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Wie! WV mmvvwfa ma, Owe 94 fww' .ff-fl ,MQ 193174 v r 1 'VZ J", " I .iv F 'W' . . X' u , ' r .. L,- - .-, .' .4 'W-ffff Ti" ' J- -.- .' Aff, A 'fa -,f , n 5- V . I .1,A,4 4 ., X.: : . ' 1- '- . . I-, .. , 4. L . .N 'xg' n, ..--' '.. il- 1 -' Z- .,vx..4 ,. LM' S . T, I 1 I f :QA ,r.:. X ' ,il 6- 1 ' I A , :' - 1 .151-t Tit ' r' ' 'L " , ,v lik , ,tl-4:11-,art ,N A 4- lxf 1 l'x51i,, '4 1,2 .1':'t 1 -b iii: mr l' 1 . Wg . gig. lg ff ' iii QQ ,!',A.l,u!, ,fJl,', lLi.2:.: '4':?',v' ,3. V : f 1, . ,' g :,,-.g, - , Hhs I , - I ' IH' .Wd '-- ' I '. X' fhdrizk is I- it lil:-L.P',1.--,Nj 'N , v J I W . '- ff ,-.i,:' Uv. , AEN. 3+ U, As I QM-fu! ', lj'vjk,,' .,,rf 4 . 1 1- i 1--.e,H.,.- -f , , 1 , , . l f.- a av A .j,g', 'Z . , ',i:.:l4,:N!.4. 4-' ": , ' A ' 13 Nap.- R-gh' M59 1'-ww :DM . - .--V 1 f xx ",,, ff yr ,14.".,7a',f-eff' new ' ' ' ' Q'1'n,',, y W .., ,v h. ." 1 -3 A' , fx. 1.-3,9-1' H r . AP. - L 'IA lr N' 'r ,I :x, : ,I 1 ' I. , , Ju ' 1' J' It " , -U! . : -' .P 1 , , v . X ':' " .y .fxnf 1114, 'H 4 Q1 l r I K I x Qt rl V x C 5'4.vLa4l, ' ul x - " -' f IQ I -' '.uha45 I . gg fwfr: wsu-,gw 1. '745 flfw. "1" If pq- 4' , ' " 'fs gbflfx' 1, 1' -lv!-1f Z F-'q1' 3 L J' .' 4r'nf 'kj fl N V , , 'g,!..:-afifhax- 4 1 , ' , J . 'IQ' "4 . V . . ph? xilfiilf. ' sgkilw V ' 1 -Y 5' 5' +1.15 W f ,',' .Y 'v ,' ,I - " If Y I --4.-gf 3 -1 - Y . - . 'X'-254:14 .' .:m ' +!?'l: I i rf tl- 'kb H :j-A 1 .V fi, 1 -4 ' ' ' 4 . . ",,r if lull j, -' JA M ' . , . -CIIQN 5.1gfpN.,73.C?. - 1 . , 'P f"f,f,":F- Q'i'9'Lf4 Y. V ml: Yilffk 'pl 5 AL: 7' fljl jf.l . , .4 QQ,-. m -S " ' X 1 .2 ' ...J,-'.-'-7 xl ,Q H . " -,Hg--'zu' , aff. 4 .VLN-F 4',,1',-,uwil ,L 'x F 4' . ,',! iwxlyfgrkfxslzwqfu ' X - . Hu "U 1,4 - 'r' ' "P-L. '. "" "5 ' ' " e ' WA 'Efyl ufixfwiif 4 ' 1'-114. ,'P.'3'.,x V uf I I k"' I .E-'J fx' 0 ,lxogi ' ' 19' -Wx.: nf in . ' ,H f 1 ' y.y .f yu --', 71. 'E ,',g!,-1-40,11 , s-ll , . '3 ,,.' la v 'I nl 1112 , ' L' H. ' ff.s 1 "i 'H f ,, "4 fu' , 1, ,K 1 ,I fx L4 thu, gl 2. - 'M if ,?i, y Q- ,1,a'I'A X " g , 'Qs U' o xl -X tis, .1 , ' lki' "Z ':'1 N: 1,f ' - 1 I' ."X ' ' 0 , - ', , '-am A 2 . "ju I-"WH 5 . ' , , 1Ig.1' 4 Q I 5 ' 'f' l'.'..-' , 9 V 1 r X 5 ., W. X. . ' ' . - I , .' ,,'ir !Y 'fsgff..'Q45 L 1 W- ff , - Ag- lg - ' "Un N Uf..An -.' fvy IV " 'V I - ' '-,-f' '." '1. ,' ,y " .f j',W'..'i.--f-Q 5 12 yiwlfg A 'p' , .ik ' J ' V ' . 1 . ' 1. .loiiywilll A n ,, I ,ai -' ' .' 54 1 . 'q -i.1'J,1l 'J' I w f. H-5.f'1v'! f - I ' ' '4x3fXQ'A:.i,'8dl Iugx I 0 z'.fJ:l ' W vqllxlllu ' X f w "aww--f'e4'v".'f"5T'3Z I A . J'?f"' Q, . '. " T. V '. . . n ' A-'Ii '. ' '. 1 ,D r y.-4"u':'f'-9-. . -F -af.-l'., .lv f'-1 n..,,-.-4 'L-. .' - I xi., !q:xi.!llig. A K, ' - ar' ' .-av v. K. 'J v- ,. E3 4. 579. ,Ir 1 iii W. 5, ' . '. "gm"'x v.vl,- .5-4 A1 f 1 Xrjxgl-LING!! U ' ' " fo l ' n I S71 i9 K u ld! Kal! ' ,1,,'lS . IW.-xuv. .'ux,H, 'Juv -Mv.l . '. . 5 t . Nl t . x!4. lx! 1,4T'n1' :Qin 1 l I , f , ,, -,LL - -I x I, ' 'f. ab 1,2 M lf" ,I v ' ',,4 fyligfsr ,5 K fy 5.1.1 ., ' ' 'Ui 1 I .N 1 . Ani, 4 :- 'usf ' A 4 u's- J 1.3 ' ' V ' A xr , ,SJ X' J , 1 ,'..w v'J',2' f'.T't'l . . , 'Lyn .wfvs 'I ' 'iq--1 'J ' I 1 . .. ',e.'L '- H A Jn luv, 1- 7,,f 4 In fy' !'. ' " nf, 6 Lfafd In an 2 Nl lm' . r Q. fp' I v 4 '- , ' . h 5 N - Q, M, 4 .'. 1' f v, iq I r - o ' , ."fI or: l, ,Y vu--:J r,l, , -13 "1i.f .-: g-yy.: ul- A -U . ' " ups, " .1' l'g1axL'f4 iQ V521-.' ,. ., xzir. zfjrfllg' it f, .Iq . .yu ljt A 9- .,'.!,.1 ffixii ' 1,'1f, A M .. - 4 ' x . , ' v 1 1 I 4 ' V -ll:lE:I.i'o .Fd 'Q flint .' -' . .n '. . I' X- - ' mu?-r V 1 J Q' .six Vo O 4 V., -'aQ" 'A r ' 'nr-' ,ful . JL- S, Al' Iv. , c A A V: ,'- I v "xy 1 x i B, 'l, 5.15. 3 -.f ,f Ahi. 1114, - .5 , .El I. J 1 . ' '- .Jn 9? rw '.' W, 1. M . I.' X 0, ' . -. , . I . ,4. . .ox , I -5 9' 'J-11' ' ?'x A? vi 4,1 ' if ' .fy A - ' , ,. ,- - N , .w, I' V' I , A' f fl ti-e'4r"h,f" ' H - v 5' F 7'7"-'J "1 " x -1 ','4 .'.,1 U J ,V I . ., 1 'fu "-. , if 'ff-.fww .f '-4-4'.ig4'51 ' ' n - ,-. F I ' gif? '3 .7497 W1 Y .' 'Sf 4 cg -' . .,,. . L..-:H y A kv J it. X l - l 'i -N .0 I TI-IE NEWTCDNIAN 11 n'lQ34 cc cf Annual of Newton I-lign Senool Newton, Massachusetts VQLUME TWENTY-FIVE EDITED BV THE CLASS QF NINETEEN THIRTY-FQUR Io STERLING L. WILLIAMS Qur Loyal Friend and Ieaclner We the Class of Nineteen I-Iundred Thirty-four !5xFIectionateIy Dedicate this Book L,yC .,,.f ,., . ',"VE"--1 .R 4.4. f so . x '.? "' 3 Wwe'-,EH "' Ti-f Ei ri," 5 sq.-rf: ,. ,- 'iw V Q A in to--- ku ,4 ,.- ...v .f .,., ,- ..- .,.- anon, I A f '.ai .3- ,Y - - r l A Q, , c c c-55 t Q, ey gist .f ig- Q ,c MD E342 W VER FOREWORD if Class of resents as tlle culmi- QUQJ P ff! ' . . t ' 15555 1lI1f1Ol1 of 1fS career, the twenty-fxftll 222 fl f Q e 1t1on 0 the ALNGWfOIli31l.,7 It is to tlle loyal co-Operation of the stuclents ancl the faculty aclvisers fllllf tlle Success of this 170011 is Cllle. It is tlle sincere desire tllat this Hsilver Newtonianu lie a filifllt-III recorrl ancl a XS"Oftlly souvenir of tlle Class of THE EDITOR. QI-ITOIW XX 3154 - j, Q, - A I uni-- OYVEPQV' S fav' PAUL E. ELICKER Principal, Newton High School Eight fd 4 W 'L g' EEL.-l t Q - H I , .. , , . , ,. I V ps? x'-N 1.-Y fx-.N 'XX ,NTR- SN LIN' -VX, -Nwfw-f'X.!x,, -f5s.?+Z " yr- ,-, n..--:.,, . LU.r'rrzAN-4 ' E'-3,1 -'- I' -I K f. 1 4' inn ' W Iblfg- pb? UO' ri fma. - x f-xx 'V x A , Y -A -'.- xx x t f-A,r............. - -f--v--- 'P Y .gms 1 :5 M bfi Y .1 XX X y l . If ' xx x . , 4' . , NN ,, I , 1 , X 'XXXL Y . I . . PM G VL- pb? I T E H The -l-l'll'22 lXflUSl42fZ6I'S H N November the faculty presented the well-known play, "The Three Muslceteersf' ccached by Mrs Bemis. The leading roles were played by Raymond Green as Dfxrtagnan, Carl Swan, John Lund, and Paul E Flicltef as the three musketeers, Roberta Miller as Gabrielle, Roxanna l-lolden as the Queen and Francis FCQYQI as the King. Edith Newcomb made an admirable yillainess, while T. Jerome Cutting played the rcle cl thc xillain, Cardinal Richelieu. Walter Taylor, Carl Birmingham, Lester Williams, Charles Petersen and N-Tcl Cottrell were a Fine supporting cast. Qne of the highlights of the production was a realrstrc light staged lxvtxwccn the Cardinals guards and the Kings muslceteers. QLTON, 'P T ' ' 1 Q ff E X r r sdasf Vg- pb Pupils on Scholarship Roll Every Marking Period lor the School year CLASS XII Dorothea E. Appelt Hope T. Baker Howard H. Brightman Janet l. Brown Frances M. Chamberlin Lillian Cohen Vera L. Darrah Joan Drew George W. Guise Richard B. Hawes Norman E. Henley Winifred A. Jenrick Jane Kirby Reniield D. Lamphere Ruth R. Miller Barker A. Serian Charlotte Paul Marion I. Salta Martha E. Silveira Helen B. Tufts Elizabeth L. Weston Catherine W. Worden Deborah York Twelve I9334934 CLASS XI Alfred Amendola Elizabeth G. Brine Muriel L. Bryning Miriam G. Burns John A. Butterfield Clarke T. Case George R. Collins Malcolm T. Eogg Doris H. Houchins Philip L. Johnson Rosalind K. Lewis Latimer W. MacMillan Alan Roberts Marguerite C. Robertson Caleb Roehrig Beatrice E. Romagnoli Mary W. Ryan Floresten M. Stickney Phyllis Sweetzer Barbara Thayer Jane Wagoner CLASS X Austin L. Baker Eleanor R. Bixby Cornelia W. Brown Barbara Cheney Admont G. Clark Katherine R. Dempsey William A. Dimon Alice N. Drury Mary E. Dwyer Edna G. Fernald Laura E. Gallant Josephine Gorgone Natalie M. Grow Virginia H. Hardy Ruth V. Hartley Edward F. Hennessey Porter C. Jarrell Pauline F. Keppler Elizabeth S. May J. James McEwan Jean Patterson Janet Raser John N. Rechel Robert M. Robbins Phyllis Schipper Dorothy N. Scully Adgenetta R. Stickney Dorothy Stimets Catherine C. Stone Marion Uline Andrew M. Wales Elsie E. Weise Jean T. Youngs -'EF-E ll nl' -1.35 W fb .- X '::- ' ' ' - '. XX...-'.'-.fL'L4, ,- .fz .V V , ki-N1 . 5. il -ig.. if 'gg . . i , ' . , -l. 25:5 - - . - '- . - . - ......,....-.......,- -........,,,...,x...-.......rql-z...........-..,.......,.'.'4' :U ' ,r....-...... .... .'... . ,. ..., A. .--,HX Jg. , - - . 'wiccae:-tf:-Z-Ak'-31:1-H-5--l".":':'.-':2'1'-'.': 1':'n'.'1x7'13'.'.' .. . , - . . . - - . .... '. Sf? Q.-g .215 B., .. 4 L'.'I '.','.. U , ., . . U., .4 f.'f- . .. :T r' 'fi' ., igl- '-'." :'. f".'. .. A .A 'q'u'- I-1.' f.:,. is-c.. .:.gI . : ,.:,': .gt . 1. .f gb: -aw. ,.:,. mv. u.d h... . '.-:-.-n. -1.-.-1.-:.-.-... lg,-5, .-,. . .'lsz'1l.-K-.-. . . . Z. . . ..-1. .'.- ::.4f,.'. . . , . . .3 . .'.'. -.-.-.-. .', .' .11 .,- . 1 . . , . ' - hz. -I, . .' .--.,. , . -.- zfliki' 1 A ,Q-.Wal ' , ' ' ' . 5 , . , . . 3 :JP ' A , ' . - . ' - a . . - v . .:-.' '54 2:3 .3-ff ...,.. ..... .. .-.'.4---- -1'.- fJ'.'. .'J..'1':vl.Vs'.'.Iu - .'.'-'-'A'-'.'.'- -'.1'.'.A.'-J -'-'.'.'.Z'.'.'FS u.l.l32ArwvL1-v F-JLLEIQVUN ff?-N , 3 x x ' w Alf K -Q.,-fr , - I ' fl, 'Y Afffgw gf" 3- - V -V531 - ' f b of we '. A ' ' A- ' '- " " ' . 'ifizff ' ' Ex" ' I T D- .- x . - . . .- i f Y 23' Q' I 1 Allll - . 'VC-pb? 'nn.--. a .-....:- . 1- ....., '. .'. '.'-I ' --f 'v':L.3Sag',','-' 1' -' -','.'.'.'.'. '- "" .' ' .' ','. .','.',','1 0,31 . .... 1,50 .,. ..... 47... A' 'ffzl .. ,...:.. I .... , .,,... , ,,., ,,... 1'-' 2555. 3:52 ' ' U 'A ' 1 ' ' ' 'Q V .A V ' 71-E. ' if- 3 " : 'iff 1551: .2523 ' f ' ' 7 ' I ' 1 -, U'5j':':. 'I , ",,, f T17 ? .Qffi "Eg:-,,N,.Qff' , 1 3 ' ' x , 'jig' , iq : an .1-V - , ' f p wc. 1, :Q - 1: - fs w . - ' r -, ' - n 41-. ,. .1 A 1 .uh .33 ig: ,' ., - 7 - - ' . 'l-5. - V 'Ei fig,-gf" , , - ' -A ' , ,Ig 2 Q ' , fgif, l -- ' , 'fig V 2 ' L :ff 4, .- ' f , ' f V ,V 3 L 5512 ' ' I N p' 1 " 1:31 .5 V. Q ' . ' P T ' 8'-U in 'f . ' . AUT' - A ' ' f , 2 . f . V V V 'xi pl AL' l,:' AK., ' Q 5 . H - 1 5 ' 'V ' . A I ya? ill: , -I Y W N ' - ' n' 143-Q: A A L L N ' ' if' .b V' , 4 f Q V o 0 'P . . I . A , - Z L V U Q A-A ,. I '- . I X ,N , Av F, , f . L - ' ' - ' 'if 1 xx: i , ' L ' 1 L :Y " V x X ,- f x xl v H Q f " N. I 1 -C I ' . . il' N .. xx X N I X . . i x ' - ' N . ' -. , - . Z , , D '. ' ' ' ' X - Th, 'tvef' d-WOW! 'Wen " ,371 liz, b m y ww f? 4 W , --".. x 'v Y -' 5 gfviv cf . aw , M G 125' 11 :V 5' fi- fourtee i' dl-TON, :L E' I ll lycpi V' v---s, -- if 'Y' SENIOR EXECUTIVE COUNCIL Senior I'listory 'I934 Act IV of "The Follies ol 1934" CWith a review ol Acts I, ll, and IIID I-IE First time that we of the class ol 'I934 looked across the footlights on the Newton stage, four years ago, we were both dazzled by the glare, and bewildered at not being able to penetrate the darkness of the auditorium. But we banded together under Joseph Clement as stage director, with James I-lunter, Theodore Cobb, and George Stone assisting and on the whole, worked out very successfully the scenes in Act I ol the "Follies ol 'I934," The second act ol the Follies, presented the following year, was, as we had hoped, quite an improvement over the First because ol the enlarging of our cast by Junior I-Iigh graduates and because of the advantageous application of our former experiences. Our position as Sophomores compelled us to inspire the incoming Fresh- men. This year Jean Harvey directed our productions, assisted by Paul Felt, James I-Iunter, and Mariorie Tylee. One ol the First scenes in Act II was the Freshman-Sophomore Prize-Speaking Contest whose honors fell to Louise Kerr and Paul Felt, Other scenes were based on participation in athletics and clubs where our ability was duly recognized. Act III ol any drama is so likely to conceal the climax in its midst, to excite us all with its sudden appear- ance, that we Juniors had to be alert to our actions lest we should interrupt our drama inopportunely, turning ' fifteen x'l-l-TON! 111 X Iblff- pb E ! E E the forthcoming progress into falling action. Being upperclassmen, too, held much responsibility. Now our acting was expected to be natural, almost professional, and our ability increased to outstanding, a state of affairs much more difficult to attain than when we were not expected to "bring the house down." But Charles Flagg with his staff made up of Mary Jane l-lunter, James Naylor, and Margery Tylee proved truly capable directors. What more could one wish? ln fact, with Alice Mansfield starring in the Drama Club production, "The Royal Family of Broadway," and four other juniors in the cast we felt justifiably proud of our ability. When, just before the third curtain fell, our girls carried off the cup at the Gym Meet we knew our attempts had been successful. It is truly in the fourth act that the dramatic skill of our company of '34 has been revealed. The climax to the life of the "Follies" is yet to be discovered, but the higher peaks are already becoming noticeable. As ex- perienced actors we have learned to feel our audiences at Newton even though we still may not see them clearly. Their appreciation has seen its rewards. To direct our class through one of the greatest years of our life we chose Theodore Johnson, president, Claude Frazier, boys' vice-president, Dorothy Jones, girls' vice-president, Frank McCarthy, treasurer, Mary Jane l-lunter, secretary, and to lead the Associates, Alice Mansfield. From members of our company we chose the cast for the Senior Play, "Merely Mary Ann," in which Ann Newdick and John Wheldon took the leads. Later on other members were in demand for the Drama Club Play, "Three Faces East," in which Alice Mans- field again starred, A third scene from this great act was the Junior Senior Prize-Speaking Contest, from which Roland Jones carried off the boy's first prize. ln this same scene, the winner of the Essay and Verse contests were announced. Vincent Maloney won the essay cup, with Neal Railsback second, while Joan Drew re- ceived the poetry cup, with Charlotte Paul taking the second award. The Senior Talent Assembly, portraying try-outs for a musical comedy, and the induction of many from our class into the National l-lonor Society under the presidency of Janet Brown added inspiring scenes to the act, while the vigorous pursuance of girls' and boys' athletics furnished lighter touches. All through the year we have sought certain publicity from Fabian Bachrach, editor-in-chief of the Newtonite, and soon our memories will be filled with the thoughts of Charlotte Paul, who has been the leader of the 'iSilver Newtonian." The act is drawing near the close. Soon in the last scene of all, we of 1934 shall be standing on the top- most of the marble steps - great stepping stones that we have built back-stage at Newton - waiting for the marble doors before us to open to the world. When the iron bolts slide back we shall turn again to survey our handiwork, we shall gaze beyond the footlights, penetrating the darkness with thoughts of gratitude and exulta- tion. Then we shall pass through the doorway, the doors will swing together behind us, the curtain will drop before the stage. Book l will be finished, Book ll still lies ahead. Still always shall we remember the stage door back to Newton. Sixteen R- ,E- Q'-?v x-YB 'Wea lf.. IZL, - NORMAN RICHARD ABRAHAM 144 Hancock St., Auburndale The man who does a little and does it well does a great deal. Born September 18, 1915, Scientific, Long Beach, Cali- fornia, Undecided, To keep my initials from being displayed all over the country. VIENNA ALTERIO QQ Beecher Pl., Newton Centre lt rs the quiet worker who succeeds. Vi, Born July Q, 1916, Office Training, Mason, Unde. crded, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Home Economics Club, Q, Treas- urer, Q, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Orange Book Stall, 3, Newtonite Mailing Stall, 4, Fashion Show, Q. ROBERT W. ADAMS 307 Cabot St., Newtonville The varied lrle which we enjoy rs short. Bob, Born March 25, 1916, Scientific, Day, Bowdoin, Legislature, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Committee ol 75, 3, Band, Q, Senior Play Committee, 4, To show up Isham Jones. JOSEPHINE JOAN ALTIERI 11 Thornton St, Newton As like as one pea rs to another Jo, Twinnie, Born August QQ, 1916, Office Training, Bigelow, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Tennis, 3. JOHN F. ALLEN Q16 Highland Ave., West Newton Truth needs no llowers ol speech. Bud, Fred, Born March 19, 1917, Mathematics, Warren, M. I. T., Radio Club, 4, Varsity Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Band, Q, 3, To be an electrical engineer. RUTH RITA ALTIERI Y 11 Thornton St., Newton When you see one, there is yet another. Twinnie, Ruthie, Born August QQ, 1916, Office Training, Bigelow, Undecided, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Committee ol 75, Q, National Honor Society, 4. JANE ALLEY 18 Groveland St., Auburndale Deliberatron is not delaying. Denny, Born August 3, 1916, General, Warren, Colby Junior College, English Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Secretary, 4, To find a place to sit in the lunchroom at C lunch. STANTON MORGAN AMESBURV 19 Berkeley PI., Auburndale - Why take file serfously? You'll never get out ol it alrve. Maude, Tanny, Born January 17, 1916, General, Warren, Norwich University, Aviation Club, 1, 3, 4, Cross Country Squad, Q, 3, Junior Varsity Baseball, 3, Outdoor Track, 3, Manager ol Football, 3, 4, Lunch Squad, 3, Intermediate Hockey, 3, To get into the U. S. Army Air Corps Cadets. Seventeen wr! alibi- -L55 'i I Ill g 'kvfppt' 155 xs 'J Q Ffghteen NORMAN ARTHUR ANDERSEN 3Q Oakland Stn Newton Smlllflg, Quiet, knowing, Normy, Andy, Sweed, Born February QO, 1915, Business, Bigelow, Business school, Basketball, 1, Traffic Squad, 4, HLY, 4, To swim like Johnny Weismuller. JANE AREND 15 Fair Oaks Ave , Newtonville Care to our collin adds a nail no doubt, But every cheery smile draws one out. Born April 16, 1916, Language, Day, Mt. Holyoke, Library Club 3, 4, English Club, 3 4, Executive Council, Q, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Field Hockey, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, Baseball, 9, 3, 4, Soccer, 9, 3, 4, Track, Q 3, 4, Ticket Committee, Prize Speaking, 4, Na- tional Honor Society, 4, To grow up and reach things, ' BARBARA ANDERSON 15 Westbourne Rd., Newton Centre L Her beauty makes this vault a feasting presence lull of light. Barbie, Andy, Born April Q7, 1917, Language, Mason, Wellesley, Neophytes, 1, 9, Gym Meet. 1, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Field Hockey, Q, 3, Debating Club, 3, Newtonite, Q, Vice-President of Associates 3, Secre- tary and Treasurer of Class 3, To look Mr, Enoch in the face without blushing, Qu t9 STANLEY l-l. ASTON 'i Q30 Walnut St, Newtonville His words are carelully chosen. X X Stan, Bennie, Born April QS, 1914, Business, Dani Northeastern, Executive Committee, 3, To find a bladeless knife without a handle, JULIA VlRGlNlA ANGINO 303 Nahanton St., Newton Centre W Speak kind words and you will hear kind echoes. ' Julie, Born May 15, 1917, Office Training, Mason, Un- decided, Field Hockey, 1, Baseball, 1, Q, Home Economics Club, 1, Q, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Prestdent, 4, Committee of 75, Q, Newtonite Mailing Staff 4, Alpha Beta, 1, Tennis, Q, Fashion Show, Q, Gym Meet Usher, 3. l.OlJlS FABVXN BACHRACH, JR, 1Q8 Highland St., West Newton The penis mtghtier than the sword. Nlax, Born April 9 1917, Language, Warren, Princeton, English Club, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Editor-inechiel of the Newtonite, 4, Tennis Team, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, English Club Play, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To make a lot of money ELSA DOROTHEA APPELT 33 Owatonna St, Auburnclale fl'girl with an independent mind. Dot Dottie, Born June 11, 1917, General, Warren, Art School, Honor Roll, Q 3. 4, English Club, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To be a fashion designer. HOPE TOWER BAKER 10 Chase St , Newton Centre from the crown ol her head to the sole ol her loot, she is all mirth. Born January Q7 1916, General, Mason, Miss Whee- locks: Gym Meet 1, Q, 3, Social Studles Club, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Lunchroom Official, Q, 3, 4, Chorus 9, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Senior Play, 4, To keep pigs and make butter. Qlrl-TON! E ta 5 ian cv-9 I iii T A- 7 AT T - 'T' tT Y- WlLLlAM BROOKS BAKER, JR. 399 Waltham St., West Newton Silence is the strength of the soul. Bake, Born October 96, 1917, Language, Warren, Amherst, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, lntermediate, 9, 3, Varsity, 4, English Club, 4, Senior Play Business Committee, 4, New- tonian Sports Stall, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, All-Class Baseball, 3, Not to bite oft too much or too little. Pl-llLlP R. BARNES 13 Nonantum Pl., Newton ,. Better not to be al all, Than not to be noble. Phil, Pat, Born March 9, 1914, Business, Bigelow, Northeastern, Newtonite, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Lunch Squad, 1, 9, Traffic Squad, 9, 3, 4, Not to become President. JOHN BALKUS 39 Wetherell St., Newton Upper Falls Ambition has no rest. Born March 95, 1916, Business, Emerson, Northeastern, National Honor Society, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Football, 3, 4, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Lunch Squad, 4, To be a golf professional, ELEANOR LOUlSE BARTLETT 154 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville A cheery smile, a willing hand, and a depth oflcnowledge, too. Eli, Bart, Born November 18, 1916, Scientific, Dorchester, Massachusetts State, Basketball, 4, To study entomology ARTHUR BALLOU 46 Morton Rd., Newton Centre Self reverence, self knowledge, self control. Art, Born May 9, 1915, Language, Middlebury, English Club, 4, Senior Play Properties Committee, 4, Prize Essay Committee, 4, To be a bright spark on the variegated kaleidoscope of life. LYLE BARTLETT 80 Dartmouth St., West Newton The world lcnows nothing of its greatest rnen. Born August 93, 1916, Scientific, Brookline, To become an aviator. C. HARVEY BARVER 94 l-lazelton Rd., Newton Centre Brevity is the soul ol wit. Bow-Wow, Born June 97, 1916, Language, Roxbury, Dartmouth, Scholarship Roll, 9, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Ping- Pong Tournament, 4, National Honor Society 4, To succeed CLAUDIA EASSETT 50 Hyde S' , Newton Highlands She's alwayr ready to helo a friend. Claudie. Claude, Born January 95 1917, Sciwntific, Hyde, Wheaton, Neophyte: 1, 9, Debating Club 4, Honor Roll, 4, Gym Meet, 1 9, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, SfmorPlav 4, To be on time anywhere, Ntneteer w G 5 ENE ...1 X 1 W1- G Vg-pb Twenty JOHN GARDNER BEALS Q01 Suffolk Rd., Chestnut Hill Eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we go to school, Born July Q6 1914, General, Middlesex, To graduate an 1934. ARTHUR ROY BEDIENT 9 Margaret Rd, Newton Hnghlands He has moved a little nearer to the Master ol all music. Art, Born November 19, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Un- decided, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, Alpha Beta Qi Neophytes Q, Lunchroom Q, Traffic Squad, 9, Lunchroom, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Olee Club, 4, Senior Play Property Committee, 4, To do life's work aright. LEONARD JOSEPH BECKWVTH 10 Read Ct., Newton Centre Always a gentleman A- That is his motto. Lenny, Born February QQ, 1917, Mathematics, Brookline, Harvard, Alpha Gamma Tau 4, Legislature, 4, Honor Roll 3, Football 4, Indoor Track, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To successfully emulate him who was born on my birthday HELEN BELFREY 41 Dalby St, Newton V She is good company and loads ollun. Born April 90, 1917, Office Trainrng, Day, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, To help make the United States Marriage and Divorce Laws like Russias LESLIE TXXALKER BECKWITH, JR. t T 4 Winthrop St., West Newton Where there's a will there's a way. Walk, Born November 19, 1915, Business, Roxbury, Boston Llniversity, Newtonste, 3, Traffic Squad, 4, Office, 4, To be a necessary cog in lifes machine. FREDERICK A. BELL 50 Charlesbank Rd, Newton ' ,f While l was musing, the fire burned. Goldbrick, Born January 30, 1915, Business, Bigelow, Lunchroom, Q, To be a traveler WINSLOW FRANKLIN BECKWITH 4 Winthrop St, West Newton A methodical mind means much to a masterful man. Wzn, Born March 13, 1917, Language, Roxbury, Har- vard, Honor Roll, Q, Business Committee, Sen:or Play, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Outdoor Track, Assrstant Manager, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To realize all my ambitzons. GERALD SILAS BENNETT 17 Duffield Rd., Auburndale ' A He who sings frightens away his ills. J Pete, Born April 24, 1917, Mathematics, Warren, Camera Club, 4, Cross Country Team, Q, Honor Roll, 3, Ndtponal Honor Socnety, 4, To explain the fourth dimension to Mr. Mergendahl, QJTON E EN r f W I 7 g , y 'R ,1'-. 1 'J VEROYS ROBERT THOMAS BENNETT 1 19 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre l Good nature is stronger than tomahawlcs. Bob, Ben, Born May 17, 1917, Language, Mason, 1 University of Pennsylvania, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Vice- President, 4, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To yourney with the Boston Traveler. JANE BLACK 62 Grasmere St., Newton Not much talk, a great, sweet service. Jinx, Born September 27, 1916, Scientific, Bigelow, Boston University, Soccer, 1, Baseball, 1, Basketball, 1, Home Economics Club, 9, Honor Roll, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 4, To enioy working hard, JOSEPH LEO BERGEN 79 Dalby St., Newton Not afraid of work, but not in sympathy with it. Berg, Born March 16, 1917, Business, Day, Bentley's, Baseball, Q, 3, Office Accountant. MARJORY BLACKLER Q41 Austin St., West Newton Good nature is the sign of a large and generous soul. Mid e- Born Januar 1 1915- General, Da ' Miss 5 1 Y , 1 1 Yi Chamberlain, Camera Club, 3, To find out where the stocking goes when the hole comes. LLOYD BERGESON 885 Beacon St., Newton Centre This argumentative arguer love: an argument. BerBYi Born March QQ, 1917, Mathematics, Mason, Annapolis, Neophytes, 1, Q, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Secretary, Q, Intermediate Football Manager, 9, Honor Roll, 1, 9, English Club, 3, English Club Play, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Varsity Football Manager, 4, Legis- lature. 4, Finance Board, 4, To win the America's cup. FRANCES BLAKE Q97 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands lfl chance to talk, forgive me. Dinkie, Born October 14, 1916, General, Hyde, Junior College, Hockey, 1, Basketball, Q, Sophomore Dance Com- mittee, Q, Library Club, 3, English Club, 4, To adopt Jeff Jones as my uncle. MICHAEL FRANCIS BIANCARDI 311 Kenrick St., Newton IL does not become a man of counsel to sleep the whole nig t. Mike, Born June 3, 1917, Mathematics, Medford, M. l. T., Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To find the North Pole on the Boston Globe. ELIZABETH ESTELLE BOLINGER 38 Hobart Rd., Newton Centre A light heart live: long. Betty, Bets, Born May Q3, 1916, Scientific, Mason, Colby Junior College, Senior Play, 4, Aviation Club. 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Chorus, 1, Soccer, 1, Q, 3 4, Basketball, 1, 9, 3, 4, Hockey, 1, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, 9, 3, 4, Track, Q, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, - Baseball, 159, 3, 4, To lecture on the "complete evil homework. 4, of I lI Twenty-one - - I 0:1 X r f i 4 A arf I lwenty-two MARGARET LOUISE BORG Q8 Cotton St , Newton Good nature IS one ol the richest lrurts ol personality. Peggy, Peg, Born May Q6, 1916, Language, Mt lda, Wellesley, Englush Club 3, 4, Drama Club Workshop 4, To go through Four years ol college successfully. EULA BOYCE 176 Grove St , Auburndale Frankness rs a natural endowment. Red Rusty, Born December 11, 1916, Business, Warren Fishers Busnness College, To get a ,ob and have a car ROBERT STANLEY BOROVOY 456 Lowell Ave., Newtonvtlle l dare do all that may become a man. Bob, Born June 19, 1917, Language, Brookltne, Boston Umyersnty, Alpha Gamma Tau 4, Baseball, 9, 3, To go to a good college 'o have a good wtle and a good lob RICHARD PORTER BOYER, JR 195 Franklun St . Newton Few thrngx are rmpoxsrble lo drltgence and skrll. Duck, Born October 93, 1915, Mathematucs, Btgelow, Umverslty of Marne, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, 4, 5, Newtonian Buuldung Manager, Q, Newtonute Butldmg Manager, 3, Nevvtontte, 3, Stage Commrttee. 3, 5, Lunch, room Squad, Q. 3, 5, Raduo Club, 5, Band, 1, Q, Chorus 1, Class Orchestra, 1, Motion Picture Commtttee, 5, Sentor Play Publtctty Committee 5, To be stage manager tn Roxyls new theatre EVELYN BOWLER Q45 Webster St., Weft Newton So happy she can't help but laugh So glad she cannot lrown. X Shorty, Shrnmp, Born June 11, 1915, Stenographtc, South Boston, To grow tall JAMES HENRY BOYLE 97 Langdon St Newton Happy as a clam at hrgh trde. Jtm, Jtmmy, Born October 14 1915, Mathematucs, l3oston College Hugh, Undectded, Usher for Sensor Play, 4, lo be a good plasterer but nevwr get plastered RlCH,4PD STEARNS BOXOUMAN 866 Beacon St , Nwwton Centre lam Str Oraclel When l open my mouth, let no dog bark. Dtck Rntchne, Horn June 4 1917, Language, lflasonf Haverford, legtmlaturr, 1, Band, 1, Honor Roll 1, Alpha Feta l Q, Nvwtontte Q, Neophytes, 1 Q, Class Orchef tra Q, Lunchroom, 7, Drama Club 3, 4, Dcbatnng Club 3, 4 Vlcc:-Prrsndent, 4, Publtctty Commttttv Faculty Play, 4, 9-"n1Or'lalf'nt Assembly, 4,10 be cosmopolttan DOROTHY MARlE BRACKETT 420 Waltham St. West Newton And on that cheek, and o'er that brow The xmtles that wrn, the ttnts that glow. Dot,Dott1e,Born September Q, 1916, SCl?l'llIlIC, Warren, Ftntshtng School, Engltsh Club, 3 4, Class Dance Com- mtttee Q, 3 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Base- ball, 3, Basketball 3, Track, Q, 3, 4, To dance my way to the bright lights, A.- ga ff 4': - 4 T E A 9 QI, 4? E " ,:,, 2 A 4, , as WI- .mai ,,,. X 07Vtpx5?' HELEN AGNES BRANDT Q77 Dorset Rd., Waban A laugh is worth a hundred qroans in any language. Tink, Tinka, Born September 11, 1915, Language, Warren, Mt. Holyoke, Executive Board, 9, 3, Class Dance Committee, 9, 3, English Club, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, Field Hockey, Q, 3, Track, 3, Gym Meet, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 3, Soccer, Q, 3, Never to be asked why l am called "Tinka " HOWARD HUELSEN BRIGHTMAN 42 Braeland Ave., Newton Centre Wit and wisdom are born with a man. Rameses, Born June 4, 1914, Scientific, Mason, Boston University, Debating Club, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Newtonite, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To be mayor of Newton on the Socialist ticket, BEATRICE BREZNER 44 Mandalay Rd, Newton Centre One today is worth two tomorrows. Bea, Born April 6, 1917, General, Solomon Lewenberg, University of Michigan, To be a shoe stylist and social service worker, ARTHUR GARFIELD BROOKS 14 Pelham St., Newton Centre A closed door catches no llies. Bud, Bab, Brooksey, Born September 6, 1915, Business, Mason, Undecided, Traffic Squad, Q, Social Studies Club, 3, Home Room Manager, 3, English Club, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Glee Club, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Prize Speak, ing Usher, 3, Assistant Football Manager, 3, 4, To design a suit forthe Prince of Wales, MARY MARGARET BREZOSKA 615 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls , Blushing is the color ol virtue. Breezie, Born November 13, 1916, General, Alice L. Phillips, Massachusetts General Hospital, To help extinguish tra fic, ETHEL LOUISE BROXXJN Q5 Riverside St., Auburndale She is gentle that doth gentle deeds. Brownie, Born October 5, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Honor Roll, Q, Baseball, 9, 3, Tennis, 4, To sing over the radio and not be given the air KATHARINE BEST BRIGGS Q1 Saxon Ter., Newton Highlands lr was she who was so wise, patient, and ltrnd. Kihly, Katie, Born November Q, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Skidmore, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 1 Q, Archery 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Avtation Club, 4, Prize-Speaking lrtnals 3, Neophytes, 1, Q, Drama Club 3, 4, Home Room Mana- ger, 1, English Club, 4, To be a wit -- and not a nit-wit GUlNlVl,RE GERTRUDE BRONXJN 3 Proctor St , Newtonville Sflence is the perfect herald ol foy. Gwen, Brownie, Born October 99, 1914, General, Day, Medical training, Social Studies Club, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, Senior Play Costumes Com mittee, 4, Soccer, 1, Baseball Q, Chorus 9 4, To wait and be surprised. I fi V' ,ation s-O' ,po Twenty-fh susan SJ 2' 1 P xv l cv-9' sl.. T I .l- A 1 a K - 4--A -4 ,bv gig, W- gg Af.' - 7'1' l5ij' .JANET INGFRSOLL BROWN 148 Dickerman Rd , Newton Highlands Noble by birth. Yet nobler by great deeds. Jay. Jibby, Born May 14 1917, Scientific, Hyde, Oberlin, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, Q, Band, 1, Q, Orchesa tra, 3, 4, Drama Club, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, President, 4, Legislature, 3, 4, Lunchroom, 4, Talent Assembly Committee, 4, Executive Committee, 4, New- tonian Circulation Manager, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, Hockey, 3, Archery, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 1, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, 4, ELIZABETH CAROLINE BUNKER 176 Grove St., Auburndale f-ler disposition is as sweet as her voice. Betty, Bunks, Bunkie, Born October 99, 1916, Scientific, lasell Seminary, School of Practical Art, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3, Traffic Squad, Q, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Senior Play, 4, French Club, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, To make hay while the sun shines, PAUL l, BUCK 30 Byrd Ave, West Newton Nothing is better than friendship. P, l., Bucky, Born October 93, 1915, Scientific, Warren, Massachusetts State, Basketball, Q, 3, Baseball Manager, Q, 3 T ' ent some chemical 3, 4, Golf, 3, Cross Country, , o-inv that will dissolve Miss Waldmeyefs ' iron hand." HARRY BURBANK 60 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Studious ol ease and fond of humble things. Chief, Oscar, Born June 9, 1915, Scientific, Brookline, Purdue University, Football, 3, Drama Club, 5, Social Studies Club, 5, Vice-President, 5, Debating Club, 5, Traffic Squad, 5, Attendance Collector, 5, Home Room Manager, 5, Prize Speaking, 5, To be care free and easy. MELVIN ELUS BUDGELL Q12 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands Brevity is the soul of wit. Mel, Born November 19, 1915, Scientific, Hornell, New York, Northeastern, Traffic Squad, 3, To see the good old U, S. A, from the top of a freight train. MARY CECELIA BURKE 144 Webster St,, West Newton'l X, fl sunny nature wins lasting friendship everywhere. Burkie, Born July 17, 1915, Office Training, Warren, Undecided, Gym Meet, 1, Baseball, 3, Commercial Club, 4, To be able always to outlaugh those who laugh at me. T. BRENTON BULLOCK' 550 Chestnut St., Waban He would not sit in the scorner's seat. Brent, Tommy, Born April QO, 1917, Mathematics, Warren, Brown, Social Studies Club, 3, Secretary, 3, Debating Club, 4, To offer an ambition such as' To goto Princeton and stroke the crew to victory over Columbia, Cornell, Harvard, and Yale-and have it accepted by the Newtonian. ELIZABETH CAMERON 15 Davis'Ave., West Newton Her very quietness conceals a mountain of knowledge. Betty, Lizzie, Born September 5, 1916, Language, Warren, Framingham, English Club, 3, 4, Varsity Orchestra, 4, Gym Meet, 3, To think up a good ambition. Twenty-four QIJTON L i- f :Q",'-: U ENN i s 12:24 W I ,bye pb? ' ' ' ' . ,i Y '-15: . 3 -if '41 'V ,,1's:f- s 1 , - 3 -. . 3 . Wu Lx" - 15:5 -ii- -c . D .L .. - 1 Q' WlLLlAM A. CAMP, JR. . l X 59 Berwick Rd., Newton Highlands ' Say nay, and take it. Bill, Rabbit, Born December 4, 1916, Mathematics, Hyde, M. l. T., Class Orchestra, 1, 3, Band, 1, Alternate to Legislature, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Play, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, To be a second Coleman Hawkins. GUSTAV B. CARLSON 139 Jackson St., Newton Centre He that has patience may compose anything. Caus, Swede, Born July Q, 1915, Scientific, Mason, Northeastern. ANNE IRENE CAMPBELL 274 Auburndale Ave,, Auburndale There are many rare abilities in the world that fortune never bring: to life. Born August 94, 1916, General, Warren, Undecided, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Play, 3, Honor Roll, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, To be as good as some people think they are. HELEN FRANCES CARRlER 11 Frederick St., Newtonville An affable and courteous lady. Fran, Born April 1O, 1917, Language, Day, Radcliffe, Chorus, 9, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Volley Ball, 3, To strike care- less out of the dictionary. ALVlN ELLIS CAPLAN 49 Waban Hill Rd., Chestnut Hill He is so witty and so strong, That be a matter ever so wrong, He will make it right. Cappie, Al, Kong, Born July 19, 1916, Scientific, Brookline, Dartmouth, Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Band, 3, Social Studies Club, 5, Outdoor Track 5, To lose twenty pounds and be wrestling champ of the world. JOHN CARTER 18 lonia St., Auburndale The world deals good-naturedly with good-natured people. Fish, Born October 97, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, M. l. F, To live to learn in order to learn to live. HENRY CARDARELLI 141 Linwood Ave., Newtonville A pound ol pluclc is worth a ton of luclc. Hank, Reco, Card, Born June 90, 1915, Business, Day, Junior Varsity Football, Q, Intermediate Basketball, 3, Attendance Collector, Building 3, 4, To fly a plane. NANCIE VIRGINIA C TER 37 Elm St., West Newton A good pal and a true friend to those that lcnow r. Nan, Ginney, Born February 16, 1917, Office Training, Day, Social Studies Club, 3, To do what l want when l please without advice of anyone else. Twenty-five Q8 Central St., Auburndale QIJTONI la 'FET X, X ,bytpx V' I Ill 1 , i Q af 4 , ' eff A 5 , 'vs-Q 01' ,ai levi 5' Twenty-six ANN ANTONINA CARUSO 368 Langley Pd., Newton Centre Deep down there's a sparkle in her eye. Ant, Ann, Toni, Born September Q7, 1916, Office Train- ing, Mason, Commercial Club, 3, 4, Home Economics, Q, Mailing Staff of the Newtonite, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Fashion Show, Q, To get that "A" from Mr. Paige. FRANCES MORRILL Cl-IAMBERLIN 7Q Monadnock Rd, Chestnut Hill A merry heart maketh a cheerful countenance. Frannie, Born December 7, 1915, Language, Mason, Art School, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Hockey, 1, Q, 4, Base- ball, 1, Q, 3, Track, 1, Q, 3, Archery, Q, 3, Program Com- mittee of Gym Meet, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Senior Picture Committee, 4, New- tonite, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a success in some line of art. JAMES EDWARD CATON ,l 919 Watertown St, West Newton Sigh no more, ladies, Be of good cheer. Penny, Smoky, Jimmie, Born May 6, 1915, General, Day, Art School, Track, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, Q, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, Glee Club, Q, 3. 4, Lunchroom Squad, 2, Traffic Squad, 3, To be an artist for the Paramount tu io. LANGDON WILD CHANDLER 44 Cheswick Rd, Auburndale Out ol silence comes explosion. Bob, Born October QO, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, Harvard, To do anything worthwhile. LAURA CAVALLO 54 Oak Ave., West Newton She II ever ready and willing. Cov, Born February Q1, 1916, General, Warren, Un- decided, Gym Meet, Q. 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, To live, love, and laugh. HARRIET JANE CHAPIN 1039 Walnut St, Newton Highlands ln sports this lass does excel. Pat, Born November Q, 1915, General, Hyde, Lesley Kindergarten School, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3 4, Volley Ball, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Track, 9, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Aviation Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, To have all the animals l want without anyone objecting. EVA GRACE CHALLONER 680 Beacon St, Newton Centre lnlinite riches in a little room. Peanuts, Born December Q6, 1916, Office Training, Jamaica Plain, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Radio Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Chorus, Q, 3, To emulate Mr, Green in height DAVlD CHAPMAN Young fellows will be young fellows. Dave, F,O.B., Born May 16, 1914, General, Warren, Boston University, Baseball, Q, 4, Football, Q, Social Studies Club, 4, Secretary, 4, To pay off the mortgage. I '.L-. We 1 33 S 4 , , 1 , j, Q- - I mul Iblffpb? EDWARD K, CHARLESWORTH QQ Gambler St , Auburndale Let every man do hrs best. Ed, Bud, Born Aprrl 16, 1915, General, Warren, Bemrs Naval Preparatory, Indoor Track, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, To make the lirst non-stop flight around the world, KERSAM B. CHOBANIAN 40 Nonantum St, Newton Hrs wrsdorn lrlls the air, Nary a-worry, nary a care. Kay, Choby, Born March 14, 1916, General, Brrghton, Sensor Play Busrness Commrttee, 4, To streamlrne meteors, JOHN A. CHASE, JR. 17 Churchrll Ter, Newtonxrlle ll you'll blow to me a krss, l'll blow a krss to you. Chisey, Born December 5, 1915, Screntrlrc, Day, Nor' wich Unrverstty, Home Room Manager, 3, Cross Country, E, Avlatron Club, 4, To drrve a mrlk truck from the runnrng- oard. HAROLD CLOL,lGH 75 Auburn St., Auburndale A The stronger always succeeds. ' Hal, Born July 19,k1913, Busrness, Warren, Undecided, To be a successful busrness man, ALEXANDER M. CHASSCN 4' Q65 Calrlornra St Newton peech rs a faculty grven to man to conceal hrs thoughts. Al, Chas, Born AugustQ,1916, Busrness, Day, Bentley's, Baseball, 3, To be an accounter for Bemrs Nayal Corpora- tion, NANCY JANET COAN 19 Saxon Rd, Newton Hrghlands lt IS good to lengthen tothe last a sunny mood. Nan, Nance, Born August QO, 1916, General, Hydf, Alpha Beta, 1, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Chorus 1, Q, 4, Glory Club, 3, 4, Englrsh Club, 3, Socral Studrcs Club, 4, New' tonite, 4, Basketball, 4, Volley Ball, 3, Home Economrcs Club, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, 3, 4, To keep a promrse ANNA Cl-IESARONE O15 Chestnut St , Waban The temple of our purest thought rs srlence. Born Aprrl Q7, 1916, General, Emerson, New England Conservatory, Outdoor Concert 1, Q, 3, 4, Class Orches tra, 1, Q, 3, 4, Chorus 1, Q, 3, 4, To be the next best plants! THEODORE KARL CORP 145 Langley Rd , Newton Centre ln hrs eyes lre vrsvons of strange countrres. Trd, Ty, Florn March 18 1917, Scrcntrllc, lckrng Gr-r many, Dartrrouth, Class Secretary K1, Tvnnrs 9 3 4 Second Team Q, Varsrty 3 4,German Club 3 Vrceeprrsrdent 3. Hone Room Manager 4, Legtslaturr 4, Sfnror play Com mrttre, 4, Costumes Commrtter' Charrrran 4, HIVV 4, To Hrtlerrze Brooklrnr Twrfntv'-sr Q4 Fairfield St., Newtonville 97 Morton St., Newton Centre Q17 Hunnewell Ter., Newton Wolff 'HON' get - x I. Vg pb? E5 i t P , J a W are Twenty-eight LILLIAN COHEN 56 Eddy St., West Newton lt is not how much we have, but how much we enloy, that makes happiness. Lil, Born May 25, 1917, General, Day, Boston Univer- sity, Chorus, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Baseball, Q, Home Economics Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, To do things to please everyone including my- self and my family. AUSTIN CONNELLY 981 Lexington St, Auburndale Rare compound of lrolic, oddity, and lun, Who relished a jolre and relolced in a pun. Mumps, Austy, Born December 14, 1916, Business, Warren, Undecided, Legislature, Q, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, Senior Play, 4, Senior Executive Committee, 4, Cheer Leader 4, Cross Country Team, Q, To be a successful salesman. MARJORIE COLLINS f-lere's a girl who's bound to succeed. Midge, Marge, Born August 11, 1916, General, Day, Art School, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 4, Track, Q, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Library Club, 4, Clerk of Associates, 3, Legislature, 4, Senior Play, Candy Committee, 4, To be everywhere on time. JOHN CONNELLY Q81 Lexington St, Auburndale There is nothing new except what is forgotten. Johnnie, One-Eye, Shakespeare,Born January 19, 1915, Business, Warren, Undecided, Indoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Cross Country, Q, 3, Outdoor Track, 9, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Newtonite, 4, Senior Play Com- mittee, Business Manager, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, To succeed in business. MARTHA MAY corsion ' ln athletics she excels A as well as in all things. Born December 18, 1915, Scientific, Mason, Sargent, Neophytes, Q, Outing Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Class Hockey, 1, 9, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Manager, 4, Volley Ball, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 1, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Track, 1, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, Gym Meet, 1, FRANCES CONROY 1149 Washington St., West Newton Vas you dere, Charlie? Red, Connie, Born September 19, 1916, Business, Warren, Katherine Gebbs, Social Studies Club, 4, Outdoor, Concert, 9, Chorus, SZ, Glee Club, 3, Commercial Club, 3, Secretary, 3, To dance till dawn and sleep all morn. FREDERIC KEVIN CONLEY He lflres himself a little bit Why not? He always malres a hit. Born March 14, 1916, Business, Bigelow, Cornell Uni- versity, Track, 1, Football Manager, Q, Basketball, 9, Home Room Manager, Q, Traffic Squad, 4. HELEN E COOKSON 136 Jackson St., Newton Centre Merit wins the soul. Cookie, Born January 25, 1917, General Mason Boston University, Soccer, 1, Home Room Manager, Q, Cilee Club, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, To know what l'm going to do next. Tn Wi I 2- -T I II1 F 1 at E ,s , 4 Efsx 1 5' D gn of OYVE 95? JOHN COOPER 166 Elliot St., Newton Upper Falls He hath a daily beauty in his life. JOIWHDY, -ldCIsi Born ADril 15, 1916, Mathematics, Emerson, Massachusetts State, Varsity Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Outside Music, 1, To be a florist. CHARLOTTE JENKINS COVENEY 31 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands An eye wherein at once do meet The beam ol kindness and of wit. Q6 Floral St., Newton Highlands Darby, Born November 7, 1916, Language, Hyde, Un- decided, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, Basket- ball, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, EZ, English Club, 3, 4, Baseball, 9, Tennis Tournament, 1, Q, 3, To be a uwishus woman" and laugh like Joe Penner, GEORGE XX! CORKUIVI Open rebuke is better than secret love. Bud, Buddy, Born February QS, 1917, Business, Hyde, Northeastern, Honor Roll, Q, 3, To be a successful adver. tising manager. CLIFFORD NEWTON CRAIG 41 Prairie Ave., Auburndale l-le who laughs, lasts. Cliff, Peter, Born March QO, 1916, Business, Warren, Bentley's, Lunchroom Squad, Q, iGIee Club, 3, Assistant Football Manager, 3, Manager, 4, Assistant Baseball Manager, 3, Aviation Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Senior Play, 4, To be able to rescue some fair maiden in distress. RETA ELIZABETH CORKUM 478 California St, Newtonville For courage mounteth with the occasion. Re, Corkie, Bubbles, Born February 14, 1916, Office Training, Day, Bryant and Stratton, Commercial Club, 3, Chorus, 1, To be always on time and be successful in life. MARY GERTRUDE CRCNIN 50 Cottage St., Newton Uppper Falls Begone, dull care, begone from me, Begone dull care Thou and l shall never agree. Molly, Spud, Born August 31, 1916, Office Training, Emerson, Alpha Beta, 1, Home Economics, 1, 9, Baseball 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Commercial Club, 4, Gym Meet, 3, To be a private secretary toa good-natured boss. DUNCAN COTTING 151 Oakleigh Rd., Newton Laughter holding both its sides. Dunc, Born February 3, 1916, Mathematics, Bigelow, Un- decided, Hi-Y, 4, 5, President, 5, Baseball, 1, Committee of 75, 3, Legislature, 3, Hockey, 1, Football, Q, To own a pair of penguins, GECRGE HEPRTLEY CROSBIE JR, 120 Lake Ave , Nevvtcn Cvntrr Write me as one who loves his fellow-meh. Cyerg, Born March Q5 1914,C1eneraI,Blairstovwn New Jersey, Undecided, English Club 4, To be an insurance broker ftsvvfx C dnory I cab? ' . ': Q I 49 "" I E-5' In Q XEX fl u , 349 W I - , . ,V ,. .. I Thlrty I JANET MARIANNE CRYAN I I Q Whttney Rd , Newtonvnlle I She's never haughty, never proud, But, popular IU every crowd. Cleo, Chubby, President of B, B. B, Born February 5, 1917, General, Day, Colby, Neophytes, 1, Q, Alpha Beta 1, Q, Eteld Hockey, 1, Q. 3, Basketball 1, Q, Engltsh Club. 3, 4, Socral Studies Club. 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Sensor I Play. 4, Legtslature, Q. 3, Culrls' Debating Club, 3, Tennts I Tournament, 1, Q, To ltve, laugh, and be loved. BARBARA CUTTING 49 Nrhotden Rd , Waban Laughter trrckles around her ears. Barb, Barbte, Born October 1, 1916, Language, Nllfarren, Colby Junror College, Englush Club, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Gym Meet Q, 3, 4, Tennas Tournament, 3, 4, Track, 3, 4, Newtontan Staff 4, Sensor Play Candy Commtttee, 4, To show the Canadrans how, DOROTHY CAMP CIJIQPIER 10 Washungton Ter Newtonvtlle Modesty IS the grace ol the soul. Dot, Dottie, Carrte, Born Aprul 3, 1917, Screntrluc, Day Snmmons, Avratton Club, 4, Band, Q, 3. 4, Varstty Or- chestra, 4, To be an archttect JOHN MAHER DALEY 41 Huntlngton Rd , Newton The old age ol an eagle 15 as good as the youth of a sparrow. Jack, Born May 6, 1916, Nlathematrcs, Yonkers, New York, Yale, Alpha Gamma Tau 3, To be a doctor HELENA EEATRICE CUPTIN 10 Pond Ave., Newton Farrest gems he deepest. Lena, Fudge, Born September 3 1916, Olfrce Trarntng, Bugelow, Burdett, Soccer 1, Tenms Q. 3. 4, Baseball. 3, Comrnerclal Club 4, To fund out why they hang cuftafns ALICE DANFORTH 163 Cypress St Newton Centre Jolly, good-natured and sweet, She's a glrl you'd love to meet. Born September Q1, 1916, Olfrce Traumng, Mason, Chorus 4, To be a successful busuness woman DOROTHY MAE CURTIS 48 Harvard St , Ne .fvtonvulle To be good lf to be happy. Do? Dottte, Born May 1Q 1916, Ofltce Trarntng, Bel- mont, Boston Art School Honor Roll Q, Home Economlcs Club, Q, Newtonlte 3 4, Socral Studies Club, 4, To draw lashuon plates for Jordan Marsh Co. NXXILMA SAIZGENT DANFOPTI-I 435 Crafts St . West Newton Musfcl Musfcl She lfvex lor :tl Btllte, Danny Sargent, Born August Q3, 1916, General, Jacksonvulle, Elortda, New York lnstttute ol lntertor Decora- tnon, Band, Q 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, Soctal Studies Club Q, To be as ltne a yachtswoman as Lupton was a yachtsman dnors, E' 1 '-iv '-I A 9 I' ' . .. VL- gb? 191 134 I L , 47 s 4414. 1' ELIZABETH CATHERINE DANIELS 337 Washington St, Newton A boolr's place is in the school. Betty, Born October 19, 1915, Office Training, Somer- ville, Wilfred Academy, Commercial Club, 3, To own a beauty shopoe EDITH ANN DELOFEI 944 Nevada St, Newtonville Great oaks from little acorns growl Charlie, Born October Q1, 1917, General, Day, Newton Hospital, Soccer, 1, Baseball, 1, To be a lady, VERA LOIS DARIZAI-I 19 Fuller Ter., West Newton A perfect woman nobly planned, To warm, to comfort, and to command. Born May 17, 1917, Office Training, Warren, Undecided, Social Studies Club, 3, National I-lonor Society, 3, 4, Lunchroom Official, 4, Orange Book Staff, 4, I-Ionor Poll, Q, 3, 4, Senior Play Business Committee, 4, To entoy myself always. JULIA MARY DEMPASEY 961 Webster St., Auburndale She rs sober and dull through the common dayfbut when it is night f Bud, Born July Q1, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Boston University, Baseball, Q, Basketball, Q, To go to Detroit in July, ARNOLD BLAKE DAVIS 35 Pulsifer St , Nevvtonville Eternal vigilance is the price of success. Mope, Born May 13, 1915, Mathematics, Day, North- eastern, Football Q, 3, Cheer Leader, 5, To be a successful engineer. ALBERT DI PUCCI-IIO 95A Elm St, West Newton My soul today is far away. Born December QB, 1913, General, I-Iaverhill, School ol Pharmacy, DOPOTI-IV VIRGINIA DAVIS Q10 pleasant St., Newton Centre A good pal and a true friend to those who know her. Dottie, Dot, Born September Q3,1916,Languagrr,Mason, Wellesley, Baseball, Q, Archery, Q, 3, 4, Aloha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Camera Club 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, To give to the world the best I have, so that thi' best may come bacl to me. ALBERT E DERCOLF 337 Boylston Sf ,Newton Centre l-le doesn't know what it's all about, but he's agafnvt 't. AI Deacon, Born March 8 1917, Business, NIason, Boston Univ,-rsity, Varsity Band x1, Q 3, Honor Roll 1 Q 3, 4, S.-nior Play Bssiness Committee 4, Lunchroom Squad 4, Varsity Baseball Assistant lVIar1agcr Q, To bv successful in the bssirvss world and as a golf professional 'OVW dJTOly 'E C0 4' il' I iii 'b e - 1 f - i r ee W F 5 Thirty-two VEB AMATO JOSEPH DE SANTIS 13 Cottage Ct Nonantum Rest 15 sweet alter strile. Tomatoes, Born January QO, 1915, Business, Day, To become an owner ol a big enterprise ALFRED WILLIAM DICKINSON 48 Hull St., Newtonville ' fl man ol hope and a forward-loolring mind. Bill, Dick, Born October 5, 1916, Language, Day, Brown, Traffic Squad, 3, Legislature, 3, 4, Athletic Board, 3, 4, Aloha Gamma Tau, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Senior Executive Committee, 4, Honor Roll, Q 3, 4, Hi,Y, 3, 4, Newtonian, 4, Orange Book, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, 4. Junior Varsity Q 3 Varsity, 4, Assembly Llsher, Q, 3, 4, Executive Council 4, To own the Red Sox, MARY CAROLYN DE SlN,ONE 180 Chapel St., Newton Mfrth is more potent than power. Des, Born November Q1 1916, Office Training, Day, Bas-ball, Q, 3, lo be the worlds greatest bookkeeoer. EVELYN MARGARET DIVASTA 186 Langley Rd , Newton Centre Virtue is bold and goodness never learlul. Ev Evue Gary, Born March 15, 1916, General, Mason, Miss Wheelocks, Band, 1 Q, 3, Glee Club. 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q 3, Track, 3, Senior Play Business Committee, 4, Assistg ant Home Room Manager, 4, Senior Dress Assembly 4, To hear all the great pianists ofthe world. MARY CELINE DE SIMONE 15 North St, Newton Centre Laughter mixed with serious stuff. Bangs, Mae Shanghai Lil, Born June QB, 1916, Office Training, Brighton, Lunchroom Squad 4, Baseball, 3, Soccer. 4, Honor Roll, 3 4, To be able to look down on M' Green BETTY-JANE DOCKSTADER 303 Highland Ave. West Newton To be slow in words is not that woman'r virtue. B J,. Doc, Born June 94. 1916, Scientific, Warren, Wisconsin University, Neoohytes, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club 3 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Library Club. 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, New- tonite Q, Newtonian Proof Editor, 4, Senior Essay Com- mittee 4, Not to talk enough For one day. ANITA MARIE DEVINE ' 197 Winslow Rd , Waban XX 5he't all my fancy painted her, She'5 lovely, 5he's divrne. Nita, Born October 12 1915, Ollice Training, Hyde, Gym Meet, Q, Home Economics Club, 1, To live on Park Avenue. FLOYD LESLIE DODGE I6 Hazelhurst Ave NX'est Newton Life is xhort Let's make the most ol ft Bill, Born April QO, 1916, Business, Day, Baseball, 3, Assembly Usher, 4, To become successful in business and own a yacht 44 Chapin Rd, Newton Centre TON ,.,, ci I v' LZLZ' E E V' 'fl' S "- SGH 4 I R res 334, , , fa SQ- - I V .. Vcv- CHARLES T, DONOVAN 87 Washington St., Newton He doth, indeed, show some sparks that are like wit. Charly, Born April 30, 1917, General, Bigelow, Tennis, 3, 4, Assembly Usher, 4, To succeed in the business world. FREDERIC EASTMAN DREW 97 Eliot Ave., West Newton Look on my works, ye mighty, and despair. Fred, Pull, Born December 31, 1915, Mathematics, Day, Harvard, Home Room Manager, 4, Alpha Beta, Q, Com- mittee of 75, Q, Baseball, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Basket, ball, 3, 4, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, 4, To get somewhere politically. KATHERINE BLAKE DOUGLAS 91 Avalon Rd., Waban Sometimes grave and sometimes gay, Helping all on their way. Kay, Ka, Born October 99, 1916, General, Warren, Miss Wheelock's, Track, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 4, To make a success of life. JOAN DREW 9 Saxon Rd., Newton Highlands And rival all but Shakespeare. Joan, Jo, Born December Q1, 1916, General, Atlantic City, New Jersey, Massachusetts Normal Art, Neophytes, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, 9, Archery, Q, 3, Newtonite, 1, Q, 3, 4, Editor of Literary Page, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, English Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Drama Club, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be famous after l die, NEWTON RODGER DOUGLAS Let's play all night and sleep all clay. Doug, Legs, Born November 11, 1916, Mathematics, Mason, Brown, Neophytes, 1, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, Usher, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Assembly Usher, 4, lndoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 1, Q, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Alternate to Legislature, 1, 3, To be president of the world. MARY 648 Watertown St, Newtonvrlle O, that l were a boy' VIOLA DUFFY Vi, Born January 3, 1917, Office Training, Dorchester, Basketball, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Tennis, 4, Volley Ball, 3, Hockey, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, English Club, 4, Camera Club 4- En lish Club Play Committee, 4, Newtonite, 4, To be , 3 a success in something. STEWART N. DOUGLAS 91 Avalon Rd, Waban Speech is great, but silence is greater. Stew, Doug, Born January 91, 1915, General, Warren, Assembly Usher, 4, Alternate to Legislature, 4, Football, 1, Q, 3, Junior Varsity, 1, Q, Intermediate, 3, To be pedantic without appearing ostentatrous, , LUCY NEAL DUNLPP 11 Sherman Pl , Auburndalr Oh, thou art fairer than the evening air Clad in the beauty ol a thousand stars. I Lu, Sally, Molly, Born October Q4, 1916, Office Trair ing, Warren, Burdett, Social Studies Club, 3, Commercial Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, To be private secretary to John Gilbert and keep count of his wives TN " NE' 1 -1- L FE 277: 4 VL-pb I BN 3 190 'L ,,,-4 lltvty-lOUr NORMAN ENGLISH DUREE, JR 8 Holly Rd , Waban Love toolr me softly by the hand. Ned Dune, Born January Q6 1916, Mathematrcs, 1ffarren,l!1 l T, Honor Roll 1, French Club, Q, 3, Drama Club 3 4, Rresedent, 4, Busuness Manager, Orange Book, 4, Jumor Dance Commtttee, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Treasurer, 4, To be able to enyoy lule an the mountauns ol Caltlornua PARKER EDDY 13 lf' fda ler , Nez-fto'1 Urge me no more. I slvall lorget mysell. Bflfl' Red, Born October 13, 1916, Bustness, Qrvghton, l.',assaclwuse'ts irate, lo be a landscape archttect, MARJORIF BELLE DLlRKFl, 171 Concord St Ne Nton Lower Falls O lfeep me Innocent malre others great. lflrgue Gtggles Dzmples, l3orn June 8, 1917, Olftce Tratntng, VXlarren, To become a successful typust FVELYN ELFNVRN 116 follegr' Rd. Clvsnut Hull lt 's nvce to be natural When you're naturally nice Ly, li-rue, Horn February 11, 1917, General, lllason, CROl'JmlDId Llnnvr-rslty, Flnlta lieta, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 1, Q. 3 4, Tenrrzs Tournament 1, To be prryate secretary to Fred ' l'-Xlartng J7JLlA CONZTANCE DNXHGHT 18 Vernon St , Newton Entlvusrasm rs the marnsprrng ol accomplrslwment. Judy, Julre, Born May 13, 1917, Scuenttluc, Wunthrop, Ctmmons, Honor Roll, Q, 3 4, Aloha Beta, Q, Aloha Gamma lau 3, Rlay, 3, Engltslw Club, 4, Rrtze Spealctng General Qommttwe 4, Camera Club, 4, Newtomte 4, Newtonuan Data Ciommttwe 4, Cstrls' Cjym Meet, 3, 4, Usher Q, lemma Tournament, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, Baseball, Q, Clnorus Q FAARJODIE ll'JlfAER'l' 491 C,lwstnu'Ct,1Xfaban Here sne comes apparelled lflle the sprrng. Mfzrgw, 3o'n May 1 1916, Sctenttluc, Csrosse Rotnte, Mlchtgan, Colby, Pyuatuon Qiub, 4, To accomoltsln some- tlmng wortlnwlnlle FRP Lalflrr XP VIER Dxwyl R 346 Cherry it , West Newton Goll rs where he snrnesl Dewey, Born December 11, 1916, General, Warren, llndecuded, Assustant Hoclrey Manager 4, lo be a second Frar1CIS Ouxmef DOROTHY ENG 9081 Beacon St., Waban f1 sunny temper grlds tlwe edges ol lfle's blaclreft clouds. Dot, Dolly, Born January 1, 1917, Oflnce Training, Warren, Bustness College, Commercial Club, 4, To become a successful bustness woman. TON ws-. dl f . I itll- 4 refs, 19,2 3234 vfptol' ' sri 'IL' :"5,E' ,.1-L , -, tg- -- f '7 11.5521 'X .-Ixifly , ' .V ' ' ' iff, Q Av rf- ., ' ' ' -in " if .' . n .1 . , A1 A E fb NORMAN FREDRIK ENG 9081 Beacon St., Waban l dor1't trust to luck unless l have a return ticket. Mannie, Born April Q, 1915, Business, Warren, MARION V. EAGAN 833 Commonwealth Ave, Newton Centre She who speaks little, goes farthest. Marnie, Born May 31, 1916, Language, Girls' Latin School, Wellesley, To keep listening to Fred Waring's music, Cgieotyisi EVANS 54 Gay St., Newtonville For thou art graceful as becomes a woman best. Lyn, Carrie, Born April 3, 1917, Scientific, Day, Kath- erine Gibbs, Basketball, EZ, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, English Club, 3, Debating Club, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Archery, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 3, Soccer, 1, To be a private secretary to a rich bachelor. SHIRLEY GRACE FAIRWEATHER 9344 Washington St, Newton Lower Falls X She always keeps her poise. Born December 1, 1916, Language, Warren, Boston University, Freshman-Sophomore Prize-Speaking Contest, Q, To be head librarian in a large library. ELIZABETH l-llLL EVERETT 11Q Warwick Rd., West Newton Whoever lives true life will love true love. Bette, Bets, Born September 6, 1915, Scientific, Wicken- burg, Arizona, Rollins, English Club, 3, 4, Girls' Debating Club, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Chairman Civics Board, 4, Assistant l-lome Room Manager, 4, Orange Book, 3, l-lonor Roll, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 3, Chairman Senior Banquet Committee, 4, National l-lonor Society, 4, To become a well-known writer, GRETAELOUISE EALLOWS 14Q Eastbourne Rd., Newton Centre A young lady, lull of high spirits and lun. Grete, Born August Q, 1916, General, Mason, Miss Chamberlain's, Basketball, 1, 3, Tennis Tournament, 1, 3, Baseball, 1, Aviation Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, To become somebody in the world ol designers. ANNE EWSEVCHIK . 1089 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls She is ever so gentle and sweet. Born January 19, 1915, General, Emerson, Simmons, l-lome Economics Club, 3, 4, To be a social service worker. Puiup PAUL Ffxizimfx l 17 Murphy Ct, Nonantum Perseverance keeps honor bright. Phil, Born August 5, 1916, Business, Day, Northeastern To be an office manager, Basketball Manager, 4, Assistant Basketball Manager, 3, Ttwr V E553 All N! rn :za- ,blfg gb? ' Q'f 4 A ff ' 192 ,54 I lhfrty-S 1 FRANCES MARGRET FEELEY l 14 School St., Newton Gay, bewrtchrng folly of heart, Oh, how we'll hate to see her deoart. Franie, Frankie, Fanny, Born August 90, 1915, Business, Our Lady's, Bryant and Stratton, Home Economics Club, 1, Commercual Club, 3, To be a good prrvate secretary. MARIO JOHN FERZACCA 80 Maplewood Aye., Newton Centre For he was studrous - of hrs ease. Fezzy, Born January 1, 1916, Business, Mason, North' eastern, Baseball Manager, 9, To go into busmess. ELEANOR BARBARA FEERICK S24 Woodbune Ter, Auburndale A merry heart kills more mrcrobes than medlcfne. Fl, Ellue, Born December 93, 1916, Scuentlhc, Warren, Framingham Teachers' College, Tennls Tournament, 4, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 3, Volley Ball, 3, Archery, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 9, 3, 4, French Club, Q, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Camera Club, 3, Neophytes, 9, Chorus, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Costume Commrttee, 4, Sensor Banquet Commlttee, 4, To luve, love, and learn. BERT EDWARD FINBERO Q00 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Yon Cassaus has a lean and hungry look. Red, Born September 91, 1915, Cneneral, Mason, Duke, Football, 1, 9, 3, 4, Hockey, 4, Legislature, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Tralfuc Squad, 3, To play an the Rose Bowl on New Years SFLMA FEINSTONE Q5 Crosby Rd., Chestnut Hull Little, but oh myl Born September 30, 1916, Language, Roxbury, Simmons, To be a socsal worker RUTH CONSTANCE FINN Q4 Mayflower Rd, Chestnut Hall Lrfe rs not measured by the time we lrve. Ruthre, Born July 18, 1917, Screntrlrc, Mason, Unde- clded, Honor Roll, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Q, Baseball, 1, Q, Tennus Tournament, 1, 2, Soclal Studues Club, 4, To own a Lnncoln Phaeton A , FRANK FFOLA '. 59 Rrchardson St., Newton l Jack of all trades. Babe, Born September 94, 1914, General, Bugelow, Brown, Track, 9, 3, 4, Tennus, 3, Football, 9, 3, 4, Inter, ' mecluate, Q, Varsity, 3 4, Sensor Talent Assembly, 4, Hr-Y, 3, 4, To be a football coach WILLIAM HUDSON FISH, JR. 19 Bonwood St., Newtonyrlle l He werghs hrs trme and trmes hrs ways. 1 Born July 4, 1916, Sclentrfrc, Day, Bowdoun, Indoor Track, 3 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, HrfY, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Legnslature Alternate, 1, Usher at Drama Club Play, 3, Senuor Dance Commuttee, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Play, 4, To get my name an a history book, Tory, i -aa i '1r. dl I L E H 19 224 W F F I i 'b - . Vg pb? To be a buyer. BARBARA FISHER Q3 Stafford Rd, Newton Centre A true lriend is lorever a friend. Barbs, Babs, Bit, Born November Q6, 1916, Scientific, Mason, Colby Junior, Newtonite Q 3, French Club, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, Track, Q, BasebaIl,1,Q,Not to blush when I'm embarrassed, And not to be embarrassed when I blushl CHARLES PETER FLAGG 50 Falmouth Rd., West Newton l was ever a lighter, So one fight more, the last and the best. Born October 18, 1916, Scientific, Warren, Dartmouth, Junior Class President, 3, Associates Treasurer, 3, Senior Class President, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Intermediate, Q, Varsity 3, 4, Varsity Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Varsity Base- ball, Q, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, To be a radio announcer. EDWARD FITZGERALD 37 Endicott St., Newton Highlands Every inch a man. Fitz, Fitzi, Born February Q1, 1916, Language, Boston Latin School, Harvard, Assistant Baseball Manager, 1, Indoor Track, 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4. MARGARET JANE FLOOD 86 Jewett St., Newton From all things outward you have won A pensive grace, as tho you stood Between the rainbow and the sun. Maggie, Born October 3, 1916, Language, Bigelow, Emmanuel, Class Orchestra, 1, Chorus, Q, Outdoor Con- cert, Q, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Legislature, 4, French Club, 4, Honor Roll, 1, 4, To go to medical school. ELIZABETH FITZGERALD 174 Temple St., West Newton There is no wisdom like lrankness. Betty, Born April 1O, 1915, General, Sacred Heart, DAVID FLOWER, JR. 38 Wessex Rd , Newton Centre He turns a keen, untroubled face Home, to the instant need ol things. Born May Q4, 1916, Language, Mason, Harvard, Honor Roll, 1, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Play, 3, Club, 4, Assembly Usher, 3, To be a lawyer. Social Studies ' " THOMAS FRANCIS FITZGERALD, JR. 151 Pearl St , Newton A bold, bad man. Tom, Born January 1Q, 1915, General, Bigelow, Colum- bia, Football, Q, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate Q, Cross Country, 3, 4, Captain, 3, Varsity Track, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, Captain, 4, I-lonor Roll 4, Senior Play, 4, Photo- graphic Committee, 4, Newtonite, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, Junior Varsity. Q, Home Room Manager, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play, 4, Senior Prom Committee, 4, To go into journalism, MALCOLM FLOYD 454 Wolcott St., Auburndale Some love to roam o'er the dark sea's lfam, Where the shrill wind whistles lree. Red, Mac, Born December 13 1914, Caeneral, Warren, Northeastern, Tumbling Team, 4, To be a success in what ever I do Oh levrty, what do you hfde? "K-E. 342' if gg iv: 1, Vg RSV. I uri ! as 'Yf ': ' -' ' 'E-g l ' . 1 , A 1, Q- opens A rff-elglrf QQ Charles St., Auburndale Her tongue fs the law ol lrrndnesx. HELEN STACIA FORISTALL Born February 1, 1916, General, Warren, Framingham, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 3, Socral Studies Club, 3, Neophytes, Q, Outdoor Concert, 3, Class Orchestra, 3, Chorus, Q, 3, 4, To be behind the lootlughts. PHILIP FRANClS FRAIL Q7 Warwrck Rd , West Newton X for fdlenesx rs an appendrx to nobrlrty. E Phil, Born February 18, 1916, Sclentulrc, Warren, To be a radno engineer. HARRY CUMBERLAND FORSYTH BO Grasmere St., Newton A moral, senxrble, well-bred man. Born January 4, 1916, General, Blgelow, Brown, Trafluc Squad, 9, Baseball Manager, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, To rude a wlnner an a horse show CLAUDE RAND FRAZIER 17 Central Aye., Newtonvulle Hrs lrmbs were cast rn manly mould, For hardy sports or contest bold. John, Johnny, Born May 10, 1917, Scientnluc, Day, Bowdorn, Home Room Manager, 4, Class Second Vnce- Rresudent, 4, Senuor Executive Committee, 4, Hi-V, 3, 4, Sensor Play Usher, 4, Newtonian Staff, 4, Legrslature, 4, Sensor Talent Assembly Commrttee, 4, Football, 9, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Varsuty Baslcetball, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Varsrty Outdoor Traclc. 3, 4, Sensor Prom Committee Chairman, 4. NORMAN DOUGLAS FOSTER 193 Rowe Ter., Auburndale He makes sweet musrc wrth th' enamel'd stones. Norm, Cobble, Born August 19, 1917, Language, Warren, Dartmouth, Alpha Beta, 9, Alpha Gamma Tau, Q, Natnonal Honor Socrety, 3, 4, Band, Q, Orchestra, 3, 4, Class Orchestra, 3, Senuor Rlay Buslness Committee, 4, Legislature, 3, Sensor Talent Assembly, 4, Mud-Winter Concert, 9, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom SQuad, 4, Tralluc Squad, Q, To conduct an orchestra of my own ROLLAND FRENCH 118 Randlett Plc , West Newton Marlr the perfect manl Frenchre, Born Aprul 3, 1916, Mathematncs, Warren, M. I T., Traflnc Squad, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, Avratron Club, Q, 4, Rresudent, 4, Camera Club, 4, Rresrdent, 4, German Club, 4, Stage Committee, Q, 4, To be a desrgner an the lueld ol avuatuon. ALVAN BERNARD FOX Q3 Rlchmond Rd., Newton Fox, Foxey, Al, Born December 93, 1916, Language, Broolclnne, Harvard, Avlatron Club, 1, Home Room Mana- ger, 9, Newtonian Stall, 4, English Club, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, To peddle shoe strmgs on the Road to Mandalay. HARRY FALK FRIEDMAN, JR, 50 Grafton St., Newton Centre lt matters not how a man dres, but how he lrves. H'y, Born November 4, 1916, Scsentiluc, Mason, Van- derbnlt, To luye 10 mules from nowhere. L QIJTON, 'c X 9 I I ,l7VcPs 5? Brooklin VIOLA X vi, B MARY ley, Dra ELIZABETH FRYE 35 Bridge St., Newtonville The way to malre friends is to be one. Izzy, Libbie, Betty, Born September 9, 1916, General, Day, Undecided, Home Economics Club, Q, 3, Glee Club, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3. RITA LOUISE GALLANT 131 Crafts St., Newtonville Silence is as deep as eternity, Speech rs as shallow as time. Wee-Wee, Born December QO, 1916, Office Training, Bigelow, Glee Club, 4, Commercial Club, 4, Honor Poll, Q, 4, To be what Mr. Maxim calls the "ideal secretary." W. FRANKLIN FULLERTON, JP. 17 Central Close, Auburndale A friend of one and a friend of all. Hill-Billy, Bill, Frank, Born December 15, 1914, General, e, Massachusetts Institute of Art, Social Studies Club, 3, Tennis, 3, 4, To become a nationally known com- mercial artist. ARTHUR ARCHIBALD GATH Q9 Jenison St., Newtonville Opposition rnflames the enthusiast, never converts him. Archie, Garry, Born July 99, 1916, Scientific, Day, West Point, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, Intermediate Football, 9, Intermediate Tennis, 3, Dance Committee, 4, To win an argument with a woman, and to get in the last word. HELEN FULTON 55 Hillside Ave., West Newton Art and knowledge bring bread and honor. orn July 30, 1917, General, Warren, Art School, Aviation Club, 4, Basketball, 3, Tennis Tournament, 3, Ping-Pong, 3. RITA GAUTHIER 17 Auburndale Ave., West Newton To be a friend, is to have friends. Born May 6, 1917, General, Portland, Maine, Marne General Hospital, To be a nurse, ROSALIE GAI-IAN Q0 Locksley lid., Newton Centre The golf sticlr is mrghtier than the pen. llinny, Born April 93, 1916, Language, Mason, Welles- ma Club Workshop, 5, Alpha Beta, 1, Glee Club. 5, Alpha Gamma Tau, 5, Chorus, 1, Q, To pass all my subjects. FLORENCE I-IAPRIETTE G IGER 159 Pearl St., Newton l may be as good as l please, il l please to be goo . Flo, Flossy, Born April 19 1916, Office Training, New Haven, Conn., Mt Sinai, Commercial Club, 3 4, Glrc' Club, 3, Hockey, 3, To bf' a success in the business world. irlv , E wow, , ,W I .ia 195 3234 I Y' I "lynn-. i ff-1 3 Q fO'ty ANNA M GENEVIEZ 1 .1 Sunset Rd, Newton I Some say she's quret but 1 Anne, Born Aprul 25, 1916, Oflrce Tralnung, Needham, To be a costume deslgner. ELIAZBETI-I GIANFERANTE 391 Cherry St , West Newton Nothing great was ever obtained wrthout enthusiasm. Babe, Tlnnre, Born June Q1, 1914, Office Training, warren, Commercual Club, 4, To acqurre a walk luke Mae est, ANNIE GENTILE 1Q1 Brudge St., Newton Deep rrvers run In silence. Fan, Born May 81915, Offuce Traumng, Day, Undecided, To malce a great success In the business world. BARBARA GRANT GIBBY 19 Columbna St., Newton Hughlancls Cheerful, snappy, always happy. Gubby, Born May QQ, 1915, Offuce Trainung, I-lyde, Orchestra, 3, Glee Club, Q, Socual Studies Club, 1, To be a professuonal vuolumst without practuce. LAURA ELIZABETH GENTILE 166 Ruver St , West Newton I-Irtch your wagon to a star, hold your seat, and there you are' Gent, Born September 95, 1917, Offnce Traunrng, Warren, Commercral Club, 4, I-'lome Economtcs Club, 4: Baseball, Q, 3, Legaslature, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 4, lo be serious when necessary ROBERT WOODROW GIBSON 131 Vernon St , Newton I What a curfous mixture life seems to be. I-loot, Grbby, Born March 19, 1917, Business, Bugelowi Ayuatuon School, Baseball, Q, All Class Team, 4, Glee Club, 9, 3, Chorus, Q, Outdoor Concert 9,1-Ionor RoIl,1, To grow haur on a bald eagle. BRON BLLLOWS GEVE Q33 Lunwood Ave Newtonvnlle Let us eat, drfnlr, and be merry, for tomorrow we die. Born June 99, 1917, Scwntufuc, Independence, Kansas, Centenary, Band 9, 3, 4, Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, To be a chemist WILLIAM L. GIBSON Q39 Bellevue St , Newton When Duty whrspers low "thou must," The youth rephes lean." Gnbby, Born August 3, 1915, Nlathematucs, Richmond, V1rgnnIa,Undeclded, To fund out why so many people want to sell electruc fans and refrrgerators to the lfslcrmos, 22- 3 T0 11 a.-,ef - 5,549 ,sv- N Q. . VL-pb GENEVIEVE GILL 51 Warwuck Rd , West Newton Laugh and the world laughs with you. GQH2, Gennyf Born August 99, 1915, Language, Warren, Regus College, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Soccer, Var- suty, 1, 9, Baseball, 1, Eueld Hockey, Q, 3, Varsity, 3, Chorus, Q, Debating Club, 3, Calee Club, Q, French Club, 3, 4, To learn how to handle children EDWARD SANFORD GILMORE Q1 Rockledge Rd,, Newton Hnghlands Ouret people are welcome everywhere Sandy, Sonny, Born December 93, 1915 General Lexnngton, To be a man ol lersure MARY WINIFRED GILL 51 Warwick Rd, West Newton Thought rs deeper than allspeech, Feeling deeper than all thought. Wulf, Wlnnie, Born August 30, 1917, Language, Warren, Regus, Honor Roll, 1, Class Basketball, 1, Pruze Speakung, Q, Englnsh Club, 4, French Club, 3, Debatung Club, 3, To think all l say but not to say all l thmk. MARY HELENE GILROY 12 Columbus Pl, West Newton A land heart rs a lountarn ol gladness Lee, Cnillie, Hel, Born March 5, 1914, Olluce Traumng Hartford, Stmmons, Baseball, 1, Q, Basketball 3 Engl sh Club, Q, Home Economucs, Q, 3, Commercial Club 3 4 To be a nurse. EUNICE ELIZABETH GILLI 18 Oakland St, Newton Every woman is a volume If you lcnow how to read rt. Born Januar Q7 1914, Ollnce 1ralnlng,Blgelow,Com- Y r 1 mercial Club, 4, To be a good typlst. LEON HENRY GOLAV 100 Ossupee Rd , Newton Upper Falls He that hath a cheerful countenance shows taste lor l le Lee, llppy, Born November 14, 1915 s n son, Junuor Varsuty Baseball Q, To br a st, nog oh JEAN GILMORE 91 Rockledge Rd , Newton Hrghlands She has more power rn her srlence than others rn therr VOICES. Born April 18, 1917, Screntuhc, Hyde, Aloha Beta! 1, Lacrosse 3, Englush Club, 3 4, Avratwon Club, 4, Qnvm Nleet, 1, 3, Basketball Q, 3, Outdoor Concert 1 C3 'SCHUYLER QJOLDINL Q74 Chestnut St West Newton The deepest rfvers flaw wfth the least sot Skye Bkykur, Born Clctobvr 19 1914 u ana Hall, Art School, To catch beauty JJTOIY, L-'Z lf 'E 1 I ui li g 424 fa. I Forty-two MARGARET M. GOODALE 109 Boyd St., Newton A happy smule goes a long, long way. Maggue, Born October 1, 191 5, Offuce Traunung, Bugelow, Busuness School, Commercual Club, Q, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Class Basketball, Q, To be a pruvate secretary. THOMAS JAMES GOODWIN Q4 Chandler PI., Newton Upper Falls lt's a wuse head that makes a stull tongue. Cowboy, Born June 19, 1916, Business, Emerson, Stockbrudge, Cross Country, 3, To become a noted llorust luke Charles Darwun and Luther Burbank. JAMES JACKSON GOODBAR 17 Chaplun Rd., Newton Centre Here's a man to catch the heart of any woman. Red, Born October 9, 1914, Busuness, Mason, Varsuty Football, 4, lntermeduate Baseball, 3, Hockey, 3 5, Inter- meduate, 3, Varsuty, 5, To stay off probatuon. BEVERLY GOURFAIN 60 Grove Hull Ave, Newtonvulle She loolrs on lufe wuth quuet eyes. Bev, Born November QO, 1916, General, Baldwun, New York, Undecuded, Home Economucs Club, 4, To travel around the world, FREDERICK DICKINSON GOODE, JR. 139 Hancock St., Auburndale Man's lutlul uproar munglung wuth hrs toll. Duck, Born March 18, 1916, Mathematucs, Warren, Stanford, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To be pruncupal ol Newton Hugh and run the school the way I please RICHARD GRANGER BQ Harvard St., Newtonvulle Great men due young. lleel suck myself. Duck, Grange, Born September 97, 1916, Language, Day, Yale, Tennus Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Math Rruze, Q, Glee Club, 4, Chorus, Q, To contrubute un the advancement of cuvuluzatuon. THEODORE JOSEPH GOODMAN 199 Ward St., Newton Centre My knowledge cannot be stolen from rne. Ted, Gedram, Goody, Born June 98, 1916, Language, Mason, Harvard, Legislature, 1, Neophytes, 1, Tennus, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Chorus, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, Tennus Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Pung-Pong Tournament, 4, To be a dermatode. JANE GRANT 400 Newtonvulle Ave, Newtonvulle ' Innocent, sincere, ol every lruendless name, the fruen . Janue, Born February 6, 1917, Scuentuluc, Day, Hockey, 4, Tennus Tournament, Q, Pung-Rong Tournament, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 4, To become a famous dancer, TON E- f ""' EE 2155- -ETQXR S " 4 A gb 5 Q, . A, ,4,., ,,. g . , Ven Y BASIL PARKHURST GRAY 35 Laudholm Rd., Newton A youth to fame and fortune not unknown, Haywire, Born August 1, 1917, Mathematics, Bigelow, M. I. T., Radio Club, 4, To be an electrical engineer. JOSEPH JOHN GREENE 90 Floral St., Newton Highlands A person oflconsiderable motion and enthusiasm. Joe, Born March 17, 1916, Business, Emerson, Unde- cided, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, To be foreman on Mr. Hildreth's apple farm. FLORENCE BENTLEY GREEN X 38 Woodward St., Newton Highlands The only way to have a friend is to be one. Tiny, Born April 6, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Simmons, English Club, 5, Social Studies Club, 3, Worlcshop, 4, Outing Club, 4, 5, Varsity Band, 1, Q, 3, 4, Tennis Tourna- ment, 1, Q, 3, 4, 5, Tennis Squad, 4, 5, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, 5, Hockey, 3, 5, Baseball, 3, 4, 5, THOMAS FREDERICK GRIFFIN 13 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre He who aims at a star shoots higher than he who aims at a tree. Tommy, Born August 96, 1915, Scientific, Mason, Harvard, Junior Varsity Basketball, 1, Junior Varsity Baseball, 1, Q, Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, Football, Q, 3, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, To be an All-American. FRANCES LANE GREEN 38 Woodward St., Newton Highlands A merry heart goes all day. Fran, Born April 6, 1916, Language, Hyde, Wellesley, Band, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, 5, Tennis, 3, 4, 5, English Club, 5, Outing Club, 4, 5. SAMUEL J. GUILFORD Q3 Omar Ter., Newtonville The wise and active conquer difficulties. Gil, Sam, Born November 13, 1913, Business, Day, Boston University, Social Studies Club, Q, Anti,Bumming Campaign, 1, Football Assistant Manager, 4, To be suc- cessful. JOSEPH LAURENCE GREEN QO Oxford Rd., Newton Centre Be noble in thought in every deed. Joe, Born April Q1, 1915, Scientific, Sacred Heart, Undecided, Neophytes, 1, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, 5, Play, 3, Newtonite, 5, Senior Play Committee, 5, To be a success. GEORGE W. G ISE 170 Jackson St, Newton Centre I No man can produce great things who is not sincere IU dealing with himself. Bud, Ginger, Born May 19 1915, General, Brookline, New England Aviation School. To fly the Atlantic. forty-Ihr TO .. , V55 dl N :BSSE7 I i i g 1, I .li- tg 19 1 " E349 if I 1+ V 7 it Forty-four q7Vgp,fJ LOUISE GULIAN ' 1Q Russell Rd., Newton A sunny nature wins lasting friendships everywhere. Guley, Lou, Born December 18, 1915, Office Training, Bigelow, Massachusetts School of Art, Home Economics Club, 1, Q, Commercial Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Girls Gym Meet, Q, 3, Class Basket- ball, Q, Senior Play Costume Committee, 4, Newtonite, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, To have the name ol Gulian take the place of Adrian. GERARD JOSEPH HAGERTY 1623 Washington St , West Newton Words rolled from his tongue like silver, and the heart listened when he pleading spolre. Jerry, Born July 3, 1915, Scientific, Warren, Tufts, Boys' Debating Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Home Room Manager, 4, To reach the top and Stay there. KATHERINE GUNN 38 Carleton St,, Newton She was ever willing to help. Kay, Born January 6, 1917, Office Training, Bigelow, Home Economics Club, Q, Social Studies Club, 3, To travel. MAURICE C. HALLETT 7 Concolor Ave., Newton The world's great men have not commonly been great scholars, nor its great scholars great men. Mouse, Born June 14, 1916, Scientific, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Legislature, 1, 9, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Chairman Stage Committee, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, News tonian Sports Editor, 4, Aviation Club, 1, Football, 3, 4, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Hockey, 3, 4, lntermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, To live to be ninety, PEGGY-VlRGlNlA GURNEY 33 Riverside Drive, New York City Speech is silver, Silence is gold. Peg, Born June 15, 1916, Language, Mason, Bryn Mawr, English Club, 1, Q, French Club, 9, 3, 4, Basket- ball, Q, 3, Social Studies Club, 3, Archery, 3, To find out what good it does to have an ambition. KENNETH GORDON HALLIDAY 33 Churchill St., Newtonville Above the vulgar flight or' common souls. Satchel, Ken, Born November QO, 1915, Business, Day, Boston University, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, Q, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, To make a hooked rug out of an old sewing machine. JANET GWILLIM 18 Sterling St., West Newton Refinement is a gracious virtue. Janey, Born November 5, 1916, General, Warren, Finishing School, Gym Meet, Q, 3, English Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Hockey, 3, Baseball, 3, Basketball, Q, To walk a mile For a Camel. ELIZABETH HAM 18 Walter St., Newton Centre She rs one out of many, and the world loves individuality. Betty, Born January 13, 1917, General, Mason, Finishing School, Aviation Club, 4, English Club, 3, Newtonite, 1, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Debating Club, 3, Tennis Tournament, 1, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, Ping-Pong, 1, Q, To ride in the Kentucky Derby, Tory, lui c PD? le vee I! ec -, , Z, 2 I LINDER HAMBLEN j Q9 Harrington St., Newtonville i The all-beholding sun shall not see more than he. l Lindy, Born July 19, 1915, Mathematics, Day, Tufts, i Band, Q, 3, Varsity Orchestra, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, , National Honor Society, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Senior l Talent Committee, 4, Legislature, 4, To convince all doubters that lsham Jones is supreme. l EDWARD GRATTO 19 Adams Ave., West Newton Fine art is that in which the hand, the head, and the heart go together. Eddie, Gringo, Born May QO,1913, General, Warren, Art School, To become another Rembrandt. ARTHUR JOSEPH HANLEY 79 Jewett St., Newton There are no tricks in plain and simple laith. Art, Born February Q5, 1916, Mathematics, Bigelow, Boston University, German Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, To be a success in business. NORMAN DYER HARRIS 185 Highland Ave,, Newtonville Strongest minds are olten those Ol whom the world hears least. Normie, Born October QB, 1915, Mathematics, Day, Tufts, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Newtonite, 4, To go on The Martin Johnsons next trip. ROBERT HANSON QQ6 Plymouth Rd., Newton Highlands A scout to be proud ol. Bob, Swede, Born April 10, 1916, General, Hyde, New Hampshire State, Track, 1, 3, 4, Football, 1, Q, Junior varsity, 1, lntermediate, Q, To teach "Mitch" the correct way to sell cider, SARAH CORDELIA HARRIS 4 Walnut Ter., Newtonville Studious is hardly the word, it lacks the proper intensity. Souirp, Born December 31, 1916, Scientific, Day, Boston University, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, Track, Q, 3, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, 3, Usher, Q, Basketball, Q, 4, Outside Music, Q, Pinghpong Tournament, 3, To be a second Myra Hess, HOWARD MILLARD HARDY 1Q59 Beacon St, Waban His armor is his honest thought, and simple truth his utmost skill. Howie, Born November QO, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, Undecided, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Football Assist- ant Manager, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, To speak good English, but to know when to say nothing. RATIENCE ROBERTA HARTWELL Church St., Dover She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with. Patty, Rat, Born September Q9. 1915. Gent-ral, Day , English Club, 4, Outdoor Qoncrrt 1. Q, To make Smoke l Rings" for Casa Loma twty-fit? TON we QI-I 1 I url efa, 19 5 534, I Ven E V 5 - I L ' .- -3.rQ':l-. ' 4 lf CY? V193 Y-J- , L W 5 Forty-srx JEAN ANGELINA HARVEY Q15 Temple St., West Newton The force of her own merrt makes her way. Born May 5, 1916, Language, Warren, Vassar, New- tonrte, Q, 3, 4, News Edrtor, 4, Class Presrdent, Q, Na- tronal Honor Socuety, 3, 4, Executrve Councll, 3, Legusla- ture, 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Engllsh Club, 3, 4, Vrce-Presrdent, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Lrbrary Club, 3, 4, Outrng Club, 3, Drama Board, Charrman, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Class Var- srty, Q, 3, 4, Captarn, Q Varsrty, 3, 4, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Second Varsity, 3, 4. RICHARD B. HAWES QB Carleton St , Newton An ounce ol mirth IS worth 6 Dound of sorrow. Duck, Born May Q, 1916, Busrness, Brgelow, National Honor Socrety 4, To be a successful busrness man. JOHN C. HARVEY, JR. 154 Beacon St., Chestnut Hull Laurel crowns cleave to deserts, and power to hrm who power exerts. Jack, Born July Q6, 1916, Screntrfrc, Rrvers School, Worcester Technology, Englrsh Club, 3, Radro Club, 4, President, 4, To contribute sornethrng outstandrng to radlo. PRISCILLA LOUISE HAY 1B Warwrck Rd , West Newton Common sense rs no common thrng. Crlla, Born September Q6, 1917, General, Warren, Lasell Junior College, Newtonrte, Q, Debatrng Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Englnsh Club, 4, Sensor Class Photographrc Commuttee 4, Assrstant Home Room Manager, 4, To grow. VICTOR EDWIN HAVEN 37 Wrnchester Rd., Newton A great man rn hrs own way. Vac, Born July 31, 1915, General, Day, Boston Um' versmty, Traffic Squad, Q, Tennrs Team, 3, 4, Track, 4, To coach tennrs. JANE LEONA HAYDEN QO Eden Ave West Newton Whom the gods wrsh to preserve, they lrrst make glad. Born January 16, 1917, Language, Warren, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, Q, Vrceypresrdent, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Englrsh Club, 3, 4, Newtonrte Staff, Q, 3, 4, News Edltor, 4, Tennrs Tournament, Q, 3, 4, Basketball, Q, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Band, Q, 3, Varsrty Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Mld'WIDlQf Concert, Q, Leglslature, 4, Publication Board, 4, Freld Hockey, Q, 4, Debatung Club, 3, 4, Newtonran, 4, Radro Club 4, Engltsh Club Committees, 3, 4. GERTRUDE HAWES 1Q7 Elgnn St., Newton Centre Persuasive silence that speaks, and eloquence of eyes. Trudy, Born December 3, 1916, Screntrlrc, East Wey- mouth, Colby Junror, Englrsh Club, 3, 4, Camera Club, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, To lrve on a ranch an Montana. DOROTHY T. HAYES 58 Westchester Rd., Newton ' I Laughrng and chatterrng through lrle she goes. Dot, Dottte, Born May Q1, 1916, General, Brgelow, Bradford, Home Economrcs Club, Q, Socral Studres Club, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, Tennis Tournament, 1, Q, 3, Freld Hockey, 1, Commercual Club, 1, To sleep, eat, and be merry forever. gnoiv L"'. f Er E aft. -1 I li- '. ,blff pb? -, g, ' "' - gl 71 1 .-F .1 17915, 3 49' ,bi . l l CHARLES BENEDICT HEALY 36 Myrtle St., West Newton i l All things come to him who waits. Chic, Buzz, Benny, Born July 91, 1914, General, Wal- tham, Massachusetts State, To be a gentleman farmer. THOMAS HENNESSY, WJR. Q9 Carver Rd., Newton Highlands l don't study, but l auto. Bud, Tom, Born May 93, 1917, Language, Hyde, Un- decided, Baseball, Q, 3, Hockey, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Legislature, 4, Newtonite, 3, Traffic Squad, Q, Senior Play Usher, 4. MARGARET GENEVI EVE HEFFRON Q8 Mossfield Rd., Waban The early birds gets the worm. l-leff, Margie, Reg, Born October 4, 1917, Office Training, Warren, Boston University, Home Economics Club, 1, Q, To live, love and learn. OWEN HERENE 18 Garland Rd., Newton Centre The worlc praises the worlcman. Owie, Born September 90, 1914, General, Boston, Northeastern, Camera Club, 4, To be up in industry. BO Ashton Ave., Newton Centre NORMAN FORREST HENLEY 15 Carter St., Newtonville Thou art still the same, serene ol thought, unhurt bythine own flame. Gil, Dobe, Born November 7, 1915, Mathematics, Warren, Bates, Junior Varsity Football, 2, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Basketball, 3, Intermediate Base- ball, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Varsity Orchestra, 3, Shakespeare Contest, Second Prize, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Senior Talent Assembly Committee, 4, Newtonite, 4, Newtonian Staff, 4, To find joy in service. MARION ELIZABETH HICKEY The sunbeams of a cheerful spirit. Born April 19, 1916, Language, Mason, Radcliffe, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Soccer, 1, Q, Baseball, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Social Studies Club, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, To find an ambition that l could fulfill. ELIZABETH NEWCOMB HENNESSEY 46 Vista Ave., Auburndale Silence best speaks the mind. Lib, Three Star, Born March 94, 1917, Scientific, Warren, Bouve, Gym Meet, Q, 4, Track Meet, Q, Outdoor Con- cert, 1, Soccer, 1, Q, Baseball, 1, 9, 4, Track, Q, 4, To be a psychotherapist. ARTHUR J. HILL 46 Somerset Rd., West Newton Be wisely worldly But not worldly wise. Art, Born June Q3, 1919, Business, Nova Scotia, Boston University, To go into business. Forty-seven V5 pb - g a W 1 V' ' ' cc' H 'H fi E 101- Forty-eight PATRICIA EDWARD HILL Pat, Born December Q4, 1917, General, Warren, Avia- tion Club, LOUISE EVELYN HILLIARD Weeza, Hyde, Ma RUTH MARGARET HILLIARD 1 Born November 3, 1916, General, Hyde, Bouve, Gym Nleet, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, 3. 4, Field Hockey, Q, 3, 4 Second Te Baseball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. HAROLD Hockey, Lefty, Born February 14, 1917, Business, Hyde, Boston Lln Lunchroom Squad, Q, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, To be a bachelor. Q11 Highland Ave., Newtonville General notions are generally wrong. 4, To fly mail. ARTHUR WEBSTER HODGES, JR. 18 Ripley Ter, Newton Centre I ' Ambition has no rest. Tubby, Born June 9, 1916, Mathematics, Mason, Uni- versity of Maine, Band, 1, Honor Roll, 1, 9, Traffic Squad, 9, Home Room Manager, Q, German Club, 3, To organize the Association for the relief of grave-diggers. Q1 Lake Ave., Newton Centre Gfve me a book and I am happy. Weezy, Lou, Born October 99, 1916, General, ssachusetts School of Art, To earn a living. EVELYN AGNES HOFFMAN 1601 Centre St , Newton Highlands Wise to resolve And patient to perform. Born June 11, 1916, General, Hyde, Framingham Teachers' College, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Play, 3, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, Q, Committee of 75, Q, Basketball, 1, 9, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, 4. Q1 Floral St , Newton Highlands Hard to know, but well worth lcnowmg. am, 4, Basketball, 1, Q. 3, 4, Class Team, Q, 3, JANET HOLLIS 90 Washington St., Newton Lile is a fest, and all things show it. Jannie, Born April 15, 1917, Language, Bigelow, Un, decided, Neophytes, 1, French Club, 3, Camera Club, 4, Hockey, 1, Q, 4, Track, Q, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, To take a trip around the world. HOCKRIDGE 115 Floral St., Newton Highlands A mother's pride, a lather's1oy. iversity, Senior Play, 4, Business Committee, 4, LUCILLE HOLMES 34 Irving St , Newton Centre She may be quiet, she may be shy, But see the mischief in her eye. Cell, Born September Q6, 1916, Language, Bigelow, Miami, Neophytes, 1, Q, Treasurer, Q, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, 4, Debating Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Legislature, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Basketball, 3, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Usher, 9, French Club, 3, Drama Board, 4, Honor Roll. 1, Drama Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Play, 4, To conduct travel tours. qi-IN f LJ EFF EH: L ' 9 . . ' . Q, A 1 A ws 24.54 . 5 5, , Ven F STEPHEN R. HOLMES 34 lrving St., Newton Centre For e'en though vanquished, he could argue still. Steve, Born January 10, 1915, Language, Bigelow, Harvard, Drama Club, 3, 4, Legislature, 1, 9, 3, Traffic Squad, Q, 3, Neophytes, Q, Varsity Football, 3, Home Room Manager, 1, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, 9, Glee Club, 1, To be a criminal lawyer. DORIS GERALDINE HOWARD 199 Hunnewell Ter., Newton All the lads they smile on her. Born February 11, 1916, Commercial, Bigelow, Kath- erine Gibbs, Social Studies Club, 4, To travel. WILMA HOOPER 196 Moffat Rd, Waban A daughter of the gods, Divinely tall, and most divinely fair. Billie, Hoople, Born July 94, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Boston University, Social Studies Club, 3, Camera Club, 4, English Club, 4, To do something. HELENE FRANCES HOWARD 648 Watertown St., West Newton The memory of this fair lady will linger long. Babe, Born November 97, 1916, Office 'lraining,Mattaf pan, Katherine Gibbs, To be a private secretary. GEORGE L. HORTON, JR. 59 Otis St., Newtonvllle A gentleman first, last, and always. Born March 30, 1915, Business, Day, Home Room Manager, 3, Lunchroom Squad, Q, 3, Traffic Squad, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, To climb the ladder of success in the meat business. RICHARD ELWOOD HOWE 50 l-larvard St., Newtonville Every man at his best state is altogether vanity. Dick, Bing, Born June 9, 1915, Scientific, Bigelow, Uni' versity of Michigan, Legislature, 1, 3, 4, Intermediate Hoclcey, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, 3, Baseball, Q, 4, Junior Varsity, Q, Varsity, 4, Football, Q, 4, Junior Varsity, 9. Varsity, 4, 'lo be successful. MARGARET E. HOUSE 79 Taft Ave., West Newton How modest and shy she is. Born September 9, 1916, General, Day, Gordon College of Theology, Home Economics Club, 9, Glee Club 3, To be a minister. JAMES BROWN HUNTER 137 Oalcleigh Rd , Newton He is not merely a chip ol the old bloclc, but the old bloclr itself. Jimmy, Sharlty, Gumbatz, Born April 5, 1916, Scientific, Bigelow, Bowdoin, Class Vicefpresident 1, Honor Roll 1, Class Secretary, 9, Neophytrs 1. Q, Drama Club, 3, English Club. 3, lraclt Manager, 3, Clerk of Associates, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Hi'Y, 3, 4, To make Cab Calloway scream with envy, FOVfb'l1lV'lC TON NN 19 23.5 ee . 2 5 Fifty gn L.. V p. Q- MARY JANE HUNTER 116 Mull St, Newton Centre An eye wherern at once do meet the beam of krndness and of wrt. M. J, T. l, Born November S24 1916, Scuentufic, Day, Lasell, Neophytes, Q, Alpha Beta, 9, Gym Meet, Q, Vuceg Presrdent of Class 3, Dance Commnttee, 3, Englush Club, 3 4, Play 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Girls' Debating Club, 3, 4, Presudf-nt, 3, 4, Secretary of Class, 4, Sensor Talent Com- rnuttev 4, To keep from being serrous about my ambition. DOMINIC JOSEPH IANNELLE 10 Nonantum St Newton Every man for hrmself. Jof- Dom, Nrck, Born December 98, 1915, Busuness, Blgelow,1o start from the bottom and work up. JANE HUNTING Y Q05 Mull St, Newtonvnlle fl sense of humor rs a valuable possessron, Stubby, Born February 1, 1916, Language, Buffalo Semunary, Smuth, Hockey, 3, 4, Varssty, 4, Basketball, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, Soccer, 3, 4, French Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, 4, Secretary 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Newtonian Staff, 4, Natlonal Honor Socnety, 4, To saul around the world on a schooner. HELEN E, IAROSSI 169 Chapel St , Newton Srlence speaks louder than words. Hel, Born October 30, 1916, Offuce Trannlng, Day, Baseball Q 3, To be a good secretary and travel part of the tume. DOROTHY ANN HUPD 69 Robnnhood St., Auburndale 'Trs vrrtue makes a woman admired. Dotty, Born March 11, 1917, Office Trainlng, Warren, Business College, Sensor Play Committee, 4, To make a success of somethung JOHN ALBERT INGHAM 19 Pennsylvanna Ave., Newton Upper Falls How merry rs a student's lrfe. Powders, Inky, Born February Q7, 1916, Business, Emerson, To be a successful busuness man. MARY DAVIDSOM HYMERS Q6 Wnllow St., Newton Centre My thoughts and I were of another world. Born January Q, 1916, Cueneral, Mason, Hospntal, Glee Club, 1, 4, To drnve to New York tn a Ford, JUNE INGHAM Q58 Elluot St., Newton Upper Falls Norseless as fear in a srlent wilderness. Born June 11, 1915, Office Training, Emerson, Out- door Concert, 3,10 be a bookkeeper. Cf -: 31,--11: 1 I Zfl'ITO 4ya a,,1se, :3 f . .. FF' a .'-. PE .I I . .1' :IIT W -I XN ,E M W F F T F F F F 47VEPs9?- F FAITH MAE JACKSON 40 Wlnchester St., Newton Hrghlands From labor there shall come forth rest. Farthy, Born January Q3, 1917, General, Hyde, Base- ball, 1, Q, Track, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, To travel around the world and engoy llfe. GILDA JAMRON 70 Austin St., Newtonvulle The softer charm that rn her manner lres just suits the expressron rn her eyes. Gul, Born January 1, 1917, Language, Roxbury, Ssmmons, French Club, 3, Socual Studies Club, 4, To travel around the world. BARBARA RUTH JACOBS 162 Washnngton St., Newton Devrse wrt, wrrte pen. For l am whole volumes In folro. Jake: Born April 17, 1917, Office Traunmg, Bugelow, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Baseball, 3, Social Studues Club, 4, To be a laboratory technician. WILLIAM JENRICK, JR. 69 Moffat Rd., Waban Srlently, he soars slcyward. Brll, Born Aprul 94, 1916, Mathematucs, Warren, M. I. T., To be an aeronautncal engineer. EDITH MARION JACOBSON 37 Pleasant St,, West Newton Enthusrasm is the element ol success. Teddy, Edie, Born May QS, 1915, General, Warren, Forsyth Dental Instutute, Home Economrcs Club, 4, To travel, travel and travel WINIFRED A. JENRICK 69 Moffat Rd., Waban X Strength ol mind rs exerclse, not rest. Wnnnue, Wan, Born December 1SZ, 1914, General, Warren, Undecided, Newtonute, 4, Honor Roll, 4, To be a nursery school teacher. ROBERT JAMES 82 Freeman St.. Auburndale He was the mrldest mannered man. Bob, Born June 25, 1916, General, Warren, Bentley's, Social Studues Club. 4, Lunch Squad, 4. ASTRID ELIZABETH JOHNSON 167 Morton St., Newton Centre l-lapprness seems made to be shared. Jonnt, Born July 30, 1916, Scientafic, Mason, Boston Unaversuty, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Aloha Beta, Q, Englush Club 4, Basketball. 1, To write a novel. Frfty-one gnory -sc S- S if? , ' '1 4 Q',' ,fi E e..-EI XX 1 , 254 W wt ir Iblfg pb CELIA JOHNSON Q76 Lexington St., Auburndale Not very tall, not very small, but very sweet and lilced by all. Born April 98, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Basket- ball, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, To be a newspaper re- porter, take a trip around the world, and write a book. DOROTHY ELIZABETH JONES 1801 Beacon St, Waban Brimming with life and laughter. Dot, Dotty, Dodie, Born March 21917, General, Warren, Junior College, 1st Vice-President of Senior Class, 4, Legislature, 3, 4, English Club, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Baseball, 3, Basketball, Q, 3, Soccer, 3, Chairman Banquet Committee, 3, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Newtonian Stafl, 4, Candy Committee Senior Play, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Junior Dance Committee, 3, To outgrow the name "Lemon," ELIZABETH WELLS JOHNSON 93 Harrison St., Newton Highlands Her voice was ever solt, gentle, and low, An excellent thing in woman. Libby, Born June 19, 1916, Scientific, Needham, Un- decided, French Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4. ELMER GIVEN JONES 47 Washington St, Newton He awaits with ,oy the coming years. Jonesy, Maestro, Empy, lsham, Born December 6, 1916, Mathematics, Bigelow, Dartmouth, Newtonite, 3, Senior Essay Contest, 4, To abolish outside reading, because it Q7 Eddy St., West Newton gets too cold out on the porch, GEORGE WALTER JOHNSON 16 Woodrow Ave., Newtonyille Flash, you can't see him for dust. Whitey, Swede, Born February 93, 1916, General, Day, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, Indoor Track, 3, 4, Cross Coun- try, Q, 3, Aviation Club, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 9, Orchestra, 9, 3, Band, Q, 3, To run the 1,000 in Q26 and fly 400 miles an hour. ROLAND DINGLEY JONES 44 Hunnewell Ave., Newton . . . But as for me, give me a fish Jonsey, Bill, Born June 97, 1916, Scientific, Day, Dart- mouth, Band, 9, 3, 4, Varsity Orchestra, Q, 3, Class Orches- tra, Q, 3, French Club, Q, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play, 4, De- bating Club, 4, Stage Committee, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Lunchroom, 4, Dance Committee, 4, Banquet Committee, 3, Newtonite, Q, 4, Newtonian, 4, Senior Play, 4, Prize Speaking, 4, To run the sound effects for the N. B. C. THEODORE KNAPP JOHNSON A silent tongue and a true heart are the most cherished things on eartn. Teddy, T. K., Born March 13, 1916, Scientific, Bigelow, Brown, Football, 1, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate, Captain, 2, Varsity, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate, 9, Varsity, 3, 4, Varsity Track, 9, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Varsity Hockey,3,4, Captain, 4, Legislature 1, 4, Treasurer of Associates, 4, Class President, 4, To be a professional hockey player. RUTH ROBERTA JONES Q30 Walnut St., Newtonyille Ouiet and reliable - Joe, Joey, Minnie, Born November 14, 1916, General, Warren, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 9, 3, 4, To be Einstein's confident. XX 19 ,Jae I . f 0 VE pb?- MADALYN JOYCE 11 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Beware of two black eyes. Maddy, Malinda, Born August 17, 1914, General, Brookline, Amy Sacker s, Glee Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, To rival Cleopatra. DOROTHY KATHERINE KERIVAN 918 Chestnut St., Waban Youth on the prow, and pleasure at the helm. 'IEE Dot, Born April 16, 1916, Office Training, Emerson, Home Economics, 1, Basketball, 1, Q, To travel. RITA BEATRICE KELLY 10 Howe Rd., Newton Centre What sweet delight a quiet life affords. Rio, Born December Q, 1915, General, Sacred Heart, Boston University, Home Economics Department, Treas- urer, 4, To meet Adolph Hitler. JOHN JOSEPH ,KERR 57,,Parsons St., West Newton Be quiet and pax: as a philosopher. Jack, Jock, Kerkie, Born June 6, 1916, Business, Warren, To make a success of life. PAUL LEO KENNEY 9 Carter St., Newtonville F Y A man olrsuchrigenial mofcld-. Baron, Ken, Bo-Bo, Born November.14, 1916, Business, Day, Bryant and Stratton, Home Room Manager, 9, To beat "the Baron" in a battle of fibs. LOUISE ALLISON KVERR 110 Woodward St., Newton Highlands She has good nature, merit, and integrity. Born October 16, 1917, Language, Hyde, Mount Holyoke, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, 9, Basketball, Q, 3, Soccer, Q, Baseball, Q, Orchestra, 3, 4, Band, 1, Q, Prize Speaking, Q, 3, French Club, 3, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, New- tonian, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Christmas Play, 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, 2, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, National Honor Society, 4. HUGH FOSTER KENNISON QB Byfield Rd., Waban Thy modesty's a candle to thy greatness. 1 1916 Scientific Warren Weslyan Hughie,Born May O, , , , , Track, Q, 3, Cross Country, 4, Orange Book, 5, Newtonian Staff, 5, Newtonite, 4, 5, Editorial Editor, 5, Senior Play Usher, 5, Legislature, 5, Basketball, 3, To put a cube in two dimensions. 30 Chase St., Newton Centre ll silence were golden she would be rich. Gail, Born June 99, 1916, Language, Sacred Heart, Undecided, Camera Club, 3, English Club, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Ping-Pong, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Workg shop, 4, Basketball, 9. ABIGAIL KIMEELL EiltY'three CCL Qlnofyf "" - x X lbytpx Y' A... . Q -:wi ' , Q ,Y - I X-EX 193 2134 9 frlty-lour MARY ANNE KIMBELL 30 Chase St., Newton Centre Jolly, good-natured sweet, She'.r a grrl you'd lrfe to meet. S Bowrn February 96, 1915, Language, Sacred Heart, mit MARIE JOAN KIRBV 41 Washrngton St., Newton These are the ways ol a modern gfrl. Cubre, Born May 99, 1915, General, Notre Darre Academy, Mrss LesIre's, Gym Meet, 3, 4, To buy all the clothes I want RICHARD COLEMAN KING 38 Walnut RI , Nevvtonvrlle Ay, every rnch a lrrngl Duck, Rrchne, Rrch, Born September 96, 1915, Screntrluc, Day, Massachusetts State, Trallrc Squad, 9, Outdoor Traclc, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 3, 4, 5, Avratron Club, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, 5, Cheer Leader, 5, Legrslature, 5, Socral Actrvrtres Board Charrman, 5, Executrve Councrl, 5, Honor Roll, 5, Football, 9, 4, Junror Varsrty, 9, Varstty, 4, To be a yeast calce and rarse the dough, GROVER WILLIAM KLFLER 15 Bemrs St, Newtonvrlle What thou art, we know not. Dunlcel, Dunlc, Born December 13, 1914, lVdtl'UfdllCS, Belmont, M I T, To learn how to vwrrte srrcothly ard clearly. JOSEPH KINNEV 1 11 Lewrs St, Newton The best ol the sport rr to do the deed and say nothrng. Joe, Born June 8, 1914, General, Day, Massachusetts Naurrcal School, Camera Club, 4, To have my calce and eat lt. IIOROU-IY KIYCWLTCN 6 Rrchardson St , Newton Good sense and good nature are never separated. Dottre, Born May 95, 1916, Ollrce Trarnrng, Brgelow, Busrness School, Baseball, 3, Chorcs1 9, 3, 4, To be able to eat the hole rn the doughnut JANE KIRBY 60 Dolphrn Rd, Newton Centre How lar that lrttle candle throw: rts beam. Knrby, Cubby, Born December 5, 1916, General, Mason, Bennrngton, Socral Studres Club, 4, Grrls' Debating Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 1, 9, Baseball, 1, 9, Hockey, 1, 9,10 become an avratrrx. ELIZABETH ANN KOBRCCK 930 Harvard Cnr., Newtonvrlle Gentle In manner, lrrm rn reality. Betty, Kobre, Born July 9, 1916, Screntulrc, Day, Lasell, Baseball, 9, Band, 9, Soccer, 3, To save up enough money to buy Joe Penner's duck, 19 Loring St., Newton Centre Si QIJTON, EVE' Q fc, ev g. -f ' xv jv Q, . , ,..: I ui Ven Y - . lb 9 ' 58 Auburn St., Auburndale Judge a tree by its lruit, not by its leaves, JLQTUS KOVITZ Julie, Kolio, Professor, Born July Q, 1917, Mathematics, Wdf'2Nf M- l- T, Honor Poll, 4, Band, Q, 3, Varsity Or- chestra, Q, 3, Midwinter Concert, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Committee of 75, Q, Alpha Cuamma Tau, 3, 4, Presi- dent, 4i Play, 3, 4, Debating Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Newtonite Editorial Staff, 3, 4, Newtonian Histories Ed, itor, 4, Home Room Mana er. Q, Home Room Chairman, 4, National Honor 9 Society, 4. PENFIELD D. LAMPHEPE 55 Woodcliff Rd., Newton Highlands He shall not live in vain. Pen, Penny, Born April QO, 1917, Mathematics, Hyde, Bowdoin, Legislature, 4, Baseball. 1, Q, 3, Lunchroom SC1Udd, 4, Orange Book Stall, 3, 4, Debating Club, 4, Tennis Tournaments, 4, Honor Poll, 1, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, To beat Gar Wood. JOHN KULESZA X Q5 Mechanic St . Newton Highlands Strong in will, to strive, to seelc, toflind. Kootchie, Jackie. Kloza, Born June Q4. 1915, Business, Dorchester, Boston University, Football, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Varsity Basketball, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Varsity Track, 4, To be a floor-walker in a telephone booth, WILLIAM J. LANGENHEIM By the worlr one lcnows the worlrman. Bill, Born March 14, 1916, Scientific, Drexel Hill Pennsylvania, Hamilton College, Band, Q, Glee Club, Q, Orchestra, 3, 4, Drama Club, 4, Camera Club, 4. FRED LEE LAMB 46 Pine Ridge Pd., Waban Napoleon was also a great man. Born May 4, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, M, l. T., Junior Varsity Football, Q, Class Basketball Team, 1, Q, 3, Radio Club, 4, To play tiddledyewinks with manhole covers. CONSTANCE BETTY GLADVS LANSlLL 86 Charles River Pkwy, Newton Away with boolrs, l will draw my inspiration from lile. Bet, Betsy, Betendia, Born November 16, 1915, Office Training, Bigelow, Bryant and Stratton, Chorus, 1, Glee Club, 1, Archery Q, Commercial Club 3, Social Studies Club, 4, To find the not of gold at the end ofa rainbow. BERTHA LAMBERT 99 Clark St Newton Centre By her worlr shall ye lcnow her. Connie, Born Seotember 15, 1916, Screntific, Hyde, Massachusetts School of Art, Gym Meet 1 Q 3, Tennis. Q, 4, Soccer. 1, Q. 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Calee Club Q, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, Lacrosse, 3 4, To be an artist without being eccentric. LORETTA A. LAPOPTE QQ Faxon St., Newton The hand that made you lair has made you good. Delia, Lorette, Born January Q9 1917, Office Training, Day, Newton Hospital, Honor Poll Q, To be able to take dictation at 80 words a minute Filly-lrve TON 355 sl-l f '-L - x Vtvs T li... , - lb 9 -1-if W- -s f 'Quas- Fifty-six THEODORE D, LAUBNER 977 Ward St., Newton Centre How much folly there is in human affairs. Loab, Ted, Born March 16, 1915, Mathematics, Mason, Business College, To live and learn, V CAMELLA LECHIARO 75 Oak Ave, West Newton A cheerful loolr makes a dish a feast. Shorty, Born August 1, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Chorus, 9, Baseball, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, To be a successful secretary. CAROLYN LAWSON 144 Hancock St Auburndale She has as many virtues as spokes in a wheel. Cary, Born January 30, 1918, Scientific, Webster Groves, Missouri, Kansas University, Archery, 3, Glee Club, 4, To discover to my full satisfaction who H. G. C. is. MARY LEONE 158 Adams St., Newton To know her is to love her. Blondie, Mae, Born May 19, 1916, Office Training, Day, Baseball, Q, 3, To become a capable stenographer. FRANK BENTLEY LAYTON, JR. 37 Shaw St., West Newton Knowledge is more than equivalent to force. Bob, Fritz, Fuzzey, Born August 97, 1914, Scientific, Warren, Lowell Technology, Junior Varsity Football, 1, Camera Club, 4, To have Cab Calloway's band for a week- end guest. 90 Staniford St., Auburndale A closed mouth catches no flies. Bobbie, Glad, Born January 31, 1916, Office Training, Providence, Rhode Island, Hospital, Honor Roll, 9, 4, Chorus, Q, 3, 4, Commercial Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, To be successful in one thing. JOSEPH JOHN LEAHY 18 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Music is the universal language ofthe mind. Joe, Born July 25, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Music School, Band, 1, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, 4, Home Room Man- ager, 9, 4, Legislature, Q, To work for a Jones or a Nelson. GLADYS VIRGINIA LYON AGNES BURR LINDSAY Q4 Vineyard Rd., Newton Centre Continual cheerfulness is a sign of wisdom. Lindy, ABSYi Born May 8, 1916, General, Simmons, Gym Meet, 1, 9, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 3, Track, 1, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 9, Archery, 1, Alpha Beta, 9, English Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Qxttegidance, 1, 9, 4, To find Gracie Allen's long-lost rot er. be wg X-IJTOIYX is X wi spa, f l V5 pb?- JAMES MORSE LINSCOTT 12 Carlton Rd., Waban I have lcnown the silence of the stars and of the sea. Jim, Born March 1, 1915, General, Warren, Massachu- setts Nautical School, To follow wave, wind, and sea. VERONICA LOPAS 4 Edgewood Rd., West Newton The bloom ol rosy innocence her face bespealrs. Ronnie, Born January 16, 1917, Office Training, Warren: Home Economics Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, To be a successful stenographer. RUSSELL PARKER LISCOMB 137 Auburndale Ave., West Newton Live to learn and you will learn to live. Russ, Nurmi, Born August 27, 1915, Scientific, Warren, Lowell Textile Institute, Track, Q, lndoor Track, 4, Outdoor Track, 4, To play the drums for that master of rhythm, Cab Calloway. WILLARD H. LOUD, JR. 75 Varick Rd., Waban Good nature is the air of a good mind. Will, Willy, Junie, Born April 5, 1916, General, Warren, Bentley, Social Studies Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, To be my own boss. ANTHONY JOSEPH LOCHIATTO 11 Emerald St., Nonantum A volume - if read welll Loch, Tony,Born November 30, 1915, Business, Day, Basketball, 1, 9, 3, Junior Varsity, 1, lntermediate, Q, Varsity, 3. MARY HELENE LUCHETTE 19 Mague PI., West Newton Smalll But who ever complained about the size of dynamite? Mary Lou, Born January 27, 1915, Office Training, Warren, Burdett, Chorus, 9, Baseball, Q, Hockey, Q, Home Economics Club, 9, 3, Commercial Club, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Assistant, 3, Gym Squad Captain, Q, 3, To be able to get on to a joke the first time it's told. BARBARA LOGAN X 46 Madison Ave., Newtonyille Look in thy heart and write. Barbie, Logie, Born May Q3, 1917, Scientific, Brookline, Boston University, Hockey, 4, To go into Journalism. DOROTHY MARGARET LU MSDEN B9 Charlemont St., Newton Highlands A word spoken in good season, how good it is. ' Art School, Honor Roll, 4, To be a successful fashion l designer. Dot, Dodo, Born February 19, 1917, General, Hyde, fflty-seven QI-lTOfVf H' FE QUE' - X wa s ,aa Frlty-erght VER JOHN CHAPMAN lVlaCCAREV 43 Vrctorra Cnr., Newton Centre By sayrng nothing you may pass lor wrse. Mac, Born August 7, 1916, Screntulrc, Day, Mrddlebury, Band, Q, Class Orchestra, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Trallrc l Sc1uad,Q, Newtonrte Stall, 4, Sensor Play Usher, 4, Junlor r Varsrty Football, 3, To be speed-boat lung ol the world. MARY ELIZABETH MacKNlGl-lT 56 Manemet Rd , Newton Centre She rs ol so free, so lrfnd, so apt, so blessed a drsposrtron. Mollre, Born March 99, 1917, Language, Mason, Smith, Neophytes, Q, French Club, 3, 4, Newtonlte, 9, Copy Fclrtor, 3, 4, Assrstant Stage Manager, Senior Play, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Q, 3 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Class Team, 1, 3, 4, Archery, Q, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, Traclc, 1, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, To breathe normally on reachrng the Newtonrte Olfrce. VIRGINIA lVtaCDANlEL 199 Concord St, Newton Lower Falls Her ways are ways ol pleasantness. Shawty, Born November 99, 1917, Ollrce Traunung, Wellesley, To be a successful stenographer ESTHER MAGNUSON 17 Pleasant St , Newton Centre l-lard to lrnow, but well worth while. Born January 25, 1916, General, Mason, Leonard Morse Hospital, Home Fconomrcs Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, To grow hall as tall as Alrce. MARIE JOAN MacDONNELL 6 Highland Ter., Newtonvrlle Mrschfel sparkles rn her eyes And her laughter never dies. Mac, Re, Born September 96, 1916, General, Day, Boston Llnrversrty, Socral Studres Club, 4, To see a dream wallcrngl 94 Crafts St., Newton Nota leader but a good follower. Born October QQ, 1916, Busrness, Our Lady's Grammar, To get to the top, ALBERTA MacDOXX!ELL ANN BARBARA MAGLJIRE 91 Park St., Newton So good-humored, so cheerlul and gay. Berta, Born September 1O, 1917, General, Brgelow, Mrss Chamberlrn's, Camera Club, 4, Secretary, 4, Englrsh Club, 4, Commrttee for Managrng Rrrze Spealcmg, 4, Out- door Concert, 1, 3, Tennis Tournament, 3, Glee Club, 3, Chorus, 1, 3, To say and do the rrght thung at the rrght trme. l RUSSELL P. MAI-IAN 557 Calilornra St., Newtonvrlle A tame, strong, and sound mrnd rs the mrnd that can embrace equally great thrngs and small. Russ, Born October 25, 1916, Scientrfic, Day, Dartmouth, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, Cross Country, 9, Ayiation Club, 3, 4, To be the sportlng edntor of "Old Farmer s Almanac. TO ct..-1-as , c 1 dl N49 1 , N 195 5,34 W I V5 pb? I A 'Z JULIA IRENE MAHONEY 93 Washburn St, Newton She's beautiful, and therefore to be wooed, She is a woman, and therefore to be won. Dudu, Julie, Born December 99, 1916, Clffice Training, Day, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, To learn how to spell correctly, VINCENT PAUL MALONEV, JR, 35 Grayclrffe Rd., Newton Centre Live and let live. Vin, Vinnie, Born May 11, 1915, Language, Mason, Harvard, Newtonite, 1, 9, 3, 4, 5, English Club, 4, 5, Traffic Squad, 5, Senior Essay Contest Winner, 5, To make at least a million, RUTH MARIE MAIN 303 River St, West Newton The temple of our purest thought rs f silence. Ruthie, Born October 91, 1916, Office Training, Warren, Gym Meet, 1, 9, To give oral themes successfully for Miss Doonan. LUCIANO G. MANCINI 78 Crafts St, Newtonyille Success rs 9', inspiration and 98' r perspiration. Luci, Lu, Harpo, Born October 98, 1915, Mathematics, Day, Harvard, Newtonite, 1, 9, 3, 4, Librarian, 3, Assistant Business Manager, 3, Business Manager, 4, Senior Play Costume Committee, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Honor Roll, 1, 9, 3, French Club, 1, 9, 3, Io stroll upon the primrose path to the everlasting bonfire, Rum LEE MALAMBRE 386 Wolcott St., Auburndale She that was ever fair and never proud Had tongue at will, and yet was never loud. Born August 8, 1916, Scientific, Warren, Radcliffe, English Club, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Honor Roll, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To have a governmental ,ob in Wash- ington, JOHN HYNES MANNING 9 Rockland St., Newton lsee land, lsee the end of my labor. Johnnie, Born February 97, 1916, Mathematics, Day, Northeastern, Indoor Track, 9, 3, 4, Outdoor lraclf 3 4, German Club, 4, 5, Lunchroom, 5, Assistant Home Room Manager, 5, Io do something worthwhile, JAMES RICHARD MALANEY 91 Maple Plc , Newton Centre Keep good humor strll whate'er you lose. Diclc, Born August 93, 1915, General, Sacred Heart, Undecided, Baseball, 9, 3, Junior Varsity, 9, Intermediate, 3, Intermediate Hoclrey, 9, Legislature, 3, Football 9, 4, Junior Varsity, 9, Varsity, 4, To make porthole beds for study rooms, ALICE D. MANSFIELD 79 Cabot St., Newton Genius finds its own road and carries its own lamp. Born March 94, 1917, General, Melrose, Drama Club 3, 4, English Club, 4, Girls' Debatrng Club 3 4, Vice- I President, 4, President of Associates, 4, Glee Club 3, t Social Studies Club, 4, PrizefSpealting Contest Winner 3, Drama Club Play, 3, 4, National Honor Society 4. frfty-nine XX 12 W as ' I-9 i- Y YY Y gb A, Sixty VEB MARGARET G. MANSFIELD Q30 Bellevue St., Newton Ouret, yet we know she is there. Maggie, Marg, Born August 3 1913, General, Bigelow, Undecided, Gym Meet 1, Q, Home Economics Club Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Fashion Show, Q, 3. 4, To get to the top. FRANK MCCARTI-IY 61 Beaumont Ave., Newtonville ' An athlete has power inborn and the courage to carry on. Red, Mac, Born October 13, 1916, General, Day, Brown, Legislature, 4, Executive Committee. 4, Senior Class Treasurer, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varstiy, Q, Varsity, 3 4, To sell red flannels to Yale students. EDWARD J. MARTORANA 400 Cherry St ,West Newton That costs the least, and does most, is rust a pleasant smile. Ed, Marty, Eddie, Born August 94, 1915, General, Warren, Boston University, Glee Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, Track, 3, Basketball, 3, Baseball, 4, Intermediate Hockey, 4, To make a success of whatever I attempt and to make others happy. HELEN VICTORIA MCCARTHY 35 Kensington St., Newtonville The countenance rs the portrart of the soul. Vicki, Blondie, Born April 3, 1916, Office Training, Day, To get to the top. CHARLES JOSEPH MASCIA 458 California St., Newtonville A little nonsense now and then ls relished bythe wisest men. Mash, Charlie, Born Aprnl 5, 1915, Scientrfic, Day, Brown, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, lntermedrate, Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Intermediate, Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Varsity Track, Q, 3.4, To be successful in my favorite enterprise. WILLIAM JO5ERH1McDERMOTT 41 Clarendon 5t., Newtonvrlle Patience is the art of hoping. Slip, Mack, Born May 30, 1915, Business, Day, Notre Dame, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, To make Watertown in ten minutes. ELEANOR M, MCALEER 4 Copley St, Newton A lrrendshrp that means the least noise rs often the most alued. Tiny, Oliver, Born August 15,1916, General, Bigelow, Secretarial College, Baseball, 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, Basket- ball, Q, Aviation Club, 4, To do what I don't like to do and like it. JOHN D. MCDONALD 50 Farwell St., Newtonvulle Srlence is one of the virtues ofthe wise. Westford Academy, To buy the Brooklyn bridge from Mr. Hildreth. Ramsay, Jack, Born February 21, 1916, General, Day, gsrory I-g y 195, 534 W vgptolf 'J ALICE T. MCGOUIZTY is 58 Cherry Pl., West Newton A spirit all sunshine. AI, Shrimp, Born January 97, 1917, Office Training, Warren, Nurses' Training School, Home Economics Club, 9, Social Studies Club, 4, Committee of 75, 9, To be on time. PI-IYLLIS McKEY 131 Grant Ave., Newton Centre Witty and pretty and liked by all. Phyl, Born November 98, 1915, General, Mason, Basketball, 1, 9, 4, Soccer, 1, 9, 3, Pinggpong Tournament, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 1, 9, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, Debating Club, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, Gym Meet, 1, 3, 9 Crofton Pd., Waban To accomplish my desires. JOHN MCGIEATI-I 1395 Beacon St, Waban Not to lcnow me is missing one of the greatest oppor- tunities ol life. Mac, Born November 4, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, Baseball, 3, 4, Intermediate, 3, Varsity, 4, Junior Varsity Football, 3, To own a big league ball club. LOUISE McKlNNEY She smiles, she speaks, they come. Lou, Kinney, Blant, Born December 99, 1917, Language, Misses Allen's School, Wellesley, Legislature, 3, 4, Talent Assembly Committee, 4, Executive Committee, 3, Senior Banquet Committee, 3, Basketball, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 3, 4, ping-Pong Tournament, 3, 4, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Play Committee, 4, Gym Meet, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To interior decorate the White House. ELLEN MAE MCGPATH 17 Thaxter Rd, Newtonville A happy heart has many lriends. Mae, Born May 1, 1916, General, Day, Sargent, Basket- ball, 9, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Hockey, 3, 4, Baseball, 9, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Track, 9, 3, 4, Ping-Pong Tournament, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, 9, Camera Club, 3, Outing Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 9, 3, 4, To smile most of the time because it is easier than frowning, BARBARA McKlSSOCK 193 Jackson St, Newton Centre A horse' a horsel my kingdom lor a horse. Siddy, Kissy, Born October 94, 1915, General, Beaver Country Day, Tennis Tournament, 1, 9, 3, 4, Tennis Squad, 3, Basketball, 9, 4, Hockey Team, 4, Debating Club, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Gym Meet, 3, To be a radio singer. TIMOTHY VINCENT McKENNA 10 Williams St., Newton Upper Falls Oh, he is little and he is wise and he's a terror lor his size, Mahatma, Acer, Born April 91, 1917, Business, Emerson Boston Universit - Chorus 1- Traffic Squad, 3, To sell a yr f 1 suit of clothes to Mahatma Ghandi. BARBARA ESTELLE McMULLIN 60 Cook St , Newton Highlands A light heart lives long. Barbie, Born March 30, 1916, General, Hyde, Boston University, Alpha Beta, 1, 9, Track, 1, Basketball. 9, 3, 4, Aviation Club, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Gym Meet, 1, 9 3, Outdoor Concert, 1, 9, Honor Roll, 9, Chorus, 1, 9, To drive the King of I?umania's car. gnory ,,. 5 ! 3552- 1. - g l' K V i A 6 e Q g xt 4 Sixty-two VER LILLIAN McVEAN Q39 Washnngton St , Newton Come Show me ol your Qualrty. N Lrl Mac, Born July 19 1915. Ofhce Trarnrng, Brgelow, Commrgrclal Club 4, To be a success LINCOLN MERRILL 1 Arundel Ter , Newton He's a hard man to conyrnce. 7' Rrnlfy Llnlc Merrully, Born February QO, 1917, General: Arlrngton, Undecided, lennas Team, Q, 3, Tennls Tourna- ment 3 4, Glee Club 9 4, Chorus 4, Baseball, 4, To coach chamoron baslcetball teams WILLIAM ALLEN MEDLICOTT 90 Hancock St., Auburndale He'll lrnd a way. Brll lV1r'd, Born December1Q 1916, Language, Warren, Unron, French Club 4, Newtonran Feature Stall 4, New- tonrt-3 News Stall 4 Coby Stall, 4, Home l2oom Chatr- man 4,10 wrrte artrcles for the New Yorlr Trmes MADELEINE PRATT MERRITT QO Dexter Rd Newtonvtlle Srmplrcrty rs rarely discovered, and IS greatly to be desrrecl. Maddy, Sob, Born May 4, 1916, Sctenttltc, Day, Lasell, Englrsh Club, 4, 5, Archery Q, 3, Basketball, 4, 5, Soccer, 4 5, Legrslature Alternate, 5, Band, Q, 3 4, Varsaty Org chtistra Q 3, To swnm rn the Olympics. BEIQNICE MELIA Q l-llghland ler, Newtonytlle Sugar 'n sprce 'n everythrng nrce. Boots Bernte, Born September 96, 1916, Olllce Tram Ing, Day, To be an undertalfefs assrstant MONA EILEEN MEIZRITT 49Q Lowell Aye , Newtonvrllc You are sober and dull through the common clay, But when It IS nrght ' Pamona, Born September QO, 1915, Olluce lralmng, Townsend, Bryant and Stratton, To have you all Come up and see me sometrme ESTI-IE? MEPCI-IANI' 31 Sewall St , West Newton lrrller make perlectron and perlectron I5 no trrlle. Born August 9 1916, Language, Warren, Smrth, Alpha Beta Q, lennrs 3 4, Tralfrc Sc1uad,Q, Lrbrary Club, 4, 5, Presrdent 5, Englrsh Club, 4, 5, Treasurer, 4, 5, Legrsla- ture, 5, Newtonute, 4 5, Newtonran Art Eclutor, 5, Gym Meet 9, 3, Socral Board, 5, To parnt portraits. DORIS MEYER 3QJWauwrnet Rd , West Newton A cheerful countenance betolrenx a good heart. Dot, Born March Q6, 1916, General, Warren, Sumpson, Camera Club, 4, Socral Studres Club, 4, I-lonor Poll, Q, Grrls' Gym Meet, Q, 3, To be a success. X lblff pb 3 gt X lgt iaee X S WENDELL MARCELLUS MICK 370 Dedham St., Newton Centre Still waters run deep. Born March QB, 1917, Language, Mason, Bowdoin. RUTH ELIZABETH MILLER 11 Riverside St., Auburndale Success will meet her every attempt. Boots, Jolcay, Born July 30, 1916, General, Warren, Deaconess Hospital, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Camera Club, Q, Volly Ball, 1, Q, To be a doctor. BARBARA MILDRAM Q0 Turner St., Newtonville They conquer who believe they can. Barby, Born November QB, 1915, Language, Day, Vassar, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 4, 5, Drama Club, 4, 5, Play, 4, Library Club, 5, National Honor Society, 3, 4, 5, Field l-loclcey, Q, 3, 4, 5, Varsity, 4, 5, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, 5, Class, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, 5, Newtonite, 4, 5, Orange Boolc, 4, Senior Executive Board, 5, Publications Board, 5, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, To be a child psychologist, 170 Nehoiden Rd., Waban HERBERT MINGACE 89 Elm St., West Newton Good things come in small packages. Housty, Little Caesar, Meuse, Born September Q4, 1916, Business, Warren, New England Aircraft School, Glee Club, Q, 3, 4. AVA MAY MILLARD l-ler quiet and unassuming manner Brings lorth her quiet ways. Born May 7, 1915, General, Warren, Framingham Normal, To be a dietitian. LUIGI D. MINGACE 89 Elm St., West Newton Amid the clashing of cymbals and the clamor of rums he shouted, "Hail, Caesar." Lucius Ducius, Born November Q7, 1914, Scientific, Warren, Boston University, Band, Q, 3, 4, 5, Orchestra Q, 3, 4, 5, Midyear Concert, Q, 3, 4, 5, Final Concert, Q, 3, 4, 5, Drama Club, 5, Senior Play, 5, l-lome Room Manager, 5, Legislature, 4, Class Orchestra, Q, Chorus, 5, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, 5, To become the greatest authority on love much. International Law, LOUIS JOHN MILLER 38 Manemet Rd., Newton Centre They laugh that win. r B rn Au ust 17 1916 Scientific Warren Lou, Sneooe , 0 9 , , , , Preparatory School, Outdoor Varsity Traclc, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Football, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Indoor Traclc, Q, 3, 4, Sophomore, Q, Vari sity, 3, 4, Captain, 4, To be a graduate ol West Point. MARY LOUISE MOORE 19 Putnam St., West Newton To be happy is not to possess much, but to hope and to Mary-Lou Wheezy, Louise, Born February 18, 1917, Scientific, Day, Middlebury, Baseball, Q 3, Soccer. 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, To conduct a scientific expedition. l Sixty-three 16 Richardson Rd., Newton Upper Falls QIJTON, l x ,Y - I ul lg xx o1 ' i a yfg g Srxty-lour vfpo' MARION MORAN 18 Washburn St., Newton A dainty girl from headto toes, With laughing eyes and lots ol beaux. Mimi, Born April Q, 1917, Office Training, Day, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, 4, To hear a pm drop inthe lunchroom. 58 West St., Newton A merry heart doth good lilre a medicine Chilee, Born March 9, 1917, Office Training, Day, To become a famous beautlcian. ANGIE MARY MOQCGA EDNA EILEEN MORGAN A solt answer turneth away wrath. Ed, Eddie, Born June 14, 1915, General, Emerson, Gym Meet, 1, Chorus, 3, 4, To pass one of Sterling L. WilIiams's exams. ARTHUR MULDOON Q62 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Great men are not always wise Art, Born January 3, 1916, Business, Mason Aviation School, Social Studies Club, 4, To be a commercial pilot FRANCIS ALBERT MORRISROE 83 Withington Rd., Newtonvllle A superior man is modest rn his speech, but exceeds in his actions. Frannie, Bottle, Born October 19, 1915, Business, Arlington, Suflollt Law, Social Studies Club, 4, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, Class Paper Printing Crew, Reporter, 4, To be a criminal or insurance lawyer. DOROTHY C, MULLEN 419 Auburn St., Auburnclale Calm is not always the attribute of innocence. Dot, Dotty, Charlie, Born January 1, 1916, Office Traine ing, Warren, Baseball, Q, To help Svea Nelson get nowhere dSf, LUCILLE HELEN MORRISON 1071 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre On her tongue is the law ol lrlndness. Lou, Lucy, Red, Born November QQ, 1916, Language, Day, Radcliffe, Neophytes, Q, I-lonor Roll, Q, Glee Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, French Club, Q, Newtonite, 4, Outside Music, Q, 3, 4, Alpha Cwamma Tau, 3, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, To make my first concert performance in Jordan I-lall. AGNES IMILDIA MURPHY 35 Jewett St., Newton A happy soul that all the way to heaven hath a summer day. Aggie, Born January 8, 1915, Business, Watertown, Commercial Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, To be success- ful in the future, dirofy, ,.,. V5 pb? -EX A 19 -349 r 2 MARGARET RITA MURPHY 59 Elliot St., Newton Highlands Her ways are ways of pleasantness and all her paths are peace. Born July 19, 1916, General, Hyde, Framingham Nor- mal, Alpha Beta, Q, Neophytes, Q, Legislature, Q, Home Economics, 4, Honor Roll, 1, To be a better person. RUTH NESBITT 441 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville Good humor is goodness and humor combined. Nesie, Born May QQ, 1917, Language, Day, Wheaton, Aviation Club, 4, French Club, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom S-quad, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Gym Meet, 3. RICHARD BOTUME MYRICK 34 Otis St., Newtonville He scratched his head and lcept on thinlrrng. Diclc, Born December 16, 1916, Language, Tutored, Harvard, Alpha Beta, Q, Camera Club, Q, Aviation Club, 3, English Club Program and Play Committee, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Chairman, 4, Editor of Orange Book, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Board of Publications, 4, Legislature, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, To plan a perfect house and grounds. 169 Hunnewell Ave., Newton HOWARD CHARLES NESS 1065 Walnut St., Newton Highlands He is of use without being conspicuous. Howie, Born October 9, 1916, Mathematics, Hyde, M. l. T., Band, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Play, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Traffic Squad, 4, Legislature Alternate, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, To own a Pierce-Arrow Silver Arrow. JAMES HERBERT NAYLOR Oh, that my young life were a lasting dream' My spirit not awalrening, till the beam Ol an Eternity should bring the morrow. Jimmie, Pindar, Poe, Born September Q8, 191 7, Language, Bigelow, Harvard, Honor Roll, 1, Q, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Neophytes, 1, Q, English Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Drama Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 3, Play, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Class Secretary, 3, Executive Committee, 4, Manager Outdoor Track, 3, Newtonian, 3, 4, Organization Editor, 4, Legislature, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 3, To be a man of fine parts. HUGH ROSS NEWCOMB 380 Dedham St., Newton Centre Cheerlulriess is a certain sign ol wisdom. Whitey, Born February 14, 1916, Scientific, Mason, University of Maine, Legislature, 1, Q, Home Room Man- ager, 1, Football, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To live a lift' of service. SVEA EMMA NELSON Q4 Wiswall St., West Newton o one betrays himself by silence. Slciffy Born February 16, 1916, General, Warren, Nurs- ing To manufacture prunes without wrinkles. ANN NEWDIQDK 15 Mt, Vernon Ter , Newtonville ' Small, but never inconspicuous. Anny, Ned, Born January Q, 1917, Language, Day Wellesley, Ncophytes, Q, Drama Club. 4, French Club 3 German Club, 4, Girls' Debating Club, 4, Honor Roll, 3, Newtonite, 4, Prize-Speaking Contrst 3, 4, Senior Play 4 Q6 Sixty Y V? X ' 'Wen r i -url '-5 - 49 s s 3354 Q,- H 'J bvq' A - . Surly-:rx ELIZABETH NICHOLS 59 Rokeby Rd, Waban And for every why she had a wherefore. Betsy, Bets, Born June 16, 1916, Scientulnc, Warren, Wnlluam and Mary, Gym Meet, 9, Camera Club, 3, English Clllbr 3, 4, AYCIWQYY, 3, 4, Social Studnes Club, 4, Home Economncs, 4, Basketball, 4, To obtarn an education wrth- out study. BARKER NOKHOUDIAN 49 Bowers 5t , Newtonvrlle A man wrth many rrons rn the frre. Nook, Born May 1, 1917, Ollrce Trarnrng, Day, Nrght School, Assistant Basketball Manager, Q, Mdndggry 3, Home Room Manager, Q, 4, Varsrty Basketball, 4, New- tonuan Cnrculatron Staff, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Nattonal Honor Socrety, 4, To be a success nn the busrness world. . ANNE IDA NICKERSON 30 Adams Ave , West Newton Gay and sunny, Small and sweet. Nncky, Speed, Born November 18, 1915, Qffrce Tram, mg, Warren, Boston Unrversrty, Commerctal Club, 4, Honor Roll, 4, Sensor Executuye Comrruttee, 4, To make 5 solo llrght In an arrplane JOSEPH JAMES NOLAN 60 Gardner St ,Newton Wrsdom speaks Irttle, but that Irttle well. Muscles, Joe, One Round, Born October Q, 1915, Mathernattcs, Day, Boston College, Tennrs Team, 4, Boys' Tennns Tournament, 4, 5, Junror Varslty Baseball, Q, Band, 3, 4, Mrdwtnter Concert, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, German Club, 4, 5, Lunchroom Squad, 5, To wtn the Cuolden-Cnlove, LOUISE HOWARD NICKERSON 84 Walker 5t , Newtonvrlle The secret to Success rs constancy to purpose. Nick Nicky, Born April Q3, 1917, Scientific, Ealrlreld, Connectrcut, Colby Junror, Camera Club, 3, Englrsh Club 3, Archery, 9,10 drrve the car to sunt every member of the lamuly nncludrng myself. HARRY NORDBECK 41 Clark St , Newton Centre Such rs Irfe. Rummue Hare H, Born May 5,1915,CJeneraI, Warren, To make my Ford go 90 mules per hour ROBERT EMIL NILSSON 55 Nlosslneld Rd , Waban An honest countenance rs the best passport. A Bob, Born Spetember 97, 1915, Screntulrc, Warren, Norwrch, Tralfrc Squad 3, To own a 40' sarlrng cruuser WILLIAM EDWARD OCONNELL 1316 Centre St., Newton Centre But wrthcut rrcney, honor rx nctlrng but a maIecIy.I I Oakue, Bull, Born June 93, 1914, General, Mason, Westford Academy, Baseball, 1, Cross Country, 1, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, Hockey, Q, Cafeterla, Q, Base- ball Manager, 3, To be a commercual leader. 1 4 -t... T N 35,27 - A dl oivtpx V' 3. ,.::-' I lIl lj, 32 4 L. l HELEN ELIZABETH OCONNOR , X Q77 Homer St., Newton Centre Order is heaven's just law. Oakie, Born April 18, 1917, Language, Sacred Heart, 5 Emmanuel, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Neophytes, 1, Q, Secretary, l Q, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, English Club Play Coach, 3, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Play, 4, Glee Club, 4, Out- door Concert, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Leader, Q, 3, Senior Talent, 4, French Club, 3, 4, President, 4, Senior Play Committee, Chairman, 4, Properties Committee Chairman, 4, Newtonian, 4. NANCY EVELYN OSTERBERG 440 Albemarle Rd., Newtonyille Beautiful as sweet, and young as beautifull Nan, Blondie, Born February 21, 1917, Office Train- ing, Day, Boston University, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 9, 3, Usher, 4, Sopho- more Prize Speaking, Q, Senior Fashion Show, 4, To be private secretary to Will Rogers. GAGE OLCOTT 119 Grasmere St., Newton The answer to a rnaiden's prayer. Alky, Born April 98, 1916, Language, Bigelow, Yale, Legislature, 1, Alternate, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, Cheer Leader, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, To transplant Newton pansies. HUGH OWENS, JR. 197 Grove St., Auburndale The best lesson is that of example. Huey, Born March 7, 1916, Scientific, Warren, Holy Cross, Orange Book Staff, 3, Junior Executive Board, 3, Home Room Manager, 4, lndoor Track, 3, Outdoor Track, 3, Cross Country, Q, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Hi-V, 4, To be a great surgeon. MARGUERITE SYBIL O'NElL 684 Watertown St., Newtonyille Friendly . . . studious . . , ladylike. Peggy, Skeezix, Born July 14, 1916, Language, Lynn, Wheaton, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Make-up and Prop- erties Committees, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Camera Club, 4, Judging and Album Committees, 4, English Club, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, Newtonite, 4, To catch Mr. Johnson in a mistake. VIRGINIA LUCY PALOMBO 393 Nahanton St., Newton Centre The blushing beauty ofa modest maid. Vi, Jinny, Born April 93, 1915, Office Training, Mason, Commercial Club, 4, Baseball, 1, To be a secretary. CLARA OSTERBERG 440 Albemarle Rd , Newtonville Beauty is truth, truth is beauty. lBubbIes, Blondie, Born March 14, 1915, Office Train- ing, Day, Business, Basketball, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, 3 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, To own a dude ranch. MICHAEL PARADISO Q8 Adams St., Newtonville Knowledge is indeed that whfch raises one man above another. Mickey, Born January 31, 1917, General, Day, Night School, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, To become C. P, A. or 'Z' .Sixty-Seven fb Srxty-eight llfpb HARRIET ELIZABETH PATTERSON 15 Trowbrndge St , Newton Centre She blushes f all rs tale. Pat, Patsy, Patty, Born August QQ, 1915, Office Trarmng, Mason, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Freld Hockey, 1, Q, Baseball, 1, Q, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Volley Ball, Q, 3, Archery, Q, 3, Commercial Club, 1, Home Economlcs Club, Q, Honor Roll 1, To be a success tn the busuness world. KORA MAY PERRY QO Clarke Rd West Newton What a variety ol talent she has' Ko, Sack, Born October 31, 1916, General, Warren, Art School, GlYlS- Gym Meet, Q, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, German Club 4 Oran e Book Staff 4, Gtrls' Track Meet, , r S , , Q, To wan a scholarshup at Vesper George. LAURA MACAULAY PATTERSON Q74 Park St., Newton I am not ol that leather to shake oll my lrrend when she needs me most. Shux, Pat, Born October 11, 1917, Language, Blgelow, Bennlngton, Alpha Beta, 1 Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Play, 3, 4, Camera Club, 4, Radno Club, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Archery, Q, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 4, Newtonuan Proof Staff, 4, Newtomte, 3, 4, Gurls' Sports Edutor, 4, Senror Prom Commrttee, 4 EUGENE KENNETH PESCHIER 43 l-ltgh St, Newton Upper Ealls He srtteth there rn srlence. Gene, Pesho, Born January Q6, 1917, Buslness Warren Baseball, Q, 3, Football, Q, 3, Hockey, Q 3 To become a gardener CHARLOTTE PAUL Q51 fV1lllSl.,lNlevvtOnvIllC And xtrll they gazed, and xtlll the wonder grew That one small head could carry all she lrnew. Sharlee, Born May QQ, 1916, Language, Longview, Washington, Wellesley, Poem Contest, 3, 4, Second prize, 3, 4, Glee Club, 4, Newtomte, 4, German Club, 3, 4, Presrdent, 4, Edrtor-rn-Chief of Newtonlan, 4, Legusla ture, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 4, Sensor Talent Assembly, thtngs l love the 4, Natronal Honor Soctety, 4, To do the most the best DOROTHY PETERSCN 196 Sumner St. Newton Centre l have a heart wfth room for every Joy. Dot, Born July QQ, 1916, Scuentufrc, Mason, Mass P1erce's Englnsh Club, 3, 4, Class Basketball, 1, Q, Fueld Hockey, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Gym Meet, 1, Q 3 4, Tennis Tourna- ment, 1, Q, 3, 4, To see an elephant pack has trunk. ELLEN PAUL 33 Orlent Ave , Newton'Centre Joy IS not rn thrngs, rt rx ln us. Paul, Born October B, 1916, Scnenttfrc, Mason, Brad- lOrd,Er1glISl1 Club, 3, 4, Library Club, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, Cflass Basketball, 1, Home Room Manager, Q, Sensor Play Costume Commsttee 4, Assembly Usher 1, To be a second Eluzabeth Hawes, MADELEINE YVETTE Pl-lANEUF 910 Commonwealth Ave, Newton Centre Small but never mconsprcuous. Mal, Koko, Maddy, Born October 5, 1916, Language, Mason, Simmons, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Play, 3, 4, Grrls' Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Chorus, 1, Q, Baseball, 1, Q, Glee Club, 1, Basketball, 1, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Soccer, 1, Q, 3, Natronal Honor Society, 4, To be a surgeon's assustant, , '-ix A 12 s ,349 . -, 5 5 Q- -E-Fl? - I I ll' - Ven Y MARJORIE reussm PHELQN gk 15 Nags Ra., Newton l'lI5l'tldDdS l'll do, l'll do, and l'll do. Mudge, Margre, Born July 91, 1916, Language, Day, Mt. Holyoke, Alpha Beta, Q, Home Room Manager, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Usher, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Girls' De- bating Socrety, 3, 4, Socual Studies Club, 4, Natronal Honor Socrety 3, 4, Newtonian Copy Edrtor, 4, Archery, Q, 3, 4, Manager, 4, To have lots of ambutuon. ROBERT HALL PLIMPTON 11 Oxford Rd , Newton Centre Happy rs the man that hndeth wrsdom. Bob, Peewee, Born January 9, 1915, General, Mason, Llndecnded, Avratlon Club, 4, Baseball, 3, Committee for Avnatuon Sign, 4, Legnslature Alternate, 3, 4, To catch lush AGATHA MAY PICKHARDT 302 l-lrghland Aye., West Newton Swrm, grrl, swrm. Puck, Born July 95, 1917, Language, Warren, Vassar, French Club, 3, Glee Club, 4, Socral Studies Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, Llbrary Club, 4, Legrslature, 4, Sensor Banquet Commuttee, 3, Sensor Talent Commuttee, 4, Soccer. 3, 4, Sensor Play Candy Commrttee, 4, Shakespeare Con- test, 3, Englrsh Club Play, 4, To swrm rn the next Olympics. DONALD PERRY POIRIER 33 Woodrow Ave, Newtonvnlle To know much rs to know naught but fame. Don, Two-Gun, Born January 11, 1917, Busuness, Day, Notre Dame, To be a crrmrnal lawyer. ELIZABETH PIEPER Q49 Homer St., Newton Centre Be swrfl to hear, slow to speak, slow to wrath. Lrza, Libby, Born October 17, 1916, General, Mason, lfnglrsh Club, 4, Soccer, 4, Volley Ball, 3, Baseball, 3, Archery, 3, Gym Meet, 3, To be a desrgner. SAMUEL DOUGLASS POLLOCK 398 Centre St., Newton There were grants rn the world rn those days. Poluky, Doug, Sam, Born March Q6, 1916, Busrness Btgelow, Yale, To work my way to success. MARY JOAN PIERCE 498 Watertown St., Newtonvrlle Get thee behrnd me, Satan, and push. Honnae, Born July QQ, 1917, Office Trarnung, Day, Commercial Club, 4, Home Economrcs, 9, Home Room Manager, Q, To be admired as as Mae West and when she fades to become her successor. Tl-IELMA PROLJTV 63'Neholden Rd., Waban if Let the world slfde. " Thvl, Thelphy, Ourlfy, Born September 9 1916, Gen eral, Warren, Art School, Gym Meet, 1, Q, Archery 1, Baseball, 1, Basketball, Q Shakespearean Contest 1. Newtonrte 4, Leguslature, 4, Outdoor Concert 1, Gia,- Club, 1, To study desrgn rn Parts or Japan, ffxty-nan ,L ffl 1 1 ,T ii Q Z' !i7'!s I III ,bytpx V' Q XX s 4 ' Seventy ROBERT L. OUIGLEY X 39 Hrllsrde Ave West Newton A lrttle nonsense now and then ls relrshed by the wrsest men. Bobby, Oulg, Born June 1O,1915,GeneraI, Day, New Hampshire State, Intermediate Football, Q, Varszty Indoor Track, Q, 3, 4, Varsrty Outdoor Track, Q, 3 4, Cross Coun- try, Q, To run 100 yards rn 9,1 seconds GARDNER HERBERT REYNOLDS 31 Forest St , Newton Hrghlands Your word rs as good as the bank, slr. Gardy Spud, Born February 18, 1916, General, Deca- tur, Cueorgra, Pratt, Junror Varstty Football, 3, Newtonuan, 4, To be a good commercral artnst JOHN JOSEPH OUINN 61 Cherry PI West Newton And l wrll capture your time wrth sweet novelty. Johnny, Rabbut, Born Aprrl QB, 1917, Business, Warren, Notre Dame, Varsity Football, 3 4, Varsrty Baseball, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, Intermedrate Basketball, Q, 'Io run the stock market HELEN CRANDALL RICE 80 Eliot Ave , West Newton Good nature rs one ol the rrchest lrurts ol personalrty. General, Warren, , 3, 4, To be a Brownne, Born March 8, 1916, Garland School, Home Economics Club buyer In a department store NEAL RAILSBACK 34 Foster St , Newtonvrlle He came at the rrght moment. And he was the rrght man. Dunk, Born Aprrl 18, 1916, Language, Day, Harvard, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, 5, Secretary, 4, Senior Talent Com- muttee, 5, Junror Varsrty Football, Q, Intermedlate Basket, ball, 3, Legrslature, 5, Hr-Y, 4, 5, Honor Roll, 5, Natuonal Honor Socrety, 5, To go places. FRANKLIN I-IOTALING RICI-I 137 Waverley Ave , Newton 44 The proper study ol mankrnd rs man. I Born October Q5,1915, Scuentulrc, Brgelow, Hr-V, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, 9, 4, Cross Country, Q, Culee Club, 4, Home Room Manager, Q, To be mayor of the Cnarden Cnty. MIJRIEL RAY 64 Cabot St, Newton Her eyes are homes ol silent prayer. Born December 4, 1915, General, Provtdence, Rhode Island, Framingham Teachers' College, Alpha Beta, 9, Gym Meet, Q, Englrsh Club, 3, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Glee Club, 1, Basketball, 1, Tennrs, 1, Archery, 1, Io clrmb thr haylolt In the Old France. RUSSELL RILEY 4 Bradford Rd, Newton Hrghlands The Iron rs not so lrerce as they parnt hrm, Russ, Rep, Born August 17, 1916, Screntrlrc, Hyde, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, Q, 3, Football. Q, 3, Baseball, Q, Basketball 3, To be a second Rrchard Hallrf burton , QI-lTO'Vf I uri 4 Vg- pb .is X a 1 Y' A ' TA? ' T' Tv EDWIN CLYDE ROBBINS, JR. 115 Parker St., Newton Centre Laws are not made lor the good. Ed, Born September 17, 1916, Scientific, Mason, Unie versity of Oregon, Football, 3, Newtonite, 3, 4, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To be a great lawyer. IRVING JOSEPH ROITER Q49 Adams St., Newton The mind is king, the body is its servant. Chick, Roy, Born January 31, 1916, Scientific, Day, Boston University, Baseball, 1, Basketball, 1. MARY NORMA ROBERTSON QO Shawmut Pk., Newton Upper Falls The sweetest garland to the sweetest maid. Bubble, Born August 1O, 1916, Office Training, Emerson, Katherine Gibbs, Field Hockey, 1, Home Economics, 1, Girls' Gym Meet, Q, To have pretty clothes. 35 Lakewood Rd., Newton Highlands DOROTHY ROLFES 8 Jepsen Ct., West Newton Sometimes grave, sometimes gay, But we like her anyway. Dot, Dottie. Born February Q, 1917, General, Warren, Miss Chamberlain's, Alpha Beta, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Senior Dress Assembly, 4, Basketball, 9, Field Hockey, 3, Out- door Concert, 9, To be a buyer. LOIS ROCKWOOD 54 Newell Rd., Auburndale Thy rnodesty's a candle to thy merit. Born September 28, 1916, Language, Hyde,'lMt. Hole yoke, Varsity Orchestra, 1, Q, 3, Class Orchestra, 1, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, 3, Midwinter Concert, 1, Q, To race my own sailboat at Chatham and Marblehead. GERALDINE RUTH ROSE 39 Eern1St., Auburndale Bother me not with trifling matters. Jerry, Born June 15, 1916, General, Warren, Training School, Neophytes, Q, Social Studies Club, 4, To meander around the world, JONATHAN RUSSELL ROEHRIG lshall not loolc upon his like again. Johnny, Rock, Born October 6, 1916, Mathematics, Warren, M, l. T., Radio Club, 4, Senior Play, 4, Football, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, 3, Varsity, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, Hi-Y, 4, Drama Club Ticket-taker, 4, National Honor Society, 4, Newtonian Business Manager, 4. DORIS SYBIL ROSENBERG 14 Mandalay Rd , Newton Centre A smooth and steadfast mind with gentle thoughts and calm. Born September QO, 1917, General, Mason, Boston University, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Neophytes, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 4, To be a successful social service worker, Stay enty-On? 97 Oakleigh Rd, Newton E i TO fy, ,s . V . I' ' r M31 I ll-- . 57-I4 4? T :f'Mg,. ' - - C 9 4? 'K 'lb -Y Seventy-two lffpbv. CHARLES HERMAN ROSENTHAL 107 Madison Ave., Newtonville A volume not easy to read. Rosy Charlie, Born October 16, 1916, General, Day, Wentworth, Glee Club 4, English Club. 4, Camera Club, 4, Chorus 4, Cross Country Q, To explore a new found ronher DORIS ELIZABETH RYAN 984 Melrose St , Auburndale JEAN MARGARET ROSS To think H ah, there's the rub. Dorrie, Born October 11, 1916, Office Training, Wal' tham, To write 6 Brewster Rd., Newton Highlands My thoughts and l were of another world. Born July 12 1914, General, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Home Economics Club, 4, Social Studies Club 4, To be a musician. JOSEPH ENGLISH RYAN 4aa'AibemdfiQ Ra., rsiewtanviiie Ambftion is not a vice of little people. ' Bud, Born May 91, 1916, General, Day, Boston College, Basketball, 9, Chorus, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Baseball, 4, To be Glen Gray's successor. VIRGINIA ROWELL 93 Calvin Rd., Newtonville Rich in thought and character. Jinny, Born July 3, 1915, General, Day, Business School Legislature. 3, 4, Class Treasurer, 3, Social Board, 4, English Club, 4, Orange Book, Basketball, Q, 4, Hockey, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Track, 9, 3, Gym Meet, Q, 3, l9rize4Soeaking Committee, 4, Gym Meet Committee, 3, Senior Banquet Committee, 4, Baseball, 3, To travel. MARION I. SALTA True learning did true grace bestow. Nan, Born May 9, 1916, Language, Lawrence, Welles! ley, Alpha Beta, Q, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Candy Committee Senior Play, 4, Honor Roll, 4, National Honor Society 4, To go on a world cruise. JAMES ROWLEY QO Devon Rd., Newton Centre True merit is like a rfver f the deeper it is the less noise it makes. Jim, Born February Q, 1917, Scientific, Wellesley, Museum School of Art, To go into commercial art and advertising. ARTHUR SAMPSON 45 Waban St Newton Words flowed from his mouth lrlre silver. Sam, Born July 13, 1916, Business, Day, Bentley's, To be one of the few honest politicians. QJTON swung, 4 lc , , V . . EK S- f -. " if-35 so Q4 W I 'ss-v-,ts ' 1' ' -t ,.' '4 4 'P , L t ,4 7, QF VL-pb GEORGE SANTILLO ak 469 Watertown St., Newtonville Victory follows me 1 And all things lollow victory. Guy, Dulce, Born April 19, 1916, Business, Day, To be a success in life, FLORENCE ANN SCULLY Q9 Walter St., Newton Centre Silence has been given to woman, the better to express her thoughts. Floss, Born June 9, 1917, General, Mason, Business School, Alpha Beta, Q, Baslcetball Class Team, 1, Q, Tennis, 1, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Drama Club Worlc Shop, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, To live life leisurely. LEONARD SAVIGNANO 15 Hale St., Newton Upper Falls Wisdom is better than rubies. Savy, Lenny, Savage, Born December 15, 1916, General, Emerson, Fitchburg State Teachers' College, Home Room Manager, 4, Lunchroom Squad, Q, Honor Roll, 3, To over- come life's obstacles. ADELAIDE ROSE SEELEY 40 Holden Rd,, West Newton Her glossy hair was cluster'd o'er a brow bright with intelligence and fair and smooth. Ad, Addy, Born March 97, 1917, Language, Warren, Cornell, Alpha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, French Club, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, 3, Basketball, 3, Girls' Gym Meet, 3, Newtonite, 4, To beat all Helene lVladison's swimming records. SYLVIA JANE SAVITZ 86 Algonquin Rd., Chestnut Hill She was worshipped, adored, and bored. Born January 13, 1916, General, Jaclcsonville, Florida, Business School, English Club, 4, To do a little more work than l have done. AUDREY ELLA SEELEY 40 Holden Rd., West Newton The lair, the chaste, the inexpressive she. Oddie, Born December 90, 1915, Scientific, Warren, Simmons, To be an aviatrix. ELVIRA SBORDONE 15 Cool: St., Newton She doesn't hate worlc, but she 1sn't in sympathy with it. Elly, Al, Born October Q1, 1915, Office Training, Pay, Lunchroom Squad, 1, 9, 3, 4, To succeed in the uture. N WILLIAM THOMAS SEERY W 1052 Chestnut St., Newton Upper Falls. l'd rather do things than tallr about them. Bill, Born October 3, 1917, Business, Emerson, Inter. mediate Baseball, 3, To obtain a position. Seventy-three TON F :fm ' ' Vs . f i f f .77 , .5 , I- - V , ,,- - - ..L. -JT Ven Y 1 XX we fa ' x 19, ,M W 9 44 .47 1 3, 1, 34. wha-ov Q Seventy-lour ALDONA C. SHAPALIS 68 Gardner St, Newton A quaet modesty whrch mort becomes a woman. Al, Alder, Born February 9, 1917, General, Day, Teach- ers College, Natronal Honor Socrety, 3, 4, German Club, 4, Currls Debatrng Club, 4, To travel to the four corners of the earth before undertaknng the more serrous task ol teachung nn hugh school, ROBERT LEONARD SHERATON 197 Mt. Vernon St., West Newton A man': own oprnron rx never wrong. Bob, Rob, Sherry, Born May 9, 1916, General, Warren, Massachusetts State, Junror Varsrty Football, Q, Varsity Football, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, REGINA MARY SHAY 44 Brewster Rd, Newton Hlghlands Ouret and true A lrrend to you. Gena, Born February 21916, Language, Hyde, Wellesley, French, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 1, 3, Newtonnan Staff, 4, Senior Play Propertres Commrttee, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 4. MARTHA ELIZABETH SILVEIRA 780 Boylston St., Newton Hrghlands A5 l walked wrth myxell l talked to myself, and yxell replred to me. Marta, Born Aprrl 98, 1917, Language, Hyde, Wellesley, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Englush Club, 3, 4, Senror Essay Contest, Judging Commrttee, 4, Newtonran, 4, Senior Play Publuc- tty, 4, Natronal Honor Socnety, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, Parents' Day Usher, 9, 4, Newtomte, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, Shakespeare Contest, 1, To make everybody under- stand me 1 and luke me, DOROTHY H. SHEA 89 Randlett Pk., West Newton Lrvely and gossrprng, and a sprce ol mrrth too. Dory, Dot, Born August 16, 1915, General, Day, For- syth Dental lnhrmary, Archery, Q, Freld Hockey, Q, Home Economrcs, 4, Glee Club, Q, To assrst rn makung pretty smrles ADELE tc, SILVERMAN 59 Tamworth Rd., Waban It would talltl How rt would talltl Dell, Born March 5, 1917, General, Warren, Boston Unrversrty, Archery, Q, Home Economrcs Club, 4, Basel ball, Q, Fashron Show, Q, To lrye a successful lute abroad. GUY VAUGHN SHEDD 91 High St., Newton Upper Falls l dare do all that may become a man. Shrngles, Born July 5, 1917, Language, Emerson, Wes- leyan, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Varsrty, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Var- srty, 4, Neophytes, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, Play, 4, Publrcrty, 4, Usher, 3, Englrsh Club, 4, Newtonrte, 4, Newtonran, 4, Orange Book, 3, Leguslature, 3, 4, Dramatrc Board, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 4, Orchestra, 1, Q, Outdoor Concert, 1, 9, Commrttee of 75, Q, Natronal Honor Soclety, 4, To do the most rn somethrng. DONALD M. SKAUEN 15 Maple Ter., Newton The m1nd'stl1e standard ol the man. Don, Born May 14, 1916, Screntalrc, Brgelow, Massa- chusetts College ol Pharmacy, Hr-Y, 4, Basketball, 1, 3, 4, Jumor Varsrty, 1, Varsrty, 3, 4, To cut :ce from the Rnver Styx, i - "rin , fi' 7 Q' f EEN 1 5 QIJTON, in I' J 4 VL- pb?- JOHN JACOB SLOET 98 Athelstane Rd., Newton Centre Say he is shy with much reserve, But never say he laclcs good nerve. Sloety, Born October 3, 1916, General, Mason, Massa- chusetts Agricultural School, To lead an outdoor Iile. PHILIP HOLMES SMITH Q5 Ripley Ter., Newton Centre A gentleman and a scholar, always. Smitty, Phil, Born August 23, 1914, General, Mason, Denison, Glee Club, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Camera Club, 3, 5, Aviation Club, 5, English Club, 5, Play, 5, Stage Committee, 5, To do something worthwhile. JOHN WILSON SMILLIE Q9 Wamesit Rd, Waban A pleasant youth, most genial, franlr, A character ol highest rank, Jack, Born May Q7, 1916, Language, Warren, Bowdoin, Committee of 75, Q, Sophomore Dance Committee, 9, Intermediate Football, 3, Debating Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Alternate to Legislature, 4, Drama Club, 4, Play, 4, Out- door concert, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, To become a lamous doctor, marry, and have live children before reaching lofty. VIRGINIA RUTH SMITH 115 Dorset Rd., Waban A dancer and artist- what more could one aslc lor? Ginny, Born March 16, 1916, General, Los Angeles, California, Art School, Home Economics Club, 4, Presi- dent, 4, Basketball, 4, Aviation Club, 4, To be a fashion designer. ESTELLE WARREN SMITH Q5 Fisher Ave., Newton Highlands Great is truth and mighty above all things. Smitty, Born December Q5, 1915, General, Hyde, Sargent, Gym Meet, 1, 3, 4, Basketball, 1, 4, Varsity, 4, Baseball, 1, 4, Volley Ball, 4, Track, 3, 4, Hockey, 5, Archery, Q, 3, 4, Pingfpong, 4, 5, Outing Club, 4, 5, Vice- President, 4, President, 5, Home Room Manager, 5, Physi- cal Education Board, 5, To run a girls' summer camp. 139 .lewett St., Newton When young we trust ourselves too much, And others too little, when old. Bill, Born May 7, 1916, Scientific, Bigelow, Tufts, Home Room Manager, 1, Football Manager, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, Play, 3, 4, Senior Photographic Committee, 4, To be a surgeon and own a private hospital. HERBERT SMITH WILLIAM LLOYD TTH Q30 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Rare compound of oddity, lrolic, and fun who relished a joke and rejoiced in a pun. Smitty, Born December 93, 1915, Language, Warren, Undecided, Football, Q, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 4, To succeed in what I attempt, MARTHA FOWLER SNEATH 78 Plainfield St., Waban haughing cheerlulness throws sunlight on all the paths o re. Mart, Born May1O, 1917, Language, Warren, Wellesley, Hockey, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 3, Ping,Pong, Basketball, 4, English Club, 4, French Club, 3, To be a 3 librarian in the Congressional Library. Seventy-love Q75 Tremont St, Newton ,, aifofvf H-.4 f 35,2 S' - 3. i I 1l 'fa 19 :E 3234 if Vg p,'f'J?7 15?-f , ' ' f - - J' ,I Seventy-six ELEANOR SNOW 73 Lombard St, Newton The better you know her the better you like her. Ellie, Born Oztober 98, 1916, Language, Bigelow, Simmons, Neophytes, 1, Q, Alpha Beta, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, French Club, 3, English Club, 4, Library Club, 4, Gym Meet 1 Q, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, National Honor Society, 4 HERBERT B SPROAT Q7 Laudholm Rd, Newton Common sense is not a common thing Herb, Born August 6, 1917, Scientific Bigelow Tufts Camera Club, 3, English Club 4, To travel I ARBARA SOUTHGATE ' 79 Hawthorne Ave , Auburndale Tiny, but who ever complains about small packages? Westie, Barbie, Born January 4, 1917, Cueneral, Warren, Undecided, English Club, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3, Socral Studies Club, Q, Home Economics Club, 3, To souelch Hope Van Horsen's laugh. ROBERT HENRY SPROAT CJAIL SPENCER Her hair Be a philosopher, but amidst all your phflosophy be stall a man. Bob, Kelly, Socrates, Born January 19, 1915, Scientific, Bigelow, Harvard, Baseball, 1, 9, Soccer, 1, Basketball, 1 Q, Cross Country, 3, Hockey, Q, AntiABumming Campaign, 1, Newtonite, 4, Orange Book, 3, 4, Newtonian Staff, 4, Senior Play Usher, 4, English Club, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, Legislature, 1, 9, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, Prize-Speakrng Contest, Q, 3, To find truth. QQ Aberdeen Rd., Wellesley was no more sunny than her heart. Born March QO, 1917, Language, Wellesley, Colby Junior, To go into social service work. WILLIAM ATWELL SPURRIER 151 Waverly Ave , Newton Blessed are the peacemalcers For they shall Inherit the earth. Will, Bill, Willie, Born June 19, 1916, Language, Bige- low, Wullrams, Drama Club, 3, 4, Play, 3, 4, Neophytes, 1, Q, Legislature, Q, 3, 4, Newtonite, 4, Newtonian Feature Editor, 4, Debating Club, 3, 4, Tennls Team, 9, 3, 4, Cap- tain, 4, Intermediate Hockey, 3, Senior Play, 4, Dance Committee, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, To learn how to live. ELIZABETH KATHARINE SPRINGHAM Q0 Summer St., Newton Upper Falls Sweet, simple and girlrsh. Kay, Born February 17, 1916, Office Training, Emerson, Basketball, 1, Home Economics, Q, Culee Club 9, To travel the world over, STUART GILLARD STEARNS 340 Wolcott St., Auburndale His mind is composed of radio tubes and short circuits. Stuie, Born July 19, 1916, Mathematucs, Warren, M, l T., Radio Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, To be a successful chemical engrneer. s i an s ea-'fs 193 252 l!fP,5?. GEORGE B. STEERS Q81 Lowell Ave., Newtonville And he was always quietly arrayed, and he was always human when he spoke. Steersie, Born Septerrber 24, 1916, Scientific, Warren, Cushing Academy, Band, Q, Football, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, 3, Varsity, 4, To design and fly the world's fastest airplane. 53 lrving St., Newton Centre BARBARA STINPSON SO Carver Rd.,lNevxton f-Iighlands lwon't budge an inch, boyl Barbie, Stirrpie, Born Decerrber 25, 1916, Language, Hyde, Undecided, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Con- cert, 1, Legislature, 1, Library Club, 3, 4, German Club, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Alpha Beta, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Essay Contest, 3. HENRY ALAN STEEVES, JR. 46 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Without women men might live lflre gods. H. A., Has, H. Alan, Steeves, Born Eebruary1Q, 1916, Language, Roxbury, Harvard, English Club, 3, 4, Publicity Committee Chairman, 4, Prize Speaking, Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Track, 3, 4, Indoor Track, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, Dance Committee, Q, To write the worlds best history. AGNES ELIZABETH STONE The world belongs to the energetic. Betty, Liz, Stoney, Born July 8, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Undecided, Gym Meet, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, Attendance, 1, Prize Speaking, 3, Poster Contest Winner, 4, German Club, 4, Secretary, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau Play, 3, Camera Club, 3, Alpha Beta, 9, Base- ball, 9, 3, Soccer, Q, Home Room Manager, 3, Archery, Q, National Honor Society, 4. RUTH LOVELL STEPHENSON 69 Bowen St., Newton Centre The power of thoughts- the magic of the mind. Boochie, Born July 'lO, 1916, Language, Mason, Art School, Traffic Squad, 1, Q, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Vice- President, 1, English Club, 3, Junior Dance Committee Chairman, 3, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Senior Play Candy Committee, 4, Legislature, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 1, 3, 4, Newtonite, 4, Basketball, 1, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Library Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, To design or model clothes. GEORGE VALANCOURT STONE 7 Braemore Rd., Newton He grins and loolrs broad nonsense with a stare. Stoney, Born December QQ. 1916, Language, Bigelow, Harvard, Hi-Y Club, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, 3, 4, Dance Committee, 1, Q, 3, 4: Senior Play Usher, 4, Class Treasurer, 1, To work in a certain mill in Peterboro, Canada HILDA MARY STILES ' 164 Elgin St., Newton Centre She smiles, she speaks, they come. Hillie, Snoots, Born May 13, 1914, Office Training, Mason, Glee Club, 9, Social Studies Club. 3, To teach penmanship to the friends with whom l come in contact. NETTIE ALICE STUA RT Q Nottingham St., Newton Centre Pretty to walk with Witty to talk with And pleasant, too, to thinlc on. Neddie, Flitty, Born June 18, 1916, Office Training, Mason, Undecided, Band, 1, 9, Class Orchestra, 1, Q, Gym Meet, 9, 3, Basketball, 1, To be an aviatrix. I lII Seventy-seven as as ' iff, QQJTONQ ,,,-.fa eff Yf v I -any , 1 .c 4 I :Fi 19 sr t aa L - P - R SQ' - -Q ' ' Seventy-erght I url Ven IT HAROLD LEWIS SUVALLL 394 Nevvtonvtlle Ave , Newtonvulle Lrttle lrshe: should not spout at whales. Soupy I-lanna, Born August 19, 1917, Mathematucs, Day, Northeastern, To be an archttect. ROBERTKSYMONDS 75 Crofton Rd Waban They that govern the most malce the least norse. Symte, Born February 14, 1915, Mathematucs, Warren, Dartmouth, Home Room Manager, 1 Q, To be a successful anythtng. WILLIAM HOWARD SWAINSON 59 Gay St, Nevvtonvnlle A sonnet rs a short drtty. I-Iovvme Monk, Born March 6, 1916, Sctentultc, Day, M I T,ToenterM l T. BARBARA FRANCES TAFT 95 Langley Rd, Newton Centre How near to good rs what rs larr. Bee, Shrump, Born February 1, 1916, General, Portland, Tennts, 1, Q, Fngltsh Club, 3, To be a buyer of womans clothes BERNADETTE ALICE SWLATT 1046 Chestnut St , Newton Upper Falls A grrl ol great vrvacrty. Detta, Born November Q4, 1915, Olftce Tratntng, Em- erson, Glee Club 3, Home Economtcs Club, Q, Basketball, I, Q, Baseball, Q, To wan all my arguments GEORGE WHITEFIELD TAYLOR 30 Foster St , Nevvtonvtlle -Xi One Inch of roy surmounts ol grrel a span, Because to laugh rs proper to the man. Jub, Born October Q1, 1915, Sctenttftc, Day, Unde- ctded, I-lt-V 3 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, lntermedtate, 9, 3, Varstty 4, Varsuty Baslfetball, 3, 4, Home Room Manager, 52 3, Legrslature 4, I-lonor Roll 4, To be a worthy and successful salesman BERTI-IA ALDEN SWEETSER 314 Lowell Ave , Nevvtonvtlle Musrc hath charm alone lor peaceful mrnds. Bert, Born July 7, 1916, Screntuluc, Day, Curtis Instttute ol Mustc, Soctal Studues Club 3, Class Orchestra, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau 4, Play, 4, Attendance, Q, Outdoor Concert 1, Glee Club 4, To compose a lazz symphony. ELIZABETH M. TEDESCO Q31 Sherudan St, West Newton A lrttle grrl, a org smrle. Gary, Eltz, Bee, Born March 26, 1916, Olfuce Trauntng, Warren, Tenms Tournament, Q, 3, Social Studues Club, 3, Commerctal Club, 4, To travel and some day start an ant:- chlsel campatgn so , r at 19 , S3154 fini Ven E CHARLES A. THACKERAY, JR. 618 Beacon St., Newton Centre from a little sparlr may burst a mighty flame. Ace, Born March Q6, 1916, Business, Mason, Business College, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Football, 1, 3, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediate, 3, Varsity Hockey, 4, Home Room Mana- ger, 1, Q, Junior Varsity Baseball, Q, To sail around the world in my own yacht. EARLE E. TILTON, JR. 148!Parker St., Newton Centre A mind not to be changed by place or time. Born January 31, 1916, Scientific, Mason, Dartmouth, Aviation Club, 5, Baseball, 3, Camera Club, 5, Vice- President, 5, To see Tinkham driving a Greyhound Bus. VIRGINIA THOMAS 3QO Lake Ave., Newton Highlands She has two eyes so soft and brown f bewarel Ginny, Born July 8, 1916, Scientific, Hyde, Miss Pierce's, Basketball, 1, Q, Tennis, 1, Q, Neophytes, 1, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, English Club, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, To become a successful red-headed stylist. OLIVER G. TINKHAM, JR. 78 Westminster Rd., Newton Centre X Let every man do his best. Tink, Born November 5, 1914, Scientific, Chauncy Hall, Bowdoin, Camera Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, To own alDuesenberg. CHARLES ARTHUR THOMPSON, JR. 1141 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Victory sits on our helms. Capt. Tom, Charlie, Born April 15, 1917, Scientific, Hyde, Dartmouth, Football, Q, 3, 4, Junior Varsity, 1, Intermediates, Q, Varsity, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 4, Newtonian Circulation Staff, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, - BARBARA ANN TOLMAN 85 Elm Rd., Newtonville ln youth and beauty wisdom is but rare. Babs, Barbie, B. A. T., Born February Q8, 1917, General, Arlington, Junior College, English Club, 3, 4, Varsity Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Costume Com- mittee, 4, Neophytes, Q, Honor Roll, 4, Track, 3, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Tennis Tournament, Q, Senior Talent Assembly Committee, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Chorus. Q, Prize-Speaking Committee, 4, Newtonian Art Staff, 3, Neyer to play second fiddle. ELIZABETH THOROGOOD Q19 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill To be a doctor. By music, minds an equal temper lrnow, Nor swell too high, nor sink too low. Betsy, Born March Q9, 1917, Language, Mason, Welles- Iey, Class Orchestra, 1, Q, Varsity, 1, Q, 3, Outdoor Con- cert, 1, Q, 3, Chorus, 1, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, French Club, 3, Outing Club, 3, 4, Drama Club Workshop, 4, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 4, Soccer, 1, Q, Basket- ball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 1, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. ANN ELIZABETH TRACY 136 Jewett St., Newton I l She is rich in common sense. ' Legs, Born June Q5, 1916, Business, Bigelow, Art School, Track, 1, Archery, Q, Soccer, Q, Tennis, 4, Com- mercial Club, 1, Outdoor Concert, 4, To be an artist. .SCVQVHY-llllie 'sz' - g :- E s EU.: - x Ven 1' ine ' 1'.' , wg. ,5lJTO'Y4, f ' ' ' 1 as , -E55-A - 1 in Q- ffl' . ' 192 ,54 , L - ,b 5 Erghty PRISCILLA TRACY Q64 Lowell Aye, Newtonvtlle A woman's soul rs closely allred with art. Pussy, Born October 1, 1916, General, Day, Unde- clded, Drama Club, 3, 4, Candy Commrttee, 3, 4, Soctal Studtes Club, 3, Gym Meet, 9, 3, Basketball, 9, 3, 4, Tennus Tournament Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q 3, Rrtze Speaknng, 4, To do somethung worth whale, EDUARD l-IELMUTH ULRICH Q15 Valentrne St., West Newton Blest with that charm, the certainty to please. ' Ed, Eddue, Born February 13, 1918, Language, Warren, Harvard, Varsrty Orchestra, Q 3, 4, Band, Q, 3, Sensor Banquet Committee, 3, Sensor Dance Cornmtttee, 4, Radto Club, 4, Engltsh Club, 4, Publncuty Commuttee Chairman, 4, Play 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, 4, Newtoman Feature Stall, 4, To be a surgeon f-f lust a little cut-up. HELEN BOARDMAN TUFTS 57 Walker St , Newtonyrlle Charms strrlre the sight, But rnerrt wrns the soul. Tully, Born January 31, 1917, General, Day, Kathernne Gibbs, Track, 3, French Club, 4, Avnatton Club, 4, Honor Roll, Q 3, 4, Nattonal Honor Socuety, 4, To travel MARJORIE UNDERHILL 3 Bradford Ct, Newton Centre Romance rs always young. Marge, Born October QQ, 1916, Sctentuluc, Chatham, Undectded, To overcome my tnlernortty complex, MARY WOOKEY TULLER 19 Ransom Rd., Newton Centre The rdeal rs the mold rn whrch the real rs cast. Pete, Born June 12 1916, Scuentuftc, Day, Summons, Archery, Q, Baseball 9, 3, 4, Soccer, 3, 4, Basketball, Q 3, 4, Track, Q, Hockey Q, Pang-Pong Tournament, 4, Engltsh Club, 4, Avtatton Club, 4, Prestdent, 4, Tenms Tournament 4, Lacrosse, 3, Gym Meet, Q, To spend sum mers In Scotland and wrnters tn Bermuda. HOPE VAN HORSEN 53 Marshall St , Newton Centre Rum HELENE Lrle wrthout laughfng rs a dreary blanlr. Hople, Van, Born January 30, 1916, General, Mason, Mass Whez'Iock's, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 4, English Club, 1, Outdoor Concert, 1, To run a cat farm. ULMER 39 Bowen St Newton Centre The truest wrsdom rs resolute determrnatron. Wtllee, Deedee, Born July 17, 1916, Scuentthc, Masoni Englush Club, 4, Archery, 1, Soccer, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Neophytes 1 Q, Drama Club, 3, To be a stable boy on a merryfgoeround DAISY PEARL VEINOTTE 87 Austun St , Newtonytlle She who speaks lrttle goes farthest. Born February 14, 1916, General, New Cornwall Nova Scotua, Newton Hosottal, Outdoor Concert, Q, Fashton Show Commuttee, 3, Sensor Dress Assembly, 4, To be a nurse and travel. n-'hind WY Ven E MADELINE DALTON VITELLI 97 Washington Park, Newtonville Her voice was ever Jolt, Gentle and low, an excellent thing rn woman. Mad, Born June 1, 1916, Business, Day, Hockey, Q, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Archery, Q, Baseball, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, To be Rudy Vallee's private secretary. EDWARD VO WINIFRED WALDEN Q6 Blithedale Rd., Newtonville X The ,oy ol youth and health her eyes display. Winnie, Win, Born December 1, 1916, Language, Day, Wheaton, Soccer, 4, Archery, 3, 4, Aloha Beta, Q, Ping- Pong, 3, Tennis Tournament, Q, Basketball, Q, Gym Meet, 3, Honor Roll, 3, French Club, 4, To be a private secretary and travel. LPE 8 Nonantum Pl., Newton To sorrow l bade good morrow. Ed, Ted, Bo rn May 31, 1916, Business, Bigelow, Un- decided, Home Room Manager, Q, Chorus, 1, Q, 3, Glee Club, 1, Q, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, Q, 3, 4, To make the most of everyth ing that comes along. MARY DUTTON WALDRON QO1 Highland Ave., Newtonville Be merry rf you are wise. Dutton, Born May 7, 1917, Language, Day, Mt. Hol- yoke,Drama Club, 3, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Home Room Manager, 4, Senior Play Committee, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Executive Council, 4, Tennis, Q, 3, 4, Girls' Athletic Board, Chairman, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Hockey Varsity, 3, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Committee of 75, Q, French Club, 4, Ping-Pong, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 4. MARGARET S. WAGNER X. Peasy, Res, 36 Saxon Rd., Newton Highlands The tongue did no man tame. Born March 11, 1916, General, Hyde, Boston University, To make a success of my career. JEAN LOUISE WALKER 39 Central Ave., Newtonville Power rests in tranquillity. Born January Q7, 1916, Language, Day, Middlebury, Band, Q, 3, 4, Orchestra, 3, 4, Aloha Beta, Q, English Club, 3, French Club, 4, Outing Club, 3, 4, Girls' Debat- ing Club, 3, Vice-President, 3, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Newtonite, Q, 3, 4, Newtonian, 4, Hockey, Q, 3, Second Varsity, 3, Basketball, Q, 4, Volley Ball, 3, Base- ball, Q, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To be a foreign correspondent. MARGARET WALDEN Q6 Blithedale Rd., Newtonville An athlete has power iriborn and courage to carry on. Mugs, Margot, Born July 17, 1915, Language, Day, Antioch, Tennis, Q, 3, 4, Basketball Class Team, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Baseball, Q, 4, Ping-Pong, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, English Club, 3, French Club, 3, Glee Club, 4, Social Studies Club, Senior Play Bus 4, Newtonian, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, Assistant, 4, :ness Committee, 4, Senior Talent Assembly, 4, To play ping-pong with Tilden. JEANNETTE CHRISTINE WALLACE 1OQ Garland Rd., Newton Centre She moves a goddexs and looks a queen. Jenney, Jen, Born July 9, 1917, Language, Mason, Wellesley, Varsity Hockey, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, Neophytes, 1, Q, Drama Club, 3, 4 Debating Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4 Play, 4, French Club, 3, Prize Speaking, 1, Q, 4, Home Room Manager, 1, Q, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Newtonian. 4, National Honor Society, 4, To strive for high ideals in life, I ui Eighty-Ori QJTON, ,.,.,, i ts 4 'bv px e ANNA BEATRlCE WARD 150 Edinboro St., Newtonville We are never so happy or so unhappy as we suppose. Ann, Blondy, Born April 95, 1916, Office Training, St. Bernard's, Home Economics Club, Q, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 4, To travel. ELLIOT LOWELL WELLINGTON Q1 Eliot Ave., West Newton Quiet and unassuming Yet always a good fellow. Ell, Duke, Born June 18, 1915, General, Day, Unde- cided, German Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Treasurer, 4, To clriye a car100 miles per hour. CHARLES RONALD WASILEVSKI 30 Abbott St., Newton Upper Falls Let thy words be few. Charlie, Born January 4, 1916, General, Emerson, University of Kovno, Football, 1, Track, 1, Q, To be a shorthand stenographer to the U, S. Supreme Court. GERTRUDE WELLINGTON Q1 Eliot Ave., West Newton Whose life is but a bubble and in length a span. Trudy, Born October 91, 1916, General, Day, Gym Meet, Q, 3, Camera Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Basket- ball, Q, 3, Baseball, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 4, To find Elmer, JOHN JOSEPH WATERS Q5 Irving St., Newton Centre Still waters run deep. Johnny, Soapy, Born January 5, 1916, Language, Sacred Heart School, Hebron Academy, Home Room Manager, 4, Football, 4, Hockey, Q, S, Baseball, Q, 3, 5, Traffic Squad, Q, Hi-V, 4, 5, To wash open windows. ANNA MARIE WESSELL 66 Highland Ave., Newtonyille She doesn't know what it's all about, but she's against it. Topsy, Born April Q7, 1916, Office Training, Day, Basketball, Q, 3, Chorus, 3, 4, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, Track, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 3, To be a success. CHRISTINE WEBER 60 Otis St., Newtonville Laugh and the world laughs with you. Chris, Born January 30, 1915, General, Mason, Newton Hospital, Gym Meet, 1, Q, To know the names of intoxicat- ing beverages. ELIZABETH LORING WESTON 56-Valentine St., West Newton Knowledge is power as well as fame. Libby, Born February 12, 1917, Language, Warren, Vassar, Alpha Beta, 3, Orchestra, Q, 3, Drama Club, 3, 4, English Club, 3, 4, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Library Club, 4, Newtonian, 4, Senior Play Stage Manager, 4, Tennis Tournament, 9, 3, 4, Newtonite, 4, Honor Roll, 913, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, To own a ranch in Montana. A il 3 4 V T T -T OYVEPSY' PHYLLIS GALE WHEELER Q6 Homestead St., Waban , She trips a light, fantastic toe. , Phil, Born January QB, 1916, General, Warren, Alviene School of Theatre, Gym Meet, 1, Soccer, 1, Band, 1, Debating Club, Q, Track, 1, Ring-Pong, 3, To be a second ' Connie Boswell, ROBERT D. WHITNEY 11 Parsons St , West Newton The ancestor of every action is a thought. Bob, Rinkie, Born February 19, 1916, Scientific, Day, Tufts, Football, Q, 3, 4, Varsity, 3, 4, Legislature, 4, Boys' Athletic Board, 4, To develop interplanetary travel SALLIE WHEELER 168 Homer St., Newton Centre Manners maketh the maid. Sal, Born October 17, 1916, Language, Mason, Vassar, Soccer, Q, Tennis Tournament, 4, Chorus, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, Home Room Manager, Q, English Club, 4, Ping-Rong Tournament, 5, Social Studies Club, 5, New- tonite, 4, To make up my mind. FAITH WHITTLESEY 14 Read Ct., Newton Centre Wit is lllre a diamond, rare and precious. Born September 1, 1918, Language, Misses AlIen's School, Radcliffe, English Club, 3, French Club, 4, Basket- ball, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Newtonian Staff, 4, Senior Play Publicity Committee, 4, Girls' Gym Meet, 4. JOHN EATON WHELDEN 516 Commonwealth Ave., Newton Centre Center of light and energy is he. Johnny, Born November 3, 1915, Scientific, Mason, Dartmouth, Football, 3, 4, Baseball, 3, 4, Hi-Y, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Senior Play, 5, Executive Committee, 3, Soc- cer, Q, Prize Speaking, 3, To sing over a nation-wide radio hook-up with Gus Arnheim's orchestra, HELEN ELIZABETH WIESE Q8 Laudholm Rd., Newton A winning way, a pleasant smile, Dressed so neat and quite in style. Blondie, Born October 94, 1916, Office Training, Day, Outdoor Concert, 4, Ring-Pong Tournament, 3, Glee Club, E, Hgnor Roll, Q, 3, To walk backwards so I can see where ve een. ALLAN DOUGLAS WHITE 72 Rowe St., Auburndale Thou art a scholar, speak to rt. Born May 31, 1918, Mathematics, Warren, M. I. T., Band, 1, Q, 3, 4, Varsity Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4, Radio Club, 4, National Honor Somety 4, To be a successful electrical engineer. LILLIAN WIGOD 39 Robinhood St., Auburndale One cannot lrnow everything. Lil, Born May 9, 1917, General, Warren, Framingham Teachers' College, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, Newtonite Staff, 4, Lunchroom Officer 4, Band, Q, 3, Honor Roll, 9, 3, Outdoor Concert, Q, 3, Attendance Officer 4, To become a successful teacher EI-Tltv-thwee T -it an ill ON! 3- J-T. -qu ce S W awe i Vg pb? I Esghty-four BARBARA WILSON 396 Ward St., Newton Centre She burns the mfdnsght osl. Barbse, Bee, Born February QQ, 1915, General, Mason, Msss Wheelocks, Chorus, 1, Q, 4, Socsal Studses Club, 3, Track, 3, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, Eseld Hockey, 1, Q, Glee glub, 4, Lunch Squad, 4, To be successful sn eyerythsng I o. AGNES MARGARET WOLFE 146 Jewett St Newton Where dancsng ss, there am I alsol Bsng, Aggse, Born August 7, 1915, General, Warren, Undecsded, Baseball, 1, Q, 3, Basketball, 1, 3, Soccer, 1, 3, Track, 1, 3, Tennss, 1, Q, Traflsc Squad, 3, 4, Home Room Secretary, 1, To keep out ol that Blue Mood and always wear a smsle. JOHN ARTHUR WILSON, JR. Q36 lslsngton Rd, Auburndale A Ison among ladle: IS dreadful. Jack, Bud, Born Aprsl QO, 1917, Mathematscs, Warren, M I. T,, Band, Q, Outdoor Concert, Q, Socsal Studses Club, 3, Sensor Play Usher, 4, French Club, 4, Basketball, Q, 3, Home Room Manager, 4, Honor Roll, 3, 4, Sensor Talent Assembly, 4, Natsonal Honor Socsety, 4, Gradua- tson Usher, 3, To become a successful engsneer, BARBARA WOLLEV 15 Jensson St Newtonvslle I' Youth IS lull ol sport. ' Bobby, Born June 11, 1916, Scsentslsc, Warren, Bouye, Eseld Hockey, Q, 3, 4, Varssty, 4, Soccer, Q, 3, 4, Class Basketball, Q, 3, 4, Manager, Q, 3, Varssty, 4, Captasn, 4, Baseball, Q, 3, 4, Track, Q, 3, 4, Lacrosse, 3, 4, Gym Meet, Q, 3, 4, Ushers and Judges Commsttee, Q, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, Lsbrary Club, 3, Outsng Club, 3, 4, Vsce-Rressdent, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, Newtonste Q, 3, 4, Newtonsan, 4, Sensor Banquet Commsttee, 4, DEBORAH OSBURN WING 15 Magnolsa Ave, Newton Call st by some better name, For lrsendshsp sounds too cold. Debby, Deb, Born Aprsl Q4, 1916, Language, Bsgelow, Fseld Hockey, 1, Q, 3, 4, Varssty, 3 4, Basketball, 1, Q, 3, 4, Baseball, 1, Q, Track, Q, 3, 4, Tennss Tournament, 1, Q, 3, 4, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, Neophytes, 1, Q, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Treasurer, 1, Drama Club, 3, 4, Lsbrary Club, 3, 4, Vsce, Pressdent, 4, Legsslature, 3, 4, Athletsc Board, 3, Rublscaf tsons Board, 4, Executsve Committee, Q, Newtonste, 3, 4, Honor Roll, 1, Q, 3, 4, National Honor Socsety, 3, 4, Nevvtonsan Data Edstor, 4, CONSTANCE NATALIE WOOD Q9 Holman Rd, West Newton Such a tsny one Choclc lull ol lun. Count, Connse, Mae West, Born July 1 5, 1916, Language, Brooklsne, Msss May's School, Basketball, 3, 4, Chorus, 3, Outdoor Concert, 3, 4, Shakespeare Contest, 4, French Club, 4, Glee Club, 4, Sensor Play Ccmmsttee, 4, Publicsty Chasrman, 4, Newtonsan Stall, 4, To keep my sllusion about the world and my Irsends, VIRGINIA E. WINGETT 30 Lake Ave , Newton Centre A pleasfrsg personalsty, long to be remembered. Gsnny, Born Aprsl Q4, 1917, General, Mason, Ssmpson College, Iowa, Englssh Club, 4, Hockey, 1, Q, 4, Basket- ball, 1, 3, Alpha Beta, 1, Q, Asssstant Home Room Manager, 3, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3. VIRGINIA CAMPBELL WO DS 37 Crescent Aye, Newton Centre l A happy smsle goes a long, long way. 1 Gsnny, Born May 1Q, 1916, General, Mason, Perry Ksndergarten School, Basketball, 1, 3, Archery, Q, Soccer, 1, Q, Eseld Hockey, 3, 4, Tennss, 1, Q, Alpha Beta, 3, Home Economscs Club, 3, Newtonste, 3, Socsal Stuclses Club, 3, Englssh Club, 3, 4, Secretary, 4, Sensor Play, 4, Outfioor Concert, 1, Gym Meet, 1, Q, 3, 4, To learn to spe asap YIJTON! , f - 5531- ' E 'E 5- -Et X 17 9 s 49 5, or Vg pb? , I Q' CATHERINE WORDEN 1921 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale A silent tongue and a true heart are the most admirable things on earth. Kay, De-de, Born January 18, 1917, General, Belmont, Archery, 3, Glee Club, 4, English Club, 4, Home Eco- nomics Club, 4, Treasurer, 4, National Honor Society, 4, To have the courage of my convictions. CAROLYN E. YOUNG Q90 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Pen cannot write, nor brush paint her sterling qualities. Caclc, Carol, Tillie, Born May 16, 1915, General, Warren, Chamberlain, Glee Club, 3, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 4, Archery, 3, Assistant Home Room Manager, 4, To travel. MABLE BROADLEY WORTH Q3 Perkins St., West Newton The music in my heart l have, long after it was heard no more. Btllie, Born February 96, 1917, General, Warren, Simmons, Orchestra, Q, 3, 4, Lunchroom Squad, 4, Camera Club, 4, To be a nurse and concert violinist. ROBERT POLLARD YOUNG 1190 Centre St., Newton Centre But if there's a woman in the case. Bob, Dutch, Born December Q4, 1914, General, Mason, Boston University, Football, 1, 4, Junior Varsity, 1, Var- sity, 4, Hoclcey, 1, Q, 3, Intermediate, 1, Varsity, Q, 3, To be a painter and interior decorator. HERBERT YANCO 222 Pearl St., Newton fl good head and industrious hand are worth gold in any land. Herb, Hub, Born March 8, 1917, General, Day, North! eastern, German Club, 3, 4, Vice-President, 4, Outdoor Concert, 1, To be one jump ahead in all things. NELLIE ZILINSKIS QQ Whitlow Rd., West Newton The silent repenteth not. Nell, Born July 14, 1914, Office Training, Warren, To be a canable secretary. DEBORAH YORK 301 Otis St., West Newton My life is full ol indecisions, Deb, Born May 91, 1917, Language, Warren, Vassar, National Honor Society, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, Library Club, 3, 4, Treasurer, 4, French Club, 3, Social Studies Club, 4, Radio Club, 4, Honor Roll, Q, 3, 4, Hoclcey, Q, 3, Basket- ball, Q, 3, 4, Soccer, 9, 3, 4, Newtonian Stall, 4, Glee Club, 4, Senior Dance Committee, 4, Candy Committee, 4, Home Room Manager, 3, To be an aviatrix. WILLIAM J, CONDON 45 Ash SL, Auburndale God is with those who persevere. Bill, Whitey, Born September 15, 1915, Scientific, i Warren, Undecided, To be a success at whatever I attempt. Eighty-live sv SS 5--'E' F 2. ,-l su x Y' I 0:1 I-x g 1926 .aa f 5 Erghty-srx VEB Auoeev Doreomy DEMING 565 Commonwealth Ave., NevvtonfCentre A good friend, full of garety. Odd, Born September 93, 1916, General, Chicago, lllrnors, Vesper George, To play stoop tag on submarrnes, Wll.LlAl'Vl OLJINAN Q6 Washburn St, Nevvtonvulle Bu! here am l to soedlr what I do lcnow. Bull, Horn January Q9 1916, General, Day, To be a Dolltlcuan ELEANQR GOLDENBERG 1151 Commonwealth Ave , West Newton 'IIS best becoming to be merry. Elly, Born, Aprrl 28, 1917, Language, Warren, Boston Unmversrty, Gym Mecrt 4, Pung-Pong Tournament, 3, 4, To do socnal vvorlf. C. MacGl?ECnOl2 THOQNQUIST 189 Bellevue St , Newton None but nlmself can be nfs parallel. Mac, Greg, Born June 30 1915, Mathematecs, Bugelovs, Harvard, Football, 9, l-lr-Y, 4, To go to Harvard, to be able to wrute a theme wrthout musspellung a word, to have a new Ford roadster. LOUlSE KATHRVN MacDONAl.D 377 Lrnwood Ave , Nevvtonvulle A vrolet by a mossy stone, hal! hrdden from the eye. Lou, Born December 8, 1915, Ofhce Trarnrng, Day, Home Econormcs Club, Q, Baseball, 4, To go on the stage, POYAL P. TUTHILL 602 Centre St., Newton Why so pale and wan, fond lover? Tut, Roy, Born July 9, 1913, General, l-'luntrngton School, Nrchols Jr. College, To be a hustory professor. c E- QIJTON1 f. XX i s spa X I qlff-p,fJ?. E 5 QQ . . . - - 1, Q, SEYMOUR BLUM 6 Garner St., Newton Centre Young fellows will be young fellows. Squid, Snooky, Born December 90, 1916, Scientific, Brookline, Michigan, To play with Glen Gray. JAMES B. COOK 19 Willard St., Newton l awolre one morning and found myself famous. Cookie, Born August 6, 1916, Scientific, Rye, New York, Amherst, Band, 1, 9, 3, Orchestra, 1, 9, 3, Class Orchestra, 1, 9, New- tonite, 9, 3. CHARLOTTE LEE DONAHUE 9359 Washington St., Newton Lcwer Falls Her Uno" once said is "no" for ever rnore. Donahoe, Charlie, Born July 97, 1917, Language, Warren, Massachusetts State, Alpha Beta, 1, 9, Neophytes, 1, l-lonor Roll, 4, To grow pansies. ELEANOR GARDNER 19 Carleton St., Newton Cheerfulness is an offshoot of goodness and wisdom. Babe, Born July 14, 1915, Office Training, Bigelow, To be a private secretary. THOMAS FRANCIS GLEASON 993 Melrose St., Auburnclale - My strength is made perfect in my weakness. Babe, Born June 10, 1915, Business, Warren, Bentley's, Chorus, 9, Varsity Baseball, 4, All.Class, 3, Lunchroom Squad, 9, 3,0utdocr Concert, 9, 3, Honor Roll, 9, To be a mattress-tester, SONIA GOURFAlN 60 Grove Hill Ave., Newtonville Milght as well be out of the world as out of fashion. Sonny, Born March 9, 1915, General, Baldwin, Long Island, Home Economics Club, 4, To be a costume designer. ROBERT JAMESON 18 Sewall St., West Newton Fortune truly helps those who are of good judgment. Born June 94, 1915, General, Boston College High, Dartmouth, To be a financier. EVELYN GLADYS KLEVEN 7181 Commonwealth Ave., Newton A pleasant girl with a pleasant smile. Ev, Born March 9, 1917, Language, Abbot Academy, Wellesley. CATHERlNE M. McCOLL 10 Crehore Drive, Newton Lower Falls What is worth doing at all is worth doing well. Kitty, Born May 97, 1916, General, Brighton, Faulkner, To be a graduate nurse. DANlEL EDWARD McLAUGl-lLlN 15 Warwick Rd., West Newton Tact and talent malre a strong team. Mac, Dapper, Born May 19, 1919, General, Warren, Boston University, Traffic Squad, 9, Social Studies Club, 3, To travel. SYLVIA MONTO 55 Chapin Rd., Newton Centre It is tranquil people who accomplish much. Syl, General, Fitchburg, Hospital, Honor Roll, 3, National Honor Society, 4, To succeed in nursing. JOHN FRANCIS O'NElL 10 Howard St., West Newton g A sense of humor is the salt of life. Johnny, Born January 97, 1917, Business, Warren, Notre Dame, Football, 9, 3, 4, Intermediate, 9, Varsity, 3, 4, Traffic Squad, 9, Home Room Manager, 9, Junior Varsity Baseball, 9, To succeed in business. RO3ERT THEODORE REID 41 Elm Rd., Newtonville Honest toil is holy service. Bob, Rob, Born July 93, 1910, Scientific, Boston, Cornell, To be an architect. ROBERT SEARWAY 119 Dickerman Rd., Newton Highlands Worry? Worlr? Worry? H'ml lshould worry' Bob, Born September 6, 1915, Business, Hyde, Football, 3, Tumbling, 5, To see America first. EMILY VERGINIA STOLLOW 76 Austin St., Newtonville l am in love with high far-seeing things. Em, Emie, Born April 9, 1916, General,Day,BridgewaterTeachers' College, Social Studies Club, 3, 4, French Club, 3, Debating Club, 4, Honor Roll, 9, 3, To become an old "school-marm." ROBERT STRONG 39 Eden Ave., West Newton Deep rivers run in silence. Born June 4, 1916, Scientific, Warren, Bentley's. FRANK ZlLlNSKlS 99 Whitlowe Rd., West Newton A gentleman is often seen, but seldom heard to laugh. Alex, Born September 15, 1916, Business, Warren, To get a job. Eighty-seven TON vb ' :"f' dl f .1 ,a ll-' f Wi ..l.. Li' .1-' -' Af -. lui Y' E N 193 54 flqhty-erght Ven CLASSMATES WHO HAVE DIED ALBEQT P HPIGHTMAN Born Auquv Q8 1915 De d January13 1934 FOSTER C DOUGLAS onFw rudrvfl 1915 D dJuly5 1 Born F-Qbruary 11 1917 D1 d February Q3 1933 HUGH PATTEFQSQN LAWRENCE Born Junr 30 1916 Du d ADrul1Q 1933 GRACE LCUUSE THONTPSQN Born N1ay6 1917 Dr dF bruary Q3 1933 B r lb , ue , 931 JAMES JEFFERSON HAVDEN , , e , , . 2 C , 5 -'A 5 S L ,b by . L -,E - Ven T Class Statistics I Vox Populi Most Popular CHARLES FLAGG Second THEODORE JOHNSON BARBARA ANDERSON Second DOROTHY JONES Best Looking CLAUDE ERAZIER Second ROBERT WHITNEY PHYLLIS McKEE Second BARBARA ANDERSON Most Likely to Succeed WILLIAM SPURRIER Second JAMES NAYLOR CHARLOTTE PAUL Second ALICE MANSFIELD Most Athletic CHARLES FLAGC5 Second CLAUDE FRAZIER MARTHA CONDIT Second BARBARA WOLLEY Most Versatile WILLIAM SPURRIER Second CHARLES FLAGG CHARLOTTE PAUL i Second JEAN HARVEY Eighty-mn '--ai-' A ' 11 QIJTONI f , . - 4 -anis j r i f I ,.. it 'i " 'V -A - ibrliii bi '5 Ven? C C I-Q s 93 234 , .- Q- Y --,.. , - -f' vm. '-.. . .-. 512919 .,.....,Q,4,g.,,,1 H Merely Mary Ann H S their annual play this year, the Senior Class presented a typical Cinderella romance, "Merely Mary Ann," coached by Miss l-lelen E. Nute. The play had to do with a lodging-house slavey who inherited a fortune, and almost lost her friendship with her boarding-house acquaintance, a young composer. Mary Ann, the slavey, was admirably portrayed by Ann Newdick, with John Whelden playing opposite her as the struggling musician. Betty-Jane Dockstader took the part of Mrs. Leadbatter, the lodging housekeeper, while her daughter Rosie, was played by l-lope Baker, Cliiiord Craig had the role of Peter, l.auncelot's friend, and composer ofthe plays theme song, "Kiss Me Good Night." Qther parts were taken by Thomas Fitzgerald, Jonathan Roehrig, Virginia Woods, Claudia Bassett, Julius Kovitz, Roland Jones, Betty Bolinger, William Spurrier, and Austin Connelly. Luigi Mingace was the impersonator of Dick, the canary. The committee which chose the play was composed of l-lelen Q'Connor, Louise Kerr, Theodore Cobb, John Connelly, Dorothy Hurd, Constance Wood and James Naylor. Ninety tg: ' - ' -I:-'.:' , -- 1 Elf. . Laing ' I TTY: V511 f V . b it Cid-IT N471 , - D -hi , 19 33 3 4 ff... W . . - 5 bg ,QL MM A A ,-., .. .. . . Y..,.. .- ... Y-,. , - - .:.-::,-:7.:..j,7,g-'.--,:,-3.-9:45-f ..v:,L. hv...-,.,-3,,. 4-. "g'.'1'JQ':,'.gjf: -17: rfgx..-'. r::.7.7,:1--5 ... . -.-...:g.: 2 x 4- - ..-,- ,.-- ..,,,..,.-,.-.-g-f:,-.-,- .,, .hx . . . f 11. . . ' . . 5- . . - , - - 4 3- ........ . ....... . ........ ..,. ....,-. .. .. QyfT7Dllfl fvfltrf5lr Jr-- ' " Nfrmfv-owl E E . an fy, JL L ll 'b 9 T Ven T N ... qi, Q L v' S' . , ...I 1 l-listory of the Junior Class l-lE class of '35 undertook the duties of the junior year with none of the hesitation or bewilderment which marked their entrance to Newton High School. Sophomore officers then elected were Clarke Case, presi- dent, Barbara Kimball, vice-president, Maurice White, secretary, and Sydney Brown, treasurer. Prompt election of officers, the appointment of an executive committee, and the selection of representatives of the Junior Class for the legislature were the first steps of an eventful year. As president, Caleb Roehrig was chosen, vicerpresident, Barbara Kimball, secretary, Maurice White, and treasurer, Charles Doten, Through the representatives of the legislature the members of the class were informed of new rules and sent suggestions to that body for consideration. On Thursdays the various clubs met with equal enthusiasm, whether preparing drama, discussion, debatef or other forms of entertainment. At many of these meetings excellent speakers were heard. The Drama Club presented 4'Three Faces East" with Clarke Case portraying a difficult character in the leading role, At the annual prize-speaking contest, Betty George won the English Club prize with her rendition of Tennyson's "Guinevere" Juniors took part in debates held by the Boys' and Girls' Debating Clubs. ln the fall the class held its annual dance, the Feminine Follies. ln athletics, increasing opportunities have been made for Juniors because of a larger number of teams and additional coaches. On all teams the Junior class has been well represented, and has had Bill Spilman and Bullet Byrnes as three-letter men. The completion of the year's sports marked the end of a successful series of athletic contests. The adoption of the farm system in baseball by Coach Jones has provided a greater chance for those who could not obtain a varsity berth in their Junior year. The class of '35 looks forward to its Senior year with hopes of continued successful participation in school affairs, Ninety-two 1 ' ' - .' 5 CQIJJTOWQQ A4 -- 5 ':f35X- 3, , I Y- i f - H Y' N55 L F. , . . 5 J 'fm w.,.,Nw-N S Xl 'N--xg, . . ' A I - ' ' - A '-'-'2''1'ff.-.'.-,f--21:12-3frJ-...ff-:-'L'-12'Q4-ifZiff-''-'Q'I-'-vs:f.1'5Efi2f'' ' ' ' . ' - ' ' ' f gpg h ' . . ' .-....fax-5.E:::.':-5g::.A,1-.'f :.-.-.'.:xx515,-51224-3-if-.11IE.f':1.4f5I-rY.!.'..Ji' , A ' , - ' 4 Rf' ., , .- . , Ziff :yi .:.. :E T' .' . ' 2251 1 .Z -azz"-'::.g.4L .xi ff? QI' :.g 4' '-tl. 1,5 .1 '.', 2.9 "-E, ' J. 7' 3:11 .kg 'fr 51, '35 :-- 'G QI' If 'f - 'jig I- jg 5, :ffl Q4 QL, . 4: I 7, gf fx. iz, :11 ga' 1-. 3: 1 5 'I -. if :I jf ig.. -5. . 5.12 'LH if if- E-T ii If fi 72 7 Q1 ff '. ' 13:5 fE2 Li- 5 . -ti' gg jr -. : :'- 1 j Z-7' -:J rr Q J, 3 ' 1-1' gy. Y-3 .9 H1 :Ig :5 ' 32 -g- .:- .5 tg-1. 7.-rg '. , 513 Q-5 pp .39 X5-2!i."!'-gi :IZ :15 : ini f QI- Z2 :gf I . 1. ,. :- 4, 1 ,hp .5 gg zg, 5 -, 4. 5 ,-,, . 1? 12 L PM 7-f Z4 71 'Z' :I 1 2: ZF ff- fi :Ili I 1- .. 5: 3.1 .. I.: 3,1 5 - 5.x -,gi ... nj? I: - fl' J I ."' 112 rt- fl, :L gf ,r Ig: 2-1 " Ls, 1 17, - ,sa Q- v, :rr 4- :,- ' If ' -' 1, ' F31 ' rf 1 Tx 5231 5' El ' iii. -fr. :ii -E "' '?-Q:f"Q-.'-j.fZ',- ',?f':':g!rji'1-' ' "'.'-Q-"ip",-Q31 ,, . lg " 211-.,'.1171'f'-'-'E-'fp-7."-'4-1-'-.Tflff 'g-N." ',- VJ:-".', 'Qg,5,jg1.--,' , 1 "fi-I-'-,' -'-5'-,111 ' 5:3 - g-,-hzrrm.-. :.-.-.fa-gff,.-.if-.. V . ' ,.,- ,gpg -'nil-'f-,-.':1'5-i,313 ,Q gf. y.-.El.1.1.,1',Q.-'rn'-1,-5, ,,.fjj-Q Q-Q-35, ':3'.'l l.l.I,V5ANKLNl7 ll,Q JYQA' ? QI-lTO'Yf Ven 'T XX 19 34 no 5 .163 X1 Q50 ' Sophomore Class l-listory l933al934fA l.og EPTEMBER 'IT A ship sailed into building 3 f the enchanted ship of the Sophomore Class with 800 odd to man the ship. The First day found the ship Floundering on the sea ol misfortunes aaa forgetting books and lunches, getting locked out of the buildings, looking for rooms. November 1, Neal Cl-lara, the Herald-Traveler humorist, was the guest at a Sophomore assembly. November QQ. Doctor Armitage brought Dickens's characters to life forthe Sophomores. January Q4. Sophomore election. Roy Merchant was chosen president, William Dimon, vice-president, Clara Schwab, secretary, and Barbara Emig, treasurer. January 31. Prize-Speaking Contest. l-lelen Eyre won the girls' prize with "The Congo," and of the boys, William Abrahams was the winner with Anthonyls speech from "Julius Caesar." February 9, Sophomore Dance a jolly shipmates, jolly time. February 14 Assembly sponsored by the Neophytes. George Washington, imperscnated by Laurance l-l, Hart was interviewed by Mrs, l-lart who took the part of a newspaper reporter. May 16, Neophyte plaf starring Albert Thomas, the president. Ninety-lOtir E625 V' - '53 ' C51 V I E . 1 . . Q 'J QQ' 1 19 X ,blff pb X N X 5- 1 X ,gl :L x .fs I X I 5. I1 ' J.: 'L X """""l 51-.0-A , Q. .fx .:.. hi' 'I , 5 . JT . . l . , .. . U .v'.,:- .'. ' .--,:...,..... w,"','. , K I-J.. ,' - .- - -..- -.4:H1,..,,-.l'...:-.,, 5 .. 'U ,vue 1, -,D-Z-h-.VL..5--V-.::..'.-.'.:.,,-.J ' .-A .',"" H. Hi...-,g, 1.51. sn 1 ,, . ,-,'-.:'1x:',-:gi-. p"' - - - -A - - -' -- - A U .Y I .1 z.,-v-:l'v1,-QA --...H-6,- ' Aj. . N. . .'..-Miz. -. 1 .,'- 1' .. ' ---. .'. ' .. V A .-- .. .'.'.'.',1'1', ,:-,- 6. ,' - v 1 . 'f..' ' -"' '--',-',"..'1' -.".'1' I. A . Q 4: .52-,. M W ., .,,,: , '. , 1 .:,:. Y fff. .'::, ' -'.:,--,- o , .g . U , .:. u 4.-.,- f .' .' 4. - LH' '- , V A H Y' . ',', -Q, 4,',,,,- T.:.1",'-' 5-'fl-'Tf-Z.'11. -- :.1g - - Q " f s 4 5 I -. ,-1: .' xr?--" 'iw -' ' ' 7 '-:S-L' .11"'f,. .,-. . ' 'v ,'f nl ' '.f ,-.,x,,:,A' 51,1--. -, I, 3. ,,..4 -- '..".1.l --'L'-'.4 '- -'-'.'31"' '.2i,' I' 1 '. '. f if 'fr ,- - . - :.. I ' - . .- .' : .J -..---.,- -' ' . . .- .l.:-I F-5 . i..-,I-.. . ' , . , ,,1': 4i , . .-,g,,.,:.. ,-.',-:,A'4" ",,.':f- ,' " v x , . " , v ,-'m 1-.. . - ,. .. . .1 ,.. Y 4 ., b. ...v:x,1.!'p, . ......-, .4-dl. ' . .......-... . .I ., . 1 111' '," , A1 I JV ' .J -.-N AI, s,,'. - 1 ' 'n ' .',-V-.'-2.1.--,I-......--... ..-p--.,,,......... 15-v'-I...-A-...Q Hilti. ',-.11--K'w:.'-1--g.r'.'."'v--5,1-'u --- ' . ,,'.',-':"F","--,','-' fy- .gn-I'-'--, K '- --' .-,' -, '- 1 u.'.',,.-4 - .A 'g-..' .f, 4--,', ', -- .' K--f -. . ."' , . ', -....,..., ., -..X. .,,.. 1.-,..x,,. - - - ,--..-'--,--1,-1... -,: - . ' .--4 ,-'- .- ,,, ,'.- .-.1- . '.-,'- ,. ,,.,.v--n. "-lv '.' .,"'...-,':.'kf- .,-1.'.l'.,',' . ,, ., ....,.- ,.i-f.,--,:,.,...:,-..'.'-f-L ,-,, . H' Y...-..-.. nf...I.-lA.,-:..-Z.:--Af.-.-:..l .,1-'hw' 4..s,,Q,A.--luv.-.A5,l1',.'.l .-Q...-N,J-U-ll--N.-f,.,: .....-.,.-.-.. '4.- .-....- - -.-..,.-...,.,,...', .,-' -, ...'-.-L-..,l:..-1.-,fain-:.,..--.:-.-:1'...-.'-A-V:,f,,g. I. , .,A .,, H.. '.. ..,I , 's',.. 7 -..'.'..5 x - -, 1-"a'. .. ., , - 1 ..- ' O A F . . - . . '-.. y " . . . 'v'.".'.' " ""'v ' -"' -svvl-a --.-Q' ',' 'z'. I-'I 01" ,.qn1',:' uv... --, .' - - . D-5 -. ,,Q....,-',, -. -.- --. ,- ,, .. s ,F-.-...,. nf- Q' , v.: Q.---V, l- . ... ,vu .J "'.' " " 1- ". '. ' " ' .' u ' ". . '--1" 2- i"'J"'." uf"'x."'f'l. 'v""' V. ...J "7 -2' .5 V". ' -' ' 'f'. '-'Q'-"" . ' ' '- ' -'- ' ' '-'-'1:.'-."-I f':.f'f--" ' ' ' 'w'af..'.f" ".'. ' .'. -,. ' :3,',.'f.-ffm:.':,'-'..:':2-'..f- '-.f 9... -. v , ..,'-24, . -h, .- ' I '. , l. ,.. .. - , .nt N '...,,- 1 I ' , ' ' . I I I v' U . Q' ' .ln '. - ...'-v -P ----,' :'."-' "".-' -' . 4 -. -. . , , ,, -A ' 'J' ' ?-' , - '-.1-J-.j-'--',"., '.f .--S' ff. Q . . ,g .. ., ., , Q 5, "i ::- . H. :ul .J :::.:,.. . , .vw . -:-.',- - I . 1: - - If '- ,. - . . , , ' .' , , --- - ' . '--. - ' -. X 'l, .,---.., .nhf v ."'..'. I. -.' , 1. .vutu 1,-.,.-, -,'g'.-. - .-3. , .'-- '- , , -, ,, ..,, .. , u ' ov' ',- 'c.' """'. -"-.'--.-. "-.-'-.. .'.'. ' :- .. 51- 1 ,-. -..'1. 0 .v '. ,,'4.-j . 'X l .A , t,,- A -...'., .f..,:g--..,..-, . ,',,.',:n ,un .,' X .,-, ",.2. 'h . ' .1 . . , .- -- . ..,-,,.--..--',-. v.': -1' .f'-,V .1-n ',"-:' 1-1' 1" ,I , N..f 3 ....f......U:.. Y, -. .o.YA.w,.. r 3, zz, .- l.'f'-'1. -'L' ' ' "3 ".-" "f ' - "' . " i - "S fl ,,-4 .y-.- ...n.-1,-., ,M -cs -,. ., . ' e ' -'.'. ' . ' . ' -- . ' 1 . --Q - . ." .-1.33-' . , ,' .'-,'.',, ,: :, .,- 'Avl-1"1v1s'.. uv-... 'nun' gf--,. f'-if 2-xl . , . - J.-, .- ., . , , ,, ..,.. , . .. .xx U. 'I Q 1 t--N. .f . I..'.-.',. .-,. .-',..' ' f .,- i .' - ...2".-,I Con ,Ia -,.-, 'Yu ,3 LI... V Lan1,L,,-rT- Nwwfv-!mL QIJTON, Ven Y '4 'Y - 'ff Hifi 179 3? 42, I nw i f R . ii I Nl. , ' X--' Wh, -af' Y K vi- ,at 1' '3- iwi15 A ' VV i 'iv . wr- k.,.L . 4.2 'Vey If 3 '755 STL 12, Y f 5-., ' ' V i Q . ,vvb " ' , ,L Sblffvs Z N 5, O 2. or 3 SP or 32 Editor-in-Chief Business Manager CHARLOTTE PAUL JONATHAN ROEHRIG Circulation JANET BROWN, Manager Building 1, HUGH KENNISON, JANE HAYDEN, NORMAN DUPEE, RAYMONDE HARVEY Building 2, JEAN HARVEY, DAVID EDDY, CALEB ROEHRIG, MARY RYAN Building 3, CHARLES THOMPSON, LOUISE KERR, BARKER NOKHOUDIAN, CONSTANCE WOOD JULIA DWIGHT MARTHA SILVEIRA NANCY QSTERBURG ROLAND JONES BROOKS BAKER JANE HUNTING WILLIAM EVERETT EDUARD ULRICH WILLIAM MEDLICOTT HELEN O'CONNOR FAITH WHITTLESAY Histories JULIUS KOVITZ, Editor CLARKE CASE, JEANNETTE WALLACE Data DEBORAH WING, Editor NORMAN HENLEY Organizations JAMES NAYLOR, Editor ALVIN FOX Sports MAURICE HALLETT, Editor BARBARA WOLLEY Art ESTHER MERCHANT, Editor Features WILLIAM SPURRIER, Editor Copy MARJORIE PHELAN, Editor REGINA SHAY Proof BETTY JANE DOCKSTADER, Editor LAURA PATTERSON MARGARET WALDEN JOHN FRAZIER ELIZABETH WESTON ROBERT SRROAT ALFRED DICKINSON HOWARD NESS GARDNER REYNOLDS BARBARA CUTTING DOROTHY JONES JEAN WALKER DEBORAH YORK Ninety-seven QIJTON, I I i X 'Wen E Q 4 I ' " c . p , 19 49 S4-HQ 5 Newtonian Stall HE Newtonian Stall is composed of students whose responsibilities are the planning, composition, and publi- cation ofthe school's annual. In presenting this, the twenty-Fifth issue, the stall has endeavored to produce a history of Newton l-ligh School in which are embodied the achievements and activities of the past and Former years. Ninety-eight ,N QITOIY, P if-E 9 X 21:5 tg L... 'b Q' tss 4 ' it I! -g 1 ,U -as fl M a 4 be s c VER X iii? ' n . 1? is , .ggi ga , The Associates ws. wt i"2, l-lE Associates is an organization representative of the entire student body. With the help of the faculty it directs, through the legislature, the activities of the school. lt promotes and enacts such laws as are necessary for the advancement of the school. It has been the custom for The Associates to take charge of the Christmas box, vvhich, despite our Financial difficulties, supplied a worthy amount this year to aid the needy. Ninety-nine V inn : 1 ' ' VE pb?- 195 s 34 'kg 5 cr 54.4571 v-L 'F J-.. Legislature l-lE Newton l-ligh School Legislature, a representative body ofthe pupils, proposes and passes laws Csubject to the approval of the Executive Councill governing school activities. This year the traffic and lunchroom conditions vvere improved and through the traflic commission, routes between buildings have been bettered, , . . . . . . A Th thus avoiding congestion. lt has considered seriously the matter of eligibility for membership in clubs. e legislature is one of the most active organizations in the school. One Hundred 'b I , . - ' , S v , S" r f 1 f , ' 1, -lhe Executive Council CCORDING to the Constitution of the Newton l-ligh School, the Executive Council is composed of faculty supervisors and of a student representative from each board. This year the Executive Council is as Mr. Eliclcer .................. Principal Miss Burdon . Junior Class Adviser Miss White ...... Bursar Miss Riley , Mr. Green .,.,. Mrs. Kuntz, Mary Waldron Mr. Wilson, Allred Dickinson Mr. Kidger, Betty Everett . Miss Bigelovv, Vaughn Shedd . Mr. Maxim, Lloyd Bergeson . . Mr. Mergendahl, Linder Hamblen . Mr. Thurber, Barbara Mildram , Miss South, Richard King . . . David . . Clerk . . . Sophomore Class Adviser . Secretary of Administrative Board . ..... Girls' Athletics . . Boys' Athletics Civic Affairs Dramatics Finance . Music Publications Social Affairs of Associates follows One Hundred On N1 L P11 3.31 Iii lytabf N Ssiiff' ' , -,, Jig.-:VLA ' ' - - s-..-0" ""'-,Q National l-lonor Society President, JANET BI2owN Secretary, ALFRED DICKINSON Vice-President, JAMES NAYLOR Treasurer, DEBORAH YORK Faculty Adviser, EDITI-I M. RIDEOUT l-lE Newton chapter of the National l'-lonor Society has now completed its eighth year. This society, selected from the upper twenty-Five percent of the Junior and Senior classes, has no part in social functions, but orlers its services to the school whenever desired. As its members are chosen by the faculty at the end of the third marking period, on the basis of character, leadership, service, and scholarship, its purpose is to ofler recognition to those who best represent these ideals. At the April Induction Ceremony, the purpose and symbol of the society were explained and the four qualities interpreted. After Mr. Eliclcer awarded gold pins to the incoming members, Dr. Samuel Lindsay spoke on "The l-larvest of Dictators - a Challenge to Democracy." One Hundred Two T ,i dl N X -1 'i I uni X 4 ,J7VC'Ps The Newtonite HIS year the twelfth volume of The Newtonite rewarded its loyal supporters, the students, with many inter- esting improvements and additions. The most striking of the changes was the increase in size of the paper while the price was reduced tentatively. ln addition to the regular news items and editorials, the readers were presented with four amusing columns. The First of these, "The Critic," concerned itself with observations on literature and the cinema, while "Nil Nisi Bonumn furnished the students with numerous witticisms. Next came " 'Ello 'Awlceyen which discussed the social life and hobbies of the members of Newton l-ligh School. To complete the variety, the sporting life was represented by a feature entitled "Shedd Shingles." The staff, headed by Fabian Bachrach as editor-in-chief, consisted of Jean l-larvey and Jane l-layden, news editors, Molly Maclinight and Rejane l-larvey, copy editors, Jane Tobin, feature editor, l-lugh Kennison, edi- torials, Edwin Robins, sports editor, Joan Drew, literary editor, Deborah Wing, exchange, and Luciano Mancini, business manager. The above were capably assisted by a number of reporters. One Hundred Three """:u. ,E C QIJ-TON! 15. 'Q . 0- V, su The Grange Boolc Editor-in-Chief, Rickman Mvieicr Business Manager, NORMAN DuPEE Faculty Adviser, CAROUNE M. Doorsmrsi HE Grange Book has issued another successful volume under the expert supervision of Miss Doonan, assisted by Miss Curtis. This handy little boolc is indispensable to sophomores and extremely valuable to upper- classmen, as it contains the Constitution ofthe Associates, all the rules and regulations of the school, and a complete description of every club, team, and social event. The 193384 Orange Book met with the approval of all because of its complete picture of the school. Much credit is due to the staff For their successful publication. One Hundred four -4'-fs QIJTONX lf i 1- I ll fares U? .. it Q ,jvyl . , Y V ,i3,. I ew I . . g fi I 'M -I. , .tpvw s.: . The English Club President, JAMES NAYLOR Secretary, VIRGINIA WOODS Vice-President, JEAN HARVEY Treasurer, Esri-IER MERCHANT NDER the capable supervision of Miss Louise E. Richardson, the English Club completed its twenty-second year. The club secured several interesting speakers, including Noel G. Cottrell, Reverend Herbert l-litchen, Alice Dixon Bond, and Reverend George Parker. On April 95, the English Club presented Mr. John lf. C. Mackaness, the eminent English lecturer, to an assembly of Juniors and Seniors. Among other interesting pro- grams, were a Home Talent meeting, a play, and a picnic. This year, as in the past, the English Club sponsored the Prize-Speaking Contest, with Roland Jones, '34, and Betty George, '35, winning the laurels. A one-act play entitled "The Ghost Story" was presented bythe club on the same program. The winners of the Essay and Verse Contests were Vincent Maloney, '34, and Joan Drew, '34, respectively. This year the club has expended considerable money for books, some of which were sent to a needy southern college, and others added to the Gold Star collection in the library. One Hundred Five QI-lTOfYf lui: 1 . 54 E5 Q WVCR F ' 5:5 - N -- Ti 'r-rt-ffl , E '5 -1E,E"':, , . Y - . - I . ' . -, 42 v, lu -r. . "1 fu r ' -' ffviii' l.e Cercle Francais Presiderit, l-lELEN OICONNOR Secretary, ELEANOR FEERicic Viice-President, ALICE PRAYER Treasurer, JANET BROWN Faculty Adviser, M. ROBERTA MILLER E CERCLE FRANQAIS this year has presented an endless aggregation of worthwhile programs. Enactment of French plays, readings, French games and songs, and movies showing famous scenes in historic France all helped to give a decided Parisian atmosphere to the meetings. To climax the year's worlc the club invited all other clubs and French students to an open meeting to hear Professor Amare Morize, head ol the French De- partment at l-larvard University, speak on "Across the Ocean Since the Days of Lafayette." l-lis interesting talk on the comparatively unknown life ofthe Marquis de Lafayette vvas unusually worthwhile and was received with great enthusiasm. One Hundred Six E ,, .JD dj ly ,Y l M if 'I' iff? " 5 515 - Q 4, 4y Pita 'I I we aaa Ven i 'a f BW, , German Club President, CHARLOTTE PAuE Secretary, ELIZABETH STONE Vice-President, HERBERT YANCO Treasurer, BARBARA STIMPSON l-llf German Club began the second year of interesting programs with an illustrated review by Mr. Green of his experiences in Germany. Mr. l-lartvvell, adviser of the club, entertained the members at a later meet- ing with tales of European countries. At another session, colored slides of quaint German cities were shown to the group by Miss Nute. Cora Perry, a member of the club, gave an educational tallc on German architecture and dancing. The club attended open meetings ofthe Aviation, French, and Drama Clubs. Jif- .LN One Hundred Seven J... . "'1"... x f 1 , fli' 2, 'Vie I Dfdmd President, NORMAN DUPEE Secretary, LuciLLE HOLMES Vice-President, GEORGE COLLINS Treasurer, WILLIAM FISH FdCUfly Adviser, LOUISE WETHERBEE HE Drama Club has just completed its tenth year. The most outstanding accomplishment was the production of Antony Kelly's play, "Three Faces East," a drama dealing with the English and German secret services during the World War. Many varied programs were presented at the monthly meetings. "The Lost Elevator," a humorous one-act play, was produced for the November meeting. ln December, the Drama Club acted as host to all other clubs, presenting "The Dust ofthe Road," an allegorical one-act play. At the January meeting, Miss Lippincott traced the history ofthe mask and its place in the drama of today. In March, Mr. Cottrell spoke on drama in England. In April, another one-act play, "The Bishop's Candlesticks," was presented. The May meeting starred an all- girl cast in a rollicking comedy by Christopher Morley, "l2ehearsal." L K! l f lv One Hundred Eight H, '.,w', ,, s V5 pb? ., 1 ,Q . ,.' :.- nsaax rai se K I 'b C21 sv PL vp-,Rf si, f- " V "Vs . The Social Studies Club President, JOHN Burrtizvroari-i Secretary, DAVID CHAPMAN Vice-President, HARRY BUlZBANK Treasurer, Etuor WELLINGTON Faculty Adviser, HORACE KIDGER HE object of this club is to stimulate interest in social studies and civic atiairs. To carry out the objective these prominent spealcers were secured: Mr. l-lerbert McGill of the McGill Commodity Service and Gen- eral Needham of the State Police Department. The February meeting featured moving pictures concerning Lincoln's life and presidential administration. The club has presented many worthwhile books to the school. Q.. V "f i r' -il ,ix 5 -at A, One Hundred Nfne is c R 's- QIJTOM E " Q , IE XN i m age l F F 4VC'Ps5?- T ' F' Z' Gdmmd -l,dU President, Juuus KOviTz Secretary, MARION SALTA Vice-President, ROBERT BENNETT Treasurer, NORMAN DUPEE Faculty Adviser, MADELINE BRACKETT HE mathematics club for Juniors and Seniors, Alpha Gamma Tau, began in October, under the direction of Miss Madeline Braclcett. At the November meeting the members were entertained by a student speaker on "Figures in the l-luman Face," and in January they tossed pennies in order to determine the probability curve. In December they were guests at the Drama Club's Christmas play, and in February, at the invitation ofthe French Club, they were given the opportunity of hearing a lecture by Professor Morize. Two of the most out- standing events of the year were a play, "Falling in Love with Plane Geometry" and a movie of the Einstein Theory. z fi L. One Hundred Ten d-WOW! , l I l l Ven T '25 CdmZFd President, GERALD BENNETT Secretary, ALBERTA McDOWELL Vice-President, EARLE TILTON Treasurer, FRANK LEIGHTON I-IE Camera Club celebrates its fifth year under the leadership of Mr. Sterling Williams, faculty adviser. The monthly meetings of the club this year have been unusually successful in their presentation of speakers, dis- cussions, and activities. The November, February, and March meetings were outstanding examples of the year's work. Two members, Gerald Bennett and Andrew Wales, took charge of the November meeting, pre- senting the various types of cameras, explaining their mechanisms and uses. ln February the speaker was Mr. Chase of Waltham, who showed moving pictures of his developing plant and presented the advantages of the supersensitive film. At the March meeting, Mr. George Wallace of Boston, an expert in colored photography, showed still pictures of birds, animals, flowers, and sunsets taken by himself and done in natural colors. The monthly snapshot contests have been entered with keen enthusiasm. Some of the subjects chosen by the club for these contests are: fall sports, snow scenes, miscellaneous and group pictures. As an act of service, one hundred and ten books were collected and sent to Berea College in the Kentucky mountains. One Hundred Eleven 265 3 1 ,F iv: -A I dv. Q ryflbfsf l . f?. l. - as ,tw We fblftll U ,nr-, smti' The Boys' Debating Club President, GERALD HAGERTY Secretary, WILLIAM SPURRIER Vice-President, RICHARD BOWMAN Treasurer, GEORGE Cotursis URING the third year ol its existence, the Boys' Debating Club has held many animated and varied debates. These have been on the following subjects: Resolved, that All Competitive Marks Should Be Abolished in Newton l-ligh School, That War ls Inevitable, That the Woman's Place ls in the l-lome, That a National Police System Should Be Established. Perhaps the most outstanding event in the organizations program was the Inter-Club debate with the girls' society. The subject was: Resolved, That Women Should l-lave Equal Rights With Men. The negative side, supported by the boys, was declared the winner. After this appetizer the members are eager to challenge some ol the Greater Boston schools to an inter-scholastic debate. S4 'H 'u iii lu ll I f as' f One Hundred Twelve dnory ZVER T 3 r Q E a e if , The Girls, Debating Club President, MARJORIE PHELON Secretary, JEANNETTE WALLACE Vice-President, ALICE MANSFIELD Treasurer, LuciLLE Houvits l-lE Girls' Debating Club, newly organized last year, started its First active vvork in the fall, under the direc- tion of Miss Gertrude Robinson. Special attention has been given this year to the form of debates, using model ones for discusson. At one meeting the Sophomores conducted a debate. ln April there vvas an inter-club debate with the girls upholding the affirmative side of Resolved: That Women Shall l-lave Equal Rights With Men. The negative won the debate. This club, although fairly nevv, has done much toward teaching the girls the essentials ol debating. ,gif ' N551 One Hundred Thirteen QJTON, I Ill- E XX of -'-- -r ar' - 07 5 s. V pt V- -1 ' ,,,v.,-..-a--U -nwnqrw--'sho-H . .,,,,,M W ' , ' ' . N- ,.., 1 s...c,3,,H, The Aviation Club President, MARY TutLEi2 Treasurer, HARRIET Ci-mpiisi Secretary, Ptooy Mrwsrieto Adviser, DANIEL P. A. WILLARD l-lE Aviation Club has completed another year of varied and worthwhile projects. On the Saturday fol- lowing the monthly meetings Flights were made to furnish the members with First-hand information on avia- tion. More than two hundred Flights were made by club members. Groups Flew from Skyways, Dennison, Boston-Metropolitan, and East Boston Airports. Members of the faculty and of the student body were flight guests on several occasions. Visits were made to the Naval Base at Squantum, the Army Base at the Boston Airport, United States Weather Observatory, Skyways Repair Laboratory, and the M. l. T. Weather Station. The speakers were all leaders in their Fields: Mrs. Theodore Kenyon, Champion Sportswoman Pilot, Lieu- tenant l-lenry l-larris, l-ligh Altitude Weather Expert, Mr. George Mason, Aviation Editor, Boston Evening Transcript, Mr. Arthur l-lildreth, Meteorology, Captain G. Bancroft l-lall, Aviation Training, Miss Katherine Curtis, Boston-New York Flight, Mr. John Polando, Trans-Atlantic Flying - New York to lstanbul, Pilot John Shobe, Commercial Flying. Excellent motion pictures shown included Transcontinental Flying, Weather Observation, Glider Training, Commercial Flying, and "Fly American" First sound picture at Newton l-ligh School. N E W aTaO N was painted on the gymnasium roof in letters twenty-Five feet high and twenty feet wide. An arrow one hundred feet long points East-Northeast to Boston Airport. f"f f rl-.fx A f 0 One Hundred fourteen QIJTON, EE I-sf I 01- C ,Q -' AA '1 - Q, 'Y ip W ' i 4 V5 gb? ,-1--V Y --Y' - - mg, " w i Varsity Glee Club Faculty Adviser, CHARLES B. I-lmziaiisicsrorsi l-llS year the Glee Club membership swelled to ninety pupils who gathered in Room QQOO each Wednesday afternoon. The club made its usual public appearance before the Christmas assembly, dividing into groups afterward to sing carols in the three buildings. As in former years, the Glee Club participated in the out- door concert in June. sf: .Ji One Hundred Fifteen ' ' - 5.---. ,.. f5elQllf""'.4x - 'fjg-1 QJTONQQ -:g ? : -'.: i Y Y WY 4 K J 3: 49 ,ggi 'bye . A -A ,-,-,,,, M, ,LA , - , ,,A,,,-,.....-...,....-,,,,v,, ,, ,,,., , gl 1 ' ui Wgfrf. ft As .. '5 - AT.. BAND 3 .a 9 'Q 1 gi .-1 1 5:-1-Q Md-- -A - H--- '- - """" ORCHESTRA ODP ,L+ rvdrgd ffrfg asm -'Z 1 I Ill X 1? -T 'F ' ':' 4 ' 'JT "'-: -A 'ir R 5 , XX 19 2 3 K 5? 'Wm K Ps N. ,' JO! , . U g -lhe l.ibrary Club President, ESTHER Msizcumsir Secretary, Ruri-i Srspwersisorsi Vice-President, DEBORAH WING Treasurer, DEBORAH YORK Adviser, Gmovs M. Bioetovr HE Library Club is a service club, its members assisting Miss Bigelow, the librarian. At the November meeting, the newly elected members were initiated. In addition to the regular library work, the girls arranged for use the exhibition room on the fourth Floor of building one. ln December the club was a guest of the Drama Club at the Christmas Play. The club has given six boolcs to the library. Q 65 Q? One Hundred Seventeen if, E- dn. A7 3- - s 4 ' -' pe g f' X OPVE PSY' P I 4 T- .- -A - 1- 1 .."-as ' T - -gmt., 1 ' T ef: r "'+' -.H The Commercial Club President, JuLiA ANOTNO Secretary, CHARLOTTE BARRETT Vice-President, MAROUERITE ROBERTSON Treasurer, ETT-TEL BOYD Adviser, GLADYS Cuisirsiirsioi-iAivi HE Commercial Club, under the faculty supervision of Miss Cunningham, otlers valuable opportunities to all pupils in the business divisions to become acquainted with the demands and standards set by the modern business world. This year, Field trips to the Herald-Traveler and the John Hancock Life Insurance Company have established worthwhile contacts. Interesting lectures, given by representative people, on "Personal Appearance," "Cali- fornia," and "The Value of Money" have been helpful. X X, xx ' X x ff, IYTJ One Hundred Eighteen .-:Isis . s s W 54 A . , ,, ,gy K - ' .14--- I III 7 11. 'VC-pb 'JI l y, l gg, as Q- , J 'I I Q L . -lhe l-lome Economics Club President, VIRGINIA SNIITI-I Secretary, JANE ALLEY Vice-President, VEI2oNIcA LoPAs Treasurer, CATHERINE XX!oI2DEN Advisers, GLADYS F. DAvIs, ALICE A. ALDEN l-lE l-lome Economics Club, under the faculty supervision of Miss Alden and Miss Davis, is open to all girls talcing l-lome Economic subjects and receiving satisfactory marlcs. It is a service club and is most active in assisting at various public occasions during the school year. Besides many interesting speakers a joint meeting was held with the l-lome Economics Club from Brighton l-ligh School. Field trips and exhibitions of various lcinds pertaining to Home Economics vvorlc vvere part of the educational program scheduled lor the year. The club Finished the year with a picnic. . em :X sa ng One Hundred Nineteen lui gnory, E ! Ibytngf -lhe Girls, Quting Club President, EsTELLE SMiTi-i Secretary, JANE I-luNTiNc3 Vice-President, BARBARA WOLLEY Treasurer, MARTHA CONDIT Adviser, ELNA PETERSON NDER the faculty supervision of Miss Peterson, the Girls' Outing Club was organized forthe purpose of promoting good health, otlering an opportunity of leadership through club projects, and atlording every member enjoyable times. The meetings featured a tallc by Mary Waldron on her trips to Mt. Washington, movies of swimming and tennis, an illustrated talk on sports by Wilma Danforth, and a demonstration tallc on tennis by the national star, Sarah Paltrey. Some of the excursions talcen by the club included a bicycle trip to Dover, climbing Nobscot Mountain, and winter sports at the Appalachian Mountain Club in the Blue l-lills. At one ofthe regular assem- blues, Mrs. Robert Underhill spoke and showed slides on roclc and ice climbing. i-Ti A 1 .ilil One Hundred Twenty ., ' I ul. lff- pb?- T l 'T ' 19 s S . 7 R Q, .A I a -we-is Alpha Beta President, JOHN TOMB Secretary, CLARA SCHWAB Vice-President, ELIZABETH TOBEY Treasurer, THOMAS SCOTT l-lE Alpha Beta Club for sophomores, corresponding to the English Club of the upper classmen, has suc- cessfully completed the year of 'l933f34 under the supervision of Miss Frances lhumim, faculty adviser. ln the beginning ofthe year, Mr. Green gave an illustrated talk about his European trip. At a later meet- ing Mr. Cottrell was the speaker, telling of various experiences in England and America. Later in the year a one-act play entitled "My Lady's Lace" was presented by the members of the club. The yearly project was the supervision of the Sophomore Prize-Speaking Contest, which was efficiently managed by the members. I One Hundred Twenty-one dnory 'Q Q' ' S ' - ' ' . tri! t .iq A . 'Wm iq-pp' I ll l .. fffq, . E Neophytes President, ALBERT THOMAS Secretary, Vice-President, ELIZABETH TOBEY Treasurer, l-lE Neophytes is the Sophomore Dramatic Club under the supervision of Miss Jessie grams ofthe club consisted of one-act plays presented at the regular meetings. l'Two l'The Florist Shop," and "My Lady's Lace" were given before the club. Noel G. Smith were guest speakers during the year. Following their usual custom the Neophytes sponsored the May assembly when they Pulls the String." They also took part in the Washington's Birthday program. ,J f, 4 UA! r f One Hundred Twenty-two s. SALLY ROE FAyE Smitue Southard. The pro- Croolcs and a Lady," Cottrell and Dan L. presented "Grandma E I Ili Y' ist We 179 5 3 42 - 767 SQ, g . .1 Ven ra i J . '5 D6 . .r -Q 1 ' ,- , A Q.,-L k . 7.1 Stage Committee HE stage committee is a group of students whovassist in the arrangement of scenery and lighting for all student theatrical performances. Through their co-operation these productions are made possible. The group is under the supervision of Mr. Charles Peterson. One Hundred Twenty-three Vg pb? 355 - 1'.' Q 49 -' i . 19 5 3 T349 'J " ja Qf I lui f . '-7 P-, '52 Q., TRAFFIC SQUAD -S ' J ,Q .Cl rf ,sir ,,.. LUNCI-IROOM SQUAD HiVz! i3 E l. I I 'Wen EM H-l,l'1l'2Z Faces EdStH l-ll2EE Faces East," by Anthony Kelly, was presented by the Drama Club on March 9 and 10. This play is a drama of the English and German secret service departments during the World War. lts marlced suc- cess added another to the long list ol triumphs coached by Miss Wetherbee. With a thrilling air raid in the second act and a dramatic Finale, this production achieved at Newton the popularity it enjoyed on Broadway, where it played for over two years. Alice Mansfield, portrayed l-lelene, supposedly a German spy, until in the third act she ellected the exposure and capture ol Valdar CClarlce CaseD, a Belgian butler who turned out to be the brain ol the German spy service. William L. Smith, as Yeats, the clever head of the English Intelligence Department, acted his part admirably, as did George Collins, l-lelen O'Connor, Ned Dupee, Eleanor Collins, Vaughn Shedd, Virginia Thomas, and James Naylor. Cne Hundred Twenty-'Ne Euan 2' . Il ll 1 R ' 'R R 'fv. QQIJTONAY iii:-421-' f - I i . R qc, 19 ST 5 Jas W ini- f L -i H v-C W A 2, Vg, . . I mul- ' 5 Ven l ' v ..., . Q. r-, If'-L if XY! W? l Radio Club President, Joi-irsi I-lfxizvev Secretary, STUART STEARNS Treasurer, DONALD SEELV l-lE radio club was chartered this year, and has been enthusiastically endorsed by the students. Mr. Richard Boyer, faculty adviser of the club, gave a tallc at the beginning of the year explaining the technicalities of short and long wave lengths. The climax of the year's program was the address by a representative of the Raytheon Tube Co. The organization looks back upon a successful debut. Or r l'lu"dr:gd Twenty 5 X 4115-p,'f'J XX yy . 35 l gg , ,, s s I Y The English Club Play CLEVER One-dCt play, "Ghost Story," was presented by the English Club at their annual Prize-Speaking Contest. The bashful swain was portrayed by Eduard Ulrich, with Agatha Piclchardt playing the Charming heroine. The play was coached by Marjorie Clapp and Miss Louise Wetherbee. One Hundred Twenty if X s-:i v -f X ,lui Ibytpx Y' E -L. it fi 5 -V ,. - ., x 5 . ,. K lhe Post-Graduate Class HE post-graduate class is made up of thirty-Five students who have already graduated either From Newton l-ligh or from some other high school. For the most part they have taken the extra year to obtain sufficient units for entering some higher institution of learning. With the exception of the cricket team no sports or other school activities are open to the members of this class, although they are always loyal supporters of school functions. Special praise should be given to Miss Leathers, class adviser, for her sincere interest and unfailing co-operation, One Hundred Twenty-eight . . , ., H . - . Ven T ZXTHL ETIC S 41 n 4 , 1 Yjlxiw H, '4 w , "" One Hundred Twenty- e L-g w IQZQ E I QJTON, X l i w 19. 2 49 T 1 ?' I ,T VC-gf: ai Y-it ri ,oo 4 football EVERAL lettermen of last year returned to give the 1933 team a good nucleus. Mr. Sanborn molded a fine team, which won seven out of ten games on an exceptionally hard schedule. Newton came out on top of the Suburban League, winning from Cambridge Latin, Rindge, and Brookline. The season started poorly with the eleven losing to the Arlington aggregation 6ffO, but regaining its stride, it swept through the last games. The second game with a mediocre Cantab team was won 15eO. Next a fiery Watertown team was downed by a 19 7 score, An exceptionally strong Everett group beat the plucky Newton squad 'l5aO. Newton played much better than the score indicated in the rugged Brockton game, losing 'l4aaO, The mid-season spurt began when a slow Quincy team was defeated 'I8'fO. After the varsity held during the first and third periods against a strong wind, the speedy "pony backfieldn carried the ball over for a winning touchdown, to win from Rindge o O. We defeated a strong Waltham group 6aO, as Flagg played his best game to score the winning touch- down against our neighboring rivals. The final game with Brookline was won by a score of 'l3fO for Newton. Beside the varsity squad, coached by Mr. Sanborn, there are three other squads which furnish excellent material. The Intermediates coached by Mr. Jones, the Junior Varsity by Mr. Willard and Mr. Ferguson where all Newton l-ligh School players begin the football careers. The following members of the Varsity squad received letters: John Balkus, James Byrne, Augustus Cas- toldi, Frank Feola, Bert Finberg, Charles Flagg, Claude Frazier, Benjamin Grow, Kenneth Halliday, Richard l-lowe, Theodore Johnson, Francis Joyce, John Kulesza, Charles Mascia, Frank McCarthy, Louis Miller, Samuel Miller, Walter Rich, Jonathan Roehrig, Bernard Ryan, Sanderson Sloane, George Steers, Melvin Swig, Captain Charles Thompson, Paul Treannie, Robert Whitney, and Gale Wisbach. Captain Charley Thompson was chosen center on several of the All-Scholastic elevens, and Gus Castoldi was voted captain of next year's team. An excellent line is expected to return next September and a good backfield should be formed from the returning lower squads. One Hundred Thirty gnoiy . ,. . 2' , i si ,hilt-pb igt faa vs - A 4 vq P ,,, . ,,,,-.,,-.,.-.., ... ,. , ,, -vs 1-ff, Nw if I ' wxfw f I l V 1 0-F" 1' t iib Baseball Captain, CHARLEs FLAGG Coach, Lucius Jowts FTER two years of development under the Jones regime a large group of seasoned minor leaguers reported at the first call for Newton l-ligh School baseball. The major leaguers returning were Captain flagg, Morrison, Byrne, Waters, and McDermott. Newton impressively defeated its first three opponents, and also gained a victory in a practise game over the l-larvard Junior Varsity. Newton officially opened the schedule by a decisive 8fO victory over the l-ligh School of Commerce. This was followed by a thrilling Q to 'l pitchers' battle at Cambridge featuring Joe Greene's box work and timely hitting. After the smoke had cleared away from an exciting Framingham contest, the scoreboard disclosed a victory for Newton, '13-9. The outstanding offensive feature was the heavy hitting of Waters and Mascia. The regular pitchers on the varsity squad were Greene and Ryan, with Bergen, Hennessy, Bosworth, and Dickinson as relief hurlers. The infield was composed of Byrne, Spillman, Captain Flagg, and Waters, while McDermott, Mascia, and Bosworth roam the outfield. Johnson and Lamphere were the utility players. The catching was ably taken care of by Morrison with Baker as his understudy. Bosworth, Morrison, Byrne, and Spillman will be the only veterans next year, but they will undoubtedly form a strong nucleus for another good ball club. The minor league veterans, also enjoyed a successful season under the tutelage of Mr. Willard, Mr. Sanborn, and Mr. Ferguson. One Hundred Thfrly-one F13 l i I Ill Y' VEP- ,9 s 'fn' ' " T' - 5 C' 9- 373 :EMQ 179 ,Q 5 1349 T as ir nm K . r 2? Q, ' - - f 'J 'ala -w"5ig2?. l-loclcey l-lE schools in the Greater Boston Hockey League received a surprise when Newton ended in strong second place. At the start of the season the team had only one letterman, namely, Captain Ted Johnson, who was later chosen for the Greater Boston All-Scholastic team. "Doc" Martin, overcoming all these difficulties, formed a team that lost only one league game, and that to the winners, Cambridge Latin, by a score of TAO. The lead-off game with Arlington, a tie of 4"4, indicated Newton's progress. The next was the best game that New- ton played when the team came up against a strong Melrose sextet and upset them to the tune of QJI. Stone- ham was beaten 3 Q, and the next Saturday we easily subdued Belmont by a 4fO score. Friday night, January 96, the Grange and Black contended with the best Cantab team in years and was beaten 'IaO. We defeated Medford by 1-O, and ended the league season by trouncing Rindge Tech 4faO. A post season game with the l-larvard Freshman ended with an impressive score against Newton. These nine games were all played in the Boston Garden. Luclcily this year, ice was plentiful, so a good amount of outdoor practise was obtained. Several scrimmages were held at Bullough's Pond with Wellesley, Watertown, and Waltham of the Bay State League. The lettermen this year were Augustus Castoldi, Thomas Griffin, Joseph Green, Maurice l-lallett, Tom I-lennessey, Captain Theodore Johnson, Ernest McLeod, John Waters, and Burt Woodward, Murray Beth also received a letter for a good job as manager. At a meeting of the lettermen "Gus" Castoldi was elected captain of the 1935 team. There should be an excellent team next year, for there is a good Intermediate squad from which to choose. Cf this year's group Castoldi, Woodward, Butterfield, and Dennison are returning. One Hundred Thirty-two -T 3- wow f ec 9 'HSM W I . F . 9- fbvt Qin X .., r Q53 QQ 90 Basketbau Captain, CHARLES FLAQQ Manager, PHILLIP Ffsiairsift Coach, FRANK SIMMONS HE 1934 varsity basketball team maintained the ever-increasing favor which this sport has gained, by coma piling a record of nine victories and five losses. Although winning but one league contest and dropping two keenly fought Brookline games, Newton had the satisfaction of handing Natick l-ligh its only two defeats of the season: 3OaQ7 and 30-96. Double victories were also scored over Watertown and Westboro, while Milton Academy, Lexington, and Cambridge Latin were conquered in single contests. Captain Flagg and Frazier, the only available lettermen, combined with Spilman and Smith to provide the major part of the team's offense. As a whole, the Orange and Black scored 383 points as against their oppo- nent's 299. Captain elect Donovan, Byrnes, and Skauen were outstanding on defense and were mainly instru- mental in holding the opponents to an average of slightly more than twenty points per game. At the close of the season Captain Flagg, although relinquishing scoring honors, was selected as All-Sur- burban forward. Frazier, the team's leading scorer, and Donovan received All-League mention. The lettermen were Baker, Byrne, Captain-elect Donovan, Captain Flagg, Frazier, Gath, Kuleza, Lochiatto, Nokhoudian, Shedd, Skauen, Smith, Spilman, and Manager Farina. One Hundred Thirty-th'ee S. u .a.. ,z- t N : ' ' .- ff 4 a N 4 Us A "" F sy! , M Y A 'lx- lDdOOi' -l-I'dClC Captain, Louis MiLLEie Coach, DONALD Ersioci-i ESPITE a record of three losses and but one victory in dual meets, the 1934 indoor track team finished the season successfully by placing fifth in the State Meet ahead of its rivals, Brookline and Lawrence. ln the initial meet, Newton was defeated by Lawrence 48'2fQ8lQ at the Andover Cage, and a week later Brockton triumphed 48fQ6 at Newton. l-lowever, the Orange and Black upset Watertown 47-30, mainly through superior work in the field events, dash, and relay. The objective meet of the year at Brookline was lost by a 43'ga33'g margin, although Freeman, Fitzgerald, and the relay quartet composed of Wittens, Griffin, Miller, and Quigley showed to advantage in a losing cause. Plotkin and Rogers combined for Q6'Q Brookline points, which was almost sufficient in itself to win, At the Northeastern lnterscholastics, Freeman captured second in the 600-yard run, to give Newton a place in the scoring column, while in the B. A. A. meet, the relay team conquered Brookline, although failing to place. At the Andover lnterscholastics, l-'lale scored in the broad jump, and the relay quartet again more than acquitted itself by garnering one and one-half points in its events. At the Boston Garden State Classic, Freeman and Fitzgerald broke records in the distance runs, only to place second to other record breakers. The Grange and Black relay team once more came in ahead of Brookline's quartet to capture three additional points which, with Quigleys market in the dash, gave Newton a total of ten points and fifth place, just ahead of Brookline. The lettermen were Charlesworth, Connelly, Feola, Fitzgerald, Freeman, Griffin, Hale, Johnson, Kiely, McLean, Captain Miller, Moore, Quigley, Sloane, Swig, and Wittens. One Hundred Thirty-'our ws S 54 . 2, Q, A , ...T flffpbv rg,-gym' is , ' Aj. . -1 ,' 4 - su' ' t 55 1 1 H T: was wfhti , Q. L A. W., 12" Qutdoor Traclc Captain, ROBERT QUIGLEY Manager, MAURICE WHITE Coach, DONALD G. Ersioci-i OAC!-I Enoch's 1934 outdoor traclc team was built around the following veterans: Tom Fitzgerald in the mile, AI Freeman in the 880 and 440, Louis Miller in the 440, Johnny Frazier and Russ Liscomb in the hurdles, and Bob Quigley in the dash. Other outstanding prospects were Finberg in the discus, Wittens in the hurdles, Moore and Griffin in the dashes, and McLean and Blair in the high jump. In the initial meet, The Worcester Tech lnterscholastics, the Orange and Black forces placed fourth with a total of nineteen points. AI Freeman, who placed second in the 440 and third in the half mile, was the only man to score in two events. The remainder of Newton's points were scored by l.iscomb's and Quigleys sec- onds in the Q90-yard high hurdles and the dash, respectively, Fitzgeralds third in the mile, and Witten's third in the Q90-yard low hurdles. Finberg, who hurled the discus to second place, was the only Newton man to score in the Field events. Other meets were the Brookline, Harvard and Amherst lnterscholastics, and the State Relays at Fitchburg. RUIYPTTIIIHTVPCTTl1'VH'llX d-ITOA0 OYVER V' .RAJAV use "Ul- ' Tennis Captain, WILL SRuRRiER Manager, ALBERT BLUNT Coach, WALTER M. TAYLOR OACH Taylor's varsity tennis team, led by Captain Will Spurrier, got away to a slow start, suffering defeats from the hands of Milton Academy and Nashua in the first two games. The Orange and Black team was downed in the former match by the score of 9 to 1, Tom Slattery turning in the only Newton Victory. Newton made a better showing against Nashua, but came in the short end of the 5 to Q score. Geary and Bachrach were the only Newton victors in this match. The Orange and Black found their winning stride against Attleboro, when they nosed them out to the tune of five to four. The following week Newton downed Win- chester but took an expected defeat from the hands of a very strong Exeter team. The bumper list has been headed by Leo Geary, Link Merrill, Will Spurrier, Vic l-laven, Clayt Mosher, and Tom Slattery. The second team, led by Micheak, Chase, and Volpe, has played fine tennis. They were defeated by Milton, 7 to Q, but came back to take Watertown, 4 to 3, and swamp Needham, 6 to 1. One Hundred Th irty-six -lnl,,..,:,man Q1-ITOIX7 .1-1: 1 R G Vg pb?- ' C L if if E34 I f Golf Coach, THOMAS G. WALTERS FTER a rather slow start Newton's golf team under the generalship of Coach Walters has made steady progress and has caused trouble for many opposing teams. For the first time Newton is a member of the Greater Boston lnterschool Golf League, composed of Waltham, Brookline, Lexington, Arlington and others, who afford excellent competition for the team. On their first outing the team was nosed out by Waltham 5 to 4, but a week later the boys came back with a fine exhibition to defeat Brookline 515 to 3,1 The Newton golfers were: Charles Wasilevski, Albert d'Ercole, Barker Nokhoudian, William l-lerlihy, David Farnum, Kenneth Crafts, and William Ward. Costello, Crafts, and l-lerlihy will be a fine nucleus for next year's group. The golf team is indebted to the Braeburn, Woodland, Albemarle and Commonwealth Country Clubs for the generous use of their courses. This privilege will undoubtedly be granted in the coming years, which are sure to bring the championship to Newton. Cne Hundred Th rtv-Seve s QJTON, VC- QS? 19, if 2 349 , , , Y R Q- lI E- l-- if FE ' tt A s . Y i' .nz ...-gm i 11- ff 9 -if f M, f' Field l'loclcey Coach, Luclttt BuRNHAM Captain, BARBARA MILDRAM Manager, MARTHA Cowon RCM one hundred and twenty-three girls who reported for Field hoclcey under the excellent coaching ol Miss Lucille Burnham, twenty-six were selected to represent Newton in outside games. Thirteen of the squad were members of last year's team, three of whom were regular First-string players. The intra-mural games were won by a junior team captained by Joyce Wheeler. Cl the live games on this yeafs varsity schedule, two were won, two were tied, and one lost. The First game, played at Needham, resulted in a single point victory for the varsity and a defeat for the second team. Waltham stubbornly held the Varsity to a scoreless tie, while the visiting second team bowed to the Newton reserves, 3 O. The Grange and Black First eleven met their only defeat ol the season against the skilful Watertown players by a lone goal, as the seconds struggled to a scoreless tie. At Broolcline, the Newton reserves met with success by a margin of one point, and the varsity game resulted in a tie. The season ended in a decisive victory over the alumni, One Hundred Thirty-eight I Ill 'rf R ,R Q ww w . Z 9 . c. - Ven T CQ R amp, , Girls, Basltetball Captain, BARBARA Wotttv Manager, Esrctte SMHH Coach, ELNA PETERSON NEW system was inaugurated this year in the girls' intra-mural competition. Teams were formed by home- rooms, room 138 capturing the sophomore laurels, 2105 for the juniors, and the 333-338 combination for the seniors. Room 2105 was the final victor, defeating their sophomore and senior opponents. The members of this team received numerals. After the selection of the class teams in February, Raymonde l-larvey, Jane l-lesslein, and l-larriet Chapin were elected captains of their respective groups. The first game of the season, with Cambridge Latin, resulted in a defeat for the sophomores, and victories for the junior and senior teams. At Needham the sophomores again suffered defeat, Q5-18, while the juniors repeated their brilliant performance of the Cambridge game in taking Needham, Q0-9. The Newton seniors were forced to accept their first loss by a three-point margin, Q8- Q5. The game at Waltham allowed the juniors to keep their slate unmarred as they trounced the respective Watch City sextet, 44-1O. The seniors likewise joined the victorious class in winning from Waltham, 184 4. The last contests of the season, against Watertown, proved a Waterloo for all three Orange and Black teams, the juniors receiving their first set-back. The varsity proved successful in the games against the alumni and the faculty, beating the former, 37aQ4, and the latter, 31-QO. The girls receiving varsity N's are as follows: Barbara Wolley, captain, Mae McGrath, Leslie Wead, Jane Arend, Regina l-lerlihy, Rejane l-larvey, and Joyce Wheeler. Jean l-larvey, Estelle Smith, and Margaret Walden received chevrons for second year's service on the varsity. One Hundred Thirty-nine 'b 'F f cjata - ' 1-I - fait agfl'lTON47 s XX is Elia VEB i i Girls, -lennis Captain, CAROLINE Evrizrs Coach, Miss MAIDA FLANDERS ENNIS, as usual, was a popular sport among the girls. According to custom, there were the Fall and Spring Tournaments, open to all interested, when excellent material for a team was discovered. By an exciting match, Elena Ciccone was victorious over Lillian Mancini, to capture the title. Miss Flanders, the coach, selected seven girls from a larger squad to constitute the school team, these were, at the beginning, Elena Ciccone, Caroline Everts, Lillian Mancini, Florence Green, Minnie Spiers, Esther Mer- chant, and Lena Curtin. Matches were planned with the school teams from Medford, Watertown, Brookline, and Winchester. One Hmdred Forty l'5?z C' fl, N47 15:7 I S X-EN 1925? 3 349 ,4- '5 2, Q Ven Q' T Ulllf Q14 2 -ef' f?1f26 S. iv T XXPW 74 X' sfjxxx pl 7 U 3 Q-A-gif M,-X BTQM9-gn OH df E 51, :ig -I 'vi i - I 'J Q- A 4 ? tr 'f ' . ZQ EMF I VL- pb fr' 4 Q Ra x ff I , . J : i- ,YY N, TNI!!! wlxegs Que llriridrwij frilly-lv. .5 ..,N- ,Ag-li 'So-. September October November December 11 Q3 Q6 30 7 10 14 18 Q1 Q3 Q8 1 4 6, 11 17 18 Q3 Q4 4 6 13 1 5 Q0 Q0 Days VVMhout End The beginning of the end. at We bow to Arlington in First football game. -f The "New Dealn Newtonite appears. Powerful Newton machine mows down Cambridge 15 0. F Watertown routed by Orange and Black 19 77. a l-lawkeye says " 'ellof' ra Everett subdues Newton 15a0. aa Doctor Eddy speaks in assembly f Newton Gridmen clipped by Brockton 14a0. 'The future of The Newtonian assured by the selection ol Charlotte Paul as editor. What a bookll Johnny Roehrig handles business. M Newton tramples Quincy16f0. 8 Neil O'Flara. a Newton over-rides Rindge 6a0. 11 - Education week. A Manchester defeated 13 87. -18 A Pedagogues swagger to lame f "The Three Musketeers." 77 Waltham over-ridden, 6a0. Ha Turkey Festival- Newton clinches suburban league title with Brookline. aa- Fall Frolics. W Basketball and hockey N en route. H- Dr. Frank Armitage - Dickens revived. - Tuss McLaughry: Fellows' Pow-Wow. "Feminine Follies." Girls' assembly - Gertrude l-looper. January Q - Yuletide. TON i' 1 'at 19 5 " - I ' f - r ' .R "' QI-l v U55 -.. -fa' ' ' -fgzf-A ' f . ' ' gl Q' , i . . i f- wiv- Y H 47 . January February March April May June V5 pb? - l-loclcey and basketball doing well. 19-Q0 Y g Big push for "Silver Newtonian." - Edwin Franlco Goldman. - Cameron Beck. - Open combat in the Legislature. - Sophomores' Valentine Dance. - Newton Qnd in Great Boston l-loclcey League. A Birthington's Washday. d More Newtonian Propaganda. - Legislature wins Fight for 8-minute recess. 9-10 - "Three Faces East." a- Seniors strut their stuli. "Merely Mary Ann" with Merely Anne Newdiclt and Mostly Johnny Welden. - Fishes's Faces Jones and Betty Georges are victorious along with prize essay and poem and "A Ghost Play" starring "Dracula" Ulrich. - Baseball-cricket-tennis and Jones-Cottrell-Ta lor once more exertin themselves. Y B - First trial C. E. E. B. - National l-lonor Society. -Q3 - Paul Revere - one of the weelcs which necessitates the eight weeks after to recover. - Mountain climbing assembly - Mrs. R. Underhill. - Senior Prom. Everyone in best bib n' tuclcer. - Senior girls and mothers view proper dress attire for graduation Conly 3 men in the whole hallD. - Quadrangle Meet. - Exotic Fashion Review. - Qutdoor Concert. - Graduation and Feed. One Hundred Forty-three IEE EN IQTQW EQ W I 1 AT ,A IH PTCKH AVJT QMTW TT' PTF 3 NTL' UTTTH 4 Jmwsz Oni- f'fL1lTd,'b'ff for! V 1 E l 52 L .', 1 gkgx 541: 5 M155 SOUTH 6 JEAN HARVEY 7 DERBY WING 8 MISS DOONAN . ! PETE BENNETT BILL SMITH Mk. GREEN JOHNNY ROEHRIG 955 X ,Y 4 wf sfraa X A at aa. SQ' -A I Ven T Ml Last Will and Testament of the Class of 1934 E, the renowned class of 1934, realizing that we are about to pass in or out, into the Great Beyond, being sound in mind and body, mindful of the poor and needy, and richly endowed for this great pur- pose, do hereby make and ordain this to be our last will and testament. Whereas, the class of 1934, with 'umble respect, bequeaths to our beloved faculty the profound knowledge derived from said body's experi- ence with us. Whereas, the party of the first part does also bequeath to the party of the second part, the city of Newton, and other such individuals as will be determined by our lawful executor, in sickness and in health, for better or for worse, to have and to hold, viz., etc., to wit, et al. - Our first week's salary check to the janitors. Our first five college degrees to the faculty. The grass wires and stakes to the receivers to trip over. To The Newtonite: Max Bachrach's executive ability. Jean Harvey's big news scoops to her younger sisters. l-lugh Kennison's sparkling and revealing editorials. Vaughn Shedd's scintillating sport column. To The Newtonian: Twenty-five years of experience. To the Class of 7935: Martha Silveira's "PCS", Charlotte Paul's Efficiency plus L--. Bill Spurrier's tennis racket QD Cneeclful of restringingl Jimmie Naylor's "flawless" Latin translations to the "amiable Doctor." Charley Flagg's athletic prowess to F. Ewing Wilson. Alan Steeve's stride to Doc Richmond. Miss Burdon's "meaty" tests to Clark Case. Margaret Walden's ping-pong table to Mr. Simmons. Lloyd Bergeson's managerial powers to Doc Martin. Charlie l2osenthal's stoicism to Mr. l-lolmes. Marion Salter's aptitude in French to Miss Myles. Bob Sproat's philosophy to Mike Lyons. The scoreboard to Mr. Mergendahl. To Whom lt May Concern: Miss Carleton's dazzling speed behind the wheel. Ned Dupee's ears. Ben Mann's haircut. Alice Mansfield's histrionic ability. Steve l-lolmes's wind. Janet Cryan's cosmetics. Tom Fitzgeralds puny puns. Dot Jones's vivacity. Babe Joyce's model T. Norman Foster's flying fingers. Jim l-lunter's "mighty fine garments." John Smillie's stentorian bass voice. Whereas, after profuse considerations, we hereby appoint our very dear principal, Paul E. Elicker, as our sole and most worthy executor of this our last will and testament. Given on this day, April first in the year of our Lord nineteen hundred and thirty-four. Blessings on the class of nineteen hundred and thirty-four. Wittifvvi Sivuizreisiz, Scribe. One Hundred Forty-live 1221. 4 7 Qw g I uni- - L QI-ITOAU in . . I I I W ,. VL-px? IQ X 190 34 f 5 in Q 2 ,745 f'f:i -' 4' V vii". ..l ,gn . , , ., .,- ,, W I . - I ,4 'ini . F W 55 . ll F -. A il , mf 1 Z, ' K 'Q' Y' , x A .- 'Za' rs - 4- ff .fe i b , P ,aw ' t 21,15 V XI: N-ii. rw! ' I ll ' A L- ' ,,..?.X "AA: V, ,K O P ffklfldfffd ffyfv-9 "5?igfr. fgwggq?T We gQgHf jr.,5i1'F Z EN 1 6 3 2 4 W ,Mft PSY' General Statistics-Class ol 1934 Vox Populi Favorite book . . Second ..., Favorite Newspaper Second . . . Favorite Magazine Second Favorite Movie of the Year Second Favorite Actress . Second . . , Favorite Actor . Second ..... Favorite Radio Performer . Second ..... Favorite Song ofthe Year . Second .,... Favorite Automobile . Second ..... Most Admired Man. Second ..... Most Admired Woman . Second .... Ye 1934 Rnmer A was the Alcove all cozy and bright. B was the Boy who was calling that night. C was the Clock vvith its hands toward nine D was the Damsel the boy thought divine. E was the Eve which vvas svvift passing by. F was the Flame in the lamp and too high. G was the Glance from the one in the gown. l-l vvas the l-laste with which B turned F down. I was right there and I know it is best to let you, dear reader, imagine the rest Anthony Adverse . Return of the Native . . . . l-lerald . . . Traveler . . Readers' Digest Saturday Evening Post . . Little Women . Flying Down to Rio . Katherine Hepburn . . . Mae West . Frederic March . Clark Gable . . Joe Renner . . . Bing Crosby Smoke Gets ln Your Eyes . . . . Carioca , . . . Ford . . . . . Buick . Franklin D. Roosevelt . Charles A. Lindberg . Mis. F. D. Roosevelt Mrs. Calvin Coolidge One Hunared Forty-5 6 VC- Q15? d-ITON, f . L 4 ,,, 1 19 f g x I Q' b Q 04212111 FQ Q ff-QQ Q QEQ Q J X XX QDTLl6HDur1ng"gU9dQ Vest. X CDTLIQ famoug 4,-Vheg"15PP9 nI9ljCG', "C0Trnmf"Black bxfifkgweajfer wufh 510 E! QV 6 ran Q H " Q T XBTrfKf9wUclNG f IPOPUIW gufh rj!-H.S. Q-H16 Claiskj 776 5760 f 0 Afhlexlegj W "Har "fha ll ll Spa fonaf YS PM EQ Liv , 8, 13 CCO"fs'a+Q Last yecympf tw WUSWSJ Kf"6mo0Qffe0y N , w 4 .I 1 f-,Zo Quuffg.. O H d df , W I ffm T XX 1 Q W 5 ff? Q 52:9 ix f X Q Ta P5 X 'I f fig- lggjiif' FIC 49 Qs: Y ,- is 127 ,L wx l 1 'I' A I L J x fax X "iff-A 9 HUUIMUHIW NWIRGNWGIN cv Q'I4IG'l-Dopula F' 774 ll ' f "Br-acKeTT"CO6l' e 56096 iff?-3 Qgfhwk- t "BA N65 H T 9 mea If -5 warn wi Aan- "M Y ld P099 e"'5' S,223el??aCke,t-U df if Cofofjl ffciisy Q X w Ev C59 The well-Know? "HaL5eS" Sedora, Qjfxnd-flwg I S+rukm3"Ev9V6T'I' Y-ore-and QH Cardugan xjgiki OHddf 1 g,g11T0,Z f J V, ,. 2 Q Q 'wwhfy jf X inf? A i ' 'X WW? JZ ia-5:iiI"5' W f' 1,6 is Asif f vf X: 'Av I f 1 'Wi' f 2 ff Q E i cl if ki fx 82 ELM KQAD T l QIJTON, E-gi X ig J, I ' is 4? Q 7 Q' T T T '37 VERSY What Next? lTl-l a whir and a putt, the autogyro jerks to a halt on the roof of the "What Next" skyscraper. Pilot CTeddyD Johnson assists us in propelling our stiffish joints to the park. Where, in the midst of fruit trees and raspberry bushes, we recognize Howard Brightman, with his perpetual soap box, orating to a mob of frenzied followers! Qur dragging feet stray to the adjoining playground, which is lovingly exhibited by care- taker "Mash" Mascia Cwho'd a thunk it?D . . . ln the distance is a Figure poised for action and silhouetted against the skyscraper peaks. Can that be Esther Merchant as a tennis instructor? And what's more, there's Bobbie Wolley also sporting a gym teacher's outfit .... Down into the depths of the locker rooms we plunge, where Charlie Flagg is still Filling the role of locker-room crooner de-luxe. And incidentally, that's Charlie Thompson appearing with his medical kit . . . now to the swimming pool with Agatha Pickhardt practicing her renowned racing strokes and Brenton Bullock, at the kiddies end, sailing his miniature fleet. Ah for a little refreshment! And accordingly, singing soda-jerker, Tom Fitzgerald, and Gage Olcott, his engaging assistant, rastle up old time Brigham's products .... forthe convenience of such sightseers as we are, there is a television office, so that one may see the whole city-like building from a cushioned easy-chair. To that com- fortable corner we stroll, and are taken under the wing of Maurice l-lallett, who proceeds to exhibit the glories of "What Next". First, we are switched to the studios of "Max" Bachrach who is now photographing Bar- bara McKissock, Johnny Frazier, and Bill Smith for an ad for "ashless" cigarettes. Such lookers . . . Now who should flash on the screen, as he travels from door to door, but Jonathan "lZaremeat" Roehrig as he deftly sells his patented "l-lold-All, Lose-None" pincushions. While we watch his successful progress down the corridors, our attention is arrested by Betty Bunker's striking posters, featuring Charlotte Paul in an exotic ad- vertisement for her Interpretive Dancing Classes. And what ho! there's an announcement of the personal appear- ance of Alice Mansfield, the world's second Ethel Barrymore, at the famous "What Next" Theatre next week. Let's go! Eh, Fans? As Johnny knocks on another door, what should the interior reveal but two married couples -Tolman vs. Railsback, and Rowell vs. Taylor- unplacidly playing bridge. "Too boring a pastime!" shrieks vivacious Barbara, and away they tear to the "What Next" Night Club, where the chawming hostess, Connie Wood, leads them to a table near the blue-lighted stage. Up on the platform, the satin-clad "twins," Barbara Cutting and Louise McKinney, are undulating as a background for Eddie Lllrich's hot clarinet number. Over in the other corner looms a silver and blue bar, with Barbie Anderson, Bette Everett, and Dinkie Blake as bar maids. Can that be Archie Gath tapping beer barrels? A gallant head-waiter, John Smillie, serves the couples with "What Next's" unique concoction . . . and leaving them thus we are flashed to a preten- tious office. lt seems that Jane Kirby, Will Spurrier, and Joe Green have had something in common since high school days. Now they are the heads of a nation-wide organization, the name of which they refuse to reveal Cbut we know ginger ale helpsD . . . Now nothing but smoke appears upon the screen, but after awhile we can distinguish Bill Fish exhaling black cigar smoke, while the barber, Louis Miller, cuts his big fuzzy beard. ln the next chair: l-larry Burbank having a finger wave put in his gawgeous hair by demure Midge Collins .... Well, well, what is this mirage? Telltale signs proclaim it to be Janet Brown's Dog Farm. There she is exhi- biting some trained puppies to D. York Jones's delighted children. This building "What Next" certainly has everything! . . . The next scene shows a modernistic court room, Midge Phelon as Clerk, and a heated debate ensuing twixt Jean l-larvey and Jimmy Naylor. CCuracious -such big words!D But still more amazing is the fact that on further scrutiny of the judge, we find Debby Wing - shows what wimmin' can do. Rumor hath it that there is a jail with a most unique keeper. Sure 'nough, it's Dotty Jones OD swinging a fist full of keys, and going the rounds of the prisoners, who committed petty offences to be under Dotty's careful super- vision. l'lere and there, we notice fragments of Tom Anderson's and Bob Adams's orchestras, placed in the Jug for having broken the peace. But now, who should flash on the screen but Louise Kerr placidly chawing gum in the solitude of her cell where she was placed to keep her from scaring the kiddies with that shriek of hers. Down in the boiler room forgetful Kovitz "disremembers" he is the only furnace tender, and the auto- gyro takes off just in time for us to see Julius flying feet first into the air as the building bursts into flames . . Tsk-tsk - What next? ! One Hundred Fifty-one dJTO'Yf ff- E' 35? E- 'bvm sf I-Q W W I -fi 'S 3 Q 'li a 1 A Li: 652 ,, ' Q 1. Lv, 'Q-, . -X -I HU WML' -H-, K Ww'if"f-if? 5 -' 1 f - I-,Alain -' r .4 , ' """""' f ur- F 1 '25 ' 5 l' ' N421 Fi. I.. ' fb, gb Ng. -U .' ' W I fi ,kk 3. I '1 ,lv .4 I 'fi ,X e 4. I --ta X I 4 x ,, :rift fx, f ,V .gi g ' -,,,'i v.. L " f' '---Q' ,, "I 14 ,U 0 fu? A . n . 15 1 ' 1 Y Y ' ff ""' ' . b , , 24.5 -Q b, ls' , 'f , ,rg via rw- Hur dry-fi frffry-Iwo V5 pb? M - . .- ,Q 19. 4? A weak invention of the enemy Speak after the manner of men An Alge bra Exam REACHED the room with jaunty air, Face wreathed in smiles and free fro Examples done and answers there. These are the words that greet my ear, "A short exam -these questions here. Blasting my hopes, inciting fear. At last l settle down to think, l rack my brain and spill the ink, The Figures dance upon the sheet, First they advance and then retreat. The First example l can't do, So l pass it by and take up two. I work it through, of course it's long, l Finish it but know it's wrong. Wildlyl hunt for my mistake, Can't Find it, so the next one take. A problem this - of A and B- Who many things do foolishly, Now what shall X here represent? !i's miles per hour, or B'5 percent? Gr gain that would to C accrue Had he but done what he didn't do? So pondering this secret sealed, My thoughts skim to another Field. "lf l can only raise the dough Tonight I'Il take her to the show." I turn to the forgotten sheet, And try to make my balance meet With surplus for each needed seat. m care, Just then the bell, with ringing crashes, .Cold water on my spirit dashes, And then I know while yet it clashes That l have Flunked. These Are Famous o a . . . . . . . Time will run back and fetch the age of gold . l am never merry when I hear sweet music . The iron tongue of midnight hath told twelve . The more thou stir it the worse it will be . l-le could make songs and well indite . Chapterofaccidents. . . Cruel as death and hungry as the grave . . Bright gem instinct with music, vocal sparks . One of those heavenly days that cannot die. . Marks . Girlsl . Steeves . . Naylor Senior Prom . . , Algebra . Tom Fitzgerald Report Card . C. F. E. B. . Charlotte Paul . Vacation One Hundred fifty-three . . QIJTON Q Q E SX 192 2154 f -'97 A oven A X ff 4 f ffl 78 I -I-1 L-Y-ii! J 1 .,, 5 vemf fobeff 3910 bi. .2-'fn'-'9"' Q X ff X 1 MSM my 4?-.:-5. 'Lf' ' : - fi ' "' I? A -EDM X X 19 s Ts Y as-R . . ll SJ . A ' 1 fb J VL-i1 School Days, T909 -- Silas! What in tunket's the matter with that young 'un? l-lere 'tis almost an hour before sunup and thet lad's still snorin' as if he was sawin' two be fours out in the wood shed! l cal'late it's the late hours he's been a keepin'. Why, last night he didn't git ta bed till nigh onto 9.30. 'Yes, Ma, l'm a-coming." Silas rolled out of bed drowsily, but when his feet touched the floor, he came to with surprising speed. Shivering with cold, he ran to the water pitcher, after breaking the ice, washed quickly. "Hurry, Silas! You ain't got more 'n three hours to get to school, and you oughter know that three miles is a powerful long distance in snow like this. Your vittles have been a-settin' on the table for five minutes." At the mention of the word "vittles," Silas started down the stairs. Soon he had eaten breakfast, consist- ing of oatmeal, milk, bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, sausage, apple pie, and cheese. "Silas, what in tarnation's the matter with you? You h'aint et anything this morning. Now, quit moping and do your chores. You've only got a half-hour, and don't forgit to shovel the path. Perfunctorily, Si performed his numerous duties, and at the first crack of dawn set out for school, carrying three books which he strapped together as a matter of convenience. Drearily he trudged two miles in the drifted snow, then abruptly, acting on the spur of the moment, he turned in at a farmhouse. A bashful little maiden Cthe cause of his loss of appetitej answered the door. Shyly our hero asked if he might accompany herto school. The coy little girl nodded her head demurely. The two of them, truly symbolic of the Youth of Yesterday Qreally'?D, trudged through the snow, he, carrying her books, and she, with her pigtails flying, her freckled face a healthy glow, ploughed steadfastly along beside him. Love was king. Silas, overcome with the emotion of walking with so dazzling a beauty, stopped a minute to write in the snow, "I love you," and then turned a brick-red because of his audacity. The object of his affection thrilled, but frightened at his sudden show of love, ran the rest of the way to school. Si, his heart pounding like a trip hammer, felt first a wave of heroism and then dejection M utter dejection. Morbidly he trod onward to school only to find that he was late. Life was sor- did, until, with a thrill of ecstacy, he found three little words on a slip of paper in his desk, "I love you." Tl-lEM WERE Tl-IE GOOD OLD DAYS! School Days, T934 ii n Z-zaz-z-z-z-z "Jimmy White, get out of that bed this instant! Do you realize it's 'IO minutes of 8'? Step on it!" "Z-z-z-z. l-luh'? oh, O.K. Ma." So saying, Jim turned over and drowsed ten minutes more. Duly ad- monished again by his irate parent, he secured with great effort an upright position, then, with many a sigh and yawn, he staggered to the bathroom. After a brisk shower, he was fully awake. From that point on, he became speed and efficiency personified. 8.08, and his breakfast, composed of cereal, orange juice, toast, and egg, had been consumed. Orabbing his books and coat, he ran swiftly, with scarcely more than a hurried good-bye, to the garage where his vehicle, a ramshackle, old, second-hand Ford, was kept. Not being able to start his horseless carriage electrically, he resorted to a manual process of cranking. Three minutes of frenzied physical effort, and the car sprang into life. Our perspiring hero dauntlessly mounted his shell-shocked vehicle, which was shivering with something akin to St. Vitus's dance. Off he went in a cloud of smoke, with only fifteen minutes to get to school. At 8.90 he stopped in front of a small house and tooted his rasping horn long and loudly. A fair damsel appeared, hat askew, hair flying, and mouth a garish red smear of lipstick. "Yoo-hoo, Jimmee-ee-ee!" she screamed. "Wait a minute. Be right with you." "O.K., sweet thing, but make it snappy!" Soon they were en route again. School was reached at 8.98, and the couple went their separate ways, the girl to building one and the boy to building three. panting heavily when he reached his home room, Jim divested himself of his coat, and fell into his seat at exactly 8.30. Thus we have a typical Newton l-ligh School "smoothie"! One Hundred fifty-fri .Wl f P , Y , Y Y K -V I Ill TON I I wma? . .- 'E .- . , A 7 H 5 5 Ls' f + Q - , rv I Q fv . gy n :ij ' ru - ff A 1 -I , .Y -lj! i' ' 1 . . -1-., -. xg ','I,v4..q':i'... A ',jE,.i,:cif.5."' JA,,gg, .1 L. W 1 561, Jjgif-.W "3?2:rY,,49 Q fr' ,VME i4f,,1?:- ' 'V , A-f1!f7r.5.,'-5' u4,2x..a i f N A 5 -- XXX glp , ll jp fgf.,,'5y W L , ,,, I. , . Wg, 5 t ' w '1 'V i 3 N . gf ' Omh Hundred fwfty-sm Tory, iff- pbv. Qu 4 g s s A1549 nib Q, , .,., I an V ., The Song of lnstant postum flnc.Q N the Prophylactic forest On the shores of Coca-Cola, Dwelt the Moxies in their wigwam Old Sapolio, the Chieftain, Pebeco, the grizzled prophet, And the warriors, young and eager. ln the lodge of the old chieftain, With Uneeda, more than Mother, And Victrola, old and feeble, Lived the warmest of the maidens, Musterole, Sapolio's daughter, Musterole, the Sunkist Chiclet. All the young men sought her favor, Left their trophies at the wig-wam, Brought her Thermos skin for raiment, Brought her Tarvia for ointment, And sweet Musterole smiled upon them, Smiled on Vaseline and Tintex, Smiled on Listerine and Valspar, Smiled, but left them unrequitted, For her love she gave to no one. Then from Mulibestos Mountains, From the height of the Texacos, Came the young chief, Instant Postum, Mightiest hunter of the forest, All superb in strength and beauty, l-le it was who trapped the Kodalf, l-le who shot the great Sears-Roebuclc, Shot him with his swift Pierce-arrow. ' Eversharp, his trusty hatchet, Every arrow-head a l-lot-point. Cn him gazed the Moxie Maidens Nujol poured her glorious glances, Bold Carbona sought to win him, Lopkis brought him calces and honey. But for Musterole yearned Postum, No Pyrene could quench the ardor That she kindled in his bosom. Through the fields of ripe Wheatena, Through the Shredded Wheat they wandered, To the White Rock by the river, By the rippling Cuticura, There beneath Palm Olive shadows, There they saw the sun descending. Naught cared Postum for the night winds Blowing through the l-loleproof forest, Musterole was there beside him. One Hundred Fitty-:eve TO g QI-I 'Vx 1 JT 'E lui T XX 19 54 Vcv- 'T To his bosom quick he drew her, Whispered words of love, a-burning, Told her how he trapped the Sealpax Told her how he'd trapped Ampico, Told her how he'd slain Bull Durham Boasted of his father's tepee With its sides of Mentholatum With its wings of soft Socony. To him Musterole, a-quiver, Listened, and her heart gave answer. All the warmth of love she gave him All her Rubberset affection, Gave her heart to Instant Postum - Thus he wooed her, thus he won her. Passed the years in quick succession Small Post Toasties came to bless them - Triplets, Gold Dust Twins, and BUD, Little Beechnut, Wrigley Spearmint, Veci Kid, and Pluto Water, These and many Little Toasties Filled the wigwam with their laughter. Miss Smith : "Tell me what the ocean is moaning about, and don't say that someone stepped on its under- tow." Senior: Cposing for photob: "What will these pictures cost me?" Alfred Brown: "They're 525.00 a dozen. Now look pleasant." Why does a Senior look down on a Sophomore? Because he wouldn't Find him if he looked up. A danca A data Pcrchanca Out lata A classa A quizza No passa Gee whizza Prof: "This is the third time you have looked on Smith's paper' Ytude: "Yes sir, he doesn't write very plainly." As 'neath the light I nightly sit And try to study English lit, lnto my brain it will not Flit, And so I never study it. None but the brave can stand the fare - Lunchroom. li a thing is worth Flunking, it is worth Flunking well. Why is S. Holmes like an accordion? Because it is easy to draw him out, but when you try to shut him up the music beginsl One Hundred Fifty-eight QIT W cl I.. X was 5154? i A if - 'Ven I 1 l-..-..a:'.l9l uh- ' .' ' ' 4 KN 1' L' W- - A T' f"' 52 5, : -,'11w:.x. b- . - g,o.1s'Sg3!Q- at-fr f,g,. .x. - .Q , , . f , -,Q s - 1 I ,Ng A -- gh I -." 9 1- f -ir - A- .N 1 . -, L5 fx, - , f f , '--:A -'- X. - Q .,-1- ,. .- fe-1 ,.. ...' sf -1. - 12 1 M, I Q 245 1- Th 5 9 A4- 14 Z7 p---q--Q- in L- '. -. , . ,,-. - S' 154 5' ll. -Au" 'f"'1:':f ' v wa 1 Yr ' f'3,mf 4 ft f5Qs?g?gLg,t5s4f ,-fy, J-,- ,,- , .1 A I , x. , H505 dn ry . I i ".' 5 4, 49 ' I m x W -5? 19 349 V OYVEPQY' Agenforjhq AZQQQ 073 Q? CQ ,vw 5?0f0f 1954- di Q N? F F X 1 A Qs: L, Qi' drfff fu-Iv X 2 W I Ou d ,JwnJfCh'PlaQQ5 O W fjfaffffwf X QQ? f O O O 4,4 I , f Q , x.. fm? 6'- X X 'Um WNW' W X C O E , . . T . - ... " fggevn, qfll ' .5.-?g'.I 'ZLL F - . di 3 . . 1-"'n 1 1 1.903 A A ff N , h Xw I f X" J f F W A' , ' 5 " , it -1 I ' I f '.ff ,V 677,09 as 41, X Ozzy FT fy A - -3 LA X629 g X gf C 'lk KL num: Z Z Wzf7 flWIMMWWHIIHIIIMIIWMHMII111H dlhmlk d01ff1fffm1011Mm1111,, ff, ,lwizflnukllazmuudyuzafa fr ,, 1 Ie I ' lg,-2-X qll v --- Min - QD if " I f Q5 N' 1 fffff A 1 1 I Xi A f , x ' N4 P 51 I- f - ' W f Y- J' T M- as ff A +' , Mnflflmmrflummuvlulfffrwf -1. ' M llllllllnl IlllZlfflllllyfuwullfllllllllmll IHIIIIHIIIIPIIIIIIIILHII I-low can it B? I cannot C, Instead of A I got a D. Roehrig Cto driver of a busD: "Is Noah's Ark lull yet?" Bus Driver: "Yes, all but the monkey. Jump in!" So you asked Geraldine to marry you? f Yes, but I didn't have any luck. She asked me if I had any prospects. Why didn't you tell her about your rich uncle? aaa I did. Shes my aunt now. Definitions Flunlrp A smiling acknowledgment of a treacherous memory. Mosquito: A small insect designed by God to make us think better of Flies. Bill of Fare: A list of eatables distinguished from the menu by figures in the right-hand column. Accident: A condition of ahfairs in which presence of mind is good, but absence of body better. ne Hundred Sixty-two QI-lTOfYf EE-, i i 2 4 W ,by Y' l-lave You l-leard -- "l didn't come over on the last boat" .... . . . "What is the valence?" . . , "Quietly class, please" . . . . "Six of one, hall a dozen of the otheri' "l wish l could hear" . . . . 'ipencils and books on the Floor" . "Now look here, young fellow" , . . "Hall sheet of paper, please" . . . . . "As you know, l'm not scientifically minded but" i'And furthermore" ...... . . . "Now get this into your skulls" . "Good mornin' me lad" . . . . "And ultimately, in the Final analysis" "Let's have the room quietl' . . . "Whatl No homework?" . . Notes and Bars Oh Sweet Mystery of Life , ..,... , When Day Is Done . . . . . . The Old Refrain ..... . . M. . Where the River Shannon Flows . . Wagon Wheels .... Mine .... You're in My Power . Blue Prelude . . Talk ol the Town . Old Spinning Wheel. Sittin' on a Log . The Rerlect Teacher Miss Wetherbee's disposition, Miss Burdon's nose, Mr. Mergendahl's eyebrows, Miss Bates's voice, Mr, Kidger's curls, Mr. Thurber's gait, Mr. Elicker's introductions, Mr. l-larrington's spats, Mr. Maximis chic vests, Miss Thumin's articulation, Mr. Johnson's wardrobe. Miss Waldmeyer's philosophy. . Miss Waldmeyer . Miss Capron . Miss Bigelow . Miss Cotton Miss Goodwin . Miss Rogers . Mr. Kidger . Miss Richardson . Miss Thumin . Miss l-lolden Mr. Consodine . Mr. Willard . Mr. l-lolmes . Miss Giroux . Mr. Walters . . an A . Detention . Lack of study . . . Tunnel . Lunchroom carts . Special report . Mr. Swan , Blue Card A . . l-lawkeye , Olcott's Ford Bench in main office One Hundred Sixty-three QJTON, 111 3 r f t a . ' C Y 9 OYVUKY' Can You imagine? Harry Burbanlc H very, very neat. Jimmie Naylor H going through the day without a "Spud". Gage Olcott R as a bartender. Janet Cryan fwaa 7 fwfr and Howe! Jimmie Hunter va wallcing to school. Barbara Anderson fa when Gage Qlcott is absent. Charlotte Paul H as Harpo Marx. Jane Grant a without that little "Ray" of sunshine. H, Alan Steeves K as an ardent lover. Tom Anderson H- as Koussevitslcy. Dot Jones fa speechless. Newton High -- without Fitzgeralds, Harveys, and Smiths. Jimmie Boyle af with a new car. Gale Spencer K driving three miles an hour to school. Ed Ulrich -aa a gigolo. Martha Silveira H getting a Agatha Piclchardt ff drowning in a bathtub. Mr. Simmons f teaching Sunday School. HDunlc" Cotting Ha wasting away. Mr. Cottrell ff with a bronx twang. Dickie Bowman - with his mouth shut. Mr. Holmes -af without a "Fite." Caroline Young X as Kate Smith. Alice Mansfield X as a coloratura soprano. Smillie H as an undertalcer. CGet it?D Richard Potter Boyer, Jr. 5 as Harlem's hottest orchestra leader. Max Bachrach - as editor of Film Fun. Mr. Koughan fa remembering the price of potatoes. Connie Wood Q as little Lord Fauntleroy. Doc Martin -a without any money. Debby York WH without something the matter with her cars. Mr. Hartwell -- winning a hog calling contest. Ted Goodman M doing homework. Betsy Thorogood aa as the class orator. Bill Quinlan -R without anything to say. It Pays lo Advertise Bottled Sunshine . , . . . Jane Kirby lt's dated . . Barbara Anderson It takes healthy nerves . . . Chemistry The skin you love to touch . Football Children cry for it . , . F Sunkist California lemons . Faculty One Hundred Sixtygfour xx X q AqAA 1 '1.'. 'VL-pb fx Mi! ME VX QWU5 Wah 'I' Q29 Q QW is 53651 + 53C'?0?fw fff5 Q f X v f X 'L' FOO! One Hundred Sixty-nx X X? M 5Z X N X 1 Q 5 NN Xm N1 x WH M. ilu N qw ' X vw !ff,4g-. EG. ' ' xx-ai X .5 Q' ff R5 ' N Ks A, "' if ' NX . -, N 2. N + - X. : il .P X .Q xi X , " 5 Six 5Qi N 0 x Xxx F, Njg N Q XJ 5,1 fi VX NX :gy .lf X x ,X I, A x xv- gg. LFE X , , '. ,4 fx, lx?-' X 1 K W WI' W T X95 1 RW N!593fiiui:a Q '3,x , W - 3?Qg1,EV . :Ns w g 3 M: 1 x 'Q u fg1N mu1 xxx ' nf Tffilf :VM 55 Q X lgyljg. W fs yi 55k -fx-X Y M 1 " I v x-ffs? :X umm! fmmw, .X X g Q1,gI'1I,if flu lf: Vx 1 XL Qur Compliments to . . . Tlwe Class ol Nineteen 'llwirty-lour It lwas indeed been a pleasure to ....Worlcwitlwtl1em . . .. If-Rewnokf Svmzo l 1306 Beacon Street Broolcline, Massachusetts GARDEN CITY PRESS, INC. LINCGLN ENGRAVINC3 CO Qllicial Printers Qllicial Engravers to tlme Class ol 1934 to Class of 1934 13 Boyd Street, Newton, lVlass. 170 Summer Street, Boston, lVlass v r 1 'VZ J", " I .iv F 'W' . . X' u , ' r .. L,- - .-, .' .4 'W-ffff Ti" ' J- -.- .' Aff, A 'fa -,f , n 5- V . I .1,A,4 4 ., X.: : . ' 1- '- . . I-, .. , 4. L . .N 'xg' n, ..--' '.. il- 1 -' Z- .,vx..4 ,. LM' S . T, I 1 I f :QA ,r.:. X ' ,il 6- 1 ' I A , :' - 1 .151-t Tit ' r' ' 'L " , ,v lik , ,tl-4:11-,art ,N A 4- lxf 1 l'x51i,, '4 1,2 .1':'t 1 -b iii: mr l' 1 . Wg . gig. lg ff ' iii QQ ,!',A.l,u!, ,fJl,', lLi.2:.: '4':?',v' ,3. V : f 1, . ,' g :,,-.g, - , Hhs I , - I ' IH' .Wd '-- ' I '. X' fhdrizk is I- it lil:-L.P',1.--,Nj 'N , v J I W . '- ff ,-.i,:' Uv. , AEN. 3+ U, As I QM-fu! ', lj'vjk,,' .,,rf 4 . 1 1- i 1--.e,H.,.- -f , , 1 , , . l f.- a av A .j,g', 'Z . , ',i:.:l4,:N!.4. 4-' ": , ' A ' 13 Nap.- R-gh' M59 1'-ww :DM . - .--V 1 f xx ",,, ff yr ,14.".,7a',f-eff' new ' ' ' ' Q'1'n,',, y W .., ,v h. ." 1 -3 A' , fx. 1.-3,9-1' H r . AP. - L 'IA lr N' 'r ,I :x, : ,I 1 ' I. , , Ju ' 1' J' It " , -U! . : -' .P 1 , , v . X ':' " .y .fxnf 1114, 'H 4 Q1 l r I K I x Qt rl V x C 5'4.vLa4l, ' ul x - " -' f IQ I -' '.uha45 I . gg fwfr: wsu-,gw 1. '745 flfw. "1" If pq- 4' , ' " 'fs gbflfx' 1, 1' -lv!-1f Z F-'q1' 3 L J' .' 4r'nf 'kj fl N V , , 'g,!..:-afifhax- 4 1 , ' , J . 'IQ' "4 . V . . ph? xilfiilf. ' sgkilw V ' 1 -Y 5' 5' +1.15 W f ,',' .Y 'v ,' ,I - " If Y I --4.-gf 3 -1 - Y . - . 'X'-254:14 .' .:m ' +!?'l: I i rf tl- 'kb H :j-A 1 .V fi, 1 -4 ' ' ' 4 . . ",,r if lull j, -' JA M ' . , . -CIIQN 5.1gfpN.,73.C?. - 1 . , 'P f"f,f,":F- Q'i'9'Lf4 Y. V ml: Yilffk 'pl 5 AL: 7' fljl jf.l . , .4 QQ,-. m -S " ' X 1 .2 ' ...J,-'.-'-7 xl ,Q H . " -,Hg--'zu' , aff. 4 .VLN-F 4',,1',-,uwil ,L 'x F 4' . ,',! iwxlyfgrkfxslzwqfu ' X - . Hu "U 1,4 - 'r' ' "P-L. '. "" "5 ' ' " e ' WA 'Efyl ufixfwiif 4 ' 1'-114. ,'P.'3'.,x V uf I I k"' I .E-'J fx' 0 ,lxogi ' ' 19' -Wx.: nf in . ' ,H f 1 ' y.y .f yu --', 71. 'E ,',g!,-1-40,11 , s-ll , . '3 ,,.' la v 'I nl 1112 , ' L' H. ' ff.s 1 "i 'H f ,, "4 fu' , 1, ,K 1 ,I fx L4 thu, gl 2. - 'M if ,?i, y Q- ,1,a'I'A X " g , 'Qs U' o xl -X tis, .1 , ' lki' "Z ':'1 N: 1,f ' - 1 I' ."X ' ' 0 , - ', , '-am A 2 . "ju I-"WH 5 . ' , , 1Ig.1' 4 Q I 5 ' 'f' l'.'..-' , 9 V 1 r X 5 ., W. X. . ' ' . - I , .' ,,'ir !Y 'fsgff..'Q45 L 1 W- ff , - Ag- lg - ' "Un N Uf..An -.' fvy IV " 'V I - ' '-,-f' '." '1. ,' ,y " .f j',W'..'i.--f-Q 5 12 yiwlfg A 'p' , .ik ' J ' V ' . 1 . ' 1. .loiiywilll A n ,, I ,ai -' ' .' 54 1 . 'q -i.1'J,1l 'J' I w f. H-5.f'1v'! f - I ' ' '4x3fXQ'A:.i,'8dl Iugx I 0 z'.fJ:l ' W vqllxlllu ' X f w "aww--f'e4'v".'f"5T'3Z I A . J'?f"' Q, . '. " T. V '. . . n ' A-'Ii '. ' '. 1 ,D r y.-4"u':'f'-9-. . -F -af.-l'., .lv f'-1 n..,,-.-4 'L-. .' - I xi., !q:xi.!llig. A K, ' - ar' ' .-av v. K. 'J v- ,. E3 4. 579. ,Ir 1 iii W. 5, ' . '. "gm"'x v.vl,- .5-4 A1 f 1 Xrjxgl-LING!! U ' ' " fo l ' n I S71 i9 K u ld! Inu 5, , H., f x .4 1 .1 'i, 1 1 V: I ' I I fl. ltlsyilrfy ll 7 1 V 137, 'lf n A af ,V, 1 A 'N V 1' .. 11 Aylift f, -X n V 1, ,I e" 1 .9 2.1141 9 N .-I' 'gh' ,AV a X :V-'V r,,? ,Q .HV . 4 4' I U" 1"', v il,slJQ:'A, ll las.. ll, v 7 1 7 f . A S slslx Pk't,k'vr 'X r rs SNQ 'v ati V' Lvl C 1. 'x'V I I V1 ..- Jfkfnyg I 92,5 s V .-' '10 ' P" 'Ai' 11. 'ws R' uOls:5," tl 1 ' X fjtf' ' 'fm 'o f , ,Q 1-'Vx 1 l:15!5f1it'u'4 .,' 1 1 Ai! ',' I ' I' 1' 1" .. A U" .01 ' 1 x if 5 r . I 4 V 'J' Q: f M' Yxzfsn !0'! I .Q S". .."l I ll V.V 3" fn. I ' A .x ,5,V,LdR'- 1,' 'f ' V V I . . 1'V'f"'. 'Ht ' V'V 'V4 'i 1 'J A y l'L ' VI. -V. .' I 44 it x! V 1 1 9 rl V. I I "V, 5 x," .lg-J' V., . 'SV , . VVVFVJ "1-V .',.' :LMI V' ,Y qt" " U, 1,- JJVI9 'V lx-. 454 A . 5 A ' v :CY I V . '44 V V Inf! V 1 l I ! 1815 5 ' , xl 2 It 'Ja '-fi P . V ' u V xg' i x1"V A ,asf MV i ' ,W s 1"a u ,. 'V V xt' 'A 'ffl . 'f -V. . l '- vw. V , NA, 'L'i'5 ' 3 al- X, ,V ,RV lr I 5, D s".V fx ,f 3,1 ' 'indie -I. ix ' 4 Q , V .gfsz I-at-' ' 8 img EV' ' 3 1 f n VV, 4 V A" ,KV l:' 'fa ,, I , V ,. . 'V V. x 1 ' ' I -,' 1 J V R . , . mul VV- .'A A . v Y 1 V I V , VV, 4 X 3 ,V- , 1 A . vu... V-. 5 U n I O 1 I ,I .'.J-lg ' 'MV ,I . V A, ,.. V 'V NV? , I 'Av'-i wi 4 V V V Y V-ifrmy-V V . A V l .1 ,V V . ,I ,. ,I ' V '45 ' V I ' ' V '. . " V X. JV --'- . .V , ..,.. .A.,, A I A ..,x ,xl 4' ' V AV . V" .i V. 4, - , ,A. A I I. .V ll.. , . 4 . "L A4. D V. V V nl, V , 4' -FLM , 'V 1' 'N 1 , fV A . . K V V I V V V. Y- V - -V rs, V V 'VV K' ' V I . . ' - My In -. . - ..V,,V.f ' x ' z' . V'- y ' ' 4 V n V ..Q g, 1 AI ' 'V V' . . , 4 V , A V Y Y :V .. "J A ' 'N .V - tn' "'. ' M '.Q1 T' . ' " x 'V VV " eV 'A 'V ., A - ' i , V M! l 5, HH V'.' ' 4 .':J,.V.V ' V. ,sw H V , . V V F Y X ..'. . .JV V V 'Vs V .V J . . V,.-, - .1 - ,V -, V1,,.V- '. " V V". .'1 4 . PV .U L - ,JW .V , .V .V . , ,rg . V,,., .VV ' .v V , . :V V '.' VV I V ', 5 V- 1 'f , L: 5 V. ..,..' . .,V -V' wi ,N .', A-, ' .. . V, V , . V '- ' ".V V. ' I , V' ' VV, . V .V4 1 V U ,.. ' V -.' " V',:- Y X IVV.. V, ,V V ..-' -'v.," . .,. V -.I Y . .7 , ax - ' .Jr ' 'H . .. 5 V. .lx f.. 2 -V 4 JM. V1-.JV V 51, r.' Ty' 'ffm 1 ' ' Val 1,3 'tm' N4 x V ,A A 49, 4' fd-r T 4 91 if s V r V AV. J 0' 1 pl- H V x 0 N ! 4V I IMS JK I VI - .mf V Y ll JV .M I l I' . 5 P V V V' 11 I I X h f 4 . A .j. V .1ffi.,1, V, ,' 'K '--I ml' V. Q ',Jl 'K 'Q . gl, ff -1 ,,v VV 1 .-V. . ' x 'I Ugf-,'91V' V . r " Vp, - 1 1 '- W ' J.. airy ' C-L ,vu VI. "1

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