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LMa..w.u5euM-J T:-. --,I . L,cuA:bL-fl34-ea- WM-bi. if U -fx MQ X M NHNTONIAN SENIIIR ANNUAL - ',- , - R IllllllCd'l'lllN Today we stand at the threshold oi a new world, as we nanse for a glanoe at the past, we realize that we are leaving hehind ns nothing oi ahiding worth. Instead, all our exnerienoes, all our friends, the teaohers we have some to know, the hooks we have loved, the mnsio we have oherished, the ohallenges we have iaoed and oonqnered - all these have heoome a living part ol ns, a gnide and an inilnenoe on onr individual ways oi life. lleoanse ' 2 ix? our graduation marks net an ending but a eentinuatien ei our grewth inte mature, happy, understanding adults, we dedieate this heek te the times te eemeg we dedicate this hunk te . . . IIUR TOM0llROW. FACULTY AIIMI I TRATIU MR. RAYMOND A. GREENE Principal DR. C, ELWQQD DRAKE Assistant Principal IN MEMORIAM MISS CAROLINE DOONAN Miss Caroline M. Doonan will be long remembered by her hosts of friends. 'Her death has been a distinct loss to the pupils and faculty of Newton High School. An outstanding woman and teacher, she gave more than forty years of unstinted service to the school she dearly loved. Miss Doonan was born in Wellesley and enjoyed living there all her life. She graduated from Wellesley High School and received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Wellesley College :Class of 1901. Further study included summer courses at Mount Holyoke College, and Harvard, Boston, and Columbia Universities. She came to Newton in 1903 and taught in the Burr School until 1911. From 1911 until 1947 she was a teacher in Newton High School. Granted a leave of absence, 1918-1919, she was head of the Department of English, South High School, Cleveland. For five years she was assistant to Professor Charles Swain Thomas in his Teaching of English course, Harvard School of Education, and for three years she was an evening lecturer in Correct English under the auspices of the Boston Chamber of Commerce. Ever a loyal member of the New England Association of Teachers of English, she served as presi- dent in 1940-41. She was a member of the Board of Directors of the National Council of Teachers of English, she had been on the executive board of the Harvard Teachers Associates and had served her school, her profession, and her community in many other ways. Written by MR. RINKER, taken from the'.Nr-wlonite of January 14, 1948. 8 J TllAl'lIllll' Row I: Mr. March, Miss Flora Smith, Mr. Lester Williams, Miss Margaret South, Dr. C. Elwood Drake - Assistant Principal, Mr. Andrew W, Steinhope, Mr, Francis J. Foster. Row ll: Mr. Charles W. Peterson, Mr. Harold M. Hawks, Mr. John C. Hall, Mr. Frank Simmons, Mr. Charles Considine, Mr. Carl L. Swan. Row l: Miss Elsa W. Stone, Miss Roberta Miller, Miss Ashley, Miss Mary K. Tormey, Mr. Charles H. Mergenclahl, Mr. Sterling Williams, Mr. William L. Winston, Mr. Charles E. Chase, Mr. E. Victor Knapman. Row Il: Miss Murray, Mr. Donald B. Mitchell, Miss Charlotte M. Simon, Mrs. Dorothy Huss, Miss Helene D. Brievogel, Miss Jayne Jewett, Miss Muriel Smith, Miss Alyce Jagus, Miss Helen C. Miles, Mr. Frederick Holmes. Row Ill: Miss Maude Shippee, Mr. Gerald Boicourt, Mr. T. L. Sirrmcns, Mr. Donald Davidson, Mr. Malcom P, Gallagher, Mr. Robert S. Harris, Mr. Kenneth G, Packard, Mr. Larry Anderson, Mr. Henry Bissex. 9 Row I: Mr. Forrest F. Paige, Miss Elvajean Hall, Miss Irene Haworth, Miss Helen B. Lee, Miss Helen White, Miss Alice A. Alden, Miss Ann Sanguinetti, Miss Kathleen O'Connell, Miss Frances umin. Row II: Mr. Houston, Mrs. Jean W'iens, Mrs. Johns, Miss Elizabeth Jewett, Miss Ethel Ham, Miss Eleanor Richmond, Miss Helen Cotton, Miss Helen Sweeney, Miss Gladys F. Davis, Miss Ruth M. Twiss. Row III: Mr. Howard Ferguson, Mr. Francesco C. Argento, Mr. E. Wiest, Mr. Leo Barry, Mr. Fitz, Mr. Gray, Mr. James A. Boyd, Dr. George A. Land, Mr. Ralph M. Sanborn. Row I: Mr. Henry Lasker, Miss Jaclson, Miss Helen Nute, Miss Majorie Morray, Miss Eleanor Sampson, Miss Mary L. Waters, Miss Moira Sullivan, Miss Kennedy, Miss Emily P. Burdon. Row II: Miss A. Hortense Church, Mrs. Jordan, Miss Edith Rideout, Miss Cecile Giroux, Miss Frances L. Mendell, Mr. Bailey, Miss Bates, Mr. Thomas Walters, Mr. Horace Kidger. Row III: Mr. Daniel F. Koughan, Mr. Reginald Smith, Mr. William E. Connors, Mr. Edward Poslcitt, Mr, Wesley Merritt, Mr. Harry Anderson, Mr. Roland Heintzleman, Mr. Jerome Cutting, Mr, Lamoine Boyle. 'IO TEACHER Row I: Mr. Albert A. Dulac, Mr. John l-l. Murray, Mr. Frank J. Toscano, Mr. Edwin R. l-lale, Mr Nelson E. Burnside, Mr. John L. Sullivan, Mr. T. Vincent l-lutton. Row II: Mr. Philip L. l-loule, Mr. Orrin M. Brawn, Mr. Leon L. White, Mr. Robert G Densmore Mr. George C. Batt, Mr. William G. Johnstone, Mr. Lawrence G. Drury. Rowgll: Mr. J. Joseph Ward, Mr. Edward P. Boulter, Mr. Carter, Mr. Brulett, Nr. Edward A ingston. ' 'Vi I I 'IIQDIINT EXECUTIVE COUNCIL LEGISLATURE Adviser ..... Mr. Horace Kidger 'IQ ADMI1 I 'I'liATl0N ORANGE SHIELD Adviser .... Mr. Francis J. Foste I-IOME ROOM MANAGERS Adviser ...... Mr. Carl Swan 13 ELECTED ASSOCIATES SENIOR CLASS 14 LEADER 1 JUNIOR CLASS SOP!-IOMORE CLASS 1 5 lul'll'l'illlS Newton l-ligh School feels deeply honored to be able to share our campus with the veterans attending the Junior College and high school. These veter- ans, besides organizing their own sports and activity teams, have had a great deal of influence upon high school life. The Newtonian is certain that by their presence the veteran group has stimu- lated mature thinking and mature action among the entire student bodyf and wishes to express the honor and pride which the whole school feels to be in- herent in the presence of the vets. ewtonian taii Editor-in-Chief CELESTE LOMBARD! Assistant Editor ELEANOR GUZZI Adviser MR. STERLING WILLIAMS Assistant Advisers MR. HENRY BISSEX MISS MARGARITA ELLS Business Manager MAURICE BURG, Editor SUMNER GOCHBERG Activities BURTON PIKE, Editor SYLVIA SCHRIBMAN GILDA PEARLMAN DAVERA BENSON ESTHER ROTENBERG ELIZABETH SALUSTRO GRACE SWAN TED CRON Advertising JUDITH FRIEND, Co-Editor KEVIN MCNAMARA, Co-Editor LOUIS MIHALAKOS DOROTHY BIGELOW BESTY BUCK SUSAN FRIEND ANNE CROSBY DIANA DAVISON GRETCHEN FRIEND PAT WHITTIER MARIE EWEN SUSAN BEDARD ELENOR KNOOP BARBARA GLUCK ANNE RICHARDSON PATRICIA BURNS Art BETTY OSTERLUND, Editor BETTY GLIEM EDWARD NYREN DOROTHY CUMMINGS Circulation JOHN MCALOON, Editor KENNITH MCKUSICK KEVIN MCNAMARA DOROTHY FERRIS POLLY HEENAN Data JOAN HARLAN, Editor LEONARD FARWELL EDWARD FISCI-IER MARJORIE MARTIN CAROL TABER PATRICIA LYONS Features MADELINE STEWART, Editor PAUL O'NEIL JOAN BARNES JOHN KENNEDY DOROTHY SMITI-I CAROL SMITH MAXINE NICHOLS Photography ' Q WALTER F. BARKER, Editor Proof ANNE ORTH, Editor TREVA KNIGHT ELIZABETH McOWEN Sports DAVID ROGERS, Co-Editor NATALIE NEWBY, Co-Editor GENE LEVINE ELLA GONFRADE ANTHONY ORLENDELLA SHIRLEY SIEBERG Treasurer DAVID BROWN Typing BARBARA SWITZER, Editor JOANNE GILLIAND JANE BUTARO PENELOPE MULRAIN ISABEL KUTZ 17 zxcnvumgs 1 'C if 1 .f V.,.n' K ,I 1' fi,-. 1' 1 ' ' EYE 1' ' . V3-is I - 'TZ w .k4+ffi?221:. 'fm f' "NNW, -f ,.v.v.,f V -. ag A V ,5 .- . - av' -. ' 3 . ds, V U -:vw fi - 7 ,,- .,,- A V Q I , D ' wg. 1 E12 I: 'L-L., V-E '-22564 1 ' f' 4 R-51" V '5 -.1 ' 'f:3':-Q. . f- V - . 1 ' I nfs. ' '11 rw:-V' 'fag .V 4. , 'e.1.,. - if - - 1-., -: -' - .Ap . -f f He-4 ' -as , ea--V V - .2 "Mem--V ' I " ' V V 1 .V iff ' ' . .. hrs.-".,V f Q ' ' .: 97163 ui xv- f ,f-4212? - L r .. -, '. A 9 -ff? " QQ . L 5,,.:g:-:S1'V,il':-' .rim - W --Jr- 1- -H . ...,,umtzJ- ng . 15--' Z .- .f 4 ..g,g:f1f?3r1-' -'-V-: L ., - .N.g.5'1L41- " 'X' . xv-5' i - K' ""' ll Y 'Ill 0l'llllIlY Uil lll'l' x I I " U 5 - mdvvd' 0 V25- 0 . .3 . A I I Q TIl1'I'l' ' lllll' lil 'IINWI' Pl l'l'V T-Ti' N-if ,Q--V X ll0Pd. 4 :Ji '71 V, Ji N 'YR . , :QV - '-' 1" -.J U s ' ,m:.:,:. 56- 'T E' 1? WSI' ' '14 .sg 4 nz . ' 'rr Fig- -5-,Qi W, V 'Size-: , " :Sim -iii?-1 E5 '51 mia., -I-, -. P , ff'-'H' Q It 1 X' ST" Q. qi- , ff-55 :ffm .fa . -. ---1 V R 'Q-:E "" "" - ' ' fa, f 5' .if 15' ws- ' '31 : 4 - 4-fr N V' f vlwilgtpj iffy? 'gh . , TI --iii 'Q .5 -:ww V .1 ..f. . 1. wr at-. V' -V -Vg. .RYE fr? wr. 4- --.:- E453 i 2:11 - ' - ' ' - . 1- ,, - ' FY' 5113-,'a: -fr " .-,' -' . 9 : .,' N , 1414- - .sl JV ' ' I 215' gf ' - L A-:V-5 ,wif un 32 aj 41.335,-I : J' - ' ,. 5: 3-A 4.,wVL. -' 'fx 2. 65? .I ' 4 5 'V . -. .fr z an "f'i-v:,fw".ff-1215?-, s I if if 1' . .V ' m f rig 2,612-, if---... ' -' V "1 - EA '5 J, w --fa V ' . "1 - - .V x- : -: ' fr . if .VT V 4 T2 Pi' ' ' " ' ' Q ' -' 5 s' ff f- Ae CV - A -. 'QQ .gg "ii'a2:Q,, '- "-xgE:y:1,f.. , 1 V- if - V' ' . ' , ,- . --- -U., 3. , - ,935 .A-7, :V V, V : . hg e- J QQ- ZQQQ . V I ..QglxLjf,g2:-L., 3 1.4.5 I . , .. :- V. . -- H- "-ffaifsazz -1-V.s+ f - J -- ,e 4 - ., xx- Q-, . "H-ifix. V . ' ,' ' - . Q' cw, ' --s N. fe aa..---.X .,-:-f- -+-' X -..f.:.. . -. - " 5. 395' es: "eg42f2g11n,, '--.if -1 , - 1' .Y - , I Q 2'5'3Hg25,ih -as xiii M"-1,..1'1' L f --' 'fur-fflfii F: WY--a2G'44iiIie'E- ...J-..-., ,. - -------V.-2..- A 'f'Lf- 1- - ' '- ik QS V QQ.,V'fQ.fff'-A,..f:'g,.'-1Ai"fi3,'.3':'g"':f'-t55-2'-gf-3-'?-gf-ww--4-sw-L:-2-2' fc - FV .. 1, .,.-f'-1. X 'siff'-fe-S-"'1 g,g V . - "H" " .515 "W: wi " ' -- --. V F? .J-,-gm , . - - --X ---' - -V --'-','-. ..:-. .LV:V. 1 ' : V.w::-:Jim ...V:-. .::. - - .V....-V ,- ,-.V,:-:,x.-, .N :wg .,.. --bl ,V,,., fy,-y,g.g,-4..V,,f,:Zg President. . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Adviser NJ-IS Alpha Beta The purpose of Alpha Beta is to give sophomores an opportunity to develop interests similar to those pursued by members ol the English Club. During the course of the year several guest speakers were heard, and club members themselves presented interesting pro- grams at the other monthly meetings. . Harriet Sears . Marcia Collins . . . Marcia Egan . . . Nancy Bruce Mr. Trumbull L. Simmons 90 948 Alpha Gamma Tau Are the people always mathematically correct? How many ways are there to prove the Pythagorean Theorem? These are but a few ofthe questions which the members of Alpha Gamma Tau try to answer as they combine fun with educa- tion in studying mathematics. Among the highlights ofthe year were informative talles by Mr. Charles l-l. Mergendahl, Professor T. E. Mergen- dahl of Tufts College, and John Ken- nedy, the Clubs president. The club also had a party celebrating its twenty- filth anniversary. For the second year the club spon- sored a Mathematics Tournament among seven surrounding high schools. Last year one ol our members, Alan Chand- ler, won first place. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Club Advisers . John Kennedy Edward Fischer . . . . . PhyIlisE.Page . . . . . David Brown Charles H. Mergendahl Frances L. Mendell f-r Qui, N. Secretary . . Natalie Newby Treasurer . Kevin McNamara Adviser . Miss Helen Miles N445 Art Club Une ol the requirements ol luture Art Club members is a pair ol legs to climb the hundred-odd steps to the fourth Floor ol Building One. Alter these heights have been attained, a per- son with the necessary talent can join the happy crowd ol artists as they paint- sculpture, slcetch, design, and engage in all the other mysterious rites in which the members ol the Art Club participate on the second Thursday of each month. At the end ol the year, an exhibition was held showing the members' accom- plishments in their various Fields. 948 Aviation Ululi The Aviation Club, an association lor the air-minded youth of Newton l-ligh meets monthly ior discussion oi their favorite topic. The club had a varied and interesting program this yeari they saw several oiiicial naval and air corps Films, and had as one oi their most in- teresting spealeers Mr. Louis Andrews oi Newton, who mal4es airplanes his hobby. The most exciting meeting oi the year came in the spring, when sev- eral members oi the club received an aiternoon of actual Flight instruction at the Naval Air Base at Squantum. President . Vice-President Secretary l Treasurer I Adviser . Richard Terhune . . . John Kunkjuin Norma Gildersleeve Mr. Charles Chase President . Vice-President Secretaries . Treasurer . Librarian . Student Leader Drum Majorette Director . William l-'lovey John Kennedy l Eloise Wright l Estelle Page Barbara Curtis David Young Douglas Haven Audrey Shriber . . Mr. Wesley Merritt Nl-IS Band The Band members rehearse Saturdays, S-Bloclrs, and many afternoons through- out the year in order to increase our en- joyment ol lootball, basketball, hocl4ey, and baseball games. The band presented several concerts during the spring, and played lor many assemblies cluring the year. The members received some snappy, well-deserved new uniforms. The famous Band Slcits ol 1947 included: "Joe Banana and his Bunch," "Trade Talces Over," "Tribute to Our Coach," "l-lello to the Class A. Chumps, 'l946," "Newton Shines Up the Shoe City," "Red Feather Plumes in the Garden City," ml:eudin' and Fightin'," "Mus- tang and Tiger," "Accidents Will Hap- pen,'l "Newton Can Win in King fNrthur's Court," and "Freedom Train." 948 Boy's Chorus The Boys' Chorus, much larger and more melodious than the barber shop quartet, is one ol the best musical organ- izations ol Newton High. It is open to sophomores, juniors, and seniors. For important presentations, both in school and outside, the Boys' Chorus joins with its "Sisters of Song," the Glee Club. Noteworthy events in which the chorus toolc part this year included Christmas Vespers, a musical comedy, the Spring Concert, and an assembly program. President , . . . Walter Barker Vice-President .... Rupert Amann Qnd Vice-President . . Elinor DeStafano Secretary . . . , . Ann Lawless Treasurer , . . Kenneth Prentiss Adviser . Mr Sterling Williams Nl-IS Camera Club With an appeal as old as tlwe lamily album, tlwe Camera Club lwas had a con- sistently large membership. Camera clubbers are of necessity an active group, and tlieir accomplislwments will serve tliem well in tl'ie luture. lfvery montli has its program, and every program its practical value. Beginning in tlwe Fall witli tlwe meclwanics ol a camera, tlwis yearis agenda expanded to talce on tlwe various types ol cameras lrom tlie simple box Brownie to tlwe latest in Graphics. Two sessions followed on tlwe fundamentals of taking good pictures and film developing. Club members also entered several contests, First among tlieir own ranlcs, tlwen witli Brookline, and Finally in tlwe national Eastman Kodak contest. 948 Chemistry Club Although chemistry clubs are notori- ous lor their disturbing habit ol blowing up buildings, the Newton l-ligh Chemis- try Club is not Cas yetl guilty ol this faux pas. The club concentrated this year on a study of hydroponics, the science ol soil- less gardening. Practical studies were also conducted in the Fields ol lood and plastics. At the end ol the year, the club con- ducted a gastronomic experiment with various chemicals, vitamins, and minerals, mixed with certain other chemical com- pounds and washed down with solu- tions of CO9 under pressure, to prove the theory that the best way to close a club year is with a party. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser . . Newell Trask . . Lee Seigal . Phyllis Page . . Paul Reid Mr. John C. Hall President . . . . Robert Stuart Vice-President . . Peter Gdvidn Secretary . . . . Stephen Pilcher Treasurer . .,,. Sylvia Sarafian Adviser . , Mr. Malcolm P. Gallagher Nl-IS Debating Club The violent polemics to be heard in 1305 ol a Thursday alternoon merely signifies the gathering ol the Debating Club. lwo members who have volun- teered at the previous meeting talce op- posite sides ol a controversy selected by the club. A mediator chosen from the club otliciates, and when both sides have been heard, the spealcers question each other. Then the debate is turned over to the spealcers. Every member is given a chance to participate in either the debates or the spirited discussions following. The club tries to develop in its members a better lcnowledge ol vital issues and seelts constructive solutions to current problems. This spring the Debating Club partici- pated in a debate with our traditional rival, Brookline lpligh. 948 Drama Club The purpose ol the Drama Club is to give all those Juniors and Seniors pos- sessing dramatic talent a chance to gain practical experience through participat- ing in the productions ol worthwhile plays. Last September, tryouts were conducted lor all who wished to join, since membership is limited, only the most talented were selected. A popu- lar trio, the Raleigh Brothers and Larry Lee ol the Lee Brothers, entertained at thisyeafsfirstmeeting. Theclubpartici- pated in Christmas Vespers, this year's Drama Club playflpeg 0'My l'leart," fol- lowed in February. All ol the members had an opportunity to do their parts in serving on the various committees as well. Members also participated in play read- ings. A theatre party, planned as a feature ol regular club activity, was another pleasant undertalcing. President . . Vice-President Secretary . . Treasurer . Adviser . Kenneth Mcliusick Carol Holmes Betty Osterlund Louis Mahalikos Mrs. Jean Wiens Adviser . . Mrs. Jean Wiens Drama Club Pla The happy ending ol untutored pegis adventures in the home ol her "cultured" English aunt, Mrs. Chichester, provided a Fitting climax in entertainment on Val- entines Day. Peg 'O My Hear! could not have found a more receptive audi- ence than Newton l-ligh. The cast in the order ol their appear- ance: Mrs. Chichester . . . Nancy MacMillan Jarvis, the butler .... Merrill Kabler Ethel,Mrs.Chichester's daughter Janice Pearson Alaric, Mrs. Chichesterls son William Gersumlcy Christian Brent . . , Norman Vincent Peg ...,... Helen Doliber Montgomery Hawkes, solicitor Donald Finburg Maid ..... Betty Osterlund Jerry . . . . Paul O'Neil Michael, a dog. . . . Himself Pet,adog. . . l-lerself 948 Drama Work hop The ladies' answer to the stage crevv is the Drama Work Shop. These women ol the hammer and brush, in order to learn the backstage part oi a play, do everything from applying paint to back- drops to applying make-up to the stars. Alter a few months spent in learning the art of backstage magic, they can hold their own with any man in staging a production. Alter learning the ropes, the girls may, ii they wish, specialize in one ol the many Fields of life behind the curtain. ln minor plays and musicals the girls have handled the lighting, scenery, and sound effects, as well as props. Adviser . Mr. Charles Peterson 1- President . . . . Esther Rotenberg Vice-President . . Carol Quigley Secretary . . .... Ann Orth Treasurer . . . . . Deborah B'ush Adviser . Miss Irene M. Haworth Nl-IS English Club The English Club, the oldest and one of the largest clubs in Newton l-ligh, seelcs to malce its programs reflect the pleasure which can be obtained from English as a hobby. The casual observer may see the mem- bers ol the club visiting one ol Boston's fine libraries, worlcing on a club project ol recording the lives ol famous Newton High graduates, or listening to poetry recordings or well-lcnovvn spealcers. The club's spring pilgrimage this year was to the Wayside lnn. Varied programs such as these exhibit the educational and enjoyable activities ol the English Club. 948 French Club The best way to learn French is to spealc it, and so, once a month, French students get together to converse, see movies, read newspapers and hear speak- ers-all in French. Cpoclcet dictionaries are very much in evidencej Sending paclcages ol food, clothing, school sup- plies and other badly needed articles to France is another ol the club's activities. ii the club members can understand French, bien, if they can learn to spealc it fluently, tries bien. President . Vice-President Secretaire . Tresorier . Adviser . . . Mortimer Guiney Betty Lou Rivers . Jacques Berard . . . . SalIyLord Miss Mary L. Waters President . . . . Mortimer Guiney Vice-President . . . Joan Harlan Secretary . . . Elizabeth Buck Treasurer . . . . Anne Scott Adviser ..... Miss Edith Rideout Nl-IS Future Teachers This year a group ol seniors interested in the teaching profession organized a new club, The Future Teachers of America. The students availed themselves of the many opportunities otlered by the club to investigate all the aspects ol the prolession. The members were pleased to Find, when the club formed, that they would be able to visit classes in Newton and neighboring communities. These visits were designed to give members of the club an insight into the various tech- niques of teaching. Other activities dur- ing the year included a visit to the Boston University School ol Education, and tallcs by several spealcers. l 948 German Club Der Deutsche Verein was reorganized two years ago by interested students of the German classes. Since then it has ottered to its members an opportunity to become acquainted vvitln tlwe customs and people of Germany, and to provide extracurricular practice in German. Featured this year vvas the United States Army course for learning conver- sational German. Parts of this 'l5O-lnour intensive course were played eaclw month, the members following the con- versations on the records with the printed manuals provided. Glee Ulubs N -I-I S Adviser ,.... Mr. Wesley Merritt L 1 w 36 948 lllterllational Club ln the good old days, when our grand- fathers carved their initials in the deslcs of Newton High, the scope of their problems was seldom broader than a mastery of the three l2's. How different things are for us todayl The newly- formed International Club offers its members many opportunities to lceep in- formed on the perplexing current prob- lems of the world. Several club members attended the l'larvard Law School Forum on Domestic and lnternational Affairs every two weelcs during the year. A speaker, films, correspondence with students around the world, and trips to the Bab- son lnstitute to see the famous Army Air Corps map, and to the Christian Science Building Nlaparium, filled a successful season. President . . . . . Joan Doyle Vice-President . . Louis Mihalalcos Secretary . . . . John Rosemond Adviser . . . Mr. Robert Harris Adviser . Mr. Henry Laslcer N l-I S Junior- enior Girls' Chorus "Come one, come all" might be the motto of the Junior-Senior Chorus, lor its membership is not limited by anything other than the ability to carry a tune. its major purpose is to extend to all junior and senior girls an opportunity lor unison and harmony chorus worlc, and to the more gifted members, an op- portunity for experience in solo per- lormances. The chorus participated in several con- certs throughout the year, the most out- standing ol which was their appearance with the Glee and Drama Clubs at the Christmas Vespers, in which traditional Christmas Carols were presented. A select group also was used as an An- tiphonal choir ollstage to give the presen- tation an ethereal ellect. There was also the yearly spring concert, in which the chorus had an important role. 948 Latin Club The modern Romans of the Ldefi Laiifli have discarded togas and brought Latin up to date. The club devotes its monthly meetings to Latin games, movies, slides, and pageants, and even goes so lar as to translate Lflingle Bellsi' into our ances- tral tonguel Many oi the ramifications of the Latin language are explored, as well as the cultural and social aspects deal of entertainment and enjoyment at the meetings of the Laeti Latini. Did We see Cicero smiling? President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser . Virginia Toppan . Helen Turner . . Barbara Tuthill Joyce Schwartzman Miss Elizabeth Jewett President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer Adviser . . . Carol Moore Joanne Gilliland Elizabeth McOwen ' Margaret Caira Miss Elvajean Hall Nl-IS Library Club The Library Club, in addition to pro- viding enjoyment for its members, per- forms an indispensable service to the school by maintaining the libraries. The members shelve booles, lceep them in order, act as messengers between li- braries, and paste poclcets and date slips in books and periodicals. At meetings this year, literary subjects, current boolcs, and topics pertaining to efficient library management were dis- cussed. Trips during the year were made to the Christian Science Monitor Publishing l"louse and the Boston Athe- naeum. 948 Meteorology Club The Meteorology Club is an out- growth of vvorl4 clone by the Physics Department during the war on pre-Flight training, This lall, a number ol students interested in weather-predicting lormed the present club. The purpose of the group is to maintain a weather station and mal4e daily observations and lore- casts. Members work in rotation in posting day-by-day forecasts. During its First year, the Meteorology Club visited local weather stations at Bedford Army Air Base, Logan lnter- national Airport, and the Blue l'lills Cb- servatory. Several spealcers, including professional forecasters and former serv- ice personnel, entertained the club dur- ing the year. Another club project was the compilation ol a unique scrap bool: containing photographs anddata concern- ing the First year olsuccesslul operation. President . . . . Newton Hinckley Vice-President . . Michael Kalajian Secretary . . . . Newell Trask Treasurer ...... John Kennedy Adviser .... Mr. Donald Davidson ln Charge of Weather Station . Paul Miller President Secretary Treasurer Publicity Adviser . John Kennedy . Jean Falconer . Alice Lillegard l Elayne Ullian l Burton Pike Mr. Henry Lasker Nl-lS Music Club ln the past iew years the Music Club has grown from a small group to one oi the most popular organizations in the school. lnterest in music is the club's only requirement. This year three hun- dred pupils joined. The majority oi the meetings this year were devoted to quest artists, including Nicolas Slonimsky, Arthur Fiedler, Lulcas Foss, Boris Goldovsky, and Leonard Bernstein. Several concerts were pre- sented by club members who were tal- ented both vocally and instrumentally. 9 4 8 ational Honor Society President . . Douglas Haven Vice-President . . David Brown Secretary . Mary Lou Lyon Treasure , Paul O'Neil 43 President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser . . Prescott Clark . Priscilla Clark . . Faith Weden . . Charles Jenkins Miss Ann Sanguinetti N445 eophytes Composed ol students interested in dramatics, the Neophytes are would-be Thespians who have had no previous training. This year's group acted out a play lor themselves, tried a radio skit, did read- ing and held a theater party. They also heard a reading by Miss Ann Sanguinetti, and studied pantomiming. As the Final and major project oi the year, the Neophytes staged One Who Came to Gettysburg for the Memorial Day Assembly. 948 ewtonian The yearbook which you now hold is the product oi long hours of hard work on the part ol the stall. Work was begun on it during the summer of 1947, and since then the editors and stall members have done their best to give you a book to be proud of. The hope ol all who worked on this Newtonian is that "0ur Tomorrow," the tomorrow oi our class, collectively and as individuals, will be as illustrious as our high school years have been. As you turn these pages, and see yourself and your friends in them, think of the high points of your high school life- your activities, sports, and social events, which also appear in this yearbook, and which will give you so much pleasure to look back upon in time to come. Z' Adviser . I Mr. Sterling Williams Adviser . Mr. Harry Walen N-l-IS ewtonite Journalism has long been rcmanticized as a lile ol continual hair-raising adven- ture, each culminating in a dramatic rush to the City Room, with a hero-reporter screaming, "Stop the pressesln The Newtonite deviates, slightly, from this enticing standard. Dramatic it ls- especially when the electricity is shut oll early, leaving a fumbling stall with a Flashlight lor illumination! Adventure, however, is usually confined to stalking various laculty members a la Sherloclc Holmes, to obtain an interview. For a second year, the Newtonite has been published bi-weelcly by the class in journalism. An editorial board was elected every term, by the end ol the year, over hall the group had occupied editorial positions. 948 ewtonite Business Staff The Business Staii oi the Newtonite is comprised oi a group of students who have volunteered to give up one Monday afternoon every two weelcs to set up the Newtonite dummy sheets in room 'lQ6. ln addition all the staff members sell advertising space to the merchants of the Newtons and surrounding communities. This past year has been an auspicious one. The stati has averaged well over one- hundred column inches of advertising per issue. The infrequently publicized staff members vvorlc hard and energetically for the good of a good cause. if Editor-in-Chief Assistant Editor Business Editor Assistant Business Adviser . . Assistant Adviser . Paul Kaminslci . Carol Holmes Ernest A. Broberg Editor . Maurice B. Burg . . Miss Caroline Doonan Miss Ethel Ham Nl-IS llrange Book To a sophomore, the Orange Boolr is a combination ol loest pal, Saint Bernard, and counselor. Throughout his First lew vveelcs, it guides him to the cafeteria, the telephone, or the detention room. It outlines school activities and explains the by-laws ol Newton l-ligh. Every spring, tvvo editors and two business managers are chosen from the junior class by the Board of Publications. With the aid ol a selected group of classmates, this statl compiles the ma- terial into a Finished handboolc. 948 0rchestra Pity the poor junior on the third Floor ol Building lwol The din of S-Block is appallingi the shops below, the con- struction without, ancl the orchestra. The orchestra is by lar the most enjoy- able ol these, as the student may, if he has music in his sole, tap his foot in time with Beethoven's Egmont overture or the latest Rodgers-Hammerstein pro- duction. This year the orchestra played for the Drama Club play, the Senior Play, and graduationi an ensemble gave a concert at Wayland High School. The major worlc of the year was Schubert's Un- Hnished Symphony. Concert-Masters Personnel Manager Librarian . . PublicityManager. . . lDaniel Abbott l Channing Kempf . Helen Doliber . Sylvia Bernard . Burton Pike Director . . . . Mr. Donald March President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser . Louise Dhionis Marion O'Brien . . Gloria Arale Barbara Carver Miss Alice Jagus Nl-IS Uuting Club The most energetic club in Newton High is the Outing Club. Every year the members defy aches, sprains, and bruises to enjoy ice slcating, toboggan- ing, roller slcating, bowling, Fishing, hilc- ing, bicycling, canoeing, horsebaclc rid- ing, and trips to shows and games. These girls Csorry, no males alloweclll are always on the go. When they do talce time out for a rest, they can tell the world the most interesting tales about the girls who have done the most, seen the most, and heard the most in and around Boston. 948 Personalit Club Coming oll the Hassembly line" at the end ol the year, the members ofthe Per- sonality Club are in themselves a tribute to the club's studies. During the course of the first-Thursday-of-the-month meet- ings the girls engage in an intensive ex- amination of the etlects on the personality of voice, grooming, health, dress, and manners. Ditterent experiments with these media are conducted to determine the most effective approach to each one. These experiments are combined with instruction in the arts of developing poise, by cultivating a variety of interests and the ability to get along well with others. Result: a pleasing personality! President . . . Barbara McLelldn Vice-President . . Beverly Quartermain Secretary . . . Phyllis Muldoon Treasurer . . . Vivien Cohen Adviser . . Miss Clara Ashley Adviser . Mr. William Winston N145 Projectors This group of deserving boys gives lreely both time and eilort to mal4e our education more understandable and en- joyable. This year audio-visual aids have been in greater use than ever, and the members ol the squad have had to vvorlt correspondingly harder. They rendered valuable service in the presen- tation ol a series of movies started this year by the Department of English. The classroom movies shown throughout the year would not have been possible with- out the assistance ol the man behind the projector. 948 Puppeteers The only club with the distinction ol having dummies vvorlc for them - or where they worlt to make the dummies is the Puppeteers Club. This newly formed club, the malcers of mobile Charlie Mc- Carthies, gives students with talented Fingers a chance to create their own characters and have them perform on the stage. This year the members designed and presented a puppet play under the direction of Miss Alice Kennedy, club adviser. Next year's production threat- ens to push William Shakespeare off his pedestal when the Puppeteers present another of their puppet epochs. Nl-IS Radio Club The only people in Newton High who do not object to being called Uhamsn are the radio club members, who meet twice a month in the trade school radio room. From then on, any sounds that emerge from the basement of Build- ing Two are purely accidental. Short wave, police calls, music, Dallas, Shang- hai, and static flow forth in a never- ending torrent of sound. Receiving, however, is not all that the Radio Club does. ln past years the boys have studied radio theory and built their own receivers, sound amplifiers, and transmitters. 948 Rally Committee "Newton Can Winl" The Familiar orange challced slogans which appeared on our homeroom hlaclcboard during the football season were the worlc of the Rally Committee. Displaying an excel- lent show of teamworlc, they made the rounds of rooms each weelc to arouse student interest in our football squad. The schoolroom counterpart ol the Cheer Leaders, the Rally Committee played an important part in publicizing Newton's fall games, and helped put the season over. UCome on Newton!" 1 N445 ature Club lnterest in science this year has grown considerably, and this enthusiasm is due mostly to the activities of the new Science Club. The club sponsored an excellent speaker, and was the leading force behind the successlul lair held for the First time in several years. The large student response to the Science Fair has en- couraged the club to plan new and bigger projects for next year, in addition to the laboratory work done by the members. 948 Senior Pla HQ, l-lEN-reel" -lhat line brought the curtain down on this yearis senior play, fl COr1neCtiCut Yanlree in King Arthur? Court. The seniors are proud ol the members of their class who took part in this produc- tion, both on and behind the stage. The cast will never forget the worlc they put in during the long rehearsals ol the play, or the enjoyment they got out ol it. The pIay's enthusiastic reception was a Fitting reward lor all those who helped malce it a success. Douglas Haven Jane Ellis Carol Wolcott Mortimer Guiney Patricia Lyons Leon Avalcian Adviser Boone Gross Selma Borenstein Richard Whittinghill Patricia Carver Janice Pearson William Whitney Miss l-lelen Sweeney Adviser . Miss Margaret South Nl-IS ovial Room lf anybody is loolcing for the only place in Newton l'ligh where he may relax in comfort, let him direct his feet to the Social Room. There he may play cards, listen to records, Ceat candy barsj, or just "be social." Five mornings and four afternoons a weelt, student hosts and hostesses are up in 324 to wel- come you to the un-scholarly atmosphere of soft chairs, music, and mural-covered walls. This year special seats were reserved for the ubiquitous bridge lcibitzers, while a soundproof closet, with large windows, is being contemplated for the chess players. 948 Sophomore Girls' Uhorus The soothing strains ol music which descend from T305 during S-Bloclc on Wednesday and Friday issue from the throats of the Sophomore Girl's Chorus. Participation in this group of 'l3O girls is enjoyable and educationally valuable. The only requisites for membership are a love ol music and the ability to carry a tune. During the year the Chorus toolc part in many school productions, including Christmas Caroling and Memorial Day Exercises. President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Adviser . . Elizabeth Malone Jean MacMillan . . LenoreWalton . . . WilliamGreen Mr. Francesco Argento Nl-IS Spanish Glub Ll'labla Ud. Espaholf? Pues vengan Uds. al Club Espahol. The serioritas and seioritos of the Spanish Club have a wonderful time each month discussing Spain and our South American neigh- bors-in Spanish, ol course. ln addition to Spanish word games and charades, the club was entertained during the year by spealcers, singers, and motion pictures on the Spanish spealcing countries. The club's year concluded with the ever popular Hesta, an old Spanish custom. 948 tage Brew Mr. First Nighter with a wing-side seat is the stage crew member. The only snag is that he has to hitch up the curtain and lug furniture between scenes, he also may have other jobs, such as serv- ing as ballast for the curtains when the sand bags brealc. Qtherwise, he may sit baclc and enjoy the show, IF the old props are paclced away, IF the next scene is ready to be set up, and IF he is not sound erfects man. The stage crew member is the unsung hero of all the school dramatic produc- tions, with his Fingers in everything and his mind on the restl President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer , Adviser . Burton Pike . Mary Heanue . . Leslie Wilson . Elizabeth Salustro Mr. T. Jerome Cutting Nl-IS Tusitala Darlcness crept out of the corners of the sl4y, and stealthily sifted into the corners of the small room . . . an in- cipient l-lemingway, reading in voice profound his own mighty words . . . at last, the oration finished, he sits down with a weary sigh. After a brief period of silence, the other members offer their comments: "That was lousy." "Why did he have to drop dead just when it was getting good?" This is a sample of what goes on far, far into the night in the Samuel Thurber room when Tusitala meets. The hopeful bards of Newton l-ligh gather to read aloud, discuss, laud, and or tear apart each other's offerings under the stern but forgiving visages of Shakespeare and Samuel Thurber. At the end of the year a bocltlet was put out by the club. 948 Varsit Club What is more relaxing for a group ol school lettermen than to forget fans and Scoreboards and referees, and tallc American sports in their own club? Qver in 218, a group ol Grange Letters get together each month, ancl, relaxing their manliness, chew the rag Cusually the sports pagej about club standings, traclc records, and wealc cle- lense plays. Sometimes the letters get up and spar around among themselves or with visitors. This usually malces the patriotic letters glow a bright orange lor the victories they have won lor Newton. Adviser . . Mr. M. Roland l-leintzelman Assistant Adviser . Mr. Trumbull L. Simmons S V NJ-IS Literar Magazine The Literary Magazine, a Department of English publication, was inaugurated last year and continued through 1947- 48. Before that time, Newton l'ligh had not had a similar magazine for five years. The aims of this year's pupil editorial committee were to offer more pages without any increase in price, to present as many contributors as possible by in- cluding shorter pieces, to lceep the selec- tions fairly evenly divided among curric- ula and classes, to include illustrations, and to distribute the magazine before graduation night. At vveeltly meetings the members ofthe committee selected manuscripts and a cover design, and organized a selling campaign. lntended not only for those who will continue with writing as a career, but also for those whose first attempt at writing has uclicltedf' 948 Anti- making The newest student legislative body in Newton l-ligh School is the Anti- Smolcing Committee. This committee, made up ol high ranking students in all classes, was formed to cope with the problem of student smolcing. They have met during the year to Find an etlective solution to prevent further Fires in the school. Their duties also include pa- trolling the areas in the buildings and on the grounds where smoking might talce place. ln the course of its two years, worl4 the Anti-Smoking Committee has eilectively dealt with the problem ol disciplining erring students and prevent- ing further mishaps. i FEATURES . .L Uwlzfif , .. A . mg .. 4,"c.,, a L' '-:ILS ' T f 4 V . ff :uw V,-rf if, M "'lR. ,Q.,,,1Lw-. if ,kv ,.-Q., 1, -7, ,is XQPWQI ' .'?,-Arrsqa, . I 5" "Fifa, ' Tfil k .1-'." C-,fy , . . f va- 5 Eff as "fe :rg .igjgagif-4 ,Q-Jr-' '. if . 5 r Q Q - , ff. 5 .- mga . ,, -'s . 1. I f ' '1' 'Q' - E 5-H-mail 'A h Lift J -:Zi .- , F ,, ' Hai? ' ' - 9.23 2 - . ,-A3av,.Qa , - . ., 3-V: fy ,f Q" A- -., 1 arf' 'S , .. . . 1' :ff?'::?ywglf12fafw-.:.,. . '-Jzzgyfi , 'fg:':1'-fi1T:2:,i'e,.Q .- r'4f:f:f235"1"L:?fi' ' r- 1, ' ' ' Wu. ':rL 23Q.5:2iv:rifik+,f' i:1W"" "'-fixing fb- 3' V 'zffflf lg-i'o1gv5'c., .11-SIA - .9 1 -V 2--dsx, , ' '-, ..,,g-:G ' g.'w:r"' --J: ' rv-v ff 'l5.'Tx. avr.-1. ' - . ' 1-irivy . "pg 1,5 qt? ,FIU ' .l -1521507 . jig? ' iigfifg- . :H -3:'v:,, ff Q Three years since fir 't we as met - Three years - all will not M lorget. I 51 - C7 , . 7 5553 .H " 1 ,H L ' 1 ar F 'x X . ' X. 'ls ' a ' V fa fb t A Y -fa , , . M . J.,.. ,I .. 'I 7 ' 1 l. A ,1 f , . .J ' J I H' Af , , 'fi f' 1 I I 9 3 lr Q6 r .f an xi 1 , f.-' .,vv.f-If ' ' f- 1:1275-f"'4r"' , .5-,,.a. VP. Q -1 '?i:211'.F- . h' rr Fhgftzf ' K .A.,:- an I. 4? 4 fs., 'v..,, ,x Q ' , 'sig mai? s . li lv! X X14 446 ggi 1-...QL Nh... - 4 ,Su 'Luk . ,L ,mis 'J -4 -uw ' .. fin I H 'f .ss ' kai ' 7 ' 'fi-F, V 21:2 r fi.t, gf V1 Q " F' . tiff , Wm.-wef nrs - ,f ,sua ,.f:.-jx ' ' xv 'He " A' I , - fy? ,W 4 f -43922 f l - -N 5' ,V , Q4 S . .N f . . ' N- 1" m,4'1'7 'x " Jw rv? 'J af' . .4 2 'N ,aff S' .T N 4 A s y f ,S 5.,?e- K. ' - A- Q' .. . " i -.7 'fl' - , "-lib x 1 , 3 'FEW-l' . ., f " "'-'fiE5::22' -.ff ' 2 " f av TSW" az- f' 4- -. V' Jrfraztilst, 5 -1,3 ff ' V . 1 'riff '::'iw:-f:'f.iff' .if 1 . V :"'1 zff.,-1i?i?:f':' ' 1 " ,,. ' . . -' I. ' ' . , l :A-raw' ll . f'wS3, - 11,54 fl: a-52123: 1-:ru Nr bi-iL?.'f1'3" V My-:yi 34, 5'-l2b2rv:a?zaE.i:1'1 1" Q: V ' ' if .--T115-' f ' pw EI" -fi-df '74 Eff aw. igf 'wise '- .:.:,':a?,rrw It 55 .abr rs Aifer- 'wif' 1. .1 is as Q via. es' " 2.1-, . rr4::!:1fA'!2xr1:Q--,R -'rg' E439 , Q Qe3:.wgwggx'v:q:,,z-e,- '25 ,Y ' 'Je .5 'fl ' -, . ' "'?f'5 .1- . " , 'H kg., fu-11, 'S " ll,, .1i-1,-ff' , aff 1 ,I .1-'Eff' 'izfffff RFQ? ' '9' 554 is 5291+ ,169 x -seem, K 5,5 .1 1:51 . , 5:7-lfnfzy V ,. qgjgaa a:::-,igmv-L ,agqjym-,ff-lalf .1 545934 'W fr. 'algal I .fl , he all ' f -21,41 fl'-tv "Vg-va qi," .-21514 .-iiw "T lf? "" 7i"'l ' ' 'ff-, Q ' Y:.'f'l'5 '55, 'f W a g, . ,V 565' A '. "QW: ' , fir. '11 s fl?Lib"? f51Ef352f' iff- '. 5. f:'1fi5?E5gf1 ' ffpiw if-fiazzfbl . F ,-vrg5-ailirv ri, -u . - :wi 2:-1.5.-ywjg f g .1-gg' 1-'-1-41:1 .P .1 ' ,-.:2,-,.:Ffef'1: . .lu " . ,ilI::ifff 1 "l ., - ,. " .arq:e:aai2?2?lf1-f' r:f::::fil 5 ' U r-1-1:3 -, Qi l Z ga-iilfi ' 'SURE ::: l iv -'wav 'Wasp -Ma " ,:EEf2e:r..... s ii 'f""' g-psf'-l .. ef N -2 'mi.Paw.4-w,5-fzm',sg:f:Q.'p4vxw:,'f:vwr,3512,fm-if-wwf' ' mf- 1:1-rv V f 1 X96- '--sggf -. .ffcjif , 1 f f-VN? . '4-sas:-is-Yh'?S!s:r115rtiw1:'arigin411.21 Yau, L ' 1 '--'L-.-,,, ,A 2-4. -. A ,.-,,-,,gK- mud - -v A A4J41.:.1.4.:4:.at4.f.,f.,.A 4453? ,j , xv - r?'E ' ', 'Q' ax: I l. xx., , F A - , ntl? fx-. 431' - JJ, . Y -'M 5911. ' :ix Oh Captain' Our Captain' Stand up and cheer for Newton men . . . Fierce Pirates? Brave policemen? PrettykMaidens ' What more do you want'9 . 1 6xu.,,q lglx N we ffl ' X fill? ,QT T N5 V Q3 We made it! We made it! The old school spirit 68 L gag in X Lb! Wheve is H7 Track man Don tracked men down 1 What 5 mckgfl Leon has the last laugh Q1 gk, X 7 L 'NJXXN fig, The old look for ihe New Look Foo!balI's faithful fans 69 Highlights at g September 8 Baclc to our cells! 0' L, September 'IO Misses Riley and Finnerty get paniclcy over - f L fka schedule changes. T i September 'I8 Coach "l'lusty" pleads with N. l'l. girls to lay otl Varsity on Friday nights' I W itil,-. 1 1,lwx0i x Q M October 30 l'laIlowe'en!l-lumanhurricane hits metropolis. X a November Q4 Thanksgiving. "Were gathered together to 1'-or 5:11-4- aslc the Lord's ble . . . " l feel nauseousl 1 ,l y t 7 of fi 4 i . f lg f 1 . A f ff' SN wx December 'I Newton slcaters pray for one more inch of ,ft . icel at ffl, ik December:'l5 Brigham's waitresses forced to carry billy X il clubs and small change purses. 7 iff-hy X t its -5. Q4 ll A, xg A December Q5 Santa leaves annual conglomeration of loud yi' neclcties and come hither perfume. i 1 I l January '14 Basketball court littered up with sprained l anlcles, blood, sweat and tearsl f I il f-ii-it as 70 the Senior Year -1- 2 , vwgsx February 'I8 Students have gay old time on vacation while gp teachers Fill cards with red, red, marksl , X ' March '17 Saint Patriclfs Day- "l'm loolcin, over a - four leal clover -" 6 N April 'l Commercial girls paclc up their boolcs and leave forthe "business world." f L2 l . gi ci N 4- g fl - April 5 College rejections pour inl 3 A 1 V7 A R' April 8 College boards and seniors begin to realize ' I A n result ol four years ol loaling. a f affirm 4 ,X ,u X, IDIHOI-'Nil April 9 Carnival of fun and Womenl April Q9 Newtonian Stall practically throws together will beaten copyl gr-ik! 'CTW N L X 'af C2 c: ff' W If L May Q Senior Prom leaves stronger sex happily is Luigi? reminiscing but poverty striclcen. fl l nl l ll May Q5 Morse's Pond hits an all time high. M IX R i fl, X l l if C I l r X Ll l .,, L ... fl 9 X June 5 Seniors stagger out of Diclcinson Stadium prepared to face lifel June 6 FREEEEEI 1 ! l 71 , LEADING T0 TOM0llli0W ? Sophomores 'J max Bill Rogers Harriet Sears ' , ,l- MOST POPULAR gg-. flf si Y il xl' 7,9 New TOD 1 wx LY My 22 GY er are erry L ! A rmmnuesr uf J 4' D N4 5 ix MQ xiii M Betty Barker Steve Cam, M031 HUMOROUS MOST ATHLETIC J, . Peter Adolph Diane Nilgg A Grace Merchant Joe Wright H51 , M' LEAIII G T0 TOMORROW .K xl, f if his f' Ng QL f' u. RL: - X , ,. 1 J 1 fi S3 Juniors fx gl I. R u. P f . -5. fi W J L ag' CX Km bf Wx EL MOST ATHLETIC Betty Swenson Joe Scrchulone Violet Sharpe Paul Hlggons 54 f Count and Countess of Know-cm-all . I 0 Q , V ' -f 3 , L I I ,WL W III Tony Orlandella Joan Hubley Knight Handsome and Lady Beautiful V Warren Ross r ?e Shirley Sieberg Court Snfites Bud Grice Madeline Stewart The Artisans Era' Edward Nyren Betty Osterlund I ff - 3 L rx It Paul Hauser The Minstrcls Alice Lillegard KI Gll0M 0F S .f kr .Z JJ W IH N I I ,I IAN-fi HOLDING TOP POSITIONS IN King M Charles Cahill Masters of the Tradu Don Collins Connie Ford 'l'0M0lill0W 114-' -ig ZR l A me MAJORITY or votes Queen - Celeste Lombardi The Bards Selma Borenstein Doug Haven Princess and Prince of Popularity Lois MacDoweII Don Fitzoatrick Court Jesters Peggy Prendergast Ted Cron Baroness and Baron of Vitality Maxine Nichols Leon Avakian Marchioness and Marquis ol Fashion iw, . W af ,Q 3 Mi? if s X f 4+ i if '25 Viola De Sabato Dave Waters Duchess and Duke ol Sporldom Mary Lou Lyon Bob MacConnell k --..., is .-1 XL ww Y is ff A Z, K a W- y..-vw' 4 ' V - x , Vid,-:gl - i Q - t i xl i -. QM-, . V! K - 1 SEQ" E X .0 it Mwfa u N . . 'ik .Q - 'mug- , M XX .Q X. 1: V . Q -4 a' ,f 3 .w w As ke .1 sv, U91 f , A mls . f if W ff 4 'A , - Q. :x . 7 'fy , L M, G - M X , . .,.....--f . ., ... M MM x L, fy WA M 1 Q Ape- .ffflyvx V ,Ad ,,,f" rf-x g , S fs- ps ma M, A . W 2: 'F' iw NA K, sugw. XM ,I A E . - , QE av Fi. O FAN C BELLE and BEAU I PEGGY FOLEY CARL MEINHART l I 1 AL MAGUE CYNTHIA LEACH 78 CAROL BOHLIN GERRY OUINN JANICE HARBER JANE ELLIS TOM TRAINOR ROBERT PARKER ANGELO MUZZI 79 w Class Prophecy As I approached the DAVID BATES Department Store on Washington Street, the first thing that greeted my eye was JACQUES BERARD reclining on a new GAMMERMAN and HALON sofa in the window designed by CATHY CEDRONE to advertise the superiority of GRICE-BELCHER inner springs. On entering the store, JANE BOWKETT came rushing up to borrow a nickel. She mentioned something about calling BRYCE on the telephone. An unearthly laugh from the back of the store proved to be LEON AVAKIAN who was trying to buy a new oracle from salesgirl ANNIE DiCLEMENTE while waiting to walk home with the famous singer SELMA BORENSTEIN. NORMIE CLEVELAND was not far behind looking for some GRACEFFA swords for his pirates. NANCY MARAIST and MAXINE NICHOLS, buyers in the French Shop, got some tips on clothes from designer NATALIE NEWBY while in New York. PAT CARVER and SUE BEDARD have been very successful in running a settlement house in that city. I heard that JOHNNY McALOON and MADELAINE STEWART, KEVIN Mc- NAMARA and MARIE EWEN, MIKE DICKENSGN and DEBBY PRICE are planning to build homes in Newton. LUCY BARBO will do the interior decorating. The sports department was crowded with famous people. BOB BARKER who would rather hunt deer than dear, was buying some equipment from HAZEL JONES. DON FITZ- PATRICK was ordering new uniforms for the team he is now coaching at Holy Cross while trying to convince "BUZZ" WATERS that Holy Cross would definitely beat B.C. this year. DON BERKOWITZ and BUD HURWITZ, who won top honors at this year's Olympics, were signing autographs with IRVING HOUSTON, BILL HINES, and PAUL KAMINSKY assisting them. While KIRBY KELLAR was not present, I was told that he has broken several world records with the shot-put. NICK LUPO, president of the Y.M.C.A., told me that FRANCIS RICE is still practicing there, while "SKIN" SPILLANE is the Pirate's basketball ace. He also said that JOE WIENMAN and BOB RASSMUSSEN are playing professional basketball. LARRY PALMER, the life saver, TOM PACHUS, who has just won the long distance swimming championship, and ED NYREN, the swimming instructor-artist, were buying DOOLEY water-wings from bathing beauty JOAN FANNING for their respective off- spring. RED MacDONALD and KEN RICHARDSON are playing for the Bruins and HARVEY REED and DON COLLINS have just been signed by the Eagles. BOB RICH, wearing the argyle socks MARION OUINLAN knitted for him, and BOB PARKER hav'ng again won the DAVIS Cup lor the United States. FRED SEIFERTH and DONALD FLYNN are now managers of the Boston Yanks football team which boasts BOB MacCONNELL in its starring lineup. HUGH ROGOVIN, who is trying to lose weight, was looking through a copy of PHYSICAL CULTURE magazine edited by TONY DiBONA and reading an article by LOUIS HSHOULDERSH ANTONELLIS on weight lifting as a muscle builder. Taking a look at the women's sports department I found MARY LOU LYON, the new "BABE" Didrickson who graduated from Wellesley College, talking to PHYLLIS PAGE, the brain specialist, who still keeps up her interest in sports. They were talking about the recent successes of HELEN KEYHOES basketball team which includes CAROL HARTFORD, EETTY ANTZ, EDNA HATTON, JANICE HARBER, and BUNNY HART. BARBARA MASSEY, NANCY MacDONALD, and MARY DONAHUE are trying to organize a women's doubles championship in tennis, and DOTTY BIGELOW, determined to try again, was buying a new pair of skis. MARY FALCONER is still a sports enthusiast although she 80 ' is now with the PEEL-JACKSON Gilbert and Sullivan Company, and her sister JEAN has been signed by the Metropolitan Opera Company. Speaking ol the Met reminded me that JEANNE SHAY played in Carnegie Hall last Week, while ALICE LILLEGARD and JUNE ROBERT are scheduled to appear there in the near future. ANDREA JACOBSON has her hands full giving piano lessons to her three daughters. BURTON PIKE is now playing jazz with the New York Philharmonic and doesn't have to worry about write-ups any more. CAROLYN ANDERSON, ANNE MENOLIA, KAY GODINO, BARBARA CURTIS, and "JO" CLAPP are playing For JOHN KENNEDY'S all-girl orchestra. JACKIE SEELEY is singing with PAUL HAUSER'S "Mad Musicians" While JEANNE SAUNDERS and tenor BILL MAGEE are the stars ofthe Hit Parade. BOB EARNHAM and ED NAHAGIAN have completely replaced Harry James, and ROD- GERS CLOSE is competing with BOB KNAPP for the title oi teIevision's Iavorite disc jockey. STANLEY BRAM, recording his latest epic called JO-JO lor Columbia, still has TOM RILEY and RED MILDNER with him and has added JERRY VUILLEUMIER and weather prophet BILL HOVEY to his world famous band. They can be heard every Friday night over the BICKNELL, BURKE, DAVIS radio station. JOANIE SCHNEIDERMAN provided the vocals for STANLEY for a short time, but she's keeping house lor him now. She was recently seen with SYLVIA SCHRIBMAN in JOYCE SCHWARTZMANS yarn department writing notes and laughing incessantly. BARBARA SIEGARS stopped in lor a minute to say she had just completed her four hundredth pair olsocks. She also told us that CHRISTINE SULLIVAN has taken up permanent residence in BOONE GROSSS Miami Beach hotel. On the way to the literary department I saw the country's most eligible bachelor, WARREN ROSS, still looking for HARVEY ALEXANDER, and JERRY SAUNDERS hurried by mutter- ing something about being late again this morning. I found HELEN TURNER in the book section with DOTTY FERRIS and CAROL SMITH looking for advice to the love-lorn. JOEY SANDMAN was buying a complete history of the United States as a gilt for PAT WHITTIER. BETTY SALUSTROS GREAT AMERICAN SHORT STORY was selling like PAT FAY and MAUREEN SEERY'S hot cakes. AUDREY BRYANT'S latest novel was a great success as were MARY HEANUE'S and PAT WYMAN'S bound collections of their poems. MARY'S First poem titled THE TWO INCHES AT THE TOP OI: THE PAGE was dedi- cated to ELAYNE ULLIAN. JUDY MITCI-lELL'S book YOU TOO MAY BE A LITTLE RAY OF SUNSHINE has a special section on music appreciation dedicated entirely to FLORENCE OUIL. MORTIMER GUINEY has written a book on his life as U. S. Ambassa- dor to France. He must have amazed the people with his command oi the language. Speaking of politics, TONY ORLANDELLA has just been appointed Speaker ol the House oi Repre- sentatives, CHARLES CAHILL is the new Secretary oi the Treasury, and JOSEPH FLANA- GAN, Secretary ol State. Closer to home, MARGIE OVERSTROM was buying a sweater for hubby DAN KEEFE, mayor of our lair city. Latest word from NEWTON HINCKLEY'S weather station on top ol Mt. Washington is that he has company now. A new seventy ton cyclotron, invented by THE TWO BURGS, MOE AND BRO, with the able assistance of ISABEL KUTZ, has just been installed there. A lot of people have come up in this world, but I hope BOB ST. GEORGE, LARRY SHORT, and AL LAMONT have stopped growing. FRED PARKER, who could use some oi that growth, is president of the First National Stores, while JOHN RATTIGAN and JOHN EARINA own their own black market. DICK THOMAS is a Hman oi distinction" and ALAN WOODLOCK is happy in his chosen field as a bartender in NICHOLAS MASTRIANNLS cocktail lounge. ALBERT TANNEY and "BONES" YARLOTT own their own drugstores in which ANNA PELLIGRINO and KAY TEMPESTA have worked themselves up to master soda-jerkers. JERRY OUINN and BILL BOWERS are co-managers of the Shamrock Country Club, but their two charming secretaries GLADYS MADANGIAN and ELLY MAYZER are slowly causing them to lose their abundant growth of hair. 81 DAN PERRUZZI, manager of SKINNER PICTURES, and his assistant JOE O'LEARY are considering a new story for the great screen lovers NORMIE VINCENT and JANICE PEARSON. They are still looking for another GONE WITH THE WIND in which to star PAUL TI-IERIAULT, the second Clark Gable and NITA GROSSMAN or DOTTY SWEENEY as Vivian Leigh. I hearthat NELSON GIFFORD has forsaken pro football for Hollywood. On the other hand, FRANCES GRINGERI and SHIRLEY HENLEY by-passed the NATALIE CRONIN silver screen test, and are now dazzling bare-back riders with the MEINHART and LUPO CIRCUS. Going to the Field of education, NEWELL TRASK, president of M.I.T., has announced that the calculus textbook written by LOIS WIGHT has completely replaced all other cal- culus books. ELEANOR KETT, noted historian, has declared MUZZEY too simple For high school students. The well-known lexicographer NELSON HOWLETT has just compiled his third dictionary. BARBARA and JOAN SWETT, JOAN and JEAN HUBLEY, and JACK and JILL ROSEMOND recently collaborated on a book explaining how to tell twins apart. Librarian CAROL MOORE says it is much in demand. ANN HOCHBERG and JOANNE RUBIN, the country's leading psychiatric social workers, are still working on their history of social service. They are on volume thirty-seven and going strong. MYRNA GREEN and HELEN TURIN have just published a book which may prove to be the equestrian's bible. AL RUGGLES was waiting to walk home with JOAN BRADBURY and thumbing through a copy ol ESOUIRE. It's amazing, but since BILL WAYMAN was promoted to head of the art stall ol that magazine, the pin-up girls bear a remarkable resemblance to BETSY BREED. Vogue magazine, not to be outdone, now proudly boasts that BETTY OSTERLUND has been made head of its fashion department and JUDY FRIEND is in charge of advertising. BETTY is back from Italy with the latest lashion news from the ROSALIE CARVELLI SHOP. PAT LYON, the art critic, claims that BETTY GLEIM is the John Marin of our times. GEORGE CORKUM, BERNIE DEKKER, and golf king DICK CROSBY were trying to buy ialse teeth because they lost theirs back in N. H. S. in room 'I3O. RODNEY REED was looking for a ANTHONY INFERRERA razor but even he felt good when he saw "DOC" UMINA, RANDY RODGERS, and DICK WELCH walk by with full beards. They have just returned from a ten week North Atlantic voyage on CHARLIE GUBBIN and HARRY MATHEWS yacht. LARRY WOOD is hard at work developing a new type of orchid. And when bigger and better orchids are made, MARCIA SHIELDS will be wearing them. Also in the de- veloping line is TORREY WEST who had taken over where Einstein stopped in his relativity theory. BETTY MALONE and VIRGINIA TOPPAN are working with him. At the candy and gum counter, OLYMPIA PANELLA and VIRGINIA FOYHLEY showed me advertisements with testimonials by JOAN TILTON, CORA WYMAN and ELLEN ESKIN, the three winners in a recent gum chewing endurance contest. PAULINE OPPER and GERRY SMITH chosen America's prettiest red-heads, walked by with another contest winner, LOUISE ROCHE. Louise is Miss Whisper of the year and RUTH LIKELY and JEAN LYONS ran close for second place. VIRGINIA JEROME and MARILYN VOHAR tied for the nomination ol Miss Serious. MARION DiGREGORIO and MARY CONNELY did not give them any competition. BEVERLY OUINLAN, ROBIN DION, and LOLA DISABATO, picked among America's ten best-dressed women, had just come in from FREDERICKTS Fashion Shop where they tell me model PEGGY l:OLEY'S place has been taken by BARBARA MCLELLAN. Engineer FRED GANLEY decided to ease the housing situation and built a vine covered cottage For Peggy and himself. Speaking oi engineers, DOUG HAVEN, BILL GERSUMPKY, and BILL MURDOCH have recently completed plans for an office building that covers a block in area and stands three feet otl the ground. We understand this is revolutionary in the Field of construction. 82 MARY SWEENEY, PEGGY SOBY, and HONEY CEDRONE have opened a seamstress shop where PEGGY MCLELLAN, songstress at the PINI and MACRILLO nightclub, has her gowns made. JO TOCCI, the girl with the beautilul hair, is the stylist who selects charming coiifeurs For JEAN WALLACE, BARBARA MARCELL, and SHIRLEY MANGINI. SHIRLEY SIEBERG and ELLA GONFRADE, ANNE SCOTT and EDNA DUCHIN, PEGGY PRENDERGASI and PAT BURNS, and SALLY PERKINS and FRAYDA FEINBERG came in to buy some good things which, like themselves, comes in inseparable packages from ANGIE CEDRONE, the store's sweetest salesgirl. JEAN PATIISON isthe girl with a car. Someone drives JEAN to MIHALAKOS Cale on CLANCY Street every day to meet RAY KEYES for lunch and picks her up afterwards. Cale proprietor LOUIS MIHALAKOS is always ready to discuss politics with the customers, but even he can't compete with BOB WALTERS and JOHN SEGAL or PAUL O'NElL and KEN MCKUSICK. Paul, as pres- ident ol the New York Central Railroad who doubles as an engineer in his spare time, always has problems to discuss with Iabor's Boss MCKUSICK. CAROL HOLMES just sits at the side and listens, but TED CRON occasionally drops in to give some radical views on politics. BARBARA CONNOR, the girl who keeps us informed, is covering HERBY I-IART'S lecture tour for the sarcastic editor ol the Boston Herald, PETE CONN. Herby has just returned from an extensive trip through Europe and has many interesting stories to tell. One that would be ol great interest to us is that JOANNE KIEIH, LUCY PISELLI, ELEANOR GUZZI and HMIIZIEH ROCHE, all prominent nurses, have been appointed as a committee by the United States government to study and report on Public Health conditions in Europe. Sports Editor BRYCE SEAMAN is never at a loss For news with BARBARA DUVAY to write WOMENS sports lor him. DIANA SUPPLE and CAROL -IABOR report all of Leonard Bernstein's concerts, and LESLIE WILSON as society editor recommends the WAL- SOR SCHOOL as a good place lor training prospective debutants. It ought to be, with JOAN HARLAN, BETSEY BUCK, and CONNIE FULHAM as directors. Socialites FREDA CASTLE, DOTIY TIBBOT, ESTHER ROTENBERG, and RACHEL CANTOR were mentioned in the society column as having attended the opening nightol LOIS ABRAMS' new drama directed by CONNIE FORD and staged by HAROLD GRINSPOON. On the domestic scene I noticed JACKIE BRACELAND is doing all the electrical work for his and the country's most outstanding woman of the year, TINA LOMBARDI. On really hard jobs he is assisted by handsome TOM TRAINOR. The latest news from the underworld is that HPREI-IY-BOY" MAGUE is still at large alter a series ol soda-fountain holdups. Showing true knightly spirit, BILL WHITNEY, JIM HALLORAN and DICK WHIIIINGHILL are helping police chief JOHN PENNEY track him down. As I regretlully Ielt the store at closing time, my parting glance discerned LOIS Mac- DOWELL and MARIE MULLEN absorbed in conversation with beauty consultants GRET- CHEN MEISENBACK and GINNY MORGAN. Thus I bid you Adieu and go merrily on my way: Sylvia Schribman with thanks to Jerry Ouinn, Celeste Lombardi, Herby Hart, Joan Swett, -led Cron, Joan Schneiderman, Gladys Madangian and Phyllis Page. 83 The graces of modern dance The spirit of '48 The organizers Ray, Jean, Don and Joe The insepdrdbles The ConnecticutYankee in Massachusetts The pause that refreshes -And Eddy gays, "Next pledge-" Junior Success there's Shirley M. and Buddy G., Bill and Betsy. I Now thet's an icy situation Don Get him, Frank! to mention a few - vows X ' ' l..'f'M. U :-A e . n i' 1,54 .u '.! 1 sv ,z .Q 4 l ,1" 1,32 :ggi Qffii. f -' K, . jfsf WSW . -5 , f gi. , ' . -14 , ,-.,..3...ff?:sgffsvg.. an gfcigmm ,y ,M f,. ., -:4y',.f,:...fu-4f-- ,,, L- , f-,.,..:. A ,sap-. ., :im K .V V, .. U, -are-"' :.1,1'1',f-.--4.'4-. tif .fwvzf . . .4 ff' Z-,f f.."'f:':- -1 vi- ' ' , . , ,:g-r'9: 'f '5" '- ' -1'ira4.. - . r t 1 ,,, - L " ' 'i 4 4,-11'f.z' 4 . si" . -' - . , ,- w"F51F2?PPY3s:- ' uf-sg-i . 1 - i ,, r ' '?w4f?4 ',Q - " Nw 1 - ' F". 441' ,H "'1. Qlbhff,-.,. " 41't N' ' 'Z .TJ-If -ml"-,I 15,14 "V ' ""' ' '1, ' ' ' nz 3-,AGT 1 '-Sv- 5 , I '--'f' ' --4' . - ,ff . rf-4 --444.4-,-., -' - '.:v.fw: 'fuvgv ' fu '4,.,?U...55-,W-,L-.k.e4f-.,.av .v ..44fw'45' f ,,,.' Qu-f 1?552Y5?f??v:fh?i?2f-'fI.4':Q1f,-21112,fs L ,Q.vk!rP,Ee,K,,.- in ' vw' 4 ' " ' ,f..v1'e11-,If 'r:ff.5,53ra7af.fg-:3f-"1-5 . --1-,,g,.-,154 ' 'tv' 1 ' ..-1',l'-- ' ' J' y ..-:F . ' if " Y 1 . , U q.' ,1:g'- ' l.,-:..g-.547'. , . I .M ...K V 'K ' " .fli .9 m..,, 4' .- :if'H:l fi r 5431 .JL PQ, -L-:iff ,Sfj .4 xr it 4 v, f 1 Lk X N. V . ' 'K'1"e?::g1q1:f,,s':H,-' Yi--i 4-rg V' . . 7 1 -5 . X fsE :.,.f,g .-.v- ga:9.., ',w.- - 4 av-mm.. ,. .,,y.,-H1 A- f..- - - - M...-' .M Q, - You nvvd not make a claim to .lm T0 plav and to engny the ame v "Qi . in 1 , , I ,JH Q ,QI Af" '- fsf- f . :4 ' . .5 ' ,ik 'if 2 . 44 A , v .' if . A' 'Y 'Qvbh 'X L I 1 If ' J. , ',n . ' 7' ij l E1-'. 31 VET 1 .5 1, ' . 32- - .Q :'c:.-1 . . -' ." .- ' V '4 Jak- if 1 ' .,g., i--1- if , 4,, W, 1 '-"QI-" X 'Eff' :N '-T' ff!-X ni' 7' V--f '. 5? J V V .4 , : ..- ,, .1 ,f - 'j' 1:5 1 - '95 .4 Y" 1. at. .Eff pg w.. Q , . xg. I - 11? 1, .wi x . 3? ,sh A ---33 4- v 1 gn . 4 a Sf' V 'zqlg 4 5 B ' ,up 12? . 53. egg ,mp ' 4 - .4 '!'TE',ffi?I.- l ' ' '25 ' , 5 I . -ami 511 4- ' . . 44. X .. 'gm' 4 . - wiv: - '- . . -. Q 4.4 .Mw - ' t:- A -" ... . - Q.-f,.,'l' 44:21. .1 . wgj 3,3 ' 4 , --,Vg iam -4-A a -- 4 . .1 ' Hf 1 -ff'-44-1 5 5: :P v .avr .Y . 1 v ,t ,-A-:l'Y' . l " I' FSF6. --1 me V .1 A + , ' ":'.',l1F?a. Sf! ' Pit? F R I ff,f'S2Y3i- 4 ' . ai -Qi' W -,J,.-me 3,-. E ., 1534. H ' 'iii' :L ' 25 4 N. '15, - 4 . . :ff ' 36 ' v 2 .y I ' - 1 '- V.,-,Lf 7414. Pifia - 4 f ' S725 4. 1 W ff x '-P? 4 ' fi-49 0 : -4.1. M. ,G A .15 1 5 . QQ: v 4 ' ff. N 7 1 -1? N 3 ' , .Xl J-r-. ' ,f'1' l X" I' ,A Q :I TZ . 'lf ' x g- . ,1 'ga f , ., .. .1 . ,V , ft 1, R Q1' .' '-1 g..E - ., ,3. f E- :I . .9 . , W 2 c' 4 .. f .as, 5' f, 3 4' v . ' 'ii -9' 2' 5 m ' .4 'Ii 1" ' X Q 22 ' I 131- ff' f W fa, . :- ' 4' ' F. V 1' .gf is . ,Q 'fy : E 4 fig. -. "N, .f 4.4 , Q j :. r 'JW ., ':, ' fi ' '73, .inf " up rf "ff ".-ful '- .ra , ff. -:wg rg-:gf 12- -? ig.'. - ffl rx ,gn , sf rf- . ui., 'gi 41.4, yi: 4.13 V 351 .144 .iff .V-wif A V N EWTO N NEWTON Score Board BOYS' Football 1 3 ARLINGTON Q1 RINDGE O MELROSE 7 BROCKTON 'I 3 MEDFORD Q5 OUINCY O WALTHAM 'I 3 BROOKLINE Baskeibell 36 WATERTOWN 42 RINDGE 36 TI-IAYER 30 WALTI-IAM 44 ARLINGTON 27 BROOKLINE 47 CAMBRIDGE 48 WATERTOWN 98 RINDGE 90 NORTH OUINCY S22 CAMBRIDGE LATIN N EWTON N EWTON GIRLS' Field Hockey BROOKLINE MEDFORD WATERTOWN BELMONT NEEDHAM WELLESLEY Basketball WELLESLEY CAMBRIDGE LATIN WATERTOWN BELMONT Stand up and cheer Ior Newton men Our team is here to wan agann Victory is sealed when they take the held So Iet's cheer them on wuth a rahl rahI rahI Stand up and cheer with all your might Cheer them all through the Fight! They sure can playi this is our day For Newton l-lighl Nl-IS Baseball Although not in the same class with last year's Suburban League champs, the 1948 Newton Baseball -leam started im- pressively, winning two of its First three games. The team showed up very well in its 14-1 win over Cambridge Latin. Bob Macconnell, Franlc Tanner and Bill Fitzpatriclc fall three-sport athletesj led the returning lettermen. Strong pitching talent has been shown by Fraclctman, Carson, and lVlcCusl4er. Many of this year's letter winners will be bacl: forming a strong nine next vear. 948 Basketball Except for three defeats by very close margins, Newton l-lighis Basketball Team might have made the Tech Tourney. The league record was 745, with Niclc Lupo, Franlc Tanner, Bob Macconnell high scorers. Peclc, Curley, Fraclctman, Depopulo, Tanner, Furbush, Nlcflueeney, and Bari- sano were on the squad, saw plenty ol action, and received valuable experi- ence. These players, all underclassmen, should give Newton a First class team in future years. f Mr. Houston Advisers Mr. Davidson l Mr. Hawkes NJ-IS Football Starting the season with two straight wins, Newton l-ligh's 1947 eleven gave its Fans something to cheer about. ln its next eight games, however, the team came out with Five losses. Nevertheless, they showed plenty of spirit, indicating the team wasnlt so had as the record showed. Class A champion Medford had its hands full with a Fighting Tiger eleven who Finally lost Q7-19. Qutstanding players were Bob Mac- Connell, unanimous choice For all scho- lastic, Don Collins, hard running hall- hack, Don Fitzpatrick, aggressive guard and captain, and Joe Cotley, bulwark oi the line. Few ians will ever forget the 7-6 vic- tory over Brockton when Bob Mac- Connell stole the pall and ran eighty- Five yards tor a touchdown. 948 Golf The 1948 golf team, captained by Diclq Crosby, can be counted on to fur- nish plenty oi competition lor the other teams in its league. ln addition to Crosby, three other lettermen are return- ing from the 1947 squad. increased interest on the part of sophomores and juniors helped the team enjoy one oi its best seasons. Adviser . Mr. J. C. Hall , Mr. J. C. Hall Advlsers Mr. Jerome Cutting NJ-I Hocke Led by smooth-skating Danny Keele, Newtonls pucksters Finished in a tie for sixth in the Greater Boston League. Laclc of ice all through the season prevented the team from playing up to its capacity. Among the outstanding games was the Q-Q tie with Medford, who had to come from behind in the last two minutes ol play lor the equalizer. Danny Keele and Bill Fitzpatriclc were chosen for the First and second all-star teams respectively. Danny was credited with an assist in the 4-4 tie with Mon- treal Catholic, while Fitzie scored a goal as the second all-star team routed the North Shore All-Stars. Now that an outdoor rinlc has been set up on the campus, the picture should be a great deal brighter in the coming season. 948 Indoor Track As usual, Newton Higlwis lncloor Track team completed a successful season. The team Finislwed second in tlwe State meet and won all its duel meets except the one to Malden who went on to win the State Meet. Qutstancling performers were Berko- witz and Fitzpatrick in tlwe clasl'i, Alex- ander in the lmurdles, l'lines and Riley in the 300, l'lurvvitz and Kaminsky in tlie 600, Hurd in tlwe 1000, Vangel and Ferreri Ctlwe latter a Fine roacl racerl in the mile, and Kellar and Sciclmlone in the shot put. l Mr. Boyle Advisers . l Mr. Considine l Mr. Gallagher NJ-IS ilutdoor Track Newton l-ligh's Qutdoor Traclc Team has showed excellent sportsmanship in every event, and by all odds should win the State Meet. ln the First quad meet against Boston Technical, Water- town ancl Rindge, Newton romped to an easy victory. Berkowitz, l-lines, Fitzpatriclc, Kellar, ancl Vangel won their respective events ancl will be among the favorites to do the same in the bigger meets. 948 kiing Alter a long layoll, Newton l'ligh resumed skiing this year with pleasing success. Meets were staged at the Commonwealth Country Club. One reason lor the many meets was the un- usual amount ol snow. A great deal ol interest was shown in slciing and from all indications it will take its place again as one of Newton l-ligh's big sports. Adviser . Mr. Sanborne Nl-IS Tennis With lour of the lettermen returning, the 1948 tennis team will uphold the tradition ol Newton l'ligh teams. Bob Rich, Finalist in the State Tourney last year, Bob Parker, Dick Whittinghill, and John Segal, together with some ol last year's junior varsity, will make up the squad. Although tennis will be over- shadowed by baseball and outdoor traclc, tennis will be a popular spring sport. i 948 Leader Corps The Girls' Leader Corps, a valuable organization, proves successful as it con- tinues lor another year. Much credit should be given to the members vvho are helpful in many ways to the gym teachers. They also offer their aid in planning the Spring Festival and the Banquet. We would like to express our gratitude to these girls who have given their time and service so lreely. Adviser . . Miss Tyson Miss Joyce Tyson Coaches ' Miss Jayne Jewett NJ-IS Field Hockey Dashing down the Field amid shouts of UGET THAT GOAL," Miss Orange and Black achieved her aim, and Newton emerged victorious. In spite of cuts, bruises, and hanged shins, the girls went back for more. This was one of the field hockey team's outstanding years. By good sportsman- ship, teamwork, and long hours of prac- tice, the Varsity won six out of its seven games. it isn't only the Varsity team which deserves the credit, there are those who give everything they have but don't quite make top team. Maybe they vvill suc- ceed next year. There's the whistle! Ground sticks, ground sticks, ground sticks, let's goi 948 Girls' Basketball The girls' basketball season opened with a large enthusiastic turn-out from all grades. It has been rumored that the new blue tunics had something to do with the Varsity's success. It is certain, however, that splendid teamwork and conscien- tious instruction in the intricacies of bas- ketball were responsible for the team's great efforts. This Varsity was one oi the First in many years to have an undefeated season. The girls certainly deserve all the praise and congratulations given to them. M. Coaches l iss Joyce Tyson Miss Eleanor Sampson Coach . . Miss Jayne Jewett Pianist. . . . Mrs. Kirlclighter Nus Modern Dancing Shall we dance? Certainly, it it's Modern Dancingl Prances, leaps, bows, and turns are all part of the fun for the Modern Dance Group. We won't men- tion such minor details as a few aching muscles on "the day alter." By the end of the year, however, even the most awlcward of us were able to malce our lalls loolc almost graceful. Because of the large number of girls participating, there were two Modern Dance groups. They met separately once a week to practice various fundamentals and techniques. The big project for the year was the composing of an original dance which was presented at the gym demonstration. 948 Tennis With several members ol last year's varsity and a goodly number ol promising sophomores and juniors, the i948 Girls' Tennis leam had a very successful season. Seven matches were played including those with Winsor, Winchester, and Brookline. The emphasis was placed not only on winning, but in giving a larger group than in previous years the opportunity to play in actual competition. This vvas made possible by the enthusiastic in- terest ol the more than Filty girls vvho kept the courts humming lrom April 28th through the spring. Coach . Miss Joyce Tyson Nl-IS olthall Softball, which always ranl4s high on any sports list, proved to be no excep- tion at lNl.l-l.S. this year, for the girls' team once again completed an unusually successful season. As evidence by the members attending the games, interest in softball has reached a new high. After the class teams completed an intramural tournament, and the class championship was decided, the Varsity and Junior Varsity squads were chosen. ln the ten inter-school games which en- sued, the team continued to maintain its admirable record. The players displayed fine sportsmanship, enthusiasm and excel- lent playing ability throughout the season against such teams as Winchester, Bel- mont, and Wellesley. With a final flourish in the game with Winsor, Softball completed its second year as a major sport. 9425 The Gay Farmerettes Hold lt, Girls! Carnival ol Fun PROGRAM Selections by Carnival Band 'l. GRAND ENTRANCE MARCH All Participants Q. CARNIVAL CAPERETTES Modern Dance Group a. A Blue Mood b. Theme and Variation on Three Blind Mice Choreography by the group 3. THRILLS AND SPlLLS All Classes 4. CARNIVAL CAPERETTES a. lr Ain't Necessarily So - Gershwin Choreography by the group 5. FREAKS AND SQUEAKS All Classes 6. CARNIVAL CAPERETTES a. Arch Study b. percussive Study 7. THE DARING YOUNG LADIES All Classes 8. STREET DANCING Sophomore Class and others 9. FANCY PRANCERS Girls' Leader Corps and others 'IOS Q GRADUATES J.. nw: V-' 4V . 4 4 41. . .- - 'L ' ,X M .V , , ...,1.1f, M..- ..5- 4 w A.-.. 4 12' 4 af 1 'vb IQ 5 Q ff 35. 15 Q73 4 : 1' .ff -I , 5: - 'v,'1s,:- :-f 4.. 4' ' n. ,-- 1 Into tomorrow's world we pass With hopes and joy - TIIE E l0ll CLASS ' .4 4.1132 "-1. ,Q , ..-..-.-.-- L 1 1 ng , . ' nga: .w V il.: .va """"""""""' JW " m:1.i2:' 5-.Q-.1 ,-ss. 5335742 . . 4. 5 .1 I 5. , 11.1.1 1 .44 .-: .-f -:A . . ' 4, H 353 : .,-.- 'a r. Lf 4 .Y f 4- - 4- 4 ,.-4-fm I-12:-4..s4.'4 - . 4 : . -'-'ld-yggzqwn "4..4:w - -4 qv -4 . - 2- '99 4-v"fQq4q,'f,x:, -3ga,.v,,..-.ugggsfi-mxgef - Lv, 'Z' "'-1 "fm-4-'ff4-.M-44'1 1'-4 'sf 4 fffxm...-??Z13..5'1-'1T.1l,xu.f4.,a..'E1.'sf .4'-Z?-',?.1:?h .754 as Us 1,. 4,1 ff .. ...j . . 'N ' " v.y.1,,4.4,-5-Q -urn - " ' .1 .qifgirs N111-'f.f44. . , . 4 , -4 . .41 4 , 4. P1f'1'3f?.1fFq'.23rf245gg41 4 Q4 V '. 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Q44 .Q -. -.N . 4.. -- v4 -4 .. ,.1:..-., 1-1... --..-- .44:1,- .1 -ffv. .331 1. ..1:,f,:.xrr2i4--34.4-.-f1+? ..L.,.4'14ifIg-.15-y',x.-f?g.,.53-13,5 ..1, .. fm, .g,,.,3,.,w, 1 at 1-:,f.:s..'g11iT5 3.359452 s 'W44f1P4T'K P?45-Iwgifa' "W: fT2'?1ifi'14nzsf:.1.mJsliffF' .-1.1.-4 'fa 4-14!av:f:-.'i'14f ev:-1, 531 ,gales-ewfifww F425 fjQ'--.1-g1:.1-1s's'114. ,H FN r-,Q If 1 A? 5 o n f 7 1 1 I J ,1 if -1 1 1 C 1 f- xr' 1 S 4 New ' 1 7 1 ' 1 fl, W 3 1 W rc ,Y . x l hug 1 K. fl? 1 SENIOR FAREWELL We stand with eager hearts upon the threshold of a diiierent world And lace its challenge bravely. There will be moments when we know despair and heartache. When unrealized dreams will Fill our minds with wonder and with lear. But we still lceep on. This is our chance To marlc our names clown in the pages of eternity. This is no end -yet it is a beginningf The memories we shared have made us what we are l-lave Formed us into vital entities. Now let us lorm tomorrow. Let us Work with hope and steadfast hearts And constancy lor happiness, for understanding, and lor peace. WAYNE ABELLS 331 Kenrick St., Newton ll, Bigelow, Junior College, Orchestra, Meteorology, Intermediate Football. LOIS NATALIE ABRAMS 74 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, College, Debating Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Neophytes, 1, Literary Magazine, 2, Honor Roll, 3. FLORA JEAN AIRD 183 Waltham St., West Newton Q ll, Waltham High, College, Glee Club, HARVEY LUCIUS ALEXANDER, JR. 217 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Harv, I B, Weeks, Bowdoin, Varsity Club, 3, Indoor Track, 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3. ROBERT J. ALLEN 1 Mt. Ida Ter., Newton Bob, I A, Bigelow, Boston College Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, 3. KATHERINE ALMCND 38 Moreland Ave., Newton Centre Kathie, I A, Weeks, Duke, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Girls Chorus, 1, 9, Christmas Vespers, 2, Rally Committee, 3. FAY ALVORD 44 Chatham Rd., Newton'Highlands Faysie, I B, ll, Weeks, Boston University, Outing Club, 2, Music Club, 3, Parents Demonstration, Senior Play, Scenery Com- mittee, 3, Alt. Legislature, 3. CAROLYN MILDRED ANDERSON 120 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Carol, I B, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Latin Club, 1, Drama Workshop, Q, Music Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Band, 1, Q, 3, Senior Play Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1. RICHARD WARREN ANDERSEN 40 Lenox St., West Newton Dick, Andy, ll, Warren, Univ. of New Hampshire, Baseball Manager, Q, Home Room Manager, 3. ANITA ANGELUS 5 Larch Rd., Waban ll, Warren, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Publicity Committee for Senior Play, Literary Magazine, 2, Christ- mas Vesoers, 3, Honor Roll, 3. LOUIS ANNESE 11 Asl-,mont Ave., Newton Lu Lu, Holleywood Specs, ll, Day, Boys' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 2, Meteorol- ogy Club, 3. LOUIS ANTONELLIS 62 Court St., Newtonville L. A., IV A, Day, Work, Varsity Basket- ball, 1, 9, 3, Baseball, Junior Varsity, 1, 9, Football, 1, 2, Orange Shield, Smoking Committee, Clerk of Associates, 3, Treas- urer of Class, 3. ELIZABETH ANTI 9 Highland Pk., Newtonville Betty, I B, Il, Day, Colle e, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, Q1 Basketball,1 , 2,SoltbaIl, 1, 2, Manager, Q1 Volleyball, 2 Scenery Committee, Senior Play, Parents' Demonstration, 9, Legislature, 1, Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, Q. GLORIA LILLIAN ARALE 36 Jassett St. Newton IV C, Day, Business Career, Camera Club, 1, Outing Club, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, Girls Leader Corps, Q, 3, Legislature, 2, 3, Senior Play, Business Committee, Parents' Ni ht Demonstration Q, 3, Building ll OEM, 3, Honor Roll,1,Q, 3. GILDA CARMELA JOSEPHINE ARCURI 82 Pine St., West Newton IV C, St. Bernard's High, Work, Can- teen Hostess, 2, Hockey, 9. VIOLET ARDUINO 393 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Yola, IV C, Weeks, Work. RUTH W. ARNOLD Q1 Standish St., Newton Highlands Ruthie, I B, Lower Merion High, Ard- more, Pa., College, Outing Club, Q, Stage Workshop, 9, 3, Music Club, 3, Glee Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Softball Manager, 9, Spring Musicale, 2, 3, Scenery Com- mittee for Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll, 2, 3. RUTH ARONSON 30 Clements Rd., Newton Ruthie, ll, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 'li Riding, 1, Music Club, 9, English Club, Q, 3, Basketball, 1. r I I la F, - I I 6 r i I 6 31 110 MELUIN ASCHER 577 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Mel, II, Weeks, Boston University, Camera Club, 1, 9, Proiectors, 1, Manager, Football, 1, Assistant Home Room Mana- ger, 3. LEON AVAKIAN 10 Bennington St., Newton Corner Lee, Avak, I A, Bigelow, Tufts or Boston University, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Debating Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Newtonian, Last Will and Testa- ment Committee, 3, Senior Play. ELLEN CONSTANCE AXON 31 Alban Rd., Waban Sandy, PiD, Ellie, I A, Burlingame High, Cal., Eastman School of Music, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Art Club, 1, Pops' Night, Q, 3, Spring Musicale, 9, 3, Senior Play Pub- licity Committee, 3, Orchestra Librarian, 3. VARTAN JOHN AYVAZIAN 20 Lodge Rd., West Newton ll, gay, College, Motion Picture Squad, 'l, 9, . MARY HELEN BALLI 33 Bemuth Rd., Newton Highlands Helen, IV B, Weeks, Work, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ALFREDA DOLORIS BANFIELD 41 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Dee, Doloris, ll, All Saints' School, New- foundland, Nursing. DOROTHY FLORENCE BARBERIO 84 River St., West Newton Dotty, Dolly, I B, Warren, College, Out- ing Club, 2, 2nd Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, Varsit Hockey, 1, 2, Class Team Hockey, Basketball, Softball, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9. LUCY MARIE BARBO S246 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Lou, I B, Day,Modern School ofApplied Art, Latin Club, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, Music Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Committee. JOAN BARNES 398 Wolcott Pk., Auburndale Jo' I A, Crafton High School, Pittsburgh, Ps., coinage, Music Club, 3, OutiniClub, ,Science Club, 3, Newtonian eature G . GARDNER STEWART BARRETT Q5 Avalon Rd., Waban Stewie, I A, Weeks, College, French Club, 1, Football Manager, 1. BARBARA BASSIN 75 Bellevue St, Newton Bobbie, I B, Bigelow- College, Micro- phone Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, English Club, 9, 3, Stage Workshop, Q, Newtonite, Ill, Orange Shield, 2, Home Room Manager, MARIE ANN BASTIANELLI 78 Los Angeles St., Newton I B, Day, Mass. College of Pharmacy, Latin Club, 1, Le Cercle Francais, Q, Music Club, 3, Science Club, O, International Club, 3, Basketball, Girls' Leader Corps, Band, 1, Spring Concert, 1, Orchestra, Q, Building ll Office, Business Committee, Senior Play. DAVID EDWIN BATES Q60 Cabot St., Newtonville Skip, Dave, ll, Day: College, Boys' Chorus, 1, Glee Clu , 2 3, Football Manager, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. BARBARA ELIZABETH BAUMLI 47 Beverly Rd., Newton Highlands Barb, Barbie, l A, Bryant High School, New York N. Y., Wellesley, Music Club, 9, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Library Club, 3, Newtonite Business Stall, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, Basketball, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Junior gollege Library Helper, 2, 3, Honor Roll, EDITH ANN BAYLOR 40 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands Edie, E. A., ll, Oak Grove School, Vas- salboro, Me., Vesper George Art School, Cavalry Club 2, Newtonian, 9, Modern Dance, Q, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Legislature, 9, Spring Musicale, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, Q. PATRICIA BEAL 92 Oakland St., Newton Ogagg.Patsy, ll, Day, School, Building FLORENCE BECKER 92 Knowles St., Newton Centre Flo, IV C, Business, Watertown High, Office Work, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Vespers. SUZANNE CLAIRE BEDARD 384 Waltham St., West Newton Sue, Susie, I A, Warren, Pembroke, Neophytes, 1- Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 9, 3, Nlusic Club, 3, Eastern Massa- chusetts Music Festival, Newtonian, Modern Dancing, Spring Musicale, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 9. JOHN BELCHER B1 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre .'Beast, ll, Weeks, College, Orange Shield, 1, 9, 3. IRMA RUTH BENSON 80 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, Boston University, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Latin Club, 1, Q, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, 9, Eastern Mass. Music Festival, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. MILTON BENSON 135 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Milt, Ben, l B, Weeks, Cornell Univer- sity. JACQUES BERARD 780 Watertown St., West Newton Jake, Jack, l B, Day, College, French Club Secretary, 3, Hockey, 3. DONALD BERKOWITZ 99 Wessex Rcl,, Newton Centre Berky, l B Weeks, College, Varsity Club, Q, 3, hlarsity Football, 1 indoor Track, 9, 3, co-ca tain, Outdoor Track, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking Clommittee, 3. JAMES BIANCO 1QO Webster St., West Newton Shorty, lll A, Machine, Warren, Work. LEIGHTON I. BICKNELL 470 Washington St., Holliston Bick, Lee, lll A, Radio,Day,Radio Opera- tor in Alaska. DOROTHY BIGELOW 396 Highland St., West Newton Dotty, Dot, l A, Warren, Vassar, Glee Club, English Club, Christmas Vespers, Eastern Mass. Musical Festival, Newtonian, Modern Dancing, Tennis, Spring Musicale, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 3. DIANNE BIRCH 146 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Dixie, ll, Bigelow, Junior College, Music Club, 1, Cavalry Club, 3, Girls Chorus 1, 9, PuDDeteersClub, 3, Legisla- ture Alternate, Spring Musicale, Christmas Vesoers. ROBERT BLACK 89 Hawthorn St., Newton Ben, IV A, Day, Work. ANNE BLACKALL 91 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre l B, Weeks, College, Outin Club, 3, Stage Workshop, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Bowling, 9, 3. CAROL BOHLIN 54 Wall St., Wellesley C. B., l A, Weeks, Smith or Duke, Alpha Beta, 1, Aviation Club, 1, Latin Club 1, Music Club, 2, 3, Camera Club, 9, Ger- man Club, Treasurer, 9, Newtonite, Circulation Stall 1, Orange Shield, 9, 3 Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. RICHARD EDWARD BOLTON Q5 Llewellyn Rd., West Newton Dick, IV A, Warren. SELMA PEARL BORENSTEIN 36 Byfield Rd., Waban Sal, I A, Weeks, Sarah Lawrence Col- lege, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, English Club, 3, Orange Book Stall, 2, Modern Dancing, 3, Archery, 2, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Building I Office, 3, Drama Club Play, 2, Spring Musicale, 9, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, Needham Music Festival, 1, Leo Litwin Concert, Q, Youth Symphony Concert, Q, Lesislature, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ERNEST BOTTI 36 Woodbine Ter., Auburndale Ernie, ll, Warren, New England Air- craft. WILLIAM FRED BOWERS 19 River St., West Newton Willie, Bill, Flash, I B,Warren-College, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, Track, 3, Halloween Dance Committee. JANE BOWKETT 159 Clark St., Newton Centre Bucket, Bucket-Head, I B, ll, Weeks, Colby, Junior Colle e, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Aviation Club, 1, 3,'?usitala, 2, 3, Puppe- teers, 1, Music Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Newtonite, Q, Newtonite 'and Newtonian Distribution, 9, 3, Tennis, 1,GoIl, 1, Basketball, 3, Hockey, 3, Oflice, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, Spring Musicale, 9, Sampson and Delilah, Q, Home Room Manager, 1, HELENE LOUISE BOYD Q18 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Kitten, I B, Day, Newton-Wellesley Hospital, School of Nursing, Music Club, 1, 2, Personality Club, 1, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, 9, 3, Spring Festival, 1, Honor Roll, 3. H, 'Q s E A JOHN BRACELAND 45 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Jack, Ill A, Electrical, Weeks, Practice Trade, Football, 3, Legislature, Usher Senior Prom, Honor Roll, 3. JOAN BRADBURY 875 Walnut St., Newton Centre Joanie, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Camera Club, Outing Club, Cavalry Club, Drama Club Workshop, Puppeteers, Field Hockey, Q, Tennis, 9, Basketball, 1, Rally Committee, Home Room Manager, 9. G. TODD BRADY 154 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Pop, II, Culver Military Academy, Antioch, Cavalry Club, Home Room Manager. JOSEPH O. BRANZETTI 63 Cedar St., Newton Centre Joe, Ill A Cabinet, Warren, Work, Home Room Manager, 9. BETSY BREED 47 Gay St., Newtonville Betz, Il, Day, Colby Junior College, Neophytes, Drama Club Workshop, Drama Club, Literary Magazine, Publicity Com- mittee of Drama Club Play, 3, Honor Roll 3. KATHLEEN E. BREEN 116 Auburn St., Auburndale Kay, IV C, Warren, Work or Business School, Personality Club, 1 Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Tennis, 9, Spring ltflusicale, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3. JEAN M. BRENTON Q4 Rogers St., Newton Jeannie, I B, T. A. Edison Junior High, Brighton, College, Personality Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Drama Workshop, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Field Hockey 2, Legislature Alternate, 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee. ERNEST BROBERG 61 Pearl St., Newton Corner Ernie, Ern, Bro, Broberg, l A, Bigelow, Orrville High, M. l. T., Aedile, Latin Club, 1, 2, 3 Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 2, 3, Stage Crew, Q, 3, Radio Club, 1, Q, 3, Math Club, 9 3, German Club, 9, 3, Chemistry Club, 9, 3, Newtonite, 3, Orange Bott, 9, 3, Basketball Manager, 1 2, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Business Manager, Orange Book, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. JOSEPHINE ANNE BROTHERS 1581 Washington St., West Newton Jo Joss ,IVC,Warren,BusinessSchool or Work,Chorus, 1, 9,3,BuildingJll Office, 9, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, , Spring Musicale, 9. DAVID W. BROWN 40 Waldorf Rd., Newton Highlands Dave, l A, Weeks, Swarthmore, Radio Club, 9, Music Club, Q, 3, Treasurer, Math Club, 3, Treasurer, Newtonian, 3, National Honor Society, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 9. JEAN HELEN BROWN 42 Richardson St., Newton Jeannie, ll, Bigelow, Katharine Gibbs, Puppeteers, 9, Stage Workshop, 3, Modern lgrncei 3, Publicity Committee, Drama Club ay, . DEBORAH BRUSH 66 Oxlord Rd., Newton Centre Debby, I A, Weeks, Colby, Camera Club, 1, Neophytes, 1, Outing Club, Q, English Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, New- tonian, 3, Hockey, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Legislature, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Leader Corps, 3, Leader Corps Banquet, 3, Sophomore Usher, 1, Publicity Committee, Drama Club Pla , 9, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 3, Treasurer, English Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1. l l i , l i L ,, Y g ,.., , '. ' f ' 114 3 .ff YW? - ,.- sz, '.f1 AUDREY BRYANT 61 Highland Ave., Newtonville Aud, ll, Day, College, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 9, 3. ELISABETH HARLOW BUCK 1438 Beacon St., Waban Betsy, l A, Warren, Bryn Mawr, Wel- lesley or Hood,Camera Club, Drama Work- shoD, English Club, Secretary, Future Teachers of America, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, Tennis, Modern Dance, Archery, Cigtain, Orange Shield, Legis- lature, 9, Nice Work each morning, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. JEAN BUITEKAN 215 Islington Rd., Auburndale Jeanie, l A, Warren, Boston Museum School, Music Club, 1, Drama Club, 9, Drama Workshop, 9, 3, Costume Committee, Drama Club Play, 2, Honor Roll, 1, 2. MAURICE B. BURG 18 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Moe, l A, Weeks, Dartmouth, Debating Club, 1, 2, Math Club, 2, 3, Tusitala, 3, Newtonian Business Manager, Orange Book Assistant Business Manager, Na- gogal Honor Society, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1 , ALAN BURKE 84 Westminster Rd., Newton Centre l A, Weeks, Nl. l. T., Cl'l2lTllStI'Y Club, Calvary Club, Honor Roll, 1, 2. DAVID A. BURKE 917 Derby St., West Newton Dave, lll A, Radio, Warren, Navy, Home Room Manager, 3. ANN BURLEY 385 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Anniei IV Bi Weelcsi Stenographeri HonorRolI,Q. JANET MARIE BURNS 51 Oakwood Rd,, Auburndale Jani Ili Warreni Art Schooli Camera Club, 1, Newtonite Business Staff, 3i Honor Roll, 3. NANCY BURNS 73 Lombard St., Newton Nancyi IV Bi Our Lady's Highi Work. JANE MARY BUTTARO 39 Rockland Pl., Newton UoDer Falls Janiei Ili Weeksi Boston Universityi Camera Club, 1i Personality Club, 1i Honor Roll, 1. CHARLES ANTHONY CAHILL 74 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Charliei I Ai Weeks, Collegei Neo- phytes, 1, Drama Club, Qi Debating Club, 1 Q, 3, Varsity Club, 3i Junior Varsity Hockey 1i Varsity Hockey, Qi Track Q, 3i Junior Prom Chairmani Halloween Dance Committee, Q, Chairman, 3i Football Dance Committeei Orange Shield, Qi Captain, 3i Rally Committee: Anti-Smokingi Drama Club Play, Qi Clerk of Associates, Qi Legislature, 1, Q, 3i Senior Class President. PHYLLIS CALLAHAN 6 Fairway Dr., West Newton I Ai Dayi Wellesleyi Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 3i Rally Committee, 3. v I I I I 115 KENNETH MURRAY CAMPBQL 19 Pulsifer St., Newtonville Red, Moei Ili Dayi Marriage and Worki Orange Shield, Q, 3i Office Building I, 1, Q, 3i Mr. Rinker's Assistant, 'I. EDWARD-V. CANNON 86 Waban Pk., Newton Edi I Ai Bigelowi Notre Damei Junior Varsity Baseball, 'I. RACHEL LEE CANTER 1Q Wachusett Rd., Chestnut Hill Rachie, Shelliei I Ai Weeksi Collegei Aloha Beta, 1i Cavalry Club, 1i Music Club, Q, 3i English Club, Q, 3i Newtonite, 'li Newtonian, 3i Orange Shield, 31 Pub- licity Committee, Senior Play, 3i Christ- mas Vesoers, Qi Spring Musicale, Qi Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. RUDOLPH CAPASSO 53 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Rudyi IV Ai Warreni Navy, Intermediate Baseball, 3. THOMAS A. CAPOBIANCO 9Q Thurston Rd,, Newton Upper Falls CaDDY1lll A, Autoi Weeks. ERNEST CARLSON 1561 Washington St., West Newton Erniei Ili Warreni Junior College or Worlci Golf, 1, Q. rneosilic c. CARLSON 49 Summit St., Newton Fred, ll, Bigelow, Navy. ROBERT CARR 9 Carter St., Newtonville Spike, Ill B, IV, Day, Work,.luniorVar- ' sity Baseball, Building I Office, 9, 3, ROSEMARY CARR 35 Church St., Newton Mimi, Rosie, Ribs, I A, ll, Bigelow, Sec- retarial School, Stage Workshop, 3, Li- brary Club, 3, Basketball, 1, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Q. ISABEL ANN CARUSO 3 Thomas St., West Newton lsy, IV B, Warren, Finishing School, PersonaIityClub,2, ROSALIE CARVELLI 50 Parsons St., West Newton Ro, Peaches, Tok, IV B, Day, Business College. PATRICIA J. CARVER Q05 Mill St., Newtonville Pat, I B, Suffield High, Suffield, Conn., Columbia, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Modern Dance, 1, 3, English Club, 9, Girls' Chorus, 1, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Legislature Al- ternate, 1, Honor Roll, 1. 6 FREDERICKA E. CASTLE 191 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Freda, Freddie, Ricky, IV B, Warren, Katharine Gibbs, Neophytes, 1, Girls' Chorus,1. MARY CAVANAUGH 44 Kensington St,, Newtonville Duffel Bag, Cav, Il, Day, Work or Junior College, Personality Club, 9, Junior Varsity Baseball, 2, Archery, 1, Honor Roll, 1. ANGELINA J. CEDRONE 10 Green Ct., Nonantum Angfll, Ann, Angie,ll, IV B, Day, Secre- tarial ork, Legislature, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q. CATHERINE CEDRONE 7 Clinton St., Newton Kitty, III B, Day, Work. JOSEPHINE CEDRONE 95 Clinton St., Newton Honey, Jo, IV C, Day Secretarial Work. ALAN RICHARD CHANDLER 170 Parmenter Rd., West Newton AI, Itchy, I A, Warren,Tufts Engineering, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Music Club 3, Meteorology Club, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Legislature Alternate, Q, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Band, Q, 3, Band Drill Com- mittee, 9, 3, Band Uniform Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, PHYLLIS CHARLTON 565 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Doc, lV C, Weeks Hairdressing, Cavalry Club, 1, 2, Stagg Workshop, 3, Library Club, 3, Modern ancing, 1. ALICE CHINIAN 170 Waltham St., West Newton Al, ll Day, Lasell Junior, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 1, 3, Drama Workshop, 9, Rall Committee, 3, Newtonite Business Stall 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 2, 3, Spring lvlusicale, 2, Home Room Manager, 9, Legislature Al- ternate, 3. NANCY CHURCHILL 111 Wood End Rd., Newton Highlands Nan, l B, Weeks, Bates, Glee Club, 2, 3, Art Club, 1, Christmas Vespers, Spring Musicale. LOUISE CIALDES 291 Bellevue St., Newton 2 Lou, lV C, Bigelow, Building ll Office, JOCELYN CLAPP 12 Proctor St., Newtonville Jo, l A, Ft. Knox High School, Ft. Knox, Ky., Wellesley Mt. Holyoke, Music Club, SZ, 3, Outing Club 2, Orange Book, Liter- ary Magazine, 2, Hockey 2nd Varsity, 9, 3, Basketball 2nd Varsity, 2, Volle ball, 2, Modern Dance, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 9, 3, Swimming Assistant, 2, Band, 3, Parents glight Demonstration, 2, 3, Honor Roll, Q, SAMUEL M. CLAPPER 20 Llewellyn Rd., West Newton Sam, ll, Wellesley Junior High, Field of Aeronautics, Aviation Club, Camera Club. PAUL S. CLAY 186 Auburn St., Auburndale Henry, l B, Warren, College, Camera Club, 3, Meteorology Club, 3, French Club, 1, 2, Treasurer, 2. NORMAND CLEAVELAND, JR. 39 Lenox St., West Newton Norm, Flout, l A, Bigelow, Brown, Photography Club, 1, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Stage Crew, 9, 3,Spring Musicale, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, 3. RODGERS CLOSE Q6 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands l B, Brookline High School, College. HAROLD W. COAKLEY 553 Watertown St., Newtonvilie Coke, IV, Day, Navy. BARBARA L. COHEN 3 Pama Gardens, Brighton Babs, lA, Thomas A. Edison, Brighton, College, Puppeteers, 3, Publicit Com- mittee, 3, Spanish Club, Q, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1. LEILA B. COHEN 127 Gordon Rd., Wabon Lee, l B, ll Warren, Westbrook Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, SZ, 3, Spanish Club, Q, 3, Puppeteers, 3, Orange Shield, 3. SALLY JANE COHN 340 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill I A, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 3. DONALD COLLINS 160 Melrose St., Auburndale Don, ll, Warren, Further Education, Varsity Club, 1, 9, 3, Varsity Football, 1, SZ, 3, Varsity Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking Com- mittee, President, N. H. S. Associates. KENT COLLINS 931 Washington St., Newtonville l A, Day: Boston University, Aviation Club: Camera Club, Junior Evening Dance Committee: Assistant Home Room Manager. ROBERT COLLINS 117 Nonantum St., Newton Corner Bob, ll, Bigelow, Univ. of New Hamp- shire or Boston University, Camera Club, Skiing, Legislature, 1, 3, Orange Shield, Q. WILLIAM CONANT 14 Larchmont Ave., Waban 3 ll, Weeks, Junior College, Camera Club, MARY CONLEY 191 Cedar St., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, Nursing, Leader Corps, 9, 3. l l E l l l in 0 V if l A . 4 5, , .TE E ,. ,, In ' .- Tl. 1' 'GS' I 1:1 A ' N.. . . .. . t, t Exam I :Y iimt .. .. - .'.' 118 PETER CONN 19 Elmore St., Newton Centre Pete, I A, Weeks, Tufts Engineering: Camera Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, 3, Usher, Senior Play, Home Room Manager, 3. BARBARA ANNE CONNOR 20 Lewis Ter., Newton Barbie, IV, Bigelow, Journalism: Newtonite, 2, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. SALLY COOK 173 Berkeley St., West Newton Cookie, Sal, ll, Warren, Colby Junior College, Music Club,1 9, 3, Drama Club, 9, 3, Outing Club Q, Hockey Varsity, 9, 3, Hockey Junior hfarsit 1, Tennis Var- sity, 1, Q, 3, Softball, 2, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Leader Corps, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Properties Committee, Business Committee, Drama Club Play, 2. GEORGE CORKUM 333 Lexington St., Auburndale Gidge, Cork, l B, Warren, Colle e Business Administration, Varsity Football, 1, Q, Intermediate Baseball, 1, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Orange Shield, Anti- Smoking Committee, Football Dance Com- mittee, Junior Prom Committee, Legisla- ture, 1, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, Vice- Presidentof Class, 1. VIOLA J. CORSETTI 16 Annapolis Rd., West Newton 9 Vi, IV C, Day, Work, Building llOlfice, MADELINE CORSI 46 Newtonville Ave., Newton Corner Mal, I B, Watertown High School, Col- lege, Outing Club, 3, Honor Roll, 9. ALFRED CORTIS Q3 Peabody St., Newton Buddy, Ill A, Radio, Day, Navy. PHYLLIS PEARL COX 213 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Phyl, IV, Weeks,Secretarial Work. TED CRON 6 Dana Rd., West Newton Ted, I A, Warren, Boston University, Neophytes, 1, Art Club, 1, Tusitala, 2, 3, Drama Club, 2, 3, Newtonite, 9, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, "Remem- ber the Day", Vice-President, Senior Class, Honor Roll, 9. MARY JEAN CRONIN 36 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, Syracuse, Latin Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, 3, Newtonite, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1. NATALIE CATHERINE CRONIN 39 Ellis St., Newton Upper Falls Nat, IV C, Weeks, Telephone Company, Personality Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Hockey, 1. ANNE CROSBY 91 Lenox St., West Newton l A, Warren, Mt. Holyoke, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Camera Club, 1, Glee Club, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Tusitala, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising ommittee, Nagogal Honor Society, 9, 3, Honor Roll, T, , . 9 RICHARD CROSBY 487 California St., Newtonville Cros, Bing, I A, Day, Brown, Varsity Club, Junior Varsit Basketball, 1, Varsity Basketball, 9, 3, Golf Varsity, 1, 9, 3, Captain, Orange Shield, ome Room Manager,9. JAMES EDWARD CROWLEY 1100 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Jim, IV, Weeks, Business School. DOROTHY CUMMINGS 18 Day SL, Auburndale Dot, ll, Warren, Mass. Art, Music Club. 1, Newtonian Art Stall, 2, Newtonite ArtStaff,9. BARBARA CURTIS 270 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Bobby, l A, Day, Bethany, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Outing Club, 2, Newtonian Stall, 3, Hockey Manager 3, Basketball Class Team, 1, Basketball Nlanager, Q, 3, Softball Class Team, 1, 2, 3, Varsity, 1, 9, 3, Legis- lature, 2 3, Spring Musicale, 1, 2, P. T. A. Demonstration, Q, Band, 1, 9 3, Orchestra, 1, 2 3, Girls' Athletic Ban' quet G. A. B. Hostess, 9, Treasurer, Band, 3, Hana, Rau, 2, 3. NANCY ANN CUSHING 23 Pershing Rd., Wes! Newton Nan, ll, Day, Chamberlain Schoollof Retailing, Building I Office, 3. LAWRENCE CUTHBERT 82 Charles River Basin Pkwy., Newton Larry, J. P., I A, Bigelow, Boston Uni- versity, Alpha Beta, 1, German Club, 2, Indoor Track, 9, Home Room Manager, 1. BARBARA ANN DACEY 201 Callfornia St., Newton Barb, I B, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Stage Workshop, Newtonite Business Sta , 3, Orange Shield, 3. DOROTHY DALEY 184 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Dot, Dottie Shortie,lI,Warren, Nursing, Sophomore Girls' Chorus. JOSEPH DARDANO 925 Chestnut St., Waban 1 I A, Weeks, Football, 9, 3, Honor Roll, VALENTINO D'ATTlLlO 112 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Val, Andy, IV A, Weeks, Orange Shield, 9. BRUCE DAVIDSON 37 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Sam, IA, ll Bigelow, Springfield, Music Club, Stage Crew, Intramural asketball, 1, 2, Legislature Alternate. SYLVIA HOPE DAVIDSON 334 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Syl, Il, Day, Gordon, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Music Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonite Business Stall, 3, Legislature, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1. 1 .120 ALLAN L. DAVIS, JR. QB Lenox St., West Newton Al, I B, Warren, Bowdoin, Aviation Club. I, 9, 3, Manager of Intermediate Baseball, 2. ANNE SHIRLEY DAVIS 230 Walnut St., Newtonville Shorty, Annie, II, Day, Mass. Art, Nw. phytes 1, Drama Club 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Mass. Music Festival, 1 Orange Shield, 2, 3, Building I Office, Christmas Vespers, 1, 2, Spring Concert, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3. ERNEST H. DAVIS 17 Milton Ave., West Newton Hank, lll A, Radio, Weeks, Radio Opera- tor. MARGUERITE A. DAVIS 24 Pennsylvania Ave., Newton Utgpnr a s Marg, Margie, IV B, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Alpha Beta, 1, Personality Club, 1, Commercial Club, 9, Music Club, Q, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Newtonite, 9, Orange Shield, 9, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. RICHARD ELWOOD DAVIS 58 Everett St., Newton Centre Dick, ll, Weeks. ROBERT DAVIS 10 Remick Ter., Newton Corner Glenn, Teddy Bear, I A, ll, Bigelow, College, Stage Crew, 1, Intramural asket- ball, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 9. DIANA E. DAVISON 68 Avalon Rd., Waban ll, Weeks, Green Mt, Junior Collegef Camera Club, 1, Neophytes, 1, Girls Chorus 1,Caval Club,Q 3,Drama Work, shop, Q, Music Club, 3, Newtonian Ad- vertising, Archery, 1, Band, Q, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Building I OHice, .3, Neophytes, Honor Roll, 3. AVANIS G. DAWSON 54 Marlboro St., Newton Avi, ll, Cambrid e High,College, Out- ing Club, 3, Stage iworkshop, 3, Archery, SZ, 3, Badminton, 9, Volleyball, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 2. BERNARD C. DECKER 156 Tremont St., Newton Barnyard Bernie, I A, Bi5elow,College, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3. WILLIAM DE FLORIO 60 Border St., West Newton Billy, lll B, Warren, Work. JOHN DEL MONTE 678 Boylston St., Newton Centre Dutch, Del, l B, ll, Weeks, College: gtviation Club, 1, Intramural Basketball, 2, ROSE A. DEMEO 37 Milo St., West Newton lV B, Warren, Secretarial Work, Per- - sonality Club, 1, Commercial Club, 2, Honor Roll, Q. ROBERT DENNISON 7 Orris St., Auburndale Denny, lll B, Warren, Army, Ice Hockey. BRUNO GEORGE D'ERCOLE 58 Maplewood Ave., Newton Centre Deacon Moe, Mush, ll, Weeks, New England Conservatory, Orange Shield, 2, Captain, 3, Legislature. MARIE DE VEAU 104 Austin St., Newtonville Frenchie, ll, Day, Drama and Art School, Neophytes, 1, Drama, Club Workshop, 91 Alpha Beta, 1. LORRAINE DEWEY 46 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Laurrie, Rusty, I A, Day, Bryn Mawr or Music School, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, 4, Out- ing Club, 2, 3, Tennis, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, 4, Glee Club, 2, Chairman, Civics Com- mittee, 1. DONALD J. DQWOLF 64 Oakcliff Rd., Newtonville Wolf, ll, Farm and Trade School, Col- le9e,1Band A, 1, Q, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, . GEORGE DHIONIS 16 Broadway, Newtonville Die, lll A 4,Auto, Day. ANTHONY JOSEPH DI BONA 365 Watertown St., Newton Tony, Di, IV A, Day, College or Service, Orange Shield, 3, Usher, Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll, 2, 3. MILAN ANSEL DICKINSON 25 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Mike, Red, I A, Weeks, Dartmouth, Intermediate Football, Class Usher, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3. ANNIE LOUISE DI CLEMENTE 37 Jackson St., Newton Centre Nickels, Shorty, IV C, Weeks, Business Career, Honor Roll, 1. MARION ROSE DI GREGORIO 3 Emerald St., Newton Ill B, Day, Telephone Operator. BARBARA ANN DION 50 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Robin, Rob, II, Warren, Endicott Junior College, Aviation Club, 1, Social Studies, Club, 9, Vice-President, International Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, Assistant Business Manager, Tennis, Q, Modern Dancin 3, Legislature, 9, Rally Committee, 3, alri-Hi-Y, 3, Building I Office, 3. VIOLA ANN DISABATO 6 Locksley Rd., Newton Centre Lola, I A, Weeks, Mt, Holyoke, Camera Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Girs Chorus, 1, 9, Spring Musicale, Christmas Vespers, Executive Committee, Anti- Smoking Committee. I l l l i , , iilgssiga "-35" . 2,2 3 i . 122 ,M ,.., ,. tiag,,:?,. fs M iz il E i- 4 I til, SUMNER DODGE 15 Sargent Pk., Newton ll, Bigelow, College, Intramural Basket- ball, 1, 9, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1. DENNIS DONOGHUE 1237 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Denny, IV, Weeks, Work, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3. MARY ELLEN DONOGHUE 1937 Walnut St., Newton Highlands May, Donna, IV C, Weeks, Burdett, Chorus, 1, Hockey, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, 9. HELEN MARIE DOOLEY 'I7 Minot PI., Newtonville Dool, II, Day, Nursing, Alpha Beta, 1, Personality Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, 3, All Girls' Assembly, 9, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Field Hockey, 9, 3, Softball, 1, 9, 3, Badminton, 2, 3, Volleyball, Q, 3, Archery, Q, Leader Corps, Honor Roll, 3. JAMES M. DOYLE 604 Walnut St., Newtonville Jim, I B, Day, Notre Dame, Football, 1, Q, Hockey, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, 9, Home Room Manager, 1. JOAN DOYLE 36 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill ll, Weeks, Garland School, Aviation Club, 1, 9, Social Studies Club, Secretary, Q, Camera Club, 3, International Club, President,Tri-Hi-Y. BARBARA ANN DRISCOLL 34 Beecher Ter., Newton Centre Neuche, IV C, Weeks, Restaurant Work. ALMA MILDRED DUBOIS 312 Cherry St., West Newton Al, IV B, Warren, Secretarial Work. EDNA DUCHIN 121 Brackett Rd., Newton I B, Pine Crest School, College, Puppe- teers, 3, Art Club 3, Music Club, 3, English Club, 3, Drama Workshop, 9, Chorus, Y, 3, Spring Musicale, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3. ALBERT WILLIAM DUCKWORTH, Il 677 Boylston St., Newton Centre Duck, Al, ll, Weeks, Parks Air, Aviation Club, 1, Radio Club, 2, Motion Picture Squad, 1, Q. WILLIAM S. DUNCKLEE 21 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Bill, Dunk, I B, Weeks, College, Camera Club, 1, 2, Glee Club, 3, Treasurer, Camera Club, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3. MARY DUNN 151 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls IV C, Warren, Work. BARBARA MAE DUVAY 12 Rockland St., Newton Barbi, Bubbles Bunny, I A, Bigelow, College, Musa: Club 1, Q, An Club, 1, Neophytes 1,Math Club, 2, 3,Drama Club, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Newtcnite, 3, Orange Book, 9, 3, Music Activities: Graduation Exercises, 1, 2, 3 Concerts, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Play, 9, Christmas Ves- pers, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1. JOHN BERNARD EARLY 524 Parker St., Newton Centre Johnny, Il, Weeks, College, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 2, 3. DOROTHY EDISON 4 Ireland Rd., Newton Centre Dotty, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 2. RICHARD EDMAN 116 Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonville Dick, Hernie, ll, Day, Mass. College of Pharmacy, Medical Aide to Mr. Smith and Mr. Sanborn, Orange Shield, 2, 3. VIRGINIA ELLIOT 109 Ridge Ave,, Newton Centre Gina, Ginny, I A, Weeks, Smith, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Stage Work- shop, 2, Music Club, 1, Christmas Vespers, 1, 2, Spring Musicale, 9, Modern Dancing, 3, Tennis, 2, Rally Committee, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, 1, 2. JANE ELLIS 34 Woodclilf Rd., Newton Highlands Janie, ll, Weeks, Briarcliff Junior Col- lege, Stage Workshop, 2, Music Club, 3, Modern ance Group, 3, Bowling, 1, 2, Sophomore Chorus, Spring Musicale, 1, Senior Class Play. RICHARD ELTON Q8 Cochituate Rd., Newton Highlands Dick, l A, Weeks, College. SARA LOUISE EMERSON 168 Warren St., Newton Centre Sally, Sal, ll, Weeks, Colby Junior Col- lege, Neophytes, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Junior-Senior Chorus, 2, Christmas Ves- pers, Spring Musicale, Neophytes Play, 1. DOROTHEA ALMA ENGEL 49 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Dotty, l A, Weeks, William and Mary Alpha Beta, 1, German Club, Q, Music Club, 3, Tennis, 1, Golf, Q, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, Rally Committee, 3, Modern Dance, 3, Spring Musicale, 9, Christmas Vespers, 1, g, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 2, JANET ERICKSON 5 Littlefield Rd., Newton Centre Jan, ll, Daly Commercial High, Nursing, Qfclllcrg, 9, Debating Club, 9: Chemistry u , . ELLEN JANE ESKINI 19 Stuart Rd,, Newton Centre IA Weeks, Pembroke, Girls' Chorus, 3, English club, 3. ANNE EVERETT 4 Crown St., Auburndale ll, Warren, Children's Hospital, Per- sonalityClub, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Glee Club, 1, 9 3, Spring Musicale, 1, SZ, 3, Christ- mas gespers, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, . uf ' .. X vfi ff si f if MARIE EWEN 53 Cabot St., Newton Me, l B, Warren-Powell Junior High, Washington D. C., Colby College, Art Club, 1, 2, Ireasurer, 3, Music Clu , 1, 9, 3, Junior College Librarian Assistant, Newtonian Advertising Stall, Newtonian Circulation Stall, Legislature, Property Committee, Senior Play, Social Room Hostess, Spring Musicale, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Treasurer, Art Club, 9. VIRGINIA MARY FAHEY 30 Oakland St., Newton Ginny, IV C, Bigelow, Work, Business School. WILLIAM E. FAIRWEATHER 194 Staniford St., Auburndale Bill, IV A, Warren, Varsity Club, 1, 2, Junior Varsity, 1, Q. JEAN E. FALCONER 1905 Beacon St., Waban ll, Manchester, N. H. Central High, Chamberlain, Secretary, Music Club, 3, gxrchery, Modern Dance, Orange Shield, MARY FALCONER 1905 Beacon St., Waban l B, Manchester Central High, Man- chester, N. H.,New England Conservatory, Music Club, Q, 3, Outing Club, 3, Volley- ball, 2, 3, Badminton, 3, School Girl in "ACarnival ofFun",Senior Representative Senior Class Team. JOAN IVY FANNING 25 Lewis St., Newton Joannie, Fannie, l B, Bigelow, Mary Washington College ol the Univ. of Vir- ginia, Alpha Beta, 1, Aviation Club 1, Social Studies Club, Q, lnternational Club, 3, Camera Club, 1, German Club, 9, French Club, 1, Newtonite Business Staff, 9, Golf, 3, Badminton, 3, Modern Dance, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Sophomore Girls Chorus, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 9, Legislature, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Tri- Hi-Y, 3, Spring Musicale, 2, Christmas Vespers, 9, Office Assistant, Building l Office, 9. JOHN FARINA 53 Bridge St., Newton Pesky, I B1 DdYi M- I- T-1 Ne0Dl'lYl2S1 Legislature, 1, Q, 3, Halloween Committee, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 2. EVELYN ROSE FARNESE 12 Waban St., Newton Evie, IV B, Day, Work, Stenographerl Camera Club, ROBERT FARNHAM 297 Cabot St., Newtonville Moose, Bob, I A, Day, Bowdoin, Neo- phytes, Intermediate Football, Varsity, Senior Play Committee, Head Usher. BARBARA MARIE FARRAGHER 38 Carleton St., Newton Barbie, I B, Bigelow, Mass. School of Physiotherapy, Personality Club, 1, Soph- gmore Dance Committee, 1, Honor Roll, 1, LEONARD FARWELL 106 Tyler Ter., Newton Centre Len, Lenny, I A, Weeks, Antioch or Univ. of Chicago, Camera Club, 2, New- tonian, Data Staff, 3, Varsity Tennis, 9, 3, Fall Tennis, 1, 2, Usher, 1. PATRICIA MARY FAY 15 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Pat, ll, Weeks, Garland School, Drama Club Workshop, 3. 195 FREYDA FEINBERG 101 Parker Ave., Newton Highlands Minute, Shorty, ll, Weeks, Junior Col- lege, Library Club, 3, Music Club, 3. SHARI JUDITH FELDMAN 43 Cotton St., Newton Sherg, ll, Bigelow, Junior College or Music ollege, Alpha Beta, 1, Personality Club, 1 9, Music Club, 2, 3, Sophomore Girls Chorus, 1, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ERNEST FERNEAU 13 Henshaw Ter., West Newton Ernie, ll, Warren, Newton Junior Col- lege, lntemational Club, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play, Usher, 3, Honor Roll, 2. DOROTHY JUDITH FERRIS 5 Madison Ave., Newtonville Dot, Dottie, I B, Day, Framingham State Teachers College, Aloha Beta, 1, Outing Club, 2 Music lub, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Future Tleachers of America, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Newtonian Circulation Staff 3, Archery, 1, 3, Tennis, 3, Orange Shielcl, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, 9, 3, Youth Symphony Concert, Q, Legislature, 3, Jor- dan Hall Concert, 2. JAMES FERRIS 210 Kent Rd., Waban I A, Kimball Union, College, Aviation Club, 3, Traclc, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Host of Social Room, Assistant Home Room Manager, 2, Home Room Manager, 3. CARL C. FIERIMONTE 63 Jackson Rd., Newton Monte, IV A, Bigelow, Business School or Work, Orange ShieId,. LAWRENCE M. FINNEGAN 40 Myrtle St., West Newton Larry, The Galloper, ll, Warren, Foot- bell,1, 31 TYOCIK, 3, Legislature 1, 2, Usher, Senior Play, Q. FREDRIC I. FISCHEL 8 Bruce Lane, Newton Fred, Freddie, Fish-cakes, I A, Bi elow, College, Cavalr Club, 1, Math C?ub, 3, Baseball, 9, 3, llrack, 3, Boys' Chorus, 2. EDWARD BOOTH FISCHER 19 Burnside Rd., Newton Highlands Ted, I A, Weeks, Wesleyan, Math Club, Vice-President, 3, Latin Club, 1, Boys' Chorus 3, Data Committee, Newtonian, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Social Room Host, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. JEROME FISHER 79 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Jack, I A, Weeks, College, Junior Elarsity Baseball, 1, Intermediate Football, SAMUEL A. FITCH 55 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Sam, I A, Warren, Princeton Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Intermediate baseball, 2, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Honor Roll, CHARLES FITZGERALD 163 Suffolk Rd., Chestnut Hill Woolie, Fitz, I B, Weeks, Boston Uni- versity, Orange Shield. Q.ililllWi'i l Yi , 5 Y v.A. .. 2' Y :EM 1 , Q.. ffm ,l i51Tl't:w!5f'W15: Q ' 1 1 26 GEORGE DONALD FITZPATRICK 44 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Don,The Fitz, IA, Weeks,Boston College or Holy Cross, Varsity Club, 1, 9, 3, Var- sity Football, 1, Q, 3, Captain, 3, Outdoor Track, 9, 3, Indoor Track, 3, Orange Shield, Captain 3, Civics Board, 3, Legis- lature, 3, Vice-l9resident, 1, 2, Boys Vice- President of Associates. PHYLLIS CATHERINE ANN FLAGG 60 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Phyl, ll, Warren, College, Personality Club, 1, Sophomore Dance Committee, 1. JOSEPH G. FLANAGAN 134 Dearborn St., Wellesley Joe, lll A, Electrical, Wellesley High, Undecided, Representative, Legislature. WALTER FLANAGAN 125 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Harry, Hoppy, Flanna, ll, Weeks, Marines. GERTRUDE ELAINE FLANDERS 18 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Trud , ll, Weeks, Wheelock, Interna- tional Club, 3, mi-ii.y, Newer-ne, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 1, Publicity Committee, Candy Committee, Modern Dancing, Alternate Legislature Representative, Assis- tant Home Room Manager, 1, Child Study Class, Chairman, Honor Roll, 3. DONALD WHITE FLYNN 418 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Don, ll, Weeks, College, Literary Maga- zine, 2, Varsity Football Manager, 3, Intermediate Football Manager, Q, Junior Varsity Manager, 1, Legislature, 3. DANA FOLEY 151 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner II, Bigelow, College, Basketball, 1, Q, Football, 9. MARGARET MARY FOLEY 430 Centre St., Newton Peggie, ll, Bigelow, National College of Education, Aviation Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Drama Workshop, 3, Senior Play CandyCommittee. CATHERINE DENISE FORD 435 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Coopie, I B, Day, College, Drama Club Workshop, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 3, CONSTANCE C. FORD 119 Institution Ave., Newtcn Centre Connie, I A, Weeks, College, Drama Club, 9, 3, Neophytes, 1, English Club, 3, Outing Club, Q, Program Chairman, English Club, 3, Newtonite, 1, Junior Varsity Hockey, 2, Track, Q, Modern Dance, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 3, Gym Demonstration, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Leader Corps, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Office Work, 9, 3, Anti- Smolning Committee, 3, Chairman, Senior Play, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Drama Board, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 2, Honor Roll, 1, 9. HAROLD FORTE 406 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls b hlal, Muzzie, IV, Warren, Navy, Foot- a . ALBERT FONTECCHIO 400 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Al, I B, Weeks, Mass. College of Pharm- acy, Honor Roll, 1, Q. I .. Q I i I i i I I l I I L I I 197 RALPH FOX 79 Newell Rd., Auburndale Foxy, IV, Warren, Baseball, Basketball. PHILIP F. FRAZIER 127 Pearl St., Newton Fearless Phil, l B, ll, Boston College High, Boston College, Camera Club, 1, Spanish Club, 1, Football, Q, Inside Track, 2, Outside Track, Q. JUDITH S. FRIEND 92 Chamberlain Rd,, Newton Judy, II, Bigelow, Bradford Junior, Music Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, SZ, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Newtonian Ad- vertising Editor, 3, Spring Musicale, 1 , Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3, Prooerty Committee, Drama Club, 9, Honor Roll, 2, 3. DOROTHEA FRUTKIN 155 Cotton St., Newton Dot, Dottie, l A, Bigelow, College, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Library Club, Q. CONSTANCE FULHAM 94 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Connie, I A, Warren, College, Camera Club, 1, 9, Neophytes, 1, Drama Work- shop, 2, English Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Program Committee, En lish Club, 3, New- tonite, 1, Tennis, 1, Basketball 3, Gym Demonstration, Q, 3, Orange Shield 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 9, 3, Office Work, Mornings, 9, 3, Finance Board, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. HARRIET GAINSBOR0 95 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Happy, ll, Weeks, Edgewood Park, Microphone Club, Music Club, Girls' Chorus, 1, Newtonian Advertisin Com- mittee, Modern Dancing, Orange Siiield. JEAN MARIE GALLAGHER 6 Lincoln Pk., West Newton Red, IV C, Warren, Work. LEON E. GAMMERMAN 137 Waltham St., West Newton Lee, I B, Day, Univ. of Rochester, Busi- ness Administration, Alpha Beta, Radio Club, Motion Picture Squad, Q, 3, Meteo- rology Club, 3, Basketball Manager, 1, 2, 3, Senior Play Business Committee. JOHN FREDERICK GANLEY 274 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Freddie, ll, Weeks, College. ELINOR RUTH GAUDIN 32 Leonard Ave., Newtonville El, ll, Warren, Garland Junior College, Aviation Club, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, 9, International Club, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 3. RICHARD GEBHARDT 54 Adella Ave., West Newton Dick, Gebby, I B, Warren, College, Radio Club, 1, 9, Band, 1, Q, 3, Band Drill Committee, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, Senior Play Costume Committee. FRANK GENERAZIO 194 High St., Newton Upper Falls Gena, IV, Weeks, Work. ' 5- i Saw "' ir, ' -I I I I I I 98 CHARLES WILLIAM GENTILE 96 Thornton St., Newton Corner Charlie, Chuck, ll, Bigelow, College, Camera Club, 3. WILLIAM GERSUMKY 205 Cypress St., Newton Centre Bill, Gus, I A, Weeks, Wesleyan, English Club, 9, Drama Club, 3,ChemistrY Club, 3,- Orange Book, SZ, Orange Shield, 1, 2, 3, Legislature, 1, Drama Club Play Usher, 2, Christmas Vespers, 3, Drama Club Play, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. NELSON GIFFORD 5 Wlnnetaska Rd., Waban Gill, I B, Warren,Tufts, Radio Club, 1, 2, Aviation Club, 3, Chemistry Club, 3 ln- termediate Football, 1, 2, Varsity Football, 3, Orange Shield, Drama Club Play, 2, Usher, Senior Play, 3, Usher. CORRINE GILBERT 658 Watertown St., Newtonville Gil, Frenchie, Frog, ll- Day, Nurse, Alpha Beta, Personality Club, Drama Work- shop, Baslcetball, Badminton. NORMA ANN GILDERSLEEVE 83 Larchmont Ave., Waban Gildy, ll, Weeks, Singing Career, Alpha Beta, 1, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Christmas. Vespers, 2, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, 9, 3, Outing Club, SZ, Drama Workshop, 9, 3, Aviation Club, 3, Secretary-Treasurer, Parents' Night Gym Demonstration, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JO-ANNE MURRAY GILLILAND 217 Harvard Circle, Newtonville Gill, Jo, Il, Day, Lasell Junior College, Airline Hostess- AI ha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Drama Club Dlforkshop, 2, 3, Out- ing Club, 9, Aviation Club, Program Committee, 3, Library Club Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Rally Committee 3, 'l!yplng,ANew- tonian, 3, Girls' Track Ifeam, 2, odern Dancing, 3, Parents' Night Gym Demon- stration, 9, Model Spring Fashion Show, 9, Legislature Alternate, 2. ELIZABETH KATHERINE GLEIM 39 Beverly Rd., Newton Highlands Betty, ll, Weeks, Boston Museum of Fine Arts School, ArtClub, SZ, 3, Music Club, 9, 3, Art Committee, Newtonian, Modern Dancing, 9, Track, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 3. BARBARA JOAN GLUCK 267 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Bobs, II, Brighton High, College, Music Club, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, 3, Legislature Alter- nate, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3. JEAN ANN GLYNN 12 Upham St., West Newton Jay, Jazzie, ll, Warren, Nurse, Outing Club, Cavalry Club, Girls' Chorus. SUMNER H. GOCHBERG 100 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill Subby, I A, Weeks, Dartmouth, Tusitala, 9, 3, English Club, Q, 3, Debating Club, 3, Newtonian Stall, 2, Assistant Business Manager, Newtonian, 3. KATHERINE GODINO 3 Sylvan Rd., Waban Kay, Kay-Kay, IV C, Weeks, Business College or Work, Personality Club, 1, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Program Committee, Assembly, Assistant Home Room Manager, 9, Assistant Legislature Representative, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 3. ARLENE GOLDMAN 46 Milo St., West Newton IB, Warren, Colle e, Microphone Club, 1, Music Club, 9, 3,Camera Club, Q, New- tonite Business Staff, Basketball, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Senior Play Busi- ness Committee, Receptionist in 314, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. 9 ELLA GONFRADE 115 l-lunnewell Ave., Newton Corner El, Tex, l B, Bigelow, Business College, Music Club, 9, 3, Newtonian Stall, Busia Bess Committee, Candy Committee, Senior ay. ALLEN GOOD 59 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Al, ll, Weeks, Univ. of Michigan, Avia- tion Club, Q, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Glee Club, 3, Boys' Chorus, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 2. MURlEl. GOODMAN 93 Cedar St., Newton Centre IV, Weeks, Business College, Personality Club, Outing Club, Orange Shield, Girls' Chorus. JAMES GOODWIN 13 Cedar St., Wellesley Hills Goody, lll A, Electrical, Wellesley Junior High, Electrical Trade. MARGARET GORGONE 70 Amith Ave., West Newton Margie, Peggy, ll, Warren, Work. MARY F. GORMAN 15 Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands IV B, Weeks, Business College or Work, Music Club, 1, 3, Personality Club, 1, 3, Girls'Chorus. RAYMOND V. GRACEFFA 31 Taft Ave., West Newton Ill A, Electrical, Day, Electrical Trade. MYRNA RUTH GREEN 68 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Myrn, I A, Weeks, Wellesley, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Neophytes, 1 Drama Club, 3, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, c'i.a,.,s, 1, Q, 3, Archery, 1, Q, 3, N.. tional Honor Society, 9, 3, Legislature, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 2, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, Eastern Mass. Music Festival, 1, Spring Musicale, 2, Christmas Vegers, 9, 3, Youth Symphony, Q, Leo Litwin oncert, 5, lglome Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1, WILLIAM J. GREENE 189 Tremont St., Newton Bill, I A, Bigelow, Holy Cross, Camera Club, 3, Spanish Club, Treasurer, 3, Base- ball, 1, Football, 9, Legislature, 1. GEORGE H. GREGORY 15 Orchard St., Newton Centre IA, Bigelow, College, Outdoor Track. WINTHROP W. GRICE 25 Bowen St., Newton Centre Bud, Win, I B, Weeks, Cornell Univer- sity, International Club, 2, Newton HLY Club, 9, President, 3, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 1, 3, Legislature, 9, 3, Home Room Mana er, 1, 9, Senior Execu- tive Commlttee, 3 T-lalloween Dance Com- mittee, 3, Football Dance Committee, Chairman, 3, Newtonian Home Room Representative, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Second Vice-President, Senior Class. FRANCES V. GRINGERI 46 Farwell St., Newtonville Franny, Fran, ll, Day, Basketball, Honor Roll, 1. we HAROLD GRINSPOON 45 Morseland Ave., Newton Centre Bud, ll, Weeks, College, Sta e Crew, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, Basketballl Manager, 1. BOONE GROSS 200 Kent Rd., Waban I A, Grosse Pointe High, Yale, Drama Club, Tennis, Senior Play, Assistant Home Room Manager. GLORIA GROSSER 164 Ward St., Newton Centre Glo, ll, Weeks,College, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, Secretary and Li- brarian, Glee Club, 2, Girls' Chorus, 2, Christmas Vespers, Q, Leo Litwin Concert, 9, Eastern Mass. Music Festival, 1, Spring Music Parade, 1, 2, Graduation Exercises, 1, 2, Youth Symphony Concert, Q, Recep- tionist in 314, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 3. NITA GROSSMAN 16 Avondale Rd., Newton Centre I A, Wanen, College, Spanish Club, 1, 9, Microfahone Club, 1, Music Club, 3, English C ub 3, Drama Club, 3, Newtonite, Archery 2- Basketball, 3 Journalism Class, Drama Club, Costume Committee, Senior Play, Secretary, History Class, 3, Editor, EgiI23for Term on Newtonite, Honor o , . CHARLES GUBBINS 37 Clyde St., Newtonville Charlie, lll A, Electric,Our Lady's High, Electric Trade. MORTIMER MARTIN GUINEY 18 White Oak Rd., Waban Mort, I B, Weeks, Middlebury College, Neophytes 1 Drama Club, 9, French Club, 3, Drama Club 3, Newtonian Advertising and Class Will Committees, Tennis, 9, 3, Legislature, 1, Home Room Manager, 2, Senior Play Committee, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Drama Club Play, 9, Senior Play, 3, President, French Club, 3, President, Future Teachers of America, Newton Chapter, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ELEANOR GUZZI 21 Ellsworth Rd., West Newton Ellie, l B, Warren, Simmons, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Camera Club, 2, Secretary, Per- sonality Club, 1, Newtonian, Class Hockey, 9, Senior Play Business Committee, Qsgstgnt Editor, Newtonian, Honor Roll, FREDERICK ELLIOTT HALL 268 Melrose St., Auburndale Fred, I B, Warren, College, Intermediate Hockey, Honor Roll, Q. JAMES HALLORAN 944 Nevada St., Newtonville Junk, IV, Day, Art or Business School, lntramural1BasketbaIl, 1, Q, Home Room Manager. JEROME SYDNEY HALON 94 Philbrick Rd., Newton Centre Jerry, I B, Warren, College, Orange Shield, Q, Business Committee, 3, Home Room Manager, 1. JANICE HARBER 16 Kimball Ter., Newtonville Jan, IV B, Day, Work, Outing Club, 2, 3, Tennis, 1, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Hockey, 1, Y, 3, Softball, 1, 2, 3, Lacrosse, 3, Bad- minton, 2, Volleyball, 9, CLAIRE HARDING 219 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands I B, Weeks, Boston University, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 1, 3, Outing Club, 2, Newtonite, 1, Modern Dance Group, 1, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Christmas Vespers, 9, Soring Musicale, 91 91 Sampson and Delilah at Symphony Hall, Q, Honor Roll, 3. JOAN DORINE HARLAN 37 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands Joannie, I A, Weeks, Radcliffe, Laeti Lati- ni, 9, Outing Club, 9, French Club, 3, Glee Club,3,MusicClub Hostess,2, Newtonian, Home Room Representative 9, Data Editor, 3, Parents' Night Gym Exhibition, 2 3, Girls' Athletic Banquet Hostess, 2, Na- tional Honor Society, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Leader Corps, 9, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Junior Prom Refreshment Com- mittee, 9, Vice-President of Future Teachers of America, 3, Senior Play Costume Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Spring Musicale, 3, Drama Club Play Candy Committee, 2, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. NATALIE MAGNER HARRIS 154 Cabot St., Newton Nat, ll, Bigelow, Art School, Music Club, 'l, Q, 3, Art Club, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club, 9, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, 2:,:iriti:g1MusicaIe, 1, Q, 3, Treasurer, Music U , . FREDERICA DANA HART 185 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre Bunny, I B, II, Weeks, Bradford Junior College, Camera Club, 1, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, Newtonite Circulation Staff, 1, 2, 3, Field Hockey Class Team, 9, 3, Basketball, 3, Tennis Team, Q, 3, Tennis Tournament, 3, Leader Corps, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, Gym Demonstration, 3, Literary Magazine Rep- resentative, 2, Senior Play Properties Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, Spring Musicale, 9, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3. HERBERT HART 15 Charlesden Pk., Newtonville I A, Roxbury Latin, Cornell University, Drama Club, 9, 3, Camera Club, 3, Neo- phytes, 1, Newtonite, 9 3, Editor, Newton- ite, 3,Sports, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Castof Drama Club Play, 2, 3, Legislature Al- ternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. CAROL ANN HARTFORD 40 Clarendon St., Newtonville I A, Day, Boston University, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club 3, Outing Club, 2, Drama Workshop, 2, Rally Committee, Q, 3, Neo- phytes, 1, Newtonian Data Staff, Field Hockey, 1, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Softball, 1, Tennis, 2, Track, 2, Cheerleading, Q, 3, Girl's Athletic Board, 9, Parents Night Demonstration, Q, 3, Leader Corps, Q, 3, Orange Shield, Captain, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee. JOHN HARVEY 10 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands ll, Warren, Newton Junior College, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Legislature, 2, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, 3, Home Room Manager, Q. DONALD HASTINGS Bigelow EDNA HATTON 25 Simms Ct., West Newton Mickey, Red, II, Warren, Hospital, Out- ing Club, Q, Music Club, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, 1, 9, 3, Softball, 1, Modern Dancin , 1, Archery, 1, Glee Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3. PAUL HAUSER 41 Walden St., Newtonville I B, Day, Boston University Colle e of Music, Music Club, 9, 3, lootbaa, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Band, 1, 9, 3, Or- chestra, Q, 3. DOUGLAS HAVEN 58 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Doug Das Beak, I A, Warren, M. I. T., Drama Club, 2, 3, English Club, 9, Orange Book, 2, Football, 1, Q, Band, 1, 9, 31 National Honor Society, Q, 3, Legislature, 1, Q, Drama Club Play, 9, Senior Play, 3, President, National Honor SocietY, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. CAROL M, HAVICAN 35 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill lA, ll, Weeks, Trinity, Aviation Club, 1, Christmas Vespers, 9, Camera Club, Q, International Club, 9, 3, Spring Music Festival, 9, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1 Q, Newtonite Circulation Committee, Q, Orange Shield, 2, Assistant Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 3, MARY ELIZABETH HEANUE 11 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre l A, Weeks, Radcliffe, Latin Club, 1, Aviation Club, 1, French Club, 3, Tusitala, 9, 3, Vice-President, 3, Newtonite, Q, Make-up Editor, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. 39 MARY K. HEENAN 19 Crescent Ave., Newton Centre Polly, Pol, I B, Weeks, Wellesley or Simmons, Aviation Club, 1, Camera Club, 1, Spanish Club, 9, Outing Club, Q, Engg lish Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Drama Clu Workshop, 3, Rally Committee, 3, New- tonian Circulation Committee, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Honor Roll, 1. SHIRLEY VELMA HENLEY 18 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Squeaks, Shirl, ll, Day, Work. THELMA J. HENLEY 18 Bemis Rd., Newtonville Ted, Thel, IV B, Bridgewater Junior yigh, Nova Scotia, Work, Honor Roll, 1, BARBARA A. HEVESSY 506 Parker St., Newton Centre Barbie, l A, Weeks, Mt. Holyoke or Vassar, Social Studies, 2, International Club, 3, Stage Workshop, Q, Music Club, 3, Newtonian Staff, Basketball, 1, Modern Dancing, 3, Badminton, 3, GirIs'Chorus, 1, Q, Legislature, Q, 3, Alternate, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, Office Assistant, Q, 3, Social Room Hostess 2, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3,Rally Committee, 3,TriAHi4Y, Spring Musicale, 9, Christmas Vespers, 2, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. FREDERIC A. HILLS 351 Otis St,, West Newton Fred, Lefty, I A, Warren, M. l. T, Avia- tion Club, 1, 9, 3, Baseball Manager, 2, Intramural Basketball, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. NEWTON G HINCKLEY 96 Page Rd., Newtonville Hinck, Newt, ll, Day, Basketball, 1, 9. WILLIAM J. HINES 37 George St., Newton Bill, I B, Bigelow, Holy Cross, Hi-Y Club, 2 3, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 2, Varsity Hockey, 2, Indoor Track, 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Captain, 2, ANN HOCHBERG 47 Irving St., Newton Centre Ann, I A, Weeks, Simmons, Music Club, 2, 3, Neophytes, 1, English Club, 1, 3, Archery, 1, 2, Modern Dancing, 2, 3, Neonhytes. RUSSELL NORMAN HOLBROOK 142 Homer St., Newton Centre Russ, Russy, Ill A, Auto, Weeks, College Glee Club, Photographer, Committee Member ol Literary Magazine, 2, New England Music Festival, 2, Christmas Vespers, 2, Musical Comedy, 2, Spring Music Parade, 2, Youth Symphony, 2,Mass. Musical Festival, 2, Leo Litwin Concert, 2, Home Room Representative, 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM HOLDEN 24 Fredana Rd., Waban Bill Curly, I A, Warren, M. I. T., Avia- tion Club, 2, 3, Math Club, 3, Tennis, Junior Varsity and Varsity, Tennis Tournament, 2, Basketball Tournament, 1, 2, Home Room Manager, Treasurer-Secre- tary, 1, Honor Roll, 1. BARBARA HOLMES 10 Emerson St., Newton Moe, Holmsie, ll, Warren, Katharine Gibbs, Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, 2, 3, Stage Workshop, 2, Music Club, 3, Swim- ming, 1, 2, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. CAROL C. HOLMES 60 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Holmesie, I A, Day, Middlebury, Music Club, 2, Cavalry Club, 2, Orange Book, Assistant Editor, Varsity Hockey, 3, Cap- tain, Class Team, 1, 3, Junior Varsity Bas- ketball, 2, Captain, Class Team, 2, Varsity Softball, 1, 2, Class Team, 1, 2, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Band, 2, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, Alpha Beta, 1, Social Room Hostess, 2, Spring Music Parade, 1, Spring Music Festival, 2, Girls' Leader Corps, Publicity Committee, Chairman, 2, Secretary 3, Girls' Athletic Banquet, Advertising Com- mittee Chairman, 2, Parents' Night Demon- Stfdlivh, 9, 3: NeoDl'lYte5, Vice-President, 1, Drama Club, 2, Vice-President, 3, Drama Board, 2, Executive Council, 3, Chairman Girls' Athletic Board, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. HOWARD HOLMES 20 Salisbury Rd., Newton Stinky, l B, ll, Day, College, Radio Club, Varsity Football, 1, 2, 3, Band, Home Room Manager, 1. MARJORIE HOMER 34 Collins Rd., Waban Margie, I A, Cheltenham High, Elkins Prk., Pa., College, Music Club, Stage Work- s op. BEVERLY A. HOPKINS 33 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Bev, Hoppy, IB, ll, Weeks, Nursing, Alpha Beta, 1, Glee Club, 2, 3, Sophomore Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Newtonite Copy Staff, 1, Track, 2, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Leo Litwin Concert, 2, Spring Music Parade, 1, 2, Symphony Concert, 2, Drama Workshop, 2, Honor Roll, 3. Q ELEANOR HORRIGAN 14 Cheney Ct., Newton Upper Falls Weeks, Work. JEANNE HOULTON 127 Clark St., Newton Centre Jeannie, ll, Weeks, College, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Junior-Senior Chorus, 3, Christ- mas Vespers,1 2, 3,Symphony Concert, 2, Leo Litwin Concert, 2, Spring Music Parade, 2, Music Club, 1, Spring Music Festival, Modern Dancing, 3, Tennis, 3, Outing Club, 3. IRVING HOUSTON 151 Hicks St., West Newton Irvin, Ill B, Warren, Colle e, Chairman, Pro-class, 3, Track, 1, Footballl, 1, 2, 3. WILLIAM V. HOVEY 45 Perkins St., West Newton Bill, I A, Warren, Middlebury, Music Club, 1, 3, Indoor Track, 1, Outdoor Track, 1, Tennis Tournament, 1, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Band, 'l, 2, 3, En- semble, 1, 9, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Staring Music Parade, 1, Spring Music Festival, 9, Legislature, 1, Parents' Night Demonstra- tion, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9, DONALD HOWARD 33 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Howie, IV A, Bigelow, Service. PAUL M. HOWARD 94 Loring St., Newton Centre Howey, III A, Boston English High, M. I. T. or Wentworth Institute, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 9, NELSON E. HOWLETT, JR. 41 Oakclilf Rd., Newtonville Nelse, Nellie, I B, Day, College, Inter- national Club, Intermediate Football, SZ, Indoor and Outdoor Track, 3. WILLIAM HRONEK 105 Waban I-Iill Rd., Chestnut Hill Bill, Il, Weeks, College. JEAN RUTH HUBLEY 178 Arnold Rd., Newton Centre I B, Il, Weeks, Sargaenl, Alpha Beta, Treasurer, Tri-Hi-Y, ally Committee, Drama Club Workshop, Tennis, 9, Basket- ball, Oran e Shield, 3, Civics Board, Lunchroom Board of Review, Social Room, Class Treasurer, 1, Q, Girls' Vice-Presb dent, Honor Roll, 3. ""7"W?2'E ia. Q 5 5" I I ,lsr ' Il? i we I 5, Q 'Q 1 t X is gill? r ,I if . ,Ii T Q I K3 I ill IQ T X I R E I r , - . , ' . ' - 2 'M r 134 JOAN HUBLEY 178 Arnold Rd., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, Colby Junior College, Alpha Beta, Drama Workshop, 2, Rally Committee, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 9, 3, Tennis, 9, Basketball, 3, Orange Shield, 2, Legislature, 9, Band, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, 3, Class Secre- tary, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 3. BRENDA RUTH HUME Q03 Cherry St., West Newton II, Sherbrooke High, P. Oue., Canada, Air Hostess, Outing Club, Chorus 9, 3, Archery, 1. PAUL HURD 516 Auburn St., Auburndale Gus, Il, Warren, College, Hockey, 1. ISRAEL HURWITZ Q9 Mayflower Rd., Chestnut Hill Buddy,lzzy,lA,Weeks,College,Medi- cal School, Radio Club, 2, Varsity Club, 3, International Club, 3, Varsity Indoor and Outdoor Track, 1, 9, 3, Co-CaDtain ol' Indoor, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1. LEWIS HURXTHAL, JR. Q5 Somerset Rd., West Newton- Lewie, I B, Noble and Greenough, College, Aviation Club, Properties, Ski Teamfinactivej, GERALD HYDE 1169 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Jerry, I B, I A, Warren, College. WALTER J. HYDE 11 Sylvester Rd., West Newton ll, Braintree High, U. S. Navy. WILBUR JACKSON 1778 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Walb, Il, Warren, College, Varsity Hockey, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Legislature. ANDREA JACOBSON 1806 Beacon St., Waban Andy, Jake, II, I B, Warren, Indelinite, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Badminton, 1,Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Spring Musicale, 2, Honor Roll, 1 . VIRGINIA JEROME Q5 Cornell St,, Newton Lower Falls Ginnie, Jerry, I B, Warren, Simmons, French Club, Q, Chemistry Club, 3, Person- ality Club, 3, Field Hockey, 3, Archery, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee. HAZEL E. JONES 49 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Chips, Hinus, Jonesy, IV, Weeks, Work. LAURENCE CARTER JONES, JR. 11 Maple Rd., Auburndale Red, Jonesey, Larry, ll, Warren, Photog- raphy School, Camera Club, 3, Hockey Manager, 1, 2, 3. MARY JANE JORDAN 95 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands ll, Sturgis High, Sturgis, So. Dakota, Col- lege, Music Club, Drama Workshop Club, Christmas Vespeis,Carnival ol Fun, Chorus, 9, Senior Play Business Committee, Modern Dancing, Q, Tennis, Q, 3, Swimming, 9, Honor Roll, Q, 3. . MARGARET M. JOYCE 42 South Gate Pk., Newton Mag ie, Peggy, IV C, Warren, Work, Drama Club Workshop, Q. MICHAEL H. KALAJIAN, JR. 34 Margaret Rd., Newton Highlands Mike, Il, Weeks,College, Photography, Camera Club, 1, 2 Vice-President, 2, Boys' Chorus, 9, Glee Club, 3, Band, 3, Meteo- rology Club, Art Assembly Play. PAUL D. KAMINSKY 1101 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Fuzzy, Sleepy, I A, Shrewsbury High, M. I. T., Aviation Club, Literary Maga- zine, Orange Book, Editor, Indoor Track, 9,3,0utdoorTrack,2,3,HonorRoIl,9,3. ARLENE JOANNE KAPLAN S3 West Boulevard Rd., Newton Centre Cookie, Honey, ll, Wezkii College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 3, French Club, 3, Baseball. SAMUEL KARLIN Q1 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre Sam, I B, Weeks, Northeastern. JOY ANN KAY 510 Lowell Ave., Newtonville IV, Brighton High, Retail School, New- Sanitz Business Stall, 3, Music Committee, DANIEL F. KEEFE 1 Westwood St., West Newton Danny, IV D, Warren, U. S. Army or BusInessCoIlege. DANIEL T. KEEFE 451 Lexington St., Auburndale Buddy, Mayor, IV A, Warren, Business School, Varsity Club, Varsity Hockey, 1, 2, 3, Captain 3, Baseball, 9, 3, Legisla- ture, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3 Honor Roll, 9. MARJORIE EDNA KEEFE 1381 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Midge, ll, Weeks, Simmons or Garland School, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Workshop, 9 3, Music Club, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Newtonite, Newtonian, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Carnival of Fun, Camera Club, Q, Senior Play Business Com- mittee, Rally Committee, 3, Archery, 3. ROBERT KEEFE 51 Greenough St., West Newton Beak, IV, Warren, Golf Professional, Varsity Club, 9, 3, Junior Varsity Football, 3, Varsity Golf, 1, Q, 3, Varsity Hockey, 9, JOAN KEITH 955 Centre St., Newton Centre Joanie, 11, Weeks, Junior College, Girls' Chorus, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Music Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonian Business Stall, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1. , 36 KIRBY D. KELLAR 300 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Cookie, ll, Day, College, Varsity Club, 1, 9, 3, Hi-Y, Secretary SZ, Varsity Foot- bsii, 1, Q, 3, indoor Tract, 1, 2, Ca. Caotain, Q, Outdoor Track, 1, 9, 3, Orange ghigld, 1, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, BERNARD WILLIAM KELLY 956 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Barney, Kell, IV, Sacred Heart, Work. ROBERT T. KELLEY 387 Washington St., Newton Kel, ll, Bigelow, Boston University, Varsity Football, 3, Intermediate Football, 9. RUTH KENDALL 27 Oakwood Rd., Auburndale Kay, Ruthie, ll, Warren, Mass. Art, Art Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Orchestra, 2, 3. REGINA KEMPTON 196 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Jean, Rusty, ll, Warren, Chamberlain, Camera Club, 1, Stage Workshop 3, Music Club, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, Modern Dancing 9, 3, Building l Office, 31, lgloge Room lvlanager, 9, 3, onor Roll, JOHN COLLIN KENNEDY 118 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Highlands Johnny, I A, Weeks, Bowdoin, Aviation Club, 1, German Club, 9, Camera Club, 3, Math Club, 3, President, 3, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, President, 3, Newtonian Features Staff, 3, Intermediate Football, 2, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Band, 1, 9, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Music Board, 3, Calee Club, Q, Christmas Vespers, 9, Spring Music Parade, 1, Spring Musi- cale, 2, Honor Roll, 1, Q. ALBERT KENNEY 28 Balcarres Rd., West Newton Al, I, Taunton High, College, Orange Shield. DOUGLAS KENYON 107 Dennison St., Framingham lll A, Machine, Hopkinton High, College. MARIE KEOHANE 12 Acacia Ave., Chestnut Hill Colcey, ll, Notre Dame Academy, Tyngs- boro, Mass., College, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, Spanish Club, 2, Anti- Smolring Committee, Rally Committee 3, Tri-Hi-Y ,3, Stali, Senior Play Candy Com- mittee. ELIZABETH ANNE KERRIVAN 15 Clarendon St., Newtonville Bettie, ll, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Science Club, 3, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2 3, Music Festival,1 3, Sampson and Delilal's,9, Badminton, 1, Orange Shield, 1, Spring Music Parade, 1, Musical Comedy, 3. ELEANOR ANNE KETT 32 Samoset Rd., Waban Ellie, Ele, I B, Warren, College, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Cavalry Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Scenery Committee Senior Play. RAY KEYES 23 Regina Rd., Auburndale Ray, l B, Warren, Colby, Junior Varsity Hoclcey, 1, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, Orange Shield, Anti-Smoking Committee, Hallo- ween Dance Committee, Football Dance Committee, Rally Committee, Executive Committee, Executive Council, Chairman, Civics Board, Honor Roll, 1. HELEN KEYHO 135 Winchester St., Newton Highlands IV C, Weeks, Colle e, Outing Club, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, sl-lockey, 2, 3, Soft- ball, 1, Q, 3, Volleyball, 9. GEORGE KIESEWETTER 59 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Keesee, ll, Weeks, Preparatory School. NANCY E. KIMBALL 12 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Nan, Nanc, Il, Day, College. GERALD KIRKLIGHTER 86 Warwick Rd., West Newton Red, Dulce, ll, Warren, College and Naval Air Corps, Newtonian Representa- tive, 1, Glee Club, 9, Christmas Vespers. ROBERT KNAPP 12 Winchester Rd., Newton Bob, I B, Bigelow, College, Stage Crew, Orange Shield. TREVA LOUISE KNIGHT 15 Allen Ave., Waban Trev, Nitey, I B, Warren, Simmons, Endicott Junior College, Social Studies Club, 9, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Newtonian Proof Com- mittee, 3, Orange Shield, 2, Legislature Alternate, 3, Stamps and Bonds, 1, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1. ELLENOR KNOOP 1179 Centre St., Newton Centre Ellie, I A, Weeks, Mt. Holyoke, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, German Club, Q, French Club, 3, Newtonite, 9, Newtonian, 3, Home Room Newtonian Representative, Senior Play Candy Committee, Honor Rell, 1, Q, 3. EVELYN LOUISE KONIAN 90 Lewis Ter., Newton Ev, Evie, ll, Bigelow, Nursing, Music CIub,1, 3, Outing Club, 3, Chorus, 1, 3. GERSHA KRAVET 15 Burr Rd., Newton Centre IA, Weeks, Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, Va., Cavalry Club, 1, SZ, Le Cercle Francaise, 3, Outing Club, International Club, Music Club. ROBERT H. KROKU5 306 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Kroky, Bobby, I B, Mt. St. Michael, N.Y., N. Y., Boston College, Junior Varsity Basketball Q, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3. HENDRIK KROSSCHELL, JR. 41 Daniel St., Newton Centre Dutch, Dutchy, Hank, Il, Weeks, Flower Agent, Orange Shield, 3. FRANCIS KURTZ 304 Newtonville St., Newtonville Frannie, I A, Bigelow, Miami, Interna- tional Club, Q, ice-President, Hi-Y, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Legislature, 1. 7 if A 0 if 'I an f I . H 'N fN ,,g-7 ,M -r 9' vi 'xt Qxfii' ' :..ii1'-0 ' 1.2 us r .1 ..,. .- V. ., V 1'.'i:'i', ,.,.222 ji :I ,H gy ' 23' 5 Q get . 45 ,i K., H I A, sin, ri fa mi I I 1 133 ISABEL KUTZ 70 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre ls, I A, Weeks, Cornell, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club, 2, 3, Business Committee, 3, Orange Book, 2, Newtonian, Copy Editor, 3, Tennis, 9, Sophomore Chorus 1, Senior Picture Com- mittee, 2, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Junior-Senior Girls Chorus, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Christmas Vespers, 3, Home Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. CONSTANCE LADOO 49 Huntington Rd., Newton Connie, I A, Bigelow, Vassar, Art School, Art Club, 1, 3, Music Club, 1, 3, Tusitala, 3, Literary Magazine, Q, 3, Sopho- more Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, 9, Glee Club, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Spring Musicale, Q, Publicity Committee Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ALTON W. LAMONT, JR. 39 Stanilord St., Auburndale Al, Tiny, I B, Warren, Univ. ol Mass., Varsity Club, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 9, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, 3, Indoor Track, 9, 3, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, Orange Snield, 3. R. KENT LUNDERGAN 188 Parker St., Newton Centre ll, Free ort Hi h, N. Y., Mass. Maritime School, Camera Club, Honor Roll, 3. BARBARA LANE 40 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Babs, Bobbie, IV C, Weeks, Business School. PAUL LAPRISE 458 Chestnut St., Waban The Baker, II, Boston College High, Colle e, International Club, 2, Intramural Basketinall, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ANN MARIE LAWLESS 62 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville ll, Day, Boston University Alpha Beta: Outing Club, 1, Q, French Club, 9, Camera Club, Secretary, 2, 3, Softball, 1, 9, Archery, 9, 3, PAUL VERNON LAWRENCE 369 Walnut St., Newtonville Snapper, Rocky, lV D, Day, Advertising, Football, CYNTHIA ANN LEACH 44 Oak Cliff Rd, Newtonville Cinnie, ll, Day, Colby Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, Outing Club, 9, Music Club, 3, Newtonite Cir, culation, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Tennis Team, 1, Class Field Hockey, 2, Basketball, 2, 3, Parent-Teachers' Night, 9, Cheerleader, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 9, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, 3, Executive Committee, 3, Leader Corps, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 3. DAVID LEINBERRY 169 Dedham St., Newton Highlands Dave, ll, Weeks, Boston University, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 3. JANE ELIZABETH LEPORE 174 Derby St., West Newton Janie, ll, Warren, Art School, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Camera Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Archery, 'l, 2, Orange Shield, 1, Honor Roll, 9, 3, EARL LEPPO 176 Cabot St., Newton l B, Day, College, Newtonian Represen- tative, 9, lntermediate Football, 9, Varsity Hockey, 1, 3, lntramural Basketball, 1, Orange Shield, 1, 9, 3. ROBERT J. LESPERANCE 10 Day SL, Auburndale Bob, llB, Warren, College,Camera Club, 1, Newtonite Business Manager, 9, 3, Legislature, 3. ADDISON LESSER 110 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Addy, Les, l A, Weeks, College, De- bating Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, Q, English Club, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, Hockey, 1, Q, ln- tramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 9, Legislature, 3. HAROLD LEVIN 19 Alderwood Rd., Newton Centre Hal, Zeke, l A, Weeks, Brown, English Club, Q, 3, Varsity Club, 3, German Club, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Track, 1, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 2, GENE NORMAN LEVINE 94 Undine Rd., Brighton I A, Weeks, Dartmouth, Debating Club, 1, Q, 3, Neophytes and Neophytes Play, English Club, 2, 3, German Club, 2, Drama Club, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. GEORGE D. LEVY 53 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Gidge, l A, Weeks, College, Latin Club, 9, Debating Club, 3, Eng ish Club, 3, Basketball, 3, Intramural Basketball, Q, Orange Shield, Q. STANLEY LEVY 18 Garner St., Newton Centre Stan, l A, Weeks, Boston University, Camera Club, 1, Latin Club, Q, Debating Club, 3, Newtonian Business Staff. MIRIAM LEWIN 57 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Mimi, l A, Day, Swarthmore, Music Club, 1, 9, Puppeteers, 1, 9, Bowling, La- crosse, Hockey CFieIdJ Skating, Orchestra, 2, 3, Art Assembly, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9. LUCIA LIBBEY 277 Dorset Rd., Waban Louie, ll, Warren, Junior College, French Club, 1, 2, Modern Dancing, 1, English Club, 3. RUTH LIKELY 18 School St., Newton Ruthie, I A, Bigelow, Nursing. ALICE MARIE LILLEGARD 933 Bellevue St., Newton Al, Blondie, I B, Bi elow, Bethany Junior College, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Deutsche Verein, Q, German Association, 9, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Accompanist, Glee Club, Accompanist, Q, 3, Spring Musicale, 9, 3, Vesper Service, 9, 31 llreasiger, Music Club, Q, 3, Honor Roll, ,9, . DORIS FRANCES LITTLEFIELD 88 Otis St., Newtonville Skip, I B, Il, Day, Stevens, Camera Club, 1, Sophomore Chorus, Junior-Senior Chorus, 9, Christmas Vespers, 9, Spring Musicale, Q. CELESTE LOMBARDI 71 Crafts St., Newtonville Tina, Lum, C. L., Shorty, I B, Day, Boston University, Secretary, Alpha Beta, Outing Club, Secretary, Music Club, Personality Club, En lish Club, Rally Committee, Editor-in-Chief, Newtonian, Class Basket- ball Team, 1, 9, Co4Captain, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, Q, Class Field Hockey Team, 1, Softball, 1, Junior Varsity Field Hockey, 1, Varsity Field Hockey, 9, Legis- lature Representative, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Girls Leader Corps, Q, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, Anti-Sorority Anti-Fraternity Committee, Civics Board, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, Q, Spring Musicale, 2, SecretaYY, Sophomore Class, Sophomore Dance Committee, Publicity Chairman Junior Prom, Head Hostess, Girls' Ban- ouet, Head Hostess, Music Club, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. '95 'I I 3 1. at V Y,,, --- ' Ai? K ,L ,fi 3 ,4 ' 'S sin an-5 , 140 JOANNE CATHERINE LOMBARDI 91 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Jo, Lum, IV C, Weeks, Work and College, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9. WILLIAM E. LUCEY, JR. 196 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Bill, ll, Warren, Work in South America or Navy, Honor Roll, 1, 2. ARCHIE W. LUCKIE 94 La Grange St., Chestnut Hill Rebel, Lucky, I B, Murphy High, Mobile, Ala., Georgetown, Laeti Latini, 1, Neo- phytes, 1, ome Room Mana er, 1, Honor Roll, 1 3, Commencement Usher, 2, Junior Prom Committee, 2. EDNA GRACE LUNDSTROM 109 Langley Rd., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, College, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Spring Musicale, 2, 3, Youth Concerts, 9, 3, Librarian, Glee Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3. NICHOLAS J. LUPO 66 Langdon St., Newton Nick, Lupe, I A, II, Day, Springfield College, Varsity Club, Varsity Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Varsity Baseball, 1, 3, Intermediate Baseball, 1, Orange Shield, 1, 2, Legisla- ture, Home Room Manager. WILLIAM LYNCH 2069 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Bill, ll, Warren. MARY LOUISE LYON 996 Fuller St., West Newton Lou, Lou Lou, l A, Warren, Wellesley, Art Club, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, Outing Club, Q, English Club, Progressive Com- mittee, 3, Orange Book, 2, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Varsity, Q, 3, Captain, 9, Class Team,1, 3, Captain 3, Basketball Class Team, 1, Q, 3, Co-Captain, 1, Captain, Q, Varsity, Q, 3, Softball Class Team, 1, 9, Co- Captain, 1, Varsity Tennis, 1, 9, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, President, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Secretary, 3, Orange Shield, Captain, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Girls' Athletic Board, SZ, 3, Secretary, Q, Legislature Alternate 3, Chorus, 1, Senior Play Properties Com- mittee, 9, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. PATRICIA LYON 11 Howe Rd., Newton Centre Pat, I B, Weeks,Syracuse, Alpha Beta, 1, Leader Corps, 3, Newtonian, 3, Literary Magazine, Q, Basketball Pick-up Team, 1, Gym Demonstration, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Girls Chorus, 1, 9, Junior Dance Committee, Q, Christmas Vespers, 2, Spring Musicale, SZ, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Business Committee, Q, Senior Play Cast, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. PRISCILLA G. LYON 97 Parker St., Newton Centre Red, Prissy, I B, Weeks, College, Drama Worksho , 3, Camera Club, 3, Archery, 9, 3, BasketBall, 2, Orange Shield, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 3. JEAN LYONS 36 Roslyn Rd., Waban I A, Warren, Skidmore, Cavalry Club, 1, Social Studies Club, 9, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, International Club, 3, Advertising Staff, Newtonite, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Bad- minton, 3, Chorus, 1, Halloween Dance Committee, 3, Tri-Hi, Candy Committee, Senior Play, President, Social Studies Club, Q. KEVIN LYONS 94 Central St., Auburndale I B, Warren, College. JEAN MACCHIONE 419 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Jeanne, Macchi, IV C, Weeks, Office Work, Alpha Beta, 1, Sophomore Chorus, Junior-Senior Chorus, Christmas Vespers, Spring Musicale, Honor Roll, 3. 141 ROBERT MacCONNELL 12 Bow Rd., Newton Centre Bob, Mac, I B, Weeks, Northwestern, Varsity Club, 1, Q, 3, Football, 1 Q, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, 2, 3, Legislature, 3. RONALD MACDONALD 93 Union St., Newton Centre Mac, I B, Weeks, College. LOIS .IEANNETTE MICDOWELL 91 Park St., Newton Lo, ll, Bigelow, Junior College, Social Studies Club 1 , 2, Music Club, 1, Orange Shield, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, Christmas Vespers, Spring Musicale. DONALD MICFADEN 537 California St., Newtonville Mac, ll, Day, Honor Roll, 3. DAVID BLAIR MacLACHLAN 216 Highland St., West Newton Dave, Mac, I A, White Plains High, White Plains, N. Y., Lehi h University, M. I. T., Michigan, English Club, 2, 3, De- bating Club, 3, Baseball Manager, Q, Orange Shield,3. VINCENT MACRILLO 'I7 Harvey Pl., West Newton Mac, Ill A, Radio, Warren, Navy, Honor Roll, 3. GLADYS MADANJIAN 28 Williams St., Newton Upper Falls Gladie, IV B, Weeks, Stenographer, Personality Club, 1, Basketball, 'l, Field Hockey, Q, Softball, 1, Sophomore Chorus. WILLIAM F. MAGEE, JR. 4 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Bill, I B, II, Weeks, Lowell Textile, In- ternational Club, Tennis 1, Track, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, 9, 3, Legislature, 'l, SDYH15 Music Parade, Christmas Vespers, JAMES J. MAGNARELLI 195 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Jimmy, ll, Day. ALBERT L. MAGUE 44 William St., West Newton Al, IV A, Warren, Navy, Track. JAMES MAHER 37 Parsons St., West Newton Marzie, IV, Day, Work. MARY E. MAHONEY 19 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls IV C, Weeks, Nursing, Personality Club, 1, 3, Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 3. Ifi'5tlg3-isle, , I , or , I S5 9 g ,,,,.., N. V PM KI" ,Z ' ,K ,S+ kilo", 53,5 T , ' I I S '2'... 235 ,, . ,, I 3 Q 13' 1 i 'I f , I 'gi -. , I I I 1, I A 142 ,Ai JOAN ALBERTA MALIN 18 Scribner Pk., Auburndale IV C, Warren, Work, Personality Club, 1, Sophomore Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, Q, 3. ELIZABETH M. P. MALONE 298 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Liz, Betty, I A, Warren, Regis, Em- manuel, Puppeteers, 1, Vice-President, Spanish Club, 3, President,Camera Club, 3, Ass.stant Secretary, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 9, 3, Spring Concerts, 1, 9, 3, Parents' Night, Usher, 3, Guidance Office Work, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ALBERT MALONEY 311 River St., West Newton Bert, Al, IV A, Warren, Bookkeeper, SHIRLEY ANN MANGINI 43 Palmer Rd., Waban Shirl, I A, II, Central High, Washington, D. C., Pine Manor Junior College, New- tonite Publicity Stall, 1, Cavalry Club, 1, 9, Secretary-Treasurer, 2, Music Club, 9, 3, Social Studies Club 3, Basketball, Q, Modern Dance, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, Rally Committee- Trihl-'Ii-Y, Treasurer, 3, Football Dance Committee, Assistant Home Room Manager, 3, Christmas Vespers, Spring Musicale, 2, Honor Roll, 3. ARTHUR W. MANNETTE 47 Princess Rd., West Newton Ding, Red, ll, Warren, Boston College, Orange Shield, 1. NANCY MARIAST 986 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Nance, I A, Weeks, Briarcliff Junior College or Endicott Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 3, Sophomore Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, 2, Christmas Vespers, 9, Spring Musicale, 2, International Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Tennis, Q, Legislature, Q, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Q, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Candy Committee Drama Club Play, 3. BARBARA MARCELL 330 River St., West Newton Babs, Marcyi ll,St. Bernarcl'si Art Schooli Girls' Chorus, 1, 3. JEANNE MARQUIS 31 Magnolia Ave., Newton Ili Bigelowi Colby Junior Collegei Puppeteersi Drama Worlzshopi Music Clubi Archeryi Honor Roll, 1, 2. ANNE MARROCCO 109 West St., Newton IV Bi Dayi Stenographer. MARJORIE ELIZABETH MARTIN 75 Hunnewell Ave., Newton Margiei lli Bigelowi Wheelocki Camera Club, 'li Music Club, Qi Newtonite, Qi Newtonian, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q. RALPH MARTIN Q1 Columbus Pl., West Newton Muscles, Tooti 3A, Radioi Warren, Maritime Servicei Legislature. THOMAS P. MARTIN Q73 Otis St., West Newton Tomi l Bi Warreni Collegei Neobhytesi Debating Club, 1i German Club, Qi Motion Picture Squad, 1, 9. ities sat is 43 BARBARA ANN MASSIE 15 Whitlowe Rd., West Newton IV, Warren, Work, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Field Hockey, 1. RALPH V. MASTROGIACOMO 2 Valley Rd., Newton Jocltoi lll A, Electrici St. Patriclt's, Natick, Mass.i Electrical Trade, NICHOLAS A. MASTROIANNI 101 Pine St., Auburndale Chicki lll A, Electrical: Newton Hishf Electrical Trade. HARRY MATHEWS 95 Court St., Newtonville lll A, Electricali Dayi Electrical Trade. MARY ELLEN MATHISON 30 Walker St., Newtonville Shortyi I Ai Warreni Collegei Puppe- teers, 1i Drama Workshop Qi Art Club, 2, 3, Orange Book, Art Ecfitori Rally Com- mittee, 3i Art Assembly, Qi Honor Roll, 1. LOLA MAYO ' 483 Auburn St., Auburndale IV Ci Warreni Business School, Tennis, Qi Girls' Chorus, 1. ANNA LUCY MAZZOLA 188 Adams St., Newton Ann, Nina, IV C, Day, Secretarial Work, PersOnalitY Club. ANTOINETTE MAZZOLA 95 Bridge St., Newton Tin-Tin Toni, IV C, Day, Work, Com- merciaIClub. JOHN McALOON 44 Fenno Rd., Newton Centre Johnn , I A, Weeks, Williams, Dart- mouth, dsmera Club, 1, President, Q, Art Club, 3, Glee Club, 9, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Orange Book, Newtonian Circulation Editor,Cheerleader,Legislature,9,0range Shield, 3, Social Room Host, Q, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Chairman, Social Board, Honor Roll 1, Q, Junior Prom Dance Committee, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, 3, Spring Music Festival, 9, 3. RICHARD MCARDLE 15 Maple Ter., Newton Mac, l A, Bigelow, College, Intramural Basketball, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, Legislature, 9, 3. ROBERT McCAHAN 9 Maple St., Newton Centre Bob, lll B, McKinley School, Ohio, AgricultureCollege. ELIZABETH McCLOY 317 Tremont St., Newton Betty, ll, Bigelow, Nursing, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, Q, 3, Scenery Com- mittee, Senior Play, Oran e Shield, 9, Drama Worlrsho , Girls' Clhorus, 1, Q, Elie glub, 3, Clhristmas Vespers, Honor o , . 5? irr f , rs e'9l5", .' r lZNl? 1 If f is -' f-. . s xt Jef. N fl i ,",rilzt', .f -1 1 THOMAS H. McCORMICK, JR. 487 Boylston St., Newton Centre Mac, IV, Weeks, Business School, ln- tramural Basketball, Auto-Mechanics, 1, Radio, Q. JOSEPH T. MCCUSKER 115 Sumner St., Newton Centre Mac, Magoo, Jo, Cuss, ll, Weeks, Boston University, Varsity Club, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Varsity, Q. 3, Intermediate Baseball, 1, Varsity, Q, 3, Legislature. ANNE M. MCDONALD 45 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Nancy, Mac, IV C, Weeks, Business School, Girls' Chorus, 1, Field Hocltey Class Team, 2. EDWIN PERRY McGILL, JR. B2 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Tunlr, Mac, ll, Day, Kimball Union Acad- emy, Unlv. of Kentucky, Home Room Manager, 3. KAREN J. MCGRATH 86 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill ll, Weeks, St. Mary's of the Holy Cross, Girls' Chorus, Modern Dancing, 1, 3, Legislature, 3. JOAN CLIFFORD McKAY 32 Holden Rd., West Newton Joanie, Mac, ll, Warren, College, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Drama Workshop, 2, 3, Outing Club, 2, Chorus, 1, 9, Archery, 1, 2, Tennis, 1, 9, Badminton, 1, 9, Bowling, 9, Lacrosse, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, 9, 3, Parents' Day, 9 3, Spring Musicale, SZ, Youth Symphony Concert, 9, Christmas Vespers 2, Carnival of Fun, Modern Dance, Chairman, Scenery Com- mittee Senior Play, Legislature Alternate, 9. KENNETH McKUSlCK 96 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Ken, I A, Day, Bowdoin, Debating Club, 1, Chairman, Drama Board, Executive Board, Deutcher Verein, 1, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, President, 3, New- tonian, Circulation, Legislature, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, Assistant Home Room Manager, 1, Drama Club Play, 2, Senior Play Committee, 3, Chair- man, Ushers, Drama Club Play, 3, General I-:lla-iager, Drama Club Play, 3, Honor Roll, BARBARA JEAN MCLELLAN 20 Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls Bobbie, IV C, Weeks, Doctor's Re- ceptionist or Telephone Operator, Presi- dent, Personality Club, 3, Drama Work- shop, 2, English Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Trl-Hi-Y, 3, Parents' Night Gym Program, Home Room Manager, 1, 9. MARGARET MARY McLELLAN 90 Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls Peggy, ll, Weeks, Music School, Music Club, 1 Q, 3, Youth Symphony Concert, 9, Girls Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 3, Sipring Musicale, Q, Christmas Vespers, 9, PRISCILLA EVELYN McLEOD 107 Edinboro St., Newtonville IV C, Day, Office Work, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Personality Club, 1. GEORGE McMANU5 451 Crafts St., Newtonville Mac, IIIAJ DaY1 College, Football, Track, Baseball, Legislature. KATHERINE McMANUS 451 Crafts St., West Newton Kathie, Kay, ll, Day, Re is, Drama Club workshop, 2, Music chi, 3, Tn.,-4,-Y, 9, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Rally Committee, 1, 3, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Tennis, 3, Bowling Club, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 2. 45 MADELINE VIRGINIA MCMANUS 196 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Buzzy, Il, I B, Day, Newton College of the Sacred Heart, Alpha Beta, 'Ii Outing Club, 9, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Music Club, 3, Rally Committee, 1, 2, 3, Bowling, Q, 3, Honor Roll, Q, KEVIN MCNAMARA 105 Nonantum St., Newton II, I A, Bigelow, Columbia or Boston University, Neophytes, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Art Club, En lish Club, Circulation Staff, Newtonian Co-Ed Advertising Stall, Junior Varsity Football, Literary Magazine, Social Room Staff, Property Staff, Senior Play, Usher, Drama Club Play, Home Room Manager, Honor Roll, 3. ALLAN MCOSKER Q5 Prairie Ave., Auburndale Mac, I A, Warren, College, Home Room Manager, 3. ELIZABETH ANN MCOWEN 33 Norwood Ave., Newton Centre Liz, I A, Weeks, Collegw Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, 2, Drama orlcshop, 9, 3, Library Club, Secretary 3, Newtonian Proof Staff, Newtonite Business Staff, 3, Parents' Night Gym Program, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers Properties Committee, 3, Drama Club Play Properties Committee, Q, Drama Club Play Scenery Committee, 3. KARL WILLIAM MEINHART Q0 Shawmut Pk., Newton Upper Falls Half Pint, Halfy, Miney, Ill A, Machine, Weeks, Army Air Corps, Aviation Club. GRETCHEN MEISENBACH 95 Fountain St., West Newton ll, Beaver Country Day, Garland School, Secretary, Social Studies Club, 2, Interna- tional Club 3, Camera Club, 2, Modern Dancing, Hockey, Chorus, 2, Christmas Vespers, Honor Roll, 3. 145 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville ANNA MENDOLIA 48 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls IV C, Weeks, Business School, Music Club, Personality Club, Honor Roll, 1. PATRICIA LOUISE MERRILL 106 Cedric Rd., Newton Centre Pat, Patty, l A, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, Drama Club Workshop, Tennis, Rally Committee, Chorus, 1, 9, Tri-Hi-Y, Candy Committee, Drama Club. LOUIS MIHALAKOS 99 Hibbard Rd., Newton Lou, l A, Bigelow,College, Drama Club, 2 3, Treasurer, 3, International Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, Glee Club, 3, Boys Chorus, 9, Drama Board 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Football, 1, Q, lntra- mural Basketball, 1, 2, Orange Shield, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, Honor Roll, 3. JOHN MILDNER 44 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Red, Jack, Il, Weeks, Music, Band, 1, Q, 3, Orchestra, 1, 3. PAUL MILLER 53 Gardner St., Newton ll, Bigelow, U. S. M. C., Motion Picture Squad, 1, Q, Meteorology Club 3- gfeather Bureau, 3, Properties Staff, Senior ay. EDWARD J. MITCHELL 32 Gilbert St., West Newton Mitch, Ill A, Cabinet, Warren, Work. t, J ' 3 , 'i . W it its ,tx 'All ,Y 5 has -,3.5W5,' -. i i t ,. . t ESS ,,. . 4 . M, , ! M ,Q '1 46 .,,, i, it JUDITH MITCHELL 72 Agawan Rd., Waban Judy, l B, Warren, College, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Glee Club, 9, 3, Neophytes, Drama Club, Q, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, 9, 3, Legislature, 1, Band, 1, Q, 3, Secretary, 2, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Play, 2. LOUISE HUNTER MOLLENBERG 1 Cobb Pl., Waban Wezie, ll, Lyons Township Hi h, La Grange, Ill., Colby Junior College,Chorus 1, 9, English Club, 2, 3, Camera Club, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Q, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Business Staff, Newtonitrf 31 Modern Dancing, 3, Rally Committee, 3. WARREN JOSEPH MONAHAN S9 Clinton St., Newton Brigham's, IV, Day, Boys' Chorus. LEONARD MOONEY 109 Warwick Rd., West Newton Lennie,Llll fh, Machine, Day, North, t eas ern, egis ature, 2, Home Room Manager. CAROL SWEET MOORE l A, Day, College, Personality Club, 1, Library Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, President, 3, Drama Workshop, 3, Social Studies Club, 9, Modern Dancing, 3, I-lockey, 1,Soltball 3,Carnival of Fun, Orchestra, 1, 2, Orange Shield, 3, Future Teachers' of America, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. LESLIE BERNICE MOORE 158 Collins Rd., Waban Moe, I B, Il, Weeks, Colby Junior Col- lege, Puppeteers, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3: Music Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Bowling, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Q. VIRGINIA ANN MORGAN 19 Garrison St., Chestnut Hill Ginnie,l B, Weelrs, Marymount College, Cavalry Club, Music Club, Social Studies Club, Rally Committee, Tri-HLY, Secre- tary, Newtonite Business Staff, 9, Modern Dancin , 3, Oran e Shield, 3, Neophytes, Drama Club Play Committee, 3. A. LESTER MOSSMAN 16 Hunter St., West Newton Mouse, Mossy, IV A1 Warren, Service. CAROL MAXWELL MULDOON Q60 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Carolyn, ll, Weeks, Newton Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Aviation Club, 9, Debating Club, 1, Secretary, 9, Music Club, Q, 3, Personality Club, 1, Publicity Chairman, 3, English Club, 3, Outing Club, 3,Social Studies Club, 9, Newtonite, 9, 3, Swimmin , 1, Archery, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. MARIE MULLEN 36 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Little Mull, Butch, ll, Day, Chamberlain, Social Studies Club, 2, Camera Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 1, Tri-Hi-Y, Orange Shield, 1, Legislature, Anti-Smoking Committee, Senior Play Properties Committee. PENELOPE J. MULRAIN 4 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Penny, lV, Warren, Junior College, Sophomore Chorus, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, 9, 3, Puppeteers, 1, Secretary, Camera Club, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Spring Musicale, 2, Oran e Book, Q, New- Ssniilan, 2, Orange Shield? 3, Honcr Roll, ARTHUR A. MULVIHILL, JR. 81 Harding St., West Newton Art, Mul, Moe, IV A, Day, Business College, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3. WILLIAM SUTCLIFFE MURDOCH 45 Wade St., Newton Highlands Bill, Sut Irish, S, l A, Weelcs, Harvard, Aviation Club 1, Junior Varsity Tennis, 9, Orange Shield, 9, Ticket Committee, Junior Prom, 2, Property Committee, Drama Club Play, 9, Cheerleader, 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. PAUL GERARD MURPHY 8 Central Close, Auburndale Murph, ll, Warren, College, Orange Shield. PAUL F. MURPHY 117 Edinboro St,, Newtonville Murph, lll A, Radio, Day, Radio Opera- tor, Navy. PHYLLIS EMERSON MURPHY 36 Maple Ave., Newton Phyll, ll, Bigelow, Art School, Per- sonality Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1. ANGELO MUZI 3 Indiana Ct., Newton Upper Falls Muz, ll, Weeks, College, Football, Varsity,3. EDGAR NAHIGIAN 14 Whittier Rd., Newton Ed, ll, Day, Boston University, Band, 1, 2. MARGUERITE R. NAHIGIAN Q0 Pleasant St., West Newton Maggie, I B, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, 9, 3, Music Club 3, Baslcetball, 1, Ping-Pong, 1, 3, Softball, 1, Glee Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, HYER DONALD NASH Q3 Richardson St., Newton Corner Don, ll, I A, Math, Bigelow, North- eastern, Radio Club, 9, Course in Radio, 1. TERESA M. NEGROTTI 7 Cook St., Newton Tessie Terry, Teddy, lV C, Day, Business School, Personality Club, Honor Roll, 1, SZ, SHIRLEY ESTELLE NELSON 392 Cherry St., West Newton Shirl, Shishi, Sherry, I B, ll, Warren, Junior College, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Legislature, 1, 9, Senior Play Candy Com- mittee, Sophomore Spring Musicale, Honor Roll, 9. VIRGINIA RUTH NEVILLE Q66 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville GIHHY, Nev, Girl, IV C, Daw Office Work, Personality Club, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Camera Club, 3, NATALIE ANNE NEWBY 58 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Nat, Lee, I B, Weeks, Jackson von Ladau School of Design, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Art Club, 9, 3, Secretary, 3, Newtonian, Girls' SDOYIS Editor, Baslcetball, 9, 3. if I t I 3' I if I I I I I I I 148 KENNETH NEWCOMB 451 Lexington St., Auburndale Newlt, IV A, Warren, Work. MAXINE EVELYN NICHOLS 147 Chestnut Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Max, Maxie, ll, West Unity High, Ohio, Chamberlain, Drama Club, 3, Stage Work- shop, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, Girls' Chorus 1, Newtonian Feature Staff, Class Will Committee, Newtonite Business Staff, Legislature, 3, Social Room Hostess, Art Appreciation Assembly, Property Commit- tee, Drama Club Play. JEAN ANN NIMS 361 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Nimsie, Jo, Joanie, Il, Day, New Eng- land Conservatory, Cavalry Club, 1, Music Club, 9, Secretary, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Secretary, Glee Club, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, 2, Baseball, 2, Traclt, SZ, Modem Dancing, 1, Swimming Instructor, 1, 9, Neophytes, 1, Christmas Vespers, 1, SZ 3, Spring Musi- cale, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, 3, Canteen Officer, 1, 2. EDWARD A. NYREN 38 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Ed, Al, I A, Weelts, M. l. T. or Worces- ter Polytech, Art Club, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 1, Newtonian Art Staff, Tennis, Legisla- ture, Orange Shield Executive Committee, Halloween Dance Committee, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Football Dance Com- mittee, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. BURTON OBER 76 Cloverdale Rd., Newton Highlands Buddy, Il, Roxbury Memorial High, Ecitosi University, Camera Club, Q, Base- 5 , . JUNE O'BRIEN 47 Washington St., Newton Junie, O'B, Il, Bigelow, Business School, Music Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 3, Christmas Vesners. ROBERT A. O'CONNELL 2 Cannon St., Newton Highlands Oakie, Oak, ll, Weeks, Boston Univer- sity, International Club, 2, Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, Baseball Varsity, 3, Football Dance Com- mittee, Halloween Dance Committee. LAWRENCE O'DONNELL 2330 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls Larry, I B, Warren, Northeastern Hi-Y, 3, Newtonite, 1. MICHAEL FRANCIS OJERHOLM 40 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Oiie, I B, Boston College High, College, Navy. J. ROBERT O'LEARY 12 Baldwin St., Newton Bob, IIIA, Machine, Newton High, Newtonian Circulation, Home Room Manager, 3. PAUL LAWRENCE O'NEIL 47 Orchard Ave., West Newton Tip, I A, Warren, Cornell, Debating Club, 1, Drama Club, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3,Senior Play Committee, Newtonian, Indoor Track, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, Treasurer, 3, Drama Club Play, Legislature Alternate, 3, As- sistant Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ANTHONY ORLANDELLA 193 Warren St., Newton Centre I B, Weeks, Bates College. 49 ANN ORTH 119 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Annie, IA,Weeks,ColbyCollege,Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, Drama Workshop, Q, Drama Club, 3, English Club, Secretary, 3, Music Club, New- tonian Proof Editor, Property Committee, Drama Club Play, 9, Social Room Hostess, Legislature Alternate, 3, Senior Play Com- mittee, Chairman, Candy Committee, Senior Play, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, Christmas Vesners, Tennis, 9, Newtonian Home Room Representative, 1. DAVID NOYES OSBORNE Q2 North St., Newton Centre Ozzie, ll, Kent, Cornell or Babson Institute, Music Club, Glee Club, 1, Boys' Chorus, 1, 9, Rally Committee, Cheer- leader, Honor Roll, 1. BETTY MARION OSTERLUND 61 Ripley St., Newton Centre Ostyier I B, Weeks, Mass. School of Art: Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes 1,Camera Club, 1, Aft Club, 2, 3, Drama Club, 2, 3, sms. tary, 3, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Work- shop, 3, Newtonian Art Editor, Newton- ian Advertisincg Staff, Art AssemblYi Senior Play Scenery ommittee, Drama Club Pub- licity Committee, Parents' Night Gym Demonstration, Drama Club Play, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers. MARJORIE RUTH OVERSTROM 1146 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Margie, Marge, Midge, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Alpha Beta 1, Sopho- more Girls' Chorus, 1, Rally Committee, 3, Halloween Dance Committee, 3, Newton- ite Business Staff, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, Honor Roll, 1. MARJORIE ANN OVIENS 197 Grove St., Auburnclale Marge, ll, Warren, Junior College, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Sophomore Chorus, Senior Play Business Committee, Newtonite Advertising Staff, Modern Dancing, 9, Archery, 3. THOMAS WARREN PACHUS 17 Anita Circle, Waban Tommy, ll, Weeks, Television College Track. JEANNETTE MARIE PACITTI 42 Rustic SL, Newton Jeanie Janet IV C, Day, Business School, Camera Club, 1, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Swimming, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, Baseball, 2, Spring Musicale, 1. PHYLLIS ELEANOR PAGE 26 Saxon Rd., Newton Highlands Phyl, I A, Weeks, Bates, Cavalry Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, Math Club, 3, Secretary, 3, Chemistry Club, Glee Club, 3, Sooho' more Girls Chorus, Newtonian, Field Hockey 1, 2, Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Softball, 1, 2, akfaiieybsii, sz, 3, orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Senior Play Costume Committee, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. LAWRENCE ANDREW PALMER 300 Hammond St., Chestnut Hill Larry, IV A, Weeks, Work, Outdoor Track, 2, 3. OLYMPIA ANN PANELLA 103 Court St., Newtonville Limpy, Ollie, IV, Weeks, Work, Honor Roll, 2, 3. ROSE MARIE PAOLETTI 57 Gardner St., Newton Corner Rosie, Roe, Pauly, IV, Bigelow, Office Work, Personality Club 1, Basketball, Table Tennis, Modern Dancing, Honor Roll, 1. FREDERICK WILLIAM PARKER 1525 Centre St., Newton Highlands Rick, Parks, I A, Weeks, Williams or Dartmouth Radio Club, 1, Chemistry Club, 3, Hi-Y Club, Camera Club, 2, 3, Stage Crew, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, Stage Crgw, Senior Play, Home Room Manager, O ROBERT S. PARKER 67 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Bob, Sid, I A, Warren,Tufts, Radio Club, 1, Varsity Club, 3, Hi-Y Club, 2, 3, Varsity Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, Legis- lature Alternate, 1, 2, Legislature, 3. HELEN PATERSON 387 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Pat, ll, Day, Katharine Gibbs, Camera Club, Stage Workshop, Honor Roll, 1. JEANNE PATERSON 2236 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Upper Darby, Pa., Music Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Basketball, 3, Softball, 3,FootbaIl Dance Committee, 3, Legisla- ture Alternate, Honor Roll, 3. SHIRLEY PATRIQUIN 239 Auburn St., Auburndale Shirley Shirl, IV C, Warren, Business School, Chorus I. GILDA PEARLMAN 59 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Centre Red, Gil, I A,Weeks, Boston University, School of Music, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Tusitala, 1, 2, 3, French Club, 2, Outing Club, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, New- tonian, 3, Bowling, 2, 3, Swimming, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Memorial Day Program, 1, Iglome Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, . JANICE CLAIRE PEARSON 40 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Jan, I A, Weeks, Denison, Alpha Beta, 1,Chorus 1, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Treasurer, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Drama Club, 3, Eastern State Music Festival, 1, Leo Litwin Con- cert, 2, Youth Symphony Concert, 2, Office Work, 3, Senior Play, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1,MemoriaI Day Program, 1,Spring Musicale, 2, Christmas VesDers, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 3. CORA LOUISE PEEL 10 Endicott Rd., Wellesley Hills Corky, Cora Loui l Bi Weeksi Boston University: Neophytes, 11 Chorus, 1, 21 Christmas Vesoers, Qi Spring Musicale Qi Memorial Day Program, 11 Newtonite bis- tribution Staff, Q, 31 Orange Shield, 9, 31 Lunchroom Board of Review, 3i Finance Board, 31 Legislature Alternate, 31 Rally Committee, 31 Tri-Hi-Y. MARY PELLEGRINI 13 Lincoln Rd., Newton Murph1 IV C1 Dayi Office Worlci Ping Pong, 11 Basketball, 11 Tennis, Q. ANNA PELLEGRINO 291 Chapel St., Newton Ann1 IV B1 Day1Stenographer. PHYLLIS FAITH PENDERGAST 731 Washington St., Newtonville Phyli IV1 Day1 Kathleen Delli Music Club, 31 Social Studies Clubi Camera Clubi Orange Book, 9. JOHN FRANCIS PENNEY 11 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Nickels Johnny, Centi l B1 Warreni Newman Preparatory and Boston Collegei Motion Picture Squad, 1, 31 Hi-Y Club, 31 Newtonite Sportswriter, 11 Hockey, 3, Baseball, 31 Orange Shield, 31 Senior Play Committee, Usher, 3. SALLY PERKINS 99 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Terry1ll1Weelcs1 Edgewood Park Junior College1 Music Club, 1, 31 Sophomore Girls' Chorus1 Honor Roll, 3. FRANCES ANNE PERRY 143 Windsor Rd., Waban Anne, Frannyi l A1 Newark High, Del.1 College1 Glee Club, 31 Junior-Senior Chorus, Qi Music Club, 31 Basketball, 3. DANIEL PERRUZZI 35 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Dan, Stretch1 ll1 Dayi Northeasterni Music Clubi Orchestra. BURTON E. PIKE 65 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Burti I A1 Weeks1 Haverfordi Music Club 1, Q, 31 Publicity Committee, 2, 3, Co-Chairman, 31Tusitala, 1, 2, 3, President, 31 German Club, 21 Camera Club, 11 New- tonite, 1, Q1 Newtonian, Activities Editor, 31 Orange Book, 21 National Honor So- ciety, Q, 31 Band, 11 Orchestra 1, SZ 3, Publicity Manager, 1, 2, 31 Social Board, SZ. ANITA PISCOPO 9 Laurel St., Newton Centre Nitai ll Sacred Heart: Art School1 Art Club, 2, 3. LUCY PISELLI Q6 Lenglen Rd., Newton Lui ll1 Day, Nursing1 Alpha Beta, 11 Outing Club, Q1 Newtonian, 31Soltball, 11 Orange Shield, 31 Business Staff, Senior Play1 Honor Roll, Q, 3. MARGARET PRENDERGAST 28 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Peggy1 I B1 Weeksi Mass. General School of Nursing1 Neophytes, 11 Drama Club, 2, 31 Camera Club, 11 Chorus, 1, 21 Legisla- ture, 31 Christmas Vespers, 91 Spring Musicale, 91 Home Room Manager, 91 Honor Roll, 1. DEBORAH L. PRICE 43 Kelveden Rd., Waban Debbie, ll, Warren, Colby Junior Col: lege, English Club, Q, Junior-Senior Girls Chorus, Trl-Hi-Y, Rally Committee, 3, Spring Musicale, 2, Christmas Vespers, 9, Legislature Alternate, 9, Honor Roll, 3. JOHN JOSEPH PURCELL 53 Cherry St., Waltham Bud, ll, Warren, College, Varsity Club, Football, 1, 2, 3, Hockey Varsity, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3. BEVERLY OUARTERMAIN 10 Higgins St., Auburndale Half-Pint, IV, Warren, Business, Music Club, Program Committee, PersonalityClub, Vice-President, Glee Club, 1, Chorus 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1. CAROL JOAN QUIGLEY 79 Washington Pk., Newtonville Oulg, ll, Day, Colby Junior College, President Alpha Beta, 1, Debating Club 1, Outing Club, 2, Vice-President, English Club, 3, Tennis, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 2. FLORENCE YEE OUIL 39 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre Flossie, Flo, l B, Weeks, Wilkinsburg High, College, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. BEVERLY QUINLAN 149 Randlett Pk., West Newton Bev, II, Warren, Nurse, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Drama Workshop Club, 1, Q, Outing Club, 1, Orchestra, 1, Q. A 152 MARION ELIZABETH QUINLAN 825 Centre St., Newton ll B' I B kl P S h I Tri-Hifi? lelvdde fn' Dihcihg?l3I,etXlZhac Bias: 11 Girls Chorus, 1, Orange Shield, 1. GERALD THOMAS QUINN 99 Irving St., Newton Centre JUFY' ll, Day, Boston College Apha Beta, Aviation Club, 9, Hi-Y, Intramural Basketball, Neophytes, Legislature. ROBERT J. RASMUSSEN 69 Dalby St., Newton Bob, Razz, IV A, Day, U. S. Naval Air Corps, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3. JOHN E. RATTIGAN 555 Watertown St., Newtonville IV A Da B ' S h I M ' giisurf Sizugdtq, 8:2521 Sl?ietI:I,,l3, l-glgl O , . . . PAUL WILLIAM RAUHA 418 Wolcott St., Auburndale l B, Warren, School or Service, Baseball Manager, 2. CLAIRE MARIE REARDON 43 Carl St., Newton Highlands B Claire,S liee,I Cllxiiree, IV B, Weeks, usin ss , h B , 1 C I CIubf3,I'l::nBl:,1. D ' M' ' 'V' 'Y ANNA RECINE 83 Hawthorne St., Newton Nina, IV C, Day, Telephone Operator. HARVEY REED 329 Waban Ave., Waban Herve, I B, New Britain High, College, German Club 2, English Club, 3, Junior Varsitv Basketball, 1, Legislature, 3. RODNEY REED 50 Fuller St., Waban Doc, Dutch, l B, Warren, College, Drama Club, 2, 3. DOROTHY REILLY 239 Auburn St., Auburndale Dot, Dotty, Martio, IV C, Warren, Busi- ness School, International Club. PEARL REYNOLDS 107 Hicks St., West Newton Red, IV C, Roxbury Memorial Girls High, Business School. FRANCIS J. RICE 173 Austin St., Newtonville Franny, ll, Day, Springfield College. ROBERT H. RICH 137 Waverley Ave., Newton Bob, I B, Bigelow, Boston University, Varsity'CIub, 3, Varsity Tennis, 1, Q, 3, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Varsity, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Legislature, 2, Drama Club Play, 2. ANNE RICHARDSON 38 Morseland Ave., Newton Centre Anne, Ritchie, l B, Weeks, Wllliam Smith, Music Club 1, Drama Club Work- shop, 24 French Club, 3, Library Club, 3, Girls' Chorus 1, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Modern Dancing 1, 9, 3, Ping Pong, 3, Parents' Night C-,ym Demonstra- tion, 3, Badminton, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. KENNETH RICHARDSON 906 Winslow Rd., Waban Ken, Kenney, Il, Weeks, College, Var- sity Hockey, 3, Legislature, 1. ROBERTA RIESMAN 60 Wachusett Rd., Chestnut Hill Bobbi, I B, Weeks, Univ. ol North Carolina Art Club, 3 Pupneteers, 3, English Club, 9, Modern Dancing, 3, Pub- licity Committee, Senior Play. THOMAS RILEY 12 Melville Ave., Newtonville Tom, II, Day, Music School, Music Club, Boys' Chorus, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3. MARY RING Q0 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Dusty, ll, J. E. Burke High, Boston Uni- gersity, Music Club, Q, International Club, BETTY LOU RIVERS 11 Central Ave., Newtonville I A, Day, Colby College, Outing Club, 3, Vice-President, French Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Representative, Literary Mtgazine, 2, Baseball, 3, Basketball, 3, range Shield, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Legis- lature Alternate, 1, Honor Roll, 2. JOSEPH RIZZA JUNE CAROL ROBERT 11 Mayflower Ter., Newton Highlands I A, Weeks, College, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Math Club, Q, 3, Band, 1, Q, 3, Or- chestra, 1, 9, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 9, 3, Nagogal Honor Society, 9, 3, Honor Roll, LOUISE M. ROCHE 1013 Walnut St., Newton Highlands I B, Weeks. MADELINE ROCHE 10 Fernwood Rd., West Newton Mitzi, ll, Warren, Nursing, Newton- Wellesley, Personality Club, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. CAROLE RODMAN 41 Cabot SL, Newton Rodd ,ll, Bigelow, Univ. of California, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Art Club, 1, Q, 3, Costume Committee, Senior Play. Q 5 ANN ROGERS 89 Grove St., Auburndale Andy Ann, ll, Warren, Junior College, Music Club, 3, Girls' outing Club, 2, Girls' Chorus, 9, Back Stage Workshop, 2, Basketball, 9. DAVID ROGERS S281 Ward St., Newton Centre Dave, Rug, Diz, l A, Weeks, Brown, French Club, Varsity Club, Debating Club, Golf, Q, 3, Indoor Track, 3, Orange Shield, Vice-President, National Honor Society, Legislature, Assistant, Sports Editor, New- tonian, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. NORMA ROGERS 165 Bigelow Rd., West Newton IV C, Warren, Katharine Gibbs, Orange Shield, Honor Roll, 1, Q. PAUL RANDALL ROGERS 98 Withington Rd., Newtonvillc Randy, ll, Day, Aviation School or Marines, Microphone Club, 1, Proiectors Squad, 1, 9, 3, Boys' Chorus, 9, 3, Junior Varsity Football, 2. HUGH ROGOVIN 59 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Hughie, I A, Weeks, College, Neo- phytes, 1, Hi-Y, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Halloween Dance Committee, 3. JILL ROSEMOND 16 Ricker Ter., Newton ll, Bigelow, Boston School of Musical TheraDY, Music Club, 3, International Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Spring Musicale. JOHN CONNER ROSEMOND 16 lliclrer Ter., Newton Jake, Rosie, I B, ll, Bigelow, College, International Club, Secretary, 3, Music Club, 3, Aviation Club, 1, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, Q. FRED ROSENE 18 Turner Ter., Newtonville Fred, I A: Bigelow. WARREN ROSS 206 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Scotty, I A Weeks, Bowdoin or Am- herst, Junior hlarsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 9, 3, Varsity Hockey, 1, Q, 3, Intramural Basketball, Le islature, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1,T-ionor Roll, 1, 2. ESTHER ROTENBERG 20 Wachusett Rd., Chestnut Hill I A, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Cavalry Club, 1, Latin Club, 1, Tusitala, 2, 3, English Club, Q, 3, President, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. JEROME HOWARD ROTH 116 Waverley Ave., Newton Jerry, Lefty, I A, Bigelow, Northeastern, Tennis, 1. JANE SWANSON ROULSTONE 325 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Rusty, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Music Club, 2, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, Newtonite Staff, 1,Q, 3. JOANNE RUBIN 14 Arden Rd., Newtonville Jo, I A, Day, College, Puppeteers, Treasurer, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Latin Club, 1, 3, International Club, 3, Bowling, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ALAN RUGGLES 15 Alexander Rd., Newton Highlands Al, ll, I B, Warren, College, Drama Club, Boys' Chorus, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Intermediate Football, 9, Outdoor Track, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club. CLIFFORD W. RUST, JR. 36 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands Cliff, Rusty, I A, Weeks, College, Music Club, 3, Debating Club, 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Host, Social Room, 3, Honor Roll, 1. WILLIAM J. RYAN 13 Waban St., Newton Bill,lll A, Electrical, Our Ladies', Electri- cal Trade. WILLIAM P. RYAN 232 Melrose St., Auburnclale Red, IV, Warren, Bentley's. MISSAH MKSABOUNJIAN 95 Nichols Ave., Watertown Mac, lll A, Army, Work. SYLVIA SAGOFF 4 Nobscot Rd. Newton Centre Syl Siii, l A, Weeks, Colle ef Alpha Beta, 1, Latin Club, 1, Music Club, 9, 3, English Club 9, 3, Tennis, 1, Girls' Chorus, 9, Scenery Committee Senior Play, Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ELIZABETH ANITA SALUSTRO 16 Knowles St., Newton Centre Betty, l A, Weeks, College, Camera Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, German Club, 9, Tusitala, 9, Treasurer, 3, English Club, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Newtonian, 2, 3, Newtonite, 9, 3, Distribution Staff, 9, 3, Literary Magazine, 3, Archery, 1, Na- tional Honor Society Q, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. JOHANNA SANDMAN B1 Park Ave., Newton Joey, l B, Bigelow, Connecticut College for Women, S. A. T. Sales Manager for Building ll, 3, Treasurer, Puppeteers, Q, 3, French Club, Q, 3, Art Club, 9, Neo' ohytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Orange Book Stall, 9, Girls' Chorus, 1, President, Puppeteers, 3, Honcr Roll, 9. JEANNE SAUNDERS 10 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Jeannie, I B, Day, Leland Powers, Crlee Club, Q, 3, Chemistry Club, 2, Archery, 1, Christmas Vespers, 3, Samson and Deli- lah, 2, Leo Litwin Concert, Q, Mass. Music Festival, 3, Usher, Carnival ol Fun, Honor Roll, 2. JEREMIAH J. SAUNDERS 3 Cherry PI., West Newton Jerry, ll, Boston College High, College. ANDREW SAVIGNANO 564 Central St., Newton Andy, lll A, Electrical, Needham Junior l'ligl1,EleCtriCal Trade. i l l i l i l i l l l i i, l l r. ,.. -, 'l la e GA., :V gpg: ,211 ,,, sig? . T ' ' 1' ' .1 156 FRED SCHIVONE Q4 Sullivan Ave., Newton Upper Falls Work. JOAN SCHNEIDERHAN 118 Langdon St., Newton Jo-Jo, Joanie, ll, Bigelow, Kathleen Dell, Music Club, 1, 3, Microphone Club, 1, Newtonite, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ETHEL SYLVIA SCRIBMAN 40 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre Syl, I B, Weeks, College, Microphone Club, 1, English Club, Q, 3, Newtonite, 9, 3, Circulation Staff, 2, 3, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 1, Basketball, 1, Archery, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. EVERETT SCHWARTZ, JR. 7 Partridge Hill Rd., Newton lll A 4, Auto, Weston High, Un- decided. JOYCE SCHWARTZMAN 17 Cochituate Rd., Newton Highlands I A, Weeks, College, Latin Club, 1, 9, Treasurer, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Meteorology Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 31 Spring Music Parade, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q. ANNE SCOTT 133 Park St., Newton Scotty, l A, Bigelow, Bouve, Alpha Beta, Drama Club Workshop, 1, 2, Camera Club, 1, Outing Club, 9, Music Club, 1, Tennis, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, 2, 3, Lacrosse, 3. WILLIAM BRYCE SEAMAN 1675 Washington St., West Newton l B, Day, Cornell, Legislature Alternate, 1, Camera Club, Drama Club, Newtonlte, 2, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, SZ, 3, intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club. RICHARD SEARS 101 Allen St., Waban Dick, l A, Kenmore High, College, Swimming,1. JACQUELINE ZILDA SEELEY 93 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Jackie, ll, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Outing Club, 9, Leader Corps, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, Samson and Delilah, 9, Spring Festival, 1, Ballad for Americans, 1, Home Room Manager, 9. MAUREEN SEERY 1010 Boylston St., Newton Highlands ll, Weeks, College, Drama Workshop, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3. JOHN SEGAL 60 Eliot Memorial Rd., Newton Corner Big John, I B, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Varsity Club, 3, International Club, 3, Varsity Tennis, 9, 3. MARION SEGAL 29 Cotton St., Newton IB, Bigelow, Syracuse, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Neophytes, 1, French Club, Q, English Club, 3, Lacrosse, 3, Basketball, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Honor Poll, 3. G. FREDERICK SEIFERTH 79 Withington Rd., Newtonville Fred, l A, Day, Univ. of Mass., Motion Picture Squad, Aviation Club, Interna- tional Club, Football Manager, 1, Q, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, Q, Senior Play Usher Committee. JOHN SENATORE 390 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Fish, l B, ll, Weeks, New England Air- craft, Junior Varsity Football, 1. GERALD SESKIN 55 Woodchester Dr., Chestnut Hill Jerry, I A, Weeks, College, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, Q, Orange Shield, 1, Legislature, 1, 9. JOYCE SEYMOUR 106 Dexter Rd., Newtonville Jo, l B, Day, College, Latin Club 3, Bowling, 9. JEANNE VIVIAN SHAY 16 Lancaster Rd., Newton Jeannie, l A, Bigelow, Radcliffe, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1 2, Accompanist, 2, Newtonian, 3, Softball, 1, Archery, 2, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Leader Corps, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Ac- companist, Sophomore Chorus, Accom- panist, 2, Leggslature, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Drama Club lay, 2, Christmas Vesoers, Q, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, Spring Musl- cale, Q, Needham Music Festival, 1, Youth Concert, 2, Leo Litwin Concert, 2, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. MARCIA LEE SHIELDS 17 Park St., Newton Corner Marty, l A, Bigelow, Simmons, Music Club, 1 9 3, Camera Club, 1, Treasurer, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, Newtonite, 1, Baseball, 1, Senior Play Committee, Drama Club Play Committee, Christmas Vespers. WILLIAM W. SHRADER 31 Holden Rd., West Newton Willie, l A, Montpelier, Vt,, Collegei Aviation Club, 2, 3, Math Club, 3. CAROLYN SHUFFER 45 Park Lane, Newton Centre Carrie, Il, Weeks, College, Music Club, Camera Club, Glee Club, Chorus, Spring Musicale. SHIRLEY CAROLYN SIEBERG 43 Hood St., Newton Shirl, Hon, Wee One, ll, Bigelow, Dancer, Music Club, 3, Senior Play Pub- licity Committee, 3- Newtonian Staff. 3, Cheerleader, Q, 3, Newtonian Represen- tative, Q. BARBARA SIEGARS 43 Harrington St., Newtonville Barbie, ll, Day, Nursing or Junior Col- lege, Alpha Beta, 1, Home Room Manager, 21 Assistant Secretary, Camera Club, 31 Legislature, 3, Drama Club Workshop, SZ, 3, Business Stall, Newtonite, Rally Com- mittee. ELAINE SILVER 17 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, Jackson, Alpha Beta, Latin Club, Library Club, French Club, Music Club, English Club, Stage Workshop, Usher, Carnival of Fun, Ping Pong, Bad- minton, Honor Roll, 1, 9, BEVERLY SILVERSTEIN 72 Monadnock Rd., Chestnut Hill Bev, l A, Weeks, Pembroke, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, Drama Club Workshop, 2, 3, Treasurer, 2, English Club, 2, 3, Tennis, Orange Shield, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, Honor Roll, 9, 3. . Q -it 'S 5 QM r nl' X . 'sg' I sei' ig ap- , it XMI' tt X t Q -Qi' . If get-fy af 4 ' s I Ls IE' I ,gsm V , is ' it ,garage 4. ' 5. :IQ . if 1- I ..,'-,t,,.4 as. h ,-, ,s1fi?l':l??5. si - ? .if- .YM 158 SANFORD CHARLES SIMPSON 15 Holman Rd., Auburndele Sandy, ll, Warren, Univ. of Maine: Aviation Club, 1, Stage Crew, 9, 3. ROBERT A. SKINNER 55 Arlington St., Newton Bob, ll, Bigelow, Colle e, Radio Club, 1, 9, Camera Club, 1, illotion Picture Squad, 9, 3, Board of Operators, 9, Stage Crew, 3. CAROL SUE SMITH 15 Dale St., Newtonville Smittie Suzie, l A, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Outing Club, 9, Aviation Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Glee Club, 9, Christmas Vespers, 9, Spring Music Parade, 9, Symphony Hall, Q, Eng- lish Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, New- tonian Features Staff, 3, Archery, 1, 3, Tennis, Q, Basketball, 9, Home Room Manager, 3. DOROTHY JEAN SMITH Q1 High St., Newton Upper Falls Dotty, l A, Lynn Classical High, Col' lege, Music Club, 3, Newtonian Features Staff, 3. GERALDINE SMITH 91 Jackson Rd., Newton Gerry, Rusty, IV B, Bigelow, Work: Literary Magazine, 9, Modern Dancing, Legislature Representative, 1, Legislature Alternate Representative, 3. LORRAINE ANN SMITH 51 High St., Newton Upper Falls Lorry, ll B, Weeks, New England Con' servatory of Music, Music Club, 3, Per' sonality Club, 3, Entertainment Committee' Orchestra, 1, 9, Spring Musicale, 1, 91 Boys' Chorus, 3, Accompanist. MARGARET SOBEY 2 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Sh MM ,P ,Ch'k' ivs wail, WorkiSBaskZ?Szll,1. 'C 'Q' ' ROBERT SPECTOR 3 Ivanhoe St., Newton Spec, Bob, I A, Bigelow, College or N. R. O. T. C, English Club, Q, Inter- national Club, 3, Intermediate Football, Track Manager, 1, 9, 3. LOUIS JAMES SPEROS 214 Dedham St., Newton Centre Louie, Lou, Roy,ll, Weeks, Northeastern, Camera Club, 3, Aviation Club, 9, Hi-Y Club, 3, Pre-Chef, 3, Outdoor Track, 9, Baseball Varsity, 3. BOB SPILLANE 5 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Skinny, I B, Warren, College, Radio Club, 1, Vice-President, Legislature Alternate, 3. ETHEL BARBARA SPROW 76 Border St., West Newton Skinny, IV C, Warren, Work. THOMAS SPRINGHAM High St., Newton Upper Falls Electrical Trade School, Army. CORINNE ZELDA STAHL 12 Irving St., Newton Centre Connie, I A, Weeks: ColleS21 Cdmefl Club, 1, Music Club, 2, 3, German Club, 2, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonite, 2, Archery, 1, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3, Spring Musicale, 1, 3. JOYCE A. STEARNS 73 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale IB, Warren, College, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, English Club, 3, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Band, 9, 3, Jordan Hall Concert, 9, Spring Music Festival, 1, Glee Club 1, 9, 31 Christmas Vespers 1, 2, Spring Concert, 1, 9, Samson and Delilah Performance, 9, giigls' Tennis Squad, 1, Modern Dancing, BARBARA L. STEVENSON 321 Cabot St., Newtonville Bobbie, Stevie, Babs, Barbs, IV C, Dev, Business School, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3. DONALD STEWART 183 Winchester St., Newton Highland. Don, Stew, lll A, Mach., Weeks, Work. DOUGLAS L. STUART 21 Marshfield Rd., Newton Centre Doug, Weeks, Radio School, Camera Club, 2, Aviation Club, 3. MADELINE ANN STEWART 37 Burr Rd., Newton Centre Mac, I B, Weeks, Skidmore, Secretary, Stage Workshop, 9, Art Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Newtonian, Features Editor, 3, Cheerleader, 3, Anti-Smoking Committee, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Leader Corps, 2, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Legislature, 3, Senior Publicity Committee, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ROBERT D. ST. GEORGE 96 Withington Rd., Newtonville Bob, Saint, I A, Day, College, Camera Club, 1, Motion Picture Squad, 1, 9 3, International Club, 3, Treasurer, 3, Out- door Track Manager, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Properties Committee, Drama Club Play, Q, Usher, Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll, 9. MARIA ST. GEORGE 'lB5 Nevada St,, Newtonville Saint, I IB, Day, Katharine Gibbs, Secre- tary, Girls Outing Club, Girls' Softball. JOAN LEILA STRUMPH 41 Prentice Rd., Newton Centre Joannie, l A, Weeks, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Cavalry Club, 1, President, Stage Workshop, Q, Music Club, 2, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonite, 1, Fall Tennis, 9, Orange Shield, 1, 9, 3, Se- nior Play, Scenery Committee, Home Room Manager, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 9. CHRISTINE MARY SULLIVAN 1159 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Chris, Tina, ll, Warren, College. JOAN ALEXA SULLIVAN 126 Jackson St., Newton Centre Joanie, I A, Weeks, Bates, Aviation Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Camera Club, 2, Spanish Club, 3, Latin Club, 1, Basket- ball, 3, A Carnival of Fun, Rally Commit- tee, Honor Roll, 1. DIANA MARIE SUPPLE Q34 Ouinobequin Rd., Waban Dixie, I A, Warren, Boston University, College ol Music, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Pops' Committee, 2, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, 3, Spring Musicale, 9, Honor Poll, 1, 3. -t,--,P af: 4 2 if .-A wg. - if p 'r' I 5 .im 5- GRACE SWAN 391 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Gracie, I A, Day, College, Neophytes, 1, Camera Club, 1, Sbanish Club, 9, Pro- gram Committee, 3, Drama Club, 3, De- bating Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. DOROTHY MAE SWEENEY 31 Lancaster Rd., Newton Centre Sweeney, Dottie, Dot, Walnuts, IV B, Bellows Falls, Vt., Secretary, Personality Club, 1, Treasurer 2, Basketball, 'li Field Hockey, Q, Girls' Track, 2. MARY SWEENEY 51 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville lrish, Monkey, IV B, Day, Work, Per- sonality Club, 1, Q, Vice-President, Field Hockey, 1, 9, Basketball, 1. BARBARA RUTH SWETT B1 Sheffield Rd., Newtonville Babs, Twinnie, Joan, I B, Weeks, Wil- liam and Mary, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, Glee Club, Q, Christmas Vespers 9, Spring Musicale, 2, Samson and Delilah, Symphon Hall, 9, Jordan Hall Concert, Q, English Cllub, 3, Music Club, 3, Advertis- ing Committee, Newtonian, 9, 3, Tennis, 1, Archery, 1, 2, Neophytes Play, 1, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, 2, Candy and guiinelssgoammittees, Drama Play, 3, Honor 0 , 1 1 - JOAN DEBORAH SWETT B1 Shellield Rd., Newtonville Joanie, Twin, Precocious, l B, Weeks, William and Mary, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, Glee Club, 2, Christmas Ves- pers, 9, Spring Musicale, 9, Music Club, 3, Symphony, Jordan Hall Concerts, 9, English Club 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, Q, 3, Tennis, 1, Archery, 1, 2, 3, Basketball, 1, Ping Pong, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. BARBARA ELIZABETH SWITZER 48 Lewis St., Newton Barbie, Bobby, Chickie, ll, Bigelow, Boston University, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Newtonian, 3, Typing Stall Editor, Archery, 9, Honor Roll, 3. CAROL S. TABER 377 Waltham St., West Newton l A, Warren, Wellesley, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, German Club, Secretary, 9, Latin Club, 3, Senior Play, Stage Workshop, 3, Orange Book Staff, 2, Data Stall, Newton- ian, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, 2, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, Parents' Night, 9, 3, Mass. Music Festival, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ALBERT TANNEY 15 lrving St., Newton Centre Al, Becky, ll, Weeks, Mass. College ol Pharmacy, Navy. CATHERINE M. TARANTO 93 Wade St., Newton Highlands Ka , Babe, IV C, Weeks, Burdett, Out- ing Club, 3, Softball, Q, Field Hockey, 1, Xagity Tennis, 9, 3, Badminton, 3, Tri-Hi- CHARLES TARBOX 741 Watertown St., Newtonville Charlie, ll, Hall, West Hartford, Conn., College. FLORA TEDESCHI 22 Beech St., Newton Flossie, Flo, IV C, Day, Business School. JACQUELINE E. TEMPERLEY 150 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Jackie, Jack, I B, Weeks, Art College, Art Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, Newtonite, 2, 3, News Editor, Editor-in- Chief, Orange Bock, 2, 3, Soltball, 1, Sophomore Team, Basketball, 1, Q, Badmin- ton, 1, Q, 3, Track, 9, 3, Modern Dancin , 3, Ping Pong, 1, 2, 3, Band, 1, Q, 3, Cangy Committee, Publicity Committee, Girls'Ath- letic Banquet Committee, Spring Musicale, 1, Q, 3, Art Play, Q, Home Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 3. sf CATHERINE G. TEMPESTA 61 Green St., Newton Kay, IV B, Day, Secretarial Position, Outing Club, 3, Personality Club, 1, Soft- ball, 1, 3, Basketball, 1, Field Hockey, 1, National Honor Society, Leader Corps, Usher, Girls' Athletic Banquet, Senior Play Committee, Business Committee Chairman, Senior Play, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ROBERT D. TEMPLE 39 Winchester Rd., Newton Bob, Temp, I A, Bigelow, College, Aviation Club, 1, 9, 3, Stage Crew, 3, Glee Club, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Spring Musicale, 9. RICHARD TERHUNE 61 St. Mary's St., Newton Lower Falls Dick, Rich, Ter, l A, Warren, M. l. T., Aviation Club, 1, 9 President, 3, Indoor Track, 3, Outdoor Track, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3 DORIS THEOPHILE 24 Carlton Rd., Waban ll, Warren, Junior College Cavalry Club, 2, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, SZ, Social Studies Club 9,lnternationalClub1 3, Music Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Q, 3, Leader Corps, Neophytesi Spring Musi- cale, 2, Vice-President, Tri-Hi-Y, Honor Roll, 9, PAUL F. THERIAULT Q4 Sheldon Rd., Newton Centre Lucius, Gook, l B, ll, Weeks, Cogate, Social Studies Club, International lub, Chemistry Club, Aviation Club, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Hi-Y, Legislature, 2, 3, Usher, Senior Play. RICHARD JOSEPH THOMAS 139 Cornell St., Newton Lower Falls Dick, lll B, Warren, Work, Usher, Senior Play. THEODORE S. THOMAS 530 Chestnut St., Needham Ted, lll A 31 Needham High, Auto Mechanic. DOROTHY TIBBOTT 27 Trinity Ter., Newton Centre Tibb, Dottie, l A, Weeks, Wellesley or Mt. Holyoke, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 2, 3, Vice-President, 2, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Presi- dent, 3, Chorus 1, 9, Newtonite Business Staff, Q1 Tennis Team 21 Tennis, 31Modern Dancing, 31 National Honor Society, 2, 31 Legislature Alternate, 9, 31 Music Board, 2, 3, Chairman, 31 Rally Committee, 31 Football Dance Committee, 31 Spring Musicale, 9, Christmas Vespers, 21 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. JAMES TIFFIN 110 Prospect St., West Newton Jim Tiff, l B, Warren, Amherst, Orange Shield, 31Legislature, 31 Honor Roll, 1, 2. JOAN TILTON 151 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Tillie Duck, l B, ll, Weeks, Endicott Junior College or Boston University, Avia- tion Club, 11 Alpha Beta, 11 International Club, 31 Social Studies Club, 9, New- tonite Business Staff 21 Modern Dancing, 2, 31 Badminton, 3, Orange Shield, 1 Leader Corps, 9 31 Home Room Manager, 1, 31 Senior Play Committee, Chairman, Sierflloi lyay Costume Committee, Honor o , , . LAUREL H. W. TISDEL 6 Rowe St., Auburndale Lolly Tizzie, ll, Bridgton Academy, P. G., Colle e1 Music Club, 3, Personality club Q Degating Club, 3, chorus, 2, a, Trl-l-ll-1!Club, 31 Classical Numerals, Field Hockey, Q1 Basketball, Q, 31 Spring Musi- cole, 21 Christmas Vespers, SZ, 3. JOSEPHINE TOCCI 37 Colonial Ave., Newtonville Jo, IV C, Day, Business School. 162 VIRGINIA TOPPAN 34 Fairway Dr., West Newton -lin"lY, TOD: l A1 Day, New Jersey Col- lege for Women, Alpha Beta, 11 Glee Club, 'lr 9, 3, Latin Club 2, 3, Secretary, 9, President, 3, Music Club, SZ, Outing Club, 31 Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, 9, Christmas Vespers, 1, g, gf gflass. Music Festival, 11 Honor Roll, JOHN W. TRACY 107 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale ll, Warren, Radio School. THOMAS TRAINOR 146 Clark St., Waltham Tom lllA,El t' IS thJ ' H' h, Waltham, ElectrTEalllTFalJe?lFootB:ll::l3. I9 NEWELL J. TRASK, JR. 44 Harvard St., Newtonville l Ar Day, M. l. T, Meteorolo Club, Vice-President, Chemistry Club3Y21 Nlus?d Club, 'lr Oranse Book, 21 Varsity Manager, lndoorATrack 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 'l, 9, 3F"National l-lonor Society, 2, 31 Orange ionfllillr if gegislature Altemate, 3, Honor HELEN B. TURIN 89 Park Ave., Newton H ll l A B' l Sled ciuri i, 21QNrl5Cl?ib,l31 lvi".lflf'ciTEf"5'I Glee Club. 1, 9, 31 Christmas Vespers, 1, 2, 3, Spring Music Parade, 1, 21 Parents' HI5l'lfQ 9, 31 Mass. Music Festival, 11 Art ay, . ALICE E. TURNER A W 49 Maple St., Auburndale l,ll arren V rmontJ ' C Il D"4"'f0 6V0l'lfSl'1Ol9 E, 3, V123-Trezideegrz Ol-'NUS Club, 2, Photography, 11 Modern DGHCIHS. 1, 3, Girls' Chorus, Christmas gqfilfgfii gl Svring Musicale, 21 Orange ie , . 4 ELIZABETH TURNER 25 Curve St., West Newton Lizzie, Liz, Sid, Il, Warren, Teachers' College. HELEN E. TURNER 89 Charlemont St., Newton Highlands Helen, I B, Weeks, Univ. of Mass., Aloha Beta, 11 Outing Club, 2, 3, Latin Club Vice-President, 3, Personality Club, 1, Newtonite, 2, 3, Newtonian, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Spring Music Parade, 1, 2, Christmas Vesoers, 1, 2, 3, Mass. Music Festival, 1. BARBARA A. TUTHILL 1784 Washington St., Auburndale Barb, l B, Warren, Boston University, Music Club, 1, Spanish Club, 2, Outing Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, 3, Secretary, Rally Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 1 2. ELAYNE B. ULLIAN 24 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Layne, I A, Weeks, Colby, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Publicity Chairman, 3 Alpha Beta, 11 Camera Club, 11 En Iish Club, 3, New- tonite, 1, 2, Editor, 5Z,sNewtonian Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 1, 2, 3, Lgislature, 1, 3, Social Room Hostess, 2, 3, horus, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Spring Music Festival, 2, Senior Play Scenery Com- mittee, 31 Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ANTHONY PAUL UMINA 46 James St., West Newton Doc, I A, Warren, U. S. Merchant Marine Academy, Newtonite, 2, New- tonite Editor, 2. JACK VARICK 126 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Jackson, ll, Glen Ridge High, N. J., Univ. ol Kentucky. 163 N...,f PHILIP VAUGHAN 1548 Brown St., Waban Fifi, I A, Weeks, Ohio State University, Business Administration, Ski Club, 2 3, Junior Varsity Football, Orange Shield, 3. LENA VERDONI Q4 John St., Newton Centre Lee, IV B, Weeks, Work, Honor Roll, 2. ETTORE VESPA 555 Boylston St., Newton Ted, IV, Weeks, Work, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1. JAMES VINCENT 9 Ridgewood Ter., Waltham Vinnie, lll A, Electric, St. Charles, Electric Trade. NORMAN VINCENT 489 Walnut St., Newtonville Norm, Vinny, I B, Day, Cornell, Aloha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 11 Chemistry Club, 21 Stage Crew, 2, Boys' Chorus, 2, Glee Club, 3, Ski Team, 2, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 31 Orange Shield, 2, Drama Club, 31 Home Room Manager, 3. MARILYN MARIE VOHAR 72 Floral St., Newton Highlands IV B, Weeks, Business College or Work, Honor Roll, 3. GEORGE N. VUILLEUMIER, JR. 16 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville Jerry, Fido, ll, Day, College, Pro,ection 9 Squad, 3, Band, 9, 3, Art Club, 9, Music , if., ' Club, 3, Usher, Senior Play, Baseball - f - it -' Md,-mgpr, 1, Track Nanager, 9, 3 " ' ' ' ts P' Q T Q , rr we' agar' Rt KA a ' ROBERT B. WALDRON 25 Hibbard Rd., Newton IV A, Bigelow, NX!ork. JAMES A. WALKER - SO Court St., Newtonville 'ti Senator, Jim, Jay, Ill A, Machine, Day, n , Work, Legislature, Q, 3. XV Q W,,,.. - ' -A ,- jf lfzik. t jp, 'ffl I 'F k a. 4 ' :QW A k,, A if 'ts s - it ffl, ffl 1 tl L ' rr 3 ,l., ,1','i1f'ltfi315i, ' f- .3 if7tIihti. "f" JEANE MARY WALLACE ' ' Q7 Champa St., Newton Upper Falls Wally, Stretch, IV, Weeks, Boston Uni- 5,1 versity Business School, Chairman, Personal' ity Club, 3, English Club, Music Club, I T'l'l'll'y- 7 1 A 5.41. ALDEN WALSH 49 Grove Hill Pk., Newtcnville Al, Walshy, I B, Day, Northeastern, Hi-Y, 3, Stage Crew, 9, Track 3. . .EHR ' ,A Q i' ' . nf' - 1 I 3 , ,Q ,. at F? ' g , ssss Q 1 I: ,gift A ,lj it - 5 'wifi WK I" . . ,- MARY LUCILLE WALSH 54 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Mary Lou, Il, Weeks, Kathleen Dell, Personality Club, 1, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Home Room Manager, Q, International Club, 3, Tri-Hi-Y, 3, Tennis, 3, Newtonian Repre- sentative, Home Room, 9. 164 'ii-it -1 7 .gf ROBERT WALTER 18 Sylvester Pd., West Newton Bob, S. M.: I Bi Pheonix Union High Pheonix, Arizona, 1, Bay County High Panama City, Florida, Q, Kentucky Univ, RUTH LILA WARSHAW 30 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Rathie, Blackie, ll, Weeks, Vermont Junior College, Camera Club, Music Club, 9, 3, Outing Club, Spanish Club, Softball, 3, Tennis, 3, Hostess 314. DAVID T. WATERS 62 Margin St., West Newton Dave, Buzz, ll, Warren, Boston College, Debating Club, 2, Intramural Basketball, 9, 3i Legislature, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Anti- Smoking Committee, 3, Executive Council, 3, Finance Board, 3. WILLIAM RANDALL WAYMAN,JR. 404 Waltham St., West Newton Bill, I B, Warren, Carnegie Tech, Art Club, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club, 3, Intermediate Football, 9, Intramural Basketball, 9, 3: Ski Team, 3, Publicity Committee, Senior Play ?ome Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, JOSEPH WEINMAN 3 Ireland Rd., Newton Centre Joe, I A, Weeks, College or Work, ln- ternational Club, 3, Intramural Basketball, Q, 3, Football, 9, Honor Roll, 1. MARILYN WEINSTEIN 70 Clements Ri, Newton Mickey, ll, Linden Hall Junior College, Club, Orange Shield, 3, Honor o , ,3. , CARMEN WELCH 93 Bemis St., Newtonville Moe, Brownie: Il: Day, Lasell: Outing Club, 9, 3: Music Club, 3: Drama Work- shop, 9: Rally Committee, Q: Chorus, 3. RICHARD WELCH 37 Hinckley Rd., Waban Red: I B: Weeks: Maritime Academy: Junior Varsity Hockey. MARIE L. WELLFORD 38 West St., Newton Googie: ll: Day: Work. DAVID L. WELLS 31 Homer St., Newton Centre Dave: I A: Weeks: Harvard: Camera Club, 9: Debating Club, 3: International Club, 3: Newtonite Business Staff, 9, 3: Outdoor Track, 1: Indoor Track, 2, 3: Orange Shield, 9:: 3: National Honor Society, 2 3: Senior Play Costume Com- mittee, 3, I-iana: Roll, 1, 2, 3. MARGARET WENSTROM Q6 Oakland St., Newton PeB5Y: Peg-a-Puss: Il: Bigelow: Drama Club: Camera Club: Cavalry Club: Orange Shield, 1, 9:Chorus. TCRREY WEST 109 Parker St., Newton Centre I A: Warren: College: Math Club, 9: Junior Varsity Football, 1: National Honor Society, 9, 3: Home Room Manager, 3: Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ALAN WHEELER 41 Calvin Rd., Newtonville Al: ll: Day: Work: Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1. MALCOLM WHITMORE 94 Devonshire Rd., Waban Mal: IA: Weeks: College: Junior Varsity Football, 1: Junior Varsity Base- ball, 1: Honor Roll, 2. WILLIAM LINCOLN WHITNEY, II Q8 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Bill: I A: Weeks: M. l. T.: Math Club, 2, 3: Music Club, 3: Orange Book Stall: Senior Play: Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. BARBARA WHITTEMORE 36 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Barbie: ll: Weeks: The Academie Moderne: Spanish Club, 1: Properties Committee, Senior Play. ELEANOR JEAN WHITTIER 49 Lenox St., West Newton Pat, Patsy: I B: Bangfor High, Bangor: Me.: Connecticut Colese for Women: English Club, 9: Drama Stage Workshop, 9: Library Club, 2, 3: International Club, 3: Newtonian, Advertising Staff Chairman, 3: Literary Mesezine, 9: Gym DCM- onstration, 3: Gym Carnival, 3: Drama Club Play Scenery Committee: Legislature, 2: Home Room Manager, Q: Honor Roll, 3. RICHARD D. WHITTINGHILL 63 Park Lane, Newton Centre Dick, Whit: I B: Weeks: Middleburg: Intermediate, Baseball and Football, 1 Tennis Varsity: 3: Orange Shield: I: 9: 3i Legislature, 1, 2, 3: Senior Play. LOIS T. WIGHT Q89 Mill St., Newtonville l B, Warren, Business School, Math Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Baseball, 1, Basket- ball, 2, Band, 9, 3, Secretary, 3, Business gommittee Senior Play, 3, Spring Musicale, SUMNER KENNARD WILEY, JR. 271 Waban Ave., Waban Ken, l A, Warren, Univ. of Mass., Glee Club, Band, Boys' Chorus, Stage Crew, Varsity Football. ALICE L. WILLIAMS 170 Pine Bridge Rd., Waban AI Alie, l B, Weelcs, Boston Univer- sity, Leader Corps, 2, 3, Glee Club, 3, Chorus 1, Christmas Vespers, 3, Spring Music lfestival, 2. CAROL WILSON 1001 Watertown St., West Newton Willie, lV C, Warren, Nursing, Drama Workshop, 3. LESLIE MAE WILSON 120 Warwick Rd., West Newton Les Wlllie, l A, Day, Boston University, Tusltala 1, 9, 3 Treasurer, Q, Secretary, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Newtonite, 2 3, Newton- lan Activities Staff, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 3. ROBERT HENRY WILSON 37 Williston Rd., Auburndale Bob, Bobo,.ll, Warren, Dulce or Michi- gan, Football 1, 2, Varsity Hockey, Q, 3, ome Room Manager, 1. VIRGINIA WILSON 198 Fairway Dr., West Newton Ginger, lV, Davi Mt. Ida Junior College, Camera Club, Newtonite Business Stall, 1, 9, Chorus, 1, 2, 3. JAMES WINTERBOTTOM 93 Fairway Dr., West Newton Shamis, J. A., ll, Day, College, Radio Club 3, Drama Club, 3, Newtonite Busi- ness Staff, 1,Boys' Chorus, 3, Neophytes, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 2. CAROL ANN WOLCOTT 989 Centre St., Newton Centre Carol, I B, Slmsbury High, College, Music Club, National Honor Society, Senior Class Play, Legislature Alternate. LAWRENCE F. WOOD 66 Grasmere St., Newton Larry, Woody, Llmey, I B, ll, Bigelow, Bentley or Service, Assistant Home Room Manager, Honor Roll, 2. ALLAN WOODLOCK 126 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Woody, IV, Weeks, Football, 2. ALLAN WOODS 37 Brewster Rd., Waban Woodsle, l B, Weeks, College, Base- gau, 3,32 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor o , , . CORA MAUDE VIYMAN 47 Clark St., Newton Centre l A, Weeks, Lasell, Music Club, 9, 3, Art Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Deutscher Verein, 2 3, Modern Dance, 1, Basketball, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Spring Music Festival, SZ, Christmas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3. .IUDITH WYMAN 50 Grafton St., Newton Centre Judy, ll, Weeks, Junior College Music Club, 1, sz 3, Aftclub, sz, club, 3, Modern lsancing, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 3, Halloween Dance Committee, 2, Rally Committee, 3, Promoter, Senior Play, 3, Parents' Night Skit, 3, Legislature, 2, 3. PATRICIA JANE WYMAN 493 Auburn St., Auburndale Pat, l A, Warren, Boston University, Spanish Club, 3, Library Club, 3, Board of Publications, Honor Roll, 1, 2. JOHN YARLOTT 62 Highland Ave., Newtonville Jack, l B, Day, Northeastern, Camera Club, 1, Motion Picture Squad, 1, 2, Math Club, 3, Football Mana er, 1, Bas- ketball Manager, 1, 9, Orange Shield, 2, 3. .I MELVIN S. YOUNG 1161 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Judge, Il, Caro, Michigan, College. EUGENE YOUNGENTOB 436 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre l A, Public Latin School, College, De- bating Club, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, Assistant, Legislature, 2. PHYLLIS ZEOLLA 174 Chapel St., Newton Phyl, Zee, IV C, Commercial, Day, Secretary. PATRICIA M. BURNS 25 Burnside Rd., Newton Highlands Pat, Pattie, l A, Weeks Regis, Camera Club, 1 Naaphym, 1, outing Club, sz, Drama Cllub, 2, 3, Newtonian, 3, Girls Leader Corps, Advertising Newtonian, Basketball 2, Legislature, Q, Drama Club Play, 2, 1-lane, nan, 1, 2. ROBERT BARKER 15 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale I B, Warren. ROBERT BLISS 11 Chester St., Newton Highlands Bob, IV A, Weeks, College, Honor Roll, 9. STANLEY ALAN BRAM 490 Caliiornia St., Newtonville Stan, Dizzy, ll, Day, New England Con- servatog of Music, Music Club, Vice-Pres- Ident range Shield 1, 9, 3, Building 1 Omce, 1, 9, Mr. Rinkers' Assistant, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. EDWARD G. CLANCY, JR. 91 Lawrence St., Watertown Eddie, lll A, Pattern, No. Quincy High, Work, Pattern Making, Legislature, 3. JOSEPH CONNOLLY 94 Court St., Newtonville Jay, ll, Day, Service or College, Foot- ball, Basketball. DONALD FERGUSON 931 Webster St., West Newton Fergy, Donnie, IV, Warren, Business School, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3. DONALD FERRERI 38 John St., Newton Centre Duck, Culby, ll, Weeks, Work, Track, 1, 2, 3, Indoor and Outdoor Mile Run. RALPH FOX 79 Newell Rd., Auburndale PAUL R. HAKINS 17 Prospect St., West Newton Mike, lll A 4, Warren, Work, Auto. RICHARD HARRIS 115 Jewett St., Newton Corner Dick, ll, Bigelow, Work. JEAN HAWKS 58 Valentine Pk., West Newton Joanne, ll, Warren, Chamberlain. WALTER HORRIGAN 1309 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Hap, Hopper, lll B, Weeks, Service, Intermediate Baseball, Basketball. LEWIS C. HUSKINS 93 Wiltshire Rd., Newton Lewie, lll A 4, Bigelow. ANTHONY J. INFERRERA 49 Dartmouth St., Watertown Chubbie, lll A, Machine, East Junior Highj Watertown, Undecided, Legisla- tl-Ife . RICHARD KERR 344 Cherry St., West Newton Dick, lll A, Electrical, Warren, Unde- cided. ROBERT KINSELLA 34 Lincoln Pk., West Newton Cass, IV, Warren, Work. WILLIAM S. LISCOMBE 339 No. Main St., Natick Wild Bill, lll A, Machine, Natick Junior High, First Class Toolmaker, Legislature, 3, CARL LUPO 156 Chapel St., Newton Buddy, lll A, Radio, Day, Navy. CARMEN LUISA LORRATA 99 Washburn St., Newton ll, University High School, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico, College. RONALD MICDONALD 979 Derby St., West Newton Red, ll, D'Aray McGee, Montreal, Hockey, Skiing. ELEANOR MAYZER 34 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre Elly, Dorchester, IV B, Dorchester High for Girls, Secretarial School, Art Club. ROBERT L. MURPHY 440 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Red, lll A, Machine, Day, Work. 168 THOMAS F. NOLAN 196 Union St., So. Natick Mike, lll A, Electric, Coolidge Junior High, Electrical Company. WILLIAM F. NORTON 16 Kenyon St., West Newton Willy, lll A, Radio, Warren, Navy. JAMES JOSEPH PIERCE 913 Tremont St., Newton Jim, ll, Bigelow, Service. ARMAND PINI 167 Chapel St., Newton Mandy, lll A, Radio, Day, Army. STANLEY COBB REYNOLDS 395 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Hans, lll A, Weeks, Auto Mechanic, Honor Roll, 1. WILLIAM EARL RHINEHARDT, JR. 175 Hicks St., West Newton Bill, Ill A 4, Auto, Warren, Auto Mechanic. CHARLES ROGERS 41 Lewis St., Newton Chic, Chuck, l A, Bigelow, Maritime Service. BRADFORD W. SALMONSON 95 Winona St., Auburndale Brad, I B, Warren, College, German Club, Music Club. LAURENCE SHORT 104 Hammondswood Rd., Chestnut Hill Larry, I B, New York Milita Academy, College, Latin Club, Cavalry Club, New- tonite. Business, Intramural Basketball. RICHARD VAN SIPE 61 Main St., Sherbom Van, lll A 4, Auto, New Bedford Vo- cational, Undecided. DOUGLAS WACOME 1 Billings Pk., Newton Q Doug, ll, Bigelow, College, Math Club, FRANCIS ZAZERRA 100 Walnut St., Newtonville 'WILLIAM MANGASE EDWARD POWER 59 Faxon St., Newton f VETERANS GRADUATING I 169 ROCCO JOSEPH RUGGIERI 28 Middle St., Newton Ili Kin5's Point. JOHN UMINA 46 James St., West Newton JOHN WALSH 103 Warwick Rd., West Newton :HQ X! , ' ,f 1+ W V 4,q ' Wm W w, . y 1 ' w x," ' 4 I ' ' X r Y , , N", Z' w 1, 'YW' ' 1 ZW , W W- 1' w , , , . N lh X, , M , w ' L A M 79 M ,f'1uW N' , 'M' ' ''0.,'v-,,,,If',..1iU' , , 'M' ,X ,V , -ww X, L 4 MM :N ' ' , x w . 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GROCERIES, MEATS, FISH AND PROVISIONS CHOICEST FRUITS IN SEASON Blgelow 4-7069 Blgelow 4-7063 Blgzlow 4-7064 172 A K ALVORD BROS. Compliments of AND I N S U RAN C E CARESWELL MANOR i, Specialists in NEWTON - WELLESLEY - WESTON Established in 1890 ak Bigelow 4-3006 - 1828 81 UNION STREET - NEWTON CENTRE Y Y COMPLIMENTS OF NEWTON NATIONAL BANK 584 CENTRE STREET .......................... NEWTON 831 BEACON STREET .... ...... N EWTON CENTRE 287 WALNUT STREET ........ ...... N EWTONVILLE Nan's Tairy Thu' SANDWICHES - COFFEE - ICE CREAM O 348 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON Phone l.AseIl 7-9473 173 PRINTING BLUE PRINTING RICHARD H. BROWN, Inc. Stationery . Office Supplies Blgelovv 4-8196 TQT4 WASHINGTON STREET ' WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. TOM'S Jenney Super Service Station WILLOW at CENTRE STREET LAseII 7-9412 COMPLETE LUBRICATION TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE LA 7-5967 BARBOUR'S FARM MARKET 1081 WASHINGTON STREET WEST NEWTON 0 FRUITS and VEGETABLES received fiesh daily Open Year Rou d THE HIGHLANDER 11 LINCGLN STREET NEWTON I-IIGI-ILANDS, MASS. TOYS - GAMES - SPORTING GOODS Congratulations and Best Wishes for Success and Happiness to the Graduating Class of 1948 174 CROWLEY BROS. Stationers Congratulations 303 CENTRE STREET I Graduates NEWTON CORNER I I and O best wishes SCHOOL SUPPLIES OFFICE SUPPLIES PARTY SUPPLIES . J or your future O The REGENT SHOPS 322 Walnut Street, Newtonville TYPEWRITERS SOLD, RENTED and REPAIRED BI 4-7127 For Fashionable and Good Quality Shoes try. . . EDWARD'S SHOE STORE 379 MOODY STREET, WALTHAM "They are Priced Right" COPLEY SCHOOL OF EXPRESSION Preliminaries to Public Speaking - Adjustments of Speech DiIficuItieS Personality developed - - - Tone and Voice Proiection CHORAL GROUP ADULTS AND CHILDREN - - - DRAMATICS AND EXPRESSION The wisdom derived from attendance in these classes will impart to you a better understanding cf yourself. Ir is personal and unique. Train it, place your voice and modify it and you have then something that no one can talce away from you. 295 NEWBURY STREET, BOSTON, MASS. TEL. CI 7-7809 175 Compliments of Tormey's Esso Service 0 15 CENTRE AVENUE NEWTON CORNER WALKER ELECTRIC CO 415 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CORNER EVERYTHING ELECTRICAL SALES AND SERVICE O Master Electricians TOYS ' GAMES TREASURE MASTER GREETING CARDS PHONOGRAPH RECORDS and ALBUMS POPULAR and CLASSICAL VICTOR, COLUMBIA, DECCA, CAPITOL CHARLENE'S TOYLAND 339 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON CORNER C. B.'s WABAN NEWS and Variety Store WABAN SOUARE 'I76 Best Wishes to the Class of '48 FROM HENDRICKEN BROS. - jewelers LA 661 NEWTON HIGHLANDS TEL LA O Compiiments of G. W. ROWE . efomlnarclzas Auto Body and Fender Repairing OCZDIIGPPHGCH PAINTING Q BEACON d LJ ION STREETS NEWTON CENTRE Home-made Pies Coffee . Doughnuts MARIONETTE RESTAURANT Right next to West Newton Theatre NEWTON'S INC. SMART CLOTHES Fon THE JUNIOR Miss " Where Courtesy and Friendliness Is Always Yours" 843 BEACON STREET 12099 COMMONWEALTH AVEINUE NEWTON CENTRE 59 AUBURNDALE 66 LA 7-7400 LA 7-'IQBO HUNTER'S STATIONERY SHOP 845 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONVILLE o stationery inexpensive gifts greeting cards For HEALTH, FIGURE and RECREATION BOWL at the GARDEN CITY BOWLADROME SQ0 WASHINGTQN STREET NEWTON CQRNER, MASS. 20 STREAMLINED ALLEYS Our auto t'c pin Sp tters wil! Serve you efficiently FOR RESERVATIONS CALL LASeII T-9655 A. O. SINOYAN, OPERATOR 'I78 Compliments of I c. s. COLLINS INC. of SESTRTEA5 .Wage ,cponfiac 0 Your local Dodge - Plynwufl. Dealer HAHN DRUG STORE, INC. CARL H. ALVORD, REG. PI-IARMACIST 'IO5 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. PHONE Blgelow 4-0760 Reliable Prescription Drug Store for Over FQ'ty Years Bl 4-3496 64 Page Road, Nzwtonville A. M. DOXEY PARENT PRICUT HOUSES SPECIAL CONSTRUCTION PINE GROVE DEVELOPMENT GROVE STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS, MASS. 'I79 OFFICE Blgelo 4-1566 BENJAMIN M. THOMAS PLUMBING and HEATING 431 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON 58, MASS. E. B. THOMAS P A. THOMAS TEL Blg I 4 5096 G. R. WARE ' jeweler DIAMONDS - WATCHES - SILVERWARE COSTUME JEWELRY - RINGS Promft, Expe't R pir Se ge Q56 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER CompIiments OI WALTER MOORE CLASS OF 1907 O MOORE AND MOORE, INC. 361 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON COMPLIMENTS OF AUGUST OSTERLAND, INC. 180 FRANK BATTLES, INC. PONTIAC - Sales and Service - GMC TRUCKS Q08-Q14 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON 58, MASS. Telephone DE Q-1300 The . S. NICOLA and SONS M MEA'rs - Flsl-T - rnun VEGETABLES R E S TA U RA N T Wholesale and Retail "A Nice Place to Eat" NEWTON HIGHLANDS , 0 REAL HOME COOKING GROCERIES - CANNED GQODS I , o PHONE LA 7-9603 OPEN SLJNDAVS LA 7 4390 LA 7 4391 TEL LA ell 7 1350 1351 J. A. COSGROVE, Prop L GARDEN CITY MCDTOR PARTS Hardware - Automotive - Mill Supplies 316 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON, MASS. 181 9" LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Organ ization Lasell is a two-year junior college. Its field includes Liberal Arts Curricula and Curricula of Terminal Courses designed to develop economic, social, civic and personal corrpetence. Lasell is a Junior College member ofthe New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and a member ofthe New England Junior College Council, of the American Association of Junior Colleges, and cf the American Council on Education. By authority ofthe Massachusetts Legislature, Lasell grants the degrees cf Associate in Arts or Associate in Science to its graduates. CURRICULA OFFERED AT LASELL Liberal Arts Transfer Curricula With courses in English, languages, sciences and social studies parallel with those offered in the First two years of senior college. Terminal Curricula Home Economics Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Science Merchandisin Design, including Fashion, Interior Decoration, Advertising, and Craft Technique Academic Music with piano, voice, organ, violin, cello or harp as a major Speech and Dramatics General or Exploratory Curriculum Pre-Professional Curricula Pre-Nursing Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physiotherapy Pre-Clinical Training in Medical Technology Special Siudenls A limited number of qualified students may arrange courses of concentrated eFIort along certain lines, with the same privileges and advantages as students in the regular courses. For Catalog Address DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, Lasell Junior College, Auburndale 66, Mass. Class Photographers oi The NEWTONIAN, 1948 . ffllrnenfgnoksf S Doro "Photographs oF Merit". 1306 BEACON STREET BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS 182 WATERTOWN LUMBER CO., Inc. Corner of IRVING and ARSENAL STREETS WATERTOWN, MASS. WA 4-4040-4041 V. M. MATTSON Blgelow 4-3247 J. H. CI1andIer 8: Son H' M' LEACY INCORPORATED HARDWARE ' ' Packers Kc Movers ' wnsuoussmsn Telephone BI 4-4000 . Large Enclosed Padded Vans 796 BEACON STREET All Sizes for Local and Long Distance Moving NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Interstate Movers THE R N HOUSE 183 CALIFORNIA STREET NEWTON 58, MASSACHUSETTS Largest selection of yarns in this Vicinity MILL PRICES LA 7-6448 183 CHANDLER SCHCCDL FOR WOMEN Established 1883 GEORGE IRWIN ROI-IRBOUGI-I, President WPIERE eyery girl receives superior training in technical sltills Irom an experienced Iaculty .... Where she may utilize this training in a responsible, interesting, and well-paid position in the business and prolessional World, aided by the Chandler placement Bureau .... Where, through social and educational experiences, her personal capacities are deyeloped to malce her an intelligent, happy citizen, For information, write or telephone: DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS Q45 Marlborough Street Boston, Massachusetts COFTIFHOHWCGIIIW 6 3942 OLDSMOBILE GMC TRUCKS CADILLAC SALES SERV ICE E l n c. 73est Trades and Prompt Deliveries Expert Auto 730611.11 Work and Painting Q HEALER MOTCRS lnc. 43 NORTH BEACON STREET WATERTOWN, MASS. Telephone WAtertoWn 4-8100 TO BUY, SELL OR SERVICE, SEE US 184 J. C. PENNEY COMPANY The farther you get from one penney store, the nearer you get to another - sixteen hundred stores in forty-eight states. Shop at the Waltham Store at the corner of Moody and Pine Streets, Waltham, Mass. lr fs Our Pfeasure to Serve! - OLD SOUTH Dho1loEnc7mvinc7 Corp 99 BEDFORD STREET-BOSTON'MASS' Holffones LineCu1'S PHONES Color Plates LI B E RT Y DAY ond NIGHT 2-2042 2-204-3 RIGGS FLOWER SHOP MEMBER FLORIST TELEGRAPH DELIVERY 2098 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE Blg I 41271 AUBURNDALE 185 RADIOS PI-IONOGRAPI-IS ELECTRIC APPLIANCES FIDELITY RADIO COMPANY I3OO WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. DE QAIQ7O RECORDS SHEET MUSIC ACCESSORIES EI.ECTRIC REPAIRS BEACON WAYSIDE SHOPS, INC. BEACON AT UNION STREETS NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. RUGS - BROADLOOMS - CARPETING LINOLEUM - ASPHALT TILES "C0mfbrt Makes It Homo" CCDMPLIIVIENTS OF SWARTZ HARDWARE SKI INSTRUCTION Learn your first part of the fundamentals in skiing on the worId's Iargest indoor sIci slide. SKI REPAIR SHOP COMPLETE LINE OF SKI EQUIPMENT BOB JOHNSON'S INDOOR SKI SCHOOL 251 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTON CORNER . - LA 7-B618 186 ober xx cInooI SYAXXB nsbion :nab passsn HUDSON FASHION lllUSTIIATION 'Wynn ADVERTISING ART I 265 WASHINGTON STREET IIIITIIIS 'III UTIIIEEIIS NEWTON' MASS- ! For Smart Young Women I Blg I 4 8300 FOCTWEAR of PERSONALITY "Shoes for the Entire Family O f ' BEACON at-SUMMER STREET LA 7-0003 NEWTON CENTRE 187 CONGRATULATIONS to Me Members N 5 Qf Z' A 6 fgsgglglgllge L, L C17'6lfllZlllfl.7lg Class If . H I 0711 I P I 8 1193 Centre Street . . Newton Centre, M 340 Walnut Street . . . Newtonville, M ' 981 Farmington Ave. West Hartford, Co 157 Bridge Street . . North Weymouth, M HOOD'S MILK Is Sold Exclusively at Your Cafeteria QA, 5501 sw, JUNIOR, MISSES and WOMEN'S DRESSES by America's foremost designers jwegze Mirly-Mree Crnfrr' .STNM Wfwzon Cmzfe 59, massaclrrsclls baud . I t ' ' I M I 'EL' arsetow xzlzliff. ' - 6 422 CENTRE ST NEWTON 3700 188 WASHING GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WAXING MURRAY'S GULF SERVICE Guifex Registered Lubrication WASHINGTON AND PUTNAM STREETS TELEPHONE LAseII 7-9793 WEST NEWTON, MASS. CQMPLIMENTS OF F. AMOS SWITZER For Bike Repairs SPEEDOMETERS, SIRENS, BELLS, GENERATOR LITES, SADDLE BAGS, FENDERS, REFLECTORS, SEATS Home and A uto Supplies GO TO MACS 334 CENTRE ST. NEWTON CORNER LA 7-3320 MCGILL COMMODITY SERVICE, INC. NEWTON TRUST BUILDING AUBURNDALE 189 Congmtulcztions . . . Class of 1948 if GARDEN CITY PRINT, INC. A. P. HARTSHORN 13 BOYD STREET, NEWTON, MASS. cfilutogmphs if -lv' 'H' -vv"""'l "' lli?gTdPhS X, ea J ifgff'Z1j,ii'i?':d gif M, MW ixdifxfxfpfjyyqw Mr! rj Jiffy! UDHIV mf,-'bf'-'F Q yy? yi, of' if 'if .ff 'WL' fy ff 'M ' U-off' if-a'f"'Xf ' 'ffigafy qf kfwvvfx fvffifj 1 4x1 11,1 -1: 1111 1 J 1 11111 , 1 11 u111 l'l'1 111 1 1 1 N ,1 1 1 ' 1 mg W 111.1111 13-1111111116 .3 111- HQ M1171 1. :EEF A ' 1 1 , . , , 1! , , 1 ' 1 Q 11 -1 11 11 Mg 1 111 a 1 , E' " L , 1' NU111 , . ' 1 1 , 1 1 .1351 3,1 1.111',--1 11.11 ' , 1 11 5211.1 X111 11' , 1L1'4" 1' 1 1 - 1 111 1- ' " '1 1 11 . 1 1 1 1, 1 11 1 - W 11511 WW1' ' L-.-1' ' 1 1 111. 11,1 1- -111 4V 'G , 1 1. -U1-. ' 1 1, 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 A - Hu 1' M X 1 1 1 '1 1 1" 1 ' 1 11 1 - 1 Q 1 1 X ' 1 ,, 1 1 1 X . ' I ' 1 ' 1 , 1 1, 1 ' .111 '1' " 1 '1 ,1rA. 1 -1 1 111 1:

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