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r '1 :, 1 U -1 - m , ig sw I 36 -L ke' ,f-ff ,. ,, A 5 Q5 if 2 57 fe ,- - r .V if fzw . Si I --3 s fi .A is ' QL? f EA 3 5 f :R ' -1? K . sg ' N I Gfih gn 1 711- I ' hz 5. 'f'. 7 L'- i .if . T Q. N EWTO N IA l95 iv 1-N"5M--W ,, , .53 , ' ,fm u, 'ay - -N. ', x 4 A I' '- ' we 4. 7 ,Q , K K., 3, K w f 25 an AZ? 'A ,,. w QA - , ,.-aflf-38545 . gf-aw ,A N, . 45' :wi 1 W L4- 1 W' 1 Q7 .42 1 g 3 N--4-..,,,,. 0 s 5 I 2 S U 'Fd' 4 H.-:L .7 5-. . ' 1,'e an. Q '. , 4.4 . lglbilr. ,.. '. qua. . 11 .I o ,,, 1 1 . . 1 ","., ,41.'.s- .1'-", .f. tra' I - ' .' nfs' "r v . - . 1 q., l.llA -4 fn., l.'g'. 13,141 1.1 . sq 4.4, u 4 1 2 1... .3- 4.1', 4.-, ,, ,A. Av -. 4: - '..,v 5 Ka. - 1 - .- ,' 4 ' 1 1 l In A mv. -', 4 , f4,, -'.- 'f : 'Q .,.'4f'I ' 1 " 41 Iii? .qnh 'f' ' . I. 'un-.Ai-.', '. ., .' .' 1 ' !'.':7- ' -fi 1 , 5 .1 S rf- 'f ,.. .' . x., I. u ni. ll Ml ll' . . 1 . . K l -- , ...E tx ...A . . . .. ... vu, Q. J .ul l I 5- I K. V Iv, 'h x FOREWORD We have spent three years on our voyage through Newton High School. Qften we had smooth sail- ing, but many a time, we had to plow through rough waters. Much had to be accomplished, yet our sturdy crew, guided by its teachers, met and overs came the obstacles ol the high seas. A happy journey it was, for we sailed with eager hearts and keen minds, making new Friends and ac- quiring greater knowledge. The many tacks of our voyage are recorded in this Newtonian. 1' V I , fm 1 i DEDICATION Six years ago, the most disastrous war ot world his- tory was brought to an end, but Fighting still exists in too many parts of the World. There is even tallc about a third World vvar. We graduates of the class ol 'l95'l either will be citizens oi a united world or will be victims of a universal disaster. It seems Fitting, therefore, that we, the editors oi the Newtonian, dedicate this yearbook to world peace, in the hope that the youth oi today may live un- molested by the catastrophes oi war. ADMINIS f , 1 RAYMOND A. GREEN DR. C. ELWOOD DRAKE Principal Assistant Principal EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Adviser, MISS MARGARET SOUTH 6 TQGLJQ-48 Je.: r.,.,f,n -w. M,-4 . Vw, ,i,,,g..,, -133--.J vmz, Q.---e. LMJQ-. Kiki. T I O N .4 'Ah "P J "' '-M14 fx u .?g.s , .1-,, 5, 'A' L s LEGISLATURE C- - QE - 1 E 1 Adviser, MR. CHARLES PELTIER HOME ROCM MANAGERS 1 N W Adviser, MR. CARL SWAN 7 IN APPRECIATICDN MISS RUTH C. WISE is retiring this year from her position as principals secretary. She has served Newton l-ligh School faithfully since 1909 ancl during this time has worked with Five ditierent principals. Through her years ol experience here and her work with pupils' records, Miss Wise prob- ably has come to know Newton I-ligh School ancl its pupils better than anyone else. We thanl4 her For all that she has clone For us. FACULTY OFFICERS CDF OUR CREW 1951 1950 1949 10 sl-ups oFFlcERs - 1951 ASSOCIATE OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS SOPI-IOMO RE CLASS OFFICERS 'I'I ADVNS W- W gs .. 0 wwf I at 'QQ firgs K L i ' J' 'WQQQW' is-1 i O J ,ra , , . 0 i M .4 f I at W J- t , J' 1' S K Qiafwid 4 Q. 4 r e its gg ft aw 5 ,il QM, t sg, . o W s s f 3' 2 ws1 ,..5sv , ,Aw .s,, ,,,Zi , , 1 tg S t ji 'Y if Nt f. W M 4 1 A Q 1 ,X PRQQF i ' J ' - -LLL . ' 4 13 0 f , Y s ' 'Q 3 tt 'mal .1 .475 . ik i riff S wr 3 t s , ti X X, 'i . o Cf t ' tb . 4 Qts 5909 Boys'ISports Editor, Martin Aronson Donald Aronson l.ewis Wolfson Qi Girls' Sports Editor, Judy Berry o . 5 Vigil Betsy Paine lCarol Monroe ,.,,,1,,. ,f,r fiiffws -Z , . , ' f 5.1 I u k. . .5 egg! f? ' n 4 i w , g ,wr , 7, gg' by 4, ,f sf f S . . A. of Q st K gm? ,M t s y 1, , 5 1 f ,pry 5 it i M, 2 i V gn O x K A55 as 1 is A W 1 sg Y G X sf t Q? J r . x 4 'fri if 5" rrrr J. is 'icriviix . U ' "fi , A ,K ., . 0 - -fyr ,-,., A 1- i, ' . V5 :,,, ' i5W?YQY ' its O 30115 SP Advertising Manager, Martha Goldberg Asst. Mgr., l-larold Shay Dorothy Epstein Charlotte Fishman Nancy Ganley Ted Green Sam Gilfix Merle Mandel Jerry Sheifler Eda Small Nancy Steinberg Paula Titiev Audrey Sterns Valerie Kuebler ' wg SQL NFQY Bio f'::'1 .1 . at 3 jg COPY NEWTONIAN Business Manager, George Thornton Asst. Mgr., John Arnold Charles Wheeler Paul Sheiber Richard Werniclc John Shannon Stewart Johnson Data Co-editors, Nicki Hart ,Nancy Tisdale Bruce Flegal Ed Rutledge Charles Brown Sally Ann Levine Virginia Hanson Betty Ann Walker Photography Co-editors, Bernard Martin l-lenry Dormitzer Stephen Morse Bill Godfrey sg? T ees I? ED L,Um'-A-h .V,. ff- Q O JNQEN iw 'ii tw- CH F U' ' .ff- 6 y ,L x if ti LI, :mix i EY' my 5 f has ' U' 0 X S, 47 v ' GX 4 47EDlT0D, VW? . , .. 5 0 4 i 'VA A f i tg 'V , f K xt? V I I' :1ttwf5'?' W I 7 - ,.hh ' ' Zi ffj ' A 3:53 . t tf N gp, A " .55 3 J ll' s U 01 ' ' vi 'CECULA1' x0 STAFF Features Editor, Ellen Berman John Samoylenko Murray Helfant Norman Digiovani Joanne Holland Judy Stetson Ann Kane Ruth Buddington George Carolan Activities Editor, Shirley Mims David Starkweather Sally Ann Haven Cynthia Thompson Sally Brown Jane Brown Proof f Editor, Nancy Hood David Proctor Betty Marcell Brooks Parker Nancy Wyman Kristin Swanfeldt SJJMNAGQ Circulation Manager Leon Martel , K Asst. Mgr f so - Judy Armstrong O ,M ' ' Sonya Olsen 1 l .,.i,'.',ii A far . Sally Coan ,1 ABL, , Conrad Terkelsen V 7 ,Q Art W ,ift 1 David Rich Edim 4 siyy ttiyi PM Rm Cliiiifdim' titi ' Sam Turner i ittOr1 A - A W Ik A ' ' Rosalie Carter Hgiivardi Riihardson ? ' Marcia Kehew Tat Tower COPY U R David Gordon Edifoff ' Barbara Keilegrew Ddhgimaoldenberg Ann Waterman Georgianna Palmer Joy Utford Peter Strauss 13 DATA S . , 3 Xa Q. X Y 8 K ' ati avi Q, g '1i" t l F ' 5 EATUP6' GTIVITIES ALPHA BETA - President . . . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . . . Treasurer . Adviser . . Jane Albertson . Sandra l-lamburger Miss Marilyn Marvin if'X Carole Wolfe - aa . Ted Voutiritsa - f ' w 1' - .. Q This group met to further the members' interest in literature and to give them an opportunity to discuss and study the cur- rent trends in literature with others who have the same interest. Not only books, but also radio and television programs, movies, and plays based on literature were reviewed. These sophomores looked for- ward particularly to the short story contest, held in early spring, which many of them entered. xg ,Y ..,-A " 4 VKJOAQ J' lt QP' is-'F 16 No, you clon't have to be a promising Einstein to belong to this club, in fact Mr. E. was once the school dunce. All that's required is an interest in math. For activi- ties this year, there was a trip to Babson institute, a tallc on the powers of the num- ber two by Professor Charles Ransom of Tufts, a May party, and even a discussion on the laws of chance which ended in a pitching-pennies contest to test the ac- cepted facts. The members learned more about math, discovered interesting phe- nomena for solving problems, and practiced recreational math. Q. E. D. President , . . Addison Ault Vice-President . . . David Gilfix Secretary . . . . Kristin Swanfeldt Treasurer . . . John Laverty Adviser . . Mrs. Frances Allen ALPHA GAMMA TAU ART CLUB A Q Vice-President . . Ann Poclcwinse 'Xi Secretary . . . . Miriam Gorn N 5' President . . . Mary Dosiclc Treasurer . . .... Ruth Burstyn Adviser . . Miss Rosalind Gliclcman The art appreciators of Newton l-ligh School met monthly to discuss and work at the many types of art. Une of the meetings this year, which was ol great interest to the group, was devoted to ceramics. An- other was spent in drawing to music, bring- ing out the individual expression that can be achieved by this method. The club not only pursued its own interests, but it was also a service club, making posters lor vari- ous organizations in the school. The mem- bers enjoyed themselves and worlced hard to perfect their abilities. - A f . . . 4 , s 1: -Ji Q' ff f . ""i- f, f A 45 ' as i 1 ta - g - f ff '- -Q -:5,ff'f"i",'.f: ' Z :mv A- 'A K M ,. .Q ,.., The Anti-Smolcing Committee has ex- panded once more with an even larger membership this year, Fifty-six boys and girls were chosen from over six hundred applicants and have cooperated in trying to abolish the dangers ol school Fires. Upon presenting their special identification cards, they may leave any class to perform their duties. These consist of going to the vari- ous places in the school buildings Where there is a possibility of smoking. By exe- cuting their job conscientiously they have made progress towards complete safety from Fire for Newton High School. Chairman . . . . Leon Martel Adviser . . Mr. Charles E. Peltier ANTI-SMCDKING COMMITTEE CAMERA CLUB President . . . . . Bernard Martin Vice-President . . William Godfrey Secretary . . . . Henry Dormltzer Treasurer . . . . . Donald Sherman Adviser . . Mr. Sterling Williams For those interested in photography, the Camera Club oliered numerous opportuni- ties. The club was divided into tvvo groups: the advanced amateurs and the beginners. ln this Way everyone in the club enjoyed the lull value ol the activities, and the be- ginners did not hold baclc the more ad- vanced students. Among the monthly ac- tivities were several lectures, movies, visits to local studios, and discussions concerning the mechanics ol photography. Qne lec- ture oi particular interest to the group was that given by Dr, Land about the box camera. The Camera Club also sponsored a contest, tool4 pictures ol models, and rounded out the year with a party. The Aviation Club has had a varied pro- gram covering all aspects ol aviation. The boys themselves planned for their own meetings with tallcs by various members of the club. Tallcs have been given on the physical construction ol planes, controlling methods, and navigation procedures. Re- cently, the club has talcen an interest in the newer Field ol jet povver. The members have also been shown various movies on air travel. The group carried on a very in- teresting proiect in actually constructing model airplanes. This year the club gained practical lmovvledge from their trip to Squantum Naval Air Base. i President . . . . Roy Buck Vice-President . . Donald Shaw Secretary . . . Robert Weisz Treasurer . . . Lincoln Goff Adviser . . Mr. Russell Fitz AVIATION CLUB CHEMISTRY CLUB -QQ . Q f 5 'W-294 M President. . . . .Edward Cass Vice President Robert Pollard Secretary . . . . . Peter Rees T 'xxxuw Treasurer . . . Margaret Vincent W, J gif' f I .Z Adviser . Mr. J. C. Hall JL The Chemistry Club consists ol a hand- piclced group of students who are inter- ested in chemistry. Besides worlcing on projects in groups of Four, the Club en- joyed the usual series of informative lec- tures and Field trips. Their activities were not all work by any meansf they had a won- derful time at their annual picnic. Their contribution to the annual Science Fair was very interesting and well received. QS! l-leads up - shoulders baclc - legs! Loolc at that strawberry roan gol To most, these terms are Greek, but not to the mem- bers of the Cavalry Club. Only those with an adequate amount of riding experience are permitted to join the club. Every month, fall, vvinter, or spring, there was a ride lor those vvho wanted to go. Other activities of the club included discussions on riding etiquette, form, and such things as jumping, polo, and other mounted games. The club also heard from noted equestrians and ended the year with an all-day outing. President . . Rose Cesareo Vice-President . . Joe Savignano Secretary . . . . . Judy Berry Treasurer . . . Owen Peltier Adviser . . Mr. John Sherman CAVALRY CLUB ENGLISH CLUB fx President . . . Martha Goldberg Vice-President . Patricia Littlefield Secretary . . . Ruth Johnston Treasurer . . . . . John Pierce Adviser . . . Miss Irene Haworth The English Club is noted throughout the school as one of the oldest organizations. It seeks to reflect the pleasure that may be obtained from English without the class- room as a background. The varied program of the club seems to improve every year and this year even more so. ln addition to see- ing a play and going on their annual picnic, the club sponsored a tallc by Dr. Noyes ol Vale University, vvho spolce on Freshman English in college. None of the club's members, whether seniors or juniors, are lilcely to lorget these lively meetings and their educational value. The Debating Club has offered a real opportunity for student expression on many controversial issues. lts monthly meetings have been mostly informal roundtable and panel discussions, rather than formal de- bates. The club members have often dis- cussed issues of national scope. l-lovv- ever, many of the meetings concerned prob- lems of our school or local affairs. The club also planned debating contests with similar groups in neighboring high schools. The members finished the year with a party which certainly healed any of the friend- ships brolcen in hot debatel President . . . . Joyce Finnin Vice-President . . . John Arnold Secretary . . . . . Monroe Gross Treasurer . ...,. Jay Freeman . I M . Malcolm Gallagher Advlsers ' 1 Mf. Robert Harris DEBATING CLUB FRENCH CLUB Q Le President . . Janet Studley F? Le Vice-President . . June Roberts Le Secretaire . . . Jerome Sheiffer Le Tresorur . . . Blanche Bernt Adviser . . . Miss Mary Waters Ne Parlez pas Anglais or "Don't spealc English," with an added 'iii you can pos- sibly avoid it" is understood during this club's meetings. Among other things this year, members saw a French movie, heard talks by people who have been abroad, including a boy who lived in Switzerland, and visited a museum. Ol course, belong- ing to the club doesn't guarantee an "A" opposite French on the little headache- cards every month, but, the object being to stimulate interest in and keep up to date on France, it does give the members practice in spealcing and understanding the language. Spanish-spealcing students gathered once a month, not only to gain a spealcing l4novvl- edge of Spanish, but also to have an en- joyable time. The club, including the busi- ness meeting, was conducted entirely Hen espanol." Trips were taleen and speakers were obtained to tallc on a variety oi sub- jects, all oi which vvere presented in Spanish. To Finish the year, the club had Hun alegre celebracionf' The members gained a general lcnowledge of Castillian countries and their customs, as vvell as Fluency in Spanish. SPANISH CLUB 97 President . . . Murray I-lelfant Vice-President . . . Nancy Tisdale Secretary . . . . . Helen Angino Adviser . . Mr. Francesco Argento 'LATIN CLUB President . . . Patsy Ralc Vice-President . Carlton Brown J Secretary . . . l-lelen Berger Treasurer . . . . Helen Slcendarian Program Chairman . . Nancy Neagle 'sb Adviser . . . . Miss Elizabeth Jewett - This club was established lor the purpose of promoting interest in the studies ol Latin and Roman l'listory. The members accom- plished this by means of entertaining slides, tallfs concerning Ancient Rome and its cus- toms, and parties conducted in the leisurely, lounging style of Cicero's day. The club was privileged to be entertained by Dr. George Land, who showed slides and spolqe on Roman Communications. The members ol the club agree that this is one ol the best ways to malce the study ol Latin a thoroughly worthwhile and interesting experience. Organized lor the purpose ol furthering the interests ol future educators, this club' has progressed far in its tour-year history. It is at present affiliated with the National Education Association and sponsored by' the Newton Federation ol Teachers. As activities this year the club helped in some social settlement houses and visited some' other Newton Schools. Designated mem- bers were guests at a meeting ol the Boston University chapter ol the Future Teachers. ol America. Discussions with the adminis- trative statl ol Newton l'ligh also helped the members study the problems ol handling. students. President . . . . Margaret Beale Vice-President . . Leslie Dolby Secretary . . . Joan Daniels Treasurer . . . Barbara Meaney Adviser . Miss Bates FUTURE TEACHERS INTERNATIONAL CLUB Preildent . . . . . Shirley Mlms Vice-President . . Cynthia Thompson , ty SCCVZYGVY - - . Rowland Pollard -UL, Treasurer . . Sylvia Bond Adviser . Mr Robert l-larris Ten members of tlwe lnternational Club represented Newton l-liglw School at the United Nations conference lweld at Beaver 'Country Day last fall, wlwere tlwey were en- tertained by internationally lamous states- men. The members of tlwe club conducted a radio broadcast on an international prob- lem. Lectures, discussions, and movies added to tl'1e interest ol tlwe club's activities. This club provided not only information, but a lot ol fun, too. In-N 1 This club was perhaps one ol the most active in the school. ln the Iall, Fire-arms were the main topic under discussion, with emphasis on safety in use. Individual projects, a study of hunting and Fishing lavvs, conservation, and pollution ol streams were topics for the vvinterls program. Toward the end ol the year, the vvhole school was invited to a demonstration on various types ol casting by experts. This led up to the clulis Final meeting-a Fishing trip which made use ol the lcnowledge gained during the year. President . . . . Charles Butter Vice-President . . John Farmer Secretary . . . . . Ted Parent Treasurer . . . Bruce Peterson Adviser . . Mr. Abner Bailey HUNTING 8g FISHING CLUB GIRLS' LEADER CGRPS X Girls are not chosen for this organization according to their athletic ability, but lor their ability to assist the gym teachers in gym classes and after-school sports. Also, it is their job to plan and assist at the All Girls' Assembly and the grand Finale, the Athletic Banquet. l'lere, letters, certili- cates, and sometimes special Udegreesn are awarded to those who have been out- standing in one way or another during the year. The Junior Red Cross Councils many and varied activities included helping the senior Red Cross stage a mock atomic bomb disaster, visiting the Boston Blood Bank, conducting the Junior Red Cross drive, and signing up volunteers tor Nurses Aide training at the Newton-Wellesley Hospi- tal. Their activities are not confined to the school year however, for they send delegates to Junior Red Cross conferences and conventions in the summer. The Junior Red Cross Council, though only two years old here at Newton High School, has gained a large following and proved its usefulness to the school and community. President . . . Sylvia Bond Vice-President . . Anna Plencll Secretary . . . Diana Boomer Treasurer-Recorder . . Katherine Zipf Adviser . . Miss Lanigan JUNICDR RED CROSS COUNCIL , , Q, LIBRAR Y CL B ,? President . . . . Anthony Leone 'will' iixiiwxxvritb I Vice-President . . . James l-lanlcs Secretary . . . . . Carole l-lalloran Treasurer . . . . . Nancy Quinn i . Adviser . Miss Nancy MacGilvrey i QL 'l The Library Club members vvorl4ed in the teachers, professional library, the sample textboolc library, the Junior College Li- brary, and their own high school library in Building l. Their vvorlc included running errands from one library to another, carry- ing messages all over the school, and marlc- ing and Filing books. Through these activi- ties the members were not only ol great service to the school, but also became ac- quainted vvith the various facilities oi the libraries. The club trip this year was to the Christian Science Monitor. They also held their annual party. if .J Nevvton l-ligh had First-hand weather re- ports, as the members ol the club made daily readings and posted them on the bul- letin board in Building ll. They rotated in groups of three, and used S bloclcs to ob- serve and talce notes of the weather condi- tions. lemperature, barometer pressure, vvind direction, and velocity were only a fevv things that Nevvton's Hvveathermenu recorded permanently. Llnusually high membership this year made the annual trips to Bedlord Airport and l-larvard Meteorological Station at Blue l-lills all the more enjoyable. President . . . . . John Saunders Vice-President . . William Shaughnessy Secretary . . . . . Alan Campbell Treasurer . . . . Lincoln Cummings Adviser . . Mr. Donald K. Davidson METEOROLOGY CLUB MOTION PICTURE af souAD av Adviser . Mr. Michael Gradone ip Few people realize the outstanding serv- ice rendered to the school and community by the Motion Picture Squad. This group of boys operates all the visual aids equip- ment lor the teachers and pupils in the school. The members are on call for all extra-curricular activities. ln addition, they have spent valuable time and operating slcill in running equipment lor Scout and church groups, P. T. A., Community Chest, Red Cross, and many other organizations. Re- cently they have made many recordings ol the Newton Schools' radio broadcasts and various programs and assemblies ol the school. For sharing their valuable lcnovvl- edge ol operating we certainly ovve much appreciation to the Motion Picture Squad. NATICDNAL HONCDR SOCIETY 37 ORCHESIS . - .JC . .4 ' 1 Adviser . . Miss Jane Cronin ' The memlcers ol the Crchesis enjoyed a very active season in the cluos second year of existence. The girls attended concerts ol such Well-lcnovvn dance artists as led Shawn, Jean Ergman, Jose Limon, and the Boston Dance League. They sponsored a master lesson with Jean l.eondestine in which nine other local schools participated. The club was shovvn movies of dancing techniques and Famous dances. They par- ticipated in the Spring Musical and danced with the Boston Dance Group. All these activities fulfilled the clulols purpose, to cultivate an interest in all types ol dancing. Lunchroom Captains Monday . . . Dorna Litcl'1Field,Jol1n Dutton Tuesday . . Beverly Moss, Murray l-lelfant Wednesday . . Nancy l-lood, l-larold Crosby Thursday . . Ann Walker, Charles Morrisey Friday . . , Jane Bergquist, Leon Martel Lunchroom Chairman . . Leon Martel Adviser . . . . Mr. Francis Foster GRANGE SHIELD OUTING CLUB if President . . . Beverly Moss 1 Vice-President . . . Sonya Olsen Q:-Y Secretary . . . Dorothy Maloney Treasurer . . . . . Jean Bordman Adviser . . Mrs. Janet McLaughlin The members ol the Quting Club had only one requirement for membership, a willingness to participate in its many ac- tivities. This club is very enthusiastic about its activities, which include hilting, skiing, ice-skating, bowling, and swimming. The feature ol the club was its two all-day outings in the Fall and spring. It held tvvo meetings a month, one for business, and the other lor an outing. Even with its full schedule, this club otlered its services to the promotion ol school spirit and co- operation. M' I ,:j't. What girl doesnlt vvant to be popular, dress stylishly, develop poise, and have many friends? These are just a levv ex- amples of vvhat the Personality Club aims to teach its members. During the past year the club had speakers, savv movies, dis- cussed the proper way to entertain, and also held a party to demonstrate what they had learned. They discussed what a good personality is and how to achieve good grooming. They put on a fashion show alter attending l:ilene's annual show. Through these programs the Personality Club showed its members hovv to become Hsliclc chicks" instead ol "drips" President . . . . . Alice Umans Vice-President . . Carole Seslcin Secretary . . . . . Pearl Sheriff Treasurer . . . Ann DiCarlo Adviser . . Miss Clara Ashley PERSONALITY CLUB RADIO CLUB an fi M. s ql-if x 'l 5 President . , . Lincoln Cummings 6 I V Vice-President . . . Paul Nlilott A if Secretary . . . David Borlcum 5 1 ' 1 - L, Treasurer . . . . Nathan Wise 0 A Adviser . . Mr. George Batt K Many students who have been in total ignorance about a radio have received val- uable l4novvledge about it through the Radio Club. The monthly meeting times have been talcen vvith lectures and actual practice in rebuilding and repairing radios. Some ol the members have even built com- plete radios and povverlul transmitters. Recently, the club has tal4en an added in- terest in the nevv Field ol television. An- nual trips have been tal4en in the past to museums with electronic displays, to radio stations, and to lVl.l,-ln. Also, exhibitions have been entered in the Newton l-ligh School Science Fair. 42 "Who are the ones responsible lor all the clever jingles'?" is a question Frequently asked during the football season. Those responsible are the members ol the hard- worlqing Rally Committee. All through the year they dream up jingles, slogans, and other ideas to arouse enthusiasm lor the athletic contests in which the high school participates. A great deal ol credit is due to these spirited guys and gals lor the large turnouts at the rallies and games. l'lats otl to the Rally Committee and cheerleaders for a hard job well donel Adviser . . Miss Muriel Smith RALLY COMMITTEE J SCIENCE CLUB f ai X V 1 President . . . . . Peter Rees J M4 Vice-President . . Bruce Macl.achlan W Secretary . . . . . Joan Harrell I ' Treasurer . . . . Marilyn Taylor X . I M'ss Al'c K ed , Advlsers ' ' 1 Mlss Moifa Seurlllvah This year the Science Club did much to arouse student interest in the sciences. Through the cluos many activities, the mem- gilts. They visited the lvl. l. T. laboratories, where they savv the large high-voltage generator and they also visited the nevv science museum on the Charles River. The main project ol the year vvas the very suc- cessful Science Fair held this spring. 44 bers became more conscious ol nature's fl The Rifle Club has shot to great success since its beginning just three years ago, The girl as well as boy membership has grown so much that the club is now divided into two groups For their weekly schedule of shooting at the West Newton Armory. This past year the club has had matches with Waltham, Malden, and others. They also had a team in the American Legion Tourna- ment, as well as in a newly Formed league which includes Waltham, Watertown, and Newton. A highlight oi this season was their annual outing to the Sharon Rod and Gun Club, Besides their active practice on Fridays, the club members also enjoyed regular monthly meetings in which they conducted business, viewed movies, and received National Rifle Association ratings awarded for their marlqsmanship. RIFLE CLUB President . . . . John Cannon Vice-President . Richard Thompson Secretary . . . Carol Sundstrom Treasurer . . . Emerson O'Brien I Mr. George Nye Advisers ' ' I Mr. Raymond Ethier SOCIAL Room ,w Social Board Adviser . . . Miss Margaret South ' X P fn p .V : i X 1 David Bianchi, Chairman ' V Q Betsy Payne Sarah Levy lf A A This year, as always, the Social Room savv many laces- interested ones the First day, sad ones alter report cards, happy ones the day belore vacations, and tired ones the day alter vacations. Every morning from 8:'lO to 8:25 it was crowded with students playing cards and games, reading, listening to records and the radio, and talking. The room was also open to the student body Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday afternoons, Monday and Thursday being reserved lor special activities. The student hosts and hostesses once more per- formed a wonderful service by making the Social Room so pleasant. The Spealcers' Bureau has been a vital organization this past year. The group has been instrumental in arousing much interest in speech in class rooms and school activi- ties. The bureau has been at the disposal ol all organizations within the school and in the community. An investigation was made this year ol the needs ol speech vvithin the school. Certainly, the members ol the Spealcers' Bureau have gained practical and valuable spealcing experience and have helped through their service many worthy organizations. Adviser . . Mr. William Spinlc i SPEAKERS BUREAU i TUSITALA . i Q Vice-President . . . . Ellen Berman Secretary . . . Nancy Steinberg Treasurer . . . . . Alice Baer Adviser . . Mr. T. Jerome Cutting -lusitala was tlfie club for tlwose students interested in creative writing. llwis se- lected group oi boys and girls, vvlwo some day lwope to be autlwors, playwriglits, or poets, gatlwered once a montli in tlwe lliurber Room to praise, criticize, and comment upon eaclw otlwer's masterpieces. Among tlie ac- tivities ior tlie year tlwey compiled an an- tliology ol tlwe poetry written by Newtonites during tlie last quarter century, assembled material for tlwe annual issue ol tlwe club magazine, Potluck, and considered man- uscripts submitted by pupils desiring mem- bership in time club. llweir meeting also in- cluded an annual Qpen l'louse, outings, and many informal discussions. Ihis yearls Workshop in Leadership and Community I.ile was composed ol thirty-six seniors and juniors, twenty girls and sixteen boys. The 'I95O45'I groupls main objec- tive was an exchange visit with Clarlc Summit, Pennsylvania, during the spring vacation. I-Iowever, belore they embarlced on their journey they spent many hours in research worl4 and Fund-raising projects. Their agenda included a visit to United Nations' headquarters in New York. The purpose ol this group's activities is to broaden their viewpoints and better under- stand the problems ol a dillerent section of America. l Miss Katherine Curtis Advisers . , Miss Mary Lanigan Mr. Michael Gradone WORKSHOP IN LEADERSHIP and CCDMMUNITY LIFE MUSIC CLUB 50 GIRLS' CHORUSES Adviser . . . MR. HENRY LASKER .-Q . sieve- 'rv Q: ,....vVq,:-. iviwl"fl,- I " s..Kr'f, . M ,Hz 4 44-MJ 1. :vny,.f..4,,1'4 '- , 51 44,1 'll1,L5'H'g-gli! G.x4,-J-f'.' 444fm..y 'ls 5- sx, N -. -my x is P Manager David Gordon Accompanist and Arranger David Jenn y Adviser Mr Wesley Merritt 4g,. lhe Boys' Chorus, a selected grc Fifty members, was an organization worl4 and enjoyment this year. During the fall, college sonfs phasized, and lollowing carols. "Stout l-learted Bread," HVanl4ee Chanty, ntexf g, "Donkey Serenade," ' Qla and songs from during the year. The biggest events ol the year were par- ticipation in the spring musical, '1Qn Your Marlo" and particularly, the sponsoring ol the Brown University Glee Club. The Boys' Chorus also sang a number with the Brown Glee Club, showing to the whole school their progress during the year. 52 BCDYS' CHCDRUS 'Q i 6 , ? A ,f 2 ,mfrxvf fm, Lw ' Lfu ' . "-" +1'gPfif - ' ' A 7 , , ,Y My GLEE CLUB LLWWA ,L 'L ww' 4 A CAP ELLA CHOIR 53 ,4 J' Q fl .X of 1,59 far Adviser, MR. WESLEY MERRITT 54 GRC:-IEST Q ' MW, MR. DONALD MARCH Av' ' BAND 5 2 2315 H I 5555 'Sf STAGE CREW DRAMA WORKSHGP Adviser, MR. JOHN SHERMAN 55 DRAMA CLUB 0 President . . George Thornton f N Vice-President . Murray l-lelfant Secretary . . Jeanne MacDonald Treasurer . Richard Losch Adviser . Mrs Jean Wiens Juniors and Seniors vvho were interested in the Field oi drama, vvere again given a chance to display their talent and gain ex- perience in this club. The September try- outs determined the limited membership, hovvever, and only the most promising can- didates vvere chosen. Among their rather professional productions of the year were the Christmas tableaux and The Winslow Boy, given in February. A theatre party vvas held to see the play I Know My Love with Allred Lunt and Lynn Fontanne. At their meetings, the members heard guest spealcers, reviewed plays, and were once entertained by a group from the Bishop-Lee School, which performed monologues and short sections from plays. "Push bacl4, Folks, give her room!" shouts a reporter, grasping a microphone. "Now, Miss X, where did you First start acting?', The Famous actress smiles, reminisces, then explains, "As a Neophyte at Newton l-ligh School" - lt's possible. Of course, not every member ol the club has these visions, but the sophomores are given a start in dramatics. For activities this year, the group participated in a talent show, enacted a slcit, and put on a one-act play at a sophomore assembly, I I lx.. n y 2 , I I 1 4 O 9 8 K 1 1 .4 i . ' l U w - 0 ' 'f 'gi' I 'W' 'l Y lt si X K l . NECDPHYTES President . . . Robert AClOlpl'l Vice-President . . . Paul Fithian Secretary . , . . Pamela Cook Treasurer . . . Roberta Ellison Adviser . . Miss Frances Smith i l 3 4 SENIOR PLAY l.ooking carelully around him to make sure Essie is not around, Kolenkov utters an emphatic, 'She stinksln about her conscien- tious practicing ol ballet. lhis and other amusing incidents, characterized by l.eon's unusual appetite lor bananas and Alice's innocence, along with the unseen parts played by those who assisted in put- ting on the production, combined to make this year's Senior Rlay, You Can't Take lr With You, a memorable success. Coach . Players: Alice Baer . Dorna Litchfield George Thornton David Bianchi Alice Lee . l-lenry l-ludson Elizabeth White Barbara Ruben Bruce Parker . . Murray l-lellant . . William Bradshaw. . Tom Bresnahan Richard Losch Roger Masters George Carolan . lcla Barooshian Leon Martel . Sam Gillix . . Miss Ann Sanguinetti Essie Carmichael . Alice Sycamore . . Mr. Kirby . . Tony Kirby Penelope Sycamore . . Kolenkov . Mrs. Kirby . . . Rheba . Mr. I-lenderson l G-Men . Grandpa . . Donald Paul Sycamore . . . Olga Ed Carmichael . . Mr. De Rinna 'lhe Orange Boolr is a pocl4et-size manual explaining the operation ol Nevvton l'ligh School. It contains a Floor plan ol the school and information on the school gov- ernment, clubs, sports, and laculty. The stalf members vvorl4 in May and June to prepare the booklet lor the lollovving sea- son. 'lhis year several revisions were made in the writing of the book. After reading past Orange Boolcs and Finding them too verbose, the stahf introduced a new idea ol describing the clubs and sports in outline lorm, so that the reader could get a clearer picture of each activity. l.ast June the statf members visited the junior high schools and sold ticl4ets which would be redeemed the next fall For copies of the Orange Boolc. Editor-in-Chief . . . Ellen Berman Assistant Editor-in-Chief . . Richard Harvey Adviser ...... Miss Clara Ashley ORANGE BCDOK LITERARY " MAGAZINE Editor-in-Chief ..... John Arnold Adviser .... Mr. Roland l-leintzelman Short stories, poetry, essays, anecdotes, and squibs were all in the Literary Maga- zine. This all-student publication was suc- cessfully presented in May this year. lts sixty-Four pages otlered a grand chance lor creative Writing. The organization, which is sponsored by the Department ol English, edited last year a wonderful collection ol children's stories entitled Clarence. A second edition was printed this year, due to its great popularity. Certainly, we can all recollect in future years our First pup- lished attempts and claims to fame which appeared in the Literary Magazine. EDITORIAL STAFF The Journalism Class, vvhich met twice a vveelc, published the school paper. In the First hali oi the year, First-year students vvrote the articles, vvhile the editors and second-year students savv that the paper was published. As the year vvent on, First-year students took on more responsi- bilities. Editors were elected tour times during the year, which gave many people a chance to gain experience from actually putting out a nevvspaper. Adviser ...... Mr. I'Iarry L. Waien ADVERTISING STAFF The members oi the Ad Staff were the salesmen Ior the Newtonite. They divided according to villages, with captains, to try to obtain ads. They also set up the dummy copy to be sent to the printer. Without this vvoridng start, the paper could not have existed. They did a good job, as vvas shovvn by the 'lad-full" First edition. Adviser . . . . Miss Virginia Aitieri NEWTONITE STAFFS 'f Editor-in-Chief . . . Anne Maziclc I Assistant Editor . . . . Richard l-larvey ' ' 4 f V 9' Adviser . . Mr. Sterling L. Williams Q-1 Q 12:24 i :..-,, I :If-:J Lf ' We lwave worked lward and liad mucli lun preparing your 795i Newtonian. llwis is not the laculty's, editors', or tlie stalls year- boolc, it belongs to you, tlwe student body. Being a member ol the Newtonian starl lwas never been an easy job, lor tlwere are many details demanding time and lward vvorl4. -llwe completion ol tlie Newtonian lwas been our objective lor a year. It is our lwope that some ol the entliusiasm and interest vve felt is evident to tlie reader, 62 NEW CLUBS DISCOPHYLES HOME ECONOMICS 63 SPDRTS U 'S' f I ' I Q I' .MJ Q 5 ,v , 11 X .Av . L ' V- j -0 'Z 1, I 0 I 2' 0 D sv " 1' ,JM J A' 9 ,' s Q mf .V I ff I "' 1 mam, x I Q i D 9 J P G D I Q F f I M 1 5, I 0 E ' gi' 'H if .2 llflll Co-Captains . . lEgEnSBfJTtr:I1n Coach . . . Warren Huston FCCDTBALL The 1950 football squad will long be ranked as one of Coach Warren l-luston's best. Qpposition was keen throughout the season, but thanks to a powerful for- ward wall and an equally potent backlield, the Garden City eleven enjoyed a winning season, tasting victory in Five out of nine games. Alter beating Belmont and Mel- rose in the initial games of the campaign, the Tigers sutlered consecutive heartbreak- ing defeats at the hands of mighty Brockton, Watertown, and Arlington. This Fighting juggernaut, however, climaxed the season by winning three of its last four outings, highlighted by a vengeful 40-O defeat of arch-rival Brookline. The consistent ground gaining of Co-Captain Bob Shannon, who tallied seventy-two points, the pounding tackles of Dan Cotfey, and the inspiring line play of Co-Captain John Dutton spear- headed a successful year on the gridiron for the Orange and Black. BASKETBALL The prospects for a successful T950-51 basketball season were not promising early in the year. Although Newton did defeat Belmont and Medford in pre-season non- league games, they were able to win only two ol their First four league games. Sud- denly, the Tigers roared and went on to win eight consecutive league encounters and Finished in a tie with Watertown for the Suburban League Championship. The Garden City and Watertown quintets en- gaged in a playoff game, the winner to enter the Eastern Massachusetts Tech Tour- ney. The Smithmen emerged the victor in one of the most exciting games of the year, with Brooks Parker putting in two foul shots in the Final seconds of overtime playl The Fine board work of Scotty Price, the Fight, speed, and playmaking of Duke lVlcGaw, John Krieder, and Dick Fitzpatrick, and the dead eye of Fred Dauten lecl Newton in acquiring a 'IO-Q league record and an overall record of TQ-4. Coach . . Mr. Reginald Smith Coach . . . Mr. J. C. Hall CO-Cdpfm - ligiigrlilfifgsllefm HOCKEY Although they got off to a'poor start, the 'l95'l Nevvton hocl4ey team rebounded. They suffered just one setback in their final six games and finished third in the Greater Boston lnterscholastic League. All-Star Doug Manchester led the Tigers to their highly successful season by scoring over half the team's goalsl After gaining just a tie in the first four outings, the Garden City sextet pulled off consecutive upsets against Stoneham and Belmont. Co-Captain Man- chester spearheaded both victories by scor- ing the hat triclc against Stoneham and then tallying four goals in the Belmont game. Just before they entered the playoffs, in which they tied Rindge lech and scored 3-Q triumphs over Stoneham and Medford, The l'lallmen were shut out by league champion Cambridge Latin. l-lighlights of the bright campaign were the consistent scoring of Manchester, the hustle and Fight of co-captain Don Thompson and Joe Cavallo, and the stellar defensive vvorlc of Johnny Walker, fred Sutherlund, and goalie Dan Coffey. INDOOR TRACK The indoor tracl4 team enjoyed another outstanding season. The excellent coach- ing ot Boyle, Consodine, and Gallagher saw the Terriers win all ol its dual meets capture its tenth Northeastern title, and Tinish just lourth from the top in the State Meet. Because ol their reputation as a power in the tracl4 circles, Newton had a tough time scheduling meets. They routed both Watertown and l.owell, and whipped the Golden Tornado ol Malden by the lop- sided score ol 53fQ4. The Northeastern Meet saw the Grange and Blaclc win with twenty-two points, without the aid ol a First in any eventl The State Meet was a bit of a disappointment, but the Garden City Finished a respectable lourth with eleven points. The names of Johnny Tripp in the 300, Captain Norm DiGiovanni in the hurdles, Bop Shannon in the 50-yard dash, Bop Morrison in the 600, and Dave Savoy in the high jump, stood out all through the T957 season. I w Captain Coaches 7L0'-" H, .: ' Norm Mr l M1 DiGiovanni Boyle , Consodine Gallagher so . 0 V Mr. Lamoine Boyle Coaches . , J Mr. Malcolm Gallagher Q Mr. Charles Consodine CUTDOCR TRACK The return of several lettermen and a successful indoor season augur well For a big year lor the Newton l-ligh outdoor track team. The team will be headed by such lettermen as Norm DiGiovanni in the low hurdles, Bob Shannon in the broad jump and dash, John Tripp in the 'lOO or QQO and shot put, George Flynn and Bob Morrison in the 440, and Dave Savoy in the high jump. An abundance ol promis- ing talent rounds out the squad. An in- novation in the 1951 edition of the Boiler- malcers is the addition of the pole vault to the regular schedule of eight tracle and three Field events. Coach Malcolm Cnal- lagher, spealcing lor Coach Lamoine Boyle and himself, said, "We should do well in the State Relays at Belmont, which Newton won last year, brealcing two records, and the Relays at the University of Massachu- setts. Prospects ol winning the State Meet are also excellentf' BASEBALL Coach Howard Ferguson has high hopes ol a successful 'l95'l baseball season. The Tigers will be strengthened by the return ol several lettermen and also an ex- cellent crop of newcomers from the Junior Varsity and Sophomore teams. The pitching stahl might well develop into one oi the Finest mound crews that the Garden City has seen in recent years. Two right handers, Bob Schlosberg and Gibby Stud- ley, are expected to do most of the pitching. Much aid is also expected from the arm work of Ronnie Ruio, Fred Sutherland, Art Perkins, and Bob Bounato. AI Phinney and Barkey Boole will be back again at First and third base respectively, while Don Flagg and Dave Bonnar, or John Krieder and Neil Campbell should sup- plement in giving the Tigers an airtight in- field. John Higgins, Fred Keith, Dan Corley, and Don Thompson will spell Mouttieldn tor the Garden City nine, while the catching problem has been solved with the installation of Fred Dauten, outfielder ol a year ago, and Lee Carder. With plenty of experience, a power laden batting order, and a sensational pitching staht, the outlook for the 'l95'l baseball team is brilliant. Head Coach Mr. Howard Ferguson Assistant Coach Mr. Harold Hawkes Coach . . Ed Poskitt BOYS' TENNIS Defend that titlel lhatls the cry of the Newton tennis team and its coach, Ed l3osl4itt. ln 1950 the Tigers went all the way, winning the state championship, This year Newton will Field two hold-over vet- erans in Jaclc Bailey and John Marshall. Besides Bailey and Marshall, coach Poslcitt Figures to round out the squad with some excellent material from last year's junior varsity. The reputation ol Newton in the tennis ranks has always been a high one and this year the Grange and Blaclc sched- uled approximately ten matches with top Flight competition. Fight and determination was displayed throughout the season. GOLF The 'l95'l golf team, under the coaching of Mr. .lack l-lall, will attempt the unen- viable task of defending the State Cham- pionship, The outlook for keeping the name of Newton on top of schoolboy golf ranlcs is questionable. Qnly two veterans will be returning from last year's champion- ship squad, thus most of the team will be comprised of inexperienced golfers. It can be assured, however, that the Garden City golfers will display much determina- tion and give it their utmost in attempting to defend Newton's distinction as state champion in golf. Coach . . . Jack l-lall BOYS INDOOR TRACK Newrou vuswoqs 'WATE RTOWN 44 as NMALDEN .rs 1+ iLOWELL sf, . L Non3EUEf?n?H535! FEET N 55631 54 F5 5 fm. BROOKHNE 54 BELNO T 49 MEDFORD Jo RINDGE TECHQ7 WATERTOWN54. ARLINGTON 41 WAUHAM za CAHBRIWFMDH 58 BROCKTON 40 BROOKUNE 4s NXIATERTOWN as gunna: Tzu-l Sl YQLPBRIDGEIATIN 45 RXIALTHAM av ,aqunerou 48 BPFXXLINE 38 wrrmrowm 49 47 Ewge55Ec'341EEi'i5NETfL GIRLS apsvgerafu Nevfrow v-snoqe. qmeqms1,.fnn sz v.q WATEPJOWN be. 2.1 Bova BASKETBALL MELRQSE newron vu asrogs DT 45 GIRLS Fuel NEE N BOY5 ICE HOCKEY NEWTON VISITORS MEDFORD . mnoe: TECH . ARLINGTON 1. HE'-R052 L STONEHAH 4 BEL MONT .r CAHBRIDGE LATIN 0 RINDGE TECH 1 STONEHAH 5 r-reoroqo 5 'I Pcmsv Nsvnon vnsv10RS KM o 0 JKJSE L Q aorfums 1 o 'VFVEFRTOWN 1 1 FOOTBAL L WALPOLE NEWTON vasrroas BEL H ONT zo MELROSE I5 BROCNTON -r WATERTOWN IJ ARLINGTON -1 MEDFORD I9 upvsm-mn 10 W,ALTH,AM 14- aaoonune 10 15 . Joan Manley Miss Joyce Tyson I Captain Coach 'JJ JIV' 0' 3 TM 2 nt, .Q L-f'-'WJ f fl' , M' ,fy yffs 1 ,J 1 1 ,I 1- ' " c P 1,-1 .,,Ji . -f'0 ,QV Ja fd PL.: , MW 4 Aja! 2' FIELD HGCKEY Another successful season lor those gals in orange and blaclcl Undeleated for thirty-six games, eleven played this year, our hockey teams have shown excellent spirit, cooperation, sportsmanship, and abil- ity. The outstanding game of the tall was Newton vs. Walpole. Although Walpole had been undefeated for seven years, New- ton came through with a hard-Fought 6-O victoryl The forward line combination ot Kuebler, Moss, Morse, and Wallace rushed continually forward despite all opposition, while the defence including Rando, Man- ley, Qlsen, Lehrer, and Wayman loomed lilce a briclc wall before the opponents' otlence. Worlcing together, the two lines put the team on top ancl gave Nl-lS a record of which to be proud. l GIRLS' BASKET BALL Hcmon girls, let's go-ofll' That cheer has seen our baslcetball varsities through many a tough situation and has kept them on top. With the cooperation and team- worl4 displayed by such girls as Bev Moss, .loan Manley, Mary Costanzo, Pat Morse, Jane Wallace, and Marilyn Tanner, Newton has managed to defeat Melrose, Cambridge Latin, Watertown, Weston, and other rivals. Although these girls will be missing from next year's teams, the Sophs and Juniors will move up and carry on the Fine example ot lair play and team spirit which has been demonstrated by our varsities this year. Coach . . Miss Joyce Tyson Captains - l miflllelcllfl Utf -vvuou JJ" Ji- ,I ji K ,lf 5 Q vs L . M WJ WN! 0 57 .Fo JU Y' I , F, Coach . Miss Joyce Tyson y.M""l ' ui W" WA. 7. SOFTBALL Softball, a four-year-old varsity sport in which Newton has been undefeated, again attracted a large group of enthusiasts who showed plenty of spirit and ability. The girls worlced constantly to improve tech- niques and team play. Their efforts were rewarded. After much practice, they rose to their height in big games against Mel- rose, Winchester, Watertown, and Wind- sor. Credit for their successful season goes both to the varsity members, including some old "pros" such as Bev Moss, Pat Morse, Joan Manley, Marilyn Tanner, Jeanette Costa, .loan Daniels, and Valerie Kuebler, and to all other girls who worked faithfully throughout the season. GIRLS' TENNIS After an undefeated season in 1950, the tennis girls toolc up their rackets for another sparkling year. The varsity vvas made up of about fifteen members vvho rotated for each tournament. Three singles and tvvo doubles were played vvith each school, this year's competition came from l-lingham, Melrose, Broolcline, Cambridge Latin, Watertown, Belmont, Winchester, and Needham. Three Seniors vvho left their impressive records to be carried on by Sophs and Juniors, are Sonya l:rutl4in, Sally 0,Neil, and Virginia Murphy. The girls are given every opportunity to play in the varsity games, since the team is not limited as in many other high schools. Coach . . Mrs. Janet B. McLaughlin i 'W aQf ' T 40' Q 9' . 1 35 ., ' ' ggyvff AV 5' as ,Ji X ' 5, 3 9 Myw WX A V? jc uv W J instructor . . Group Chairmen Mi:s Jan: Cronin l' Marcia Kehew l Muriel Wclfe , Vera Sobey lfxnn Fitzpatrick MODERN DANCE The Modern Dance Group, sponsored by the Orchesis and the Girls, Gym De- partment, spent many afternoons this year practicing and perfecting dance techniques. This popular activity is divided into three classes, according to the ability of each girl, the Apprentice, Workshop, and performer. The groups participated in several per- formances besides attending theatre exhibi- tions. -lhey were hosts to many high schools at the second annual symposium, entertained on the Spring Parents, After- noon, and did several dances in the Spring Musical, On Your Mark. The Performer class, being the most experienced, vvas especially active in the various Modern Dance Group programs. TRADE SCHOCJL BASKETBALL paced by the leagues high scorer, Eddie O,Keele, the Newton Trade basketball team enjoyed a highly successful season. Besides the consistent scoring of Olfeele, vvho tallied a total ol Q58 points, this voca- tional quintet vvas also sparked by the out- standing otlensive and defensive work ol Ronnie lVlacDonald and the brilliant play- making of John Pope. The Trade School hoopsters posted a league record of eight wins and six losses, while gaining a total season mark of ten triumphs against six set- backs. Long to be remembered were the 43419 battle vvith Lynn and the tvvo ex- citing Everett encounters. ln the vvorcls ol Coach Frank Daley: ul vvas very pleased vvith this year's record and look forvvarcl to an even better season next year, since l will lose only tvvo lettermen and will have both MacDonald and Cylfeele back to spark- plug our team." Coach . . Frank Daley ' o o F I Y ' 9 I f ' ' ' I A u xr ,, 1 f' - ' ' ' N M -'NV in , . I -, - . L iv. Q C.-L-.4 654,-Q ,X x ' . . "'f,,-s- f A' 'V X ' - ' Us-.Ag .s 'U x 'Sa fb I , fl ,, NA., N in "x"'5'i-as , - X., .Q -fi , V5 Q-.5 - X X L. 5- fl X Q OD snug., l ,QV--3 J Y' AAQ, Q- - K lf. I ffl, 1 . 4,..' x ' -, J 3 fs H13 fv 'WI kink' 'itz X M fy 1 W, Q 1 N 1' 9, 1 , V Y ' Q1 5 g B if Q S D o x I 9 0 7 5 f' ' Q vi . ' V N 5 , g 5 s ' 0 " J . IJ I Q P O U U s ., u U Q C Q Tunes 3,2 '17 K We J mf-11' N ,L x E 'F 'JL Bs.. . -.-7' K.L Jax Q, , lb . .., 252'-' Q Q11 a xg, 349 -qfkz 3 T . a QE Cap'n Speaks . .... . . 1' K . 1 r lf' TMR? Umm . . . . . . crew listens Au"dm4ed"0ue 'xBoSun"arxd matz P RTH LES Bones awemh Movand buckztsquad Land Iubbers Heave ho 69' '- i - l CAROL V 5" Yourgasu eos sufxnuo DORNA JOHN DUTTON ' UTCHFIELD' 6 .2-Y i H g fails! 32 pgfp 3 . .,: ' 20 un' 1 JANQ BERQUIST DAWN DOUGALL 9ORN,A LITCHFIELD Boa 5s.ymNoN sm wqnav, ENDL nfxvn D .mm am aeaqunsr GOUDREAU N,aNcY Hoon ,was e,qarg HU 5-ILL FA NT VID V J,ANf. BERQULST Leon n,ArgTe.L .1o,m NORMAN on euov nm nc DCRNOTT F Qgm Qmwy I aavequr rlOS5 JOHN pnsems FOOD .1 Ns, BFRQUQT Leon ruxffrel. 5H1q:.e:Ymms Leon f1,AFQTEL if gg Sf ? New Y i XE' ia are X Y J' iQ.wa .nga X his , Sax-v ' Kr 5 :- l A ul .fg- CAROL- o,qv:Q -Q DORNA JOHN seems ' LlTCHFlEL H ff"l Xfijgxi Q BEST Loorgme DORNA Pf-T MORSE Boa 5HfXNN LITCHFIELD DAVID BLANC!-Il if -'H' , .. , JOAN MANLEY e,AFpqsy3ooLe .J,qNg DAVID I seRQUIST TNWNATW Subiect English Math Lunch Comic Strip Character Dick Tracy Lil Abner Orphan Annie Local Establishment l-loward Johnson's Brigham's The Pole INTELLIGENTM Lewin Television Show Broadway Open l-louse Milton Berle Howdy Doody Pastime Dancing Sports Sleeping CULTURED - Buddington WIT Billy Kaye Charlie Brown Judy Stetson GULLIBLE Alice Miller Don Gochberg Jean McDermott Radio Program Boston Ballroom Bob and Ray Lux Theatre MODEST-M Harvey ORIGINAL l-lal Crosby Nancy l-lood Leon Martel EXECUTIVE Dave Starlcweather Marty Aronson Murray l-leliant SOPHISTICATED lda Barooshian Janice Regan Murray l-lelfant MUSTCIAN - Ufford TYPICAL N. H. S Jane Berquist John I-liggins Dorna Litchfield R ESP ECTED Dave Starkweather Sam Turner Bob Shannon POLITICO Leon Martel Murray l-lelfant Dave Starlcweather MODEST Richard l-larvey Dave Starlcweather Charlie Brown MATURE Shirley Mims Dave Starkweather Barbara Ruben SA LESMAN Leon Martel Murray l-leliant Sam GiIFix DRAMATIST - Thornton Magazine Life Seventeen Sport Food Steak lce Cream Clams DONE MOST FOR N Leon Martel Dave Starlcweather Anne Mazick DONE N.H.S. FOR THE MOST Wright Lewis Curtis l-lookway Frank Keohane ARTIST Bill Fitten Claire Paisner Anne Walker DRAMATIST George Thornton Martha O'Callaghan lcla Barooshian MUSICIAN Lois Lltiord Bruce Flegal Ed Cass .H.S. OPTIMIST - Maguire INTELLIGENT Dan Lewin Roger Masters Murray l-lelfant CULTURED Dave Starkweather Ruth Buddington Charlie Brown BROADMINDED George Thornton Beverly Moss Jay Freeman Band Guy Lombardo Vaughn Munroe Ralph Flanagan ORIGINAL-Crosby OPTIMIST Barbara Maguire Dick Fitzpatrick Janice Regan HARDEST WORKER Anne Mazick Leon Martel Sam Turner Song Nevertheless The Thing Thinking of You Car Cadillac Convertible Anything that goes SOPHISTICATED Barooshian r xl E-FPEQ3 My I VJUNI L X I I '7 I 55 NOFX I YK ow Eat r-L' sxxx X o UOAY Hop FOOT BN-L DAN MPR qOUPy xx. 71, W IIVJLOH, GQ, N GFXADU xx AT 6 I I 1 I I I x SENIOR NIGHT Q9 GIPXL5' BPNQ T 74174 Wt EA ION N X X X I I I I I 1 I I 1 SHIFV5 CQUQ545 A LASSUIV 51 . q 135 l951 SOPI-IOMCRE CLASS ENTERS NEWTON HIGH AMID CHEERS OF TEACHERS CDonFt asI4 a Senior howto Find a room? CLASS TEN PLANS OWN GET-ACOUAINTED PARTY FOR THE AFTERNOON FIRST FOOTBALL DANCE ATTENDED BY FIVE HUNDRED ODD NEWTONITES 51,500,000 STOLEN FROM BRINKS', MR. GREEN TOURS WESTERN STATES COMMITTEE APPOINTED TO MAKE ARRANGEMENTS FOR TOTEM POLE HALLOW- E'EN HOP NEWTON BATTLES WALTHAM TO A 0-0 DEADLOCK TIGERS TAKE TURKEY DAY CLASSIC: NEWTON 24, BROOKLINE I3 Cgporty as a CadiIIac, ShiFty as a gear, That's the team that Newton has, Thatis the team to cheer, THE-A-IVI. Yea, TeamID ZIMBLER SINFONIETTA INVADES ASSEMBLY PROGRAMS VESPERS PLANNED FOR CHRISTMAS BY DRAMA AND MUSIC GROUPS "SING OUT, SWEET LAND" REHEARSALS EXTEND INTO THE WEE HOURS OF THE MORNING CDown in the yaIIey, valley so Iovv That's the place, dearie, where they Have schooI when it snowsl RELUCTANT JUNIOR STUDENTS HERDED BACK TO SCHOOL STOCK YARDS C"Can I heIp you Find Room 'I4O, Sophomore? WeII, you take the tunnel to Building II, etc.HD HALLOWEEN REVELRIES TAKE TOLL OF GOAL POSTS JUNIOR DANCE DECORATIONS ASTOUND HUNDREDS Winter Carnival theme carried out by snow-bound decorations committee NEWTON SPENDS LIFE WITH FATHER FOR ONE WEEK-END 92 5355 VALENTINE DANCE CALLS FORTH POETRY "Roses are red, Violets are IJIue, IVIy IVIuzzeyIs edition Is not brand newf' MIKADO PASSES OUT BLUE CARDS TO STUDENT BODY ROPE-CLIMBING IN BOYS' GYM VERIFIES EVERY CONTENTION OF THE LATE CHARLES DARWIN INCOMING SENIOR CLASS OBSERVES THAT TWENTIETHQCENTURYSSCIENCE HAS DEVELORED A DOZEN WAYS TO LENGTHEN LIFE BYQTEN YEARS AND WOO WAYS TO SHORTEN IT BY FIFTY STUDENT AT FOOTBALL DANCE SENDS DRUMMER A JACK-KNIFE WITH THE FOL- LOWING NOTE: LIDO you know vvhat's inside your drum?" SENIORS CONTEND THAT YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITHIYOU First Detective: "Which one is it?" Third Detective: "This is him." STUDENTS ORGANIZE BOYCOTT OF CAFETERIA FOOD. THEY REFUSE TOIEAT SPAGHETTI, REMEMBERING THAT WASHINGTON SAID "BEWARE OF FOREIGN ENTANGLEMENTSH . SENIOR SING REVEALS HIDDEN MUSICAL TALENT STILL HIDDEN .I "As I was waII4ing down the beach One bright and sunny day, . . RESTLESSNESS RUNS THROUGH CLASS AS SENIORS REALIZE ONLY ONE HUNDRED THIRTEEN DAYS LEFT SENIORS EAT SURRER OF BEANS WHILE KOREANS DINE ON CAVIAR MARCHING SOCIETIES ORGANIZED AS PERIODIC FIRE DRILLS BECOME THE FASHION Green Ieads students to and from IJuiIdings with eIarmin3 frequency. PROM AND SENIOR NIGHT RASS INTO THE ANNALS OF HISTORY HI was waItzin9, with my darIin3, To the Tennessee Waltz . . STAMPEDE AT GRADUATION ENDS THREE-YEAR TERM OF THE CLASS OF '51 93 uni' Cl-IADTED WA EDS SXXXXXXI 5SXXX5SKSS!S5i!S SXXSXIRKXXXQ ITEM 'ADDDENTICE 15012143 Opfomf Ju A0 Ham Colon OF HAIR Exaowm z9wzonva WW 6405.57 75 BEA Jsfwon MAAWJ Dfsfnf: Z-MF 0F ARRIWJL 8, 0 o 771:16 ofoffxnmeg 3.13 Q! X!!! xxx! xxxsx xxxxss xN,xxxu . .STUD Y Pgmao Gaze A7 .7a,vmn.s, Book COLLEGE CHOICE f0.c5A5E mspozfr ro 314 Jcnooz aoaxs Omfvcf z90oAf HAR wma Wfffne 1.5 1717 C EEE. lflfirr D417 Qxxx DUST COLLECTORJU MATE ' fJ'Rl Affmwmmfw Gnfrr 7711. GOTNEX7' Y 75 ag A Jzfvfon 8.15 1 :Joy OHZE AT sffvfam- 71277 B ooff 'Dina azacfraoo I7 of Hman: IWW Wfmr? lfA5r0vfR.wve M 1!!XlXlKliliill1KS!KliKX Xlkiitikliiltililii CAPTAIN KSR3 JAY Now Wyms fffnfvrl 1 Kafzfefvfrk M747 70 po 2 75 B614 .sofwmoea 8-Z.9A1vaf.9.vfcfwos a 53 Q1 fnzf oefrfmffmwuf ll if 771 'Y PE 'R 5. S -'l x uutluuu ,045 -.exam AIDS Q fhzmmfw vffffrvmfoae 2 I Dom? JAY ? Affzftf VKGKKSXKKCC 'CCSSKCCCSKdidtidCQSXKSKKKSGCYSKCSCKCKKSXKKKKCCCQXQSXKKKQCKKKKCKCKCKKSilx' Gxnxxuxmxxnlsxxintnhnuu x x ns xx nun s x xnxx hx xyxxx yy yy yl L I , I I ' 1 I A .Z Z 95 ! E I s s s Q ,ra 6Q Q 446. 403 5" 9 V :Zi Q 'M is emm- w C H -' 4 'K' 'an' Ax159lal5nn0'm.Sn" Zn nl' 4 50 'G 5 :, l In ,ll Q 5 4. inf Be it remembered that we, the senior class of 'l95'l, being of unsound mind, and even un- sounder memory, and until now in Full possession of the faculty, do hereby bequeath, devise, assign, grant, bestow, and sling out the window all our worldly goods pertaining to N. l"l. S., apportioning them as follows, to wit Cand l use the term looselylz Firstly: We bequeath in general to our still-suffering successors the following: A private cafeteria in every cloakroom For S block use Soothing door chimes to replace jangling bells Disappearing red ink for report cards Non-stick folding partitions in the gym No-school signals the night before so that students may slumber on undisturbed in the morning Chrome and leather fixtures and drive-in facilities for the cafeteria A four-color, seventy-page Newtonite Cfun for the journalism classy The real McCoy in Fire drills Radiators under the stadium seats The Thing Secondly: We bequeath to the following groups: To the faculty - electrified grass to discourage short-cutters To the Grange Shield - an electronic eye to detect food being smuggled out To the teachers, en masse- one dozen gross of red pencils and one pencil Sharpener To the Anti-Smoking Committee - more study periods To all chemistry classes - the valence table To homeroom teachers - vacuum cleaners for emptying the light globes To the stage crew - accident insurance To the Cavalry Club - padded saddles To the hockey team W- a Newtonville Garden To the office staff - a pair of scissors Qfor cutting red tape? To study hall teachers - X-ray vision To First Aid classes - plastic dummies to practice on in place of real ones And Lastly: We bequeath in particular to the following individuals: To Dr. Land - all-boy classes To Miss Tyson - a hockey team like this year's To Mr. Smith - a TV show all his own To Mr. l'lall - two extra hours of chemistry per class each week To Mr. l-leintzelman - one scarecrow ffor his vegetable gardenl To Mr. l'lolmes - a dictaphone to record his assignments To Miss Bates - a short French course To Miss Kennedy - the other earring To Miss Leathers - a 36-hour day To Mr. Conners - a stiff left jab AND to Mr. Green, Dr. Drake, and Mr. Barry-as model a class to Fill our shoes as we have been. Thus, having duly made known our wishes, and having executed a great deal more than this last will and testament in our three years at N. l-l. S., we do hereunto affix our hand and the Good l-lousekeeping Seal of Approval. We're offl 97 4. 8? Q Q f ,Q YQ , Q IMA Q AWIQII Q 5 915 ,:l","'B,,'lI, ap Qrajlfoi y l 1 . f af' S .,,, via 0- ' iiiassgg it it DONE MOST FOR JUNIOR CLASS MARITA MOWER BOB ELKINS BUNNY JOHNSON BOB O'NEIL FRIENDLIEST BUNNY JOHNSON BOB O'NE!L MARITA MOWER BOB ELKINS MOST HUMOROUS HOPE DUGUID JOHN LUCIANO LUCY THOMAS LARRY THOMPSON F .'A.- , ,.A: ,Vg W Y s MOST ATHLETIC BETTY LINTON FRED DAUTEN PAT LITTLEFIELD JOHN LUCIANO September 11, 1950, found the class of 1952 baclc under the jurisdiction oi the School Department again, but in a new status, which would be all our own for the year 1950-1951. We were juniors, in our second year at Newton l-ligh, which, in a four-year high school, corresponds to the sophomore year, whence the adjective Hsophomoricf, And we were sophomoric, thank goodnesslaa healthy manifestation ol our spirit, untrampled by our times. Although nothing happened during this year to set us apart from other junior classes, we were in a position to enjoy school life. Unlike the sophs, we lcnew where 127, 314, and the Main Office were, and who goes to these places For what reasons, what blue cards are lor, and which is Building Three. Nor were we, like the seniors, worried by thoughts of colleges and careers, the spectre of college boards, and the twinges of nostalgia that beset many who leave the top of one heap for the bottom of another. CWe were still on the way to the topj We were wonderful, magnificent. O 15 ' 9' 0 QD vh T O li V Jo 0 3.0 :Q '54!"i:5p' av l if fo V J A, ,- Perplexed, yet somehow confident and eager to lace life at Newton l-ligh, the new sophomore class had gathered to- gether in the assembly hall to hear Mr. Green give the intro- ductory address. On the stage stood the Great White Father ol the Main Oltice, opening the gates ol this noble institution to several hundred curious, noisy kids. We remember well those blessed days when we were half an hour late lor our First class because we were lost on the sixth Floor of the rambling yellow hulk known lamiliarly as Building One. Who can forget the time some poor devil took the wrong entrance to the tunnel and ended up in the Park Street subway station? Since those days we have succeeded in our struggle to be- come recognized, to Ubelongi' to a group. We have joined clubs, committees, and teams. And even though that heartless English teacher was awfully strict and our unleeling math in- structor gave out more homework than anyone else in the school, most ol us actually managed to avoid acquiring any knowledge whatsoever from our classesl Thus, with a prayer in our hearts and an Orange Eoolr in our pockets, we stand ready to lace our next years at Newton l-ligh. We may have entered as kids, but we will graduate as men and women, won't we, sophomores? x YA . S. 1 DONE MOST FOR , N' X SOPHOMORE CLASS P. I, PAM COOKN if if DAVE DEVILO ,L sifviomr SOLOMONT 01 f' BOB WALTON 4 gd! A ' - pf'F " zu 1- j T V! T ' , 1 n , , I l o gm slr MOST HUMOROUS ALLAN BRASH ROBERTA ELLISON BOB ADOLPH MARTHA MAGEE MOST ATHLETIC DANIEL DEGEORGE SHIRLEY SWAINE BOB MOSS DEBBY HARVEY ik' ' HY ATOMXO RESEARCH THE FINISHING TOUCH IT FELL THE PLAYS' THE THING THE WORLD SMILES' WITH HER 00-OOF THE SPIRIT THE TRUTH THE LOST C'H.0KD or N.H..S'. MUNCHIIWAT LUNCHEON PUTTIIYG UN THEH EA T BASTE' UPON EXPERIENCE ,X fi ii 5 35 5 N ff if 5 1: 3 4 Q4 I a w V E 2. 3 I TRADE SCHOCL CDN OUR MARK Nearly Four liundred students participated in tlwe spring musical at its four performances. llmis slwow was unique in tlwat tlie libretto was written by members ol lest yearls Creative Writing class and tlwe music was composed by pupils ol tlwe lVlusic llweory group. MEX RENA PATRICIA ABORN 53 Gay Street, Newtonville Chief failing: Talk too long on the phone Favorite pastime: Sports, Music Pet quotation: "Know thyself" Suppressed desire: To travel 1: Brighton: Occupational Therapy: Future Teachers of America 3: Music Club 3: English Club 3: Camera Club 3: Girls' Chorus 9: Ad. Committee, Science Fair 9. DONALD ALBERT ACETO 18 Talbot St., West Newton Donny Favorite pastime: Drawing, Swimming Pet quotation: "You only live once," "You can't take it with you" Suppressed desire: Be able to play the Diano well 9 ll: Warren: Work, College: Boys' Chorus BETTY ALLEN 1 Mt. Ida Ter,, Newton Betty, Betsy, Betts Chief failing: Being late Pet quotation: "l guess so," "ieeksl" Suppressed desire: To help out the poor ll: Bigelow: University of Conn., Bates, Alpha Beta 1: Music Club 1, 3: Stage Workshop 3. NANCY HARRIET ALLEN 108 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Nan Chief failing: Talking Favorite pastime: Day dreaming Pet Quotation: "No joke!" Suppressed desire: To slide down a spiral banister ll: Lear School Florida: College: Girls' Chorus 1, Q: f-lomeroom Manager Q: Refreshment Committee for Sr. Play 3: English Club 3: Honor Roll 3. ELINOR DIANE ALPERT 44 Hobart Pd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Math, history recitation Favorite pastime: Wine, man and song Pet quotation: 'Know Thyself" Suppressed desire: To be on radio or television I: Weeks: College: Chorus 1, 2, 3, Music Club 1, 3: Neophytes 1: English Club 3: Personality Club 9:Office work 3: Newtonite Ad. Staff 3: Honor Roll 3. MARIE ANN ALTERIO Q2 Cook St,, Newton Favorite pastime: Dancing, Tennis Pet quotation: "Don't let your ignorance overestimate your intellectual capa- city!" Suppressed desire: To travel abroad VI: Day: Business School: Music Club 1, 9, 3: Social Room Hostess 3: Tennis 9: Assistant in 315. 5.1: J' 'Wms 1, , 'tc 121,755 106 ANTHONY AMENDOLA 304 Adams St., Newton Favorite pastime: Billiards l: N. Y. Military Academy: Veterinarian. JOHN AMICANGIOLI 839 Boylston St., Newton Highlands- Jay, Ye "Olde" Man Chief failing: Studying Favorite pastime: Music Pet quotation: "Man Alive" Suppressed desire: Music, Sports I IV: Weeks: Popular singer: Boys Chorus. 1, 9. JAMES LASSETTER AMIDON 343 Otis St., West Newton: Jim Chief failing: Languages Favorite pastime: Sports l: Warren: Reed College, St. Lawrence University: Boys' Chorus 1, Q: Aviation 3. BARBARA ANASTASIA Q8 Melville Ave., Newtonville Barb Chief failing: Being late Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "Hi Beast" lV: Day: Bookkeeper: Girls' Chorus 1: Music Club. JUDITH MAE ANDERSON 55 North Gate Pk., West Newton "Judy" Chief failing: Being late Favorite pastime: Knitting. Pet quotation: "Evidently" IV: Warren: Secretary: Nevvtonite 'li Girls' Chorus1: Honor Roll 3. MINA ALEXANDRA ANGELUS 5 Larch Rd., Waban Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Making fun of sopho- mores. Pet quotation: "Wait until you hear this One. Suppressed desire: To Graduate! I: Warren: Simmons:Music Club 1, 9, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, SZ, 3: OutinS Club 1: French Club Q: Orange Shield 9: Archery 3: Workshop 3. HELEN LUCILLE ANGINO 47 Sheldon Rd., Newton Centre l, Weeks, Trinity, Tennis1, 9, 3, Spanish Club Q, 3, Secretary 9, 3, Personality Club Q, Pres. 2, Outing Club Q, Social Room Hostess Q, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers SZ, 3,Jr.Dance Comm. SZ, S ringConcertQ, 3, Honor Roll SZ,Orange Shjield 3, Legislature 3, Executive Council 3, Future Teachers 3, Halloween Dance Committee 3, Office Assistant 9, 3. MARY ANN ANTONELLIS 69 West St., Newton Chips, Anti, May Favorite pastime: Dancing, sports, cooking Pet quotation: "Come on" IV, Day, Secretary, Social Room Hostess. JUSTINE APPLETON 147 Oakleigh Rd., Newton 58 Jussy, Jus, Tina Chief failing: Finding time to do my home work. Favorite pastime: Reading Cwhen I have timel , ll, Bigelow, Framingham State Teachers Collesef Orange Shield Q, Future Teachers 3, Outing Club 3, Candy Committee for Mikado 9, Helped with Sobhomore Elections 1, Honor Roll 1, 9, National Honor Society 3. JUDITH ARMSTRONG 78 Highland Ave., Newtonville I, Day, Hood College, Music Club 1, 9, 3, Newtonian Staff, French Club Q, 3, Football Dance Committee 3, Qlee Club 1, Q, 3, Marching Band 1, 9, 3, Mikado Committee, Concert Band 9, Orchestra A, 3. JOHN ARNOLD 596 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Writing, Music. l, Weeks, Harvard, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Debating Club 1, 3, Tusitala Q, 3, President 3, Band 1, Q, 3, Vice-President 3, Or- chestra "A" 1, 9, Board of Literary Masa- zine 1, 9, 3, Editor-in-chief 3, Legislature Q, Newtonite Q, Publicity Committee of Junior Dance 9, Publicity Committee 1st Football Dance 3, Recipient of Harvard Prize Book 2, National Honor Society Q, 3, Chairman of Class Rings Committee 9, 3, Assistant Business Manager of New- tonian 3, Assistant Business Manager of Orange Book 3, HonorRoll1,9, 3, Work- shop 3. ROBERT J. ARNOLD 35 Davis St., West Newton Bob Chief failing: Everything in general Favorite pastime: Rita Magnarelli Pet uotation: "Ya wanna walk?" ll,GDVarren,Construction work in Colo- rado, Cavalry Club. 107 DONALD E. ARONSON 36 Brackett Rd., Newton Don Chief failing: Putting things off until the last minute l, Weeks, Dartmouth, Yale or Harvard, Homeroom Manager 1, 2, Newtonian Representative 9,Spanish Club 3, Football Dance Committee 3, Newtonian Sports Staff 3, Legislature 3, Social Room Com- mittee 3, Senior Play Committee 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, Anti-Smoking Committee 3. MARTIN ARONSON 1071 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Marty l, Weeks, Dartmouth, Brandeis, Rutgers, President of Neophytes1, Neophytes Play 1, Sophomore Party Committee 1, Debating Club 1, 9, Legislature 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Q, 3, Drama Board Q, Intermediate Football 9, Junior Prom Committee Q, Valentine Dance Committee Q, Chairman Halloween Dance 3, Sports Editor of Newtonian 3, President of Associates 3. CARROLL F. ASBELL 30 Willow St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Lazy, unaggressive Favorite pastime: Hunting, hockey, swim- ming, basketball Pet quotation: "Oh sure" Suppressed desire: Eat in homeroom ll, Weeks, Wentworth, B. C. LEONA ASTONE Q4 Smith Ave., West Newton Chief failing: Talking Favorite pastime: Playing the accordion Pet quotation: "Joyl" Suppressed desire: To meet Dick Contino ll, Warren, X-Ray Technician, Music Club 1, Outing Club 1, 3, Archery 1, Orange Shield 9, 3, Office Assistance 9, Helped in Sophomore elections 1, Work- shop 3. JAMES ATHY 4 Nonantum St., Newton "Jim" Chief failing: Too many Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Make hay while the moon shines" Suppressed desire: Own a Cadillac IV, Bigelow, Business School, Honor Roll 3. BETTE LORRAINE ATKINSON 251 Crafts St., Newtonville Betts Chief failing: Getting homework in on time Favorite pastime: Dancing, swimming Pet quotation: "Watch that! l nearly dropped my teeth!" Suppressed desire: To be a radio announcer or television star Il, Day, Emerson College, Music Club 1 , Q, 3, Program Chairman Q, Marching Band 1, Q, 3, Orchestra A, Q, Concert Band 9, 3, Football Dance Committee 1. JAMES ATKINSON 56 Bennington St., Newton Corner ll, Bigelow, B. C., Boys' Chorus 9, 3, ADDISON AULT Ad QQ Fairlee Rd., Waban l, Weeks, Amherst Bowdoin, Williams, Orange Shield 3,Math Club 3, President 3, Legislature 3, Orange Book 3, Chairman, Senior Play Ticket Committee, Newtonian Representative 1, Social Room Committee 3, National Honor Society Q, 3, Honor Roll 1, 9, 3, Workshop 3, FRANK BARTON AXELROD 15 Rice St., Newton Centre Frax, Flipper Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Making whoopy Pet duotaggnz "The best mirror is an old ri ll, BFdbkline High School, Boston Uni- versity, Riflery Club 3, Cavalry Club 3, Camera Club 3. ALICE LEA BAER 6 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Laziness and all allied vices. Favorite pastime: Not doing homework Pet quotation: "You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the Deople some of the time, but you'd be surprised at just how lon all of the people can be fooled By one good politician" Suppressed desire: Not to have any classes on the third or fourth floors. l, Weeks, College, Tusitala Q, 3, Treas- UVCI' 3, Chemistry Club 3, Debating Club 11 Neophytes 1, National Honor Society 2 3, Newtonite 2, 3, Senior Play, Rally Committee 1, Orange Book Staff, German Club 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3. JOHN HENRY BAILEY 10 Alexander Rd., Newton Highlands l, Weeks, R,l.S.C., Football 2, 3, Basket- ball SZ, 3, Tennis Q, 3, Orange Shield 2, 3, Assistant Captain 3- Honor Roll 3, Work- shop 3, National l-lonor Society 3. NORMAN R. BAILEY 955 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Shorty, Stretch Chief failing: Homework, English Favorite pastime: hating Pet quotation: "That's quite a bit of all right ' Suppressed desire: To be a man Il, Weeks, Art School. WARREN F. BAKER, JR. 9 Daniel St., Newton Centre llilWeeks. ANN KATHLEEN BARBER 146 Edinboro St., Newtonville Chief failing: Telling a joke Favorite pastime: A good book our movie Pet Euotatilon: "What a nut!" 'Lovely, o e Y Suppgeled desire: See Ted Williams tip ' c lV,lsDaif? Kathleen Dell, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 2, Christmas Vespers 2, Try-High Q. LEONARD IRWIN BARBER 19 Evelyn Rd,, Waban "Lenny" "Beak" Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Playing Basketball Suppressed desire: To smoke in the boys' room l, Warren, University of Massachusetts, Brandeis University, or Dartmouth, Camera Club 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Math Club 1, Legislature Q, Alternate Legislature 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Usher, Senior Play 3, Chairman of Entertainment Committee for Halloween Dance 3, Orange Shield 3, Home Room Manager 3, Assistant Home Room Manager 1, Class Treasurer 1, Social Rnom Host 3, Publicity Committee for the Halloween Dance 3, Hi-Y 3, Anti-Smoking Committee 3, Honor Roll 3. IDA BAROOSHIAN 173 Oakleigh Road, Newton Corner l, Bigelow, College, Neophytes, Drama Club Q, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Szenioi Play, Girls' Chorus 1, Drama Club 5Y - PRISCILLA BARRY 64 Webster St., West Newton Chief failing: Getting songs Favorite pastime: Roller skating, movies Pet quotation: "Great! ' Suppressed desire: To graduate lV, Warren, Telephone Operator. JOANNE CORINNE BASTIANELLI J 364 Cabot St., Newtonville o Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: PlaY the piano Pet quotation: "Gee Whiz!" Suppressed desire: Travel IIIB, Day, Nursing School, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Chorus 1, 2, Honor Roll 3. MARGARET ANNE BEALE 19 Putnam St., West Newton PeSSY Chief falilingz CASIC my friends what theY Favofifgjpastimez Sewing and sleepiHB Cnot in classb U U H Pet quotation: 'Good morningll U Why? i1Ther'e'snno future in itl Thats a l, iiliifeffg Colby, Mi, Holyoke, Teach French1Glee Club 1, Q, 31 Office Assistant 9, 31 Neophytes 11 Debating Club 2, 31 French Club 31 I-diiin CIUI0 31 Fuftlfe Teachers 31 President 31 Tennis Q1 Sing Out Sweet Land 11 Girls' Chorus11I-Ionor Roll 1, Q, 31 Workshop 3, National Honor Society 3. EMILY PATRICIA BEATRICE 143 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Terry Chief failing: To keep quiet in library Favorite pastime: Dancing H Pet quotation: "It's pathetic v Suppressed desire: Waitins for mYClldm0f1Ci IV1 BigeIow1 Go to Business School or else work, Bryant 84 Stratton Business School. BARBARA JOAN BECK 166 Greenwood St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Talking too fast Favorite pastime: Talking I1 Weeks1 Cornelli Camera Club 11 Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, 31 New- tonite Mailing Staff 21 Cavalry Club 2, 31 English Club 31 Music Club 31 Puppeteers 3, Honor Roll 3. SIMON BEDIGIAN 85 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville IV, Ddy1 More SchooIing1 Football J. V.1 Basketball J. V. 1. TOBY M. BERENSON Q3 Cloverdale Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Waitingl Favorite pastime: Eating Pet quotation: "Parting is such sweet sorrow" I1 Weeks1 University of Massachusetts Music Club 1, Q, 31 Spanish Club 3i Girls' Chorus 11 Junior and Senior Chorus: Neophytes 1 . JANE E. BERGQUIST 15 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Chief failing: Day-dreaming Favorite pastime: Eating ' Pet uotation: "Now wait a minute ' l1'KY!arren1 Business SchooI1 Sophomore Class Secretary1 Girls Vice President 9, 31 Anti-Smoking Q, 31 Cheerleader 1, 9, 31 Orange Shield 31 Representative on Good Government Day 2- Drama Club 9, 31 Music Club Q, A Cappella chaff Q, 31 Spring Musical 11 "Life With Father' 21 Halloween Dance Committee Q, 31 Foot- ball Dance Committee Q, 31 Rally Com- mittee 1, 2 31 Modern Dance Q1 Delegate to New England Student Council Con- vention 91 Honor Roll 31 National Honor Society 3. 109 ALBERT BERMAN 49 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Al Chief failing: Idleness Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: To graduate from New- tOn High I1 Weeks1 Boston University. ELLEN COLLINS BERMAN 78 Clements Rd., Newton Chief failing: Food Call kindsj Ret quotation: "Blessed is he who expects nothing, for he shall not be dis- appointed" I1 Weel-cs1 CoIIege1 Executive Council 31 Orange Book Editor-in-Chief 21 Newtonian Data Staff Q1 Feature Editor 31 Orange Shield Assistant Captain 31 Point Committee 31 Music Club Q1 Drama Club Q, 31 Drama Club Play Q1 Legislature 1, Assistant 91 Tusitala Q, 31 Vice-President 31 Neophytes Treasu rer1 -Valentine Dance Committee Q1 Football Dance Committee Q1 Rally Committee Q1 Newtonite Feature Editor Q1 Newtonian Representative 91 Drama Club Program Committee Q1 Sopho- more Girls' Chorus 11 Legislature Nutri- tion Committee 1, Honor Roll 1, Q, 31 Workshop 3 1 National Honor Society 3. RUTH BERNSTEIN 206 Mill St., Newtonville Rufus, ltch Chief failing: Getting up in the morning Favorite pastime: Waiting for the weekends Pet quotation: "Small things amuse small minds" Suppressed desire: To travel II1 Chapel Hill1 Junior CoIIege1 Music Club 1, 31 English Club 31Cdmera Club 3. BLANCHE ,ANNE BERNT 43 Brookdale Rd., Newtonville Smoogie Chief failing: Fudge Sundaes, Blue eyes Favorite pastime: Pogo parties Pet quotation: "There-fo I mean ta say" II1 Day1 Garland School1 Homeroom Manager 11 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Secretary 31 Junior Prom Committee 21 Football Dance Decoration Committee 31 Music Club 31 Rally Committee 31 Drama Work- shop 31 Tri-Hi-Y Q, 31 Modern Dance Q1 Halloween Dance Publicity Committee 31 Neophvtes 11 Harvest Dance Entertain- ment Committee 11 Spring Festival Q, 31 Christmas Vespers 2, 31 French Club 3, Treasurer 3. JUDITH BERRY 170 Collins Rd., Waban Judy Chief failing: Food Pet quotation: "There's no future in it!" I1 Warren1 MiddIebury1 Music Club 1, Q1 Cavalry Club 1, Q, 3, Secretary Q, 31 Newtonite 2, 31 Copy-Editor 31 New- tonian 31 Girls' Sports Editor1 Rally Com- mittee Q, 31 Frederick Exchange Q1 French Club 31 National Honor Society SZ, 31 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 31 Homeroom Manager 21 Orange Shield Q, 31 Office Assistant 2, 31 Workshop Student Advisory Com- mittee 31 Football Dance Committee 2, 3. RICHARD TOWNLEY BESSOM Dick Favorite pastime: Photography II1 F. A. Day1 CoIlege1 Band 1, Q, 31 Music Club 2. 130 Randlett Pk., West Newton DAVID BIANCHI 934 Greenwood St., Newton Centre Dave Pet quotation: "Thats for sure!" I, Weeks, Dartmouth, Legislature 9, 3, National Honor Society Q, 3, Chairman of the Social Board 3, Senior Play, Junior Promk Committee Q, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Boys Chorus 1, Q, 3, Hockey 1, Q. JOHN P. BIBBO 107 Pearl St., Newton John P., Ginny Giovanno Paulo Chief failing: Keeping awake in class Favorite pastime: Looking out of Mr. Williams' windows Suppressed desire: To spend the whole year down the Cape. I, ll, Bigelow, N.R,O.T.C., Boys' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, Q, Football Dance Q, Junior Dance Committee, Class Treasurer 1,0range Shield 3, Homeroom Manager 2, Honor Roll 3, National Honor Society 3. RAFFAELE JOSEPH BIBBO 1018 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Ralph Chief failing: Resisting pretty girls Favorite pastime: Parties Cpaired offl Pet quotation: "George" Suppressed desire: To be a millionaire ll, Weeks, Start a Contractors Business and go to night school for drafting, Legis- lature 1, 3, J. V. Football, Football Dance Committee 2. NANCY MARIE BILEZIKIAN 395 Lowell Aye., Newtonville -Nance Chieffailing: Always changing my mind Favorite pastime: Shmoo parties Pet quotation: "So to speak", "Watch itlf' Suppressed desire: Win a Charleston contest ll, F. A. Day, Forsyth or Lasell, Neo- Dhytes Play, Music Club 1, Latin Club 1, Modern Dance 1, Property Committee Drama Club Play 1, Candy Committee Drama Club Play SZ, Ticket Committee Q, Football Dance Q, Drama Club 9, 3, Build- ing Ill Office Q, 3, Homeroom Manager1, Christmas Vespers Q, International Club 3, Honor ROII1, 2, 3, Archery 3, Legisla- iulreylii National Honor Society 9, 3, Tri- i- . DAVID BLACKALL 91 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre "Blackie" Chief failing: Math, Study Pet quotation: "I get around" 1, A Cappella Choir Q, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, Q, Spring Musical 1, Music Festival Q, Meteorology Club 9, 3, Christmas Vespers 1, 9, 3, J.l3.C. Council 9, 3, Football Manager 1, 2, 3. VIRGINIA ANN BLAIR 826 Watertown St., West Newton GinnY, Ginger Chief failing: Popular music, fried clams Favorite pastime: Reading Pet quotation: "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so" Suppressed desire: To be happy ll, F. A. Day, To go in training as a Dental Assistant, Glee Club 1, Music ,Club 3, Christmas Vespers 1. i 4 S . , , ,. 5-.,,s ..sgv sz 8 r sri ' 2-fu ., is rig A tx I ,- Aritlyifififa DONALD G. BLAKE 9 Ripley St., Newton Centre Don Chief failing: Desserts Favorite pastime: Motorboats Pet quotation: "Why'?" Suppressed desire: Drop a Television tube IIIA, Weeks, Radio School, Executive Council 3. SANDRA M. BLINDER 11 Whittier Rd., Newtonville Sandy Chief failing: Talking in class Favorite pastime: Talking on t-elephone Pet quotation: "He's so nice ' Suppressed desire: To be rich Ill, Roxbury Memorial High, Going to a Business School. MYRNA T. BLOOMI 42 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre Auntie Munie Chief failing: Spelling Favorite pastime: Playing piano U Pet quotation: "Don't argue with a Bloom Suppressed desire: Get out of school ll, Weeks, B. Ll., Junior College, Music Club1, Q, 3,Camera Club 3. CARMELO BONDI 471 California St., Newtonville Mim, Mimie Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Wine, women and son5 Suppreslsed desire: Date a Newton High I, 329, Tufts coinage, same, Phare, Cavalry Clubs. BARKEV JAMES BOOLE Q37 Franklin St., Newton Barkey Chief failing: Injuries Favorite pastime: Sports, playing records, movies Pet quotation: "Go man" Suppressed desire: Get into college l, Bigelow, College, Take up business, Intermediate Football 1, Varsity 9, 31 Intermediate Baseball 1, Varsity 2, 3, Intermediate Basketball 9, Varsity 3, Boys' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Senior Qnd Vice- President, Executive Committee: Glee Club 1, Q, 3. ELEANOR JEAN BORAKS 8 Exmoor Pd., Newton Centre Ellie, "Soap Chips" Chief failing: Can't decide which one is the chief one Favorite pastime: Golf Pet quotation: "Seriouslyll" I, Weeks Jr. High, Wheaton, Neophytes 1, Art Club 9, 3, English Club Q, 3, Drama Club 2, 3, Legislature 2, Newtonite Advertising Staff 3. HARVEY J. BORNSTElN 892 Walnut Street, Newton Centre Bubba Favorite pastime: Boating I Pet quotation: "Be it ever so humble there s no place like home." I, English High in Senior year, Univer- sity of Massachusetts, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Rifle Club 3. NANCY E. BOUCHER 11 Concolor Ave., Newton Bouch Chief failing: Forgetting things Favorite pastime: Hen parties and knitting argyle socks 1 Pet quotation: "That's the way it goes ' Suppressed desire: To win a Canasta game in one hand Il, Bigelow, Massachusetts General Hospital School of Nursing, Neophytes 1, Music Club 3, International Club 3, Badminton 1, Q, 3, Camera Club 3, Junior Red Cross Council 3, National Honor Society Q, 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee 3, Archery 3, Newtonian Proof Staff 3, Orange Shield 3, Building 3 Office 3, Usher, Parents Night 3. MURIEL BOUDROT 35 Dalby St., Newton Mimi Favorite pastime: Men Pet quotation: "Got news for you!" Suppressed desire: Get a iob which pays S100 a week for doing nothing IV, F. A. Day Jr. High School, Work, possibly Business School, Girls' Chorus 1, ,lfflEsigClub I, 314 Office 3, 4, Honor Roll DIANA BOYNTON 37 Holden Rd., West Newton Dibbyi Debby Chief failing: Desserts Favorite pastime: Singing, diving Pet quotation: "Moolcie Joe and Alumi- num-inum-inum-inum" Suppressed desire: To be a singer ll, Warren, Katharine Gibbs, Cheer- leader 1, 2, 3, Neophytes 1, Drama Club 2, 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Mikado SZ, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Honor Roll Q, 3, Rally Com- mittee 1, 9, 3,Valentine Dance Committee Q, Moderne Dance Group 3, School Dance Band 1, Q, Drama Club Play Candy Committee 2, Football Dance Committee Q, Sophomore Get Together Entertainment Committee 'l. CHARLES A. BRADLEY QQ Grant Pl., Lexington Brad, Charlie, Chuck Chief failing: My car Favorite pastime: Women Pet quotation: "How bout that," "My word," "You old bandit" Suppressed desire: To graduate Newton Trade School XII 3A, Cabinet Making, Lexington Junior High, United States Navy, or work at trade. WILLIAM D. BRADSHAW, JR. Blu 35 Fox Lane, Newton Centre l Chief failing: Finding time to do every- thing l want to do Favorite pastime: Music Pet quotation: "Let's face it" I, Weeks, College, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Spanish Club Q, Dance Band 1 Q, 3, J. V. Hockey 'l, Orange Book Q, Point System Committee 3, Dance Committees 3, Senior Play 3, Music Board 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager 3, Workshop 3, National Honor Society 3. P i ' . if THOMAS D. BRESNAHAN T 97 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill om Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Golf Pet quotation: "Holy smoke" ll: Weeks, Boston College, Neophyges giuigeglfh Clllb Qi Music Club Q, 3, Latin WALTER L. BREWER Q42 Islington Rd., Auburndale Favorite Dastime: Dancing Pet dictation: "l'lI go along with you on d IIIA, F- A- Ddyi Work at Trade in Navy. BARBARA ALICE BRIGHAM 90 Warwick Rd., West Newton Clnef lgailingufvlath , av, ' 't F M h lgugcgccgrb 1'1'V55liigi.a3S 'ifsgftiifilx u , r ' ' English ciuC"ieTfi.ifir.v 3. UW Club 3' BARBARA EATON BRINKLEY 79 Warwick Rd., West Newton Fritzi Chieffailing: Brown eyes Favorite pastime: Foreign correspondence Suppressed desire: To be a linquist and I fr trgvelgaroifidhthe world. I f--HY: t' G'bb,M' Club1,9, 3, oiefcilili, 22 miie tfiif iiSDtg1lSh Club 3, Honor Roll 3, Wgyk. s op . CALVERT BRISTOL 237 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Bris, Cal Favorite pastime: Football, riding Suppressed desire: To be a polo player I, Weeks, Dartmouth, Football 1, 2, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Newtonian Q. ROGER BROADWELL Q4 Elinor Rd., Newton Highlands Rog, "Peewee" Favorite pastime: Bowling, hockey, swim- ming, boating Suppressed desire: To own a car I, Weeks, Dartmouth Cornell Stanford, Honor Roll 3, National Honor Society 3. CAROL LOUISE BROOKS 31 Shady Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Chief Failing: Talking Favorite pastime: Tennis, skiing, swimming, television Pet quotation: "You gotta stay happy" Suppressed desire: To be an airline stewardess I, Weeks, Wellesley, Radcliffe, Smith: Music Club1,9 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Legislature Q1 Orange Shield 3, French Club 2, 31 International Club 3, Social Room Committee 3, Football Dance Com- mittee 2, Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, Christmas Vespers Q, 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 31 Home Room Manager 11 Personality Club 3, Outing Club 31 Tennis 3. ALISON L. BROWN 40 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands Sally I, Weeks, Bates, Oberlin, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager 31 Inter- national Club 2, 3, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Girls' Chorus1, SZ, Valentine Dance Committee, Rally Committee 3: Activities Staff, Yearbook, Ticket Committee Senior Play, Building I Office 3, Workshop 3. ALLEN BROWN 42 Richardson St., Newton Corner Al, Brownie Chief failing: Understanding Women, Etc. Favorite pastime: Sports, dancing Cstrictly coedl ll, Bigelow, College CAeronautical Engineeringlz Aviation lub 1, Rifle Club 1, 2, Newtonite Advertising Staff Q. CHARLES BROWN 44 Byfield Rd., Waban Charlie Favorite pastime: Sports I, Weeks, Dartmouth, Tufts, Football 1, 2, 31 Hockey 1, 2, Baseball 1, Q, 3, Legislature 9, 3, Honor Roll Q, 3, National Honor Society 3. DIANE JANE BROWN 90 Jackson St., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Talking on the telephone Pet quotation: "So to speak!" Suppressed desire: To learn to Charleston IV, Brookline High, College, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 3, Tennis Q, 3, Orange Shield 9, Social Room 3, Golf 11 Personality Club Q1lnter- national Club 3, Outing Club 3, Honor Roll 9, Music Club 3. JANE BROWN 24 Cross Hill Rd., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Knitting Pet quotation: "Terrificl" I, Weeks, Centenary Jr. College, Arch- ery 1, Leader Corps 1, Q, 3, Music Club 9, 31 Newtonian 3, Orange Shield 3, English Club Q, Homeroom Manager 2, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 31 Cavalry Club 3, Senior Play Committee, Tennis 3. 4' if 13' l f 5 I gig' I .,. ,, i ,. , in Ti f 1 52 W 'set I' 1? K 9? -K sz 555 3 Q ag' i 5113? 4, is as , rigs of 'T iiffiitt 1:-, 1 ,-'f - l g 119 JEAN BUCHANAN 60 Cook St., Newton Highlands Scotty Chief falling: Being late Pet quotation: "Wait a minute" ll, Weeks, Go into nursing, Rally Com- mittee 1, Newtonian Representative Q, Girls' Chorus 1, Q. ROY A. BUCK 28 Rossmere St., Newtonville Buckey, Blue-eyes Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: 471 Washington St., Baseball Pet quotation: "Aw-come on, what the heck" Suppressed desire: To graduate ll, Day, College, U. S. Navy, Aviation Club 1, 3, President 3, Hockey Q,Orange Shield Q, 3, Intramural Basketball 2, 3. RUTH CARLENE BUDDINGTON 494 Ward St., Newton Centre "Bunny" Chief failing: Math, getting to school at 29M past eight Pet quotation: "You think so, huh?" Suppressed desire: To throw an ink bottle at a mirror I1 Weeks, Oberlin, Middlebury, Music Club 9, 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 31 French Club 2, 3, Orange Shield 3, Cavall'Y Club 3, Senior Play Properties Committee, Tennis 3, Newtonian 3, Honor Roll 3. SYLVIA JANE BUMPUS 6 Arden Rd., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Hen parties Pet quotation: "Watch it" ll, Day, Chandler, Secretarial School, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Latin Club 1 1 Secretary International Club 3, English Club 3, Archery 3, Tennis 1, 31 Golf 3, Girls Chorus 2, 3. MARY FLORENCE BURKE 93 Forest St., Newton Highlands Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Golf, hen parties Pet quotation: "Watch it" Suppressed desire: College ll, Weeks, Lasell, Archery 3, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 31 English Club 3, French Club Q, 3, Library Club 1, Legislature 3, Rally Committee 1, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 31 Music Club 31 International Club 31 Tusitala 3. MARGARET M. BURNS 11 Dalby St., Newton Pessv, Mes Favorite pastime: Making whoopie Pet quotation: "What are ya gonna do about it?" Suppressed desire: Graduate IV, Day, Work. EDWARD J. BUSSIERE 55 Clinton Pl.,'Newton Centre Buss Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Sports l, Weeks, College. HENRY BUTCHER 29 Warwick Rd., West Newton Hank Chief failing: Homework, Ll. S. History Favorite pastime: Photography Pet quotation: "Wouldn't you like to DOW Suppressed desire: To own a car l, Day, Science, Audio Visual Aid 1, 9, Hunting and Fishing 3, Chemistry Club 3. PAUL BUTLER 129 Rowe St., Auburndale Cerible Chief failing: Anything l take up Favorite pastime: Walking around different parts of Boston Pet quotation "O'Chay" ll, Beverly High School, Air Force, Orange Shield 3. CHARLES M. BUTTER 58 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Charlie l, Weeks, College, Hunting and Fishing Club Q, 3, President 3, English Club 3, lglonor Roll 3, National Honor Society DOROTHY LUCY CAFARELLI Q01 Chapel St., Newton Dotty, Dot, Little One Favorite pastime: Dancing, sports, being with my boy friend Pet quotation: "Gee Whiz," "Huh" 1 lgf, Day, Office Work, Modern Dancing THOMAS P. CAIN Q46 Plymouth lid., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Laziness Favorite pastime: Golf Pet quotation: "Censored" Suppressed desire: Retire to Cape Cod l, Weeks. NEIL P. CAMPBELL 26 Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands Soupy Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Golf ll, Weeks, B. C., Holy Cross, Legisla- ture 1, Hockey 1, 2, 3, Baseball 1, 2, 3. LEONARD LOUIS CANTER 14 Noble St., West Newton Lenny Pet ctigtationi "That's how the ball unces ll, Warren, College, Homeroom Mana- ger 1, Manager Track Team 1, German Club 3. PHYLLIS ANN CAPPELLO 14 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Weakness for the opposite Favofie pastime: Dancing, ice skating ' Pet quotation: "Laugh, l thought l'd die' Supprressed desire: To see Duz do every- t ing IV, Weeks, Bryant and Stratton. THOMAS CARLEY 77 Ripley St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Getting up for school Favorite pastime: Sports lV, Weeks, Service, Baseball 1, Foot- ball 1. GEORGE CAROLAN 683 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre "Half Pint" Chief failing: Put the reason before the statement in Mr. Walter's class Favorite pastime: Shooting the breeze Pet quotation: "Anybody for tennis? Tennis anyone?" Suppressed desire: To judge a bathing beauty Contest l, Weeks, Bowdoin, Holy Cross, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Orchestra 1, 9, 3, Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, Senior Play Committee 3, Senior Play 3, Feature Staff of Newtonian 3, Honor Roll 3. DONNELL CARR 33 Cotter St., Waban Chief failing: Sports Favorite pastime: Going out with my girl Pet quotation: "Smile Dear" Suppressed desire: To be an excellent chef 1 2, Warren, Chef School, J.V. Baseball MARY ELIZABETH CARSON 302 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Goldberg, Elaine Pet quotation: "Just call me -" IV, Weeks, Work, Personality Club 3. ROSALIE GRACE CARTER 15 Simms Ct., West Newton Snoolcie, Gracie Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Ohl yes," "Frigid," "You could of fooled me," "use cheese" Suppressed desire: To be happy in life ll,Warren, College, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Football Dance Committee 3, Junior Dance Committee 2. ROSE CARUSO 33 Lill Ave., West Newton SmileY Chief failing: Laughing Pet quotation: "You liarl", "Stinker" Suppressed desire: Get my wish after graduation IV B, Warren,Work. EDWARD CASS 18 Shornecliffe Rd., Newton "Eddie" Chief failing: Many Favorite pastime: Senior girls Pet quotation: "Yeahl" Suppressed desire: To be a music arranger I, Bigelow, Engineer, Chemist, Track 1, 9, Dance Band 1, 2, 3, Orchestra Q, 3, Music Club1, 3, Chemistry Vice-President SZ, President 3, Science Q, 3, Math Q, 3, Dance Band Assembly Leader, 3. MARIE ELEANOR CATANZARO 1071 Washington St., West Newton lll B. WILLIAM CAVANAUG H 40 Woodbine Ter., Auburndale Cisco, Bill Chief failing: Getting mad at Shirley Favorite pastime: Canoeing, dancing, baseball Pet quotation: "Guess l'll eat some worms" Suppressed desire: Go to the moon ll, Day, College, U. S. Marines, Camera Club 1, l-lomeroom Manager Q, Cavalry Club 3, Social Room 3, Legislature 3. mu If I I t-1 , ,.. ,,, ' wee'- -' 1 . s as , C 3 2 if , V ,, . It 1 LOUIS D. CELLUCCI 16 Jasset St., Newton Lon, Lucci Chief failing: Arguing Favorite pastime: Playing Pool Pet quotation: "My time will come" IV: Day, Service. ROSE C. CESAREO 166 Webster Sr., West Newton Chief failing: Spelling Favorite pastime: Horseback riding and swimming Suppressed desire: To go to Europe ll, Warren, B. U., Cavalry Club 1, 2, 3, Vice.President Q, French Club 2, Drama Workshop 3, Orange Shield 3, Archery 1, Honor Roll1, 9, Tennis 1. RICHARD F. CHRISTIAN 944 Centre St., Newton Centre Chief failing: My car Favorite pastime: Work on my car Pet quotation: "Drop dead" Suppressed desire: Be a millionaire IV, Weeks, School, Boys' Chorus 1, 2. JOHN CLAFFEY Q3 Newell Rd., Auburndale Jack Chief failing: Sleeping Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: To become a physical education teacher lli Warren, ColleS2f J. V, Football 1, Varsity Football Q, Legislature 2. ARTHUR WILLIAM CLARKE Q54 Adams Ave., West Newton Sonny Favorite pastime: Homing Pigeons Pet quotation: "Racing Pigeons" lll A, Warren. ROBERT BEAMISH CLARKE 254 Adams Ave., West Newton Bob, Bossy Chief failing: Boating Favorite pastime: Basketball IV, Warren, School, Basketball, Rally Committee, Social Room. SARA COAN Sally Chief failing: Work of any kind Favorite pastime: Sleeping Pet quotation: "That's for sure" I, Day, Smith College, Music Club 1, 2, 3, French Club Q, 3, Orchesis 2, 3, Modern Dance Q, 3, Drama Club 3,0range Book 2, Homeroom Manager 3, Band 3, Football Dance Committee 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society 9, 3. 62 Davis Ave., West Newton BERNARD COFFEY 96 Dale St., Nevvtonville Favorite pastime: Watching the Stock-Car racing Ill Bs, Weeks, Work or Armed Forces. EILEEN T. COFFEY Q6 Dale St., Newtonville "Coff" "Laura" Chief failing: Homework, talking in library Favorite pastime: Tennis, lce skating Suppressed desire: To become a medical secretary IV B, Weeks, College or Work, Per- sonality Club 2, Tennis 3, Archery 3, Red Cross Council 3. BRYNA COHEN 4 Ouincy Rd., Chestnut Hill Chief failing: My fingernails Favorite pastime: Keeping telephone and electric company in business Pet quotation: "Hey," "Listen," "Time for the gas pipe" Suppressed desire: Raise dogs and live on a ranch If Weeks, Colby College, University of Connecticut, Neophytes 1, Cavalry Club Q, Girls' Chorus Q, Personality and Dress Q, Future Teachers of America 3, Orange Shield 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee 3. JOHN MICHAEL COLEMAN 12 Suban Pl., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Doing homework Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "What do you mean?" Suppressed desire: To travel ll, Weeks, Work, Orange Shield 3. NICK COLELLA 191 Chapel St., Newton Favorite pastime: Sleeping Pet quotation: "Why'?" Suppressed desire: Travel IV, Day, Work. 2' 2 .3 it ,rm y . ft 4 X , i 1 1 f .4 f 1 . .f.l!,:.,InSI et- f'i?L5..1 " . . ,G 'S Vik, iv. EQ.. ,ai MARGARET LOUISE CONNOLLY 361 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Pessv Chief failing: Squeaking, trying to pro' nounce the vvord "didn't" Favorite pastime: Schmoo parties, Jane Pet quotation: "Watch itll" "So to speak" Suppressed desire: To be in the senior girls' chorus ll, Day, Teachers' College, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, Homeroom Manager 1, Legislature 2, 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Orange Shield 1, Antigsmoking Committee 3, Rally Committee 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee 2, Football Dance Committee 9. MARK J. CONNORS 198 Concord St., Newton l.ower Falls. Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: SDOrts Pet quotation: "What's her name" Suppressed desire: Millionaire and no work IV, Wellesley High School, Business School. LOIS ANNE CONROD Q29 Cypress St., Newton Centre Lo, ho-ho Chief failing: Forgetting names Favorite pastime: Music Pet quotation: "Hey!" Suppressed desire: Personnel Manager ll, Weeks, Junior Colle5e, Glee Club 1, 9, 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Junior Prom Refreshment Committee, Spring Musical 1, 2, 3, Softball Manager 1, Girls' Chorus 1, SZ, Senior Costume Committee, Christmas VeSDers Q, MARY A. COSTANZO Q05 Crafts St., Newtonville Mac, May Chief failing: Problems Favorite pastime: Playing the piano, movies, see all maior sports U Pet quotation: "Wake up and die riShtH Suppressed desire: "To have my own car IV, Day, Secretary: Orange Shield 9, 31 Field Hockey 1, Basketball Teams 1, 2, 3, Softball 1, 2, 3, Outing Club 1, Bad- minton 1, Q, 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 2. DOROTHY MARIE CONTI 7 Oak Ave., West Newton Dot, Dottie Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Talking Pet quotation: "Gee " "Jeepers" Suppressed desire: To understand what l don't understand IV, Warren, Work. ROBERT H. CORBETT B b 8 Meredith Ave., Newton Highlands o Su ppressed desire: Make a fortune ll, Weeks, B, U., Basketball Manager 1, Stage Crew Q, 3, Orange Shield Q, 3, Legislature 3, FRANCIS JOSEPH COREY 10 Regent St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Building model planes Pet quotation: "Heads up and keep pitching" Suppressecl desire: Get good marks IV: Warren: Business School. JEANNETTE GERTRUDE COSTA 61 Prescott St., Newtonville Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Sports, music Pet quotation: "Oh heavens to Betsy!" Suppressed desire: To get on the all "A" Honor Roll ll: Day: Sargent: Field Hockey 1, 9, 3: Basketball 1, Q, 3: Softball 1, Q, 3: March- ing Band 1, 2, 3: Concert Band 9, 3: Outing Club 1: Orange Shield 3. WILLIAM COUTTS Bill Chief failing: That certain party Favorite pastime: Eating Pet quotation: "Move it or lose it!" Suppressed desire: To be healthy, wealthy and wise Il: Barnstable High: Business Admiriis tration College, B. U. 76 Bennington St., Newton BARBARA SHIRLEY COX 213 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Trubble, Babs Chief failing:Getting caught when skipping Favorite pastime: Dates Pet quotation: "lt's later than you think" Suppressed desire: To be good at sports ll: Weeks: Nursing, Air Line Stewardess: Calvary Club 3:Tusitala 3. JOHN FREDERICK CROCKER, JR. Q30 Bellevue St., Newton Favorite pastime: Sports ll: Weeks: Antioch: Camera Club 1: Newtonite Q, 3: Basketball 1, 9, 3: Legis- lature 3. GEORGE CURTIN CRONIN 65 Allerton Rd., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Musical activities, horses, cowboy and indians Suppressed desire: To be a musician Ill B: Weeks: Continue Music Study. 3 .wi 6 J. HAROLD CROSBY 350 Cabot St., Newtonville "Hal" Chief failing: Les Femmes Favorite pastime: Blowing bubbles Pet quotation: "Sure, ifshe's nicell' Supprissed diesire: To be a N. H. S. c eerea er ll: Day: Harvard Medical School: or University of Arizona: Drama Club 3: Orange Shield Q, 3t Captain 3: Track Team 3: Baseball 9:Football Q:Homeroom Manager 1, Q: Anti-Smoking Committee 3i Valentine Dance Committee Q1 Football -Dagce Committees 3: lntramural Basketball , ,3. SUSAN MARGARET CURTIN B1 Carlton Rd., Waban Sue, Susie Chief failing: Too many to mention Favorite pastime: Talking on the phone H Pet quotation: "Well, here's.the scoop Suppressed desire: To own Le Salon de Fashionneu and make a million dollars ll: Holy Angels Academy, Milwaukee: Wisconsin, Chamberlayne Junior College ofMerchandising or Edgewood Park Junior College: Girls' Chorus SZ, 3: Secretary Girls' Chorus 3: Modern Dance SZ, 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y Q, 3: Rally Committee 3: Christ- mas Vespers SZ, 3: Spring Music Festival 9, 3: Music Club 3: Social Room Com- mittee 3: Honor Roll 3. ALFRED DANGELO 112 Chapel St., Nonantum Oscar, Frieds Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "To be loved is sacrifice, but to love is optional" Suppressed desire: To become business manager IV: Day: U. S. Air Force: Football, Basketball 1 . JOAN E. DANIELS 142 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Dannie Chieffailing: Getting upin morningl Favorite pastime: Talking on telephone Suppressed desire: To fly an airplane l: Warren: Framingham State Teachers College: Future Teachers of America. Secretary 3: Girls' Leader Corps 1, Q, 3: Basketball 1, Q, 3: Softball 1, 9: Orange Shield 9: Outing Club 3, JULIA ANN D'ATTILIO 373 Boylston St., Newton Centre .Julie Chief failing: Forgetting names Favorite pastime: Roller skating, reading Pet quotation: I'I'leyl" Suppressed desire: To be a clerical worker IV: Weeks: Clerical Work. MARCIA LOUISE DAY Q4 Riverside St., Auburndale Marcie Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Doing homework Pet quotation: "Honestlyl" Suppressed desire: To finish college ll: Warren: Junior College: French Club Q, 3: Future Teachers of America 3: Newtonite Circulation Staff 3: Home Economics Club 3: Rally Committee. SYLVIA deDOMlNG 2 Lexington St., West Newton USVI.. Chief failing: I love cowboy music and cowboy movies Favorite pastime: Gibby's ice Cream parlor and those darling Newton boys. Pet quotation: "Got any dirt?" Suppressed desire: Meet a teacher in 2211 with a little patience IV: Weeks: Go to Business School and take Secretarial Course or else do steno- graphic work: Newtonite Advertising Committee 2: National Honor Society 3. WARREN F. DEDRICK 5 Wenham Rd,, Newton Highlands Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Looking dt the scene ry Pet quotation: "I don't know" Suppressed desire: To drop a glass milk bottle from the 4th floor of Building I Il: Weeks: Football Manager 1, 2, 3. JEAN MARIE DELAHANTY 16 Smith Ct., West Newton Dellie Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Art H Pet ouotation: "Holy cow -' Suppcgessedldesirez To meet the man of my lV:rilllnai'ren: Business School, Work: Stage Workshop 3: Outing Club 3: Carnival of Fun 1: Honor Roll 2. E. MARK DEMPSEY 75 Nehoiden Rd., Waban The Demper, Earl Chief failing: Making excuses for tardiness Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Say how do you do this?" Suppressed desire: To sail around the world, and thank heavens it is suppressed! I: Warren: Dartmouth College: Latin Club 1: Spanish Club 3: Camera Club 3: Rifle Club 3: Anti-Smoking Committee 2, 3: Track 2: Intermediate Football 2: Varsity Football 3. ADRIENNE DEPPER 28 St. James St., Newton Chief failing: Tommy Suppressed desire: o teach French l: Bigelow: Work, Radcliffe: Legislature 1, 2, 3: Basketball 1: Orange Shield 2, 3: Football Dance Committees2, 3: Sophomore Dance Committee 1 : Rally Committee 1, 2, 3: French Club 3: Music Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3: Social Room 3: Girls' Chorus 1: Honor Roll 1, 2. NORMAN ARTHUR DESROCHERS 35 Washburn St., Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: School Suppressed desire:Wake up in the morning and not have to go to school. 1 I6 Bigelow: Boston University: Hockey , . "ie x - MICHAEL SALVATORE DEVITO 47 Lexington St., West Newton Mike, Sal, Tennessee Kid Favorite pastime: Playing sports, playing music, going to see good movies. ll B, Warren: Cavalry Club. JANET MARIE DEWEY 46 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Chief failing: History and singing Favorite pastime: Listening to music Cany kindj Suppressed desire: To get into college l: Day: Middlebury, Wheaton: Neo- phytes 1: Modern Dance 1, 2: French Club 2:Music Club 3. , LEONTINA DiCLEMEN'I'E 37 Jackson St., Newton Centre Tina Chief failing: Weakness for my one and only Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "How they going!" Suppressed desire: To see a book go home b itself IV: Wlifeeks: Business, Work, Housewife. NORMAN THOMAS DiGlOVANNI 392 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Reading and collecting O'NeilI, Hemingway Steinbeck I: Weeks: Antioch College: Alpha Beta 'l: Indoor Track 1, 2, 3, Captain 3: Outdoor Track 1, 2, 3: Senior Play Com- mittee, Chairman: Orange Shield 3: Homeroom Manager 3: Newtonian Fea- ure Staff: Tusitala 3: National Honor Society 3. KATHRYN LOUISE DOLAN 72 Concolor Ave., Newton Kay Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Molly's P.J. Parties Pet quotation: "Must off" Suppressed desire: N. H. S. on one floorll ll: Bigelow: Junior College: Girls' Chorus 1 2, 3: Music Club 3: Outing Club 3, Rally committee 2, 3, Tr:-i-it 2, 3: Basketball 1: Softball 1, 2: Christmas Vespers 2, 3: Valentine Dance Com- mittee: Spring Concert 2, 3:Tennis1. LESLIE SANDRA DOLBY 52 Robinhoocl St., Auburndale Les, Sandy Chief failing: Math, mice, and men Favorite pastime:Trying to make like Heifetz Pet quotation: "l've ot news for you!" Suppressed desire: 'Fo be "teacher" for a day lI,l: Warren: Radcliffe, Pembroke: Music Education: Music Club 1, 2, 3: Future Teachers of America, Vice-President 3: Glee Club 1: Spring Musical 1, 2: Or- chestra 2, 3: Concert Mistress 3: Dance Band 1: Christmas Vespers 1: Newtonian Representative 1, 2: Word Trappers, Board 2: Spring Concert 2: New England Music Festival Orchestra 1, 2: National Honor Society 3. EDWARD DONALDSON 542 California St., Newtonville Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Sports Pet Quotation: "Stick withi tkid", "What's your claim to fame?" Suppressed desire: To see cars run with water lli Warreni University of Mainei Rifle Club 1, 3i Hunting and Fishing Club 31 Cavalry Club Bi Drama Club 3i Orange Shield Q, 3i Intramural Basketball 1, Q, 3, Captain Qi Assistant Homeroom Mana- ger 1i Anti-Smoking Committee 31 Foot- ball Manager 1. BARBARA JOAN DOYLE 60 Solon St., Newton Highlands Barbie Chief failing: Kittens' and Panda Bears Favorite pastime: "Efa' Pet quotation: "Watch it!" Suppressed desire: To sing in the corridors lli Weeksi Business Collegei A Cappella Choir 3i Leader Corps 1, Q, 3i Girls' Chorus 1, Q, Mikado Qi Music Club 3i Legislature Alternate 3i Spring Concert Qi Christmas Vespers Q, Neophytes 1i Glee Club 1i Homeroom Vice-President 1, Modern Dance 1. JANE DOYLE 1Q Floral St., Newton Highlands Twinnie, Dimples Chief failing: Getting up in the morning Favorite pastime: Shmooe parties Pet quotation: "That's just peachy" Suppressed desire: "Slide down a banister in Building 1. lli Weeksi Nurse at Child ren's Hospitali Modern Dance 1, Qi Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3i Christmas VespersiSpring Concerti Honor Roll Qi Legislature 1, Q. JEAN DOYLE 1Q Floral St., Newton Highlands Twinnie, Dimples Chief failing: Getting up in the morning Favorite pastime: Shmoe parties Pet quotation: "Watch it!" Suppressed desire: To be at least three inches taller lli Weeksi Nursingi Music Club 3i Modern Dance 1, Qi Girls' Chorus1 Q, 3i Assistant Homeroom Manager 1, Christ- mas Vespersi Spring Concert. PATRICIA MARIE DUFFY 1OQ6 Boylston St., Newton Highlands "Pat," "Patty" Chief failing: Languages Favorite pastime: Pogo parties U Pet guotationz "Now wait a minute, forget it" Suppressed desire: To throw a lemon pie in somebody's face lli Weeksi Newton-Wellesley o I Chil- dren's Hospitali Girls' Chorus1, Q,3i Glee Club 1i Modern Dancing Q, 3: Spanish Club Qi Orchesis Club Q 3i Valentine Dance Committee Qi Rally Committee Q, 31 Sophomore Get Acquainted Party Hostess 3i Music Club 3i Senior Play Costume Committee 31 Drama Workshop 3i Orange Shield 3i Football Dance Ticket Committee 3i3Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3i Tri-Hi-Y, ROBERT GEORGE DUHAIME 11 Chilton Pl., Newton Upper Falls Duke Favorite pastime: Hunting and Fishing lVi Weeksi Hunting and Fishing Club 3. RICHARD DUNBAR 93 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Dick or Grump Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Women Pei: quotation: "Georgel and Georgette" Suppressed desire: To know a certain girl better lli Weeksi Art School or Art Collegei lndoor Track 1, Q, 3i Outdoor Track 1, Q, gi Drama Club 3i Rifle Club 3i Legislature ROBERT DUNCAN 16 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Cars Pet ouotatioin: "Ohl l can do that to. morrow Suppressed desire: To get an A in Spanish li Warreni Gordon College of Theology and Missions, Missionaryi Music Club 3. GERALDINE A. DUNCANSON 397 Cherry St., West Newton Gerry Chief failing: Too many to mention Favorite pastime: Roller-skating Pet quotation: "George!l" IVi Warreni Worki Business Collegei Glee Club1. . RUBY AILEEN DUNK Q6 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: English lli Nacional School, Guatemalai Nurs- ing School. ELAlNE JEAN DURKEE 16 Winter St., Newton Upper Falls Mary, Jeanie, Durk Favorite pastime: Reading, being in plays or going to the movies Suppressed desire: To be a booklceeper IV Bi Stevens High School, Claremont, N. H.i Bookkeeperi Stenographer. JOHN DUTTON 361 Cherry St., West Newton Johnny, Ungawah Chief failing: Saving money, staying in nights Favorite pastime: Playing football, hunting Pet quotation: "You like it around here'?' "Hey Walloln Suppressed desire: Play football for Army or become a pilot lli Warreni Springfield College and become a physical education instructori J. V. Baseball 1i lntermediate Football 1i Varsity Football Qi Orange Shield Qi National Honor Society Qi Varsity Foot- ball 3i Captain Orange Shield 3. CAROLYN ROSE EDWARDS 90 Asheville Rd., Newton Lower Falls ll: Warren: Retail-Seller. MARJORIE LOIS EILENBERG 34 Cotton St., Newton Margie Chief failing: Talking on the phone Favorite pastime: Waiting for dawn Pet quotation: 'What'll l do? George!" Suppressed desire: To be a tap dancer I: Weeks: Syracuse, Rhode island State: Neophytes: Homeroom Manager 1: Music Club 3: English Club 3. HAROLD MICHAEL ELLISON 32 Wessex Rd., Newton'1Certfe Hal Chief failing: School F v r' astime: Women s or a o ite D ,, I: D ts Pet quotation: Theres nothing like a dame ' Suppressed desire: To own a Cadillac convertible and a lot of money ll:Theodore RooseveltSchooI: College, B. U. Business Administration: Rifle Club 3: Junior Dance Committee 2: Anti- Smoking Committee 3: Rally Committee 3. WARREN EMERY 11 Playstead Rd., Newton Humph Chief failing: l'm stubborn Favorite pastime: Women, pool Pet quotation: Unprintable Suppressed desire: Make plenty of money, get married and be haDDY IV: Bigelow: Boston University, DOROTHY ANN EPSTEIN 65 Cotton St., Newton Dottie Chief failing: My bangs Favorite pastime: Daydreaming Pet quotation: Got to write a letter" Suppressed desire: To be talll l: Bigelow: College:Music Club1, Q, 3: English Club 1, 2, 3: Neophytes 1: French Club 3: Tennis Q: Archery 3: Newtonite Advertising Staff: Newtonian Advertising Staff: Alpha Beta 1: Mikado Usher Q: Building 2 Office 3. WINIFRED ANN FAHEY 30 Oakland St., Newton Winn, Winnie Chief failing: Remembering my lunch Favorite pastime: Dancing, playing tennis Pet quotation: "l'm serious" Suppressed desire: To Dlay hookey l, IV: Bigelow: College, Burdett. r . W.: rf: ALBERT FARACA 56 Elm St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Work Suppressed desire: Work II: Warren: Army: Aviation Club 'li Boys' Chorus 1. IRENE ANTOINETTE FARINA 61 Bridge St., Newton Renie, Cereal Chief failing: Hitting little brother with mother around. Favorite pastime: Dance, pets, sports Pet quotation: "Are you kidding?" Suppressed desire: Ranch house of my own IV A: Day: Private Secretary: Music Club Q: Homeroom Manager 9: Girls Chorus1: RITA FARINA 53 Bridge St., Newton l: Day: Radcliffe: Music Club 9, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, Q: Math Club Q: Archery Q: English Club 3: Debating Club 3: Work- shoD 3: National Honor Society 3. JOHN MARTIN FARMER Q1 Mossfield Rd., Waban Chief failing: Study Hall, lunch Favorite pastime: Eating and watching T. V. Pet quotation: Censored Suppressed desire: Construct a Container for a universal solvent l Warren: Exeterthen M. l. T.: Hunting and Fishing Club 9, 3: Vice-President 31 Meteorology Club Q, 3: Chemistry Club 3: Baseball Manager 1, Q 3: Honor Roll 1, 9, 3: Senior Play Stage Committee: Science Fair 3: National Honor Society 3. DOROTHY ESTHER FARRELL 14 Talbot St., West Newton Dot, Dottie Chief failing: Studying, homework Favorite pastime: Bowling, sports Pet Quotation: "Laughl l thought l would Suppregsed desire: Remove showers from girs gym , lV: Warren: Secretarial School: Girls Chorus 1: Newtonian Representative: Music Club 3: Office Worker, Building 9: Honor Roll 1, Q: Candy Committee: Assistant Homeroom Manager. FRANCIS JOSEPH FARRELL, JR. 161 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Red Favorite pastime: Arctectecual desigas Pet quotation: "Do rest from your fellow man will reveal earned appreciation" SuDDressed desire: Modern Builder lll A: Cabinet Department: M. l. T., Building Construction: Air Force. RICHARD D. FARRELL 199 Hunnewell Ter., Newton Corner Dick Favorite pastime: Sports, golf especially ll, Bigelow, College, Rifle Club 3. DONALD EDWARD FERGUSON, JR. 91 Park Pl., Newtonville Buzz Favorite pastime: Work Pet quotation: "Save your money" Suppressed desire: Graduate from High School lll A Cab., Day, Army. MARIE ANN FERRERA 15 Mague Pl., West Newton Chief failing: Eatin lunch in homerooms Favorite pastime: Swimming, bowling Pet quotation: "You know, ' "l'll see you ater," "beans" Suppressed desire: To get my driver's license IV, Warren, Business School or Work, Camera Club 1, Outing Club 9, 3, Stage Workshop 3, Attendance Clerk Q, Home- room Alternate 3. KING ALBERT FILLMORE 250 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Work in general Favoriltflloastimez Relaxing and a certain i e Pet quotation: "Hey you" Suppressed desire: To graduate from college I, ll, Weeks, College, Homerooml Man- ager 1, Junior Usher 2. JOYCE FINNIN 63 Bow Rd., Newton Centre Favoritewpastime: Tennis, dancing, reading l, eeks, College, Neophytes 1, Modern Dance 1, Music Club 2, 3, Camera Club 1, French Club 1, Q, Treasurer 2, Debating Club Q, 3, Secretary 2, President 3, English Club 3, Basketball 2, Tennis 2, 3, Orange Shield, Assistant Captain, 3, Legislature 1, 3, Publications Board, Chairman 3, Dance Committees 2, 3. CHARLOTTE LUCILLE FISHMAN 64 Fairmont Avenue, Newton Chief failing: Fattening food Favorite pastime, Writing long letters Pet quotation: lf conceit were consump- tion, you would be dead" Suppressed desire: To sleep until noon every day l, Bigelow, Brandeis University, Music Club 1, 2, 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 2, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff 3 French Club 2, English Club 3, Neo- pfiytes 1, Stage Workshop 1, Orange Shield 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, Rally Com- mittee 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 3. A , ,Q . s .lg We , 3, 5.24, ,Ls , was sf' X Wig L l gf, . .,. -. my Q 1 ft,,. l ag' , . , s. fx R If .,.x-by ,Q .. f all fl 1 Z-: r 5? O WILLARD GARDNER FITTON, JR. 75 Sumner St., Newton Centre "Bill' Favoigtel pastime: Bowling, dancing, base- a Suppressed desire: Travelling ll, Weeks, Fishing and Hunting Club 1, Q, 3, Rifle Q, 3, Art Night Q, Assistant Homeroom Manager, Newtonite Staff 1, Newtonian Art Staff 3, Usher Senior Play, Boys' Chorus. DOROTHY MARIE FITZGERALD H U 1321 Beacon St., Waban Fitz Chief failing: Studying Favorite pastime: Writing letters Pet quotation: "Really! you don't say!" Suppressed desire: Nursing ll, Weeks, Cadet Nurse Corps, Newton- Wellesley Hospital CNursing Schooll, Music Club 3, Homeroom Manager 3, Honor Roll 9,0ffice Worker Building1,3. RICHARD FITZPATRICK 64 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Dicky, Fitzy, Nitz Chief failing: Math, taking pictures Favoase rgastime: Sports, istening to music Op Suppressed desire: To graduate from high school and college ll, Weeks, College, Springfield, North- eastern, Football 1, Q, 3, Basketball 2, 3, Track, Baseball, Legislature 1, 9, 3, Sopho- more Class Treasurer, Senior Class 1st Vice-President, Executive Committee, Social Room Board, Massachusetts Boy's State, Usher at the Senior Play. H. BRUCE FLEGAL 32 Windermere Rd., Auburndale Chief failing: Procrastination Favorite pastime: Sports, sleeping, eating Pet quotation: "See ya around -like a doughnut" U Suppressed desire:To be healthy, wealthy and wise! ' l, Warren, Amherst, Music Club 1, 3, Chairman ol Reception Committee, Spanish Club 3, Marching Band 1, Q, 3, Dance Orchestra SZ, 3, Alternate Legislature 3, Social Room Host 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee 2, Football Dance Committee 9, 3, Junior Dance Committee Q, lntra- mural Basketball 1, Q, 3. JOHN LAWRANCE FOLEY 161 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Jackie Chief failing: Homework, eating lunch in homeroom Favorite pastime: Being at the Cape, movies, swimming, baseball Suppressecl desire: To become an all "A" student ll, Warren, College, Homeroom Man- ager 1, Art Club 3, Music Club 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 2, Art Night, Science Fair 9. WILLIAM Form? 203 Windsor Rd., Waban Bill, Forta Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Anything l feel like doing ll, Warren, College, Football 1, 2, Outdoor Track 1 , 2, 3. ,FREDERICK VICTOR FOWLER 116 Dartmouth St., West Newton Fred Chief failinsz Cape Cod girls Favorite pastime: Driving to OuinCY Pet quotation: "Whatsa' scoop ' Suppressed desire: To graduate l, Warren, College, Junior Varsity Hockey 1, Intermediate Hockey Q. CAROL HELENE FRANK Q4 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Chief failing: Talkin5 Favorite pastime: Taking U. S. History notes Pet quotation: "For Pete's Sake" Suppressed desire: To graduate l, Weeks, University of Massachusetts, Neophytes 1, French Club 1, Junior Dance Publicity Committee 9 Music Club 2, 3, English Club 3, Art cial, 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 3, Rally Committee 3, Senior Play Ticket Committee 3. JEANNE ROBERTA FREEDMAN 52 Kenilworth St., Newton Jeanne, Bobby Chief failing: Eating Favorite pastime: Music, dancing, piano, golf t U Pet quotation: 'That's the breaks! Suppressed desire: To own a blue caddy convertible ll, Weeks, University of Miami, Music Club Q, 3, French Club 9, 3, Neophytes 1. JAY FREEMAN 150 Monadnock Rd., Chestnut l-lill Chief failing: Due to lack of space. . . Favorite pastime: Reading Marianela, Pet quotation: "Let's get those Ads Suppressed desire: To be Mayor of Boston so lcould rip out the parking meters. l, Rivers Country Day School, College, Science Club SZ, Radio Club 1, Debating Club Q, 3, Treasurer 3, Junior Dance Committee 2, Valentine Dance Committee 2, Rally Committee Q, Track, Orange Shield 3, Newtonite Q, Newtonite Advertising Staff 2, 3, Director 3, Football Dance Com- mittee 2, l-lallowe'en Dance Committee 3, Spanish Club Q, 3, Program Chairman 3. RUTHE ALLERTON FRENCH 22 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Ruthie Favorite pastime: Listening to Dixieland l, Beaver Country Day, 4-Year College, Music Club Q, 3, French Club 2, Debating Club 2, 3, Rally Committee 3, Junior Dance Committee 2, Football Dance Com- mittee 3, Girls' Chorus 2, 3. BARBARA FRIED 90 Hope St., Auburndale "Babs" Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Music Coperas, operettes, concerts, etc.D Pet quotation: "Actions speak louder than words" Suppressed desire: To teach school ll, Warren, Boston University School of Education, Legislature 1, Music Club 1, Alpha Beta 1, Music Club 9, Orchesis 9, Art Club Q, Future Teachers of America 3, Orchesis 3, Music Club 3, Tennis 3, Softball 3. Ts 93 ef' W ,M 545, We "" Y. s - . . If A 11" xp 3 l 1 a is t Y? fs . . Z sgixi .-riff? a 1 :aff i X! Q 'ls W 5 .V 3.4. I -, .... K 1 Qi? Lie., . ess. , .7 ii nts, . .,,.,,,A.... .1 1 . 121 sig WILLIAM FRIED 56 Westchester Rd., Newton Bill, Sturdly Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Reading pocket books Pet quotation: "l'!l be a one eyed sturdly" Sullpressed desire: Milk a cow ll, Day SONYA FRUTKIN 155 Cotton St., Newton Sunny Chief failing: Wishing for too much Favorite pastime: Music Pet quotation: Are you madl l, Bigelow, Brandeis University, Tennis 1, 9, 3, Music Club 2, 3, French Club 2, English Club 3, Junior-Senior Chorus MARILYN CAROL GALASSO 4 Belmore Pk., Newton Lower Falls Mel, Lynn Chief failing: Eating in between meals, talking Favorite pastime: Dancing and playing accordion Pet quotation: "l'll say," "Patience is a virtue" Suppressed desire: Own new Pontiac IV, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Boston University. NANCY GANLEY 237 Auburn St., Auburndale Nanc Chief failing: Talking too much Favorite pastime: Square dancing and roller skating Pet Quotation: "lt's a matter of opinion" Suppressed desire: To be editor of my own newSDdDer f . ll, Weeks, Boston University School of Public Relations, Camera Club 1, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Calvary Club 3, New- tonian Advertising Staff 3, Newtonite Q, 3, Editor 3, Outing Club 3. HERBERT MYRON GANN 1089 Centre St., Newton Centre Herb, Herbie Chief failing: F Block Pet quotation: "Could be" Suppressed desire: Graduate College I, Weeks, College, Camera Club 1, 2, Senior Play Ticket Committee 3, Hunting and Fishing Club 3, Music Club 3. DAVID GANZ 48 Old Colony Rd., Chestnut Hill Ganzie Chief failing: Tests Favorite pastime: "School ofcourse" Suppressed desire: To marry a beautiful millionairess ll, Weeks, College, Football Varsity 1, SZ, 3, Baseball Intermediates 1, Boys' Chorus Q, Legislature Q, Track 3, Meteo- roloSYClub 3. RICHARD J. GASSETT 11 Pennsylvania Ave., Newton Upper Falls Dick, Gassy, Little Fumes Chief failing: My all girl classes Favorite pastime: Women Pet quotation: "ls there a boy in the room" IV, Weeks, Work, Night School. F. RICHARD GATES 115 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Whitey Favorite pastime: Eating Pet quotation: "lfat first you don't succeed try again but then give up, there's no use being a darn fool about it" ll, Weeks, College, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, Hunting and Fishing Club Q, gil? 3Club Q, German Club 3, Camera IJ . RITA ANN GAUDREAU 10 Bonaire Cir., Waban Re Favorite pastime: Working Suppressed desire: Nursing ll, Warren, Nurse's Training, Music Club 2, 3. WILLIAM GAUDREAU Bill Chief failing: Girls Pet quotation: "What's New" Suppressed desire: Get out of Newton Hi is I IV, ?Warren, Embalming School, Boys Chorus 2, Baseball 2, Hockey 2. 10 Bonaire Cir., Waban WILLIAM RICHARD GAW 115 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Centre Spider Chief failing: S-Block Favorite pastime: Tag football Pet quotation: "Okay youse guys" Suppressed desire: Golf Professional IV, Warren, Bentley, Art Club 1. SUMNER GELLER 8 Noble St., West Newton Porky Chief failing: Math, English, French Favorite pastime: Sports I Pet quotation: "How're they goin' Suppressed desire: Get into Bates College I, Warren, Teaching, Orange Shield Q, 3, Baseball Scorer CVarsityD 1, 9, 3. .ati as 4 M44 We 'Iwi if' I , ' 2 '75 2 if Q, be ar' me me Q. 5 3' it Ia. T-1.55: .I fx : - 1 is t 5, , ,gt M . . . , i f i 5:-'-f..,,,.r . , fl uf , ff' W QL I QL' I i .i . 'gifs ,ff fi vi is if B.. ig c ......, , it . , Q .i.,. 2 'Wil Lf' - ' - 1 fli 2 -s ' ,: if f- ' ' I 7, " 0 riffs. 1, af, .,1":' 1 1 F 4 . 1. --:. gy' . .A r -5, V . "l' i 'P i B 1 192 ANN MARY GENTILE 50 Lincoln Rd., Newton Chiquita, Anna, Anna banana Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Cooking, sewing, movies, especially roller skating Pet quotation: "Oh noll" Suppressed desire: Own a 1951 red convertible coupe IV, Our Lady's, Secretary. FRANK L. GENTILE 24 Silver Lake Ave., Nonantum Favorite pastime: Baseball Suppressed desire: Make a lot of money IV, F. A. Day, U. S. Navy, Work. JANET AUDREY GEYER Q5 Highland Ave., Newtonville Jan, Jill, JaneY Chief failing: Keeping a diet and boys Favorite pastime: Dancing, dramatics Pet quotation: "Gee WilIikers!" Suppressed desire: To be famous ll, Warren, Work, Art School, Neo- phytes 1, Alpha Beta 1, Music Club 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus 1, Modern Dance 1, 3, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 3, Art Club 3, Stage Workshop 3, Senior Play, Publicity Committee 3, Senior Play, Costume Committee 3, "Sing Out Sweet Land," Candy Committee 1, Orchesis 3. SAMUEL JOSEPH GILFIX 148 Mill St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Right knee Favorite pastime: Certain sophomore girls Pet quotation: "Whose would be a man must be a nonconformistn Suppressed desire: To be an Archaeologist I, Weeks, Columbia, Band 1, Y, 3, Concert Band Q, Baseball Manager 1, 9, 3, Neophytes, Drama 3, Junior Ped Cross Q, 3, Treasurer 9, Radio Q, Latin 2, Math Club 3, Vice-President 3, Orange Shield 3, Social Room Host 3, Newtonian 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, National Honor Society Q, Workshop 3. PETER GIORDANO 960 River St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Sports Ill A, Warren, United States Marines. NANCY GIORGIO 33 Beecher Ter., Newton Centre Nan, Fitchie Chief failing: Lose temper too fast Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "You're kidding" Suppressed desire To own a new car 3 IV, Weeks, Secretary, Personality Club PHYLLIS IRENE GIROUX Phyl Chief failing: Home work Favorite pastime: Dreamingiand dancing Pet quotation: Oh really! Suppressed desire: To be a model IV: Day, Stenographic Work: Outin5 Club 1: Calvary Club 3: Personality Club 3: Anti-Smoking 3. Q04 North St., Newtonville RICHARD F. GLYNN 35 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Traveling, baseball and football games I Suppressed desire: "To be an millionaire ' Il: Warren: Coast Guard Academyf Football 1. DONALD GOCHBERG 100 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill "Gootch," "Mahatma," "GotchbalIs" Pet quotation: "Comes the revolution" Suppressed desire: To get all A s 1: Weeks: College: Neophytes 1: Neophyte Play: Debating Club 1, 3: Drama Club 2, 3: English Club 3: Legisla- ture 9:AlDha Beta 1. WILLIAM GODFREY B H 88 Garland Rd., Newton Centre I Chief failing: Putting work off Favorite pastime: Photography Suppressed desire: Attend sood college I: Weeks: College: Camera Club Q, 3: English Club 3: Legislature 3: Homeroom Manager 1: Photographer for Newtonian. JOANNE PHYLLIS GOFMAN 40 Brackett Rd., Newton Chief failing: To answer letters, to shorten telephone conversations Favorite pastime: Dancing, playing cupid Pet Quotation: "What's new?" "What a O Suppressed desire: To act in the theatre, stage, or on radio ll: Weeks: College: Neophytes 1: Drama Club 3: Cavalry Club Q, 3: Girls Chorus 'I . PHYLLIS ARLENE GOLBURGH 458 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Goldie, Phyl Chief failing: Too tall to wear heels Favorite pastime: Reading, acting, writing Suppressed desire: Follow a career to do with current events IV: Brookline High Q: Chandlers: Fu- ture Teachers 3: Camera Club 3. .. ,, 4- ' 1 sa 1, -,::.2-:gmai l "-Q T " Hsfff' iii f' - : we 3-3 I t ga A i as as 4 ,wi 1 Q aw . :" . , W Z Tl by ,G Qi lx , E . fixfaa., M. . M :alfa 5 K . - i-Gentiva-1 Y if :QW 4 1 x, 1 .3 "..., :., :ef::.:f:e:f ,i fs, - ' is , xi W. -P gf 5 s 5:2 . ,, ,... my : .2--. V ,Y W ll .. ,:., El 445 vt A, iw' MARTHA L. GOLDBERG 'I7 Croftdale Rd., Newton Centre I: Weeks: College: Drama Workshop 1: Music Club 9, 31 English Club Q, 3: Program President,Chairman 3: Homeroom Manager Q: Girls' Chorus 9: Newtonite Staff 9: Newtonian Advertising Staff, Editor 3: Assistant Legislature 3: Guidance Office 3: Honor Roll 1, Q, National Honor Society 3. MARTIN GOLDENBERG 65 Falmouth Rd., West Newton I: Warren: College. SHELLEY CYNTHIA GOODMAN 9 Longfellow Rd., Newton Shell, Sheldon Chief failing: Very conceited Favorite pastime: Reading, dancing Pet quotation: "There cannot be peace in the world if your neighbors won't allow there to be" Suppressed desire: To get Doctors degree of Education Il: Warren Junior High: Boston Univer- sity School of Education, Framingham State Teachers College: Music Club 2: Future Teachers 3: Art Club 9: Camera Club 3. CHARLES DAVID GORDON, JR. 35 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Favorite pastime: Writing, singing, tennis Pet quotation: "I am not perfect but l press on Suppressed desire: To be a writer, musician, doctor I: Warren: Dartmouth, Harvard: Glee Club 1: A Cappella Choir 9, 3: Music Club Q, 3: Boys' Chorus 3: Orange Book Staff Q: Junior Varsity Tennis 1: Assistant Homeroom Manager 1: Legislature Q: Social Room Host 3: Christmas Vespers 1,2, 3: Football Dance 3: Workshop 3: National Honor Society 3. DAVIDA GORDON 55 Audubon Dr., Chestnut Hill Davey Pet quotation: "That's life" Suppressed desire: To break a 100 in goll I: Weeks: University High School: Los Angeles 3: College: Neophytes 1: Alpha Beta 1: Legislature 1: English Club 3: Music Club 3: Building 2 Office 3: Newtonian Advertising Staff 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Senior Play Ticket Committee 3: Rally Committee 3: Honor Roll 1, 3: Christmas Vespers 3: National Honor Society 3. SHIRLEY EDITH GORSE 224 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Chief failing: Spanish, English Favorite pastime: Listening to music. Suppressed desire: Get an A in Spanish once ll: Weeks: Work: Girls' Chorus 1: Modern Dance 'l: Camera Club 3. PHILLIP GOULDING 39 Chaske Ave., Auburndale Favorite pastime: Walking N Pet quotation: Don t irk me IV, Warren, Work. EDWARD B. GREEN Ted l, Warren, Harvard, Cornell, Oberlin, Band 1, Q, 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, New- tonian Advertising Staff 3, Rally Com- mittee 3,Senior Play Committee 3, Musicals 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll 9, Band Drill Com- mittee 1, 9, 3, National Honor Society 3. 64 Adella Ave,, West Newton PATRICIA GRIFFIN P 558 Beacon St., Newton Centre df Chief failing: Eating lunch "S" block Favorite pastime: Dating Al Suppressed desire: To quit school ll, North Quincy High School, Katharine Gibbs, Honor Roll 1 . MARY ALICE GRIMES 61 Randlett Pk., West Newton Maggie Chief failing: Mr. "X" Favorite pastime: Field hockey, tennis Pet quotation: "lf at first you don't succeed give up," "Georgel!l" Suppressed desire: Get an "A" in French ll, Day, Sargent, Homeroom Manager 1, Hockey Team 1, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Basketball 1, 2, 3, Football Dance 3, Softball 3. CHARLES GUBER 407 Ward St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Sleeping in English Favorite pastime: Ham and eggs U Pet quotation: "Look at the head on him Suppressed desire: To be 91 I, Weeks, University of Syracuse, Rhode Island State, Baseball 9. RICHARD PAUL GUSMINI 17 Bowers St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Sketching ll, Day, Post-Graduate Study in Ac- counting. THERESA GLORIA GUZZI 491 Waltham St., West Newton Terry Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Dancing, and a Marine named Don Pet quotation: "Just for laughs!" Suppkeisecl desire: To dance with Gene 9 Y ll, Warren, Kathleen Dell, Personality Club 1, Outing Club 1,Spanish Club1, 2, Modern Dance Group 1, 9, 3, Orchesis Q, 3, Tri-I-li-Y 2, 3, Legislature Q, Rally Committee Q, 3, Girls' Chorus Q, Christ- mas Vespers Q, Spring Festival 2, Valen- tine Dance Committee 9. MARGARET RUTH HALE Q75 Austin St., West Newton Pessv Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: Ranching ll, Warren: Work, Rifle Club 1, Riding Club Q. MARGUERITE ANN HALL Q8 Converse Ave., Newton Bunky Chief failing: Day dreaming Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Speech is silver, but silence is golden" Suppressed desire: Compose a song Life Ambition: To be healthy, wealthy and wise l, Bigelow, Wellesley, Vassar, Webber, Badminton 1, 9, 3, French Club Q, 3, Music Club Q, 3, Honor Roll 1, 2, 3, Spring Musicale Candy Committee, Arch- ery 3, Tennis 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee 3, National Honor Society 3. DONALD HALLORAN 44 Walter St., Newton Centre Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Camping ll, Weeks, Forestry CConservationJ. HARVEY HANDEL 11 Kodaya Rd., Waban IV, Roxbury Memorial High, Business College. JAMES P. HANKS 134 Sumner St., Newton Centre Smoke, Jim, Hanksie Snowshoes Chief failing: Everything Favorite pastime: Sports, hobbies, movies, driving a car Pet quotation: "You're not kidding" Suppressed desire: To own a car I, Weeks, College or Navy, Projectors Club 1, Football Manager 2, Rifle Club Q, Chemistry Club 3. JOHN KING HANKS 134 Sumner St., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Guns, cars Suppressed desire: To be an engineer I, Weeks, W. P. I., Tufts, Hunting and Fishing Club Q, 3, Chemistry Club 3. VIRGINIA MARGARET HANSON 6 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Ginny Chief failing: Day dreaming, blushing Favorite pastime: Everything in general Suppressed desire: Get all A's II, Day, Boston School of Dental Nursing, Band 1, Q, 3, Concert Band Q, Basketball Band Q, Latin Club, Program Chairman 1, Span sh Club Q, 3, Treasurer Q, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Social Committee 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Science Fair Q, Office Assist- ant 3, Newtonian Staff, Data Committee 3, grange Shield 3, National Honor Society DAVID F. HARBER 35 Carleton St., Newton Corner Dave Chief failing: To be on time Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: '? I, Day, Boston College, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, Junior Varsity Basketball 1, Junior Varsity Football 1, Intermediate Q, Varsity 3, Orange Book Staff 3, Orange Shield Assistant Captain 3, Legislature 3, Class Secretarg03, Honor Roll 1, Q, Na- tional Honor ciety 3. AARON HARRIS Q8 Dana Rd., West Newton Chief failing: Nothing Favorite pastime: Girls Pet quotation: "Seek and thou shalt find" Suppressed desire: That's something you'Il not find out ll, Warren, Radio Maintenance, Go to Newton Junior College. JANET HARRIS J 35 Norwood Ave., Newton Centre an Chief failing: Jimmies' Favorite pastime: P, J. parties Pet quotation: "Therefo, ah mean ta say" Suppressed desire: To go to Pa ris Il, Weeks, Faulkner Hospital, ChiIdren's Hospital, School of Nursing, Emerson, Mass, Art School, Music Club 3, Modern Dance 3, Girls' Chorus 3, French Club 3, Christmas Vespers 1, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Rally Committee 3, Sophomore Dance Refresh- ment Committee 3. GLADYS ANNE HARRISON 114 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Glady, Blondie Chief failing: Brown eyes Favorite pastime: Dancing, roller skating Pet quotation: 'Oh yuh . " Suppressed desire: Swing on the audi- torium chandeliers I, Day, Garland, Music Club 1, 3, Rally Committee 3, Band 1, Q, 3, Skit Com- mittee 3, Archery 1. Flu, if . t' 2,5 fi!- ,td -i as me E ti ,H V5 R 'Qs V a is f Q iff '2 fc . ..,.. , i Q5 ANITA HART 4 Ascenta Ter., West Newton Nicky Chief failing: Vermont Favorite pastime: Painting and drawing Pet quotation: "After alll" Suppressed desire: To walk down to- Brigham's during fire drill I, Winsor, Cornell, Middlebury, Artist, Neophytes 1, Neophytes Play 1, Music Club 1, 3, Drama Club Q, 3, Costume Committee Chairman Q, Program Com- mittee Chairman 3, Junior Red Cross Council Q, 3, Newport-Newton Student Exchange Q, Basketball 1, Tennis 3, Na- tional Honor Society Q, Orange Book Q, Mikado Musical Comedy Q, Girls' Chorus 1, Assistant Homeroom Manager Q, Drama Board 3, Newtonian Data Editor 3, HonorRoll1, Q, 3,SeniorSuDper Decora- gens Committee 3,Senior Prom Committee CLARA DENISE HARTIGAN 7Q Nonantum St,, Newton Favorite pastime: Music , Pet quotation: "lf you don't enjoy what you have now, how can you be happier with more?" Suppressed desire: To travel 'cc indefinitely IV, Bigelow, Business School, Bertlitz, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Legislature 1, Assistant in Placement Office Q, Senior Play Committee 3, Chair- man of Senior Play Publicity Committee 3. RICHARD HARVEY 515 Walnut St., Newtonville Rickey Chief failirg: Career women I, Day, ollege, Projector Club 1, Q, Orange Shield Q, 3, Newtonian 3, Per- sonal Chauffeur for Dance Committees 3, Rah-Rah Boy 3, National Honor Society 3. JUDITH HASKELL 735 Centre St., Newton "Judy" Chief failing: Yakity-Yak Favorite pastime: Talkee-Talkeel Pet quotation: "Thank you much y" Suppressed desire: To get an "A" in French ll, Bigelow, Wheelock, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Personality Club 1, Chorus 3, Cavalry Club 3, Future Teachers 3. SALLY ANN HAVEN 58 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Chief failing: Wasting time, reading, calling my sister names Favorite pastime: "Summering" Pet quotation: "Don't do today what you can put off till tomorrow" Suppressed desire: To go swimming in a mild hurricane I, Warren, Middlebury, Colby Buck- nell, Camera Club 1, Music Club Q, 3, French Club Q, Girls' Leader CorDs 1, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers Q, Frederick Exchange Group Q, Orange Shield 3, Newtonian Homeroom Representative 1, Newtonian Staff 3, Glee Club Concert 1, Graduation Q, Tennis 3, Senior Play Candy Committee 3, Organ 3, National Honor Society Q, 3. MURRAY H. HELFANT Buddy Chief failing: Math., Spanish, English, Latin, biology, chemistry, and U. S. history l, Day, Yale, Let's not be ridiculous. See Orange Book: Pages 7-49. 5 Whittier Rd., Newtonville PAUL HERENDEEN 91 Newtonville Ave., Newton Corner Herring Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Sports, movies Suppressed desire: To make a million dollars IV1 Bigelow1 Work. ROBERT HERMAN 84 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre Bob Favorite pastime: Music, sports Pet quotation: "Plenty of time left for homework" l1 Weeks1 College1 Music Club 11 Science Fair 11 Hunting and Fishing Club Q, 31 Newtonian Representative 21 New- tonian Advertising Staff 2, 31 Valentine Dance Publicity Committee 91 Football Dec. Committee 31 Senior Play Stage Committee 3. GEORGE R. HIGGINS 1537 Washington St., West Newton l1 Warren1 University of Massachusetts1 Orange Shield 2, 31 Anti-Smoking Com- mittee 2, 31 Tennis 11 Indoor Track 31 Out- doorTrackQ 31 Football Dance Committee 1, 9, 31 Hallowe'en Dance Committee 31 Committee Chairman 31 Valentine Dance Committee 1, 2, 3. JOHN H. HIGGINS Q5 Halcyon Rd., Newton Centre Pinky Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet uotation: "Once more for the Press" l1lWVeeks1 College1 Football, Basketball and Baseball 1, Q, 31 Class President Q1 Anti-Smoking Committee 21 Legislature 1, 31 Homeroom Manager Q. RITA CATHERINE HIGGINS 1387 Washington St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Dancing I Pet quotation: "Wouldn't you know' Suppressed desire: To eat my lunch in Miss Myles' homeroom IV1 St. Bernard School1 Working in an office1 Personality Club 31 English Club 31 Archery 3. AUBREY HILL 991 Watertown St., West Newton Eve, Rep Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Golf, going out with the boys Pet quotation: "The world is what you make it' Suppressed desire: To get out of school IV: Warreni U. S. Navy. 126 .fs CHRISTINE MARCIA HILLIARD 91 Floral St., Newton Highlands Christie, Trissie, Chrissie ll1 Weeks1 Ottawa University1 Art Club SZ, 31 Music Club 31 Sing Out Sweet Land1 Sophomore Girls' Chorus 11Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus Q, 31 Glee Club Q. JOANNE ELIZABETH HOLLAND 207 Winslow Rd., Waban Chief failing: Not doing my homework Favorite pastime: Sailing Suppressed desire: To dance with Fred Astaire I1 Weeks1 Bryn Mawr, Trinity1 New- tonite 91 Newtonian Feature Staff1 31 Honor Roll 119, 31 National Honor Society 2, 31 Science Club 1, 2, Treasurer 21 Camera Club 21 Outing Club 31 Girls Chorus 31 Mikado Make-up Committee 91 genior Play Props Committee 31 Workshop PHYLLIS HOLMES 99 Hicks St., West Newton Bunky Favorite pastime: Singing, dancing Pet quotation: "Ohl for heavens sakes" Suppressed desire: To have the moon turn into cream cheese ll1 Warrem Boston University or Bryant and Stratton. RICHARD HOLMES 105 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Sports 1 lil A1 Day1 Electrical Work1 Basketball STEPHEN HOLMES 802 Watertown St., West Newton Steve Chief failing: Not doing homework Favorite pastime: Taking life easy Suppressed desire: To take a few days off from school without getting caught l, ll1 Dayf Engineering College or Family Business, Plumbing and Heating contractor1 Movie Squad 1, 9, 31 Orange Shield 3. NANCY EVELYN HOOD 115 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Hoodsie Chief failing: Food, history Favorite pastime: Schmoe parties I1 Day1 Connecticut1 Secretary Class 21 Treasurer of Associates 31 Junior Red Cross Council Q, 31 Homeroom Manager 1,9, 31 National Honor Society 9, 31 Newtonian Proof Editor 31 Orchestra 1, 21 Orange Shield Captain 31 Anti-Smoking Q, 31 Tri- Hi 91 Senior Executive Council 31 Football Dance Committee 9, 31 Music Club 1, 9, 31Spanish Club 9, 31 Neophytes 11 Glee CIub11 Honor Roll 1, 91Newton-Newport School Exchange Q1 Mikado Q1 Legislature 31 Senior Night Committee. CURTIS GUILD HOOKWAY, JR. Q16 Homer St., Newton Centre Curi, Hook Chief failing: The Hull Yacht Club Favorite pastime: Waiting for letters from the '.l'lOI'lH Pet quotation: "Chow up boys" Suppressed desire: To play a bass fiddle in Al Phinney's orchestra ll, Weeks, Prep School, College, Boys' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 1, Intramural Basketball 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Track 1, Q, Varsity Indoor Track 1, Q, 3, Varsity Outdoor Track 3, Football 1, Varsity Club 1. DOROTHY LOUISE HORRIGAN 15 Cheney Ct., Newton Upper Falls lll B, Weeks, Work, RALPH J. HOUSEMAN 34 Cook St., Newton House Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Doing magic tricks Pet quotation: ' Once there were two magicians, now there are lots ofthem." Suppressed desire: To be a magician IV, Day, To become a professional magician and tour the country. ROGER HOWLETT 55 Woodbine St., Auburndale Chief failing: French and women Favorite pastime: Sleeping Pet quotation: "Scratch my back" Suppressed desire: Learn to dance ll,Day, Prep.School, Football Q, Orange Shield 3, Boys' Chorus 9. JOAN HOXSIE 93 Hancock St., Auburndale Chief failing: Most things in general Favorite pastime: Midnight swims Pet quotation: "Cryin out tears!" Suppressed desire: To travel Europe a ain I, Warren, Connecticut College, Girls' Chorus 1, SZ, 3, Christmas Vespers 1, 9, 3, Music Club 3, German Club 3, Rally Committee, Orange Shield 9, 3, Spring Musical Costume Committee 1, Q, Softball 1, Tennis 3, Honor Roll 1. HENRY WILLIAM HUDSON HAH 1672 Beacon St., Waban I I, Warren, Dartmouth, Spanish Club Q, Orange Shield 3, Senior Play. STEPHEN J. HUNG 194 Winchester St., Newton Highland: Steve, Bobby, Hungy Chief failing: The commando course and women Favorite pastime: Talking Pet quotation: "That's the way it goes, things are tough all over" Suppressed desire: To be 6 ft. 5 in. tall l, Weeks, Boston University, Art Club 1, Intramural Basketball 1, Intermediate Football SZ, French Committee 3. ROBERT ALLAN HUNTER 33 Fountain St., West Newton Bob, Robie I, Day, Harvard, Art Club 1, Assistant Homeroom Manager 1, Glee Club 1,Q, Intramural Basketball 1, Legislature Q, Boys' Chorus 3, Mikado Q, Make-up Committee "Sins Out Sweet Land" 11 Orange Shield 3. NANCY HUPPERTZ Q06 Windsor Rd., Waban Hupe Chief failing: Talking in Library Favorite pastime: Swimming H Pet quotation: "Sweety Bear Suppressed desire: To travel ll, Warren, Junior College, Music Club 1, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Music Festival Q, International Club Q, 3, Drama Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Orchesis 3, Christmas Vespers Q, Football Dance Committee 3. RICHARD J. HUTCHINSON 9 Chilton Pl., Newton Upper Falls Hutch Favorite pastime: To take life easy Suppressed desire: To get no homework for a month ll, IV, Weeks, Agricultural School, Am- herst or Stockbridge, Baseball Manager 1, Q, 3, Basketball Manager 3, Orange Shield 3. JEAN CATHERINE HYDE 11 Sylvester Rd., West Newton Pet quotation: "George" ll, Warren, Secretarial Work, Archery 3, Drama Workshop 3, Rifle Club 1, Out- ing Club 1, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Softball 3. ALESSIO IAFRATE AI Q78 Watertown St., Nonantum Chieffailingz Doing homework Favorite pastime: Women and sports Pet quotation: "Once you've got him never let him go" lV, Day, Work or ioin the Army, Junior Varsity Football 1. MARY IEMMELLO 141 Webster St., West Newton May Favorite pastime: Photo raphy, Movies Pet Quotation: "Gee Vfshizn Suppressed desire: To take a trip to Eu rope lll: Day: Seamstress. WALTER GRIFFITH JEHU Grif Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Loafing Pet Quotation: "By George" l: Warren: College: Spanish Club 3: Homeroom Manager 3: lntramural Basket- ball 1,Q, 3: Ticket Committee Junior Prom SZ, Workshop 3: National Honor Society 3. 3 Bertrand Rd., Auburndale JANE ALICE JEPSEN 11 Jepsen Ct., West Newton Janie Chief failinS: Hall0we'en parties Favorite pastime: Telephone conversations Pet quotation: "So to speak, watch it!" Suppressed desire: To swim the English Channel , IV: Warren: Secretarial Work: Chorus 1, Q, 3: PersonalityClub 1:Modern Dance 1: Rally Committee Q: Valentine's Dance Publicity Committee 2: Cand Committee at Senior Play 1: Rally Cyommittee 3: Christmas Vespers Q, 3. JAMES JEWETT 66 Webster St., West Newton IV: Warren: Business Work. NORMAN JOHANSSON 1489 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Buster, "lil'Olie" Chief failing: French, an language Favorite pastime: Racing, horseback riding Suppressed desire: Make a million! ll: Day, College, West Point: Outdoor Track 1: Camera Club 1, 2: Science Club 1 Q: Cavalry Club 3: Drama Club 3: Boys' Chorus 2, 3: Orange Shield 3: lndoor Track 1: Anti-Smoking 3. A. STEWART JOHNSON Q0 Woodside Rd., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Amateur radio, sailing and boating Pet quotation: ' God only knows, l don't" l: Day: College: Music Club 1, 9, 3: Orchestra "A" 1 9, 3: Manager Q, 3: Glee Club 1: A Cappella Choir 2: Radio Club 'l' Hunting and,Fi5hing Clubjl, 9: Spring Musical 1, Q. 128 DELE NE M. JOHNSTON Del Pet quotation: "Watch it!" I ll: Weeks: Colby Junior College: Girls Chorus 2, 3: Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3: Spanish Club 1: Outing Club 3: Rally Committee 3: Modern Dance 3: Christmas Vespers 2, 3. 66 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre RUTH JOHNSTON 22 Howard St., Newton Chief failing: Remembering Favorite pastime: Dancing, baseball Pet quotation: "Jeekers" Suppressed desire: To live in a big house and own a car l: Bethlehem Central High School, Delmar N. Y.: College, Nursing: Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus Q, 3: Drama Club 3: Outing Club 3: Senior Play Costume Com- mittee 3: Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3: English Club 3, Secretary 3: Rally Committee 3: Modern- Dance 3. JOHN LAWRENCE JONES 17 Channing St., Newton Jonesie Favorite pastime: Fishing Pet riiuitationz "l have not yet begun to is I Suppressed desire: To be the first person: to reach the moon l: Bigelow: Boston College: Orange Shield 3: Legislature 3:Spanish Club I-if Assistant Homeroom Manager 3: Nationa Honor Society 3. GEORGE WARREN JORDAN 35 Carleton St., Newton Corner Georgie: Kink Favorite pastime: Sports U Pet quatation:"You think that's somethingl' Suppressed desire: To attend Journalism School ll: Day: Work. THOMAS JOYCE 1 51 Nevada St., Newtonville Tommy Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Trips to Cape Cod Pet quotation: "Thats too bad ' Suppressed desire: lnvent a rubber sponge saddle ll: Warren: Become gym teacher: Junior Varsity Football 1 :CavalryClub 3:Orange Shield 2, 3. CATHERINE E. KAHLENBECK 7 Channing St., Newton Betty Chief failing: Boys Favorite pastime: Movies and dancing Pet Quotation: "Skip it" , Suppressed desire: Marry the boss s son IV: Bigelow: Stenographcfi Tfi-l'li:Y.3l English Club 3: Candy Committee 3. ABRAHAM KALOVOSTIAN 79 Bigelow Ave., East Watertown lllA, East Watertown Junior High. ANN ELIZABETH KANE 60 Homestead St., Waban Annie Chief failing: Procrastination Favorite pastime: Painting, golf Suppressed desire: Travel in Europe l, Weeks, Wellesley, Connecticut, Alpha Beta, Vice-President 1, Music Club 1, Q, 3, French Club 9, 3, Orange Shield 9, 3, Homeroom Manager Q, Newtonite Staff SZ, Newtonian Features Staff 3, Homeroom Manager Q, National Honor Society 3. NISHAN KARAKASHIAN 16 Russell Rd., Newton Corner Nish l, Bigelow, College, Engineering, Meteorology Club 3. LOIS FAY KATZ 44 Blake St., Newtonville Chief failing: Having "gypsy" blood in my family Favorite pastime: Moving from one state to another Pet quotation: "Your darn tooten" Suppressed desire: To, for one day, be the teacher and have the teacher be the pupil l, Erasmus Hall, I-l. S., Brooklyn, New York, College, Publicity Committee for Football Dances 3, English Club 3, Out- ing Club 3, Personality Club 3. LOIS KARLA KAUFMAN 39 Clements Rd,, Newton l, Winthrop High School, Bennington College, Sarah Lawrence College, Music Club Q, French Club Q, Valentine Dance Committee 9, English Club 3, Music Club 3, Accompanist, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 3, Personality Club 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 3, Art Club 3, Archery 3, Tennis 3. WILLIAM FREDERICK KAYE 15 Hillside Rd., Newton Highlands Will Chief failing: Girls Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "He is only free who can control himself" IV, Weeks, Boston University, Legisla- ture 1, Q, Boys' Chorus 3, Band 1, 2. 99 DAVID LAWRENCE KEEFE 167 California St., Newton lllA, Day. NANCY A. KEENE 198 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Nan, Rodge Chief failing: Math, history Favorite pastime: Swimming, dancing Pet quotation: Well, crumb sakesl Suppressed desire: Roller-skate in Building 3 corridors I, Day, University of Michigan, Music Club 1 , 3, Archery 1, Newtonite Mailing Staff Q, Valentine Dance Committee Q, Band 1, Spanish Club 3. MARCIA LOWELL KEHEW 69 Waban Ave., Waban ll, Warren, University of Massachusetts, Modern Dance 1, 9, 3, Orchesis 2, 3, Outin Club 1, Q, 3, Music Club Q 3, Rally Committee 9, 3, Orange Shield 3, Tri-l-li-Y Q, 3, Spring Musical 1, Anti- Smoking Committee 3, International Club 3. FREDERICK SCOTT KEITH 47 Grafton St., Newton Centre Freddie, Fred Chief failing: Languages, thinking Favorite pastime: Sports ' Pet quotation: "Funny as a rubber crutch ' Suppressed desire: Maior in Physical Education 1, Weeks, Yale, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, Varsity Baseball Q, Camera Club 3, Orange Shield 3, Legislature 3. JANET KEITH Crystal Lake Manor, Apt. 81 Newton Centre Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Watching Television Pet quotation: "Oh Georgelln Suppressed desire: To be a graduate of Colby Junior ll, Warren, Colby Junior College, Green Mountain Junior College, Girls Chorus 1 3, Orange Shield 3, Outing Club 3, Personality Club 1, Tri-l-li-Y 3, Cavalry Club 3, Modern Dance, Basket- ball 3, Rally Committee 3, Field Hockey 3, Christmas Vespers 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee 3. BARBARA LEE KELLEGREW 165 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Barb Chief failing: Devil-dogs Pet quotation: "Oh, crumb!" ll, Weeks, Endicott Junior College, Neophytes 1, Rally Committee 9, 3, Spanish Club 9, 3, Music Club 1, 9, 3, Tennis 3, Legislature Alternate 3, Outing Club Q, Social Room Hostess 3, Properties, Senior Play 3. GEORGE KELLY 91 Central St., Auburndale Favorite pastime: Wine, women and song Pet quotation: "Worry about nothing" Suppressed desire: Retire at an early age IV, Warren. WALTER S. KETT 39 Samoset Rd., Waban Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Football, basketball, track Pet quotation: "Georgel" Suppressed desire: To be a song and dance mdfl II: Warren, Newton Junior College, St Anslems College, Junior Varsity Foot- ball 1, Indoor Track Q, 3, Outdoor Track 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Intramural Basketball Champs Q. RICHARD STUART KENDIG 53 Elmwood St., Newton Corner Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Swimming IV, Bigelow, Work, Homeroom Manag- er 1, Junior Class Usher 52. MARY ELIZABETH KENNEY 906 Beethoven Ave., Waban Chief failing: Green Harbor Favorite pastime: Weekend trips to Rock- land, Mass. Pet quotation: "Where's Jeanie?" Suppresfed desire: To grow some finger- nai s Il, Weeks, Edgewood Park Junior College, Legislature Q, Rally Committee 2, 3, Chairman 9, Library Club 1, Q, 3, Anti-Smoking Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Secretary 1, Music Club Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 9, 3, Sprin Festival 1, 2, 3, Modern Dance Q, 3, Grchesis 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, 3, Junior Prom Committee, French Club FRANK KEOHANE 12 Acacia Ave., Chestnut Hill Blinky Chief failing: English, Rallies Favorite pastime: Sports, wine, women and song H . I Pet quotation: Take Five' , ' O.K. Jocko" Suppressed desire: To sell popcorn at the movies. I, ll, Weeks, College of Business Ad- ministration, Business, Boys' Chorus 52, Intermediate Football 9, Intermediate Hockey 9. JOAN CAROL KINCARE 162 Clark St., Newton Centre Joanie Chief failing: Being Jocko's sister Pet quotation: Where's Mary? II, Sacred Heart, College, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Library Club Q, Modern Dance 2 3, Orchesis 3, Rally Committee Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 9, 3, Spring Festival 1, 9, 3, Hostess, Sopho- more Dance 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Secretary 3, Decoration Committee, Junior Prom Q. O RITA MARTHA KINDREGAN 204 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Favorite pastime: Sleeping IV B, Warren, Work and Boston Llniver- sity for Merchandising, nights, Girls' Chorus 1, Music Club Q, 3, SUSAN ELAINE KINLEY Q88 Mill St., Newtonville Sue, Susie ll, Chapel Hill School, Waltham, Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, Music Club 1, Spanish Club 3, Camera Club 3, Archery 1, 3, Science Fair 1, Chorus 1, 9. DOROTHY KINSELLA 34 Lincoln Plc., West Newton Favorite pastime: Sports I, Warren, College, Music Club 1, Office 3. PATRICIA KIRKUTIS 65 Walker St., Newtonville Chief Failing: Food, Geometry Favorite Dastime: Murph's parties, Ellen Pet quotation: "No Kiddinglu SuDDressed desire: To graduate from Newton High School ll, Day, Massachusetts Art, Girls' Chorus 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, Latin Club 1. GERALD DAVID KLEINMAN Q9 Converse Ave., Newton Archie, Jerry Chief failing: Love life, French Favorite pastime: Day-dreaming h Pet quotation: "You are without a doubt' Suppressed desire: To become a t0D vocalist I, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, International Club 2, Math Club, Debating Club 3. SARAH F. KNIGHT 15 Allen Ave., Waban Sally, Blackie Chief failing: Writing to alumni in Wash- ington, "Brownie," Popcorn Favorite pastime: Walking, tennis Pet quotation: "Shall we say" Il, Warren, Boston School of Dental Nursing, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Music Club 3, Outing Club 3, Christmas Vespers Q, 3, Social Room 3, Spring Concert Q. BARBARA JEAN KOHN 294 Adams St., Newton Barb, Barby Favorite pastime: Pogo Parties Pet quotation: "Oh, you're kidding!" Suppressed desire: To dance the Charles- ton II, Day, School, Neophytes 1, Girls' Leader Corps 1, 2, Music Club 1, 9, 3, Library Club 1, Q, Vice-President, Modern Dancing 1, Q, 3, Orchesis Club Q, 3, Athletic Banquet 1, Q, Football Dance Committees 1, 9, 3, Publicity Committee, Rally Committee 1, Sing Out Sweet Land, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, Tri-Hi-Y 9, 3, Senior Play Committee, Spring Festival 1, Q, 3, Junior Prom Committee 9, Sophov more Get Acquainted Party, Hostess, Valentine Dance Committees 1, 9. BARBARA HART KOLLMYER 653 Watertown St., Newtonville Barbie, Barbs Chief failing: Boys named Bob Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "That's for sure" Suppressed desire: Not to do any home- work for a month I, Day, Katharine Gibbs, Library Club 1, Alpha Beta 1, Sophomore Chorus, Alpha Gamma Tau Q, French Club 3, Skit Com- mittee 3, Rally Committee 3, Social Room Hostess 3, Orange Shield Q, 3. JOHN HUBERT KRAEMER 31 Whittemore Rd,, Newton Chief failing: Spelling and languages Favorite pastime: Rifle shooting ' Pet quotation: "He's a good Joe ' ll, Bigelow, Chauncy Hall, M. I. T., Rifle Club 1, Q. RONALD KRAMER 79 Concolor Ave., Newton Ron, Ronnie Chief failing: Languages Clfrenchj Pet quotation: "Is that ri ght? ' Suppressed desire: Get all A's l, Bigelow, Brown, Latin Club 1, Meteorology Club Q, 3, Motion Picture Squad 1 , 2, Track Manager 1 , Q, 3, Varsity Manager 3, Chemistry Club 3. PAUL BEN KRUTT 15 Ricker Rd., Newton Chief failing: The female of the Species Favorite pastime: Driving Pet quotation: "Ask and ye shall be given, seek and ye shall find" I, Garfield Junior High, Revere, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Inter- national Club 1, Baseball Manager 1, Camera Club 2, Valentine Dance Com- mittee Q, German Club 3, Senior Play, back stage 3. VALERIE KUEBLER Val Favorite pastime: Horseback riding I, Warren, University of Massac usettsi Music Club 1, 2, 3, Band 1, Q, 3: SDrin5 Musical 1, 9, 3, Valentine Dance Com- mittee Q, Football Dance Committee 31 Senior Play Committee 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff 3, Concert Band 9, 3, Field Hockey 1, Q, 3, Basketball 9, Soft- ball 1, Q, 3, Basketball Band 1, 9, 3, Science Fdir 1. 100 Valentine St., West Newton MERIEL LAFLAMME Q90 Linwood Ave., Newtonville I, Day, College, Orange Shield 2, 3, Band 1, 9, 3, Basketball Band 1, 9, 3, Concert Band 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Props Committees, Mikado and Senior Play, Library Club 1, Alpha Beta 1, English Club 3, Basketball Q, Archery 1, Q, 3. ARTHUR MALCOLM LASOFF 1647 Washington St., West Newton Favorite Dastime: Teaching boys Pet quotation: "He who sticks his neck out too far gets his head chopped off" Suppressed desire: To help everyone know in some way l,Warren, College, Homeroom Manager 1, Boys' Chorus Q, Usher Christmas Vespers and Spring Music Festival Q, Glee Club Q, 3, Hunting and Fishing Club Q, 3,Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3, Social Room Host 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 3, International Club 3, Delegate to UN Conference at Beaver Country Day School, Properties Committee for the Senior Play. JOHN KEARNEY LAVERTY 53 Rokeby Rd.,Waban Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Skiing Pet quotation: "Once again love rears its ugly head" I, Warren, Dartmouth, Math Club 3, Treasurer 3, Debating Club 3, National Honor Society 3. JANE MARGARET LAWLESS 69 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Janie Chief failing: Squeaking Favorite pastime: Schmoo parties, Peggy Pet quotation: "Watch itl So to speak" Suppressed desire: To be an opera singer II, Day, Nursing, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Music Club 9, Senior Play Committee 3, Rally Committee 3, Anti-Smoking Committee 3, Camera Club 1, Tennis 3, HalIowe'en Dance Committee 3. AUDREY DIANNE LEDERMAN Q1 Merrill Rd., Newton Chief failing: Birds Favorite pastime: The telephone Pet quotation: "Honest to gosh?" Suppressed desire: To see the world II, Weeks, University of Vermont, Edgewood Park, Legislature 1, Q, Neo- phytes 1, Cavalry Club Q, Candy Com- mittee Senior Play. ALICE DENISON LEE Q06 Church St., Newton I, Bigelow, Middlebury, Professional Girl Scouting, Music Club 1, Q, 3, De- bating Club Q, 3, Camera Club 1, Orchesis 9, Girls' Chorus 1, A Cappella Choir Q, 3, Orchestra 1 , Q, 3, Band Q, 3, Cheerleader 3, Spring Musical Q, Dramatic Club 3, Senior Play 3, Anti-Smoking Committee 3, Football Dance Committee 3, Neophytes 1 . YVONNE E. LEE 120 Crescent St., Auburndale Vonnie, Evie, Mousy Chief failing: Always being late Favorite pastime: Sports, movies Pet quotation: "Cheese" Suppressed desire: To be able to play the piano ll, Warren, Lab. Technical School, Cvlee Club 1 , Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers 1, 9, 3. ELIZABETH ANN LEHRER Q1 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Betty, Bett Favorite pastime: Swimming I, Warren, Wellesley, Grinnell, Hockey 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, Q, 3, Softball 1, 3, Leader Corps 1, 9, 3, Girls' Athletic Banquet 1, Q, 3, Committee Chairman, MusicClub1,Q,3,MarchingBand1,9,3, Basketball Band 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, Leader Corps Honor List, Senior Play Costume Committee 3, Class Hockey Team3Captain1,Q, National Honor Soci- ety, . ANTHONY ALZAMORA LEONE 181 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Sleepy Chief failing: I'm too shy with girls Favorite pastime: Playing the piano Pet dgohtationz "That's what I sled, liddle Suppressed desire: To get a "B" from Mr. Heintzelman. I, Weeks, Boston University, United States Air Force, Library Club 3, Science Fair 1, English Club 3, Advanced Speech 3, Workshop 3. SALLY ANN LEVINE 421 Waverley Ave., Newton Chief failing: Thinking Favorite pastime: Singing "Who" Pet quotation: "Hush upl " I, Weeks, College, Neophytes 1, Alpha Beta 1,Secretary and Treasurer, Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Q, 3, Drama Club Play, Usher Q, Mikado, Usher 52, Junior Red Cross Q, 3, Newton-Newport Exchange Q, Newtonian 3, French Club 3, English Club 3, Building Q Office 3. DANIEL LEWIN 57 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Pet quotation: "Never let your homework interfere with your education" I, Day, Swarthmore College, Junior Red Cross Council 2, 3, President 9, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Debating Club 1, International Club Q, Dance Committee Q, Football Dance Committee Chairman 3, School and School Exchange Q, Glee Club 1,A Cappella ChoirQ, 3,Homeroom Assistant Manager 3, Homeroom Manager Q, Newtonian Staff Editor 3, National Honor Society Q, 3, Honor Roll 1, Q. JOANNE M. LEWIS 97 Champa St., Newton Upper Falls Lewie, Shorty Favorite pastime: Jaunting in a model "A", dancinS Pet quotation: "What a hunk" IV, Weeks, Secretarial Work, Modern Dancing 1, 2. fixing 7 Q., .. QP QE .FV in v 1 Va,S.,X,ii .gil 'ii' I 1 ' V 'I - 5" 34 1 "'."g . '5:' S 5 'Q . A aa. i irfstsw . if . 1 . . La-Y s K if Y K t if nf i. x .S V . 4 af, s 1 game. it ,si . .rs Q JOSEPH LEWIS 97 Champa St., Newton Upper Falls Chief failing: Women Fdvofiie Ddstime: Sleeping, loafing, and sports Pet quotation: "Whee, what a breeze" Suppressed desire: To finish school lll A, Weeks, United States Navy, 3asketball1 , SZ, 3, National HonorSociety WRIGHT BOYD LEWIS 197 Blake St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: School Rallies I, Day, Cornell University, Hotel Ad- ministration, Drama Club Q, Cavalry Club Q, Spanish Club Q, Junior Play "Life With Father" 9, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 1, Decoration Com- mittee, Junior Prom Q, Valentine Dance Committee Q, Legislature, Q, Boys' Chorus 9, 3, Orange Shield 3, Crusade For Freedom Representative 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 2, 3, Champions 1, 3, Foot- ball 1, Basketball 9, Hockey 3, Anti- Smoking Committee 3. JOHN F. LIGHT, JR. 195 Waltham St., West Newton Johnnie Chief failing: Procrastination Favorite pastime: Sleeping, eating Suppressed desire: To be first to fly to th moo e n I, Warren, Navy Diving Corps, College, University of Maine. PEARL M. LIGHTMAN 117 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Marks Pet quotation: "Try, try, try, again" I, Weeks, Radcliffe, Brandeis, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus 1, Art Club 1, Q, 3, Stage Workshop 1, Junior Red Cross Council 1, 3, Music Club 2, 3, Mikado, Make-up Committee Q, Rally Committee 3, Tennis 1, Q, Neophytes 1, Honor Roll Q, Newtonite 3. IRENE KATHERINE LIKELY 18 School St., Newton Corner Renee Chief failing: Singing Favorite pastime: Loafing h Pet quotation: "Oh you're kiddingl' Suppressed desire: To dance the rhumba I, Bigelow, College, Girls' Chorus 1, Glee Club 1, Q, Homeroom Manager 9, National Honor Society 2, 3, Social Room Hostess 3, French Club 3, Honor Roll 1, Q. SOUTHARD LIPPINCOTT 74 Tyler Ter., Newton Centre Chief failing: Laziness and forgetfullness Favorite pastime: Listening to classical ITIUSIC Pet quotation: "A iob worth doing is worth doing well" Suppressed desire: To have too much time in which to do whatever I want l, Weeks, M. I. T., Boston University, Tufts, Navy, Camera Club 1, Chemistry Club 9, 3, Homeroom Manager 3, Glee Club 2, A Cappella Choir 3. ADELLE LISMAN 10 Read Ct., Newton Centre Chief failing: Men, like all other girls' Favorite pastime: Wasting time Pet quotation: "Never let business come before pleasure" Suppressed desire: To be called by the right name l, Weeks, College, Neophvtes 1, French Club 1, Personality Club Q, Music Club Q, Girls' Chorus 3, Nevvtonite Ad- vertising Staff 3. IRENE S. LISMAN 10 Read Ct., Newton Centre Chief failing: Dartmouth Favorite pastime: Rolling my eyes Pet quotation: "She sells sea shells by the sea shore" Suppressed desire: To have long fingernails l, Weeks, College, Neophytes 1, Secretary, French Club 1, Personality Club Q, Music Club Q. DORNA LITCHFIELD 4Q Berwick Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Devil dogs Favorite pastime: Talking Pet quotation: "Peachy keen" l, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Chandlers, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Cheerleader Q, 3, Glee Club 1 , Q, 3, Spring Vespers 1, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Legislature Q, Secretary of Asso- ciates 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, Rally Committee 3, Orange Shield Captain 3: Executive Council 3, Senior Play 3, Art Club Q, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Drama Club, Executive Committee 3, Football Dance Committee Q, 3, Valentine Dance Com- mittee 3, Junior Dance Committee Q, National Honor Society 3. RICHARD R. LOSCH Q1 King SL, Auburndale Dick, Hopalong Favorite pastime: Science Pet quotation: "Arma Virumque Cano" Suppressed desire: To see "Mr. Roberts" done by a Newton High School cast l, Warren, Harvard Medical, Debating Club 1,Science Club 1, Homeroom Manag- er 1, 3, Chemistry Club Q, 3, Latin Club Q, 3, Musical 1, 3, Senior Play 3, Drama Club Q, 3, Drama Club Play Q, Science Fair 1, Q, 3, Newtonian Representative ?fg0Y5lCl'i0Vl-'51, 9, A CaDDella Choir 1 f 3' LOIS ANN LUBETS 86 Clements Rd., Newton Chief failing: Term tests Favorite pastime: Walking from Building I to Ill in the rain Pet quotation: "The only way to have a friend is to be one" Suppressed desire: Make the honor roll ll,Weeks,Lesley,Junior College,Music Club 1, 3, Camera Club 1, Girls' Chorus FRANK W. LUBY Q9 Dorset Rd., Waban Lou, Lumper Favorite pastime: Sports Pet Quotation: Salacadangi CSpangeneseJ l, Warren, College, Homeroom Manag- er 1, Debating Club 3, Spanish Club 3, Orange Shield 3, intramural Basketball 1, Q, 3, Science Fair 1. H-3916? 3 CHARLES B. LYNCH Q6 Lewis St., Newtonville Charlie Favorite pastime: Not doing my homework Suppressed desire: To swim across the English Channel l, Bigelow, College, Legislature 1, Basketball 1, Football Q, Orange Shield Q, 3, Boys' Chorus Q, Glee Club 1. GRACE REGINA LYNCH Q Lincoln Pk., West Newton Regina Chief failing: Mystery stories Favorite pastime: Arguing II, Warren, Framingham State Teachers College, Future Teachers 3, Newtonite Circulation Staff 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society 3. KENNETH G. LYONS 36 Roslyn Rd., Waban Chief failing: "School work" Favorite pastime: Swimming, relaxing Pet quotation: "lt's ridiculous" Suppressed desire: To travel l, Warren, Holy Cross via Preparatory School. JEANNE LOIS MacDONALD 53 Sheldon Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Procrastination Favorite pastime: Midget auto races, dixie- land jazz Suppressed desire: Cut math l, Weeks, Duke University, Carnegie College of Fine Arts, Rifle Club 1, Q, 3, Secretary 3, Drama Club Q, 3, Secretary 3, Golf Q, 3, Spanish Club Q, Christmas Ves- pers Q, Legislature 3. RONALD JOSEPH MacDONALD 154 River St., West Newton Ron, Ronny, Bunky Favorite pastime: Basketball Pet quotation: "l wasn't doing nothing" Suppressed desire: BO credits lll A, Warren, Wentworth institute, Workg Trade School Varsity Basketball 'l,Q, . DAWN FRANCES MacDOUGALL Q7 Timson Path, Oak Hill Dawnie, Donna Chief failing: Waiting for the weekends Favorite pastime: Going to P. J, parties at Maquire's ' Pet quotation: "Let's be practical' ll, Day, Forsythe, Boston School of Dental Nursing, Legislature 1, NeoDl1Yf25 1, Newtonian Representative 1, Decora- tion Committee Junior Prom Q, Publicity Committee Science Fair Q, Library Club 1, Q, Modern Dance 1, Q, 3, Glee Club 1, Q, Secretary Q, A Cappella Choir 3, Secretar 3, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3, Music Club Q, 3, Orchesis Club Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield Q, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee Q, 31 Tri-Hi-Y Club Q, 3, President 3, Rally Committee Q, 3, Refreshment Committee of Football Dance 3, Chairman, Pre-Foot- ball Sophomore Dance 3, Chairman, Out- ing Club 3, Spring Festival 1, Q, 3. PHYLLIS MACK 55 Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls Phyl Chief failing: Lazy. Favorite pastime:Talk' g Pet quotation: "Why'gbn5 you be quiet!" "No kidding!" ' in Suppressed desire: Douse f,ulIy dressed person with a glass of cold water. IV, Weeks, Secretarial Work, Executive Council 3, Outing Club 3, National Honor Society 3. DAVID TOREY MacKERRON 336 Centre St., Newton Corner Mac Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Sports, sleeping Suppressed desire: To have a car IV, Bigelow, Northeastern, Airplane Mechanic, Intermediate Football 9, lntra. mural Basketball 1, Anti-Smoking SZ, Camera Club Q. BARBARA LOUISE MacKlNNON 160 Waltham St., West Newton Barb Chief failing: Being serious, homework Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "How should l know?" Suppressed desire: To be able to get to class on time IV, Natick High School, Burdett College, Cavalry Club 3, Personality Club 3i Tri-Hi-Y 3. JOSEPH E. MacKlNNON 94 St. James St., Newton Eddie IV, Bigelow, Work. DOROTHY JEAN MACKINTOSH 27 Austin St., Newtonville Jean, Mack IV: Day, Office Work: Homeroom Manager Q, Orange Book Staff 3. JANE LOUISE MADDEN 159 Tremont St., Newton Janie Favorite pastime: Riding Motorcycles Suppressed desire: To get what I want? II, Our Lady's Presentation High School, Camera Club 'Ii Nevvtonite Circulation Staff 1. . . 489 J af: W e ' gi- , if W, . '- , sg ,tt . My ,,., . . ': " ' :rg My , ..- - 1, - ,at ' ' an t I +1 Q if e K 1' ' , 3 : X t 1, -,,,i,.,:,s'f X. M W ,f,,s,,- . as A, .. .,,: s. .i 134 RITA GRACE MAGNARELLI R 125 Lowell Ave., Newtonville C Chief failing: Speech Hall Favorite pastime: Day dreaming ll, Day, Laboratory Technician. BARBARA MAGUIRE Q0 Birch Hill Rd., Newtonville Chub, Molly Chief failing: Waiting for Jimmy Favorite pastime: Giving D. j. parties Suppressed desire: Own a baby blue convertible Il, Weeks, Travel through Europe, Nurs- ing, Modern Dance 1, SZ, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3: Rally Committee Q, 3f Sophomore Hostess, Music Club, Anti-Smoking Committee 3- MARIE JEAN MAHONEY 354 Watertown St., Newton Jeannie, Mohgany Chief failing: Retail selling Favorite pastime: Reading love books Pet quotation: "Pig's feet and horse raclishes" Ill B, Day, Telephone Company, Hair- dressing School, Building 9 Office 2. MARIE MARGARET MAHONEY 367 Centre St., Newton Chief failing: Problems of Democracy Favorite pastime: Movies Suppressed desire: To get a job and work Ill B, Bigelow, Salesgirl, Nurse. MARK MAHONEY 84 College Rd., Chestnut Hill Moe Favorite pastime: Assisting at Rallies ll, Weeks, Boston College, University of New Hampshire, Boys' Chorus 2,3, Varsity Golf 1, Q, 3, Captain 3, Junior Prom Dance Committee 2, Valentine Dance Committee, Legislature 1, Orange Shield Q, Hi-Y 9, lntramural Basketball 1 , 2, 3, Alumni Club, Hallowe'en Dance Com- mittee Q, Football Rally 3, Homeroom Manager 1, Football Dance Committee 91 Basketball 1, J. V. DOUGLAS MANCHESTER 19 St. Marv's St., Newton Lower Falls l, Warren,College, Hockey 1, Q, 3. JOAN HELEN MANLEY 150 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Ducky, Wiff Chief failing: Talking too much Suppressed desire: Make first trip to the Il,mNfTI7ereks, Try to recuperate, Leader Corps 1, Q, 3, Field Hockey 1 , 2,3, Basket- ball 1, Q, 3, Softball 1, 9, 3. JEAN MARIE MANNING 10 Abbott St., Newton Upper Falls Pudge Chief failing: Brigham'S sundaes Favorite pastime: Telephone conversations Pet Quotation: "What say, Fizz!" Suppressed desire: Work behind the paperdoll counter in the Five and Ten ll, Weeks, Work, Teaching. CLARA FRANCES MANTECA 44 Lothrop St., Newtonville Chief failing: Being tired Favorite pastime: "Hen" parties Pet quotation: "Watch it!" ll, Day, Boston University, Camera Club 1, Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3, Spanish Club 3, Future Teachers of America. ELIZABETH JEAN MARCELL 67 Ashmont Ave., Newtonville Betty Il, Day, Boston University, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, 3, Latin Club 1, Library Club 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff 3, Newtonian Proof Staff 3, Orange Shield, Assistant Captain 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2. ELAINE CLAUDETTE MARCHIONI 49 Hollis St., Newton Corner Marshmellow Chief failing: Hysteria over spiders and snakes Favorite pastime: Conversing Pet quotation: 'ASuch is life" II, Bigelow: I wish l knew. MYLES MARCUS 33 Blake St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Music, sports Pet Quotation: "lt's real gonei' Suppressed desire: Oral surgeon I, Brookline High School, Dental School, English Club 3, Camera Club 3, Rifle Club . -vi ,sit PT' 4' Q et' sr 30 LESN Healy. ARTEKJR. 1 I I 56 GuYSt. Newtonville h' f- jir15: Wnyomeipi find song y tation: e'merr ' ' W lfvard D zLelgilISEunre a 3 Pgoiectors ma Club Play M or Play - tions Board-24" t all Dance tee 1 Q 3- Chaimfn of Publicity 3- Football Dance Decorations Chairman I I ' I Perf , i g , H x 1 GY, , f kg X' , 9, 3a:Hiamen ra, Drill Committee it K as 1 ir , , ' ' .W 2, ra lu Q, 3, cuti om 3, , fist :ca I I 5 V . Sw WW, 4 . L ,Mi 5, . J . t : ' pf' "asf at.:-1. 1- "ff - ' i' tx ' 1 ai? 2 as ff t. 2 P' qi it Vg 15: Ku.. S af. s 4 r ,Q 4 . . , iz 2 3 ii s 1 i Q . i. ,. ::,::..s, . . 135 Q' Junior Prom Decogratiolns Chairman Q, Track Team 1, Spring'Musical 1, First Prize in Speech Contest 2, Valentine Dance Chairman 9, Co-Chairman of Comic Carnival Dance 1, Chairman of l'l0lIddY HOD 3, Debating Club 9, Na- tional Honor Society 2, 3, Vice-President 3, Circulation Editor of Newtonian 3, Rally Committee Q, 3, Chairman 3, Chair- man of S.A.T. Publicity Q, 3, Business Manager of the OranSe Book 9, Chair- man of the Civics Board 3, Chairman of the Orange Shield 3, Chairman of Anti- Smoking Committee 3. ISABELLA MARTIN 78 Walker St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Dating Pet quotation: "He likes it" IV, Medford High School, Army gareer, Telephone Operator, Newtonite CATHERINE ANN MARUSA 14 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Cathy, Kay Chief failing: Writing composition Favorite pastime: Knitting, sewing Pet quotation: "Holy cow!" Suppressed desire: To scream in a quiet room IV, Weeks, Bookkeeper, Stenographer, ?uting Club 3, National Honor Society ROGER MASTERS 194 Cotton St., Newton Favorite pastime: Tennis, boating Pet quotationf' "Don't go away mad, just go away I, Weeks, Harvard, Debating Club 1, 3, Math Club Q, 3, Homeroom Manager 2, Junior Dance Committee 9, Valentine Dance Committeef Publicity Chairman Q, Orange Shield 3, Legislature 3, New- tonian, Treasurer 3, Chairman of Finance Board 3, Senior Play 3, Junior Varsity Tennis 1, Q, Varsity Tennis 3, Football Dance Committee 3, National Honor Society 9, 3, Assistant Homeroom Manag- er3,HonorRoll1, 2,3. LOUIS MASTROMATTEI 188 Adams St., Nonantum Favorite pastime: Sports IV, Day, Work, Projector Club 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield 9, 3, Basketball 1. ANNE MAZICK 69IMontrose St., Newton Chief failing: Pizza, Brigham's sundaes Favorite pastime: Dancing, reading I, Weeks, College, Neophytes 1, Vice- President 1, Drama Club SZ, 3, Drama Club Play 9, Christmas Vespers 2, Alpha Beta 1, Music Club 9, 3, Speakers Bureau 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield Q, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, National Honor Society 9, 3, Legislature 1, Q, Newtonite Editorial Staff Q, Copy Editor Q, Advertising Staff 1, Mikado Candy Committee 2, Newton- ian, Editor-in-Chief 3, Senior Play, Pub- licity Committee 3, Workshop 3. PATRICIA KATHARINE MCADAMS 31 Claremont St., Newton Pat Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Loafing Pet quotation: 'AGood Deal" Suppressed desire: To live out West I: Bigelow: Montana State University: Camera Club 1: Rifle Q: Art Club 3: Math Club 3: Social Room 3: Properties Com- mittee 3. DOROTHY MCAULEY 129 Randlett Pk., West Newton Dot I: Upper Darby: Pa.: Simmons: Music Club 3: Tri-I-li-Y 3: Football Dance Com- mittee 3: Anti-Smoking Committee 3. ANNE LOUISE MCCARRON 85 Islington Rd., Auburndale Mac Chief failing: Meringues Favorite pastime: Knitting Argyles Pet quotation: "Guess what happened'??" ll, IV: Warren: Secretarial School: Music Club 3: ArtClub 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Anti-Smoking Committee 3: Rally Com- mittee 3. ROBERT McCORMlCK 487 Boylston St., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Skating, swimming, working Suppressed desire: Get out of school IV: Weeks: Northeastern: Orange Shield 1, Q, 3: Legislature 1. DONALD EARLE MCCULLOUGH 100 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Don, Mac Chief failing: Studying Favorite. pastime: Basketball, baseball, music Pet quotation: "ld Non Erit Longum Nunc" Suppressed desire: To fly I: Day: Tufts: Science Club 1: Hunting and Fishing Club 1: Valentine Dance Q: Junior Prom 2: Workshop 3. ' "X "'I'v JOAN MCDERMOTT 15 Wiltshire St., Newton Lefty, Maurie's Sister Chief failing: Summers down the Cape Favorite pastime: Dancing the Charleston and P. J. Parties Pet ouotatio n: "Please -I You know what I mean?" Suppressed desire: To have slides from the third floor of each building IV: St. Bernard's: Time Will Tell: Chorus 1, Q, 3:Outing Club 1:PersonaIityCIub1: Modern Dance 1: Valentine Dance Com- mittee Q: Tri-I-li-Y 9, 3: Christmas Vespers 1, 9, 3: Spring Festival Q, 3: RallyCom- mittee 1, 9, 3: Legislature Alternate Q: Tennis 3: Homeroom Manager 3: Orange Shield 3. if 6 MARY PATRICIA MCGRATH P Q5 Newland St., Auburndale dt Chief failing: Trying to study Favorite pastime: Dancing and Sports Pet quotation: ' Well!" Suppressed desire: To see someone stop losing sleep! IV: Warren: Private Secretary: Personal- ity Club 3: Cavalry Club 3. PAUL MARSHALL McGRATH 142 Washington St., Newton Corner Suppressed desire: To visit every state in this fair land IV: St. Columbkilles I-ligh, Brighton School, Work. THERESA M. MCGRATH BB Ripley St., Newton Centre Sis, Terry IV: Weeks: Junior College: Girls Chorus 1, Q: Outing Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3: Rally Committee 3: Christmas Ves- pers Q. JEAN ELLEN MCLAUGHLIN 16 Arundel Ter., Newton Jeanie Chief failing: Borrowing money, talking too much Favorite pastime: Movies, dancing Pet quotation: "Let's not and say we did!" Suppressed desire: To be a millionaire IV: Bigelow: Work: Candy Committee 1, 3, English Club 3: Tri-I-Ii-Y 3. RICHARD McLELLAN QO Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls Mac, Dick Favorite pastime: Hockey, football Pet Quotation: "Get lost" IV: Weeks: Work: Boys' Chorus 3. LAWRENCE MCMAHON Q53 Winchester St., Newton I-lighlands Larry, Mac, Magee Chief failing: Women, school in general Favorite pastime: Fooling around I Pet quotation: "It ain't a big thing' Suppressed desire: Pass ll: Weeks: Art School: Football Dance, Refreshments 3: Intramural Basketball 1, 3: PATRICIA ANNE MCNEIL 29 Rowe St., Auburndale Chief failing: Anything that isn't easy Favorite pastime: Bob Pet Quotation: "lt is not either" Suppressed desire: To meet many people and just en'0y life IV: Warren: Office Rlbrk. WILLIAM JOSEPH MEAGHER 99 North St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Baseball, hockey ll: Day: Northeastern, Work: Orange Shield 3. BARBARA LOUISE MEANEY 199 Melrose St., Auburndale Chief failing: Term testsl Favorite pastime: Food Pet quotation: "Bugs" Suppressed desire:To yell "Fire" in Filene's basement I: Warren: Framingham State Teachefs College: Music Club 3: Rally Committee Q, 3: Art Club 3: Latin Club 1: Anti- Smoking Committee 3: Future Teachers of America 3, Treasurer 3: Tri-l-li-Y Q: Newtonite Advertising Staff 3: Chorus 3: Senior Play, Costume Committee 3: Work- shop 3. MICKI LUISE MECKSTROTH 75 Bourne St., Auburndale Chief failing: Chatter-box Favorite pastime: Dancing Petquotation: "Laughing up a storm" Suppressed desire: Fly an airplane ll: Cambridge High and Latin: Fine Art College: Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Drama Club Q: Y-Teens Q: Glee Club 9: Book Club 3: Music Club 3. RITA DELORES MELANSON 35 Bennington St., Newton Corner Smokie, Ree-Ree, Dell Chief failing: Boys Favorite pastime: Dancing, movies Petquotation: "Love them and leave them," "George" Suppressed desire: To have a new con- vertible lll: Bigelow: Beautician. ELSIE MEREDITH 7 Robinhood St., Auburndale Ellie Favorite pastime: Movies, books, music Pet quotation: "O-O-gy" Suppressed desire: To have a career ll: Warren: Dietician: Hampton Univer- sity: Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3: Glee Club 3. 'i 7 AUDREY ELLEN MILDNER 44 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Aud, Little Audrey, Little Chips Chief failing: Boys named Johnny or Chipper Favorite pastime: Writing to S. C., getting my goobies Pet quotation: "And we laughed and laughed" Suppressed desire: To get my license and take off for S. C. lV: Weeks: Junior College: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Music Club Q, 3: Tri-Hi-Y: Rally Committee Q, 3: Legislature 3: Li- brary Club Q, 3: Modern Dance 1, Q, 3: Orchesis 9, 3: Christmas Vespers 'l, Q, 3: Spring Festival Q, 3: Valentine Dance Com- mittee Q: Sophomore Dance Hostess 3: Assistant Homeroom Manager 1: Anti- SmOking 3. ALICE MILLER 46 Larchmont Ave., Waban Allie, Swifty Chief failing: Forgetting things Favorite pastime: P. J. parties and writing letters to Trinity College Supiressed desire: To get my drivers icense ll: Wilson Junior High School, Cali- fornia: Colby Junior College, Chandler: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Music Club 9, 3: Library 9: Modern Dance Q: Orchesis 9: Assistant Homeroom Manager 3: Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3: Rally Committee 2, 3: Spring Musical Q: Valentine Dance Committee Q: Christ- mas Vespers 1, Q, 3: Junior Dance Com- mittee: Sophomore Dance, Hostess 3. FREDERICK AUSTIN MILLEN, JR. 445 Highland St., Newtonville Fred Favorite pastime: Sports, working in home shop Pet Quotation: "Do unto others as you would like others to do unto you" Suppressed desire: Owner of furniture factory Ill A: Day: Cabinet Shop, Night School. SHIRLEY A. MIMS 1866 Beacon St., Waban Shirl, Sam Pet qucgtation: "This is the end, the very en Suppressed desire: Vacation 12 months every summer l: Warren: Connecticut College for Women: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Orange Shield Q, 3: lnternational Club Q, 3, President 3: Frederick, Md., Student Ex- change Q: Anti-Smoking Committee Q, 3: Homeroom Manager 1: Junior Red Cross Counci! SZ, 3: Activities Editor of New- tonian 3: Christmas Vespers 1 , Q, 3: Legis- lature Alternate 3: National Honor Society 2, 3, Music Club 1. BETSEY P. MIX 84 Moffat Rd., Waban ll: Warren: Dean Junior College: Music Club 1, 9, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Camera Club 1: Christmas Vespers 2, 3: Archery 3: Hallowe'en Dance Committee 3: Senior Play Costume Committee 3. Orange Shield 3: Workshop 3. ' NORMAN ALLEN MOONEY 102 Warwick Rd., West Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Working on my car lll A: F. A. Day: Electrician. BERNlCE MOREAU 670 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Bernie Chief failing: School, Homework Favorite pastime: Boys, dancing, skating Pet quotation: "Oh no" Suppressed desire: To graduate IV, Warren, Office Work, Girls' Chorus 1, Cashier in Cafeteria. CHARLES A. MORRISSEY 48 Waverley Ave., Newton Corner Charlie Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Baseball, skating Suppressed desire: To be a sultan l, Bigelow, Syracuse, Northeastern, Legislature 1, Orange Shield Q, 3, Newa tonian Representative 9, Homeroom Manager 1. JOAN MORRISON 41 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls Joanie, Ding Ding Chief failing: School! Favorite pastime: Eat lunch at Newtonville with Rita Pet quotation:"What do you think this is, anyhow?" Suppressed desire: Drop a light bulb from the top floor of building one IV, Warren, Business School, English Club 3, Personality Club 3, Archery 3, Tennis1. JOHN LINCOLN MORSE 157 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Jack Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Camping, flying Pet quotation: :An empty barrel makes the most noise Suppressed desire: To receive all "A's" l, Weeks, Navy Air Force, College, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Projector Squad 1, 9, Rifle Club 3, Tennis 3. PATRICIA MORSE 157 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Pat Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Keep trying" Suppressed desire: To become a successful g m teacher Il, Weeks, Sargent College, Field Hoc- key1 SZ, 3, Basketball 1, 9, 3, Softball 9, 3, fennis 1, Girls' Leader Corps 1 , Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 3. BARBARA LEE MOSHER 1863 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Barbs Favorite pastime: Shzunging around Pet quotation: "Therefo' ah mean 'ta say" Suppressed desire: To be five feet tall l, Warren, Colby Junior College, Walnut Hill, Building l Office Assistant 1, Q, Camera Club 1, Spanish Club 1, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 3, Modern Dance, Christmas Vespers 3, Tri-Hi-Y 2, 3, Rally Committee SZ, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee. s s. ' - i, . K iw. .. 3 ai, .1 I i ww: f. fffw YEL A ' ' if s av J, ss, 1, 1 S? 1 5? W . 3 .5 .,.. is Q... J ' 1 4-fn. f- if gj ,,., fiwyjfl, r , if X , ,.. ah.. ja, .. .,,, X., s S04 ' tt? as I 5 fs 1 F S1 if 3 i gf' Xrkf-4. fsitszssgt Zvi- i igsaiaigg , -i ,Pi Hi., at? . E , ,sig BEVERLY MOSS 983 Highland Ave., West Newton Bev, Bevie Favorite pastime: Swimming, skiing Suppressed desire: To psychoanalyze people l, Warren, College, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Outing Club Q, 3, President Q, Legislature 1, Q, 3, Rally Committee 9, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Dance Committees Q, 3, Hockey 1, 9, 3, Basketball 1, Q, 3, Softball 1, Tennis Q, 3, Girls' Leader Corps 9, 3, Orange Shield 5, 3, Captain 3, National Honor Society DONALD R. MOSSMAN 16 Hunter St., West Newton Chief failing: Using "Who" and "Whom" Favorite pastime: Listening to music Call typesj Pet quotation: "Keep punching kid, you'll make a fool out of yourself yet." Ill A, Warren, Trade School Teacher's Profession, Homeroom Manager 1, Q National Honor Society 2, Honor Roll 1, 9, Newton Auto Show, Usher, Legis- lature Alternate 3. CAROL MUNRO 11 Lake Terr., Newton Centre I, Weeks, Vassar, French Club 3, Outing Club Q, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Rally Committee 2, 3, Tennis 3, Chorus 1, 2, 3, Newtonian Girls' Sports Staff 3, Orange Shield 3, Legislature Alternate 1, Q, Senior Play, Ticket Committee 3, Office Work 9. BARBARA A. MURPHY B b 467 California St., Newtonville a s Chief failing: Calling Dorothy Favorite pastime: Dancing, ice skating Pet quotation: "See ou later" Suppressed desire: lo be a professional ice-skater f lll, Our Lady's High School, Boston University, Modern Dance 1, Archery Q, Parent's Day Usher 1, Tennis 1, Assistant Newtonian Homeroom Representative Q, Latin Club 1, English Club 1, Alternate Homeroom Legislature Representative 3, Orange Shield 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3,W0rlt- shop 3, National Honor Society 3. CONSTANCE MURPHY 36 Maple Ave., Newton Corner Connie Chief failing: Getting out of bed in the morning Favorite pastime: Eating, listening to Jerry Lester. Pet quotation: "Live and let live" Suppressed desire: To sing in a musical comedy ll, Bigelow, Voice Study, Music Club 1, 9, Homeroom Manager Q, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, "Sing Out Sweet Land" 1, A Cappella Chorus 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus , 2, 3. DONALD PAUL MURPHY 68 Waban Hill Rd., North Chestnut Hill Don, Murph Favorite pastime: Hunting and gardening Pet quotation: "Don't count your chickens before they are hatched" Suppressed desire: To be a successful business man IV, Weeks, Appliance Business, Boys' Chorus Q, 3. FRANCES MURPHY 969A Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Fran, Franny Favorite pastime: Dancing, going to stock car races, eating Pet quotation: "That's peachy" ll, Weeks, Telephone Company. JOHN JOSEPH MURPHY Red Favorite, pastime: Movies, entertainment, so u r lx Pet quotation: What s say Beverly Suppressed desire: To be a success in the field l work in IV, Bigelow, Work. 18 Weldon Rd., Newton VIRGINIA MARIE MURPHY 36 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Jinny I, Weeks, Wellesley, Jackson, Radcliffe, Music Club 2, 3, French Club 2, 3, De- bating Club 2, Varsity Tennis 1, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus Q, 3, Publicity Committee, Football Dance 3, Valentine Dance Enter- tainment Committee Q, Newtonite Adver- tising Stafl 3, Senior Pla6S age Committee 3, Dance GrouD Q, hristmas Vespers 2, 3, Special Chorus 9, 3. WALTER E. MURPHY, JR. 387 Wolcott St., Auburndale Toby, Walt Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Enjoy making money Suppressed desire: Make a lot of money ll, Warren, Newton Junior College, Boys' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Rifle Club 3, lnter- mediate Football Q, Mikado, Chorus 9, ALLAN MURRAY 37 Johnson Pl., Auburndale IV: Warren, Further Education, Join Service. .IOANNE CLAIRE MURRAY 23 Webster St., West Newton Jo, Joanie Favorite pastime: Driving cars, dancing Pet quotation: "George all the way" Suppressed desire: To be adancing teacher lV, Warren, Office Worki Girls' Chorus 1, 2, Modern Dance 1, Q. VIRGINIA RUTH MURRAY 11 Sherman Pl., Auburndale Jinny Chief failing: Talkingtoo much Favogtelpastimez Swimming, movies, base- a Pet quotation: "l'll bet" Suppressed desire: To own my own swimming Dool. I ll, Warren, Framingham Teachers Col- lege, Art Club, Personality Club 1, Honor Roll Q, Future Teachers of America 3, Senior Play Properties Committee 3. VIVIAN MYRICK 10 Nonantum St., Newton Viv, Lee Chief failing: Homework, history Favo ritf pastime: Listening to other people ta k Pet quotation: "Aw, come off,itl" ul laughed so hard l thought ld die' Suppressed desire: To go to Harvard I, Bigelow, Boston University, Girls' Chorus 1, Outing Club 1, Spanish Club Q1 Music Club 2 3, Drama Club 3, Stage Workshop 3, Senior Play, Costume Com- mittee 3. PATRICIA NAGLE 52 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Pat, Patti Chief failing: Latin, geometry Favorite pastime: Dancing, going to movies Pet quotation: "Come on, will ya?" ll, Weeks, Newton Hospital School of Nursing or Boston University School of Nursing, Music Club Q, 3, Aviation Club 1, Girls' Chorus 1, Camera Club 3, Cal- vary Club 3. CHARLES PAUL NANGLE 55 Bowen St., Newton Centre Be Be, I-lanh, Atch Chief Failing:Spanish Favorite pastime: SDOrts and fooling around Pet quotation: You got the Nits ll, Weeks, College, Holy Cross, Foot- ball 1, 9, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2, 3. THOMAS NEVILLE 39 Eddy St., West Newton Tom Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Sports Petouotation: 'George, all the way" Suppressed desire: See Irene go home ll, Day,Work. STANLEY M. NEWSTADT 131 Langdon St., Newton Stanaslous Chief falling: Girls Favorite pastime: Dancing Suppressed desire: To become a million- r ll,al3oiton English High School, Massa- chusetts College of Pharmacy, Meteorology Club 3, Aviation Club 3, Rifle Club Q. RUSSELLA SUZANNE NEWTON Sally Il1 Warren1 ColIege1 Spanish Club 1, 31 Speaking Contest 1, Q1 Senior Play Com- mittee 31 Costume Committee, Chairman 31 Neophytes 11 Rifle Club Q1 Archery 1 , Q, 31 Newtonite Q1 Honor Roll 1, Q1 Office Assistant 3. 54 Gammons Rd., Waban PATRICK NICOLAS 153 Webster St., West Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Girls Suppressed desire: Graduate IV1 Warren PASQUALINA NICOLAZZO 31 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Patsy Chief failing: Mary Favorite pastime: Movies, Television Pet quotation: 'You're crazy' Suppressed desire: Going on the town in a nice big car lll B1 Day, Work. THEODORE CHASE NIXON Q98 Central St., Auburndale II1 Warren1 Post-Graduate Course, Newton, Colby, Bowdoin1 Stage Crew 3. VIRGINIA L. NOLEN 1Q Marshfield Rd., Newton Centre Ginny, Ginger, Gi-Gi Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "You can go to Heavenii "Dang ith Suppressed desire: To own my own swim- ming pool I1 Sacred Heart1 College. BARBARA JEAN NORCROSS 54 Dalby St., Newton Bunny, Babs, Barb, Babe Chieffailing: History Favorite pastime: Dancing, Singing, going to movies U Pet quotation: "George!" My, heart bleeds for youl" "Gro-1. upl' Suppressed desire: To sing with band or in musicals IV1 Day, Bookkeeper, New England Conservatory of Music for Singing ln- 5tfuctors1Glee Club 11A Cappella Choir, Q, 31 "Sing Out, Sweet Land"1 Girls' Chorus 11 New England State Chorus Q, 31 All State Chorus 31 Personality Club 11 Christmas Vespers Q, 31 Spring Con- cert 1, Q, 3. 40 MARTHA NORCROSS 1Q0 Waban Ave., Waban Chief failing: Studying I1 Warren1 University of New Hamp- shire1 Girls' Leader Corps 1, Q, 31 Music Club Q, 31 Outing Club 1, Q, 3, Secretary 1, Q1 Homeroom Manager 31 Rally Com- mittee Q, 31 Tri-Hi-Y Q, 31 Tennis 1, Q, 31 Vice-President Orchesis1 Girls' Chorus E, Q, 31 Orange Shield 31 Spring Festival HENRY NORDHEIM 5 Swan Ave., West Newton Favorite pastime: Baseball Suppressed desire: To play major league ball lIlA1Day. JOHN W. O'BRIEN OB 4Q EddySt., West Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Playing golf, chasing girls Suppressed desire: Burn room 338 out of Building lll IV1 Day1 Work in an office or play golf. PETER O'BRIEN 55 Mossfield Rd., Waban Pete, Obie Chief failing: Math Suppressed desire: To stay single lI1Warren, University of Vermont1Sci- ence Club 1. CONSTANCE O'CALLAGHAN Q Alden St., Newton Centre Connie Chief failing: Work Favorite pastime: Fun Suppressed desire: To have a car of my own I1 Weeks1 Secretarial School1 Class Vice-President 1, Q1 Dance Group 1, Q, 3, President 31 Cheerleader 31 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Building l, ll Office Q1 Rally Com- mittee 1, 31 I-lallowe'en Dance Committee 1, Q1 Junior Dance Committee Q1 Football Dance Committees 1 , Q, 31 Valentine Dance Committee Q1 "Sing Out Sweet Land" 11 Legislature Alternate 11Homeroom Man- ager Q, 31 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 31 Anti- Smoking Committee Q1 Outing Club Q1 Social Room 3. MARTHA O'CALLAGHAN 49 Adams Ave., West Newton Chief failing: Work Favorite pastime: 6 foot Q, eyes of blue, you know who Pet quotation: "Oh, kidslll' ll, Warren1 Nursing School, Newton Hospital1 Glee Club Q, 31 Girls' Chorus 11 Modern Dance 1, Q, 31 Football Dance Committee 1, Q, 31 Hallowe'en Dance Committee 1, Q, 31 Drama Club Q, 31 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Valentines Dance Com- mittee Q1 "Mikado" Q1 "Sins Out Sweet Land"11"Life With Fathern Qi Cheer- leader 1, Q, 31 Legislature Q1 Honor Roll 1, Q1 Rally Committee 1, Q, 31 Dele ate to New England Student Council Gon- vention1 Junior Dance Committee Q1 Social Room 31 "On Your Mark" 3, National HonorSociety3. JOHN J. O'DONNELL 35 Pulsifer St., Newtonville Jack Favorite pastime: Saturday Nights Suppressed desire: To have a million dollars in the bank ll, Day, St, Michael's College, Boston College. WILLIAM OLSEN 8 Bonwood St., Newtonville ll, F. A. Day, Work. SONJA OLSEN 'l'l Fairview Ter., West Newton Chief failing: Boys with red hair Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: Oh, honestly? Il, Warren, To go to a Junior College and transfer to a Senior College, Music Club 'l, 3, Outing Club 3, Girls Leader Corps Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 'l, Q, 3, Hockey 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll Q, Orange Shield 3, Building l Office 3, Workshop 3, Ndiiofldl Honor Society, 3. ISABEL SUSANNE ONATE 841 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre lzzie, lz Favorite pastimes: Bass fishing, dogs, read- ing, homecooking, music Pet quotation: "No, my number isn't in the book!" Suppressed desire: To own a 100,acre farm and have a string of Palomino horses I, Weeks,Boston University, Liberal Arts, University of Mass., Agriculture, Outing Club, Girls' Chorus, Chemistry Q, Science Club Q, Extemporaneous Speech Con- test Q. MARION JANE O'NEILL Sally Chief failing: Math, driving, Mr. Fitz Favorite pastime: Men, having fun l, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs Secretarial School or College, Chorus 'l, Q, 3, Ca- valry Club 3, Modern Dancing 'l, 9, 3, Legislature 3, Home Economics 3, Tennis Team 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 'l, Q, 3. 70 Elgin St., Newton Centre MARY OPERACH 'IO Francis St., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Tall boys Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Heavens" Suppressed desire: Have initials RN. alter ll,mhinlliltham High, Nursing School, Sports, National Honor Society 3. DAVID OSBORNE 'IO3 Elgin St., Newton Centre Ozzie Chief failing: Strawberry Cokes Favorite pastime: Sleep, eat and more sleep Pet quotation: "More fun for the kiddies" Suppressed desire: Get an A in some class, sometime and somehow ll, Weeks, Electrical Engineering, J. V. Football 'l, Rifle Club Q. CLAIRE V. PAISNER 544 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Chief failing: Running over stray policemen Favorite pastime: Reading, drawing, play- ing the piano Petquotation: "Never putoff for tomorrow what you can do the day after" Suppressed desire: ldon't suppress them I, Weeks, Cornell or Smith, Music Club 'l, 9, 3, French Club Q, 3, Girls' Chorus 'l,S2, Alternate Legislature Q, Alpha Beta 'l, Newtonian Art Editor 3, National Honor Society 2, 3, Secretary 3, Work- shop 3. GEORGIANA PALMER 40 Converse Ave., Newton Georgie, Georgia Chief failing: Butterscotch sundaes Favorite pastime: Tennis and horseback riding Pet quotation: "Oh, crow!" Suppressed desire: To stop at all the Pacific lslands in my own sloop l, Bigelow, University of Michigan, Sweetbriar or Finch, French Club Q, Music Club 2, 3, Cavalry Club 'l, Q, 3, En lisl'i Club 3, Girls' Chorus 'l, Q, 3, Rally Oom- mittee Q, Spring Musical Make-up Com- mittee Q, Xmas Vespers 2, 3, Field Hockey Manager 3, Senior Play Properties Com- mittee 3. ROSE MARIE PAOLINI 'l'l Jasset St., Newton Favorite pastime: Music, Movies Pet quotation: "Live and learn" Suppressed desire: To graduate, travel IV, Day, Business School or Office work, Music Club 'l, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus 'l, 3, Orange Book. ALLEN BROOKS PARKER Al Q7 Varick Hill Rd., Waban Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Cut it outl" SuDDressed desire: Make a mint l, Warren, Dartmouth, Williams, Legis- lature 'l, 3, Spanish Club Q, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball 'l, Varsity Basketball Q, 3, Sophomore Dance 3, Orange Shield 3, Anti-Smoking Committee 3. BRUCE PARKER 44 Otis St., Newtonville Chief failing: Finding time for homework Favorite pastime: Playing Trumpet Pet quotation: 'Abou Ben Bissex Cmay his tribe increaseD' Suppressed defre: To capture a duck- billed platypus l, Day, Tufts College, French Club 'l, Biology Group 9, School Exchange 2, Drama Club 3, Senior Play, Chemistry Club 3, Meteorology Club 3, Dance Band 3, National Honor Society 3. EVELYN PARSONS 52 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Evie, Duchess, Princess, Chicken Chief failing: School, getting a job Favorite pastime: My future husband, Don, loafing I Pet qtaotiictionz 'Oh yeah! That's what you t in " Suppressed desire: Get married after gradu- ation ll, Warren, Get a job for a while and then get married, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, 3, Personality Club 1. CHARLES PATSOS 63 Clark St., Newton Centre The Dumb Greek Chief failing: English Pet quotation: HSay listen, what are you gonna do? I, Weeks, College, Boston University: Baseball 2, 3 LOIS M. PATERSON QQ Bowers St., Newtonville Pat, Pete, Lo Favorite pastime: Shmoo parties Pet quotation: "So to Speak!" "Watch 'L ll,'Dayf Boston School of Dental Nurs- ing, Outing Club 1, 9 Vice-President 1, Tri-Hi-Y 2: Glee Club 1: Christmas VCSD2f51i Music Club 3, French Club 3. LILLIAN PATUTO 116 West St., Newtonville Del, Spud Favorite pastime: Bowling, dancing, tennis Petquotation: "Shmo" IV, Day, Telephone Operator, Tri-Hy Club, Girls' Chorus 1. ELIZABETH L. PAYNE 56 Cedar St., Newton Centre Betsy Chief failing: Getting to school at 8:29 I, Weeks, Wellesley, Connecticut, Girls' Chorus 1, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Homeroom Manager 1, SZ, French Club 9, Newtonian Representative 1, 2, Orange Shield Q, 3, National Honor Society 9, 3, Newtonian girls' Sports 3,Social Board 3, Workshop GEORGE LEIGHTON PEIRCE, JR. 5 Cheswick Rd., Auburndale Tom Chief failing: Spanish Favorite pastime: Wine, women, song, Sailing Pet qhuotationi "l'm as happy as a clam at igh tide ' Suppressed desire: Beachcombing II, Warren, Kent Academy, Kings Point, EYE Chorus 1, Q, 3, Hunting and Fishing u . Q ARTHUR PERKINS 45 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Art, Archie, Perk, Breanie Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Feeding ducks up at the "Park" Pet Quotation: "Such is life in the big city" Suppressed desire: l-lang Joe Stalin by hls thumbs in Moscow Square ll, Warren, College, Boston University: Intermediate Baseball Q, Varsity 3, Avia- tion Club 3. FRED PERKINS 303 Cabot St., Newtonville Porka Chief failing: All homework Pet quotation: "Stick with it" Suppressed desire: To have a Labor Day weekend every week ll, Weeks, College, Springfield or Boston University, Boys' Chorus Q, 3, Foot- ball Q, 3. PAMELA M. PERKINS Q3 Winchester Rd., Newton Chief failing: Balloons, sweet pickles, boys named Bob Favorite pastime: Swimming, sketching, get- ting mail Pet quotation: "l-low utterly fantastic" "Oh, but-I" Suppressed desire: To swim the English Channel I, Ayer High School, Ayer, College: Drama Club Q, 3, Chemistry Club Q, 3, English Club 3, Senior Play Committee, Manager of Girls' Hockey Team 3, Glee Club 9, Chairman Candy Committee for Senior Play 3. LILLIAN PERRUZZI 35 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Lily Favorite pastime: Go to the movies Pet quotation: "Oh, he drives me crazy" IV, Day, Private Secretary, Girls' Chorus 1. RICHARD W. PERRY 130 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Dick Favorite pastime: Sports H Pet quotation: "For crying out loud Suppressed desire: Own a Cadillac con- vertible with S'IO per week for gas and oil I, Weeks, Massachusetts State College, Taking Hotel Management Course, Hockey 1, Track Q, 3, Baseball 1, Homeroom Manager 1, Legislature 2, Meteorology Club 3, Assistant Homeroom Manager 3. FRANK PETTEE 48 Mill St., Abington Chief failing: My car, homework Favorite pastime: Swimming H Pet quotation: "l've got news for you Suppressed desire: Live in luxury lllA, Abington High School, To take up Electronic Engineering. ALCOTT K. PHINNEY 95 Langley Rd., Newton Centre AI, Lou, Phin, Moe Chief failing: Math and women Favorite pastime: Baseball and telling jokes Pet quotation: "I got news for you buddy" CRed Skeltonj "Hi Lou" Suppressed desire: To become a magician in the Nav Y Il: Weeks: Clark School or New Hamp- ton Prep School, then Dartmouth or Uni- versity of New Hampshire: Legislature 3: Boys' Chorus Q, 3: Varsity Baseball 9, 3. ANTHONY PISELLI 127 Bridge St., Newton Tony Chief failing: To get home early nights Favorite pastime: To eat Pet quotation: "Be friendly to others as you would have them be to you" Suppressed desire: To go into the Air Force IIIA: Day: To work one year, then join the Air Force or the Marines: Intermediate Football 1. ANNA BRUNHILD PLENDL 170 Chestnut St., West Newton Favorite paStime: Reading, home cooking, swimming Suppressed desire: Travelling around the world I: Peabody High, Peabody: Nursing School: German Club 3: French Club 3: Junior Red Cross Council Q, 3:Music Club 3:Girls'Chorus2, 3: National Honor Society 3. GERALD RODMAN PLOTKIN J 249 Cypress St., Newton Centre erry I: Weeks: Harvard or Williams: Latin Club Q, 3: Debating Club 1: International Club 1: National Honor Society Q, 3: Senior Play Ticket Committee 3. ANN POCKWINSE 369 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Chieffailingz Speech hall Favorite pastime: Art crafts II: Weeks: Liberal Arts Course at the University of Massachusetts: Art Club 1, 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Properties Committee and Publicity Committee for the Senior Play. RICHARD POIRIER 506 California St., Newtonville Frenchie, Dick, Scrub Chief failing: Driving a car without a motor Favorite pastime: Hobby, Cars, Horses, Boats, Hunting Pet quotation: "Whah Shore" Suppressed desire: Stand on my head and spit wooden nickels IV: Our Lady's High School: Work: Cavalry Club 3. GORDON POLLEY 1 18 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Gordy Chief failing: Doing homework with radio on CWHDH preferably? Favorite pastime: Sports, cars I: Weeks: Cornell: Hotel Administra- tion: Homeroom Manager 1: Aviation Club 1: Hunting and Fishing Club 'l: Science Club 3: Meteorology Club 3: Legislature 3: Chemistry Club 3. JOHN E. POPE 127 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Favorite pastime: Sports IIIA: Bigelow: Electrician: Trade School Basketball 1, 9. JUDITH PORTER 120 Sumner St., Newton Centre Judy Chief failing: To be quiet I Pet quotation: "I'll tell Mike on you ' Suppressed desire: Keep smiling II: Chapel Hill: Ceramics: Art Club 3. SANDRA LEE POWELL 39 Linden St., Newton Upper Falls Sandy IV: Weeks: Business: Personality Club Q. BURTON PRICE, JR. 43 Kelveden Rd., Waban Scottie, Burt, Hooker Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Sports, rallies Pet quotation: "Yessir rebopl" I: Warren:Amherst or Wesleyan: Basket- ball, Varsity 2, 3: Track 3: Legislature 1: Orange Shield 3: Hi-Y 2, 3. DAVID A. PROCTOR 446 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Dave Chief failing: Girls Favorite pastime: Baseball Pet quotation: 'Okg you guys" Suppressed desire: wn a convertible I: Boston Latin:CoIIege: Latin Club 2, 3 Hunting and Fishing Club Q: Aviation Club 3: Junior Red Cross Council 3 Homeroom Manager Q: National Honor Society, 3. CATHERINE LAURA PROIA 290 Chapel St., Newton Cathy, Kay, Ted Chief failing: Study Favorite pastime: Boys, music, singing, dancing Pet quotation: "Believe half of what you see and less of what you hear" Suppressed desire: Would like to see an elevator in Building I ll: Day, Go to designing school or get married, Hockey 1, Newtonite Typist 3, Music Club 3. DOROTHY THERESA PROIA Q90 Chapel St., Newton Dotty Chief failing: To get all A's on my report card Favorite pastime: Music, dancing Pet quotation: "Do unto others what they do to you" Suppressed desire: To change a few things in Newton High IV, Day, To work in an office. ROSE JOSEPHINE PROIA 9 Morgan Pl., Newton Shorty, Row Chief failing: To pass a test in office prac- tice Favorite pastime: Dancing, movies Pet quotation: "To be or not to be, that is the question" Suppressed desire: Not to do any more homework lll, Day,To work in an office. SAMUEL PROIA 298 River St., West Newton Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Cuoing out lllA, Warren, Working. GWENDOLYN L. QUARTERMAIN 1 O Higgins St., Auburndale Gwen, Tenderloin, Gunnie, Gwennie, Red Chief failing: Getting mad at "Betsy" Favorite pastime: Dancing, playing whist, baby-Sitting Pet quotation: "You ninny" Suppressed desire: To get on the good side of all my teachers IV, Warren, College, Work, Modern Dance Q, 3, Music Club 3. EDWARD J. OUINN 20 Morgan Pl., Nonantum The Little Spaghetti Strangler, lrish, Curly Chief failing: Allergic to women, English Favorite pastime: Sports, eating Pet quotation: "lfthatain't the bee's knees" IV, Day, Work, Baseball, Homeroom Manager 1, Q, Legislature 3. 144 RONALD RADER Q4 Bellevue SL, Newton Ron Chief failing: Spelling, getting the car Friday night Favorite pastime: Basketball Pet quotation: "Why, Sho re" Suppressed desire: To run in the Kentucky Derby ll, Warren, Boston University, Avia- gog 1, Rifle Club Q5 lntramural Basketball JOAN BARBARA RAFFERTY QB Elinor Rd., Newton Highlands Raff, Jo Chief failing: Hazel eyes, brown hair Favorite pastime: Higgins Pet ciuotation:"Are you sure you're su re?", "What a panic" Supplressed desire: See the world any way can IV, Weeks, Work, School, Outing Club 1, Orange Book Staff Q, Archery 3, Camera Club 1. RICHARD RAMSDEN 100 Harvard St., Newtonville Dick lllA, Day, U. S. Navy. JOHN RAND 59 Wyman St., Waban Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Sports, sleeping Pet quotation: "Oh really" ll, Warren, College, Service, Orange Shield 3, Intermediate Football Q, Rifle Club 9, Camera Club Q, Intramural Basket- ball 2, 3. ROSE MARIE RANDO R 694 Boylston St,, Newton Highlands o Chief failing: Boys Favorite pastime: Sports, TV, knitting Pet quotation: "Haste makes waste" Suppressed desire: To find the pot of gold at the end ofthe rainbow IV, Weeks, Work, Leader Corps 2, 3, Field Hockey 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, Q, Softball 1, 9, All Girls' Banquet 1, Q, Building l Office Assistant 3, Outing Club 3, Senior Play, Ticket Committee 3, National Honor Society, 3. CAROL LORETTA READING 989 Cypress St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Putting off things Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "l've got news for you" Suppressed desire: To be an exhibition dancer ll, Weeks, Westbrook, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Archery 1, 3, Modern Dancing 3, Senior Play, Costume Committee 3, Cavalry Club 3. PETER REES 46 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Pete Pet quotation: "Don't do today what you can put off 'till tomorrow" I1 Weeks1 M. I. T.1 Aviation Club 11 Art Club 11 English Club, Treasurer, 31 Science Club, President 31 German Club 31 Chemistry Club 31 Orange Shield Q, 31 Legislature 1, Q, 31lndoor Track 1, Q, 31 Social Room Host 31 Literary Magazine 11 Workshop 3, National Honor Society, 3. .IANICE LOUISE REGAN 29 Wiltshire Rd., Newtonville Jan, Gigi Chief failing: "Bossy," boys, speeding Favorite pastime: Hen parties Pet Quotation: "Hon, be goodln Suppressed desire: To own a large home ll, Our Lady's1 Colby1 Alpha Beta 11 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Newtonian Repre- sentative Q, 31 Newtonite Advertising Staff 1, Q, 31 Rally Committee Q, 31 Football Dance Committees Q, 31 Sopho, more Dance Hostess 31 Zimbler Concert Committee 91 Christmas Vespers Q, 31 Spring Festival 9, 31 Newton Night at Pops Committee Q, 31 Social Room Hostess 31 Honor Roll 1, Q, 31 Homeroom Man- ager 31 French Club 31 Tri-Hi'Y Q, 3, Treasurer 31 Office 31 Anti-Smoking Committee 3. THERESA MARIE REGAN 1282 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Terry Favorite pastime: Swimming, skating SuDDreSsed desire: To travel IV1 W6EIiSj Stenographer1 Badminton 1, 31 Tennis 'li Outing Club Q, 31 Building l Office Assistant 3. HOPE VIOLET REYNOLDS 107 I-licks St., West Newton Hopee Chief failing: Talking Favorite pastime: Art lV1Warren1Work. DAVID T. RICH 269 Franklin St., Newton Corner Favorite pastime: Music, sports Suppressed desire: To play in a Dixieland jazz band li Bigelow1 Wesleyan, Bowdoim Band 11 Dance Band 9, 31 Glee Club 31 Junior Varsity Basketballi Tennis Q, 31 Music Club 31 Workshopj. HOWARD RICHARDSON 665 Grove St., Newton Howie, Stretch Chief failing: Girls Favorite pastime: Drawing Pet quotation: "Why be difficult, when with a little more effort you can be impossible" ll1 Cambridge High and Latin1 Art ColIege1 Senior Play, Publicity Committee 2, 31 Year Book Art Staff 31 Science Fair Publicity Staff Q. 15 2 wif kg 1 1 fi .1511 ink, : , Yet -1. , , Usa, ,M ,7a,S, 1-1- ,. Pfgwist-fair. .1-',, Q' ,.- 1 Q 45 RICHARD RILEY 16 Daniel St., Newton Centre Dicka, Dick Chief failing: Staying out late at night Favorite pastime: Horsing around Pet quotation: "Pretty clever" Suppressed desire: To be a millionaire I1 Weeks1College1 Band 11 Legislature 21lntermediate Football Q1 Assistant Home- room Manager 31 Debating Club 3, Spanish Club 31 Intramural Basketball 1 Q1 Senior Play Usher 31 Math Club 3, ELEANOR R. RIZZA 40 Alden Pl., Newton Peanuts, El, Riz Chief failing: Fooling around in class. Favorite pastime: Food, boys, dancing, sports Pet Quotation: "I nearly dropDed dead" Suppressed desire: To see Newton beat Waltham in football IV1 Warren1 Business School1 Camera Club 11 Outing Club Q 31 Stage Work Shop 31 Archery Club 11 Tennis Q. VINCENZO RIZZA 306 Cherry St., West Newton Guiney, Wal-yo Chief failing: Whispering in Room 338, English Favorite pastime: Raising Flowers, sports Pet Quotation: "Take off", "Couldn't help it' Suppressed desire: Going back to the old Country IV1 WdIT2fIi College1 Newton Junior College, Bentley, Accountant. JUNE LORRAINE ROBERTS 39 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Funny Shoes Chief failing: Green eyes, Lucky Strikes Favorite pastime: P.J. Parties Pet quotation: "Therefo-Ah mean ta say!! Suppressed desire: To own my own swim- ming pooll l ll1 Weeks1 College1 French Club 3, Vice-President 31 Music Club 31 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Secretary 31 Rally Com- mittee 31 Modern Dance 1, Q1 Home- room Manager Q1 Honor Roll 11 Tri- I'Ii-V Q, 31 Junior Prom Committee Qi Valentine Dance Committee 91 Football Dance Committee Q, 31 Christmas Vespers 9, 31 Spring Festival 1, Q, 31 Anti-Smoking Committee 3. CHARLES ROCHE 156 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Football, Work Pet quotation: ' Pretty Sharp" IV1 Warreni College, Service. KATHERINE M. ROGAN 180 Washington St., Newton Kay Chief failing: Boys with freckles h Favorite pastime: Parties at Molly s y Pet quotationc, Now - lll tell you, "George ' Suppressed desire: To own convertible I1 Bigelow1 Radcliffe, Simmons1 Music Club 3 French Club 31 Basketball 11 Honor Roll 1, 91 Legislature 3, Alternate Q1 Rally Committee 9 31 Senior Play Cos- tume Committee 31 'llri-Hi-Y Q, 3, Vice- President 31 Sophomore Dance Hostess 1, 31 Valentine Dance Committee Q1 Foot- ball Dance Committee 31 Refreshment Committee, Co-Chairmanr Art Night, 91 Art Club 31 Social Room Hostess, 31 Outing Club 31 Orchesis, Q1 National Honor Society 3. MARK A. ROSENBLATT 37 Whittier Rd., Nevvtonville Chief failing: History Suppressed desire: To sing l5 Day5 Rutgers, Syracuse University5 Rifle Club Q5 Homeroom Manager 15 Honor Roll 'lj Junior Dance Committee Q Football Dance Committee 9, 3r Intramural Basketball Q, 35 Boys' Chorus 35 Hockey Q5Tennis 2, 35 Anti-Smoking Committee 35 Orange Shield 3. DONALD L. ROSENGARD Q80 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Don l5 Boston Latin School5 Yale5 Hunting and Fishing Club Q, 35 Camera Club 3. LINDA ROSS 70 Orchard Ave., West Newton l5 Burlington High School, Vermont5 University of Vermont5 Chorus 35 Music Club 35 Outing Club 35 Orchesis 35 Girls' Field Hockey, Manager 35 Basketball, Manager 35 Tri-Hi-Y 35 Senior Play Prop- erty Committee 35 Honor Roll 3. MARLENE A. ROSS 89 North St., Newtonville Mari Favorite pastime: Shmoo Parties Pet quotation: "So to Speak","Watch it" II5 Day5 Chandler Secretarial School5 Tri-Hi-Y Q5 Girls' Chorus 1, 95 Music Club 'l, Q, 35 Library Club 15 Personality Club215 French Club 35 Christmas Ves- pers . ALLAN WALTER ROWLINGS AI 70 Greylock Rd., Newtonyille Chief failing: l just can't bring myself to mention it. Favorite pastime: Music, tennis, photog- raohy Pet quotation: "You can't have your cake and eat it too," "lf you do, you'll probably Set sick" Suppressed desire: To say right thing at right time I5 Day5 College5 Legislature Q, 35 Camera Club 1, 35 Music Club 1, 35 Glee Club 15 A Cappella Choir 25 Homeroom Manager Q, 35 Hallowe'en Dance Com- mittee Q5 Workshop in Leadership and Community Life 95 Baseball 'li Basketball 15 Tennis Q, 35 Track 35 Orchestra 1, 95 Spring Musical 1, Q, 35 Newtonite Photographer 1, Q, 35 Newtonian Photog- rapher Q5 Christmas Vespers 1, Q5 Music Board Q, Chairman 35 Science Fair 'li Senior Prom Photographer Q5 Senior Sing Committee 3. BARBARA JEAN RUBEN Edway Farm, Rathburn Rd., East Natick Chief failing: The Hi Hat Favorite pastime: Having fun at football games Pet quotation: "George" all the way Suppressed desire: To be thin and M.R.S. degree II5 Warren5 Merchandising at Filene's5 Music Club Q, 35 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 35 Secreta Q 3- Buildi 1Off'c 1 9 3 VY 5 1 na I2 1 5 i Christmas Vespers 9, 35 Senior Play 35 Rally Committee 95 Hockey Ali Foods and Nutrition Club 3. tr a Sit . QE i J egg? 4' e I N I 5 fi - f-i Ka- V -fZ.- xqimf . 5 Za 5 K , I il at 1... s I x- , S Q, t v ft.. am.- 5 1.4 . .im y it is 5? 'f 3 it ,f 33 . .sis rs . . ,' , if 'fi' it l gs .- K,.:1s,.f,, 4' -i2',-ws :al .sms Y . 3 t t JW I 1. js a W 5 a .. i s " -. t it 31 ' . sw W' 6 JOAN LOUISE RUBIN 44 Gammons Rd., Waban Joanie, Jo Chief failing: History Favorite pastime:Motorcycle riding, music, dancing Pet quotation: "But definitely" f "terrific" Suppressed desire: To be a Mrs. ll5 Warren5 Hickox Secretarial School5 Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 35 Music Club 1, Q, 35 Tennis 15 Badminton Q. RONALD JOHN RUFO 158 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Chief failing: Myself and English Suppressed desire: To burn down the school lV5 Day5 Work5 Orange Shield Q5 ln- tramural Baseball 15 Varsity Baseball Q, 35 lntramural Hockey 25 Varsity Hockey 3. EDWARD RUTLEDGE 38 Devon Rd., Newton Centre Chieffailing: Math Pet quotation: "Don't panic boys" Suppressed desire: To play the piano lllA5 Cambridge School lnc.5 P.G., College5 Workshop 35 National Honor Society 3. CAROL NATALIE SALLINGER 168 Hobart Rd., Chestnut Hill Chief failing: Forgetting my front door key, languages Favorite pastime: Keeping the telephone company in business Pet quotation: "l can't talk to you now" Suppressecl desire: To tour Europe and Palestine l5 Weeks5 Syracuse University5 Neo- phytes 15 Art Club 9, 35 English Club Q, 35 Music Club 35 Girls' Chorus 35 Football Dance5 Junior Dance Publicity Committee Q5 Football Dance Entertainment Com- mittee 3. JOHN G. SAMOYLENKO 37 Duffield Rd., Auburndale Sam Chief failing: Sleeping late, spending money Favorite pastime: Playing piano, hiking, movies Pet quotation"Murky bucoop" Suppressed desire: Eating ice cream with mustard and ketchup l5 Warren5 Brown or Bowdoin5 Glee Club 15 ACaDpella Choir Q, 35 Meteorol- ogy Club 35 Spring Musical Q5 Senior Play Properties Committee 35 Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 35 Newtonian Feature Staff 35 National Honor Society Q, 35 Honor Roll 1, Q, 3. JOHN L. SAUNDERS 3 Cherry Pl., West Newton Chief failing: Lunch, study, gym Favorite pastime: Working IV5 Warren5 Prep School, Navy5 Me- teorology Club, 1, Q, 35 Indoor Track Q, 3. JOSEPH SAVIGNANO Q9 Margaret Rd., Newton Highlands Joe Chief failing: Being too thick Favorite pastime: Camping and hunting Petquotation: "More fun than killing dogs" ll, Weeks, To be a Floor Walker in a ighine Booth, Cavalry Club 1, Q, 3, Foot- a 1. DAVID R. D. SAVOY 1015 Washington St., Newtonville Chief failing: Staying eligible Favorite pastime: Women Pet quotation: "Use itor lose it" Suppressed desire: To get away with something for a change ll, Day, Syracuse, Stanford, Varsity ln- door Track 1, Q, 3, Varsity Outdoor Track 1, Q, 3, Projector Club 1, Q, Stage Crew 3, Literary Magazine 1, Q, 3, Elsher at Graduation 1, Q, Varsity Club 1, ELLEN C. SCARRY 745 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Cardinal, Puff-Puff Chief failing: Parties Favorite pastime: Waiting for weekends T-B-5. Pet quotation: 'il don't believe itln Suppressed desire: To visit Hoboken, New Jersey Il, Weeks, Acadamie Moderne, Music Club Q, Sophomore Cxirls' Chorus, Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus Q, Building I Office Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, Special Chorus Q. JEROME EDWIN SHEIFFER Q3 Converse Ave., Newton Jerry Chief failing: English compositions Favorite pastime: Puellae pulchrae Pet quotation: "Flunk early and avoid the rush!" and "Don't let homework in- terfere with your education" Suppressed desire: To become one of the nouveau riche l, Bigelow, Harvard, Alpha Gamma Tau Q, 3, Legislature 3, Honor Roll1, Q, 3, Chemistry Club 3, Intramural Basketball Q, Valentine Dance, Publicity Committee Q, Hallowe'en Dance, Refreshment Com- mittee, Chairman 3, Entertainment Com- mittee 3, Newtonian Ad Staff, French Club,Secretary 3, National Honor Society 3. LOUISE ANN SCHAFER QO Windermere Rd., Auburndale Weezy Chief failing: Laughing Favorite pastime: Having fun and taking life easy Suppress desire: To be 5 feet, Q inches ll, Warren, Junior College, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Business Manager 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Secretary 3, Homeroom Manager 1, Building l Ofiice 1, Q, 3, Word Trap- pers Q, ROBERT EDWARD SCH LOSBERG Bob Chief failing: Work Favorite pastime: Baseball, girls, spending money Pet quotation: "Now wait a minute!" Suppressed desire: Throw rocks at a greenhouse ll, Warren, Brown, Pro Baseball, Base- ball 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield 3, Anti-Smolo ing 3, Honor Roll Q. 1355 Beacon St., Waban 7 zi , f' 1 i ' ,,.t . . V ,sg :wtf is sv Q ,-.' K, ..,gkg,N,,g V at ..:. iif ififiiig if , n i jf " , : ' 5 ts y.,sis, s s xx. " Fat. . H 'Yff"3S:?ig. ' ' "fr, ' -A'-5.i1:E.'6S1ia,, t t iii smiisfis 2? ' A miie ttt V -A t s if E lt,, if . . 'irr ' i at aiii 5 1 N s f E iaaitt 147 MARILYN RHODA SCHNEIDERMAN 1 18 Langdon St., Newton Chief failing: School work Favorite pastime: Knitting socks for Bobby Pet quotation: "You and me six" Suppressed desire: To marry R. J, R. II, Bigelow, University of Massachusetts, Bouve, Sargent, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Neo- phytes, Cavalry Club 1, Glee Club 1, Legislature 1, Sing Out Sweet Land, Cuirls' Chorus 1, 3, Softball 1. DORIS MARIE SEMENTELLI 6 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Dor, Dorie, Donnie Favorite pastime: Swimming, reading Pet quotation: "Oh, really! I" Suppressed desire: To write a book IV, Day, Stenographer, Archery Q, Out- ing Club Q, Personality Club 1, English Club Q, Tri-Hi-Y 1, Q, Legislature 3. JOAN MARIE SEVIGNY 30 Highland Ave., Newtonville Sev, Jo Chief failing: Answering letters, math Favorite pastime: Shmoo Parties Pet quotation: "So to speak" II, Day, University of New Hambshire, Homeroom Manager 1, 3, Music Club Q, 3, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus Q, Outing Club 1, Glee Club 1, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, Tri-Hi-Y Q, French Club 3. JOHN P. SHANNON 157 Sargent St., Newton Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: Stage work and women Pet quotation: "By there" Suppressed desire: To be the first person to fly to the moon ll, Bigelow, Northeastern, StaSe Crew Q, 3, Motion Picture Squad 1, Q, 3, New- ton Night, Props Committee 3. ROBERT J. SHANNON 5 Gardner St., Newton Corner Dodo IV, Bigelow, Boys' Chorus 1, Q, 3, ln' door Track Q, 3, Outdoor Track 1, Q, 3i Varsity Football 1, Q, 3, Sophomore Class President 1, Anti-Smoking Q, 3, Orange Shield Q, Track, Co-Captain Q, Legislature 1, Q, Dance Committee 1, Q. SIDNEY H. SHAPIRO 1778 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Sid Chief failing: Lunch, study, S-Block Favorite pastime: Wine, women, and song Pet quotation:"What do you think of the price of meat balls in Russia?" Suppressed desire: Millionaire, own a Harem lV, Boston English High School, Busi- ness College, Cavalry 3, Hunting and Fishing Club 3. WILLIAM EDWARD SHAUGHNESSY Blu 39 Henshaw St., West Newton I Chief failing: English Pet quotation: "George! all the way" Q l, Warren, College, Meteorolow Club , 3. CHARLES DONALD SHAW 383 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Don Chief failing: French Favorite pastime: Eating and sports Pet quotation: "That's for sure, that's for dang sure" Suppressed desire: To stay single Il, Day, College, Aviation Club, Vice- President 3, Intramural Basketball 1, Legis- lature 3, Boys' Chorus 9. HAROLD FREDERICK SHAY 16 Lancaster Rd, Newton Sonny l, Bigelow, Cornell, Band 1, Q, 3, Or- chestra 1, Q, 3, Glee Club 9, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Newtonite Q, 3, Features Editor Q, Editor-in-Chief 3, Assistant Advertising Editor, Newtonian 3, Literary Magazine 1, Neophytes 1, Drama Club Q, 3, Play Q, Christmas Vespers 2, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society 3. PAUL SHEIBER 12' Furber Lane, Newton Centre Pablo Favorite pastime: Sports, camping Pet qugtatlionz "My, you're looking gamey to ay. l, Weeks, Tufts, Wesleyan, Spanish Club 3, Newtonian, Business Staff 3, Cavalry Club 9, 3, Stage Committee, Senior Play 3, Decorations Committee, 'lst Football Dance 3: Honor Roll 1, 3, Intramural Basketball 1, 9, National HoncrSociety3. HARVEY SHELMAN Q91 Crafts St., Newtonville Moose Chief failing: History Favorite pastime: lmpersonating people Pet quotation: "Oh, David! I" Suppressed desire: To get on the "Matinee with Bob and Ray" Show ll, Day, Beacon Institute of Podiatry and ghiropody, Latin Club1, 3, Science Club DONALD SHERMAN 74 Brackett l?d.,Newton Donnie Chief failing: Spanish Favorite pastime: Photography, sports Pet Quotation: "A fair exchange is no robbery" Suppressed desire: To take winter vacation in Florida l, Bigelow, Bowdoin, Drama Club Q, Camera Club Q, 3, Journalism Club 3, Christmas Vespers Q, Drama Club Play, TicketCommittee 2. 8 JOHN SIBLEY Slb 158 Newtonville Ave., Newton i l, Bigelow, College, Orange Shield 3. RUTH CONSTANCE SILVERMAN 78 Waban Hill Pd., Chestnut Hill Connie Chief failing: Math, procrastinating, green Favorite pastime: Music, tennis, reading, talking Pet quotation: "Time tells all" l, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, French Club 9, Newtonite 9, Rally Committee Q,Tennis Q, English Club 3. EDA GERTRUDE SMALL 48 Holman Rd., Auburndale Edie Chief failing: A certain someone, home- work Favorite pastime: Drawing and reading Pet quotation: "l doubt it" Suppressed desire: To be a success l, Weeks, College, Glee Club 1, Q, A Cappella Choir 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Art Club Q, 3, "Sing Out Sweet Land" 1, "The Mikado" Q, Newtonite, Circulation Staff 3, Newtonian Ad Staff 3, Christmas Vespers 1, Spring Concert Q. NANCY ELIZABETH SMITH 11 O Derby St., West Newton Nan IV, Warren, Work, Archery Q, 3, Eng- lish Club 3, Outing Club 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, VERA FRANCES SOBEY Q Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Chief failing: History Favorite pastime: Dance, sing, swim Suppressed desire: Professional swimmer, dancer IV, Weeks, Work, Modern Dance 1, Q, 3, Tri-Hi-Y 3, Archery Q, 3, Outing Club 3, Honor Roll 1. ROBERT SPANGENBERG 178 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Favorite pastime: Playing basketball at the Ulipes Emporium Pet quotation: "Thanks for the big nod" I, Warren, Boston University School of Business, University of Pennsylvania, Eng- lish Club 3, Music Club Q, 3, Orange Shield 3, Anti-Smoking 3. ROBERT SPARKS 1Q Woodbine St., Auburndale Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Bowling Suppressed desire: To graduate from a college ll, Warren, Post Graduate. PAULINE SPILLANE Polly Chief failing: Doing my homework Favorite pastime: Dancing, reading, sports Pet quotation: "Could be" Suppressed desire: To become a pro- fessional model I, Warren, Jackson College, Outing Club 3, Office Staff 3, Archery 3, Honor Roll Q, Field Hockey 1. 5 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton MILLICENT STANIEICH 1038 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Millie Chief failing: Laughing, history Favorite pastime: Jokes Pet quotation: "O.K,, Pal" IV, Weeks, Secretarial Work. DAVID B. STARKWEATHER 59 Pigeon Hill Rd., Auburndale Dave l, Warren, Dartmouth, Senior President 3, Executive Committee 3, Legislature 1, Q 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Treasurer Q, Hunting and Fishing Club 1, Q, 3, Sym- phony Orchestra 1, Q, 3, Football Dance Committees Q, 3, Harvest Dance Commit- tee Q, Valentine Dance Committee Q, Junior Dance, Chairman Q, Social Board Q, Social Room Host 3, Crusade for Freedom Committee 3, Spring Musical Q, Gradua- tion Usher Q, Frederick, Maryland, Student Exchange Q, Boys' State Conference, 1950, Senior Play Usher, Chairman 3, New- tonian, Activities 3, Senior Sing Commit- tee 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, National Honor Society Q, 3. NANCY MAY STEINBERG 18 Devon Ter., Newton Centre Nan, Nance Favorite pastime: Making mischief Pet quotation: "Now-a-days, the only thing normal is abnormality" Suppressed desire: To slide down the bannisters in Building l l, Weeks, Barnard or Swarthmore, Tusi- tala 1, Q, 3, Secretary 3, Newtonite Q, 3, Office Editor Q, Layout Editor 3, Art Club 1, Q, 3, Newtonian, Ad Staff 3, Senior Play Properties Committee. HERBERT STEPPER 384 Ward St., Newton Centre Guin Chief failing: Biting my nails Favorite pastime: Sports, drawing Pet quotation: "Big deal" Suppressed desire: To get good marks II, Weeks, College. 149 JUDY STETSON 80 Dedham St., Newton Highlands Favorite pastime: Watching baseball games Pet quotation: "Q and Q make QQ as well as 4" l, Weeks, Colby College, Tusitala Q, 3, Cavalry 3, Newtonian, Feature Staff 3, Senior Play, Properties Committee Chair- man 3. ROBERT STEWART 110 Jewett St., Newton Pet quotation: "lf you wish a thing well done do ityourself." l, Everett High, College to study Busi- ness Administration, Motion Picture Soua 3, Junior Achievement Q, 3, President 3. WILLIAM STOBER 1408 Walnut St., Newton Highland Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Loafing l, Weeks,College. PETER F. STRAUSS Q7 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Pete, Yohan, Pierre Chief failing: U. S. History Favorite pastime: Reading, sports Pet qhuotation: "Youth is a wonderful t ing, it's a shame it has to be wasted on children" l, Day, Amherst or Middlebury, Debat- ing Club 3, International Club 3, Football 1, Homeroom Manager Q 3, gffficg, Building l 3, Newtonian, Copy ld . AUDREY STROM Q163 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Jean Chief failing: Talking to boys Favorite pastime: Movies and dancing Pet quotation: "See you at lunch" Suppressed desire: To go roller skating lV, Warren, Nursing. JOEL STRUMPH 41 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: French I, Weeks, Engineering School, Music Club Q, Debating Club Q, 3, international Club 3, Homeroom Manager 1. GIBSON STUDLEY 49 Austin St., Newtonville Gib, Stud Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "You did?" Suppaesned desire: To Set on the Honor IVBLF Day, Work, Baseball, Intermediate 1, Varsity Q, 3. JANET ELIZABETH STUDLEY 42 Austin St., Newtonville Jan Chief failing: Eating Cduring S-Blockl Favorite pastime: Shmoo parties Pet quotation: "So to speak!" "Watch itl" Suppressed desire: To become a good driverl ll, Day, Boston School of Dental Nurs- ing, Glee Club 1, Christmas Vespers 1, Homeroom Manager 9, Music Club 3, French Club 3, President, National Honor Society 3. DANIEL J. SULLIVAN Sully Chief failinsz Getting hungry at 11:30, teachers Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "lt'sa dog" Suppressed desire: To sleep all day I, Warren, College, A Cappella Choir 11, 3, 3, Boys' Chorus 1, 2,Music Club 35 Newell Rd., Auburndale GERTRUDE J. SULLIVAN 88 Central St., Auburndale Gertsy, Gus, Gert Chief failing: Staying friends with Betsy Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "Go home!" Suppressed desire: To drop big dictionary in Auburndale Library l, St. Bernard's School, College, Mod- ern Dance 3, 4, Orchesis 3, 4, Stage Workshop 3. NANCY SULLIVAN Q99 Centre St., Newton Corner Skeesix Chieffailing: Waiting for mail Favorite pastime: Skating, watching tele- vision Pet quotation: "They say great women die young and l feel sick already ' IV, Bigelow, Work. GERALD SUPPLE 234 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Gerry, Sup Pet quotation: "Get a load of that!" "Take a gander" I, Warren, Georgetown, Boston Col- lege, Brown, Music Club Q, English Club 2, International Club 3, Debating Club 3, Homeroom Manager Q, Legislature 3, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, Hockey, Junior Varsity 1, Intermediate 9. fda 50 FREDERICK J. SUTHERLAND 60 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Freddy Chief failing: Dancing Favorite pastime: All sports Pet quotation: "You don't sayl' Suppressed desire: Fly a Jet Plane Il, Day, Springfield College, Football, Junior Varsity 1, Varsity Q, 3, Baseball, Junior Varsity 1, Varsity Q, 3, Hockey, Varsity Q, 3. KRISTIN LAURENCE SWANFELDT Q14 Bellevue St., Newton Kris Chief failing: Eating Cespecially in S-Blockb Favorite pastime: Loafing Pet quotation: "Sox are favored to win pennant this year" Suppressed desire: Travel l, Bigelow, Mount Holyoke, Music Club 1, National Honor Society Q 3, Treasurer 3, Rifle Club Q, 3, Math Club, Secretary 3, German Club 3. GEORGE B. SWEENEY 9 Wallace St., Newton Highlands Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Hunting Pet quotation: "Smarten up" Suppressed desire: Fly to the moon l, Warren, Boston College. JOAN SWEENEY 51 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Irish, Shorter Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "lf you say so" IVA, Day, Work. ROBERT A. SWIFT 7Q Jefferson St., Newton Swifty Chief failing: Women, English Favorite pastime: Singing Suppressed desire: To graduate IV, Bigelow, Work, Boys' Chorus Q. MARGARET COTTON SWITZER 129 Waban St., Newton Margie Chief failing: Getting to bed on time. Can't say "no" Favorite pastime: Loafing Pet quotation: "Let's go" Suppressed desire: To go to France with Janet ll, Bigelow, Boston University: French Club 3, Music Club 3, National Honor Society 3. MURIEL CLAIRE TAFFE Q86 Melrose St., Auburndale Mur'l,Taffy Chief failing: A car but no license Cnot my car eitherb I Favorite Dastime: Going down to Macs, writing to Jack in California' H Pet quotation: "That's for sure!', What cha doing?" Suppressed desire: To be 91 and married IV: Warren: Secretarial work. MARILYN THERESE TANNER 139 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Mal Chief failing: Eating Favorite pastime: Thinking of you Pet quotation: "Why shurln Suppressed desire: To become an Olympic swimmer ll: Weeks: Sargents, Bridgewater State Teachers College: Girls' Leader Corps 1, Q, 3: Drum Majorette 1, 2, 3: Rally Com- mittee Q, 3: Field Hockey 1: Basketball 1, Q, 3: Softball 1, Q, 3: Modern Dance Q, 3: Valentine Dance Committee Q: Outing Club 3: Tri-Hi-Y 3: Legislature Alternate 3: Cheer Leader Substitute 1, 9, 3: Social Room 3: Orange Shield 3: Band Skit Com- mittee 1, Q, 3: Girls' Athletic Banquet Committee Q, 3. ROBER C. TAPPAN 21 Grayson Lane, Newton Lower Falls Rog Chief failing: EatinS Favorite pastime: T.V. I Petquotation: "Hey hotrod ' Suppressed desire: To swim the English Channel l: Warren: College: Aviation Club 1, Q, 3: Rifle Club 3: Boys'Chorus Q: Intra- mural Basketball 'l, Q, 3: Senior Play Pub- licity Committee. MAURICE HENRY TARDIF Q49 Crafts St., Newtonville Moe Chief failing: Understanding girls Favorite pastime: Longing for 2:30 P.M. ll: Waltham High School: Navy. GEORGE DOUGLAS TAYLOR 19 Wimbledon Cir., West Newton Doug Chief failing: Math Cwilh Mr. Walters? Favorite pastime: Eating, sleeping, working Petouotation: "You don't say" Suppressed desire: Go to college and get married ll: Warren: College: Audio-Visual De- partment, Aviation Club: Orange Shield 3: "Sing Out Sweet Land" 1. BARBARA ESTELLA TEMPERLEY 150 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Bobby, Bob, Dimples Chief failing: Coffee! Favorite pastime: Horseback riding, sing- ing, swimming H Pet quotation: "Don't be a shmoo! Suppressed desire: Live in Wyoming and breed horses ll:Weeks:LasellJuniorCollege,Nursing: Assistant Legislature1,2:Sing Out, Sweet Land: Glee Club 1, Q, 3: Cavalry Club 2, 3: Rifle Club Q: Girls' Chorus 1, Q: All State Chorus 3: A Cappella Choir 2, 3: Spring Concert 1, 2, 3: Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3. CONRAD GROSVENOR TERKELSEN 139 Rowe Ter., Auburndale Terk Suppressed desire: To be a big wheel l: Warren: College: Homeroom Mana- ger 'lf Cavalry Club 1: Debating Club 3: Meteorology Club 3: Glee Club 1: A Cappella Choir Q. DIANE TEWKSBURY D' 45 Harris Rd., Wesl Newton I Favorite pastime: Sports, dancing Pet quotation: "Oh, for Pete's sake" IV: Warren: Work: Outing Club 3: Archery 2, 3: Girls' Chorus 3. GERTRUDE THEOPHILE Q4 Carlton Rd., Waban GertY Favorite pastime: Sailing, horseback riding, swimming Suppressed desire: To have all classes on the ground floor l: Warren: Boston University or Secre- tarial School: Music Q, 3: Cavalry 3: Orange Shield 9, Assistant Captain 3: Football Dance Committee 9, 3. GEORGE JOSEPH THOMAS 65 Bellevue St., Newton Chief failing: Talking a lot Favorite pastime: Talking Suppressed desire: To keep the gym walls C BIT lllB:eOur Lady's High School: Sports Announcer. JOHN FRANCIS THOMAS 65 Bellevue St., Newton Corner Long John Chief failing: Smoking Favorite pastime: Playing baseball Suppressed desire: To play major league baseball lllB:Bigelow:To play baseball. CYNTHIA LYNDE THOMPSON 111 Danehill Rd., Newton Highlands Cyn, Cinny Favorite pastime: Skating, tennis, sailing Pet quotation: "Subtle- like a bomb" Suppressed desire: Make the faculty clean the tunnels I: Weeks: Radcliffe: Music Club 1, 2 3: International Club Q, 3, Vice-President 2, 3: Rifle Club 2: Camera Club 3: Cavalry Club 3: Orange Book: Newtonian: Girls' Chorus 1: Tennis 3: National Honor So- ciety Q, 3: Honor Roll 1, 2, 3: Legislature 3: Assistant Homeroom Manager SZ: Office Practice 3: Senior Play Properties Com- mittee 3: Usher, Parents' Night. GEORGE F. THORNTON 74 Harvard St, Newtonville Chief failing: Latin I1 Day1 Harvard1 Music Club Q, 31 Drama Club Q, 3, President 31 Band, 1, Q, 31 Anti-Smoking Committee 31 A.V.D, 1, 91 Drama Club Play 91 Senior Play1 Nation- al Honor Society 3. NANCY TISDALE 67 Putnam St., West Newton Tissie, Nan Chief failing: Procrastination I1 Warren1College1A Cappella Choir 31 Christmas Vespers 1, 9, 31 Finance Board 31 Girls' Chorus 2, 31 Glee Club 1, 91 Honor Roll 1, Q, 31Legislature Q, 31 Music Club 1 Q, 31 National Honor Society Q, 31 Newtonian Data Editor 31 Orange Book 91 Orange Shield 31 Point System Committee 31 Spanish Club Q, 3, Vice- President 31 Spring Musical 91 Social Room Hostess 31 Valentine Dance Com- mittee 91 Sing Out Sweet Land 11 Anti- Smoking Committee 31 Usher, Parents' Night 31Workshop 3. PAULA TAWTTYISNIM TITIEV Polly Chief failing: Talking too much Favorite pastime: Talking Pet quotation: "People who live in stone houses shouldn't throw glasses" Suppressed desire: To climb the gym walls l1 Weeks1 Mount Holyoke, Swarthmore1 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Math Club Q, 31 Art Assembly 11 Stage Workshop 11 Honor Roll 1, Q, 31 Newtonian Staff 31 New- tonitz, Circulation Staff 31 Social Room Hostess 31 Senior Play Properties Com- mittee 31 Mikado, Make-up Committee Chairman Q1 Football Dance Ticket Com- mittee, Co-Chairman 31 National Honor Society 3. 26 Mason Rd., Newton Centre ASSUNTA ROSE TRAMONTOZZI 11 Clinton St,, Newton Sue, Soonie, Sussie Chief failing: Gym Favorite pastime: Sewing, movies, baseball Pet quotation: "Nuts to you" Suppressed desire: To see Red Sox win World Series IllB1Day1Dressmaker. JOHN F. TRIPP 81 Adena Rd., West Newton Johnny Chief failing: Girls Favorite pastime: Sports, girls II1 Lawrence !AXCdd2mYi University of Maine1 Boston University1 Junior Varsity Football 11 Junior Varsity Basketball 11 Junior Varsity Baseball 11 Football 31 Indoor and Outdoor Track 9, 3. SAMUEL ARTHUR TURNER Q5 Curve St., West Newton Sam, Sammy, Sam T. Chief failing: Money , Pet quotation: "Potato Chips' Suppregled desire: To catch the Brink ro ers ll1 Warren1 Boston UniversitY1 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Band 1, 2, 3, President 31 Treasurer of Class 9, 31 Anti-Smoking Com- mittee Q, 31 Legislature 31 Hallowe'en Dance Committee 9 31 Football Dance ' s School Exchane Q Committee Q, 31 S 1 Senior Executive Committee 31 Hi-Y Q1 National Honor Society 3. Q ROBERT W. TUTHILL B b 1784 Washington St., Auburndale o Favorite pastime: Camping, fishing, tennis Pet Quotation "lt's a matter of opinion" ll: Warren1 Boston Llniversity1 Latin Club 11 Hunting and Fishing Club 21 M2l20f0lO8Y Club 31 Social Room Host 31 Honor Roll 52. MARYLYN LOUISE TWITCHELL 34 Falmouth Rd, West Newton Twitch Favorite pastime: Driving, bowling Pet quotation: "Got news for you" lV1 Belmont Junior High1 WOYR1 Riflg Club 1, 91 Outing Club 31 Archery 1, 2, 31 Softball 1, 3i Basketball 1, 3. CATHERINE ANN TYMAN 177 Concord St, Newton Lower Falls Kit, Katrenia Chief failing: Newton Junior College Favorite pastime: Watching television Pet quotation: "Stay with us" Suppressed desire: To get married lV1 Warren1 Secretarial Work1 Orange Shield 31 Girls' Chorus 31 Tri-Hi-Y 31 Rally Committee 31 Anti-Smoking Cam. mittee 31 Christmas Vespers1 Spring Festi- val 31 Office Work Q1 Traffic 3. THOMAS G. TYNAN 140 Allen Ave., Waban Chief failing: Jean Rambeau Favorite pastime: Drinking at Gath's Pet quotation: "She didn't, did she? hope!" Suppressed desire: To burn the drill shed ll1 Germantown Academy1College. JOY UFFORD Q6 Woodbine St., Auburndale Chief failing: Home work Pet quotation: "You know?" Suppressed desire: College ll1 Warren1Lasell Junior College1 Music Club 2, 31 Dance Band Q, 31 Modern Dance Q1 Hostess, Football Dance 31 Senior Play, Properties Committee 31 Building ll Office Q1 Building l Office 3. LOIS ELAINE UFFORD Q6 Woodbine St., Auburndale Favorite pastime: Sailing Suppressed desire: To play like Heifetz I11 Warren1 Boston University1 Music Club 1, Q, 31 Marching Band 1, Q, 31Con- cert Band Q, 31 Dance Band 31 Orchestra Q, 31 Junior Red Cross Council Q, 31 Foot- ball Dance Committee 31 Newport Ex- change Q1 Mikado Orchestra Q1 Senior Play, Properties Committee 31 Newtonite, Advertising Staff 31 Rally Committee 31 Honor Roll 91 Office Work 2, 31 National Honor Society 3. WILLIAM UNDERHILL 18 Camden Rd., Auburndale Bill, Will, Undie Favorite pastime: Sports, girls Pet quotation: ln the classroom, "I don't know" ll, Warren, U. S. Marines, Glee Club 1, Q, Orange Shield 3, Legislature 3. MARY J. VACCARO 87 Fenwick Rd., Waban Chief failing: Latin Pet quotation: "Eat, drink and be merry, for tomorrow you die" I, Warren, College, Bryn Mawr, Rad- cliffe, Simmons, Alpha Beta 1, French Club Q, 3, Outing Club Q, Tusitala 3, Camera Club 3, Newtonite Staff 2, Cos, tume Committee, Senior Play 3, Building lll Office Q, Tennis 3, Dance Committee 3, Literary Magazine 3, Workshop 3. ELEANOR M. VALENTE 58 Oak St., Newton Upper Falls Ellie, Shorty Favorite pastime: Knit, sports, dance Pet quotation: "Honestly" Suppressed desire: To grow taller IV, Weeks, Secretary, Modern Dance, Outing Club. ALAN VAN BUSKIRK 77 Richardson St., Newton Corner Favorite pastime: Going places Suppressed desire: Travel around the Country IIIA Electrical, Bigelow, Electrical Trade. ARNOLD VAN LEER V 14 Grove St., Auburndale an Chief failing: French Favorite' pastime: Hunting and Fishing, girs Petquotation: "What the hay" Supplgessed desire: To get on the Honor O II, Warren, Boston University, Motion Picture Squad 1, Q, Football 9, Hunting and Fishing Q, 3, Homeroom Manager 3. WARREN THEODORE VANTINE Ted Chief failing: Getting the car at the right times Pet quotation: "There may be handsome men in this world but l'm a novelty!" Suppressed desire: To get to New York in one piece ll, Mt. Hermon, University of Georgia, University of Florida, Football 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, Track 3. 14 Scarsdale Rd., Newtonville 53 MARY ELLEN VERTUCA Q07 River St., West Newton Vergie Chief failing: History Favorite pastime: "Waiting for the week- ends" Suppressed desire: "To be a teacher" Il, Warren, Framingham State Teachers College, Chorus 3, Future Teachers of America 3, Latin Club 3. MARGARET VINCENT Q9 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands Peg, Peggy I, Weeks, Regis, Music Club 1, Q, 3, French Club 3, Band 1, Q, 3, Secretary 3, Mikado Committee 9. WILLIAM JOSEPH VOHAR B-H 72 Floral St., Newton Highlands I Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "George," "All the way" Suppressed desire: To ioin the Air Force IV, WeekSi Service, Homeroom Mana- ger 1, Radio Club 1. NORMAN C. VOKES Q48 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Norm Favorite pastime: SDorts,lsleep Petouotation: You can ttake it with you" IV, Warren, Service, Boys' Chorus. ANNE WALKER 60 Carlton Rd., Waban Annie Chief failing: Physics I, Warren, Oberlin College, Art Club 1, 2, 3, Secretary Q, Music Q, 3, Orchesis Q, 3, Treasurer 3, Modern Dance 2, 3, Archery 1, Newtonian Art Staff, Literary Magazine, Tennis 3, National Honor So- ciety Q, 3, Dance Committee 2, 3, Honor Roll 1, Q, 3, Stage Committee, Senior Play, Stage Workshop 3. ELIZABETH ANN WALKER 65 Solon St., Newton Highlands Betty, Liz Pet quotation: "Funny'? I thought l'd die!" Suppressed desire: To Fly 'round the world ll, Weeks, Colby Junior College, Neo- phytes 1, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Spanish Club Q, 3, Rally Committee 1 3, Building I Orme Q, 3, "Mit.,aa" Q, Junior Dance Committee, Valentine Dance Committee Q, Orange Shield 3, A Cappella Choir 1, 3, Newtonian Committee 3, Senior Play 3, Anti-Smoking Committee 3, "Hol- iday I-lop" Committee 3, Honor Roll 3. JOHN M. WALKER 32 Walter St., Newton Centre Chief failing: Math Pet Quotation: "Where are you going any- how?" Suppressed desire: To have a date Il: Weeks: College: Legislature Q, 3: VdfSilY Hockey Q, 3: Orange Shield 3: lntramural Basketball 1, Q, 3:Junior Dance Committee: Valentine Dance Committee: Intermediate Hockey 1. DOROTHY CLAIRE WALL 63 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Going to P. J. parties at B. M, s Petquotation: "Let's face it" Suppressed desire: To go up in an airplane II: Weeks: Kathleen Dell: Homeroom Manager 9: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Christ- mas Vesoers 2, 3: Spring Music Festival Q, 3: Modern Dancing 1, Q: Rally Com- mittee Q, 3: Senior Play Committee: Social Room Committee 3, CLAIRE ANN WALLACE 48 Harvard St., Newtonville I: Belmont High School. ELIZABETH JANE WALLACE Q63 Washington St., Newton Corner Chief failing: Talking Favorite pastime: Horseback riding Pet quotation: "Cream-puff" Suppressed desire: College ll: Day: Sargent, Boston University: Softball 1, Q, 3: Basketball 1, Q, 3: Field Hockey 1 , Q, 3: Outing Club 1, 9: Leader Corps 1, Q, 3. ALICE WALLS 44 Hartford St., Newton Highlands Chief failing: Talking on the phone too much Favorite pastime: Listening to records Pet quotation: "Crumb" ll: Wellesley High: University of Maine: A Cappella Choir 9. ANN WATERMAN 36 Burrage Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Chocolate, getting up, history Favorite pastime: Rationalizing Pet quotation: "Oh really? ' Suppressed desire: To weigh 100 pounds I: Weeks: College: Music Club 2, 3: Personality Club 2: Alpha Beta 1: Neo- phytes 1: Spanish Club 3: Building lll Office 3. DOROTHY ANN WAYMAN 404 Waltham St., West Newton Dotsy, Dottie I: Warren: University of Massachusetts: Music Club 1, 3: Outing Club Q, 3: Glee Club 1, Q: Chorus 3: Hockey, Junior Varsity, Class Team 1, Q: Basketball Class Team 1, Q: Homeroom Manager 1: Rally Committee 9: Spanish Club 3. MARGARET ANNE WEATHERLY 473 Auburn St., Auburndale Margie I: Warren: College: Assistant Home- room Manager 1, 3: Legislature 2, 3: Music Club Q, 3: Modern Dance 2, 3: Orange Shield 3: Stage Workshop 3: Rally Committee 2: Christmas Decoration Committee 2: Senior Play, Candy Com- mittee 3. DARTHEA TRICKEY WELLS 16 Pilgrim Rd., Waban Dotta, Darda Favorite pastime: Walking, sports Petquotation: "Playitcooll", "Watch it!" ll: Warren: Junior College: l.egislature 1: Orange Shield Q, 3: Tennis 1: Outing Club 1, Q, 3: Music Club Q, 3: Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3: Social Room 3: Spring Concert 1, Q, 3: Modern Dance 1, 2: Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3: Christmas Vespers 2, 3: Rally Committee Q. RICHARD WERNICK 28 Chestnut Hill Ter., Chestnut Hill Dick Chief failing: History If Weeks: Tufts, Harvard, or Boston University: Music Club 1, Q, 3: Senior Play, Publicity Committee 3: German Club 3: Scholarship Roll 1, 9. BARBARA JEAN WEXLER 44 Travis Drive, Chestnut Hill Suppressed desire: To study in Europe I: Bigelow: College: Neophytes 1: French Club Q: Music Club Q, 3: Valen- tine Dance Committee Q: Girls' Chorus 3: Personality Club 3: Newtonite, Advertis- LngIStaff 3: Social Room Hostess 3: Honor o 1,Q. CHARLES H. WHEELER 104 Fairway Drive, West Newton Charlie, Chuck Chief failing: Women teachers Favorite pastime: Golf Pet quotation: "Don't do today what you can put off until tomorrow" Suppressed desire: Own a Cadillac cona vertible l: Day: M. l. T.: Rifle Club Q, 3: Business Committee Newtonian 3: Aviation Club 3: Honor Roll 1, 2. CAROLYN WHEELOCK 15 Groveland St., Auburndale Chief failing: Study Hall Q36, "D.M." Pet quotation: "You wheel you" Suppressed desire: Have a horse and a swimming pool ll, Warren, University of New Hamp- shire, Girls' Chorus 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield 3, Rally Committee Q, 3, French Club 3, Homeroom Manager Q, 3, Tri- Hi-Y Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 1, Q, 3, Spring Festival 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll1, Q, 3. RICHARD THOMAS WHELAN 49 Oakland St., Newton Corner Dick, Dickie, Killer, Hero Chief failing: Girls Favorite pastime: Eating, sleeping, swim- min S Pet quotation: "lt's a cruel world" SuDoressed desire: To be President of United States ll, Bigelow, Civil Service, Instructor of Physical Education, Varsity Football Q, 3, Orange Shield Q, 3, Boys' Chorus 3, Drama Club 3. EDWARD WHITE 67 Court St., Nevvtonville Chief failing: French and others Favorite pastime: Sleep ll, Day, College, Orange Shield 3, Homeroom Manager Q, Legislature 3, lntramural Basketball 1, Q, 3, Junior Dance Committee. ELIZABETH ANNE WHITE 74 Washington Pk., Newtonville Liz, Betty, Lizzie Chief failing: Math, daydreaming Favorite pastime: Star gazing in Q31 Pet quotation: "Watch it, l'll slap you" Suppressed desire: To be a great actress II, Day, Mount Ida, Neophytes Play 1, Lat n Club, President 1, Music Club 1, 3, Drama Club Candy Committee Q, Dance Ticket Committee Q, Tennis 1, Drama Club Q, 3, Senior Play, Girls' Chorus Q, 3, Scholarship Roll 1, Q, National Honor Society 3. RUTH WHITE 71 Hammondswood Rd, Chestnut Hill Favorite pastime: Being happy Pet quotation: "The loud laugh speaks a vacantmind" l, Brookline HiShfColle9e, A Cappella Choir Q, 3, Christmas Vespers Q, Spring Concert Q, Usher, Mikado Q. SUSAN WHITE 6 Central Close, Auburndale Sue, Susie Chief failing: Getting in accidents Favorite pastime: P. J. Parties Pet quotation: "Therefo' Ah mean ta' say" Suppressed desire: To scream out loud in study hall I, Warren, Boston College, Pembroke, Glee Club 1, Q, A Cappella Choir 3, Music Club 1, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers 1 Q, 3,Junior Dance Committee Q,Orange sliieia 3, Office Assistant sz, Mikado Committee Q, Modern Dance 1, Girls' Chorus 3, Neophytes 1, Rally Committee 5, 3, Legislature 1, Honor Roll Q,Tri-Hi-Y LOIS SUSANNA WHYNOT Q0 Breamore Rd., Newton Corner Loie, Lulu Chief failing: Eating Favorite pastime: Reading Suppressed desire: Meet Farley Granger IV, Bigelow, Secretarial Work. HENRY WELSH WICKES QO Devon Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Television ll, Weeks, College, Boys' Chorus 3. BARBARA WIGHT Bobby II, Warren, Boston University, Framing- ham State Teachers College, Band 1, Q, 3, Concert Band 1, Q, Orchestra 1, Q, 3, Basketball 1, Q, 3, Baseball 1, Q, 3iArch- ery 1, Honor Roll Q, Music Club 3, Future Teachers Club 3, National Honor Society. 3. Q89 Mill St., Newtonville WILBUR WHEATON 6Q Tyler Ter., Newton Centre Wheat Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Procrastination Pet quotation: "Do it now" Suppressed desire: To see the world l, Weeks, Art School, Commercial Art, Art Club, Newtonian. ALICE WILDMAN 975 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Shorty, Al Chief failing: Putting off today what can't be done tomorrow Favorite pastime: Filling my hope chest Pet tauotation: 'Barking teachers seldom 'f . Suppresied desire: To get my M,R.S. de- iifigfeks, Work, Honor Rau Q, uniiea Nations Flag 3. JACQUELINE ANN WILHELM 160 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Jacky, Blondie Chief failing: Being late ' Favorite pastime: P. J. Parties v Pet quotation: "Therefo' Ah mean ta say' Suppressed desire: To own a convertible ll, Sacred Heart, Boston University, School of Nursing, University of Michigan, Connecticut College for Women, Decora- tion Committee for Football Dance 1,Music Club Q, 3, Modern Dance 1, 3, Orchesis Q, Girls' Chorus 3, Spanish Club Q, Rally Committee Q, 3, Sophomore Dance Re- freshment Committee 3i NeoDl1Yi2S 11 Christmas Vespers 3, Tri-Hi-Y Q, 3. Roeenr Wiucie Bob, wait Chief failing: Looking out Sterling Wil- liams' window Favorite pastime: Sleeping in Study Hall Pet quotation: "What a jade" Suppressed desire: To own a fire-engine- red Cadillac convertible Ili Bigelowi Wake Foresti Football Qi Baseball Qi Basketball 1i Glee Club 1i Christmas Vesoers 1. 1 O Playstead Rd., Newton JOSEPH MASON WILLIAMS 73 Parker St., Newton Centre Joe Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: Be a football star Ili Weeksi Collegei Orchestra 1i Band 1, Q, 3i Concert Band Q, 3, President 3i Sing Out Sweet Land 1i Mikado Qi ln- termediate Football Qi Social Room 3i Track, Manager 1i Orange Shield 3. BARBARA JEAN WILSON 49 Grove St., Auburndale Barb, Barbs Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Going to Buandies with Nancy Ret quotation: "Well say now -in Suppressed desire: To just amble along from class to class Ii Warreni Massachusetts General Hos- pitali Music Club1, Q, 3i Glee Club 1, Q, A Cappella Choir 3i Neophytes 1i Soft- ball 'li Honor Roll 1, Qi Christmas Assem- bly Q, 3, National Honor Society 3. HAROLD WOLFSON Hal li Weeksi Bates University of Massa- chusettsi Camera Club 3i Visual Aids 3i Valentine Dance Committee Qi Football Dance Committee Q, 3. 324 Ward St., Newton Centre LEWIS WOLFSON 69 Evelyn Rd., Waban Lew Chief failing: Telling cornyiokesi watching the clock Favorite pastime: Listening to disc iockies Pet quotation: "Well, what are you gonna' do?" Suppressed desire: To be a sports columnist Ii Warreni Amherst, Yale, Dartmouthi Newtonite 2, 3i Newtonian 3i Orange Book Qi Senior Play, Publicity Committee 3i Scholarship Roll 1, Qi Homeroom Man- ager 1i Neophytes 1i International Club 1i Junior Varsity Baseball 1i Debating Club gi Spanish Club 3,National Honor Society BARTON W. WOOD 158 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Bart Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Hunting and fishing Pet quotation: "lt's for the birds" Suppressed desire: To become a football star li Weeksi Collegei Hunting and Fishing Club 1, 3i Audio Visual Aid 1i Rifle Club 3i Football Manager 1i Assistant Homeroom Manager 1i Basketball 1. .,,:ai...aa ' .Ir-1 i . A. t i , 4: , - iii, 'fi aw .., ,. , , R3 a i K r a was sf i ff sa f .W t i ii. r. im- i i A . ' i 7 ns- i, i fi , . .,:, Q . i iff t x if at A , ti. I V 1 EDITH ADELL WRIGHT 2213 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Edie, lskie Favorite Dastime: Reading SuDDressed desire: To play the piano lVi Warren: Secretarial Work. NANCY WYMAN 493 Auburn St., Auburndale Chief failing: Just about everything Favorite pastime: Going to Brandeis Pet quotation: "Now let's not be corny aboutthisln Suppressed desire: To tell a few people a few things li Warreni Boston Llniversityi Glee Club 1, Qi A Cappella Choir 3i Music Club 1, Q, 3i Christmas Assembly Q, 3i Nagonal Honor Society Qi Honor Roll ROSEMARIE YAROSSI Dolly Chief failing: Studying Favorite pastime: Movies IV: DaYf Work. 114 West St., Newton SALVATORE JAMES YERARDI Sully Favorite pastime: Baseball Pet quotation: "Georgel l I" Suppressed desire: To be a printer IIIA Printingi Warreni Work: Trade Basketball 1, Qi Honor Roll 1,National Honor Society 3. 157 Pine St., Auburndale MAXINE L. YOUNG 71 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Mac Pet quotation: "True friends are like precious jewels, treasure them for they are hard to find" Suppressed desire: To be successful li Weeksi Collegei Music Club 1, Q, 3i English Club Q, 3: Chorus 2, 3i Red Cross Club 2, 3i Personality Club Qi Alpha Beta 'Ii French Club 3i Neophytes 1i Or- chesis 1i Newtonian Representative 1i Senior Play Ticket Committee 3i Valentine Dance Committee Q. NORMAN L. YOUNG Q6 Stafford Rd,, Newton Centre Chief failing: School and car Favorite pastime: Sailing and boats Pet quotation: "l guess so -" Suppressed desire: To sail around the world Ili Weeks: Merchant Marine Academyi Homeroom Manager1. CAROL THERESA YOURISH 139 Winslow Rd., Waban Chief failing: Food Favorite pastime: Daydreaming Pet quotation: "Oh, kids" ll: Teaneck HiSh, N. J.: Chandler or Katharine Gibbs:Spanish Club Q: Tri-Hi-Y 9, 3: Modern Dance Q: Orange Shield 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Rally Committee 3: Hal- lowe'en Dance Committee 3: Christmas Vespers 3: Honor Roll Q: Cheerleader 3: National Honor Society 3. ELIAS CONSTANTINOS ZAHOS 42 Vernon St., Newton Corner Eli, Leo Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Howdy" IV: Bigelow: Work and possibly night school: Assistant Homeroom Manager 1: Scholarship Roll 1: Junior Varsity Tennis Squad 1. WILLIAM EDWARDS KELLAWAY Q99 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Chief failing: Can't ioin the Army Favorite pastime: Playing my Cornet Pet quotation: "Most of Course Suppressed desire: To ioin the Army ll: Farm and Trades School: Join United States Army. RICHARD C. ANDERSON 69 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls lllA: Weeks: Electrician. ALBERT ARCESE 64 Hawthorn St., Newton Chief failing: Mary Favorite pastime: Music l: Day: College: Science Fair Q: Chemis- try Club Q. FREDERICK AUKSTOLIS 44 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls lllA: Newton Trade: Electrician. PHILIP A. BIANCHI Q35 Chapel St., Newton lllA: Day: Work in Garage. SUSAN BIBBO 113 Pearl St., Newton Corner Sue Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Doing nothing, men Pet quotation: "Boy l'll say!" Suppressed desire: To be Q1 and be able to loaf IV: BiS2l0W: Business School. THOMAS BITSOLI 14 Charles St., Natick Bitsy Chief failing: School Favorite pastim e: Sports Pet quotation: "Wayl Men!" lllA: Coolidge, Natick: U. S. Navy Air Force: Trade Basketball. . a . W it t agen gg' H at ' 'V lif . na. J g K i ... hu ,V . Vg ..., , 1 1. 123 'E ' WARD BLACKINGTON 15 Owatonna St., Auburndale Blackie Favorite pastime: Working Pet Quotation: mlhe devil you say?" Suppressed desire: To live in a free country lVAi Day: Working in a department store selling, or working for Uncle Sam. MELVIN J. BOUDROT 19 Faxon St., Newton Mel Chief failing: Home work Favorite pastime: Ice skating with pretty gir s Pet quotation: "You can't buy happiness with money but who wants happiness without it" Suppressed desire: To be a showman l: St. Joseph's High, Berthierville P. O., Canada: Boston University, School of Journalism, Foreign Correspondence Work in France afterwards: French Club Q: Newtonite Q, 3: Joined armed forces. ROBERT VICTOR BRACELAND 45 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Punky Favorite pastime: Sailing IIIA: Weeks, Navy. ROBERT BUONATO 16 Duxbury Rd., Newton Centre Bob Chief failing: English Favoigteilpastimez Baseball, hockey, basket- Suppreassed desire: To be a Boston Red Sox baseball player ll: Weeks: College, Work: Baseball Q, 3: Intramural Baskettall 1: Legislature 1. 157 .4 A J X 2 3 Qt :A si 3 1 I- ALBERT ZAZZERA lllA. 118 Chapel St., Newtonville SYLVIA ZOTTU S '95 Country Club Rd., Newton Centre Y Chief failing: The trombone l: Weeks: College: Music Club 1, Q, 3: Science Club Q: Math Club Q, 3, Legis- lature 3: Newtonian Representative Q: Orchestra 1, Q, 3: Band 3: Mikado: Senior Sing Committee, Chairman:National Honor Society Q, 3: Honor Roll 1, Q. EVELYN NOREEN PENDERGAST 8 Mt. Vernon Ter., Newtonville Penny, Pendy, Evie Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Entertaining my sister's boy friends Pet quotation: "Are you kiddin"?" Suppressed desire: Driving a Cadillac ninety miles an hour IIIB: Day: Business School: Music Club gf 3: Stage Workshop Q, 3: Girls' Chorus NORMAN CADMAN 408 California St., Newtonville lllA, Day. ATTILIO CAIRA Q0 Clinton St., Newton Joe Chief failing: Women Favorite pastime: SDorts IIIA: Day: Work. JOHN CANNON 50 Washington St., Newton Corner Favorite pastime: Target shooting, surf fishing, hunting ll: Bigelow: University of Massachusetts: Rifle 1, Q: Vice President Q. JOSEPH CAVALLO Q65 River St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Hockey Suppressed desire: To be a printer IIIA: Warren: Work. RICHARD JOHN DALY 62 Elm St., West Newton lllA: Warren. RICHARD E. DONNELLON 1Q Kerick St., Boston lllA: East Junior High, Watertown, Work. ALEXANDER M. ESTES 4 Connecticut Ave., East Natick Alex ,,,Chief failing: School Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: Get out of school IIIA, Coolidge Junior High, Natick, Work, U. S. Navy. EDWARD FORAN Q4 Ash St., Auburndale lll A, Warren. JOSEPH GR ASSO Q75 Nevada St., Newtonville IIIA. WILLIAM HEWITT 502 Greendale Ave., Needham Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Mechanic IIIA, Needham High. THOMAS L. HOULIHAN 939 Webster St., West Newton Chief failing: Finding a girl friend Favoqitedpastimez Listening to music Cany ll'I Suppressed desire: A good job, fine home, nice wife Ill A, Warren,Go on to a higher school and take electrical code and advanced electrical work, Workshop 3. BARBARA ELIZABETH HURNEY 49 Elmhurst Rd., Newton Chief failing: Voice Favorite pastime: Sports Pet quotation: "Don't work too hard and hang by your thumbs" Suppressed desire: To go into nurses training IIIB, Bigelow, Nursing School, Music Club Q, 3, Chorus 1, Q, 3, Tennis Q, 3. GERALD FRANCIS KEARNEY 11 Frances St., Newton Highlands IIIA, Weeks, U. S. Army. GERALD LEONE 18 Crafts St., Newtonville III A, Day, Night College, Engineering, National Honor Society 3. FRANK EARNEST LUNDY 63 Highland Ave., Newtonville IV. PETER MACGREGOR 190 Union St., South Natick Pete, Mac IIIA, Williston Academy, Work, U. S. Navy Air Force, JOVIANO FREDERICO MACHADO 59 Broad St., Hudson IIIA. GRETCHEN PARKMAN MAXTED 194 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands I, Weeks, College. FRANCIS MONAHAN IV 1045 Centre St., Newton Centre JOHN MORRIS 457 Wolcott St., Auburndale Chief failing: l used to be conceited but l am iust about perfect now. Favorite pastime: Walking on elbows, while chanting Hungarian folk songs Pet quotation: "Hang by your thumbs they are milder, much milderl' Suppressed desire: To waik into Newton- ville National Bank wearing rubber mask and carrying water pistol half concealed under newspaper I, Warren, Newton Junior College, Bowdoin. JOHN NAZZARO 9 West St., Nonantum Chief failing: History IV, Day, Landscape Gardening Con- tractor, WALTER NEVILLE 266 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Chief failing: English Favorite pastime: Drinking beer ll, Veterans High Center, McKinley High, Wash., D. C., Go back in Marines. JOHN PATTEN 109 Vernon St., Newton Corner I. HAROLD PARKER 39 Warren St., Watertown Fvor' a ' : rs a ite D stlme Spot IIIA, St. Patricks, Watertown, Elec- trician. RONALD GEORGE PINK 84 Webster St., West Newton Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Baseball Suppressed desire: To sleep Monday mornings ll, Warren, Boston University, Business Administration, Football Manager 1, Bas- ketball Manager 1, Q, 3, Hockey Manager 1, Baseball Manager 1 , Q, 3. ROBERT REED 197 Grove St., Auburndale Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Sports ll, Warren: Army. DAVID REYNOLDS 395 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville IIIA. CHARLES RICCI 7 CrescentSquare, Newton Corner Chief failing: Girls and their mothers Favorite pastime: Girls Pet quotation: 'iHey baby, how about a date" Suppressed desire: A girl IIIA, Electrical Department, Bigelow, Goto work or the Navy. JOHN RICCI 7 CrescentSquare, Newton llIAiBigelow. WILLIAM ROLLINS 159 Adams St., Newton IIIA, Newton Trade, Work, 158 STANLEY C. RONALD 54 High St., Newton Upper Falls Ronnie Favorite pastime: Sports Suppressed desire: Take a trip around the world IV, Weeks, Junior Varsity Football 1, Audio Visual Aids 2. ALEXANDER SAVILL 334 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Buddy Favorite pastime: Driving, girls Pet quotation: "You can't take it with you!" Suppbreased desire: To get a S150 a week O IW, Day, 4 Years of Business School. PETER NORMAN SCHORER Q8 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre qpete, Fat Boy Pet quotation: "Heyl I like that" Il'lA, Weeks, Work. NORMAN B. SECKEL, JR. 200 Pond St., Natick Favorite pastime: Stamp collecting Suppressed desire: To get out of school WIIIC, Coolidge Junior High, Natick, or . JOHN SOLARI 19 Pleasant St., Wellesley IIIA, Wellesley High. FRANCIS TADDEO 15 Jones Court, Nonantum Chief failing: Math, drafting Favorite pastime: Reading Pet quotation: "Take off" IIIA, DaY, Work. RICHARD THATCHER Q3 Otis Pl., Newtonville Dick Chief failing: Math Favorite pastime: Day dreaming Suppressed desire: To work in circus ll, Day, University of Massachusetts, Track 1, 3. ROBERT TILTON 300 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands Bob. - Favorite pastime: Playing hockey Suppressed desire: To play professional hockey, become audio visual aids expert ll, Weeks, BU., Study the Audio Visual Aids Field, Audio Visual Aids 1, SZ, 3, Fishing and Hunting Club 3, Hockey, Inter- mediate 9, Stage Crew 3. H RICHARD ARTHUR TRUMPOLT D. k Gleasondale ic Favorite pastime: Riding my new motor- cycle Suppressed desire: To be a linotype operator IIIA, Stow High, Work. DWIGHT YARLOTT 62 Highland Ave., Newtonville Chief failing: Homework Favorite pastime: Cape Cod Pet quotation: "I'm gonna graduate" Suppressed desire: To have a "souped-up" Lincoln V-12 ll, Day, U, C. L. A., Motion Picture Squad Q, Intramural Basketball Q. G2 .MLQQ :Sl Pq'f1fCX7gl,,fL 'fj ffL'f""7-' ' WMM AUTOEERAPHS '4777'1'4'q of 7 ,..,af1..4,?x Q 5:2 haha! U. vjlfd if f -Chu. ' ' f ' , ,,11"y-f"'f.ff wM'Z7 v' '5'5""4' ""'4 44061 --6' Qlmdff 1. . My f 42 dw' Vx J-:al 3 Nw XW, 4 ff' U gi . MJ".yf:..e':F-' 53112 , , . 'QQL JL tk a.N.J1"LNf' ' 2233, 7-T. Q' fvx 'f ywalfik oo ' ' Q45 V. Liu, 1 4 N74 r Xu kfmm 5 ' em., .4 m,..sL4 5 x . Gil-figresfgalglay WMM M f1...:-L cw W' f 'fffb vgibgwa, 3' sb Kiww' .WM U 3 J QL X , , Y' x 35565 fffi ' .92 in 4 5' W UN M gr w wifi 8 jf, Q? Q7 Q 5' 1 if fb +f TL IGN CONCLUSICN Now we have reached the end of a voyage which represents three of the best years of our lives. At the beginning, we encountered many new per- sonalitiesf toward the end, our crew was a united one, despite its great size. We shall long remember this journey as a period of growth in wisdom and maturity. We anticipate confidently our life in the new land where we have just disembarlced. As we leave the shore, we cast a backward glance at our ship. We shall miss the happy crew, nevertheless, we are eager to seelc our fortunes in the New World. KEnmore 6-1837 NEAL'S OI california nineteen arlington boston, fnoseeenosenf Compliments of B. S. EDWARD CCDMPANY 5c to 31.00 Store SPECIALIZING IN SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1353-5 WASHINGTON STREET LAselI 7-5990 WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE jeweler Repairing WATCHES - CLOCKS -JEWELRY Tel. Blgelovv 441498 AUBURNDALE Member F. T. D. Tels. Aseanweu 5 112233 'he Etnnkline 3'Hln1uer Svhnp 710 WASHINGTON ST. QWashington Squorej L S. LEVENSOHN BROOKLINE, MASS. 169 WASHING GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WAXING MURRAY'S GULF SERVICE GULFLEX REGISTERED LUBRICATION WASHINGTON AND PUTNAM STREETS T I ph LA n 1 9793 WEST NEWTON, MASS. NEWTON'S lnc. Byghwqy IC E CREAM SMART CLOTHES for Class or Campus Wear ' " E zferybody Likes I t " You are cordially invited to come 1 and browse around O Loolcing entails no obligation served at 943 Beacon SUM NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL NEWTON CENTRE LA 7-7400 CAFETERIA MASSACHUSETTS BUSINESS BUREAU 120 BOYLSTON STREET f Room 614 - Llberty 2-1295 EMPLOYMENT REGISTRY DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR RELIABLE OFFICE EMPLOYEES L. S, I-IIBBARD, Manager 163 WASHING POLISHING LUBRICATION ED GRAHAM'S ESSO 1169 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON Tel. LA 7-9749 Free Pickup and Delivery Road Service Year Round NEWTON Established 1894 BOSTON "73est Wishes Qmdsn ' APPIIUNCGS -A Haven for ' T2'2'iS""' C 0 I. E IVI A N all fu-we ' PI mbing and heafrn, Supplies s U P P LY c 0. HOME QWNERS ' Home Products 400 Centre St., NEWTON CORNER -There's a Reason -,,l..ll"Whe're there is always a HOME PRODUCTS SI"l.O4LU,,i.....i.T Chatham Shop CI-IATI-IAM, MASS. MAIN STREET Telephone 155 ARTHUR T. GREGORIAN lgmpofztefz of Qfzientaf fgugs 9276 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS SQ, MASS. Foreign Office Telephone TABRIZ, IRAN CPERSIAD BIQGIOW 4-2553 OUINT UPHOLSTERY SHOP MODERN and PERIOD FURNITURE SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES 355 BOYLSTON STREET ON WORCESTER TURNRIKE Tel. LAseIl 7-4415 NEWTON CENTRE 164 www Uqfzisfocfzaf of DEERFOCT FARMS 225 NEEDHAM ST., NEWTON UPPER FALLS glewfon fs only Qaivy Western Auto T Associate Store , 11 LINCOLN STREET NEWTCDN I-HG!-TLANDS S H O E S . for the AUTO SUPPLIES E N T I R E FA M ' L Y RADIOS, TELEVISION Q Tool.s LASQII 7-oooa ' 767 BEACON STREET, NEWTON CENTRE Phone DE Q-4240 165 Tel. WA 5-6556 LEO KRUTT, PI-LG. Reg. Pharm. reenfielclg Sports Uqppaewef and LEE DRUG CO. S5110 Qualify Sllferrfers 40 GLEN AVENUE NEWTON CENTRE 395 MOODY STREET WALT:-mm Qiggs glowerr Shop MEMBER ELORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY Blg I 4 'lQ7'l 2098 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE AUBURNDALE Quality Furniture Decorator Service LANES FURNITURE CO. 150 BOYLSTON STREET BOSTON, MASS. 166 ARCHIBALD C. BELLINGER V. P. MACKAY RICH, BELLINGER 8g MACKAY .gjifzecfofzs of ,Cfiznerals Q6 and 30 CENTRE AVENUE, NEWTON 58 Tel Bigelow 4 2034 HILLIARD'S CANDY SHOPS To the Class of 1951 All Good Wishes MR. and MRS. ALBERT E. GORDON HOME SPECIALTIES CO., INC. 335 WORCESTER TURNPIKE NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASSACHUSETTS Screens - Awnings - Wedding Canopies - Venetian Blinds - Shades - Summer Furniture Electrical Appliances - Television - Weatlwerstrips, Aluminum Storm Windows and Doors JOHN M. WALKER President and Treasure Telephone Bigelow 4 3900 'I67 SI-IOPSMITI-I The Fastest selling combination power tool on The market - fa complete home workshopf DRILL PRESS - LATHE - DISC SANDER - 8" SAW - HORIZONTAL DRILL For FREE Demonstration and Literature, Write or Phone BEdeon Q-7600 R. E. JARVIS COMPANY, 111 Cypress Street, Brookline, Mass. G. SL S. PAPER CC., INC. The Dependable Pezber Merchemts Phone LAseII 7-3500 WEST NEWIQN DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVEPWARE .I E W E I. E R S WATCH REPAIRS ELECTRONICALLY TINIED Q8 LINCOLN STREET NEXXNON I-IIGI-ILANDS Tel. Lfxseii 7-6661 V li rx i . I . yiho fri , WED, A HCISIIBOYIY bank . . . f I i I gil ww 7 l offering pians for economical Iwome-iinano V141 T in 1 .L E ing, successiui saving and sound investment 12 i-'- ,IIE iiiilllo NEWTON CO-OPERATIVE BANK U' 'iiffx it i' I d ifff'f1'f'T'?1.i sos WALNUT STREET ncorporm 1888 NEWTONVILLE 168 What Are You Going to D0 Next Year? Perhaps we can help you decide. The EDUCATIQINIAL ADVISORY CENTER maintainsa service For parents and students needing advice and information on the selection ol a preparatory school, trade school, or college. The Center has a complete catalogue reference library and its counselors are experienced in recommending schools in accordance with the aims and capabilities of the student. A complete testing program is available at moderate rates. There is no charge lor an interview, nor any obligation on your part. Visit, phone, or Write EDUCATIONAL ADVISORY CENTER Commonwealth 6-1414 400 BOYLSTON ST., BOSTON Congratulations Graduates, and best wishes fir your future The REGENT SHOPS 298 Walnut Street, Newtonville "Foremost in Junior FlI.SIIl.l7l1-S TOITI CI'l6l'l'lICy,S Jenney Super Service Station WILLOW at CENTRE STREET LAseII 7-9412 COMPLETE LUBRICATION TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE 169 Day anal Evening Full Secretarial - intensive Short Courses Enter Anytime K0 ci-iooi. individual Attention Assures Quiclc Progress 367 Boylston Street at Arlington Copley 7-5920 of ALVORD BROS. REAL ESTATE AND and INSURANCE Beacon Proclucts Corp. T New :England Advertising lnc. A Specialists in .qblasiic Egwanufrrcfwkefzs NEWTON ' WELLESLEY ' WESTON NEEDHAM Established in 1890 + Bigelow 4-3006 - 1828 NEWTGN HlGl'lLANDSf MASS- si UNION STREET - NEWTON CENTRE MASSACHUSETTS RAYMOND C, WTER EDWARD H. CARSON GULF SERVICE RAY and EDDIES Tires - Batteries - Accessories - Road Service AAA Telephone 732 BEACON STREET LAsell 7-9584 NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. 'l7O FULLER LUMBER STORES U repainted Furniture BRIGHTON BRANCH Market Street, NEED!-IAM BRANCH Route 128, Corner SoIdier's Field Road Near Needham Street overpass STadium Q-2500 IN THE HEART OF THE NEWTONS ON BEACON STREET BETWEEN NEWTON CENTRE AND WABAN NEAR ROUTE 128 gin, ling SIMPSQN HCUSE MILLINERY SHCP qferfyou roon THAT IS FAMOUS U SERVICE THAT IS sursns In an atmosphere of candlelight and soft music vvl'1icI1maI4es dining a pfeasant Relaxation 398 MOODY STREET AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT WALTHAM LUNCHEONS - DINNERS - COCKTAILS BI 4-3356 - RESERVATIONS SILVER LAKE CHEVROLET COMPANY 444 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASS. Sales and Service - New and Used Cars T. GALLINELLI Blgelow 4-5880 C. J. LUPO 'I7'I FENNELLY'S Gulf Service STATION 1637 Centre Street, Newton Highlands, Mass. LA 7-9864 COMPLIMENTS OF ENCYCLOPEDIA BRITANNICA PARK SOUARE BUILDING BOSTON, MASS. Compliments of Mr. Cbzlbs eqgesi Cpwslzes HELEN CROSS BAKERY NEWTONVILLE SQUARE Congratulations . . . Class of 1951 ir GARDEN CITY PRINT, INC. 13 BOYD STREET, NEWTON, MASS. CIass photographer of The NEWTQNIAN, 1951 ,HIIfREQ51-Qoxf STUDIO "Photographs of M . I BEACON STREET BROOKLINE MASSACHUSETTS NEWTON'S LEADING WEEKLY NEWSPAPER For the 79tI1 Year in Succession WISHES EVERY NEWTON GRADUATE The VEIUI Best of Good Luck-and Success 'k i' i' i' 404CentreStreet THE NEWTON GRAPHIC LAselI 1-1402 9 ane S Compliments oT 1702 WASHINGTON STREET AISO visit our Summer Stand CS' at JIOVQIICQ Ljqlene Commonwealth Ave., at Norumbega O O Hfzmhurgers - Hot Dogs Sodezs - Fmlbpes - Milk Shakes 630 Commonwealth Avenue Sandwiches NEWTON CENTRE O I3IgeIovv 441035 LAseII 7-9733 LAseII 7-9721 AI.gonquin 4-3249 CHARLES HURWITZ HIGHLAND MOTOR EXCHANGE SALES Tdckdyd SERVICE Q72 WASHINGTON STREET BRIGHTON ss, MASS. 'I74 samuel cooper, studio of photography oil paintings - pasteis - miniatures - reproductions - excfusive framing - candids 3ro' dimension - movies in cofor - portraits studio or home sittings hroolcline 46, mass T617 beacon street aspinwall 7-T771 OLDSMOBILE GMC TRUCKS CADILLAC f""'s SALES 4,459 SERVICE Inc. 73est Y mdes and Prompt Deliveries Auto Repairs, 7305131 Work and Painting HEALER MOTORS, Inc. 43 NORTHIBEACON STREET WATERTOWN, MASS. Telephone WAtertown 4-8100 Most modern sales and service facilities at your disposaI HOLLAND FURNACE COMPANY "World7s Largest Installers of Home Heating and Air Conditioning Systemsn 73 UNION STREET RAYMOND E- TIRRELL NEWTON CENTRE so, MASS. BRANCH MANAGER phone: DE 2-2,154 'I75 ALgonquin 4-4670 Eric's Interior Decorating 8: Furniture Shop FINE CUSTOM BUILT FURNITURE SLIP COVERS - DRAPERIES - RE-UPHOLSTERY C COMMONWEALTH AVE. BRIGHTON MASS Sunoco Products HUMPHREYS SERVICE TIQ6 BEACON ST. NEWTON I-IIGI-ILANDS 61, MASS. LA II 9 3 CALL US FOR ROAD SERVICE PICK UP 81 DELIVERY SERVICE MASSACHUSETTS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. HARDWARE and ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES 170 I-IIGI-I STREET, WALTI-IAM 54, MASS. Phone-WAltham 5 Best Wishes to the Class of 1951 WENTWORTH -.IENNINGS MOTOR CO. Your LINCOLN - MERCURY H0me DEcatur Q-2900 6 Best Wishes to Class of 1951 I OLD SOUTH Photo Engraving Corp. 99 BEDFORD STREET BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS Provizer's Delicatessen 8a I.uncI1 FULL LINE OF SMOKED FISH .ma FANCY CREAMERIES I LA I 511 549 COMMONWE I-I A NENXXTON CENTRE 59 MASS PLYMOUTH RUBBER COMPANY INC I F CANTON, MASS. Makers of Slzlbknot Friction Tape 'I77 T e cI Batteries Motor Tune Up R CI Service Rep OAK HILL SERVICE STATION SOCONY MOBILGAS WORCESTER TURNDIKI I I ph Between Langley and Dudley R d LA II 7 9612 NEWTON CENTRE WELLESLEY I1UeI,NI'lY " The mmm lim! is .wylmmlfwlls IIFIIHIV.IIKLSIIIOII " E,ornpIimeuI,5 QI SWARTZ HARDWARE 3 53 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON WEST NEWTON MOTOR MART, Inc. fDeSoio - Qlymouth LA II 7 9260 9261 1203 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON 65, MASS 'I78 HUGO PONTIAC, INC. 714 BEACON STREET, NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. DEcaIur 2-4300 Sales and Service New and Used Cars STAR MARK T CO. NEWTONVILLE - CHESTNUT HILL 6 Q11aIi'fy glvoocls H. E. EDGAR LOCAL AND INTERSTATE PACKERS MOVERS STORAGE Gooos INSURED 84 WINCHESTER STREET NEWTON I-IIGI-ILANDS, MASS. DIAL LAselI 7-4830 or Bigelow 4-9611 'I79 " ron ovEn FIFTY YEARS gg 5 NEWTON s PnEscmPTnoN PHARMACY BIGELOW ' o ' 'E T ' ' , l " 422 CENTRE ST- NEWTCN 3700 COMPLIMENTS OT MR. AND MRS. RUBIN EPSTEIN NEWTON CENTRE MARKET 1241 CENTRE ST., NEWTON CENTRE '. Established 1917 fi'-Lighb Q For 33 years the source of supply for those families who appreciate the finest food 'N O Purvzyors of,f2,1m!i!y Foodx to fha 5- 'L . D 5 35-'RQ " NEWTON SCHOOL CAFETERIAS 92, iglssifka., NEWTON HOSPITAL COFFEE si-TOP ggi' ' , SIMPSON HOUSE RESTAURANT 'i"":'f"9 " "MET" ' MT. IDA SCHOOL ' WORKING BOYS HOME Phone BI 4-4240 for Delivery Service Good Luc lc to the Class of '51 180 J HAHN DRUG STORE, INC. CARL T-T. ALVORD, Reg. Pharmacist 105 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Phone Blgelow 4-0760 " The Old Fashioned Store with Young Ideas" INCORPORATED HARDWARE O Telephone Blgelow 4-4000 796 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. . I"I. Chandler 8a Son BEECHER HOBBS THE MAGNAVOX STORE FOR NEWTON AND BROOKLINE MAGNAVOX and FISHER Radio - Phonographs - Television COLUMBIA and VICTOR And Other Long Playing Records and All Standard Records SMALL RADIOS 81 PHONOGRAPHS 1416 BEACON ST., BROOKLINE Near Coolidge Corner AS 7-4114 Open Wednesday and Friday Evenings A. C. JEFFREY, Inc. STUDEBAKER SALES and SERVICE Teo BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE DE Q-0880 181 CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO THE MEMBERS OF THE GRADUATINC3 CLASS FROM H. P. HOOD 8s SONS Quality Dvzivjf Products Since 1846 Compliments of az ,Friemi 8 PMA I MASS. or the utmost in Refinementf- Softdrinks exclusively served 07052 15:2-eaaZg7izZ67aZZroom J' ll ffrrtlljge, ol the NEWTQNlAN advertising stall, would appreciate your patronizing our advertisers, lor they have made possible the success ol our ygdrkggglq, Martha Goldberg, Editor Alvord Bros. . . Anderson Jewelers Ann's Millinery ...... Beacon Products Corp. , , . . Beecher Hobbs ......... Brookline Florist Shop .... Brown Studio, Alfred . . . Bushway lce Cream ... Chandler, J. H. and Son . Charnley's ..,........ Coleman Supply Co. ., Cooper, Samuel .,.. Cross, Helen ..... Deerfoot Farms ... Dribenls ,....... Edgar, l-l, E, .........,..... . Educational Advisory Center . . . Edward B. S. Company ..... Encyclopedia Brittanica ..., Epstein, Rubin ..,..,.. Eric Shop ....,... Fennelly's Gulf Station . Florence and Alene .. Fuller Lumber Co. . .. G. and S. Paper Co. .. Garden City Print ... Gordon, Albert E. . . . , Graham's Esso Station .. GreenField's ......,... Gregorian, Arthur T... . . . Hahn's Drug Store Healer Motors ..... Hendricken Bros. ,...... . Hickox School ..,........ Highland Motor Exchange . .. Hilliard s ...........,.... Holland Furnace ........ Home Specialties l-lood's Milk .... INDEX TO ADVERTISERS ,. 170 .. 169 .. 171 .. 170 .. 181 ,. 169 .. 173 .. 163 .. 181 .. 169 .. 164 .. 175 .. 179 ., 165 165 ,. 179 .. 169 .. 169 ., 179 .. 180 .. 176 .. 179 . 174 ., 171 ,. 168 .. 173 .. 167 ,. 164 .. 166 .. 164 ,. 181 .. 175 .. 168 .. 170 .. 174 .. 167 .. 175 .. 167 .. 189 Hubbard Drug Store , Hugo Pontiac .... Humphrey's Sunoco .... Jane's ......... . ........ Jeffrey, A. C. Studebaker . Lane's Furniture Store... . Lee Drug Co. ....,,...,.. . Massachusetts Business Bureau Massachusetts Hardware Co. Mr. Chips ....., . ..,..... . . Murray's Gulf Service ... Neal's ot California ....... Newton Centre Market .,.., Newton Co-operative Bank . Newton Gra hic ..,..,,... , D Newton s .............. Oak Hill Service Station .,.. Old South Photo Engraving Corp. .,.. . . Plymouth Rubber Co. ...... . Provizer's Delicatessen . Ouint Upholstery ........., Ray and Eddie's Gulf Service Regent Shops, The .......,. Rich, Bellinger, and Mackay . Riggs Florist Shop .......... Silver Lake Chevrolet . .. Simpson House, The . ,. Star Market ........ Starr, Anne ...... Swartz Hardware . Shopsmith ..... Totem Pole ........... Wentworth-Jennings Co. . . . West Newton Motor Mart... Western Auto Associate Store ..... . . 180 179 176 174 181 166 166 163 176 179 163 169 180 168 174 163 178 177 177 177 164 170 169 167 166 171 171 179 178 178 168 183 176 178 165 4 .MW . 4-ml, 'N g jfmw. ..,Z'3.f:7 M -1 M -ws Amy, ,,,,. M,,3lNE,ZCrfi, MAA au if harms 4 , w g kV., , V10 'ff. 3,5 2 ,H V K X1 'bf W"'i"fJlL pg ,,i 4 L , 'P uw-' A wa l Y,,,, ,,, ,,. ,f"f-- H lfw I ' H gf, wwf ' 2 ,ff Q L. ,, My -wr

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