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'A 1 , , hu .vw Q p-Q' ,,,r gr- ,mepx .fb- 2. Q Hr C 'U' 'Y fi . H ,N 3- sf ' A 4 ' , K A ' , ,gn A 'gm hm . wi 3 .3 v 1 ,"" A Y "" 1' - - g -4 Us '1 fm Q.. T , . w -fc. A - W. f" if M ' - .1 -' gi . .4 , ,, ,. 1-Q n.', :U 1 - I .A ,L .A sl 11 , A," J.: ' W I fuk s . - ,al VIN fx nx- gf. W , .H 'Q ,, f ff 4 ' fi AY ff G4 ' 3 ai af F 3 A it , ef f -'M A f A A , a - nic, 3 V 1 : 1 " -, ff 0 . 1 5' ' J Q 'fu . nv ' 'f K . In 1 ff' 'Y W ,954 at O o 5 I Q X lb 'v 4 ,,,f"' . . ' i. z FQ SPM., 6 4 Nr' N L, me X Q H L, F ,igr iz wil' A f ,H L.. E ,X ' Fav Msg , im? as -'Ea . ....' 'Sf pw ' 2 Q 1 h M 5 F 4' .,. fx' ir 94, 5 . f ' , 5, may Q rg " if ge 3. , E. is Q9 RE H fri VW ' A '- 'F gg' x V V L, V ,, , Q -ezejf DEDICATION One lwundred years ago, tlne 49ers were proneerlng ln tlwelr search For better land and new routes to tbewest, lm were ever watclwung for the gold which lay just beyond t ey Today, we are also pioneering lor better ways of lrvlng d sdom At the end of this and new routes to trutlw an wr lu we pause to loolc almead past tlme broad frontier to tlwe golden future t e year are ours to meet and ours to preserve WItl"l ever ID creasing lcnowledge lo tlwat luture, wutlw all nts clwallenglng obstacles and lu Newtoman glorious opportunrtles, we, t e 4Qers, dedrcate our year boolc plwase of our searc , , ' , - ln s to come which I - En 111 1Tl.O'1"':l6-TTI of MISS CORA E. RILEY Cora lf. Riley, Director of Student personnel and Guidance ol the Newton l-ligh School and Newton Junior College, was recognized as one of the best informed persons on college entrance requirements throughout the country, and as an authority on ettective guidance and personnel worlc on the high school and junior college level. She was given the title of Director of Student Personnel and Guidance and has been responsible tor the entire program of guidance of the high school and Newton Junior College. The success which Newton l-ligh School has enjoyed in the preparation of students for college, has been due in great part to her leadership in the maintenance of standards, her periodic visits to colleges, her lcnowl- edge ol current college requirement trends, and the great amount ol time and attention which she devoted to the individual pupil in helping him decide upon the institution in which he would be happy and successful. Q faoultxi DR. C. ELWOOD DRAKE Acting principal Staff Proof Editor ANN HARWICH Staff ROBERT COOPER JOYCE FINKELSTEIN NANCY MQMILLAN newtonian Business Manager THOMAS DERR Assistant ROBERT STEWART Staff PAUL REID WILLIAM UNDERI-IILL Editor-in-Chief SYLVI A BERNARD Activities Editor BERNICE FINGERMAN Art Editor MARGERY MOORE Staff MARY HAVERTY BETTY-MARIE PECK MARY LOU REES WHEATON WILBER HELEN DOLIBER ELEANOR DE STEPHANO EILA HERSHON MAURICE LESSES MARY MILLER DOROTHY RUSSELL - MARGARET VAN NOTE JAMES ZIMMER Circulation Editor CHRISTOPHER GREENE Staff LYNN AKEROYD BARBARA GROSS FRANK MUSINSKY ROBERT PETTYS SHELAH SOLOMONT Data Editor ANNE KERMATH Staff MARGARET ALLISON RUTH ARMSTRONG CAROL BARRINGER ANN BENNETT PATRICIA PARCHER GEORGETTE THIERRY staff Faculty Advisers STERLING WILLIAMS HENRY BISSEX Assistant Editor OPI-I I A ANSE LL Advertising Editor JOEL WOLFSON Staff ALMA BARBONI THEODORE BAUCKMAN FREDERICK BELGAR ROBERT CARLSON EVELYN CASTOLDI JOHN COLLIER SUMNER COHEN PATRICIA CRANE NANCY EDWARDS MARILYN FEIN JOAN HAAS DOROTHY HALLORAN LOUIS McMURRER FAYE O'HAYRE BARBARA SHEFFER JANE TYLER BARBARA VAN GORDER LENORE WALTON STANWOOD WEEKS BARBARA WOODRUFF- Girls Sports Editor MARY JEAN STOKES Staif GRACE MARCHANT SYLVIA SARAFIAN Boys' Sports Editor KENNETH BORGMAN Staff CHARLES MURPHY Photographer WALTER BARKER Copy Editor MURIEL HUBBERT Staff JOAN CHASE SUE CHARTRAND LOIS HEILBRONNER Feature Editor HELEN SIMMS Staff JOANNE ABRAMS LEONARD BROWN JOI-IN HANSON LEE MARSTON BARBARA PAINTON Treasurer DONALD FINBERG Assistant Treasurer RICHARD BRAINERD class office-rs a.-nel offices L. . K :gig if 4:1 - - -- 5522511 qw y S ' ' X ix will ' , 1, ' .. ' 5 ,,'?:fv?fJi1' 5' f ,L , A . , ff ' 21242 "'- Q . ig, ' M w g' . v..U ":e1'i' kkk, 7 ily , uf , JL 1 ' Y ,.,, , ,A i ii . ,4, Q .,, N .,:,, A , I A E , ,N W. " , A,,,X - . X ' ' 1' g wg Y '- ww ,Z A , VLALf ,L kg . . J 'S A' 55 f' lg f ,-, as ,, Q1-3'-f . ' V, .: S 9' Y' x,9f: A, f ,iA., Q " Vg Q A, A 6 I' k ,Qi . mv, ,f J- ' 53. I.. A Q 35 gf f J .sf uf -If ff' I s:-,. . X. Z . ' '51 y 3 I mpg we me V V' Q 935 .,-. Q W .ff i 9' F! yi W V MN? xg .gg ,gxg-f ,VS was an b! I YQ 5 SWE a , ' s "1 5 Al! 'f X KE is LQX 5LlP5 Adviser . . . Mr. Trumbull Simmons President . . . Norman Di Giovanni Vice-President . . . . Ann Kane Secretary-Treasurer . . SallyAnn Levine HI-I ALPHA BETA The Alpha Beta Club is a sophomore edition ol the English Club and Tusitala. lts purpose is to give sophomores an op- portunity to develop interests similar to those pursued by members ol these two clubs in junior and senior years. This year club meetings were devoted to the reading and discussion ol the members' original vvorl4, both prose and poetry. There were group discussions ol the various aspects ol creative writing and analysis ol vvorlcs oi great vvriters. A series oi recordings vvere made by ditler- ent members reading their ovvn composi- tions. This gave club members an ex- cellent opportunity to criticize the vvorlc ol their lellovv authors, and also to have their ovvn vvork appraised. Qne open meeting vvas held with a guest spealcer. Membership in Alpha Beta is valuable to all sophomores. 499T'S ALPHA GAMMA TAU To the common man mathematics is a lion to be feared, but to the members oi Alpha Gamma -lau it is nothing but a lcitten, something to play with. They twist its tail, romp with it, and sometimes even dissect it Cjust for laughsf. For those bothered by simultaneous equa- tions, a simplified method for doing them by the determinant was described in a tallc by David Young, a member oi the club. Highlights ol the year were a trip to Babson's lnstitute in Wellesley to see the giant relief map of the United States theref a talk by Mr. Charles l'l. Mergandahli and a visit to the calculat- ing machine at iVl.l,'l. At the November meeting the club lormally struclc some- thing mathematical vvhich it could not comprehend ' ' hovv to predict elections successfully. X x. I " NX I if vf Ci iiifffiiiiip-tl lx! U if V L h , President . , . Vice-President . Secretary . . . Treasurer . . Adviser . . . Richard Brainerd . . . Ben Martin . Bernice Fingerman . , Robert Ward Miss Frances L. Mendell UQ- 1 ox -Sr' f W f ZW I, Mt ff! ! ANTI-SMOKING COMMITTEE The Anti-Smoking Committee, one oi the newest student legislative bodies in Newton l'ligh School, was formed to cope with the problem ol student smok- ing. This committee is made up of high ranking students in all classes. Members oi the committee were given identifica- tion cards signed by the principal which HI-I 32" X ij X 1 f K, i n f, Qg: , 1 .A 7 ' mg! Adviser . . Mr. Horace Kidger Chairman . . . . Bob Pettys gave them the right to leave any recita- tion, study hall or home room period at any time in order to visit places where they believed smoking might take place. Smoking, they believed, was a serious offense and anyone found smoking on school grounds should be severely punished as an example lor others vvho might be tempted to smoke. This prob- lem ol student smoking has been etlec- tively dealt with by the Anti-Smoking Committee during its three years of existence. S Xilln 3 ' Ea ART ctus Q. - fl? X 'sa The word "art" brings to mind a ,Si 222295, ,D variety ol worlc designed to please the El , eye and excite the emotions. To those U fx - 'V -- in the Art Club, the term suggests sev- 4172, eral: a beautiful painting, a graceful I fp statue, or even some grotesque Figure Q Q53 Q, representing a modernistic mood. Re- fl' il N 5 ,L an i h f is C1 it ' J gar ess o t e true sense o t e wor , members ol the Art Club enjoy them- selves to the utmost, whether they are sketching a familiar landscape, or indus- triously attempting to model a Figure ol clay. Always, the worl4 they do is the result ol their own intellect and imagina- tion, as well as their hands. Throughout the year, contests and outings were held to further the interests and abilities oi the students, followed by a gala party at which members displayed the worlc accomplished during their meetings. Treasurer . . Davera Benson Adviser . Miss Helen Miles -1 KZSU-SX ,,, l' L sQ"'i 'lm ' Em! V?-Qi llljgfwr , E ,O ff Xa, 152 222 17 X Xx x '-' ' 1 ' ' A l X' 1 ee' President . . . Franlc Capodanno Vice-President . , John Kurkjian Secretary-Treasurer . Barbara Cook Adviser . . Mr. Chase T11-I AVIATIQN CLUB The supersonic-sounding buzzing and zooming that has been reported on the athletic Field occasionally is just exactly what it sounds like-jet, and gas- propelled aircraft-the real McCoy, but in miniature. It is at these model- meets, held by the Aviation Club, that the luture aeronautical experts ol the nation display their handiwork. This, however, is only the external part of the program. Trips to Bedford Airport are planned in lall and spring, while during winter the members attend lectures, in- struction, and movies on aerodynamics, aeronautics and the lilte. The season is climaxed by actual Flying lessons Cwhat they have been worlcing lor all yearb. Who lcnows, one day maybe one ol these fellows who go around with their heads in the clouds will talce off and land on the moon. 149e'rs Oooh BOYS CHORUS During the past few years, the Boys, Chorus of Newton l'ligh School has ac- quired a good-sized membership with which to perform the feats required of a fine choral group. The young men found in this organization need not have had any previous training in singing, but they must have a love for choral group sing- ing and the desire to cooperate in the work of the chorus. The Boys' Chorus rehearses a large repertoire ranging from classical to popular selections, and has made records, which demonstrate that the boys worlc hard and have success. At Newton High School assemblies and at those of other schools, the boys have always been graciously received. At the end of the year, the Boys' Chorus went on a picnic-outing that enjoyably completed a successful season. if 1 Um , l O Xfhf X y ,-,,,..f S can C at Xl H2 OS ,i Zz? rf 'Vi X , 0, f L cm - S President. . . Vice-President Secretary. . . Treasurer. . Adviser . Norman Furbush John Fitzpatrick Douglas Evans Edward Parsons Mr. James Remley Z: mis? President . . Vice-President Secretary. . . . lreasurer . Advisers . S HH CAMERA CLUB For the First time in its history the Camera Club has made two divisions ol its membership. This split was Found to be necessary in order to insure that both the beginners and the advanced mem- bers got the lull benefit of the meetings. Cne ol the highlights ol the year was a trip through a local studio where the club was shown the vvorlcings ol com- mercial and portrait photography. tures and movies on various themes were presented. One meeting was spent talcing pictures ol one of the schoolls amateur models. This was done under the direction ol a professional photog- rapher. Some of the members entered the Eastman Kodalc contest and others organized a contest themselves. The year was rounded off with a party at the school. 749 GTS xr- aus CAVALRY CLUB l'leads upl l'leels dovvnl Elbows baclcl these are all lamiliar terms to the members of the Cavalry Club. This club is made up ol students vvho have chosen the art of horse-baclc riding be- cause it is one of the levv sports that is a constant test ol alertness and coordina- tion ol both body and mind together. Qnly those who have had some experi- ence in riding and have mastered the art of controlling a horse are admitted as permanent members. Principal activities ol the Cavalry Club were riding nearly every month ol the fall and spring, weather permitting. The winter meet- ings were passed with lively movies and spealcers chosen from noted equestrians in and around Boston. The high point of the year was the club's annual attend- ance at the Boston l-lorse Show. The year's activities were rounded up with a hotel dinner and party. oxlff, 16' an f .. 446 M s 9 r Q- EL 3 c M o 'J it it ' i J fri xxx. Q Q 1 W i f ..,a. A V X i it Ad - D I Mr. Kenneth G. Packard Vlsels t Mr. John Sherman l HALL. A QQ ""' -'IRB li WOR: ,gr H A F MJ! KL CHEMISTRY CLUB The chemistry departmentis hand- piclced group oi young test tube vvavers met again this year with its usual series ol learned lectures and intricate experi- ments. It is a privilege and an honor to be admitted to this club, as its members are chosen only by competitive examina- tion. Moreover, something new Was '9 4,46 so ' rw fx-Wax , X 0, A Civ if is I ED L f C' ,ii 1 OU1' MJ O I X yy Q 'O A L ff' L ' 1 X , KE . , Q, x if v, fs rx W i I lfin, f President . . . Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . . Adviser . . . . Paul Reid . . Phyllis Lewis Richard McElroy . Victoria Barbo Mr. John C. Hall added this year, namely, that the meet- ings were conducted by the members themselves, with Five students leading each program and demonstration. Qne ol the highlights ofthe clubis events was the tour through Lever Brothers labora- tories. ln addition, to the science fair in the spring the club contributed an in- teresting and vvell-received exhibit. Keep an eye on these prospective Mon- sieur and Madame Curies, some day they may be developing products and methods For your better living. l S03 , W' ., ,J 4 ? 4' COMMERCIAL CLUB The Commercial Club consists ol girls interested in a business career. Mem- bers participate in the regular monthly meetings, and the programs include dis- cussions ol common interest. Twice dur- ing the year trips were made by the girls to a business organization, where they received valuable information relating to their chosen careers. The club,s gen- eral theme dwells on opportunities oFfered in the business world and re- quirements for success in a business career. Throughout the year, spealters, including some of our own faculty, pre- sented worthwhile talks on good groom- ing, personality, and other points con- sidered in accepting applications lor a job. The need for courtesy, promptness and initiative was stressed as a Hmustn in the Field of business. Members ol this Fine organization are grateful lor the valuable suggestions brought forth at the meetings. . 1- carl 3sa Cf Lvl EL X ye ., A . I K I f f 0 ' N 1 ' 6? 49? 5' lu v - ' - ri so 1 ' , 'Q J x i f " 4 lx pf, A l 'gi-2' - Z L , Q I President . . . . Stephanie Zyilkonis Vice-President . . Marion Hargedon Secretary . . . . . Dorothy Coffey Treasurer . . . . . Norma Hamilton Adviser . Miss Virginia L. Altieri e lllll! 7-,y 6 9 91 VX ' Q r Qs Q ' 58 159' O S f W' ,sq S Q 5 X88 C O ' Q f - 'si 6- sa- Q , 1 ix' .QQ I0 was xg, 8 ,1- 9gg is ' t i "J X Ways. X ' QQMS9' - . v Q 0 g, r., 5 'swarms 4 l' sfwwmrenrrsfsr Q 99" 'wiliilglll' . vffff f fl X I Q: "1 , l fav - smziaife Aga' r we , J- ff MW:- 'gzeg' ra ! of P ff-Q, 9, .ig I -! tty ,Z 4 vi 539 i , t ly 7 X 3 i t President . . Vice-President Secretary . , Treasurer . Adviser . . . Tom Derr . . Robert Stewart . . . Sylvia Bernard Barbara Gross Mr, Mal olm P. Gallagher HH DEBATING CLUB llwe Debating Club is tlwe refuge ol persons ol varying opinions on every subject. ln tlwe inlormal debates some ol tlwese problems are tlwraslwed out, llwere are two sides to eacli question, and two members on eacli side. lo bold tlwe discussion witlwin limits ol reason, tlwere is a moderator, wlwo, on some lively topics, is not so moderate. Alter eaclw debate tlwere is a question period among tlwe speakers, and, following tlmat, tlwe audience is allowed to question the debaters. llwere is very little question- aslcing, but many opinions are ollered. At tlwe end ol eaclw meeting tlwe topic to be discussed at tlwe next meeting is de- cided upon. -llwis year topics included the presidential elections, tlwe lalt- l-lartley law, and tl'ie subsidizing ol college lootball players. DRAMA CLUB DRAMA CLUB PLAY Q1 DRAMA WORK SHOP STAGE CREW 92 49 GTS Tl-lE ENGIJSI-l CLUB There is no question in the mind ol anyone who has been a member ol the English Club as to its rating as one of the most enjoyable and broadening or- ganizations in Newton l-ligh School. Although it is one ol the oldest clubs, it is certainly not old-lashicnedl Every year this club seems to improve its pro- gram. This year the club sponsored the lecture ol Miss Mary Ellen Chase, who had a message ol interest to the entire school as vvell as to the English Club. ln addition, the programs ol the meetings included a travelogue by Mr. Walen, ol the English Department, and a symposium in which both teachers and students pre- sented original vvritings. A levv activi- ties toolc place out ol school, such as a winter excursion and a gala spring picnic in Sudbury. b S 71 x N f President , . . . Barbara Painton Vice-President . . Barbara McAloon Secretary . . . . . Mark Caplan Treasurer . . . . Norma Sollmine Program Chairman . . Ann Harwich Adviser . . . .Miss Irene Haworth 13 Suu' BY 24' , ,Q nn ,- , ,f S , f , , Q- ' L - 1 Q f 9 1'-T fx xp 4 A 1-at-Tl,,'s:, , "X JJ m " 'X if - X 1 7 . X l il 7 . L la' A Q Q' - - .1 L - QRIAANT -L I .N I1 N E if r " Mg :gg f Q 54 -- f Q-: r ' 1- Q Q-x 1 x Q... . , --x X N Je' i LQf1i5v L: xix President . . . Louise Lynch Vice-President . . Greta Soyland Secretary ..... . Betty Duffy Treasurer . ...... Jane Burns President of Social Committee . Sally Lane Adviser ...,... Mr. Argento EL CLUB ESPANOL Saludos del club espanoll From the Spanish classes ol Newton l-ligh School came this year Spanish students who wished to malce use of their previous study ol the language, to improve their accents, to increase their vocabularies, and to spend an enjoyable afternoon at the same time. The regular monthly meet- ings of del club espanol vvere carried on in Spanish and vvere recorded by the club secretary' in Spanish, ol course. Furthermore, the senores and senoritas of the club were entertained this year by movies, and speeches delivered by lormer inhabitants of South America, on Spain or the Spanish-spealcing South American countries, and Spanish singers. They also played Spanish, "What's the name lor it . . .'?", charades, and num- erous other games that contributed to the enjoyment ol the members and to the success ol the club's lall program. i l 499178 LE CERCLE FRANCAIS Bon jourgln these years of uncer- tainty between nations, what could be a better way to become Friendly with our European neighbors than to learn to spealc their languages? What could be more enjoyable than an alternoon watch- ing French movies, listening to people speaking about France, playing French games, or exploring the past ol France in museums - all while increasing French vocabulary and improving accent? The meetings were conducted completely en Francais, and although it must be ad- mitted that there was not quite as much chatting in Ule cercle lrancaisn as in other clubs, any amount ol conversation in the language oF France was ol profit to the pupil. This club was certainly an enjoyable supplement to academic classworlc and an aid to the members' success this year. Ji President . . . . Lucie Adam Vice-President . . . . Sally Lord Secretary . . . Nancy Concannon Treasurer . . . . Philip Kerivan Adviser . . Miss Mary L. Waters Xin Villlfjfi V 1. x QUT ca President . . . Dorothy I-lalloran Vice-President . . . Rita Kirby Secretary . . . Nancy Concannon Treasurer . . . . Wayne Finegar Adviser . Miss Edith Rideout HH FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA The Future Teachers of America was organized last year by a group of seniors who were interested in teaching and in youth guidance. The club is under the leadership ol the National Education As- sociation, and is Sponsored by the New- ton Federation ol Teachers. This year club members helped in social settlement houses and also visited some oi the New- ton schools. l'lere they observed the methods of social workers and teachers in handling youth and its problems. Qther activities included discussions with Dr. l'lomer Anderson, superin- tendent ol schools, and other members of the Newton Administrative Staff for help in the preparation for teaching. Club members were also guests of the Boston University chapter of the Future Teachers ol America. Membership in this club is extremely valuable to all students who are interested in teaching as a profession. GLEE CLUBS S27 I E1 TY. QQ ' H -am tl If W ' l A I K v i SJ 0 iil - I .29 Z 43 Ns" 5 V' Fd 0 Q HOME ROQM MANAGERS 0 E EF CO 0 1 0 Few students in Newton High School ,ji-5 Q62 i A realize the importance of the home room fic. A, manager's part in our daily school life. X K' Cf 'X Due to the work ol these able individ- fr- Ni 5356 ,fi uals, teachers are relieved ol many some- ' f' 'fl Sf what burdensome taslcs. It is the mana- SS- Q :cn ,Lis ger's job to handle the role ol S.A.T.'s, X QQHRCE' 'I ' Newtonians, Newtonites, play tickets, and to collect donations for various worthy organizations. They are the mediaries between our schools extra- curricular program and the school ad- ministration and student body. The success of Newton Highis many and varied activities depends in large meas- ure upon the ability of the home room managers to bring their tellow class- mates into closer contact with school activities. These representatives have a tremendous responsibility as home room managers, and it is the obligation ol every pupil of Newton High to support them in their efforts. 49G1."S INTERNATIQNAL CLUB The International Club provides an opportunity lor students to lceep in- lormed on the trying problems lacing the world ol today. It is intended expressly lor wide-avvalce individuals vvho sin- cerely desire to learn more about the perplexing situations confronting all ol us. Urice a month pupils debate ques- tions ol general interest. While no solu- tion to them is guaranteed, members of this club acquire a vvide knowledge ol world events. participants ol this up- to-the-minute organization are always on the go, during their monthly meetings they hold discussions ol various topics, listen to authoritative spealcers, and visit various institutions concerned vvith world allairs. This truly informative club has in it people who are anxious to study the current problems in our troubled world, and the place vve, as young people, have in solving them. President . . Vice-President Treasurer . . Secretary . . Adviser . 014414 . Fred Allen . . Peter Gavian . . . RussellTaylor , . Donaldlfinberg Mr. Robert S. Harris JUNIOR-SENIOR GIRLS' CHORUS SOPHCMORE GIRLS' CHORUS 30 749613 LAETI LATIN! The members ol Laeti Latini this year unanimously agreed that this was the most enjoyable way to study Latin that was ever invented. The "this" in the previous sentence relers to the enter- taining slides vvhich were shown and speeches which were given concerning Rome and the Romans, the parties carried on in the restful, lounging style ol Ci- cero's day, and the readings describing the Latin-speaking people. The club also toolc a trip to a museum to see ex- amples ol the art and literature of the ancient Romans. By way of visual aids, the members undertook a project ol cutting and mounting pictures from old text books. The year was highlighted by a special and Final meeting that in- cluded tempting relreshments, games, charades, and Latin word games. 744,16 'SA g 51 MN . ae? 2 E' E, Q T21 G, L' K T Iii E e f 5 5 0 we g to 9 IN 1:2125 ,l Elizabeth White Consuls . , N I 3 Henry Riley Scriba . . . . Sylvia Bumpus Ouaestor . . Nancy Bilezekian Aedile . . . Virginia Hanson Adviser . . Miss Elizabeth Jewett LC f-K M 6 mf' "W pit 'l nl gs 1: 4 fi? N 1 ff rw, an iii' HHH lil Dllh A M 'kf - A5,1llV6fM --... l fx wt" as H wt m'Nw T N: CS 1450i Q? . - - Vxicce-9':Ex.'44l? fi. an ZX? f- f f President . . . . Betty Ann Stokes Vice-President . . Mary Jean Stokes Secretary . . . . Lee Marston Treasurer . . Betty Ann Walker Adviser . ..,. Miss Joyce Tyson ili- T11-I LEADER CORPS An outstanding honor for the girls ol Newton l-ligh School is to be asked into the membership of the Girls' Leader Corps. Each candidate was considered For membership on the basis of school spirit, high standards of sportsmanship and character, seriousness towards work, willingness to help, acceptance of re- sponsibilities and etlort to see them carried through, and general school en- thusiasm. Each girl was nominated by a teacher or Leader Corps member, ap- proved by the membership committee, and accepted by the organization, before she received her letter of invitation to membership. Along with the work went special atlairs which were highly enjoyed by the members. This year's planned activities were a weelc-end at the Sargent Slci-Camp, a Leader Corps dance, a Field day in the spring, and the high-light ol the year, the annual Girls' Athletic Banquet. GTS LIBRARY CLUB Qne ol the busiestlhclubs in Newton I-Iigh School this past year was the Li- brary Club. Its energetic members ran from the Library in Building I to the Junior College library and back, carried messages and marlced and put away boolcs. Through these activities the members were not only ol great service to the school, but they also became better acquainted with the facilities OI the library. In addition to the cIub's service to the high school and the knowledge ac- quired by the students, another purpose of the club is to have a thoroughly good time. Through the party Cat which the dues were "eaten up"D and trips, this purpose was easily achieved. 'Io Further their aims, this year the club visited the Christian Science Publishing Company and the Paul Revere House. IFOREVEQ Riff I fff2i39T2i I a'5'Q"' N I QI? I"lF-.ff I .' Iggr U if ., ,ti I l ELVAJEAN II" President . , . Elsie Nelson Adviser . Miss Hall Qi' S Y xx NN X X XX vyyf 'S .! Adviser . . Mr. Donald K. Davidson w 5 T11-I METEOROLOGV CLUB Fostered by the growing student in- terest in the field of weather prediction, the Meteorology Club was founded in 1947. Since the establishment of this club its major activity has been actual daily prediction ofthe weather in New- ton. Atop Building Q the club has its own fully equipped weather station which is similar to those found in lead- ing Boston weather stations and airports. Visits to Logan and Bedford Airports were both educational and fun. There they watched professional forecasters at worlc. A World War ll veteran, who operated a weather out-post during the war, gave an illustrated tallc on the at- mospheric conditions in the Southwest Pacific. An excursion with a picnic lunch to the Blue Hills' weather station in May was a perfect ending to a very successful seasons work. MUSIC CLUB 35 NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY 36 49GT'S NEOPHYTES The Neophytes, the sophomore equiv- alent to the Drama Club, found sincere enjoyment in this year's club schedule. Members were entertained at the monthly meetings with one-act plays, humorous skits, monologues, pantomlmes, stories, and games. The annual play was presented at a sophomore assembly and was well-received. ln addition, a theatre party was the highlight ol activi- ties, and the Final meeting brought forth tempting refreshments and expert enter- tainment. Members found that the lcnowledge acquired on the subject ol dramatics has helped them greatly, and in the next two years they will reap the benefits of such training when trying out for the Drama Club, Drama Club play, and Senior play. Thus, the Neo- phytes, alter their First year Hon stage," have mastered the fundamentals ol dra- matic slcill. inn Q25 'VV r-X 'NEXTWgg 'W 1 A, NEW H17- LYNX. s.Z N I XXX I l Q.. s X ' S"3"J-v-mf ' lli W i 1 if l 35 J ig T l di is ll U ' 4:9 4:5 i E., Q I 1' X X r V , X X f SS NX K N x Z S -4 xl 'K i ll illiifs jr -5 President . . , Vice-President . Secretary . . Treasurer . Adviser . Martin Aronson . . Ann Mazick . Irene Lisman . . Ellen Berman . Miss Sanguinetti OE SILENT PRAYER BEFORE YOU PROCEED ONE MOMENT T11-I THE NEWTONIAN Little did vve realize the complica- tions involved in publishing the memories ol our school days between the covers ol our year-boolc, the Newtonian. Read- ing the class prophecy and vvil! gives great enjoyment, but the vvriters lcnovv the hardships involved. The art stall had its ovvn problem, malcing cartoons of the laculty before the deadline arrived. Pictures had to be talcen, data had to be procured, and vvriteups had to be prool- read. Printers were consulted, and arrangements decided upon. The edi- tors ran madly about with tattered copies and statistics, until Finally the Finished product was ready lor delivery to the anxious students. This is the result of our efforts to malce this the most out- standing of all Newtonians. We pre- sent it to you, and hope you will enjoy it. 7496198 e5ERVED NEWTONITE STAFF 'Stop the pressesln This is the cry of the typical aspiring journalist vvho has justcompleted a story for the Newtonite. The journalism class combines lun vvith valuable experience while publishing the Newtonite. The reporters have beats to cover and special stories to obtain. The articles are vvritten by the students themselves and checlced and corrected by members ol the student copy-reading stahl. An editorial board is elected by the class every term. This allords many students the opportunity to serve in the various editorships and gives them knowl- edge ol the mechanics of newspaper publishing. This year the Newtonite expanded its "circulation" by adding "The Nevvtonite on the Air," a series ot weekly broadcasts prepared by the stall and directed by Mr. Gerald Boicourt. ro DEADVN P Joe ooo Q' oo J' 'if :E i I- GT occ 9 ! Adviser . Mr. Harry Walen A if E Adviser .... Miss l-larriette Jackson l William Graves Advertising Directors . 1 Bruno Visco HH NEWTONITE ADVERTISING STAFF The Newtonite Advertising Statf is an invaluable factor in the success of the Newtonite. This group of hard-worlcing students sells advertising space in the Newtonite to the merchants of the New- tons, in order to malce a substantial amount of money to pay forthe printing oi the paper. lmportant aims of the or- ganization are to provide experience in advertising and salesmanship and to offer some practice in copywriting. The copywriting staff increases the eye- appeal oi the ads in the Newtonite. Members of this staff sold the paper at graduationi they also did clerical worlc, such as sending out bills for the adver- tisements. This staff is of great impor- tance and service to Newton l-ligh School, for the Newtonite is largely supported by the etlorts of the members of the Newtonite Advertising Staff. ,iii 49 THE ORANGE BOOK Where is the telephone booth around here? Fortunately, new students at Newton High School are able to pur- chase the Orange Book, a Small indexed handbook, to simplify the First few months oi school. This unique, orange-covered poclcelboolc has the answers to all be- wildering questions. For instance, ' 1 ses n.J INFIRMARY Q n o xx g Som J L 7 GTS W ull M M0111 Z? ' I i , M lifts ,A 59 O Wi I the Orange Book, one may learn about eligibility for extracurricular activity and may gather information oi clubs, the school constitution, policies, and ath- letics. The Orange Book may also be considered a iorm oi insurance against the senior who may direct a puzzled sophomore to walk the corridor as iar as possible, take the elevator to the Fifth floor, wallc through the library, and then enter 138, the First door on the right. Consequently, the Orange Book is every sophomores guardian angel. Adviser . Miss Ethel Ham 1 ' Q , 1 l W U js' 7 6 ZS! mfs 1 Q3 44,5 if 7- 4 4 5 'I ,X V' Q' Q , VE LA LUNCHROU Adviser . . Mr. Foster HH ORANGE Sl-HELD lhe Grange Shield seelcs to maintain by earnest worlc the high standards ol Newton l'ligh School. It is an organ- ization which worlcs in conjunction with the Civics Board and National l-lonor Society. l.oolc around you in the cale- teria -the Hghieldersn stand out amidst the crowd because ol their diligent work, which has its greatest etlect when the whole student body cooperates with their etlorts. The representatives to this beneficial organization are volun- teers from the junior and senior classes. len lunchroom captains, a boy and a girl lor each day, are chosen to assign positions and to see to it that the neces- sary duties are carried out efficiently. The Orange Shields purpose is to malce the lunchroom a cleaner and more or- derly place in which to eat. Zeal ac- companied by etlort easily achieved this aim. BAND ORCHESTRA 43 L' TIH "ks e A fzfw ' X ' ' rub I J, f -1 T.. fi? W ""'f Qi N X ff--'fb " 1 x v , Zyiil gf ,if K f - K y ff 'fl K i my N ff! I X .. I " Vl XX . -, 4. 4 g .5 f ,:,., P K, '?i'T- " ' 'ALT - 1 ,1- ,f- X ff. K1 "fQ , - President . . . Marian O'Brien Vice-President . . Lois Patterson Secretary ..... Martha Norcross Treasurer . .... Betty Murphy Adviser . Mrs. Janet B. McLaughlin OUTING CLUB Members of the Guting Club vvill con- vince you that this organizaticn is the most energetic and enterprising in the school. The yearly program talces in every sport and outing available, includ- ing horse-baclt riding, ice slcating, hilc- ing, bowling, professional baslcetball and hoclcey games, and swimming, not to mention the gala hay rides and parties which highlight the year. The club holds tvvo meetings a month: the first, a business meeting, and the second, the outing itself. This group not only plans big events, but carries them out, the passvvord of the club is action, and ac- tive it is indeed, with its members doing something every minute. Even with a schedule full enough to keep six clubs occupied, this worthwhile organization offers its services to promote school spirit and cooperation. l i l 149e1'-s Q PERSONALITY CLUB Every girl wants to be popular, to lenow how to dress pleasingly, to style her hair effectively, and to care for her skin correctly. Every girl wants to de- velop more poise, and to lcnow how to 'iwin friends and influence people" more easily. These are just a few ex- amples ol what the Personality Club teaches to its members. This is one ol the newest, most up-to-date clubs ol Newton l-ligh School. During the past year the club members heard guest spealcers on various subjects dealing with poise, personality, and good groom- ing. Several girls from the Framingham State Teachers, College presented a style show for the members, modeling clothes they had made themselves. Through these programs, the Personality Club teaches its members to be "modern misses" and not 'imodern messes." A f 'idx ff? fax 71 ll it Xl 9 7 S . 6 ' , All 1 155 across M - AFTER 5 ' A lill 8 41 2 X : r hx 4 Ili? President . . . Patricia Glynn Vice-President . Marian O'Brien Secretary . . . Gloria Antonellis Treasurer . . . Dorothy Kerivan Adviser Miss Clara Ashley Adviser . . Mr. William Winston T11-I PROJECTORS The room becomes darlc, a picture ilaslwes in front ol you, suddenly, from tlwe Familiar, drab classroom, you are transported into a nevv World-you are living in a drop ol vvater witlw tlwe microbes, you are Flying over the Andesf or you are vvatclwing an intricate, little- lcnovvn industrial process. No, it isn't your imagination. lt's all a result oi many lwours oi vvorlt by a number ol your Friends and classmates. 'llwese movies Wlwiclw are sliovvn lor your education and enjoyment are presented only as tlwe result oi muclw lree time relinquislied f namely, tlwe many study lialls and free lwours vvliicli are given up by the members oi tlwe Projector Squad. 'llwese boys actually put into practice tlwe saying tliat Ha picture is vvortlw a tlwousand words." 49GT'S THE PUPPETEERS The object of making puppets is not, as in the magical days ol old, lor punish- ing one's enemy through his etligy, but is lor making entertainment, with which the club readily supplied its members this year. The puppeteers-the only organiza- tion in which dummies are in powerg is one ol the smaller but one ol the older clubs in Newton High School. The purpose ol this club is to enable the members to make use of their dexterous talent by learning how to design, make, and manipulate puppets. Besides the creating ol these mobile characters, the members have the oppor- tunity ol producing a play. ln produc- ing the play, they became experienced in general stage work by having the job of arranging the scenery, selecting the music, and operating the lights. Tax 1 Pf2SiClCnt - . Robert Cooper Treasurer . . William Underhill Adviser . Miss A. J. Kennedy lilllli o vt S fm oo Y-Xena im B9 ka 0 , with spiNUvRc"" QSQQEQ 'Mi K Q ll lc X 5' o ll 5' 5 Q 7 aff" 'fl . 7 Q v ,,, X f fl f Dx , S ? , f' xi I Mis' his 5 if 15 ,3 rl I s .frat i j' y f i M' Q? ' u ' -r W xi I C ' 1 0 il, Q President . . . Bill Chaisson Secretary . . . Diclc Millard Treasurer . .... Bob Rice Adviser . Mr. George C. Batt HH RADIO CLUB To most ol us the Radio Club is just another name, vvith its meeting room read ol'l on the bulletin. It is a small group with little or no publicity, and if some- one vvere to asl4 what its members did, the average student would probably say: "Oh, l don't lcnovv, l guess they just vvorlt with electricity and stutlf' Well, you vvould be quite right, except that the chances are you do not lcnow vvhat that vvord Ustutll' represents. lt stands for a meeting every other vveelc, as vvell as many additional hours, vvorlc- ing on radios lor the school and, most important, a public address system lor the auditorium. It would not be sur- prising if these boys were to come out with a poclcet television set soon. 749611 RALLY COMMITTEE The Rally Committee worlced hard to increase even more the student support of our football, hoclcey, baseball, baslcet- ball, and other teams. They organized all the pre-game fall rallies and were responsible for those challced slogans on the blaclcboards. Credit must be given to them for the large attendance at the rallies, for they used every con- ceivable method to persuade the rooters to come out and cheer forthe team. At the games they, with the band, formed the nucleus of the Newton cheering sec- tion. They were the real dyed-in-the- wool Newton fans, even when our fortunes were low. To the hard-worlv ing members of the Rally Committee, who made our football season a successful one, l'lats OH Corange beanies, of coursejl Lf!-691 X ff ,ww X J, X I Chairman. . . . MargaretSpiller Adviser . Miss Muriel B. Smith ASSAY Qrrics President ..... James Zimmer Natural Science Chairman . . Robert Lund Physical Science Chairman . Joseph Onate Treasurer ..... Betty Ann Stokes Secretary . . . . Regina Hurley Adviser ...... Miss Kennedy xx' HI-IS SCIENCE CLUB For an embryo organization Cit is in its second yearj, the Science Club had a surprisingly active schedule. Anyone with a science hobby from aerody- namics to zoology was invited to join. The club was divided into two groups f Physics and Natural Sciences- which worlced separately but met to- gether at monthly meetings to hear speakers on various subjects such as aeronautics, gem cutting, meteorology, chemistry and biology. The nature group had several Field trips to points of bio- logical interest, particularly the Harvard Museum. The spring Science Fair high- lighted the club's season. Excellent opportunities are altordecl all who enter this annual contest as it is visited by noted scientists, and winners are entered in the New England School Science Fair. The members did a service for the school by helping prepare exhibits for the Newton Library of Teaching Aids. 749613 Ti-lE SENIOR PLAY A Murder Has Been Arranged, a mystery play by Emlyn Williams, was the suspense-lillecl selection lor this yearls Senior Play. Represented as talcing place on the stage ol l.ondon's St. James Theatre, the story introduces a weird twist in play writing. Sir Charles Jas- per, who was to inherit two-million pounds on his lortieth birthday, is mur- dered by his only living relative before the cloclc strilces the hour at which he would have been Forty. Maurice Mul- lins, the murderer, having been named the next heir, has perlormed the seem- ingly perfect crime, and then strange things begin to happen. Supernatural beings, mystic apparitions, and Finally ghosts enter into the plot. This story ol suspense and horror made this year's Senior Play one to be remembered. 5, TK If Qual? " KQV 'li X N ll L.."5" f 0 'X T X, X VA. E Jr 4' ff' rf X . K T X51 I X5-3' , m 'X x u 6 I Cast: Donald Finberg Ann Harwich Nancy MacMillan l-lelen Doliber Anne Kermath Walter Irvine Eugene Fredey Rita Cohen Robert Schwartz Coach .... Miss Helen Sweeney x fx' Wm w f av f PRLOR H S W R 5 ' Xl i , 17 lm fi f'-X l i K "'. . it oi fix J 0 p Q Q fr G r Adviser . Miss South TIH TI-IE SOCIAL ROOM Do you want to get away from school in school? The Social Room is just that paradise. This room is at the pupil's disposal every morning before school and three afternoons a week. There are soft lounges, deep easy chairs, and pop- ular music, all for the enjoyment and re- laxation of the students of Newton l-ligh School. Hosts and hostesses are selected by the Social Board, three different groups serving during the year. further- more, the Social Room is equipped with books, the latest magazines, a radio phonograph, playing cards, chess, and checlcer sets. This room is also available for clubs, parties, and interviews certain afternoons upon reservation. Therefore, to hear your favorite tune, to play a fast game of checkers, or just to sit and re- lax with a group of friends, go to the Social Room. 7499158 Y.-ER"'Ui, SPEAKERS BUREAU A recent addition to Newton l'ligh's organization is its Speakers Bureau. This bureau was organized last year to enable qualified pupils to gain Further speaking experiences. Students show- ing outstanding ability and talent in speech are selected by a committee to become members oi the Bureau. Their activities are many and varied: working with the Red Cross in recruiting blood donors, aiding the Community Chest in stressing the need for greater donations, and helping to publicize the well-known Zimbler Sinlonietta. One oi the most capable members was chosen to speak at the annual Community Chest Kick-QB Dinner, on the eve oi the opening oi the Red Feather Campaign. Each stu- dent prepares his own speech, with the aid oi the adviser. All those vxho be- long to the Speakers Bureau agree that they have gained confidence, poise, and ability in addressing an audience. S15 H75 x it Hx J ml t c v o oz yi Kimi x E Q5 'fab gg J 3 2 VL X i 3 , 414 I Adviser . . . Mr. l-larry V. Anderso ess Q N 1-an N A - X e v I K Q, - Er E President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Adviser . Davera Benson . . Fred Ferre . . Barbara Gross . , Shelah Solomont . Mr. T. Jerome Cutting I ... lllx Q X TUSITALA -lusitala, Newton l'ligh Schools only organization devoted exclusively to writ- ing, was founded in 1935 to encourage creative Writing among the students. The limited membership of twenty-Five pupils is selected on the merit ol manu- scripts submitted anonymously and judged by members ol the previous year. At the regular monthly meetings, the stu- dents did some readings and criticized the writings of their lellow members. ln addition, the club as a group visited the advisers home during the Christmas vacation and held a gala picnic during the spring. Qther features were a radio broadcast by the members over station WCRB and the publication ol a boolclet containing each member's Umasterpiecef' A successful season was drawn to a close with the printing of several writings in the senior issue ol the Newtonite. 7496198 VARSITY CLUB Girls, if you want to knit your fellow a sweater, knit him a black one with a big orange "N" on it. For this is a sign that he is a varsity man, and probably a member of one of Newton l-ligh's most exclusive clubs-the Varsity Club. Membership in this organization is open to all those boys who have won a senior varsity letter in any sport. Among other varied tasks, these boys help to choose the speakers for the Athletic Banquet and the All Boys' Assembly. They also serve as guides for the new students in the fall. During the year ditlerent ath- letic teams were visited. Founded in 1936, the Varsity Club has as its main purpose the promoting of good sports- manship among our athletes. 'X swam- NE "l 1 PX ., be t -ELM Ci fog ooo Xf: V553 Q52 if i ,' Eff 1 'li' v' N l x in i 5 fa Xt, B .X ll!! li XJALX -35s 5 O 5 as -91 ' :P I N0 Mons! e dee 4 We ,SM , ii Ilim' N ig ' H ' i f I Q-1535, ix Q5 Hgh ,jf Xgi- Y I ' r fax' I-ig K f g ' ' X E I1 D Leaders Miss Edith Rideout ' Mr. Larry Anderson HH WORKSHOP IN LEADERSHIP AND COMMUNITY LIFE In April, twenty-Four seniors and two juniors enjoyed a most unusual educa- tional experience in Wyandotte, Michi- gan. A similar group Irom Wyandotte visited Newton in May. Earlier in the year, "pen pal" correspondence was begun between the two groups. ln preparation for the trip, Workshop mem- bers studied both the Great Lalces, region and their own area to enable them to answer questions asked by the Wyan- dotte students. With the cooperation of the Newton Red Cross, the pupils visited industrial plants and the University of Michigan. Participants feel that this memorable experience was but the be- ginning ol Finer opportunities in edu- cation. ' mx " Q GFS E 'lxiaqlmliqlmts of' Q 7 . 7 , t J I Sept. 'I3 Back to factories 'l, Q, 3l Sept. Q5 Tigers trip Rindge 'l4fOl ' 'Ml f!!l . if XR I WH SGPT I3 x Q Qct. Q Football Dance Successl Qct. 13 First Radio Broaclcast -M 'J Qct. 30 NeWton's Halloween Hop at pole ' ' Q . I , X WU- oc1.5o g ' Nov. 5 parents, Niglit ,he f J 1 Nov. 13 lNlevvton's Moral Victory over Waltham OfOl L' C I 0 N 13 H D ' X ov. arvest ance K ca Nov.l3 9 Nov. 'l9'QO Seniorplay Brookline, 2441 3l Nov. Q5 Tigers lalce Annual lurlcey Day Classic against Nov. Dec. TO Zimbler Sinionietta Concert Dec. '15 Drama Club Cliristmas Pageant Dec. 'l9 Cliristmas Vesper Program Dec. Q5 The Little Man in tlwe recl suit comes againl 58 'blue -u.Iea.r Jan. 3 Report Card Blues in Red inlcl Jan. 8 Junior Dance Feb. 11f1Q Drama Club Play Feb. 14 Valentine's Day Feb. 18 Vacationl X7 mas L-P Feb-Pl f . " ' I Mar. 18-19 Science Fair Mar. Q5-Q6 Spring Concert Har: I8 J Apr. 9 College Board lfxamsl "' Apr. 15 Vacationl U Apr. 30 Senior Prom U ' Apnso, . A May 14 Girlls Atlmletic Banquet May Q1 Senior Night Q U es 1 June 11 Graduation Dayl A:- June 19 Seniors are lreel 7 W 1 'il U s. J -0 ' Zi 59 L23 Q tag:-.,-., fbfvmw 'ul :- . ,WX wx ,, , -. 1 sn W9 2 3' 1 A ' qw , I X A , L ' X 51' - 5 . mf - 'VY nzgggimr -f . ' M ' 1 , A A V 7 y in , R951 5,558 ' I Q - ' f 'QQ 1 if". - ' nwfk x - si25usa5Qw.' .. f I ' -- - ,,, ' My ' A A ,fu wi- 1, . Q, -. -, ,,: .., A ,W -pinilkx ,L K I 1 sq Q , mi ff f Q Y L A , 4 ,ml A ikixwi I ,,.wif'ik, 4 'Qin wx ' I " A . va. R ,, I , 'k2f'lff?'v?wf- ' ' :5- rf? 4' Qi , fi -' ' iffi-iii A ,. W - - gi 2 :igg-5 Q ..., v fi' '- f"' , fflia 2 'Sfj,pgm,gf. k ., A lmgwgg W iSzs7g'Tfrbdih" fwfr " Q 1 ' F' QP. Q1 ' K A ' , VS Nwsff ' m e 2 f A f ',fNlz?'f. " 'V 1 7 L..m..v.vL 0 -rv-4' ,X ., fx:--gm- nun., '49 F 4 W A ' ' Q . .U-,Q ,151 1 Q . M J QQ xv wiv' X ,, j f is W 1? f L xg F. -.W i-n-fnmmummwwmw-Mm,W - 1-N:-:.Qv QR all trades A If '1 1 ' -v if 1, 563 Q 1' , 5? 'L Wei NK ' 1 -fo N NEWTON TRADE SCHOOL BASKETBALL The Newton Trade School was represented this winter on the basketbaH courtlorthe hmt Ume Hnce 1939. The team played an Eaqern hAawachuseHs League schedule of TQ games. C:oach Ted Dada, formerly all American forward at Syracuse University, piloted the quintet to a record ol 8 wins against 4 losses. Newton Trade may triumphantly boast that it handed Waltham Trade its only defeat ol the season, before a lull house of QOO people, in the Newton l'ligh Gym. WVaHham hadleclthe League undefeated unulthishrq encounteryvnh Newton, which it lost 40-34. l-lowever, the Watch City rivals won the hnal game, 32-98, atthe Benton fhrena, February Q5,thus con- cluding the season lor both quintets. ln spite of this set-baclc, Newton Trade, with its Fine record, now proudly occupies third place in the League. John Hanson Joe Carnevale 64 HI-Y TRI-HI-Y 65 THIS PAGE IS RESERVED ESPECIALLY FOR Senior FORTY-NINERS PASTE SENIOR PROM PROGRAM HERE CPIUS any other gold nuggets you may have dug up during these past Few yearsb -+- - -----N --- -- -Wife '- RETIRING AFTER FAITHFUL SERVICE.. MR. HORACE KIDGER Social Studies Dept., 1908-1949 'k To flflr Kidger: Forty-one years you have been a teacher and leader in Newton l-ligh. Now that you are retiring we want you to ltnow that we respect you lor your true worth, we honor you lor your length ol service, and we appreciate you as a Friend. MISS ALMA A. THOMAS Commercial Dept., 1995-1949 'A' To Miss Thomas : We want you to lcnow that your worlt here at school these past years has been greatly appreciated. The girls in the commercial department will especially remember your sincere and lriendly guidance. LEADING -popular' JOAN BILL BARBARA -J O1-IN BURNER LUCIER EILEEN PINK? MURPHY Hzooms fA best look 3011001 N Y ANC 503 BILL 'PRIL BANRS C003 SENIORS Bunn? DOUG STAMES DUPF Ljfkj an 2 9' s ,.f h L M -::' 'Q + .Aw ost a.T.'h1eT.1 S YLVIA 'IOM DERR 61985- F011 owinq- S0'P..I10'InOT'GS -54" MAIZGO MEISENBACH Jane Bergquist ROBERT SHANNON Dick Fitzpatrick X I X ' m 0 MOST POPULAR X fs ITF' f if Q7-f C 'Q 1 K I i, .L JANE Bzizeouisr ' j Margo Meisenbach DAN COFFEY Dick Fitzpatrick cy X FRIENDLIEST Kp,-or DAWN MacDOUGALL Jane Bergquist - LEE CARDER Dick Fitzpatrick MOST ATHLETIC MOST VERSATILE PAT MORSE JOHN HIGGINS Bev Moss Dick Fitzpatrick DICK FITZPATRICK BEV MOSS Dan Coffey Dawn MacDougaII a.-nel. iun'-lo-rs IDEAL x H5 ,af HARRIET swzs f. Q Marcia Egan fx Y BILL ROGERS CL js? Frenlc Feeley .J ' LU , MOST POPULAR K7' I MARCIA EGAN X N f fRA1f..F:::f: T 6 is FRIENDLIEST , Q? Te ,.,, . ,.,. ,...,,. . ing, Ili -- my S fc BETTY BARKER Diane Niles STEVE CONN Bill Rogers MOST ATHLETIC MOST HUMOROUS r- v ' GRACE MARCHANT NANCILEE FULLER p- 0 Diane Niles 'D Wen JOE WRIGHT BOB MORSE Ralph Berisano Peter Adolph W jf' Al ll! CLASS PROPHECY As we turn the clock back one century we see the golden sun reaching its peak in the Gccidental sky. The heat has become somewhat offensive as we hear the cheery, but weary shouts of "Knock off" and's eat." The hardy, bronzed prospectors gather under the shade of a spreading cactus. "Whewl What a dayl Wonder it don't melt the gold right off the shovels." "Umm, uml The ol' ladyjs grub tastes good fer once." "You bet. Say 've ya heard about the new Duff's Tavern openin' this week? l'lear tell there's gonna be an act all the way from the East, some flossy dancin' Doliber woman. Duff himselfls doin' the pianna playinf. l shore aim ta go ta the openinl. Paul-Reid got a good deal buildin' thet there joint." "Yup He shore did. Speakin, o' that Reid Fella, ya heard all the work his partner Charlie Murphys been gettinv? To hear them tell uv it, you'd think they wuz the only ones buildin' up this here country. They're buildin' Rupe Amman's new bunkhousef' "That Amman feller did OK. fer hisself. l'lim bein' a city slicker an' all. Too bad, though, thet Ken Prentiss came back to build up his tintype shop again. l figured that 'd wash Rupe up, but his cattle ain't bringin, in chicken feed - no sir." HSay boy, who's this new fangled female Jane Van Note what's opened a school fer the kids? Teachin' 'em readin' 'n sech stuff. We coulda used the room fer the mules." "l-ley, fellas, wonder when that new steam railroad 'll git here? lt's fourteen miles West a' here now. At the rate it's goin' it orta be here any dayf, "You bet, hear the son of a local fella is president of thet there Pacific Express. Name's Bob Stewart, and he's goin' ta have the best road yet." "Some of the guys have gone out and got jobs with the first crew. Carl Nelson and Frank Musinsky went out. Theyjre in the bunch that Carl Whynot is the foreman of. Pudge Palmer is a foreman too. These here railroad workers 're gettin, pretty good pay. Course, it's hard work." "Va hear thet Clark Alvord, Don l'loxie, and John Rambeau are talkin' jbout quittin' here ta go out ta work on this new road'?,' "Yeah, there's Norbert Slack and Rus King who left yesterday to join up Buffalo Bill l:itzpatrick's huntin' party. They're huntin' bisons fer the market." "Gosh, with this here new railroad the town's gettin' just too durn civilized. You been over ta the Clinic to see those doctors from New York? Sure are screwyln "Hear they brought the whole kit-and-kaboodle with them. A doctor fer cuttin' you up named James Zimmer, another doctor fer just lookin' at you named Barbara Painton, some Miss Van Gorder, and some woman, Yvonne Luthy, what just about reads a fellals mind. They also got a secretary ta keep the records straight. l'ler name's Alice Foster." K'With that bunch, ol' Doc l.ucier will have the first competition in years, and peg Van Note won't have much use fer her Sweet Cactus Sugar pills, 'the cure for all that ails.m 7Q "Speakin' o' pills, have ya heard tell about Pop Saltman's Medicine Show? He sells Pop Saltman's Pure Salt Water Cure. Don't know how good his stuff is, but he shore got some good talent, like Margaret Allison an' her Fiddle, she plays real long hair music. They got a barker called Finberg that can be heard fer miles. Hear tell he's also got a quartet of local fellas. Walt Tower, Tony Cunningham, Bill Underhill, and Gordie Marquis sure join in some purty powerful harmony. Got some play actors along, too. l'here's Ann Harwich and Nancy MacMillian doin' some real mellow drama with Bob Schwartz, Walter lrvine, and John Chittick supporting them. They're doin' stuff like ol' man Shakyspeare used ta write. Don't know how Pop's medicine sells, but he's got a good show." "While ya mention it, Saltman had the arty crowd Mary l.ou Rees, Davera Benson, Julie Spenser, and Betty Peck doin' his decoratin' fer him. They just Finished a pretty neat job on Joe Scichilone's new store." "That be quite a store. He got some mighty Fine things, David Cravattsis neckties, Eliot Sterling's silver plate, Ted Barker's dog biscuits, David Woodbury's soap, and Fuz l:urbush's hair brushes." "Gosh, ya been in the store? Joe's got two big helpers, George Brady and George Stiglich to do the heavy work. Va kin always Find Frank Tanner, John Fitzpatrick, Waldo Jones, and Joe Coffey settin' 'n gabbin' 'bout the old days around the stove. Sometimes they upset a game ol cribbige 'tween Leslie Martin and Donald Muirheadf' "Yup, ya kin usually expect a crowd in there. Yesterday l seen Prill Cook in from the hills doin' her buyin'. She was gabbin' with Patty Parcher, Helen Simms, and Cinny Weston all doin' the same as her." "When they gets ta shoppin, early, thet's a sign it's goin' ta be a tough winter. Norma Barbuto said she saw Bill Banks preparin' to hitch up and hi out afore the weather gets too bad." - "Hey, look there. lt's Dave Norton comin' lull-clip. Wonder what's up?" "Fellas, wait a minutel l just got news ol a bank robbery. l hear the bank president Tom Derr has summoned U. S. Marshall Stevens from the capital to investigate. He just put up a notice ollerin' five thousand smackers fer the bandit. Sheritl Pettys is goin' ta organize a posse with the aid ol his deputy Peters. l heard from the village thet the Greene Gazette is goin' ta run the story. The editors Chris Greene and Sylvia Bernard are workin' their heads otl ta get the story out on time. l aim ta join up in the posse. What about you guys?" "You bet." "Boy, let me out a' here. me at that money." As we leave the Newtonia mine we see the miners dispersing, some to join the posse, others to go back to their mining. Quickly the clock turns ahead to the twentieth century, once more. We hope you haven't minded seeing yourselves as you might have been one hundred years ago. . Margaret Allison Alice Foster Yvonne Luthy Estelle Paige Bill Underhill Peggy Van Note Jim Zimmer LIKELIESI PRQSPECIOIQS CHRIS GREEN, whom we don't see too often ls always around, just the same. His love is for writing publications and such And for that he has won great fame. FRED STEPHENS, a tall darlc senior And athlete at Newton High, ls the John Atlas to every sophomore The idol of their eye. DON HNBERG, a boy from Waban, Has become familiar to all By' his outstanding worlc in the drama Field Has proved him to be on the ball. BOB PETTVS, whose many interests Range from hunting to the opposite sex, ls one ol the top males at high school, And admired in every respect. FRANK Nll,lSlNSKY, that tall senior Whose voice is as deep as can be ls another ol those who love drama, That fact is plain to see. One inmate we haven't said much about JOHN LUCIER whois to be a doctor some day But if he doesn't achieve this goal Weill love him anyway. JAMES ZIMMER, who's craz about science Wee curliques, Figures and such, ls another top senior at H, S. Known and lil4ed by all very much. There is one senior not yet mentioned, That smart lad lcnown as TOM DERR Managing traclc teams is a favorite pastime Oi the one to which l refer. AND PROSPECTORETTE Though her name is really RUTH ARMSTRONG She is called Hlittle lefty" by friends, She is active and gay most ol the day, But at night, well, that all depends. EVELYN CAS'lCl.Dl who has come lar ln the clarinet playing world, Plays in the band, orchestra too And is really a peach ol a girl. Another senior we are proud ol, ls SVl.VlA BERNARD, lcnown far and wide For her good, hard vvorlc on our yearboolc, "The Newtonianf' her joy and pride. lt's no wonder that Miss Versatile, of '49 ls the cute HELEN DOUBER, by name, Mistress of drama, music, and dance, She will some day win great lame. JOAN BURNETT, that ideal gal Says her only love is Food, But we've seen her on week-ends When she's in a different mood. MARY JEAN STOKES, as one of a pair, Though a true violinist at heart Lilces sports: baseball, hoclcey and so lalces in them an active part. BETTY ANN STOKES, that other twin, Certainly follows right in step. l.ilce her sister, she has a fondness For violins and sports, you can betl Another distinguished violinist vve lcnow Who came from Warren to Newton l-ligh, ls MARGARET Al.l.lSON, lover ol music And talented, we canit deny. LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT LQLd it ufeyiia aiu' 4 1949, ' f L 7.L ,Aqu,zf M fmggwchmhi M la-wzzzv-0'ZA 1771-012' 4 ' 1 ffffcfz W M Wf,fmf,fzWm,lmW 75' H791 4 Lehma- WML If Z fvzfndfgzmf CZMM U L f77fu,.!77,u6v6a?C4, fziaa-cam! : awjisfagbeiilwazwupzda ,,,ama?za,Qnw,mwm2A-WJ' ZA. Zi! Wgigffiyigffgjgiff MZ Q Ld C0iUi un. cz, pa A. . Mdmnvmwta-uF4AZ1E affix 4aZWZxm mWEg1Q af, fm JJ Q Q'3,.,Q'f202.,4AAfk1-2,Q,,Q!ik7,,,. w,,,,,,,.,3,,. " L OD orb - Enom gall? fi J dfxwww.-afaazidalz down! 4 f dfmmoibofadm-DQAMJMQQAMALJWAALM , m0'MM,,"7w4m ' 0' C'Wf531f,f,?gLJ'if6e-10Z?ia7'Q,,W.,,f I7 faLuz,r,zQm,,Qa,alMA.,-ala! 4 'Q ' I Zoicafwld, A Q 0za1e9w.,L.,Q,,1,-H We,f1,,gw41.+,,.,.,eQ5fz0fLf4 wAaz,z,1-a,,wf flcigyifmadzaweefdmw. f A A or s 1'1H BASEBALL When last year's suburban league champions came out lor practice this spring, there were many capable veterans on hand. The pitching stall was headed by smooth lelt-hander Ed Fractman and dependable right-hander Dave Wood- bury, both ol whom had pitched Fine ball last season. Most ol last seasons infield returned this year, and the out- field will be led by hard-hitting George Palmer who performed so stalwartly at that position last year. Other members who bolstered the team's strength were Fred Stephens, Bill Fitzpatriclc, Franlc Tanner, Bob Depopulo, and Gino D'Antonio. 496198 BASKETBALL Newton l'ligh's basketball quintet was fortified by eight returning letter- men, led by high-scorers Hanlc Mc- Queeney and Norm Furbush. Long- shot artist Frank Tanner, who amazed the spectators with his accuracy last year, was among the returnees. Qther stand- outs included Burt Peclc, Bob Depopulo, Ed Fractman, Diclc Curley, and Ralph Barisano. The efforts of these men of proven ability, combined with the play- ing oi members of last season's junior squad, made it possible for the team to end the season high in the league standing. HH FOOTBALL Alter a slow start the Newton l-ligh lootball team ended the season on championship form. A moral victory was attained when the team, sparlced by Norm Furbush, held a highly-favored Waltham eleven to a O-O tie. The team ended the year victoriously with a Q4-13 victory in the annual Thanksgiving classic with Broolcline. This game was high- lighted by Joe Wrighfs two touch- downs and Waldo Jones' pass-receiv- ing. Other stand-outs lor Newton all year were Franlc Tanner, Fred Stephens, Dick Murphy, and all-scholastic guard, Joe Coffey. The many outstanding juniors and sophomores on the squad should form the nucleus ol a strong team next season. 49GT'S GOLF With five lettermen returning from last year's squad, the 1949 version of the Newton l-ligh Golf team provided plenty of competition for the other teams of the league, while the team was gaining an impressive fairway record. Although golf has to compete with other spring sports such as outdoor traclc, base- ball and tennis, the increasing number of sophomores and juniors participating in this sport each year is helping to malce golf one of Newton l-ligh's leading sports. TIH HOCKEY The Tiger sextet enjoyed a successful season with such impressive holdovers as Captain ".leep', Coyle and Bill Fitz- patriclc. Some ol the promising new- comers were Duddy Evans, Doug Man- chester, and Dan Keele. Newton, although they were handicapped by laclc ol slcating lacilities, showed their usual skill and lighting spirit. The team got otl to a slow start but Finished strongly with Dave Stanley playing Fine games at wing. Franlc Feeley proved himsell while at- tending to the goal tending chores. The team as a whole played well and expects to have another good season next year. i 74961.68 INDOCR TRACK Backboned by such capable perlorm- ers as Captain Bob Vangel, Bob Evans, John Chittick, John Lucier, Jim l-loy, and Louis Generazzio, the 1948-1949 Terriers, as the team is known, per- lormed capably and to the credit of their school. The season was high- lighted by the State Meet at the Garden and the two dual meets with traditional rivals Brookline and Malden. There were, in addition, the Northeastern in- terscholastic meet and duals with Med- ford, Lowell, and Watertown. ln all these the team showed up well, prov- ing a worthy representative ol a school famous lor its track teams. HI-I OUTDOOR TRACK Nevvtonis 1949 outdoor traclc team had its worlc cut out for it at the begin- ning ol the season, since all but one of the boys whose scores brought the state championship to the Garden City last year had graduated. Qne has only to read the list of past champion squads to realize hovv remarlcable Newton's achievements in this sport have been. The Tigers have won more State Meet titles than any other city, so it was natural to expect performances of high caliber from this yearis outfit. The few holdovers from 1948, aided by dis- coveries from the indoor season and some good new athletes, did turn in an excellent season, and NeWton's repu- tation as a traclc povver was preserved. 7499198 SKIING ln its second year, alter a long layotl, the Newton l-ligh slciing squad entered another successful season. Again this year, many meets with other high schools took place at thegcommonwealth Coun- try Club. Judging by the great Flow of members, slciing has been received with much enthusiasm by the students, and is rapidly forming itself into one of New- ton l-ligh's most popular sports. HHS TENNIS Although most of the lettermen of last yearis Fine tennis team had lelt, the many outstanding members oi the junior varsity Filled the gap. They carried on the Fine tradition oi Newton I-ligh teams with exceptional slcill and good sports- manship. Even though tennis has had to compete with baseball and outdoor track for support, the increasing amount ol interest in this sport and its annual consistency in producing a winning squad malces it loom as one oi Newton l-lighis most popular sports. SCHOOL SONG Stand up and cheer lor Newton men! Our team is here to win again. Victory is sealed when they take the Field, So letis cheer them on with a rah! rah! rah! Stand up and cheer with all your might, Cheer them all through the Fight! They sure can play, this is our day For Newton l-iigh! CHEERS SPORTY AS A CADILLAC DIG IT HIT 'EM HARD Sporty as a Cadillac Dig it kids, come on get hep End, center, tackle, guard Shifty as a gear Follow the varsity, get in step Get your man and hit him hard That s the team that Newton has Jive it up, and turn on the heat Hit him high, hit him low That's the team to cheer! Newton's team just can't be beat! Come on Newton, let's go! N-N-E-E-E N-N,-E-E-E W-W,-T-T-T O-O,AN-N-N New-ton! CHICK-A-LACK-A GO BACK Chick-a-lack-a chick-a-lack-a chow chow chow Go back, go back, go back to the woods Boom-a-lack-a boom-a-lack-a bow wow wow 'Cause you haven't, you haven't, you haven't got the Chick-a-lack-a boom-a-lack-a goods Well I guess You haven't got the rhythm Newton High School is the best. And you haven't got the jazz And you haven't got the team that Newton has! BABY IN THE HIGH CHAIR GIVE US AN N We have no cheer, Give us an N Cclap, clapj We have no yell, Give us an E Cclap, clapl But when we yell Give us a W-T-O-N Cclap, clap? We yell like the baby in the high chair. For the Orange Cclap, clapb For the Black Cclap, clapl Who put her there? And we'll Fight, fight, Fight, right back! Ma! Pa! sis boom ba Newton High School Rah! Rah! Rah! h! 87 I Mrs. McLaughlin Coaches . . IIWSS Tyson RH BASKETBALL Over one hundred girls signed up for baslcetball this yearl Everyone thoroughly enjoyed playing on one of the fourteen piclc-up teams. The addi- tion of the double bounce accelerated the games and produced lceener compe- tition between teams. A last, deter- mined varsity was chosen which played Concord, Wellesley, Cambridge Latin, Belmont, Melrose, Watertown, Weston, the alumnae and Newton Junior Col- lege. Next year's team will miss the excellent playing of such girls as "long- armedn Eleanor Scofield, "bouncer" Betty Swenson, 'lswishern Betty Morgan and ublaclcern Mary .lean Stokes, who helped malce this year's team one of the Finest examples of fair play and team spirit that the school has ever seen. 49GT'S HOCKEY Teamwork! Fighting lspiritl Good sportsmanship! These were the factors which made the girls' field hoclcey team a winning combination. The highlight of the season was the piayday at Winsor, where Newton had the honor of having two of its members chosen for the All Star Team. These outstanding athletes were June "Pip" Gwen and Virginia Hatton. After losing the first game, the team suddenly caught fire and won eight straight victories. The junior varsity had an undefeated season, winning four games and tieing two games. Next year, the team will undoubtedly miss the veteran players Hswiftyu Swenson, 'ide- pendablen Morgan, "trusty" Murphy, the Usteadyi' Stolceses, and "peppy" Palmer. 430' sb B N " oo Xvf QV' Q-95' 51 6,3990 .246-19,6 YVQN Coach . .... Miss Cronin Pianist . . Mrs. Mae Kirlclighter TIHS MODERN DANCE School had no sooner begun this Fall than the girls ol the modern dance group began the dance choreography oi a big surprisel We were all delighted with their Saber Dance, which was per- formed during the halves ol the Medford game. This year there vvere three modern dance groups, each accommodating about forty girls. Each group met once a vveelc throughout the school year. ln this way the girls were able to advance in tech- nical ability and have a lot ol lun doing it. By creating a larger dance repertoire, the group planned to have dances ready for many school functions such as Parents' Afternoons, Musicals and demonstra- tions. 749GT'S SOFTBALL lt's the hit, the run, the slide, you're salel That increases the thrill ol the game. ltls the win, the tie, the loss, the rain, That attaches suspense to the same. ltls the strilce, the tick, the bunt, the foul, That creates a last Sport that's not tame. But . . . ltls the spirit, the zeal, the will, the Fight, That has won lor our girls their high lamel Softball, though a major sport lor only ,' three years, has been received with If gf 65, I l much enthusiasm and interest in the , , Jf. riff' school. This year the team played Mel- t J, Af tg I ,Url'4""' 1,7 In rose, Belmont, Wellesley, Brookline, Winsor, Framingham, and Needham, ancl showed the game of soltball at its best. Coach ....... Miss Tyson l 91 Coach . . Mrs. McLaughlin HH TENNIS With the new courts available, the scheduling oi the First fall tournament aroused great interest among the girl tennis enthusiasts. The players found the smooth, hard asphalt far superior to the old clay courts. The games were faster and this made the competition more intense. The satisfaction of the seasonis lun and accomplishment was tempered by regret that the two talented and slcilllul Joans Ccutler and Burnett, will not be with the teams next year. However, the renewed interest in ten- nis, to which the class oi T949 made a noteworthy contribution, will undoubt- edly encourage many budding tennis stars to blossom forth in future years. 5. SDIO? GFS RUTH ABBOTT 310 Parker St., Newton Centre Ruthie, Red Interest special: Art, Jazz Weeks, l and ll College, Colby Junior College or Katharine Gibbs, Art Club, 1, Music Club, 9, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Legislature, 2, Guidance Office, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q. JO-ANNE ABRAMS 51 Gralynn Rd., Newton Centre Joannie, Jaboni Chief failing: Payin for my friends Weeks, A, Vgheaton, Music, 1, 3, Debating, Q, Drama Workshop, Q, English, 3, Newtonian Features Staff, 3, New- tonian Business Staff, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, Golf, Q. LYNN AKEROYD 129 Washington St., Newton Su pressed desire: To study Art Bigelow, l, Neophytes, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Glee Club, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, New- tonian Circulation Committee, 3, Modern Dancing, 1. JOAN ALEXANDER Q17 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Alex, Joanie Future plans: Air-line school Pet quotation: l can't see as how it is any of your business Weeks, ll, Girls' Chorus, 1, Anti- Smoking Committee, 2, 3, Treasurer of Junior Class, 2, Honor Roll, 1. DAVID ALLEN 30 Avalon Rd., Waban Dave Chief failing: Late hours Warren, I, University of Massachusetts, Legislature, 1, Junior Prom Committee, Q: Hockey, 1, 2. FRED L. ALLEN 1 Mount lda Ter., Newton Future plans: College Bigelow, ll, International Club, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q. ia ' t at 4 ,Jr ll "" MARGARET ALLISON 81 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Ambition: College Su ressed desire: To play like Heifetz Warren, l, Boston University, Latin Club, 1, President, French Club, 2, Music Club, Q, Pirates of Penzance, All State Orchestra, Glee Club, 1, Vice-President, Q, President, 3, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3: Orange Book Staff, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Newtonian Staff, 3, Drama Club, 3, ln- ternational Club, 3, l-lonor Roll, 1, 2, 3: Leader Corps, 3, Wyandotte Exchange Student. CLARK ALVORD 48 Chatham Rd., Newton Highlands Limpy Sup ressed desire: Fly in airplane Nieeks, l A, Colorado, Football, lnter- mediates, Varsity, Baseball, 1, Q, Legisla- ture, Orange Shield, Captain, 3. RUPERT AMANN B 32 Webster Ct., Newton Centre UD Favorite pastime: Photography Weeks, l, University of Vermont, Cam- era Club, 1, Q, 3, Vice-President, Q, Ski Team, 9, Newtonite Photographer, 1, 9, 3, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1. GEORGE AMAZEEN 194 Church St., Newton Ama Chief failing: Winning an argument Bigelow, ll, Springfield, Legislature, 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball. NANCY ANDERSON 9 Vincent St., West Newton Red, Nance Ambition: Major in Music Warren, ll, Boston University, Chorus, 3, Music Club, Q, 3, Drama Workshop, Q, Archery, 1, Modern Dance, 1, Senior Play Business Committee, 3. MARY JAMES ANGELUS 5 Larch Rd., Waban Marie, Angee Warren, l A, Radcliffe, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Basketball, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1. RUTH ANGIER 316 Franklin St., Newton Ruthie, Rufus Suppressed desire: To go to Europe Bigelow, I, Colby Senior College, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Vice-President, 3, Glee Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Guidance Office 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, National Honor Society, Q, 3. SOPHIA LOUISE ANSELL Chippy, Chippy Lou Pet quotation: "What was your First clue?" Weeks, I, Smith or Radcliffe, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, 1, Basketball, 1, Literary Magazine Representative, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor So- ciety, 2, 3, Orarrxge Book, Newtonite, 2, Assistant Editor, ewtonian, Drama Work- shop, 2, Pirates of Penzance, Candy Com- mittee, 9, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, English Club, 3, Senior Night Scenery Committee, School Publicity Committee, Building Q Office. GLORIA J. ANTONELLIS 199 Adams St., Newton Glo, Toni Future plans: Stenographer Day, IV, Business College, Music Club, 1, Q, Secretary, Personality Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Orange Book, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. MARY ANN ANTONELLIS 62 Court St., Newtonville Mary Future plans: Office work Chief failing: Will power Interest special: Travel Day, IV. CAROL E. ANTZ 9 Highland Pk.,Newtonville Interest special: Music Day, X-ll, Xl-ll 81 IV, Xll-IV, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3. NORMA APPLEYARD 152 Elgin St., Newton Centre Norm Advice to sophomores: Put your best foot forward, but don't trip him Weeks, ll, Lasell Jr. College, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, Q, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3. fl 5 . I X g A B , t i Q 3 lf in' ' ESTHER AQUILINO 23 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Chief failing: Never getting up on time Weeks, ll. JOSEPH ARCURI 957 Webster St., Auburndale Joe Ambition: Toolmaker or Diemaker Warren, lll A Machine, Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Hockey, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3. RUTH ANN ARMSTRONG 54 Day St., Auburndale Ruthie, Little Lefty Favorite pastime: Shmoe parties Chief failing: Tufts Warren, I, Skidmore or Colby Jr., Girls' Chorus, 1, Social Board 9, 3, Chair- man, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Girls' Leader CorDs, 1, 9, 3, Modern Dancing, 1. 3, Executive Council, 3, Newtonian Data Staff, Senior Executive Committee, Rally Committee, 9 3, Anti-Smokin Committee, 2, 3, Music Club 3, Drama Workshop, 2, Junior Prom Committee 9, Publicity Chairman, Football Dance Committee, 2, 3, Hallowe'en Dance, Publicity Chairman, 3. PHILIP ASTONE 94 Smith Ave., West Newton Phil, Sonny Ambition: Certified Public Accountant Future plans: U. S. Navy Warren, IV A, Northeastern University. ANN ATHY 4 Nonantum St., Newton Annie Future plans: Stenographer Bigelow, IV, Business School, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1 2, Personal- ity Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Orange Book, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3. JEAN ATKINSON Q51 Crafts St,, Newtonville Jeanie Day, ll, Northwestern, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 2, Music Club, 3, Girls' ghorus, 3, Senior Play Ticket Committee, MARION AUCOIN 37 Woodbine Ter., Auburndale Sis, Acorn, Little Oak Future plans: Secretary Warren, IV, Business College, Orange Shield, 1, Personality Club, Music Club, Filing for Office. PATRICIA BABBIN 120 Adams St., Newton P t Fixture plans: Professional skater Day, Ill, Katharine Gibbs. WILLIAM H. BANKS I 39 Homewood Rd,, Waban Bil Ambition: To see Orphan Annie grow up Interest special: Sports Warren, I, Cornell or Amherst: Legisla- ture, Executive Council, Orange Shield, 2, Captain, 3, Junior Prom Chairman, Junior Assemblies Usher, Anti-Smokins Commit- tee, 1, SZ, 3, Hi-Y, Q, Treasurer, 3. VICTORIA BARBO Q46 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Vic or Vicki Ambition: To be a laboratory technician Pet quotation: "Oh, fudge" Day, I A, Boston University, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, Chemistry Club, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Alternate Orange Shield, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, Bowling Club, 1. ALMA REGINNE BARBONI 963 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Weeks, ll, Designing, Soph Home Room Manager, Building ll Office, Q, 3, Drama Workshop, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, Rally Committee, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, New- tonian Advertising Staff. NORMA BARBUTO 96 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Day, ll, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital School of Nursing, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3i Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Outing Club, Q, En lish Club, 3, Modern Dance, 3i Rzally Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, CAROL BARINGER 199 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Future plans: To live on Cape Cod Chief failing: Talking in Library Favorite Pastime: "Shmoo" Parties. Marple-Newtown High, Pa,,l A, Bouve- Data Staff, Newtonian, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 1, Outing Club, 2, English Club, 3, Halloween Dance Committee, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, Modern Dancing 3, Graduation Exercises, 9, Girls' Gym Demonstration, 1, Building II Office, 3, Rally Committee, 3. WALTER BARKER 76 Hyde Ave., Newton Ted Favorite pastime: Photography Chief failing: History Bigelow, IB, I, Newtonite Photographer, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian Photographer, 1, 2, 3, Camera Club, 1, Q, 3, President, Q, Orange Shield, 2, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 1, 9, 3, Hi-Y, Q. GEORGIA BASCH 1382 Beacon St., Waban Future plans: To goto college Zrinyi Ilona Leany Gymnazium, Budapest, Hungary, Roxbury Memorial High, l, ln- ternational Club, 3. THEODORE BAUCKMAN 336 Dedham St., Newton Centre Ted, Speed Pet quotation: Do as I say, not as I do Weeks, I, Cornell or Amherst, Aviation Club, 1, Hi-Y, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 2, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. Newtonian Advertis- ing Staff, 3, Executive Council, 3. BARBARA BEAL 34 Westminster Rd., Newton Centre Barbie, Kippy Weeks, I, Middlebury, Modern Dancing, 3, English Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Neophytes, 1, French Club, 1, Q, Basket- ball, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. DONNA BEECHER 17 Maple Rd., Auburndale Don, Blondie Favorite pastime: Dancing and sports Future plans: Secretary Warren, IV B, Business College. EDWARD C. BELFREY 41 Dalby St., Newton Doc Ambition: Find out the food value of the hole ofa doughnut H H Suporrexssed desire: Sing Rigoletto at et. Day, U.S.N., ll, New England Conserva- tory, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 1, 2, Music Club, 3, Legislature, 3, Home Room Manager, 3. WILLIAM BELL 958 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Bill, Ding Dong Suppressed desire: Radio Announcer Day, l A, Rensselaer, Aviation Club, Music Club, Orchestra, Pirates of Pen- zance. FREDERICK N. BELYEA 544 Walnut St., Newtonville Bel-hop, Fred Advice to sofahomoresz Have as much fun in schoo as you can Suppressed desire: To play the drums Henley, So. Portland, Me., IV A, Boston University, Advertising Staff, New- tonite, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, Orange Book StaFl. ANNE BENNETT 960 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Chief failing: Talking in Library Wellesley High, l A, Holyoke, Oberlin, Junior Prom Committee, Q, Orange Book Staff 9, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Orange Shield, Captain, 3, Legislature, 3, Rally Committee, 3, English Club, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee, 3, Harvest Dance, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Wyandotte Exchange Student. DAVERA BENSON 80 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Debbie Future plans: Art School Weeks, l A, Art Club, 1, Q, 3, Tusitala, 1, 2, President, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, New- tonite, Q, Newtonian, 9, 3, Parents Night, 1, 2 3, Home Room Manager, 9, Orange Shield, 2, Literary Magazine, 9, Senior Play, Publicity Committee, 3, Drama Club Makeup Committee, 2. ROBERT BENSON 194 Crafts St., Newtonville Bennie Chief failing: Concentration Day, l A, Coast Guard Academy, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1 2, 3 Baseball Clntermediatesr, Aviation Club, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Legis ature, 1, Hi-Y, 3. GEORGE BENT 16 Linden Ter., Newton George Ambition: Mechanics Engineer Pet Quotation: Can't see it Bigelow, Machine Dept. lll A, Hi-Y, Y.M.C.A. SYLVIA BERNARD 193 Otis St., Newtonville Syl Suppressed desire: Do a parachute iump from airplane Day, l A, Bates, Home Room Manager, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, French Club Q, Na- tional Honor Society, Q 3, Legislature, Q, Orange Book Staff, 2, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club 1, 2,Secretary, Debating Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Tennis, 1, 3, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, Newtonian Editor, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 3, Speaker s Board, 3, Wyandotte Exchange Student. CHARLES WILLIAM BERGQUIST B'll Clhief failing: Poor sense of humor Weeks, IV A, Business School, Golf, 2, Camera Club, 1, Meteorology Club, 3, Alternate Legislator, 3. ELEANOR OLGA BERGOUIST 337 California St., Newton Berky, Ellie, Blondie Favorite partime: Dancing, skating, music Ambition: Steno rapher Weeks, IV B, OutiniClub 3, Personal- ity Club, 3, Music cu , 3, Gm, chorus, 1, Honor Roll, Q. ELAINE BERTRAND 4Washington Ter., Newtonville Elaine Ambition: Singing Suppressed desire: My own private tele- h Daly, ETB. JOSEPH BIBBO 107 Pearl St., Newton Bib. Ginzag Ambition: Athletic Coach Bigelow, ll, Physical Educational School, Home Room Manager 1, Legislature, 2, Football, 1, 9, Base eil, 1, Q, 3. LENNART BJORK L 'I'l Ohio Ave., Newtorlllpper Falls en Ambition: Engineer Suppressed desire: To travel English High, Math I, ll, Northeastern, Track, 9. EUGENE BLACK 6 Jameson Rd., Newton Gene Interest special: Chemistry Thomas A. Edison CBrightonD, l, North- eastern, Math Club, 2, 3, Cavalry Club, 3. ARLENE BLANCHARD 42 Sumner St., Newton Centre Future plans: To play stock and go to dramatic school Interest special: Music, dramatics, art Weeks,I,College course,Cheer Leading, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Legislature, 'I , New- tonian Re resentative, 9, Neophytes, 'I, Dramatic aub, 'I, Q, Tennis 2. NANCY BLANCHARD 6 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Nance Suppressed desire: Modeling Weeks, ll, Stephens, Fairfax Hall, Anti- Smoking Committee, 2: 31 English Club, 3, Stage Workshop, 3, Ticket ommittee for Gym Demonstration, 2: Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 'l, Modern Dance, 1, Rally Com- mittee, Q. JOHN BLOMGREEN Main St., Cochituate Jack Advice to sophomores: Don't give up Future plans: Electrical Work Wayland High, Ill A, Electrical. GEORGE BODOZIAN 39 Cook St., Nonantum Keko Favorite pastime: Playing baseball Ambition: To be a manager of some store Future plans: To go to Business School Day, Business, IV. LOUIS BONADIO 32 Talbot St., West Newton Louie Favorite pastime: Repairing radios Ambition: Be a radio engineer Future plans: To be in the Oriental rug business Warren, lll B, Orange Shield, 'l. ROBERT BONAZOLI B b 103 Cypress St., Newton Centre o Future plans: College Weeks, I, Sta e Crew, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Math Club, 3. KENNETH BORGMAN 8 Jaifrey Cir., Waban Ken Ambition: Doctor Future plans: Medical career Weeks, I A, Tufts, Newtonian Staff, 2,31 Science Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Orange Shield, S2, Literary Magazine Staff, Q, Aviation Club, 3,Senior P ay Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 'I, Q, 3. JOHN BOUCHER 11 Concolor Ave., Newton Corner Bouch, Bub, Hermit Future plans: Aeronautics Suppressed desire: Midget racing Pet quotation: Look out dere, Boy Interest special: Engines Bigelow, Il, Service - Aeronautics, Meteorology Club, Q, 3. ALICE BOUDROT 40 Woodbine Ter., Auburndale Billy, Willy Ambition: Skating Future plans: Typist or Secretary Suppressed desire: A trip Day, IV B. DONALD BOUDROT 35 Dalby St., Newton Future plans: Uncle Sam has mine' Day, IV A, Business, Bentley s, Home Room Manager, 9. JEAN BOUDROT 40 Woodbine Ter., Auburndale Boud, Boody Favorite pastime: Dancing Future plans: Stenographer Pet quotation: "Gee whiz" Day, IV. AGNES MARY BOYAJIAN 41 Harrington St., Newtonville Aggie Favorite pastime: Bowling, movies, ball games Future plans: To be a bookkeeper Day, IV C, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Personality Club, 1. RICHARD BRAM 17 Green Plc., Newton Diclc, Problem Advice to sophomores: Don't get 5 "C" lunches Future plans: College Pet quotation: 'People who live shouldn't" Bigelow, ll, Boston University, Camera Club, 1, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3, International Club, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 3, Q, Assistant Home Room Mana- Sefi 1 - PATRICIA BOUGHAN P 37 Austin St., Newtonville at Future plans: Working my way through college Suppressed desire: To be a math teacher Interest special: Sports, bowling, and basketball Our Lady's High, ll. NORMA Bouts ' 111 Fairway Dr., West Newton Boo Ambition: To return to Ohio Advise? sophomores: Watch out for Mr. Day, I B, College Course, Junior Col- lege, Newtonite usiness Staff, 1, 2, 3, Ra ly Committee, 1, Q, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 9, 3, Music Club, 1, 2, Harvest Dance Committee, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Junior Girls' Chorus, Q, Alter- nate Legislature Representative, Q, 3, English Club, 3. AUDREY novo ' 52 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Favorite pastime: Reading, sports Future plans: Office work Warren, IV C. RICHARD BOYD 11 Chester St., Newton Highlands Pee Wee Weelcs, Ill A 3. AUDREY BRADY 46 White Pine Rd., Newton Upper Falls Aud Ftmbitioii: Torglraduate uture p ans: ursmg Baldwin High, Long Island, N. Y., Il, Boston College, Music Club, 2, 3, Rally Committee, 2, 3, Drama Workshop, 3, ln- ternational Club, 3. GEORGE BRADY 30 Ricker Rd., Newton Gig Future plans: School ' Bigelow, Il, Legislature, 9, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, Class Treasurer, 1, 3. RICHARD BRAINERD 77 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands Bid' Wh 'a ui. I Q t t'o : ere ou ge e c ue eix7Q'ftf,'i,"Amhmt, Mlm., Mai. Club, 9, President, 3, Stage Crew, 3, Assistant Treasurer, Newtonian, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, National Honor Society, 2, 3. IRENE CONSTANCE VICTORIA BRAY 3 Jaflrey Circle, Waban Ambition: Good nurse Suppressed desire: To go to Europe Warren, ll, Massachusetts General Hos- pital of Nursing, MUSIC Club, 9, 3, 4i Sophomore Chorus, 9, Junior and Senior Chorus, 3, 4, Building One Office, 9. ALBERT BREWSTER, JR. I 44 Concolor Ave., Newton A Interest special: Photography Bigelow, ll, Boston University, Interna- tional Club, 3. ERNEST BENNETT BRIGHAM 15 Rogers St., Newton Highlands Ernie Chief failing: English Interest special: Math Weeks, l, Williams. NORMA ANNE BRODERICK 17 Rogers St., Newton Ambition: Secretary Future plans: Business Interest special: Dramatics Bigelow, IV, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Per: sonality Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Girls Chorus, 1, 9. LEONARD BROWN 44 Byfield Rd., Waban Len, Tinker Ambition: To make quick million and retire Advicilto sophomores: Get some vitamin DI 5 Weeks, I A, M.l.T., Williams, Orange Shield, 3, Newtonian, 3, Camera Club, 3, Science Club, 3, Baseball, 2, 3, Hockey, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 2, . LOIS FAIRBANKS BROWN 78 Walker St., Newtonville Lolo, Loie Future plans: Get a good iob Day, IV C, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3. JOHN DOUGLAS BRUCE 28 Lafayette Rd., Newton Lower Falls Bruce, J. B. Warren, I, Western College, Aviation Club, 3, Harvest Dance Publicity Chair- man, Hunting Club, 3. RAYMOND JUDSON BUELL, JR. 938 Bellevue St., Newton Ray Favorite pastime: Archery Interest special: Symphony music Bigelow, ll, Boston University, lnterna- gogal Club, 9, 3, Motion Picture Souad,1 , . EVELYN BURKE 70 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Evie, Ev Favorite pastime: Piano Warren, ll, Forsyth School for Dental Hygienists, Alpha Beta, Drama Club Work- shop, Office Assistant, Newtonian Ad- vertising Staff. GERALD BURNS 51 Oakwood Rd., Auburnclale Jerry, Zeke Warren, I, Boston College, Glee Club, 1, Track, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 2, Football Dance Committee, 3. JANE BURNES 2234 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Janie, Raggedy Ann Future plans: College Interest special: Brigham's sundaes East Orange High School East Orange, N. J., i A, Drama Club Workshop 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Spanish Club, reas- urer, 3, Outing Club, 2, Football Dance Committee, 2, Senior Play Candy Com- mittee, 3, OFfice, 3, Tennis, 1, Basketball, JOAN BURNETT 75 Annawan Rd., Waban Burnie Future plans: Wait for George Brady Weeks, I A, Cornell, English Club, 3, Modern Dance 1, 3, Rally Committee, Orange Shield, Captain, 3, Football Dance Committee, 2, 3, Junior Prom Com- mittee, Q, Class Secretary, 1, 2, Girls' V. P. of Associates, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Tennis 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Civics Board, 3, City Youth Council, HalIowe'en Dances, 2 3, New- tonian Stall, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, Q, 3, Sorority-Fraternity Committee, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Social Room Hostess, 2. CATHERINE R. BUTTERFIELD Q9 Winona St., Auburndale Cathy, Kitty Future plans: Secretarial School Warren, IV B Commercial, Outing Club, 3, Camera Club, 1, Orchestra, 1, Office Assistant, 3. JOSEPHINE CABOZZI SZ Morgan PI., Newton Jo Ambition: Receptionist Future plans: Work Day, IV C. ROBERT CIVETTI Bob Advice to sophomores: Keep smiling Future plans: Marry Day, Ill A Electrical. 44 West St., Newton JOSEPH BERNARD ARSENAULT 213 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Bernie Future plans: Navy Weeks, I, ll, ll, Camera Club, Football Manager, Junior Varsity, 3. MARGARET CAMPBELL S26 Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands Peggy, Peg eeks, I A, Emmanuel College, Sec- retary, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Field Hockey, 1, Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, English Club, 3, Music Club, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 9, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, Legislature, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1 9, 3, Literary Magazine Stall, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, Carnival of Fun, 2, Senior Play, Scenery Committee, 3, Newtonian, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Candy Com- mittee, SeniorPIay. JUNE CAPLAN 34 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Junie Favorite pastime: Playing the piano Ambition: To travel Advice to sophomores: Don't let the upper flassmen fool you, it's a wonderful i e.. Future lans: College Chief Failin :Waiting until the last minute to do things Suppressed desire: All A's Pet quotation: To college, or not to col- lege: that is the question! lnterestspecial: Music Weeks, l A, Colby, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Newtonian Representa- tive, 1, Scenery Committee for Senior Play, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, English Club, 3. MARVIN CAPLAN 34 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Mark Ambition: Graduate High School Future plans: Engineering Weeks, l, English Club, Secretary, 3, Baseball Managing. FRANK CAPODANNO 131 Crafts St., Newtonville Cap, Cappie Ambition: To own a car Suppressed desire: To become an actor Day, I, Coast Guard Academy, Aviation Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball. PHYLLIS CARDARELLI PHI 58 Westchester Rd., Newton i ambition: Stegographer uture p ans: et a good ' L, Weeks, iv. 'O HOWARD COOLEY . 460 Ward St., Newton Centre Howie, Coole F'-'NYC Plans: Go to work for awhile then WMF silloil ee s A t N J ' Tumbleweed Motorcjyglle CFuvbI0n Umor' ROBERT EN OCH CARLSON Q1 Parker Ave., Newton Centre Swede, Bob Advice to sophomores: Give up the Yo-Yo's Future plans: Join Navy and become 4 photographer U WCCIIS, l, Photography School, Avia- tion Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Legislature, 3,t:Nlewtonian Staff, 3, Senior Play Com- ml CZ. PATRICIA ELIZABETH CARMACK 60 Fairlee Rd., Waban ee s un'o Al h B ,1 pdlalf' limi J C n Oi-'ll'15 CII'-lb, 'QI' lgcelfalfe Izfdmglaeel Dmffll IWOVICSIWOP, 3, Scenery Committee, Senior Play, Chairman, 3, Receptionist in 314, 9, Carnival ol Fun, 9. JOYCE CARMEL 1733 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Suppressed desire: To Fly Warren, IV B, Aviation Club, 3. AMERICO BEN CARNEVALE 13 Alden Pl., West Newton Amy, A-B-C, Benny Advice to sophomores: "Anything worth doing at all ls worth doing well" Pet quotation: "Those who go a-borrow- ing, end a-sorrowingn Beni. Franklin Warren, lll A Trade, Camera Club, Trade School Representative, Legislature, 3, Science Club. ALFONSE CARUSO 197 Cypress St., Newton Centre Al Future plans: To become an engineer Weeks, I, Northeastern. SYLVIA CASELLA 'IO Manhattan Ter., West Newton Syl Ambition: Model, Singing Future plans: Work, Stenographer Warren, IV B, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, New- tonite Staff, 3, Building Q Office. JOSEPH A. CASTAGNINO 13 Smith Ct., West Newton Joe, Casty Future plans: Army Warren, Ill A, Radio, Radio School, Radio Club, Secretary-Treasurer. EVELYN CASTOLDI E 55 Auburndale Ave., West Newton VIZ Warren, IV ll, Boston University, Col- lege of Music, Music Club, 9, 3, Treas- urer, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra 1, Orange Shield, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Committee Member, Senior Singing Assembly, 3, Alternate Legislator, 3, Vice- President, Library Club, 3, Member, Ticket Committee for Senior Play, 3, Lawrence Music Festival with band, Q. LUCY CEDRONE 89 Adams St., Newton Lou, Lulu Ambition: Hairdresser Day, IV, Wilfred, Homeroom Manager, 2. WILLIAM CHAISSON 2396 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Bill, Longboat Future plans: College Interest special: Radio Warren, I, President, Radio Club, 3. LILA CHARNEY 18 Cedar St., Newton Centre Lulu Ambition: Entertainer, sing, play Interest special: Jazz Solomon Lewenberg, I, College, Syracuse University of Music, Music Club, English Club, Art Club. SUZANNE CHARTRAND 43 Arapahoe Rd., West Newton Sue Su-Su Warren, I College Prep., Trinity, Neo- phytes, 1, French C ub, Q, English Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Journalism, Newtonite, 2, Editorial Editor, 3, Office Assistant, BuildinE9, Q, Receptionist, 314, 3, New- tonian opy Committee, 3, Parents' Night Usher, 3, Harvest Dance Committee 3, qlagogal Honor Society, Q, 3, Honor Roll, BRADFORD CHASE 74 Washington Plc., Newtonville Brad, Junior Favorite pastime: Sports Day, I, Boston University, Aviation Club, 3, Camera Club, 3. JOAN MARIE CHASE 49 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Joanie Day, l A College, P.A.L. Boston Univer- sity, Music Club, 1, sz, 3, Gin Club, 1, sz, 3, Enwih Club, 3, Aviation Club, 3, Drama orlrshop, 3, Neophytes, 1, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Newtonian Copy Staff, Office Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Pirates of Penzance, Ticket Committee, 2, MARCIA ELEANOR CHERENSON 7 Shorneclilfe Rd., Newton Marsh, Marcy Future plans: Medical Secretary Suppressed desire: To look as young as my mother does when I'm her age Brookline High, ll, Kathleen Dell Katharine Gibbs, or P.A.L., Boston Uni- versity, Music Club, English Club, 3- HAROLD CHRISTENSEN 13 Mt. Ida Ter., Newton Chris Bigelow, ll, Boston Universlty or North- eastern, Camera Club, 1, Newtonian Rep- resentative, 9, Legislature, 2. CARL B. CHUPP, JR. 81 Avalon Rd., Waban Bud Future plans: Engineering Suppressed desire: Fly to the Moonl Weeks, I A, Univ. of Mass., Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Legislature, 1, 3, Honor Roll, SZ. CHARLES CLAFFEY Ch It 35 llowe St., Auburndale ar ie Favorite pastime: Sports Future plans: Accounting school Warren, IV A. ANN K. CLARKE 235 Melrose St., Auburndale Clarkie Future plans: Private secretary Warren, IV B Secretarial, Business College, Camera Club, 1. MARY ELIZABETH CLARK Q6 Locksley Rd., Newton Centre Betty Ashland High, ll, Nursing School, Newton-Wellesley Hospital. JOE MEREDITH CLARKE 46 Randlett Plc., West Newton Joe' Future plans: Schooling Pet quotation: Oh! another A Interest special: Sports Day, I B. JOSEPH PAUL CLEARY Q3 Indiana Ter., Newton Upper Falls Joe Weeks, Ill A Printing, Band NANCY CLINE 153 Florence St., Chestnut Hill Nan, Chuck Pet quotation: Live and let live Weeks Il, Mass. School Physiotherapy, Camera Club, 1, Candy Committee, 1. ELISHA W. COBB B-H Q43 Church St., Newton .West Junior High, Watertown, IV A. DOROTHY COFFEY 1933 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Dottie, Coll, Shorty Future plans: College or Work Weeks, IV C, Field Hockey, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Basketball Manager, 91 Softball, 1 SZ, Outing Club, Q, Secretary, Commercial Club, 3. JAMES COFFEY 1233 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Coft, Jimmie Favorite pastime: Sports Future plans: Service Interest special: Coaching Weeks, Business, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee. JOSEPH P. COFFEY 105 Pearl St., Newton J. P. Ambition: Row a boat across the Atlantic Our Lady's High School, ll, Varsity Club, Football, 1, 9, 3. LYNDA JANE COGAN Q09 Walnut St., Newtonville Lynder Advice to sophomores: Start a fund for an elevator Suppressed desire: To be a great actress Verona High School, Verona, N. J., Q, Drama Club, 3, Tusitala, 3, Music Club, ANNE COHEN 59 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Nancy Ambition: M.R.S. degree Future plans: Laboratory technician Theodore Roosevelt, ll, Mary Brooks, Personality Club, Music Club. JOAN COHEN 423 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Dimples Ambition: To get an M.R.S. degree Pine Crest, Florida, I, l.l.C.L.A., Cavalry Club, Music Club, Costume Committee. MYRNA COHEN 37 Jefferson St., Newton Favorite pastime: Reading Bigelow, Il, Beth lsrael Hospital, Music Club: Glee Club. RITA COHEN 39 Vaughan Ave., Newton Highlands Riclcv Ambition: To succeed in the dramatic world Solomon Lewenberg, l, New London Junior, English Club, 3, Senior Play. SUMNER HAROLD COHEN 34 Monadnock Rd., Chestnut Hill Suppressed desire: To give a policeman a ticket Weeks: l, Harvard: Camera Club, 1, Math Club, 2, 3, Debating Club, 2, 3: Science Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Legislature, 1, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, 3: Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, 3: National Honor Society, 9, 3: Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. VIVIEN COHEN 31 Philmore Rd., Newton Future plans: College, M.R.S. degree Brookline High, l, Personality Club, Treasurer, 3, Music Club, 4, Cavalry Club, 4, English Club, 4. 104 MARY E. COLEMAN 19 Suban Pl., Newton Highlands Favorite pastime: Sports, handicraft, teach- ing, dancing Weeks, ll, Carney Hospital, Latin Club, Q, Archery, 1, 9: Legislature, 3. JOHN GERROLD COLLIER 62 Hyde Ave., Newton NANCY CONCANNON 279 Linwood Ave., Newton Cone Suppressed desire: To throw something from fourth Hoor of building I Day, I, Framingham State Teachers Col- lege, French Club, 2, 3, Secretary, 3 Future Teachers, Secretary, 3, Music Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Lacrosse, Q, Base- ball, 1, Golf, 2, Legislature Alternate, Q, Leader Corps, 1, Q, 3. EDWARD THOMAS CONLEY, 31 Elm Street, West Newton Tom Favorite pastime: Reading Future plans: Army Medical Corps lnterest special: Experimental Science Warren, l. BARBARA ANN COOK 6 Albion Pl., Newton Centre Cookie II, Nashua Memorial Hospital, School of Nursing, Aviation Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 3. PRISCILLA COOK S25 Caroline Pk., Waban Pril, Cookie Warren, l, College, Mount Holyoke: Music Club, 1, 2, 3: President, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Anti-Smoking Committee, 9, 3, Cheerleading, 2, 3: Rally Committee, 2, 3, Legislature, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee, 3, Qnd Football Dance Committee, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1. RUSSELL COOK 50 Newell Rd., Auburndale Russ Favorite pastime: Hunting Warren1 I B1 Dartmouth: Hunting, 31 Fishing, 31 Meteorology, 31 Movie Opera- tors, 11 Ski Team, Q1 International Club, 3. ROBERT L. COOPER 16 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Muscles, Genius Ambition: Editor Police Gazette weeks, I A, Cornell1Camera Club, 1, Puppet Club, 2, 31 Newtonite, 21LiteraI'Y Magazine, 9, 31 Tusitala, 31 Newtonian, 31 Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3: National Honor Society, SZ, 31 Debating Club, 1, 3. CLAIRE COPAN 308 California St., Newton Future plans: Office Work Day1 IV C1 Home Room Manager, 1, 31 Home Room Mana er Assistant, 21 Basket- ball 21 Outing Club, SZ, 31 Personality Club, 2, 31 Newtonian Advertising Com- mittee, 3. ALLAN CORKUM 9081 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Al, Corky Suppressed desire: To be a baseball record keeper Warren1 I, II1 Boston University1 Inter- mediate Football, Q. RICHARD CORKUM 12 Bunker Lane, West Newton Colonel, Flip Favorite pastime: Basketball Future plans: Some higher school Weeks1 ll1Track, Football. WILLIAM C. CATTELL Blu 87 Highland St., West Newton Future plans: Pyschology in government, religion or education Warren1l1Collegz1Camera Club, 1,Q, 31 OutdoorTrack, 9iII'1dOOl'TfdCk, Q1lnterna- tional Club, 31 Legislature, 3. JAMES COYLE 959 Webster St., Auburndale Jeep Advice to sophomores: Stay out of trouble Future plans: Navy I A1 Hockey Team, M.l.T. ALYCE CRADDOCK 114 Sargent St., Newton Chief failing: Talking too much Emporium, Pa.: II1 New England Baptist Hospital. PATRICIA JOAN CRANE Q59 Jackson St., Newton Centre Pat, Patty Favorite pastime: Insane parties Ambition: To own an interior decorating shop on Sth Avenue Weeks- I, Boston University1 Camera Club, 11 Drama Club Workshop, 2, 31 Glee Club, 1, 2, 31 Rally Committee, 31 Senior Play Properties Committee1 Newtonian Advertising Staff1 Tri-Hy-V1 Honor Roll, Q1 Scenery Committee, Drama Club Play. DAVID CRAVATTS 184 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Movies and plays Ambition: To become a director Chief failing: Mathematics Day1 I B1 lthaca1 Motion Picture Squad, 1, Q1 Neophytes, 11 Stage Crew, 11 Drama Club, 2, 31 Publicity Committee, Drama Club Play, Q1 Music Club, 31 Cavalry Club, 31 Newtonian Representative, 1. JOAN CREVIER I 48 Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre SSI? Future plans: To work in South America Weeks1 ll, Rollins1 Camera Club, 1, 91 Drama Workshop, 31 Girls' Gym Demon- stration, 91 Junior, and Senior Girls' Chorus, 2. R. RUSSELL CROCKER R 931 Langley Rd., Newton Centre USS Favorite pastime: Model building Chief failing: Math Interest special: Literature, Drama Weeks1 II1 Mass. Maritime Academy1 Camera Club, 1, 2, 31 Aviation Club, 1, Q 31 Home Room Manager, 11 Orange Shield, 21 Speaking Committee, Red Cross glood Drivef Motion Picture Squad, 1, DENNIS CRONIN, III 37 Oakland Ave., Auburndale Denny Future plans: Lawyer Warren: I: Boston College: Junior Varsity Football, 1. CAROL CROWE 242 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Mickey Suppressed desire: Dance with Fred Astaire Weeks: ll: Academy Modern: Personal- ity Club, 1, Q: Drama Workshop, Q. ELEANOR CRUMP Q33 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Marty Ambition: Nursing , Advicie to sophomores: Don t give up the s iD Sacred Heart High: I: Boston University, School of Nursing: Girls' Chorus, 2, 31 Music Club, 9, 3. VINCENT J. CUCCHI 33 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Favorite pastime: Mechanical work Advice to sophomores: "Don't do any- thing I vvouldn't do" Suppressed desire: Beautician Day: Business, IV: Junior Varsity Basket- ball: Motion Picture Squad. TONY CUNNINGHAM 41 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands Favorite pastime: Sleeping Chief failing: Math, biology Weeks: I: Orange Book, Literary Maga- zine, 2, 3: Orange Shield, 3. DOROTHY CURLEY Q74 Derby St., West Newton Dottie Favorite pastime: Modeling Ambition: Modeling and secretarial work Suppressed desire: Travel Pet quotation: "Gadds" Warren: ll: Secretarial School. 106 ROBERT CURLEY, III 71 West Pine St., Auburndale Bob Favorite pastime: Sports Advice to sophomores: Take part in many school activities lnterestspecial: Meteorology Warren, l: M.l.T.: Legislature, 1 3: Social Room Staff: Sophomore Dance Com- mittee, CONSTANCE PATRICIA CURTISS 36 Stony Brae Rd., Newton Highlands Connie Favorite pastime: Driving the car Ambition: To get all A's Advice to sophomores: Just 2 more years to go Chief failing: Report Cards Suppressed desire: To have lots of clothes Pet quotation: "Oh honestly!" Interestspecial: Music Weeks: I B: Colby, Bucknell: Girls' Chorus, 1, 3: Spanish Club, 3: Music Club, 3: Office Work, 3: Neophytes, 1: Candy Committee, 3. THERESA CURTIS 9 Cook St., Newton Highlands Terry Favorite pastime: Dancing, skating Weeks: IV B: Basketball, 2: Commercial Club: Softball, 3: Personality Club. JOAN CUTLER 74 Fountain St., West Newton Joanie Favorite pastime: Skiing Pet quotation: That's the cat's meow! Warren: I A: Wheaton, Mt. Holyoke, Carleton: Music Club, 1, 9, 3: Spanish Club, 9 3: Girls' Chorus, 1, 3: Reception- ist, 2: Girls Leader Corps, 1, 2, 3: Treas- urer, 1: Vice-President, 9: Junior Varsity Field Hocke , 1: Basketball, 1: Baseball, 1: Hockey 9: Tennis, Q: Varsity Hockey, 3: Tennis Team, 3: Newtonian Representa- tive, . VERGILLIO D'ANTONIO 61 Clark St., Newton Centre Gino, Fud Ambition: Be a ball player Weeks:ll: Springfield: Baseball Varsity, Basketball Junior Varsity, 1. DICK DARGAN 931 Washington St., Newtonville Chief failing: Math Day: I A: Harvard: Finance Board, 3: Newtonite, 9, 3: Legislature, Q, 3: Usher, graduation, 2: Usher, Junior Assemblies, CARMEN D'ATTILlO 112 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Advice to sophomores: "Do it now" Future plans: Electrical Maintenance Weeks, Electrical lll A. ANSEL DAVIS QB Lenox St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Doctor Chief failing: History Pet quotation: ' Practice what you preach Warren, l, Bowdoin, Aviation Club, Q, 3, Intramural Basketball, Q, Honor Roll, Q, Assistant Home Room Manager, 9. AMELIA DE FILIPPO FIA 92 John St., Newton Centre Fallbrite pastime: Knitting lnterest special: Skating, dancing Weeks, IV C. BARBARA DEPHOURE 33 Chapin Rd,, Newton Centre Babs Favorite pastime: Dancing Advice to sophomores: Beware! Chief failing: Homework Suppressed desire: Dancer Weeks, l, Goddard, Art Club, 1, Camera Club, 2, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Personality Club, 3, Music Club, 3. LOUIS DEL GIZZI 142 Linwood Ave., Newtonville D I Faiforite pastime: To walk with Rita Day, IV D. JEANNE DEL MASTRC 997 Beacon St., Newton Centre Jeannie Favorite pastime: Music Ambition: Social worker Advice to sophomores: "Grin and bear it" Weeks, Curr, I, Framingham, Music Club, Social Committee, Chorus, if fa. if 't y!, f 1 107 PAUL DE LUCA 161 Chapel St., Newton Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Musician lnterest special: Music ll, Glee Club, Orchestra. HENRY DE MICHELE 960 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Chick Future plans: Work Pet quotation: Scare Val Weeks, lll A. HOWARD DENTON 80 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Howie Advice to sophomores: Only two more years, "keep plugging" Chief failing: Women! Weeks, B, ll, Aviation Club, 1, S2, Camera Club, 1. THOMAS SIEGER DERR, JR. 260 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Tom Favorite pastime: Sailing Advice to sophomores: Take Curriculum Suppressed desire: To tell a joke in Mr. Holmes history class Warren, I A, Harvard, Neophytes 1, Debating Club, 1, 9, President, 3, Indoor Track Manager, 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track Manager, 1, SZ, 3, National Honor So- ciety, 9, 3, Business Manager, Newtonian, 3, Speakers' Bureau, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Harvest Dance Committee, 3, Legislature, Q, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Publications Board, 3, THOMAS DESMOND 110 Mill St., Newton Centre Dessy Ambition: Purchasing agent Chief failing: Snapping gum Pet quotation: T. B. or not T. B. Boston College High, l B, Cornell, Boys' Chorus, Football, Junior Varsity. ELEANOR DQSTEFANO 141 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Elly, El Favorite pastime: Sightseeing, travelling Chief failing: Getting up in the morning Pet quotation: Oh, honestly! Weeks, ll, Teachers' College or Newton Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Music Club 3, Spanish Club, 3, Camera Club, 9, blew- tonian Staff, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 9, 3, Literary Magazine, 3. CAROLE DeVEAU 104 Austin St., Newtonville Ambition: To be a dress designer Future plans: Commercial art Chieffailing: Latin lnterest special: Art Day, ll, American Academy of Dramatic Arts, Neophytes, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Work Shop, Pirates of Penzance, Candy Committee, Q, English Club, Music Club, Girls' Chorus, Honor Roll, 3. LOUISE DHIONIS 16 Broadway, Newtonville Lou Future plans: Artist or medical secretary Chief failing: Math Suppressed desire: No homework Pet quotation: "Darnl" Day, l, Boston University, Leader Corps, 1, Q, 3, President, Outing Club, 2, Alpha Beta, 1, Social Room, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Properties Committee for Senior Play. ANNA DiDONATO 41 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Ann, D Favorite pastime: Dancing Future plans: Office work Weeks, 4C. ELEANOR DiDUCA 67 Green St., Newton Elly, El Favorite pastime: Dancing Future plans: Secretary Day, IV B, Senior Play Candy Com- mittee. JOHN VOHAR 72 Floral St., Newton Highlands Jack Future plans: Marines, Art School Pet quotation: "That's best" Weeks, ll, Mass. School of Art. HELEN IRENE DOLIBER 46 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Dolly, Jimmy Ambition: To have a 48-hour day Pet quotation: "All the world's a stage" lnterest special: Stage in general Warren, ll, Boston University of Music, Maior in Music Education, Glee Club, 1, 3, Girls' Chorus, 2, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 9, National Honor So- ciety, Q, 3, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club, Q, 3, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club Play, 9, Senior Play, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, President, Drama Club, 3, Secretary, National Honor Society, 3, Secretary, Music Club, 3, President, Glee Club, 3, Legislature, 3, Publicity, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, Operetta, Q, Newtonian, 3. 108 JOAN DONOVAN 50 Beecher Pl., Newton Centre Joanie Favorite pastime: Reading Chief failing: Mathematics Weeks, lll B. FRANCES DORSEY 26 Shornecliffe Rd., Newton Fran, Frannie Future plans: Secretarial work Chief failing: Math Interest special: Music, books Bigelow, I, Fisher, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Glee Club 1, 9, 3, Pirates of Penzance, 9, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 2, Modern Dance, 3, Senior Play, Ticket Committee, 3, Building I Office, 3. DOROTHY DOUCETT 49 Bowers St., Newtonville Dotty Favorite pastime: Movies, riding Ambition: To own a horse ranch in Wyoming Advice to sophomores: "Study" Future plans: Work- bookkeeper Pet quotation: "Oh fish" Day, IV C, Personality Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Literary Magazine, 1, 2. JOSEPH A. DOUGHERTY 309 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands Joe, Doc Advice to sophomores: Make a good first impression Future plans: College, Draft Interest special: Golf ' Weeks, l, Northeastern, Golf, 9, 3. JAMES DOYLE J. 12 Floral St., Newton Highlands FutLlf'l'e plans: U. S. Marines Pet quotation: "Hi neighbor" Weeks, IV, Hunting and Fishing Club. JOAN DROOKER S 1 5 Clements Rd., Newton Smoky Favorite pastime: Dancing, eating Advice to sophomores: Study! Chief failing: Clothes Weeks, l A,Colby, Bard, Music Club, Q, 3, Neophytes, English Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3. DOROTHY DUFFY 11 Hallron Rd., Newton Lower Falls Duff, Dottie Favorite pastime: Dancing Chieflailing: School Pet quotation: "Terrific" lnterest special: Music Warren, ll, Colby Junior or Lasell Junior College, Girls' Chorus, Drama Club Work Shop. DOUGLAS DUFF 119 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Dull, Doug Favorite pastime: Talking Pet quotation: Hi, neighborl! Day, I, University of Maine, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Legislature, Home Room Manager, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee, 2. DOROTHEA DIFFENDERFER 98 Glenwood Ave,, Newton Centre Dottie Advice to sophomores: Keep hoping, only two more years Mount St. Joseph Academy, l, Lasell Junior College, Outing Club, 9, Basket- ball, 9, Softball, 9, Drama Work Shop, 3. BETTY DUFFY 1096 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Ambition: Teaching,travelling Pet quotation: "That's marvelous" Interest special: Music Weeks, l A, Framingham Teachers' Col- lege, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Drama Work Shop, Q, Music Club, 9, 3, Candy Committee, Senior Play, 3, Neo- DhYtes, 1, Carnival of Fun, Ticket Com- mittee. BETTY DUNCAN 16 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Betts Suppressed desire: To sing and play on the radio lnterestspecial: David Upper Darby Jr., Pa., I A, Wheaton, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1, Leader Corps, 3, Accomnanist for Zimbler Quartet, 3, Graduatian Exercises. ALBERT F. DUNCANSON 327 Cherry St., West Newton Dunclcy, Deuce Ambition: Automobile mechanic Pet quotation: "Two heads are better than wfiin, in A. DONALD DUNCKLEE 91 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Dunk, Don Favorite pastime: Athletics Future plans: U. S. Navy lor two ears Weeks, l B, Undecided, Radio Club, 3. SHIRLEY EBEL 1026 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Shirl Future plans: Stenography Pet quotation: Believe not what you hear, and only one-half what you see WC2kSi IV Bi Commercial Club, 3, Swimming, 3. NANCY JACKSON EDWARDS 70 Bowen St., Newton Centre Nance, Nan Advice to sophomores: Cheer up! You have only Q more years to go! Future plans: College Weeks, l A, Lasell or Boston University, Rally Committee, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 2, 3,Camera Club, 1,Music Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Scenery Committee, Drama Club Play, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, Home Room Manager, 9, Assistant Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 9. DAN EGAN Dan Favorite pastime: Day dreaming Advice to sophomores: Become iuniors Weeks, ll, Legislature, 9, Assistant Legis- lature, 3. 1535 Beacon St., Waban RICHARD B. EGAN 536 Walnut St., Newtonville Dick Pet quotation: What's new? Day, l A, Northeastern or Harvard, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, Legislature, Bowling. ELEANOR EGIZI EH. 405 Langley Rd., Newton Centre I FutiTre plans: Work, marry Pet quotation: Live and let live! Weeks, IV B, Archery. JOHN ELLSWORTH 56 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Advice to sophomores: Abandon hope all ye who enter these portals Future plans: College Weeks, ll, Preparatory School, Meteor- ology Club. JUDITH ESKIN 19 Stuart St., Newton Centre Buz, Buzzy, Judy Advice to sophomores: Don't let the studying get you down Weeks, I A, Smith, English Club, 3, Music Club, 1, 3, Spanish Club, 2, Gym Demonstration, 2, Girls' Chorus, 3, New- tonite Business Staff, 3, Tennis Tournament, 5, Assistant Legislature, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 2, BARBARA ESTY 927 Dedham St., Newton Centre Babs Future plans: Marriage Interest special: Hunting for a house Weeks, IV, Commercial, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. PAUL EWER 52 Kelveden Rd., Waban Lefty Warren, ll, University of Mass., Meteor- ology Club. DAVID EYCLESHYMER Ik 46 Central Ave., Newtonville Fairorite pastime: Sports in general Future plans: College Pet quotation: "Get on the ball" Day, College, Northeastern, Meteor- ology Club. JOAN FANDREY 17 Johnson Pl., Auburndale Joan, Joanie Future plans: Secretary Warren, IV Commercial, Business School, Personality Club, Girls' Chorus. BARBARA FARICELLI Babs, Barbie Future plans: Secretary Chief failing: Food Weeks, IV C. RICHARD S. FARR 69 Park Lane, Newton Centre Dick Future plans: College Weeks, ll, Camera Club, 3. CHARLES C. FARRELL 2061 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Chuck U Pet quotation: "Down the hatch Warren, IV, Lowell Textile. STEVE FEMINO 618 Centre St., Newton Hermit Advice to sophomores: Keep away from the office Future plans: Navy Salem High, ll. NELA FERGUSON Q1 Park Pl., Newtonville Fergie, Ferg, Shin Advice to sophomores: Stay out of trouble! Future plans: Work CI guessl H Pet quotation: "You've been noticed! Day, I, Spanish Club, Aviation Club. SYLVIA FERGUSON 937 Park St., Newton Susie, Syl Advice to sophomores: Cheer up, kids! Weeks, ll, Wheaton, Illinois, Music Club, Glee Club, Public Speaking . ANTHONY FERLAZZO 27 Wade St., Newton Highlands Tony Future plans: Bookkeeper Pet quotation: Curiosity killed a cat Weeks, lV A. HERBERT GERALD FERRAN . 1174 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Herb Future plans: Post Office employee Weeks, l B, Football Manager. DONALD RICHARD FINBERG 20 Evelyn Rd., Waban Fin, Finny. Mouse Pet quotation: If at First you don't succeed, give UD Warren, l A, Yale, Williams, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, Vice-President, De- bating Club, 1, 9, 3, International Club, Q, 3, Secretary, Treasurer, Newtonian, Na- tional Honorsociety Q, 3, Vice-President, Orange Shield, 2, Drama Club Play, 9, Drama Club Executive Committee, Senior Play Committee, Senior Play, Legislature, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Basketball Tournament, 1, 2, Newtonian, 3, yygngotte Exchange Student, Honor Roll, MARILYN LEE FEIN 7 Windermere Rd., Auburndale Maggi, Maril Suppgessed desire: To achieve that "savoir dll' e Warren, l A, University of Wisconsin, English Club, 3, Drama Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising, 3, Legislature, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Drama Work Shop, 9, Music Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. WAYNE W. FINEGAR BAM 1 Walnut Ter., Newtonville I Favorite pastime: Sleep Chief failing: Sleep Woodbridge High, Woodbridge, N. J., I, Bates, Math Club, Q, 3, German Club, 2, Future Teachers, 3, Debating Club, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 3, Usher, Senior Play. BERNICE FINGERMAN 42 Brentwood Ave., Newton Centre Bernie, Butch Ambition: To knit argyles Girls' Latin School, Boston, Mass., l A, Wellesley, Music Club, Q, Debating Club, 9, 3, Latin Club, 2, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Drama Club, 3, Math Club, 3, Secretary, 3, Field Hockey, 2, Modern Dance Group, 9, 3, Girls' Gym Demonstration, 2, 3, Activi- ties Editor, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Hal- lowe'en Dance Committee, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Usher, Parents' Nght, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Emerson ollege Poetry Society Meeting, 2, Wyandotte ExchangeAStudent. I' W if , ,J 5 ,, 4 tg- ? i. in ' I 'I' ' J: . 4- .. i ' qw , wig, i' I r.-Q. -1: f . ,K ai A BARBARA FINKELSTEIN 597 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Barb Advice to sophomores: Make the most of Newton High Pet quotation: Oh, crumb! Weeks, IV B, Music Club, 1, Q, Junior E3iHs'9Chorus, Christmas Vespers, 2, Honor o , . JOYCE FINKELSTEIN 14 Nobscot Rd., Newton Centre Joycie f Ambition: To succeed Pet quotation: "Hold the line a sec" Weeks, I, Wheaton, Colby, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 9, Stage Work Shop, 9, Secretary, nglish Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Costume and Scenery Committee, Senior Play. ROBERT FINNIN 63 Bow Rd., Newton Centre Bob Future plans: College or army Pet quotation: Drop dead! Boston College High, Il, l, Boston Col- lege or Holy Cross, Math Club, 3. SEYMOUR FISHMAN 55 Algonquin Rd, Chestnut Hill Nate Future plans: College or U,S.N. Pet quotation: "You can't take it with you" Brookline High, ll, Boston University, Varsity Football, 3, Intermediate Baseball, 9, Hockey, 3. FRANCIS E. FITZGERALD F 1321 Beacon St., Waban it Advice to sophomores: Don't smoke Future plans: U. S, Marines Q Saacred Heart, ll, M,l.T., Honor Roll, 1, WILLIAM FITZGERALD 19 Marlboro St., Newton Corner Bill, Fitzy Advice to sophomores: Don't ask seniors for advice Pet quotation: "What do YOU want, a medal? Bigelow, l, Bowdoin. R. JOHN FITZPATRICK F 64 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre itz Y Advice to sophomores: Don't get caught!!! Weeks, ll, M,l.T., Football Varsity, 9, 3. WILLIAM DAVID FITZPATRICK 64 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre Billy Interest special: Baseball Weeks, Il, Undecided, Football Varsity, 2, 3, Hockey Varsity, 1, Q, 3, Baseball Varsity, 1, Q, 3, Qnd Vice-President, 3, Anti-Smoking, 3, Legislature, 3, Varsity Club, Q, 3, Executive Council, 3, Safety Council, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3. DORIS FLAGG 50 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Dodie Advice to sophomores: Stick out the three years Future plans: Business School Pet quotation: "Nifty" Warren, IV B, Personality Club, Music Club, Softball, Basketball, Bowling, NANCY FLAYDERMAN 911 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Nan Advice to sophomores: Be brave Pet quotation: "Time will tell" Day, ll, Boston University, College of Music or New England Conservatory of Music, Glee Club, 1, 3, Junior-Senior Chorus, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Music Club Social Committee, 3, Home Room Manager, 9, Newtonite Advertising Staff, 3, Literary Magazine Sales, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. JOAN FLYNN 10 Raymond Pl., West Newton Joanie Advice to sophomores: Cheer up, kids Future plans: Go to work Warren, College, Personality Club, 1, Negvtonian Advertising Stall, 3, Archery, CARL FOGELGREN 78 Boyd St., Newton Fogie Future plans: Work or college Bigelow, Electrical, lll A, Home Room Manager,3, Legislature, 1, National Honor Society, 2, Member, Senior Executive Board. 9 WILLIAM FREDERICK FOLEY Bull 63 Newell Rd., Auburndale Plmbitions Singer Interest special: Hockey Warren, ll, College, Varsity Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus, 3. WILLIAM FORAN 18 Myrtle St., West Newton Bill, Will Advice to sophomores: First Bus Home Club Warren, ll, Boston College, Orange Shield, 2, Ski Team, Q, 3, Legislature, 2, 3, Football Manager, 1. ALICE LOUISE FOSTER 39 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Aly Ambition: Medical Secretary Weeks, I, Westbrook Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Lea er Corps, 2, 3, Gym Demonstration Q, Athletic Banquet, 2, Girls' Chorus, 2, Social Hos- tess, 3, Newtonian Prophecy Committee, 3, Music Club, 3. EDWIN ELLIOT FRAKTMAN 11 Read Ct., Newton Centre Frak Favorite pastime: Dancing English High, I A, Springfield, Varsity Club, Q, 3, Football, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Baseball, 2, 3. THEODORE FRIEDRICKS 9 Bertrand Rd., Auburndale Pet quotation: Nothing like food to kill the appetite Warren, I, Penn State, Neophytes, 1, Newtonite, 3,Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, 2. EUGENE FORD FREDEY 737 Chestnut St., Waban Bonnie Ambition: Doctor Interest special: Dramatics Weeks, I, Boston College, Neezghytes, President, Drama Club, 2, 3, range Shield, 3, Neophytes Play, Senior Play, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, Executive Council, Drama Board, Q, 3, Chairman, 3. RICHARD B. FREDEY 737 Chestnut St., Waban Dick Advice to sophomores: Tis but a short time Future plans: Navy Warren, lll B, Outdoor Track, 1, 9, Boys' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, lntermediate Foot, ball, 9. JEAN ELIZABETH FREEMAN 541 Ward St., Newton Centre Jeannie Advice to sophomores: Play it cool! Weeks, ll, Junior College, Stage Work Shop, 9, 3, Legislature, Q, Assistant Legis- lature, 9, 3, Camera Club, 1, Anti-Smok- ing Committee, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Scenery Committee, Drama Club Play, Q, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3. PHYLLIS FREEMAN H 99 Russell Rd., West Newton o Advice to sophomores: Beware of seniors Belmont High, ll, General, Newton- Wellesley Hospital, Chorus, Q, 3. GRETCHEN S. FRIEND 29 Chamberlain Rd., Newton Twinie, Gretch Advice to sophomores: Act grown up Bigelow, ll, Westbrook Junior College, Newtonian Advertising Statf, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Glee Club, 1, Ticket Committee, Pirates of Penzance, 2. SUSAN C. FRIEND QQ Chamberlain Rd., Newton Sue, Susie, Twin Advice to sophomores: Try to become a senior Bigelow, ll, Westbrook Junior College, Glee Club, 1, 2, Music Club, 1, 3, New- tonian Advertising Staff, 2, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Ticket Committee, Pirates of Penzance, Q, Alternate Legisla- ture, 3. NORMAN CARLSON FURBUSH 77 Davis Ave., West Newton Fuzzy, Crazy Legs Advice to sophomores: "Fight for your rights" Warren, ll, Southern Methodist, 1st Vice-President, Senior Class, Boys' Chorus, 1, Q, President, 3, Varsit Club, 2, 3, ln- termediate Football, 1, Captain, Football Varsity, 2, 3, Basketball Junior Varsity, 1, Basketball Varsity, 9, 3, Baseball Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate Baseball, 2, Golf Varsity, 1, Track Varsity, 9, Orange gliield, 2, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, 2, IOLA GADSDEN I I I Q1 Gerard Ct., West Newton oa, Warren, lll B, Salesmanship School, Personality Club, Economic Club, 3, Swimming, Baseball. JOSEPH LEO GAGNON 95 Green St., Newton Joe Favorite pastime: Collecting coins Future plans: Mass. College of Pharmacy Day, ll, Mass. College of Pharmacy. GERALD GALLAGHER 441 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Jerry Interest special: Scouts Day, III A, Electrical JEANNE GAW 49 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Jeanie Advice tc sophomores: Keep the school jumping Warren, Il, Colby Junior or Modine, Music Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Senior Play, 9, 3, Candy Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Drama Club Work Shop, 2, Neophytes, 2. MURIEL ELIZABETH GEBHARDT S4 Adella Ave., West Newton Meg Ambition: Dress designer Future plans: College Warren, l A, r.rt Club, 1, 9, 3, Legisla- ture, 1, Sophomore-Junior Girls' Chorus, 9, Office Assistant, 9, Alpha Beta, 1,Stage Work Shop, 9, 3, Senior Play Committee, Modern Dancing, 9. BARBARA JOANNE GEE 14 Maple Ave., Newton Barb Advice to sophomores: Throw away your yo-yo's and grow up!!! Bigelow, l A, Jackson, Girls' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 1, Neophytes 1, Drama Club Work Shop, 9, Music Club, 9, Social Room Hostess, 3, Honor Roll, 1, SZ. LOUIS WILLIAM GENERAZIO 19 Elliot Ter., Newton Upper Falls Lou, Louie Advice to sophomores: Flunk early and avoid the rush Weeks, Business IV D, Business School, lndoor Track, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, Varsity Club, Q, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 3. MADELINE ANN GEMMA 8 Morgan PI., Newton Teddy Future plans: Work in an office lnterest special: Writing to a pen-pal in France Day, IV C. FRANCES GENTILE 67 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Frannie, Fran Pet quotation: Ol l could have died laughing! Day, ll, College, New England Con- servatory of Music, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 9, 3, Rally Committee, Q, 3, Get Together Sophomores, 1, Newtonite Busi- ness Staff, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, Q, Sophoz more Chorus, 1, JuniorASenior Girls Chorus, 3, Usher, The Pirates of Penzance: Candy Committee, Senior Play, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3, l-lonor Roll, 1, Q. CATHERINE J. GERACI 82 Oakdale Rd., Newton Centre Caddy, Kay I Ambition: Secretarial job Pet quotation: Really! Weeks, IV B, l B, Spanish Club, 2, Commercial Club, 3, Building ll Orfice, 9, JEAN TERESA GERRAUGHTY 50 Dalby St., Newton Advice to sophomores: "Patience is a Virtue" Future plans: Nursing Day, ll, Newton-Wellesley Hospital. KATHERINE ROSS GEYER 103 Court St., Newtonville Kay Kathy Ambition: Secretary Advice to sophomores: Chins up, you'll make it! Warren, IV B, Personality Club, 3, Building ll Office, 9, Commercial Club, 3. CHARLES AUGUSTINE GILDAY 74 Gardner St., Newton Charlie Bigelow, l A, Boston College, lnterna- tional Club, Q, Home Room Manager, Q. PATRICIA GLYNN 12 Upham St., West Newton Pat, Patsy, Patty Future plans: Academy of Modern Suppresied desire: To be skinny, like a t. W:1ilin,Commercial, IV B,Camera Club, 1, President, Personality Club, 3, Executive Committee, Stage Work Shop, 3, Outing Club, 3, Senior Play, Ticket Committee, 3, Tennis, 1, Personality Club, 3. DOROTHY ANN M. GOODRICH Q05 Crafts St., Newtonville Dot, Green Eyes Advice to sophomores: Grin and try to bear it! Future plans: Academy of Modern ' Day, ll, Personality Club, 1, 9, Girls Chorus, Q, Basketball, 1, 9, Swimming, 1, 2, Modern Dance, 1, Q, Camera Club, Q, Secretary, Q, Art Club, 1. EDITH M. GOODWIN 60 Cook St., Newton Highlands Edie, Scotty, Cousin Ambition: Interior Decorator Pet quotation: You're kidding me Weeks, lV C, Work, Commercial Club, Q. SOPHIE GOOTOS 804 Boylston St,, Newton Highlands So, Soph Advice to sophomores: Chins up Future plans: Marriage Weeks, ll, lll B, Work, Personality Club, 3, Home Economic Club, 3, MAX GORDON 511 Ward St., Newton Centre Future plans: Maritime service Pet quotation: Nuts Solomon Lewenberg, lll A, Machine. PAULA PHYLLIS GORDON 511 Ward St., Newton Centre Paul Future plans: College Interest special: Politics Weeks, l B, ll, Newtonite Business Staff, 4, Camera Club, 2, Home Room Manager, 2, Legislature Alternate, 3, Basketball, Manager, 2, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4. CHRISTOPHER MORRILL GREENE 300 Highland St:, West Newton Chris Future plans: Architecture Pet quotation: He who flings dirt loses ground Warren, I, Brown, Newtonite, 2, 3, Editor-in-chief, 3, Newtonian Circ. Editor, 3, Orange Book, Editor-in-chief, 2, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, National Honor Society, 2 3, Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee, 3, Publications Board, 2, 3, Chair- man, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonian Reo- resentative, 2, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, Wyan- dotte Exchange Student. WILLIAM J. GREEN 119 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Curly, Nails, Jim Pet quotation: Be a good kid Weeks, lll A, ll, Northeastern, Camera Club, Meteorology Club, Radio Club. RYNA GREENBAUM R 57 Gralynn Rd., Newton Centre Szgpressed desire: Cut my hair Weeks, ll, Colby Junior College, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, English Club, 3, Business Staff, Newtonite, 3. HERMINE GREENFIELD 14 Exmoor Rd., Newton Centre Herm, Genius Chief failing: A bad temper Weeks, I A, Michigan, Cornell, Neo- phytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, 2, French Club, 2 3, English Club, 3, New- tonite, 2 3, Correspondence Editor, 2, Features Editor, Radio Editor, 3. SAUL GREENSTEM 37 Newtonville Ave., Newton Favorite pastime: Piano Future plans: Medical College Cambridge High, l, Harvard. ig l E 7' .:-. M 115 DONALD CHARLES GREENWOOD D 66 Highland Ave., Newtonville TI oDay, lV A, Radio Club, 1,Camera Club, 1, Alternate Legislature, 1, 2. ROBERT GREGORY 42 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Bobby Pet quotation: "Live and let live" Weeks, ll, Art College. KEN GRINSPOON K 45 Morseland Ave., Newton Centre en Pet quotation: Live fast die young Weeks, ll, Malboro, Stage Crew. JOAN FRANCES GROCCIA 119 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Groch, Joanie Future plans: Actress Weeks, ll, Mass. School of Art: Neo- phytes, 1, Art Club, 1, 3, Newtonian Representative, 1, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Drama Club, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 2, 3, Social Room Board, 3, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, 3, Prompter, Senior Play. BARBARA LOUISE GROSS 46 Westchester Rd., Newton B. G., Barb Chief failing: Procrastination Bigelow, l, Wellesley, Glen Club, 1, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Neophytes, 1, Debating Club, 2, Treasurer, 3, Tusitala, 2, Secretary, 3, "Pirates of Penzance," 2, Newtonian Circulating Staff, 3, Newtonite, 2, Copy Editor, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Literary Magazine, 3, Legis- lature, 2, 3. ERLEEN FRANCES GUZZI G 71 Auburndale Ave., West Newton uz Advice to sophomores: l-lave fun kids Warren, ll, Framingham State Teachers' College, Drama Club Work Shop, 1, Music Club, 1, 2, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Newtonian Staff, 2, Modern Dancing, 1, Legislature, 1. FRANCES GUZZI 90 Webster St., West Newton Jake, Frank Warren, Il, Boston University. JOAN HAAS J 40 Washington St., Newton 0 Future plans: Teaching Chief failing: Short memory Bigelow, II, Framingham Teachers' Col- lege, Art Club, 1, 9, Glee Club, 1, Q, Music Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Newton- ian Advertising Staff, 3, Tennis, 9, 3i English Club, 3, Future Teachers Club, 3. ETHEL RUTH HALFREY 70 Faxon St., Newton Day, IV B, Girls' Leader Corps, 9, 3, Varsity Softball, 1, Q, Personality Club, 1. EDWIN HALLET 1419 Washington St., West Newton Eddie Future plans: U. S. Navy Pet quotation: Know thyself Warren, Radio, lll A 3, Radio Club. DOROTHY FRANCES HALLORAN 78 Waverley Ave., Newton Dot, Lefty Suppressed desire: To be a singer Pet quotation: Oh, NO! Presentation High, l A, Simmons, Girls' Chorus, 1, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, French Club, Q, Tennis, 9, 3, English Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Future Teachers ol America, 3, Legislature, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Buildingl Office Work, 9, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3. NORMA MAE HAMILTON 152 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Normie, Norm, Future plans: Work Weeks, IV, Secretarial School, Com- mercial Club, 9, 3. SETRAG HANOIAN S 10 Merrifield Ave., Watertown El Future plans: Ownha good garage Pet quotation: Don t do me any favors East Jr. High, Watertown, Automobile, Ill A. JOHN E. HANSON 6 Paul St., Newton Centre Jack, Farmer Pet quotation: ls that right! Roberts Junior High, Ill A 3, New- tonian, Newtonite, FRANCES CLAIRE HARDY 4 Breamore Rd., Newton Fran, Frannie Interest special: Music Bigelow, I A, Boston University, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, French Club, 2, 3, Debating Club, 3, Property Committee, Senior Play. HERBERT N. HARDY 111 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville 'flerb Day, ll. MATTIE-LOU HARE 34 Highland Ave., Newtonville Mattie, Lou Ambition: Nurse or dental hygienist Advice to sophomores: Keep your chin up Day, ll, Girls' Chorus, Q, Music Club, 2, Orange Shield, Q, 3, English Club 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Rally Com- mittee, Q. MARION HARGEDON Q36 Cherry St., West Newton Finnegan Chief failing: Talking Warren, IV C, Executive Council, 3, Legislature, 2, Newtonite Business StaFf, 1, Q, 3, Building ll Office, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, 3, Personality Club, 1, Q, 3, Commercial Club, 3, Library Club, 3, Music Club, 3. MARY ADEL HARMON 15 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Warren, I, Kansas State, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Latin Club, 1, International Club, 3. SHEILA KAY HART 148 Bellevue St., Newton Chief failing: Procrastination Bigelow, I A, Swarthmore or Mt. Hol- yoke, Spanish Club, 9, 3, Music Club, Q, Camera Club, 1, Scenery Committee, Senior Play, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Advertising Stall, Newtonian, 3, Modern Dance, 2. JEAN HARVEY 115 Grasmere St., Newton Jeanie Favorite pastime: Being lazy Bigelow, ll: School of Nursing, Neo- phytes, 1, Drama Club Work Shop, Q. ANN-PRISCILLA HARWICH 377 Beacon St., Chestnut Hill Ann Advice to sophomores: "Early to rise and early to bed, Makes a man healthy, But socially dead!" Weeks, I, Bryn Mawr, Newtonian, Proof Editor, 3, Orange Book, Q, New- tonite, Editorial Editor, 9, Senior Play Committee, 3, Red Feather Speaker, 3, Legislature, 9, English Club, 2, 3, Program Chairman, 3, Drama Club, 3, Deutscher Verein, 1, Q, Neophytes, 1, Debating Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Senior Play, 3. ELIZABETH HATHEWAY L 195 Woodland Rd., Auburndale iz Advice to sophomores: Don't get excited! Pet quotation: The more I know human beings, the more I like dogs School in Germany, I, Boston University, International Club, Art Club, Badminton Modern Dance. WILLIAM HAUSER B H 41 Walden St., Newtonville i Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Architecture Irving Junior High, Los Angeles, Cal., ll, Northeastern, Junior Varsity Football, Track, Boys' Chorus, Glee Club, Mtv ,. . 1' f rf r it gl.- MARY PATRICIA HAVERTY 114 Tolman St., West Newton Pat, Patty Favorite pastime: Listening to records Suppressed desire: To be able to singl Pet quotation: Oh! RealIy?! Interest special: Art and music Warren I, Emmanuel or Boston Univer- sity, Art Club, 1, 2, 3, Newtonian, Art Staff, 3, Music Club, 1, English Club, 3. GEORGE HEAD 38 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Favorite pastime: Camping Ambition: Civil Engineer Suppressed desire: To play a harmonica Interest special: Scouting Weeks, I, M.l.T., Bowdoin or Colgate, Math Club, Track, Ski Team. RHODA HEARD 86 Upland Rd., Waban Rho, Rosie Suppressed desire: Travel Weeks, ll, Stephens, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Chorus, 1, Basketball, Q, Senior Play, Publicity Committee, Drama Work Shop, 3, MusicCIub, 3, Newtonian, 3. LYNN HECKMAN 15 Homestead St., Waban Chet Favorite pastime: Sports Interest special: Football and basketball Weeks, Il, Rhode Island State, Junior Varsity, Intermediate, Varsity Football, Aviation Club. LOIS HEILBRONNER Q1 Mason Rd., Newton Centre Lo Favorite pastime: Eating Ambition: Study in Europe Interest special: Music Weeks, I, Smith, Music Club, 1, 9, 3: English Club, Q, 3, Legislature, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Newtonian, 3, New- tonite Business Staff, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3. ANNABELLE HERRING 1175 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Anne Ambition: Private secretary Suppressed desire: Travel to all parts ol the world Weeks, IV B, Commercial Club, Softball, 1. BARBARA HETUE 856 Watertown St., West Newton Barb Ambition: Nursery school teacher Suppressed desire: Travel Northeastern Junior High, Somerville, Mass., I, Wheelock, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3. PIERRE RICHARD HICKEY 38 Llewellyn Rd., West Newton MARILYN HILL 157 Hicks St., West Newton Mari, Chubby Ambition: Dress Designer Future plans: Post-Graduate Course at Boston Trade Su pressed desire: To marry a musician Qffarren, II, Art, Alternate Legislature, 3. MARJORIE ANN HILL 97 Regent St., West Newton Margie Weeks, ll, Girls' Chorus, 3. PHILIP HILLIARD Fl' Q1 Floral St., Newton Highlands ID Favorite pastime: Drawing and ice skating Advice to sophomores: We all went through it and our motto-"Keep smiling" Future plans: Candy Maker-Part-time Artist Weeks, Ill B, Art Maior, Art Club. VERA HIMMELFARB 117 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Vicki Future plans: Goto college and teach Suppressed desire: Paint a masterpiece of modern art Pet cnuftationz "Variety is the Spice of I e Jeremiah E. Burke High, I, Bridgewater State Teachers' College, Music Club, 9, Science Club, 9, Modern Dancing, SZ, Future Teachers, 3, Music Club, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 3. NANCY HOCKRIDGE 39 Duncklee St., Newton Highlands Shortie Suppressed desire: To be lean and lanky Weeks, Il, Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Music Club, 3, Office Work, 3, Modern Dance Group, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, Q. ROBERT HODDER 149 Warren St., Newton Centre Bob Favorite pastime: Work at soda fountain Weeks, l A, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 3. RICHARD W. HOLIHAN DA k 192 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale FilFure plans: Aeronautical College Warren, lll A, Auto. MARTHA HOLDEN 94 Fredana Rd., Waban Marty Pet quotation: "Are you there" i Warren, l, ll, Emerson, Neophytes, Girls Chorus, Drama Club. MARGARET HOUGH 379 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Pee, Pesev Favorite pastime: Bowling, skating Day, IV, Drama Work Shop, Girls' Chorus, Music Club. MARY LOUISE HOUGH 574 Linwood Ave., Newtonville JANET HOUSE 55 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Jannie Advice to sophomores: Have school spirit! Suppressed desire: To be an actress Day, I, ll, University of Kentucky, Home Room Manager, 1, Newtonian, 1, Literary Ma azine, 1, Puppeteers, 9, Camera Club, 9, Grange Shield, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Camera Club, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3. DUDLEY HOVEY 11 Fairfield St, Newtonville Dud Favorite pastime: Baseball Advice to sophomores: Grin and bear it Suppressed desire: To play in an orchestra Interest special: Music fgeneralj Day: I A, Bowdoin, French Club, Camera Club, Home Room Manager, 9. DOUGLAS CARLTON HOWARD Q4 Leonard Ave., Newtonville Doug, Howe Ambition: Graduate from college Suppressed desire: Play Varsity Iootball Interest special: Automobile Shady Side Academy, ll, Meteorology glub, 3, Radio Club, 3, International Club, DONALD HOXSIE 93 Hancock St., Auburndale I'Iox, Don Favorite Dastime: Swimming Pet quotation: Keep smilin' Interest special: Music 9 Wellesley, l, Wesleyan, Aviation Club, EDMOND J. HOY, JR. 997 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Ed, Eddie Favorite pastime: Swimming Ambition: Lawyer Interest special: Music Weeks, ll, Orange Shield, 1, Legisla- ture, 9, 3, Track, Q. JAMES E. HOY 297 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Jimmy, Jim Ambition: Lawyer Weeks, ll, Boston University, Varsity Track, Q, 3. ifQfF'f'EW. Y. ,',,::w ., ri 3 X - is if 9' ff 1 W: sa rf is ' REM, 5 9 MURIEL CECILE HUBBERT 47 Arapahoe Rd., West Newton Moo Favorite pastime: "Shmoo" parties Ambition: To get a seat in Brigham's Pet quotation: "Got a clue" Warren, I A, Colby Junior College, Girls' Chorus, 1, Neophytes, 1, Leader Corps, 1, 9, 3, Legislature, 3, English Club, 3, Tri-Hi, Treasurer, Q, 3, Copy Editor, Newtonian, Publicity Committee, Hal- lowe'en Dance, Senior Play Committee, gocial Room Hostess, 3, Modern Dancing, MARIE HUME Q1 Florence St., Newton Centre Merz, Re Future plans: Work Suppressed desire: Singer and piano player Interest special: Piano Weeks: IV C. WILLIAM HUNT B H 1 Cartwright Rd, Wellesley l Advice to sophomores: Work hard and learn Interest special: My wife and daughter Wellesley Senior High, Auto Ill A. ROBERT LAWRENCE HURLEY 56 Davis Ave., West Newton Bob Ambition: Artist Warren, ll, Radio Club, Secretary, 1. RICHARD MAURICE HUTCHINS 346 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale I-lutch Ambition: Go into ArmY Suppeessed desire: To live in New York 't Warkgn, I, University of Massachusetts, Band, 1, 9, 3, Puppeteers, 3, International Club, 3. OLGA IAFRATE Q78 Watertown St., Newton Olly Favorite pastime: Sewing Suppressed desire: Play the piano Interest special: Foreign languages Day, ll, Drama Work Shop, 3, Tri-I-lYi Basketball, 9, Chorus, 1, Newtonian, 3. JAMES INGERSOLL 40 Newtonville Ave., Newton Jim Favorite pastime: Sports Interest special: Animals Girard, ll. PHILIP INGWERSEN 47 Palmer Rd., Waban Buzz Weeks, I, M.l.T., Aviation Club, 1, 9, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, Math Club, 3, Legislag ture Alternate, 2, Home Room Manager, 3: Orange Shield, 3, I-li-Y, 3. WALTER H. IRVINE 40 Orchard Ave., West Newton Wally, Walt Ambition: Doctor Future plans: Own a Cadillac convertible Suppressed desire: To pass U. S. histofv Warren, I A, Dartmouth, Brown, Aviation Club, Ski Team, Senior Play, Legislature, Science Club, Orange Shield. GRETA JACOBS 59 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Midgie Favorite pastime: Horseback riding Chief failing: Cooking Suppressed desire: To climb a totem-pole San Ramon High, Calif, I, U.C.L,A., Stage Work Shop, Drama Club. VIVES JENKINS Q46 Cherry St., West Newton Chicken, Jenkins Future plans: Business School and work Pet quotation: "Gizmo" Warren, IV, Drama Work Shop, 3, Out- ing Club, Q. ROBERT PROUTY JOHNSTON, JR. 198 Walnut St., Newtonville Bobby, Bob Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Chemical Engineer Interest special: Swimming Day, I B, Ohio State University, Intrae mural Basketball, 1, Hi-Y Club, 9, 3, Inter- mediate Baseball, Q, Varsity Basketball, 3. sd? .. r 190 FRANCES EMMA JONAH 353 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Franny, Breezy, Skinny Favorite pastime: Dreaming Future plans: Nursing Suppressed desire: To be an actress Pet quotation: I-luhl You, dreamer you! Day, II, Lasell Junior, N. E. Baptist Hospital, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Q, 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, Chorus, 1, Q, Glee Club, 3, Basketball, 1, Easebgll, 1, Cafeteria Seller, Q, 3, Honor o , . JUDITH JONES 272 Highland Ave., West Newton Judy Favorite pastime: Cooking Advice to sophomores: Work hard Chief failing: Being too frank Interest special: That's a secret Warren, I, lI,Stanford University,Sopho- more Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Music Club, 9, Legis- lature Representative, 3, Spanish Club, 3, French Club, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Modern Dance Group, Honor Roll, Q. PAULINE JONES 11 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Polly, Jonesy Advice to sophomores: Just two more years Future plans: Work in a department store Sup ressed desire: To make hats Xiarren, Ill B, Business. WALDO B. JONES G- 19 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands 'S Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Coaching Future plans: Service Weeks, IV A, Business, Boston Univer- sity, Baseball, Q, 3, Football, 3. CHARLES WALLACE JORDAN, JR. 30 Gammons Rd., Waban Wally, Wall Favorite pastime: Baseball, golf Chief failing: Waiting to do two weeks' homework assignment in one night Interest special: Golf, piano Warren, I, Harvard, Neophytes, 1, Latin Club, 1, French Club, Q, 3, Camera Club, 3. MERRILL H. KABLER 97 Langdon St., Newton Mel Favorite pastime: Bowling Ambition: Doctor Suppressed desire: All "A"s Bigelow, I, Tufts, Band, Orchestra, Science Club, Vice-President: Drama Club, Music Club, Drama Club Play. EDWARD W. KAPPLAIN Ed 47 Rokeby Rd., Waban Tilton Preparatory, ll. JOAN ELLEN KEARNEY 269 Webster St., Auburndale Jonie, Peanuts Favorite pastime: Waiting for the week- ends Future plans: Medical secretary Suppfssed desire: To always be taller t an i " Ed e Warren, II, Lasell Junior or Fisher, Modern Dance 1, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Archery, 1,CSolf,9,Tri-Hi-Y,Personality glub, 1, Gym Demonstration, 2, Basketball, JOAN MARIE KEATING R d Q1 Littlefield Rd., Newton Centre e Favorite pastime: Bowling Ambition: Secretary Pet quotation: "It's a panic" Mary E. Curley, lll C, Commercial. JOHN KEHOE 130 Lake St., Newton Centre JOHN HENRY KELSO 37 Stearns St., Newton Centre Jack Ambition: Writer Suppressed desire: To be a musician lnterest special: Music Cambridge Latin, I, Brown, Band, Music Club. ROBERT FRANCIS KENNA 150 River St., West Newton Bob, Lefty Future plans: College or Armed Forces QU. S. Navyl lnterest special: Sports Warren, lV A, l B, Business, Bentley or Northeastern or join U. S. Navy, Junior Varsity Baseball, Basketball. as? FRANCIS DAVID KENNEALY 19 West St., Newton Franie Day, IV A, Bentley, Aviation Club, 1, 9, Radio Club, 3, Orange Shield, SZ, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Junior Varsity Basket- ball, Junior Varsity Football. THOMAS FRANCIS KENNEY Q1 Elliot Ter., Newton Upper Falls Tom, T. K. Ambition: To be a worthy citizen Chief failing: Bashfulness lnterest special: Golf Weeks, ll, Boston College or George- town, Home Room Manager, 1, Varsity Football, 1, 9, Anti-Smoking Committee, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 9, Captain, 3, Work Shop in Leadership and Community Life, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1. JOSEPH PAUL KEOHANE J 'IQ Acacia Ave., Chestnut Hill oe Favorite pastime: Hunting and fishing Ambition: Go into business 9 Weeks, ll, Boston College, Radio Club, DOROTHY ANN KERIVAN 959 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Dot, Dottie Advice to sophomores: Don't ask for directions, you'll get there faster Future plans: Nursing, Newton-Wellesley Hospital Suppressed desire: To see a smoking room at N. H. S. for students Weeks, ll, Baseball 1, Basketball, 1,Dra- ma Work Shop, 3, Executive Committee, Outing Club, 3, Personality Club, 3, Treasurer, Latin Club, 1. ANNE LOUISE KERMATH 900 Islington Rd., Auburndale Advice to sophomores: Enjoy your youth Future plans: Univ. of Michigan. Chief failing: Devil Dogs lnterest special: Piano Warren, l, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Secre- tary, Data Editor, Newtonian, Chorus, 1, 2, Neophytes, Finance Committee, Alpha Beta, Home Room Manager, 1, Assistant, Q, Drama Work Shop, 2, 3, Music Club, English Club, Senior Play, Tri-Hi-Y, Graduation, Modern Dance. JANET KERRIGAN 33 Janet Rd., Newton Centre Jan lnterestspecial: Sailing Weeks, ll, Barrat College, Ill., Modern Dancin , 1, Tennis, 1, Q, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Drama Work Shop, Q, 3, Rally Committee, Golf, 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Legislature, 3. PHILIP M. KERRIVAN PHI 15 Clarendon St., Newtonville 1 Suppressed desire: To travel Pet quotation: Never a dull moment! Day, I B, Boston College, French Club. RICHARD ANTHONY KIELY 28 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Dick, Hoss Future plans: College, Service Weeks, I, Basketball Manager, 1, Junior Varsity Football, 1. RUSSELL F. KING 465 Auburn St., Auburndale Russ Favorite pastime: Hunting Future plans: Marines Valley Forge Military Academy, IV A, Home Room Manager, 2, Legislature, Q, 3, Intermediate Football, 2. RITA MARIE KIRBY 58 Newell Rd., Auburndale Favorite pastime: Reading Ambition: Doctor or teacher Interest special: Swimming Warren, I A, Regis, Leader Corps, 1, Q, 3, Latin Club, 1, 9, English Club, 3, Archery, 2, Badminton, Q, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Candy Committee, Senior Play, 3, Outing Club, 2, 3, Personality Club, 1, Advertising Stall, Newtonian, Future Teachers of America, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Tennis, 9, Social Room I-lostess. DONALD THEODORE KOCH 114 Beaumont Ave., Nevvtonville Don Advice to sophomores: Flunk early and avoid the rush Future plans: Mechanical Engineer Day, I, Stevens Institute ol Technology, Legislature Alternate, Q, Drama Club, 3. PAUL KOHLER 100 West Plain St., Cochituate Otto Future plans: Live to a ripe old age Pet quotation: Don't feel bad, l'm in the same boat Wayland High, Ill A, Auto. ' if fi, 'A idx' my ii A ,tat - , H , 1- A QQ BEVERLY KUPERSMITH 54 Avondale Rd., Newton Centre Bev, Coopie Ambition: Teaching Future plans: College Suppgessed desire: To sleep late on week ays Weeks, Il, Orange Shield, Alpha Beta, English Club, Music Club. JOHN MELKOM KURKJIAN 1691 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Russian Favorite pastime: Model airplanes Ambition: Doctor Suppressed desire: To Find out Mr. Packard's middle name Warren, I, Tufts, Legislature, Aviation Club, Chemistry Club, Ticket Committee of Dances. JOE LANDRY 30 Beech St., Newton Joe Favorite pastime: Dancing Ambition: Mechanic Future plans: Join the service Suppressed desire: Graduate this year Day, IV D. MURIEL LANDY 45 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Mimi, Mur Ambition: Be a designer Suppressed desire: Travel Interest special: Horseback riding Weeks: ll, Brandeis, Univ. of Vermont, Art Club, 1, Music Club, 1, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonite, Business Stall, 3, Costume Committee, Senior Play, 3. SHIRLEY MARIE LANDRY 40 Lincoln Rd., Newton Favorite pastime: Going to movies and plays Future plans: Airlines reservations agent Interest special: Music Day, Il, Aviation Training School, Candy Committee, Senior Play, 3. DOROTHY LANE 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Doko Advice to sophomores: Make your studies count!! Study hardl Interest special: Sports Warren, ll, Junior College, Girls' Leader Corps, Modern Dancing, 2, Bad- minton, 2, Softball, 9, 3, Hockey, 3, Gym Demonstration. KATHARINE LANE 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Keiko, Kex Favorite pastime: Traveling Future plans: Nursing in Japan, social worker Sup ressed desire: Get all A'sl Vgarren, ll, Junlor College, Girls' Leader Corps, Badminton, 9, Softball, 9, 3, Hockey,3, Gym Demonstration. MARY LANE Sally Warren, l, Regis, Music Club, 1, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Assistant Home Room Mana- er, Q, Rally Committee, 2, Stage Work Shop, Q, Representative, Legislature, 3: Hallowe'en Dance Committee, 3, Harvest Dance Committee, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. 95 Ferncroft Rd., Waban JOHN FRANCIS LARSON 99 White Pine Rd., Newton Upper Falls Johnny, Lars Favorite pastime: Sports Future plans: Navy, work Weeks, lll B, Radio Club. 1. ROBERT LOUGHLIN 647 Main St., Watertown Jake Future plans: navy St. Patrick s, lll A, Electrical. DOROTHY ANN LAWN D 9 Arundel Ter., Newton ot fY Favorite pastime: Day dreaming Ambition: Write Suppressed desire: Be able to dance lnterest special: Music and drama Weeks, ll, Lasell Junior, Music Club, Orange Shield. ROBERT LAWN - 12 Maguire'Ct., Newton Lawnie Future plans: Service Weeks, lll B. 193 SALVATORE LECHIARO 75 Oak Ave., West Newton ARTHUR LEE A 190 Crescent St., Auburndale fl Future plans: Go in business Pet quotation: Move it or lose it Warren, Ill A, Auto. CARMELA LEONE 67 Green St., Newton Cam, Carmie Future plans: Secretary Su pressed desire: See the world Day, IV, Senior Play Candy Committee, Building ll Office. FRANK LEONE 158 Adams St., Newton Nunz Advice to sophomores: Courage Future plans: Electrical work Day,lll A, Electrical. LAURENCE LEONE 88 Chapel St., Nonantum Larry, Lela Day, lV A, Junior Varsity Basketball, Baseball. MAURICE F. LESSES L 33 Hancock Ave., Newton Centre lrRErest special: Politics Weeks, l, Harvard, Junior VarsitY Manager, Latin Club, 1, Debating Club, Math Club, 2, 3, Orange Shield, New- tonian, 3. STEVE LEVENSOHN 865 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Steve, Big One Suppressed desire: To sleepthrough a class Bigelow, I A, Boston University, Avia- tion Club, 3, International Club, 3, In- termediate Football, Q, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, Junior Varsity Tennis, 9. CLYDE LEWIS 197 Blake St., Newtonville Louie Day, I, Dartmouth, Chemistry Club, Harvest Dance Committee, Hockey. JOAN LEWIS 73 St. Mary's St., Newton Lower Falls Joanie Favoiite pastime: Trying to become intel- CC tual Interest special: Musical comedies Warren, I B, Tufts, Orange Shield, 3, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, Z Personality Club, 1, Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus, 9, 3, Newtonian Home Room Representative, 1, Newtonian Advertising Staff, District Manager, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Senior Play Props Committee,3, PHYLLIS MARY LEWIS Ph H 468 Waltham St., West Newton Y Warren, I, Colby, Music Club, 1, 9, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Art Club, 1, Stage Work Shop, Q, 3, Vice-President, Q, Build- ing I Office, 1, 2, Modern Dance, Q, 3, Carnival of Fun, 9, Newtonite Business Staff, Q, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, Scenery Committee, Drama Club Play, Q, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, Chemistry Club, Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Rally Committee, EARL ROBERT LIEBERG 33 Princess Rd., West Newton Bob Warren, l, Engineering College, Camera Club. ANN CHARLOTTE LOEB 21 Sheldon Rd., Newton Centre Chief failing: Not getting up on time Interest special: Swimming Weeks, I, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Drama Work Shop, 1, Q, Necphytes, 1, Basketball, 1, French Club, 3, Newtonite Business Stall, 3. ,Y ,Min x-nf. 124 DIANE HATHAWAY LORD 11A Washington St., Newton Favorite pastime: Baseball games Advice to sophomores: Keep looking for the elevator Bigelow, l, Boston University, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 9, 3, Debating Club 3 LILLIAN JANET LORD 377 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Janie Favorite pastime: Painting old Furniture and trays Future plans: Nursing Suppressed desire: To travel Day, II, Art Club, 1, 9, 3, Science Club, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, School Publication, 1, Q, 3, Science Fair, Q, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, Building I Office, 1, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Girls' Tennis Team, 1, Harvest Dance Committee. SARAH ANN LORD 40 Bemis St., Newtonville Sally Interest special: Politics and baseball CBravesl Day, I, Radcliffe, Debating Club, 1, 3, Music Club, 3, Alpha Beta, French Club, Q, 3, Treasurer, Q, Vice-President, 3, Out- ing Club, 2, Home Room Manager, 9, Properties Committee, Senior Play, Social Room Hostess, P. T. A, Gym Demonstra- tion, Q. JOHN LUCIER 103 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Highlands King, Cactus Pete Advice to sophomores: Keep up the good school spirit Weeks, I A, Harvard, President, Sopho- more and Junior Classes, President, Asso- ciates, Varsity Football, 1, National Honor Society, Conservation of Property and Lile Committee, Boys' State, 1948, Math Club, Football Dance Committee, Legislature, 1, 9, Orange Shield, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee. JUDITH NANCY LUPI 500 Ward St., Newton Centre Judy Ambition: Nursing Future plans: Secretarial work Weeks, IV B. YVONNE LUTHY Q0 Stony Brae Rd., Newton Highlands Vonnie Advice to sophomores: Take it easy! Weeks, I, Mt. Holyoke, Cornell, Necphytes, 1, Drama Club, English Club, Girls' Chorus, 1, Properties Committee, Drama Club Play, 2, Tennis, 1, Q, P, T. A. Gym Demonstration, 9, Literary Magazine Committee, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Newtonian Stall, Orange Shield, Wyandotte Exchange Student, Christmas Assembly, 9, 3. PHYLLIS MARIE LYDON ph I Q2 Greenwood St,, Newton Centre Y Future plans: Medical secretary Suppressed desire: To pass chemistry Weeks, ll, Mary Brooks Junior College, Camera Club, Drama Club Work Shop, Basketball, 3, Modern Dance, 3. LOUISE LYNCH Lou Bigelow, l, Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 2, Legislature, SZ, Drama Work Shop, 9, Social Room Hostess, 3, President, Spanish Club, 3, 96 Lewis St., Newton PAUL LYNCH 70 Moffat Rd, Waban Warren, ll, TOM LYNDON 27 Crystal St., Newton Centre Southerner Advice to sophomores: Respect all seniors Weeks, l A, Harvard or Univ. of Ten- nessee, Social Room, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Intramural Basketball, Q, 3. DEBORAH NOEL LYONS 94 Central St., Auburndale Debbie, Deb Ambition: See the world Warren, l, College, Drama Work Shop, Gym Demonstration, Girls'Chorus. RUTH JEAN LYONS 118 Galen Ave., Newton Centre Jean Suppressed desire: To be petite Interest special: Dancing music Brookline High, l, Pembroke, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Newtonite, 2, 3, Future Teachers, 3, English Club, 3,Cavalry Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3. LOUISE WOODBURY MacGlLL 35 Langdon St., Newton Louie, Lou Ambition: To travel Suppressed desire: To own a ranch in Wyoming Bigelow, l, Middlebury, Orange Shield, 3, French Club, Q, 3, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Neophytes, 1, Sophomore Girls' Glee Club, Modern Dance, Q, 3, P. T. A. Gym Demonstration, Q, Archery, 1. ALAYNE HELEN MlcINTOSH 57 Woodbine St., Auburndale Mac Favorite pastime: Knitting Suppressed desire: To get to C3315 on time interest special: Swimming Weeks, l, Neophytes, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Camera Club. Q, Spanish Club, Q, 3, Drama Club, 3. BARBARA ANN MacKlNNON 15 Charles St., Newton Highlands Barb, Mac Favorite pastime: Knitting Suppressed desire: To travel Interest special: Tap dancing Weeks, ll, Academie Moderne, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 1, Avia- tion Club, 3, Camera Club, 3. CHARLES MICLELLAN 330 Lexington St., Auburndale Mac, Chas St. Mary's, Waltham, lV A. MARY JOANNE MlcLELLAN 330 Lexington St., Auburndale Favorite pastime: Picking nailpolish off Ambition: Secretary Suppressed desire: Designer Cclothesi Warren, Business. JEAN MARION MQCMILLAN 3 Ridgway Ter., Newton Highlands Jeannie, Goldie Favorite Fastime: Dramatics Chiexarungz Getting to school at 8:9915 Weeiksii li Mt. Holyoke, Home Room Manager, 1, Neophytes, 1, National Honor Society, Q 3, Spanish Club, 9, Drama Club, 2, 3, Lnglish Club, 3, Aim. nate Legislature, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Wyandotte Exchange Student. LILLIAN ALBERTA MacMILLAN 'IQ Daniel St., Newton Centre Mac, Lil Ambition: To get my license Pet Quotation: "Where is he?" W2CkSi Ili Sargent, Glee Club, 'l, Q, Chorus, 3, Softball, 1, Basketball, 'l, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Camera Club, 'li Office, Q, 3. NANCY LEE MACMILLAN 98 Fenno Rd., Newton Centre Ambition: To get my driver's license some- time! Advice to sophomores: I-lave three won- derful years Pet quotation: "lsn't he cute!" Weeks, I, Wellesley, Senior Play, 3, Drama Club, Q, Secretary, 3, English Club, 3, News Editor, Newtonite, Q, Newtonian, 3, Drama Club Play, Q, Tennis, 'I, Girls' Chorus, 'l, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Office Work, 3. JUDITH CORINNE MADDEN 320 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Keenie Pet Quotation: "mmm-hmmm" Warren: I A, I, Vesper George School of Art or Boston University, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 'l, 2, Honor Roll, 3, Glee Club, 'l, Q, Girls' Chorus, 3, Literary Magazine, 3. JOAN MAHONEY 51 Noble St., West Newton Joanie Suppressed desire: To be 91 and married Warren, Il, Boston University or Garland School, Neophvtesi Music Club, Camera Club, Junior-Senior Chorus, Glee Club, Seniorfiinging Assembly Committee, Senior Play Candy Committee. MAUREEN LOUISE MAHONEY 84 College Rd., Chestnut l-lill Moe Weeks, ll, Regis, Boston Teachers' Col- lege, Alpha Beta, 1, Tennis, 1, Drama Work Shop Club, 3, Usher, Parent's Day, 'l. MARGARET MALDONIAN 18 Cheney St., Newton Upper Falls Margie Advice to sophomores: Keep cool Weeks, IV C. dfxjy 'M ,J?f'.. ROBERT MALTON 'I6 Stiles Ter., Newton Centre Bob Weeks, I, Boston University, Cornell, Glee Club, Newtonite, Boys' Chorus, Camera Club, Aviation Club, Musical Comedy, Sports, Ski Club. JULIA MAMISHIAN J I, 39 Champa St., Newton Upper Falls u ie Weeks, Ill B, Wilfred Academy, Music Club, Chorus. BARBARA MANDELSTAM Q1 Overlook Pk., Newton Centre Barbie, Mandy Suppressed desire: To lose my freckles Weeks, ll, Westbrook Junior College, Music Club, 'l, 9, 3, English Club, 3, Orange Book, Newtonian Representative, Q, Neophytes, Girls' Chorus, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3. MARGARET MANNETTE 47 Princess Rd., West Newton Peggy, Red Warren, IV B, Tennis, Personality Club, Girls' Outing Club. BEATRIX MANNING 70 Dalby St., Newton GENE MARGARET MANNING R b 'I7 Jerome Ave., West Newton e Advice to sophomores: Never go to the 4th Floor, Building ll Warren, IV B, Committee, Literary Magazine. 7 GORDON E. MARQUIS 79 Ridge Rd., Waban Gordie, Miler Warren, l B, Dartmouth or Middlebury, Track, 9, 3, Social Room Host Harvest Dance Committee, International Cllub. VIRGINIA MARSHALL 119 Norwood Ave., Newtonville Ginny, Gin Advice to sophomores: Don't be dis- couraged Braintree High, lV B, Personality Club, 1, Cafeteria, 1. BENJAMIN MARTIN B 33 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands en Weeks, l, Science, Harvard or M.l.T., Math Club, 2, 3, Vice-President, 3, German Club, Q, Chemistry Club, 3, Orange Shield, SZ, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Assistant Legislator, 3, Varsity Hockey Manager, 3, CORINNE MARTIN 170 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Connie, Agnes, Rene Advice to sophomores: Work hard and aim high Weeks, lV B C, Commercial Club, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Planning Committee, Commercial Club. GERALD MARTIN 965 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Jerry Advice to sophomores: lt only takes three years Future plans: Marry and own business Weeks, Ill A, Auto. JANET MARTIN J 109 Atwood Ave., Newtonville an Suppressed desire: To be healthy, wealthy, and wise Day, l A, Wells, English Club, 9, 3, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Rally Committee 3, Social Room Hostess, Tennis, Modern Dance, Home Room Manager, 2, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus. 7 LESLIE KENDALL MARTIN L 11 Maple Ave., Newton es Suppressed desire: To be Commander-in- Chief of Navy l, Boston University, Football, 3, Base- ball, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, English Club, 4, Science Club, 3. MARILYN MARTIN 54 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Marty Weeks, ll, Boston University, Oran e Shield, English Club, Music Club, GirTs' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Tennis Team, 9, Football Dance Committee. MARY ANN MAYER S4 33 Parsons St., West Newton is Day, lV B, Regis, Personality Club, 1, Q, 3, President, 1, International Club, 1, Camera Club, 3. RUTH McCANDLESS 90 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill Mac Needham, ll, The Fay School, Candy Committee. BARBARA JEAN McCLINTOCK 175 Auburn St., Auburndale Barb, Barbie Advice to sophomores: Show respect for Upper Classmenl Suppressed desire: To talk after 8:30 bell Warren, ll, Univ. of Massachusetts, Green Mountain Junior, Chorus, 1, 3, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Work Sho , 9, Alternate Legislature, 1, 9, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3, Business Staff, Newtonian, 3. JEAN McDONALD 127 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Jeannie, Mac Weeks, l, Colby Junior, Simmons, Rally Committee, Q, 3, Music Club, 9, 3, Stage Work Shop, 9, Outing Club, 2, Girls' Chorus, 3. K1 JOHN KENNETH MACDONALD 960 Beacon St., Newton Centre Jackie, Mac Advice to sophomores: Don't let your work get ahead of you. Stay with it Weeks, I B, Univ. of Massachusetts, Senior Play Committee, Legislature. RICHARD MCELROY 34 Hilltop St., Newton Mc Bigelow, I, Middlebury or Colby, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Varsity Basketball, 9, Chem- istry Club, 3. VIRGINIA M:GLYNN 1401 Washington St., West Newton Ginny Advice to sophomores: Keep a-going Warren, IV C, Commercial. GRETCHEN McGOWAN 19 Rowe St., Auburndale Warren, ll, Mass. General Hospital, Orchestra, 1, Q, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Music Club, Q. PAUL McGRATH 88 Ripley St., Newton Centre Advice to sophomores: Learn how to study Future plans: Electrical work Sacred Heart School, lll A, Electrical. PAUL MCINTOSH 53 Churchill St., Newtonville Mack Ambition: Naval olficer Day, ll, U. S. Maritime Academy. 4 N' if M51 J i st. .. 35 1, a Q .I. .J s.. , Q . GY . 128 JEANNE McMANUS 149 Waverley Ave., Newton Shorty Bigelow, ll, Airline School, Neophytes, Personality Club. MARGARET McNIEL 66 Eddy St., West Newton Maggie Chief failing: Dreaming in the sun Brookline High, l B. ESTHER MEADER 34 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Es, Esty Day, ll, Chorus. JOHN P. MELANSON 10 Columbus Pl., West Newton Mel, Skins Warren, IV, Business. CLAIRE MELIA 59 Bowers St., Newtonville Claire Future plans: Business school, then secre- tary 1 gay, IV B, Tennis, 3, Personality Club, RUTH MELIA 59 Bowers St., Newtonville Ruthie Future plans: Business school Day, IV B, Personality Club, 1, 3, Com- mercial Club. BEATRIZ MENDEZ 600 Beacon St., Newton Centre Betty Favorite pastime: Movies Ambition: Live happily ever after Advice to sophomores: No advice Future plans: Office work Suppressed desire: Play guitar IV B: Spanish Club. TERESA ANN MENDOLIA 48 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Terry, Ti, Tessie Weeks: ll: Sophomore Girls' Chorus: Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, Q, 3: Music Club: Personality Club. ELMER MERCER Q5 Highland Ave., Newtonville BuddY Future plans: Navy Day: IV: Camera Club: Legislature. MARY ANN MERRILL 53 Richardson St., Newton Future plans: Office work Bigelow: IV B, IV C, Business: Personal- ity Club, 1: Girls' Chorus, Q: Typing for School: Music Club: Neophytes. JANET ALTHEA MILLER 53 Gardner St., Newton Sunshine, Jan Bigelow: ll: Phoenix: Neophytes: 1: Modern Dance, 1, 3: Glee Club, 1, 9, 3: Legislature, Q: Honor Roll, Y. MARY MILLER 7 Tamworth Rd., Waban Future plans: College Wilson I-ligh, St. Paul, Minn.: l: Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus, Q: Newtonite, Q: Tri-Hi, Q, 3: French Club, 3: Chemistry Club, 3: Drama Worlc Shop, 3: Scenery Committee, Senior Play, 3: Activities Com- mittee, Newtonian, 3: Honor Roll, 2, 3. W SB - t, :af 'Q ' ti ii' J, so f N ,, ,i , :IT f5:1:e1iEl7f:f i " 5 1' -1 :ai iiifll . ' . ,J-z5:2'ffll'.: : r . .Z f . Ji,- 3' , - E:,:.5:g , 1Eiv:g BONNIE MILNE Q0 Manchester Pd., Newton Highlands B olllfeelcs: ll: Centenary School or Green Mountain Junior: Senior Play Candy Committee, 3: Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3: Tennis, 1: Drama Club Work Shop, 3: Camera Club, 1. ELLIOTT MISHARA 158 Cotton St., Newton Centre Ell Weelrs: I: Science Club, 3: Math Club, 3: Debating Club, 3: Camera Club, 9: Music Club, Q: Newtonian, 2, 3. NANCY MITCHELL 997 Webster St., Auburndale Mitch Interest special: Merchandising Warren: ll: Lasell Junior, Fisher or Chamberlin: Modern Dance, 1 , 3: Personal- ity Club, 1: Girls' Chorus, 1, SZ, 3. PATRICIA MONAHAN Q24 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Pat Weeks: I: Tufts or Immanuel: Archery, 1, 9, 3: Badminton, 1: Latin Club, Q, 3: Per- sonality Club, Q. DONALD MOODY 73 Davis Ave., West Newton Monlc Warren: ll: Bridgewater: Aviation Club, 1: Orange Shield, 9: Motion Picture Squad, 2. JAMES NORMAN A. MOOTREY,JR. F 56 Rangley Rd., West Newton r'i 'East Boston High: ll. ELLIS WILLIAM MOORE 955 Tremont St,, Newton Skip Mellon Junior High, Pa., l, Tufts, Inter- mediate Football, Q, Legislature, 9, Spanish Club, 3i Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3. LUCILLE MOORE L 67 Chester St., Newton Highlands U Weeks, IV, Business, Girls' Chorus, 1. MARGERY MOORE 60 Pembroke St., Newton Gery, Moorzey Ambition: Contemporary Artist Bigelow, l, Colby Junior College or Mass, School ol Art, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Art Club, Q, Newtonian Art Editor, Home Room Manager, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 2, Zimbler Publicity Committee, Hockey, '1, Basketball, 1, Girls' Track, 2, Hallowe en Publicity Committee, 3, Glee Club, 1, Q, Band, 1, 2, Sophomore Dance Committee, 1, Lawrence Band Festival, Q, Newton p0D5i Orange Book Art Editor, Honor Roll, 2. JANET MORENCY 69 Otis St., Newtonville Binks, Jan Favorite pastime: Dancing Day, ll, Garland School, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Music Club, 1, 2. BETTY MORGAN 46 Devonshire Rd., Waban Betty, Windy Warren, ll, Sargent, Girls' LeaderCorps, WILLIAM EUGENE MORGAN 144 River St., West Newton Bill, Austin Future plans: Goto work Warren, IV A. O RICHARD GORDON MORLEY 47 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Dick, Mo Day, I, Tufts, Spanish Club, Intramural Basketball. ANN MORRILL 515 Crafts St., West Newton "Annie, Get Your Gun" Advice to sophomores: "Time waits for no one Interest special: "That Certain Party" Day, l, ll, Univ. of Mass. or William Jewel, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Neophytes, 1, Assistant Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Outing Club, Q, 3, Legislature, Q, Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus, 2, 3, Executive Council, Drama Work Shop, 3, Properties Committee, Senior Play, 3, Prompter, Senior Play, 3, Advertising Staff, Newton- ian, 3, Orange Book, Q, Orange Shield, 2, 3,RallYCommittee,1. PRISCILLA MORSE 20 Old Farm Rd., Newton Centre Pris Pussy Weeks, ll, Briercliff, Drama Club, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Gym Demonstration, 2, Christmas Vespers, Q. VIRGINIA R. MUGFORD 295 Parker St., Newton Centre Ginny Ambition: To be a R. N. Future plans: Nursing Weeks, ll, Camera Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3. PRISCILLA MOUGO 46 Eddy St., West Newton Prilla, Pussy, Pris Favorite pastime: Swimming Ambition: To become a nurse Interest special: Music Day, ll, Newton-Wellesley Hospital Nursing School, Glee Club, 9, 3, Music Club, Q. DONALD MUIRHEAD 34 Winthrop St., West Newton Density, Don Warren, l A, Williams, Music Club, 3, Camera Club, 1, 9, Track, Hallowe'en Dance Committee, Committee, Senior Singing. PATRICIA ANNE MULLAHY 43 Union St., Newton Centre Patty Ambition: To be a buyer Weeks, ll, IV. POLLY SANGER MUNROE 50 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls Pol Warren, ll, Edgewood Park Junior Col- lege, Art Club, 1, Outing Club, Q, Execu- tive Committee, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Library Club, 3, Science Club, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Scenery Committee, Senior Play, 3, Archery, 3, Badminton, 2. CHARLES WILLIAM MURPHY 36 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Charlie, Chuck Interest special: Army Football Weeks, I, West Point, Legislature, Avia- tion Club, Science Club, Dance Com- mittee, Newtonian, Camera Club, Literary Magazine Committee. CONSTANCE VIRGINIA MURPHY 73 Dedham St., Newton Centre Connie, Murph Weeks, I, Cavalry Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Harvest Dance Committee, 3, Legisla- ture, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, New- tonian Staff, 3. EILEEN FRANCES MURPHY 3 Walnut Ter., Newtonville Murph Day, ll, Perry Normal, Lesley School, Outing Club, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Softball, 1, 9, Swimming, 1, Bowling, 1, World as a Community, Volleyball, 1, Badminton, 1. .II 'U i Y MARY r. MURPHY 467 California St., Newtonville Ma Ambition: Private secretary S. P. S. Lowell, IV B, Stage Work Shop, Newtonite Staff, Basketball. il' 37' 'r F i it 55 2 PS x K H .. N,,f,,,,a ' S 55" ' -- A Ni fs' - .... my A F1 s J E I Ye .i .i 7.x - I PATRICIA MURPHY 198 River St., West Newton Pat, Patty, Murph Warren, IV, Personality Club, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, Music Club. PAULA MURPHY 14 Samoset Rd., Waban Polly, Murph Future plans: College Warren, I, Middlebury or Centenary Junior, Aviation Club, Music Club, Q, 3, Cavalry Club, Program Chairman, Senior Play Publicit Committee, Badminton, Q, Archery, Q, Gym Exhibition, 9, Basketball, 1. RICHARD MURPHY 30 Alexander Rd., Newton Highlands FRANK MUSINSKY . 8 Lancaster Rd., Newton Bigelow, I A, 4, Yale, Debating Club, 1, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Drama Club, Q, 3, Junior Varsity Tennis, 1, Intermediate Baseball, 2, Varsity Tennis 3, President, Music Club, 3, Chairman, Senior Play, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Member, New- tonian, 3, Tusitala, 3. GWENDOLYN ELEANOR NAGLE 59 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Gwen Weeks, IV A, Stage Work Shop, Basket- ball. ASSUNTA MARIE NURDINI 665 Centre St., Newton Suemarie, Sue, Susie Future plans: College V Suppressed desire: Singing Pet quotation: Oh, cruml Bigelow, I A, Home Room Manager, 3, Art Club, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, 3: N60- phytes, Girls' Chorus, Q, Debating Club, Q, Spanish Club, 9, 3, Drama Club, 9, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, Scenery Committee, Senior Play, Modern Dance GYOUD, 3: Basketball, 1, Saber Dance, 3, CavalfY Club, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, 3. RICHARD ALLAN NEITLICH 404 Ward St., Newton Centre Dick Favogtelpastime: Sports, particularly base- a Ambition: Chemical Engineer Weeks, l A, Yale, Orange Shield. BARBARA NELSON 48 Wild Rd, Weban CARL NELSON 11 Cumberland Rd., West Newton Nel, Sweed, Nellie Advice to sophomores: Respect your elders Suppressed desire: Learn how to operate Warren, ll, Nylen School Swedish Massage. ELSIE A. NELSON 1643 Washington St., West Newton Nellie, Blondie A Pet quotation: Wot happened baby? Kearny High, N. J., I, Colby or Mass. State College, Senior Girls' Glee Club, Library Club. .IULES BARNETT NELSON 69 Dickerman Pd., Newton Highlands Nels, Pete Boston Latin School, l B, ll, Boston Uni- versity or Univ. ol Iowa, Track, 9, 3, Foot- ball Manager, 1, 2, Baseball Score Board, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, Usher, Grad- uation, 9, Newtonite, 9, Editor, 3, Usher, Senior Play, 3. CAROL DOROTHY NESSON 1063 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Bambi Day, I, Wellesley or Swarthmore, Music Club, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Home Room Manager, Q, Outing Club, Q, Music Club, Q, National Honor Society, 9, Modern Dancing, Q, Honor Poll, Q, Rall Commit- tee, 3, Legislature, 3, Scenery Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Executive Committee, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonian Representa- tive, 3, National Honor Society, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, 132 NEIL WILLIAM NETTLETON B9 Ridge Rd., Waban Rover Boy Warren, ll, Oklahoma University, Usher Senior Play, 3. I ROBERT ALLEN NEWBEGIN 974 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Newby Weeks, ll. JOSEPH H. NEVICOMB 451 Lexington St., Auburndale Newltie Future plans: Electrical trade Warren, Ill A, Electrical. NANCY ANN NEWMAN 144 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Goobies Weeks, ll, Palm Beach Junior College, Costume Committee, Senior Play, Modern Dance, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, International Club, Legislature Assistant, 1. NANCY ANNE NICHOLS N 16 Cambria Rd., West Newton warren, IV B, Music Club, 1, Q, 3. C JANET L. NICKERSON 91 Maple Pk., Newton Centre Nick, Mickey, Jan Weeks, ll, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, Chorus, 1, Modern Dance, 1, Tennis, Q, 3, Basketball, 9, Music Club, 1. KATHERINE NICOLAZZO 7 Kilburn Rd,, West Newton Miki, Kay, Nicky Warren, IV, Katharine Gibbs, Personal- ity Club, Newtonite Business Staff, Stage Work Shop, Literary Magazine Represen- tative. FRANK NICOLAZZO 6 Gannon Ct., West Newton Nick Advice to sophomores: "You only have three years to go" Future plans: Go in the navy Warren, III A. MIRIAM JEAN NILSON 105 Annawan Rd., Waban Mimi Ambition: Secretary Weeks, IV A. ROBERT BURLINGAME NOBLE 381 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Bob Future plans: College Day, I A, Stage Crew, Junior Varsity BasebalI,1,lntermediate Baseball, Q, 3. CONSTANCE NOLEN 12 Marshfield Rd., Newton Centre Connie Future plans: Work Advice to sophomores: Stick to it Sacred Heart School, Ill B. DAVID NORTON 56 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Dave Favorite pastime: Football Ambition: To get to college Advice to sophomores: Grow up quick Chieflailing: Latin Suppressed desire: To get on the honor roll this year Interest special: Cars Cfixingj Weeks, I, Wesleyan. 133 ' PHILIP NANSEN NYREN 17 Charles River Ter., Newton Highlands Ph'I Favorite pastime: Hiking Advice to sophomores: Keep a good oflice record Future plans: Commercial Artist Chief failing: Getting dates Interest special: Sleep Q Weeks, ll, Mass, School of Art, Hockey, MARION O'BRIEN B Taft Ave., West Newton O'Bie Day, Il,Mass, General School of Nursing, Alpha Beta, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Outing Club, 9, 3, Vice-President, 9, President, 3, Cheerleader, 3, Personality Club, Vice-President, 3, Stage Work Shop, Secretary, 3, HaIIowe'en DanceCommittee, 3, Legislature, 3, Basketball, 1, Rally Com- mittee, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Gym Demonstration, 2, Music Club, Q. DOROTHY O'CALLAHAN 9 Alden St., Newton Centre Dotty Favorite pastime: Dancing Pet quotation: "Swell" Weeks, I, Rally Committee, 3, Cheer- leading, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Neophytes, Q, Modern Dancing, 1, 9, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1. EVELYN FAYE O'HAYRE 114 Windermere Rd., Auburndale Advice to sophomores: Have three won- derful years Warren, Il, Junior College or Nursing, Music Club, 3, Chorus, 1, Newtonian Advertising, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Drama Work Shop, 3, Office Assistant, 3, Gym Demonstration, 1, Q. THOMAS O'LEARY Q3 Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls Tom, Oke Favorite pastime: Eating Ambition: To make money Weeks, Il, Boston College of Business Administration. BERNICE ORLANSKY Q0 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Bunny Favorite pastime: Piano Ambition: Primary-grade teacher Suppressed desire: Actress Pet quotation: Jeepersl Weeks, I A, Perry or Wheelock, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 2, Assistant Home Room Manager, 1, Music Club, 1, 3, Camera Club, 2, Neophytes, 1, Future Teachers of America 3, Modern Dance, 1. 6 ,af ' 1 will JEREMY NORRIS O'ROAK 325 Woodward St., Waban Jerry Favorite pastime: Loafing Ambition, Hold public office Advice to sophomores: Get out, one way or the other Chief failing: Women Weeks, I, Harvard, Orange Shield, 1, Building ll Office, Q. DOROTHY ANNE PAOUETTE 45 Auburn St., West Newton Dottie St. Bernard's, West Newton, IV B, Per- sonalityClub,1,Aviation Club, 3, Archery, 1, 9, Swimming, 1, Bowling, 1. ESTELLE JANE PAIGE 1370 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Ambition: To be a doctor Future plans: Teaching Pet quotation: You're being facitious Interest special: Science Weeks, I, Middlebury or Bates, Band, 1, Q, 3, Secretary, Q, Band Planning Board, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Secretary,1 , Home Room Manager, 1, Newtonian Room Representative, 9, 3, Newtonian Advertis- ing Staff, 3, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 9, Science Club, 3, English Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Bowling Team, 1, Liter- ary Magazine, 3, High School Poetry Association, 9, 3. BARBARA JEAN PAINTON 47 Dolphin Rd., Newton Centre Barbie Favorite pastime: Sailing Ambition: Doctor Suppressed desire: Go hunting Interest special: Green eyes Weeks, l, Wellesley, Alpha'Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Sophomore Girls Chorus, Drama Club, Q, 3, Stage Work Shop, 9, Music Club, 3, Newtonite, Copy Editor, Q, English Club, 3, President, Newtonian Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, Q, Senior Play Committee, Social Room Hostess, Home Room Manager, 9, Assist- ant, 1, 3. GEORGE CLARK PALMER 43 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Pudge Favorite pastime: Sports Chief failing: English Day, I, Boston University, Junior Varsity Football, Intermediate Football, Junior Varsity Basketball, Intermediate Baseball, Varsity Baseball. NANCY PALMER 225 Varick Rd., Waban Nan Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: To be a doctor Chief failing: Temper lnterestspecial: Music, mostlyclassical Warren, l, Univ. of Vermont, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Varsity Field Hockey, 1, 3, Junior Varsity Hockey, Q, Basketball, 1, Baseball, Junior Varsity, 1, Tennis Varsity, 2, Archery, 1, Q, "Carnival of Fun," 21 Girls' Athletic Board, 3, Leader Corps, 3, Football Dance Committee, 3, National Honor Society 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Y, 3, Badminton, 3, Tennis, 3. LEO PAOLETTI 191 Hillside Ave., Needham Leo Needham Junior High, Ill A, Auto, National Honor Society. PATRICIA PARCHER 145 Fuller St., West Newton Patty, Parch Favorite pastime: Riding, swimming Chieffailing: Clothes Pet quotation: "Very well" Interest special: Horses Warren, I, Middlebury, Drama Work Shop, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Committee, Properties Committee, 3, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Anti-Smoking Committee, 2, 3, Football Dance Committee, 9, Legislative Alter- nate, Q, 3, Rally Committee, 2, 3, Modern Dance, 1, Junior Prom Committee, 9, Office Work, 3, Social Room Hostess, Q. ROBERT PARKER 91 Wyman St., Waban DOROTHY PARRITZ 93 Ashford Rd., Newton Centre Peanut Favorite pastime: Riding, sports Ambition: Become an actress Advice to sophomores: lt can't last for- ever Suppressed desire: To be fat Weeks, I, Conn. College for Women, Neophytes, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Drama Work Shop, SZ, Drama Club, 2, 3: English Club, 3, Newtonite Business StaFf, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Cavalr Club, 3, Music Club, 1, 3, Properties Committee, Senior Play, 3, Hockey Junior Varsity, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Gym Demonstration, Q. EDWARD PARSONS 17 Central Ave., Newtonville Eddie Favorite pastime: Sports Advice to sophomores: Make a lot of friends lnterestspecial: Art Day, ll, College, Dartmouth, Legislature, Boys' Chorus, Intermediate Football, 1, 9, Intermediate Hockey, 9, Varsity Hockey, 3. DAVID PATE 24 Albion St., Newton Centre Dave Favorite pastime: Music, horseback riding Chief failing: Problems of democracy Suppressed desire: Own my own car Interest special: Mechanical drawing Sacred Heart, Newton Centre, ll, MARY ANNETTE PAULINO Q4 Chapel St., Newton Mae Favorite pastime: Dancing and ice skating Ambition: Bookkeeber Advice to sophomores: It won't be long TIOVV Day, IV C. BETTY-MARIE PECK 385 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Betty Future plans: Interior Decoration Day, l, Garland School, Alpha Beta, 1, Stage Work Shop, 9, Glee Club, Outside Activities, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 9, New- tonian Art Staff, 3. ELEANOR PENNEY 'I1 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Ellie, Pennie Pet Quotation: "Life gits tee-jus" Warren, I, Mt. St. Clare, Iowa, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 1, Senior Play Committee, Future Teachers, 3, Junior-Senior Chorus, Q, 3, Legislature, Q, Literary Magazine, 1. FAITH PERCY 172 Harvard St., Newtonville Warren, Il, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, Cheer- leader, 1, Rally Committee, 1, Girls' lieader Corps, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, FRANCIS X. PENNY 175 Walnut St., Newtonville Penny Bigelow, lll A. JANE PERRY 584 Chestnut St., Waban Favorite pastime: Skating Ambition: To be a buyer Pet quotation: Better late than never Warren, ll, Chamberlain School of Merchandising, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Music Club, 1, Rally Committee, Q. it t I I? T2 I A 135 BRUCE A. PETERS 37 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Pete Favorite pastime: Sports Chief failing: Senior girls Cvvith a few exceptions, Day, IB, ll, Harvard or Williams, Camera Club, 3, Aviation Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Social Room, 3. DOROTHY PETERSON 45 Reservoir Ave., Chestnut Hill Dottie Favorite pastime: Writing letters Pet quotation: "Are you kidding" Gifford Senior High, Avon, Mass., ll, gflusic Appreciation, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, ROBERT VALENTINE PETTYS 19 Elmwood Pk., Newtonville Bob Day, I A, Le islature, 1, Honor Roll, 1: Legislature, 9, Orange Shield, 2, President, Science Club 9, Literary Magazine, 9, Junior Prom Dance Committee, 9, President, National Honor Society, 3, Captain, Orange Shield, 3, Chairman, Civics Board, 3, Chairman, Anti-Smoking Committee, 3, Co-chairman, Rally Committee, 3, Chair- man, Lunch Room, 3, Executive Council, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee, 3, New- tonian, 3, Literary Magazine, 3, WYGH- dotte Exchange Student. CHARLES J. PHANEUF, JR. 15 Roberts Ave., Newtonville Charlie l Advice to sophomores: Dont take any wooden nickels Boston Tech., Ill A, Radio, Mass. Radio School, The Newton School Hour, 1. SHIRLEY PLACE 60 Carlton Rd., Waban Shirl Favorite pastime: Listening to popular music Ambition: Goto California Advice to sophomores: Think before, not afterwards Chief failing: Mathematics Pet quotation: "Oh, my heavens" Warren, lI,Stephens, Penn HaIl,Modern Dance, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Anti-Smoking Committee, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Rep- resentative, Legislature, 3. JACQUELINE H. POISSON 97 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Jackie Favorite pastime: Knitting, dancing Ambition: To get married Chief failing: nglish I Pet quotation: "Heck' Day, Stenography, Cafeteria, Basketball NANCY POLLOCK Q7 Pigeon Hill Rd., Auburndale Nan, Nance Favorite pastime: Day-dreaming Advice to sophomores: Be glad you're a sophomore Chief failing: Sodas 'n sundaes Pet quotation: l'l'm crushedln Warren, ll, Boston University, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Junior-Senior Chorus, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Harvest Dance Com, mittee, 3. ZELMA JEAN PORTER Q7 Mason Rd., Newton Centre Mimi Favorite pastime: Eating Chief failing: Spelling Suppressed desire: To be able to carry a tune Weeks, l, Univ. of Michigan, Personality Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 2, 3, English Club, 2, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3, Modern Dance, 2, 3, Senior Play Costume Committee, 3, Newtonian Business Staff, 3. JANET BURGESS POWELL 106 Walnut St., Newtonville J Favorite pastime: Watching television Future plans: Missionary work Day, ll, Univ. of Kentucky,Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, English Club, 2, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Camera Club, 3. MARGARET MARY POWERS 396 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands P , M ' FLTSJTZ pladn2leStenographer Chief failing: School Suppressed defirgz: Travel ' : t Interest specia por s Weeks, lV B, Commercial Club, Basket- ball, 1, Badminton, 1, Softball, 1, 3. G. KENNETH PRENTISS 61 Davis Ave., West Newton Ken Favorite pastime: Eating Future plans: College, Army Chief failing: Blondes lnterest special: Photography Milton High, l, Camera Club, Treas- urer, 2, Movie Squad, Q, Camera Club, President, 3, Senior Play Usher, Hi-Y. RICHARD L. PRIESTLEY 9 Jaffrey Cir,, Waban Chief failing: Dancing lnterest special: Swimming Warren, ll, Northeastern, Orange Book, Music Club, Camera Club, Social Room Committee. FY' , , ag is M H in 6 JAMES QUEENAN 99 Devonshire Rd., Waban Jim, Queenie Chief failing: Bucky Walter's Math Weeks, l, Legislature, 1, Neophytes, Vice-President, 1, Social Studies Club, Social Room, Boys' Chorus. FRANK QUINN 46 Harding St., West Newton Favorite pastime: Piano Ambition: Industrial management Suppressed desire: All A's Day, I, Boston College, School of Business Administration, Music Club, Q, 3, Radio Club, 3. JANET LEE QUINN 11 Evelyn Rd., Waban Jan Weeks, l, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Camera Club, 1, Basketball, 1, Modern Dance, 2, Music Club, 9, Drama Work Shop, Q, Newtonite Business Staff, 9, Nature Club, Q, French Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Newtonite Busi- ?:essbSt5lff, 3, Copywriting Staff, 3, English u , . JUNE OUINN 62 Elm St., West Newton Warren, IV C, Business, Music Club 1, 2, Girls' Chorus, Outside Typing Cfor schoolb, Neophytes, 1 . LILLIAN RAINALDI 403 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Lizzy Favorite pastime: Dancing Ambition: Accordionist Future plans: Stenographer Interest special: Music Weeks, IV B. LYDIA REED Q01 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Peanut Future plans: Hair designer Chief failing: l'm too short! Warren, V C, Mansfield Beauty Acad- emy, Personality Club, 3, Music Club, Basketball, Swimming, 1. MARY LOU REES 46 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands rite astime: S orts Ijsrhcbiticrli To becorine a Commercial Artist Advice to sophomores: You have iust begun to Fight Weeks: l B: Mass. Art School: Newton- ian Art Stall, 3: OranS2 Sl1l2lCl: 9: 3i Aff Club, 2: Basketball, 9: GiflS Chorus, 'li 9: 3: Harvest Dance Committee 3: QMS? Work Shop, 2: "Carnival ol Fun , 2: Home Room Manager, 9: NCWIODUN Representative, 2. PATRICIA W. REGAN 1282 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Patti b . A Favorite pastime: Dancin5: SW"'l""f's Future plans: Stenosraibher Chief lailing: Sundaes Suppressed desire: To travel Interest special: Vacations and holidays Weeks: IV B: Basketball, 1: Field Hockey, 'li SwimminS: 'li Newtonian Representative, 1: Badminton, 3: Personal- ity Club, 3: Commercial Club, 3. RICHARD REGAN 25 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands ' lc, R d Fgdwioritg pastime: Horseback riding Ambition: To be a chef Future plans: NavY S dd ' :Girls 'Wifi ui Eine IOHN REICHHELD 14 Sterling St., West Newton " :T b d t r AIW2lEeIh: l?BdZsIIg:IeClbll3geoor Harvard: Camera Club, 'l, 3: Aviation Club, 3: Science Club, 2: German Club, 9- PAUL REID 21 Barnstable Rd., West Newton JOHN REYNOLDS 626 Arsenal St., Watertown Future plans: Go into business St. Patrick's Junior High: lll A, Auto. GUY WINCHESTER RICKER 51 Hillside Ave., West Newton Interest snecialz Printing Wdffeni l, ll: Wheaton: Camera Club: International Club: National Honor Society: Usher, Parents' Night: Science Fair, Printed Evaluation Blanks. JOAN M. RIESMAN 60 Wachusett Rd., Chestnut Hill Advice .to sophomores: Don't listen to seniors Graham-Eckes, Palm Beach, Fla.: I: Conn. C0ll2Be for Women: Music Club, 3: Spanish Club, 3: English Club, 3. PEGGYANNE RIKER 68 Hyde St., Newton Highlands Pe85Y: Archie Favorite pastime: Music Chief failing: Saving money Weeks: ll: Katharine Gibbs: Alpha Beta, 1: Neophytes, 1: Girls' Chorus, 1, 2: Glee Club, 2: Drama Club Work Shop, 2, 3: Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3: Senior Play, Properties, Scenery Committee, 3. WILLIAM N. RING 1489 Centre St., Newton Highlands Bill, Bulldog Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: To enjoy success Future plans: College Weeks: ll: Football: Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, Hi-Y. MARJORIE ROBBINS 64 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Robin Favorite pastime: Sketching Ambition: Costume Designer lnterestsnecial: Art Weeks: ll: Art Club, 1, 2, 3: Music Club: 1, 2, 3: Drama Club Work Shop, 2: French Club, 3: Camera Club, 3: Anti-Smoking Committee: Honor Roll, 1, 3. EVE ROBINSON 61 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Evie Favorite pastime: Tennis Ambition: To travel Suppressed desire: To be able to ski Interest special: Music Weeks: l: Wellesley: Music Club, 1, 2, 3: Neophytes: Drama Work Shop, 2, 3: Spanish Club, 3: English Club, 3: New- tonite Business Stalll, 3: Newtonian Busi- ness Staff, 3: Girls' Chorus 3: Costume Committee, Senior Play, 3: Scenery Com- mittee, Senior Play, 3: Tennis Team, 2: Assiatant Home Room Manager, 2: Gym Demonstration, 2: Tennis Tournament, 2. JOAN ROY 80 Charles St., Auburndale Joanie Favorite pastime: Dancing, sports, movies Ambition: Marriage Future plans: Secretary Chief failing: School work Suppressed desire: Graduate Warren, Commercial, Business School, Music Club. SUE RUBIN S' 55 Ellis Rd., West Newton ir Favorite pastime: Swimming, horseback riding Ambition: Doctor Interest special: Modeling Warren, I, Univ. of Minnesota, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Cavalry Club, 9, 3, German Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Stage Work Shop, Q, Modern Dance, 2, 3, Science Club, Q, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Senior Play Committee, 3, Tennis, 3. CAROL RUBIN Cal Favorite pastime: Movies Ambition: Air stewardess Pet quotation: Terrific lnterest special: Horseback riding Warren, II,Glee Club, Chorus, Personal- ity Club, Music Club, Cavalry Club, New- tonian Advertising Staff, Senior Play Ticket Committee. 44 Gammons Rd., Waban DOROTHY RUSSELL B54 Chestnut St., Waban Dot Favorite pastime: Talking and eating Ambition: To be a medical secretary Pet quotation: "I-Ionestly!" Warren, l A, Stevens Junior, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Basketball, 1, Q, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 9, 3, Outing Club, 9, Gym Demonstration, Q, Stage Work Shop, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, New- tonian Staff, 3, Tri I-Ii-Y-Club, 3. ELINOR RYAN 15 Glastonbury Oval, Waban El Favorite pastime: Knitting Weeks, l, Boston College, School of Nursing, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, Rally Com- mittee, 9, Stage Work Shop, Q, 3. GEORGE H. RYAN G ige Favorite pastime: Sailing Chief failing: Latin Interest special: Automobiles Boston Latin, I, ll, Georgetown Univer- sity, Camera Club, 1, Debating Club, Q, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Social Room Committee, 3, Newtonite Staff, 3, I-Iockey, 3. 7 Playstead Rd., Newton I F. nv t ,-it 'rely' ' .1 . as ,pl 5, it T MMCSSRT N t ,, , -Q n ot iiii lx l 1 ad' ,,. -,g ipg fl, .:. -, . me JOAN RYAN 31 Paul St., Newton Centre .Ioanie Favorite pastime: Eating Advice to sophomores: Cheer up! Future plans: Medical secretary Chief failing: Homework Pet quotation: "Dry up" Interest special: Boston Red Sox Day, II, Secretarial School, Alpha Beta,1, Ml-'SiC Club, 9, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus 9, 3, Gym Demonstration, Stage Work Shop. BILL ST. AMANT 90 Wamesit Rd,, Waban Sandy Favorite pastime: Football Chief failing: Women Suppressed desire: Friendship lnterest special: Sports Warren, I A, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, Motion Picture Squad, SHELDON SALTMAN 135 Kirkstall Rd., Newton Centre Shelly Favorite pastime: lmpersonating Future plans: Doctor Chieffailing: Clownin around too much Suppressed desire: To be a comedian Pet quotation: "Drop dead" lnterest special: Audrey Cambridge Latin, I, Univ. of Michigan, Intermediate Basketball, Intramural Basket- ball, Band, Band Show Committee. Chair- man, Master of Ceremonies, HaIIowe'en Dance. JOAN KATHRYN SALVUCCI 12 Bennington St,, Newton Scottie Ambition: Medicine Interest special: Dramatics Bigelow, l A, Wellesley, Radcliffe or Jackson, Sophomore Dance Committee, Music Club, Business Stall, Newtonian, Archery, Legislature Representative, Girls' Chorus, Glee Club, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 2, 3, Drama Work Shop, 3, Neophytes. JOSEPH SALVUCCI 12 Bennington St., Newton Joe, Sal Favorite pastime: Dancing, sports Suppressed desire: To see the world Bigelow, ll, Intermediate Football, 1, Legislature Alternate, 1, Intramural Basket- ball, 1, Intermediate Football, 2, Intramural Basketball, 9, Senior Class Exercises, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Home Room Manager,3. PRISCILLA HELEN SANDERSON 8 Beach St., Newtonville Sandy, Pris Favorite pastime: Dancing Ambition: To become a nurse Chief' failing: Boys with blond and red GIF Suppressed desire: To travel Interest special: Playing piano Northeastern Junior High, Somerville, I Colle e, Simmons, Personality Club, 1, omg' Eitams, 9, Music Club, sa, 3, Enilisg Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Basket- a , . ARLENE SANDLER 90 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Sandy Chief failing: Boys with blue eyes Weeks, ll, Vermont Junior College, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Cavalry Club, 3, Newtonite Advertising Staff, 3. SYLVIA SARAFIAN S R30 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Y Weeks, l, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Debating Club, 1, Field Hockey, 1, Basket- ball, 1, Softball, 1, Debating Club, Treas- urer, 2, Field Hockey, 9, Basketball, 9, Debatin Club, 3, French Club, 3, Co- editor Girls' Sports, Newtonian Staff, 3, Class learn, Field Hockey, 3. FRANK SAVELL 68 Chester St., Newton Highlands Favorite pastime: Record collecting Ambition: Disc Jockey Chief failing: U. S. History Suppressed desire: To buy a car Weeks, l, 3A Radio: Northeastern. JUDITH SAWYER 59 Westchester Rd., Newton JudY Bigelow, ll, Sophomore Chorus, Junior- Senior Chorus, Camera Club, 1. RICHARD SCALISE 98 Gambier St,, Auburndale Dick, Sonny Ambition: Get my B.S. degree Chief failing: Women Interest special: Sports Warren,l B, ll, Boston College. JUDITH I. SCHLESINGER 101 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Dusty, Judy Advice to sophomores: Aim for the bull's ChieFf:iling: Lost count Weeks, l, Pembroke, Spanish Club, Q, 3, Camera Club, 9, 3, Drama Work Shop, 3, Modern Dance, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Art Club, 1, Puppeteers, 1, Publicity Com- mittee, Senior Play, Ceramics, 1, 9, Repre- sentative, Literary Magazine, 1, Vice- President, Puppeteers, 1, Hostess Open House, 3, Sabre Dance, Honor Roll, 1. l It S it mi: K, ., ' ' sg ,, ma if 1, .4 - l. ii 1 sdifiifdlltif fs efiiliseis 3 , Mtv' v KN!! Var-1. -' 9 ELINOR LOUISE SCHOFIELD 47 Linden St., Newton Upper Falls Scho, Schofie, Joe Weeks, IV C, Leader Corps, 3, Chair- man, Girls' Athletic Board, 3, Basketball Efagsity, 1, Q, 3, Basketball Class Teams, 1, RICHARD SCHULTZ 43 Clyde St., Newtonville Dick Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Accountant Day, IV, Varsity Football, 1, 9, 3, Var- sity Baseball, 9, Vice-President, Sopho- more Class, Vice-President, Junior Class, Vice-President, Associates, Anti-Smoking Committee, Orange Shield, 2. ROBERT S. SCHWARA 71 Kenilworth St., Newton Bob, Shvoo Bigelow, l, Boston University, Debating Club, 9, Neophytes, 9, Boys' Chorus, 9, CARL SEAHOLM 10 Richmond St,, Natick Swede Future plans: Electrical work Pet quotation: He who hesitates is lost lll A, Electrical, National Honor Society. JULIA SECHEYCO J 3089 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls u ie Advice to sophomores: Carry emergency K-rations if you have C lunch Future plans: Home, husband, happiness Weeks, IV. BARBARA DEE SEGAL 497 Ward St., Newton Centre Bobb Y Weeks, ll, Boston University, Personality Club, Newtonian, Girls Chorus, 1. DAVID PHILLIP SEGAL Q98 Waltham St., West Newton Dave, Flip Warren, ll, Boston University, Camera Club, 1, Aviation Club, 1, Ski Team, Q, Social Room Host, 3, International Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3. LEE AARON SEGEL 77 Kenilworth St., Newton Seeg Pet quotation: "A word to the wise is superfluous" Bigelow, l, Harvard or Williams, Senior Executive Committee, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Manager, 1, Q, 3: Orange Shield, 3, Ski Team, 9, Vice-President, Chemistry Club, Q, Boys' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 9, 3, Pirates of Penzance, Honor Roll, 1, Q 3. RONALD LESLIE SELTZER 20 Nottingham St., Newton Centre Ronnie, Buddy Ambition: Hit the 'IJackpot" Weeks, ll, Boston University, Debating Club, 3, International Club, 3, Aviation Club, 1, Q, Intermediate Football, Q, Intra- mural Basketball, 1, 9, 3. KATHLEEN M. SH AUGHNESSY 36 Freeman St., Auburndale Kay Suppressed desire: To enter Harvard Warren, ll, Boston University or Univ. of Miami. NANCY WARD SHEA 597 Walnut St., Newtonville Nance Day, l, Wellesley, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 1, 2, Newtonite Distribution Staff, 1, 9, Outing Club, 9, Orange Shield, 9, Captain, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Q 3, Rally Committee, 2, Legislature, 3, Chemistry Club, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. NORMA DIANE SHEA 89 Randlett Pk., West Newton Smiley Pet quotation: "Better late than never" Day, l, Middlebury, Spanish Club, 3, Science Club, 3, Newtonian Business Staff, 1, Badminton, 2, 3. ARNOLD SHERPPER Q3 Converse Ave., Newton Arnie Bigelow, l, Mass. State College, De- bating Club, 1, Q, Math Club, 3, Interna- tional Club, 3, Football, Q, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, 3. EILEEN SUE SHERMAN S I 56 Evelyn Rd., Waban Mass., lI,Camera Club, 3, PersonaIityClub, Q, Music Club, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, Girls' Gym Demonstration, Q. USIZ Howard Seminary, West Bridgewater, LUCILLE SHERMAN 56 Evelyn Rd., Waban Red, Rusty Adviote to sophomores: Don't give up the s ' . Hovslsrd Seminary, West Bridgewater, Mass., l, Simmons, Personality Club, Camera Club, Music Club, Stage Work Shop, Gym Demonstration, 3. MALCOLM LEE SHERMAN 31 Bruce Lane, Newton Bigelow, I, Legislature, 1, Q, 3, Debating Club, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Interna- tional Club, 3, Associated Committee, Track Teams, Advertising, Newtonite, 1, Columnist, Newtonite, 2. JOHN SHORK 19,Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill ANN MIRIAM SHRIBERG Q47 Linwood Ave,, Newtonville Red Day, l, Boston University, French Club, Music Club, 1, 2 3, Newtonite Business Staff, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, Newtonian Advertising Staff, Legislature Alternate, 2, 3, Nature Club, Q. HELEN ELIZABETH SIMMS 54 Arapahoe Rd., West Newton Liza Favorite pastime: Schmoe parties Advice to sophomores: Follow directionsl Warren, l, Colby Junior College, Tri- Hi-Y, 9, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Receptionist in 314, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3, Costumes Committee Chairman, 3,Glee Club Treasurer, 3, English Club, 3, English Club Program Committee, 3, Social Board, 3, Executive Council, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, National Honor Society. Q, 3, Drama Work Shop, 9, Leader Corps, 1, Q, Newtonian Features Editor, 3, Dance Com- mittees, 3, Modern Dance Group, 3. ROBERT C. SIMONDS 538 California St., Newtonville Sv Day, ll, Boys' Chorus, NORBERT W. SLACK 7 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Weeks, I, M.l.T., Hunting and Fishing Club, 3. JUDITH FLORENCE SLOTNICK 35 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Judy Pet quotation: All that glitters is not gold James Madison High, Brooklyn, N. Y., ll, Westbrook Junior College, Camera Club, Secretary, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, Per- sonality Club, 3, English Club, 3, Newton- ian Advertising Staff, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 2, Honor Roll, 3, Guidance Office, 1, Place- ment Oiiice, 3. BLANCHE SMITH 304 Otis St., West Newton Smitty Pet quotation: "l'll say" Natick High, lV. FRANCINE PAULA SMITH 16 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Fran, Frannie Advice to sophomores: Don't give up Girls' Latin, l, Personality Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, Placement Office, 3, Gym Carnival Ticket Committee, Q, Honor Roll, 9, Music Club, 3. . .k a ..V. R V . K: ' I .,.,...:.f. , x 31' 141 NORMA JEAN SMITH 14 Upham St., West Newton Smitty Warren, IV C, Camera Club, 1, Outing Club, 3, Personality Club, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, Literary Magazine Committee, 9, Senior Play Committee, 3, Baseball, 1, Basketball,1,Field Hockey, 1, Soccer, 1, Modern Dance, 1. WILLIAM ALEXANDER SMITH BVH 99 Westfield Rd., West Newton i Warren, ll. SHELAH SOLOMONT 1469 Centre St., Newton Centre Shorty Weeks, l, Smith, Radcliffe or Simmons, Glee Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, Newtonite, Q, Drama Work Shop, Q, Newtonian, 3, Orange Book, 3, Candy Committee, 'Pirates", 9, Senior Play Committee, 3, Chairman, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 3, Tusitala, Q, Treasurer, 3, Scenery Committee, "Peg O' My Heart", 2. GRETA EVELINE SOYLAND 96 Trowbridge Ave., Nevvtonville pmbitioiiiz Togaella Shakespearean actress uture p ans: o ege Suppressed desire: Dye my hair red Day, l, Boston University, Spanish Club, Music Club. JULIA MEYER SPENCER 84 Walker St., Newtonville Julie Advice to sophomores: Cheer up, the best two years are ahead Pet quotation: "Laugh and the world laughs with you" Day, I, Mass, Art School, Art Club, 1, 3, Archery, 1, Chemistry Club, Q, Spanish Club, 2, Newtonite Advertising Staff, 9, Girls Leader Corps, 3, Legislature Al- ternate, 3, Secretary, Art Club, 3. CHARLOTTE BARBARA SPERBER 96 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Char Advice to sophomores: Take it easy Pet quotation: Let's eat Cobbet Junior High, Lynn, Mass, ll, Mt, Ida, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Stage Work Shop, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, ganrdg Committee, 9, Newtonian Business td , , AL SPRINGER AI 101 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Weeks, I A, Mass. State College. ROBERT LOUIS SREBNICK 54 Bridge St., Newton Bob Favorite pastime: Fishing Advice to sophomores: Stop fooling around Chieffailing: Languages Suppressed desire: To be a truck driver Pet Quotation: "Hi" Interest special: Cars Day, Il, CHARLINE STAMES 14 Oakvale Rd., Waban Bunny, Bunions Favorite pastime: Skiing, sailing Pet quotation: l'm crushed and See yooo Warren, Il, Stephens or Endicott, New- tonite Business Staff, 1, Q, Newtonian, Alpha Beta, Neophytes, Rally Committee, Girls' Chorus, Art Club. ROBERT STANFIELD 4 Allston St., Newtonvill-? Bob, Miles Day, I, Tufts, Chemistry Club, Q, 3, Pro- jectors Club, 3, Baseball Manager. DAVID G. STANLEY 15 Upland Rd., Waban Dave, Spike Advice to sophomores: Fermez la bouche Weeks, I, Dartmouth, Hi-Y, Home Room Manager, 9, Legislature, 1, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Varsity Hockey, Q, 3, Anti-Smoking, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3. HENRY EDWARD STANTON 42 Hale St., Newton Upper'Falls King Weeks, ll. 5 ,lm F' . sig, ' .... ,E 'Q' Q . fl .siwf , - tfr- ,. i ' , i , Q r K V 1 s ,aw - Q i sz Q' 1 .. - -A - sg - L lcylw.-:ffL" ,Q ,rnitsg . i' ti' t .1i'5i,rQf, 142 FREDERICK H. STEPHENS, JR. 40 Upland Rd., Waban Fred, Steve Advice to sophomores: Make the best use of your time Future plans: College Interest special: Sports Weeks, I, President, Senior Class, Presi- dent, Hi-Y, Football Varsity, 1, 2, 3, Base- ball, Junior Varsity, 1, Varsity, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking, 9, 3. JOHN C. STERGE 51 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Cig, Stooge Pet quotation: "What a beauty" Weeks, ll, Business, Blackstone College of Law, Boston University, Business, Inter- national Club, 3, Hunting and Fishing Club, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Aviation Club, 1. ROBERT H. STEWART 8 Pilgrim Rd., Waban Bob Advice to sophomores: You'll regret it! Future plans: Harvard, Law School Chief failing: Being a Democrat in Newton lnterestlspecialz 4'Q-, compounded quar- tery Warren, I, Harvard, Debating Club, President, 9, German Club, Glee Club, Chemistry Club, Orange Book, Assistant Editor, Newtonian, Speakers' Bureau, Q, Anti-Smoking Committee, Wyandotte Ex- change Student. GEORGE W. STIGLICH 37 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Wil, Stig Weeks, I, Northeastern University, Band. VIRGINIA FRANCES STILES 43 Irving St., Newton Centre Ginny Advice to sophomores: Stop looking like scared rabbits Pet quotation: "Nutsl" Weeks, I A, Simmons, Art Club, 1, 2, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Drama Work Shop, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 3, Property Committee, Senior Play. CAROLYN STODDARD 70 Washington Pk., Newtonville Carol Favorite pastime: Music, piano, voice Ambition: Something in music field Advice to sophomores: Do not wait until senior year to work hard Chief failing: Mathematics Interest special: Tennis, dancing Day, I A, Radcliffe, Music Club, Glee Club, 1, 2, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, BETTY ANN STOKES 22 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Stokesie I Advice to sophomores: Dont let it get OU. Y Pet quotation: Never do today what can be put off till tomorrow Day, l, Middlebury, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Glee Club, 2, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Leader Corps, 1, 2, 3, President, Science Club, Treasurer, international Club, Anti-Smoking Committee, 3, Athletic Association, 3, "Pirates of Penzance", Orchestra. MARY JEAN STOKES 22 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Stokesie Favorite pastime: Horseback riding Future plans: Nursing Interest special: Sports Day, I, Radcliffe, Music Club, Hockey, Basketball, Softball, Archery, Leader Corps, Newtonian, Home Room Manager, Vice-President, Leader Corps, EVELYN STONE 62 Kenneth St., Newton Highlands Evie, Rocky Ambition: Actress Advice to sophomores: Watch out for seniors' Weeks, ll, Dramatic School, Drama Club, Representative. JAMES G. STRATHERN 362 Waban Ave., Waban Jimmy Favorite pastime: Sports Interest special: Sports Warren, ll, Springfield, Orange Shield, Legislature, Hockey, 1, 2, Baseball, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3. WALLY STR ATHERN Wally Ambition: Radio, Journalism Advice to sophomores: Two more years, Ha Ha Ha Warren, ll, Oklahoma or Syracuse, Drama Club, 2, 3, Newtonite, 3, "Pirates of Penzance," 2, Aviation Club, 1, Assistant Home Room Manager, 2. 362 Waban Ave., Waban VIRGINIA STRONG 158 Hobart Rd., Waban Ginny Advice to sophomores: Keep plugging Chief failing: Shyness Tenacre, Wellesley, Mass., Il, Sargent, Alpha Beta, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, Gym Demonstration. 143 BETTY ANN STROAP 525 California St., Newtonville Betty Boop Ambition: To be a model Advice to sophomores: Beware' Belmont Junior High, Il, Vogue. BARBARA LINCOLN STUDLEY 77 Wood End Rd., Newton Highlands Barbie Advice to sophomores: Don't get caught Weeks, I, Skidmore, Modern Dance, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff 3, Art Club, 1, spanish ciub, Q, outing cfiub, 3, Music Club, 3, Carnival of Fun, 2, Assistant some Room Manager, 2, Usher, Parents' ay, 1. ISABEL STUDLEY 42 Austin St., Newtonville ls, Izzy Favorite pastime: Driving Ambition: Success Advice to sophomores: Work! Future plans: Marriage Pet quotation: "So help me" Day, II, Band, 1, 2, 3. IRENE SULLIVAN 29 Frederick St., Newtonville Birdie, Sully Favorite pastime: Dancing Day, IV A, Dartmouth. JEAN IRENE SULLIVAN 32 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands Sullie, Jeannie Chief failing: Day dreaming Pet quotation: You know what I mean? Weeks, I, Mass. School of Art or Vesper George, Music Club, 1, Newtonian Ad- gertising StaFf, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, ROBERT R. SULLIVAN 1772 Beacon St., Waban Sull Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Medicine CDoctorD Advice to sophomores: Become seniors in two years Warren, I, Holy Cross or Tufts, Secre- tary, Hi-Y, Legislature, Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Track. BARBARA SUTHERLAND 60 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Babs, Barbie Advice to sophomores: Beware ol upper classmen Pet quotation: "Where hearts are true iew words will do" Day, Boston College. BARBARA SUTTON 316 Highland St., West Newton Sut, Barby Advice to sophomores: Act your age Pet quotation: Kill me tomorrow but let me live tonight Warren, I, Mills, Univ. of Colorado, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3. CYNTHIA BETH SW ARTZ 68 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Cy, Cynnie Suppressed desire: To have blonde hair Roxbury Memorial High, l, Mass. State College, English Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Gym Demonstration, 9, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Future Teachers of America, 3. ROBERT SWEDBERG 51 Austin St., Newtonville Swede, Swed Future plans: College Suppressed desire: Play the piano Day, ll, Leland Powers, Boys' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 9, Meteorology Club, Interna- tional Club, Honor Roll, 9, 3: Track, 1. BETTY ARVIDA SWENSON Q0 Staniford St., Auburndale Swenny Favorite pastime: Sports Advice to sophomores: Make hay while the sun shines Warren, ll, Boston University, Varsity Field Hockey, 1, 9, 3, Varsity Basketball, 2, Varsity Softball, 1 9, National Honor Society, SZ, 3, Leader Corpsfl, 2, 3, Volley- ball, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, Legisla- ture Alternate, 1, "Most athletic", 1, 2, 3. STEPHANIE SZYLKONIS 1051 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Stephie, Stet Ambition: To be a model Future plans: Stenographer and then? Pet qluotation: "Barking teachers seldom .t Weklss, IV B, Personality Club, 3, President, Commercial Club, 3. EDITH AUDREY TACCONE 11 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Centre Edie, Ede, Peanuts Ambition: To get my driver's license Suppressed desire: To be 5' tall Weeks, l B, ll, Boston University or Univ. of Mass., Girls' Chorus, 9, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Basketball, 3, Camera Club, 1, Stage Work Shop, 3. JAMES TANGNEY 79 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Tag, Jimmy Favorite pastime: Sports Future plans: Coast Guard Weeks, ll, U. S. Coast Guard Academy, Honor Roll, 9, 3. FRANCIS A. TANNER, JR. 139 Woodward St., Newton Highlards Frank Ambition: Medicine CDoctorD Interest special: Sports Day, l, Georgetown or Boston College, Treasurer, Associates, 2, Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Basketball, 9, 3, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, Varsity Club, 1, 2 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 3, Boys' Athletic Board, 3, Hi-Y, 3. JAMES W. TARANTINO QQ Woodward St., Newton Highlards Jimmy, Terror TarrY, Jim Favorite pastime: Sports CtootbalD Advice to sophomores: Make the best of your time Future plans: Popular singer Weeks, lV, Business, Phil SaltmanCVocal? School of Music, Glee Club, 2, Boys Chorus, 1, Camera Club, Aviation Clubr Senior Singing Assembly Committee, Honor Roll, 9. RUSSELL CHARLES TAYLOR 109 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Russ, Tay H H Pet quotation: Howdy Day, ll, Newton Junior or Northeastern, Newtonite, 3, Hi-Y, 9, 3, Treasurer, lf'- ternational Club, 3, Junior Varsity Foot- ball. JANET TEN BROECK 77 Allerton Rd., Newton Centre Ten Broeck Ambition: Interior Decorator Pet quotation: Keep it. You ll always have il: Weeks, l B, ll, Endicott Junior College, Legislature Alternate, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Neophytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, New- tonian Advertising Stalf, 3, Social Room Board, 3, Harvest Dance, Refreshment Committee, 3, Anti-Smoking,Committee, 3, Music Club, 3, English Clu , 3. ROBERT TETREAULT 44 Green St., Newton Bob Future plans: Bemis Naval Academy Pet quotation: "Live while you live then die and be over with it" Day, Business, Boston University. .IENNIE TOCCI 4 NX'inthrop Ave., Newton Jen, Gabby Future plans: Work Bigelow, IV C. ROBERT B. TOHER 347 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Beak, Bobby, Bobby Bore Advice to sophomores: 'Dig in" Futura plans: Commercial Art and Air or s p Day, II, Vesper George or Practical Arts. DEAN TOMLINSON 140 Sargent St., Newton Dean Special interest: Cartooning Warren, I, U.C.L.A. or Univ. of Michi- gan, Radio Club, 1, Q, Art Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Puppeteers, 3, Movie Souad, 3, Cartoons for Newtonite, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Band, 3, Chemistry Club, 3. WALTER T. TOWER, JR. TA 30 Shaw St., West Newton Siirbpressed desire: Radio Production Warren, l B, Illinois Institute ol Tech- nology- I-iunting and Fishing Club, 3, Journalism, 3, Camera Club, 3, Radio Club, 3, Radio Editor, Newtonite, 3. BARBARA TROUP 19 I-lallron Rd., Newton Lower Falls Barb Future plans: Work Warren, ll, Music Club, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3. 1" I 1 . ,rits i A 4 .. . wx JANE TYLER 6 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre Janie Future plans: Junior College Weeks, I A, ll, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Outing Club, 9, 3, Spanish Club, 9, Rally Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, New- tonian Advertising Stall, 3, Modern Danc- ing, 3. RUTH THELMA UDELSON A 44 Dolphin Rd., Newton Centre Ruthie Favorite pastime: Knitting, music Weeks, I, ll, Rhode Island State, Alter- nate, 1, Home Room Manager, 9, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Neophytes, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, English Club, 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 3, Newtonite Business Stall, 3, Ticket Committee ol Senior Play, 3. ANNE UHLMAN 39 Central Ave., Newtonville Chickie Pet quotation: "I heard" Day, 4 C, Business, Katharine Gibbs, Outing Club, Personality Club. WILLIAM D. UNDERHILL BVI' 63 Royce Rd., Newtonville I Interest special: Journalism Day, I, Wesleyan, Puppeteers, Q, 3, Treasurer, 9, Science Club, 3, Class Proph- esy Committee, 3, Social Room Host, 3, Hunting and Fishing Club, 3, Legislature, Q, Home Room Manager, 3. ELEANOR ROSE VACCARELLA 54 Falmouth Rd., West Newton El, Ellie Advice to sophomores: Don't ask seniors! Future plans: Goto California Warren, ll, Art School, Senior Play Committee, 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3, Neophytes, 1, Gym Demonstra- tion, 9, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Chairman, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3. ROSE MARIE ANN VACCARELLO 92 Emerald St., Newton Rose Advice to sophomores: Don't tangle with seniors Future plans: Telephone Operator Pet quotation: "You don't say" Day, lll B. ROBERT VANGEL 46 Cummings Rd., Newton Centre Bob Future plans: Work Suppressed desire: Preach Gospel Weeks, ll, Indoor Track, 1, 9, 3, Out- door Track, 1, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Foot- gall, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Varsity Club, 9, DOROTHY B. VAN GORDER 70 Burdean Rd., Newton Centre Barbie, Vandy Future plans: Occupational Therapy Pet quotation: Got a clue! Weeks, l, Briarcliff, Secretary, Senior Class, Executive Committee, Rally Com- mittee, 2, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, 9, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Legisla- ture Representative, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Parents' Night, Gym Demonstration, Q, Modern Dancing, 1, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, English Club, 3. JANE VAN NOTE 36 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Polly, Twin, Twinsie Weeks, l, Wheelock, Camera Club, Q, Outing Club, 2, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Field Hockey, Class Team, 1 2, 3, Junior Varsity, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, Class Team, 1, Q, 3, 'Pick-up" Team Champs, 2, Co- Captain, Q, Softball, Class Team, 1, Q, 3, Track, 1, Tennis Team, 3, Newtonian Staff, Q, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Parents' Night Gym Demon- stration, Q, Football Dance Committee, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Drama Club Play Scenery, 3, Office Assistant. MARGARET VAN NOTE 36 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Peg, Peggy, Twin, Twinsie Ambition: Nurse Weeks, l, Simmons, Camera Club, Q, Outing Club, 2, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Work Shop, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Field Hockey, Class Team, 1, 9, 3, Junior Varsity, 1, Q, 3, Basketball, Class Team, 1, Q, 3, "Pick-up" Team Champs, Q, Captain, 9, Softball, Class Team, 1, Q, 3, Track, 1, Tennis Team, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Newtonian Activities Staff, 2, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Parents' Night Gym Demonstration, Q, Foot- ball Dance Committee, 3, Legislature, 3, National Honor Society, SZ, 3, Drama Club Play Scenery. CELENE VARA 1967 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Little One, Pee Wee Ambition: Kindergarten Teacher Suppressed desire: To reach the height of at least five feet Weeks, ll, Wheelock, Girls' Chorus, Neophytes, Drama Work Shop, 2, Interna- tional Club, 2, Gym Demonstration, Q, Leader Corps, 3, Football Dance Com- mittee, 3, Music Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3. RICHARD VEINOT Q0 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Dick, Joe Ambition: A baker Future plans: Baker's School Day, IV A. ,ps 31+ x , Q ' it, ir."?2:s'llf, 146 AM CYNTHIA VINCOLA 14 Glastonbury Oval., Waban Pet quotation: "Peachy" and "oh say"' Weeks, ll,Junior College, Girls' Chorus, Qi Music Club, 1, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Assistant Archery lnstructor, 1, Q, New- tonian. 3. RITA VISCO Q58 Nevada St., Newtonville Kit, Sisco Ambition: Nursing Advice to sophomores: After the second late slip, beware' Day, lll B, Dance Committee. PAUL VONER Q93 Webster St., Auburndale Advice to sophomores: Be good Future plans: Navy Warren, 3 A, Radio, Hockey, Baseball. GROSVENOR WADMAN 16 Williston Rd., Auburndale Chuck, Wad, Grove Future plans: F. B. l. Warren, l, Univ. of North Carolina, Fishing and Hunting Club, 3, MARY ELLEN WAIT 7 Warren Ter., Newton Centre Ellen Future plans: College Chief failzngz Procrastination Weeks, l, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 2, Neophytes, 1, Track, 1, Baseball, Q, Basketball, Q, Hockey, 3, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Camera Club, 9: Outing Club, Q, 3, Drama Work SHOP, 3, GYm Demonstration, 2, Harvest Dance Com- mittee, 3. BARBARA ALICE WALSH 49 Grove Hill Pk., Newtonville Barbv Advice to sophomores: Heads up DaYi Il, Simmons, Band, 1, Q, 3, Archery, 3, Softball, Q, 3, Basketball, 3, Girls' Gym Demonstration, 9, Band Drill Commit- tee, 3, Stage Work Shop: Science Club. LEO M. WALSH 564 Grove SL, Newton Lower Falls Future plans: Chef Pet quotation: "A penny saved is a penny earned" Warren, IV, IV A. WILLIAM WALSH V 20 Jaconnet St., Newton Highlands Bill Future plans: Work on cars Weeks, lll A, Auto. LENORE K. WALTON 6 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Len, Lennie Favorite pastime: Music Weeks, l A, Regis, Golf, 1, Chorus, 1, 9, Neophytes, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Costume Committee, Senior Play, 3, Spanish Club, Secretary, 2, Carnival of Fun, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, Girls' Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Legislature, 3, Outing Club, 2, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Newtonian Business Staff, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Rally Committee, 3, English Club, 3. RUTH WALULIS 19 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Ruthie, Bunnie Woodrow Wilson, ll, Kathleen Dell, Alpha Beta, Sophomore Chorus, 1, Junior- Senior Chorus, Q, 3. ROBERT WARD B b24 Mountfort Rd.. Newton Highlands o Favorite pastime: Sailing Weeks, I A, Amherst, Math Club, Orange Book. BARBARA WARREN 69 Jackson Rd., Newton Babs ueen for a day Ambition: To be Q Bigelow, ll, Univ. of New Hampshire, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3. . l .1 -Rl" tt it 'Mn' ug! . nd, -.'9-Sgrffff'-"2 wt zf m' ' . Ji If . 'T' ..... an 5 ,. N.. ,Y ji JOHN WARREN 85 Charlemont St,, Newton Gin, Jack Favorite pastime: Football, Basketball Weeks, ll, Boston College, Glee Club, 3, Boys' Chorus, 3, Newtonian Staff, 3. ELLEN WEAGLE P 36 Webster St., West Newton dl Warren, ll, Music, Liberal Arts College, Drama Club, Music Club,Glee Club,Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, l'Pirates of Penzance," Neophytes. RANDALL STANWOOD WEEKS 53 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Stan Pet quotation: "Unquote" Weeks, I, Univ. of Michigan, Executive Committee, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Football Dance Committee, Q, 3, Anti-Smoking, 2, gitermediate Baseball, Q, Newtonian Staff, ROBERT WEITZ 60 Carl St., Newton Highlands Robo, Bob Ambition: Architecture Future plans: Huntington School Weeks, l, ll, Northeastern, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Track, 1. BARBARA JOANNE WELCH 32 Rowe St., Auburndale Boomski 1 Warren, Il, Personality Club, 1, Chorus, , 2. JANE WELCH 876 Watertown St., West Newton Warren, l, Wells, N. Y, Basketball, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. CLINTON WELLS 31 Homer St., Newton Centre Clint Weeks, I A, Harvard, Aviation Club, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Debating Club, Q, 3, Meteorology Club, 3, Junior Varsity Tennis Team, 1, Q, Varsity Tennis Team, 3, Fall Tennis Tournament, 1, Christmas Play. ROBERT WELLS 16 Pilgrim Rd., Waban Bear, Bob Warren, I B, Northwestern, Sophomore Dance Committee, Junior Prom Committee, Football Dance Committee, Harvest Dance Committee, Chairman, Hi-Y Club, Social Ecard, 3, Legislature, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, , 3. MATOIRA WESTERNIAK Q55 Jackson St., Newton Centre Mat, Westy Weeks, l, Denison University, Music Club, Archery, Orchestra, Cilee Club. CYNTHIA WESTON 59 Grove St., Auburndale Cinnie Warren, ll, Bradford or Briarcliffe, English Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Legislature, Q, 3, Art Club, 1, Q, Class Hockey, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 1, Q, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, Q, 3, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Play Choosing Committee, Senior Play Ticket Committee, Halloween Dance Ticket Committee, Honor Roll. MARY WHALEN 61 Eddy St., West Newton a W v Advice to sophomores: Make all the friends you can the first week Day, IV, Personaiity Club, 1, Stage Work Shop, 1, Camera Club, 1, Junior,Seriior Chorus, Q. GRETCHEN WHEELOCK 15 Groveland St., Auburndale Greta, Goobies Chief failing: Talking too much Warren, I A, Wheaton, I-lockey, 1, 3, Junior Dance Committee, Varsity Hockey, 3, Modern Dance,Chorus, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Committee. af , A , :f ,,,., i t I in 6 'k.r if' xifii ss., : 'A F .gffi H A T i'ist,:Q,i,xii W 3 , f . 3? - . ' f 4 W , I a ig-iiiaaisisfew is ,iff -is .ll I ,: S.. . Q5 148 MALCOLM WHALEN 61 Eddy St., West Newton DAVID WHELPLEY 361 Austin St., West Newton Dave Vfarren, l, Tufts or Northwestern. CARLTON WHITE 361 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Whity Weeks, III B, Franklin Tech, Football. JOHN WHITNEY 61 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands HOWARD WHITTUM 1O Columbus Ter., Newton Highlands Whit Advice to sophomores: Vote yes for elevators Weeks, ll, Boston University Business School, Ski Team, 9. PAUL R, WHITWORTH 17 Bonwood St., Newtonville Vfitty, Angus Day, l, ll, Boston University Business School, Motion Pictures, 1, Manager, Football, 1, Manager, Baseball, 1, Q, New- tonian Ads, 3. KARL WHYNOT 935 Webster St., West Newton Beak, I-lonker, lfnot Warren, ll, Springfield, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, Q, 3, Inter- mediate Hockey, 3, Varsity Hockey, 4, gwtramural Basketball, Q, 3, Class Champs, , 3. LEON WIECZOREK 33 Elliot St., Newton Highlands Weeks, ll, Boston University, Carrera Club, 9, 3. MARGERY WIGHT 74 Pleasant St., Newton Centre M r i a g e Advice to sophomores: Never say die! Weeks, I, Simmons, Drama Work Shop, 3, Spanish Club, Q, 3, Camera Club, 9, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Honor Roll, 1, Newtonian Advertising Stall, Publicity, Scenery Committee, Senior Play. ROBERT WILLIS 18 Sherman Pl., Auburndale Red, Bob, Will Warren, l, HolyCross, Orange Shield, 3, Social Room, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 1. SHIRLEY WILSON 110 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Shirl Warren, ll, Honor Roll, 3. WINIFRED WILSON 998 Cherry St., West Newton Winnie Warren, lV, Personality Club, 1, Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus, 9. , , -.,. ..,.. Q wt A r x 2 , m.,'7f"' .... s ,gt .-,,,,r wt, W .L-,,:.,.,,g, ,wg -I act, - 1 i . 3315, ta r ' fi ta +I. A 2 J I Q ,M-wa. , 149 JAMES WINNING 50 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Jim, Swish Warren, ll, Penn State, Glee Club, Track 3, Office Assistant, 1, Q, 3. JANE WISWALL 81 Wiswall Rd., Newton Centre Janie Weeks, Il, Sargent, Music Club, 9, 3, Archery 1, Basketball, 1, Hockey Mana- ger, 3, EARLE WOLFE 43 West Boulevard Rd., Newton Centre Woltie Weeks, l, Boston University or North- eastern. JOEL WOLFSON 30 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Wipper Suppressed desire: To scribble with colored chalk on a clean blackboard Weeks, l, Harvard, Camera Club, 1, Q, French Club, 3, Chairman, Advertising Stall, 3, Harvest Dance, Publicity Com, mittee, 3, Honor Roll. MARY ANN WOOD Q84 Dorset Rd , Waban Sue, Susie Warren, I, Von Ladau School ol Fashion, English Club, 3. DAVID WOODBURY 1404 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Dave, Woody Weeks, lll B, Orange Shield, 3, Varsity Hockey, 1, Varsity Baseball, 9, 3, Inter, mediate Hockey, 9. BARBARA WOODRUFF Q51 Dorset Rd., Waban Barbie, Woody Warren, I, Colby Junior College, Hal- lowe'en Dance, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian, Legislature, 1, Home Room Manager, 9, 3, Neophytes, 1, Sophomore Play, Drama Club, 9, 3, Drama Club Play Committee, 9, 3, Literary Magazine, Q, 3, Mayor for a Day, 1, English Club, 3, Stage Work Shoo, 3, Remember Our Members Committee, 3, Receptionist, 9, 3, Attendance, 9. E. HAROLD WOODWORTH 107 Park St,, Newton Woody Bigelow, II, Mass. State College, Band and Both Orchestras, BARBARA WOOLDREDGE BO Avalon Rd., Waban Barbie Weeks, IA, ll, Stephens Jr,, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Tennis, 3, Senior Play Work Shop. JEANNE L. WOCLWAY 58 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre Jeannie, Butch, Woolly Weeks, ll, Neophytes, 1, Camera Club, 1, Hockey, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Honor Roll, Q, Gym Demonstration, 9, Drama Work Shop, Q, Library Club, Q, Literary Magazine, 1, Chorus, 3, English Club, 3, Basketball, 3. DOROTHY ANN WYMAN 50 Grafton St., Newton Centre Dotty, Dottyann Weeks, I, Mary Hitchcock, Cavalry Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Modern Dance, Q, Band A, 1, 9, Orchestra A, 1, 2, Tennis, 1. JANET EVA WYMAN 47 Clark St., Newton Centre Wym, Jan Suppressed desire: To scream in a silent stud hall Y Weeks, I, Art Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, Chorus, 3, Basketball, 9, Legislature Alternate, 9, 3, Newtonian Representative, 1, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, 3, Girls' Gym Carnival, Q, Parents' Night Program, Q, Tri-Hi-Y, 2, 3, Office, 3, Social Room Stall, 3, English Club, 3, Hallowe'en Dance Ticket Committee, 3, Harvest Dance Refreshment Committee Chairman, 3. O ROBERT YAFRATE 30 Clinton St., Waltham Bob Future plans: Electrical work Waltham, III A, Electrical. LAWRENCE ZALCMAN 79 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Larry Suppressed desire: To do away with Math English High, I, Boston University, Spanish Club, JAMES ZIMMER J Q4 Shady Hill Rd., Newton Highlands im Lynbrook, N. V,, l, Cornell, Stage Crew, 1, Camera Club, 1, Motion Picture Squad, 1, German Club, 9, Intermediate Football, Ski Team, Science Club, Q, 3, President, Band, President, Orchestra B, Newtonian Stall, National Honor Society, Treasurer, Honor Roll, 1, Q, JOHN FRANCIS CALLAHAN 9 Pequossette St,, Watertown Frank Ambition: Mechanic Future plans: To work at trade East Junior High Watertown. ROBERT DePOPOLO 2019 Beacon St., Waban Dee, DePop Favorite pastime: Goll Ambition: Coach or Physical Instructor Suppressed desire- J. B. Belmont High, I A, Junior Varsity, ln- termediate, Varsity Basketball, Intermediate, Varsity Baseball, Golf, Q. GILBERT DESROCHERS 44 Capital St., Newton Red, Gil Advice to sophomores: Blue Cards aren't lor collection Future plans: College Bigelow, I, Boston University, Ice Hockey, 9, 3, MARIO ECHART 73 Parlrer:St., Newtonville CHESTER L. GINO YB Dunklee St., Newton Highlands Chet, Otto, Cir. ll Future Plans: Post Graduate and U.C.L.A. Football, 1, 2, Hockey, 1, Q, 3, Radio Club, 1, 2, Chemistry Club, 3, Science Club, 1, Boys' Chorus, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 9. RUTH MORRIS 98 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Ruthie Chief failing: Forgetting things Pet quotation: Honestly! Weeks, ll, Kathleen Dell, Spanish Club, 3, Stage Work Shop, 9, Neophytes, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Spanish Club, 3. CONSTANCE NEWEY 32 Kelveden Rd., Waban Connie IVSanta Clara High, Santa Clara, Calif., CHARLES ARICO EDWARD H. BOUDROT, JR. 16 Clarendon SL, Watertown 37 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Ch 5- Elboo a Favorite pastime: Sports Future plans: Naval Career East, Auto lll A. LEONARD ARSENAULT 78 Central St., Waltham Lenny Advice to sophomores: Better days are coming Future plans: Electrical Work Waltham, lll A, Electrical. ARTHUR BEDFORD 50 Pelham St., Newton Centre Limey Future plans: College Interest special: Advertising Weeks, lV. JOSEPHINE BONTEMPS 26 Cook St., Newton Josie Favorite pastime: Reading Future plans: Secretary Day, IV B. Day, Auto lll A. BRUCE BROCKINGTON 103 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Bruce Oakes, B. B. Favorite pastime: Community Chorus Future plans: Cornell University Advice to sophomores: Take a ration of advice - it helps U. S. N., l. DONALD CADMAN 408 California St., Newtonville Don Advice to sophomores: "Know right from wrong" Future plans: Army Day, Auto lll A. PAUL R. CAMPBELL 3 Pond Ave., Newton Bigelow, Electrical, lll A. 151 ALLEN SMITH 341 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Smitty Future plans: Business School Day. JOSEPH SCICHILONE 31 Bowers St., Newtonville Shic Advice to sophomores: Study hard now Day, ll, Georgetown University, Na- tional Guards, Orange Shield, Assistant, Legislature, Varsity Football, Varsity Track. RUTH T. SIMPKINS 169 Woodcliffe Rd., Newton Highlands Ruthie, Stretch Favorite Pastime: Skating, watching hockey Ambition: Secretary Future plans: Hairdresser school Chief failing: Math Suppressed desire: To fly Pet quotation: Oh ieepersl Weeks, ll, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Field Hockey, 1, 9. ALFRED CHINIAN 96 Dartmouth St., Watertown Hutch Ambition: Travel Watertown, Auto. JOHN M. CHITTICK 130 Upland Rd., Waban Interest special: Track Weeks, l, U.S.C.G.A., M.l.T., Track. ELIZABETH L. CODYER 468 Watertown St., Newtonville Betty Favorite pastime: Sports, reading Future plans: Photography School Day, IV C. JOSEPH COLELLA 247 California St., Newton Shorty Day, Business, Art, Parsons School of Design, Puppet Club, President, 1, Senior Play Property Committee, 3, Harvest Dance Decorating Committee, 3. JOSEPHINE COLETTI J 90 Murphy Ct., Newton o Ambition: Dancer Future plans: Work Day: IV Bf. MARY COLETTI Q0 Murphy Ct., Newton Future Dlans: To work Pet quotation: lt's been real, we've had it Day: IV. RICHARD GUY COMPAGNONE Q86 River St., West Newton Day: Ill A, Auto. DAVID W. COURTNEY 99 Pearl St., Newton Dave Advice to sophomores: Work hard Suppressed desire: International Hobo Our Lady: N.T,S. Machine: H. N.: Y.M.C.A. ANTHONY cuccl-ii 143 Adams St., Newton Scuchi Day: Ill A, Printing: Bemis Naval Acad- emy. PAUL CUMMINGS 60 Chestnut St., West Newton Shine Sacred Heart School: 3A, Auto. JAMES DAVIS Buddy Ambition: Mechanic Hopkinton High: III A Auto. 98 Main St., Hopkinton BILL DEZOTELL . 85 Cabot St., Newton Dizzy Favorite pastime: Music Ambition: Singer Bigelow: IV: Business School. GEORGE DHIONIS D' 16 Broadway, Newtonville ie Ambition: To succeed in business Day: III A Auto. NICHOLAS J. DIDONATO 41 Chandler PI., Newton Upper Falls Nick, De Favorite pastime: Sports Weeks: Auto Ill A. J AMES DU FFY 397 Cherr St., West New n Buddy Y to Favorite pastime: Sports Ambition: Artist Warren: Ill B. JOHN FAMIANO 57 Jackson St., Newton Centre Ambition: Chef Advice to sophomores: Keep smiling Weeks: Ill B. FRANK FICCARDI 234 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Future plans: Join the army Needham High: Automobile Ill A. DOMINIC GRANDMETTI 67 Sheridon St., West Newton Dom Warren: Automobile III A. RICHARD GRISWOLD Q7 Emerson Road, Wellesley Hills Grizz Advice to sophomores: Stay on the ball Suppressed desire: Live in the wilds cf Maine Dartmouth. MAY HAIGH 379 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Day: Business, IV C. LARRY HENLEY 9269 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Shorty Ambition: Popularsinger Pet quotation: Whoopy do Warren: III B. RUDOLF HERGENROTHER 14 Holden Rd., West Newton Barney, Herk Favorite pastime: Flying Baside High, New York, N. Y.: I A: Aviation Club. PAUL HIGGINS 121 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls Pinky Ambition: To play professional hockey Warren: Ill B: Legislature: Anti-Smoking Committee. BERNARD HODESS 11 Ashford Rd., Newton Centre Bud Favorite pastime: Swimming Future plans: Aeronautics Weeks: I B: Northeastern University: Math Club, Q. FRANK JABLONSKI 51 Hyde St., Newton Highlands Jabby Pet quotation: The empty barrel makes the most noise I A: West Point: Football. LAWRENCE CARTER JONES, JR. 11 Maple Rd., Auburndale Jonesey, Red Favorite pastime: Repairing my car Chief failing: Talk too much Interest special: Photography Warren: ll, CHARLES A. KALOOSTIAN 13 Putnam St., Watertown Doc Future plans: Open a repair shop East Junior High: Ill A, Auto. GERARD KEATING 36 Lexington St., West Newton Jerry, Cuck Ambition: See the world Future plans: Join navy Waltham High: IV D: Boys' Chorus. THOMAS KELLY 70 Bourne St., Auburndale Tom Future plans: Navy Warren: Ill B. THEODORE LANDER 30 Williston Rd., Auburndale Ted, Bamb-be, Chief Ambition: Airplane mechanic Warren: Ill A3, Auto, 159 DAVID E. LAWRENCE 3 Cannon St., Newton Highlands Dave Future Dlans: Navy Weeks, III A. BARRY LEVINE 70 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Buddy, Levine Weeks: Il: Boston University or North- eastern. HERBERT LITCHMAN 145Washington Ave., West Newton Herb Day: IV A. CARL LUPO 156 Chapel St., Newton Buddy Ambition: Be successful Future plans: Service - Navy Day: lll A, Radio: Radio Club. ROGER A. MacDONALD 89 Warren St., Newton Centre Mac Ret quotation: "He who laughs best, laughs last" Weeks: I: Univ. of Massachusetts: Track Team. FLAGG D. MALONEY 93 Brook St., Newton Moe Advice to sophomores: Buy S.A.T. Future plans: Work Bigelow: III A. RICHARD McLAUGHLIN 1014 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Muggsy, Pancho Interest special: Music Weeks: Ill B. BRYAN MIMS 1866 Beacon St., Waban Itch Future plans: Engineer Warren: I: Harvard: President, Radio Club, 1, Q. ROBERT W. MOIR 2077 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Bob Warren: I A: Maritime School AL PANTALONE 118 Putnam St., Watertown Capone Future plans: Open my own shop East Junior High: Ill A, Auto. PHYLLIS PERKINS 71 Richardson St., Newton Phil Favorite pastime: Dancing and swimming Future plans: Housekeeping Bigelow: ll: Aviation Club: English Club. MICHAEL PROIA 75 Crafts St., Newtonville Mike Ambition: Be successful Pet quotation: If you can't participate in a sport be one anyway - Day: IV A, 3 A: Curry: Radio Club. JOHN RAMREAU, JR. 94 Salisbury Rd., Newton Johnny Favorite pastime: Sports and reading Ambition: Lawyer Day, I A, Dartmouth, Legislature, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, Junior Varsity Football, Intramural Basketball, 9, Varsity Outdoor Track, Intramural Basketball, 3, Chemistry Club, Stage Crew, Legislature, Social Room Host, Hallowe'en Dance Committee. ALBERT RICHARDS Lotus Path, Natick Albie - Favorite pastime: Hunting Coolidge Junior High, 3 A, Auto, Motorcyc e Club. WILLIAM RILEY BH 111 Beethoven Ave., Waban Flvorite pastime: Sports Chief failing: Mathematics Interest special: Sports Weeks, I B, Legislature, 9, Twilight Baseball. ARTHUR JOSEPH ROCHE, JR. A 156 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville ff Favorite pastime: Football Advice to sophomores: Graduate in two years Warren, I, Newton Junior College. ARTHUR JOHN ROEBUCK 325 Franklin St., Framingham Sears Advice to sophomores: Never say die Pet quotation: "l'm a no gonna say" Lincoln Junior High, Framingham, Ill A. DOMINIC RUGGIERO Q8 Middle St., Newton Rocky Future plans: Army Air Force Day, Machinist. LECHIARO SALVATORE C 75 Oak Ave., West Newton Y Warren, IV A, Home Room Representa- tive, Legislature. WILLIAM SCULLY BH 49 Wade St., Newton Highlands I Weeks, l. MALCOLM SHERMAN 625 Beacon St., Newton Centre Mal Suppressed desire: To wear brown shoes to a formal Tilton Preparatory School, l, Dartmouth. GEORGE SKENDERIAN 34 Agawam Rd., Waban Favorite pastime: Horseback riding, read- ing, dancing, plays Advice to sophomores: Knowledge is DCVVCI' ll, Mass. College of Pharmacy. FRANK SOHASHEY 615 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Whiff Favorite pastime: Hockey Future plans: Army Warren, lll A, Radio Club, ELIOT STERLING 21 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Ambition: Engineering Advice to sophomores: Don't take my advice Weeks, l, Harvard, Motion Picture Squad, Chemistry Club. WILLIAM SWEENEY BQH 51 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville I Advice to sophomores: Have a nice time Future plans: Working on a newspaper Day, Printing. 153 ROBERT TOCCE Bob Future plans: Auto dealer Day, 3 A, Auto, General Motor, Yanks. 18 West St., Newton WLLIAM TOOMEY BAM 589 California St., Newtonyille Favorite pastime: Golf Future plans: Service St. Sebastians, ll. RICHARD WEATHERUP 15 Milton Ave., West Newton Dixie Future plans: Bookkeeping School Warren, IV, Bentley's, GEORGE WEIR 719 Watertown St., Newtonville Speed West Philadelphia High, I A, Villanova, Meteorology Club. THURLOW S. WIDGER, JR. 40 Upwey Rd., Wellesley Hills Tom, Widg Favorite pastime: Singing in the shower Pet quotation: "Well I'll be dipped" Berkshire Preparatory, Trade, Cabinet, Architectural School, Home Room Mana- ger. WARREN YOUNG 1272 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Yonk-Yonk Future plans: Marriage Pet quotation: "Put that in writing" Weeks, lll A. GRADUATION PROGRAM NQ J i V 27 -7 J YV ,W Q4 ' 1: "r 3 AUTOGRAPHS T. A-Ich Y5Q- W I-Lv-e-4- WWW W 'km WLMW1 'w'f'l'1Cf'i0C""U"-' w My jg WM if 2429 Maw of I , Wim Zfwiq X ,gal J w' ,I ,gf ff Ziff wif?" AUTOGRAPHS e, of tI'ie NEWTONIAN Advertising Stati, vvouIoI appreciate your patronizing our advertisers, Ior they made possiI3Ie tI1e success of our yearbook. JOEL XXXOLFSON, Editor LQUIS McIVIUI2I2IfI2, Assistant Editor MISS VIRGINIA F. ALIIEIQI, Adviser Congmtulations. . . ,4967'5., QLD SCDUTH IDIioIoEm7rc1vinc7Corp. 99 BEDFORD STREET-BOSTON'MASS' Halftones ! LineCu1'S PHONES COIOI' PICIIES B E RT Y DAY ond NIGHT 2-2042 2-2043 157 For HEALTH, FIGURE and RECREATION BOWL at GARDEN CITY BOWLADROME 20 STREAMLINED ALLEY! 320 WASHINGTON STREET BI 4-4491 NEWTON CORNER A O SINOYAN P Compliments R. ELKINS SHOE STORE 511 MOQDV STREET WALTHAM, MASSACHUSETTS WA 5-5804 Congratulations Graduates if Compliments of NEWTON AUTO TOP I A F R IE N D COMPANY 873 WALNUT STREET NEWTON CENTRE DE Q-1438 I 'I RIGGS FLOWER SHOP MEMBER FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY 2098 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE BI I 4 2 AUBURNDALE Compliments of JAMES H. McMANUS maicer of New EDQIGHOPS most famous IICIE CREAM made with rich heavy cream O 2327 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE fNear Norumbega Parlcj Compliments of THE ELLIOT W. KEYES PHARMACY supplies for every need TAYLOR BLOCK AUBURNDALE, MASS Compliments of JOHN W. CASTOLDI 'Designer and 'Bzzilder of Homes BI 4-35T9 AUBURNDALE, MASS. OVER 75 YEARS A NEWTON INSTITUTION i' COmP'ImmS OI The NEWTON GRAPHIC Newton's Leading Newspaper Joi-IN T. BURNS co. I t Lqnsuqance F I t 3 OI' 5 Comp 2 2 COVCTG C . of Newton events, hap- penings, and news read The Graphic each vveelc 815 WASHINGTON ST. NEWTONVILLE, MASS. Q I The NEWTON GRAPHIC 404 CENTRE STREET Tel. LA 7-4354 LA 7-4834 aspinvvail 7-T 771 samuel cooper, inc. studio of photography 'I6'I7 beacon street Hcoopergrophs live forever brookline 46, mass. 'I6O Compliments of AUGUST OSTERLUND, Inc. NEWTON'S OLDEST NASH DEALER SERVING NEWTON'S MOTORISTS Congratulations . . . Class of 1949 'Ir GARDEN CITY PRINT, INC. A. P. HARTSHORN 13 BOYD STREET, NEWTON, MASS. WASHING GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WAXING MURRAY'S GULF SERVICE GULFLEX REGISTERED LUBRICATION WASHINGTON AND PUTNAM STREETS T Iephone LAseII 'I-9793 WEST NEWTON, MASS. 161 E. D. WRIGHT, Inc. 7JeSoto - Tlymoutlz SALES - PARTS - SERVICE BODY AND FENDER WORK 780 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE DE Q-O88O Phone WAItham 5 4881 .,CRuss0 Uqfzf Studios PHOTOGRAPHS FOR ALL OCCASIONS COMMERCIAL 8: PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS 353 MOODY STREET WALTHAM S. SHAIN COMPANY Established 1908 ,cavzfziefzs - gailovs - Ljleansing Telepho 17 PELI-IAM STREET Blg I 4 3990 NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. WALNUT DRUG COMPANY '?1f'esc1'zlDti01zs BERNARD I-I. DOKTON H- Reg. Ph. 833 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTCDNVILLE SQ. TEL. Blgelovv 4-8970 162 K. G. MAGNUSON Compliments ol O1'1.Sf FLOWERS for ALL OCCASIONS CARESWELL MANOR LANDSCAPE SERVICE SWEET SHOP 0 QOQO Commonwealth Avenue fxuburndale, Massachusetts LA 7-9506 Class plwotograplwer ol The NEXXXTONIAN, 1949 Hlrnewnokf Sfbomo "Photographs of Merif" 1306 BEACON STREET BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS 163 fzi en Footwear of 'Personality for the Entire Family O 767 Beacon Street at Summer LA 7fOOO3 N EWTON'S Inc. SMART CLOTHES for Class or Campus Wear You are cordially invited to come in and browse around Looking entails no obligation 853 Beacon St. QO9Q Comlth. Ave NEWTON CENTRE AUBURNDALE LA 7-7400 LA 7-1930 USPECIALIZING IN HOME COOKED FOODS" efztlza Q Qesiautani Telephone LAseII 7-9576 1988 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. Compliments oi REED'S JENNEY SERVICE STATION 1087 BEACON STREET, NEWTON CENTRE LA 7-9595 'I64 I - 1 ,, .f. 1 , x, UENQA Q 21 ff X 5'!"4'm Compliments ol 1 YT' MERRILL c NUTTING l ' 'AND n ,' 1 K , 3 31 daily? if E. WILLIAM NUTTING Ugg , + EE.-'sf 'R- It matters not to tlwe true Fislweganrwlwetlner lnis baslcet be lull or empty. For l'1im all tlwe joy is in trying. Anal so it is in lile: tlwouglw Lnsuccesslul, earnest endeavor al- 555 CQMMONWEALTH AVENUE WGYS 55985 its f2WdVCl- Noxfrom CENTRE, Mnssfxcgnustns RICH XLBELLINGER lbirvcfon of .ljiunerazi Blg2lOW HX cum n Auv noun iii W-l' llgalow 4-:ou H Q3 fC.'E'1iZTI5fgl'," x7.p.RfL.fRa,f E3 X . -, wg ffimh PM B f n 12 ' X QP Z9 A -u To ljg 61? 00 K Ker1r1edy's Undergrad Shops show you V Q how to rcmk "A's" in oppeorcmce . . . with whip-smort clothes thot major in comfort cmd fine fit. KENNEDY'S UNDERGRAD SHOPS 165 BOYLSTON BOWLADROME "Bowling at itsfinesf' 32 Moclemistic Bowling Lanes ' League and school bowling invited 1260 BOYLSTON STREET Telephone BOSTON KEnmore 7-5573 6'HEADfPuv5g. jggx nun mwnm comms 4asnAunsAcnANluD. I Pap mmm 1.-4 M' Ngwfzase Go. Sold bv H" BOSNJNMASS. Good Drug Stores HUDSON DRUG STORE 265 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON, MASS. MR. SAMUEL GERSIN Bl I 4 8 MASSACHUSETTS HARDWARE AND SUPPLY CO. BUILDERS HARDWARE AND suPPuEs 180 NEWTON STREET, WALT!-IAM 54, MASS. Phone WAItham 5-6711 'I66 CompIiments of the BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS 'Best Wishes to the Class of '49 WABAN SUNOCO STATION 1126 BEACON STREET DANIEL MaCLEAN, P p t T I ph LAseII 7-0878 WEST NEWTON WINE SHOP CERTIFIED DEALERS FOR s. s. PIERCE IMPORTED AND DOMESTIC WINES AND LIQUORS 1997 WASHINGTON STREET FREE DELIVERY WEST NEWTON 167 WEST NEWTON DELICATESSEN CS! Cllloice ,foods fofz the Cjpicwze 1274 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON LA 7-5169 OPEN EVENINGS AND SUNDAYS Compliments OI BOULEVARD PHARMACY The REXALL Store I AUBURNDALE, MASS, BI9eIovv 4-2336 0 rr-456. DANGLEMEVER Reg. Pharm., Prop. BEECHER HOBBS THE MAGNAVOX STORE FOR NEWTON AND BROOKLINE O MAGNAVOX Radio - Phonographs -Television COLUMBIA Long-Playing Records and All Standard Records SMALL RADIOS 8: PHONOGRAPHS O 1416 BEACON ST., BROOKLINE Near Coolidge Corner AS 7-4114 Open Monday and Friday Evenings FRAMES WINDOWS DOORS AUBURN DOOR AND WINDOW CO. 93 BORDER STREET WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. PHILIP F. CACCIATORE BISCIOW 4-3763 168 HAHN DRUG STORE, INC. CARL I-I. ALVORD, REG. PI-IARMACIST o 105 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. PHONE Blgelow 4-0760 Reliable Prescription Drug Storefor Over FUI-y Years I'I CI'l6hdI2f 8a Son INCORPORATED HARDWARE 1193 Centre Street ..... Newton Centre ' 340 Walnut Street ........ Newzonville Telephone BIgeIow 4-4000 796 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Again we say. . . BEST WISHES Again we say . . . GOOD CANDY MADE RIGHT IN SIGHT CHESTNUT HILL GARAGE COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, NEWTON Telephone BI 4-5414 Opposite Boston CoIIege Complete Auto Service 169 THE WEST NEWTON MARKET, INC. 1986 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. Phone: Blgelow 4-31 OO HIGHLAND PHARMACY 999 BOYLSTON STREET - NEWTON I-IIGHLANDS LAseII 7-2400 400 CENTRE STREET Established in 1894 NEWTON CORNER COLEMAN SUPPLY COMPANY "Wl1e1"e 111671, if always az I-Iome Products Show" 15',?Q Discount in Effect for Newton High Alumni CIass '49 For Une Month Eollowing Graduation RADIOS- APPLIANCES - HARDWARE - ETC. MOODY STATIONERY CO. Typewriters - School Supplies WAItham 5-3806 377 MOODY STREET, WALTHAM 170 OFFICE Big I 4-1566 BENJAMIN M. THOMAS PLUMBING and HEATING 431 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON 58, MASS. E. B. THOMAS P A. THOMAS Newton forner Flank! FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS DELIVERY SERVICE "Wh67l you say it with flowers, say it with OURSH TELEPHONE LA 7-6961 374 CENTRE STREET MORTGAGES INSURANCE REA L T0 R 4os CENTRE sT., NEWTON THE NEWTONS mg I 4 6920 AND WELLESLEY Congratulations to the Class of 1949 ewto llager A Weekly Record of Newton Events and Opinions PUBLISHED IN NEWTON BY NEWTON PEOPLE FOR NEWTON PEOPLE 171 J. DEWEY AND CO., INC. GROCERIES, MEATS, FISH AND PROVISIONS CHOICEST FRUITS IN SEASON Blgelow 4-7069 O Blgelow 4-7063 Blgelow 4-7064 Compliments ol WALTER MOORE CLASS OF 1907 Moore 8a Moore, Inc. 361 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON .-l L C mans H A fl 14,1 I I - 5 Kiln iz' NE --"5W'i'R'0I- ,W ff- IN THE HEART OF THE NEWTONS ON BEACON STREET BETWEEN NEWTON CENTRE AND WABAN NEAR ROUTE 128 ,C-H16 SIMPSON HOUSE Qfen' you FOOD THAT IS FAMOUS SERVICE THAT IS SUPERB In an atmosphere of candlelight and soft music which malqes dining a pleasant Relaxation AIR CONDITIONED FOR YOUR COMFORT LUNCHEONS - DINNERS - COCKTAILS BI 4-3356 -- RESERVATIONS Be a Competent and Safe Driver .' CLEVELAND CIRCLE AUTO SCHOOL GEORGE BORNSTEIN, Director One of N. E.'s Oldest Established and Reputable ScI1ooIs Courteous, Patient Instruction is Guaranteed 2003 BEACON STREET - BROOKLINE "Ask About Our Special Guarantee" NANTASKET and ONSET for Summer 179 BEST WISHES ft fu CLASS OF ,4Q THB GBIDB Cflnmnn make Svhnppe LA 1-9980 Congratulations COMPLIMENTS OF Graduates, and NEWTON b ' h T est ww es FLOWER SHOP for your future Q Qi' The REGENT SHOPS 323 WALNUT STREET 322 Walnut Street, Newtonville NEWTONVILLE A BARNETT FABRIC STORES SILKS - WOOLENS - COTTONS - DRAPERIES COMPLETE SEWING ACCESSORIES AND NOTIONS Q60 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON COR ER cqgesf Cmshes to flze Cfass of Zig FROM HENDRICKEN BROS. - jewelers A 7-6661 NEWTON I-HG GREENFlELD'S . C Iiments of Spomjfpmael 140190 Qoniiac Fine Quality Sweaters I GLEN AVENUE NEWTON CENTRE mine 5 for beautiful clothes Boston I providence wellesley hyannis LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Organization Lasell is a two-year junior college. Its Field includes Liberal Arts Curricula and Curricula of Terminal Courses designed to develop economic, social, civic and personal competence. Lasell is a Junior College member ofthe New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and a member ofthe New England Junior College Council, of the American Association of Junior Colleges, and of the American Council on Education. By authority of the Massachusetts Legislature, Lasell grants the degrees of Associate in Arts or Associate in Science to its graduates. Liberal Arts Transfer Curricula CURRICULA OFFERED AT LASELL With courses in English, languages, sciences and social studies parallel with those oFFered in the First two years of senior college. Terminal Curricula Home Economics Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Science Merchandisin Design, inclucing Fashion, Interior Decoration, Advertising, and Craft Technique Academic Music with piano, voice, organ, violin, cello or harp as a major Speech and Dramatics General or Exploratory Curriculum Pre-Professional Curricula Pre-Nursing Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physiotherapy Pre-Clinical Training in Medical Technology Special Students A limited number of qualified students may arrange courses of concentrated effort along certain lines, with the same privileges and advantages as students in the regular courses. For Catalog Address DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, Lasell Junior College, Auburndale 66, Mass. Auburn Door gf Window Company ..... . Barnett Fabric Stores .,..,.......... . Beecher Hobbs ............,..,. . Bertha's Restaurant .... Boulevard Pharmacy . . . Boylston Bowladrome .... Brown, Alfred Studio ...... Burns, John T. Company ...... Careswell Manor Sweet Shop . . Castoldi, John W. ..,.,..... . Chandler, J. H. 8: Son ........ Chestnut Hill Garage .......... Cleveland Circle Auto School... Cleveland, Thomas V. ....... . Coleman Supply Company . . . Cooper, Samuel, Inc. ..... . Dewey, J. 84 Co., Inc. ... Driben ................. Elkins, R. Shoe Store .... Food Fair .........,.,... Fredley's ................. Garden City Bowladrome .... Garden City Print, Inc. .... GreenFieId's ..........., Hahn Drug Store, Inc. ... Hendriclcen Brothers .... Highland Pharmacy .... HiIliard's ........,... Hudson Drug Store .... Hugo Pontiac .......... Kennedy's .......,...... Keys, Elliott W. Pharmacy .... INDEX TO ADVERTISEMENTS Page 168 173 168 164 168 166 163 160 163 160 169 169 172 171 170 160 172 164 158 167 174 158 161 174 169 174 170 169 166 174 165 159 Lasell Junior College ......... Magnuson, K. G. .,..,........ . Mass. Hardware 84 Supply Co. . . . McManus, James H. ......... . Moody Stationery Co. ..... . Moore 84 Moore, Inc. . . . Murray's Gulf Service ...,,. Nervease Company ........... Newton Auto Top Company . . Newton Corner Florist ...,... Newton Flower Shop ....,. Newton Graphic ..... Newton Villager ........... Newton's, Inc. .......,..... . Nutting, Nl. C. 81 E. W. ...... . Old South Photo Engraving Corp. ... . Osterlund, August, Inc. ..,.,. . Reed's Jenney Service Station . . Regent Shops, The ........... Rich 84 Bellinger .,.... Riggs Flower Shop .... Russo Art Studios ,... . Shain, S. Company ..... Simpson House, The ... Thomas, Benjamin M. .... . Waban Sunoco Station .... Walnut Drug Company ...... West Newton Delicatessen ..... West Newton Market, Inc. . . . . West Newton Wine Shop ..... Wright, E. D. Inc. ............... . Ye Olde Towne Bake Shoppe.. Page 175 163 166 159 170 172 161 166 158 171 173 160 171 164 165 157 161 164 173 165 159 162 162 172 171 167 162 168 170 167 162 173 gwwfu' W' 715 Tig' -Y. lg A f , Q .14 t,,a,, Qc fl' , -.Lf 1 I E I E, ,x L .'. -. jf: 1 , . , .W X, V. ..,w.-,pf .,,, - M,-,, - ,:,. 1 2-is 9 " - if "iq: fxfff ' 5 I , , A A -,:Lir,.Q,v gy' -V .wtf ' ' :gf 31 ,. VM ,. ,fm an , .,n.: va . H -f, . W. H.. M. 556 1' V N ' Q . f ,., -, .,4 V+- f , .,,., ,, 1,1-,x,,, .1171 I ,za N HE- jx, -Y zu, V' iii .A .Q14lw?'-4: ' mu - -. 5-f , L , N I 'sf - ,, if '- , . 1 w LF , ' A .1 .lf ' -. . -. a,. ,-v Tr -' -A f r.. 'nn-m..-ummm-.1 ..u-:nl bun.-nunx lim gf l F M, fin .L A f . W Q . gre? QL? 2 W s , JP ws. wi , K if AI 1 BK, VH,: I 1 - T 8 .fr I I 'wwf W Q! fa ' A i, sz , , if UH:- .hi L,- tif 'qv .. ,,,, Asr1QM 1 ,mmf AW fn, 'U 'Q ' QM 'Y Ml " w Q " I M wx H xv A , ,W- 1 fi!" . ,?,Mv5, QI 1, f 45,55 ififii, H W Msn az, mfgf' 1 xx, .. 4? fed "QP l 4 1 ,Li I I ,P M W ff' nv' ,, , I 8 ' W3 -f - , Q,.,f9 .Q - y. . -' V, 4 I' " W U I , 1 W. Q Jazrf .- hir HES? x .., av :E 1. ffl Q 4' N, 11 , 1 A' . ., N j..: 5 ' ., . ,.- fi-,M ' . , A Vw nf..',' 4 , .. 1 . ' ls ual t' .,, Juv ,vw f -v ., sqm fin, Q: 05:9 ""x u A . I , . A .re A. ' , xfiw Sis. 4, A . . f -'fagi ,M --'12-.Kwm-,,, u':e..g2I' ew,-Ei ,,-. gv'-W-'r, -,.,,Q'f? 1 A 12 f' '- f 45. .45 ' fm "35'f ,.1'i .l?x,31 ' - Q 'L "Q

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