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'dmhluu f 051,xQW? W 1 H N A 'X x ll I Q 4 3 2,-fg?figf?if +-9 f A creature new to all of you Appears among these pages He s not a brarn, hrs name wrII ne e Be found among the sages In fact he rs so baclcward That s how he gets hrs name Just spell out Newton rn reverse The NOTWEN comes to fame He matriculated long ago We don t Icnow just the date And accordrng to hrs guidance car s He II never graduate Or your pen has gone astray Don t blame some Fellow pupil The Notwen s been at play Those blue cards you received today Were not your fault at all The Notwen thought he d grve some out To see your faces fall He never goes to classes Luke the other students do He rust peelcs over transoms Or gets a Iceyhole vrew He can t be found just anywhere Tho hrs numbers multiply He s busy malcrng mrschref INSIDE NEWTON HIGH f Y s a I I I . . I ll If . . . . . d Y If ever your lunch is missing I I , . I I I ll 1 ll I I . . . . NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL ff NEWTONVILLE MASS X I O? . X Q - 5Q 1 I 155- in a deserted corri- many feet struggling stairway, the restless tion or the prom draws speech hall sensation, sell a member of a sandy-colored dog in cliclc of the study are the spaces within ate your memories of life that was spent HIGH. !.-,111 Xl.-Mi.-1 wi To cover the twenty eught years she has served here at Newton Hugh School as teacher advuser and lruend there really cannot be enough saud about Muss Helen Cotton Born schooled and employed un Newton she us one ofthe funest representatuves of thus cuty and uts hugh school Sunce she came to the hugh school to teach un 1924 Muss Cotton has been actuve un the Junuor Red Cross and un the Latun Cotton has taught ancuent hustory and physuology Alter her returement Muss Cotton plans to do extensuve travelung then to catch up on some home gardenung and cuvuc affaurs ln what ever she may do Muss Cotton wull always be remembered by the many pupuls she has met at Newton Hugh School who wush her the greatest success and happuness 6 . I . . . I Club of which she was formerly an adviser. As well as Latin, Miss MR. RAYMOND A. GREEN A great, tall man ambles up the corridor, head bowed in thought. A friendly man sits behind his desk, listens quietly, gives help with emphatic force. Here is a dignified Mikado or an enthusiastic supervisor. A man, our representative to the outside world, whose hair has turned more gray in ounr service. His strolling walk takes him many places searching out the best and the why's and wherefore's of student life. To us, Mr. Green per- sonfies1Newton High School. We will remember him many years from now as a man who loved books, travel, fishing, and people. MR. LEO J. BARRY Mr. Leo J. Barry, one of the administrative vice-principals of Newton Hi h School, graduated from Bates College and has done graduate work at Boston University, Columbia University, and Harvard University. Mr. Barr has taught at Danvers Massachusetts, at Northeastern University, at the Boston Centre for Adult Education, and has been a Visiting Lecturer at Harvard University. Mr. Barry became a member of the United States Navy in 1944, was placed in the communications department, and assigned to the Philippines. After V. J. Day, as editor of the "Navy News," he was a correspondent at the War Crimes Trials of the Generals Yamasita and Homma. During his ab- sence Mrs. Barry took his place as English teacher at Newton High. During the past five years, Mr. Barry has served as director of radio of the Newton Public Schools and editor of the Newton School Age. Aside from these organizations he is President of the Boston Bates College Alumni and actively participates in many other school and community organiza- tions. In his spare time Mr. Barry enjoys golfing and sports with his son. MR. WILLIAM LAURITS This year, Newton High School opened its doors to welcome Mr. William Laurits as its assistant principal. However, Mr. Laurits also assumed the directorship of the Newton Junior College. fln this capacity he was busier in the Junior College than in the High School., His time and energy were devoted to teaching psychology, directin class pro rams, arranging student activities, and recruiting new students. qfhe High School may ex- pect to see more of Mr. Laurits in the future, though. After Mr. Laurits raduated from Yale University, he served four years in the Navy during sforld War ll. Later, he obtained his Master of Arts degree from the University of Chicago. Before coming to Harvard Grad- uate School of Education as assistant to the Dean, Mr. Laurits taught mathe- matics at Elgin High School and Junior College in Illinois. Thus we have both past and resent of Mr. William Laurits. Let us hope that the future will bring him happiness and enjoyment at Newton High School. MR. HARRY L. WALEN Not everyone has been a deputy sheriff, a semi-professional skier, and an ardent camper during one life time. However, Mr. Walen is such a hard- working man here at Newton High School, he is no longer able to enjoy many of these pastimes. A Newton boy, Mr. Walen attended Bigelow Grade School, and then Newton High School where he was editor-in-chief of the 1933 New- tonian. With a cum laude A.B. degree in English letters, Mr. Walen grad- uhated from Harvard University. Later he received his Master's degree t ere. Mr. Walen's profession is teaching. ln that capacity he has taught at the Los Alamos boys' preparatory school in New Mexico, and also at Groton. From 1946-1951 Mr. Walen taught in both Newton Junior Colle e and Newton High School. However, as Administrative Assistant, Mr. gwalen teaches only two high school classes and the afternoon Journalism Class. Besides his present-day hobbies of reading and going camping, Mr. Walen enjoys presenting Kodachrome slides of his many interesting trips. FACULTY 1st row: 2nd row: 3rd row: Nancy MacGilvre , Helen E. Nute, Gertrude E. Myles, Elizabeth Jewett, Alice J. lzennedy, Dorothy Huss, Mary J. Lanigan, Charles H. Mergendahl Donald B. Mitchell, Robert S. Harris, Forrest F. Paige, Daniel F. Koughan Helen B. Lee, Helen C. Miles, Ethel Ham, George Neilson, George Nye, Albert E. Navez Henry Lasker, Frederick O. Holmes, Robert H. Mitchell, E. Victor Knapman Wesley S. Merritt, Harold M. Hawkes, George A. Land, Thomas Walters, Warren L. Huston 1st row: Qnd row: 3rd row: Margaret South, Ann Sanguinetti, Frances M. Smith, Helen L. White Helen Sweeney, Sterling L. Williams, Mary L. Waters, Jean M. Wiens Moira J. Sullivan Kenneth White, Helen E. Turner, Helen Vaznaian, Ruth M. Twiss, Elsa C. Stone, Charlotte M. Simon, Marianne Patterson, Edith M. Rideout, Eleanor B. Richmond, Charles Peterson Charles L. Peltier Lester E. Williams Edward l. Poslcitt Edwin H. Wiest, William B. lSpinlc, John Sherman, Floyd E. Somerville, Reginald Smith, Daniel P. A. Willard .N QQ V x , "' mi"gW,v1v ' T1r1gggfwffV'q ' ,EW I :ok S T KA it 1 I I V? H , , V if y , x HP A .. if 1 X G D .L y A ' I" , L- -A -L Y di Mr" W vw Q A 4 .X K5 .N H+. Q ' ,iw r r N . A. V Wu U alan. R . x B. g Q? at Q M' v Q ' f S f M W ya f avg is xl 9 is x 'xl 55 ' Q Qi 3 V!" V1 Q ' 4 y 5 ,gm ,I H.. yxii .K Ag fi fvf f Q if . lm xXALx V . Q - . my ' if P. -an V if hr is f 3 me-I . K 'h f 1 L EXECUTIVE COUNCIL tx Rfdgf ls - ' A 7' . Oghfff 5 d Y 'IO The Supreme Court ol the United States determines the constitutionality of laws enacted by the legislative body. ln a similar way the Executive Council governed all school activities. lt, too, had the power to have final judgment over our legislature. Through the council, a democratic system ol checlcs and balances on a democratic form of student government was maintained. 1st row: Hortense A. Church, John Kreider, Margaret South, Rowland Pollard, Raymond A. Green, Leo J. Barry, Agnes Dowhancxulr, Emily P. Burdon, David Segal 2nd row: Charles H. Mergendahl, Andrew W. Steinhope, Joan Arcese, Carl P. Birmingham, Diana Schulman, Charles L, Peltier, Patricia Littlefield, James A. Boyd, Mary Lou Griftin, James Remley Only the most exclusive restaurants offer the luxury of solt music while you eat. Excluding those offenders who talce a sneak - or is it a snaclc - preview of their lunches during S-Block, everyone in New- ton High's cafeteria may munch his lunch to the strains of Shubert or Sinatra. This is only one example ol the progressive meas- ures talcen by the high school law-making body, the legislature. The student elected representatives meet monthly to suggest or decide upon school procedure. Such a busy organization never had a dull moment! Adviser ...... Mr. Charles Peltier President . . . Robert Morrison LEGISLATURE HOME ROCDM MANAGERS Arrested for embezzlement! Sent to luna- tic asylum! Although the homeroom man- agers have never been headlined for such drastic misdeeds, this news would not seem so startling if we realized how trying the job of homeroom manager is. This group's main concern was tickets: the promotion, sale, collection of money, receiving, de- livering of ticlcets. Without the patience and willing service ofthe homeroom mana- gers, almost all the school productions might have been audienceless. Hats off to these loyal homeroom managers. Adviser ....... Mr. Carl Swan ln every section of the cafeteria, there was someone wearing the insignia of the Orange Shield. This year's industrious group of students existed for the purpose ol en- forcing lunch-room regulations which are necessary lor a clean and orderly cafeteria. The ten'captains and the chairmen formed the Lunchroom Board of Review which recommended any discipline which they deemed necessary. Chairman . .... Rowland Pollard Adviser ...... Mr. Francis Foster Monday . . John Kreider, Mary Campbell Tuesday Rowland Pollard, Patricia Littlefield Wednesday . Daniel Coffey, Marita Mower Thursday .... David Segal, Tat Tower Friday . Donald Kupersmith, Janet Teveltelian f 1 I N I .lll ll!! l Z7 .f GRANGE SHIELD OMG obbs'P"sid'n'fM., C "YfDo...udHm,rfe.,.,,er Willi lm Ban Y, V. Ice-President SEYXXOR rg , ex Lu Cadet Boys' Nike-Vxeixdcnki Nwdka uqatzk goulh , Y-obuk EWAns , Vwskdcnk co Navy Rose Cam9'ozXX Ns! vow: Sanz! TcveV.zXKan, Tmasux 5 fAovIe1,6KxX4 Vice-Puzixdenty bliss M 9-nd ww-. Sqhia Bon6,0onaX6 Haqg, Ciom Dex-lm , YALE CMTNE Q PKC-ERS wx CXPJE SS it GYxsi..xi1m"' wg 50 ' QC' ' , A uw xohrixsv' nt. BO' but 9' rt TAOUX' Vice' bl YS vgoiid' Bo P10gV6Fdziyli Ro 500, -P1255 'S Nancy Neagle, Secretaryf Robert Walton, President, Theodore Johnson, Trees urerf Maxine Levenson, Vice-Presidenti Miss Emilie Burdon, Adviser JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS FB' I 4 I 1 I 'Q -1 'T 791 L " " I '1 1 ea INDEX A CappeIIa Choir Alpha Beta Alpha Gamma Tau Ant: Smoking Commrttee Art Club Avlatlon Band Concert Band Dance Band Marching Camera Club Cavalry Club Cheerleaders Chemistry Club Chorus Boys Chorus Junror Senror Girls Chorus Sophomore Grrls Debating Club Drama Club Drama Workshop English Club French Club Future Teachers Club Glee Club Home Economrcs Club Huntrng and Frshlng Club Internatuonal Club Latin Club Leader Corps Library Club Meteorology Club Motron Prcture Squad Muslc Club National Honor Society TO ACTIVITIES AND SPORTS Page Neophytes Newtonian Newtonlte Advertlsrng Staff Newtonlte Edrtonal Staff Orange Book Orchestra Outmg Club Personallty Club Radio Club RaIIy Commrttee Red Cross Council Rrfle Club School and School Exchange Science Club Sensor Play Socral Room Spanish Club Stage Crew Tusrtala Baseball Basketball Boys Basketball Girls Basketball Trade School Dance Modern Football Go Hockey Freld Hockey Ice Softball Tennus Boys Tennrs Girls Track Indoor Track Outdoor Page ' .................. 68 ............. .......... 7 0 '- ' ' ............ 59 ' ' ' .......... 49 ' ' ........................... 21 .......................... 43 , ...................... 42 ' ....................... 37 , ....................... 43 ' .................... 52 , ' .................... 42 ' ......................... 20 ' ..................... 50 36 , ' ...................... 61 ' ....................... 39 , '- ' " ........... 60 ' ..... ................ . . 62 , -' ............. oo - ............. ....... . . 34 ' ..................... 28 ' ...... ...... ........ 4 0 Discophyles ....................... 67 Spring Musical ...................... 63 I ...-.... IIIIIDII . 29 ......................... .. 77 ...... .............. 2 2 i , -'..- '.-.......... . 72 ,..,..,..11i4"'5111112 Z? I ' 83 i 66 I ...... ...... 7 3 ' I' 45 , ................ 86 ' .......... ........ 2 7 ' 23 IF ................. ..... . 78 ,' ............. ...... 8 2 64 , 74 ' '---"'-"--"""""' 33 .... ...................... a 4 ' ' -'-------------- 44 -' ...................... . as ' ...................... 24,25 I ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 75 - - ,,,,,,,,,,,, 54,55 , ..... ............... 7 6 'IB fi RALLY COMMITTEE A 'T' f , KL Shalcers' Jlngles' Rallres' These were all the prod ucts of the Rally Commlttee to arouse enthusiasm rn the athletrc contest throughout the school year Thus hardworlung group searched for novel rdeas to lrven the spmt ol the student body The commrttee deserves a specral vote of thanlcs lor the success of therr worlc was apparent rn he spun! and turnout at all the athletrc events Chairman Agnes Dowhanczuk Adviser Mrs Munel Doucette 19 RADIO CLUB Radros, amplrfrers, pumbled masses of tubes and wlresl The members ofthe Radio Club used such equrp ment to malce new radlos and trans mrtters The rapid development of televlsron provaded yet another held for their slcllled mrnds and hands The members rendered many services to the school through their lcnowledge of electrlcnty In addrtlon to their work at meetrngs, many yourneyed to nearby plants and exhlbltlons The club, too, was well represented In the Science Farr where the member made equrpment and devlces attracted many people President Norman York Vrce Presrdent Paul Mrlott Secretary Mrchael Rotenberg Treasurer Paul Mrlott n . . - . . AVIATION CLUB This clul: IS open to all who share an Interest rn avratron and who en roy malung model aircraft The member planned programs cluded outsrde spealcers, arrshows, model malclng, and movres The members drscussed such topucs as construction of planes, controlling methods, and navrgatron Thus year, srnce yet propulsion was of great Interest to the members, they devoted many meetlngs to this subject Presldent Charles Shure Vrce Presrdent Gene Marx Secretary Davrd Norton Treasurer Peter Sonalcula Adviser Mr Russell Fitz . I in. is 'TFT' 7 Qs sl fs FRENCH CLUB Gay Pans theatres museums schools was only one of the many subjects that was spolcen of rn the French Club Varrous speakers told an French ol course the members about dlfferent phases of the lrfe land and language of France This year the club brolce a membershrp record so had to be drvrded rnto two groups Such popularity proves rt a tres bon Presrdent Merle Mandell Vice Press e Jane Albertson Secretary Sara Levy Treasurer Monel Schlessmger Advrser Mrss Mary Waters I 1 1 I I . I F f f I club. ' - 'd nt . . LATIN CLUB To et Into the true Roman s mt of rceros day the Latrn lub members revlve the old custom of lelsure and loun Ing an therr monthly meetings owever they dnd have some ambltlon and con ducted hrghly actrve meetlngs They pla ed Roman games, told stones In atm and showed slides of Rome The Lahnates feel that their club meetings were enjoyable and a prohtable way to learn more about Latm and the people who spoke lt Consul Mary Keenan Phyllrs lsenman Scuba Lula Seletsky Quastor Evan elfogel Aedlle Mar Lee nderhrll 1st ro U derhlll Keenan Min Elizabeth Jewett Sp lfogel Colle L do 2 d o Solo ot Free an Brlsk Seletxky a... 4?-v l 91-0 ' J - . rl' , 'j:::: 'ff' RI' Adviser . . Miss Elizabeth Jewett X rf , X' lla? b :-.le W: n , , , .H e , n, an r J nLe:el:jan, Grenenn I m I I I 5 - 1 Q3 MUSIC The Music Club the largest club rn Newton Hugh School was well lcnown for nts student con certs which gave the more talented members a chance to reveal therr musrcal abrllty Durung the year the three student programs Included performances by the orchestra and modern dance groups One of the featured attractions was the personal appearance of varlous top artlsts In the country The club played host to Mlscha Tulrn noted theremun player, and Herman Gantt an ac complnshed bass barltone and wm ner of the Marion Anderson A ward The only requirement for membershup nn this club was an Interest and love for muslc and the members thoroughly enyoyed all that the club had to offer President John Bresnahan Recordmg Secretary Pamela Cook Corresponding Secretary Judy Hulsman Treasurer Constance Brown Advnser Mr Henry Lasker Q4 . I . . I - . - , . I . N . . I . , I - I Vice-President . . David Jenney CLUB ALPHA GAMMA TAU At the monthly meetmgs of Alpha Gamma Tau the members unrted their interests ln mathema trcs wnth dlscusslons, ran mg trom slmple arlthmetlc to calcu us Traps and spealcers served to further thus hobby, and the soclal actrvltles were clrmaxed by a prcnrc at the home of Mr Frtz A more thor ough knowledge of mathematucs was obtained and practlced as were unusual methods for solvmg some problems Presrdent Mrchael Rotenber Vrce Presrdent Robert Pollar Treasurer Gordon Chnstenson Ad I Mrs Frances Allen ws", I Mr Charles Mergendahl Seated Bronstein Studley Chmtenlon Pollard Puckett Gross Nahlgna Chollln Kellem Stand: g Simons Devlcq Cro lr Kalol Rotenberg Ms Fra c 1 Alle Bro n Peterson Fre ch I Secretary . . . Joan Pickett ' 1 I I I ' l n'l , I I 'n : ' , ' , ll I 1 r r , n i n, w , , n INTERNATIONAL CLUB What do you fI'lIl1IC of the Iranlan olI weII dlspute7 Do you approve of unlversal mlIltar trarnlng7 When do you thunk orean peace negotlatnons wnII end7 These were a few of the questrons proposed debated, and answered at vanous InternatlonaI Club meetln s The members have heId pane duscus sions about current worId affairs Also, the club was fortunate to have notable speakers from head Ime malung countries The Inter national Club s programs were not only entertammg, they were en Ilghtenmg and educational President Rowland Pollard Vlce President John Chattield Secretary Peter Ferngold Adviser Mr Robert Hams 1strow L Feedman S Freedman Cohen Voros Lubl NI RobertH s FI h Snydr 2 d o Ha ev Lo d Cooga Racoosln Cason Barton Rl g Pollad Ferngold 1 . a ' - Treasurer . . . Lawrence Fleischer .1 - I , - I , , n, r. ani , cis er, e n r w: rv , u , n, ' , r , . 'H , f . , Q DEBATING Lvjix CLUB If you had loolced rn on a Debat mg Club meetlng, you would have been lrlcely to fund the members In the midst of a heated argument concerning school or local affairs Durmg the monthly meetings, whrch were conducted rnlormally IH roundtable fashion, each mem ber always had an opportunuty to express freely hrs oprmon on some controversral rssue Thus year the club staged a court session wlth a judge, jury, plamtlff, and defend ant Desprte all the arguments the members mended all frrendshlps at the annual party In .lune President Lols Landau Vlce Presrdent Robert Adolph Secretary Judy Rosenthal Treasurer Monroe Gross Adviser Mr Malcolm Gallagher Q8 -Eff ENGLISH CLUB Those unterested un Englush outsude the classroom found the Englush Club the answer Thus club the oldest at Newton Hugh was, as always composed of members of the uunuor and senuor classes The actuvutues thus year were a luterary trup the annual pucnuc and an un lorgettable vusut to the theatre to see a modern play The club also sponsored a tall: by Rudolph Elue, well lcnown Boston Herald colum mst and musuc crutuc Thus year a new study plan was unutuated, whereby the club was duvuded unto tour classes drama Each group planned an event C0'1 cernung uts own topuc Presudent Juduth Gordon Vuce Presudent Leo Reddy Secretary Julue Brush Treasurer Aluce Umans Advuser Muss Irene Haworth i v X,- 'X sm! ae! . Q ' I fl ,, fiction, non-Fiction, and poetry. X f' . . . " N -Q Bl 5 Q9 JUNIOR RED CROSS COUNCIL 1st row E Johnson R Krrland C Hood 2nd row H Adam M Wrseman N Brgelow S Adam 1st row C Jobes 2nd row R Burk M Antonellr P Wolfe 1st row L Edwards M Quant D Cohen 2nd row L Smrth S Coleron R Goldberg L Shore 3rd row L Doll M Carl S Johnson C Richman The Junror Red Cross Councrl began nts thlrd year at Newton Hugh School with a Red Cross Drrve Though a new organrza tron at the Hugh School nts purpose rs as old as the Golden Rule The councrl s other actrvrtres Included vrsrt mg the Boston Blood Banlc, and srgnrng up volunteers for Nurses And Tralmng at the Newton Wellesley Hosprtal Durmg the summer months, delegates will be sent to the Junror Red Cross conferences Vice President Secretary Isabelle Overloclc Phrllp Wolfe 3 Ronald Burk Susan Adam Lmda Doll Advrser Mass Mary Lamgan Treasurers Recorder Publrcrty Chairman Journal Reporter ta' on . ' ' J .ff . . , . , . g ' . . , . , . , . J Q : . , . ', . I I ' I n n u a n D I u u : . , . ' , . I ' ' ' ' ' f ' President .... . . . Carolyn .lobes : ' ' ' ' ' ' I ' - . . . . . . . ' ' ' wi 1?-L' ' e I al' ' fm V ., . - I 7 nr- , 5 W' ' f I 9 -.. f CHEERLEADERS Incl row w weeks 1. mm The score was hed Two minutes were left rn the game The crowd led on by the Cheerleaders spurred the team to a las! second vrctory Our Cheerleaders many a tlme have buoyed the team on to success They dnd a splendid job lhrs year to lceep our school sprrrt keen and clean at all the games 1st row B Johnson 9nd row B Brown R McKay M Ellrs J Arcese : . , . , W. IHUIHPQUII Adviser ..... Mrs. Muriel Douceke : . , . , . ' , . . 21 lug 11 5 SCIENCE CLUB For students who enjoyed the scr ences, thus club drd much to satrsfy extra currlcular Interest The mem bers were fortunate rn havlng the opportunity to vlslt the Bradley Palmer State Park rn lpswrch Massachusetts, and the Harvard Medrcal School Museum Durung the year these future Pasteurs and Madame Curses conducted demon stratrons In physrcs and chemrstry, and welcomed varlous spealcers Aside from therr annual club prog ect, the members played an rm portant part In the plannlng ofthe Science Farr Presrdent David Lewis Vrce Presudent Woodley Chapman Secretary John Wu Advrser Mlss Moira Sulllvan 1st row Conrad Wu Levy Kasolr Voros Lewus Halter Andrews Haas ind row Cohen Zlmble Styles Rooney French Wllla so Mus M rrly De x Msx Marr Sullivan I Treasurer . . . . . Wendy Paul I I . 1 I I i ' rn rl, ' a' n r w , i 'l U l LIBRARY CLUB By worlclng In the teachers pro lesslonal lrbrary the sample text bool: llbrary the Junlor College Library, and of course their own lrbrary rn Bulldlng l, members of this club gained practical experl ence Besides performmg an invaluable servlce to the school, these stu dents lcept up to date on current books and became lamrllar with all types of publlcatlons President Louuse Smnth Vrce Presldent Joanne Guul Secretary Sonya Coleron Treasurer Jennette Gnse Soclal Chairman Delorls Foxx Adviser Miss Nancy MacGllvrey Stti 5 S nth G xr Colcro Mm N ncy M c Gllvrey Stondlng Gordon Carter . n I . . I - . I . . I I . Assistant Secretary . Bernice Gordon i n : Rl' , u :', n, ' a a - .X . X s Q, ' 1 X .- Z N T, SOCIAL RCDCM QQ S On the second floor of Burldmg Three rs the ever popular Socral Room Every morning from 810 to 8 25, rt was paclced wrth stu dents lrstenlng to records, tallung, lrstenrng to the raduo, tallcrng playing cards, and tallcrng Thus relaxation room was open to all students on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Frlday afternoons Monday and Thursday were re served for special actrvltres, such as club and committee meetmgs Due to the wonderful job done by the student hosts and hostesses thus year, the Socral Room was always crowded Socral Board Members gr:g:'aFm:ahcDougall Seated Boss an Nussmo Kllldll Frach Segal Lelavra Kupersmith MacDougall Root Libby Sta dung Winslow M mu Gauld Karma: a Cl: eland Mamn Kalau n Va cola Markul. G rebed . . . . I -.X , . . A S . S - , X i f st' Chairman ..... David Segal 34 ALPHA BETA ln thus club sophomores were grven an opportunlty to further their Interests an drama and wrrtmg Boolcs movres plays radro and televrsron programs were discussed Through cntlcal dlscusslons of their own wrrtrngs and readings the members gained valuable rnlorma tlon The short story contest whrch Alpha Beta sponsored, gave each member the chance to apply has ablllty to hrs own wrrtmg The varred programs served to provrde many enyoyable and profltable hours Presrdent Marrlynne Alperm Vlce Presldent Carol Gibson Secretary Sybnl Slegel Treasurer Barbara Rubin Adviser Mrs Marrlyn Hubbard 1 1 I 1 1 I ' 1 SCHOOL AND SCHCDOL EXCHANGE For the fourth year the Workshop rn Leadershrp and Commumty Lute partrclpated rn a school exchange Thus trme It was rnternatronal the group had an opportunrty to vrslt Ottawa, Canada In an exchange wrth the Glebe Collegrate lnstr tute The members, rumor and senror students, had much to do before leavrng such as research xx worlc and fund ralsrng propects The trrp, whrch tool: place an late Aprrl was a complete success 1st row Raymond A Green Kestle Toscano Mower Muloclt Neagle Bram VanDeman Mrs Rrley Hampton roole Ellrlnd Erghmy Bond Mr Floyd Rmker 3rd row Mm Katherme Curtus Wa slow Ve nott Budd Gaffney Ho land DeVrcq Harl 9 4th row Come Wetherell L rgt Joh so Danuger Cooper Parker Goldstern 36 .. L V s . . . I KI 5 . . . . . I 1 , . . . . g : . .. W 1 'i f ' , ' 'X , gt . . . A A x . ' ,, - 1 ' 4 A 2 - . , , , 1 1 , . Ynd row: Conant, Dudley, Bigelow, Jobes, Wood- , , V , - : ' ' ' , -'H .I i . , . W , . n : , , iv'n son, n n, . , , Q ,M -f ,- Y' S 2 l Y CJUTING CLUB It you saw a group of gurls slcatlng at Bullough s bowlrng at Newton or swrmmrng at Broolclrne rt may have been the Outung Club' En thuslastrc energetrc and sports loving the gurls had a fun paclced program The bag event of the year was a weelcend tnp to the Sargent Camp at Peterborough New Hampshire There the gurls enjoyed slcung slcatrng and dog sledclmg They drd not set any Olymprc records but thus actrve group enjoyed many good trmes Presrdent Irene Lerdner Vice Presndent Jean Manley Secretary Elrzabeth Ravmskr Treasurer Roxanne Haven Adviser Mass Barbara Davrs av" 1-"' l 1 I I I . . I . I - I - r . .. ' . 1 . ' . ' - f .' ' . I . . . ' " l 37 FUTURE TEACHERS CLUB President Claire Landro Vice President Carol Duns Secretary Sonya Coleron Treasurer Joan Quinn The Future Teachers of America rs composed of a group of students who are interested in teaching and rn youth guidance This organrza tion rs sponsored by the Newton Federation of Teachers and rs alfrlr ated with the National Education Association This year the club members helped rn social settle ment houses and also visited some of the Newton Schools Other ac trvrtres included a meeting guests of the Boston University Chapter of the Future Teachers of America and discussions with Mr Harold Gores and Mr Raymond A Green, as well as with other members of the administrative Suted Brown Dhlonls Celeron Mm Beatlce Bat s Broolcms Standing Everett! Demeo Peppard Landro McHugh . . . . . as Adviser . . . Miss Beatrice Bates body. : I . I I . I. , 'I 1 M ,L 38 STAGE CREW Few who attended our many plays assemblres and rallies, realized the endless detarls of ar rangement needed for a perfect productron The Stage Crew as semlaled and put up scenery, made the sound effects, and controlled the lrghts at all presentatrons throughout the year These boys spent many hours at this worlc whrch was a real benefrt to the school I l I l 1st row: Chapnle, Arnold, Cooper Admit' M' Charles Chase Rnd row: Crummstte, Kolman, Himmelfarb ind vnu- l -ulnu Gurld Cu-ilk SPANISH CLUB ul' flag! 0.1 J' Each month senorltas and sen ores gathered together In EI Clrculo Espanol where Spanish was spoken exclusively e members attained fluency rn spealc mg the language through their monthly meetlngs, lncludmg a de hate spolcen entirely rn Spanish, and their vrslts to a Spanish res taurant and a ballet Representa trves from varrous Latm American countrres spolce, and a play wrltten by the members was presented The year was ended with a club party Presrdent Jeanne Toscano Vrce Presrdent Judy Rosenthal Secretary Lucy Thomas Treasurer Paul Frthlan Adviser Mr Francesco Argento 1st ro D dson Thomas Tosuno Mr Francesco Argento Frthran Dopmcyer Schulman 2nd row Alberts Gllm Src e Leone Ryu Norley Tlllllllg d Cohe T pp Rosenthal F ldman g Ha e Wood ard e d Srl erman ' . Th 6' r . - t . 3r row:, U ln, a an, , e , Kfvanau h, v n, w , Sl: n avian, 40 CAVALRY CLUB Fall or sprung, foul or farr, the Cavalry Club rode once, some trmes twrce, a month The members ol thus club who are slulled riders devoted time to horsemanshrp and horse shows and rodeo etl quette As an excntrng clumax to the clubs actrvltles there was an all day outing at the end ol the school year Presrdent George Mentzer Vice President Joan Woodward Secretary Stuart Llpson Treasurer Steven Kaufman Advrser Mr John Sherman 1st row Lmson Mr John Sher Kaufman Yndrow Pcpnard Bro n Kaplan Cohen Ste t m ne D 3rd ro Gahm Wayman Callard CONCERT BAND MARCHING BAND DANCE BAND CRCHESTRA MOTION PICTURE CLUB Out ofthe darkness, out of the sr lence, came a beam of lrght a vorce, a momentary blur and ten mrraculously, a parade of re scrence, or rnduslry came rnto focus before our eyes The maglcrans producrng this magrc were to be found at the rear ofthe room feverrshly twrrlrng knobs and flrckrng switches rn a machrne known as a projector Because of their trme and efforts, we were able to acqurre rnformatron from frlms, records and tape records 1st row Stewart Hopf Hogntt Mormon Sherman 2nd row Ladner Cooper Mr Mxchul Gudonc Simmons Go mr Barbo 3rd row Kasok Kung Murphy Humcllhrb Phuneul McKnrght Mentnr Beny I h , ' I F I n u Adviser . . Mr. Michael Gradone . : I v.' .' ' ' ' The lure of the trout stream and deep woods or the call of a gun or fly rod attracted an energetrc body of students to porn the Hunt mg and Frshrng Club rn order to learn more about sportrng True s ortsmen all the members learned t rough movres and spealcers how to tue Ilres shoot guns properly, conserve wrld Irfe, and cast with varrous types of Frshrng rods Many thrrllrng moments to member for a Irfe trme occurred clurrng the trrps and outrngs held Presrdent Bruce Peterson Vrce President Dermott Breault Secretary Treasurer Brendon Whittaker Adviser Mr Abner Barley 1st row Clarke Rumpel Tappan Peterson Murphy Sp llogal Bcrm n Mr Ab rBarIey Nrgo Momso Sha pa Vang I Green Bald Meade s Prnlrharrr Cal crt HUNTING AND FISHING CLUB ur, I DRAMA CLUB K gl 3 X If The Drama Club rang up the cur tam by holdrng tryouts for new members from the rumor and sensor classes The members of the Drama Club again experienced the rhnll of golng to the theater this year they saw Edward G Robmson rn Darlrness at Noon They also par tlclpated ln the annual Chrrstmas Vespers ln which they captured all the tenderness and beauty of the Chrrstmas Story A May party gave the final touch to the twenty slxth season of the Drama Club V ce P esnde t Ro la d Poll d Secretary Mrnam Pnce T e surer Betty Lee Ad user Mrs Jean M Wlens . i . rr X D y r x X 1 J' lr ' f 1 1 f President ..... Parker Pond 'l . 5 i - r ' n . . w n ar f. f f f f . lm' v' . . . . ' Q X E 4 QU el R, 46 RIFLE CLUB The Rrfle Club clarmed a large membershrp of grrls as well as boys Weekly practrces, held at the West Newton Armory, gave the members an opportunrty to develop a Skill wrth the rrlle and to enjoy compehtrve shootrng The clubs actuvltres mcluded the annual outnng and partrcrpatnon rn the American Legron Tourna ment At monthly meetings the members saw several movres, and as a frttmg clrmax, recerved marlcs manshlp ratlngs from the Natronal Rifle Assocratron Presrdent Evan Speltogel Vrce Presrdent Carol Sundstrom Secretary Charles Taylor Advrser Mr George Nye 1st row Velnott OConneII Bumll Taylor Borlrurn Mr George Nye Speltogel Sundstrom Bea e Caroll e ind row Corman Cohen Farrington Johnson Daniels Silverman Nattenson Rell 3rd row Thyng ORilev Beatrice Young Cronk Morrison Marquis XZ I a u u a l I C . - X . . . . I g Treasurer . . . . Davrd Borkum : I . I - I I v n, n r l , . r . 1 1 1 T? : . ' , ' . . . CL- , l 47 NEWTCNITE ADVERTISING STAFF Only a dollar an rnch These became tamlllar words to the sales people of the Newtonrte ad staff Obtaining ads for the newspaper provided the chlet source oi Income for the production and printing of the Newtonrte The hard worlung captains and their teams who scoured each village for needed advertisements did much to con tribute to the success of the newspaper Congratulations to them ior fine worlc' Hurrylng reporters scurrred after teachers, harrred editors berated tarryrng reporters calm printers walt for alarmed editors such was the mad cycle when dead lme day for the Newtonrte came around Although every one of the two days a weeic that the Journalism class met was not as rushed, the amateur newsmen found much to do rn learning about the securing and reporting of news and the pro duction oi a newspaper Adviser Mr Harry Walen 48 I. u fl I u I - Adviser ............. Miss Virginia Altieri . I . . . 1 ll s ll 1 I - NEWTONITE EDITORIAL STAFF O ,v 1 gd TL -K , mfs I Q if 5 - M5923 MK -. -'XJ' 4 , CHEMISTRY CLUB Only those rumors and sensors who have a basrc lcnowledge of chemrstry were admltted to the Chemustry Club By drvrdmg unto small groups, the members gamed a closer and more thorough lcnowl edge of the maternal under expen ment Lectures, dlscusslons, and field trips also helped to shmulate the members mterest As usual, the club made valuable contrrbu tlons to the Scrence Farr All the members thoroughly enjoyed the Fmal prcmc Presrdent Robert Pollard Vlce President John Rooney Secretary Henry Gaffney Treasurer Deborah Harvey Adviser Mr J C Hall o rc nth? Vo os Nahlgaa Roblnson K lus Mr J C H l o c G If ey 50 H yle G Id Rugby ART CLUB Art clubbers ranged from the top ol burldrng one to the basement, from the art room to the ceramrcs laboratory Each member pursued hrs own form ol art But not all was roamrngl Some meetrngs were spent drscussrng varrous forms of art and art apprecratron Then too, there was the servrce group whrch made those osters and decora trons rn the alls at dance trme and who helped out when decora trons, posters, or cover designs were needed Presrdent Judith Freld Vuce Presrdent Ronna Greenberg Secretary Naomr Danovrtch Treasurer Sue Holzwasser Advrser Mrss Rosalnnd Glrckman Sealed Axelrod Miss Rosalind Glrclrman Shar row Baroosnn u rg Tr g Bunty Gordo Solomon! Feldman Crvrlano Sta din? lse rn n Hlto Shambad Goodman r em Har y Gam Da Itch S Sl a G lerg Below Feldrtern Levme Gorsey 44pm- PERSONALITY CLUB V' A pleasant vorce good health, attractrve grooming, manners, and porse these were the results of a year s membership rn the Person alrty Club At the monthly meet rngs open to all gurls the members carrred on drscussrons concernmg this sought after charm with special accent on vorce culture The club s program also Included speal-c ers and demonstratrons o all phases ol personalrty The year was hrghlrghted by a fashion show In whrch the members themselves Presrdent Roberta Ellrson Vrce Presrdent Abbe Robrnson Secretary Sophre Vangel Treasurer Frances Drllon Adviser Mrss Clara Ashley J s n X X5 4 1 7, 1 Xfsf were models. g M, , y .,r. , , - . . X 2 . nvl. . - I l l 59 METECROLCGY CLUB Farrer tomorrow wrth temperature nsmg to srxtres Whether therr weather forecasts were accurate or slightly rncorrect Newton s weathermen members of the Meteorology Club, trred vrgor ously to record temperature, ba rometnc pressure wand drrectron and velocity Durrng S block the students were proudly statroned rn the Newton Hr h School Weather Bureau aloft ulldlng Il The club members also tool: trrps to clvrllan and mllltary weather Installations President Lmcoln Cummings Vice Presrdent Alan Berenson Secretary Alan Campbell Treasurer Davrd Orr Adviser Mr Donald K Davidson e o M Do ald D o ag s o 4' Berenso Fra ch She man lv! ll 1 u . . . . n . 1 - I IC ll I 1 . I . . . I - - ll ll h ..... I X xx xc I X 4 if X Ist row: Orr, Campb II, Cummings, Parent X Yndl wr r. n avid: n, Dr on, Livingt , X n, n , r 53 NATIONA Presrdent Vrce Presrdent Secretary Advrser Arthur Vemott Marrta Mower Isabelle Overlock Mrss Edrth Rrdeout Since the loundrng of the National Honor Socrety rn 1927 electron to the group has srgnrfred the hrghest scholastrc honor that cerve Thus year the organrzatron was com posed ol hve per cent of the yunror class and frlteen per cent ofthe senror enrollment rn Newton Hugh School A candrdate had to be rn the upper twenty Frve per cent scholastrcally to be elrgrble Then the puprls servrce, leadershrp, and character were voted upon by the faculty Any member was and rs always proud to wear the golden prn symbol ol the Natronal Honor Socrety ---"11ii.- -- ,- TIOGSDUTBI' ...... liatricia any student in secondary school can re- . I . 54 HCDNOR SCDCIETY DRAMA WCRKSHOP Gurls as well as boys are essentual for the preparatuon un stagung a play The members of the Drama Workshop proved that thus us true The group spent many after school hours learnung from professuonals the art of make up sound effects, and lughtung They used hammers, nauls, and paunts wuth skull un the makung of scenery and props Each gurl had the opportunuty to become profucuent un one type of backstage art, such as make up, and to watch professuonals at work The gurls who dud excellent work, are a credut to the school Advuser Mr Charles Chase 2 duo VanBuslrurk Swanto Wuseman CZ' ' 1 1 1st row: Car!, CantY n W: ' , n, ' Al 1 4 ' o Rh lv, TUSITALA Tusrtala, provrng ground for future llterary grants holds :ts meetings rn the Thurber Room Members huddle there on the thrrd Thursday ofthe month to read therr manu scnpts and to thoughtfully accept or reject crrtrcrsm The lcey to Tusrtala rs rndrvrdualrty and here rt relgneth President George Guzzr Vrce Presrdent Pat Flanagan Secretary Sandra Grocer Adviser Mr T .l Cutting Seated Grocer Mr T J Cuttmg Mormon Flynn Ho mg Cooper Smith Standing Hall Gunn Urctsky I . ' s Q o 0 - ' ' o a o . 0 0 g l I . : Q . - -. - ' , ' , , rl . , r , ', 1363, W .W 1 if X--..-mf lf., . . . - ft A ' . 1 ni' NEWTCNIAN K 53 S -5-gl gd, Vifll' For some ten months the edrtors and staff of the 1952 Newtonran have been hard at worlc rn order to brrng you a frne yearboolc The worlc has not been easy but wrth the completron of thrs book It has been rewarding Indeed One of the goals of thus year s Newtonian was to blend artworlc layout and context slcrlllully so as to grve a true prcture of Newton Hugh School however the prrme ob rechve was to produce a yearboolc whrch would be rnterestrng and memorable long after 1952 Advrser Mr Sterlrng Wrllrams I . I I I 'f i I I ' f x ' X X .- x fe -1 . . . . o -' 58 ANTI SMOKING CCMMITTEE Thus year, the frfty members of the Ant: Smolung Commrttee made a strong effort to abolish the dangers of school fares Each was assrgned a certarn area to cover, rn order to checlc any smolcrng offenders Upon presentlng their ldentrfrca tlon card, they were able to leave form their duty By fulflllrng their robs conscrentrously they less ened the fare hazard rn the school Charrman Rowland Pollard Adviser Mr Charles Peltier - any classroom at any time to per- SCDPHOMORE GIRLS CHGRUS JR. SR GIRLS CHORUS V M ' 4 1 X ' W A P W . Q' .MW f 4 Y " 'F 'rf ' ."'A"., , V di - I 8 Q . ill S1 60 GLEE CLUB BUYS' CHCRUS SENICR PLAY When theur lrttle gurls grow up and decade to get marrred, all fathers envlsron therr mornrng suited selves strutting down the arsle wrth a vrsron of lovelrness This dream rs abruptly shattered when father vrews the blrssful collaboratuon of mother and daughter to deplete hrs none too full poclcets The hrlarrous helplessness of father and the utter unconcern of everyone else rn Father of the Bride made the 1952 Senror Play an up roarrous success Senior Play Father of the Brrde Director Mrss Ann Sangumettr Busrness Manager Mr Donald Mrtchell Chalrman Marlanna Murphy Prompters I Martha Van Deman 1 Eleanor Moore Kn ehg Thomaso Smrth Coulter Nahlgran d e a A dr: Pond Weeks Re y Cummmgs Cohen e 'n : n, ' , , ' ' , Bird, Barry Stan ing: Stout, Cronin, Tevek Ii n, Marcus, Harvey, n ws, , , dd , 9 SPRING MUSICAL On Stage Everybody' was the cry from the wmgs Newton Hugh Schools best was underway wnth the best musrcal play the best wrrters and the best performers From the ngnd Proper Bostonnans to the loose lrmbed Charlestonlans On Stage Everybody was a huge success GIRLS LEAD R CCRPS LINDBIS HIP CIRV ICE COOPIR KTION CDU-ILTBSY Ll-IIRRACT 5 U- The Grrls Athletzc Banquet one of the mos! successful and memo rable events thus year, enjoyed by students parents and faculty was due to the hard worlc ofthe G rls Leader Corps Members were chosen lor therr leadershrp respon srbrlrty and character as shown nn school actrvrtres Thus group found enroyment rn servrce such as the planning ofthe All Grrls Assem srons that are Included rn the yearly program President Marylou Guffrn Vrce Presrdent Ruta Demeo Secretary Pamela Cook Treasurer Marrta Mower Advrser Mrss Joyce Tyson f i I ' I n I 1 'ds ! 'Q . - . . - , I I , bly as well as in the various excur- F5 R . 1 . . . lx 7 1, ' - ' l Q . ' f ..... 64 GRANGE BOCDK When rn doubt consult the Orange Book These were help ful words for the bewildered con fused sophomores and therr puz zled upperclassmen A combrna tron roadmap calendar, and n tormatron bureau, the Orange Book solved problems concernmg the whereabouts the ms and outs, and the whys and wheretores Lrlce a lrght rn a fog, this years Orange Book proved to be valuable to all Adviser Mrss Clara Ashley Edrtor Bruce MacLachIan 1st row Pncc Shulmnn Gunn Mm Ashley Cohen Do ha c ul: 2 d ro Peppard Doll Mamix Cl: cllnd Landro S. eq 21 ce no 0 Units ok I I . I i - in- Business.ManaQer . . George-Guzzi X 4 s if O N 5 v 4 K I' wi I1 1 I I ' n w: , , , v , ' Q! 65 HGME ECCNOMICS CLUB The members of the Home Eco nomlcs Club enjoyed many varied programs durmg the year There was an occasronal gatherrng rn the foods laboratory to pop corn or malce candy, and also many meet rngs dedicated to lectures and dns cussrons on halr styles and per sonal groomrng Thus year the Home Economics Club sponsored a show rn which several members modeled the lat est fashrons To round out an en joyable and profrtable year, the club tool: a trlp to the bug crty, New York, where they spent a gala weelcend seerng the sights Presrdent Joan Oumn Secretary Marlon Nutter Treasurer Wendy Paul Advrser Mrss Helen Vaznauan 1st ro Mm Helo Va nalan Barooshun Hobbs g bl Nutt Tr ot C st 66 I ll a n ll ' I ' . i W: . n I . ' . I s f x N Ga ne 'n, er, a man, a en ,W id row: Kellham, Mandile, McDevitt, Honigln, ' y ' , Quinn, Pickett ' a 1 :Ei L N. , 2, A ,P- - 6 , 5 of . o Q ' , , , r if h H . , - DISCGPHYLES Whether for the musrc of Beetho ven, Bach, or Brahms, or that of some lesser lcnown composer, the common love of classrcal musrc created the Drscophyles Many of the club s meetrngs were spent lrstenrng to varrous musrcal selec trons wrth drscussrons of the pieces afterwards These hne programs provided enjoyment for all the members, drawn together through therr unrted rnterest, malung thus a very successful ear for thus com paratrvely new c ub Presrdent Jules Levey Vice Presrdent Mrchael Rotenberg Secretary Treasurer Roberta Loud 1strow Loud Lcvey Nnrgnian .C fx A an I . . - . . - . T . . . n - . ' - 5 1 1 n-.r .-,.. r..,a. vnu n , .4 u n . . A CAPPELLA ELA? X X CHOIR A Cappella Chour us composed of over one hundred vouces whuch guve theur talents un many varued musucal events Thus year these chorusters partucupated un the An nual Chrustmas Vespers the Sprung Concert un whuch Hayden s Crea tuon was featured the Sprung Musu cal and graduatuon exercuses The hughlught of the year was a specual program un whuch the A Cappella Chour had the honor and pruvulege of sungung wuth Brown Unuversuty Glee Club Throughout the year the chour sent representatuves to the All State Concert and varuous New England Concerts Advuser Mr Wesley Meruutt CAMERA CLUB Smrle and loolc at the blrdle, says a man behrnd the complicated apparatus of a camera Perhaps he had hrs start at Newton Hugh rn the Camera Club where students learn the mechanrcal use of the camera as well as how to develop prctures The members of this group partrcl pated on local and natronal con tests and had conferences wrth leaclrng photographers and camera specralrsts Presrdent Henry Dormltzer Vrce Presrdent Betty Wrllrams Secretary Matthew Budd Treasurer Adele Amader Adviser Mr Sterling Wrllrams Ist row Frnlcelstern Lmcr Wrllrams Dormrtxer B dd Mye Tuth Il ind row Cartrzr McAIoon Lrllegard Levinson Ln db rg Webb: Shao o Stllcs Grrpp n',' 'l I I' F X 69 . . I I dv F. I - I. . . . v .tgrj fi? I ' ligand 4 A . I A I . . . ye, ISP?-1 .r, v -"iii Q' cv X Q 1 u :Hr 1' an : . . I . I . , 1 , Lmyi' f U u , rs, i I 'CIW' f X : . I I . I . gn ln . 1 NECDPHYTES 1strow McDe :tt Borlrum Whrtney Mm Fra ces Smrth McKee Huberts Ballon 2nd row Dhmors Dunbar Robeson Ellrs OCon ell Bu Ill erle 3rd row Saltman Buren OBrien Perry ONQI Plane Home Why l lcnow that famous actress l remember her when she acted rn the Neophytes play at Newton Perhaps one of the Broadway asprrrng actors or actresses ol the Neophytes wrll have attarned hrs goal 'lhrs club has done much to promote rnterest and to gave practrcal lcnowledge rn dramatrcs Varrous members have presented sluts, one act play, pantomrmes and readrngs thus covermg dll ferent phases of drama The year s mann feature was a one act play presented at a sophomore assem President Bruce Whrtney Vrce Presrdent Henrietta McKee Secretary Sandra Borlcum Treasurer Jane O Rourke Advrser Mass Frances Smrth n , lv' l, B. I l I l l l . High School!" bly. H uw Ist row: Flagg, Forbes, Rina, Chameld, Lee Luciano, Morrison Ynd row: Sisson, Carder, Dauten, Wiper, Thompson, Coffey, Fitzpatrick, Barisano This year's team was New- ton's finest in years. Paced by baclcs Col- 1xt row: Cndergrcn, Marcell, Sullivan, Elkins, Doren- baum, Gahm, O'Hayre Ynd row: Kupersmith, Proia, Beuo, Snider, Robinson, Christie, Burlre, Shirley Collcntro, Fitzgerald ley, Dauten, and Thomp- son, and linemen Lee, Rina, and Flagg, the squad was one x ol the most respected in Class A T competition. Highlights of the season, victories over Broclcton, Watertown, and Haverhill marlced the upswing ol Newton High football. Instrumental in the Tigers' success were unsung heroes Forbes, Carder, Fitzpatrick, Lu- ciano, Morrison, Kupersmith, and the Corner brothers. The Class of "52" can well be proud ol their boys in Orange and Blaclc. Although hampered by a laclc of height Newton's baslcetball team Finished second only to Arlington in Suburban League play. Led by John Kreider and Don Dun- bar and baclced up by Don Magaw, Bob Moss, and Fred Dauten, the small but capable Tigers defeated both Broolrline and Waltham, our chief rivals. Also vital in the attainment ol Newton's excellent 9-3 record were the efforts of Dave Bonnar, Bob O'Neil, Harry Riddle, John Marshall, and Bob Valle. All ol the aforementioned players, however, with the exception of Moss are seniors, and Smitty's rebuilding job lor next year's team looms as a large one. Coach . . Mr. Reginald Smith 1st row: Moss, Kreidu, Magaw, Marshall, Riddle, Hamill B 2nd row: Dunbar, onnar, Kotsaitis, Vanslunbzrgen, Valle, O'NeiI I 1st row: Dore, Dowd, Brown, Malinos, Houston, Maguire ind row: Mr. Daly, Wlrittemore, McBride, Robley, Benard, Lewis, Walton, Williams, Mr. Murray 3rd row: Brooks, Williams, Lee, MacDonald, Kahlenbeclr, O'Keele The Newton Trade School baslcetball team finished its season with a record of six wins and eight deleats. This does not constitute an outstanding season, but when one considers that lour First-stringers are're- turning next winter, it shows that this was obviously a rebuilding year. The one starter, however, who will be gone is Ronald MacDonald, captain lor the past two seasons. MacDonald along with Ed O'Keele, Doug Williams, Bob Broolcs, "Tiny" Houston, George Williams, and spunlcy sophomore, Eugene Lee, formed the nucleus ol the 1951-1952 team. Playing an excellent schedule ol fourteen games, the team's laclc ol attendance was surprising, and it was Felt that, with a little more student support the team's record would be greatly improved. 11' V 5: Qff'-FJ'-xlfxf t Q' .X ' Q' . - ., zj v'-,- rig-WE, AL Q Q ' 1 ' fgfff.,'bL'1?V wfmw. ,Q yy A 1 ' he I .. -'55 " 92.1 Q ' , 'ff ' if ' , . J ,K . Q 1 P nk jg 1 1x'?iv,"1 VKKQHVLQJ '. 7 'Q f y 'A 9 t gk. 1 K - . 'I . - . 1 30' Xl ,fmrf .4 D 6 Q s. s ' ' A x M? 9' ,J Q , nd 'Ha 1- ' xi' 1' Hx afm . -nV"'iL,,,. JN: .n.....M,,, WY , "'-' ggf2jg5yWjvf.a:E::',gSf5- I' N W.. ,.,-Af-wx v x.x Led by such dependable traclc men as Morrison, Pollard, Gould, French, Newall, and Howland, Newton upheld its long record as a traclc power. Only injuries to letter-winners Snyder, Hayward, and Flynn prevented the team from wallcing away with new honors for our trophy cases. As it was, the season was climaxed when Paul Gould and Rowland Pollard carried the Orange and Black to Madison Square Garden and dis- tinguished themselves by winning places in the National schoolboy Meet. C h Mr. Malcolm Gallagher on as Q Mr. Lamoine Boyle 1st row: Howland, Bibbo, Snyder, Pollard, Flynn, French, Newall, Geddes 2nd row: Coach Boyle, Holmes, Dilly, Meade, LeFevre, McAdams, Gould, Coach Gallagher 3rd row: Cedergren, Manager Mentzer, Manager Cohen, Manager Silverman, Manager Cohen, Kaltwinlrel Q15 ff, Led by co captams Moose Mor rrson and Arnold Haywood New ton Hugh hopes for nts best out door season In years Even Coach Lem Boyle admnts Well be tough to beat Add the returned form of MIlK2 Snyder and George Flynn to the excellent work of Rowland Pollard Paul Gould and Don French and you have the reason for thus optlmlsm Fave other traclcsters Stan Geddes George Howland John Newall Meade flgure prominently In New ton s plans for an unbeaten season These nlne athletes are the mam factors In what we all hope wlll be a season long remembered at Newton Hugh School Y, - 0 .I ll - I - a . If I l ll I f I I I I . I Diclc Farragher, and Vincent I Twig, sf. r l For years Newton baseball teams have been representative of the best in schoolboy ranlcs and the 1952 team should be no excep- tion. Coach Howie Ferguson de- pends on veterans Fred Dauten Don Flagg Dave Bonnar John Krieder and Dan Coffey to lead the Tigers once again to the top of the Suburban League d DStpho elga b KtzVone cause are Don Forbes, Vic Voner Bob Sheppard, Mac Fiske, Curt Tong Denms Kuntz, Peter Rigby and a much publicized sophomore, Billy Hamill With a nucleus such as this plus a record number ol baseball candidates, it is no wonder that Fergy wears broad grin this spring cel g M Cathy H O Standing Coach Fe guso Daute Bonner Sh ph rd Co ch Hn kes Kneell 9 Rigby Flngg Krueder Marcell Sta d 9 Sch tx Fo bu Tong 1 I I 1 1 Stan ing:Fiske, e e an Kn ein :S de, Dun ar, un , r 'flr ' . . ' . n in : war , r , l Others expected to aid Newton's 1 I . . I ll ll 3 Kn in:Flagg, c r , amill, 'Neil ' : I n, n, , e u , a w ' ' ' 77 The outloolc for tlus year s team rs extremely brrglmt Wrth returning letter wrnners Jaclc Waters, Franlc Reardon, Jaclc Bellevue, and Joe Vertucca, Coachl C Hall expects Newton to repeat as league title holder He pornts to the large number of golf team candidates and the Increased Interest rn the sport by students rn recent years as trpoffs for a successful season To Mr Hall only an undefeated team constrtutes a successful season Hamrlton Wetherell Bellevue Kneellg Wiper Waters Vertucca Reardo Sanders . n . Standing: Coach J. C. Hall, Lyons, Hungerville, 'n: I ' , , , n, Defending State Tournament Champs for the second consecu trve year Newtons Tennrs Team looks forward to an even more suc cesslul season Wrth letter wm ners John Marshall Walter Tappan, Paul Laftord David Segal, and Ken Lucas returning and the addr tron of a number of good sopho more and rumor prospects, the team looks to an undefeated sea son Thus rs an even more drftrcult because the tennrs team must com pete agarnst olcler, more experr enced athletes from the state s largest prep schools Neverthe less, Coach Ed Poskltt doesn t bear the sllghtest semblance of a worry at the hrst sprung workouts 1st row Segal Reddy Flfhldh Walker Ynd row Mr Edward Poskltt Shlne Morse Tappan I I . accomplishment than in other sports YVLTAQ SKU, tv ai?-X' 5 ll xsk +50 X H K A-u """ '- X Y 'U UN -xcam X 5 S 95 :Am +0 " fm 'NN 117 G 1 PoZ:rjftA'1Orri5on, ' xoxgzaffh 0 Nah-onals QOOX. C5955 L, R 5 gqfax NNW? V, I ' Uvsds Qzwton 'ff Oo 09 I 41, ew, Mo 16 goog W4 e ,bg 9 y0 foo X 'fy C rob fl ff-U X .ilk s:..H ,W 5 tr. I 39' 801 r eff XA Sfel, 4 Er, ' 176111.83 2 , XLx'N"Ad 0 kzn I 5 Owd 30 kg! ' Qu' . wx QXa'5"33'o,, ex T Q R ,Mtg Letter efufn lhners L,,c '1 A " Fer'97Z,i'e?c6ers '31, P r fb ox . 4,1 They did it againI The girls' field hoclcey team has completed an- other undefeated season. By displaying excellent cooperation and teamwork, as well as fine spirit and technique, Newton's team was able to overpower all opponents. Girls IiIce Joanne Kestie, Lucy Thomas, Carole Gaysunas, Pat Morse, Marylou Griffin, Joan Mc- Hugh, and Jane Caffrey sparlced this year's varsity to another great season. The similar success of the junior varsity promises that next year will not brealc the string of undefeated games Ior the Newton I'IocIcey team. VARSITY Thomas, Johnson, Littlefield, Griffin, Keslie, Morse, Miss Joyce Tyson, Swain, Cattell, Cathay, McHugh JUNIOR VARSITY Front: Smith, Blanchard, Wardwell, Harvey, Reed, Manley, Mower, Wiseman, Linton Rear: Tong, Crowell, Wolf, Samoylcnlro, Brown, Castan, Angcvine, Leone "Come on, kids, live it up," "Shootl Shootlu were popular cries at the basketball games. The seniors maintained their berth ol honor by overpowering the lower classmen in the intra-class tourney. Among the members of the varsity squad were Joan Mcl'lugl1, Pat Morse, Mary Ann O'l.eary, and Marylou Griffin. The girls really had to work to win this year. Look at the schedule! Watertown, Dana Hall, Melrose, and Cambridge. Only with such teamwork and spirit was it possible to conquer any of these opponents. 1st row: Miss Barbara Hall, Miss Barbara Davis, McDermott, Gorman, Overloclr, Van Buslmirlm, Swanton, Praise, Ross ind row: Blanchard, Crowell, Wolf, Ault, Lieberg, Axelrod, Samoylenlco, Moore, Linton, Barielle: lst row: Swaine, Caffrev, McHugh, Grillin, Lalona, Manley ind row: Morse, Carter, Halloran, O'Leary, McHugh .li ' Xe bfi Going going gone was the softball and the hopes of Newton s opponents Good pntchrng and catchrng battmg power and team worlc are a wrnmng combrnatron for any softball team Thus rs what Newton had under the coachmg of Mrss Tyson The softball teams have been undefeated for frve years, In spite of the tough com petrtlon whrch included Broolclrne Thus year a large number of former varsrty members returned Among those battrng for startrng posrtrons are Pat Morse Jane Caffrey Ruta Demeo Lucy Thomas, Nana Le one Carole Gaysunas Isabelle Overloclc, Mary Lou Grrffrn Ma rllyn Mallun Dolores Carter, and Joan McHugh Wrth a llne up lrlce that who can lose' . I . I ' . . . . . I Cambridge Latin, and Melrose. I l - I I ' I I I - I . I I Game set, and match to Newton' A large group of gurls turned out for the tenms practices and matches Although Olive Tllaolt Audrey Stearns, Jane Ellclncl Deborah Harvey and Jean Cattell were the were many newcomers malcrng thelr first public appearance The gurls played wlth an Interest and determlnatron which sparked them to a successful season , . . . I I I I only returning letter-winners, there l The members of the modern clance groups leaped and bounded to glory this year in many activities. Among these were "On Stage Everyone," the All-Girls' Assembly, the Symposium, and the Newton Community Chorus. As each girl progressed, she had a chance to try out for the Workshop or the Performers' group. There were seventy girls in the Apprentice Group, thirty in the Workshop, and sixteen in the Performers'. Some of the performers were Ellen Segal, Mary Jeanne Hart, Nina Leone, Sugar Wolfe, Betty Cooley, ancl Sheila Murphy. Adviser . Marianne Patterson Mtv HIGHLIGHTS September 10 Baclc to tlwe bloclc lor vvluat vve Iuope to be our tunal flung at secondary edu catuon September 17 I-Iall starved and bevvuldered sopluomore removed from unterstuces ol Buuld ung l basement September 21 Furst football rally Clueer leaders develop Furst cases ol laryngutus September 28 Sopluomores attend Get ac quaunted Dance and get acquaunted October 6 Kuclc olt Ball October 31 As usual Totem Pole marauded by I-Iallovve en revelers November 16 and 17 Wuggue Weeks marrues uleen Andrews twuce vvutlwun two days IU audutoruum Wl'1ule parlcer pond Irets and Iumes as Fatlwer ol the Brude November 22 Newton tal4es annual Ilwanlts guvung game vvutlu Broolclune 9 O December 8 Senuors slualce dovvn tlweur sup per vvutlw a luvely square dance Svvung yer partnerl It slue need urgun I'Iut er un tlue lace vvutlu a ball balced sturgeon December 16 Annual Clurustmas Vespers performed by drama and musuc organuzatuons December 25 Santa Claus vvutlu most benev olent untentuons leaves us a gold bound edu tuon of .S-ulas Marner January 5 Junuors delve unto tlwe baclc ol tlueur Fraser and Souaur and come up vvutlu a Sauteruel INSIDE N H January 26 B loads ol gurls Ice oll Peterboro For a luutclru on tl'ue luuclcorues Agaun I m on slcus And l say bend tlue Itnees But I m Stull endung up on my taul January 27 Newton quuntet nups Waltba un tunal seconds 38 33 e ruary 2 Wunter Carnuval Dartmoutlu u fluence penetrates NHS Iuomevvorlc done thus vacatuonl February 17 Nutsl A vacatuon s a vacatuo and you only luve once' March 8 Leap Year Dance Female s Saou I-Iavvluns unstunct Funds release March 21 22 Drama Club presents Irutles everybody Cnearly presents Cn Stage, Ifverv body Aprul 8 9 Scuence Faur Customary colle tuon ol odd experumental apparatuses dragge unto gym lor uudgment Aprul 14 Senuor Prom at lotem pole B nuglwted youtlu duscovers evanescence of corn mon legal tender May 24 Class ol 50 dsplays uts sundr talents at Senuor Nuglut June 7 Graduatuon Luke tlsue Nlormo and onlederates vve are granted an arrne I I - I ' . us ' ta to g T . . - F B ' . . 7 .2 ' I ' ' - II' February 15. "Boy, am I gonna get a lot ol . I ., u A - v 4x 1 2 ' - - - V 1 C 3 , I S: 87 Around the start of the new year, Newton Hugh begins planning for the annual Science Farr This year many new and vaned projects at tracted the attention of students and faculty Physiology, larology were well represented For days before the Farr rats gumea pigs and hamsters ran rampant rn the science labs The laclc of confusron which attended the efforts of the exhrhltors was a happy outcome of the devotion of faculty sponsors I . . I zoology, physics, and chemistry . I . . I Thus year the class of 1952 enyoyed therr Senror Prom rn the pleasant surrounclrngs of the Totem Pole, whrch was made avarlable through the generosrty of Mr Grll It was the frrst trme that the Prom had not been held at Newton Hugh School, and also the frrst trme that a natronally lcnown orchestra had been engaged Sophomores, rumors, members of the fac ulty, and alumnr all jorned the senrors to dance to the musrc of Tommy Tuclcer and hrs orchestra Mass South, the Senror Class aclvrser and the Prom Commrttee, can be assured that by therr efforts the Sensor Prom of 1952 was a successful and memorable evenrng Senror Class Advrser Mrss Margaret South 53 is Misa 's w WV. JH, " Q Q for rom 52 '-355 1 t1'6f'3f,53A! ' ' "-2 i",qt52seQs'w - aji.-YH' s1,f1Q.5 hifi 5? , , X032 A . 'A 1.1 " K 5 ' L ,S :A ', . x 1 if ' lu "V At ,.,..,.' ' ,rs I .unify .4 E., f . 5 lik' r , A , I K 5. ' . - -AJFXSYJQ. I 5 ' ' 1 . , .iQ . v s ' :Hx .SH , . N 13? ' f . S , .ia h A 9 if ' . .w we . Agia ' s Vx , :lf 5 . 1.4 " ' + QQ' , t . ., ,e WW-.. ' . . , W. ... ,, - .....,.,,u,,, . . . . - . I . MICHAEL ROTENBERG ROBERT POLLARD These two future Einsteins or Scheeles May make just elixers for ladies, But we've higher hopes For their spinthariscopes fProvided they're not blown to Hadesl. PETER THOMAS NAOMI DANOVITCH Now here are our masters of art, And as such they well fill their part But please never fear as They're not both Riveras: His Marxism they won't impart. PARKER POND JO ANN MARCUS The ancients like Shakespeare and Sophocles Might well have used players akin to these. They may bring their drama Before Dahlai Llama, They'll have names in lights on New York Marquees. TAT TOWER CONNIE BROWN In these lies our musical power, They've conquered the notes that come sour. There will pass clown the channels Of musical annals Mozart, Ravel, Brown, and Tower. MARITA MOWER ROWLAND POLLARD Here are two youths Diligence and versatility. Wherever they go They will certainly show Their talent's illimitability. JANE LIPPINCOTT FRED DAUTEN Here's to the kingdom of sport And the teams that require support. Sinewy, hardy, They must shun bacardi, Tobacco, and things of that sort. s Iv. 2 BEVERLY JOHNSON , ROBERT ELKINS tion, Washington suffered disruption, For we'd sent an offer To Estes Kefauver - tion." ol ability, MARY CAMPBELL LEWIS BIRD When a Newton scat back makes a sally Or E iorward breaks through for a ta y, What is the cause Of that eager applause? lt's these patrons of sport and of rally. While we worked without interrup- "See our government, free of corrup- Havrng attarned the posltron Of Junrors ln good standing We need no longer lrsten To upper class commandrng Our school day rs monotony And classes tend to bore us We sleep through French and Botany Throw sprt balls durrng chorus We won t go down rn hrstory As leaders of reform Or solvers ofthe mystery Of variance from the norm We have a secret yearning That someday we may learn to thrn Wrthrn thus house of learning' We members ofthe middle class Drsdam the wretched Soph But when the noble Seniors pass Our caps we humbly doll Our socral lrle rs not rrsque ln sprte of weelc end folly Those sprrrts hugh on Saturday Are Monday melancholy Perhaps we ought to be concerted For anyone can see The lrlces of us won t be repeated Post nmeteen hlty three C LAS S 0 F ' 5 3 Although reports are tinged with pink I I k CLASS 0F 54 Down In a corner, away out of srght Sat lrttle sophomores all shalung with fright Go this way, go that way was all that we heard Someday we II grve those old seniors the bird' But soon the adjustment we started to malce Some of the seniors would give us a brealc Then as the school year began to progress The sophomores began to give way to distress Tests and exams' the words shattered our ear It seems that they last for the whole dratted ye When at long last our class started to roll Onto the platform drd candidates stroll After electrons were all through and done, The sophomores began to get set for some fun The boys gave that femmrne instinct a chance And off they were dragged to the great Leap Year Dance The rest of the year has flown by ln a rush And now NHS we have left rn a hush But nobody really appears very sad- Next year s advancement will malce us all glad: ln the ninth grade to the forefront we d sprung- Last year we were at a ladder s top rung. This year we ve been at the bottom again- But wait until next year - revenge we II have then. For down in that corner, quite hidden from view, Incoming sophs - we'll be waiting for you! 93 T yiwf a mf 'v lvnry 1 J' I xv ' A P world sa lousy W,H1 4-kgy have one on 'tffgg U.. of' a+ .COS fn, i xvvlvsf 091 kcwl ' U' "9 R' a 'qi 'E 1 ff W--'fi , K .1 is . M F, , ,X ,1 3 gag 8 Q A .ax ,5' , 4 , ,wX'.,, feallvv, VVC'f'11 nu? +'hi5 CY'u1y Your +4-neun v'Yl"" ' lY'lS if Huw 3:5 V1.5 SWCG-k EK have? b'll"-V' Ui- kanasf wc' 1 v' iris, Yence down 'VLCYC wma kv. . aff, ,. 'wg iw90'T1:Ml' qee' , Two moYCf 2 wo? . I+-'lay C""X hp CCQJ Z' now all men by these presents that we the class ol1952 of the Hugh School of the Cnty of New ton rn the Commonwealth of Massachusetts by vrrtue of the authority vested IN us by the precedent estab lashed by Former graduatrng classes hereby do be queath with all due deference and wlthout malice the following :tems to the mdlvrduals groups or structures named herein To Mr Argento a vanadrum steel ruler To Mrss Patterson a lastex leotard To Mrss Haworth a large feedbag to catch the gold that drops from her mouth Tol C Hall a short course of Rmlcer s Englrsh To Mr Somervrlle a srphone To Mr Walters a phonograph record which re peats at regular intervals Tha s all Thank you Sat down Next To Dr Land a poclcetboolz edrtlon of ordrnary or extraordinary Frrst names To Mr Walen a prarne schooner To the travelers of the Building II tunnel bestos sults To the Junior and Sophomore classes Burldmg I to tear apart at therr leisure To Mr Connors a lrght behind each boy that he may always have a shadow to box To Mr Harris transparent deslc tops to drs courage clandestrne S Block dmmg To Mr Paclcard a message that really does brmg that long awarted rarse rn salary 96 I Q I . ' r ' . ' . Q '- 1 u I - . . . . I I . . . C . . ll U 1 , t . u ll .. 'f' . . . 11 . . - ' ' -as- I fe . - wh To Mass South he a he was Javanese stole from the rn the century near the slte of W cant give you a broader hunt without telling you what rt rs To Mlss Simone a lre detector for those stu dents whose actrng abrlrty comes nn handy before tests To Mlss Cotton a prool reader s manual To the classes of postenty the great Sensor Supper tradltlon To the football practice frelds twenty seven tons of Vrgoro To Old Faceful the over zealous bubbler rn the cafeterra we leave one of the most advanced hydro electnc waterwheels so that the school may talce lull advantage of all that excess power And lastly with the fear that Mr Barry may Fmally get wlse to all our helnous mrsdeeds and snatch from us our hard won caps and gowns rn our hour to trrumph, we leave rn a great hurry We are confldent that the recrprent or recrplents ol the alorementroned Items will utllrze these Items to the utmost extent of therr value or, as rs more often the case, will talce these bequests wrth a gram ol salt wrllmgly supplred gratuitous by the graduating class 07 -D- f' Q4 suv 1 'S-1 5 AC! d' I 'Y ' Q th t l 7 'i' - ' 7-. C e . .J To Miss Thumin -the epitaph, "Why" -M- S' f -K 5 . , vyy , iff? 31 , A , F vw, K- , ,..-w-B , Jr ..-.: , R , lk TQ W. A L ff NX x X x,g, A - -X Xwivilq I 4 Y ffm ' ' ' d vw Q1 Poum ab! Q5 qOv'+'u1OL' 553 ifffaa Scene. i'cz,Hu'nd Hfme SCCWCS ii ,Ji huP'l 3 readHnc N , 0 B, E 5 M 3 . Ig, I ma 1' B was , 1,4 My Q, 1 'W V ,, ' 2' if 1 v is - ' 7 ' .. -f 3- . g :W ' , YXQ ff ,g 3 , fr my J Lv I . 3 E 'F -2 xt 2 ' ' A ' x ,-,fg fa- 5, K is K ' K A5 gy, 1 W Q' 7' a 9 1 '1 If Nw. S 1 ,,,q f -,LN..m1 SR .far 'Q 4 is Y A Q 5? Q 1 . 3 gm". 1 'l.E4P 'K x ,u ,XY .'--x .,5 .Lb - JY, 2. .mx 1-. - V! .vu ky if , , 1 -y' ' 1 pig f 2'-t wr W f B v ff. .q' fx "fa as Q, 1 ' ,A 1 . IQ V 'A ' -'-ZZ." ' I Al in 5 W Q . M x R 31 59, v -Ji ,114 vi sk'a ' fig N 'im - ' I Q 1' ,4-Qi' ' . ,,4n'l"' L 1 '-Q ,M - .41 ,Qakar W 3 -W' 'KY R - 0 U Lf Qw+wf WJvxwv .. . 53255 RF Il i D BL .IDL 131 IDK JG! UCI :QE 9 Oct all ri F- 6 ITN 'F I KH-RTW -Qa1'BH R52 1 da4's,. fe! A POME e have passed three years or four Some of us perhaps spent more ln these halls of educatron Has there been great transFormatron7 We have read the anclent masters Learned of Vanderbrlts and Astors We ve the prtch on outlrnes topical And on lrghtrng stroboscoprcal We have trred our feet at prancrng Wrth that rustrc form, square dancrng We have learned wrth vorces rrngrng Eloquence and Frne bullslrngrng Artrcles constrtutronal' Partrcles revolutronall Instruments atmospherrcal' Elements amphoterrcal' Uranrum' Your cranrum' Earth worms and a blue geranrum' We tell why rt s purrrfectly natural Know the movements manufactural We tool: lessons on the lcazoo Learned the bound ry from the Yazoo We have trred poetlc crltlclsm Trnlcered wrth small buts of wrttrcrsm We lcnow bodies astronomical And a few more anatomrcal We can now locate the Bosphorus Tell the valence ol red phosphorus We have read De Bello Gallrco Made rn home ec dresses calrco Orbrts electronrcal' Airplanes supersonrcal' Rudrmentary corollarres' Thirteenth century monasterres Half speed jabs' Horse shoe crabs' Julrus Caesar s twenty sux stabs We no longer get hysterical Over volumes of the spherical We solve problems qulte quadratrcal And reclte the tartrate radical We know essays allegorrcal And the elements rhetorical Yet rn sprte of so much knowledge Some strll want to goto college 104 xlf s ,W an C 7 f u ll ' U u ' n! 1 I I -n ! 1' rr A AUDREY CAROL ALBERTS 'Vlorscland Ave Newton Centre 55 lrond NM mory of N H S My teachers Hobby 'Xrt eatrnq loolrn arou ll W ks Colltgt Neophytes1 Musrc Clubl 9 3 Carrls Choruso 3 Chrr tmas Vtsotrs9 3 Stage Arts Art Club3 On Your Mark Usher Commrttee Spantsh L lub 3 cholarshrp Roll 3 Publrcrty Com mrt lk koll Rall Decoratron Commuttee lurrror 5a'rct FREDERICK CHAPPEL ALLARD 74 Braeland Ave Newton Centre Freddy John Smrth Pet Pttvr Concrete Irght poles on Com monwealth Ave Fondt st 'vlemory ol N H S Junror year ll Wteks B U Nttes College oys or.rs1 Q 3 JANE ALLEN Q60 Chestnut St West Newton Lrttlr Swtlty P tOuoraton H doll' Whats new7 Fondt st Me mory of N H S The bug snr and tht tr Darttes ll Warren Nursrng School Junior Colltgc Sports1 Homeroorrr Manager Q Outrng Club 9 Tennrs 3 LOUISE A ALLEN at CYNTHIA AMES 109 Grove St Auburndale Cynnte Fondest Memory of N H S My tunror year Hobby Everyrhtng about Gordon Macrae I Warren Colby Junror Neophytes1 Grrls Chorus 1 Outrng Club 9 Trr Hr Y Q Halloween Dance Commrttee Q Drama Club Q 3 Soanrsh Club 3 EILEEN ANDREWS 43 Charlesbank Rd Newton Fcndest Memory of N H S Sernor Play On Your Mark I Wrlson Long Beach Calrforma College aentor Play Lead SprrngMusrcal 9 Musrc Club Q 3 Scrence Club 3 Personaltty Club 9 Drama Workshop Q HAVEN W ANDREWS JR 72 Charles St Rochester New Hampshrre Andy Pet Peeve Homework Fondest Memory ol N H S Mr Srmmons sophomore Englrsh class ll Warren Unrverslty ol New Hamp- shtre Rtfle Club Raduo Club CAROLINE HOPE ANTHONY 11 Phrlmore Rd Newton Centre u L Pet Ouotatlon Its a bus :ness Hobby Vrsrts to Johnson s and Cleveland C rclt on Sunday l bugs low College tI3eaver Untverstty of Vcrmonti and then Legrslature 3 Musrc Club 3 Rally Commrttee Q 3 De batrnq K lub 1 Ne0Dhvtes 1 Burldrng I rc 3 Gtrls Chorus1 JEANETTE HELEN ALTERIO Q9 Cook St Newton A ty Fond Memory of N HS Walktng through tunnels on rarny days loot ball games Suoortsstd Destre To have a successful Darry at Joan sl tOnly krddrng .loar0 IV Day Busrness college Musuc Clubl 3 Nt wrontte Q Senror Play Candy Com m ttt Assrstant 314 9 Burldrng ll Ollrce 3 Nrwtonran 3 Scholarshto I2 ll 1 9 Natronal Honor Soctety 3 ADELE MARIE AMADEI 98 Washrngton St Newton tal Drl P tPtrvr A students homework Fondtst Mtmorvof N H S Football games partrts starrways ll br tlow College schoolol nursrng Musrc lubl Q 3 Camera Club? Treas urer Scurnce Club 3 Rally Commrttee 3 Personaltty Club 9 Outrng Club 9 Chorus 'l A laDDella Chorr Q 3 Glu' Club 1 Stagt Workshop 9 On Your Mark Q Chrrstmas Vesoers 9 3 Sprung Concert 1 9 3 Junror Dance Decoratrng Commrttee Candy Commttree Senror Play In Hr Y 3 Lxurdancf Olfrce 3 45 Devon Rd Newton Centre Pet Peeve Not berng allowed to talk rn the Irbrary Suopressed Desrre To lead Guy Lombardo s Orchestra ll Weeks College Musrc Club 9 3 Stage Workshop Q Personaltty Club Q Orchestra 1 9 3 On Your Mark O chestra 9 Sprung Musrcal 1 9 Scholarshrp I2 1 Q ANTOINETTE MARY ANTONELLIS 54 Lothroo St Newtonvrlle Ann Pet Peeve I rust love nrneapole sur-daes Clarm to Fame Good thtngs come rn small packages IV Day Edtphone oo rator marrrag Mustc Club 1 ALPHONSE FREDRICK ANZIVINO 996 Chestnut St Newton Uop r Falls Hobby Pool swlmmtng sports Clatm to Fame Hectrrctan lllA Weeks Work rn tradt Navy JOAN ELLEN ARCESE 1 rnlral Av N wo xll Ioanntf I t Quo ation You old totl on st M mory ol NHS W n vacatrons tho usl 9 Orang ShleId9 Ant Smok ng orvrmrttrf 9 a v ommltt 9 5 ommlttrr I unrrng Musrcal mas Vfspl rsl 9 3 Sprlnzionr rr u c lloard alrman 3 xrcu v Co nfl I A our? Ntvvtonran P pr s tlvr 4 a r vcholarsu ROSE ANN ARCURI 9 Wfbster t Auburndal Iarrn to lame Dont let your lgnoranfr off rstlmate our r pacuty IV Warren Work LOUIS TONY ARDUINO 53 Whitt' Ave Newton Centre ou Hobby Handcralt Claum to Fame To do my best IIIA Weeks Work ln trade National Honor Socurty 3 BARBARA THERESA ASCOLESE 163 Lincoln St Newton Hrghlands Barbre Barbs Pet Peeve Spendung precuous hours dorng homework Suvbresseddesrre To graduate from N H S ll Weeks Nursmg Calrls Chorus1 9 3 Personalrty Club 1 9 Orchesrs 1 Home Economrcs Club3 lr: Ht Y 3 Musrc Club 1 9 Sprung Musrcal 9 Halloween Dance Tacket Commuttee 3 Sensor Play Candy Commuttee 3 Chnstmas Vesners Sbrrng Ve5Ders1 Outtng Club 9 BARBAR A RUTH ATKINSON Bobby fondest Memory ol N H S Wee beastles rn physuology Pet Ouotatron Wrll ya huh' Il Day Mount Ida Jumor College lr: H19 3 Gurls Chorus 1 351 Cralts St Newtonvulle HELEN MARY BAKER 13 Gardner St, Newton Honey Bun Pet Peeve The cracking ol gum fondfssgghlglemory of N H S Bookkeeping IV, Brgelow Work, Receptuonust 9 3, Natuonal Honor Society 3 106 FINLEY BALCOM O 1 Wsbxn Fond st M morv ol 'Xl ll Hobby llask tball IV Warrrn Worl PRUDENCE COPLEY BARBER Lsdar N wton tnr Drudy Pooby on est Ml mory ol N I-I C n I ou hls nam: C laum to lame 3096985 ot rgarn rrks r r 4 c C lu Musuc Club 9 Newtomtl Q cholarshm I2 1 9 Natronal Honor oc: ly 3 CHARLOTTE ANN BARBO Q46 Ltnwood Av N Ntonvrlll Charl Char Char Jam Jam Fondest Memory ol N H S Those Iruclay night hen parties? Hobby J A I Day Jackson Radcliffe Canrls Chorus 1 9 Rally Commuttee 1 Muslc Club 1 Q 3 Dance Commrttees1 Q Newtonran Representatrve 1 Orange Shreld Q Sprung Musical 9 A Cappella Chou 3 New tonlan Actlvrty Edrtor Outrng Club 9 Scholarshrp l2oll1 9 Leguslature 3 Chrust mas Vespers 3 Trl Hn Y Club 9 3 Sprrng l7estuval1 Q 3 Natronal Honor Society 3 JILL LANGDON BARCLAY 98 Ballard St Newton Centre Pet Peeve People who are alwaYS a Hobby Dancing ll Weeks Dancung JOSEPH A BARRY III Q11 Hrghland Ave Newtonvllle Joe Hollow Legs Leo Pet Peeve Women tm generall Pet Ouotatron George' You bet' He s not my type ll Warren Boston College JV Tennls11 Sensor Play 3 Ant: Smokmq Commrttee 3 Hr Y Club BRADFORD SOMES BARTON 45 Everett St , Newton Centre Brad, Bart Pet Reeve Wrttlng chemustry experiments Fondest Memory ol N H S 113 I, Weeks Unnversuty ol Maune, Football Manager 'l, Hunting and flshtng Club 3, International Club 3 Football 3 WILLA BASCH r 1 lx N xx on -1 lands Willy iv t Al mort ol rtrnior hour room with lX1r lsnxturvtan NL an Vxi to ski! Qym show rs Ins rv y HL ox Ophyt s I Mtrsicl u luni r nrorl s C horus I C hrtstm1sV sp rs y orrmrrrt Hom lconorrm K Sch rs i Co loo ba I Da t LORRAINE BASKIEWICZ WbstrSt W5 Nw. nttMrrroryolNl-lb h 0 mi vrwenttOatN Hobby Drawrnq Wrrr n Work rn a u ss o CONNIE SUSAN BATTAGLINO 71 Westland Aye W st Ntwton P t Ptryt Problt ms ol dtmocracy londest Memory ol N H S School dances IKE Cambridge High and Latin Ollrce VVOY LAURA BATTISTA 1011 Washington St Newtorryrlle Hlondte Prt Pcevc Oym Shower Ill Day Work in ollicc GERTRUDE A BEAULAC 1643 Beacon St Waban lrudtf Beau Pat Peeye Berng called Gertle londesr Memory ol N H S Dances loot ball games IV Warren Business colle e Grrls Chorus1 Outrng Club 3 Rally Committee 1 Music Club 9 3 Senior Play Committee 3 lrr Hr Y NANCY ELIZABETH BELL 179 Park St Newton Nance, Nan loudest Memory ol N I-l.S,: The lriends I'ye made Hobby. lalkrng, making lrrends, and having un llifirgclow, Outing Club 3, Music Club 1, birls' Chorus 1. t, I ,isle 107 JOHN RAOUL BELLEVUE umb rl rrdl?d Ws Nw llbbby Lroll Wa r o o LOUIS BELLI 004 Adams t N wton Lou Bell P t Pe y Cnorng to school rn the morning Hobby I2 narrrnq cars IIIA Day Workinq In a garag THELMA LEE BERCH 17 Marlboro St Newton lrmmy FondestMe-moryol N H S Morgue 918 with Mr Knaprnan rn my lunror home room which was really terrrlrcl SuDDressed desrre To lrnd a seat on the school bus ll Bigelow Boston University National Honor Society Q 3 Senior Play Com mittee 3 Chairman Property Commrttee Senior Play 3 Homeroom Manager 9 AssrstantHomeroomMana5er3 Neophyles Music Club 9 3 French Clu Girls Chorus 1 Scholarship Poll 'I 9 3, Glebe Exchange 3 HELEN SUE BERGER 99 Mayflower Rd Chestnut Hrll FondestMemoryolN H S S blocks rn Q18 Hobby Keeprng the telephone company rn busrness I Weeks Smith Mount Holyoke Schol arshrp Poll 1 Newtonrte Ad Stall 9 3 Newtonrte Crrculatron Stall? 3 Burldlngl Olllce Q 3 Latin Club SecretaryQ Music Club Q 3 Englsh Club 3 Sophomore Jamboree Publicity Committee Secretary 1 Archery 9 Neophytes'I Junror Dance Publrcrty Commrttee S? DORIS RAY BERLOW Q1 Laudholm Rd Newton Do Do Pet Quotation Pardonnez mor s rl yous nlart SuDDressed Desrre Elevators rnstead ol stairs Il Theodore Roosevelt Lasell Junior College Medical secretary Music Club'l 9 3 Art Club 3 Publrcrty Committee French Club 3 Exhibit Committee Massa chusetts Drama Festival EVELYN ANN BERNSTEIN 155 Valentine St , West Newton EVIY Pet Peeve: To be keDt waiting Hobby: Sneakrng French lr Warrenr Colleger Legrslature 9, 3g Music Club 1, Q, 3, Neophytes 11 Drama Club Q, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, 31 Senior Play Candy Committee 3, Spring Musical 9, Alpha Beta 'lr Ollrcv Work 3, Mikado Usher 1f Scholarship Poll 1, 9. VIRGINIA ANN BERRY 306 Wt'bster St , Auburndale Gunny Cam Ret Rt-rw Leakrng tunnels londrst Memory ol N HS Dances, Mr. Knapman Il, Warren, Nurses training, Music Club 9, 3, C3ran9e Shwld 9 3, Qutrng Club 3, Gnrls' Chorus 1, 9, Try Hr Y Club 9, 3, Dancr Cyommrltves 1. NICHOLAS CHARLES BIBBO JR 1018 Lh:-stnut St Newton Upper Falls Nnckrr- Tondvst Memory ol N H S 196 and a sweetheart larm to lame To be a mrllronarre IV Wt r'kS Contrnue our business and qo to night college at Northeastt rn H Y 3 Homrroom Managr r 1 9 CAROL BICKERSTAFFE 64 Nonantum St Newton Buck llrckw Pct Pr-eye It s Quarter oast gurls Tondrst Memory ol N H S Those lrrday nrqht hen Dartres Il Warrrn Nursing trarnlnq at Deacon ness Hosortal Chrldren s Hospntal Neo ohytes 1 Newtonran Reorrsentatrye 9 Dtcoratron Ccmmrttee Junror Prom 9 Football Dance Ticket Commrttee Q 3 Valentrm Dance Commrttee 9 Home-room Manager 9 Trl Hr Y 9 3 Newtonrte Ad StalfQ 3 OutrnqClub1 9 3 MuslcClub 1 Q 3 Camera Club 3 Scrrnce Club 9 lntr-rnatronal Club 9 Rally Commrttee1 9 3 CJrrls Chorus3 Band1 Hasketball1 Q 3 T nnrs1 9 3 Senxor Rlay Commltter'Q ALLAN GRANT BICKUNI A luck RttSayrn5 Czodlreydramonds Hobby wrmmmq water sale ty ll Warren Work school other than collegl camp Instructor Musrc Club 9 HomeroomManaqt 13 ACaDDellaCholr 3 45 Chr-rry Pl West Newton RALPH SMITH BILLINGS 99 Thaxter Rd Newtonvrlle Ret Rm yr Too much home work Tond st Memory ol N HS Not taking books home ll Day Wentworth ROBERT KENNETH BINNALL 60 Kenneth St Newton Highlands Hnnnrr Pet Reeve School Fonda-sr Memory ol N H S Lzraduatron ll Wtrks Army 'IO LEWIS LEO BIRD 113 Chestnut St , West Newton Fondest Memory ol NHS Cln Your Mark Claim to Fame Venn Vrdr, Vucl, Munr-y I, Warren, Tults, Harvard, Lead In On Your Mark, Senior play, Cheerleader 3, Track Team Q, All State Chou 9 1, New England Chou 3, A Canoella Chorr l,9, 3, Chemistry Club Q, 3, Musrc Club I, Drama Club 3, Krckofl l3allCommrtteeCharrrr1an Z, Sophomore Jamboree Charrman 1 Holrday HOD Commrttee Charrman Q- Hom'room Manager 1 3 Sensor Play Commrtt 3 Concert Band 1 Marchunq Hand I Rally Comrmttee 3 Scholarshrp Roll 1 2 Na tuonal Honor Socrety 3 MARY ANN BIUNDO 399 Adams gt N yvton Bunny pet Reeve ettlng LAD early r rn mb rmq Deople s names Hobby Skatung lrayelrng IV Day To be my own boss and tra around the world BRUCE BLAKE 76 Hardnng St West N wton Curly Ret Reeve Homework Fondest Memory ol N H S Watch ng th football team wrn lllA Day Printing work Hand 1 SANDRA JOYCE BLOCK 1653 Washnngton St Wes N Non Sandy Ret Peeye People who are always lat Fondest Memory of N H S Th 9 30 b ll I Warren Unrversrty ol Massachus tts Grrls Chorus1 Neoohytes 1 Musrc Club Q 3 Englrsh Club3 ArcheryQ Val ntrn Dance Comrmttee 1 Football Danc Com rn ee 1 Q Modern Dance 1 wcwnc Tar 1 Usher for Mrkado1 Tuck t m mrtte Seruor Play 3 Rally Commrtt PAULA REGINA BLUNDA 74 Clanton Pl Newton C nlr au Ret Reeve Showers alter gym FondestMemoryofN H S Football danc Wee s Massachusetts C n I Hosortal Nursrng School N oruhyt s I JEAN ALEXANDER BOARDMAN Q1 Groyeland St Aubu ndal Jeanne Jeannie Petpeeve Thethlrdlloorolany burldrng on a rainy day Fondest Memory of NHS Ch mrstry Class Mr I-lalIs5 l Warren Duke Unryersrty Oulrng Club L C 9 Frenc C lu Outing Club Treasurer Q JEAN RUTH BODNER 79 Charlemont St Newton H1ghlands lrannue Pet Peeve Homework Hobby Boys IV Jeremiah Burke Mount Ida SYLVIA MARJORIE BOND QQ Ellns Rd West Newton Syl Sylvre Advrce to Future Data Editors Dont Fondest Memory ol N H S Everythnng l Warren College Glebe Workshop 3 Executrve Commuttee 3 Newtonran Data Edntor 3 Ant: Smoking Commrttee 3 Newtomte Q Jumor Red Cross Councrl 1 Q Secretary1 PresldentQ Natronal Honor Socuety Q 3 Internatnonal Club Treas urer 1 Q 314 Receptnonrst Q 3 New Dort xchange 1 Treasurer Sophomor PIctures1 Q Camera Club1 Mus1CClubQ On Your Mark Trcket Committee Q Drama Iestuval HospntalrtyComm1ttee Q DAVID KITTREDGE BONNAR 49 Judklns St Newtonvnlle Dave Ps t Peeve Cwym for stmors Hobby Athlrtncs Day Dartmouth Ya Princeton n 1 Q 3 Rand Vice President Jumor Varsity Basketball 1 Q Juni r Varsnty Base ball 1 Varsrty Baseball Q 3 Varsrty Basketball 3 Foo ball Dance Commuttr-c Q DIANA LEE BOOHER Q84 Franklsn St Newton Pct Pctvt Proolreadung data sht ets londest Mt mory of N I-I S The sophomore year optnmusm and the senror year Drsslmlsm I Ramsey Munneapolns Smlth Swarth mort Nrophytts1 Alpha l3tta1 New tonlan Home room Representative 1 Stagt Workshop Q Junlor Red Cross Councrl Secretary Q Rally Commrttte Q Junror Dance Commrttee Q Chrustmas Dance Com mittee Q Sprung Musical Usher 1 National Honor Socuety Q 3 Scholarshup Roll 1 Q 3 Newtonnan Data Stall 3 314 Rrmp tlonlst Q 3 NATALIE ARELENE BORGESEN 8 Columbna Ave Newton Upper Fa s Nat Natty P tpeev Homework over thr weekends Hobby Dancmg roller skatlng sknng wrrtmg to Fred IV Weeks Medical work nn the Arr lorcr Trl Hu Y Club 1 Cavalry Club 1 DAVID BERNARD BORKUM 55 Crosby Rd Chtstnut Hull Havt londtst Mtmory of N H S luday after noons Hobby Corporatron What Senator K1 Iauvtr overlooked Weeks En unetrlng co e I e Qlub1 Q 3 TreasurerQ 3 Rad1oClub1 Q Secretary Q 'C' 10 FRED SHELDON BOSSMAN 45 Muller Rd Newton Centre Ford Bossy Pet Reeve Gym lor sensors Pet Ouotatuon Fresh out ol busuness ll Weeks Untverslty ol Massachusetts Unlversrly ol Marne Orange Shield 3 Soclal Room Host 3 Legrslature 3 Hockey Q lnternatnonal Club 3 Rnlle Club 1 LORRAINE MARIE BOUDREAU 11 WestSt Newton Boudy Pet Peeve Doing homework Hobby Dancung recelvnng letters IV Day Work as a clerk typrst JANET BOVA Q8 Clyde St Newtonvrlle GY Fondest Memory of N H S Years 1 Q and 3 Hobby Sarllng ll Day .lunuor College Medrcal tech nolognst Jumor Red Cross Counc1l1 Q 31 Musuc Club Q Stage Workshop 3 Cos tume CommntteeforSen1orPlay3 Newport Exchange 1 JEAN ELLA BOWERS 19 River St West Newton Pet Sayrng Mornlngll Fondest Memory ol N H S Hen partues football games Abe 5 J s weekends Clanm to Fame Sungnng ll Warren College MusncClub1 Q 3 Cavalry Club 1 Neophytes Grrls horus 1 Q A Cappella Chorr1 3 Chrrstmas espers 1 Q 3 Rally Comm: ee Dance Commrttees Mrkado Commnttee 3 Trl H1 Y Q 3 fNnt1Smoknng Commlttee Q CAROL MARILYN BRAM 490 Calrfornra St Newtonvulle Pet Peeve People who cant remember flrst names Fon est Memory of NHS All C lunches ll Day Michigan State veterinary meducnne Ottawa Student Exchange Honor Roll 3 Red Cross Counc1l1 Q 3 Music Club1 Q 3 Grrls ChOrus1 Q A Cappella Chour 3 Newtonlte Ad Stall 1 Q 3 Usher for Massachusetts Drama Festnval Q Newport Exchange 1 Football Dance T1cketCommuttee1 9 3 Football Dance Decoratnon Commnttee 1 Q Usher for Crvnl Defense Q Natnonal Honor So crety 3 BARBARA JOAN BRENER Q5 Loring St Newton Ct ntre Barb Barbie Pet Peeve Wnnr' men and song Fondest Memorues of N H S Mr Whute s homeroom and Mr Peterson s pokes Il Weeks Unlyerslty ol Massachusetts1 French Club1 3 Musrc Club Q 3 Per sonallty and Dress Club Q Fngllsh Club 31 Cmls Chorus Q Massachusrtts Drama Festrval Ushe Commattee Junnor Red Cross Councrl 3 Red Cross Enrollment Drnve Commrttee Scholarshrp Roll 3 Chrlstmas Vespers Q l .1 1 ., , 1 , , ' ,1 - 1 A 1 ' I I r f 1 ' 1 - -. ,ax ."31. 5' fi 'Y ff. ,rt 4 I ., -1 . . .' E 1 : v 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 . .i . ,f ' 1 I 1 . I' 1 1 ,ff I 1 i 1 1 - ' E 1 ' ' 1 1 - - 7 1 e 1 1 1 V 1 R 51 1 , ' g ' . J " 1 . . .: 1 , ' ' 1 1 1 A 1 ' - l1 1 1 Q l1'1 V 1 1 , 1 Bd Cl 1 1 1 - ' 31 ' 1 1 - 1 1 0 ' ' 1 V 1 1 i . E 1 5 ' 1 1: , , H. . on I f 5 ' ' I 1 1 1 1 1 ri 1 1 i 1 I , - , s .RY i f ' C . . . X 1 , f , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 A . V , 1 1 tl 11 , 1 ' 1 C i ' i I 1 - .. ' - - , 1 - . 1 . 1 ' 1 I 1 . , -. J-' . 1 W . I ,, II ' I d . . .: 1. ,.1 . V . 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 31 , , ' ' 1 I 1 1 1 '1 1 . 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 i i 1 I 1' air, . 1 1 'iwf' 1 ' I ' , V 1, . I1 ' 1 g ' Ileg , R Il I ' . 1 . - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 A Q 1 1 , , . 1,5 4 Af 1 ' 1 1 1 1 LORNA MAYRENE BROOKlNS ffl lluqh Ht Nwwton llnper Tall: lorry Lorunuu- P--t IM-tu' M.-n londu-et M.-rnory ol N H lu' lnglush wtlh llora 'umuth study un 116 ll, W. .-l-s, Slate Teachers' College, luuluru' Tvachwvs ol Amu-ruca 3, Scholarshurv Roll? 3 BARBARA LOUISE BROWN 153 Wundsor Rd Waban liabs Hrownuu Harb P tQuotatuon Ser you aroundthe campus un your green sneakers londest Memory ol NHS Football games cheerleader schooldances ll Warrrn Secretarual school Cheer l adrr 3 Musuc Club 9 3 A Cappella Chour 9 3 Calm Club1 Sprung Concert 9 3 Cuurls Chorus 9 3 Chrustmas Vf'suers1 Q 3 Tru HuY 3 Homeroom Manager 1 Sophomore Dance Commuttee 1 Pally Commuttr'eQ 3 CONSTANCE ELLIS BROWN 44 Rossmere St Newtonvulle C.onnue Connsku Pct Quo atuon More red tape' fondest Memory ol NHS T achersP students? vacatuons l ll Day oston Unuversuty School ol Musuc MusucClub1 Q 3 Treasurer? 3 Sprung Musucal Q 3 Symphony Orchestra l 9 3 Marchung Band 3 Concert Band 1 A Cappulla Chour 3 Scholarship Roll 3 Future Tfach rs ol Ameruca 3 Basketball 9 3 Soltba l Q Sprung C oncert'l 9 C hrustmas V sprrs 3 FORBES TAYLOR BROWN 140 Dedham St Newton Hughlancls P tpeew Orderly caleterua Hobby Loalunq I Wrr-ks lnguneerung College Mat Club 9 3 Leguslature1 9 Newtonuan Busuness Stall 3 Supervusor Class Emblem Sales 3 Football Dance Commuttee As sembly Usher Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 THOMAS STEWART BROWN 948 Tremont St Newton om londrst Nlrrnory ol N H Les ueunes lu es P tOuotatuon Move ut or lost t l Buqr low lloston llnuy rsnty Orang: Shueld 3 Motuon Pucture Squad Q 3 Homuoom Manager l llsher Drama Club Play 9 llsher l3rooklune Cmame 9 llsher Drama lrstuval Q BEVERLY ANNE BRUCE 99 Nobl t W st Newton li y abs Pr Pr ts fzuar fr pas g londr-stMtmoryolN HS llen Dartues"l football qdrTlrS Warr n Secretarua schoo ue ock y'l 2 b l Q Soltba u Hu Y 3 Scholarshup Roll 1 C rl,- f ,z EL' :ffl ,-"PK JULIE HART BRUSH 66 Oxlorul Rd , N.-mvont .'n'r,' l, W'u'rrks, Colby, Nvnpluytws l, llr.un-1 C'luub 9, 3, Outung C luub P, Rally Corn rrtuttee Q, Dance COVV1VY1Iluu'u', fuophorruorv Liurls' Chorus 1, Modern llanfur l, Mus-c Club Q, 3, OrChrSlra l, 9 3, Lnf1lushC lub 3, Tru Hu Y 3, Cn Your uNl.urk Q1 huu,:- mas Vwsp.-rs Q. 3 BARBARA MARY BUCKLEY 43 harlo tc Rd N wtonC ntr Harbue Hobby Bowlung V Lexungton Hugh S cretarusl work MATTHEW ALAN BUDD 37 Cedar St Newton Centre Matt Fondest Memory of N HS Mr Halls chemustry class Hobby Photography athletucs l Weeks Brown Bowdoin Colby Math Club 3 Camera Club Q 3 New tonuan Photographuc Stall 9 3 Leguslature Alternate 3 Outdoor Track Q Musrc C lub Q Scholarshup Roll 1 9 Outsude lmploy ment Q 3 Orchestra A 3 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 NANCY HELEN BURBO Q3 Putnam St West Newton Nance ll Warren Nurses traunung ACappella Chour 3 Gurls Chorus 1 Q Musuc Club Q 3 Chrustrnas Vespers Q On Your Mark Outung Club 1 9 Larun Club CATHERINE ALVENE BURKE 1001 Watertown St West N wton Burkue Ped Pet Pceve To have anyone call mr by my muddle name Hobby Readung musuc IV Warren Secrttarual posutuon g n eralolluc work CandyCommrtt Senucr Play 3 Newtonutr Stalt 3 Scholarshun Roll 1 Q Ruuldung II Assustant 3 ELINOR IDA BURMON 96 Avondale Rd Newton C untru. Pet Peeyr- People who tr ll m My how youve grown whrn th y know l havent Hobby Saulung stamp coll ctung knuttung Wee s We lesl y occupatuona therapy Newtonutu' Ad St ll I J nuor Play Costume Commuttee 3 Musuc Cl b 'l Q 3 Neophytr-sl lnt rnaluonalClubQ lrench Club3 Junuorll dCrossCouncul3 LOLA MAE BUTLER 9 mb N wton tlom wor n sl M rnory o N 3ODl1OmOli IV ling Iovs Ollrcc work 0 ul Roorr JANE CAFFREY 8.2 Warn n St N wton Lent: Weente Jan Lall Fon ts Mtmory of NHS lootball gamrs L lunches Clarm to lame Who saysl m lamous7l I Weeks College Freld Hockryl 9 3 aptatn 3 I3 ketball l Q 3 bot a 1 Q 3 Leader Corps? 3 Outrng Club Q 3 Scholarship Rolll Rally Commrttee 9 Newtonian Reoresentattve 9 Burldtng I lltce Assustant 9 Alternate Ltgtslaturt Mt mb r3 JOHN JOSEPH CAFFREY 85 Warren St Newton Centrt Jak- Jack II Weeks College work rn Calrlornua Intramural Basketball Indoor Track Out door Track MARY ANTHONY CALDWELL l6Bonmar Cnr Auburndalt Mary Ann Pet Peeve Sunburned harr Fondest Memory of N H S A hero I1Warren ColbyJumor College Out mg Club 'I Q 3 I.attn Club Stage Work shop 9 Musrc Club 3 Englush Club 3 HallTnme Club 3 Gutdance Olhce 3 Massachusetts State Drama Fes wal Ttcket and Property Committees Q Newtonnte Crrculatron Stall Q ALAN WHYTE CAMPBELL 94 Nehotden Rd Waban Al Campy Soupy Mr Mayor Doctor Butldtng Commrssloner Mambo Bobo branma Pet Ouotatron What s domg? Fondt-st Memory of N H S Mustc club actrvrtnes ll Warren Camera Llubl Radro Club Q Meteorology CIub'I Q 3 Secretary? Mustc Club 9 3 MARY ROSE CAMPBELL Q6 Ctrcurt Ave Newton Hrghland Mary Mary Rose P t Peeve Four C lunches rn sensor year fondest Memory of N H S A hero Il Weeks, College Class Secretary3 Sensor brecurve Councrl 3 Lunchroorr Board of Rcvrtw Orange Shteld Cap tain 31 Rally Committee 2 3 Mustc Club 1 9 31 Cztrls Chorusl SZ 31 Legrslature 'I 9 3 ChrrstmasVespers1 Q 3 Sprung Mustcal 2 Neophytesl Dance Commrttees I, Q 3, THHIY 31 Outing Club 3 Intern-stronal Club 3, Scholarshtn Roll 9 W RA Ss.. but 'x 8 I 3 I 1 ROBERT CANTER J Wachus tt ku L Ieople who tln rw qsrbaqt r n rnthe caleterta loud st Vltmory of N H J Mass Cotton and Mr Halls expressrons I W ks Yalt Amhtrst Brown Musuc U n TT Ofld U I r nrcu9?Natroln LEE B CARDER 5 Bound Brook Rd Ns wton Hrghlanos L czy Fond st Memory ol N H S All the beer names Il Warren College Homeroom Men ager I lntermedrate Bastball 'l Varsuty aseball 9 V rsrty Football 'I 9 1 Orange Shteld 9 3 Second Vtce Pres: d nt Senror Class Executrye Commuttee MERNA ELAINE CARL 'I34 Mt Vernon St Newtonvllle Pet Peeve C lunch Suporessed Destre To clrmb the bllel Tower ll Warren Nurstng at Newton Welles Iey Hosprtal Mount Auburn HosprtaI1 French Club 'I Outrng Club 'I Grls Chorus'l 9 3 Chrnstmas Vespers 9 31 Sprtng Musrcal 9 Newtonrte Ad Staff Q 31 Stage Workshoo 9 3 Sensor Play Scenery Commrttee 3 Jumor Red Cross Counctl 9 3, Juntor Dance Decoratrons Committee 91 Usher Parents Ntght 3 RUTH HELEN CARLSON 91 Parker Ave Newton Centre Ruthre Sts Pet Peeve Teachers who embarrass me Fondest Memory of N H S Those Fnday mght hen partres IV Weeks Nursln at Newton Welles Iey Hosprtal Grrls horus 'I 9 Perso alrty Club 31Chrrstmas Vespers EUGENE JOSEPH CARR 154 Lowell Ave Newtonvrlle Genre Pet Peeve Homework Hobby Sleepun IIIA Day Workmg FRANCES CARROLL 61 Walker St Newtonvtlle Pet Peeve Cltmbrng the statrs Fondest Memory of N H S Jumor yea IV Day Work OELORES CARTER 15 Stmms Ct Wcst Newton Tffnlz Teend Fondest Memory of N HS Sophomore YNY Dlayln basketball Hobby Sports oys musrc D2 gfarren Work Soltball 1 Ra ket ROBERT GEORGE CARUSO Bob Bobby Suppressed Destre To be a wheell Hobby Sleeplng rn S block' ll Warren Boston College Boston Umyerstty buslness admrnrstratuon course Orange Shield 31 Legislature 3 lnterna ttonal Club 1 Intramural Sports 1 Q Scholarshnp Roll 1 9 Newtonrte Ad Stall 1, Football Dance Committee 9 8 Mague Pl West Newton SYLVIA MICHELE CARUSO 318 River St West Newton Pet Peeve People who break dates at last mmute dramattc people Fondest Memory of N H S Productron of the Mrkado gab lests at lunch loot ball games ll Warren Lasell Junlor Col ege Mustc Club1 Q 3 Modern Dance 1 9 French Club 1, Drama Club 9 3, Entertatn ment Commrttees Football Dances 1 9 Christmas Vespers 11 Sprung Concert 1 Q Trl Hr Y 3 Hosottaltty Commuttee Foot ball Dance 9 Vtce Chairman Krckoll Ball 3 Ant: Smokrng Commtttee 3 Nattonal Honor Socrety 9 3 GEORGE CHANDLER CAVIS 118 Parker St Newton Centre Tad Tadpole Pet Peeve S block Fondest Memory ol N HS Those cold football games wtth the boys ll Warren Work In steel constructton PETER DAVID CAZALE 1538 Beacon St Waban Hobby Collecttng classtcal recordg ll Warren Smallcollege ANTOINETTE EDA CELLUCCI Q79 Watertown St Newton Ann Tom Celluch Pet Peeye Problems ol democracy Fondest Memory ol N H S Tunnels IV B Day Clerical worker Y 5? x l 'PJ JOHN A CHAMBERS JR 1196 Chestnut St Newton Upper Falls Johnny Hobby Motorcyclrng cars mechanrcs Claim to Fame Electrician s license IIIA Weeks Trade ntghtschool Navy WOODLEY LLEWELLYN CHAPMAN 84 l-lrghland St West Newton Hunk l Warren College law school, Debat Ing Club 1 German lub 9 Englush Club 3 Hr Y 3 Science Club 3 JOHN ERNEST CHATFIELD 131 Charlesbank Rd Newton Corncr Johnny l Btgelow Newtontan Sports Edrtor Legtslature 1 Sophomore Football 1 J V Football 9, Varsrty Football 3, lndoor Track 9 Outdoor Track 9 Orange Shreld 3 AntnSmokrng Commrttee 3 lnterna tronal Club Vice Prestdent 3 Class Rm!! Commtttee 9 BARBARA CHOLFIN 75 lntervale Rd Newton Ccntrc Barby Cholf Pet Peeve Dramatxc people Hobby Ya ta ta ya ta ta l Weeks College Alternate Legtslaturc 9 Assistant Homeroom Manager 1 Sopho more Girls Chorus1 Secretary Debating Club 3 Cavalry Club 1 9 3 Musrc Club Y 3 Alpha Gamma Tau 3, Englrsh Club Q Publtctty Commnttee Knckoll Ball 3 Candy Commtttee Sensor Play 3 Scholarshtp Roll 1 Rally Commtttee 9 Placement Olfuce 3 GORDON ANKER CHRISTENSEN 13 Mt lda Ter Newton Gordy Fondest Memory ol N H S The school exchange wtth Clarks Summtt Penn sylvama rnmyyuntoryear Hobby Llstenrng to records I Btgelow Coast Guard Academy Bos ton University College ol Business Admrn tstratron Rifle Club1 FootballBand1 Con cert Band 1 9 Workshop nn Leadershtp and Communlty Ltle 9 Score Board Opera ter Q On Your Mark Productton 9 Math Club Treasurer 3 Newtonuan Stall 3 Orchestra A 3 ROBERT P CHRISTENSON Q3 Parkytew Ave Ncwtonvtlle o Pet Peeve Getttng up for school In the mornrng Fondest Memory of N H S My sophomore btology class the football games ll Day Stockbrudge School ol Agn culture Orange Shteld 3 Sensor Supper and Dance Commrttec MADELINE JANE CIMETTA I parrt bt N w on nr Nflat ri i rs prob n I M no y o lootbt I m W s rt r BETTINA CLEVELAND Io9lCommonw alth Avt W st N vvton atm to rn sstti comm n t My Smith Conn cticut Mustc C u 9 I C3uttngC lub? 3 Star! WorkshoD I u a im Clu gtslxtur 9 Cjrange Hook? N wtontan 3 Social Room Hosttss 3 Senior PlaY tr ic ty ommitt 3 Qchola ship oll DANIEL CECIL COFFEY IOSI-3 arlht N w on COII Ctce Danny Punchy o by Pulling an AI and a o n Smith racking C larm to lame littng one ol bt st four yt ar m n gttting tlecttd to gang passing latin and qtography I l'ligt low ollege Navy Varsity Foot I 9 3 VarsttyHockey1 Q 3 captain J V Baseball I Q Varsity Base ball 3 Legislaturt 1 9 3 Vice President ol Associatts9 3 Orange Shieldi 9 3 Anti Smoking Committee Q 3 oys C horus 3 FAY BRENDA COHEN 49 Vim yard Rd Newton C ntre P tptevr Silly questions Iondest Memory ol N H 9 The tunnel be tvvcsn Building Il and Butldrng Ill I Werks Wheelock Junior Red Cross Council Q 3 Rally Committee? 3 Music C Iub'l Q 3 Neoohytesi Orange Book? Literary Magazine 9 German Club 9 Ntwtonite Advtrttsrng Staff Q 3 Science r 9 Newontan Stall 3 Hall i e C lub 3 LOIS J COHEN 39 Vaughn Ave Waban Ht Lol Pt t Reeve Blushing P tOuotation To function or not to Iunc tion that IS the Interrogation I Wteks Wheaton Music Club 9 3 Drama Club 3- Rally Committee 9, 3- Anti- Smoking Committee 31Neoohytes1-Alpha Ht-ta l- English Club 9, Red Cross Council 9, Football Dance Committee 3- G I ' Chorus Q- French Club 3, Newtonite Advertising Stall 3- Literary Magazine 9- Nattonal Honor Society 3. MATTHEW ASHER COHEN 150 Eastbourne Rd, Newton Centre R -d, Matty Pct Ouotation: "Move it or lose it and you can't spare it" londest Memory ol N.H S.: Mr. White's HomeroomtQ103T Q Il, Weeksi Boston University General C ollege, Boston University School of Public R5-lationsf Rille Club 'l, 3, Camera Club 91 Cavalry Club 3, Usher lor Senior Rlay, Outdoor Varsity Track Manager I 9, 3, Indoor Varsity Track Manager 9, 3, Scholar- ship Roll 3, Aviation Club 'I, Spanish Club 3, Motion Picture Squad 3, International Club If Assistant Homeroom Manager 3 fr' SOL LOUIS COHEN 4 C otton vs on Salty Louit ptthaylng Ifksthecase mayb latm aim to lame m l3igt low W arton V rmont tonal Club 9 3 Music C I n ral Sr-orts I 9 t lm Nations C onftr nc On Your Mar lnqClub93Lttau Cu CI1ssUsh r I Q Assistant Hom ro anagtr I 9 Varsitv Tra k wtonianl? Dr s ntatt I STAFFORD IRWIN COHEN htstnutHilll r st Stall Stick Petlhtvr Women drivtrs londrst Memory ol N H S It sloping ccrrido sofautldmgl I Weeks Hrown Homeroom Managr t P V rstty lias t s Managtr3 VarsityTrack Manag 3 Int national Club Q 3 Music Club 3 Debat tnqC lub3 lilu Moon Danc C ornmittr FELICE R COLE 35 lllison Rd N xv on rt Ileas Pet Petve Peoole L75 who don t k p con tnct s to tht mst lvesll o by Well you see I Theodore Roosevelt High School Bronx New York Q College Drama C lub Q 3 Spanish Club 3 Anti Smoking Com mittee 3 Music Club 9 3 Football Dance Committee 3 Christmas Vesoers 9 English Club 9 Candy Committee Drama lub Play Q National Honor Society 3 BARBARA ANN COLEMAN 1191 Boylston St Newton Highlands Babs Barb Squeaky Ret Peeve People who are nt on mr alarm clocks crew cuts Fondest Memory ol N H S Lat ng lunch during S block tunnels 9 3OdismtssaI e IIIB Weeks Bryant Stratton s cn tara School Latrls Chorus 1 EDWARD JOSEPH COLEMAN 19 Suban Pl Newton Highlands Petpeeve Homework Hobby Cartooning ll Weeks Massachusetts Art Qchool Commercial art SONYA ROSALIE COLERON 643 Watertown St., N 'wtonvtlle Sonme, Tonnie Coley Pet Reeve: Taking showers in gym V Fondest Memory ol N.H,S.: The friends I made, football games, the gay times I had in the Caleterla V K Ili Day, Framingham State Teachers Col' lege, teachings Le islature 3, Newport Exchange 'lf Rally Caommittee 3fipf0Di'l'IY Committee Senior Play 3, Music Club 'l, 9, 3, Library Club Secretary T, 3, FUKUY2' Teachers ol America Club Secretary 31 Junior Red Cross Council 'I Q, 3f Alpltd Beta Club 'lf Christmas VeSDers 'l, R, 3, Tri-HIVY 9, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3. CHARLES FREDERIC COLLINS 5 Walnut H ll Rd N wton ntre C buck wnd stM moryolNHQ Th yy I d Yll bby Snor Q y n ANDRE MARCEL COME ?8 Heath rlancl Rd N wlon Hlqhlands Andy r mc ooll Hobby Musrc sports ll W: Its Musrc Muscf lub? Orch 5 I r A 1 9 3 School and Qchool Ixchanqv Xlyorltshoo 3 Hoclt y 9 cholarshrp Roll Inq V sprrs l SHIRLEY CONANT 10 Norwood Ay N wtonf n r Hobby Horsvs SDortS musrc Wt K l q Worlr hoD3 lloar olPlrblrcatrorrs3 voamshf ltr 1 Q P C rr Ollc XXforL WILLIAM GERARD CONDON 51 Marshall Q N yvlon y Hom room ach r who don rt atm I und st M mory of N H C My bulldrnq l nq rsh tvach rs 1 an W I Ho onf olr N r fl lb RALPH ALFRED CONRAD 386 Ch ry St Wvst Nvwton lo Q rstanc 5 twrvn classrs londrst Mcmory ol N H' The' happy tum s wrth thv A Caomlla hour Warrrn On Your Mark Q ur an and tlw D ytl 9 Trclwt Comm to nslow Hoy 9 Crlc Club1 A aD C47 Q nl ry llshsr C ommtttr-I 3 Natlonal Honor a lrty 3 ELIZABETH COOLEY 460 Ward Qt Nvwton f vnlrv y Canfan Cool yioov uotatton HI doll whatsnrw7 ondvst Mrmorws of N H J Th b 5 consultatrons rn Mr Harry s oflncl I Wrrlcs Colby Jumor Nvwton svy School ol Nur ang Modvrn Danc 1 9 3 OrChrsls1 Q 3 Neonhytvs l Drama Club? 3 On Your Mark Q Ass s ant Homerocm Manager1 3 Valvn t Dancr' Comms! v 1 Football Dancv K omm tvi' Q vgnslaturv Alt:-rnata f,4r L af .4 fy eff 11 aussi.. 4 ROBERT BRADFORD COOPER 17 Loclrslvy Rd Nvyvton C rntr o ww- ornhomorrs mth cr t r 9uDDrrswd Dvsm To blow up Ilurldmq l Wm' s orth ast rn llnrvr-rsrty School ol Ingrn rung Oranqr 'Qht ld Q 1 Ssxstant Contain 3 Intor R d Cr S Councrl Q 3 Work hop rn L ad rshrn and Cornmunsty Lllc' 3 Proyrctor S Squad Q I gt Cr:-w 1 Footb Dan freshm nt and Hosoltalrtyf harrman 3 R Irtshmr-nt Cornmrttm- Asssrant Charrman Qophomorv Dance 3 llsh r Drama Club Play? FREDERICK CHARLES COREY g nt W N yyton Horny at v Sc ool Iondrst Mr-mory of N H 9 H1 l Warrvn Holy Cross ROBERT JOSEPH CORMIER k 104 Adams Ay W st Nvwton at Pvtp rw Tvaclwrs lonclPstMvmory oIN H S Thrscor board burrwd down Flaqpol saw d oft llA Warr n Prrnttnq Vars ty Hoclc y RICHARD CORNER 345 C alrlornls St N wton Dtclc Beaudvan Enq ls Fond st Mvmory ol N H y Iractn rr-d paw lrom football on lmurd lor sux yyvrltx Hobby Fnxunq cars football IV Day Roolmg J V Football 9 Var S ty foo ball 3 ROGER CORNER 3 falrlornra r N W n R03 Rvaudvan lr et Ouotatron Watfh ur ll tnmvs Fondfs Memory ol N H S playlnq varsrty football ln my last y ar ol hugh school lV Day Roof-fr J V Football Varslry Foo ball PATRICIA H COSTA 3 C arl St N W on Hnqhlands a pet Ouotatton But Ya lrnow Fon vst Mrmory of NHS football qames KM:-dlordi II Wevlcs Ivachvrs College Wh yloclr Framrnqham Cnrls Chorus N oohytfs l Rally Cornrmttw 1 Q Sprung Muercal 1 Assrstant I-Iomeroorn Manager 9 Lvgrsla turf? Altvrnatn Q In H Y 9 3 DAVID WILLIAM COULTER Ql8Mtlros St Auburndal a Leah walkung to the lourt Floor ol Rulldrnql C laum to lame My prccolo rvlavunq l Warr n Art school coll 3 Art ub 9 3 MuslcClub9 3 Drama Club? latlnClub9 Sprrnq Nlusucal l 9 3 Nto Dht Plsyt Drama Club Play Comrrntt Q Drsmal stnval Play? Dramal strval Art mmrlt t Q urnnq V so rs Q C r m V sptrs 9 Cal Club l ACappe a 3rch slra 3 3 Marc nq Il d Q Son omor Danct Commrtt 3 Iootball anc Commntt l 9 Natuonal Hon r S cu ty 3 JOHN CRISMAN CRAIG 93 Nobl St W st Ntyvton P t c yy tat un Sump: s d Dtsr txraduatuon Warrtn Dt ba rn Clu rnitronal C lub JACOUELYN ISOBEL CRONES 40 AI xand rlZd Newton Hnghlands sckr uo stron dol w a s n yy on st Mtmory olNHS h gsx 1 n hth n partr W ks Colby lunlorCol Assist ant Hom room Mana-3 r Cntrls C horus O On Your Mark 9 Cl Club 3 Qrangs tld3Ch maSV pr? ruHr JOHN JOSEPH CRONIN 37 Oakland Av Auburndal lond st M rnory ol N H S Lnraduatron Hobby uorts l Warr n l'3oslonColl 5 Holy C.rOsS ranq h ld 3 D battng Clu LEAH CATHERINE CRONIN 310 N wtonyrllt Av N wtonvllle Slum Stoob Hual ah c o yator rn N sv lond st Memory of N H 9 The day Mass ackttt Dasstd me In math :ss angurnettl th sensor play toes anyon hav acou5hdrooH l Day S cretarnal school Musrc lub 9 3 N ouhvttsl DramaClub9 3 Drama Club Play Commnttte 9 Outnng Club Q ntor P ay 3 Musucal 1 9 N ophy Play l Drama Festlyal Commutte s 9 Soph omor Danct C, mrnrtt 1 3 Valen Danc Commnttee l Marchrng Band 3 Chrnstmas V spers 9 RUTH MARY CROWLEY 108 Lake Ay Newton Centre fond st Mtmory ol N HQ Numerous sessuons nn summt r school C laum to lame My conffure acrt Heart ony nt Co 7 e Neoohyt s l Musuc C lub 9 Outrng Club 9 N wtonuan Advt rtlsrng Staff 3 LINCOLN C CUMMINGS 33 Oak Hnllgt NrwtonC ntre r saYun5 a u but un' Clarmto Famt My actryrtns my car Weeks n nlcal coll Ltgrslature 3 Ant: Smokrng Commntte 3 Sensor Play Dance Commrtts ts Radlo C lub l Q Pres: nt ub'l Mrteo ogy Club l 2 3 S ary 9 Pr so sn MARGARET E CUSHMAN 1599 Washun gton it West N wton Mudge Pet Quotatuon And that s lor sur ' Hobby Music I Warrtn Jackson Natnonal Honor 9ocretyQ 3 Oranqe Shlrldl N ophytvs Playl Music Club I Q Drama Club Q Latun Club l 9 I-Iosputallty Cornmuttee Soohomore Jamborer 1 Relreshment C om rm e a rn lne' nc Tlcktt m rmttr Drama C lub Play Q Scholarship Roll ALAN DANIELS 39 Noble Qt W st Newton P tpeeye C lunch fond st Mtmory ol N H 'S Room 397 at 9 block l Warren College dent stry Rttl C ub ubllcaty Ommrttet I ofl a Irckct Commrtt Drama F st yal Q NAOMI BARBARA DANOVITCH 37 Westbourn Pd N wton Norm P Clrrnbnng up to th lourth oor ol Bulldlnql Pet Ouotatlon You can nryrr tell rom where you srt what th band s qolnq to play ll Weeks Rhode Island Qchool of D suqn Boston llnnw rsrty Orange Shu Id 3 Chanrman Publnclty Jumor Dancs 9 9 mor Play Dublrcrty Commlt er Literary Maqa zurw ldrtorral Board Q Nevytonntt Ad Staff 9 Art Clubl 3 Secretary3 Rally om rruttee9 3 Chaurman ol Post-frs9 Scholar rD Qolll 9 Parents N ght ROBERT ALAN DANZIGER b 'IQG Alqonquln Rd Chestnut Hrll n P t Peeye Relxtryes who art forexer Say :ng My how YOu ve qrownl Fond st Memory of N H S A lunch I Weeks Dartmouth Bowdoin Brown Cam ra Club 'I lntramurxl Basketball 1 9 Orange Sh cld Q Homeroorv- Manager 9 Newtonute Adyertnsrnq Stall 9 3 Director 3 ,lunror Dance Commuter- American Lemon Boys slats Conyentuon tAmhersl3 9 Arm Smokrng Commrvt 3 Ottawa Stud nt Exchange 3 Secretary Assocnates FREDERICK WILLIAM DAUTEN 79 Washrngton St Newton C orner Fred Doughton Pet Quotatron D nt do anythunq l wou dn tl I Fondest Memory ol N H 9 Br :ng a member of the teams on whrch I played l Br elow Coltse draltsman A Cao ella ho r I Orange Shield Q n er medrate Football l lntermedtate Bask tball 'I Varsnty Football 9 3 Varsuty Basketball Q 3 Varsity Baseball I 9 3 BARRY SHELDON DAVID ION lfloylston of N vyton H ghlands Hay ng qym ou loors durrnq IO VV!!! llobby llunt nq and lshrnq rx I-ltqh nqtnrrrtn t U ARLENE HARRIET DAVIS Ot s t wtonyrll on st M rvory ol N H Ihr tunnrs an show: rs P t Cuotatton no whatl IV l3oxburyNlsrrvtOrtalHlgl1 Qrcrrtartal wort P rsonalr yl lub 3 Outtnqi lu 3 C andy C ommrlt ur-ntor Play 3 CHARLES DAVIS Cul Hardnnq St We st Newton K huck londrst Memory of N H S The gtrls Hobby Ctuns ll Day lrqtslaturrl Aloha Beta Jumor Dance C ommrttfe JAMES ROBERT DAVIS 'lioncord St Natrclc Pave londrst Mr mory of N H 9 The lrrds Hobby Sports tn general IHA Natrclr JuntorHt5h Fttchburg State Icachrrs Collefle Worlr at cabmet malr :ng Nattonal Honor Soctety 3 ROBERT THURMAN DQCLUE Hob Hobby. Chcmtstry I, Warrcnf College, Chr-mrcal engineer- rng, Chrrmtstry Club 9 3 Radio Club l. 10 Wrstvtew Ter , West Newton JUSTIN JOSEPH DeFAZIO 374 Ward St ,Newton Ccntrc llaby Pr-t Pm-ve lrrnch homeroom teachers fondest Mc-rnory ol N.H.S.- Boys' chorus IV, Wm-ks, Boston University Busmess Admtnrstratton accounttng, Boys' Chorus 9 3, football 1, Baseball 'li lraclr 1, Orange Shrrld Q, Chrtstmas Vesvcrs 3i A Caovclla Chotr 3. r I .affl H' it s - 1 MSM'-we ' a ' ., . u .L 'll 6 MICKELINA DQFILIPPIS Mtddl N wton Mncluv lonclrst Memory of N ll S l Wtll always remember the lrtndm ss ol th trac ers and Uumls Hobby Swtmmunq and thc mot tr s lV Day Cllc .fvorlr yft q THELMA ROSALYN DEITCH rrsctlla Rd stnut Ht Ttmmrt t Radto comm rcrals londrst Memory ol N H9 No school stfinal roolrltne Hugh C ollrqr Lf-qus a ut I 9 Newtonuan Advrrttstng wtalli Nrw toman Representatrvr Q Nrwtontts Stall I Newtorttte Crrculatton Stafll 9 l cuttv Board Lt erary Maqaltnr 9 Oranqr Hook Staff? 3 lieceottontstlorlncomtng SopIo mores 9 Publtctty Committee Junaor Dance Q Music Club Q 3 Rally Commtttee 3 Lattn C lub Q Debatung Club Q Neonhytrs l Personaltty Club? WILLIAM J DELAHANTY 'lb Smtlh Ct Wrst Ntwton Wtll Preacher Del Pet Peeye French teachers Fondest Memory of N H S 9 30 bell ll Warren Massachusetts lnstttutr of Technology Boys Chorus 9 CLEMENT SINCLAIR DELANEY 905 Hunnewell Ter Newton Corner Clem Pet Peeye 8 30 Monday to Frlday Fondest Memory of N H S The caleterra l Btgelow College Commrttrc for Choostng Sensor Photographer ALBERT DELMONTE 678 Boylston St , Newton Centre Del, Al Pet Pervez French homeroom teachers Fondest Memory ol N H.S,- Eat ng tn S bloclrand the Darttes ll Wrelcs. ANNA MARY DCLUCA 'lol Chapel St., Nrw'on Ann Pet Ouotatton: "lt's a great lnlr tl you dont weakenln Hobby' Plano, Dlayrng records lV, Dayi Secretary, Word lraoorrs l, Neophytes 'l, Chairman, Refreshment Com mrttee Sophomore Jamboree 1, Drama Club 9, 3, Ttclret Commtttrs: Massachu setts Drama Festrval 9, Property Commtttee Sensor Play 3, Nattonal Honor Soctety 3. GLORIA GERTRUDE DQMARCO IGB Ncvddd St Nvwtonyrllv londvst Mvmory ol N HS, Room IQG, football smsons I lobby Prano and lrshrng IV, Day, l3usInIs5 school law ollrct' yvork, Ixr-cutwv C'orr1mIttr'v 3 lvguslfr turr' 3, Homvroom Mdrmgvr I, .lunror l5.Incv, Cxhtwmrn RI-Irvshm.-nt CoIrImIlt.'.- 9, Nt-wtonrtv Ad Stoll 3, III HI Y Q 3 Chau man, Proqrdm Cornmrttt-I' I, Nvophylts I, l21allyC'orrImIttr-I' I, MusIc C lub 3, Ctrrrwm C lub 3, Ntrtlonal Honor Socrvty 3, ERNEST DeMARIA k X49 I llrol 'Qt Nvwton llpprr falls Inav londfst MI-mory ol N H S Att.-ndmg Mr. Lasltr-fs musrc class.-s Hobby Sports, wadrng IV, WI'I'Ls, MIISIC Clubl 9 3, HI Y 3. RITA THERESA DEMEO 98K h rrySt W st N wton londrst M mory ol N H S Gym cldssrs I Warrrn Colleg LeaduCorps Q 3 Homvroom Manaq r 3 Outrnq Club 9 liaslcvtball I Q Soltball 9 Nqwtoman Art Staff ROBERT DEPHOURE 331 hIpIn Rd N wtonf ntr Hoobby Musrc I W Ilts lfloston Llnrvvrsrty N wtonrtr 9 3 Musrc Clubl D batInqClubO CONSTANCE M DESMARAIS Q99 Austrn St WMI N wlon C onnw londtst Memory ol N I-I S Af ofbrmnrshv-1IthMr Arq nto llobby Dancrnq In any shap form or man mr Warr Q 3 worlt Ir nch u GUY DQSTEFANO JR 917th rrySt W stN wtOn lx d Mr 3 P tpeey I-Ianq narls and stubbtd toes Hobby lcmrnrnrty .srrtn 0 n llubl Orchestra I fXudIo Vrsual Ards 3 'las Itbdll Nlanaqtr I SCI nc Fa II 3. Q 4' r 'Q RUTH THERESA DEZOTELL 8 ll.-lmont BI , N.-Wren Drny Pvt Pvvw lqnorancu Fondvst M,-mory of N IIS Ihr- vvorrdfrlul lrIandSl'y.- madw IV, lirg.-low, lflusrnwss school and work, Mod-'rn Dano' I, fNyIIItIon C lub l, tIIIls' Chorus 9. HELEN DHIONIS I6 Broadway St Nvwtonwllt' Fondvst Mvmory ol N H S r lootball gtrmws Clarm to lamv He-Ing latt- l, Day, l'3os!on Unrvr-rsrty School of ldu- canon, Nvophytvs 1, Aloha IH-In If Soohomorv Grrls' Chorus I, Holrdtay lloo Publrcrty Commuter 9, Nldlu'uDCorr1mIttv.' On Your Mark 9,CDutIng Club9,luture Izachurs of Amencc 3, Rally Corrrmrttu Q. PERRY HOLBROOK DICKINSON Q5 Pon IQ dar Rd Wubsn Pvtr' pet pveye Modal A s Fond st Msmory ol N H S Rockport ex cursron Vtfrmont Acad y Coll q lnqrs Club 3 RITA ANN DIGREGORIO llmtmld t N W Mrdg IIII3 Day Qrphanag work JOHN JOSEPH DOLAN 349 Lexrngton St Auburndale Gcvlcl Pct Ptsve Teachers Fondvst M mory of N H S C lunch IIIA Wdrrtn Irddn prrntmg LINDA LOUISE DOLL 'IQ Bvach St Ncwtonv ll Lrn Lundy Pet peeve Frrst perrod qym Supprvssed Drsrre To holler In study hall I Day llnIversItyofMnssscl-us tts Lvgrs laturrf 3 Ntwtonran 3 Junlor Rrd Cross Councrll 9 3 Reporter 3 Newport lx chan5eI Musrc ClubI Q 3 Nrwtonrtv 9 Senror Play Candy Commrttm 3 Nvw tonrte Crrculatrorr 9 3 Lnterary Magazrnv Q On Your Mark Oranqv Book 3 Massa chusetts Drama Festrval Hostvss Q Alpha Beta I Musrc Club Socral Commrttev 3 Junror Rvd Cross Enrollmvnt Drrve Com mItt e Q 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 FRANCIS XAIVER DONNELLY 33 Crescent St West Newton X Ira y Vet Prrye Cmorng to school on rarny days Pe Cjuotalron Many Mung lV Qur Lady s Arr Forcr WILLIAM DONNELLY 33 Crescent St West Newto Bushman Pet pr eve No smoking durlng school londrst Memory ol N H S The blue card IV Warren Work Hr Y 3 RALPH deJEAN DOPMEYER 6 Rnchard Cnr West Newton Hobby Sport cars razz modern art l Day Archrtfcture at Massachusetts In Slllut of Trchnology Sranrsh u Socral Charrman 3 Scholarshup l2oll1 Q 3 Natronal Honor Soclety 3 HENRY DORMITZER 40 Hampshire St West Newton Pet P ye Trad: school drrvr rs at 3 OO Iondc st Memory of N H S Tuesday nlghts w th lrttl or no homework St John s Colleqr Camera u Q 3 Secretary Q Vrce Preslde Natronal Honor Socrety 9 3 Scholarshrp Rolll Q 3 Asstmbly Usher? 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" CRAIG ALAN LADNER PV' Watertown St Wr st Newton 'K L rlS Short arr londvs 'Vl mory ol N H m lalse alarms I ll Day Northeastern Motion Picture lrad1 0 3 Pronsrty Committee Massa r ,S 5 Vrarria sival9 Stag Crew RICHARD ALLAN LAKE 50 Hrnclrley Rd Waban tormy school clays lond s 'VI rnory ol N H S Cnraduation J' ls Outdoor Trac 7 LOIS DEBORAH LANDAU lastbourn Rd Ntwtonfentrr 0 ilu' n s 'N rnory 0llNll-IS nglsh wi mmons 4 y Harvard w chool D balingClub1 9 3 l3resrdent3 nr mokrnq Committee 9 lnqis b w a a e e Hom room Managvrl 3 Scholarshln Rol '1 fl N wtonite 9 lootball Dance Com 9 Pa ly Commr rr 9 N w n an I? rar entatry CLAIRE JACQUELINE LANDRO 37 ll ver St W st Newton Clay G' dl Uff' O R OX I win A Denman' Hobby Waiting lor Joannie avr n s n nyrr 1 t I llnryersrty ol Massachusetts Latin Club 1 3 Music Club 9 Outrng Clu Iutur lachers ol Amerlca Pres: ent Ilnldtng I Ollic 3 Orange Book Home room fX4anager 9 Newtonrtr Circulation rch sra Q 3 Newtonian Ad Staff 3 Scholarship I?oll1 Q 3 Na tional Hcnor Society? 3 EPHINE LANDY JOS J Sheldon Rd ,Newton Centre Dat P4-.wr Math Hobby Horseback riding 1, Hroolclune High, Co ege, Has et- ball 9, Personality Club 3 Ingllsh Club Q- lrrnchf lub 9 MADELINE LANE 44 Carver Rd., Newton Hrghlands Muddy et rryt' 8 30 I'3ell londr-st Memory cl N.H.S . football games and orange day IIIB, Weeks, Office worlr, Tri-Ht-Y 3. f ,yr I Sim F ""x 13 PATRICIA GORDON LANE 19 Spring St Newton Umar r Fal s Pvt Patsy Patty petOuotatlor1 He sasweetlcid thoug Ho by Plano sting lrtiersto 1 r y lV Weeks Olfrce worlr marrraq ARLENE LAURO IQH Norwood Ayr' Newton C ntr ee Pet Saying What a clownl Fondest Memory of N H S Dancs lV Medford Hgh crets l Worr. range Shield 3 P r all C Outing Club 3 ELIZABETH K LEE 9061 hurch F N wton Betty Caeneral Pet Veeye Filling out questionnaire s Hobby Wrttrcisrns reow mrth Orchestra1 Q Ban Q 3 Cnrrls Chorusl A Cappella Choir? Music Club1 9 3 Stage Work shop Q Neophytes 1 Drama C lub Q 3 Treasurer 3 North Haven Exchange 9 Mrlfado Orchestra 1 On Your Mark 9 Chr stmas Vespers Q Baslrrtball l Rally Committee Q Icotball Dance Committee Co Cha rrriau 9 Outing Club 3 Sen Supoer and Dance Committt e 3 JOHN EDWARD LEE Chinlc Pet Saying Hey mushl fond est Memory ol N H S Football lV Day Malre money college plumb n Football1 9 144 lrdrnboro St N wtonvill ELIZABETH ANN LEFEVRE Q9 Erie Ave Newton Highlands Betty, Betty Anne Pet Quotation "That will be the Tues- GY Claim to Fame' My bowlegs legs'7 Il- Bigelow- Chandler, Junior College- A Cappella Choir 1, 9, 31 Girls' Chorus Q, 3 Valentine Dance Committee 1, Foot, ball Dance Committee 1 I -H Y 9, 3, Secretary 3g Neoohytes 1- Rally Committee 1, Q- Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3- Social lloom Hostess 3- Orange Shield 3- Anti- Smolrrng Committee Q, 35 Legislature Alter- nate 3- Senior Supper and Dance Com- mittee 3' Scholarship Roll 1, Q, 3- Spring Ccncert 1, Q, 3- Decoration Committee lor Mikadof National Honor Society 3. MARJORIE LEIBNIAN 4 Ashford Pd , Newton Centre Margie Pet Peeve' 8:30 bell Pet Ouotation: "Here now, is nothing sacred?" lf Weelrs, College Beaver, Syracuse, Music Club, Q, 3g English Club 9 3, Rally Committee 35 Newtonrte Ad Staff 3, Sodntsh Club 3, Modern Dance 1, Archery Club Q. IRENE ELIZABETH LEIDNER P4 Sagamor Rd Ntwton Hrghlands nr tm tPsrv Mat 4 Sunprrssld Desrre To look rn the mrrror and s a human berng I XV tks Nlrddl bury Wh aton Colby rophyts I yar u Sat Workshop S cretary 0 Outrnq C lub Q s nt 3 Homtroom Manx rr qrslat 3 Nrtronal Honor Socr t o brl ance Commute. 1 :cr ommrtt r ama tb Pl 9 Co ldltor N wtonran 3 RICHARD LEMPITSKY Nwon pras onus Mtmory of NHS Shop w r rnth Auto Shop llobby Drag racts IIIA W ks Work Arr crc MANUELA NINA LEONE 181CarbbsSt N wtonC ntl Nunn Nan lond st M mory of N H 5 Mr Packard Hobby Nlountarn cltmbrng camprng W -ks Hatts I3ouy N op yt Mo rrnDancr 1 Q 3 OutlngClubQ 3 prnrsh C lub 9 3 Hockty 3 On Your Mrrl 0 Assrstant Hom room Manag Q MARY CONSTANCE LEONE Small fry fda P tP yr Caorng through tunn ls Advrce to Sophomorts Hay patunctl IV Day OHlce work 88 Chant I St Newton RICHARD G LESSER 1lOCxreenIawn Ave Ntwton Cen 1 Duck Lrs Pet Per-yr Crt ttrng uo to goto school fondest Mnmory of N H S The gurls Il Weeks Unrversrty of Massachusetts Neophytes 1 Debatrng Club 1 Junror Varsrty Football 1 Newtonrte Adyertrsrng Stall 3 ,nnuor Prcturts Commrttee 9 RUTH LEVENSON 90 Oakyalr Rd Waban Rrcky P tprevv Long thrn slrmy snakes Hobby Lrstenung to H M S Prnalore I Warren Boston Unrversrty College ol Practrcal Arts and Letters Musrc Club 1 9 3 Grrls Chorus1 9 Alpha l3eta1 Jumor Red Cross Council 1 French Club 3 Scholarshrp Roll 1 9 Usher 1 9 C Iart nce 1 an JULES S LEVEY 15 Kendall Rd N wton C en rt fondest Memory ol N H S friday morn rngs rn Mr Packard s room Pet Quota! on Let 5 lnve dangerously rf s Harvard Bran es uts Musrc C lub 1 0 3 Program C-ommrttre Chairman 3 Orchestra A 9 3 C Iassrcal Record Club Organrzcr and Prtsldent 9 3 S'1rrngNIusrCalQ 3 Sprrna Vesptrs 9 3 french Clubl Nl wton Nrght at the Pops Publrcrty Commrtttr 1 Scrence Club Q 3 Sctence Iarr1 9 Honorable Men tson 1 Meteorology Club 9 Drama val Prorterty Commrttee C harrman 9 Inf-1 I sh Club 3 SYLVIA ELINOR LEVI 965 Ward St Nt wton C n P Q People who read v r y shoulder Hobby .swtmmrng tfrnnrs I Weeks Duke Jackson MuslcC lub1 Q 3 Neophytes 1 Sophomore Ca rls Chorus Outing CIubQ Chrrstmas VeSDers Q Iunror Dance Cornmrrt Nfwronrre Ad Stall 9 Junror Senror Cnrrls Chorus 3 Frenc Clu 3 Junror R d Cro Councrl 3 Senror Play C andy C ornrmttr e SARA LEVY 53 Crarland Hd Nr wton C entrr londest Memory ol NHS Iootball gamr s and dances Wee s Welles y Legrslature eophytes 1 lglrsh Club Q rr Choru 1 Q 3 lV1usrcC lub9 3 Valrntune Dance Commrttee 1 Socral Board 9 Iootball Dance C omm tter 9 Rally Com rruttee Q 3 Holrday Hop ommrttcr S? Sprung Musical 9 Placement Olfrce 3 Massachusetts Drama Festrval Hosprtalrty Commrtre Q Chrrstmas Vesrwrs 9 3 N wtoman Actryttres Staff 3 Fr nch Club Secretary 3 Antr Smokrng Comrnrtter' I Natronal Honor Socuety 3 RICHARD WILSON LEYDON D 47 Clanton Pl Newton Centrr rc Pet Ouotatron Re good Fondest Memory of N H S Newton nrght at Marcom s ll Taft Junror Hugh Boston Unrvtrsrty General College Q years Boston llnryer srty School of Publrc Relatrons 9 years l3asebaIl1 Hr Y Secretary 3 MARY JANE LIBBY 198 Elro Ave West Newton Jerry Lrb Janre Pet Peeye Get off the Dhone' Hobby Saturday nrght wrth A F S ll Warren Chandler Secretarial School wart lor A F S Neophytes1 Musrc Club 1 Modern Dance1 9 3 Orchesrs1 9 3 On Your Mark9 Tru Hr YQ 3 Hostess Socral Room 3 Hostess Parents Nrghtr Tennrs1 Ollrce Help1 9 SHELBY RUTH LINER Shelly Suppressed Desrre To be wrth one and on y Hobby Golf and skrrng tl hooeW ll Warren College Musrc Club1 3 Jumor Red Cross Councrl 9 3 Neophytes 1 Legrslature Alternate 3 37 Ferncrolt Rd Waban NANCY BARBARA LINN 905 Walnut St Nt wton Highlands Nanc Pet Prrvr I almost dropped my teeth fondest Mr-mory ol N H 9 Just the good old trmts and Tutsday C lunch inthe Ca rterla IIIII Wteks To be a good worker a ist sn cf ss Ar Clrb Music ub Cnlrr C I b Anti Smoking om mltts JOSEPH LIPOMA 40 Cook Qt Nonantum Ioe Nrke Sid Iondrst Mrmory of N H F C lunch Ior 3 yrars f Iarm to Fame Never Saydle mcn IIIA Day Army JANE LIPPINCOTT 74 Tyler Ter Newton C4 ntre Janie Lroov et Prevr Answering et rrs getting up inthemornrng Hobby Music soorts ll Weeks Hates Colby University of Massachusetts MusrcClub3 Outing Club 9 3 leader Corrs1 9 3 Chairman Cxrrls Banquet 3 field HockeY Varsity Q 3 Iiaskr-tbaII1 9 SoftbaIl1 Q Bo d Publications? Orchestra A1 Q 3 O Your Mark Orchestra 9 Qorrnq Concert 9 Marching Hand1 Q 3 Basketball Band Sc ar hip oll 9 Natrona Honor Society 3 STUART EARL LIPSON 17 Wessex Rd Newton Centre Bunny Pet Pm ve Leaky tunnels on rainy days Suppressed Desire To have a Cadillac a brautt ul wife and a million dollars I II Weeks University of Massachu setts xenior Play Commrtt e Kickoff Ball Committee Rally Committee Cavalry Club 3 Rifle Club 1 Hallowrtn Dance Com MII it CONSTANCE ALBERTA LISK Q3 Cummings Rd Newton Centre Connlf IV Weeks Work Personality Club Cvrrls Chorus1 9 Scholarship Roll 9 PATRICIA ALICE LITTLEFIELD 675 Hammond Qt Chestnut Hill Pat Patrushka Pet Ps-we lourth Iloor ol Building I Pr-t Quotation famous last words I- Weeks, Fmith, Mount Holyoke- Legis- lature 1, 9, 3- Finance Beard 9, 3, Chair' man 3, National Honor Society 9 3, Treas- u er 31 Editor-xn Chief Newtonian 3' Orange Shield Q 3 Captain 3- Leader Corus 1, 9, 3, Treasurer Q- Field Hockey 1,9 3, Varsity 9, 31 Outing Club Qt Eng- lsh Club 9- AntrfSmoking Committee 9- Office Assistant 3. 13Q DONALD ROBERT LIVINGSTON 58 Rochtster Rd wton Don Ducky Fondest Memory of N HS I oom rebellions Hobby Sports music I Bigelow Tufs Mvteorologf Club 3 J V Iootballl lntramuralllrk t al 1 9 Valenlne DanCe1 Scho ar in o 9 Scoreboard Q Orange Shield 1 cl'-ool and School Exchange 3 JOSEPH JOHN LOCATELLI 14 blenmcre Ter Newton l'srdS oe Hobby Art Claim to Tame To become a pr I iona VTIUSICIGTT ll Weeks Music Music Club Band Q Marching Band I PATRICK LOCHIATTO 180 Rear Adams St lk wton Crutches Locke Pet Peeve Wise guys Hobby Women and more worr n srorts IV Day Service RONALD LOUIS LONDON 55 Gould Pd Vfaban Ronnie Pet Peeye Home work Fondest Memory of N H S Eating during S block II Roxbury Memorial Colleg J V FoctbaII1 Hunting and Fishing C lub 9 3 ROBERTA CURTIS LOUD 154 Lowrll Aye N vv o Robin Fondest Memcry of N H 9 Mr Pic-turd s Spanish class Hobby Music Warren LasellJunlorColl g lu c u 1 rus1 tary 3 Latin Club 9 Newtonit Crrcula I n Staff 1 Classical Peco C ub ecretary Treasurer 3 Internationrll uo 3 BRADFORD CHASE LOW Q64 Lake Ave NtWtOr1 H gl ands Brad Governor Pct Peeve The slow elevators in binding Fondest Memory of N H.S.1 The girls IV- Weeks- Newton Junior Co- rur- Senior Play Committee 3. SHELDON LUBIN lbarrrson St Chtstnut Hrll Ancnntt ac s ond VI mory o N H 9 Mr on rdrn ssudy olnrtronscla I t t I3 atrn lu usrc Club 3 8 sltctball D r V R b T am KENNETH DEXTER LUCAS '19 Cnltn Rd N wton Centrt n P I Too much hom work lond st M mory ol N H 9 My sopho nor Lnqlrsh teach r who qavt mc' th lrrstts m I XX ks Dartmouth Tufts then Navy I nnrsl Varsrty ltnnr 3 ACap D lla Cno r 3 Drama Club 3 SymDhonY rch JOHN LUCIANO 309 Lrnwood Av N wtontrll uch t P Cnornq to sc o Iond t M mory ol N H' Thanlcsglvrng nqh at r Idston 51 It Io bal 9 3 Indoor Tra Tr asurtr I Q Outdoor Tra Ixtcutrvt Commrttee 3 oys orr MARY ANN LUCIANO 'QQ Lrnwood Av Ntwtonvrlle uch 09 Hobby latrng and sl tnrnq IV Day Oflrce work Ntwtonrtt a 9 Trl Hr TOBY LEE LUNDER 76K nrlworth St N vston Y P tOuotrt1on Your Itddrng lond mory ol N H9 kxtrng m I Inch rn S block I I'rqtIow Cuouchtr Jackson Colby fi 1 arn u c yr I vb I Varsrty I rdrnq I Ollrc I I Hom room an r Host ss N w England Drama 3 ran t 3 Outr b It DOROTHY MAE LYDON nwood 'wt N wton Do C s at drrv nt 4 mory ol N H vchool dances trartt W LS Forsyth D ntal Grrls Choru halv Comm 9 3 Musrc C b v-mryCu Trrl-lrYQ3Qro mor I.-mbor Dtcoratron Cornmrtte Outrnq C I rb I lunror Dance Decoratron C ornm r s tr torny 3 ttCommr tt EDWARD LYNCH 9069 Commonwealth Av Auburndale Mr Atlas Surrerman Pet pt eye Dldn t study hard enough Warren 3 hoo Co egt oys Chorus 3 J V Hockey? Varsrty Hockey 3 Sophomore Dance C ommrttet Q QS' ELIZABETH DANA LYON5 550 Beacon St Nt wton C t ntre Betsy Ptt P ve Showers alt r qym class Hobby Slcatrnq and trnnrs I Weeks Centenary lunror Co e e HIYQ n I 3 MusrcCIu lnglrsh Club 3 lrench Club 3 Ped C ross Q., Councrl 3 Scrence Club 3 Assrstant Homtroom Manager 3 L grslature 3 Father ol the Flrrde Iroptrty Cornmrttee 3 I3urIdrngIlCDfIlce9 3 CAROL DIANTHA MACDONALD 960 Iitacon It Newton C entre Mac pct Petve Quarter past gurls Suppressed Desurr To scream rn study a versrty ol Massachusetts Camera Club 9 Neophytes 'I Tennrs Team 9 Modern Dance 'I Y Football Dance Commrttee 3 Grrls Chorus Q 3 Srnror Play Costume Commrttee 9 3 SANDRA JANE MMIDOUGALL 'I7 Trmscn Path Newton Ce ntre Sandy fondest Memory of N l-I S Hen partres football games school dances Clarm to Fame My sur- nrnr' shoes II Day College Keulta Nasson Cheer leader 3 Socral Board 3 Homeroom Manager 3 Orange Shreld 3 Rally Com meelQ3MusrcClub'l93 0 ohytesl Secretary Grrls Chorusl 9 3 Decoratron Commrttee Mrltado Hostess Sophomore Dance 9 3 Publrcrty Commrt tee Football Dance Q Decoratron Com mr ee Football Dance 'I 9 Chrrstmas Vs-sDersQ 3 Trl Hr YCIubQ 3 Scholar shrp Roll 3 DONALD HENRY MAGAW Q3 Bridges Ayr Nt wtonvxlle Dulce Pet Pr-rve I-Ieaoer callrng up nrghts tlsnt h abeaut7l lrondest Memory ol N H 9 Iohnson s on " lrrday nlghts wrth tht Class ol 51 IV Day Movrnq busrnrss wrth y 1, , taedur QH 'Y JOSEPH WILLIAM MAGUIRE I4 Hartford Qt Nswton Hrulrlands Jooooseoh londest Memory ol N H 9 Drshonorable dtscharqe an rumor y ar IIIA Wteks Navy C ' fs 133 f 3 I r ' e., Pet IW - vw- f '.-. hrr , I tr: I- t . . C - V- I Y ' " V To - 55 X ' II, , .c I, ll -, I3 ' I, Vkfirlts, cotta-, .-ts. 9 cy ts 2, UQ 4 i A , i , M Vi d ' r Rrtlc C lub .Ii U. f 1 . C a far I, J, . asf all v 1. 5 7 : asf 5 X lx S9 '- t- ' r "I" I ' . ', Kl' , f V, ,, .Vt '.V.Vv.V .V f . ,,, Q ,. D .- .V K V 5. V 2 . V .V ,Q 1, s bug, anfx tr tr f S Ty, "gf TV ms IJ' ' 3? J V vi r I ,, Sb! i ,t ,i i 1- L V, i , N sf: V Ci K Vsira Il, I b I P , f ru . l, ' t GQ see k 1 , . - fm 3 K V A I ' l, 3' CI I' I, m I r 5' ., 3 IN' .rw D K hol X Vx V 7 . .. III flu- , 1033" ' h H " ' ,I 'gg jf VO' ,' I' ' it ,I 3 . Ili Weeksr LWr1Jan.a5c0rregg, un.. 1, 9 Q, . , ' I, R ' f f f Ch .5 1. A V l its Q f H . in .I 5 t L ., t , , , Pvtllttvt' 4 II . : ' , C It-rrcal Sf Il f V Y. 'QS i i , , J ' I ltt , 5 I ,J , , Ne Z X tt , , V ,u V , I rata.-. 1 1, H 'Q 'A I V R uf' IMv N I . . C. y , 3 : ' t.V'.u.Qa..- r', tn.-at g Cr b I, Nfoi E ' l ' ' rwlr vs I, tl V. laslw all , Q, , f ' K m Iu I e , -' NI ' Iathr' , Has ,9, ,f IVY 3. agv 9, ' r t- . ,. 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GLADYS ANN MALKASIAN W th r ll t Nrwtonllonrr a S C lady 9 Hobby Nrmmrnq and sl rrtnq W r W Cu ls Cho n al ta MARILYN TINA MALKIN 4 34 Lowrll Ayr N wtorwrll Maa w r l nc r-stall Ono M moxo NHS tunn w n hlurld n and r r ow rc nrcal C O yt s rr lng lr 3 Ar o 9 N von r Lally m DOROTHY ELIZABETH MALONEY Atv l ar hmont Av Waban 50 nd QM moryolNHS All l'1t5d 3 m Q a rs avr horus 1 amu l1b9 lwlusf lr llrarna Worlrshon 9 D krrs llurrau 9 .1 nqf lubl s -sd for rn A t l rtor wroman 3 xcholarshto lloll l Natlonal Honor ocrrtyi NANCY ANN MALONEY 8 llurdran Rd N wtonltnl Nan ond sl M rncry ol N H Q ll n par tr lfrotball gam s mt rqlsa 1 5 Oren 4 Ntw ontan l l I I uit u lla ommtltro 3 orvhytr-s l tCOra on Lommrtt 1 9 3 Mtrsrc an t nm n Comm: llnror anc rat man 1 9 C hrustrn an 9 l ad rCorps9 3 Scholars R l 9 Ant: Smol.rngCommutl+r 3 Na tonal Honor Qoct 3 bl xchangr ROBERT A MAMIS l93 lgarland Rd N wlon v Roh Vftll r P lrrr' dr Qdu Inq stu v on rMrmoryolNHS lr drrls rnq math c Drtnc ton N wtonmn all 4 Ovanqt llool 3 Ntwtontr s ta orta lloorn Host ar rfonlrrrncr fomrruttr-r 3 Natrona lonor octrty MERLE JUDITH MANDELL ll acon Slnut Hrll tm rv o l llrrmm rand May School lloston Col wtont an Hy t 5 n 1 tor g rr 2 molrnq C ommttt Ldttorral lloar I Ura llurcau rt snr CHIC I N wlo anl? 4 na 9 Nrwtonulr slrt u on a Unlof dnl Ofrml Moon ll ll Commrttrr 9 Nrophytcs 1 'nql sh C lub 9 D hatrng C lub 9 Sooho MOV t h rus pr r ona tty C lu Mosuc C lub l 9 3 Nattonal Honor So r 43? .1 -m 41' JUDITH ANN MANDELSTAM 91 Ovrrlook Plc N wlonf lurly Mandy I rev? roorwotllol thang thwy lrnow Hobby Halrr t danc nq Wvelcs lac son Orang Mustcflubl N oohyt sl C va ry! Mode rn Dano- l D ama Chcrugl MARY MANNING l rornr' Avt W it on c oo Hobby latlnq Dtzza arrr-n r vw am Collrgrv Qymruhony h stu A utrng Club 9 Arch ry l 9 Honor Socwty 3 GLENDA BONNIE MARCUS 91 HamItnPd N wtonf Q n lrondrst Memory ol N H S 6 Ho lny Mu tc dramattrs s O l Vfeeks Coll qt Hom rcorr1F Q USIC C lubl lub9 lnqlrshilubi lr nchf ur Nrwtonltr Adv rtrstnq Stall 9 Vallyf o mtllfs 9 Nrwontan Art Stall 3 A ho r anrv 94 lootbtll Dam Comm romrrcs ommrttrr or rnor JO ANN MARCUS 45OCralts.: W S Hn or who you ran and tlyoucant yo lorrdvst Mrrnory ol N l-l Pav rrfhrarsals Warrrn ratrr rnnrnqton Aly ra r a reasurvrl ngltshf ub 9 as eoohytvs 'l Drama C lub 9 3 L. C C u 9 3 Qtrls Qhorusl 9 SOP ovtor Dancr' Cornmtttrfe 'l Drama Club P my rrstmas Vrsprvrs 9 Srnror rlay Com mttler' 3 Svntorl9lay3 N wtontan So alrrrs Burvau Q ROSE MARDEROSlAN 193 Oak St N wton llr Pvt Pr-vw Srnmr problems class londrst Memory ol N H K born tentton In sophomrr IV Wveks JOHN THOMAS MARKUS 18 Boylston Rd Nt W on H 'r s P tp: rye Qllow school buss S Q lamm to lamr' My curly harr Pclr ran r' Room l-lost 1 JOHN MARSHALL 36 Plalnlu Id Nt Wabin Johnny Iond st Mtmory of N H Q Math nn H706 Pet Quota ron I-lcv haw br athl I Warvsn Mucldlrbury B Itttballl 9 I BERNARD THOMAS MARTIN Qt S t XX I st N yv trnl Crash llarn a Ion 4 lMrmory o'NHS Party Chu! by Loolung lor th D C black coll arwn o Camtra I Pr xldlnto .I N wtonlan photograph r 9 1 N wtonlt Photoqraoh.fr9 1 N W von Urama Itstuval Publucny Photograph vQ vmor Prom Photoqraphr 7 A rn t o I1 Room Host 3 PIII Club I Musc u 0 Intunatuona ilu ELEANORE LORRAINE MARTIN 7WJshburn Newton Hom won Ion mst M movy ol NHS Nly juntor I K VV CI ll f Q horus I 2 ROBERT A MARTIN 359 Cabot bt N wtonynll O ur ss d D s a s a m 0 ll Inq so 5 :row o rlsauu I' ocla Ixoom Host Ovanq 'icon board oo rator I ALBERT MASON Halt it N wtonyr I Alby Alb AI Max Ion st 'Vltmory ol NH9 lvudqlnq throuf-hth tunmlsbvtwsenbulldunqs on larry days Hobby Pausrng troprcal lush photography colltctlnq chlna doqs wom n loo :nt I o I Cam ub 9 I Math Club 9 Bloloqy C ' It b 9 At o C 9 Q ht m s Club 9 PubIlCltyLommrtt1f for tht 9 mor GY GEORGE A MASSIH Cj1Lmontl2d Ntwton L ntr h ay mar rt qnv n u L m1IlNcwln5Iand Co u I V Iootba 'S' MARILYN MAXCY rookswd fm Ntwtcn II Hobby Malorrttr Clarm olamr' Hwnqthv cunt C Ne-w R dford Hrqh u n office' worlf ANGELA MAZZONE 'IAI9 Hugh Qt Nvwton UDP Ira S Angle Auf! 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RUTH CARYLE NATERMAN aldpat ' H I .d , Chr-s nu r Rudlt' 't Quotation "I r lust thru' yrars a c thv hardvstw Hobby Sarlrng lfI1V00l4Ilf1v' M5911 3, Ohro Stat- Unrvrr- stty, Howlrng LJ '-n llnryersrty Dtapauw llnryersrtyf Workrng rn Placement QHrCs' 3. ..4 139 -U JEROME NELSON 'VO Kenwood Ayc Nt wton C sntrc l3tt Pecvr' l?oom1QC16 Favorite Quotatron My boy youll never be a rnathematlclan I Wrclfs Journalrsm radro Dtbatrng u 'I 9 3 NfwtonrtvQ 3 leqrsa 3 Nattonal Honor Socrety 3 SANDRA ESTHER NESSON 36 Judtth Rd Newton C entre Sandy Quporessrd Drstrr Io out hltern Dr-nnres I rna are o C Iarm to lamt Innoct ntly tnyolylnq mysrll rn trouble I I3rcoklrnt Hxqh 9 School ol vduca tion traachrng Muslc CIub9 3 Modern D nre Q 3 English Club '7 3 Pal y Com mrttte 9 3 Junmcr I2 d Cross Councrl 9 Junror D nce P bltcrty Commrtt e 9 Qrnaor Play Publucttyl ommtttft 3 lootball Dancc Publrcrty Ccmmttttr' 3 Newtonlte C I Ch rus 9 3 A yertlsrnft tall 3 Qlassrcal llvcord Club 3 JOHN PUTNAM NEWALL 79 Hrllsrd Ay West N wton Jack Jay ,ivy Q trod Irrday and Irs prrrod Monday Hobby Skrrn anyth ng outdoors I Warren rvnlty Colby medrcaltrch no ogy In rarnural Basketball 'I 9 Huntrnq and lrshrnlsf lub I Ddr1Cv CON mrttfrs1 RICHARD ALAN NICHOLS I6 C ambrla Rd West Nr Wtcn Dlck Nrrk wt A utr tn th mouth a year on tha walstltnr' Fondest Mcmo y ol N H S Clarks Qummrt Fxchanur trrD Hobby Baskrtball C larm to lame Accountant IV Warrt n Bcntlt y School ol Account rnq Clarks iummtt Fx-chanqe Concert l3andI Marchrnq Handl 9 3 ROBERT MASON NICICERSON Q1 Maple Pk Newton C entre Nrck Fonclest Memory ol NHS Graduation UY Pet Ouotatton- Dont grt your vowels rn an uproar II, Weeks, Service. MARILYN NICOLAZZO 85 Falmouth Rd., Wvst N 'wton Sandra, Sandy Ps-t Pcevr- C.Iassrs on thrrd llo Pet Expresston- "I lrk'um you lo' surf," IV, Warren, Work or bustness school Qutrng Club 3. BERTA NIGROSH 65 longlellow l2cl Nt wton lowrr Talls Robb Tond st I4 mory C' N H 9 Those starrs thsrn rn my dream Hobby Colrctrnq records and passung marks l' Warren Boston Un yr rsrty School cl lducatron Neobhvtes 1 Mustc Club 1 utur T achrrsolfxm rrca3 ROBERTA GLADYS NORLEY 47 Park St Newton Corner liobbr Fond: st Memory 0' N H 9 Iune 6 1951 Hobby Qwrmmrnq d wtng II lilac-low Tcrsythe d ntal hygrentst Modern Dance 1 9 Newtonlte Advertls rng utalt 9 3 Assistant Chairman al Commrttrr 3 scar-nce Club 1 Spanrsh Club 9 3 Tru Hr Y 3 Junror Red Cross Councrl 3 Musrc Club 3 Hall Tame 3 Tvcket Commrtttr Junror Dance Tncket Comrruttee Hallowe en Dancr- TrcketCom mutter Qenror Play Scholarship Iloll1 9 SHIRLEY NUSSINOW 94 Clements Rd N wton Centre r rr-ye H o fondest Nlemcry of N H Q pushrng y way through the crowded tunnels I Wu-ks Branders Beaver Neophytes 1 Mustc Club1 9 3 Rally Commrttee 3 ersonaluty Club 9 9 cval Room 9 nlor Play Comm ttees 9 3 Fench lub BARBARA O BRIEN 895 Commonwealth A e Newton Centre Babs I We rks Colle e properties Commit tee S4 mor Play 3 urldlng II Olltce Q 3 Musrc C lub 9 3 Jumor Red Cross Councrl 9 Stage Workshop 9 Newtonrte Advertrs en? bqgall 3 Hall Time Club 3 Camera u DENISE ELIZABETH O BRIEN 13 Maplf-Q lr Newton Pr-t Pr-rw Gossrotnq fondest Memory ol N Ha Football gam a rschool g ttoget ers Washtngton d L Hugh What lock nurst ry school lc achmg Mu lc ub Ar Clu 3 Narronal Honor Ct ty 9 3 r EMERSON HARTLEY O BRIEN 1430 Beacon St Waban lat rr Iondest Memory ol N H ' Th g rls War rn loston llnty rslly Co V e ol Plusrn ss Admlntstrat on Hosottalrty Commrttr e Massachusetts Drama Fest val 9 Hunttnq a d Trshtnq Club 1 9 Orange 4 u Treas rrr Usher Qrnlor Play R 'Ut x 40 JOYCE ELLIN ODONNELL 9330 Washrngton St Nr wton lower Talls Prtpeeve Busdrrvers whol av Newton yrlle Souare at 8 99 A M rl ayrng W ye adxt ec IV Warren Worl MARY ANN O LEARY 55 Williston Rd Auburndale Prtpeeve Teachers che-mtstrv Fondest Memory cl N H 9 The last day a certarn blue card ll Warren Calleqr Football Dance Commlttee 3 Rally Commrttee I 9 lunlor Dance Committee Girls Chorus I Outing Club1 9 3 Englzsh Club 3 Stags Work shop 9 Muslc Club 9 Legrslatur Drama Festrva Committee Fteld Hockty1 T nnrs 9 l3asketball1 9 3 Softball 1 ALBERT JOHN OLIVA 931 Rndg way Rd W ston O v Pet Peeve Homework Pet Quotatlon What a Iacle ll Bigelow Northeastern J V Hasket 1 9 J V l3aseball1 Homero m Manager 1 Grange Qhleld Q ROBERT JOHN O NEIL B 14 Wrnchester Rd Nr wton o Quopressed Dr-sure To run Newton Hugh Fondest Memory ol NHS Week end parties and I-I J S I Warren College Baseball Football Basketball 1 9 Glee Club1 Leqrslature 1 9 Homeroom Manager 3 H Y 3 Sonhomore Class Prestdent ISABELLE LOUISE OVERLOCK 94 Holland Qt Newton Pet Peeye Proofreadung data sheets Fondest Memory of N HS Thr prop I Bigelow Wheaton lllrnors Nataonal Honor Soctety 9 3 Sscreta y 3 bl ls Leader Corps 9 3 Newtonian Data Stall .Iunror Ped C ross Council 9 3 Secrstary 3 Peceptvonust Placement OHrcr 9 I nch Club 3 Orchesrs 9 3 Modern Dance 9 3 Ma h Tournament at Tults 9 Drama Workshop 9 Ilally Commrttee 9 Scholar sh p l?oll1 9 3 Neoohytts1 On Your Mark Asststant Homeroom Manager 3 Parents Nrght Usher 3 Newtontan Rs-pre sentattye 9 Hasketball Assvstant llurldrnq I Oltrce 3 GRACE PACHUS 17fNnraC r Wa an bracte 9uDDressed Desrre To lose Q0 lbs fondest Memory of N H C Ivlr Packard and Mr Mrtchell I Weeks College C lrr- C ubl Cnrls Chorus 1 Newtontan I2sDre: ntatrv 9 Muslc Club 3 Personaluty Club I THEODORE R PARENT III Parker Ae Newton Hrghlan S Ted Plus que Iondest M mory ef NHS Weekend res 5 ururess dl? srr Rrp up my blu car s Weeks Massachusetts Marrtrme Academy Boston Unrversrty Homeroom anager I r aure 9 Trshrng an Huntrng Club S cretary 9 M teorology ub 2 3 JOHN LOVERING PARKER 61 Wyomrng Rd N vvtonvrlle P t Ouotatron loolel An XK' Hobbres Automobrles razz I Day Northeastern Unrv rsrty mayor rn hrstory and government Qcholarshro Roll l 9 Natrorral Honor Socrety Newtorrrte Q Lrterary Magazrne Q N wtonran liusr ne ss Stall 3 Internatronal Club 9 Debatrng Club 9 3 Workshop rn Lead rshrD and Communrtylcrle I IsngIrshClub3 Publrcrty C harrman Massachusetts Drama Iestrval 9 JAMES A PATERSON 955 Tr mont Qt Newton Fonhd st Memory cl N H9 Vacatron tlm Hobbyl Swrmmrng track and summer sports Brgelow Cxollege Math Clu Orch stral Q 3 Track Team? Legrsla ure 3 Musrc Club 9 Natronal Honor So c e y GWENDOLYN OLIVE PAUL 19 Farrl Rd Waban Wendy Iondest Memory ol NH? Crowded tunnels on stormy days ch mrstry class wrth J C Hall upnressed Desrr To graduate rom N H 9 I Dana Hall Wrllram and Mary forergn Servrce Archery 9 Publrcrty Blue Moon Bal' Q Spanrsh Club Q 3 Qutrng Club 9 Home lconomrcsC lub 3 Scrence Clubl reasurer 3 Scrence Farr Q Pubrcr Serence farr 9 Candy Cxommrttee Senror Play 3 Iashron Show 3 DOROTHY FRIEDA PEARSON 88 Adams Ave West Newton tl 4 O I v O trsh Hobby R adrng Illl? Warren Nursery school PETER PEARSON O5 Hancock 'Nye Newton Centre prstol londe st Memory ol N H S Frrday nights backxtarrs chorus H J s Favorrte 'rayrng Ttrck rt ll, We e ks, Colle ge, Qoohornore- Base ball I, Intramural Hasketballl Q 3, Hr Y 3, Homeroom Manager I e 'V r 'Q 'l4'l OWEN A PELTIER QQ Colonral Av Newtonvrlle Fondest Memory ol NHS Howard nsons week end partres en rt S Hobby Photography cars II Day College A Cappella fhorr 3 Hr Y 3 Boys Chorus 9 3 Cavalry Club 9 3 TreasurerQ range Shr d mr ng e5 rval 9 MARY FAITH PEPPARD 193 Parmentrr Pd West N wton Iarth P t Reeve Myself londest Memory of NH9 N wton North Haven School and Qchcol Exchan II I Day ramrngharnitate Teachers Col lege elementary school teacher Orange Shteld 3 North Haven Ixchang Q Na tronal Honor Qocrety 9 3 Cavalry fl b 9 3 Future Teachers of Arnerrca 3 Trcket Commrttee Halloween Dance Huldrng Chairman 3 Costume Commrttee Srnror Play 3 Home room Manager 0 Ccholarsh 'l O r e 3 a n Club? Lrbrary Clubl 9 3 JAMES K PERCY 179 Harvard St Nevvtonvrlle Pot Plus ou parlartl Iondest Memory of N HS Caraduatron week end partres H Js Ovherla lMcrtD Cxrgglehrmcr back starrs cho ru Cqlarm to Fame H rght II Day Preo School College J V Basebal' 1 Hoomroom Manager I Le Ieture 9 Hr Y 3 BDEAU ANNE PERKINS T97 Waverley Aye N wton Annu' perky tr Peeve SQUGTIITDHSK SITS Suppressed Desrre To travel around the Unrted State-sortoovvnacar I Il Brgelow Westbrook Colby Junror College Trr Hr Y 3 Orange Qhreld 3 Musrc Club 9 3 Rally Cqommrttrr Legrslature Alternate 3 Senror Supper C ommrttee' 3 BLANCHE MAY PERRY 5 Helene Rd XXfaban Fondest Memory ol N H 9 The day I we nt bac to N HS alter Ieayrng durrng my runror year Hobbs' Srngrng IV Warren Marrrage BRUCE B PETERSON p 47 Hancock Av Newton CT nlre ete pet Peeve Lack ol a swrmmrng pool at N H S P t Quctatron Sol! as a grape, ady waw I, Weeks, Mrddlebury Rowdorn Am herst medrcrne Alpha Beta I, Math Club Q, North Haven Fxchange 9, Newtonran Busrness Staff 3, Home-room Manager 91 Huntrngand FrshrngCIub1 Q 3 Treasurer 9 Presrdent 3, Natronal Honor Socrety 3 ROY E PETERSON 15 R ck r Ter Newton lond s Msmory ol N H Q Q block lunch Hobby Swrmmsng danc ng outdoor sports l H low Math C lub 1 Tsshsnq an Huntsnq lub AN STE AR NS PICKETT JO 90 'umnr N wtonC rrre l eeks aw l unso C olls gr llnsyer stty ol Massachusetts All State Chorus 9 C1lseC lub 1 Marchsnglianrl 3 On Your Mark 9 Aianoellat holr9 3 Modern 1ncr1 9 C hrsstma Vt sners 9 3 Sprung Concert 1 9 Alpha Csamma u 9 s a y Hom lconoms ub u crrtary 9 C ostumv Comm tree ensor PHYLLIS PIDGEON 90 Wrsnc ton at Newtonysll Phy Pdq rev: Tunnrls sn Ns wton H gh londrrst Memory of NHS 935 M Wsllnrcl s homs room IV W e s ork r Y Clu Czsrls Chorus 9 3 MusrcC lub 3 Camera ub 3 LEITA MARY PILLION 914Calslosnsa lNlsWtOr1 Lee Lee T7 tperve Readsnw londest Memory ol NH 1 Homeroom 9 IV Day Certslsed Publc Accountant Newtonsan StalT9 3 Scholarshsp Roll 9 llusldsnq l Asssstant 3 l3usld ng ll Asssstant 3 Natronal Honor Socsety 3 WALTER THEODORE PIOTTI 117 Parker Aye New on Hsghlands Plot Thumper pet Peeye Women drsyers fondest Memory ol N H S l-lomeroom 131, week end partses ll- Boston College Hugh Massachusetts Marstsme Academy, lCsngs Point- Huntsng Frshsng Club 1, se C b r f Club 3. TOBY CAROL POLLACK 55 Prentsce Rd , Newton Centre Pet Peeve Blackboard screechsng lrondest Memory ol N HS: The S block snack I, Weeks, College, Mussc Club 1, 3 Personalsty Club 1, Outsng Club 3, Czsrls' Chorus 1, 9, Newtonste 3, 5, 4, .. ,- A qs? . -si, au. . av. i . ., , , C A Q 49 ROBERT R POLLARD 133 Oakdale Rd N wton Hsqhlands Bob Rob Pet peeve The fact that they havent yet torn down Husldsngl FondestMemcryolNl-lg Th Cxusrlance Ollsce l Weeks Fngsnerrsnq Coll q Math u 9 3 Vscv Pres ent 3 Ch mrs u 9 3 Vsepressdent 3 Natso Honor Socrety 9 3 Chasrman Tscket Comrnsttee Sensor Play 3 S AR Hsstory sze 9 Scholarshsp Poll 1 3 Tra Manager 3 Ant Smoksng Corrrmstt ROWLAND PARKER POLLARD Ill 105 Morton Ss Newton C ntre Rowly Calpo Fondes Msmory ol N HS Comp tsnq wsth Ralph rn towr l sales oromotson l LaChatasgneras Swstzerland Work one year alter graduatson college our years Dost graduats law courses out sast7 Drama Club 9 3 Vscs Prsssdent n ernatsona' u rs ss dent 3 9r'cretary9 C harrmars C ryscs hloard 3 Legsslature 3 parlsamrntarsan 1 Ch man Ants Qmcksng Commsttev 3 Orange Shseld 9 3 Chasrman 3 Clrculatson Cslafl Newtonian 9 3 ldstor 3 Hallowsen Dance Chasrrnan 3 lndoor Track 9 Outdoor Track 9 3 Natsonal Honor So csety3 PARKER FRANCIS POND JR 90 Crystal St Newton C ntrtr Parkse Hobby Cyclsnq Weeks Lsberal arts collegs Home room Manager1 3 Legislature Alternate 9 3 Neophytes l3lay1 DramaC lub Play? Sensor Play 3 Drama C lub 9 3 Pr ssd Math Club 3 Debat ng C lub 3 Hosostalsty Commuter Ktck off Hall! DEBORAH ANN POTTER 334 Wolcott St Auburndale Debb e Deb Pe Peeye lt s Quarter past qsr Fondest Memory of N H S U 9 hssto y tbo h years ol st3 l Warren Wheelock ACappella Chosr 1 9 3 Alpha Beta1 Modern Dance 1 DanceCommsttees1 9 MusscClub1 9 3 Gsrls Chorus 1 9 Newtonste Ad Stall 9 3 Outsng Club 3 Qoanssh Club 9 Trcket Commsttee Sensor Play 3 Rally Commsttee 9 Sprung Concert 1 9 3 Antsqtmokt q Commstt e9 3 Chrsstmas Vespers1 9 3 Trs HsYClub9 3 MIRIAM PRICE 913 Waltham Qt Wsst Newton Msms Fondest Memory ol NHJ The stage crew Pet Saysng You re spoohng mel l Somervslle H gh College DramaC lub , , .ecrr-tary 3, n ss Cu , , Music Club 9, 3-Orange Shseld 3- Orange Book Stall 9, 3, Wsnslow Boy 9' .lunsor Dance Publicsty Commsttee 9, Flssah Q- Chrsstmas Vesoers 9- Soeakers' Bureau 94 Sensor Suocer Commrttee 3 Usher lor On Your Mark 9, Natsonal Honor S0- csety 3. MICHAEL ROBERT PROIA 15 Broadway St. Newtonyslle Been fondest Memory ol N H S4 Mr. Nye Hobby: Looking at beautiful blondes lllli, Day, Army Arr Force. RICHARD GRAHAM PUTNAM 4 Cralts t Nrwtonvrl Prol ssor Hobby lravr lrnq m o amr own a ot c V Nur n Navy hot lbusrn GWENDOLYN L OUARTERMAIN IO Hrgqrns St Auburndal Lux n u y lalkrng about C huclt on mory o S d S d dn t qo Varr ursrnq trs orus r s SDtts 9 Mo rn Jtnc GRACE NATALIE OUILTY ll North St N wtonylll Cvricr llomr room rac S om st M mory ol N HS mr tl Scholarshrp o loolball mmts llry lloston llnrv rstty Sc oo us: MusrCClubl 9 A utrnx C b I Sorrn Musrcal l 9 Srnror Play Commrtter' 3 Sonhomor C rls Chorus I A C aoprlla on JOAN LOUISE OUINN 43 Oakwood Rd N wtonvrllt loam Qurnrr l tCJuotatron Why Sh rl on st M mory cf NHS s n s p r loot a qarrrrs parama partrrs Dry lramrnqham Stat lrachrrs o g Homt lconomrcs u Prtsr tnt lut Trachns ol America rras I lZ1llyC-omrnrttte Q 3 Nrwtonrt v trsrnq Staff Q Mod rnDancr I 9 3 Sprung MustCal9 3 rrstmas Vrsoersl Q r Clu A Cappr lla Chorr Q 3 DanceCommrltrr I 9 lntrrnatronalClub9 Scrsncr Clu Q MIRIAM QUINT O4 Athelstane Pd Newton C entrr Mrmr r 'Mr-: People who gossto about o - s fond 'st Memory of N H S ' lrryrng to lrnd my way around the Irrst day ll, WCr'liS,C:Ollvg1', Neophytes 1,French Olub I, Nlusrc Club 1, 9 3, linglrsh , 0, 3, Newtonate Ad Stall 3- Usher Parents' D y l, Junror Red Cross Counctl l, 3, I nrollmwnt Drrve Junror Red Cross 3, Hostess Parr-nts' Nrght 3, Publlcrty Com mrttc ' Junror Dance Q. JOAN PATRICIA RAK 551 Chestnut St Waban Pat, atsy fond 'st Memory of Nl-l.S.: Eatrng S block lunches- Mr. Wrllard Claim to lame: My lrttlr yellow car I, Warren- Unrversrty of Iowa, Colby JunrorColle e,LatrnClubl 9,Sr'cret.1ryl Prvsrd 'nt9, utrngClub9 3, Music Club 3 lrr 'nch C ub 3. ltr 43 T5 JEAN LUCILLE RAMBEAU rss nd n St N vytonvr nl t Peevr l-lunqr rl lond st Memory ol N l-l S l-lr n nartrcs II Hrgelow Cnrrls Chorusl 9 Mods-rn D nct l Q cretary? FrenchC lub l 9 c prrsrd ntl Calranqe Shu 9 C ipta n9 JAMES WINSION RAMEE 98 Warwrclr Rd W st N wton Jrm iud Hobby Slcatrng ston n vt rs: y SAUNDRA 'EE RATTET l4 ludrth Rd N wtonC ntr Sonny Sandy Fondest Memory ol N H S Partrcrpatrnq n Orr Your Mark and Srnror Play l-lobby Sung ng and dancrng ll Solomon L wtnbrrg lravellnq or my father to buy materrals fnglrsh Club or e ross ouncr rnonxlrty n Your Mar Sr mor Play lennrs Q I PHYLLIS MAY RAUHA 418 Wolcott St Auburndale Y Prt Quotatron l ss your p :nt d Irtt e head Fondrst Memory of NHS My ,unror year gym clas I Warren Massachusetts School ol Art New Fngland Conservatory of Musrc lasrll Junror Collyge Musrc Clubl 9 3 Drscophyles O 3 SCI ncr Club I t Ccmmrttee Musrc Club 9 FRANK J REARDON 189 Tremont St , Newton Corner Beans Fondest Memory of N.H S.: Physics, boclckeeorng Favorrte Ouotatron "What's the story?" IV, St, Mary's, Waltham- Florrda Unryer- srty Massachusetts College ol Pharmacy- l-luntrng and Frshrng Club 'l - Raclro Club 'l 9- Golf Team 'I, Q, Dance Commrttr-es. LEO JOSEPH REDDY 'Io Chesterlreld Pd, West Newton Hobby Musrc Clatm to Fame Whrte buclcs l- Warren- Georgetown, Catholic Unrversrty, year of snrdy rn Europe, Foot 1, - a , , anglrsh Club Executrve 3 Drama Club Executrve 3,Senrorplay3,DanceCommrttee 3- Newtonran Art Stall 3- Newtonran Sports Stall 3. PAULA FREDERICKA REGAN C76 Wildwood Av Nrwtonvullt' K tn n P tW +ve Vrurt boots Fon rgt Mrmory of NHS foot al qamr-5 hr-n partrrs Da C.o :qt Musrc u 'I Nrorlrytrs Tr: Hr V 9 3 A Canoe a our 9 C1 C lworu 9 3 Homv lconomrcsCIub 3 C hrrstmes VcsDvrs9 31 rrnq Vrsrnrrs 1 9 n Your Mar Ihnc Corrvrmttr VIRGINIA SHEILA REINES 910 L omrnonwralth Ayr Chestnut Hull Cnnny Cnrngcr Curngy Pr-tP vw So much todo butnotlmvtodo Chr Ifarlrng Food lOohl so mucl'0 ll Wrrlns Boston Urrlyrrsrty lirandms rnrdrcal srcrrtary Music Club 'l 9 3 Prrsonaluty and Drrss Club 'l 3 Bcslwt baII1 9 Tr'nmsI Q NvCDl1ytf's'l SODHO mon Grrls Chorus lunror Sensor Chorus 9 Cxlrr' Club 3 Cvrnmrcs 9 WILLIAM KENNETH RELF W Pvt Sayrng Comm llw rryolutron C larm to lamr Inst pt-rson to own a prvce ol land rn Russra IV Dey Drntal school Huntrng and Irslung Clubl 3 Rrflrf Club 3 Q1 'Ihaxlr r Rd Nvwlonylllc- DORIS CLARK RHODES 6 Olrver Rd Watertown Dorn P tPrr-vc Proplr' that arcn t SITICFYC C Iarm to Fame Smrle IV Jamvs I3 Irmrlty Roxbury Work busrm-ss school Musrc Club 3 Personality Clubl Q 3 Lxchange 9 Tennis 3 N ANCY RHODES 57 Grow? I-Illl Ave' Nctwlonyrlle Nan Tuckrr P tpcrvc That slrfv on' Fondrst Mrmory ol N HS 1950 loot ballsrason IV Works Husrrwss collvgv Musrc Club Pvrsonalrty Clubl 3 Rdllycom I K' HARRY ARTHUR RIDDLE 398 C ntrv St Nr wton Corner Rnd I rr-yr Chrmrslry lwrstory Iondrst Mvmory of N H S Hugh school dancr-s l llsgalow Nortlwastern Unryrrslty as rlball 1 H ball 9 Gran 2 Jhrrld Q 45-" 4 RUTH EMILY RIDDLE Cfntr t N won Rurhr Pit Pcrvr' Tedclmrrs In q nrral Fondrst Mrmory cl N H9 T trmrs et the football gamrg Bugs' ow T4 ltnlnonc' Soohomorcf Cgrrls C horus Nlus cf Prrsonfxlrty Club Rel y C orvrmt PEGGY ANN RIEDEMAN 85Ertr' Ay Nawton I Vvsay Pet Prtyr- Frurt boots Fondvst Memory of N H S Cri v Q I I1 ur 1 rw CJlrls C Horus 9 Srlrrnq C oncrer Cu 3 Tru Hr YQ 3 Clws masV PETER JACKSON RIGBY Crosby Rd Ch s Petr Fondcst Memory of N H S bran Hobby 'Sports Spaudrng Hugh llam- Mrddl bury Collrgr Clwcmrstry C JAMES LEE RILEY 9995Wesl'1rngtonSt Ngwton ovs la rm Pet Pr rvr Makrnq solrd gcomrtry rf 1 Fonda-st Memory of N H 9 Jum- l Warren Newton Junior Coll tvchnrcdl college' Rrll Clubl JEAN MARIE RILEY Nltlvrl Ayr xx .J?dnI'IIF Fcndrst Mt-mory of N H S Not D rn 1306 Hobby Dancrng wrtlw lchabod lrloyl ll Day Art school Artflubl lrr Hr Q 3 lunror Rod C ross C ouncul 9 mr lr more Dance? Comrnrttr I Art Commr Nrfwtonran GUY DOMENIC RIZZA 306C.l1 rry St West N Przza Ilrzzo I Warren Collrqr lntrrmrtdrrt r b 1 Varsrty Football Q 3 Mathrnr Band 'l Hallowevn Trclfct Comm Legislature' 3 JOHN STUART ROBINSON Irlu SNN ns ructovs vrvrv rnq y oromul rat nq chastrs rn n s o by IC rrrrrq whrt buclsdlv I Wav V lootb N rm Com lu MILO ROGERS ll Auburn St XX s N w on C vhavrnq 1 Loca cola C rn n th Iunchroom ll Wav 9 mor o N w rr I Y ANN ROOD 2I fvlountlort Rd N wton ll qrlrnds Annr vs show rs a r Q m n tgt NI mOvyOlNI'IS Hn s mov worn ll W rks llostonD ntalSclvoololNurs r N oplvyt s IQallyC orrvrvrrtt Y oru Musrc lub I C-Iulrrrq C lu JOHN FRANCIS ROONEY 4 18 Woodward Sr Waban rc K l I londrst Nlrmory ol N H9 Cgvaduatron am nro o I t Am st sr ball Ltrman Clu rs dIUIk In mrstr Club rce I nqt Slmld 9 3 Assrst C aptarnl InglrshClub 3 Sc: nct C ub DONALD CHAPIN ROOT JR ll Halgyon Rd N wton 5on t uotatron qxt you avoun I Campua wrllr your grrrn srwaltcrs Hobby Kc tprng gas rn my car ll Wtrlcs Unry rsrty ol Massaclwusttts Clarlm Unrvr rsrty Dvbatrng Club l 5 crux I ocral Room Host 3 fNAatl'rC lub Sr nror llay l'roprrtyCommrvr DONALD M ROSENTHAL K7 C ommonvy altlr Pk N wton n Don Rosu tprsvt I aclurs wrtlr too much author Iond4stfVItrr1oryolN H S Irrdaysa l W Irs Nlrclrrgan Soamsl1CIubl u 3 Gran t L grslaluvt l Ilomtroom Nlanaqtrl an ball I nvor ayC ommrtl X Drama strva 9 'irckollI'lallCommrtt 'Q f 'Q 145 ""7 JUDITH ANN ROSENTHAL 90 fN4ason Rd N vxtonC ntr Judy Blond: t Pm y I9 oplc who tallc on an on an on Dr ss d d srr alfa' to Io hnaltlvy w rltlry and wrsr I U am: lla C lrovr 3 S rrnq Nlusrcall 3 Nr wton tc' Ad Stall 9 3 Snanrsh Club I Sv nl C Sccrctavyl Ant: SmoltrnqC orrrvvvrtv r- Rally ommrtt r r C lu Drama Club 3 Clvrritmas V so S? ool ba Dani Dvccra ronComrrrrt 2 Junror Dance- DONALD HADLEY ROSS d 401 Dudlvy Rd N w onC ntr u o pn Snrwton qrrs I'on:stNlmoryofNHS lC v r H o Husrnrss a mrnrstralron Nlrtvoroloqy C fVlusrcCl b 3 Cam ra C lub I JANET ELIZABETH ROSS lO9 Oxlord Rd N vwtonC ntrc Hoss P r rrxm o ca ls Fr nch on est Memory ol N H I day rlt n ons at 930 lrrn partr srnror prom r 1 r Drama lu Nvooltytrsl Modrrn Dance' I 9 Outrng Club Dance- Commrttvfgl 9 7 T Hr ADELE MARIE ROSSI 55 Hagen Rd N wton C ntr Pet Puyr Hovnrwork Fondrstfvlfmory ofN H 3 Th lootball games Irr Hr Y IV W rlzs wcrrtarva school Iyrmrs lrr HIY3 MICHAEL JON ROTENBERG 90 Wachusytt Rd C In srnut Hrll Nlrlce NIICIHI Hobby Radro classrcal vnusrc Clarm to lams' Stage rrvw C r t la vrc' e 5 aryard M olrysrcs National Honor Som y Newtonian Staff Trcasur v3 wtaqtf Cr w 9 Alpha Cramma Tau 9 3 Pr srdtnt a ro Club 'I 3 Snr: coo vl 5 Vrcr- Prrsrdr-nt 9 Musrr Clubl 9 3 lltrpresentatrvr Qclvool Food Servrce Assocratron 3 Lrt vary Maqazrnv Fdrtorral Hoard 9 Indoor Traclt Nlanagt r 'l wnct Farr 1 9 Y Stattf 9 Scholars 1 9 3 Iootball Dano Comrvvrttcw DOUGLAS ARTHUR RUANE 955 Adams Ave Wt st Nr wton Doug Fon estNIrrrroryolN HS Cal t a I Warrvn Navy Basketball Manaqrrl Pri Club I MARILYN RUBIN 89 Muller Rd Newton Centre Mlckry Pvt Pt rye Crowded tunnels late slips Claim to Tame Dave my handsome 6 feet 9 Inches lootball Dlayer I Roxbury Memorval Hugh Nursing school Musrc Club 9 3 Englrsh Club Q Cwnrls C horus 9 3 Journalnsm 3 Jumor Red C ross Council 9 Camera Club 3 Per sonalvty Club 3 Rally Comm ttee 3 Christ mas Vt so rs 9 3 MARILYN RYAN 44 Taxon St Newton Mal C-u r- londr-st Memory ol N H S My friends Hobby Seerng Hull IV Qt ,leanthe Iyangellst Hairdresser marrrag MYRA JOY SACHS 99 Ruane Rd West Newton Mnckry Ret Pervr Concerted boys snobs Llarrn to lame A Hollywood star D H I W tks Boston Unrversuty lournalrsm Nrophytrs 'I Aloha Beta 'I Engltsh Club 9 Musrc Club Q 3 Junror Red Cross Councul Q Personality Club 3 Camera C lub 3 Nt-wtomte Q 3 Copy Edrtor 9 ldntor nn Chtel 3 Homeroom Manager 9 Orange Qhreld 3 Rally Commrttee 3 Scholarshno Roll 'I Q 3 Natronal Honor Socrrty 3 MARSHALL SADE 815 Chestnut St Waban Marsh Sadrr Pet Pr-cvr Homework Hobby Playnng ball Il Malden Hugh Massachusetts College ol Pharmacy Newtontte Ad Stall 3 Drama Club 3 Sophomore Basketball 'I J V lootball 9 Hospitality Commuttee Drama lrstlyal Q JEANNETTE LOUISE ST PIERRE 1061 C hestnut St Newton UDDer Falls Net Fondest Memory ol N H S Homework and more homr work Hobby ir-rung Raul IV W rks Work gttmarrred MARY THERESA ST PIERRE 1065 C ht stnut Qt Newton Upner Falls Mu!! lonclr st Mt mory of N H S The lunchroorn Hobby lrnr1IS W ks r I Q' 1 'I46 ALLAN FREDRICK SALT 319 Centre St Newton Corner Salty Fondest Memory ol N H S M J I. Hobby Moo cows I Brgelow College Leguslature 'I 9 Chemrstry Club Q Varsity Track I 9 PETER HARRY sAuRO 37 Cook St Nonantum Pet Peeve Englrsh Hobby Soorts IIIA Day Cabinet shop work HARRISON HILL SAWYER 59 Westchester Rd Ntwton Punch Pet Peeve PeoDIe who don t follow what theY Dreach Hobby Sknng hockey l II Bngelow College Scnence Clubl Q Camera Club 'I BEVERLY LOUISE SCHADE 593 Crafts St West Newton QV Fondest Memory of N H S The gay tumes I have had nn all the classrooms Hobby Anythmg that has to do wrth so nal lrle IV Day Buslness school I.rbraryClub I Cnrls Chorus 'I Try Hr V 3 Sprung Con certl Socral Room Hostess MARSHALL KENNETH SCHRETER 95 Rhnlmore Rd Ntwton Mush Ret Reeve The oolltrcs at N H S l Bngelow Unuversnty of Massachusetts Bowdorn Newtoman Reoresentatrve 1 Outdoor Track 9 Cavalry Club 3 Orsng Shreld 3 Leguslature 3 Hu Y Cxlub 3 MARILYN RUTH SCHWARTZ 659 Beacon St Newton C t ntre Maggie Pet Reeve Boys who arent gentlemen Hobby Tennrs swnmmnng art ballroom dancing Weeks Last' I Endncott Junior French Club 3 Personalrty Club 3 PATRICIA ANN SEERY 1199 Boylston St Ntwton I-llghlands d P Btrng too skxnn Hobby Art Illl' W ks Jordan Marsh Company ELLEN ELIZABETH SEGAL IQ Morton Rd Ntwton Ct ntre Prop I who are my ron time Hobby Sarlung swummnng sewing readung tk College National Honor Soc: IYQ 3 MusscClubQ 3 Drama Club 9 3 Program Chaurman3 Orchtsus1 9 3 nc P sd n!3 ModernDance1Y 3 Ntwtomt Ad Staff 1 9 3 COC aur man 3 N oDhytes'I lrench Club Q Ing lush L lub 3 Publuclty Committee Jumor Danc O lrcktt Commlttet Football Dance I Cn Your Mark Q Qhrus mas VesDerS 9 3 'Krhltnc Board 3 Candy Commrttte Wlnslow Boy Q llshtr Mrkado 1 DAVID PETER SEGEL 77 Kenllworth St Ne wton D d taDt at N Iond s 'Vl mory ol N H S FrndayQ 31 I Brgtlow Lolltg Natuonal Honor Socuty Q 3 Nswtonuan Stall 3 Soclal Board C hanrman 3 Orange Shield Q 3 Cantann 3 IxtcutlveCouncll3 Legislature 1 I nms Inaml 9 3 Home room Mana q rf' Ant: Smokrng Committee 3 ROCCO SEMENTELLI 6 Bemis Rd N wtonvrlle Moost 'Mm Hobby Automobules gurls I I Ambition Io gtt my electrtcrans rc IIIA D y Marriage Qlectrrcal trade Navy CAROLE ZELDA SESKIN 'Vu Woodch ster Dr Chtstnut Hull 5 y ck aa P t Olotatron Anybody have anythunq Iondl I 'Vltmory of N H S Antrcnpatron k n S nmctvcut o g Worn n Whtaton l3ersonal1tyClub1 9 c n 9 Musrc C lub Q Ln-1 n C I b 'Xlod lung In School Fashlon Show 3 Drama L lu LORRAINE M SEYMOUR 3 xt I Rd N Wtonvx MILL y lun or a In tan and rlthmt 1 lend st'V1 mory ol N H S Crraduatron ay wo ar co th atre rk Alpha ll t l S mor PlayLostu I lom Slifi Workshop 3 'B' 7 f ? KX EDNA CAROL SHAVE 17 Hamulton St Newton Lower Falls Punchy Pet Peeve School Fondest Memory of N H S The nights wrth no homework IV Warren Work PAUL SHAW GOO Beacon St Na vyton Centre Fondest Memory ol N H S My problems class as of Septr mber 1951 Hobby Duck huntnng ll Weeks Coll ge CLOTILDE SHEEHAN 64 Curay CIIH Rd Newton Ct ntre Teedy Pet Peeve The swlnglng doors tn Bulldlng C laum to Fame Passnng math l Weeks College New Rochelle, MusucClub9 3 Outing ClubQ 3 Hall llme Club 3 Newtonlte Dummy Staff 3 Bunldung I Office Assrstant 9 3 Modern Dance'I 9 DANIEL JOHN SHEEHAN 53 Lake Ave Newton Centre dn Fondest Memory of N H S Mr Cwal lagher s classes Hobby Red Sox I Sacred Heart Boston College Hn Y 3 LOUISE SHERMAN 1395 Beacon St Waban ou Pet Pe ye Teasers Hobby Dramatlcs Jeremiah E Burke 3 lasell .lunnor College NANCY INA SHERMAN 695 Btacon St N wton Centre Nan Nance Pet Peeve Saerng crooked seams fondest Memory ol N H Workvnq un Bulldlnq ll Qllvce ll Weeks Colby JunlorCollfg Boston Llnxversuty Syracuse Homeroom Manager 1 3 Leglslature Repr sentatvyl Q Scholar 4 DROII1 Q 3 Muslcilubi Pfrsonal y Club 3 Office Work Bunldung ll Q 3 Na tronal Honor Soclety 3 SELWYN PHILLIP SHINE 22 tallord Rd N won C Cn Hayrnqtoil rurl nth morn: u wr o b fcr ss u yy at v r nd aycrlrho sr nrv sry P nnsylva nal nr molrnq ommrrr DIANA LUNN SHULMAN 84 Nlan tlld Ch ul II II oral who dont know what m rns rumr nt I glock nsprr ond st M mory ol N H layrrrq n r and at ch loolball qamrs Wv C II qc' Marrhrnqllan Mrrmq r 1 DramaC I7 Dram r 9 I C harrm r W onr rarrq ll ok C-Uranqr hr Ido 3 Candy Corrrmrrr On Your Mark 9 Drcora non Commun:-r Sophomor Jamborf Nalronal Honor uocrrly9 3 CHARLES MYRON SHURE 61 Pow na N wronC rn ks pr md rr! Avmtl n rorra' lu Oranqr Hoolr MH 9 Nalronal Honor fr ry FRANK FREEMAN SIEVE 56 Monadnock Rd Ch slrrul H II Frank ond Cr Memory of NHS My man l1dDDv houu rn 391 Hobby Photography r s rv C am C lu wr' QD ub 9 3 Mu b N wtonran Vholoqra hrr t raYvMaga1rrrr Idrrorral Qta LORETTA ANN SIGNORE 151 Langlry Rd N wton C rntrr Srqsv Pr Pr:-yr Whrrr5Judy Iondr 5 Mr mory of N H 9 Home work NX o b.r rrr ss sc o JULIA FAITH SIKES 90: Auburndal Av Auburndal lfrrrh larrhr PMP: 1 Horrrrwork Ionrl1 Wtoylrmory ol N H ' Horns room lV Warrrn Qrfrrtarral work rrccp rromst C hr srmas Vrsoers Q Qnrrnq Con r rr ' 'wcholarshrn Roll? 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Q, wrr, ra 3 I s -' 1, Nr'nr'Irylr4 , Elub W Q 3, , r' VN' QI, 3 9, H rl I -' ' - " 3, Cgrrr rllarron '-rdf? r rf 9 3, ln? V' mrrr , r- CY lub 3, K doll Hall llrrnr r'y lrSI1CEluI'JT,hD4nrshC lub 3, ldrrorral 'wall Ckommrttm' 3, C arrrvra C lub 9. Q xr' o , , , S r- ,, , I V v Q' b .- u -.- 1, , A if K 8 ICr' l- h 1 N' I-1 .:L' 'ls f r' Rd, I' - :rr' y UWM' , ' r' C'Ib1,9, p,'p,. N 'ry V13-'bdfrrr-rflub1,lnr.-f Alon r b1, V' II ldll S IISN ll S Crmrf,-'r-rr . Ck so .C 1, A ' ' ' '35 Q f f f . W1 S. 5 , x I I 81 I7 ' r' , A ' .-r-'1aI.- , , .- , I , rr- K rr ' ' ' I 1- - V. L, d S A fxrr-Jr-'S r ' Y L - ' , H H ' d I var-,-r or rw .-I ,c '11,-gf, 5 .vm ' h1,9,z If A A I I, ll, HRW rr .- r, Ijvds lr anrsh Cl 'l, , , 5:c . - r C lu 1, .' D r 1, lr.- - ' fr 9 A ' - r -rrrr.- L or , ' f' P K 'A 'ar ri I I r- -5': -' - ' LW ,Carr-I-fc I' cr--.f, 1, rv, f..rS,Q Ilr-qv 5 .- r. or Q F Y, l V ," . 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CI Cr ss ouncII r r DI CYNTHIA MAE SNIDER 40 MIII r Rd Newton Ctntre CYndY Cyn Cyntlty aIm o m I'IrI s orang ck N II S u Drtss cl D str O g t an A In lustory S y Barnard Neo yl 5 I LJ Qlu A CdDDClla Cltotr Q DrxmaClub9 3 NIustcClub9 3 5 Llub I lrenclw Club Q 3 Rally mutt I-la m Club 3 Orc t I Q 3 Mod rn Danct WorkshopQ 3 New nrt Adv rtrsrng Staff Q 3 Prop r It ommttt S nror Play 3 Llterary Maga I9 ls Choru I Mrkado IIC CcmmItt Holrday Hop 9 LOUIS MICHAEL SNYDER 55 Judttlr Rd., Newton CO 'nlre fVIrk' ' 'rvt' III-Ing called Loure Hobby lattng, sleeprng, sports I, Hoston Latrn, Howdoun Bates lnrvcr- srty of Matne J V. Iootball 9, Indoor rack SZK 3, Outdoor Track Q, 3, Interna tonal C lub 3, Ant: Smokmg Commrttee 3, PublIcItyC ommrtt 'tm Krckolf Ball 3, Intra- mural lI.1skt'tballQ. I, Q 49 JOAN MARIE SOPRANO '39 Wsslmnqlon Pk N vvtonvrll Ioorvy v Como mn Hobby IQOII rskalt g IV Wa'tham I-IIgh Ct noqrrrxlvf work th on D-rmatCsClub9 AtClu 9 I m soltba l3arIrrIInton9 JANET AUDREY SORENSEN IO an Roos n Rd N wtonC nr an Q lun ond st lVIImory ol N W ke d football gam ISOTTG IISIL ru .JC b I lasu nv .IANICE LEE SPARKS Woodl In t uburndalr Jan St arky SI on st Memory oINlIS I I I dfIYI'I TTIV ISIIY C7 Kiln C Iwo us I 9 Jumor lxrd C ross C ouncII 9 Asststint I-Iom room Nlanag I I Iunro Dann Dtcoratrnq C ommttt Q I rsonal u 3 DrInq S Q Clwstm rsrversl 9 IrI I-It Y 3 OIIIc Assrs nl I lasluon Show 3 EVAN JAY SPELFOGEL 57 Old C olony Rd C lr s n QDQI Spelly vrve P at N wton I Iondestlvlemory oIN I-I S Savaqt amuse rn nt a gym class wItI1 Snurlv I Boston Publ C latIn Srhool Harvard vv Rrlle Club I I3 S LatInQlubQ 3 Irrasurer 3 I-Iuntrng and Flslung Club 3 Rally Commlttrt 3 New tcnrtr Advertrsrng Stall 3 Orangt Slrreld 3 lIassbaIlI JOAN LORRAINE SPERA 380 Boylston St Newton Centre Joanne P t Ouotatron Mashed Dotatoes and sugar fondest Memory ol N I-IS I-Iomeroom lunCIwS ttastv betterj IV Weeks Qecretarral work STANLEY SROELOV 99 I-lyd r St , Newton I-Irglwlancls rlmamr Memory oIN.l-IS.-139 l- Weeks- Engrneerrng college Wor gester Polytechnrc lnstrtute, Tults Lngrneer In , AUDREY STEARNS 53 Blshopsgate Rd Newton Centre Aud Prt Prrvr Busy srgnals on the teIeDhone I Weeks College Newtonian Ad Stall 9 Assustant Fdntor 3 Antr Smoknng Lommnttve 3 Orange Shueld 3 Engl sh Club Ixecutnve Committee 9 3 Musc CIub1 9 3 Tennus Team? 3 Legrslature Scholarshup Roll1 9 3 Sensor a Property Commrtter 3 Junlor Red Cross Councrl 9 Alpha Beta 1 Sophomore- brrls Chorus Natronal Honor Soclety 3 HERBERT BENNET STEARNS 11 Hamlrn Rd Newton Centre Herb londest Memory of N H S The Scrence Department Hobby Nature Il IV Boston Engllsh Hugh College a possible screntlflc career Plan to marry a certarn gurl ln1956 wrth rnrtrals I? I2 CJ Motron Prcture Squad 9 Scrence Farr 9 PRISCILLA D STEARNS 73 Hawthorne Ave Auburndale fondest Memory ol N H S The movtes Hobby lleadrng and photography IIIB Warren Jumcr college Modern Dance 1 Personalrty Club 1 lee Club 1, Music Club Q 3 Chrrstmas Vesoers 9 31 ACappeIla Chorr9 3 Girls Chorus1 9 3 Tennis 3 JANET CAROL STEBBINS Q06 Sumner St Newton Centre Steb Stebble fondest Memory of N H S Hen partues altrr dance meetings at Howard Johnson s Clarm to Fame My bandana I Weeks Colby UnrversrtyofMassacl1u Setts Neophytes1 ModernDance1 9 Dec orauon Commrrtee Sophomore Jamboree 1 Assistant Legislature Member 9 Tn Hr Y Q 3 Musrc Commrttee Football Dance Q Charrman Musrc Commrttee Holnday Hop 9 Decoratron Commlttee Blue Moon Ball 9 Outrng Club 91 Program Committee On Your Mark 9 Decoration Com mittee Krckolf Ball 3 HERBERT LEROY STEVENS 406 Wolcott St Auburndale Stevie Herb Pet Peeve A long dull study peruod Hobby Athletics stamps l Warren Boston Unuverslty J Bascball1 Orange Shteld 3 DANIEL D STIRK 987 Lllrot St Newton Upper Fa s Duke Pet Peeve Hot Rods Hobby Art Clanm to Fame Auto mechanl IIIA Weeks Navy will 150 GEORGE E STOUT 141 Randle-tt Pk Wes N mon Pet Peeve C lunch Fondest Memory ol N H S Senro play I Day College Camera Cl b 1 27 31 Prfle Club 9 3 Orange Shreld 3 J mor Play Holrday Hop Dance Com-r Hr Y 3 DOROTHY PAULINE SULLIVAN 9143 Commonwealth Ave Aubu r-dale Pol y Pet Peeve Lrle as too short Hobby My Bob IV Warren Work Qcholarshrr' Poll 1 9 3 Newtonuan1 Homeroom N snager 1 Q Personalrty CIub1 Natrona Honor SOclety3 CAROL DAGMAR SUNDSTROM Franklun St N on Sunny Pet Peeve Long assngnments over va :tons and weekends Hobby Horseback rldlng swtmrmng rrflery I Bigelow Duke Bouve Boston physncal educatlon Marchrng Band 1 9 Rrfle Club 1 9 3 Secretary 2 Vrce Presrdenr 3, Basketball Q Archery 1 9 3 Coll Q, Freld Hockey 9 3 Manager 9 prnng Musrcal Candy Commuttee 9 BARBARA ANN SWARTZ 114 Albemarle Rd Newtonvrlle Bubbles Pet Guotatron Where s Frankte7 Fondest Memory of NHS Thursdays sewing circle rn the caleterla IV, Day Trl Hr Y Q 3 Girls Chorus 1 Q Tournng Commrttee 9 Rally Com mlttee 9 WALTER H TAPPAN 6 Trowbridge St Newton C n re Walt Pancho Fondest Memory of N H S Q 30 I h afternoon Hobby Sports llshrng l Weeks Amherst Wrllrams Hur-rrrn and Frshnng Club 3 Tennis Team 1 CHARLES JOSEPH TAYLOR JR Chuck Pet Peeve Wrnme Fondest Memory of N H S Hlstory wrrh Mr Consodrne ll Warren Burdett Ralle CIub1 3 Secretary 9 3 8 Werr St Auburnoslz MARILYN TAYLOR 1Q Wumbledon Cur West Newton M T Cwhtn saud ut sounds luke emptyb Pet Peeve boung to buuldung ll by tunnel vua buuldung Ill on a stormy day Fondest Memory of N HS The grand Fnglush teacher l had un the eleventh grade l, Warren Collegt or ,unuor college, Science Club Q Treasurtr Fnglush Club 3 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 JANET ELIZABETH TEVEKELIAN 14 C entre Ave Newton Corner II? TQVIQ' T V Suppressed Dtsure To go to a school dance Pet Ouotatuon Hu ya babe' ll Bugelow Boston Unuvtrsuty College of Practucal Arts and Letters Senuor Class Treasurer 3 Fxecutuve Commuttee 3 Board of Revuew 3, Orange Shueld Captaun Q 3, Clarks Summut Lxchange 9 Musuc Club1 9 3, Hosputaluty Commuttee 3 French Club 9 3 Outung Club 1 9 Red Cr Councul 1 9 Rally Commuttee 1 9 3 Homeroom Manager 9 Leguslature1 9 Leader Corps 9 3 Chaurman of Caterer Qommuttee of Athletuc Banquet 3 LUCINDA WENTWORTH THOMAS 948 Homer St Newton Centre Oogue Luc Pet Peeve luques Fondest Memory of N H S Trup to Rock port I, Weeks Bates Muddlebury Colby Smuth, Cnlee Club 1, A Cappella Chour Q 3, All State Chorus 3 Fueld Hockey Junuor Varsuty 1 Varsuty Q 3 Basketball 1 9, ball 1 9 3 Spanush Club 1 9 Secretary 3 Rally Commuttee 9, Musuc Club 3, Sophomore Gurls Chorus, Antu Smokung Commuttee 3, Outung Club Q 3, Chrustmas Vespers 9 3, On Your Mark 9, Sprung Concert 1 Q 3 PETER THOMAS S248 Homer St Newton Centre Pete Pet Peeve School snobs fondest Memory of N H S Playung hooky and goung to Rockport then gettung caught by Mr Barry ll Weeks Massachusetts School of Art, PUDIICIIY Senuor Play 3, Publucuty New tonuan 3 ROBERT LAYTON THOMASON 30 Erue Ave Newton Hughlands o Fondest Memory of N H S Graduatuon I, Weeks Fnguneerung college Rufle Club 1, Rally Commuttee Q, Kuckoff Ball 2, Debatung Club 9 Newtonuan 3 Senuor Play 3, Chemustry Club 3 Boys Chorus 3 Natuonal Honor Socuety 3 LAWRENCE M THOMPSON 9913 Washungton St Newton Lower Falls Heaoer Pet Pu eve Duke 81 Zupoer use Mona Lusa Perfume et Quote Sweet hour t br-aut7 IV, Busuness college Boys Chorus1 9 3, Varsuty Hockey 1 9 3 Tru Hy 3 -at A RICHARD LAWTON THOMPSON 1790 Commonwealth Ave Auburndale Duck Pet Peeve Tunnels on uauny days Hobby Popular records I Warren College R fle Club 1 Q 3 Vuce Presudent 3 Newtonute Q 3 Feature Idutor 3 Musuc un Cafeterua Q ROBERT W THOMPSON 99 Lafayette Rd Newton Lower Falls Bo Pet Peeve The educatuonal process Fondest Memory of N H S Too many to enumerate I Warren Bowdoun Baseball 1 9 3 Orange Shueld 3 Leguslature 3 Junuor Dance Commuttee 9 Boys Chorus 3 RUTH CAROL THOMPSON 17 Wunthrop St West Newton Ruthue Pet Peeve Its quarter past gurls Pet Ouotatuon Tremendous' I Warren Bradford Junuor College Colby Junuor Colle e, Alpha Beta 1 Gurls Chorus 1 Q, hrustmas Vespers 1 Q 3 Musuc Club 9 3 Fnglush Club 9, Sprung Concert 1 9 3 A Cappella Chour Q 3 Rally Commuttee 9 Outung Club 3, Modern Dance1 Tru Hu Y3 GleeClub1 THOMAS DONALD THOMPSON 409 Auburn St Auburndale Zupper Tommy Pet Quote Luve ut up Claum to Fame One of the four year men l Warren College Musuc Club 3 Hosputaluty Commuttee 3 Varsuty Hockey 'I 9 3 Co Captaun 3 Varsrty Baseball Q, Varsuty Footballli? 3 Boys Chorus1 9 3, A Cappella Chour 9 3 AntuSmokun Commuttee 3, Chrustmas Vespers 9 3, Sprung Concert9 3 WILLIAM RUSSELL THOMPSON 18 Cheney Court Newton Upper Falls Bull Whuzzer Pet Peeve The weather s unwullungness to cooperate wuth affaurs Fondest Memory of NHS Spurut f school our football team of 59 ll Weeks Tufts uf war does not unter fere wuth my plans Rally Commuttee 9 3, Cheerleader Q 3 Neophytes Leguslature 3 Musuc Club 1 Q Football Dance Com muttee1 Q 3 Juruuor Dance Commuttee 9, Homeroom Manager 1 3 Huntung and Fushung Club 3 Blue Moon Dance Com muttee 9 Boys Chorus 3 Sophomore Dance 3 JOAN LILY THORNBURG 17 Llewellyn Rd West Newton Junx Joanue Pet Quotatuon I-ludoll whats new? Hobby J F swummrng Il Warren Colby Junuor College Bradford Junuor College then Smuth, Musuc Club 9 3 Glee Club 1 Chorus 1 S2 Basketball1 9 Softball1 Q 3 Modern Dance 1 Englrsh Club Q Orange Shueld 3, Rally Commuttee 9 Chrustmas Vespers 1, aprung Concert 1 Outung Club 3 Tru u Y 3 OLIVE MARIE TIBOLT O 1lo PI Newton Centre l-lom work lonfl r Vl mory o N HS lxcursron kockpo rl l W ks Mount Holyoke Music Club 9 3 Oulrngl u Pally Commrt 9 3 Newonlan fTl'TfT JOAN MARIE TOCCI 4 Adams t N vtonvl e No lr vators rn school burldrngs lon V mory ol N H S braduatron a cl Vv Rhoi lsland School ol Das: BnVERLEY ESTHER TOHER 36 Fllale Sl N wtonvrlle llucltv oncl t mory ol N H I o Ilobby lap and acrobatlc dancrng IV Day Dancrnq s hool New York vmtom rr s ol mirrr d Mu u P rsonalrty Club 3 Mo ern anc 3 Dance lntrrtalnrn nt om 3 C ostumrs On Yolr Mark Q ws hoo Lat lo e rr lr: r CURTIS WHITFIELD TONG 14 Maole Pk Ne wton Centre Art C r 'I7 t Thr H03 x londrst Memory ol N I-I S Math 3 W rks Qolleqe Sc enc aur1 1 ' Orange Shre JEANNIE K TOSCANO 76 Day S Auburndale Pet I7 rvr- Huge homework assignments In hrs orv and brology Fondf-st Mr-mory of NHS On Your Nldrk l Warren McCJrllUnrverslty Montreal Canada Neophytes 1 French Club 1 SDcnlshClubQ 3 presldent3 Music Club 9 3 Drama Club 3 Exchange 3 Natronal Honor wocretv 9 3 On Your Mark Q R d Cross Councnl 9 A Cappella Chorr 3 THEODORA ALBREE TOWER 30 Shaw St West Newton d fondest Memory ol N H S Workshob Pet Ouotatuon Come now l Warren, l3elOlt,l3ancl1 9 3 Pres: dent 3 Musnc Club 9 3 Musrcals1 Q, Q 3 Freld Hockey 1 9, Basketball 1 9, Archery 1 Legrslature 1, Workshop 9 Natronal Honor Soclety 9 3, Newtoman 9 3 Ant: Smokrng Commuttee 3, Leader Corps 1 Q Q 3, Pops Commuttee Q, 3 Chaurman 3, Band Drlll Commlttee1 Q 3, C hanrman 9, Orange Shield 3 Captarn 3, Krckolt Dance 3 Charrman ol Decoratlons Q PAUL CRAWFORD TURNER 4? Maple St Auburndal am Pet Reeve leachers pe s Fondest Memory ol N H 1 School bcs arrrn Wtnvworh lnstrtu trade ALICE ELKA UMANS 571 Commonweal h Ave N w on C ntr Pet Peeve C It nfh Clarm to lame I-lavrng the loudt sts ren a the football games l Weeks College Legrsla ure 3 N w ton an Rep esentatrye 1 Assrstant Hom room Manager1 Q Newtonrtt Adx rts ng Stall Q Newtonian Clrculatron Stalt l I-lo'rday Hop Q Football Dann 9 lranro Dance Q Sensor Supper and Square Dane Mrkado 1 ommrtt e Glee Club 1 Neophytes1 Drama C ub s Massachusetts Drama Fsnval 9 P son alrty Club l9resrdent9 Musrc C lub Q 3 BARBARA ANNE URETSKY 54 Old Colony Rd Che stnut llrll l3arbre P t Peeve rachers who wont acc D S block as a prelumrnary lunch p rrod Clarm to Fame My revolt ng oran ,e socks Flrookune Ptmbroke Hates Branders I-lomeroom Manager l trench Club 1 Outrng Club1 Rally Commrtttr 1 Q 3 Newtonrte Crrculatron SraFf1 Q Personalrty Club Q lusotala 9 3 Dra Workshop Q literary Magazlnr lrxrcutrvt Board Q Music Club 9 3 Orange Rook Staff 9 Hosputalrty Ccmmtttfe Massachu setts Drama Festrval Q Publucrty C ommrttr r Junior Dance Q Newtonian llc-pr sentatlyt Q Newtonrte Stall 3 ROBERT JAMES VALLE 34 Auburn St We st Newton o fondest Memory ol N H S The krds Hobby Keeping the car tn good condrtron IIIA Boston College Hugh College work Legrslature Q Homr room Manager 1 Q Trade School l3asketball1 Q Hrgh School Basketball 3 4 Executive Com muttee 4 Exchange 3 BARBARA ANN VALLETTI QQ Melville Ave Newtonvrlle Barb Pet Peeve Frequently havmg to mrss D block rn rumor year Fondest Memory ol N H S 335 IV Day lnternatronalClub3 Rallyfcm mlt ee 9 3 Orange Shield 3 Camera Club 3 Scholarshrp Roll Q Trl HI Y Q 3 Musrc Club 1 Newtonran Copy Stall 3 Person glltg Club 1 3 Newtonlte Advertlslng ta 3 JOAN MARTHA VAN DEMAN 1496 Washington St West Newton Marcre Pet Peeve Havung to go out lor gym rn co o old November fondest Memory ol N H S School snrrrt at the 1951 football games Mr Harrrs homeroom IV, Warren, Secretartal work Secre tarral school Grrls Chorus 1 Cavalry Club 1, Neophytes 1 Orange Shield 3, Prompter Senror Play 3, Glebe Fxchanqe 3 Halloween Dance Commrttee 9, Scholar shrp Roll 1 Q, National Honor Soclety 3 SAMUEL JOHN VANGEL :L umnnnqs Rd N ywtonf nm lo own I svvrmmmq f Iv Itv o Nlsssrp III v s h nhl C ARTHUR FALES VEINOTT JR v N vstonl 'In s I In r I Ma Chr Inn v Nunn 3usn Ss Nlanau I I NatIon1 amor lIn lloari s rI K Irrr I7 cc at on K omm w O 3 I ang 'nm I ELAINE JUDITH VESPA lt In x III O stop r I rnory ol N I look nq Out In ovx I NATALIE VINCOLA I4 Glastonbury Oval XX aban Nat It t In ry ol N H 9 prrng mas: art: Hobby Ihncrna srnqrnq swrmmrnq avr n I w YS I vIsIon work 'VlusIcC lub 9 I Soc al Room C om mrtt s orus I ACaD or Irs as I Rally Commrtt Snrmg usrcal I 9 N oo ytts I Sprmq on I VICTOR VONER Q93 W bst r t Auburndal VIC Lmrrs Ion st 'VIImory ol NHS Last day ol chool Warrvn I3usIncSs C c I a I Q Hoclxe NANCY ALICE VORIES 33LIagmor Rd Newton Llpo r a 5 Nan Nana Rusty I9 t P Ivs Unrv rsrty of Mary an londIstMrmory olN H S IXO3 lrumbull L Immons Il Roland Parlc lunIor Hugh I3altImorI Maryland musIc educatron Syracuss llnrv Isrty MusIcClubI Q 3 Drama Club Q Carmra Club 3 Cavalry Qlub 3 In HI Y I I'3uIldInqlOIlIce I Q 3 CJIrls Chorus 0 3, Dano Hand I 'W' s J? also is 153 'U 'Si' -if N1 ZOLTAN VOROSS tvu St N vvton crm 7oI P t Prcvr llmtrd Statvs Srlralcs lnqlIsh flarm to Famt Typmal Iuropsan Maqyir Kozep slzola Arstui A I lcv: Boys L horu 9 Sr: nm Club3 Qhrmrslry C lub I Ann Qmo rnqlommlttct 3 Int rnstuorrrll lubi fvlusuc f l Ib 3 ALBERT H WAIT JR Hors tl?d XXI an llobby AIItomobIlI m ch1nI roo oo ld NI: sa chus t ANN WALDMAN lllson Rd NIvvtOnC ntrt Annu I7 op who lu pmt wartr londest NI mory olN H I L Immons homt room I I M I orusl Q a yfornmrtt 2 3 Hostess it Qophomor nm 3 loot all Danu D coratIonQommrttII 3 Hallcvvunllarrcv lubl crty CommIttIw' 3 9 mor Play IICIIM Commrttvr' 3 Modern Dancrl NANCY JANE WALL 63 C ummungs Rd N vvtonf vntre Ltd Wally I tpvrfvt Homrworlt Ion vst lvhmory ol NH 1303 r Trumbull L Summons IV Weeks Stcnoqraohtr Tru HI brrls ChorusI Sprung fvlusmal I Q-tudvnt Gund? Q MILDRED E WALLACE 'II Raymond Pl Wvst Nvwton Wally Pet Pevve Norsy study hall fondest Memory ol N H S 1303 Irum bull L Simmons IV Warren Lasell Junror Collvge Try Hr Y Q 3 GIYIS Chorus1 Q Modern Dance Q Tennrs Q Junror Danct Com matte? Q Sensor Play Candy Commrttvv 3 CHIC? Asslstant 3 Englash C lub 3 Sprrnq Musical 'I WILLIAM WALSH 334 Lnnwood Ave Newtonvrlle Pvt Peevv Not 4-nough tame to eat Hobby Sports ll Day Work X .. .. r .15 ' V .- svntrt- 3 ' JIQIII-ll' vm , I' ' C fr Llrryr-.jria Iv.-W . , f 3 1 - , . Inna ' -' ' I-.-IcI...s-.fmt "xx.-' I I'-N. E It kj I, , . f I , I ., In ll, lb. . . Ls, llruvrs I 'I . 'h I-'tri I jg" '. 'iIn5'I'rIng coll.-gf, -I I', x " S IIH I lr. rr I, untmq ant Is I II Fi f' , , v Q , , ., t- ttft .noi-IIIIIY 1 I, , lt kk -V, I- I I I, ' V Z. I . l ' I3-JI' , '.Ia. fl ta. .-. 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'bu 155 LESLIE JANE WILDER Q5 farrfreld St Newtonvrllc es Hobby The trombone I Framrngham College Art Club 9 3 Musrc Club 3 Marchrng Band 3 Modern Dance Group and Orchesls 3 Scrence Farr Publrcrty Commrttee 9 Sensor Play Candy Commrttee Stnror Supper Decorations Committee HAROLD F WILHELM Wrlly Pet Peeve Women Hobby Huntrng and hot rods l Weeks Unrversrty of Vermont med: cal school Hunting and Frshlng Club 1 Rrfle Club 1 lce Hockey 1 Massachusetts Drama Festrval Property Commnttee 9 Work 160 Lake Ave Newton Centre RICHARD LAWRENCE WILSON D 40 Oakland St Newton Corner rc pet Peeve l guess so' fondest Memory of N H S Tryrng to beat the 8 30 bell IV, Warren Work Rifle Club 1 DOROTHY MURIEL WINROW 36 Ripley St Newton Centre Dottre Wrndy Wrnblown Fondest Memory ol N H S Nrght school football games homeroom S2311 Claum to Fame My sneeze IV Weeks Lasell Jumor Boston Dental School of Nursing Outrng Club 11Musrc u 9 3 C3 C 0 us 1 3 Cross ouncrl 9 3 Homeroom Manager 9 3, Rally Commrttee1 9 3 Charrman Costume Committee for Sensor Play 3, Christmas Vespers1 9 3 Engltsh Club 3, Parents Day Guide 1 Science Farr Pub lrclty Commrttee Newtonrte Ad Staff Spring Concert 1 Q 3 Special Chorus Curoup RUSSELL AUSTIN WINSLOW 49 Prgeon Hrll Rd Auburndale uss I Warren Bates Scholarshro I? II 1, Concert Band1 Marchrn Band 1 Muslc Club9 3 Drama Club3 range Shleld 3 School and School Exchange 3 Kickoff Ball Publicity Commrttee 31Hall llme Club 3 Natronal Honor Socrety 3 NATHAN WISE 105 Hyde St Newton Highlands Pet Peeve Typing fondest Memory of N H S Vacatrons I Weeks Fngrneerlng school Camr ra Club1 Q 3 Padro Club9 3 lreasurer9, Homeroom Manager 9 E BENSON WOODROOFE Id: fl J wton 1 nny on ay do hav Iwo goldlrghl ond I 'I mory ol N H4 8 vm S ru o 1 In S ol llnldln I Io mrt onhylts1 Dublrclty ?corallCn an: mmltl S hams Worl hon 9 rl a loom lv m C lub lf ty C Cm nh s rn a r mv slrat on 'wrrnfl Mas cal 9 1lonsIHonor ron ty? I a fri or 'Ivo HH I N wtonlan I 'law K Il MURIEL WOOLF 1001! Rd Wa an I rr X0 onl mnry I O Wxa vs :rr n a uhm cf my q Ivlod rn ant I Mt C hr I as 1 A P y K mmm I ur nw. 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OLD SOUTH pi1OtO Engraving COQO 99 BEDFORD STREET BOSTON MASSACHUSETTS H E EDGAR LOCAL AND INTERSTATE PACKERS MOVERS STORAGE GOODS INSURED 1 WINCHTSTER STREET NFWTON HILHLANDS MA S LA il 7 4830 4 9511 x x 'SRDM Us SEER?-T AR vd teto s B yleo St :AI 0 COpI y75920 T59 xv I . ' 7 " 3 I gg DIAL Se E Or Bigelow -C J Day and Evening Full Secretarial ' Intensive Short Courses Enter Anytime indi i uai At n i n A sures Quicic Progress 367 o s n reel a r ingt n e - CENTRE MEAT MARKET 47 CGMMQN WEALTH AVENUE QI 7 4 T h BI 4 0475 BI 4 5879 E W SHQES for the ReaI Estate Insurance ENTIRE FAMILY I.AseII 7 0003 6 BEACCDN QTREFT NEWTON CENIIQ 799 Washington Street Newtonvnlle Mass 7 7 Complnmenm QI JIM CRONINS JENNEY STATICN 160 5 I . I LASH v 'IIO lp Off' : - R Id : - f . I I I I s I 1 IEE I , e won 2 MYSTIC LINEN SERVICE ARTHUR J. FLINT, JR., Prop. Coats, Aprons, Gowns, Towels, Etc. 83o-a3Q MAIN SWEET, GREENWOOD, MASS. CI2yst I Q.oQQe omphments of JOSEPH BEAL and CO IQQIPH REAL JOSEPH REAL I LA411 L EUGENE CORKUM 7 867 WashumQton btrcct 'NIQWIODVIII 'I61 . I - I fr. , r Hzzrduffzre - KffClZ8lIZlI'd7'8 mul Paints 7. 4 ' v A . 2 I Q ggob ctwaveg um Cyan: Lglzop TQ49 Centre Street, Newton Centre Sfzuzcy fffjaslwies fnainlies ftrz llze Sfalyle Tom Charnley s Jenney Super ervlce Station WILLOW t CENTRE STREET LA II 79412 COMPLETE LUBRICATION TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE J H Chandler 8a Son HARDWARE hoBl440 796 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE MASS WEST NEWTON MOTOR MART Inc f fl 1 Lnusoio .l ymoufz 192 HQ 1203 WASHINCQ CDN STREET WTS! NEWTON 5 MA R f I E a U se - . Telep ne lge ow - OO , . I n L 3 D 3 - T LAN-, -Q51 Y. TT VV, V' O, SS, T69 COI1gI'dflll6lll0llS . . . Class 0f1952 G RDEN CITY PRINT INC 13 BOYD STREET NEWTON MASS Jleen WM NEWTCN s Inc SMART CLOTHES f K o ru I P N174 Class or Campus Wear lllll oo obgto J IBN XVHXII 5135 NLWIQN owner NEWION 9 NW 7 1 3 Y I ' I 0 ' ' so , I' I f S .T f Y LS! 7 s Q I4 C T- - ' 'JUN' Qjlffflllfl KSUIUUICUS You are cordiaIIy invited to come ' and browse around L Icing entaiIs no Ii ai n ,gp UU ,A Q Lk 'A Iedcor t V '- - I ., LA J-IJ H C FRARY AMOCO STATION BLANCHE FRARY BEAUTY SALON NEEDHAM 9138 NEWTON AUTO TOP CO CONVERTIBLE TOPS SEAT COVERS COHZFIZIIZEIIIS 0 a F1 zefzd JOHN E COX NEWTONVILLE Candy at Wholesale 'li Compliments of I I es 2 on . . . and . . . I .- 4 I 0 Inu! Street 1449 Wdshiwgt n Centre 'WCS' I I IAMON WATCHES ILVEMXXARL HENDRICKEN BROS J E W E L E R S WATCH REPAIRS ELECTRONICALLY TIMED NL I NEWTON mc HLAND D Flhe Ernnklme IHIIIHIBU Shun 710 WASHINGTGN QT QW In S D BROQklINk MA 5 Compliments of CAMPBELL HARDWARE INC NEWTQN 58 WXASD Bzzzlders Hdl6ZIlUzZF6 1 5 f ' Rf A 5 7 IH LI AXRLN S RFU ' 3 A Tel. Lfbxseil 7-6661 . , I Y 1 , 1 7,550 X.L,.,,.. THAS H-KYYK-kj , ,Q . . ' as ington quare Y , A R. I H CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATING CLASS from H. P. HOOD 8g SONS Quality Dairy Products Since 1846 ,g3esi Cbmklws HELEN CROSS BAKERY NEWTONVILLE SQUARE WASHING GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WAXING MURRAYS GULF SERVICE GULFLEX REGISTERED LUBRICATION WASHINGTON AND PUTNAM STREETS LA u 79 WEST NEWTON MASS of CGIIIOFDIG 0 T I h - 793 , . KEFTTTIOFC' ' - D . . ' ctrm arimgtom boston, Nt. IT ttf C on gr atulatzons Graduates, and best rushes 01 your ufzne The REGENT SHOPS 298 Walnut Street NewIonvlIIe BEECHER HOBBS THE MAGNAVOX STORE FOR NEWTON AND BROOKLINE MAGNAVOX and FISHER Radio Phonographs TeIevlslon COLUMBIA and VICTOR And Other Long PIaylng Records and All Standard Records SMALL RADIOS 8. PHONOGRAPHS 1410 BEACON ST BROOKLINE 01 I dg -XS 7 4114 Wd dy F HUGO PONTIAC INC 714 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59 MASS DEc I 2 4300 Sales and Su 1 :ce New and Uggd Car, Compliments of HILLIARDS CANDY SHOPS 16 I . , - - O O I ., L "I"0H'Il1I7.Yf fn Juni ' lizsl inns' Near CQQII e Comer , - Open e nes a and riday Evenings ' I I I ' B UI' ' K' J - v' . , U 7 CompIiments KENTS EVERGOOD STORE 4'I 9 CENTRE STREET NEWT IN CORNER BOYES Moron co I C PLYMOUTH PASSENGER CARS DODGE JOB RATED TRUCKS DODGE PASSENGER CARS 004 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE 60 MASS L, Capt Lfnawlen S 1' anfzc Sea 9001 s WEST NEWTON 65 MASS LA 7 6351 FRANK BATTLES INC Pozztzac Sales and Serzzce GM C Trucks O08 Wash: gto Street dSS 16 Q I C 7 I n I T I , N T I I 1.- 'A' O Mo Par Factory Engineered Parts 1367 WASHINGTON STREET 'A' ' ' ' I . I . L In V1 N , ,TI III I . 8 ISI FLQW 415 BENJAMIN M THOMAS R THGN 431 CENTRE STREE A THOMAS NLWTON 58 MAS: ARCIIIRAI 5 C HELLINC FR V P MACKAV RICH BELLINGER 8K MACKAY I ncclms 0 Junua N d 30 CENTRE AVENUI NEWTOIXI 58 Tel Blgelo 42034 XCRO S FROM FENWAY PARK B L MAKEPEACE INC BQYLSTQN STRIIT FQSTON 15 MASS for 56 years serving New EngIancI with the finest ln ARTIST MATERIALS DRAFTING SUPPLIES ENGINEERING EQUIPMENT PHOTOSTATS PLAN REPRODUCTIONS TI h Copl yT 2700 H WEST NEWTGN MARKET 1286 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON Telephone BI 4 3100 169 I I I QIIAICIZ. Sf - 60 I I 4 n I W . 1 , 1 I7. , I A I A I I 1 " A . Y . . I , I I 1 . I N' I .nu ff 2-1: ' E76 .in , , T, l I 1 If A' S . . I . L T E 11700 - CHQIOQS Sem Cn Request ep one e - I STAR MARKET CO. NEWTONVILLE - CHESTNUT HILL o Qua lzfy goods Slap 9017 6011875 90107 .Ill'Z'Zle'lS FRIGID FUR STORAGE ON PREMISES 14 CENTRE AVENUE NEWTON MASS Tel Bl 4 448 on A I'l2IgI"lbOl'IY BBIIIQ Q L or economical lwome lnnanc Q mg successful savnng and sound Investment NEWTON co p rd1 OPERATIVE BANK NEWTONVILLE 170 I Y Y T ' Fl . '1 f 4 - - . I , i A , - , ,V I I ' . -7 I I r f-X l I l f - ss. ll. 5- offering plans l ' - - ' 2, E E ' ' ' 'iz fi as nu ' 1- ii Eg R 5414? ' 00 4 119 X ' lncor ora e 888 OLDSMOBILE GMC TRUCKS CADILLAC SALES SERVICE I1 C 'Best Trades and P1 ompt Delzzferzes Auto Rellmn 9 Bodj Work and Pmntnzg HEALER MOTORS Inc NORTH BEACON STREET WATERTOWN MASS Telephone Watertown 4 8100 Most modern sales and servuce TGCITIEIZS at your dusposal Compliments of FLODIN SEWING MACHINE CO Eleelrzc Aplblzmzcev G SL S PAPER CO INC The Dependable Papei Me1cha1ztv ell wa WEST NEWTON 171 . 1, , . . I u 43 , iff XYALNLIT STREET NENWTQNVILLE 60 o o Q, o Were LAS 7-Elk L COmpIiments OI B. S. EDWARD COMPANY 5c to 31.00 Store SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1353-5 WASHINGTON STREET l.AseII 7-59130 WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. C JEFFREY nc STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE 785 IZEAC DN STREET NEWTON CENTRE DE Q 0880 ron oven mtv vans 'fu BIGELOW Nqr? 422 CENTRE ST NEWTON 3700 NEWTON S PRESCRIPTION PHARMACY NEWTON CENTRE MARKET 1241 CENTRE ST NEWTON CENTRE 'QI b FT' vf 0 pn I ' '- ,jfil NEWTON SCHOOL CAFETERIAS Qjmfv' NEWTON HOSPITAL COFFEE SHOP SIMPSON HOUSE RESTAURANT MT IDA SCHOOL WORKING BOYS HOME Pho BI44240fo DI eyS 179 A. . , I . I 4 I A A - . 0 r 4' LA - Y O. 'I 1' Ayub . Esta Iis e 917 f ,ig For 34 years the source of suppl or those families wh a reciale the finest in foods u I 3,29 I ,Ilfl't',VIl7'5 :gf ,Qzmlil-v lfnmlx In lin' A "fill, ' - 1' D ETRSMSN ' .:-J Y . 'g'5'.11E'n? is gffqiggrfit ne - r e iv f ervice Crowley Bros. STATI ONERS 338 WALNUT STREET, NEWTCDNVILLE SCHOOL SUPPLIES TYPEWRITERS-SALES, RENTALS, and REPAIRS QA 5:40121 BLOCK mom voufa SCHQOLQ 1 C . 'QQ 9,10 1 47islm'7al of efulllx DEERFOOT FARMS 225 NEEDHAM ST NEWTON UPPER FALLS au lon only J 111711 PHOTOGRAPHIC FUN wuth GOOD RESULTS JACK SELTZER PHOTOGRAPHIC CO O9 416350 6939 173 -I C 3 . JIM A rv A Chestnut Hill Shopping Center Boston: '10 Chauncey St. L n WOO - O Hfxncock 6. iS NO.lS'IAO8 956 SSVW CINV'IH9H NOLIXXEIN I5 DI dNHI'Il EIELSEDEIOIXX no COMPLIMENTS 3801111 igreab f'N WOODLAND DAIRY Inc Tel WA 4 3818 57 59 WAVERLEY AVENUE WATERTOWN LONG PLAY RECORDS 2 0 Z off Lust Prrce We carry a complete stocIc of L P Records BOOK CLEARING HOUSE 423 BOYLSTON STREET KE 6 3263 BOSTON 16, MASS 3 IAIHS SUIVCIBII ' VON 3AIlOINOlnV ' ' 'S I 3 I ' anyowogny ug In :JW - GED Q 86'l. V1 8l8I'7 IH vi 114 Bushway ICE CREAM E erybociy Lzkes I U serzed at NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CAFETERIA Neuiolz 3 lmtztutzolz 0 Lumbu ROY S EDWARDS Inc CARS TRUCKS NEWTON MOTOR SALES CO 73 WASHTNQ TON QTRE T NEWTONVILLF NAA9 PT BI I 440 . ff ' U t O . V, rr V, f. . ' ' f 2 ,U I I I Q9 QRAFTS ST., NEWXTQNVILLE LA 7-550C 7 3 , fi V , f ES. wma ge' ow - EVO T75 COMPLIMENTS OF MASS ELIot 4 7500 WHARF COAL COMPANY LAsell 7 4600 America s Greatest Value' WHITE HOUSE COFFEE also packers of fme Ieas and qualuty salted peanuts ln vacuum Inns DWINELL WRIGHT COMPANY as FARGO sr BosToN s MASS IN THE HEART OF THE NEWTONS ON BEACON STREET BETWEEN NEWTON CENTRE AND WABAN c Jw SIMPSON HOUSE 67 I FOOD THAT IS FAMOUS SERVICE THAT IS SUPERB musxc which makes dining a pleasant Relaxatron AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LUNCHEONS DINNERS COCKTAILS Bl 4 3356 RESERVATIONS NONANTUM COAL CO COAL OIL WASHINGTON STREET Tel LA 7560 76 . o 1 p 7 qff if "on Q , l'? In an atmosphere of candlelight and soft . I . . , . 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F GRANDINETTI SHOE SERVICE 139 WASHINGTON STRHT WEST NEWTON MASS 3 cw ng ana 0nC'zCie.Qcpe o'zpo'zalmn NEWTON UPPER FALLS 64 MASSACHUSETTS HANIS NEWTON UPPER TALlS MASS STRINQJFIEID MASS 9 fi' -Q E Q X WEE the MIRACLE WEDGE LAselI 7 3151 E I-T qhl WILLIAM K BOWERS INSURANCE AGENCY CDOROTHY C BOWERSD QKPCIL iiwtatc nuh Alumuraucc 66 CHESTNUT STREET WEST NEWTON 65 MASS BI 4 1963 178 Compliments of 5 Y S Q A Q , . C ' 1 J E. , J , JI' C I l I -A 1 . ff . I J . 7 , ,, . T7 T , , , Telephone and RHODE ISLAND CQNCPEVTE PIPE CQ., PROVIDENCE, R. I. LASCII 7-4560 55 NeQd dm St, Newton is ands 3. Compliments ol S NEWTON HIGHLANDS ALVORD BRCS Real Estate and Imzmzmc C NEWTON WELLESLEY WESTON NEEDHAM d 1 Blgelow 4 3006 1828 81 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE Beacon Plastics Corp STUDIO New England Advertising lnc Newton, Smartest Beauty Salon asfac I :mu aclurers Bl 4 7630 NYWTQN HIGHLANQQ Mfsxgg 310 WAI NHT QTRFVT NFWTONVILLE 179 , f if . 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