Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1947

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.". , Q.. W, -. . ,P -. vp- xy- Fda 'AP' Q, .lf 11,-.L,-1 .. --'ram 'Az V- - Q: f-N .?-iw' e."SPv,:r3"'-fvtif - -if .. . I av J K A 4 1,. , . x , A 1 ' . V ,S . 1. It . gd: V- iw . we-2. .f:. A J w 'Z 9: K 5, , e,:,X-,V . R. .' ,,.. . . ,Q ,.1A , I , x . L' I A. -.v,,-- -V li . I r V , F' .Q 1' . g , . . . .. ,. , .,,i- ,IA 0--. g " -iw 1- SN. .1 W. , H . 1, A use-5 -3-1 'STNPY'-'Y , A "'v'.: jx' , Yr """' -' ,s , , ii-QE 3 I . x ,- 52.5 5 ' Q .: li .Q -: 3:21, ""??QE Q 2- 1 ..,. ' nzrffv- .1,L:'f3f '5 L: . .: f,III.III II. . VVI QI f1j,,:I:ffT I VIIIIIIIIf1I If--VVIEQII I 1 , V II. I V2 "5 V.-. .-:..VpI'-' .-'Q -1 I I. V - QI , , I V.: . .- . . V .- . ' 'IE - - 'If'--':.j'f. -' .fi M- Ig- Elf"-g ' : ' V' -H .-lf' f-1 'V,QiI-l:.iV.7P'- 5:11 . VT? I . 'YI",! IIF"'V5V Vl"' -V'1 ' IJ" T."-V--"P " 4 " ' fV-'1? V, t U. 'Ji -"ilu V' ' ",' 1 I NWI- I. 'V -Vg .I P. ..-I .a , - - '- V '11,'-"- .' V1.1 I- !V':' -- iI,IV,V,'I" ' V -,',.,,TI-2,5 V' ' 1-' ' ' ' .VI ' .'I 1 V.IVy 'VI .5 ' - ' -V1,VE'f1. IV ' W V' ' --ff.-VII " J.V,' .N 1 "V V' -:'p'L:-" J-1-"-V -f 5 1 V ' .V" . ' '- '- - .' - rV. V I.,-1.,III V I V, III..I, IV ,Ig VI. ,I I V ."'rY'ff::j V VV. I-V 3-V . -V -V - .-,V -J 1 . V V I I .Va II I 'V.Z3'.V:f ., ,II .I ,.1 . x . V . . V -. -Vac . 1 , .. , V -I 1 . . VII .V -,II IIT ..I1,II I,I- V. I -IV-IIFQII .I .V VI 3 . .' V ' V' 1' 4 - ,-.1-V . . ,. . , 'Q '- -' ... - V I I. I .II-, V II. .III .3 BI V IV -VIIIIVII I V . I .V I II- I 1 - V V. La. I1, MII -. VII4 J ". " - "- ..g'.. V. . ' H V. I.-VI,fII VV .V I . -V-If--I V I . 2. 'V .VI .I V V I..V II-. . IJ., I, I I I,IV.... I I ,I '- :N ' .' 1 .- V 1-VV:'VV-.:11w.1.1 I V1 . V-IV-.- s-,,I..,,VI , V. VI..-VV. .V -V V . V ::I,I '- III. I-.VI -1. If V -'- - -I II.II V -.V-r- - ' 1' N I .1V. . V 1 ' -I V R.. ... - - -1-'. ' rf .-4. - ' V I 1 .V V I II . 1 .- 1 11 .. 1 V V . ..'- - . V-f ' . - 1 .1 'VV I -'F' :V,, ' 1-if -- -,-- ' V ":'V- ' V J' L' " V M '- 'V-'fl' V-V' 'S' -.' -'ill '- VI- - .I I, " V , ' V . 5 '-',-1l'.vVV IIA'--,I ' .Q ,I . ,, .5 " ' ..--V- III. ' 'V V. -- I ' V 5 "E, I V I I ' 29.3 .v.. :Vg-71: - ---V- .V-4.--':'r-.".ra-'-VV- V V- -' V- 1 52 4 "f V+- . f Va -. - .-V VV: lg.-'.-I3 .-3.7 V' ,S 1' -1 12 - -3 . 'If'f.fff1"'Q- -912 VV- e' s' V- Lf- .".' - '- 'V -1-Vxg.-,t"V-Vi .' 14- V V V- uw V- .Ln-1 - . - V "Vi Aw- .3 . I, -I V -' ,. r '1 -I- I - 11,1 II -' ". -' ' V .Vg ' 2 ,H V., IV1 1 ' I 1-.z1.- - I . j.I: I' 591. I. V - 1 - ' -. II 1-,V 1-1 nr V.-1 -VV . -. I V- V. V-- ' '--- , I. V- V1-.ff V fx 4-VV -f . .V . V V wS"'. - - I. -I -V-' ff., 1Vr 3 .1 ' I V1',",V- I I Vw' .- V-1'. V, V .- - V . .. V ,x V. 1..VY-.1 Ae. . .1 V II ,I V ,gIVI,,V . . VI ,. VI I II - I -V,, ,I, I. II I I ."ll.':'-: ' - '. " !' 1" 3. -" -'f ' .- '- a 'VW .V'.IV"'n'V"".' "'--'.- .flap I .' 'V .I -:INF ,I II'II MA' II" - ' ' - V- ."" V . X 'V 2 'E..V,'-.'. ,. N- ' -V I I III II1III.".1I - II ..ygV4..gIII2 IIY1 .It '-' I ,V ZIV, .. I Er? -'-III ' ' I '1fV Vg' I V , I I I. IVVI. I I V1 I-, 1V I I. III.. VI, V VIII V - . V. - 'Vg 'I- V- fs. V- ' LV -. .- -'15 I-1 -m..-3. V 2-3. -- - .V ' . - . IIIIIHI -VII.. 5 IVIIIII :BI VIII..IiI5FII.Ig V - I Ig IV ' 1. I 24: 'I 4 '31, I f'I .w '- P' A V ' ' VVVV" ' I- ' -T-'V' ' "V-1 gf - V e-V-V 5 . -I. VI III .V IV . IV III 21'-V .II VI...VIVe ,V I V. -Vu - V ,I. ' - I .IILI-5'5:1I:"I-VR., I- I I - . . -'S '- ' 1 - V . I. 13-1'-'Vu' - 5 , I V II.IIII I I ' A g.'If-1 '- II -II -,. I I I. V I ' - -V V IpfV1,I. I V . H -I -..I IVV. V X ,I I I I VIII I-. I V .I V IV I , - Y. . I VV-'IIIVVV N-II --, .I V . I -4' V V' - S f'1if-HV.. I.. I I I I.. ,.,. .I I,., V .V V . . HV. .' 1 xi. '-1--. I I' F. N : V. . Q V . -WV." 'E'..' -1.-...Vg -..-- . J,I ' V, ,. -Ve. . .Ig -1:3 I-yr V 'L ':I - V ' V: I ' V" V 1, .I - f .- ., , V ' ,I'-V-' -w- I1. 7 . nw. - -'L. ,,,,.y,T'1:-' PV -.- ' V I .-. . IV - 4 V . I ' : . . V . V - s ' 2 , V 13 ' - J' '. I..P's,r V ?f.f.,3I,Q.VI . . I IIIIII .IIIII V I I IV,.-.IV VI. - VI- .IVVI V -- 'V - .-1.-V,V , aI I IfIII .III IISII-VIII. II f.II II, .Lb .g?,I.' . -V -V I.V V .V. P' I I 'Vf'-':f -fi., 1.-.1-.V 1-V . L' 'A . 'I . . .V . ' r " 1 1' I. ' - 'I ,I.I - V . 1 I-LV: I I . .Vp fy- . 'V.1sf.1.-F:3m'f.-ghL'- .Iam -,V 1-Vxii' ' ' .V 'Q - ' - Q.. . -- 8.0 5-'V k""V54'1'-1? 4" ' 'V X V 1 -.3 85'-V XHTVTL 'af . E ' 'V - . - I . wi. . V- . .,V1 f I I I .I IV.I II A .I I VI HI- V V. -I VII.--5 V I , -,II V. I.Ig,p'1,.,n-.1 V --x V I I V IV 7,. . V., 1. -I V 1 II V I ' .,- :VQLVIVI 1'--' V' gf.--I .V-,VII V- II - V x-,.I .I - VK :I ' - - - -VV-- -I'.-1.5.1-.' 3 .V VV , IV 1 V' ' " " 'ff' '-' ,JV?""-I -- ' '- .V 1-VI.. ' ,T 'V',V'--gm - ' ' - J' '. , V . 5 a-."f ' " . N . I -f L--. V'jfV'L-f -'.-vi. 4 1 VI'IIVV , gi,-,m , V II eV .V 'V I'V. QP- I-4 If. '- " . "v I - L," II ' I 'I I ' V -V-I.-i . . I' -V - II . ' . 1- V Iov.,-S' .1 -III.,IV .,, ' .V . I . .V I .,,--1 I I ,V .II III.II.VV..VII V.5'- V I 1 . V . rf-.. - " V- .- V 'VV - JV- .V - VI IIVI .,.-f.V-VVQVIVPVV ' I I I I ' JI---. In.III I I1-I, :II I .' V"fI.fjI L,'jg - , I I I.II-I - ,I VV V,--.V, ..- VV .. II I IV - -V r V 1 ' - .V ', I.I:gI I, -I ..:aV:. - V .1255 I f 1V. ' "f-- ' -V "'V' -2. -:QV '-I i 1. - ff- -. ' V fri. V --V 1-:VV-.g1:.VV'I'I - -V - - 'Ji' -M.-1:11 -' ' " ' V ' - V ' 1, 1V '. '---""--V".VV ., -V -- - , I 1 ..'.Q'ajv+Vf VIII f V I ' I- ' I ' ' , ' - Y 1 .' "4f..4- 3- ' V-L .- - if f..V13"ffA"-I'+ ff! 'Lg '-.1-V-C-'Q' V ' f ' '- " ' ' ' . V 5 V - ' 1-V1 .Q I wg. VV -F' -V V-5. If .V . :"1V' 11 '-'r' V i V'1.""?. -' - V-2 - " ,'V 1 , ', 1. - -um, df. J - ' If V' -zvr. V .VI, -II -,4, ' x. ... -' . . . . . - -VI.. . V .-. .l1'V'-. ..'- LI 1.1-. 'fum' .fqfgfwi ,IIA A ' I .. If ,If II V 'V . V ,, -V Il. ,IIl" ff A 4 II- 'V "pVVx.xY"- ' f' ff' I. I- V . 1' V V '.I1- 'I I1- . -V. I V- I-IV -If II -I ---V-.1-' , f - Ie 1. -I - VI V - . I '.- " HY- '. 'X' '- ' 'F'-W.. . in 'V...Y.' P I- I- I. ,V. ,.ap,V' V I., . .5 Ev. ' -. 15-II V I . -V . QI , - VV 5..,,,, V, - V - 5 V pq- . V. , - I- -I-. '-v1,,IVI-, 1. .I.1IIIy,?-V::-- ,,1V-I-V '.t1x'11 --,I ,':Iyz:,VVg V5. ,..: Av. 13 1.' V1 ..LqQ"l.I I- II V - 'V fa"-,L1I'Q' ' '- '-."'1lV" " ,II V c-.IV p.V--f : -V--.VV-2 -I I, II JLV-J.. - V., .f'va'f.'V V- ' ' 'ffm -'IV' -VT"','. - ' ' 1-V ' .'--' V -. ,V II..II.II:,I V I, 1 .I.V,IfI ,I .IL I I IIIII I V1f I, I- . I. IV -V... -- .'w'..- ,.-1, Q -. VI 5-V..-'-. I4 -If .V ,VV 111, -V.I.VzrV1,.'j I -1' ' FV' . -.., '-' J VVf II- I .I Iwi:-Y 1., iff V -,V ' ' V .fr- '-5 V., V .KVI --f.."Vg,1V. V' 1.V V - V. ,V . -- I -rgzf .V-QI .I VI V, . ' w -Q ' V. 'L,', -91 . 'f -V. fl V .V . . "JI '-5 'V IIXIII' V -' '2,.'H,Vf15VV-- -'L PV, 4 .937 ' " -: .V IV' - I -' .--'.- .VV-,V - .- .. LQ --2.11. 114- - V V g -- VV .-..-QI.III.-I..cfII53.- zfig- SI. I- 5 " if I '.- 75-'f3""'VI' IS., I -1:f'Q."t.--..a'1' V ' '-3' '1 ' ' ".f1"::1I IVY ,E-Q.:.I'-a..' ' " A-A"-' .IV 1 '-1" -if VVIV-, ' ',.I -'V ' '-fiV'.V" ,"1" -I . . . sVV- -VA, --,Igtim-.4 VITII3 V V,.VV .I IIIV. .,I I.VII:.I II . I . I I, ' ' In 'QQWQZ13-V". fl. l'2'i""'T '-'if ' ffm VI" 11. VV 'law V. t' ' ' " , 'j'.'TZ-' " ": ' - "' ' -"" f .-an,..V1'?'.-'V'51r-grf, 'Ie..V.-I,-V' - .QV -4 I' . ,II ,-2 .- ' 3-f. V- . "U . -'-1 V VI' -I . 1IgPVV, 'V'f1Vp,, ',,' 5 I V I QI'-.FJI -'I I' ,V 3- 135, , I I VIVV L33 1:-.Vg 'Q I -II5I f-, I I . VIS V.,-gg , QV- 1VV2-- 1:'VV- 'V .- , V- . -V' V --!' -..+IVV .1 -. .J Vf, 'V V JV: -. J. ' ,-'S 1 ,M '. g,:'N' . 16 I -V .":F- -V I' V F 'I' 'I'-tV:"f' .F'.II':I I'- -::- .-: 1 - - :.II 'z 1.2. 1 . IV IV ,f IVI -V II .1 :I 'V - I I- I -5 . II --In gf V I '-V +-,V I . V-V. " 'l""V-i.'.3 I5fif'zVv :L -.z fm? . 3' V -' ' ' -'r.'.f"f-I-'f P'I'Vx' 3' ' 5 V V. " PN' 1 'ffl ' - . I . ' W5 f- V V VA: ITVII 'I ' -,I 'V.V I' f'- 'I 1' .'.-V,.1'eV,""IfC1,' I QI -MV. L IQI H .4 -JQEE-If . 'V In I .V'3I. '-t V .V VI- " V, ,III . I- .I I-N1 T QV: :',, QI, ' -IV I " ' 'mV't,-A?-!V.Q1'- . V-1 'f1".'1Z', 4. ' 4 ,.. ' '1. . T "T Jin -3 V' .--z-: - , - I1 V . VV ,N LV" 5' v . '.7-:SPM N" X ' " 33--."11 - "uf" ' '- V'f""" 3, , "if ' ' .TS V -. ' 'rm' V' ' -1. -'VV1 gf 11 V 4 1 -,1?.fV"- :V -11--' . I -Vf, -' - ' I " .- VV. .VV ' f" 7 . V '..' .- '1. V-l"'I ' '- - - I' ' 3' 9 " V Wgib. 1-19" - ' .JV ' . -I -' 1' ' --fl '-"ui - '4 2' ' V ' '1fv:'. . N V - 1 V V. ' V- f.'1Q." nf.-"HV - ' V- V 1 s.'V!'i -.'.'f,l,:-QVI. i't,HIII'jV.'-'VV-VYV'-V VI'-- -- I IIVg - ' I3 ' II-1.rI-'gf-II. I '39-V ' f- '1'I "I . I 1-gVI I --Vg j,,q15,IQ, --I... ,:I.,'p:I:..III---- V, I- -. V .EI .V- I -'.yI1V:I, qi-351- . I III-.II 3 g1I.-.- - , - I ..1 I I .I-I II I I A. .II . -. I -I I. ..V1V I V VI V .VV-Q -'I I . ' V. I . Af 9- .Q -' X ' V' ' - .. Q' L. ' II - - I I' I 'v V.: .-Q-41 -' V . ' Vre- X- , V V VV I. VV . , ' W V . --H. I ' v'..V. E E 3 i 3 I 5 r ..76,7f'fM'Wv'j',gfff-,JV iff .M M . JW Qi?-MS ,,,,-9".1q,,w-4"W 114' -X ff M QQ -fb1'f,oM":,uf".Q4"!M Tbk WW N 4:19 0 54- XY- , ff ' mt' .,,,.f 5,,g,g 2 ' I Ql'JfyHDx- .-bfi' F . W ' My 4fMfP Mfr? Jgxvydjlbw A Aoobeffw Ky? Tb ii wb Q 9, Qi' .. .. 3ifi.1 6 x'fq f1,'jb - U94 X014 , b 1 . 93:9 3,0-9 of was QL 'Q ,MQW f4f.,S5-1.7 N W:-fa 'Quik ""' X 'aff 'jf i'3f-.:5'?:j-523 2" Q 'talk .Bti I 25-Z,Q,9j"f "O sff.L,'jff,'X?lf""k ' 77aZ,"e"'QC"'f Z ' L4 ?4:4c2f'-f. 5511,-zff?g5 , 'Semin -'ef-w.,,""3?s oe"f34'q.."'c'JGw "-f-4. " QQ Qjoafzf ' bg 5446! m.,.e.fmJQ-ce-c-Ngf.,,,,' ' H . 'S Q , f ,FLW-Q ' g,??iQi5?. ",j 4 ll .t I W. , xl Q . g :V gg oe ff if , wx ge 'W 1f1Mf+f QJM W Es T5 W.. gxsfm Fir if-Yi 'pw-""X 'Vo-Q., 'a'4'4r., WW 26.4 w. f W X 5 of ix. f ' 0 C535 isgf I I I I I I I I I I I SENIOR ANNUAL of NEWTON HIGH QSCHOOL NEWTONVILLE 5. MAssAjcHus,E,TT,s Tl-IE I V -1, 3-3: it T" 15 .JE fi' if Tm. 4, fl' aw I1-1. E WARREN DAY WEEKS BIGELOW e of our lives . fime of our lives . 'rime of our lives . Hme of our lives . fime of our lives . Time of our lives hme ol 6 BUILDING I, N.H.S. I our lives ,-Iimfa of o our Iives . Mme OI our Iives . Iime of our lives . :Ima OI our Iives . 'rime OI our Iives . Iime OI 7 of our lives . 'lime of our lives . lime of our lives .fime of our lives . 'lime of our lives . lime of our lives , Hme of ou 8 Q' o 0 E ZZ III an r a.. 3 O FF 0 0 E .- 4- DEDICATED to.. tlie time ol our lives... ol awalcening wlwen, teaclwer's inlluence or challenge, we rouse tlwose years tlirouglw a a subjects our latent powers and Fincl direction ancl pur- me of our lives . time of our lives . time of our lives . time o' 'o o ln N 5. o 5 fr N in lives . 'lime of OUI' of . lime 95 liv e of our e of our lives . lim our lives . lim of 6 im es.'l liv GUI' f time o MR' C. ELWOOD DRAKE Assistant Principal faculty MR. RAYMOND A. GREEN Principal administration BUILDING I. OFFICE BUILDING II. OFFICE BUILDING III. OFFICE 'I'I GUIDANCE OFFICE 314 acuity FACULTY 1 Front Row: Mr. Carl P. Birmingham, Miss Marian R. Balboni, Miss l-lelene D. Breiyogel, Dr. C. Elwood Dralce - Assistan Principal, Mr. Raymond A. Green - Principal, Miss Gladys F. Davis, Miss Emily P. Burdon, Miss Alice A. Alden Miss l-lelen Cotton. Middle row: Miss Eleanor l.. Cox, Miss Margarita W. Ells, Miss Madalene Braclcett, Mrs. Ruth Conrad, Miss Caroline M Doonan, Miss A. l-lortense Church, Miss Beatrice L. Bates, Mr. Richard P. Boyer, Mr. Abner l-l. Bailey. Back row: Mr. Leo J. Barry, Mr. Donald G. Enoch, Mr. T. .Jerome Cutting, Mr. Francesco C. Argento, Mr. l-larry V. Ander son, Mr. Charles E. Chase, Mr. William E. Connors, Mrs. Juliette Dewey. FACULTY 2 I 1 Front row: Miss Jayne Jewett, Miss Alice J. Jagus, Miss Elizabeth Jewett, Mr. Charles B. Harrington, Mr. l-lenry Laslcer, Mr. l-lorace Kidger, Mr. E. Victor Knapman, Mr. John C. l-lall, Mr. Malcolm P. Gallagher. Middle row: Mr. 'lrenor F. Goodale, Jr., Miss Elvajean l-lall, Miss Irene M. l-laworth, Miss Ethel l-lam, Miss Alice J Kennedy, Mrs. Jordan, Mr. Lamoine E. Boyle, Mr. Francis J. Foster. Back row: Mr. Frederick O. l-lolmes, Mr. Lucius P. Jones, Mr. Daniel F. Koughan, Mr. Robert S. Harris, Mr. l-lenry Bissex Mr. Edward J. Cuordon, Mr. M. Roland l-leinztelman, Mr. l-larold M. l-lawlces. iafiiii. , A ii., .Qi jl . 'A --'a-wir. G. .g.. -ii. V ,i ..,,. J .i ' i , A. iii fl, i, I ,, 3- i A Ffa ii: 1. li E25 AZY1 tr " if mf 5? like., fs is W1 id. 5 ..., , . :QW i ifiiw it ' i .ii i ii i., '.,.. 1 if' ' ii 'ii ', ,.,. lf. fl" i' fa T .bl Si M im , . , . 6' J .I 19 I ,i i 4 rl 4 n. facult FACULTY 3 Front row: Mr. Kenneth Ca. Packard, Miss Ann Sanguinetti, Miss M. Roberta Miller, Mr. Forrest F. Paige, Miss Cora E. Riley, Mr. Charles H. Mergendahl, Miss Eleanor Sampson, Mr. James H. Remley, Mrs. Edith B. Newcomb. Middle row: Miss Kathleen M. O'Connell, Miss Helen E. Nute, Miss Frances L. Mendell, Miss Catherine A. Murray, Miss Eleanor B. Richmond, Miss Helen C. Miles, Miss Edith M. Rideout, Miss Anne L. Leathers, Dr. George A. Land. Back row: Mr. Albert l. Oliver, Mr. Wesley S. Merritt, Mr. Charles R. Consodine, Mr. Donald B. Mitchell, Mr. Edward Poslcitt, Mr. Charles W. Peterson. FACULTY 4 Front row: Mr. Ralph M. Sanborn, Mr. Franlc M. Simmons, Mrs. Jean M. Wiens, Mr. Sterling L. Williams, Miss Mary L. Waters, Mr. Thomas G. Walters, Miss Helen Sweeney, Mr. Daniel P. A. Willard, Mr. William L. Winston. Middle row: Miss Joyce B. Tyson, Miss Margaret South, Miss Moira Sullivan, Miss Mary K. Tormey, Miss Muriel B. Smith, Miss Frances Thumin, Miss Helen L. White, Miss Ruth M. Twiss, Miss Alma A. Thomas, Miss Flora Smith, Miss Adele M. Waldmeyer. Back row: Miss Elsa W. Stone, Mr. Andrew W. Steinhope, Mr. Reginald E. Smith, Mr. Lester E. Williams, Mr. Floyd E. Somerville, Mr. Beverly L. E. Wilson, Mr. Carl L. Swan, Mr. Harry L. Walen. Q53 rin: , ,. 'X i 'I 5 1 rt7fit?3a'Ti?li . , at fu, .it..,,, if'lair-+4fg5a'f-2:-aaa 'IFPS' mtzgllsdvgzggagf sets. f ei fur.. as :,t' '-she"-f i l i l 'I3 trade school facult TRADE SCHOOL FACULTY Front row: Mr. Lawrence G. Drury, Mr. John L. Sullivan, Mr. Edward P. Boulter, Mr. Edward A. l-lingston, Mr. Leon L White, Mr. Edvx in R, I-lale, Mr. T. Vincent Hutton, Mr, J. Joseph Ward. Back row: Mr. Warren Nl. Switzer, Mr. John l-l.-Murray, Mr. Orrin M. Brawn, Mr. Philip L. l-loule, Mr. Franlc J. Toscano Nlr. Nelson F. Eurnside, Nr. Albert A. Dulac, Mr. George C. Batt, Mr. Robert C. Densmore. '14 'student administration J class SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President . .D ...... John Lucier President ..... Anthony Orlandella Vice-President . . Richard Schultz Vice-President . . George Fitzpatrick Secretary . . . . Joan Burnett Secretary . . . . Joan l-lubley Treasurer . . . . John Brady Treasurer . . . . Jean l-lubley Adviser . Miss Cora Riley Adviser . Miss Emily Burdon 16 officers SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS ASSOCIATES OFFICERS President ....... Travis Nutting President ......... Don Cox First Vice-President . . . James Bonnar Boys' Vice-President. . . Peter Connolly Second Vice-President . . . George Wales Girls' Vice-President . , Martha Palmer Secretary ..... . . Jane Hyde Clerk ..... . Charles Cahill Treasurer . . . Mary Grace Norris Treasurer . . Anne Marie Cahill Adviser . . Miss Margaret South Adviser . , Mr. I-lorace Kidger l 'I 7 NEWTONIAN STAFF - 1947 MR. HENRY BISSEX ROGER SMITH MARIE O'CONNELL THALIA KENNEDY GLORIA GODDARD MADELINE MAHONEY ALFRED VISCO RONALD WAHLIN CAROL WASS FRED TAYLOR BETTY SALUSTRO JUNE GRAY BARBARA RAITTO JOAN GUINEY CAROL MacKENZIE JOAN BRUCE MARILYN MURPHY BARBARA CAMPBELL MARY LEE CARMACK KATHERINE BABCOCK DELMONT ABELLS EDWARD WHITNEY BURTON WOODWARD VIRGINIA VINCENT ALAN MCADAMS, Co-Editor RICHARD McGRAW DANIEL LOWER Editor-in-Chief PATRICIA BLAKE Assistant Editor ANN E MONZERT Adviser MR. STERLING WILLIAMS Assistant Advisers Business Manager CHARLES REGAN NORMA SHEA WILLIAM MORSE ARTHUR ARONSON ,Activities ROBERT HARRIS, Editor GRETA BERMAN JANE OSBORNE HAROLD BURSTYN Advertising ANNE MARIE CAHILL, Manager PATRICIA DRISCOLL JANET ANDERSON VIRGINIA VINCENT NANCY ELLSWORTH MARCEL DUROT HELEN TURNER BEVERLY BECK Art NORMAN PATERSON, Editor Circulation ANNE RICH, Editor JANE AMIDON JOAN LEVINE JEAN HURLEY RUTH MCMAHON Copy JANE OSBORNE, Editor MARCIA KOVITZ Data MARION OUINN, Editor JOYCE JONES JANE HYDE JEAN MAINTAIN ELIZABETH FINNELL Features ELIZABETH ROBINSON, Editor MARTHA PALMER Photography NORMAN PATERSON, Editor Proof G RETA BERMAN, Editor Sports JOAN WEISSBLATT Treasurer ROBERT DEALY 18 MISS MARGARITA ELLS DANIEL LEVANT EUGENE GREENWOOD GUDRUN ROBINSON CAROLYN KEYES ANN HARRER WILLIAM CAHILL JOAN HORRIGAN DIANE HEATH CHARLES CAHILL EDITH BAYLOR RAEMAH GOOLEY DOROTHY CUMMING JEAN GRIFFIN JANET ROUNDING ELIZABETH POWERS SELMA FINKELSTEIN MARGUERITE DARCY MARILYN WELCH VIRGINIA MCCOURT PRISCILLA ALDEN RUTH WHITCOMB TED BARKER BARBARA LEWIS GRETCHEN FERRIS, Co-Editor ANNE JONES ELIZABETH HAUGHEY our lives . lime ol our lives . lime ol our lives . lime ol our lives . lime ol our lives . lime ol our lives . lime cl o 19 5 of our lives . time of our lives . time of our lives . time of our lives . time of our l vvisli to express my sincere ap- preciation to tliose teacliers Wlwo so good-naturedly permitted me to caricature tliem For tliis activities section. , . . NQRMAN PATERSON l ,, - N I , - alpha beta President , Priscilla Cook Secretary . . Peggy Campbell Treasurer Marion Burke It was l-lenry Wadsworth Longfellow who is credited with being the first to say that "All your strength is in your union." Judging by the way sophomore girls flocl4 to Alpha Beta, the Bard of Cambridge must have been right. lhere a sophomore finds no taunting juniors or patronizing seniors, Alpha Beta is for sophomores alone. Large and thriving, this club is Class l'en's refuge and strength. The program features variety and enter- tainment by the members themselves. Talent programs give everyone a chance to demon- strate her ability or appreciate her classmates l-lobby programs bring out the secrets long cherished in attic or cellar. Highlights of the year are the appearance of Mr. John Cronan, the nationally-known story-teller, and the year's climax, the last party with refreshments and entertainment. Adviser Miss Frances Thumin it .1 iii il th I 45 1 si .c ,. as. 'l 'Zvn H ala, r, ia- alpha gamma tau Co-Adviser . . . Miss Frances L. Mendell President . . . . . . Robert Brookins Vice-President . . . . Donald Elclredge Secretary . . . Elizabeth Robinson Treasurer . , John Cummings To most Newton High School students numbers are crafty, deceptive enemies. Juniors who would rather face a cage of semi-starved panthers than a classroom of quadratic equations have even been re- ported. However, it is all in the attitude oi the mathematician. The members ol Alpha Gamma Tau, the high school mathematics club, bravely meet numbers face to face and master them. With chalk in hand they can talce on the fiercest-loolcing logarithm and send it baclc to its log table, whipped. The members of Alpha Gamma Tau com- fy i X eva W 5.6 XT! Tx V f - '-W Q g i Gi 'Ur' 1 x :abt Adviser . Mr. Charles E. Mergendahl bine learning with Fun. lnformative tallcs at meetings this year covered such subjects as determinants powers of two, and mathematics in other lands. The members have held a mathematics tea, visited the Boston Public Library, and held an inter-school mathematics tournament. i i i S23 Adviser Miss Helen C Miles art club Secretary . Beverly Boardman Treasurer . . Marie Ewen Surrounded by the creative atmosphere ol the fourth Floor ol antique Building Qne, the Newton l-ligh School Art Club inter- preted its moods and ideas in color and Form. lhey caught the meaning ol phono- graph music in colored splashes and ab- stract designs, and turned hunlcs of amor- phous clay into Flowing statues and interest- ing pots. Early in the lall the picturesque landscape seen from Diclcenson Stadium was slcetched in pencil by cold-numbed Fingers. Later models sprawled on desl4s in color-splashed outfits while brushes Flewf dragging rich tones over the manilla paper until many paintings echoed the movement ol the Figures. Somewhere among the treasures ol their archaic haunt is a huge pile ol these painted, challced, and penciled papers, relics of the moods and inspirations of the Art Club. Q4 I I 'Q ,s -.Mfr 'Ll . Ill X in 5 i I t' I l yi 3 .s 'L i X33 E -i.-" aviation club President . . . Richard Bauchman Vice-President . . . Richard Paul Secretary . . . . Jaclc Pfeiffer Treasurer . Robert Anderson Aeronautics has grown with the Twenti- eth Century. The fragile little biplane which the two bicycle-malcers from Dayton flew over the North Carolina sands has grown to be the present-day's awesome, alloy-skinned slcy giant. Today planes can be used for pleasure, transportation, crop- dusting, fire observation, pest destruction, and on clear days for writing Pepsi-Cola signs. The members of the Newton l-ligh School Aviation Club, who hope to be the Sunday drivers of a future time, have banded to- 'Vo 'Q 'Q I 4.1 -b .5-o -6 u. D4 c .cf 0 1, J --5, 1' , .,o ,D ol - M . Fl d So 'll Adwsers ' ' f Mf. Chiles Elvzfliihsi gether under Mr. Chase's direction to receive more information about this subject. ln addition to the indoor club meetings, the members put the theories to practical tests while flying control-line model air- planes. The science of flying a miniature strealc on a string with its tempermental gas engine is an art in itself, but it is part of the regular routine for members of the Aviation Club. 25 ba nd ll' la Lfff-s Twenty years from now the man or woman who was at Newton l-ligh in 1946- 47 will be saying, "No, l can't quite re- member the score of the 1946 Brookline game, but that band! Say, do you remember that skit - 7' This yearis band was distin- guished for its clever and original skits. The list of those performed at football Adviw , ML Wesleyg Mmm games will bring back memories and chuckles: Cheerleaders' Delight, l-li Neigh- bor, The World Series in Newton, Some- thing Different, Newton A La Conga, Hold That Tiger, Band in "T" Formation, political Fantasy, Tribute to the Marines, Thanksgiving Festival. As usual, the band helped cheer on both team and spectators at all sports events. For this purpose there were four different bands, for football, basketball, hockey, and baseball. The band's efficient organization and hard-working officers aided in its fine per- formance at band concerts in the spring. 96 A Q ff i boys' chorus affix' E6 ez N 66 ,AE ME M6 pl. P2 ks A A t 551 l Il 9 X H C4 X55 -f X' Ji! if AW 1 . J ... Q .xx . XX og ,of 'rQUr14,VTM 'I O. TZ N'-Z.N?.a L-0.2" ONHO. E-Q90 mfg 2 22,13 E'U0":5 agen rw 012. 3:-lg O-ungl. CD-. Q. 0330 2.333 om Q- zxggc CD 13. -40-41: -3-3 Snam 73'-Sn 3'+""ff -emo? Ln.Q0 O-C5 'KOOL' GC- KU!-i g',,:r-QT:- -to,4m 09.05 3:10-N4 ommi. QQ-3x ,,-.-. e023 EWS nn5'.O' 209 -I V5 ?3- ,-v-'UN TT-Q, N00 31.11 Oog T7 mmf' mog- Ogo C...f-v O'Q9L O.m Dag, D 20.0- n 3-53 25N 91-14 2.09. OQT0 232 Q20 Cl!-'VK When initialed shaving mugs and handle- lnar moustaches left the American scene, the Barbershop quartets and harmony groups went with them. But the honorable tradi- tion of stalwart male voices raised in soulful harmony has not disappeared. Enlarged and adapted to meet the present age, it continues in the guise of the Newton l-ligh School Boys' Chorus. With such a mantle of history upon its shoulders the group would have to be good, and good it is, according to the testimony of those people who hear its ringing tones lv g 'Q X N9 ' X' l lpox mx 'f j fn Adviser . Mr. Wesley S. Merritt 1 l 97 camera club President. . . John McAloon Secretary. . . Winnifred l-laclcley Treasurer. . . William Dunclcley A club that has always been tops in popularity, number oi members, and in- teresting meetings is the Camera Club. This well-organized group of eighty spent many absorbing monthly meetings learning how to improve their photography techniques. The use of slides from the Eastman Kodak Company aided in helping the members learn more about color photography, how to care for their cameras, how to outfit a dark-room, and how to develop their own Films. The boys and girls not only gained valuable information about cameras, but shared in the lcnowledge oi how to produce a worthwhile picture. The Camera Club has always been a success, and this year was no exception. With the backing ol its friends, past and present, it will continue to be one ol Newton l-ligh's outstanding clubs. Adviser . Mr. Sterling L. Williams 1 28 cavalry club X 0 O V, 6 0 President . . . . Charlotte Mangini Vice-President . . . Jane Bartels E7 i f Secretaryrlreasurer . Shirley Mangini m X X - The Cavalry Clubisinavvorld olits ovvn. 141 ln most organizations through hard vvorl4, ambition, and tenacity you can start at the bottom and vvorlc your vvay to the top. ln the Cavalry Club, hovvever, it is up-and- L down, up-and-down, the whole ride long. - - l-lard vvorlc is useless, the animal is supposed to do the vvorlcing. Ambition seems to irri- tate the horse, and tenacity, using the word Advise, , Mr, Kenneth G. Packard in its literal sense, leads to an avocational disease lcnovvn as the "Charley l-lorsef' Despite these brutal hypocrisies, over seventy people applied for membership in the club. Alter a hair-raising speech and riding try-outs, the timid and the inexperienced were vveeded out. The Fifteen remaining members have spent some happy Thursdays this year contemplating horse-y movies, listening to talks, and riding horses. Q9 e cercle francais President . . . . Joan Stern Secretary , Bradford Salmonson Treasurer . , . Paul Clay For four harsh years the heart ol France was crushed under the heel of invading legions. Now once again the land whose liberty has always been so closely entwined with our own is Finding its place in the sun. What better way is there of learning to understand and appreciate our fellow re- public than to become familiar with its Adviser Miss Adele Wdldmevw tongue? Rather than the class room tech- niques, Le Cercle Francais features French movies, games, newspapers, and spealcers. The entire meeting each month is conducted exclusively in French, and il the results of members' attempts to master la belle langue are humorous . , . so much the better. Accents disappear and confidence increases with practice, and the French Club supplies that practice. Alter a year with nie cercien a member can meet Charles Boyer cn equal terms. 30 chemistr club Wm fXN 7 N4-5 X C9 J xg 0 1 ll , f I 2 P -a R b xxx i ii U no ll! 'C 1 resi ent . . . o ert oo Wort Q Vice-President . , . .Newellraslc A O Secretary. . . Elizabeth Robinson U Treasurer. . . Jack Pfeitfer I 4 4-o V W i 0 x ' f ,..- 7 c i 1 7 ' Americans lilce to lie under a few time- worn misconceptions. They lilte to teel that all professors are absent-minded and all chemistry clubs destroy their schools. The traditional write-up ol a chemistry club has to contain the word "boom" or Uexplo- sion" or at least mention shattered glass. l suppose this write-up should portray Build- ing Two as a charred foundation under a towering blaclc mushroom of smolce while Mvifef - ' -M'-John C- Hd' Mr. l"lall clings to the Flagpole outside with his eyebrows gone. Alas, this is not true. The chemistry stu- dents past and present who comprise the club perform interesting but non-explosive experiments illustrating the by-paths of science. These experiments range from the mixing of H10 Chot waterb with CO2 Ccold waterD to practical studies in the Fields of foods and plastics. 31 Commercial Club President . . Lois Cedergren Vice-President . . Anna Schiavone Secretary . . . Selma Finlclestein Treasurer . . . Anna Garofalo Girls ol Newton l-ligh School preparing lor a business career have combined educa- tion vvith pleasure in the meetings ol the Commercial Club. ln 'l946A47 the Club vvas divided into units, each ol which was responsible lor the program lor one meeting, vvith some topic interesting to business girls as the general theme. Several laculty mem- Adviser Mm Edith B, Newcomb bers gave their time to expand these themes. Miss Alden spoke on the business girl's personality and grooming, Miss Miles gave a lully-illustrated tall4 on the impor- tance ol vvell-chosen clothing and color scheme planning in dress. Points that employers emphasize in considering applications vverefstressed by Mr. Birmingham and Mrs. Johnston. The members ol the organization will gratelully remember the valuable suggestions that they have received, and long recall the climax of every yearvs Commercial Club history, the annual party in the Social Room. 39 debating 19,6 club 5 4 l f'--x til 9, 'x 0 President. . . Harold Burstyn al Secretary ....... Carol Muldoon Q 9 Treasurer ...... Marshall Schribman Chairman of Program Committee Malcolm Sherman G U m . 0 n It s alter school on a Thursday. A group S ol about twenty boys and girls gather in 1305. Four read speeches, and two others T. ,X speak extemporaneously. After the presi- dent calls for order, the attentive audience Q, C-+51 questions the speakers. Everyone seems to vvant to aslt something, and even alter the meeting is over small groups stand in the corridor discussing, arguing. Adviser . . Mr. Frederick O. Holmes To the uninitiated, all this seems like a strange sort of circus. But it is only a regu- lar meeting of the Debating Club. This organization, with the capable advice ol Mr, l'lolmes and Mr. Gallagher, tries to teach its members the fundamentals ol debating and develop their interest in discussing local, national, and international topics. The club has held debates vvith outside schools, and members have participated in outside activities, such as the American Legion Oratorical Contest. 33 '..5.i.-g--""-'mfg F8 I113 C U President. . . . Ann l-larrer Vice-President . . Betty Finnell Secretary. . . . Nancy Maher Treasurer. Kate Gregg Everybody lil4es to malce believe. Chil- dren pretend that they are grovvn, grown- ups pretend that they are young. Beside catching the high points ol youth and age, the members ol the Drama Club this year caught the dillferent shades ol personality in gym teachers, maids, school boys, reporters, llovver girls, and bell hops. ln February they presented a play ol nostalgic reminis- cence, Remember the Day, the story ol a school teacher. Earlier in the season, at vespers, they had recaptured all the tender- ness and beauty ol the Christmas story. At club try-outs members ol the club vvere chosen as the best players in the school at the universal game ol "Let's Pretend," and with Mrs. Wiens as releree they have been playing the game all year. Although the Final curtain ol the year has fallen, they may pretend to hear again the Whispered call, Hl'lurryl Youre Adviser fvlis Jenn Nl Wlerws onl 1 i 'Qi N. 1 iq . lil Li if-I ri ri Q tt ffm i 'LD-jigs? 34 drama c ub pla George Marlcen Betty Osterlund William Raleigh Elayne Robbins Herbert Hart Douglas Haven Ann Marie Cahill John Chase Kenneth McKusicl4 Selma Borenstein Patricia Morton James Henderson Harold Burstyn Judy Mitchell Barbara Learmonth Anthony Orlandella Patricia Burns Jeanne Shay Barbara Duvay Mortimer Guiney Jaclc Hoover lrma Marcus Barbara Campbell Ted Cron Charles Cahill ual va V Ng '4 SX gm WX .Q f X 'Y l Adviser . Mrs. Jean M. Wiens As much praise as is due to the cast above also is due to the members ol the publicity, business, proper- ties, scenery, candy, stage crevv, ushers, and costumes committees lor the tvvo sparkling performances ol Remember the Day. 35 drama work shop During the weeks preceding a theatrical production of Newton l-ligh School, the girls oi the Drama Club Workshop may be found behind scenes, busy with the varied and numerous duties of backstage life. Jobs backstage include painting, scenery, arrang- ing properties, spacing sets, and even Fasten- ing dovvn bannisters. During minor produc- tions the girls handle lights, scenery, and sound ettects. ln this club a girl may do a little bit ol everything, thus enlarging her experience in the staging of a production, or she may specialize in one particular Field, such as lighting, sound eifects, costumes, or make-up. This is the club lor those vvho wish to put their creative, artistic, or mechanical talents to valuable and practical use. Alter seeing the excellent stages in George Washington Slept Here, Remember the Day, and the Spring Musicale, Newton l-ligh School agrees that Mr. l7eterson's girls oi the Drama Club Workshop are an in- dispensable part ol our school community. Adviser . Mr. Charles W. Peterson 36 erman club e , R- e QQ' T ' ' X 6 Q, O - O -N 1' 'N f""x,, President. . . . Neale C. Bringhurst 'I l i 1: Q.-' I O Vice-President . . Jane Osborne Secretary. . . CarolTaber lu it O Treasurer. . Carol Bohlin Q X 0 'Qing 0 ,ia-xx ' 7' C tfff, O 7- A f,i This year the German students decided to fy T ' reorganize the Deutscher Verein which had -illllllisg T T been inactive for several years. They p F3 ' wanted to lcnovv more about the people, T customs, and culture of the country vvhose language they were studying. The pro- grams were not limited in scope and in- cluded a concert and explanation of Ger- man music by Mr. Laslcer, a tallc on Germany of today given by a veteran, Robert Read, Adviser . Mr. Kenneth G- Plckurd who had just returned from Europe, and plans for a trip to the Germanic Museum. The meetings were enjoyed by all those who participated. Wir, Nlitglieder des Deutschen Vereins, hoiien, dass es noch lange in der Zulcunlt einen Deutschen Verein in der Neustadter l-lochschule unter der Leitung des l-lerrn Paclcard geben wird. 37 glee Club , ,A-"" Ln-"""' Most peoplethinle that the word glee in the title Glee Club refers to the mirth ofthe singers. Actually it is the name ol a type ol vocal composition For three or more voices. Clubs were Formed in England in the Nine- teenth Century to sing these songs, and the clubs spread to America where Newton l-ligh's own Glee Club holds sway. Adviser Mr Wesley 5 Merritt Much olthe select vocal talent ol Newton l-ligh School may be found in this Glee Club. Although there are only seventy available places in the group, over live hundred pupils try out. This year, how- ever, due to the tremendous competition, the membership has been raised to ninety. Besides the annual Christmas Vespers, this year's accomplishments include a concert given at Jordan Hall and a guest appearance with the Boston Symphony Qrchestra in connection with the youth concert series. E H. W A Wu-a Hg! i '4 r ' f' lim ,F C4 rg ,, i,. ul ai l :S 'T 91 i .Q it '3 38 home room ff .7 If managers f f f X Xxx, mf I Q Nl X" Axif ff A Z fix f'f l 4 f V W 0 fl Q A tall boy stands before his home room and fi b starts to speak. l-lis voice grows strong and compelling, soft and coaxing, brave and M If I A X ringing. Tears of pride and emotion come A ! K " Zh f to eyes as he mentions The Team, and he ' 1111522554-4' finishes the oration with a triumphant ges- ture. The entire class rises in a body and rushes to the front of the room to buy tickets to the next big game. The salestalk of the Advise' M' Car' L Swan home room manager has once again proved successful. The fact is that few students realize how important this fellow really is. There are many extra-curricular activities that require the physical and spiritual support ofthe entire student body. It is the manager's job to act as a link between the administration and the students to secure this support. This year the home room managers have handled the sale of S. A. Tfs, Newtonites, Newtonians, and play tickets, as well as collections for the Junior Red Cross and the March of Dimes. They have been a vital factor in the success of this yearis school program. 39 sophomore girls' glee club It one pretty girl singing a happy song is delightful, what would Filty-Five pretty, singing maidens be? The answer is the Sophomore Girls' Glee Club. The mem- bers of the Sophomore Girls' Glee Club meet twice a weelc with Mr. Merritt, who leads them and on occasion contributes a very necessary baritone obligato. The climax of their activities lor this year was their participation in a February concert at Jordan l-lall in Boston. As the guests ol l.eo Litwin and his concert orchestra, they sang Younger Generation, Lullaby, and One World with the Newton l-ligh School Glee Club and Boys' Chorus. At another time Mr. Wheeler Beckett, who has directed the Boston Symphony Qrchestra, spolce to them about their membership in musical organizations. Although staccato qualms of Fear come over them at the annual time lor solos, as a rule these girls sing together freely and informally, purely lor the pleasure they derive lrom it. Adviser Mr Wesley S. Merritt junior-senior girls' chorus fx "' f pg? X00 HB1 ,s vo' 'xl x A Hg, The big sister of the Sophomore Girls, f 1 ir Chorus is the Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus A led by Mr. Lasicer. This year the one A hundred Fifty members participated aiong with other school choral groups in a guest appearance with the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and also took part in the Christ- mas Vespers, where the Junior-Senior Chorus sang a special selection of Christ- mas Carois. ln the spring this group ap- Advise' ' M" H""Y L"l"' peared in the Spring Musicaie at the high school. This chorus was outstanding for the fun it had, as well as for the quality oi the singing. Once, while recording with Mr. Merritt, a door slammed, the girls laughed, and then a Fire drill started. When the record was played baclc, aii the other sounds were there, but very little singing. Operatic voices are not required for membership, only a willingness to vvorlc, learn, and have a good time singing with others. X fx, V , Q. i N X fix ' if if slip k in iH " f!--:-Axis!-J Y N -:..' ' -L? Z 0 i f 15 Q. f V K ig. . ., i C u , 2 1.112-11'-"If' m 3 -I 0 U 0 I 'V 41 Iaeti Iatini President . . . . Margaret Allison Vice-President . Robert J. l-larris Secretary . . . Virginia Toppan Treasurer . . . . Carolyn Canlwam llwe motto ol Newton l-ligli Sclwool is 'lfxnimi Cultus l-lumanitatis Cibusf' lltat is in Latin, but to tlwe capable members ol tlwe Laeti l.atini it is an open secret. lransla- tions ol tlwis open secret, lwovvever, miglwt vary from "lVloney is tlwe root of all eviln to "All Gaul is divided into tlwree partsf' The modern Romans still toss tlwe old tongue around in tlwe murl4y deptlws oi room lQO5, and il Cicerois slwade quivers a bit, lwe smiles. .lust before winter vacation tlwe club abandons modern convention and, delving into ancient lore, prepares to celebrate tlwe Roman lioliday of tlwe Saturnalia. Within the bounds ol Fire laws and propriety, joy is unconlined. Syntax and musical lwarmony are jettisoned as twenty determined voices cliant time stirring relrain ol "Jingle Bellsn -- in l.atin. Adviser Miss Elizabeth Jewett 5 it .t ' 4 '21 4' lf. ii? .3 if f 42 library club President . . . . Barbara Lewis Vice-President . . Anne Messier Secretary . . Barbara MacNeil Treasurer . . Carol Moore The Library Club has a double interest - literature and practical service. At their meetings literary subjects and current boolcs are discussed. This year a biography party was held at which the members compiled biographies of fellow members from sen- tences clipped out of old periodicals. The prize lor the best patch-worls life story went to Elinor Wolfson. Qther unusual meetings were the trip to the Copley Theatre to see Ruth Gordon in the play, Years Ago, and the trip intovvn to the l-lorticultural Society Library and the Christian Science publishing Society Compa l- 4 ny Library. Z' Adviser , . Miss Elvaiean Hall As their contribution to the school the girls shelve books at the high school library and act as messengers between that library and the one at the junior college. Each girl is expected to give at least one hour s service a vveelc to library worlc 43 9 music club President . . . . Richard Blagbrough Vice-President . Dorothy Tibbott Secretary . . , . . Joan Nims Treasurer . . . Alice Lillegard It has been the custom of the Music Club for the past three years to invite vvell- lcnovvn personalities in the Field of music to appear at its monthly meetings. The results ol these educational and musical presenta- tions have been most encouraging inasmuch as the interest in music ol many of our stu- dents has increased immeasurably. The Club, too, has grovvn considerably and now enjoys a membership ol approximately three hundred. Practically every phase of music has been represented at these meetings. Guest per- lormers have included Nicolas Slonimslcy, Arthur Fiedler, Rudolph Elie, l.ul4as Foss, Norma Farber, Leonard Bernstein, l-larold Shapero, Robert Menga, Boris Goldovsky, and l.uise Vosgerchian. Love for music is the only requisite for membership in the club, but talent is encouraged. Several times a year the talented members are presented in instrumental and vocal concerts. Adviser . Mr. Henry Lasker 44 motion picture squad Qne of the most helpful recent Innova tions in classroom teaching is the large scale use of visual audio education devices such as motion picture projectors stereopticons, and phonographs Although Newton l-ligh School has yet to malce Full use of the possi billfi2S of this type of education, it is a leader in this Field The success oi such education at Newton High School rests largely in the hands of the Motion Picture Squad, a group of iorty four boys and two girls who carry the equip ment, set it up, and supervise its use, They Q 3 O O U 2 in Adviser llllllllluiillimllll - llllllllllllillllllllu sw 465 l , r E - C 1- , 1 U, c L .Gm Mr William L Winston . , o llllll II 1' . . . . 9 ' ' f s g t X ulllllll mul . . l . I - . Q 2 P get angry loolcs when the Film breaks, and are hardly noticed if it does not. Still it is to their quiclc, courteous, and etiicient service that we owe the Fine record of successful motion picture presentations in the school. 45 Sm' Adviser . Miss Marian Balboni newtonite business staff The Business Stahl is the driving force behind the Newtonite . . . unquote. Wed- nesday is dummy-Filling clay. The stall meets in room QTO4 to set up the dummy, argue, and help Miss Balhoni, the Chief. They arrange the lay-out of the ads on the blank blocked-off sheets called dummies. Then they spend the rest of the week wandering through the Newtons wearing out shoe leather looking for someone who is willing to buy an ad. Their eternal chant is, "After all, mister, you gotta spend money to make money." l-low they can draw up the lay- outs and then get the ads is a strictly hush-hush trade secret. Working as treasurer, auditor, accountant, cl salesman, and general nursemaid for the Finances of the Newtonite, the stall has done a hard job well. 46 newtonite During the three years that the Class oi 1947 has been reading the Newtonite, a major change has occurred in the paper. ln 'l944f45, when John 0'Brien was editor- in-chiel and Roger Mergendahl was litera- ture editor, the accent was on creative writing. The middle pages were Filled with verses and stories and prose-poems. ln 1945-46 Cdespite the prominence of lVlerg's VarietyD with Bob Hoffman as news editor, the emphasis switched to news- Carried-over feature stories olten crowded out the literature on page two and some- times even crept onto the sports page. BUY f Lit. . X go it + R? l 2. 60 Ml' : X6 N X l + - A 460499 N' ,ix f 'N' 1- A O V fs 2 -4 l : .T 2 ' g 2? ,at NK l figs s ti 'M 'f c X fb ,jg Adviser . Mr. Harry L. Walen Now that publishing the Newtonite has become a course in Journalism instead of a volunteer service, the paper has become more evenly balanced. Because the editors serve for short terms, the influences of many different students are felt. The emphasis is equally distributed among news, views, features, litera- ture, and sports, and every subscriber can Find articles there to suit his taste. 47 Adviser . Miss Edith M. Rideout SCHOLARSHIP O LEADERSHIP 0 national honor society President . . . . . Aian McAdams Vice-President . Mary Lee Carmack Secretary . . Richard Blagbrough Treasurer ....... Marion Quinn SERVICE 0 CHARACTER 48 newtonian By this time you have seen hall ol the boolc. We hope parts have struck your fancy, lor it was designed for you, the pupils and teachers ol Newton l-ligh School. lr has an even deeper meaning, though, for those of us pictured below. We are the people who First saw the Newtonian as only a theme and worlced to make it a Finished volume. The crisp new pages which you hold now we lcnew as pencilled blanlcs with wavy lines for write-ups and cryptic nu- merals lor photographs. There are others who should be in this 5, MONEy X 9 if fp! 'X' ,jf f' A. X Nh!! xi 'x X 0, X f, ,X l xx , fl ' W XXX .-" X A X v Z X . fifii ' ' g QV, 1 X X., l V 'Ry X , I 4 nl , 5 1 Lx ' -If. O Xl -,,X , o Q X tN,x X l li lx' X O i 'Vp X I Adviser . Mr. Sterling L. Williams picture - the club sponsors, the advertisers, the printers, engravers, photographers, and faculty advisers who patiently waited and aided as the stall made its decisions. It is your boolc to enjoy, but it also be longs to the people who are pictured below, who brought it into the world. 49 neophytes President . . . Eugene Fredey Vicerpresident . . . James Queenan Secretary . , Dorothy Ofallahan Treasurer . . . Ruth Freedman perennially a popular organization, the Neophytes had an enormous membership this year. The members ol this seasons sophomore drama club were split into four groups lor giving plays at various meetings, Besides these four plays lor members alone, the play Hlhe Ring and the Look" was given before the rest of the sophomore class in a Adme, Miss Aim Sanguinmti March assembly. Qther programs included charades and one-act plays. Although few people other than the members of their own class had a chance to see and hear the Neophytes this year, they have a right to be proud of their talents. During the next two years graduates ol this club will be utilizing their training obtained in the Neophytes in parts in the Senior Play, Drama Club Play, and other school activities which require poise and confidence on the stage, as well as genuine dramatic ability. i ii xi X il 3 Bi i if I H , .i fl 1 i' N I1 3 - 1 'ri N J! etwgi 3 if gi if vt 21 3 il gi ii 53 orchestra Up in room 9312 on Monday Wednes day, and Friday S-Blocks during the past year, the members ol the Newton l-ligh School Orchestra have met with Mr Remley to study, rehearse, and enjoy good music. This year the orchestra has rapidly approached symphonic proportions, with the string section enlarged appreciably ln addition the Crchestra boasts the posses sion ol a French horn quartet, a bass clari net an oboe and a bassoon -all unusual in high school orchestras in these parts The group appeared in public at the Z 6 ',.,f .1-ij X 4 ef' X X 04 ,6 tray 5 g ,f 9 A Z Q ' 2 0 "l 0 v 7' , 0 I Adviser Mr James H Remley - 1 L I - 1 I I Drama Club Play, the Senior play, various assemblies, and at Commencement. When Mr. Remley was not conducting, the group was under the leadership ol Ernest Goldberg, the concertmaster. Among the Crchestra's repertoire this season were Beethoven's First Symphony, lVlussorgslcy's Pictures at an Exhibr tion, and selections from Victor l-lerbert and Sigmund Romberg. '51 orange book Editor-in-Chief . . Arnold Grade Assistant Editor . . . Martha Palmer Business Editor . , . Donald Eldredge Assistant Business Editor . Allan Schaffer They used to say that a boy's best Friend is his mother, but a sophomores best friend is his Orange Book. From the Constitution ot the Associates to the location of the tele- phone booth in Building lhree everything a pupil has to lcnovv to survive in Newton l'ligh School appears between the small Faculty Advise, g Q Cdroline M- Doonan orange covers of this little handboolc. Assistant Advise, , , n Ethel Ham The highly necessary but not often pub- licized vvorle of preparing this bool: is clone by the statt of juniors in the spring, and an intensive selling campaign lollovvs in the fall. Qtticial authority and guide, the Orange Boolr is the Whos Who and Whats What ol our school, Every aspect ol school information from sports' scores to teachers' homeroom numbers appears somevvhere in the Orange Boolr pages. It is a "must" for sophomores, a "should" lor juniors. ig We 'ir i 'R' E ' f ,lily outing club President . . . Nancy Maher Vice-President , . Gloria Harber Secretary . . Celeste Lombardi Treasurer . . Gretchen Ferris Most groups like to plan big programs, talk about them, and think how wonderful it would be if the group ever carried out the plans. The Outing Club goes right ahead and does things. ln this group the accent is on action. This year the program took in almost every interest from sports to music, including ice skating, tobogganing, roller skating, bowling, Fishing, hiking, bicycle riding, canoeing, horseback riding, and trips to the lce Follies, the Sportsman Show, a concert, a professional hockey game, a movie, and an amusement park. A hayride and a cookout were squeezed in somewhere. t S,JXX , '33, 7 Fa Adviser . . Miss Joyce B. Tyson Despite this busy schedule, the club found time during the year to co-operate with the Girls' Leader Corps in promoting school interests. The girls in this club are on their toes, alert, energetic, eager to go places and see what's what. 53 X personalit club President . . . . Mary Mayer Vice-President , . Mary Sweeney Secretary . . . . Mary Whalen Treasurer , . Dorothy Sweeney Lady truclc drivers and lemale commandos may have been very useful in wartime, but in the postwar world, the accent is on charm. lo help Newton l-ligh School girls malce the most ol their natural attractiveness and femininity is the aim ol the Personality Club. ln this group, girls from all three classes learn more about acquiring poise, good manners, sell-assurance, and good grooming. Adviser MBS Marv L- Wafeff Special features this year were inlorma- tive tallcs on clothes, color, and design by experts in these Fields. Among the speak- ers was Mrs. Alpert ol the well-lcnown Academie Moderne ol Boston. At the year's end the girls toolc personality rating tests to show how lmuch theyhad gained lromthe club. Although not guaranteeing to turn out Claudette Colberts, the group does help to add charm and grace to Newton High School girls. ..+, I , l fi l 1 I H puppeteers President . . . . Joseph Colella Vice-President . Judy Schlesinger Secretary . . . Robert Gregory Treasurer . . Johanna Sandman ln the days ol sorcerers and Black Magic there was one particular form ol revenge that appealed to the hearts of ballad- writers and minstrels. A witch would fashion a statuette in the image of an enemy, and, muttering wierd incantations, would priclc the doll with pins. The poor enemy would feel the pin priclcs as il they were sword thrusts. The modern Puppeteers are benevolent sorcerers. Their aim is to delight their friends rather than pain their enemies. Much lilce the witches of ancient times, they A 0 0 7 .iq Q,f x! NT QP A, 'D Adviser Miss Alice J. Kennedy malce their Figures out of bits of wood and clothe them in scraps of cloth. To further the enjoyment of all Cincluding the puppetsb they provide the wooden world with scenery, homes, and lurniture. This year in Peter and the Wolf the puppeteers brought joy to the hearts ol many with their wonderful White Magic. Adviser Mr. George C. Bat! radio club A few years ago a Saturday Evening Post cover showed a young man with a screw- driver in his right hand, and a frantic expres- sion on his face, loolcing at a clocl4 whose hands read tive minutes of two. Near him, on a table, beside a newspaper clipping showing that the First World Series game started at two o'cloclc, was his radio, the back ott, with the various tubes, condensers and wiring scattered about. That lad should have joined the Radio Club. Understanding the technical aspects of the radio world is the Newton l-ligh School Radio Clubs strong point. lts meetings are held twice a month at which times the members have oppor- tunities to use the excellent facilities of the Trade School Radio Department. During the past year the members constructed their own radio receivers, sound amplifiers, and transmit- ters ln the program was included a study of related radio theory. 56 senior pla ,sf X Harold Burstyn Pat Morton David Briggs Katherine Babcock Barbara Salinger Jean Griffin Nancy l-lorn Barbara Batchelder Barbara Campbell William Angevine Jane Amidon Charles Regan Alan Grover James Henderson James Bonnar Richard,McGraw Allan Schaffer o 'Wig -1551 H U3 3 x Qiiillllll 1 X65 E E E f-6+ Adviser . Miss Helen Sweeney Poor Newton Fuller was besieged by both locusts and visitors in his ramshaclcle, waterless, money. eating Pennsylvania mansion. l-le fought a losing battle with the world, but a winning one with the audience, which alternately sympathized and howled throughout the two smash performances. 57 social room I Marcia Cunningham Social Board Members . y William Starkweather L Burton Pike The Social Rooml Where else in the maze of Newton l-ligh School can a weary stu- dent munch a chocolate bar, read LIFE, escape from the spectre of homeworlc, and listen to Dizzy Gillespie at the same time? The chairs are soft and comfortable. ln- stead of equations or dates, the walls bear murals, wonderful to behold, butdifficult to describe. There a tired pupil can chew his gum in peace. Each morning and on three afternoons a weelc the room was under the direction of a student host and hostess who sold candy, ran the record-changer, lcept the place tidy, and even supplied you with a fourth at bridge. It was these people who quietly did the hard, unnoticed worlc that made your Social Room what it was, Comfort Unlimited. Adviser . Miss Margaret South 58 -SX f as N XX social NX ' 4 studies club President. , , . . . Jean Lyons f :R ai? Q sr :X in -, , L 4 xx Y 0 . I: x , 1 M ' D V X Vice-President . . . . Barbara Dion H V i , Secretary . . , Gretchen Meisenbach 3 2752. Q Treasurer . . .,.. Joan Doyle 4 Q O 0 Q ff x 32-N153 11 . . i ry' " OP. Daily the headlines blare forth strange f j and confusing announcements of war in ixf China, elections in France, or disputes in M the Supreme Court. The harried reader is apt to glance for a moment, sigh, and then escape to the seclusion ol the comics. Qnce A a month, however, a group of hardy young students gathers in Room 'l'lOQ to thrash out these problems. At some meetings spealcers bring information, at others, students, but either way the debating is sure to be furious until either darkness or the janitor stitles it. An additional activity this year has been a correspondence with other students in foreign countries. Although the late ol the world may not be decided in one afternoon, this group of growing citizens is certainly becoming acquainted with the world in which they live. Adviser . Mr. Forrest F. Paige 59 Adviser . Mr. Henry Lasker great deal of their time practicing for the Memorial Day Exe sophomore girls' chorus Uniilce the Giee Club, the Sophomore Girls' Chorus does not require special talent or experience, but only enthusiasm lor group singing. The giris meet Mondays and Fridays during S-Block in room 1305. The chorus is divided into three groups-First Sopranos, second sopranos, and aitos. The organization is ably directed by Mr. Lasicer vvhose purpose is to develop their voices lor the more advanced selections of the Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus. The songs chosen are chieliy in the light-classical and popular groups. This year the girls spent a rcises at which they gave an admirable per- formance. At the end oi each year a solo recital is required ol each girl to see whether she has earned her credit for the season's vvorlc. The girls thoroughly enjoy their musical get-togethers. 60 spanish club President. . . . . l-lildaCohen Vice-President , Mary Lee Carmack Secretary . . . . Marilyn Welch Treasurer . . Ruth Whitcomb Much more than just the tango, the rumba, and the famous coffee bean has been trans- ported into the United States from across the Rio Grande. Une of the most popular South American contributions is Newton l-ligh School's Spanish Club. The senors and senoritas from Massachusetts have suc- ceeded nobly during the past ten months in persuading Latin blood to Flow through their Anglo-Saxon veins. The club was especially fortunate this year in obtaining several spealcers who have lived in South America and now attend this S 'Q 5 f . 0 4 AY' te 6 S D ' I AQ N, 0 id! X 3 ik I.. X 6 X Q -J Adviser . . Mr. Francesco C. Argento ience and vitality to the clubis program. All meetings were conducted in Spanish Cto the dismay of the club secretary vvho had to record them? and were supervised school. Their talks added variety of exper by Chiquita Bananais boy friend, Mr. Argento. 61 1, ii ., sprin ' musicals- Qn Friday afternoon, April ii, and Saturday evening, April 'lQ, the Newton 5 High School pupils gave their annual 5 c ' ur I ig, it musicale. The band opened the stirring i concert with several waltzes and marching songs. This was followed by One Half Hour or' Charm presented by the Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus and directed by Mr. l-lenry Lasker. Next the great choruses of the Philistines were sung by the combined glee clubs. Under the direction of Mr. Wesley Merritt, part of the music from St. Saen's Samson and Delilah was presented without scenery or costumes. This opera, having so little action on the stage, admirably lent itself to presentation in oratorio form. Jean Falconer was the soloist in the role ol Delilah and James Henderson was narrator. This concert was a great tribute to the excellent music department ol Newton l'ligh School. CQ stage crew 64 9 re' Chairman . . Richard Miller "E" o C They are racing against time, they cannot make a loud sound, they cannot make a mis- take. An entire background setting has to be dismantled, removed, stored in previously prepared positions, and replaced by a new background before the play can continue. When the curtain goes up, the living-room, with all its doors, stairways, walls, and win- Clows, is SOHC, dncl a modest schoolroom Adviser . Mr. Charles W. Peterson remains. Qnce again the Stage Crew has come throughfunder pressure. Besides moving the background pieces, this group handles the lighting, produces the sound effects, and covers up in an emergency, such as when a ring dropped by the heroine rolls into the orchestra. Clhe Stage Crew tossed her another ring, unseen by the audiencej The next time you see the heroinefrace across the room in response to a ringing doorbell, forget the heroine for a moment, and think ol the group of boys who, unseen and unnoticed by the audience, rang that bell, made the room that the heroine paces, and loaned the hero the tie that he wears so well. 6? varsity club Even in the warmest part of June, when T-shirts and rolled-up sleeves abound, a certain sturdy race of Newton l-ligh School boys still stroll the wallcs in woolen black or white sweaters. These are the members of the Varsity Club. The Varsity Club, composed! of fall the Varsity letter winners in the school, tries to bring about better school spirit,l to establish a higher code of sportsmanship, and to foster a better understanding of athletics in Newton l-ligh School. ,The organization gives an opportunityf for the letter-winners to meet on Thursday afternoons and discuss sports, rules, and school problems. Although meetings are not too regular because of practice, the club serves as a sort oi brotherhood ,in'which the outstanding athletes of the school are banded. Adviser Mr. E. Victor Knapman 64 tusitala President . . . Anne Monzert Vice-President . . . Patti Blake Secretary . . . Robert J. Harris Treasurer . . . Leslie Wilson This gynecocracy, presided over by Anne Monzert, is not the place for sullerers from aphasia, for those who practice literaryism or euphuism, or for vvriterlings. Qnly literarians, who can handle a prosopopoeia, calumniate and depreciate in a literesque fashion, and follow the aphorisms of good literature, may install themselves inside the barbican ol the Samuel Thurber Room. Nor is this conversazione the place for the pusil- lanimous to read his protocol with a prole- gomenous pronunciamento as to why it is soporilic, lor there is no comperendination '0 o XJQAXSE' vo all 37 4 b i T7 " if 4 1 MAJ' I I g s A 5 N A r ' Ili T In HH. r ' X nn" ,H I 7 X I I . 4 ' K 'if-.i !':"'3"!m if- 4l...Jil'i Q5 1 Adviser . . Mr. T. Jerome Cutting in the animadversion ol the memhral creations. Some of these apocryphal and chimeric writings are epigrammatic, their apogees ordinarily cataclysmic. Controversalists may carry on extemporized diatribes on circumlocutory or rococo language. 65 english club President , . . . Marion Quinn Vice-President . . Jean Hurley Secretary . . . Elinor Wolfson Treasurer . . Marjorie Mischel What is the oldest club in the school and certainly one oi the contestants for title of Hhflost Enioyablen? "Ask me anotherf' say those juniors and seniors who have been members of the English Club. ln a group distinguished for its programs it is hard to select the year's outstanding accomplish- ment. lo some members it might be On Approval, the teachers' play reading, to others it mightbe the unusual assembly or the Winter excursion. The speakers, too, would be recalled with pleasure. Among these were the three members of the Sym- posium on Writing, Bill Cunningham, who told oi his War experiences, Miss l'lall, who spoke about the library, and Mr. Rinker, vvho'started the year by reading aloud to the club. All members will look back with satislaction upon the year's culmination, the spring outing to Concord. Adviser . Miss lrene Hawortl' g I 66 our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives . 'lime of our lives . lime ol our lives . time of our lives . lime o 67 ir lives . lime of our lives . Time of our lives . lime o f our iivea . 'rimc f 1 1, 3 5 5 veterans First Row: Charles Schwer, Fred Perkins, Jerry Kane, John Bolinger, Samuel Blanchard, Art Mann, Frederick Spring, John Walsh, Mr. Enoch, Allan MacCormack, Robert Harlow, Norman Herendeen, Donald Boylan, Leslie Mayer, John Mitchell, Eric Wahlman. Second Row: John Cetrone, Kenneth Morrell, Carlton Sewick, William Barard, Don Mahoney, Jim Murphy, Walter Drew, Joe Costa, Melvin Fried, Bill Hoops, Jay Conde, Bill Mullen, Charles Hopkinson, Donald Evans, AI Evans, Robert Fisher. Third Row: Larry Segreve, Robert Lee, Alan Maclntire, George Brewer, Robert Perry, Richard Duffy, Joseph Flanagan, Nicholas Mastroianni, Jerome Gentile, Richard Ginswold, John McLaughlin, Donald Gaw, Francis Duffy, Harvey Segal, Gim Fong, Lawrence Manning, Jim Spikes, Basil Woods. Fourth Row: Richard Van Wart, Ed Herrick, Joseph Capodilupo, Tommy Monahan, Tom Keohane, Richard Arnold, Michael Antonellis, Daniel Gentilucci, Richard MacDougall, Wally Green, Stirling Taylor, Bert Ellison, Arthur Little, Edward Clancy. Fifth Row: John Hughes, Hugh McOuaide, Herbert Larson, George Gino, Fiske Brown, Marshall Hodgkins, Tom Kain, Tom Ryan, Wayne Rogers, Paul Postar, Bob Peterson, John Tracey, Anthony Lombardo, Joe Bonica, Donald Layaou, James Quigley. Sixth Row: Bob Mowan, Jake Bruce, Leo Buckley, Art Bilezikian, Charles Fagan, Robert Hassett, Ralph Edwards, Richard Cronin, Donald King, Clifford Brewer, Curt Mosher, Art Read, Dick Bourne, Phil Jacobs. Seventh Row: Bob Morrell, Hugh Flanders, Frank Perkins, Robert Gilmore, Ralph McCarthy, Ken McCarthy, Rodney Eaton, Walter Pitt, Peter Manville, Arthur Carlson, George Person, Ray Henderson, David Brown. 70 WU' Ea .49 of our lives . lime ol our lives lime of our lives . lime sl our lives . lime ol our llvcs . lime of our lives . lime o 71 r l 1 FOOTBALL ' veterans ' HOCKEY BASKETBALL V sports Talcing an increasingly large part in school life, the veterans have launched an athletic program this year. With the cooperation ofthe school authorities and the Physical Education Department, they succeeded in having a good First year. The football team played no outside games. However, since several veterans had played on school football teams in the past, they lcnew what lcind of tactics the Newton Varsity might meet. The veteran team helped train the Tigers by running plays of the Quincy, Waltham, and Broolcline ottenses with them. As ends were Diclc Bourne, Bob Morrell, Ken Morrell, and Ralph Edwards, at taclcle were John Walsh, Fred Simpleins, Jim Murphy, Hank Brady, and Leo Buclcley. The two guards were Jake Lander and Diclc Hurter, Jake Bruce was center, and the baclcfield men were Phil Walsh, Johnny Hughes, Ray Henderson, George Gino, Fran Perry, and Eddie Merrill. Given the opportunity, this team could have done well in competition. As it was, the vets were a great help to the varsity. The veterans' hoclcey club laclced only one thing --ice. When there was enough of the cold and glassy stuif on the ponds, however, the team did quite well. The big victory of the season was the win over Broolcline. Those participating were Norm Herendeen, Johnny Hughes, Ray Henderson, John Mitchell, Dave Beatty, George Gino, Jalce Lander, Jake Bruce, Fran Perry, Hanlc Gleary, Jim Murphy, Bill Hannan, Jay Condo, Don Handy, and Bill Kaiser. The veterans' baslcetball team played a complete schedule and made a good record. The squad was made up of Former Newton Hoopsters, who have spent one to Four years in the service since former school days. Reggie Smith coached the boys: Johnny Hughes, Bill Hansen, Chet Nightengale, Joe Murphy, Paul Phalen, Phil Jassett, Phil Walsh, George Gino, Bob Perry, Joe Gilmore, Ross Humphrey, and Eddie Merrill. Norm Herendeen was manager. 73 our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives of our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives . 'lime of our lives . lime of our lives . Hme of our lives . lime o 76 our lives . lime of our lives . +ime of our lives . Hme of our lives . Hme of our lives . 'rlme of our lives .lime of o 77 I s r I 5 I I JOAN BURNETT Carol Hockridge 3 5 I lit. V I ll lil IDEAL ateens BARBARA VAN GORDER VIOLET SHARPE JOAN ALEXANDER BETTY SWENSON Joan Burnett Eileen Murphy Barbara Van Gorder Betty Morgan F5 3 ' 3 l K? 6 I I X 1' f ' ,. is ll MOST POPULAR BEST SENSE FRIENDLIEST MOST ATHLETIC I OF HUMOR 4 m if BILL FITZPATRICK JOHN LUCIER DOUGLAS DUFF BOB PETTYS DICK SCHLILTZ John Lucier Bill Fitzpatrick Pinky Higgins Bill Fitzpatrick Bill Fitzpatrick l 78 of our time e LOIS MACDOWELL BARBARA MACNEIL PEGGY PRENDERGAST CELESTE LOMBARDI MARY LOU LYON Barbara MacNeil Joan Tilton Maxine Nichols Joan l-lubley Celeste Lombardi nw .Q 5 FD , Q X X 4 E G ' f 7 . 1 f L A ,al 1 Q l Xi L 9 L ll C.: Q J IDEAL MOST POPULAR BEST SENSE FRIENDLIEST MOST ATHLETIC OF HUMOR CAHILL TONY ORLANDELLA TED CRON DAN KEEFE DON FITZPATRICK Dan Keefe Dan Keele Tony Orlandella Tony Orlandella Don Collins xxk 79 JANE HYDE CONNIE FITZGERALD CAROLYN LINDOUIST Connie Fitz5eraId May Grace Norris Lorraine Charlier Nulgx 'R , I lf I ' ' L 4 I wx QPR gp I IIA IDEAL MOST POPULAR BEST SENSE OF HUMOR . If :ZZ II?"f,e fif ,,'E ' ' H ,,,.M,Q ' I j 'K NEAL CRAMPTON PETE CONNOLLY BILL RALEIGH Don HaiIer George WeIes James Henderson 80 senior teens POLLY OUILTY GLORIA HARBER Carolyn Lindquist Nancy Maher J , .F Y 5 AQ I cf 6 Q ' I I Q FRIENDLIEST MOST ATHLETIC ' X, A lqbv Iv my K I A.r JAMES HENDERSON GEORGE WALES Travis Nutting Pete Connolly of our time fY if I 'iilij' 't A . wg Q M' X M L, I N, as 'S 393 , K gf , R X A . , ., T A I .,k- iiaiirig MARY GRACE NORRIS JOANNE COFFIN NANCY MAHER MARTHA PALMER JEAN MAINTAIN Patti Blake Rena McAfee Martha Palmer Patti Blake Joanne Coffin Q ,Q 5 IQ' A if 71153 '-1' I - X i , K I J I I K I, of Q 'QQ Gage: I D L1 'V "" MOST VERSATILE BEST LOOKING BEST SCHOOL MOST LIKELY BEST GROOMED SPIRITED TO SUCCEED DON HAILER John Cousens BURTON WOODWARD Travis Nutting aai A A DON COX MARTIN KARPLUS TRAVIS NUTTING James Henderson Don Cox Don Hailer 81 will and We, the seniors of Newton High School, on this seventh day of June in the year 'l947, being of unsound mind but sounder body do make and devise this, our last Will and Testament. We do hereby nullify and make void all previous testaments. . To Mr. Green, Mr. Drake, and the members of the faculty: - Qur heartfelt thanks for three, memorable years, and most of the credit for our future success. . To Mr. Sterling Williams and Mr. Bissex: y A bigger, better Newtonian, a less obstinate staff, and the 'I947 staff s appreciation for your thoughtful guidance and service. . Various general and specific bequests: To Miss Flora Smith -a new, 'l947 Studebaker. We hope, before the Ford falls apart. To the class of '48 Cexcept Bob Rich, Wayne Abells, and Rod Jenningsl the added inches necessary to increase their stature to that of full-fledged seniors. To all - the drafty rooms in our favorite firetrap, Building I, and the bright little sayings we Cand our predecessorsl have carved into study hall desks. To the class of '49 - one bottle of yeast tablets that you may rise to the occasion of being juniors. To the prospective varsity ends of '47 we leave the snaring ability of those two human fishnets, Sandy Wiper and Bob Macconnell. Patty Joyce and Gertrude Clark pass on their beauty crowns to Lois MacDoweIl'and Joan Fanning. For passing enthusiasts of the coming eleven -Doc Simmons is holding in storage all muscles and ligaments so neatly Csltrained by George Wales, John Lucier, Don Collins, and Monk Brimblecom. Joe Carver, of the '47 basketball squad, leaves the adhesive off his taped legs to Smitty, with pleasure. To some lucky college hockey team we leave Burton Woodward, an outstanding goalie. To Norman Paterson -a brilliant future in the art world. He leaves his piano, french horn, three trumpets, and the music he composed at the age of seven to Henry Lasker, along with many "king-sized" posters. - We leave Mr. Cutting in his strawberry patch eating pickles. To the school's basketball squad -more swishers like those so ably produced by Lee Gogan and Jim Tuttle. To Miss South- a history class that understands her blankety blanks. Also, our admira- tion for her extraordinary ability to dictate notes and mark report cards at the same time. To Mr. Hall -the respectful suggestion that he find something else to pick on besides that "cow plodding through life." To frightened students seeking guidance -Miss Finnertyls cheerful grin and her friendly faculty, for remembering names, AND, to the more rugged -Miss Rileys businessllke Who s next? ' To all the girls - permission to stop, stare, and whistle when Messrs. Barry, Remley, and Goodell saunter by. To Miss Cotton's future Latin classes - her favorite adage "two and two make twenty-two as well as four." To Dr. Land we leave more horrible examples of "the rising generation." To the Debating Club of '48 -we leave a great logical mind, Mr. Heintzelman. He'll take you all on at once. To the next Senior play Cast - another production as successful as UGeorge Washington Slept Here", Miss Sweeney's vivacity tireless energy, and able direction, and last, but not least, the talents of Pat Morton, Bill Angevine, Barbara Campbell, Jimmy Bonnar, etc. "Beany" McAdams leaves his appendix to anyone who wants to miss two weeks of school. Bill Starkweather and Marcia Cunningham leave,slamming the Social Room door. For the next Newton tackles to take to the gridiron - Jack Sharkey leaves the stones from his private wall. To the well-chosen football captain for 'l947, Don Fitzpatrick - Pete Connelly leaves a chance to match his capable leadership in '46. 82 esta ment Travis Nutting and Bill Henderson leave their fleeting cleats to the incoming baclcfield. Bobby Raitto refuses to leave her up-to-the-minute hairdos. To the school in general- more distinct room numbers so you won't have to fumble around as we did, trying to locate classes, a higher speed limit or more time between periods, and a longer lunch period and, consequently, less indigestion. To tardy pupils in Building Qne - Mr. fosterfs pained lool4 when a mob comes charging into the office for late slips. "Blitzie', Lindquist leaves her extensive and varied collection of jolces, and marvelous sense of humor to Violet Sharpe, a slap-happy sophomore. The Halewood girls leave their teachers still in confusion. Let's see, the brunette is Barbara and the blonde is Dorothy. No, it's the other way around, or is it? Those of the Senior Class haunted by blue cards and detentions leave as fast as they can. To all the teachers on the third floor of Building Two we leave a nice, quiet, boiler factory to which they can retreat after coping with the band on one side, the organ on the other, the orchestra beneath, and the blowers on the roof above and around their classrooms. To future bands - we leave wonderful Mr. Merritt and his triclcy football stunts. Keep up the good worlt, Wesley. To Tusitala - we hope you will discover some more male geniuses. To Mr. Argento -a message. We must tell you that we get a big ldclc out of your an- noyed query, "What should be?" and the way you instinctively lcnow which pupils haven't done what homeworlc Boy, what a talent - until it's us. Joe Sullivan leaves his fighting spirit to any Junior who wants to rave on. Carol Ann Spiller leaves her marvelous guessin ability to guess who? l-low do you always manage to be absent when a test comes, Spill? Gretchen Ferris leaves her waclciness to us all - we'll never forget it. Nancy Maher leaves her athletic fervor to Mary Lou Lyon, who has enough of her own. Liz Robinson, Wayne and Del Abells, and Ruth Whitcomb leave a little worn spot on the corner of Elm Road and Walnut Street. To another hardy couple - Ginny Woodman and Tom West leave the ribbing they have endured in three shared homerooms. Allen Gardner, the "Mad Drummer," leaves us the memory of flopping, blond hair over fast-moving clrumsticks. We present Harold Burstyn with a megaphone, just because he cloesn't need one. To the next president of the Music Club - Diclc Blagbrough hastily leaves two hundred giggling girl-members. As Hthe girl with the winning ways,,' we nominate gentle, sincere Joan Stern, but Cathy Carter runs a close second. , Robert Woolworth leaves the dust he raised, whizzing between classes. We leave Dean Robinson, Paul Wiggin, l'lerman Norton, Milton Heath, and Bob Grip to their own devilish ideas. 'l'hat's a fate worse than deathl Billy Fitzpatriclc, Diclc Cain, and Buddy Keefe leave their sparltling performances in the hoclcey rinlc as an object lesson to future Tigers. Bill and Ed Whitney leave, still insisting to teachers that Uwe are twinsln We bequeath Gudrun Robinson some engraved calling-cards to pass out, so people will spell her name correctly. We hate to leave those cafeteria Ubrowniesf' Who wouldnt? ln general, we leave with a desire for fewer school days, less homeworlc, and more social activities. But, in spite of the gripes herein, we've had "The Time of Qur Lives." Signed, published, and declared in the presence ofthe following witnesses. Ruth Whitcomb, Class Attorney Associates: Edward Whitney, Louise Pope, Bette Ann Murphy, Delmont Abells, Elizabeth Robinson 83 ,X e of our lives . lime of our lives , lime of our lives . +ime of our lives ' school AMERICAN GIRL HARPER'S BAZAAR SD Marion Quinn Joyce Jones NA X691 N iz Q - . Y X Q Lx Q ' 3:3 2 WOMAN'S HOME COMPANION JUNIOR BAZAAR HOLIDAY PAGEANT Barbara Helewood Connie Fitzgerald Raemah Gooley Barbara Bzrgquist 84 belles MADEMOISELLE LADIES HOME JOURNAL Priscilla Nagell ff? fi ,f 'CNE li i ii CHARM VOGUE V , .W-W. ,m f .. l-f.' ' A , Y as A ,. E' ii 5 'AAA E i ' fz' E Q 'K zz 1, :.,: f ,rg sxuih ,,V. 2 S ' A' ,.,, 73 yi ' M ' Mm i 53 S5 A A A Q ., u f , G- ls Joan Swartz Patti Blake Rene McAfee A-L Q Q Q 1 GLAMOUR DEB , , ' is ,g . me-'R V ii , A xi my ij i if 2 Barbara Batclseldzr Pat Morrison N E lime of our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives . 'lime of our 85 FOOTBALL Pete Connolly BASKETBALL Monk Brimblecom Joe Carver 86 sports SHOT-PUT Kirby Keller kings , . -. K lv . f, ag 3 if ff 2 'W w,L ft 5 ff' 5 ff fi l .,-. V-,, BASEBALL Travis Nutting 1 2 5 TENNIS Bud Randle I HOCKEY George Wales TRACK Alan McAdams 87 J 5' . NEWTUN Pm Q I h swf' If' Wu wi .,v11affffw1f"f' M ' , ,137 'A' 4 q. ftwm-f ',, 3 ' ,tf vii, '- ma j I fm ! Q 'vt ' L 2.' u . V ..,. X 3.1 E Q, 'ic ,..M,,i 2 ri J. 1' 2 ri W L K 513 i Q t XY' ' x X Y fi'-ff 2 , M , i Q Q """" xi our lives . lime ol: our lives . lime ol our lives . 'rime of our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives , lime of o 89 me of our lives . Hme of our lives . fime of our Hves 'WE 404 ue of our lives . Jrime ol our lives . limo of our lives . lime of our lives . Mme ol our lives . lime ol our lives . lives 92 R -5-F.. H V, M . I ' . , iv-wh.. , iii our lives . lime of our lives . lime of our lives . lime ol our lives . lime of our lives . lime ol our lives . ol our Ii Q3 baseball Newton l-ligh Schools Baseball Team showed championship Form in winning its First three games by scores of 'l9-l2, 'l7-3' and 4-O, Captain Travis Nutting, lead-oll batter and dependable outfielder, Jim Keele, star pitcher who last year had a record ol six wins and two losses, plus other letter winners such as George Wales, John Cousens, and Bob fVlacConnel - Form the nucleus ol this year's squad. With the addition ol experienced lower squad letter winners the Newton Nine should prove hard to beat. As this is JeHfJones's last year as coach ol the Newton High School Baseball men, we are glad that the team has presented him with victory alter victory and so has shown their appreciation lor his many years ol service to the school. Coach , . Mr. Jones vwnaag, 94 basketball With Coach Beverly Wilson bacl4 at the helm alter a leave of absence with the armed forces, the 1946-'I947 edition ol the Orange and Blaclc baslcetball team rolled to lour straight victories before being toppled Q5aQ'l by arch-rival Waltham. ln the next live games the team sullered tvvo losses, the first at the hands of a strong Cambridge quintet and the second to a small, but de- C h U f Mr. Wilison termined Rindge Tech squad. Nevvton's ' high scoring Rod Jennings was at his best, tossing in Q6 points to lead both teams in scoring. Qur hoopsters shovved champion- ship lorm by upsetting the high-riding Waltham team and then avenging a previous set-baclt by pinning a 40-36 defeat on Cambridge Latin. Constant high scorers for the Grange and Blaclc were rangy Rod Jennings and lilcable Joe Carver baclc on the team alter a yearis absence vvith a lcnee injury. prospects for next year are good with three First stringers returning to lead the 1947-1948 squad. ou es I Mr. Smith l 95 Mr. E. Victor Knapman gaqngs Mr, William E. Conners Mr. Howard L. Ferguson The season's high spots were the victory over Belmont a football Newton f'ligh Schoolls football squad, though not successful as far as the seasonls record is concerned, achieved a far greater victory, that of good sportsmanship and in- domitable spirit. The mere fact that the team could come back a vveelt after a dis- heartening defeat and give its all before the thousands of faithful Newton rooters the following Saturday proves its mettle. This was clearly illustrated in the Thanksgiving Day game when our Newton men held the Red and Blue to a single touchdown in the first half before they succumbed to the vastly superior Broolcline juggernaut. nd the near upset of the powerful Broclcton eleven, both of which featured George Wales's passing, Bob lVlacConnell's receiving and Captain Peter Connelly's plunging. No one will forget Bill l-lenderson's last minute interception at Belmont. 96 golf The 1947 edition of the Newton l-ligh Golf team was Featured by the return of three of last year's squad. Leading the group of 'ireturneesn was Captain-elect Diclc Crosby, dependable scorer in 1946, and state champion in last summer's Albermarle CJuniorD Tournament. Also returning were Bob Keele and Ernie Carlson, letter men, who proved their ability last year. These three Juniors were consistent scorers last spring and have paced this yearls club to an impressive fairway record. Mr. l'lall has replaced Mr. Walters as head coach this year, and we lcnow he wil teams at Newton l-ligh. Coach . Mr, Hell l help all future squads to continue the tradition ol Fine golf 97 hockey paced by high-scorer Danny "Solo" Keefe, the 1947 pucksters played a fluctuating schedule, to finally end in the third slot in the Greater Boston lnterscholastic League M N standings. All of the games were exciting, W ' with much speedy attack and skillful de- fense displayed by the Orange and Black six. The season had its memorable mo- ments, and the Medford match will long be Coaches Mr. T. Jerome Cutting remembered for the crafty hat trick of Buddy Ml' J' C' Hall Keefe. Cain, Sharkey and Woodward teamed up to keep the puck pretty much where it belonged. Newton's fast-skating lines really kept the opposing defense on its toes. All in all, Newton can call its l947 season highly successful, despite a few, scattered, heart-breaking defeats. The future looks very bright for 1948, with some of the best players returning, Mr. C. Evan Johnson 98 indoor track ,,5::1Wfff Despite ineligibilities and injuries, coaches Consodine, Boyle, and Gallagher developed a team which, though not even considered a threat at the beginning ol the season, placed third in the Northeastern lnterscholastic Meet and was runner up in the thirtieth annual State Meet. ln dual competition Newton sutlered its annual defeat by Malden, handlly whipped Lowell Coaches I Egrigdine and Medford, and ended its regular sched- Mr. Gallagher ule by sweeping the Brookline Meet from its over-confident opponents by a large margin,thus upholding Newton's reputation as a power in tracl4 circles. State Meet scorers included co-champion peter Connelly plus Myron Thayer in the shot put, l-loward Clark and Mil4e Kontoll in the broad jump, Dudley Shepard in the thousand, and l-lines, McAdams, Cass, and Connelly in the relay. 99 Mr. Consodinc Coaches . Mr. Boyle Mr, Gallagher Grange and Blaclc, and Bill l-lines and Don Burlcevvitz were outdoor track The outdoor traclc team started its season vvith the usual bang, talcing its First meet by a score ol 63-44-'lQ, vvith Milton and Quincy on the losing end ol the triangular contest. This meet revealed many potentialities lor high point men along many lines. Al- though the mile is not a regular part ol Nevvton's meets, Ed Whitney and Don Ferran ably took care ol this race when necessary. Shephard and Vangel were equally capable at 880 yards. Diclc Cass and Charles Cahill ran the 440 for the the Terriers' sprinters at QQO and 'IOO yards respectively. The Field events were also Well lortiliedvvith Kirby Kellar and Pete Connelly in the shotfput, l'lovvie Clarlc and Charlie Mahoney in the broad jump, and Captain Rus l-louston in the high jump. 'IOO tennis With the First lour men from last year's runner-up tournament squad returning this year, the Newton Tennis Team was among the best in the state. Senior Letter winners Captain Budl Randle and Richard Dudley, plus the Junior N men, Bob Rich and Bob Parlcer, last season gained valuable experience which undoubtedly caused the big dividends this spring. With the addi- tion of new talent from the fall tournament, the squad loomed as one ol the most power- ful inlrecent history. The additional experience which the Coach . Mr. Smith Junior squad members had by the end ol the 1947 season further developed them and thus made the prospects for next year's team equally bright. 101 CHEER LEADERS: C eer leaders rally committee Front row: Pena McAfee, Cinthia Leech, Carol Hartford, Shirley Sieberg. Back row: Nancy Maher, William Murdoch, James Henderson, Edward Whitney, Patricia Morrison. Adviser, Miss Muriel B. Smith 'IOS2 yi . , i,55,1.2'a: ini gd. 'ir af' , xii 2 .H i if: 5, i ii' 1 E. i Hy In tal if i' if ' s Hu 5- . gi '4 ,agj j llggf ali ar? girls' basketball This yearis baslcetball season got oti to a grand start through the etlorts of the able coaches and zealous class managers. Foi- lowing a few weelts oi practice, twenty squads were formed. An exciting tourna- ment among them ensued, the HfVlad Miners" being proclaimed the champions. After the Christmas vacation the Sophomore, Junior, and Senior class teams were announced, ,Miss Tyson Betty Ann Stokes, Mary Lou Lyon, and Ruth C h ' ' ' ' Hatton being chosen as captains. Gi course, the Seniors proved victorious and were awarded individual "'l947" numerals and a banner presented by the Girls' Leader Corps. At last the greatly esteemed varsity and junior varsity were chosen. The enthusiastic squads revealed their power by defeating Cambridge Latin in the First ol their scheduled games. From all indications it appeared that they would remain undefeated and untied. on es l Miss Jegus l 103 ' field hockey Manager , Jane Lee Bartels .Zak K' x ,, 3. X thx X ln eariy autumn you've seen them, those X.. t. ,,V,h A9?A X ig! V VV g q w enthusiastic members of the weaker sex ,z,1"',Q j t,fs "sr,, 5 f , ' t slashing at each others' anicies and occasion- - , - ally at a small white bali. Justin case you're q qw 5, gay, ,m,,S. , X he " wondering, that was fieid hoclcey practice, and a few weelcs later the girls who had survived the ordeal were divided into varsity and junior varsity squads. These Coaches Izjvoeqt teams defeated several other schools, in- cluding Brooicline, our ancient rival. Keen competition was also roused by the inter- ciass tournament, the Juniors finally winning their "'i9-47,1 numerals by defeating the Seniors and Sophomores. One of the highlights of the season was the varsityis attendance at the l'locicey Umpiring Conference held at Beaver Country Day. The girls felt that much of the credit for their successful and much enjoyed season was due to the splendid work of their coaches and manager. 104 modern dancing Are you going through that stage? Do you leel still as a board? Then we extend to you, amateurs and professionals alike, an invitation to join the Modern Dance Group which meets three times a week during the winter season. Of course, all our dancers whirl and leap more gracefully than pavlova and can write on the Floor without bending their ltnees, but, nevertheless, instruction is offered in techniques. The girls exhibited the results oi their Fine training by collec- tively composing several dances, This Ballet Russe de Newton High School parti- Instructor . Miss Jewett cipated in the Spring Festival and prepared several demonstrations lor neighboring junior high schools This is not only a talented and charming group, but a very school spirited one, for they willingly mopped the gym floor by practicing their graceful falls. 1 5 , 1 105 , X I tennis ln the Fall, girls crovvded the Elm Street tennis courts. Some vvanted instruction, some hoped to become members of the spring tennis team, and others just sought lun. Early in April an encouraging number of talented players reported and, alter a serious training period, the varsity squad vvas chosen. lts schedule included games with Needham, Waltham, and Wellesley. Coach . . Miss Jagus girls' leader corps This year a valuable nevv organization, the Girls' Leader Corps, was formed. its members, who are noted for being helpful, courteous, and co-operative, aid the Physical Education Department in planning many activities, such as, the Spring Festival and the Banquet. From all indications it appears that this group will become a vital part ol our school community. 106 fm Meri fA....4v"' 1-f-fy ,,..,f" I 'lm ime of our lives . 'time of our lives . 'imc of our lives . Hme of our lives iv 1 Yi f Wil ' sw, :ii ' W 'H ,w CPJQ 1. Qui 3 F iv 4. ...X- 1 .gm QM, J ,fy,5,15V,.3., Wx , W Mi, fi ,-1' L W. Wx A 5 -'nk 3 nw 'Fr Q 'B ian' Ill I I IIT!! IIT!! ,ff ,Q A-out-.-'fl' ,ff J 5? . ,ITS fvk 1, HQ, I E5 7""?5? A JI , 'izh -L Q xxx Qing? , A fl X DELMONT RANGER ABELLS 331 Kenrick St., Newton Del, l A, Bigelow, College, Aviation Club, Q, Social Room Host, 3, Newtonian, Features Staff, 3. ELIZABETH ABRAHAMS 37 Philbrick Rd., Newton Centre Betty, l B, Weeks, Mass. State, Camera Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, MARY ELIZABETH AHERN 9077 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Bette, ll, Warren, Regis College, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 1, Q, 3, Outing Club, 3, Pa- rents' Night Demonstration, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Costume Committee, Senior Play, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3. ELEANOR AIELLO 42 West St., Nonantum Ellie, IV B, Bigelow, Office Work, Out- ing Club, 3. GAIL AKEROYD 129 Washington St., Newton ll, Weeks, Colby Junior College, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Camera Club, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Archery, 1, Badminton, 1, 9, 3, Golf, 3, Bowling, 3. PRISCILLA ALDEN 52 Hillside Ave., West Newton Pat, Jill, l A, Warren, Boston School of Occupational Therapy, Camera Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Vice-President, SZ, French Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Fea- tures Stalf, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 1, Q, Golf, 1, Modern Dancing, 2, 3, Parents' Night Demonstration, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3, Costume Committee Senior Play, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Honorlloll, 1, 2, National Honor Society, 3. 3 an S9 x ax, xt X .test- , 's'f.f4ii .f rgbgsza, .t. . T X 1 ,Kg ag L Rafi' 5 , .Wy ,fQW'xE,:xlXNf. B MARK G. ALLEN 13 Rutland St., Watertown Chink, lll A, West Junior High, Silver- smith. MARY ALYS ALLEN Q69 Lexington St., Auburndale Toni, lvlddi l B, Warren, Newton Hospi- tal, English Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, Q, German Club, 3, Outing Club, 9, Hockey, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, 3, Archery, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Rally Committee, 9, Chorus, 3, Girls' Leader Corps, 3, Legislature Alternate, Q, Honor Roll, 1. ROBERT JOSEPH ALLEN 615 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Bob, l B, Weeks, Pre-Medical Course, Aviation Club, Q, Camera Club, 3, English Club, 3, Deutche Verein, 3, Newtonite Staff, 3, lncloor Track Manager, 2, Honor Roll,1, National Honor Society, 3. FRANCIS P. ALLEVA Q5 Beecher Pl., Newton Centre Gile, l B, Weeks, Boston University, Math Club, 3. JANE ELIZABETH AMIDON 343 Otis St., West Newton Bunny, l B, Warren, Colby or New Jersey College for Women, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, Q, French Club, 3, Aviation Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonian, Circulation Staff, 3, Basket- ball, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Cast, 3, Building ll Office, Q, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3. JANET ANDERSON 36 Pine Crest Rd., Newton Centre Panda, l B, ll, Weeks, Vermont Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Newtonian Ad- vertising Stafl, 3, Field Hockey, 1, Basket- ball, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3. ROBERT POTTER ANDERSEN 1203 Centre St., Newton Centre Bob, I A, Weeks, College, Aviation Club, 3,Treasurer, 3. BERTHA ANGELONE 314 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Bee, IV C, Weeks, Business School. WILLIAM ANGEVINE 95 Prince St., West Newton Bill, I A, Warren, Williams, Math Club, 3, Orange Book, 3, Football, Junior Var- sity, 1, Intermediate, 2, Hockey, 2, 3, Legis- Elltureg 1, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Senior ay, . ALBERT ANTHONY ANTONELLIS 175 Adams St., Nonantum Abby, IV A, Day, Bentley's, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Chairman, Senior Play Business Commit- tee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. FRANK MOSES ANTONELLI 88 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Moe, Il, Bigelow, Wentworth Institute, Orange Shield, 3. RICHARD DAVISON APLIN 191 Winslow Rd., Waban Dick, Happy, I A, Weeks, University of Vermont, Math Club, 9, 3, Camera Club, 3, Latin Club, 9, Indoor Track Manager, Q, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Costume Committee, 3, As- sistant Homeroom Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 2, National Honor Society, 3. r- 'fin E? ARTHUR IAN ARONSON 1071 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Buddy, I A, Weeks, College, Radio Club, 1, Debating Club, Q, 3, Math Club, 9, 3, Newtonite Advertising Stall, 9, New- tonian Business, 3, Baseball Manager, 1: Senior Play Business Committee, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 2, "Rotogravure," 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JOYCE ARONSON 36 Brackett Rd., Newton I A, Bigelow, Colby Junior College, Cavalry Club, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2. PRISCILLA LUCILLE AYER 40 Puddingstone Lane, Newton Centre Lulla, Cilla, IV C, Weeks, Work, Per- sonality Club, 1, Music Club, 3, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Building 1, Q, 3 Office. KATHERINE BABCOCK 94 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Snickie, I B, Warren, Lasell Junior Col- lege, Microphone Club, 1, Outing Club, 3, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Modern Dancin , 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 3, Christmas Vespers 3, Spring Musical, 3, Halloween Dance Committee, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Senior Play Cast, 3, Legislature, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1. DIANE B. BAIRD Q8 Morse Rd., Newtonville Didi, Dy, ll, Day, Lasell Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Art Club, 1, 2, Camera Club, 2, English Club, 2, Spanish Club, 1, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club, 2, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 9, 3, Neoohytes, 1, Basket- ball, 1, Archery, 9, Legislature Alternate, Q, Social Room Hostess, 2, "Rotogravure,' 3, guilding ll Office, Q, 3, Honor Roll,.1, MARION LOUISE BANNISTER 136 Eliot Ave., West Newton II, Weeks, Massachusetts School of Nursing, Chorus, 1, 2, Christmas Vespers, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JACK L. BARBER 19 Evelyn Rd., Waban I A, Theodore Roosevelt, Boston, Camera Club, 3. HENRY J. BARBONI 963 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Hank, Ill A, Electrical, Weeks, Marriage, Work, Electrician, Legislature Alternate. HERBERT WILLIAM BARRETT, JR. Q5 Avalon Rd., Waban Herbie, II, Weeks, College. PATRICIA ANN BARRY 91 Lodge Rd., West Newton Pat, Patty, II, Day, Lasell Junior College, Chorus, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Tennis, 1, Modern Dancing, 9. JANE LEE BARTELS 63 Burdean Rd., Newton Centre Janey Jinx, ll, Weeks, Sargent or Colby Junior College, Camera Club, 1, Cavalry Club, 1, Q, 3, Vice-President, 3, Girls' Outing Club, 3, Girls' Field Hockey, 9, Manager, 3, Leader Corps, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Chairman, Costume Committee, Senior Play, 3. BARBARA ANN BATCHELDER 15 Walden St., Newtonville Bobbie, Miami, Barb, I A, Miami Beach Senior High, Miami Beach, Florida, Dulce University or Columbia University, Drama Club, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Circulation Committee, Tennis, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Senior Play Cast, 3, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, 3. JACK BATTS 497 Chestnut St., Waban I B, Thayer Academy, Braintree, Mass., College, Music Club, 3. RICHARD BAUCKMAN 336 Dedham St., Newton Centre Dick, I A, Weeks, Bowdoin, Aviation Club, 3, President, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Honor Roll, 1. CAROLYN MARIE BEAL 919 Watertown St., West Newton Shorty, IV C, Warren, Office Clerk, Chorus, 3, Building Il Office. BEVERLY BECK 55 Wauwinet Rd., West Newton Bev, I B, Weeks, Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, SZ, Latin Club, Q, Art Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Advertising Staff, Newtonian, 3, . ROBERT BEECHER 68 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Bob, Beech, III A, Radio, Weeks, GRETA BERMAN 48 Greycliil Rd., Brighton I A, Girls' Latin School, College, Tusi- tala, 2, 3, English Club, 9, Pupoeteers, 1, Newtonite, 1, Q, Newtonian, Proof Ed- itor, 3, Ping Pong, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9. BARBARA ANN BERGOUIST 15 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale Berkie, Blondie, Vamp, l B, Warren, Art School, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, 2, 3, "l2otogravure," 1, Spring Music Parade, 2, Musical Comedy, 3, Girls'3Leader Corps, 3, Legislature Alter' nate, . MARGUERITE BICKERSTAFFE 64 Nonantum St., Newton Peggy, Peg, Bickie, l B, Bigelow, Sargent College, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, Tennis, 1, 3, Hockey, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Leader Corps, 3, Neophytes, 1. DAVIS E. BILLINGS, JR. QQ Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Dave, !ll, Il, Day, Boston University, Social Studies Club, 9, Newtonite, 3, Hon- or Roll, 2, Auto Mechanics, 9. NORMA ADELAIDE BILLINGS Q2 Thaxter Rd., Newtonville Nunny, Norm, ll A, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 9, 3, Outing Club, Q, 3, Archery, 1, 2, 3, Badminton, 1, 2, 3, Bowling, 1, Q, 3, Modern Dancing, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager,9. RICHARD BLAGBROUGH 153 Randlett Park, West Newton Dick, l B, Warren, Tufts, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, President, 3, Neophytes, 1, Basketball Manager, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Q, Na- tional Honor Society, Q, 3 Secretary, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, President, Q, Orchestra, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Glee Club, 3, Eqange QBook, 3, Music Board, 3, Honor o , 1, . PATRICIA ANN BLAKE 40 Lincoln Park, West Newton Patti, I A, Warren, Colby College, Neo- phytes, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, Art Club, 1, Q, 3, Treasurer, 1 ,Secretary, 2, Tusitala, Vice- President, 3, Editor of Newtonian, 3, Ten- nis, 1, Modern Dancing, 1, 9, Orange Shield, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Legislature, Drama Club, 3, Candy Com- mittee, Q, 3, Costume Committee, 3, Social Room Hostess, 9, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Honor Poll, 1, 2, 3. HELENE FAE BLOOM 42 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre Hel,ll, Weeks, Art School, Music Club, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, 2, 3, Art Club, 3, Newtonite, 9, Archery, 1, Bowl- ing, 1, Chorus, 3, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, 2, Vespers, 3. LEONARD JOSEPH BLOOM 95 Greenlawn Ave., Newton Lenrre Len,l B,Somerville High School,Service. BEVERLY WADE BOARDMAN 53 Thurston Rd., Newton Upper Falls Bevie, ll, Weeks, Wheelock College, Art Club, 3, Secretary, 3, Spanish Club, 1, 9, Music Club, 3, Debating Club, 1, Honor Roll, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JASPER BOGOSIAN 99 Sachem Rd., Needham Heights Boggy, lll A, Electrical, Needham Junior High, Work, Telephone Co. ALBERT FRANCIS BONAZOLI, JR. 103 Cypress St., Newton Centre Al, l B, Weeks,Motion Picture Squad, 2, Senior Play Properties Committee, 3, As- sistant Legislature Member, 2, Honor Roll, 1. JAMES ABBE BONNAR 49 Judkins St., Newtonville Jim, Jimmie, l A, Day, Dartmouth or M,l.T., Alpha Beta, Treasurer, 1, Varsity Club, 3, Newtonite, Q, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Q, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Varsity, 2, Orange Shield, Captain, 3, Senior Executive Committee, 3, Social Room Host, 3, Band, 1, 2, 3, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Senior Play Cast, 3, Class Vice-President, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 9, National Honor Society, 3. MARIE BORTONE 1766 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Souiggee, IV B, Watertown High School, Stenographer, Softball Class Team, 9, 3, Basketball, 3. PATRICIA BOUCHER 11 Concolor Ave., Newton Pat, Patty, Il, Bigelow- Chamberlain, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 9, Drama Club fWorkshop, 3, Rally Committee, 9, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Assistant Home Room Manager, 2, Honor Roll, Q. DORIS MARIE BOUDROT 35 Dalby St., Newton Cluny, Dottie, Dot, IV B, Day, Secretary, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3. BRUCE MAJOR BOULTER 68 Brookside Ave., Newtonville ll, Day, P. G., Navy, Alpha Beta, 1, Mic- rophone Club, 2, Basketball Manager, 1, Band, 1, 9, Orange Shield, 1, Home Room Manager, 3. VIILLARD .IEPSON BOULTER 68 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Bill, Prof,lI,Day,College, Radio Club,1, Vice-President, 1, Stage Crew, 3, Track Manager, Indoor, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Track Manager, 1, Orange Shield, 1, Q, Legisla- ture Alternate, 1, Boys' Chorus, 3, "Roto- gravure," 1. MILDRED BOVE 310 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Millie, ll, Day, Katharine Gibbs, Per- sonality Club, Q, Outing Club, 3. DoRis MARGARET BRADLEY Q00 North St., Newtonville Dot, Brad, ll, Day, Further Schooling, Outing Club, 3, Softball, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, 1, 3, Basketball, 1, 3, Bowling, 1, 3. RICHARD EDWARD BRADY 17 Cross St., West Newton Hank, Dick, Ill B, Warren, Navy. ALLEN G. BRAILEY 1308 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Al, l A, Moses Brown School, Amherst, Motion Picture Squad, Q, Chemistry Club, Q, Radio Club, 9, Orange Shield, 3,LegisIa- ture, 9, 3, Senior Play Usher, 3, Chairman, Civics Board, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JAMES JOSEPH BREEN 116 Auburn St., Auburndale Jimmie, Bates, ll, Warren, Brown or Service, Hockey, 3, Golf, 3. CONSTANCE MARY BRENNAN 1245 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Contie, Connie, Il, Warren, Chamber- lain, Art Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Personal: ity Club, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Girls Chorus, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3. ALICE MAY BREWER 39 Bowers St., Newtonville Blondie, Al, IV B, West Newbury High, West Newbury, Mass., Katharine Gibbs, Stenographer, Personality Club, Q, Building ll Office, 3. DAVID W. BRIGGS 21 Saxon Ter., Newton Highlands I A, Weeks, College, Laeti Latini, 2, 3, Deutche Verein, 3, Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll, 1, National Honor Society, 3. NEALE CLARK BRINGHURST 89 Larchmont Ave., Waban A, Weeks, College, Radio Club, 1, Math Club, 2, 3, Debating Club, 3, Presi- dent of German Club, 3, Senior Play Busi- ness Committee, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 3. LEVERETT STONE BRIMBLECOM 5 Fairfield St., Newtonville Monk, I B, Day, College, Varsity Club' 1, 2, 3, Varsity Football, 9, 9, 3, Varsity Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Orange Shield, Q. CYNTHIA BRITTON 37 Cheswiclc Rd., Auburndale Cinnie, Cyn, ll, Warren, Colby Junior College, Music Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1. ROBERT HARRY BROOKINS 60 High St., Newton Upper Falls I A, Weeks, Undecided, Math Club, Q, President, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JOSEPH BROOKS 4 94 Los Angeles St., Newton IV A, Day, Mechanic, 6 SHIRLEY T. BROSNAHAN 401 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Shirl, ll, Our Lady's High, Forsythe Dental School, Personality Club, Library Club, Senior Girls' Chorus, Christmas Vespers. BENJAMIN FLETCHER BROWN 544 Ward St., Newton Centre Ben, ll, Weeks, Art School. ELIZABETH BROWN 11 Orchard St., Newton Betty, ll, Bigelow, Business School, Outing Club, 3, Publicity Committee of Senior Play, 3. CHARLES E. BROWN 35 Carleton St., Newton Charlie, IA, Bigelow, Boston College. HELEN BROWN 103 Madison Ave., Newtonville Hel, Il, Day, Work, Honor Roll, 3. NANCY CAROLYN BROWN 44 Rossmere St., Newtonville Nan, I B, Day, College, Spanish Club, 1, Q, Music Club, 9, 3, Rally Committee, Q1 Alpha Beta, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Chorus, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Senior Play Prompter, Home Room Manager, 2, 3. JOAN BRUCE 35 Lenox St., West Newton Joey, l A, Warren, Wheaton, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 3, Drama Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legisla- ture, 3, Rally Committee, 2, 3, Chorus, 1, 2, Christmas Vespers, Q, Drama Club Candy Committee, 3. M. DORIS BUCKLEY 9 Gardner St., Newton Dot, Dotty, lV, Bigelow, Work. JUNE BUCKLEY 66 Moffat Rd., Waban IA, W. H. Taft, Simmons College, French Club, Drama Club Workshop, 2, 3, Camera Club, 9, 3, Music Club, Cavalry Club, Archery, Tennis, Golf, Christmas Vesners. DOROTHY BUDDINGTON 15 Carter St., Newtonville Buddy, Dotty, Dot, IV, Day, Work, Per- sonality Club, Q. M. ANNE BURKE 26 Homestead St., Waban Pinky, ll, Natick High, Dental Nursing, Modern Dancing, 3, Christmas Tree Com- mittee, 3, Camera Club, 3, Outing Club, 3. MARJORIE C. BURKE Q3 Forest St., Newton Highlands Margie, ll, Weeks, Art School, Chorus, 3. MLM, 7 HAROLD L. BURSTYN 75 Garland Rd., Newton Centre Hal, l A, Weeks, College, Neophytes, 1-, Music Club, 1, Drama Club, 2, 3, Math Club, Q, 3, Debating Club, 1, Q, 3, Presi- dent, 3, German Club, 3, Newtonite, 1, 9, 3, Newtonian, Q, 3, Indoor Track Manager, 1, 2, 3, Drama Board, 3, Neophytes' Play, 1, Drama Club Play, Q, Senior Play, 3, Hongr Roll, 1, 9, 3, National Honor Soci- etYf . WILLIAM BUSCHEN 10 Prospect Ter., Newtonville Bill, Twink, I B, Day, College, Aviation Club, 1, Newtonite, 2, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Junior Varsity and lntermediate Football, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 3. MARIAN JUNE BUTLER Q4 Pembroke St., Newton Blondie, Marney, ll, Bigelow, Art School or Work. RUTH .IACQUELINE CACCAVARO 33 Needham St., Newton Highlands Ruthie, ll, Weeks, New England Con- servatory, Girls' Chorus, 3, Cavalry Club, 9, French Club, 1. MARIE CAFARELLI 901 Chapel St., Newton lV C, Day, Secretary, Personality Club, 3. ANNE MARIE CAHILL 74 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Anney, I B, Weeks, Regis, Alpha Beta, Vice-President, 1, Drama Club, 2, 3, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, New- tonian Advertising Editor, 3, Hockey, 1, Rally Committee, 3, Finance Board, 3, Legislature, 1, Q, 3, Drama Club Play Candy Committee, 2, Senior Play Candy Com- mittee, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Drama Club Play, 3, Treasurer of Associates, 3, lglonor Roll, 1, 3, National Honor Society, WILLIAM M. CAHILL Q0 Wimbledon Cir., West Newton Bill, I A, Warren, Holy Cross, New- tonian Stalf, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, 3. RICHARD J. CAIN Q46 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Killer, l A, Weeks, Georgetown, Junior Varsity, Intermediate Baseball,1, 9, Hockey, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1. ROBERT PAUL CALLANAN 197 Tremont St., Newton Bob, Cal, I A, Bigelow, College, De- bating Club, 3. JOSEPH FRANK CALIGURI 43 Riverdale Ave., Newton Cal, Joei, ll A, Day, Art School, Boston University, Boys' Chorus, 3. BARBARA CAMPBELL 59 Highland Ave., Newtonville Barb, I A, Day, Colby College, Western Reserve, Microphone Club, 1, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Glee Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Newtonian Data Stall, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play, Christmas Vespers, 3, Musical Comedy, 3, Drama Club Play, 3, Legisla- ture Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. WILLIAM JOHN CAMPBELL Q6 Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands Bill, I B, Weeks, College, Intramural Basketball, 2, Orange Shield, 3, Legisla- ture, 3, Radio, 1, Q. JOAN E. CAREY 65 Prospect St., West Newton Jo, Joanie, ll, Warren, Kathleen Dell, Cavalry Club, 1, Q, Modern Dancing, 1, Q, Tennis, 1, 2, Orange Shield, 1, Q, Girls' Chorus, 1, SZ, 3. MARILYN I. CARL 134 Mt. Vernon St., Newtonville I A, Warren, Mt. Holyoke, Middlebury, Alpha Beta, 1, Latin Club, 9, French Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Social Room Hostess, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Slay Ssenery Committee, 3, War Bond a es, . MARY LEE CARMACK 60 Fairlee Rd., Waban Lee, I B, Weeks, Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 9, Spanish Club, Vice-President, 3, Newtonian, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 9, 3, Vice-President, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. DOROTHY TERESE CARROLL 170 Cherry St., West Newton Dottie, ll, Warren, Nurses Training, flield Hockey, 1, 3, Softball, 1, Basketball, CATHERINE CARTER 14 Blackstone Ter., Newton Cathy, I A, Bigelow, Boston University, Puppeteers, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, Legislature Alternate, 9, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JANET CARTIER 38 Holman Rd., Auburndale Jan, ll, Warren, Boston University, Rally Committee, 3, Candy Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, Newtonite, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 2, 3. ROSE A. CARUSO 14 Mague Pl., West Newton SnuFfy, Shorty, Ro, IV C, Warren, Office Work. JOSEPH ANTHONY CARVER 19 Washburn St., Newton Joe, I B, Bigelow, Boston College or R. O. T. C. Program, Varsity Club, 1, Q, 3, Varsity Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ALFRED L. CASELLA 10 Manhattan Ter., West Newton Al, Fifi, lll B, Warren, Work or9Krmy, Band,1. RICHARD S. CASS 18 Shorneclifle Rd., Newton Dick, Jack, I B, Bigelow, Northeastern or N. R. O. T. C., Radio Club, President, Q, Varsity Club, 3, Indoor Track, 2, 3, Out- door Track, Q, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, National Honor Society, 3. GEORGE CASTANO 19 Lill Ave., West Newton Greg, lll A, Radio, Warren, Work. LOIS F. CEDERGREN 97 Indiana Ter., Newton Upper Falls IV B, Weeks, Work, Commercial Club, 9, 3, President, 3, Orange Book, 2, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ,... THOMAS CEDERLUND 6 Agawam Rd., Waban Tom, I B, Warren, College, Varsity Club, Varsity Football, 9, 3. LUCILLE CESAREO 56 Elm St., West Newton Lu, IV B, Warren, Secretarial School. HARRIETTE C. CHAPIN 39 Southgate Pk., West Newton Red, ll, Warren, Garland School, Cavalry, 1, Q, Stage Workshop, Q, Tennis, 3, Social Board Committee, 3, Library Staff, 9, Drama Workshop, 1, 2, Senior Play Committee, 3. LORRAINE CHARTIER 69 Kensington St., Newtonville Lou Lou, Il, Day, Kathleen Dell, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 3, Newtonian Circu- lation Staff, 3, Lunchroom Souad, 2, Legis- lature Alternate, 1, Rally Committee, 9, Social Board, 3. JOHN CHASE 49 Bridges Ave., Newtonville Johnny, I B, ll, Day, College, Social Studies Club, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, New- tonite Sports Stall, 9, Baseball, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Drama Club Play, 3. JOANNE CICCONE Q0 Willow St., Newton Centre Chippy, ll, Weeks, Modeling, Band, Q, 3, Head Drum Majorette, Tennis, 1, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature Representa- tive, 1, 9. PAULINE CIFALDO 14 Rockland St., Newton Highlands Polly, ll, Weeks, Massachusetts School of Art, Latin Club, 3, Camera Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Legislature, 3, U. S. War Stamps, 1, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, National Honor Society, 3. BENNEVILLE H. CLARK 363 Walnut St., Newtonville Ben, Clem, ll, Manter Hall, College, Boys' Chorus, 3, Skiing, 3, Baseball, 3. CAROL LOUISE CLARK 89 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Clarkie, l B, Day, Sargent, Microphone Club, 1, 2, Motion Picture Sduad, 1, 2, 3, Board of Operators, 2, Basketball Manager, 3, Softball, 1, 2, 3, Archery, 3, Hockey, 3,Glee Club, 3, Band, 1, Candy Com- mittee for Senior Play, 3, Christmas Ves- pers, 3, Musical Comedy, 3, Graduation Exercises, 1, 3. DONALD CLARK B9 Lowell Aye., Newtonville ll, Day, College, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Track, 2, Skiing, 3. GERTRUDE C. CLARKE 32 William St., West Newton Gert, Taffy, IV B, Warren, Business School. HOWARD B. CLARKE 1025 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Howie, l A, Weeks, Merchant Marine, Football, Junior Varsity, Intermediates, Indoor Track, 1, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, Alternate, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1. 12 si nl O MARIE CLARKE 235 Melrose St., Auburndale IV C, South Junior High, Business School. PRISCILLA JEAN CLARK 183 Dorset Rd., Waban Bunny, ll, Warren, American School o Ballet, Chorus, 1, Neophytes, 1, Modern DdnCil'l8,'1, 3, Orange Book, 2, "Roto- gravure, 1. MARY LOUISE CLEARY 161 California St., Newton IV, Day, Work. PHILIP J. CLEARY 138 Parker St., Newton Centre Fearless Phil, ll, Weeks, University of Miami, Cheerleader, 1, 2, Varsity Mana. ger, Football, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, 2, 3, Baseball, 1, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3. JOANNE COFFIN 46 Brookside Ave., Newtonville Jo, ll, Day, Garland School, Stage Crew, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Candy Committee for Senior Play, 3. ALVIN COHEN 77 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Abner, l A, Lowell High School, Boston University, School of Business Ad- ministration, French Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising Committee, Band, 1. HILDA RUTH COHEN 11 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Hildie, l A, Weeks, Pembroke, Neo- phytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 2, Library Club, 3, Spanish Club, President, 3, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, Q, National Honor Society, 3, IRENE COHEN 870 Walnut St., Newton Centre lrenie, ll, Weeks, College, Outing Club, 2, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, Q. MARCIA COHEN 30 Kodaya Rd., Waban Marty, ll, Weeks, Music College, Music Club, 3, Newtonian Representative, 9, War Stamp Committee, 1, Honor Roll, 9, 3. MARGARET ANN COLE Q33 Auburn St., Auburndale Buni, ll, Warren, Modern School ol Design. PHYLLIS COLINO 51 Green St., Newton Phil, IV B, Day, Stenographer, Personal- ity Club, Building Two OFfice,j3, Swim- ming, Honor Roll, Q. BARBARA MARY COLLINS 160 Melrose St., Auburndale Barb, Barbie, IV B, Warren, Secretarial School, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, Drama glint: Workshop, 9, 3, Outing Club, Honor 0 , 1. NANCY COLLINS 931 Washington St., Newtonville l A, Day, Colby College,Alpha Beta,1, Microphone Club, 2, Math Club,3, Outing Club, 3, Basketball, 1, Manager, 3, Soft- ball, 1, Q, Hockey, 3, Archery, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. WILLIAM COLLINS 37 Troy Lane, Waban Bill, Tiger, ll, Day, Baseball, 1, 9. PAUL CONDON 154 Oliver St., Waban Pablo, ll, Weeks, Northeastern, Foot- blall, 1, 2, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield , JEAN CONE 189 Walnut St., Newtonville IV C, Day, Work. PETER CONNOLLY 80 Claremont St., Newton Pete, l B, Bigelow, College, Varsity Club, Q, 3, Football, 1, 9, Captain, 3, Indoor Track Q, 3, Outdoor Track, 2, Baseball, 3, Orange Shield, Civics Board, Legislature, 3, Senior Usher, 2, Boys' Vice- President of Associates, 3. HENRY JAMES CORCORAN 34 Moulton St., Newton Lower Falls Hank, I A, Warren, Lowell Textile, Honor Roll, 2. JOSEPH P. COTOIA 18 Beech St., Nonantum Murph, Joey, IV A, Day, Business School and Navy, Auto Mechanics, 1. JOHN ALLEN COUSENS 18 Ripley Ter., Newton Centre Johnny, I A, Weeks, Brown, Harvard Medical School, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, Junior Varsity Football, Captain, Orange Shield, Junior Class President. DONALD COX 10 Roberts Ave., Newtonville Don, I A, Day, Dartmouth, Debating Club, 1, 9, Treasurer, 2, Tusitala, 9, 3, Newtonite, 1, 9, 3, Editorial Editor, Q, Journalism Class, 3, Ski Team, 3, Cheer- leader, Q, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Publications Board, Q, YOG Committee, 1, Halloween Dance Committee ,9, 3, Chairman, 3, "Roto, gravure," 1, Legislature, 1, Q, President of Associates, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. NEAL CRAMPTON 28 Agawam Rd., Waban Neal, I A, Warren, Dartmouth, New- tonian, Treasurer, Junior Varisty Football, 1, Intermediate Football, 9, Varsity Foot, ball, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 9, Legislature, 9, 3,Usher, Senior Play, 3. EUNICE CRISSEY 579 Centre St., Newton Cris, HODDY1 ll, Bigelow, National College of Education, Drama Workshop, 9, 3, Circulation, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, 2, Social Room Hostess, 3, Rally Committee, 3. SWAN H. CROSBY 33 Tennyson Rd,, West Newton ll, College. gui' Q JOHN CUMNIINGS 33 Oak Hill St., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, Mass. State College, Radio Club, Treasurer, 1, Math Club, Q, 3, Treasurer, 3, Outdoor Track Manager, 1, Band, 1, 2. MARVIN CUMMINGS 81 Evelyn Rd., Waban Marv, II, Roxbury Memorial High School, College, Camera Club, Track, Football. MARCIA CUNNINGHAM 42 Sheffield Rd., Newtonville Marsh, II, Day, Garland School, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, Alpha Beta, 1, Chair- man, Social Board, Social Room Hostess. NANCY DAILEY 24 Glen Ave., Newton Centre II, Weeks, College, Art Club, 1, Cavalry Club, 9, 3, Drama Workshop, 2, 3, Scenery Committee, Drama Club Play. YOLANDA MARIE DANIELE 2 Elliot Pl., Newton Upper Falls Yo, IV B, Weeks, Boston University Accounting, Commercial.Club, 3. I MARY JANE D'ANTONlO 409 Langley Rd., Newton Centre IV C, Weeks, Work. MARGUERITE T. DARCY 48 Waverley Ave., Newton Peggy, Magee, l B, Bigelow, Regis or Simmons, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Music Club, 3, Drama Workshop, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Rally Committee, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 9, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. VIRGINIA DAVIDSON 334 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Ginnie, ll, Day, Green Mountain Junior College, Girls' Chorus, 1, Debating Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Legislature, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, Q. DEBORAH DAVIS A if A I Y 1734:Beacon St., Warban -Debby, Deb, II, Weeks, Garland School, Circulation Staff, Newtonian, 3, Social Board Committee. MARY ELIZABETH DAY 56 Barnstable Rd., West Newton Mimi l A, Liberty High School, Bethle- hem, Pa., Mt, Holyoke College, Camera Club, French Club, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Christmas Play Scenery Com- mittee. VIRGINIA DAY 3 Moreland Ave., Newton Centre Jinny, Skeet, ll, Weeks, Colby Junior College, Cavalry Club, 9, 3, Art Club, 1, Camera Club, 3, Honor Roll, Q. EARL S. DEAGLE 408 California St., Newtonville Earl, Unk, lll A, Electrical, Day, Work, Marriage, Home Room Manager, ROBERT M. DEALY 41 Highland St., West Newton Bob, l A, Warren, Yale, Newtonian, Treasurer, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Usher, Senior Play, 3, Honor Roll 3. DOROTHY DEAN 21 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands Dottee, l A, B, Weeks, Emmanuel, Alpha Beta, 1, Stage Workshop, 2, 3, Library Club, Q, Legislature, 1. DOMENIC R. DEFAZIO 374 Ward St., Newton Centre Skippy, ll, Boston English High, Service. MICHAEL JOHN DEFILIPPO 99 John St., Newton Centre Mike, lll A, Weeks, Electrician. HENRY DEMICHELE 16 Sullivan Aye., Newton Upper Falls Prof, Il, Weeks, College. NANCY FLORENCE DENISON 19 Otis St., Newtonville DennYi ll, Day, Chandler Secretarial School. MARY LOUISE DE RUSHA 119 Floral St., Newton Highlands Dee, I A, Weeks, Boston University, College oIPractical Artsand Letters, Music Club, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, Christmas Vespers, 2, Honor Roll, 1. ALICE LORRAINE DE SANTIS 11 Cottage Ct., Newton Al, Honey, IV C, Day, Kathleen Dell Business School. JOAN DE VOS 949 Homer St,, Newton Centre Scratch, I B, Weeks, Miami University, Girls' Chorus, 1, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 1, 3, Outing Club, Q, 3, Archery, 1, Girls' Tennis, 3, Modern Dancing, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee, 3. LORRAINE CLAIRE DEWEY 46 Wedgewood Pd., West Newton Lu, Laurrie, Blue Eyes, I A, Day, Welles- ley, Music Club, 1, 2, 3, Outing Club, 2, 3, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, Tennis, 1, Q, Archery, 2, Hockey, 1, Chairman, Civics Class, 1. BARBARA DIENGOTT 17 Overlook Pk., Newton Centre Dinny,l A, Weeks, Rhode Island School of Design, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Q, Puppeteers Club, 9, English Club, 3, Archery, 2. MARGARET ANN DILLON 309 Waltham St., West Newton Peg, II, Sacred Heart Country Day, La- sell Junior College. 'time -537ifX.s4ill"? 5' Si .44 sealszgsgi S' sas...-ow. , Q4 RITA DIXON 73 Adams Ave., West Newton Peet, Dixie, ll, Woburn High School, Music Club, 3, Home Economics Club, 3, Orange Book, 9. THOMAS DOUGHERTY 309 Lake Ave., Newton Highlands Doc, Tom, I B, Weeks, Service. LOIS DOW 49 Elmhurst Pd., Newton Loie, ll, Bigelow, Secretarial School. CORNELIA DOWD 15 Fredana Rd., Waban Connie, ll, Warren, Edgewood Park, Modern Dancing, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Circulation Staff, New- tonian, Honor Roll, Q. NORMA ANNE DOWNING 89 Bullough Pk., Newtonville Norm, Normie,ll,Day,College oIPharm- acy, Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, Q, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. PATRICIA MARY DRISCOLL 305 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Pat, Parrish, Patti, I B, Day, College, Neophytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Microphone Club, 9, English Club, Q, 3, Outing Club, 9, Music Club, 3, Latin Club, 9, New- tonian Advertising Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Q, Legislature, 3- Lunchroom, 9 3, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 9, 3, Parents' Day Usher, 1, Christ- mas Vespers, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Honor Roll, 1, Typewriting, 9. WARREN EDWIN DRURY, JR. 56A Chestnut St., West Newton l A, Warren, Technical School, Math Club, 3, Stage Crew, 3. RICHARD DUDLEY 86 Hancock St., Auburndale Sich, l A, Warren, College, Alpha Beta, 1,ChemistryClub, 3, Orange Book, Tennis, Varsity, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, "Roto- gravure," 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ARTHUR L. DUFFY 60 Cook St., Newton Highlands Duff, lll Ai Weeks, U. S. Navy. CLAIRE DUGGAN 96 Waban Pk., Newton Dug,ll, Bigelow, EndicottJuniorCollege, Alpha Beta, 1, Social Board Committee, 3. ALBERT DUHAIME 11 Chilton Pl., Newton Upper Falls Duke, IV A, Weeks, Service, Baseball, 9, Basketball, lntermecliate, 9. JAMES WALLACE DUNCAN 16 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Wally, l A, Upper Darby Senior High, College, Glee Club, 3, Boys' Chorus, 3, Sports Editor, Newtonite, 3. RENEE nuNcANsoN 104 Westland Ave., West Newton Dunky, ll, Warren, Nursing, Archery, 1. MALCOLM DUNN, JR. 106 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Mac, Punk, Mal, l A, Weeks, Williams College, Orange Book, Varsity Football, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Legis- lature, 9, 3, Senior Executive Committee, 3, Senior Play Usher, 3. IRENE DUNN 1301 Centre St., Newton Centre l A, Woodstock High School, College, Music Club, 3. ROBERT JOSEPH DUNN 194 Fordham Rd., West Newton Swede, Dunn, Fegs, ll, Bigelow, Service. THOMAS DUNTON Q45 Cypress St., Newton Dunt T. D., in A, Radio, Weeks, U. S. Navy, football, 1. MARCEL DUROT Q3 Fredana Rd., Waban Marce, Frog, l B, Warren, Dartmouth, Camera Club 1, Newtonian, 3, Football Manager, 1,0utdoor Track, 1, lntermediate Football, Q, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1. BERYL DWIGHT Q4 Picker Rd., Newton Burly, I A, Bigelow, Radcliffe, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Outing Club, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 2, 3, Newtonian Circulation Committee, 3, Girls' Tennis, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, Q, Alter- nate, 1, 3, Sophomore Usher Leader Corps, 3, Chairman, Senior Play Scenery Commit- tee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. ROBERT EARLEY 115 Aspen Ave., Auburndale Bob, ll, Boston College High, Business School. ANN HOWE EDDY 331 Cabot St., Newtonville Ants, I B, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Music Club, 3, Glee gITlb,13QChristmas Vespers, 2, 3, Honor o , , . MARY CATHERINE EGAN 90 Minot Pl., Newtonville Mae Relle, IV, Day, Business School, Girls Chorus, 1, Q, Camera Club, 3, Girls' Outing Club, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Junior Achievement Club, Q, Treasurer, 9, Music Club, Q, Christmas Vespers, Q, Field Hockey, 1, Archery, 1, Softball. 1. JOHN FRANCIS EGIZI 405 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Gitzi, IV B, Weeks, Work, Varsity Foot- gall, 3, Intermediate Football, Q, Baseball, ROBERT ELASHOFF 11 East Boulevard Rd., Newton Centre Bob, I A, Weeks, Dartmouth or Brown, Debating Club, 3. 196 DONALD M. ELDREDGE, JR. 126 Pleasant St. Newton Centre Gregg, I A, Weeks, Dartmouth, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Vice-President, Orange Book,2,Business Manager, FootbalI,JJnior Varsity, 1, Varsity, Q, Baseball, Junior Varsity, 1, War Stamp Manager, 1, Home Room Manager, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3, MARILYN ELKIND 15 Holland St., Newton Mamie,Mary,ll,Bigelow,ColIege,Glee Club, Aviation Club, Personality Club, Spanish Club, Girls' Chorus, Archery. RICHARD WILLIAM ELLIS 37 Halcyon Pd., Newton Centre Dick, I B, Weeks, Dartmouth, Track Manager, Indoor 1, Q, 3, Track Manager, Outdoor, 1, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Social Room, 3, Score Board, 9, 3. NANCY DODGE ELLSWORTH 33 Fountain St., West Newton Nance, Nan,I B, Day, Centenary Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Spanish Club, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, English Club, 9, French Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, New- tonian Advertising Staff, 3, Modern Dance, 1, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, Badminton, 1, Gym- nasium Exhibition, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Legislature, 1, Building I Office, 1, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Neophytes Play, 1 ,Christmas Vespers, 3. ELAINE ESART 46 Tamworth Rd., Waban I A, Weeks, Wellesley, Microphone Club, 1, Spanish Club, 3, Tennis, 1, Bad- minton, 1, Archery, 1, Chorus, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. GLORIA EUSTIS 80 Cherry St., West Newton Glo, IV C, Warren, Work, Personality Club, 3. DAVID R. EWER 52flKelveclen1Rd., Waban Dave, I B, Warren,Tults, English Club, 3, Scoreboard, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Ndfifmdl Honor Society, 3. MARY BARBARA FANNING 6 Grove St., Auburndale Barbie, Bobbie, ll, Warren, Undecided, Home Economics, 3. ERNEST FARINA 61 Bridge St,, Newton Ernie, IV D, Day, Business. DOROTHY ANN FEDERICO 85 Florence St., Chestnut l-lill Dot, Dottie, IV B, Weeks, Bookkeeper. BRENDAN FRANCIS FEENEY 15 Worth St., Newton Centre Bren, Feets,lV D, Weeks, U. S. Army, Boston University Night School, Orange Shield, 3, Boys' Chorus, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Honor Roll, 9. GRETCHEN FERRIS Q10 Kent Rd., Waban Gretch, Skinnie, I A, Warren, Cornell, Cavalry Club, 1, Chemistry Club, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Math Club, 3, Outing Club, Treasurer, 3, Newtonian, Girls' Sports Editor, 3, Baseball, 1, Field Hockey, 2, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, Girls' Gymnasium Exhibition, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Rally Committee, 9, 3, Senior Play Prop- erty Committee, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Hongr Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Soci- ety, . ,, I uf KENNETH FETTIG 5 Oalcmont Rd., Newton Centre Ken, Fig, Fuzz, I A, Weeks, Boston Col- lege, Boys' Chorus, Baseball, 1, Orange Shield, Q, 3. SELMA FAY FINKELSTEIN 527 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Sel, IV B, Weeks, Work, Personality Club, 1, Library Club, 2: Commercial Club, 1, 3, Secretary, Newtonian Stall, 3, Na- goigal Honor Society, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, JEANNE CHARLOTTE FINN 10 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre Mickey, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Camera Club, 1, Drama Workshop, 3. MARGERY RUTH FINN 19 Bothfeld Rd., Newton Centre Margie, Mickey, I B, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, English Club, 3. BETTY ANNE FINNELL 41 Concolor Ave., Newton Betty, Bet, Red, I B, Bigelow, Westbrook Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Outing Club, Q, Music Club, 3, Drama Club, 9, 3, Vice-President, 3, Newtonian Data Coma mittee, Girls' Leader Corps, Girls' Chorus, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Drama Club's Christmas Vesper Service, Q, 3, Chairman, Properties Committee, Drama Club Play, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. FLORENCE MARJORIE FISHER B4 Gordon Rd., Waban Flo, ll, Warren, College, Alpha Beta., 1, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Music Club, 3, French Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3. CONSTANCE MARY FITZGERALD 163 Suffolk Rd., Chestnut Hill Connie, Il, Weeks, Modeling School, Newtonian Circulation Committee, Alter- nate Orange Shielcl, Rally Committee, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 2, Ralliette, 9. EDWARD DAVID FLANDERS 18 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Ed, Ill A, Pattern Making, Weeks, North- eastern, Honor Roll, Q. JOAN HELEN FLETCHER 18 Gay St., Newtonville Jonie, I A, University High School, Normal, Illinois, Simmons College, Music Club, 3. JEAN CAROL FOGG 147 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Fodge, X-37, ll, Brookline High, Rhode Island School of Design, Art Club, 1, SZ, 3, Music Club, 2, 3, Microphone Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Senior Play Cover Design, Modern Dancing, 3, Legislature Representa- tive, 3, Junior Red Cross Representative, 3, Neophytes, 1, Student Canteen Murals in '45, National Honor Society, 3. ALICE ELIZABETH FOLEY 56 Rockland PI., Newton Upper Falls Allie, IV B, Weeks, Undecided, Com- mercial Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, As- sistant Home Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9. PRISCILLA SEARS FORD 15 Cheswick Rd., Auburndale Pris, I A, Warren, Colby College, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, Drama Workshop, 9, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Social Room Hostess, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, 3, Spring Music Parade, 9, Musical Comedy, 3. 198 REGINA MARY FORD 123 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands Gin-s,l B, Bigelow, Regis, Aviation Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, English Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Music Club, SZ, Basketball, 1, Captain, Christmas Vespers, 1, Legislature Alternate, 1. BARBARA VIRGINIA FOSTER 981 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Barbie, Babs, IV B, Weeks, Work, National Honor Society, 3. THOMAS FRAZIER 7 River Ave., Newton Upper Falls Whitey, I A, Day, College, Drafting. JOAN ANN FRENCH 1616 Centre St., Newton Highlands Il, Sacred Heart High School, Boston University,ColIege of Liberal Arts, Person- ality Club, Q, Camera Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Archery, Q, Softball, 9, Tennis, Q, 3, Modern Dancing, 9, Legislature Alternate, Q,Costume Committee,Senior Play, Volun- teer Work in Junior College Library, 3. JOHN GABRIELE 107 Central Ave., Needham Gabe, Ill A, Machine, Needham Junior High. RUTH GERALDINE GAQUIN 51 William St., West Newton Ruthie, Gaykie, II, Warren, Boston Uni- versity, Puppeteers, 1, Senior Play Business Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus Q, Christmas Vespers, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Orange Shield, 9, Modern Dancing, 3, Building Il Office, Q, Legislature, SZ, Honor Roll, 1. ANNA E. GAROFALO 1193 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Ann, IV B, Weeks, Business School, Commercial Club, 2, 3, Treasurer, Swim- ming, 1, Orange Book, Honor Roll, 1. ROGER PAUL GARLAND 54 Amherst St., Waban Rod, Rodda, II, Weeks, Northeastern University, Camera Club, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ELEANOR GARVIN 4 Churchill St., Newtonville Elly, IV C, Day, Business School, Person- ality Club, 3, Swimming, 1, Publicity Com- mittee. ROBERT GATES 115 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands Bob, Rusty, I A, Weeks, Boston Univer- sity, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, German Club 3, Indoor Track, 1, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Legislature, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 3. JEAN EDNA GAVEL 21 Chase St., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, Art SchooI,Camera Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Archery, 3. PHYLLIS ANN GAZIANO 521 California St., Newtonville Phyl, ll, Day, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Modern Dancing, 3. 129 ALAN GEE 14 Maple Ave., Newton I B, Bigelow, Collese. EVELYN GENTILE 166 River St., West Newton Eve, Evie, IV C, Warren, Business School, Swimming, 1, 3, Honor Roll, Q. FRANK GERACI 24 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Jug, I B, Weeks, Cornell, Boston Red Sox, Baseball Intermediate, Q, Legislature, 3, Auto Mechanics, 1. BERNIECE C. GEYER 1921 Washington St., West Newton Burr, Il, Warren, Nurse, Latin Club, 3. JENNIE GIANNETTI 44 Beecher Pl., Newton Centre Jen, IV, Weeks, Office Work. MALCOLM RAE GILMAN Q32 Boylston St., Chestnut Hill 3 Rae, Il, Weeks, College, Orange Shield, ELEANOR GIORGIO 33 Beecher Ter., Newton Centre Ellie, lV C, Weeks, Business School, Swimming, 3. GLORIA GODDARD 116 Vine St., Chestnut Hill Glo, l B, Weeks, Wheaton College, Alpha Beta, 1, Latin Club, Q, Spanish Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Na- tional Honor Society, Q, 3, Executive Council, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. EARLE STANWOOD GOEBEL 137 Elgin St., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, Navy or College, Orange Shield, 3. GEORGE LEE GOGAN 47 Terrace Ave., Newton Highlands 3 Lee, ll, Weeks,College, Basketball, 1, 2, ERNEST R. GOLDBERG 160 Elgin St., Newton Centre Ernie, Ernst, I A, Weeks: Middlebury College, Music Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, Q, 3, Motion Picture Squad 1, Orange Book, 3, Newtonite, 1, 2 3, Newtonian, 3, Track, 2, 3, Orange sliaeia, Q, Band A, 1, orchestra A, 1, Q, 3, Social Room, Concert Master Orchestra, 3, Honor Roll, 2. LEONARD M. GOLDSTEIN 40 Cedar St., Newton Centre Len, l B, Cambridge High and Latin, Colle e, Camera Club, 9, 3, Vice-Presi- dent-liect, 3, German Club, 1, 9, Baseball, 1, Track, 1, 2. O RAEMAH ANN GOOLEY 184 Fairway Dr., West Newton l A, Warren Colb J ' C II Camera Club, 11, 9, dlutirlJgHgub,o1?53l Dr-ima Workshop, 2, 3, Aviation Club, 3, NCWf0"lidf1, 3, Orange Shield, SZ, Legisla- ture, 1, Home Room Manager, 3. BARBARA LORRAINE GOULD 129 Jewett St., Newton Barbie, ll, Hingham High, Work. ELEANOR ROWE GOULD 611 Washington St., Newton El, Ellie, ll, Day, Massachusetts General Hospital, Music Club, 1, Chorus, Q, Outing Club,Q3, French Club, 3, Christmas Ves- pers, . ARNOLD EDWARD GRADE 268 Dorset Rd., Waban Ned, l B, Warren, Bowdoin, Tusitala 1, Vice-President, Q, Camera Club, 2, Co- President, 3, Newtonite Features, 1, 2, Leisure Activities Board, 1, Q, Orange Book, Editor-in-Chief, 3, Legislature AI- ternate, 3. WILLIAM GRAVES 162 Morton St., Newton Centre I B, Weeks, College. DAVID LEONARD GRAY 12 Cross St., West Newton Dave, Red, Il, Warren, Leland Powers School of the Radio and Theatre, Social Studies Club, Q,Microphone Club,2,New- tonite Reporter, Orange Book Staff, Track, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 2, Band, 1, Junior Town Meeting ol the Air, Legislature Representative, 2, Honor Roll, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Societv, 3. JUNE DOLORES GRAY 29 Rangeley Rd., West Newton Blondie, II, Warren, Lasell Junior Col- lege, Camera Club, 1, 2, Outing Club, 1, 9, Drama Workshop, Q, 3, Aviation Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Senior Executive Council, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 9. LAURENCE R. GREEN 90 Kenilworth St., Newton Centre Larry, I A, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Tusitala, 1 2, 3, Art Club, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3, National Honor Society, 3. WILLIAM J. GREENE, JR. 1 89 Tremont St., Newton Bill, I A, Bigelow, Holy Cross, Baseball, 1, Football, 2, Legislature Alternate, 1. EUGENE GREENWOOD 70 Athelstane Rd,, Newton Centre Gene, Humphrey, I B, English High, Colle e, Camera Club, 2, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Baskeiall Manager, 9, 3, Indoor Track, 3, Business Committee, Newtonian, 3. THOMAS GREGORY 42 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Sonny, Ill B, Weeks, College. KATE A. GREGG 51 Holly Rd., Waban Katie, Kit, ll, Warren, Colby Junior College or Edgewood Park Junior College, Music Club, 3, Neophytes, Drama Club 9, 3, Treasurer, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Cho- rus, 1, Costume Committee, Drama Club Elan, 3, Christmas Pageant, 2, 3, Honor o , . JEAN GRIFFIN 30 Beechcroft Rd., Newton Griff, I A, Warren, College, English Club, 1, 9, Drama Club, 2, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3,Chorus, 9,Circulation Committee, Newtonian, 3, Senior Play, 3, Christmas Vespers, 2. ANTONIO GRINGERI 46 Farwell St, Newtonville Tony, IV A, Day, Transportation Busi- ness, Honor Roll, 1. ROBERT H. GRIP 39 Bemis St., Newtonville Bob, Gripper, I A, Day, College, Camera glub, 3, Football Manager, 1, Legislature, NORMAN A. GROCER Q2 Caroline Pk., Waban Norm, Woody, WPB, Il, Brookline High, College. JOSEPHINE GROSSO 47 Oak Ave., West Newton Jo, IV C, Warren, Work, Honor Roll, 1 . ALAN GROVER 19 Garner St., Newton Centre Al, I A, Weeks,College, Junior Varsitv Basketball, 1, Indoor Track, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 3. vi .IOAN MARIE GUINEY 19 Samoset Rd., Waban ll, Warren, Massachusetts State College, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Workshop, Q, Pub- licityCommittee, Senior Play, 3, Circulation Staff, Newtonian, 3, Archery, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 9. VIINIFRED I. HACKLEY 18 Avalon Rd., Waban Wynn, II, Weeks, Westbrook Junior College, Secretary, Camera Club, 3, Archery, 1, Badminton, 1. DONALD G. HAILER 491 Chestnut St., Waban Don, I B, Warren, Dartmouth, Junior Varsity, Intermediate Football, Orange Shield, Q, Legislature, 1, 9, Rally Com- mittee, 2, Home Room Manager, Q, Class President, 9. NANCY HALE 251 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Nance,III B, Weel:s,School,Music Club, 3, Chorus, 3, Nutrition Staff, 3. BARBARA HALEWOOD 278 Cabot St., Newtonville Barb, IV, Day, Wilfred Academy. DOROTHY MARY HALEWOOD 24 Charles St., Auburndale Dottie, Halewood, IV C, Warren, Work. READ HALL 268 Melrose St., Auburndale III B, Warren, College. VIOLA JEANNE HANDY 5 Dudley Rd., Newton Centre Jeanne, Vi, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Camera Club, 3, Badminton, 1. GLORIA HARBER 16 Kimball Ter., Newtonville GIG: lll DGYJ Sarsent College, Outin Club, Q, 3, First Vice-President, 3, Fielg HockeY,1, 9, 31 Tennis, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Softball, 1, 9, 3, Volley Ball, 1, Badminton, 1. LILLIAN DIANA HARDING 39 Princess Rd., West Newton Di, I A, Warren, College, Camera Club, 1, Spanish Club, 1, ROSALIE HARMON 14 Derby St., West Newton Rosie, ll, Warren, JuniorCoIIege, Alpha Beta, 1, Personality Club, Lunchroom Squadl, 15 Home Room Manager, 1, Legisla- ture, , . GEORGE HARPER 11 Channing St., Newton IV A, Bigelow, Business School. ANN HARRER 15 Putnam St., West Newton I A, Warren, Simmons College, Neo- phytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, 9, 3, President, 3, French Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Newtonian, 3, Modern Dance Group, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, "Rotogravure," 1, Neophytes Play, 1, Drama Club Play, Q, Christmas Vespers, Q, Senior Play Committee, 3, SeniorPlayPropertiesChairman,3,NationaI Honor Society, 3. DOROTHY ELLEN HARRIMAN 29 Orchard Ave., Waban Dot, Dottie, II, Weeks, School, Music Club, 1 , 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Honor RolI,9. ROBERT J. HARRIS 16 Stafford Rd., Newton Centre Bob, I A, Weeks, College, Tusitala, 2, Secretary, 3, Latin Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, Newtonian Activities Editor, 3, Orange Book, 3, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, 3, Senior Executive Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. HAROLD R. HARTMANN 81 Puritan Rd., Waban Fuzz, Harry, ll, Weeks, College, Camera Club, 3, Aviation Club, 3, Stage Crew, 3. GWENDOLYN JUNE HARVEY 346 Wolcott St., Auburndale Gwen, Gwennie, Il, Warren, Alpha Beta, 1, Golf, 2, Legislature, 1, Q, 3, Hal- loween Committee, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 1. RUTH HATTON Q5 Simms Ct., West Newton Il, Warren, Nursing, Drama Club Work- shop, Q, Outing Club, 3, Orange Book, SZ, Hockey, 1, Q, Softball, 1, Basketball, 1, SZ, 3, Varsity, 1,0range Shield, 1, Q, 3,"Ro- togravure," 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, National Honor Society, 3. ELIZABETH P. HAUGHEY Q43 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Lib, I A, Weeks, Simmons, Library Club, 2, Newtonian, 3, Basketball, 1, Hockey, 1, Baseball, 1, Modern Dance Group 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Band 3, Honor Roll, 1 , Q, 3, Typing, 2, National Honor Society, 3. JEANNE HAWKS 58 Valentine Pk., West Newton Red, Gee, Jeannie, lI,Warren, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, De- bating Club, 1, Outing Club, 1, Q, English Club, 9, Basketball, 1, 2, Baseball, 1, 9, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q. MARGARET ANN HAWVER 30 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Peggy, Peg,II,Weeks,WesIeyan College for Women, Girls' Chorus, 9, Newtonian Circulation Committee, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Neophytes, 1, Senior Play Candy Committee. HARRIETT HEALEY 11 Waverley Pl., Newton Lower Falls Harri, Il, Warren, College. DIANE HEATH 15 Channing Rd., Newton Centre Di, l B, Weeks, Lasell Junior College, Outing Club, 1, Q, Drama Workshop, Q, President, Golf, Newtonian Advertising, Sophomore Class Hockey, Orange Shield, 9, Costume Committee, Senior Play. MILTON HEATH, JR. 1835 Beacon St., Waban Joe, Noon, Buster, I A, Warren, Yale, Camera Club, Aviation Club, Football, Junior Varsity, Track, 2, Baseball, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Home Room President. MYRA HEMENWAY 137 Langley Rd., Newton Centre My, Susie, I A, Weeks, Colby College, Music Club, 2, Library Club, Q, Chemistry Club, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Basketball, 1, Leader Corps, 3, Band, 1, 9, Or- chestra, 1, 9, 3, Glee Club, 9, 3, Roto- gravure," 1, Spring Music Parade, Qi Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Senior Play Prop- erty Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3. DONALD HENRIOUES 16 Bacon St., Newton Don, Midge, Ill A, Bigelow, Navy, Varsity Club, 3, Basketball, 2, 3. JAMES G. HENDERSON 353 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Gig, Hen, I B, II, Day, American Aca- demy of Dramatic Arts, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, Q 3, Track, 1, Intramural Basketball, 9, Orange Shield, Q, Legisla- ture, 2, 3, Chairman, Rally Committee, 3, Cheerleader, 1, 9, 3, Head Cheerleader, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Drama Club Play, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Class President, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 9, 3. WILLIAM STEPHEN HENDERSON 353 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Bill, Hen, I B, II, Day, U. S. Marines, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Foot- ball, 3, Indoor Track, SZ, Legislature Alter- nate, 3, Honor Roll, 3. JOANNE MARIE HICKEY 73 Elmore St., Newton Centre Jonah, Hick Joan, II, Weeks, BOUA, Outing Club, Orange Shield, 3. WILLIAM HIGGINS 174 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Willie, Il, Weeks, Iowa College, Hockey,1. 4 VERNE R. HILLMAN 421 Wolcott St., Auburndale 3 Ill A, Machine, Ayer High, Honor Roll, PETER L. HILLYER 1564 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Pete, I B, Warren, College, Football, Junior Varsity, 1, Varsity, 9, Hockey, 3, Baseball, 3. NORMAN HOLBROOK 37 Princess Rd., West Newton Luke, ll, Warren, Northeastern, Orange Shield, 9. CHARLES J. HOOVER 629 Commonwealth Ave., Boston Jack, I A, Bigelow, Medicine, Drama Club, 2, 3, Spanish Club, 3, Motion Pic ture Squad, 1. PAUL H. HORLICK 799 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Red, I B,Weeks, College, Radio Club, 1, Newtonite Business Stall, 3, Indoor Track 1, Football Scoreboard, 1, Indoor and Outdoor Track, 3, Orange Shield, 9. NANCY DENNISON HORNE 19 Barnes Rd., Newton Nan, Nance, I A, Bi elow, Smith, Drama Club, 2, 3, Drama Cllub Workshop, 2, Alpha Beta, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Drama Club Play, 2, Honor Roll, 1. EVELYN HORNSTEIN 74 Falmouth Rd., West Newton Evie, ll, Warren, Nurse, Camera Club, SZ, 3, Music Club, 3, Personality Club, 1, Q, Tennis, 1, Archery, 1, Honor Roll, 1,9,3, National Honor Society, 3. DAVID W. HORRIGAN 1304 Boylston St., Newton Upper Falls Hap, Happie, Ill A, Radio, Weeks, Massachusetts Radio School. JOAN HORRIGAN 102 Arlington St., Newton Joanie, I A, Bigelow, Trinity College, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Latin Club, 9, English Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, Basketball 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, RaIlyCommittee, Q, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ELIZABETH MAE HOWE 18 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Betty, Betts,ll, Bigelow,College, Outing Club, 2, Drama Club Workshop, Q, English Club, 3, Band, 1. NANCY HOWELL 6 Byrd Ave., West Newton Nance, ll, Day, Alpha Beta, 1, Social Boarcl, Q, Chorus, 1, Q, 3. LEA R. HUARD 33 Nonantum Pl., Newton Lee, IV, Stevens High School, Clare- mont, N. H., Business School, Senior Chorus. FRANK HUDSON Q79 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Sid, IV, Day, Service. CYNTHIA CONANT HUGHES 56 Daniel St., Newton Centre Cindy, l B, ll, Weeks, Katharine Gibbs, Chorus, 1, 3, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Rally Committee,l3, Christmas Vespers. SALLY CAROLYN HUGHES 102 Cabot St., Newton ll, North Plainfield High School, N. J., College, Drama Club Workshop, Q 3, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3, Chorus, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3. JEAN LARCOM HURLEY 201 Sumner St., Newton Centre Jeannie, l A, Weeks, Wellesley, English Club, 9, Vice,Presiclent, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Newtonian Circulation Stall, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, Business Committee, Senior Play, 3, Home Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. RUTH ESTHER HURLEY 56 Davis Ave., West Newton Ruthie, ll, Warren, Regis College, Alpha Beta, 1, Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Drama Club Work' shop, 3, Music Club, Q. RICHARD HUTCHINS 30 Alban Rd., Waban Hutch, ll, Warren, University of Maine, Social Room Host, Q, Aviation Club, Q, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor Society, 3, JANE HYDE Q6 Whitney Rd., Newtonville I A, Day, Middlebury, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Spanish Club, Q, English Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Social Board, 2, Legislature, Q, Class Treasurer, 1, Class Secretary, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. PHYLLIS HYNES 9 Saxon Rd., Newton Highlands Phil, ll, Sacred Heart, Massachusetts Art School or Vesper George, Art Club, 3. MARJORIE INGALLS 78 Central St., Auburndale Margie, Ming, Midge, ll, Warren, Mt. Ida Junior College, Personality Club, 1, Soccer, 1, Legislature Alternate, 1. CHESTER JENKINS 89 Jewett St., Newton Corner Chet, lll B, IV, Bigelow, Marines, Base- ball, 1, 9, 3, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, 3. WARREN A. JENKINS 140 Jackson St., Newton Centre Warren, IV A, Weeks, Business College, Pre-Chef Class. PHYLLIS M. JENSEN 147 Charlesbank Rd., Newton IV, Bigelow, Art School, Personality Club, 3. DONALD .IEPSEN 11 Jepsen Ct., West Newton Jep, Don, IV A, Warren, Boston Col- lege, Baseball, 1. PAMELA JOHNS 139 Hancock St., Auburndale Pam, ll, W. M. I., New London, Conn., Junior College, Drama Club, 3. IRENE GWENDOLYNE JOHNSON 298 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Renie, Johnnie, ll, Weeks, Wheelock College,Alpha Beta, 1,Drama Club Work- shop, Q, 3, Swimming, 1, Glee Club, 3, Musical Comedy, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Rally Committee, 3. ANNE KATHLEEN JONES 8 Pickwick Rd., West Newton Jonesy, I A, Warren, Mt. Holyoke, Cavalry Club,1,Q,3,Drama Club Workshop, 9, French Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 2, 3, Hockey, 3, All Girls' Assembly, 3, P. T. A. Demonstration, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Rally Committee, 3, Legislature, 3, Leader Corps, Secretary, 3, Honor Roll, 2, National Honor Society, 3. DOROTHY ANN JONES 488 Watertown St., Newtonville Dot, ll, Day, Endicott Junior College, Camera Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 'l, 9, Christ- mas Vespers, 9. JOYCE JONES 8 Birch Hill Rd., Newtonville Jonesy, I A, Day, Smith or Wells, Alpha Beta, 1, Art Club, Treasurer, 1, 2, Tusitala, 1, Secretary, 2, 3, English Club, Q, Drama Club Workshop,2,CavalryClub,3,Spanish Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 3, Modern Dancing, 3, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Christmas Ves- pers, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 2. LOUISE PATRICIA JOYCE 42 Southgate Pk., West Newton Pat, Patty, lV B, Warren, Modeling, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, PHYLLIS KAISER 269 Jackson St., Newton Centre Phyl, Splinter, I B, Weeks, Museum of Fine Arts, Stage Crew, 1, Drama Work- SIYOD, 1, Treasurer, Camera Club, 1, Q, Bowling, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 2. STELLA KALLAS 460 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Bebs, ll, Weeks, Boston University, Col lege of Business Administration, Librarif Club, Enslish Club. RICHARD KALWEIT 383 Elliot St., Newton Upper Ffills Dick, lll A, Weeks, Electrician, CLAYTON JAMES KANNAIR, JR. 1 5 Beaumont A 1e,, New tonville Puffer, K-9, ll, Lincuzn Junior High, College, Motion Picture Squad, 9. 3. MARY KAZARIAN 32 Williams St., Newton Upper Falls IV B, Weeks, Boston University, College of Practical Arts and Letters, Honor Roll, 2. ., 4 .irq . 1 .Ji fl: --fs . . :sw ., ' 3 f-mg . , ,,,: E , 7 JAMES KEVIN KEEFE 38 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Jim, Jimmy, l B, Warren, College, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Varsity Baseball, 2, 3, Hockey, 3, Usher, Senior Play, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 3. DOROTHY ELLEN KEEGAN 11 Beechcroft Rd., Newton Dorsey, Dorse, ll, Warren, Colby Junior College or,EndicottJuniorCollege,Alpha Beta, 1, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, 9, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, Camera Club, 3, Newtonian Circulation Committee, 3, Tennis, 2, Modern Dancing, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 9, Orange Shield, 3, Rally Com- mittee, Q, 3, Scenery Committee, Senior Play,3,Scenerw4lCommittee,Drama Club Play, 3, Christmas espers, Q, Honor Roll, 1. CAROLYN KEHEW 62 Waban Ave., Waban Carol, ll: Weeks, Junior College, Music Club, 3, Hockey, 1, Basketball, 1. ELIZABETH KELLY 133 Waban Si., Newton Kelly, Betty, ll, Warren, Nursing, Outing Club, Band, 1, Q, 3, Hockey, 2, 3, Basket- ball, Q, 3, Softball, 9, 3. THALIA KENNEDY 96 Oxford Pd., Newton Centre l A, Weeks, Smith, English Club, Q, 3, Latin Club, Q, Newtonian, 3, Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, "Rotogravure," 1, Spring Music Parade, Q, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. ESTHER KERIVAN 959 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Es, Essie, ll, Weeks, University of Miami, Personality Club, 1, Basketball, 1, Baseball, 1, Honor Roll, 2. Joi-iN W. KERNAN I 201 Jackson Rd., Newton Jack, Il, Marshall High School, Roches- ter, N. Y., Conservatory of Music, Band, 1. CAROLYN KEYES Q14 Central St., Auburndale Butch, I A, Warren, Wheaton, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 9, 3, Secretary, Q, Newtonian Activities, 3, Archery, 1, Basketball, 1, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Legislature, Q, Alternate, 3, Rally Committee, Q, Social Room Hostess, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor So. ciety, 3. EUGENE F. KILEY 108 Jackson Rd., Newton Gene, I A, Bigelow, College, Legisla- ture, 1, National Honor Society, 3. DONALD KING 20 Murray Ter., West Newton Doc, Skip, III A, Warren, Marines. THOMAS KING 195 Cypress St., Newton Centre I B, Weeks, Boston University, Junior gfarsitly Hockey, 1, Junior Varsity Base- a , . LUCILLE KINSMAN 15 Floral PI., Newton Highlands Lulu, ll, Weeks, Teachers' College, Outing Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Softball, 1 , 9, Basketball, 1, Volleyball, 1, Bowling, 1, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 138 JANE KNOWLES 17 Central Close, Auburndale Janie, I B, Warren, Black Mountain College, Music Club, 1, SZ, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Newtonite Copy Stall, 1, Senior Play Scenery Committee. JOHN A. KNOWLTON 39 Hancock St., Auburndale I A, Warren, Engineering School, ln- termediate Football, Q, Band, 9, Automobile Shop, Q. EDWARD KOEHLER 341 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville Eddie, I B, Springfield, Mass., College, Math Club, 3, Indoor Track, 3, Intramural Basketball, 2, 3, Basketball Manager, 2, Baseball Manager, 2, 3, Legislature, 3. MITCHELL KONTOFF 97 Overlook Pk., Newton Centre Mike, l A, Weeks, College, Camera Club, Q, Math Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, lndoor Track, 2, 3, Outdoor Track, 9, Intramural Basketball, Q, 3. MARCIA PHOEBE KOVITZ 58 Auburn St., Auburndale IV, Warren,Work,Commercial CIub,Q,3, Newtonian Staff, National Honor Society, Building l Office Assistant, 1, Q, 3, Senior Executive Council, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ROBERT KUBEREK 141 Cypress St., Newton Centre 3 Bob, I A,Weeks,College,GermanClub MARY-JANE LA FAYETTE Q1 Hinckley Rd., Waban M. J., Lag, Laggy,l B, Weeks, Skidmore, English Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Archery, 3, Legislature Alternate Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. ADELINE LANDRO 37 River St., West Newton Adele, IV B, Warren, Junior College, Commercial Club, Q, 3, Building l Office, 1, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ELIZABETH LANNIGAN 11 Maple Circle, Newton BetlYi ll, Bigelow, Nursing, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, Outing Club, 3, Drama Workshop, Q, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, 1, Archery, 3, Softball, 3. EDGAR LARACHE 15 Capital St., Newton Ed, Gaga, Golch, IV A, Bigelow, Collese. MARY JOANNE LAWLESS 69 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville Mimi, IV, Day, Business School, Camera Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, AlDha Beta, Music Club, Q, Softball, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, Q, Field Hockey, 1, Q, Archery, 3. BARBARA ANNE LEARMONTH 57 Orchard Ave., West Newton Barby,Il,Warren,ColbyJuniorCollege, Alpha Beta, 1, Debating Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, 3, Basketball, 2,Tennis, 3, Hockey, 1, Parents' Day Hostess, Drama Club, 3, Drama Club Play, 3, Neophytes, 1, Cos- Eurwz 9Committee, Senior Play, 3, Honor o , . 5, 3" f i if fi' gm r O MARTHA CARROLL LEGASSE 93 Arlington St., Newton IB, Bigelow,Westbrook Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 3, Newtonian Circulation Committee, 3, Basketball, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 2, Rally Committee, 2, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, Q. DANIEL LEVANT 18 Brackett Rd., Newton Danny, I A, Bigelow, College, Debating Club, 2, 3, Music Club, 1, Q, Math Club, 3, Newtonite, 2, Newtonian, 3, Track Manager, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1, 9, 31 Boys' Chorus, 3, "Rotogravure," 1, Christ- mas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, Music Parade, 2, Musical Comedy, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3. HELENE sue i.EveNsoHN 36 Dolphin Rd., Newton Centre lB,Weeks,S racuse Llniversity,ArtClub, 1,Q,3,English Club,Q,PublicityCommittee, Senior Play, Orange Shield, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JANICE LEVENSON 90 Oakvale Rd., Waban Jan, I B, Brookline High, University of Rochester, Library Club, 9, Music Club, Q, French Club, 3, Newtonian, Prool. JOAN LEVINE 40 The Ledges Rd., Newton Centre Johnnie, l A, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 2, French Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 1, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, Drama Club, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Candy Committee, Drama Club Play, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 3. BARBARA SHULA LEWIS 16 Maplewood Ave., Newton Centre Barbie, l A, Weeks, Wellesley, Jackson, Alpha Beta, 1, Library Club, SZ, President, 3, Music Club, 2,Spanish Club, Program Chairman, 3, Puppeteers, Newtonian Proof Staff, 3, Archery, 1, Badminton, Q, Orange Shield, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. DANIEL A. LOEWEN 106 Hillside Ave., West Newton Dan, I B, Il, Walnut Hills High School' Cincinnati, O., College, Football, 9, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, Baseball, 9, 3, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Usher, 3, Honor Roll, 3. CECILIA MARIE LOMBARDI 391 Cherry St., West Newton Sissy, IV B, Weeks, Secretary, Assistant Home Room Manager, 9. LAWRENCE LOMBARDI 987 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Larry, IV A, Weeks, Accountant, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Junior Varsity Basket- ball, 1, Intermediate Baseball, 1. MARIE THERESA LOMBARDI 91 West St., Newton Tess, IV, Day, Office Work, Orange Shield, 1, Q. NANCY MACKENZIE LORD 4 Brookdale Rd., Newtonville Nanc, Lordy, ll, Day, Westbrook Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 9,3, Swimming Club, 1, Orange Shield, Q, War Ztamp Collector, 1, Home Room Manager, PHYLLIS LORD 377 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Phil, II, Day, College, Camera Club, 1, Legislature Alternate, Honor Roll, 1, Q, Typing, Q. O THOMAS LOVELL 174 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Tom, I B, Burlington High, University of Michigan, Varsity Football, Assistant Home Room Manager, 1, National Honor Society, 3. ROBERT LUCAS 33 Boyd St., Newton Bob, lll B, Bigelow, Service DONALD FRANCIS LUNNY 394 Central St,, Auburndale Looney, Unca, ll, Warren, Marines. PRISCILLA ANN LYDON 92 Greenwood St., Newton Centre Prie, II, Weeks, Kathleen Dell, Cavalry Club. VERNE L. LYNN 34 Kingswood Rd., Auburndale Larry, l A, Warren, Tufts, Math Club, 3, Junior Varsity Football Squad, 1. SCOTT MJCCALDEN 16 Bemis St., Newtonville IA, Day, College, Chemistry Club, 3. HELEN MacLACHLAN 216 Highland St., West Newton I A, Scarsdale High, Scarsdale, N. Y., College, English Club, 3, Debating Club, 3, Newtonite, 3. MARIE MAGNUSON 19 Pleasant St., Newton Centre Mimi, ll, Weeks, Mass. Chilclren's Hos- pital School ofNursing, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3. NANCY ELIZABETH MAHER 158 Central St., Auburndale Nance, Mar, ll, Warren, Sargent, Neo- phytes, 1, Junior-Senior Chorus, Q, Drama Club, 9, Secretary, 3, Outing Club, Q, President, 3, Leader Corps, 3, Archery, 1, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Hockey, Q, 3, Basketball, 2, 3, Parents Night, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Cheerleader, 3, Glee Club, 3, Drama Club Play, 9, Neophytes Play, 1, Christmas Vespers, 2, 3, Honor Poll, 1, Q. ALYCE ANNE MAHONEY 9 Hale St. Newton Upper Falls Peanuts, IV, Weeks, Newton Junior College, Sophomore and Junior Field Hockey, Baseball, Girls' Leader Corps. CHARLES L. MAHONEY 19 Hale St. Newton Upper Falls Charlie, Chuck, IV A, Weeks, Account- ing, Varsity Club, 9, 3, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Varsity Football, 2 3, Indoor Track 1, Q, Outdoor Track, 2, I-lockey, 3, Legislature, 9, 3, Honor RolI,1, 9, National Honor Society, 3. MADELYN LOUISE MAHONEY 699 Watertown St. Newtonville Maddy Lou, I A, Day, Radcliffe, Music Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 2, English Club, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 1, Latin Club, 2, Advertising Stall, Newtonian 3, Basket- ball, 1, Orange Shield, SZ, Captain, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, Christmas Tree Com- mittee, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. MERRITI' MAHONY . 70 Prospect Pk., Newtonville Mo, I B, Day, College, Junior Varsity Hockey, Junior Varsity Baseball, Inter- mediate Football. JEAN HUNTER MAINTAIN 181 Upland Rd., Newtonville I A, Day, Middlebury, Wells, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, 1, Spanish Club, 9, Rally Committee, Q, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Orange Shield, Q, Legislature, 3. NANCIE LORRAINE MALFA 4 Oakwood Ter., Newton Centre Nan, Nance, ll, Weeks, New England Conservatory of Music, Alpha Beta, Music Club,GIee Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Archery, Badminton, Ping-pong, Chorus, Q, 3, ChristmasVespers, Q, 3, President, Junior Achievement Group. RICHARD B. MALTON 16 Stiles Ter., Newton Centre Dick, I B, Weeks, Medicine. CHARLOTTE KENT MANGINI 43 Palmer Rd., Waban Char, I A, Central High, Washington, D, C.,Pine Manor Junior College, West- brook, President, Cavalry Club, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Modern Dancing, Q, Basketball, Q, 3. FRANCIS MANNING 969 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Mitten, Mutsy, Ill A, Radio, Weeks, Parks Air College, Legislature. LAWRENCE FREDERICK MANNING 29 Vernon St., Newton Moose, ll, Bigelow. RICHARD MANNING 510 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Dick, Rickie, Il, Day, Franklin Institute or General Motors, Legislature, 2, Neo- phytes. ALBERT ANTHONY MARCHIONI 36 Hollis St., Newton Marchi, Al, IV A, Bigelow, Armed Forces, Junior Varsity. IRMA MARCUS 91 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre Marcy, Weeks, College, Neophytes, Drama Club, Music Club, Archery, Drama Club Play, 3, Christmas Vespers. LOUIS GERALD MARCUS 41 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Gerry, l A, Weeks, College, Debating Club, 1, 2, Math Club 2 Vice-President, Honor Roll, 1, National Honor Society, 3. AUDREY MARINUS 198 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Aud,l B, Day, Art School, Alpha Beta, 1, Spanish Club, 9, Drama Club Workshop, 9, Music Club, 3, Basketball, 1, Social Room Committee, 9. 2 EVELYN CORNELIA MARINUS 198 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Ev, Evie, ll, Day, Wheelock, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 1, Outing Club, 2, Chorus, 1, Q, 3. GEORGE MARKEN 1099 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Greek, ll, Watertown High, Nichols Junior College, Business Management, igoyi Chorus, Motion Picture Squad, Drama U . RICHARD MARTIN 170 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Mo, Richie, ll, Weeks, Northeastern University. ROGER W. MARTIN 170 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Gib, ll, Weeks, Work and College. ROBERT MASTROPIERI 1130 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Robie, IV, Weeks, Work, Boys' Chorus, Junior Varsity Football, Indoor Track, Out- door Track. DONALD E. MAYBERRY, JR. 141 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Don, l A, Weeks, N.R.O.T.C., Neo- ghytes, 1, Camera Club, 3, Neophytes 3Y. DOROTHY L. MAZZOLA 295 Waltham St., West Newton Dot, Dottie, ll, Day, Lasell Junior Col- lege, Honor Roll, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. ALAN McADAMS 54 Temple St., West Newton Beanie Mac, I A, Warren, College, Varsity Club, 3, Orange Book, Q, New- tonian Sports Editor, 3, lndoor Track, 2, Co-Captain, 3, Outdoor Track, 2, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 2, President, 3, Boys' Athletic Board, 3, Senior Play Com- nl1it?e53, Chairman, Ushers, 3, Honor Roll, RENA ELIZABETH MCAFEE 3 Kilburn Rd,, West Newton Mac, Il, Warren, Edgewood Park Junior College, Cavalry Club, Q, Camera Club, 1, Tennis, 1, 2, Cheerleader, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, 3. MARY McARDLE 15a Maple Ter., Newton Mac, Red, IV B, Bigelow, Business School, Outing Club, OPFice Work, Buildingll. ARTHUR J. MCCANN ' 250 River St., West Newton Archie, Ill A, Warren, Electrician. ROBERT JOHN MCCARTHY 35 Kensington St., Newtonville Bob, IV A, Day, Work, National Honor Society, 3. MARGARET ANN MCCORMICK 65 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Peggy, Mag, ll, Weeks, Wheelock, Neophytes, Treasurer, 1, English Club, Q, Drama Workshop, 2, Girls' Chorus 1, 9, Rally Committee, 3, Newtonian Circula- tion Staff, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, Legisla- ture, 1, Q, 3. E. VIRGINIA McCOURT 32 Rossmere St., Newtonville Gini, I B, Day, Boston University, Camera Club, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, Q, 3, Outing Club, 2, Rally Committee, 2, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Music Club, 3, Latin Club, 2, Newtonian Data Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3, Oiiice, Building II, 2, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1. THOMAS McGRATH 86 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Tom, Mickey, Magrew, ll, Boston Col- gge High, Boston College, Orange Shield, RICHARD LEE McGRAW 21 Lenox St., West Newton Dick, The Bird, Chicken, I B, Sewanhaka High, Floral Park, N. Y., College, New- tonian, Sports, Circulation Staffs, Legisla- ture Alternate, "Rotogravure," 1, C rist- mas Vespers, 9, 3, Spring Concert, 2, 3, Senior Play, 3, Male Ouartet, 1, 2, 3, Mass. Music Festival, 2, 3, New England Music Festival, 3,SeniorPlayCommittee, 3. MARIANNA MCGUFFIN 150 Newtonville Ave., Newton Guppy, ll, Bigelow, Outing Club, Bowling, French Club. JANET DOROTHY MCKEEN 9065 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale Jan, IV A, Warren, Westbrook Junior College, Personality Club, 1, Drama Work- shop, 2, 3. CAROL McKENZIE 66 Randlett Pk., West Newton Mac, Il, Warren, Bethany College and Forsyth Dental, English Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 9, 3,RaIly Committee, 3, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Newtonian Cir- culation Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. RUTH McMAHON Q7 Parsons St., West Newton Ruthie, Mickey, II, Day, Colby Junior College, Microphone Club, Girls' Chorus, 1,Newtonian Staff- Rally Committee,Legis- lature, Building ll Office, Halloween Com- mittee, Candy Committee, Senior Play, As- sistant Home Room Manager, Honor Roll, 1. JOAN MCMULLIN 30 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands Mac, ll,Weeks, Boston University, New- tonian Art Stall, 3, Orange Shield,-Q, 3, Publicity Committee, Senior Play, 3, Roto- gravure," 1. JUNE McNElL 42 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands Mac, Junie, I A, ll, Weeks, Colby Junior College, Alpha Beta, Drama Club Workshop, Archery, 1, Badminton, 1, 9, 3, Bowling, 3, Golf, 3. JOHN MCQUEENEY 61 Jewett St., Newton Jake, Il, Bigelow, Service. RICHARD MCSHEFFREY 191 Crescent St., Auburndale Mac, Dick, III A, Warren, Electrician. .1 5-,N ' I Q R as In I ii' 44 ANNETTE MAY MEINHART Q0 Shawmut Pk., Newton Upper Falls Angel, Sunshine, II, Weeks, Music Club, 1, 2, 3,Chorus, 1, 9. EDWARD MENTZER 10 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Eddie, I B, II, Weeks, College, Baseball, 1, Hockey, 1, Home Room Manager, 1. ANNE MESSIER 176 Warren St., Newton Centre I A, Weeks, Radcliffe, Neophytes, 1, Alpha Beta, Debating Club, 1, Library Club, Secretary, Q, Vice-President, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Senior Play Prop- erty Committee, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 3. EDWARD CONRAD NIICHAUD, JR. Q02 Nehoiden Rd., Waban Ned, Ed, I A, Warren, College, French Club, Q, Math Club, 3, Stage Crew, 3, Glee Club, 1, 2, Boys' Chorus, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 1, 9. JANET MILLARD 255 Mill St., Newtonville Jan, I A, Day, Mt. Holyoke or Duke University, Music Club, 1, 3, Math Club, 3, English Club, Q, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 2 Assistant Captain, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, Girls' Chorus, Christmas Vespers. RICHARD L. MILLER 161 Forest Ave., West Newton Dick, Il, Day, Glee Club, 1, 21.3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Stage Crew 2, 3, Rotogra- vure," 1, Spring Music Concert, Q, Chrlst- mas Vespers, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 2, 3, Honor Roll, Q, Radio Repair and Maintenance, 1, National Honor Society, 3. JOHN F. MILLIGAN 125 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Mill, IV A, Warren, Office Work, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Intermediate FootbalI,Q. WILLIAM JAMES MINGACE 89 Elm St., West Newton Ming, IV A, Warren, College, Football, Q, Indoor Track, 1, 9, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Legislature, 2, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1. BERNADETTE T. MIRISOLA 77 Central Ave., Newtonville Betty, Shrimp, Murph, IV, Joseph Met- calf Junior High, Holyoke, Mass,, Business College, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3. MARJORIE MISHEL 89 Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre Margie, l A, Weeks, Pembroke, Neo- phytes, 1, Camera Club, 1, Q, English Club, Treasurer, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2. CAROLYN MARIE MITCHELL 32 Gilbert St., West Newton Mitch, IV, ll, Warren, Singing, Per- sonality Club, 1, Chorus, 1, 9, Basketball, Hockey, Archery. JAMES A. MOLLER 104 Eliot Ave., West Newton Jim, Il, Weeks, Preparatory School, Football Manager, 1, Q, 3. Q an it f 2 ,P 5 .am "' i N if sa...- farm 145 ANNE MONZERT 280 Highland Ave., West Newton IA, Warren, Bates, Alpha Beta, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Art Club, 2, 3, Tusitala, 9, President, 3, Social Room Hostess, 9, French Club, 3, Orange Book, 3, Assistant Editor, Newtonian, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Q, Tennis, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 9, 3, "Rotogravure," 1, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. EDWARD J. MORAN 16 Dyer St., Framingham Moose, lll A, Printing, Open a Print Shop, Band. MARK MORDECAI 51 Montvale Rd., Newton Centre Mickey, I A, Weeks, Williams, Junior Varsity Football, Junior Varsity Baseball, Intermediate Baseball, Varsity Football, Orange Shield, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, 3. PATRICIA MOREHOUSE, 16 Ware Rd., Auburndale Pat, I A, American School of Rio de Janeiro, College, Music Club, Glee Club, Girls' Chorus. BARBARA J. MORAHAN Q90 Tremont St., Newton Barbie, ll, Bigelow, Junior College, Camera Club, 1, 3, Basketball, 3, Field Hockey, Class Team, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Assistant Home Boom Manager, Q, Honor Roll, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JOSEPH RAILTON MORGAN 18 Hovey St., Newton Ray, I A, Bigelow, Annapolis, Junior Varsity Football, 1. PATRICIA MORRISON 55 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Pat, Patsy, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Cavalry Club, 9, Outing Club, 3, Basket- ball, 1, Cheerleader, 3, Field Hockey, Class Team, 3, Legislature, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3. WILLIAM B. MORSE 157 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Shorty, I A, Weeks, College, Chemistry Club, Q, Aviation Club, 3, Newtonian giisiness Staff, 3, Property Committee, Senior ay, 3. PATRICIA ANN MORTON Q97 Woodward St., Waban Pat, Patty, I B, Edward Little High, Au- burn, Me., College, English Club, Q, Out- ing Club, Q, Drama Club, Q, 3, Softball, 1, Drama Club Play, Q,3, Senior Play, 3. MARY PATRICIA MOSHER 34 Byrd Ave., West Newton Pat,l A, Warren, Regis, Drama Club, 9, 3, Camera Club, 1, Spanish Club, 1, English Club, 9, Outin Club, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Chorus, 3, Drama Club Properties Committee, 9. BARBARA MARIE MURPHY 3 Walnut Ter., Newtonville Murph, Barbie, II, Day, Newton Hospi- tal Training, Newtonite Reporter, Circula- tion Stall of Newtonite. BARBARA JEAN MURPHY 94 Auburn St., Auburndale Barb, Murph, IV, Warren, Kathleen Dell, Girls' Chorus, 3. 1 E A' 'ii' I . .- ' t , , . ,V,...' .,L,. , V ' i 146 BETTE ANN MURPHY 5 Vaughn Ave., Newton Highlands Bdm, Bambi, lV C, Weeks, Endicotl Junior College, English Club, Q, Canteen Committee, Tennis, Q. MARILYN MURPHY 14 Samoset Rd., Waban Meri, I A, Warren, Mount Holyoke, Alpha Beta, 1, Camera Club, 2, Drama Workshop, Q, Spanish Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 3, Newtonian Copy Staff, 3, Field Hockey, 3, All Girls' Assembly, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. JOHN MURREN 50 Brooks Ave., Newtonville Johnny, ll, Day, Radio Club, 3, Inter- mediate Football, Q. PRISCILLA MARION NAGELL 98 Park St., Newton Pris, Kitten, ll, Bigelow, Rhode Island School of Design, Art Club, 9, Spanish Club, 2, Music Club, 3, Drama Club Work- shop, 2, 3, Circulation Committee, New- tonian, 3, Basketball, 1, Modern Dancing, 3, Orange Shield, Q, Assisant Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 3. JOSEPH R. NARDONE 31 Capital St., Newton Joe, Joey, Il, Bigelow, 13th Year or Boston University, Orange Shield, 1, 2, Honor Roll, 3. MATTEO NEGROTTI 56 Chapel St., Nonantum Mat, IV A, ll, Day, Service, Football, Junior Varsity, 'l, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q. .IOANNE B. NICHOLS 151 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Jo, Nicky, l B, ll, Bigelow, Art School or Junior College, Camera Club, 3, Bowling, 1, Tennis, 3. JOSEPHINE NICHOLS 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Jo, l A, White Plains High, College, Music Club, Honor Roll, 3. SARAH GARDNER NICHOLS 38 Richardson St., Newton Nickie, Sally, l A, Bigelow, Middle- bury, Debating Club, 1, Latin Club, SZ, Math Club, 3, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. BRUCE NICKERSON 21 Maple Pk., Newton Centre Nick, I B, Weeks, lowa State, Navy. MICHAEL NICOLAZZO 6 Gannon Ct., West Newton Mike, Nick, IV, Warren, Marine Corps, Vice-President, Sophomore Class. ROGER NOLL 1880 Beacon St., Waban Rog, Red, ll, Warren, College, Varsity Hockey. 7 ROBERT NORCROSS 190 Waban Ave., Waban Bob, Bobby, l A, Warren, College. MARY GRACE NORRIS 112 Glen Ave., Newton Centre Gracie, I A, Weeks, Wellesley, Neo- phytes, 1, President, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature Representative, 1, Q, Drama Boa rd, Q,Chairman, 3, Rally Executive Com- mittee, 2, Executive Council, 3, Rally Com- mittee, 3, Neophytes Play, 1, Drama Club Candy Committee, Q, Senior Play Candy Eianrrilittee, 3, Class Treasurer, 2, 3, Honor o , . HERMON NORTON, JR. 56 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban Bud, I A, Weeks, Middlebury M,l.T., Projector Squad, 1, French Club, SZ, Cavalry Club, Q, Math Club, 3, Manager, Basketball, 1, Q, Hockey Manager, 3, Junior Varsity Tennis, 1, Q, Orange Shield, 9, Legislature, Q, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 9. TRAVIS NUTTING 30 Chase St., Newton Centre Tray, Travie, Nuts, ll, Weeks, Prepara- tory School, Football, 1, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, Track, 2, Executive Coun- cil, 3,Class President, 3. BARBARA E. NYREN 17 Charles River Ter., Newton Highlands Buzzy, l B, Weeks, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Music Club, 3, Newtonite, 3, Bowling, 1, Ar- chery, 1, New England Music Festival, 3, Massachusetts Music Festival, 2, 3, Christ- mas Vespers 1, 9, 3, Spring Musical Comedy, 3, Drama Club Play, 2, Neo- ghntesl Play, 1, Spring Concert, 9, Honor o , . EDWARD O'BOYLE 102 Grasmere St., Newton O'Bimple, ll, Bigelow, Boston Univer- sity, Junior Varsity, lntermediate Football. MARIE O'CONNELL 165 Fairway Dr., West Newton Pie, I B, Warren, Regis, Alpha Beta, 1, Tusitale, 9, 3, Music Club, 1, 9, 3, New- tonite,1, Q, 3, Newtonian, 3,Modern Danc- ing, 9, Badminton, 1, Band, 1, Chorus, Q, 3, RallyCommittee, 2, Social Room Hostess, Q. DOROTHY MARION O'CONNOR Q Mullen Ct., Newton Highlands Okie, Dottie, IV, Weeks, Burdett. JEANNE VERONICA O'DONNELL 49 Stanilord St., Auburndale Jean, IV, Warren, College, Legislature, 3, Building Il OFfice, Q. SHIRLEY O'HARA 163 Harvard St., Newtonville Shirl, S., Blondie, II, Day, Colby Junior College, Nursing, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, Q, Assistant Home Room Manager, Q HARRY L. OLMSTEAD, JR. 19 Spring St., Newton Upper Falls Ollie, ll, Weeks, Leland Powers, Mo- tion Picture' Squad, 1, Microphone Club, 1, SZ,QBoys Chorus, 1, Junior Achieve- ment, , JANE BRADFORD OSBORNE 103 Elgin St., Newton Centre l B, Weeks,Colb C Il ,Al h B , 'Ii Cavalry Club, Q, ltflugc gib, 3lJTIlisitilZ, 2, 3, German Club, 3, Vice-President, Newtonian, 3, Basketball, 1, Badminton, 1, NationalHonorSociety,Q,3,Leader Corps, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1, wifi? 8 THELMA PACHUS 17 Anita Circle, Waban Thel, ll, Weeks, College, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 3. MARTHA PALMER 930 Mt. Vernon St., West Newton Marty, I A, Warren, Cornell, Alpha Beta, 1, Neophytes, Secretary, 1, English Club, Q, 3, Secretary, Q, Drama Club, 3, Orange Book, Assistant Editor, New- tonian, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Civics Board, 3, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Na- tional Honor Society, 9, 3, Legislature, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Class Secretary, Q, Girls' Vice-President, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. MARIE M. PALUMBO 950 Watertown St., Newton IV C, Day, Business School, Personality and Dress Club, 3, Swimming, 2. GINO D. PAOLINI 11 Jasset St., Nonantum Cake, Gi, II, Day, Service, Glee Club, Q, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3. EARL IL. PAQUETTE 45 Auburn St., West Newton Parky, Ill B, Warren, Work. EDWARD PARENT 25 Prospect Ave.. Newtonville IB, Brookline High,Marine Architecture. EMILE PARENT 111 Parker Ave., Newton Highlands Little Moose, l A, Bigelow, Senior Play Usher Committee, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, 1, Q, Assistant, 3. DOROTHY JANE PENDERGAST 731 Washington St., Newtonville Dottie, Doris, ll, Day, Katharine Gibbs, Alpha Beta, 1, Social Studies Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Music Club, 9, Tennis, 1, Modern Dancing, 3, Social Room Hostess, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JOSEPH A. PASCUCCI 336 Grant St., Framingham Peno, Ill A, Electrical, Lincoln Junior High, Marriage, Work, Electrician, Alter- nate Legislature, Honor Roll, Q. IRENE MARY PATRIACCA 62 Cook St., Newton Mae, Mali, lV, Day, Secretary, Business School, Personality Club, Q, Chorus, 3, Spring Concert, 1, Christmas Vespers. NORMAN PATERSON 596 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Norm, Pat, ll,Warren, Chouinard lnsti- tuteofArt, Los Angeles, California, Music Club, 3, Orange Book Art Editor, 3, New- tonian Art Editor, 3, Newtonian Photog- raphyEditor,3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Band A, 1, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, "Rotogravure," 1 , Spring Music Parade, 2, Publicity Commit- tee, 2, "Pops" Publicity, 2, 3, Spring Musi- cale Publicity Chairman, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. JOHN PATTEN 174 Auburn St., Auburndale I A, Warren, College, Chemistry Club, National Honor Society, Q, 3. l 5, ,ggqigg . - , 9 RICHARD PAUL 53 Beverly Rd., Newton Highlands Dick, ll, Weeks, Aviation, Marines, Aviation Club, 2, Vice-President, 3, Glee Club, 3, Boys' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Intermediate Football, 1, Mechanics, Q. JULIA BRYANT PAINE PARKER Q0 Birch Hill Rd., Newtonville Judy, ll, I A, Day, Lasell Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, Q, Camera Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Junior- Senior Girls' Chorus, Q, Copy Stall, New- tonite, 1, Neophytes, 1. MADELEINE PEPPLER 448 Woodward St., Waban Maddy, I B, Bayside High, Simmons College, English Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3. CHARLES ARNOLD PERKINS 127 Waverley Ave., Newton Ben, Benny, I A, Bigelow, Rensselaer, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, Q, Varsity Basketball, 3. SONIA PESKIN 140 Sargent St., Newton Pes, Spes, S, I, B ll, Day, Mass. School of Art, Art Club, 1, 3, Secretary, 3, Home Room Manager, 2. PATRICIA JEAN PETTINER 964 Parker St., Newton Centre Pat, Patty, II, Weeks, Boston University, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Cavalry Club, Q, 3, Music Club, 3. JOHN F. PFEIFER 85 Floral St., Newton Highlands Jack, IV A, Day, Bentley or Marine Corps, Aviation Club, Secretary, 3. JOHN PFEIFFER Q0 Leslie Rd., Auburndale Jack, Fife, I A, Warren, Wesleyan, Camera Club, 1, Aviation Club, Q, Chem- istry Club, 3,Treasurer, 3, Math Club, 3, Track, 'l, Q, 3, Intramural Basketball, 2, Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3, MARY ANN PICARELLO 15 Lexington St., West Newton Mae, Marie, IV C, Warren, Office Work, Personality Club, Q. ANTHONY R. PICARIELLO 31 Jefferson St., Newton Pic, Tony, IV A, Bigelow, College, Honor Roll, Q. PHYLLIS MARY PICCIRILLO BQ Harvard St., Newtonville Pitchy, IV C, Day, Personality Club, 2, 3. JOHN PICKETT 53 Amherst Rd., Waban Jackie, I B, Weeks, College, Intermedi- ate Baseball, Junior Varsity Baseball. PATRICIA GIBBS PLACE 60 Carlton Rd., Waban Pat, Patty, il, Warren, Penn Hall, New- tonian Circulation Committee, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature Alternate, 1, Sopho- more and Junior Chorus, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, 3. JUNE FRANCES PODREN 46 Lane Pk., Brighton Junie, I B, T. A. Edison, Brighton, Cazenovia Junior College, Music Club, 1, Personality Club, 1, Radio Club, SZ, Deco- rating Committee, Drama ClubWorkshop,9, 3,Archery, 1, Q, Softball, 9, Assistant Home Room Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1. FRANCES O'BANNON POPE 1037 Beacon St., Newton Centre Fido, Southern Comlort, Frannie, Tex, ll, Weeks, University of Texas or Garland School of Home Making, Neophytes, 1, Debating Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Outing Club, 3, Puppeteers, 3, Aviation Club, 1, Newtonite, 3, Badminton 2, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, Rally Com- mittee, 2, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Christmas Vespers, 3, "l2otogravure." LOUISE POPE 197 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Lou, IV C, Bigelow, Work, Costume Fgmmittee, Senior Play, 3, Office Building SUZANNE POST 103 Court St., Newtonville Sue, II, Lewistown Junior High, Lewis- town, Pa., Wheelock, Chorus, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, Q, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 3, Christmas Vespers, Q, 3, Spring Music Parade, 9, Candy Committee, Q, Office Building I, 3, Honor Roll, 3. ELIZABETH ANN POWERS 41 Vernon St., Newton Bets, Betty, Liz, ll, Weeks, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 3, Girls' Chorus, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3. -1-. MARY DOROTHY PRENDERGAST 28 Chandler Pl., Newton Upper Falls Dottie, Prenda, IV B, Weeks, Boston University, Commercial Club, 3. JOHN PHILIP PURCELL 11 Lincoln Pl., West Newton Fritz, Sleepy, Purce, I A, Warren, Boston College, Junior Varsity Football, 1. PAULINA JANE QUILTY 61 Hancock St., Auburndale Paulie, Paul, I B, Warren, Junior College, Neophytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club, 3, Publicity Chairman, English Club, 3, Modern Dancing, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3, Rally Committee, 1, Q, Legislature, 1. ELEANOR CLAIRE OUINLAN 115 Waban Pk., Newton El, Ellie, II, Bigelow, Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, English Club, 3, Basketball, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, Social Board Committee, 3. MARION QUINN 29 Irving St., Newton Centre Ouinnie, I A, Day, Emmanuel, Alpha Beta, President, 1, Neophytes, 1, Drama Club Workshop Q, English Club, 9, Presi- dent, 3, Latin Club, Q, Orange Book, 9, Newtonian Data Editor, 3, Field Hockey, 1, Parents' Night Hostess, 3, Orange Shield, 2, National Honor Society, 2, Treasurer, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Candy Commit- tee, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. PAUL T. QUINN 43 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville Angus, IV A, Day, Bryant and Stratton: Aviation Club, Orange Shield Alternate, Legislature Alte mate. WILLIAM FRANCIS RALEIGH 21 Prospect Pk., Newtonville Bill, ll, William Hall High, W. Hartford, Conn., College, Dramatic Club, 3, Execu- tive Council Committee, 3, Cheerleader, Q, Legislative Representative, 2, Senior Play Usher, 3, Home Room Manager, 3. BARBARA RANDALL 21 Institution Ave., Newton Centre Barb, I B, Weeks, University of New Hampshire, Alpha Beta, 1, Latin Club, Drama Club Workshop, Archery,1,Music Club, Chorus, Glee Club, Honor Roll, 3. EDGAR RANDLE 10 Highland Pk., Newtonville Bud, Buddy, I A, Bigelow, College, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Varsity Club Q, 3, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Varsity Tennis, 1, Q, Captain, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 2, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Usher, 3. CHARLES LIONEL REGAN 119 Warwick Rd., West Newton Senator, Soupy, Chuck, I A, Warren, College, Neophytes, 1, Chess Club, 1, English Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, Vice'Presi- dent, 2, Orange Book Staff, 3, Business Manager, Newtonian, 3, Senior PIapCast, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National onor Society, 3. DAVID W. REGO 35 Oak Ter., Newton Highlands Tico Tico, Dave, I A, Wellfleet High, M.I.T., Radio Club, 9, 3, Math Club, 3, Band, 1 ,Q, 3, Orchestra, 3, Honor Roll, 1, National Honor Society, 3. ROBERT W. REICHHELD 14 Sterling St., West Newton Rasputin, ll, Gilbert Stuart, Providence, R, I., Boston University. EDWARD B. REILLY, JR. 248 Cherry St., West Newton Savage, Eddie, Doc, Irish, IV, Warren, U. S. Air Force, Intermediate Football, 2, Legislature, 1, Boys' Chorus, 3. ALFRED JOSEPH RICCI 7 Crescent Sq., Newton Al, Ric, Rich, IV A, Day, College, Honor Roll, 3. MADELEINE RICCIARDI 268 Watertown St., Newton Madge, IV C, Day, Art School. ATEO RICCIARDELLI 33 Mills Rd., Needham Ricky, III A, Electrical, Needham Junior High, Electrician. ANNE RICH 969 Franklin St., Newton Richie, I A, Bigelow, Vassar or Smith, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Workshop, Q, English Club, Q, Program Chairman, 3, Circulation Editor Newtonian, 3, Basket- ball, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, Q, Alternate, 3, Girls' Chorus, 2, Christmas Vespers, 2, Rally Committee, 9, Senior Play Candy Committee, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. WILLIAM DONALD RICKER 17 Leonard Ave., Newtonville Bill, Moose, Il, Day, Preparatory School, Intermediate Football, 9, Junior Varsity Baseball, Intramural Basketball, Q. 5 . Q ELAYNE ROSALYN ROBBINS 1151 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton I B, Thayer Academy, College, Music Club, 2, 3, Latin Club, Treasurer, 2, Drama Club, 3, Newtonian Representative, 3, lgrama Club Play, 3, Home Room Manager, DEAN WENTWORTH ROBINSON' 936 Varick Rd., Waban Robbie, Rob, I A, Warren, New Hamp- shire University, Camera Club, 9, 3, Avia- tion Club, Q, Band, 1, Legislature Alter- nate, 9. ELIZABETH ANNE ROBINSON Q36 Varick Rd., Waban Liz, I A, Warren, Cornell, Art Club, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Chemistry Club, Vice-President, Q, Secretary, 3, Math Club, Secretary, 3, Orange Book, Q, Newtonian Features Editor, 3, Hockey, 9, Orange Shield, 9, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. GUDRUN ROBINSON 80 Berkeley St., West Newton Mei-Mei, I A, Warren, Wellesley, Music Club, 1, Library Club, Vice-Presi- dent, Q, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, Newtonian, 3, Hockey, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, Senior Play Properties Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 3. VIRGINIA ROOD 21 Mountfort Rd., Newton Highlands Ginny, Ginger, Il, Shortridge High, Indianapolis, Ind., College, Camera Club, 3, Tennis, 3. NATHANIEL ROSENBERG 14 Mandalay Rd., Newton Centre Nat, Tuts, I A, Weeks, Brown, Neo- phytes, 1, Latin Club, 9, English Club, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 3, War Stamp Manager, 1, Neophytes Play, 1, Legislature Alternate, LOIS ANNE ROSENE 114 Sargent St., Newton Coo, l A, Bigelow, Junior College, Art School, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Club Work- shop, 2, Rally Committee, 3. MARILYN ELAINE ROSENTHAL 37 Commonwealth Pk., Newton Centre l A, Weeks, College, Music Club, 2, Outing Club 1, Q, Math Club, 3, Basket- ball, 1, 9, 3,Tenms, 1, Baseball, Q, 3, Band, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3. JANET ROUNDING 41 Vernon St,, Newton Jannie, Jan, ll, Weeks, Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Newtonian Circulation Committee, 3, Girls' Chorus, 9, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 2, 3. DONALD GEORGE ROWLINGS 70 Greylock Rd., Newtonville Don,lA,Day,Dartmouth, Camera Club, Q, Secretary, 3, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Q, intramural Basketball, 2, 3, Legislature, 1, 2, Home Room Manager. PAUL ROY BO Charles St., Auburndale 1 ll, Warren, Work or V-12, Radio Club, ROBERT MORRIS RUBIN 92 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre Rube, Bob, I A, Weeks, M.l.T., Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Junior Varsity Football Manager, 1, Honor Roll, 9. ANNE MARIE RYAN B6 Norwood Ave., Newtonville Annie, Red, ll, Day, Wheelock, Alpha Beta, 1, Outing Club, Q, Basketball, 1, Softball, 1, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9. EMILY P. RYAN Q36 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale Em, ll, Warren, Kathleen Dell, Drama Workshop, 3, Music Appreciation, 1, Outing Club, Q, Modern Dance, 1, 2, Basketball, 1, Orange Shield, Q, Legisla- ture, 1, Honor Roll, 1. JOAN ELIZABETH RYCROFT 5 Hunter St., West Newton Joanie, Tina, ll, Warren, Lasell, Library Club, Aviation Club, Alpha Beta, New- tonian, Modern Dancing, Badminton, Orange Shield, Q, 3, "Rotogravure." BRADLEY TAYLOR SACK 99 Kodaya Rd., Waban Sad Sack, l A, Weeks, M.l.T., Math Club, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Legisla- ture, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, Radio, 1. BARBARA SALINGER 161 Highland Ave., Newtonville Barb, Barbie, I A, Day, Smith, Alpha Beta, 1,Spanish Club, SZ, Drama Club Work- shop, 2, Music Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Cast, Senior Play, Honor Roll, 1, 9, National Honor Society, 3. BETTY SANDLER Q6 Janet Rd., Newton Centre Betts, ll, Highland Manor, N. J., Col- lege, Music Club, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 2. VIRGINIA SANGUINETI 13 Nonantum Pl., Newton Ginny, I A, Bigelow, Westbrook Junior College, Outing Club, 3, Chorus, 1, 3. RIEKA SAXE 30 Embassy Rd., Brighton Rickie, I A, T. A, Edison, University of Miami, French Club, Q. ALLAN SCHAFFER 47 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Al, Red, I A, Weeks, College, Neo- phytes, 1, Drama Club, Q, Assistant Business Manager, Orange Book, 3, Indoor Track, Q, 3, Outdoor Track, 1, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Senior Play, 3, Legislature Alternate, 3, Honor Roll, 3. MARILYN SCHELLER 37 Kenmore St., Newton Centre Honey Chile, I A, Greenville, N. C., Bouve, Cavalry Club, Basketball, 3. GERHARDT F. SCHENCK 83A Greenwood St., Newton Centre Gerry, I A, Weeks, College, Camera glgb, 11, Math Club, 2, 3, Honor Roll, 9, a IO, . FRED HENRY SCHEININ 299 Centre St., Newton Freddie, IV A, Bigelow, Work, Alter- rgate Home Room Manager, 1, Honor Roll, ., .9531 ' . " 15 ANNA ROSE SCHIAVONE 44 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Shovy, IV B, Weeks, Boston University, Business School, Commercial Club, Vice- President, Honor Roll, Q, National Honor Society, 3. R. THOMAS SCHORER Q8 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre Tom, II, Weeks, Institute of Design, Stage Crew, 1, Q, Art Club, 'l, 9, 3, Vice-Presi- dent, 3, Honor Roll, 3, National Honor Society, 3. MARSHALL MELVIN SCHRIBMAN 40 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre Murph, Marsh, IV A, l B, Weeks, Boston University, Debating Club, 1, Q, 3, Treas- urer, 3, Swimming, 3. ROBERT L. SCOTT 2004 Beacon Rd., Waban Nemo, ll, Warren, College, Varsity Football. RONALD SEESTED 98 Warwick Rd., West Newton Ronnie, I B, Day, Mass. State College, Baseball, Legislature, 1, 3. NORMAN SEMENTELLI 6 Bemis Rd., Newton Sem, Ill A, Day, Electrician. JOHN J. SEUFERT, JR. 193 Winchester St., Newton Highlands Jack, Il, Weeks, College. MARJORIE ANN SHAKESPEARE 5 Park Pl., Newtonville Shaky, ll, Oak Grove, Vassalboro, Me., X-Ray Technician, Lahey Clinic. JACK SHARKEY, JR. 469 Brookline St., Newton Centre Bull, ll, Weeks, Admiral Billard Aca- demy, Dartmouth, Boston College, Varsity Club, 9, 3, Varsity Football, Q, 3, Hockey, 9, 3, Baseball, Q, 3. NATALlE RUTH SHARROTT 48 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls Nat, Sparky, ll, Weeks, Art Schools Personality Club, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus. JOHN SHEA 22 Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre Jack, l A, Chicopee High, College. MARY PHYLLIS SHEA 15 Melville Ave., Newtonville Phyll, l B, ll, Day, Nursing, Puppeteers, 1, Camera Club, 9, Tennis, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Business Committee, Senior Play, Honor Roll, 3, . 3' . ' ww Y :SE , . S2 1. A 'ms , - .- -'.f?':a qi, 155 OWEN D. SHEA QQ Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre I A, Chicopee High,College. HUGH SHERIDAN 1084 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Hughie, Herbie, IV, Weeks, Work, Camera Club, 1, Boys' Chorus, 3. JAMES EDWARD SHERMAN 95 Ballard St., Newton Centre Jim, Jimmy, ll, Weeks, Worcester Tech., Legislature, 1, Alternate, 3, Home Room Manager, 1. BARBARA ANNE SHORT Q90 Adams Ave., West Newton Shorty, Barbie, Bobbie, l B, Warren, Jackson College, Art Club, Puppeteers, Tennis, Modern Dance, Hockey, Soccer, Orange Shield, Home Room Manager, 9, Legislature Member, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 3. HAROLD SIAGEL 594 Ward St., Newton Centre l B, Roxbury Memorial High, College, Music Club. SAUL SIAGEL 524 Ward St., Newton Centre I B, Roxbury Memorial High, Pre-Medi- cal, Glee Club, 3, English Club, 3. JANICE R. SILVA 45 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton l A, Day, College, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, Nagogal Honor Society, 2, 3, Honor Roll, ANN SILVESTRONE 392 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Butch, lV C, Business, Weeks, Business College, Outing Club, 9, Personality Club, 9, Tennis. HELEN BERNICE SINCUK 576 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls IV C, Warren, Wilfred Academy. RICHARD SIMMONS 191 Newtonville Ave., Newton Dick, Ill A, Machine, Motorcycle Me- chanic. DOROTHY E. SIMONIAN 113 Elliot St., Newton Highlands Dot, Dottie, ll, Weeks, College, Social Studies Club, National Honor Society, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. JEANNE THERESA SIMS 1361 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Scoot, Terry, Simmy, l B, Weeks, Mech- anical School, Music Club, 1,CavaIryCli,b Q, Archery, 1, Basketball, 9, Girls' Chorus, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Assistant Legisla- ture, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 9, National Honor Society, 3. 6 LUCILLE ETHEL SIRES 32 Charles St., Auburndale Lu, IV C, Warren, Designing School. CAROL MAY SISSON 97 Hamlin Rd., Newton Centre l A, Dana Hall, Cornell University, Art Club, Q, 3, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, Newtonian Representative, Home Room, Orange Shield, 3, Co-Chairman, Senior Play Scenery Committee, Home Room Manager. PAULA SLATER Q89 Foster St., Brighton Polly, l A, Thomas A. Edison, Brighton, Connecticut Junior College, Alpha Beta,1, French Club, Q, 3, Spanish Club, Music Club, Library Club, English Club. ARLINE SMALL 196 Lexington St., Auburndale IV B, Warren, Work, Drama Club Work- shop, Honor Roll, 1. DONALD C. SMITH 50 Olde Field Rd., Newton Centre 1 Smitty, ll, Weeks, Northeastern, Stage, , Q. DONALD .l. SMITH Q4 Lawn Ave., Newtonville Smitty, ll, Day, Northeastern, Debating Club, Aviation Club, 1, Q, Proiector's Club, Boys' Chorus, Business Committee, New- tonian, Legislature, Q, Home Room Mana- ger, 1, Q, Business Committee, Senior Play, HonorRoll. LOIS SMITH 95 Larchmont Ave., Waban Smitty, Lo, I B, Weeks, Boston Univer- sity, Microphone Club, 1, Outing Club, 3, English Club, Archery, Tennis, Badminton. ROGER SMITH 112 Brackett Rd., Newton Rog, I A, Baldwin Township High, Phil- adelphia, Pa., Yale, English Club, Q, 3, Art Club, 3, Newtonian, Assistant Business Manager, Orange ShieId,Social Room, 3. JANICE SNIDER 56 Mandalay Rd., Newton Janie, II, Weeks, Mt. Ida, Music Club, 1 , 9, 3, Personality Club, 1, French Club, 3, Basketball, 'l 3, Baseball, 3, Tennis, 3, gtrchery, 1, Chorus, 3, Christmas Vespers DANIEL SOBE: Q Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls Danny, Soupy, Ill A, Printing, Weeks, Printing, Honor Roll, 3. BARBARA SOEN 29 Noble St., West Newton Barb, Bobbie, Jersey, IV B, Warren, Business School, Drama Club Workshop, 1. LORNA JEAN SPENCER 133 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville Spence, I B, Day, Framingham State, English Club, Debating Club, Archery, 3, Chorus, 3, Legislature Alternate, 1, 2. .a k til" I ... la '1 157 a JOANNE CAROL SPICKER 55 Elgin St., Newton Centre Spicks, Jo, Chippie, I A, Weeks, Gettys- burg College or Bucknell University, Cavalry Club, 3, Music Club, 9, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, Ping-pong, 2, Badminton, 2. CAROL ANN SPILLER Q14 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Slim, Gypsy, Peanuts, K. K., l A, Weeks, College, Neophytes, 1, Music Club, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, Girls' Chorus, 2, 3, Orange Shield, 1, Cafeteria Seller, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Assistant Legislature, Q, Cihrisgnas Vespers, 2, 3, Prompter, Senior Pay, . ELOISE SPRINGTHORPE 458 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Lois, El, ll, Day, Nursing, Basketball, 1, Modern Dancing, Q, Orange Shield, 3, Junior-Senior Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, Alter- nate, Legislature, 1, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. WILLIAM C. STARKWEATHER 59 Pigeon Hill Rd,, Auburndale Pierre, I A, Warren, Mass. State, Camera Club, Q, Art Club, 3, Social Room Host, SZ, 3, Social Room Board, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Qi National Honor Society, 3. MARY STEPHEN 55 Carl St., Newton Highlands Stevie, IV C, Weeks, Harry Conover Modeling. JOAN KAYE STERN 40 Grant Ave., Newton Centre IA, Weeks,RadcliFle,Microphone Club, 1, Drama Club, Q, 3, French Club, 9, Presi- dent, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, Latin Club, 9, Orange Shield, 3, National Honor So- ciety, Q, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, Legisla- ture, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. PHYLLIS STIGLICH 37 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Phee, Il, Weeks, Fisher Secretarial School, Camera Club, Music Club, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3. EILEEN STUART 15 Glen Ave,, Newton Centre l, ll, Shurtlelf Junior High, Framingham State Teachers College, Music Club, Q, 3, Library Club, Q, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Archery, Q, Badminton, Q, Orange Shield. HARVEY PAUL SULKIN 77 Halcyon Rd., Newton Centre Sulky, ll, English High, Boston, Univer- sity of North Carolina, Aviation Club, Camera Club. CHRISTINE M. SULLIVAN 1159 Commonwealth Ave., West Newton Chris, Tina, ll, Warren, Teachers College. JOSEPH SULLIVAN 1779 Beacon St., Waban Sull, Joe, l A, Warren, Harvard, Inter- mediate Football, Ski Team, Orange Shield, Usher, Senior Play. KARL SWAN 391 Linwood Ave., Newtonville Swanee, l A, Day, College, Microphone Club, 1, Chemistry Club, 9, French Club, 3, Basketball Manager, 1, Q, 3, Intramural Basketball, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, 3. fr .i , Q HW XX' l ga. . -at 3.12.51 . . iw... ,P if? . ,- 158 JEAN SWANTEE 16 Winnetaska Rd., Waban l A, Warren, College, Chemistry Club, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9. JOAN SWARTZ 114 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Joe, Squeaky, IV B, Day, Kathleen Dell. ANN F. TAFFE 986 Melrose St., Auburndale Taffy, ll, Warren, Kindergarten Training School, Camera Club, 9, Home Eco- nomics, 3, Archery, 1, Orange Shield, 2, 3. CARMELLA TAMBASCIO 58 Lincoln Rd., Newton lll B, Day, Dietitian School. FRANCES TANNEY 15 Irving St., Newton Centre lll B, Weeks, Hair Dressing School. FRANK TAFT 955 Homer St., Newton Centre ll, Weeks, Boston College, Intramural Basketball, Q, 3. CHRISTY JOSEPH TARANTINO 22 Woodward St., Newton Highlands Chris, Terror, Il, Weeks, Air College, Aviation Club, Intermediate Baseball and Football, Boys' Chorus. FRED LAWRENCE TAYLOR 113 Brackett Rd., Newton Fred, Chic, I A, Bigelow, Lehigh, Neo- phytes, 1, Music Club, 3, German Club, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3, Track, 2, Football Manager, 1,Scorebo-ard, Football, 9, Honor Roll, 2. PAUL HERBERT TEDESCO 87 Charlesbank Rd., Newton Corner Ted, I A, Bigelow, Yale, Orange Book, Track, 1, Legislature, 1, 2, 3. JACOUELLYN TEMPLE 5 Willard St., Newton Jacki, Mousie, ll, Bigelow, Sarah Law- rence, Drama Club Workshop, Q, 3, Chorus, 3, Senior Play Scenery Committee. STANTON J. TEN BROECK 77 Allerton Rd., Newton Centre Doc Stan, ll, Weeks, New Hampton School, New Hampton, N. H., Business College. MYRON THAYER 184 Cabot St., Newton Buster, I B, Bigelow, Service, Junior Varsity Baseball 1, Intermediate Football, Q, Intermediate Track, Q, Varsity Football, 3, Indoor Track Varsity, 3, Senior Play Usher, 3. L 'fl' i' 5 . J' at ,Q M 4.4 T 1 L t ' My ,,z.:i.,,.?, 1-gfQ?g255,'2 ' n 3 ' . 5 -...Jo -5 ,ggi , is .V af, . 3 t . 'iw f . ,511 5355, . igigggv. ' ww .6 .15 ,Jes s ' - Q 9 BARBARA ANN THOMPSON 10 Locke Rd., Waban Barbi, ll, Weeks, Westbrook Junior College, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Legis- lature, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, Honor Roll, 3. BARBETTA LEE THOMPSON 409 Auburn St., Auburndale Barbie, ll, Warren, Mass. Art School, Cwlee Club, 1, Chorus, 3, Christmas Ves- pers, 1, Honor Roll, 1. ROBERT ERNEST THOMPSON 34 Kensington Ave., West Newton Bob, Thommy, ll, Day, U. S. Marines, Football,2. ROBERT ALLEN TODD 15 Bemis St., Newtonville Bob, I B, Day, Dartmouth, Intermediate Football, 1, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, 2, Varsity, 3, Intermediate Baseball, 1, Var- sity, 2, Senior Play Usher, 3. BARBARA TOOMEY 589 California St., Newtonville Barbi, ll, O. L. Presentation, College. ELIZABETH M. TOSCANO 76 Day St., Auburndale Betty, Il, Warren, Westbrook or Lasell Junior College, Outing Club, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Orange Book, Basket- ball, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. GLORIA TOSTI 995 Watertown St., West Newton Glo, Glory, IV, Day, Secretary. ROBERT R. TOWNE 851 Watertown St., West Newton Bob, ll, Warren, Army or College, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Legislature, Senior Play Usher, 3. PHILIP JOHN TRESCA 43 Jaclcson St., Newton Centre Flip, Phil, l A, Weeks, College, Foot- ball,Q. ANN TROWBRIDGE 734 Centre St., Newton Clam, Vanilla, ll, Bigelow, Sargent College, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 9. HENRY JUDD TUMILTY 490 Main St., Watertown Judd, lll A, Machine, St. Patriclc's,Worlc, JOHN H. H. TURNER, JR. 42 Maple St., Auburndale Jaclc, l B, Warren, Art School, Music Club, 3, Orchestra, 9, 3, Auto Mechanics ' f x. 160 NANCY B. TURNER 49 Maple St., Auburndale Nan, l A, Warren, Wheaton, Music Club, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 3, Legislature, 9, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3. JAMES N. TUTTLE, JR. 139 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Tut, I B, Day, Dartmouth, French Club, 1, Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Band, 1, Q, 3, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Legislature, 3, President, Band, 3. GEORGENIA UHLMAN 39 Central Ave., Newtonville George, ll, Day, Framingham College or llgaihagng Gibbs, Alpha Beta, 1, Honor o , , . ANITA VAN DAM 832 Chestnut St., Waban Nita, Sandy, Ann, IV B, Bromfield Acad- emy, Syracuse, Lasell Junior College, Music Club. GWENDOLYN VAN MATER 60 White Oak Rd., Waban Gwen, Gwennie, I A, Warren, Con- necticut College lor Women, Drama Club Workshop, 2, Cavalry Club, Q, French Club, 3, Office Assistant, Building I, 3. KENNETH VAN WART 49 Pelham St., Newton Centre Ken, Kenny, Van, l l, Natick High, Col- lege, Camera Club, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, 3, Orange Shield, 9, 3, Motion Pic- ture Squad, 3. FRANCIS A. VENUTO 133 Pine St., Auburndale Blackie, lll A, Machine, Warren, First- Class Tool Maker. SHIRLEY VINCENT 29 Wamesit Rd., Waban ll,Weeks, Holton-Armes Junior College, Archery, 1, Sophomore-Junior Girls' Chorus, Christmas Vespers, 1, 2. VIRGINIA VINCENT 29 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands Porky, l A, Weeks, Regis, Library Club, Q, Outing Club, 2, 3, Math Club, 3, Music Club, 3, Newtonian Advertising, 3, I-lockeY, 1, Basketball, 1, Baseball, 1, 2, 3, Parents' Ni ht Exhibition, Office Assistant, Building l, Senior Play Business Committee, Honor Roll, 3. WILLIAM F. VINCENT 489 Walnut St., Newtonville Bill, Vin, l A, Day, College, Microphone Club, 1, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Boys' Chorus, 2, Glee Club, 3, Motion Picture Squad, 1, Newtonian Representa- tive,BasketbaIl Manager 1,Spring Concert, 2, Senior Play Usher, I-lonor Roll, 1. ALFRED R. VISCO 958 Nevada St., Newtonyille Al, Swimmer, IV, Day, Business School, Camera Club, SZ, Motion Picture Squad, 1, 2, 3, Newtonian Advertising Staff, 3, Football Manager, 1, Usher, Senior Play, 3. LOUIS VISCO 47 Lincoln Rd., Newton Louie, Lou, ll, F. A. DayJunior High, Conservatory of Music, Aviation Club, 1, garsera Club, 1, 2, Band, 1, Orchestra, 1, avg, if RV h fr, fs, , 2 t a W- ... 491 I .. -Q. Y J , X Vw 'XM X . U, - - . si: ,. 161 THERESA M. VISCO 151 Adams St., Newton I6'asZ2lV B, Day, Stenographer, Building ADELINE M. VITTI 517 California St., Newtonville IV B, Day, Stenographer, Music Club, Senior Play Committee, 3, Chairman, Candy Committee, 3, Chorus, 1, Q, Ushers, 1, Hgnor Roll, 1, 2, National Honor Soci- CIIY, . GORDON R. VLASS Q00 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Fishy, Dutchie, lll A, Weeks, Service and Northeastern, Senior Executive Council. DEANE VON SCHANTZ ' Q1 Whittlesey Rd., Newton Centre Whitie, Von, ll B, Weeks, College or Army. IRENE VOSE 5 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville ll, Day, Art School, Art Club, 1, Honor Roll, 1. RONALD WAHLIN 11 Stoneleigh Rd., West Newton Skip, l B, Warren, College, Music Club, Camera Club, Orchestra, Band, Debating Club, 1, Band Committee, Legislature Al- ternate, 9, 3. GEORGE WALES 11 Ware Rd., Auburndale Gige, Il, Weeks, College, Varsity Club, 1, 2, 3, Varsity Football, 1, SZ, 3, Varsity Hockey, 1, 9, 3, Varsity Baseball, 1, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Lunchroom Board ol Review, 2, 3, Athletic Board, Q, Executive Council, 3, Legislature, 3, Qnd Vice-Pres- ident of Senior Class, 3. JOSEPH F. WALKER 32 Walter St., Newton Centre Joe, Blondie, IV A, Weeks, Northeas- tern University, Varsity Hockey, 2, 3. JAMES F. WALSH 38 Elm St., West Newton Jimmie, ll, Warren, College, Micro- phone Club, 1, 2, Social Studies Club, 9, Indoor Track, Q, 3, Outdoor Track, Q, 3. JANET WALKER 129 Cypress St., Newton Centre Red, IV B, Weeks, Chandler Secretarial School, Newtonian Copy Stall, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, National Honor Society, 3. CAROL H. WASS 15 Vista Ave,, Auburndale Wassie, Il, Hamilton High, Lasell Junior College, Microphone Club, 1,Stage Work- shop, 3, Newtonian Advertising Stall, Varsity Basketball, 1, Q, Class Team, 1, 9, 3, Captain, 1, Leader Corps, Legislature Alternate, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, Parents Ni ht, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Scenery and! Property Committees, Senior Play, Chairman, Girls' Athletic Board, Executive Council, Honor Roll, Q, 3. ESTELLE WAX 48 Fellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Bunny, Sweetie, ll, Weeks, Harcum Jun- ior College. 162 MARILYN WEEDEN 70 Berkshire Rd., Newtonville Merry, II, Woodmere High, Woodmere, N. Y., Concordia College, Outing Club, Music Club, Camera Club. STANLEY L. WEINBAUM 882 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Windy, I A, Weeks, College, Inter- mediate Tennis, 9. JOAN WEISSBLATT 235 Waban Ave., Waban I Ai Warren, Smith, Outing Club, 3, Newtonian, 3, Field Hockey, Q, 3, Basket- ball, 1, 2, 3, Soltball, 1, 3, Parents' Night Exhibition, Ollice Assistant, Building I, Honor Roll, Q. MARILYN JEANNE WELCH 23 Bemis St., Newtonville I A, Day, Regis, Alpha Beta, 1, ArtClub, 1, 2, Neophytes, 1, English Club, Q, Dralra Club, Q, 3, Spanish Club, Treasurer, 3, Outing Club, 3, Newtonian Data Com- mittee, 3, Modem Dancing, 3, Tennis, 3, Rally Committee, 3, Orange Shield, 2, Neophytes Play, 1, "Rotogravure," 1, Christmas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 3. NANCY WELLMAN 134 Moffat Rd., Waban Nan, I B, Warren, College, Music Club, Q, 3, Orchestra, 9, 3, Glee Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3. MARILYN WERTHEIMER 41 Brackett Rd., Newton Mopsy, Lyn, ll, Bigelow, Briarclill Junior College, Spanish Club, 2. THOMAS A. WEST, JR 185 Franklin St., Newton Tom, Westy, I B, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Track, 9, Legislature, 3, Honor Roll, 1. JOAN MINOT WETHERBEE 17 Hope St., Auburndale Jobee, Jo, l A, Warren, Jackson, Alpha Beta, Library Club 2,Drama Workshop, 2, Music Club, 3, Cglee Club, 3, National Honor Society, 2, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, Christ- mas Vespers, 3, Musical Comedy, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3. MARGARET MARY WHELAN 40 Oakland St., Newton Peggy, lV C, Bigelow, Office Work, Outing Club, Girls' Hockey Team: Swim- irgng, Basketball, Leader Corps, Vice-Pres- i ent. RICHARD WHITE 16 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre Dick, l A, Weeks, College, Junior Varsity Hockey, 1, Q. RUTH WHITCOMB 43 Kingston Rd., Newton Highlands Ruthie, Whit, l A, Weeks, Middlebury, Puppeteers, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Drama Work- shop, Q, Spanish Club, 3, Secretary, New- tonian Features Staff, 3, Bowling, 1, Social Room Hostess, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 3, Christmas Vespers, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor SocietY, 3. EDWARD D. WHITNEY 15 Fountain St., West Newton Ed, I B, Warren, Dartmouth, Newtonian, 3, Tennis, 1, 2, Cheerleader, 3, Track, 3, Orange Shield, 1, 3, Legislature, 1, Home Room Manager, 3. A 163 ROBERT VERNON WHITNEY 61 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Bob, ll, Weeks, College, Movie Squad, 1, Microphone Club, 1, Aviation Club, 3 Boys' Chorus, 3, Radio, 1. WILLIAM WHITNEY 15 Fountain St., West Newton Silent Will, Bill, ll, Warren, Wentworth, Tufts, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate Foot- ball, 9, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1. ELEANOR MAY WHYNOT Q0 Breamore Rd., Newton EI, Ellie, ll, Bigelow, Nursing, Girls' Chorus, 1, 9, 3, Christmas Vespers, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 9. LOUISE ELIZABETH WILEY 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Lew, l B, College Preparatory, Pittsfield High, Qccidental College. PAUL WARREN WIGGIN 19 Ridge Rd., Waban Wig, IB, Rivers C. D. School, College, Boys' Chorus, 3. BOYDES WILSON 39 Fairway Dr., West Newton Bunny, Boyt, Willie, II, Day, Junior Col- lege, Music Club, 3, Legislature, Q, 3. PETER WILSON 396 Ward St., Newton Centre Pete, ll, Weeks, College, Aviation Club, Legislature Alternate, 3. STANLEY W. WILSON 17 Hancock St., Auburndale Stan, ll, Mount I-lermon School, College. HAROLD WIPER, JR. 62 Agawam Rd., Waban Sandy, Hal, Wipe, I A, Warren, Dart- mouth or Annapolis, Junior Varsity Track, 1, Varsity Track, Q, 3, Baseball, 9, 3. LEONA WOLFF 54 Simmons Ave., Newton Lee, I B, Belmont High, Lasell Junior College, Spanish Club, 3, Personality Club, 3, Honor Roll, Q. ELINOR MORSE WOLFSON 69 Evelyn Rd., Waban Le, Ellie, El, I A, Warren, College, Alpha Beta, 1, Treasurer, Puppeteers, 1, Drama Workshop, 9, Outing Club, 9, Treasurer, Latin Club, 2, Library Club, 3, Secretary, English Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, Q, 3, Building I Office, 3, Christmas Ves- pers, 3, Honor Roll, 1, Q. ANN MARIE WOOD 5 Fayette St., Newton Woodie, IV C, Bigelow, Work, Outing Club, Swimming, Girls' Chorus, 1. W 164 VIRGINIA WOODMAN 47 Hancock St., Auburndale Ginny, ll, Warren, Lasell Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Library Club, Treasurer, 9, Music Club, Q, Home Room Manager, 1, Assistant,9. BURTON T. WOODWARD 101 Homer St., Newton Centre Woody, I A, Weeks, M.I.T., Camera Club, 1, Q, 3, President, 2, Newtonite, 1, Q, 3, Newtonian, 1, Q, 3, Photographer, Baseball, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate, 9, Hockey Varsity, 1, 2, 3, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Orange Shield, 2, 3, Cap- tain, Lunchroom Board of Review, 3, Chairman, Senior Play Committee, Publicity Committee, 3, Honor Poll, 1, Q, 3. ROBERT S. WOOLWORTH 144 Hancock St., Auburndale Bob, I A, American Community School, Beirut, Lebanon, M.l.T., Chemistry Club, President, 3, Baseball Manager, 1, 2, ?onor Roll, 1, 9, National Honor Society, LEE ANNE WYMAN 134 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Lee, I B, Day, Tufts and Occupational Therapy School, Secretary, Pupoeteers Club, 1, Music Club, 9, 3, Personality Club, 1, 3, French Club, 3, Camera Club, 9, Archery, 1, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Guidance Office, Building I Office, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 2, 3. ELIZABETH MARIE YERARDI 157 Pine St., Auburndale Betty, IV C, Warren, Office Work. NORMA IRENE YOUNG 58 Prescott St., Newtonville ll, Day, Chamberlain, Alpha Beta, 1. RICHARD B. YouNG ' 57 Walker St., Newtonville Dick, Shapper, Blondie, IV A, Day, Army, Business School, Junior Varsity, Intermediate, Varsity Football, Manager, Track,- Orange Shield, 3, Legislature, 9, Homeglloom Manager, 2, Pre-Chef, 1, 9. PHOTOULA ZAHOS 42 Vernon St., Newton Photo, Toula, Il, Bigelow, Katharine Gibbs or Work, Glee Club, 1, Girls' Chorus, 1, 2, 3, Christmas Vespers, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 2. ELAINE ZAKON 874 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre I B, Thayer Academy, Junior College, Drama Club Workshop, Music Club, Build- ing I Office, 3. JEANNE ZEDREN 170 Harvard St., Newtonville Seedy, Zig, Jay, ll, Day, Junior College, Alpha Beta, 1, Music Club, 9, Personality Club, 3, Junior-Senior Chorus, 3, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3, National Honor Society, 3. W. CHARLES COOPER 24 Turner St., Newtonville ll, Day. DOROTHY ANN DATH 44 North Gate Pk., West Newton Dottie, I B, Santa Monica High, Calif., College, Orange Shield, 3. JOANNE ESTELLA GRAMMER 23 Russell Ct., Newtonville Jo, Joey, I B, Day, Music School, Music Club, 1, 2 3, Glee CIub,1, 2, 3, Sophomore Girls' Chorus, Newtonite, 1, Legislature Alternate, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, Christmas Vesper Service, 1, 2, 3, Mass. Music Festival, Q, 3, New England Music Festival 3, Spring Music Parade, Leo Litwin Concert, 3, Youth Symphony Concert, 2, 3, Musical Comedy, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3. RAYMOND JEWETT 66 Webster St., West Newton Ray, I B, Weeks, Boston College. MARTIN KARPLUS 259 Otis St., West Newton Marty,l A, Warren, Harvard,Math Club, National Honor Society, Q, 3, Chainnan, Finance Board. GEORGE KIESEWETTER 59 Charlotte Rd., Newton Centre Gidge, I A, I B, II, Weeks, Service. KENNETH LAPHAM 57 Lindbergh Ave., West Newton Buddy, ll, Warren, College. BETTIE A. MEREDITH 7 Robinhood St., Auburndale 1 IVZI3, Warren, Secretary, Girls' Chorus, . 9, . MARY MURRAY 21 Nathan Rd., Newton Centre Vitamin, Il, Weeks, Colby Junior College, French Club, 3, Cavalry Club, 1, 2, 3, Girls' Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Hockey, 1, Drama Club Workshop, 1, 9, Orange Shield, 1. ALFRED R. DI TULLIO 109 Boyd St., Newton Al, Tito, Fred, ll, Day, Navy, Intermed- iate Football, 1. HAROLD A. BAILEY, JR. 955 Boylston St., Newton Highlands Bill, lll A,U. S. Navy, School, Home Room Manager, 3, Associates, 3. PAUL BRADLEY QQ Grant Pl., Lexington Brad, III A, Printing, Warren, Printing, Pre-Induction, Q. CHARLES H. BREWER 49 Bowers St., Newtonville Charlie, III A, Day, Work. DELIA CAPASSO 67 Rangely Rd., West Newton De-de, ll, Warren, Journalism School. JOHN E. CARDING 920 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Johnnie, Electrical, Weeks, Electrician. AUDREY MARIE CHASE 309 Waltham St., West Newton IV B, Wellesley, Secretarial Position. ALBERT JOSEPH DANIELE Q Elliot Pl., Newton Upper Falls Pepper, Pep, Ill A. Radio, Weeks, Radio School. JOHN DEAGLE 185 Parmenter Rd., West Newton Pat, Arthur, lll A, Electrical, Warren, Electrician. PETER J. DUNN 9189 Washington St., Newton Lower Falls ll, Warren, Varsity Hockey, Q. RICHARD ELLIS 16 Washborn St., Watertown Dick, lll A, East Junior High, Water- town, Work, Home Room Manager. ELIZABETH ANNE FERLAZZO 27 Wade St., Newton Highlands Betty, lll B, Weeks. JEROME R. GENTILE 166 River St., West Newton Jay, Ill A, Printing, Warren, Technical College, Pre-Induction, 3. LUCILLE HARWOOD 979 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Shorty, IV B, Weeks, Secretary. JANE HOUSTON 18 Prospect St., West Newton Jannie, ll, Warren, Work, School, Chorus. RUSSELL J. HOUSTON 18 Prospect St., West Newton Russ, IV D, Warren, Armed Forces or Preparatory School, Varsity Club, Indoor Track, Outdoor Track, Orange Shield. MARTHA JANE KERRIGAN 33 Janet Rd., Newton Centre II, Notre Dame Academy,College, Avia- tion Club, 1, Orange Shield, 1, 9. LOIS A. KIERNAN 68 Bourne St., Auburndale l B, Il, Weeks, Newton-Wellesley Hos- pital, Drama Club Workshop, Q, Glee Club, 3, Girls' Chorus, 3, Bowling, Q, Newtonian Advertising Stall, 3. ANTHONY F. LOMBARDO 49 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Tony, III A, Weeks, Preparatory School, Band, 1, Varsity Hockey, Q, Intermediate Football, 9, Legislature. ROBERT LONG 117 Prospect St., West Newton Doc, I B, Syracuse, N. Y, College. HELEN MARCHESE 48 Derby St., West Newton Mar, ll, Warren, Journalism. EDWIN P. MCGILL, JR. BQ Lowell Ave., Newtonville Tunk, Mac, ll, Kimball Union Academy, Day, Springfield, Boys' Chorus, Basketball, Q, Baseball, 9. BARBARA JEAN MILLEN 445 Highland St., Newtonville Barb, ll, Day, Framingham Normal, Camera Club, 1, Orange Shield, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, Typing, 2. 166 BARBARA RAITTO 104 Highland Ave., Newtonville Bobbie, Little One, Il, Warren, Jackson Von Ladou School of Fashion, Camera Club, 1, 2, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3, Modern Dancing, 1, Drama Club, 3, Orange Shield, 1, 9, Newtonian, 3, Candy Committee, 3, "Rotogravure," 1, Spring Music Parade, Q, Christmas Vespers, 3. CHARLES E. BILLINGS, JR. 44 Walker St., Newtonville Charlie, Chas, I B, Day, Eastman School ol Music, Microphone Club, 1, Music Club, 1, Events Chairman, Q, Christmas Vespers, Q, Organist, 1, 9, Pops Chair- man, 1, 2, Glee Club, 1, Orchestra, Q, National Honor Society, Q, Honor Roll, , Q. SEBASTIAN PETER MORIANA 38 Lodge Rd., West Newton Sib, I B, Day, Navy, Baseball, 1, Track, 9, 3, Orange Shield, Q, 3, Band, 1, Q, 3, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, ETHEL NELSON 129 Parmenter Rd., West Newton IV C, Warren, Work. RUTH ARLENE PERRY 27 Gerard Ct., West Newton Ruthy, Rudy, II, Warren, Nursing. EDWARD PROIA 69 Hawthorn St., Nonantum Eddie, Gangster, IV A, Day, Army. ROBERT RHIND 967 Upland Rd., Newtonville Bob, ll, Day, Service or College, Radio Club, 1, Intramural Basketball, 1, 9, 3. ROBERT WOODSON SENIGO 239 Woodland Rd., Auburndale R iota, II, Warren, Armed Service, I-lonor o , . ARLENE STONE Q5 Cotton St., Newton Lelty, I A, Bigelow, College, Music Club, German Club, Library Club, Glee Club, Chorus, 1, 9. EDWARD SWEENEY 51 Wildwood Ave., Newtonville lll A, Day, Electrician. DANIEL F. TOCCI 37 Colonial Aye., Newtonville Benito, IV D, Day, Bemis Naval Acad- Zmy. ELIZABETH WILSON ' 99 Varick Rd., Waban Beth, l A, Norwich Free Academy, Norwich, Conn., Smith, French Club, 3. JEROLD WISE 6 Magnolia Ave., Newton Jerry, I B, Tabor Academy, College. RICHARD YERARDI 149 Pine St., Auburndale Dick, lll B, Warren, College, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Intermediate Football, 9, Honor Roll, 1. CLIFFORD H. BREWER, JR. RICHARD DUFFY ALBERT BENNETT EVANS DONALD MAHONEY ARTHUR MANN VETERANS 167 THOMAS MONAHAN MERRILL NUTTING JAMES RICH ARTHUR READ CARLETON SIVIICK 1 post-graduates Adviser . . . .Miss Anne Leathers Sitting: John McArdle, Anne Brady, Robert Rockett, Bradley Rockett, Ruth Horrigan, Donald Richardson. Standing: John Boughan, Jim Gallagher, Robert O'l-lara, Charlotte Murphy, Robert Robart, Peter Fithian Frank Bronsdon. 168 fy! ,fp P' Z . 4 1 1 'af c. 0 - A '15'..f!0.i".f' I V'V0"'5+!,?5,s6:: GW-1,.,..7Jw0"w,.. Q- gm ."m'be .0 r ,QQ .fg5:ff'u, an , mm ,aoaifwauivc-Sy ' S:3'li5jf5v",f YWQZWZZ4 -DC .J 41 ' ,Wd i K 3 THE END? ' ,J 1 5 .Q 1 cgzpyxsdy. 8 . . . If as H x'rguss,k9Axn.r-:JS X K D ,X 352 V 5 ?x'W,ssS??Q1q:V,i.EQZJl2?an2Bd?.,,, MQ, Jw. F458 x S, 4,56 xv 'leg f 0 409 4 K 0 03 Q , qi' 'f ' lejfwvgeegol Jsoq " AUTOGRAPHS s 15447.39 B . ,. ' M Abu Ze1goQ5"gSZ-erjankybbgf' .yy 4'miueU.'iF- oar-jktjtnkg-h -.':H M V dvwx ah! Hel Qgm'-S TNNP M ' WW' M. Q wqwNL:,.'ft4o.L N - d.M,, x .lf E:-E 35531 :Eg 3' MQEQOL l 5 X ' N'0'6:f?f"B 6 r . Yao ' N' OF ,j,,?Qff:fZ'fffj'ff3ND Logiinfw X . Wx I 9 ' R 41" fp 0 X .Lg W Ml' I ' M41 'D X 5 Vt LF' ' ,A ,Z 24120. gm -ff-L Ii Q2 1 , N , Qc Q 3- Jn . X 1 e - 7 -Xi M '28 ', 1 BXQXXQ 35 3 9 + Fax qi. 5 - an 9 ...WL Xiixg M - -fig , 3 is? lx THE NEWTON STUDENT CANTEEN Wlsi-:Es THE ' Class of 'Forty-Seven GOOD LUCK and BEST WISHES MADEMOISELLE SCHOOL OF DRAMATIOUE MODELING: Fashion 84 Photographic PERSONALITY DEVELOPMENT DIQAIVIATIC ART: Make-Up, Stage Technique PUBLIC SPEAKING - RADIO TEEN-AGERS: Combined Course Stage Technique 84 SociaI Grace 294 BOYLSTON CAt Arlington St. Subway Staiionb COMmonweaIth 7895 B A R R0 N 'f W E S T N E W T O N "Where you meet your friends" B AR RONV 999 WATERTOWN STREET W E S T N E W T 0 N 'l7'l For Fezshiofmhle and Goocl Quality Shoes try. T . EDWARD'S SHOE STORE 379 MOODY STREET, WALTHAM "They are Priced Right" A COMPLETE ASSORTMENT OF ' ' fgy' HEALTH Bicycle Repairs - Sales HGURE and RECREATION Complete Selection of PHONOGRAPH RECORDS GARDEN CITY BUWLIJRUME ALBUMS and POPULAR MUSIC seo WASHINGTON sr. Q NEWTON CORNER, MASS. CHARUNES TUYUTNU T For Reservations Phone LASell 9655 332 CENTRE STREET . NEWTON CORNER, MASS. Tel. BIG low 9852 AL SWOYAN P Compliments of THE ELLIOTT W. KEYES PHARMACY supplies for every heeel TAYLOR BLOCK AUBURNDALE, MASS. 172 COMPLIMENTS OF HILLIARD'S CANDY SHOPS "Newton's lnsmuuon of Lumber" Congratulations Graduates, ROY S. EDWARDS Inc. am? best wzshes mmm for your future GOOD WOOD GOODS Q The REGENT SHOPS 322 Walnut Street, Newtonville 29 CRAFTS STREET NEWTONVILLE JACKSON-BRENNER SCHOOL of the THEATRE PLAY PRODUCTION - RADIO Voice - Diction - Make-up - Acting T Television - Public Speaking - Pantomime PRACTECAL EXPERIENCE IN ALL PHASES OF DRAMATIC ART 294 BOYLSTON KENmore 159 17 COMPLIMENTS OF HERTEL ELECTRIC CO. 1345 WASHINGTON STREET, WEST NEWTON GIFTS I APPLIANCES TOYS SERVIC' u um O' 91 Petroleum Troduets of all Types CITIES SERVICE OIL CO. 660 BEACON STREET BOSTON, MASS. PAUL HARRIS DRAKE Realtor MEMBER BOSTON REAL ESTATE BOARD 6 6 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, NEWTON CENTRE R d T I h LAS II 3666 DEC O O SILVER LAKE CHEVROLET COMPANY 444 WATERTOWN STREET NEWTON, MASS. Sales and Service - New and Used Cars T. GALLINELLI BIGeIow 5880 C. J. LUPO BEST WIS!-IES from N OVAK'S ,Crowne 36776162 woo BEACON STREET 0 BrooIcIine'5 Most Exclusive Restaurant NEWTON MOTOR SALES SALES and SERVICE 'A' FORD ' LINCOLN MERCURY 773 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONVILLE BIGeIow 4200 'A' FOR 25 YEARS FORD DEALER IN THE NEWTONS THE WHATNOT INC. Gifs - Lending Library - Cards 1284 WASHINGTON STREET WES T NEWTON, MASS. 175 HUNTER'S STATIONERY SHOP 845 WASHINGTON STREET, NEWTONVILLE stationery inexpensive gifts greeting carcIs COMPLIMENTS OE DOELCAM, INC. ,cpfzecision Lgnsffzumenfs TOM'S Jenney Super Service Station WILLOW at CENTRE STREET LASeII 9412 Q 0 437 CHERRY STREET WEST NEWTON COMPLETE LUBRICATION TIRE and BATTERY SERVICE BEST WISHES FROM BEECHER HOBBS POPULAR, HOT JAZZ and CLASSICAL RECORDS RADIOS AND RADIO PHONOGRAPH COMBINATIONS 'IYOQ BEACON STREET Cnext to BrigI1am'sD BROOKLINE 'I76 Jskfor om... PROVEN Qualify Qqppafzel COLLEGE SWEATERS SINCE 1 5 85 O Q IIVIPQIQ-TED SHAGGY SHETI-AND 'I9fQ'I CENTRAL STREET WELLESLEY, MASS. 'IOOWJ VIRGIN WOOL WELIesIey 0334 COMPLIMENTS OF WOODLAND GOLF CLUB WASHING GULF TIRES AND BATTERIES WAXING MURRAY'S GULF SERVICE GULFLEX REGISTERED LUBRICATION WASHINGTON AND PUTNAM STREETS T I h LAS II 9793 WEST NEWTON, MASS. 'I77 RIGGS FLOWER SHOP MEMBER FLORIST TELEG RAPI-I DELIVERY 2098 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE Bleelow 1271 AUBURNDALE MUYE CHEIIRUIET CII., Inc. GREENFlELD'S M O T O R C A R S Q and T R U C K S Sports Apparel SALES and SERVICE and Fine Quezlizjf Sweaters 0 0 Parts and Accessories 40 GLEN AVENUE NEWTON CENTRE Telephone BIGQIOW 5620 431 Washington Street, Newton 58, Mass. NEWTON HUDSON MOTOR SALES, INC. 321 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON CORNER, NEWTON, MASS. New and Used Cars Sales and Service DEC I 1500 178 Congratulations, Class of 1947 and Goocl fuck! ROBERT'S 1298 CENTRE STREET BTG. 1293 N EWTO N c E N T R E 'just Good Shoes."' Tel. LASCII 1350-1351 J. A. COSGROVE, Propriel GARDEN CITY MOTOR PARTS Hardware - Automotive - Mill Supplies 316 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON, MASS 1 I -rms ESTEHEEZPNI I Tmsloun PRUPEQZR I UST WITH F BKODRMK J PURCHASEASALE Our Sales Force AGREEMENT includes 3 Qualified Builders 84 1 Brokers BRODRICK To Appraise BR05- and Merchandise your lleal Esiaie l -1- .,,,. Our Clients Seek NTAVX-Lg? l 510,000 to S100,000 ,- 2 HOMES IN l The Newtons and Wellesley R if FOR QUICK SALES Call BIG elow 5588 636 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Ctr. I 179 COMPLIMENTS OF HORRIGAN'S MARKET 'I' LASELL JUNIOR COLLEGE Organization Lasell is a two-year junior college. Its Field includes Liberal Arts Curricula and Curricula of Terminal Courses designed to develop economic, social, civic and personal competence. Lasell is a Junior College member of the New England Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools, and a member ofthe New England Junior College Council, of the American Association of Junior Colleges, and of the American Council on Education. By authority of the Massachusetts Legislature, Lasell grants the degrees oi Associate in Arts or Associate in Science to its graduates. CURRICULA OFFERED AT LASELL LiberaI.Arts Transfer Curricula With courses in English, languages, sciences and social studies parallel with those oiiered in the First two years of senior college. Terminal Curricula Home Economics Secretarial Science Medical Secretarial Science Merchandising Design, including Fashion, Interior Decoration, Advertising, and Craft Technique Academic Music with piano, voice, organ, violin, cello or harp as a major Speech and Dramatics General or Exploratory Curriculum Pre-Professional Curricula Pre-Nursing Pre-Occupational Therapy Pre-Physiotherapy Pre-Clinical Training in Medical Technology Special Students A limited number of qualified students may arrange courses of concentrated eifort along certain lines, with the same privileges and advantages as students in the regular courses. For Catalog Address DIRECTOR OF ADMISSIONS, Lasell Junior College, Aubumdale 66, Mass. KEN KAYE KRAFTS WEST NEWTON 65, MASSACHUSETTS O KEN-LACE NEEDLES LEATHER FELT CRAFT WOOD CRAFT LEATHER TOOLS CLAYS SHOE BUTTONS LEATHER KITS AIRPLANES METAL ADHESIVES COTTONS ETCHALL WOOLS CORDS PAPER WOOD-BURNING DRAFTING SUPPLIES ARTISTS' SUPPLIES SCHOOL SUPPLIES 0 GCA Good Place to Buy Cru ts" 181 COMPLIMENTS OF EASTMAN'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers - CORSAGES - Plants 346 WALNUT ST., NEWTONVILLE, MASS. Tel. BIGeIow 6781 A L A'-VQRD BROS- NEWTON BUICK REALAESTATE I COMPANY l N S U RAN C E 371 WASHINGTON STREET if NEWTON Specialists in NEWTON - WELLESLEY - WESTON 0 Establ ished in 1890 if Buick BIGeIow 3006-1828 SALES and SERVICE 81 UNION STREET - NEWTON CENTRE EWTON'S LASIIMOO In the centre oi Newton Centre M ISS and MRS. Uilllnlbczrel Shop Specialists in JUNIOR MISS DRESSES 343 3gAQ0N STREET COATS and SPORTSWEAR NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASS. 182 WATERTOWN LUMBER CO., Inc. Corner of IRVING ancI ARSENAL STREETS WATERTOWN, MASS. WATerlOwn 4040-4041 V. M. MATTSON BIG I 3247 CHESTNUT HILL GARAGE COMMONWEALTH AVENUE, NEWTON Opposite Boston College Telephone BIG. 5414 Complete Auto Service Congratulations to the Class of 1947 Ee Oblhe Efnmnn make Shoppe 315 WALNUT STREET 551 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE WELLESLEY Q80 WASHINGTON STREET WELLESLEY HILLS 'I83 Chatham Shop Chatham, Mass. Main Street Telephone 155 ARTHUR T. GREGORIAN Importer of Oriental Rugs 2306 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON LOWER FALLS 62, MASS. Foreign OFIice T Ieph e Tabriz, Iran CPersiaj BIG I w 2553 Jiliss '?arker's BUSINESS SERVICE THE REIOEBE MILLS, Director Room 211 101 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON Q 1286 WASHINGTON STREET Qualify Placement Since 1920 WEST NEWTON Special Attention to Beginners Telephone BIG. 3100 I Ie ewing neun: Q Ie 4 Snnfd y Qt 1 HUBbard 0660 OFFICE SUPPLIES ART AND DRAWING MATERIALS I RICHARD H. BROWN, Ine. Stationery 1274 WASHINGTON STREET T I Pho e BIG I 8196 WEST NEWTON 65, MASS. 184 XXX! XXX Ulothes that make the grade For a major course in smart clothes try Kennedys . famous Undergrad Shop . . . the place Where all up-and-coming young men gather for the smartest clothes in the classroom or on the campus. You'll find jackets, slacks, topcoats, suits and furnishings Q style and Wearaloility . . . to rate a Grade A report U I in any school. 5 KENNEDY'S UNDERGRAD SHOP PAINE DRUG, Inc. 9 Compliments ot QUALITY Comes First- I We Have It SERVICE Comes Next- CARESVVELL MANOR We Give It SWEET SHOP SATISFACTION is what you want- We Guarantee It o Telephone BIGeIow 0353 217 WALNUT STREET COpp. Newtonville RR. Srationj 'I85 with just the right amount of dash and color . . . f z j-Cubbazd "W ron oven mtv YEARS EL Newton s vnsscmmou PHARMACY ' e 7 T ' 422 CENTRE sr - NEWTON S100 BIGELOYI Best of Luck.. Class of '47 Newtonville A 8, I- Auto School Compliments of CHARLES F. CAHILL 241 WALNUT STREET Insurance NEWTONVILLE SQUARE 1 LASelI 2500 "Better A uto Driving I ustruction " 8 TREMONT STREET, BOSTON Day and Evening Full Secretarial - Intensive Short Courses Enter Anytime Eiktgii Q25 Individual Attention Assures Quick Progress 12 Huntington Avenue, Copley Square KEN. 6040 86 ghe .qhfzifty Shop 89-91 UNION STREET NEWTON CENTRE 59, MASSACHUSETTS Telephone Blfnelow 3080 Waltham Camera Shop I 367 MOODY STREET WALTHAM 54, MASS. reetiugs to the Faculty ana' Best Wishes for the future success of every memher graduating FROM CHARLES M. S. FOSTER or FOSTER 8a MALTON ' Realtors 277 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON who can boast that three members in his immediate family were prepared forthe future under one of the best school systems in America 187 TIRES RECAPPED ROAD SERVICE FLATS FIXED MACIS HOME SL AUTO SUPPLIES FIRESTONE ACCESSORIES Rented ' BATTERIES - Charged 334 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CORNER, MASS. LASeII 3320 COMPLIMENTS OF WALTER MOORE CLASSOF1907 Moore 8: Moore, Inc. 361 CENTRE STREET, NEWTON EMERSON'S SHOES X-RAY FITTING I 334 WALNUT STREET NEWTONVILLE O Shoe Outfitters for the Whole Family COMPLIMENTS OF A FRIEND OLDSMOBILE Sales - Service CADILLAC "Z:-'f--" 73est Trades and Prompt Deliveries Expert Auto 730dy W01'k and Painting O HEALER MOTORS Inc. 43 INIOIQII-I BEACON STREET WAIERIQWN, MASS. IeIepITone WAIertown SIOO T0 BUY, SELL OR SERVICE, SEE US I COMPLTMENTS K. ca. MAGNUSQN HALE'S 57 . orzst 2 STORES FLOWERS for ALL OCCASIONS SSS WASHINGTON ST. 1251 CENTRE ST. WELLESLEY HILLS, NEWTON CENTRE, LANDSCAPE SERVICE MASS. MASS. RECORDS - RADIOS Q' HOME APPLIANCES QOQ0 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE AUBURNDALE, MASSACHUSETTS LASZII 0915 189 HAYDEN COSTUME CO., Inc. COSTUMES forthe Amufeur Stage, Phzyf, Operaf, Carfzz'11aff, Pageamff, M cz.fquera1le.r Gilbert and Sullifurm Operaf a Sffefiafly 786 WASHINGTON STREET BOSTON, MASS, T Ieph HAN In 4345 Compliments of MERRILL C. NUTTING E. WILLIAM NUTTING Real Estate 555 COMMONWEALTH AVENUE NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS BIGEIOW 4909 CompIiments of .9011 .WI SDEIE, LJ. 37 CENTRAL STREET WELLESLEY MASSACHUSETTS BUS INESS BUREAU 120 BOYLSTON STREET - Room 614 - LIBerty 1295 EMPLOYMENT REGISTRY DEPENDABLE SERVICE FOR RELIABLE OFFICE EMPLOYEES L. S. HIBBARD, Manager 'I9O Congmtuleztions. . . Class of 1947 1' GARDEN CITY PRINT, INC. 13 BOYD STREET, NEWTON, MASS. ROBERT WILCOX Expert Cleansers and Dyers BLANKETS - DRAPES - FUR STORAGE 709 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTONVILLE 60, MASS TeIepIuone BIGeIow 5 761 Fish and Oysters Game of AII Kinds in Season J. DEWEY 8. CO., Inc. MEATS ' GROCERIES ' FRUITS ' VEGETABLES Phones: BIGeIow 7062 - 7063 287 WASHINGTON STREET NEWTON, MASS. 191 Compliments oI lcmefs Luncheonette Cor. Commonwealth Avenue nd Washington Street, AuIJurnc:IaI COMPLIMENTS OF NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION -COMPLIMENTS OF NEWTON NATIONAL BANK Complime I ROBIN HOOD NEWTON CENTRE CORPORATI SERVING THE NEWTONS 311 Walnut Street, Newtonville 833 Beacon Street, Newton Centre O Clothing, Furnishings and Shoes 0 FORMAL CLOTHES FOR HIRE l I N J. H. Chandler 8: Son HARDWARE 0 Telephone BlGelow 4000 796 BEACON STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Class photographers ol The NEWTQNlAN, 'l 947.. allfnewpgxf Sl lmao ll Photographs of Merit" 1306 BEACON STREET BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS 193 McGlLL COMMCDITY SERVICE INC. WO U O G INIIEWTCDN CENTRE SAVIINGS A N K SAVE SAFE CGMPLIMENTS OF THOMAS v. CLEVELAND Qaltor .6 W Yes, you can learn fo drive wi'Il'1 Ihai' perfecf confidence Il'1a+ comes only from sound KNOWLEDGE. Garber's scienlilic progressive melhod of in- sfrucfion gives you Ihaf knowledge, final' abilily fo drive. Aslc abou? Ilwe Garber Gvuaraniee. CERTIFIED INSTRUCTION GARBER'S AUTO DRIVING SCHOOL DORCHESTER I BROOKLINE i WALTHAM S95 Morton SI. ' H06 Beacon SI. l 649 Main SI. Col 4457 I Asp 1080 'Wenham 4619-M SPORTSTERS by SAN DLER remember your first Footwear 0 Personality O "SHOES FOR THE ENTIRE FAMILY" O riben BEACON at SUMMER ST. NEWTON CENTRE BABEF001' SANBAL LAS. 0000 195 -in- Couples onl I is-3 C U E U .E w- :22 .E we V7 ca E 'FJ 5 4,14 ..:"5 'Hifi Oi ' 1 1' Hfgrj - , --ju:'g1-jf.,-1: - 1 'ESRIFIL f' ' "":.'4' t 'E I -A , .. ,, Q. , 1 'fu ' ' 1 .,' - 1 1-P :fa .il ,Y .T ,tx ,-Q.-V f.. .,, .:., . A .,.,-'f ' A . . . ff 1' . ffm -fr' '1-In 42,7 ,. L:- .AA L Z ' 1? H: xl x.'l. ., ,,.,,. .r R4 . --, V W ,lr 11 ,. 'HIM ,.. 513 -,nf vu id ,. .132-1 ,1-., " .0 5 . - 15 .1-U , N v- 4 X ., , , Sql ' ao I . -XP. v ' I ! ' S ,rl .VI .45 f, .14 ,le :ef-I 5 . ,. 'z. ' , ' - I? ',,. 1:4 .IL ,H--a -. A hiv.: ' -Hia ,f x lf 'S L '-.3 E . E I E ! i I I 5 .1 1 . s E i r s E c I e E s F 5 s I . H 1 i s z Q . 5 i i 5 s 5 2 5 ! 5 E I 5 : i E F i s 5 3 E 3 3 E 1 1 4 5 5 . E I I 1 5 . 5 I s 1 5 E i E 2 . 5 2 E ! s 5 n J I Q 5 i i 5

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