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V., '61, 3 Q.,-Milf, 22:3 A , I 5 '-Air. W i gfj-fy' Lf 4' wi' ,. I--'. .x' " . -1 ::4','f'jIf",'f J. -gf: r '1.wl41:. .'f'f,x.-fi ' . . 4, - 4 , r .-.. , :.' -'xg-X ' 31,1 15.4, 2' 'i fd-+f:3' :ww I "J ,Qj54?v' if - :A-44 - :.:f im.. , rg' 41, x , yy !,.f"f.4', ,,, E5,p.p,,x ' 1 . :1'.y1.a ,- 2. ,Jw 5. ,yi ,5.,,'.'x wi., r, .A ,.. it gf '. T926 .-4' f 5' 5,,,.fM'!f "4'.f.' - f - 7- xi-. 5572" Tc-'3 45 1, 'JFQ -ef , ,?+g'i.Lw-, WM.,- 1 "I'ff.'1j' f .' L 1 'va ' nj-. 2 Q' J A ,4 ijt.:-5-'Q - a'- p, -g'..11'.i- , ,A'.:"uQ' ' f iff: gi ,1i-wif ,, ww-'YA . V 1 fq'.J's9"'i:.-v1,.- A , 5 '7-M, '- ' ,,."'m i., ., f. f.. "-Y -',A,'4f?A,'-, Y, .1214 1: 1,5 -' H. ,J .?S',J 5 - 13 'fi . , . .A .,,, EU .N ,. ,Af "a f." .",J,.Z'-. ' ,4",h'5An,.' ' 2 'sf-' -1. , . frgifz. .. . -, fbdr Q, 4 55' f 1 If X YH., , V, , c ?,.- ' 'iff . Lug v,g ",f.1 A -1 " .u ig '- ,,,.?q'. , . , , --ww - ,LL ,A wig., whkfvs' ' 'r. " .rl-.Q ,,-HAT' , rf" 1-C31 ff.-f V ' . .J . .1 . ',' 5. , , 'pl , , . . ',4 ' I , . 5' ' ' .3 , Y x4I 3' J . 1 , , ,g, . .3 ,' V ,y Y. 1, . ,Vx . 4 A I T 'Its 4 .I , , . A 1 . 5, 4 'Q 375.761 ,v,,wH""' L"k1.,,r N' 'f3!V JAN 141991 Q 4 F . , v "WU 'Y ' ff xl, N. ,I ff . f ff' f X ,. Q ja ,, . fi , r Q... if-. " f . ' E 'fr-'- it 6? f . 1 f , Y , -. . X 5. v I I' Xl ,ft I-hz ' Pg ZX' 5 1 , 5, Q " Q - V .. tn ,y L 51 , re' -4 t r YQ ' sf 5? il f 3 A i ti . Z 'W ' . .' gf . 1 . Y t 15' ' X Q is f ft 4 l ps. F - 2 'Q ,. - fr 1' a ' 1, if 5.5 - r fl 5 ' 32 4 A 2 L VL y 6 9 5 f tr ' J fr 4 i fl X ' i Q? "Bi . . L V -fx wr' . we , W, 5 Q - .fi A ' ll, 5 5. ' ga A .f ' 1 ii 3 l E? v , . xi? ' 5.1! Fi.. get i .bfi 5 . 1 -1 .1 -I ,J 'w J xx No society appreciated its htunanity as much as the classical Greek society. They bequeathed to mankind a priceless idea from which springs much of Western civilization: the Greeks realized what an individual could do. They constructed a liberal civilization which gave individuality para- mount expression. The areopngnr and the eccleria developed into organs of political democracy. In his quest for arete-excellence-the Greek achieved his goal, gaining personal honor. The Olympic games rewarded those who silently told of their individuality with glistening muscles. From the amphi- theater carved out of the green hill came the raillery of Aristophanes and the eternal tragic notes of Sophocles. At the academy and in the dusty square Plato, Aristotle, Archimedes, and the peripatetic philosophers eagerly shone their powerful lights in the dark enticing regions of the abstruse and the disputable. And over it all loomed Zeus and his semidivine brethren, looking down benignly from lofty Olympus. To draw this imagery has been easy. The Greek tradition certainly has a magnificent beauty, if nothing else. But what does it all mean? Amid the aesthetic glory there were those who asked. Socrates, for one, would have each man examine his life. In examining our lives we study our heritage, and finding beauty in tradition we may be satisfied. But that is not enough. Though an unexamined heritage petrifies, an unchanged heritage dies. Hav- ing examined and learned, we must go forth in quest of our own arete, for our own world. The 1963 Newtonian seeks to charge us with that responsi- bility. Our victories and our disappointments, our scholastic struggles and our gay events, all the joys of the past year are recorded within its covers. And all are illumined and deepened as we realize the value and the challenge of the Greeks' great gift. 2 The zmexazmmec! Zz e zs not worth living. " M Sophocles n 4" ' v -fa f ty lb- E sJ'J DEDICATION tj - V:,E, Michael B. Gradone Aristotle maintained that worthy men led exemplary lives because they devoted their efforts to only a few problems and did not carry many burdens in their minds. We can only wish that the sagacious philosopher could meet the living contradic- tion to his assertion, a gentleman named Michael B. Gradone. For fourteen years Mr. Gradone has been an outstanding citizen of Newton and leader of Newton High, and his responsibilities have been anything but few. After graduating from Medford High, Mr. Gradone finished his degree at Salem Teachers College in 1942 and received his Masters in Education from Boston University in 1946. He came to Newton in 1949 and has been here ever since. In addition to teaching in the Business Department, Mr. Gradone was an As- sistant Building Supervisor and was in charge of Visual Aids. During our first year at NHS he became Administrative Assist- ant. In 1961 he realized his desire for a House of his own, be- coming Housemaster of Palmer House. Since then, he has devot- ed himself to Palmer with a whole heart, guiding its Council, supporting its athletic teams, even painting its commons room single-handed. And the sons of Palmer respect Mr. Gradone and admire him for his comprehensive ability, his sense of humor, his out-going interest in everybody, and his vivacious attitude toward life. But Mr. Gradone belongs to Newton High and to the city as well as to his House. He has supervised graduation exercises for three years, and served as advisor to the Civics Commission. Many future stars of Newton High know Mr. Gradone as a leader of the Babe Ruth League. He was president of the New- ton Teachers' Credit Union and presently serves on the Executive Committee of Norumbega Scout Council. In his many com- munity activities Mr. Gradone displays the same friendliness, interest, and joy in living that are so familiar to students of Newton High. It is hard to believe that Mr. Gradone receives as much as he contributes to the life of Newton High. Yet he claims this is true. He has often said that one of the joys of being a house- master is coming into contact with many young minds. In grat- itude for his inspiration and appreciation for his friendship, we of the Neufzfonian, on behalf of the students of Newton High, dedicate this record of what we have given and gained to Mr. Gradone. 4 I X W 'qui' Dr. Charles E. Brown Superintendent of Schools The story of the Greek city-state has in it a message which to me has lost none of its clarity through the passage of time. This extraordinary civilization, so rich in its art, architecture, drama, philosophy and literature became the victim of its own success. As Alexander the Great, forgetting, I am sure, some of the lessons learned at the feet of his teacher, Aristotle, built his vast empire stretching from Greece to India, the free Greek cities, to which Aristotle pinned his hopes for human progress, lost their pride and their liberties, never fully to regain them. In a very real way, this great civilization was l 5 destroyed from within-destroyed by men who had lost their perspective, and consequently, lost their very way of life. We face this same danger, as does Nigeria and every other nation which places its faith in the strength of the individual member of that society. Plato talked about the States being made "out of the human natures which are in them." The wisdom of this statement still rings true, and must have meaning for us as we make our individual contributions to the society which we are shaping. Such is our her- itage-we dare not do less than value and preserve it. rr -Obi A g. E, ia . ,SD W M41 1445 A, 12, ai ' ' if ini Q: Wi' al 'ff ' , ww ' if ul 4 , W maya in.. .M 4. L3 -ev '. 'Q 5' ,Nz .,A 1,0 , . V -' M . ' ,gm A . 3, M, 1 ' L2-'M5gQ.,. y , , ' if 4 - ,,q.f????fiFfl'1 ' . 1'w-1- 4 ,Y ,Q-nfs. , ,, ,,,,, ,. , M' is ' Za 2 - f uf- +.,-"- ' , ,fx we' xl, W V - 3' ' A H ji ,A -f - . 4. ' 4' 'BQWL ' Y ' N ' ai V f ' Q- ' ' M iq, "K . 1 1 ,, in , a 11. ' , ' G , , n vgwzggw ., , gil Q an ' Y , . . vt 4 ' -' A , 'wx fy '9' ' " x X A - ' ' V, are . ' - 1'-. -5 l ' . Q gr' ww: 1 0 ,. .v f Q ,,ae,,,f,'f K6 ,, 1 .Q a-4. 1-f Q 1 ' ja, - K M 4 ' f' 'S 115' fe' ,I 6 ' 'Q W - i I. i .v 'V . .. M M '54 , 1 H , fx I K ,fu -v" , A K . ,G . 1 ' W M 5 'H '51 ' 8 4 ., , , . ,H V f ' . V 3 lip: .5 . 1. , W - M , - ' if 1 5 . Lmhg 1 . .gl zz- -Q ' fb 3 .v 53- - 252 AS WW. ., ..- . ef: w- . -'z - . - 4 :f-f'1b'kN'1'W'xQIi2,lfv,-24' WY- E " 1 ' A , W -- M- my ,- , , .1 ,. -1-,zw-w3f,gM-f NT-5944 E-feao,.w,3igx1a ' qv 5-. , ' - ww-'1 1 ' I " A'e:mv ' feQ - " . -' Jw. ,, H ,. , H " ..,., 1. ,- Min. ew. U . - - Ewf' A-111. ' - my xf wwf, w ' .21 , .5314- if -G3 ' 'V . . ., ' fm ' , X V N' - a?2'Q'g1iw2'Q?FNil ' , ' ' , . - ,L .- . . V -5. .+ , M- ve, may -,ms-. - - -4 . .. A . .- , - W W, f v .dwxvgiN91' 'wfaum,.c5Qgw,'1Q21 , -Hg. - . - ' S . 4 " ' - -"wi ww?-E2-Jfdil ' 12- 4 . 5 H' - a ' -V 30- ii - -- f 4 - r V A 4 . ,. , ' .' ' ,- . H . wb fwdawf-fvf?x:f4?miaf?1fa1v-QcwQ4mx31.f:Ms:wf2wf' ' , Y ' . - ' - X. - . ,H - - - -ww ,.1.c'z2w1c5gq.fL ,v..,,,,,.,,,.v.W,...m--,VM my . qi' H' ww -- Q f " Q -PM J . Wcm-wiv-'iwfwnmf-:afabqwLQ3ag.5sw,Q:QgsmS,,w - ' " H -, V ' ' ' x:'fi13'JSfiL. f K - ' P ' Q 1' -' 2 'f' . K b. l W 1 ,515 A V. M , .- -- -X1 wzvxnxu H5.g:gu-,:g:mp.f,a ' .5 . A , , . , , ,. f'l1:j' , 1 , V" A , ' .jd ,S - 'X . 1- ,J-Qfm.,a-Lge. i, 0' .VM E -I . , , . ,fx :f ,9.L,., h , .3 , .Q , Q fy we 'Q "" ".' "' Q 1 ..- a. v- ' ' , . . .. gg ' ,. I wvhf, 3 11 7 Ili,--' tv mmf 1 X 3 if 'bu s lon WD 4 , y 4 DVM' r 4. vs - n- r an ., 6 -,f,.ma. --00" ' '7"""'Ki"" Q ' 4, . " + ., ' , 1.44 '-A X,f,4.A.-.- ., Q .- . ' A .,. x5,,, i... .W I1 ,, l . 1 V s , 1 5: Q 1 , I 1 ,....frQ, 'A 'Q ,l . , f . .,.. 's , . 1 ' 917. ff," 7 'I Mr. Richard W. Mechem Principal of Newton High School One of the major purposes of education is to provide individuals with a perspective of the past against which they can plan their future. Since the Greek tradition has provided such a large part of our liberal and democratic civilization, it is appropriate that the class of 1963 should choose this as a theme for its yearbook. The fact that this tradition is continually being questioned and attacked makes it restatement and analysis even more important. As you, of the class of 1963, move out into different areas of activity, you carry with you the best wishes of all of us at Newton High School. May you successfully preserve the values of our heritage as you face the challenging problems of the future.. Zzzfafiafia l- 11 'Q' Mr. Richard C. Howland Administrative Assistant to the Principal HOUSEMASTERS r-"' Mr. Graham R. Easson Mr. Carl L. Swan Mr. Richard D. Batchcldcr 'Q wg "ZZ" Mr. Richard M. Adams Mr. Michael B. Gradonc Miss Ratht-I A. johnson 9 STUDENT COUNCIL aa i ,.A,, A M ? , . ..:. , W.. 4. f . N'O.rxu J. eh? Sf "t3"f.""..f FIRST ROW: L. Lavely, J. Kornheld, T. Mechem, L. Kopans, Secretaryg J. Berenson, Treasurerg J. Manners, Preridentg J. Lally, Vice-President, T. Putnam, G. Lockwood, R. Kay. SECOND ROW: D. Kagan, E. Silvers, P. Sidel, R. Sorota, T. Weiskel, S. Crosby, G. Creem, S. Levine. Absent: P. Kay, T. McLaughlin, J. Shane. "ln settled times the traditions of government rhoitld he ohserfveci, bitt when circitmytnnces are changing and men are compelled to meet them, mitch oi'- iginizlity if 1'eqitii'ecZ." Thucydides The Student Council has the responsibility of coordinating student activities and respresenting the students to the administration. Many of its established functions are handled by its four permanent commissions: Civics, Activities, Finance, and Elections, however, most new projects originate in the Council itself. This year in a move to in- crease efficiency, the Council had a small committee revise its constitution. Many details of Council procedure were incorporated into the by-laws Cwhich are more easily amend- ed than the constitutionj and into an operations manual. The Council undertook several other projects as well. Among these were: CID an orientation assembly for sophomores, C25 a proposal to open the Newton High Library on Sundays, C39 a proposal to adopt a merit system as the basis for awarding privileges such as commons room study and dismissal during last period study, C4J the establish- ment of an annual Student Council Scholarship for a worthy senior, C55 a plan to have a prominent public figure speak at NHS, C6J an attempt to institute a training program for officers of all school organizations. 10 Therefore, the Committee on constitutional revision resolves that the revised constitution be re-revised. I object. It's the re-revised constitution that needs to be re- vised, not the revised constitution that needs to be re-revised Constitution? Huh? What Constitution? 11 CIVICS COMMISSION H. Shafran, P. Roberts, S. Klein, S. Levine, L. Kemelgor, S. Crosby, Chairmanf J. Bilezikian, C. Nathan, Secretary J. Lally, S. Collinson. ". . . ami to each man the activity in accordance with his own ciirporizfion is mort desirable." Aristotle The Activities Commission coordinates the plethora of student extra-curricular activities through its several boards. This year, the Club Board, in an attempt to weed out the purely nominal clubs and provide better organization for the active ones, reviewed all club charters and requested periodic progress reports from the chartered groups. The clubs were given a special bulletin board on which to advertise their activities. The Assembly-Drama Board arranged to have a well-know political figure come speak to the students of Newton High. The Boys' Athletics Board worked to improve the boys' intramural program and the Girls, Athletic Board began a program of revitaliza- tion for girls' sports. All in all this was an active year for the Watchdog of activities. "We regard a man who takes no in- terert in public affairs, not as a harmless, bat as a worthless character." Thucydides CPericles' Funeral Orationb The Civics Commission' is responsible for management of the cafeteria and the Orange Shield, school grounds, the tunnels, student parking, and traffic. The Commission has ini- tiated improvements in several of these areas. It has attempted to eliminate cafeteria conges- tion by rerouting traffic. More waste barrels have been distributed in the cafeteria through the efforts of the commission. It has tried to have the tunnels cleaned and to organize a system for picking up the grounds of NHS. In all of these undertakings the Civics Com- mission has one goal: to instill in the school a sense of responsibility and a concern for school problems. ACTIVITIES COMMISSION V, Tom, M. Meyer, N. Borenstein, D. Kagan, L. Cerf, D. Kaplan. FINANCE COMMISSION J. Berenson, S. Smith, C. Black, J. Shane, Chairmang S. Finsen, J. Theise. "Man if by natnfe a political animal." Aristotle The Election Commission supervised all school and class-wide elections. This year the Commission initiated several changes in elec- tion procedures. To eliminate what had be- come a popularity contest, the Commission and the administration decided to discontinue sophomore class-wide elections. Instead, the Sophomore Class Committee took over the election of its officers. The Election Commis- sion also made several changes in Spring Elec- tion procedure. Student voting was put on an optional basis to encourage more thoughtful balloting, and hopefully, the election of the most competent candidates. "When will tbe jztft nzan be specially axefzzl in handling oar n20ney.9,' Plato The Finance Commission oversees all Coun- cil projects which involve the spending or the raising of funds. It is responsible for the Councils participation in the Foster Parents Plan: this year Newton High helped support two foster children. To raise the necessary funds Cthirty dollars is sent to each child per monthj, the Finance Commission again spon- sored a Bermuda Day when students and faculty who had bought 2541 tickets could wear ber- muda shorts to school. The Commission also sold Newton High bookcovers throughout the year and handled publicity for the Council. ELECTIONS COMMISSION P. Kay, I'. Sltlel, f,ln1frmin1,' li. lwmx. -I-I-ZZOG l'l'II'l'l FIRST ROW: S. Feinstein, L. White, J. Rosenberg, First Vice-Pre.rident,' A. Kasabian, Secreta:ry,' S. Ferguson, Treasurefg' J. Callahan, Second Vice-President, E. Mann, M. Schiavone. SECOND ROW: M. Champion, S. Tocman, B. Boujicanian, M. Peterson, B. Chabot, L. Lyons, J. Lee, C. Ross. FOURTH ROW: E. Silvers, A. Quisbec, L. Kemelgor, J. Shane, T. Fleming, S. Pratt, A. Robinson, B. Pelligrini. Mining: C. Scammon, Prexident. The Year 1963 will fondly be remembered as the year which: 11 was not a leap year Calthough it had 53 weeksb, 25 had more odd days than even days, and 3D could not be turned upside-down and be the same number Ctry it--it comes our something like Q96U. It also turned out into the world a mass of people in the guise of Seniors. Certainly other years have had their day Ca statement which only the advanced mind of a Senior would dare contemplateb like, for instance, 1961 Cwhich could be turned upside-downj was a pretty good year, but let's put our year to the test, let's send it up the flagpole and see if anybody can find it. Did 1961 have that great Senior assembly in which we were told of document- ed proof stating the superiority of our balcony for -well-all sorts of things? And I don't know, but it seems to me that the Senior Play came off Cor went ony very well Cfairly well, anywayj at least under the circumstances. And then, how many Senior Suppers have been sponsored by Salami Companies? And did the football team slosh through and drown Brookline, led by the indomitable de Bush Cwho, incidently, was the greatest athlete in Newton his- tory, although, unfortunately, never in three years eligible to play, he now lives up in the bushes by the stadium-hence cle Bush-and is rarely thought of except when his two dogs come down to bother the Phys. Ed. Classesj. And we all have personal memories, like playing hop-scotch in front of Build- ing I, or Blind Man's Bluff in the aquaducts be- tween I and III. And then there's always the Prom and Graduation-and the wonderful memories of the Class of 1963. CHARLES CChip9 SCAMMON A D V I S O R MISS MARY G. GIANFERANTE 14 "ue U X fx- w I 'K ANY .2 7 O E-xg A F- ,,.1. , X X! X Q' ' x ' W -I-I-3300 I'I'lI'l1 FIRST ROW: Miss Parker, M. Perry, R. Kay, F. Nesson, K. O'Connell, Vice-Preridentj D. Bliss, Preridenty M. Abrahams, L. Lavely, G. Lockwood, N. Roche. SECOND ROW: C. Deats, G. Kirk- caldy, B. J. Hill, S. Blaquere, P. Hern, S. Halewood, S. Rayburg, N. Hassel, J. Cohen, A. Mas- troianni. THIRD ROW: R. White, B. Rosenbaum, C. Norris, C. Corder, N. Otis, S. Janes, E. Silva, L. Benson, B. LeBrun, J. Wolbarst. FOURTH ROW: J. Sandler, A. Bernard, T. Miranis, M. O'Gorman, E. Trundle, F. McCarthy, C. Scammon, R. Joyce. A D V I s o p R X Wi . WM, MISS SUSAN PARKER "The mixture which is not well shaken afecompores . . ." The moulding of a class is begun in Sophomore September when the ingredients are all dumped into the cauldron of NHS, where they swirl blindly until Sophomore june. Then, in the heat of Sophomore Summer, the mixture starts to settle and thicken. By Junior September the critical stage has begun: the settling may bring on stagnation and ultimately, decomposition unless . . . Unless, of course, it's shaken and shaken good and hard by its class committee. And that, precisely, 16 Heraclitus is what Dave Bliss and his team have done to the class of 1964. Not satisfied with the traditional Jun- ior Prom, the choosing of a class ring, and the heroic junior Workday effort in sub-freezing weather, the class committee pushed hard working out a novel idea: an Activity Week for juniors with something happening everyday and special events planned for Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. All the better to keep the Junior Class from any complacent settling to the bottom. views of nhs ll L.- . 3 ,, V - .wwf YW..- -..Wi T.....Y,..,WT7,: .,., ,-:.:,,Fl,7,,:A.f, ,.,. ,.., 2 ,,,,:.N,,M,,.,7 ,,,.,. ,,, i . -h i' ,,. f - ' Ab A - 1"1 Q ' L " 4' " I , , is FIRST ROW: Mr. Fleishman, S. Pfouts, M. Lyttle, N. Williams, S. Pinto, M. Feltlstein, C. Karff, J. Maloof, J. Coleman, J. Berman, K. Wrenn, S. Weiner. SECOND ROW: S. Couzens, B. Tarlon C. Muther, M. Levine, M. Snyder, D. McEvoy, L. Shtiber, R. Gorn, M. Yesley, B. Rosen, S. Clancy THIRD ROW: D. Rosato, J. Levy, M. Fradkin, M. Gradone, H. Greenberg, T. Goodman, D. Petkun, R. Podell, P. Berenson, S. Wurzel, N. Swartz. FOURTH ROW: P. Jones, A. Amendola, D. Glovsky, P. Fleischer, S. Quinn, M. Barr, A. Schichor, G. Levinson, C. Scammon, B. Creem, P. Cohen. A D V I S O R Mr. Ernest B. Fleishman "S0plJo.t - wise moror - dull, stupid." Any Greek Dictionary Sophomore," the English combination of these two Greek words, seems to describe accurately the 10th grader entering' Newton High: NHS is too bewildering for any newcomer not to feel the am- biguities of a sophomore. This year the 10th grade Class Committee underwent changes designed to eliminate the "sophomore feeling" sooner by giving more people a chance to take part in the class gov- ernment and not electing officers until the students knew who was who. The Sophomore Class Com- mittee consisted of two representatives from each homeroom and meetings were conducted by differ- ent chairmen selected from the committee several times a year, so that before the May elections, stud- ents had seen different leaders in action. Class activities expanded to a new area: lectures given by students and professional men were intro- duced for groups of fifty to seventy-five students. The Sophomore Class also held a successful dance and took part in a community service project. We would say that there is considerably more "Sophos" than "moros" in this year's Sophomore Class. -I-I-3300 l'l'lI'l'I ,,, some studying . . . i e w S .. III T I1 e P e 0 P -- if: I fi ' e ,1 '44A he an We K an expert pilot if 4? 'F ambitious projects .A Fw bufioonery . . . the Firm hand of houscmastcrs' tradition I9 We Mr. Graham R. Easson Hoiiremizftef HOUSE COUNCIL ADAMS HOUSE .fl A a Mrs. Chartier Mrs. Russo Adamr Home Secretary Adams Home Aide "A lover of wimlom, then, cmd high-rpiritecl in temper, imcl quick and strong, will be it goocl and trite gitimliizn of the city." Plato Adams House guards the base of Newton High's towering Acropolis-guards it so well that nobody remembers what's being kept out. At any rate, spirited Adams House is ready for all comers. Adams House showed its spirit this year in its vigorous House Council. Hard- working committees set up by the Council carried the house activities forward rapidly. The House Assembly Dates Committee planned four assemblies, includ- ing an address by Mr. Foster, last year's housemaster, and a one act play. The Con- stitutional Revision Committee carried on with the eternal task of improving the house constitution. Fund-raising ideas from the Project Committee provided financial support for the many activities. A major accomplishment of the Adams House guardians this year was the prideful redecoration of the Commons Room. Working from the ground up, under the guidance of dynamic Mr. Easson, Adams' new housemaster, they put new rugs on the floor, then turned to the walls. Giving up precious hours of Christmas vacation time, the Paint Committee put a pleasing, protective new coat of paint around the room. Where else besides Adams House does spirit run so high? emit t pm , t viii FIRST ROW: R. Stam, C. Sylvester, L. Sabatini, K. Zises, T. Mechem, Pre.tident,' B. Bullock, Vice- Preridentg L. Marcus. SECOND ROW: P. McGrath, M. O'Gorman, A. Brornilow, P. Sherman, R. Watson, D. Hough, L. Cerf, J. Theise. THIRD ROW: C. Paine, B. Pelligrini, P. Roberts, M. Levine, G. Koplow. FOURTH ROW: F. Sullivan, J. Stone. BACON HCUSE ,sd Miss Burke Mrs. Geiger Bacon Home Secretary Bacon Home Aide "All is flax, nothing if stationary." Heracleitus Bacon House, located in the administration building, land of the auditorium and home of the cafeteria and, all-important, the omnipotent IBM machine, stands a leader among leaders. Under the able guidance of Mr. Swan, this House institut- ed the much admired and much imitated student goverr1ment day. Bacon House Mr. Carl L Swan sponsored a needy family at Christmas time and contributed substantially to the Hgmemayzer fund for WGBH. Bacon is proud intellectually and athletically: proud of having the largest number of honor roll students, and proud of winning the interhouse football trophy. Always with an eye to the lighter side, Bacon planned a talent show in conjunction with student government day. Yet this house maintained its dignity at all times. While staunchly resisting a soft drink machine, it planned a rotating art exhibit for the commons room. Independence of thought is the keynote at Bacon House. HOUSE COUNCIL ,ff ll 7f"f' Q 1 N ' , ' .J .l J I ll - V -, AMW, , ,- YA Y - Yu ,- A l 1 yi.: 5655 ma l FIRST ROW: Thompson, R. Ford, A. Berman, ,l. Marcus, M, Paris, li. Kaner, F. Cooper, S. Glass, A. Lanslcy. SECOND ROXV: XV. Phillips, G. Paul, N. Noss, St't'rt'lar'l.' R. hl4lfl'l'1CXK'S, Vico- PreJident,' B. Alter, Pfo.fi1lUnl,' C. Ross, Trc'af11rz'r,' B. Pcllmvs, P, l.ltlccr, K. folic-n. THIRD ROXV: Miss Waters, Mr. Hopkins, ,l. Starr, nl. Bariszmo, R. Rolnmi, S. Levine, S, lfcinzig, S, Iircchcr, P. Ruputz, S. Books, bl. Bilczt-kian, N. Xvitlt-rr, F. Rubenstein, G. Hicks, S. Postr-r, M. Swartz, Mr. Swan, Mr. Holmes, Miss Finncrty. BARRY HOUSE happy house played sweetly and in key house contented nor too low-allow Adams K.., ,y,, t . I i 4 neither aspiring too high-let Beals 1 JJ? house initiative where started the sale of bi-coloured ties, a commodity now handled more generally house decorative where new rugs adorn the commons floor reflecting diffusely copies of famous originals in blacks and oranges and the other colours house of Mr. Batchelder an olive-green corduroy man with keys in hand spare keys for lockers' locks or hacksaw to replace lost keys of locked locks house festive of Yuletide, of high-tide, of low-tide house scholastic - athletic -literary - scientific - artistic - technical - mechanical- practical- theoretical - inimitable Barry House Mr. Richard D. Bachelder home of Students H ouremayter HOUSE COUNCIL Mrs. Kenney Barry Home Secretary FIRST ROW: S. Smith-Peterson, J. Salamone, H. Barr, Vice-Preridentg R. Sorota, Preridentg R. Rando, Treawrerg D. Russo, Secretaryg S. Goldston, M. Senecal. SECOND ROW: M. Gordon, L. Coven, N. Acheson, L. Watts, S. Winer, B. Copeland, D. Rose, J. Taylor. THIRD ROW: T. Banner, R. Hotovitz, B. Gilbert, P. Kelley. 22 BEALS HOUSE BQ. Mrs. Walsh Beal! House Aide Mrs. Aronson Beal: H owe Secretary "Beals House students are full of spirit and enthusiasm, and the Beals House faculty is excellent."' These are the words of Mr. Adams, who might be a bit biased as Beals' colorful Housemaster. The Beals House Council this year planned a teacher-student day with a sig- nificant theme. The Civics Committee has for two years organized clubs and ar- ranged for tutoring in a settlement house. Although the coke machine, piano, and television helped, it is the Commons Room Committee that has make the Beals House commons room the most liked in the school for club meetings. Stu- dents and teachers from the entire school went to the Christmas party planned by the Activities Committee. The Traffic Squad maintains eternal vigilance to prevent collisions on the third floor stairs of venerable Building One. The spirit of Beals House can be seen in the intramural teams, which have yet to forfeit a game, and which generally have captured first or second. place. From its lofty tower Beals looks down at the spectacle of Newton High and feels justly proud of the part it plays. HOUSE COUNCIL 'aw Mr. Richard M. Adams H owemaster L' -. ...ML I 'K FIRST ROW: L. Carrol, L. Benson, R. Swartz, C. XY'cinsrt-in. ll. furrvns. SFCOND ROXV: Books, C. Wfclz, C. Haywood, D. Brickmnn. THIRD ROXV: XY. Ht-rson, li. ,l43LL'lI'H.lII, ll. Coppcl, P. Gordon. FOURTH ROXV: lf. Freedman, L. Ross. 25 Mr. Michael B. Gradone, Jr. H omemmler PALMER HOUSE ..., M 11 - 4. "" ' "' 'WT -eqd., ,I-+- es ""l"'T' Pi' 'Y f' ff Mrs. Leone Palmer Home Aide Mrs. Stevens Palmer H oufe Secretary "Put your .fboulder to the wheel. Toll . . . if the .tire of fame." Aesop Palmer House, under the inspiring leadership of Mr. Gradone Cto whom this yearbook is dedicatedy, is well-known as the owner of the worst coke machine in the school and as the biggest spender of any house. It also claims to be the most active house. The council, under the JACK CJ.A.C. Kozlowskij administra- tion, has had two projects for underclassmen: a sophomore reception, and later in the year, a series of discussions in which the seniors related their college ap- plications experiences to sophomores and juniors. Through cake and book cover sales plus the sale of the inimitable Palmer Prodigy pins the council gave gifts to needy families, to AFS, and to the Alcohol Education Foundation. In addition, the students held a sleigh ride, redecorated the Commons Room, put up a sugges- tion box, and held an essay contest. HOUSE COUNCIL t 4 FIRST ROW: J. Rhode, C. Ellis, P. Meehn, Treafurerg J. Kozlowski, Pre.vident,' D. Yeo, Vice- Preyidentg D. Giroux. SECOND ROW: V. Rote, M. Morss, B. Chabot, J. Seigal, R. Elliot. THIRD ROW: P. Shapiro, J. Shane, C. Doherty, L. Turner. 24 Ml RILEY HOUSE 1'-:ay 8 ,, , t .ye-Cx Mrs.Boycl Riley Home Aide "It is not places that grace men but men ibm? grace the placerf' Agesilaus Occupying the first floor and part of the basement and second floor of Build- ing ll, Riley House is noted for many line classrooms, its spacious study hall, and its officesi it has an impressive and well-coordinated appearance. It is not only the blue-foam lounge chairs gracing the commons room that make Riley House special, but the students and teachers who sit in the chairs and the energetic leadership of Miss johnson that give this House its distinct character. That Riley House students and faculty always display spirit and a willingness to cooperate with others is reflected in the Riley Council, Smiley Riley Day, its receptions and parties, and its car wash and other projects designed to raise money for needy families and charities. As stated in the Riley House Constitution, the students of Riley House work to stimulate house and school unity by "inspiring and sparking a spirit of cooperation between individuals, classes, house, and school." Wherever they go, Riley's sons are proud of their House and their school. HOUSE COUNCIL e if , . ,if .gg his- s Miss Rachel A. Johnson H ozzfemarter FIRST ROW: K. Xwatcrs, L. Bowcrn, Trcf1fl1rc'r,' T. Marquis, l'n'v-l'r1'fnfw12!.' Ci. ffrctfrn, ,,fl'fldC'l7f,' N. Horwitz, Secretary: V. Oppt-r, Al. XVinsmn. SECOND ROXXY Il, Snytlt-r, ll. XY'.ml, G. Hagel- stein, C. Boyd, A. Crosby, C. Goldman, D. -lncobson. THIRD ROXY: 'll Mirtlu.-Il, l. Cully, S. Polluclc, W. Bennett. 25 4' Y? 1 ,FR M SX xy The Industrial Arts Department holds forth in the basement of Adams House. There are courses for every interest, including technical drawing, a two-year course which prepares stu- dents for engineering schools and post-grad- uate trade courses. Other courses of the depart- ment are Industrial Crafts, which gives students tool experience, and Home Construction, which introduces students to the materials and costs involved in construction. The training given in staging-lighting, scenery, electricity-has been an invaluable part of the dramatic produc- tions at NHS. All in all an imposing amount of work goes on down in the land of saws and blueprints. INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT ,....u,,-Wh Xl-sQ5m0f'?'H BUSINESS DEPARTMENT Miss Twiss, Mr. Satlak, Mr. Williams, Mr. Rossi, Mr. Steinhope, Department Headg Mr. Chalmers, Mr. Welles, Miss Altieri, Miss Folley, Mr. Mitchell. 28 Mr. Riciutti, Mr. Chase. "Who knows useful things, not vnnny things, is wire." Aeschylus The Business Department concentrates on teaching useful, practical techniques-from the operation of IBM to the development of man- ual skills. The Department has a twofold job: training future business workers in fundament- al secretarial skills like typing and shorthand, and helping students who wish only to in- crease their efficiency in these skills. Retailing and sales techniques are also part of a carefully- planned program of major and minor courses. I i l 1 . GUIDANCE DEPARTMENT "Their virtue fha!! be terrified not only by the imcription on rtone at home but in all lends wbereroever in the zmwriften record of the mimi." Pericles The Guidance Department is responsible for leading us, or rather pointing out our path through the jungle of blackboards and examina- tions. Guidance couselors serve as liaison between student and teacher, student and distant administration, student and parents, or student and fellow student. They answer questions and solve problems from "the IBM machine fouled up my schedule" to "what did l get on my SAT's" to "what should I major in at college." The advice of the de- partment is expertly informed and always shows genuine concern for students as individuals. - s 2 ... Mrs. Merrill, Mrs. W'ood, Mr. Cirainlucr, Mr. l:fL'C'Qll11.lII, Mr, Llzirk, Mr. Stark, Mrs ltflur Miss Goubcaux, Miss Finnt-rry, -Mr. Euston, Mr. Mirrlwll, Ilrfulrlnzwll Ilvad. 29 LIBRARY DEPARTMENT 'IHIH x 3 ? 4 4. I 4 ,. 1 is 1112 3-5 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Butler, Mrs. Erskine, Department Headg Mrs. Abrahams. SEC- OND ROW: Mrs. Moriarty, Mr. Beatty. The Newton High Library Club performs an indispensable function. The members spend time before and after school and during study periods keeping the library in condition to serve over 2000 students. They help process new books obtained by the Library. They pre- pare returned books to go back on shelves and then check to see that books are in the right order on the shelves. The members keep the Library's collection of College Catalogues up to date. They send out overdue notices, collect Library passes, and file information in the card catalogues. And for their efforts?-the mem- bers learn the materials and procedures of a well-run library. "Hence the great importance of seeing that the first stories he bears shall be designed to prodiice the best possible 6666! on his character." 'SEIU Plato The Newton High Library Stafi' has been equally selective in choosing the books to fill its shelves, hopefully, though, characters have already been formed and the librarians can concentrate on choosing books that will pro- duce "the best possible effect" on students' minds. In selecting these books, the Librarians keep in close contact with all NHS departments to be certain their purchases will relate to the various courses. Besides being able to End the assigned books, students can be confident that they will find the book in when they need it, because of the very convenient reserve system by which books are only allowed out for a short time. The Library also runs an efficient paper-back enterprise. And with all this, the Newton High Library has a staff as interested in its students as in its books. It is always ready to help and sometimes goes to great lengths to secure materials for students. Seniors, let us only hope we've not been spoiled! LIBRARY CLUB FIRST ROW: L. Hamill, S. Battista, L. DeBenedetto, W. Myers, J. Shriber, S. Spill, M. Steinman, L. Viscott, M. Stiller. SECOND ROW: S. Rayburg, D. Lipinsky, J. Haverty, L. Moller, M. Dayag, G. Ryan, G. Sadrich, D. Wasserman, P. Dorris. THIRD ROW: P. Ford, H. Jordon, J. Libby, S. Hall, P. Davis, S. Wooten, C. Bruce, D. Hahn, J. Salamone, C. Long. FOURTH Row: E. Barden, J. McNamara, N. Rosen, K. Manson, M. Berman, B. Daniels. FIFTH ROW: Mr. Beatty B. Pearl- man, J. Margolis, G. Greenblatt, M. Cohen, A. Schichor, C. Berkowitz. "Hestia CGodde.f5 of the Hetzrthl, in nl! dwelling! of tnen and iinnzomzlr, yonrr is the highest honor." The home is as important a part of our culture as it was in days of the ancient Greeks. The Home Economics Department teaches the students of Newton High the art and science of effective homemaking. Ask the students participating in the courses offered by the de- partment what they have learned and you will get a variety of answers . . . how to bake a cake, how to serve their finished product graci- ously, and, of course, how to clean up after- wards. Gaining these skills are the goals of the students in the Home Economics courses. In spite of the occasional odor of burnt cookies coming from the "Home Ecl' rooms, never un- derestimate Newton High's budding home- makers. We think these princesses of Hestia know what theyre doing. HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT T -vi -4-4' li U mn -.Q Q-- li qu ljl J l 1 JJ -f 4l,.,,, JJJJld J 1 11 -I 1 'X ' i YD - ,N - - Mrs. Thomson, Miss Brillante. Mining: Miss Vaznanian, Department Head CNSI-ISD. COLLEGE RECORDS DEPARTMENT 'Ui I I U 1 1 :O . Mrs. Calnan, Mrs. Copeland, Mrs. Gilbert 31 "Not Jnoze, nor min, not heat, nor gloom of night Jtizyr there eofzrierf from the Juiift completion of their appointed rounds." Herodotus How true and how reassuring a thought this is our college-bound seniors can testify. All that one had to do was deliver those awe- some sheets of paper entitled "school transcript form" and "principals report" to the room behind the door saying "College Records Of- fice" and breathe 11 little sigh of relief while walking out of the room. One knew that every single one of those sheets would pass through the typewriters of the ellicient college records' stall. Tlmnlcs to this invaluable stall' from the Class of l963. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIE'I'Y X ? Q. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 5 L. INDUCTED MAY 1, 1962 Beverly Jean Alpert Robert Mark Alter Fredrick Douglas Aronow Carol Ann Banquet Barbara Ann Beckwith Jon Kenneth Berenson Judith Ann Dietz Diane Chandler Fisher Virginia Louise Floyd Elizabeth Karla Gesmer Barbara Ruth Greenberg Virginia Carol Hagelstein Diane Marie Hunter Marsh Ann Hurst Barbara Jane Jensky Diane Alexa Kagan James Joseph Lally Class of 1963 Betsy Meredith Levin Monica Ruth Meyer Mary-Lou Anne Muskalski Elaine Panagopoulos Timothy James Putnam Barry Kumin Rosen Judith Ellen Rothstein Charles Fisher Scammon Phillip james Shea Dennis Robert Smith Diane Kendall Sones Richard Leon Sorota Ellen Wallace Stuart Russell Kenneth Swartz Sheila Linda Tocman Paula Lynne Weinberg Thomas Francis Weiskel "Our cbzmzcten are the rem!! of om' conduct." The members of the National Honor So- ciety began the year by trying to rewrite the speeches used in the Induction Ceremony and immediately found that Character, Leadership, Scholarship, and Service-the four qualities considered in the Society's selection process- were very difficut subjects to discuss and eval- uate. Finding activities was much easier. the members spent two evenings bowling and skating at Perkins Institute for the Blind, col- lected money for the Heart Fund around New- ton, and held a booksale to raise funds for a school in Washington, D.C., to enable the students of that school to buy some books for themselves. And somehow, the members found that living up to those four qualities was easier and far more rewarding than trying to define them. 32 French Club ..,., .. , ,ff I XX . V! S. FIRST ROW: Mr. Stephens, Mr. Williams, Mr. Rossi, Mr. Rothman, Mr. Papa, Mrs. Geiger. SECOND ROW: Miss Cox, Mr. Packard, Mrs. Bailey, Mr. Wiper, Mrs. Thomas. THIRD ROW: Mr. Austin, Mr. Lasker, Mr. Ricciuti, Mr. Sanger. "I mzme ibir man the uzztcbdog of the foldf' A good portion of the 1963 Newtonian records the histories of the many extra-curricular activities at NHS. Although these groups, clubs, and staffs are created and operated by students, they would have had a dismal story were it not for the Club Advisors. A Capella Choir ..,.. ,..,,.t, Adams House Council ,,,,,, Administrative Aides ,,,., Alpha Gamma Tau ....,.. Alumni Association ,,,,,,, American Field Service , Astronomy Club,s., Athletic Managers .. .. Bacon House Council s.s,ss Barry House Council Beals House Legislature . , Biology Club ..r.,s,., I A Boston Community Services Caduceans ,,.4,,,.s,........,,.. .. . Central Civics Commission Cheerleaders ,.,...... .. .. Chemistry Club . I Chess Club and Team Concert Band ,is,i. . Debating Society , Drama Club , .iii.. . Drama Festival ,,i.i .. . Drama: Senior Play Folksinging Club , . . Aeschylus The advice, the patience, and the insight of our faculty advisors has been invaluable. Vile students of Newton High thank them for many enriching experiences and wonderful memories. ADVISORS Miss Seaver Mr. Easson Mr. Hingston .. Mr. Gately Mr. Spaulding Mr. Gradone ,, Mr. Gaudet Silluzi KNSHSD Mr. Holmes Mr. Batchelder . Mr. Martin . Mr. Wells . Mr. Wiper Mrs. Thomson Mr. Gradone . Miss Frazier Mr. j.C. Hall Mr. Sanger, Mr. Spaulding Mr. Cobb, Mr. D. E. Hall Mr. M.P. llall Mrs. Thomas Mr. Spink, Miss Ryan Mr. Spink Miss Feinberg Mr. Yoken Leader Corps . . Mrs. Flink Library Club Mr. Beatty Marching Band Mr. Cobb, Mr. D.E. Hall Mixed Chorus Miss Seaver Music Club . Mr. Lasker Music: Spring Musical . .. . Mr. Lasker, Mr. March, Miss Seaver National Honor Society Miss johnson Ncfzrlrnziazz Mr, Rgggi Nezrlrnzirc' Mr, Adams iN'C'Il'l071f1C' Advertising Staff Miss Altieri OHINIJU 5005 Mr. Warshaw Orange Shield Mr. Howland Orchesis Mrs. Amado Orchestra Mr. March Outinil Club Miss Frazier Paidea Mr. llollman Palmer House Clountil Mr. Malone, Miss Savage Physics Club Mr. Lent llliotograpliy Club Nlr, Papa Radio Club Ish, Cionte Rally Clomniirree Miss Frazier Rl'flL'fflfHI,f hir, Wolf Rifle Club Mr. Lent Riley House tlountil Mr. Williams, jr. Future Teachers of America MF- lilfolls Girl's Chorus ,. .. MY- Pilfkflfd German Club . ...... .. MBS SCHV'-'f Independent Research Group MTS- llailvy' International Club . . MY- 52U1f1Cf Junior Red Cross ,, Mr. XV'-'llS Key Club . . .,.. Mr- All'-'fl Latin Club ..... MVS COX Russian Cllub Sailing Club Ski Club Spanish Klub Stage Krew Student flountil Tiilcrama Mrs. Ge Tusitala 35 Mr. Austin Mr. Rothman Mr. Rist Mr. DeFelix Mr. Ricciuti Mr. Stephens iger, Director Mr. Wolf EWTO TECHNICAL HIGH SCHOOL ADMINISTRATION ea Mr. Orrin M. Brawn Acting Director Anthony N. Penta Afrifttmt to the Director "Vocal to the wife, but for the crowd they need I irtterpreteryf Understanding the purpose and methods of Newton Technical High School requires a very different interpreta- tion of high school from that accepted by most students at Newton High. Students enter Tech High in either the ninth or tenth grade after proving their ability on a me- chanical aptitude test. They are free to enter any one of the eight shops: automobile, drafting, electrical, electronics, machine, mill carpentry, printing, or sheet metal. They spend six hours a day every other week in their shops and then attend "related" classes in which the theory of each field is taught in addition to regular high school English and social studies classes. An important function of Tech High is locating jobs for its graduates-9062 of the students get their first post- graduate jobs through Tech High placement. In order to be sure the students are qualified to handle jobs involving the most recent developments in their fields, Tech High Pindar has representatives in industry who relate the latest ad- vances and enable the school to get the newest equipment. All the machinery is identical to that used in industry. Tech High's purpose is to train students in their chosen area so that, upon graduation, they can begin work, not dependent on any further education to make a living Calthough some do go on either by going to technical institutions regularly or working days and studying at nightj. The teaching has as its basic plan presenting the students with a job situation. As soon as the boys under- stand the fundamentals of their shop, they are given actual jobs, and in the senior year, on the cooperative plan, they can go out on regular paying jobs during their shop week. Thus, while each shop provides specialized training for its students, all the departments in Tech High work to produce independent young men. IN MEMORIAM 1 wg 1 Russell P. Lupien i Mr. Hingston sm ' f . f ,gift-fi! P. iii-A-L1 f 'tai V' , . if-if..-':zpgf.. 4,1 V Mr. Toscano , W f 45,15 I can . ff f W A4 ' If-Q i fHx1rs, . ,, X , QQ fe . M Q tl 35 Tuff ! Mr. Murray AUTGMOBILE In the Automobile Department, as in the others which involve a knowledge of machine parts the boys, working from scratch, learn to put together and to take apart automobiles. The students learn all the parts of the car, how to "diagnose" and repair broken parts. They begin working on springs and tires in their lirst year and by their senior year have learned the idiosyncracies of electric transmissions. The department accepts work on outside cars, when the boys are studying clutch jobs, for instance, any clutch in need of repair in Newton is welcomed. Tech High patrons must supply their own parts, but pay only 20? of the outside labor cost. The Hrst year, boys do some work on Tech-owned chassis, but after that they work on only real cars--on every- thing from front-end alignment to tune-ups. One of the annual skill tests is the Chrysler Corporation trouble shooting contest in which two boys from each technical high school in Massachusetts are given new Plymouths with fifteen or twenty malfunctions or "trolls" in each and the boys must put them in "delivery condition" as quickly as possible. The contest was held in Newton this year because Newton was the winner last year. 36 DRAFTING Drafting is the basis for creating any part: all machinists do their work from a draftsman's drawings. For this reason, all drafting students spend some time in the machine shop while the machine students learn the fundamentals of drafting in their related course. The drafting students begin with a course in lettering, and then go to work on actual drawings. They are given a lay-out, which is often just a sketch from the designer and from it determine the detailing and exact dimensions and produce the drawing, which, in its final form, looks like a blueprint used in constructing the actual machine. One of the thrills of visiting Tech High is seeing a job completed through the combined efforts of several shops: the drawings from the drafting shop are brought either to mill carpentry, sheet metal, or machinery, and from these shops comes the finished product. Mr. Benson showed that the draftsman knows what is meant by the "intricacies of life today" when he explained with pride the creation he designed: a handkerchief folder. I -I' 'IT - 0 W Mr. Benson ff x 1 Z 1 , f x . ff M U' Q 4 f f ,EW Sv ff Mr. Gilmore Mr. DiPoli Mr. Hale ELECTRICAL The basis of both the electric and electronics departments is a knowledge of the fundament- al principles of electricity, but the applications of the two fields are different. The boys in electric must work with large amounts of power harnessed for lights and other wiring, motors and other heavy industrial devices. First year boys do a series of projects in the shop, learn- ing about, for example, various types of light switches and doorbell wiring. In eleventh and twelfth grades, the students do maintenance and installation work throughout the city's schools. 58 F ELECTRCJNICS Electronics, a recent field, is expanding rapidly. It began as communications, but now that is only one small branch of the electronic studies, which include industrial and medical electronics, and the new bionitics. The last involves the use of electricity in biological studies. The Electronics Department offers the fundamentals for all these areas, but while they are in high school, the boys can only do ap- plications in the areas of communications, and, in the latter part of their senior years, in in- dustrial electronics Caway from schoolj. There is much evidence of their work in communica- tions from the sign "WNHS'i above the door to the benches piled high with amplifiers, ra- dios, and television sets. Besides their shop and related courses, the electronics students do laboratory work in which they use a special kit to experiment with basic electronics. in ,- 5 ,. . . 5 ' ' sy. gzip., 2 r 'Q ,er-A, V 5 if fm ffl V VY ,H 3 j. L S Q .1 ' " ' , i Mr. Gardner y if. .f V . r-W' ' .. K' hw ,f S J, s . F i 1 l, fm ' , yiwniw, l, 2. T' 1 'lilil' ll ff Mr. Cionri Mr. Somerville JI JN! f ' 4,eg1v1 a ,,,,, y -t fi X X :.s'aEssg-5 .,,. 5 . W ' ff f ?f ,, sl, . R if? M, ,QL V 1... s Mr. Doherty MACHINE Machinists do not just operate one machine, but are trained to use all machines to produce parts. Their job is similar to the tailor's, who must make not just one sleeve or pocket but the whole suit. The machinist works from a pattern made by the draftsman to produce a prototype, or sample. Many machine jobs require precise measuring, and students in this department learn how to use tools like the micrometer. They work with materials such as steel, brass, bronze, copper, and syn- thetic white nylon. Students learn how to deal with these materials using industrial lathes and milling machines. film ..,.4--nun., ii 5 Mr. Johnstone Mill carpentry is the study of building from wood. The boys first work to produce bird houses, stools, chests. By their senior year they can do detailed work on furniture. Amid the scent of sawdust and scattered wood chips, the students learn to use hard tools C saws, ham- rnersb in their first year and later begin with power saws, shapers, sanding machines. They do projects for the city of Newton as well as for charities and Boys Clubs. 22 S Mr. Sullivan PRINTING Mr. Moore ' we A' J . ig ., , mv 1 ' , Mx: N 1 i A fu fy., - - 35.6, 4 'V ' , A ' 'Hp Y fi 'd i f f ' 7' --ei 5W?l'Zf,L1,x.:lfzQ.1'fX. R Y -Vt fi Printing department students learn how to set type and operate printing presses. They often value their own "slugs" of type from melted lead which they cast into letters. When they finish with the lead, they send it out to be remelted so that it can be used again. These students do the printing of such official docu- ments as report cards and the school depart- ment publication, Patterns. The pride of the printing shop is this year's acquisition: the olf- set room. In here the students, by placing a metal print produced from the photograph negative in the press, reproduce anything that can be photographed without using type. ff Mr. Reppucci Mr. Mangan SHEET METAL In this department students work from drawings to produce finished products in metal: besides sheets of metal, they use bar and rod stock, angle iron, and expanded metal Csuch as that used in grill workb. Such products are used in heating, ventilating, and the electronics industry while others are simply ornamental. The boys begin working on simple geometric shapes and move up to more complex and ir- regular forms. They must learn when to use and how to handle tools like power-presses, squaring sheets, rotary machines, hand and power hack saws, and the oxygen-acetylene torch. Besides learning the regular drafting procedures and the way to produce the finished work from the drawing, the students must learn the intermediate step of pattern develop- ing-drawing the design on the metal itself, allowing for changes in the shape of the metal after it is bent. lg 'Q' I Mr. N, Penta SCIENCE DEPARTMENT ,af te CW FIRST ROW: Miss Savage, Miss Smits, Mrs. Bailey, Miss Richmond, Miss Rich, Mrs. Brown. SECOND ROW: Mr. Rist, Mr. Hall, Mr. Malone, Mr. Burse, Mr. Skil-ken, Department I-Ieadg Mr. Lent, Mr. Wells. Missing: Mr. Bodman, Mr. Fowler, Mr. Wiper. "This . . . which is ttsetl . . . hy all arts anal all sciences anal ways of thinking . . . I rnean, in short, nztrnher and calculation." Plato Mathematics has increased tremendously in importance since Plato's time. The subject has gone far beyond geometry and real number algebra to include statistics, decision-making, vectors and matrices, and most of logic itself. Modern mathematical education trains the abili- ty to handle the formal languages of axiomatic systems and is as essential to liberal education as English: mathematics provides clear lan- guages specifically tailored to various human needs. As mathematics and its applications grow, the Mathematics Department must grow and change too. Hence Math I-5 with probability and linear algebra, Computers with computer programming, and more UICSM and SMSG material were taught this year, and old-fashion- ed "mathematics" Cwhich the age has left be- hind? has been abandoned to a great extent. The departments progress is sure to continue as mathematics moves forward. ". . . they niztst atlhere chiefly to the etlztcation which rnahes thetn ahle to qites- tion and answer scientifically." Plato True to the dynamism of science itself, the Science Department improved the science teaching in the Newton school system with bold new programs. Team teaching in chemistry was successfully introduced this year. CBA and ChemStudy, easily the finest high school chemistry courses in America, were blended to give Newton High students the best parts of both. Team teaching will be expanded in the future. A two-year course called Unified Science that combines physics, chemistry, and biology went into operation. Under a Ford Foundation grant, the Newton Science Project will expand Unified Science to cover introductions to the major sciences from kindergarten to grade 12, eliminating the present system's duplication and permitting courses in the individual sci- ences to start at more advanced levels. The idea of actually teaching science Cnot memorized mysticismsb in science courses is a revolutionary concept in secondary education. In its many projects, our Science Department has pioneered in applying the new philosophy. MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT j e f ' A si 1 - -. .tg 9 is FIRST ROW: Mr. Bailey, Mrs. Ford, Mr. Klein, Mr. Ferguson, Department Heady Miss Crehan, Miss Carpenter. SECOND ROW:.Mr. Peterson, Mr. Rosen, Mr. Downs, Mr. Stephens, Mr. Austin, Mr. Bowman, Mr. Shapiro. Missing: Mr. Aieta, Mr. Bailey, Miss Menz, Mr. Spaulding. 44 "I rough! and Jtorecl anal stole the foant of flame, Wbence nzen all arty have learn- ed, a potent help." Aeschylus Even though Zeus had Prometheus chained to a rock to be tortured externally for his kind- ness, the errant Titan would rejoice at seeing how the Chemistry Club used the fire he re- belliously gave mankind. The, hot flames of Bunsen, Tirrell, Fisher, and Meker burners activated scores of reactions as the group titrat- ed and nitrated, analyzed and oxidized, catalyz- ed and hydrolyzed, and weighed and "Oi vey! -ed" its chemicals. Keeping pace with their science in an age when the frontiers of chemistry are in organic compounds and man must turn to the oceans for vital materials after exhausting land sources, the amateur chemists spent much of their time extracting iodine from seaweed and analyzing the composition of sea water. PHYSICS CLUB FIRST ROW: R. Lubin, W. Feldman, S. Finn, D. Kamen. SFCOND ROXXU- D. Stiebel, D. O'Brien, M. Winkeller, D. Bobrick. TIIIRD ROXV: A. Stliithor, li. Davis, I.. flood- man, B. Overholt, A. Scarsella, M. Cohen. .lm CHEMISTRY CLUB ..-- --al, .H mg ' ll? NR . lilll A-ix-1.1: . 1. FIRST ROW: C. Banquet, R. Green, G. Lockwood, C. Murphy, M. Muskalski, Secretaryg S. Axelrod, President: D. Blocker, P. johnson, C. Sweetnam, D. Derrick, S. Scrimshaw. SECOND ROW: R. Perkin, R. Tushin, S. Levine, F. Mansfield, S. Gross, G. Oppen- heirn, W. Salter, D. Benjamin, J. Medalia. "Gite nie a lever long UIZOIIKQX7 and 11 fzzlcrzznz Jlrong enonglv. and Jizzgle-lmmlerl I can N10I'6' llve earflvf' Archimedes The Physics Club, in the spirit of modern science, moved from scnnsion of the heavenly bodies to the exploration of some subzltomic particles. After searching through closets and ztttics for two months seeking un old issue of Scienfifc fIII1t'l'lt'tllI. the Club, lmving found the necessary article, went to work on at bubble chamber. All of the members contributed time :md loot to coutruct the hngtl product--qt super- heztted bubble-mgtker. The club also pl.mned at field trip to view the work of new scientihc equipment. All in till, qt suttessful year for these devotees of Arthimedes. "I have hardly ever known a rnathe- rrzatician who was capahle of reafoningf' Plato, The Republic This year's Mathematics Club has been more dynamic than many of its predecessors. After several months of reorganization, the club ini- tiated a program of lectures, conducted mainly by students, which was designed to promote an appreciation of mathematics as anaesthetic experience rather than merely as a convenient shorthand for the solution of business and sci- entific problems. An encouragement to inde- pendent work was the printing of a list, formulated by the president, of interesting problems of varying degrees of difficulty. These problems, chosen to relate to the lectures, pro- vided further study of the notions of "elegance" and "inherent interest" in mathematics. This year Alpha Gamma Tau fulfilled its charter obligation to stimulate interest in mathematics and explore modern thinking. There was an insight in the club discussions which often can- not be found in the classroom. ALPHA GAMMA TAU S. Gopen, R. Stiebel, R. Rosenbaum, R. Angoff, Trea.rurer,' D. Lappen, J. Model, K. Tern- perley, S. Pollack, R. Gouse, J. Rubin, M. Winkeller, R. Schell, R. Gorn, G. Oppenheim, S. Cross, W. Overholt, Preridentg R. Brooks, E. Devore, R. Green, P. Shapiro, Secretary, M. Finkle, G. Sadrieb, H. Fradkin, J. Romanow, P. Sugarman, J. Silverman, M. Cor- man, S. Price, R. Winograd, M. Epstein, L. Goodman, P. Holcomb, L. Raffel, P. Fleisch- er, R. Cya, R. Yukes. GERMAN CLUB 1 ,,-eff! "W0v0n nian nicht Jprechen kann, i S N----1 afariiher niim rnan rchweigenf' ,,-A n,,,. Wittgenstein CNote to editor: No Greek wrote I in German, O.K.?D Germany and Germanic Austria have con- tributed much to Western civilization. Kant, Hegel, Heidegger, and Wittgenstein in philos- ophy, Leibniz, Riemann, Frege, and von Neu- mann in mathematics, Helmholtz, Weber, Heisenberg, and Einstein in science, and Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, and Wagner in music are only a few of the Teutonic greats. "Der Deutsche Verein" studied the German language and culture with a lecture by the local German consul, a German movie, conversation in German, cultural discussions, and German food and music. FIRST ROW: W. Purple, P. Garrett, R. Seltzer, J. Marcus, D. Currens, S. Nickelson, F. von Schultz. SECOND ROW: J. Levenson, E. Rose, President, C. Webb, D. Green, I. Firger, M. Frackin, K. Reynolds. THIRD ROW: P. Woodsworth, D. Campbell, J. Alksniris, Vice-Preridentq T. Fraticelli, A. Scarsella, Trearzirerg H. Wunderlich. FOURTH ROW: C. Platt, F. Plendl, G. Levenson, R. Low, A. Zemgals, Secretary, W. Overholt, D. Blocker. 46 I I I I I INDEPENDENT RESEARCH GROUP ' .I ,Maw Chilli , ""' . -wi CJ C., FIRST ROW: G. du Moulin, J. Kornfield, I. Kornfield, B. Zarling, R. Davis, M. Michael. SECOND ROW: R. Angoff, R. I-Iession, T. Weiskel, C. Berkowitz, K. Berk. THIRD ROW: J. Muther, J. Shane, R. Pearlman, B. Karp. Mirrizzgx E. Silva, L. Ben- son, I.. Kornheld. "The lighthoneil hinlr mul hearts that cling to cover, the lithe fish lighting their reaches of elim water, all are when tamed in the net of 77267271 mimi." Sophocles Are you troubled because you can't tell the difference between a dicot and a monocot, or you can't distinguish between your tibia and your fibula? You should have belonged to the Biology Club, the one club that exclusively SILI- dies living things. Also, for those aristocratical- ly inclined, the Biology Club offers life replete with a built-in hierarchy, including such clas- sifications as kingdoms, philums, species, and families. There is truly a place for everyone in Biology. "Eizrehiz!" Archimedes The story has it that Archimedes discover- ed the principles of buoyancy while doing impromptu research in his bath tub and then tore through the streets shouting "eureka!" CHI found itI"J. The Independent Research Group this year carried on in Archimedes' tradition of curiosity and alertness-hoping always for a chance to say "eureka" Working independently, the researchers be- gan their project in Mr. Wells' madcap labora- tory with the aid of the proprietors equipment and MIT humor. Mrs. Bailey counseled the biologists. The amateur scientists completed their work in various specialized labs, some of them at Harvard University. The members came to appreciate the fun- damental principles of experimentation, includ- ing "what can go wrong will," "what cannot go wrong will probably do so anyway," and "what has gone wrong will get worse." Plan- ning their own experiments, righting what went wrong, and explaining the results, the Inde- pendent Researchers enjoyed an experience in creative science. BIOLOGY CLUB C0 cu, Il if 2'.5g.?. -"'9' ni FIRST ROW1 Lenox, N. Chabot, fl. Berkowitz, Ci. tIuNouIin, l,ll'l'-l,fl'Illll'I1l,' R. Gil- man. l'rz'rnlw1l.' I. Alpert, XY. Sw:-em-y. K. f.nIuII, Sli! UND ROW" A. Fink, S. Norman, P. Cohen, D, Lelirbc-r,u, R. fQrt'em. I lrvy, N, Ilolt. TIIIRI3 ROXV: R. Davis, li. Cory, A. Amendola, Ii. Pearlman, R. Murphy, T. XVImlrcI1o1ise, N. Swartz, 47 IXFKLJINJ FIRST ROW: M. Himmelfarb, Secretary: T. Whitehouse, Preridentg P. Gough, Vice-Preridentg D. O'Brien, Treamrer. SECOND ROW: B. Rosenbloom, B. B. Firger, I.. Sirota. "I Jcan the pageant of Nightk starry pop- nlace . . . the .whining conJtellatzon5." Aeschylus Peering across inconceivably vast stretches of time and space, astronomers from NHS looked upon the universe at large. They braved the cold night air to scrutinize the spectacle, recorded the motions of its players, and tried to understand it. Indoors the club heard lectures, such as a talk on meteorites, by astron- omers, and studied astronomical topics. Why should one pore over the centuries' old light of unreachable stars? Because the very big, like the very small, is a strict testing ground for theories, be- cause of what happens inside a person when he sees how insignificant his whole galaxy is in the universe, because the universe IS and dares the mind of man to understand it. ,...., , I ,. FIRST ROW: D. Cohen, S. Stephanian, E. Mihalopoulos, C. Webb, C. Ber- kowitz, A. Rolanti, P. Leary, D. Topaz, D. Kaufman, B. Fuoco, J. Alban. SECOND ROW: A. Soble, K. Pike, R. Brooks, D. Lees, G. Jarnis, J. Michelson, S. Perlman, D. Koffman, H. Kennison, B. Sweeney. THIRD ROW: M. Abra- hams,.K. Synofsky, I. Firger, S. Stavis, D. Margolin, G. Goldberg, E. Kalman, D. Osborne, D. O'Brien.. "What rnerrenger conlcl hring the news so fart?" Aeschylus Modern civilization often makes use of radio, especially in telecommunications. Artificial satellites and deep space probes receive instructions and tele- meter information by radio, ships and planes use radio in LORAN navigation, military communica- tions require radiois flexibility. Radio frequency cur- rent is used in particle accelerators to study atomic nuclei. The members of the Radio Club did everything with radios but eat them. The hams' experience in transmitting and receiving messages, working with radio components, and applying the principles of electronics is certain to be of interest and use to them in their later lives. ASTRONOMY CLUB wm.a....c.., W QQ Paul Winslow "The operation of the intellect airns at no encl heyontl itfelf ancl finals in itself the plearztre which Jtirnttlatecl it to farther operation . . . in If it rnnrt he perfect happinerr. Aristotle Some of us may not realize that such bliss was experienced regularly in the walled-off section of the cafeteria by minds wrapped in thought over a checkered board. Perhaps the players themselves for- got their bliss sometimes, especially when a dastardly trick had just cost them their queen. But for such times of trial and frustration, they have compensating moments of triumph, when the fool across the board makes the move they have been anticipating and they pounce upon his hapless king. And in this glory they will agree with Aristotle that here lies "perfect happinessfl 5 l s F I l ll l l i. l l 1 l l "What shall I ray? lmtract me in your meaning " Aeschylus A The Language Department offers four-year instruction in French, Latin, and for the first time in many years, in German. There are three-year courses in Spanish and Russian. No other languages will be introduced in the next few years, instead, for well-prepared students more extensive courses in these languages will be given, starting with a fifth-year French class next year. Learning a language requires four basic skills: oral and reading comprehension, writing, and speaking. All four are taught, but the two "passive" ones C oral and reading comprehen- sionb are emphasized, because they are the skills most likely to be retained after the stu- dent has ceased formal study. Students are becoming more aware of and concerned about their position in the world, if language department statistics are indicators. Ten years ago, 1400 students took foreign lan- guages, while this year, between the two high schools C3900 studentsb, 5200 have a language elective. LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT 5 FIRST ROW: Mrs. Hogan, Miss Bilezikian, Miss Jewett, Mr. Ethier, Department Head: Miss Waters, Head Teacher: Miss Williams, Miss Cox. SECOND ROXV: Mr. Davis, Mr. Bresnahan, Mr. Packard, Mr. Allen. Mr. DeFelix, Mr. Gaudet, Mr. Yoken, Mrs. Schechter, Mr. Austin. Mining: Miss Levy, Miss Roush. LANGUAGE LABORATORY ll .V 3 : A F i LANGUAGE LABORATORY ASSISTANT LANGUAGE LABORATORY ASSISTANT Mrs. Barry Mrs. Iibb 49 "We have two ears and one month that we may lirfezz the more and talk the less." Zeno Zeno never visited the language laboratory, where speaking and listening share equal time. The lab is now three years old, and this year over 1000 NHS students learned how to carry on a conversation with a tape recorder. The lab is still a very controversial tool for language learning. Its oppenents think that the tapes only produce parrots and that the stereo- type sort of conversation tgreeting you teach- ing, naming your family-largely being elim- inated from NHS tapes? takes away completely the students interest, already diminished by the idea of learning from a machine. Its sup- porters feel that, although it definitely is not a substitute for true interchange between teacher and student, it provides the student with the individual practice in oral comprehension and speaking rarely possible in the classroom. "Example is always more ejjficaciom than pfeeept. " Aesop In some courses at Newton High School, students learn material they think they will never use. Not so in foreign languages. To travel abroad and investigate a country's litera- ture, customs, and people, il faat Javoir la langue. To become skilled in a language, students must come in contact with all aspects of it. The aim of the French Club is to introduce students to practical French through example rather than through theory. At informal meet- ings, students speak French, an opportunity often not available in the classroom. Through this close contact with the language, members strengthen their vocabularies and develop an appreciation for the rhythmic and romantic qualities of French. This year, members of the French Club enjoyed an evening visit to a French restaurant, heard many guest speakers, and held discussion groups and other social activities. Toat pour mieax Jazfoir la langae francaise. FRENCH CLUB .sq ' in N. Ingall, Prefidentg M. Brass, Vice-Preridenty K. Feinberg, Secretaryg G. Paul, Treas- urer, A. Berman, J. Berman, C. Dubins, N. Blank, J. Sisson, B. Leeder, M. Kolikof D. Gorenstien, E. Baker, D. Swartz, E. Kates, J. Solomen, A. Parad, V. Tom, K. Wa- ters, M. Berman, A. Rousseau, E. Toman, R. Paul, W. Philipps, D. Smith, S. Sussman B. Firger, S. Goodman, M. Rosenwald, E. Cunnilf, J. Taylor, C. Cubell, L. Hurst R. Horovitz, J. Taber, S. Rubenstien, C. Weinstien, J. Marks, C. Young, D. Hoot- stien, A. Meterparel, K. Porretti, J. Klapper, J. Finsen, E. Salamoff, L. Galer, R. Cohen R. Diamond, D. vonRichthofen, B. Nickerson, J. Feinberg, S. Bronstien, R. Borteck SPANISH CLUB D. Lipinsky, L. Friedman, M. Calk, Serrefa1'y,' S. Scrimshaw, Prefidenty J. Weinstein, L. White, Vice-Preijdentq Mr. DeFelix. Mi.t.ting.' E. Stuart, N. Avery. 50 The Spanish Club has initiated many pro- jects which it hopes to continue through next year. The club hopes to maintain its flexible meeting date to avoid conflict with the many other extra-curricular activities. After reor- ganizing the club, the members tried to supple- ment classroom learning by individual and group readings in Spanish poetry. The club sponsored meetings with other language clubs to see the values shared by all foreign language students. All was not travail, as any member who took advantage of the free refreshments at all the meetings could tell you. Through these activities, the members prac- ticed their business Spanish and enriched their knowledge of the language and culture of Spanish-speaking countries. LATIN CLUB - 'T' FIRST ROW: A. Kadets, Secretary, M. Hurst, Treasurer, J. Siskind, K. Weinstein, A. Macycove, L. Marcus, T. Wishnow, M. Steinman, M. Lipsett. A. Resenberg, D Finkel, M. Kepnes. SECOND ROW: S. Stepaniari, J. Forte, S. Helman, E. Feldman H. Carr, P. Sharpiro, President: H. Polishook, C. Berkowitz, D. Kaplan, C. Norris D. Petkum, M. Brass. THIRD ROW: W. Phillips, A. Rousseau, M. Kolikof, M. Hy moff, E. Smith, Program Cbairmang D. Hartman, E. Ullman, M. Theller, Vice- Prefi- denlg B. Ward, M. O'Brien, P. McCormack, M. Shapiro, M. Levine, M. Blaustein M. Isenberg. FOURTH ROW: S. Pollack, R. Copeland, M. Finkel, L. Meyer, I. Raffel, W. Scar, E. Grupp, G. Jarnis. "Who neglects Iefzrfzizzg in his youth loser the pai! and if dead to the fzzfzzref' Aristotle The members of the Latin Club keep the past alive, enlivening Caesar, Cicero, and Virgil through their various activities. Slides, discus- sions and even plays contribute to make the Latin Club meetings lively and interesting. Many a new member can say "ver1i, vidi, re- mansif' RUSSIAN CLUB To locate the Russian Club one only has to listen for strains of Moscow nights coming from some commons room. To broaden its knowledge of Russian culture, the group reg- ularly listened to people who have lived or travelled in the Soviet Union. During the year the club attended Russian films, held an even- ing party in December and a picnic in june. In order to raise money to finance these ven- tures, the club sponsored a popular cookie sale and thus brought a bit of Russia to the hungry part of Newton High. nl J.. ST ROXV1 Ii. lilman, Ii. Cilcuisrm, D. Pilar-, l.. Klein. SITLOND ROXV: l.. Klein, Udin, M. Prieb. 51 SOCIAL STUDIES DEPARTMENT re " 'Why iii the world rhoidd I cobweb my duy.f,' I cried, 'with the work of Old Murt Hittory? " Marcus Argentarius The Social Studies Department has plenty of reasons. The curriculum of the Social Studies Department places a heavy emphasis upon his- tory. The emphasis-a conviction that the way in which we meet the crises and dilemmas of our own time-is largely the product of past thoughts and actions. The Department offers every student, therefore, the opportunity to stu- dy and understand the heritage of Western Civilization. At the same time, the aim of the Department is to increase skill in reading, out- lining, map-reading, and summarizing. The ability to think logically and critically in the interpretation of historical events and evidence is emphasized. The hope is that a thoughtful consideration of man's past experience aids clear thinking about the great issues that con- front the American people today. ff . FIRST ROW: Miss Kalivas, Mr. Sanger, Mr. Hall, Mr. Marcy, Mr. Altree, Depart- ment Head CNSI-ISJ,' Mr. Connolly, Mr. Schwartz, Miss Shakis. SECOND ROW: Mr. Neal, Mr. Hall, Mr. MacDonald, Mr. Gallagher, Head Teucherg Mr. Livingston, Mr. Fraktman, Mr. Ferguson. Mittiug' Mr. Gartner, Mr. Holmes, Mr. O'Conner. INTERNATIONAL CLUB "How prone to doubt, bow cuutious ure the wire." - The International Club gives students the opportunity to broaden their background knowledge in current events. At the regular meetings, members listen to and question speakers which have included students, mis- sionaries, and teachers or officials of the State Department. This year the International Club established discussion groups led by teachers of the high school. These informal groups enabled students to assess and analyze their opinions and to engage in debate. The International Club prepares and or- ganizes groups for various model United Na- tions. Two such model United Nations are held locally at Harvard and Boston College. Another, the East Coast Model United Nations Conference, for which the International Club raises funds, is the year's largest project. This year Newton High represented Nigeria in the East Coast Model U.N. These United Nations conferences are the culmination of the students' . experience in thinking internationally. ,,r, . FIRST ROW: S. Tocman. L. Martenson, M. Schiavone, J. Shea, R. Green, W. Myers, M. Michael, C. Banquet, L. Ryan, M. Kepnes. N. Amarasingham. SECOND ROW: R. Sheely, E. Taplin, G. Rogell, E. Toman, L. Harrer, M. Calk, Preriderrtg T. Sumidawa, M. Meyer, Vice-Prefideutq D. Hunter. Secreturyg B. Rich, B. Tarlow, E. Henry,.S. Scrimshaw, R. Winograd. THIRD ROW: D. Sones, M. McManmon, G. Haglestein, M. Singal, IT. Siskand. A. Huberman, S. Ruderman, B. Canner, A. Levin. FOURTH ROW: P. jones, B. Warner, H. Carr, P. Shea, B. Scar, G. Greenblatr, M. Cohen, S. Gross, E. Tamagno, S. Axelrod, T. Scarsella, Treufurerf D. White, N. Bruzelius. IZ FIFTH ROW: R. Davis, G. Levenson, S. Pollack, J. Bagrianski. I Q06 + Through The Years: jpg Q9 Q h ' UfIS.N f-'P fo I Cwt Q 'O wk N h on 6 qos H3 Summer Q S.. 'Q A '4 'B X m h short His h welskx foo . 10:-J, S' Q CrificS WEE fe Q49 '-7'cMusic Progra 0 'Q065 ga AFS E 9 xchange Students Spenafo :HCS Awmx Zo NH! h A Wi M 0 901, NEWTQNIAN 'lf 9 ff' ffyzfoh 1 oh sale 04, 606 ff, gf, . cg Q I OC' h f h, 'I 1' Of 'X O 19 QQ 0' :Q .I Q1-5 Af X 60 Q xx BITS, qt H Band axe, .66 New X 1' .e Spring? jc h ! V 5 o Book ln 0 h 99 f "OZ 9 W elfoox v' "Jo 40 Nfl' ZX ESVW "Q Q' Z Ret 4 A X ll , 1 Khfllida hawaii Tro,ff65f09k 55'ence"' ,QQ In P c',N'c0 gt? . 1enmSf f. if' . Uk' Q90 00 , od f F' IQ'0h ls' NWS 'S sfh GQH hopefux 99400: .h . f 4 o 1 ' ' 's6J""s 0 7.6 0 'd A mer' als Go ,aazfdb Q , Cb e O by K ,ca - g0v0 01 Qcold fmfldq Mann 6 X C Sf., K A 0 eww' 83,2 506 Onxo 4 L TMS of W fb ' S Q 'Y 6695 . ram? 9 GR' W X0 LY-QQ, '49 fgyqxsifi. 0 QW QW' At ff 0 Q A Q NHS 516' "HSN Qsium OWFQA, 0nhf2Sc71IE 'Q S Rose a hc., unique sua? 0 Ym by A'df3"' 14130 Q' 4 76 ov oo 1.602 XQQ Slf 1 ' VPG? 04? lt' xe QF N CIUIJS WZ'5"X'i?l X1 0 l 1 Olly 691' X9 GSI ' ew pr? fd, N6 0 'PQI "They who eflzzcfzte ehildren well are more to he honored than they who pro- titzce them." Aristotle In addition to its regular functions, the English Department is working on a new pro- gram for terminal students. This program seeks to broaden the literary experience of those students who end their formal educations with high school. The general plan is to divide the study called "English" into three sections: soph- omore classes will approach English from the view point of the linguist, so that the realiza- tion of specific facts about the language will lead to certain generalizations by the end of the year, junior classes will concentrate on reading, both mechanics and appreciation, and senior classes will study English as an element of the humanities, using visual arts, music, and history to fortify a program emphasizing drama and poetry. Miss Lanigan, head of the English Depart- ment, estimates that it will take six years to put this program into effect, for the imple- mentation of such a program requires consider- able teacher-retraining as well as reconstruction course plans. English teachers are now develop- ing class studies in their fields of specializations, experimenting in class situations with these methods, and evaluating the results of their experiments with the others in the department. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT aww? I f sz FIRST ROW: Miss Ryan, Miss Massey, Mrs. Thomas, Miss Parker, Miss Lee, Mrs. Jacobs. Miss Lanigan, Department Hetzdg Mrs. Levine, Mrs. Huss, Mrs. Goldstien Miss Gianferante. SECOND ROW: Mr. Walker, Mr. Zeeb, Mr. Papa, Mr. Kaestle, Mr. Jacobs, Mrs. Bendall, Miss Kenney, Miss Weinstein, Mr. Warshaw, Miss Kurson, Mr. Bissex, Mr. Harrer. Mr. Rothman, Mr. Fleishman. Mining: Miss Axelrod, Mr. Boyle, Miss Feinberg, Mr. Johnson, Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Marshall, Mr. Pappa, Mr. Wolf. 7 READING CLINIC "Eye: are had witneffer to men if they have .foztlr that zmcietarttzmi not their lam- gzttzgef' Heracletes The Reading Clinic at NHS has tried to let everyone in on the fabulous secrets of the print- ed word. Those students having difficulty with reading skills were offered remedial courses in all phases of reading, from eye movement to study methods. The clinic also offered develop- mental courses for good readers who wished to -if , , , 4-'Ulm increase their speed, comprehension, and vocab- , ' fa, y P W -A W, , , ' I i ulary. And what is the advice of the clinic. 2, i. . 3 Nm X , , up N fag? it Law, a rssas 4? E' 1 , Read, read, read! Miss Rideout, Mr. Carey. 54 TUSITALA FIRST ROW: B. Gesmer, J. Wolbarst, S. Berman, S. Hall, rl. Siskind. SECOND ROW: T. Putnam, J. Kaufmann, B. Karp, M. Rittenburg, D. Jacobson. "Do you then be reasonable. Socrates All that the debaters of Newton High ask of their opponents is that they be reasonable. Not necessarily informed, intelligent, or skilled in debating, merely reasonable enough to rec- ognize the wisdom and verity of our team's argument: Should the opponents be clever or stubborn, the Newton Debater will use all the weapons at his command: file cards to wave, quotes from Kennedy speeches, and a memory like the recording Secretary of the Internal Revenue Service Ito keep all the points straight in his orderly mindl. This year, with the forming of the twelve school Greater Boston Debate League, Newton debaters have been reasoning, card-waving, and shoe-banging as never before. Under the efhci- ent administration of Tom Wfeiskel and a new coaching staff of Miss Savage and Messrs. Hall and Livingston, the Society compiled an im- pressive record of successful persuasion and argumentation. I ,' l "Praise, of course, is best Plain speech breeds bare Bat, nfs, tbe fztfic bofzey of felling A 7721172 jus! Mlm! yofz think of him." It is not often that men volunteer to have their throats cut. Yet the members of Tusitala stick their literary necks out for just that pur- pose. When each member submits his best writing for dissection and analysis by his fellow members, he gets a complete and trenchant criticism. In fact, he often feels that the crit- icism is rather more complete than is deserved, and itches to wield the ax himself at the next meeting. Far from being a Mutual Butchery Society, however, Tusitala is more like a college of young surgeons, where struggling young Hom- ers are given corrective criticism. Ah- and what enobling pain that is. DEBATING SOCIETY CN. T Q' 2 . I f . .. C ii 1 . v' g ' an . Q E f V . FIRST ROXV. D. Stone, ll. l.c'vimori, .S1irt!.1i'i.' l.. 1 lust-n, l 1tf'l'ws1ilw1l,' ll. Ovc-rholt, fllV'f'Z'lf7f1UIllfllL' S'r'twi'.1f'i.' 'll XX'f'islqf-l, !'vfi,'.lfff.', l lhitnani, l1'1ilil1rt'i,' l'. l.t'.ti'V. li. lXllfN'lll1.ll1, ll. l.t'.ulm'r SlfOX'l7 RUXX' S 01.1-.l.x', M lhvis, li, lll'fl'!Ill. N Dietz, R, Cilisvsky, A., IJ Kariitii 'lllllili RUXX M fooiian. I. Rulmi, li, lit', ll. Naruolis, B. Ziht-l, QI. l,t-pic: l"Ol'R'l4ll ROXY' .I lNlul.ilia, N. Kaitv, li. Nt-utnann, ll. H'lIlii'S, ll. Dll'llIl4JX'l', Miss S.ix'.li1t', ,lifif-or ,--... ,. M 466 f , .NN X Ah! Another subject-theme complex." "Beberman est noster duxf' -0-WM". , , , 5 W. if I , ' z."'," i 4 f li, , fl' f ,if A , I N A ,M i fu' 'wr is -W "i, 3 Q , Q R, ,A 9 Q.. 56 "This, children, is a primitive butterfly." IFGZCSQ... I .o "Don't worry, dear. Bacon House girls get into Radcliffe." ' em W! so "After all, were growing boys." Nyet. Mi nombre no es Senora Ebb. je m'appelle Madame Barry. - ffff ffai "And then I switched my little Corvette into seventh and BRRRMV' "What? Not ANOTHER subject--theme complex!" 57 m f ff W ff? fs, fn 1 3, W' V-"4 ff " Vs ff 'V-' fggiffr ' Av rf-f gg , wwf 4 A WJ ,- FK ,r ,W.J.r ff' ' 5:5-ici "' fb-1,1 :vw 4 4. .mr 1: 143-f, v,f14'Lgfy,-Vw ,, if rg' 1' " f - 32 ,ffyfQf,ffYQ4'ff1x1 f -. ,,,,, . ,, , gym... ,..1, VV 1 . H ,.g1,7p,.gw7,:y. 'fdiirff miffkv-,f':G:' - I 2 ' ,.,1f.v- -3311 - 9112:-fysef f::' , -we 'zu ' .f Ef4rm1Qf4:f:2L 1 - V:-wwwzrif. " 1- ':"i,:i.1:Q.rf', '?ff:?n'. ,, F JSYW5. ,fngf V- , in-1' , :1g,,1,gf , 5.5! fx, A,,.,,L4.:,-i If :Wg ff55:'gg,g'i, .,.' VJ? f 5 ,ai v, ' ' I, F!-1 L y -vw , 4,f.,,,,-,,gVx, , , 1-Pi?-1fr":aE'11'r IL -' Ava-":' . ' ,..f'?'3 177 wfx5'v:ZCi L Z-.x:,'ie-+A,-., 25:5 .1 -. u-1.. f ' 'Q x' JQA 1. . .. .M -, z--:. ,J 15- Vf...' - ::g' D,-.,41.,-uv' sff- H.: gy' --.. M, ',-.hf.xj,i'v'p2n,g.vim , .,. ..p . 1 X. q4.'.,5W,5,,..AgAH-.,. NLC., ' .1 - . f" ,, ".-,jig-Y-.1 T13f1.fgi:-,gffai-w.',J5.,1...'l,', 51' A -' , . 'VZ1'1a""."-f"H!' ',"w"' "AIM L 44,-. " - '0:q9:Wfg,1',,,Qv1?A,,q..,g.-gf,pw, ,, 1 J I' 4 .. bww, ,.-4 -A d"'W':':' r,.,i-VQX 'X .,,W f,3qsA.f1.x ---Q 'X ' X v , 'Hun ' 7f'1'J'-"SW ' , V, 1- 53-.1 -L. EL N wggfq,-:12v,,,UX 1 1-1 -,MW , .1 N ,nu 1 M- ..x,, ' ., -u,1g'Wf-,W ' WC xx ff " mf ff! 1 S C Q C w Cx ffgx X ff Wd X ,W xxx gawk z 25" 57 552' 6 if I i ' i awifz SENIOR PLAY "Rerrieuiher that you ure uri uctor irz iz pluy, urui the pluywright chooses the mizurter of it . . . I f he wizutr you to uct iz poor ruurt you must uct the purt with ull your poweri, izrui Jo ou if your pizrt he it cripple or it ruugiftrute or it pluiu uiizu. For your huiirieff if to u6t the churucter that it given you ima! uet it well." Aristotle The melodrama returned to Newton High this year iwec grimii Juccer: the lovely heroine, victim of the crafty villain and his accomplice until she is saved by the brave hero, the contemptuous young man who is much too fearless to win the admiration of the heroine, the two young things whose shrieks terrify the audience, the mysterious, silent servant who somehow seems to know everything, the doctor whose assurances bring sighs of relief from the audience, and the easy-going unsuspecting soul who fell to his fate from behind the wall-all were a part of the The Cut and the Curzury. As usual, the presentation depended upon the efforts of many non-cast workers. It was a real class production. Over 100 seniors worked on committees for publicity, staging, costumes, set design, properties, ushers and ticket sales. Cracking the whip over all was chairman Bob Alter, who talked everyone into going with his inscrutable but incontrovertible logic. A i fir rf' f :P , af i Q DRAMA There was an international flavor to the tenth annual Drama Festival. The evening started with a NHS production, The Heirerr, adapted from Henry james' novel Washington Square. Gut of the cast of five, four received awards for out- standing performances: Carolyn Bloom, Diane Kagan, Harlan Schneider, and Irving Kornfield. We couldn't decide whether we were in England or America, but then neither could Henry James. We just were sure that we had been treated to an outstanding performance when the curtain fell as Carolyn mounted the stairs and Irv knocked . . . Then we were carried swiftly to the ancient Mediterranean and the isle of Argos where Aga- memnon was returning from the Trojan fray. Jack Richardson's The Prodigal powerfully por- trayed Agamemnon's tragic return. Awards for acting excellence were presented to joan Abra- hams, Marc Cornblatt, Roberta Boynick, Brian Simblist, and Adrienne Miller. Then came the climax with the presentation of Kao-Tong-Kia's Late Song. The brilliantly colorful scenery, short scenes, and slower pace made the Oriental setting unusual and polished. james Callanan, Edward Silvers, Marilee Wyman, Jay Theise, Michael Zolli, and Jon Margolis won awards. Oh, we almost forgot, Late Song was announced as the winner. Congratulations to the faithful worshippers of the Sun of Heaven. 62 FESTIVAL -Q 63 fi- , Xi --.L "Drama we my, ffeprefemiv the acts and fortzmer of bzmrzmz beingrfi The Drama Club is the stage struck portion of Newton High. This club discusses plays and acting techniques and also becomes ac- quainted with the more prosaic aspects of the theater such as lighting, staging, and sound ef- fects. The members put on skits and short plays to learn the various techniques involved in the theater. The Drama Club tries, informally, to foster poise and self-confidence in its members through small productions and readings. The Drama Club is valuable for those seriously in- terested in the stage and it offers an enjoyable and broadening experience to everyone at NHS. I DRAMA CLUB ,-"""f'- FIRST ROW: N. Levine, Secretary' J. Green, Coordinator, I. Theise, Preridentg C. Mil- ler, V. Prerident. SECOND ROW: J. Slornik, Secretary: J. Johnson, J. Wolbarst, N. Karsh, C. Lowell. THIRD ROW: P. Vaccaro, M. Deuer, S. Rubenstein, R. Loserson, J. Werner. FOURTH ROW: S. Olnsky, A. Lansky, K. Cohen, B. Pellows, S. Books. FIFTH ROW: M. Barr, S. Helman, R. Bell, B. Nickerson, S. Gross. STAGE CREW ,LG Q!- The Newton High Stage Crew is responsi- ble for all the unheralded behind the scenes preparation and work which we accept so cas- ually when the curtain raises. The Stage Crew aids in preparing the dances, plays, and assem- blies presented at Newton High. The students in the group receive training in lighting, stag- ing, and sound effects. Individual creativity is stressed. The Stage Crew has remarkable enthu- siasm and spirit, actively engaged as it is in many school functions. FIRST ROW: P. Hamill, S. Benoit, L. Hamill, S. Ress, P. Garrett, T. Harrington. SEC- OND ROW: M. Derneo, L. LoPorto, H. Masters, J. Hibbard, D. Bartlett, L. Alsmeyer, J. Kelleher. 64 EI I QI I I I I fi I I I -I I I I I 1 I I I I TI I I I I . I , I . -I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I yu I II I I I tl I I 1 E II I I I. I. I I I I Y. I I ART DEPARTMENT Down in the deep, dark, hot-and-cold-running-water recesses of the basement in Building I resides the Art Faculty. ln several rooms hollowed out of brick, stone, and concrete block these dedicated teachers expose the student body of Newton High School to the wonders, glories, and intricacies of things seen with the eyes. Under these people's tutelage nimble fingers spend long hours arranging shapes on paper, peas and beans on plywood, threads on burlap, clay on potters wheels, and colors on canvas. The Art Department also serves the school and the community by providing sets for school dra- matic productions, art work for school publications, and advertising for school activities. K Q vf l ,, ' ti , . ' 5!.:g- , slli1fgsfeg5 5 Y 1 , , -f , ' 'Ju fifllffiglaiiitf .1 51,34 Wfr if: pf, ' ' , . 1 'fgiiif .xg pf fv., is ,ffr'fifilfbiififiigfgsiii Qifffs I5 'Efffv2'f'iff'fs,fJsi 2 -,f,f.i,.f.gv1:4w.'g. Mg. fnlibpg- gl fgzzgf' -,W ., Xxyfn-, A 1: gif f"-,pill X T A ' r ,Ni A v ,mia vi' 'S g,aL'.' iff? n-Vi?" .f p O , -M. f A ' 1 ,ff f . l T u 4 'f 4 l 4,': ii 1 f I '1 , . f,!!, yr Miss Elliott Mr. Schultz Mr. Nelson Depart men! H cad 65 MUSIC DEPARTMENT flssfira 1 ,,,,,,,g3., WT FIRST ROW: Mr. Lasker, Mr. Hall. SECOND ROW: Mr. March, Mr. Remley, Department I-Ieizdq Mr. Cobb. Afliytings Miss Seaver. "For we ure lovers of the beautiful, yet tfirnple in our turtes und we cultivate the nzind without loft of nztzn!ine.f.r." Thucydides The Music Club, in the precise words of Mr. Lasker, its advisor, is "for those who love music." The size of the organization indicates that Newton High has a goodly number of music lovers. The club holds several concerts during the year, including a performance of original compositions by members of the music theory classes in the spring. Guest performers often entertain at meetings of the club. The proceeds from these concerts are used for schol- arships awarded to a boy and girl planning to pursue an education in music. "This if the tule I pray the divine inure to unfold, Begin it, goodesr, ut wbutener point you 'willf' Homer Which muse was Homer entreating to help him in retelling his stories of glorious heroes, maidens and conflicts? Possibly he was refer- ring to the muse of music: can not music tell a story, paint a landscape of emotions, inflict or soothe a wounded spirit? Does not music bring happiness and satisfaction? The goal of the Newton High School music department is to introduce all interested stu- dents to the many faces of music, so that they will be able to enrich themselves and others through their appreciation of music and skill in performing and understanding it. The Music Department is comprised of major classes in appreciation and theory, choirs, band and or- chestra, and various ensembles. In these classes, pupils come to understand the many types of musical composition. In addition, through the enjoyment gained from participation in music, students experience the beauty and richness that music brings to life. MUSIC CLUB MUSIC CLUB OFFICERS President: Jack Kornfield, Vice-Prerident: David Jodrey, Susan Scrimshaw, Secretary: Gill Rogell, Treafurer: Marilee Wyman, Corresponding Secreturzef: Sue Fergeson, Betsy Daniels, Peter Sidel. 66 in.. MUSIC PRODUCTIONS CHRISTMAS PROGRAM "Hear them crotzh, jzthilant, their chant of joy." Aeschylus The annual Christmas program at NHS, given on December 9, was unusually fine this year. There were performances by the A Cap- ella Choir, the Madrigals, and the Orchestra. Leslie Claff thrilled the crowded hall with her performance of a flute concerto, and Donald Drourr skillfully piloted the orchestra through a contemporary work. Our brass ensemble join- ed a Harvard brass ensemble to accompany the Choir in a stirring performance of Daniel Pinckhom's Sinfonia Social. The high point of the program was the exquisite performance given by four members of the Boston Sym- phony who are Newton citizens. Through the graciousness of these artists, who donated their time, as well as the fine student performances, the Music Club Scholarship Fund was sub- stantially enriched, and Newton High again was host to some excellent music. if iv- --'-v .-- ORCHESTRA wr ..,,,,,....J-WM'-"'W -'S' i ' . w 31 v . -A f , , VLNLLIA . if teas N W. Allen, W. Atwood, M. Barr, J. Beatrice, B. Beckwith, W. Bennett, L. Benson, C. Berkowitz, J. Berman, M. Biel ski, C. Bilezikian, J. Bilezikian, M. Bowen, R. Brooks, R. Capon, D. Case, L. Claff, A. Cole, D. Currens, H. Currens B. Daniels, M. Davis, S. Dietz, D. Drourr, I. Firger, J C omiitctorz Mr. March Goldman, N. Gurin, M. Hill, R. Holmes, B. Karp, R. Kop pel, J. Kornfield, J. Lepie, M. Levinson, M. Peterson, D. Pierce, G. Rogell, D. Rohsenow, J. Rothstein, R. Shaer, M. Shore, R. Stellar, T. Sumikawa, A. Suvalle, H. Udin P. Vanguskirk, W. Wagenknecht, K. Waters, C. Welz. "For with their music, the sirens ctist ti spell on he who hetzifs them." Homer The NHS Symphony Orchestra always seems to have a fine year. This year was no exeptiong under the inspiring Mr. Donald M rch the Orchestra played at class and house assemblies, the National Honor Soci ty and Christmas Programs, the Senior Play, and the Spring Concert. Urged on by this demanding schedule, the musicians worked hard in learning to perform and appreciate many types of fine music. With this industry and skill small wonder that the orchestra cast a spell on those who heard it perform. l l l I i l l i l l l r l l i I l Q. l l l l l CONCERT AND MARCHING BAND Flute: Clarient: Trumpet: Alto Saxophone M. Calk M. Barr J. Beatrice David Jacobson B. Canner A. Barts R. Beddows C. Robinson M. Cuprak B. Beddows R. Blooenthal E. Schreider S. Dietz T. Cox G. Creem D. Gorenstein R. Creem D. Drourr Tenor Saxophone S. Hayden M. Drachman J. Goldman A. Bornstein B. Lowe W. Feldman R. Lehrberg D. Foley 1. Hale S. Olasky M. Siegal Ohoe: M. Himmelfarb D. Petkun D. Pirece D. Hodgen M. Riccio Percussion: S. Kazules R. Williams G. Averbuck Alto Clarient: G. Lenson E. Feldman H. Dayag M. Lovell Trombone: J. Green G. Levinson N. Gurin W. Heslcey Baritone: J. Powell W. Lucas D. Hunter P. Mersky J. Soltnik W. Wagenknecht A. Kasabian M. Suvalle S. Stavis R. Wlhite R. Koppel R. Stellar J. Pierce Tuba: C, Thur5t0n Bd.Y507I: RZIIZOH W. Gath P. Vaccaro G. Allen H. Shafran S. Kaufman Condnctorri Peter H. Cobb and David E. Hall "Strength and might and craft were in their worhff' Hesiod .Dt . Dressed in their sharp blazers the members of the Marching Band represented Newton High at football games and in local parades with veritable "strength and might and craft." The material of the Marching Band was of all rhythms and genre, but in all the Band displayed a buoyant spirit which rubbed off on all of us at Newton High. Wfhen fall departs this spirited outfit becomes the Concert Band. Members of the Concert Band devel- oped brass, woodwind, and percussion ensembles, and performed in many local concerts. The music of the Concert Band was a little more refined and so- phisticated, but the spirit of the Marchers remained. 69 MIXED CHORUS FIRST ROW: E. Silva, L. Benson, P. Hern, G. Barry, L. Bu, S. Raleigh, B. Harmon J. Solamson, J. Magidson. SECOND ROW: M. Cohne, C. Taylor, D. Cashen, Al Crosby, A. Marhrich, J. Atonellis, D. Leahey, K. MacLeod, A. Parad, J. Maloof. THIRD ROW: U. Inorati, B. Paterson, L. Ross, C. David, R. Palmer, B. Pinciss L. Grupp, S. Iues, L. Bruzelum. 70 Conductor: Miss Geraldine Seaver The Mixed Chorus is not primarily a per- forming group. The members of the Chorus learn to sing four-part harmony and acquaint themselves with the varied types of choral mu- sic. They also listen to records of choruses and entertain guest speakers and performers. The Chorus experience serves to prepare students for the other groups of the Music Department, such as A Capella Choir. Love of music, ability to carry a tune, and a cooperative spirit are the characteristics of the enthusiastic singers in the Mixed Chorus. Miss Seaver Choir Director GIRL'S CHORUS , I A CAPELLA CHGIR Conductor: Miss Geraldine Seaver "They are called pure spirits dwellifzg on the earth." Hesiod The A Capella Choir of 1962-63, Newton High Schools most selective large choir, made a large contribution to the high caliber of music at NHS. The Choir sang in a number of class assemblies as well as in the schools Christmas Program for the benefit of the Music Club, the Spring Concert, and the graduation exercises. The A Capella Choir sings four-part harmony in a variety of musical compositions- from masses and patriotic songs to modern works and madrigals. They work in several foreign languages, particularly Latin and Hebrew. As well as performing in concerts, Choir members learn the fundamentals of correct breathing in singing and vocal exercise. Many of the members, having received this training in the art of group singing and cooperation from the conductor, Miss Seaver, go on to college choirs and local singing groups. Comlzzctorz Miss Geraldine Seaver "And take zz mild and modest cup . . . Trrixt pretty JOIIKQJ 071 flvenzef ffm' zmztter. " Anacreon The Girls Chorus is made up of girls who enjoy singing in two and three part harmony. The girls gain experience singing many differ- ent types of musical forms in a large group. They also perform in the schools Christmas l Rf l- I . . J assemblies, Spring Music Night, and yearly opera sing with other high schools. Should you hear a chorus of clear sopranos from the depths of Building ll, its undoubtedly the Girls' Chorus practicing their favorites. FIRST ROW: A. Mastroianni, B. Ford, L. Riggs, D. Davis, Il. llill, P. Powers, IS. Marr, N. Horwitz, B. Chabou, N. Carroll. SFLOND RUXY. A, l.t'i,uliron, Ci, Purpli-, E. Boiteau, A. Kirshner, S. Greenberg, li. Pelligrini, S. Fries, ll. Hatton. Il, Tarlwoti, C. Paradiso, L. Shaw, G. Ryan, D. Harnman, D. Phylliilt-s, M. Brown, ll. !.amt-riato, N. Sprague, B. Warcl. THIRD ROWT B. l-t-vin. F. Katt,-s, D. Nlorbt-tlt, S. Korinow, N. Williams, E. Silva, L. Benson, A. McDonald, M, Okuma, gl. liinlsle, l', XYt'int'r. C. DeVito, S. Paris, D. Brickman, M. Crawford. FOIFRTH Row Ci. l'l.i,igt'Ist7 , S. Carers, P. O'Brien, P. Davis, I. Gt-rsh. D. Rodman, S. Hayden, IS. Bowen, A. Has- sing, R. Cooper, M. Litman, D. Hahn, N. Sprague. tin 71 MUSIC REPRESENTATIVE ,W-" , I I-X T f , C. '1'f.k,f wm . gf, 3 1 ,f,. , ,Y jniwx ,i I aw.. BOSTON YOUTH SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA FIRST ROW: D. Currens, G. Rogell, S. Dietz. SECOND ROW: G. Allen, T. Gurin, J. Bilezikian. Missing: H. Currens, L. Benson. in 7' ' I . , 1- ' " , .gl If ' - 1 V Q VW ,,, t , M, ,. A f ivwnu T' X.Tx X DISTRICT ORCHESTRA S. Dietz, J. Bilezikian. . Q L f 2 ORCH ESIS FIRST ROW: N. Corman, E. Goldsmith, L. White, J. Chasnoff, B. Sternfeld. SEC- OND ROW B. Beckwith, B. Pacher, B. Tarlow, B. Fuoco, M. Feldstein, L. Cerf. THIRD ROW: B. Angell, B. Levin, D. Foley, C. Crosby, A. Scott, C. Goldman. "They are all of one mind, their hearty are .fer upon Jong." Hesiod The Madrigals, proteges of the Muse Poly- hymnia, would make their cultural mother proud. This group of seventeen outstanding singers devoted their X-Blocks and other valu- able time to rehearsing varied kinds of advanc- ed music. They performed for various grade school in Newton, sang in concerts at Newton High, and gave special performances including one at City Hall on Veterans' Day. Later in the year they represented Newton High School at the Music Educators Convention in Spring- Held. Under the skilled musicianship of Miss Seaver this group of select singers almost rivals the Muses. "Beware left you lore the wbrmzzce by gnzfping at the .fbcza'0w." The members of Orchesis ffrom the Greek orcbefif: dancej are examining the dance as a means of expressing themselves and of com- municating with others. They might spend a typical afternoon searching for the different ways of expressing anger or joy. They work on improving their dance techniques, but spend most of their time without any formal instruc- tion merging the music, the dance floor, their actions, and their ideas into a meaningful composition. The group which always choreo- graphs its own dances performed at an all- girls' assembly and at a PTA program. MADRIGALS FIRST ROW? M. W', M. linshlyn, Il, St, fI.iirc-, lf. Osborn, ll. Nickerson, B. lluston, D. llunrt-r, l.. Roberts. ll Cm: sllccwlb llflvlh D. YUO. 5- AXl'lfUKl. D. Stholit-lil, D. Milcsky, -I. Alksmrit, XX' Star, IJ, Alotlrcy, S. 'l'hon1pson. xv' fu ,. , ' M 4 Q, W Q M4 WW WM 1 .X N I 5, W Q mlm 'awww ,, , .W 5 Xmas QXMS W5-W WA. , Y: f wa .swf Q S X .Q X M kai CQQZW , f ,wwf 1 , fr' 2 ff 1 U . ,X X I 1 T! Pg ,,, " 1 S A 74 3 1-1 A ,wV Q - --Q ,-.g eeskoosfvoh 7 5 D I E K U N S T E 4 ,-fzrf .4 :u:V.x Y-. s, 1.- 555-1 ' '- R - X 57.1 9 X , ,, it .-X -,- Y: 75,1-X - , , fx- , A V . fyy., 5,1-,k:.:' Chnl Q' - l. V- 1- F ' in .-iff '7 :e55E3IiQ5i' ' , . Q , L. 'W ' X. .. , . ,-5,--HQQT, 'ZY49 I ' ,,jj:,y . 'fgggvqaifl' "arg : K, .KTM ,!'-R,,- - " ,-.+ .bn 1' S .-.5 W 1",' -QL' ' W V , 5'.,.A-:1 V 4 .3 '. .ufWiQmM+g- f , :Gaz "ffl: J ' X ' TY? ' - gmvmfd N111 FOOTBALL Q. ' as 24 'zo W- 1? 2 ,Q U Ii 9 S 5- df? ,255 H+ Q 3 2 Q: I G V f ss ei 94- f 8 I '25 x 52. 14. 32 1 , if me , 4. FIRST ROW: J. Shea, J. Heath, B. Parent, I.. Kemelgor, M. Beard, S. Crosby, J. Rosenberg, J. Kozlowski. SECOND ROW: Mr. Ronayne, B. Lucos, T. Mechem, W. Halstead, D. Foley, G. Hicks, H. MacMillan, D. Maxwell, J. DeBettencourt, Mr. Fortune. THIRD ROW: S. WoodruE, P. Shattuck, S. Carroll, F. Magarian, W. O,Connell, J. Hoover, R. Watson, A. Ryan, Mr. Walker. FOURTH ROW: D. Bliss, A. Conti, D. Mills. In 1962 Newton High's football team had its first winning season in four years climaxed on Thanksgiving Day by Newton's first victory over Brookline since 1956. The Tigers' overall season record was 5 wins 3 losses, with 4 wins and 1 loss in league competition-good enough to place them in a three way tie with Brookline and Arlington for the Suburban League Championship. But the 5-3 record does not begin to tell the whole story. Newton played the toughest schedule in the state this season, with four of its opponents among the top five in class A, and six of them undefeated when they played Newton. Twice the Tigers were beaten by individual outstanding performances: by Ever- ett's High School All-American Bob Leo and Beverly's All-Scholastic Dave Man- uel. Newton's only league loss, to Arlington, was a tight, well-played game which the Tigers could have won if they had not had a few bad breaks. Many of the season's highlights come to the mind of every fan: Steve Carroll's determined 21 yard touchdown run against Brookline, spoiling their bid for the Class A title, Marty O'Gorman,s brilliant 80 yard scoring dash against Walthamg Mickey Beard's sparkling clutch performances against Brookline, Brockton, and Waltham, john Rosenberg's alert defensive play, the Mechem option, jeff Hick's consistently strong performances at end, the blocking of Kemelgor, Crosby, Par- ent, Heath, Halstead, Kozlowski, and Co. against Brookline, and the "junior" defense's clutch play against Arlington. All these individuals made for a strong team and an exciting season. First-year coach jim Ronayne did a magnificent job transforming a team that had won one game in two years into Suburban League Champions. Since A .. most of the offensive backfield and defensive line return next year, along with the undefeated J.V., Coach Ronanyne can look forward to another line year. ' 78 2' .. gill! Because it's my ball, that's why W Do the Hy with me. Y 2 has Ili :fy Q .nil U Ill -. SNES - lil " ' 11 usa lm: v- -'W' A " ' ' n " 1 - Y' 4 ""' . v -,I-I At last, I'm in the clear . . . 1 79 .J :gf - - . fx-Fl .,6'gx','f1v 'I' rfix-"Q-. ' ,514 , fa..,.w:,?-.-I, A. .nz ITWASALL Newrou we1.L"BowL" K M NXYMWQ9 , A 1 A ,A , ,,,, HTQACI4 Asme TUEQS Tom NX Mejffif GN N l::: QT: ' O2 6I2oorzu+,xe F082 me HAND N X - -f lx , Q MOM , V f 8 Of! , ' nrwxswf Q fx 3 JUST MoD ALL X NS: 14 f P ,,,,-ff ' oveQ642o0cJuwe1 W 4 ' , Q- .THEY CAME TO 4iMi?it-lik f., 'isa V V , ' Q Au. wewum SEE WAA A is SEA OF UMBQQLMS 2, A X 455, 429 ' m X LNDTHEYSAWAI .9 S 'VM' N W GET K F xy 'X' ks R6 f N 53 ' PE?-go szeAQum2Ter28Acr4 X , x E me ,C 447719 A W' ' f g , Baca hj.g?eAD QF, 'Z GOOD Owgu' Y'?Nx' WW , kg gnvqwe ' X MlCl4'E"? BEARD ' i' : W ' fm 6 ' QF uewfow - -' ' S- L F4532 R - ww Nor .vi 'A" J A'1 amozcevr ' 'W it X 5 .f -2- W Mmuies AE O 1:05600 f 2 of -. V Q 'N Z' Y zone ,wo --f X nr- W , , 5 ff ' " 6120148 LAP ,o ' - f Tm 0 1-'MS KKKN6 KT5 p 2 9 f-as ' - if fl? PASS- o QAWOU J' was suPes2e3.,, MM 2 x K 0 1 X o v 99 f 1 X 6 Q 'i 1. lip X 'A I , L ' - , f i I LARQOLL 3 E X lg? K 5- QV A f f ff fy ' QM 'SLQOREQ X L Q sy xx Xp? on ow zovo. 2 .. x 6 , 2 Worms' ' Kgzptomgrrx ' -SL!f3.f- Y L Za w- X QM Keep 3555 Y Q Q 0 0, x 31,7 AQLDNQ. pmofveam, 55571, Z-ow-V N by "One may not doubt that, Jomebow, good Jlmll come of water and mud." Simonides , , Pl' . . W W' f x ' ' fir 'f . fm ff J 'I . vi 4"w'f W f of , we , yfymo f, Q '61, 'f ff ,354 'fwaw fgj ' WW vw 14? w.f.Aif,eW gy, , p V. . f Z2 fav, f' 'W' ,,,,,,,t If 33111 , 4 , . Ilfzirfy 21.249 6 . z ' ' - ' Ml' ,M dip-1 I Al 'NW V N-w1f?s'YuJlwy , . P fa? 2' K VK- ., N - , "Eureka!" Cl have found ith Archimedes W? ghwy V .ll 80 S 4--aw A 'Emil' PHYSICAL EDUCATION BOYS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT FIRST ROW: Mr. Ronayne, Mr. Smith, Head Teacbery Mr. Gatley. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fortune, Mr. Jessup. All the time new games. I was just getting used to the old ones. GIRS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Miss Marcus, Miss Reardon, Mrs. Flink, Miss Frazier, Head Teacher. Mining: Mrs. Amado. The Newton High School Physical Education Department, affectionately known as fizz-ed by its many loyal supporters, had a banner year for 1965. Aided by strong support from Wfashington and new blood in both the girls' and boys' divisions, this well-oiled team eked out narrow victories over such perennially strong competition as the Wfalnut Deli- catessen and the ever popular nurse's oHice. Fine team efforts sparked by spectacular perform- ances in the calesthenic and shower events provided many thrills for all involved. Witli increasing sup- port on all fronts and many 1965 varsity standouts returning next year, prospects are good for another winning year in 1964. CROSS COUNTRY VARSITY CROSS COUNTRY FIRST ROW: B. Selvey, G. Ellis, B. Finkle, T. Weiskel, C. Lundquist, T. Wooten, C. David, R. Penta. SECOND ROW: Mr. Bailey, C. Krebs, S. Books, T. Weiskel, M. Tewksbury, Mr. Marcy. THIRD ROW: R. Kimball, Managerg R. Baker, N. Scrimshaw, R. Davis, J. Kwitkor. FOURTH ROW: R. Williams, W. Horner, W. Higgin. MISSING: R. Sheely, Assistant Manager. A young group in a newly-formed league of seasoned competitors, the Newton High Cross Country Team swept the four-way Suburban League championship meet in a fitting climax to a grueling but gratifying season. The harriers won all but two league meets, losing hard- fought clashes with a strong, experienced Waltham team by identical 34-21 scores. Although there were outstanding performances such as Finkle's 13:57 record for the Newton course, the success of the young Newton team depended primarily on a strong, consistent team effort such as that which made possible dual victories over Newton South by 26-30 and 28-29 scores. Seniors Tom Weiskel, Dick Penta, John Kwitkor, and Glenn Ellis, and junior Bruce Selvey turned in consistently superior performances to supplement the record breaking efforts of junior Bernie Finkle, who will be next year's team captain. 1 Spectacular Selvey Score Fabulous F inkle Finish E 1 E I And then on the last lap, cut through Werman's back 4 yard, over the picket fence and . . . Y . 7 1 1 Gosh, Fab does clean clear through lf. alllh-rqjji Boy, what a close finish! 83 Q!! BASKETBALL 1 VARSITY BASKETBALL FIRST ROW: R. Sorota, D. Yeo, E. Keefe, J. Hicks, E. Grupp, M. Beard, S. Fretus. SECOND ROW: Mr. Fortune, P. Hartford, J. Roache, J. Pfouts, S. Rosenberg, J. Gill, M. Swartz, M. Scott. The Newton High Basketball Team finished a hard- fought hard-luck '63 season with a dramatic 65-63 overtime victory against heavily favored arch-rival Brookline. This was the second time this year a spirited Newton team scored an upset victory over Brookline in a major sport. The seven-win twelve-loss record Newton compiled over the rest of the season, however, gives little indication of the fine job done by first-year coach Al Fortune in molding a strong, aggressive unit out of a team which had finished last for two consecutive years in the always-tough Suburban League. This year the League sported exceptionally strong teams such as Brockton, Rindge, and Brookline, and pro- vided the toughest competition in Massachusetts. Hey buddy! Why don't you signal before you turn? 84 Among the season highlights: Steve Friedus' two foul shots with five seconds remaining in overtime to defeat Brookline, Mickey Beard's consistent high scoring and clever play-making, jeff Hick's clutch scoring and rebound- ing, Steve Friedus' spectacular hustling, ball-handling and defensive play, invaluable team efforts from Eliot Grupp, Ed Keefe, and Dick Sorotag promising aggressive play from juniors Sam Rosenberg and Joe Gill, and the fine team efforts against Brookline, Weymouth, and New- ton South. With Rosenberg, Gill, and other promising underclass- men returning prospects are bright for a winning '64 season. Watch it Sam, that's an illegal hold. o And to the great god Basketobolus we offer up this Don't say gimme! Hawr04 He's good, but with four arms and four legs, how can you miss? Hi Mom! I-Ii Dui! INDOOR TRACK FIRST ROW: J. Sheely, W. Horner, C. Lundquist, J. Slau- itts, M. Fradkin, J. Norcross, T. Gabis, T. O'Day, D. Nel- son, T. Wooten, R. Penta, B. Scrimshaw. SECOND ROW: R. Aisner, C. David, J. Kwitkor, J. Volk, B. Clayton, J. Hoover, J. Gergian, J. Tamto, R. Williams, R. Shikore, B. The NHS Indoor Track Team, the Yankees of the Met league, this year chalked up another in a sensational string of successful seasons under the direction of two of New- ton's finest coaches, Mr. Lamoine Boyle and Mr. Malcolm Gallagher. Displaying their now-characteristic depth coupled with exceptional strength in the field events this season, New- ton ripped through six straight dual meets knocking off the toughest competition Division I of the Metropolitan track league could muster. The B.A.A. Class A Champion Rindge Tech team alone possessed the power to topple Finkle, C. Doherty. THIRD ROW: P. Dexter, N. Epstein, Captain L. Kemelgor, E. Meyer, J. Delahanty, M. Burling- ame, G. Johnson, J. Koslowski, S. Londo, R. Arra, R. Stei- bel, Arif. Coach M. Gallagher, Head Coach I.. Boyle. the injury-riddled tigers in the season's final meet. Outstanding competitors for the '63 season include: Co-Captain Ed Murtha, undefeated in the 300-yard event previous to suffering a severe leg injury, Jan Koslowski in the sprints, Jim Delahanty in the hurdles, senior shot- putters john Morganthau and Co-Captain Larry Kemelgor, Dick Penta and Glenn Ellis in the 600, Peter Dexter in the 1000, and junior miler Bernie Finkle. Although the seniors will be sorely missed a successful '64 season is assured for this powerful, well-balanced team. 86 Watch it Glenn, he's got the drop on you. The celebrated jumping frog of Middlesex County. Relax, boys, the hot dog stand will he open all afternoon lt's not the race that bothers me, it's these darn obstacles GYMNASTICS VARSITY GYMNASTICS FIRST ROW: A. Crosby, D. Cassidy, R. Rando, F. Jones, Co-captain, S. Smith, Co-captain, B. Ri- cardo, T. Butterfield, N. Bloomenthal. SECOND ROW: E. Kalman, Manager, G. Jessup, J. Bou- dreau, J. Hale, R. Donahue, R. Campisi, F. Staszesky, J. Clarke, B. Carr, R. Lord, R. Wilbur, J. Winston, R. Martin. President Kennedy has been complaining that today's young Americans are not in the best of shape. While we cannot deny the obvious imperfections of some of our stud- ents, we are certainly pleased with the physique and record of the NHS gymnastic team. Strengthened by Captains Frank Jones and Stu Smith and performers like Bob Rando and Rusty Martin, the gym team again posted a respectable record with some amazingly close and exciting victories Csuch as the 86.42 to 86.03 win over Braintree.D A relatively new sport JC4 yearsb at NHS Qabbreviation for Natural Herculean Strengthj gymnastics has seen improved competi- tion and increased spectator interest, especially among the females. Its main requirements are co-ordination Cso that you don't fall off whatever you are onj and continual practice, which is often difficult in the limited gym space. Gymnastics can be a dangerous sport, too, as Coach Jessup realized when a year ago his team finally defeated highly regarded Wellesley, and the exultant gymnasts hoisted Jessup up on their shoul- ders, marched him around the gym, and tried to take him through a doorway four inches lower than his head. Jessup survived, however, and now predicts that in the next few years his teams will continue to improve and bring home many more victories. It's just like jumping the fence at football games. Darn it, they starched the pants again. Now, how do I get off of the thing 89 ICE HOCKEY VARSITY HOCKEY FIRST ROW: R. Toomey, M. Goldbaum, W. Verner, G. Mechem, T. MacLaughlin, Co-Captain, R. Valle, T. Leonard. SECOND ROW: Coach Kinlin, A. Bernard, D. Mullare, R. Fox, T. Mechem, R. Nicolazzo, C. Scammon, Co-Captaing J. MacLaughlin, B. Toomey, R. Newall. If you are a devoted hockey fan, you will probably look through these pages and be able to recall each frantic mo- ment en route to the State Hockey Tourney. You will re- member J. MacLaughlin's goal in the last instant of the sec- ond period in the Waltham game, and D. Toomey's up-the- middle elfort that kept Newton tourney hopes alive. But there are things you didn't see, like those excruciating practices and the cacophonous locker room between periods, or the game at Exeter in two inches of rain, when T. Mechem de- cided to clear a spot for a face-off with his stick, and suc- ceeded in half-drowning everyone around him in great waves of water. S And if you are a player, you will remember each Senior for his own outstanding achievement: Newall's splits, Mac- Laughlin's fights, Scammon's twice broken nose, Fox's high slap shots, Go1dbaum's sneaky goals, Nicolazzo's hip checks, and Mechem's hustle. Each was distinctive, yet they combined as a team in another successful schedule, so whether you are a spectator or a player, there will be absolutely no way that you can forget the Newton High Hockey Team of 1963. Anyone around my goal will be it. Nr L T 91 Oh frabjous day! Richard please, I'd rather stop ir myself Close your mouth, Mike-"nearies" don't count. But Roger, you promised me this dance. Attaboy Nick, play the puck. X , 5 I P x 5 I I i E l l 3 w 3 4 E : 5 i 1 I i 1 1 Q I I l W 1 "T ' " AT' -,.-A.. ,.vv, ..,-a...aL. "M A ' A 1 janv 1'--.. . V TECH BASKETBALL MTN KNEELING: A. Quebec, Captain. FIRST ROW: Mr. Malone, G. Pendelton, D. Vito, W. La- Roche, R. Castoldi, A. Bianchi, J. Capello, W. Ryan. The Newton Technical High School basketball team this year is a proud ex- ample of what hard work, cool-headed strategy, and solid determination can accomplish. It is a team that exem- plifies all the idealistic placards and catch-words coaches post on locker- room bulletin boards. Having lost six of the seven games in the first half of their season, the Tech high hoopsters engineered a spectacular turnabout. Lead by seniors Alan Quebec and William LaRoche, they played the same seven teams for the second half of their schedule and emerged with six wins and only one loss, and that to the League Champions by six points. Newton Technical High School and Coach Robert Malone can be justly proud of this spirited and well devel- oped team. Q ef fftf f 's!'!"""'5??' Why are you smiling Alan, you're out of CHITWCFH-Sl1yli1R0Ll1L bounds. 93 -r GIRLS' FIELD HOCKEY VARSITY FIELD HOCKEY TEAM FIRST ROW: S. Schwartz, L. Stepper, H. Udin, M. McManmon, J. Thompson, B. Huston, V. Tom, M. Bowen. SECOND ROW: E. Boiteau, J. Bell, C. Klein, M. Meyer, D. Fisher, C. Muther, A. Leighton, Mrs. Flink. The Newton High School Varsity Girls' Field Hockey Team, paced by senior scorers Jane Thompson and Diane Fisher, this year completed one of the most suc- cessful seasons in recent memory. The 1963 junior varsity had a successful year as well. A record number of candidates made possible a larger, improved schedule for both teams. As enthusiasm and support continue to mount, we can look forward to many more fine seasons. g. gg No! It's my turn to throw the ball back to Mr. Ferguson. Here we go loop-de-loop. 94 GIRLS' BASKETBALL GIRLS' VARSITY BASKETBALL FRONT ROW: N. Stewart, N. Fisher, J. Thompson, G. Klein, F. Von Schulz, L. Stepper. SEC- OND ROW: T. Sumikana, M. Lovell, M. Bowen, V. Tom, J. Duane, D. Fisher, W. Wein, G. Howard, Miss Frasier. The 1962-63 Girls, Basketball Team, though it played a limited schedule, had an exciting season because of a relaxation of several of the games rules governing fouls and roving players. If enthusiasm continues to increase next year, girls can look forward to an expanded schedule and improved team. Aggressive play under the boards. Whcm put helium in the basketball? 95 FIRST ROW: P. Bogen, A. Leger, D. Russo, D. Kagan. SECOND ROW: C. Deats, G. Howard M. Theller, G. Floyd, N. Schiller. CHEERLEADERS All we did was take a thorn out of his paw . . . 96 FIRST ROW: B. Murray, P. Rielly, G. Morgan, P. Lindy. SECOND ROW: S. Houston, C. Blquer, Head Majoreite. MAJORETTES -mg' +m1v"g.e R gmigl'-, na' ,. :gf-:Lf , . 'wif- 'Q' Exon ,' Oh What a beautiful morning! 97 SAILING CLUB The NHS Sailing Club this year, besides its traditional outings to Marblehead, sailing mov- ies and lectures, initiated a program of sailing lessons for its members. Each entering mem- ber was given a written examination to determ- ine his knowledge of sailing tools and tech- nique and then depending on the test result, the entering members were offered sailing les- sons: fundamentals for beginners and elements of racing technique for more advanced sailors. The new program of lessons along with the traditional activities helped to attract many more members this year and generally boosted enthusiasm. FIRST ROW: L. Trachtenberg, A. Leighton, D. Workbeck, S. Altmar, G. Oppenheim, M. Stein- man, Secretaryg J. Dealy, Vice-Preridentg B. Rosenbaum, Prefidentg L. Wensley, D. Brickman, J. Rosenfelt, K. Levinson. SECOND ROW: M. Daniels, S. Baltimore, L. Klapper, F. Nesson, M. Yesley, M. Berman, D. Stone, D. Arnold, B. Fuoco, B. Rich, C. Burns, M. Lovell, S. Books, J. Arnold, S. Raleigh, M. Leahy, R. Mueller. THIRD ROW: M. Friedman, J. Winston, S. Shumon, R. Burns, D. Bubrick, G. Levinson, R. Marx, N. Bloomenthal, R. Mathews, J. Philpott, F. George, A. Huberman, F. Mansfield, P. Cohen, C. Hagelstein. FOURTH ROW: J. Duncklee, P. Jones, D. Lehrbreg, G. Herlihy, H. Masters, R. Horowitz, J. Ruaunti, R. Bouse, S. Riemer, W. Feldman, M. Schwartz. Moe: Hey, Joe, what's the Outing Club? joe: Outing Club? Oh, that's a bunch of girls what sell candy at the basketball games-you know, Hershey bars for 5042, life savers for a quarter. To the well-informed NHS student, however, the Outing Club is one ofthe most popular, most active, and most enjoyable girls' clubs in the school. In 1963 the Outing Club's most successful junket was the traditional winter sports weekend at Peterborough, New Hamp- shire. D Other activities undertaken by this outfit for fun and fitness include bowling, swimming, bike riding, hiking, and horseback riding. OUTING CLUB FIRST ROW: D. Fineberg, R. Gilman, E. Silva, L. Benson, P. Gordon, P. Hearn, L. Stepper, Pretidenty M. Farell, Secretary' J. Burke, N. Stewart. SECOND ROW: L. Liscott, G. Howard, C. Sweetnam, P. McGrath, P. Funk, P. Weiner, B. J. Hill, L. Lavely. THIRD ROW: B. Cogan, D- Fisher, J. Bill, N. Coleman, P. Garrett, V. Tom, B. Tarlow, G. Ryan, R. Gom, E. Gill. FOURTH ROW: P. Lavis, L. Alsmeyer, M. Bowen, C. Klein, S. Paris, G. Wilson. 98 Jn RIFLE TEAM N ,J B 1 ll I C C O C l , 2' FIRST ROW: J. Berenson, M. Demeo, M. Margolis, A. Poirier, J. Tocci. SECOND ROW: W. Purple, D. Bartlett, G. Herlihy, M. Maloney, T. Brown, Mr. Lent, Coating Mining: K. Ford. The Newton High School Varsity Rifle Team hnished with a winning season for 1963 under 'the leadership of Coach Harry Lent and team captain Wakeley Purple. A thirteen man squad made up of seven seniors, three juniors, and three sophomores was chosen from the outstanding shooters in the Newton High School Rifle Club, an active organization of forty strong licensed by the National Rifle Association. Top Newton marksmen in the tough com- petition of the Middlesex Interscholastic Rifle league were Wakeley Purple, Al Poirier, Marty Margolis, and Don Bartlett. Purple turned in the season's top score, firing a near-perfect 190 in league competition. RIFLE CLUB FIRST ROW: Mr. Bursc, Co-Ad1'imr,' G. Ht-rlihcy, T. Brown, Trvarlfnw M. lN1ar,uoliS. l'fU-ffffvflf. K. Ford, Vice-Prc'.ffde11l,' D. Margolin, SUlifC'f11f,'j',' B. Roscnlvloom, ll. XVolf, Mr. l.c'nI, ffo !1ff1' SECOND ROW: I. Blank, P. Clokt-ly, M. Moriarty, j. Philporr, .I. Rt-ul, D. Imrrlt-rt, P. Borsori. J. Frank, R. GOUSC. THIRD ROW: Gerson, M. Rana, M. lllH1II1l'll2lfl3, R. l.ulm1, ul. MtShant', B. Mathews, C. McLean, P. Bloom, N. Zit-rgit-hcl. FOURTH ROXXY D. llayrlt-n, M. Dcmco, D. Smith, B. Firger, Annis, R. Lemacl-C, D. Jordan, R. Bcclclows, Murphy, V. Russo. SPORTS CAN DI DS 1, ,W 1 rg 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 1 -5 Nf -sh " 1 'JJ N 1:4 1 n .lf- J r rl 1 n v Ln ,f -5 ..-"f . 1 N , - -Y ' ' ' in 441'-A A XSL: Ji : -.5 .1.'f- 'N M..-' "Nw, . ' ' L fT,4:gV+A I x. Li: if ,- x...- K -as Sa"'Cijfg?.4f ...YJ-if ii.. 1:5-.ra 125: 1 - 'w Brian, aQ:YfU1.?3"f X ,-':.f,:-gg., , Ms:.x-'ZH g: .X vi-Q xi- -.3 . F-sv1'b-11 he v - W5 1 Sx:a3g3,'-- .1,!,. I ...sf V . 1 Q- - an wi? -- 5 1-"4-'nx.Q - , . 'vi-'IL' ' ,ff 'i.'f5"f" ' 'LQ' ... ' ' , ' 1l g:g1Q.f4H1'fg.,i,431gi :,n.g4 . I . 5714 1" '-mpeg f 41 z 1,- .- V:- KQQWSETTQ, -gp' .A . .. ,A Q.. ly' P , - I """"' ' ff-. f4f'gJ3S:F!22fw:3..r1' , Falun. , 'f4iQ2iL'z-f,Q..L " ww -31.4 L -ax? ug ' Q"'f1"h Ls ' -' ' LN. S4-,133 I , ' - . .- 1' 1 HQ x fgfgffigifiqf Zig g Sig-. Q '51 "i-P1 "1ff f x. x13wA? J- ' V. 2 EQ' ,i 5-i's1:,k5 QQIF A.-VA .aff-f N " I ., iff'- , x Q .l:v1..,l I' ,J t, U-'11 14 Q Q . .rv W- w, 5wfwa W" U15-f f.. - . -N... 4 . V . f- my pg-' .fx -. .,- 4 W f wr 5.- n . ,L- ,sw H I . - b - ,L 53.1.27 ., 1,4 1,41 Q 5. .. . fi f-iw ' 1, - - " .. 'M-:Q-ax is .V yy.. QM QQ ,Lg . uh Fir. 2' '-4.5 '. 4 . . ' 1 . ,TQ Hf:ufi F:'YP vg , V - . N .. . X' 3, l--A-,xyggf-:'4 1. Q' ' ?-'Q .X rf.. 3- - I by -'Nm 14- V., ,- . . ,, A HR., . H -, - , Nfl. 5 K , ,, W , fi -Q' , -I f J ,...4 ' 515 M r 45 -1+ - ' 'ie Q: ,4- ,.-4' f .Y ne? 3.4 5. E. P K I V i Lx rljwgf Qs 'X , :" !, , ,' N01 5 sf A F v, r t - ' ,f I ' sJ'1-,FQ ' , l .1 1. 'I - I 'V ' Win- " , 2 fkqy, - Q A -' . "9 fr, 1 -. Q -.V '- .1-A .ag ,. -- '4 3 -, N Q' F - ' -V gf ,- V 'N -' Y nr' S 1 J S yu iw , aww , z 4 '5:Q V 4 W' -'MR Q WV'-'V A 'H 1'f??!? ,xg ,., X rf N 'S n 231 rd :1 S ,gf 1 '4's':'-. TIGERAMA A-6 M vt. AQ., 7. 'r f X' , e R . . ' www' .. FIRST ROW: B. Huston, D. Wheelock, E. Henry, A. Bontempo, G. Genovese, C. Rubin, A. Kasabian. SECOND ROW: S. Calvert, T. Weiskel, M. Zolli, D. Hough, R. Newall, C. Sisson. THIRD ROW: J. Callanan, J. Cassaboom, M. Saxton, S. Appel. K... Never before in the history of Newton High have such multitudes swarmed to the NHS institution of Tigerama Cnamed after the popular orange and black symbol of Newton Highb. It promises to remain one sure social means of keeping the high school together. The Tigerama Committee plans to please all and comes out with formulas to attract every- one-that is, almost 1500 of everyone. Their original themes, the bizarre decorations, the swinging entertainment, evincing much enthu- siasm and effort on the part of the committee, is what draws the record-breaking crowds. 104 ki. JUNIOR PRCM "Life if joy. Cares begorze! Short if the Jptzn of mtznlt life. Wine and dftrtce are todtzylt. Todfzylt are the flower ufretztfof and the girly. Let me lizfe today Jztpremely. Tomorrow, who krzow5.9" Palladas of Alexandria A fine philosophy, at least once in a while, especially since the "cares" of studying for a math test or finishing an English paper seem very burdensome right now. And so, there was the night of the Blue Moon junior Prom: Standing in front of the mirror a few extra minutes . . . saying "hello" in a special way almost as if both were meeting for the first time . . . dinner . . . talking . . . dancing . . . then a wistful memory . . . and a longing f ' glance ahead to the Senior Prom. I 105 Has a club for war and a club for peace, For Newton s clubs are just sensational! It 1S ultra organizational! There s a club for you a club for me- I wish old Ben Adhem were here to see! There s a club for sorrow, a club for cheer- They ve started an anti-club club, I hear. They say an angel came to list and look At all our clubs Che filled his golden bookj l x "Poetry if something more philosophic and of greater import than history." Aristotle The ancient Greeks held contests not only for atheletes, but for sculptors, painters, dancers, and bards. They fostered the development of the arts and honord the literary, graphic, and musical artistic giants of their time. The Newtonian, in the noble tradition of our spiritual and cultural ancestors, has sponsored a poetry contest. This year's subject is "In Praise of Newton High School." The fortunate winner will be named "Poet Laure- ate of Newton High School." Hundreds of poems have poured in to the Newtonian office from aspirants all over the country, but the entires have been narrowed down to the four below. You, the reader, will be the judge of the winning poem. Please note these entries excellent, good, fair, or awful, tear out this ballot along the perforated edge, and return it to room 1042. The results will be tabulated and the winner an- nounced on February 30 of next year. Newton High School Cmay its numbers increaseb, Little tests Germanic, Little college boards, Keep us out of mischief, And in constant panic. Little grades of "A" and "B", Little cards of white, Help make our parents happy- And keep our faces bright. And showed the names of schools that clubs had blessed And lo! Newton H1gh's name led all the rest. LEIGH HUNTED JULIA CARNAL I think that I shall never see A place lovely as Building Three Whose transcript ends the quest Of blear-eyed students, sore oppres't. Whose cafeteria yields great joys To starving hordes of girls and boys The gyms make weaklings physically lit J. F. Kfs goals here make a hit! And radiator pipes warm all With never a chilled heart or hall. Poems are made by fools like me But God knows who made Building Three. by JOYCE KILLSME Under a spreading maple tree The Newton School House stands The School, Ca mighty school know yeh , Built up by eager hands, Its lofty buildings: one, two, three, Resist time's winds and sands. Thanks, thanks to thee our worthy school For the lessons thou hast taught! For at this seat of wisdom'wise Our daily milk we've bought. We've played football, marched in the band And sometimes-we have thought! by HENRY W LONGBRFELLOW "I will make you az king ami will feed you on birdk milk and honey." Aristophanes The Senior Supper, as 300 kingly seniors can testify, was a grand success. The corn fritters were delicious no one minded too much if the roast beef went 'Mooo" and ran away when poked with a fork. Entertainment was provided by a take-off on the Steve Allen show done by jon Margolis and Jim Callanan and their "guests", Even the advertisements resembled the Steve Allen Show: "Hebrew National Kosher Salami Makes your meals seem summer balmy." Mike Zolli and someone who knew how to dance displayed their talents in ballet, Ken Burke blew up balloons and the hockey team sang a song off-key. jim Callanan spilled a gallon of tomato juice onto his script. Some vampire kept running onto the stage looking for his senior supper but he had to go hungry because his supper was what Jim had spilled. Mr. Mechem, after assuring the prize-keeper of his presence in the crowd, with a hearty yell was presented with a door prize, a full-size Hebrew National Kosher Salami. He put the salami in his shirt pocket. It didn't fit. Afterwards, the gym-having served as a cafeteria and an auditorium-came into its own to provide the Hoot for an evening of square dancing. if ff 'NX X X XX 1 . 'lgj f' I 5 v .-.-. X N5 XXX X ULYl"l?Ll5 V J :M LALLY TO N EW" SPOPTS MIS 55 Ki L 3 aged F"""""7 7' X Q If MARSHA , 1 DOM ESV ALPZ RT Qrl' and L0-W-30"'+ EQTSY QZSNSR gb SILVSRS 'Fef-we 'Pho+ofyaPNj fYh er I Mkwma 4-fkzswaikif Sufli s4R.msHAw COPLS ?l-,gtg YAPH:-S f CC X, I 9 6 3 4 A U VSNNIS SMITH af-R II I NIIQROSSI 13.4- u, if Bvsw'-S5 V94-'WSW ug pmlvnsor I I I IIIII -lm 2 ' ' 3 AI. IKOEINSON "' :lf I NTHS C0-ov3IrxQ+0r' I , S 9 . X I J , - , I - I I' 41 11 sr ON CA ' M Vlivfk I LIRKACS .. if ,I 4 I I I Q I ' I I I I 4' II I II X i , I I X 42-""' Qmw HP-GZLSTUN Cg-9rcla'na1'0r NiAL EOKZNYLU N Adverfliirxs o1i MIM I CALK Cxrculerhon NEWTONIAN Q 5-2! if MR. ROSSI, ADVISOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Tom Weiskel, Editor in Cbiefg Virginia Hagelstein, Coordinator, Dennis Smith Bminexf Manager. FIRST ROW: T. Putnam, F. Aronow, M. Meyer, Editor, L. Roberts, C. Banquer, SEC- OND ROW: M. Saxton, B. Rosen, E. Stuart. 1 ima :Q .,-E 112 FEATURE STAFF FIRST ROW: B. Daniels, B. Beckwith, B. Gesmer, Editorg L. White. SECOND ROW: E. Kopans, E. Panagopoulos, D. Sones, D. Kagan. ART STAFF FIRST ROW: G. Berman, B. Alpert, Editorf C. Dubins. SECOND ROW: N. Weiner, C. Plotkin, J. Verner, E. Rower. II5 PHOTOGRAPHY STAFF FIRST ROW: J. Medalia, S. Scrimshaw, Editor. SECOND ROW: P. Bloom, L. Cline, H. Gorin. 5... r l....-...-- i, SPORTS STAFF C. Scammon, j. Lally, lirlirurg D. Fisher, 1. Manners l I I COPY STAFF FIRST ROW: B. Miller, S. Dangel, B. Greenberg, Editorj P Dorris W M ers. SECOND ROW: B. Fox, L. Coven. . , . y Missing: B. Hicks. ADVERTISING STAFF FIRST ROW: R. Stellar, E. Goldsmith, N. Bornstein, Edi- t0r,' L. Cerf. SECOND ROW: C. Chu, P. Siclel, L. Good- man, J. Shane, J. Masters, S. Thompson. di B DATA STAFF FIRST ROW: C. Cherney, N. Noss, N. Greenman, M. Hurst, Editorg S. Finsen, W. Myers, C. Rubin. SECOND ROW: L. Glazer, C. Nathan, R. Sagoff, N. Horowitz, E. Steinberg, S. Feinstein, B. Sternfeld. CIRCULATION STAFF FIRST ROW: B. Brown, S. Tocman, J. Baden, M. E. Schiavone, J. Wasserman, R. Kay, S. Klein. SECOND ROW: S. Stadtman, A. Brown, M. Peterson, M. Calk, Edi- tor, M. Singal, E. Kates, M. Griswold, E. Henry. THIRD ROW: G. Allen, J. Bilizekian, P. Kay, M. McManmon, S. Nissenbaum, A. Scarsella. Missing: J. Kwitkor, R. Schnei- der, S. Smith. Q14 ..,.s.. .W g 114 NEWTONITE FIRST ROW: E. Berger, E. Mittelman, S. Simon, J. Berenson, G. Lockwood, R. Matthews, W. Nessel, E. Savitsky, D. Stone, D. Lappen, D. Green, Judy Lambert, Editor-in-Chief. SECOND ROW: M. Griswold, P. Needle, E. Henry, J. Rosenberg, B. Horner, N. Weiner, J. McCann, S. Dietz, B. Fox, J. Callanan, L. Cline. THIRD ROW: M. Morss, L. Chasen, S. Hayburg, S. Hall, R. Seltzer, B. Pelligrini. FOURTH ROW: B. O'Brien, D. Fine, H. Barr, J. Sherman, J. Margolis, K. Drucker, D. Stiebel, S. Brecher, B. Alter, H. Gorin, P. Mersky. "That if all 77.731 news." Aeschylus Of the many things that are necessary in the production of a school newspaper, the majority were newly instituted as the Newtonite went to press in September. Although it took the new printer, the new advisor, and the new edi- tor a little time to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of running the paper, the stud- ent body has witnessed increases in both the accuracy and amount of coverage of school events, in the diversity of material, and in the quality of the printing. "Now, we have the paper on its feet. Don't you think it's time we did something about this office? It could use paint, curtains, better desks, more light . . "But then it wouldn't look like a real news- paper office." ll5 Mr. Adams .mtl -Indy Lambert Ellen Berger Mr Adams Laura Chasen, Elaine Henry, Meryl Morse, Judy NEWTONITE ADVERTISING STAFF FIRST ROW: H. Fox, M. Civetti, G. Cioppa, N. Peters, B. Chabot, B. Miller, I.. Viscott, S. Blackstone, B. Camerato, M. Stiller. SECOND ROW: A. Meterparel, M. Gordon, I. Posner, H. Winer, P. Yukes, B. Gilbert, B. Pinciss, P. Bloom, P. Sherman, B. Petkun. ll6 NEWTONITE CIRCULATION STAFF G. Allen, A. Berman, C. Cherney, S. Clifford, S. Con- stant, C. Cubell, L. Cummins, B. Fox, C. Goldman, D Golub, M. Griswold, R. Hoffman, B. Horner, D. Hose M. Hull, A. Kadetz, D. Kaplan, L. Kornfield, J. Kwit kor, Chairman' M. Litman, J. Marks, B. Mazola, M. Mc Manmon, E. Mittelman, W. Nessel, E. Panagopoulous R. Pincus, H. Rotman, G. Ryan, D. Salvini, J. Schreiber J. Siegel, J. Sissin, D. Sones, E. Taplin, C. Tocman, C Welz, D. Wheelock, L. Wolbarst. ,v o l fllcn Bcrccr ohn Bc-rcnson, John Rosenberg. REFLECTIONS "If yon with to be a good writer, write." Epicretus Reflections, 1963, is the collected cogitation of Newton High School, 1963, in printed form. Timothy Putnam, with his hands upon the manuscripts and his eye upon the publica- tion date, led the staff gallantly from the crea- tion of a corporate image through hours of reading, discussion, and evaluation to the cor- recting of galley proofs. The staff culled from all the submitted material the best prose, poetry, and art to preserve for posterity the mind-word of Newton High School, 1963. FIRST ROW: E. Berger, C. Murphy, J. Siskind, D. Lenman, D. Kagan, Art Editor, Mr. Wolf, Adzfirorg T. Putnam, Editorg C. Deats, L. Lavely, J. McCann, G. Loury. SECOND ROW: K. Hannigan, M. Meyer, B. Gesmer, E. Gleason, M. Saxton, S. Dietz, D. Fisher, L. Cerf, L. Harrer, A. Alcalde. THIRD ROW: D. Jacobson, F. Aronow, S. Levine, J. Levinson, M. Kaitz, W. Wagenknecht, P. Houghteling, S. Gross, M. Newmohn, R. Gouse, T. Weiskel, B. Berezin, E. Feidman, P. Shapiro. "To give ine information if thy office." Euripides A new cover, a new format, and new plans for the future, but still the same "office": to give information about Newton High-its his- tory, its traditions, its rules and opportunities. This year, the Orange Book, having become to wieldy to fit in a pocket changed shapes for both aesthetic and practical reasons. Deciding that juniors and seniors either knew enough about Newton High or should be eager enough by this time to pay for their knowledge, the Orange Book was distributed free only to sophomores. A supplement, attached to the Orange Book for sophomores and given free to juniors and seniors, Cwith notebook holes punched on the side-an idea for which Mr. Warshaw deserves a patentb , was printed for the first time, containing all NHS temporal in- formation. This was the last annual edition of the Orange Book: from now on, there will be a regular edition printed once every three years and only a new supplement each year. ORANGE BOOK FIRST ROW: E. Gesmer, B. Bullock, R. Kay, S. Finsen, P. Kay, M. Meyer, Editorf R. Stone, E. Rower, R. Wolfe, J. Siegel, H. Rotman, G. Lockwood. SECOND ROW: Mr. Warshaw, Ad- zfirorg J. Burnes, W. Nessel, L. Wolbarst, C. Goldman, N. Ingall, L. Glazer, M. Morss, J. Green, E. Rose, C. Dubins, E. Savitsky, J. Chasnoff. THIRD ROW: E. Smith, M. Calk, M..Llfm3Ha E. Silvers, I-I. Barr, R. Fine, A. Pratt, B. Hession, B. Bartlett, E. Stuart, D. Hahn, J. Siskind. 118 PUBLICATICNS BOARD "Poetry if something more pbiloropbic and of greater import toon biftoryf' Aristotle With this Board rests the delicate and awe- some responsibility of overseeing NHS publi- cations. The Board choses editors for the Newtorzirzrz, the Newrorzite, the Orange Book, and Reflectiom. In addition, the policies, short- comings, and the gains of all Publications are debated behind closed doors. The literary genii of NHS can thank their guardian for four fine publications. SEATED: Mrs. Hogan, Miss Parker, Mrs. Levine, Miss Lanigan, Mr. Rossi. STANDING: D. Kagan, M. Meyer, M. E. McDaniel, Mr. Warshaw, Mr. Mechem, Mr. Adams, Mr. Wolfe, D. Smith, S. Levine, T. Weiskel, J. Lambert, M. Morris, E. Gesmer. SCIENCE TEAM in I .I C' Mn F C - 'x- Pb 5, Y 1' ,Nb N I 0 o-.Ni Y Cu Zn Go GL I O P ,T '. r ST AW Ru Rh pd A9 Cd .ln Sn R- Q ' Q I. ' I 5 I' pt A I Gd 'Tb by H O P. Gilman, D. Benjamin, W. Overholt, T. Weiskel, B. Rosen, M. Winkt-ller, L. Goodman, Mr. Hall. MISSING: S. Levine. 119 "How prone to doubt, faou' crmtiorzr are the trite." Homer Four stalwart sons of Newton High are anxiously searching through the cobwebbed corridors of their minds. NY'here is that cursed fact? Triumphing over tension, long disuse of frequently insignificant information, and some- times obscure questions, someone answers cor- rectly. "Ten points for Newton." The modera- tor now questions the enemy while the Newton men gird themselves for the next struggle. "The captains of each team will choose a ten, twenty, or thirty point question." At last! A chance to Ibinbf But the captain feels like Atlas bearing the world on his shoulders. The battle grows more desperate, and the gods join the fray. Suddenly it's over. Newton High won every match but one this year. 'lilml one was on television. PRIZE WINNERS Thomas Weiskel Harvard Prize Book Unitarian Brotherhood Award Barry Rosen Weytinghonfe Science Talent Search Finalist Timothy Putnam Bogu' State Boyer' Nation B'Nai B'Rith Brotherhood Award Barbara Boujicanian Unitarian Brotherhood Award 120 DRIVER EDUCATION DEPARTMENT .- -GD' ,4 H I Ii R il Mr. Weist, Mr. Cahill CNewton Motor Srzlerj, Mr. Keery CFroJt Motorrb, Mr. Druck- Mr. Weist and Barbara ChaIDOt receive an award enrniller CClay Cbewfoletj, Mr. Toscani, Mr. Penta. Missing: Mr. Dwyer CNewt0n for NeWtOn'S Outstanding Driver Education Program. Buickj. The one course given at Newton High that most directly affects the daily lives of every student is Drivers' Education. Although this course is sometimes thought to be a "snap course," Mr. Weist and his department are charged with an awesome re- sponsibility: keeping students and the general public out of the fell clutch of automobile accidents. There are many facets to the Drivers' Education program, and almost every student is familiar with them. But the real purpose of the course, forming the attitude of students towards the use of the automobile, cannot be capsulized into any curriculum, visual aid, or teaching gimmick. The graduates of the Drivers' Education program at Newton High reflect the sincere and understanding attitude of Mr. Weist and his staff. SKI CLUB A ski club member is easily recognizable. L He displays a strange inability to sit down on , Monday mornings and mumbles obscurely 1- about moguls, packed powder, jay bars, and the relative merits of Head skis. This year more than one hundred such ski club members avidly discussed the ski condi- tions northward, and rejoiced at reports of snow. This staunch group of enthusiastic, and occasionally expert skiers, under the leadership of Mr. Rist, bravely rose at 4:00 A.M. to journ- ey north to such skiing areas as Mt. Snow, Kings Ridge, and Okemo. Whether they snow plowed or christeed, all the ski club members demonstrated the same enthusiasm for skiing, proudly wearing the new NHS ski club patch. And for the skeptics: there were no fatal in- juries. So there. - - GD,- SKI CLUB OFFICERS P. Kay, Pre.fident.' P. Sirk-I, l'1r'vl'rz'f111'cr1r,' R. Kay, Serfelaryg D. WI1c'c'Itmtk, N. Borenstcin, 'I'r'caf1n't-'rs. IZI Eat . . . EPICUREANS ew- Y HN. . . . Am! be merry. E' The reason why we have two ears and only one mouth is that we may bear more and talk less. 122 Drink . . . STOICS We mast accept oar fate' Zeno KEY CLUB "Hard it if wholly to win worthy inan- hood, with hand and foot and heart alike to he fouriquaref' Simonides The Key Club of Newton High School is a service organization. The members of the Key Club, an affiliate of Kiwanis, engage in Com- munity service projects and fund raising for charitable causes. In addition to the fact that their activities assist worthy causes, an all-day car wash for a children's party can be a lot of fun. And the members of this organization FIRST ROW: E. Lifland, N. Bloomenthal, J. Volk, Trearurerg A. Pratt, Secretaryg R. Bullock, Vice-P're.tident,' K. Berk, Preridentg M. Rittenburg, J. Leary, E. Rosenbloom, R. Hession. SECOND ROW: S. Sussman, N. Klein, K. Zises, R. Cohen, E. Branzburg, J. Michelson, J. Sandler, A. Shaff- man, A. Segel, S. Fields. THIRD ROW: A. Hubberman, M. Davis, E. Lifland, K. Sinofsky, G. Loumos, N. Swerling, A. Levin, R. Glovsky, M. Winkeller, 1. Goodwin, D. Katseff, C. David, R. Yukes, R. Stone, J. Strazzulla, R. Winograd. feel that that is where the satisfaction lies-in helping others. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA "ra-M "That education should he regulated hy law and should he an affair of state is not to he denied, hut what should he the char- acter of thii puhlic education, and how young persons .thould he educated are queitioni which reinain to he conridered ,wg . . . Neither is it clear whether education it more concerned with intellectual or with moral virtue." Aristotle How often we hear of the shortage of teachers in America. Newton High School is doing its part to help in filling the serious lack, and moving forward. The Future Teach- ers of America Club helps to prepare the prospective elementary or secondary school teacher for the responsibility he wishes to assume. r Under the direction of Mr. Jacobs, these teachers of the not-too-distant future visited local elementary schools in order to acquire practical knowledge of the problems of teach- ing. In addition, educators and administrators addressed the club on what rewards and draw- backs to expect in the teaching profession. slr' i,fif'.t.,f. , if ..4'Z-- ' et" IF" lf v a 'tr' 4" - a7 A ff 12' -7,1 ff 1 Q21 . "1'f'?1Y'. 019.31 JH.- ff' .S?5.,'..-.., .-,.fcEav:-'hi-1.. ''Mi?242'l4"+'.L1'Z'f32?ifZK'iPi?ii'L9 S. Korinow, l're.fider1t,' R. Hoffman, Vim l'raridcf1f,' Ii. Szilamofi, Secretary: S. Barrcs, Tf0a.rurer,' M. Lyttle,Cnrrcsponding Sc'4fefary,' M. Bellar, K.. Bumle, A. Carp, bl. Cohen, F. Cunniff, ,l. Dangel, N. DeVito, L. DCBL-nedctto, li. Duhy, R. lilliozt, S. lfeinsrc-in, P. llarney, B. llarris, L. Karat-fl, B. backs. Levine, A. Macycove, M. Mc-lc-med, Miclmclson, li. Murray, S. Paris, VI. I'crlmnttc'r, Cl. Proia, M. Proia, M. Rcisman, K. Reynolds, H. Rodman, ll. Rorman, L. Ryan, il. Schneider, P. Shapiro, J. Shribcr, M. Shuster, S. Slem, j. Smith, ,I. Solomon, S. Spill, K. Sullivan, C.. Toiman. Fortunately, these future teachers came to believe that the rewards far outweigh the draw- IZ3 CADUCEANS "Monk rzohlest rash is to help others hy his hes! means and powers." Sophocles To the members of this club, the best means seems to lie in the medical profession. These dedicated future nurses meet together to dis- cuss and learn more about their anticipated careers. It would have gladdened the heart of FIRST ROW: L. Belcastro, R. Carey, K. Cahill, C. Pleuler, Treasurerf E. Kates, Presia'ent,' D. Golub, E. Klapper, H. Balk. SECOND ROW: S. Wooten, C. Paradisa, L. Marini, K. Kaizerman, K. Johnson, 1. Kahn, S. Baltimore, M. Daniel. THIRD ROW: L. Shaw, L. Droia, S. Halewood, D. Lipinsky, C. Welz, L. Burgess, L. Gorelich, J. Levin, L. Keene, S. James. "Who does not hefrieml himself hy doing good? H I Sophocles The Red Cross High School Council has one goal-to help other people, especially children. This year the council collected more than 35200 which was given to the International Childrens' Fund and the local chapter service fund. In January the group held its annual coffee hour at the Veterans' Hospital. The members of the Council filled a chest holding supplies for a class of 48 children for one school year and sent it to a disaster area. Stud- ents on the Council were able to help others by serving at Bloodmobile Canteen, by serving lunch to student tree-planters at Edmands Park one afternoon, and by working with bedridden or mentally retarded children. Needless to say, the members of the Red Cross Council receive much satisfaction from their Worthy work. JUNIOR RED CROSS FIRST ROW: I. Salamoff, Secretaryf D. Derick, Vice-Presidentg E. Rose, Presiderrt. SECOND ROW: N. Weiner, S. Wein, H. Rodman, R. Yukes, Treasurer. THIRD ROW: J. Rich, D. Mills, D. Stone. FOURTH ROW: A. Sherman, P. Jacobson, B. Kaufman. 124 Sophocles to see this fine group following Hermes' Caduceans into medicine. I I I I I I I I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I :I I I I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I The 1963-64 school year saw one of the most active rally committees in our recent history. The members of the committee worked especially hard during the football season to stage the colorful and amusing rallies that helped produce large quantities of that out-of- stock item-school spirit. Whether staying up late to make publicity posters for the Saturday games, thinking up skits for the Friday after- noon rallies, wearing black and orange beanies, yelling with the cheerleaders, or in the case of a few courageous boys, baring legs and building up elsewhere to spoof the cheerleaders, all the members of the rally committee had a won- derful time. RALLY COMMITTEE - tx. L . M- " 5 . , N. Rowland, Preridentj P. Meehan, Vice-Preridentg K. Sisson, Secretaryg B. Boujicaniang M. Zolli, Orange Salerg D. Moore, S. Schwartz, Publicity J. Lee, N. Horowitz, Claeering Section, A. Crosby, Sophomore Reprerentativeg C. Zolli, junior Reprerenmtire. CAMERA CLUB Le R. Marx, B. Choate, 1. Medalia, S. Scrimshaw, P. Bloom, H. Gorin, R. Wine-tsky. 125 "What if fought for can be cfzzzglozfg only that wlaicfa ir not uvztcbed ercfzperf' Sophocles Good photography is an art. It renders personal experience communicable by making a well-chosen aspect public and permanent- as a photograph. The Camera Club is dedicated to this art of cramming the impact of an ex- perience into a pattern of dark grains on white paper. The club members learn how to use a complex technology for artistic purposes. Choose a film fast enough to freeze action with a short exposure and get depth of held with a small aperture-but slow enough to be hne- grained so as to yield good enlargements. Moreover ,... Behold the photographer: He adjusts little knobs and levers, numb-hngered in a wintry gale, or dashes to catch a fleeting shot, appara- tus-laden under an August sun ,... lied on muddy ground to get just the right point of view . . . makes a dozen crucial decisions in seconds . . . squeezes the shutter, and then . . . he notices that he IIORCIOT TO REMOVE Tl-Ili l.liNS CAP!! GRANGE SHIELD FIRST ROW: G. Kirkcaldy, S. Blaquere, P. Hern, L. Wasserman, B. DeMarco, I.. Kemegor, Cbaifmanf C. Tocman, J. McCann, J. Cohen, F. Nesson, S. Kaplan. SECOND ROW: N. Green- man, B. LeBrun, S. Carmichael, L. Rosenberg, J. Blodgett, J. Roser, L. Long, C. Deats, C. Carder, L. Lavely, L. Sulkowitch. THIRD ROW: J. Carmichael, P. Shapin, K. Feinberg, L. Cerf, S. Hale- wood, S. James, L. Cammins, D. Rose, N. Acheson, E. Silva. FOURTH ROW: T. Fleming, C. Chu, M. Rittenburg, S. Scheibe, C. Wood, M. O'Gorman, R. Swartz, C. Scammon, B. Berezin. FIFTH ROW: G. Saris, D. Flynn, P. Sidel, R. Newall, J. Salemand, K. Berk, C. Clardy, L. Meyer. "Yet is nothing without blame in the world of men." Parrhasius This seems especially true in the NHS cafe- teria. Rubbish on the floor, trays left on tables, chairs in the middle of aisles, late comets-in to check on, impatient goers-out to hold back. This is the scene confronting every loyal mem- ber through four lunches in the cafeteria. For their gentle requests to the public to "take your rubbish with you" they usually receive icy stares-or even Worse, are completely ig- nored. In your usually thankless job, at least accept our appreciation, Orange Shield. You're an admirable outfit. . 126 HOMEROOM MANAGERS "Before tfirtae the immortal goaff have pat the .vweazf of maalv browf' Hesiod The duties of the staunch band of students known as the "homeroom managers" require imagination and salesmanship-especially the latter. Consider what a typically over-worked homeroom manager does during the school year: he sells S.A.T.'s, pointing out that they will offer a reduction of the price of the other things he sells, he distributes and sells New- toniterg he helps take attendance and reads the bulletin, and aids in keeping order during the chaotic Newton High institution known as "X blocks." An imposing list of duties. It should make us appreciate our homeroom man- ager, even if we decide that were not hardy enough for this hard-working group. FIRST ROW: L. McDonald, D. Giroux, J. Marks, C. Goldman, S. Nessen, J. Libby, J. Dealy, M. O'Mara, P. Powers, P. McGrath. SECOND ROW: P. Licker, Jene Posner, S. Schultz, P. Ford, P. Needle, B. Rich, B. jensky, A. Alealde, E. Kates, C. Long, S. Conquest, P. Gordon, P. Hearn, S. Blair. THIRD ROW: B. Bowen, B. Fox, J. Sisson, M. Hecht, B. Marr, L. Briggs, L. Lavely, H. St. Clair, C. Carder, E. Silva, L. Benson, J. Baden, H. Rotman, N. Rosen. FOURTH ROW: R. Silverman, B. Totaro, P. Kay, L. Kemelgor. -I. Levi, B. Jacobs, H. Tanck, R. Betts, M. Fratkin. OFFICE ASSISTANTS -Q-,.. an V N . I: vu p M w -"YQ-Q., ' -yur, - . "Feet are the mort valuable there." if----- no Archilechus Feet-and a voice to answer the telephone, "Hello, student secretary speaking," and per- haps a little curiosity as to what goes on in the house or special-service offices are required in this job. The office assistants deliver notes and bulletins from their offices, take telephone messages, and do whatever odd tasks that need doing. Many NHS secretaries are convinced that their work depends on the help of office T assistants to run smoothly and efficiently. FIRST ROW: M. McManmon, S. Marks, N. Wt-iner, S. Stadtman. SECOND ROW: P. Meehan, N. Rowland, M. Zolli, C. Sylvester, B. Ward, J. Gilvar. THIRD ROW: Ci. Burke, C. Nussman, M. Wyman, If. Rose, D. Davis, M. Beard, B. Murray. FOURTII ROXV: I.. Benson, B. ll. Hill, Salamone, If. Suvitsky, F. Fisher, N. Rosen, A. lvlatytove, S. Matoian, T. Renda. FIFTH ROW: W. Myers, Ii. Goltlberg, C. Plotkin, B. jensky, M. Rosetiwgtld, S. l:l'fllllS0f1, M. Griswold. SIXTH ROW: Gentile, 1. Rohde, B. Fox, C. Miller, Ii. Steinberil. S. Dangel, D. Lipinsky, Ii. Kalman, R. Yukes. SEVENTH ROW: A. Rosentiorf, S. Hall, P. Harvey, B. Katilman, M. Blaustein, N. Ciccone, L. Coven, M. lsenberg. IYIGHTH ROXV: Mimi Calk, M. Sthiavone, S. Feinstein, R. Hoffman. 127 AMERICAN FIELD 1 4 . 'w l 1 l f OFFICERS J. Shane, Clnzifmang D. Wheelock, Vice-Cloairmang M. McManmon, Treasnrerg S. Couzens, Secretary. "Are we right in saying that there if one world, 01' that they are nanny?" Plato This year the American Field Service once again better world community. l performed the admirable service of personalizing NHS had two of its students abroad: Judy Dietz and personifying international relations. The stud- spent half a year in Germany and Bob Joyce journ- ents at Newton High School and the hosts here and eyed to distant Chile. Keeping his eye on the home li abroad are to be commended for their generosity and front was Chairman Jim Shane. All of us enjoyed hospitality. One must also admire the courage of knowing Tomoko Sumikawa, who came from japan. I the exchange students who brave the churning im- To all who participated in this international pro- mensity of the ocean to cross strange borders into gram: we salute you. a new country, school, and family for the sake of a H pl 1 i iz I ll 128 . l , 4 1 , , i LEEERVICE ' ,.ff.....-:nr-s--"' X ' I 6 x ,,f, "The tboughtx of mine bear!--I cmve no mor Spoke with me ami I was happy." L A ,,in17 ff ,,,,1M, S, ii 3 A 4 , f 1 3 130 I L M727 ' V 1.,, ei Euripedes 4 ,.. ,W fm MOTION PICTURE SQUAD "It if easy to be brave from az safe dir- mme." Aesop "Well, take this film and slip the reel over the Ccrashb spindle so the Qsnapb kep fits in the slot. Then take the end of the film Cswish -well, rewind it a littleb and put it through this first gear Ccrinkleh, then loop it up Cnot quite so tight . . .J and straight down behind the lens C greasy fingers . . .D. Now, loop it again and pass it through that other gear Q gent- ly . . .D and let it glide over the trailing arm Cyes, it bends, but NOT THAT FAR . . J, and out the back, and into the take-up reel. -What do you mean you don't have the right plug?" Members of the Motion Picture Squad show- ed films and filmstrips for NHS and for various civic organizations this year as well as initiating NHSers to the fascinating intricacies of the projected image. tv..lA,.. A1353 1 I I I I R. Benak, P. Bloom, E. Chamberlain, G. Collarta, T. Cox, C. Derick, E. Feldman, R. Fryar, J. Gerson, R. Jacobs, J. Klapper, A. Koltay, S. Lane, R. Metcalf, R. Pearlman, M. Riccio, D. Ricordi, E. Schreider, J. Strazzulla, N. Swartz, R. Wilbur, R. Yashinsky. GIRLS' LEADER CORPS W I.. FIRST ROW: M. Wyman, S. Smith-Peterson, D. Hunter, B. Huston, D. Whc-t-ltick, B. Chabot, B. Levin, A. Weiss, M. Ham. SECOND ROW: P. Gordon, P. Hearn, D. Finn-bt-rg, Kaplan, M. Lipsett, M. Steinman, A. Mastroiani, R. Kay, K. Cohen. 'IHIRD RONW: BJ. Hill, C. Carter, H. St. Clair, M. Hecht, M. McManmon, 1. Thomson, S. Finsen, M. Meyer, D. Fisher. Members of the Girls' Leader Corps, armed with whistles and wearing white blouses and shorts Cthis uniform being the greatest reward any NHS girl could want in the physical edu- cation department since its wearers are able to avoid the multi-colored, bloomer-pant, self- embroidered gym suitsj aid the Physical Edu- cation Department in organizing classes and at the same time learn some fundamentals about gym reaching. They use their whistles to bring class to order, then take attendance and help set up teams and equipment for the activity of the day. They are often given special in- struction before a particular sport season be- gins on the rules and use of equipment for that sport. These are fitting successors to the fleet Atlanta. Olympics, here we come! FOLKSINGING r "f'f , V in f f "If you Jet your defire on pliilofopliy you niufl ut once propose to rneet with ridicule und the jeerx of niuny who will Juy, 'Here be it uguin, turned plailoiopherf' Epicretus Each week the members of Paidea, the dis- cussion group, meet at a private home to discuss some topic. Such matters as Good and Evil, Prejudice, Zen Buddhism, "Going Back to Na- ture," Mysticism, Poetry, and War have run the discussion gauntlet this year. Members of Paidea-whoever wishes to at- tend a meeting-discuss matters which "puzzle or excite" them. They set forth problems and eagerly analyze the solutions of past and con- temporary historians. Once aware of such vary- ing opinions, they reevaluate their own ideas and start wondering about new questions. .do fue. . AN.. PAIDEA "A rour of glud tbroutr echoed down the breeze." Euripides The Eolksinging Club, now in its third year, continued to hold bi-weekly meetings at which one and all could come and sing. The Club was ready, willing, and able to sing almost any folk- song from Aluburnu Bound, to Zuck, the Mor- rnon Engineer, in languages from Bantu to Yiddish. The Club has also successfully resisted many powerful temptations-Coverb organiza- tion, vulgarization of material, and over-instru- mentalization. Highlights of the season were the Hootenannies at the Huntington Ave. YM- CA and the evening sessions with the South High group. FIRST ROW: P. Gilman, R. Berezin, J. McCann. SECOND ROW: J. Medalia, S. Helman, S. Ross. THIRD ROW: M. Cohen, S. Gross, P. Gilman, J. Lepie. 132 Early this year in the town of Aiyetoro, Wfestern Nigeria opened its first comprehensive high school. It is composed of a grammar school for college-bound students, a technical school, and a modern school offering a general education. This demonstration school, constructed on the site pictured below, was planned and built jointly by the Nigerian Government and the United States' A.I.D. CAgency for International Developmentb. The United States Govern- ment delegated its role to Harvard University which then shared its responsibility with the Newton school system. The school has adopted the latest teaching programs: chem- ical-bond chemistry, PSSC physics, modern math. The school, whose students come from varied backgrounds, goes from 7th grade to freshman year in college, with the same faculty members teaching the entire age range. The faculty is now composed of fifteen Nigerians and fifteen Americans. Once the school is firmly established, it will serve as a model in academic methods and architectural design for high schools throughout Nigeria. Mr. Spencer C. MacDonald QEQASPA 55 ay, -ily. "' p ' i . i ii' i 7 al x . . 5 .V i 2 1' We have spoken much of the value of appreciating a heritage. This year, Mr. Spencer MacDonald and Miss Bonnie Allen, two NHS teachers, transplanted themselves and their heritage to Nigeria. They will give of that heritage at the school in Nigeria. And perhaps, they will find a means of better examining and evaluating their own heritage by seeing it in the light of another. '- , 5. - K -K Q .Jr- 4. 133 fi' V 9 3:5 'Psi If Q ly I xst MJ QI? 1 4. f 7,9 'ZS' ft.. o - x . fi' . w v, Y., 1 4' lg? A X. , ,V,, , ,vga , ., Qing., 1.-. ,KW 'J - 'N . 'i- 5,5 .L 4 fp ff 1 . 4, ,. ' A. f ' 'hi A Q Ax if 335, fi ty N 0 cw V 1 f Q X W 1 1 ' 0061 ,, ff X M, ' fgsf! K '..fa J X M 'si- .vig , .QQ , , ,.,,, , . . vQ,'.Z, 5, I ' ,'.z'i:,pL . L E-154, fs: Ff , , ff'fj':fl,-.11f35, I.-jg 3,16 ' - ffrfi? ,f 155:13 - A Lvgi-gg " aff' -J zg: L w fm Un -1- ' '-f 'mf . f, ,z 7 .--az. fi .f .1 N :.' 551-. TY-Q V ' fl'13i5'?vL:'2A W. p.:-rn , --.w-31:1 x l 4. ,. swim - 3, Q n .A . "Iii-.Q.,,5'.-. ' 7'-'Efg'P'3'!:'.x V I L. N-I RER '- .15 fi - .flu-1 ,lbgk 1 W A L. ,, f .uQ,g.,-wi'3S',i:". -,gQgP1gq:3 -. 'Yviagg u:53'1--3 VQLJ- ' - SSH '3"'im. ' L. A 'a.'5,k:',x new xS"?w:..-.- - ' , 1'-.Q:, . LSC' .JJ - f' 4 iftr, :'9.1f"Q'fi'f? w ..f A- -L+ 'Q' 4' '55:4x:..3-.3523 'A x,'.,r,1 my Q:-P -, 1 5 1 : :Bw 5 Qjfqg V W, " ,"T'4 Jngq V ' I ikixsl H, 1-10: . 13' L':',,,zMQfe.w,.1.. rf-f:?'Twg-1,l, .. ,W ,,?b,.x. 1. 'ne-5' "y.::"f,iU X 'J."w-x -:f-."r"m:f', , J' 71 .fm .,U' ,114 M 1 , . X X. x "..,e li f - ff u X "Those having torches will pass them on to others." Plato A short time ago Newton High School was for all of us only a place where we would spend three years. Some walked up the steps that first day, hands outstretched, eager to receive what was going to be passed on. Others walked in with hands clenched tightly in pockets, prepared to remain in- different for three years. Something was handed out on that very first day- something more than a homework assignment or a book receipt-something that still keeps coming today. It is strange and intangible. Quite naturally it became part of those who entered with hands outstretched. When those who had resolved to accept nothing unclenched their fists and pulled them out of their pockets, they found it belonged to them, too. It is made up of the discussion of Mrzcheth in English class one day when Shakespeare turned out to be really exciting, in the biology lab when worms were on the examination table right after lunch, in the chemistry lab when an acid and a metal were combined and bubbled into hydrogen gas. There was that well-turned sentence in a foreign language and the thrill in math when the loose pieces suddenly fitted together perfectly. It was recognizing the events of our history textbooks recurring in the world. The afternoon jam- sessions and the Tigeramas and dances were part of it. There was the disappoint- ment when Newton lost the State Hockey Finals in '61 and the pride when Newton beat Brookline to become Suburban League Football Champs in '62. And then there is the thought of saying "hi" in the corridors to so many more people today than three years ago. All this might be called a torch. It contains and gives light and warmth. It is easy to grasp and can be handed to others without losing its radiance. And this seems to be our role as Seniors-to pass this torch on . . . and to look ahead toward the glimmer of a new one. X ,Q EQN1 N ! Y' 3: 1 lg J. : fp i , T- T X 7, ' ' 1 136 SHELIA MARIE ADAMS 183 Walnut St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Slippery halls when it rams. Ambition: To get out of Newton High. Palmer, Lexington, College. Field Hockey 1, Art 1. LEO NEAL ADKINS 35 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Neal Fondest Memory of NHS: Junior year with all commons room studies. Ambition: To get all A's. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 3, Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, Stage Crew 2, Traflic Squad 1, 2, 3. WALTER HARRIS AISNER 40 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Wally Favorite Expression: You should live so long! Ambition: To get a C in English. Beals, Day, College. Orange Book 2, Football 1, Soft- ball 1, Stamp Club 1. JOYCE ELAINE ALBAN 325 Cabot St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: "Diz- zy" and New England Drama Festival. Favorite Expression: "George!" Adams, Day, College. Senior Play 3, Drama Festival, Yesiaerg 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 6 3 i. 3 'S .-at Q "ln youth so 1"dSb.07' in age so wise . . ." Sophocles H BETH CAROL ALXEXANDER 20 Coyne Rd., Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: Being in Mr. Papa's homeroom for 3 years. Pet Peeve: Thinking up a pet peeve that's different. Palmer, Weeks, College. Future Teachers Club 2, 3, Sail- ing Club 2, 3, House Council 2, American Field Service 3. MYRNA OVEN ALFORD 450 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Minerva, Myrn Pet Peeve: Trying to find an empty dressing room in A Block gym with Sue. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. O'Connor's class, junior year??!! Adams, Day, Housewife. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3, Science Fair 1, Music Club 1, 2, Class Committee 1, Z. JURIS GUNARS ALKSNITIS 32 Kimball Terr., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Gas leak in the middle of Latin class. Pet Peeve: Being kept overtime in math class. Beals, Day, College. House Council 1, Basketball 1, 2, Music 1, 3, Madrigals 2, 3. WILLIAM GORDON ALLEN 376 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Gordy Pet Peeve: Big assignments over vacation. Fondest Memory of NHS: The White House trip. Riley, Day, College. Civics Committee 2, 3, Newtonire 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Youth Sym- phony Orchestra 2, 3. BEVERLY JEAN ALPERT 34 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Bev Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I opened the letter from Pembroke. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites and soggy ice cream sandwiches. Adams, Day, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Newtonian 3, Orange Book Staff I, 2, Class Committee 2. JOEL ALPERT 80 East Side Parkway. Newton Fondest Memory of NHS1 Hot dogs in the cafeteria. Favorite Expression: I don't know. Palmer, College. intramural Sports 3, Music Club l, 3. 4 Ax ,A X 1: '4 '27 CARL RALPH ALSMEYER 15 Stratford Rd., West Newton Favorite Expresison: Engineer Alsmeyer. Fondest Memory: Union Meet- ings in shop. NTHS, Warren, College. Physics Club l, 2. ROBERT MARK ALTER 26 Westchester Rd., Newton Bob, Alts, Scoop Favorite Expression: Hey, Beren- son, is that your only tie? What kind of knot is that, a half- hitch? Fondest Memory: Talking about the D.F.A. in front of 700 stu- dents, 30 teachers, and the Prin- cipal. Bacon, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Newtonite 2, 3, Senior Play 35 House Council President 3. NALAYINI AMARASINGHAM 83 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Nala Ambition: To be a doctor. Favorite Expression: "Chronic" Riley, Ladies College, Colombo, Ceylon, College. International Club 3, Music Club 3. JOSEPH ALFRED AMENDOLA 42 West St., Newton Butchie Favorite Expression: You're an ignoramus. Pet Peeve: Girls that llirt. NTHS, Day, College. DAVID GEORGE ANDERSON 157 Stanton Ave., Auburndale Dave Ambition: To beat Arnold Pal- mer. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Hall. Beals, Warren, College. Golf 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. MARY ELLEN ANDRICK 59 St. James St., Newton Mary Fonclest Memory of NHS: The G-Blocks I missed in my junior year. Ambition: To graduate. Riley, Bigelow, College. Drama Festival 1, Leader Corps 2, Field Hockey 1, Outing Club 1, 2, 3. JOHN THOMAS ANNIS 232 Bellevue St., Newtonville Johnny Favorite Expression: Lover boy Jones. Fondest Memory of NHS: Union Meetings of the Electrical Shop. NTHS, Meadowbrook, College. JONATHAN ANNIS 427 Walnut St., Newtonville Jon Fondest Memory of NHS: Living across the street from WHS. Riley, Day, College. Tigerama Committee 3, Drama Festival 1, 3, Rifle Club 3, Ski Club 2, 3. SUSAN ELLEN APPEL 170 Fuller St., West Newton Suzi Ambition: To make a jump into Fenway Park during an "R" and "Y" game. Fondest Memory: Bargaining for a cheetah at the Franklin Park Zoo. Bacon, Warren, College. Tigerama Committee 1, 2, 33 Commons Room Committee 1, 2, 33 Studio 2, 3. VINCENT ARMANDO ARCURI 11 Raymond Pl., West Newton Vin Fondest Memory of NHS: Those trips with Mr. W. W. Favorite Expression: How are you, Paesan? NTHS, Warren, Business. Baseball 1, Basketball 1, 2. "First of all things was chaos made." Hesiod "The hateful wall that separated If them . . . GILBERT DOMENIC ARDUINO 39 Warren St., Newton Centre Foxie Fondest Memory of NHS: Sully. Pet Peeve: My big feet. NTHS, Weeks, Business. Administrative Aids 3. FREDERICK DOUGLASS MOSES ARONOW 303 Franklin St., Newton Corner Fred Fondest Memory of NHS: J. C.'s chemistry classes. Pet Peeve: I.B.M. style bureauc- racy. Barry, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, Fact Sheet 2, 3, Art 1. NANCY GAIL AVERY 20 Princeton St., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: My guidance counselor's ofiice every morning. Pet Peeve: Not enough last period studies. Beals, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 1, Future Teachers 2, Library 2, Spanish 3. STEPHEN ALAN AXELROD 27 Wesley St., Newton Axel Fondest Memory of NHS: The day we had an ice cream party in 322 for Miss Ferone. Favorite Expression: "It's more true than false." Riley, Bigelow, College. Senior Play 3, Madrigals 35 Chemistry Club 2, 3, Harvard U.N. 2, 3. VERONICA ELAINE MARIE BABCOCK 1387 Washington Street West Newton Vicky, Venus Fondest Memory of NHS: Seeing that "certain someone" Working in the tunnels. Ambition: Actress or secretary. Adams, Warren, Business. Drama Club 2, Ushers 1, 2, Sen- ior Play Property Committee 3. JUDITH ANN BADEN 10 jackson Terr., Newton Judi, Jude Favorite Expression: Don't let it bother you. Fondest Memory of NHS: "DOS" and all the fun we had. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Newtonian 33 Home Room Man- ager 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 1, 2, 3. CAROL ANN BANQUER 20 Gordon Rd., Waban Pet Peeve: People who can't pwwonounce theiw "R's" Fondest Memory of NHS: The Classes of a Self-Styled Socrates. Beals, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Newtonian 3, International Club 2, 3, Russian 1, 2, 3, Secretary 2. PAUL JOSEPH BARI 117 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Goupie Fondest Memory of NHS: The first time I took out that certain cheerleader. Ambition: To get Newton's Var- sity Baseball team into the state finals. Riley, Day, College. Rally Committee 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Ice Hockey 2. EILEEN RUTH BASS 4 Wimbledon Circle, West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Favorite Expression: Coffee, Tea, or Milk. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 35 House Civics Committee 1, 2, 3, House Council Secretary 3, Drama Club 1, 2, 3. TERESA BATTISTA 32 Dalby St., Newton Terry Fondest Memory of NHS: My senior English class. Pet Peeve: Stairs. Bacon, Day, Business. 'Q ,AAD 441 018' MALCOLM VERNON BEARD 347 Central St., Auburndale Mickey, Dingleberry Fondest Memory of NHS: Jeff Hicks mending split ski pants in front of the ladies room. Ambition: Football 8-1, Basket- ball l6-4, Baseball 18-2. Barry: Warren: College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3. BARBARA ANN BECKWITH 17 Bruce Lane, Newton Pet Peeve: Verbosity. Favorite Expression: "Be Specilicf' Beals: Bigelow: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Music 1, 2, 3: Orchesis 1 Presi- dent, 2, 3: Folksinging club 1, 2, 3. WAYNE MICHAEL BENNETT 412 Wolcott St., Auburndale Wayne Fondest Memory of NHS: "The King and I." Amibition: To get all last period studies. Riley: Dreher High: College. Spring Musical 2: Junior Work Day 2: Orchestra 2, 3. JON KENNETH BERENSON 288 Homer St., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: No, that's NOT the only tie I have! Yes, I made the knot myself!! Fondest Memory of NHS: All the fun I've had at the greatest high school I've ever attended. Palmer: Weeks: College. Treasurer of the Student Council: Baseball -1, 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3. ROBERT ALAN BEREZIN 90 Forest Ave., West Newton Bobby Ambition: To attain a final exit to this beloved institution of learning. Pet Peeve: Too many grubbs. Adams: Warren: College. Reflections 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 2, Treasurer 3: Debating Club 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3. g DOTTIE ANN BERGEN 27 Broadway St., Newtonville Dottie Fondest Memory of NHS: A certain someone. Favorite Expression: I told you so. Bacon: Day: Business. Basketball 3: Field Hockey 2: Softball 3. "I slew my mother, tlmtiv my mleim Euripides KENNETH ALAN BERK 58 Greenlawn Ave. Newton Centre Ken, Turk, Kenya Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore chemistry in J. C.'s class. Favorite Expression: "Izzat nice or what?" Barry: Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 1, 2, 3: Football 1: Key Club 1, Vice-President 2, President and Lieutenant Gover- nor division 5-w 3. CARL SANDLER BERKOWITZ 93 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Kids who won't join the marching band. Favorite Expression: Ciest la vie! Beals: Day: College. Central Civics Committee 2: House Civics Committee 2, 3: Latin 1, President 2, 3: Marching Band 2, 3. GLORIA SUSAN BERMAN 13 3 Evelyn Road, Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: "King and I" in my junior year. Ambition: To be a teacher. Adams: Weeks: College. Newtonian 3: Spring Musical 2: Latin Club 1: Music Club 2. LINDRA LEE BEST 124 Fordham Rd., West Newton Lin, Linnie, Farmer, Evil Fondest Memory of NHS: "Our Corner, eh Leger?" Pet Peeve: Getting people to pro- nounce my first name correctly. Palmer: Warren: College. Junior Class Committee 2: Senior Class Committee 3: Senior Play 3: House Council 1. JAMES PETER BILEZILIAN 474 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Jimmy Fondest Memory of NHS: Fo- TiPaDraKiSeProGra. Favorite Expression: Well, here we go again. Bacon: Day: College. House Civics Committee 1, 2, 3: House Council 2, 3: Greaner Boston Youth Symphony Orches- tra 2, 3: All State Orchestra 2, 3. CHESTER BENSON BLACK 27 Lodge St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mrs. Levine's English class and Jan. 1, 1962. Favorite Expression: Get lost! Beals: Day: College. Home Room Manager 1, School Exchange 1, Treasurer of Class 1: Class Committee 1, 2. PAUL J. BLACKWOOD 18 Whitlowe Rd., West Newton Chubby Fondest Memory of NHS: My talks with Mr. Gradone. Pet Quotation: What's happen- ing, Jack? Palmer: Warren: Service. Workshop 1: Newtonite 1. NOREEN ALLYN BLANK 155 Grant Ave., Newton Centre. Reenie, Reen Fondest Memory of NHS: Fo- TiPaDraKiSeProGra. Amibition: To keep in touch with L.C., D.F., N.G., and N.B. Bacon: Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Drama Festival 2: Latin Club 2: Music Club 3. fu "Many wonders there be, but not more womierous than man." Sophocles CI-IERYL LYNN BLAQUERE 14 Gilbert St., West Newton Mousie, "Sherry Baby", Lil Pet Peeve: Doug. Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great kids, many parties, and games. Babbit, Ginni. Barry: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, 35 Tigerama Committee 3: Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Majorette 2, 3. MARYLYNN SUSAN BLAUSTEIN 44 Colgate Rd., Newton Mara Pet Peeve: Boys who wear horn- rimmed glasses. Beals: Warren: College. Drama Festival 1, 2, 3: Civics Committee 3: Latin 1, 2, 33 House Oflice Assistant 1, 2, 3. JACQUELINE BLODGETT 156 Melrose St., Auburndale Blodge Fondest Memory of NHS: All the fun with "Otto-Magnif' Favorite Expression: "Hi Hon!" Riley: Warren: College. Civics Committee 2: Home Room Manager 1, 2: Orange Shield 2, 3: Student Office Secretary 2, 3. NOWELL Z. BLOOMENTHAL 279 Chestnut St., West Newton Nowly Ambition: To always be extreme- ly happy and exceptionally wealthy. Pet Peeve: Unhep teachers who can't teach. Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3: Key Club l, 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3. WILLIAM B. BLUM 56 Kenwood Ave. Newton Centre Billy Fondest Memory of NHS: Lan- guage Lab with Mrs. Ebb. Ambition: To teach a certain math class. Palmer: .Weeks: College. Intramural Sports l, 2, 33 Ushers 2, 3: Baseball l, 2: Golf 3. ARLENE RITA BONTEMPO lll5 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the Lambs. Ambition: To assume a signifi- cant role in our complex society. Barry: Day: College. Newtonite 1, 2: Tigerama Com- mittee 3g Tennis 2, 3: Drama 3. ff-'L W 06 SUSAN BOOKS 59 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: Going on strike during a "sweat shop" in a certain History class. Ambition: To be the only girl in more classes like A. P. Chem- istry. Beals, Bigelow, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 2, Sailing Club 2, 3, Newtonite Fact Sheet 2, 3. NEAL MARSHALL BORENSTEIN 180 Evelyn Road, Waban Schmeallybug Ambition: To know the real dif- ference between Illinois Math and the "high-priced spread." Pet Peeve: Those pompous pe- dantics from Zabranchburg High. Adams, Weeks, College. House Civics Committee 1, 2, Newtonian Advertising Editor 3, Junior Class Committee 2, Chair- man of Clubs Commission 3. MARILYN SUE BORNSTEIN 28 Westchester Rd., Newton Crisco, Bugs, Smiley Pet Peeve: People that never smile. Fondest Memory of NHS: Being one of the dwarfs. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 35 Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Student Oiiice Secretary 2, House Activi- ties Committee 2. DONNA RAE BOROFF 38 Southgate Pk., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: All my mad times, bad times, sad times, and glad times. Favorite Expression: What was I going to say? Bacon, Day, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Ushers 2. 1 MARK BRUCE BORTEK 55 Woodlawn Dr., Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory of NHS: Those "no-school days" at Caroline Park. Ambition: "Doctor" Bortek. Barry, Bigelow, College. Legislature 3, Orange Shield 3, House Council 2, 3, Civics Com- mittee 3. BARBARA ANN BOUJICANIAN 943 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Barb, Bou j, Popeye Fondest Memory of NHS: Watch- ing people pat Nette on the head. I Prophesy that: A future first- lady will pass through the doors of the Waldorf. Barry, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 3, Rally Commit- tee 2, 3, House Council 2, Class Committee 2, 3. -.. . -Qu. 48 Wx W ., 'WS Skt X. 'Q 1 ,,,V.. Z Z 7 f sf. il ,,., BARBARA ELLIS BOWEN 414 Waltham St., West Newton Barb Ambition: To meet that certain someone! Pet Peeve: Homework and the "Empty" Cafeteria. Beals, Warren, College. Newtonite 2, Ushers 1, 3, Music 2, 3, OHice Help 2, 3. LAWRENCE PHILIP BOWEN 379 Austin St., West Newton Larry Ambition: To cross The River Lethe. Fondest Memory of NHS: 385 feet. Riley, Warren, College. House Council 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 3, Sophomore Orientation Com- mittee 3. PAUL JOSEPI-I BOYLAN 142 Pine Grove Ave. Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory of NHS: Grad- uation day! Ambition: Restaurant manager. Riley, Our Lady's, Business. Work Shop 3, House Council 3, Music Club 3. SUZANNE JUDITH BRACKMAN 126 Langdon St., Newton Ambition: To go to M.B.I. with K.C. Fondest Memory of NHS: Those math classes with Mr. Bailey. Adams, Bigelow, College. Newtonite 1, French Club 33 Future Teachers 3, Music Club 3. "In strange ways haw! 150 know gods come to men? +0017 71 ifurgacl 11 '1 . '11, . -1 to 2 naar! 5111111111-1 ,1 t QW Sophocles 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 .1 1 1 1 1 11 1 1 1 1 ,1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 "The savage warriors, battle mad . . ." CHARLES M. BRAND 29 Furber Lane, Newton Charlie Favorite Expression: BITE! Ambition: To be a weatherman. Palmer: Weeks: College. Traffic Squad 1, 2: Meterology 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN BRAWN 191 Grove St., Lexington Steve Calias Orrinb Ambition: To earn 55250 a week, and grab what I seek. Favorite Expression: Oh No!! NTHSg Lexington High: Busi- ness. STEPHEN M. BRECHER 47 Crosby Rd., Chestunt Hill Steve, Breck Favorite Expression: One more once and cool it. Fondest Memory of NHS: Par- ties, weekends, and Chemistry with j.C. Bacon: Weeks: College. Baseball 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: House Council 1, 3, Basket- ball 1. GEORGE A. BRENER 25 Loring St., Nevgon Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Barry House. Ambition: To be an educated QD man. Barry: Bigelow: College. House Civics Committee 2g New- tonian 55 Latin 23 Rifle 2, 3. LEONARD KENNETH BRICK 60 Russell Rd., West Newton Benny Favorite Expression: If you think I'll eat that, you're crazy. Ambition: To see Newton High collapse. Beals, Day, College. IANICE ELAINE BRINDLEY 590 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Jan Pet Peeve: Too much homework! Fondest Memory of NHS: Being in Riley House! Riley: Warren, Business. Ushers 2. RICHARD BENNETT BROCK 27 Park St., Newton Corner Dick Fondest Memory of NHS: Prob- lems of Democracy. Pet Peeve: English. Adams: Weeksg Business. Baseball 1: Basketball 1, 25 Soft- ball 2, Intramural Sports 3. KATHERINE ANN BRODERICK 27 Whitney Rd., Newtonville Kathy Fondest Memory of NHS: Mrs. Alterman's Jr. homeroom. Pet Peeve: Homework: too much, too often. Riley, Castro Valley High, Col- lege. Junior Red Cross Council 2g Junior Work Day 2, AFS 2, 3. GLADYS BONNIE BROWN 349 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill Bon, Bonnie Bonstance Fondest Memory of NHS: june 8, 1963. Favorite Expression: "You be- lieve it!" Barry: Bigelow: College. Newtonian 39 Ushers 2: Student Oflice Secretary 2, 33 Senior Play Committee 3. KEVIN BROWN 29 New Lexington St. Watc'rtown Pet Peeve: Mouse. Fondest Memory of NHS: W. W.W. NTHSQ Watertown High: Col- lege. Home Room Manager 1, Z, 31 Intramural Sports l, 2, 3: Future Teachers of America Club l, 2: Administrative Aids 1, Secretary 2. ED VICTOR CASAVANT 68 Pont Street, Nonantum Cas Ambition: Bartender. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Perera's history class. Adams: Our Ladyls: Service. Basketball 3: Intramural Sports 2, 3. DOROTHY LOUISE CASE 139 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Dottie Favorite Expression: "That's the only one Cmath problemj, I didn't do. Fondest Memory of NHS: Sur- prise birthday parties. Riley: Weeks: College. Field Hockey 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Madrigals 3: A Capella Choir 2, 3. ROBERT STEVEN CEDRONE 34 Clinton St., Nonantum Butch Favorite Expression: "Forget it" Fondest Memory of NHS: That certain incident. Bary: Our Lady's: College. Workshop 1, 2: Stage Crew 1: Basketball 1, 2: Intramural 1. LAURA MAY CERF 193 Ward Street, Newton Centre Lauz, Cerfie, Raggity-Ann Fondest Memory of NHS: "Klan ning" and "campaigning," The King and I weekend. Ambition: To go to Yale. Adams: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, Co-Captain 3: Newtonian 2, 3: Orchesis 1, 2, 3: Chairman of Drama and Assem- bly Board. BARBARA ANNE CHABOT 149 Washington Ave. West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the Lambs. Ambition: To go down to the Cape with Clarence. Palmer: Day: College. Newtonite 2, 3: Tigerama Com- mittee 2: House Council 1, 2, 3: Leader Corps 2, 3. MARGARET MARIE CHAMPION 68 Adams Ave., West Newton Peggy Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the lambs, riding the "Doby." Bacon: Warren: College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: House Council 1: Class Council 1, 2, 3. REGINA CHASE 6 Vincent St., West Newton Regi Ambition: To analyze a math student at Zabranchburg High. Pet Peeve: That there isn't a retirement plan for school build- ings over 65. Beals: Warren: College. Newtonite Ad StaH 2: Music 1, 2, 33 Spanish 2, 3: Beals House Secretary 1, 2. JOAN HAILA CHASNOFF 17 Stafford Rd., Newton Centre Joanie Fondest Memory of NHS: My junior year at Roxbury Latin. Pet Peeve: The mailman and my pal buddy in 2210. Riley: Weeks: College. Theatrical Make up: Orchesis 2, 3: Outing Club 1, 2, 3: Ski Club 2, 3. CAROL ANN CHERNEY 6 Ferncroft Rd., Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: My Junior Year. Pet Peeve: Long range assign- ments that are due on Monday. Adams: Weeks: College. Newtonian 3: French Club 2, 35 Future Teachers Club 2, 3: New- tonite 2, 3. CAROL GRACE CHEVRETTE 8 St. James St., Newton C.C. Fondest Memory of NHS: All the wonderful kids. Ambition: To become a secretary. Barry: Watertown High: College. "Oh God, why has thou made this gleaming woman T0 dog us on the happy ea1'th?f' Aeschylus AJC D I I ffw i I I n I I I I I I w 4 I tg K " ueen of fragrant Eleusis, Giver 0 earth? good gifts . . ." FREDLEY RONALD CHITEL 25 Sumner St., Newton Centre Freddi Pet Peeve: No G Block study. Fondest Memory of NHS: The nutritious lunches. Palmer, Bigelow: College. Intramural Sports 13 Spanish Club 2. CHAUNCEY CHU Jr. 112 Russell Rd., West Newton Chaunce Fondest Memory of NHS: Fo- TiPaDraKiSeProGra. Pct Peeve: Not being able to meet all the kids in the school. Bacon: Dayg College. Newtonian 33 Tennis 2, 3: Assem- bly Committee 2, 33 Music Club 1, 3. LEONARD A. CLINE 33 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Lenny Fondest Memory of NHS: The school cafeteria, waiting in line for food. Pet Peeve: Hall Blockers, keep- ing students from going to class. Beals: Bigelow, College. Newtonite 2, 33 Newtonian 33 Camera 2, 33 Baseball and foot- ball scoreboard. ARTHUR JOHN COGAN 23 West Pine St., Auburndale Arnie Favorite Expression: "SWEJ." Ambition: To be a senior for- ever. Rileyg Warreng College. Drama Festival 2, 33 Stage Crew 33 Ushers 1, 23 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. ,df HEL Homer 1 ,M ff if 147 BEVERLY SANDRA COGAN 882 Commonwealth Avenue Newton Centre Bev Pet Peeve: The last period stu- dies I never got in my senior year. Fondest Memory of NHS: The 2:45 bell on Friday. Adams, Weeks: College. Art Club 2g French Club 1, 2g Future Teachers of America 23 Outing Club 2, 3. ELAINE FAY COHEN 836 Walnut St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Lean- ing on Pulsifer Street. Ambition: To stay on a diet. Palmerg Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 2, 33 House Coun- cil 2, 33 Spanish Club 1, 2g Orange Shield 1, 2, 3. KAREN SUSAN COHEN 19 Chestnut Ter., Newton Centre K.C. Fondest 'Memory of NHS: Sue's schmoo. Favorite Expression: Chalk one up! Bacon: Weeksg College. Orange Shield 23 Newtonian 33 Drama Club 1, House Council 2, 3. LESLIE HOLLAND COHEN 18 Coyne Rd., Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: All those times in front of 22-E. Favorite Expression: Oh, yeah! Palmer: Chapel Hill: College. Field Hockey 33 Caduceans 33 Outing Club 3g Library 3. MICHAEL WILLIAM COHEN 20 Ovedoolc Park, Newton Centre Mike Fondest Memory of NHS: French classes in 1134. Pet Peeve: The mad dash to An- cient History. Rileyg Bigelow: College. Senior Play 33 French Club 33 International Club 1, 2, 33 Li- brary Assistant 3. RICHARD DAVID CONNOLLY 16 Wiswall St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Senior Prom. Ambition: To be a MILLION- AIRE. Palmer: Day3 Service. HC i li gi ef A '36 -nm ASW' JOYCE ANN CONONICO 191 Harvard Cir., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Junior Home Economics class with Mrs. Hilton. Favorite Expression: You better believe it! Bacon, Day, Business. Tennis 3, Volley Ball 2. JUDITH MARION CONQUEST 480 Walnut St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the lambs. Pet Peeve: Conformists. Barry, Day, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Orange Book 2, 3, House Council 1, 2, 3, Drama 1, 2, 3. JANICE D. CONRAD 386 Cherry St., West Newton Dorcas Favorite Expression: Wow! Fondest Memory of NHS: The school bus. Beals, Stent, Business. STEPHEN DONALD CON STANT 55 Fuller Street, Waban Steve, Moose Fondest Memory of NHS: My lunch period romances with Dol- ly R. and O'Reily. Favorite Expression: Your mud- der wears army boots. Adams, Weeks, College. Orange Shield 33 Newtonite 1, 2, 3, Sailing Club 2, Traffic Squad 2, 3. ROBERT STEVEN COPELAND 161 Waltham St., West Newton Bob, Bobby Pet Peeve: Fire drill from Build- ing I, fourth fioor. Fondest Memory of NHS: Sleep- ing during U.S. History lectures. Barry, Day, College. Drama Festival 1, Tennis 3, Drama 1, 2, 3, Latin 3. JOHN M. COREY 10 Regent St., West Newton Jack Fondest Memory of NHS: 2:45 P.M. Ambition: To succeed. Beals, Warren, College. Ice Hockey 1, 2, Intramural Sports 3, Latin 1, Spanish 2. "Dance like idiots in the wind . . ." 4"'.1E ,gas Aristophanes NANCY GAIL CORMAN 412 Fuller St., West Newton Nan Favorite Expression: "The biggest problem in the world could have been solved when it was small." Fondest Memory of NHS: Squash in the morning. Riley, Warren, College. Newtonite 1, 2, French Club 2, 3, Orchesis 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 3. LOUIS VINCENT CORNARO 75 Sheridan St., West Newton "Rags" Ambition: To do the things I always wanted to do. Favorite Expression: Speak now or forever hold your peace. Palmer, Warren, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1. JUDITH ANNE COSSABOOM 43 Newell Rd., Auburndale Judi, Jude Pet Peeve: Ground meat and baby food. Favorite Expression: That's pan- ical. Bacon, Warren, College. Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Ca- duceans 2, 3, Student Secretary 2, Commons Room Committee 1, 2, 3. LINDA ANN COVEN 34 Nobscot Rd., Newton Centre Beave Fondest Memory of NHS: Check- ing things out with Barbara, Betty, Sandy, and Trudy. Favorite Expression: "Believe it." Barry, Bigelow, College. Newtonian 3, Tennis 2, 3, French 1, 2, Latin 1, 2. JAMES THEADORE COX 57 Grovehill Ave., Newtonville Jimmy Ambition: To make 2, none". Favorite Expression: Say - Boy NTHS: Woodrow Wilson Jr. High: Business. MARILYN SUZANNE CRAVEN 42 Evelyn Road, Waban Mar Favorite Expression: What? Ambition: Find an SMK for N. Beals: Weeks: College. French Club 2, 3: Future Teach- ers Club 3g Ski Club 2: House Ogice Aid I, 2. GERALD STANLEY CREEM 41 Alderwood Rd. Newton Centre Jerry Favorite Expression: "High Pot, are you with me?" Pet Peeve: All those white cards. Riley: Bigelow: College. House Council 1, 2, 3: Tennis 2, 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: March- ing Band 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN PATRICK CROSBY 48 Ruthven Rd., Newton Corner Steve Fondest Memory of NHS: Thursday afternoons in the foot- ball locker room. Favorite Expression: "I should be a fullback." Riley: Bigelow: College. Civics Committee 3: House Council 2, 3: Football 2, 33 Outdoor Track 2, 3. 4' Y ,., .7 .. "Save and deliver us out of our heavy afflictiovzsf' Sophocles XJ EDWARD ALBERT CUNNINGHAM 25 Central St., Auburndale Ned Fondest Memory of NHS: J.C. Hall's chemistry class. Favorite Expression: Tea down. Bacon: Warren: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club 2, 5. JOHN WILLIAM CURLEY 142 Church St., Newtonville Jack Fondest Memory of NHS: Being elected MAYOR of HAMPTON BEACH. Ambition: Play M-L-B- For N- Y-G. Palmer: Catholic Memorial: Col- lege. Orange Shield 3: House Council 2: Intramural Sports 2. JOHN GILMORE CUSHING 142 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Jack Pet Peeve: Teachers! Favorite Expression: Hey, Charlie. Palmer: Warren: College. Newtonian 3. RODNEY WILLIAM CYR 79 Atwood Ave., Newtonville Ambition: To be a scientist. Pet Peeve: English teachers. Barry: Tamal Pais High School: College. Chess Club 2. SUSAN BARBARA DANGEL 41 Exeter St., West Newton Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing and mixing with all the great kids at NHS. Favorite Expression: You Believe It! Barry: Warren: College. Senior Play Committee 3: Stu- dent Office Secretary 2, 3: New- tonian 3: Music 1, 2, 3. BARBARA JOAN DANIELS 39 Noble St., West Newton Barbie Pet Peeve: Last block studies that never coincide. Fondest Memory of NHS: My junior and senior year with a favorite boy. Riley: Warren: College. Ushers 2: Library 2, 3. Q 0 """ .f fl 1 ci. P Y BETSY LEE DANIELS 94 Moffat Road, Waban Bets Fondest Memory of NHS: Eng- lish I-AA-2-D plus connotations. Pet Peeve: "Start pulsating . . . . H. L." Adams, Warren, College. Newtonian 3, Spring Musical 2, House Council 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. DONALD L. DANIELS WILLIAM FRANCIS DARGON 18 St. James Street Newton Corner Billy Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Peterson's algebra class of '61 and '62, Favorite Expression: Cousy hits with a pop. Adams, Bigelow, Service. Intramural Sports 2, 3. SUZANNE MARIE DAVENPORT 17 Ware Rd., Auburndale Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: My junior English class with Miss Gianferante. Favorite Expression: Swell, My Henry. Barry, Warren, Business. Tennis 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Drama Club 3. DEBBI DEE DAVIS 107 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Crans- ton game 1961, The Senior prom in my sophomore year. Pet Peeve: Losing football games. Beals, Day, College. Newtonite 2, Stage Crew 1, Mu- sic 1, 2, 3, Office Help 2, 3. RALPH GLENDON DAVIS 73 Wedgewood Rd. West Newton Dave Favorite Expression: "Are you serious?" Pet Peeve: Water bubblers that don't work. Riley, Warren, College. Cross Country 1, 2, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau 2, 3, Physics Club 2, 3, Key Club 3. 'f .. , f.-.Q X , , -. ' x f. S? SSR- I' 'Wm .,v ,N K lmijffffzy ffftlilil l if , W 1 1 JOSEPH MARK DEBETTENCOURT 18 Sterling St., West Newton Dubber Fondest Memory of NHS: St. Louis '62', St. john's and my junior year. Ambition: To return to St. Louis. Riley, Rivers Country Day, Col- lege. Science Fair 1, Football 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Out- door Track 2, 3. KATHLEEN DEFFELY 7 Auburn St., West Newton Kathy, Kate Favorite Expression: Chuckle, chuckle, laugh, laugh and choke. Pet Peeve: No last period study. Palmer, Warren, College. Vespers 1, Spring Musical 1, 2, 3, Music 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2. DONNA CLIFFORD DERICK 272 Chestnut St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: 1961 Eastern Red Cross Training Cen- ter, Hood College, Maryland. Favorite Expression: Saying noth- ing. Bacon, Warren, College. junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, Latin Club 2, 3, A.F.S. 2, 3. JOAN ELIZABETH DESTEFANO 367 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Fred, Destef Fondest Memory of NHS: N.R.'s PJ. Party, Measles, Last two weeks of my junior year with R.L. Ambition: To complete a full week of school. Barry, Day, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Tigerama glommittee 2, 3, House Council If I , 1, ,, ,i ' ,W -zzz., .' lg 41,7 .- 4 x Q . .WV - f. 13 X J 16 1 1? f ' ff! 1.1-4. it." ,.-,.....-, I JE IJ.'jl'5:i5x,i ,I , 4 arf, S., 5 ' .l.,f., f. ,. -. ,,,.s..s...,.w is S s. ,,:..g.-,1a:1x'a'-'Q . . 'f 3-I 43, t ' ,.,,.,.. , ' sph! Qpp 5 "Up, up to the very top 0 f the tower . " Aristophanes i fi.: ,3-o ' F'-' f L. f"C -L la "Who are you, sufferer?" NOREEN ANN DEVITO 47 Lexington St., West Newton Nor Fondest Memory of NHS: All the wonderful kids and teachers I've met during these past 3 years. Pet Peeve: One very nervous teacher. Beals: Warren: College. Spring Musical 2: Vespers 1g Future Teachers 3g Music 1, 2, 3. PAUL ALAN DEVORE 14 Holland St., Newton Kosher Pet Peeve: My best friend's girl. Fondest Memory of NHS: The chair in Miss Johnson's office. Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 3g Leader Corps 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Foot- ball 1, 2, 3. ANNE FRANCES DEZOTELL 30 Anthony Circle, Newtonville Bubbles Fondest Memory of NHS: June 11, 1960. Pet Peeve: Getting home on time. Palmer: Day: College. MARIO NINO DIBONA 33 Cook St., Nanantum Pet Peeve: I kept getting thrown out in my first two years. Beals: Day: College. lt: Aristophanes ROBERT D. DIBONA 33 Cook St., Nonantum Dibby Fondest Memory of NHS: Show- ing sophomores to classes the first day. Pet Peeve: Falling at least once a day. Bacong Day: Service. Orange Shield 2, 33 Tigerama Committee 39 Football 2: Intra- mural Sports 2, 3. JOSEPH WILLIAM DiDOMENICO 4 Bowers St., Newtonville El Toro Ambition: To buy a house on Crow's Point in Hingham. Pet Peeve: Nancy Greenman- What can I say? Barryg Dayg College. House Council 2g Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3g Intramural Sports 25 Music 3. JUDITH DIETZ 93 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Judy Fondest Memory of NHS: Wine on the Rhine. Favorite Expression: Das ist blod, Mensch! Beals: Weeks: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: House Council 23 Greater Boston Youth Symphony 23 American Field Service Student in Ger- many 3. ANNETTE MARIE DIRICO 263 Nevada St., Newtonville Annette Pet Peeve: Teachers who give homework. Fondest Memory of NHS: The gas leak in our sophomore year. Riley: Dayg College. Basketball 2, 3g Field Hockey 1, 2g Outing Club 2, 33 Commons Room Committee 2, 3. WILLIAM S. DONALD 12 Barnes Rd., Newton Center Bill Pet Peeve: Persistent teachers. Ambition: j.C. Bacon: Bigelowg College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 32 Ger- man Club 1, 2, 39 Rifle Club 1, 2: Gymnastic Team 3. SHEILA IRENE DONOVAN 34 Channing St., Newton Corner Fondest .Memory of NHS: RIM: parties in senior year. Ambition: To still be here in june. Adams: Our I.ady'sg College. junior Red Cross Council lg Tennis l. fi 99? L1 I , u ,H ' f -A i . ,4-gh QQ Y s -rwmqzea--if -ex New ,A .f .fwfwn ,g ,rf HQ? saw? W. Z 5' - Q 'l . If M2 ,QM 'foxy' -'ffl JJ ELLEN MARJORIE DORRIS 27 Ardmore Rd., West Newton Penny Fondest Memory of NHS: All the Tremendous, Terrific, Tedi- ous, Tough Times and Teachers that I have had. Favorite Expression: Yes, Smokey and I ARE twins! Bacon, Warren, College. Newtonian 3, Latin Club 1, Mu- sic Club 2, 3, Library Club 2, 3. JOHN CLAYTON DRAPER 62 Bellevue St., Newton Corner Deccon Ambition: To use a raft in the tunnels. Favorite Expression: Enough for an army. Barry, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Newtonite 2, House Council 1, Tennis 2, 3. DONALD ALAN DROURR 66 Cedar St., Newton Centre Don, Drowser Favorite Expression: Oh Grease! Fondest Memory of NHS: After school in 2210 and March 8, 1962. Beals, Weeks, College. Spring Musical 2, Music 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 2, 3. KENNETH ALAN DRUCKER 66 Marlboro St., Newton Kenny Pet Peeve: Called tardy while the bell is still ringing. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mrs. Ford's F-block study in my jun- ior year. Riley, Bigelow, College. Newtonite 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 2, 3, Class Committee. SHELDON MAURICE DRUCKER 56 Cypress Street, Newton Centre Shel, Shelly Fondest Memory of NHS: Win- ning at Cranston '61-The bus home. Pet Peeve: Orange Shield duty in the "Walled-oE." Adams, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 2, 3, Dance Committee 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. SANDRA JEAN DRUMMOND 134 North St., Newtonville Lambie Favorite Expression: It's Not my Fault! Ambition: To go to Texas. Palmer, Day, College. "The All-Seeing, Kindly Ones . . ." Sophocles CAROL ANN DUBINS 460 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Dube Fondest Memory of NHS: Some wonderful teachers and friends. Pet Peeve: Things and people that aren't what they seem to be. Bacon, Day, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, Newtonian 3, Orange Book 2, Drama Festival 1, 2. RONAD LEE DUBINSKY 33 Ruane Rd., West Newton Ron Ambition: College. Riley, New Preparatory, College. JOSEPH EDWARD DUMAIS 36 Parker St., Newton Centre Joe Favorite Expression: Hi ya kid- dies! Fondest Memory of NHS: Union Meetings in Electrical Shop NTHS: Weeks, Service. JOEL BARDNER DUNCKLEE 21 Tarleton St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Travel- ing in England. Ambition: Commission in the Merchant Marines. Barry, Weeks, College. MARY ESTHER DUTTON GLENN ELLIS 11 Pleasant Street, West Newton Favorite Expression: "Hey, you got the creeping grunge." Fondest Memory of NHS: All the jokes on the way to track meets. Adams, Day, College. Science Fair 2, 3, Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Cross Country 1, 2, 33 Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. PAUL ROY EPSTEIN 15 Voss Terrace, Newton Centre Paul Fondest Memory of NHS: Help- ing with audio-visual aids. Pet Peeve: Missing projectors. Riley, Weeks, Motion Picture Squad. ELAINE D. EVANS 61 Langdon St., Newton EW Fondest Memory of NHS: Study Hall with Mr. Spaulding. Favorite Expression: Get on to yourself. Palmer, Bigelow, College. 3 i xg. as 40? li hr-1 FAQ? "Trained in exercise and art, in sacred dances and in song . . ." .4 fy PAUL JOSEPH FARINA 99 Craft St., Newtonville Joe Favorite Expression: What a Howl! Fondest Memory of NHS: The Cafe! Beals, Our Lady's, College. Home Room Manager, Science Fair 1, Intramural Sports, Phys- ics 1. PATRICK ROY FAWSON 16 Kempton Pl., West Newton Pat Favorite Expression: Thatls hairy. Fondest Memory of NHS: The maroon Chevy and J.C. NTHS, Our Lady's, Business. SANDA-JO FEINSTEIN 80 Brackett Rd., Newton Centre Sandi Pet Peeve: "J" Fondest Memory of NHS: G block honor study in my sopho- more and junior years. Beals, Bigelow, College. Home Room Manager 1, House Civics Committee 2, 3, New- tonian 3, Student Oflice Secretary 2, 3. WILLIAM ALAN FELDMAN 29 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Bill Ambition: To be on time, to get a can. Fondest Memory of NHS: The day of the gas leak. Riley, Weeks, College. Baseball 1, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Junior Class Representative. SUZANNE ELIZABETH FERGUSON 133 Lowell Avenue, Newtonville Sue, Suzie, "S. F." Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the lambs. Pet Peeve: Me me ma moe moo, te do. Adams, Day, College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Class Treas- urer 2, 3, A cappella Choir 1, 2, 3, Student Oflice Secretary 2, 3. LINDA MARIE FERRERA I0 Fernwood Rd., West Newton Fumes Fondest Memory of NHS: The fun l had going on long trips to the book room for Mr. Papa. Pet Peeve: Having only one study. Palmer, Warren, Business. 01? 1 .1 A HELEN FERRICK 79 Staniford St., Auburnclale Hellion, Hel Ambition: Horses, money, and men-in that order! Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore year with my senior friends. Bacon: Warren: College. Girls' Chorus 1, A Capella Choir 2, Student Secretary 1, Rally Committee 3. NANCY ELIZABETH FERRIS 17 Bonmar Cir., Auburndale Pet Peeve: Teachers who think we never have enough homework. Fondest Memory of NHS: Sum- mer of '62, Barry House. Barry: Warren: College. Spring Musical 25 Leader Corps 1, 2, 3: Field Hockey 1, 2, A- capella Choir 2, 3. STEPHEN R. FIELDS 25 Warwick Rd., West Newton W.C. Fondest Memory of NHS: The wonderful home-cooked meals in the cafeteria. Pet Peeve: Waiting for last period study for three years and then not geting it. Beals, Day: College. Baseball 1, 3: Football 1, 2: In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3: Key Club 3. RAY VINCENT F IERRO 59 Hazelhurst Ave. West Newton Rav Pet Peeve: Tough sophomores. Ambition: Go on to school. Palmer, Day: College. Ice Hockey 1, 3: Gymnastics Team 35 Rifle Club 1, 3: Rally Committee 2, 3. g DEBORAH PAULINE FINEBERG 51 Homer Street, Newton Centre Debby Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Nelson's ceramic class. Pet Peeve: Going from the third floor of Building one to the third floor of Building three. Adams: Weeks, College. Leader Corps 1, 2, 3: Field Hock- ey 1, 2, Softball 1, 2, Outing Club 1, 2, 3. CONSTANCE GAIL FINNERTY 17 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Connie Fondest Memory of NHS: The Coast parties of Rourkels and Thumper. Ambition: To sail on the East- wind. Palmer: Weeks, College. Latin Club 1, 2, Field Hockey lg House Council 3: Rally Com- mittee 3. i tm Wg, , ,N SUSAN CARYL FINSEN 11 Sheffield Rd., Newtonville Schmoo Ambition: To be a West Point Cadet! Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore English with Mrs. Levine. Bacon, Day, College. Executive Committee 2, 3, New- tonian 3g Orange Book 1, 2, Ral- ly Committee 1, 2, 3. LOUIS LORN FIORENTINO 16 Nenland St., Auburndale Lou, Louie Ambition: To Graduate eventu- ally! Fondest Memory of NHS: The class of '63, the one that left me behind. Palmer, Warren, College. DIANE CHANDLER FISHER 22 St. James St., Newton Di, Dee, Dee-dee Pet Peeve: Not enough time to do everything! Fondest Memory of NHS: Eating ice cream cones in math class Cwhile studying conic sections- what else?D. Barry, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Newtonian 33 Girls' Athletic Board 2, 3: Field Hockey 1, 2, 3. JANICE A. FISHER 10 Arbor Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Play- ing hopscotch on the steps of building I with Mike Z. Ambition: To slide down the bannisters in building I. Riley, Day, College. Art Club 2: Music Club 33 Stu- dio 2, 3. . ,Am "S ou gs so pellucul, touching ull through- out, Eueu with the Muse's charm . . ." Lucretius f f"Q iQ "How vastly varied in own . . ." PETER WILLIAM F LATO 45 Frederick Street N ewtonville Flate Pet Peeve: The lovers and the loverettes. Ambition: To make the most money with least effort. Adams, Brookline High, College. Stage Crew 3: Rifle Club 1. JOHN LEO FLEMING 92 Manor Ave., Wellesley Flem Fondest Memory of NHS: 2:45 every day. Favorite Expression: You ought to be shot. NTHSQ Wellesley Junior High: Service. THOMAS FRANCIS FLEMING 19 Orchard St., Newton Corner "Big bad Bud" Fondest Memory of NHS: My 17 study periods with Mrs. Walsh. Favorite Expression: "What! Are you out of your mind." Beals, Our Lady'sg College. Orange Shield Captain 3: Intra- mural Sports 1, 2, 3: Senior Class Committee, Brighton Mer- chants. JOHN GERARN FLESSAS 32 Woodbine Terr., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: His- tory courses, especially room 2103. Ambition: To be the Only Bum with a College Degree. Palmer: William Howard Taft, College. Orange Shield 3, Future Teach- ers Club 35 Spanish Club 1, 2, 3. Lucretius VIRGINIA LOUISE FLOYD 454 Wolcott St., Auburndale Ginny, Tulsa, Brat, Flood Fondest Memory of NHS: Ex- ploring I..B. with Anne. Favorite Expression: Babbit, Cheryl. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Orange Shield 35 Cheer Leaders 1, 2, 35 Drama Club 2. DAVID K. FLYNN 167 Pine Street, Auburndale Irish Favorite Expression: "Swing it." Fondest Memory of NHS: Eat- ing lunch at Newtonville. Adams, Warren, Business. Orange Shield 33 Oiiice Worker 1, 2, 3. DONALD MACDOWELL FOLEY 93 Nonantum St., Newton Fol Pet Peeve: Rhode Island. Fondest Memory of NHS: I'l1 never tell! Riley: Bigelow, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 33 Football 1, 2, 3. MAUREEN TERESA FOLEY 430 Center St., Newton Corner Foley, Moe Fondest Memory of NHS: The 3 girls, and my sophomore year in Mrs: WofIord's English class. Favorite Expression: Let's go. Bacon: Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3: Rally Commit- tee 2g Field Hockey 1, Commons Room Committee 3. KEVIN C. FORD 19 Richard Circle, West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: The old fashioned quaintness of Build- ing one. Favorite Expression: But the school's too big! Adams: Day, College. Intramural Sports 2, 33 Rifle Club 2, 33 Outdoor Track 1, 3: Traffic Patrol 3. NICHOLAS LEONARD FORTE 40 Los Angeles St., Nonantum Nick, Nicky Fondest Memory of NHS: Tak- ing senior privileges in my jun- ior year. Favorite Expression: Will you guys act sober? Palmer: Day: Service . , 5? 31,35 . , ' 'f 17 -'US ,f -'L ., 5 , ,. fy . ,. ,R ee . ee . 1' p . S49 " RICHARD H. FOWLER 116 Dartmouth St. West Newton Dick Ambition: To kiss Judy. Fondest Memory of NHS: Four forty. Bacon, Warren, College. Tigerama Committee 3, Ice Hock- ey 1, 2, Rally Committee 3, Spanish Club 1. BARBARA JUNE FOX 112 Exeter St., West Newton Barbee, Foxy Fondest Memory of NHS: GNI- IKS-that's "skiing" backwards! Ambition: To eat "congruent spareribs" at Zabranchburg High School. Barry, Warren, College. Newtonian 3, Newtonite 2, 35 Music Club 1, Z, 3, Student Of- fice Secretary 2, 3. ROBERT KEENAN FOX 16 King St., Auburndale Bob, Lover, Guido, Foxie Fondest Memory of NHS: C. B.- P.'s exhibition in the cafeteria, and our Yarmouth Weekend. Pet Peeve: Love! Beals, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3. JEAN FRANCIONE 34 Woodraw Ave., Newtonville Trixie Favorite Expression: "You really really do." Fondest Memory of NHS: All the days I didn't come. Riley, Day, College. Newtonite 1, 2, Leader Corps 1, Home Ecnomics Club 1, 2, 3. ELLEN DOROTHY FRANKLIN 24 Bruce Lane, Newton Frankie Fondest Memory of NHS: Iota Phi Sorority, North Conway. Favorite Expression: Unbelieva- ble! Adams, Bigelow, College. Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Science Fair 2, Field Hockey 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3. THOMAS MICHAEL FRATICELLI 25 Simpson St., Nonantum Tom, Big, "T" Favorite Expression: "Take it easy. Pet Peeve: Those Parties!! Palmer, Bigelow, College. German Club 3, Ushers 2, 3, Football Manager 3, Internation- al Club 2, 3. "Tell me what right have you to meddle in this case?" 'TM Aeschylus Ctranslation M.Y.O.B.D HENRY JOSEPH FRATTAROLI 17 Fernwood Rd., West Newton Skin Favorite Expression: I'm going to quit smoking. Bacon, Warren, College. Boys' Athletic Board 2, 3, Ice Hockey 2, 3, Intramural Sporfs 2, 3. DANA ALICIA FREEDMAN 45 Westbourne Rd. Newton Centre Dane Fondest Memory of NHS: Swim- ming through the tunnels on rainy days. Favorite Expression: "I'm seri- ous." Riley, Bigelow, College. Drama Festival 2, Basketball 1, French Club 1, 2, Future Teach- ers 3. EDWIN ERNEST FREEDMAN 6 Holland St., Newton Corner Fondest Memory of NHS: Fun on the buses returning from ball- games. Pet Peeve: The aromatic tunnels in bad weather. Beals, Bigelow, College. Legislature 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, Chairman of the Beals House Commons Room Committee 2, 3. DAVID STEVEN FREIDUS 37 Locksley Rd., Newton Centre Steve Favorite Expression, Cut it out, I'm not that small. Ambition: To GROW!! Palmer, Weeks, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. MARCIA LOUISE FRENCH 70 Hatlield Rd., West Newton Frenchy Ambition: To graduate from NHS. Favorite Expression: 'Tm just a little kernel of corn and I'm too pooped to pop." Barry, Day, College. Leader Corps 2, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Softball 1, 2. LISA SUE FRIEDMAN 212 Grant Ave., Newton Schelp Fondest Memory of NHS: Par- ties, dates and wonderful experi- ences with Ray. Ambition: To return to the Dwarf Homstead. Orange Shield 2, 3, Newtonian 3, Drama Club 1, 2, Drama Fes- tival 2. PETER W. FURBER 11 King St., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: State Hockey Tournament- 1962 . Pet Peeve: The Boys' locker room. Beals, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 3, Orange Shield 3, House Council 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3. JAMES JOSEPH GANNON 61 Eddy St., West Newton Jimmy Fondest Memory of NHS: Ber- muda Day CKneesD. Fayorite Expression: "Oh, forget it. Barry, Our Lady's, College. Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Rally Committee 3, Football 2, Debat- ing Club 3. "A riddle too deep for common wits . . ." Sophocles PAMELA ELIZABETH GARDNER 7 Washington Pk., Newtonville Pam, Sweetpea Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing T.P. between classes. Favorite Expression: "Stink- weed! " Palmer, Bigelow, College. A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, Spring Musical 1, 3, Music Club 1, 3. WILLIAM FREDRICK GATH 28 Bemis Street, Newtonville Bill Fondest Memory of NHS: J. C.'s Curriculum 1 chemistry class. Pet Peeve: Sophomores. Adams, Day, College. Marching Band 1, 2, 3, Concert Band 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. JUDITH ANN GAUVREAU 123 Bridge St., Newton Judi, Guvnor-Judy-Baby-Kid Favorite Expression: Ding Dong! Ambition: To see T. H. really change her mind. Beals, Day, College. Civics Committee 2, 3, Orange Shield 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3. LAWRENCE DEANIS GAVINI 226 Nevada St., Newtonville Larry Pet Peeve: Teachers and school. Fondest Memory of NHS: The gas leak. Riley, Day, Service. Intramural Sports 1, 2. JAMES GEORGIAN JR. 181 Washington Street Newton Corner Wee Willie, Little "Mo" Il Ambition: To throw the l2 pound shot put 52 feet. Favorite Expression: Hi ya Dar- ryl! I-low are the Giants? Adams, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 1, 3, Indoor Track I, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2, 3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH KARLA GESMER 23 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Betsy Fondest Memory of NHS: De- scribing my favorite boolt, person and experiences in one sentence. Pet Peeve: Sophomores who ask me for directions when l'm ob- viously lost. Palmer, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, English Club l, 2, 3, Orchesis 2, 3, Newtonian 3. PETER BARTON GIFFORD 56 Somerset Rd., West Newton Giif, Pete Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times and laughs with D.R. Pet Peeve: My alarm clock. Bacon: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Basketball 2, 33 Ice Hockey lg Outdoor track 1, 3. ANGELO GIGLIOTTI 19 Cottage Pl., West Newton Pet Peeve: The special English class on X-Blocks. Ambition: Never to miss a New- ton soccer game. Barry, Warren, Business. Basketball lg Volley Ball 2. ALVA M. GILLVAN 17 Winchester Rd., Newton Al Favorite Expression: I don't be- lieve you said that! Fondest Memory of NHS: The weekend of October 11, 1962. Beals, Bigelow: College. House Civics Committee 1, Girl's Athletic Board 1: Newtonite 1: Future Teachers 3. MARTIN STUART GILMAN 55 Ballard St., Newton Centre Marty Fondest Memory of NHS: The walk from the third floor of building II to the fourth floor of building I. Pet Peeve: School. Riley, Bigelow, College. Biology Club 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Dance Band 2, 3. PHILIP LAWRENCE GILMAN 138 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Phil, Frog, Gorf Fondest Memory of NHS: The Voluntary Fourth Year. Favorite Expression: I-D-G-A-F- F-A-A-R-D CI'll explainl. Beals, Roxbury Latin: College. Legislature 1, 33 Chess Club 1, 2, 3. ROBERT PAUL GILMAN 14 Nothingham Street Newton Centre Bob Pet Peeve: Being called a sar- castic iconoclast. Ambition: To sell the two eleva- tor ticlcets I bought as a sopho- more. Adams: Bigelow, College. Intramural Sports 3: Senior Play Ticket Committee 3: Arabic Class 2, Chess Club 1, 2. ADW! ' X DONNA ELIZABETH GIROUX 204 North St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing T.S. after school. Ambition: To receive an "A" in Shorthand. Palmer, Day: Business. Rally Committee 3: Mixed Chorus 1, 2: Orange Shield 3: House Council 3. LESLEY BARBARA GLAZER 11 Stafford Rd., Newton Centre Les Favorite Expression: I'm taking the elevator to the penthouse. Ambition: To go to the Uni- versity of Illinois and talk to the math department. Bacon, Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 2, 33 Newtonian 3: Orange Book 1, 2, Rally Committee 2, 3. MICHAEL HOWARD GOLDBAUM 15 Mary Ellen Road, Waban Mike Fondest Memory of NHS: Morn- ing detention with my mother. Ambition: To have an undefeat- ed hockey team. Adamsg Weeks: College. Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: Home Room Manager 1, Newtonian 2, 3. ELLEN JOYCE GOLDBERG 83 Commonwealth Pk. Newton Centre Pet Peeve: People who ask me, "Are you still going with him?" Fondest Memory of NHS: All the fun I've had giving my friends nicknames. Barry: Weeks, College. Theatrical Make up 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Music Club 2, 35 Junior Prom ticket committee 2. "The fierce horrz threatens, the tuhed pipe excites their miuldened minds." Horner I 4 l T I is l A "Men's fninds are unstable toward women." JAY WILLIAM GOLDMAN 41 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Jay Fondest Memory of NHS: The steps of building I. Ambition: To remain forever in these hallowed halls. Riley, Weeks, College. Newtonian 3, Newtonite 1, 2, Tennis 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. ELLEN SARA GOLDSMITH 31 Dorr Rd., Newton Fonclest Memory of NHS: Mr. Seltzer's homeroom. Pet Peeve: Fire Drills from 1450. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Folk Singing Club 1, 2, 3, Or- chesis Vice President 2, 3, Spring Musical 2, Science Fair Second Place Winner 2. SARALEE GOLDSTON 16 Caroline Pk., Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: No school days at 16 Caroline PK. Pet Peeve: The tousycat. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 3, Newtonite 3, Drama Festival 2, Representative to House Council 3. LAWRENCE ALAN GOODMAN ll Garner St., Newton Centre Larry Fondest Memory of NHS: UIC- SM X321, Xl4a, Math lh4 with Mr. Shapiro. Favorite Expression: It's intui- tively obvious. It all derives from Einstein's theory of relativity. Beals, Bigelow, College. Newtonian 3, Science 2, Alpha Gamma Tau 2, 3, Physics 2, 3. Ovid SHEILA GOODMAN 65 Valentine St., West Newton Sheila Fondest Memory of NHS: Chip- luclar Kampe, summer, 1962. Favorite Expression: "There's a lot to be said for, and against 1t. Riley, Warren, College. Newtonite 1, 2. French Club 2, Latin Club 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. ROBERT JOSEPH GORDON 74 Eddy St., West Newton Gordy Fondest Memory of NHS: Leav- ing St. Mary's High School to come here. Pet Peeve: Teachers. Bacon, St. Mary's, Service. Orange Shield 2, Tigerama Com- mittee 3. STEPHEN FRANKLIN GORDON 174 Auburn Street, Auburndale Favorite Expression: "Hey, man! " "Whaddya say, man!" Ambition: One Corvette - Color: White, Interior: Red. Adams, Warren, College. Tennis 1, 2, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 2, Latin Club 1, Reflec- tions 3. ROBERT KENDALL GOSCH 166 Moffat Rd., Waban Bob Pet Peeve: Study with Miss Leone. Favorite Expression: Life with Mike! Palmer, Warren, College. Motion Picture Squad 2, 33 Or- ange Book 1, 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 1, Orange Shield 3. PAUL KENNETH GOUGH 18 Eliot Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: The day we got off because of the gas leak. Favorite Expression: Who me? Bacon, Day, College. Intramural Sports 2, 3, Drama Club l, Radio Club 2, 3, Rifle Club l. KAREN LESLIE GOULD 24 Brentwood Ave. Newton Centre Ambition: To become manager of the Boston Red Sox. Fondest Memory of NHS: Ma classe de Francais clans ma tleuxieme annee avec Monsieur Gaudet. Barry, Weeks, College. Theatrical Make up l, 2, 33 French National Honor Socie W 2, 3, Student Ofhce Secretary 2, 3, Folksinging Club 2, 3. '47 ' - . QQ l"'Q. 19" JA pan ca- , x N1 NSW MAUREEN LYNN GRANT 22 Waverley Ave., Newton Moe Fondest Memory of NHS: School vacations. Favorite Expression: "Get lost." Riley: Bigelow: College. Leader Corps 2: Field Hockey 1: Library Assistant 1: Outing Club 1, 2. JOHN JOSEPH GREELEY 61 St. James Street Horace Fondest Memory of NHS: My homeroom. Pet Peeve: Detention. Adams: Bigelow: College. JERRILYN RAE GREEN 538 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre jerrie Fondest Memory of NHS: Fo- TiPaDraKiSeProGra. Pet Peeve: People who ask me why I'm wearing sunglasses. Bacon: Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Orange Book 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3. RONDA SUE GREEN 21 Holland St., Newton Ronni Pet Peeve: Teachers who can't teach. Ambition: To be a chemist. Riley: Bigelow: College. Junior Red Cross Council 1, 3: Archery 1: Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 2, 3: Chemistry Club. VIRGINIA ANNE GREEN 8 DeForest Rd. Newton Lower Falls Ginny Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore math with Mr. Stevens. Pet Peeve: All the Tony-Boards in the "Target". Barry: Warern: College. Vespers 1: Leader Corps 2: Cho- rus 1. BARBARA RUTH GREENBERG 41 Exeter St., West Newton Barb, Barbie Fondest Memory of NHS: Drink- ing nectar on Mt. Olymus with all the other little gods. Ambition: To slide down the banister from 1406 to the Blue Grotto! Beals: Warren: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Leader Corps 3: Music 1, 2, 3: Student Office Secretary 1, 2, 3. "Silence is against our 1mtu1fes." l 'WX M Homer SHERI HARRIET GREENBERG 8 Vincent St., West Newton: Sheri Fondest Memory of NHS: The grave diggers, 5. Pet Peeve: 2204 and 1202. Riley: Warren: College. Newtonite 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Student Oflice Secretary 2, 3. GERALD M. GREENBLATT 25 Grant Avenue, Newton Centre Jerry Fondest Memory of NHS: Betsy's lifesavers. Ambition: To win an argument with Mike Cohen. Adams: Bigelow: College. Senior Play 3: International Club 3: Library Club 3: Music Club 2, 3. CARLTON EDGAR GREENE 19 Douglas St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: My proclivity toward frivolity and its consequences. Ambition: To be an acknowl- edged dillitante. Riley: Warren: College. Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3: Cavalry Club 1, 2: Debating Club 2, 3: Future Teachers 2, 3. NANCY PAULA GREENMAN 25 Ellison Rd., Newton Centre Nance, Greenie Fondest Memory of NHS: Seven in Dennis' "Vette" from Ho- Jo's. Favorite Expression: What can I say? Bacon: Weeks: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Newtonian 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: House Council 1. ELAINE GRACE GREENWOOD 58 Eliot Ave., West Newton Squeaky Pet Peeve: The room in the cor- ner of Building I third floor. Fondest Memory of NHS: Lunch in the Building I Girls room. Barry, Day, Business. Orange Shield 5, Rally Commit- tee 5. BRUCE ERNEST GREGORY 15 Orchard St. Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior G Blocks. Pet Peeve: Going to X Block assemblies. Beals, Bigelow, College. Dance Committee 1, 2, Intramur- al Sports 1, 2, 5. MARCIA PECK GRISWOLD 57 Randlett Park, West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Favorite Expression: Hi-ya! Adams, Day, College. Newtonite 2, 15, Tigerama Com- mittee 2, 5, Rally Committee 1, Drama Club 1. JOY HELEN GROSSKOPF 16 Westchester Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Three years in the zoo 125045. Pet Peeve: Being called jay Grasskapf. Palmer, Bigelow, College. "More and more madness . . ." KATHLEEN MARY GROW 44 George St., Newton Kathy Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the 5G. Favorite Expression: "Let's go." Palmer, Bigelow, College. Newtonite 2, Rally Committee 1, 2, 5, Tennis 5, Spring Musical 2. ELLIOT STUART GRUPP 40 Charlotte Rd., Newton Center Monster Ambition: to be able to drive to my left. Fondest Memory of NHS: Hit- ting 68 foul shots in a row. Bacon, Weeks, College. Basketball 1, 2, 5, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 5, Rilie Club 1, Latin Club 5. HEDWIG MARY GRZYBOWSKI 57 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Beals, Weeks, Business. Junior Red Cross Council. VIRGINIA CAROL HAGELSTEIN 156 Randlett Pk., West Newton Ginny Fondest Memory of NHS: The opera sing and the AFS week- ends. Ambition: To live in Copen- hagen. Riley, Day, College. National Honor Society 2, 5, House Council 1, 2, American Field Service Finalist 2, French National Honor Society 2. WAYNE ANDREW HAGSTROM 142 Crafts St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The Arlington baseball game. Ambition: To succeed in college. Barry, Classical High School, College. Baseball l, 2, 5, Basketball 5. DIANE LEE HAHN 51 Cotter Road, Waban Di Fondest Memory of NHS: Knur- ding '62, That snowstorm. Pet Peeve: Horizontal - Marv! Adams, Weeks, College. Assistant Home Room Manager 2, 51 Senior Play 5, Rally Com- mittee l, 2, Library Club l, 5. WILLIAM CLARKE HALSTEAD 1807 Commonwealth Ave. Auburndale Bill Fondest Memory of NHS: The run from the hill to the sled. Favorite Expression: Chug. Bacon: Warren: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2: Intramural Sports 1, 2. PATRICIA MARIE HAMILL 10 Arundel Ter., Newton Pat Favorite Expression: The Lord will provide!! Ambition: To become the best nurse that I can. Barry: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2: Stage Crew 2, 3: Junior and Senior class Repre- sentative 2, 3: Student Secretary 1, 2, 3. TRICIA ANN HARRINGTON 23 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Pat Fondest Memory of NHS: All the fabulous kids and the things we've done. Favorite Expression: "The Lord will provide." Adams: Warren: College. House OH'ice Assistant 1, 2, 3: Junior and Senior Class Com- mittees 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3: Stage Crew 2, 3. PAUL ALLAN HARRIS 263 Washington St. Newton Corner Spider Fondest Memory of NHS: My sophomore year with Mr. Boulter. Favorite Expression: He died. NTHS: Bigelow: Business. PETER FRANCIS HART 16 Rockwood Ter., Auburndale Ambition: To be the first one out of the stadium after gradua- tion. Fondest Memory of NHS: Ho jo's during X block of my junior year. Palmer: Warren: College. Aviation club 1, 2, 3. SUZANNE HART 18 Cappy Cir., West Newton Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: The five grave diggers. Ambition: To become a fashion model. Bacon: Warren: College. A Capella Choir 2, 3: Vespers 2: Music Club 1: Commons Room Committee 1. ,nn 4 "QQ 1, DIANE MARIE HARTMAN 54 Underwood Ave. Di, Dee Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the three lambs, my three years at NHS. Pet Peeve: Having to climb out the window of Dorr's car. Barry: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2: Dance Commit- tee 2: Latin Club 2, 3: Music Club 3. ASE HASSING 106 Nevada St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: All the games, especially those we won. Favorite Expression: Oh! Come off it! Beals: U. G. H. S. in Rhodesia, and Gordon in Washington D.C.: College. Senior Play 3: Music 3: Ameri- can Field Service 3: Girls' Chorus 3. STEVEN COBURN HAYES 26 Fairfax St., West Newton Steve Fondest Memory of NHS: Par- ties-hockey games. Pet Peeve: Inconsistent G Blocks. Riley: Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 2: Orange Shield 3. WHITNEY CHIPMAN HAYWARD 15 Woodbine Terrance Auburndale Ambition: To become illiterate. Fondest Memory of NHS: Float- ing sail boats in tunnel 1-3 with C.L. Adams: Warren: Business. "Rumor fired by womenk voices, as we know, is quickly spread." Ovid qs l l l l .UM "That is excellent, S ocmtes " CAROLYN MARY HEAMER 69 Charles St., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: The Derfers. Favorite Expression: Texas Long- horns! Palmer: Warren: Business. Student Secretary 1. JEFFREY PORTER HEATH 142 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS. The run from the hill to the sled. Favorite Expression: Keep Chug- ging. Bacon: Day: College. Football 1, 2, 3: Gymnastic Team 1: Outdoor track 2, 3: German Club 3. ELAINE BURGESS HENRY 55 Page Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS. The meetings I missed. Ambition: To go exploring. Beals: Day: College. Newtonite 1, 2, 3: Tigerama Committee 2, 3: Senior Play 3: American Field Service 1, 2, 3. GEORGE BRENDAN HERLIHY 29 Warwick Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: The Halloween Party in my junior year. Ambition: To go to College. Beals: Day: College. Rifle 1, 2: Sailing Club 1. X x ,au-vnu. TH 1 Q'- Plato 1 ROBERT ALAN HESSIAN 41 Lewis St., Newton Bob Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Pacl-rard's German classes. Favorite Expression: "You don't want to play ball." Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Book 2: Baseball 1, 2, 3: English Club 1, 2, 3: Key Club 2, 3. CATHERINE MARGARET HICKEY 62 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Cathy, Hic, Hickey Fondest Memory of NHS: The Grave Diggers 5: Shearing with the Lambs. Adams: Warren: College. Tigerama Committee 2: Softball 1, 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 3: Ollice Assistant 2, 3. BARBARA ANNE HICKS 12 Sylvester R., West Newton Barb Fondest Memory of NHS: The quiet X-Blocks with Mr. Seltzer. Ambition: To teach elementary school. Palmer: Day: College. A Capella Choir 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3: Newtonian 3: Future Teachers Club 1. BARBARA JEAN HICKS 49 Rochester Rd., Newton Barb Fondest Memory of NHS.: Work- ing in the Barry House oflice. Pet Peeve: Slipping on the wet tunnel floors. Barry: Bigelow: College. Science Fair 1: Leader Corps 2: Student oflice secretary 1, 2, 3: Newtonian 3. GEORGE LESLIE HICKS 5 Fairfield St., Newtonville Jeff Ambition: To get a pair of ski pants that won't rip. Pet Peeve: A loose ski binding. Bacon: Day: College. Football l, 2, 3: Baseball l, 2, 3: Basketball I, 2, 3: House Council I, 3. MARTIN HIMMELFARB ll7 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Marty Fondest Memory of NHS: The gas leak. Pet Peeve: Getting from 1408 to 239 in two minutes. Barry: Day: College. Debating Club 2: Radio Club 2, 3: Rifle Club l, 3: Marching Band l, 2, 3. ff' 205 A ' '2 .X , . S , 'fjifrs 1. WZQM ff . ' 311.5 in f -.,, af .. W if A ' 7 fi. 7 fi J 'V XHNNN'-r'v-,. V, ,2 g .,f a REBEKAH LORNA HOFFMAN 11 Blake St., Newtonville Rikki Fondest Memory of NHS: Shar- in' and comparin' with Elaine and Betsy. Pet Peeve: My height. Barry, Bigelow, College. Newtonite 1, 2, 3, Drama Fes- tival 2, Future Teachers Club 35 American Field Service 3. MICHAEL C. HOIGH 109 Hospiotal Rd., Medfleld Mike NTHS, Medfield High, Service. BEVERLY ELAINE HOLDRIDGE 162 Islington Rd., Auburndale Bev Pet Peeve. Paula! Fondest Memory of NHS: Going out with my sister's "brothers." Beals, Warren, College. Tigerama Committee 3, Senior Play Props Committee 3. NILS MARTIN HOLMSTRAND 17 Winthrop Ave. Newton Corner Neal Fondest Memory of NHS: Ger- man with Kenny. Ambition: To graduate ahead of J. Curly. Bacon, Meadowbrook, College. German Club 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 1, 2, 3. NANCY BETH HORWITZ 100 Evelyn Rd., Waban Nancy Pet Peeve: My nicknames. Fondest Memory of NHS: Being a "hot spoOlC" in 62 motorcade and all the kids. Riley, Weeks, College. Newtonian 3, Newtonite 2, Rally Committee 3, Future Teachers 1. DOROTHY MARIE HOUGH 379 Linwood Avenue Newtonville Dottie Fondest Memory of NHS: The motorcade, the great kids and the many laughs. Favorite Expression: Is that right?!! Adams, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 3, Rally Committee 3, House Council 1, 2, 3. 6176 And the shaggy, rough-weaned steeds 1 Wa v f fwgngs 164 X broken to bear the bit. I 7 Sophocles PETER D. HOUGHTELING 85 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Favorite Expression: "Nirvana!" Pet Peeve: The line art of B.S. Barry, Taylor Allerdice High School, College. International Club 33 Senior Or- chestra 1, 2, Student Council 1, 2. SANDRA LEE HOUSTON 137 Hichs St., West Newton Sandy Fondest Memory of NHS: Lead- ing Newton High Band. Claim to fame: My Brother War- ren, star of '65 football team. Palmer, Warren, College. Newtonite 3, Orange Shield 1, 2, Rally Committee 2, 3, Majorette 2, 3. GERTRUDE HOWARD 44 Whittemore Rd., Newton Trudi, Prudence Fondest Memory of NHS: Cheer- ing, Class of '62, Yogi Bear. Ambition: More p.j. parties at the Dwarf Homestead. Barry, Bigelow, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, Drama Festival 2, Cheer Leaders 2, 3, House Council 1, 2. HELEN MEREDITH HOWARD 21 Ithica Cir. Mud Fondest Memory of NHS: Eat- ing not "C" or "D" lunch but "Mr. Jacob's" lunch. Ambition: To find the homeroom with a truly silent "X" Block. Bacon, Warren, College. Leader Corps 2, Ski Club 39 Mu- sic Club 2, 3, Spanish Club 3. WILLIAM FRANCIS HUMINIK 29 Putnam St., West Newton Humjob Fondest Memory of NHS: Mike. Pet Peeve: The Friday menu. NTHS, Warren, Business. DIANE MARIE HUNTER 143 Rowe St., Auburndale Diane Pet Peeve: Make up your minds, Dad's getting mad! Fondest Memory of NHS: Mont- clair, NJ., Model U.N. Riley, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Interational Club 1, 2, 3, Rus- sian Club 1, 2, 3. MARSHA ANN HURST 8 Devon Terrance Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Stephen's French class. Pet Peeve: People who say, "Don't raise your eyebrow at me!" Adams, Weeks, College. w National Honor Society 2, 33 Senior Play Ushers Chairman 3, Latin Club 1, Treasurer 2, 3, Reflections 1. RUTH JACQUELYN INDURSKY 25 Mignon Rd., West Newton Pet Peeve: Boys that call 4:30 Friday for a date that night. Fondest Memory of NHS: 2:45 during my junior year. Palmer, Warren, College. Leader Corps 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers Club 33 French Club 1, 2. :J X2 "Pythag0ms planned it. Why do people stare?" Yeats NANCY ELAINE INGALL 150 Morton St., Newton Center Ingallpuss, Bingall Fondest Memory of NHS: The senior election-all those horrible campaign buttons. Pet Peeve: Silent "X" blocks. Bacon, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 3, Orange Book 1, 2, French Club 1 ,2, 35 Orange Shield 3. JANET PHYLLIS JACKSON 57 Hancock St., Auburndale jan Favorite Expression: What do you mean? Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I came to school on crutches. Barry, Warren, College. Vespers 1, Music Club 1, 2, 3. ERIC JACOBSON 530 Ward St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: jun- ior Year. Favorite Expression: Help!! Palmer, Weeks, College. PETER RODNEY JANIS 24 Windermere Rd. Auburndale Moose Fondest Memory of NHS: A night spent on Route 6. Beals, Warren, College. Legislature 1, Orange Shield 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. BARBARA HANE JENSKY 30 Emmons St., West Newton Barby Ambition: To "study" with Na- tel in Europe. Favorite Expression: "It's vile." Riley, Day, College. ,,' . If ' ' ""T'f . ,dl National Honor Society 2, 35 Homeroom Manager 3, Class Committee 1, 2, Student Office Secretary 2, 3. ARTHUR D. JODREY if .- 4 ALBERT S. JONES FRANCIS ILLINCENT JONES 61 Page Rd., Newtonville Frank Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore World History class. Ambition: Marine Corps Pilot. Bacon: Day, College. Gymnastic Team 2, 3. KENNETH PAUL JORDAN 16 Cabot St., Newtonville Nemo Favorite Expression: "Cool as a moose." Fondest Memory of NHS: The Mohawk Trail with A.L., G.E., and Smax. Riley, Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 3g Intramural Sports 1, 2, Junior Class Committee 2. DIANE ALEXA KAGAN 25 Dorr Road, Newton Di, Dak, Petite Mechante Fondest Memory of NHS: "Clan- ning" and "campaigning" Favorite Expression: Run, Eliza, run! Adams, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 35 Cheer Leaders 2, 3 Associates Council 35 Orchesis 1, 2, Pro- gram Chairman 3. ELIOT HENRY KALMAN 11 Morton Road, Newton Centre Jascha Fondest Memory of NHS: Con- founding Mr. Hall after school. Favorite Expression: Don't sell the old homestead, Grandma, give the darn thing away. Adams, Weeks, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Gymnastic Team 2, 3, Chess Club 3, Debating Club 3. ELAINE KANER 281 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Fo- TiPaDraKiSeProGra. Pet Peeve: Sophomores who won't get rid of their trays in the cafeteria. Bacon, Day, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, Orange Shield 33 House Council 1, 2, 3, French Club 1, 2. DONALD STUART KAPLAN 53 West Boulevard Newton Centre Don Fondest Memory of NHS: My success in Russian. Pet Peeve: That girl, Elaine. Barry: Bigelow, College. Newtonite 2, 3: Track outdoor 2, Music Club 35 Barry House Representative to Interscholastic Athletics 3. FAYE C. KAPLAN 104 Hammondswood Rd. Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory of NHS: New Year's Eve- 1959. Ambition: To have a date with "that boy!" Beals, Weeks, College. Junior Red Cross Council 33 Ushers 1, 2, 33 Drama 1, 2, 3. GEORGE NEAL KAPLAN 59 Hyde Ave., Newton Kappv Ambition: To be a golf pro. Fondest Memory of NHS: The Newton-Brookline game with B.W. Barry, Bigelow: College. Orange Book 3, Golf 1, 2, 35 In- tramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3. SUSAN KAPLAN 21 Gammons Rd., Waban Kappv Fondest Memory of NHS: June 14, 1961, my pussycat! Favorite Expression: "Shape up or ship out." Riley, Weeks, College. Homeroom Manager 2, Newton- ian 3, French Club 1, 2, 35 Mu- sic 1, 2, 3. I gm zo ' "Will you tempt me fu1'tbe1fP" 1 Homer "On kings and captains weighetb 1nany a care." BRUCE LAWRENCE KARP 32 Warren Rd., Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: MAR- BRA! Favorite Expression: What are you? Some kind of a nut? Palmer: Weeks: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Spring Musical 2. ANNETTE MARIE KASABIAN 548 California St., Newtonville Half-pint, Shorty, Mouse Pet Peeve: Being patted on the head. Ambition: To reach 4' 9". Bacon: Day: College. Tigerama Committee 2, 3: Lead- er Corps 1, 2, 3: Rally Commit- tee 3: Secretary of Sophomore, junior, and Senior Classes. ELLEN JANE KATES 17 Kenilworth St., Newton El Fondest Memory of NHS: Swim- ming through the tunnels on rainy days. Favorite Expression: No! You're joking. Barry: Bigelow: College. Newtonian 32 Leader Corps 2: Caduceans 1, 2, 3: Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3. BARBARA LINDA KAUFMAN 37 Homer St., Newton Centre Barb, "Little Epis." Ambition: To get to 1310 from the Commons Room without using the halls. Beals: Weeks: College. Civics Committee 2, 3: Drama Festival 2, 3: House office assis- tant I, 2, 3. PHILIP MAX KAY 9 Ledges Rd., Newton Phil Ambition: To take the Ski Club to Switzerland. Fondest Memory of NHS: Car- rying a red box around for three weeks before the senior election! Riley: Moses Brown School: Col- lege. Orange Book 1, 2, 3, Editor of Athletics 1: Riley House Coun- cil 2, 3: Senior Class Representa- tive to Student Council 3: Presi- dent of Newton High Ski Club. LINDA KEENE 584 Grove Street Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory of NHS: Right building, right floor, right room - wrong block. Favorite Expression: "Of course I did my homework, I just can't find it.' Adams: Warren: College. Girls' Chorus 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Caduceans 1, 2, 2: Jun- ior Work Day Telephone Com- mittee 2. ISABEL PATRICIA KEITH 9 Grant St., West Newton Izzy Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior History Class. Favorite Expression: You're Kid- ding. Bacon: St. Patrick's: Business Basketball 2: Tennis 2, 3: Field Hockey 1, 2: LaCrosse 1, 2, 3. CAROLE ANN KELLEY 78 Walker St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the "OCta Magnif' Favorite Expression: It's a riot to boot. Bacon: Day: College. Orange Shield 3: Tigerama Com- mittee 2: Rally Committee 33 Tennis 2, 3. ELEANOR E. KELLEY 538 California St., Newtonville Ellie Fondest Memory of NHS: Dust K.B. Ambition: To keep that certain someone and not to have a fight for a week. Palmer: Day: Business. Home Room Manager 3. PATRICIA ANN KELLEY 61 Hancock St., Auburndale Pat Fondest Memory of NHS: "F- Block" 1961-1962. Favorite Expression: For Pcte's sake. Barry: Warren: Nursing. Ushers 3: Music Club l, 3. 1. - 3' PM 60 fi LORNA A. KELLEY 91 Central St., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore year with a certain senior, and the senior prom of '61. Pet Peeve: That boy T.D. Beals, Warren, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Senior Legislature 3, House Activities Committee 1, 2, 3. MAUREEN MARY KELLY 44 Charlotte Rd., Newton Center Moe, Little One Fondest Memory of NHS: Walk- ing through the tunnels with Jerry. Favorite Expression: Gerard. Bacon, St. Mary's High, Business. Tigerama Committee 2, Tennis 2, 3, Rally Committee 3. NANCY LOUISE KELLY 60 William St., Newton Corner Big Red, Kel Adams, Bigelow, College. Theatrical Make up 2, Orange Shield 2, 3, Sailing Club 1, 2, Future Teachers of America Club 2, 3. LARRY ALAN KEMELGOR 5 Cappy Circle, West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Par- ticipation in sports for Newton High. Pet Peeve: Doing football en- durance, running with Bruce Parent. Adams, Day, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, Captain 3, Football 1, 2, Co-Captain 3, In- door Track 1, 2,, Co-Captain 3, Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3. MAUREEN ANN KENNEDY 16 Chapel, Nonantum Mau Fondest Memory of NHS: My junior Home Economics Class with Joyce and Anita. Ambition: To marry that certain one from Watertown. Beals, Our Lady's, Business. Tennis 1, Softball 1, 2, 3, Volley Bali 1, 2, 3, Home Economics VIRGINIA LESLIE KEOUGH 36 Williston Rd., Auburndale Ginnie Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore year with a certain senior. Ambition: To see "One" hot rod Finished and running. Palmer, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Tigerama 1, 2, Rally Committee 1, 2, 3, Mu- sic Club 1. NSil67'lC6., He spent himself in battle, you set at home." 'tiv .i ,S X ff gy '. , f .K -ft H fQi3'2:3i?55 . I., ..,, 7 2315122534 . .w ,WX 2' , , , :ef fe f .f vhifmzw, sf' t ' g if e fzfwfs . .. , , W 168 Aristophanes RICHARD PARKER KIMBALL 222 Grove St., Auburndale Dick Ambition: To do my homework, a desire I've suppressed for years. Favorite Expression: That's what you get for believing me in the first place. Bacon, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 3, Astronomy Club 2, Athletic Manager 1, 2, 3. MARGARET KIULEHAN 470 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Peggy Favorite Expression: You Gem! Ambition: To be a hair dresser. Beals, Day, Business. Girls' Chorus 1, 2. SARA SIMONE KLEIN 146 Russel Rd., West Newton Pintsize Ambition: To reach 5 feet in height. Fondest Memory of NHS: The cast party of The King and I. Riley, Day, College. House Civics Committee 2, 35 Spring Musical 1, 2, 33 Music Club 1, 2, 3, A Capella Choir 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH SUE KOPANS 21 Mason Rd., Newton Centre Liz Fondest Memory of NHS: "Klan- ning and Campaigning." Ambition: To do something right the first time. Palmer, Weeks, College. Newtonian 3, Orange Book 1, 2, House Council Secretary 2, Stu- dent Council Secretary 3. SHEILAH JOAN KORINOW 9 Arlington Street, Newton Ambition: To attend college and enter the teaching profession. Fondest Memory of NHS: The tunnel from Building one to Building three on rainy days. Adams: Bigelow: College. Future Teachers Club 2: Presi- dent 3: Music Club 2, 3. IRVING LESLIE KORNFIELD 197 Mt. Vernon St. West Newton Irv, Corn Ambition: To be a tiger. Favorite Expression: Listen, Jake. Bacon: Williamsville Central: College. Spring Musical 2: Ski Club 2, 33 French Club 1, 2g Music Club 2, 3. JACK MURRAY KORNFIELD 197 Mt. Vernon St. West Newton Jack Favorite Expression : Which Brother? Fondest Memory of NHS: Ski Club trips. Barry: Williamsville High School: College. Civics Committee 2: Spring Mu- sical Zg Music 1, 2, 3: Student Council 3. LAURENCE MATTHEW KORN F I ELD 197 Mt. Vernon St. West Newton Larry Fondest Memory of NI-IS: Fo- TiPaBeDraKiSeProGra. Ambition: To be reincarnated as a tiger. Riley: Williamsville High: Col- lege. Spring Musical 2: Music Club 1, 2, 3, Ski Club 2, 35 Inde- pendent Research Club 2, 3. 31? "The wise are doubtful dud I should not 1 be singular I too doubted." Plato JANET MARIE KOSCUK 25 Fayette St., Newton Corner Jan Fondest Memory of NHS: My ever-lovin homeroom classes. Favorite Expression: Hey there, handsome. Bacon: Bigelow: Business. LEONARD B. KOTSIFAS 11 Milton Ave., West Newton Len Ambition: To get married. Fondest Memory of NHS: The drafting room and the work I never did. NTHS: Warren: College. A 81 A Member. JAN ANDREW KOZLOWSKI 21 Cotter Rd., Waban Ruzz, Kot Ambition: No goal is too great. Favorite Expression: Quid Me Vexare. Palmer: Boston Latin: College. Track, Indoor 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Football 2, 3: President of House Council 3. JAMES CHARLES KRITZAS 280 Adams St., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Christmas party. Ambition: To retire at the age of 45. NTHS: Day: College. Administrative Aids 2, 3. GENE LAWRENCE KRONER 21 Tennyson Rd., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: The football games-All three halves. Favorite Expression: CANT I new Yorkj . Barry: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Intramural Sports 1, 25 French Club lg Bi- ology Club 1. DONNA MARIE KULCH 102 Webster Pk., West Newton Kulchie-Hon! Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the "Octo Magni". Favorite Expression: Forget it! Beals: Warren: College. Orange Shield l, 2, 33 Rally Committee 3: Traflic Squad l, 3: Senior Play Committee 3. -JJ '23 JOHN STANLEY KWITKOR 101 Central Ave., Newtonville Jasiu Favorite Expression of NHS: Ubi Est Tugurium? Pet Peeve: Apathy of some stu- dents at Newton High. Palmer, Day, College. Cross Country 3, Key Club 2, 39 Vice-President of Key Club 3, House Civics Committee 1, 2, 3, Newtonite 2, 3. JAMES JOSEPH LALLY 5 Ionia St., Auburndale Jim, Lal, sfud Ambition: To be a prime mover. Fondest Memory of NHS: The Gazanga Palace. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Legislature 3, Orange Shield 2, 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3. JUDITH ANN LAMBERT 389 Woodward St., Waban Judy Pet Peeve: Deadlines. Favorite Expression: Eek! Here "he" comes, Carol! Beals, Day, College. Newtonite 1, 2, Editor 3, Pub- lications Board 2, 3, House Coun- cil 2, American Field Service 2, 3. PAUL THOMAS LAMBERT 61 Oak Ave., West Newton Chops Fondest Memory of NHS: Watch- ing all the girls go by. Favorite Expression: "Lock me up. Riley, Warren, Businesss. RONDA STARR LAMONT 123 Rand Terrace, Auburndale Roni Fondest Memory of NHS: N. R. PJ. party, measles. Ambition: T.B.H.M.T.E.R.M. Adams, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 3, Rally Committee 3, House Council 1, 2, 3. JAMES STEPHEN LAMPERT 18 Sunset Rd., Newton jim, Lamp Favorite Expression: I can't be bothered! Fondest Memory of NHS: ALL NIGHTERS at J.W.'s with R.S. AND P.R. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Reflections 2, 3, Junior Class Committee 2, Biology Club 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. iw -5 'F X, AQ 1 PAULA LOUISE LANDRY 42 Auburndale Ave. West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Being a majorette and going to those football games! Ambition: To go to New York with the gang after graduation. Bacon, Warren, College. House Council 2, Caduceans 2, Music Club 1, Majorette 3. CAROL FELICIA LANSED 201 Washington St. Newton Corner Ambition: To be a professional football player. Pet Peeve: Boys. Beals, Bigelow, College. Dance Committee 1. JOHN CARROLL LEARY 27 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville johnny Favorite Expression: "Keep your dauber up." Riley, Day, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, English 1 2, 3, Key Club 3. CAROLE LEDUC "For beyond question they inspire entbnsiesnzf Homer 'i-,wr --vxifi -- A . g -l Sin ling "Mankind learns many crafts. JUDITH MARIE LEE 517 Grove St. Newton Lower Falls Judy, General Fondest Memory of NHS: Win- ning the motorcade 2 years in a row. Pet Peeve: "Hey Judy Lee- What's your last Name?" Palmer, Warren, College. French 1, 2, House Council 1, 2, Orange Book section 2, New- tonite 1, 2, 3. ELAINE LEFKOWITH 123 Clark St., Newton Centre Penguin Fondest Memory of NHS: Shar- in' and comparin' with Betsy and Rikki. Favorite Expression: Are you kid- ding? Barry, Day, College. Newtonite 2, 3, French Club 1, 3, Music Club 3. ANNE MARIE LEGER 55 Dearborn St., West Newton Bleachie, Fats, Whitey Fondest Memory of NHS: The trip to the Mohawk Trail, Ex- ploring the L.B. with Ginny. Favorite Expression: I should care! Cool as a moose Cwith sneakers onj. Beals, Warren, College. Beals House Legislature 2, Or- ange Shield 2, Tigerama Com- mittee 3, Cheer Leaders 2, Cap- tain 3. JEFFREY MARTIN LEVENSON 33 Bellevue St., Newton Jeff Pet Peeve: Swimming through the tunnels. Fondest Memory of NHS: Gym showers. Barry, Bigelow, College. House Civics Committee 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 1, 2, International Club 1, 2, German Club 3. ROBERTA LEE LEVER 9 Wessex Rd., Newton Center Robie Ambition: To be happy, wealthy, and wise. Pet Peeve: People like you, David. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Workshop 2, 3, Sailing Club 1, 2, Senior Play 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 1. BETSY MEREDITH LEVIN 35 Cotton Street, Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Jerry's butterscotch, Dachshund prob- lems, and all the wonderful friends I've made. Pet Peeve: "The hurrider I go, the behinder I get." Adams, Girls' Latin, College. National Honor Society 2, 33 Spring Musical 2, Leader Corps 2, Orchesis 1, 2, 3. BETSY CAROL LEVINE 41 Evelyn Rd., Waban Betz Fondest Memory of NHS: Shar- in' and Comparin' with Elaine and Rikki. Pet Peeve: Taking the overcrowd- ed!! Beacon St. bus home. Palmer, Weeks, College. French Club 2, 3, Future Teach- ers Club 3, House Council 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3. DON ALBERT LEWIS 139 Hick St., West Newton Donnie Ambition: To be a Mortician. Fondest Memory of NHS: Friend- liness of students and faculty. Barry, East St. Louis, Illinois, College. SUSAN M. LIEBERG 75 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Sue, Leelee Favorite Expression: Whaddya Mean?? Cud id out! Ambition: To become a cowgirl and join my brother. Beals, Warren, College. Traffic Squad 2, 3, House Assem- blies Committee 1, Orange Shield 3, House Fire Inspection Squad 1. ERNEST LI FLAND 94 Clearwater Rd. Newton Lower Falls Crash Fondest Memory of NHS: Olym- pian Club of Newton. Ambition: To make money. Riley, Warren, College. Spring Musical 1, Intramural Sports 1, Music Club 1, 2, 3. . f r f' J 7 ja , i ' . if gf. as K Q5 . .Q ' ,. wr . 'fi 2. A J fi. 3 .R . , 4 Z cf . 2 .. . 2' ' 'I' 5,q?2"e DIANE ELLEN LIPINSKY 85 Ruane Road, West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Papa's sophomore English class. Pet Peeve: Creeping creatures. Adams, Warren, College. Caduceans 2, 3: French Club 2, Library Club 3: Spanish Club 3. MARCIA ELAINE LITMAN 100 Alqonquin Rd. Zelda, Sneezy, Windi Fondest Memory of NHS: Tiger- ama '62 The Dwarf Homestead, adventure with S. W. and Love. Pet Peeve: Being in the back seat alone with Ed and S. W. in the front. Palmer, Bigelow, College. House Council 1, Drama Fes- tival 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Latin Club 1, 2, 3. HANNAH PERRY LITTLE 216 Highland St., West Newton Ambition: To ride a wild Arabian stallion on Newton's football field. Fondest Memory of NHS: Walk- ing barefoot in the rain between classes without getting caught. Bacon: Warren, College. Field Hockey 2, Music Club 1, 3, Sailing Club 1, Ski Club 2, 3. ELIZABETH ELLEN LIVINGSTON 58 Rochester Rd., Newton Betty, Liz Favorite Expression: Huh-che-w- w-w-w-w. Fondest Memory of NHS: Janet, Fgry, Mary P., Marcia, and the 1 s. Barry, Bigelow: College. Spring Musical 2, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Girls Chorus 1, 2: Acapella Choir 3. KARLA ANN LOCHIATTO 59 Crafts St., Newtonville Karly Pet Peeve: School. Favorite Expression: "Phooey!" Riley, Day, Service. ROBERT FRANK LOCKE 32 Wentworth St., Islington Bob Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Christmas party. NTHSQ Westwood Junior High, Service. "Hear old Triton blow his wreatbed born." , Q. ,..,, ff- ' ., r"a:x.- - 'fffff' ' Sisa- .,,:', .,. ...HH 'S 55516 1 , it li Q , 4 A 'Y :iam Herodotus LAWRENCE ALLEN LOMBARD 621 California Street Larry, Little Dan Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. G. Perera's history class. Ambition: To own one of the largest trucking outfits in the world. Adams, Warren, Business. Science Fair 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2: Gymnastic Team 1, 2: Of- fice Worker 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN ANTHONY LONDO 413 Cherry St., West Newton Ted Ambition: To lay 200 feet of rubber with a Volkswagen Bus. Pet Peeve: One way Streets. Beals, Our Lady's: College. Baseball 1, 2: Track, Indoor 33 Softball 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. JOHN ANGELO LOPORTO 358 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Jack Ambition: To graduate. Fondest Memory of NHS: The two junior Proms. Riley, Day: College. Basketball 1, 2: Football 1, 23 Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: MUSIC Club 1, 2, 3. JAMES HARRIS LOURIE 57 Morrill St., West Newton jim Fondest Memory of NHS: MY junior and senior years with a very special girl. u Pet Peeve: Last block studies that never coincide. Bacon, Day: College. Basketball 1, 3: Footballnl, 2, 33 Junior Class Representative 2. WILLIAM STEVEN LOURIE 57 Morrill St., West Newton Billy, Billy Fondest Memory of NHS: Gui -9. to de Bush. Pet Peeve: Not being able to eat lunch in Newtonville. Barry: Day: College. Workshop 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2. ,X ROBERT A. LOW 38 Ballard St., Newton Center Bob Favorite Expression: "Did you hear about Chumbley?" Fondest Memory of NHS: The day the gas pipe in Building I leaked. Beals: Bigelow: College. Home Room Manager 1: Senior Play 3: International Club 2: German Club 3. RICHARD KEITH LUBIN 127 Cotton St., Newton Rick Fondest Memory of NHS: Count Bernard. Ambition: To see Fled on time. Riley: Bigelow: College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2: Ten- nis l, 2, 3: Rifle Club 1, 3: Rus- sian Club 1, 2. WALLACE EDWARD LUCAS 105 Harvard Street, Newtonville Wally, Pudgy Fondest Memory of NHS: My Junior year. Ambition: To fly. Adams: Day: College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 1, 2, 3. "A beast that frenzied mms with clumsy leaps and bounds." Aeschylus tl Ill 1 'Ween' ' f f AM ELIZABETH MARIE LYONS 12 Mount Ida Terrace, Newton Liz, Betty, Tiger Fondest Memory of NHS: Coin- cidences. - Favorite Expression: Let's Go! Palmer: Bigelow: College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Class Legislature 2, 3: Student Office Secretary 2, 3: Activities Board 2, 3. JANET GERTRUDE MACDONALD 11 Regina Ter., Auburndale Favorite Expression: Aw shucks. Pet Peeve: The tunnels. Barry: Warren: Baby Nursing. Girls Chorus 3. CHRISTINE ANN MACINNIS 84 Clinton Place, Newton Centre Tina Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Favorite Expression: "Sure." Riley: Sacred Heart: Business. Ushers 3: Tennis 3: English Club 3. CLIFFORD RAY MACKAY 88 Harvard St., Newtonville Patches, Daddy Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing a certain someone after school. Pet Peeve: People who get to school on time. Riley: Framingham High: Col- lege. House Civics Committee 2: Or- ange Shield 1, 2: Tigerama Com- mittee 3: Art Club 1, 2. TERRY E. MACLAUGHLIN 28 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: New- ton 4-Belmont 2 in the State Tournament. Ambition: To see a Hockey team as good as Newton's was in 1962. Beals: Warren: College. Legislature 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3: Senior Representative to the Student Council. MARIHELEN MACLEOD 116 Waverly Ave., Newton Red Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing Donna and Phyllis. Pet Peeve: Being described as a dish of orange sherbert. Riley: Bigelow: College. Tennis 3: Home Economics Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 3. HUGH GLEN MAC MILLAN 86 Park Street, Newton Corner Yeh! Ya! Fondest Memory of NHS: Twist- ing on the back of a 2-ton truck with Joy. Ambition: To run out of gas at the Duck Pond. Adams, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 3, Tennis 3. ELLEN GRACE MAGNARELLI 125 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The girls' room cafeteria in Building I. Pet Peeve: Puddle jumping in the tunnels. Barry, Day, College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 1, 2, 3, Basketball 1, 2, 3. WALTER EVERETT MAHONEY 925 Chestnut St., Waban Butch Fondest Memory of NHS: My day in the office. Riley, Weeks, Business. Drama Festival. DONALD JOSEPH MALEY 35 Lewis St., Newton Don Fondest Memory of NHS: Mak- ing new friends at the Everett game of my junior year. Pet Peeve: Detention and white cards! Palmer, Bigelow, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield 1, 2, 3. JAMES MICHAEL MALONEY 77 Pembroke St., Newton Mike Ambition: To be an olympic yacht racing champion. Favorite Expression: "To ampli- fy human sensitivity into elec- trical waves." Riley, Bigelow, College. Gymnastic Team 1, Rifle Club 2, 39 Sailing Club 1, 2, 3. EILEEN ELISA MANN 20 Charlotte Rd., Newton Center Fondest Memory of NHS: Baby face. Pet Peeve: Filling out college applications. Bacon, Day, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, Latin Club 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Committee Re- presentative 3. ,il ,115 ,, ,,A. 4 ' f M' JOHN HALL MANNERS 134 Sumner St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: My political campaigns. Pet Peeve: Hypocrites. Barry, Weeks, College. Student Council Class Represent- ative 1, 2, Student Council Pres- ident 3, A.F.S. Student Exchange Finalist 2, House Council 1, 2. CHARLOTTE MANSON 332 Commonwealth Ave. Chestnut Hill Fondest Memory of NHS: Going to Tigerama, Football games, and parties. Favorite Expression: Cool as a moose with sneakers on and twice as hairy. Beals, College. House Civics Committee 1, 33 Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Rally Committee 3, Field Hockey 3. LOIS JEAN MARCHAND 7 Faxon St., Newton Lois Fondest Memory of NHS: Shearing with the lambs. Ambition: To teach at Newton High. Riley, Day, College. Newtonite 1, 2, Tigerama Com- mittee 3, Tennis 2, 33 Drama Club 3. JONATHAN J. MARGOLIS 30 Edge Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Jon Favorite Expression: Simplicity is the essence of perfection. . Ambitionzz To be President of the United States. Palmer, Weeks, College. Newtonite 2, 3, Debating Club 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Drama Fes- tival 2. "You mam? What mam? if Sophocles "Even Epicums went . . .U MARTIN ALAN MARGOLIS 99 Woodchester Dr. Chestnut Hill "Dumpy", Marty Fondest Memory of NHS: In- vading Brookline High before the Newton-Brookline football game. Ambition: just to graduate from NHS. Barry, Bigelow, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Hunt- ing and Fishing Club 1, 2, Rifle Club 1, 2, 35 Ushers 2. VINCENT JAMES MARINI 45 Hawthorn St., Nonantum Jimmy Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I ate lunch with five girls at Chin's Village in Natick. Barry, Day, Business. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau 1, 2, 3, Neophytes Club 1, 2, 3. MARY THERESA MAROTTA 11 Pillion Ct., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: I will always remember May 12, 1962. Favorite Expression: "Check that out!" Riley, St. joseph's Academy, Col- lege. Rally Committee 2, 3, Ushers 2, 3, Tennis 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. SIDNEY A. MARSTON 8 Vernon St., Newton Sid Fondest Memory of NHS: Ti- gerama in the 1931 Franklin. Pet Peeve: The fuel pump. Beals, Bigelow, College. LINDA ANN MARTENSON 12 Acorn Dr., Auburndale Linda Pet Peeve: Knowing that they know that I know that I went first yesterday. Ambition: To become organized. Riley, Warren, College. Drama Club 1, 2, 3, Interna- tional Club 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. RICHARD JOHN MARZILLI 276 Linwood Ave. Newtonville Richie Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior English class with Mrs. Wof- ford. Ambition: To become a musical mathematician. Bacon, Day, College. Music Board 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, House Council 2, Drama Festival 1, 2. DANA ALLEN MASON 154 Beaumont Ave. Newtonville Pet Peeve: NHS girls with short hair. Favorite Expression: Hello-there! Barry, Day, College. Science Fair 1, 2: Rifle Club 3, Science Club 2. ROBERT BERNARD VICTOR MASTERS 169 Grove St., Auburndale Bob Favorite Expression: This world is a funny place. You're lucky if you get out of it alive. Pet Peeve: 1200 115001 miles. Beals, Warren, College. Publications Board 2, 3, New- tonian 3, Track, Indoor 1, 2, Cross Country 2, 3. MARY ANN DENISE MATCZAK 511 Watertown St., Newtonville Kid Carson Ambition: To be my best girl- friends cousin. Favorite Expression: "Ya know?" Riley, Day, College. Orange Shield 2. SUSAN MARY MATOIAN 413 Wolcott Street Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: My sophomore English class. Favorite Expression: Donkey Adams, Warren, College. ELLEN L. MATULSKY 42 Westbourne Rd., Newton Ed Fondest Memory of NHS: "DOS and all the fun we had." Favorite Expression: I don't be- lieve it. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Senior Play 33 Drama Club 2, French Club 2, 3: Music Club 2, 3. DENNIS GRAY MAXWELL 1684 Commonwealth Ave. West Newton Skip, Knee Fondest Memory of NHS: Lil, and the first part of my junior year. Favorite Expression: Cool as a moose with sneakers on, but twice as hairy. Beals: Warren, College. House Civics Committee 3, Or- ange Shield 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 3, Track, Indoor 1, 3. BERNADETTE RITA MAZZOLA 18 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Berine Fondest Memory of NHS: J.C. Hall, all the things he set me straight on. Pet Peeve: Going from the gym to the fourth floor of Bldg. 1. Riley, Day, College. Leader Corps 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3: Newronite 1, 2, 3: AFS 1, 3. THERESA M. MAZZOLA 112 Harvard Street, Newtonville Terry Fondest Memory of NHS: The night I met you know who. Ambition: Hope to get married someday. Adams, Day, Business. LINDA MCADAMS ROBERT CHRISTOPHER MCCARTHY 2081 Beacon St., Waban Bob Fondest Memory of NHS: Junior Year math. Pet Peeve: A certain Housemas- ter's shirt and tie combinations. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Boys' Ath- letic Board l, 2, 3: Intramural Sp-o5ts31, 2, 3: Drama Festival "To be mam is not the same as to be Aristotle JAMES EDWARD MCCASSIE 81 Gardner St., Newton Corner P.B. Fondest Memory of NHS: Teal Palmer: Our Lady'sg Service. Stage Manager 2, 3: Art Club 1, 3: Biology 1. JOHN LAWRENCE MCGAUGHEY 31 Dearborn Rd., West Newton Larry Ambition: To become a million- aire. Pet Peeve: janet. Bacon, Warren, College. Orange Shield 33 Boys' Athletic Board 1, Tigerama Committee 1, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. JEFF ALLEN MCHONE 767 Watertown St., Newton Favorite Expression: Play it Cool. Fondest Memory of NHS: All those beautiful girls?? Beals, Monson Academy: College. Civics Committee 1: Tennis 1, 2, 3: Gymnastic Team 1, 2. RUSSELL T. MCMAHON 46 Lincoln Rd., Newtonville Russ Favorite Expression: What a Howl! Ambition: To become a Million- aire. Beals: Dayg Business. Intramural Sports 33 Commons Room Committee 1. MAURA ANNE MCMANMON 41 Howland Rd., West Newton Junie Fondest Memory of NHS: Roses, Ski Club Week-ends, Exam night. Favorite Expression: "Ageofy." Riley: Warren: College. Newtonite 1, 2, 3: Newtonian 35 AFS, House Representative to the Associates Council. DANIEL JAMES MC MILLEN 11 DeForest Road Newton Lower Falls Danny 631 Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Malone's science class. Favorite Expression: Censored. Adams, Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, 35 Football 2: Science Fair 2. JOHN JOSEPH MCMULLEN 303 River St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Chase's D block class. Palmer: Warren, College. THOMAS PAUL MCMULLEN 303 River St., West Newton Twin Fondest Memory of NHS: Junior vacation C 3 monthsb. Favorite Expression: I'm not tell- ing you. You'll tell everybody. Bacon, Warren: College. Stage Crew 1, 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3. lri. "Fm mauled, Fm grilled, Fm mangled to az marsh!" Aristophanes JAMES G. MACNEIL MARGARET PAULINE MCNEIL 29 Rowe St., Auburndale 1 Maggie Pet Peeve: Sophomore English. Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore year standing on the cor- ner. Barry, Warren: Business. Orange Book 1, 2, 35 Ice Hockey Field Hockey 1, 2, 3, Library Club 1, 2, 3. STEPHEN MCQUISTON 228 Grove St., Auburndale Steve Favorite Expression: Surely you jest! Ambition: To go over Niagara Falls in a ball of Silly Putty. Beals, Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 3: Radio Club 2, 3. RICHARD THOMPSON MECHEM 36 Dexter Road, Newtonville Tom, Red Fondest Memory of NHS: "I-I. M. R. C." Favorite Expression: "or what?" Adams: Walnut Hills High: Col- lege. Lesgislature 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 35 Ice Hockey 2, 35 Junior Class President 2. JONATHAN ELIOT MEDALIA 30 Dorr Road, Newton Jon Ambition: Chemist. Fondest Memory of NHS: Honor C?J study. Adams, Bigelow: College. Newtonian 31 Camera Club 2, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Debating Club 2, 3. PATRICIA MICHELE MEEHAN 164 Highland Ave., Newtonville Pat Fondest Memory of NHS: N.R.'s pajama party. Ambition: To stay on a .diet. Palmer: Day: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 2, Vice-President 3: House Council 23 Treasurer 3: Drama 2, Treasurer 3. PAMELA ALICE MEEK 885 Washington St., Newtonville Pam Fondest Memory of NHS: The night I met that certain someone. Pet Peeve: People that want me to curl my hair. Bacon, Day: College. Tennis 3: Softball 1, 2, 3: Vol- ley Ball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 2. JUDITH ANN MELANSON 7 Raymond Place., West Newton Judy Pet Peeve: Getting up early. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Chalmers Class and Miss Gian- ferante. Barry: Warren, Business. Volleyball 1, 2: Tennis 1. LAWRENCE THOMAS MERRILL 53 Richardson St. Newton Corner Larry Fondest Memory of NHS: Pro- vincetown and Manemet. Favorite Expresion: Cool as a moose with sneakers on but twice as hairy. Riley, Boston College High, Serv- ice. Orange Shield 3. PETER BENNETT MERSKY 485 Crafts St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Tak- ing potato-chip bags out of my horn after the game. Ambition: To buzz Newton High in a J-3. Beals, Dayg College. Newtonite 3: Aviation lg March- ing band 3. RICHARD STEVEN METCALF 48 Nather Rd., Newton Centre Dick Favorite Expression: "You fat Blivet!" Ambition: To get an M.D. some day. Rileyg Bigelow: College. Motion Picture Squad 3: Tennis 25 Ski Club 2, 3. LESTER MICHAEL MEYER 24 Jameson Road, Newton "Twinkle" Ambition: To see Newton beat Brookline. Pet Peeve: Mr. Fortunes gym class. Adams, Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Intramural Sports 2, 3: Latin Club 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. X WWW W W MONICA RUTH MEYER 49 Concolor Ave., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Being asked to submit a fondest mem- ory before having had my senior year of "memories." Palmer, Weeks, College. President of National Honor So- ciety 3g Editor-in-Chief of the Orange Book 2, Newtonian Lit- erary Editor 3, Vice-President of the International Club. I .ff rf rf 3, f"""9v KAREN MIJOL KENT MILEIKSIS 830 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: New Year's Eve, North Conway, Last year's senior prom. Favorite Expression: Take a break. Beals: Weeks: College. Legislature 1, 2, Home Room Manager lg Football 1, 23 Ice Hockey 1, 2. BETTY LOUISE MILLER 25 Alderwood Rd. Bessie Fondest Memory of NHS: Check- ing things out with Barbara, Linda, Sandy, and Trudy: the gas leak in my Sophomore year. Pet Peeve: Having four different homeroom teachers in three years! Bacon, Bigelow: College. Home Room Manager 3: House Civics Committee 2, 3g Newton- iai113g Junior Red Cross Coun- ci . his "Ignorance is error produced by in erencef' Aristotle I 'V . "They clad ber in wzinment immortal? CHARLES FREDERICK MILLER 35 Wykeham St., West Newton Chuck Ambition: To do the impossible -become an asset 'to society while making money. Pet Peeve: A homeroom teacher who is a stickler for promptness. Barry: Warren: College. Senior Play 35 Drama Festival 1, 2, 35 Newtonian 33 Intramural sports 1, 2, 3. JOHN WARREN MILLER 504 Centre St., Newton Favorite Expression: So fall the enemies of Rome. Pet Peeve: The fact that there was no swimming at Newton High. Bealsg Bigelowg College. Junior Red Cross Council 1, 25 Rifle 1, 2g House Activities Com- mittee 3. EDWARD JOSEPH MIRARITO 85 Allison St., Nonantum Mish, Bingo Favorite Expression: How would you like a slap on the head? NTHSQ Dayg College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, 33 Basketball 1, 2g Intramural sports 1, 2, 3. SUSAN MARY MONAHAN 36 Bennington St., Newton Sue Fondest Memory of NHS: Wait- ing for chance: Ernie: 3G. Favorite Expression: Let's go!! Palmerg Bigelowg College. Tennis 3g Vespers 2, 33 Rally Committee 1, 2. Homer ' 1 CLIFFORD CHARLES MOORE 157 Hicks St., West Newton Moe Fondest Memory of NHS: To eat persimmons for lunch in the high school. Favorite Expression: Persimmons. Barry: Warreng College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. DEBORAH JANE MOORE 48 Windermere Rd. Auburndale Debbie Fondest Memory of NHS: Sep- tember 30, 1961. Pet Peeve: National Guard. Barryg Mount Alvernia Academy. Orange Shield 2, 35 Senior Play 35 Rally Committee 2, 3. MARGARET ANN MOORE 187 Auburndale Ave. Peggy Fondest Memory of NHS: The day L. C. and I got locked in the girls' room. Ambition: To be a secretary. Bealsg Warreng Business. Baskeball lg Tennis 3. RICHARD J. MORAN 25 Youngs Rd., Dedham MOGAN Ambition: To graduate. Fondest Memory of NHS: Auto shop. NTHSQ Dedham Highg Business. JOHN DENNIS MORGAN VIRGINIA LEE MORGAN 304 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Ginnie Fondest Memory of NHS: My long walks to school. Pet Peeve: "Why don't they have buses going my way?" Riley: Day: College. Rally Committee 3g Music Club I, 2, 3g Drum Majorette 3g A Capella Choir 3. -411 N'-Jo JOHN LEWIS MORGENTHAU 83 Kirkstall Road, Newtonville Favorite Expression: Take TEA and SEE. Fondest Memory of NHS: S.D. P.K.O.C.M.G.F. get-togethers. Adams: Day: College. Orange Shield 3: Football 1: In- door Track 1, 2, 3: Outdoor Track 1, 2: Captain 3. RICHARD L. MORRIS 47 Robinson Rd., Lexington Deputy Dick Fondest Memory of NHS: Sit- ting beside Jim H. NTHS: Lexington High: College. JOHN JOSEPH MORRISON 74 Cummings Rd. Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: The girl I met at locker B58. Ambition: To be a marine. Palmer: Sacret Heart: Service. Junior Red Cross 2, 3: Riiie 2, 3: Intramural Sports 2, 3: Bi- ology Club 3. MERYL RUTH MORSS 247 Temple St., West Newton Pet Peeve: Having a locker in the wing of Building II Favorite Expression: I don't be- lieve it. Palmer: Warren: College. House Civics Committee 2: New- tonite copy Editor 2: Managing Editor 3: Publications Board 3: House Council 3. EDWARD JOSEPH MURPHY 26 Mechanic St. Newton Upper Falls Eddie Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Fortune. Favorite Expression: "Hi, Mr. Rossi!" Riley: Weeks: Service. Stage Crew 2: Softball 1: In- tramural Sports 1, 2. MARIE ELEANOR MURPHY 204 River St., West Newton Peaches, Murff Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior year in Home Economics. Ambition: To get married and have twelve kids. Barry: Warren: Business. "With good ifepiite dnd kindness and good will Among the wiser sort I'll pass my time." Theognis DIANE CLAIRE MURRAY 226 California St., Newton Di Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Pet Peeve: Not enough teachers like Mr. Wells. Riley: Day: Business. ELIZABETH ANN MURRAY 26 Trowbridge Ave. Newtonville Betty Fondest Memory of NHS: Pat- rick and I being King and Queen of the Winter Carnival. Pet Peeve: The 7:30 A.M. ma- jorette practices. Adams: Day: College. Drum Majorette 2, 3: Student Office Secretary 3: Future Teach- ers Club 3. EDWARD ROBERT MURTHA 38 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Ed, Eddy Ambition: T. G. E. T. M. R. S. L. A. T. G. M. T. H. Pet Peeve: Girls who wear socks. Palmer: Weeks: College. Track, Outdoors 1, 3: Intramural 1, 2, 3: Track, Indoors 1, 2, 3: Orange Shield 3. MARY-LOUISE ANNE MUSKALSKI 45 Noble St., West Newton Mary-Lou Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Ambition: To go down to the Cape with "Clarence." Palmer: Warren: College. Tigerama Committee 2: National 180 Honor Society 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee 1, 2, Acapella Choir 2, 3. ,r WENDY LYNN MYERS 331 Waltham St., West Newton Windy Favorite Expression: Why does everyone call me Winnie? Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I came to school with my fag-bag and yellow slicker -- what class! Bacon: Day: College. Newtonian 3: French Club 1, 2, 3: Library Club 1, 2, 3: Office Secretary 1, 3. WINIFRED LEE MYERS 331 Waltham St., West Newton Winnie, Blinky Favorite Expression: Because your name is Winnie, Wendy. Ambition: To go to Colby with HIM!! Barry: Day: College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3: French 1, 2, 3: Newtonian 3: Student Office Secretary 1, 2, 3. CAROLE MYRNA N ATELSON 22 Milo St, West Newton Pet Peeve: The A-N-I-M-A-L Ambition: To study with Jensk in Europe. Bacon: Laove: College. Orange Shield 3: Tigerama Com- mittee 3: Office Secretary 3. CHERYL LINDA NATHAN 26 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Cheri Fondest Memory of NHS: Chip- luclar Kampe, Summer of '62. Beals: Bigelow: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Newtonian 3: Newtonite 1, 2, 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3. 'Q fi? '4""'? 'tif I "The customary crook and cry . " Y ! DON T 'DORED WITH LlFE,.'- 5u0ScRnBl TRUE g,.,+. at lllmom Hou Aristophanes 9,9 bl GOING HC 'T X :if-2 I U ' 'lg T s llllll! ' soo Game - ROGER DOUGLAS NEWALL 121 Newtonville Ave. Tiger, Rodg Ambition: Physical Education teacher. Fondest Memory of NHS: Senior year. Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Rally Com- mittee 3: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3: Tiger 3. JANET LOUISE NICHOLS 7 Beach St., Newtonville Pixie Pet Peeve: Larry M. Favorite Expression: I'm bored! Bacon: Day: College. Drama 1: Caduceans 2, 3: Inter- national 3. BONNEY SPRAGUE N I CKERSON 150 Moffat Rd., Waban Bostance Fondest Memory of NHS: Sum- mer of '62. Ambition: To continue shearing with the lambs. Palmer: Warren: College. Madrigals 2, 3: A Capella Choir 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2. RICHARD EDWARD NICOLAZZO 45 Harrington St., Newtonville Nick Fondest Memory of NHS: State Hockey Tournament, 1962. Favorite Expression: Nickel,- dime. Barry: Day: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Tigetama Committee 2, 3: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3: Sailing Club 3. CARL R. NIELSEN STEPHEN NEAL NISSENBAUM 143 Langdon St., Newton Niss Fondest Memory of NHS: The 13th. Ambition: A full year with E. R. Riley: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield, junior Class Committee 2. 'F Q 3 'g nr P!! bf? . E if.: f5f.a'?:',2a:,g 'QVI-'IH 3 :QQ r , 7, , ix .AL f .. ll -fi 3 4 . .pf 'fiiifiih A 1 Wjfi. A I t " lla Y J., ' .I x I 'R ...Q ROBERT GEORGE NORCROSS 54 Dalby St., Nonantum Bob Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Toscano and his Packards. Ambition: To buy a new Cadil- lac. NTHS: College. LYNDA PAYNE NORDSTROM 324 Adams St., Newton J. A., Doggie, Aunt Winter Fondest Memory of NHS: My unimportant squabble with Mr. Papa. Ambition: To become Mrs. George Allen and have 12 kids. Palmer: Warren: Business. NANCY RUTH NOSS 175 Mill St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: French in my junior year. Favorite Expression: What? You're kidding! Bacon: Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Secretary of House Coucil 3: Newtonian 3: Newtonite 2. JOYCE MARIA N OTARTOMASO 421 Watertown St., Newton Ambition: To find that certain someone. Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Biology with Mr. Dorgan. Barry: Day: Business. Orange Shield 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2: Tennis 3. ROBERT EDWARD N UTTING 141 Edinboro St., Newtonville Buttabeat Fondest Memory of NHS: That extra year. Ambition: To be happy in life. NHTS: Day: Service. DANIEL PAUL O'BRIF.N 40 Eddy St., West Newton Supressed Desire: To mix up the I. B. M. Cards. Favorite Expression: I dont know. Beals: Day: College. House Civics Committee 2, 5, Physics 1, 2, 3: Radio 2, 3: Chess Club 3. Nik PAUL VINCENT O'CONNOR 79 ShornecliEe Rd., Newton Oakie Fondest Memory of NHS: The "Great Strike." Ambition: To graduate from Newton High as soon as pos- sible. Riley: Bigelow: College. Science Fair 3: Football 2: Track, Indoor 2, 3: Sailing Club 2. ROBERT PAUL O'DONNELL 1 Washington Terr., Dedham Bobby Fondest Memory of NHS: Talk- ing my way out of trouble. Favorite Expression: Hold it see. NTHS: Dedham High: Service. RICHARD A. O'GRADY 61 William-St., West Newton Richie Ambition: To have an ambition. Fondest Memory of NHS: Fil- ling out late slips. Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Stage Crew 2, 3: Intramural Sports 1, 3: Golf 2. MAUREEN ELLEN O'KEEFE 81 Dalby St., Newton Raggy, Tish Pet Peeve: Class! Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with the lambs. Palmer: Day: College. JH "A silent attitiideg it common trick . . l'j l lm 1 I l ' l l . p Aristophanes l i l l ---. "Honey-sweet ber tongue . MARI-ANN E OLVET 2301 Washington St. Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory of NHS: Mrs. WoEord's English class. Pet Peeve: Surprise tests. Bacon, Warren: College. Field Hockey 1, 2, 3g Vespers 2, Leader Corps 3g Music 1, 2, 3. ' EUGENE PAUL OPPENHEIM 71 Mary Ellen Rd., Waban Gene Pet Peeve: Crumbling bricks in P. S. S. C. Favorite Expression: "What do vou mean you don't understand? This is crucial"-Mr. Martin. Bealsg Weeks: College. Alpha Gamma Tau 3, Chemistry 2, 3: Debating lg Sailing Club 2, 3. JUDITH LOUISE OSBORNE 267 Melrose St., Auburndale Judy Pet Peeve: Desks without pil- lows. Favorite Expression: "That's a laugh and a half." Riley: Warren: Business. SUSAN LINDA O'SHAUGNESSY 64 Bowen St., Newton Centre Sue Ambition: To Graduate and Marry. Fondest Memory of NHS: A certain Someone. Palmer: Dorchester: Business. X Q-Y ,' 183 LOIS OSTROW7 132 Harvard St., Newtonville Halo Ambition: To be a medical sec- retary. Pet Peeve: My younger sister. Bacon: Solomon Lewenbergg Col- lege. House Civics Committee 1, 2, 35 Junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 33 A. F. S. 1, 2, 3. GLENN FLOYD OURS Harding St., Medfield Moose Pet Peeve: Guys who hate Chevys. Ambition: To own my ownk business. NTHSQ Medfield High: Business. WILLIAM HENRY OVERHOLT 6 Fairfield St., Newtonville Bill Pet Peeve: Chemistry. Fondest Memory of NHS: Sci- ence Fairs - six of them. Palmer: Day, College. House Council 1, 2, 33 Junior Red Cross 1, 2, 33 Science Fair 1, 2, 35 Debating 2, 3. ROBERT DANIEL PAGLIA 18 Thornton St., Newton Corner "Daniel Boone" Fondest Memory of NHS: Stand- ing in corridors between periods. Favorite Expression: You ought to be shot. NTHSg Bigelow, Business. ANN MONROE PALEN 297 Islington Rd., Auburndale Favorite Expression: Say it with flowers. Ambition: To see J. T. take an- other swim in the Auburndale tunnel. Beals, Warren: College. House Commons Room Commit- tee 2, 3: Office Assistant 25 Field Hockey 33 Vespers 1. ANTHONY J. PANAGGIO 9 Melhouren Ave., Newton Tunafish Ambition: To have everything I have now. Favorite Expression: Get a job. NTHSQ Day: Business. X '13- 'ess J . -n-Q, W M a- f .1 . f 4 A I 1 13 ' f W f Z f . 5 wt, ' W7 Aff f I H 333 sr 'X 1. '33 ' x wk gl X 52 ,SQA 2 e f W Z 7 ELAINE PANAGOPOULOS 31 Schofield Dr., Newton Pet Peeve: People who ignore my name. Favorite Expression: Who Me? Sarcastic? Palmer: Day: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Newtonian 3. ANGELA ELENOR PANZERA 9 Warren Ave., West Newton Angie Fondest Memory of NHS: Going to the library all year in my Jun- ior year. Ambition: To become a beauti- cian. Bacon: Warren: Business. Art Club 1. BARBARA ANN PANZERA 94 jewett St., Newton Corner Barb Fondest Memory of NHS: My sophomore year and studies with Bobby. Favorite Expression: "Hi love": What can I say? Barry: Bigelow: Business. Archery 1, 2, 3: Softball 1, 2. CLIFFORD BRUCE PARENT 25 James St., West Newton Bruce Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the kids at all the parties. Pet Peeve: junior Girls. Beals: Warren: College. Home Room Manager 2, 3: Base- ball 1, 2, 3: Football 1, 2, 33 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. MARTIN LEWIS PARIS 44 Joseph Rd., Newtonville Marty, Weed Favorite Expression: Are you spastic? Fondest Memory of NHS: Hear- ing Mrs. Bailey say "stuff". Bacon: Boston English: College. House Council 3: Biology Club 3: Stage Crew 3. ALFRED EDWARD PASSERELLO 1.81 St. Mary St. Needham Heights Bones Pet Pe et Newton High. Favorite Expression: If you had the brains of duck. NTH?-3 'lT'J'alf:lz:1:'n High: Business. "The scene you witness here is unaccountable und queer? Y 'Vi Aristophanes SAMUEL JOSEPH PATRIACCA 40 jasset Street, Nonantum Junior Fondest Memory of NHS: Sep- tember 10, 1960 CNo school first day.J Ambition: Healthy, wealthy, and wise. Adams: Day: College. Rifle Club 2. BRUCE MC DOWELL PATTERSON 38 Prince St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Sanger's U.S. History Class. Ambition: To see the football team have a winning record. Palmer: Warren: College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 3: Music Club 3. PATRICK PATUTO 63 West St., Newton Chick Fondest Memory of NHS: All the parties in my senior year. Favorite Expression: You said it, Buddy. NTHS: Our Lady's: Business. GAIL DIANE PAUL 28 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Gay, Poo Fondest Memory of NHS: The blind date I accepted in the cafeteria. Favorite Expression: Tough Ka- zabs!: Who turned you on this morning? Bacon: Day: College. Finance Board 2: Newtonian 3: Hogse Council 1, 3: French Club 2, . WILLIAM ALLAN PELLEGRIN I 60 Clinton St., Nonantum Bill Fondest Memory of NHS: Those wild parties. Pet Peeve: Monday morning to Friday afternoon. Barry: Day: Business. Orange Shield 1: Softball lg In- tramural Sports 1. RICHARD HENRY PENTA 210 Austin St., Newtonville Dick Fondest Memory of NHS: The rollicking times on bus trips to and from track meets. I Will To NHS: A new hard rubber track for future track stars. Beals: Warren, College. Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3: Cross Country 1, 2, 3: Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3: A Capella Choir 2, 3. MARTHA ELIZABETH PETERSON 135 Cornell Street Newton Lower Falls Marti Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing with the lambs: Mother C. Pet Peeve: Me me ma moe te do. Adams, Warren: College. Newtonian 3: A Cappella 1, 2, 3, Senior Class Committee 3: Stu- dent Oflice Secretary 1, 2, 3. WENDY JOAN PHILLIPS 59 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut 'Hill Nimi Favorite Expression: Place to gog people to see. Ambition: To paint the walls of Bacon House blue and green in memory of our dear departed Osborne. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Newtonian 3: junior Red Cross Council 1, 2, 39 French 2, 3, Latin 2, 3. "We women are 0 f all zmlmppiest. DOROTHEA MARIE PHYLLIDES 86 Underwood Ave. West Newton Dori-ie, Dottie Fondest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing with the lambs. Ambition: To replace the Dobie. Barry: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, Rally Commit- tee 2, 3: Dance Committee 1: French Club 3. DAVID RICHMOND PIERCE 42 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Dave Pet Peeve: That I can't go up the down stairway. Favorite Expression: Censored. Beals: Rivers: College. Spring Musical 2, 33 Orchestra 2. 3: Beals House Activities Com- mittee 3. JOHN EDWARD PIERCE 290A Derby Street, West Newton Coupe, Slats Fondest Memory of NHS: G Blocks I went to in junior year. Favorite Expression: No sweat. Beals: Warren, College. Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: Music Club 2: Orange Shield 3: In- tramural Sports 3. JUDITH HELEN PILLION 290 Newtonville Ave. Judy Fondest Memory of NHS: New- ton-Watertown football game- 1961. Favorite Expression: "You're kid- ding!" Riley: Day, College. Rally Committee 2, 3: Ushers 3: Music Club 3: Student Office Secretary 1, 2, 3. ANNA PISELLI 25 Green Street, Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: The laughs we had in the commons room with Mrs. Chartier. Pet Peeve: 'nie showers we had to take in gym. Adams: Day: Business. Student Office Secretary. GAIL FRANCES PITCHEL 123 Washington Ave. West Newton Charlie Fondest Memory of NHS: The kids, the many crushes and all the boys with A. R. Pet Peeve: Solving everybody's problem but mine. Palmer: Day: College. Student Ofhce Secretary 2, 3: Chess Club lg Basketball 1, 2: Senior Play 3. CONNIE MARIE PLEULER 62 Harvard St., Newtonville Con Pet Peeve: People who call me Constance! Fondest Memory of NHS: See- ing N.H.S. beat Brockton. Bacon5 Day5 College. Senior Play 35 Caduceans 2, 35 American Field Service 3. CAROLE H. PLOTKIN 257 Waltham St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Dis- cussing sororities of NHS with a certain housemaster. Favorite Expression: Eat Barb, it's good for you. Barryg Day5 College. Orange Shield 1, 2, 35 Newtonian 35 Orange Book 35 Art Club 2, 3. ALBERT JOSEPH POIRIER 19 Fordham Rd., West Newton Al, Alby, Sam Pet Peeve: Being mistaken for a sophomore, as a senior. Bealsg Day5 College. Rally Committee 35 Stage Crew 35 Rifle 1, 2, 35 Rifle team 1, 2, 3. BRIAN RICHARD POLLOCK 43 Williston Road, Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior typing class. Ambition: To make lots of money. Adamsg Warreng College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 35 Oflice Worker 1, 2, 35 Rifle Club 1, 25 Orange Shield 1, 2, 3. NORMAN PAUL POSNER 40 Bolton Rd., Newtonville Norm Pet Peeve: No last period studies in my senior year. Favorite Expression: GET LOST! Palmerg Day5 College. Ski Club 2, 35 House Council 25 Dance Committee lg Music Club 2, 3. STANLEY MARCUS POSTER 529 Chestnut St., Waban Tanny Fondest Memory of NHS: Lean- ing on Pulsifer Street. Pet Peeve: Abner. Orange Shield 35 Tigerama Com- mittee 1, 2, 35 House Council 1, 35 Baseball 1. 'MP JEANNE CAROL POWER 340 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Favorite Pastime: Watching spi- ders crawl. Fondest Memory of NHS: My first white card. Beals5 Business. Home Room Manager 35 Sailing Club 3. ALEXANDER HOYT PRATT 155 Waverley Ave., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Watch- ing "Portia Faces Life" in the auditorium. Favorite Pastime: Smiling at Mr. Wells in the morning. Rileyg Bigelowg College. Orange Book 25 Physics Club 2, 35 Key Club 2, 35 Senior Class Committee. MARY HELEN PRIEBE 55 Bridge Ave., Newtonville Mysia Fondest Memory of NHS: All the wonderful teachers and kids I met. Favorite Expression: "Depress the clutch and then change the gear, Mr. Papa." Palmer5 Day5 College. Alpha Gamma Tau 35 Interna- tional Club 15 Russian Club 1, 2, 35 Spring Musical 2. THOMAS W. PRINCE 28 Blake Street, Newtonville Tom Fondest Memory of NHS: Sep- tember, October, and more I hope. Pet Peeve: "Senior Privileges" Adams5 Stranahan High, Ft. Lau- derdaleg College. Newtonian 35 Tennis 1, 25 Cross Country 1, 25 Science Club 2. fi! 15 "Raise the fiery torches high!" Aristophanes as "I know bow bard it is in Latin verse to tell the clark discoveries 0 f the Greeks." CAROL ANN PROIA 36 Melville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The day of the gas leak, Mr. Fowler was left putting away 30 frogs. Favorite Expression: Forget it. Bacon, Day, College. Basketball 2, Field Hockey 2, Fu- ture Teachers Club 3, Outing Club 2. MARY LOUISE PROIA 36 Melville Ave., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The day of the gas leak and school was called off. Pet Peeve: Are you and Carol identical twins? Barry, Day, College. House Council 1, 2, Basketball 1, Field Hockey I, Outing Club 1. ROBERT BURNS PUGLIESE 58 Adella Ave., West Newton Puge Pet Peeve: When there was no fun after a football game. Ambition: To be the head of the U.S. Mint. Beals, Day, College and Business. Orange Shield l, 2, 3, Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3, Track, Indoor 1, 2, 3. JOHN WAKELEY PURPLE 626 Centre St., Newton Corner Wake Fondest Memory of NHS: My "pal-buddy" in 219. Ambition: To play at "47". Riley, Bigelow, College. Track, Outdoor 3, Folksinging Club 1, 2, 3, American Field Service 1, 2, 3, Rifle Club 1, 2, 3. TIMOTHY JAMES PUTNAN 16 Plimpton Rd., West Newton Tim, Timothy J. Pet Peeve: Living over the ga- rage. Ambition: To own a red M.G.- T.D. Palmer, Haverhill, College. Reflections 2, Editor 3, House Council President 2, Associate Council Parliamentarian 3, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3. ALAN W. QUEBEC 97 Court St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Get on to yourself. Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Christmas party. NTHS, St. John the Evangelist, College. Administrative Aids 1, 2, Presi- dent 3, Baseball 2, 3, Basketball l, 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2. STEPHEN JOSEPH QUINLAN 9 Baldwin St., Newton Steve Fondest Memory of NHS: Char- lie's shop class "1056". Pet Peeve: No ambition. Bacon, Bigelow, Service. Basketball 1, 2, 3, Intramural Sports l, 2, 3, Orange Shield 2, 3, Stage Crew 2, 3. JUDITH ANN QUINN 61 Cherry Place, West Newton Quinne, Alley-cop-Irish Favorite Expression: Mother MC Cree. Ambition: To marry N.A. Palmer, Warren, Business. ROBERT JOHN RANDO 383 Lexington St., Auburndale Bob Pet Pee-ve: That big mistake in my Junior year. Favorite Expression: A straight! "What can I say?" Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3, Barry House Treasurer 3. THOMAS PATRICK REARDON 39 Bruce Rd., Waltham Tom Fondest Memory of NHS: West- ern Tigerama with Carol. Pet Peeve: Guido DeBush. Beals, Warren, College. Ice Hockey I, 2, Intramural Sports 1. M I wmlhr 'V- TERRI D. RENDA DONNA RUTH RESNICK 125 Brackett Rd., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: "March of 1962." Favorite Expression: "I don't be- lieve it." Palmer, Bigelow: College. French Club 2, 3: Latin Club 1, 2: American Field Service Club 3. CAROL ANN RESTUCCIA 219 Adams St., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: U.S. History with Mr. Holmes. Ambition: Becoming a success- ful secretary. Bacon: Day: Business. Orange Shield 35 Tigerama Com- mittee 1, 2, Softball 1. BEN REYNOLDS 9 Prospect St., West Newton Favorite Expression: Keep it go- ing. Ambition: To go to IBM School. Barry, Warren, Business. Track, Indoor lg Gymnastic Team 2. KAREN ELAINE REYNOLDS 991 Washington St. Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Packard's German class. Favorite Expression: Go jump in the lake! Riley: Weeks: College. Vespers 2: Future Teachers 1, German Club 1: Music Club 3. LYNN A. RIGGS 93 Randlett Pk., West Newton Pet Peeve: Climbing to the 4th floor of Building One. Fondest Memory of NHS: Going to Cranston and winning. Bacon: Day: College. Newtonite 2, Stage Crew 3, Ral- ly Committee 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3. i ' ' t Q.-Q., 2 -1 , ,,ff, ffff , ,.., Y r . X faq .--' 3 Y. -was ". . . to bear on his back forever the cruel strength 0 f the crushing world." WW I J Hesiod MARC ALLEN RITTENBERG 54 Nathan Rd., Newton Center Pet Peeve: I couldn't turn Stiller on. Favorite Expression: Ellen! Where are you? Barry, Bigelow, College. Orange Shield 3, Rifle Club 1, 2: Key Club 33 Senior Class Representative 3. JANET MARIE RIZZO 356 Auburndale Ave. Auburndale Favorite Expression: Smarten up! Fondest Memory of NHS: Short- hand I with Mr. Wells. Beals, Warren: Business. LESLEY JEAN ROBERTS 39 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Pet Peeve: I was first yesterday . . . I go last today! Fondest Memory of NHS: Being a little girl in J.C. Hall's class. Riley, Warren: College. Newtonian 3g Spring Musical 2, Club 1, 2, 3: Madrigal Singers 3. PAUL GERARD ROBERTS 62 Clements Road, Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: All the wild times sharing John Ward's green wall with j.L., R.S., and all the women. Pet Peeve: Chinese who alW2Y5 go out for American food. Adams, Bigelow: College. Tennis 1, 2, 3: House Council 1, 2, 3: Associates Council 35 Cen- tral Civics Commission 2, 3. 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ALBERT JOSEPH ROBINSON 424 Cherry St., West Newton Sonny Ambition: To be somebody. Pet Peeve: Linda G. of Waltham. NTHS, Warren, Business. Civics Committee 3, Newtonian 5, Tigerama Committee 1, 2, Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3. GEORGE ANTHONY ROLANTI 28 Randlett Pk., West Newton Tony Fondest Memory of NHS: The cokes and chess games in Beals House every afternoon. Favorite Expression: "C'mon, monster!" Beals, Day, College. Home Room Manager 1, Chess 2. 3, Folk-singing 2, House Com- mons Room Committee 2. HEIDI ROSEBECK 7 White Pine Rd. Newton Upper Falls "Bugsy" Fondest Memory of NHS: The tunnels, the nurse's office. Ambition: To become a nurse. Palmer, Weeks, College. ELEANOR RUTH ROSE 31 Elmore St., Newton Centre Ellie, Rosey Fondest Memory of NHS: The three Weeping Mills and Mr. Packard's fourth-year German class. Ambition: To instruct Speech Therapy. Riley, Weeks, College. Orange Book 2, Junior Red Cross Council 1, Secretary 2, President 3. Delegate to Red Cross Region- al Leadership Training Center, 1962, House Ofhce Student Sec- retary 2, 3, German Club 3. fl' It suits cl woman to be combcztivef' BARRY KUMIN ROSEN 409 Crafts St., Newtonville Favorite Expression: Scrute the Inscrutable. Pet Peeve: Regimentation. National Honor Society 2, 3, Newtonian 3, Science Fair 2, 3, Science Team 2, 3. NANCY LEE ROSEN 22 Bracket Rd., Newton Favorite Expression: "I don't be- lieve it!" Pet Peeve: Monday Morning. Barry, Bigelow, College. Homeroom Manager 1, 2, 3, House Council 1, 2, Library Club 3. JOHN DAVID ROSENBERG 44 Russell Rd., West Newton Rosie Fondest Memory of NHS: New- ton 16-Brockton 14. Ambition: To be 6 feet 2 inches tall and weigh 200 lbs. Beals, Day, College. Baseball 1, 2, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, Vice President of class 2, 3, Sports Editor of the Newtonite 2, 3. LYNDA SUE ROSENBERG 40 Woodchester Dr. Chestnut Hill Rosey, Bashful Ambition: To have more PJ. parties at the Dwarf Homestead. Fondest Memory: Saturday nite and Sunday morning, MIXers, July 14, 1962. Riley, Bigelow, College. Newtonite 1, 2, Rally Committee 3, Guidance Office Secretary 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3. EDWARD ALAN ROSENBLOOM 59 Commonwealth Park West Newton Centre "The Kid" Favorite Expression: You have no conception of how fascinated I am about the whole thing. Fondest Memory of NHS: Leav- ing. Adams, Weeks, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3, Music Club l, 2, Key Club 3. ARLENE LINDA ROSENDORF 535 Commonwealth Ave. Newton Centre Rosey Ambition: To keep the big Fondest Memory of NHS: "DOS and all the fun we had . . . the many memories with G.P. Palmer, Bigelow, College. French Club 1, 2, Future Teach- ers Club l, 2, 3, Senior Play 2. CAROL JANE ROSS 42 Glendale Rd., Newton Centre Rossi Ambition: To complete Volume VIII. Fondest Memory of NHS: Iota Phi meeting on Friday. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Newtonian 3, Cheer Leader 3, Leader Corps 1, 2, Ski Club 2, 3. JUDITH ELLEN ROTHSTEIN 70 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Judy, Scampy Fondest Memory of NHS: L.H. Favorite Expression: I don't feel good, S'what else is new? Barry, Weeks, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, Spring Musical 2, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Outing Club 1. HARISE MARCIA ROTMAN 156 Sumner St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Jour- ney to the fourth Hoor of Build- ing one. Pet Peeve: Swinging doors. Beals, Weeks, College. Home Room Manager 3, Orange Shield 2, Orange Book 2, New- tonite Circulation Staff 2, 3. ELLEN ROSALIND ROWER 207 Temple St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Foot- ball games, the "13th". Ambition: A full year with S.N. Riley, Warren, College. Newtonian 3, Orange Book 2, 3, Senior Play 3, Drama Festival 2, 3. NANCY ROWLAND 115 Windermere Road. Auburndale Nanc, Nan Fondest Memory of NHS: P. J. party "62" and V. J. C. Favorite Expression: Mark that! Woopeedo! Adams, Warren, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 1, 2, 3, Vespers 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps 1, 2. CLA IRE JOANNE RUBIN 25 Manor House Rd. Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: The kids who taught me how to count to ten. Favorite Expression: "Brupp". Palmer, Weeks, College. Tigerama Committee 2, 3, New- tonian 3, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Spanish Club 2, 3, Secretary 2. WZWZZZQ aaa V . ir, Q 2 xx 7 ,I ji '- S . wax V' gif. ....,,, Q 5 .. e PHILIP RUPUTZ 43 Hood St., Newton Flip Fondest Memory of NHS: Miss Burke. Ambition: To get my driver's license before I graduate. Bacon, Bigelow, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, Office Assistant 2, 3, House Coun- cil 3, Class Committee 2. DOROTHY ANN RUSSO 9 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Bootie, Roos, Reggin Favorite Expression: You've got a case! Fondest Memory of NHS: 3M shoe boxes of Wrigley's Spear- ment gum wrappers. Barry, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Rally Commit- tee 3, Cheerleaders 1, 2, 3, House Council 3. .QM SANDRA ANN RUSSO 129 Edinboro St., Newtonville Sandy Fondest Memory of NHS: My sophomore and junior English class with Miss Gianferante in 1110. Favorite Expression: Yeah! Yeah!" and "My Mike". Barry, Our Lady's, Business. Field Hockey 1, 2, Softball 3, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Drama 3. JUDITH ANN RYAN 19 Woodbine St., Auburndale Judy Fondest Memory of NHS: My shorthand I class with Mr. Wells. Pet Peeve: Going from Building one to Building two through the tunnels. Beals, Warren, Business. "ClJcmce rules our lives and the future is all unknown." Sophocles "Our sympbonious accents flow - Brekekekex - koax - koax . . ." F ERESHTEN GOHY SADRIEH 108 Albermarle Rd. Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: All the memories in Art Major I class. Ambition: To be a useful indi- vidual in the future. Adams, Day, College. Dance Committee 3, Volley Ball 1, 2, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau 35 Library 3. RUTH JENNIFER SAGOFF 161 Sumner St., Newton Centre Ruthie Fondest Memory of NHS: My Senior year - we Hnally defeated Brockton! Ambition: Miami?? Palmer, Weeks, College. Newtonite 1, 2, Newtonian 3, Civics Committee 2, 3, Orange Shield 2, 3. JOHN ALBERT SALEMME 77 Farmington St., West Newton Salem Pet Peeve: Not enough food "D" Lunch Friday. Favorite Expression: Shape up or ship out. Bacon, Day, College . House Civics Committee 1, 2, Football 3, Orange Shield 2, 3, Boys' Athletic Board 1, 2, 3. RICHARD A. SALVINI 136 Austin St., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: That certain someone . . . ME. Favorite Expression: Pst, Pass the cheat-sheet. Barry, Day, College. Legislature 1, Intramural Sports 1, 2, Gymnastic team 1, 2. GEORGE JAMES SARIS 17 Duane Avenue, West Newton Pet Peeve: The Leaky Tunnels. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Adams, Warren, Business. MARTHA PORTER SAXTON 70 Barnstable Rd., West Newton Marty Favorite Expression: Your mother wears combat boots. Ambition: Catching in the rye. Bacon, Warren, College. Newtonian 3, Tigerama Commit- tee 1, 2, Music Club 1, 2, 35 A Capella Choir 3. CHARLIE FISHER SCAMMON 290 Islington Rd., Auburndale Chip, Charlie, Chunk Favorite Expression: But on the other hand, it seems to me, un- der the circumstances . . . Fondest Memory of NHS: Trouncing Melrose 10-0, 1962. Barry, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, President Senior Class 3, Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3, Senior Play 3. WILLIAM CHARLES SCAR 315 Otis St., West Newton Bill Ambition: To deteriorate into oblivion. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Sanger's History class. Beals, Warren, College. Intramural Sports 1, 2, Interna- tional Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3. ANTHONY JOHN SCARSELLA 25 Pine Grove Ave. Newton Lower Falls Tony Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Holmes' history class. Ambition: To demolish the track. Riley, Warren, College. Newtonian, Orange Book, In- ternational l, 2, 3, Physics 3. SANDRA LEE SCHADE 51 Harding St., West Newton Sandy Favorite Expression: Oh, come on get serious will ya! Ambition: To graduate first then go to IBM. Palmer, St. Bernards, Business. Volley Ball 2, Tennis 3, Field Hockey 2. .pr .. Mfg J ' FAS ' 331. BJQZ? UQX y, Mxmy J X ZZZZZZQ ZWWQ aan? 5 V' v' 1 2195, ' Z.. . , .if '- Ifl. :His 0' .-gf 1,1 lx A, 5,4 , wx V2 G' .- 'A . nz nz X- x 'st , Q W, Wa, ra M i . 14.2 at .Lg .ir-Y .Z .5 rf. STEVEN NASON SCHEIBE 75 Auburn Street, Auburndale Scheibie, Steve Fondest Memory of NHS: The girls and tunnel patrol. Favorite Expression: Sure you do. Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield 3: Basketball 3: Ofhce Helper 1, 2: Bowling 1, 2. MARK PAUL SCHERTZER 104 East Sine Pkway. Newtonville Schwirtza Pet Peeve: The Lovers and the Loverettes. Fondest Memory of NHS: Lit- tle Caesar and the Tribunes. Barry: Weeks: Business. Dance Committee 3: Intramural Sports 1: Music Club 2: Radio Club 2. MARYELLEN SCHIAVONE 51 Baker Pl., Newton Lower Falls Darby Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I helped out of the manhole. Ambition: To find Maura's lunch. Barry: Academy of the Assump- tion: College. Newtonian 3: Newtonite 2, 3: International Club 2, 3: Senior Class Committee 3. ROSEANNE SCHNEIDER 4 Harrington Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: Aug. 28, 1961, my father image and chinks. Ambition: To thank J.C. for some happy memories and D.Z. for some of the unhappy ones. Palmer: Day: College. International Club 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 2, 3: Senior Play 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3. LESLIE B. SCHWARTZ 9 Mague Pl., West Newton Les Favorite Expression: Will won- ders never cease? Fondest Memory of NHS: RITA. Riley: Long Branch High: Col- lege. Track 1: Wrestling 1: Debating Club 2: Physics Club 3. SUSAN LEE SCHWARTZ 301 Waverly Ave., Newton Sue, Schwartzie Pet Peeve: My naturally curly toes. Favorite Expression: "Who smokes Marlboros" Beals: House in the Pines: Col- lege. Rally Committee 3: Tennis 3: Field Hockey 3: Senior class com- mittee 3. ". . . over p1'ess'd cmd 01fe1fbu1'tlJe1z'd." Aristophanes MOSES E. SCOTT 55 Colgate Rd., Lower Falls "Moe" Fondest Memory of NHS: The U.s. s.R. Trip. Favorite Expression: Say, Man! Beals: Moorestown, NJ.: College. Baseball 3. SUSAN CROSBY SCRIMSHAW I2 Valentine St., West Newton Susie Fondest Memory of NHS: Chem- istry Club: Newtonian: all my wonderful teachers. Ambition: To live and work in Latin America. Bacon: American School of Gua- temala: College. Camera Club 2, 3: Chemistry 2, 3: A Capella Choir 2, 3: Spanish Club 2, 3. DONALD CLIFFORD SEALE 16 Arbor Rd., West Newton Don Fondest Memory : Mr. Marcy's "Control you're emotions, Don." Favorite Expression: Let's get with the program. Bacon: Day: Business. Basketball 3: Football: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3: House Council 1. MARY ANN SENECAL 44 Davis Ave., West Newton Seney-bug, Boobs Fondest Memory of NHS: F- Block 1961-1962: Wolfeboro, N.H. Ambition: Get where I'm going! Barry: Day: College. House Council 3: Ushers 3: Mu- sic Club 3: lrry House Com- mons Committee. LOIS ANN SHADOFF 123 Washington Ave. West Newton Ambition: To Graduate. Fondest Memory of NHS: When I was on traffic squad in my Jun- ior year Cwith T.D.J. Beals: Day: College. Senior Play 3: Library 2: Beals House Trafiic Squad 2, 3. JOAN SHAFFMAN 18 Milo St., West Newton Joanie: Joanhead Fondest Memory of NHS: The last period study Which I never had. Favorite Expression: How gulli- ble do you think I am? Riley: Warren: College. French Club 1, 2: Music 1, 2: Future Teachers of America 1: Drama Club 1, 2. HENRY MARC SHAFRAN 51 Fairfield Street, Newtonville Hank Favorite Expression: Oh, grease. Fondest Memory of NHS: Claire -1, 2, 3. Adams: Day: College. House Civics Committee 1, 2, 33 Spring Musical 2: House Council 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3. JAMES HERBERT SHANE 80 Waltham St., West Newton Jim, Mr. D. Favorite Expression: You're sweet -like a lemon! Ambition: To get an "A" in AP Biology. Palmer: Day: College. American Field Service 1, 2: Chairman 3: Finalist for the Americans Abroad Scholarship 3: Drama Festival 1, 2, 3: Associate Council Finance Commission Chairman 3. xx., "Visions appear to ns, even when our eyes are shut." Aristotle SUSAN SHAPERO 53 Park Ave., Newton Susie, Sue Favorite Expression: A man has two ends, a sitting end and a thinking end. Success depends upon which you use. Heads we win, tails you lose! Barry: Bigelow: College. Drama Club 3: French Club 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3. GAIL MARIE SHAUGHNESSY 76 Page Rd., Newtonville Gail Fondest Memory of NHS: Feb- ruary 22, 1961. Pet Peeve: People who talk dur- ing X-Block when you're trying to study. Riley: Day: Business. Basketball 2: Tennis 33 Softball 1. JOHN BERNARD SHEA 68 Chestnut Street, West Newton Jack, Red Fondest Memory of NHS: Chug- ging up Mr. Walker's hill. Ambition: To make Second Lieu- tenant U.S.M.C. Adams: Warren: College. Baseball 2, 3: Football 33 In- tramural Sports l, 3: Traflic Squad 3. PHILIP JAMES SHEA 122 Auburn St., Auburndale PHIL Fondest Memory of NHS: Three years of insults. Palmer: Warren: College. Arabic Club 2: International Club 1. 2, 3: National Honor Society 2, 3: Russian Club l, 2, 3: Treas- urer 2. JEFFREY ALAN SHERMAN 60 Fairlee Road, Waban Fondest Memory of NHS: The gas leak. Favorite Expression: I hate Mon- day. Adams: Roosevelt High: College. DIANNE SHNIDER 72 Withington Rd., Newtonville Di, Crash Fondest Memory of NHS: My accident in front of the Bagel. Ambition: To teach Driver Ed- ucationl Bacon: Oliver Wendell Holmes: College. Oflice Assistant I, 2: French Club l, 2, 3: Future Teachers Club 1, 2: Music Club 1, 2, 3. at I 1' 'T Xxf , if vi A 7'4- 5 H 5 cy int X'--f BARRY JEFFERY SHRIER 16 Madison Ave., Newtonville Barry Pet Peeve: Looking like Barry Wishnow. Favorite Expression: So die! Beals: Day: College. House Civics Committee 1, 23 Trafiic Squad 3: Activities Com- mittee 3. PETER SHERMAN SIDEL 66 Forest Ave., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. V.B. Wells and company. Favorite Expression: "Cool stud". Riley: Weeks: College. Home Room Manager 2, 3: Gym- nastic Team 2, 3: Vice President of Ski Club 2, 3: House Repre- sentative in Student Council 3. SANDRA MARCIA SIEGEL 45 Hilltop Street. Newton Sandy Pet Peeve: I talk too much. Fondest Memory of NHS: My friends. Adams: Bigelow: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Outing Club 1: Girls' Athletic Board 1: Trif Hi-Y 3. SARAJANE SIEGAL 25 Royce Rd., Newton Centre 131116, "Hey You" Ambition: To eat "congruent spareribsu at Zabranchburg. Fondest Memory of NHS: GNI- NKS - that's "skiing" backwards! Palmer: Weeks: College. French Club 1, 2: House Council 1, 2: Orange Book Section Edi- tor 2: Newtonite 1, 2, 3. ALAN IRA SILBERBERG 28 Sheilfield Rd., Newtonville Sil Ambition: To understand any math course. Favorite Expression: It hurts me to disagree with you, but . . . Bacon: Day: College. Legislature 1, 2: Home Room Manager 1, 2: Orange Shield 2: House Civics Committee 3. HARRY JOEL SILVERMAN 32 Loring St., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Strike of october 20, 1961. ' ii,- Ambition: To make a contri- bution to scientific knowledge. Barry: Bigelow: College. Biology Club 3: International Club 1, 2: Meteorology Club 1, 2, 3. EDWARD ALLAN SILVERS 3 JaHrey Circle, Waban To Fist 1452 Ambition: To drive R.S.'s Scoot- er dawn Elm Road during a fire drill singing "Mister Touch- down." Favorite Expression: I do so love you-now shaddup and deal! Beals: Bigelow: College. Newtonian 3: Baseball 1, 2: Class Committee 2, 3: Student Council Representative 3. NOREEN SIMONE 11 Hallron Rd. Newton Lower Falls Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Wells and 2210. Favorite Expression: Situation normal! Riley: Warren: College. Homeroom Manager 1: Rally Committee 3: Music Club 3: Stu- dent Ofiice Secretary 1, 2, 3. MARCIA L. SINGAL 38 Mill Street, Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: The three "weeping mills." Adams: Weeks: College. Newtonian 3: French Club 2, 33 International Club 3: Music Club 2, 3. KATHERINE LOUISE SISSON 55 North Gate Pk. West Newton Kathie Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great kids and laughs espe- cially N.R. Pajama party 1962. Favorite Expression: Cool as a moose. Palmer: Warren: College. Tigerama Committee 1, 2, 3. Leader Corps 1, 2, 3. Rally Com- mittee 2, 3: Orange Shield 2, 3. "Look to antiquity, jwzmztwe, early, remote . . ." I "A vast expenditure 0 f hmmm voice . . ." IUDITH RUTH SLOBODKIN 16 Blake St., Newtonville Judi Ambition: To reach the top of the ladder of success. Fondest Memory of NHS: Wear- ing a BHS class ring after buy- ing an NHS ring. Bacon, Bigelow, College. House Civics Committee 33 Arch- ery 1, 2, Rally Committee 1, 2, Commons Room Committee 1, 2, 3. DAVID LEE SMITH 25 Page Rd., Newtonville Dixie Pet Peeve: Swinging Doors! Favorite Expression: Get Serious! Palmer, Sarasota, College. Intramural Sports 33 Baseball 1, 2, Football 1, 2, Latin 1. DENNIS ROBERT SMITH 15 Camden Rd., Auburndale Smitty Fondest Memory of NHS: That night at Ho Jo'sg Summers of '61 and '62, Pet Peeve: Intellectuals and In- ebriates. Beals, Warren, College. National Honor Society 2, 3, House Civics Committee 2, New- toman 35 Football 1. ELLEN PHYLLIS SMITH 24 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: The three Weeping Mills and june 20, 1962. Favorite Expression: "Ellen, how many days left till . . .?" Riley: Weeks: College. Orange Book 2, House Council 1, A Capella Choir 2, 3, Latin 2, 3: Program Chairman 2, 3. RONALD HENRY SMITH 101 Faxon St., Newton Ran Fondest Memory of NHS: Black frappes at Hubbards. Pet Peeve: Teachers In the Cafe- teria. Palmer, Our Lady'sg Service. Baseball 2. WILLIAM ALLEN SMITH 101 Faxon St., Nonantum Al Pet Peeve: Getting up early in the morning. Favorite Expression: Let's skip. NTHSg Our Lady'sg College. Home Room Manager 1, 2, 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 33 Ad- ministrative Aids 1, 2. SANDRA LEE SOBLE 22 Wessex Road, Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Check- ing things out with Barbara, Betty, Linda, and Trudy. Pet Peeve: A, B, C, D, E, F, and G blocks. Adams: Bigelow, College. Home Room Manager 1, 25 French Club I. 2, 33 Music Club 2, 3, Junior Class Committee 2. DIANE KENDALL SONES 19 Holden Rd., West Newton Favorite Expression: Isn't that wonderful? Palmer, Day, College. Newtonian 33 Theatrical Make up 2, 3, National Honor Society 2, 33 junior Class Committee 2. STEPHEN THOMAS SONIS 19 Evelyn Road, Waban "Smokey" Fondest Memory of NHS: The gas leak. Ambition: To have an E lunch. Adams, Meadowbrook: College. House Civics Committee 3: Alpha Gamma Tau lg Sailing Club 2: Traffic Squad 3. RICHARD L. SOROTA 87 Sumner St., Newton Centre Dick Ambition: To read Volume VIII. Favorite Expression: It doesn't phase me. Barry: Weeks: College. National Honor Society 2, 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 35 President of Barry House 3. MOM". 'f f , f... MX f fm., 5-5.13, 4' Z4 -af 'Wk 'T S. GLORIA JOANNE SOTIR 303 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Glo Fondest Memory of NHS: The Junior Prom, Honor Study. Ambition: To become a ballerina and to travel to Europe. Beals, Day, Business. Music 3, Orchesis 1, 2, 3. EDWARD ELLIS SPEAR 121 Bishopsgate Road, Newton Centre Eddie Fondest Memory of NHS "She knows." Ambition: A "C" in any English course. Adams, Fyreburg Academy, Col- lege. Baseball 1, 2, Intramural Sports 3. JUDY ANN SPRAGUE 116 Fairway Dr., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the "Octo Magnif' Pet Peeve: Lunches at Newton High. Bacon, Day, College. Orange Shield 3, Tigerama Com- mittee l, 2, Rally Committee 2, 3, Tennis 2, 3. NANCY E. SPRAGUE 116 Fairway Dr., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: All the great times with the "Octo Magnif' Pet Peeve: The grading system at Newton High. Bacon, Day, College. Orange Shield 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee 3, Tennis 2, Tigerama Committee 1, 2. MARIE DIRRO SQUILLACE 33 Woodrow Ave., Newtonville King Size Ambition: To be Mrs. J. P. C. before I turn gray. Fondest Memory of NHS: Lunch in the cafeteria of Building I. Beals, Day, Business. SHERRYL ANNE STADTMAN 25 Randlett Park, West Newton Sherry Fonfest Memory of NHS: "Shear- ing" with the Lambs! Pet Peeve: Not having ONE last period study. Adams, Day, College. Music Club 1, 2, Home Room Manager 2, Newtonian 3, Tiger- ama Committee 3. " crouched on the bousetopf' 3 YvA.,:,,, 1 -i xi! -1 , - , c u I 55 ff 4 5 l-3, Aeschylus CAROLE JANE STANDEL 310 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Pet Peeve: The tunnels! Fondest Memory of NHS: The cute junior boy I met in my soph- omore year. Palmer, Day, College. Biology Club 1, Future Teachers Club 1, 2, Home Economics 2. ELLEN STEARNS 44 Ellison Rd., Newton Center Ike Pet Peeve: T-Birds, black jersies, and a long antenna. Fondest Memory of NHS: Har- vard Square. Bacon, Weeks, College. House Civics Committee 2, 35 Archery 1, 2, Newtonite 2, Folk Singing Club 1, 2. EVE B. STIENBERG 48 Marshall St., Newton Center Favorite Expression: .Well, . ,I might . . . but then again . . . its hard to say. Fondest Memory of NHS: Scream- ing and crying at the '62 state hockey tournament. Barry, Weeks, College. Newtonian 3, House Council 2, French Club 1, Future Teachers Club 1. RICHARD HENRY STELLAR 33 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre "Daul" Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. V.B. Wells and 2210. Favorite Expression: Take a slip! Csee Henry Shafranl. Riley, Rivers Country Day, Col- lege. Newtonian 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Orchestra 2, 3, Class Com- mittee 2, 3. BARBARA STERNFELD 360 Ward St., Newton Centre Sterny Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr: Stephen's French classes. Ambition: To be an f.w'. - someday! Riley: Bigelowlg College. House Civics Committee 25 New'- tonian 35 Spring Musical 25 Or- chesis 1, 2, 3. GAII. MARIYLN STONE 33 Joseph Road, Newftonville Pebbles Fondest Memory of NHS: Get- ting out at two o'c1ock5 the teachers. Favorite Expression: Really, holy mackerel! Adams: Dayg College. Tennis 25 Archery 25 Music Club 2. GLENNA PHYLLI S STONE 26 Alderwood Rd. Newton Centre G-lena Pet Peeve: Wanting boys that I could never have. Fondest M e m o r y of NHS: "George". Palmerg Bigelow5 College. Senior Play 35 Newrtonite 2, 35 Drama 1, 2, 35 Archery I. RICHARD PAUL STROUM T36 Watertown St., Newtonville Rich, Dick Pet Peeve: No food left in "D" lunch. Ambition: To become a million- aire. Bacong Warreng College. Orange Shield 35 Intramural Sports 1, 2, 35 Science Fair 3. 5 1? 3 4 " uibblivzg, c0u1zte1'-quibbling, pmtirzg, if Argufying and debating .l - vs.- Z .5"J, I .93- 'v Aristophanes L-7 ELLEN W. STUART 11 Russell Cr., Newronville El Pet Peeve: Living so close to NHS. Favorite Expression: What did you say? Barry: Bigelow'5 College. National Honor Society 2, 3: Newtonian 35 Orange Book 25 Spanish Club 2, 3. BARBARA RUTH SULKIN 89 Montrose St., Newton Sulky Fondest Memory of NHS: Check- ing things out with Berry, Linda, Sandy, and Trudy. Ambition: To love longer than a w'eek at a time. Riley: Blgelewg College. Orange Shield 35 Ushers 25 Latin Club I, 2, 35 Music Club 2, 3. MICHAEL ANTHONY SULLO 12 Morgan Pl., New'ton Mike Favorite Expression: It's debata- ble. Fondest Memory of NHS: Home- room 1208 during X-Block. Barry: Day: College. Orange Shield I, 25 Barry House Council 1. TOMOKO SUMIKAWA 15 Sew'all St., West New'ton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mis- takes in changing rooms. Favorite Expression: You car1't see anymore. Bacong Tokyo University of Ed- ucatlong College. A.F.S. 35 Ski Club 39 Tennis 35 Music Club 3. MICHAEL RALPH SUVALLE -19' Ward St.,'New'ton Centre Mike Pet Peeve: OLPMPIANS. Fondest Memory of NHS: Drip- ping dry in gym. Palmerg W'eelcs5 College. Band 2, 35 Intramural Sports l, 2, 35 Golf 1, 2, 35 Baseball 1. KAREN SWANSON 39' Linwood Ave., Newtonville Kay Fondest Memory of NHS: The past 3 years. Pet Peeveg Teachers, school, and detention. Bacon: Day: College. Orange Shield 2, 35 Football I, 2, 33 Tennis l, 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee l, 2, 3. 5 Va 1 Iii f -lui ' 1 RUSSELL KENNETH SWARTZ 188 Cabot St., Newton Russ, Rusty, Svardic Fondest Memory of NHS: North Conway: The "Blue Bomber." Favorite Expression: C'est la vie!! Beals: Bigelow: College: National Honor Society 2, 3: Or- ange Shield 3: House Council 1, 2, 3: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 3. CYNTHIA JANE SWEETNAM 1670 Commonwealth Ave. West Newton Cindy Fondest Memory of NHS: The Rist's asbestos blanket. Pet Peeve: The journey from 1328 to 235 on rainy days. Riley: Warren: College. Senior Play 3: Chemistry Club 3: Ski Club 2, 3: French National Honor Society 2, 3. CAROLYN TROW SYLVESTER 81 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: The rallies motorcades and football games in my senior year. Pet Peeve: Rhode Island. Adams: Warren: College. Orange Shield 2, 3: Rally Com- mitee 2, 3: House Council 1, 2, 3: Leader Corps 2. EDWARD JOHN TAMAGNO 34 Simpson St., Newton Ed Fondest Memory of NHS: Miss Ferone, our student teacher in Math. Ambition: To tell Dr. Beberman off! Riley: Bigelow: College. International Club'2, 3: Delegate to Harvard Model United Na- tions 2, 3: Chess Club 2. EMILY TAPLIN 15 Sewall St., West Newton Fondest Memory pf NHS: My dive into the man hole. Favorite Expression: What goes down must come up. Bacon: Warren: College. School Exchange 2, 3: Interna- tional Club 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Tennis 1, 3. DANIEL DAVID TEMPESTA , 49 Yiifest St., Nonantum Danny. Lugette, Hair cut Fondest Memory of NHS: Ellen. Barry: Day: College. V Leader Corps 31 Football 1, 2: if Ice Hockey 1, 2. SUSAN M. TENANTY 191 Auburndale Ave. Fondest Memory of NHS: All the wonderful kids and members of the faculty. Pet Peeve: The long walk up to my homeroom each morning. Beals: Warren: College. Civics Committee 3: Golf 3: Or- chesis 1, 2. HARRIET ABBY TESSLER 28 Westbourne Rd. Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Eng- lish in 224. Favorite Expression: Excellent! Riley: Bigelow: College. Vespers 2, 3: French Club 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Student Of- fice Secretary 3. JAY FREDERIC THEISE 55 Ellis Road, West Newton Jay Fondest Memory of NHS: NHS Drama Festival Academy Award. Favorite Expression: You 1:8113- QXPLQ l Adams: Warren: College. Senior Play 3: Drama Festival 2: House Council 1, 2, 3: Music Club 1, 2, 3. MARION CHRISTINE THELLER 4 Copley St., Newton Mirns, Doc, T-Bird Pet Peeve: The doorbell at the DWARF HOMESTEAD. Fondest Memory of NHS. W. E., "Twisterama." Palmer: Bigelow: College. Vespers 1, 2, 3, Cheerleader 1, 2, 3: Drama Club 1, 2, 3: Latin Club Vice President 2, 3. "You mast assume a ire and wgor sazted to the garb you wear." r lj l :TIF Y 1' l "To mortals what cz curse is l0ve!" JANE NEwcoMB THOMPSON 233 Auburn St., Auburndale Favorite Expression: Say it with flowers-and we did! Fondest Memory of NHS: The day Emily fell into the man hole. Bacon: Warren: College. House Council 2, 3: Tennis 1, 2, 3: Field Hockey 2, 3: Chairman of House Athletic Committee 3. JAY K. THOMPSON 233 Auburn St., Auburndale Jay, Tub Favorite Expression: Don't SPIT INTO THE WIND. Fondest Memory of NHS: Watch- ing Newton's finest at the foot- ball games. Barry: Warren: College. Football 1: Ice Hockey 1, 2, 33 Track, Outdoor 1, 2, 3. PATRICIA ANN THOMPSON 37 Parsons St., West Newton Patty, Tish Fondest Memory of NHS: Shear- ing with-the lambs. Pet Peeve: The days I forgot my rubbers when the tunnels Hooded. Riley: Day: College. Rally Committee 1: Future Teach- ers l: Music Club 2, 3. JOHN RUSSELL THURBER 12 Maple St., Auburndale Thurb Pet Peeve: Detention. Favorite Expression: Wicked bad. NTHS: Warren: College. V , '- -as -s:,a: 15- s -:-i by-""' - .,,g,f, , f' A as , aw - 'S f- f if M W, Sophocles ,f V , 1, , J., ' ' .WWC 4' L xl? . 'ji tb A CLAIRE MARIE THURSTON 151 Mt. Vernon Street Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The marching band and football games. Ambition: Work for a certain Boston insurance company. Adams: Warren: Business. Concert Band 1, 2, 3: Marching Band 1, 2, 3. ANNE MARIE TIRRO 24 Shirley St., West Newton Ambition: To destroy the red and white 170 stock car. Fondest Memory of NHS: The fun I've had with LC, FV, MT, MD, BA, JK. Bacon: Warren: Business. Girls' Athletic Board 3: Tennis 2, 3: Field Hockey 1, 2: LaCrosse 1, 2, 3. JOSEPH JOHN TOCCI 94 Bemis St., Newtonville Pet Peeve: Algebra homework on a vaction or weekend. Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Wells A-Block chemistry class on Bermuda Day, 1961-1962. Barry: Day: College. SHEIILA LINDA TOCMAN 321 Crafts St., Newtonville Shicki Favorite Expression: That's too bad! Pet Peeve: The groans you are greeted with when you interrupt an X-Block to sell something. Beals: Day: College. National Honor Society 2, 3: House Civics Committee 2, 3: Newtonian 3: Class Committee 2, 3. EILEEN PERRY TOMAN 17 Breamore'Rd., Newton Pet Peeve: Conformity and cliques. Fondest Memory of NHS: Won- derful people at Newton High. Bacon: T.A. Edison: College. International Club 2, 3: Folk- singing Club 3: A.F.S. 3: French Club. THOMAS TORCHIA 39 I-Ienshaw St., West Newton Tommy Fondest Memory of NHS: My junior year. Favorite Expression: Get out of my life. Adams: Warren: Business. Workshop 1, 2. . fit -in I an 1 I if is ' 7 - NI? g..,...0 V. s 9 Q, if-11'-H -: - W JI'-i 413 1 st.. ""f"W.i .nw ,lags V, W ,Wi 1 I ROBERT LOUIS TOTO 33 Barabara Rd., West Newton Bob, Toe, Moose Fondest Memory of NHS: Those frappes at Hubbards. Ambition: To Graduate. Palmer, Day, College. Baseball 1, 2, Basketball 1, Out- door track 2, 3, Orange Shield 2, 3. CHARLES SUMNER TOWER JR. 316 Central St., Auburndale Charlie Fondest Memory of NHS: Latin 2, 3, and 4 with Miss Cox. Favorite Expression: O. K., kids. Bacon, Warren, College. House Civics Committee 2, 3, International Club 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Rifle Club 1. ANITA LOUISE TRAMONTOZZI 265 California St., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Junior Home Economics with Mrs. Hilton. Favorite Expression: Give' it up. Barry, Day, Business. Softball 1. MARY ROSE TREACY 3 Warren Ave., West Newton Red Fondest Memory of NHS: July 4 and the M. B. Pet Peeve: Not having one A lunch. Beals, Warren, Business. Orange Shield 1, Basketball 1, Science Fair 1, Home Econom- ics 1. GERALD JOHN UMINA 46 James St., West Newton The Ume Fondest Memory of NHS: Those frappes at Hubbards!! Pet Peeve: Teachers, Teachers, Teachers!! Palmer, Warren, College. Home Room Manager 2, 3. FRANCES M. VALENTI "C0nc1fegated as they sit An enormous mass 0 wit. -.Q X f 2 25 I I Aristophanes ARTHUR ADRIAN VALLEE 37 Stratford St., West Newton Rudy Pet Peeve: Cafeteria. Favorite Expression: "What do ya say?" NHTS, St. Bernard's, Service. JIPPY VANDERHOEK 15 Arundel Terr., Newton Vicky, Duchess Pet Peeve: The Rock Husdons at NHS. Fondest Memory of NHS: The days that I was absent. Beals, Warren, College. EDWARD JOHN VENTO 101 Charlesbank Rd. Newton Centre Favorite Expression: Gross! Fondest Memory of NHS: Win- ter Carnival and my prize bow tie. Palmer, Bigelow, College. Track Outdoor 1, 2, 3, Track Indoor 1, 2, 3, Tigerama Com- mittee 2, 3, Dance Committee 2, 3. JANET VERNER 1960 Commonwealth Ave. Boston Jan Ambition: To be an individual. Favorite Expression: Really now! Bacon, Weeks, College. House Civics Committee 2, 35 Junior Red Cross Council 2, 35 Newtonite 1, 2, Newtonian 3. BARBARA JEAN WARD 12 Pershing Rd., West Newton Barb, Scoope Fondest Memory of NHS: All the fun we had with "Octol Magni." Pet Peeve: Sitting under the ta- ble at Ho-Jo's. Riley, Warren: College. Spring Musical 2, Dance Com- mittee 2g International 2: Latin Club 2. RONALD ARTHUR WARNER 104 Auburndale Avenue West Newton Ron Fondest Memory of NHS: For- getting how to use slide rule during chemistry test. Ambition: To be better than T.S. and P. S. collectively. Adams: Warren, College. International Club 2, 3, Music Club 3: Senior Class Committee 3. DEBORAH WASSERMAN 47 Cabot St., Newtonville Debbi Pet Peeve: Knock knees and pigeon toes. Favorite Expression: Did you hear about Chumley? Palmer, Bigelow: College. Music Club l, 2, 35 Library Club 1, 3, Drama Festival 2, 3, Senior Play 3. JoYcE HELEN WASSERMAN 46 Hilltop St., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Au- gust 24, 196l.. Pet Peeve: Not enough teachers like Mrs. Wolford. Bacon, Bigelow, College. Home Room Manager 2, 35 House Civics Committee 3, New- tonian 3g Tigerama Committee 3. -'YD' 3? f "We stand in wonder cmd perpextf Aristophanes 7 WP RICHARD M. WATTS 21 Belmore Pk. Newton Lower Falls Dick, Salty Pet Peeve: Callahan's continual sleep. Fondest Memory of NHS: Study hall with that certain girl. Barry, Warren, College. Orange Shield 35 Tigerama Com- mittee 3g Rally Committee 3. PAULA LYNNE WEINBERG 14 Prentice Rd., Newton Center Fondest Memory of NHS: Sum- mer 1962-Colby. Ambition: To be human. Bacon, Bigelow, College. National Honor Society 2, 3g House Civics Committee 2, 33 Spring Musical 2, Orchesis 1, 2, 3. KAREN JOAN WEINER 585 Commonwealth Avenue Newton Centre "The Flea" Ambition: To return to the Dwarf Homestead with C.P. Fondest Memory of NHS: Sep- tember 16-December 30 of my sophomore year. Adams, Bigelow, College. Tigerama Committee 2, 3, Rally Committee 1, 2: Science Fair lg Orange Shield 3. NANCY IRENE WEINER 42 Stafford Rd., Newton Centre Nan, Nance, Nannie Fondest Memory of NHS: My corner every morning. Favorite Expression: Oh, sugar! Riley, Weeks: College. Finance Board l, Drama Festival 1, 2: Newtonite 1, 2, 3g House Office Secretary l, 2, 3. THOMAS FRANCIS WEISKEL 70 Sumner St., Newton Centre Weiskicf, Tom Fondest Memory of NHS: Win- ning the Harvard Book: the girls of NHS, especially EMY. Favorite Expression: How 'bout klat!! Keep swinging. Palmerg Wt-t'ksg College. Debating Club l, Z, President 31 National Honor Society, 2, treas- urer 31 Editor-in-Cliief of New- tonian 31 Cross Country l, 2, 3. AMY ELLEN WEISS 294 Woodcliff Rd. Newton Highlands Fondest Memory of NHS: "Ted- dy Bear." Favorite Expression: "I don't care." Palmer, Meadowbrook, College. Ski Club 3: French Club l, 2, 3: Drama Club l, 33 Russian l, 2. A. 411' is -L N if' 11 , 3' sq A .Lf fi' 116 j irr. Fzndest Memory of NHSZ Ml'- Chaseis woodworking class. Pet Peeve: Going to school on a cold winter day. Barry, Business. Workshop 1, 2: Ushers 1, 2. CAROL ELIZABETH WELZ 8 Bacon Rd., Newtonville Fondest Memory of NHS: The November 1961 A.F.S. week- end, plus all the Tigeramas, foot- ball games and activities. Favorite Expression: Eekl Here "He" comes, Judy!! Beals, Day, College. Newtonite 2, 33 Music 2, 33 Caduceans 2, 3, American Field Service 2, 3. DEBORAH WHEELOCK 103 Prince St., West Newton Debby, Deb Fondest Memory of NHS: Kha- lidag Mr. Wells' homeroom: the Ski Club weekend. Pet Peeve: To class on the 4th floor: no last period studies. Riley: Warren, College. Tigerama Committee Hospitality Chairman 35 Leader Corps 2, American Field Service 2, Co- ordinator 3g Ski Club 2, 3. ELEANOR WHITE 50 Valleyspring Road, Newton Leni Fondest Memory of NHS: 1304 and Mr. Lederer. Pet Peeve: People who ask me, "Are you always smiling?" Adams: Bigelow: College. Newtonian 3, French Club 2, 3, Orchesis 1: Secretary 2, 3, Folk- singing Club 1, 2, 3. THOMAS G. WHITEHOUSE 226 Auburn St., Auburndale UTY! Pet Peeve: Girls who stand and talk in the middle of the stair- way. Favorite Expression' "What are you, some kind of a NUTV' Palmer, Warren, College. Radio Club 1, 2, 3: Music Club 3. -efflux " 2 - 4 .,,, n 21.1. 'YS' 402 4 3- A-.. - :Eh- r g 5 ilu' kit' ' M e - 4-1.--". AII'llf?Il" l the fzrzitz, Bacon, 'CC'.irw a. Basketball lg fm.. Hall l, 2. 1 GAIL ANN WILLIAMS 5 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Study in 1128 with that certain some- one. Favorite Expression: You'd bet- ter believe it! Adams, Bigelow, College. Tennis 1, 2. ROBERT ANTHONY A MW WILLIAMS 11 Maple Ave., Newton Bob Ambition: To become an aero- nautical engineer. Favorite Expression: I say, old boy! Cwith an English accenth Palmer, West Boylston, College. Outdoor Track 2, 3g Indoor Track 3, Cross Country 3. :W . -W ..-.. . MN., ROGER HARRISON WILLIAMS 265 Otis St., West Newton Maynard, Rog Fondest Memory of NHS: The scenery passing between build- ings. Ambition: To establish a New- ton High Bearded Club. Riley, Warren: College. Concert Band 1, 2, Marching Band 1, 3, Jazz Band lg Ski Club 3. "Had I known what nzadness I was to listen to, I would have spared myself the tmnblef' Sophocles 3-9---Q. .Q QQf'V'T'.WQ Qfzztrf 'Q 'QQ Q-'-...Q .A ' - J- Q. - -.. QQ... r. 15:31 . 7 .ff T-Q55 527-3 i pb . . zfiflv 6365 zzidc' Cffc"7Z fm' ff'OTif." EQQQCT Q'-QQJQN '-' QNQEZQ Qfir N33 51. Nfvt3:1'QQJf EQQ :ZT'QJflQ'f EQTDQEHSJQDI. I-Lzfhf. - QQ... Q, --. Q Q .... --Jf l I -'f..:af:r -72T'. Q.:1-Jeg'f. EZLIQ Q. Q 1. 2-Agn QQ: Q Q P -:1:'z.1ng::. Spam l Q F -rang Q - Q':::a:m: ' if EEST -LQQJQN 2 QINQFQ-Q L' 34 ?Q:.uf'1 Si. TGfv'::m: Q.f:::rf -1 -33 -5- '-1:.1f 1.---QW V..-V V- 1--4: 1 -.J.1.sQm. -'f.Q-.J.v7f J. .-,,, ,-.U YL..f.Jfvf T":lLf t,,,. :Q..,T,, QTL--,- T- -ii -A' f'f1iI.C E-L:z-:1:-55. f.g:...:1s:rzQ::1'f .2135 F P!-51-1 FPQEQ' RICK 5 QXSHQ? "1 'J a..,,....V.- LV xQ,,V....,-T, -A' Qglll 35:33:51 3-Z :r:':n:-T1 5,7 TCE? fltxznc 5 Chin? 112:15 . f :- .1.::1D::1:m: .: avi :mg tn: N:-v'?:u:. in nl in-'--. Bang 321' 5L45.L:1::s5. R.'fz.r,j:: 5321: 1 Z F:mt3:.Q. Q. LDITLIDQTL. r-p:1:':5 . Q.. 1 Stag: C::'v Q , .5 PATL N TINQSLOW 132- Tivrvimrnz ig. .',QDQrr13z.1 157.611 f'i1'flf'ITf :"'m.rcs5:1:wr. 'Jr ,lm :':m:u-ses: I-Lcxurv :fr TC-E5 ' 1' HLQ 5 vngzg .'.:':n:'r1:z: 1:-51725, Barfv. Tarrsr. f.:,Q1f-pf ,fxstrfwrmvrmmv CJQE Q 5 Q47 LQCTI 2.Q'Q QMQDQXZT :lQYQQ.-Q,C If Q ' Qu-- :vfig :..s:.':v' Q.:1-55fsf 13-55 Q.:1'.-3 Q..w:.:.'7??f . F irzggf SI..-:Ng Q F S5710 T221 Q Ef1LLSf Q.D-n:.. , Q 3 1 - LA .AQQJQN iv Qt.: QQ -L SSTIISSTSQ ig. Nfvfn: - ,QQ,, '4 .LAL Fzvizrff LXTTTSSJDI 'Q 5 5.5: :Jivf :'n7v'2::.' Pansies: J-Lsrmi 23327531 vt: E-1.7 -1 245. Ygfff Spsfffv' Q.:1Q.ff-sf. :n:1:rJn: l'.LLQ1Z,Q5f Q i 131235 Qin: f.:,::'.:?7:1f F Q:f Efilllfw' Q F 15.1555 Qui Q,n:,:::':1f Q Q -QQ . .Q QQ, -.-- .Q :.f.:Q:1'1 - .'-Q' QT -f.T..N'X.N -L ff5.::mg:':.f :Qual QNTf'7'5'f'31 Qfzzzrf Q I.:-s::.o3:.:-jf Pimp-fs: 3-Ls:-5571 if Tiff f-:- Tfrnggga :57n5:1:-g:-f ang QN'fx'G'TJl gzglfs vt: Q- iQ :'9t Pi-ivf S ang 13353-15 -Jai E S. L-.,-.- 1 -,Q- - -Q Q.-,Q ....L.Q.:, -x.5QJ.V Q,.J-JQ5Q. E3..Sf f.'1u:s Q,3f1:..'77?f 1 M:- f: QQQI - . 3-:L:,,si Q.QQ.? Q -:trzQ1Qrz.. 3052. -.:...Q-.. - WQ--- :- -Ln - Q Qt: fl I-CLF 2-12: 21. -1- LDLZ f-r:c:f:w: ' F.: :'f'sf:-f Q? J: , Q,-Q . QQ.. Fz1'.w7'm fgtfiffrss.-3: fn- if up 52351: -L f-5:13 Q.:'-Jf-ff N9v'f:w:.fff Q i Q-72.5.95 Sivan Q .' !...5IS112.1 Q..QI - 7 QJrZ'QZ1,'135 F.:-5: fir-"'-M ' MARY ELQEQN 533 'QTNQEGOLQNT .2 QQ?'-f:7..-. 51. N-:'vT:w:'I'.Q.5: T35-J:-st ?"Q5':'II"'i fu TNQ-if F-'..5:5 ?fz..:::A: T:-,ugf..:: if-1 7:-z.: 1" T-.U 32...S!.i'T3L.. F-2 -F Ti 2.1771-5:5..f:w: 55111:-Q21 if-rv ff.. .:g5::z... I "' . 'Q -v:'2..: -'ZT ,.,uAvf'g'f Q- '.5 '.:'?.':-fu :v::.g'-Q . -51.51- fuz.. Q 'Q-'-' FQ:vJ.f1 Q f'-t- :QE :AT CM!-,S V-'COTEQN 'Q QQfv:""1 St. 'I'-Q:-5:1 Ticvf.-f . IIT ATT?"-3-T ' .UT L 1.5 - SQPQQII QLLT - - .4 Ll. LINCOLN E. YATES 43 King Street, Auburndale Linc Fondest Memory of NHS: Jun- ior gym class with Al. Ambition: To be a millionaire. Adams: Warren: College. Basketball 1: Indoor Track 3: Intramural Sports 1, 2, 3. DAVID GABEL YEO 11 Brae Burn Rd., Auburndale Dave Fondest Memory of NHS: Sports: Three wonderful years with Suzie. Ambition: To be able to coach like Mr. Fortune and think like Mr. Hall. Palmer: Warren: College. Sophomore Class President: Mad- rigals 2, 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3: Baseball 1, 2, 3. RUSSELL RICHARD YERARDI 158 Pine St., West Newton Russ Ambition: To get married. Favorite Expression: Are you kidding me? NTHS: Warren: Business. CAROL ANN YOUNG 33 Burrage Rd., Newton Centre Favorite Expression: "Are you a turtle?" Ambition: To be a some- day? Barry: Bilegow: College. French Club 2, 3: Future Teach- ers Club 2, 3: Latin Club 1. DAVID ALAN ZARLING 1344 Commonwealth Ave. West Newton Buzzy, Buzz Ambition: Medical career. Favorite Expression: Could you believe it? Beals: Weeks: College. House Civics Committee 2, 3: Orange Shield 2: Newtonite 2, 3: Physics 2, 3. EUGENE FRANK ZAZOFSKY 18 Fredana Rd., Waban Gene Fondest Memory of NHS: Mrs. Huss. Favorite Expression: Hope the Red Sox win! Riley: Weeks: Service. llflusic Club 2. "Sena and Plato call me . . ." Sir Thomas Wyatt HOWARD STEVEN ZIBBELL 15 Walden Street, Newtonville Howie Fondest Memory of NHS: NHS hockey team and all the great kids on it. Favorite Expression: Don't worry. Adams: Day: College. Home Room Manager 3: Tiger- ama Committee 2: Newtonite 1: Football 1, 2. ROBERT MICHAEL ZIBEL 6 Bonwood St., Newtonville Zib Pet Peeve: Contemplating. Fondest Memory of NHS: All the laughs in Mrs. Bailey's XII grade physiology class. Palmer: Day: College. Music Club 1, 2, 3: Debating Club 2, 3: Biology Club 3. MICHAEL JOHN ZOLLI 148 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Doc, Mike, Zip Fondest Memory of NHS: The rally with Dick, Paul, Ray, Jim- my and me as cheerleaders. Favorite Expression: What can I say? Bacon: Day: College. Tigerama Committee 2, 33 Rally Committee 2, 3: House Council 1, 2: Football 1, 2. DONALD TURNER PASSERO 50 Parker St., Watertown Pass Favorite Expression: Wicked bad. Ambition: To marry a rich woman. NTHS: Bigelow: Business. DONALD FORBES BARTLETT 29 Arlington St., Newton Corner Maynard Fondest Memory of NHS: My board. Ambition: To get out. NTHS: Bigelow: Service. Orange Book 2: Stage Crew 2, 3: Rifle 1, 2, 3: AA 2, 3. SHARON L. BIRD 62 Webster St., West Newton Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Fowler's A-Block Biology Class. Riley: North Junior High: Busi- ness. JAMES JosEPH CARON 26 Canterbury Rd. Newton Highlands Jim Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Christmas party. NTHS: Sacred Heart: Business. EDWARD FRASER CHAMBERLAIN 23 Craigie St., Newtonville Ed Ambition: To water ski through the tunnels. Favorite Expression: "Cool as a mousef' Riley: Day: Business. Motion Picture Squad 2, 3. RONALD JOSEPH DANGELO 40 Middle St., Nonantum Fondest Memory of NHS: Meet- ing Nancy at 8:10. Ambition: To get a good job. Beals: Day: Business. Stage Crew 1: Ushers 2: Baseball 1, 2: Intramural Sports 3. RICHARD EDWARD FOTTLER 25 St. Marys St. Newton Lower Falls Kraut Fondest Memory of NHS: Union Meetings. Pet Peeve: Code Class. NTHS: St. Mary's: Service. MARK THOMAS GREELEY 50 Annapolis Rd., West Newton Pet Peeve: Study Hall with Mrs. Leone. Fondest Memory of NHS: Senior year with Miss Crehan. Palmer: Warren: College. Orange Book 1, 2: Orange Shield 2: Golf Club 2: Senior Play 3. Command no more. Obey. zs ended." ROBERTA ALICE HANNA 36 Freeman St., Auburndale Robbie Fondest Memory of NHS: The Girls Room Cafeteria in Build- ing I, First Floor. Favorite Expression: "Woman". Beals: Warren: Business. Softball. JAMES PETER HOWLEY 414 Parker St., Newton Center NTHS: Meadowbrook: Service. WILLIAM WARREN KAY 233 Webster St. Needham Heights Butch Fondest Memory of NHS: Soph- omore Christmas party. Ambition: To own a Cadillac. NTHS: Needham High: College. EDWARD PAUL KEEFE 21 15 Commonwealth Ave. Auburndale Tiny Fondest Memory of NHS: My talks with Miss Johnson. Favorite Expression: "What am I doing here?" Riley: Warren: Service. Orange Shield 1, 2, 33 Baseball 3: Basketball 1, 2, 3. CORNELIUS P. MARTIN 134 Crafts St., Newtonville Neal Favorite Expression: Too cool for words. Ambition: To follow my father. Beals: St. Charles: Business. RUSSELL HENRY MARTIN JR. 15 Bigelow Terrace, Newton Rusty Fondest Mem5ry of NHS: Beach parties. Ambition: College. Adams: Bigelow: College. Orange Shield 2: Football 2: Gymnastic Team 1, 2, 3: Vice President of House Council 2. ROBERT I. MURDOCK 89 Waban Park, Newton Corner Bob Fondest Memory of NHS: Mr. Hopkin's Problems of Democracy Class. Favorite Expression: Oh-Ah, well- Ah, meanwhile. Riley: Cambridge High and Latin School: College. Your rule Sophocles I x ML xx.. 1 RICHARD LAWRENCE MAUN DER 8 Bacon St., Newton Corner Dick Fondest Memory of NHS: Hav- ing four study periods on Thurs- day in my Junior year. Pet Peeve: Having D lunch four days a week. Bacon: Bigelow: Business. Commons Room Committee 1, 2. BRIAN MARK RICARDO 75 Park Avenue, Newton Centre Fondest Memory of NHS: Last year's senior parties. Ambition: College: To be rich. Adams: Bigelow: College. Gymnastics Team 2, 3. PHILIP JOSEPH RIGOLI 23 Church St., Newton Phil Newton Technical High School: Service. ROBERT JOSEPH SAUNDERS 186 Parmenter Rd. West Newton Bumpy Ambition: To be an ELECTRI- CIAN. Favorite Expression: Come on. Palmer: Day: Business. JANICE ELEANOR SPALDING 69 Webster Pk., West Newton Jan Fondest Memory of NHS: The day I graduate. Favorite Expression: Go jump in the lake! Riley: Warren: College. ROLLAND STAFFORD 192 Grove St., Auburndale Fondest Memory of NHS: S.L.T. Pet Peeve: D Lunch. NTHS: Service. ROSEMARY STACKHOUSE 65 Washington St., Newton Riley: Bigelow: College. PATRICK HAROLD WOODSWORTH 893 Watertown St. West Newton Pat Ambition: Teaching. Pet Peeve: 8:30 Reserve Books! Palmer: Claremont: College. NAN ELLEN YESLEY 64 Varick Rd., Waban Nan Ambition: To be an Interior De corator. Pet Peeve: M. G. Palmer: Weeks: College. Tennis 2. ERIC MARSHAL WINSTON Class of 1962 50 Wfauwinet Rd., Wt-st Newton Fondest Memory: Mr. I-larris Iinglish Class. Pet Peeve: Building l has many floors. Palmer: Warrt'n: College. Vespers l, 2: Intramural Sports 3: A Capella Choir l, 2, 3: Mad rigals 3. -gn-5 W ....... .. 'IQ-s 4,0 i w 4 , , X. N ,J . M, 4 ,W fm-,',z1 ..... N N16 I x 4. V 131-.,. - . l 1 P I E 'Wir A L .'- ' pf' 5 Q 4 ,.u., I ' . . av .21 I M- 4,-,, .,. . - sf? ,R .,. 4 9 V , ,' 'il-:ff fu 4 Q .175 'f' , Q ' 'lf nf Q , 54 ' , .3 f-A 'elf '..f,x. 4: A. -,fy U 1, I -l -913514. Q" N , . Q v I. , '. ".-- 54 ls ,f. D xy' A AN A 'F NEWTON HIGH SCHUOL AND THE CLASS OE 1963 SALUTE THE BUSINESS MEN AND FRIENDS Al Rogan Sportings Goods .... . . . Arthur T. Gregorian ....... Atwood's Camera Shop ....... . . . Auburndale Co-Operative Bank Auto Imports, Inc. . . Barnett Fabrics .... Beacon Shell ....... Bedford Sandwich Bar . . . Bermar Teen Types . . . Blackie's Delicatessen Boudreau's Laundry . . . Bram's Inc. ........... . Brookline News and Gift .... Charter House ......... China Sails ........ Clark Electronics, Inc. Clay Chevrolet ............ Cleveland Circle Auto School .... . . . Coolidge Corner Theater . . . Cramer Electronics, Inc. Crowley's Office Supplies .... Curtis-Newton Company .... Delaney Linen Service . . . Delta Omega ..... Designs in Wool ..... Dunham and Wortman .... OE THE 1963 NEWTUNIAN E.A. Long Mail Advertising . . Eastman's Flowers . . . . . . . Edith Shane's . . . Ed Graham's ........... Eliot W. Keyes Pharmacy .... End Shop ..... . Eric Stevens ...... Farco's Scooter, Inc. . . . Feldman's Bakery .... Ferrotec, Inc. ............ . F.W. Woolworth Company . . . Garden City Oil Company Greenf1eld's ............ Greene-Shaw Company .... Hickox ............. Highland Restaurant ........ Harvard Avenue Fruit Company Hendriken Brothers . . . . . . . Howard johnson's . .. Howe Cleansers . . . Hoyt Pharmaceutical . . . Iota Phi .............. jawyn Club of Newton .... Joes Barber Shop ...... Joe Lee Laundry .... Kenney Business Service . .. Kays-Newport .......... Ken-Kaye Krafts Company . . Leon H. Mayer .......... Lewis Associate, Inc. . . . . Levine, Philip M. Luther Paul Company .... Mandell's ............ Mark's Specialties . . . Marshall Cox, Inc. . . . Midnite Foods ............ Middlesex and Boston Bus Co. .... . . - 1 Mr. Sid s ......................... .... New England Telephone and Telegraph . . . . . . . News Tribune ............ Newton Auto Top ..... Newton Suburban Cab .... Newton's, Inc. ........... . Newton Centre Camera and Music Shop . . . . . . . Newton Centre Market .............. .... Newton Corner Sunoco . . . Newtonville Sunoco ........ Newtonville T.V. and Radio Co. . . . . . . . NRC Equipment Corporation Osterlund Foreign Cars .... Paramount Theater . . . Prep Shop .............. Pulsifer School of Music . . . Purdy Photographers . . . Queen Cleaners ..... Raytheon Company .. Republic Company .... Riverside Bowling Lanes .... Roy S. Edwards ....... S.F. McNeilly, Inc. ....... . Sherwin Williams Company Simon and Sons, Inc. ..... . Snack Time ...... South Pacific ........ Star Market Company ..... Stetson Window Corporation Silver Lake Motors ........ Silver Lake Radio and T.V. . S. Shaine Company ...... Stoddard's .......... Stowe-Woodward, Inc. . . . Student Council ........ Suburban Business School .... Swartz Hardware ........ Tante's Gift Shop .... Tigerama ........ Tony's Italian Villa .... Towne Restaurant ...... Trojan Club of Brookline .... Turnpike ESSO ........ . Tux Shop ..... T.W. Anderson ...... Vincent's Barber Shop .... Vincent's Barber Shop .... Waban Gift and Yarn . . . Waban Hardware .... Waban Market .......... Wal-lex Recreation Center . West Newton Co-operative Bank .... West Newton Savings Bank West Newton Shell Service . Willa Mae ............. Connell Company . . . ...223 ...225 ...225 ...225 ...224 ...221 ...221 ...225 ...225 ...225 ...225 ...217 ...213 ...217 ...228 ...225 ...218 ...225 ...225 ...21s ...225 224 ...226 ...225 ...225 ...216 ...216 216 ...225 229 ...229 ...225 ...224 .. 219 NEAL BORENSTEIN ADVERTISING EDITOR '6 g0'C7105WW4704'0K056N0N0'C7G?L0220N0P40W'702G?1?!0210ff0N01'-0'N0N01f-02'0N01'-0N0N0K0'40R6X '-02'-01 '0'N02'0'N0'R0'401'01L0N04 -Q02 S0 wi- 1 X9v10X0'w5fv PURDY STUDIO NEW EN GLANDZS' FOREMOST PHOTOGRAPHERS 367 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHERS NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CLASS OF 1963 212 10" 05'-01 1012050-02' 01101101 10K0'f X91 102' 3 Q 3 3 3 5 s 3 5 3 3 2 '05 -10'2'0210f -f-01 10" we, the members of the Newton High School Student Council, in order to support the yearbook, perform a worthwhile service, increase our prestige within the school, and dispose of surplus cash, do hereby purchase this full page ad in the 1963 Newtonian. 'JK C-0'1'0'6N0'1 1031-01 0' 101 102'0N0f 17102 Q-01' 401' 91' '-7" p l'C0N0"'0w01s0'f0N01c7'0f6127'7612?'0K?r7'0'10'1?00'610f6N70v17s7'0'0101f?170Y016X L Ji. 215 , is 1-ight: STORM DETEc'rioN RADAR ' below right: VISIBLE LIGHT LASERS if bellow: SPARROW III MISSILE 1 ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS GET CURIOUS- AND LOOK WHAT HAPPENS AT RAYTHEON! Surely we do encourage free-wheeling, no-holds-barred curiosity in this fast moving field of electronics! Here at Raytheon, for example, it's the constant interest of our people in exploring new ideas that leads every day to new and exciting electronics developments. Examples: "DataRay" equipment to transmit punched card data by telephone . . . weather radar to warn of approaching storms . . . lasers, a key to space A is filled with satisfying and rewarding opportunities Raytheon Co Lexington Mass communications. For the young man or woman eyeing a career, the electronics industry . ., , . i f S. 1 ,, , . , . ' - -I ' above: MICROWAVE TV LINKS above left: HYDROFOIL GUIDANCE RADAR Mx left: DATARAY DATA TRANSMISSION 3 S 5 5 5 5 9 5 5 6 S 5 5 6 5 5 5 5 S 9 S 5 5 5 .3 101621-02 101102 -'0"0? 1-02 10" 01'-0R02 9 5 A TELEPHONE JOB OFFERS BOTH CAREER AND SOCIAL SATISFACTION 20" W 3 WITHOUT BREAKING STRIDE, why not graduate from high school to the Telephone Company Q You'll love the friendly young people who'll work with you, and the 6 many social activities that make your work so pleasant and rewarding. OPPORTUNITY IS EXCELLENT and your ability will be recognized. Your starting salary should climb with regular increases. And, of course, Company benefits, security, and regular advancement are well-known reasons why working for the Telephone Company is so attractive to graduates. TELEPHONE JOBS ARE IMPORTANT, vital to the effective communications of the community, the 5 nation, and the world. When you take your place as a respected - member of the telephone community, we'lI train you, on full salary, even without previous job experience. Why not come and see our employment interviewer soon . . . before you graduate? Ask your Guidance Counselor to tell you when and where l to apply. g Q NEW ENGLAND likll TELEPHONE l G 6 xm 'N0Y05Q05I07:05g05L0'0'g0L03505407c05'07t05L05L07c0't07'WQWQWMWWWMx i 215 . G0X05l7'0PZ'N02'Q40W20N0N7M7l?10N71?40"0117C7!7G0?10Pf0f101102102G0510UL0'2C02f-02!-00i0P'-024-0126X Y BEST WISHES FERRCTEC, INC. 217 CALIFORNIA STREET E NEWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS PHILIP NI. I.EVINE 5 Hardware - Paints - Oil! Garden Supplief - Kitchenware - H omebold Sundries 6 1641 BEACON STREET 5 5 Tel. Blgelow 4-4566 3 WABAN GIFT 8 YARN SHOP g Gift: - Cardr -- Gamex - Needle Points 1645 BEACON STRRET Q I WABAN 68, MASSACHUSETTS 5 Instructions Free Q WABAN MARKET, INC. WINDSOR ROAD - WABAN SQUARE WABAN, MASSACHUSETTS DEcatur 2-4100 Beit Wixbex from 5 PARAMOUNT THEATRE 5 299 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER, MASSACHUSETTS 5 S ED GRAI'IANI'S S west Newton AMERICAN STATION is 1250 WASHINGTON STREET Q "Service if our bufinen. 6 We want your bufinenf' I ' I ' ' "--". ' 7'2C?'v2-QD'-0'90Y0"0N01'-x9N0N016'140'l01f-0N0N056"'-?!051-0N0N-0'P'0f40N0'40"l05'0N0"C0x 216 N01 Aonffnaua- ,fa 10:-ouoifosc 2 R "-0"'0"0'f0"'0"l0"'-0"'-0"!f!"-0"0"-0' "0"-0"-0"'0"'0' '0-'0'-'-OWf0'f'0"'0'-"0"'-0''01f-OVO'-'0'-'0"'0f'0'f'-0'-'6DC Stow:-w o wAnn, LASELL 7-3000 NEWTON UPPER FALLS 64 . MASS. ' CJ.nU7fLa.f72.e,fz. Ln. fdadiar T N ,Nc ' Plants at , . . 1 GRIFFIN, GEORGIA NEENAH, WISCONSIN NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS "0 Full Secretarial and Short Courses J Open A11 Year, Day and Evening C H 0 O L Standards - Highest Rates - Modest IQAWW1 ' "-0 5 5 i 5 i S 3 Q 3 s Location - Convenient Free Parking TXY'inbrook 3-3024 26' MOODY STREET. XVALTI-IAM 54, MASSACHUSETTS . . uvfvere bind teaclving rrefztef f0f1jia'em'e.' 217 '021-021056 C0405 'ON-014-0v'0N0Wf0"4'0'010ff-0'2 -10? x9'744,W'4:'f7"f E E 5 S' S 5 5 E 9 6 5 5 5 S 5 9 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 2 5 ,E f0110'N-0' 105 f-01201 05401 '0'K0"N0'20ff0N0f '-0' '-026802 020 THE TROJAN CLUB OF BROOKLINE wisbex the class of 1963 the very ben of luck FOUNDED IN 1951 CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1963 from 0101 'Jr 10120101 010' 5 5 3 3 3 2 Q 2 5 3 5 3 5 im, TIGERAMA 218 l l I I . 20X0'40'-'40N0N02'-0N0X0"0v'-0N-0N-0N9'-0'fC02'-7202'-0'N01f-0'P1-0Pf05s0'1f01'-0l-0vf-0N0l'C 0047 S 2 W. J. co. 5 40965 3 ,G . Qs THREE CH U96 SACLS Specialize! in authentic Cloinere Food - Take Out! - Cateringx - Banquety. 3 E Polynerian Drink! .feroed in Soutlo Sea Irland atmorplrere at Salem and Cbeytnut Hill. S Air Conditioned - Free Parking Q 5 SALEM - Rf. 1A - Ploneer 5-1700 Q REVERE - Rt. 1A - ATlantic 4-8080 5 CHESTNUT HILL - Rt. 9 - REgent 4-1700 6 5 A Friendly Welcome await: you. 5 "Knowledge ir the bert preparation for Opportunity" And that includes a knowledge of how to handle your own Q financial affairs. Start NOW by building a savings account. Interest rates were never higher and it has never been easier to save money . . . 2 AUBURNDALE C0-OPERATIVE BANK 307 AUBURN STREET AUBURNDALE, MASSACHUSETTS 5 ARTHUR T. GREGORIAN INCORPORATED 2284 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS, MASSACHUSETTS i Oriental Rug! A Gregorian Rug if an Heirloom Tomorrow G 8 xy"-0"'0"-0'H0V0N-0590"-0540"40Y0"'0N05'w7"-0N016"'0'l0"'0N0"-0W'0'K0f2056'N0'1-0Y0W0'10ffQN0N01'-0K0X 219 SaxamaxaxaseaxaxowfowaeaemeacawCanoga-aocaaoeaeaocawwcaawwwwwwowafacawx 0512011016 Complimentf of Best Wixbes to the Clan of 1963 fl 'R' I fm' UU ' 'iw-7119K-9319" HOWARD JOHNSON'S -'JVQNQKQO bf H Q Q. E 5 PB'- Sh Q Y E Q 'D of I Q fha S N 2? . V1 R E O 'll P 'U E U5 O W O E -I 'Q ALPHA CHAPTER ROUTE 128 and ROUTE 16 NEWTON LOWER FALLS 62 C05 CQYCOULOO Capezio and My League "lz'5 Smarter To Clmrteru mm , , .. .,. ,- V. famouf Jlaoey 301' gill nn Ao , For All Occasions Call Waltham TW 3-7330 5 L ' MIDDLESEX 81 BOSTON STREET RAILWAY CO. X911 M01 9 55 3 Ig 'E 5 5 5 5 5 9 5 5 5 2 9 9 2 FS Z Z E fl? E if 3 2 53 CE D' E z ga. 0, A CHESTNUT HILL 220 574-0? STETSON WINDOW CORPORATION 3 STAR fof Q MARKETS Q Aluminum Combination Storm Windowx G Doom 5 Aluminum Siding - Roofing - Porch Enclofuref B 'f ' h W ld est G1 ts In t C or Aluminum Awnings E are FREE ' All Type! of Home lmpfovementx 5 With Star Gold Stamps tm E XO on PU O E5 2 D' '-4 m IJ' Z uv E U C3 rn 01 3 . . Built on Quality S Q . 1 -Gfvwing On Qualify UNiversity 4-5400 5 S 5 WAtertown 4-2070 RIVERSIDE BOWLING LANES 40 Modern Candlepin Lanes Automatic Pin Setters New England? moft Fafcinating Recreation Spot Special Rates For School Leagues 396 PLEASANT STREET WATERTOWN 72, MASSACHUSETTS 5 JOHN 1. BURNS co. - R. M. BRADLEY s. COMPANY mc. THOMAS M. DILLON, Manager Z 2 '-I 3 ff? 5? 52' 3.- W3 NC 5-E 513 Q-:P-v-1 U 5.9 gn Q. 2 5 E .. 'TJ 5 JR CD 0 III rn 3 Cf "I ow IND 5 E 'H me 3 Z O Z U 5 5 3 542' D' P-I O III CI U7 m -I P-I CD aw- '01-of x0"0"'0"0'N0V0471?'00wL7'7'Q2?WK?01'00'2706'4?0N?0011?20Y?6N?fQC?f0f6N6X 2 2 1 Compliments of THE DELTA OMEGA SORQRITY CURTIS-NEWTON Wishes the Class of '63 COMPANY The best of luck for the future 1'- ' -Q-7-T -A----fffrf 'iff' fe FARCO'S SCOOTERS INC. --- e Vespa- Lamhretta - Moto Gztzi Al Q 320 WATERTOWN STREET 5 29 CRAFTS STREET , NEWTONVILLE 60, MASS. NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS S Telephone: LAse11 7-5500 7-9331 DE 2-7534 Compliments of Diamonds - Watches - Silverware jewlers ami Silversmiths Watch Repairs - Electronically Timed GARDEN CITY OIL COMPANY, INC. HENDRICKEN BROS. 45 LINCOLN STREET 78 CRAFTS STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS I.Asell 7-6661 S Best Wishes To Class of 1963 ' Best Wishes from HOYT PHARMACEUTICAL 5 CORPORATION JAWYN cLuB OF NEWTON f NEWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS 3 5 9 5 5 3 9 5 9 6 5 5 5 5 5 5 5 S 5 5 6 5 5 9 10' f-02 '05' '-05' '01 619012-01' '0"'f-01 92101 359'- 5 5 3 5 5 3 3 s 9 5 Q 9 5 5 5 5 s 3 s 3 s 3 3 5 5 3 E KEN-KAYE KRAFTS CO. 'k Art .Sc Handicraft Supplies for Horne, Class 8a Drama. 'A' Newton's Science Materials Center. 867 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE 60, MASS. BI 4-1953 LA 7-1206 Good luck to the graduating class of 1963! M A N D E I. I. ' S 3 Distinctive Mens Wear ' For your formal function:- Q Vifit Oar Modern Rental Department ' NBWTONVILLE 5 LAsell 7-6940 NEWTON CENTRE MARKET 1241 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE "Everything Good to Eat" Established 1917 Exclttfive Formal Wear for Rental 5 Unmual Sportnvear for the "Big Men on Campztf' MR. SID'S 44 LANGLEY ROAD NEWTON CENTER LA 7-9339 U82 Years of Friendly Efficient Service" Fuel Oils-Oil Burners-Coal 8: Coke LUTHER PAUL COMPANY 81 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Telephone: Blgelow 4-0590 S. F. MCNEILLY INC. 639 HAMMOND STREET CHESTNUT HILL Cadillac and Oldfmobile Salef and Service NEWTON AUTO TOPS COMPANY Convertible Top:-Seat Covert Automobile Uploolxtery 873 WALNUT STREET CORNER BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS MIDNITE FOODS Newtonvillek Quality Food Store Open Until Midnite "Hot Foods to go" Phone LAsell 7-9842 719 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASS. 3 Q Q Q Q 3 9 Q Q Q 5 Q Q Q Q 3 Q 3 Q Q 5 5 ci 61102'-01 0' 6220161 '01 WNON02' l0Y'01 '-02' f0v G 6 x?l70f6'0Y0"0'40"0N7l0W0'L0N?C?f010'01f7l7s?6'1010Y010v17fQL0'v0'K0N0Y0N0N0'C0N6H '-6 S012-02 1051024016N7201Q720K0vf761f0N7r9s7101611?101'0Ps05f-740N0N0PG747f0N0X NRC EQUIPMENT CORPORATION A Fine Specialty Shop Catering from head to toe to young gentlemen who Wear from size 6 to 40 cLo1HIN6 fr ' 1 15" THE Wow PREP SHOP HARVARD SQUARE One Hour FREE Parking at the Church Street Garage fright next doorj 31 CHURCH ST. CAMBRIDGE UNiversity 4-2500 ' Atom: Etncrlianfscf Euznirzg af DE ,,f SOUTH PACIFIC THE REPUBLIC co., INC. 5 5 EXOTIC DRINKS " -'p f FINEST CHINESE CUISINE "THE BARN" 3 , ' OPEN 'TIL 2 A. M. Q au.. - . . LUNCHEON SPECIAL 11:30 AM.. 3 mi. 5 " ' ORDERS TO TAKE OUT - CATERING Exporter: of Fine Footwear For The Entfkfe Family "gi can DE 2-7250 3 1152 BEACON ST.. NEWTON. MASS. 25 KEMPTON PLACE " T- - A MANsFiELDcHEN.MGR. 5 ' ' WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. IM! Righf For Metered Cabs that Q p Special Occarion 1 A Tax from NEWTON THE TUX SHOP SUBURBAN CAB , IA 230 CALIFORNIA ST. - Open Wed. 8: Fri. Evenings Radio Dispatched 1 V 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. ' I phone LA 7-0459 Phone: DEcatur 2-7700 WILLA MAE HAIR-STYLIST Q F. W. WOOLWORTH COMPANY BI 4.2169 1199 CENTER STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Shop at Woolworth'J and Save 847A BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS EDITH SHANE'S Saro For Beauty 315 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE LA 7-9214 LA 7-9559 Specializing in high-styling, coloring and wigs. 62201101102 C-05' 201' 20' 10N0'N-01' f0"'0' ,ga 3 3 3 3 S 3 3 3 S 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 31,0 S. SHAINE COMPANY 17 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS '0'2'03 Established Cleansers since 1908 Telephone BI 4-3920 SILVER LAKE MOTORS "America'J Fafteyt Growing Dodge Dealership" 444 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS BI 4-5880 Service on all Make: s02'-02 SIMON AND SONS INC. 246 MARKET STREET LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS GL 8-1463 "Sl9oe.f by Ferrano" 2-05 S Compliment: of 3 sToonAno's 3 374 WASHINGTON STREET Q BOSTON A New England Tradition for Cutlery and Fifbing Tackle -10' f-00 TANTE'S GIFT SHOP 19 PELHAM STREET NEWTON CENTRE MASSACHUSETTS For The Very Finext Pizza - Italian Food TONY'S ITALIAN VILLA 34 JACKSON STREET NEWTON CENTRE Coff Route 9D Tel. LA 7-3525 Complimentf of VINCENT'S BARBER SHOP 427 LEXINGTON STREET AUBURNDALE, MASSACHUSETTS WAL-LEX RECREATION CENTER Bowling - Roller Skating - Miniature Golf TW 3-7070 TW 4-1527 Neu'ton'.f Color and Decorating Center THE SHERWIN WILLIAMS CO. 336 WALNUT STREET, NEWTOINWILLE We Deliver LA 7-7664 Serving Newtonl' and vicinity for over 30 yearx SILVER LAKE RADIO 81 T. V. 337 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Compliment: from the new owner: of SNACK TIME COOLIDGE CORNER BOB 8: EVELYN FISHER i ERIC STEVENS Outfitterf for Boys' 1146 BEACON ST., NEWTON, MASS. Compliment! of TOWNE RESTAURANT LAsell 7-9709 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON TI'IE TURNPIKE ESSO SERVICE 1180 BOYLSTON STREET CHESTNUT HILL 67, MASS. A. C. Chipman LO 6-8963 VINCENT'S BARBER SHOP 308 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS -Specialize in the flat top haircut- COI7If7liIlI07If.f of WEST NEWTON SHELL SERVICE 3 3 3 3 3 3 9 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 .33 101'0Y0110"'20110110"l01 '0N0"0"01 '01 4-05' f0" 91103 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 0v.0':1-02'-0N0'N0N0N05'-05'-910i'-0"l?10N0'N0Y02'05'-0110'0f-0'N01'-0'N-0N01f-0N0v2?'-02'-0'N0N0N02'-05'-021-0Y0X fo-R05 7' WE Sl 559 wus, c"'N wx? z"'w Ox 2222 wli me. 510 '42 2 en 1 'TJ 6 O E' OS EE 'Ss 'go H8 2.5 I n 55 as VJ .SP 'Sus as I-u E Q. Qs 3. 21 R 3 3. OW eavwnamo-w 55' Q 5 T ,W E3 5 c Q- f" ? of O U 9-I Z 3 E M151 n 3' 2 E E 2 ,A CDP' n-1 Pl 3 S S'-15 5 g ,J : 55 c o w H o 1: Z U 5.20 an Q mr- 2 2 .5 N Z H1 O Zy, 1: U m gmg K 1 ow "' 512 n img -:fig nc 3 U, 5 rm FIPIUJUI- 'w ED' In ' Q Q 3 Y gf 5 If Crrln 3, Zm - S Ur-F5 ,Q m gg-ZENQ sggi., 3,5155 gnffg F3825 fnogs' S 'E 32355 ini ggvs 2" FWZMS zzz? 'P P Q ,D Q D :PZ Ill D, gi U1 Z EDN Z' 3,01 -I 2 E q ff- E. 3295 S, WELS Z Q 7' Q 57 g -1 ii QHMSN 3511 'D il B2 -. :H 91395, n S. ZW U Cm B NN Q "I -4 UJFUI' :bm - Q CD 'ing UI Q mm mg rn 5 O 'U gr- Om Z .,, Z ZUGEZ 5 K2 P1 a 35 U 0 vf Q: 9 H n .igmm ax 'I mf-I I' rr! U1 O om'-'I n 3 p U1 I 4-,Pi ' gg Z Ui ,.1 :Il Q 0 51.1 fe I C FU oo Z U1 3 0 2 0 U 'I' cs F 2' 'U 2 ge -4 O PG'- rx O th 'tg rw T ,,, I n g l-:gpg E 3 I . S 0 n :E 2 9 Q ni U- 3 "' 2 2 41 Q S Z0 "I 0 ::: 2 I" 1 ua U rr! rn 5, ,. H I: ON K cn-1 Hb 11 +-qw rn g 2 rv - n P CXO Zm EE' Shake Hn OO U 3 " f-1 U U U Z2 r- E II '12 QN Sr. fieffrwx 3 z -H 'iw P o rn Xl H ,., mm hug uk fb O O m 555,29 a35Q PEQE3 Fi'-12g Uiimi XHEQ Zfgzg Z CU po n S v-IE 3 BQ FO magfim -HE. gm S' 'Hg U ZZ 5' 'nv Q, F11 I-11 E 0' 0 2. ,am 1 on ON M33 O 'H Q Z v-I -1 Q 5225 25253 01322 gislizv- 24335 SEQ: 2212.3 E A n-I Oo N. r- I- -Q N vaag S355 M5255 Pwgfggi Ogmn Q-59215 ggigh 'm Xgxa 2 02, :O 553 2-i:'n l-5i'535 gQ:v5 25,53 B O -1 I-112 Q -UQ I 5,2 'Pm gps. mm 3 Cgrrl - my-11 n O U1 I :U ., Q Om Um rf-OO ww N. mm n me vw Z CD Q Q.. 53 Z? -. QA I-1 S, aaxhlg 'sf m'-1 1: H 5 gg 5,1 gp cw 5, S. "' E z ' 51 U, 3 ff? cn g Q E 2 : M P 3 'G X' F' 'S cn 'fl 'QS FL.. R Q: AUBURNDALE, MASS. 21 PELHAM STREET S X0"101'-0f'-c'f'- -0271f-022-022012012-0'v'01Q0'220N-72401f010N0N0'2021024010"C0"f0F20'10'f-0Pu0N0"20N0'1-0'l0'6N0if 226 740"0N?G0N740K747402176N720N?205'0U'727202i74JL?'05010P2-? COYOP n :U P 3 IH :U IH I' l'l'l n -I :U O E n 9' E P 10" -f-0162105 817 BOYLSTON STREET, BOSTON Hi-15 - Stereo -- Tape Recording - Amateur Radio Electronic Hobby Kitf DESIGNS IN WOOL 37 LINCOLN STREET, NEWTON HIGHLANDS, MASS. Phone BI 4-1233 Knitting Yarn: EASTMAN'S FLOWERS 340-342 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS Quality and Service Since 1934 FELDMAN'S BAKERY 1223 CENTRE ST. NEWTON CENTRE Telephone LA 7-7896 In Brookline LO 6-8798 -'01 10' Complimentf of GREENFIELD'S 40 GLEN AVENUE NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS Compliment: to the clan of 1963! HIGHLAND RESTAURANT 55 LINCOLN STREET NEWTON HIGHLANDS "Featuring Home Cooked FoodJ" JOE'S BARBER SHOP 321 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS "We need your head to run our btuineu THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY Frederick K. Collagan, Reg. Pharm. 349 AUBURN ST., AUBURNDALE, MASS. Prexription Specialirtf CROWELY'S OFFICE SUPPLIES 338 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASS. DEcatur 2-5310 DUNHAM 81 WORTMAN PLUMBING - HEATING Complimentf of THE END SHOP 4 LINCOLN STREET Penny cantliex galore- Lateft record: Complimentx of GREENE - SHAW CO. ELECTRONIC DISTRIBUTERS HARVARD AVENUE FRUIT COMPANY Frejlo Fruity and Vegetablex 273 HARVARD STREET BROOKLINE 46, MASSACHUSETTS BEacon 2-7730-2-7731 Fruit Bafketfa Speciality THE HOUSE OF ARON -Ieu'elry- -Expert R epairing- 212A SUMMER STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. LAseII 7-8162 Dictafio n-Mimeografv Kring--Typing Notary Public KENNEY BUSINESS SERVICE 339 AUBURN STREET AUBURNDALE 66, MASSACHUSETTS BI 4-3030 Good Lack To CLASS OF '63 DELANEY LINEN SERVICE 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 9 ,QS 1016802 1-0'1f0'f 140562 f-01014-01401 f-0240" 061 '0101'0W 'S 9 E 3 Q 9 3 3 Q 9 9 Q 9 9 5 9 9 9 3 s 9 9 Q 9 s 9 9 9 9 9 SW. Compliment! of .IOE LEE LAUNDRY 210 SUMNER STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Telephone LAse1I 7-7378 Complimentx of E. A. LONG MAIL ADVERTISING 213 SUMNER STREET NEWTON CENTRE MARSHALL COX INC. Trophies, Aufizrdx and Executive Gifty 69 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. LAse1l 7-017 5 NEWTON'S INC. Newfon Centre -SMART FASHIONS- 843 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. LAsel1 7-7400 NEWTON CORNER SUNOCO -Road Service- -Lztbrication - Simortizing- WA 4-8910 NEWTONVILLE T.V. 8. RADIO CO. Perxomzlizea' Record Service Retortlers, Sheet Mufic, Guitarf 321 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE Lasell 7-6192 PULSIFER SCHOOL OF MUSIC DEcatur 2-7773 GOOD LUCK AI. ROGAN -SPORTING GOODS Tel. DEcatur 2-0444 327-39 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS LEWIS ASSOCIATES INC. Perxonal Comiiltantx and Aptitude Texting 4 GORDON STREET, WALTHAM Telephone 894-6468 Compliment: of MARKS' SPECIALTIES LEON I'I. MAYER WEST' NEWTON REALTOR Real Eftate-Imitrance 1357A WASHINGTON ST. WEST NEWTON DE 2-0274 DE 2-6434 65, MASS. NEWTON CENTRE CAMERA 8. MUSIC 839 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE Recordx - Mztxic - Imtruments SHOP Complimerztr of NEWTONVILLE SUNOCO 875 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE, MASSACHUSETTS OSTERLUND FOREIGN CARS Since 1919 1180 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON 65, MASSACHUSETTS LAse11 7-2660 QUEEN CLEANERS 420 WATERTOWN STREET LAsell 7-9626 Complimentx of SWARTZ HARDWARE COMPANY 2 E 5 5 5 5 E 9 S 6 9 9 5 5 5 5 6 6 5 9 5 5 6 5 5 oi 202' 10' '-0210? f-0551 9, X01'-0'1'-080'K-0"+20fQ0N-012012-0127'0f'0v6501'0vf00120N?W562W10147'021?10P0P'0N7G?'0'Q?'0X056x 3 Beit Wirher from yonr friendly neighhorhood hanh. WEST NEWTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK 1308 WASHINGTON STREET BI 4-0067 WEST NEWTON WEST NEWTON SAVINGS BANK 5 "Safety for raving!" 5 in West Newton in Wayland 3 at 1314 Washington Street at 19 Pelham Island Road HOWES CLEANSERS Launderers- Fur Storage DAY AND EVENING COURSES Same Da Semfe 1096 Discount cash and carry 612 WASHINGTON STREET H I C K 0 X NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS SECRETARIAI. SCHOOL Bert Wirhef To All Oar Clarrmatei In The Graduating Clair of 1963. Oldeff in Unifed Smfef Wfe hope you will enjoy yonr yearhooh. It has Full Secretarial and heen a rewarding experience for nf creating it Special Short Courier for you' I Sincerely, Individual Progress Tom Weislcel ....,.,,., . ECllEOI' Individual Attention Ginny Hagelstein M , . . Co-ordinator Q Dennis Smith ,.,l.. . Bus. Mgr. Pupils Start Any Time Graduate When Ready 367 BOYLSTON ST. at ARLINGTON ST. CO. 7-5920 Neal Borenstein Beverly Alpert Elizabeth Gesmer Marsha Hurst Monica Meyers . . Advtg. Ed. I . Art Feature Data Literary Ed Silvers Photog. Co-ord. Susan Scrimshaw Photog. Editor jim Lally Sports Editor Barbara Greenberg Copy Editor '62 2011011-05 '0'f0N010'v'01f-0f'0vf0'M01'0wC0"l0'2 f-01 '0f' fr '0"'0f 91102 Q Mimi Calk Circ. Editor x9'105i0X0'N0"07'0'C0P105401t0Y0r'QfL0Pk?N0'401'0140N0P10'20 '10Y'0"'-0110f6N-07'-0"0f'-0N0"-05'0fC0'Q0'C0x 229 S0547 10N0'fS02'012717L720N7'0N016N02h01s7f0W402f0110vs?s02L?s05s76K01s05s056X S 3 5 THE SWEATER sl-lop 5 SHAFRAN'S 5 763 WASHINGTON STREET Q NEWTONVILLE 60, MASS. Q Hand-Loomeci, Hmzd-Fashioned Sweaterr Co-ordinated with skirts and authentic 5 . . ALBECO FASTENER COMPANY Scotch Kilties Q Imported Shetlands - Lambs Wools B01-T5 AN D NUTS 100675 Baby Kid Mohair 963 WATERTOWN STREET Q WEST NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Q Tbzs zs not czlL 5 102 -f0"0210N-0" s01'0'K0"'-0117l021-0205 The1fe'll be more in the FALL Look for your Spring Supplement to be mailed in September The editors of the l963 NEWTONIAN wish to thank all those at NHS who cooperated in the creation of this yearbook. We have had many memorable experiences from hunting for Greek quotations to the all-night work sessions before deadlines. And all of us owe a debt to our advisor and friend, Mr. Rossi, for his tireless and inspirational guidance. Thomas Weiskel Neal Borenstein Marsha Hurst 5 Dennis R. Smith Mimi Calk Eddie Silvers 5 Virginia Hagelstein Barbara Greenberg Susan Scrimshaw Beverly J. Alpert jim Lally Elizabeth Gesmer 6 Monica Meyer G 6 x7'0N0"'0'0'?0vc?'0616Y?400k7fQs?016106P61050K7s72Js?s0Y?C76"0N?6N06x 2 30 HousE um S HAN5, ADS BARB1 Hsu '6TVZlgj!, as is open seziezl the lessons of our youth fnezke ez wonderful ifnllnfession on our fneznoriesf' Plato 2 32 h

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