' - - a.:-1-.:s.Qf1 1 QV? ' V 1' ' V ' i j "' P K f Qu fx' V-Q ' 4,1121 i 'Q Q '- l wr-. Q wgsc' Q NN W ..,. ,3 im X W, iw. I A I A g- 3 v 1-'Qt-V I iv. L la Nix? X V- W: y xii xilff ix 1 xv I Y iz Vffw 2 5 , - gs r vi U 2 ' ', K ,fy 1 I , , f . S ' ' PA Xml 'A Y Ai ' K if .zi g,.3 v 5 Y " H . 9' 1 , 'il ye K i . - fs Z f Kg"f'L ,J 119' 5 1 if b . ' ' 5- , Q. , J VJ, , V . git: ig' . , , ? TQ." 1-Q ' . s Y I' fatig- . f-Qi N...- 1-if ,Ax , ,...,,....,.. 9 , .. ,,,,.., a V C I December II, l965 Disguised as the Senior Supper, "Treasures of '66", weighed anchor in that deserted island paradise, alias the NHS gym. There, Captain Bob Berlin directed his hungry sail- ors to food-laden tables and the lux- ury of paper plates and plastic forks. Most managed to eat their suppers without mishap, and about an hour and a half afterwards, the action began. Again Bob Berlin took command and introduced as master-of-ceremonies mild- mannered Marc C"Pud"J Simons. Pud mozied up onto the platform and began the Fullobulloo Show. He called out the National Guard. No .... He called out the Fullo- bulloo Dancing Girls. The Fullo- buloo dancers danced, grinded, bumped, and gyrated. One might say that their dancing was sug- gestive. It suggested insanity. It suggested that the girls had a great R "" iitipg VG L. X, , y,,x 'rv' X, -,XXI E- S "7 deal of courage. But most of all it suggested laughing, which is what everyone did. just when the audi- ence began to gather its second wind, the girls began, one at a time, to imitate some of the more unique male dancers of the Senior Class. The ensuing laughter exhausted the second winds. The performance ended with the Fullobulloo girls pulling about twenty male victims, X 9 T , f Q' , , including Assistant Principal "Dirty lx sf Q Sf Dick" Howland up onto the plat- form for a mock orgy. ...aa . N' V j 4, ', h . 1 - ill Next on the program were big men on campus, the Righteous Brothers, better known as Little Lord Fauntleroy and friend, Bill Jonah and Dave Foley. Dave was far from righteous, but Bill was good enough for both of them. Be- sides, he had the lollipop. Soon after Fran Dears, Dick jefferson, and Candy Pasquarosa came on to cry for "Help!" Next came Peter "Dimples" Ryan, of Peter, Paul and Peter fame. For the supper, Dim- ples turned poet to deliver a heart- rending reading of a tragic love story of sacrifice and death on the open road. By the end of the epic, the audience was still. Even the imperturbable Pud pulled out his handkerchief. Bob Berlin and jay Reynolds overcame technical diHiculties, as well as identity problems, to be- come Bubsy and Biage. Governor Wallace wouldn't have wished their jokes C?D on Martin Luther King. Nevertheless, the Seniors ate it up. CThey'd eat anything.D Berlin and Reynolds' problems were minor compared to those Mike Silberman and George Di- Bennedetto had becoming Sonny and Cher. But, this time, it was well worth the trouble. The lovely couple entranced the audience, and finished the show. www glue W 'I Y 'f f'T"1g, rl , 4 ! ix f - f-as5faariQ . v t 1 -an ' iilqzffil,-1 in , ,.... ,ts f Q 1, iuffilaislii tii' ' S like 5 TI -B -'e" N ,f But the evening was still young. A square dance started. Winning the prize for inventiveness was one square consisting of six boys and two girls. After 200 Seniors romped through the Virginia reel, the caller gave up, and a band, the Pendle- tons, was introduced. Humorous they weren't, but loud they were. Nearly everyone danced, in some sense of the word. Even the faculty contingent was aroused by the sounds coming from the loudspeakers. Sanders and Ditt- man, famed physicists, escorted their chicks to the floor and pro- ceded to dance, or more accurately, accelerate and decelerate simulta- neously in different directions. For a while however, it seemed as though the band was completely forgotten as everyone gathered about in a large circle around the most exciting dancer of the eve- ning. She was tremendous, male partners unceasingly cut in. To the amazement of none the belle of the ball was the Class Advisor, better known to all as Miss G. Mr. Mul- cahy produced a similar effect with the girls. Naturally when he and Miss G. got together the fans went wild. Long about what felt like the next day, the weary sailors made for home amid the first snowfall of the season. All were in accord that though perhaps one of Cap- tain-President Bob Berlin's few financial disasters, Treasures of ,66 was by far his most memorable success. xx Music fi i J I M .- l . 1 NN - ' ? w 1 R, L X - i E Q ' V' Y X 60 if" , nz 'J F wx , x . '- , V fx , 1 lf. 1 I xr W Ah rx. KD : I, ,L -,1 -.17 'J fa ' ,f-l 1 ,I fi- :AL Lf 'Q '1 W-Th3'. Q Q77 W' 'L' a V 4 ,fx J. - f 1' f .-. 'TQ-1" f -.XI .Ur Q B X-fi. gi C. 11 , A -N .M .X r XX C f , fc. .J . ,Z H N1 4 ' F ,Sq ff '51, 2 f P' u ,f 5 x 17- f' N I A , HM ' in- , - 5 1 X M-fi , 'M .Ink--N Gt -5 E, J' f If PERFORMANCE 1 ' f V .X K' "3 ff . ff' J 332' uf ,Sf X hp ' fx fl 4 an M ' ,vm VR' ff' "" ""' f mug- FE E, i -Q ,,. , -' A eu f . , ,I A L V3 vas.. 1 .gi " S 'A s J! 2-.fx all 1- .K fu. I AM W5 fy .f . Q 'F Qs- N L 5 , ffm V 9s :iii ik Gu h Ay! SEI 'L Q .gsgif x- L -A Q ,. , . .- ' Q QL! Q4L'f"' P 5' ' A X ' A Band shows and cheers were corn right off the Cobb Spirits effervesced long after the games ended. 4 f Wd I f'-4--I---' ' A by J.. , A ,sf V , llill 'f 1 ' , 5- - ---12. -f-- s , 1 7' , , . , Q , Hx .Q fn Dio u I Lb. l. - h . 1 I 9 '1 -- sv 15 1 waaf' fe Q 1 . 9 , 'W' e ' V' '-." 5 :A tv' !.' 'Q 'v -i -s' it H ' s I ,It , -, .e . e -.-as-Q es 74,121 fm. 1 -- . A M.44m,'kswwLl4.s2?5"nvv4-cf41Lw A i YQ 'fir' . . , - Isl-1-2 ',.?g,gE.'EA H Vu 9 4 'x -oi. - 62 pl nl" f"' - 'gy' 1 ff U , D 0 ' M ' ' f . - 1 14" , if v " Q' h 'wif' f f Y .xiii ,V ,su -A in-X 'X U Winter Sports ... Fd Ez.: ',ffj.,a M + RIFLE TEAM ROW 1: D. Bright, Co-Captaing R. Deryg B. Welensky Co-Captain. ROW 2: L. Farrell, Coachg B. Rayburgg T Monticellig J. Elson. ROW 3: D. Pressg T. I-Iydeg S. Jacobs R. Fine. nur' Y SKI CLUB Vice Prerideni Frank Mickelsong Debby Monoson, Advisor Mr. Drury. 64 'vi- I Q--af?-" --' -rv, SKI CLUB OFFICERS P. Schiavone, Treasurer: J. Meclalia and D. Monoson, Sign-up Com- mitteef J. Black, Pre.fia'ent,' Mirringf P. Nabseth, Secretary. I5 hc 1 . :,..,,. 'x .hi-Ip: . 1 qv up -. :5i"t qt. q 1 A 'Q xx? 'nl' H, I '-1 Q' vv"sys-uf. ..- 'Q-' jggti if ,Q-. 15' u . -4 N. xx Q. Q 2.-'K--x Y' xifqL:-. gif' 'H' 5 1 1 Q 3-.2,1:'1..vAfL X ,.tjLf.'K,"q vi I ' R Y 'r-11 1 ' x " 'I 'ZH NP' 1 qv -. Q mf: ' 'ZW' Ah -J' - -YJ fy- ,Q ., ,411--5 Q l I Qu..-a .... Y 'W ,,'f55q-E 1.351 Wuxi .lx- 4. 1-ifvg 51' .h Q.. N..-.K x,, xx. "- frsus lv SAK ' 'pt ,..x..:s-.,Q, 'wx -. -"" Qs. .ix x. N "'-Yew... QW.,-..1" Qkn. '5-01' - m lv- u x -.ue "' '-'I' Hp hm. " vx-5 .Q f X .... -"-...X -f'-fagfzg n Q 3 Q -0 1 it was vw -1. 'iix N ' wx-s..I? 5 '2- xu -5 -1. M 'f..x?-54 - mx ' , - 1 -'QE-4. .. 's..e- ,..., N - 1 X - v 1 1 uk ' " - ' ' , '. , . 1'1":Q'fi,:-1"L'3.i'- :T '- -.Q ' s -' Q-z", ..-,Q 41: 2 -1411 -H 1 1-111-15.1-1!?s.',. ' :Tu 2 -'L 1, ft. . 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Q--gg.-.171 ..1':1-X--1,14---: Ng -e ,--.Y 1' N- A .eq-.W .--.wg -... .,-MM..-5 , .E x tl YQ 1,5 :iv-1.-A. h.:.lr1q1x.v-.4.,.,3g .,.'.1:.K 3 Q.,-L Q h hw.-?".."T., ,'.:..,, 'K 3 Q f' ':' "'-7' ?- 1 -:'. 1'.?Q' :x7'1.,'r'-1-v. gQi,7'-- W--it -,-L'-:1':'.... .3 ' 1 N 4 'v' ' " i!.'X --"- -'fc' 3 ."'-1 T. . -1','-" ".A- ' X""" " 1 -1 , x., - 11. . 5' '.j - - - vQ -, .k1.Q5- Q- - Q--'11 , , Q, .,, X Q .H ,.. ..,. , ..Qwg..-.. H., 1 ' '4.'7:- . -'I 'x"f'.-.'.-1'-f-Allf12..3,"'1'."- . 1 1 -11 ,M -.-.,: -- n 1 51-1. 11. -Q N K, ,y -1: 'z.r.-..Q.,-.-.-L.f- ,.,. x , 1 Qfsuigz,-,Q, 'Q QI,-1.-.-31.1631-....g1.., ..-.'. - -.,x.,.. --.xx- -1 Q gig.. :A 1. Q .gp .. ,.4,,..1. .Q.'gafgii'.'7"4.::'55gjf3K:. Q: 1. - -1- .---r---. ' .9-E' " ..-Zh--3-QQs.z,:,'f'H' - , 1 -flak-1 1 Q .......: ..-rw 1-!','Q-" -Q ---11-.:.a,g:g 1, X.. 1 , - ,.i .Q-. Q ..-nfs.-. .. e. .. v 1.35 ',aQ.?,1 --, '.x,,,.7 1, 1 M -1 1, -. 3..::.'--will f.'xQ1'. "':e'. T-'ana-' N55.. - ' .xi-"--"' 5 ,' C'-Y 51'Q-'.-V' ' .' 'K' " 7 '-- ' 4 . .- w..' .I '1..3.?-,- ""'. :. '- .X-11: 1-11:-'tg..,.-"", 1' 1 1 - -lg:-Qi Qu... 5-15-3- ,Z-2...-. lx 51. I Q -'Q -. -- " 1 p .i'l'l L -- . 1 x - un 1 . 'QQ' -u 11' '-'. 4 T!-..::a A-.. -1.2. -. - 1 Q -:-11. :,' :Q j ,j- Qgs-1jQV1-:E ' --:..'.1:'i- 'tsl - Q .-W h- -.Tfv,M'- ,y:QQ.. -...ZQQQ-321-l,.,....nL.., QQ Tw-'N5 ., ,Q .,-.. .... . ., .1 -. ,. ,Qs QQ Q Q , Z.. . .. -C,1xQQ-.,: .--.,QQ-.43--Q Qt -. I , ' v1 '51-.f-1: 4.5.1. -... .T.-:.-,: ' - ' ffffgl ltfwgxzix-g"7 : "if- , --1111 Rauf- 's:. ' L '15, -Q.-2-Q . 27:51 T",.- ..-- 5'-iF'-1. Q. 1' Q' -'-7232911 I Q Q' QQ-,gg'.:1x.-- A-iz.. 14" ' 1 '11 '.i"-71-l5':--- - '--ij -Q Q' -5 'j-.-..,1.:::k- ., ' 'T Mx. Y T.-11, " '.'-Q-gf--g:. 1- gqftf ,.. .Q .,,. 1... - -... ...,.. .Q-..-qL..3. ' Q- ' n fi,-.911-1 . 1 ' .Hr-iw' ,Qrw ---,srl 1 1 . 'fi 'I1' - - g...P.,g Q .n ,.-'g'-1-'sfpi-125 - 1 - 1- .1 W.-V f Iii' 45.21 ,. - 11, 1. .fe-'f.-fr- , .' , ' T1"'Al1" --1 . . .-Vi . vw . .j'1Q -- -7 .4 ' , ,..A. , 'r . .," : ug ..-5-. 32:22 -V I- I lv1l'l it 'e l A S if Hockey Newton's hockey team, stripped of all but three members of last year's team, battled to a third place finish in the GBI this year. Led by captain and goalie Kevin Mc- Latchy, Kim Britt, and Marty Clapton, the only seniors on the squad, the Tigers were beaten only by Waltham and Arlington to take third place. Newton opened the regular sea- son against Brookline on the 11th of December. Gary DiRusso whipped home a stunning 120 foot slapshot to break a third period tie and lead the Cats to a 3-1 victory. They made it two in a row by dumping Somerville 6-3 a week later. Bob Cotter led the way with a three goal trick. Cambridge Latin was the next victory, 4-1. Medford came Decem- ber 28th and the Mustangs fell 4-1. Marty Clapton picked up the only goals of the game to edge Rindge 2-0 and give Newton a 5-0 mark. The Tigers had their perfect record spoiled by Waltham in a heartbreaker. Clapton gave NHS a 1-0 lead on a solo efllort in the sec- ond period, but Waltliziiri gained a l-l tie on a freak goal with four minutes left in the game. Newton lost the winning goal on an offsides call in the last minute. 66 , Q , I 3 44 ' si fr ,Qs ...- -.- ... - - l , 2,1 Vx. . Still undefeated, the Cats were blown off the ice by Arlington. 6-0. Newton just couldn't get unwound. Brookline came up with a surpris- ing 2-2 tie before Newton got back on the winning trail by whipping Somerville and Cambridge, the last on a late game goal by defenseman Kim Britt. Marty Clapton was the Tigers' top goal getter. Marty scored six straight goals for Newton Cover five gamesb as he was Coach Kin- lir1's only scoring punch during a month-long drought. McLatchy and Britt were the other standouts, along with Ritchie Dezotell, Mike Dezotell, Steve Toomey, Gary Di- Russo, Charlie Donovan, Bob Cot- ter, Bob Gallagher, and Bruce Huntley. On February 2-4th McLatclry and Britt were named to the G.B.I. Hockey All-stars. Q 40" 'M NE 8 N! ZU NE s.,,.,i5'--X Yirxjuurxi .xx IW' Isl. 'awk Xu: at . JUNIOR VARSITY HOCKEY FIRST ROIWZ M. August, T. Brown, J. Bozidreau, R. Newis, P. Culley, R. Mor h '. SECOND ROXV1 Mr Rona ne P 3 - ' Y - Coachg I. Remley, D. Cotten, R. Phelan, A. Cameron, B. XValsh. Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton VARSITY SCORES Brookline Somerville Cambridge Med ford Rindge Waltham Arlington Brookline Somerville Cambridge Med ford Rindge Waltham Arlington VARSITY HOCKEY FIRST ROW: R. Dezotell, K. Britt, K MacI.atchy, Captaing D. Riley, G. Di- Russon, P. Cully. SECOND ROW: M Dezotell, B. Huntley, S. Toomey, A Alessi, M. Clapton, C. Donovan, D Gallager, B. Cotter, Mr. Kinlin, Coach ,. 1 v Sfwy 9- , 4h 'E . ,'f 79 1 gig Basketball Newton High's basketball team had a frustrating 3-15 record this season. It was obvious at the begin- ning of the year that the Tigers were in trouble. They had only 2 returning varsity lettermen, and they had an average height of only 5'll". This disadvantage showed in the team's rebounding which was not eflective much of the sea- son and prevented the offense from getting off that "extra shot." Newton was sparked by Lee Theise, whose dexterous dribbling was the key to the teams offense. This was Lees third year on the varsity, and he certainly was one of the most exciting players on the squad. Along with Theise was captain Doug Vernon who did an admirable job on offense as the team's number one scorer, as well Grist ,E-f Wy: Y, Qgyii. 'v,-3. he 1.9 w , . n ' ' ' " -. . . . :yi M61 --ni VARSITY SCORES Newton 48 Newton South 64 Newton 50 Weymouth 54 Newton 46 Rindge 61 Newton 54 Brockton 43 Newton 68 Cambridge 65 Newton 44 Waltham 57 Newton 56 Watertown 60 Newton 46 Brookline 52 Newton 5 7 Arlington 75 Newton 54 Newton South 64 Newton 55 Weymouth 68 Newton 56 Rindge 69 Newton 62 Brockton 68 Newton 64 Cambridge 75 Newton 70 Arlington 55 Newton 62 Waltham 65 Newton 50 Watertown 75 Newton 56 Brookline 61 3-1 5 JUNIOR VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: S. Cain, D. Weist, R. Howland, P. Hicks, P. Lubin. SECOND ROW1 G. Gershman, W. Thurston, D. Westland, P. Colontuno, L. Quinn, A. Walcott, P. Nelson, Mr. Walker, Coach. SOPHOMORE BASKETBALL FIRST ROW" L. Geller, S. Winslow, M. Collin, S. Bechman, T. Bloom, B. Glovsky. SECOND ROXV: Mr. Phillips, Coach, S. Caccin, S. Levy, M. Mannix, M. Kozlowski, Kleiman, D. Rome. 72 MV KX lx. I XX tsl fr 5 'Cf ' WTO I af ll S3 4 ? Hg' ' ' t 4 fi -1 ... 5 .1 -A' F Q 'I VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: J. Linde, Manager, A Moore, L. Theise, D. Vernon, Captain L. Griffin, L. Mazot, R. Angoff, Man ager. SECOND ROW: S. Katz, Man agerg H. Kantor, P. Ward, D. Matloff R. Hougteling, W. Houston, Mr. For tune, Coach. affix fo, T0 X-! ,of To H476 1 ymnastics . . . at F' Sig' 'ti Rf 'Sf 'hx . 5 g 1 .1 Q ee- my , I, - ti " t t!'1a'11'x-if'wif' .' V". Q. Q' 4 ', f 4' as K fm' V A HQ- A ...+V Eff- .. inn M.. . fa. - -L :Q . Q FIRST ROW: S. Clancy, P. Elliot, S. Vendall, D. Searle, D. Wooten, R. Prince, B. Houghton. SECOND ROW: D. Hall, N. Schrimshaw, C. Gilbert, W. L. Dong, M. Boyagin, T. Reardon, J. Medalia, D. Runfola, E. Marotta. THIRD ROW: J. Gleason, B. Henry, R. Martin, VU. Martin, J. Farrel, S. Henry, J. Spear, L. Branzburg, E. Jones, Mr. Jessup, Coach. Last year's Newtonian stated that "Newton High has the most prom- ising group of gymnasts that New- ton has ever seen." A prediction could never have been more ac- curate. This year's squad produced an outstanding 9-3 record, losing only to Andover, Lexington, and Wellesley. In the Suburban League Meet they came in first. Newton High was sparked by Rich Martin, the best gymnast in the team's history. Although only a junior, he led the team in parallel bars, free exercise, and high bar. His two brothers, Bill and co- captain Bob, rounded out a fine trio. Bill performed on the rings. high bar, and parallel bars, and Bob on free exercise, tumbling and side horse. Co-captain Steve Henry led the team in tumbling, high bar, and long horse. Other standouts were Tom Reardon on the rings, a junior Ed Jones, on the side horse, and Dan Runfola-tumbling, free exercise, and long horse. Coach George Jessup is to be congratulated on having an excel- lent season, and we are sure that next year Newton will continue its winning ways. GYMNASTICS Newton . 96 Andover 82 Newton 1 10 Needham 10' Newton 108 Winchester 106 Newton . 103 North QIUHCY 91 Newton , 95 Watertown 70 Newton Andover 96 Newton . 102 Brookline 19 Newton 105 WCYm0Ufh 84 Newton 107 WCll6SlC8' 109 Newton 102 New Bedford 82 Newton 104 Arlington '6 Newton 107 Lexington 12 0 Suburban League Meet: First -,f 1 , an 74 121,110-ti fbi FIRST ROW: R. Dolan, S. Hendrickson, S. Ostrow, C. Barry, M. Alpern, R. Horrigan, J. Whalen, D. Ovens. SECOND ROW: H. Perry, G. Grabau, J. Fiumara, T. Warren, P. Burlin- game, J. Prince, J. Greenman, W. Jonah, S. Levenson. THIRD ROW: Mr. Gallagher, Assistant Coach, B. Tenant, M. Slater, J. Black, N. Epstein, A. Armadei, J. Quigley, B. Bricker, S. Stone, R Donovan, R. Cohen, J. Piselli, S. Waters, Mr. Boyle, Coach. Indoor Track Coach Ed Boyle fielded another outstanding indoor track team in 1966 as the Tigers finished the sea- son undefeated as Greater Boston Division I champions. This clean slate included victories over such formidable opponents as Waltham, New Bedford, and Rindge. In the field events, Bill Jonah and Joe Fiumara controlled the shot putting. Jonah placed third in the State Class A Meet with a put of 48'5V4" in addition to taking first in most of the regular season meets. High jumper Dick Yukes also did an excellent job. In the running events John Tomb, his brother Bill, and Joe Greenman turned in some fine per- formances in the two mile and one mile runs. Tom Warren scored VARSITY TRACK SCORES Newton 54 Newton 57 Newton .,., 49 Newton , 56 Newton 54 Newton , , 47 Newton . . 68 B. A. A. Meet: Fifth State Meet: Eighth victories in the 600 yard run in several meets as did captain Paul Burlingame in the 220 and 440. George Grabau, who tied a state record in the dash with a time of 5.5 was also a consistent victor all season long. In the state meets, in competition with a number of other schools, Newton did not fare extremely well. The Tigers placed eighth in the State Class A Meet compiling a score of 85 points. In the B.A.A. Meet, things were much the same as the team finished fifth. All and all the indoor track sea- son proved to be extremely profit- able. The team, by turning in the record it did, ended the season as Newton Highs only undefeated athletic squad. Natick . 32 Malden , 29 B.C. High 37 Waltham 30 Rindge 32 Weymouth 59 Brookline 19 YD L16 If ZQHVCLL ,Quay f f 71,1 'Z-fv6v7Y.D Lb ,I 1, 'L Jon Mgliflf 75 , 1 v 76 Service Clubs F T 4 Qi gba ,si V . 1. g X 1'f.,.,, 4' t '. , -X' PMQA .f , l ,' "Y 'fl' 25 JQQ Xa fr9T..'f -:,e'-'H .i M- M' . Vx, Active on the international scene, A.F.S. managed to trade a girly' held hockey forward K Ann McDan- ielj for a Jtar .foccer player K Peter Nyimbej. In direct competition with Hollywood, chairman-director Andy Klein also produced arty flickr and wild partief. 5. l Sending friendfhip hoxef overfea, entertaining patienty in VA. Hofpital, volunteering for hofpital and hloodmohile work, participating in nationwide conference, the Red Crou continue! to help every- one everywhere. -5 'C 4 Audio-Visual Club memherx have the moxt projecting perfonalitiey in the Jchool. hh. if H-U---1 STAGE CREW The hrighteft cluh in the .rchool lit up every per- formance in the auditorium this year. Sometimef forced to play Tarzan, they kept thingf moving even when no one elfe could. 78 'gs im fam .r ' The Key Club, a Jtrictly non-profit organization, hiwanifed ity way through another Jeason of check- ing coatf land unlocking doorfj. They alfo taught retarded children how to Jwim and ,fupervifed partie! at the Newton Community Center and Roxbury Set- tlement Houfe. ORANGE SHIELD "Our objective if to do everything possible in or- der to prevent any difturbancey in the cafeteria exclu- Jive of becoming involved in xuch conflictxf' Science Clubs Tbe Radio Club tuned in witb Jome elaborate equip ment. GF In tbe courfe of tbe year, tbe Matb Club .foloed itx sbare of problemf. Tbis year tbe Biology Club oixited tbe Tufts Med- ical Center and tbe Natick Quartermaster Labx. Tbey also bad a speaker from Brandeis Unioeryity. K:....U-9-"V The Chemistry Club this year concentrated on short experiments which were designed to promote individual research in chemistry. Members of the Independent Research Club did their searching independently. This picture is one of the only records of any collaboration among research men and women. ...-... - Q-Q-N Y gm SM Q- 5 -'9 .F A n',. -ri -..Q Q L Y.. ,, ,i 'A ..., M .r JE it ' s Inzfettment Club members plan their next killing. Thinking Men's Clubs Ask a member of a thinking man's club a question and no matter what the subject, no matter which of the clubs he belong to, the answer will be, "Let me think about it." Newton High does indeed let its thinking men land womenb think about it. Be it about politics, relations between people and races, or about future careers, there is a club at NHS for the thinker. There are speakers to hear, problems to dis- cuss, issues to debate, and values to weigh. Though the thinking men's clubs may lead at times to mis- understanding or confusion, they usually manage nev- ertheless to typify the best intellectual endeavor at Newton High School. The Future Teachers of America .QQIL g N- X Xa X A, l 'rf LIBERTARIAN CLUB Lihertarianf plot Jzrhverfion. f 1. e, . 1 ' .. 4' Sz L Mental Health Clnh fghtx inyanity. I wanna he a teacher when I grow up. Fm fr- if-, .,c' ,gh ' Tbe International Club Brain Trust. Ji ll' l V 5 1 V I QW. 4 v 1 I fl. Human Right: Club debate: Viet Nam war. 1' DEBATING SOCIETY Society Preriflent Krakow make: a debatable point. 1 .u-0' 'QL'-,wk Q 'ig Foreign Students In many communities, high school students live securely within the sanctimonious confines of their suburban society. Either they do not wish or cannot reach out into the far greater world. Fortunately, this is not so in Newton. Thanks to the American Field Service and other exchange programs and to the generosity of spirit and pock- etbook of many Newton families, Newton High School has students from the far corners of the globe. The continent of Africa has by far the largest proportion of S111- dents here this year. Heading the list is the general savant of Ameri- can society, Benedict Umezurike. This is his second year in the United States and at Newton High School. He lives with NHS English teacher and former AFS student, Mr. Zeeb. Obama Omyamgo from Kenya has also been in the U.S. for two years, but this is his first year at NHS. The person who sold him on NHS is also his American host brother this year, senior John Wil- liams. The third African fand only AFSJ student this year is Peter Nsimbe. He lives with the Cort family of whom Nick, Becky and Paul attend NHS. Peter was cho- sen in national competition in Uganda, for he is not only a scholar, but a talented musician and athlete who has contributed much to NHS soccer efforts. Yang Pal Lee is our only Asian representative this year. He is here on a private program and lives with NHS senior Scot Robart. Unlike many of the other foreign students, Yang is not plagued by our cold winters as Korea's weather is the same as ours. N s f ,-,L .f ' 5 'vi "vin 1 Benedict Umezurike .wx f ,, , ,C Alberto de Mayo MN 0 'N Yang Pal Lee is X. ,ffgf .QS Peter Nsimbe South of the border lies Alberto de Mayo's homeland, Chile. Also on private exchange program, he lives with senior Marvin Krakow. Though Alberto lives the closest to the US., he finds the North Amer- icans no less new and different. However the style of soccer was similar enough so that he too starred on the soccer field this year. The American Field Service and the International Club, among oth- ers, have sponsored many activities that have helped to introduce NHS's five foreign students to us. Though many of us may never travel the thousands of miles to visit them back home, we shall all be just a little bit closer to them and their homelands. "We Can Work It Gut" Newton High School undoubtedly has the most well-endowed system of student government in the state of Massachusetts, with three class committees, six house councils Csee House Sectionb, and a Student Council all working to improve student life at NHS. The Student Council is the broadest representative body in the school, drawing members from all classes, houses, and Tech High. In a high-pitched campaign last Spring, almost half the students in the school turned out to vote, electing Newton High's first woman President, Betsy Snider, by a questionable margin. The Snider Administration CSteve Selko- witz, V.P., Nancy Schulman, Recording Sec., Helen Calvert, Corresponding Sec., Stephen Jigger, Treas- urerj immediately promised a Good Deal to every student. Their Program got off the ground the second Fri- day of school with a highly-successful Kick-Off Dance. The affair included a spirit-building rally which introduced to the students the new cheerlead- ers, Fall sports teams, and Tiger. The first Good Deal proposal to go into effect was an improved Tiger Cage. That's right, TIGER CAGE. You know, on the First floor of Building II. When asked about it, Finance Commissioner Paul Barron at first denied any connection with the proj- ect. It was later learned that under Barron's direction the official school store's inventory was greater than before. This was in part because few articles ever left the store. But Newton High pens, pencils, and note- books were stocked for the first time, and sales began picking up around January. " 9 ' C'!'1Q-QVKL. . -0.6-fd funn- 9 I ".'- Q. fa . -Hr 7 Y 2 2' P .. F, , -. Christos Karakostas of Greece On the more positive side were the Councils at- tempts to gain new privileges for all students. In an emergency session the Council approved a proposal to aid the school's disaster areas, notably several sug- gestions for changes in the Cafeteria. As a result, the administration approved experimental installation of vending machines, and students were allowed to eat outside in good weather. For those who could stand it indoors a more varied menu was instituted. Additional proposals were made for Cafeteria and Merit System reform, and are now being considered by the school Administration. Continuing on their policy of a Good Deal for everyone, the council also sponsored a talk on ex- tremism for seniors by Gordon Hall, an Alumni Day, the Second Annual North-South faculty basketball game under the direction of Coach Red Howland, and a Bermuda Day for the benefit of the two foster children. Special Mention goes to Joe Marcus, ofhcial council clown, for his able handling of the Enter- tainment and New York Times commissions. Another surprise in last year's balloting was the narrow re-election of Class of '66 President Bob Berlin, who squeezed in with a mere 70521 of the vote Thus armed with a popular mandate, Berlin, known affectionately as Captain Bob, proceeded to rewrite Robert Penn Warren's All the Kings Men with his novel approach to student government. 88 , -.f tr T il is -qv 'us K B '-Q Nguyen Thi Ngoc Hanh with brothers and sisters Other members of the Berlin team were Dick jef- ferson, first V.P.g Candy Pasquarosa, second V.P.g Fran Deats, Sec., and jay Reynolds, Treas. They were ably advised by the most effective and best-loved power-behind-the-throne of our time, Miss Gian- ferante. The Senior Class was by far the most active of the Class committees in its efforts to improve student social life. The Senior Class Picnic and Motorcade ushered in both the school year and the football season. First Prize for Inventive Car Decoration went to a clever facsimile of a Newton Police squad car. The prize had to be re-awarded, however, when it was found that Officer Feeley was not an NHS student. The by the Senior motorcade was followed, in quick succession, Battle of the Bands, the Senior Assembly, the Play, the Senior Class Work Day, and the Senior Supper. The Battle was won by the Brian Blues, the Assembly by the Newtonian Melodrama Players, and the Work Day by those who failed to attend. All was not for naught, however, and the proceeds from these affairs went to the Mark Pat- terson Scholarship Fund. 4' I A special treat for students this year was the premier of Little Anthony and the Imperials at NI-IS, the second-most-popular group at the school this year lafter Sonny and Sil of Senior Supper fameb. The concert was a financial disaster, but it managed to get some free Newtonite publicity for the Senior Class Committee. Editor Alford, in a critique of the Class Committees policies, sparked a wild contro- versy by nominating "I'm In With the In Crowd" as the class theme song. The Committee, not to be outdone, was quick to respond with plans for a Senior I-lat and Sweatshirt Day and a Faculty Variety Show. The most important Class of '66 project, however, was the Youth Center, by far the most ambitious project ever undertaken by Newton High School students. Several members of the Class of '66 began working on this project two years ago. While the city officials organized more study groups about the problem of juvenile delinquency, the students acted to achieve the establishment of a permanent Newton Youth Center. Five thousand dollars Cyes, 350000 was raised last year through the Kingsmen concert and a door-to-door drive in Newton, while students tried to Find support for the project among city leaders. A committee headed by judge Yesley, finally took an interest in the project, and students from NHS and NSHS were added to the committee. The NHS students, headed by Sue Gradone, were janet Rome, Steve Selkowitz, Fran Deats, Charles Weiss, and Bob Berlin. This combined committee set up a temporary center last Fall at Warren junior High, on Friday and Saturday evenings. The center opened on Friday evening, November 5, with 1,000 students there to see what was hap- pening. Kevin and the Echoes were there as a special opening-night attraction along with the usual fea- tures: ping-pong, pool, games, bowling, T.V., and a juke-box. Armed with this initial success, the student I' 1 Q ,, committee proceeded to try to prove that the Youth Center could and would work. They ran into prob- lebs-vandalism, lack of supervision, apathy. But they learned quickly, and as the year moved on they began to vary the program by bringing in bands, entertainers, and movies. Their work and imagina- tion made the Youth Center a success, and proved that a permanent center with additional Financial support was needed. They applied for federal aid, and the mayoral campaign had meanwhile stirred up new interest among city leaders. The 35000 raised last year remains in a fund to be used when a permanent center can be built. From all indications, it would seem almost certain that such a center will be built. If a permanent Newton Youth Center comes about it will be largely due to the efforts of the Class of 1966, it is thus their per- manent gift to the City of Newton and to all future generations of high school students. To the junior and Sophomore classes of this year they leave the task of making certain that their work is completed successfully. tg.. iv- 90 .1 5 its I Youth Center x75 1,1 1'-4 af? 1 , ,yffrl 4, J I, - 1 in msg -as J ' 1 1 Q .-X, 1,-I I '- .Q 1, --1-I1 And it looks like the blunior Class spent their year getting ready for this monstrous task. The Class Committees biggest project was finding an advisor, but in mid-November Mr. Adams took over this crucial post and the Adams Family Administration Cwith all the officers from the same housel started to gain momentum. Perhaps fortunately, most of their energies at first were directed towards merely staying in existence. Rings, dues, and cakes and cookies were sold to raise money. ln December, however, the Class of l967 held their first class event ever, "The Best Christmas Party Ever." The Newtonian, through an unfortun- ate slip-up, was forced to take their word for it. Despite our conspicuous absence, 550 students did attend. Trodding on through the year, students could be seen displaying marvelous football-type jerseys, although it was hard to tell one student from the other as they all wore number 67. In any event, the year wound up with dancing and joy, in the words of class President Roger Berman, "The Junior Prom is expected to be the most enthusiastic in recent NHS history." r. I "N Xa typ 49 1 According to a series of recent rumors, there was also a Sophomore Class Committee this year. Or at least there was a committee with a president CFlo- rence Marcusl, VP. Cjohn Ziergebell, treasurer CPhyllis Majorl, and secretary CPaula Sepenuclcl. all under the energetic direction of Mr. Finn. Or at least that's what the rumors said. N ewzorzite ojfce in a familiar pore. Publications "We try harder!" announced the new Newtonite staff last Spring. And, through expert writing, re- porting, censorship, proofreading, and photography, they proceeded to become, once and for all, the best newspaper at Newton High. We came back in the Fall to find It um a bard year for Editor Alford the Newtonite completely differ- ent: new price Cl5tM, new paper Ccheaper, but easier to crumple up, they saidj, new editorial policy C"we rank responsiblynl, more is- sues Cone every two weks . . . well, would you believe three?J, and, above all, new readiness to print the opinions of any student on any subject, if he took the time to write them out, which a sur- prising number of students did. Not content with just printing more issues, Editor Alford and his staff went out and found some. Amidst the rubble on the fourth floor of Building I they found their first burning issue: the firetrap problem. That died down around Christmas, with the School Com- mittee hardly batting a lash. But come january and Alford was eye- ing that important and dangerous target-the students themselves. I- "' the Newtonite The newspaper of Newton High School, Newtonville, Mass. Founded in 1922. Losted n 1923. Censored-i!l-l922. 1923, 1924, 'P Ol I fnlronms l925d' ' "Hi i ' ', 1931, ' nlte 1 -- I Tahe NQ!j9...- I 1322: V- Q The In.Cr0wd 946,' o ' ' b W 3 gr r 953! wms Flfst Place. 1959, PA, y 1111 m A11 11, Edito 960, V7 YJ k., -,v.v, l1Y,TfW1765o To P N 'eport sfool eyents, to insure domestic tran- A luiliyy and to provide for the common of- V me eg, Editor-in-Chief William Alford P Va Mmaslns Editor Betsey' smith 0 S News Editor Carol Friedman Assistants Donella Goldman Q 61 Howard Stacker SQ, mmm mm 32:11 Jacohge O , 5 Assistant o Assistants goanne Grossman 8 . 6 ana Roberta smmmm Pam Murph p Z I A r Pew- Ryan 0 W mam Peter mm 'f f Q Q Erchanze Ediwr Richard Yukos d p 9 rm-um Editor Mark Levinson 'Q ' GQ Copy Editor Nancy Evans 0 Photographer Jonathan Hacker Circulation Manager Joan Marcus Pubucuy Managers Carolyn Hwden QP, Joseph Marcus , g' 2 Advisor: Miss Jacqueline Wollan 1109 SP 111 Happen N40 Pennies for the Pot Boaters Take GQ ,ay Four Straight yceji Q 5 wan NEwroN1AN Q 45 before the NEWTONITE 1 Building 'li d o W' YW' xv '69 owe G 0 x09 WY ago JJDH13 Jf'TX re ihs 'Till Destruction p SBYS Don X Fire ai Newton High? Never' . Hafaef MD: It Editor 'kwa D M41 8:4 sow wwnue ' X fkx XXV vw-. X. xx 4 Ioan Marcus difplayf new circulation tecbniquef. j .4 I 1 j a , A " we 6,15 Eallww 1- I N 1, 'N ,1- 9 - K1 ' 'v x 3' i ' 'R N .. 'zz' " N. Q -If "7 . '-Z.. Ju ---4 ' ny 598 Carol Friedman Jhown digging for newy. Q , ew I " "The In-Crowd" turned out to be an even more scathing issue than "The Firetrapf' Right or wrong, that staff proved that The Newton- ite doesn't have to be dull. A special satire issue provided the lighter moments of the year. Frankly, some had their doubts as to its success, but the fact that it was done at all offers considerable credit to this year's staff. And any- way, people were too busy filling out their I.D.'s. By far the most amazing thing about this year's Newtonite, how- ever, was that the new approach succeeded at all. The problems of printing, deadline-meeting, and budget-balancing would seem in- surmountable to some, but Alford and Company managed most of them with a large measure of suc- cess. Having ser the Newtonite in the direction of a more varied paper with current news and a variety of opinion, they can feel sat- isfied in having accomplished their goals for the present, and in having set down a policy for the future that the students find more inter- esting and acceptable. va ti - ,. , , , ui, A f -5 ,Lf 'Av 'K Y', 1 J , 'QM ., lla. f, . 1 ' ' - Y' 'V ,I i l J l e 2 5, " i T in r f 1 -rv 2 1,1 , Y V If, Tl E ' A' lx I Y T, rj' W' Y- F- YI jyltgx i I V 7 Q5 -s f. g ,s Iii' Ima" Isa: - fi: . 57. - I ..f' I X V ff 'N . X The stag develop their new idear. Q hw: X t .Z ,-Z , Min Wollan and Berry Smith. W,-f rr S ls. gl l.J g U 1 Orange Book Staff 4' H- I --uw:-4Ull'R-nl?-.. F The Newtonite wasnt the only regenerated publication in '66, Re- flections la joint North-South pub- licationl died some time last sum- mer, and there emerged a new, im- proved 7'l1ri1f,tflvfp1'irzf,t to fill the void. The Editorial Troika CBere- zin. Klein, and Levinson-see pic- turel was quick to drop the pseudo- sophisticated air of the old Reflec- tions while adopting a much broad- er approach The format was sim- pler and, bc-tier still, it was cheaper a EMR M.. LJ and students found the content much-improved. One star attraction was the addition of satirical ar- ticles on the school and the college boards-lively tidbits of incisive and timely comment on student af- fairs-along with the usual stories and poems lboth of which, amaz- ingly enough, were better than usualj. We didn't see the first of "sev- eral" issues until February, but it was of course a startling success. The Yearbook publication deadline leaves us waiting for the antici- pated Spring issue. But the new policy of appealing to a wider variety of interests made a lot of sense to everyone, and we expect that Thoughtprints will be not just our literary magazine, but our school magazine, for some time to come. Anyone who has ever been a sophomore at Newton High knows that he would have long ago been trampled underfoot trying to find his next class if it were not for the aid of the Orange Book. This year Ann Solomon and her staff pro- duced a veritable encyclopedia of useful land otherb information about rules, activities, and faculty. The guide to the perplexed, the Orange Book lets you know what's coming off, l!""' FUN and GAMES Tbif year tbe Detective Club tracked down tbe coke machine robbery. FOLKSINGIN G CLUB BRIDGE CLUB OUTING CLUB The girly plan an outing CHESS CLUB SAILING CLUB WN! .ik 'W fi DQ' 17 ' J' X' xi'-if x,4. 'sn R 'iv Art Clubs The budding NI-IS artist had the opportunity to develop his creative powers as a member of any of this year's art clubs. The Film Club provided a new training course for prospective hlm makers, as well as the usual program in theatre operation. Members of the Music Club under the direction of Mr. Henry Lasker and Mr. Leland Procter continued to display their talent under the lights. The Art Club succeeded in setting up shop for NHS painters, sculptors, and basket weavers HJ, while Orchesis, under a new directtess, drafted its army of skinny young things to produce a "really good shoe." Finally, Tusitala encouraged our future creative writers to produce and publish. tix is., Y' ..-:WISH aku. 1 , .N-. ' mg- .A A I N , 6 ,J 1 ,L NN. iv if A SWL. I Mg 4. Language Clubs I ii Sm Q41 5 . ,E ,. X Tlx! gnu -'fab X x ls 1 I JK, 106 ,nn at F-r alifi clxteclscs fcbcrlmqb . R-rc ' Q r .. 1, . ,M ov K ' l l ' c i Q' 'r' Q:-'Sig-H4 ka, s- l f 5 GERMAN CLUB Oar helored Heidelherg dropozttf .rang heer-drink ing Jongr to the strain of their hrauy hand in their attempt to tranxport German culture to NHS. FRENCH CLUB Sometime! forced to Jpeak French at their monthly rendez-zfoztf, rnemherf of le Cercle Francaif ftranylated "the French Clnhyl enjoyed a round of hlrm, fpeakerx, and food. Shown in the photo above are OECEVJ' Marjorie Iacohf, Nancy Schulman, and Gwen Kotzen. RUSSIAN CLUB On Ruffian culture: borsclzrt, blintzef, beef Jtrogo- nojf, lv-caviar behoove Bolflaevik bellief. 5 I V... .vi Li' 06 SPANISH CLUB The Spanifla Club Jet a new NHS endurance record for non-Jtop listening, ax the Chilean delegate Jpoke, and Jpoke, and ........ OMNIA LATIN CLUB Omnia Latin Club dl1,'i.fd in tref partef ext: Colle- giunz Bowlum, conteftzzm oratorum, .... et celerum. Nui.:- Ill-Li.- l Let This House Be Safe From Tigers Not long ago a friend of ours at Newton High School changed houses due to a slight mix-up at the IBM office. We decided to go along for the ride just to see how the house system worked. We did a little checking before- hand and found out that the house system has been in existence for six years. The idea behind it was that in a school of 2500 students, the administration becomes a vague "it" far removed from the average student. The result is a lonely feel- ing of impersonalization and a general demoralization. It was hoped that the new decentralized system would provide an efficient, friendly, and personal environment in which the student could grow as an individual and organize his own activity. As we walked with our friend, an attractive red-head, to her new house, we began to get a feeling for the import of the change. The school was so decentralized that as soon as we entered X House ter- ritory, we were informed that no rules or traditions we had ever known before would apply here, and that we were on our own. Our first dealings with the new house administration were indeed personal and even a bit moralizing. Our friend was informed that her hemline was IM inches too high, her hair-do 2 inches too wide, and her sweater 16? too tight. We asked the man where he got those figures, but he mumbled something about having a "profitable experi- ence" in X House and walked away quickly. Our first class was a study, so we decided to go to the library and contemplate our new situation. We went to the study hall, handed the teacher a slip, and said, "We're go- ing to the library." "Hold on there," the lady said. "You'll do no such thing. You need two copies of a pass from a subject teacher to do that." Uur friend protested, "But in my old house we only need two copies of late-slips, and one copy of a library pass from a homeroom by IBM 607495402956 teacher is okay." "Not in this house, kid. You need two copies of dismissal and library slips, but only one copy of late, detention, and intended ab- sence slips." It had the makings of a long fight, but the house secretary came in and said that as it was "Be Nice to Foreigners Week," we would be allowed, just this once, to go to the library with one copy of the note. We decided to stop off at the lavs on our way to the library, and agreed upon a meeting place. But, although smoke poured from the cracks around the door, the door itself was locked. We hurried to the meeting place and found our friend was there, too, having had a similar problem. We stopped a passing stranger and asked about our dilemma. "Oh," he said, "the smoke is left over from X-block when George was lucky enough to get locked in there by himself. The Boys' Room is usually locked A, C, F, and G blocks, while the Girls' Room is never locked except sometimes in A-block and when the Boys' Room isn't." "That's fine," I remarked, "if you're bi-sexual." "Except of course in A-block, when they're both locked," the stranger added. And we had to agree. "That's unfairf' our friend put in, "in my old house they're never locked except during second and fourth periods." And we marched off indignantly. Well, we made it through the day without any major mishaps, but after school we went to the com- mons room to End out about the house activities we had heard so much about. When we got there an argument was raging about whether to sell ribbon candy at 500 a box or house sweat-socks at 690 a pair. Our friend raised her hand and said, "In my old house we used to sell orange-and-black ear-muffs, and I thought . . She stopped and slowly sat back in her chair as she saw the others looking at her with condescending disdain. The group finally decided on the sweat-socks, and the meeting was about to ad- journ when our friend asked a question. "What are you going to do with the money?" she asked. ' "Do with it? What do you mean? I suppose we'll buy a new T.V. set or donate it to some charity or something. Why?" "Well, I mean, isn't there any specific reason for raising the money?" "Listen, wise guy," the President said, "don't you want us to get into college?" And with that the meet- ing was adjourned. The day was just about over, and we would have gone straight home. But, the house secretary stopped us on the way out and asked us where we were A-block. "In the library," we said. "Well, you were supposed to be at language lab, so you'll have to make it up X-block and then serve 10 minutes detention." "Gee," our friend said. "Maybe this house isn't so bad. In my old house I would have gotten five hours for skipping Lab." "And by the way," the secretary said, "there's no gum-chewing al- lowed in this house at any time. That'll be ten additional hours of detention." Well, that was about enough for one day, and we went home in a somewhat trance-like state. It came out all right, though. They fixed the IBM machine and the next day our friend was back in her old house. It was a good thing, too, because she has all the punishments and priveleges for her house memo- rized, as well as the number of slips for each purpose. She just wishes she had some of her classes there. I saw her the other day and she looks much happier now, and she's the number one ear-muff salesman in her house. So who says a house is not a home? ,.4.,,.--'- ,..vvf' AD,.,.,...,.-f, J,,l,.4-1.n.f,.wr2P-'in nun!-l"" ,YIM-Y-'f' Anil' wW' n,,,v..'.f. ,img-' .1-'ra-.pany "' ' , ,...-M" , f" Q. 6 594 X M1 ,,4-,..-l gg , , A"' , ff ' 0 fi 5 N 151'5'r1iiZ '1 ' M --,N + X Q LQ-'52-1 ig . .,, ' i C 4 E N Q Q Q 5 A ibkh AV 3 3IS. 29!9.,.QT'i ,uf Q M vii , , ,L AW 'W A l f 1 ,,- f ' fn? f . -' 1 ,rv g- V. r - ,' ,-.1. . . , , 1--, .f I-.-'Q554 f,- X if i , ,,,ff'3 ,,,, Q C X M Q S 122 ,Y 14, . I J 4 J. ., I I ...ld 1 , 6: so ,xv A IIO Adam House Standing in the corridor of the first floor of Build- ing l, the visitor to NHS is soon overwhelmed by a feeling of chaos. He is wrong, of course, this is merely our smallest house at its busiest hour. But the sight of a thousand students descending on him simultaneously from classrooms, doors, and staircases reminds our visitor of chaos nevertheless, and he runs for the nearest exit. Wrtvng again, the Adams House Traflice Squad reminds him. Thats not an exit, but merely an entrance, and they strongarm him back into the crowd. Pulled along by the mass, he winds up in the library, one of Adams House's many popular student centers. Mr. Beatty quickly expels him from there, as he has neither a pass nor a merit card. Now at a near panic, our visitor runs to the farthest staircase and tries to run up it, away from this maddening scene. Wrtbng once more-it is a down staircase, and the Trusty Traffic Squad repels him again, this time sending him down to the bot- tom of the stairs. Barely missing getting his hand cut off in a large machine in the Adams Division of the industrial arts department, he finally gains a minute of repose in the art room. Here the small crowd who are always gathered to reap the benefits of aesthetic experience direct him down again to the Blue Grotto. An irate teacher sends him back up again. On the stairs he bumps into a hot argu- ment between Mr. Sprague and Mr. Livingston about the New History. He escapes at last into the Adams House Office and Commons Room. In the Commons Room it becomes clear that Adams House is merely the center for a great deal of well-directed energy. Students and teachers literally run in and out, usually dodging the many chairs and couches on which less frenetic students are resting. "Aha!" comments the visitor. "Here are students running in to speak to Mr. Easson, who will help them, and I hope me, with their problems." For once the visitor may be right. It is likely, how- ever, that most of the sprinters are merely hurrying to their next class with a fresh candy bar, whose wrapper they will of course deposit in a proper receptacle. There is also more organized activity in Adam's House to complement the spontaneous flow. The House Council, for example, under President Julie Room 1002 Mr. Prevoir FIRST ROW: J. Atkinson, S. Alessandro, L. Arslanian, S. Arsenian, M. Storlazzi, P. Adler, W I. Barenberg, H. Aisner, M. Aronson. SEC- l: OND ROW1 li. Abboud, 1. Alperin, S. Bag- ley, R. Abrahams, R. Bricker, R. Baker, M. Aronson, A. Alessi, M. August, L. Pellegrine. MISSING: M. Annese, R. Anderson, F. De- Maio. 'N 711' Mr. Graham Easson H ozuemarter Schneider supported an orphan overseas and or- ganized such social events as the dance in February which was open to the entire school. There was also an Honors Study Program to allow some students to study without supervision, and the scholarship board was maintained in the Commons Room with information on scholarships for seniors. Intramural sports are always popular in Adams House, and Mr. Easson both encourages his students to participate and participates himself when he can as observer or coach. Adams House won the Powderpuff Football trophy for the second straight year. To report all of these goings-on, Adams House has the only house newspaper in the school. One reason for Adams Houses constant state of motion is its constantly active I-Iousemaster, Mr. Easson. Mr. Easson encourages his students to take responsibility in house affairs. He is popular among teachers, too, because he is able to handle a great deal of the administrative work that keeps many teachers overburdened. Having learned these things, our visitor leaves Adams House still rather over- whelmed, but with a sense that these energetic Adams Housers are a happy and able crew. cl an O54 Room 1102 Mr. Klein FIRST ROW: B. Fraser, D. Boudreau, N. Berkowitz, P. Barrows, C. Birmingham, E. Beresin, S. Allan, K. Kobrin, L. Bonica. SECOND ROW: S. Porter, R. Bloom, A. Albert, A. Glover, S. Morril, M. Glennon, J. Bonaclio, G. Cappeza, B. Brandon, 1. Boudreau, Barron, J. Garcia, S. Zanti. THIRD ROW: J. Antonellis, G. Dirusso, 1. Fell, R. Carey, R. Lawrence, J. Baker, D. Artessani, D. Riley, B. Dramgoole, R. Baima, C. Boiteau. MISSING: R. Berman. A iE?':i.'lLf2H5HlF NUNCEE .r Ke if V- nf. -ww'-P Mrs. Taplin Home Secretary Mrs. Russo Home Aide I llxl 'S lafliflif Mr. Klein Il'll1ll7!ZI7Id1iL'.f -wx FYR? Room 1104 Mr. Sprague FIRST ROW: M. Cooper, xl. Suelhalter, M. Carr, G. Charest, L. Charbonnait, P. Foster, bl. Keele, M. Palermo, L. Mallcofslcy. SECOND ROW: P. Wallins, S. Sanrarpio, -I. Simon, N. Polishook, S. Laskrais, VI. Williams, D. Sherman, C. Clasavanr, B. Uminslcy, R. Nelson. THIRD ROW: il. Cohen, P. Levine, DI, Seltzer, S, Bouilreau, R. Fricson, S. Kendall, B. Brick, S. Clancy. MISSING: M. Claim, M. Clzimeraro, R. Luelywin, B. Hoffman. ll2 Mr. Sprague Social Studie! Miss Gianferante English .., 7 - Q Mrs. Hogan Language Mr. Prevoir Art - i Room 1132 Mrs. Martin FIRST ROW: S. Graham, V. Greenhoocl, E. Horne, M. ldelson, J. Burrell, M. Menitove, J. Boudreau, C. Matczak, N. Levine. SECOND ROW: J. Aisner, S. Brody, G. Beckler, A. Rondina, K. Washburn, D. Ringer, L. Rock, G. Hough, K. Sidman, J. McIntyre, C. Drakos, J. Danis. THIRD ROW: M. Cohne, C. RafIel, A. Pappas, C. Orenr, P. Colantonio, F. Cusick, W. Richards, D. O'Toole, A. Lapidus. MISSING: D. Marzilli, S. Desanris. Room 1120 NIL Wanner FIRST ROW: E. Marsh, L. Hinds, L. Gardner, S. Raum, F. Marcus, il. Vfhire, Dangel, A. Zanco, K. Gahm. SECOND ROW: J. Fleishman, B. Shifman, B. Storer, G. McNamara, S. Conant, J. Duby, F. Yanofslcy, A. Hartsrone, C. MacKay. THIRD ROW: E. Weiner, R. Miksenas, H. Brooks, R. McCormack, VI. Quigley. S. Ciflado, M. Bonadio, C. Levi, M. Brown. MISSING: R. Brayden, N. Guilford, L. Hendricken, G. Copatch. Room 11 18 Mrs. Saunders FIRST ROW: J. Magni, E. Brody, M. Goodman, L. Elfland, M. Recco, K. Pugliese, L. Altschuler, S. Gomberg, B. Flynn. SECOND ROW: I-I. Nesbitt, M. Yaffee, J. Faucher, P. Phccny, K. Mitchell, D. Lansberry, P. Whitehead, J. Kaplan, S. Carp, J. Paley, P. Molner, H. Baker. THIRD ROW: J. Avila, T. Pugliese, I. Bono, P. Black, L. Samet, P. Brown, R. Atchison, J. Sandberg, L. Blair, J. Mac- Kensie. MISSING: M. Pinto. Mrs. Moody Language if -dv 'ff"7 Miss Lucowitz Girlr Plzyyicaf Edzzrafifnz Mr. Barber Mathematics nn i:L' ... 5 II! FTS i Mrs. Butler Lzbrary 4-or : 1"-one ,nav :J fgu u 1100 nf' :two-I anno. - -we .l .np nr sofa- 1 " i ggi" '-f fu 'na o-In ..., .... ,-4-Apv. ,msg-1 4 P4147 -- fu. " 44, W 7h'f CYJYJ - 1 gy? WL M417 fffl flinff 380040 06 IW!! if 700 fc H4Uf 76 491 FMU 07515 'Flaw' 8 4 ' li 3 Mr Mackne Guidance Mr. Schultz Art wx '-X, E, X, ff K RUSS Gorton Art K., 'b Mr. Chase Im1'11,s'Irial A rty Mrs. Abrahams Library ' iff? A was +3, sg A2 ia x Mrs. Bloom Englifb 3 . its we my ,I m N " 'x f'-. I 4 Miss Kenney Englixb Q' ' rliw GNC kDGS5x5G-SQ' .iam S-'efj QQ ad 'hail' -L-f if-735 in Libuf CAQSS +685 ECDC, 'uk mbi' in VX mm 5,1 bnooovnc,-Q-1 Qgaeqgcsinzd rvazgr-Q o 94-'ef team? Yoegnrgue I Could OCUZKYWGQIL 140-J 600'-Jcavw Gr: QM .--5 'Q-lfwax K-l6bLV'raJ.Je,d4MQ Caro-H0 C4 ua kt ,f qr eau- QCXLSXEQX, wuno, QQUUS' Room 1108 Mr. Livingston . FIRST ROW: G. Callander, N. Chiacchia, J. Blomquist, J. Connelly, P. Burke, , - U 2 I. Civetti, S. Carey, Burkha B. Callahan. SECOND ROW: R. Cohen, S. i Brown, Y. P. Lee, B. Bi o, . Leahy, P. Parnell, N. Bowen, L. Olson, P. Di- 'I' Z Domenico, M. Godino, D. Carusso, Mr. Livingston. THIRD ROW: J. Barry, P. Cardarelli, S. Bloom, M. Blumenthal, M. Cherney, M. Slater, R. Hershon, D. Ceclrone, D. Cline, R. Capello. . 2 - 1 Q I K Mrs. Saunders Englixb 0 mug . Room 1110 lNIrs. Moody Mrs. Bird . FIRST ROW: B. Bell, D. Monosson, D. Lee, C. Bucuvalas, B. Devorin, D. Bortla Englzrb J. Brown, D. Burke, C Carlino. SECOND ROXV: C. Barrett, D. Bonrlrt-au. R Cullman, C. Brinclley, P. Butler, E. Cuprak, -I. Bornas, S. Cain, M. Benson, B Case, Mrs. Moody. MISSING: tl. Boudreau, P. Lyons, S. Brennan, If. Booth. 6 vyv' . ."J"' 2 fl S s 1 ' 1 l mr," 551 , .lf I 'fi-If " 1 'Nz U 1. ,"f' Au' fx? . 4- M Ayn , A '91 if A tm If J . ,V Y Mr. Livingston Social Studiey Mrs. Martin u Social Sfudiey MISSING: Mrs. Lennox - ,f N. In ful D 1D"g- - ir, A- .f s K I V - -!L.N :jig j Q- -u32v...1'.If1. .QQML X., 6 , V X,-YQ ik Mr. Wanner Hiftory Mr. Jessup Bwyf' Physical Education w-.-',,,,...- 69 ring' ,iv M' Jef ,ff 1-HU" 00 000 9 LQ O H Y Barr House ' . to-'gifs ' . QQ 3 . . 'MI4 7 bv 1.1, Mrs. Killian Reading Clinit 'si . I Manson P. Hall H omemmfer 0:-. Mr. Fortune Bow' Playlical Education Mr. Haggerty Room 1204 Mr. Larry Rothman 1 FIRST ROW: G. Jacobson, P. LaRosee, K. Schpeiser, U. DeFilippis, T. Takayanagi. .1-N I SECOND ROW: D. Leventhal, M. Stone, J. Schutter, D. Coston, B. Simons, K. Bennett, G. Rieger, G. Goltsos, J. Ives. THIRD ROW: P. Spaulding, E. Siff, D. Solomon, J. Ostrow, C. Quinn, P. Fleming, N. Gorlinkle, R. Barry, J. Arsenian, A. Caliguri, S. Margolis. MISSING: R. Grethe, A. Jackson. Last Christmas Building I was almost destroyed once and for all due to the spirit and loyalty of Barry students. The large crowd in the Commons Room, responding to the music land movementsb of the Stompers, threatened to fall through to the Adams House Commons Room below when an un- identified but courageous house secretary emptied the crowd into the corridor. Actually, the floor was probably already weak, as the Barry House Commons Room is always full. With a TV set, twenty-odd couches, and two candy machines, it is a veritable mecca for students. House- master Batchelder has long maintained an enviable relationship with students. This year Mr. Hall, filling in for NEA President "Batch," has continued this relationship with considerable finesse, adding his own approach and ideas. Another reason for Barry's fine house spirit is its hard-working House Council. "The Barry House Council is concerned with every single kid," declared President Stacey Dorris in a special interview. One way they expressed this personal concern this year was by sending birthday greetings to every Barry-ite lucky enough to have his birthday during the school year. In the service department, Barry-ites volunteered fof courseb to police their stairways-unfortunately, the traffic jams on the gentle slopes of the halls re- ii-1. Mr. Elliot Social Studiw Mr. Brown Guidance Mr. Kelleher Englifh I tl I Room 1206 Mr. Kelleher FIRST ROW: H. Pactorris, L. Donalds, S. Pratt, D. O'Day, J. Mooney, A. Wlombaltlt, D. Marchoni, R. Moore. SECOND ROW: C. Buntin, Z. Connalli, I.. Nazzaro, T. Shapiro, K. I-Iarn, G. Wirnich, E. Smith, XB. Kaplan. THIRD ROW: K. Callahan, D. Horowitz. B. Snyder, -I. Gentile, J. Hennelly, S. Kulih, M. Hoffman, D. Spaulding, P. Cedrone, S. Vifinslow, P. Fuller. MISSING: B. Hyde. 2 if-e-. 122 sifl " 'U mained unchecked. Aside from the Student Day Ca new thing for Barry House this yearl the Council spent the rest of its time expending its concern for school to the outside world. With the profits from the candy machines and from the annual "Keys to Success" sale-keys marked "Barry House" are sold each year-the house adopted an orphan from over- seas. Also, the Co-op Committee held its annual Christmas Drive for the Home for Little Wanderers, collecting lollipops and fruit. The Barry House faculty is an energetic group of teachers in all subjects, many of whom are work- Mr. Beatty Library Room 1250 Mr. Walker FIRST ROW: pl. Arcese, P. Ratta, L. Marzilli, W. W.1lker, L. Patriacia, L. Rubin, I. Stiller. SECOND ROW: K. Solomon, D. Brass, G. Mueller, C. Mackay, E. Moriece, C. Brennan, J. Trumble, P. Green, L. Brass. THIRD ROVV: P. Goldstein, C. Landry, B. Wurzel, A. Golub, B. Iflartlord, H. Parad, P. Nelson, R. Leflwrberg, M. Loumos, VU. Mitchell, B. Leacu, S. 'W'einer, S. Tirro. MISS ING: D. Hall. Room 1248 Mrs. Lee FIRST ROW: D. Cook, M. Dood, E. Cormier, S. Werman, J. Rubin S. Fine, S. Gertman, E. Dwyer. SECOND ROW: P. Kaity, M. Feldman, M. Choroszy, P. Fried- man, A. Whitehead, J. Feinberg, D. Framer, N. Geegan, L. Fawson. THIRD ROW: D. Devaney, L. Dinner, R. Dery, N. Elliot, D. Dobler, R. Foster, R. Crowe, D. Goulding, W. Zimmer, S. Crosby, R. Moflie, F. Annese, J. Snow, J. Gray, P. Considine, W. Doucette. 1 Mr. Bower ... .A Engfffb F, , .. .,,.,.,Q-wg 2-'vPlv":e'eN-tgmv-Q-W-re--1111 "f"S"' V" "F" . Q A ' '71 ing on new curiculum developments in their fields. Thus the Barry House administration, working closely with its hard-working and loyal students and teachers, has developed a friendly and productive environment that makes Barry House a popular place. 1 Room 1202 Miss Krebs FIRST ROW: B. Tomb, R. Linn, E. Hallow, R. Murphy, S. Caccia, J. Di- liello. SECOND ROW: M. Prescott, S. Green, K. Gurcl, R. O'Connor, M. Guarciariello, J. Penning- ton, D. King, M. Kerns, M. Goldman. THIRD ROW: J. Hellman, M. Friedell, B. Fullington, R. Lamson, R. Sylvester, J. Larosee, L. King, L. Sch- wartz, A. Thomason, 1. Weaver, R. Weiss, -I. Kenyan. MISSING: S. Dolbler, S. Hall, S. Lynch, N. Polselli. Mrs. Solomont Mathematics Miss Fitzgerald Speech Climc 'WV 'T 1 . v I . ' - : X 5 . L- . .x. L. 1. 5 ' l if -:ii i L. . x-. 1 X .- fs,-N I ,m ,- - r 'I -4. nv--:,.f". YJFEILS. l , r , , . . , A-1 '- fxiwli--'Q . I A ye I-s,5f,, . I-. wus X. WJ ,QD Q G ,fd 1 L .1 1 -.' ' I ,hm uh 1 X, . -. 1, I, y,., Q . , .. . ' 'T' .. .4-l' . 'fi ' 2 1 Z. I ' Y- "' "- .. X' .4 , ' r . - -' - . I . . he 1 371. ' i 'V . 3,-1 , ' .. --r I --f -,' I 1 .' K -Q. 'l L. HQ ' , . .7 - '25 fa? 'W I 'I Lf as -1 , 1 , R 1' 0 ,R P . I 1 4' . I I ' f .41 ,Q - Mr. Propp Malbenzalicr , 1 I C .F Room 1256 Mr. Propp FIRST ROW: R. Carmen, V. Fieldman, A. Selby, S. Flagg, N. Finn, B. Rivas, E. Krzewick, G. Ferrera, D. Valletra, L. Aramian. SECOND ROW: E. Verducci, D. Cohen, A. Glass, M. Eibner, J. Fishman, C. Catapano, P. Greene, N. Comenirz, M. Dever. THIRD ROW: K. Greeley, P. St. Pierre, H. Hailey, B. Dichter, K. Muller, B. Tong, E. Drew, P. Krogsrud, B. St. Clair, S. Burns, K. Goodwin, S. Goldstein, G. Gershman, J. Sullivan. FOURTH ROW: J. Gorin, B. Dunn, B. Graceffa, A. Goldberg, P. Dumoulin, D. Currier. MISSING: P. Gill, S. Dardis. il is . 1 . . 'S fx Mr. Rosen Matbenzaiifi JK' ,juss-Q., of V' Mr. Shapiro Mathemalicr If x M ' ,lu ' i Mrs. Carpenter Mallnematicf 'J' Mr. C' unit r Cgflfj 7 C wh-1., hi 'QW Mrs. Kenney 6, S Mr. Freetlman G1xi.2'ar1cc' Seffetary Mr. Gaudet Language Room 1242 Mrs. Rosen FIRST ROW: J. Broderick, P. Elliot, J. Demsky, D. Celemente, J. Goldfarb, K. Fuiimari. SEC- OND ROW: G. Farber, K. Englund, C. Dunlap, R. DiBenedetto, M. Davis, D. Donovan, E. Pheeny, E. Budd, M, Dutltly. THIRD ROW: E. Clark, J. Conquest, G. Stewart, L. Tempe-sta, B. Diaz, W. Cronin, F. Cooney, S. Colantuono, W. Clayton, I-I. Fishkind, M. Eustis, D. Worth, D. Nazzaro, MISSING: W. Chen, L. Ciolfi, M. Lyons. .Ai 4-N Mr. Walker Englith Mr. Schwartz Social Studiex "WRU Room 1210 Mr. Elliot FIRST ROW: M. Marini, C. Nicolazzo, A. Kristal. SECOND ROW: B. Kotzen, C. Summers, D. Turnbull, A. Wom- boldt, A. McBurney, S. Merriam, M. Shaffman, V. Crosby, K. Brissette. THIRD ROW: T. Gilmore, R. Lowell, P. Lilly, J. Hurwitz, W. McMullen, R. Houghreling, J. Piselli, D. Gallagher, A. Grillo, R. Wilker, J. Stone, K. Rob- bins, D. Hoover. MISSING: M. Farrell, M. Shoul, E. Libby. if Mr. Pelton Guidance .1 Mr. Rothman Engliyb 1 ' f . ' "' A ij-7 ..f Q3 er... we ' , tx . Mrs. Lee Englifla Pl. . Room 1228 Mr. Fortune FIRST ROW: T. DiSario, R. Campisi, E. Hengoed, P. Lennon, K. Dealy, I.. Covington, D. Boyd, T. Browne, R. Lucente. SECOND ROW: S. Rooney, D. Bergantino, M. Cossaboom, D. Davenport, N. Siegel, F, Cedrone, C. Connor, T. Shelkan, C. Conti. THIRD ROW: Mr. Fortune, T. Clayman, -I. Cause, 1. Barisano, R. Crevoshay, B. Masters, R. Beckler, J. DeRusha, R. Brazier, M. Catapano, C. Donavan, J. DeSimone, P. Finsen. MISSING: M. Chasson, J. Kiley, C. Chanock, F. Colella, A. Ciocca. Miss Krebs Englirlo K 'A KX 'I -7 J Miss jewett Language Q-,,,.---2 ,wa ....f..-.-.7-v,....,.m" ,,..,...N.... , A V f 'ffnfffflflffifn C9 i G if! Ea ACQGIM T 022 41 S .......-H-..,h.,.,., ,,., ,... Q 6 X , Q cb LL X STQDEQT A f i !ff! y', W 3 ,ML M O Q KC E S .Fl ff Ani.-4" .-ff" 1, A7 J. fp . ff' PM ,rf , .mf ,,-HA" 'L If 1 'vw' ' 'JA .f fl ,,...m""' ' - ,-A ,-as .1.....-... .- A . 1 1 vmm I e. f 0 s . , l D 6 6 1 '. NE N -, 1 1 L 1 5-3 IG H 1 0 rlgfp X. ,M GWB F il A M ' ' I , f N'n'l:5 If rf,-'!v,,, AKII TR4, 'V sn 1 r K 'jf' ,gp mm Ni- f , f- J. , Ky' fe -' 4 1' ,,ff"'r ij' , ' fq vs 1 f"'sT,,'g-NWN ' . . 0 , W 'K-MM '- I "' if 1, , -X. it Q ., - E - H JVM: 7' A :FL we 1 Q ww if -I 'jp' ipvdggffr B riff? ri!,f F K . M ,MJ J " "?'Q'i---L lf" . ' g 5- V I I :ix vm' , . f ljfro-1fA A ws I ff wx. Q - ,- - f ,I lr 1 .hx -' 1 -I 'Y I 'riff' X yvf, 4 Ayr a., ,M 'Riff' l 5 , A 1 f vt' 'W I l- gd: . Y v ' . X . ' A + f ""'. 'Na ry' ' K. ' i up cs bmw Q A ,' My ff ww ,Q f 'W ' L"-. 1 2' W! I X ,,wzig"?mMwm .Nh 0 . V LUV' , v, NP H '77 ,1 ? f M. fi 'Xl Q, , , -W A-v"""' mm l Fill Beals House 'fl People like Beals House. An obvious proof is the number of clubs and staffs which choose Beals House , for their meeting place. At three PM., after the usual loclcer-hanging 2:-ii stampede thins out, Beals House settles into its normal after-school routine. On Mondays, for example, there are two meetings in the Commons Room: the Chess Club, which aside from occasional whoops of delight or sniclcers of triumph remains relatively still, and some NEW- TONIAN staff inevitably installed in a corner to run quite loudly the course between wordy arguments and fits of hysteria. A lackadaisical fNlL'Il'f07II.fc' editor saunters in-and out-while various teachers make their daily rounds from office to Commons Room to teachers' room. Across the hall a film is being shown, while the numerous 'lfvnffgbr-pi'i111.r editors proceed to tear apart the mimeograph machine in the Newton Plan Office. Upstairs, a Human Rights project ma- Mr' Richard Adams 1 U I Hozzfemarter terializes on one end of the hall, and the Nezzflmzzte flourishes on the other. In the house ofhce, still peaceful amidst all the activity, the secretaries finish T P 7 D Room 1508 Miss Bilezikian FIRST ROW: R. Searle, K. Scales, A. Kevorkian, P. Osborne. SECOND ROW: A. Smith, M. Mclienyie, K. Fitzgibbons, j. Breslau, A. Mechem, L. Taplin, j. Wolfe, M. Brooks, L. Hekler. THIRD RCDWQ A. Marchand, S. Levy, M. Joyce, G. Kaczynsk, M. Nolan, P. Stone, D. Levine, R. Sherman, P. Moskow, F. Goldstein, D. Railsback, j. Maroney. MISSING: J. Whelan, S. Winer. vm: Mrs. DiRusso Home Aide Room 1324 Mr. Barndt FIRST ROW: M. Conklin, D. Lawton, J. Shapiro, N. Green, J. Freedman, E. Furman, R. Roy, R. Cort, C. Harris. SEC- ON DROW: B. Houghton, 1. DeSua, R. Forte, P. Feldman, D. DeWolfe, D. DeWolfe, B. Fisher, S. Friedman, H. Finkle, P. Hannaford, I.. Franks. MISSING: P. Gil- man, S. Graves, J. Bliss, R. Gannon, J. Gatti, J. Gilman, R. Henry, R. Shapiro, T. Mc- Laughlin. up odds and ends and chat with the students in the Commons Room, while Housemaster Adams talks with the Council President about the next meeting. After three P.M. ten things can and do go on in Beals House in one afternoon. There are three good reasons for Beals' popularity: an understanding and orderly administration, a friendly faculty, and an open and informal relation- ship among students. Under the influence of House- master Adams, Beals House members reflect a real concern not only for fellow students and faculty, but also for the often forgotten workings of the outside world. Mr. Adams' interest in and cooperation with the House Council this year brought about several challenging programs centered around international affairs, especially concerning Vietnam. The Council itself participated in a people-to-people exchange of essays and papers to classes overseas, and many speak- ers, sponsored by various clubs, came to speak and debate in Beals House. The Council, under President Afohn Wfolpert, operated jointly with Barry House to invite Mr. Russell Johnson, a professor at Stanford and member of the American Friends Service Com- mittee, to speak on Vietnam at the first House as- sembly of the year. The Beals House Council Day in March boasted the senator from Massachusetts as Speaker, again on Vietnam, and was followed by a day of student-led discussions on the same topic. Of course, Beals members also initiated and at- tended some less serious minded projects. The Com- mons Room has been turned into an art gallery through the efforts of creative students. Kevin and the Echoes played at a house Christmas party at which most students were content to eat and watch a few uninhibited friends flail their arms in all di- rections. People were shocked to discover the loss of the Commons Room Coke machine in the fall, many reasons have been proposed, but we still await an official explanation . . . Coffee and doughnuts are still around, though. Beals was the first house to institute the now famous before school breakfasts. Mrs. DiRusso, Mrs. Aronson, and Miss Cox form a well organized, gracious office staff, Mr. Adams above all encourages a casual and peaceful atmos- phere even amidst the hustle and bustle. By handling red tape quickly and efficiently and spending more time with students and faculty, Mr. Adams has done much to make membership in Beals House a pleasant experience. Mrs. Levine Engliib 152 l"'lm Mr. Finn Social Studie! Mr. Clark Guidance Mr. Hollman Social Studiex Miss Cox Language 15' , 'f Room 1542 Miss Diemont FIRST ROW: J. Sifford, D. Qualters, J. Berman, B. Andrews, F. Swartz, J. Mas- sauro. SECOND ROW: L. Mazzola, M. Gelbloom, P. Sepinuck, K. O'Hara, E. Gold- stein, C. O'Conne1l, B. Case, J. Turner, J. Welti. THIRD ROW: E. Vachon, J. Fur- bush, J. Hyman, P. Lubin, J. McDonald, M. Gorenstein, S. Singer, P. Derubius, G. Gold- en. MISSING: C. Tocci. Y Mr. Jentz Englirh BV: Room 1544 Mr. Harrcr FIRST ROW: S. Roberts, J. Shuman, D. Warshaw, N. Wecker, P. Malone, K. XVL-inet, I.. Levinson, B. Sandler, M. Golden. SECOND ROW: A, Schichilone, B. Fllingwood. D. Mr- Carthy, D. Ireem, K. McLeod, S. Grinley, J. Schneider, J. Cupo, A. Jones, M. Deagle, XY. Pros- Cott. MISSING: M. Mannix, D. Smerling, D. Hussey, D. Jones. M. Lupo. l nfs 5 .7 i Mr. Mulcahey Edumiiorzal C0 multan! Mr. Harrer Engluh Room 1356 Mr. Finn FIRST ROW: S. Stefan, M. Ware, P. Leone, A. Krinsky, M. Morrison, P. Cosman, F. Pegnato, A. Pin- stein, R. Tennant. SECOND ROW: N. Pellows, M. Vito, J. Rose, D. Medalia, K. O'Loughlin, M. McMullen, P. Marini, R. Pigeon, P. Natsis. THIRD ROW: A. Walcott, P. Siegel, B. Rosen- felt, D. Levin, R. Herson, V. Salzman, A. Nowak, G. Lajoie, A. Sambucci, S. johnson, R. I-Iuling, W. Morse, A. Levin, U. Everett. MISSING1 P. Manson, F. Warren O. Onyanga, E. Roberts. 9 Z' NY' o' -I f"i ' j . ' A Y S. :ui '-i7Y'5" as QV' - 4' I -1 ' Room 1406 Mr. Bowman FIRST ROXY' I. Prince, ,I Hollis, VI. Devoy, A. Cucchi L. Gilbert, A. Gentile, R. Greenbaum. SECOND ROXY: E. Dol-zton, B. Hurst. M. Han- non, C. Gurry, M. Miskella. M. W'einer, C. White. D. Hyde. M. Floyd. THIRD ROYV: F, DeI.uCa. T. Maglese. E, Fisher, C. Smith, B. Yanco D. Davis, A. DiFog,2io. G. Fisher. K. Kelly. S. Gornne C. Hull, EI. Gentile, S. Dick- haut. MISSING: YI. Diamond R. Dezotell, KI. Grossman. 1 Room 1408 Mr. Ze-eb FIRST ROVV: B. I-lambro, B. Gilford. T. Dwyer. B. Antonellis. M. Kronrr. M. Hurwitz. A. Santucci. SECOND ROXY: I.. Farmer. I. Humnick. A. Greenlwtzrg. A. AI. Litwlwsvn. S Freedman, S. Doucette, D. DeRubeis. R. Folexi THIRD ROW' L Dsisiistiiiii Ii I-'nes R jepsen, C. Joyce, K. Lennon, C. Ht-mt-H, 1. Retain. R. .aptiinm-, o. iiiftiibtifi R irmtmi R. Donohue. Missmo. H. Hayes, E. idbmn. D. Kennedy. ' ' R' ' A A ' N 5 71 ss- S.- Room 1444 Mr. Hollman FIRST ROW: M. Simon, S. Rosendorf, T. Bloom, J. Schreider, N. Dwyer, H. Sanders. SECOND ROW: D. Ross, S. Hurray, L. Merslcy, J. jrnis, S. Patterson, M. Wein, N. Patterson, B. Magnanti, N. Peters. THIRD ROW: E..Oven, B. Thurston, D. Stoner, T. Mansfield, H. Levine, M. Olasky, C. Olivo, J. Silva, L. Geller, K. Rooney, L. Thompson, J. Wilkinson, B. Litman. MISSING: G. O'Donnell. dials in -...Qi A 1:05 .x .F Miss Massey Englifh Mr. Connelly Social Slzzdier Mr. Bowman Mathemalifr I I i l l l I l ...J Miss Wollan Englirb Room 1450 Miss Delmuth FIRST ROXY: XV. Miller, YV. Howe. M. GoIox'. K. Man- cuso, M. Kruger, M. Gold- man. AI. K.zIov.1nideS. SEC- OND ROXV: L. Doxvney. M. Hyde, D. Farina. S. Glick. B. Goodman. C. Richarii. H. Klein. M Gepharr. A. Oriiee. THIRD ROXY: R. Bemis. H Zimmerman, T. Leahy. D Levin. M. 592211. I, Hike-'.' I.. K.1Qp.1ri.m. E. Klein. If K.1mcrm.m. P. Curt. R Kahn A. Figzls. M DIGUIQL MISSING. B. Gilman. I Kessing. C. Reefs. 3 maxim r "' V J.- ww' ' df 1 Q 1 I w 1 . 5 4 YQ ' n 1 4' X . -:dy M-, E K Scsaw-',,wp',.j"' ,.,, . . In N X 4 , v e " 3 x J' V3 U 2 2 A959 bN.Q,bmm,f' ff ," V ..,--V--W , is Z., Y ,,. A440 ,I ' A 9 . ,M rv-'fn-x ' 1 in I - ,-"V X .VM X' R 4 ,J ' r , -'xxx 'I A ' jf, xswwxs. AIN-V.. . , ,F A ,fj 'l'-,M V '..:'f.. N 7 I . f v ' . XM' . F J' . f Az ' 1 u jr '. 1 A . ,ff 1 Q . f , r H 1' ' 5: , 9 i Flifaavj' 'S Sxism? I '-- ,xx ' if 'L E in :jf-Va Av vi" fx.. f' 1,. Q h . 'R ai! wx xi ,'- lj. R 4 IA. 5 S R.. 'Jiffy ,f ii Y 'll' L 3 A E Qi ' ff .LL 'ft' nf .X '7 lg Y ft gg e " '5 ' Ns. X W 2 7 5' YP I-gi N K fx y"-.fx X " X ' ' xl N. I ,za 4,4 l 1 4 1 ' 1 A v X Q , -, , .yy 1 wx - . , v N V, in 1 " .n V 2 , . , , , Y 1 , . A v x 1 X V . w -A N I' 1 i., X , XA 5 ll ' , K I X l v 1 xl V 4 , 1, X 3 l' 1 . ' 'xl' ', w 5 2 BQ I Q. K X., Y M QKKQV' S 5' Y x X 3 X 2 1 E H ' ii ,,1V x rv -1 3 1 N ,X II 'f "' 4 91 x R ,,4-1-"""'-'vi' I V," ,M , , x . -, 5 E lv' I Z L V H 1' 1 Ti .. 'X fn! L ,gl 1 'f' 2 f - 5 ' H xi P i A ,4 2 R Z 'E Q X 2 1 Z Q . D 3 3 . an , 'SEQ S . , 'Xp 'N ,, Y . 1 u K EX , 'EW H. '-"R ,-' . -2 , A .1 , L. 1 rs -, u nvv 7 - y -"'rf':- - l 1 .2 ,V I i . Y -' : V' K ' .J 1.1 .Q , 'DY A- V I 'i"- .f-...A -...U - '-E' vi: :.Ql9':4'4fv-rv -I. ,, 9:1 K- . . VX ..,g,' A i I N .., , 'Y V',,,-'f,,.qj,1,.--""'M,,,-- ,X f- , if f ,f MAG -AJ 'JW 4l..1u,, . 11.4 . x - X ' 4 c fm ,U L X r I ff: 5: v K' ap I f r .nA? I I 1 ,Q 4 - 1 In i I tl .' . fb It 'y 3 . il is. it Miss Helen Ryan Honsemaster -Q Bacon House To the unsuspecting Adams Houser, "Go to the office in Building S," might mean go to the main office, or possibly to the nurses' office, or Calthough it is doubtful? maybe even the boys' Gym office, if the student were an athlete. But the loyal Bacon Houser would without hesitation march on up to the third floor, walk to Miss Burke's smiling face, and, entranced by her beauty, ask her for a date. And boy, is he surprised when she looks him straight in the eye, says, "You're in trouble, if you can't tell me where you were last D-block," followed by a quick, "I guess Miss Ryan will see you now." The dismayed sinner trudges downcast in to see Miss Ryan, think- ing nevertheless, "What a way to go." This is what Bacon Housers call Tender Loving Care, and it is equally evident in their Cusually pleasant? dealings with Miss Ryan as well. In her second year as housemaster, Miss Ryan showed that she caught on fast to the job of making the three floors of Building 3 function as one house. This year, with Miss Ryan's help and Linder President Neil Dobro's leadership, Bacon House members were particularly active-the House bulletin board out- side the commons room indicates the large number of Baconites participating in the activities. The Sophomore Reception started off the year. Bacon House welcomed all sophomores with food-laden Mr. Boyle Mathematics 40 'I-vvwnn " tables and well-amplified music. Soon after came an Mr. Mitchell Business and Administration Room 31 5 Mr. Fraktman FIRST ROW: S. Andler P. Elitov, L. Salamone, S Hathaway, P. Harris, L Bergantino, D. Jones, B Baronowski, K. Ford. SEC- OND ROW: J. Gordon, J Tye, F. Arico, T. Pesco- solido, N. Boyle, R. Cot- ter, P. Cully, J. Hyman, P Tocci, C. Devery, E. Zim bel. MISSING: P. I-Ir kins. Mr. Gatley B035 Phyfical Education 142 UC Q.. Room 316 Mr. Cox FIRST ROW: M. Trowbridge, S. Sweetnam, P. Ryan, E. Tatelbaum, A. Soave, M. Vertuca, W. Wiltc,in, D. Wilker, C. Warshaver. SECOND ROW: C. Silver, S. Seligman, A. Sawyer, C. Rondina, D. Silverman, B. Purple, G. Powers, A. Shade, I. Spear, W. Rousseau, P. Roberts, B. Sonis. MISSING: L. White, L. Mazzola. all-school hootenanny, where Bacon House's Mr. Snyder starred as M.C. and quip-maker. The commons room, newy painted a cheery yellow to go with the hand-sewn curtains, is never big enough for Bacon House activities. For example, the highly-successful Christmas party filled the third floor corridor with dancing students and gaping teachers. The commons room was also turned into a breakfast cafe every month. Other activities included the sixth annual house talent show, which featured Baconites folk-singing and modern dancing, intra- mural basketball fBacon House lost only one game and won the house championshiplg and hopefully an all-school record hop with WBZ's Bruce Bradley as MC. All in all it was an active and successful year for Baconites even if they didn't get any dates with Miss Burke. It is amazing that without the ad- vantages of physical unity that some houses have, Bacon House is the strong unit that it is, indeed one of the most active and spirited houses. Iv. ..4 Room 317 Mrs. Levensohn FIRST ROXV: S. Civetti C. Ford, A. Toumayan V. Dagle, S. O'Connell G. Gordon, E. Hartel, S Preger, L. Kimmel. SEC- OND ROW: I.. Good- man, C. Glowacki, I. Kelley, D. Melanson, S. Carpenter, I. Morgan, M. Bogan, K. Ross, M. Lucenta, M. Swainson, M. Meyer. THIRD ROW: G. Nolan, P Gale, D. Dewsnap, F Bunick, R. lannuzzo, R Katseff. M. Weiss, C -Iohnson, D. Kaplan, K Stone. MISSING: T Vallely, I. Bizialc, M Hinds, C. Morrissey, V Samuel. Mrs. Goldberg English V "1 Mr. Bailey Mathematics' il, '3 Mr. Wax English Mr. Davis Language Room 558 Mr. Bailey FIRST ROW: P. Farrell C. Roby, B. Feldman, M Borteck, C. MCClosky, S Levine, M. Klyman, L Gradone, D. Levy. SEC- OND ROW: R. Walsh, S Shapiro, N. Cohen, V Siegle, L. Gersh, J. Rey nolds, P. Gordon, F Sivack, S. Raleigh, G Sloboda, M. Greenblatt, L Abbott, Mr. Bailey THIRD ROW: M. Dezo- tell, M. Schwartz, T. Kelly R. Anderson, A. Arnadei N. Epstein, J. INlavisaka lian, J. Brown, B. Skur nick, M. Cohen. MISS ING: R. Vincent, N Solomita. muse...-A.. -.....-...,...., , 7"""""1'4""l'!PlIvtwd'qawlwu-1 -..n.. -. .- . I I K ll-I!! 1 :QW .Q Mr,-, if. ex W A 'v A if in 6- , P I. Lf Mr. Fraktman Social Stzzdiei S A 1 wi' 1 'Q ,..-.- ' N .4 I -1 f 4. f Miss Marmot Language gl Mrs. Waters Arfzmzzzf Department Head-Language F. Xl Hn sts 'N 4, ,Q 'Q B Miss Finnerty Guzdance - -H , .'i'n-., L xA S-v ff: CU W' fXf VI Nfiw J' Room 329 Mr. Guzzi FIRST ROW: T. Ferrari, G. Castoldi, K. Kelleher, L. Wilkes, M. Kahn, O. Berczellar, A. Har- rer, E. Leahy, K. Konowitz. SEC- OND ROW: Mr. Guzzi, K. Mc- Gonigle, G. Jones, M. Collin, M. Martin, B. Bernstein, B. Smith, G. Copenhagen, J. Frenchette, K. Reiman, S. Wyman. THIRD ROW: J. Canty, R. Bickelman, B. Dornbuseh, P. Phelan, M. White- house, R. Davis, j. Stlos, D. Oren- berg. MISSING: E. Alkon, B. Baltimore, D. Beauvais, G. Stoelzel, W. Goodwin. My X ",5:,-gif?-f?fi'f ff ' 'i"i?5'?T' fav''...,. . . 5" 'v ' 'Xi v ES Q. fi'i'x"?'9,i i 'qgwi' ' gr". 'nn " f"f':"fT-.. w1.AeL ' f 29+ '4'f"7'45uC' W. . Qxacze,-1 " ' :' 1...w+- of mg- 3-Law Room 532 Mrs. Lewis FIRST ROW: G. Arpino, A. Boudreau, B. Tallo, C. Doherty, J. Layton, C. Duffy, A. Riskin, J. Elia, S. Frank. SECOND ROW: R. Antonellis, P. Boudreau, P. Putnam, J. Wolper. A. Carten, K. Pertersen, P. Caminos, D. Ahearn, V. Golla, P. Archon, J. Snider, N. Asch. THIRD ROW: G. Hunt, T. Cortens, S. Carter, W. Waters, A. Scott, H. Bronstein, R. Coen, A. Dietz, B. Tatelman, J. Burke. MISSINGZ, I. Adams, C. Terrio. UNL. Miss Bogie Language 'sf Mr. Cox Lazzglzage Mrs. Hecht Sofiaf Stlmjiiif 11? ,,, . ,u Llc fir Mrs. Rosen PH, Chu 'fl fi -M 'ig ' in R. 53-' Mrs. Hoff English Room 35 Miss Kervick FIRST ROXV: L. Small, A. Doris, B. Scrkin, P. Rufo, R. Short, D. Spooner, S. Slavet, F. Zarling, D. Vfircs. SECOND ROXXV R. Chiampa, E. Feldman. VI. Salvucci, C. Testa, S. Sheely, K. Barry, I Spivaclc, UI. Vifhalen. THIRD ROXV1 S. Vfhitchcad, K. Zahka, R. Fine, J. Zinn, C. W'ilcox, D. Nwelch, M. Pingree. MISSING: 1. Zakon, F. Wblfenden. ,..5.. W -Q cn, X FN Q1 ?""1 Mr. Marshall English gplwkl gs? on V06 65 U' XO +I 'C !.i.U,QgxfS6J lgosjykggs :Orb ed 4. logiwwelb bi Q T N X I qw? XMI . I 5. yy X S -1- J .J' ' . f' ' M-uf ijvzzf- -.Xa sa :Iwi ,. N I- QQ C W ,.-ifx ,X ,, A Vx It 1 n k S . -, V . I . ,At -, -V rw - - Q- ,,-- f- -xfff' . , .-V . .. C- r .41 - X, ,.. . ,tor , . -sf ,sh , ,, ,ff .,'w- . - , . x ' .1 -. ,--v ,f I ff . - 1 . r 'QT 0 in va' G., , , .... Y Nil. A-wrt-Q75-f .fri gsir. ef . -' 'S . -6-fig-'ggfi 'ff all gina.,-il' Room 321 Mr. Davis FIRST ROW: E. Tyler, J. Valente, B. Swiman, P. Campbell, J. Storer, A. Thompson, N. Rubin, C. Twigg. SECOND ROW: S. Spileos, D. Urban, J. Tobias, D. Runfola, R. Slater, M. Vincent, D. Tramontozzi, R. Chagnon, D. Sbordone, -I. Scichilone. THIRD ROW: R. Talkov, G. Smith, R. Steele, R. Stadlen, M. januszewsl-ci, R. Brothwell, D. Petersen, H. Shapero, R. Stone, A. Sooho, M. Santonastaso. MISSING: L. Rosen, S. Fitzgibbons. Mrs. Paluska Englirh Room 350 Mrs. Hoff FIRST ROW: R. Rosenfelt, B. Sidman, J. Young, D. Shapiro, G. Salemme, D. Sheehan, R. Rosenclorf, C. Major, B. Elliot. SECOND ROW: D. Wiest, R. Tobias, S. Ripley, K. Olinger, R. Murphy, J. Robson, C. Rothstein, L. Grintchenko, Mrs. Hoff THIRD ROW: J. Spear, J. Stearn, M. Vengrow, D. Westlund, B. McSweeny, M. Fagan, D. Sellers, R. Swerling, S. Toomey. MISSING: j. Smith, E. Sherman, K. Werner, M. O'Brien, E. Zamcheck. I mcg .095 wf1'f.x1--n.. -W - ,I , -'g,S,:'r:t:sA-747 ' ' Win? vii' 'f,-'l.QxQ:i'lr-1-:Nl X 'sq'-'-.4 'K I Q. ,ox ' V il gs s'--sw , . ...v . -:'.: h -,K C .,. y 212+ . I 411155-'Q-lf. -fy 'sf I - N' H.. -0 :Lf-on -R . '1 "':,7'Rx7r-' . . XY .f Q4 M ,,.-nv-1 Y ' ,.w in f ,X 4-Q' MISSING: Miss Pierce Language Room 528 Mrs. Goldberg FIRST ROW: R. Vitone, S. Sweet, J. Tom, L. Plamondon, j. Zises, P. Gor- don, D. Waldman, L. Rollins, L. Knoff. SECOND ROW: D. Howley, L. Wol- barshr, P. Olrich, S. Resh, D. Shuman, M. Furbush, M. White, R. Sacks, Mrs. Goldberg. THIRD ROW: R. Steinberg, R. Rosen, J. Barberio, S. Tanimoto, R. Howland. MISSING: G. Sutton, K. Hayes, S. Thompson. Miss Ryan H omemafter Mrs. Levenson Engliyla fun- Mr. Guzzi Pfyclaology .wg I in--" A-.1 X -5 4 5 . G 0 0 I. 9315.124 W ,..... ,..- 4. W J ' ' 4 O . ' 0 .L.,. -- f --f-F 5 ,,w,,.W,.4..,f Q 5 r 5 ' .. . -in ,. x, .. . 3 ,M ,, k - f ' . me -K-4-1-W - F I I ' K - ----ff. r . .. , W. I x V ,,,..-n . 1 1 " ' I ' W. In H X , I on VN fig ffl", -- -P ..............n.- ww -' ffm f ,L . l mg, Mun- ' xv- ,. K .f I ' -ff---away-.-vw-f.o'v-umm-.A Jn """' 'N -V., V . , n . .X ., n .WWA LM " J., N ., , V . . 9 fe ,. M., M A V-Aqi., .-4' 'C "'-. y 5 9 .mx ' A751-"' . , Y if-1--,-,,.,,,,4L..,,,,.,'i-21eeva:v1n.u.w..u--u..-n.av1-1.5.9-.vu1 1.14:-fwv.-4rwzf,,-,my-Q...A- - -W .... . .M ... .,Axf.,.wp..A.Q.L.,.n-. x.r.v..-+-...p-'.,,,.,x.,.,,,,,.,u ,,,,,,L,,,,,,A,4h.,J,w,MN,N -N, IAA, ,a.N,k,,.-,,,u.,,,,,,,,,,..,, V-. .,,, H, ,A vw nw- 1-1, - , -...., .y .Y . . Nw, ,f.,v.ff,.,.. ,Nu-.-.uf 'V 1 A ,. ..:.fs-W'--"'Nl-'V 'M X'-z,g.m,s,.' w:1.f,.Nn-f,1.n .Ax,.'..- , .,,,,, -1 ""'-" -- in,-,.1,,b,.1 M. -sw, . xx " -'M . VM- ' '-'ix X u . vx .N I X :W H K ' Hr l L 4' n . ,ff Q K . ,ff 1,1 . ...Wu-f .,- .'.n.,-f--- .fs-fwLmIsf"ff " v f ' ff 'I :is - n-wf-u-:nvur-,,y4u1vvvN'Hn-vpn-vw-vn.,,.,,,-, F If , a 43 1 4, . I I j I I- V , f ' f My I of ,af xv' wwf aff" A in ' ,N':4C'i!r51fev-:-urlwv... , ,,,,w""' .MQW une JW: nympl' lr . Wh, .-f ,P , ,x .Q Q . , F.. nm-......-f..,.w..., .A W' pn' ' 7 , '- . wg .Aw , ,.,..,f.1 ..,, ,,, , ' , .,N, ,4 Q Q -.,.,.-.h,,,,"f-ff:...t7 , 'Healy Q A pn' 'A """q2 vi? . , M.. Mfb , ' Wf-. ,-, TM rv' , ff' ::,,,5,,-1 . A .--" ' ' '- JZEZLQL . 1 A ' ' .-"7 "f" -, 1.' . - :.-' ff' M f N. iff v ,ff V .,4 .6 V V ,v,."" 'drrddlfne -4 -v.-1 nm.-.1 -. ,, ,MI Y 'V .ri if wh, Y. 1' II' 1 fm V11 .HJ ',.,v fr f' , " x.. , ,I Jimi' I . Y ,,ff,-..-' ZW! rl " ' 'N' --V . mf" , J- v ' - iw.-,y . 1' 4IJ',,f Jiri," V - - ' .u wnmwuunzqvmvnunnwanlgusfgxnnh 'J N, f"' I f' M " - , . , QW, , Q . , If .I .mnswvgyggq b -4,q.nrnw.- X - ff A ' I Y K ' 4, sf. 'fy , 2: a A .V . 1" ,jfs ' ' '. 5. 5 4 V L ...,Q4.4'3w?:4fv,-:f14.W4f5Q'E 3. .,., .., -. .. Q K ' ,...f-. N l . ' .........,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.,.,.. - V ' " . rf 1 ' dwgf' N'.:J'4'Z-'7'f "!'t1'Ql04' .Q If -- A - f..,.1- a' 'L-M" 2 "w.,,,,g,Q""" ,,,"'Y"f'?"iH9'Sv1l,, K' A 'W' lf -"' ' ' 'vw mamma- - ,.. ., , - , mm I 1-..-+, g...N .N-.-,.r. vfg.v,r,,,5pg,-,,,,.-.,.W vw . ,.,.,,...-,..m'?""x uma:-mf-..r U -L IJTTQL 4 ' Q . f I " J' au' ,i +x,,. . . I -3' ,Q , , Y - 4 .,,', - M.. ,ml-XM X -f' f """""""1'f-W-rs-4,-.xe1q. 1 4..,, x ' ""-M-' N16 Palmer A Palmer student, walking the halls on a faked pass, sees Mr. Gradone coming toward him from the other end of the hall, hurrying undoubtedly to one of many important summit conferences. The stu- dent, probably deeply insecure, gulps loudly, and after a frantic, fruitless search for shelter, begins to manu- facture alibis for his presence. He decides, "I was absent when they explained the rules for signing out of Studyf but before he can begin to salivate satis- factorily, Mr. Gradone stops, smiles, greets him by name, and begins a conversation. To the students surprise, his Housemaster knows not only his name, but also his special interests. The encounter is likely to have a profound effect on the student, making him feel like an important and responsible indi- vidual. This personalized feeling of importance is the reason for the institution of the house system, and in Palmer House this system works. The Palmer House Council amply justifies Mr. Gradones trust in his students. Under President Ted Kelly, the council put on a house talent show, they had doughnut and coffee sales every other week in X-Block, and they ran bake sales to pay for the new blue fiberglass drapes in the Commons Room. They also hope to give S200 to the Peabody Home, twice the amount given in past years. Students re- sponse to Council activities has been good, and the council has some courageous plans for the cafeteria waiting. The teachers in Palmer House add to its diversity and interest. Walking down the corridor of the C3 M R935 9,9 -an-F'- Mr. Michael Gradone H omemarter Room 224 Mrs. Watz FIRST ROW: B. Morse, L. Seltzer, L. Maxwell, N. Lockwood, N. MacNevin, E. Myers. SECOND ROW: A. Mavisakalian, ul. Connolly, C. King, J. Lupo, M. Lundquist, M. Kendrick, J. Lombardi, T. Pellegrini, G. Micley. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Watz, C. Peattie, H. Rose, -I. Gentile, C. Laning, T. Boyland, A. Magni, G. jones, R. Narcus, J. Neely, B. Kelly, H. Kennedy, A. Nardone. FOURTH ROW R. Prague, R. Newis, R. Seddon, R . Webb, K. Donnellan, J. Kennedy, M. Maguire, D. Ruthardt, N. McCallion. MISSING: B. Price, L. Moscato, 1. Mason, R. Brooke. Mrs. Warz English Room 227 Miss Cronen FIRST ROW: W. Dorfman, A. Kostant, M. Wolf, L. Jacobs, J. Medalia, P. Rubenstein. SEC- OND ROW: A. Perelli, P. Mager, R. Henessey, L. Ludwin, A. Barron, J. Glick, A. Blauer, I-I. Fox, L. Roberts. THIRD ROW: D. Miller, D. Frances, R. Cohen, K. Borison, R. Tobin, P. Garfinkle, J. Mofiie, ?. Frattaroli, M. Blank. FOURTH ROW: H. Sholkin, F. Medlar, E. Benjamin, W. Feldberg, T. Deluca. MISSING: D. Yarossi. 22'-lfgn-- . :Yiwu KD' 1 X Mr. Papa English L. if r ,Q G .Tlx ' A E . . I 4' 1 2333 ., ' .3 A, as g l N Q r.s:t?E4 . y , f LIL, x'i1'g-335 . , u ,HV V532 If . Y Q., '. V1 .Ygff " ' ".., 1' -1 I Aff. I Y" S'2'.7":Tf- sf?" 1-S 4' .. ' . A ' ., I H " Z.. fi ' . - -1 M V ' af, L.. fi'-15,3 ' :+- - Q ' S' " " ' ..f.'.fV"l" Q -. .1 , 1 . 11: - . . .,,,..'N'1a . .5 , .. ' Eff? ' 'J . .'- ' fgaggfg. 5' 1 A , f. . 1 ' I E ',a ' ,Q - 5352.4 v .. "1 I 'R' z of-1 QL" 3 'Lf Q vi' I A .fig 6 f. . I + h -A v Mr. Giekie Science i COLLEGE i' 'T M! 1 Room 2505 Mrs. Goctze FIRST ROXY1 A. Chlnn. D. Bm':xrnirIc. SIIOND RUXY' N. Long, M. Ixurw C'ucinotr.1. G. ScIuxIm.m. GliaI4m.m. P. I..1sIcu'. Marino, D. Cllarrk. C IiIrr.1I4 THIRD ROXY: P. M. nr 1. X I I., zum. KI, C. T.1pI1:1. I C. MQKL-nm. I. Gillespie. XY. Iulmson. 'vm Turungian. Ii. D1'I1Li'Ifl'. S. E Fine. IfOI'R'I'II Row I Rivuwli, 5. Iirrkrumm. Ix Iv I1 MISSING I.. I'r'rr.a.a.m1 . X1 Leone. 'I-415' lv. 5 .ls I ,lf . J l ' :- . .Yi I uri, I .. . NT? . ws. .?' 4 P H-557 sn. 'ij ... Z Mr. Sanders Srience Room 2314 Mr. Jackson FIRST ROXV1 J. lNlnrrcnson, M. Shun, H. Smith, CI. Marini, A. lN'Iycrson. McWilliams, M. Carcv, I.. Mcfflary, J. Segal. SFCQOND ROYV: Mr. Jaclcwn, P. Bourlrcau, D. Rcvnlflrls, CQ. Linron, M. Mc- Larrlw, I.. Rak, A. I.l1L.1rrIic, S. l'IcuIc'r. THIRD ROXVZ P. Ncwxngnn. S. Suvct, D. Pro- fopifn, M Papa. M. Mzllzilll. INIISSINI 3' R. Sacks. P G2IIlXfL'.Ill, M. Salvtr, I.. INIC- Guvrrn, V. Millrr. Room 231 Mr. Flink FIRST ROW: J. I-Iunson, H. Wong, K. Starr, M. Hershkovitz. SECOND ROW: P. Moriarty, J. Russo, E. Siskind, P. Fanning, S. Ryan, M. Gerson, M. Cohen, P. Brandon, L. Platt. THIRD ROW: Mr. Flink, E. Malins, R. Bori- son, P. Jennings, N. Silberman, R. Berman, J. Flanagan. MISSING: P. Gold. -war' Mr. Jackson Science Mr. Wells Science Mr. Wiest Driz'er'f Education L5 ""X C 'S Mrs. Rice Science xx 4 -ai' - i,',f"f, i,"'zz?19yz-'ff'-vy..,..a V -1 'S it Q... ., X M .4 g Vx,z , , K - "Mig, x if A3434 1 Miss Brillante Home Ecmmmicr Mrs. Hansen Science Arrirtant ffl' Vx... M. wi. X - Qnkwpv M, I Mrs. Zivic Home Econmnicr third floor annex Cif you can find ith you will find yourself in a world of test tubes, large coke cases Cconverted of course to scientific purposesl, and the smell of formaldehyde. These are signs that you have reached the NHS science department, all of which is in Palmer House. Downstairs, the strange smell disappears and the air is filled instead with the strange chants in French, Spanish, German, and Russian, and lduring Mrs. Ebb's many verbal exchanges with rowdy lin- guists? English The Language Lab is another indica- tion of Palmer's diversity-In Palmer House scien- tists, linguists, business majors, and English scholars work side by side. The interesting and diverse nature of Palmers teachers is illustrated by the fact that most of them travel for study in the summer. Mr. Ronayne Bmw' Pliuirrzl Edlzcatifm A '- ' a 7.5 3,-fy. Q7,5:f",iW'-' T if .. J. I I fy- . . , , fi 'gi A' ' .. 'J g .li Aff? 1 f- . a af J' 'ts , , C , , v ' J , g,"1'i..ibT' if e 1- Ll f li , .-A -. -.rin . tl , r ' 'ns' ' l- I' Y ' . . ' - A l- . -Q. ' ik' . J . ,., .-eta rf T- ' ' . "' .: f f - -1 1 ,-f ,L 1' h u .- .l N . t yy : . - i rs Q , Mis. L.. i ' I wa. f,::'- iii 1 !f'v4.' sh 7 fl , 'f c, , .- U Q, X.Q'2' A qfjfxl. t V' ,-.M X 1 lt tsl' 'ml , my . I x i , ,": tr ' Ai H I Q' if ' r L x, 'gl' FF Xl' I L .. K X' li .lj I Y . If Q 6 1 . . .C gd 1 :C Mr. Hanson Sczerzfe Room 2315 Mr. Dunham FIRST ROW: J. Hazelton, B. Piken, M. Rosenbloom, P. Presson, L. Prell, M. Shapiro, G. Parker. SECOND ROW: S. O'NeiI, C. Morgan, L. Neptune, H. Miller, D. Roby, C. Clifton, C. Norclbeck, B. McCarthy, S. McKenna. THIRD ROW: R. Martin, j. McEvoy, R. Sarvin, D. Seeglitz, N. Simms, S. S. Harris, K. McNamara, B. Pruett, S. Russell, S. Rubin, A. Rosenberg. MISS- ING: S. Santilhano, N. Norcross. Miss Cooney Home Eforzfmzzrs Room 258 Mr. Drury FIRST ROXXI: H. I.ichtin, N. Coletti. SFCOND ROW: D. Campisi, M. Reardon, A. Saldinger, il. Flkan, B. DeMaio, F. Bloch, Cr. Bartley, P. Stefaniak, S. Loughlin. THIRD ROW: Mr. Drury, I. Burns, P. Krtnavos, D. Anderson, 1. Secuntla, R. Terenzio, M. Schwabe, K. Appel, P. Colby. CFIOULRTH ROXXV D. Rome, R. Vello, P. Lyrlon, V. Forte, E. Singer, J. Anderson. MISSING: L. uc . McLeod, D. Nazzaro, D. Russo. FOURTH ROW: B. McLatchy, R. Prince, Cn w A L.:-4 Miss Brahm Guidance Miss Mancini Counrelor for non-Englirh :peaking Jtudentr P' 0-I-I Eva 'N 0 UN Mr. Dunham Mathematics ,4 Qs- Mrs. Cassidy H ouxe Secretary 45. r f, Q - cifif: "1 f QF 5, is f , Q 1 Mrs. Leone Home Aide 'N-.W ' Dsfi X 4 Mex s ..f""", V 1,4 Y-, Miss Logan K Guidance ,- Mrs. LeCIair Guidance Miss Smirs Scwnce I fx. ,ask 1 l ,1 J, ' f -r .41 A ,I 0 ,H ,di sf? -us I IES..-....M,..., .gs .-...vw ,, l Mr. Clark Language Z' QQ!! Mrs. Pearson Englirb 'J Mrs. Royovin Special Auirtant f vi' Al 'EF 1 ' es- F' Mr. Wiper Science Mr. Tempest Science ig .yqmmm Mr. Dittman Sczence Room 2316 Mrs. Neufeld Omer ROW' C H -' M. ' SW6e 113riug2Z1,nDH5h:s1?i2?eggEnIYT Lgaigfklla, P, Sp COND G, RQSQQI 1- Mlfgwef K-'sl' Pelligfily' B' gjarisif Jafar S'I P?5ZdN'TRgseI:: F' Mille? egal, Nf N- Rosenb HIRD ROIURTH, RA' Sero 91-lion R gg' J aeigh, A OW: mc , 'R' ifke' lcv, C, 5al3.R0bert5 Medggyschurir mger. Mlsslgagdally fa,R D. : K MO Cm- ' Wka. Q ,-11, ' www , 'f an 5 s +22 '-Qvrdvw UW, ,, ' ' J 71 'W' - ' ,,, ,ff ' ,nt S Q 25 S fi e I .4 ' ' 'inn-,N . +,, . V, 1 ,,. g5f',""' LgngIl5'I!'S. 86 Laborgfory WOWW 30447 9 3 . L Did you we QAM ac I LOTYHXKZ. Newton Yhggh Shana wuh yum pmvm- thc- rwponxxl-Atty im dawn-Xopmg your niandafds uf yixmd kaSlv and vhwxlxhnukf m pursungd appvnrancr. UXYKS are fxpvctm-6 in v-vm' Ll ATCs-S, ur a A-xrk muh wneuxcv or Nouxcp shunb or Aan-Lf me mn gn-ummm--d, Buy? Nm-'Ad x-.L-at hw-.g trnu:--'rs tx, dungaveesh and ax SNR Umm X--Mx haw a cowu' and xs tucked WL Th- x.-Hx-vuX dxfx--':x.n:4-5 uxxuwugd amd 1-:win fad- xxx dn-Ns w-Y ham AEM' and xx-.YL an-E, 5.--xx Ku nmdxiy yvhvr um ai. m nip 3mXg,xnuxt, YOU! ay-pcaranw P wMw- um yn-IM-A guuxxl Rush' :UNK xM'ixfX'XHXv-N. A . 3" Af RX xxmk- hw dvwdwfp puwprr -Xzmdm'd- uf Xmkh appcsuanrv and cmxdxfd. 3 fue sdwm x'mgw,:m':,e- the ngw wi an x1xdAxxuXuaX in hx, uwn ua-wg veunuf :Sa - thw-c -tnudmds. 'Yhv schm-X mdk xnkv olhrxak and somvmm-3 nhirxN1nBf5- 1, xxrlum whvn xi fu-Ks than zx vu.xmXvxxXG aim-.v ni hw xndwxdxxsd ru:hvM'w1N'- ' xx dx-dvuctkmx Ku dw rx-at of Un- sum--u1MvKS J A ,, Ui' .. N 3 Q , 1 , ' , . . A 3 x '- U "L v b . - I .,,c sh v O -1 .- 5 1 4 If Nr .ju C H H v,,,,m Q, s I Q 9 i. .KA 44" 313 If QF? .3 if 1 lf ,4 '0 Mrs. Goctzc Sfience ff f 1 ' FIULL lf M-Q Room 236 Mr. Wiper FIRST ROVU: I Dickhaut, KI. Watscmn, K. Burns. SECOND ROW: M. Porter, S. I-Iyfer, C. Friedman, I.. Brilliant, D. Kirvcn, M. Chernis, L. Panaggio, K, Remar, W. Boyd. THIRD ROW: VI. Magni, J. Lampcrt, B. Friedman, LI. Dobler, -I. Lochiarto, P. Larosce, A. Frank, S. Brodie, B. Glovsky, M. Fruirman. FGURTH ROXW: R. Rich, R. Rizzo, F. Costello, G. Hay, C. Wcaoilriifl, MISSING: S. Rohscnow. 3 Miss Shal-cis Social Studie: X 4 f I 4 L. 33' "gif: El Mr. Drury Sciwlrc 'S W5 , . - I , 'Qu .A 2 . .l , :wif f Mrs. Neufeld Language I. g 'ij' svrx I 1' I I . :.. TEH-5 I ' 3 . . -1 Miss Alteri 1 A Bufinefs 47' e ' 'fff',, la ' Iv D lll in f X ,. , . I? Qui lff .. A u' ' .ff 'QN Ellen Berman Copy Ellen Segal Data fd' '17 a J A I' Gerald Maxwell Editor M T0 diton' ual ' -an fn.-.annul 1 Mr. Rossi Adriror Ruth Morse Arfirianl Editm Pam Nabseth Layoui Carla Ware fl Howard Sherman Adzfertiring l' unnam- V I 'V' . ,. ww . I' f Dick Blazar Sportr Mark Snyder Sportr ,7yW,,1:,,Y?? ., D.. Mr. Zeeb Literary Ad 1'i5Of Doug Levinson Literary Lesley Savitz 4 Burineu Manager I -. 1 ,aw ell 'wx V7 .JF , Stephen ,Iigger Gozerfzment 1 v lx 1 . I 1 . " Marx in Krakow if I., -- C'it'4'i1!l.1!io7z ' " , ,fr I . ' r May Chen Anirtarzt Literary All EJ .A wg 'IS "li --K Q Lin Yee Arrirtant Feature Laura Kaplan Feature 'R' -1 Gerald Hartsrone Tech High Charles Wayne Photography Charles Grabau Photography Coordinator 1-.-,,..,, M.. . A. W l 1 5 ,..,. Y.,--1-rv l . I M I Q, ' H W. ,.,4 - ,, , A L! ff-'M' g X s,.-o"".v-.-v'..-,,.A....,.,.,. ,'J'AfF,v'A,,-aka, ,. 'A E J,Mw"M,,..-""EEmhT6 L' qdwM0,.N,,,.-ww'f"" "mv t.!1 X 1 ',.,!,-ff' WNW Ig I 1 is of-1 N5 0 . f f 1 y Q0 gpknf' 9 , i fn - 1 lx 'J ""--M-1---. . .., ,. N f foo wx Q i MJD 9 i ff 1 JM YHA'-6. 0 6 I Z "WA ' 0 Q A "H I V Q!! ,I X -...up-I-f .. H, ,Wm JN ? S? F' z EQ' G4 ? r 1: Q 'N I A V' , L.A, Q f, ii 1 3 N 1 "'Q1-...Wu I s f P, Q oc. Q m,,.-"Q"g I 6 Q a I WL . N5 g,,,,MM""' H Q A 1 1 , . MM., X 4 xvi qua Q . A ASHIM4 'faq' , M1-sw I QYLONX ffw x0Of QSM! 0 N92 YW www' LBA? ' -x ZQTWZ. UZ' Quzv A'-5 'bl' AESEMCL. QAIZDS xxMLL. lit: CHO SCA! ,gy 1 NA, CHAAJLL, Mfyy- ,Nad Aww F-auofwy ,q,2',S.5. X504 fav Ka :JA C9 Y 8 n,,r-41"-""'K'-"" -" - --,.-,- ' 'F' ' , 0 0 0 7 7 ' ' LA Qjiifiimwf h:v K+ A.V .' .H .,,,A qw L' 3 'K A c6W ff ' X,gc."f ' WM 1 "M ' uw . .V I M K, :' K an eq -P A1 ' " Y I - Riley House According to Riley Housemaster Miss johnson, the purpose of the house is "to help every individual with as many problems as we possibly can to make him a happy individual." ln Riley House two methods are used in striving toward this goal. The first is individual attention-Miss johnson is always available and she spends a considerable amount of her time talking with individuals and using all the resources available to the housemaster in making herself as helpful as possible. The second method is a varied program of house activities. Riley House has regular monthly "coffee houses," and the money from these and from cake sales is given to the Newton Christmas Fund to buy baskets of food and clothing for the needy. Many students participate in this service project-Miss johnson calls them "the best ever." Other special projects include distribution of a monthly "Who's Wlitu in Riley House" to all homerooms, and holding teas for organizations that give scholarships to NHS seniors. Miss johnson emphasizes, however, that Riley House social activities are held primarily "just to be social," not to raise money. sap 5 twirl? Miss johnson H ozzremarter Mrs. Chartier House Secretary W Mrs. Boyd Home Aide N .nf .. ... ., u LQ il' gl- li. J Mr. Stark Guidance Room 2102 Mr. Lindberg FIRST ROW: S. Hendricken, F. MacDonald, S. Keefe, D. Hagar A. Lepie, E. Kufila, E. McCann. SECOND ROW: Mr. Lindberg, S. Kimnack, A. Gordan, N. Levison, D. Halliday, E. Landry I. Keddy, R. Lyons, A. Gentile I'. Lannigan, L. Magarian. FHIRD ROW: M. Meehan, D. Vfatheson, C. Mazzola, L. De- Qicata, R. Ray, 1. MacQuarrie, G. -Iartman, P. Ward, J. Landa, D. Wilson, H. Chickoway, P. Mur- mhy, P. Magni, E. Nierman, R. ilood. 1 I '--1- f :asf . lf. -, Room 2208 Miss Sarandis FIRST ROW: S. Landry, D. MacKowsl:y, N. Bielsky, D. Stone, P. Magnuson, D. Johnson, D. Hellerstien. SECOND ROW: Miss Sarandis, M. Laird, J. Horner, D. Blair, L. Harmon, D. Jensky, S. Hunt, N. Diamond, M. Brown, B. Hindman, J. Le- brun. THIRD ROW: M. Mor- rissey, P. Tinker, S. Lappen, R. Horrigan, E. McMahon, W. Houston, R. Sonia, R. Leahy, E. York, M. Lande, G. Morgenthau, D. Parker, H. Model. Q ll wtf? nf' Mr. Cobb Mzuic Mr. Ferguson Social Studie! 919' G- -- -he In :'f 'l Sola I I2 eff, Another aspect of the House activities is the assembly program. The first assembly was a concert by the University of Massachusetts Band. Other as- semblies were a fashion show for girls, a lecture on Nigeria by Flton Fox fNewton has been helping Nigerian schools in conjunction with Harvardl. and a presentation by the Craftsman Guild of the Fisher Body Corporation for boys in all houses and Tech High. One of Riley Houses more noticeable sections is the Music Department. If one should venture toward Building II during any E-block, one usually could hear the strains of anything from a Mozart symphony to a Sousa march. Team teaching techniques are ex- emplified here, as six "floating" teachers combine their varied skills to make Riley the most melodious house in the school. Riley is also the home of the Tiger Cage, both football captains, one-third of the soccer team, the presidents of the Student Council and the Senior Class Committee, AND FOUR NIIXW- TONIAN EDITORS! f - i I u v Room 219 Mr. Satlak FIRST ROW: T. Kellermann, A. Michael, QI. Levy, D. Manin, S. Levine, B. Michealson, A. Lown SECOND ROXYJ: I.. Iepsen, G Spaulding, M. Mack, L. Marino, N. Osterberg, M. Moore, M Mcfiann. A. Langill, P. Iefierson. THIRD ROXX7: S. Mouser, G. Vlones, S. Leahy, WI. Powers, D Press, If Irwin, XV. Purple, D. P.-ssaretti, M. Mother, P. Mullen A. Ilabinowitz, T. Lilly. MISS- ING: D. Milligan. a .'1"TX-.. Room 218 Mr. Stephens FIRST ROW: S. Gallant, R. Prince, W. Kaplna, R. Lebo- vich, T. Panzera, N. Gurin, D. Wooten, P. Katsines. SECOND ROW: J. Kovacs, G. Gallo, J. Bishop, S. Kelly, L. Keough, N. Hochberg, M. Kennedy, N. Hallet, L. Stone, J. Rizza. THIRD ROW: J. Perry, E. Marotta, C. Levin, L. Milesky, F. Gurd, D. Mc- Williams, B. Malton, J. Greenman, S. Tartar, II. Kaza, W. Mackie, P. Hartel, F. Stuart. MISSING: S. Baker, L. Lansed, H. Leeper. an IZ Miss Kinney Girls' Pbyricu! Education ,aff .1 W 1- 1. v 1 ' 13' I 1 Q06 0 0 0 N C , I rw XJ! Mr. Bresnahan Language Room 212 Mr. Andrews FIRST ROW: F. Proia, T. Keene, A. Cameraro, J. Odo, J. Crosby, G. Tramantozzi, J. Kra- kow, N. Silverman. SECOND ROW: C. Boyd, C. DeSimone, K. Burnap, J. Brillant, S. Conant, I. White, P. Soave, E. Plendl, R. Marcus. THIRD ROW: Mr. Andrews, J. Homsy, K. Bell, J. Butt, D. Cotton, R. Higgins, S. Lieb, P. Londo, K. Olsick, J. Weinberg, D. Colantonio, B. Secord, D. Belsanti. MISSING: L. Antoniades, A. Rosenthal. Q . Mr. Lasker Mznic fi gl. 53 Q65 H Room 2209 Mrs. Nolan FIRST ROW: C. Gazarian, E. Stamps, E. Huminik, S. Ber- man, E. Beard, M. Daley, J. Barden. SECOND ROWY V. Ross, C. Hallgren, I-. Vizakis, I. Kiley. D. I-Iowe, N. Melan- son, B. Rissman, R. Weiner, C. DiPaolo, T. Harrington, Mrs. Nolan. THIRD ROW: B. Cogan, R. Bickford, P. Heggoy, P. Rosenberg, 1. Black, A. Alphing. G. Butlers, D. Mac- leod, R. Balk, L. Branzberg, R. Hartford, E. Kleiman, L. Bloch, S. Rose. MISSING: S. Gerson. . f'14'fY '. fs' lt . .TT :Y If i " .L F . . . rl' N 171, I 4.--I In X , .,.., L Q R 6 I". X C. 1 Mrs. Huss Englixh G ' .....--..-- 1..g.1i..-.- C 'n Ki! Y ' t l 1 5 ZA , I rwfif S I Room 2105 Mrs. Huss FIRST ROW: C. Wooten, S. Fray, L. Stacltmore, B. Schwab, W. Radin, M. Matherwiez, D. McNamara, M. Kelly, J. Wight- man. SECOND ROW: P. An- tonellis, T. Chin, V. Aitchinson, S. Nissenbaum, A. Platkin, M. Xydeas, M. Gilman, D. Van Why, M. Costa, J. White. THIRD ROW: P. Lucas, R. Seeley, D. Gardner, K. Meyer, L. Mayer, E. Butts, B. Sullivan, D. Farnsworth, M. Kozlonslci, R. Benn, S. Jacobs, K. Sullivan, D. Siegel, S. Volpe, K. Chais- son, A. Yarassi. MISSING: R. Frager, D. Chase. Mr. Antl rews Social Stzzdief Room 2207 Mr. Neary FIRST ROW7: J. Rothenberg, R. 'l4c'rrio, T. Wellftnrtl, S. llenry, K, Fcrguwn, B. Aronie, S. Angoff. SECOND ROW: Mr. Nt-ary, S. Young, L. Hantller, D. DiBenecletto, S. Currier, XV. Prcsson, M. Gold- smith, C Sims, R. Rissman, A. llippgls. N. Vassolatti. THIRD ROW' ,l. Berczellcr, P. Nai-, R. Antonellis, l. Hart, K. lncolvstm, M. Cahill, T. llull, D. Cahoon, VI. Ziergiebel U Bt-rtsrh, A. Cameron, R. Vit-ltlcn, K. Prince, QI. Blal-tcney. MISSING. R. Gordon, R. Molt- vcn. M. Xvalsh. 1 01211 S fY'Y'N- svn Q t' 4 nt f -1 Mr. Boyle Erzglixb O. 'fn -tb .gmgx Miss Sarandis Bufzneu , V K N 'wi 1 . .sy Mn. 4 . " X , 5 I , Y ff, 'n '5 f 'M 1 1 ' Q . Mr. Stephens Matlaemaiicy sl Miss Seaver Music H, MM A. is, 1 x fn r 74:4 L SM I .4 5. 4. 1,5 , s Q7' SA, Mr. Lindberg Slifidl Sfudiey 1' lv, x v W. Miss Caram Bzuznefx 0 -4 2:9 s,, 'u KQH ' Mr. Lahev Mathematics .47 cv Mr. Neary 'Y' -C? , I-'F 'I' QQ., r. il . , J? -if , f' fffQfg2?, ,E , , 3 'C lf J Q I J l Mrs. Ford Mathematic! Mrs. Nolan Banners Sf ,""45f Mr. Gallagher Social Studie: s.-fy ix ,. 'fly' rf' 'b If '- Buyinexs Mrs Reznick Banness Mr. Chalmers ' Bayineu 1- v L 1 . ,ff be ,4- ".--1 N. Skating at Bullough's Pond G.B.I. All-Stars, Marty Clapton Kevin McLatchy and Kim Britt ' R x-..-g1"Ni ii? 5 Winter Carnival Q 322+ , , N19 E WTD on! I z , 0 b If M an If 3 0 5 J .J Q , , f-ff' QCD 'gtg-nab I W -ulrN""""fg,e.z ,,,.,p.n-aww A-W 'I C'T"'M 7,41 X, ,.,l2i! ,:.,. A 'gn X ff .ff ,e ' QV 1 K! it? 1 f ff? ' 1 0 o 240 3 Qfz 0 0 qua 0 gud' + 2 so' N ,.,-w'A"""w I .f"'f,'-0,'w'U M. ,jA,.. K - f jf LJ , fi , f f V K f f f 9' 7. 1. " fy 5' A :,:,, ...-My ' 'Fm f "',."-ff Tech High Q Mr. Braun Director Technical High Nl .r"""' M r. Thompson -.,q,,., ,qw-vw rv" Mr. Penta Auiftant Director 13-73? Y, 1 Miss. I-Iornbcck Secretary Guidance 3 Mrs. Sadler Sf't'fG'fr1f1' 'cl 5331 ' I 1 i It is a well-known fact that Newton High School would lliterallyi fall apart without Tech High. Who fixes the lights, clocks, microphones, and televisions when they break? Wfho prints the history course materials. and most school department publications? XVho made the Kennedy Book Shelf? Who fixes Mr. Zeebs car when it breaks down? The answer in all of these cases is, boys from the various Tech Shops. Thc work they do around the school is only a small part of the Tech program, students alternate l week of classes and l week of shop work, so they receive regular high school diplomas in addition to Tech High diplomas for their intensive instruction in one of eight trades. The work done for the school system is merely a way of adding meaning to the trade courses by showing the students the value of their work. Thus Tech students, the only group in the school who have largely decided on their careers, are already able to work and contribute to their school and community. Like all of Newton High, Tech High is always expanding and changing. This year, for example, automatic transmission work was added to the auto course, and two new lifts were purchased to help handle the increase in transmission work. A more momentous change is in the making for 1967. There are plans for oHicially merging the high school and Tech High, so that students majoring in trades will be better able to take advantage of the high school's facilities Cfor example, co-ed classesl. Also, Tech courses will be available to students in the high school. At present, Tech students do take some regular courses in the high school, and there are two Tech courses open to high school students: Electron- ics and Automobile. Another interesting aspect of the Tech program is the two-year post graduate course available to those who want to study their trades further after graduation. A 9 "" '05 Printing Department Mr. Mangan, Mr. Repucci, Mr. Moore FIRST ROW: R. Morrison. -I. Marchese, R. Leary, P. MacDonald, J. Regan, R. Secord, T. Notartomaso, J. Martin, R. Yeradi. SECOND ROW: M. Repucci, Mr. Mangan, R. McCree, D. Hannon, M. Antonellis, J. McDonald, A. Grigas, A. Bagley, T. Luchette, R. Utsillo, P. Civetti, B. Umezurike, Mr. Moore. THIRD ROW: C. Corley, P. LeRosee, J. Head, P. DiDuca, J. Smith, J. Zilinskis, P. Daley, R. Fleming, K. Burns, K. Vlass, L. Caramanica. MISSING: B. Belcostio, D. Harris. I ?f': Mr. Mangan Printing Mr. Burke zlldfllillc' Shllp l72 Mr. Murray Azzlonzobile Mechanifr Mr. Benson Drafting Mr. Reppucci Printing Mr. Houle Mill Carpentry W COLLEGE Auto Department Mr. Nicolas, Mr. Murray FIRST ROW: J. Antonellis, L. Wentzell, E. Cammorata, P. Rousseau, W. Troy, P. Murphy, P. Moran. SECOND ROW: Mr. Murray, G. Boucher, N. McGrath, R. Frissora, K. Fagan, C. Stoddard, S. Woodward, S. Whitten, Mr. Nicolas. MISSING: K. Caron, W. Fitzpatrick, T Thomas, E. McCallian, M. Schofield. In sports, Tech has its own team only in basket- ball-they play in the Vocational School League for the region. Although they have fielded some fine teams in the past, the high point of this year's season was pulling out of last place with only a few games to go. Tech also has intramural teams, and Tech boys play for all of the other regular high school teams. Tech has an excellent faculty, a fact which can perhaps be demonstrated by the excellence of the two teachers who are retiring this year. Mr. I-Iingston, who has taught in the Auto Shop for twenty-eight years, has worked in recent years with Mr. Murray to train the teams for the Troubleshooting Contests. This is a nationwide contest in auto diagnosis and repair skill. Tech High enters a team of boys each year, and in eight years of competition their teams have won the state contest three times, and finished in the top four on three other occasions. Last year they won the state contest and finished sixth in the national contest in Detroit. Mr. I-lale, who has taught for twenty-seven years in the electrical shop, is recognized throughout the state as one of the foremost teachers of electrical code in Massachusetts. He has also taught for many years at the Franklin night school. Tech teachers also help out in the Manpower Development Training Act program that takes place at Tech High after school. In this program men are trained for new jobs by a special staff in conjunction with some of the regular Tech teachers. An important student group in Tech High is the Administrative Aids. They are the Tech equiva- lent of the Orange Shield, except that they work. They don't stand around watching girls Cfor obvious reasonsl, The result is the Tech high lunch is the cleanest and most orderly of all the lunches. Mr. Dipoli ff Electricity Mr. Moore Printing Mr. Penta Skier' ,llfrrzf l 5 Administrative Aids Mr. Sullivan FIRST ROW: M. Downey, VI. Thomas, J. O'Donnell, W. Kerivan, W. Murry, T. Sylvester, G. Hartstone, AI. Regan, G. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sullivan, T. Notartom- aso, H. Martocchio, J. DeLorey, G. I-Iasenfuss, W. Howley W. Gardner, R. Dagostino, D. Walsh, T. Londo, N. Twigg S. Watts, A. Monticelli. THIRD ROW: K. Crews, J. Perotti, B. Kelliher, T. Malo, J. Davis, P. Greco, R. Gurney P. Langelier, I. Marchant, A. LeRosee. MISSING: R. Cic- cone, N. Bibbo, R. Cetrone, J. Salvucci, I. McCallion, M. Anzivino, P. Moran, R. Sheehan, S. Murphy, F. Greco, W. Troy, R. Couto, B. Holmes, K. Sims, M. Bonadio. VW lf- 'W Mr. Doherty Machine Related .V r 62. tx -Q' Mr. Gardener . Electrorzicx Mr' Nicolas . Automolnle Mecbamcf Mr. Sullivan Mill Carfverztry ave Automobile Department Mr. Hingsfon FIRST ROW: R. Long, R. Grossi, J. Bearfielcl, G. Vallee, J. Ciocca, V. Sturniolo, C. Shea. SECOND ROW: F. Boiardi, W. Caissie, E. Vacca, T. Micka, R. DeMichele, R. Coffin, W. Lippolis, K. Shea. THIRD ROW: W. Mastag, J. Cole, T. Kelly, R. Gordon, J. Crocker, R. Hayden, gl. Benoit. MISSING: J. Campana, J. Dagostino,-G. Damato, J. Loback, K. O'Neal, sl. Brodie, P. Rogers, I. Onclerson, D. Butera, T. Higgins. 3 v ! r I in 0 . Q, gg A Q K ' . , 4- ' 4 ' U X I sa . l i I Mr. Cionri Drafting Department Mr. Benson Elm'f"ml FIRST Row. V. Walsh, D. vecchlone, R. Gurney, T. Gillespie, s. Lind, J. O'Donnell, W. MacDonald. SECOND ROW: Mr. Benson, G. Cocuzzo, R. Cashman, J. Sawyer, M. Massauro, P. Charbonnier, C. Conroy, F. Greco, D. Turcotte, M. Pilerte, M. Licciardi. THIRD ROW: J. Poutas, M. Kumor, R. Verhulst, K. Crews, S. Murphy, C. Fraser, W. Mullin, F. Curran, D. Uzdavinis, W. Santillo. MISSING: J. Macldocks. - Q- . M is A A Basic Electronics Department Mr. Gardner L1 Murray, 1. Salvucci, W. Bird. FOURTH ROW: bl. MCCown, D. Gentile, J. MCCallion, C. Martin, D. Fucci, M. Anzivino, S. Casale, P. Greco, D. Walsh, W. Kelleher, D. Shermer- horn, L. Saris. MISSING: -I. Delorey, S. Corbiere, R. Barry. Retirin Teaaloem Mr. Hale Mr. Hingsron Electricity Aflflilllllbi-IP Mr rllavlifir l'3 FIRST ROW: T. Hayes, K. Donegan, R. Arsenault, H. LayDong, J. Weir, J. Chase, A. Passerello. SECOND ROXV: J. Thomas. T. Micka, J. Tompkinson, R. Quebec, R. Iodice, S. Watts, A. Monticelli, W. Howley. THIRD ROW: J. Mulattiere, M. Antonellis, P. Murphy, T. Malo, VI. Davis, W. Smirs, D. Landry, R. Doucette, N. Twigg, YI. Leone, W. 'rs IVSXXX f I I I -. IF! . ." " I. 1 , -4-1414- I ff" - 'wifi .tl ,U 'I if N 3 T-Q I I Mr. Gilmore I I Mill Carpentry Department Mr. Howle, Mr. Sullivan Elwtrjfm, FIRST ROW: P. Papsadore, I Duncanson, P. Iagulli, A. Boudreau, R. Barisano, P. ' Tocci, G. Hartstone, T. Sylvester, G. Hutchins. SECOND ROW: Mr. Sullivan, J. ' Perotti, J. Silliker, R. Malo, W. Gardner, P. Langelier, H. Martocchio, L. Gatti, Mr. , Howle. THIRD ROW: R. Coutu, J. Sutherland, E. Marston, K. Sims, R. Campbell, I, M. Bomadio, J. McKernan. MISSING: M. Savignano, R. Ciccone. :I I Ig I 'I I I I M me 'ee' "" 'E 'P ff I 1 , . II II. I II I I i Mr. Parmenter Math and Science Sheet Metal Department Mr. Penta FIRST ROW: T. Breabley, G. Leone, S. Gringer, M. Landry, T. Londo, P. Mc- Mullen, M. Downey, F. Boudreau, W. Walsh. SECOND ROW: Mr. Penta, G. Champagne, S. Anderson, C. Murray, G. Hasenfuss, R. Shine, S. Goodman. MISS- ING: E. Gargaro, J. Demirgian, J. Butler, I. Sparkes, D. Anderson. MISSING: Miss Hunt I Secretary . I' AZ i Y 4 I ' - . I I rw I-I e C ' 9 I I I Machine Department Mr. Burke I FIRST ROW: M. Libbey, j. Hemeon, E. Sweeney, R. Bregoli, M. Kadlik, j. Bleiler, W. Massey, M. McGrath, T. Franks. SECOND ROW: Mr. Burke, R. Tempesta, R. Valul-cis, R. Milburn, S. Cic- cariello, L. Dickey, P. Chandonait, j. Longbottom, M. Pagano, F. DiStefano, J. Baccari. THIRD ROW: K. Langmead, R. Ciccariello, T. Brennan, R. McAdams, J. Sillesky, R. Tedeschi, R. Celeste, H. McNeill. MISSING: R. DiNublia, D. Valente, V. Rossi, L. O'Hanley, B. Carruthers, R. Sheehan. I 'ffl TECH BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: P. Chandonait, S. Watts, G. Hartstone, R. Kinchla, S. Ciccariello, G. Hutchins, R. Ciccariello, P. Murphy, j. Boutas. SECOND ROW: J. Perrotti, 1. Head, P. Moran, W. Gardner, C. Langmead, Quebec, P. Iagulli, Mr. Dunlap, Coach, Mr. Nicholas, Faculty Manager. Electrical Department Mr. Hale, Mr. Gilmore, Mr. DiPoli FIRST ROW: W. Lane, M. Camuti, R. Marini, P. Griffin, R. Boudrot, P. English, V. Antonellis, L. Pace, E. Gargaro. SECOND ROW: Mr. Hale, M. Volpe, W. Kerivan, A. La- Rosee, T. Sparkes, P. Mabardy, P. Sanwald, G. LaPointe, N. Gassett, Mr. DiPoli. THIRD ROW: Mr. Gilmore, C. Macleod, E. Dilbarian, P. Boucher, R. D'agostino, M. Canino. K. Finn, R. Kinchla, P. Venoitti, B. Volante. FOURTH ROW: B. Kagno, W. Wentworth, D. Miller, M. Iagulli, E. Corliss, L. DiFoggio, R. Barrett, J. Marchant,.T. Claflin, G. Tramontozzi, T. Tramontozzi, E. Davol. MISS- ING: R. Cetrone, L. DiSeglio. 9'- 1 YFSXV. I 1 , . 5 4 l , 11 I nf? ET, tn Fl I r 1. .N f R:-1 br xi A N 5. 4.411 Ll 'gi ..f3gg3g,.,- ML 3:7 3 w.a.1rJi.. A THE CLASS CDF 1966 If'.fxYI.F WIIDDEN ACHORINI 705 iftie Ave, Newton I-Iighlands Decdee I Will to NHS: My smile and my bl .uns Favorite Expression: Get lost! in nlmerg Wt'eks, Business. Science Fair 2, Outing Club 2. TIRZAH AGASS1 45 Benington St., Newton Per Peeve: "What did you say your name was!" Adams, Urbana H.S., Urbana, Ill., College. A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 3, Drama Club 3, Folksinging Club 3, Human Rights Club 3, Senior Play 3. ROBERTA ANN AHEARN 49 Faxon St., Nonantum Bobbie-Bird Fondest Memory: Mr. Satlak's bookkeeping classes in my Junior and Senior years. Pet Peeve: Working after school and not having time to go to the Deli. Riley, F. A. Day, College. JOHN C. ALEXANDER 36 Hyde Ave., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Cape Cod '65. Favorite Expression: "What, are you kidding me?" Bacon, Our Lady's, College. House Council 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Ice Hockey I. it N , ' A I. F ',-s gk bl' JUDITH ELLEN ALEXANDER 20 Coyne Rd., Waban Judy Fondest Memory: Orchestra periods with Mr. March. Pet Peeve: People who ask if my violin case contains a machine gun. Riley, Weeks, College. Music Club 1, 2, 3, Class Commit- tee 2, 33 House Council 1, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, Orches- tra 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM PHILIP ALFORD 910 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Bill Fondest Memory: 32,000 worth of red ink, 21 hectic make-up ses- sions, and midnight dashes to the printer, KKMing with Frank and the rest, and Her. Suppressed Desire: To print 14,850 inches of ads, and to lead the track team to new heights. Bacon, Weeks, College. NEWTONITE Assistant News Edi- tor 2, Editor-in-Chief 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 2, 3, Debating Club and Team I, 2, 3, Libertarian Club 2, Vice President 3. ROBERT FRANCIS ALFREDSON 41 North St., Newton Centre Wolf I Will to NHS: Plaster to stop the leaks in the tunnels. Favorite Expression: I promise to bring it tomorrow Mr. W. Bacon, Weeks, Business. Orange Shield 3, Ushers 3, Rifle Team 1, 2. ROBERT RAND ALKON 25 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Beeping J. L. and S. F. in H. Pond at the wrong times. Chief Failing: To break up J. L. and S. F. and to break B. C. Bacon, Weeks, College. Senior Play 3, Spring Musical 1, A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, Biology I, 2, 3, Music Club I, 2, 3. DZINTARS MARIS ALKSNITIS 32 Kimball Terr., Newtonville Zinny Pet Peeve: First seat first row, always first! Favorite Expression: "Picture that." Palmer, Day, College. German 1, 2, 3, Rifle 1, Spring Musical 2, Folksinging 3, Library 1. JUDITH MARIE ALLEN 24 Carleton St., Newton Judi Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, York Beach. Maine, that Tuesday, O.K., J. L.? Pet Peeve: Those long months from Sept. to June. Adams, Bigelow, College. Theatrical Make up 1, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Class Committee 39 Field Hockey 1, Junior Prom Com- mittee 2. MARK DAVIS ALPERT 34 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Mark Fondest Memory: Mrs. Rice's physics class. I Will to NHS: My band uniform. Riley: F. A. Day: College. Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 31 Class Committee 2, 3: Soc- cer Team 2, 35 Marching Band 1, 2, 3. JONNA MARIE AMICANGIOLI 24 Charles St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Having so much fun while in "Trial By jury". Favorite Pastime: Listening to all types of records. Beals, Warren, College. Spring Musical 1, 3, Madrigals Z, 3: Acapella 1, 2, 3, Music 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers 1, 2, 3. PAUL RAYMOND ANASTASIA 28 Melville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Getting caught smoking. Pet Peeve: I don't smoke. Palmer, Day, College. Rifle Team lg Ski Club 3. ROBERT W. ANDERSEN 94 Park St., Newton Corner Pet Peeve: A.B.C. and running backwards. Fondest Memory: X-blocks in our homeroom. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Football 34 Ski Club 3. LOUISE ELLEN ANDERSON 836 Chestnut St., Waban Fondest Memory: A blue cuddly jacket on a cold wall '63-'64. I predict that: C. C. C. and I will stop feuding. Palmer, Nipmuc Regional High School, Business. CAROLYN ANDRICK 59 St. james St., Newton Tanka Fondest Memory: All those wild PjP's and all the B. G. C. crew. I Will to NHS: My homeroom. Adams, Bigelow, College. Theatrical Make-up 1: Spring Mus- ical 1, Z, 33 Rally Committee 2, 33 Class Committee 3, Music Club 2. GERARDA ANGELUCCI 340 California St., Newton Gerry Suppressed Desire: To marry V. C. Fondest Memory: All my nice friends. Riley: Day. RICHARD HARRIS ANGOFF 31 Channing Rd., Newton Centre Dick l predict that: Building I will be- come a national shrine. Fondest Memory: Mr. Hall's lec- tures. Riley, Weeks: College. Chemistry Club 2, 33 NEWTON- IAN 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 3: National French Honor So- ciety 2, 3: Basketball Team 1, 2, 3. :We QACXAQU ,JET J.A NE l, Ha h .H , WG wi, llfj,ilfclZ,tfJf00mT DIANE MARIE ANTONELLIS 69 West St., Newton Favorite Expression: All right now. Riley: Day: Business. -IOANNE MARIE ANTONELLIS 20 jasset St., Nonantum Wfeasel Claim to Fame: Being in with the In Crowd. Suppressed Desire: To drive through the tunnels on .1 motor- cycle. Riley: Day: Business. Student Office Secretaries 31 Men- tal Health Club 3. MARILYN FRANCIS ANTONELLIS 5 Brac Burn Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Summer of Noll. Favorite Pastime: Recalling. Rileyg Vifarreng College. Future Teachers Club Q. 3. Ski Club 2: Rallv Committee 2. 31 Youth Center 2, 3. lfil FRANCES ELAINE ANTHONY 173 Adams Ave., West Newton Fran Fondest Memory: August, 1965. Favorite Expression: Who's a you. Riley, Warren, College. Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2 Science Fair 1. RONALD BRUCE ARON 163 Upland Rd., Newtonville Ron, Grub Claim to Fame: Guitar and voice. Fondest Memory: Rikka '64, Adams, Day, College. Senior Play 3, French Club, Ger man Club, Folksinging Club, pres ident 2, 3. WE ' . ROSALYN JANE ARONSON 34 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Roz Fondest Memory: Three Certain Friends, "54" Mainline, The Men, Jan. 2, 1965, Industrial Center, The Rock, Apples, Housewarmers, M. V. I. Favorite Pastime: Sitting! Hoping! Wfishing! Praying! Riley, Yffeeks, College. . Bridge Club l, 2, French Club I THOMAS ROBERT ANTONELLIS 272 Watertown St., Nonantum Tommy Suppressed Desire: To marry Rose- mary. Pet Peeve: Arguing with my girl- friend. Bacon, Day, Service. tr' Wg ERIC DAVID ARNOW 724 Commonwealth Ave.. Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Eating oatmeal cookies. Favorite Expression: "That's close!" Barry, Boston Latin, College. Senior Play 3, Stage Crew 3, Tennis 2, 31 Folksinging 2, 3, Key Club 2, Treasurer 3. DAVID BENJAMIN ARONOW 303 Franklin St., Newton Corner Claim to Fame: Juan Valdez for Presidente de Columbia. Fondest Memory: Being called a Bird in the Chemistry Hall. Riley, Bigelow, College. Chess Club and Team 2, 3, Film Festival 3, Folksinging 1, Soccer Team 1, Science Fair 2. t I .Ig Sailing Club I, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, Class Committee 1. ROSE ARPINO 45 Elm St., West Newton Rosie Pet Peeve: People who have an in- feriority complex. Fondest Memory: Wed. 1965 NAYB. Beals, St. Bernardsg College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 2, 3, Future Teachers 3. JANICE ANDRINA AYVAZIAN, 536 Walnut St., Newtonville Raisin Fondest Memory: GNO at B. C., Falmouth and JFM, Summer of 1965 with SMY, Chicken-Little at Hyannis, ACTION. Suppressed Desire: To stay at Fitz- patrick with S. G. Riley, Waltham, College. Future Teachers Club 2, 33 Span- ish Club 3, Theatrical Make up 1, Rally Committee 33 Ushers 2. ROBERTA CAROL BAERINGER 1011 Washington St., Newtonville Robin, Robbie, Bird, Cleopatra, Zelda Fondest Memory: Falling off a cliff, and Judy and me never argu- ing. Pet Peeve: Conformists, Rats, and not getting that boy who is going with that girl. Bacon, Day, College. Administrative Aid 2, 3, Rally Committee 3, Art Club 3. ANTHONY ARPINO 75 Prescott St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: I kid you not. Pet Peeve: Going to detention. Riley, West CWatertownD, College. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3. V f n LOUIS CHARLES ATAMIAN Washington St., Newtonville Louie I Will to NHS: California's Sun- shine. Favorite Expression: "Oh, yeah!" Palmer, NSHS, College. Rifle Team 1, Debating Team 1, Weight Lifting 1. -"" .- ' w., KAREN E. BACHNER 34 Fenno Rd., Newton Centre Parakeet Favorite Pastime: Cringing in be- wilderment. Claim to Fame: My nose and my Tam'. Riley, Weeks, College. Folksinging Club 1, Student Office Secretaries 2, Senior Play 3, Drama Festival 2, Music Club 1. .,. Ji. JANE MARIE BANAS 12 Marion St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Jr. Prom with H. H.: "ugly": 1-1-65: talks in f fm 220-i. Chief Failing: 8-1-2-5-2. Palmer: Warren: College. 1 1, .I Ski 1, 3: Library l, 2: Future Teachers l, 2. RICHARD JAMES BARRETT 11 Avery St., Dedham Rick Favorite Pastime: Avoiding physi- cal labor. I Will to NHS: My orange shirt. Tech: Dedham Junior High: Busi- UCSS. CHARLES JOSEPH BARRY 30 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville Charlie Suppressed Desire: To see A. F. run 8,440's in 65. I predict that: He'd "split a gut". Adams: Day: College. Baseball 1: Football 1: Indoor Track 2, 3: Cross Country 3: Track, Outdoor 2, 3. E-div at., 3 LAUREN BINNIE BARKIN 34 Myrtle St., West Newton Favorite Expression: Want a hood- sie? Chief Failing: Never being allowed to go to the Commons Room. Bacon: Warren: College. Student Office Secretaries 2: Rally Committee 2, 33 Girls' Choir 2: A Capella 2, 3: Music Club 1: Girls' Chorus 1. PAUL MICHAEL BARRON 479 Chestnut St., Waban Pet Peeve: Pet people. Chief Failing: Failing. Adams: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 35 Stu- dent Council Civics Commissioner 2: Student Council Finance Com- missioner 3: International Club 35 Debating Club 3. f?,Q"1'72 V' X' 3,5 "auf .4 ' ' f ' F KENNETH JAMES BARRY 148 Lexington St., Auburndale Barrass Pet Peeve: Late Auburndale Bus. Claim to Fame: My ears. Barry: Wellesley Senior High: Bus- mess. Science Fair 1, 2: Baseball 1: Bas- ketball l: Football I. TIMOTHY FRANCIS BARRY 32 Lenox St., West Newton Tim Fondest Memory: "What Price Glory?" Pet Peeve: Noisy study halls. Riley: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Latin Club 3. BETH ELLEN BARTON 300 Kenrick St., Newton B.-B. Fondest Memory: Cowboys and ex- cursions with Terry. Claim to Fame: My laugh. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Student Ofifice Secretary 3: Girls Leader Corps 3: French Club 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. Q.. R HOWARD TAYLOR BARSTOW 33 Copley St., Newton Corner Howie Suppressed Desire: To own and fly a W.W. I vintage biplane. I Will to NHS: The blue fuzz on my notebook. Adams: Natick High School: Col- lege. Science Fair 2: Indoor Track 1: Soccer Team 2, 3: Track, Outdoor I, 2, 33 Chess Club and Team 2, 3. LESLIE F. BASS 24 Grey Birch Terr., Newtonville Les Claim to Fame: Ten hour 'talka- thon' with T. Fondest Memory: The Outing Club ski trip in my junior year and all that went with it. Riley: Day: College. French Club 2, 3: Future Teachers i Club 2, secretary 39 Outing Club 2, 1, 3: Mental Health Club 3: Student 4 Ofiice Secretaries 2, 3. BARBARA ELLEN BATES 19 Milton Ave., West Newton Barb Fondest Memory: Day I met Johnny Crawford. Favorite Pastime: Horsebackriding. Palmer: College. Junior Red Cross 2, 3. V Y ,t .41 4- 1 I . x DONNA MARIE BATTISTA 15 Rose Dr., Wlest Newton Fondest Memory: B.m.inas, Meeting G. V. at room 321 DCR's party. P. J. Party, Junior Prom. Claim to Fame: "A little floor shift." Riley: Written: College. Orchesis Club I, 2: NEXVTONITE Advertising Staff 2, 3: Girls' Ath' letic Board 1, 2, 3: Class Com- mittee 1. 183 llc 'IKYI ALAN CLIFFORD BEAL 919 Watertown St., West Newton Al Claim to Fame: My Grandfather and Father both went to NHS. Pet Peeve: No last period studies. Barry, Warren, Service. House Council 1, 2, 3, Baseball Manager 1, Football Manager 2, 3, International Club I, Sailing Club 1. BARBARA RUTH BEARAK 38 Brae Burn Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory: The years of new friends, thoughts, experiences, Mt. Snow and laughs with Ellen, 317 gone where, Zella? trips, Sun. Night dep. Suppressed Desire: To be on time. Riley, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 33 NEWTON- ITE 3, NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, 2, Student Ofhce Secre- taries 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. JAMES STEPHEN BEATRICE 45 Ashmont Ave., Newtonville Jimmy Pet Peeve: "Jimmy"-T. A. I Will to NHS: Last year's gym clothes. Bacon, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 3, Senior Play 3. CHARLES HENRY BELL 194 Auburn St., Auburndale Tink Favorite Expression: Why don't pigs whistle? Suppressed Desire: To get out of this place. Bacon, Warren, Service. Ski Club 3. MAYNARD WILLIAM BELL 282 Mill St., Newtonville Krebbs I predict that: If there is ever an atomic war, Building I will be left standing. Pet Peeve: Being called Maynard G. Krebbs. Riley, Brookline, College. Key Club 3, Senior Play Com- mittee 3. FRAN JOHN BEMIS 4 Arbor Rd., West Newton Frannie Fondest Memory: Having an unde- feated football season in 9th grade. I Will to NHS: My two brothers. Beals, Warren, Service. .5,. .1 5. .2 STEPHEN ALAN BENDER 24 Helene Rd., Waban Chief Failing: Junior math. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Bacon, Weeks, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, 3, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, German Club 2, 3. CHARLES EDWARD BEREZIN 90 Forest Ave., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Looking for Mr. Wolf. Palmer, Warren, College. Reflections 1, 2, 3, Film Festival 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, International Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Ser- vice 1, 2, 3. F, . JAMES CHARLES BENOIT 91 Warwick Rd., West Newton Jim Fondest Memory: Stage Crew all 3 years. Suppressed Desire: To be a chemist. Bacon, Day, College. Stage Crew 1, 2, Manager 3, Chem- istry Club 2, 3, Independent Re- search Club 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 2, 3, Radio Club 1, 2, President 3. MARTIN GARY BERKE 39 Salisbury Rd., Newton Marty Fondest Memory: My year with C. F., 2 with the group, and slock. Suppressed Desire: To be with C. F. and them up at college. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 1, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 1, Soft- ball I, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. ol .I .I .I if So, now you tell me the dance was yesterday. Ei 3 gl,-. ,- . X -v we 703 at gt: ROBERT YALE BERLIN 59 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill Bob Fondest Memory: My den mother Miss Parker. Suppressed Desire: To have a dou- ble wedding with Frank. Riley, Weeks, College. Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Class Com- mittee 1, President 2, 3, Executive Committee 2, 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL BERMAN 58 Prescott St., Newtonville Mike Fondest Memory: Hockey games at 3:00 A.M., Nut Island. Pet Peeve: Leslie's house Cape Cod. Riley, Day, College. Biology Club 1, 2, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, House Council 2, Orange Shield 3, Student Office Secretaries 1, 2, 3. JUDITH I. BERKOWITZ 2 Willow St., Newton Centre Judy Fondest Memory: Three certain friends, "54" Mainline, Apples, Industrial Center, The Men, Nov. 13, 1964, New Year's Eve, Four in the front seat, The Rock, House- warmers. Favorite Pastime: Sitting and Hop- ing and Wishing! Praying ..... Riley, Weeks, College. Sailing Club 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 33 Senior Play 3, House Council 1, NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3. ELLEN LUCILLE BERMAN 34 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Mike's "birth- day" card, 2 weeks and a boot, Hyannis and Lake Wequaquet for- ever, the Tent, huh Sue?, Hockey games, 4 squaws and a teepee, bricks, room 232, study in 314, doublemint, mad card senders, Mathews 54 on a Sunday afternoon and the night before, huh Bets? Suppressed Desire: To be the first coed at a certain college in Han- over, N. H. Riley, Day, College. NEWTONIAN Copy Editor 33 Orange Book 1, Supplement Editor 2, Rally Committee 2, 3, Class Committee 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. it PETER A. BEST, JR. 15 Kimball Terr., Newtonville Pete Favorite Expression: "You'll get over it!" Claim to Fame: Skate boarding down halls of building II and III. Palmer, Day, College. NICHOLAS FRANCIS BIBBO 21 Washington Terr., Newtonville Nick Fondest Memory: Being in Mr. Papa's English class. Favorite Pastime: Playing guitar. Tech, Day, College. Administrative Aids 1. DAVID FRANK BIGGIERI 115 Albert Rd., Auburndale Dave Fondest Memory: When it comes l'll let you know. Favorite Pastime: Being with Judy. Bacon, Watertown H.S., Service. DIANA MARIE BIRD 62 Webster St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Meeting a certain someone in front of 321. Pet Peeve: Climbing the stairs. Bacon, Warren, Business. Student Office Secretary 2, 3, Bad- minton 1, 2, Tennis 3, Softball 1. JAMES NORMAN BLACK 121 Adena Rd., West Newton Jim Fondest Memory: Getting B in algebra. Favorite Pastime: Girl watching. Barry, Beverly High, College. Ski Club 1, 2, President 3. JEAN ELLEN BLAKENEY 12 Washburn St., Newton Jeannie Fondest Memory: Junior year with "Rag" Favorite Pastime: X-blocks with Mr. Papa. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Administrative Aids 2, 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3. 186 QAM if-fi" I n STUART ARNOLD BLANK 155 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Fu Favorite Expression: lf you were a horse, youll be shot! Henay Snuewy. Riley, Weeks, College. Tennis Club l, 2, 3, Soccer Team 3, Sailing Club 1, Z, Key Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. RICHARD BLAZAR 67 Sheflield Rd., Newtonville Dick Happiness Is: "Yes" on October 15, 1965. Fondest Memory: Chem with J. C. and Mech., "Wango," 85 on High- land, H. K., T., Roz and Bo at Gloucester Bacon, Day, College. Legislature 2, Elections Commis- sioner 3, NEWTONIAN Sports Editor 3, Soccer Team 2, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. PATTY GENE BLUM 56 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: lota Phi Sorority and being a little pledgee, summer of '65 and weekends, walking in the dark, history with Mr. G. Suppressed Desire: To have Ellen give me half of her chicken sand- wich. Adams, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 31 NEWTONIAN 2, NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 2, Orange Book 2, Student Otlice Secretaries 1, 2. FREDERICK JosEPH BONACCI 6 Byrd Ave., West Newton Freddy Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Favorite Pastime: Living. Adams, Day, College. Administrative Aids. TOM BONI 16 Park Lane, Newton Centre I predict that: NHS will sooner or later have a smoking room. Fondest Memory: NO: gas in the chemistry room. Palmer, Sacred Heart High School, College. Chemistry Club, Science Fair, Key Club, Ski Club. MARY LOU BONICA 511 Taft Ave., West Newton Maloo Fondest Memory: -Ir. and Sr. years with Mr. Satlak. Chief Failing: ,lune 23 to july 1, 1965. Barry, Day, Business. Fencing 2, Outing Club 1, Ski Club. p. ,gf .,, . SUZANNE BOREY 95 Gardner St., Newton Corner Sue, Suzie Fondest Memory: Called me bacon fat. Chief Failing: Not getting to school on time. Beals, Bigelow, Business. Tigerama Committee, Badminton, Chemistry, Radio. ii" ' CARLA MARGERY BORDEN 110 Prospect St., West Newton Elsie Claim to Fame: My ascending hair- line. Fondest Memory: Small classes. Adams, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, Secretary 3, NEWTONIAN 33 French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, Russian Club 1, 2, President 3, American Field Service 2. 3. may F CHARLOTTE IRENE BORNSTEIN 24 Travis Dr., Chestnut Hill Charl, Charlie Fondest Memory: "Ambushing Fats", while waiting for Knight, "you are my sunshine" 64, S. S. and Richie. Pet Peeve: N. Y. being out of walk- ing distance. Adams, Weeks, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, Drama Club 1, French Club 1, 2, 33 Future Teachers Club 1, 2, American Field Service 2, 5. Wi.. l QPERTY . QV Q 0f . .sill ., A 1- .u I Q TT' 5 s X 1. 5, . Q 5,1 'ARS K . N r" K V , l5H.523, 0 El 9 Body by Fisher. GEOFFREY ELLIOT BORR 46 Ellis Rd., West Newton Jeff I Will to NHS: The chef of the Waldorf Astoria for the cafeteria. I predict that: The year I leave NHS, candy, coke, and cigarette machines will be installed in every commons room. Palmer, Warren, College. W Mg Intramural Baseball 2, Golf 3. if "l' gl 1 F ,ifi J GERALD ERIC BOUCHER 42 Tyler Terr., Newton Centre Gerry Tech, Business. PETER PAUL JOSEPH BOUCHER " 64 Webster Sr., West Newton if Paul X Fondest Memory: Mr. Papa's Eng- 3' lish class. Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. Tech, Edith Cavell-Moncton, N. B., Canada: Business. BARBARA JEAN BOUDREAU QS.. I If 8 Maple St., Auburndale fi Barby I Fondest Memory: Miss G's and Mr. I L's classes, dance, Falmouth and f 'nf Naomi's driving, rallies. Favorite Expression: Seriously, in all seriousness . . . Adams: Warren, College. , Rally Committee 2, Future Teach- ers Club 3, Folksinging Club 35 Orchesis 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JEANNE BOUDREAU J 'A ' y 10 Church St., Newton C i , , il y! Pet Peeve: P. Wascapwh. A ' Fondest Memory: Ski Trip. A Riley, Bigelow, College. X French Club 2: Outing Club 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3. "mf 1, P'ii FRANCIS H, BOUDREAU ' 19 Court St., Newtonville Fondest Memory. Cutting up the rules. Pet Peeve: Getting pushed around. Tech, Our Lady's: Service. Football 1. MARIE ALICE BOURGEOIS 125 Adams St., Nonantum "Hoss" Fondest Memory: My first trip to New York and the Fair. Favorite Pastime: Eating and sleep- ing. Palmer, Waltham High Schoolg College. German Club 3, Publicity Staff 3. THOMAS HENRY BOWEN 94 Auburn St., Auburndale Butsy I Will to NHS: My old cigarette lighter. Favorite Expression: "I didn't do it, Mr. Ronayne." Plmer, Warren, Service. Football 1, 2, 3.' THERESA CATHERINE BOYLE 5 Ware Rd., Auburndale Terry Fondest Memory: Standing in the middle of Auburndale Park at 12 o'clock at night. I Will to NHS: A new set of Cafeteria dishes. Riley, Warren: Business. Tennis Club 1, 2, 3: Field Hockey 1, Badminton Club 1, Softball Club 1. CHRISTOPHER JAMES BRADLEY 202 Chapel St., Nonantum Brad Pet Peeve: THE 600l Claim to Fame: 3 hospital bills in 1 year. Barry, Our Lady's High School: Business. JUDITH VIVIAN BRANZBURG 345 Cabot St., Newtonville Judy, V. V., Duj Fondest Memory: JAM, MYC, Susi and the Court Case, Barry and B. M., J. C.'s class and club. Pet Peeve: Not being allowed to talk in the library. Adams: Day: College. NEWTONITE I, 2, 31 French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3: House Council 2, 3: Girls' Field Hockey 1, 2: Chemistry Club 2. 3. JANE BRENT 56 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The Day I mer a member of the U.S.A.F. Favorite Pastime: Boys! and more boys. Adams, Weeks: College. Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3 33" f if I2 4 5 f if Q , ar 'Z-.t. .' if an 3 5. qi . 'K-4 .5 fl '05 X. fi 7 F ji 'W . . JUDITH BRENT 56 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Judi Fondest Memory: April 25, '65, the flat tire. Claim to Fame: Me, Myself, and I. Adams, Weeks, College. Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3, Bad- minton 1. ROBERT IRWIN BRICKMAN 68 Prospect Pk., Newtonville Bob Fondest Memory: Junior English with Mr. Zeeb. I Will to NHS: My sister and my 5" by 8" gym locker. Beals, Day, College. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, Chemistry 2, 5g Latin 1, 2, 3 Spanish 3. CAROLYN JOAN BRIDGETT 39 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Nylorac Pet Peeve: People going up the down staircase. I Will to NHS: My suppressed desire. Bacon, Warren, College. Spring Musical 1, Independent Re- search Club 2, American Field Ser- vice Club 2, Debating Club 1, 3. DAVID L. BRIGHT 2l4 Windsor Rd., Newton Dave Fondest Memory: My Junior year. Pet Peeve: Newton High School bureaucracy. Beals, Day, College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 5: Marching and Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, 33 Rifle Club l, 2, 3: Music 2, 3. ROBERT LEE BRILLIANT 25 Devon Rd., Newton Centre Brillo Riley, Weeks, College. Basketball I, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Key Club 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3. JOHN KIMBALL BRITT 50 Grove St., Auburndale Kim Fondest Memory: Newton 2, Mel- rose l. Suppressed Desire: To own a hobie. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Class Committee I, 3, House Council I, 2, Baseball l, 2, 3, Football I, Ice Hockey I, .7 A ..,,. MARALYN ANN BRONSTEIN book. Admi 1, 2. 1 1 VALERIE CUSHING BROOKS 321 Kenrick St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To live it again. Pet Peeve: Trying to think in a noisy crowd. Riley, Bigelow, College. Alpha Gama Tau Club 1, 2, 3, International Club 2, 3, Music Club I, 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, Junior Red Cross Council 2. 56 Exeter Rd., West Newton Mah, Mazzi Fondest Memory: The "incrowd", a "doo-rag", G.W. Pet Peeve: March 27, 1965, 3's a crowd, Haunted House, a black Beals, Warren, College. NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 2, nistrative Aid 2, Latin Club if 'gs Q b ' 'gnwi u'1Lv.'i' LAUREN BROWER 20 Wachusett Rd., Chestnut Hill Laurie Fondest Memory: May 8, 1965. RAYMOND DOUGLAS BROWN 132 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Ray I Will to NHS: Undying apathy. Favorite Pastime: All the great and wonderfull times I've had with E.F. Palmer, Weeks, College. Ski Club 2, 3, American Field Service 3, Mental Health Club 3: Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3. Adams, Weeks, College. Spring Musical 1, American Field Service lg International Club lg Human Rights Club 2. Club. CAROLYN ELIZABETH BROY 460 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Carol Favorite Pastime: Walking on the grass. Fondest Memory: After school with Rufus. Palmer, Jeremiah E. Burke High School, College. Tennis 2, 3, Library 2, Folksinging 2, Girls' Athletic Association 2. ROSE LEAH BROWN 99 Waban Pk., Newton Rosie-Babe I Will to NHS: An air freshener for the tunnels. Fondest Memory: Closing my locker door-on S.E.C.'s head. Riley, Bigelow, College. Home Room Manager 2, 3, Outing BONNIE MARILYN BRYANT 204 Austin St., Newtonville I Favorite Pastime: Homeroom peri- ods. Pet Peeve: Green Bags. Palmer: Warren: College. Camera Club 2. PAUL WARREN BURLINGAME 31 Jefferson St.. Newton Corner Glue Favorite Pastime: Viewing the Newton-Wellesly. Claim to Fame: Viewing the New- ton-Wellesly. Barryg Bigelow: College. Football 1, 2, 3g Indoor Track 1. 2, 3g Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3g Class Committee 2, 3g Orange Shield 3. BARBARA ANN BURMAN 11 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Chief Failing: Never having a last period study in my three years of NHS. Pet Peeve: 4 years. Bacon: Weeksg College. lp.. R.".fmed Home Room Manager 2, 35 Class Committee lg House Council lg Junior Red Cross Council 1, 3g Ski Club 1, 2, 3. BRUCE EDWARD CAIN 106 Sumner St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Fort Slocum. Favorite Pastime: Causing trouble. Adams: Weeksg College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Ten- nis 2, 3: International Club 3: Debating Club I, 2. 3. 41' PASQUALE BUTERA 297 Webster St., Auburndale Pat Fondest Memory: Labor Day week- end. Bealsg Warren: Business. 1 . 5 -Q13 1 ,' r i I3 EDWARD H. BURRELL 103 Court St., Newtonville Ted Pet Peeve: Yellow slips. Palmer: Day: College. MARY LOUISE BUTLER 470 California St., Newtonville Mary-Lou Igondest Memory: The summer of ' 5 Suppressed Desire: To someday marry that certain someone. Riley: Day. Student Ofhce Secretaries. LIZA BETH MARGARET CALLAHAN 26 Islington Rd.. Auburndale Liz Fondest Memoryg Finally achieving a B in English. Suppressed Desire: To be liked by everyone. Bealsg XY'arreng College. HELEN PARKER CALVERT -1 XWindemere Rd., Auburndale Cal, Froggy Fondest Memory: Cheering blan- kets, XVatertown Stadium, eh Nab? Newton 2, Melrose lg 3 -Vs. 2 R's. 8' and a Folg CRT-3 100 A.M., The Crew? 20 Hour Party. my bag. I W'ill to NHS: A cake for the junior Prom. Bacong Whitten: College. Legislature, Student Council Cor- responding Secretary 3: Home Room Manager l, 2, 31 NFXV- TONITE Circulation Staff 2. 31 Cheerleaders l, 2, ig Class Com- mittee 2, 3, secretary 1. fi G .1 11' QQX VI I 9 J AD xy , """Qu vvffxn What was that about women presidents? nr' . -.fix ' 1 .sw A 1 .I MARIA INES CAMINOS 83 Fairmontave St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To return to THE SOUTH: to be able to figure out boys. Pet Peeve: Double trouble with JB and JB. Adams: Bigelow: College. Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, 33 Base- ball l, 3: Spanish Club I, 2, 3: American Field Service 3. yv- ' f ' as if? ' :iii - Q. . -1 t . . ' Q '. B , . DONNA MARIE CAMINITI 138 Tolman St., West Newton Fondest Memory: junior Prom with B.T., Austin, Skateboarding with Mr. P. Suppressed Desire: To have all my dreams and wishes fulfilled. Beals: Warren: College. Rally Committee. 1. 1-6 DOREEN MARIE CAMPBELL 634 Watertown St., Newtonville Dory Fondest Memory: Ogunquit '65: surfing: April 9, 1965. Pet Peeve: People who say "Do you know who you look like?" Barry: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Girls' Athletic Board lg Rally Committee 33 Fu- ture Teachers Club 3: Library I, 3. MARY ELIZABETH CAPELLO 50 Oak Ave., West Newton May May I Will to NHS: All my yellow slips. Fondest Memory: Girls room in Building I 2nd floor. Beals: Warren: Business. ALAN MARK CAPLAN 60 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill Al Fondest Memory: Mrs. Leone in study hall. Favorite Expression: "I may never alwaysnbe right, but I'm never wrong. Palmer: Weeks: College. Orange Shield lg Sailing Club lg Ski Club 1, 2, 3: Soccer Team lg Football I. NANCY MARIE CARPENTER 53 Hawthorne St., Newton Fondest Memory: Bruce. Suppressed Desire: To become a fashion designer. Riley: Day. Home Room Manager 2. BRENDA CAMPISI 9 Melbourne Ave., Newton Favorite Expression: You Know. Fondest Memory: Going to Build- ing Ill to see a certain somebody. Riley: Day: Business. JUDY LYN CARMICHAEL 43 Central St., Auburndale Iudcie Carbunckle Fondest Memory: That day playing tennis in gym. Favorite Pastime: All the little talks: Right M. K.? Barry: Warren: College. Field Hockey l, 3: Music 1, 2, 3: Folksinging I, 2: Sailing 1. ki! I PAULA ANN CARR 252 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Fondest Memory: The kids Cstu- dentsj hereg G2 study with K.G. and Mrs. King. Favorite Pastime: Leaving school with no books. Barry: St. Bernard High School: College. Administrative Aids 3: Music 2: Equestrian 3. , . JOYCE REGINA CARTER 28 Curve St., West Newton Carter Suppressed Desire: To be a school teacher. Favorite Expression: "You best get going." Barry: Warren: College. Class Committee 2: Basketball 2: Softball 2: Orchesis 1. RUTH ANN CASALETTO 13 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Rufus Fondest Memory: The night "we" were caught entertaining. Chief Failing: To sit down on the chair that was so graciously taken away. Beals: Girls H.S.: College. Home Room Manager 2, 3: Class Committee 1: Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3: Student Ofhce Secre- taries 3: Spanish Club 2, 3. ,arf z h I, M . llii I . ::,,a , Q .ff ' ,fi CLEMENTINA ANNA CELLUCCI 80 Jewett St., Newton Tina Fondest Memory: Meeting F. De. S. 689 all the fights. Suppressed Desire: To have all last period studies. Riley: Bigelow: Business. Senior Play 3. CATHLEEN DOROTHY CARROLL 7 Sheridan St., West Newton Cathie Fondest Memory: My talks with MIKE: Batch and the Deli. I Will to NHS: A tunnel from Bldg. I to the Deli. Barry: Warren: College. Administrative Aids 33 Rally Com- mittee lg Science Fair 1, 2: Drama I. Mn! ANTHONY JOHN CARUSO 10 Rose Dr., West Newton Tony Claim to Fameg To make it big with the Echoes. Favorite Expression: You figure it out. Riley: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3. LYNN MARIE CAVANAUGH 20 Fern St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Jonathan's, daffo- dils and the Farm, S. Starlight and the World's Fair, Manholes, Whilf- in' and the taxi, K2, junior class workday, egging, dipping at Gro- ton, "Oedipus and his mothers." Bacon: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONITE 2, 3: Student Office Secretary l, 2: Class Committee 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. LINDA DARLENE CHAMBERS 48 Boyd St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Mr. Swanger's Party Jan. 24, 1964. Favorite Pastime: Walking to classes with R.B.D. Beals: Bigelow: Business. Student Office Secretaries 2: Music 2. ROBERT JOHN CETRONE all West St., Nonantum Bobby Fondest Memory: Coming back for detention for one week in the summer 6 hours a day after all the other kids were out. Favorite Pastime: To go water skiing. Tech: Our Lady's: College. Administrative Aids 2, 3: Rifle Team 2, 3. ' x Q H. MYRNA PAULINE CHANDLER 112 Brackett Rd., Newton Moina Fondest Memory: G. Suppressed Desire: To run bare- foot through the halls at NHS screaming Eureka. Adams: Bigelow: College. NEWTONIAN' 3: Orange Book, Girls' Athletics Editor 23 Class Committee 2: Biology Club 2, secretary l, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3. 'I ...V L..a, Tiger Say you love m e or I'll let go! 191 1L XVI I 4- 'l' l l ll l l I l I lv il A 'l r l . if 1 l g e I l ll: l l I 1 9 PAUL EDWARD CIIANDONAIT 'il Frtemtin St., Atiburndale Chan L Fiixzrrire lixiwrfgsgioni HCV Chubby. g Strpprcwetl Desire: To pass with ' llijflkll. lc.-ch: Acton H.S.g College. i if fi if N I NORA KESTING CHARNEY 288 Prince St., West Newton Suppressed Desire: To skip school. Chief Failing: My suppressed de- sire was unsuppressable. Beals: Warren: College. Tigerama Committee 1, 23 Reflec- tions 3. 2. fx 43 'ff , .Kg . MARTHA CHEN 701 Beacon St., Newton Centre Marta Fondest Memory: Vacation. Favorite Pastime: Singing. Palmer: College. Drama 1, Badminton lg Science Fair 1: Spring Musical 1. DEBORAH CHAPMAN 63 Baker Pl., Lower Falls Debby Pet Peeve: Late bells. Fondest Memory: Locker No. 9 and Oct. 1964. Barry: Warren, Business. Ski Club 3. i I BARBARA AUSTIN CHASE 62 Prince St., West Newton Bar Fondest Memory: Daffodilesg QED'sg Germany, Daphne, my piano, Being the Bee's knees. Favorite Pastime: Missing the boat. Beals: Warren: College. NEWTONITE 2, 3, Class Com- mittee lg House Council 3: Choir 2, 3, Music 1, 2, 3. 'Q ,. MAY YING CHEN 185 Fairway Dr., West Newton Fondest Memory: 232. l Will to NHS: An IBM machine that works! Bacong Day, College. National Honor Society 2, 3g NEWTONIAN 2, Assistant Liter- ary Editor 3, A Capella Choir 2, 3g Music Club 1, 2, 35 American Field Service 2, 3. JANE ELLEN CHERNEY 6 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Fondest Memories: journies to Colby, summer with P.B. Favorite Pastime: Getting unde- pressed with A.F., j.C. Bacon, Weeks: College. junior Red Cross Council 3: French Club 3, Future Teachers Club 3 Ski Club 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3. Joi-IN G. CHOATE sa ous sr., Newronviiie rc. Claim to Fame: Lunches in way out places. Favorite Expression: Thought it would work didn't you. Beals: Day, Service. Motion Picture Squad 1, 2, 33 Transparency making 2, 3: A.V.A Motion Picture Club 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN CICCARIELLO 66 Bernard St., Newton Highlands Chick Favorite Pastime: Playing basket- ball. Suppressed Desire: To get a good mark in English. Tech, Meadowbrook, College. Basketball 1, 2. Q Q If ,X I lr NANCY CHILDS 10 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Summer '65, R.A.T.S., B.P., sept. 12, Aug. ist to Oct. 12th and 23rd. Favorite Pastimeg C.O.P. chasing, "football" at B.P., and talking. Bacon: Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3: Common's Room Committee 2, 3. CAROLYN CHU 112 Russell Rd., West Newton "Chu" Fondest Memory: The Big "fl", Sept. 22, 1963, My good times with Gene. Favorite Pastime: S.T.S.G. Beals, Warren, College. Rally Committee 3, Beals House Breakfast Club 2, 35 Mr. Clark's Secretary 1, 2, 3. 932 TF ' if 41" ROBERT WARREN CICCONE 145 Lexington St., Auberndale Bob Fondest Memory: Shop Teacher "Sully." Suppressed Desire: To K.O. Cassius. Tech, Warren, College. Administrative Aids 1, Z, 3 Pres- identg Baseball 1, 2. 'x RICHARD EDWARD CIOPPA 17 West Pine St., Auburndale Chop, Choppa Favorite Pastime: Home Room. Suppressed Desire: To stay single. Palmer: Warren, College. LINDA L. CLARDY 35 Melville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: M. J. P. W. K. Suppressed Desire: To have a low sexy voice. Palmer, Dayg Business. CYNTHIA JOYCE CLINE 25 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Cindy, Ginger Pet Peeve: Short hair, the system, the man, phonies, obsolete rules, building one, dress regulations. Claim to Fame: Hockling moral rearmament. Palmer, Woodstock Country School, College. Senior Play 53 Stage Crew 2, Drama Club 5, Folksinging 2, 5g Human Rights Club 2, 5. CHRISTINE ANN CINCOTTA 22 Elm St., West Newton Trix, Chris Fondest Memory: j.M., skate board- ing with Mr. Papa, thinking be- fore acting. I Predict that: NHS will be dedi- cated as a memorial to suffering students. Barry, Warren, College. French National Honor Society 2, 5, Home Room Manager 1, 2, 5: Rally Committee 53 House Council 33 NEWTONIAN 5. MARTIN GEORGE CLAPTON 57 Williams St., West Newton Marty Fondest Memory: Rehoboth Beach Del, Pap's H.R., j.R.'s party, NHS 2-Mel l. Pet Peeveg L-S 4-NHS 2. Palmer, Warren, College. Grange Shield 5, Class Committee 2, 55 Baseball 1, 2, 5, Ice Hockey 2, 5, Soccer Team l, 2, 5. 5:39 , .-t .ln af A , ,f 'tm .Q -R-J 'E THOMAS H. CLARKE 21 Columbus Pl., West Newton Clarkie Favorite Pastime: Detention Hall. Fondest Memory: A-Block study with Ma, B. and Angelo. Riley, Warren, Service. House Council 2. MARY ELLEN COFFIN 50 Churchill St., Newtonville Favorite Pastime: jumping puddles in the tunnels. Chief Failing: Not being on the Honor Roll. Riley: Day: College. Tennis Team l, 2, 5, Girls' Ath- letic Board l, 2, 35 junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 5. ANNETTE COLANTONIO 510 Watertown St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: T.B. Favorite Expression: Do you un- der-stand?? Beals, Day: College. Beals House Breakfast Club 3: Mental Health 1, 2, 5. Qi r QQ, ,J l l I l DAWNA LEE COLTEN 9 Frederick St., Newtonville Dawn Fondest Memory: july Zo, 19053 lO15U .II BLltlclY'S. Favorite Expression: "l don't he- lieve it!" Barryg Hull H.S.g College. Future Teachers Club 5. MARGARET ANN CLINTON 5 ll Grove St., Lower Falls Peggy Fondest Memory: Summer of '65 met Hermann. Suppressed Desire: To become 5'2" for a week. Barry, Warreng College. Future Teachers 2, 5, Library 2, 5g Music l, 2, 5, Mental Health 2. MARY A. COGAN 75 West Pine St., Auburndale Pebbles Fondest Memory: The Big 4: June 16, '64, Junior Prom-A.B.g Marsh- held-EJ. Favorite Pastime: S.T.M.T.S.E.,I. Barry, Warren, College. Student Office, Secretaries 2, 5: Rally Committee 5: House Council 2, 5, Drama Club lg Ski Club 1, 5. '01 JANET ROSE COLELLA l9l Chapel St., Nonantum Crulla Fondest Memory: Between classes with F.D. Pet Peevei Having to go to work after school. Riley: Day: College. , -s if 1 os 4 ,455- "9 1 IJ X ANN MARIE CONNOLLY I3 Fuller Ter., West Newton Fondest Memory: My first and last story for the NIEWTONITIZ. Suppressetl Desire: For my desire not to he so suppressed. Beals, St. Bc-rnard'sg College. NIiW"I'ONI'I'If 2: Student Ollice Secretaries 3, Ushers 2. THOMAS FRANCIS CONNOLLY 21 Rogers St., Newton Corner Butch Favorite Expression: I'll see you on the beach. Pet Peeveg People who like Latin. Riley: Bigelow: College. Latin Club 3. ,-4. MARIE SUSAN COLUCCI I8 Green Ct., Newton Mitch liontlest Memory: Getting out of sthool at I l:20. Pet Peeve: Walking up and down the stairs. Riley: Day: Business. llasketlmll 2, Golf lg Tennis 2: lfieltl llockey I: Ilatlminton I. CIIARLES WILLIAM CONN l.?4A Boyd St., Newton Corner Charlie Fondest Memory: The Capitol, Ilumairock, ,luly 4th, IC. and M.,l.S. Pet Peeve: "What's new pussycat?" Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 3: NEWTONIAN 5: House Council, NHS Tiger 3: Soccer Team. an q ,an- ANGELO GERALD CONTI 54 Oak Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: A-Block Study with Ma, B. and Tom. I Will to NHS: My gym sneakers. Riley: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Student Office Secretaries 2, 3, Science Fair 1. ANN LUCY CORNARO 75 Sheridan St., West Newton I Will to NHS: One more minute to get from the annex of building II to the fourth floor of building I. Fondest Memory: X-blocks in 2318, and A block study. Palmer: Warren: College. French Club 2, 3: Future Teachers' Club 1, 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Board 1, 3. NICIIOLAS PAINTER CORT I I Devon Rd., Newton Centre Nick Favorite Expression: Good Grief! Pet Peeve: The stairs in Building two. Adams: Ateneo de Manila, Philip- pines, College. Chess Club and Team 3: American Field Service 3: German Club 3. ANDREA EMILY COULTER 244 Prince St., West Newton I Will to NHS: The 14 studies of my senior year. Favorite Expression: "l'm tired of being tired." Barry, Warren: College. Student Ofhce Secretaries 2, 33 ,Iunior Red Cross Council 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3: Rus- sian Club 3. SHELLEY FAY CRAVEN 42 Evelyn Rd., Waban Shel Fondest Memory: February 7, 1965 and Roger. Suppressed Desire: To find B. my long lost cousin. Beals: Weeks: College. Rally Committee 3: French 1, 2, 3: Future Teachers 3. DEBORAH LEE CROSBY 35 Central St., Auburndale Debbie Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, T. and C. dances, the A Go-Go, two weekends at Hyannis with A.C., D.W., E.L. Chief Failing: Spanish in summer school. Bacon: Warren: College. Rally Committee 3: Stage Crew 3: Sailing Club 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 33 American Field Service 1, 2, 3. gf. 's'f-'ey-W , JILL I. COVEN 34 Nobscot Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Three special friends: 54 mainline, apples, In- dustrial Center, trampolining, April I5. Favorite Pastime: Sitting and hoping and wishing and praying. Bacon: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Student Office Secretary 2, 33 French Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club l, 2: American Field Service 2, 3. KATHLEEN MARIE COYLE 41 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Injun, K. C. Fondest Memory: Work camps, P. J. party, New Year's Eve '64-'65, Chief Failing: MAYPO-right M. K., almost. Palmer, Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: House Council I, 3. ef fe sw- e'!Y"Y'NRQ2 . . ,la s., 5, i 1 4 sf., f 5. -w FRANCES LOUISE CUPOLI 82 Central St., Auburndale Frannie Fondest Memory: December 30, 1964-St. Bernarcl's dance. Pet Peeve: Being Difficult. Riley, Warren, College. Student Oflice Secretaries 3, Leader Corps 2, Girls' Athletic Assoc. 2, 3g Field Hockey 2: Archery 1. 'Z' JANET LYNNE CROSBY 170 Harvard St., Newtonville Jan, Crosb Fondest Memory: My junior year and the summer of '65, Suppressed Desire: To have all my friends happy at the same time. Barry, Day: College. Rally Committee 33 Future Teach- ers 1, 2, Treasurer 3, Library 1, 2, 33 Outing 2, 3. LIANNE R. CROSSETTE 44 Rowe St., Auburndale Li, "Chris" Fondest Memory: My junior year, Brighamsg Hampton, J. B. "JO", Mr. Papa. , Pet Peeve: Sunday Nites. Barry: Warren, College. Reflections 3: Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Library 2, 3, House Council 1 fini. --if 2 ll MICHAEL EDWARD CURLEY 142 Church St., Newton Corner Brian, Murphy, Stretch, Tony Perkins Fondest Memory: Joe Bellino and Tony Perkins. Chief Failing: Biology for 3 years. Beals: Our Lady'sg College. Home Room Manager 33 Class Committee 2, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. STANLEY ELLIS CUSHING 142 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Stan Fondest Memory: Junior English with-Miss Kenney. I predict that: Building I will col- lapse. Riley: Warren: College. French National Honor Society 2, 33 Chess Club 33 Sailing Club 1, 2, 5. JOSEPH DENNIS DALEY 84 Grove St., Auburndale Rutti I Will to NHS: 12 brothers. 16 sisters. Fondest Memory: After the New- ton-Everett football game. Riley: Warren: College. ADRIENNE LEE DANER 490 Chestnut St., Waban Fondest Memory: Summer of '65 --Rossi's, Gunshots, Shakespeare speeches. Pet Peeve: Location of 1328. Beals, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 33 Class Committee 3, House Council 1, Rally Com- mittee 2g Ski Club 1, 3. f 415' DIANNE SUE DANIELS 94 Moffat Rd., Waban Di Fondest Memory: Baker's dozen, R. L. S., Worcester Academy, Rob, Judi, Stacey, Jack, Ellen, Di and Jim, the men, 1104, 1124, Richard David Marcus and "us". Claim to Fame: Making a "spec- tacle" of myself. Ad amsg Warren: College. Senior Play: Girls' Athletic Board lg House Council 2, 3g French Club 33 Music Club 2, 3. You dirty old tiger! 96 NAS FRANCES DARACK Mil I-lirkstall Rd., Newtonville You-.l.-st iklerfiory. R. G. bl. R.: 'fio.i.1.i 'olg slr. prom and Scituateg t ' citzwnal .intl cultural excursionsg suiizfingr 'UK collegt weekendsg H .sz llg Lf, cellar: breakfast at TQ fxlr. 'Wialker :and Mr. Boyleg cor-'titjesg '66 SPIRITQ 4 'Eti?.1.i','-fi .tn-i a teepee. 1'-gt 1'.'t-ve. The distance between points x and y. Upirty, Day, College. House Representative to S. C. 3g NFXWCVIUNIAN 3: Rally Commit- tee 1, 2, 33 House Council 2, 33 French National Honor Society 2, 3 RICHARD ALLAN DAVIS 63 Avondale Rd., Newton Centre Richie Pet Peeve: Gym after D lunch. Chief Failing: Language Lab. Bacong Weeksg College. Orange Shield 3: Bridge Club 1: French Club 33 Physics Club 33 Astronomy Club 1, 2, 3. SUSAN MARGARET DEAN 133 Edinboro St., Newtonville Rileyg Queen Mary High, Liver- pool, Engg College. Future Teachers Club 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Board 33 Outing Club 2, 3. F , '. .11 . ' I 'sf . ' I 116. so 1 I : gl I JOSEPH LEO DAVIS 22 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Buzzard Pet Peeve: Big Bad Dodge. Favorite Pastime: Girls. Tech: Meadowbrookg Service. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 33 Bas- ketball 2, 33 Tech Open House 2, 33 Radio Club 1, 2, 3. qi ROBERT SUMNER DEALY 49 Temple St., West Newton Bob Pet Peeve: People who criticize NHS. Rileyg Warren: College. Reflections 1, 2, Arr Editor 3: Class Committee 35 Tennis 1, 2, Co-Captain 3: Soccer Team 2, 33 Alpha Gama Tau 1, 2, 3. ""'I'i33"-." '. M -V FRANCES ANN DEATS 106 Berkeley St., West Newton Fran Fondest Memory: The class of '66g "the Warren Bloch: Daffodils and the Farmg Haunted House and "55"g S. Starlight and the World's Fair. Barry: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3g Class Secretary 2, 33 Class Committee 1, 2, 35 Tigerama Committee 1, 2: Orchestra 2, 3. 4 .+G . I NAZARENO DECINA il Gardner St Newton Corner Ne Fondest Memory: Sweet Sixteen. Favorite Pastime: Going out with girls. Bealsg Day: Business. Soccer Team 2, 3. ff , lv' ga.. JOEL MICHAEL DECHTER 327 Cabot St., Newtonville Deck Pet Peeve: My girl friend M. S. Favorite Pastime: 2:45 to 8:25. Barryg Dayg College. French Club lg Investment Club 3. ,api DONALD M. DeFILIPPIS 33 Middle St., Nonantum Defo Favorite Expression: "Easy." Fondest Memory: Mr. Peterson's math class. Palmer: Day: College. Ushersg House Sports: Key Clubg Art Clubg Softball. NANCY ANN DQELORENZO 24 Richardson St., Newton Corner Stretch Pet Peeve: The unexpected and what do we do now? Fondest Memory: Spring of '65, Barry, Bigelow, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Theatrical Make up 1, Ski Club 2. 77 77 MARK ALBERT DeMAR IANO 81 Elmhurst Rd., Newton Mad Pet Peeve: People who can't pro- nounce my name. I Will to NHS: My drawing pen- cils and crayons. Palmer, Bigelow, Service. Class Committee 1, Motion Picture Squad 2, 3, Student Ofiice Secre- taries 2, 3. 5 V1 ANNA DERUBEIS 19 Murphy Ct., Newton ondest Memory: My history class 1 my junior year. Will to NHS: My, sister. almer, Day, Business. JON SEBASTIAN DeGEORGE 136 Gibbs St., Newton Centre ANGELA P. DeSIMONE 244 Adams St., Newton Fondest Memory: My all-nighter at Super Sport, G.T.O., Oct. 31, 1964. Scituate. Riley, Sacred Heart, College. Basketball 3, Ski Club 2, 3. Beals, F. A. Day, Business. JOHN DELOREY 45 Ware Rd., Auburndale Little Abner Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. Fondest Memory: The trolley ride back from the hockey games of '63-'64. Tech, Warren, College. Administrative Aids 3, NEWTON- IAN 3. ILENE JUDITH DEVORIN 45 Warren Rd., Waban Claim to Fame: Meeting Willie Knolls at a red light. Fondest Memory: "Tea and Crum- pets" from M. I. T., H. T. C. gang, JAWYN, 20 cents in pennies from B. C., Andy Williams. Barry, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONITE 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Outing Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. ALBERTO de MAYO 222 Homer St., Newton Centre Al Adams, Chile. Soccer Team 3. GEORGE PETER DiBENEDETTO 27 Hibbard Rd., Newton Corner Arnie Fondest Memory: Pitching 58 innings of scoreless batting practice for Furg and Eddie. Pet Peeve: A blonde bombshell from Auburndale. Palmer, Bigelow, College. ' House Council 3, Orange Shield 3, Baseball l, 2, 3, Football 1, Rus- sian Club l, 2, 3. -seems. .f . ra i"' s if Auf' f2zaifw.rf3 :aff - Fw ,,. t THOMAS ANTHONY DeSIMONE 5 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Diesel, Desi Favorite Expression: Renaults do go. I Predict That: Cafeteria food will kill 300 students next year. Beals, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3. DAVID GEORGE DEWSNAP 4 Eldredge St., Newton Corner Dave Pet Peeve: Sophomores who have last period study. Fondest Memory: X-Block assem- blies. Riley, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE 3, A. V. A. Motion Picture Club 3, Tusitala 3. WALTER HERMAN DIETZ lo Hancock Ave., Newton Centre W'alt, XVally Fondest Memory: Those IS months, The Fellas, 20 Hour Party. Favorite Expression: You rogut you! Xvhat? Bacon, XVecks, College. NEWTONIAN 31 House Council 2. 3, Intramural Football 2. 31 ln' tramural Basketball 2. I0 LAVVRENCE CARMEN DiFOGGIO 3 Churchill St.. Newtonville I.arry Fondest Memory: Falling through the ceiling in Mr. DiPoli's shop. I Wlill to NHS: My joke book for Mr. Hale. Tech: Day: Business. Basketball. LESLIE LOUISE DILLON 31 Curve St., West Newton Little Bird Fondest Memory: Those three-way telephones. Favorite Pastime: Waiting for that long-delayed plane from California to land. Palmer: Warren: College. Softball I, 2: Ski Club I, 2, 33 Human Rights Club 2, 3. RICHARD DILUZIO 9 Rockland St., Newton Corner DL I Will to NHS: The box I run in during football. Favorite Expression: I don't even like you. Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 33 Baseball 1, Z, 3: Basketball 1: Football 1, 2, 3. MARILYN LOUISE DiPIETRO 98 Albert Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory: January 1964, with all its results. Pet Peeve: Too many problems, mine and everyone else's. Adams: College. DIANE MARIE DiRUSSO 50 Upham St., West Newton Di, Dee Dee Fondest Memory: All the fun I had with S. W., the summer of '65 in Me. with D. S.. being head major- ette in Peter's NHS Band. Pet Peeve: Being called T. L. B., no last period studies, covered bridges. Bacon: Warren: Business. Drum Majorettes 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee: Independent Research Club. KENNETH ROBERT DOANE I9 ,Ienison Sr., Newtonville Ken Fondest Memory: Last period study. Pet Peeve: A crowd at the cafe- teria door. Riley: Day: College. NEIL GARY DOBRO 865 Beacon St., Newton Centre Doob, Hey you I predict that: If present trends continue, German 3 failures will be demoted to German 4. Fondest Memory: Black dotting and kidnapping J. L. Bacon: Weeks: College. Senior Play 3: House Council 1, 2, President 3: Tennis 2, 3: Key Club 2, 39 German Club 2, 3. ROGER EDWARD DOLAN 43 Grayson Lane, Newton Lower Falls Rog, Reggie I Will to NHS: My right rear tire. Suppressed Desire: To cut 150 ft. in Low. Bacon: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Indoor Track 1, 2, 31 Track, Outdoor 1, 3: Biology Club 32 Folksinging Club 3. SANDRA E. DONAHUE 354 Waltham St., West Newton Sandi, Sam Fondest Memory: Summer of '65 with B. M., and English with Mr. Papa for two years. Favorite Pastime: Writing to Bobby. Palmer: Day: Business. Badminton. WILLIAM KENNETH DONALDS 9 Roberts Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: The day I met S. F. Favorite Expression: Brutal. Adams: College. Boys' Athletic Board 1, 32 Ski Club 3. SUSAN DONATH I1 Ivanhoe St., Newton Student No. 25545 Fondest Memory: Those friendly 3- way phone calls. I Will to NHS: 3 volumes of Fun with Dick and jane for the English Department. Adams: Bigelow: College. Reflections 33 Human Rights Club 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Inter- national Club 2, 3: Orchesis I, 2, 3. WAY LAY DONG 973 Washington St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Oh, yeah! Favorite Pastime: Art Cmodernj. Riley: Day: College. Football 1: Rifle Team 33 Track, Outdoor I: Weightlifting. BARBARA ANN DONOHUE 3 Marion St., West Newton Barb Fondest Memory: May 14, 1965: The Austin: skateboarding with Mr. Papa: the haunted house. Favorite Pastime: E. R. R. J. J. P. Barry: Warren: College. ROY THOMAS DONOVAN 166 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Corner Dunny Fondest Memory: Three years of football? Claim to Fame: My moves. Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Indoor Track 3: Track Outdoor 3. STACEY JOY DORRIS 27 Ardmore Rd., West Newton Stace Fondest Memory: Bakers dozen: May 24, 1964: JAWYN '65: The Week That Was: Doubles with E. L.: Sweetie Pie. Claim to Fame: Living in the valley, ho-ho-ho. Barry: Warren: College. National Honor Society: NEW- TONIAN 3: House Council 1, Vice President 2, President 33 French Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL FRANCIS DOWNEY 1441 Centre St., Newton Centre Mike Favorite Expression: "Get out of here!" Pet Peeve: Writing yuk, yuk sheets. Tech: Sacred Heart H.S.: College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3: Ushers for Tech Open House 1. GEORGE JOSEPH DOWNING 10 Omar Terr., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Trying to help S. G. I Predict That: No other student will have Mr. Walker 3 years in a row. Barry: Day: College. Biology 1: Key Club 2, 33 Rifle Club 2, 3. NANCY MARIE DOYLE 9 Asheville Rd., Newton Lower Falls lgcgndest Memory: The spring of Favorite Pastime: X-blocks with Mr. Papa. Palmer: Warren: College. Outing 3: Badminton 3. ..,, .it N .H .S . crushes imiividzmlity. ROBERT BRIAN DOYLE 25 William St., West Newton Bob, Don Fondest Memory: Mr. Swanger's party, January 24, '64. Favorite Expression: Ah yes! Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield.2, captain 3: Ad- ministrative Aids 3g Traflic Squad 2: Camera Club 1: Chess Club 1, 2. RONALD FRANCIS DRISCOLL 34 Beecher Terr., Newton Centre Ron I Predict that: Our class won't make it. I Will to NHS: My books. Palmer: Weeks: Business. GORDON JONAS DRUCKER 66 Marlboro St., Newton Gordy Fondest Memory: Hanging outside 1102 belore school as a sophomore with Dave. Favorite Expression: Hi! sweetie pie. Adams: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 3: Motion Picture Squad l, Q, 3: Adams House Tratlic Squad l, 2, 3: Track, Out- door 31 A.V.A. Motion Picture Club l, 2, 5. XVAYNE ROBERT DITPREZ 6 Talbot St.. XVest Newton l XVill to NHS: XY'h.1t ever it takes to get me out. Suppressed Desire: C.1n't be ex pressed. Bacon: XY'arren: College. Orange Shield 3: Ride Team l. Ski Club S. 199 'IT I ,I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I 'I Ii I I 1 I I I I1 . II. II ,I XI. I I I I I I I I 2 EDXXI.-XRD PAUL DUTTON I I Xli'inoria St., Auburndale Ed liixoritc' Pastime: Lunch-all four of them. liondest Memory: The boys and girls I will leave behind. Rilcyg Newton South High: Col- lege. Folksinging I: Music l. DONNA MARIE DWYER I5 Rogers St., Newton Fondest Memory: july 16, 1965. - Favorite Expression: "All of a sudden!" Bacon: Bigelow: College. Latin Club. s 1' I SUSAN DENICE ELLINGWOOD 150 Cherry St., West Newton Sue, Crash Fondcst Memory: All the great kids I met and got to know in my junior year. Pet Peeve: '57 Chevy's that get in my way. Bacon: Warren: Business. Student Oliict- Secretary. JEFFREY ELSON 52 Byfield Rd., Waban Favorite Pastime: Collecting tolls on the 2304 passageway. Fondest Mcmoryg I.W.I. and AP European history with Mr. Living- ston. Palmer: NXf'ecks: College. Spring Musical lg Matlrigals I, 2, 3, Rifle Team l, 2, 3: Home Room Mar1a,uer 1. 2, 5: French National Honor Society 2, 5. Ll -Jar PATRICIA SUSAN EBAUGH 9 The Ledges Rd., Newton Centre Pat Favorite Pastime: Skiing. Fondest Memory: junior Prom P.R., B.M., IM., june in N.H.: 5 a.m. Hockey games: 20 Hour Party. Beals: Hanover H.S., N.H.: Col- lege. NEWTONITE 53 Student Office Secretaries 2, 5: Orchestra 2. MICHAEL EBB 63 Elgin, Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Raymie, and work on car. I Will to NHS: My lunch in His- tory. Palmer: Weeks: Business. MARTHA EVERETT 85 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Merthie Fondest Memory: R.C.B .... Time- tables and D.P .... Fantasmic Features. Claim to Fame: My initials! Palmer: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 55 French Club 1, 2, 5: Library 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2, 3. SANDRA LYNNE FAGIN I4 Holland St., Newton Sandy Favorite Expression: "I wish that Fondest Memory: Climbing up 4 Hights of stairs every day. Bacon: Plainview H.S., N.Y.: Col- lege. Theatrical Make-Up 5: NEW- TONIAN 5: NEWTONITE 53 Music Club 2, 5: Ski Club 2, 5. -I3 f . I I GRETCHEN ELIZABETH ERNST 28 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Gretch Pet Peeve: Little old ladies. Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, I.S.B., hockey games, New Year's Eve of '65, Gerber baby bottles. Riley: Warren: College. Girls' Athletic Board 3: Rally Committee 3: Sailing Club 3: Mental Health Club 1, 2, 5. CAROL JEAN ESTES 75 Commonwealth Park West, Newton Centre Stella Fondest Memory: Baby Blue: Clamming and M. M. Barry: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 2: NEWTONITE 1, 2, 55 Orange Book 2. fl .. - , 1-1 SUSAN MARCIA FAIRBANKS 6 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Susie Fondest Memory: Mr. Hall's chem- istry classes. I Will to NHS: My stage crew buddies. Riley: Ipswich High: College. Girls' Athletic Board 3: Stage Crew 2, 3: Basketball 55 Mental Health Club 3. JOANNE ALEXIS FALK 28 Ballard St., Newton Centre jo, jwannie Suppressed Desire: To be back at Mt. Snow with Mr. Krotch. Favorite Pastime: Pudgnins parties! P.C.'s party, summer of '65, Palmer: Bigelow: College. NEWTONITE 2, 3, ski Club 1, 2, 53 Biology Club 55 Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3. NV DIANE MARIE FARINA -il Bridge St., Newton Fondest Memory: Junior Promg Rats B.P.g Feb. 22, 1965. Chief Failing: Getting D and D together. Bacon: Day: College. Student Oflice Secretary: Rally Committee 2, 3. PATRICIA FARINA 63 Dearborn St., West Newton Pattie Fondest Memory: Meeting Joe after class, the Junior Prom. Suppressed Desireg To have all my dreams come true. Riley: Wa rreng Business. I at A EDWARD FARNSWORTH, JR. 55 Pine Grove Ave., Lower Falls Ed Palmer: Maine Central Institute, College. JOHN PATRICK FARRELL, JR. 25 Washburn St., Newton Jack, Hercules Fondest Memory: HoJo's 1, 2, 3, Newton 2, Melrose 1, The Animal Leagueg The Pyramid: B.C. with G.E., G.J., C.C., and B.G., Senior math with Mr. Barber: 20 Hour Party. Claim to Fame: "He's one of those muscle-bound gymnasts." Riley: Bigelow, College. Football lg Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: Tiger Trainer 3: House Council 3. STEPHEN FRANCIS FARRELL 14 Talbot St., West Newton Steve Claim to Fame: Charlie's bathtub. I Will to NHS: My faculty park- ing permit. Adams: St. Charles: College. Orange Shield 2, 33 Administrative Aids 2, 3, Intramural Athletics l, 2, 3. PAUL GERARD FARRINGTON 24 Adams Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: Playing chess in homeroom. Favorite Pastimes Collecting stamps. Adams, Warren: College. Chess Club and Team 3. 1, '. 1 ?"fcQ' ' ' . ff: f ' 4 .,, .irq fc. fy . I i BRUCE JAY FELDMAN 29 Garlor Dr., Havertown, Pa. Chief Failing: Introduction to Western Tradition with J.L. Suppressed Desire: To graduate from NHS-not HHS. Riley: Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, 2, Science Fair 1, 2, 33 Biology Club 1, 2, 3: French Club lg In- dependent Research 1, 2. DAVID PAUL FINN 27 Nabscot Rd., Newton Centre Mouth Pet Peeve: No air conditioners in the Spring. I Predict that: Someday we'll win at football. Bacon: Denver North H.S.g Col- lege. Motion Picture Squad 2, Music Club 2, 3, Philosophy Club 33 Ski Club 2, 3. .. .ffl LEON G. FAUCHER 217 Church St., Newton Corner Lee, Fauch Fondest Memory: The 2:30 A.M. hockey games at the Skating Club, watching Ferg hit Iron Mike, and J.R.'s help last spring. Pet Peeve: Wfhnt does "gully- gully" mean? Bacon: Catholic Memorial: College. Orange Shield 33 Class Committee 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 31 Football 1. ARLINE FRANCI FEINSTEIN 80 Brackett Rd., Newton UA.. Fondest Memory: "Chas," cheer- leading, journies to Colby and U. of Mass. Favorite Pastime: Getting unde: pressed with J.C. and J.C. Bacon, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 1, 2, Student Ofhce Secre- tary 2, 3: Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3: American Field Service 2, 3. ROBERT B. FISKE '52 Watertown St., Wlest Newton Wink Fondest Memory: Mr. Snyders study halls. Suppressed Desire: To own a Vette. Bacon, Day, College. House Council 3. JAMES FRANCIS FITZPATRICK 63 Pond St., Newton Corner Fitz Fondest Memoryg XY'hc-n l left the trade school. Suppressed Desire: To gr.1du.1tt' and further my etlutpition. Beals: NTHS: Business 2 4 CCQN 2 I 1.-nr JM. . - IW.. ,. ai t 3' l ff., -4 ,-4-u Cl Milk bar study thrives. MAUREEN JANE FITZPATRICK ll Adams St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: X-block in 2319. Pet Peeve: A locker in the annex for three years. Palmer: Day: College. International Club 1: Rally Com- mittee lg Library 2, 3. MELANIE CATHRYN FITZPATRICK 36 Newell, Auburndale I Will to NHS: My locker in the annex. Fondest Memory: My senior year and the summer of '65, Palmer: Warren: College. French Club 2: Ski Club 2: Girls' Athletic Board 1, 3: Orchesis 3. RICHARD E. FITZPATRICK 16 Elmore St., Newton Centre Fitzie Pet Peeve: Nomenclature: P. W. Fondest Memory: L.S. Barry: Weeks: College. Ice Hockey 2: Track, Outdoor 2, 3: Folksinging Club 2, 3: Ski Club l, 2, 3. be is xlqjr LIL 0111051-I C.FIUMARA a if 3 yde Ave., Newton X l 'X joe the Pro X 9 GIA Fgtdest Memory: Getting kicked kt, o he j.V. football team. Jxpredict that: The football team Jsnext year wins all the games. Palmer: Keks: College. jx cnfaniighiela 2, 3, Football 2, 3, Q10 rack 2, 3: Outdoor Track O S . 3. 5 milf SUSAN DIANE FLANDERS 371 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Sue Fondest Memoryg Sophomore and senior year with Brian: my little talks with Lorraine and Cheryl and Maralyn. I Will to NHS: The cheerful homeroom of 1106. Adams: Day: College. Outing Club 1: Sailing Club 1. DANA PAUL FLYNN 306 Watertown St., Nonantum Woody Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Chief Failing: All subjects. Beals: Our Lady's: College. DAVID ALBERT FOLEY 93 Nonantum St., Newton Corner Fol, C.P.B. Favorite Pastime: Listenin' to Surfer lay it on! I Will to NHS: Our Children. Adams: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Badminton 2, 3. MARC FORD 30 Phillips St., Newtonville Mouse Favorite Pastime: Getting thrown out!!! I Predict that: Building I will be condemned. Beals: Day: College. RICHARD J. FORTE 40 Los Angeles St., Nonantum Bartch Fondest Memory: The hockey games: E4 study in sophomore year with Schicolone. Favorite Expression: "Hey Goum- ba!" Barry: Day: College. House Council 3. FRANCINE RUTH FOSTER 22 Cappy Cir., West Newton Fran Fondest Memory: "Happiness is Friendship", Anne Frank, end of junior year. Pet Peeve: People who fall off tandems. Palmer: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3: Senior Play 33 Class Committee 2, 39 Mental Health Club 1, 2, 3: French Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. :,. , 'S- I WWA. CHERYL W. FRASER 29 Fern St., Auburndale Fraz Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, week-ends at the Cape, B lunch on Wednesday-F.T.Q. I Will to NHS: My pearl earrings. Bacon, Warren, College. Rally Committee 3, Stage Crew 3, Ski Club 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3. 5 X 7-Q1 Q0 DAVID L. FREED 5 Winchester Rd., Newton Dave Favorite Pastime: Watching j.B. go mad during a well-executed scenery change in NHS plays. I Predict that: The Lord will pro- vide. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Independent Research Club 1, 2, 3, Motion Picture Squad 1, 2, 33 NHS Marching Band 1, 2, 3. FAITH SHERIDA FREETO 91 Hillside Avenue, West Newton Sherry Fondest Memory: Being a -712 Favorite Expression: T. B. baby. Bacon, Warren, College. Student Oflice Secretaries 1, 2, Spring Musical 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service Club 1, 2. Q, CAROLYN ANN FOX 5 Morseland Ave., Newton Centre Ca Fondest Memory: 3 certain friends, Marty, Industrial Centre, The Rock, apples, October 23, 1964, the Men, M.R., mainline, trampolining, New Year's Eve '64, housewarmers, 4 in the front!! Favorite Pastime: Sitting and hoping and wishing and praying! Bacon, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 33 Student Office Secretary 3, Class Committee 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 2. 'IB ELAINE MARIE FRECHETTE 46 Gardner St., Newton Fondest Memory: The corner in room 2318. Favorite Pastime: Going with Mike. Palmer, Bigelow, Business. Outing Club 1. Ah MONA F, FREEDMAN 1481 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton I Will to NHS: Room 2318 painted pink. CI hate pink.J I Predict that: Building I won't be rebuilt until it collapses. Palmer, Warren, College. Future Teachers' Club 33 Music Club 1, 2, 33 Ski Club 3, Mental Health Club 2, 3, American Field Service 3. .-1' if if Q f'-i Y - . , r f . -.kagzgz 'Q RYE? M ini, 115 QU- 1 ' 'AB ' if ,Ji 4 -15531 li 1 f . ,,. firarfyvfv ya, J' QL f 4' I., F. I - ,flu 'V 355 4-5 BARBARA ELIZABETH FRENCH 70 Hatfield Rd., West Newton Barb Fondest Memory: Making cheering in Dec., 1964, and the prom. Favorite Pastime: Going on PJ. parties and dances. Bacon, Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 35 Cheer- leaders 2, 3, Science Fair 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 2, Outing Club 2, 3. f f rsfio . ELLEN JANE FRIEDMAN 212 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre "Frizzy" Fondest Memory: August 22, with IB. and September 20 with j.S. and january with V.C. Favorite Pastime: "The stone wall" and B. 8: W. Bus. Beals, Weeks, College. Tigerama Committee 2, junior Red Cross Council 2, Spanish 2, Ski 1. ERIC RANDOLPH GAHM 414 Walnut St., Newtonville Randy, Ham Suppressed Desire: To drive to school. Claim to Fame: Pool Party '64. Adams, Roxbury Latin School, Col- lege. Science Fair l, 2. 3, Orange Shield 31 Football 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Ski Club l, 2, 3. STEVEN FREMONT-SMITH 35 Temple St., West Newton Suppressed Desire: To have the NEWTONIAN print what I wrote before, that there will be no change during the six years. Adams, Warr'eng College. Central Civics Committee 2, 3, Home Room Manager 1, Key Club 2. 'I X W I se, Y E .az- , Q , 1 CAROL JEAN FRIEDMAN 32 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory, The route, H -+- H, boy 91113, midnight visitors. Pet Peeve: A jinxed cowbell. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE News Editor 3, Orange Book 1, Copy Editor 2, House Council 1, 2: French National Honor Society 2, 3. frzff 'iff cg .i TOBE FRANCES FRIEDMAN 54 Woodbine, Auburndale Fondest Memory: My junior year with IH. I Predict that: M.A.I.B.U. soon, T.A.j. one. Bacon, Vifarreng College. 203 4 JOYCE E. GALLANT 37 Fordham Rd., West Newton Suppressed Desire: To be tall. Pet Peeve: Boys with long hair and short pants. Beals, Day, Business. Tigerama Committee 1, House Council 1, 2, Tennis 2. WAYNE GREGORY GA LLANT 189 Waltham St., West Newton I Predict that: "The Lord will pro- vide." Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Bacong Warren, College. JOE MICHAEL GANLEY 1577 Washington St., West Newton Dealer Fondest Memory: X-Blocks with Mr. Wells. I Will to NI-IS: Ice. Bacon, Warren, Service. Mental Health Club 1, 2, 3. I W S." 4 , -sr ROBERT A. GARDNER 50 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Bob, Cuz, ?? Favorite Expression: "You rogue, you!" Fondest Memory: Spring football that I always missed, the FELLAS, the 20 hour party. Barryg Weeks, College. Football 1, 2, Home Room Man- ager 3. WILLIAM FRANCIS GARDNER 29 Walnut St., Natick Garbage Pet Peeve: When the boys burn rubber in front of school and know I can't. Suppressed Desire: That Mr, Brawn will let me graduate this year. Tech, Natick H.S.g Service. Basketball 2, 3. ELLEN M. GARFINKLE 68 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Barry: Weeks: College. JUDITH ANN GARAFALO 61 Pond St., Newton Judi Fondest Memoryg Junior English, Mrs. G. and C.O'C., J.O., and P.P. Pet Peeve: D lunch. Riley, Our Lady'sg College. Art Club 2. LOUIS NAPHTALI GARBER 108 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Ugly, Beep-Beep Favorite Expression: You're ugly and your mother dresses you funny! Fondest Memory: "Henvay" '61- '6-1. Adams: Bigelow, College. Student Oflice Secretaries 1, 2, 3, Ushers 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, 33 Music Club 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN ANNE GARDNER 96 XY'ildwootl Ave., Newtonville Kathie, Cuz lfondest Memory: Feb. 26, 1964, Big Chab, talks with Peter, double lates, Tv -1- FS: - G: +1 PJ : BU, all the B.G.C. crew. Claim to Fame: Riding shotgun. Palmer: Day: College. Senior Play 51 Rally Committee l, 2, Class Committee 2, 3, Basket- ball l, Z, Hg Softball I, 2, 3. PENNY GARFINKLE 82 Homer St., Newton Centre Penelope Fondest Memory: S.R.R., summers with P.F.L. and M.G.L., watching J.L.H. and R.V.B., annoying S.J.D. and worrying A,R.V. Suppressed Desire: To do some- thing really naughty. Barryg Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 31 NEWTON- ITE 1, 2, 35 House Council 1, German Club 2, Secretary 3. RICHARD WARREN GARREPY 26 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Dick Favorite Pastime: Conferences with Mr. Gradone. Pet Peeve: Homework. Palmer, Sacred Heart, College. Biology Club lg Science Fair 1. JANICE A. GATTI 183 Adams St., Newton Pet Peeveg The out-crowd trying to be like the in-crowd. I Will to NHS: All my white cards. Beals, Day: Business. Home Room Manager 2, Student Ofiice Secretaries 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee lg Library 2. Liz -.-,N JOYCE L. GATTI 183 Adams, Newton Favorite Expression: "O. K. Nick. Chief Failing: School. Palmer: Day: Business. CHERYL CHRISTINE GENTILE 24 Emerald St., Newton Fondest Memory: Summer of '63 I Will to NHS: The corner dis cussions between S., L., L., M., Adams: Day: College. - ELIZABETH ANN GENTILE 32 Wiltshire Rd., Newton n cf Fondest Memory: Watching the expressions on Mr. Penta's face in driver's education whenever I scraped or scratched or bumped the car. Suppressed Desire: To go to France and study French. Barry: Our Lady's: College. Girls' Athletic Board 1: French Club 3. JAMES M. GERSON 273 Homer St., Newton Centre Jim, The Kid Pet Peeve: Being called "young- ster" in J. C.'s Chem class. I Predict that: German 4 will be discontinuedafter the "sensational six" leave-right Mr. Clark? Barry: Weeks: College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3: Class Com- mittee 2: Tennis 3: Outdoor Track 1, 2: Key Club 1, 2, 3. SUE FRANCES GERSON 41 Travis Dr., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: The summer of '64 Pet Peeve: Climbing up to the building II annex everyday! Palmer: Weeks: College. Drama 1: Rally Committee 2. WENDY SUSAN GERSON 341 Waverley Avenue, Newton Fondest Memory: May 15, '65, Chief Failing: George. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Junior Red Cross Council 2, 39 Ski Club 2, 3: American Field Service 33 Mental Health Club 5. , ., ., jim, I think we're tuned in to tbewwrong station. MARY LINDA GILCREAST 143 Bridge St., Newton Linda Fondest Memory: Walking down 5th Avenue barefoot. Favorite Pastime: Friday night, at the movies C?D. Palmer: Colonie Central High School: College. Junior Red Cross 2, 3: NEWTON- IAN 3: French Club 33 Library Club 1. LUKE GILLESPIE 31 Farlow Rd., Newton Claim to Fame: SOOD with JM. Fondest Memory: Junior math. Adams: Bigelow: College. Intramural 1, 2, 3: Bridge Club 1 , -Til Q, 3: Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3. STEVEN RUSSELL GILMAN 55 Ballard St.. Newton Centre Steve, Gillie Fondest Memory: B.A.'s unforget- table date with B.G. Favorite Expression: l-et's drive. mother. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 3, Tennis l: Biology Club l, Q. li Music Club l, 2. 31 ska Club 3,5 i. 205 61.557 KENNETH FRANCIS GIORDANO 5l Westland Ave., West Newton Kenney ' Fondest Memory: The "NIGHT" of the "IGUANA." Suppressed Desire: To own "A.B." Beals, W'arren, Business. A BARBARA ANN GLASSMAN -425 Ward Street, Newton Centre Barb, Barsal, Glass Suppressed Desire: To be back at Mt. Snow with Mr. Krotch. Claim to Fame: Enduring these past three years. Weeks, Palmer, College. NEWTONITE Advertising Staff Z, 3, Student Ofhce Secretaries 2, 3, Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3, Biology Club 33 Ski Club 2, 3. DEBORAH ANNE GLICKMAN 33 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Debbie, "Glick" Fondest Memory: The Haneem at her best, Grandma in the pit and I:ll!LIl'lOiS world. I-'ct Pecve: People who pretend to be something theyre not. Palmer: Day, College. Spring Musical l, 3, NEXWTON- IAN S, NILXVTONITE 2, 3, Drama Festival 21 Musical Club l, 2, 3. 706 JUDY ROE GLICKMAN 35 Travis Drive, Chestnut Hill Judy I Will to NHS: My brother, Alan. Chief Failing: MOLD BAMB. Palmer, Weeks, College. Class Committee I, junior Red Cross Council Z, Future Teachers' Club 2, Spanish Club l, 2, 3. ar: ' 'V-:fu E' ' - .f u 0 at MARJORIE DIANNE GOLD I0 Sunset Rd., Newton Pudgin Fondest Memoryg 64 Iota Conven- tion, 3130, A.B.j.j.E., and B.T.'s advice, Dee's june 4, badges at P.C.'s, "It's only fruit salad." Suppressed Desire: To be back at Mt. Snow with Krotch. Beals, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 2, Tigerama Committee l Rally Committee 2, Class Committee 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3. i get wit . 3 A ROBERT GOLDBERG 20 Holland St., Newton Robbie Fondest Memory: French with Miss "B'. I Predict that: Building I will col- lapse from old age. Beals, Bigelow, College. Intramural Football 2. 35.1. .- .. E STEVEN ALAN GOLDBERG 121 Highland St., West Newton Goldo Fondest Memory: The Trojan Club. I Will to NHS: A dirty Browne and Nichols sweater. Riley, Browne and Nichols, Col- lege. Future Teachers' Club 3. 1 gl. e 1 , , . 1 1 The Press of N.H.S. BRUCE A. GOLDMAN 107 Garland Rd., Newton Centre I Will to NHS: The last 3 minutes before D lunch. Favorite Pastime: Trying to borf row a dime in the cafeteria. Bacon, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 1, 3, Orange Shield 3, House Council 2, 3, Biology Club 1, Key Club 1, 2, 3. 5 agar ,-g . .JJ 3 -7 DONELLA MARSHA GOLDMAN 37 Schofield Dr., Newtonville Donnie Fondest Memory: England, H 84 H, JP, and C's C, 4 squaws and a teepee, bricks, educational and cul- tural excursions, and the Class of '66. Suppressed Desire: To stay a teen- ager forever. Palmer, Day, College. Legislature, S.C. Activities Com- missioner 3, NEWTONITE As- sistant News Editor 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, Class Committee 2, 3, Orange Book 1, Student Gov- ernment Editor 2. HOWARD ELIOT GOLDSTEIN 35 Cherry St., West Newton How Chief Failing: School. Pet Peeve: The Cafeteria. Beals, Warren, College. Bridge Club 3g Folksinging 31 Latin 2, 3, Radio 2. Judy, Jude MARK A. GOODMAN 54 Lafayette Rd., Newton Lower Falls Favorite Pastime: Collecting on all the bets I made. Pet Peeve: Walking four flights of stairs to my B block class and then finding out that it's C block. Beals, Warren, College. Science Fair 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Golf 5, Soccer Team 5, Softball I, 2. HARLEY STUART GORDON 505 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Favorite Expression: Dumb-dumb. Pet Peeve: Putny, N.H. Adams, Weeks, College. NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 55 Class Committee 5, Gymnastic Team 1, Soccer Team 5, Ski Club 1, 2, 5. LESLIE ANN GOLLUB 18 Annapolis Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: "Happiness is friendship," "Tell her to shut up- it's only the shutter," Pan's and where are my earrings? 525 for- ever, except for pinky and the eyes, A.U., E.W., V.S., F.F., thank you for being there! "Another" package of gum? Suppressed Desire: To go roaming in the little blue Chevy, S.S., to become a college girl, to have that one special one. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 1, 2, Senior Play 5, House Council 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, 5, Music Club 1, 2, 5. , 1 . I 4 W pu ' 'W fix' Q-1 JOANNE ELIZABETH GORGONE 185 Adams Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: Meeting HIM in my sophomore year. Suppressed Desire: To become an RN. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONITE Circulation 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 5, House Council 5, French Club 2, 5, Orchesis 2, 5. JUDITH ANN GORGONE 25 Star Rd., West Newton JULIUS GOODMAN 27 Victoria Cir., Newton Centre Red Chief Failing: That eight count whistle. Favorite Pastime: Drilling the marching band. Barry, Weeks, College. Senior Play 5, Stage Crew 5, Rifle Team 5, Track, Outdoor 1, March- ing Band 1, 2, 5. Fondest Memory: All the days from October 1965 to October 1964, the great summer of '65, Little Sandy, M.T.A., centre B.C.A.S.D. Favorite' Pastime: All the great Saturday night talks, never getting where I plan to go. Bacon, Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 5, Art Club 1, 2, 5, Ski Club 5, American Field Service 2, 5, Student Oflice Secretaries. 'Tr-" MAURICE GORDON 507 Ward St., Newton Centre Murray, More, Cow Claim to Fame: Falling with a tuba at a football game. I Predict that: NHS will fall apart from old age. Barry, Weeks, College. Science Fair 1, Marching Band 1, 2, 5, Concert Band 1, 2, 5, Or- chestra 5, German Club 1, 5. JUDITH ELLEN GORFINE 19 Treeland Cir., Newton Centre Judi Fondest Memory: My sophomore year, June 15, 1964. I Will to NHS: My bangs and my community locker. Riley, Bigelow, College. Junior Red Cross Council, Folk- singing Club, American Field Serv- ice, Mental Health Club. RALPH EDGAR GORIN 142 Hobart Road, Chestnut Hill I Will to NHS: One seven foot sliderule. Palmer, Weeks, College. Science Fair 1, 2, 5. CHARLES MICHAEL GRABAU 57 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Charlie Fondest Memory: 60 down Wash- ington with S.J. and C.W., fol- lowed by the N.P.D. Favorite Pastime: Taking pictures with my assistant. Palmer, Day, College. Central Civics Committee 5, NEW- TONIAN 2, Photography Coordin- ator 5, Junior Red Cross President, Project Peru-American Red Cross, Spanish Club President 5. I "'-19' U '11 GEORGE RAMON GRABAU inn- .I gif r 60 Austin St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Chics. Fondest Memory: A chic. 5 2 Beal sg Bigelow, College. Indoor Track 1, 2, 5, Track, Out- door 1, 2, 5. SUSAN ELIZABETH GRADONE 205 Grove St.. Auburndale Sue Fondest Memory: My daily head- aches with J.R.: the Orange and black, all the great friends l'vc made. I Predict that: Someday there will be a permanent youth center. Beals, Warren, College. Legislature 53 NEXVTONIAN 5, Rally Committee 2, 5: Class Com- mittee l, 2, 5: Leader Corps 1. 2. 5. 07 V . . . , ,,. .f,,g. " 1- "Nga, i filthy: . iftliy..-, 'z' "1 ' L,-'ij-4'1'fm I 1 1 7 JY", 11 FRANK M. GRECO 254 California St., Nonantum Greek Fondest Memory: Beth. I Will to NHS: Willy. Tech: Day: College. Administrative Aids 1, 3. PHILIP JOSEPH GRECO 102 Los Angeles St., Nonantum Pineapple Fondest Memory: My senior sum- mer in Hawaii. Pet Peeve: Lack of coed classes in Tech. Tech: Day: Service. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3: Ushers 1, 2, 33 Systems Technicians I, 2, 3. CAROL JOYCE GREEN 24 Maynard St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Junior Prom '65 with I-I.S. Pet Peeve: A-block "hikes" to 1408. Bacon: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: French National Honor Society 2, 39 French Club 2, 31 Library Club 1, Z, 33 Ameri- can Field Service Club 2, 3. THERESA ANN GREEN 12 Dunstan St., West Newton Terry, Cherry Fondest Memory: Junior year, cow- boys, excursions with Beth, B.B.'s all nighter, Hampton, Cape, Huma- rock. I Will to NHS: A skirt, and 8:30 appointment with Miss Ryan. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Class Committee 1, 2: Stage Crew 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 33 American Field Service 2, 3. JUDITH ELLEN GRAVES 20 Village Rd., Newtonville Judy Fondest Memory: First week in August spent at Hampton with B.G. Favorite Pastime: Spending time with St. Pats kids, Watertown. Riley: Our Lady's: College. Girls' Athletic Board 2: Class Com- mittee l: Debating Club 1. 'J' an 3 Cap . . K H ft ' i is' 1,6 1,3332 KAREN A. GRIFFIN 27 Pulsifer St., Newtonville K.G. Chief Failing: June 23 to July 1, 1965. Claim to Fame: Only one class with my brother in three years. Riley: Day: Business. Rally Committee 2, 3: Ski Club l, 2, 3. it -z I ' 'V 1 V 1 -.r fi JAMES PATRICK GRIFFIN 35 Rossmere St., Newtonville Jimmy Barry: Day: Service. 5. , RICHARD STERLING GURRY 57 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Q Fondest Memory: Study halls with Mrs. King! Favorite Expression: All righty! Barry: Bigelow: College. Tennis 2: Soccer 1. KENNETH ARMSTRONG GRIFFIN 27 Pulsifer St., Newtonville Ken I Will to NHS: A new ice cream scoop for the potatoes. Barry: Day: College. Footballll: Sailing Club 1: Eques- trian Club 3. LESLIE F, GRIFFIN, JR. 94 Crescent St., Auburndale Skip Favorite Expression: Hey man, I wouldn't lie to you. Favorite Pastime: After school bas- ketball with Mr. Fortune. Barry: R. R. Moron, Va.: College. Basketball 2, 33 Football 2. MARY A. GRIFFIN 35 Rossmere St., Newtonville Griff Pet Peeve: People who ask me if I'm a twin. Chief Failing: June 23 to July 1, 1965. Riley: Day: Business. Sailing Club 1, 2: Ski Club 2. SANDRA JILL GROSS 22 Converse Ave., Newton Sandy Fondest Memory: Sledding and sunrises, dancing in the street, Illya in Mr. Hollman's room, Mr. Ethier, and daisies. Claim to Fame: Mon cafe. Barry: Bigelow: College. Drama Festival 3: Girls' Choir 3: French Club 2: Future Teachers Club 2: American Field Service 2, secretary 3. '-e FRANCIS I. HAGGERTY 12 jenison St., Newtonville Frank Favorite Pastime: Being with janet. Suppressed Desire: To be a success. Bacon: Our Lady's: College. Administrative Aids 1: Class Com- mittee 1: Basketball 1: French Club 1, 2. CHRISTOPHER FRANK HALL 24 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Chris Pet Peeve: Gym classes outside in 20" weather. I Will to NHS: The pigeons on Building II. Palmer: Day: College. TAM HALL 666 Centre St., Newton I Will to NHS: A sick, tired, worn out P. A. system for the gym. Fondest Memory: Dress rehearsal for "The Girls in 509". Adams: Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High: College. Senior Play 2, 3: Stage Crew 2, 3: Motion Picture Squad: Film Festi- val 3. LORRAINE ANNE HALLOW 272 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Meeting A.J.S. I Will to NHS: The wonderful doors that never UD stick. Adams: Day: College. JONATHAN LEE HACKER 452 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Jon Fondest Memory: Study with Mr. Jackson in Room 2314. Palmer: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3: NEW- TONITE 3: Band 1, 2, 3: Base- ball scoter 1, 2: Camera Club 1. DOROTHY A. HAMILTON 228 Bellevue St., Newton Dotsie-Wotsie Fondest Memory: Cheering Bill up after chemistry! Suppressed Desire: To succeed in math! Barry: Bigelow: College. Softball 3: Library 2, 3: Invest- ment Club 2: Modern Dance Club 2. ff? 0 1 I RALPH CLEMENT HAMILL 10 Arundle Terr., Newton Favorite Expression: "The Lord will provide". Suppressecl Desire: To reunite "the family". Barry: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3: Stage Crew 1, 2, 3: Ushers 3: Ticket Committee Chairman 2. , .J-' :V f'N .425 af! hifi! RICHARD HARTFORD 45 Brooks Ave., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Madras clothes. Favorite Pastime: Sleep and driv- ing. Bacon: Our Lady's: Service. v 4' 'fr I LAURENCE DAVID HANDLER 79 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill I Predict that: In 2 years the his- tory program will be combined wifhgmafh. Pet Peeve: Not getting into the commons room as a senior. Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Motion Picture Squad 1: Sailing Club 2, 3. JOHN ANDES HARDING 40 Foster St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Having Miss Kenney for Soph. 8: Senior English. Favorite Pastime: Anything but studying. Bacon: Day: College. Indoor Track 2, 3: Cross Country 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: Folk- singing Club 3. MARY ELLEN HARPER 15 Beach St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Junior summer: history and Miss Kalivas. Pet Peeve: School, and all that homework. Bacon: Day: College. Spring Musical 1, 2: Orchestra 1, 2: Music Club 1. HERBERT FORREST HARSIP 15 Concolor Ave., Newton Herb Favorite Expression: Go to the hoop! Barry: Bigelow: College. Basketball 1, 2. 31 Football 1: Track, Outdoor l. 11 Folksinging Club 2. 3. "' ilk .",, Q1 t f, ' ' "Nik 1 I . ,pf '7 4. 4 CCQNEV ttf, A ev i " it -. ,ll '- . L, 'E . 63 .c 3 A .. 4 .41"'5v"" 3 . IN 3 . - , K s Y GERALD ALAN HARTSTONE 53 Morton St., Newton Centre Jerry Suppressed Desire: Smoking Room in Tech High. Claim to Fame: Going to Newton- ville and never getting caught. Tech: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 35 Tigerama Com- mittee 1g Administrative Aids 2. JOHN M. HARVEY 10 Farmington Rd., West Newton Harv Favorite Expression: Are you kidding me? Fondest Memory: Study halls with Mrs. King. Barry, Warren5 College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 1, 2, 35 French Club 1, 2, 33 German Club 35 Spanish Club 1, Sailing Club 3. GEORGE B. HASENFUSS 1006 Greendale Ave., Needham G.O. Fondest Memory: Getting finger caught in press brake. Favorite Pastime: Bowling, golfing, and watching girls. Tech, Pollard, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 35 Ushers 1, 2, 3. SHELLEY LOUISE HASSETT 7 Gibson Rd., Newtonville Snoopy Fondest Memory: Great!!! L.P.'s party, fruit loops, L.A., C's party, P.O.D., Gum, the camp, summer of '65, Senior Prom '65, door, R.S., T.A., P.L. and D.P., gym class, Rick's party, the outcasts. Pet Peeve: People who spell my name without the other E. Beals, Daycroft Prep. School, Greenwich, Conn., College. Baseball 35 Field Hockey Manager 35 Ski Club 3. DEBORAH ALICE HAVEN 19 Neal St., Newton Lower Falls Debby Fondest Memory: Those below zero days running from fourth Hoof of building I to third floor of building II. Pet Peeve: Oh! I have D lunch today. Riley, Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 33 Stage Crew 2, 3: Modern Dance 15 Sen- ior Prom Work Committee. CAROLYN HAYDEN 8 Eden Ave., West Newton Katie Fondest Memory: Daffodils and the Farm, QED's, Dipping, World's Fair and S. Starlight, KNACK, Manhole. Adams, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 35 NEWTONITE, publicity editor 35 House Council 1, 21 Ski Club 1, 2, 3. ot., Aviv 'fs r 3 . 'g' ' . . wg g ' .l,- . T rf A f. If we can freeze fleas . . . maybe? STEPHEN WILFRED HEATH 142 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Steve Fondest Memory: Down front with Mr. Hall. Favorite Expression: You can't win them all. Bacon, Dayg College. NEWTONIAN 35 Orange Book 25 Track, Outdoor 1, 35 Chemistry Club 2, 3. KAREN JANE HEMEON 100 Concord St.. Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory: Daffodils and the Farm, QED's, Dipping, man- hole, KNACK, My Favorite Things, Olama, whiflin' and the taxi, Groton, jonathan's ..... I Will to NHS: "Oedipus and his mothers". NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3: German Club 1, 2, 33 Senior Play 35 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Library Aide 3. STEPHEN HAROLD HENRY 55 Page Rd., Newtonville Claim to Fame: Equestrian Club. Favorite Pastime: Walking to classes. Adams, Day, College. Football 15 Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 35 Equestrian Club. ROBERT WALTER HERNE 18 Washburn St., Newton Bob, Crash Fondest Memory: Playing superman from 2nd Hoor building II. Pet Peeve: I still don't have my "Vette". Barry, Our Lady's High, Service. rf' li A CLAIRE SUSAN HERSHKOVITZ 9 Cabot St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To have a last period study. Favorite Expression: Funny thing?! Barry: Bigelow: College. French National Honor Society 2, 3: Student Ofiice Secretaries 2, 33 French Club 1, 3: American Field Service 3: Mental Health.Club 2, 3. JOHN NUCKLEY HIGGINS 2043 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Jack, the Hig Chief Failing: Everything. Pet Peeve: My middle name. Beals: Warren: College. Rifle Team 1: Intramural Football 1. REED VERNE HILLMAN 204 Grove St., Auburndale Squire I Will to NHS: One sister, two brothers, a dog and a cat. Pet Peeve: One sister, two brothers, a dog and a cat. Palmer: Warren: College. JUDITH LEE HINDMAN 99 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Judi Suppressed Desire: To become first lady. Fondest Memory: Mr. Daube's Eng- lish class. sophomore year. Riley: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Student Ofiice Secretaries 2: House Council 1: French Club 1. ELIZABETH HINTEREGGER 140 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Betsy I Will to NHS: My senior year in Miinhcen. Pet Peeve: Getting splattered with mud fall, winter, and spring. Barry: Bigelow: College. German Club 1: Secretary 2: Out- ing Club 1, 2: Folksinging Club 1. JANE FRANCES HIRSH 204 Homer St., Newton Centre Barry: Sacred Heart: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Film Festival 31 Folksinging 1, 2, 3: Tusitala 1: Human Rights Club 2, 3. EDMUND THEODORE HOGDEN, JR. 260 Franklin St., Newton Corner Ted Suppressed Desire: To hear a flower grow. Fondest Memory: The Early Bird in the morning .... when sun- down pales the sky. Beals: Bigelow: College. Tigerama Committee 1, 2: Senior Play 3: Human Rights Club 2, 3: Folksinging Club 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN E. HOEY 38 Ellis St., Newton Upper Falls Kathy Fondest Memory: Coming to NHS- and meeting all the kids. Barry: Meadowbrook: Business. ' Library 1. ff I ' i'fiLaw1,A' yzcf 'f U " .7 L' ,J-6 , ' .JYF-1 Cf' ' . 1 f , . . ' I .' . ff ' ' It B.. f I f ' BEVERLY SUSAN HOFFMA ' 1275 Beacon St., Waban Bev Fondest Memory: Summer of '65: "I Got You Babe": C.R.: Green- wich Village and all those great times with L.S.N.K. Claim to Fame: My sour orange gum. Palmer: Weeks: College. Student Oflice Secretary 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3: Mental'Health Club 2: Amer- ican Field Service 1, 2, 3. EDITH MARGARET HOGSETT 20 Parsons St., West Newton Ed, Edie, Eddie Claim to Fame: My Sailboat. Fondest Memory: 9-12-63: Carla and the Sound of Music: the kids from fellowship. Bacon: Day: College. Rally Committee 1: Biology Club 2: American Field Service 2. SIL' 'vi- S0 you don? think I can keep you out of college. lwlv? 211 JACQUELINE ELAINE HOUT 252 Pearl St., Newton Corner Wackie - jackie Fondest Memory: Passing one year of chemistry. I Will to NHS: Graduation insur- ance for members of J. C. Hall's class. Barry, Day, College. Student Office Secretaries 3, Invest- ment Club 2. WILLIAM THOMAS HOWLEY 414 Parker St., Newton Centre We Willy Claim to Fame: 4 years. Favorite Expression: "We're happy-" Tech, Sacred Heart, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3, Radio Club 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3. A -:sara Ill 17.1 Q 4 U lk GREGORY ALLEN HURRAY 61 St. Mary's St., Newton Lower Falls Greg Fonilcsi Memory: "Mrs. McThing". Claim to Fame: "The Stinker". Adams, Roxbury Latin, College. Drama Festival 2, junior Red Cross Council l, 2, 3, Football 3, Biology Club, Presiclent 2, Folk- singing Club Q, Vice President 3. 2 SHARON ANN HOUSTON 12 Irving St., Newton Centre Shay Fondest Memory: Three-way phone calls. Pet Peeve: Phony people. Riley, Warren, College. Student Oflice Secretaries 2, 39 Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3, Art Club l, 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Bad- minton 1, 2, 3. 1 85' -1 DIANNE MARIE HUMINIK 29 Putnam St., West Newton Fondest Memory: july 22, 1964. Suppressed Desire: To marry R.L. Riley, Warren, Business. Tennis 2, 3, Badminton 1, 2. LEA MILLER HUNT 28 Putnam St., West Newton Leah Fondest Memory: Daffodil Farm, P.K.s check list for superior girls, N.Y.'s eve, N.Y. trip, a sleeping bag in june, Sun, Summer and Sundays with C.W., Gully-gully, choo-choo and ta-dum, Scratch? IDCIYDWMIY. Riley, Warren, College. Cheerleaders 3, Class Committee 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. 418 rf' v.. . .NN ' .Qs 1 'iii' " w lf' :QQ 'R' .,-ll. 'u-15' A . I 'll ill! ll' D0n't look now, but the THOMAS LEO HYDE 23 Smith Ave., West Newton Tom Fondest Memory: Summer '65, '52 Olds, Brighams, C.L., sailing trips, Mr. Farrel's gang, all those blondes. Favorite Expression: YOU figure it out! Palmer, Warren, College. House Council 3, Sailing Club 2, 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. GLENVILLE CHARLES HYNSON 367 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Glenn Suppressed Desire: To be a mem- ber of the CIA, to lead the student body in a revolution. I Will to NHS: A class in explo- sives, with extensive lab work. Physics Club 2. pf' ' - ." '.f3"4'f'f'-tif' ,-1.. ,fwiiffef .5 -'fain I , is :.1L?.fY3LII,4i.A -ki" PWM: A --F5 .M -. -pqgg 0 -rf , asQNL'SfF5?",'??17'??fl:f,'isffe?"Irifl'l","' '- ,' ,. 1. s QQ, 41143 mpc- "'-'10 . .. N -: 1 .4 .Q -I '- 1, - if 'U 1 8, 5' My '1 , .. ,y K , x. .942 Y if ' ' ,Zi ,,,A: J::".a1v-..'Q!p.' in .f 'JT' -'3"'u"' 'f ' ' ' . ,au Mr "- sr, ., - ,His .:. N Q ., , : - iv -'f'4f1f2: " 'PASM .af fliaf.- s band turned left. GEORGE EDWIN HUTCHINS 417 Auburn St., Auburndale Hutch Fondest Memory: The day we demolished the bus. Suppressed Desire: To pass math. Tech, Warren, Service. Administrative Aids 3, Basketball 3. 'f+""W'4'2 gf? U ' . ' ANTONETTE LUCIA IERACI 31 Elm St., West Newton Trixie, Archie Suppressed Desire: T.B.A.C. Fondest Memory: August 3, '62, j.C., Patio Boys. Palmer, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 1, 'Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, House Council 2, Student Secretary 3. l I O IU! ,yy V " v. 1 . f Qui. af - .. sf r x -Q Q KENNETH V. INCORVATI 265 Pearl St., Newton Rock Favorite Expression: E-A-S-Y. Fondest Memory: Sneaking out of homeroom during X-block. Barry: Bigelow: College. GAIL CHRISTINE JACKSON 30 Baker Pl., Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory: 2 P's 4' 2 G's 2 4 D's: Gerber baby bottles: ISB: Sum- mer '65: Hockey games: Football games: B lunch on Wednesday- F.T.Q. I Will to NHS: A worn-out, knotted hairpiece. Bacon: Warren: College. Rally Committee 1: House Council 2, 3: Sailing Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Ser- vice 1, 2, 3. DAVID LEWIS JACOBS 36 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Dave, Jake Fondest Memory: NEWTONITE make up sessions. Favorite Expression: Really?! Adams: Tabor Academy: College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, Editorial Edi- tor 3: House Council 1, 2: Chess Club and Team, Treasurer 1, 2, Vice President 3: Key Club 1, 2, 3. LEWIS DAVID JACOBS 724 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Lew I Will to NHS: A book of library passes. Bacon: Exeter: College. Senior Play 3: House Council 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2: Chemistry Club 2, 33 Ski Club 2. MARJORIE LEE JACOBS 17 Sherbrooke Rd., Newton Centre Marge, Cobbs Fondest Memory: D-lunch on Fri- days: History with Mr. Hurlbut. Pet Peeve: Karen Hantz Susman. Barry: Bigelow: College. French National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3: House Council 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. MIRIAM G. JACOBS 511 Ward St., Newton Centre Mimi Fondest Memory: A fall day out- side of S.M.'s house. Favorite Expression: "And the thoughts of youth are long, long thoughts." Palmer: Weeks: College. Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3: Or- chesis Club 3: International Club 3: German Club 2, 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3. ' ' ' ' rw 7' 1 ' VIVIAN BETH JACOBS 124 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Viv Fondest Memory: The experimen- tal history program tht I was in for three years. Per Peeve: The lack of lockers in Building 111. Bacon: Weeks: College. House Council 3: Tennis 1, 2: Folksinging Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3. . SHERYL ALEXIS JAcoBsoN V ,. 276 Mill St., Newton ff ea Sherry. Scoop 1 : GA 1 " ' Fondest Memory: Steve and Char- ,V f , lie, "You Birds", The Man From 1' Uncle parties, "Scoop". 2. Claim to Fame: Counting stairs, ' looking for little rooms, and join- ? :el ing trafic squad! X Adams: Day: College. NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3: French National Honor So- ciety 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: ' Sailing Club 1, 2, 3. BARBARA LORRAINE JAMES 20 Staniforcl St., Auburndale Barb Fondest Memory: Sc. St. L. K.: J. V.: D. D. and Hill. Suppressed Desire: To be a Lee instead of a Laurie. Barry: St. Bernard's H.S.: Business. ROBERT NORTHRUP JARNIS 64 Nonantum St., Newton Corner Nick Suppressed Desire: To be 6'2". Claim to Fame: Newton High's first held goal holder. Beals: Bigelow: College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3. an -:E .I 1 11' RICHARD PERRY JEFFERSON 15 Prospect St., West Newton Dick,.JeH Suppressed Desire: To help the tiger hold back the Crimson Tide. I Will to NHS: A new 100 bed hospital for Mr. Jessup and his walking wounded. Palmer: Warren: College. Class Committee 1, Vice President 2, 3: House Council 1: Football 1, 2, 3: Indoor Track 1: Track, Out- door 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN ALEXANDER JIGGER 135 Fessenden St., Newtonville Claim to Fame: I dropped my moustache. Favorite Pastime: Stacking P.N.'s trash cans on Fridays with C. GJ slinging: Newtonite and Newton- ian lights. Riley: Day: College. Legislature 2, Finance Commis- sioner J. Student Council Treasf urer 3: NENVTONIAN House and Government Editor 3: Drama Fes- tival 2: International Club l. 2, President 3. ANNE A. JOHNSON 9 Proctor St., Newtonville Annie, AJ Ifontltfst Memory: June 29, 1965, the 'group' at Tilly's, Marshfield, and my black and blue, all the I3,G.C crev.. Favorite Expression: Well, what can l say? Riley: Day. College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Tennis 1, 2, Outing Club 2, Ski Club 1, 2, I.atin Club 3. 4 I JANET ELIZABETH JOHNSTONE 44 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Jan A I Predict That: I will marry Richie by June, '67. Suppressed Desire: To marry Richie. Palmer, Meadowbrook, Business. A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, Folksing- ing Club 2, Music Club 2, 3, Library Club 1. L STEVEN HOWARD JOSELLE 35 Howard St., Newton Josie Fondest Memory: C. R. T. at 3:00 AM. Favorite Pastime: Playing in my basement. Barry, Bigelow, College. Spring Musical 1, 2, 3, Motion Picture Squad, A. V. A. Motion Picture 2, 3, Music 1, 2, 3, Match- ing Band 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN G, JOHNSON 924 Watertown St., West Newton Steve I Will to NHS: A year's supply of disposable cafeterias. Suppressed Desire: To see a direct stairway to the wing installed. Palmer, Warren, College. Science Fair 1, 2, Rifle Team 3, Physics Club 3, Radio Club 2, Astronomy Club 3. WII.LIAM R. JONAH 553 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Bill Favorite Pastime: Telling Gretchen E. how beautiful she is. Fondest Memory: Knocking down a certain football coach without even trying. Riley, Dominon Junior High, Ohio, College. Orange Shield 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, '1 V 'z ",2 Y' 1 If M, OTTO F. KALWEIT 19 Troy Lane, Waban King Rat Chief Failing: School. Pet Peeve: School lunches. Palmer, Weeks, Business. Y V ' HARVEY A. KANTOR 31 Rochester Rd., Newton Harv, H. K. Favorite Expression: Go to the hoop! Fondest Memory: The night Bo wasn't there to cook dinner. Barry, Bigelow, College. French National Honor Society 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Tiger- ama Committee 1, 2, Orange Shield 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. DONNA SUSAN KAPLAN 21 Ivanhoe St., Newton Fondest Memory: Going from the annex of Building two to the fourth floor of Building one every A- block. Pet Peeve: Taking Dianne as a second name. Palmer, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Girls' Ath- letic Board 3, French Club 2, 3, Future Teachers' Club 1, 3, Ski Club 1. i , l DIANNE NANCY KAPLAN 21 Ivanhoe St., Newton N ..Di.. , Pet Peeve: Taking Donna as a second name. Fondest Memory: Junior prom all 14 of us. Barry, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Future Teachers 1, Ski Club 1, 2, Mental Health Club 1. -, 1 LAURA JANE KAPLAN 1451 Beacon St., Waban Fondest Memory: 232. Chief Failingg Ogre, misled, albeit. Palmer, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 55 NEWTONIAN Feature Editor 3, NEWTONITE l, 2, Reflections 1, 2, 3, International Club 1, 2, 3. '7' You want to meaiure my what? LOUISE INA KAPLAN 59 Hyde Ave., Newton Lou, Weeze Fondest Memory: Those crazy times and problems right! R.L.: "You are my Sunshinef' Camp with Lisa, Smiles, "A Gust of Windf' and Iota. Favorite Expression: Today is the tomorrow you worried about yes- terday. Adams: Bigelow: College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 35 Drama Club 3: French Club 25 Future Teachers' Club 2. i RICHARD NIEL KAPLAN Z2 Holland St., Newton Benny Fondest Memory: Indefinite deten- A tion in junior year. Suppressed Desire: Smitty. Palmer: Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3. MARCIA SUSAN KARP 32 Warren Rd., Waban Faye Fondest Memory: Baby Blue, clamming and M.M. I Predict That: Within the year I'll be trimmed. Palmer, Weeks, College. Football 2, 3, Human Rights Club 2, 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 35 American Field Service 2, 3. i MIRIAM JANET KAPLAN 18 Gay St., Newtonville Mimi Pet Peeve: True Friends and Junior Proms. Fondest Memory: S.C. or is it M.F.? the "Sl" and meatball sand- wiches, stingrays and super sports. Palmer: Day, College. NEWTONIAN 2: French Club 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1. -i 0. DEBORAH MAY KARFF 24 Leonard Ave., Newtonville Debbie Favorite Pastime: D movies with B. Fondest Memory: Colby, summer '65. Beals: Cambridge School of Wes- tong College. Orange Book Section Editor 2g French Club 2, 3, International Club 2: American Field Service 2, 3. L ..1 MARCIA JOAN KASABIAN 548 California St., Newtonville Kasabe, Marsh, Magill Fondest Memory: Le Baron's wharf '65, the Bomber's many escapades, both B.C.'s, and 'em. Favorite Expression: Who's your friend?l Anyhow?? I'm telling! Riley: Day: College. Home Room Manager 2, Student Ofiice Secretaries 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2. FW" . .51 fgfjagm OK. Chief Maxwell Smart here. SANDRA INIERLE KASSLER 16 Croftdale Rd., Newton Centre Sandy Pet Peeve: Silent X-Blocks and Q . homeroom periods. ' a Fondest Memory: Sharing a desk V with D.D. Riley: Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 2, 3, NEW- F' 4 E i TONITE Advertising Staff 2: NEWTONIAN 33 Class Commit- tee Z, American Field Service 1, House Captain 2, Treasurer 3. ,..v' li - STEVEN THEODORE KATZ 9 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre Steve Pet Peeve: Losing the close ones. Suppressed Desire: To have a yellow brick road to the Ville tgoing one way J. Palmer: Weeks, College. Class-Committee 2, 3: Basketball 2, Bi Soccer Team 2, 5. PATRICIA AMY KATES 52 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Patty Fondest Memory: Psychoanalysts appointment at 3:00 A.M. Pet Peeve: Cool people. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Drama Club 1, 2, 35 French Club 1: Mental Health Club 2. 3: Hu- man Rights Club 2. 32 American Field Service 1. 2, 3. PAMELA JANE KEAGLE Ill Richfield Rd.. Xfcst Newton Pam l XY'ill to NHS' 1..lI.'s thcck list for superior girls. Fondest Memory: MISTY. body surfing in high titie. .1 tanot trip after dark, .1 wuvley nebliish, .1 red paint brush. t.i-dum. M.D.D.A.- M.O.U., .in cnipti' library. .ind .1 vaulting pole. Rileyg XY'.irten1 Cfulltgut-. Girls' Chorus 2. Ski Club l. 1. . Music Club 1. 3. 7 W' I It I I I I I I I I I l I ,. Il I I I I I II III Ili l,. III :I II .II . ' I I I I I I I , . A f - ' V' f"Q1??""1fs2ffil5Kivfif'5'-f WILLIAAI JOSEPH KELLEHER I','ff,I. . zijg-.321 . . I -- 'I Kigfkr iff Highland Ave., Dedham f: " f.i"?f: V U Q V Q, Lu- ' I.",.' XX iltl will 1-1: 1 - 1'.III..I,-iii, Expression: How is it. 5, 3- H ' Fornlc-sf livIC11101'yf Everyone I've mer .ir Newtfin High. Tech: Declliani HS., College. Akll'1'l1fIlSl'fdIl'.'L' AILIS I, 2, 5, Foot- ball I, 1, 5: Ice Hockey 2: Radio I" II ' S S -III , . ,, .--411 , . Z4 X -ma ' I I EDWARD EARLE KELLY 60 William St., Newton Corner Ted, TK, Teddy Fondest Memory: Newton 2-Me1- rose 1, Popeye, 1824 Common- wealth, November 1, 1963 P.A.N., Parakeet-Cuckoo at P.C.'s. Pet Peeve: Cheerleaders and Plants: Waltham 6-Newton O. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3: House Council 1, 2, President 3: Baseball 1: Football 1, 2, 5: Bridge Club I, 2, 3. JANET MARIE KENNEALLY 141 Norwood Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Franky, White Horse Beach: Ho Jo's: History class with Mr. Elliot: Deli. Suppressed Desire: To be a legal secretary. Barry: Our Lady's: Business. Tennis I: Ski Club I: Girl's Ath- letic Board 1. E 44: Ia' I . - ., -'fa . 'I '52 4 'JEBAII Q ' a ,. init, HELEN MARIE KELLER 125 Franklin St., Newton Beals: Bigelow: College. Music Club 2: American Field Service 5. KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KELLEY '8 Walker St., Newtonville Kell Fondest Memory: All those nights and days at Tilly's. Favorite Pastime: Always being ready to go down the cape with Bop. Barry: Day: College. Girl's Athletic Board 1: Rally Committee 2: Ski Club 1, 2. . , I I KATHLEEN EGGERS KENNEDY 2049 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Ding Fondest Memory: Summers of '64 and '65. Favorite Expression: Check it out. Beals: Belmont Jr. High: College. LINDA MARIE KENNERY 298 Cherry St., West Newton Fondest Memory: June 7, 1965- Joe, all the wonderful times with J.P., Sc. St., B.J., J.V., D.D., hill. Beals: Warren: College. NANCY LEE KENNEY 15 Lockwood Rd., West Newton- Nancy, Nan Fondest Memory: Daffodils: SSS: Egging: Evil Eyes: The Farm: Jonathan's: Trip out West. Claim to Fame: Adolph. Bacon: Warren: College. Leader Corps 1, 2, 35 Field Hockey 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 5: American Field Service 2, 3: Student Ofhce Secretaries 3. WILLIAM JAMES KERIVAN 41 Upson Rd., Wellesley Bill Fondest Memory: Our class day at Onset beach without a teacher. Pet Peeve: No girls in any classes. Tech: Wellesley: Business. JOSHUA KIEVAI. 1766 Washington St., Auburndale Josh Fondest Memory: Summer with D.M. Favorite Expression: We're late. Palmer: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 5: Sen- ior Play 3: Science Fair 2, 3: Civics Committee 2: Folksinging Club 1. WILLIAM F. KILEY 15 Orchard St., Newton Corner Bomber Fondest Memory: The Cape, Corner and Houch. Favorite Pastime: Listening to "Surfer" tales. Palmer: Bigelow: College. Class Committee 2, 3: House Council 2, 3: Basketball 1: Physics Club 2. NANCY RUTH KIMMEL 48 Farquhar Rd., Newtonville Nance Fondest Memory: Those 14 won- derful months, the "Glorious Seven", the house on the lake, Greenwich Village, and all the great times with B.H.L.S. Claim to Fame: My one and a half tunafish sandwiches and my out- rageous H.B.'s. Riley: Day: College. Tennis 1 2 Girls' Athletic Board 216 1: Ski Club, 1, 2: French Club 1 .iff fig, fit!-fl"KU 2, 3: American Field Service 3. ff ALTER JOSEPH IVLEHAN 4 QjAlbfynarle Rd eww? 1 lf li ,til 1 fy App Ig fxb I A gf gyigiigfxlliiifj W' 0' ANDREW ROBERT KLEIN 6 Crocker Cir., West Newton , 1' Andv ... Chief Failing: English teachers. 'j",,, Favorite Pastime: Walking the v J V halls. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Book 2, Class Committee . 2, International Club 1, 2, 33 American Field Service 1, 2, 3. STEVEN KLEIN 6 Crocker Cir., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Pretending that the Daily Monthly would get published. Pet Peeve: Administrative bureau- cracy. Bacon, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Pub- lications Board 3, Reflections 1, 2, 3, Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3. KRISTINE LOUISE KOZLOWSKI 21 Cotter Rd., Waban Kris, Krisi Fondest Memory: 3 wonderful years at NHS, the bar-b-que with K.K., S.K., P.P., and D.B., the junior prom with S.K. and D.P., the walk along our river with S.K. and D.I., right Paula? Castle Is- land, the Ducks and the Cab, those trips to Princetown U., those 1134 parties. Adams, Weeks, College. Senior Play 2, Rally Committee 3, French Club 2, 3, Latin Club 1. - if . . ui ,. ' , 2 ,Vg , .L ,ik -11,1 M. . 5,5 ,f Iv p id 4 241 3? ui . ' .g ' .A .- " MARYANN SUSAN KOSCUK 25 Fayette St., Newton Corner Marieanne Fondest Memory: Boy from Our Lady's C3 yearsb. Favorite Pastime: Boys Cnowj. Palmer, Bigelow, Business. Archery 1. GWEN LOUISE KOTZEN 71 Kenilworth St., Newton Gwenie, "Qwenie"??? Fondest Memory: 320, Summer of '65, succumbing in E block, Bran- deis, Mothergoose, pep talks . . ., 1:00 phone calls. Favorite Expression: Good Grief, you're kidding!! Bacon, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Class Committee 3, A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, French Club 2, Vice-President 3. 'E 35. 1 MARVIN EDWARD KRAKOW 222 Homer St., Newton Centre Palmer, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3, President, Vice- President, Debating Club 1, 2, 3 President, Recording Secretary, NEWTONIAN Circulation Editor 3. ..hw Q. ,V . ea 1. Xl .-f' V , li V lv" 1 Fi- fx' 1 4 .. ,S 1 5 J Neff I ,. JAMES GERARD KUHN 20 Manhattan Terr., West Newton Reb Fondest Memory: The day I didn't get a yellow slip. Claim to Fame: Les Beaux. Adams, Warren, College. Folksinging Club 1. MICHAEL LALLY 82 Otis St., Newtonville Mike Pet Peeve: 4 studies in a row. Fondest Memory: Next Saturday night. Adamsy Our Lady's, College. Volley Ball, Softball. 2' -:a+ ggi. gf ii. Q :un ,,, '- A . fi 1 e - gs gf . A, .fi Q" 11.5 .1 . . --: xiii Y-'f 9'?'i?4 X . , A 2- ' V' ' YN' ' " CONSTANCE ELLEN KRUGER 50 Grafton St., Newton Centre Connie I Will to NHS: My cut-off dun- garees. Suppressed Desire: To have G block study. Bacon, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, President 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Outing Club 1, 2, Treasurer 3. JULIAN P. KUFFLER 9 Surrey Rd., Newton Suppressed Desire: Girls' Athletic Board. Fondest Memory: 2:44, 12:33. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Drama Festival 1, House Council 1, 3, Music Club, Ski Club, American Field Service 2. 4. ,--5, V ' s,.g.,.Ag'z' . 3,1 .. .. Vt. it .A -as? ft . F' ',xa, MARIANNE LOUISE LAMSON 191 Newtonville Ave., Newton Fondest Memory: Friday the thir- teenth, Steve. l VC'ill to NHS: llappy times in 2204!??! Palmer, Harwich Junior-Senior HS, Business. 'P 'fl' msuw 1:-1:1 l i .rl 'gy' 4. 1 f' lk 5 . ' E ' Q if 1 r f 'Q I - li ,Q aj. 2' I 3. .,.. GEOFFREY B. LARKIN 47 Alderwood Rd., Newton Centre jeff Fondest Memory: Being with Sher in my junior and senior year. Pet Peeve: Frustration. Bacon: Bigelow, College. Boys' Athletic Board 1, 2, 53 Music Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Basketball lg Biology Club 1. .la MICHAEL A. LANDRY 42 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: Writing yak, yak sheets. Favorite Pastime: Watching girls. Tech: Warren: College. GERALD EDWARD LaPOINTE 59 River View Cir., Wayland Jerry Fondest Memory: Riding to school in the rain on a motorcycle. Favorite Expression: Hi there! Tech, Wayland I-I.S.g Business. WALDON LEONARD LaROSEE 65 Newell Rd., Auburndale Wally Claim to Fame: Co-holder of the record for being late to school. Suppressed Desire: To go to Cali- fornia. Barry, Warren, College. Radio Club 1, Cross Country 1, 2, 3. 718 Don? worry, iff not contagiouf. ,tw I ,E 1 .. v I' . 4 ' i 4 if lf:-'iff I - ' 'iii 'i CLAIRE ELIZABETH LAWSON 49 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Bacon, Warren, College. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, A Capella Choir 2, 5, Orchesis 53 Outing Club 2, 3. IRENE ANNE LEACU 70 Bowen St., Newton Centre Beals, Sacred Heart, College. House Council 53 Stage Crew 2: Tennis 53 Music Club 3, Sailing Club 5. RUSSELL CHARLES LEARY 121 Pond St., Natick Russ Pet Peeve: Having to park my car on Lowell Ave. Favorite Pastime: Working in the shop on class week. Tech, Coolidge Junior High, Busi- ness. National Honor Society 2, 5. FELIX A. LEBEL 55 Lakeview Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Miss Mosher's class. Suppressed Desire: To see Herb again. Riley, Bigelow: College. Football Manager 1, 2, 3: A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 1, 2, 55 Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 23 Folksinging Club 2, 5. KAREN LYNN LaRUE 168 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls K Pet Peeve: Little old ladies! Fondest Memory: The two fake outs, J.S., Colby 4-D's, Baby Get ber Bottles. Barry, Warren, College. Student Office Secretaries 1, 2, 3 Senior Play 3, Spring Musical 2, 3 Class Committee 3: Ski Club 1 2, 3. fl' . ' 4 'ii' Jr 2 I JAMES ANDREW LEAVITT 14 Hillside Terr., West Newton Jim Favorite Pastime: Living. I Predict that: NHS will never have another class like ours. Adams, Warren, College. French Club 33 Latin Club 53 Key Club 5. E. S 'Y' I WILLIAM LOUIS LEBOVICH 790 Walnut St., Newton Centre Leby Fondest Memory: Seminar lecturer sitting down on three racks. Favorite Expression: You really know how to hurt a fellow. Palmer, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3, NEW- TONITE 1, 2, Tennis 2, 3, Biology Club 1, 2, American Field Ser- vice 3. CHARLES FREDERICK LEEHAN 129 Cypress St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: X blocks with Mr. Wells. Pet Peeve: School. Beals, Warren, Service. I PATRICIA ANN LeBLANC 12 Omar Terr., Newtonville Patti Fondest Memory: T.A., The Junior Prom, All my friends, RATS-B.P., February 25, '65. Favorite Expression: Who me?! Bacon, Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3. ,fi .V S5 ia! 5 LARRY JOEL LEEDER 127 Blake St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Three years with Mr. Snyder as homeroom teacher. I Will to NHS: Watertown, Wal- tham and outlaying areas. Bacon, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, 2, House Coun- cil 1, 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2. 10 MARK SETH LENDER 56 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Pet Peeve: White Liberals. I Will to NHS: The Human Rights Club. Riley, Warren, College. Reflections 1, 2, 3, International Club 1, 2, 3, Human Rights Club 2, 3, Sailing Club 2, 3, Drama Festival 1. ANNE LEONE 97 Pearl St., Newton Lella Fondest Memory: My sixteen years in Italy. Pet Peeve: Liar of any kind. Palmer, Italian H.S., College. Girls' Athletic Board 3. LOUISE A. LERNER 233 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre Louise, Lou, Louie Claim to Fame: The year I wasn't here. Fondest Memory: Coming back, Spring musicals, German classes, Madrigals. Bacon, Weeks, College. Senior Play 3, Spring Musical 1, 3, Orchestra 1, 3, Madrigals 3, Music Club 1, 3. NANCY CAROL LEVCO 26 Commonwealth Pk., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: "A Witch!," a bus, the shanty land gang, and one parakeet. Suppressed Desire: So who's sup- pressing? Adams, Weeks, College. Spring Musical 1, Drama Festival 2, Drama Club 2, president 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, International Club 2, treasurer 3. . xv-55 ROBERT MERRILL LEVENSON 17 Garner St., Newton Centre Bobby Fondest Memory: Gettin' a well educashun from newton Plan Eng- lush. Bacon, Weeks, College. I-lomeroom Manager 2, NEXV- TONIAN 31 NEWTONITE Ad- vertising Staff 1, 2, Soccer Team 2, 3. JANET ANNE LEONE 40 Oak Ave., West Newton Leo, Jan Pet Peeve: Good Byes, Stamp machines. Bacon, Warren, College. Senior Play 32 Class Committee 33 Future Teachers Club 1, Mental Health Club 3. BARBARA IRENE LERNER 142 Randlett Pk., West Newton Fondest Memory: August 17 and 12 MANHATTANS, R.M.W. and the night I walked in, sea cruise 1964, July 10th and the Honey- moon Hotel. Pet Peeve: 1957 Cadillacs parked in front of houses, wittle nicks. Riley, Day, College. Home Room Manager 2, Girls' Athletic Board 1, Department Aid 2, 33 Ski Club 2. .l, ' l ls BARBARBA SUE LEVENSON 11 Warren Rd., Waban Pet Peeve: Those doors that stick in building III. Suppressed Desire: To do my theory without Bev. Adams, XVeeks, College. Spring Musical 11 Rally Committee 2, Madrigals 3, Music Club I, Z. M 31 Sailing Club 1, 2. .4 2 lf' I I I I I I I I I It I It I Ii I I I III Ii. It a QIII 'tif' III I I I Vi FPIIIN ELIOT LFVENSON - T Btilexue St., Newton Steve ll' I I Ifvilt to Nl-IS My unused gym xx l t' to Fame: Getting hit with it plate in -Iune cafeteria. Adnmsg Bigelow: College. Class It-mmittee 23 House Council 5: ln.Ioor Track 2, 53 Soccer Team l, 5: Track, Outdoor 2, 5. MARC CRAIG LEVER 9 NXi'essex Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Pastime: Skipping classes. Pet Pc-eve: School. Bacong College. Orange Shield I, 2, 53 Motion Picture Squad I, Ski Club l, 2, 5. XVILLIAM ROBERT LEVIN 1055 Centre St., Newton Centre Bill Suppressed Desire: To take D.V.D.'s place and make a million. I Predict that: Mr. Snyder succeeds Brezhnev. Bacon: Weeks: College. National Honor Society 2, 5, NEWTONIAN 55 Orange Book l, 23 Class Committee 2, 53 French Club 2, 5. -IOANNE HELEN LEVINE 41 Evelyn St., Waban Fondest Memory: Spring 1964, D.S. lf9f65, EAM-MIT. Favorite Expression: Gross, jesu- merainy. Barry, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN I, 2, 5, Rally Committee 53 House Council 2, 53 junior Red Cross Council l, Z: Outing Club l, 2. MARGARET ELAINE LEVINE 77 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Meg Favorite Expression: You must be kidding! Suppressed Desire: To move to Maine, what else? Barry: Day, College. Orange Book 23 Rally Committee 2, 51 French Club 2, 53 Music Club 2, 5, American Field Service 2, 5. DOUGLAS FREDERICK LEVINSON If Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre Doug l 'Will tru NHS' The Viet Cong. buppreszred Desire: To stage at po- liticni riot. lltttoiz. XYl'eeI:S. College. Pillflttitt-11'is Btuertl .TL NEXV'IiON- IAN 1.ttf:r.iry If-.litor 43 Retlettiorgs I, 4, M.ift.tginu Iitlitor .Ig llunmn Rights I'luI- Chziirman 2, 5, Inter- tiatiotit. I lul-I I 5 -20 A ' f .cg . MARK LEO LEVINSON 50 Tennyson Rd., West Newton I Will to NHS: All my hack writing. I Predict that: Building I will crumble like the Deacons Master- piece. Rileyg Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONITE 2, 5, Reflections 1, 2, 5. SUSAN ELLEN LEVINSON 404 Ward St., Newton Centre Sue Fondest Memory: Hyannis, the tent, PJ., IL. and all the rest. Favorite Expression: T.B.-Baby, -Right Nan? Barry: Weeks: College. House Council l, 2: French Club l, 2, 5: Future Teachers' Club 5, Ski Club l, 5: American Field Service 2, 5. BRUCE GARY LEVY 24 Salisbury Rd., Newton Lev Fondest Memory: june 22, J.C.'s "jokes", Mr. S' and Mr. L's sense of humor, Harry's ridiculous class, "games", motorcade, the Cape, N.H. and all the great times. I Will to NHS: A truckload of dead tennis balls. Tennis I, 2, 55 Alpha Gama Tau 2, 5: Camera Club lg Chess Club and Team 2, 53 Ski Club 2, 5. VIVIAN RUTH LEVY 244 Ward St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: All my winters of discontent, U.S.Y., Cand all those many times and many peo- plej, Herbie Mann Cthings are groovy, right Vic?J, Haiku and Proverbs, the square and Horror shows. Favorite Expression: The year is over, how very strange that it should end without a sound! Barry, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager lg NEW- TONIAN 5, Folksinging Club 2, 5, Library Club 5, Human Rights Club 2, 5. MARJORIE MAI LEW ll0 Farwell St., Newtonville Margie Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Favorite Pastime: Meeting in walled-off with all my friends. Bacon, Oliver Wendell Holmes, Boston, College. Girls' Athletic Board 5: Library Club 2, 5. JOYCE M. LIBBEY 98 Sheridan St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, York Beach, Maine: that Tuesday, O.K. j.A.? Pet Peeve: The summer was too short .... Beals, Warren: College. Rally Committee 2, 5: Class Com- mittee 5g Music Club 1, 2, 53 Girls' Choir 1, 2, 52 Junior Prom Committee 2. VICTORIA ELIZABETH LIEBERMAN 209 Mount Vernon St., West Newton Vicki Fondest Memory: Summer of '64 and '65, U.S.Y.-the many hours and so many people Cright Viv?J, Barry House, Library, proverbs and if N, 2 1 'T Haiku, Herbie Mann, "Sir" and M, "Cocky", LIFE, laughter, and tears, 'F 1' :jf and a few special people! Q ii: Favorite Expression: The year is . ' ' over, how very strange that it X 1 IN should end without a sound! gfiiily 2'2ffi2L.e. 2. 5. SHELDON N- LOURIE 10 Ashford Rd., Newton Centre Class Committee 2: Library 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2. JAMES L, LINDE 347 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Bo Fondest Memory: The days at I-I.K.'s cottage. Chief Failing: Chemistry in D.M.W.'s and J.S.'s class. Bacon: Day: College. Legislature 2, 3: Orange Shield 3: NEWTONIAN 3: Bridge Club 1, 2. THOMAS JOSEPH LONDO 413 Cherry St., West Newton Mot I Will to NHS: The sheet metal shop and those great kids. Suppressed Desire: To see Tech High go coed. Tech: Warren: Service. Basketball 2. U x AVA JOSHEA LILENFIELD 350 Waverley Ave., Newton Fondest Memory: November 28, 1964. Suppressed Desire: To meet him again. Bacon: Bigelow: College. Theatrical Make-up 2: Ushers 1, 3: Drama Club 3: American Field Service 2, 3. DEBORAH LITWACK 34 Alderwood Rd., Newton Centre Irving Favorite Expression: "A good laugh will be had by all when the hoax becomes apparent." I Will to NHS: Siddhartha, Irving, Zarathustra and Dionysus. Bacon: Bigelow: College. House Council 2: Ushers 2, 33 Human Rights Club 2, 33 Band l, 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3. Q! in LOIS MARIE LOUGHLIN 151 Pearl St., Newton Corner Lo Fondest Memory: Summers and weekends with Peg. Chief Failing: Bookkeeping. Palmer: Bigelow: Business. Outing Club: Red Cross. Suppressed Desire: To graduate from Newton High. Riley: Bigelow: College. STEPHAN PHILLIP LOUMOS 51 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Steve Fondest Memory: Going to Nicl-:'s. Chief Failing: Thinking up witty sayings for this data sheet. Barry: Day: College. Spring Musical l, 2: Class Com- mittee l: Basketball 1: Key Club 1, 2, 5, , ,aes .AV JAMES AVERETT LOW 38 Ballard St., Newton Centre Jamie Suppressed Desire: To fail every- thing. Favorite Pastime: Running around the track. Riley: Bigelow: College. Home Room Manager 1: Orange Shield 3: Ushers 2: Future Teach- ers' 2, President 3: Folksinging Club 2. FREDRIC LOWN 194 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: B.P. Bacon: Weeks: College. Ski Club 3: Human Rights Club 2, 3. So what if I read the Bible? PHYLLIS LOUISE LUCIA 25 Anthony Rd., Newtonville Little Luch Fondest Memory: Two black eyes by W.P. Favorite Expression: No, he can't be there. Palmer, Warren, Business. Softball. ANNE MARIE LUPO 18 Lawn Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, Rats! Beach parties-the great sand- wich, the Big G, August 1, Pyra- mids, football, crackerjacks. Chief Failing: Those E block studies with G.C. Barry, Day, College. Girls' Athletic Board 1, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Latin Club 1. MARCIA ADELE LURENSKY 35 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill Marsh I Will to NHS: The inspiration of my mathematical achievement. Pet Peeve: People who ask, "Do you REALLY have to carry so many books?" Riley, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONITE 1, 2, 5, Riley House Civics Committee, Vice-Chairman 2, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Spanish Club Secretary 2, 3. MICHAEL C. MacKENZIE 72 Austin St., Newtonville Mike Fondest Memory: R.A.T.S.-B.P. Chief Failing: English IV. Bacon, Day, College. BRYAN MICHAEL MAGLIOCCA 77 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: S.T. February vacation '65 W.L. Suppressed Desire: Chicago Con. November '65 W.L.S.L.C. Palmer, Warren, College. MARK MATTHEW MAGLIOCCA ' 77 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Mag Chief Failing: Having what was planned for this space censored. Pet Peeve: Are you Mark or Bryan? Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3. TOM C. LYONS IZ Mt. Ida Terr., Newton Corner Mouf, Bowinkle Favorite Expression: How ya doing? Fondest Memory: Homeroom 329 with B.B., Ho Jo's '64, Hyannis '65, junior math class. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, Football l, 2, 31 Golf 35 Ski Club 3. PAUL JAMES MacDONALD 989 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Farmer, Plowboy Fondest Memory: Peace to Mr. Moore. Chief Failing: English. Tech, Weeks, Service. LAWRENCE SUMNER MACK 346 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Larry Claim to Fame: Co-holder of the record for being late for school. Favorite Pastime: The beach and the 39 Nash. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Intramural Sports l, 2, Radio Club 1. JOAN A. MAHONEY 42 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Student Office Secretaries 2, 3, French Club 1, Library Club 1, 3, American Field Service 3. lr X Could it be had breath? RANDON LEIGH MAJOR 3 Victoria Cir., Newton Centre Randy Favorite Pastime: Sleepin', eatin', and watchin' the tube. Favorite Expression: Pash. Adams: Druid Hills: College. Class Committee 3: Chemistry Club 2: Drama Club l: Orchesis 3: Ger- man Club 1. LINDA MARIE MALGIERI 38 West St., Nonantum Fondest Memory: Building II tun- nels. Favorite Expression: "What's Hap- pening?" Barry: Day: Business. Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3: Basket- ball 1, 2, 3. TIMOTHY CLIFFORD MALO 10-24 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Tiny Tim Fondest Memory: My Model-K- Ford. Pet Peeve: Flying Buzzards. Tech: Meadowbrook: College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3: Radio Club l, 2, 3. GALE A. MALONE 30 Joseph Rd., Newtonville Cleo Fondest Memory: Sid Mazzola. Pet Peeve: Math. Palmer: Day: Business. MOLLY MARGARET MALONE 132 Central St., Auburndale Shorty, Mol, Karen Suppressed Desire: To be an artist and have my own apartment. Fondest Memory: Summers of '64, '65, The Rex, Marshfield, Spring- field. Palmer: Warren: College. Student Office Secretary 1, 3: Mod- ern Dance Club l. EDWARD MARK MALONEY 502 Washington Pk., Newtonville ' Ed Favorite Expression: Some cats get it an' some cats don't! I Will to NHS: 7000 sandals. Barry: Day: College. Football 1, 2, 3. BRUCE EDWARD MALOOF 10 Fern St., Auburndale Claim to Fame: Being unanimously elected homeroom manager for two straight years: chairman of Bacon Vangogh Union. Pet Peeve: Girls who shake hands after a date. Bacon: Warren: College. Homeroom Manager I, 2: Indoor Track 2, 3: Rifle Club l, 2, 3: Folksinging Club 3: Ski Club 2, 3. JOSEPHA LORRAINE MANCHESTER 14 Hancock St., Auburndale Josie, Manch Fondest Memory: September 22, 1964, Brighams, Chris. Pet Peeve: College. Barry: Warren: College. Tennis 3: Field Hockey 3. DAVID NICK MANDATORI 2077 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Mandy Fondest Memory: Barry House Office. Pet Peeve: Being caught in New- tonville. Barry: Bigelow: College. ROBERT MANN 38 Park La., Newton Centre Bob Favorite Pastime: Study halls. Pet Peeve: Next class at top of building I. . Adams: Weeks: College. Orange Book 2: House Council 1: Bridge Club 1: Sailing Club 1. JOAN EMILY MARCUS 449 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: The Lakewood gang, the out crowd, a ted MG, "ger-trude," living next door . . . Brutal! Jr. P. and Seminar cakesl, Jerry and Tomorrow: and BsrBB. Barry: Weeks: College. NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3: NEW- TONITE 1, 2, 3, Circulation Edi- tor: House Council l: Junior Red Cross 2, 3. JOSEPH MARCUS 35 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Centre Joe Favorite Expression: Portland, Dunes, D.D.B., B.B.H., Waldo, Berkley. Suppressed Desire: To get Bobbie home permanently. Riley: Weeks: College. Legislature 3: NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE 2, 31 Alpha Gama Tau 2. ELLEN RUTH MARGOLIS 51 Bencliffe Circle, Auburndale Fondest Memory: Baker's Dozen, '62-'63, With Sel, Dec. 28, 1963, P.M.D.-Junior Prom '64-'65, Sen- ior Prom '65, Jawyn and Stace. Favorite Expression: .What can I say? Riley, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 3, NEW- TONIAN 2, 3, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. JUDITH ANN MARKOW 12 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre Judi Fondest Memory: Summer '65- H.I.H., a-go-go, parties, the library, surfing and all the great kids I met, "there is a time and place for everything." I Predict that: By 1967 1208 will have three more homeroom teach- ers. Barry, Weeks, College. Tigerama Committee 2, Junior Red Cross Council 2, Ski Club 1, 2. KAREN F. MARRAZZO 332 Cherry St., West Newton Daisey Fondest Memory: Summers at White Horse, beach right, J.m.? July, 1965, Blue Mustang, the big D and K, freshmen and sophomore years at St. Bernard, Brandeis Li- brary, June 8, 1965. Favorite Expression: Oh! Manaja! Barry, St. Bernard's, College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 1, Class Committee 3, Drama 1. JOSEPH L. A. MARTIN 109 Beech St., Belmont Joe Pet Peeve: Paying daily parking tickets. Favorite Pastime: Parking Illegally. Tech, Belmont Junior High, Ser- vice. Administrative Aids 2, 3. WILLIAM JOSEPH MARTIN 15 Bigelow Terr., Newton Corner Red Fondest Memory: One certain per- son I met in my junior year. I Will to NHS: A floor-X-mate. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Boys' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3, Gym- nastic Team 1, 2, 3, Weightlifting Club 3. DAVID JOSEPHS MASLAN 40 Rayce Rd., Newton Centre Dave Chief Failing: My grades. Suppressed Desire: To be in a food tight. Palmer, Port Jefferson Jr. High, College. Madrigals 2, 3, Marching Band 2, Folksinging Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2, Music Club 2, 3. GARY WAYNE MASON 221 Grove St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: September 11, '64 and October 5, '64. Favorite Pastime: Being with a certain L.S. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 3, Student Office Secretary 1, 2, 3, Ushers 2, RiHe Team 1, Bowling Club 1, 2, 3. EVA LYNN MASTERSON 31 Highland Ave., Newtonville Lynn Fondest Memory: Homeroom, Mr. Z., Chin-chan and A.V. Suppressed Desire: To be a quar- terback for the New York Giants. Barry, Weston Junior High CConn.D College. Senior Play 3, Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 1, 2. BARBARA JOYCE MATHAISEL 35 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: J.C. Hall's G- block class. I Will to NHS: The fourth Math- aisell Barry, Weeks, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Junior Red Cross Council 1, 3, Independent Research Club 2, 3, Outing Club 1, 3. DANIEL STUART MATLOFF, 758 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Danny, Dan, Mat Pet Peeve: Tests on Friday, last period. Favorite Expression: "Go to the Hoop!" Riley, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 2, 3, French Na- tional Society 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3. GERALD D. MAXWELL 14 Bacon Rd., Newtonville Gerry Fondest Memory: The Newtonian. I Will to NHS: Ten South Califor- nia boys. Riley, Day, College. National Honor Society 2, 35 NEWTONIAN 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Chemistry Club 1, 2, 3. LAURENCE MAZOR 20 Bennington St., Newton Larry Suppressed Desire: To pass chem- istry. Claim to Fame: Only taking three mayors in my senior year. Riley, Bigelow, College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 3, House Council 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. ANN TURNER MCDANIEL 76 Hyde Ave., Newton Anntie Claim to Fame: Babies, pies, snails, turtles, fudgey lambs, and ice cubes. Chief Failing: Not being able to get mad. Adams, Bigelow, College. American Field Service 1, 2, Ex- change Student 3, Girls' Field Hockey 1, 2, French National Honor Society 2, 3, Reflections 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2. ELIZABETH JANE MCDONOUGH 227 Temple St., West Newton Missy Fondest Memory: Oct. 3, 1963, our place and our dream. Suppressed Desire: Stop meeting secretly, once again call him P.W. and then to marry "Richie". Barry, Warren, College. Administrative Aids 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Class Committee 3, Stage Crew 1, 3, Ski Club 1, 3. RICHARD PAUL MCGRATH 292 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Rick I Will to NHS: Condemn signs for building I. Suppressed Desire: To have a date with Jayne Mansfield. Beals, Warren, Service. Orange Shield 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2. PATRICK C. MAZZOLA 38 Clinton St., Nonantum Muzzi Pet Peeve: Chief failing-not be- ing able to wear my shirttail out. X-block. Palmer, Our Lady's, College. JOHN KENNEDY MCDONALD 67 Colbert Rd., West Newton Pet Peeve: Passing from the top floor of building II to the top of building I. Fondest Memory: Chemistry with J.C. Barry, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3, Rifle Team 2, 3, Folksinging Club 3, Sailing Club 1. f',4 JOHN JOSEPH MCGOURTY 78 Prospect St., West Newton Juan, Jocko l Will the NHS: My stolen '66 Beret. Favorite Expression: How Doin', Panda? Barry, Warren, College. Senior Play 3, Drama Festival 5, Ice Hockey 2, 3, Ski Club 1. KEVIN JOSEPH MCLATCHY 30 Rowe St., Auburndale Clutch Fondest Memory: Newton 2-Mel- rose l, Summer of '65. Favorite Pastimeg Friendly meet- ings at 1824 Commonwealth Ave- nue. Palmer, Warren, College. House Council 2, 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3. 1 Gi KAREN MARIE MCLAUGHLIN 15B Maple Terr., Newton Corner Mac Fondest Memory: Meeting a cer- tain someone after Tech lunch. Favorite Pastime: The Junior Prom. Adams, Bigelow, Business. Science Fair, Indoor Track, Track, Outdoor. STEPHEN B, MCKENNA 270 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Steve, Mac I Will to NHS: Fifty boxes of straws for the cafeteria. Favorite Expression: Are you crazy? Which is worse? Riley, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Administrative Aids 2, 5. 'I K?" . AH ALICE ANN MCLAUGHLIN ISA Maple Terr., Newton Corner Tin Can Monster Fondest Memory: Hoping Timmy will pick me up after school, Canada. Favorite Pastime: Playing the field. Adams, Bigelow, Business. V ,-y N 3 i n l i "Clark Kem, nzild-rmnlzzervd r'c'p0f!cf'. 77 Q 125711 I 1 4 .l. I ,Q Q, 'fw,'fU KATHRYNBMHUCA V 'igfiij , " I 4,221 MCLAUGHLIN 1 7" 1' 1' A Q 1 PPT' 16 Arundel Terr., Newton l i I Kathy A ' 'fr -- 2' Fondest Memory: Norwood, April . E' 21, 1965, Falmouth, hockey games, v A Friday nights B.W., P.L., J.L., foot- Rl V ball games, Saturday night fights, ll if V our parties in 1134, Norwood. .1 1 5 'I X Pet Peeve: Drupa. A , filkg. Adams, Bigelow, College. l Q ' ,f L4 Homeroom Manager 1. gy 1 i :haw JUDITH ANNE MCLEAN 3 N - 54 Fuller Terr., West Newton , 181 yfgizh ' Jude H ' ., 1 'I l Pet Peeve: That '57 Chevy. l 'if ' M Fondest Memory: Summer of '65. I, l 3 .. 'BJ Palmer, Warren, Business. I l ii 1 . f l V , 1 11 l' RICHARD JOHN MCMILLEN i ' 11 DeForest Rd., Newton Lower Falls Rick 3 Fondest Memory: In the halls with 2 I Chris. -'fl' If 5 Favorite Pastime: The Deli. l Adams, Warren, College. ' Football 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 5. l l I JOHN JOSEPH MCSWEENEY I 54 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Jack Fondest Memory: K.J.S., 5!18f64, Hooch, SK., M.M., and of course P.G. f Favorite Expression: "What's new L, pussycat?" jj Riley, Weeks, College. 1, Orange Shield 3, House Council 2, l 3, Football 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, l Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. l l PM , ' ' ' JAMES ALLEN MEDALIA 30 Dorr Rd., Newton Jim , Fondest Memory: The halls of Building I. 226 Claim to Fame: First male cheer- leader, and the Hillman Minx. Adams, Bigelow, College. Tiger Trainer 3, Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 35 Key Club 1. MARY LYNNE MEDLAR 12 Balcarres Rd., West Newton Lynne, Meddie Pet Peeve: Being herded like cattle through corridors, doors and tun- nels. I predict that. NHS will have sev- eral years more of confused and worried seniors. Riley, South, College. Girls' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3, Jun- ior Red Cross 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 39 Outing Club 1, 3 'H 1 f ' inn' - i .1 JUDITH ANN MENELLY. 523 Watertown St., Newtonville JAM Fondest Memory: All my great his- tory teachers: Mr. Schwartz, Mr. Hollman, Mr. Livingston, and Bodo. Claim to Fame: I carried a six foot stuffed tiger over my back through Newtonville Square. Palmer, Day, College. Home Room Manager 2, 3, NEW- TONIAN 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Class Committee 1, American Field Service 1. JANE EMILY MERRIN 50 Emmons St., West Newton Janie I predict that: There will be ele- vators after I leave. I Will to NHS: My missing gym SUIT. Riley, Weeks, College. Chemistry Club 3, Biology Club 3, International Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Russian Club 1, 2. 7'-X A . 1... ' JUDITH HELEN MELANSON 30 Jerome Ave., West Newton Judy, Jas' Fondest Memory: Summers at White Horse Beach. Pet Peeve: Bonfire before July 4, '65, Miles between W.H.B. and Carver. Palmer, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Student Ofiice Secretary 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Class Committee 3, House Council 1. PATRICIA NANCY MELIDEO 25 Woodrow Ave., Newtonville Patty, Quiz Suppressed Desire: To be tall. Pet Peeve: Being called Stumpy. Beals, Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3. .3 RONALD BURBANK MERTENS 56 Valentine St., West Newton Ron I Will to NHS: Nothing. Fondest Memory: "Misty", a cer- tain redheaded friend, my junior year summer. Adams, Warren, College. Class Commitee 1, 2, 3, Football 1, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3, Folksinging Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. ROBERT MARC MEZOFF 104 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Bob, Mez Pet Peeve: Threats while on Orange Shield. Suppressed Desire: To be a senior at NHS in 1976, to paint Brook- line orange. Bacon, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 3, House Council 1, 3, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3. FRANK ALAN MICKELSON 29 Kenilworth St., Newton C'est moi, Francois Favorite Expression: Nice talk. Claim to Fame: Three years on the j.V. soccer team. Riley, Bigelow, College. Class Committee 3, All School Play 2, Soccer Team 1, 2, 3, Ski Club l, 2, 3, German Club 2, 3. JOHN C. MILEIKIS 830 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Suppressed Desire: To become a golf pro and win the U.S. Open. Favorite Expression: Unbelievable. Palmer, Weeks, College. Baseball 1, Golf 33 Ushers, Music Club 1, 2. ROBERT L. MOGER 120 Woodchester Drive, Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: Playing chess in the homeroom. Adams, Bigelow, Business. BARBARA RUTH MOLLA 5 Hosmer Cir., West Newton Fondest Memory: Stalling the car in middle of Harvard Square. Claim to Fame: Walking down 5th Avenue barefoot. Palmer, Warren, College. French Club 2, 3, Outing Club,2, Red Cross 2, 3. 9 4 MARC ADAM MILES 15 Inis Cir., West Newton IBM 63897 Favorite Expression: People in glass houses shouldn't. Fondest Memory: Mr. Batchelder and Mr. Schwartz. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Spring Musical 1, 2, Class Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, House Council 2, 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3. CHARLES J. MILLER 132 Brackett Rd., Newton Charlie Bacon, Bigelow, College. Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club I, 2, 33 Science Fair. O O05 40 Y Q-355 Wtxir ...U JP qc NXOQKCBIN' 5 C X :Z Mme ts Q, 095 ws, oxeifflvb at LINDA RUTH MONAHAN 36 Bennington St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Having three new homeroom teachers all three years. Favorite Expression: This has been hacked out and chewed over too much. Barry, Bigelow, Business. Archery 1, Library Club 1, 2, 3, Outing Club 2, 3, American Field Service 1, 2. ANTHONY JOSEPH MONTICELLI 299 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Monte Fondest Memory: Summer of '64 Suppressed Desire: To return to a certain place. Tech, Day, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3, Rifle Team 2, 3, Radio Club 1, 2, 3, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club, P.A. Systems Technicians 1, 2, 3. X SHERRY DONNA MOORE 40 Charles Bank Rd., QS? Newton Corner Sally I predict that: Newton High will never be the same without the egxbxhxxlgioores. i G, - qKQSSV n: You all. Riley, arren, Service. I Field Hockey 1, Softball 1. STEPHEN PHILIP MOORE 150 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Corner Steve Fondest Memory: December 26, 1964, j.M., Humarock, Mass. Chief Failing: School and girls. Palmer, Bigelow, College. esfriwf-, .- 1 ,771 Q.,us,,f1 A .tc s. - --,, . -,,,ii,?ge,,' . A E i ' ,vi ?.v:z1ii' if V. : - Q , 2 'iff 1 ' F "' it ' i 1. ,f. I RICHARD C. MOONEY 59 Fuller Terr., West Newton Adams, Warren, College. AUSTIN CURTIS MOORE 37 Curve St., West Newton Curt, Oscar, Austie, A.C. Claim to Fame: My nick names. Suppressed Desire: To beat Mr. Fortune with a two hand set. Riley, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Basketball 1, 2 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. .- If ff 4 .:,., Q . Ld.: fi , l!!'4' .Q 5 22 1 S 'Il CH' NTIIIA MORGAN 'Vlri't'li Ave., Nevxtonvilie 1 .nily Morg. Morganis l'f'iriie:" N?-.rnoryz 'Those cold walks front building l to building ll. Pet Pet-vt: People who Say "be AQ. wig I-'altneri Day! College. NIYKXVIIJNIAIN' 2, 3. Future Tfacll- ers Club 2, 33 Library Club 21 Outing Club 23 Sailing Club 1. CLAIRE MORIECE on Montrose St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To forget "I re- fuse." Claim to Fame: My windows. Adamsg Bigelowg College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3g NEVUTONIAN 3: Reflections 33 Art Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 3. MARY ELLEN MORRISON '-I Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Mare Fondest Memory: English class in Junior year with Linda and Patty. Barryg W'eeksg Business. JANE MARIE MORSE 416 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Janie I Will to NHS: The dirty rags and clean boards in 2101. Favorite Pastime: Breaking dishes in the lunchroom. Student Ofiice Secretaries 33 Girl's Athletic Board 1, 3g Junior Red Cross 1, 2: Tennis, I, 2, 3. 'elxag F. I -. 31' .',g,', ox., 1 1 Q vL 'f-af? ga ,41- J, 2 4 ",cxfr-rats :ug . 1 - 'laik-afiks 5 1..-....-.' 9' -M-' JY'- Ml za 1" 1 f . -.31 -at it .5l.wz,ee we bam! Zlmt .vlaoofe the hand. RUTH KAREN MORSE 68 Park Lane, Newton Centre Rikki Beals: Weeksg College. National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONIAN Assistant Editor 3g French National Honor Society 2, 35 National Merit Finalist 33 Marching Band 1, Chairman of Candy Sales 2, 39 Folksinging Club Ig Secretary 2g Vice President 3: International Club 2: Correspond- ing Secretary 3. WARREN JOSEPH MUISE 17 Crescent Sq., Newton Corner Pet Peeve: Having only one last period study. Fondest Memory: 1964 Christmas Party. Barryg Dayg College. Stage Crew 35 Soccer Team Ig Latin Club 1, 2. JOAN MARIE MULATTIERI 103 Sheridan St., West Newton Joanie Suppressed Desire: To do some- thing constructive. Pet Peeve: Melvin. Adams: Warreng Business. Indoor Track lg Mental Health Club. DAVID JOSEPH MULLANE 394 Kenrick St., Newton Surfa Joe Favorite Pastime: Bowling. Suppressed Desire: To help the sick. Rileyg Business. Mental Health Club 2. SUSAN LEE MUNSON 312 Cherry St., West Newton Sue, Soupy Fondest Memory: PT, January 1, Simon and Garfinkle. Claim to Fame: 12 in 3 and a "Jippy" doll. Adamsg Warreng College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Homeroom Manager 25 NEW- TONIAN 33 NEWTONITE 23 Class Committee 2. JOHN WILLIAM MURPHY 410 Lexington St., Auburndale Murph Pet Peeve: Kids who say that Au- burndale isn't the Capital of New- ton. Claim to Fame: My smile. Rileyg Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Class Committee 3. THOMAS JOSEPH MURPHY 65 Fuller Terrace, West Newton Stoney Favorite Expression: Love to! I Will to NHS: An old pair of gui- tar strings and some flat notes. Barry, Warren, College. Rifle Team 1, 3, Future Teachers Club 3, Rifle Club l, 3. JANET FLORENCE MYATT 489 Walnut St., Newtonville Jan Favorite Expression: Thanks for coming! Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, all the B.G.C. crew. Bacon, Lexington H.S., College. Senior Play 3, Girls' Athletic Board 3, Ushers 33 Field Hockey 33 Sail- ing Club 3. CAROL MARIE NAPOLITANO 157 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Nappy Fondest Memory: Waiting for Jerry on Tuesday and Thursday at A- lunch. Suppressed Desire: That Newton High will fall before a new one is built. Riley, Day, Business. Softball 1. PAUL RICHARD MURPHY 78 Withington Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory: The 2:30 A.M. hockey games, "You don't want to play ball", Scottie's Cabins, and the fellas. Beals, Day, College. Baseball 1, Z, 3, Class Committee 2, 3, NEWTONITE 2, Sports Ed- itor 3, German Club 1, 2, Presi- dent 3. WILLIAM C. MURRAY 226 California St., Nonantum Bill Favorite Expression: Hi ugly! Fondest Memory: Exciting H.S. lunches. Tech, Day, Service. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 2, 33 Radio Club l, 2, 3. PAMELA ANN NABSETH 80 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Pam, Nab, Nabber Fondest Memory: Cheering, Blan- kets, Watertown Stadium, eh, Cal? Kasabe, Mudd, Q.R., The Crew, Golden Monkey, 43, Newton 2- Melrose 1, November 1, 1963 with E.E.K. Claim to Fame: That tree. Palmer, Day, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 3, Cheerleaders 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, House Council Secretary 2, Ski Club 1, 2, Secre- tary 3, French National Honor S0- ciery 2, 3. BEVERLY ANN NELSON 129 Parmenter Road, West Newton Bev Fondest Memory: A mouse coming out in the middle of Drivers Ed. class. Favorite Expression: Give it a rest. Bacon, Warren, Hairdresser. .tv 9 RICHARD ANTHONY NICOLAZZO 39 Moffat Road, Waban Nick I Will to NHS: My gym uniform and torn sneakers. Fondest Memory. Ingie. Bacon, Catholic Memorial H.S., College. Orange Shield 3, House Council 3, Key Club 3. THOMAS CHARLES NOTARTOMASO -121 Watertown St., Nonantum T, Noto Fondest Memory: English in Mr. Papa's room for two years. Favorite Expression: South. Tech, Day, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3. V A . 111 - K 1 ,V ,'. . ' 2. If .v1.. f.,?z- Wag .. . :,. . sg - 9 ,, L Y. ii- xg -. ,.. 1495, -K time S Eli! ' ' M BARRY ERIC NESSON Z3 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill Suppressed Desire: To be a prolific soccer scorer, one goal would do. Barry, Vlfeeks, College. NEWTONITE 2, Basketball 1, 2, Soccer Team l, 2, 3. , 1 1 fi vu. I af' MICHAEL CURTIS NORTON 50 Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls Pipes jr. Favorite Expression: Dandy cakes. Favorite Pastime: Watching the girls in the corridors. Bacon, Meadowbrook, Service. Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3 PETER NSIMBE ll Devon Rd., Newton Centre Patty tht-kky l predict that: Building I will col- lapse. Q l Yiiill to NHS. My Appreciation. Beals: St. M.1ry's College. liieuhi. Uganda, College. Senior Play 3, Si-tcer Ttmu 31 ln- tt' Club 31 Dfglxtting Club 3. 7'lf l i V li I lm l 0 A n. l l ll I ll, all lil, ll . l J. ,. l wr l . PHILIP GEORGE O'BRIEN 981 Beacon St., Newton Centre O'B, Phil Fondest Memory: Building the pyr- amid, May 22, 1965, 20 Hour Parry. Favorite Pastime: Going to Nicks and C.C.P. Barry, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Traffic Squad Z, 3, Football 1, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. CHERYL ANN O'CONNELL 9 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Cherie Fondest Memory: Howard john- son's, summers of '64-'65. Pet Peeve: Being called "Brat" by a certain someone. Riley, Our Lady's, College. Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, 2, 33 Soft- ball 2, 3. MARY JUNE OPPER 28 Chesterheld Rd., West Newton June Beals, Warren, College. Music 1, Set Design for School Plays. SONDRA ANN OSTROSKY 83 Fordham Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: Junior Prom, H.H.I.Z.C., "dancing up a storm," my two years in 1408, Happiness is Friendship. Suppressed Desire: To be on "Shin- dig." Palmer, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Student Office Secretaries 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 33 Class Committee 2, 3. CONSTANCE T. O'DONNELL 48 Islington Rd., Auburndale Connie Fondest Memory: The senior prom, bowling with the girls, the Cape, summer nights, and all the great kids I've met. Chief Failing: All the time 1've spent with 1.5. Adams, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 1, Tigerama Committee 1, Reflections 1, 2, Stage Crew 2, Outing Club 1, 2, 3. KATHLEEN B. O'HARA 204 Austin St., Newtonville Kathy Fondest Memory: Winning a foot- ball game. Favorite Pastime: Daydreaming. Adams, Warren, Business. French Club, Outing Club. A :fP2ci3' BETTY JEANNE OLINGER 9 Chesley Ave., Newtonville Beej Favorite Expression: You're kid- ding me! Pet Peeve: People who don't smile. Riley, North Brookfield H. S., Massachusetts, College. Future Teachers Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Latin Club 3, Folksing- ing 3. ELLEN M. O,NEILL 10 Howard St., West Newton Fondest Memory: That certain "SNOB". Pet Peeve: Unintentional Mistakes made by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Beals, Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Class Committee l, junior Red Cross Council 3, Future Teachers 2, 3, Ski 1. STEVEN ALAN' 'OSTROW 56 Cedar St., Newton Centre Steve Fondest Memory: Fourth year Ger- man class. Riley, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 3, Orange Shield 3, Key Club 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 2, 3. LINDA JOAN OSZY 43 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Lynn Fondest Memory: Meeting M. L. after classes in my jr. year. Favorite Expression: You'd better believe it. Beals, Day. Legislature 1, Student Ofiice Secre- taries 2, 3, Class Committee 1, House Council 1. AA . .jf I '? When I was az young girl . . . BRIGIDA MARYGRACE PACIFICO 74 Prescott St., Newtonville Brigette Fondest Memory: Walking down to the store, Dec. 24, 1964. Pet Peeve: People who insist on rushing. Barry: Hardboard Collegiate, Can- ada: College. Student Olhce Secretaries 3: Jun- ior Red Cross Council 3: French Club 3: Library Club 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL ANTHONY PAGANO 302 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Pud Favorite Pastime: Watching the girls go by. Chief Failing: Mr. Doherty's math. Tech: Weeks: Service. dnl I A L . . 'X ' gs When I was nz young man . . . JOAN J. OTIS 65 Walker St., Newtonville joanie, Schrimp Fondest Memory: Junior English with Mrs. G., junior gym, Mr. Papa's homeroom, junior prom. Favorite Pastime: Talking in the halls of 2nd floor building II. Palmer: Day: College. Student Office Secretaries 1, 2: House Council 1, 2: Tennis 1. DONALD OVANS 257 Waltham St., West Newton Don Favorite Pastime: Doing homework, among other things, down at the Newton Corner Library. Fondest Memory: Doing all those chem and physics labs with T. Bone. Riley: Day: College. Science Fair 2: Ski Club 2: Sailing Club 3: Indoor Track 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. COIN T. PAGE 887 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre I Will to NHS: And to a strong willed musician, my practice ses- sions in 2001. Suppressed Desire: To occupy my father. Riley: University High, Urbana, Ill.: College. Science Fair 1: Madrigals 2, 3: Independent Research Club 1, Vice President 2: International Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3. TONI LYNN PANAGGIO 9 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Jr. year trying to sit next to Linda in Homeroom. Chief Failing: EVERYTHING. Beals: Day: Business. Student Oflice Secretaries 2, 3: Beals House Breakfast Club 3' Chess Club and Team 2: Folksingi ing 1: Mental Health 2. CAROLYN OVERHOLT 6 Fairfield St., Newtonville Tad Fondest Memory: The GRUBS, Iloilo, '63-'64. Pet Peeve: Good Grief, Shari, let's get organized! Adams: Day: College. Archery 2, 3: Folksinging 2, 3: In- ternational Club 2: American Field Service 2. LINDA ANN OVESEN 340 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Lyn Pet Peeve: S.D., J.B., B.C., j.P., and liars. Fondest Memory: 1134, summer '65, Stu, Rich, and my crate. Adams: Day: College. Rally Committee 3: House Council 2: Student Oflice Secretaries 1. ,.: sl fs ' W Q. Y Q. " 55 f f s 1 f If ,241 4 1 , f if X J ' z 1 WWF? I' V' PAUL D. PARNELL 187 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Chief Failing: Gym. Suppressed Desire: To pass gym. Palmer: Weeks: College. Tennis 3: Indoor Track 3: Track, Outdoor 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN PAQUIN 2072 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Patty Fondest Memory: Bar-b-que and summer of '65 with that certain someone, and with K.K., S.L., P.T., L.S., D.P., D.I., P.R., all summer long, those Thursday nights with the green car or the station wagon, and our homeroom parties. Pet Peeve: People sponging in on our homeroom parties. Adams: Warren: College. Senior Play 3: Rally Committee 5: Junior Prom decorating committee 2: Adams House publicity com- mittee 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3. .A S. ' 231 C ii 'll R IIQHARD B. PARKER CARMENE DELORAS PASQUAROSA 34 Park St., Newton Corner Candy Fondest Memory: All those wild P.J.P.'s, all my orange and black and all those games, X-Blocks with B.R. in 329 and 332, sophomore English class: attendance time: I Will to NHS: 3 of my 4 brothers and 19 of my 51 first cousins. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Student Council 2: Tigerama Com- mittee 1, 2, Rally Committee 2, Chairman 3: Class Committee 2 2nd Vice President 3g House Coun- cil 1, 2. 1-in i ll 3xvCSl'C'l'l'.'SfL'f Road, Newton Dick l Will! to NHS: A boat to be used in the tunnels when it rains. l predict that: Xworse food is still W. In tome in the cafeteria. -If Bucotil Bigelow, College. ,ll Home Council 35 Motion Picture lzl Squad 1, J, 3, Intramural Sports, ll I, 2, Eg Bridge Club Z, 3: Amer- I ican Field Service 2, 3. ll I 'tv' it IH' lf. ' " V I ,5 I . Y. f P. .. I QQW b ix -'iii -X 1 I 'I ' l ,l ' . JOHN scoTT PATTERSON 1- 25 Claremont St., Newton Centre I I Fondest Memory: Trying to find a S parking space at 8:20 A.M. ! I Will to NHS: The past 3,000 4 French tests I've flunked. . , , D ii l Drama Festival 1. , l t,l . l l I f l l l l ' I l -j pf ' -11 .2-gi I I :if 47" 252 RICHARD L. PAULINO 24 Chapel St., Nonantum Dick Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Palmer: St. Mary's, College. Baseballg Basketball, Football. LINDA PEARSON 71 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Surprise Parry- March, 1965. I Will to NHS: Fourth floor lock- ers. Beals: Weeks, College. Girls' Athletic Board 2, Class Com- mittee Zg' Tennis: Ski: American Field Service. ANDREA DONNA PELLEGRINE IZ Waban St., Newton Corner Ane Fondest Memory: The slam book Jimmy now has: Incrowd, Super- Sport, GTO. Pet Peeve: A boy from the Lake. Beals, Bigelowg Business. HOLLIS J. PERRY 45 Curve St., West Newton Cool Breeze Fondest Memory: Gayle for the last four years. l Will to NHS: My chipped teeth in the Medford game 1964 Cto be found somewhere on the football Fieldl. Beals: Warren, College. Spring Musical 2, 3g Baseball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 35 Indoor Track 1,2, 3. ai .5- lx- Q BRENDALEE PISCZEK 49 Charles Sr., Auburndale Brenda Fondest Memory: My third year of French. I Will to NHS: Some sandpaper. Bacon, St. Bernard'sg College. Spring Musical 1g French Club 3, Latin Club 1, Music Club 3: Girls' Choir 3. DOROTHY SEAN PERKINS 303 Cabot St., Newtonville Dottie Claim to Fame: Perfect attendance for six years. Pet Peeve: Knitted stockings. Barry: Day, Business. Student Ofiice Secretaries 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Board 1g Field Hockey 2: Outing Club 1, 3, Ski Club 1. DEBORAH LYNE PERLBERG 45 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Debby Fondest Memory: "Gee, Ofhcer Murphy," tandem, H.H.I.Z.C., air pressure? Happiness is Friendship. Suppressed Desire: To live in Amalfi. Palmer: Day, College. NEWTONIAN 33 Orange Book 2, 3: Refiections 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 3. ANDREW JAMES PERROTTI 399 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Big Jim Fondest Memory: Teaching college girls how to be carpenters. Pet Peeve: No smoking. Tech, Weeks, Business. Administrative Aids 2, 3. JANET ANN PIGNATELLI Z7 Pembroke St., Newton Fondest Memory: Maine. Pet Peeve: X blocks and "Sh ----- Palmer, Our Lady'sg College. Tennis 2, Biology Club lg Folk- singing Club 2, 33 Outing Club 2. fl" RICHARD H. PLAISTOWE 46 Central Ave., Newtonville Dick, Playdo Claim to Fame: "The Lonely Ones." I Will to NHS: New recipe for pizza. Palmer, Day, College. International Club 33 Sailing Club 2, 3, Mental Health Club 3. SIGRID MIEALA PLENDL 170 Chestnut St., West Newton Sigi Pet Peeve: Boys. Suppressed Desire: An XKE with leopard seat covers. Palmer, St. Bernard's, College. German Club 1, 2. CAROLE ANN POLCARO 24 Marion St., West Newton Fondest Memory: My sixteenth summer. Favorite Pastime: Trips to N.H. with J.W. Palmer, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Rally Commit- tee 3, Library Club 1, Orchesis 33 Sailing 3. GAIL NANCY PORTER 470 Waverly Ave., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Latin II class, December 8, 1964, "The Girl With Green Eyes," red TR-4. Pet Peeve: Writing English essays. Adams, Hopedale Jr.-Sr. H.S., Col- lege. Senior Play 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Folksinging Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Mental Health Club 3. 3' Q 5 -I 5.1. ,fgijf f' . ' ,.,' ', 4 3 114. f g ' f . -V 1: ff:-E'r.f::Qi. JANET LEE PORRETTI 94 Adem Rd., West Newton I Will to NHS: Sophia. Fondest Memory: The F.U.N., sum- mer of '65. Palmer, Warren, College. French Club 1, Future Teachers Club 2, 33 Ski Club 3. if , . TERENCE R. POWERS 16 Kenyon St., West Newton Terry Fondest Memory: Going to every Eng. dept. afternoon in my junior year. Suppressed Desire: To graduate. Palmer, Warren, College. LINDA FRANCIS PRESTI 180 Lexington St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Bananas, Meet- ing PH at DR party Nov. 14, 1964. April 3, 19659 3 years of homeroom with Toni. I Will to NHS: P.H. suspenders. Beals, Warren, Business School. Folksinging Club 1, Mental Health Club 2, Key 2, Chess Club and Team. PAULA JEAN PROIA 13 Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: New Year's Eve, l2!19!64, B.W. Suppressed Desire: To have an- other chance. Palmer, Day, College. Rally Committee, House Council, Stage Crew, Ski Club. KEVIN QUINN 61 Cherry Pl., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Looking for a parking space. I Will to NHS: My brother and sister. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield l, 3, Baseball 1, Volley Ball 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, 3. JANE RABINOW 19 Seton Hill Rd., Auburndale Janie Fondest Memory: H.D. April ZZ, 1964, "The high school on Sunday atfernoonsf' M.T.M.D.M. Suppressed Desire: "To get out of my Humble." Palmer, Warren, College. Rally Committee 2, Stage Crew 3, Ski Club l, 2. MARY JANE PRATT 57 Crehore Dr., Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory: Junior year with Duke. I predict that: By 1970 they will have one-way mirrors to catch kids smoking in the lavs. Barry, Warren, Business. Lexx: ,F , I .I JOHN R. PRINCE 28 Blake St., Newtonville John, Prince Fondest Memory: PB8cJ, Brandeis and Whoopee on weekends. Claim to Fame: the Rats Hole. Beals, Day, College. Drama Festival Z, Folksinging Club 2, Tusitala 2, German Club 1. s 0 ,Jus -s-v 35 a 'fr PAUL M. RATTIGAN -35 Hyde Ave., Newton Centre Rat Claim to Fame: Perfect attendance at the Deli. Suppressed Desire: To rip up a yellow slip. Barry, Sacred Heart, College. Baseball 1, Basketball 1, Biology Club 1. LINDA ANN RAYMOND 12-1 Boyd St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Summer of '65. Favorite Pastirne: Riding in a red V.W. Palmerg Our Lady, College. big.. ROBERT BOYLE REMAR 661 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Robbie, Bird Favorite Pastime: Doing the tango at the Tropico. Riley: Weeks, College. Orange Shield 35 NEWTONITE 3, Student Office Secretaries 2, Golf 2, 33 Class Committee 2, 3. BARBARA LOUISE RESNICK 125 Brackett Rd., Newton B.R., Bahb Fondest Memory: E-Block, Seminar and summer '65, Cheerleading, The Zoo, X-Blocks with C.P. in 329 and 3323 Mother Goose: Fri- day nights and acld pep talks. Bacon, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 5, NEWTONIAN 33 Cheerleader 2, CAROL ANN READY 68 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Majorettes. I Wfill to NHS. Elevators. Palmer, Warren, College. Drum Majorettes 3, Modern Dance 1, French Club 2, Outing Club 1, 2, 3. IRENE MARIE REARDON 186 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Suppressed Desire: To do some good in my life by helping man- kind. Fondest Memory: All the wonder- ful people that I have met at NHS. Barry, W'arreng College. Student Ofhce Secretaries 2, 35 Bi- ology Club 1. i, lu 'S' THOMAS D. REARDON 186 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Tom Chief Failing: Girls. Fondest Memory: A broken toe, a sprained wrist, and an aching back all on the same day. Adams, Warren, College. Science Fair 2, Tennis 33 Gymnas- tic Team 2, 3, Softball 2, 3, Radio Club 2, 3. JAMES JOSEPH REGAN, JR. 923 Wrtlnut St., Newton Highlands Reag, Jim l predict that: Some day I will be bigger than my brother. Fondest Memory: Junior prom with LD. Tech, We-c-ks, Service. Administrative Aids 2, 3. Drew code, rtrictly obrerved. 35 Class Committee 3g French Club Executive Board 3. JACK REYNOLDS, JR. 172 Washington St., Newton ' Jay Fondest Memory: A cheerleading "W", the Capitol-corner boys, NHS 2-Melrose 1, NHS 1-D.Y. 0, midnight hockey, Rehoboth Beach, H.P.C. Pet Peeve: People who call me "little Reynolds." Barry, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE 33 Class Committee Treasurer 2, 33 Baseball 1, 2, 33 Soccer Team 1, 2, Co-Captain 3. SUSILEE JANE REYNOLDS 7 Mount Vernon Terr., Newtonville Sue Fondest Memory: The 3 Preps, Summer '65, "Jag it," and David. Favorite Expression: "Jump right ahead and you're dead." Palmer, Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3: Props Com- mittee 2g Folksinging Club 2, American Field Service 1, 2, Ski Club 1. 5 ft Af 1, ir- ta -F it Make .ture red light is on . . PHYLLIS DENA RISSMAN 25 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: Summer of '62, '63, '64, super sports, R.G., j.R., a New Yorker. Pet Peeve: "Those Boys," junior Prom. Palmer, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, junior Prom Decorations Committee 2, French Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3. LINDA RISTUCCIA 26 Falmouth Rd., West Newton I Will to NHS: All my white cards from Mr. Ferguson. Chief Failing: History, once every year. Barry, Warren, Business. JOAN CHERYL RICE 22 Westbourne Rd., Newton Corner Joni Fondest Memory: Iota Phi Sorority. Favorite Pastime: R.I-I.A. Palmer, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN 3, NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 2, Student Ofice Secretaries 2, Rally Committee 2, House Council 1, 3. DENNIS S. RICH 35 Ware Rd., Auburndale Den Fondest Memory: Reading Catcher in the Rye 20 times. Pet Peeve: Talking at the wrong time. Palmer, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 2, House Council 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Football 1, 2, 3, Art Club 2. SCOTT P. ROBART 50 Clearwater Rd., Newton Lower Falls Favorite Expression: Oh Yeah?! Favorite Pastime: 10 classes skipped -10 times caught. Adams, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, Traliic Squad 2, 3, House Softball 2. BEVERLY ANN ROBERTS 1540 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Wart Fondest Memory: A boy at Tiger- ama: Daddy! M.G.B. Pet Peeve: E.M. Swamp! Palmer, Warren, College. Stage Crew 1, Art Studio 1. KEVIN DONALD RIDGWAY 8 Beech St., Newtonville Granny I predict that: The tunnel between buildings I and III will Hood out. Favorite Expression: Bye! Adams, Day, College. Football 1. DALE RILEY 82 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Palmer, Day. ah JANE ELLEN ROBERTS 77 Westchester Rd., Newton Yanie Fondest Memory: E-Block, Bran- deis, Mother Goose, New York. Pet Peeve: Building one Ere escape. Riley, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE, supplement editor Z, 3, House Council 2, Music Club l, 2, 3, French Club 2, 3. RICHARD JOSEPH RocHE, JR. 1691 Commonwealth Ave., W'est Newton Dick, Rick Adams, Warren, College. Golf 1, Soccer Team 3, Sailing Club 2. 51 Ski Club 2. 3. 'J L. , l JAMES ALLEN ROGERS 9 Capital St., Newton Jim, Jimmy Pet Peeve: The boss named Boss. Suppressetl Desire: To graduate. Riley, Our Lady's, College. Rifle Team 2, 3. 1 S f wi . . . 0 1 '. i I J '. -i 'I I in . .I EA ' RICHARD PAUL ROLANTI 28 Randlett Pk., West Newton Melvin I Will to NHS: A new pair of pants, the right size to Renzo. Favorite Pastime: Restoring antique cars. Adams, Day, College. Homeroom Manager, Motion Pic- ture Squad, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club. f-- . 0, Ar '75 -- -r x JAMES DAVID ROSBASH 6 Salisbury Rd., Newtonville Jim Fondest Memory: NHS Hockey team defeating Melrose 2-1 in State Hockey Tournament. Suppressed Desire: To graduate NHS, and go on to college outside of Massachusetts. Barry, Bigelow, College. American Field Service 1, 2, Elec- tions Committee 3. . i 171: f, 3' t- sl 'iii' -1 .q... ' 5 fee' 4- L , -iffy ,.H'f. -: r.1..' 'Ovfi.5.if'li 'r:':',""--'I 4.,1:w. H' 4S'f'f,'.,-Li' ,'..'.,' ,.l,'.' ' ' ' - F. . , ' ' ' fl .414 "u..r. 'Pl a','4'ffi:Ji':" '+I "'. . ,Sail l,'.',6f'!f'ui,","g fu .'.'1"ff"'f :'-n!.n11 L V . Ig' was MICHAEL J. ROGERS 106 Day St., Auburndale Mike I Will to NHS: "Regards" to Mrs. Ebb and her language-lab. Chief Failing: Anything scholastic. Beals, Warren, College. Key Club 11 Ski Club 1, 3. JANET LYNN ROME 37 Morse Rd., Newtonville Jan Fondest Memory: My daily meet- ings with S.G. and the headaches they bring, class committee meet- ings and Miss G's parties. I predict that: Someday there'll be a permanent youth center. Riley, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 3, Orange Book 1, department editor 2, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Class Committee 1, 2, 33 French National Honor Society 2, 3. EARL STANLEY ROSE 184 Cabot St., Newton Pet Peeve: "High" quality of food in the cafeteria. Favorite Expression: Death comes to those who die. Riley, Bigelow, College. NEWTONITE 3, Class Committee 2, Key Club 3, Biology Club 33 Latin Club 2, 3. JANIS GENE ROSEN 26 Gordon Rd., Waban Jan-Jan Suppressed Desire: T.B.T.W.O.A.- C.F.H.L. Favorite Pastime: H.R.J. Adams, Weeks, College. Homeroom Manager 1, Tigerama Committee 1, 2, Junior Prom Com- mittee 2, Art Club 1, 2, Outing Club 1. DOUGLAS ROSS 533 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Doug Claim to Fame: A free ride on the Paris Metro. Fondest Memory: Paris and Gre- noble, summer '65. Palmer, International School, The Hague, Netherlands, College. Tennis 2, 3, Alpha Gama Tau 2, Biology Club 1, French Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3. I 2 N . f ia lllwh 11 Durant St., Newton Barry, Bigelow, College. Investment Club 2, Human Rights Club 3. ROBERT GENE ROSE 90 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Bob Fondest Memory: Those fabulous eight months in Sebring, Fla. Claim to Fame: Failing. Beals, Bigelow, College. Home Room Manager 1, Acapella Choir 1, 2, 5, Bridge Club 1, 2, 5, Music Club 2, French Club 2. '14 FU -I - r 1 4 SHARMAN MARGE ROSOFF 57 Lorna Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My junior year, "Mummy" of Iota Phi, and all 50 sisters and 29 pledges, Camp Ma- toaka-1964. Claim to Fame: My mother's tuna fish sandwiches, right Ellen? Barry, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3, Orange Book 2, 33 House Council 1, French Club 1, 2, 35 Future Teach- ers Club 2, 3. GAIL ROSS 333 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory: Jax Lab '65 and N.W.J.S.D.M.W.A.P.C.K.B.T. Claim to Fame: 9 X 5 I 40. Riley, International High School, The Hague, Netherlands, College. Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3, Tusitala 1, 2, Biology Club 1, 2, Latin Club 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey 2, 3. MICHAEL PETER ROSSMAN 239 Harvard Cir., Newtonville Mike Fondest Memory: Hockey games- 3:00 A.M., Nut Island. Favorite Expression: For-get-it. Palmer: Day: College. Orange Shield 3: Class Committee 1, 2, 3: Science Fair 2, 33 Chem- istry Club 2, 3: Latin Club 3. PAULA ROUSSEAU 229 Pearl St., Newton Corner I Will to, NHS: My locker on the fourthlfloor of Building I. Fondest Memory: B.C. Mixers with K and P. Beals: Bigelow: Business. Rally Committee 3: Beals House Breakfast Club 2: American Field Service 2, 3. 3 DONNA ELAINE RUBIN 45 Park Lane, Newton Centre Fondest Memory: That day down the wall in my G.T.O. with C.S., Lf., J.A. and KW. Favorite Pastime: Those days and oh, those nights at C.S.'s house. Bacon: Weeks: College. Junior Red Cross Council 33 Future Teachers Club 3: Spanish Club 3. 13 RICHARD ROTBERG 10 Read Ct., Newton Centre Barry: Weeks. 102 MARILYN JOY ROWER 207 Temple St., West Newton Fondest Memory: Summer '64, the Cape, U. of Mass., April vacations. Favorite Expression: Wicked. Palmer: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE Circulation Staff 3: Class Commit- tee 1, 3: French Club 1, 2: Amer- ican Field Service 2. CHERYL ANN RUFO 248 Nevada St., Newton Fondest Memory: October 13, '63 and January 6, '64 and everyday after that: all the hours I spent at the Deli. Favorite Pastime: Jimmy!! Bacon: Day: Business. JOHN ANTHONY RUNFOLA 36 Lothrop St., Newtonville Jack Fondest Memory: Carole's cellar, Oct. 1, 1965, 20 Hour Party. Claim to Fame: CRT 3 A.M. Barry: Day. Class Committee 1, 2, 3: Football l. CONSTANCE MARY RUTHERFORD 14 Jameson Rd., Newton Corner Connie Fondest Memory: Summer 1965, Junior Prom, all the B.G.C. crew. Favorite Pastime: D.A. in the V.W. Palmer: El Camino H.S., So. San Francisco, Cal.: College. Girls' Chorus 2, 3: French Club 3: Future Teachers Club- 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Sailing Club 2, 3. K PETER KEVIN RYAN 1.2 Merton St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Nut Island, hockey at 4:00 A.M., taking that cake, Newton-lNIelrose, Kingsmen, Barry and the Remains. I Will to NHS: The sports page. Palmer: Bigelow: College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, 33 Class Com- mittee 2, 3: Student Council 33 Cross Country 3: Track, Outdoor 2, 3. CHRISTINE ANN RUFO 63 Dalby St.. Newton Chris Fondest Memory: Study with R.M.! Suppressed Desire: l want to be Ricky's girl. Bacon: Day: Business. Tigerama Committee 23 Rally Com- mittee 3. dl1,"'S 'A A JUDITH ANN RUSSO 5 Arbor Rd., West Newton Judy, Bug I Will to NHS: A pair of ripped Levi's on a B.C. fence, four flat tires from Linda's "Crate" Fondest Memory: H.D., secret val- ley, J.S. in the Austin Healy, Hampton Beach episodes. Adams: Warren: College. Class Committee 1: House Council 2, Vice President 3: Outing Club 1: Ski Club 33 Mental Health Club 2. C.. ,i i ' , , . an . nr , F 'N 'ul DONNA RITA RYAN 286 Melrose St., Auburndale Coconut, Dawn Fondest Memory: "Being in with the in Crowd." Suppressed Desire: To marry T.G. Riley: Wfarren: Business. Badminton 3: Softball 1. 2. I f ROBERT MORRIS SALTER STEPHEN ,IORDON SACHS -I4 Elmore St, Newton Centre Steve Fondest Memory: Learning math with Mr. Boyle. Favorite Pastime: Orange shield. Riley, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Volley Ball I, 2, 3, Reflections 1, 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3, Russian Club I, 2. THOMAS ALAN SALEMME 32 Farmington Rd., West Newton Tom Suppressed Desire: To go on tour with the Shadows. Fondest Memory: Parties with Rick in homeroom. Adams, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Class Commit- tee 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 3, Rifle Team 1, 2, 3, Independent Re- search 2, 3. 30 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Bob, Bobby Chief Failing: Girls, girls, girls. Fondest Memory:Trippi ng on the tressel at the Junior Prom. Adams, Day, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 3, Student Oflice Secretaries 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, House Athletics 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH FRANK SALVUCCI 11 Broadway St., Newtonville 4 Foot Favorite Pastime: Auto radio with a certain girl. I Will to NHS: All my telephone books. Tech, Day, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club, Radio Club I, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2. MARIA ANTOINETTA SALVUCCI 33 Cook St., Newton Fondest Memory: The fun I had during my junior year. Pet Peeve: The girls' gymsuit. Bacon, Day, Business. MARILYN BETH SAMICK 66 Elmore St., Newton Centre Sammie Fondest Memory: Meeting IH. at NHS in my junior year. Claim to Fame: Having a new boy- friend every week. Bacon, XXf'eeks, College. Student Oflice Secretaries 2, 3, lffarching Band I, 2, 3, Music Club ROBERTA LEE SANDLER 70 Clements Rd., Newton Penny, Berd Fondest Memory: Tufts-Newton Seminar '65, philosophizing with Claire. Pet Peeve: Math teachers from Ohio. Adams, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, House Council 1, 34 French Club 1, 2, Secretary 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3, Mental Health Club 1, Treasurer 2, President 3. DIXIE LEE SATTERFIELD 44 Gammons Rd., Waban Favorite Expression: "But Mr. Eas- son . . Adams, Weeks, College. Acapella Choir 1, 2, 3, Madrigals 3, Orchesis 1, 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 2, 3. .,, LESLEY MICHELLE SAVITZ 1643 Washington St, West Newton I Will to NHS: The peaceful dis- cussions in 232. Fondest Memory: Surf Summer, Colby, hockey games. Adams, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, NEWTONIAN 1, 2, Business Manager 3, French Club 1, 2, Sail- ing Club 2, Treasurer 3, Ski Club 1 2 3 1 J DEBORAH ANNE SCARLETT 36 Central St., Auburndale Debbie Fondest Memory: U. of Mass., Oc- tober 2, 1965, Hampton, hockey games, red mustang, May 23, 1964, B.B.'s party and D.C.'s party. I Will to NHS: D.W. and N.O. and P.G. and all the good times we've had, Rex and T.C. and the parties. Riley, St. Bernard's, College. Rally Committee 3, Stage Crew 3, Basketball 1. What do you mean tem are wzldi' LINDA LOUISE SCHELL 114 Eliot Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory: My junior year with G.T., P.T., C.C., J.P., T.A., Merry Christmas-1964, Brigham's In-Crowd. I Predict That: Goofy and Ricky will get married. Beals: Day: College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 3: Bad- minton: Key. EE, . i . i a I Y PAUL WINSTON SCHENK 33 Hunter St.,West Newton Fondest Memory: The lighthouse, walks on Commonwealth Ave., the little white rose, B. I Predict That: The Stompers will someday make it big. Barry: Warren: College. French National Honor Society 2, 3: Spring Musical 1, 3: Gymnastic Team 1: Chemistry Club 2, 3: Madrigals 2, 3. PATRICIA ELIZABETH SCHIAVONE 51 Baker Pl., Newton Lower Falls W Pat Fondest Memory: Cheering, 4D's, the 2 pg's, baby Gerber bottles. I Will to NHS: Greener pastures for my golden horse, my hockey stick to j.R. Adams: Warren: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Student Office Secretaries 2, 3: Cheerleaders 2, 3: Class Committee 1, 3: Ski Club 1, 2: Treasurer 3. Y JULIA MAE SCHNEIDER 4 Harrington St., Newtonville julia, Grapes I Will to NHS: My -:lil locker in the girls' locker room. Claim to Fame: Throwing food at the orange shield. Adams: Day: College. Administrative Aids 2, 3: Girls' Athletic Board 1: Class Committee 2: House Council 2: President 3: Mental Health Club 2, 3. f" 2 5 KENNETH JEROME SCHMITT 285 River St., West Newton Ken Favorite Expression: The nose knows anything goes. Suppressed Desire: To kiss all the beautiful girls at NHS. Adams: Warren: College. House Council 2, 33 Football 1: Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3. GAIL SCHOFIELD 78 St. Mary's St., Newton Lower Falls Pard, Schof Favorite Expression: Dot, Dot, Dot!!! Fondest Memory: That night at the B.E. with a stick and a brick. Adams: Warren: College. Student Office Secretaries 1, 2, 3: Rally Committee 2: House Council 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Softball 1, 2, 3. NANCY JOAN SCHULMAN 7 Ashmont Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: Being surprised CU, 1f30!65, "More", Brandeis, an Indian from Long Island, pep talks, X-Blocks, 1:00 phone calls. Pet Peeve: Lurch, Adams: Weeks: College. Legislature, Student Council Record- ing Secretary 3: NEWTONIAN 1, 2, 3: Class Committee 1, 2: French Club 1, 2, President 3. MARION SCHUTTER 23 Prince St., West Newton Marni, Mairn Fondest Memory: Daffodils, evil eyes, egging, the S.S.S., the Farm, Haunted House, toboggoning, coke and Hightower. ' Adams: Warren: College. NEWTONITE, feature editor 3: Field Hockey 3: Girls' Athletic Board 1, 33 Music Club 1, 3: Ski Club 2, 3. PHILLIP RICHARD SCICHILONE 5 Rose Dr., West Newton Schick, the Enforcer Favorite Expression: "What are you, crazy!" Barry: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Ushers 2, 3: Foot- ball 3. DAVID THOMPSON SCRIBNER 15 Bracebridge Rd., Newton Centre Scrib I predict that: If I am absent many more times, I won't graduate. Claim to Fame: Building pyramids. Beals: Weeks: College. Legislature 1, 3: Indoor Track 2, 3: Golf 2, 3: House Council 2: Stage Crew 2. RALPH S. SECORD 365 Watertown St., Nonantum Favorite Pastime: Standing on cor- ner of building II. Fondest Memory: junior gym with machine and drafting departments. Tech: Day: Business. Administrative Aids 3: Motion Pic- ture Squad 2. ELLEN JUDITH SEGAL 74 Sylvan Ave., West Newton Bird Fondest Memory: The discutes with joey, Bearie at Mt. Snow, New Year's Eve at Mazzis '65, my "ski trips" with Zel, and Sharman's tuna. Claim to Fame: Having a "Fat Lip" for six years. Adams: Warren: College. National Honor Society Z, 34 NEWTONIAN 2, Data Editor 33 Orange Book, Section Editor 2: French National Honor Society 2, 3: American Field Service 1. 2, 3. ff ffm ' 'X' s f W' fl -'K AC' -s 23 C lifll .21 '1-'r . , if . . I ,X .Lf n 3,11 , -my ' .-4.1 -,g" ....- X! , I I gif' i i ,L gf .g y its 1 ,. V, , 3.53 f. f i 2 - - SANDRA ELLEN SEGEL l 33 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Sandy Fondest Memory: Summer of '65, CB.. and April 65. Adams, Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Ski Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 7 3 ..,, F 1 l A I ii :Q , ua 'di' EMILY JANE SERKIN 535 Ward St., Newton Centre Barry, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Drama Festival 2, Drama Club 1, Music Club 3, Orchesis 2. El LEEN M. SEYMOUR 1581 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Lee Fondest Memory: Summer of '65 the A-Go-Go, the Bold, the Hat- check house, all the kids, fun and parties, G.N.O. at B.C. Riley, Wfarren, College. Rally Committee 3, Outing Club 1, Ski Club 2. i KAREN -IOAN SEGALL Academy Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: C.R.T. at 5:00 A.M., Hojo's, Newton 2-Melrose 1, May 18, People called jack, the Cape, J.M., 4L's, a white Mustang, Ma classe de francaise avec M. Gaudet, chemistry and Mr. Rist and ,l.C. Hall, 20 hour party. I Predict that: NHS will beat Everett H.S. in football once within the next 20 years. National Honor Society 2, 39 Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, NEW- TONIAN 3, Orange Book 2, De- partment Editor 3, House Council 1, 2, 3. I STEPHEN ELLIOTT SELKOWITZ O Westchester Rd., Newton Corner Cecil, Kelso Fondest Memory: Romper Room with Uncle Ben and Scooper. Chief Failing: Finishing homework before 3 A.M. Palmer, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Legis- lature 2, 3, Class Committee 2, President 1, Alpha Gama Tau 1, 2, 3, Physics Club 2, 3. I LENI C. SHAFRAN 51 Fairfield St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: That was the week that was, Christmas '64, Fal- mouth summer of '65, Rock Hud- son. Adams, Day, College. A Capella Choir 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Class Committee 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, District Chorus s . D. ! BERT H. SHAPIRO 60 Cedar St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: P.B. and J. with ABAY and WHOOPIE. Favorite Expression: ABAY. Adams, Weeks, College. A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, Chess Club and Team 1, Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, Key Club 1. f 41 ALANA BARBARA SHARPE 45 Deforest Rd., Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory: March 6, 1965 CL.P.'s partyl, the junior Prom, May 1, 1965. Suppressed Desire: To live a happy life. Adams, Warren, College. Stage Design 2, Newton Plan Olhce 1, 2, French Club 2. ROBERT NEAL SHAW 65 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Bob Fondest Memory: The summer of '65 down the Cape. Favorite Expression: Nice talk, could be tense. Bacon, Weeks, College. Tennis 1, 2, 39 House Council 1, Z Officer 3, Orange Shield 3, T NEWTONIAN 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL BARRY SHANE 80 Waltham St., West Newton Mike Fondest Memory: Going to Maine and getting my learner's permit with K.S. Claim to Fame: 2nd V.P. of Rockin' Rabbis. Barry, Day, College. Administrative Aides 2, 3, Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3. NORMAN PAUL SHAPERO 53 Park Ave., Newton Centre Morph Chief Failing: Claim to fame. Claim to Fame: Favorite pastime. Adams, Bigelow, College. Tennis 3, Soccer Team 2, 3, Chess Club and Team 3, Folksinging Club 33 Sailing Club 3. CAROL ALVIS SHAPIRO 10 Laudholm Rd., Newton Claim to Fame: The picture of me in the Harvard Graduate Catalogue. Fondest Memory: My driving les- sons. Beals, Bigelow, College. Class Committee 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3, Student Ofiice Secre- taries 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Folk- singing Club 2. FRANCES JOAN SHEA 34 Court St., Newtonville Frannie Fondest Memory: Ronnie, the Deli, November 27, July 13, 1962, Home Ec., dances, New Year's Eve, Summer of '65. I Will to NHS: My gym suit. Barry: Our Lady's, Business. Girls' Athletic Board: Softball 1: Folksinging Club. JOHN C. SHEA 61 Marlboro St., Newton Suppressed Desire: To sell elevator tickets. I Will to NHS: My pair of Well- ington's. Riley, Bigelow: College. Football, Baseball, Manager: Folk- singing Club 1, 2, 3. LYNDA ANN SHEA 25 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Centre "Shea-Baby" Fondest Memory: The summer of ' 35. I Will to NHS: A locker on the fourth floor of Building I. Beals, Bigelow, College. Tigerama Committee 1, 2, Class Committee 2, 3, Archery 1: Chem- istry 3L Spanish Club 3. HOWARD MARK SHERMAN 107 Withington Rd., Newtonville Howie Chief Failing: The last part of this book. Fondest Memory: All night in the Drill Shed. ' Riley: Day, College. NEWTONIAN Ad Editor 3: NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, Advertising Editor 2: Science Fair 1, 2, 35 Latin Club 1, 2, Vice President 33 Library Club 1, 2, 3. -it M. Q, Tim zs my kind of X-Block! BETSEY ANN SHRIBER 42 Holman Rd., Auburndale Bets Claim to Fame: "Hear Ye! Hear Ye!" Fondest Memory: Happiness is friendship. Barry: Warren, College. Legislature 2, 3: Class Committee 1, 2, 35 Music Club 1, 2: Sailing Club 2: Marching Band 1, 2. LORETTA SUSAN SHRIER 85 Atwood Ave., Newtonville Lolly Suppressed Desire: To love happily ever after with F. Fondest Memory: All those days from May 3rd on. Beals: Day, College. Folksinging Club 3: American Field Service 2. ,f ff 1 ,W KENNETH LEE SHUMAN 33 Noble St., West Newton The Sleeper Fondest Memory: Mike's learner's permit, trips to Maine, Parker, the RR, JC, T, and all the gang. Favorite Pastime: 4-handed 9 ball. Barry, Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 2, 3, Orange Shield 35 Ushers 1, 2, 33 Tennis 2, 3, Soccer Team 3. 'C ii EDWARD ALAN SIEGEL 21 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Eddie Fondest Memory: The vacation I met Gigi, the experience with the friendly policeman at Mt. Ida. Pet Pc-eve: X-Block assemblies. Bacon, VUeeks: College. Orange Shield: Baseball 1, 3, Bas- ketball l, 2, S3 Volley Ball, Soft- ball. or '1 Q .WQX iff - ' it w4.' I 319 ?,Q,,:ifl,.ii t' - 1-Q33 57. . STEPHEN WALTER SHULMAN 20 Sumner St., Newton Centre Steve Fondest Memory: Those 4 months of my junior year. Chief Failing: Physics. Palmer, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 1, Basketball lg Tennis 1, 2, 3: Biology Club 1, 2: Ski Club 1, 2, 3. .f 4, LAWRENCE RICHARD SIDMAN 39 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Larry get Peeve: Teachers that S1i.sti1.1n't e. Fondest lNIemory ol NHS: Rompcr Room Physics. Palmer: Wicks: College. Homeroom Manager 3: NEW'- TONIAN 2. 31 NENYTONITF 2. 51 House Council 2: House Civics Committee 1. ri ELLIOT LEWIS SIEGEL 45 Hilltop St., Newton Favorite Expression: Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the road less traveled by, and that has made all the difference. Claim to Fame: My pessimism in the face of adversity. Beals, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN Advertising Staff 3, NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, 2, Tennis 2, Camera Club 1, Amer- ican Field' Service 1. MICHAEL SILVERMAN 21 Bonwood St.. Newtonville Sil, Silbie Suppressed Desire: A small peace- ful party. Favorite Expression: "Where'd all the Wenclies go?" Barry, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Class Committee 31 Gymnastic Team 1. RICHARD ALAN SILVER 158 East Side Pkwy., Newton Dick Pet Peeve: Never winning a politi- cal debate with Mr. Stephens. Suppressd Desire: To be allowed to play up on the tennis ladder. Adams, Bigelow, College. Homeroom Manager 1, Class Com- mittee 1, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, Treasurer 2, 33 Interna- tional Club 1, 2, 3. ZELLA RAE SILVERMAN 153 Westchester Rd., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: junior and senior years with a free man, ski trips with Ellen, and all my sisters. Chief Failing: One Friday night, and not being able to get a word in while walking to school with j.T. and K.S. Palmer, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Student Ofiice Secretaries 1, 2, House Council Vice President 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, Latin Club 2. MARC VERNON SIMONS 167 Valentine St., West Newton Pud Fondest Memory: Being thrown out of all the restaurants in Harvard Square after the 3:00 a.m. hockey games. Claim to Fame: The Rockin' Rabbis Daily. Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONITE 1, Orange Book 1, House Council 1, 3, Football 1, Independent Research Club 1, Sail- ing Club 1. FRED G. SLABINE 1' Melbourne Ave., Newtonville Freddy I Will to NHS: All the rubber of? my tires. Favorite pastime: Trying to sell all my 'S' Odlsmobiles. Barry, Boston Technical H.S., Col- lege. Central Civics Committee 1, 2, Orange Shield 1, 2, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 1, 3, Radio Club 2, 3. ARTHUR SLATE 90 Fordham Rd., West Newton Artie Fondest Memory: Visit to Com- mons Room as a sophomore. I Will to NHS: One can of floor wax to G. Riley, Warren, College. Softball 2, 3, Camera Club 1, 2, 3, Hunting and Fishing Club 2, 33 Meteorology Club 1, 2, 3, Astron- omy Club 1, 2, 3. BETSEY JANE SMITH 23 Moffat Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: NEWTONITE make-up sessions. Claim to Fame: Having gone through 7 homeroom teachers. Barry, Warren, College. NEWTONITE 1, 2, 3, Girls' Ath- letic Board 1, 2, 3, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, American Field Club 1, 2, 3. RICHARD DAVID SMITH 920 Centre St., Newton Centre Rick Fondest Memory: Gym. Suppressed Desire: To short-circuit the bell system before 8:25. Barry, Weeks, College. Ushers 2, Folksinging Club 2, Math Club 2, Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. STEVEN ROBERT SMITH 920 Centre St., Newton Centre Steve Claim to Fame: One bald tire hang- ing in my garage. Suppressed Desire: To get "in" with the "in" crowd. Palmer, Weeks, College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 2, Ushers 2, House Civics Committee 2, Key Club 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH ANNE SNIDER 79 Elmore St., Newton Centre Betsy Claim to Fame: It took 106 years! Fondest Memory: Cape Cod sum- mers forever, Mr. H. and the S.C., Fate: D.V. in H.R., a square dance, Fred, snowed-in, poof! at the Sr. assembly, study in 314, double- mint, mad card senders, Mathews 54 on a Sunday afternoon and the night before, huh Ellen? Riley, Weeks, College. Student Council Corresponding Sec- retary 2, President 3, NEWTON- IAN 2, 3, NEWTONITE 2, Orange Book 1, 2, Rally Com- mittee 2, 3. LORRAINE NANCY SNYDER 336 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory: That Sunday to a Saturday, my trips to Dartmouth, Greenwich Village, "F-C.B." to the right person, huh, Nance? All the B.W.M. at B.U.S.F. and all those great times with N.K.B.H. Bacon, Day, College. Junior Red Cross Council 3, French Club 3. MARK BENNETT SNYDER 51 Gordon Rd., Waban Fondest Memory: 232, M.S.L., 51, 3:15-6:30 P.M. in the fall. Favorite Pastime: ABC's with Al Adams, Weeks, College. NEWTONIAN, Sports Editor 3, French National Honor Society 2, 3, House Council I, 2, Baseball I 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. DONNA SOAVE 71 Los Angeles St., Newton Fondest Memory: August 28, 1964. Suppressed Desire: To become M.D.R.P. Bacon, Day, Business. Legislature 3, Senior Play 3, Base- ball I, Badminton 2. MARLENE SUSAN SOCKOL 69 Morse Rd., Newtonville Mah! Lights Fondest Memory: The list, E-block study C?l, the cellar Cright C.S.?J, summer '65, H 8: H, Sunday after- noons, Nut Island. Pet Peeve: PITAPTAL and hard 'gut' courses. Barry, Day, College. Homeroom Manager 1, Orange Book 1, 2, 3, Student Oflice Sec- retaries 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 33 Class Committee 2, 3. ANN LESLIE SOLOMON 244 Franklin St., Newton Corner I Predict that: Mr. Stephens will start an earthquake with the trem- bling of next year's sophomores. Pet Peeve: Bufliing ice and wind to get to classes on time. Palmer, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 34 NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 1, 2, Orange Book 1, 2, Editor 3, House Council I, 2, treasurer 3, Orchesis 1, 2, 3. LINDA KAREN SONES 19 Holden Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: State Drama Fes- tival in my sophomore year. Riley, Day, College. Senior Play 3, Drama Festival I, Class Committee 1, 2, All School Play 2, 3, Orchesis 1, 2, 3, Riley House Talent Show 2, Dance Pro- duction 1. RICHARD ANDREW SPILL 38 Holman Rd., Auburndale RAS Fondest Memory: Doedie and Leo's '98' Olds, May 11, 1965. I Predict ithat: I will marry her. Beals, Warren, College. Latin Club 1, Spanish Club 2, Vice-President 3, Ski Club 1, American Field Service I, 2. a REBECCA BARBARA SPRITZ 115 Langdon St., Newton Reb, J.B. Fondest Memory: Happiness is friendship, '64-'65 study halls with IH. Claim to Fame: My party in june '65, and my love for hairy arms. Adams, Bigelow, College. NEWTONIAN 2, 3, Student Ofhce Secretaries 2, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Class Committee 3, American Field Service I. LOUIS EDWARD STAVIS 30 Hilltop St., Newton Chief Failing: Never winning a chess match. Pet Peeve: Not participating in math meet. Barry, Bigelow, College. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Tennis 1, Bridge Club 3, Chemistry Club 2, Chess Club and Team 1, 2, 3. CAROLE JOYCE STEIN 89 Bemis St., Newtonville Fondest 'Memoryz J. and the sum- mer of '64, E-Block Studies, the list, my "cellar", H. and H., Goodfriends, doubledates, M. R., grosites. Pet Peeve: PITAPTAL, basketball players. Beals, Day, College. Activities Commission 1, 3, NEW- TONIAN 3, Rally Committee 2, 33 Class Committee 1, 2, 3, Orange Book I, Dept. Editor 2. STEVEN HOWARD STEINBERG 1075 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Steve Pet Peeve: Having a locker on the 4th floor. I Predict that: The school will build a tunnel to the Deli. Beals, Day, College. House Council 3, Latin Club 1, 2, President 3, Key Club 3, Chess Club and Team 2. BEVERLY LYNN STERN 37 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Bev Fondest Memory: T. by J., jr. Prom, "elementary" performances from Madrigals. Claim to Fame: My "two-major" senior schedule. Riley, Weeks, College. Senior Play 3, Spring Musical 1, Madrigals 2, 3, French Club 2, Music Club l, 3, Corresponding Secretary 2. CAROLINE LOUISE STONE -129 Wrmlcott St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Summer of '64, The Games. Favorite Pastime: Writing letters. Riley, Warren, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, 35 Girls Chorus I, 2, Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3. ne ,Wi Q. W 3 ffg ,.,. ' wlgzf 54 . I 2 v -3 Q. .,.,-.yy ii' If 4 SHELDON JAY STONE I Y Bridges Ave., Newtonville Stoney Fondest Memoryi .5 years on NHS Track team. Cltiel Failing. Missing my varsity letter. Riley, Day, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Football 1, lndoor Track 1, 2, 5, Cross Coun- try 1, 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. BEVERLY ANNE f V, STRAZZULLA ,fi . i fl' Page Rd., Newtonville ' V ', ' 1' ' Bev i- . 4, . V Fondest Memory: Feb. 26, '64, g " double dates, Marshlield, Church ,, 7, ' I Dance, T1 F FS: " G: 'l PJ Z B2, Q, i f 4' j : all the B.G.C. crew. A. Claim to Fame: Finding out that boys are like that, right Doug? Bc-als, Day, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 5, Gymnas- tic Team 2, 5, Outing Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 2, Class Committee 5. STEVEN MARK STROUM '36 Vifatertown St., Newtonville Steve Pet Peeve: Locker on sith floor Building I for 3 years. Favorite Expression: "What can I say." Beals, Day, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, Orange Shield 2, 33 Baseball 1, Football 1, ROBERT BRADLEY SUMMERS 17 Edge Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Bob I Predict that: One of Stan's bomb scares will be real. Favorite Pastime: Reporting those "undesirables" who cut across the grass. Adams, Weeks, College. l Homeroom Manager 5, NEW- I TONITE 2, 3, Basketball 1, Irma- l mural Sports 1, 2, 3, French 3. PAUL CLEMENT SWEENEY 85 Farlow Rd., Newton Corner "Sly," "Sween" Fondest Memory: Burke's Beach, Rex, Labor Day in Falmouth. Favorite Expression: Talk turkey and make deals. Palmer, St. Sebastian, College. Class Committee 2, Basketball 1, 2. l l CRAIG W, SWEET 15 Shaw St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Running errands last period study. Favorite Pastime: That paper cutter. Beals, Warren, College. A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 3, Motion Picture Squad 3, Film Fes- tival 2. VICKI SUDHALTER 29 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Sudsy Fondest Memory: Sophomore World History and Junior English. Suppressed Desire: To scream while SAT's are being tal-ten. Riley, Warren, College. NENWTONITE 1, 2, 32 Senior Play 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3. JAYNE ELIZABETH SULLIVAN -i-4 Bourne St., Auburndale Favorite Pastime: Bc-ing with rhat Certain Someone. Beals, lNX,.1ff'Cll, College. 'Fig-'rania Committee l, lj Library Club 2. '51 Rally Committee 1, 2, 2. K.-Yi llLl:l.?i LLIZABETH Sl. LLEVAN " 'wmrviit St.. xlCVsitl lf. .1 f l ry 'V rv Xhlwcl-.5 vitff I . l i iii.-' l Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. ANNE THOMPSON SWEETSER 541 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Suppressed Desire: To be written up in the chemistry books of 1984. Riley, Warren, College. junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 53 Field Hockey 2, Independent Re- search Club 1, 2, 5, Music Club l,2, 3. MARTHA JANE SYLVESTER 81 Woodland Rd., Auburndale MUDD Fondest Memory: BLANKETS, jan. 18, '64, Magill, Nab, Hel, 2 Squads, 18 girls, Newton 2-Mel- rose 1, Oct. 15, '63, C.W.C., Foot- ball games, T.W. qi87. Beals, Warren, College. Cheerleaders 1, 2, Captain 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Manager 3, NEWTONIAN 33 Ski Club 1, 2, 3. MARTHA TAGUE 34 Groveland St., Auburndale Marth Fondest Memory: New Hampshire Retreat lSept. '65p. Claim to Fame: New Year's Eve '65. Beals, Warren, College. Student Office Secretaries 5. BRUNO TAMBURRINI '89 Watertown St., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Special English class with Miss Mancini. Chief Failing: English. Riley: Day: Business. Rifle Team 1: Soccer Team 1: Track, Outdoor 1. HELEN TAPLIN 15 Sewall St., West Newton Fondest Memory: The tragic acci- dent in the manhole, new found habits, the green garbage truck, Buddha. Beals, Warren, College. House Council 2, Madrigals 2, 3: Ski Club 1, 33 American Field Ser- vice 1, 2, 5: Mental Health Club 2, 5. 1 I -eff . coli if f """'N-fs...-5 his 1. MICHAEL BARRY TAYLOR 10 Barbara Rd., West Newton Mike Fondest Memory: Mr. Elliott's class with j.H., D.D., M.S., L.G., V.S., etc, etc, etc, junior Prom with V.S., Sept. 25, the game, and the Lark. Claim to Fame: Those intimate talks with M.B.F. about those very special things. Beals: Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 5, NEWTONIAN 2, 5: Science Fair 1, 55 Physics Club 33 German Club 2, 5. PAMELA ELIZABETH TAYLOR 45 Waban St., Newton Corner Beth, P.T. Fondest Memory: jr. Year with G.T., L.S., C.C., T.A., J.P., my '65 summer with N.G., L.L., P.R., September 16, '65 S.S., Brigham's in-crowd. I Predict that: NHS will never get along without the Incrowd. Beals: Brookfield East, Wisconsin, Business. CAROL ANN TEMPESTA 155 Adams Ave., West Newton Favorite Pastime: Waiting for someone to come home. I Will to NHS: All my white cards and all my classes down the Deli with a certain someone. Beals: Warren, Business. EGIDIO ACHILLE TARANTO 155 Jewett St., Newton Corner Favorite Pastime: Electronics. Chief Failing: Math. Bacon: Weeks: College. Stage Crew, Football 1: Radio Club :K -at 4 -H QA. ' 'YQQ Qsxivx T , lf' 1 fi .1 9 Q-f ,fi gl' I4 :- I ra '21 rx. .s 4.4: 1 LYNDA JEAN TESTA 27 Hollis St., Newton Corn Suppressed Desire: To marry M.T. and live happily ever after. Fondest Memory: August 29. 196-1 and Barbara's Party. Bacon, Bigelow: College. GEORGIA I. TEMPLER 101 Warwick Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory: The spring of '65. Pet Peeve: The unexpected. Adams: Bigelow, College. Homeroom Manager 23 Theatrical makeup 1, 23 Rally Committee 2, 33 I-louse Council lg. Ski Club 1, 2. PATRICIA ANN TERRIO 6 Channing St., Newton Patty Suppressed Desire: To marry KJ. june 26, 1966. Favorite Pastime: Talking to Carole P. in Miss Dolan's class. Bacon, Bigelow: College. CI' -.J 1 245 JL 0 l l 'V I' ll , A flilflzllffiilglwut jw1Sp41f,. ' t X 1 - ' -w ' f I 'ii -.iraq 'ffflg 'Tin-.3 :gi-eq: f : ' ' 1, 51: Theres something rotten in the state of Denmark. LELAND RICHARD THEISE 55 Ellis Rd., West Newton Lee Per Peeve: Austin Moores defen- sive ability. Favorite Expression: You've got to 1 be kidding me. Beals, Warren, College. Class Committee 1, Basketball I, 2, 3. ELYSE MARGUERITE THIERRY Z5 Calvin Rd., Newtonville 'Lyse, Paul, Chip, Hey You Fondest Memory: Rehearsals with junio and the lmrrgimzry Invalid. Claim to Fame: The New Paudomr and "Toinette". Bacon, Day, College. American Field Service 2, Drama Festival I, 2, Ski Club 2, 5, Span- ish Club 3, Stage Crew I. JEAN MARIAM THOMASON 88 Lewis St., Newton Jeannie, Tom Fondest Memory: Breakfast party qjijil ABI., A-block sophomore year. C.R.'I'. 3.00 A.M.. Newton 2 - -Melrose I, B.C., -i L's, 20 Hour lrwrw .i . lizxoiire Expression: l've got .1 '.'.t.rd for you. Barry: Bigelow, College. NEVYTONIAN ix NEXVTONITE I. Z, 51 Rally Committee Z, 5: French Club I: Future Teachers Club 2, 1 ,mms LYNN THOMPSON 'Z - ' zv. 2 D -Koi C.-hor S-r., Newtonville . , - K inf'-1 to lxirnt.: Mr ten li-,ur non- Q wcpm-ne crinxer.-.ation with LB. 2 Will to NHS' One tired rele- 3. Jtijge.. J., Lrilltge, I-1'-1- 4 iid '. 41 Future 'lieacliers I JULIA GILES THURBER 12 Maple St., Auburndale Julie Fondest Memory: December 14, '64, and Matrapoisett. Favorite Pastime: Chasing a Cer- tain white chevy and trying to trap it, right Injun? Beals, Warren, College. Field Hockey I, 2, 3, Leader Corps I, 2, 3, Spring Musical 1, 2, Ad- ministrative Aids 2, 3, Sailing Club 1. JOHN J. TIGHE 54 Chaske Ave., Auburndale "Tiger" Favorite Pastime: Hunting and swimming. Adams, Lowell H.S., Service. Stage Crew. KEVIN ANTHONY TIMMONS 54 Star Rd., West Newton Beau Fondest Memory: Labor Day week- end '65. Favorite Pastime: "Trouble". Beals, Day, College. Gymnastic Team 1. HILDEGARD ELEANORE 1 TOCCI 2057 Commonwealth Ave., l Auburndale Kim, Hilde Fondest Memory: Summer '65, BRIGHTON, Brigham's, Janes. Bacon, Warren, College. Student Ofiice Secretaries 35 Rally Committee 3, Science Fair 2, Smoking Clinic, Ski Club 3. HOWARD CARL TOCMAN 11 Noble St., West Newton Howie Claim to Fame: Having a custo- , mized schedule. i Fondest Memory: O.T.2 with G.M., T.D., M.B., T.W., C.W., and BJ. i Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield 5, Indoor Track 2 5, Track, Outdoor 2, 33 Interna- - tional Club I, 3, Key Club 2, 3- L 7 MICHAEL IRWIN TOCMAN 5 321 Crafts St., Newtonville Mike Pet Peeve: Second week of Sept. Fondest Memory: NHS Fool. Beals, Day, College. FRANSON DAVID KWOCK SUN TOM 22 Maple St., Auburndale George Suppressed Desire: A.C. and the Senior Prom. I Will to NHS: My deepest sym- pathies and condolences to the be- wildered students and the optimis- tic teachers. Beals, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Indoor Track 2, 3, Cross Country 2, 3, Track, Out- door 1, 2, 3, Biology Club 1. PATRICIA MARIE TOTO 33 Barbara Rd., West Newton Patty Fondest Memory: "Toe" and "Foot" -B.C. mixers with K. and P. I Will to NHS: A fifth floor for senior lockers and rowboats for the tunnels. Beals, Warren, College. Rally Committee 3, Beals House Breakfast Club 2, 3, French Club 2, Student Office Secretaries 2, 3. SUSAN TRACEY 69 West Pine St., Auburndale Sue Fondest Memory: The Big 4, Ruthie's, S. M.-Oct. '63, Apr. 20, '64, The Crew, mutual problems and long talks, right J.R.?, Oct. 2, '65, I Will to NHS: Another Archie. Beals, Warren, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Class Com- mittee 2, 3, House Council 1, Archery I, Ski Club 1. JOHN MCKELVY TOMB 34 Waterston Rd., Newton Fondest Memory: An impossible machine. Suppressed Desire: Driving a D9 through a forest. Riley, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3, Reflections 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, 33 Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. MARY ELLEN TOWER 316 Central St., Auburndale Fondest Memory: Summer '65, whalers, a rotten tomata, Sept. 18, '65, "Happy Tooth". I Will to NHS: an empty Frappe cup. Beals, Warren, College. KENNETH M. TROMBLY 491 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre 92738, Ken, Kenny Chief Failing: Math, biology, Eng- lish, history, German, chemistry, etc. I Will to NHS: My torn language lab tapes. Barry, Weeks, College. Senior Play 3, German Club 2, 3, Key Club 1, Treasurer 2, President 3, Debating Club 2, Corresponding Secretary 3. ROBERT JAMES TRUMBLE 55 West Pine St., Auburndale Bob Pet Peeve: Over enthusiastic teach- 'V' ers. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, Baseball 1, 2, 5, Football 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, Volleyball. PATRICIA ANNE TUNSTALL 256 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Trisha, Pat Fondest Memory: The years with Mr. Stephens, the house commit' tees, painting the commons room, and rally after rally. I Will to NHS: An X large orange sweater. Bacon, Warren, College. Rally Committee 2, 3, Bacon House Commons Room Committee 2, President 3, Outing Club 2, Sec- retary 33 Sailing Club 1, 2, 3. DOUGLAS L. TURCOTTE 1110 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Turk Suppressed Desire: To sell my car. Pet Peeve: Transmissions. Tech, Meadowbrook, Business. Administrative Aids 2, 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 35 Track, Outdoor 7 . .., 3. Q BENEDICT ONYEGBULE UMEZURIKE 26 Dexter Rd., Newtonville WB Ben, Benny Fondest Memory: Unison with other foreign students at A.F.S. Favorite Pastime: Reading any- thing I see. Tech, St. Theresa's School, Nigeria, Business. Folksinging Club 1, 2, Interna- tional Club 1, 2, American Field Service I, 2. ELIZABETH JANE URDANG 50 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre ge Betsy Fondest Memory: 'The Frois', echoes, the parties, clickins, one hx- up that really worked, my junior year. Favorite Expression: Those who know need not speak, those who speak do not know. Bacon, Weeks: College. Student Oliice Secretaries 2: Rally Committee 3: Junior Red Cross Council 3, French Club 2, 52 Iiu- ture Teachers Club 3. ROBERT J. VALENTE 320 Cherry St., West Newton Bob Fondest Memory: Going down the " Deli X Block. -3 I Will to NHS: Picture of John g' the Beatle. 1 . Riley, Warren, College. I Orange Shield 3, Golf 2, 3, Soft- ball l, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3, Folk- singing Club 2, 3. Fondest Memory: Sophomore year. .. --i-"s r tl ' 'Q 5 -P"' i 3 .AW .-,- .,,,, - jOHN PAUL VALLELY '21 Farwell St., Newtonville Suppresse-.l Desire: To graduate. Fondest Memory: The Bacon House Office. Bacong St. Charles High, College. DOMINIC VECCHIONE 169 Adams St., Nonantum Vec Favorite Pastime: The lunch room, I XWill to NHS: Willy. Tech, Day: College. ROSE MARIE VENUTO 125 Pine St., West Newton Fondest Memory: The summer of 1965. I Will to NHS: Room 316 with P.I.. 13 it Tennis l Q DOUGLAS LLOYD VERNON 1445 Beacon St., Waban I Predict that: Fergie will be the Red Sox manager in 10 years. I Will to NHS: One brother and one sister. Riley, Weeks: College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Baseball I, Z, 3, Basketball 1, Z, 3, Class Com- mittee 3L Usher 1, 2. GINA MARIA VILLA 38 lasser St., Newton Fondest Memory: All the kids on the team. Pet Peeve: Language lab the last half of Eg. Barry: Girls Latin, College. Field Hockey Z, 33 Softball 2, 3: Archery 2. MIKE VIOLA IV Commonwealth Ave., Clit-srniit Hill llaim to Fame Summer July, ihlvri i7fi.ief.f Mt-rnoiy' llalfl-6:5 to li '-,'-ff, fir' Ba lmiirtt llirlli Sijlioolg Chl. l'21 3t1."g.11I.'f If ihlst' lil- 1 1. 'N'-.mllilwlmill 2 31 v. lievC.lt1h ' Palmer: Club 33 Warreng Business. 3, Badminton 33 Outing Sailing Club 33 Softball 3. 051 1 r., . A , 251 . F, I . U -,. A . '25 -t - ' 1' X 5f"i':,--is Tr.: . .- 1 it .. v . ,1.:iEff..L ' ' J- f ar' ' ' I- -1, L f:g,:,L,1 . .. :, ::g vis: .. 4 ': ,'- Jsq "5 .'1 'Q I as is 3. . as '41 ff ANITA ROSE VOGEL 160 Waltham St., West Newton Voge Fondest Memory: Happiness is friendship. Favorite Pastime: Tripping down and up the stairs. Bacon, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 55 Leg. islature 1, 2, 3, Homeroom Mana- ger 1, 2, 33 Senior Play Chairman 33 Class Committee 1, 2, 3. MARIO VOLPE 33 Oak St., Needham Fondest Memory: Being in Mr. Hale's Code class. Pet Peeve: Having my classmates call me Mar. Tech, Newman junior High, Need- ham, College. PEGGY ANN WALCOTT 34 Curve St., West Newton Walnut Suppressed Desire: To become Mrs. Bacon, Warren, College. House Council 2, Library Club 5, Spanish Club 1, 33 American Field Service Club 3. - ' ,., ' AJ. tg . 'll IRA MARSHALL WALLACH 99 Hammonswood Rd., Chestnut Hill Suppressed Desire: To play one match without a, "Calm down, Ira!" Favorite Pastime: Mr. Fortune's gym class. Beals, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 3g House Council 33 Tennis 2, 3: Indoor Track 2, 33 French Club 2, 3. DAN L. J. WALSH 22 Court St., Newtonville Danny I Will to NHS: My good behavior. Fondest Memory: Exciting high school lunches. Tech, Day, College. Administrative Aids 1, Z, 3, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 3. JOHN JOSEPH WALSH Z3 Winchester Rd., Newtonville Whipper I Predict that: The Bruins will win the Stanley Cup next year. Favorite Expression: Wait 'till next year. Beals: Bigelow: College. I i i JANET LEE WAMBOLT 121 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Jan, Ma Fondest Memory: Junior English class, summers of '64 and '65 with B.V., trips to N.H. with C.P., three loyal friends, and Project Head- start. Favorite Pastime: Walking to classes with my buddy BJ. Bacon, Warren: College. Student Oflice Secretaries 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, House Council 33 NEWTONITE Circulation Staff 3, Orchesis Club 1, 3. CARLA ANN WARE 33 Somerset Rd., West Newton Claim to Fame: I was a governess to seven children. Fondest Memory: Sept. 12, '64, 232, summer '65. Bacon, Warren, College. NEWTONIAN Art Editor 3, Re- Hections 2, 3, Bacon House Com- mons Room Committee 2, Music Club 1, 2. THOMAS STUART WARREN 21 Rochester Rd., Newtonville Tom Pet Peeve: Post-football game un- quietnesses. Fondest Memory: The team apple fight on Comm. Ave. Adams, Reading H.S., College. Basketball 2, Legislature 1, Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. DONALD GEORGE WASH BURN 228 Cherry St., West Newton Don Chief Failing: Math I-3. Favorite Pastime: Playing my gui- tar. Bacon, Warren, College. Rifle Team 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. CHARLES ALAN WAYNE 14 Manor House Rd., Newton Centre Chuck, Charlie, Nero Fondest Memory: Junior year with V.A.D., room 232, "Sailing cAline." Pet Peeve: Those nights with N.P.D. Beals, Commonwealth, College. NEWTONIAN 2, Photography Editor 3, Sailing Club 2, President 33 Russian Club Vice President 3, Ski Club 3. ELLEN S. WEINBERG 142 Warren St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: My junior year with a special someone, happiness is friendship. Favorite Pastime: Going to Drum- lin farm on Sunday afternoons. Bacon, Day, College. Class Committee 2, House Council 25 NEWTONIAN Circulation Staff 2, French Club 2, 3, Music 2. 1-M ,439 5 .lv ll 5 -E Q A li fl if 1 H2 af fi 2 Z 5 Cut along the dotted line. JAIMEE WEINSTEIN 209 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Shorty Favorite Pastime: Working in a hospital with children. I Will to NHS: All my school books. Barry, Riverview, Business. CHARLES H. WEISS 85 Cabot St., Newton Charlie Pet Peeve: Questionnaires. I Will to NHS: 72,864 pounds of books. Beals, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Stu- dent Council 2, 35 Class Committee 2, 3, Tennis 1, Bridge Club 1, 2, 3. DAVID THOMAS WELCH 115 Fairway Dr., West Newton Chief Failing: 8-35-2:45. Fondest Memory: The psychology teacher orating in 329. Bacon, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, Track, Outdoor 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2. DAVID WALTER VUENSTROM 345 Crafts St., Newtonville Rembrandt Fondest Memory: Mr. Rist's chem- istry class. Favorite Pastime: Flirting with the girls at Simmons College. Home- work? Bacon, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3, NEXVTONITE Advertising Stall 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3. 'ua Qi- y-H 9 ff' rr' yn . 5.3 Q ff 411' ' You want to know wbazlr new with this pussy cat? -K . RICHA RD I.. XVESTHAVER S 4 Alelieisori St.. Newton Corner Stgtlsl I5154v:lml.'. WILLIAM MICHAEL WENTWORTH 138 Myrtle St., Waltham Bill Pet Peeve: Having no girls in English and history classes. Fondest Memory: The day our class went to Onset beach! Tech: Warren: Business. LLOYD C. WENTZELL 26 Maple Ave., Newton Corner Wentz Suppressed Desire: To race down Elm Road. Tech: Bigelow: Business. I BARBARA JEAN WHITE 9 Parmenter Terr., West Newton Barb Favorite Expression: Helpless, but not hopeless. Fondest Memory: The 2:45 bell. Bacon: Warren: College. NANCY MARIE WILBAR 115 Park St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: All those wild PjP's and CP's rollers, all the B.G.C. crew. Favorite Pastime: Tripping over skis in the girls' room. Beals: Bigelow: College. Spring Musical 1: Rally Committee 2, 35 Class Committee 3: Ski Club 3: Orchesis 1: Outing Club 2, 3. JOHN RODNEY WILLIAMS 41 Grant St., West Newton Johnny Pet Peeve: Mr. Gaudet not return- ing a book lent 1 year ago. Fondest Memory: Mt. Gaudet finally returning the book. Adams: Arlington H.S.: College. NEWTONIAN 3: Art Club 1: American Field Service 2, 39 Inter- national Club: Folksinging Club. TED DOUGLAS WILLIAMS 403 Walnut St., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Southern girls. Pet Peeve: Bad drivers. Adams: La Plata H.S., Maryland: College. Track, Outdoor 3. BERNARD LUIS WILENSKY 194 Ward St., Newton Centre Bernie ' Favorite Expression: Qu'est-ce que: coosy toosy. Fondest Memory: Mr. Hall, my chemistry professor. Beals: Weeks: College. Rifle Team 1, 2, 3: Baseball 33 NEWTONIAN 3: NEWTONITE Advertising Staff 3: Class Com- mittee 1, 2. SARA ALICIA WINSTON 19 Wesley St., Newton Fondest Memory: The fourth Hoot dash from building II. I Will to NHS: An unused 4th floor locker. Beals: Bigelow: College. Debating Club. SARAH ANN WOLF 22 Summit St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Jody, Grover, and the black Corvette, jomalley, tea'n green onions and skiing in March '65, fried bananas, Boston College, and squirt guns. I Will to NHS: An empty locker for Neil, and Ringo Skull. Tennis 1, 2, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 1, 2, Sailing Club 1, 2, Ski Club 1, 2, 3. ALICE ISABELLE WOMBOLDT l3 Churchill St., Newtonville Belle, Al Pet Peeve: People who think they're great. Fondest Memory: The swift kids in the annex. Palmer, Our Lady's, Business. Tennis 1, Folksinging Club 1. BRUCE CAMPBELL WIRES 25 Groveland St., Auburndale Drupa Fondest Memory: April 21, 1965, Norwood, Falmouth, Friday nights, K.M., P.L., j.L., football games, and hockey games. Pet Peeve: K.M. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Football l, 2. DEBRA LEE WISEFIELD 8 jaffrey Cir., Waban Danni Fondest Memory: Chocolate wine, good jazz, and soft lights. Chief Failing: I have a corduroy mind and I live in a madras world. Bacon, Weeks, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 1, 3, Drama Festival 1, 2, 3, House Council 1, 2, A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3. ELEANOR FAYE WOLFE 37 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Ellie Fondest Memory: 12-29-62. Chief Failing: Waiting two years and not getting to South Senior Prom 6642. Beals, Bigelow, College. House Council 1, Student Office Secretaries 3, NEWTONITE Ad- vertising Staff 2, Ski Club 1. JOHN KEATH WOLPERT 194 Crafts St., Newtonville jack Fondest Memory: K.S., D.R., and A.S., B.N., N., "Trees", "Feeding ducks." Favorite Expression: "Ain't a big thing!" Beals, Bay City Central High School, Michigan, College. House Council 2, President 3, Physics Club 3, House Football 3. LOIS ELLEN WONS 19 Bennington St., Newton Lo Claim to Fame: My three last per- iod studies senior year. Fondest Memory: Feb., 1964 and N.H., and the Outing Club. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Student Office Secretaries 1, 2, 3, Bacon House Commons Room Committee 3, Bridge Club 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Outing Club 1, Vice-President 2, President 3. 3 All WANDA M. WOOTEN 371 Cherry St., West Newton Wendy Suppressed Desire: To marry a millionaire and to become a child psychologist. Fondest Memory: My sophomore year. Happiness is friendship. Bacon, Warren, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, Bacon House Assembly 2. eu 5 .5 17' N 'f Q4 I 'i f' is x. - + . K . ,.,, an 4 3 PETER MUNROE WOODRUFF 172 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Pete Fondest Memory: 256' hot lunches. Pet Peeve: White card and yellow slips. Beals, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Reflections 2, Ushers 1, 2, Science Fair 2, A.V.A. Motion Picture Club 1, 2. SANDRA RAE WOODWARD 15 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre Sandy . Fondest Memory: The day I walked into Woolworth's and met Hank. Suppressed Desire: To have a large wedding. Riley, Lee Academy. Music Club 1. 2. I Q 1:22 gzf, It f 43,1 ri . ,lk ar ' . CLARK WORCESTER 305 Fuller St., West Newton Illya Favorite Pastime: W'atching THE cheerleader, New Year's Eye '65 onward, summer '65, "Because you .... Fondest Memory: Closing retreat. a sleeping bag in June, New Year's Eve '65 onward, Rack and Cue, "Oil1cer, I was just ..,. " Adams, Belmont Hill School, Col- lege. Homeroom Manager 2, 3, Tiger' ama Committee 2, Key Club 21 Music Club 3. CHARLES ELIOT XVORDEN ll2 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Skip, Dobee Claim to Fame: C'h.uter member of the Pyramid. Favorite Expression: Club May 229 VIETNAM. Bacon, XVt'C'RS, College. Orange Shield 5, Boys' Athletic Board 2. 5, Football l, 2. 31 Track, Outdoor 2. 3. 251 SQ ws' I ," l P l -a I .an . ,B r I f I .iff 1 PETER JOHN YERARDI 1513 River St., West Newton Fondest Memory: X-block in the tunnels. Favorite Pastimes Down in New- tonville, and also in Building II tunnels. Barry: Our Lady's: Business. Baseball 1. WON NGOR YOUNG 915 Watertown St., West Newton Shorty, Nuthead Pet Peeve: I.B.M. machines that think l'm 21 boy. Fondest Memory: Christmas vaca- Tlwll Trl. Baton. Wfarren: College. Rally Committee 2, 34 Class Com- mittee 2: Biology Club 2, 3: Music Club I, Z, 31 American Field Ser- vice Club l, 2, 3. PAYI. MONROE YOUNKER E 1 Yt" Sr., Newton Corner Fuzzy , rt .sf rl Desire Success at NHS. l LH' l''l Ht1rl'lCrtmoI't1 per' i ll7Lt'l4l'.'1 Ct.lleu'3. WILLIAM CHARLES XWYMAN 290 Wfoooland Rd., Auburndale Bill Suppressed Desire: To pass chem- rstry. Favorite Pastime: Dozing in study hall. Bacon: Warren: College. Orange Shield 33 Sailing Club 1, 2, 3: American Field Service Club 2. PETER ELIOT YAFFE 36 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Pete Fondest Memory: Black-dotting JL. for B.L. and N.D. Suppressed Desire: Never will I ever suppress a desire. Bacon: W'eeks: College. A Capella Choir 2, 3: German Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3. LIN T. YEE 72 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Pet Peeve: People who squeeze toothpaste tubes from the middle. Chief Failing: Getting caught go- ing up the down stairway. Bacon: Bigelow: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: NEWTONIAN 2, Assistant Fea- ture Editor 3: Girls' Athletic Board 1, 3: House Council 1: Outing Club 2, 3. 4 'Ii -6 X .if flf i Q , 'ltr' '- 'ci "4 + 455.5 ,'. i 'ff U' 2-W ...-i'7'r ir' Z 4 A I H A I5 7 77 28 79 "-TJ: Where did I hide that magazine? RICHARD ALAN YUKES 234 Church St., Newton Corner Hightower Fondest Memory: Marni, Blake's, spending a summer on the Cape in a tent, red stars, M.R.S., the barn, Delany's, tobogganing, being in the other car when Judy took a dare. Bacon: Bigelow: College. NEWTONITE Exchange Editor 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 2, 3: Outing Club 2, 3. 4? - ,01- lionaire. KIM YUNG 23 Craigie Terr., Newtonville Fondest Memory: Studying with my second language. Favorite Pastime: Mr. Finn's class. Beals: Weeks: College. Soccer Team 2. JOSEPH GEORGE ZAHKA 30 Byrd Ave., West Nowton Favorite Expression: The home- work was due today? Claim to Fame: I ate the cafeteria food every school day and lived to tell about it. Bacon: Warren: College. House Council 3: Bacon House Commons Room Committee 35 Chess Club and Team 3. JAN IRA ZAZOFSKY 75 Hatfield Rd., West Newton Suppressed Desire: To be a mil- Fondest Memory: June 8, 1966- Bacon: Warren: College. Boys' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3: Vol- leyball 1, 2, 33 Softball 1, 2, 3- -li lm ALFRED JAMES ZILINSKIS 22 Fuller Terr., West Newton Al Fondest Memory: Mr. Hall's chem- istry class. Pet Peeve: Homework. Bacon, Warren, College. Badminton 1, Volleyball 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3. DOUGLAS ANDERSON 51 Bernard St., Newton Highlands Doug Favorite Pastime: Watching the shop teacher go bald. Favorite Expression: Thank God it's Friday. Tech, Meadowbrook, Business. Radio Club 1, 2, 3. MICHAEL JOSEPH CANINO 23 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Mike Fondest Memory: My first tenth grade year and my second tenth grade year. Pet Peeve: Mr. Hale calling me tiny. Tech, Meadowbrook, Business. RICHARD JOHN CAPELLO 50 Oak Ave., West Newton B.S.A. Favorite Expression: Kakkie. Claim to Fame: Three years in the yearbook "64, 65, 66". Beals, NTHS, College. KENNETH CHARLES CARON 49 Carelton St., Newton Corner Froge Fondest Memory: My Buick. Pet Peeve: Hold it see. Tech, Bigelow, Business. Administrative Aids 1, 2, Baseball 1. BRUCE HARRY CARRUTHERS 115 Floral St., Newton Highlands Head Favorite Pastime: Watching the girls go by. Chief Failing: Math. Tech, Weeks, Service. BRUCE RICHARD CI-IERKAS 80 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill Cherk Favorite Pastime: Ocean City, Md. Fondest Memory: Going to such a wild school. Adams, Baltimore Poly. Inst., Col- lege. Soccer 2. MARY E. CLARKE 21 Columbus Place, West Newton T. M., Click Pet Peeve: Overflow studies, and stamp machines. I Predict that: S. D. J. W. M. T. M. Palmer, Warren, College. GERARD F. COCUZZO 18 Rockland St., Newton Corner Jerry Fondest Memory: The tunnels. I Will to NHS: My funeral bill. Tech, Bigelow, Service. ,vin BRUCE HARVEY COHEN 28 Exmoor Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Sitting between P.N. and S.D. in Mr. Stephens' math class, summer of '65 with C.N., J.P., B.R., D.A., and the rest of Bunk 2. Chief Failing: Melrose can't kick that far. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Senior Play 31 Key Club 2, 33 Music Club 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 33 Madrigals 3. JANICE MARIE CONRY 14 Irving St., Newton Centre Jan Fondest Memory: November 26, 1964. Suppressed Desire: To re-get the one I got. Riley, Mt. Alvernia Academy, Col- lege. NEWTONIAN Advertising Staff 3, Badminton 3, Modern Dance 2, Sailing Club 2. 1 .nuu , ' ze' "' 145 ' i ,.-. 3 LOIS E. DAVISON 22 Randlett Pk., West Newton Fondest Memory: Summer '65- right, S.R.? "Yo-Yo's", side-burns, "No satisfaction", Brookside, Had- Iy's Point. Chief Failing: I wasn't born in Maine. Palmer, Day, College. Science Fair 1, Tennis 1, 2, Rally Committee 2, 33 Girls' Athletic Board 1. KEVIN FAGAN 35 Carleton St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: My Fordfsl. Per Peeve: Everybody up. Tech, Bigelow, Business. ROGER DEAN FRANCIS 66 Arlington St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory: Miss Johnson. Pet Peeve: No smoking. Riley, Bigelow. WESLEY H. GILES 112 Bullough Pk., Newtonville Wes Pet Peeve: Being here four years. Favorite Expression: "That's close.' Riley, Day, College. ketball 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 1. LOIS CHARLOTTE GORDON 47 Stuart Rd., Newton Cen-tre Fondest Memories: Friday G-block '63, Anne-Jaye 84 the "Animal", those mixers, X-block where work is never done, the royal blue Mus- tang. Suppressed Desire: M-m-m, let it stay suppressed!!! Palmer, Warren, College. Theatrical Make up 3, Spanish Club 3, Mental Health Club 3: French Club 1, American Field Service 1. PAUL WAYNE JOHNSON 289 Chelmsford St., Chelmsford Tiny Claim to Fame: Attendance record. Tech, Westford Academy, College. DAVID ANTHONY KASPARIAN 124 Jewett St., Newton Corner Kas Fondest Memory: Miss Johnson. who kept my cut off hair. Pet Peeve: Not being able to keep it. Riley, Bigelow: College. 253 Student Oflice Secretaries 1, 2, House Softball 1, 2, 5, House Bas- esgcairarrfff''f':-:Will Q. -f,gQ'2'-1 '. ,M M-at 4-i .uf if- . 1:4 STEVEN PAUL RUBENSTEIN 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Steve Chief Failing: Having a South African accent, not a British one. Suppressed Desire1'To have some teacher talk herself to sleep, too. Palmer, Krugersdorp' High, South Africa, College. Soccer Team 3, Track, Outdoor 3. MARSHA ANNE LEMERISE 129 North St., Newtonville Marsh Favorite Pastime: Waterskiing in N.H. Fondest Memory: Ron, Silver Lake. Riley, Silver Lake Regional High, College. Girls' Athletic Board 3,. Field Hockey 3. ROSALIE SUE LEVENSON 55 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Suppressed Desire: To catch the bird that flew away, right L.K.? I Will to NHS: The lil' Nuddy. Beals, Day, College. Theatrical Make up 2, Tigerama Committee 1, Rally Committee 1, 2, 33 Class Committee 1, House Council. STEVE LIND 71 High St., Newton Upper Falls Wonder Favorite Pastime: Girls at passing UIUC. Fondest Memory: Eating lunch in shop. Tech, Meadowbrook, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2. JAMES PAUL MARA 257 Chestnut St., West Newton Jim l XVill to NHS: More four year men. Clticf Failing: English. Palmer Xvarreii. Horin-,room Manager 1, 2, Orange 1-l:ie!d S: Administrative Aids 2, 3, 1-.-t.t'iiUi'ai Basketball 2, 3, Intra- ufii li Stiltbuil 2, 3. 1 iw 1 "atftF?1 - "vf35'Qf'.' ' 1 Eptftfl. i V 7 A , wif. '53 f' l l , ' ii, ,gf , . ' 1 4 ROBERT J. MARTIN 15 Bigelow Terr., Newton Corner Stuf., Bigelow Favorite Pastime: Driving around in an unregistered woody with no top. Pet Peeve: ABC's with Al. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, Co-Captain 33 Track, Out- door 3, Football 3. JAY STEVEN MICHELSON 467 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Claim to Fame: 14 studies in one week. Chief Failing: English. Beals, NSHS, College. Golf 2, 33 Bridge Club 3. RICHARD RAY MILBURN 817 Greendale Ave., Needham Mel Claim to Fame: Co-op student. Favorite Expression: How 'bout that? Tech, Newman Prep, College. JORDAN DAVID NORTON 52 Southgate Park, West Newton Jody I Predict that: In five years every- one will look exactly alike and the administration will give one great sigh of relief. Favorite Expression: Smile so I can see ya. Riley, Warren. ,an THOMAS E. O'TOOLE 37 Underwood Ave., West Newton RAYMOND ROBERT LEDUC 25 Anthens Rd., Newtonville Duke Favorite Pastime: Playing with acid. Bacon, Warren, College. Ski Club 3, Human Rights Club 3. PHILLIP EDWARD SAINDON 526 Centre St., Newton Corner Phil' Fondest Memory: Maria, Bonnie, Rollo. Chief Failing: Life itself. Adams, Bigelow, College. House Council 2, 3. Tom . DAVID ANDREW SEELEY Fondest Memory: The good times , , , with Mr. Satalakl ll Birch Hill Rd., Newtonvtlle Suppressed Desire: To be a success. Riley, Warren, College. JOHN DAVID PESCOSOLIDO 1 Willow Terr., Newton Centre Fondest Memory: Mr. Ronayne, "How can I catch it with a key in my hand?" I Will to NHS: My "lead feet." Adams, Weeks, College. Football 1, 2, 3. EDWARD ALFRED PIGEON 270 Upland Rd., Newtonville Ed Pet Peeve: School. Fondest Memory: Vacation. Tech, Day, Business. MARTIN P. ROCHE 119 Waltham St., West Newton Riley, Woodside High School, Cal- ifornia, College. PETER THOMAS SHEA 68 Chestnut St., West Newton P.T., E1 Tigre Fondest Memory: Speed runs to the Cape. Favorite Expression: CJ.E.T.F.A.O.J CI.D.T.S.D Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Golf Club 33 Mental Health Club. RICHARD SHEEHAN 18 Paul St., Newton Centre Claim to Fame: My baby elephant Pet Peeve: Wild Bill?? Tech, Weeks, Business. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 3. TERRENCE L. SHORTON 268 California St., Nonantum Marry Terry Bacon, Day, College. Fondest Memory: Hasn't come yet- Orange Shield 3, Spring Musical Favorite Pastime: Going out wlth 2, Ushers 3, Softball. 'Nicki Bacon, Our Lady's, Service. WILLIAM CHARLES SMITS 155 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Billy Favorite Pastime: Sleeping. I Will to NHS: All my detention hours. Techg Bigelow, College. JACK LEE SPARKES 9 Peabody St., Newton Centre Sparky Favorite Expression: I will make it THIS year. I Will to NHS: 1964 class ring. Techg Bigelowg Business. THOMAS JOHN SYLVESTER 459 Auburn St., Auburndale Tweedie I Will to NHS: All my parking tickets. Favorite Expression: You ain't built right. Tech, Warren, Service. Tigerama Committee 2g Adminis- trative Aids 1, 2, 3. TOMMY THOMAS 47 Greendale Ave., Needham Heights Tech, Pollard Junior High: Ser- vice. WILLIAM P, TROY 8 Raymond Place, West Newton Tech. NICHOLAS WILLIAM TWIGG 32 Freeman St., Auburndale Twiggy, Stompa Claim to Fame: 4 years at N.H.S. Favorite Pastime: Going to classes ANN R. VERSHBOW 54 Bishopsgate Rd., Newton Centre Palmer, Commonwealthg College. Art Club 35 Folksinging Club 3, German Club 3, American Field Service 3: Human Rights Club 3. STANLEY I. WHITTEN Farm St., Dove: Favorite Pastime: Arguing with Mr. Hingston. JOSEPH G. PASTENA 965 1947 - 1 IN MEMORIAM 'Tam at the Deli. Techg Warren, College. JOHN TOMB Administrative Aids 1, 2, 35 Radio l9-I8 1 I966 Club 2, 5. 25 THE SENIOR CLASS WISHES ALL ITS MEMBERS THE BEST OE EVERYTHING IN ALL THEIR FUTURE EN DEAVORS. ROBERT YALE BERLIN PRESIDENT S Y All A Th C1 R I 1976 DISTINCTIVE HAIR FASHIONS Coiffures Designed just For You C0"lLDHmem'f of 2034 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE AUBURNDALE Mr. and Mrs. Al Cherry DEcatur 2-1131 ALFRED E. FULLER INSURANCE AGENCY cRowLEY's ornce suPPuEs John P- Nixon 338 WALNUT STREET 20 AUSTIN STREET NEWTONVILLE NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS PhOI1CSZ 244-7504 244-7440 phone: DECMLH. 2-5310 76 Years of Service to the Newtons i Compliment! of Picture Framing-Artists' Supplies Photographic Supplies B'NE5 REALITY CO' 21 PELHAM STREET 1682A BEACON STREET NEWTGN CENTRE 59, MASS. BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS Complimemff of CLAY CHEVROLET C0mPh"Wff of 451 WASHINGTON STREET B. S. HATCH NEWTON CORNER POSTAGE PAID BOTH WAYS when you SAVE BY MAIL 'gawk qw 0 TNSURED IN FULL 0 QUARTERLY DIVIDENDS 8 4 7 6.5 Established 1892 1580 WASHINGTON STREET Compliments Of The Class Of 1983 I -H 4 Q A3 , A sal ,, ,I 2 f 1 2 . 4 , X mi GU CS "MICHAEL ELIOT GORDON" 1 1 Best Wishes from The Class of '67 President Roger L. Berman Vice Prerident Debra Berkhardt Trefzmrer Sharon Carey Secrelfzry Beth Callahan TUMMY TELEVISION 9 H Q 4 , 'II I I 159,43-4 ,QQQEW Lightweight 5-inch SONY TV Stereo-High Fidelity Tape Recorders Refrigerators Organs Freezers Washers-Dryers Air-Conditioning Dishwashers-Ranges 2306 Washington Street Newton Lower Falls 244-7240 -112' Come on out and talk to GREATER BOSTON'S NEWEST FORD DEALER Featuring the entire '66 line up of GREAT NEW FORDS THUNDERBIRDS and LTD'S GALAXIES and FAIRLANES MUSTANGS and FALCONS-WAGONS Complete, Modern, Efficient Service Facilities I 244 4200 COMPLIMENTS OF WHITINGS MILK C0. VAN BUREN PRINTING and Office Supply, Inc. Telephone: VVO 9-5880 lOl MORSE STREET NEXWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS "Good Xwood Goods" EDWARDS LUMBER CO. In Little or Lots 29 CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE LA 7-5500 Complimevztf of GARDEN CITY OIL COMPANY, INC 78 CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE GARDEN CITY TRUST Clmcstnut Hill 252 BOYLSTON STREET Newton Corner 259 CENTRE STREET FOX TRAVEL AGENCY mu WTNCHESTTER STREET NTaw"1'oNv11.1.12 THE FOOD STORES for People Who Care JUST RIGHT FOR THAT .14 .r if -I SPECIAL UCCASION ,,l. . .ji Er. A TUX FROM THE TUX SHOP 250 CALIFORNIA STREET ftfmf giienkfligfai , !- . I5 I 'Ev 1' I 5' 4 51 A Q 1 "SV, if ,555 A W L, 1? 2, 5 Open Wed. and Fri. Evenings 7 P.M. to 9 P.M. Phone LAclell 7-0459 IOOH5 UW I5 UP? mike: Hahn. kevsfl, SQO1-t-Q Bob, New wan WWC.:-k , Ted I Fnzie-1 sue' QDYTYIQIQ-j Lebli-Yr Q . Juke.. KEN KAYE KRAFTS NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS go est. . . trade best! See 2133 ERIC I-IORNE 12. . T A your Total Performance Ford SLIICSIILIIT S t ' VL 1 Specializing in GT550 and Cobra Sports Cars Call Z-I+-4200 T 'Q tw- ' xi I wonder why the other one s quit A-----...fgfg 5 s."J '1 ,, -5' ff M-A agar, f .,1,'.' ' I ROOM 1208 Kenny Barry jane Hirsh Alan Beal Kathy Hoey jim Black Judy Markow Les Griffin Linda Monahan Bob Herne Mary Morrison "THE EDITORS" L0 I I0 Riglvti Ken-Pud Dotty Perkins Mary jane Pratt Paul Rattigan Irene Reardon I.indu Restuecia ink Runfoli Paul Schenk Phil bthithilone Fmily line Serlxin Mike Qhme K mx Peter Qhea Betsy Shriber Jw' Would you believe' ' ug iii? -vs L I have to go to the Shut up Phil' Well never tell if ll RW ' Ev" Q - 1.11291 D "Good morning dear teacher" Ken Shuman Mike Silberman Marc Simons Betsy Smith Marlene Sockol Lou Stavis Jean Thomason Ken Trombly Gina Villa Dawna Colten + PUD iam-" ""' "Who did it?" "I love happy endings' ll,,f, Before you accept that first job . . . ook over your employer us curefully us he does you What's the Company like anyway? Would I be proud to work there? Reputation for square dealing with employees? Pleasant surroundings? Will I be working with others my own age? Are they friendly? Do they socialize after hours? Will the boss be reasonable? Appreciate good, hard work, but won't explode ifI make a mistake? Will I make a decent week's pay? Have a chance for raises, advancement, more responsibility? How about fringe benefits? Is the work challenging? I had what it takes to get through high school. Will they give me a chance to use my brains? Note: Many young men and women in this area can f V answer Yes to these questions. They work for New e employer. Why not talk with our employment interviewer soon . . 5 ' before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell is you when and where to apply. England Telephone Company , . . New England's largest Part of the Nationwide Bell System An equal opportunity cnzplnyfr New England Telephone 265 A f.. YYI ,N . .' I 4 'Y ., -123 .v f, . 4. 4 f Efrffz? 4 .3 'f , f . J A-1 " . ,,- -on ji l f . lI ............ . 7 'jf ,- -'ti--rvibkiif-io " t"."4l2"Z5iz-."'i 4 f ffzggfgg fa-,:iff1'ffwg.:" ' , H , I. , ,W F1 V, Kris Kimzlnwski Karen Mcl,aiighlin KathylN1tl,iiugIilin Aloanic Mulatticri Kathy O'Hara l.intla Ovescn Patty Paquin Dixie Satterheld Nancy Schulman Marion Shutter Sandra Segal Leni Shafran I Alana Sharpe Georgia Tcmplcr Riintly Miijur l'rixl lliiiiacci Nick Curt Alherrt, Dc lhlllyl? N1itli1'ii1tclii'til4o Greg lliirray " 1 1 ,u -V J 4 .. " , I ' I 'gjwr . .. - i , . ' ' 'Nr , .rm ' - get x -..,, 5' ,Q i .iQ 'il,ti.f' .A .. l FL: V g gli? X 1 ,luv .- Czar- --Q W - , - A :! , - , My R iii L I W ' K- Qif, ii A K' i , W Q ' 1 i . ..'- ' " x "' 1, QS y x L? All i t l " L . , ,ix -is I 1. , , -nd' Wm N - . 'Pwr .1 ' tw A i . -- li , V 1. 'Oi I 7 it Rollo Phil Saindon Tom Salemme Ken Schmitt Bert Shapiro Richard Silver R. Bradley Summers The Oficial NEWTCDN High School Ring N ,, ,,,ill1ulli' 'Z7 5U' Q5 i !"Nj. R 466 , S S Xf kj g X ANIMI COLTUS Sf ' 'H U M A N ITA 'I ' S : c:1BU S 5 1-f"g ,f" Q Y C Sf ' ff 'N Creafed by OWATONNA, NHNNESOTA ATTL EBORO, MASSACHUSETTS THE REPUBLIC SHOE CO. ELIPSE "The Barn" I "T " gg KEMPTON PLACE he worlds best lawn mower Established 21 Years IIQST NENWTON, MASSACHUSETTS FISHER LAWN MOWER SERVICE COMPANY ROCHETTE'S, INC. Licensed Service Men TEi,Ev1s1oN 552-0764 Black White 8: Color RADIO - STEREO ELM and BORDER STREETS Air Conditioners 80 LANGLEY ROAD WEST NEWTON NEWTON SALES 8 SERVICE 527-5551 A n D V55 ' Inc. if 1 ff 3.19 WALNUT sTREET ' H7315 W' U NEWTONVILLE, MAssAciHUs12Trs h GN - U iv' i I - Q0 lvl Q? Best Wishes P 4 O 1 II Q .. - 'X '15 l 5 3 an mf? EDWARD A. ROSEN L - . Wi X U Af. 5 I ,LO lies: Wishes R' 45" QS - 1 PARAMOUNT THEATRE C X' ' "A f ff if NI?XX"I'ON CORNER, MASSACHUSETTS 44-5 WARREN BLOCK f W itil X7 V I SWMW TTD BETTER W l3!i1IHiiS3tU1tU1iK4S T tE3.'Eg5y1rt, ' Y I F 'ft i bf n I- - - - - Tiki?-if? . T. O'TooIe 84 Sons, one of the first printers in the nation to produce yearbooks by offset, bring to you progressive ideas tempered by experience and a reputation for pains-taking workmanship. Personal service to advise you on I Yearbook Production I Themes I Layout I Use of Color I Fitting Copy I Line Drawings I Advertising I Proof Reading I Photography I Produc- tion I Personal Service At All Times TDTDCILE S SONS INC KEELER AVENUE, SOUTH NORWALK. CONNECTICUT 06856 CONNECTICUT NEW YORK 838-4761 MEIrose 5-4112 V-.- ...L-22, ,C I K f"" .t 1 H51 RBAN OHOOL Full Secretarial and Short Courses Open All Year, Day and Evening Standards - Highest Rates - Modest Location - Convenient Free Parking Member of United Business Schools Association TWinbrook 4-1245 267 MOODY STREET WALTHAM 54, MASSACHUSETTS ...where kind teacloirzg creates conhdence Compimerztf of SHERMAN DIVISION of ST. RECIS PAPER -aw..-...vp-. .-. SOUTH PACIFIC Exotic Chinese Food A Gourmets Delight ll52 BEACON STREET NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Phones : l l.t.1tur 2-H47 laAsell 7-9611 DEcatur 2-4270 43 NORTH BEACON STREET WAtertown 4-8100 Famous for Generous Deals and Liberal Allowances For Your Car Needs- See us whether it's a New Car, Used Car, or Service Something from Your jeweler is Always Something Special T. W. ANDERSON JEWELER 329 AUBURN STREET Phone BI 4-1498 We Recommend Bulova Watches - Acutron ealer D "SUZY" Compliment: of THE SHERMAN FAMILY WABAN HARDWARE, INC. Hardware -- Paints - Oils Garden Supplies - Kitchenware Household Sundries 1641 BEACON STREET WABAN Telephone: Blgelow 4-4566 Best Wishes to the Class of '66 THERMOFAX SALES OF BOSTON, INC BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS "ELIOT" Compliments of THE SHERMAN FAMILY STAR TV-BEECHER HOBBS, INC. Tel. 969-9720 KLH - Magnavox - Fisher 200 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL 67, MASSACHUSETTS SAL RIZZO HAIR STYLES Phone: LA 7-8633 Wig Department: LA 7-9198 1651 BEACON STREET WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS C omplimentf of THE NEWS-TRIBUNE 2 13 fl Best Wishes to the Graduating Class Checking Accounts Safe Deposit Savings Accounts Are Available at the Boxes C omplimentr of HIGHLAND PHARMACY Telephone: LA 7-2400 999 BOYLSTON STREET Newton Highlands ll EWTON " WALTIIAM BAN K wnd7ia4fC'mz,aamq Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation serving Newton, Waltham, Wayland, Weston and now Natick Diamonds - Watches - Gifts HENDRICKEN BROS. jewelers - Silversmiths LA 7-6661 45 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON HIGHLAND 61, MASSACHUSETTS Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Q 5-- ,I H-I .li-S va fi ' . i R v i L Ill-ITEIITITITIII ol ' 'i - f'- . v . I . In ' ' , ' -- -.- I I2 '!"'u- I - , - .,. ' '--.Zin-'ir,fn.f':,'V1!'Y.""kf.1.-h'?I3'Vl'fQ.' i .r -- , 'JQTAQQW' -' , A ' t., ..,, ' T' 'QS-rw ' 4 F , wn...,j,'-1.-x:A'f'Kii1v'm..4 wi :Nui F M ,Q-"N,.'..A ir: 'rf93gi'fT"1y' -:fi-, ,1i,'Q,Qg:w. , ' . 2 - 'AH ' fyye - -ig if s 4. t, l ' N - WAYNE-GEORGE CORPORATION NEWTON, MASS., U.S.A. ' R ,225 Dixtinczive M en 'J Wear NEWTONVILLE LA 7-6940 THE HUDDLE Newton's newest store for Senior High'er's and Collegiates 1146 BEACON STREET Cone block from Wzllnutj Open Fridays 'til 9300 HONEYWELL PURDY STUDIO NEW ENGLANDS FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS Official Photographers NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL I CLASS OF 1966 T CONGRATULATIONS . .. fancl by the way, what are your plans for 1970 ?j If they include a college degree in applied mathematics, phys- ics, or engineering, we would like to invite you to consider a career with Raytheon Company, four years from now. As one of the world's most diversified scientific-industrial companies, Raytheon's need for qualified college graduates in the fields of data processing, communications, components, appliances, and education is growing as fast as the challenges in these areas. If you think you might enjoy working with us, welll be waiting for your call . . . in 1970. l l I tire XXX Fi' fffe .'-. 1 I lg A Q4 1 , DQJ .IQ Q All goo 1-Sill iflr 4 5. . ' x X Heartiest Congratulations to the Class of '66 Wfe hope that the years that lie ahead for you will bring a full measure of happiness, success and a useful and rewarding way of life. Whatever your future plans may be you'll find that starting a program of regular savings now will help you achieve your goal more quickly. -Stop in and open an account right away- est ewton ' Zane ' 1314 Washington Street, West Newton 0 I9 Pelham Island Road, Wayland " SAFETY for SAVINGS " congratulations to the class of 'SS SVV INDUSTRIES, INC. NEVVTON. MASSACHUSETTS 02164 YQ E STDVVE-VVQDDVVAPD CO. EIDNITE COMPANY BNN INTERNATIONAL GIFFORD-VVDDD INC fi N anim up Sw lmousrczles, INC 0'v'B'f"' O' 9" ""Ns""'s 'Nr DN'S'ON DF BW 'NDU5TF"ES- INC, SUBSIDIARY or sw INDUSTRIES, INC I-li ,iafLH'J3S ' NEVVTON MASS 02154 EINLINQBALLS-NEWYDN MABB Oiwen ROLL COVERINGB 1 NEVVYON NIABH CRIB! 1NDUSYFlIAL ECLJIPNVENY ' HUDSON N V 1253 Complimentf of W. J. co. Best Wishes Compliment! of Mr. and Mrs. louis Kreem I-A BOUTIQUE LANDON PHARMACY "HELEN" Ethically Modern Complimmtj nf 638 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, CORNER CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Phone BI 4-6510 THE SHERMAN FAMILY "85 Years of Friendly, Efficient Service" Fuel Oils - Oil Burners - Coal 8: Coke LUTHER PAUL COMPANY 81 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone: Blgelow 4-0590 Compliment.: of JANE'S LUNCHEONETTE Com lzments 0 P ' f KEY BOARD MUSIC CENTER CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS NEWTON NATIONAL BANK The Frientlly Bank Five Convenient Oflices Newton Newton Centre 44' Centre Street IS Cvprcss Street Newtonville Nonantum 35 Austin Street 4V XY'.itertown Strtt W'ate rtown 116 Main Street F.D.l.C. THE STUDENT COUNCIL CONGRATULATES THE NEWTONIAN STAFF ON A JOB WELL DONE ITS BEEN A MEMORABLE YEAR . . . ELIZABETH "BETSY" SNIDER PRESIDENT BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1966 Complimentf of ARNOLD BUS COMPANY Charter-School Bus-Service 744 QUINOBEQUIN ROAD NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS AUBURNDALE, MASSACHUSETTS AUBURNDALE CO-OPERATIVE BANK QYMBOL OF SUCCESSFUL 35AVING35 C om plimefztf 0 f BOULEVARD PHARMACY 2090 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE WATERTOWN FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan Association NENVTONVILLE BRANCH lf' '1f, wvf.1.... el l' I I!ATI'I1IUNNx , umm: 1 savnscx l-.4 ,.,. -.I lllllllllllli Illllll' ' l' -ffm-H g!g!q:g.,l,, il I I . 'u I I 1 . I . D -Gi' Star Market Company 51 AUSTIN STREET NEWTONVILLE Hours: Monday-Friday 12 noon to 8:00 p.m. Saturdays 9 to 1:00 pm. Open days, nights, and Saturdays Free parking for Customers Sir1C6' 1919 o-ke-mo OKEMO CAKE KITCHEN For the Cake of the Party Telephone LAselI 7-1862 841 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASSACHUSETTS 552-3578 NEWTON CENTRE CAMERA AND MUSIC SHOP 839 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASSACHUSETTS RECORDS SHEET MUSIC MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Best Wishes NEWTON TRAVEL Complimentf of NEWTON'S, INC. 845 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Smart Fashions NEWTON AUTO TOP CO., INC. 837 WALNUT STREET iCorner of Beaconb NEWTON CENTRE Convertible Tops -Seat Covers Original Auto Upholstery-Seat Belts Telephone: DEcatur 2-1458 LURIA BROTHERS AND COMPANY NEWTQN, MASSACHUSETTS MURRAY 1. GLICKMAN X N - - wEs'r NEWTON L1 where lhe family likes to shop Featuring the Finest famous Junior Set fashions NWEST NEVUTON SQUARE Best Wishes PADDOCK'S INC. WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS ,fag A. M. Chandler, Jr. jack C. Hoover CHANDLER HOOVER 81 GILES Insurance Agency, Inc. Insurance Blgelow 4-4500 1359 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE BEST WISHES FRIENDLY HOME FINANCING 1 from A510250 f '.::L" " C0'0PERATIVE 4 THE FIRST -Sf LARGEST L?...:'.5:':.'L'1Z',t:.' 20,4 co-OPERATIVE BANK sf- ,Q V IN THE NEWToNs Pf0vfig0rPlans .7 5 Successful LH , ' gm savings I 244-3000 . t sl I Uiklll ?1z.:'.,.. 'S 14 sos WALNUT ST. 7 2 ' N EWTONVILLE SQUARE 71 NEEDHAM STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS 61, MASSACHUSETTS Tel. Llberty 2-1122 RHODES PHARMACY G. Rhodes, Reg. Pharm. 1649 BEACON STREET WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Blgelow 4-167 " Office Furniture Interior Planning Oflice Design Decorating Best Wishes BARNETT FABRIC STORES, INC. 305 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CORNER, MASSACHUSETTS NEWTON SPORTS CENTER WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Team, Club, and Camp Outfitters 47 LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTRE 332-7830 JOHN T. BURNS CO. Thomas M. Dillon, INL aria iger Modern Insurance for Home. Business, and Individual NEXY'TONVlI-l.E Dllcatur 2-1840 7 I I LITERARY STAFF Newtonian Staffs I Ii - 1 WF. .-, 1 L 51' FEATURE STAFF B. Levin, R. Angoff, D. Matlofif, B. Levenson, L. Yee, assistant editnrg L. Kaplan, editor: S. Gra- done. MISSING: E. Dietz, B. Resnick. W -is--A M-M-. , Q ADVERTISING STAFF C. Wayne, H. Sher- man, editorg A. Myer- CIRCULATION STAFF P. Rissman, D. Kaplan, M. Chandler, A. Myer- son, M. Krakow, editor: L. Savitz, D. Campbell. MISSING J. Melanson, S. Ostrov sky, S. Kassler, J Hindman, A. Daner, J. Thomason, P. Blum, F. Foster, J. Schneider, B. :fl I.. 1 LAY OUT STAFF P. Garfinkle, M. Sylvester, P. Nabseth, editor, C. Morgan, M. Everett, C. Borden. MISSING: B. Cohen. son, E. Sherman. Freedman. ...-ll 4 ,s g..-e : 11: DATA STAFF S. Rosofl, M. Jacobs, E. Segal, editorg B. Bearak, J. Berkowitz, N. Darack. MISSING: G. Kotzen, N. Schulman, S. Doris, C. Friedman, Z. Silver- man, Margolis, J. Rome. 280 COPY STAFF J. Linde, K. Segal, K. Hayden, S. Fagin, B. Hurst, E. Berman editorq B. Beard, L. Cavanaugh, N. Darack, D. Goldman. MISS ING: B. Snider, C. Stein, J. Jacobson. v'V tj I 'X hu... PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF B. Friedman, M. Aron- son, B. Gilman, C Grabau, co-ordimztorg C. Wayne, editor. J. Minelli, L. Sidman, G. Ross, M. Krakow, D. Levinson, editorg M. Chen, assistant editor. MISSING: B. Chase, C. Weiss, L. Savitz. .Xl if. iwawgf SQQQQ ey C , 5 C Zh 'd Offtfzflqfiggyingp fy Z 5 N lx X 277 QQQQLV zqxj - QT 320 QSQLQQ CCQV77 JAVA. ' 7'2,C - 359 Q02 453 QQ4 G9 CCAQKCQ 724 if J QQ 9 J V9 92 QW 4929 MPEG 5221 ECE, W Q77 JQDO X IX . U fCQ7jj7?C?fQi! I Qi? Q at M 42 Q Ref , Q! M25 'UQ iz? QF if we 23 ff N Qfidfg T3 X QCQJQV QQ3Zq7d H QZZQ? My '?ggQf72 f Q2 if CEE- A i F ,. J P" A. b Q W 'W' I X W ,lf f ,I , P K 1 SN 1 I, fa lla g L IJJJ I 57 I su fl' .f f u 4 ,A 'An . . ' I if 1 foxy: fox 1 np? Lhf ' 1 D 1 r-W yi' 7' f A A 'df of Z l L I f 1 xx! fv, ppfixfyfv Q. flu ,ff f 1, ,-4 L 1 Tw limp! ' I A 7 f Al 11,1 1 ,. gf 3 IIN W, y .jf .1 Lf J W N1 I nfl 1 f 1' I . 1 ' 1 Lt Af! .IN ' I I 11-yt ' -,W ltr :xl , I f 4 I I' Xrflpf A79 V1 1 j j 7H!P1' X 40, xr Xu". s-1 ' 1-lvl -2 Q- 5- .: . - . M 1sF?21g ,':'-'2::A-D ' '- 5 2- Ei'f?":f L1 ,wwxf W . 1 N A w.g9.Q9Qg4 Q O wfwww f , Q T Q L 2.3 f f JS Q Efjfj Sp 45? X T X , ., J ,-AX , ,, i 4. iff: -armwggff 1 hw I ' 1A ' 'is' " .L vpn' X 4 g- klx 1 W 1 , . l wg. 53 , a 'W X NNW " f 1 'X K , 3 :kc ' A b XM H X 'H if X 9 A M X A Wa N fl! Xx Er ' P, ' 5 X X .NK :FW ff ,gg 1' l956 W Newt ' 'Q Onlan Upplement 'QZQ Qx L fx 011. Q01 S R '04 Co S PS '52 A Sf SX fha xx af 94 yo S 5 XQQXO of SQ lu x 5 ix N ,Ani 'X S Mk 41 , ?w2I W E 'wwf Qu ' 11,5 -- - .:' Student Council fW'.LL'-"'.is has been the key word of thc 1765-oo Student Council, led lu lflirabc-th Snider, the first president in its history. 'lhqir magic formula seems to have lztrn it-taining a balance between the old and new. Repeat perfor- rnances from last year were Ber- muda Day and an exchange clay with another local high school. The Council also re-opened and re- stocked thc Tiger Cage, now a thriving rival of the Harvard Coop. This spring, through Council action, two new student privileges were initiated, Seniors cheered the abolition of senior finals, and the entire school welcomed a chance to eat lunch outside. Next years Coun- cil, headed by President David I-lirshberg, has an excellent model to follow: if V . ,,, . , Q.. 47' 2 7117, fi T ,.r Tl - " In Memoriam I Senior Class N.H.S. will miss the unequaled enthusiasm of the class of '66. Under the leadership of Robert Ber- lin, the class has shown the real "tiger spirit" by sponsoring projects such as a class picnic, the Battle of the Bands, the Senior Supper, and a Faculty-Student Talent Night. The most admirable contribution of the class, however, was the estab- lishment of a permanent Youth Center in Newton and the gift of a 35,000 check to insure the Center's prosperity in the future. In addi- tion to the gift of 351000, the Sen- iors have appropriated 37,500 for scholarship funds in honor of those seniors who have passed away this year. -nn.,-.Q in tiff, 3 john M. Tomb joseph G. Pastena Terrence L. Shorton E 1 m!1'!'3i'lD1Qli . i Qin ,,, ,... ..... an --'r- :two ki Front Row: M. Marenghi, D. Gallagher, S. Toomey, H. Nesbitt. Second Roux' R. Murphy, L. Stavis, G. Hasenfus, R. Remar, R. Bemis, Coach: Mr. J. C. Hall. Golf The N.H.S. golf team ended its season with a below-par record of two wins and seven losses. Al- though the golfers were backed by the twenty years' coaching experience of J. C. Hall, they couldn't over- come the obstacle of their own inexperience. They teed-off with only one letterman from last year's team. The one bright spot on the N.H.S. golf team is the promise of the future. The team loses only three seniors this year and should be much improved next year. SCHEDULE Newton 4 Newton South Newton 3 Watertown ...... ,.,. Newton IM Brookline .,... . 12 Newton 4 Brookline Newton 2 Watertown ....., ..... Newton 1 Brockton .............. ..... Newton 7 Belmont Hill ...... ..... Newton 3 Brockton ....... Newton 5 Newton South . ., . Record 3-6 Ml E at W S nfwxbf Q 'QR . to gas X S ...-4' 5 N l 6 1, tx 7 f ' 0 f X 7 X 8 I . 2 , 6 lt 4 lf' ' f ,. T f XXL I ' .' X' i i f-BY 'L-.v-4' A' 'V' Nl! i 1" .uafexds f . . . VARSITY Fzrrt Ron: J. Reynolds, S. Colantuono, K. Britt, M. Clapton, D. Vernon, G. DiBenedetto, M. Sny- der, W. Houston. Second Roux' Coach: Mr. H. Ferguson, R. jarnis, E. Libman, L. Faucher, P. Diljomenico, T. Ciocca, R. DiLuzio, B. Trumble, H. Perry, Coach: Mr. Fraktman. Newton Revere . Newton Natick .. , ,, Newton Medford . .. Newton Newton South Newton Cambridge . . , Newton Rindge . . Newton Brockton . ., Newton Weymouth , Newton Waltham Newton Arlington . .. B b Newton Watertown . a Newton Brookline . .. Newton Newton South Newton Cambridge .. . Newton Rindge . . . Newton Brockton , . Newton Exeter Academ Newton Weymouth ... Newton Waltham . , Newton Arlington .... Newton Watertown . . Newton Brookline , Newton Reading . , 'miixii . if .:'f" T3 - .149 , ' I f .-va, lfs, 4. """'e'lNnml' , ...ff , .. , ,, 5 . -n.' 4... I - 'f E- ,N - '-'61-Q3 H ff-.,, tn " .,,. ,.- . .ts ,g . . 'mi-labs! ' 'i Q. ., -,. . 5 I,.4.Zx. Record 16-6-1 There is a very subtle difference between a good team, such as Newton's team, and a bad team. This difference shows up at the crucial moment when a play is either well executed or only fairly carried out. Newton graphically showed the difference between a fair team and a good team. The difference showed when the pitcher Vernon, Libman, or DiBenedetto put just a little more behind their pitches. It showed when Hollis Perry pushed himself a little faster down the base path. You could see the differ- ence when an infielder like Clapton, DiDominico, or Ciocca ran a little faster to get in front of a grounder instead of just backhandling it. The difference was apparent when first baseman Diluzio stretched just a little longer to get the runner by a step. It showed as the Newton batters had just a little smoother follow through after batting the ball. These things helped Newton achieve its excellent 16-6 record. f' f' fr. , L. 3 ' Y K. ,.., .. Ulf Qtiw sq.. U sl- JUNIOR VARSITY Front Row: K.'Abbourd, P. Hicks, M. Goldman, G. Gershman, K. Mancuso, A. Cameron, J. Rem- ley, D. Colantonio, D. Wiest. Second Row: Coach: Mr. Leahy, P. Nelson, L. Tempesra, E. Drew, K. Kelly, S. Cain, D. Westland, D. Artesani, R. Leahy, H. Rose, Coach: Mr. McRonayne. il 'lla ' , . 1 1 H+ 3 - g gplygq., , X fr fu h"1 K s . we-."'..,f 4 WW I 3 -' .dm v 1 ' ' -.-- .Q A r We L ,-.. 4-1, pas' WJ? J , ., , v - , , fa'-f f , C ' . D -. , Q -V " - .-ag' .. Qffii W mf, Q .11 iff- ,,,.- .Q -ge . '-A x-f-U-QIQQQQ-H T Agn:- -"- - ' - ., . . . - ' lr x. . ff-1 ' ., " ' . 'f."!'?'Q3.'- . ' s --' .. 4' 'f Q 9.anE,n',- .diff A ... ".,As... .. ' ' ' --a 1 f M., va .1 WJ' ,.,,. . . J, gi-nw-ff .1123- Coach Ferguson if QIT0 SOPHOMURE TEAM Fifi! Roux' W. Gardner, S. Winslow, B. Skurnik, F. Arico, EI. Fanclmcr. .Yv.vru.1' Rffzrp C'u,1gl1j Klr WIQGF, D- Mazelll, E- Sig, QUiRli'Y. D. Francis. R. Lamson, .lllY.YlIi'f.' ll, Cupo, R. Benn, S. San- tarplo, -I. Weaver, M. Dezotell. sf-as 5 1 1 'MMG V 1 .-, ea ' '24, 4 l"1' ' T 'Y Al Frm Roux' Coach. Mr Boyle, L. Grintchenke, S. Levenson, bl. Greenman, S. Stone, R. Mertens, S. Heath, R. Horrigan, M. Slater, T. XVarren, Second Roux' Coach: Mr. Gallagher, P. Ryan, J. Barry, P. DuMoulin, J. Alperin, R. jefferson, W. Purple, R. Purple. Third Roux' S. Rubenstein, J. Hy- man, S. Ostro, N. Scrimshaw, S. Henry, R. Howland, J. Mc- Sweeney, S. Waters. Fourth Roux' F. Tom, R. Dolan, -I. Fleishman, W. Tomb, N. Epstein, j. Whalen, P. Burlin- game. Fifth Roux' R. Tennant, H. Tocman, J. Rogers, j. Piselli, S. jacobs, H. Harsip. Sixth Roux' P. Kaitz, D. Hoover, A. Walcott, C. Barry, G. Grabau, R. Walsh, N. Norton, S. Robart, Coach: Mr. Fortune. Track Everyday they're the first guys on the field, the kids on the track team. 'I'hey're the ones in the emharrassingly skimpy uniforms, but if anyone's going to look good in such a uniform it's "them" with their heavily muscled legs. They start with exercises, then they run some wind sprints. After this, the best part-they get to run several miles of warmup laps. Then, for an hour or so, they practice the shotput or the high jump or the low hurdles or whatever happens to be their event. That is an average daily practice session. And what does it get them? just an undefeated rt-cord and the league championship. Led by captain and co-state champ pole vaulrer, Ron Mertens, and a cast of stars including Paul Burlingame, Bill Jonah, Roger Dolan, Steve Heath, Fran Tom, Joe Fuimara and Dick i'x'ul-ces, ftbly led by coaches Lamoine, Boyle, Alvin Fortune, Malcolm, ki.'.lil2LglTf3l', the team was unbeatable with a 5-0 record. Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton ,. .4"1i lkx SCHEDULE 75 New Bedford .. 92 Brockton ...... . . 97 Brookline ........ 100 Rindge ............. .. 94 Newton South . Record 5-0 19 I shot an arrow in the air 3952 - ,..-lb ' my ...luv s l , . 4 . - 7' . wx, 1 A ' " an , ,,, 1. ' ' - 47 fem. wh' j P' ff -iw ' ,.-.el pu 'vw i"" M -. Q wg Eli' ' , .V RT." 1 is I 2, ,fx f' ,, an :WF 'f"'T, . . , A, . , ., X .I . . ,U ,I .Q 5:1 A . .1 I X. A JK? , ML. -. Vt x,"l. ' ' s, . Q 'Y 'gf ,. .F F . . 'f9'uf'5-'K X ,l,.' . 5 X .. I - 3 A 1 R ' onli It fell to earth I know not where. , Mr. Boyle and Mr. Gallagher win another track meet. Q 7: Al!! .4 Bu .Q ,rl U 1' 151:23 ln 5 I - - X,g-f""' Q0 4? vols-Jslkl VARSITY Firrt Row: R. Dealy, A. Rosenberg, E. Gahm. Second Roux' P. Lubin, B. Cain, I. Wallach, S. Rus- sell. Coach: Mr. Jessup. Missing: S. Shulman, A Klein. Prize winning form?? , i Tennis This year's tennis team, coached by Mr. George Jessup, did not live up to its pre-season hopes. However the season was highlighted by the first victory over a private school in ten years. Paul Lubin occupied the number one singles spot, while the second and third positions were held by Randy Gahm and Ira Wallach. Bob Dealy and Andy Rosenberg boasted a 7-2 record, the best of the team, in the ,number one doubles spot. Bruce Cain and Steve Russell played second doubles. SCHEDULE Newton , O Weston ....... , ,, 5 Newton l Brookline , ,.,,. ,, 4 Newton 3 Newton South . . . 2 Newton 5 Lexington . . t. O Newton . . 7 Andover ., , , 15 Newton . 4 Watertown . . ..., , 1 Newton , 2 St. Marks . ,... .... 1 6 Newton , 5 Weymouth ,...., .. 0 Newton 5 Belmont Hill ..... 13 Newton . , 2 Weston ...... ..,... , , 3 Newton , .. , .. 5 Lexington .... O Newton A , 12 Middlesex . .,,.., 6 Newton . 4 Watertown . , ..,,. . 1 Newton ,. . 1 Newton South ..... 4 Newton , , . 2 Brookline ..,.. . 3 Record 7-8 L.- L.. If il i GIRLS' TENNIS First Row: R. Pigen, L. Shaffran, N. Wilbar, 1. Feinberg, D. Ross, K. Burnap, K. Dealy. Second Row: F. Yanofsky, D. Satterfield, A. Mechem, D. Lawton, H. Miller, G. Ross, K. Ham, M. Jacobs. Coach: Miss Frazier. Girls' Sports Coached by Miss Ruth Frazier and Miss Jane Thompson and led by Sherry Freeto, the girls' tennis team enjoyed an exciting and rewarding season. Doubles matches were played by Jeri Feinberg and Nancy Wilbar, Kate Dealy and Debbie Lawton, Gail Ross and Margie Jacobs. Annie Mechem and Sherry Freeto alternated between the number one and two spots in the singles match competition, while Kathy Ham played in the number three position. The team has high hopes for an equally successful season next year. Miss Carolyn Lukowicz was this year's softball coach, assisted by Miss Burlin, a stu- dent teacher from U. of Mass. Co-captains of the team were Nancy Kenney and Lynne Medlar, whose leadership aided in making the season a great one. The season was high- lighted by a grand slam homerun, hit by Nancy Kenney and excellent pitching by Linda Arslanian and Nancy Kenney. This year's team consisted of a hard working group of girls who gave their bestwhether they won or lost. Hopefully, next year's team will match or surpass the success of this year's. K vu: A . J . .5325 if :vi U I-vvqll Q zu. GIRLS' SOFTBALL First Row: G. Harris, N. Kenney, J. Tom, M. O'Brien, K, Gardner. G. Villa. Sermnf Rau: P. Campbell, D. O'Day, C. Kruger, L. Arslanian. Coach: Miss Lukowicz. Senior Awards 'Srl 5 Frances Dvats Cirfr Senior Cup Y Robert Dealy NIe,fff'r1'e Scfmlarflrjp 1, i lf. Douglas Levinson Merit Scbolarxhip Stephen Selkowitz Boyf Senior Cup Thomas Warren Connor: and Merit Scbolafrrbip xx Mark Levinson Merit Scbolarfbip Curtis Moore May Chen Dirkenron Cup P191 Beta Kappa -5 Susan Gradone Margaret South lilizriberh Snider ,Lawrence Sidman Mt,,gd,t,, 5',,l,,1, Peltier Award For Hirtory ational Honor Society Alexander, Judith Ellen Angoff, Richard Harris Barron, Paul Greene Borden, Carla Margery Cain, Bruce Edward Cavanaugh, Lynne Marie Chen, May Ying Deats, Frances Ann Devorin, Ilene Judith Dorris, Stacey Joy Everett, Martha Garfinkle, Ellen M. Kaplan, Laura Jane Class of 1966 Kieval, Joshua Klein, Steven Finn Krabow, Marvin Edward Leary, Russell Charles Levin, William Robert Levinson, Mark Leo Lurensky, Marcia Adele Matloff, Daniel Stuart Maxwell, Gerald Dunn Miles, Marc Adam Morse, Ruth Karen Munson, Susan Lee Nabseth, Pamela Ann Resnick, Barbara Louise Sandler, Roberta Lee Savitz, Lesley Michelle Segal, Ellen Judith Segall, Karen Joan Selkowirz, Stephen Elliott Serkin, Emily Jane Solomon, Ann Leslie Stewart, Lynda Catherine Vogel, Anita Rose Weiss, Charles Harris Yee, Lin Thlu ADMITTED TO MEMBERSHIP APRIL 12, 1966 Class of 1966 Alford, William Philip Alpert, Mark Davis Antonellis, Marilyn Frances Aronow, David Benjamin Arnow, Eric David Barstow, Howard Taylor Berezin, Charles Edward Berman, Ellen Lucille ' Bird, Diana Marie Blakeney, Jean Ellen Branzburg, Judith Vivian Brickman, Robert Irwin Boudreau, Barbara Burlingame, Paul Warren Chandler, Myrna Pauline Chen, Martha Esther Cincotta, Christine Ann Cogan, Mary Alice Connolly, Ann Marie Cort, Nicholas Painter Coulter, Andrea Emily Crosby, Janet Lynne Darack, Nan Frances Dealy, Robert Sumner Elson, Jeffrey Fairbanks, Susan Marcia Fagin, Sandra Lynne Foster, Francine Ruth Friedman, Carol Jane Garfinkle, Penny Gillespie, Luke Glickman, Deborah Anne Goldman, Donella Marsha Grabeau, Charles Michael Gradone, Susan Elizabeth Green, Carol Joyce Gross, Sandra Jill Harding, John Andes Hartstone, Gerald Alan Hayden, Carolyn Heath, Stephen Wilfred Hershkovitz, Claire Susan Hirsh, Jane Frances Howley, William Thomas Hurray, Gregory Allen Jacobs, Marjorie Lee Jacobs, Vivian Beth Jigger, Stephen Alexander Kantor, Harvey Alan Karff, Deborah May Karp, Marcia Susan Kassler, Sandra Merle Kates, Patricia Amy Keagle, Pamela Jane Klein, Andrew Robert Kruger, Constance Ellen Lebovich, William Louis Lerner, Louise Alberta Levco, Nancy Carol Levine, Joanne Helen Levine, Margaret Elaine Margolis, Ellen Ruth McDaniel, Ann Menelly, Judith Ann Morgan, Cynthia Murphy, Paul Richard Ostrosky, Sandra Ann Page, Coin Tuman Perlberg, Deborah Lyne Roberts, Jane Ellen Rome, Janet Lynn Rosoff, Sharman Marge Ross, Douglas Rower, Marilyn Joy Schenk, Paul Winston Schulman, Nancy Joan Sharpe, Alana Barbara Sidman, Lawrence Richard Silverman, Zella Rae Smith, Betsey Jane Snider, Elizabeth Anne Sones, Linda Karen Stern, Beverly Lynn Sylvester, Martha Jean Tunstall, Patricia Anne Twigg, Nicholas William Warren, Thomas Stuart Zahka, Joseph George Class of 1967 Berezin, Ellen Ruth Bowen, Nancy Elizabeth Butler, Peter Oswald Carey, Sharon Teresa Chen, Wilma Ying Cohen, Debra Jane Cort, Rebecca Helen Farber, Arlene Joy Feinberg, Jeri Maier Fielden, Victoria Ellen Gertman, Susan Arlene Gilman, Jeliry Steven Goldman, Michael Cary Greenbaum, Robert Howard Grossman, Joanne Barbara Harmon, Linda Susan Hirshberg, David Lawrence Howland, Ronald Neil Jacobson, Amy Beth Kaplan, W'endy Joan Klein, Eleanor Nancy Langelier, Paul Albert Levy, Janet Elizabeth Mason, Joan Myerson, Alix Gould Nierman, Eliot Hillel Notdbeck, Carol Tousley Piken, Beth Aren Roby, Donna Ruth Martha Rubin, Ann Leslie Sacks, Richard Scott Selkowitz, Harriet Jean Serkin, Bonnie Phyllis Shapiro, Carl W'illiam Siegel, Naomi Ruth Sonis, Beth Merel Sooho, Alan Moy Storlazzi, Marianna Tanimoto, Steven Larry Thomas, Joseph John Vengrow, Michael lan NATIONALS' Homo socirrv 6 El u ' wi . , I ' .-. E' E N Iii 55 YJ rim Can' Your Fate to the Wznd I ,mag 495 f xiii? 'IUIIQJOIDJ and Rami" ,WL

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