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 - Class of 1935

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Zoo! ,CQ fd feiljgffggwjwj ,im My 2 M ,,,Mm440 www, '7fMLff3f1f'Z'4 67 " my-L JCWWW N35 M741 ,X X V 1 , . , . v 'x , 1 . 1, . , 5 I 1 .K . ,k X ,K k,, 1.V I 'x nv' , 'r 7.4 A , ' .,5V w W f 14.1 ' K1 H, , . ., .N ." ?Xf X V .ILM , L l'lv'. I X ,. , M' .- 4, .'511,..,'r3 ,' '1",'-f",.'i V , 3'.1'a4 1'1- . ,A ,I .Mu U . ,. ..! , !,4.lf"w , -,ll ,V m . ,. ,. , ' . ,,-t.-1, Q, . I x. ini . r' U., -.Y-'J , ,,-, ,' mm Q 1, f az.-. , rv ., V v- .. V 'N v'I-M, x 1 X ' 'L ,i ff .J :zNLI!1k2!I,Q,1g', ,-, 1: 'J-. '-'1 'V -3, J' 515 . -, , x W rr-Aaxl,i' ' , .-' '. if ' , I r .-- Z' , . - V 1 'x 'v TW r.x -1. lnfuj 7 ,' .V I... ,Q ,- . zu' V, J ,- Q M -A 'f fr. Wwe" ' '- -,Hnlf 2 15' ',.' .. Hd. ',', '-"sc,-,lqhl irl- tr! Q -. X, ,QM .fi muh-vc.. ,D vi' vm. Q tw.: ,Av Y ',v ,- 4,,- ,- .I .4 ' -y ul - ,.. ', . I: Q A "gh" M. W 1 .r. ,. 3 " J ,,--1k,f,wh,'u'- A 3 2' ,W -v ,s .g , - H . -- ' WN .e 'l, PN' 'Y I l U' If 4. ,:-L, ,"t'- fv- 'JN f 'A-H "Y", Jil' 5 l ?, ..?g :UAW uni, 91? Buff!" Nix-' A af? 4 ' I ' lg alla! fl AV:-94, U' ,Al 'P ,kr v 13,1 Ili! , , l w Q , 'I 'Llf 'fig -' I-I V - 1- I X' ' ' xr" 'I' A N ,EW . r'!v'1 ,N xy- M., 'J1'h 4'-f 1 xx Mai--II. 1, I I ,L .M 1. ll xg' ,l-- X .UQ ' Y, S xl ,. M , '-14 11 -5'-v' 515, . ' 'I-,f '-A ff 1' ,li 2. ,. .U vm-. s-,gi v A... nt, QQ. 12-41:- . wil.. vQ . ,. I Q- -tw fy YW?" '4 if SE 'LS gf-kl. '-1".'U', --5 nw. t fir' I 4 Qlgf.-.' : WH, 1- .fwj y Y' Y: , ,, K," ' .'f'7+.', I' A j , r .V .4 - 1.1, 4 .1 ., ,'.w' . Iv- .-t -3... .pu -fy. J , I w ,, 1 Ir 1 A qv I: A v ' 1 , r tow! N' L, fx- - -1 2' F M I Nc- QQ'-'Q vw. -S '- -.r 'ny If ' 1 A 1- ,, 'v Is., l' ,.a ' O n ' UWM! Mtv 'A R , , L.,. 3 H .nl H' , .... 'lu Rf l I 'as A I in up' Mb 'gllrw 1 4 J' .V wi, X7, 2-. pf, :AT . E., K 4 X 'v'Q'l-. N- ' Aw' I f'f-lf" ' pri, af' Qi Nlliff A .155 E 3 Q 4 Q E Zhu C r G'13 f" f ,Z ' gf gglllllllllllf' n"""Iu7m mumm -N. AIIIIIIIIU H E 'A Hill mumvnuuu .1 "' ,. ll U rfli J WL. M v-'s E n WHIIWF' , "L gs, Leaf" gf? 5 se eszsiiiffmif , ' :gi f Q -m?f"'f' , J' ' zlnmfcfnmv E Q 59 + f ...... 1 .. I 2. M :wi 4X ' ml' r ' if ' . qw' J it ff .i .... L... 3 xi I 4 U", ,rf :" .H 4 I ., 'L L' :ff "ILA 'A A xlib?-an .I ' MW 1 f ff Tl-' I Q ' l - 4 1 I l 'i , I 1? hu 4 ! 'ig' . -2 I ezsa- .255 :. .EJ E s'1, - 4f , ? f Fil-::::gg as 2 eg H zffn-i11"'T"'H f -?:"f Q , 1.237 1: NPofL.ff-A-.3?'fL-ff 'zizj'-51-.1--3 1?-n -? NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL, 1860 THE Ntwtommlxn D n'lQ1-35 cc cc Annual of Newton I-Iign School Newton, Massachusetts 1 VOLUME TWENTY-SIX EDITED BY THE CLASS OF NINETEEN Tl-HRW-FIVE oneo nennn FOREWORD L is the IIOPC of the Newtollizllx Staff- tlmt this Year book, Com- memorating the Seventy-fifth .Anniver- sary of Newton High School, may give Z1 true and complete picture of the SCIIOOI Zlllil its Sfllflelll' fr Ci If C1 THE EDITOR. .:,- fr FH -S. Y-E Y Q .'.1 lgfila, l PAUL E. ELICKER The Senior Class respectfully dedicates this book to Paul E. Elicker, Principal, who has directed our high school career with interest and understanding. c F Fl S Q D 1 1 X PX N '-1 5 xx R mf i? 4,Ku'l'Ir' ' A'- Jhggfgiz ,. 4",H A-sf,-,f ww f bvnnw-.M , -Man. mx Scvew Wi .':- .1 .x , I' AV 4:51, 1 -4 ,.,,3QB-sqbjz V n r - ,, - .':' -K" .5 ,- + A lf.. -, -M 1.-i , I Af .. D - . V L- 'M Erght -. 'Ki E5 . .-AL -.- -A.,...i, 1 JH ,GT-ifi " f 1.1.:-:- " ,:., 1.1.- X! 14--L Qi. I I 'I ,Jas X Q., 'C YQ 50- Q QQ ' t RAYMGND A. GREEN The NQWIOFHGN warmly congratulates Raymond A. Green, long a popular member of Newton's faculty, on his appointment as Assistant- Principal. A ,P- 'Q'1 - , , A' 1 - J? W ., MISS MARGARET SOUTH Miss Margaret South, Senior Class Adviser, whose kindly smile, intel- ligent advice, and unfailing friendship we deeply cherish. f in ff 2. 71:v.:Ig,::5': "A. -' -f:. 47 W QL - ,..--" -'A,A' 1 A'A' . . " . . ' --" , ..,. .. . mi SEN 095:11 f - .bg-.'. , Th 1-1'fM!fT . I E n i 1 Y L Fourteen Qfficers of Senior Class President First Vice-President CALEB ROEHRIG AUGUSTUS CASTOLDI Second Vice-President Secretary Treasruer SANDERSON SLOANE MAURICE WHITE CHARLES DOTEN FPIS l .:,-- . '-1: .:..h . , ' H f .,,, . ,Q T Senior Class History T935 N. Q1 5, .' f gc' 5 " an yi Asp wb' Y an easy stretch of imagination the passage of the class of 1935 through Newton l-ligh School may be likened to an ocean voyage of some length on a big liner. With keen anticipation of the voyage and the thrilling experiences awaiting us beyond the horizon in unknown lands, we thronged up the gangplank and the ship set sail. Efficient and courteous Captain Elicker was making his first passage as commander on the bridge, but he soon gained the confidence and affection of all on board. The first few days out, which correspond to the sophomore year, were rather trying for most of the passengers. The impressive strangeness and awesome size of the ship, as well as the distressing novelty of the motion conspired to bewilder us with a feeling of being "quite at sea." To organize the ship's company we elected Clarke Case, president, feeling confident of his superior seamanship.- One-half of the way over, in the junior year, most of the passengers had found their sea-legs and had taken up some form of deck sport or pastime. Gus Castoldi, Bill Spilman, and "Bullet" Byrne, all triple "Ns," and among the girls Rejane l-larvey, "Oyster" Wheeler, and Jane l-lesslein displayed their skill at quoits, shuffleboard, and deck tennis. Evenings of recreation followed days of ship's routine, as when a successful dance was run off by George Collins and others. From time to time the officers on the bridge would shoot the sun and post reports of the progress being made, which were sometimes gratifying and sometimes not. The later days of the voyage have been far more eventful. The play, "Once in a Lifetime," with Sally Rogers, l-loward Fine, and Elliot Rogers in the leading roles was presented to enthusiastic audiences. There were other Fifteen l i A.-:1':.'-Vzif: 4.v., H: A. V T T ,S H Q , .1-Aa-'--V., .' I ,.-. tr-.x .---, - - - I Q .121 E. Efjj:2-jf.t1. t W "if" t 7 L A , l entertainments, such as the Prize-Speaking Contest in which Laura Hathaway and David Eddy featured, while the Newtonian Talent Assembly comedians would have made Eddie Cantor and Ed Wynn look like amateurs. Among the illustrious personages on our Passenger List were: Jane Tobin, the famous editor of The Newtonian, the slap-stick comedian, l-loward Fine, the well known essayist and legislator, Clarke Case, the all-Newton football end, Gus Castoldi, and the headliner Caleb Roehrig, who served two terms as President of the class. Some of the passengers studied hard to master foreign languages and other subjects in preparation for further travel abroad, while some preferred to stroll the decks in light-hearted company. For two days following a severe blizzard the customary routine had to be abandoned, but after that we were able to venture forth once more on icy decks. Despite the isolation of our ship at sea, the radio bulletins kept us informed of the history- making events and alphabetical experiments unfolding themselves under President l2oosevelt's New Deal program, and the moves on the political checker-board of Europe. Towards the end of the voyage there came the usual ship's dance and the festive Captain's Dinner. And now, while the ship nears port, we think of the true friends we have made among the passengers and among the ship's officers. As we file down the gangplank, our passports Cprovided the examiners approve themb in hand, to scatter to the ends of the earth, we recall with a wistful smile the grand times of the voyage and the worthwhile lessons learned. Our voyage finished, new worlds open before us for discovery and conquest. Sixteen E E ' ik 'D - 1 JH EMILY LOUISE ABBOTT 40 Wedgewood Rd., West Newton Sweet mercy is nobrlrty': true badge. Language, Warren, Simmons, Band, SZ, 3, 4, Class Orches- tra, 3, Legislature. 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Scholarship Roll, 9, To be a dietitian in a hospital. RUTI-I WHITMAN ALDRICI-I 36 Taft Ave.. West Newton One cannot lcnow everything. Rufus, Ruthie,OFF1CeTraining, Day, Home Economics Club. Q, Track, Q, Social Studies Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, I-lonor Roll, Q, To get the best out of life, WILI-IELMINA FROLICI-I ADLARD 48 White Oak Rd , Waban A daughter of the Gods, drvrnely tall, and most divinely lair. Billee, Academic, Warren, Mrs. Chamberlain, Home Economics Club, 4, To be a mannequin at Bergdorfefiood- man s. Pl-IYLLIS BARBARA ALEXANDER QQ I-larrington St., Newtonville Full many a gem olpurest ray serene. Phil, Office Training, Weeks, Boston University, Basket- ball,1.9, Soccerl 2, 3, Baseballfl 3, Tennis 1 Q, 3, Track, 1, Gym Meet. Q, Ping Rong, 'l, Q, To make someone haocy. MELVIN COBB AIKEN Q03 Riverview Ave., West Newton He trred the luxury ot' doing good, Mel, General, Warren, Boston University, Football Junior Varsity, Manager, 1, To be a photographer. AUDREY ALLEN 'l'l Read Court. Newton Centre A violet by a mossy :tone half hidden from the eye. Academic, Winshio, Brighton, Art School, Gym Meet 2, 3, Newtonite, 4, Traffic Squad 4, To live and learn, JULIUS AISNER 38 Brae Burn.Rd,. Auburndale llrnewl could get here after everyone else. Jules, Language, Weeks, Harvard, Tralhc squad 3, Junior Varsity Football, 3, English Club, 4, Senior Play 4, Indoor Track, 4, English Club Play, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, To make my name as well known as my initials, LOIS ALLEY 'IB Grovelancl St., Auburnclale ls she not passing fair? Lo, Loey, Certihcate, Warren, Colby Jr. College, English Club, 4, Library Club, 3, Aviation Club, 4, Gym Meet, 9, Tennis, 9, 3, Ping Pong. 3, Newtonian Assembly, 4, To dance with Fred Astaire, Ill h lzrv 1 nl' ,.t, A' . ,ta Eighteen NORMA MARIE ALSlElN 18 Stoneleigh Rd., West Newton ln quietness and conlidence shall be your strength. Certificate, Caldwell, New Jersey, To run a hotel. ELEANOR HENRIETTA ARDUINO 719 Boylston St, Newton Highlands She is rich in common sense. Dolly, Office Training, Weeks, Home Economics, 3, Scholarship Roll, Q, English Club, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Archery, Q, Cuym Meet, 3, To study human nature, and not be baffled. ALFRED FERDINAND AMENDOLA 37 Clinton St., Newton Abilitylis man's wealth. Fifi, Business, Day, Bentley's School of Accounting, Honor Roll, 9, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Base- ball, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 4, Business Committee Senior Play, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, lo become a C. P. A. EDITH MARION ARMSTRONG 1473A Washington St., West Newton lt is the quiet worker who succeeds. Edie, Ofhce Training, Warren, English Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To be successful in business. HENRY GARDNER ANDERSEN 1046 Centre St., Newton Centre Nay, lshall ne'er beware of mine own wit till l break my sliins against it. Andy, Hen, Gard, Swede, Language, Marlboro High, Annapolis and Massachusetts State, Legislature, 4, Math Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To win a million in Wall Street, and a girl from Paul Street. FRANClS STEPHEN BACHELDER 40 Bridge St., Newton His wisdom fills the air, nary a worry, nary a care. Bach, Certificate, Day, Dartmouth, Lunchroom Squad, Q, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, Q, English Club Usher Committee, 4, To make snowshoes lor Snowshoe rabbits. LAWRENCE BURNAP ARCH 11 Playstead Rd., Newton Cheerlulness is a certarn sign of wisdom. Archie, Academic, Day, Radio School, Radio Club, 3, 4, Newtonite, 3, 4, To be a good announcer. BENJAMIN WILSON BADENOCH 193 Fuller St., West Newton Travel broadens the mind. Bennie, Count, Math, Weeks, M. l. T., Aviation Club, 9, 3, 4, Debating Club, 3, 4, Newtonian Stall, Data Com- mittee, 4, Alternate Legislature, 4, Football, 3, Scholarship Roll, 9, National Honor Society, 4, To Fly away to Mars. -A r"'P 3 I III --!T'.."t, . i c L! 015 GEL Av RICHARD JOHN BAGLEY B6 Auburn St., Auburndale Come one, come alll this rock shall lly. from its lirm base as soon as I. Panther, Business, Warren, Track, 4. ELLEN MARIE BALKUS 39 Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls She is a quiet lady but, quite a lady. Nellie, Office Training, Weeks, Baseball, 'l, Q, Volley ball, 1, To travel, JOHN HENRY BAIL 1095 Walnut St., Newton Highlands The hand that follow: intellect can achieve. Johnny, Certificate, Weeks, Antioch, Debating Club, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, To be a little yeastcake and raise the dough. PRISCILLA ARDELLE BANCROFT 'IOQ Ridge Ave., Newton Centre Laugh and the world laughs with you. Pri, Prissy, Office Training, Bloomfield High, New Jersey, Home Economics, Q, Debating Club, 3, Field Hockey, Q, Alpha Beta, 9, Track, 3, To outdance Fred Astaire. BARBARA ANN BAILEY 'l'l Canterbury Rd., Newton Highlands Friendship' mysterious cement of the soull Sweetener of Life' And solder ol xociety. Barbie, Sandy, Academic, Weeks, Miss Wheelock's, Basketball, 'l, To run a dance without the boys crashing it. BARBARA BANKER 96 Hillside Rd., Newton Highlands Welcome ever smile: And farewell goes' out sighing. Barbie, Language, Weeks, Mount Holyoke, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Neophytes, Q, Drama Club 4, Usher, 4, Library Club, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Newtonite, 4, Legislature, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Candy Committee, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Program Committee, 4, Publicity Committee, Q, Soph Dance Committee, Q, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, To dance with Fred Astaire. MARIE Rl-IODA BAILEY 173 Oliver Rd., Waban l'll giggle today il tomorrow l die. Reedie, Academic, Warren, Miss Sacker's Art, English Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Senior Play, 4, Legislature Alter- nate, 4,Scholarship Roll, 4,To design clothes lor Uncle Sam. THOMAS BARNETT 'IQO Forest Ave., West Newton Sportsman and gentleman. Tom, Mathematics, Warren, Notre Dame, To grow, and go see snow. 'tw Nineteen Y . --A. ,,,... ,-.1'j"-lf"gQj.jb.: 1 41 Twenty PAUL BARNICLF 9 Grant St., Auburndale lrle rs a fest, and all thrngs show xt, I thought so once, but now l know rt. Barney, Business, Warren, Business School, Varsuty Orr chestra, Q, 3 4, Band, Q, To help Donme Rertsch Fund the orngrnal Joe l3usch, ANN ELIZABETH BARTRAM 347 Waban Ave, Waban Not that l lrlre worlr less, But l lslre lun more. l3etty,Cert1hcate, lmmaculata Semtnary, Washlngton, D C,, Wells, Englnsh Club, 3, 4, Avratuon Club, 3, 4, Lunchroom Souad, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1,- Rasketball, 1, Q, Sensor Play Commrttee, 4, Senzor Talent Assembly, 4, To soerraluze wuth the brains ot the world CHARlOTTF MARY BARRETT 38 Eddy St , West Newton To know her rs to love her. Chuck, Office lrannung, Day, Secretary, 3, Commercral Club, Q, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Legrslature, 3, Radro Club, 4, Basketball 3. Baseball, 3, Fashuon Show Q, lo fly across the ocean on the end of a toy balloon. ELAINE GRACE BATES QQ Avondale Rd , Newton Centre Good thrngs come rn lrttle packages and very sweet. Sunny, Academrc, lNAason, Northlueld Semrnary, Socnal Studres Club, Q, 4, Camera Club, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, Senior Play Trcket Committee 4, Gym Meet Q, 3, Soccer, 1, Lunchroom Squad, 1 Q 3, Tratlnc Squad, 1, Q, To sung to Bang Crosby, DOROTHY HELEN EARSTOW QO Hammond St., Chestnut Hull lheres too much beauty upon thrs earth For lonely men to bear. Dot, Dottee, Dutchess, Languag-i', Weeks, Stanford, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, 4, Floor Manager, Q, BUlldlf1SlVldf1d3C'r 3, Legislature, Q, Alternate, 3, Gym Meet, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 3, Englush Club, 3 4, Prezr- Speakung, Q, Assembly Usher, 3, Newtonrte Staff, Q, 3, 4, Band, Q, 3, Varsuty Orchestra, 4, Outdoor Concert Q 3, 4, lunchroom Squad, 4, Trallrc Squad, 4, Newtonuan Data Stall, 4, To organrze a system whereby oolzccmen may be relneved of dutres at 9 P M rn certarn localttws RUTH lSAl3ELLA BATEY 83 Hrgh St , Newton llpper Falls The glory ol a lrrm, capacrous mind Ruthie, Academlc, Weeks, Socual Studres Club, 3, 4, Home Economncs Club, 4, To rause mashed potatoes GERTRLIDE HAYDlN BARTLETT 91 Court St , Newtonville She who soealrs lrttle goes farthest Trudre, Gert, Olhce Tralnrng, Day, Home Economics Club, Q, Outdoor Track Q, Hand, Q, 3, 4, Scholarshto Roll Q, 3 4, Outdoor Concert Q, 3, Natvonal Honor Socuety, 4, lo bw a successful busuness woman. MARGUERITE LOUlSE BECHTEL 35 Bradford Rd, Newton Hlghlands 3 l Genteel rn personage Conduct, and equrpage. l Becky, PYBSY, Margy, Certrhcate, Weeks, Massachusetts School of Art, Senror Play Costume Commnttee, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Spanlsh Club, 4, To desugn aeroplanes and buy clothes, or to desugn clothes and buy aeroplanes. I VIVIAN ATHALIE BELLINGER i Q47 Cabot St , Nevvtonville l lt was the who wax so wire, patient, and kind. Viv, Heafty, Commercial, Day, Home Economics, Q, Corn' mercial Club, 3, To be thin as a rail' DONALD KEIRSTEAD BERRY 957 Washington St , Nevvtonville Though l am not spleenitive and rash, Yet I have something in me dangerous. Don, D, Certificate, Day, Boston University, English Club, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Lunchroom Sc1uad,Q, 3, 4, Usher, Senior Play, 4, To stick to one idea and carry it through BARBARA FRANCES BELMONT Q5 Chaske Ave , Auburndale The .world's no better rf we worry, Life s no longer il we hurry. Barbie, Certificate, Warren, Simmons, Soccer, Q, Base- ball, Q, Basketball, Q, Archery, 3, Orchestra, Q, 3, Camera Club, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Field Hockey, Q, To peel a raw egg. DONALD ARTHUR BERTSCH 39 Newell Rd., Auburndale Silence is golden. Birdie, Business, Warren, Boston University, Honor Roll, 3, 4, To find the original Joe Busch. vvoNNE MARIE BERGE Q0 Hillside Rd., Newton Highlands She shall be loved and feared: Her own shall bless her, Her loes .vhalce like a held olbeaten corn, And hang their heads with sorrow. Certificate, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Track, Q, Archery, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Traffic Squad, 4. MATTHEW EDWARD BILLINGE 67 Austin St., Newtonville A .tingle :parlc can burn a whole prairie. Mat, Certificate, Winthrop High, Northeastern, Glee Club, 3, Aviation Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, To buy a duck from Joe Penner. ELEANOR GRACE BERKELEY 82 Oxford Rd., Newton Centre She that was ever fair and never proud Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. El, Berkie, Academic, Mason, Ambler, Pennsylvania, , Social Studies Club, 3, Camera Club, 4, Gym Meet, 'l. ALBERT WILLIAM BILLINGS '19 Indiana Ter., Newton Upper Falls Little by sight But great in might. Doc, Billings, Academic, Weeks, Dartmouth, Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 4, To become a success in life. Twenty-one aQQ4x Q, Q,- . -SA .,, '17 .. 1 H xx X4 C-'xf'1.L'xk-N ' 19. -. ' 'N.xx?0 . . 1 -. V' ' .'N'f' gif. 'NS f'.'. Dwi' v xX"'u 4.1 1-: XX..u M. 24.1 .wk .i 4 '1' ...H ' xZHl"'-' 5- li . -H ' ,VN -'I' fQ'fx+ t1'Wf1'Ni'x I5. 'Xki X ' XT X.'xx'0" 5' QR .HMB Xhfx N34 .5 'iuffxxv bu! 'inxr fl-f Mix-5x7lAx' 13 .-u. 'ff lm 'Madr- . XX .vu MIT s- x n .c. I be-X x .tx V IP-I Wx .lx 4 1OK"' vu -I 'XXX rx lm NF :3 'UAV 'F x wwr H 'Xu' N. AISH M., -9 1. k.x.M. .1 R l...l I, :.,,. x,5..I,, ,. :W , M. U., ' .-mm. kxhwy 7 317 fc PM x "aww .muwnow Nunn? O. tc.-cu x om. ': c'oa'1'14n.-:?w:'w.-Vxx,:?w1h. gzw.-:rv x. :'-. .xv me xc wg 'um :H :Nc 'x ng: :',-gn-fp M F! C1 CHLIQCH HUNT SN V- 'wr S: XX Nuxron .1'f..K".9xt' v- --r' .927 we-Hof N '!" .va .9..cNrr' 12.1 's x'v'1K'.1!c XX.s"rn P.u:mourH "'nrw N'.wegr' :X Trnrnx 'U.m.1g:rr .3 4 Srrmc' Phu 4 Nmx Ion an FIA" 4 SVN s' LW.-mc kYOmf"flf'1" 4 lrgwlntwr -4 'x'g:'w k Mb 4 N"xV.qwh-p Qalw 4 'lrnnw 'fsuvrmrvrrwt f F 4 N11 one Mcmv Socctx 4 Brno' Prom LMM-V 4 5CVT'O' 7.14-'K "Nvrr'b,x 4 To auf 5' VaM'n'r'w x .v"vbr'W cm f.uf:".- 11.4.-.L QOY: C7 'MAT N :I 'Tr NF: ND: C SN FCXNKAVT 51 Numan kbcntvr K'-cu race laws" Heb I-'Z N'a.M--.-2.4 Www N' 7 Ncovkxrre 2' 'X 953 F523 ZX lcgwNSZ.,'n' 'XHC'r13fn' is 5Di'9'Or'f'Ou' HUNT' 9 :As A x km 4 lx'aM.- K Mb A sf'-.-.whwv Q,-H S Ns::1.- Mom" Fas fix 4 e kv .1 J X C'FQwV'C'k" I "RH-if UN! N' 'RCC FLXTH lx kr-"TC XVWTO1 1-5 T A Nw '- :Kr Her' -rf Now N-4 e-Nr A" " Q' "F" 'fum' Y 'W' 'C' Xfudx. QNX f Rex 'Xyecfcf Q 23 3:6 Cxx ?'.af'-Y-gh.-" 7c.aJ'Wfs x o ce. 5:'Nos'if L' is F 4 509: Nm: A x Lb 3 f's'.- x A' KX wukci' 4 Im: J' k mb 4 x .iP"r'H k .gb 4 4 4 . . - , x ,sv t'.iwf'Lwe A-vw 1 9 X- 4 vxrr ,Vrrr .- 'Nat anal 'sk' xx .w -1 :c Nw s buf o' 'mm xx r'-s..11"c'ns XXX: -N21 'XX . A :. A Q 'S flmf,,:Y'w Q55 Nmx:cr1?1 phi,-max '. rt- 5 f xiao he " .sr .sg "'x 'xX..u 71,1 wu muse' Veu :N F 4 xxaaos' van 9 3 4 v'ac.,.+::- Mvw' F Frnc' Pax RM---H M- P xrrvn-H ' 'mek'- 'JANUI IZXNY 'NDNLN 1 ix" it .X rv Nmusm 1 '-'n f"C.,C"f- 5"J MDW' S -'Of"x" MC' X fl, "x'N kx,1!'f' -0 bf.'VW1'Xx's'Q. '1' Uifhfxwfjf 'xY'3V"'f W A 7' .5 K C em: Lf' 'vs FCM' CN bags'- q l llwl l i CARL OSCAR SARDERGREN BOSWORTH 152 River St., West Newton Being nimble footed he Outruns us. Swede, Business, Warren, Bentley, Track, Q, 3, Varsity, 4, Cross Country, Q, Football, 3, 4, Intermediates, 3, Varsity, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity. Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Assist- ant Home Room Manager, 3, To become a successful busi- ness man. MARY ETHEL BOYD 37 Carleton St., Newton She's never haughty never proud. But popular in every crowd. Boydie, Business, Bigelow, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Track, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club, Q, Treasurer, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, 9, 3, Scholar, ship Roll, 1, Q, 3, Fashion Show, Q, To live, to laugh, and be loved. MURRAY OTTO BOTH 50 Jane Rd., Newton Centre He must have put the m a n in manager. Academic, Weeks, Nichols, Home Room Manager, 9, Assistant Football Manager, 3, Football Manager, 4, Hockey Manager, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, Legislature, 4, Boys' Debating Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, To be an executive of a great industry. ROBERT ADAMS BRADFORD 169 Middlesex Rd., Chestnut Hill A good scout is as true as steel. Bob, Red, Brad, Certificate, Mason, Williams, Aviation Club, 1, Q, 3, 4, 5, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Tennis Tournament, 1, Q, 3, 4, Sophomore Track, 1, To possess wealth, health, and f GEORGE DE WOLFE BOWN Q63 Washington St., Newton Courage mounteth with occasion. Boone, Certificate, Bigelow, Haverford, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Basketball, 1, Social Studies Club, 4, Property Committee ol Senior Play, 4, To be a teacher. LUCY BRADSHAW 199 Farlow Rd., Newton The force of her own merit makes her way. Academic, Bigelow, Debating Club, 3, 4, President, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Play, 3, Drama Club, 4, Senior Execu- tive Committee, 4, Senior Play, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Talent Committee, 4, Newtonite, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, Newtonian, Feature Editor, 4, Glee Club, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, 9, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Legislature, 3, To be a Dramatic Critic. GORDON HOWARD BOYD, JR. Q74 Parker St., Newton Centre He shew'd discretion, the best part of valor. Junior, Business, Weeks, Business, AMY JULIA BRAM 416 Watertown St,, Newton A winning way, A pleasant smile, Very neat, Arid right in style. Bram, Office Training, Day, Finishing School, Baseball, 9, 3, Soccer, 1, Social Studies Club, 3, Commercial Club 4, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, 3, To grow up and reach things Twenty three gxgflzi ,'.: I .5 1 .. CN'-Q'!ff'-7'f ,M STANLEY KEITH BRIDGE 13B Algonquin Rd. Chestnut Hill A gentleman first, last, and always. iStan, Academic, Mason, Business College, Band, 1, Chorus Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Sensor Picture Com- mlltrc' 5 ALBERT JAMESON BROOKS 38 Putnam St West Newton The world knows nothing ol its greatest men, Al, Certificate, Warren, University ol Pennsylvania Band Q. 3, 4 5, Orchestra, 9 3. 4, Assistant Tennis Man- ager Q, Tennis Manager, 3, Ticket Committee, 5, Alternate Legislature 5, Honor Roll 5, Try to think of a good one FREDERICK WlLLlAM BRIGGS, JR 14Q Crafts St., Newtonville He talks wrth great eloquence ol all he sees. Tred, Freddy, Academic, Deering High, Portland. Me, Business School, Home Room Manager, Q, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Basketball. Q. 3, Lunchroom Squad, Q. 3, To be a big bus: nc-ss man and surprise Miss Burdon and Mr. Swan, JOHN BENSON BROOKS 77 Fair Oaks Ave., Nevvtonville Intelligence and industry are the best possessions which any man can have. Johnny, Brooksie, Certificate,Waltham,Junior Varsity Foot- ball, 1, Intermediate Football, 9, Civics Club Representative. 4, Intermediate Basketball, 1, Varsity Basketball, 9, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Legislature, 4, Class Orchestra, 4, lglewtonite Sports Stall, 4, To play every instrument in the and, ELIZABETH GERTRUDE BRINE 73 Prospect St., West Newton Ambition is the germ from which all growth ol noblenexs proceeds. Liz, Language, Warren, Bridgewater, Scholarship, 9, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Senior Play, Business Committee, 4, Usher, Parent's Day, 9, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To graduate from college Summa cum laude. PHILLIP LEAVITT BROOKS 111 Cedar St., Newton Centre A gentleman from :ole to crown. Phil, Academic, Weeks, Bentley, Traffic Squad, 4, Lunch- room Squad, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Stage Committee, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, To be a great certified public accountant. HAROLD CLARK BRONSDON 42 Parker St., Newton Centre Men ol few word: are the best. Harry, Certihcate, Weeks, University of Maine, Junior Varsity Football, 3, To join the University Club, THOMAS TURNEY BROOKS 60 Harvard St., Newtonville Who know: nothrng base, Fears nothing known. Tommy, Certificate, Day, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, Q, Football, 2, 3 4, To Fly the Atlantic between breakfast and lunch. 06' LEON SFNFORL' EICLEE ac ,unsr kc Ne.-son Fe r ata ke' acc reeos ro c-e:f ofrg ce'c'e re :sean fvryc Lee .Acadcm c, J..fa-.s, Eos'on Lin .,i's'yif'- n-iss Admrnrstraflon, Ass rant has-'bel 'fanaiar E gen 5 Day 'lrqket Corrrrrftrr 4 Carnzre C, -b 4 A cha s,Ja""a v Y 3 P '- Q34 Fw 64' E Mvnon Ts' 'N 'nn ll' 'ce on y reward O' . t 5 . fue y was a " end 3 to ce one rg ag A r c 'W Ta. E Englsl' C .b 4 L-ncl":o' fond 4 Darrni Lf- 'Jsh-tr Q Creme C ac ,hor-sho: E vo zo no'h ng LAR ILA EATQN EQOA-XTX f S'onf f gr Qc Lkast N n Ti-.3 IH- nc 5 fl-Q rv-er Bat Crrtshcata, sXa'ren, lk-CET l3osnf Jag? Commrztee 3 4 Tralrc Squad 3,'s'atr Cub 4 S-inso' play 4, Ncwron an 4, Sen or :anouet Comms-:ce 4, Natlonal Honor foclety 4, To dlssrsrosr '-'r Cyeen 5 theory on black bass LOLHS 's.XlLL'A,'-' BPLJE'-H327 Jl? 44 Lsndbrg Am Wes' Ne.-yton For man s man ard master ot hs: tate Certfrcate, "JlL"ar'en, Bowdorn, L-fgrslatur-2 Q 4, Pub' 'scatsons Board 4, Home Poom Nlanager Q, Junlor Varsrty Football Q, Lunchroorr' Souad 4, Socsa' Studses Clab 4 Aloha Gamma Ta.: 4. Echo arsnsc Poll Q 3 4, Nfnonas Honor Socsety 4. ELlZAEETl-l ELLEN Bl?OlW"'N 3 Proctor St, Newromsllq Be sure o" rt, grve me the ocular proof Betty, Academsc, Day, Massachusetts School ol Art, Soccer Q, Hockey Q, Culee Club 3 4, Outdoor Concert 3 4, Socsal Studses Club 9, Scholarslsln Roll l 9, To learn wlsy' DOROTHY FRANCES BQYANT Q9 Prescott St , Newtomslle A cheerful We rs what the Muses love Antse Betsy Dot, Language, Day, Wellaslfy, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Sensor Play Tscket Comrnsttee 4, Englssh Club 4, Math Club 3, To play sazz as well as Eddra Duclmn. LUCIE ELIZABETH BROWN 135 Neshobe Pd Waban l had rather have a fool to make me merry than experrence to make me sad. Brownie, Lou, Language, Mount Ida, Wellesley, Awa- tson Club 4, Englssh Club 4, Sensor Play Corvmsttce 4, Englssh Club Play Commsttee, 4, Sensor Prom Commsttee 4, Cwym Meet, 3, Honor Roll 3, Natsorsal Honor Socuety 4, To keep calm at a football or hockey game. MUl2lEL LlVlNGSTON Bl2YlNlllNlG 2149 Commonwealth Ave. Auburndale Mussc makes us merry f therefore play. Mae West Tsra, Academsc, Warren, Dramatsc School, Neophytes Q, Sclsolarshsp Roll 9 3, Glee Club 4. Drama Elulb 3 4, Prsze-Soeaksng Contest 4, To bounce a meat al . .14 0 'P Twenty-five -i": s-af' "4" I - . . I - -5- ..---"'- . We. L 5 K I 'rt MARJORIE ELIZABETH BUNKER 38 Lakewood RcI,, Newton Hrghlands A merry heart doeth good lrke a medrcrne. Bunker, Mudge, Certrhcate, Weeks, Wheaton, Alpha Beta 9, Baseball Q, 3, Track, Q, Tennrs Tournament 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Oym fvleet Q, 3, Sensor Play Trcket and Candy Commrttee, 4, Senror Banquet Commrttee, 4, Enqlrsh Club, 4, Englrsh Club Poetry Commrttee, 4, Scholar- shrp Roll, 4, To Fly hrgh RICHARD WELLINGTON BURKHARDT Bl Church St , Newton Thoroughly wretched are the wrse, Duck, Burk, Satchelmouth, Certrlrcate, Day, Knox College, Galesburg III, Junror Varsrty Football, 3, lntermedrate Hockey, 3, Sensor Dance Commrttee, 4, To drrect Johnny Brookss orchestra at Cnlen Island Casrno IRMA WINNIFRED BRYSON I7 Omar Ter., Newtonvrlle Ouretness and confrdence shall be your strength. Academrc, Day, Junror College, Social Studres Club, 4, Home Economrcs Club 4, To travel. fl AM ELEANOR FRANCES BURNI-IAM 30 Crescent St , West Newton ' Sometrrnes grave, Sometrmes gay, But we lrke her anyway. Bowser, Olllce Trarnrng, Warren, Commercial Club, Q, 3, Secretary, 4, Scholarshup Roll, Q, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To make some money. ALICE ROSE BURKE 144 Webster St, West Newton She hath a way, vrvacrous, folly, free from care. Burkre, Olhce Trarnrng, Warren, Chandler's, Baseball, Q, 3, Commercral Club, 3, Tennrs Q, Gym Meet, Q, To be ambrtrous GQ MIRIAM GLEASON BURNS 411 Newtonvrlle Aye., Newtonyrlle The ayes have rtl Mums, Academrc, Day, Newton Hosprtal, Baseball, 3, Home Economrcs Club, Q, 4, Englrsh Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To be successful rn my career. MARIE AMELIA BURKE QI7 Derby St , West Newton When I was at home I was rn a better place, but travelers must be content. Burkre, Mrckey, Tiny, Academic, St. Bernards Srmmons, Baseball, Q 3, Ereld Hockey, Q, Home Economics Club, Q, To grow 5leetlOlr1Cl'1?S and then travel around the world L- Y- ROBERT JOHN BURNS 'I33 Elrot'St, West Newton He who stumbles but never falls. Berch, Language,fWarren, Boston College, Neophytes Vrceepresrdent, Q, Cjoll Team, 4, Erench Club, 4, Football, V T1 fi af , SARAH HAMILTCN BUSHNELL 'I34 Upland Rd., Waban Why take life seriously? You'll never get out of it alive. ' Sally, Sal, Certihcate, Warren, Sweet Briar, English il? I 7' 'S Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To ac- F- quire a southern accent and several million dollars. SARA THERESE cam 'IB Hale St, Newton Upper Falls Joy is not in things, it fs in us. Cade, Office Training, Weeks, Katherine Gibbs, Social Studies, 4, Camera, 4, Basketball, Q, To achieve my ideal and die happy, JOHN ARTHUR BUTTERFIELD Q9 Winona St., Auburndale Speech is a faculty given to man to reveal his thoughts. Butter, Business, Warren, Columbia, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, President, 4, Legislature, 3, Asso- ciate Treasurer, 4, Senior Play, 4, Business Committee Chair- man, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, , Junior Varsity Football, Q, Newtonite, 3, Varsity Hockey, , 3, 4, To live a big life. JOSEPH PATRICK CALLAHAN Q5 Shorneclifle Rd., Newton A Ajax the great Himself a host, - . 'tv v.-.g 1 , fu x, 1- g x N iw: I 5,147 L , " 'li I Sn. Joe, J. R., Cal, Academic, Bigelow, Bentley, Football, 3, Q, 3, mine Squad, 3, Lunchfoam salma, Q, 3, 4, ,Eu 3 Club, 3, Newtonite, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, Football 1 3.21: Manager, 'l, Senior Play, 4, To bring home the South Role, it K , HILMEN EDWIN BYE 1 47 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre Man is man, and master of his late, Gil, Business, Central High School, Grand Forks, North Dakota, Boston University, Intermediate Basketball, 3, Avia- tion Club, 3, Fly into space. 2. RITA MARIE CARON 19 Ricker Rd, Newton I will sing, I will go, and never ask me " Why?" General, St. Josephs Academy, Basketball, l, Q, 3, Soccer, 'l, Q, Hockey, 'l, Q, 3, Baseball, 'l. Q, 3, Track, 'l, Q, 3, Home Economics Club, To be successful, JAMES JOSEPH BYRNE xt 4l7,,Centre St, Newton ' ' I Honor lies in honest toil. ' ' Bullet, Academic, Bigelow, Boston University, Baseball. ' FQ 'l, Q, 3, 4, Cross Country, Q, Tennis, 'l, Football, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, 9, Social Studies, Q, To play it on an undefeated team Q ., 1 - DORIS ELEANOR CAREY 931 Washington St., Newtonville -.4 She s all my lancy pafnted herl "fy, , Shes lovelyl shes divinel S , Dizzy, Dot, Language, Warren, Katherine Gibbs, Gym 1 , Meet, 1,2 3, Soccer, 'l, Q, Baseball, l, Track 'l, Q, Eng. lish Club 3 -I 3--1 Twgnty-se ll . , NARGLJERITE CHEEVER CARLEY Q7 Eliot Ave West Newton She s never haughty, never proud, Hut DODular in every crowd Muggis', Office Training, Day, Commercial Club, Q, Base' ball l, Lunchroom 9, Soccer 1, Chorus, To lrvrg love and laugh, there will come a clay when l cant ROSE CARCHIA Q3 Nahanton St Newton Centre Those about her from her shall read the perfect ways of honor Rosie, Office Training, Weeks, Commercial Club, 3. 4, Outdoor Concert Q, 3, Baseball 4, Chorus 9. 3, To secure a Dosition in an olhct' . WILLIAM GATES CARLlfslE Twenty- eight SELMA RUTH 339 Lowell Ave Ncwtonvill. Good humor is always a success i Bill, Academic, Concord, Art School, Traffic Squad 4, Q horus 3, To be a successful commercial artist MARGARET CYRENE CAMERON TS Davis Ave., West Newton Sow good services, sweet remembrances will grow from them, Margie, Marne, Language, Warren, Radcliffe, Band, Q, Twirler 3, Neophytes, Q, Orchestra, 3, Scholarship Roll 9, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Legislature, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, 3, Drarnatics Board, 4, Executive Council, 4, Essay Contest Committee, 4, To be a second Shakespeare FREDERICK CHARLES CAME S Kelveden Rd , Waban Hearts of oak are our ships. Hearts of oak are our men, Baron, Ered, Ereddie, Certificate, Warren, Union College, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, To be dog catcher for a lranklort company. BARBARA CARLE Q7 Cross St, West Newton Thoughtful and nice, she goes her way. Barb, Bobbie, Language, Warren, Framingham, English Club, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Track, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, National Honor So- ciety, 4, To have curly hair. CAPLAN 49 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill - Still to be neat, strll to be drest, J' Tk' As you were going to a feast. Sel, Selly, Language, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Girls' Gym Meet, 3, English Club, 3, 4, To navigate my own yacht to QQ Q' foreign ports. ARLENE FRANCES CARROLL 17 Meredith Ave., Newton Highlands Humble because ol knowledge, Mighty by sacrifice, Language, Day, Radcliffe, Hockey, 9, 3, 4, Class Team, 3, Soccer, 9, 3, Tennis, 4, Track, 2, Gym Meet, 3, Alpha Beta, 9, English Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, Glee Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, Girls' Debating Club, 4, Vice- President, 4, Newtonite, 9, 3, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To amaze the college intellectuals, so in A va JOHN JOSEPH CARUSO 33 Alden Pl., West Newton For e'en though vanquished, he could argue still. Bickyi Business, Warren, To become a flying ice man. V5 V JOHN VINCENT CATERINO 76 Lexington St., Auburndale Hear much, speak little. Catsi Academic, Warren, Traffic Squad, 3i To work. MARIE MADELYN CARVELLI 6Q Auburndale Ave, West Newton When you do dance, l wish you a wave o' the sea,that you might do nothing but that. Reei Office Training, Warreni Boston University, Soccer, 'l, Qi Gym Meet, 'l, Qi Honor Roll, 'l, Q, 3, 4i Home Eco- omics Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4i Baseball, Qi Basket- blall, Qi Chorus, Qi Outdoor Concert, Qi To be a tennis c amp. PATRICIA CAVANAUGH 15 Bonwood St,, Newtonville Tact and talent make a strong team. 5 Pat, Academic, Day, Band, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3i ig Cuym Meet, Q, 3, Class Volley Ball, 3, Home Economics i Club, 3, Social Studies, 4, Class Baseball, Qi To be a I second Marilyn Miller. CLARKE TILLMAN CASE 'I44 Hancock St,, Auburndale Your name is great in mouths of wisest censure, Casey, Languagei Weeks, Cornell, Alpha Beta, Q, Presi- dent, Qi Class President, Qi Executive Committee, 3, Boys' Debating Club, Q, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4i Newtonian, 3, Track, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Play, 3, 4, Associates Boys' Vice-President, 3i Associates President, 4i Senior Play, 4, National Honor Society 3 4, To fly to Mars before 1999. MARION LOUISE CHANDLER 65 Rowena Rd., Newton Centre Age cannot wither her, Nor custom stale her infinite variety. Chan, Nayi Language, Ingalls High, Atchison, Kansas, Connecticut College for Women, Neophytes, Qi Alpha Beta, Qi Glee Club, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, English Club, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, Qi Second Prize Essay Con- test. 4i Scholarship Roll, l, Qi Archery, 3, To be a journalist. AUGUSTUS PETER CASTOLDI 'I3 Ryan Ct,, West Newton His limbs were cast in mainly mould, For hardy sports or contest bold. Gusi Businessi Warreni Business School, First Vice-Presi- dent Senior Class, 4, Clerk of Associates, 4i National Honor Society, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Varsity Football, Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Varsity Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, All- Scholastic, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Executive Council, 4, Senior Prom Usher, 4, Newtonian Assembly, 4i Newtonian Circulation Stall, 4, Baseball, 4, To be a pro hockey player. DOROTHY VALLIANT CHAPMAN 943 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Beauty is truth, truth beauty. Dottie, Dot, Language, Day, Junior College, Glee Club, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Qi English Club, 4, To be brodd minded. ,Q FJ: Twenty-nine Z' ,QF-is N .. lk. JOHN KENNETH CHASE 64 Sumner St Newton Centre The secret of success rs in determination and study. Ken, Academic, Weeks, Home Room Manager, 3, Tennis Ty-am Q, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, 4, 'J 1 Chorus, 4, To be on the Davis Cup tennis team. ANTONIO ANTHONY CIPRIANO 71 John St., Newton Centre A personage introduced by a modern Percy Crosby Skippy, Business, Weeks, To go into petroleum industry ANNA FRANCES CHEETHAM 12 Cottage St , Newton Upper Ealls She mixed wisdom with mirth. Olhce Training, Weeks, Commercial Club, Q, 4, Scholar- ship Roll, Q. 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Third Prize Typing Contest in Commercial Club, 4, To land a iob. MARJORIE TANCRED CLAPP 15 Sumner St., Newton Centre A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command Margie, Certificate, Waltham North, Simmons, Neo phytes, 1, 9, Treasurer, 9, Alpha Beta, 9, English Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Play Coach, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Executive Committee, 3, 4, Usher, 1, 4, Chairman Prize Speaking, 4, Chairman Senior Play, 4, Calee Club, Q, 3, 4, Chorus, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, 9, Newtonian Assembly Committee, 4, Newtonite, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, To miss nothing but be missed. JENNIE CHESARONE 915 Chestnut St, Waban Cheerful, snappy, always happy. Jen, Jessie, Academic, Weeks, Framingham Teachers' College, Outdoor Concert, 3, Chorus, 3, To be able to -QI sing like Kate Smith. BARBARA AINSLIE CLARK 195 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville And O, her happy, queenly tread And O, her queenly golden head. Barbie, Angel, Certificate, Day, Colby Junior College, Neophytes, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, Legislature, Q, Hockey, Q, Basketball, 9, 3, Baseball, 9, 3, Tennis, 9, 3, Ping-pong, Q, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Senior Play, 4, Gym Meet, 3, 4, English Club Play, 4, To dance to all the smoothest orchestras in the world. VIOLA CIFALDO 14 Rockland St., Newton Highlands And thereby hangs a tale. Vi, Violet, Ofhce Training, Weeks, English Club, 1, gh Lunchroom Squad, 3, To be a business woman. in- Thirty CHESTER ALVIN CLEVELAND 40 Chaske Ave, Auburndale A silent, shy, peace-loving man. Chet, Business, Warren, Boston University, Spanish Club, 4, To be a goll champ. it sv ! GALEN WILLIAM CLEVINGEIZ 67 Sheffield Pd., Newtonville Three may lceepe counsayle, if two be away. Gale, Cleve, Math, Warren, M. I. T., Varsity Football, Q, 3, 4, Newtonian Assembly, 4, To ride one of those bucking steers they have in the rodeo. MARJOIZIE ANN COGAN Q8 Bemis St., Newtonville lnfrnrte riches in a little room. Midge, Margie, Office Training, Day, Katherine Gibbs, Social Studies Club, 4, Fashion Show, Q, To be able to speak intelligently on all subiects at all times. DORIS MILDRED COAN 4 Applegarth St., Newton Centre Majestic Silence. Do, Do-Do, Academic, Weelcs, Wheeloclcs, English Club, 4, Fashion Show, 3, 4, Committee, 3, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, To overcome my inferiority complex. MARTIN WILLIAM COHEN 870 Walnut St., Newton Centre Hu thoughts are gentle. Mardy, Business, Weelcs, Junior Varsity and Intermediate Football, 9, Social Studies Club, 9, 3, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, To be the best whatever I am. PRISCILLA I-IARDING COBB 74 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre lmust down to the :ea again. Pris, Cobby, Academic, Miss May's, I-lome Economics Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, To find a talent which I may be successful at. NATI-IANIEL POWITZEI2 COI-IEN 54 Rosalie Pd., Newton Centre A very merry, dancing, drrnlcing, Laughing, qualfrng, and unthrnlcing time. Nat, Certificate, Boston Latin, Brown, To get through a good college like Brown. CAIZOLYN MAY COFFIN 480 Parlcer St., Newton Centre Her smile and lovable ways'are contagious. Callie, Language, Mason, Band, 'l, 9, 3, Outdoor Con- cert, 'I, Q, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, English Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, To lcnow Gertrude Stein's inter- pretation ofthe Einstein theory. GLADYS JOAN COLANTUONO 66 Clinton St., Newtonville Her thoughts and her conduct are her own. Gladie, Glad, Collie, Office Training, Our Lady's School, Commercial Club, 3, Home Economic Club, Q, Gym Meet, Q, To do as I please, when I please, and how I please. s , r .C . ka 1 L Md'-J"-is .ov ,fx Thrrtyfone GUY JOSEPH COLETTI 8 Jackson Ter , Newton One broad, expansive smilel Squee, Squeek, Business, Day, Night School, Basketball Intermediate, Q, Intermediate Varsity, 3, Varsity, 4, Base- ball Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, To be a 'V' success 2 GEORGE ROSEBOROUGH COLLINS ...rf Q7 Hillside Rd , Newton Highlands The world is hrs, if he but wills it. I2osie,Language, Weeks, Princeton, Alpha Beta, Q, Neo' phytes' Play, Q, Debating Club, Q, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Presi- dent, 4, English Club Committees, 3, President, 4, Drama Club Play, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, Committees, 4, I-lonor Society, 3, 4, Legislature, 3, 4, Boards, 3, 4, Newtonite, 9, 3, 4, Newtonian, 4, Banquet, Dance Committees 3, Executive Play Committees, 4, Senior Play, 4, Scoreboard, 4, Track, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4 ELIZABETH MAY COLLAGAN B7 Webster Park, West Newton And her face so fair Stirred wrth her dream, as rose leaves with the arr. Betty, Academic, St, Bernard's, Home Economics Club, Q, Fashion Show Q, 4, Honor Poll, 3, Camera Club, 4, Archery, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, 4, To win an argument with Mr. Wilson. MARY CATHERINE COLLINS I9 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls She has friends because she is one. Office Training, Weeks, Bryant Rf Stratton, Outdoor Concert Q, 3: Commercial Club, 4, Fashion Show Q, To have and to hold. ANN FDSON COLLINS QQB Lincoln St . Newton Highlands Joy is not rn things, it is rn us, Collie, Certificate, Weeks, Basketball, Q, Class Team, Q, Baseball, Q, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, Library Club 3, 4, English Club, 4, Gym Meet, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, Outing Club, 3, To make the honor roll just once. OLIVE MILDRED COLLINS 'IB Neal St., Newton Lower Falls Where dancing is, there am I also, Ollie, Office Training, Warren, Katherine Gibbs, Soccer, 2, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Fashion Show, Q, To become a famous dancer, FLFANOI? GERTRUDE COLLINS 77 Park St., Newton Why then the worlcl's my oyster Whrchl . . . will open. Mugsy, Certificate, St. Josephs High, Pittsfield, Kath- erine Gibbs, Tennis Team 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Newtonite JR 6 4, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, Q, Legislature, 4, Second Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Drama Club Play, 3, Senior Play, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Program Chair- man, 4, Llsher Drama Club Play, 4, Publicity Committee Drama Club, 3, Drama Board, 4, Banquet Chairman, 4, To do the things I love the most the best. JOHN KENNETH COLONY 90 Chesterfield Rd., West Newton I am not in the role of common men. Ken, Language, St. Johnsbury Academy, English Club, 4. Thirtygtwo . I E -1 QU" 'S' JOYCE NORENE COLVILLE 4O Fuller St., Waban Beauty and folly are old companions. Pepper, Red, Certihcate, Weeks, Gym Meet Q, 3, Base- ball, Q, English Club, 3, Senior Play, 4, Picture Committee, 4, To be or not to be, that is the question, ROBERT STRAUSS COOMS 1Q3 Sewall Ave., Brookline I am the master of my late. Bob, Coomsie, Language, Boston Latin, Alpha Beta, Qi Band, Q, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, English Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, To be a good photographer, stamp collector, or business man, WILLIAM JAMES CONNERS, JR. 346 Lexington St., Auburndale He wallred as though he still despised The world and all that in it lies. Bill, Willie, Academic, Warren, Bentley's, Tralhc Sduacl, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, To hnd out what my dear teachers really think of me, VlRGlNlA LEE COOMBS 44 Marshall St., Newton Centre Grace was in all her steps, and in every gesture dignity and refinement. Ginnie, Academic, Mason, Amy Sacker's, Hockey, 1, Baseball, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, Neophytes, 1, Fashion Show, Q, 3, Committee, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, 4, Eng- lish Club, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Legislature, 4, 'lo be happy and healthy all my life. DORIS ELIZABETH CONNINGTON 5 Angier Cir., Auburndale The ripest fruit falls lirst. Connie, Dot, Academic, Warren, Katherine Gibbs, gym Meet, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, To dance with Fred staire. GAIL COOPER Q4 Richardson St., Newton A winds in the heart ol me A fire s in my heels. Gay, Academic, Weeks, Home Room Manager, 1, Soccer, 1, Drama Club, 3, Cuym Meet, 1, Q, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Workshop, 3, Outside Music, 1, Archery, 1, Q, To drink life to the dregs. WILLIAM COOKSON 57 Murray Rd., West Newton Blindness l may forgive, but baseness l will smite. Bill, Cookie, Academic, Warren, Springfield, Junior Varsity Football, Q, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, lnter- mediate Hockey, 3, Varsity Baseball, 4, To be able to make a date with Callie. MARTHA HELENA COOPER 151 Hicks St., West Newton lt's nice to be natural, when you're naturally nice. Sookie, Coop, Academic, Warren, Home Economics Club, 4, To be able to reach high C. - 'ee 54 lhirty-three I0 Thirty-four MARY ELIZABETH CORBETT 2 41 Butts St., Newton Upper Falls She may be quiet, she may be shy, But see the mischief fn her eye. Corbie, Office Training, Weeks, Social Studies Club, 4, Ticket Committee Senior Play, 4, Gym Meet, 9, Baseball, 4, To be able to eat my lunch in every class and find that cow. PAUL COSTFLLO 54 Adella Ave., West Newton Like Bing, he loves to croon. Costy, Academic, Warren, Business School, Basketball, Junior Varsity, 3, Golf, 4, To become manager ofthe Ritz. DAVID FRANCIS CORMIFR Q39 Watertown St., Newton He who smgs frightens away the flls. Frenchie, Business, Day, To attend a school without home work. WILBUR ROBBINS COTSEN 54 Crosby Rd., Chestnut I-lull For lofty sense, creative fancy, and inspection keen. Certificate, Mason, Boston University, To be successful, CYNTHIA CORTHFLL 143 Walnut St., Newtonville A form more fair, a face more sweet Ne er hath it been my lot to meet Cynie, Academic, Holden High, Gym Meet, 9, 3, Lunch- room Squad, 3, Traffic Squad, 4, English Club, 4, To dance with Fred Astaire, CORNFLIUS EDWARD COTTER 'I69 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls Thy modesty s a candle to thy greatness. Ted, Neil, Corny, Cot, Mathematics, Weeks, M. I. T., German Club, 4, Publicity Committee Senior Play, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 4, To graduate from M. I. T. FRANCIS JOSEPH COSTFLLO, JR. 54 Adella Ave., West Newton Wise to resolve and patient to perform. Doc, Costy, Certificate, Warren, Boston College, Home Room Manager, 3, Football, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, Spanish Club, 4, To be able to make up my mind. if ROGERS MILTON COX 66 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands The world knows nothing ol its greatest men. Beebo, Certificate, Weeks, Amherst, Senior Play Usher, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, Lunchroofn, 4, Outside Work, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, To go a year without shaving. :-.1 ' '?'. k..,3ff.Y :',1 9,3 ..,: .,, ,,... AE 1-3 9 a 1 , lll 9 KENNETH FOLGER CRAFTS 4 ' 194 Ridge Ave., Newton Centre ln math he excels. Language, Weeks, Wesleyan, Golf, 3, Legislature, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To break par. pi fi RICHARD WALSH CRANE Q16 Grove St., Auburndale Men ol few words are the best men. Scratch, D, Business, Warren, Boston University, Social Studies Club, 4, To take a caddy instead ol being one. MARJORIE SUSAN CRAIG 4'l Prairie Ave., Auburndale 1 G. 5- Ouiet minds are generally the most happy. Midge, Marge, Academic, Warren, New England Deacon- ess Hospital, To overcome my lethargical condition. CALVIN SHAW CRONAN 43 Central Ave., Newronville He will discourse most eloquent music. Cal, Red, Math, Day, Annapolis, Band, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Track, 4, English Club, 4, Play, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play, 4, Senior Play, 4, Stage Committee, 4, New- tonian,4,RublicityCommittee lor Senior Play, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, To beat Glenn Cunningham in the mile. DOROTHY VALENTINE CRANE Q16 Grove St., Auburndale Silence has been given to woman, the better to express her thoughts. Dot, Gouberette, Olhce Training, Warren, To ride down Broadway on a kiddie-car. JUSTINA COTTA CROSBY 49 Clinton Rl., Newton Centre A light heart lives long. Tina, Teen, Certihcate, Weeks, Massachusetts State, Neo- phytes, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, Attendance, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Usher Caym Meet, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Legislature Alternate, 4, Home- room manager, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 4, Scholar- ship Roll, 4, To always be on time. HENRY ARTHUR CRANE 5'l Royce Rd., Newton Centre ls this that haughty, gallant, gay Lothario7 Hank, lchabod, Certificate, Day, Newtonite, Q, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Tralhc Squad, Q, 3, Jay V B's, 3, Sophomore Dance Committee, Q, To dance like Fred Astaire, . CAROLYN AUGUSTA CROWELL QQ Brewster Rd., Newton Highlands Soft peace she brings, wherever she arrives. Carol, Certificate, Peabody Grammar, Cambridge, Cueorgc Washington University, Caym Meet, 1, Hockey, 41, Neo- phytes, Q, Archery, 'l, Q, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, 4, Chorus 3 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, French Club, 4, To travel, by land and sea, all around the world. ws Thirtyplive ll CLOVIS VON TAVEL CRLINMETT ""'A' 57 Walnut St, Newtonvnlle Bacchus 'tts come back agafn To the busy haunts ol men, Crummy, Academic, Day, Antioch, Sentor Play, 4, Track, I l Q, Lunchroom Squad. 3, 4, Scholarshrp Poll, 3, To solve in Os the problem of Atlantls, 9 as 'F tx X DOROTHY PHYLLIS CURTIS SO Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls for she's mfld and sweet ol wrll. Dot, Olhce Training, Weeks, Commercual Club, 3, 4, Glym Meet, Q, baseball, 4, To succeed IH whatever l under- ta e. MARY JOSEPI-llNE CUNNINGHAM 79 West Pune St., Auburndale I am whole volumes ,n lolro. Language, Warren, Eoston Unrverstty, Gym Meet, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Scholarshtp Poll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Socrety, 3, 4, French Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Assist- ant Home Room Manager, 3, Orange Book, 4, To lrve long enough to see a woman prestdent ol the Unutecl States. WHITNEY CUSHING 536 Walnut St., Newtonyllle l dare do all that may become a man. Whrt, Cush, Certuhcate, Day, Dartmouth, Easeball, Q, 3, 4, Intermediate, 3, Tennus Tournament, Q, 3, Commuttee of 75, 3, Newtontte, Q, 3, Scholarshrp Roll, 4, To get to the top In the newspaper held. ERNEST HARDY CURRAN Q5 Maple Pk., Newton Centre Thou art a merry fellow and careth for nothmg. Hardy, Busnness, Weeks, Boston Llniyersrty, Junaor Varsrty football, Q, To make a mtllnon. if A LOIS HOLDEN DALES 14 Exeter St., West Newton How far this lrght ol sunshrne throws its beams. Loie, La La,Certrhcate, Warren, Baseball, 'l,Q, 3, 4, Basket- ball, 4, Cuym Meet, 'l, 9, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Candy Commlttee Sensor Play, 4, Legislature, 4, Soccer, 1, 3, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Tennas Tournament, 4, To swrm nn Olympscs. DAVID LAMPREY CURRIER 169 Washmgton St., Newton On therr own merits modest men are dumb. Dave, Certitucate, Round Lake Hugh School, New York, Amherst, Englush Club, 3, Spannsh Club, 4, Sensor Play, Lunchroom Squad, To be sincere rn all l attempt. 'wf' HELEN MARIE DALY 59 Playstead Rd., Newton Il she wall, she wrllf you may depend on it, ti .,-Egg, ll she won't, she won t H and there s an end on it. A 9"- V, Certnhcate, Bigelow, Cambridge Cnty I-lospltal, Neo- ? -f ' f'f',-47? if phytes, 'l, Q, Chorus, 'l, Q, Gym Meet, 'l, 3, Outdoor Con- '421' cert, 'l, Q, Englush Club, 4, Play Property Commlttee, 4, ,H . Honor Roll, 4, Sensor Essay Contest, 4, To be calm, cool, , , T", 4 Q -' and cautuous. l Thirty srx 1-,st Wi-T -w MARY FRANCES DALY 59 Playstead Rd., Newton Be silent and safe - Srlence never betrays you. Fran, Frannie, Certificate, Bigelow, Boston Clerical School, Neophytes, 1, Q, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, Outdoor Concert, 'l, 9, 3, Social Studies Club. 4, To master Muzzeyn for Mr. Holmes. LESTER TIEIPP DAVIS 'I7 Hillside Pd., Newton Highlands Poets are born, but orators are made. Les, Mathematics, Weeks, Wesleyan, Neophytes, Q Alpha Beta, Secretary, Q, Band, Q, English Club. 3 4, Drama Club, 3 4, Play, 3. 4, Faculty Play, 4, National Honor Society, 3. 4, Senior Dance Committee 4, Publxca- tions Board, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, Tennis Manager, 3, 4, Newtonian Business Manager 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3 4, To break rocks, as a geologist. ALICE DAMIANO S3 Hawthorne St.. Newton Jolly, good-naturecl. sweet She s a girl you d love to meet. Barney, Office Training, Day, Bryant 81 Stratton, To be a woman politician. MAIZJORIE DAVIS 6 Willard St., Newton Here is the place where Loveliness lteeps house. Marge, Academic, Bigelow, Gym Meet, 1, Alpha Beta, Al, Ping-pong Tournament, 3, Drama Club Workshop. 3, Tennis Tournament, 4. ANN MILDRED DANGELO 112 Chapel St., Newton Whose smile or frown rs able with the change to kill or cure. Toots, Office Training, Day, Burdett, To be heirfconditioned. SYLVIA DAVIS 2065 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale How lar that little candle throws his beams' So shines a good deed in a naughty world. Sibyl, Snooks, Butterfoot, Certihcate, Warren, Massa- chusetts State, Social Studies Club, 3, Outdoor Concert Q, 3, 4, Chorus, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, To live love, and learn. ELIZABETH LOUISE DANIELL 71 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Good sense and good nature are never separated. Betty, Certificate, Jefferson, Meriden Connecticut, Northfield Seminary, Drama Club. 3, 4, Usher Drama Club Play, 4, Basketball, 3, Gym Meet, 3 4, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, To find "Happiness Ahead." INAAIZIAN LCDCKNXJIOOD DAY 957 Waban Ave.. Waban Virtue alone is true nobillty. Doc, Language, Warren, Wheaton, French Club 4, Traffic Squad, To pass my college boards. Thrrty-seven W 5. ,,... I ., I MADALYN LEONA DE LAITE Q14 Tremont St., Newton Begone, dull care, Begone lrom me, You and l shall never agree Bryant 81 Stratton, Chorus. 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Lunche room Souad 4, To own a Packard roadster and to drnve It 90 mIles per hour, DAVID DENNISON 425 Ward St , Newton Centre Facts are stubborn thrngs, Dave, Denny, Certihcate, Mason, Gettysburg, VGYSIIY Hockey 3 4 5, To be a member of the crew ol a cup defender, GEORGE FRANCIS DE LESKEY 305 Cherry St West Newton Moderatron the noblest grlt of heaven. Academnc, Warren, To be hreprool, WALTER ASHLIN DERMON, JR. 138 Central St, Auburndale Through hrs grlted hand we shall see real beauty, Wally, Junse, AcademIc, Warren, l7ractIcal Arts, Orange Book Art Edrtor, 4, Newtonnan Art Edutor, 4, Stage Com- mnttee, 3, SQDIOY Play Propertnes Commvttee, 4, Baseball, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Trafhc Squad, 3, Drama Club Work- shop, 4, Scenery Commlttee Faculty Play, To have a road race wrthout a smash up, CAROLINE ELlA DE MAIO 667 Boylston St., Newton Centre Promotron cometh nerther from the east, nor from the west, nor from the south, Carleyr Olhce TraInIng, Mason, Boston Llmversaty, Home EconomIcs, 'l, CommercIal Club. Q, 3, Glee Club, 4, Lunch Room Squad, 4, Semor Play Tncket Commrttee, 4, Out- door Concert Q 4, Baseball, 'l, To be a tree surgeon In the Sahara Desert, ARNOLD CHARLES DEVLlN 309 Langley Rd , Newton Centre Be wrse wrtlr speed. Speed, Flash, Dev, BusIness, Mason, Atlantic Amr, Cnolf, 4, To meet Al l-lamel on the Worcester turnpuke wIth the BluebIrd ALICE THERESA DE MICHELE 16 SullIvan Ave., Newton Upper Falls Lrle IS shortl Why not make the most ol It, BlondIe, Ofhce Tramung, Weeks, Socual StudIes Club. 4, To be prvvate secretary to Mrs Roosevelt BURTON DEROW L42 571 Commonwealth Ave, Newton Centre fy. A great man In hIs own way, til Burt, Language, BrooklIne, Boston Umversity, Varsity Y" Baseball, 4, To see a world serues between the Red Sox V, sf and the Braves. lhIrty-erght I er e e I e I I e y I " Q Sk pp , Toots, P,t r, Oflc Tra n ng, P abod lpl gh, 'T 406 Lexington St., Auburndale -' 'f:-L: -"'f 'K.' A bg a fl l PAUL JOSEPH DE RUSHA 37 Kenneth St., Newton Highlands Don't worry about tomorrow, it will soon be yesterday. De, Academic, Weeks, Northeastern, Lunchroom SQuad, Q, Social Studies Club, 4, Boys' Debating Club, 4, Out- door Concert, SZ, 3, Aviation Club, 4, To be one of Jean Harlow's chaufleurs. NUNZIO DINNOCENZO 116 Florence St., Chestnut Hill Knowledge is power' Bucky, Business, Weeks, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Scholarship Role, Q, 3, 4, To be a business executive. FRANK FRANCIS Dl CARLO 34 Beecher PI,, Newton Centre Hang sorrowl Care will lull a cat, and therefore letls be merry. Frannie, Business, Weeks, Boston University, Never stop travelling. ANGELO RICHARD DI RUSSO 406 Lexington, St. Auburndale Gaily the troubadour touched his guitar. Black, Business, Warren, M. l. T., To own a crate with hydraulic brakes. WALTER HERMAN DIETZ, JR. 46 Bishopsgate Rd., Newton Centre He enters the port under lull sail. Fritz, Dietzie, Walt, Language, Weeks, Yale, Debating Club, Q, Scholarship Roll, 9, Indoor Track, Q, Assistant Football Manager, 3, English Club, 4, Legislature, 4, English Club Play, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To make a para- chute hop, skip, and jump. ROSE MARY DI RUSSO EMILY DILL A dainty girl from head to toe, with laughing eyes and lots of beaux. Bubs, Office Training, Warren, Glee Club, 3, 4, Christmas Play, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Drama Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To grow up to be the laziest woman in the world so that l can put pop corn in my pancakes to make them turn over by themselves. 391 Cabot Street, Newtonville O, how her love did clothe itsell in srnilesl Dilly, Em, Pickles, Academic, Day, Cambridge Hospital, Radio Club, 3, 4, Social Studies, 4, Camera Club, 4, To banish suffering and sorrow. BARBARA RUTH DITMARS 194 Harvard Cir, Newtonville When duty whispers low, thou must. The youth replies, I can. Ditty, Language, Day, Bouve, Hockey, 3, 4, 5, Soccer, 5, Track, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Badminton, 5, Basketball, 5, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Gym Meet. Q, 3, 4, Ping-pong, 4, Honor Roll, 5, To be friendly. Thirty-nine 1:-f BAZIL SARGENT DIXWELL 53 Channrng Rd, Newton Centre Most glorrous nrghtl Thou wert not sent lor slumber! Baz Drxre Academrc, Mason, Alabama, Aviation Club, I, To drrve a Dusenberg at the lndranapolrs Speedway Classlc. ELLIS JAMES DONAVAN B06 Watertown St, West Newton Whats the drllerence as long as youre healthy and wealthy? Russ, Flanagan, Certthcate, Day, College of Wooster, Wooster, Chao, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Intermediate, Q, Varsrty, 3, 4, Captarn 4, Spanosh Club 4, Treasurer, 4, To have rumor as Interested In basketball as hrs father. MARY ELIZABETH ANN DOEHLER Q6 Lombard St, Newton Not srmple conquest, trrurnph rs her arm. Language, Brgelow, Smrth, Alpha Beta, I, Q, Neophytes, Q, Gym Meet, I, 4, Soccer, I, Varsnty Orchestra, I, Tennrs Tournament, I, 9, 4, Honor Roll, I, Drama Club, 3, 4, Englrsh Club 3, 4, Sensor Play Commrttee, 4, Charrman Rubllcrty Cornmrttee, Sensor Essay Committee, 4, To hnd an ambrtron to end all Newtonran ambrtrons, 4I9 Auburn St, Auburndale CHARLES AUGUSTUS DONNELLY, JR. 87 Waban Pk , Newton The man who does no wrong, but puts hr: loot In hrs nerghbor S way. Es, Academrc, Day, Natuonal Honor Society, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, Lunchroom Squad, Q, To be rated as public Enemy No. I. MARION OSEPHINE DOI-IERTY ll at all she had a fault Leave ItbUfl2dIf1fl1lX vault. Bubbles, Academic, Warren, To manufacture non-run stockrngs. FRANK JOSEPH DORR 334 Kenrick St., Newton Theres daggers rn men'.r rmrles Dorr, Fran, Academrc, Bugelow, To travel the country MARCELLE YVETTE DOLAN 59 Whrttemore Rd., Newton But strll her tongue ran on, Pretzel, Academrc, Brgelow, Vesper George, Baseball, I, Alpha Beta, I, Archery, I, Gym Meet, I, Q, 3, To sell peanuts, pop, and balloons clurrng assembly, CHARLES WALTER DOTEN 39 Commonwealth Park, Newton Centre Whence rx thy learnrng? Hath thy toll Consumed the m1dnrghto1l7 Charlue, Mathematrcs, Weeks, M. I. T., Sophomore Executrve Board, Q, Scholarshup Roll, Q, Band, Q, Legrslag ture, Q, 4, Varsrty Orchestra, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Class Treasurer, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Englrsh Club, 4, Publrcrty Committee Charrman, 4, Executnve Coimcrl, 4, Newtonran Sports Edrtor, 4, To see rvory soap Sln . a:afii.5"t7?lf'-fr ',.'. .. E E A - ES. .,..-- 1' T. .. H- KATHRYN FRANCES DOYLE Q3 Webster St., West Newton She is a handsome wee thing. fu Kay, Office Training, Waltham High, Commercial Club, 4, l Chorus, 4, To be a lawyer. DOROTHY MAY DUVAL Q0 Shawmut Pk., Newton Upper Falls Worry? Worry? H'm lshould worry' Duvie, Office Training, Weeks, Gym Meet, 'l, Q, 3, Hockey, Q, Basketball, Q, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Social Studies, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, To reach China by digging through a hole. RUTH HELEN DULAC 4 Highland Ter., Newtonville lt is good To lengthen to the Past a sunny mood. Ruthie, Rufus, Certificate, Day, Boston University, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Radio Club, 3, 4, Puppetteers, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Play, 3, Ticket Committee Senior Play, 4, Senior Photographic Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To get a piece of cheese from the moon. FAYE DYAR 23 Dale St., Newtonville None can mar or malce me less than what my soul is. Academic, Day, Vesper George, Radio Club, 4, New, tmonian Staff, 4, Camera Club, 4, To own the world's finest orse. CHARLES EDMUND DUNNE 'l67 Pearl St., Newton Cupid in disguise. Didi, Stew, Stoop, Academic, Day, Northeastern Engineer- ing, Basketball Junior Varsity, 9, Senior Play Costume Committee, 4, Radio Club, 4, Basketball Manager, 4. RUTH MARY EAGLES 682 Boylston St., Newton Centre Sweet are the thoughts that savor of content, The quiet mind is richer than a crown Rufus, Red, Academic, Weeks, Gym Meet, 3, Home Economics, 4, To go around the world in two days. ELIZABETH BROOMER DUTHIE 3 Ripley St., Newton Centre Thoughtful and wise she goes her way. Scottie, Lib, Betty, Certificate, Weeks, Miss Wheelock's, Gym Meet, 9, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Varsity Orchestra, 3, Outside Music, 9, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Senior Essay Contest, 4, Ticket Selling Com! mittee Senior Play, 4, To play on Fred Allen's program without getting the gong. GERTRUDE PATRlClA EBELL 63 Rockland Pl., Newton Upper Falls Sabrina lair, Listen where thou art sitting. Pat, Gert, Academic, Weeks, Normal, Chorus, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, Fashion Show, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, To listen and say nothing. She is a wlnsome wee thing, 1 ff fortt -one IIII S. 9. ' "wx K, forty two DAVID BREWER EDDY, JR. 8Q Krrkstall Rd., Newtonytlle He lrves to burld, not boast. Dave, Math, Country Day, Yale, Rrlze-Speaking, Q, 3, 4, Wrnner, Q, 4, Clerk ol Associates, 3, Legrslature, 4, Execu- ttve Councll, 3, 4, Newtonian Stall, 3, I-Itstory Edttor, 4, Debatrng Club, 4, Football, 3, Baseball, Q, Home Room Manager, 4, Natronal l-lonor Socrety, 4, To become what ldectde to be. NORMAN LEONARD ENEGESS 9 Eldredge St., Newton Small rn statue, great rn mfnd. Skipper, Gus, Mathematics, Brgelow, Dartmouth, Class Secretary, I, Assrstant Manager, Baseball, I, I-lome Room Manager, Q, Social Studres Club, 3, To manage Walter Mrchael s professional tennis career, A f MARY KATHERINE EGAN Q96 Washington St,, Newton A laugh rs worth a hundred groans rn any market. Rustre, Blondne, Ollrce Trarnlng, l31geIow,Gym Meet, 'l, Q, 3, Fashuon Show, Q, Class Basketball, I, Q, Soccer Team, Q, Commercral Club, 3, I-lome Economics, 'l, To make a catchl' wlthout a lrshtng rod. BARBARA CATHERINE ERNST Q4 Raul St , Newton Centre ' Happy am l, lrom care l'm lreel Why arent they all contented lrke me? Barb, Barbte, Certrhcate, Weeks, Glee Club, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Track, 3, Soccer, Q, Archery Q, Sentor Essay Contest, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Drama Club Play Properties Com- mrttee, 4, Puppeteers, 4, To keep smrlung, to try berng serrous, ESTHER LORRAINE ELLET 'l Gammons Rd, Waban So that she was lair, and never proud Had a tongue at wlll, and yet never loud Es, Language, Warren, Colby Jumor, Englrsh Club, 4, , Gym Meet, l-Ionyor Roll, 4, To have a car bug enough to carry all the gang MARJORIE ETTA ERNST 33 Clark St, Newton Centre A marden modest and yet selt'-possessed. Mudge, Marge, Language, Weeks, Radclrlle, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Archery, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Play, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Leader, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Scholar, shlp, Q, 3, 4, Tennrs Tournament, 3, Natronal Honor So- crety, 4, To see an atom. MARY FRANCES ELWELL 398 Wolcott St , Auburndale Wrth a smrle that glowed Celestral rosy red, love's proper hue, Dtdt, Certrhcate, Warren, Colby Junror, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Senror Dance Commtttee, 4, To have people stop askrng me what IS occupational therapy, LEWIS ALDEN ESTES, JR. 45 Alban Rd , Waban Str, l would rather be rrght than be Presrdent, Bud, Certrhcate, Warren, Mrchrgan, Semor Play Publictty Committee, 4, Class Orchestra, 4, To be a second Coleman ' I-lawkrns. 'K I, . ,A'- ""f.1,.,, l "" 7-I,-'lh5:if'.ltDig5I.., Y V 6- 3 C. 1 CAROLYN EVERTS 114 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Were there more like her, we would never despair. Kaki, Lindy, Language, Day, Mount Holyoke, Vice- President of Associates, Legislature, 4, Executive Board, Q, 3, Civics Board, 4, Scholarship Poll, Q, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Alpha Beta, Q, Treasurer, Tennis Team Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Newtonian, 4, Newtonite, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Dance Com- mittee, Q, 3, Tennis :lournament Winner, Q, National Honor Society, 4, To Find ' Paradise Lost," MARGUERITE MARY FARRINGTON Q14 Bellevue St., Newton The power ol thought - the magic ol the mind. PeS8Yi Academic, Bigelow, Peter Bent Brigham Hospital, Legislature, 3, Social Studies, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 4, Tennis Tournament, 1, Scholarship Roll, 1, Q, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a surgeon, DAVlD WEBSTER FARNUM, JR. 82 Taft Ave., West Newton Why take lile seriously You ll never get out ol it alrve, Dave, Ducky, Web, Business, Day, Northeastern, Football, Manager, Q, Chorus, Q, Cuoll Team, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad Q, 3, 4, To play golf consistently in the low sixtys. MABEL ESTHER FENNEBERC1 34 South Gate Pk., West Newton Her hair was no more sunny than her heart. Finny, Blondie, Cffice Training, Warren, Tennis Tournas ment, 3, 4, Cuym Meet, 3, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Baseball, 4, To provide rickshaws service for Newton High students to use between classes. CORA MAY FARRIER 96 Hawthorne Ave., Auburndale To excel in one thing is commendable, To excel in many things rs sublime. Corey, Corney, Certificate, Warren, Middlebury, English Club, 3, French Club, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Candy Committee Senior Play, 4, Sophomore Usher, Q, Cuym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Tennis, Q, 3,Scholarship Poll, 3, 4, To startle Newton with something new. MARY LOUlSE FEENEY 54 Grant St., West Newton A contented spirit is the sweetness of existence. Bifly, Academic, Warren, Miss Wheelocks, Gym Meet, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Bas,eAball, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To drive a certain Ford to ars. JAMES THOMAS FARRINGTON Q14 Bellevue St., Newton Lile without a laugh is a dreary blank. Barney, Business, Bigelow, To be personal director in Bob Ferguson s harem. JEAN ESTELLE FERGUSON 71 Erie Ave., Newton Highlands Man is no match lor woman where mischrel reigns. Language, Weeks, Wellesley, Neophytes, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, Prize-Speaking, Q, Senior Banquet, 3, Dance Committee, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play and Ticket Com' miltfeje, National Honor Society ,4, To hear Laura sing i a. forty-tlree T HHJA In .A1ll , A f ROBERT JAMES FERGUSON IO3 Langdon St, Newton On wrth the dancel Let roy be unconlrned. Bob Eergre, Certrhcate, Maplewood, New Jersey, Boston Unryersrty, Newtonlte, Q, Football, 3, Hockey. 3, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Tralhc Squad, Q, 3, To Frnd a steam heated rumble seat. TAFI! 4: 4 j- MARIE VIRGINIA FERRERI 38 John St , Newton Centre Be rt rewel or toy. Not the prrze gryes the ,oy But the strrvlng to wrn the prrze. May, Olfrce Trarnrng, Weeks, Chorus 3, Outdoor Con- CGYI. 3. 4, Trcket Commrttee 4, Socral Stuclres, 4, Glee Club, 4, Honor Roll Q, Eashron Show Q, To go to Europe wrthout crossrng the ocean. SHIRLEY HARRIS FERGUSON 4Q prarrre Ayr , Auburndale She sard, Never man was true He sard, None was lalse to you. Shrrl, Fergre, Academrc, Warren, Bushop Lee, Tralhc Squad, 4, Scholarshrp Roll 3, 4, Tenms Tournament, Q, Gym Meet, Q 3, Prngfpong Tournament, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To shake hands wrth a punk ladyl BETSY ELWELL FERRIS 985 Beacon St, Newton Centre Dame nor damsel therels not any Hath ol perlect charm so many. Duchess, Academlc, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Social Studres Club. 3, Candy Commrttee Senror Play, 4, Grrls' Gym Meet. Q, Honor Roll, 4, To eat and grow thrn. JOSEPH FERLAZZO. JR. Q7 Wade St, Newton Hrghlands A mansreach should exceed hrs grasp Or whats a heaven lor. Joe, Dandrulf, Pepe, Certrlrcate, Weeks, Sprunglreld, Junior Varsrty Football, Q, Intermediate Football, 3, Varsrty X Football Squad, 4, Junror Varsrty Baseball, Q, Intermedrate Baseball, 3, Legrslature, 3, 4, Spanrsh Club Presrdent, 4, Sensor Play Publrcrty Commrttee, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Natronal Honor Socrety, 4, To spread peace and Fellow' shrp to all parts ol the globe. 'F' , I HELEN FRANCES FERZACCA 80 Maplewood Ave , Newton Centre Ouret, yet we are aware she is there. Fezzy. Jack, Academrc, Weeks, Burdett, Baseball, Q, Home Economrcs, Q, 3, Glee Club, 3, 4, Outdoor Con- cert, 3. 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Socral Studres, 4, Fashron Show, Q, 3, To travel and enjoy lrfe. BURLEIGH FERNALD 61 Wrnthrop St., West Newton A man ol hope and lorward-loolcrng mind. Certrhcate, Warren, Amherst, Orchestra, Q, Band, Q, Indoor Track. 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, Tennrs Tournament, 4, Doubles Tournament, 4, To be a successful lawyer. ELEANOR RUTH FESSENDEN Q9 Oxford Rd , Newton Centre A merry heart malceth a cheerful countenance. Fessre, Language, Weeks, Mount Holyoke, Leglslature, 4, Tenms Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, To get what I want and keep rt. forty-lour 3. J' ,, l Ill 'Q Mi! w X . ARTHUR LESLIE FIELDING 'I3 Parker Ave., Newton Centre A man ol hobbies. Art, Academic, Weeks, Baseball, 3, To hitchhikelrom Boston to Los Angeles. JULIA BUCHANAN FLAGG 54 Oakwood Rd., Newtonville A woman's work is never done. Julia B, Language, Day, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, Q, Prize- Speaking Winner, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Induction Ceremony, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Newtonian Data Editor, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Play, 3, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Essay, Poetry Contest, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, To Find time to do everything Mr. Williams asks me to. HOWARD JAMES FINE 40 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill Then he willtallr- Myl How he will tallr. How, Red, Mathematics, Weeks, Yale, Neophytes, Q, Indoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Football, 3, Inter- mediate Baseball, 3, Senior Picture Committee, 4, Legisla- ture Alternate, 4, Senior Play, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, Second Team Tennis, Q, Tennis Tournament, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, To put one over on Miss Waldmeyer. SHIRLIE FLYNT 36 Central Ave., Newtonville Music is the universe ol the soul. Sue, Academic, Weeks, New England Conservatory, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Varsity Glee Club, 9, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, Q, 3, Drama Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3, Soccer, 9, Basketball, Q, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, S. S, Club, 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Ping-pong, Q, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, 4, Drama Club Play, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, To be a second Lily Pons and make my opera debut at the age ol QI. PHYLLIS LOUISE FISHER 9 Beverly Rd., Newton Highlands There is a garden in her lace Where rose: and white lilies show. Phyl, Office Training, Wayland High School, To dance till dawn and sleep all morn. MALCOLM THOMAS FOGG 77 Allerton Rd., Newton Centre l understand the beauty in your words, But not the words - Misty, Language, Weeks, Wesleyan University, Orange Book, Editor-in-chief, 4, Newtonite, Literary Editor, 4, New- tonian, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Debating Club, Q, 3, 4, Committees, Q, 3, Treasurer, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Law. VIRGINIA HELEN FISHER Q96 California St., Newton Sometimes grave and sometimes gay, Helping all on tlieir way. Ginny, Academic, Day, Lasell Senior, Baseball, 3, Fashion Show, 3, To make everyone understand me -and like me. ROBERT EDWARD FOLEY 361 Woodward St., Waban My life is like a stroll upon the beach, as nearthe ocean's edge as I can go. Bob, Language, Warren, Dartmouth, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Newtonite, 3, Hockey, 3, Baseball, 3, 4, To lead a Dart- mouth lootball team to victory ol Yale. Fortyglive l l l f"l"', 'Sf J-ga ,tl Q X Q5 BEVHQLY FORBLS 4752 Walnut St Nevxtonynlle Thoughtful and nrce she goes her way btw Beyo, CiCVlllICdlV, Soutltmbrrdgl? Hugh, Qberlln, SClWOl'iYSl'1lD ffoll Q, 4, To be able to relax as perfectly dS my blacl cat RAYMOND ROGER roreri, Jre, Q5 War ,uncle Rd , West Newton He smrled at whater he loolced upon Ray, R033 Fort, fvlath, Warren, Tufts, Football, 3, Baslcete ball, Q, Hockey, 3, lo play tennts at Wtmbleton. NANCY QLGVRQ FQRHES 98 Sumner St Newton Centre Shes beautrful therefore to be wooed She IS woman therefore to be won. Acadrmtc, W. els, Cjnrls' Gym Meet, l Q, To go unto a Stow and Frmd thty sell shoes an my size' EDWIN HUNTLEY FOSTER T97 Walnut St , Nrvvtonytllr? A worthy gentleman and student. Doc lcldur, Academac, Waltham, Annapolns, Aviation Club 4, l-lonor Poll, Q, Glcfe Llub l, Q, 3, Soantsh Club, 4, Sensor Play 4, Home Room Manager, 3, lo swum the bacl-strol-v agaunust Hxggnns, tlw champ lust to show l'1tm up DCDFCDU-lY lfDl3lJ 50 Elml1urstRd , Newton llegone dullcare' lhou and l shall never agree Dot lord, Langruagrf, Hug-"low, Mount Holyoke, Gym l'.tl..'.'t l, Englusln Klub 3 4, bas:-ball 4, Lacrosse 4, lo sw llny Thompson go through a sr-ason unscorvd on MAl2lOPlE HELEN FOSTER Q83 flu smut ',t,, Newton Llpprr falls Not very tall, not very small, fill very sweet and lrked by all. Mtdgt- lyfdrgw, Qffrcw lrammg, Day, Home Economtcs Club 9, 'loclal Studies, 3 4, Gym lvlfet, 3, l-lonor Poll Q 3, Fashuon Show, Q, Easlwtball, 3, To fly under Echo lirrdqw tn an autogero. ,Jfll-lN JOLHJH FQPD 435 Albemarle Rd , West Newton Hrs only fault rs that he has no fault. 1' Lanly, Busunwss, Day, Golf, 4, lo be a success In bustness world ,I , 4 vs BARBARA RUSSELL FOWLVR Q58 l-lomr-r St Nrvyton Centre t-4 Vrrrue 15 bold, and goodnexs never fearful Harblr lowlrr, Languaqw, Wr't"lfs, Colby Junior, Neo- 3, ln Itch Club, 9, Ltbrary Club, 3 4, Kpocual Studuws "" ' . 1 mlnton 4, Ut-mor Drvss Assvmbly 4, lo be able to stop, loolr, med lritrnl A t,-TRY f 3 plnyrrs, Q, Alpha Hera, Q, Gym Nlwvt, Q, Lunchroom Squad, ,-,, r- QL. ,, 'X fa v-,,, 4 ,. f Qlub 4, In"VllOI Play 4, 'sensor lalwnt Assrmbly 4, Had' fly Q. Q-dl in Ar'-k A 'sfa"".5-fi-t,'r:'..f -:,, Ts- 3. .,.... fu lg Q ga ,Z FREDERlCK ALEXANDER FOX 71 Wyoming Rd, Newtonville A lcind and gentle heart he had To comfort friends and foes, Fred, Language, Day, Harvard, Alpha Beta, Q, To be a face lifter of Hippopotamuses. ALLEN HAWES FREEMAN 184 Pine Ridge Rd., Waban A lion among ladies is a most dreadful thing. Al, Apollo, Business, Warren, Cross Country, Q, Varsity Football, 3, lndoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Outdoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play, 4, Legislature, 4, To run the 600 in 1 1Q and play golf, in the low 70's, To be a ladies' man. CHARLOTTE WATSON FRASER 67 Bourne St., Auburndale Good sense and good humor Are never separated. Charl, Lot, Office Training, Warren, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Commercial Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q 3, Fashion Show, Q, National Honor Society, 4, To blow bubbles on top of the Empire State Building BARBARA ROBERTSON FULLER 149 Warren St., Newton Centre Great ideas travel slowly And lor a time noiselessly Barbie, Barb, Certificate, XXleeks, Simmons, Alpha Cuamma Tau, 3, Spanish Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, To find out why the happiest days of one's life are spent in school, MARIAN PATTERSON FRASER 48 Eldredge St, Newton A penny for your thoughts. Marianna, Duchess, Academic, Bigelow, Simmons, English Club, 1, Q, 3, 4, Social Studies, 3, Camera Club, 3, Ping-pong, 1, Q, 3, 4, Tennis, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, Archery, Q, 3, 4, To be taken seriously some ofthe time. LEWIS ALMON GAMMONS Q117 Commonwealth Ave , Auburndale Great men die young, lleel sick myself. Red, Heinie, Business, Warren, Northwestern, Football, Q, 3, Basketball, Intermediate, Q, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Varsity 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Usher, 4, Secretary of Problems of Dem. Class, 4, To play pro baseball, ALICE CAROLYN PRAYER Q06 Waban Aye., Waban Your name is great in mouths oliwisest censure, Language, Warren, Mount Holyoke, French Club, Q, 3, Vice-President, 3, Neophytes, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 3, 4, Chairman, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Na, tional Honor Society, 3, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, Legislature Alternate, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Newtonian Copy Editor, 4, Senior Banquet Com- , , mittee, 3. i HENRY HYDE CJARDINER 18 Maple Ter, Auburndalf And the sign ol a true hearted sailor is to give and to take a good ioke, Oats, Harry, Language, Warren, Harvard, Assistant Manager Track, Q Manager Track 3, Legislature Q, Home Room Manager 3, To pick Babe Ruth's t-ram corrrctly Forty V :f ' ' 1 'T L 4 -5- -5.-Q f- I t-, per., . 1 ef' 'O . Aa orty erght RHODA GARRISON T8T Pune Rrdge Rd., Waban Ready rn heart and ready rn hand. Dolly, Language, Warren, Wellesley, Home Room Man- ager, Q. Gym Meet, Q, 3, Honor Roll, Q. 3, 4, French Club, 3 4 Secretary, 4, Drama Club Workshop 3, 4, Newtonran, 4, Natronal Honor Socrety 4, To see the world CATHERINE MARY GENOVA Q0 Webster Pl , West Newton Heres a grrl bound for success Kay, Krtty, Ofhce Trarnrng, Warren, Busrness School, Commercral Club, Q, Camera Club, 3, Senror Play Busrness Commrttee, 4, Scholarshro Roll, Q, 3, 4, Natronal Honor Socrety, 4, To obtarn a good posrtron PHILIP BRACKETT GATES 'TOQ Wrndsor Rd , Waban You may relrsh hrnr more rn the soldrer than rn the scholar. Phrl, Language, Warren, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Home Room Manager 4, To wear a Kentucky derby LEO GEARY DOROTHY AMELIA GENTZEL QB Jefferson St ,Newton Frrrn and resolved by sterlrng worth to garn love and respect, thou shalt not strrye rn yarn Dot Dottre, Certrfrcate, Bigelow, Pennsylvania State, Basketball T, Q, 3, 4. Team, T, 3, 4, Soccer, T, Q, 3 4, Team, 3, Track, T, Q, 3, 4, Team, 3, Aloha Beta, Q, Baseball, T, Q, 3, 4, Varsrty, 4, Prng-pong Tournament, 4, Archery, Q, 3 4, Aloha Gamma Tau, 3, play, 3, Newtonrte Q 3, Outrng Club, 3, 4, Ayratron Club, 3, Lunchroom Souad, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 4, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Badmrnton, 4, Varsrty Basketball, 4, Gym Meet, T, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse 3, 4, To drscoyer the one thang that l am best adapted for. TT Rucker Rd , Newton Hrs feet are qurclrer than hrs mrnd, Lou, Certrhcate, Brgelow, Prep School, Tufts, Baseball, 'l, lntermedrate Hockey, 3, Tennrs, Q, 3 4, Caotarn, 4, Lunchroom Squad Q, Traffrc Squad 4, To play No. T on Trldenls pro tennrs team. BETTY GEORGE 'TT Orchard St , Newton l thank you lor your vorce, thank youf Your most sweet vorce. Certrfrcate, Bugelow, Boston Unryersrty, Neophytes, T, Q, Gym Meet, T, Q, German Club, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Secree tary 4, Prrze'Speakrng Contest Wrnner, 3, Drama Club Play, 4, Senror Talent Assembly Commrttee, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q. 3, Orchestra, T, Q, 3, Chorus, T, Q, Scholarshro Roll, T, Q, 3, 4, To fund the pot of gold at the end of the VdIDbOW. GLADYS GRACE GEIGER 'l5Q Pearl St., Newton The sweetest thrng that eyer grew Besrde a human door. Glady, Ga-Ga, Olfrce Trarnrng, Day, Bryant 81 Stratton Busrness College, Baseball, Q, Track, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Com. mercral Club, 3, 4, Fashron Show, Q, To rnvent new sand- wrches for lunchrooms besrdes lam, peanut butter and ham, MARJOTZIE LOUISE GILBERT 3Q5 Lowell Ave, Newtonyllle Who rnrxed reason wrth pleasure, wrsdorn wrth mrrth. Marge, Mrdge, Certrfrcate, Day, Wheaton, Glee Club, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Freld Hockey, Q, 3, Drama Club, 4, Sensor Play Candy Commrttee, 4, Sensor Afternoon Dance Corn- mrttee, 4, Drama Club Play Candy Commrttee, 4, Gym lvleet, T, Q, 3, Swlmmtng, 4, Tennrs Tournament, Q, 3, Cryrcs Boards, Q, To see Lesely uweadh out the rest of the ortchers and strrke out Babe Ruth. Ifwg ,.-is-U, I IS x,.g,v.x. .AA I - 9-,Ji III ELIZABETH MIRIAM GOLDEN TI Merrill Rd., Newton Centre Genius find: its own road, And carries its own lamp, Betty, Language, Weeks, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, Q, Field Hockey, 3, 4, Basketball, SZ, French Club, 4, Proper- ties Committee lor Drama Club Play, 4, Newtonite, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Class History, Q, To impress upon the Registry of Motor Vehicles the quality of mercy. RAULINE MARY GORGONE 70 Smith Ave , West Newton Tiny but worth her weight in gold. Polly, Shorty, Academic, Warren, Fashion Show, Q, Scholarship Roll, Q, To make a suit for the President of the United States. BARBARA TIFFT GOLDING Q74 Chestnut St., West Newton Nature l loved, and next to Nature, Art. Barbie, Certificate, Warren, Simmons, Basketball, Q, Tennis Tournament, 2, English Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To Hy high. NANCY MARGARET GOULD QQ School St., Newton Not very small, not very tall, But cheerlul and sunny and loved by all. Nan, Ofhce Training, Day, Home Economics Club, Q, Commercial Club, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, It's a secret. LOUISE AGNES GOODALE 'IOQ Boyd St., Newton They lool me to the top ol my bent. Weesie, General, Bigelow, Hospital Training, Aviation Club, Q, 3, Outing Club, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 'I, Q, Chorus, 1, Q, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Track, 1, Q, 3, 4, Archery, 9, 3, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Ping-pong, 4, Badminton, 4,kGym Meet, 'l, 3, 4, Newtonian, 3, Not to lall for every io e. JOHN JOSEPH GOUTHRO 'I48 Chapel St., Newton K The softness of his voice is heard above the shouts ol throngx. Academic, Weeks, Business. EDWARD LEE GOODBAR 'I7 Chapin-Rd., Newton Centre Swaggering while walking he acts like a "champ" Champ, Business, Weeks, Fordham, Football, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Baseball, Captain Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Indoor Track, 3, 4, To run 50 yards in 52 seconds. EDWARD CHARLES GRAHAM 585 Centre St., Newton quietly he makes his way among the great: achieving his goa . Ed, Academic, Bigelow, Boston University, To have my English homework ready and right for Miss Doonan. Forty-nirie iii l Q J filly 1 JOHN HILDPETH GPEELEY 33 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre How happy :he who by your side May share the splendor: ol that ridel Certificate, Country Day School, Bowdoin, Football, Junior Varsity, 9, Boys' Debating Club, 3, Newtonian, 4, Camera Club, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Usher, 4, lo become a famous doctor. BENJAMIN CHARLES GROW 39 Chestnut Ter., Newton Centre Hi: humor is as big as he is. And nets him many lriends. Ben, Big Ben, Academic, Weeks, University ol Alabama, Home Room Manager, Q, Intermediate Football, Q, Varsity Football, 3, 4, Varsity Hockey, 3, Legislature, 4, To do lust enough work to graduate. GARDINEI2 GIBBS GREENE 'IIQ Gordon Pd. Waban It is not strength, but art, obtains the prize. Gar, Certificate, Middlesex School, Aviation Club, 4, Never to hurry, but always to be on time. JOHN GUERNELLI 99 Florence St, Newton Centre Silence is as deep as eternity Speech is as shallow as time, Business, Weeks, To overcome obstacles with a definite goal in mind, JOHN PAUL GREENE 3 Prospect St, West Newton Far be it lor him to gossip lor he has the golden gilt of silence. Peter, Academic, Warren, Boston University, Inter- mediate football, 3, To sell Snowshoes to Mahatma Ghandi. FRANCES PATRIDGE GUION 159 Oakleigh Pd., Newton ll music be the lood ol lile, play onl Tex, Fran, Erannie, Academic, Bigelow, Boston University, Soccer, 2, Varsity Orchestra, 'l, Q, 3, 4, 5, Outdoor Con- cert, 'l, Q, 3, 4, 5, Traffic Squad, 5, To be able to do math as well as Mr. Enoch and history as well as Mr, Consodine. ELINOR DORIS GRIFFITH 4 Baldwin St, Newton Ah, why Should lile all labour be? Ellie, Grill, Academic, Bigelow, Forsyth, Girls' Baseball, 19, 3, Soccer, 19, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, Track, Q, Archery, I, 9, Outdoor Concert. Q, Chorus, 9, Gym Meet, l. ANNA MAY GUNN 38 Carleton St., Newton Never the driltwood goes out to sea, But it carries a bit ol the heart ol me. Ann, Academic, Bigelow, Normal School, Soccer, 1, Civics Club, 9, 3, Chorus 'l, Q, Gym Meet, 'l, Q, Baseball, 1, Q, Outdoor Concert, 'l, Scholarship Roll, Q, To go to the South Sea Island and play around with natives. '1 I "--1-' T- . . F Ill ss.,-1 1 , ' dis 1 JOHN EDWARD HAGERTY 1693 Washington St., West Newton Speech is great, but silence is greater. Jack, Certihcate, Warren, Tufts, Junior Varsity Football, Q, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, To reach the end of the proverbial rainbow. JOHN ATKINSON HAM 879 Watertown St., West Newton He scratched his head and kept on thinking. Ham, Abner, Snake, Academic, Warren, Home Room Manager, 'l, 9, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Intermediate Baseball, 3, Intermediate Football, 3, Intermediate Hockey, , 3, Tralhc Squad, 4, To be as genial as Jett Jones. I JESSE RAYMOND HALE 'I4 Wessex Rd., Newton Centre I lt' chance will have me long, Why chance may crown me. Big Jess, Jess, Math, Weeks, M. I. T., Indoor Track, 3, 4, Varsity Football, 4, Traffic Squad, Q, Outdoor Track, 4, To change a tire on a water wheel. DOROTHY FRANCES HAMLIN 44 Rossmere St., Newtonville I have no mockings and arguments, l witness and wait. Dot, Certificate, Waltham, Bouve, Basketball, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 9, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Ping-pong, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, Hockey, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Archery, 3, Gym Meet, 4, To sleepin a canopy bed. HOWARD ANDERSON HALL 77 Page Rd., Newtonville Hail to the chief who in triumph advances' Hall, Red, Academic, Day, Gettysburg,Stage Committee, - 9, Glee Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, To melt snow with a piece ol ice. ELEANOR MARY HANLON 'l'l North St., Newtonville They saw her charming, but they saw not hall The charms her downcast modesty concealed. Ellie, Language, Day, Katherine Gibbs, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Ping-pong Tournament, Q, Scenery Committee of Drama Club Play, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 4, To print more ex- plicit exit signs lor the Arena. HARRY HAM HORN HALLIDAY 33 Churchill St., Newtonville Uneasy is the head that we'ars the crown. Horn, Academic, Day, Northeastern, Legislature, 4, ' Junior Varsity Football, 9, Intermediate Football, 3, Varsity Football, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, To find that inevitable 1 left hand screw driver. FRANCES WINIFRED HANLON 'l3'l Stamford St., Auburndale Cheerlulness is a sign ol wisdom Fran, Frannie, Weenie, Olhce Training, Warren, aocccr Q, 4, Gym Meet. Q, 3, Social Studies Club 3, Commercial Club, 4, Volley Ball, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q 4, Baseball 4, Tennis, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To always bc able to take it. FH .4 ly-one lll Fifty-two 2,-E""Es 'ii WILLIAM HENRY HANNON Sl Circuit Ave., Newton Highlands .x To that dry drudgery at the desles dead wood. xg. Bill, Academic, Weeks, Spanish Club, 3, 4, To get an A ' from Senor Argento. S, ' i HARRY CORNWALL HARTLEY 4 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale Blessing: on thee little man, Certificate, Warren, lntermediate Football, Q, lntermediate Basketball, Q, Varsity Football, 3. 4, ROBERT MOORE HARLOW 736 Watertown St, Newtonville l bear a charmed lrle. Bob, Harpy, Academic, Day, Boston University, Stage Committee, 4, Traffic Souad, 3, 4, Senior Picture Com- mittee, 4, Senior Prom Usher, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To play A'Rhapsody in Blue" through JEAN MILLER HARVEY ' 'IQS Carlisle St , Newton Centre Eat, drink, and be merry. lor tomorrow we go to school. gtg John, Office Training, Mason, Baseball, 9, Glee Club, 9, if Outdoor Concert, Q, Camera Club, 4, To install elevators " in Newton High School. EDNA MAY HARPER Q18 Cnrove St., Auburndale A pleasant companion on a ,ourney is as good as a carriage. Eddie, Gouber, Office Training, Warren, Cuym Meet, Q, 3, Baseball, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, Commercial Club, 4, Soccer, Q, Scholarship Roll, 3, Tennis, 4, Baseball, 4, To roller skate through the building 1 tunnel. REJANE MARCELLE HARVEY 915 Temple St., West Newton He is a fool who thinks by force as skill To turn the current ol' a womanfi' will. Language, Warren, Vassar, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Basketball, Class Varsity, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Hockey, Second Varsity, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, Copy Editor, 3, News Editor, 4, Newtonian Circulation Manager, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Legislature, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4. RALPH HARRIS 191 Allerton Rd., Newton Highlands Eloquence a hundred times has turned the scale ol war and peace at will. Language, Hyde, Harvard, Prize'Speaking, Q, Scholar- 5 ship Roll, 3, English Club, 3, 4, Play, 3, Publicity Commit- tee, 4, Drama Club, 4. Play, 4, Christmas Play, 4, Debating Club, 4, Alternate Legislature, 4, Senior Play, 4, National A Honor Society, 4. 1 BARBARA HASTINGS 46 Walker St, Newtonville Too low they build who build beneath the stars, Barby, Certificate, Day, Oberlin, Alpha Beta, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Property Com- mittee Senior Play, 4, Ping-pong, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Alternate to Legislature, 4, Prize-Speaking Committee, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Makeup for English Club Play, 3, 4, To go from the fourth Floor of building 1 to the third Floor of building Q in three minutes Flat. A r 4 ,as . ? 2 155 Charlesbank Rd, Newton 66 Fountain St, West Newton 41 ":, Ill JW? LAURA CAMERON I-IATHAWAY 51 Rockledge Rd., Newton Highlands She is blest beyond all measure who hath both beauty and wrsdom. Larry, Laur, Language, Weeks, Wellesley, Neophytes, Q, Traffic Squad, Q, Sophomore Dance Committee, Q, Junior Dance Committee, 3, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Prize-Speaking Winner, 4, To be able to sing. REGINA Tl-IERESA HERLII-IV She hath a daily beauty in her life. Tweenie, Certificate, Bigelow, Boston University, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Field I-lockey, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Archery, Q, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 4, I-Ionor Roll, 3, 4, Alpha Beta, Q, New, tonite, Q, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, English Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, National I-lonor Society, 4, To never grow too old to dream, FLORENCE I-IAUSMAN 11 Crosby Rd, Chestnut I-lill Her beauty makes This vault a feasting presence lull of light. Ronny, Language, Weeks, Wellesley, Aloha Beta, Q, I-lonor Roll, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Parent Day Usher, Q, French Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Newtonite Staff, 4, Basketball, Q, Soccer, 4, To see a horse on roller skates. WILLIAM FRANCIS I-IERLII-IY 7Q4 Watertown St, Newtonville Wise to resolve, and patient to perform, Bill, Language, Day, Boston College, Varsity Football, 4, Junior Varsity, 3, Golf, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, Q, l-Iome Room Manager, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Intermediate Basketball, 3, To beat Mr. Walters in golf. ROBERT BOYD I-IAYDEN 68 Brooks Ave., Newtonville Diligence is the mother of good fortune. Bob, Bobby, Language, Day, I-Iarvard, Outside Music, Q, Social Studies Club, 3, English Club, 4, Ticket Committee Senior Play, 4, Stage Committee, English Club Play, 4, lo find out if Mr. Rinker really understands those proverbs of is, JANE I-IESSLEIN 698 Beacon St., Newton Centre ll rt is possible, it is done, If it is not possible, it shall be done, l'lessey, Certificate, Belmont, Sargent, I-lockey, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Manager, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Class Varsity, 3, 4, Captain, 3, School Varsity, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, 4, Tennis Squad, 3, 4, Soccer 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, 4, Out- ing Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Drama Club, 3, New- tonian, 4, Archery, 3, 4, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To be able to walk to classes without falling over a toothpick. WILLIAM FRANCIS I-IENNESSEY Q75 Tremont St., Newton Not against work but not in sympathy with it, Bill, Business, Bigelow, Indoor Track, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, Basketball, 3, Football, 1, Q, To find the ioker in a pack of blue cards. NANCY ELIZABETH I-IICKEY To take arms against a sea of troubles And by opposing, end them, Academic, The Misses Allen's School, Finishing School in Paris, Alpha Beta, Q, Newtonite, Q, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Newtonian, 4, Track, Q, Basketball Q, To raise race horses for the Kentucky Derby, fifty-three MARGARET ELIZABETH HICKMAN I 1 A K' Kg' 301 Lake Ave,, Newton Highlands None named her but to praise, Reg, Peggy, Olhce Training, Weeks, Camera Club, Q, Commercial Club, 3, Social Studies, 4, Gym Meet, 3, To be a stenographer. Rl-IYLLIS HAYES HIRTH Q4 Hovey St, Newton Shea Quaintly petfte and daintily sweet. Phil, Academic, Bigelow, Reter Bent Brigham Hospital, Soccer, 1, Q, Legislature, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Senior Play Ticket Selling Com- mittee, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, Gym Meet, 'I, To be a nurse. RICHARD HARLOW HICKS 'I87 Austin St, Newtonville The deepest rivers flow with the least sound, Dick, Academic, Day, Boston University, Chorus, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q 3, To beat I-losstield. HELEN PATRICIA HOGAN Q63 Cherry St, Wirst Newton Though her heart is big there is no room for unkindnexs. Office Training, Warren, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, To be a nurse. MARGARET ELIZABETH HILL 46 Somerset Rd , West Newton She speaks, behaves, and acts just as she ought Peggy, I-lilly, Academic, Warren, Newton Hospital, Social Studies Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Nursing. CATHERINE MARGARET HOLDEN 5 Fayette St., Newton , Cheerfulness is a habit to treasure, Kaye, Office Training, Bigelow, Senior Rlay Ticket Selling Committee, 4, Commercial Club, 3, To keep every one merry, GARDNER IRVING HINCKLEY ' as y-lccr Q6 Page Rd, Newtonville The king can do no wrong. Hunk, Certificate, Day, Boston University, Intermediate Basketball, Q, Home Room Manager, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Usher Senior Prom, 4, Legislature Alternate, Q, To prove the teaching ethics of Newton High are wrong. LESTER OWEN I-IOLMAN 30 Westview Ter., West Newton A careless song, with a little nonsense In it now and then, does not misbecome a monarch. Les, Certificate, Warren, Wentworth Institute, To be an aeronautical engineer. " .- -.xf RICHARD WILLIAM HOMER Q9 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Joy rise: in me, like a :ummefs morn. Dick, Certificate, Mason, Alabama, Legislature, 3, Inter- mediate Hockey, 3, Legislature Alternate, 4, To pickle herring without getting pickled. DOROTHY MARGARET HOUSE 55 Wyoming Rd., Newtonville The very flower of youth. Dot, Dottie, Academic, Day, Sargent, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Home Economics Club, Q, Fashion Show, 9, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, To be successful. GLADYS EMILY HOOPER 68 Walnut Hill Rd., Newton Centre ln athletics she excels. Glad, Babe, Blondie, Academic, Weeks, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, Base- ball, SZ, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, Gym Meet, 9, 3, To sell overcoats in Chile. SALLY ALDEN HOWARD 'l8 Devon Ter., Newton Centre Her charms strike the sight, her merit wins the heart. Sal, Stormy, Sari, Sara, Language, Weeks, Smith, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophites, Q, Traffic Squad, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Chairman Verse Committee, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Vice, President, 4, Property Committee, 3, Llsher Committee, 4, Library Club, 4, Costume Committee Senior Play, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Senior Prom Committee, Newtonian, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be one step ahead of Mr. Kidger. RITA FLORENCE HORAN 'IS Lincoln Rd., Newton Good sense and good nature are never separated. Reet-snozz, Academic, Day, Vesper George, Baseball, 3, 4, To either laugh or laugh like Julia Sanderson, NATALIE HOWLAND Q25 Xxfaverley Ave., Newton The heart to conceive, The understanding to direct, The hand to execute. Nat, Language, Bigelow, Mount Holyoke, Neoohytes, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, 4, Legislature Alternate, 'l, 4, Soccer, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Senior Play Publicity Com- mittee, 4, Scholarship Roll, 'l, Q, Outdoor Concert, 4, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, To breed blue ribbon saddle Q9 Mayflower Rd., Chestnut Hill horses. MADELINE MARIE HOUGH - 'lO'l Pearl St., Newton Silence is more musical than any song. Howie, Office Training, Day, Social Studies, Q, Com- mercial Club, 'l, 3, To be what Mr. Maxim calls the ideal secretary. IRENE RACHEL HURWITZ The better you know her the better you like her. Bunnie, Red, Gin, Certificate, Mason, Junior College, Senior Play, 4, English Club, 4, Ping-pong Tournament, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, Ncophytes, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, l, Q, 3, Newtonian Assembly, Senior Play Ticket Selling Committee, 4, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, Baseball, Q, Archery, Q, To go to heaven on a mule. RWE .35 1 --sir 1 My filty live E A'1' lm v g .:., ,zxl -,Q1 , . L -. A .A-a 5 I l an an 2.5 frfty-5 CARMELLO IAGULLI QQ Rockland St, Newton Highlands Away with boolr, l will draw my inspiration from life. Business, Weeks, To haunt Jack Benny lilce Beetle to Phil RUTH LOUISE JEFFERDS Q65 Austin St , West Newton Was ever woman in this humor moved? Was ever woman in this humor won? Q Ruthie. Jeff, Academic, Warren, Outdoor Concert, T, Q, Cuym Meet, 'l, To travel with a certain someone for always. ROBERT MacDONALD IMRIE 314 Otis St., West Newton Science marches ahead. X Bob, Certificate, Warren, Northeastern or Worcester Tech, Band, 9, Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Aviation Club, 4, To be a famous engineer. RUTH JENKS 'IOQ Sargent St., Newton full many a glorious morning have lseen. Whiffle, Tim, Certificate, East Junior High, Watertown, Swarthmore, Legislature, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Drama Club Christmas Play, 3, Drama Club Play, 3, 4, Candy Committee, Candy Committee Senior Play, 4, Play Committee English Club, 4, Senior Banquet, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To Find a lucky horseshoe. LILLIAN GERTRUDE INGI-TAM 94 Keele Aye , Newton Upper Falls l'll be merry, l'll be free, l'll be :ad for nobody. Inky, Office Training,Weelcs, Outdoor Concert, 1, To be Tilly the typist ETHEL MAY JENNINOS Q34 Church St , Newton A pleasing countenance is a silent Commendation. Jen, Et, Office Training, Bigelow, Commercial Club, 4, Archery, T, Cuym Meet, 'l, Q, Soccer, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 9, To see the stars fall on Alabama. ROSE LENA IZZO 9 Cottage Ct, Newton I go without care -free and easy. Rowy, Office Training, Day, To push a pencil in an office. GEORGE LAWRENCE JEPSEN T5 Henshaw St, West Newton I am as a weed, flung from the roclr, on ocean'x foam to sail Where'er the surge may sweep, The tempest: breath prevail, Jep, Greg, Prof, Certificate, Warren, Newtonite, 9, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Ticket Committee Drama Club Play, 4, Soloist with Orchestra, 4, My ambition? You guess, l'm tired. s 'S , .,,1 .aw '-E5-'f"1-5 fi "'AA b - S -f-5""f "H-l":i55-if If Qs i B' 1' 77 HELEN ELIZABETH JEPSEN 'I1 Jepsen Ct., West Newton Her overpowering assets malre up for her size. Jep, Skip, Office Training, Warren, Webber, Scholar- ship Roll, Q, Senior Play Lyric Prize, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Usher Gym Meet, 3, Baseball, 3, Captain, 3, Home Eco- nomics Club, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, To be able to agree with myself, THOMAS JOHN JOHNSON, JR Q Clark St., Newton Centre What is well done ls done soon enough. Tom, Language, Weeks, Harvard, French Club, 4, Avia- tion Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a success in my particular field of endeavor. MILTON THOMAS JONES 999 Centre St., Newton fN?t to lrnow me is missing one ofthe greatest opportunities o li e. Nipper, Business, Bigelow, Home Room Manager, 'l, Junior Varsity Baseball, 'I, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To sell rubber crutches. DONALD THAYER JORDAN 91 lvlt. Vernon Ter., Newtonville Write me as one who loves his fellow men. Don, Academic, Day, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Senior Play, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To chase beer chasers. FRANK BURNETT JOHNSON 978 Waltham St., West Newton lt's not the size ofthe man in the light, it's the size ofthe fight in the man. John, Pete, Swede, Certificate, Warren, Brown, Neo- phytes, Q, Sophomore Dance Committee, Q, Band, Q, lnter- mediate Hockey, 3, Varsity Hockey, 4, Tennis Tourna ment, Q, 3, To grow. OTTO LEO KALWEIT 383 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls lt is usually the busiest man who wins. Academic, Weeks, Boston University, Social Studies Club, 3, Scholarship Roll, 4, To be a floorwalker in a telephone booth. PHILIP LlNDHOLM JOHNSON 4 Charlotte Rd , Newton Centre Far and farther yet l slwall sail, Phil, Johnny, Certificate, Weeks, Dartmouth, English Club, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Legislature, Q, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Senior Play, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, English Club Committees, 3, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Finance Board, 4, To be a big man. LEON HYMAN KAPLAN 54 Ellis Rd., West Newton Allow ol words is no proof ol wisdom, Lee, Happy, Language, Boston Latin, Vale, Alpha Beta, Q, Home Room Manager, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, 4, To obey that impulse. ll filry seven llll frlty-6-fgh! ,s PAULINE SELMA KAPLAN 5Q6 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre ' She makes sunshine ln the shady places. , t Polly, Paul, Certrhcate, Weeks, Skrdmore, Gym Meet, Q, fl 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Tennrs H Al Tournament, Q, Volley Ball, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, To dance the Rumba wrth George Raft. ANNA MAE KENNEY Q8 Vfoodbine Ter., Auburndale Never cross, never sad Always happy, always glad. Olhce Trarnsng, Warren, Commercial Club, 4, Scholar- shup Roll, Q, To have Andy Mellon's dough. HAPQLD LEONARD KELLER 43 Walter St , Newton Centre Surer to prosper than prosperrty Could have assur d us. Kel, Acadermc, Weeks, Mrlntary Academy, Football, Q, 3, Lunchroom, Q, 3, To be J. P, Morgans secretary. JEAN TAPPAN KENWAY QQ Walnut Pl., Newtonvulle Vrrtue rs bold, and goodness never learlul. Ken, Jeanme, Trouble, Certufrcate, Day, Srmmons, Outs door Concert, Q, Varsnty Orchestra, Q, Cutsrde Musrc, Q, 4, Pnng pong Tournament, Q, Scholarshnp Poll, 4, To own a Packard convertrble coupe. EDWINA KELLEY T597 Centre St., Newton Hughlands O, that Trtran woman. Red, Eddre, Language, Sacred Heart, Pembroke, Basr- ball, Q. 3, 4, 5, Soccer, Q, 3 4, 5, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 5, Newtonste, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 5, Tralfrc Squad, 4, Senror Talent Assembly, 5, To never be wrthout an ambuf lIOf'l. ROBERT SYLVESTER KEOUGH 85 Norwood Aye , Newtonyrlle Thought rs the property ol him who can entertain rt, and adequately place rt Bob, Business, Day, Tralhc Squad, 4, To grow old fast " .- and retrre under the Townsend Plan. , Q 1. 1 Qin.. 690 Grove St, Newton Lower Falls ll all the years were playrng holrdays, To sport would be as tedrous as to work. Jennie, Certificate, Warren, Chamberlarn School, Scholar- shrp Roll, Q, Camera Club, 4, Englrsh Club, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, Prng- pong, Q, To be able to play "Love rn Bloom" on the prano as beautrlully as Jack Benny can play rt on the vrolrn. KATHERINE ELEANOR KERIVAN 959 Chwstnut St , Newton Upper Falls A true lrrend rs lorever a lrrend. Kay, Certrhcate, Weeks, Massachusetts State, Track, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Hockey, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Archery, 4, Lacrosse, 4, Volley Ball, Q. 3, 4, Badmrnton, 4, Gym Meet, 3, 4, Honor Roll Q, Math Club, 4, Social Studues Club, 3, V To stand on my head for hlteen mnnutes as Jane Hesslein demonstrates, JEAN VICTORIA KENJESKA f"P ' S i 5 'Sf JOYCE HENRIETTA KERR 160 Chestnut St., West Newton l never knew so young a body with so old a head. Jerse, Ducker, Academic, Winship, Art School, English Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, None f look what it did for Napoleon. BARBARA GlLMORE KIMBALL 40 Brookside Aye., Newtonville Your name is great ln moulhls of wisest censure. Bim, Language, Day, Mount Holyoke, Vice-President Class, Q, 3, Senior Executive Board, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Workshop, 3, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Field Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Second Team, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, To keep my Figure to the size of my blue tweed skirt, GERTRUDE MARJORIE KEVES Q63 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale A lovely lady, garmerzted in light From her own beauty. Margie, Midge, Academic, Warren, Normal School, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, To decide what my ambition is. 1 " 7.'z-1, :gk f 417' 1 HADLEY CHARLES KINDER Q Raeburn Ter., Newton Highlands R A man ol the open fields. r Hid, Hidley, Academic, Bigelow, To get Q5 straight at skeet shooting. . A k ii ROBERT KILEY 184 Cabot St , Newton A lion among the ladies is a dangerous thing. Bob, Academic, Bigelow, Home Room Manager, 1, Legisg lature, 1, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Junior Varsity Basket- - ball, 1, Intermediate Basketball, 2, Football, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, ,N 4, Varsity lndoor Track, 3, 4, Varisty Outdoor Track, 3, 4, A 'Wa To be a member of the American Olympic Team and to Y secure happiness and success. Q - 'Q q ADOLPHUS SCOTT KINNEY 31 Harrington St., Newtonyille Good sense and good nature are never separated. Pat, Dolphie, Math, Day, Wharton School of Finance, Math Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Boys' Debating, 3, 4, Lunch- room Squad, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, To laugh and love, and let worry look out lor itself. MARY CATHRINE KILMAIN 391 Lexington St., Auburndale She ceas'd, but left so pleasingxon their ear Her voice, that list ning still they seem d to hear. Academic, Warren, To be a second Florence Nightingale. RICHARD HENRY KINQJ S. 31 Sharon Ave., Auburndale What manner ol man is this, That wome-n's heart flutter as he passeth7 Dick, Academic, Warren, To see down yonder. Filly-n Ill .'fa, X. . 1 L TS ff-TAN " 1 I ' '- I - -Yk:,, -"'l 13"T51'4--Z, iffy 6- wr MARGARET MARIE KONETZNY 35 Clarendon St Newtonvrlle Deep calleth unto deeo, Academrc, Day, Normal School THEODORE PARKER LADD 80 Berkeley St Vfest Newton l That boy wrth the grave mathematrcal loolr ,Ted Theo T P, Thud Laddre, Academrc, Newton COUHYW Day, Harvard, Home Room Nlanager, Q, Legrs- lature, 3, 4, Outdoor Traclt 4, Scholarshrp Roll, Q, 4, To be a famous surgeon LUORCDTHEA ROBERTS KRLJEGER Q7 Arapahoe Rd West Newton I love tranourl solrtude And such socrety As rs quret, wrse, and good F Dot, Brllre, Cnuppre, Acadernrc, Warren, Art Schocl, Outdoor Concert, 9, Traclt 3, To wash wrndows rn a canoe. EDWARD PHILIP LAFFIE 51 Parsons St ,West Newton And mrne arm should conquer twenty worlds Ted, Academrc, Day, Boston Unrversrty, Basketball, SZ, 3, 4, Second Varsrty, Q, lntermedrate, 3, Varsrty, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Junror Varsrty, 9, lntermedrate, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Soanrsh Club, 4, To be successful rn more than one freld rn lrfe EVERETT MILTON KRUOER Q4 Arlrngton St ,Newton Even though the frght rs lost, the argument strll goes on Ev, Kroogey, Kroog, Certrfrcate, Brgelow, Rensselaer Instr- ture, Neophytes, 1, Q, Football Manager, 1, 9, 3, Home Room Manager, 52, Baseball, Q, Tennrs Tournament, 9, 3, Lurrchroom Squad, 9, 3, 4, Traffrc Squad, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Drama Club Play, 3, 4, Senror Play, Senror Banquet Com- mrrtee, To be the world's greatest play boy VIRGINIA HUNT LAMB Q47 Grove St , Auburndale Earth sounds my wrsdom and hrgh heaven my fame W I Cnrn, Ornny, Lamby, Academrc, Warren, Art School, Soccer, Q, Tennrs Tournament, Q, fiaslfetball, Q, Scholarshrp Roll, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To own a yacht and be a famous Amerrcan stylrst IVILHIXRD WILLIAIJI LAHDON 34 fenno Rd , Newton Centre A man of few words Drcy, Academrc, We-elrs, Boston Unrversrty, Cheer Leader,Q,C1leef,Iub, 1,2 3, Honor Roll, Q, Advertrsrng manager DORIS MAE LANGELL 858 Walnut Est , Newton Centre She that was ever farr and never proud Had tongue at wrll, and yet was never loud Done, Slfre, Qffrce Trarnrng, Weelfs,, Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Tracy, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, fashron Show, Q, Baseball, 3, To lrsten and say nothrng To be a wrndovv decorator. -as , I I I l 5 I fs. EDWIN FRANCIS LANGILL 'IOO Los Angeles St., Nonantum They measure great men by their character. Eddie, Business, Day, To be an aviator. CHARLOTTE LEACH Q58 Homer St., Newton Centre Earth's noblest thing 1 a woman perfected. Academic, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Soccer, Q, 3, Basket- ball, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Camera Club, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, To watch an Army-Navy football game. ALICE MARIE LANNO Q0 Broadway Ter., Newtonville Knowledge ir the loundation ol eloquence. Al, Academic, Day, Framingham Normal, Social Studies, 4, Home Economics, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, To sell a duck to Joe Penner. MILDRED ELME LEIGHTON 3'lO Derby St., West Newton Her voice was ever soft, gentle, and low. Millie, Academic, Westfield High School, Art School, Alpha Beta, Q, To keep tabs on Mr. Argento. l. EARL LATHROP 58 Royce Rd., Newton Centre Hence, loathed melancholy. Certlicate, Roger Ludlowe, Rollins, Senior Play, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, German Club, 4, Usher Senior Prom, 4, To possess health, wealth and happiness. DOROTHY ELIZABETH LEU 37 Locksley Rd., Newton Centre Her air, her manners, all who saw admired Courteous though coy, and gentle, though retired. Dottie, Bo, Language, New Haven High, Connecticut College for Women, Culee Club, 3, 4, Chorus, 4, Archery, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Ticket Committee, Senior Play, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Essay Contest, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4, To be an organ grinder. ESME DORIS MARY LAWRENCE 3 Cannon St., Newton Highlands Blue were her eye: I A5 the fairy llax. Academic, Weeks, Home Economics Club, 3, 4, Social Science Worker. CARL DAVID LEWIS 45 Hilltop St., Newtonville ' ' There are times that try rnenls souls. Lew, Business, Memorial High School, Baseball. 3, Lunchroom, 4, Ticket Selling Committee Senior Play, 4, Sales Staff ofNewtonite at Newton-Brookline Game, Q, 4, To spend at least a week in every state in the Union. Sixtyfone llll Af, .:f.": 1 .IAI F ' ' Q Srxlyrtwo I MARY JUNE LEWIS 196 Lextngton St, Auburndale Such roy ambrtron lrnds. Dodo Lew, Academic, Warren, Lesley School, To lrnd an ambutton. DOMINIC FRANCIS LOMBARDI 14 Murphy Ct , Newton He may be small but he can do much. Stretch, Doc, Busrness, Day, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy, Leguslature, Q, Basketball, Q, Scholarship Roll, Q, Ticket Commuttee for Sensor Play, 4, Nattonal Honor Soctety, 4, To travel wtth my ltrst mtllton. ROSALIND KENWAY LEWIS 85 Lombard St., Newton A perfect woman, nobly planned, To warn, to comfort, and command. Rosle, Language, Btgelow, Radcltlle, Neophytes, Q, SoctalStud1es Club, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Nattonal Honor Soctety, 3, 4, Englush Club, 4, Scholarshup Roll, 1,2 3, 4, Soccer, Q, Basketball, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, 'lo due and pay taxes ELEANOR GEDDES LORD QQ Shorneclrlle Rd , Newton O, Lady, nobrlrty rs thine, and thy lorm is the rellectron ol thy nature, Language, Btgelow, Smuth, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, 1, Q, Orchestra, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Tennts Tourna- ment, 1, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Englush Club, 3, 4, General Commuttee, 4, Legnslature, 3, 4, Athletic Board, Chatrman, 4, Executive Council, 4, Senior Play, Publicity Commuttee, 4, Natuonal Honor Soclety, 3, 4, Program Coma mtttee, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, Not to be a teacher. VIRGINIA MARIE LINSTROM 601 Centre St., Newton , She :ltr upon her throne ol Irght, proud and nlent, rn- W drflerent to her wooerr. Jtnny, Academtc, Btgelow, Duke, Soccer, 1, Eneld Hockey, 1, Baseball, 1, Neophytes, 1, Q,Avrat1on Club, 3, Leguslature, 1, 3, 4, Englnsh Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, Secretary, 4, Semor Play, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Newtomte Stall, 1, 3, 4, Outdoor Chorus, 1, Q, Honor Roll, Q, To be the duchess of Duke Elltngton. DOROTHY HELEN LOUD 75 Varuck Rd , Waban Her ways are way: of pleasantness, and all her paths are peace Dot, Dottte, Academtc, Warren, Leslne, Social Studies Club 4, Luncheon Squad, 4, Scholarshup Roll, 4, To be a successful teacher, PHYLIIS G, LISHON 54 Shellteld Rd , West Newton The glass ol lashron and the mould ol lorm, The observed ol all observers Phrl, Language, Day, Smnth, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Home Room lvlanager, Archery, Q, 3,10 meet Tom Colltns, RUTH LOWCOCK 16 Bartlett Ier , Newton Centre Thy modertyls a candle of thy merit. Acadwmtc, Weeks, Boston Untverstty, Commercial Club, Q, Scholarshtp Roll, Q, 3, 4, Natnonal Honor Soctety, 3, 4, Socral Studies Club, 3, 4, Archery, Q, lo mow Scotland Yard, -G H- E -1 .ga 1 Z 1 3 FRANCIS IRVING LUNDOUIST 369 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls He that hath knowledge, spareth his words. Swede, Lundy, Language, Weeks, Boston College, I-lome Room Manager, 3, Varsity Football, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To go to a school which does not have home work. LESLIE REGINALD MacC1REC1OR 344 Centre St, Newton Whatever anyone does or says, l must be good. Cuddles, Les, Mac, Business, Reading I-ligh, To have children and send them to "Professor Martin Petikinsu to be taught 1 maybe, ROBERT WALFORD MacCORMlCK 5'IQ California St., Newtonville Flasl-il You can't see him lor dust, He goes like he auto. Bob, Mac, Academic, Day, Northeastern, Football Junior Varsity, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, To build and drive the winning car in the Indianapolis SOO-mile race. JOI-IN MACKSEV 'IO8 Warwick Rd., West Newton So sweetly she bade me adieu, lthought that she bade me return, Jack, Mac, Certificate, Webster Groves I-ligh, Annapolis, Junior Varsity Basketball, Q, Indoor Track, 4, Legislature, Q, Usher Drama Club Play, 4, Junior Varsity Football, Q, Outdoor Track, 4, To put Hawkeye back in the Newtonite. JESSIE MARIE MacDONALD 'IO4 Webster St, West Newton Shel' never haughty, never proud, but popular in every crowd. Mac, Jess, Office Training, Warren, Soccer, Q, 3, Base- ball, Q, 3, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, Basketball, Q, Commer- cial Club, Q, 3, 4, President, 4. GERTRUDE MARGARET MacLENNAN 41 Richardson St., Newton Stfll waters run deep. Oh' so deep. Gertie, Academic, Bigelow, Burdett's, Baseball, 'I, Q, Track, 'l, Q, Basketball, Q, I-lome Economics Club, 'l. ELEANOR ALICE MacDOUGALL 4'I Concolor Ave., Newton Musicl Music' She lives 'for itl Ellie, Academic, Bigelow, Prince School, Cilee Club, 3, English Club, 4, Fashion Show, To prevent little Ollie from coming around the corner, HAZEL CIVAL MacLEOD 650 Boylston St, Newton Centre Good humor is goodness and humor combined. Cloudy, Academic, Weeks, Basketball, Q, 4, Field I-lockey, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q. 3, Vollcy Ball, 3, To buy Cnoo-Goo from Joe Penner. Ill , Sixty-three ., 7, LATIMEP WHITTLE MacMlLLflN JP 8 lryrng St Newton Centre Speech IS great but srlence rs greater Mac, Mathematrcs, Weeks, M l T, Band, Q, Assustant Home Qoom Manager 3, Alternate Legrslature 3, Home Qoorn fvlanager 4, Legislature 4, pressclent Math Club, 4, Honor Poll 4, Natronal Honor Socrety 3, 4, Sensor Play Commrtroe 4, Orange Book Manager, 4, Board Publrca trons 4, To be an electrrcal engrneer JAMES JEPENHAH MAHONEY 8 Wetherell St , Newton Upper Falls Whom nerther shape ot' danger can drsmay Nor thought ol tender happrness betray Mousre, Jrm, Language, Weeks, Boston College, Junror Varsrty Basketball, Q, lntermedrate Hockey 3, Ayratron Club, Q, 4, Legrslature, 4, To be generalrssrmo of the U S. Army W IAATZJOPIL HFLENE MacMlLLAN l 33 Hrghland Aye Ne-Ntonyrlle l Hlest wrth that charm, The certarnly to please Snappy, Language, Day, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, Q, Basket- ball Q, 3, Currls' Debatrng Club, 4, Alternate Legrslature, 4. Scholarshrp Roll, 4, Senror Play Trcket Commrttee, 4, To prop up the Prflel Tower MAPY CATHERINE MAHCNEY Q3 Washburn St Ne wton Never haughty, never proud, But popular rn every crowd Mae, Nlac, Oflrce Trarnrng, Day, Busrness College, Socral Studres Club, 3, Commercral Club, 4, Senror Banquet Com' mrttee, 4, Fashron Show, Q, Legrslature Alternate, 4, Honor Poll, Q, Natronal Honor Socrety 4, To enjoy myself always HELEN JEANNE MacNAUGHT 1933 Commonwealth Ave , Auburndale She smrles, she speaks, they come Ace, Jeannre, Language, Warren, Wellesley, Basketball, 9, 3, Hockey, 9, Grrls' Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Drama Club, 4, Usher at Drama Club Play, 4, Prngrpong, 3, Natronal Honor Socrety, 4, To own a ranch and rude and rude. LlLLlAN MATHILDE MANCINI 78 Crafts St , Newtonyrlle She has an abundance of powers. Lrl, Academrc, Day, Sargent, Outrng Club, 3, 4, Presr- dent, 4, Ayratron Club, 4, Socral Studnes Club, 4, New- tonrte, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, Varsrty, 4, Freld Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsrty, 3, 4, Tennrs Team Varsity, 9, 3, 4, Tennrs Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Prng-pong Tourna- ment, 3, 4, Baseball, 9, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Badmrnton, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Archery, 3, Volley Ball, Q, 3, 4, Gym Nleet, 9, 3, 4 ALTA VEE MALONEY 35 Gray Clrff Rd , Newton Centre Wrt rs the salt ol conversatrorr, Language, Mason, Wellesley, English Club, 4, 5, Play, 4, Baseball, 19, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Prng-pong, 3, 4, Grrls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, Sensor Play, 5, Drama Club, 4, 5, Nevytonran, 5, Newtonrte, l, Q, 3, 4, 5, Feature Edrtor, 5. JOSEPH THPUSTON MANNING, Ill 'IQ Krmball Ter, Newtonyrlle Joe, Busrness, Wrllram Penn Charter School, Scholarship Poll, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Indoor Track, 3, To beat Sur Malcom. rxty lour .:4,' . ' H, Sl H' 'S' I MARGARET FLORENCE MANSEIELD 63 Ripley St., Newton Centre Oh' could l throw aside these earthly bands That tie me down where wretched mortals sigh - To loin blest spirits in celestial lands' Peggy, Peg, Office Training, Weeks, Senior Play, Avia- tion Club, Q, 3, Secretary, 4, Hostess, To fly to the moon to see if it is made of green cheese. GERARD MARROCCO 109 West St., Newton Silence is the genius of fools and one of the virtues of the wise. Jerry, Business, Day, Glee Club, 4, To go into business FORREST KINSMAN MARCY 1173 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Deeds, not words. Dawes, Chief, The Engineer, Academic, Weelcs, Lunch- room Squad, 2, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, Treasurer of Social Studies Club, 4, To always have the will to do that which l believe is right. ELEANOR MARTHA MASON 417 Watertown St., Newton Those about her From her shall read the perfect ways of honor. Larley, Larl, Elly, El, Office Training, Day, Boston Uni- versity, Fashion Show, Q, Chorus, 3, Glee Club, 3, Out- door Concert, 3, Commercial Club, 4, To be a lily in Rudy's Vallee. DOROTHY MARGARET MARNlE 343 Auburndale Ave., Auburndale I do but sing because I must, And pipe but as the linnets sing. Dot, Academic, Warren, Class Orchestra, 3, To hit higher notes than Grace Moore. JOSEPH MARUCCIA 55 Jefferson St., Newton Faith, that's as well said as if I had said it rnysell. Arab, Business, Bigelow, Traveling salesman. LILLIAN YVONNE MAROTTE 93 Charles St., Auburndale One science only will one genius lit: So vast is art, so narrow human wit. Eva, Bebe, Academic, Warren, Vesper George, Base- ball, 1, 9, Social Studies Club, 3, Tennis Tournament, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, To interior decorate the White House. MILDRED ELIZABETH MATTHEWS Q6 Parlt Pl., Newtonville She has good nature, merit, and integrity. Millie, Office Training, Day, Business School, Honor Roll, 9, 3, Home Economics Club, 9, Social Studies Club. 3, Commercial Club, 4, Gym Meet, 9. 3, Fashion Show, Q, Senior Class Picture Committee, 4, Legislature Alternate, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, To feel ambitious. Sixty-five ,gf ,f11 'A QA" '--..4 -Tia-S "" .'-. , ':" F A E ,vga ,Z Ni DCDROTHY ANN MATTSON l Q6 Phrllrps Lane, Nrwtonvrlle fl merry heart rnalreth a cheerful countenance, Dot, Academrc, Day, Mary Burnham, Socnal Studres Club, a R 1' 4, Nc-wtonrtr' 4, lo help Casa Loma blow smolce rings, av r MARGUERITE McCONNFLL 397 Cabot St , Newtonyrlle Our hopes, lrlre towerrng lalcons, arm At obrects rn an arry herght VMardr, Certshcate, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Archery, Q, 4, Cjym Meet, Q, 3, Engltsh Club, 4, Play, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play, 4, Scholarshrp Roll, 4, Publrcrty Commrttee Senror Play, 4. ALlCt5 MATILDA MCCARTHY 35 Krnsrngton St , Newtonyrlle Solt peace she brrrrgs wherever she arrrves She burlds our Qtrret Al, Alle, Ollrcrf lrarnrng, Day, Cornmercral Club, 4, Honor Roll, Q, Fashron Show, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, To b , bf' a lamp that never gr-ts "lat," MARGARET THERESA MCDONALD l33 Waban St., Newton Her yorce was gentle, sweet, and low, An excellent thrng rn woman, l3eS5YrOll1ce Trarnrng, Weeks, Katherrne Grbbs, To lrve, love, and learn. CALLAQHAN FRANCIS MCCARTHY ' 30 School St., Newton Srlence is the mother ol truth. Carl, Mac, Business, Brgelow, Lunchroom Squad, 4, lo 1 swf- the' world through a porthole. asa ' y . , JOHN JOSEPH MCGOUGH Q 1407 Washington St, West Newton Varrety rs the sprce ol lrle Y- rn lrrends. Joe, Mac, Academrc, Warren, Northeastern, lnter- mcxdrate Baseball, 3, To take a R. G, at Newton. JOHN FRANCIS MCCARTY 43 Wrllrston Rd , Auburndale You have not converted a man because you have srlenced hrm. Mac, Language, Warren, Boston College, Band, Q, 4, Orchestra, Q, 4, Junror Varsrty Football, 3, To help Barney, Bvrtsch, and Noone lrnd the orrgrnal Joe Busch. LOUISE BARBARA MCGRATH 38 Ellrson Rd., Newton Centre Good rraturexs the loundatron ol all good things Academrc, Brockton, Summons, Home lfconomrcs, 4, Baseball, 3, To do somethrng worth whrle. ,A-vu KW? i ' 1 'Q- 4f.f,P. H359 -5- 'l ' Aga ,Z RUTHE MARCIA McKUSlCK 'lQO Farwell St., Newtonville On with the dance, let ,oy he unconlined. Aphrodite, Junior, Academic, Day, Simmons, Alpha Beta, Q, German Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Drama Club, 4, Honor Poll, Q, 3, 4, To dance with Fred Astaire. JANET BLANCHE MCPHEE 'l'l Nonantum St., Newton There's language rn her eye, her cheek, her lip. Jan, Mac, Language, Bigelow, Boston University, Basket- ball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, Baseball, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, Q, 3, Badio Club, 3, 4, Librarian, 4, Program Com- mittee. 4, English Club, 3, 4, Cuym Meet, Q, 3, 4, To be game but not everybodys ROSS LEWIS MCLEAN Q35 Mt. Vernon St., West Newton Life is not so short but that there is always time enough lor courtesy. Language, Clayesmore School, England, Honor Roll, Q, Assembly Usher, Q, 3, Legislature, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Sophomore Dance Committee, Social Board, 4, Newtonian, Senior Play Usher, Head Usher Senior Prom, 4, Cnerman Club, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, lndoor and Outdoor Track, 3, 4, To be worth my salt, EDSON LORING MEAPS 989 Washington St., Newtonville The secret of success is constancy to purpose. Ed, Language, Day, Harvard, Moving Picture Committee, Q, 3, 4, Some type of movie work. RITA ANNE McMAHON TO Bemis Rd., Newtonville An enthusiastic worker always finds success. Mac, Office Training, Day, Business School, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Orange Book, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, Won Typewriting Contest, Commercial Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To look at life through rose-tinted glasses. ELIZABETH MAl2lON MEDBERY Q6 Walnut Pl., Newtonville My feet are lrislry and airy likewise am l. Betty, Tools, Academic, Day, Miriam Winslow's School of Dancing, Honor Roll, Q, Legislature, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To think all l say and not say all l think. MCMULLIN 43 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls A friend is known in tirnesol need. Mac, Office Training, Weeks, Baseball, Q, 3, Volley Ball, Q, 3, To make a catch without a Fishing rod. LAURA MAY FRANCIS JOSEPH Q6 Linden St., Newton Upper Falls None but himself can be his parallel. MEEHAN Chick, Certificate, Emerson, Notre Dame, Home Room Manager, 3, Cross Country, Q, Fall Tennis Tournament, 4 5, To be a pawn-broker, ,431 ft -r as 'lil' -z- , iw ' P 'T rf 'Ra K P. ' 26 ' uhm C .il 511 he S I 4 , ff S -I EDWARD GUSTAV MEISSNER il I . fl Srxty-eight X 795 Chestnut St., Waban Thy moclertyk a candle to thy merrt. Eddne, Academnc, Warren, Boston llnuversuty, Legrslature, 3, Camera Club, Presrdent, 4. ANNA MARY MESSINA Q30 Walnut St Newtonvrlle Eat drrnlr and be merry, lor tomorrow we goto school Anne, Academnc, Weeks, To be able to dance luke Grnger Rogers MARGUERITE MERGENDAHL 75 Lowell Ave , Newtonvllle The woman that deliberate: rs lost. Maggie, Certuhcate, Day, Oberlun, Band, I, Alpha Gamma Tau, Q, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Sensor Play Costume Committee, 3, To become the best gurl reporter In New York. ALFRED VANCLEVE MEYER 80 Beaumont Ave., Newtonvllle For men may come and men may go, But l go on lorever. Van, Language, Day, Harvard, Camera Club, Q, To wrnte Sixty words a minute on a typewriter. HENRY WADLEIGH MERRILL, JR. 191 Krrkstall Rd., Newtonvrlle l dare do all that may become a man Who dares do more IJ none. Wadleugh, Hank, Certnlrcate, Day, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, Q, 4, Socual Studres Club, 3, Presrdent, 4, Radro Club, 4, Sensor Play, 4, Newtonian, 4, Tennis Tour- nament, Q, 3, Legislature Alternate, 4, Senror Prom Usher, 4, To due wlth a smrle on my lace, WALTER ELDER MICHAEL 945 Bellevue St , Newton Victory lollows me '- And all thrngs lallow vrctory. Mrke, Mathematrcs, Bngelow, Tufts, Home Room Mana- ger, 1, Honor Roll, I, Q, Newtonlan Stall, 4, Tennus Tourna- ment, 3, 4, Tennus, Varsnty, 3, 4, To become Bill Trlden's peer. HELENE ELIZABETH MESSER 199 Pune Rrdge Rd., Waban She doeth lfttle lcrndnesses whrch most leave undone, or desprse Pat, Betty, Language, Warren, Mount Holyoke, Trafhc Squad, I, Q, French Club, 3, 4, Vnce-Presudent, 4, Drama Club, 4, Legrslature, 4, Honor RoII.1, 4 FRANCES GERTRUDE MICHAELIS 'IQ6 Eeethoven Ave., Waban full ol words ol wrsclom. Lnttle Mooch, Buttonnose, Moochue, Fran, Academrc, Brooklune, Frnishing School, Basketball, 1, Archery, 'I, To lnve alone on an Island. nk Q 'i I AQ Y, "1-. , I ll JOSEPI-IINE MICHAELIS 'IQ6 Beethoven Ave., Waban Joy is not in things, It is in me. Moosh, Josy, Jo, Office Training, Brookline, C-irl's Gym Meet, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, To be bartender in the lunchroom. SAMUEL STANLEY MILLER 'l'l East Boulevard Rd. Newton Centre lam Sir Oracle, and when lxpealr let no dog bark, Sam, Certilicate, Weeks, Brown, Football, Q, 3, 4, Tennis, Q, Basketball, Q, None -look at Macbeth PHILIP MIELMAN Q3 Beech St., Newton If l could but dance all night. Pasey, Phil, Business, Day, Northeastern, I-lome Room Manager, 3, Track, 9, 3, To die dancing with a St. Louis woman. VICTOR FRANCIS MIRABITO 90 Los Angeles St., Newton What lurk: behind those darlc eyes. Spider, Business, Day, Boston University, Football, 9, 3, 4 Basketball, Q, 3, Baseball, 9, 3, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Dancing teacher or gigolo. DORIS RICEIMILLER 150 Collins Rd., Waban She is not shy or bold, but is simply .tell-possessed. Dot, Dottie, Academic, Warren, Colby Junior, English Club, 4, To install radios in all study halls. EDWARD FRANCIS MITCHELL 34 Clarendon St., Newtonville Happy ani l, lrom care l'm lreel Why aren t they all contented like me? I Ned, Eddy, Business, Our Lady's, Wentworth Institute, i To be a First class milk man. ELIZABETH DWIGHT MILLER 'ISO Collins Rd., Waban It is a friendly heart that has blenty ol friends. Betty, Bet, Academic, Warren, Miss Wheelock's, English Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 3, Legislature Alternate, 4, To roller skate from class to class. 0 all sioiaio esteem Moiitiz 47 Brookdale Rd., West Newton Everybody called her good When, with steady feet she stood On the heights ol womanhood. I Sig, Babe, Academic, Browne Junior, Malden, Art School, Social Studies, 4, Drama Club, 4, Fashion Show 9, lnteriordecorator. Sivfy n Li . .:." fi. ' ' .. ' 'N' 5 ,Qtjga Q Q ARTI-ILIR WALTER MONKS Q38 Dorset Rd Waban A wrse man IS strong'-yea a man ol knowledge rn- creaseth strength. Art, Certihcate, Warren, Boston Llmversrty, Newtonlte, Q 3 4 German Club 4 Leglslature Alternate 3 PHILIP J. MORRISON 'I6 Lincoln Rd., Newton ' In sports he doth excel. Pete, Business, Day, Dean, Baseball Varsuty. Q. 3, 4, Foot- ' ball Junior Varsuty, Q, Intermediate. 3, Varsity, 4, Basket, ball, 3, 4, Tucket Commnttee Sensor Play, To lwve in that house by the slde of the road GEORGE FRANCIS MONKS Q4 Rockland St., Newton Sad he rs, but hrs sadness makes hrm great. Joe, Monk, I-lot Dog, Buseness, Day, Boston Llnuversnty, To sell ace-bags In Alaska REGINALD MORSE Q05 Grove St Auburndale Talk ellects lrttle, actfons much. Buddy, Ccrtrlrcate, Warren, Northeastern, Social Studtes Club, 4, Ticket Sellrng Committee, 4, Drama Club Work- shop 4 To be a builder upper or a breaker downer MARY Tl-IERESA MOREY TOT4 Boylston St Newton I-Iughlands The temple ol our purest thought rs -- srlence Terry, Mollle, Olltce Traunrng, Weeks, Soclal Studtes Club, 3, Commerctal Club, 4, To organize a home lor stray elephants. WILLARD AKER MOS!-IER 166 Washrngton St, Newton Wherefore art thou, Romeo. Nlosh, Busunwss, Blgelow, Boston Umversrty, Track, Q, 3, Leqnslature 4, I-lome Room Manager. Q, Lunchroom, 3, 4, Scholarshup Roll, Q, 3, 4, To wash wlndows rn open cars. LEONARD GARFIELD MORGAN 83 I-Iale St, Newton Upper Falls No legacy rs so rrch as honesty. Jake, JQP, Bustness, Weeks, Costume Committee Semor Play, 4, Chorus, Q, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 4, To be a mattress tester ROLAND EDWARD MUNDAY 'IO47 Beacon St., Waban Ouret men olten surprrse us Rolly, Busrness, Warren, Trarhc Squad. 3. Lunfhroom, 4, To work ,su-1 S 5 K' Q Y, Q f Q A, w-QP AMELIA ELIZABETH MURPHY 48 Pettee St., Newton Upper Falls But Of She dances such a way. Mim, Mimi, Office Training, Weeks, Commercial Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To always hold the trtle of "Miss McGuure's champion guggler. JOHN JOSEPH MURPHY 'IQ Francis St., Newton Highlands Thar's brafns in that thar head. Long John, Business, Weeks, Boston University, Home Room Manager, 4, Scholarshup Roll, 3, Socual Studies Club, 4, Sensor Play Ticket Committee, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 4, To stop Harold from lowering the high Murphy moral code. FLORENCE LOUISE ANNE MURPHY 198 River St, West Newton A dancer and dfflfff what more could one ask for? Bobernut, Snuggles. Sis, Office Training, South Junior, Waltham, Art School, Legislature, Q, 4, Baseball, 3, Social Study Club, 4, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Senior Advertising Committee, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Cnym Meet, Q, 3, To take the world apart to see what makes It tuck. JOHN PAUL MURPHY Q7 Ash St., Auburndale I-le seldom spoke but when he did he surprised us. Pat, Business, Warren, Boston Universrty, To help Harold Murphy get a good feed. GLORIA SAWYER MURPHY Q7 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill .Sing,r1ding's a ioyl For me I ride. Glo, Academic, Weeks, Museum of Fine Arts, Scholar- ship Roll, 4, Candy Committee Senior Play, 4, Always to be happy. KATHERINE JANET MURPHY 77 Halcyon Rd., Newton Centre Good things come in small packages. Kay, Cappue, Office Training, Weeks, Commercial Club Q, 3, Camera Club, Q, Social Studies Club 4, Radio Club 3, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4, To walk on moving sidewalks. HAROLD FRANCIS MURPHY 58 Gardner St. Newton Strong of body, of heart of voice Essy, Business, Blgelow, Lunchroom Squad, 3 4, Cricket Team, 3, To join the navy and see the world. MARY JOSEPl-llNE MURPHY WR D 5'l Bourne St., Auburndale Mischief sparkles in her eyes And her laughter never dfes Pat, Office Traunung, Warrtsn, Social Studi-'s Clubs 3. Commercial Club 4 Treasurer 4, Fashion Show. Q, Uym Meet, 9, Scholarship Roll Q 3 4, Soccer Q 3, Senior Banquet Hostess 4, National Honor Socwty 4, To lit through the eye of a nfridl-5 41. W.. 5 , f .A 1.4 a .Seventyftwo MALCOLM THOMAS MURRAY 584 Centre St , Newton for hrm a world wrthout art means nothrrrg. Mal, Duke, Academrc, Brgelow, Boston Unrversaty, Home Room Manager, l, Q, Sensor Dance Commattee, 4, Rhotographrc Lommtttee, 4, Sensor Prom Usher 4, To be, come prrfsrdent of the New York Stock Exchange GWENDOLYN EUGENIA MYERS T5 Srmrns Ct , West Newton A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance, Gwenny, Gwen, Academrc, Warren, Ltncoln Hosprtal, New York Cnty, Home Economrcs, 4, Sentor Trcket Com- mrttee, 4, To keep new dads from oacrng the Floor at mud, nrght. MORTON MYERBERG 39 Dolphrn Rd., Newton Centre A man ol soverergn parts he rs esteemed. Mort, Language, Forest Park Hugh, Baltlmore, Maryland, llarvard, Baseball, 3, Tennrs. 3, Legrslature, 4, To stroke Harvard's crew to vrctory over Yale rn '37, '38, '39, VIOLET MARY NARDONE 33 Caprtal St , Newton Let me have musrc dyrng and l seelr No more delrght. Vt, Certrhcate, Day, New England Conservatory, Tennis, Q, 3, To travel around the world as a concert prano player. BERTHA LOUISE MYERS 64 Cook St., Newton Highlands Harl to thee, blythe sprrrt. Shorty, Trny, Academrc, Weeks, Framingham State Teach- ers, German Club, 4, Sensor Play Candy Commtttee, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To acqurre Gwenny s good sense of humor. MARY ELIZABETH NASH 737 Chestnut St., Waban A young lady ol hrgh sprrrt and lull ol lun. Betty, Language, Mtlton Hugh, Wellesley, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Basketball, 3, Hockey, Q, Archery, 9, Avtatron Club, 3, 4, Social Studles Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 3, Com- mrttee Senror Banquet, 3, Scholarshrp Roll, 9, 3, Natrona Honor Socrety, 4, To be a broker and never be broke, GILBERT LEWIS MYERS ' 63 Orchard Ave., West Newton Each must rn vrrtue strrve lorto excel. The man lrvestwrce who lrves the lrrst lrle well. Carl, My, Certrhcate, Warren, Dartmouth, Legrslature, 'l, Home Room Manager, Q, Basketball, Q, Football, 'l, 3, To reach the top EUGENE FRANCIS NEEDHAM 305 Nevada St, Newtonvrlle The world lcnows nothrng of its greatest men. Gene, Certthcate, Day, Boston College, Outdoor Con- cert, 'l, Traflrc Squad, Q, Soctal Studres Club, 5, To be a newspaper reporter. .-:at"'.f"1Elf"5 "'.A. -:., . . .,,, 1 ' l C, ,, , l l ,t. I , .. i RUTH CORINNE NEWEY 937 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls A determined young lady with piercing eyes, Office Training, Weeks, Commercial Club, Q, To strive for high ideals in life. GRACE ESTHER NICHOLS 'IO9 High St., Newton Upper Falls Thy modesty is a candle to thy merit. Gracie, Gracious, Language, Weeks, Business School, English Club, Q, 3, Glee Club, Q, 3, Camera Club, 3, Newtonite, 3, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Outdoor Con- cert, Q, 3, To do my share in the world's work. FRANCES NICOLAZZO 34 Oak Ave., West Newton Quiet but sincere, Franny, Office Training, Warren, To go to Europe. WILSON NOBLE 'IQ Applegarth St., Newton Centre His noble negligences teach What others toils despair to reach. Willie, Bill, Certificate, Mason, Amherst, Football, Q, To be anything but a milkman, BARBARA NICHOLS 166 Cabot St., Newton She is pretty to tallr with, And witty to tall: with, And pleasant, too, to think on. Babs, Barbie, Academic, Day, Dramatic Art School, To find a cure for gossip. ROBERT JOSEPH NOONE 7 Crown St., Auburndale From the crown of his head to the sole ol his loot, he is all mirth. Bob, Stretch, General, Warren, lndiana, Traffic Squad, 3, To help Nichols find the original "Joe Busch." EDWARD BRYANT NICHOLS 'IQ Newland St., Auburndale Describe him, who can? Nick, Eddy, Certificate, Warren, Qlndiana, lntermediate Hockey, 3, To help Noone find original 'Joe Busch." PHOEBE ELIZABETH NORTON 169 Grove St., Auburndale Those graceful acts Those thousand decencies that daily flow From all her words and actions. Certificate, Warren, Katherine Gibbs, Honor Roll, Q, 4, Legislature, 3, Soccer, 9, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, Girls Gym Meet, 9, 3, 4, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, Q, French Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, To seek beauty and find truth. . , 4 Seventy-three Ill . . , .... -A ii. evenly four b E' I K EDMUND CLAYTON NYE 9 Aberdeen St, Newton Hnghlands Charms strllre the srght, but ment wrns the soul. Ed, Ber, Certihcate, Weeks, Norwuch, Scholarship Roll, Q, To sell harnesses to sea horses. WILLIAM EDWIN O'HARA 136 Hunnewell Ave., Newton O Sleep, why dost thou leave me. Bull, Pete, Busuness, Bigelow, Boston Umversity, Out- door Track, 3, 4, Soclal Studles Club, 4, To stay awake in all my classes. JAMES FRANCIS O'BRlEN 367 Newtonyulle Ave, Newtonville Nothfng rs more useful than scrence. Jam, Shamus, Jlmmy, Academic, Day, Aviatlon Club, 4, To go places. HELEN OLDFIELD 984 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls Let every woman be master of her trme. Academuc, Weeks, French Club, Q, English Club, 3, Camera Club, 3, Basketball, 'l, Q, Lacrosse, Q, To make a success of whatever I start to do. FRANCES SHEILA OCONNELL 858 Watertown St., West Newton Care will lcrll a cat, Therefore let's be merry. Frannie, Polly, Certrhcate, Day, Snmmons, Gym Meet, 'l, Drama Club Workshop, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, To enjoy myself contnnually. MARY FRANCES O'LEARY 93 Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls She floats upon the rlver of thoughts. Olhce Trarnnng, Weeks, Commercnal Club, 4, Baseball, 3, To have a good time. EDMUND WHITEHEAD OGDEN, JR. 57 Perknns St., West Newton It is well for one to know more than he says, Ned, Language, Exeter, Harvard, Band, 'I, Q, 3, Alternate Legrslature, 3, To be a mechanical engineer. ROLAND KENNETH OLSON 33 Harding St., West Newton l'd rather do thrngs than talk about theml Swede, Busnness, Day, Northeastern, To sleep late and own a yacht. 1 like Wt' A . 51 Pembroke St, Newton Certificate, Weeks, Band, 1, Q, Senior Play Ticket Com' 39 Woodward St., Newton Highlands .6 ""'.', V E tv l ..,- , fj.'-TQ: --AU A A . A.,. I , A E, O 2 l lik -C DOROTHY DUNBAR ONTHANK 85 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill Her quiet smile is outstanding in a crowd. Dot, Dottie, Academic, Mason, Miss Wheeloclcs, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Chorus, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, Lunchroom, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, To be a success. DONALD CHARLES PAILLER 138 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Life is lust a bowl of cherries. Language, Day, Yale, Band, 1, Camera Club, 1, Football Manager, Junior Varsity, Q, Varsity, 3, Home Room Mana- ger, Q, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, To pass English. EPHRAIM ENGLISH ORRELL, JR, Mine be the breezy hill that skirts the dawn. Bud, Academic, Lancaster High, Lancaster, Business School, DAVID GEORGE PALMER Q56 Chestnut Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill A man without mirth is like a wagon without springs. mittee, 4, To go over Niagara in a barrel. GEORGE ASHLEY OWENS 197 Grove St., Auburndale I don't care, l look like a good student. Georgie, Certificate, Warren, Boston College, Band, Q, Social Studies Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Drama Club Committee, 4, To be able to look back with satisfaction on whatever Ido. FRANCES WINNIFRED PARKER fx ly How many things by season seasoned are To their right praise and true perfection. Frannie, Fran, Certificate, Weeks, Simmons, Archery, 1, Baseball, 9, Gym Meet, 1, 9, Outdoor Concert, 1, Avia- tion Club, 3, Glee Club, 3, Ticket Committee, 3, M'etre amuse toujours. JANET ANNE OWENS 82 Harvard St., Newtonville A light condition in a beauty dark. Jan, Janie, Certificate, Day, Catherine Gibbs, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Ticket Committee, 3, Senior Dance Committee, 3, Archery, 3, Soccer, 9, Sensor Dress Assembly, 3, Not to be told by Mr. Kidger to hurry at Q9 past. FRANCIS DUNBAR PARKER SEO Fern St., Auburndale Faith is necessary to victory. Fran, Park, Mathematics Union High, Union. New Jersey, Harvard, Band, 1, Baseball Manager, 1, Scholarship Roll, 1, Traffic, Q, 'lo swim for Harvard. We Y Xu '4 agar "il" -1+ 21 l Beverstyrlivc IIII U ",'f-'. .., R ,1.f' E 13061 ,Z ,2lQ4Z,.f Seventy-rsx NANCY PARKS Century Farm, Sherborn ls sta world to hide virtues sn? Parksse, Nance, Language, Warren, Gym Meet, Q, Tennis lournamrtnt 'l, French Club, 3, Lunchroom Squad. 3, To makr' the Q QB train without running. EDMOND FOX PERKINS 473 Auburn St., Auburndale I am Srr Oracle, And when l ope my lips let no dog bark Ed, Perky, Foxy, Business, Warren, Northeastern batsng Club, 1, Social Studies Club. 'l, 4 Intermediate Varsity, Basketball, Q, Lunchroom Squad, 4 Sensor Play 4 Lunchroom Duty, 3. 4, Legislature Alternate Q To find out where the sock goes when the hole comes. FSTHER CHASE PARSHLEY 998 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Her air, her face each charm Must spealr a heart with feeling warm And mrnd inform the whole Language, Jamaica Plain High, Wellesley, Orchestra, 4, Band, 4, English Club, 4, Verse Committee 4, Scholarship Roll 4, To go to the Orient. DOROTHY DAYTON PERRIN 45 Orient Ave., Newton Centre What xhall l do to be forever known? Dot, Dottie, Language, Weeks, Wellesley Alpha Gamm Tau, 4, Legislature, 4, Social Board, 4, Aviation Club 4 English Club, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Dance Committee Q, 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Sensor Play Property Tickets, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, Archery 3 Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Newtonian Assembly 4 To lose my weight. 'XIICI-IOLAS JAMES PATUTO 89 Gardner St., Newton The quretext minds are generally the mort happy. Nick, Business, Day, To be a radso announcer. BARBARA PERRY Q8 Ash St., Auburndale O, for a seat in rome poetic noolr Barbie, Bee, Academic, Warren, Camera Club 3 Honor Roll, Q, Gym Meet, 1, To always have a good time MARILYN HALLETT PEASE 3O Fenwick Rd., Waban Shea all my fancy painted herl Sheff lovely, shea divine. Language, Warren, Colby, Senior Play, 3, Ticket Commit- tee, 3, Sensor Prom Committee, Alternate to Legislature, 3, Legislature, 9, English Club, 3, Cuym Meet, 'l, Archery, 3, Soccer, 'l, To own a gown shop on Filth Avenue. ROBERT LORING PERRY 987 Washington St, Newtonville Strength of heart and might of limb Bob, Flash, Language, Day, Harvard, Legislature 4 Junior Varsity Football, Q, Intermediate Hockey 3 Varsity Football, 4, Sensor Play, 4, Lunchroom Squad 4 All class Baseball, 3, Sensor Play Ticket Committee 4 V rsy Hockey, 4, To be a good saxophone player I ::.,,.A .14, ,,,4. I 5 f . I C :L L 9 i 'Wi li GEORGE EDWIN PETERS 178 Prince St., West Newton Diction is not everything. Pete, Ed, Language, Warren, Harvard, Alpha Beta, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Senior Play, 4, To forget this high school. MICHAEL CARL PIANTEDOSI 'l54 Chapel St., Newton Therels neither living with or without him. Mickey, Business, Day, Intermediate Basketball, Q, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Intermediate Basketball, 3, Varsity Intermediate Baseball, 3, Varsity Basketball Manager, 4, To enter business. LILLIAN JEANNETTE PETERSON 19 Neal St., Newton Lower Falls A pleasing personality, long be it remembered. Pete, Lil, Buzz, Office Training, Warren, Bryant 81 Stratton, Band, 'I, Q, English Club, 4, Outside Music, Q, Outdoor Concert, 'l, Chorus, 'l, To work in an office. NORMAN ALFRED PLUKSNE SQ Harding St., West Newton The play's the thing Wherein l'll catch the conscience ol a king. Plux, Certificate, Day, Junior Varsity Eootball, Q, Inter- mediate Eootball, 3, Senior Play, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Lunchroom Squad, Q, 4, To break "QOH in golf. MARTIN JOHN PETERSON 3Q6 Adams St., Newton Sigh no more ladies, be ol good cheer. Pete, Missouri, Business, Soldan High, St. Louis, Missouri, Northeastern, Glee Club, 4, To teach Mr. Birmingham the ideals of communism. LOIS VIRGINIA POPE 87 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Merry as a marriage bell. Popie, Loi, Larry, Academic, Weeks, French Club, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Basketball, 'I, Q, 3, Track, Q, Field Hockey, 'l, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, Lacrosse, Q, Camera Club, 3, Honor Roll, Q, Ping-pong, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To laugh, love, live, and be merry. WILLIAM MARVIN PETERSON 3Q Arlington St., Newton l will not budge an inch. Pete, Business, Bigelow, Boston University, Junior Varsity Football, Q, To enjoy life. ' NORMA RACHEL POTTER 18 Upham St., West Newton If solid happiness we prize, Within our hearts this jewel lies. Normie, Office Training, Warren, Gym Meet, Q, Com- mercial Club, 3, 4, To be happy when I work. 'Mali Seventy-seven EIDA MARIE POZZI 409 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Sugar 'n sprce 'n everything nice, Edie, Olhce Training, Weeks, Gym Meet,, Q, Outdoor Concert 3- Chorus 3- Commercial lu a buyer of womens clothes. RUSSELL PROVOST Q09 Austin St, Newtonville And l will set this loot ol mine as lar As who goes farthest. Russ, Rusty, Prev, Certificate, Warren, Purdue, Scholar- ship Roll, Q, Lunchroom Squad, Q, 4, Assistant Junior Varsity Baseball Manager, Q, To own a chain of Filling stations. HAROLD LESLIE PRATT 9 Highland Pk , Newtonville The noble lord is the Rupert of debate. W Q Pratt, Pop-eye, the Sailorman, Certificate, Day, North' eastern, Band, Q, Boys Debating Club, 4, To sail around thr- world. lu MARY ANN PUCCIARELLI 14 Auburndale Ave , West Newton l pass into your presence and receive your smile ol wel- come gladness, then leave. Puchie, Office Training, Warren, Chorus, 3, Orchestra, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Class Orchestra, 3, Outside Music, To have an understanding heart always. ' HETTY ADELAIDE PREBLE QQ Ridge Ave, Newton Centre Good at play but better at a lrght. Pretzel, Language, l-louse in the Pines, Conservatory of Music, Outdoor Concert, 3, Scholarship Roll, Q, To be an artist in living. al RAYMOND VINCENT PURDY 67 Court St., Newtonville Happy as a clam at high tide, Ray, Business, Day, Night School, Junior Varsity Basket- ball, 1, Tralhc Squad, 4, BARBARA SEARS PRIOR ' 354 Wolcott St., Auburndale Her voice was ever solt, Gentle and low, an excellent thing rn woman. Barb, Bee, Bobie, Academic, Misses Allen School, Hos- pital Training, Home Economics Club, 4, To malce a success pun of life JOHN VINCENT OUlNl..AN 105 Sumner St., Newton Centre Good at a ffght, but better at a play, Godlrlce in giving, but the devil to payl Language, Mason, Harvard, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Football, Q, To enter Harvard 1935. lm , f , I C b, 3, Scholarship l Roll, 4, Fashion Show, Q, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, To be Q I ,.,1 A .:,, -I .., aTEil'sI17-'-'f ,"'A "1" ':'- L : fs. , 'HS' .--:" -'i"'.-"'-DI'Alibiiffr-. 'Vx JOHN WILLIAM OUINN 50 Brooks Ave., Newtonville A good friend to everyone. Johnny, Irish, Ouinnie, Business, Day, Baseball, Inter- mediate, 3, Varsity Baseball, 4, To be a big league ball player. DOROTHY HAMMOND RENNARD Q03 Lowell Ave., Newtonville A merry heart malres a cheerful countenance. Dot, Certificate, Day, Business School, Field Hockey, 9, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, Archery, Q, Lacrosse, 3, Volley Ball, Q, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To be a globe trotter. GRACE ALMA RANGNOW 524 California St., Newtonville Her very frown: are fairer far Than smiles of other maidens are. Gracie, Language, Day, Syracuse, Neophytes, Q, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Senior Dance Com- mittee Chairman, 4, Alternate to Legislature, Senior Execu- tive Committee, Member Ticket Committee, 4, Senior Play, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To see Mr, Kidger carry out his threat to "get mad," MARY BERNADETTE RHODES 'I75 Winslow Rd, Waban You are sober and dull through the common day, But when it is night - Molly, Academic, Weeks, WheeIock's, To accomplish my desires. JOHN WALKER REED Q8 Eliot Ave., West Newton Quiet and unassuming but we lrnow he is about. Jack, Academic, Day, Home Room Manager, 3, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, To become a naval architect. ALICE EMERY RICH Q01 Jackson Rd., Newton l was never less alone than when by myself, Office Training, Day, Home Economics Club, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Gym Meet, 9, Home Economics Club, 3, To be a good secretary. DONALD ROY REID 41 Elm Rd., Newtonville l-le floats upon the river of his thoughts. Don, Academic, Warren, Babson Institute, Social Studies Club, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To Find my place in business. EDWARD RICHARDSON JR '15 Country Club Rd., Newton Centre To hie him home, at evenings close, To sweet repast and calm repose. Ted, Eddie, Certificate, Deering High, Dartmouth, To own and drive the fastest boat in the world. if .... J PV' QW. I 11.46 'Z 6. Seventy-nine R, fn-3' 'QV EightY -'vu f 425, kv-'K ta - 'life l Sgt, it :fwntq sf 9, RICHARD DAVIS ROBBINS 19 Howe Rd , Newton Centre And wrrely tell what hour o' the day The clock does strrke, by algebra. Dtck, Mathematrcs, Sacred Heart School, M. l. T , Neo' , ohytes, 1, Trafhc Squad, 4, Math Club, 4, Debatrng Club, 4, Sensor Play, 4, To be a successful archttect, RUTH ROBERTS 7Q Washington St., Newton Not very tall, not very small, but very sweet and lrked by all Bobby, Rudy, Academtc, Western Hugh, Washungton, D, C, Oeorge Washlngton, To lnve In the balmy South. ALAN ROBERTS 39 Forest St., Newton Highlands Knowledge rs, Indeed, that whrch next to virtue, truly and exsentrally rarses one above another, Language, Weeks, Haverford, Scholarshtp Roll, Q, 3, 4, Honor Socuety, 3, 4, French Club Treasurer, 4, Debatung Club, 4, Sensor Play Committee, 4, Rrlze'Speaktng, 4, Tralhc Squad 4, To phnlosoohy JOSEPHINE GRACE ROBERTSON 19 Austtn St., Newtonvulle """ fun and folly go hand IH hand. Jo, Red, Academic, Weeks, Tratnnng, Lunchroom Squad, To be a surgucal nurse. 4 . BRUCE ROBERTS M 39 Forest St., Newton Htghlands Musrc hath charms to soothe the Savage breast, To :often rocks, or bend a lrnotted oak. Certnhcate, Weeks, Wrlluams, Orchestra, 9, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, Band, Q, Assustant Home Room Manager, 3, French Club, 4, Orange Book Staff, 4, Scholarshnp Roll, 4, To be a chemistry professor, MARGUERITE CATHERINE ROBERTSON 455 Albemarle Rd., Newtonvllle A darnty grrl from head to toe, wrth laughrng eyes and lots ot' beaux. Mrggie, Ofhce Trarmng, Day, Assustant Home Room Manager, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Commercnal Club, Q, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Sensor Afternoon Dance Committee, 4, Sennor Play, 4, Vuce- Presrdent, Commercral Club, 3, Scholarshrp Roll, Q, 3, 4, Fashron Show, 9, Baseball, 3, To lead a merry and lull lule and to never be serrous. JANE EMMA ROBERTS Q7 Cottage Rl., West Newton My own thoughts are my companions. Becky, Academnc, Warren, Glee Club, 1, 9, 3, 4, Neo, phytes, Q, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Lnterary Stall, 3, 4, Na- tnonal Honor Socrety, 4, To have an understandlng heart. BETTY ANN ROBEY Q5 Westmlnster Rd,, Newton Centre Better be happy than wue. Bet, Certrhcate, Weeks, Srmmons, Alpha Beta, Q, Avuae tnon Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Sensor Play Ticket Commuttee, 4, Archery, Q, 4, To make a pet ol a man-eatnng tiger. C ' P, ' x N ff 2 , Q13-f?.5,i':.,.,, EDMUND FRANCIS ROBINSON 30 Broadway, Newtonville He doesn t hate work, but he isn't in sympathy with it. Robie Ed Business, Principia High, St. Louis, Missouri, Traffic Squad Q, 3, Neophytes Club, To live and love in tune with the lullaby of Broadway. ABRAHAM POLHEMUSAROCKWOOD 35 Lakewood Rd., Newton Highlands All things come to him who waits. Abe, Poll, Rocky, Math, Weeks, M. l. T., Baseball Assistant Manager, 3, Math Club, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, To trisect and geometrically prove the tri- section of an angle. EUNICE ROBINSON 'IO Hyde St., Newton Highlands l love not man the less but nature more. Eunie Certificate, Weeks, Simmons, Legislature, Q, 4, Girls Athletic Board, 4, Newtonian Staff, 4, Newtonite Staff Q 3 4 Home Room Manager, 4, Alpha Beta, Q, Secretary Neophytes, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4 Gym Meet 3, Archery, Q, Soccer, 3, Baseball, 3, Traffic Squad Q Lunchroom Squad, 3, Business Committee Senior Play 4 Scholarship Roll, 4, To be good, do good, and CHARLES HENRY RODD 54 Noble St., West Newton The heights by great men ruled and kept Were not attained by sudden flight. MCl5arIie, Language, Belmont, Harvard, To become an THOMAS JAMES ROBINSON 77 Montrose St., Newton Another man who shall go swilt on the wings ol air. Rob Robby Business, Bigelow, Chorus, 4, Glee Club, 4, Aviation 4 Outdoor Concert, 4, To lly the mail. CALEB ROEHRIG 39 Fern St., Auburndale His life was gentle, and the elements So mix d in him that Nature might stand up And say to all the world, this was a man. Cale, Language, Warren, Amherst, President Junior Class, 3, President Senior Class, 4, Junior Varsity Base- ball, Q, Intermediate Baseball, 3, Senior Prom Usher, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, President, 4, To shake hands with Abner Doubleday. HELEN IRENE ROCKETT 'IO6 Cliffe Rd., Wellesley Hills Me this unchartered freedom tires, l leel the weight ol Certificate Weeks, Pine Manor, Alpha Beta, Q, New- tonite 9 3 Archery, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, English Club, 3, Senior Play 4 Properties Committee, 4. ELLIOTT THURSTON ROGERS 43 Kelveden Rd., Waban Who mixed reason with pleasure and wisdom with mirth. Ell, Rog, George, Certificate, Warren, Brown, Business School, Football, Q, 3, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Legislature, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Senior Play, 4, Senior Play Ticket Committee, 4, Newtonian Play, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, Fall Tennis Tournament, 3, To learn to stay away from women. ll Eightyaorre . t . , , - f' "' 5 oyooamyf -e-A JUNE MARlE ROGERS 355 Crafts St, Newtonville Let the world slide, let the world go, A lfg for care, a fig lor woel Certificate, Day, Sargent, Legislature, 3, 4, Varsity Hockey, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Erench Club, 3, Camera Club, Q, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Senior Play TicketComrnittee, 4, Newtonite Stall, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 1 Q. 3, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, Band, 'l, Q, Archery, Q, 3, To never cease to wonder why f-. COLIN MacLEAN ROSS 76 Bennington St., Newton Ay, every inch a lrrng. Academic, Bigelow, University of Maine, Glee Club, 'l, Q, 3, Chorus, 'l, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 4, Senior Play, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, To dance with the woman that inspired "Sophisticated Lady' MARY ISABELLE ROGERS 'l3'l Crafts St , Newtonville That sunny smile and pleasing personality will be the secret ol your success. May, Dee Dee, Office Training, Bigelow, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Track, 'l, Q, Soccer, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, l, Q, 3, Costume Committee, 1, Commercial Club, Field Committee, 3, Social Studies Club, Secretary, 4, Senior Play, 4, Prom Committee, 4, Fashion Show, Q, Honor Roll, 4, Senior Graduation Dress Assembly, To be a member ofthe Black Chamber in Washington, D. C. RUTH ROSS 47 Rokeby Rd., Waban I should worry. Ruthie, Chinney, Academic, Warren, Social Studies Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, Baseball, Q, To have a pent house on Park Avenue. SARA EVE ROGERS 315 Eranklin St,, Newton Ol surpassing beauty and IH the bloom ol youth. Sally, Academic, Our Lady's High, Katherine Gibbs, Home Room Manager, 4, Drama Club, Program Committee, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Senior Play, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Drama Club Candy Committee, 4, English Club Play Coach, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Newtonian Play, 4, To dance with Ered Astaire. RUTH ROUNDS 45 Sewall St., West Newton An unextinguished laughter shakes the sky. Toofte, Ruthie, Certificate, Warren, Colby Junior, New- tonite, Q, English Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Hockey, Q, Basketball, Q, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Track, 4, To make reversible roller-skates for backward children. BEATRICE ELIZABETH ROMAGNOLI 'IQ3 Auburn St., Auburndale Not every one can blush. Bea, Beatle, Baby, Office Training, Warren, Boston Uni- versity, Commercial Club, Q, 3, 4, National Honor So- ciety, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Junior Executive Council, 3, Senior Executive Council, 4, To overcome all selffconsciousness. LEONARD WALES ROWLEY, JR. 'l8 Loring St, Newton Centre No man is happy who does not thmlr hrmsell xo. Lennie, Len, Mathematics, Weeks, M, l. T., Assistant Hockey Manager, Q, 3, Varsity Baseball Manager, 3, Varsity N, 3, Varsity Band Manager, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, Newtonite, 4, Newtonian Assistant Business Manager. 4, Senior Play, 4, Drama Club Play, 4, Stage Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To supplant White, Carroll, and Ziegfield. F ., .'-: 'A'A1" "J-.: f ,TT ' T ff' "'f i "-' 'K" lT'lFfQ:::-.. E F 1 f A Q Q , MARSHALL LEWIN RUSSELL 931 Washington St, Newtonville ll women be there, there am l also. Rus, Marsh, Business, West, Watertown, Junior Varsity Basketball, Q, Varsity Band, Q, Indoor Track, 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, Senior Play, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, To break Olenn Cunningham! mile run record ol 4 minutes, 6.7 seconds. DONALD WILLIAM SANFORD 'l9'l Melrose St., Auburndale A very gentle lad and ol good conscience. Dynamite, Business, Warren, To be able to work with others and be successful in everything I do. MARIE ROSE RUSSO 176 Dedham St., Newton Highlands The eyes have it. Certificate, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, Exchange Editor, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Publicity Committee, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Outing Club, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Hockey, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Archery, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Track, 3, 4, To swim in the Olympics. JOSEPH PAUL SCALISE, JR. 'l4'l Derby St., West Newton With grave aspect he rose, and in his rising seem'd a pillar ol state. Husky, Business, Warren, To be a successful bookkeeper. MARY WEBB RYAN 133 Oakleigh Rd., Newton A daughter of the gods, Tall, and most divinely lair. Language, Bigelow, Swarthmore, Neophytes, 'l, Q, President, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, Vice-President, Q, Orchestra, 'l, Q, Executive Committee, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Play, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Newtonian, 3, 4, Proof Editor, 4, Tennis SQuad, 3, Legislature, 3, Alternate, 'l, Q, 4, Honor Roll, 'l, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a good old Southern cook. GILDA LOUISE SCHIPANI 9 Cook St., Nonantum Her very quietness conceals a mountain ol knowledge. Cuiggy, Ollice Training, Day, To see a blue moon. ALDEN KING SANDERSON 360 Dedham St,, Newton Centre Be silent and sale, silence never betrays you. Sandy, Language, Mason, University ol Maine, Outdoor Concert, 'l, To lead the pack a merry chase. FRANCES SEARWAY 'l'l9 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Bacchus, ever lair and ever young, Fran, Frannie, Academic, Weeks, Candy Committee, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, 4, Culee Club, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, Cuym Meet, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, To br behind the "Mike." fit av Eighty three ..hA , -1 4,3 RICHARD IPVINCI SEAQS Q46 Waltham St., West Newton Witty ever, oltentrmes clever. Duck, Mathematncs, Fessenden, M, l, T , Aviatuon Club, 3, 4, Scholarshtp Poll, Q, To be ambttrous ARTHUR SHAIN, JR 36 Mandalay Pd, Newton Centre For we that hve to please must please to lrve. Art, Language, Brookllne, Harvard, Usher Sensor Play, 4, Soctal Studtes Club 4, To wan an argument wuth Mr. Rtnker DONALD ALWARD SEELEY 495 Watertown St Newtonvtlle They only the victory win Who have fought the good lrght. Steve, Academtc, Day, Junror Varsuty A Football, 3, lumbltng, 3, Legrslature, 3, 4, Radto Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Presrdcnt, 4, Spanish Club 4, Athlettc Board, 4, To roll the bones wtth Caesar, SHEILA SKELTON 135 Ltncoln St, Newton Hughlands l have no other but a womans reason, l thrnk lt so, because l thmlr rt so, Skelly, Certthcate, Weeks, Srmmons, Basketball, Q, Olee Club, 3, Drama Club, 4, Math Club, 4, lrcket Commuttee Drama Club Play, 4, To slide down bantsters un bulld- rng 1, DOROTHY SEELEY 495 Watertown St, Newtonville Blushrng rs the color ol vrrtue. Tots, Dot, Certthcate, Day, Boston Calculatung School, Field Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varstty Fteld Hockey, 3, 4, Captatn Second Varstty Freld Hockey, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, Outrng Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Tennus Tournament, Q, Volley Ball, Q, Basketball, Q, 4, To be Shut up In a Murphy bed. MAl2lh SHERBUCK Q88 Nevada St Newtonvtlle Shes always ready to help a lrlend, Mtkw, Re, Academnc, Northeastern, Avtatron Club, 4, Soctal Studres Club, 4, Chorus, 4, Calee Club, 3, Archery Team, Q, 3, To break the worlds record tn Flyung around the world upstde down and backwards, MURIEL SEVEPANCI 1Q Cratgte Ter, Newtonvulle Ff'r6l1dSlTlDl5 an asset l shall never cease to treasure, Stupe, Sevy, Academtc, Boston, Duke, Soccer Team, 4, Home Economtcs Club 4, Gym Meet, 4, To Fly a krte tn a New York subway DOl2lS ADELAIDE SHEQIDAN 17 Eden Ave , West Newton She has the lure olthe gypsy in her eyes. Dotty, De De, Academrc, Warren, Massachusetts Normal Art, Sensor Play Candy Selltng Committee, Chorus, 4, Hoc- key, Q, Soccer, Q, Oym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, l must down to the seas agaun, to the vagrant gypsy ltfe. 6"?gs. -ll fe-at FRANCIS EDWARD SHERMAN 'I57 Cherry St., West Newton Tarry at Jericho until your beard be grown, Frannie, Academic, Warren, Massachusetts Arts, lo grow a beard and be a beach comber. LAURENCE FRANCIS SIMCOCK 30 Hurley Pl,, Newton Centre Some day he will acquire a perm, Laurie, Red, Certificate, Weeks, Law School, Newtonite, 3H Culee Club, Q, 3, Chorus, Q, To knock the spots out of t e sun. ALBERT JAMES SHINE, JR. 54 Austin St., Newtonville Not too last and not too slow, but xure. AI, Shine, Academic, Day, Pennsylvania State, To get out of high school in three years and to be a civil engineer. SYLVAN SAMUEL SIMON 'I7 East Boulevard Rd., Newton Centre l built my soul a lardly pleasure-house 1 ,tv Wherein at ease lor aye to dwell. :fi 532 ' ' ' . F", Tabby, Cy, Van, Language, Boston Latin, Harvard, Tumbling Club, 3, Intermediate Baseball, 3, Varsity Base- ball, 4, To whip the cream ofthe crop. - i, MARY SHKLAREVICI-l T Q0 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls A volume if well read. M, Mae, Office Training, Weeks, Commercial Club, Q, 4, Honor Roll, Q, To invent moving sidewalks for the people who detest walking. 51 RICHARD ABBOT SIMONDS 62 Hartford St., Newton Highlands lshall be like that tree - l shall die at the top. Dick, Certificate, Hyde, Music School, Band, AI, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, 5, Outdoor Concert, 'I, Q, 3, 4, 5, To convince everyone that Duke Ellington is supreme. BERTILLE LILLIAN SILVA 7 Briar Lane, Newtonville l-low lar that little candle throws its beams, so shines a good deed in a naughty world. Academic, Canton High, Framingham Normal, English Club, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play 4, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, Chorus, 3, 4, To live, laugh and love. DE WITT SKINNER 306 Linwood Ave., Newtonville And coxcombs vanquish Berlcley by a gun. Slceets, Certificate, Day, University ol Maine, Senior Play, 4, Tumbling Team, 3, Aviation Club, 4, To sing with Bing Crosby. A au' v . 2, .qu-P -td ' Vx t ' .5-it .K vxelifgxf J 5 all , ' a.. Eighty-live III Esghty-:rx SANDERSON SLOANE T91 Mull St, Newtonyille A man he seems of cheerful yesterdays And conhdent tomorrows Sandy, Certshcate, Day, Dartmouth, Football, Intermedsate, Q Varssty, 3, Track, Indoor, 3, Outdoor, Q 3, Boys' Vsce- Pressdent Assocsates, 4, Second Vsce-Rressdent Sensor glass. 4, Cheer Leadsng Squad. 4, To wrassle wsth "Angus" tewdrt, CATHERINE MARION SMITH 374 Wsnchester St , Newton Hsghlands Good nature ss one ol the rschest lrurts ol personalsty. Kay Katse, Ollsce Trasnsng, Weeks, Fashson Show, Q, To be hsgher sn the world than mercury on a hot day. VIRGINIA WILDER SMALL 506 Parker St , Newton Centre She was a woman ol a strrrsng Isle. Osnnse, Gln, Olhce Trainsng, Weeks, Katherine Osbbs, Socsal Studses Club, 4, Radso Club, 3, 4, Publscsty Mana- ger, Radso Club, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Tscket Sellsng Com- msttee, Sensor Play, 4, Natsonal Honor Society, 4, Neyer to be narrow-msnded CLAYTON HENRY SMITH 44 Carver Rd, Newton Hsghlands The bert that he has ss put rnto every actson. Spud, Bussness, Waltham, Aysatson Club, Scholarshsp Roll, 4, To become a second Napoleon. BARBARA SMITH T6 Phsllsps St, Auburndale The wsnds and waves are always on the ssde ol the ablest navrgators, Bee, Barbse, Academsc, Warren, Framsngham Teachers', Class Orchestra, Q, Socral Studses Club, 3, Lsbrary Club, 4, Honor Roll, 9, 3, Natsonal Honor Socsety, 3, 4, To sasl wsth the navy. HARRIETT ELIZABETH SMITH 30 Hobart Rd, Newton Centre 'Tsx good to Isye and learn. Harrie, Academsc, NXf'eeks, Colby Junsor, Englssh Club, 4, To be a nurse and asssst sn CAROL DAWSON SMITH 65 Elsot Ave., West Newton Her very nature gladdens the heart ol man. Language, Day, Wheaton, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Archery. Q, Englssh Club, 3, Math Club, 4, SecretaryfTreasurer Drama Club Workshop, 4, Sensor Banquet Commsttee, 3, Tscket Sellsng Committee, Sensor Play, 4, Band, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, Class Orchestra, 3, Outssde Mussc, 9, Honor Roll, 4, To be dehnste enough to sust Mass Rschardson, Radso Club, 3 ooeratsng room RALPH GABELL SMITH Q5 Claremont St, Newton He doesn't lcnow what st's all about, but he': against st. Certstscate, New Rochelle, Amherst, To travel. -s71."'I.:'?ff:fl'if '-.1 f-Q- - .5. 4-'V i.'laif:'if-t-'s--,,., ' . . ll CYNTHIA SOUTHWORTH 607 Watertown St., Newtonville She makes sweet music with th' enamel'd stones. Cynie, Language, Day, Wellesley, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To find out why Laura hath-a-way. DONALD ROBERT STEIN 145 Edinboro St., Newtonville Long experience made him sage. Don, Academic, Day, Alabama, Football Junior Varsity, Q, Football Intermediate, 3, To get burned not playing with fire. MINNIE EFFIE SPIERS 14 I-lood St., Newton lchatter, chatter as l flow I babble on the pebbles. Mootchie, Academic, Bigelow, Mrs. Chamberlain, Tennis Squad, 1, SZ, Team, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Publicity Committee, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, Glee Club, Q, 3, Fashion Show, 1, Q, 3, 4, Pinggpong Tournament, 1, Q, 3, 4, To meet the real Minnie the Mootcher. ROLF STEVENS 39 Prince St., West Newton He is of use without being conspicuous. Stevie, Language, Warren, Bowdoin, To see the world from a 40-foot yacht. WILLIAM RICI-IARD SPILMAN 145 Gibbs St., Newton Centre Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. Bill, Spilly, Snowball, Stink, Academic, Weeks, Duke, Legislature, 9, Basketball, 2, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Foot! ball, 3, Captain Intermediates, Rotory Gym Meet, Q, To play short stop for St. Louis Cardinals. JAMES ANGUS STEWART 146 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville He cannot e'en try to walk sedate, but in his very gait one sees a fest. Jimmy,Angus,Stew,Certificate,Day,Amherst,Legislature, 3, 4, Orange Book, 3, Newtonian, 4, Intermediate Foot- ball, Q, Varsity Football, 3, 4, Senior Play, 4, Junior Dance Committee, 3, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, Spanish Club, Vice-President, 4, To be a rassler. RICHARD RUSSELL STANWOOD, JR. 356 Woodward St., Waban His very foot has music in't As he comes up the stairs. Dick, Language, Warren, I-larvard, National I-Ionor Society, 4, To learn to really "tickle the ivories" and to be a successful business man. FLORESTEN STICKNEY 98 Pleasant St., Newton Centre All people said she had authority. Academic, Weeks, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, I-lockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, To teach a catfish to catch mice. ia, Fla- ,. 52-'les V-En Eighty-seven , .... , .A.. -4 1 A - mf Ea ,, , i 9 R 1 5 at t " " ' Z Erghty-eight BLTTY STONE Q5 Elmore St, Newton Centre Never haughty never proud, But popular rn every crowd. V Pets Trz. Rocky, Academlc, Xxfeeks, Chorus, Q, Lvbrary Club Q, Svnlor Prom Commuttee, 4, To grow up, COLETTE STROCK 59 Czreenlawn Ave , Newton Centre for all her gayety and laughter, a person ol no little depths. Academac, Mrnneapolns, Munnesota, Junuor College, Englrsh Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Sensor Essay Contest. 4, Natsonal Honor Society, 4, To out Fannue Hurst an the shade. LDXXXATED JOSEPH E STONE 11 Caprtal St., Newton A tense ol humor 15 a valued possessron. Stonue, Busuness, Our Lady's, lntermedrate Football 3, To have to usa' a parachute and to wan nattonal open AUDPEV GEPTRUDE SULLIVAN 440 Calllorma St. Newtonvrlle She rs one out ol many, and the world loves fndrvrdualrty. Commercral, Day, Buseness School, Commercral Club, Q 3, SOCIdl Studies Club, 4, Orange Book, 4, Senior Dress Assembly, To hnd enjoyment nn everythnng l do. NOlZlv'lAN EDWARD STONE 47 Stuart Rd., Newton Centre The rnrldest manners, with the bravest rnrnd. Norrnne, Norm, Language, Brooklnne, Harvard, Assrstant Home Room Manager, 3, Math Club, 4, Sensor Play, 4, Costume Committee of Sensor Play, 4, Ticket Commnttee of CJt'f1lOfpldY 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, To pull teeth for a llvlng THOMAS JAMES 114 Dedham St., Newton Hughlands Talk, ye gods how he wrll talk' SULLIVAN Sully, Certuhcate, Hyde, Northeastern, To do enough work In the summer to last all winter GARDNER NICHOLS STPATTON 614 Dedham St., Newton Centre Ol scfence and logic he chatter: As lrne and as last as he can Though l am no fudge ol such matters l'm sure he's a talented man. Gar. Gard, Language, Scarsdale, New York, Harvard, 4, Usher, Tvnms Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Socral Studies Club, Sr-mor Play, 4, Tennis Team, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Home Room Mana er 3 Scholarshn Poll, 4, To be a successful 5 , 1 D yr-t honest lawyer ANDREW THOMAS SUNDBORG 19 Baldwin St., Newton My dreams are not all of earthly things. Tom, Mathematucs, Bigelow, Northeastern, Traffic Squad 1, Q, Home Room Manager, 1, To teach Mae West how to SVVIIT. 9' -SQ2 Q fl S fl., LILLIAN LINBERG SWANSON 71 Manchester Rd., Newton Highlands Pretty to walk with and witty to talk with. Lsl, Swannee, Academic, Weeks, Sullsns Junior, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, Basketball, Q, Assistant Home Room Manager, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Sensor Dress Assembly, 4, Spring Fashion Show, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Candy Com- mittee for Sensor Play, 4, To meet Little Audrey. HARRY COLBV TAFT, JR. Q8 Harrington St., Newtonville Men, like bullets, go farthest When they are smoothest. Academic, Day, Bentley School of Accounting, Sensor Play Usher, Intermediate Hockey, Q, Traftsc Squad, 'l, 4, To go into a barber shop and ask for a moustache trim PHYLLIS SWEETSER 160 Lincoln St, Newton Highlands For every why :he has a wherelore. Certshcate, Weeks, Wellesley, German Club, 3, 4, Program Committee, 3, President, 4, Workshop, Chairman Costumes, 3, 4, Varssty Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Decoe ratson Committee Sensor Banquet, 3, Basketball, Q, Sensor Play Costume Committee, 4, Ticket Committee, 4, Drama Club play, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4. OLIVE MAE TASSINARY Q7 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre Laughing and chattering through life she goes Tassy, Commercial, Weeks, Pratt Institute, Gym Meet, 9, Fashion Show, Q, Social Studies Club, 3, Commercial Club, 4, To become a designer. MELVIN MORSE SWIG 39 Shorneclstle Rd., Newton When l don't know whether to light or not, l always light. Mel, Certshcate, Mason, Brown, Junior Varsity Basket- ball, 'l, Second Team, 3, Outdoor Track, 4, 5, Intermediate Football, 3, Varsity, 4, 5, lntermedsate Baseball, 3, lndoor Track, 4, 5, Lunchroom Squad, 4, 5, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, 5, Senior Play Usher, 5, Sensor Prom Usher, 5, Newtonian Play, 5, Alternate Legislature, 3, 4, 5, To brsng back the croquet laurels to Newton High School. JOHN ARRINGTON TAYLOR 4'l Dorset Rd., Waban He was a man, take him lor all rn all, lshall not look upon his lske again. Tillie, Jack, Certificate, Warren, Bentley Business, Usher Sensor Prom, 4, To follow sn my father s Footsteps. HOWARD CARLETON TABER 377 Waltham St., West Newton Study versus pleasure rs a one-sided battle. Ss, Certificate, Warren, Hamilton. ADAH PHYLLIS TEMPERLEY 85 Thurston Rd., Newton Upper Falls She held her seat f a lrsend to human race. Phil, Temp, Fishery, Academic, Needham High, Baseball, 'l, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, To cross a body of water via muscle co-ordination. Ill F-,-lg a fl Q 6- J . ,I I ex fa wlvmpsgl 'R 1 vs. Ninety GEORGE CONRAD TERKELSEN 12 Bradford Rd., Newton Highlands for most men will back their opfnions by a wager. Terk, Academic, Weeks, Wentworth, Tennis, 9, Scholar- ship Roll, 4, To dig holes for the "Boston Post " ROBERT KENNETH THEDERS 97 Langdon St , Newton Sometimes l wonder. Thedcrs, Flash, Certificate, Northwestern Military and Naval Academy, Northwestern, To be content with what lhaye, but never with what l am. PASOUALINO TERLIZZI 372 Elliot St , Newton Upper Falls fl kind Of excellent dumb discourse. Business, Weeks, To get a ,ob alter graduating, GEORGE ROBERT THOMPSON 56 Ripley St , Newton Centre Cheerlulness ix a certain sign ol wrsdom, Ace, Tommy, Mathematics, Blair Academy, Brown Uni- versity, Aviation Club, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, ln- Committee, 3, termediate Baseball, Q, Manager, Stage English Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4, To eat, sleep, and swim MARTHA PURCELL THACKSTON 49 Charlemont St., Newton Highlands Her eyes are homes ol silent prayer. Marty, Academic, Weeks, English Club, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Hockey, 4, Basketball, 4, Senior Graduation Dress Assembly, 4, To ride Old Faithful, JEAN THOMPSON 38 Kenmore St., Newton Centre The world lrnows nothing ol it: greatest women. Tommy, Certihcate, Annapolis High, Mills, Radio Club, 4, English Club, 4, To dance like Ginger Rogers. BARBARA THAYER 370 Austin St., West Newton Virtue is its own reward, Language, Warren, Boston University, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, National Honor Society, 4. LORING MOORE THOMPSON OQ Parsons St., West Newton A closed mouth catches no flies. Thomp, Tom, Certificate, Day, Northeastern, Alpha Beta, Q, Radio Club, 3, Intermediate Football, 3, Tennis, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, German Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Stage Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To design a good school building. ,Q S . .1 'ZF 5' i -U: "4. -'-t.,.,::, .--' if lx MARGARET MAITLAND TICE 57 Waban I-lull Rd., Chestnut I-Iill s. A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. J Red, RQSSW Academic, Mason, Sargent, Home Room i Manager, Q, German Club, 3, Camera Club, 4, Aviation Q Club, 5, Newtonite, 4, 5,AChorus, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Q 1 f Class Orchestra, 4, Girls Gym Meet, 1, 3, 4, 5, Field fn G . If I-lockey, 1, Q, 5, Winning Class Team, 5, Archery, 1, Q, 4, 5, 553' Basketball, 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Track, Q, Lacrosse, 3, Scholare t, ship Roll, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, Tennis, 3, 4. - fi? Fizsocizic DAY TOWER weft' 119 I-Iancock St., Auburndale v An allable and courteous gentleman. cf g, Fred, Certificate, Warren, Dartmouth, Legislature, Q, 3, 1 , ' Executive Council, 3, Senior Afternoon Dance Committee, ' f 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, To listen to Casa Loma indehnitely. , I FRANCES BENEDICT TIMBIE Q95 I-lighland Ave., West Newton Little, but oh rnyl Frannie, Tim, Academic, Northfield Seminary, Baseball, Q, 3, Newtonite, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Basketball, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Scholarship Roll, 3, To go lllty-hlty with Betty Stones height. PAUL WILLIAM TREANNIE 30 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands My tongue within my lips lrein, For who talks much must talk in vain. Tre, Business, I-lyde, Boston University, Football, Q, 3, 4, Intermediate, SZ, Varsity, 3, 4, To go to school at twelve, have an hour for lunch, and go home. JANE ANN TOBIN 95 Walter St , Newton Centre Why, then the world is mine oyster, Which l with sword will open. Jano, Certificate, Weeks, Duke, Neophytes, Q, Home- Room Manager, Q, Prize-Speaking, Q, 3, Newtonite, Q,- Features Editor, 3, Sophomore Executive Council, Legisla- av ture, 3, 4, Girls' Vice-President Associates, 3, Gym Meet, 3, English Club, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Newtonian Editor-in-Chief, 4, Scholarship Roll, 4. HELEN MAUDE TURNER 4 Eldredge St., Newton Silence is more musical than any song. Academic, Bigelow, Kendall I-Iall, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Baseball, 1, Track, 1, I-lome Economics, Q, To have people stop Juggling my Austin. WARREN CURTIS TOMLINSON 819 Watertown St., West Newton Common sense is not a common thang. Nip, Tommy, Certificate, Day, Northeastern, Junior Var- sity Football, Q, Intermediate Baseball, 3, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Varsity Baseball, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To do the impossible. MARGERY TYLEE 53 Bigelow Rd., West Newton A fair exterior is a silent recommendation. Midge, Language, Warren, Mount I-Iolyoke, Treasurer ol Class, Q, 3, Field I-lockey, 3, English Club, 3, 4, Play, 4, Library Club, 4, 5, Drama Club, 5, Candy Committee of Senior Play, 5, Gym Meet, Q, 4, To have an original am- bition. H5 ,114 s 9 ' -,uf fw 3 Nrnety-one I I I ,,-1 Q JEANNETTE SPEED VANNAH 79 Grasmere St., Newton Her stature tall f- l hate a dumpy woman, Speedie, Academic, Bigelow, Finishing School, Radio Club, 3, Baseball T Q, Track, 1, To malfe others aopreciate fy my moccasins as l dol JANE CORNELIUS WAGONER 'l4 Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre By her worlr ye shall lcnow her. Drip, Academic, Brookline, Simmons, Nevvtonite, 3, 4, Editorial Editor, 4, Camera Club Publicity Chairman, 4, English Club, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Lunchroom, 4, Scholarship Rol', 3, National Honor Society 4, Newtonian Data Stall 4, To have some one read the Nevvtonite editorials. PI-IVLLTS ANN VESPA 69 John St , Newton Centre if A happy smile goes a long long way. Philly, Office Training, Mason, Chorus, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q 3, Gym Meet, Q, Baseball, 'l, Commercial Q, To work and buy all the clothes I want DOROTHY MAY WALES 35Q Cabot St., Newtonville l-low sweet and lair she seems to lie, Dotty, Sandy, Language, Day, Massachusetts School of i Art, English Club, Q, Library Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play Cast, 4, Ticket Selling Committee, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, To be or not to be. LOUIS VISCO Q58 Nevada St, Newton Adam, well may we labor, still to dress This garden, still to tend plant, herb, and llower. Chiclf, Business, Day, Camera Club, 4, Honor Roll, Q, Senior Play, 4, To have every lcind of biological equipment and specimens. AGNES THERESE WALSH 'IS Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls A day lor toil, an hour lor sport, But lor a lriend lile is too short. Aggie, Office Training, Weeks, Bryant 81 Stratton, Commercial Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Fashion Show, Q, To be ambitious. GEORGE ARTHUR VOLPE 877 Beacon St, Newton Centre friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears. Georgie, Business, Weeks, Boston University, Tennis Team, Q, 3, Varsity, 4, Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Con- cert, Q, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, 4, Usher Football Games, 3, 4, To accomplish my desires, WILFRED GEORGE WALTON 17 Carleton St., Newton A pleasant youth, most genial, lranlc, A character ol highest ranlr. Academic, Bigelow, Columbia, Football, 4, German Club, 3, Camera Club, 5, Honor Roll, 5. ,- Ninety-two 1 Ill ll I Rf." ? f . ,g L. T ANDREW WILLIAM WARD 150 Edinboro St, Newtonville I awoke one morning and found myself famous. Bill, Willy, Andy, Math, Day, Southwestern Louisiana Institute, German Club, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Football, Q, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Varsity Golf, Q, 3, 4, Math Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, To build a coffin for the devil. MELVIN SUMNER WAX 4B-Eellsmere Rd., Newton Centre Discretion is the better part of valor, Mel, Language, Weeks, Yale, Alpha Beta, Q, Honor Roll, Q, Intermediate Baseball, 3, Traffic Squad 3, To do something right, CHARLES RICHARD WARNER 34 Somerset Rd, West Newton How merry is the students life, Dick, Mathematics, Warren, Dartmouth, Legislature, 3, Alternate, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Senior Play, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, Football, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, To be able to think of an ambition. LESLEY CLARK WEAD 78 Hull St., Newtonville Worry, worry, worry. Why worry? H'm' I should worry. Les, Certificate, Day, Bouve, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, Ping-pong, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Tennis, Q, 3, Soccer, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, Q, Newtonite, 3, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, Baseball, Q,h3i 4, Swimming, 4, To get to China by diggrng through a o e. VINCENT FRANCIS WARNER Q0 St, James St., Newton But I loved the great sea more and more. Sailor, Academic, Our Lady's, Massachusetts Nautical School, To see the world through a porthole. RUTH ELIZABETH WEATHERHEAD 504 Watertown St., Newtonville Women are women, The best sometimes forget. Betty, Certificate, Day, Middlebury, Band, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, English Club, 5, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, May nothing ever cause me to worry. HILDA RUTH WARSHAW 108 Morton St., Newton Centre Heard melodies are sweet but those unheard are sweeter, therefore ye soft pipes, play on. Westy, Language, Weeks, Wellesley, Neophytes, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Newton- ite, 4, French Club, 4, Orchestra, 4, Senior Play, 4, Archery, Q, Outdoor Concert, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Scholarship Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To sponsor a national revenge week. LOUISE WOODARD WEBSTER 90 Boylston Rd., Newton Highlands I love not to be crossed. Pat, Certificate, Weeks, Art School, Archery, Q, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, Senior Play Committee, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Tennis Squad, 3, Scholar- ship Role, Q, To own a string of polo ponies. Ninetyethree riiiy four 'W MARGARET ELIZABETH WEBSTER 196 Parker St., Newton Centre My mind to me a kingdom is. Lib.. Libby, Betty, Certificate, Palo Alto High, California, Junior College, Traffic Squad, S, To be a dress buyer, and designer. MARION RUTH WELLS I8 Eredana Rd, Waban l do say thou art quick in answers: thou heatest my blood, Certificate, Warren , Jackson, Drama Club, 3, 4, Spanish Club, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3 4, To do what I want, when want to. HERBERT ROGER WEINER 60 Endicott St., Newton Highlands Tully was not so eloquent as thoul Herbie, Certificate, Hyde, Brown, Social Studies Club, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 5, Senior Play, 5, Honor Roll, 5, To be able to do what I want when I want to do it. RUTH WENTWORTH Q0 Eoster St., Newtonville The mildest manners and the gentlest heart. Ruthie, Academic, Day, Cambridge Hospital, Home Eco- nomics Club, Q, Glee Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To be a good nurse. JULIAN SUMNER WEINSTEIN 39 Priscilla Rd., Chestnut Hill His limbs were cast in manly mould, For hardy sports or contests bold. Ace, Winy, Julie, Business, Mason, Nichols Junior Busi- ness, Eootball, 5, Home Room Manager, 3, 4, 5, Senior Talent Assembly, 5, Track, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To be a suc- cessful shoe manufacturer, JOYCE LOUISE WHEELER 70 Walker St., Newtonville On with the dancel Let ,oy be unconhned. Oyster, Academic, Day, Faulkner Hospital, Outing Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, Ping-pong, 3, 4, Tennis, Q, 3, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Scholarship, Q, 3, To participate in the Olympics. JOHN CORSON WELLS 'I9 Bowdoin St., Newton Highlands Who mixed reason with pleasure, and wisdom with mirth. Monk, Language, Weeks, Harvard, Cross Country, Q, Track, 9, 3, 4, Curaduation Usher, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Debating Club, 4, Senior Play Business Committee, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 4, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a walking dictionary. ROBERT GARDINER WHIDDEN 83 Bonad Rd., West Newton I meddle with no man's business save my own. Bob, Whid, Slip, Certificate, Country Day, Dartmouth, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Senior Play, 4, Senior Prom Usher, 4, Newtonian Assembly, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To earn a place on the Dartmouth ski team. Sig.. k v FPIS NNQ LTD P NP ' V ' 'V ' ROBERTA OLIVE WHITAKER 894 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre 5he's never haughty, never proud, But popular in every crowd. Bobbie, Office Training, Weeks, Outing Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Orange Book, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Second Varsity Hockey, 3, First Varsity Hockey, 4, Senior Basketball, 4, Varsity Basketball, 4, Girls' Gym Mect, 4, Alternate Legislature, 4, Archery, 3, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, 4, Track, 3, Lacrosse, 3, To be a great detective and catch Mickeythe Mouse. DUNCAN KIMBALL WHITEHILL 9 Mt. Vernon Ter, Newtonyille Great oaks from little acorns grow Dunc, Runt, Certificate, Day, Bowdoin, Cross Country, Q, German Club, 3, 4, Indoor Track, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, Senior Essay Contest, 4, To look down on Primo Carnera. DANIEL ARTHUR WHITE, JR. 115 Park St , Newton ln a shell he seems, but turtles are wise. Carp, Business, Bigelow, To have Leo Geary as a Stooge. EDNA LUCILLE WILLIAMS 3 Prospect St., West Newton Mischief sparkles rn her eyes And her laughter never dies. Kitten, Micky, Beautiful, Academic, Warren, Howard, Home Economics Club, 4, To install escalators in schools. JEAN WHITE 9 Hancock St , Auburndale Her eyes bring out the laughter in her heart. Certificate, Warren, Massachusetts State, English Club, 3, French Club, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, Traffic Squad, To say the right thing at the right time. OLIVE LOUISE WILLS 234 Derby St., West Newton Sweet mercy is nob1lity's true badge. Willie, Ollie, Academic, Warren, Wilfred Academy, Scholarship Roll, 3, 4, Fashion Show, Q, 3, 4, To give a suit of clothes to Mahatma Ghandi and make him wear it and like it. , , MAURICE PHILIP WHITE, JR. 39 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hill Do you seek Alcides: equal? None is, except hrmsell. Snook, Maurie, Language, Warren, M. I. T , Class Secre- tary, Q, 3, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Outdoor Track Manager, Q, 3, Senior Play, 4, Orange Book Stall, 4, Neophytes, Q, National Honor Society, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Emblems Manager, 4, To bring the norm of man's height down to my level. BARBARA WILSON Q70 Cabot St., Newtonville Begone, dull Carel lprithee begone from me. Barb, Barbs, Language, Day, Oberlin, To sitby a babbling brook and babble louder than the brook. in Nnetyvlrve i -s EDITH MARGLIERITE WILSON 395 Parker St., Newton Centre By sports lrke these are all her cares begurld. Edre, Red, Ofhce Trarmng, Weeks, Burdett, Basketball, Q, 3, Freld Hockey, Q, Baseball, Q, Lacrosse, 3, Soccer, Q, Volley Ball, Q, Eashron Show, Q, To pass hrstory and gradu- atern '35 A 1? if CHARLES HENRY WINSLOW 37 Hrllsrde Rd , Newton Hnghlands All who roy would wrn must share rt. Charlre, Academrc, Weeks, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, To glve Newton Hrgh students a new deal, GEORGE IREDERIC WILSON ' 805 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Happy am l, lrom care l'm free' Why aren't they all contented lrlre me. R Language, Boston Latrn, Harvard, German Club, 4, To be top 'chase lock and ten goal man. 43 6 ' A GORDON GALE WISBACH ' 30 Broadway, Newtonvrlle He doth bert rrde the narrow world lake a Colossus, Whuz, Language, Day, Brown, Legrslature, Q, 3, 4, Varsrty Football, 3, 4, Sensor Play, 4, Prom Commrttee, 4, Basketball, 3, Boys' Athletic Board, 4, Executive Councrl, 4, Newtonran Stall, 4, Honor Roll, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, Tralhc Commrttee, 3, National Honor Socrety, 4, To devise a greetrng exoressron other than "Hugh" or "Wergh" or "Way" which wnll become world famous MARIJANE WILSON Q0 Whrtney Rd., Newtonvrlle An ounce ol enterprrse rs worth a pound of prrvrlege. Jane, Language, Day, New York School of Frne and Ap- plued Art, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Debatrng Club, 4, Basketball, Q f"5 3E Track, 3, Lacrosse, 3, To get to Paris rl I have to swam I QTY. JOSEPHINE CHRISTINE WITTIG TOO Hrllsrde Ave., West Newton Resolve to be thysell, and know that :he who lrnds her- sell, loses her mrsery. Josre, Jo, Certrhcate, Warren, New Jersey Women's, Archery, Q, German Club, 3, 4, Pmg-pong, Tournament, Q, 3, To have a Grecian prohle. RICHARD WALKER WILSON 4'l Aspen Ave., Auburndale Humrlrty, that low sweet root, ' from whrch all heavenly virtues shoot, Duck, Rack, Certrhcate, Warren, Tults Engrneerxng, To make a mountain out ol a mole hull. 2 3 CHRISTINE ANNE WOOD 'I3OQ Boylston St, Newton Upper Falls Thou srlent power, whose welcome sway Charms every anxrous thought away. Chrls, Chrrssie, Ollrce Trarnrng, Weeks, Burdett, Com' mercral Club, 3, 4, Fashron Show, Q, To be a ransun rn some ones dough. fnety :rx A llll . Q-2s"'T.ffffff'5f "-1-' Q:..A -l""-5- -4" I FRANCES MARY WOOD 1 86 Webster St., West Newton l Silent, yet you know she is there. l Fran, Franny, Business, Warren, Social Studies Club, 4, ' To take part in radio dramas. ELIZABETH FRANCES WRIGHT Q Willow Ter, Newton Centre lcare not what the world thinks, lhave my own opinions. Be, Betty, Academic, Weeks, Alpha Beta, Q, Radio Club, 4, Library Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To have a monopoly on all the bob-tailed cats in the world. HOWARD DILLINGHAM WOOD 66 Grasmere St , Newton Be this my aim, to honor virtue more than place and gold, Woods, Academic, Bigelow, Engineering School, Fresh- men Usher, 1, Camera Club, 5, Radio Club, 5, Senior Play Usher, 5, To become a successful engineer, MP1 VIRGINIA WRIGHT Q5-Rowe St., Auburndale A winsome maid, indeedll Ginny, Certificate, Warren, Simmons, To make a success of my lite work. JEAN ANN WOODS QQ4fJackson St., Newton Centre Dynamite comes in small parcels. Bunny, Jeannie, Academic, Weeks, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Field Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, Tennis, Q, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 3, 4, Home Economics 5 Club, 3, Camera Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, To wear my white bathing suit and be unf noticed, GEORGE WEAVER YOUNG 1190 Centre St., Newton Centre No haloed saint, but every inch a man. Weaver, Business, Weeks, Syracuse, Junior Varsity Football, 3, To be a successful lawyer. ANN ELIZABETH WRIGHT 109 .lewett St, Newton Address her as ' One who has an outstanding personality. Betty, Betty Ann, Academic, Bigelow, Miss Wheelock's, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, Scholarship Roll, 3, English Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To go to heaven on a mule. Pl-IYLLIS MAY YOUNG 787 Chestnut St., Waban 1 Youth is full ot' sportl i Phyl, Academic, Warren, Sargent, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, l Varsity, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, Team, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Outing Club, l 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Board, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Volley Ball, Q, 3, 4, Ring-pong, 3, 4, Badminton, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Honor Roll, Q, To swim on the Olympic swimming team. Ninety-seven Ninetyfeighr ROBERT LORING YOUNG 787 Chestnut St., Waban He wears the rose Ol youth upon him. Bob, Certificate, Warren, Boston University, Band, l, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 'l, Q, 3, 4, French Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To be heard round the world. STEPHANEY ZAWASKY 598 Walnut St , Newtonville Pretty to walk with Wiity to talk with And pleasant, too, to think of. Stella, Watson, Office Training, Warren, Katherine Gibbs, To make my dreams come true. BARBARA LFNORE ZAKON 40 Royce Rd, Newton Centre Come, give us a taste of your quality. Barb, Barbie, Language, Brookline, Wheaton, English Club, 4, To buy Joe Pennefs duck. EDGAR RUFUS ZETROUER, JR. 35 Fllison Rd., Newton Centre The king's name rs a tower of strength. Zet, Ed, Academic, Brookline, Principia, Spanish Club, 4, Intermediate Basketball, Q, 3, Varsity, 4, Intermediate Foot- ball, 3, Varsity Football, 4, Legislature, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 4, Newtonite, 3, Honor Roll, 3, To make Fred Astaire look like an amateur. l . ,hzrakglx - 1 g -A2251 EI 5 9:!5Zir',':'-11' ' '1 " 2 'P "j5,Q'-'- BERNARD CHARLES BOUDROT Q63 Pearl St., Newton A man of pleasure is a man of pains. Barney, Business, Day, All Class Baseball Team, 3, Junior Varsity Football, 3, To be a Casa Loma fan. JOSEPH ALFRED BOYER 174 Webster St., West Newton The man who smokes thinks like a sage. Al, Academic, Warren, To make a world cruise. CHARLES SAYWARD CENTER QQ Glenwood Ave., Newton Centre Do good by stealth, and blush to find it fame, Charlie, Saycos, Academic, Weeks, Indoor Track, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, Cheer leader, 4,Band, 9, 3, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, To get married. RICHARD COSGROVE 46 Auburn St., West Newton Had tongue at will and yet was never loud Business, Warren. STANLEY JOSEPH DOVEIKA Ah h 14 Abbott St., Newton Upper Falls , W 5-houldllife all labour be? Bow Wow, Swampy Joe, Business, Weeks, To get a job. CLIFFORD WALLACE DOW, JR. 56 Columbus St., Newton Highlands The man who blushes is not quite a brute. Cliff, Certificate, Weeks, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, 1, To drive a car down the turnpike at Q00 miles per hour. RICHARD MASON HOAG 111 Crafts St., Newtonville My heart is great, but it must break with silence, ere 't be disburdened. Dick, Hoagie, Certificate, Weeks, Dartmouth, To be king of Utopia. WILLIAM ELDEN HOGAN 92 Mill St., Newton Centre Welcome ever smiles and farewell goes out sighing, Al, Business, Weeks, Boston University, To be a successful business man. JOHN LAURENCE KELLY 468 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Self reverence, self knowledge, self control - These three alone lead life to sovereign power. Jack, Kel, Scrapper, Academic, Jamaica Plain High, Tufts, Baseball, 3, 4, Hockey, 3, To become Werber's teacher. FRANK BENTLEY LAYTON, JR. 37 Shaw St., West Newton Silence never makes blunders. Bob, Duke, Laty, Academic, Warren, Lowell Technology, Lunchroom Squad, 9, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Treasurer Camera Club, 3, To finish school and make music and merry. ALBERT INGRAHAM LEWIS 92 West Pine St., Auburndale The mind's the standard of the man. AI, Puck, Business, Warren. JOHN OLIVER MacGILLIVRAY 45 Pine Grove Ave., Newton Lower Falls Whole as the marble, founded as the rock. Jock, Mack, Certificate, Warren, School of Forestry, Intermediate Football, 3, To write a sonnet for Miss Smith. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN MANN 7 Sunset Rd., Newton Centre Men of few words are the best men. Ben, Language, Boston Latin, Rollins, To be a lawyer. WILLIAM LAURENCE PAGE 63 Bigelow Rd., West Newton Veni, Vidi, Vici Bill, Language, Noble 81 Greenough, Varsity Hockey, 4, To be a success in the insurance business. MARGARET HELEN RANDALL . 665 Washington St., Newtonville The tongue did no man tame. Peggy, Office Training, Day, President Home Economics Club, 2, Social Studies Club, 3, Chorus, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Gym Meet, Q, To be Mr. Maxim's secretary. MARY JANE ROBERTSON 974 Derby St., West Newton The silence of pure innocence. Academic, Warren, Fashion Show, Q, To be a hairdresser. MARTIN ROGERS 197 Park St., Newton Mechanic slaves with rules and hammers. Marty, Math, Bigelow, University Southern California, Class President and Treasurer, 1, Intermediate Football, 2, 3, Track, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, 9, 3: Associates, 1, Neophytes, 9: German Club, 4, To own a Dusenberg. EVELYN VIRGINIA TARBOX 54 Washburn Ave., Auburndale Follow a shadow, it still flies you, Seem to fly it, it will pursue. Evie, Office Training, Malden, Chandler Business, To be a buyer. Ninety-nine Che- Hundred CLASSMATE WHO HAS DIED EDWARD BLAKE Born March 8,1918 Dwed January 8,1934 L L V Ii E Senior Class Statistics One who has done most ' ' Qne who has done mQ5t TOT Senior CIdSS fOf Sgnigr Cldgg GEORGE cotuisis t ' JANE TOBIN Second 'S 5,3 .X Second CALEB ROEHRIG Q, I J REJANE I-IARVEY uf A . ,gf ,-'EEST Most popular boy JAMES STEWART Second AUGLISTUS CASTOLDI Most Versatile boy CLARKE CASE Second GEORGE COLLINS Friendliest boy GILBERT MYERS Second JAMES STEWART Most typical boy CALEB ROEI-IRIG Second AUGUSTUS CASTOLDI L Most popular girl SALLY ROGERS Second BARBARA CLARK Most Versatile girl CAROLYN EVERTS Second JANE TOBIN Friendliest girl MARY ELWELL Second BARBARA BAILEY Most typical girl BARBARA CLARK Second I-IETTY PREBLE One Hundred One I Best loolting boy ALBERT BLUNT Second GARDINER GREENE Finest sense of humor HOWARD FINE Second JAMES STEWART Most athletic boy AUGLISTUS CASTOLDI Second JAMES BYRNE Best mixer SANDERSON SLOANE Second COLIN ROSS Most accommodating boy DAVID EDDY Second GILBERT MYERS One Hundred Two Senior Class Statistics Best looking girl MARILYN PEASE Second BETTY STONE Finest sense of humor I-IETTY PREBLE Second EDWINA KELLY Most athletic girl JANE I-IESSLEIN Second JOYCE WHEELER Best mixer BARBARA BAILEY Second MARY ELWELL Most accommodating girl JULIA FLAGG Second JANE TOBIN ll I VL L W aj:-4 -?2f'f..4 .,. 4 -'.'-a.:sM.anr-na' ,rx .p.1-1.1. , , , -5 , 'A ' -, -V . fi 51 Q I ff .' lf' i AT 'f- 1 ' I -'f"ff"11"1r'z":'s-wi'-L . z f".Z' .' 43' Q 'N Oo gf One Hundred T f""""E fm ,Z S I Junior Class l-listory l l i l Y, such a year as this has beenl Without any doubt this crop of Juniors are leaders, and the anticipations of last year are being fulfilled. Little did we lcnow, when we timidly entered our sophomore classes, that we should take hold so feadily. To begin with there was election of officers, our first and therefore most important ones, Roy Merchant, president, William Diman, vice-president, Clara Schwab, secretary, and Barbara Emig, treasurer. One of the outstanding events of the year was the Sophomore Prize-Speaking Contest, which was won by Helen Eyre and William Abrahams. The Valentine Dance was most successful, both financially and socially. ln the Spring we looked ahead and elected our officers for this year with these results: Norman Whitney, president, William Daniels, vice-president, Clara Schwab, secretary, and Barbara Emig, treasurer, and for an executive committee we chose Lisbeth Schaeffer, Elizabeth Stevens, Edward l-lennessey, Roy Merchant, and Edward Savignano. From the beginning, the high standing and character of the class has been apparent. For the first time since the founding of the Newtonite, a junior has been editor-in-chief of the school paper, and this is John Tomb, A great many members of the staff are juniors, too. The juniors have also been quite conspicuous in various clubs this year. The lead in "Monsieur Beaucairef' the title role, was played by George Kenngott, and other members of the cast of the Drama Club play were William Abrahams, George Jamison, and Virginia Rogers - all juniors. ln the finals of the Prize-Speaking Contest we find four juniors, and we also see that some of the main sup- ports of athletics this year have been juniors. We say nothing about ourselves scholastically, we are very high. The feminine Follies was managed so that it brought satisfaction and financial success. One Hundred four 'T . . I , 4 "f"'-'-' -f:. -,... ..--'-". 'K,' A T 1 2 x . X. -.K W , Xi! snmiig, 'lf W ,iii- FIS Notes lrom a Sophomorels Diary 1 it "D Og 1 75 ,S -'-1r- ,. September 10 Went to Newton High School today lor the First time. Enjoyed a program of welcome with my eight hundred classmates. Qutside of getting lost twice, locked out once, and going to the wrong lunch, l had a most pleasant day. January 30 Ya Busy balloting in basement of Building 1. Sophomore Class election today. February 6 'Sophomore Class meeting at which Mr. Eliclcer officially introduced our new class officers: Richard Whitney, president, Geraldine Wisbach, vice-president, Marcelia Rennard, secretary, and Chester Newey, treasurer. February 8 rf Qur Social Debutl l've never realized how many good-looking Sophomores there are until l saw them outside of a classroom at the Sophomore Dance. February 1O Natalie Salter and Richard Lovell won the Prize-Speaking Contest today. June Q1 A long 'ANEXXJTQNH for the Class of1937 - f we're Juniors nowl CDU? llLJl1dV6fd SIX DRAMATICS 'x , u v The Faculty play "Sl-TERLOCK HOLMES" " HERLOCK HOLMES," the opening dramatic production of the school season, was presented in November by the Faculty, under the direction of Mrs. Blanche Bemis. The part of Conan Doyle's lanky detective was well portrayed by Raymond Cnreen, and Paul E. Elicker dramatically interpreted the part of the unscrupulous villain, Professor Moriarty. Gladys Cunningham played the sore-troubled heroine, Alice Faulkner, and George l. Rohrbough was l-lolmes's devoted colleague, Doctor Watson. Edith E. Newcombe, Carl Swan, Charles Mergendahl, and Frederick l-lussey acted as henchmen to the dastardly Moriarty. This year's cast included Lester Davis, '35, the First member of the student body to appear with the faculty, he represented the enthusiastic office-boy. The supporting cast included T. Jerome Cutting, Eleanor Richmond, Donald Enoch, Charles Considine, Samuel Thurber, Beverly Wilson, l-lelen Cotton, and Charles l-larrington. All of these rendered line characterizations. The Faculty Play has been a highlight of the year since 1997. One Hundred Eight The Senior Rlay "ONCE IN A LIFETIME" ITI-I an enormous cast and great success, the Senior Class presented "Once in a Lifetime" on January 18 and 19. The production, coached by Miss Irene Haworth, starred sixty-one members of the class. The play, a swift moving farce, pictured the confusion in Hollywood resulting from the advent of the Vitaphone. The leading characters, Sally Rogers, Elliot Rogers, and I-loward Fine, represented a vaudeville troup which had migrated to the West Coast. They were accompanied by an aspiring actress, Dorothy Wales, and her mother, I-lilda Warshaw. Excellent characterizations were provided by Everett Kruger and Leonard Rowley, two producers, Lucy Bradshaw and Virginia Linstrom, over-efficient business women, and Edwin Foster, a dis- illusioned author. The remaining fifty-one actors presented fine interpretations of stock studio characters. This year's performance netted a large profit for the Senior Class. Such plays have been presented to assist the treasury since 1912. One Hundred Nine 5. The Drama Club Play " MONSIEUR BEAUCAIRE " S a departure from comedy and mystery of former years, the Drama Club on March 8 and 9, presented a lovely, refreshing costume piece, "Monsieur Beaucairef' For an original touch, Miss Wetherbee, the coach, used an effective arrangement of drops for background. The title role, an incognito member of the French royal family, was well handled by George Kenngott. Betty George slcillfully played opposite him as a haughty English lady. Then there was the perfidious villain, George Jamison, and the "wagging fop," William Abrahams. A stately minuet, love songs by Shirley Flynt, and light romances between Marvin Perry and Virginia Rogers, Lester Davis and Bertille Silva, created a youthful atmos- phere, while the sedate Bath nobility, Clarlce Case and Mary Ryan, added dignity to the occasion. Cther members of the club assisted at the glittering ballroom scenes and brilliant exhibitions of sword play which figured in this, the Club's eleventh production. 'gflnc ll-mffrcd' Tpy, ,, The Junior-Senior Rrize-Spealcing Contest l-lE Prize-Speaking Contest, spon- sored by the English Club, toolc place on March 29. Laura hlatha- way and David Eddy vvon this year's event. The remaining contestants, all of whom gave Fine presentations, were Cornelia Brovvn, Elizabeth Tobey, William Abrahams, and Alan Roberts. l-lelen Eyre and Lester Davis served as alternates. All the speakers vvere coached by Miss l-lelen B. Lee or by Mr. T. Jerome Cutting. This contest has been an annual event since 1912. xil The Freshman-Sophomore Rrize-Spealci . 4 xx X' f me itwZ'g x -X , 4 LPI-IA BETA presented the ninth annual Freshman-Sophomore Prize- Speaking Contest in February. Richard Lovell and Natalie Salter were selected as winners by the judges, Miss E. Louise Richardson, Mr. Charles Har- rington, and Miss Edith l-licltey, Leon Lipson, Malcolm l-lardy, Mad- eleine Proctor, and Janet Merrill also performed. Janice Pouzzner and Bernard Ericson were alternates. The contest was supervised by Mr. Samuel Thurber. Miss Lee, Mr, Thurber, Miss Robinson, and Miss Leathers coached the contestants. ng Contest One Hundred Eleve The English Club play " Tl-IE POT BOILER " SATIRICAL one-act play, "The Pot Boiler," was dramatized by members of the English Club on March 99. Julius Aisner, as a pot-boiling playwright, explained the technicalities of his art to a novice, Calvin Cronin. The explanation vvas illustrated by the uproarious rehearsal of a cast, which included Barbara Clark, the heroine, Donald Conant, her father, Robert Bittenbender, the hero, Marguerite McConnell, the vampire, and Walter Dietz, the villain. The melodramatic nature of these characters and the constant arguments over their lines seemed to tickle the audiences fancy. An hysterical stalemate vvith pointed revolvers suddenly brought the play to a conclusion. This year's production vvas coached by Sally Rogers and Miss Wetherbee. Since 1995, the English Club has presented an amusing one-act play as a part of its annual Prize-Speaking Contest. Clin: Hundred Twelve Um -.Q1 f .-Q- FJ-I 'Tf Tif'3'ifgii.5'4-2 I 1 f . 1. . -. L -N T The Neophyte play " JAZZ AND MINLJET " N May the Sophomore Drama Club, the Neophytes, presented a one-act costume play, "Jazz and Minuetf' before a class assembly. For eight years the presentation of such a play has been an annual event. This year's production was coached by Miss Jessie Southard and starred Jane Dealy, Gladys Coffin, Lois Currie, Earl Carlton, and Elliston Whitmore. The plot consisted for the most part of a dream, in which the heroine, Gladys Coffin, imagined two lovers striving for her favor. This fantasy contained expert dueling and a colorful minuet. Several of the actors played dual roles, appearing in the dream as vvell as in actual form. The play was an exceedingly difficult one to stage. Members of the cast of the play and officers of the club are, as a rule, admitted to the Drama Club vvithout tryouts. One Hundred Thirteen s -s r R ft' at, lhe Stage Committee Chairman, DAviD BROWN Faculty Adviser, CHARLES PETERSON Assistant Adviser, RAYMOND A. GREEN R. RAYMOND GREEN organized the First permanent stage committee in 1926, shortly after the new stage was Finished. Before that time dramatic presentations were given in each building or in the West Newton Playhouse, with a group oF "stage managers" For each play. These managers were incorporated into the permanent stage committee at that time. Mr. Peterson recalls the First two plays at which the committee served. These were "The Admirable Crichton" with Granger l-lapgood, and "The Prince and the Paupern with Donald Charleton. The committee is responsible For arranging the stage and scenery whenever the stage is used. A long stand- ing precedent is that every member must do something wrong at some time. From the Fine results which this committee has produced, we should never surmise that this principle was enforced. One Hundred fourteen FHS IZATIO S EQMQ ox G1 55 QLQQA4 Off fb W RY XCN-U Q C' 2,72 4? 5 xx o O 0 o QPF' 4 5393- VC v Cs Q Cac - One Hundr 7' T"'f"'T- ,Z ,sn-as ,, Newtonian Editors 00 Q '57, Q3 , '-V,--Pf.1,w-' rj we l lilffifull' f- 4 3 rf- '3- Q. 1 1. I sz L f up 'fi la. an 5, , w 6 if r ,gr , S. l is , 1 ' " x ziii "Wh s Top Row Janz lobrn Lester Davrs, Alta Maloney, Leonard Rowley. Mrddle Pow Alles: Prayer, George Collrns,l3Q1ane l-larvvy, Julra Flagg. Bottom Row Mary Ryan, Dayrd Eddy, Charles Down, Walter Dermon. Onr- Hundred Srxteen Newtonian Staff Editor-in-Chief Business Manager JANE TOBIN LESTER DAVIS Assistant Business Manager LEONARD ROWLEY Circufation REJANE HARVEY, Manager Building I, GALE WISBACH, CONSTANCE BRICKETT, RICHARD WHITNEY Building 2, RAYMONDE HARVEY, A'JGuSTuS CASTOLDI, FREDERIC FAIRFIELD, ELIZABETH MARVIN Building 3, SALLY HOWARD, ALBERT BLIJNT, JANE HESSLEIN NANCY HICKEY Art WALTER DERMON, Editor PAYE DYAR ROBERT MACCORMICK Copy ALICE PRAYER, Editor RHODA GARRISON JOHN GREELEY Data JuLIA FLAGS, Editor BENJAMIN BADENOCH MALCOLM FOGG DOROTHY BARSTOW NATALIE HOWLAND JANE WAGONER Features ALTA MALONEY, Editor CAROLYN EVERTS HENRY MERRILL JAMES STUART Histories DAVID EDDY, Editor WILLIAM ABRAHAMS MARCELIA RENNARD Organizations GEORGE COLLINS, Editor ROGERS Cox EuNICE ROBINSON JOHN WELLS Proof MARY RYAN, Editor DAVID BROWN ROSALIND LEWIS Sports CHARLES DOTEN, Editor CALVIN CRONAN BARBARA KIMBALL JANE HESSLEIN ROSS MCLEAN WALTER MICHAEL One Hundred Seventeen is ctsi I i t 1 , I , .., I ,2f 'Q I N lhe Newtonian Stall Faculty Adviser, STERLING L. WILLIAMS l-IE Newtonian has now passed into the second quarter century of its existence. Since its founding by Paul l-lurlburt Smart in 1910, the publication has sought to leave with each departing class a vivid memory ofthe past. This year, the seventy-Fifth of the school's existence, the stall has endeavored to present a picture of its Alma Mater as Grandfather and Grandmother saw it long ago. In an effort to make this the most successful year, the stall canvassed the school with the very acme of adver- tising. A Newtonian Assembly convulsed its audience with startling exhibitions of nineteenth century bicycles, pollcas, songs, and croquet. The Prospectus, issued early in March, completed the publicity by stunning the student body with attractive and graphic hints of what to expect in the coming Annual. Here you have the Finished product, and you may judge for yourselves. Oni: Hundred kighleeri I Tx' III N The Newtonite Editor-in-Chieh JOHN 0. TOMB Faculty Advisers, LESTER WILLIAMS, CARL BIRMINGHAM, FLORA SMITH, WALTER TAYLOR HE thirteenth volume of The Newtonite brought many innovations. The front page was remodeled, and the publication contained an average of two photographs an issue. There was an increase of three issues over last year. An exchange and an editor's column, stage, screen, and book reviews were featured. La Dope's, "lt's This Way,"dealt with school life in general. The third, or Feature page, presented exhaustive studies of everything from Fashion Shows to New Automobiles. The Sports page incorporated discussion- provoking columns with several Fine photographs of our teams in action. Mr. Samuel Thurber founded this weekly journal in 1992. This year much credit was due the large number of juniors on the statf, the sophomore business managers, and the veteran seniors. Those who received New- tonite charms were: Barbara Banker, '35, Clarke Case, '35, George Collins, '35, Rejane l-larvey, '35, Jane Wagoner, '35, Ruth Jenks, '35, Malcolm Fogg, '35, Alta Maloney, '35, Marie Russo, ,35, Eunice Robinson, '35, John Tomb, '36, The presentation took place in the Assembly l-lall in May. One Hundred Nineteer I The Grange Boolc 1 4 14 , Ai 1. -1 5 .35 pi Editor-infhief, MALCOLM T. FOGG Business Manager, LATIMER W. MACMILLAN Faculty Adviser, CAROLINE M. DooNAN Assistant, KATHERINE Cuieris HE Orange Book," under the direction of Miss Caroline M. Doonan, assisted by Miss Katherine Curtis, this year issued another successful guide for newcomers to Newton High School. Every year this manual, sponsored by the Newton High School Associates, serves as a source of information for all members of the school. When " The Orange Book " first appeared in 1999, published by the Student Council, it was a small boolc of thirty pages. By 1995, when the Legislature assumed its publication, its volume had increased. With the growth of the school the pamphlet expanded until now, in 1935, the one hundred pages of information about clubs, athletics, curricula, rules, and regulations give a complete picture of Newton High School life. For civics classes, where it is used to guide sophomores in school citizenship and orientation, as well as for upperclassmen, the manual has become a necessary part of every pupil's equipment. One Hundred Twenty ffiizzglfr -,.2 ,MV ..,. The Associates .a iff, m p I' vs . A 'Q - 1, is 44 OFFICERS President, CLARKE T. CASE Girls' Vice-President, CAROLYN EVERTS Boys' Vice-President, SANDERSON Storms Clerk, Auousrus CASTOLDI Treasurer, JOHN BUTIERFIELD S a result of the constitutional convention held in the fall of 1924, the Newton l-ligh School Associates was organized. The First election of otficers under the new constitution was held in February, 1995. The president presides at all the meetings of the Legislature, and at special assemblies. l-le appoints all committees of the Associates. The boys' vice-president presides at the boys' assemblies, and, in the absence of the president, at meetings of the Legislature. If the president and the boys' vice-president are not present, the girls' vice-president presides. The clerk keeps the rolls of the Legislature and the minutes of its meetings. The treasurer assists the bursar and reports the condition ofthe exchequer to the Legislature. These officers all possess outstanding executive ability. Their positions at the helm ofthe school organization represent the highest honors the school olfers. One Hundred Twenty-one S ,, A l, Xf 1' , I I S The Associates LEGISLATURE Faculty Adviser, HORACE KIDGER HE Legislature is the representative governing body of the school. When the two schools united in 1925, a co-operative group of faculty members and students met in a Constitutional Convention weekly in the Library to draw up the present constitution. This document was largely the work ofzstudents. The Legislature is now composed of representatives, two elected from each senior and one from each junior home room, and one for every two sophomore rooms. This year the Legislature ratified the Puppeteer's Club's constitution and an amendment to that of the Radio Club, provided for a polling place in Building I and in room QQOO, conducted an investigation of the lunchroom, and directed the annual Christmas Dinner for Needy drive. The Legislature has been a powerful factor in the expression of student opinion. Many excellent laws have been made in co-operation with the Executive Council and the school principal. One Hundred lwenly two HF-'S - H 3 ' V ' , as g '1""1 'fu ln 'ik The Associates EXECUTIVE COUNCIL l-lE Executive Council, organized in 'IQQ4-25, is composed of faculty supervisors and of a student representative from each board. This group initiates and approves legislation and exerts general control over student activities. The members this year are as follows: Miss Bigelow Clarke Case Mr. Mergendahl Miss Burdon Augustus Castoldi Miss Riley Mr. Eliclcer Charles Doten Miss South Mr. Green David Eddy Mr. Thurber Mr. Kidger Eleanor Lord Miss Hazel White Mrs. Kuntz Clara Schwab Mr. F. E. Wilson Mr. Maxim Jane Tobin Gale Wisbach Margaret Cameron John Tomb undred Twenty-th L -i'T-'SSN .. The National l"lonor Society President, CALEB Rotrimo Secretary, BARBARA KIMBALL Vice-President, JOHN BuTTEiaFiELD Treasurer, ROSALIND LEWIS Faculty Adviser, Enirri M. Rioigour HE Newton Chapter of the National l-lonor Society was instituted by Mr. Francis l.. Bacon, former principal of the high school, and has completed its ninth year of existence. The members are chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, leadership, service, and character. The organization is not lor social purposes, it is an honor for those who best uphold the ideals of the school. Besides having certain definite functions, it renders service to the school whenever called upon. On Parent's Night, several members assisted in directing the visitors to various rooms. At the annual April Induction Assembly, the purpose and requirements of the organization were explained to the student body, the new members then received their insignia. After the ceremony, Rev. Vaughan Dabney, DD., of the Andover Newton Theological School, addressed the group on "Luck or Pluck." One Hundred Twenty-four AJLIA: -4., 4f,A', .'..' T YF Le Cercle Francais President, MARY CUNNINGI-IAM Secretary, RHODA Gfsiaieisorsr Vice-President, HELENE MEssEi2 Treasurer, ALAN Roatizrs Faculty Adviser, M. Roatirerfx MILLER E CERCLE FRANQAIS was Founded in 1908 by Mary Stone Bruce for the purpose of enabling students to improve their oral French. Therefore only French is spolcen at the meetings. The average membership is thirty-Five. The French Club has helped to stimulate interest in the language, it has presented prctures for the classrooms, supplied French dictionaries, conducted French exhibits, and procured worthwhile speakers For the group and the school. This year Le Cercle Francais held two social gatherings. At the opening meeting Miss Emily Burdon ofthe French Department spoke about her trip to the Gaspe Peninsula. A French exhibit was later Featured at which time Julia Flagg was the speaker. ln March, the group was invited by Alpha Beta to hear Prof. and Mrs. Kirtley Mather. The French Club has helped increase the oral French of the members, and this feature will continue to be stressed. One Hundred Twcntyrlive -41.5 ','. ' :Lis -A fav S -- . V . V , , . . 1 . , The English Club President, GEORGE R. COLLINS Secretary, MARY RYAN Vice-President, MARJORIE CLAPP Treasurer, CLARKE T. CASE Faculty Adviser, E. Louist RICHARDSON l-IE English Club, founded by Charles Swain Thomas in 1912, stands out as the club in active existence for the longest period of time. It not only tries to stimulate interest in various phases of English work, but also to render service to the school. The greater part ol its annual receipts are turned over to the school in the form of boolcs and pictures. Miss Celina Lewis, Mr. Charles Swain Thomas, and Dr. William L. Stidger furnished a part of the program, as did Stanley Marshman with his entertaining performance ol marionettes, the "Show Box." ln March, the club sponsored the annual Prize-Speaking Contest and presented a one-act play, "The Pot Boiler." Clarke T. Case, '35, and Eleanor Ainslee, '36, respectively, won this year's Essay and Verse Contests. The society originated a Book Review Contest to stimulate interest in literature, thus carrying out the primary aim of the organization. One Hundred Twenty-Six alfa -Q Um- 'E ,Zi fb' Q Q - l Alpha Beta President, JANE DEALY Secretary, LEON LIPSON Vice-President, Joi-iN RYAN Treasurer, Mncritt MAi2cus Faculty Adviser, FRANCES Ti-iurviirvi N 1921, Mr. Samuel Thurber laid the foundation of Alpha Beta, an English Club for freshmen and sophomores, lts aim was to assemble for service to the school, not primarily for social purposes, pupils who did outstanding worlc in English. It was named Alpha Beta, because it was ori3inallyforACGreelc Alphab and B CBetaD pupils only. This requirement was later altered to admit all passing students of the two lower classes. This year Mrs. Francis J. Flagg, Mr. Cronin, and Mr. Green addressed the club. Prof. and Mrs. Kirtley F. Mather offered a musical interpretation of Tennyson's "Enoch Arden" before the club and its guests. Alpha Beta sponsored the Freshman-Sophomore Prize-Speaking Contest, and was twice the guest of other clubs. Last year, the club as usual left a memento to the school f a piece of sculpture by Miss Genevieve Thomas. The gift now reposes in the Library. One Hundred Twenty-:even ,, .x'1I' - f .-'4"' ,..---f.' "2V'- T . .,f.ffA 1 5 3.1 I The German Club President, PHvLLis SWEETSER Secretary, RUTHE McKusicK Vice-President, CHARLES BErsion Treasurer, RICHARD DWYER Faculty Adviser, KENNETH G. PACKARD l-llf German Club concluded its third year in great style, under the leadership of Mr. Paclcard, the new German instructor. For the November meeting a trip was made to the Germanic Museum at l-larvard, where the club was welcomed with a lecture by Curator Charles Kuhn. The visitors then examined the German Art Relics. Topics presented at home meetings were on German schools and customs by Walter l-lirsch, and an analysis of current German politics by Prof. Ralph S. Bischoff of Wesleyan. ln addition, various members have given impressions received from their visits to Germany. In April the organization held a supper and afterwards visited the Fine Arts Theatre. The German Club has fulfilled its aim by interesting its members in many phases of Germany and German life. One Hundred Twenty-eight I I I lj L Alpha Gamma Tau President, LATIMER fVlACfVllLLAN Secretary, I-lfuaizier CHURCH Vice-President, HARVEY CIBEL Treasurer, WILLIAM KRAUSE Faculty Adviser, CHARLES I-I. MERGENDAHL N 1929, Mr. Charles Mergendahl, present director of the Mathematics Department, laid the cornerstone for Alpha Gamma Tau, the Mathematics Club. l-le felt the club would serve as an excellent medium for pro- moting interest in mathematics and for applying theory to the everyday life of mathematically-minded students. The club has had a varied program, including a talk on the "Probability Curve," by Andrew Wales, "The Russian Peasant Method of Multiplication," by William Krause, "Congressional l2eapportionment," by Professor Huntington of l-larvard, and Finally a trip to the Boston Library to see the Bowditch Collection of Mathematical Books. Usually Alpha Gamma Tau presents a play based on mathematical terms, but it was omitted from this year's program. The Mathematics Club has done much this year to make its activities interesting and practical to its members. One Hundred Twenty-nine ,si I-1 S The Social Studies Club President, HENRY MERRILL, JR. Secretary, MARY ROGERS Vice-President, LAuRA GALLANT Treasurer, FORREST MARcy Faculty Adviser, I-ioRAcE KiDoER HE Social Studies Club was founded in 1996 through the ellorts of Mr. Koughan. lt has grown steadily to a membership of ninety-seven. The club purposes to stimulate interest in social studies and in civic affairs. As in former years, the group endeavored to secure a number of noted speakers. Dr. A. Warren Stearns, Dean of the Tufts College Medical School, addressed the club on "Crime," and Dr. Frank Russell, a prominent Boston lawyer and alumnus ol the high school, presented his opinion on "Why the United States should join the League ol Nations," At the Final meeting the members viewed historical motion pictures. The Social Studies Club, through its large membership, endeavors to provide the student body with an international outlook as well as foster a greater pride in our own history and government. Une Hundred Thirty Y I bwix K A G l 1' 5 1 .ga ,Z Q l The Spanish Club President, JosEPi-i FERLAZZO, Jia. Secretary, MARY ELWELL Vice-President, JAMES STUART Treasurer, ELLIS DONAVAN Faculty Adviser, Stiiioiz FRANCESCO Aieotrsiro EISIORA MARION HASLEM, on April 29, 1925, founded the Spanish Club, which aims to promote among the Spanish students a deeper and more pleasurable interest in the study and use of this language. The meet- ings are conducted solely in Spanish, therefore considerable preparation is necessary on the part ol a member to present a good address. To better the acquaintance with Spanish speaking countries, several short plays were given by the members. Miss Ophelia Cornejo spolce on Cuba. Mr. Raymond Green lectured about Spain, his tallc being accompanied with pictures of bull Fights. The Spanish Club has endeavored to create an interest in the language which it represents. It has done this forthe most part through student participation. One Hundred lhirtyrone .. . , - A t , .w W F Hg The Drama Club President, CLARKE T, CASE Secretary, ELIZABETH GEORGE Vice-President, SALLY HOWARD Treasurer, GEORGE JAMISON Faculty Adviser, LOUISE WETHERBEE ROM a group of twenty-nine who in 1995 organized the Drama Club, this club, devoted to the production of a high quality of dramatics, has, under the guidance of Miss Wetherbee, grown to be one ofthe strongest and most popular organizations. The principal production of this year was the costume play, "Monsieur Beaucairef' Mr. Rinlcer spoke at the November meeting on Shakespearean drama. At the annual Christmas party for all clubs, sponsored by the Drama Club, the historical drama, "Maid of France," was presented. The group visited the Neophytes in January to hear Mr. Warren read "The Game of Chess." In February "The Boor," by Chelcov, was produced. "The Crimson Cocoanutn was sketched at the April meeting. The "Kleptomaniac" concluded this year's program. Through these varied presentations the Drama Club has this year enriched the dramatic life of the school. One Hundred Thirty two The Neophytes President, GERALDINE NX!isaAci-i Secretary, ANNE CAMPBELL Vice-President, JAMES GRIDLEY Treasurer, MARTHA SMITH Faculty Adviser, JESSIE A, SOLJTI-IARD l-llf Neophytes, a dramatic organization for sophomores, presents a play at each monthly meeting. The following were featured this year: "The Man in the Bowler l-lat," "Good Medicine," and "The Wedding Ring." ln May the group presented its annual production, "Jazz and Minuet," at an assembly for its classmates. Mr. Peterson very willingly provided the club with an innovation in the form of red velvet curtains to serve for their stage in room 146. ' Mrs. Bemis was the faculty adviser of this organization when it was founded in 1998. Its purpose is not only to improve the talent of its members, but also to encourage other sophomores to display any dramatic talent that they may have. These ends were accomplished this year by the numerous productions given at the meetings. One Hundred Thirty-three FFIS ,, The Boys, Debating Club President, Gtoizoe R. Cotuisis Secretary, JOHN Tome Vice-President, CLARKE T. CASE Treasurer, MALCOLM Fooo Faculty Adviser, Fiasniamck O. I-lotivits NTERSCHOLASTIC debate has made this an eventful year in the history of the Boys' Debating Club. An encounter with Brookline l-ligh School, Newton's traditional rival, took place early in April. This is the First of what is hoped will be a long series of debates with outside school clubs. Aside from the regular monthly controversies over the Nevv Deal, Movie Censors, and National Police, the club held an annual debate with the Girls' Debating Club in April. With the assistance of Mr. l-lolmes, this society was formed in 193Q forthe development CU of skill in public speaking, CQD of clear thinking, and GD of intelligent, creative citizenship. The March national radio debates over the New Deal are but one example of the tremendous importance ofthe art this club teaches. Orie Hundred Thirty Tou' The Girls' Debating Club President, LUCY BRADSHAW Secretary, CAROLINE HAYDEN Vice-President, ARLENE CARROLL Treasurer, Kay Heieizirsioroisi Faculty Adviser, CJERTPUDE L. Roairsisoisi l-lE Girls' Debating Club was organized by a group of girls in the spring of1933 in an ehfort to popular- ize the forensic art among their sex. Under the direction of Miss Gertrude Robinson, the group has endeavored to turn out accomplished debaters and to master the principles of argumentation. An annual debate is held with the Boys' Debating Club, the subiect this year being, i'Resolved: That the United States Should Enter the World Court." At the regular meetings the girls debated the Justiiiability of the Senior Cup and the Need of Compulsory Military Training in Secondary Schools. Also, in debate and in open forum discussion, the society considered the rise in Iunchroom prices and other current aiiairs. These debates were all characterized by thorough research. Qne Hunored Thirty 'V we 1 ,Nl-IS .A The Aviation Club President, MARGARET MANSFIELD Secretary, FUZAEETH BARTRAM Vice-President, BARBARA MVQCARTHY Treasurer, Joiarsi I-lursiitie Photographer, HARVEY 0'CONNOR Faculty Adviser, DANIEL P. A. WILLARD UGFNF L. VIDAL, Director ofthe Bureau of Air Commerce, in charge of all civil aviation in the United States, was a luncheon guest in December. Other guest speakers at meetings were Frederick Neely, Ramos Alfaro, John Wheelock, Joseph Garside, George Mason, Bancroft l-lall, Richard Babcock, Captain Crutl, John l-lennessy, Thomas Atkins, Charles Sutherland, Margaret Kimball, Mrs, Theodore Kenyon, Mrs. l-lenry Kirkpatrick, Katherine Curtis, Arthur l-lildreth, and Col. Louis Boutwell. This is the hrst year that members have received Flight training. Five members have qualified as student-pilots, and three have flown solo. Members have made over four hundred Flights. Several Flew in the 947D Boeing. The club was organized in 1998. Membership has increased from thirteen to ninety. Flying, aerial photog- raphy, meteorology, model building, and Field trips to aviation centers are the principal interests. Dm- Hundred Thirty S sL'1 I-.I .f.-'.-. Ti E' ..,:f' -'fi'-141-A-'TTil'l::f3'2FI.-. . V l -l-lie C:dlTi2I'd President, EDWARD MEISSNER Secretary, VIRGINIA LINSTROM Vice-President, ANDREW WALES Treasurer, LOIS POPE Faculty Adviser, STERLING L. WILLIAMS l-IE Seventy-Fifth Anniversary of Newton l-ligh School marks the fifth anniversary of the Camera Club. This popular organization was founded in 19229 by Edmund l-lawes and Stuart Gibson, with Mr. Sterling Williams as adviser. The club aims to assist students interested in photography, by increasing their knowledge and skill in this art. Programs featured speakers who discussed the technical side of photography. Notable among these features were movies on "l-low Films Are Developed in Our Own Studios," by Messrs. Chase and Davis, and "Color Photography," by Stuart Gibson, former president of the club. The monthly snapshot contests were entered with keen enthusiasm. April brought these contests to a close with the members taking and developing pictures for the feature section of the Year Book. One Hundred Thirty-seven Ap- -, li .. .Fl.S. -'-Q The Commercial Club President, JEssiE MACDONALD Secretary, ELEANOR BURNHAM Vice-President, DOROTHY LAuDRv Treasurer, MARY MURPHY Clerk, HELEN I-IALLORAN Faculty Adviser, MARION B. MCGUIRE l-lE Commercial Club is a girls' organization formed to develop personality in its members, to promote leadership and friendship, and to learn business principles in a pleasant social atmosphere. This club was one of the earliest founded in Newton l-ligh School. Before the schools united, boys and girls were both eligible, but in 1930 it became a girls' club. The group was entertained by a representative from Filene's Beauty Shop, who lectured on the 'lfsxrt of Make Up." The organization had the privilege of observing the world's champion typist, Mr. l-losstield. They also toolc a Field trip to l-l. P. l-lood's Plant in Charlestown. A speed contest in typing was held for club members, and the First three place-winners were Reta McMahon, Eleanor Mason, and Anna Cheetham. The members of the Commercial Club have enjoyed the worthwhile meetings during this year and hope that the club will continue its effective services. One Hundred Thirty-eight Z Hs T ..:. I -,1: x It 'L A-V is "' N V FY W, l' f Y The l'lome Economics Club President, RITA CARON Secretary, JOAN CLEARY Vice-President, PRISCILLA Cosa Treasurer, LisaErH SHAPER Faculty Advisers, Gmovs F. Dfxvis, Auce A. ALDEN MONG the service clubs is the l-lome Economics Club, Founded in Cctober, 1995, by Miss Jeanne Kenrick. The members of the organization assist at various public occasions, the Graduation Dress Assembly, Parents' Night, and dinners given by the Superintendent and Principal. The club held its annual Fashion Show in January. They made an excursion in February to the First National Stores Storage Plant at Somerville. At the March meeting the group was addressed by Mrs. Reed, who talked on the schools of North Carolina, Later in the year, the principal ofthe Vesper George School of Art instructed the club in "Make-up." The meetings alternate between professional and social gatherings. This year's activi- ties were concluded by an annual picnic. The l-lome Economics Club is a valuable source of information for practical application in life. One Hundred Thirty-nine ,ff 'U l-he l.ibrary Club President, MARY RYAN Secretary, MARGERY TYLEE Vice-President, Rfwmomot l-Ifxiavtv Treasurer, Rum Jsrsiics Faculty Adviser, Gtfnvs lvl Biottow l-lb Library Club, composed of fifteen senior and ten junior girls, furnishes an opportunity to those inter- ested in library vvorlt to learn more of its opportunities, and to give valuable assistance to the librarian. The club vvas organized in WQQ3, and since then has furnished real service to the school. During the last fevv years the girls have made an inventory of all pictures and statues in the school, made a special catalogue for short stories, another for plays, and lcept up-to-date a sports scrapbook. Much of the routine vvorlc of the library is in the hands of the club. Besides the service work the Library Club gives some present to the library at the end of the year. Boolcs or pictures are usually chosen. lt is the earnest desire of this organization, by its constant and faithful service in the library, to promote the best interests of the school. CIW- Hundred forty 1Pf-.TH- The Girls, Guting Club President, LILLIAN MANCINI Secretary, BARBARA KIMBALL Vice-President, JANE l-IESSLEIN Treasurer, JOYCE WHEELER Faculty Adviser, ELNA P. WARREN HE Girls' Outing Club is an organization open to thirty girls from the Junior and Senior Classes, inter- ested in outdoor recreation. It was formed in 1933 by an enthusiastic group for the purpose of promoting resourcelulness in outdoor activities, leadership, and the general good health of its members. The entertainments this year were varied. Mrs. l-larriette P. Long addressed the girls on "The Art of Skiing," and an illustrated lecture on "Mountain Climbing" was presented by Mrs. Robert Underhill. Other informal meetings were bowling and swimming parties, and a debate by members ofthe club on "Resolved: ThatSeniors Should l-lave Compulsory Gym." The group bicycled to Prospect l-lill, and also had a winter sports outing at Franklin Park. The climax ofthe year was their annual climb of Mount Monadnock. This club inspires girls to participate in outdoor sports and develops their interest in healthful recreation. One Hundred Forty-one H X! The Radio Club i President, DONALD SEELEv Secretary, THEODORA KLEIN First Vice-President, MARCELIA RENNARD Treasurer, ARTHUR HENDERSON Second Vice-President, BERNARD ERICSON Faculty Advisers QICHARD P, BovER, HELEN B. LEE HE Radio Club was formed in January, 1933, by a group of radio enthusiasts, to promote interest in the science of radio and in two-way amateur communication. The club provides an opportunity for members to discuss current developments in this Field. Membership has doubled this year, taking in a large group of those interested in the dramatic or program phase of radio. For a seventy-Fifth anniversary celebration, the club gave three radio programs. ln the First, Mr. Palmer was interviewed. During the second broadcast, over a coast-to-coast hoolc-up, Mr. Payson W. Smith, Commissioner of Education, spoke, followed by a slcit based on an incident from the life of l-lorace Mann. ln the Final program Mr. Eliclcer spoke. With the increasing interest in amateur radio programs, this club promises a valuable future in molding its members for active participation in all types of radio broadcasting. 'Vrlirlli1IiK7lf6df!iYIVfwO C I b, : . Q- -JQ.. ' ,I-4.5 '+L 4 , gig' ff ga , , iiii The Varsity Glee Club Faculty Adviser, CHARLES B. l-Ifxiaieirsiororsi IFFERING from the ordinary type of club, the Glee Club holds its meetings during school hours, and the members receive credit for participation. Mr. Harrington founded the organization in 1930 to promote practice, leading to greater proficiency, in the musical form of self-expression. Membership is made up ol pupils of good musical ability who have a love forthe art. To many of them, singing is a hobby. This year the Glee Club sang at the Outdoor Concert and at Parents' Night. On the day preceding the Christmas vacation, the Glee Club appropriately serenaded the student body with a Vuletide repertoire, sung in the corridors ol the various buildings. The Glee Club is under the sole direction of Mr. l-larrington. One Hundred forty three Ar""'lT. ' '.'Q"' -Q.. . T . , -5- ....--A', P A.,: ,f., f F I I The Band Director, Cwxiztss R. Siwatoirsio Faculty Adviser, Foieizcsr F. PAIGE l-IE Newton l-ligh School Band, founded in 1925 by Mr. Harrington, is one of the school's major musical organizations. This year the Band started a drive to procure new uniforms so that its ranlcs might be suitably attired. Besides playing at gridiron combats, the group performed at school assemblies, the Girls' Gym Meet, and the Spring Concert. It assisted the annual Newton Community Chest Drive by broadcasting over station WMEX. The Band does not confine itself to the mere playing of instruments. Much time is spent in developing march- ing technique, Figure formation, and student leadership. The company also boasts several accomplished baton wielclers. Mr. Spaulding, Mr. Paige, and the members feel privileged to have helped make the Seventy-Fifth Anniver- sary of the school the success it has been. Cite Hundred forty four F E . ,. , mir I I l , :,:k,-53.15,-,:,:A,I1- . ,,... x I The Varsity Grchestra Director, CHARLES R. SRAULDING Faculty Adviser, FORREST F. Pmot l-TE Orchestra began in 1886 with seven pieces organized by John Wallace Goodrich, a student, novv head of the New England Conservatory of Music. This orchestra played for school entertainments. Its members were graduated in 1888. Previous to the erection of the Technical l-ligh School, various groups formed, mainly under Mr. Walton, Director of Music. The Technical School in 1910 had a separate orchestra, founded by Mr. Varnum and continued by Mr. Harrington until the schools were joined in TQQ4. Meanwhile instruments, including a large reed organ, were bought and loaned to students. Consolidating the schools so increased musical interest that Mr. l-larrington could no longer direct the Varsity and Class Orches- tras and continue science instruction. l-lereupon Mr. C. R. Spaulding assumed his present position, Director of Instrumental Music. I-le continues to lead the Varsity Qrchestra for school functions, and, in collaboration vvith the Band, in the Spring Concert. One Hundred fortvrlive lhe Lunchroom Squad Faculty Adviser, LUCIUS P. JONES HE Lunchroom Squad was organized by Mr. Lucius P. Jones in 1927. It is composed of seventy-Five students. There are no student officers, although some person who served with distinction the previous year is asked to help the faculty supervisors in selecting the new squads. Alice C. Frayer, '35, served in that capacity this year. Many National Honor Society members volunteer their services each year. Mr. Raymond Green, Mr. Francis Foster, and Mr. Donald Enoch assisted Mr. Lucius Jones in carrying out the Faculty part of the squads functions. The organization is based on the principle of aiding the pupils in caring for the lunchroom voluntarily, on a co-operative basis. The entire project can certainly be considered a success. nv Hundred fortylix I, taxi 's ..'1 s xf-f V V Q, T ' 1 The Traffic Squad Faculty Adviser, HORACE KIDGER HE Traffic Squad originated in the Newton Technical l-ligh School under the name of the "Senior Traffic Squad." Several years later, when the Classical and Technical schools were united, the squad was retained. At present the group functions only in Buildings l and ll. The old building employs most of the members, as its size necessitates traffic control. The squad is supervised by the Civics Board, Mr. Johnson, and Mr. Enoch. The members help to prevent congestion in corridors, and occasionally admonish thoughtless pupils. Changes in the regulations are made from time to time by the Civics Board. Without the aid of the Traffic Squad, the corridors would often be a hopeless tangle. The squad requests the co-operation of the student body. Qne Hundred forty-seven Ill f lll llwe post Graduates lararrlry Arivrwr, Arrrrr l. lmtrrrw. l ll l'u',t frmdrmto C lfr',',, under tl're ',upervr',ron of Nlraa l eatlwern, consiztfs of students who, on graduation, lrrrd tlrat tlmey lmve an rnarrllrfrent number olcredrta to enter a lwrqlwer rnstrtutron of learnrng. Some wish lrrrtlrer prepfrrfrtrwrr for lw'.prml', or normal zfhfmlz. llwe post-qraduate course, rs not as rs often belreved, errzf 'rrre lll0'rtIrderrl',f1re refrrrrredtotale at leaat four lull trme zub1ect',,',ometalce Frve or even sux. llw flf1'.'. ffrrrmrztvd of forty lrve merrrberz at the beqrnnrng of tlwrs year, but later decreased to tlrrrty-Fave. lt I 1VVff rwrrrgvrrml rgruup llrv punt rgrrrrlrmtez lmve no 'Jrrderrt orqfrrrrmtrrrrr. Ar present they are not elrgrble lor any sports or other rrr f rrrrrr rrlar fvtrvrtrez, rrltlwrrqlr they loyally arrpport aclrool frrnntrons. llwe members of this fourth year class rrr1fr'rrr'.lflv'r tlwrrr',elve'. prrvrlerged, f1'.levv',tlrdent'.are flwoxen from the larqe number that apply. " lltlrrrfrrrflrrlly rrqlrl A HLETIGS :Q-f',B'Q'g".j' Y ls, I O H d Football Top row tlelt to righti DeNapoli, Woodward, Stewart, McLean, Mrller, Kiley. Second row Myers, Allen, Hartley, Clevenger, Reardon, Hale. Third row Coach Ralph Sanborn, Kaufmann, Packard, Weinstein, Manager Pailler, MacLeod, Mrlner, Wittens, Assistant-Coach Charles Considine. Sitting: Treannie, Byrne. Swig, Captarn Castoldi, Captainaelect Savignano, Curow, Wisbach. front row: Connolly, O'Connell, Bosworth, Joyce, Moore, Callanan. Captain, Auousrus Cfxsrotoi Coach, RALPH SANBORN Assistant Coach, CHARLES Corsisioirste LTHQUGH Coach Sanborn had seven lettermen return this season, there was only one veteran in the back- Field and his team faced the hardest schedule in years. The season opened at Newton with an 18a7 defeat at the hands of a superior Arlington team. l-lowever, in the second game Cambridge was decisively defeated on their own Field, 19f7. Newton and Lynn English were very well matched. With no breaks on either side, the game ended, O-O. Then, due to superior kicking, Everett overcame Newton, Q1a4, although they were actually out-played in the second half. Starting slowly, Newton turned back a hard running Brockton eleven to the tune of13a1Q. l-lowever, the following week, a stubborn Quincy team, although out-rushed and out-passed, surprised Newton with a heartbreaking defeat, 7s6. After dropping the second League encounter to a hard playing Rindge team, 13 7, Newton journeyed to Manchester, only to lose a well played game to a speedy outfit, 18f6. The next to the last game ofthe schedule saw Waltham, by virtue of a blocked kick, defeat Newton, 6aO. ln the customary Final tilt, Newton, in spite of their superior running attack, succumbed to Brook- line's aerial offense, 13 7. Ernest Savignano was elected captain ofthe 1935 team, and great things are expected of him. He will have some Fine veteran material returning, as well as many promising boys who have been seasoned on the lntermediate and Junior Varsity squads. These minor teams are the source of Newtonis gridmen and always make a creditable showing in their schedules. One' Hundred fifty Baseball i f as ,404 I' f9"1 -Q ix 'nf 'N 'UF ' egg, ff - - ,i t :.. - , M W . ,f , ' ?',pfQ" lfqlqgw apffw ' wi 'a i Q 1 f it af 4 d . f 'ag envy' HVQ- Captain, WILLIAM SPILMAN Coach, Lucius P. Jorsits I-IE Newton team has started this season commendably. They played exceptionally well in holding a better than average Harvard Freshman team to a tie score of 4f4. There followed an easy victory over Cambridge Latin to the tune of 11 Q. The First defeat was sullered at the hands ofa Rindge team, due to a bad turn of luck, the score standing at the end ofthe game Q0 4. At present, the First team is made up as follows: catcher, Morrison, pitchers, Guido Castoldi, Bosworth, First base, Byrne, second base, Marazzo, short-stop, Captain Spilman, third base, Callanan, left Field, Simon, center Field, Savignano, right Field, either Bosworth or Castoldi, depending upon which one pitches. "Bullet,' Byrne and "Pete" Morrison are to be commended on the fact that they have been playing on the First team without replacement since their sophomore years. Also, Bosworth and Spilman have been regulars for two years. Other seniors on the team are: Gammons, Amendola, Cushing, Nichols, Ca. Coletti, Piantedosi, Laflie, Jones, Gus Castoldi, Palmer, Roehrig. Another junior is Tomebene. Coach Jones is using the farm system which is made up of the following teams: Intermediate, coached by Mr. Sanborn, for all players who are not quite good enough to malce the varsity, the J. V. A., coached by Mr. Ferguson, for all juniors and sophomores who cannot make the varsity, the J, V. B., coached by Mr. Wilson, which is exclusively for sophomores. Cm? Hundred frilty-on l-loclcey 34,9 .-- M a- .fs-I, fd.. -.1 Captain, Auousrus Casrotu' Coach, Gscaiz fvlwizrirsi PQUND the three returning lettermen, Captain Castoldi, Macleod, and Woodward, baclced up by last year's Intermediates and others, Coach "Doc" Martin this Year built a team which, although itdidn't Finish First inthe Greater'Boston l-loclcey League, managed to turn in a very creditable record Only three defeats were suFFered out of Fourteen league starts, two ol them at the hands ol a First-class Melrose squad by scores of Q 6 and O 5. The latter game .fvas played captainsless, as Castoldi was injured in the First period. We started the season with a decisive victory over Rindge Tech, by a score of 5 fl, indicating what could be expected From Our sextet. l-lowever, there was always the hardest of competition to retain First position in the league, and Newton was forced to turn the honors over to Arlington alter hall a dozen games, by virtue of a 99 tie with Medford. The second half of the season opened with Newton once more downing Rindge Tech, this time by a 4fO margin. One ofthe closest games Followed, Arlington tieing Newton 3' 3 by means ofa goal late in the Final period. Soon after, Stoneham robbed us oF our chances to top the league. Undaunted by our previous 4 FO victory and our early lead, they stiFFened up in our second encounter and held us to a tie score, 14. Five men From this years team will be baclc to serve as a Foundation on which to build next year's squad. "Ernie" MacLeod, this seasons high scorer, was chosen by the lettermen to succeed "Gus" Castoldi as captain. One ol the largest groups of hoclcey lettermen in the history ofthe school consisted of Blodgett, ButterField, Cap- tain Caztoldi, Daniels, Dennison, Elliott, Johnson, Captain-elect Maclceod, Miner, Page, Perry, Whitehead, and Xfood ward. f,re l-lyl'j'1fd frlty INC, 1, "..'-' 4,,:. .. .bin fr' Basketball Captain, ELLIS DONAVAN Coach, FRANK SIMMONS l-llS yearls basketball team enjoyed an exceedingly successful season, winning eleven games out of thirteen starts. Both the other two games were lost, by the scores of 19-17 and Q5 35, to a very Fine Cambridge Latin team, which took First place in the Suburban League. Newton didn't run into serious competition until Rindge was encountered in the sixth game of the schedule and defeated by the close score, Q8-25. ln four of the first five contests Newton ran up scores which were, in each case, practically double that of their opponents: Winchester was vanquished 32-17, Watertown, 31-17, Natick, 38-19, Westboro, 41-90. In the fifth encounter, Milton was edged by the score, Q4-17. Newton won the second meeting withgWatertown, 40-17, and Rindge was shut out to the tune of Q6-19. Brookline was easily overcome in both games by the scores of 30 -6 and 31 -12. Much of the credit for the success of this year's team belongs to the Fine spirit of both players and Coach. By means of continuous hard work, the varsity was welded into a solid unit which functioned through team play rather than through individual stars. Alan Smith, this year's high scorer, was elected captain for 1936. The lettermen were Byrne, Coletti, Captain Donavan, Manager Dunne, Laffie, Morrison, Manager Piante- dosi, Savignano, Smith, Spilman, and Zetrouer. One Hundred Fifty-three l ..g- . -5 .-.- " ' F A lndoor Track Captarri, ALLEN FREEMAN Coach, DONALD ENOCH Assistant Coach, CHARLES CONSIDINE ROUND the seven lettermen who returned this year, Coach Enoch built a very well-balanced team which won six of its seven dual meets, scoring 35914 points to its opponents 18634 points, and was a constant threat in the interscholastic meets. To open the season, Lawrence was smothered at Newton, 61-16. Everett and Brockton were each beaten, 48cQ9. Newton placed second in the Northeastern lnterscholastics, with Blair, Wittens, Freeman, and Fernald placing. The relay team, consisting of Wittens, Freeman, l-luling, and Muther, took third. Quincy and Medford were the next victims of the Newton Juggernaut, 54'QcQQ'g and 55-QQ respectively. In the Medford meet Wittens set a new school record of 35 35 seconds for the 300. Only a relay team, consisting of Wittens, Freeman, Kiley, and Fernald, was entered in the B. A. A. lnterscholastics. It easily conquered the Brookline quartet and might have carried off the best time of the day, had it been pushed sufficiently. The Lynn Classical meet was dropped 40 c37, for the only dual defeat of the season. Nevvton had an "off day" at the Andover lnterscholastics and scored only four points, but Brookline then became the victim of revenge, 483sfQ8l4. To end the season, Newton emerged from the State Meet with fourth place and with a State Champion relay team of Wittens, Free- man, Kiley, and Muther, Fernald, Wittens, and l-luling also placed. Major letters were awarded to Blair, Bosworth, Center, Dussossoit, Fernald, Fine, Captain Freeman, Cuood- bar, l-lale, f-leard, l-luling, Kiley, McLean, Muther, Quick, Russell, Swig, Manager Wentworth, and Wittens. C'rw lltiiidfvd filly lout N'l:-TR Qutdoor -l,l'6Cl4 Captain, WARREN H. WITIENS Manager, ANSON PIPER Coach, DONALD G. Ersioci-i LTHOUGH weakened by ineligibilities, Coach Enoch's 1935 Outdoor Track team opened its season with a considerable show of strength. The meet with Brockton was won, 41f3'l, Wittens taking the 110-yard hurdles and the broad jump, as well as placing second in the quarter-mile. Freeman captured the 100-yard dash and the half-mile, and Ladd and Swig respectively, took the Q20-yard dash and the shotput. Newton placed third in the Worcester lnterscholastics with a total of 1726 points, Wittens turned in a fine performance, winning the QQO-yard hurdles and the broad jump and establishing new records for both. Svvig placed third in the shotput and fourth in the discus. Ladd took a third in the Q20-yard dash, Freeman tied for third in the half-mile, and Kiley placed fourth in the quarter-mile. Boston Latin was defeated in a tight practice meet, 39f38, Wittens was again a double winner, taking the hurdles and the broad jump with ease, while Muther won the 'IOO-yard dash, Ladd took the QQO, and Freeman won the half-mile. There are the l-larvard lnterscholastics, Brookline, the Amherst lnterscholastics, and the Fitchburg Relays yet to come, but Newton has given evidence of sufficient strength to be a substantial threat throughout the season. One Hundred fifty-live T - f L 11 wQ Tennis OC' 'lf ,Al X ' watt? 54? I' sffzi' ta T' lw'ia 'LL ' 'C"',I' roi-'ff 1 it , - 7 T Q I nl Kyfx -sr f 'I ., f i r uw! X V i ag l , . T. - v-vii gl 1 ' I W W U J .' ,' -X , X 'A i ' mk . ,W 'fi r TW' .si r 'Y A L tt W . 2 - A . " I 't i 5 . i I ,E f Captain, LEO GEARY Manager, ALBERT BLUNT Coach, WALTER M. TAYLOR OACI-I Taylor's varsity tennis team, led by Capt. Leo Geary, got away to an impressive start after several unfortunate delays by sweeping nine matches from a visiting Huntington outfit, and defeating Winchester, 5a4. After suffering a 9-O setback at the hands of a powerful Exeter aggregation, Newton came back to upset Melrose, a potential state champion, to the tune of 8 matches to Q. This decisive defeat of the team that is captained by Bud Foster, the interscholastic state tennis champion, would point towards Newton's regain- ing the state championship that she lost last year at the Longwood lnterscholastics. The bumper list has been headed by Capt. Leo Geary, Paul Rich, Tom Slattery, Gardiner Stratton, Ken Chase, and Brewster Williams. The second team, led by Jack Kenney, Arthur Pearson, and Bill Squier, has compiled a brilliant record against the varsity squads of several smaller high schools. The season was ushered in by a 8fO victory over Watertown and, following a fine showing against Exeter Academy, the winning stride was recovered against an inferior Needham varsity. Qne Hundred fifty six ,,.,,a1,g5f11p, -:is, ,:.- . A:.A Af' "fp - .v,... Goll Captain, JOHN FORD Coach, THOMAs G. Wauttas EWTON'S golf team, under the able generalship of Coach Walters, opened its season with a sweeping victory over the Waltham forces by the score of 8' 2 to Waltham's lg. Following this auspicious start New- ton lost a close match to Watertown on foreign territory to the tune of 4 to 5. Then Newton's golfers rallied to break even 4'Q to 4lQ with Brookline and Arlington as her formidable opponents. Lexington managed to eke out a 5 to 4 victory over Newton on Lexington's home course. This is the second year that Newton has been a member of the Greater Boston lnterschool Golf League, composed of Waltham, Brookline, Lexington, Arlington, and others who provide excellent competition for the team. After a slow start Newton has come fast and due to a recent reorganization of the team by Coach Walters, is expected to command second position in the Greater Boston lnterschool Golf League when the curtain falls this year. The active golfers have been: William Ward, Bill l-lerlihy, Roy Merchant, Joe l-lall, Bob Burns, Gordon Wentworth, Abe Posner, John Butterfield, and Bill Daniels, all led by the steadiest and most consistent low scorer ofthe group, Capt. John Ford. One Hundred fifty-seven ri'-'S N Q , , F F " Girls, Field l'locl4ey f Captain, JANE I-lEssLEiisi Coach, LuciLLE Buiarsii-iam l-lE 1934 season opened with one hundred and Forty girls reporting For hockey. Eight class teams were chosen, and in the ensuing tournament the girls ol the senior group, led by Joyce Wheeler, earned numerals through their victory. The varsity squad ol thirty members, ably coached by Miss Burnham, had a very successful season. The First team defeated Waltham, 3 1, Needham, QaO, Brookline, 'I-O, Alumnae, 1aO, but lost to Watertown, O-Q. The second team, captained by Reiane l-larvey, won From Waltham and Needham, held Watertown to a scoreless tie, and was beaten by Brookline. At the annual Girls' Assembly, chevrons were awarded to Jane l-lesslein and Lillian Mancini, while large N's went to Polly Brown, Mary Doyle, Louise Goodale, Regina l-lerlihy, Gladys l-looper, Dorothy Seeley, Floresten Sticlcney, Leslie Wead, Joyce Wheeler, and Phyllis Young. Fifteen girls received the second team insignia. This year, the National Field l-loclcey Tournament was held on the Newton l-ligh Field during the Thanlcs- giving recess. Many girls proFited by this chance to see the country's Finest players. On the Final day, girls from twenty-eight schools came to Newton and received valuable coaching from the All-American players. llflf' Hundred Filty-eight HFIS Girls, Baslcetball Captain, REJANE I-lAi2vEv Coach, ELNA Wfxrarztrsi l-llS year through intramural competition a "draw" was conducted, by which every girl who had been out for one practice was placed on a team. A senior aggregation, captained by Dorothy Gentzel, emerged the victor from an extensive series of games and, as a result of its efforts, was awarded numerals. ln February, the class teams were selected and Joyce Wheeler, Cynthia Steitz, and Mary Doyle were chosen captains of the Senior, Junior, and Sophomore combinations. The opening game of the season was played, as usual, with Cambridge Latin, resulting in a victory by the sophomores, Q1-QO, and the seniors 17a-1 Q, although the junior team lost, 7aQ8. The game with Needham produced somewhat the same result with the sophomores and seniors again in the win column, while the juniors continued to suffer defeat. ln the next game with Waltham both the juniors and seniors won by scores of Q9-'19 and 3649 respectively. Watertown, however, provided the pitfall for Newton. For the only time in the season, the senior and sophomore teams were defeated result- ing in a Watertown sweep, the seniors losing 36-'lO, the juniors 30-15, and the sophomores 19418. The varsity team ended a very successful season by defeating the faculty, 30428, and the alumnae, 175. The girls who received varsity letters are as followsz Lillian Mancini, Jane l-lesslein, Roberta Whitaker, Mary Doyle, and Dorothy Gentzel. Leslie Wead, Regina l-lerlihy, Joyce Wheeler and Capt. Pejane l-larvey received chevrons for their second year of varsity competition. Cne Hundred fifty-nine '.1:x , ..,- 'Rm .,., ,,-igigzzffbv "'fa'Q3Q'r H V2 oi ,. L isrgnfyzga,-Z Q ' Intramural Sports For Girls d red Sixty FFIS Q lntramural Sports For Girls fy i 1 is ' Us HE Department of Physical Education aims to promote athletics for all, rather than for a limited group. To carry out this plan, an extensive program of intramural activities is provided, through vvhich are developed health, sportsmanship, and skill in games that may be enjoyed in later life. ln soccer and baseball, captains are chosen, and alter every girl reporting has been placed on a team, a series of games vvithin the school is played. Lacrosse, a comparatively new sport at Newton, is limited to juniors and seniors and is more informal. For traclc and archery, there are regular practices at which individual records are lcept, and tournaments are held at the close of the season. One Hundred Sixty-one "2 is , Girls' Tennis Captain, ELENA Ciccoisit Coach, Mmm Ftfxiwnrias N the fall the customary tournament was held, but the Final match, between Carolyn Everts and Elena Ciccone, was not played. The spring season opened with a ladder tournament lor those who reported for tennis. The eight girls in the highest positions on the list were to comprise the team. The most promising candidates were: Elena Cic- cone, Carolyn Everts, Lillian Mancini, Violet Nardone, Minnie Spiers, Barbara l-lansen, Margaret Carter, Jerry Wisbach, and Jane l-lesslein. Matches were scheduled with Winchester, Brookline, Watertown, and Medford. lfijllt' Hriridred fifty two ,1'.' 1 ,. - FEATURES ii- 1--X 'Til - gf? :URW f Ckvfa xy' .4 . -sva'i'.f-'T'-7f'5"'.-'-cf.. - 3. -.-. Seventy-Five Years at Newton R. CLAFLIN was quite as pleased as punch when he learned, early in the spring of 1859 or whatever it was, that they were going to build the new high school out in his east pasture. Not just a high school, mind you, but a "pure high school." lt would be something that would encourage the boys and girls to wear shoes, and would generally be a boost to the city. lt is with interest that we wander back through the years and learn when they had the First woman teacher, when they had their annual corn roast and all that sort of thing which means so much historically. There were quite a few incidents which were probably uproariously funny at the time, but which seem rather unlikely now. For instance, the time a student fished down the chimney with a hook and line and succeeded in snatching off the master's wig. lt is best, perhaps, to omit these. l-lere is a rather modern sounding notation: 1751 a "Voted, to have two more school masters, and to repair the school-houses." This statement heralded the advent of the First woman teacher: 1766 a "Voted, 16 lbs., to employ a school mistress." And here is another touching notice: 1796 - "Voted, that Five stoves be provided to warm the school-houses." When there was great discussion about the location of the high school in 1859, a letter from l-lorace Mann to Dr. I-lenry Bigelow, said: "Your inquiry respecting the expediency of establishing a high school at so great a distance from a majority of its pupils, l will reply to with pleasure .... Will it be injurious or beneficial to scholars of such an age to walk to school under all ordinary circumstances, a distance of from one to two miles? . . . at the extent, four miles taken in doses of two miles each .... Now, exercise - active exercise, as distinguished from passive - exercise which is originated in the brain and is transmitted through the motory nerves of the spinal cord and does not originate in horse Flesh or steam power, to be transmitted through the spring Seat of carriage or car 5 this kind of exercise is the indispensable, inescapable condition and prerequisite of l-lealthf' This might be a sort of nice chant to learn and to recite to yourselves when you are walking home alone some cold, wintry night. lt does seem to be a sort of long way to go to say that we need exercise. ln that First year, there were seventy-Five students enrolled, and there were two masters, or instructors. lt is interesting to note, that of the Four graduates in 1861, all were girls. In 1869, there were Five girls and one boy. lt was not until 1873, that the boys obtained a very large majority over the girls. ln that year there were eleven boys and seven girls graduated. The question often arises, a great many times in the class room, as to how some of the dolts ever reached the height they have gained. Way back in the records has been found an explana- tion. A very wise provision was made "that pupils who have been two years in any grade, and who have been faithful and regular in their work, may on the recommendation of their teachers and superintendent, with the approval of the committee in charge of the school, be advanced to the nextgrade, without having reached the required standing." . . . All of which explains a good deal. And now for some things regarding teachers. ln the school system, each teacher is supposed to be allowed to exercise his or her own individuality in the details of the methods, unless they are vicious and provided that the results are right. To allow for unity throughout, teachers' meetings were established in 1869 and have been held regularly ever since. The only things we remember them for is that we do not have to stay after school on the days that they are held. First-class nasty tricks were regularly practised on the scholars in regard to examinations. "The questions are prepared by the teacher of the class, the master of the school or the superintendent, and the examination takes the place of the regular class exercise in the branch of the study in which the pupils are to be tested, and without previous notice, thus saving any nervous anxiety which might attend a formal examination." Personally we would rather have a little nervous anxiety and pass the exam, but they were different then. The results were kept secret, unless they were failures, in which case a note was sent home to the parents who would spur their child on to greater things. A horrid system any way you look at it. This is all very frightening when you begin to wonder what we will look like a hundred years from now. One Hundred Sixty-four '1'. A.-rf'--is f f H ,SA t, . . .. ... ...- ' .-'- I. .. y, .. . . . , . O . , ' ' a I .:', . .' ,'. 0 ' . lHHUmHm5 F FQ Tgflancgn jan ddb -I V::" t 47 FHS. J ',4.,. -- .-5 i J f I ..--H'f-'5'f.':p'.:,-.., l TT' S ..-, 1 T ---:-' -1x 1 g Last Will and Testament E, the Class of 1935, being on our last legs and as much in our right minds as we ever shall be, having a great many utterly useless th'n3s which we won't need anyway after commencement, and not knowing exactly what to do with them, do hereby follow the example of preceding classes in establishing and ordaining this the last will and testament of this class, adding that if the terms of this document be broken, if it be used for scratch paper, or if grease spots be placed hereon, ghosties and ghoulies will haunt the offender for the remainder of his days. The terms follow: exc., G. T. C., F. l., and several et ce.eras for good measure: To the school, we leave: An infinitely remarkable impression. An assortment of teachers including department heads. Most of the silverware in the cafeteria. Several slightly used buildings in good condition. To the Newtonite, we bequeath with fondest love: A good example. A smallish office with blackboard and colored chalk. John O. Tomb. To people as named: The tunnel to those who aren't in much of a hurry anyway. The run from Mr. l2ichmond's room to 'l4'l to the track squad. The proposed bus shelter to the Class of 1936, who won't get it either. Miss Cotton's herbs and simples to her next class. The drill shed to the bats and creepy things that inhabit it. The food in the lunchroom to the Department of Sanitation. Miss Wise for the next Newtonite staff to bother. The penny dropped from the fourth floor of Building 'I to whoever can find it. The equipment in the gym to the moths. The first parking space to the I-larveys' car. The sofa in the teachers' room to the Drama Club. Leo Geary's A's to Bill Diman. The rest of Rejane l-larvey's books to the Lost and Found. To those who can take it. Barbara Fowler's right eyebrow. David Eddy's dignity. I-lilda Warshaw's wrinkled brow. Malcolm Fogg's positiveness. Betty Georges voice. Gale Wisbach's car. George Collins's movements for adjournment. l-letty Preble's sneeze. Lester Davis's thumbs. Leonard l2owley's brief case. Gus Castoldi's song sheet. Jimmy Stewart's remarks. Louis Visco's camera. Whereas after much thought and scratching of our heads, we have completed this statement, we hereby appoint Paul E. Elicker, principal of our high school, as executor of this will, adding Miss Wise to see that there is nothing done that is unfair or underhanded. To this we place our seal on the sixth day of May in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-five. One Hundred fixtvfseven III III DOT SEELEY MARJORIE WILSON RUTH DLILAC ALICE PRAYER MARIE BAILEY LUCIE BROWN ELEANOR I-IANLON BETTY DANIELL SI-IEILA SKELTON DORIS COAN BARBARA BAILEY GEORGE COLLINS HENRY MERRILL DOT RENNARD HILDA WARSHAW MARJORIE CLAPP FRANCES GUION CYNTHIA CORTHELL ALBERT SHINE MARGARET MANSFIELD JANET OWENS MARSHALL RUSSELL FLORENCE I-IAUSMAN CAROLYN EVERTS JUNE ROGERS ESTHER ELLET BOB AND PHYL YOUNG ELAINE BATES 1 -Q 1 1 V' One Hundred SI: 9 vi SK' IY-V7 9 fi?-is LE! l E .HF ,.,,- , A W A we Q K 4 Favorhe Second Favorhe Second Favorne Second Favorhe Second Favorhe Second Favorhe Second Favorke Second Favorhe Second book . Newspaper . Magazine Movie. . Actress . Actor . . . Radio Performer Song . Most Admired Woman Second .... Most Admired Man . Second Favorhe Second Favorne Second Favorue Second Favorhe Second Favorne Second Favorhe Second Favorke Second College - Men College A Girls' Orchestra . 's Characters in "funnies" . Amusement . Study . Music . . One Hundred Serenty General Statistics . Return ofthe PJaUve . Anthony Adverse . . . . flerald . . . . .Traveler . Saturday Evening Post . . Readers' Digest . . David Copperfield . Livesofa BengalLancer . . GingerRogers . ClaudetteColbert . .ClarlcGable . Gary Cooper . Jack Benny . Bing Crosby . . Clouds . Isle of Capri . fXmeHa Earhan . . hArs Rooseveh . PreHdentRooseveH . . . Lindbergh . tlarvard . Darunouth . 9VeHedey . . Smhh . Glen Gray . Guy Lombardo . Diclclracy . Clrphan fNnnie . . Dancing . hAoWes . English . History . . Jazz . Clasdcal 7 'aff "'-'f '::. - -- ..-'r" Li-.V '- .-, .. lXl2V2i'-lXl2V2I'-l.dl'1CJ LICE looked at the gate. "They can't mean for you not to go in," she reasoned to herself, "otherwise they would have locked the gate. lt's half open now." She looked at the sign over the door which looked calmly back at her and said, "The Wonder fields a Keep Out." She pushed open the door, saying to herself, "There's not a bit of harm in looking about, l shan't have to buy anything." Suddenly somebody shouted like a fishwife at her, "l-ley, where the deuce do you think you're going?" Alice clapped her hands over her ears, too late, and looked up. There, leaning over the wall, was the gate-keeper, Barbara Thayer. "Vahl Yahl l'm in and you're notlu she screeched scornfully at Alice. Alice curtsied politely and asked what the place was all about anyway. "lt's where all the ghosts of things unlikely or impossible are. l suppose you can come in, if you want," the keeper added, rather ungraciously Alice thought. Bat in she went. Walking along, Alice saw Gus Castoldi working out on a rowing machine under the trees. "Trying to build up my shoulders," he grunted between gasps. Suddenly she heard a great wailing ahead. lt sounded like a baby. She broke into a run and in a few moments came up to David Eddy who was screaming and stamping his feet. The tears streamed down his face as he told Alice that some ruffian had broken his rattle. Alice patted him on the head and soothed him with a lolly-pop which she took out of her apron pocket. When he was quieted, she pointed to three figures sitting cross-legged in the shadow of the trees, and asked him who they were. "They're 'l-lear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil'," he hiccoughed pathetically. Alice walked forward and discovered that the figures were Julia Flagg, Mary Cunningham, and Rosalind Lewis. "Quite in character," she murmured shying away and tripping off down the path. Soon she came in sight of a person sitting by the wayside in dark glasses and holding a tin cup with some pencils in her hand. A neat little sign around her neck said, "Blind, deaf, and dumb," and peering under the glasses, Alice recognized Rejane l-larvey. A little further on was Jesse l-lale, drinking Ovaltine to build himself up, while he was watching Julian Weinstein and Melvin Swig play marbles. Rosie Clevenger was hopping up and down impatiently waiting for them to come and play "Jack Straws" with him. Down the road a bit, Alice found Jane l-lesslein sftting in a Martha Washington chair with her feet on a foot-stool, knitting very industriously and telling a story to Joyce Wheeler who was holding her yarn. While she was standing there, a white-coated figure, carrying a stick with a nail on the end of it, came by picking up bits of paper along the path. l-le, on close inspection, proved to be Raymond A. Green. Suddenly clattering down the street, came Nancy l-lickey who was being ridden by a horse. She smiled sort of shamefacedly as she passed and remarked that it was the first time that she had not been riding somebody or something. Ben Curow came along looking as pale as a little ghoul. Behind him, hand in hand, came l-lenry Merrill and Barbara Fowler with their mouths noticeably shut. "l'm a reporter from the daily tabloid, Miss Alice, and . . . " Alice turned with a jump and there was Clarke Case looking at her very sharply through large l-lorn-rimmed spectacles. "No statement to make now," Alice muttered hurriedly. HBOOIH said Jimmy Stewart, shaking his l-larpo Marx hair at Alice, who ran at the sight. fleeing down the path she heard a whistle and stopped when she saw a huge constable's badge behind which was Arthur C. Johnson. "Come along," he said, "You were doing at least sixtyf, "Sixty what?" asked Alice. "I don't know. Just sixty." l-le hustled her into a building which turned out to be a court house and up before a judge's bench. Underneath a white wig was Jane Tobin making an unearthly racket with a gavel which she threw at the prisoner with the announcement, "Court adjourned for lunch." "You may go," said Officer Johnson sadly, "She always spoils my fun." On the way out she collided with Elizabeth Brine, who was being arrested for causing a red riot in the square. "Which is the nearest way out?" Alice asked. "l'll show you," said David Brown, who seemed to be a porter, leading the way to a gate on top of which was Sandy Sloane. "That's Rhidias Sloane," David explained, "l-le's carving the memorial gate." "What's it in memory of?" Alice asked. "The time when the lunch room served a good five-cent sandwich," he replied sadly. "This way out," said Carolyn Everts, who was playing at being doorman, "and good riddancef' Alice shot through and the gate banged after her. One Hundred Seventy- one f' "'E if Q 5 H -'Wflxll M1-+4 H Am Mm Row PG Maw, SOUTH Mu' 9 'rxly tw!-J M425 NEWCOMH M192 Bumbom MISS WHITE M135 WUHEQBEL WAMLDMEYEQ Mm JOHNSON MISS LEATHER3 Aa'--,, .,4: , ' .r-1.5. '+ if 4, 4 f' 5 It 'QGAZ S , ,ff MQ WALTERS MR XXALLARD MR. XXALSON MR, SA XXHLLIAMS MR. PETERSON Mrs. ARGENTO MQ SWAN ,F FL,AVQlrriP" KOUGHAN BOYLE MERGENDAHL LjfT9f4L1r'v ...., I ' ,J. . r ""' E k 7. Anything Goes .5215 ' IQ' A jump, a lurch, a hissing sound, ll "'f':"' --iiflxii "" ' The ancient lizzy is oil with a bound. ' xx'-' !::':'!:'1-'- .. . . Z ss Mil Ol O lik, 00 ovgo La Hundred Seventy-lour 900 I 5 Rincon Q. l Believe in Miracles Qh, Miss Blank, if you only knew, You'd believe in miracles, too. 3. Clouds X equals Y and d gratia beaucoup, We hope exams malce more sense to you 1- . . .::. u - -F-Ls. , ...' -k ' Q ...,. ,N x . AQ D ,3 .- 1 sv? 4' Soon "': f K nf I Does tl1iS Sraduating malce any Sense, mi' JW l 'Sl' A in lf then we only begin to commence? E -.1: 1 ll N ff I 7 '.,.1 5. I Won? Dance We don't blame her For her woes, .,.g-:ai- , .1 " ,-5 ' 111251 .5::':':53f' -' U AX , X .. X ,. .. We lcnow darn well lne'll step on her toes . -XZQ . 1 . . 6. Solitude You may be dumbfor just plain lazy, But personally, we7tl1inlcyou're crazy. -Ig I ! , X' , . . X . r fi J N .WF :ff K 'Wg s I X ',". if l l L l ai? n VXI! x 1i1 Wx BN ell J wg, 9.1 x ,N Slvyr Q Q will 6" ,Y,,XA 4f5 K-N92 5 Q l Q5,xt: 1' I ' f , 5751! . l if , v,7 ?,' A 1 l' u 11 C x , f wx-A P Y 5 v ' 'Mug 5.441 'l""' f l' ' 'ale " .0 - 'V V Q no 4' Q 3,.i-,- H u '1 - , in One Hundred Seventy !lV Ill .,.a:x3'-jf:'J,.'1 .,-.4 , ,..: E Y U I fl E Q , mu I Q A. .MN , . A 'f' A - I . 4 Ia ' 'I' I' 3134 tug' l 11: Y -. Z ii x mu, Inn ll' 4' ur l li' Cm- Hundred Seventyx L -5 --'HTF S? Iiffm I fi 'Am '2 MAX kg - ' . D Q QR funnfxi Q x , qff 131 .-" if -X f wQ5fr5 D Wwfffffffffffffzffffffzmfzi 'V f .sz OWN 4---N., In fzygbzphfz- Q 'Aww -:fe WNY - Tim' -1 1 5 ilxdf T If 1 nxmw X Q kg f X 5. -- ,N 1 ,VIN 'Q f 9. , I aux if X-4. RX ' 53 MW X J J -M , I ' 8 , , '1'-1,3 1 I ' ' - x .I ' A X 24-.rl-., Q f N vu ---'W Q- ww AN' . , gm Ab 1 Ein A AMN V, bf BLDG? sLof,.n , if fx 3 X 2' ., , .- ,V . ,.4Q, Ag... - 14- . fm f A--. 11 M YY Y. go? - QL f A X J 2? 913- an lm f' wg X ,gigs-2v'iwzw 19 3 ' ' BLDGI ' 15' DQQQJN KQQIHOIX Q. t 00 xx NEWTQN u. evra or: Fuzqr euu.oxNe n. couszvs CTENNQSX Q. SITE OF OLD SwAMD 12.'T't-NE HOQSE ON THE FP-QNX 3. DIGGIN' av up QSWAMPB .3.Pu0D1.E.s To QQMCJ 4. ourz own QACETRACK 1-x.TQo:.1.Evs THAT Qseo TO BE 5.'ALLuE' Dnczwson STAD. ns.IDQu..x. SHHD 6.1.0 .DALME2 KRETIREDB moufoooo. CONCEQT' gap. Q .ELICKEQ fcow' STRONG5l7.GlQUS DLAYG-RQQND Jos THE Bev STUDENT ma.wu.o .JUNGLE Q.THE"NX' FOCL BROOK-c.L1N.E 19.u1snLNQx.uN xo.1'EAcHER'5 PAFJ.v4vu' 2o.Pcn.u:E One Hundred SGVPDI All F121 9 WI-IITE STLIDICD CDF NEW YCDIQK QIIic:iaI Photographers to the Class oI I935 I54 Boylston Street for Boston, Mass. GARDEN CITY PRESS, INC. TI-IE CAINITCDN ENGIQAVIINIG 84 ELECTIQCDTVPE CG. 0IIic:iaI Printers QIIiciaIEn9ravers to the Class of 1935 to the Class oI 1935 I3 Boyd Street, Newton, IVIass. Canton, Qlwio ,X X V 1 , . , . v 'x , 1 . 1, . , 5 I 1 .K . ,k X ,K k,, 1.V I 'x nv' , 'r 7.4 A , ' .,5V w W f 14.1 ' K1 H, , . ., .N ." ?Xf X V .ILM , L l'lv'. I X ,. , M' .- 4, .'511,..,'r3 ,' '1",'-f",.'i V , 3'.1'a4 1'1- . ,A ,I .Mu U . ,. ..! , !,4.lf"w , -,ll ,V m . ,. ,. , ' . ,,-t.-1, Q, . I x. ini . r' U., -.Y-'J , ,,-, ,' mm Q 1, f az.-. , rv ., V v- .. V 'N v'I-M, x 1 X ' 'L ,i ff .J :zNLI!1k2!I,Q,1g', ,-, 1: 'J-. '-'1 'V -3, J' 515 . -, , x W rr-Aaxl,i' ' , .-' '. if ' , I r .-- Z' , . - V 1 'x 'v TW r.x -1. lnfuj 7 ,' .V I... ,Q ,- . zu' V, J ,- Q M -A 'f fr. Wwe" ' '- -,Hnlf 2 15' ',.' .. Hd. ',', '-"sc,-,lqhl irl- tr! Q -. X, ,QM .fi muh-vc.. ,D vi' vm. Q tw.: ,Av Y ',v ,- 4,,- ,- .I .4 ' -y ul - ,.. ', . I: Q A "gh" M. W 1 .r. ,. 3 " J ,,--1k,f,wh,'u'- A 3 2' ,W -v ,s .g , - H . -- ' WN .e 'l, PN' 'Y I l U' If 4. ,:-L, ,"t'- fv- 'JN f 'A-H "Y", Jil' 5 l ?, ..?g :UAW uni, 91? Buff!" Nix-' A af? 4 ' I .,,- vi ... P N VC I 5 , , A - r n -'. l . .3 .Q ' 4 .Q n ', 'I . -TQ. ' ' dl :, .' , ucv- , 5 s . 9 D I ' I 1 5 1 ' I A hy. v'.x . . X ' Yflgxib Q. 'ffl 9 ww? f ,FQ .'lV:4.?1 .x. I A fx 'Ht .q.nv'.'J "x"!5? A. 4'. ll , N 4-4+ ily! W' "F . T- ff, h .,, . . r I ' - ' ' - 3' .L . . .. fs 0 ,f , V . . , 'I 4!4.Lv-, I -.,,:i,'Q : Lylf' lwpsgf ' 4.1.-'f4f'?" lf' ' ,., mtv' V. ,W X 'gl 1 v 1 fl, ,V 5 gf . ml . , , ,-, . , , ' ,, 1 , ., M.-', l v -- ' 1' . 4 N 4' g K, aim! r H xl 5- Ji L we Q, J 10" 1 I Xqg 1 1 - L . V lx. 1 -' ' ,x ,s,. 1J '1. ,,,u nl . ,V ,V J . r QL, 6, , H. .. 4 V .4 DI,i1,QlaQ' .. -V? .. pl YE n lQ,' "' "Lf " sh r: uf' a' ,X 74 .. .I 1, 'F -'1 4 H53 .M 9+ ' -if A 'sf I.. f5.4f'! W--,,. .w , Y ' if mn s- i-X--W?" . N" 'zf e H I . 5 4 . . . . n 7 1,- , Y ..v- A , xv I qu I ' I-. L ' - ..a, 1.' " 1., , . A7119 1 ,n ? 2 M hi' 'x'1.!.:c.i 4 Q p ' I C rt fyl'3 QV! vim! Qs by u ql ' u H 6 -fm ir" 1 V. .,,. ,H H fwa' WVP' x 1 5 E 1 n V v' ' auf' u .J Y', 1- , gn o 'ilu .+','f nfl

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