Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1927

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Text from Pages 1 - 152 of the 1927 volume:

05' -4, . ., if .f 4 7.5, '- 1, ' g . 'ntl . V L M . 1 .br ..- ,L :'ff.:'-Q"-'N-' i l. in . Jr' -c ns, W . , w- -. ' 3 - I , . J ' ' 41' 3' ' A' Q. 43' ,A , , Q A va. -EI fl Ay Q . A R 'fd' ?'1fr-C17 '-, " ,, I 1. , .., fn, n f Q--5' , j 'W - 1- ' .',..'gr3fZLs-1 " ' Qjf? Qgigfp' t . ', ww-,fp 'Qs ., , Af-5-.w ,X . - 1 '. 5 V ' 4'- ' -, - 1 ' Tx, ' P m - A- 1 .v Q. - .' ., - 'L " e- '-' 4,5-, V K -3.1 -4 . - Q S, . 4 1 . in - AL?- I . ' -f ,Q . wg' Y ,I 4. A 1 ,sf .rw iv.- , -- -.--u fp.-.,: ,'-. IL Q ' af. . VI", 1 ., 5 -- 4.1 , -X ' 5,-' . ' 1 .. V W 1 A Sv ,Q 5354: Q- - , ,.1s:f'ff w ' i " ' , '9.'S1f'E:39,f - 4' 'f' -:' Q W- 'f ' ' -'5',". 1' - ' W 1 Q 'ff:FA,: Anti: ijg. E B-lk.-"'i,A. 5 , .',' Ebxfgr ' ' 'm .' P ', 2 Qi, . ".i7,'. ww HH- Q'-' "LF FV' Y-I -.Q ,,, V ,, 317 Q 'i v Lf -QM F, , ,.v .N A . .- 1' 'Q . Q s K.. .atr- , v, Lg ,."' -4 "'- v 1- ,N, Qi, . 1. - . rg ,- . -5 rf- - - ,, , .1 -' , . L. .s..q' N, , 4, ., 53' . .-,..y'f,.l4! 4- MAR 'Z 'i347'?5':SiifLff . 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We ,,P4re5.5,n. , W -'Ha i,'-5' . -Eh v --. .F ,w' 1 '4-A." Sh rf- :3- 'J' 1,,g",.k,1 Q rpgtjxx ,.-'. v 4,12 ' 51:f:"'.-,ff -- "" - ' if 71 -I ' " '.:""'5: ,Ext-S. sa.- ,s V ,. rf' V 'I N B! T659-if --1 F is I ' ji 'A ,' F61 . 1 . . , E' -,Jkfvkt HQ.. gx td. i 'Q VG". JW" .- Ls, X . .f v ,t,, -IL' QV 1, -I 1 vl nv U, - .5-.,. -3x ,-Q su, .vbm ' 0. v '-. v 1 . v--J :l'c 1,1 v . .. .H A -r F -'L ji Tfiwf-'15--A'.h ' f 1 - Q' - V. --M -. .' S- . Vg r 'QE ,Q , . 3' . fx, I - 5,-3,-+-Wfffg "' ,fr S-r,Q-PA Av A 'ffm-di J, 1 1 1' Lf! v 1 V. ,, ,, f 5 , ,., J., ,,. 1, '. SU .. ,JA X. A 'r'fF ' A 1'-.i 13+ ,,','-N +47'7'-, F-:-,QQ .Li 374 A -'AQ uf . R 9- ' 11 .141 I win 4 5 2 --11 Yfgl? QT ff.-1 ,rl L, 1.5 TM wk' '. Q- ..4 Ly' . L: . .il 3' 'A v . s , l f" V I V. .yi Lr J 4 il 'A ' W n" 5, ' J ,. ew -", 'N ii?-g '. Ff .ui in .vis I I g V. ! "F'f-1 ' vw.- F'1 . ln' ,,' 1 F. - k - A Q' ., . ' , - 0 ' -' -. .4,.- f' . 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E? imMiIilIII1IMEiIIIH1u'u111I'1'1'1lHi HWn'n ul uH'1inYikiblihiiiiililkllfn u 1IEkliiiiiiifffallttxlfrliiIIinP1HEIHEHHHkfrMhmll'n'nHn nfmMia?ilfliinIIEI1uMufffdiffililiiiim1T1'u in1ufi1Ifdiiiififffr1'1W11n1n1n1n1nWnWn u1u1n'u'iIiMFii01Ek n 1 nfu u1uiifiiiiff!iiffiiiiiiu'u u'nHnflffiiiiifiiiiiiii1 nWu1in'uiifffiiiiiiiIIfIMiiiiiiiiHu'HfiffiiiiiiiiH'iiii1'i1'u 1i1'41UIIIIIiiiiii1iiu'l'u'u'iiiriifiiiiiiMiiiiiiii1 JiIII11MfIKiiii1iiiii1iir irifiiiiiiiii1MUnNxUMl11iiiiiii11T11rirffiiiindmmvurnnwfnririiiiimmmiiiiiiihhi FEE NEUVT UNIA X RTS I. I NINETE,E,N T' W EN TQ!-531' VEN orefwom' HE aim of the 1927 Newtonian is to present to the student body the official record of the activities of school life in a book all can afford to buy. The Newtonian is a self- supporting volumeg in accordance with the policy of the school it carries no advertising and it taxes no organizations. The editor wishes to express his appre- ciation to Miss Ells for her advice and assistance to the art staffg to Miss Smith for her invaluable assistance in arrang- ing sittings for the senior picturesg to Miss Robinson for her advice and help in gathering data for the senior reviews? and to all the others who have willingly given of their time and efforts to assist in the production of this book. J. l if Ej N 3 UVQEJ U 'X Q, Cin -!' U U' Q.. R FD W . IDl1IKlNSUN fr NQINETEIEN T'WE,1YIT'ZJijEfVE1N I u the memurg nt' 3-Xlfreh M. iBirkin5nn, a member nt' the farultg ut' the Newton thigh Svrhuul, ruarh anh hirertur ut' athletirs frnm 1913 tu 1927, ulhu hieh Zllehruarg 27. 1927, this Newtonian is hehirateh. ihis luaa ia an irreparable une tu schnul anh pusteritg. Ghe influenre nf hi5 rhar- arter anb :lean rut murals in enihent in the mang tine hugs anh men inhn speak su reuerentlg uf "Qiuarh," anh iuhu haue rarrieh nn in their lines the prinrinles ut' fairneaa anh rlean spurtamanahip su pruni- inent in hin life anh tearhing. lille, mhn knew him, shall alinags remem- her uilllr. Binh" ztanhing bg the huur uf ruum thirteen, smiling alwags, anh greeting na as me page-eh. IEE NE' WT QM IAN 4 er . PA LNI ICH 0 IRX IN! HON 4? -f- .- Q w v f 4 vw -- in 'YI'V"YIEffJ33N TiifVEjNT'ZJ V I I ..n..,.. .1 ill!! If Fnfwms I.. BACON . IRVING 0. PALMER . AIICHAISL W. NIURRAY Morris ll. Brown . Albert A. Dulac . Edward Xl. Grilllin . Charles B. llarrington Jeannie B. Kenrivk . Horace Kidger . George A. Land . Maynard Maxim . . Charles ll. Mergvndalll Gertrude li. Myles . Edwin B. Pitt . James N. Potter . . lYallac'e IC. Richmond NV1-ndvll I". Smith John l.. Sullivan . llarold W. rFll0lllHS SZllllllt'l'llllllI'lJ6I' . Alice A. Alden F ranvesco Argento Abner ll. Bailey . Beatrive L. Bates . Joseph Bedard . Mrs. George E. Bemis Gladys M. Bigelow . Carl P. Birmingham . Mrs. Ralph F. Blake . Edward W. Blue . Clifford L. Brownell . Emily P. Burdon . Maude li. Capron . Gertrude VN . Carleton A. Carling . . . A. Hortense Church . llclen Cotton . . THE. EN WT' ONIAEYI Faculty . . . . . Director of Secondary Education . . . . . . Principal . Director of Vocational Division Deparlnlcntal Heads . Printing . Woodworking . . . . lVIusic . Science CNon-College Prcparatoryj Teachers 10 . I lousehold Arts . Social Stud ies . . Latin . Cornrnerc ial . .ll athcmal ics . . French . . . E lectricity . Machine Practice Science CColIegc Preparatoryj . . . Agriculture , Dra f I ing Science . . . A ulornobi l e English lA cling Ileadj . Sewing, qllillincry . French , Span ish , .llathemal ics . , rl I allzemal ics Draft ing A ss istant English, lllathemat ics . L ilzrar ian , Engl ish . . . C ornrncrc ial . ll lalhematics . . . . English Phys ical Education . . . . French . Chem Lstry . . . . I1 istory Phys ical E d acat ion . . Qfjicc Practice . . Latin NIQTETEEN 'JWVEQTJJJYDSEZVETT Eleanor L. Cox . Katherine Curtis . Fred H. Daniels . Gladys Davis . Donald Dewart . Caroline M. Doonan Elizabeth M. Eaton Paul E. Elieker . Margarita YY. Ells Donald G. Enoch . Abbie I. Fiske . . John F. Fitzsimmons Maida Flanders . Francis J. Foster . Cecile E. Giroux . Blay Belle Goodwin Blrs. Ruth E. Gray Raymond A. Green Ethel Ham . . George E. Hardy . llrs. A. H. Haslam Irene M. Haworth Emily Hazen . . Arthur G. Hildreth Frederick O. Holmes Mildred Hood . . Frederick K. Hussey Arthur Johnson . Mrs. Helen Johnston Alice L. Jones . . Gladys E. Jones . Robert M. Keeney Paul Keller. . . H. Anna Kennedy Daniel F. Koughan Mrs. Grace S. Kuntz Peter J. D. Kuntz, Frances V. Lund . Carolyn MacDonald Oscar Martin . . Mrs. C. D. Maynard Elizabeth L. Mayo Ethel VV. McGregory Jessica F. Meserve Faculty lContinuedl ...French . Science Assistant Design . Cook ing . English English Science . Jlathemat ics . . . Drawing . . . . JI athernat ics Engl ish . l 'ocal Empress ion . . . . Electricity . Physical Education . . Social Start ies , . . French . . . . Latin . . Slricnce Assistant , . Social Studies . . French , .llathemat ics . . Span ish . . Engl ish . Lat in . .... . . Science . ......., Social Stud ies . Stenography, Ojlice Practice. Typeirrit ing . rl Ialhemal ics .Uathematics Typezcrit ing Physical Educal ion . . . . English . English . . German . . . Science . Social Stud ies . . . Physical Education Applied Design . . . Sc iencc . . . English Physical Ed acal ion . . . French . . Biology . Drmving . . Cooking ll hlrs. Caroline Mills . Catherine A. Murray Mrs. lidith E. Newcomb NVarren YY. Oliver . Miriam S. Overlees . Mary C. Owens . . Ilarry J. Patterson . Charles NV. Peterson . llarriet P. Poore . . Rosina C. Rathbone , Clara L. Rice . . . Louise Richardson . Vesta A. Richmond . Edith M. llideout, . Cora E. liiley . . . Gertrude Robinson . Cora YV. Rogers . . George I. llohrbough . Edna M. Ryan . . Ralph M. Sanborn . Walter ll. Sears . . George li. Shattuck . Maude Nl. Shippee . Charlotte Simon . . Flora M. Smith . Margaret South . Charles Spaulding . Elsa YV. Stone . Carl L. Swan . . Nelson C. Swan . Alma A. Thomas . Ilerbert D. Tinker . Edward N. Tisdale . liuth Nl. Twiss . Adele NYaldemeyer . Ida Nl. Wallace . Louise W'etherbee llazel White . . Helen White . Leon L. Wlhite . Katherine Wilder . D. P. A. Willard . Lester E. Vtiilliams Easter I. llamilton . Phoebe Bell . , . Mary Danker , . Evelyn NI. Ilammond Ginevra C. llarvie . Daisy lf. Pillman . Clara L. hVt'Sl. . Ruth C. VVise 'JZJHE NEf9VT ONIAN Faculty CContinuedQ .. titiw" wwi--- it-pt t-in w init-wiv: vi t--,t 'tw W.. tiltIllllEllilltlllllllllMlllllIlll lllllHIllllilltllMlitll4llltlltlIlitlllllllIll!lillllllll4llllllilll1llilllllllllllllllllllllll Hilti . . . . . English . . Sewing, Dressmaking . Stenography, Typewriting . . . Commercial . . . . Librarian . Sew ing, Dressmak ing . Science, Mathematics . Mathematics, Science . . . . Latin . , Physical Education . . . . Design , . . . English M athemat ics . . English . English . . English . Mathematics . . . English . . . . French . Physical Education Math-Social Studies . . Social Stud ies Textiles, English. Social Studies . . . Hygiene . English History . . . Music . . . . . Science . Mechanical Drawing Mach ine . Stenography . Mathemal ics . . . Science . Bookkeeping . French . Lat in . . Engl ish Bookkeeping . . French . Draft ing . Science . . . Social Studies . Engl ish, Social Studies Supervisor Ca f etcr ia Office Qyice twice Office twice Qlfice 00706 . 1- 1 t tw in it' it piimm' will Mt 1 if. rm 'wt it it iii y, " 1..i1'.it"-.' . ..t .. t.. it Wt it tilt' tw it Pitt tlltlllllt""will'il1tlt'illlilllttltllllll-3ttllttllhltlt it ititllittillHtltilltlllwflltwlllil' that t V ittwlilmllllttiit ttmti1lttt.itttiylttt iltttytlllllll lllttlll .1.t!,M. ,tt . ,tx W. M !t,Mi...! wt it it t. I2 fYf fw 5ffJ33 fv Af UVENAJI 3: 115yv3 fXf .1.f.. may fm. , SQENINB S A PPQKVXRYLQSL IIE 1N3'ETSfW7TDNEAN Vl 5 'E?UUN P iW NQIUWW all? WN UYiV M WHW WW WEIU HH iUI?NN N511HWUWWEENW I I Milli CLASS UF 1.927 MARGARET KATHERINE ADAMS 13 Rogers St., Newton All musical people seem lo be happy. Des, Born April 23, 1908, Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 317, F. A. Day Junior High, New England Conservatory, History Club, Lunch Room Squad. HAROLD ANDRES 61 Kirkstall Rd., Newtonville Men of few words are lhe best men. llals, Pep: Born March 21, 1909, Scientific 317, F. A. Day Junior High: Dartmouth, Football, 3, 4, 5, Captain, 5, Baseball, 4, 5, Hockey, 47, 5: Treasurer of Associates, 4, lst Vice-President Associates, 5. PHILIP CHARLES AHERN ' 183 VValnut St., Newtonville 'Tis an inleresling world-bu! I needs musl relurn lo the conflict. Phil, Born June 3, 1907, Classical 317, F. A. Day Junior High, Georgetown, Sports Editor, Newtonitc. 4, Managing Editor, 5, Orange Book, 4, Assistant Editor, Newtonian, 5: Manager Baseball, 4, President Social Studies Club, 5, Senior Class Council, 5, Trallic Squad. -Ii. ROBERT WINSHIP ANNABLE 120 Waban Ave., Waban ll'haI man has done, man can do. Bob, Born October 6, 1907, Classical 2 yrs, Scientific 3 yrs., 317, Angier Grammar, Undecided, Football. THOMAS C. ALEXANDER 230 Bellevue St., Newton A man is known by Ihe company he keeps oul of Alex: Born April 1, 1909: Business 317, Burr Grammar, Boston University, Trallic Squad, 2, 3: Newtonite, 2. ANNA RITA ANTONELLIS 40l'Dalby St.. Newton She halh a nalural, 'LULSC sincerily. Bobbie, Born May 5, 1910, Stcnographic 317, F. A. Day Junior High, Commercial Club, 4, Home Economics Club, 3. MARJORIE THOMSON ALLEN 214 Cabot St., Newtonvillc 1V hen a woman has no ansuier, llze sea has no wafer. Midge, Born January 19, 1909, Classical 1 yr., General 3 yrs., 317, F. A. Day Junior glliglh, Arnold College, Ncwtonite, 4, English lu . SHERRARD ARCH 4 Highland Ter. Ncwtonville Induslry makes all things easy. Sherry, Born November 16, 1909, Electri- cal 2100, F. A. Day Junior High, North- fgajlcrn, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Class Hockey, lllllilllmlW'l IIllllllgmlllUWM,ll M. wi Wm iill "iHl!'ml,'.l MW Milli 7 it il 13 THE NEI' WT ONIAN ROSE ARDUINO 23 While A vc-., Newton Cc-ntre A maiden mndexl, lUllISSlllIliIlf1, How: Born August 26, 1900: Stn-nqgrapliic 317: Mason Grzunmarg Connnercial Club, lg Nollvy Ball Tealn, 2. N'l.Nl1GAlll'I'l' lCl.lZ.-Klllirl'll BAGLEY 8 Orris Sl., Auburnulalv .fl fair' l'.l'll'l'i0l' is u xilwnl r0z'on1rm'r1alulirm. l'1-g, l'c-ggin, Kay: llnrn Nlarch 23, 19103 Clvrival SHT: Nlasnn Graunmar: Cuiilllwrviznl Club, 1: l'ubli1' l,l'I'l1lIIlIlllIlll. lll'I'Nl1Y FRANCIS Al1Gl'IN'l'U 01 llighlanml Avv., Nvwtunvillv Iluppv us ll Plum nl I1 iyh lirlrf. llicog liurn March 2. 1010: Classir-al 317: lf A. Day Junior lligh: llarvarcl: Sc-ninr Count-ilg Urvlu-slra. 2, 3, Pl: l"rn-nvli Club, Il: l"r4-nvli l'lay, 3. l-1 Stags- Managvr Sgninr l'lay: Nlatli Club, Il: Pvrmanu-nl Slagv Com- niillm-, lr: 'Nlalh Club Play, Il. l'Il,lZNlilC'l'Il Cl llilS'l'llN li RAIL 1025 Xlnlnul Sl., lNl'NNl0ll llighlanxls fllun hux xiyhl: zrumuu insiyhl. l,ib. Libby: llorn January Il, 10103 Classi- 4-:nl SHT: llyclf- Grannnar: Ml. llulynlu-3 Latin Club, l, Il: l"r4-nr-h Club, Il: Math Club, Il, lg Library Club.-1: S1'lllHI'fi1llIll1'll, l. lilCllAl1lJCIIAINNICK ASlll'ITNlJl'IN 95 lfair Oaks Avi-.. Nl'XXl0l1Y1lll' .qf7l'I'l'lI is SlilI'f'f'. .v1'lr'll1'r' ix gulrlrll. Dick: llflfll Svplc-rnlwr li, lU00: Sl'lf'lllllllT SHT: l". A. llay Junior lligh: Xl. l. 'l'.: Math Club, 3, l. CAll0l,lNl'I NIAY ISAILICY T15 Sharon Avo., Auburnllale- fl prrlly nmialwn. .why urul slrrvl. Carrie-3 liurn August 23. 1008: Str-nograpllic' SHT: liurr fifllllllllilfl Xullvy Ball 'l'l71llll, 2: linglish Club, 3, -l: Alpha lim-Ia. l, 2: Cmn- lm-rrial Club. 'l', A N NA HACUN 230 1Yim:ln-slor St., N4-wton llighlnnrls Krzowlvdglr' is pnuv-r, Ann: llorn August 21-, 1000: Classival 317: llyclc Grammar: Boston Univ:-rsity: Latin Club, 2: Newtonitc, 4. FRANZ XVILLIAM BANG 121 Newtonville Ave., Newton Hc's the very pineapple of pnlilerwxs. Bill, Fritz: Born June 21, 1908: Classical 3 yrs., Scientific 2 yrs., 317: Bigelow Grammar: M. I. T.: Attendance l'rur't.or. 33 Spanish Club, 4. lfl FHEDERIKA VVILIIELMINA BANNING 52 Rokeby Rd., VVaban Shc's qua inlly prlilr- and rluinlily Sweet. Freddie: Born November 9. 1910: Steno- gzraphic 317: Uxbridge High: Boston Univer- sity: Math Club. 4: English Club. 3, 4: Com- mvrcial Club, 23, -lg Social Studies Club. -I-I Girls' Glee Club, l-. LUTHER MYRTLE BERNARD 1055 Vliasliington St.. West. Newton An alazlrzrlrlrlrr' Qff'07I1fTIOI1 sf'r1s1'. Horn August. 10. l908: Stenogzraphie SHT: F. A. Day Junior lligzll: Commerf-ial Club. DOROTHY ANN BARBA 11 Willard St., Newton Noi l'PI',V lull, 1101 FCI'-V small, lglll Sll'!'!'f llllllfllff, mill lfkfll by ull. Dot., Dottie. Divky: llorn September T, 1908: Classix-al 2 yrs., Gr-nvral 2 yrs., INT: Bigelow Grammar: Boston School ol' Physic-al Club, 1: Alpha Beta. l. 2: English Club. 3. 4: Math Club. il. 4: Legis- lature, 3, 4: Class llockey, l, 2, 3, lg Varsity llovkey, 3, tl.: Basketball. 1, 2. 3: Varsity Basketball, -l-1 Baseball. 1. 2: Library Club. 3. -1-3 President, -l: Drama Club Play. sl: Senior Play Comrnitten, 41: Newtonite, 2: llistory KATHERINE BENHKER 1173 Waltham St.. Wr-st Newton Club, -l1. M IAIJIIFSS of murzner Kay: Born May 11. 19003 Classival 3172 WVelllleet lligli. FRANCESCA EATON BARYKICR 211 Otis St.. Newtonvillo Musiz' hnlh rharnis lu sonlhe. Fran: Born May 26. 1008: Classiral 1117: Junior High: Smith: Varsity Orchestra. 111, 5: Drama Club, -11, 5: Social Studies Club, 5: Library Club. fl. English Club, 5: French Club, 3, ll: Math Club, 3, Al. 5: Alpha Beta, 2. ' WILLIAM LANGSTAFF BICNGER 2T Central Ter.. Auburndale To know hom I0 hide :mek ability is grrrnl skill. Hill, Billy: Born September lfl. 1909: Classival 2 yrs., Scif-ntilie 2 yrs.. SHT: Burr Grammar: Dartmouth: President Senior Class. sl-1 Spanish Club, 3, 4: President Eng:- lish Club, 113 Senior Play, -1: Travk Tc-am. 3: Legislature. 3: Junior Class Counvil, 3: Goll Team, Si, 11. ANNA SYLYIA l3ARTLE'l"l' 20 Arlington Sl., Newton 'Tis goodwill llzul makes inlf-lligr-m'r. Tubby. Babe. Nance: Born March 9, 1008: Classical 317: Bigelow Grammar: VVheaton. l'1LlZABli'l'lI ADAMS BICKNICLL til Erie Ave., Newton llighlands The glory of Tiliun hair. Libby: Born September 17, l000: Classical 317: Hyde Grammar: Mount, llolyolue: Latin Club, l: Library Club, -I-: Varsity Urvlu-slra, 2, 3, 45 Thrift Teller, 41: Class Council. Il. 1 11111111111111111111111,11111 1 1 .1 1 .111 1, llllllili IH1H!lllllllllllllllllllHV1VlilillllllllllillilINNHlIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIHII1N1WUIIIIIINH1Hl1HHIIIIIHW1t1H1WHtlllllllHtH1l1NllllllllllllH1H1Vlllllllllil1UH1HIIIIIIIIIIIIHHlHHtHHIIIIIIIIIII1HiHHHllllllllHHtHt1VNl"H1N4HtHH1U11WWH 1tH1UNlllt1HtHt11HIIIIEINW111HtHtltllttNHtH1ttNNW!N1tH1HN1l"ll111HHHHHIU'ttW 1 1 1 1T 1111!ll'ttIlllllHW11ItIHHH1HHHHHHIIIIIHHHWWHtUHt1H"'A11110111 HVHHHW '11 111111101 3355 QQ? 1927 GHHHHHHWWW 111111 W1 iffig TIEWVUFQETLAEQ ANMMWMMMMWMWMMWWWWW ...i S'l'1'I1'11EN FRANKLIN BLACK 50 Court St., Newtenville An unussum ing young rhap. Stew-3 Born May 19, 1909: Scientific 3201 Junior 11igh3 Marietta: Spanish Club, 3, 43 French Club, 23 Dramatic Club, 21 Trallic Squad. 1. MARJORIE BOLS'l'l'IH 198 Lowell Ave., Newtonville The way Io make Il friend is Io be one. Midge, Madge, '1'winnie3 Born February ll, 19093 Classical 317: F. A. Day Junior llighg S1lIllYl0IlS1 Constitutional Convention, 23 Newtonite, 2, 3, 4-3 Newtonian, 43 Ex Libris, 223 Library Club, 4: Math Club, 3: French Club, 3, Seerctary, 43 Drama Club, 43 English Club, 3, 4-3 Alpha Beta, 2g Prize Speaking, fl-. l'Il,lZABETlI HYRNE BLACKLER " 241 Austin St., West Newton Hou' merry is u sluderifs life. lleltyg Born May IIT, 19093 Classical 1 yr., General 3 yrs., 3173 F. A Junior lligh. MARIAN MARKER BONN Eli 138 1.ineoIn:St., New t.on Ilighlands A rwkless J uliel. ltlary, Ann: liorn June 27, 19093 Classieal 1 yr., General Zi yrs., 317: llyde fil'lllllHl!lI'1 Class Secretary, 213 Thrift Teller, 23 legisla- ture, 4. EIDXVARD DENYEY BLUOM, Jn. V W 48 llarvard Sl., Newtonyille Ile slunrls rernv high in lla- lufurl qf one. Ned, Born December 8, 19073 Scientific 3203 Junior Hit-gh3 University ol'Calil'ornia, Foot- ball Squad, 2, 53 Track Squad, 2. EDGAR GREENE BONNEY 36 Parker Sl., Newton Centre Slew and sure. Ed, Goat: l1orn April ll-, 19083 Scientilie, 3 yrs., General 1 yr.. 3203 Mason Grammarg N0fLll08Sl0FI1Q lndoor Track, 3, 43 Outdoor Track. 3, 4. lVlARGARE'I' LOUISE BLUNT 85 Prinee St., 1Vest Newton She is an ndcpl in lhe use of her eyes. Peg, Peggy, Mal'L!Y: Born February 1-1, 19103 Classical 3173 Carroll School: Slllllll, Alpha Beta, 1, 23 Ex Libris, 23 English Club, 21, 43 French Club, 3, -13 Yiee-President, 43 Math Club, 33 Library Club, -1: Drama Club, -113 Secretary, 4-3 Soeial Studies Club. 43 Class Basketball, 33 Newtonite, 3. 4. ANNA KATHERINE BOUZAN 1320 Centre St., Newton Centre ll is lhee, quiel worker, who succeeds. Ann: Born October 9. 19083 Stenograpllic 3203 Mason Grammar. uv .llllll.i1..iiillnumwumwlwlm 1lllllllmllllllmuiiiilllmi1wllllnuninllmmllll1iwliiilliimum1inumlilllnwllllllnmullllll'umlllllllmmlllllmumlllrlnunlllmunmlllllnunullllmmlllllmumlllummlllllllunlllllmumuumnnlumm N. , ,H u,i,,,, ,,,,.,,,.,.,...,,,l 1 ,',, Wllqlll 'iii llwwli ll,w,.-,.,,i., wiwwwlWWeWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWMWWWWWWWWWW ,Q 'J ,1,1l, 1.1 "il l, 1,1 H' N" ..',1'.l.",',,'ml 1I1,u.I,w'l"u:I'l'M Hui" lillm i".i.wll '1 ,ld 1lEllVIllllllllllllllliii IatWlll. cllflfifj UF 1927 Ml 'Y' BRANDON BOWEN 951Erie'fAve., Newtoliflliglxlands Thy words arcfczv. Brandy, Longfliorn August 22, 10083 Gen- eral 320, Hyde Grammar: Unde:-ided. FREDERICK BRAINEHD BRIDGMAN 14111-A'Ha11c-ook St., Auburndale llfisdzrn is beller Hum rabies. Africa: Born Juno 25. 1909, Classical 3201 Jcppe High, Johannesburg, South Al'r1ca3 Oberlin Collcgeg NOWLOIlII,6Q Senior Play Committee. KATHERINE MARY BOWMAN 27 Champa Ave., Newton Upper Falls Brighlell Ihe corner where you are. Kayg Born April 18, 1909: Clerical 320, Emerson Grammar3 Commercial Club, 4. BEATRICE BROOKS 111 Cedar St., Ncwton Centre A pr-rfecl woman, noblhv planned To warn, lo comforl, and command. Bee: Born August 24-, 19073 Classical 320: Walnut Hill3 Connecticut College3 Attend- ance Proctor, 43 Trallic Squad, 43 President Girls' Glcc Club, 5: Class Hockey, 53 Hockey Squad, 53 Legislature, 53 Social Studies Club, 53 Math Club, 53 Math Club Play, 53 Lunch Room Squad, 53 Newtonian Staff, 5: Senior Play Committee, 53 Senior Gift. Committee. 5, ELIZABETH CAMPISICLL ISOWN 263 WNIZISIIIIIQIOII St., Newton One Il'llSlj' f l'l.PlIdillIlIf'SS I be clcrcircd. Bettyg Born 1VIarch 28, 1900, Clericali320g Bigelow GFQHIIIIZIFQ Newton Hospital: Com- mercial Club, fl-3 English Club. 4-3 Senior Play Committee. NVILLIAM COY BROOKS, Jn. 38 Putnam St., Vlvcst Ncwlon lfulc us ul our 1l'0I'Il1. WVink, Iiill3 Ilorn November 16, 19083 Classical 3203 Peirce Grammar: Dartmouth! Newtonite, 111. 53 English Club, 53 Treasurer, 53 Senior Play Committee: Lunch Room Ollicial, 33 Trallic Squad. -li. GEORGE FRANCIS BREWEII 145 Gibbs St., Newton Centre llfhelher his hear! be lighl or sud, he'Il .wing lhe lizvelong day. Binks3 Born March 2, 1909, Classical 3203 Mason Grammar3 Williams: Indoor Track Squad, l, 2, 3, 4, 5: Indoor Track Team, 5: Senior Council, 53 Traflic Squad, 3, 43 Out- door Track, 3, 53 Class Football, 1. .I EAN N ICTTE BROW EH 24:Lcwis St., Newton Laugh, and Ilia world laughs wilh you. Jay, Jerry, John: Iiorn October 30, 19093 Classical 3203 F. A. Day Junior High: Fram- ingham Normalg French Club, 4-3 Glce Club, 4. 1l111111111111111l111lllllllllllllll1lllllllWl''111111111110 II11111l11I111111 111lil11111111111111llllllll1lllVwww 2 111111l111111111191111111111 li 1'll1lWl 11111W"ll1l111W IU zrzrxz iw ig . ,ii .ii ffiwil:-www l"lllCDliRICK TIIUMAS BHOWYN ZS Fair Oaks Ave., Newtonvillc llc uvu'r Ihr' ruxr- Qf Avoulh upon him. 'll-:lg Burn Nina-inlwr 29, 1007: Scivntilic 320: 'Nlaldvn lligbl llnivvrsily oflllinuisg liasv- ball Squad. 2, Ii, ll: Spanish Club. 3, -I-: FI'0ll1'll Club, 2. 3. l1'liI'l'1ISllI'1'l' Scivnm-0 Club, lg Tralliv Squad. l, 21Class llovlu-y. I, 23 fllatll Club, l, 23 lfngrlisli Club. l, ZZ. Gl'lUllGli SAHIN lSlillSll, Jn. I I2 lilgin Sl., Nvwtnn Cc-nlru - Uh lhix lm1l'niny, wha! ll lhiny il ixf V 'l'wiyg liurn August lil. 10083 S1'll'lllllll!320Q Ca-nlral lligb Svlmul. llouston, 'll-xasg Yale: Thrill 'l'1'll4-r. 3: Spanish Club, 2, 3. -lg Vice- l'ri-sidc-nl. 31 lVlZIll1l:JI'l' Swiinining. 5: Track Squad. 2. X IIUSINI X HINPXN N I0 Nllllilllllllll Sl., Na-xxlml sl prmliyqv :gf lI'Ill'III'llf1. Ginny: Horn Nlay 28, I000g Classival 3203 liigvluw Crainniar: liuslnn l'niw-rsilyl l"'rf-ns-ln Vlub 'B l 'Willa Vlub 'S l Mplli lirll ' . ,.,'1.2 . I 'I,..1 Suvial Studios Club. l. lll'Il.l'IlN l1.Nlll4:KllA l3llYAN'l' 22l lligbland Au-.. We-st lNf'VVl.Ull I l'llIIll'. I sulr. I 40lIqlll'l'l'l1 -u lnull. llubbiv, Spin-dp liurn July 28. IOOT: flvn- : 1-ral 25120: Junior lligb: Know Svlmolg S1-ninr Counvil. 5: 'l'bril'l 'l'4-llvr, 53 Class liaslwlball. 3, -1, 5: lfnglisb Club. 53 Civivs Club. 53 Xarsily llasi-ball, I: l,um'b llomn Ollivial, il. FRANCIS M4'lxl'IfNfNA l5ll0lHlll'l'0fN 23 l'e'rnbruk0 Sl., Nfws lun Spwfvlz is Ihr fllllllllllll lhuughl rgf nmnkinfl. Fran, Franny: linrn Klan-b 5. l000: Classi- 1-al Il yrs., Sm-ic-nliliv 2 yrs.. 3203 liiggvlmv lifillfllllilfl liuslun Cnllm-gf-1 Nlalh Club. Sg 'l'4-nnis Tr-ani, Ii, 33 lnh-rnnvdialv llasc-ball. IS: Class Has:-ball, l: .luninr Xarsily l'loc'lu-y. Il: Ilm-km-y Squad, 3: 'l'l'allic- Squad, 3, l. NIAINQ.-Xlllfl' lil,CKl.l'IY I2 Harrln1'rSl., N4-wlon I ll'UllIll flu flIl,VHll'IIfl llll, rlie. Pa-gg llurn Uvlolwr lil, 10003 Clvrival 320, Big:-low Graniniarg Cunlnwrvial Club. I. X I'llll,ll' ISRITCIC ll Clnurr-llill Sl., iNf'wlonxil!c- Qf xpiril .vlill and happy. l'bil: liurn Xlarvli lb. l0l01 Sf'l!'lllllll' 3201 X l". -X. Day .luninr lligzlug linslun l'nivc-rsily. l'Il,lZAlil'I'l'll lNUli'l'llll0l' lilllilllflli 81 Nl allwr St.. lNewl0nvillP So happy shi' Clllllf help hu! Illllflll, so fllllll shi' mmm! llrozrrz. llvtty. li:-Is: liorn Ucmlwr lil, 1008. Gm-nvral 320: F. A. Day Juninr lligbg Miss Carland'sg Class Yollcy Ball, lg Class llaskvt- ball. 2, lg file-fe Club. l. 4: llmnu lfconmnivs Club, -lg S4-niur Play Cmnrnittc-0, 'lg Now- tonilc-. il. M i lVlv'HWl WWWWVWW'WW' llil WWJWWWW in wi 1 wwwiiww iwwlfmm N ,X , ,MN,,,,h,1!,,,,,,,Wm,,,,w,,,, ,:!,,1w,!1!,,,:.,,,,.1,,,',,N,,1i,,4!,,,1, 20 ,, ,, ,,, tt, 1, ,,t t, ,tw Iitwtlttwuwtlttlttl f :ttwuuwit will II., Q1-SU 1927 wllvv il AUSTIN HOLMES BURLEIGH 61 Winthrop St.. Wk-st. Newton High erecled lhoughls sealed in a henrl Qf courlesjv. Born October T, 1907: Vocational 2100: Eustis High, Florida: University of New Hampshire. EDWIN BRADFORD CADY 118 Upland Rd., Wabau School life does rm! agree with me. Ted. Cade: Born October 10. 1908: Classi- cal 320: Hyde Grammar: University of Michigan: Football Squad, 4, 5: Hockey Squad, 4, 5: Class Football, 1: Golf Team, 5: Lunch Room Oflicial, 4. ELEANOR CONSTANCE BURNHAM T12 Chestnut St.. Wvaban llflajeslic silence. Born November 26. 1909: Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 320: Albert. Angier Grammar: Boston School of Physical Education: Varsity Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 4: Class Orchestra, 4: Glee Club, 4: Alpha Gamma Tau. 4 JOHN EDMUND CAIIILL 151 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls A silenl man: ,vel perhaps he is asleep. K: Born February 4. 1910: Business 321: Hamilton Grammar: Boston College: Foot- ball, 3, 4: Commercial Club: Tratlic Squad. FRANCES BURTON 62 Vista Ave.. Auburndale She always does her duly, no maller whal lhe task. Fran: Born September 19, 1910: Classical 320: Burr Grammar: Miss Beard's: English Club, 4, 5: Senior Play. VIRGINIA CAMERON 393 Newtonville Ave. Newtonville Then she would lalk- Jinny, Jinks: Born July 4. 19091 General 320: F. A. Day Junior Iligh: Framingham Normal: Dramatic Club, 1: Field Hockey. 1: Basketball, 1: English Club, 3. 4: Glee- Club, 4: French Club, 4: Alpha Gamma Tau. 4: Class Basketball, 4. LILLIAN MAE BUXBAUM 114 Albemarle Rd., Newtonville To love her is a liberal educalion. Babe, Buxie: Born Nlay 2, 1909: Classical 320: F. A. Day Junior High: Mt. Holyoke: Class Volley Ball, 1, 3. 4: Class Volley Ball Captain, 4: Varsity Baseball,1: Class Basket- ball, 5: Class Captain Ball, 1: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4: Lunch Room Official, 3, 4: French Club, 3, 4. 5: Latin Club, fl: Legislature. 5: Newtonite, 3, -I-, 5: English Club, 5: Alpha Beta, 2. I MADISON MOTT CANNON, Jn. 33 Ilancock St., Auburndale He is ullaining grenl heighls. Maddie: Born October 13. 1908: Mientitiv 321: Burr Grammar: M. I. T.: Senior Class Council: Spanish Club. ll llllllllllttrll1l'tllwlWllll ll I I tml, ,lt 1 il' THE llLY.lE:-lllfJlJCQl!.Y.l!.'4.Ll.1.Y.l Ml FREEMAN STEABNS CARD 902 Boylston St., Newton Highlands tional nature is stronger- lhrm lurmihawkx. Born May 6, 1909, Business 321: Hyde Grammar, Colulnerr-ial Club. tlll,BER'l' JOSEPH CIIAMPAGNIC 2T8 California Sl., Nonantuin Berzmlli zvlznsc dignity lzidr udsdorn und lore. Vl'ussy, Frencllyg Born Devember l2, 19101 Xovational 21005 F. A. Day Junior lligln: X arsily llovkey. J0lliN JOSEPH CARROLL 412 fil't't'Il0llg1ll SL., NYPSL Newton The world krmu-s nothing of Us qrealesl men. Born February 12, 1009, Business 32lg Burr Grammar: llarvard: Connmr-rvial Club, lg .lunior Counvil, 3. MABJOBIIC CHAPMAN T5 l'r1-sl-olt St., iM-wtonville l'iI'fIll'iIiX like ll riff: slnrze-bex! plain sel. Midge, Nlarj: Born January l7, l9l l g Classi- cal 320: F. A. Day Junior High: Vlellesleyp Give- Club. -lg Alplua Br-ta. l, 23 Field llockey, 1: Basketball, lg Nvwtonile, Il, -l-1 I'iI1,L'llSll Club, fl, -lt: Frenvli Club, 3.71: Alpha Gamma Tau, Il, lg Senior l'lay Committee, Class Basketball, -lg l,1-ggislature, 4: Frenvli Club Play. l: lingzlisli Club lllay. 4. ELLEN D. CAIIYELLI 62 Auburmlale Avo.,"XYc'st Newton To know her is In love her. Born Now-lulwr 29, 1909: Stenographir' 3203 F. A. Day Junior llighg Boston University: li0IIlIllt'l'l'lill Club, ll. DONALD LOBINC CllAllLTON 1815 lla-anon St., Waban fl 1'lr'rfr urlur,-lull lmneulh lhis mul- Slllf'1'l'l-f-V, l1'illlIlll'SN, jurhynw-nl. Don: Born October l0, 19093 Classical 3213 A. lf. Ang:ier3 llarvarflg English Club, Il, el: Alpha Beta. l. 2: Latin Club, I, 2, 31 Drama Club, Il, Al: Drama Club Play. Il, Al-3 Prize Speaking, -lg Newtonito, 2, 3, -l: Newtonian, Al: Leuislature, 43 Constitutional Convention, 23 Social Studies Club. 4. CHARLES I.li0 CASEY 9 iVIClb0ll!'Ilf':A ve.. iNowt,ou Ile lhul falls in lore wilh himself shall Iuzra few rivals. Casog Born June 20, 19091 Business 32lg F. A. Day Junior lligh: Boston University, Class Treasurer, 2: Constitutional Conven- tion, 2: Commercial Club, Varsity Baseball, 3. ELLEN LAVINIA CHASE 427 'Newtonville Ave, Newtionville Thcre's music ul her fngcr lips. Ellie, Born July 22, 1908: Scientific 3213 F. A. Day Junior Ilighg Oberlin Conservatory, Field Hockey, 3, 4, 53 Math Club, 3, 4-, 5, Basketball, 55 Legislature: Girls' Glee Club, Vice-President, 23 English Club, 3, 4, 53 Orange Book, 5. ll J MWWN lflllfill'llilililllllilrlllllllllwlllllllillit WWWlllllvl' iflliililillf .y .5 5 P " :FJ - Y .ra ffliilgigtj U5 l 92 f HELEN FRANCl'IS cimssox 265ACalifornia St., New ton Her fool is light, for her hear! is gay. Sister: Born June 23. 1900: Stenographic 321: F. A. Day Junior High: Boston Lniver- sity: English Club, lg Drama Club. 4: Com- mercial Club, 4: Drama Play Committee, 4. YIULA T. COLARLLLU 51 Austin Sl., Newtonville .-is merry us lhe day is long. Y, Greenie: Rorn Blay 3. 1909: Stcnograpihic 321: F. A. Day Junior High: Boston lni- versity: Connnercial Club, 4: English Club, 4: Social Studies Club. 1: Varsity Rasketball. l: Yarsity Field Hockey, 1: Senior Play Com- mittee, 4. ROBERT C LAPP 21 Lasell St.. Auburndala- Ile has slouzl under nzuny ll color Rob: Born June 20, 1908: Classical 321: Burr Grammar: Ilarvard. SARAH COLLINS 18 Athelstane Rd.. Newton Centre Reprorgf on her lips hu! fl smile in her eye. Sallie: Rorn September 4. 19003 Classical 2 yrs., General 3 yrs.. 321: Ilason Grammar: Laurel School: French Club, 4, 5: Biath Club. 4: Alpha Reta. 1: Class Nolley Rall, 2: Class Hockey. I, 2, 3, 4. 5, Captain. 1: Class Basketball. 2. 3. 4. 5. Captain, 5: Hockey Squad, 4. 5: Rasketlall. 4: Kexxtonile, 1. DORIS CLARK 105 Austin St., New tonville Le! us do or die. Dot, Dottie: Born Xovember 24, 1906: General 321: I". A. Day Junior lligh. JAMES RYERS CULTOX, SNII 1150 Walnut St., Newton Highlands I propose to argue il ou! if il lakes all day. Bias, Jim: Born September 0, 1908: Classi- cal 32l: Ilyde Grammar: Bowdoin: Nexxltonite 2, 3g Sports Editor Newtonian. 3: Yarsity Track, 4: Class Relay, 1, 2: Thrift Teller. I, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club, 2, 3, 4, 5: Play, 4, 5: Senior Play. LEOXARD JOHNSON CLARK 15 Horrison St., Newton Highlands Lored by lhe loz'el1'1-sl. Len: Born November 28, 1908: Classical 2 yrs., Scientific 3 yrs.. 321: Ilyde Grammar: Dartmouth: Football, 4 5: Intermediate Base- ball, 4: Math Club, 3, 4, 53 Spanish Club. 3, 4: Drama Club, 5: Newtonite. 4: Legislature, 4. 5: Boys' Athletic Board, 55 Executive Council, 5. THELMA COLTON 63 Charlesbankf Rd .,' Newton Life is shorl and lhe ar! long. Tem: Rom January 15, 1909: Classical 3 yrs., Fine Arts 1 yr., 321: Bigelow Grammar: Yesper George Art School: Latin Club, lp Class Hockey. 1: lfngzlish Club, 3, -4: Library Club, 3, 4: French Club 4: Drama Club, 4. -W0 -.D rf" C! . gisr3'wrir'o1N31.zLm' will WILBUR WALLACE COONEY 61 West Pine Sl., Auburndale Hr' is :wer rmdv and uvilling. llill: Born' November 20, 10073 Yovational 111003 Burr Grammar: Glu- Club, 33 llockoy. 2, 3. -l: Class Base-ball. 2. ICLLICN COX 836 ll alnul Sl., Nvwlon Cvntre Thr powrv' of lhouyhl. The lflllfllll' of lhc mind. El: Born August. 8, N091 Slvnograpllic Ilillg Mason Grammar, Boston llnivvrsityg Alpha llc-Ia Sf-vrolary, ZZ: linglish Club, 3,Al1:Sovial Studios Club, -lg fl0lIlIllI'I'l'lill Club, Il. -l. NIAIIY llAHBAllA COS'l'l'ILl,O 31 Advlla Ave., ll 1-sl Nowlou Slufs all my jlllllfl' IIll'AIIll'll hvr, Shffs lorvlv, .vlu-'x alivinc. Barb, Born May 10. 1000: Classival 2 yrs., H4-nvral 2 yrs.. Il2l: l". A. Day .lunior High: Nliss wN'lllf'Pl0f'lC'S1 linglish Club, 2. 3, -li: Spanish Club. -1: Math Club. -ll: Drama Club Play. lg Spanish Club lllay. Pl: Glue Club, -l-. IIANNAII MARY CRUNIN 122 Garland Rd., N1-wlon Cc-ntre lllll' 1'un.vlunl I'll'lHl'lll in lurk. Is flflllllllf' old Toulon 11' plurk. Boots, Nang Horn May 16. 19073 Clorival S5213 Mason Grauunar: Conunvrcial Club, rl-. EDITII C. COTTON I ll SL. James SL., Newton Her rvpulfilion ix 4'on1pl0lv mul fuir 1l'lllIUlll u flaw. .lovg Born June -l. 10081 Slvnmzrupllic' Ilflg lligvlow Grammar: lfnglish Club. bl: fllllllf lll0I'1'l2ll Club, -lg Senior Class Council. lg Com- mittee for llrizv Speaking, l. AGNES CHOUGII 10 Hvmivk 'l'vr., Newton Thr lmllw' you lenuu' lwr, The lmllfr you like her. Born January I2, l909: Ch-rical 3053 Big:-low Grzunmarg Cornmvrcial Club, rl. ALFHISD Vl l'IS'l'ON COYICNICY l0 l'luasani Sl., Vlbllvslvy A man :J lhe open fields, Alg Born July 1. 10083 Vovalional 2l00: Wellesley Junior llighg Trallim- Squad. JUSl'Il'll l,l'I0 CIIUWDLIC 93 Gardner Sl., Nvwlon Deeds, nal words. rule Ihe eurlh. Luke, .long llorn Dewi-rnber lb, l90Tg Scientific 3213 lio:-:ton College High: Masw. College of Pllarmacy. ' ' ' ,1. " 'wuwg ,N 3 'www u ,'131"V"'i"' il mjl M 1 ul ,lil iitflll' ,: jlwifi. ,Ni ww wily 2l CLASS 1.927 KATIIRYN IMELDA CROWDLE 03 Gardner St.. Newton Too fair lo u-orsh ip, Too rlzrine Io lore. Kay. Mel: Born June 20. 1909: Steno- graphif- 321: Our Lady's. D'Ourville, New York: -Xlpha Beta. 2: English Club, 3. fl: Commercial Club, 4. MARY ELIZABETII CLNNIFF 33 Parsons St.. West Newton True-heurlerl. loyal, genero11.s'-nzinded. jus!- Blary Lou. Slippery: Born September 18. 1908: Business 321: F. A. Day Junior High: Business College: Legislature: Drama Club Play Committee. FRANCIS VIRGINIA CHUXYELL 22 Brewster Hd.. Newton Highlands Be as Ihou nrl. Gina. Jinny. Gin: Born July 20.1908:Class- ical 321: Junior High, Washington, D. C.: Johns Hopkins. CIIAHLES BERTRABI CURBIER 190 Bellevue St., Newton Sail on, 'lI'hIllPl'Cf' happens. Bert. Bertie: Classical: 322: George Put- nam: Harvard: Math Club, 23 Baseball, 1: Orchestra. 1. 2. YYILLI.-XXI HENRY CUNIXIINGS 1136 Centre St.. Newton Centre The fame Ihul fl man u-ins himseU' is lhe besl. Bill. XYillic. Wallyum: Born March 31. 1008: Scientific 3213 Mason Grammar: WYorcester Polybechnical Inst.: Track Squad. 1: Track Team. 2. 3. 4. 5: Pentathlon Winner, 3: Legislature. 3. 4. 5: Class President, 1.4: llath Club. 3. 4. 5: Hi-Y Club. 2. 3. 4. 5: Presi- dent ol' Associates. 5: Boys' Athletic Board, 5. ESTELLE L. CYR 2T Capital St., Newton By her hair shrill ye knoll' her. Red: Born July 16. 1910: General 3213 F. A. Day Junior High: French Club, 3, 4: Yice-President Home Economics Club, 4: Social Studies Club, 4: French Club Play, 3. ELLEN KATHARINE CLNNIFF 33 Parsons St., West Newton Young in years, in judgmenl old. Born January 3. 1910: General 321: F. A. Day Junior lligh. E151 VICTORIA DALOZ 12 Yineyard Rd.. Newton Centre Her sm ile was like a rainbow flashing from u mislhv skv. Vic. Viccy. Toto: Born June 18, 1911: Clasirxal 3 yrs., General 1 yr., 321: Mason Grammar: Boston University: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3. 4: French Club, 3, 4: English Club, 4: Social Studies Club, 4. 23 lllllllllllllllll ll l l ll 1 o1H:nALD MOULTON DAVIS - 13 Winona St., Auhurnclalo 'Tis good lo be merry and wise. -lvfryii Born June 2. 1908: Business 322: lfurr Grammar: Northeastvrn: S1-nior Play: Ffvritor Council: 'lrallic Squad: Commercial . u 1. THOMAS DANIEL lJl'1Ml'Sl'IY 1-l- Green St., Newton I Lvl feminine miles lead Ihre nol uslr-uv. Tom: llorn Novi-nib:-r 15, 1908: Vova- tional 2100: l". A. Day Junior lligh: Thrift Tcllvr: S4-nior Council: Class Pre-sich-nt. 1: Lvgislaturvg Trallio Squad: Gloss Club: Out- door Com-vrtg Class llelay: Class Baseball. IIICLICN MAH DAN IS 6 Auburn Ter., Auburmlalo I 10011, and youll for sonmlhiny. llonoy, Tony: Born Juno 2l, 1000: Cla-rival S5111:'llurrGrammar: linglish Club, I: lNc-wl.on- lan Stall, 1: lXvwtonitv, 1: Drama Club Play. L OLGA DUIIUTIIY I!l'lNlhtIl'llN'l'1iS 001' XYalvrlown1St., New tonxillv Fair, kind, und lruz' ix my only 1u'yunu'nl. Born Ovlobc-r 20, 1008: G1-nvral 321: Junior High. LOUIS DIQCOURCY 2-l P: A frifml lo ull, Lou, Lucly, Dov: Born Mar:-h l, 1008: liusinvss 322: Mason Grammar: Syravusc llnivvrsity: Varsity Football: Comme-rt-ial llub. lrki-r Aw-., N4-uton Contra- PARKICIK llOW'ARD DICYLIN 1109 ltangloy lid., NCWl0lllflt'IllfC2 Fuinl hear! nf"rc uvm fu ir lurlv. 171-v, Titus: Born August 23, 14109: Fcivn- tilit-1522: Mason Grammar: Nl. 1. T.: Spanish Club: Spanish Club Play: Coll' T4-am, Il, 4: Senior Yarsity Football Team: Stuclvnl Counvil. Ii1,N l11iA l'HAlXC11S DliM1Cll1iL1'I - 32 Ka-vfo Avo.. Newton Uppvr Falls ll'e rafm in from mmmenl. Y, Yr-ra: Horn Nlarrh 7, 1910: Strnograpllio 321: Emerson Grarrmar: Boston 1'nivf-rsity: Cormnvrcial Club, 4. LUCILLE DEWING 14-Oakland Ave., Auburnrlale If musir be lhe food :J low, play on. Cillo: Born June 4, 1909: Ge-neral 322 Burr Grarrmarg Orchestra, 1, 2, 3: Newtonite. 2:LEnglish Club, 5. tl ' H NM' ','. ' HH t, 1 -wt, it w ,, t t , t t tt - N +V,,1t t, t ,y w W ,A 1 N, t tw, J. ,,'.gt,: ,if ,, w, t .tt , w.. ,ut ,. 1 ,wa ,t, tm... 1 t -t , ,att-1, , M.. w It :.' , Im. 1-",,,,,3., 20 lt wlllx "" M 'lluwllllm 'llxll tlillwi' lllullllllllltl' 'llwlllllllil' ll ll 'lllllt 'llx' Til' lllllxllxl"l'l'l' lllllllllll'l'w'i1llllwll l w l Y lt u ll llllll 'll Ill CLASS DF 192.7 WILLIAM M. DICKENSON, Jn. 460 Lowell Ave., Newtonville Disrrelion Qf speech is more than eloquence: Bill: Born Nlareb 7, 1910: Classical 322: Fulton High. Atlanta, Ga.: Dartmouth: Senior Play Committee. BARBARA HENDLEY DOBYNS 525 Califr-rnia Ft.. lYevntonville A quiet nicdesly. z1'h ich mnsl becomes a woman. Bee. Barb. Dobby: Born December 28. 1908: Technical S5221 F. A. Day Junior High: Posse Nisson: Social Studies Club: Cim- mercial Club, MARGARET ADAMS DILL 917 Commonwealth Ave., New ton Centre 'Tis nice lo be nolurnl when yozfre mzlzzrwlly nice. Jackie: Born September 27. 1908: General 3 yrs., Business 1 yr.. 322: Chatham High: Home Economics Club. ANNA YIRGINIA DOIIERTY 41 Cypress St., New ton Centre I'll be merry, I'l1 lmfrre. I'II be sadfor rlnlmdv, Bud: Born July 26. 19083 General 323: Hyde Grammar: Brsttn lNmmal: Glee Club. 5: English Club. 5: Play. 5: Drama Club. 5: Play. 5: French Club, 3: Narsity Orchestra. l, 2. 3. 4. 5: Class Urcl estra. 5: Class Basket- ball. 1. 2. 51 Captain. 5: Class Nolley Ball. 3: Trailic Squad. 1: Lunch Bonn Squad. 3. 5. CLARA LOVISE DILLAWAY 23 Endicott St.. Newton llighlands 1110.91 genleel is she. Dill: Born Klay 9, 1009: General 3222: Hyde Grammar: Kl.A.C.1 Urchcstra. 31X olley Ball, 3. HELEN MAY DOLLOFF 51 Linden St., Newton Upper Falls Neal no! yulnlv. Dolly: Born October 11. 1907: Classical 4 yrs.. General 1 yr.. 322: Fmerscn Grarrmar: French Club, 5: Class Basketball. 3. ALDEN CHALMERS DINSMORE 364 Vlialtham St., West Newton If woman be lhere, Ihere am I, also- Dinnie: Born August 23. 19081 Business. 322: Peirce Grammar: Northeastern: Foot- ball: Senior Play: Drama Club Play: English Club Play. LORENA M. DONALD 371 Cherry St., Vlcst Newton Qualilhv, no! qunnlilyj Sis: Born November 13. 1907: Clericall332: Watertown High: Commercial Club. WUUlll1IWilliIiiIiflI'1lil1'l4MWWMWVV V WWHHWMHHW HWWM .N y 1 W ''WWWNNW:1FW A' WNV WVW'MMi.f..'7 .5- su' l' T H13 NE' WT ONLEAJFI ALICIC DOHOTIIY DlilSCUl,l. 21 Columbus Pl., W 1-sl N1-wlon Though! is dvrper lhun NIIl'l'l'l1. Allie-3 Born Octobvr 22, H1003 H4-nm-ral 32123 Peirce liflllfllllilfl Math Club, Il, lg Som-ial Studies, -1. Ul,lXl'Ili lllilllili DlIlllilCl,l, fill 'Yr-wlonvillcf Aviv, Nvwtonvillv Talk nal of u'a.vlwl a17'1'r'lr'n1:3 llllJ't'!l-UII ix lll'1'l?l' wrlxlrrl. Ullic-3 lioru llmwfllnlwl' l5, lUll83 Classical 2 yrs.. Svivnlilic- 3 yrs., 32123 F. A. Day Junior lligh1 Spanish Club. fi. 1, 33 Class llaslu-lball, 33 Swimming: 'll-ann. I. 3. JUIIN AI.l"l'll'Ill IJIKININIUNID 60Urang1- Sl., NX allhzun .Silmil uml lmuxxlinlirzy lu' has lu-wr. Javkg Born Juni- LII, IOU83 You-alional 2l003 Junior lliuh, NN allhanlg Linolypv School, NUXN' York: 'frallix' Squad, 2, 33 HI:-1-Club,2. HICUINSIC l'Il,Xll'1ll ICVXNIICS, Jn. 63 llighland Ave-., Ne-wxlonvillv Thvrr' is lmpr' in you. .lm--1-clgm-, Sxuvlv, lialtle-rg Born .lanuary Ill, Q -.V 'A V. ..y.y llU., llnsinf-ss .l--3 l" A. llay Junior llighg Nl. .L C.3 Football, 33 lg Indoor 'l'ra4-le, 2, 3, lg Uuldoor Tracls, 2, IS, lr: Trallimz Squad, rl-. MAHIIC liAlllSAliA IJUANIC Jil Salisbury lid , Nc-wlon llw' xnzilr' was Ihr' SIIIISIIIAIIP. Blarry: Born January 120, lfilllg Slono- gzruplniv 3223 I". A, llay Junior llighg lioslon llnivf-rsily3 N ir's--l'r1-siclm-nl. Conunm-rival Club. MANY CAROL li.-N'l'0N 311 lfhnore- Sl.. Nm-wton Cvnlro Sugar 'll spin' '11 Ul'l'I'.V1'Il-Ilfl nirv. Carol: liorn lNUVl'lIllN'l' 29, l908: H4-in-ral 3223 Mason flrannnarg Girls' liasvball, l: Class Fi:-ld lloc-kvy, 23 Ii, lg Varsity, 33 lg Class llaskc-tball, 23 Ulu-0 Club, '13 Sovial Studia-s Club, li, 'l'llljODUlll'I llUllSSl'I.Nll DUNCAN lil lxvlvvflvrl lid., Vl'aban Um' runnol knmr I'l'l'I'-Vllllillfl. T4-d, lllllllil liorn F1-bruary ll, H3081 Classirul 3223 l'assai1', iN. J.3 llnivvrsily ol' Florida, lndoor Trac-k Squad, 22, 3. -lf: lnlvr- medialv l-"oothall, I-1 Football Squad. 53 l"rvn1'h Club Play, Il, Spanish Club. 5. l'Il,lZAlll'I'l'll l'IlHN AHDS lo lim-ga-at Sl.. Vlvst lNm-wton Slill Il'lIl1'I'N run rlw-lr. l,ib. Libbyg Born F4-bruary 228, H1083 Classival 2 yrs., H1-ns-ral 3 yrs,, 322: l'1'irvv fifilllllllilfj Ubi-rling N1-wlonile, Ill Svnior liaulquvl. fl0lllIIlllll'4', 33 Sa-nior Council, 53 Xlalh Club, 3. J : : OT 1?-D257 HUTII FAIRCHILD 3 Oak Ter., New ton Highlands A lfulv whose brighl eye rains injluenre. Spuds, Ruthie: Born Klareli 1T, 1909: General 322: Hyde Grammar: Art School: Senior Council: Legislature: Alpha Beta. 1. DORIS ESART T Ilam,-ock St., Auburndale ,1 xrrlilewtbr- ull. u yu'00Ii1zy glad. Dot: Born August l, H1081 Business 322: Burr Grammar: Boston lniversity: Com- mercial Club. RALPH FEOLA 50 Hivliardson St.. Newton In cornpuny, u very plmxurrlffllrizr. Born February 5. 1908: Seivntilic- 322: lliye- low Grammar: Ill. I. T.: Drama Club. 5: Outdoor Track: Indoor Travk. -l. 5: Drama Club Play, 5. DOIQUTIIY ESTABBOOK 283 Central St.. Auburndale liond-nulure is u signal of u large and gen- l'l'IlllS Soul. Dot. Esty: Born June 8. 1009: Classical 1 yr.. General 3 yrs., 322: liurr Grammar: Bliss Vlilieelockis: Fngzlish Club, 3, 4: lXewtonite 3: Drama Club. 4. EDVYAHD WILLIABI FESSENDICN 16 Avon Pl.. Newton A lll'fl.VS 0 helping hand unrl 1l'lllI.II!l heurl. Fess: Born Blareh 22. 1909: Yoeational 2100: llamilton Grammar: Glen- Club. 2, 3. sl: Class Baseball: Trallie Squad. 2. 13, el. AliTlIl,'R .IENKS EVITTS oil Wuhan Pk., Newton .-1 n ulerl -vnuny frfllnux Born Deeember 21, H9003 St-if-ntitiq 3225 F. A, Day Junior lligli: M. l. 'l'. MARGARET l-'ITTS T9 Pembroke St.. Newton Ahaf Look ll'l1lllvS lu'1'r'.' Fittsie, Fittie: Born April 30. 19003 Classi- ual 322: Bigelow Grammar: Xlt.. llolyoke: Class Basketball. 3: Class llockey, 2: Freneh Club, 3. -lt, 5: Drama Club. 4. 5: lfngzlisli Club, -1. 5: Play. 5: Library Club. 4. 5: Latin Club, lg Alpha Gamlna Tau, 4, 5: Gler- Club. 5: Sf-nior lixervutive Committee, 53 Senior Social Com- mittee. 5: Council. 5. THOMAS LEWIS EXYART 525 XYinchc-ster St... Newton Highlands The world belongs lo Ihr encrgclic. Tom: Born January 13, 1008: S1-is-ntitic 3225 llydc Grammar: KI. A. C.: Trallie Squad, 1, 2: Thrift. Teller. 3. 'lg Commercial Club, el. tllll ltlllllvtV'"Hl1+HtlIllltlWHlt7t'!I:IIIIIIII1lllllllt'I:lm ll "W l : l t 29 4' -4 ' 'id 12 41" THE L1FIEftSiV'J? QNll.61.llFI llllllllllll JOIIN J. FONTONNAY 68 Carl St., Newton Highlands His good nalure is wilhoul an equal. Johnnie: Born 1907: Vocational 2100: Emerson Grammar: Varsity Hockey, 4: Trallic Squad, 2, 3: Glce Club, 3, 4. IIOWARD FRANKLIN FOWLE 35 Gilbert St., West Newton The caulious seldom err. Chicken: Born April 30, 1910: Commercial 328: Burr Grammar: Boston University: Intermediate Baseball, 3: Trallic Squad, 3, 4: Commercial Club, 4. GICNEYIEVE BARRETT FORD 126 Eliot Ave., West Newton As merry as lhe day is long. Flivver, Jean: Born February 19, 1910: General 322: F. A. Day Junior High: Fram- ingham Normal: Drama Club, 3, 4: Drama Club Play, 4: English Club, 1: Glee Club, 4: Baseball, 2, 3: Vollcy Rall, l, 2, 3: Class Basketball, 2, 3, 4: Alpha fi.l'TlIIl'l Tau, 4. JEAN ELIZABETH FRASER 67 Bourne St., Auburudale Ever willing lo lend a hand. Jeff: Born December 31, 1909: Steno- graphic 322: Smta Barbara, Calif.: Newton Hospital: Enzlish Club, 3: Commercial Club, 4: Basketball, 11. ELEAVOR GORDON FORKNALL 286 Melrose St.,'Auburn'lale Thaughlful and nirr, she goes her wav. , Born November 21, 1909: Stenographic 322: Burr Grammar: Boston University: liuzlish Club, 3, 4: Drama Club, 31, 4: Commercial Club, 3, 4: Newtonite StalI', 2, 3, -1: Sr-nior Play Committee, 1. DOROTHY MAY FROST 732Chesluut St., VW-st Newton As quiet us fl nun. Dolly. Dotly. Dot: Born February 10, 1909: Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 322: Thayer Academy: French Club, -1: Social Studies Club. TIIOMAS VV. FOSS 50 Maple St., Auburndale The man who blushcs is not quile a brule. Tom: Born March 16, 1909: Classical 328: Burr Grammar: Dartmouth: Student Council, 1, 2: Legislature, Ii, 4. MARION ELHANOR FROST 200 Fuller St., Vllest Newton She's always in on llllylillllfl alhlelic. Frosty: Born May 18, 1909: Classical 2 yrs, General 2 yrs., 322: Angicr Grammar: Boston School ol' Physical Education: Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain, 2, 3, 4: Varsity Hockey, 2, 3, 4: Captain, 4: Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3, 4: Captain. 1, 2, 3, -1: Varsity Basket- ball, 3, 4: Tennis Tc-am, 3, 4: Class Orchestra, 3, 4: Varsity Orchestra. 3. 4. I. . . . W W. li-1 pi.. I, . .4.,, liao. it"-' 1: 1 .," w,i.,t,...- all.illllfwvlawalllitllwaswillit-lluvfflllllral all ifllwwllit-ilwllw"111wlvlluvwll limawillwillallwnunlw ll. 30 IIORACE SHEPARD FULLER 136 NVashington St., Newton The wise and avlire conquer dl:UlClllll.8S. Born November 6, 1908: Scientific 328: Bigelow Grammar: University of Vermont: Golf Team. 2, 3, 4, 5: Spanish Club, 5: Legis- lature, 5: Hi-Y Club. HELEN' CHESTINE,-GENTZEL 26 Jefferson St., Newton Shes good company and lols of fun. Chet, Chester: Born June 22, 1908: Class- ical 328: Bigelow Grammar: Boston Univer- sity: Volley Ball, 2, 3: Newtonite, 2, 3, 4: English Club, 4: Social Studies, -LQ, XVALLACE YVILLOUGHBY FULLERTON 242 Cabot St., Newtonville .-incl wha! can hold his swzfl fool back? XVally, Fully: Born May 21, 1907: Scien- tific 328: F. A. Day Junior High: Penn State: Outdoor Track, 2, 3, 4, 5: Indoor Track, 3, 4, 5:l Cgaptain, 5: Winner Pentathlon, 4: lNIath C u . PASQUALE JAMES GIANFERANTE 391 Cherry SL., YVest Newton Heaven will never help lhe nzen who will nol acl. Pat: Born February 3, 1909: Business 328: F. A. Day Junior High: Commercial Club: Golf, 3, 1: Captain, 4-. MARGARET THERESA GALVIN 24 YValnut Pl., Newton Highlands A hear-I wilh kindness filled. Peg: Born October 9, 1909: Sbenographic 328: Hyde Grammar: Social Committee, 1: Newtonite, 2: Thrift Teller, 2: Commercial Club, 4. EVELYN CLYDE GIBBS 261- Parker St., Newton Centre I have zz heart with room for every joy. Ev, Evie: Born March 27, 1010: Steno- graphic 328: Mason Grammar: Alpha Beta, 2: English Club, 3, 4: Drama Club, 4: Com- mercial Club. -L: Newtonite, 2, 3: Senior Play Committee, 4. MARY CATHERINE GEEGAN 76,Char!esbank Rd., Newton The woman who deliberales is losl. Born April 14-. 1010: Stenographic 328: Bigelow Grammar: Commercial Club: Social Committee, 1. HOWARD SAMUEL GIBERSON 86 Auburn St., Aubumdale 0 keep me innocenl, make others greal. Giber: Born November 19, 1909: Classical 328: Bigelow Grammar: Harvard: English Club, 4: French Club, 4: Newtonite, 2, 3: Track Squad, 1. 31 mrif-iafvvuJfQ:lw1gc1.a2lff Iwi I I .ni if will FHICDIQRICK IYILLIAM GILICS IIB NN urrvu SI., N1-wwn L.:-ulrc Ile lulmns ll ell, for hr' .seeks rfsulls. Frvzl' Born Sf' ilf mb: r 16 l908' llusim ss A . - 1 - 1 , . . -. 328: 'Vluson llrzumnzir: 'l'raIIic Squad, II, 43 A 'l'r:u'k, lg Svuiur Illuy Commiltvv. Ao- CIIAHLICS GREEN " lyprvss Sl., N1-wlou Cf-nlrf' I dun' nul lm as funny us I 1-nn. Cburliv, Chi:-kg Iloru April 21, l907g Svivlllilic- 3128: lloslou Iingzlisll lligb: Swim- ming 'l'u-urn. Il. I. 5: Junior Iursily Football, If lNl'fVI0llIll', I, 5: INPXYIUIIIIIII. 51 Senior AIJIIIICNNIC lill,l.l'I 20 Orc-lnursl SI.. N1-wton 'fill' ll't' lu'1v'r lwsilulr In ruunl upon. Q Tillie-1 Born Dm-4-llilwr 222, H1083 Cla-rivul 3283 Sonu-rxillv lligbg lfivlcl Ilovlu-y. 33 Com- lll1'I'I'I2lI Club. NINILIUIIIIG IIIIUSIIIA HUIIIY 60 Colbvrl, llll., VI 1-sl. Nvwlon I um 'Il'l'l""Illl,ll- xml' Dru:-1 Iloru I"0bruury I, l00T1ll011f-l'ul 3283 l Mount Idug Ifnglisll Club, I. 51 llrzmlu Club, -I. 5, Ulm- Club, 4, 31 Sc-nior Iizmqucrl, 'Ig 'l'ruIIivUIIic'1-r, I. H AI,Iil'IlIT lexus uoomxu l I llolluml T1-r., Nve-mlluuu llix brilliunrr' ix sulwrlf. Albivg Born Augusl l2, 10003 Novuliouul 2l00g XVIIIIIIIIIliiII'Il'I'fII'illllI'llilI'1 lNortIu'usu-rn: Junior Ynrsily llor-lu-y. IgCl:isslIusvb:1ll, I, 2: I-ls-4: Club, .l, I, Som ml Sluclu-5 Club, I. -'ll,FIIl'llI lIUIlIilI'l' GIIZZI 8 xlilflllfi Ill., IM-sl Nr-vslon Tlznllylz l'lIIlllIlI"l'1'll, lu' will lll'fIlIt' slfll. l"r1-flrliv, Al: Ilorn April T, l0IlI'IIXY0I'1lIIUIl1lI Zllllllg I". A. lluy .Iunior lligb: Suflolk Law SI'lloolZSo1'i:ll SllllIIl'SIllllll, I: llliISS'IiI'C'ilSlIl'l'l', II: .lunior Nursily Foolbull, Ig lulvrnuwlizile lloi-kc-y, II. I: llusvbznll .SquzuI. -I: IA-gislxlllirv, I: lfuglislu Club, I: l'ublu-ily IIUIIIIIIIIIPP S1-nior llluyg Class Counril. Il, lg NPWIUIIIIIII, I. IllF'l'Il GUIIIDUN 38 lixnlvurre-s Illl., IM-sl N4-xx Ion .Als quiel us u nmu.w' uml ux ll'l'Sl' us un on-l. Born SI'lII.4'lIlIDPI' I, IUOTQ Clussif-:nl 2 yrs., Ili-llvrul 2 yrs., 328: Nortlilia-Isl lligbz Sim- mons Collogs-3 l"r1-m'lu Club. I: Mull: Club. 5: Spanish Club, I, 5: 'l'rf-:isurvr Spanish Club, 33 Class lluslu-lbull, 5: film- Club, 3. IIAZICI. NIl'Illl,l'I IIAGAII ST Aclums Aw-., XV-st N4-wtou I luul I'lllhPl' llum f nrly .vhill1'ng1.v I hurl my books. II bivb: Horn Svplvlnlwr 8. lflllflrg Slcno- HFIIIIIIII' 3281 I". A. Daly .Iunior lligb: Commer- viul Club. '11 iiU,,.p,w 'lillliws www f..W.mlWwyili.ww'wiIv'-iw. Wi M I M uw W 1, .Jmlwl ii I I 32 51533353 OIF 1 927 MARGARET ELIZABETH HAHN 214 Langley Rd., Newton Centre Lel genlleness my slrong enforcement be. Hahny, Peggy. Pegg Born October 19, 1909, Classical 1 yr., Scientific 3 yrs., 328, Mason Grammar, Simmons, French Club, 4, Spanish glub, 4, Class Basketball, 4, Spanish Club lay, 4. DELYA LOUISE HANSBURY 53 NVhite Ave., Newton Centre 'Tis Qflen ronslnnvy Io ehange llze mind. De, Born lNIarch 26, 1909, Stenographic 328, Mason Grammar, Commercial Club, 4. VVILLIAM STUART BARTLEY 288 Newtonville Ave., Newtonville 'Tis bu! a par! we see. and nof lhe whole. Bill, Born October 25, 1908, Gem-ral, Business 3173 F. A. Day Junior High, North- eastern, Newtonite, 2, 3, 4, Class Council, 3, Traffic Squad, 3, 4, Captain, 4, Senior Execu- tive Committee, 4: Commercial Club, 3, -lg Senior Play Committee, 4. ALICE LOUISE HANSCOM 5114 Grove St., Newton Lower Falls Pleasanl words are valued and do no! coslmuch. Al: Born January 29, 1909, Stenographic 328, Hamilton Grammar. EDYVARD C. HAMMOND 35 Groveland St., Auburndale Sporlsmunship above all olher lhings. Ted: Born June 30, 1909, Classical 2 yrs.. Scientific 3 yrs., 328, Allen Chalmers, Bow- doin: Newtonite, 4, Math Club, 5, Indoor Track, 2, 3, 4, 5, Outdoor Track 3, 4, 5, Captain Outdoor Track, 5, Traflic Squad, 3, Alpha Beta, 1. NEWTON EDWIN HANSCOM 4 31 Oak St., Newton Upper Falls On Iheir own merils modes! men are dumb. Newt: Born November 11, 1908, Business 328, Emerson Grammar, Northeastern, Freshman Prize Speaking, President Com- mercial Club, Class Vice-President, 43 Base- ball, 2, 3, 4, Track, 1, 2, Trailic Squad. MARY T. IIANNIGAN 394 Homer St., Newton Centre Cup id follows wherever she goes, For she's prellv, you know, from her head lo her toes. May, Born February 13, 19093 Steno- graphic 328, Mason Grammar, Home Eco- nomics Club, 3, Commercial Club,-1, New- tonite, 2, Associates, 3. ERNEST GRANGER HAPGOOD, JR. 4 Chester St., Newton Highlands He is a presence lo befell and known. Hap, Happy, Born October 27, 1908, Class- ical 328, Hyde Grammar, Brown: Varsity Football, 4, 5, Legislature, 4, 5, Class Council, 4, 5, Social Committee, 4, 5, Athletic Com- mittee, 4, 5, Executive Committee, 5, New- tonian, Editor-in-chief, Orange Book, Drama Club, 3, 4, 5, Senior Play, Prize Speaking, 5, Hi-Y Club, 4, 5. WWWHillI4lIlllllllUlllHHVHIHlllllllHlHilHlll11lllllll1IWHUWNH1l11l1l1llHlHir,V'!'WHWWWl 'WWHNHWHWllll1l1lWl 1l1V"Nl111111lllll 1 1ll'1l l ll1Hl llllliwlw1 WH WW"+VlHW'l' W 1 33 THE Lf,Y1Ej:iSlViLJ DN IAN ELEANOR LUPTON HARDING 575 California St., Newtonvillc I know nol what lhe fulure holds of marvel and surprise. Tiny: Born July 14. 10001 Classical 328: F. A. Day Junior High: Skidmore: Field Hockey Squad, 5: Class llockey, 5: Basket- ball Squad, 5: Newtonite Stall, 2, 3, 4: Class Vice-President, 5: Executive Board, 5: Legis- lature, 5: English Club, Al, 5: Class Volley Ball, 2, 3, 4-3 Class Baseball, 3, 43 Trallic Squad, 4. MARION FRANCES HART 173 Auburndale Ave., Auburndalc As frank ax rain on cherry blossoms. Billie: Born June 18, 1909: Stenographic 2128: F. A. Day Junior lliglig Baseball Team, 1: Commercial Club, -1. NVILLIAM CARTON IIARPICR 218 Grove St., Auburnclale He nllalns greal lurlghls. Bill: Born July yi'-l. 1008: Yocalional 2100: Burr Grammar: Glee Club: Trallic Squad: Class Baseball. AGNES FRAINCISS 1lAll'l'RlDGl'I 38 Somerset lid., West Newton S.: liqlal Qffnnl, so lfghl lj splril. liorn September 18, 1910: Classical 2128: Peirce Grammar: Vassar: English Club, ZS, -1: Vice-President, IS: Secretary, fl: Alpha Bela, 1 3 Vice-l'rc-sident, l: Alpha Gamma Tau, 2, 3, 4: Drama Club. -lg Student Council, 1: Legisla- ture, 2: Lunch lloom Ollieial, 2, 33 Class Field lloekey 'l'1-am, 1, 4: Yarsitly lfielll lloekey. -lg Class Basketball Team, lg lNew- tonite, 4. ANNE IIARIKINGTON 200 River St., XYest Newton 11'ill1 lu-I' fqvrs in flood of Inuylzlvr. Dimples: llorn July 17, 1008: Slenoggraphic 2128: F. A. Day Junior lligh: 'l'rallic Squad, fl. 1QA'l'llllYlN 1'A1lLlNlC 1lA1l'l'lN1'1'l"l' I1 Newland Sl., Auburnclale ,Viv own llmuylzls are my ronlpuniunx. lxay: llorn l"c-bruary 0. 1010, Slenographie 2128: liurr Grammar: Commereial Club. l: lfnglisli Club, Il, -l-1 liaskelball, fl-3 Field lloc-key, l. lllC1.1fN CA'l'1ll'lll1lNlC llAllT 153 lfclinboro St., Xewtonville llou' mollexl mul shy she lx. Brownie: Born January 12. 1908: Steno- gzrapllic 1128: 19. A. Day Junior lligll: Com- merc-ial Club, l. 1lU'l'll l.. llAY 18 NN arxxiek llrl., 114-sl Newton The pen lnwlrne ll rlarion. liulliie, 1lerl:11orn June 10, 1900: Classical 3 yrs., Seienlilic 1 yr., 328: Peirre Grammar: lladelille: Alpha Beta: French Club: English Club: Literary lCcliLor ol' Newtonile: Senior l'lay. l Mlllli' W V ,Mm W ,lm all .Wm 'WM Ill1HW,,',1lll Ill ll . ll CLASS DF 192.7 ARNOLD LEE HAYES, JR. 313 Cabot St., Newtonville A "budding" man is he. Bud: Born August. 12, 1909: Classical 329: F. A. Day Junior High: Browng Football, 2, 33 Track Squad, 2, Legislature, 2, 43 Hi-Y, 4. JOHN JOSEPH HESSION 14- Highland Pk., Newtonville He recognizes no impossibilily. Johnny, Born August 30, 19075 Business 21045 F. A. Day Junior Highg Boston Uni- versity: Football, 13 Outdoor Track, 3, 4-3 Indoor Track, 4, Intermediate Trackg Traffic Squad, 3, 4. A MARION BEATRICE IIAYNES 361 Cherry St., West Newton All kind Qf smily 'round lhe luis. Iggieg Born June 21, 19093 General 329: Peirce Grammarg Boston Universityg French Club, 4, Social Studies Club, 4, Thrift Teller, 4. LOUISE HESSION 14 Highland Pk., Newtonville She carries a choice sunlight in her smile. Lou: Born April 14, 19095 Stenographic 3293 F. A. Day Junior Highg Commercial Clubg Drama Club, 1, Hygiene Club, 1. ELMER VVALTER HELGESEN 34 James St., West Newton llfiselv, I say, I am a bachelor. Al, Swedcg Born February 16, 19073 Busi- ness 329g F. A. Day Junior Highg North- eastern: Senior Play Committee, Commercial Club, 41 Trallic Squad, 3, 4. MARY RUTH HICKEY 18 Clovelly Rd., Chestnut Hill A sweel lempercd, bonnie lassie. Born May 21, 19095 Stenographic 3291 Mason Grammar: Social Studies Club, Com- mercial Clubg Home Economics Club. WILLIAM T. HERMANN 105 Tyler Ter., Newton Centre For a man his word is sujicienl. Billg Born August 18, 19095 Scientific 3293 Peirce Grammarg M. A. C BERTHA ADA IIICKS 183 Austin St., Newtonville And if I laugh al any morlul llzing, 'lis lhul I may no! weep. Bertg Born June 1, 1908: Stenographic 329: F. A. Day Junior High: Boston University: Commercial Club, 49 Drama Club Play, 4. llll lllllllllIIlllllllllllllllllllllllImllll!'l!l'l!Illlillllllllllllllllllllmllllll 1 lllll 1 lllllllllllllllllf.TM. j Yulllllllli.I'WVU ..t. Vlllllll 'U PD THE N E' WT UN Lil N GEORGE LESLIE lllflkg 2 NYasliing:ton 'l'0r., Nvwlonville Ile who quvsliomflh murh, lcurnelh mu:-h. Shrimp, Born D4-vc-nilwr 21, 1000: liusinf-ss 1520, F. A. Day Junior llighg lNortlwaslvrn: S4-nlor lflay: Class lloa-lu-yi Class Council, l'iIlg!llSll Club Playg lIouun0rc'ial Club, Ii, 4. WILLIAM FHANUIS HOGAN 2252131-llc-viic St., IM-nton Gund In lmyln wwll, lwllor lu end well. Born Dvcvnilwr 21, 1008: Svicntilir' 329, Boston Coll:-gn llighg llarvardg Swinuning: 'l'4 un 1. A . Fl.Olll:INfIl'I l'I'l'lll'Il, llll.l,S 010 lliashinglon St., Newtonvillo IIN' rlixpuxilirm lIlIllCl'.N1flll.l' gills jiiirer. Dot, Dottie, Born Juni- 290, lflllflg Clamsical Iliflg F. A. Day Junior llighg Nm-wton llospi- lalg Alpha Gamma 'l'au, Il: linglish Club, 3, -lg Fri-nr'li Club, 3, 11: l"rf-ni-h lflub Play, -l. LIQNA OLIN IA IIOLMES 152 Aflains Sl., IN:-wton Laugh and lhc world laughs zrilh you f Suiilvs, Curly, Tom, Born illay 28, 10095 Sli-nograpliic 251203 I". A. Day Junior lligh: lfonum-rvial lflub. YIHGINIX ffAl,DXXl'Il,l, llOl7lJlCll 360 livnrivk Sl., Nvwton I Illllllf z'nlr'ml lnjlirlg l-I-N jus! my u'u,v. Gina, llmlg Horn Dvm-mbcr fl. 1008: Classical 3301 liigulow Grauunar: Skidmore, Social flUlllllllllf'l', l, Il, 1. 5: Class Ficlml llog-key. 1, 2, Il, sl, 5: Xarsily Fivld llovlmy, 25, -l, 5: liaplain -l. Nlanagvr. 51 Clam llaskct- ball. l. 2, 3, 5: Narsily llaskvlball. 5, Math lllub, Il. l-, 5, Drama Club, Sq Nvwtonilv, Zigi, 51 Nvwtonian, 5: l.:-gislalurv, 5, Girls' Allilf-tic Assovialion, -L, S. l'llYl.l.lS llOl'lilNS 336 lVooclwarcl St., Waban Thou will rornr for plvusurrz. Phil. llvclg llorn July 10, 1907, Gvnvral 31203 Girls' English Ilighg Leland l'owers, KA'I'IIERlNli FIKANIIICS HOGAN 203 Chvrry Sl.. NX 1-st Newton llixdnrrz slzull div will: yvnu. K, Kath, llorn Junu 2l, l000g Slvnograpliiv 329, F. A. Day Junior lligll: Alpha H1-ta: Coluulcrcial Club. STANLEY EARLE IIOHTON, Ju. 27 Otis St., Ncwlonvillc llfhul will bc, will be. Stan, Horn October 22, 1908, General 329: F. A. Day Junior llighg Dartmouth: English Club, 43 Outdoor Convert.. hlanager, 4: Senior Banquet, 35 Assistant Manager Orchestral Concert, 4, Band, 43 Class Orchestra, 3. ill CLASS QF 1 927 ARTHUR PAUL HOULIHAN 129 East Central St., Natick I f snziling is lhv only fnull, smile on. Hapg Born December 21, 1901: Vocational 21003 Natick High: Fordham, Trallic Squad, 2. 3, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4, Baseball. MARY ELIZABETH HUNTING 31 Highland Ave., Newlonville As she speaks, so is she. Betty: Born March 19, 19113 Classical 329, Sharon High: Smith: Newtoniteg Library Clubg English Club, French Club. RUTH HOWLETT 40 Newtonville Ave., Newton To quality belongs the highest place. Rufus: Bom May 5, 1909: Classical 329: Bigelow Grammar, Lesley Normal School, Drama Club, 3, 4: Newtonite Reporter, 3: Senior Play, Constitutional Convention, 2. MARY ALICE HURLEY 159 Oak St., Newton Upper Falls Imbued wilh sanclilhv of reason. Born March 17, 1910: Stenographic 329, Emerson Grammar: Commercial Club. FLORENCE REGINA IIOXVLEY 428 Parker St.. Newton Centre I hurry nol, neilher do I worry. Florrie, Flo, Born April 24, 1909: Steno- graphic 3295 Nlason Grammar: Boston Uni- versity: Drama Club, 3, 4: Drama Club Play. 3g Freshman Prize Speakingg English Club, 1, 2, Commercial Club. FLORENCE MAY INGIIAXI 46 Cottage St., Newton Upper Falls .Wy knowledge cnnnol be stolen from me. Flo: Born November 1-ll, 1909: Stenographic 329: Emerson Grammar: English Club, 1, 23 Freshman Prize Speaking: Secretary Com- mercial Club, 4. GERALD GARDEN HUDSON 45 Ashton Ave., Newton Centre Be wisely worldly, bu! noi worldly wise. Gerry, Born September 16. 1909, Scientific 3203 Mason Grammar: KI. l. T.: Orchestra, 13 Class Orchestra, 23 Band, 33 Senior Play, 4. PAUL WITIIINGTON JAMES 10 Maple Rd., Aubumdale He blushes: all is sufe. P. W., Born October 6, 1007, Classical, Scientific, General 3291 Rurr Grammar: Trallic Squad, 1, 3, Attendance Proctor, 3. ,- D THE N EL WT UNIAN " ' ICDNN IN JliWlCI.L IT Gilbert St., XY:-st Newton His good nulurr' is wilhoul un equal. lid: Born June- 23, 10083 Business 329: Burr Granunarg Colll-gc ol' Pharmacy. MANY CAMPIIXI JORDAN lllll NN :ilnut Sl., Nm-wton lliglnlunzls 4 quirl mirlh .dw llnlh possfss. Bubv: Horn I,l't't'llllN'l' 10, 1908: Cleriral Ilillg llyalv llraumnurz Huston University: Coinnwrr-iul Club. , IC I.lZAlll'l'1'll .I ICNN I'I'l"I' ' Tl lYumll:uul lid., Aiiburnclalc .-l lllfllillfll hullz IIO Ionyur' Illlf Ilmuylzl. Born July Jil. lfllllg lllussivzll 3210: llurr Grarnmarg Ml. llolyolutg Alpha Hula. I, gl HK Libris, lg linglislu Club, Il, -lg l,c-gzislalurv, Ilg l"re-m:l1Club,Sl, -lg .-Xlplun Gaumnu 'l'ziu, 3, 4. MARY JUNK RTT ZT llrunlxs Avv.. Nvwlonvillc Tha' I'l'l'AV soul of I.IlllIlXll'j'. Sborly, llwlg Horn April lil, 19083 Steno- gzrapbic Kill: llivvr llc-bert High, Nova Scotia, Cana lloslon llnivvrsily: flUlHIllI'I'l7llll Club, 45 Social Studia-s lilub, -lg Alpha fiununa Tau, 'lg V Senior Play Cmlllliitli-1-. 'E' " IIAYVVAH D NX l'IS'l'UN JUNICS ' 35 NN :xlnut St., Nc'wtouxill4- 'il Ana' lu' wus ulzzvlyx 1IlIl.PH'V urru.wal. li- , , . .. Ii? Born August 1, lfllllg Sl'l4'LlllilC 3295 l 'A Wellesley lliglig Brown. .-, .Q .lg V 93' if 'nd' I+ l'il.lN0ll l"llANlIlCS KEICFIC 13 Collage l'l., NN est Nun ton llrurrv, 11'ul'l'v, 7l'UI'l'V. ll ln' ll'0I'I'V? Il'rl1,' I should IlJUI'I'.V .' i i A I Jacky: Horn Dvcf-nlbffr 10, 10103 Stvno- graplniv Ilillz l". A. Day Junior lliglig Base:- ' DUIKOTIIY SIIICPAIRD JUHIJAIN 322 limlicolt St., Newton lligblamls ll ilh Il pmrvr W if she would ll'l'!'fll il. Dot: Born March 211, l900: Fine- Arts 3313 Hyde Grammarg Miss Whc-cloc'k's. RALPH W ILLARD KICLLANN AY lil NN yrnan St., W'abz1n ll is Iwxl I0 lrusl In llru IIYICIIIIVS. Ralph: Born February 22, 10093 Business 3295 Angicr Grzunmarg Boston Universltyg Commercial Club, 4. . 1 I CLASS or 1927 ROBERT MAY KELLANVAY 10 Wyman St., Vlfaban Boldlv renlurvd is half won. Bob: Born August 9, 1909: Business 320, Angier Grammar: Boston University: Com- mercial Club: Band: Class Orchestra, Junior Dance Committee, Traliic Squad. RALPH VVALDO KENYON 315 Linwood Ave., Newtonville A 'mr-gain is a lmrgfzin. Jackie, Coogan: Born February 5, 1909g Scientific 3 yrs., Business 1 yr., 329: F. A. Day Junior lligh: Social Studies Clubg Com- mercial Clubg Attendance Proctor, 3. ELIZABETH SYLVIA KELLY 21 Taft Ave., VVest Newton A charming l'0lIIfJlII1l'0I'L mm' fl ll'11efr:'f'1m'. Betty, Born September 15, 19093 Clerical 331, Eastern High, Maryland. JOHN KEHIVAN 418 Homer St., Newton Centre Oh girls! Look me over! Jake, Jack: Born March 13, 1907, Business 3293 Mason Grammar. ELLEN TERESA KENEFICK 31 Summer St., Newton Upper Falls llfhcre lhcre's a will Ihf're's 11 wav, Born May 228, 19093 Stenographic 3313 Emerson Grammar: Commercial Club. 43 Social Studies Club, ,Lg Class Vice-President, 1. MADELINE AZNIR KEVORKIAN 126 Eastbourne Hd., Newton Centre Merry as the day is lung. Maddie: Born October 20, 1909: Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 331, Mason Grammar: Skidmore. EDGAR H. KENT 67 Grove llill Ave., Newtonville Carlands are nol for every brow. Ned: Born September I, 19083 Classical 3293 F. A. Day Junior High: Dartmouth: Football, 2, 3, 4: Track, Ali: Legislature, l, 2, 3, 4: Editor Orange Book, 31 Business Mana- ger Newtonian, 43 lli-Y, 3, fl. STEPHEN ADELBERT KIDDEH 7 Fuller Ter., VV:-st Newton lVhuI's in a name! Steve, Horn February 9, 1908: Commercial 3313 F. A. Day Junior High: University ol' New Hampshire, Constitutional Convention, 2, Trallic Squad, 33 Commercial Club, 45 Senior Play, 4. 239 6 'fflE NEQDVUJOEYIIAIYI I All l ll lt lt lll l ANNA ELIZABETH KIESER 14- Parker Ave., Newton Centre Hou' sweel andfuir she seems Io be. Pink, Pinky: Born Noycmber 17, 1908: Stenographic 331: Mason Grammar: English Club, 3: Social Studies Club, 4: Commercial Club, -1: Senior Play, 4. NIRGINIA BOLTZ KOOPS 60 Temple St., Vtest, Newton Allrrzrlire Io walk uvilh, sarrwzslic lo laik zvilh, and quite a fine adress, loo! Sister, .linnyg Born September 4, 1909: Classical 2 yrs., Scientific 3 yrs.. 331: Peirce Grammar: Skidmore: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4: English Club, 3, 4, 5: Social Studies Club, 5: Glee Club, 5: Class Basketball, 2, 3: Drama Club Play, 53 Senior Play, 5, Legisla- ture, 3: Senior SocialCommittee: English Club Play, 5: Newtfonite, 3, 4, 5, Newtonian, 5. EDIVAHD FRANCIS KING 135 Vernon St., Newton Ellen of few words are the best men. Eddie. King Ed: Born October 4-, 1908: Zocgtional 2100, Bigelow Grammar, Glee Ilu . ENID ALICE LAFFIE 51 Parsons St., West: Newton The sunshine of sweet Iooks. Ned, Bom March 21, 1909: Stenographic 331: F. A. Day Junior High, Freshman Prize Speaking, Constitutional Convention, 2, Legislature, 3, 43 Drama Club, 3, 4: English Club, 2, Commercial Club, 4: Social Studies Club: Drama Board, Senior Play Committee, Drama Club Play, 3. DORIS MARIE KIVLEHAN 313 Lexington St., Auburndale I count only the hours Ihal are golden. Dot: Born November 2, 1908: Stcnographic 331, Burr Grammar: Newton Ilospitalg Com- mercial Club, fl. TIMOTHY LANE 974 1Yalnut St., Newton Highlands On zrilh the dance! Le! joy be unconfined. Tiny. Timmieg Born August 29, 19091 Business 3313 Hyde Grammar: FootbaU, 1: Baseball. lg Science Play, 1: Commercial Club, 4: Intermediate Football, fl. DORIS LILLIAN KOOPS 60 Temple St., West Newton To be 77ll'I'I'-V, hrs! beconws you. Dotty. Dot: Born April 8, 1908, Classical 2 yrs., Srienlilic. 3 yrs., 3313 Peirce Grammar, Skidmore: Alpha llcta, 1, 2: Secretary, 2: Eng:- lish Club, 3, -1, 5: Newtonite, 3: Senior Ban- quet Committee. 3, 44: Junior Council. 3. -lg Class Basketball. IZ, 5, Captain. 5: Drama Club Play. 5: English Club Play, 53 Alpha Gamma Tau, 5: Senior Council. 5. RUTH TURN Eli LAPHAM 80 Central A ve., Newtonville Thr hrarl brvlerolcrfl and kind. Lappyg Born November 17, 19083 Classical 331: F. A. Day Junior llighg Boston Childrcnis Hospital: Commercial Club. 5. it ,ftttttw wt: wtwm w iw 1 1 ,tum ww will-1.114 -10 mlm, ,w,tw,..t tw 1 at N - Qui 1, t:,t,t,t+:.m 'CLASS OF 1927 CHARLES EDGAR LARKIN 27 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Erreedingly well "red." Chikyg Born July 12, 1909: Commercial 3313 F. A. Day Junior High: Commercial Club, 43 Constitutional Convention, 2, Traffic Squad, 3, 4-. RICIIARD JOSEPH LEAHY 11 Warwick Rd, VVest Newton Il would lalk, my, how il lrzlked. Dick: Born January 29, 1910g Business 331, Peirce Grammar: Boston Universityg Fresh- man Play. 13 Prize Speaking, 3, Commercial Club, 4: English Club Play, 43 Drama Club, 4: Class Council, 4, Traffic Squad, 3, 4. GEORGE RARTLETT LAUBENSTEIN, JR. 67 Colbert, Rd., Wvest Newton He who boasls of mighly mischiefs done. Lauby, Boog, Jidgeq Born August 12, 19063 Classical 331, Burr Grammar: Harvard, Alpha Beta, 1, 25 Traffic Squad, 3, 4, 5. KATHERINE LOUISE LEONARD 16 Highland Pk., Newtonville A lrue pal rmdfriend I0 everyone. Loug Born December 3, 1909: General 3313 F. A. Day Junior High, Newton Hospital, Attendance Supervisor. EDNA FRANCES LAUBNER 277 NVard St... Newton Centre Shall I compare lhee Io a sunzmefs day? Thou ar! more lovely and more temperate. Edg Born February 2, 1910g Stenographic 3313 Mason Grammarg Boston University, Prize-Speaking Contest, 1, 3, English Club, 2, 3, 4: Commercial Club, 3, -Ig Volley Ball, 2, 3. ADELAIDE LINCOLN 24 Moreland Ave., Newton Centre Her hair was noi more sunny ihan her heart. Linky, Abe: Born April 25, 19093 General 3313 Mason Grammar: The Bennett School: Class Hockey, 1. 2, 53 Hockey Squad, 53 Class Basketball, 1, .2, 5: Newtonite, 5, Spanish Club, 4, 5: Nlath Club, 4, 55 Social Studies Club, 53 Senior Play, New- tonian, 5. ROBERT AUGUSTUS LAWSON 107 Cypress St., Newton Centre He is 11 good soldier gmeral-Iy. Bobg Born May 31, 1900: Business 3313 Mason Grammar: Boston University, Varsity Orchestra, 1, 2, 3, 41g Newtonite, 3, 43 English Club, 4: Commercial Club, 43 Stage Com- mittee, 4, Dedicatory Play: English Club Play. ELMER FREDERICK LIPPIN 65 Jellerson St., Newton Our las! fllillllfflllflfl. Lip, El: Born July 7, 1908: Scientific 3313 Bigelow Grammar: Boston University: Span- ish Clubg Senior Councilg Spanish Play: Drama Club Play, -I. all THE, NEI WT UNIAN Cl,l'IMEN'l' ll. LIl'I'lNCOT'I' 818 Vials-rtown St., NYvst N4-wton Kvep good humor slill ll'lml c'1'r you luxe. .larkz Born S1-plclnlwr -I, 1000: Classical Bill: F. A. Day .Junior High: Dnlawarv lini- vvrsity. lll'Il,l'IN GRACE LUCEY T8 llimvliamlsun Sl., Ni-wtnn Flor rmrlv as u rilml doin: lelncl lhin s , -' f' ' . .1 fl Il'll'lUlll vnrl. Nvlvh. N1-ll: Born July 8, l000: Clvrival 332: Uur l,a4ly'5 S4-luml: Newton llospilal: English Club, 3, ll: Conunurvial Club, Al-3 l':Xl'Clll.lV0 lluunril, Il. .IICNN llOll'l'ON LOCKXN OOD 58 Axle-lla Ave , Wvsl N1-wton ll if is Ihr xpive :gf all SIIVCFII. llarn April 2-ll, l0001 llc-nc-ral Ilfll: .'xIIllll'I'Sl, Junior lligh: Class Xollvy liall. 2, Il. lIIllllS'l'INl'I l'ILIZAllE'l'll NIxr:.M?LAY 32 Champa Ave., Newton Upper Falls The :qw-s are Ihr' pearls :J Ihc fare. Chris' llorn Nu usl "1 1000: Quinn ra whit' , ,, . gg ,.. , , . g .1 . 332: l',lll0l"S0ll Grammar: ltnghsh Club, 2, 3, 41 l,:0IIlIlll'l'1'llll Club, ll: Class Council, 3. ICDITII LOFTIN 13 Prosps-ct Sl., Wm-st N1-wmn .-1 plvusunl girl will: rz plcusrml snzilf. li: Born April 13, l008: Cloriral 331: NYhipplc Junior lligh. RA Y MUN D liMl'IllY MARRY 12 Newland Sl., Auburnflalc l"l'lvmlxl1ip fnrisls unmnq lhc' gum! alone. llny, Zeke: Burn iNUVl'lllbl'l' Ii, 1008: Corn- nivrcial Kill: llurr Grammar: Nortlu-aswrn: Conunvrvial Club, l: llislury Club, 4: 'l'rallic Squad, 3, 1: Foulball, Il, l-: 'l'rac'k, Il, -ll. llll'l'lI LOUD ' 23 liclcly Sl., Wvst, Newton Quiel In inrls arf' germrulluv mos! happy. liorn April lim, 1009: Classical 332: F. A. Day Junior lligh: Simmons: Dramatic Club l: Alpha Beta, 1, 12: lfnglish Club, 3, -L: Alpha llanuna Tau, 3, -L: French Club, 3, -L: Library Club, -l: Senior Play Committee, -ll. ROBEIIT M.xf:lillRNll'l Illll Vlfnlislor St., Needham l'm quiel bul I like my fun. Mac: Born July 8, 1908: Vocational 2100: Carler Grammar: Thrift Teller: Track: lllcc Club: Trallic Squad. I2 CLASS DF 1 927 JANE ELIZABETH M.xr:DERMOT'l' 19 Davis St., West Newton Tiny, lzul worlh her weight in gold. Janibus, Tweeny: Born Marcli 21, 1908: Classical 332: F. A. Day Junior High: Emerson College of Oratoryg Senior Play: Social Studies Club, 1: Drama Club, -L. HAROLD STEVENS 1N'lACY 68 Prospect Pk., Newtouville Oh hurry up, I'm jus! slurreri! Hal, Mace: Born April 14. 1908: Classical 331: F. A. Day Junior High: Intermediate Football, 3: Varsity Football, -1, 5: Inter- mediate Baseball, 2, 3: Varsity Baseball, 4, 5: Hockey Squad. ZZ. 3: Varsity Track Squad. 41. 5: Legislature, -1: Class Council, -lr: Glen Club. 4, 5: lli-Y Club, lv, 5. lN'1A1lGARET ELIZABETH fVlxr':liENZIE 15 Beech SL. Newton Grareful and usrfful in all she dues. Peggy: Born January 31, 1909: Stenographic 332: F. A. Day Junior High: Boston Univer- sity: Commercial Club. fl: Alpha Beta, 2: Constitutional Convention, 2: Newtonite, 2: Glee Club, 1. ALYCE GERTRUDE MACRAE 19 Higgins SL, Auburndale She srorns Ihr' men, of our fllfl' School, lzul for ones oulszde lhfre is no rule. Mar: Born September 21, 1908: Clerical 331: Burr Grammar: Alpha Beta, 2: Com- mercial Club, ll-. KATHLEEN Mxr:I.AURY 56 Alban Rd., NVaban Serene and resolule, slill and mlm, and self- possessed. K: Born November 25, 1909: Classical 332: Glenville High, Cleveland, Ohio: Alt. Holy- oke: Newtonian, -ll. ELSIE L. MARCHAND -15 Rustic St., Newton She was erer willing lo help. El: Born March 15, 1910: F-tenographic 332: F. A. Day Junior High: Commercial Club. MARY EDITH MACPHERSON 3 Church Rd., Newton 1V hal cnrelh she for hearls when onre possessr'd. 1VIac: Born January 19, 1908: General 317: Bigelow Grammar: Class Hockey, 1, 2, 3: Hockey Squad, 4. OSCAR MARGOLIN 123 Norwood Ave., Ncwtouville Quick lo learn and wise lo know. Os, Osky. Antony: Born June 3, 1908: Scientific 331: F. A. Day Junior High: M. A. C.: Newtonite: Drama Club Play: Drama Club: Program Committee: Track. l.l v. Tflli NE'SfVTO1Y1lA1YI l EDWARD THOMAS MARTIN 71 West Pine St., Anburndale Noi too good. because the good die young. Eddie: Born April 24-, 1910: Classical 3321 Burr Grammar: Harvard: Football, 4: Junior Varsity Football, 3: Hockey Squad, 2, 3, 43 Legislature, 2, 3, 4: Newtonian, 4: Newtonite, 3: Class Council, 3: Alpha Beta, 1: Latin Club, 1: French Club, 4, Stage Committee, 41. REITA I. MCCLELLAND 20 B raeland Ave.. Newton Centre To enjoy is good enough for me. Reit: Bom April 9. 1908: Classical 332: lNIason Grammar: Yolley Ball, 1. 2: Class Field Hoekey, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5: Tennis Team, 3, 4, 5: Varsity Field Hockey. 3, 4, 5: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3. ROBERT WHITE MAYNAHD 144 Hancoek St., Auburndale Another of those strong silent men. Bob: Born December 20, 1909: Scientific 3323 Constantinople: Washburn College. SAMUEL INICCLARY T8 Border St., West Newton A remarkable sense rJ humor. Sam: Born August 23. 1908: Yoeational 2100: F. A. Day Junior High: Baseball: Glee- Club: Tratlic Squad. LOUISE R. MAZZUCIIICLLI 25 Commonwealth Pk. Newton Centre She has ll Iikingfor' hr-ight eolors. Born May 18, 10101 Slenographio 332: Boston Girls' Latin: Boston University: English Club, 31, VI. JAMES Il. 'NICCRUDDEN 106 llarvard Ave., Newtonville .ll good man in the tony run. Jim, fllav. Ilord 1Yithington: Born Novem- ber 3, 19103 Seienlilie 120-1: Our Lacly'S S4-bool: Penn Slate: Boys' Science Club: lfx Ilibrisz Newtonite, 2. Cl: Indoor Track, 3, 4: Outdoor Track, 2, 3, L l'll'lLl'lN BIAIIION Mr:AI,lCITli -I0 Chestnut, Ter.. Nevslon Centro lie gone dutt ware: thou und I .vhull nerer' agree. liorn llay IT. 1908: General 332: Nlason Grunnnar: Old Colony Seliool: Glee Club. .IUSICPII B. NICDANIICL 2213 Washington Sl.. Newton Lower Falls Hieh in thouffhl and elzaracler. Klan: Born Uetolwr 1, 19093 Electrical 2100: llamilton lirannnar: Iloekey: Glee tllllll: Trallimt Squad. All CLASS DF 19217 NINA PHYLLIS MCGHATII 'Ll Lincoln Bd., Newton .-I blilhe hear! IIHIICPK II blooming Z'iSllfll?. Born January 0, 1000: Stenographic 3325 F. A. Day Junior Iliglig Commercial Clllb. LAWN BENCE EUGENE MCIXI.-XIION 306 River St., Vest, Newton ll'ilb', bu! nu! pflinflllly so. Lonnie. Mzicvg Born May 25, 10091 Business 332: F. A. Day Junior lligllg Trallic Squad 3, 43 Football, 3, 44. IIELEN ELIZABETH MulxEE lfl-8 Ilarvarll Sl.. Ne-wtonvillf? A prudenl wornrm is in llzar srmu' rlusx af' honor as u wise mun. Nlickeyg Born IJ:-eenilwr lT, IUOTQ Ge-na-ral 332: Hutchinson lligh, N. Y,1 Home Er-oe IIUHIIVS Club, l, l'rn'sule-ul, 51 Senior flUIllll'Il, 5. JUSlCl'll JOHN NICNIANUS 974 Dc-xlllam St., Newton C1-nlre ffl Slllfll' lorluy l1fAl0IlI0l'l'llIl' I die. Klac: Born Dm-elnln-r 2, IOU8: Eli-ctrival 21003 Mason fiI'ZlllllIlJll'I For4lli:un: Class Yice-llresirlent, I: lnlloor 'l'ra4'k, l. 2. 3, -1-3 Outdoor 'l'ram'k, I, ZZ. il. lt: Baseball, 22, 3, Football. Ti: Nr-wlonils-, 22, Il: Ev-clitive Corn- lnitlf-4-, rl-g Senior Play tfomrnitleeg Senior Play, -lg Senior Trzullif- Squad, ly. NIABY ELIZABETH MVIQENNA 10 VVilliams SL., Newton Upper Falls Erervvbodv likes fl 11'o1'll111'l1ilr' girl. Nlackg Born September l 1, 1007: Steno- graphic 3173 Emerson Grammar, Commercial Club. G EOIN 9 li A LOYSI US BIACNEI L 12 Beach St., Newlonville Lore mc, lore my dog. Georgie, Shrnuekg Born January 3, 19083 Business 3323 FA. Day Junior IIig1hgUniversit.y of California: Class President, Ig Trallic Squad, 3, 45 Commercial Club, 4-1 English Club Play, 4: Prize Speaking. Al-: Football, 1, 2, 3g Varsity Football, 113 Baseball. l, 2, 3. DOROTHY LOUISE NIMQINNEY 152 Pearl St., Newton They win lhul laugh. Dot, Born December 15, N081 Steno- graphic 3323 Bigelow Grammar, Simmons: English Club, Il, Comme-rvial Club, 4. MILES MCNEIL T Orchard St., Newton Quiel ry' voice, bu! of nalure erreed1'r1yl,v merr,v. Mac, Born December 10. 1908, Scientific 332, Bigelow Grammar, Boston College, Intermediate Baseball, 2, 3. I3 'fl' 4.3, THE. NE' WT ONIALN t FRANCIS CARLETON MCVARISII 105 Cherry St., VVest, Newton All lhe world's a stage-and I ils manager. Mac: Born May 5. l900g llllSll1f'SS 332: F. A. Day Junior llighg llnnt.lvy's lnstitute of Account: llcad Football llshvr, -1: Tralliv Squad, 43 Ncwtonite, -1: Nvwtonian, -l: Eng.:- lish Club, -1-3 Commerrial Club, 41 llistory Club, Property Nlauagvr Sc-nior Play. l'IlLl'Il'llN FIIANCIION MILLAHD 46 Shornclilfo lid., Newton Bvllvr Iulc lhun rwrvr. Alivkc-yg llorn January l, l0I0: Classical 2 yrs.. Gonvral 2 yrs., 333: Pcirco Grarnmur: Lf-slvy School, Lilllll Club. lg Frvnch Club, 23 lN15Wl0llIll'. 2. AIARY FL0lll'INCl'I MICADIC 10 ll ashington 'l'vr., Nc-wtonvillc .QIIIIIP sn-v SIIICS qu iel, bu!-. Flossieg Born l,l'COHllN'l' lil, IUOH: Gum-ral 3335 F. A. Day Junior lligll: Boston llnivvr- sity: hlath Club, Il, lg llouu- l':1'0ll0lllll'S Club, Il, NJITC'-l,l'f'SlIll'Ill.. li Class llaskvtbull, l. MARY I.UlllNG IXllLl,lfIll 3250 Ce-nlral St., Auburnrlalv In lhhx' frlrf' I .ww honor, If-ulh, and loyullhv. liorn Novi-nibvr 8. lfllltg Classical 333, Illlfl'fil'illllllllll'1 All. llolyolw: Latin Club,lg Alpha ll:-ta, l, Z3 lfnglish Club, -lg Fri-nrh Club, Il: Alpha llannna Tau, 35 Library Club, I1 Constitutional Convvntion, Eg Class llaskvtball, 4. SAl.YA'l'Olll'I Ml'ilJ.Mll,lA 05 Uak AVP., YV-sl. lN1'X!'l0Il flood lhinyx rome in small prirlmyvs. Sul, Tony, liorn .lanuury ll. l000: Youn- lionul Zltjllg l" A. Day Junior Iliglig lilvo Club. l'Alll. ll. lXlOlNllUl'I I9 Peabody St.. Nvwlon Ilw is rw-1' rwizlx' und Il'lHl.llfl. liorn Nova-inbvr ST, F1001 Svivntiliv 1132: Mason fil'Zlllllll1ll'I Tufts, ICK Libris, l, 2: Sui:-tivo Club, l, 2: Spanish Club, Il, fl, Sovial Studios Club. 5, 0: IN-batv, 0: Junior Yarsity. 3, -lg Yarsily llm-kay, Sl, -lg Class 'l'ram:k. fi, -11 Nt-wtonitv. 3, I: Urangc Book, Il, -lt: Trallic Squaal. Il. l: lnln-rnu-nliatc' llasvball. ll, 5. ' ICLICANUIK Nlll,l3llANl 20 'l'urnvr St., iNcwtonvillo Hel' mod:-sl looks lln' roll:-gm miglzl ullorn, Such ax Ihr' Ill'IilIlI'IlNI' In-nrullz Ula thorn. llorn July LIU. llllllg Classical 3333 I". A. llay .lunior l'lig.rlig Xassarg linglish Club, Il. 413 Library Club, lg l"rt-nr-ll Club, flg Alpha Gamma Tau, Il, lg Se-nior l'layg S1-uior Class Council, 'l1SUCl1ll Stutlivs Club, 43 INUNX-lonilv, ., L II' i TIIUAIAS FIKAINCIS MORRIS, Jn. 28 Lewis St., TN1-xston , IJUUIPI' mr' no! willz lririul nzullvrs. l"ran: llorn S1-ptmnlwr 21, 1008, G1-nm-ral, liusina-ws 1532: l". A. Day Junior llighg North- vastc-rn: Alatb Club. Ii. 4: fi0llllll0l'Cl2ll Club. IS, lg linglish Club. -l: Som-ial Studios Club, -lg Nm-wtonian, Al-1 New tonite, Il, -lg Class Council, ll, llrzuna Club l'lay, -lg Svnior Play, rl. IH CLASS QF 1 E227 MURIEI. IRENE MOSMAN 29 Broadway, Newtonville The qufel win in I1:f0's long race. Born Novi-mber 8, 19095 Slrnograpliic Brifrhton lli h' Athle tic Club 9' Fnfrlish H , g , , I , . , -, 4 E, Club, 3, 41 Commercial Club, 4. ROBERT DANIELS NASON 188 Woodland Rd., Auburndale Oh, young l,0!'lliII1'IIl' has some ou! of lhe llfesl. Bob, Snulchg Born October 8, 1908: Scionlilic 2132: Burr Grammar: Norwich University: English Club, fly: Band, 11, 5: Social Studies Club, 5: Class Track, 13 Class Football, 1: IA"f3,'lSl2lllII'0, 21: Newtonian, 31 Gloe Club, 3. KATHERINE ROSE MURPHY -1-1 Cross St.. Vllf-st Newton Spfech is greal bu! silvm'r is grenlvr. Kay, Rose, Born January 17, 1909g Classi- ral 2 yrs., Gonvral 2 yrs., 3333 llxbridgmllighg Vllorccster Mc-morial Ilospitalg Ulm- Club. 4. ARNOLD EMERSON NICHOLS 56 Madison Ave., Newlonvillc Nnirhvre 11 man so busy as hr. Nivk: Born June ll-, 19103 Classical 33515 Sf-vr-r Street .lunior lligh, xVOI'CC'Slf'I'I Al. I. T.: English Club, 3, -li, 53 Alpha Gamma Tau. 3, 4-, 5: Lo Carole Fran:-ais, 3, 4, 5, President., 5: English, Frvnvh, Math Club Plays, 4, 5, Trark. 3, 4: Nvwtonitc. El. 4-, 5: Business Man- ager, 5, Sludvnt Council, 2: Cheer Leader, 5: Orange Book, 4, PAUL A MURPHY 93 lligh SI., XValLham Om-'S rondurl is a lrur' mirror. Spud, Umpaul: Born April ll-, 1000: Vora- Lional 2100: Charlvs Grammar, Wvaltbamg Linolypr- Svhool: Clvo Club, Trallic Squad, 2, 3, lg Baseball, ICLIZABICTH NORTON 9 llc-luiorv Rd., Nvwlon llighlands .-1 uwnmn nmd:-sl and sclj'-possessed. Lib: Born April 12, 10083 Classical 2 yrs., Cone-ral Z1 yrs., 212333 llydr- Grammar: Penn llall: Nvwlonilv, Pl: Math Club, 5, Class Basluvlball, -l, 53 film' Club, Il, PAUL EI'J1YAllD NASON 7 Br-avli St., Nvwlonville Jlflakr-lh nmus1'uyfurmw11'1'll1 ink uud pan. Jerry, Born April 144, 1000: Business 3323 F. A. Day .lunior llighg Boston Universityg N0wt.ouil.o, 2, Zi, Ll-3 Newtonian, 3, 4-: Orange Book, 4-1 Class Vlfl'-l,I'l'Sllll!Ill, 33 Class Council, 3, 45 Varsity Football, fl: English Club, 4-3 Commercial Club. 3, ll: lmgislailllrv, 2, 3: English Club Play, fl-3 Sr-nior l'lay, 4: Class Relay, 2, 3. EDWARD TIIOM AS CVCON NELL 326 llivvr Sl., Rrsl, Ncwlon I7nrirullz'd as llzy mi-ril Im llzyfumc. Eddiv, Ed, Born January 2, 19095 Classiral 3333 l'oircc Grammar: Boston Collegrg Math Club, 3, Senior l'lay Comuliltcc, Ll. IT 3' TI.-IE. 1YIE:'DV'JJ-DTIIA FR AN K O'CON NOR 277 Homer St., Newton Centre .fl youth of many words and solemn mien. Okie: Mason Stall, 4: Hockey Club, 3: Pauper: MARY Born October 0, 1910: Classical 128: Grammar: Holy Cross: Newtonian Newtonite, 3, 4: Football Squad, 3, 4: Squad, 3: French Club. 3: Drama Student Council: The Prince and the Social Studies Club. Al. RUTH ALICE PAGE 1136 Centre St., Newton Centre Soft is lhe music lhal ufnulrl charm forever. Oolie, Roots: Born October 31, 1909: Scientific 333: John Muir Junior High, Calif.: Oberlin: Alpha Beta, 2: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4: School Orchestra, ZS. FAITH OLCOTT 16 Austin St., Newtonville Genius finals ils fill'I1 road and carries ils own lumps. Born February 8, 1009: Classical 333: F. A. Day Junior High: Wesleyan: linulish Club, 3, fl: Library Club, -1: French Club. 'lg Alpha Gamma Tau, 3: Social Studies Club, 4: Newtonite, 3, fl: French Club Play, el. LLOY D HELEN FRANCES PALMATEEH 38 Hancock St., Auburndale The nulure of woman is closely allied lo url. Pickles: llorn April 17. 1909: Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 333: llurr Grammar: Rhode lsland School ol' Dc-sian: French Club, 3: Alpha Gamma Tau. 3. 4: linglish Club, 41: Social Studies Club, -1: Glce Club,4: Newtonian Staff, Al: Tennis Squad, fl-. RA K ICR OSRORN E ISIO Cabot St., Ncwtonville Yo, lm, ho, and a swim for me. Hozzie: llorn March 1-L. 1009: Scientific H1 F A Diy mor H1 h l 0 7 III: '. . : .lu ' 'gz : Yale: Legisa- ture, ..: Swimming: Team, Z., 3, 4: Captain Swimming: Tearu, Il: Class Secretary, 4: Spanish Club, 4: French Club, 4: Social Committee, sl: Associates Social Board, fl. CHARLICS C. PARKER 10-li' VValnut St., Newton Highlands I dare do all llzal may become a man. Charlie: Born April 6, 1909: Classical 333: Hyde Grammar: Harvard: linglish Club, 3. fl: French Club, 3, -1-: Vice-President, 4: Alpha Gamma Tau, sl: Tennis Team, 3, 4: Senior Play, Drama Club Play, 4. FR ED O'SU LLI VAN Born 116 Harvard St., Newtonville M ueh sludv is a weariness. December 6, 1909: Scientific 333: I" A. Day Junior High: M. I. T. RUTII PARSONS 971 Beacon St., Newton Centre Wit is lhy name, acting Ihy fame. Hushie, Goofy: Born March 2, 1907: General 333: Pleasantvillc High, N. Y.: Russell Sage: Health Club, President, 3: Newtonite. 3: Drama Club, 4, 5: Drama Club Play. 5: English Club, 5: Social Studies Club, 5: Glee Club, 5: Senior Play Com- mittee, 5: Thrift Teller, 5. A18 Tj MW HHH lllll ' fegmss UF1927 ,,.,1gr TIIEHESA HELEN PEHLMUTTEH 4-87 VVatertown St, Newtonville To know how In hialn ones alfilily is greul skill. Terry: Born September 22, 1909: Classical 2 yrs., Stenogzraphic 2 yrs., 333: F. A. Day Junior High: Boston University: English Club, 3: Commercial Club, fl. CLEONE PLACE 286 Ilighland St.. Wlesl Newton Sporlxmunship her aim, pnpulnrilv her rrozvn. Ke:-nie: Born June 28, 1909: Classieal, Peirce Grammar: Skidmore: Alpha Gamma Tau. 2: Alpha Beta. 1, 2: Latin Club, Secre- tary, 1: Class Hoekey, 1, 13: Class Basketball. 3: Varsity Basketball, 33 Manager Basketball. 4: Student. Council, 1, 2, 3: Legislature, 41: English Club, 3. .IUDITH LORRAINE PETERSON 196 Sumner St., Newton Centre Her eyes were large and blue. Judy, Pete: Born August 31, 1910: Classical 333: Girls' Latin: Posse: English Club, 4: Alpha Gamma Tau, 4: Senior Play Committee: Newtonite, 3: Class Hockey, 4: Glee Club, 4-g Social Studies Club, 4. ALICE LILY PLUKSNE 52 Harding St., West Newton She smiled and lhe shadows zlcparled. Pretzel, Al: Born March 18, 1910: Classical, 2 yrs. General, 4 yrs., 333: Girls' Latin: Ur- chestra, 2, 3, -l-: Chorus, 2, 3: lfreneh Club, 3, sl: English Club, 3, 4. CHARLOTTE MARIE PETITMERME'l' 300 Commonwealth Ave., Chestnut Hill Of sluclv look she mosllv rare and heed. Charlie: Born July 12, 19083 Gfnffral 333: High School Vevey, Switzerland: Vesper George: Health Club, 2. EVELYN PORTER 18 Tarleton Rd., Newton Centre I laugh nl all lroublrs. yyrrffrl or small. Ev: Born November 9, 1908: Classical, 2 yrs., Seientific, 1 yr.. General. 1 yr., 333: Mason Grammar: Chilclrens Hospital: Latin Club, 1: French Club, 3: Nlath Club, 3: New- tonian. 4. RALPH EUGENE PEIRCE 602 Centre St., Newton To I1 is own xmvuul and sober Ihouyhlx Gene: Born November 23, 19082 Seientilie 21233: Bigelow Grammar: lVl. A. C., Inter- mediate Football, -lf, 5, 6: Trallie Squad, 'lg Lunch Room Ollir-Eal, 4. LUIS GERALDINE PUTTEII 5171- Albemarle Htl., Vliest Newton 1,I'0IIOI'll0lN'll lo her sirrrflrress. Loie. Gilnpie: liorn July 19. 1909: General 336: F. A. Day .Iunior 7 High: Simmons: Class Basketball, fl: Math Club, il-. WW WHllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllIIlll'lllllllllllllllllll1llllllllIlllllllllllllllV1llllHlllllllllll" IWW' llllllllll lill Will V1lll llllllllllllllwllWllllllllllt'I lllllllllllli'llllillllliM."'llllllll'l W I9 THE N if Will UN IAN llOlil'Ili'l' llAlllilS l'OXYl'fLl. S38 California SL, Newtonvillv IIIDS0IlIl'llIIll'NjIlSlif1V his alrflls. Bob: Born May 29. 1909, Sen-ntilie, 333, English High, llowrloin: Junior N arsity Foot- ball, 2, Il, Y arsity Football Squafl. l. lxA'l'IlliYN LOUISE PURPLE 335 Lake Ave., Newton llighlancls lr! all lhn Iuds ilu'-v smile on mc. lxay, Katy: Born March li, 1909: Classical 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 336: Mason Grammar, Katherine Gibbs School, Spanish Club, 3, fl-, Senior Council, Newtonian, 3, 4, Junior Reception Committee, Alpha Beta, 1. .IUIIN JOSICPII POXYERS 40 Homer St., Newton Centre A quivl worker, always on Ihr job. Javk: Bfrrn Mareh 23, 1909, Classical, 333, Nlason Grammar: M. A. C. GNN l'INYTll SPl'INCl'Ill QUIMBY 79 Xtashington Pk., Newtonville Quivk as ll flash. Gwen: Born .Iune lil, IOO8, Classical 336, I". A. Day Junior lligh, Connecl,icut, English Club, 5, Spanish Club, Sl, 4, 51 Secretary, 4, 5, Girls' Glee Club, 14. 5, Serrelary. 4, 5, Basket- Q b all 3 ll lst b ill 'S z.., 1:-z RICHARD MAIN POVYERS 18 Chase St., Newton Centre llc SIUIIIIS I1 iyh in lhf' heurlx of ull. Dick, Born lllarvh ll, 19083 Seienlilit' 333, Browne anal Nichols, Lehigh University: ln- terluediatc Football. Il, llovkey, 3, Aly, 5, Legislature, 53 Senior Council, 5: tllass Treasurer, 5, lNvwtonian. S. JOHN l'Al5L QUINN 1014 llarvarcl St.. Newtonville All men are f'I'l?1lll'l!l'1lll!l, lull "'1l'Ufl1l'Il.' .lolmnyg llorn June 0, Illtlllg General 33231 Clallin Grammar,Boston l'niv:-rsity, Drama Club, Il. -li, l'illg.KllSllflllllD, fl: tfonlniervialClub, 3, -1: N4-wtonitt-. Il. Ali, Newtonian, -I-1 lfnglish Club Play, li: Football Squad, 2,3g lnLer- llltxtlllllt' lloekey, Cheer lA'atlvr, rl, Alpha Ganuna 'l'au, 1-. .ltbll N Sl MIUN l'll0tI'l'Uli 55 llale St., New ton Upper Falls Def! he ix. lull Il lilllr' Iiglzl-lmfldrzl. Johnn ' Born l'inu'irv "X IOO8' Sei:-nlilic y, . . . b -1, , . , , 32551, Emerson Grammar, Princeton: Football, 2, Il, 4, Baseball, 2, 3, Captain, -1, lloekey, 3, 4. llUlilillT DOUGLAS lll'IINIlAliDT 54 NYabau Ave., lVaban Good srnxf' and good llfllllfl' are never sqiarflled. llob. Tubby, Born August. 5, 1910, Classi- cal 333, Angicr Grammar, Dartmouth, Latin Club, l, Alpha Beta, 2, lit Libris, 3, New- Lonite, 3, Alpha Gamma Tau, 4, Newtonian. -1-, Football Manager, fl. 50 GLASS D QF Il 92 7 MARCUS B. REMICK 27 Sharon Ave., Auburndale Longer Ihan a day wilhoul bread. Micky: Born April 26, 19081 Science 2 yrs., General 2 yrs., 3363 Burr Grammar, New England Conservatory ol' Music: Legislature, 3. 43 Orchestra, 3: English Club, 33 English Club Play, 33 Senior Play, 4. THADDEUS RANEY ROMASZKIEWICZ 38 High St., Newton Upper Falls Silenl buf deep. Romeo: Born September 11, 19063 Busi- ness 2 yrs., Classical 3 yrs., 3363 St. John's Preparatoryg Tufts Dental. WILLIAM WALLACE RHULAND, JR. 259 Pearl St., Newton A man of few words. Bill: Born August 10, 19053 Vocational 21003 River Bend Gramma.r3 Linotype School, N. Y., Constitutional Convention, 13 Traffic Squad, 3g Attendance Proctor, 1. VIRGINIA STEWART ROGERS 37 Fairfield St., Newtonville I fake my pen in. hand-. Ginny, Hoge: Born October 31, 19093 Classical 3363 F. A. Day Junior Highg Eng- lish Club, 3, 43 Math Club, 2, 3, 43 New- tonite, 3, 43 French Club, 43 Library Club, 4. ELIZABETH WEBSTER RICHARDSON 31 Clyde St., Newtonville Oh rn-v! oh me! How much taller would I like lo be. Betty, Bet: Born April 4, 19083 Classical 336Q F. A. Day Junior Highg Skidmore: Eco- nomic Club, 53 Field Hockey, 4, 5: Class Hockey, 3, 4, Captain. 53 Basketball, 53 Tennis 4, 5, Captain, 53 Trallic Squad, 4. LUIGI A. RONDINA 104 Adams Avo., Vllest Newton EfllCfPlll',l' plus. Louie, Ron, Rudy 211113 Born February 10, 1910: Business 3363 F. A. Day Junior High: Commercial Clubg Trallic Squad. NANCY RICHMOND 63 Monadnock Rd., Chestnut Hill Her future will be as her presenl, always smiling. Tinkie3 Born December 25, 1908: Classical 3363 Mason Grammarg WVRBHLOIIQ Newtonite, 3, 43 Newtonian, 43 Class Basketball, 4: French Club, 43 Glee Club, 3, 4, 5, Class Council, 53 Senior Play Committee, 5. HAROLD MUNSON ROOT 25 Braemore Rd., Newton Music is foodfor lhe soul. Harryg llorn October 14, 1008: Scientific 336: F. A. Day Junior Highg Varsity Orches- tra, 1, 2, 3, 43 Band, 2, 3, 4. 11lllwllllllilffl'41'llllllWll Www l it W' lllllll'ill' lili W I 51 THE EDN A BOSS 6 Brewster Bd., Newton Highlands F arelhoughl spares aflcrlhoughl. lid, Eddie: Born May 1-1, 19075 Steno- graphic 336: Cape Breton. N. S.: Boston University: English Club: Commercial Club: glxecutive Committee, 3: Junior Class Council, BICRTIIA RUBIN 61 Jasset St., Newton A still small voire. Babs. Bert, lloney: Born November 2, 1909: Stenographic 2103: F. A Day Junior Highg Boston University: Ncwtonite, 3: Drama Club, 5: English Club, 5: Commercial Club. 5: Drama Club Play, 3. IIORACE BOUNDS 131 Prince St., lVest Newton ll'hen I Imrame a man, I pu! away childish lhings. Born May 7, 1000: Scientific 336, Peirce Grammar: XVest Point: Newtonite, 3, 4: Alpha Gamma Tau, 3: linzlish Club, -1: Drama Club, 45 Drama Club Play, 3: English Club Play, 4. ISADORE RUBIN 61 Jasset St., Newton ll illing lo do his par! Ihough unobserved. Izzy, Born July 22. 1008: General Business 336: F. A. Day Junior Iligh: Boston Uni- versity: Delegate Constitutional Convention, 2: Math Club, 3, 4: English Club, -1: Com- mercial Club, 4: Trallic Squad. 3, 43 Senior Play, 4. JOHN P. BUUSSFIAU 220 Pearl St., Newton Slrong reasons makr- slrong flCliOllS. Johnny: Born April 2, 1008: Business 336: Newton Junior High: Tratlic. 3, 4: Inter- mediate Baseball, 3: Junior Varsity llockey, lg Class Baseball, 2. lNlABY ADELAIDE RUBY 16 llyale St., lNowton llighlands II is lwller In have Iorrd and Iosl, lhan, nerer Io have Iorrrl al nl . Jack, Jackie: Born December 11. 10095 Classical 336: Ilyde Grammar: Smith: Senior Play: Library Club, fl-1 Alpha Gamma Tau, 4: Latin Club. 1: Alpha Beta: Prize- Speaking Contest, 1: Newtonite, 2. lNlABGARlf'1' FLORENCE BOWIE 17 Vineyard Rd. Newton Centre A world of happv days. Peg, Peggy, Bill: Born April 18. 1909: Classical -14 yrs., General I yr., 3363 Mason Grammar, Pine Manor: Newtonilc, 3: ling- lish Club, 5. ROBERT PRATT RUSSELL 40 Shoruclilfe Rd., Newton He did nothing in parlicular, and did il well. Bob. Rusty, Buss: Bom October 29, 19093 Classical 336: Bigelow Grammar: Tufts College: Thrift Teller, 4: Legislature, 4, 5: French Play, 5. , U. V, ,X 1, .1 WU, i u i W Umm WU 1 W M i W 52 'l ww Vw 1 IIII1HlUUNHHHWHIlllllllllllwWilly WllllllllllxulM'illiilllllillilillll CLELSS +G? 1.927 'Wil'Wllwll ll I I RUTH ELEANOR SAMPSON 25 Aberdeen St., Newton Highlands Her sqfl, well-modulaled voice now had a joyful ring. Sammy: Born June 17, 1909: Classical 336: Hyde Grammar: New England Conservatory. ANNIE CECELIA SCHIAVONE 16 Keele Ave., Newton Upper Falls Come nol wilhin lhe measure of my wralh. Ann: Born February 11, 1910: Stenographic 336: Emerson Grammar: Commercial Club: Social Studies Club. RUTH JENIPHER SANDERSON 56 Hartford St., Newton Highlands The unfalhomable "she" Sandy: Born August 5, 1909: Classical 336: Hyde Grammar: Mt. Holyoke: Latin Club, 3: English Club, 3. 4: Math Club, 3, 4: French Club, 4: Library Club, 4. RUTH EDITH SCHLIEPHAKE 47 Richardson St., Newton Silence does nol always gire consent. SleeDY, Oofy, Rutie: Born January 26, 1909: Clerical 336: Bigelow Grammar. FLOYD BRADFORD SAVVYER 26 Boylston Rd., Newton Highlands All musical people seem. lo be happy. Born April 17, 1909: Electrical 2100: Hyde Grammar: Northeastern: Band: Varsity Or- chestra, 1, 2, 3, fl-3 Traffic Squad, 2: Outdoor Concert, 2, 3. JOSEPH HERBERT SEAVER, Jn. 199 Concord St., Newton Lower Falls And all I wanl is a iall ship, and a slar lo sleer her by. Joe, Sergeant: Born January 17, 1909: General, Business 336: Hamilton Grammar: Mass. Nautical: Junior Varsity Hockey, 4: Tralfic Squad, 4. CAROLINE M. SCHADE 51 Harding St., NVest Newton I don'l sludv bul I "aulo." Tootsie: Born February 20, 1909: Clerical 336: F. A. Day Junior High. MYRTLE CONSTANCE SEELEY 448 Highland St., Ncwtonville Bewilching eyes hold everyone in lheir spell. Sis: Born September 17, 19083 Classical I yr., General 3 yrs., 336: Frank A. Day Junior High: Newton Hospital: Thrift Teller, 2. II IWHHHHIIIIllllllllllllllllllllin4H1MHUmrlnilrllflllllildlmmlmmwfin MlllIHIIIHIlIlllllIllHU.HJHI1HHIHllllllllHHNHl1llHHllllllil!lWllllllllllIHill!lllllllNHllllil!NHNHHlllllHH 1llillllllIlllllWllll IIlllIlI IinlilI l7itIHIM'Iljlll llmlllllu, .tllll lv 53 T215 TIE' PVT Ulxllillxl w11.1.l.xM II. slclsucv, Jn. 118 lliglilzmd Sl., Nowtonvillo .-I In ugh is uiorlh fire I,l0lIS!lll!i groans lo mc. Ilill: Born Junuziry 15, 1007: Scivnlilio 411 yrs., flvnorul. I yr.. 3116: I". A. Day Junior Iligll: l lnivc-rslty ol' Mains-5 lndoor Trxick Team, 11, 11. lllI'l'lI JONES SIIAVV 810 Cb:-slnul.S1., XVubun lL'l'1'r VUIIILV ux ll frirrul, doing kind lhinyx 'wilhoul Pllll. Ilntliiug Ilorn Jununry 23, 10111: Clcrivul 21217: llvading .lunior lligli: Nnwlonitv, IS: Il0llllIlf'l"Cl21l Club, 1-. IDOIIOTIIY LOUISIC SIIAHI' 00 lliglllund Avo., Nowlonvillo .rl lhiny of heuulkv is ll joy -fllI'l'l.'l'I'. 'l'oL: liorn Nova-:nbc-r 221, 1000: 'l'cclmia,::il 2 yrs., flvnorul 2 yrs., 21110: Junior lligli: Miss W'lnv4-lo1'k's3 Alplizn llvlu, II. ALICE IC. SIIICRMAN 00 lilm St., NYPSI. N1-w1.on Thou hnsl l'l'l'I' lhv jrwl und lh v hullml. Slu-rry, Al: llorn April 10, 1008: Cl:-rival 31171 Girls' lligll, Ililtillllll l'or1i:1 Law: Com- IlN'1'lYllll Club. lv: I'lXl'1'1lllVl' Counvil, fl. ICVICLYN lVII.lIICI,'NIl'INA SlIK'I'TUCK 271 llpodwzird Sl., lliulmn ll is nxlnnnrling Il'hlll Ihrzl girl rlolh know. llorn Nluy lil, 1010: Classiml 336: l'Ivvrv1.L lligli: Boston llnivvrsity: 31:11.11 Club. JOIIN ICDNVAIID SIIOLICS 2513 Crafts St , Nowtonvillv I ,,l'llSIlI'l' unrl Ill'll'0fl :nuke Ihr hours sm-In xhorl. llluwlvs. Jack: llorn Nlarcli 2-1-, 10003 Ilusinf-ss 1 yr., Colle-go Prep. 2 yrs.. Scientific Il :und lyrs.,Z1f16: I". A. Day Junior Iligh: Afllly Avinlion or Marino Corps: Band. 3, ll: Orclu-stru. -1: Nowtonih-. 1: 'l'lnriI't, 'l'ollvr, -lg Spanish Club. -1-. MARION 1'A'l'HICIA SIIAIIIIIINICSSY 066 Che-stnut St., Newton llppc-r Falls She makes lhem drmrnflhosz- snappy brown rives. Bunny, Gcmrgiv: Born iNIurc'h 20. 1910: Clnssivul 337: Emerson Grnnnnur: Skidmore: lVIuth Club, Sl: Ncwtonito, -1-. IIICNRY AHTIIUR SIIIJTE 28 Bowdoin St., Newton llighlands There is only one prorj ry' abilily-aclion. Art: Born March T, 1908: Classical 337: Ilyde Grammar: VVeslcyan: Latin Club, 3, -1-: French Club, 4: En lish Club, 4, 5: Drama Club, 3, 4, 5: Traflic gquad, 4: Senior Banquet Committee, 4: Football Manager, 4: Drama Club Play, 3, 4: Senior Play, 5: Tennis Team, 5: Newtonian, 4, S. ..l ww WlllWillllllvmlwi WW Wlllnw- QL35, llljljj 1922? i.iillllllllwhi MARJORIE IRENE SISSON 68 Austin St., Newtonville A volume, If read well. Midge, Marge: Born July 24, 1909, Gen- eral 337, F. A. Day Junior High. ARTHUR WILLIAM STANFIELD 260 Langley Rd., Newton Centre He was indeed fhe glass wherein Ihe ,voulh did dress. Artie, Born November 21, 1907, Electrical 2100, Mason Grammar, Northeastern, New- tonite, 3, 4-g High School Associates, 3, Execu- tive Committee, 3, Legislature, 33 Outdoor Concert, 2, 3, 4: Trallic Squad, 2, Class Council, 3, Class Baseball, 2, 3, Class Hockey 2, 3. WALTER EVERETT SNOW 22 Halcyon Rd., Newton Centre Happy as the day is long. Wimp: Bom July 30, 1908: Vocational 2100: Hyde Grammar, Track, 1, Class Hockey, 2, Traffic Squad, 2, Class Baseball. EDITH ABIGAIL STEVENS 20 Walker St., Newtonville She slrires for high goals. Edie, Steve: Born May 28, 1909: Classical 337: F. A. Day Junior High, Simmons, Varsity Baseball, 1, Class Basketball, 1, 4: Glee Club, 1, 4, English Club, 3, 4, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3, 4. NORMAN WESTWOOD SOULE 28 Manet Rd., Chestnut Hill Doing nothing with a great deal of skill. Westy, Born July 8, 1907, Scientific 3375 Huntington Grammar, M. A. C., Swimming Team, 4, 5, Manager Baseball, 5. MARGARET HELEN STORER 128 Cabot St., Newton Full of sunny cheer. Peg, Peggy, Born February 23, 1910, Classical 3 yrs., General 1 yr., 337: Girls' High, Boston, Skidmore, Math Club, 4, Class Basketball, 4. ROBERT GOLDWIN SPRAGUE 25 Church St., Newton Vllhal should a man do bul be merry. Bob, Born May 27, 1909, Classical 337, Bigelow Grammar, Bowdoin, Math Club, 3, 4, Senior Play Committee, 5, Class Base- ball, 1, 2, French Club Play, 3. RALPH VICTOR STOUT 219 Lincoln St., Newton Highlands Men of few words are the besl. Vic, Born August 18, 1908, Classical 337, Hyde Grammar, Wesleyan, Baseball Squad, 5, Baseball Intermediate, 4, Newtonite, 4, 5, Sport Editor of Newtonian: Math Club, 4. JJ Will HH!NlllWlllIHlIVVHIIIIIIIIIUIIIIIIIIIIIIHJIWHIlNHllHUVIHllllllllllllllllllHHHVHHHM' lllll!lllT'l'llIHlllllWillNlllllllllllllli7"lllllNlHllfllllllllll' 'lllllllf'lllllllllllllllfi W'l""lWW Wllf 1. nf- V 1 Q!! . " .1 .11 EQ If E757 T Q EE' 1 A EY HORACI-I CLINTON STUART 21 Harrington St.. Xewtonville The load become: Huh! :rhirh is chefr1'uFI-.- borne. ' I I Sis-nie: Born Sc-ptembvr 13. 1902 Business 332 F. A. Day Junior High: Boston l'niver- sity:4Busineas 3I3..D3fZG' Senior Play. 5: Com- mercial Club. 3: Sorial Studies Club. 5: Leg- islature. 5: Pentahhlon. 3. 4: Indoor and Uutdf'-or Track. 2. 3. 4. THOMAS Sl'l'CI.IFl-'li 30 Richardson St.. Xevdon The budding rose ri bog hood. Sui: Bgrrn August T. If-NWT: Scif-ntitic 337: Bigelow Grammar: Bl I. T.: Basf-ball. I. 2. 3. 4: Track. 1: Math Club. ALICE MARIE SILLIYAY 253 Winchester St.. Xewlon Highlands Thg l77'f'df.i'f'- if a candle fc. fhy meril. Al: Born July IT. 1909: Clerical 337: lly-ie firammarz Commercial Club. 4. JAB1l:3 GILNIAN SWVAIX 315: Walnut St.. Nevdunville .4 mcrr-5 j'fIIcru-rfwsc-quenjlg poodfcllr-11. Jim. Jimmy: Born lovemlyffr 2. 1002: Sc-if-ntifir 337: F. A. Day Junior High: H. l. . Law Sfh'-ol: Math Club. 4: Band. 5: 'I'raf-k. 4. 5. HELEY FILEEY SIQLLIYAX 12 Albion Pl.. Xevrton Ca-ntrf? .4 '11 ug- .1 flux'-fu.: and happy. Sully: Born Nmwi-mlbar 9. 1903: Classical 'I yrs.. Grnf-ral I 337: Mason Gramxnarz Simmons: Clay Basketball. 4. 3: Varsity Ur- chfstra I. 2. 4, 5: Senior Girls' Glae Club. Fri F.n:lish Club. 5: llath Club. 3. 4. 5: Spanish Club. 5: S-1-cial iludies Club. 5. W Il.l"REI3 SV' ANN 'Y TI Charlrmom St.. XPWTDD Highlari ls if fwcf is one ZH! 7i"fUf5 'hz' :A-'. Al. Will: Rom X-ini-mls-r 4.7l9lfN: Sr-if-mit. 21271 Br--Q-Llinf? llxgh' Alpha mamma lim. .2 .IUIIX JOSEPH SI'I.I-lYAY li Chandlf-r Pl.. Xeuton lzpper Falls .-1 mat rg' cliff fi: j-fwfrdfzjf Gnu' cfmfzdff. fVlT7'lfl?'f'UI1'S. Sully: Born Junva 20. 194i7':41 Busines HIT: Emerson Grammar: Clay President Busine-5- 1: Chairman Prize Speaking: Xewtc-nitf-. 1. 2: Alpha Gamma Tau. 4: English Club. 4: Vwmmerr-ial Club. T. 4: Treasurer. 4: S-fia! Sm-iizs Club. 4: S'-ni.:-r Play iiul'1lH'lilI"" DUHUTIIY ETHEI. SWIEATT lil Varx-r Hd.. XPRTOII Hixhlarids SM Ev-'-in hot: so b:1:: W... IW'-t. Di-:tim Bom January 21. 1900: 1 'lasiczal SHIRT: Hyde hralnmarg Simmons: I'-rf-urh'CluI-. 2: Suvial Studiffs Klub. 4: New- tfvnixe, 4r Giles Club, 4. I l l CLASS DF 1927 GLADYS ENSOR SNVEATT 85 Crescent St., Auburndale Her laughing eyes dispel lhe gloom. Glad: Born' September 28, 1909: Clerical 337: Burr Grammar: Commercial Club: Social Studies Clubg Senior Council. PRISCILLA ALDEN TIIAYER 37 Evergreen Ave., Auburndale I never saw a girl so brighl, she laughs all day and lhen all nighl. Pat, Cillag Born November 7, 1907: Cleri- cal 337: Burr Grammar: Commercial Club, 4. EDMUND ALDRICH SYMONDS 75 Crofton Rd., Wlaban Lel the world slide. Ned, Rutz: Born November 30, 1908: Scien- tific 3373 Albert E. Angier Grammar: Dart- mouth: Intermediate Football, 33 Varsity Football, 4: Nlath Club, 23 Spanish Club, 23 Legislature, 1, 23 Hi-Y, 5. DAVID SANFORD THOMPSON 1090 Walnut St., Newton Highlands' Common sense is nol a common lhing. Dave, Da: Bom May 22, 1909: Classical 337: Hyde Grammar: Dartmouth: Math Club, 3. CLARA ESTI-IER TEMPERLEY 85 Thurston Rd., Newton Upper Falls Why lulk you so, woman? Sis: Bom May 28, 19101 Classical 337: Emerson Grammarg Framingham Normalg French Club, 3, 4: Math Club, 3, 4g Social Studies Club, 43 Glee Club, 4: Thrift Teller, ZS, -lg Newtonite, 3. DOROTHY DEWHURST THOMPSON 1090 Walnut St., Newton Highlands Her mind is an ocean of lhoughl. Dot, Tommy: Born May 22. 1909: Classi- cal 337: Hyde Grammar: Mt. Ilolyokeg English Club, 3, 43 Math Club, 3, -L: Newton- ite, 4: Library Club, -1-: Latin Club. 1. 2, 33 Social Studies Club, 43 Alpha Beta, 1, 2. MAE l'IL'l'I-IEA TERRIO 29 Faxon St., Newton Give me slzimrner-ing gowns and a funluslic foe. Terry: Born May 10, 1909: Clerical 335: F. A. D. Junior High: Boston University: Commercial Clubg English Cluh3 Senior Play. .IOSICPII RICHARDSON THOMPSON 1116 Yvalnut St., Newton Highlands Say, hare you heard lhis one? Joe: Born December 2, 1907: Scientilie 3383 llyde Grammar: Varsity Hockey, 3, 4, 5. lllll it ilwilll1llllllllllllllllll ll 7 it will WWWlfllll' 'lllll'lvlllf -f- JA full,v'.s' ull llzrjv luurfhl mf, Club, Zig Commercial Club, fl-. THE N EJ WT UN IA N MARY KA'l'HlCRlNl'I TIIURNTUN ' " I9-lt Auburn SL., Auburnclalu .Al riml of Ihr' llfglllfngnlv. Kay: Born Juno 25, 1010: Crm-ral 1137: llurr Granunarg Normal School, Glcc Club. MAIIIAN lCDl'l'll TUIKHICNS 30 llovcy St., Watertown Itrvl hair. pep. and good fun. llmhlz Born .luly ll-, H1083 llmlvral 3381 l'rac'tu'ul Arts lligllg Boston Normal Art: lle lltln Vlub " ,. ft . , ... Nl NHIUIN LUN ICIAND 'l'l Xllllli 2205 lliglxlancl A vo., Host Ncwton II: Il' lll'iHl'llIll:llIIll mirlhful Ihr' ligfhl of luv' l'AVl'S. 'l'inlmiv. Nl. 'l'.1 Born January 30, lflllflg Clussirzil 25355: llyzlv liI'illllllltIK'Q Conu1'4'li4-ut llnllvuvg Sovizil SllIlll1'Sfilllll. l. l,l'lUNAlllJ HUULIJ 'l'lllNYllllllNllC Ii Xl arrvn 'l'vr., Newton fluntru .Yum I l'llllVlt'NS U10 murl' I know, I lcnuu' I know Ihr' lfnvv. l,1'n, 'l'ruw3 llurn .luly T, llllllk Svivnltilim' 12 yrs.. Business Il yrs., 32115: Nlasun lil'2lllllIltlI'1 XM-nlwortli luwLil.uts-g lnlurin1:tlint.v llaserlmll. Il, l"ootb:1ll, 3. lllilllltlli Wll,lAllD 'l'llXIl,lNIStlN tll0 xY1ll!'l'LUNVll St., llicst. Nnwton .Uv rmlv lumlcx mrfrr' ll'lIIlltlIl'N looks, 111111 llapg liorn February 26, llltltlg llusinc-ss 3383 l". .-X. Day .luuior llighg lioston l'niv0r- sity. lili'l'll Gl'Ill'l'llllDIi 'l'UliYl'Ill 05 Bridge- Sl., Nuxvlouvillv lhfrk tives arf' rlellrcr fur, llum llwsz' lhul nmrl: Um I1 wzcinlhs. liorn Nluy 1212, IOUTQ Clcrivul 32582 Stearns t Hrurnluurg Boston Univ:-rsily: l,,lUlYllllffl'ClZll Club, -I. lll'Il.l'IN NIAllll.kllli'l' TOUNIISS l 103 Nvwtouville Avo., Nnwtou ' No! slapping o'f'r the bounds rj rnodvsly. llorn .luly Ill, l908g Stunograpllit: 3383 llrincs- Struct Svllool, l'. H. I., Can.: l':l'lglISll RUTH GEHTHUDl'I UFFORD 231 Central St., Auburnrlale How calm and firm and true. Sonny: Born Juno I6, 19093 General 3385 Burr Granunar: Varsity Orchestra, -l-, 53 lland, 4, 51 Girls' Cleo Club, Student Council, 3, Senior Play CllH1IIllLl0l3Q Newtonian Stall: Prize-Speaking Comluitteeg EllgllSll Club, Library Club: Legislature HI CLASS DF 1327 IGVERETT LYMAN UPIIAM, Jn. 189 Ml. Vernon St., WVest Nvwton Nom' know nm as I know nzyself, Junic: Born Dccf-mbcr 26. 1908: Classical 3383 Peirce Grammar: Bowdoin, Track, IS. li: Social Studies Club, 5. ANN IIC RITA X ISCOIC T3 Allison St.. Nvwlon Full of yvnllr' kirlrlrwss Anncg Born .lanuflry 5, 10103 Clvrival 35131 F. A. Day Junior lligbg Commn-rc-ial Club, li. .l AIN ICE PUMIZROY I IPIIA NI -11141 VVooslwarrl SI. , XVaban Known and lilwfl htv ull. .lang Dorn F1-bruary 23. 1000: Classical. Cf-ucral. 121051 Angie-r Grammar: Miss NN'lu'+-lovk'sg Class Ilasf-ball. l: N1-wlonile-, 3. M A Y J. VI ILPE 21 Nonanlum Pl., Na-wlon Siu' was flwrlc-!1r11'1'f'rl l1lll'k-f',V0il'f, xnvh rlfzrk www. From-hy: Iiorn May IIT, 10083 Sir-nugraplnir' 338: lligf-low Grammar: Class Council. fl: Class l'I'u-cuiivu Iloarrl, lg Class Social Com- rnitlm-, 14: Drama Club, Il, lg Drama Club Play, 3: Social Studios Club. li: l10Il1Y1li'I'f'l1ll Club, Iixocutivr- Board, I-1 S4-uior Play, li. ELI N1 DR ICDNVINA VALICNITIE 27 1vlIlI'll4'Sl.PI' lid., N1-wton So xmfrfl qffrnrr, .such fllljlfl qrrlrr. Dandy. Iirlrlivg Born August 25. 10003 Class- ical 3 yrs.. Cvnvral I yr.. 31373: F. A. Day .lunior Club. High, Simmons, Fl'l'Ill'll Club, GI:-0 ISLANCIIIC IIELIQNA NVALTICH I0 Fcrn St., Auburnflalo Hurd ln know, lnzl l'llXxV lu like. Prog Born December 0, 1909, Classical 3383 Burr Grammarg MI. Ilolyokeg Latin Club, 3, English Club. li: French Club, -L1 Math Club, 43 Legislature-, I.. VIRGINIA BLANCIIAIID VINING ll- Lowell Avc., Nfwwlonvillo Sha' mnnul fudv. Gin, Ginny: 'Born Svptcnibnr 7, 1008, Classical 3 yrs., Gvncral I yr.. 338, F. A. Day Junior High: Ilrallforrl College, Social Studies Club, 4g Alpha Gamma Tau, 4-1 Class Basket- ball, 2, -Lg Class Baseball, 33 Class Volley Ball, 3. IIICLICN STOREH VVARD 110 Wood End Hd., Newton Highlands Slalelvv and lull, she nmres lhrough the hall. Wardicg Born December 21, 1909: Classical 338: Vineland Iligh School, N. J.: Smith, English Club, -l-3 Library Club, 4-1 Social Studies Club, 'lg Senior Council, 4-3 Senior Play, 4-. U' IlI'I!IIIlIIIlllIIllHllillIll'Hlll'lMMW1 N N 1 WW I W 1 iw' KU U.JQ?.EE NEfSf17'T1Q3FTIAlN Vt BUTHENA FRANCES VVABBEN 24 Mountfort Rd., Newton Highlands lfViIh malice loward none, uvilh rharily for all. Tena, Thena, Tene, Ruth: Born April 12, 1910: Classical 3383 Hyde Grammar, Mt. Holyoke: Library Club, 4, Latin Club, 1. 2, 33 Alpha Beta, 2, English Club, 3, 4, Math Club, 3, 4, Basketball, 5. FIVELYN TARBIDA WIIITTEMOBE 441 VVard St., Newton Centre l'Ve know fha! she' knows. Ev: Born April 26, 19093 Classical 3383 Bigelow Grammarg Connecticut College, Alpha Beta, 1, 2: English Club, 43 Social Studies Club, 4: Senior Play Committee, 45 Class Basketball, 13 Newtonite, 3, 4. JOHN EDVVIN VYAKEFIELD 55 Prescott St., Newtonville I um not in Ihe roll of common men. Johnny, Jacky Born hlarch 26, 19105 Classical 338g F. A. Day .lunior High: Har- vard: Drama Club, 233 Swimming, 3, 4, Stage Manager Faculty Play. 4. RACHEL WILDER 6-l llomer St., Newton Centre There is but one with whom she has heart io be guy. Bayg Born October 9, 1908, General 338, The Lee School, Castle School, Math Club, 41. MABTIIA DAXYSON WAYBRIGHT 66 Harvard Ave., Newtonville Her eyes are sunlil hazel. Illardag Born December 5, 1906, General 3.38, F. A. Day Junior Highg Boston Univer- sity. BYRON DOUGLAS VVILKEBSON 43 Woodcliffe Hd., Newton Highlands A laqv boy and u warm bed are hard lo part. By, Wilkie. Baby-face: Born October 1, 1907: Business 3318, Hyde Grammarg Uni- versity ol' Pennsylvaniag Student Council, 1, 25 Legislature, 23, -'lg Social Committee, 3, 4, 5, Trallic Squad. 3, -lg Freshman Football, Hockey, Baseball: Intermediate Football. Hockey, Baseball, 3, 4, Varsity Football, Hockey, 5. HOBACE HARRISON Wl'lI'l'l5 112 Brayton Bd., Brighton I Iried and lricd, bu! only for noughl. llossy, Heah: Born December 12. 1008: Scientific 338: Bigelow Grammar: Wesleyan: Legislature, 5, Newtonite, 53 Trallic Squad, 4: Track Squad, 1, 2, 4: Track Manager, 51 Math Club, 4g Class Baseball, 1, 2g Inter- mediate Baseball, 3, 45 Varsity Baseball, 5. NlYB'l'Lli OLIVE NVILLIAMS 36 Dix-kermau Bd.. Newton Highlands True Us slrel. Spuflsg Born Nlarch ll. 1907, General Silt: Watertown Junior High, Boston Normal f r . , .. 1 .tt ,, ,V ,W , qt,,w.,wt,... .tam ,.,,.,.,..,,. li' 1 . .tWvtVt .W wWi'ifN""'3 lwm,.vt,:t1t1t1.ttMtttf',Q1,tm'lf'Wilt'. WIN H 'tl My t , MMIII,WH'WWW'IW ,MNH it t 00 CLASS QF 1927 CARLETON RICHARD NVILLIANISON 93 Bellevue St... Newtonville Here dwells nofrown nor anger. Blondy: Born June 20. 1909: Electrical 2100: Bigelow Grammar: Northeastern: Traffic Squad, 2. 3, 4: Class Baseball, 2, 3: Class Hockey, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club, 2, 3, 4. JANIES ELNIER XVOODXVARD 106 Auburn St., Auburndale His flPl'SOI1f1ll-lj' will win '11-fllflllllf. lYoody. Eller. Finnegan: fBorn July 28, 1909: Vocational 2100: Burr Grammar. ARTHUR THEODORE WILLSON -16 Royal St., XYatert,own In company ll very plemmnlfellou-. Art: Born December 22. 1909: Vocational 2100: Junior High. Yliatertownz Track: Junior Varsity Hockey: I.e,c,'islat,ure: Class Baseball: Glee Club: Traffic Squad. FRANK HOLDEN IYOOLXVAY 60 Crescent. Ave., Newton Centre Slrrmge lo lhe world he wore a bashful look. Shauno: Born April 2, 1909: Scientihc 338: NIason Grammar: Intermediate Baseball: Alpha Beta, l, 2: French Club, 4. FAITH ELIZABETH XVING 15 lllafznolia Ave,, Newton Fuilh is fine. Faithes: Born July 5, 1908: Classical 338: Bigelow Grammar: Art School: Class Secre- tary, 2: Newtonian Staff. 4, 5: Senior Play Committee, 5: Newtonite Staff, 3: Class Hockey, 1. 2. 3, 4: Hockey Squad, 5: Class Basketball, 1, 2, 3:Squad, 5:Tennis Squad, 5: English Club, 5. CHESTER ELTON XVRIGHT 24 Nlechanic St., Newton Upper Falls I envy no mrm lhnl knows more lhan myself. Chet: Born October 25, 1910: Business. Stenographic 338: lValtham North Junior High: Drama Club, 3, 4: Commercial Club: Drama Club Play, 3: Newtonite. ELIZABETH ANNE VVOOD 2039 Commonwealth Ave., Auburndale .lusl as high as my henrl. Tim, Tiny: Born July 31, 1908: General 338: Burr Grammar: Normal School. DOROTHY ALLARD VVRIGHT 24 Mechanic St., Newton Upper Falls For no name fils lhy nnlure bul llzine own. Dot, Born November 4. 1909: Stenographic 338: North Junior lligli. lValtham: Com- mercial Club, 4: Drama Club.4: English Club, 4: Home Economics Club. 3, 4: Secretary, 4. lil T513 N Ei' WT 911113111 ' LAURA MAE WRIGIIT 122 Howe Ter., Auburndale So winsome and bonny. 1Vriglitieg Born July 5, 19093 Clcrical 338, Natick High: Committee Svnior Banquet, 3, Commercial Club, 4. 38 Danicl St., Newton Centre liul lm lllysvlf. Rockland Iligh. l'Al'l. EDWIN B1iNNl'IT'l' N. PICABL YOUNG Born Sc-ptvmber 8, 19071 Gene-ral 3383 17 Dullivld ltd., Auburndale Some men who lake lhings msv gel lnken for easy lhings. IH-tc: Born F1-bruary 2-lr. 1909: Business 317: Edward 1,it.t.le Junior High, Auhurln, Me.: llnivfersity ol' Mainz-3 Football 2, 3: 'l rallic- Squad, 22, 3, Commercial Cluh, A13 Assistant to Attendance Supervisor, 1. lxl.-NBA 1"lSlxl'I BILL 61 1Vcst.hournu lid., Newton Centre A sm ile f ur Ncrylmflv. Billy: Born .lunc 22, 1909, Classical 1 yr., Gcnf-ral 3 yrs., 3173 Chestnut Hill, Miss Pierce-'s Svvrctarialg Math Clulr: linglisln Club: N1-wtonitv, 3, Ll. VIVA CYN'l'1llA BUSIIXVAY She is much inflined ln lallc wllh mzmkinrl. Bunny: Born July 10, 19083 Fine Arts 3203 Junior High School. 258 Prince St., XVcst Newton A1.llIli CNNDICI.-X 18 Kei-fo Avc., Ncwton llppor Falls 1l'ilh mulive louvzrrlx nonr. Al, Born S1-ple-nilwr 3, 19093 Stonographic 320, limorson Grammar: Boston University! C0HllIlHl'f'i1ll Clllb- A1,ll1l-I .lli1,1.-5. CONWAY 7311 Boylston St., Newton llighlands .fl nwrry hmrl nmkelh a rlzcerjlll cnunlvnanrc. Al, Born 11:-vunilwr 29, 1909, Stvnographio 321, Girls' lligh School. 1"l1lfl3l'IlllClx Bl lll'l' tIU11i1.l'1S llard lo lr-urn lo know, lml well worlh while. 1-I1 llancock St., Auburndalc Fred, Born April 5, 19083 Sciontilic 321, Fairliavun Iligh School, Pomona College, California. ST A N Ll'lY 11X lx lill .-l youd f rivml lu owryorze. 11llClU'I'. llalw, .lot-1 Born Scptvnihcr 7, 1908: Vocational 2100, Bovorly llardie t Squad, tilt-0 tilulx, .1OSlil'll LYNX 14'U1llS'1'Al,L Nora' llul lm mn lm h is parallel. 51 lligh St , Newton lfppcr Falls lrammarg Football Squad, Track 208 Auburn St., Auhurndalo 111101 Born .lanuary l, 1908, Classical 3222, Burr tlrarnlnar: llarvard, Football, 2, 3, 1. lfl,lZ'XBl'I'l'll lltll,l,1S Noni' nmrc sllvnl Hum lhe S,llIll0Il'.V. 90 Ntashingzton St., Nc-wton l,ihlny: Born Nlay 30, 1908: Classical 329, Bigt-low Grammar, Nvcllcslc-yy lN1alhCluh, 2, 3: Fivld Ilovlwy, lg llookcy Squazl. Il. 1. 51 Class llovkvy, 1,3,-1.5. l"1iA'XClS tl. XIHNAIIAN llilurlly is Ihr- spin' of lll'1'. 36 B1-nnington St.. Newton Xlivkvy: Born July 7, 19073 Scicntilic, Businr-ss 332g Bigelow Grammar, Boston Univ1'rSltY2 B2lS9bllll, 1- C KB Xl l'IlA l'1l,lZABl'I'l'l1 SUPINO Thou will scoff ul pain. 109 Frf-vman St., Auburndalr-. tfarmy: Born xllVt'lll1lt'1' 16, 19085 Stcuographir' 3373 Burr tlrammarg Frcshman Prize-Speaking Committvc. 1lltIllAllll .IUIIN NX1'I1A1l1 N01 lzcfzzwzly, nnl holy, lull jus! pluln rlrzgellr. 61 Broadway, New ton ville Dil-ll, tiara: Born F4-hruary 4, 1908, Classical 3383 F. A. Day Junior Ilighg Boston College, Alpha Gamma Tau, 3 ' 3111 Elllemuriani Q lillilliam iflanmzll 13211121111 1Bieh Hlanuarg 12, 1925 ln: NINQEf.FEEiliI T'WE.1iVl.J'I-SE'WEN History of the Senior Class By DONALD L. CHARLTON EVER has any class seen a greater change in Newton High School during its four year career than the class of 1927. VVhen it first entered in the fall of 1923 there were three separate schools. the Classical, the Technical, and the Vocational, housed in two buildings and under separate administration. The campaign for a new gymnasium was just getting into full swing and ajoke, to be timely, had to contain a reference to the antiquity of the "drill-shed." The class graduated from one unified high school. The enlarged campus now boasts another building within whose walls are situated a large gymnasium, a modern cafeteria, and several class- rooms of the most up-to-date type. The important events of the first year may be rapidly summarized. The Technical section elected John Sullivan, presidentg Ellen Kenefick, vice-president, Edna Laubner. secretary: and Paul Shannon. treasurer. VVhen the Classical group was organized later in the year. Edgar War- ren was elected presidentg Agnes Hartridge, vice-president, Virginia Spurrier, secretary, and Charles Benson, treasurer. The Freshman Prize-Speaking Contest held in the Technical School was won by Edna Laubner with Thomas fNlacDaniels, second. Beyond this little can be said. for the activities of a freshman class are always limited. The beginning of the second year found an older and more experienced group returning to a now unified school. Gone were the three divisions of the past years and the former distinctions which they created. A new system of student government had to be formed before elections could be held or clubs organized. Delegates from all classes met and drew up the Constitution under which the student affairs of the school are now managed. The elections held in January under this new regime, resulted in the selection of Edgar VVarren, as presidentg Bartlett J ewell, as vice-presi- dentg Virginia Spurrier, as secretaryg and Charles Casey as treasurer. April hrst of this year saw the ground broken for the new building, from which we are proud to have had the honor of being the first class to graduate. Club activities during these first two years were necessarily limited. However, in the Alpha Beta. Latin Club, and Boys' Science Club, and to a smaller degree in some of the bigger clubs which admit underclassmen of unusual ability, notable work was carried on. The officers chosen at the polls in October of the junior year were Wfilliam Cummings. presi- dent: Paul Nason. vice-president, 1Nfarion Bonner, secretaryg and Alfred Guzzi. treasurer. Harold Andres was elected treasurer of the Newton High School Associates. In Januaryofthat year the class held its first gym dance, the annual Feminine Follies which is traditionally given under the management of the junior class. Toward the end of the year, the juniors and those. who by electing to take a five-year course had joined them from the class of 1926. gradually took over the senior responsibilities for which they had been preparing themselves. In all the major upper class clubs, members of 1927 had been gaining experience previous to taking control of affairs. Several went far in the English Club Prize-Speaking Contest in which Edna Laubner took third place, and some took part in the major offering of the Drama Club. "Monsieur Beaucaircf' Chosen juniors ushered at the senior graduation and helped in the management of the senior banquet. As the result of the balloting last fall, William Cummings served this year as president of the Newton lligh School Associates with Leonard Clark as clerk and Harold Andres as boys' vice- presidcnt. The class officers this year were Nfilliam Benger, president, Marion Bonner, vice- president: Lloyd Osborne, secretaryg and Richard Powers, treasurer. The first social affair of the year and the first dance to be given in the new gymnasium was the annual senior gym dance held in January. The class play, "The Admirable Crichton" by Sir James Barrie. followed early in February. Ernest. Hapgood and Helen Ward played the leading roles. The Senior Prom. the biggest social affair in the school,with the possible exception of the senior banquet. was hcld in the gymnasium on the evening of May 7. tifi 'J.JHE'. 3UE'S1VTfO1YII5l.1Yl T ll lt was early in the month of February that the sudden death of Coach Alfred W. Dickinson occurred. To attempt to express the sorrow of the school would be futile. Sullice it to say that "Coach Dick" will always be to us the prototype of the clean-living American athlete. teacher, and man. ln attempting to review the club and other non-athletic activities in which members of the class of l92T have taken part, it would be impossible to touch everything or to mention the name of each person whose work has been notable. Moreover, these items have already been recorded elsewhere in this book. Therefore, we will mention only the most outstanding here. The linglish Club. the oldest in the school, under the leadership of YVilliam Renger.conducted the annual prize-speaking contest during the month of April. George lNlacNeil took the lirst prize: Xlarjorie Rolster the second, and Robert Kretschmar third, in this competition. The Drama tflub, of which Ernest Hapgood was president, managed the production of the 'iPrince and the Pauperf' which dedicated the new auditorium. The senior class as a whole was invited to hear the debate which the newest, organization, the Social Studies Club, gave. Other clubs, such as the French Club. the Alpha Gamma Tau, and others, have done notable work with and for the seniors, but that may be found elsewhere. The largest and most comprehensive of activities is the Newtonite. Although no member of this class ever held the position of editor-in-chief, many served in high positions. Last year, Philip C. Ahern was sports editor and this year. managing editor. Virginia Rogers was copy editorg Donald Charlton and later Mary Olcott, editorial editorsg Paul Nason, cartoon editor: and Arnold Nichols business manager. Edgar Kent was editor-in-chief of the Orange Rook. The same policy which has been used for clubs must necessarily be used for athletics. During the entire career of the class of 1927 the ice hockey teams have been the outstanding success in sports. having twice won the league championship and once having been one of three teams tied for it. and runner-up in the other two years. The seniors who have shown brilliantly on this team are Joseph Thompson, Jolm Proctor, llarold Andres, and Richard Powers. The football team. al- though it did not have as spectacular a success, was worthy of the school. Xndres, who captained the team, must again be mentioned. Leonard Clark. Joseph Forristal, llarold Macy and many other seniors starred in this sport. On the baseball team the work of Proctor, the captain. Andres, Stout. hlcflleary, and others is worthy of Commendation. VVallace lfullerton, captain of the indoor track team, was the outstanding star in the track and field sports. Edward Hammond w as captain of the outdoor track team. The most notable aecomplislmient among the various minor sports was the work of Lloyd Osborne, who captained the swimming team year before last and who was invincible among schoolboys in the one and two hundred yard races. The girls' athletics, although not so extensive, were as successful as the boys. Marion Frost, captain of the field hockey team, won a place on the All-Boston Public School Field Hockey Team. lillen Chase. Rita lXlcClellan, Betty Richardson, Virginia Hodder, and Carol Eaton were members of the varsity team for more than one year. Marion Frost. Betty Richardson. Yirginia llodder. Ellen Chase, Faith Wing, and Gwenyth Quimby were the best of the seniors at basketball. There are many other things and other persons who might be mentioned here. but they must be passed over. Nlention must be made, however, of thc faculty. The person who does not complain about some one of the teachers or who does not try to put something over on them is not to be found. The class of 1927 has not been an exception to the rule. yet. on its g.fl'Zldll3tl0Tl day. it wishes to go on record that it does really appreciate the work that has been done for it. i- it 1- 1 i. , , 1. "W, i, ii. i .xc ii ,ti . ci , ii ii. , i'iiie1,u,,, ii..ii,,,i,..ii . , U: ' i" llc 'T will ' . 'Ill' ill. 'lu l ill. i1ill'i...lilll-'Mlml.. l' ill l'l,.. Jlllm! il' will .mt elm wviili l rs t x ' friVLFJ'1YIffJN'fJ5jEfVENa km-I .,--1-Ji ' I-I J -J.: -4 -' .vgmlj fri-QU U3 ,l THE N Ei' WT QNJAN Junior Class Officers Puynr' Spurrivr Galchvll Spain l,I't'SI.dt'llf, NYUVIIIHII Payne Junior Class Officers Vice-I'rf'si1Icr1l, Frzmk Spain Tf'UOSlll'l'l', Crvighton ilzaivlwll Sccrvlary, Virginia Spurricl fzfm 1YI11EfQE,T3E1YI JljilllffjlxlkllifeijlfiiVfjlxl History of the Junior Class By BARBARA JOHNSON IIE class of 1928 was the first to enter after the unification of the three separate schools - Classical, Technical. and Vocational, into one Newton High School. Now, as our next to last year draws to a close. we look with satisfaction and pride on our underclass days. The three years have been happy ones. I know no way to judge the future but by the past. Let us cast a glance backward so that by reviewing our past successes, we may gain cour- age to make our senior year the greatest. As freshmen, we were fortunate. Even the sophomores could not make us too conscious of our ignorance, for every one was more or less mixed-up in the new arrangement. The elections of class officers and of club appointments were delayed because of the late assembling of the Constitutional Convention. It was not until January that we elected Robert Tracy, presidcntg Elizabeth Pratt, vice-president: Donald Burns, secretary: and Elizabeth E. Curtis, treasurer. In our sophomore year, the balloting which took place the last of October resulted in the election of Robert Tracy, president of the classg NVilliam Stumpf, vice-president: Jerry R. Angino. secretaryg and Ruth J. Holbrook, treasurer. Nils Ilolmstrand later replaced Stumpf. who left during the school year. In April, the girls won the annual gym meet, a splendid feat for sopho- mores. On hlay seventh, the class sponsored a gym dance, which was a great success. In a June assembly the class scholarship prize was awarded to Virginia XVillard. who had the remark- able record of sixteen "As" and three In the third year, the new juniors add to their ranks those who are taking the five-year course and have dropped from the preceding class. Early in the school year. Norman H. Payne was chosen president of the junior classg Frank Spain, vice-president: Virginia Spurrier. secretary, and J. Clinton Roper, treasurer. After Roper left school, his place was filled by Creighton Gatchell. Later on. Catherine Stone added a feather to the cap of the juniors by her splendid performance in the title role of "The Prince and the Pauperf' Robert Kretschmar also gave proof of his acting ability in the same. In the spring, the Orange Book staff was organized. As usual. it was comprised entirely of juniors. Brandon Marsh was elected editor-in-chief. The girls of '28 again won the gym meet. On April eighth, five juniors, together with four seniors, competed for the prize-speaking cups. The five were Marie McGrath, Robert Kretschmar. Catherine Stone, Louis P. Perry, and Beatrice H. Piser. Kretsohmar, whose subject was "Lincoln and the Constitutionf' was awarded third prize. Those juniors who have held important positions on the Newtonite are: Edmund F. Mc- Laughlin, editor-in-chiefg Joseph A. L. Russo, assistant editor-in-chief, news staff editor, Laurence C. Jenksg assistant editor, VV. Bradford Gove: literary staff editor, David Scott: sports stall' editor, Benjamin C. Boweng assistant editors, P. Sidney Carterg business staff managers, Charles Kirk- patrick, Robert Kretschmar, Dorothy Shute, Barbara King. The junior class may well boast of its athletes. First and foremost of these are Frank J. Spain and Frank R. Stubbs. Both are three-letter men and have played on the hockey team since freshman year. Those who have won major letters are: Football: Stanley C. Brown, Romaine B. Cole, Creighton Gatchell, Joseph E. Gilligan, Norman Il. Payne, Leighton L. Reimer, Everett Scheinfain, Frank J. Spain, Frank R. Stubbs. Baseball: Spencer Dellille, Creighton Gatchell, Elmer B. Lindquist, Frank J. Spain, Frank R. Stubbs, Edgar VV. Warren, Arthur R. VVilson, Donald YVilson. Indoor track: Romaine B. Cole, Edward H. Ebelhare, John J. llession. Hamilton F. Koll- meyer, Malcolm B. Reed Ccaptain-electl, Richard NV. Reynolds. Swimming: Ilarold T. Lodge, Kenneth J. Merrill Ccaptainj. Doris Eyre, ex-'28, won the fall tennis tournament. Girls who have won varsity letters arc: Basketball: Gladys Brown. Elizabeth Clark tmanager-electj, Chelise Cook tcaptainj. Eleanor Davis, Priscilla Dennett, Emily Dunleavy. Gladys Jerauld. Hockey: Emily Dunleavy, Gladys Jerauld, Emily Kenderdine, Virginia Spurrier. Marion Vthittaker. oT L7.!.JflE !FJ'E'SfV'l'fO1YI1A X M w ,HU ww UW V W W ' H wMUWWW WW'WV'UWWWHWWWVWWWW W WUI w NW W m ' M W Um ummm www' 'wwwwiqwq , ,., w' ww J M .w U1 xv Y! ': , :MH nw ',.w,,',H,m,11ww,,w,1w, wx ,1 ' me X 7511 fgglfffl. - 4W:- f? NINETBEN T' WENTIJSE' WEN O ky HN , M I 1-"" X l I THE NE' DUT UJFIIAN Sophomore Class Officers l.lllllllS l'rc'sic11'r1l, livnn Co Spain Lilllllllllll Sophmnorc Class Officers llins Vice-Prvs1'11c'r1l, Dorn Cummings F4 ns I vr Treaslzrvr, Faith Fustor Sccrelarnv. Rc-na Spain T0 N1NE.TE.EiN T' WENT! WEN The History of the Sophomore Class By CLAIRE B. Fisk IIEN we were first lmddled together in the old gym like a flock of bewildered chickens, little did we realize the many hazardous trials before us, trials interspersed with plenty of fun. However. gradually becoming an organized group, the class elected Dora Cummings, president, John Orr, vice-president, Carolyn Lewis, secretaryg and Anna Barrett, treasurer. Soon after entering high school we began to shine in studies and held the highest position on the honor roll every marking period, having a better percentage in marks than any of the other classes. At the beginning of their sophomore year. Dora Cummings and Evan Collins were each presented with a book as a reward for doing the most excellent. work during their year as freshmen. At the same time Alice Fuller and George King were given prizes for the most im- provement in scholarship. The class worked on the Newtonite, was permitted to join Alpha Beta, and the Science Club, and entered the prize-speaking contest in which our star was Marion Nlason. who was one of the eight in the final contest. We started the g'Anti-Bumming Bide Campaign," wrote slogans and scenarios and made posters, at the end of the year leaving some uncompleted work for the class of 1930 to take up with enthusiasm. Toward summer we ended with a combined minstrel show and dance and-the terrible exams. Coming baek as sophomores. refreshed by the long vacation. we plunged with vigor into sports, renewed the fight with studies, in which we did not have as good luck, wavering between second and third place on the honor roll. Again were held elections: this time selecting Evan Collins, president, Dora Cummings. vice-president: llena Spain. secretary, and Faith Foster, treasurer. This year the class took charge of Alpha Beta and elected Fred Burton to lead us, with .Iane Hermann, Elizabeth Henrich. and Vtlendell Allen to assist him. The club held many meet- ings, and was favored by a visit from Miss Sarah VVare Bassett. the well-known author, who pre- sented us with two of her books: "The Green Dolphin," and "The Taming of Zenas Henry." Later in the year the elub gave a play in which the sophomores Barbara Nichols, Ann Baker, Nora Hutchinson, Ruth Bergerson, Muriel McAdams and Evan Collins took part. These class- mates of ours showed a great deal of dramatic talent. We worked once more on the Newtonite. and Barbara Eaton was advanced to the position of day editor on the news staff, while Dora Cummings and Nora Hutchinson were given the same position on the copy staff. .lane Ilermann, Priscilla Bacon, Kathleen Andrews, Eleanore Bingham, and Ruth Cobleigh were writers on the news staff, and Anna Kerr, Ann Baker, and Claire Fisk were copy readers. In the sophomore year, "Nate" Pearson, halfback, was an excellent. ball carrier, Philip Coak- ley, quarterback. had all around ability, Floyd Robbins held down the position as guard, Richard Coleman, guard. excelled in offensive playing: and Preston Barba at end was both good in offensive and defensive play'ng. On the hockey team, however, Langdon Powers, with his clever playing at wing, alone made the team. In basketball we were represented by Daniel Harrington, forward and guard: Harold Ham, forward, and Evert Fuller, forward: in swimming by Burton Bailey and Bobert Greeney, and in track by "Nate" Pearson, and John Nlullin. In girls' basketball. Louise Horrigan and Buth Taft were our shining lights. while, as a whole, the sophomores came third. In field hockey, on the varsity team, Marion Alellus. right inside, was fine at stick handlingg Betty ltluther, right fullback, had an excellent defense and a long shot, Rena Spain, left inside, was a fast dribbler, and Dora Cummings, right wing. shone brilliantly. At the annual gym meet, which was held in April. the sophomores came first in "stunts," first in individual gym, tied for second in posture, second in buck vault and parallel bars, and asa Whole came third. .l Tl 3FJ'flF359V'7iJQlWTff2llL3fl1 ,U ,WH,,WW,,W1W,,WSH1M,,H5113HH, WM,W, HH?,,W,iiHN,,WifiM,,WW,WHHNMH!,MIN,HH5!!f1HUHKHllW ww,uw,wfmum,wmmuw,,nu,wuww,mn,,u,mnwwuww,unwwuwwnumuw,mumu,1,unwwuwwwumuwmwwnmuwwW,uww,m,nww,,www,mm,wm,mmmuummmxxmum,xxww,nnuwmuummmuu,mumuu,mumuumwmuuumuu,ummuurunumuuunuumunun:uwuu,umuwwwumum,,mnnnw, f f V WWW WW,,HW 1 WUW ,N wWiifHNW W,,U IFN,H,,WX N,,W1W,,,,,FVV ,, UWWWWU H,,WWW,,W,SVNl,,,,W,1 , ,,W1N,U,Wi H,,VHGH,,H,6U1, H,,HH1,,,,,,THill,,H 1lUHWWHH , V,,H,U'f WHWWWW l ,N,, W H,UW WWl14HHNi'lW H ,,,"' 1 111, U " ,U ,,,',',, ,'1 ,F M 2, ,-',H,1,,':",,1A', ,,,1 w !,, ,,,11,,',,, iw M, , , , , ,Y ww ,, 1 1 ,ww ,, :,, ,w,,,,,,,,,, uU,,,,,,,., ,':, ,- .2 :lNlf'fL'IXI-15.15-I-.Pr-J-.-JQIY-r Lf'-J2'Q'V-I-.vlyju-IJ-ef +ve-91-f-.llxir Q .M .IQLILM L.. J -H, Q 4,-,yn mtg .l-6- -i 1' ., ,,4 g . .f,- '. .. ,, ,ff r1'rfurrrdwv"drYYlfl,-.nlzalnn 1 fffnfwfn n fffffffff f Q-, :J A-,,-.J-v4.-- Tfff 'V --, nd THE. NE' WT QNJAN Fresh man Class Officers Hulmrhinsnn Pre.v1'1I1'r1l, Philip Giddings Henson Bowen flinldings Freshman Class Oflivers Vice-Pres1'1Ier1l, George: llutehinsfm Treasurer, Durothy Bowen Secrelary, Doris Benson Tl i lYIl1YIEFlJEEN T' ifV'iEi3FI'lJY WEN History of the Freshman Class By CATHERINE L. THOMPSON HE class of 1930 began its career at the Newton lligh School with the honor of being the first to meet in the auditorium of the new building. The annual elections were held in the fall. Philip Giddings was chosen president: George llutchinson, vice-president3 Doris Benson, secretaryg Dorothy Bowen. treasurer. tlne of the first activities of the year was a freshman 'lCet Acquainted Party" held on Septem- ber Zlth for the girls. Throughout the year. interesting assemblies were held for the dis- cussion of class problems and educational purposes. At the end of these assemblies the Honor Roll was read by Nliss liiley. the class adviser. Nlany people spoke to the class about their particu- lar business. Also musicians entertained the class with splendid selections. The freshman class has a fine mixed glee club. At the Christmas assembly. they sang carols. At a March assembly. the freshman orchestra played. This orchestra consists of about twenty- five players under the direction of Nlr. Spaulding. Of these. Janet ltyther. Dorothy Bowen, Olive llilcy. lluth Coughlan. and Frances Lindsey arc in the varsity orchestra. Six members of the orchestra are also in the band. Another interesting activity of the year was the continuation of the "Anti-Bumming llides Campaign." Each Civics class sent a pupil to represent them at the meetings. Philip tiiddings was elected chairman. and Dorothy liising, secretary. of this committee. The committee decided to enter thc contest which is under the direction of the Scholastic Nlagazine and sponsored by the Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. ln a contest. Lillian lf. Chambers, Archie Nlclvillop. and Norma Kendall were chosen to speak to different clubs in Newton on the "Anti-Bumming Hides Cain- paignf' In the short story contest for classes IX and X, the freshmen were very successful. Catherine L. Thompson won the first prize which was Dickens's "Tale of Two Cities," and Olive A. ltiley won a copy of a desk dictionary, which was second prize. Honorable mention was given to Janet ti. Warren. Donald ll. Schmidt. Doris Benson, and Carol Leatherbec. In the English Club puzzle contest for all classes, we did not succeed as well, although Frances Collins won first prize for the novel. and Elizabeth Gallagher received second prize for her charac- ters in Shakespeare. A group of about thirty-five freshmen pupils were invited to join the Alpha Beta. The freshman officers are: Vice-President, Catherine L. Thompson, Treasurer, Philip Giddings. Those on the membership committee are: Harriet Dane and Edward G. Smith. In the play, "Mouse- trap."wiheh they gave April Tth. Catherine L. Thompson took the part of Mrs. Roberts. Six freshmen were also invited to join the Home Economics Club. A large number of the 1930 class turned out for athletics this year. About forty-six eager girls reported for field hockey. Mary Durbin was elected captain. and Mary Carrick. manager. A squad of thirty-five boys trained for football. The members ofthe Freshman Team are: Nlurphy QCapt.l. Bogan. Newhall, Plakias. Leon, Rockwood, Ilutchinson, Melinaney, and Schmidt. Esther L. Turner and Grace L. Thompson made a splendid showing in the tennis tournament. Both are members of the team. Donald ll. Schmidt, won the championship in the golf tourna- ment. Basketball captured a number of both girls and boys. The captains of the girls' teams are: Dorothy Bliss, llelen Bowlby. Mary Carrick, Barbara Goodridge, Virginia Blunt, and Nathalie Shuman. ln the gym meet on April 1 the class of 1930 won first place in the box vault, buck vault, and rope-climbing. T3 TQHE 1r,Nj'E,7W"f III11NNHlilllHNUHIIIIH 1 IIIIIIHHHHIIIIIHM XUIIIIIHHNHIIIIIHNNHIIIH1NIHBIIIIIWHWlllllillIIUllllllllllHlllilllllllllilliill H1l HUE2WWHW U U MWHH wHH 2' U1 4 ilYi YH? HW1 Ei WVY willHMrilHWHH?SH 'Nl1 HHHl4MHiiill4lHW??NlN H3114 W3 N 5 W Hf4i NH If! U 9T MQ!H 1if MWWriiiUWH W W T6 , 14 NINETEEN T'DVE,lYIT'ZJ5EfVEil -Q THE, Fl Ei' WT Qlfl Iillfl The Newton High School Associates Clark Pratt Cummings Wlarreu Andres l7I'l'Sl't1l'Ill, NYILLI ui lil'NINlINtlS liolvx' lfzrv-I'f-fwiflvril, ll,moLn Awmucs 7'I'l'l1Sllf'l'f'. lioom Wouxn14:N liirls' l'lift'-1,l'l'Sl'lll'Ill. BE'rTY l'n,x'r'r Clark, Ll-:UNARD CLARK . lll'i N4-wlon lligh Svhool Assoviutvs has lwvn Yt'l'y uvtixv this your. and has z1Cf'oinplislwd si j1'l't'2ll df-:il in the school. This orgzinizzition ini-ludvs vu-i'y pupil in the school, and the busi- nvss is lllt'I't'liHl'l't'1ll'I'lt'tl011 in fl legislziturm- t'0llllNlStltl of I'tllll't'St'Ill2lllXCS clovted in vavh honiv- rooni. This is now the only g'0YCI'IllIlgI body imwting monthly. The r0pr4'seIitatixe takes thc ideas ol' tha- stud:-nts in his room to thc- niovting. :ind thvn reports tht' liusinvss hack to his roonl. The purpose of this orgrzmizulion is to dirt-rt the 2u'tix'itii-s of tht- svhool. It grunts rliurtvrs to 4-lulis, he-lps orgrzinizzutions or pulmlivzitions linzinc'i:illy il' lim-tl hog its Coiuinittc-vs dirvvt the :itlilm-Iii-s. drzuuutic's. vixivs. music. und puhlivutions of tho sc-hool. ln short, with thc' hi-lp :ind zulxivv ol'l'u1'ulty zidxisers. it Controls :ill tht- s1'hool's:u'tix'itivs. Thi- pri-sidn-nt sf-lm-vtvrl his xzirious hozirds :uid voiiiiiiittvt-s, and work got under way curly in lit-4-1-iiilu-i'. It wus xotvd to uholish 1-luh pins und t'llllDltYIllS lwgriiuiiiig next year. The fll'8Ilg0 Hook, sponsorvd lay this organization. wus ai grunt suvvcss :ind za little surplus was put in the trt-:isuryp Thr' linzinc'm-s were further lmolstvrvd whvn orungo fm'utli0i's, sold lwfore thv lirookline footlizill grzum-. nvttc-rl Filltlll. 'l'his pr:u'tisc will continue next your. :ind in addition. pennant lulwls will lu- sold to students :is :another sourm-if of invoiuv. 'l'hv organization raised il fillI'lSllllllS fund for poor l.1lllllll1'N in Nt-wton :ind tlw xhllll-lillllllllllltf liidc- Cainpziiggn wus lmclwcl and lin:uu'vd hy this liody. It wus de-c'idvd that thi' vlulm dui-s should luv liluitvd to fifty cents pei' your ll0l'l1''l'. Money was :ipproprizitm-d for tht- following: llowvrs for the Divkinson lxlt'Ill0l'l2ll St'l'Xll'f". 1-xpt-rises of the liund :it tht- .Xronzi liovlu-5 gullies. tho printing expenses of tho fhllll-lglllllllllllg llidv tfzuupziign. and :i fm-w minor 1-xpc-nsvs. NINETEEN T'WEINT'Zs5EjVEjN The Newtonite 17' J l lf Q s ft vv Ahern Alf. llohrbougzh Russo Niehols Y Bower Oleott Rogers Jenks iNIeLaughlin Seot t Charlton JosEPH A. L. RLTSSO.Iflfllifflf'-ffl.-C111Iilif BIQNJAMIN C. TXONYEN,,lICll?C1gl.Tlg1LlIIl.f0f' RoBEnT L. KRETSCIINIAR.BIISTIIOSS Jlanager IIE year l927 marked a transition period in the history of the Newtonite. lleretofore. it. had reached the highest point possible under its old editorial policy. but this year marked an expansion in poliey. To the literary department which had consisted of themes and graduate artieles were added editorials on school life by pupils, puzzle pages. pages devoted to the sehools aeademie departments. and general artieles dealing with elections. athleties, the new building. aml dramaties. The news staff kept paee with the general improvement. Two new major heads were built to enable greater variety for use in make up. and a system of cheeks on the staff assignments was inaugurated. by whieh the managing: editor ean tell not only how the work on eaeh stall' is pro- gressing. but. also the length of each artiele before it has reached the eopy rooms. A memorial issue was published Alareh 8 in tribute to the memory of Coaeh Diekinson. The insert was dex oted to eulogistie artieles on his life and work. A large duo-tone pieture was ineluded. Two thousand live hundred eopies were printed and all members of his eamp as well as all the alumni who desired them were sent. free eopies. A speeial football number with two pages of Cuts was printed at Thanksgriving time. Hold eharms were awarded the following staff who had rendered exeeptional seryiee: Philip C. Ahern, Benjamin fl. liowen. Nlarjorie Chapman, Donald L. Charlton. llelen tif. tlentzel, Charles Greene. Lawrenee A. Jenks, liobert L. liretsehmar, Carleton NleYarish. Paul li. Nason, Arnold E. Niehols, Alary F. Oleott, Virginia L. Rogers, David I. Scott. Dorothy Shute. Arthur Stanfield. TU EYIETNQTQIYTI IIIIIIIIIIH1HHIIIIHI WIHIIIIHH HHHIIH4 H UINNN N IIHQHIN iiiiff M WFHN HIHIMI W KEITH N UillliHlHWIUIIiI4Il U mu VN :wp1,,ww,,'1H'vwx' "W 1" 11 W W N yw"1'1w',w!qsw'mm ' w' 'w www'y"1wm,wa'q"w' WM' 1' 'g w4www'w'--wg 11 wg wx, w Mwwww MwHm Mmuwm 'M M 1lNW NHu1 M r,ILA mwMHwIWw1 mmmMWi1 dfN Wh!H H INm VHIIZH :JI41 lH H" 1NmmwfI1l4mu :14ww f ww N wuu M JnumJ Y HH! fv ! lm 80 UQI' I NJNETEEEYI 'lfSkViEa'E1YITLiKUi3E.' VEN A.: ' Edilor-I'n-Ch1'f1f E. GRANGER IIAPGOOD ROBERT ITEINHARDT SIDNE Y CARTER USCIAR RTARGOLIN ALFRED E. LTUZZI ITICHARD M. POVVERS BARBARA JOHNSON IIELEN PALMATEER ESTELLE CYR IIUTH WOODWORTH EDGAR XNARREN DAVID SCOTT DAVID WALTER NORMAN PAYNE RICHARD TRUE The Newtonian Staff Jlanaging Edilor PHILIP C. IKHERN Organ izulzbns E DXYAR D T. NI A RTIN. Edilor A H1 1f'fI'f'S R. XYICTUR S'l'UU'l'.lff1l.f0f' VIRGINIA KOOPs F0llflll'PS PAUL E. N.ASflN,Ifl1I-fljf Phologruplzir' llfpurlmfvzl Il. ARTHUR SHUTIC. lfrlilor Du la BEA'l'RIliIi BROOKS, Erlilor VIRGINIA C. IIUDDER H I'.s'lo1'i0s DONALD L. CHARL'I'UN,1fdffUl' CLAIRE B. FIRK IAN' FAITH E. XY I NG. E11 ilur ELIZABETH IIENRICH Copy Sfajf KATHERINE S. PURPLE, Edilor JANE IIERMAN Circulalion lJf'1Xll'fI7lPI1f DONALD CHARLTON CHARLES GREEN FRANCIS NIORIXIS CARLETON BTACVARISII ROBERT REINIIARDT W VWMIIIIIWWHWWNHIMNNWWWWWWUWWHNHWWIW W vw '1""M' I J I, NIMH, 1,I I, I Sl Bll.9l.lIP.9.9 Illunagvr EDGAR II. K ENT K ATI! LEICN MAI: LA UB Y EDGAR XYARREN PREST1 DN XY. SNYICl:1'l'SER Es ELIN xYHI'l"1'ENIURE JOHN P. QUINN 1 CATIIERINE THOMPSON RUTH FAIRCIIILD NIARJORIE BOLHTER ANNE NYOOD RIIssELL PIERCIC CHARLES XVARBURTUN CAREY PROIA IIARRY XYRIGHT THE NEW!7iLJ'Q1YIIA1YI The Orange Book Editor-1'r1-Clzifj ISDGAH II. KENT Organizations and Ac11'ril1'vs PIIILIP C. AHEARN ELr:ANon F. KEICFE l"nANeI5scA E. BAIXKER ARNOLD E, NICHOLS Sports Deparlnzenl E. GIIANGIEII IIAPGOOD, Jn., LEONARD L. CLARK, ELLEN L. CIIAsE A rl Faculty Adviser PAUL E. NINSKJN CARoLmE M. DOONAN few years ago, before the unification of the three schools, the pupils of the Classical building felt the need ofa handbook of general inforInatioII for the benefit of the freshmen and other newcomers of the Classical lligh. Accordingly, their student. governing body instituted the Orange Book, which had for its purpose to acquaint tlIe freshmen with the rules, requirements, ami customs of the school, and to Inake them Ill0I'0 loyal supporters of its activities. Several years passed with the little handbook steadily increasing in size and popularity. Then came the unification and the resulting trebling in size and doubling in eopies of the Orange Book. Last, fall, Editor Edgar Kent brought forth a hook which was as popular as the new gyrnnasium. One thousand eopies were sold. making the Orange Book self-supporting for the first time and bringing true the edi tor's dream, a gem among school books. The key note of the 1927-1928 "Orange Book" is to he "how," "when," "where" As the Freshmen Bible is to the colleges, so will the "Orange Book" be to Newton. It is to be Compact.. complete. and commanding. To the Freshmen it will be a keyg to those who know it from former years, a necessity. B. Brandon Marsh is the newly appointed editor. llc is to he assisted by a staff composed of the following: Organization and Activities: Jerry Angino. Leslie Church. Ivan K. l loyt, Irene V. Hunt, Emily W. Kcnderdine, Edna McDermott. David O. Walterg Sport. Department: P. Sidney Carter, Ilomaine Cole. Virginia Spurricr, Edgar Vvarreng Art Departnxentz Gertrude Pearsall, Preston W. Svveetzer. 'Miss Caroline M. Doonan will act as adv iser. KN ork has already begun oII the hook for next year and with Editor Marsh at the helm, the school may rest assured that, the Orange Book will in every respect. measure up to the high stand- ards set by the editors of recent years. 82 N IN ET1?.E1FI T' ifVE,1YI'.tJiYu5E' VEN The Varsity Orchestra CHARLES B. lI.uxRlNGToN, Director IIE varsity orchestra has had another busy and successful season. It has maintained a membership of between forty and fifty players throughout t.he year and although rather crippled at the beginning of the year, has made remarkable progress. The orchestra has furnished music for the Educational W'eek program in November: the Drama Club play. the Faculty Christmas party. the reception to the Newton teachers. the Senior Play. the Prize-Speaking contest, the Faculty Play. the Annual Out-Door Concert and Senior Graduation. On March l if the first animal orchestra concert was given by the Varsity and Alumni orches- tras. assisted by Signor Barsotti. The concert was a great success. The orchestra regrets that it has not been possible to appear more often before school assemblies during the past year. One of their chief desires is that they may more generously share with the student body the pleasure and benefits which they derive from their music. Violin,s: Henry Argento, Elizabeth Bicknell, Eleanor Burnham, Dorothy Bowen, Ruth Coughlan. Richard Cummings, Anna Doherty, Ralph Fox, Ellen Cuion, Robert Lawson, Frances Lindley, Alice Plunke, Olive Riley, Janet Ryther, Anne Scofield, Paul Serkin, Clendenninff Smith, Frances Sullivan, Olivia Vuilleumier, Richard Wlales, Isabelle White. Viola: Evan Collins. Cellos: Faith Foster, Richard Gibbs. Nancy Ryther, Eileen Sullivan. PJ Bass: Dora Cummings, Alice Ilarson, Bernard Rockwood. Flutes: Donald Curtis. Charles Smith, Clarinet: John Richmond. Trumpets: Nlarion Frost. Ruth Miller, Barbara Lester, Ruth Ilfliord. lllelloplzones: Louis Perry, Edward Jones. Trombone: llamilton Yardley. Saroplzones: Walter Brandt, Harold Root. Piano: Francesca Barker, Louise Chambers, Marie llansen. Drums: Floyd Sawyer. Organ: Ethel Richards. The High School Band CHARLES R. SPAULDING, Comluclor CHARLES B. IIARRINGTON, Manager CHARLES XY. I'ErERsoN. .tisszlvlarzl .llanagcr IIE band, which numbered twenty-five pieces at the end of its first year in June, 1926. has now grown to sixty-three members. The appearance of the band at the major football and baseball games, at the Championship hockey game at the arena, and at school assemblies, has met a long felt need in school activities. The band is very grateful to the Newton Rotarians and to the Athletic Association for the provision of their attractive uniforms. Clarincls: F. Willard Anderson, Donald Briggs, Edward Burnell. Donald Burns, Louise Chambers, Esther Coleman, Robert. Jamison, Gordon lvirkpatrick. Elliott McClelland. John Richmond. James Swain, Fred Wayland. Piccolo: Donald Curtis. Flutes: Suzanne Slocum, Charles Smith. Trumpets: Elsa Brandt, Curtis Church, Cordon llopkins, Barbara Lester, Frank NlcElroy, Bartlett Nichols, Jacob Rubin, Priscilla Speare, Ruth Ufford, Kenneth Warren. Drums: C. Chandler, Mary Coleman, Robert Nason, Richard Rice, Floyd Sawyer. Altos: Elizabeth Arend, Thomas Rushford. lllelloplzoncs: Edward Jones, Louise Blilvxallgll- ton, Louis Perry. Alden Speare, Charles Stevenson. French Horn: Ruthe Miller. Bariloncs: Francis Blackwell. Dana Dutch, Fred Nlouser. Bernard Rockwood. Tromboncs: Francis Gardner, lloyt Hallas, Robert Kellaway, Kenneth Rogers. James Uflford, Ilamilton Yardley. Basses' Evan Collins, Roswell Frost, John flill. Saroplzones: Leonard Bassett, Elsworth Benson, Marguerite Brandt. Walter Brandt, William Callihan, Jolm Davis. George Duflield, Wlalter Ilealy, Stanley llorton. Charles Lindsay, llarold Root, Edward Smith. till V313 N3 WTDNliLN III IC SER VA N TS' TEA I '1 ACT I, 'I The Cast of Senior Play N INEfJfEE1YI T' W'ENitJ'Zai3ETV3 N Senior Play "THE ADMIRARLE CRICIITONH By JAMES M. B.ARRIE HE senior play this year was a modern one dealing with the class distinctions in a perfectly ordered house in present day England. The first act places us in the drawing-room of an English home. The reserved Crichton t"llappy."J is discussing. with Ernest CWilliain Rengerj, the coming servants' tea that Lord Loam holds once each month. This Lord Loam t".lerry', lludsonj, has a hohhy that inequality does not exist in any civilized comnnmity. As we proceed. the ladies of the play are introduced. Helen Ward plays the lead of Lady ltlary Lassenhy. while her watchful sisters. Catherine and Agatha, are recognized as "Sister" Koops and "Jac-kv Ruby. "Art" Shute, as the Rev. Treherne. proves able to balance a tea cup quite easily, but Marcus Remick, who, as Lord Brocklehurst. is his "mothaw's son," has less success at entertaining the kitchen maid, Tweeney CJane lNlcDermottj. lt develops that the party is to go on a yachting trip. and that Crichton and Tweeney are the servants to go. The second act discovers. on a south-sea island,a dismal, shipwrecked group. minus one of the party. Lord Loam. The latter soon appears, some the worse for his trying experience, and attempts to reassume command of the expedition. But Crichton proves himself the better man. and hecomes uncrowned king. In the third act, this king. now called "Gov," is ruling in the island castle. We are not long in finding that he is in love with Mary. now become "Polly," and she returns the affection. In the midst of a party celehrating the engagement of these two, a ship's gun is heard. Rescued! So hack to England once more! All the irksome conventions of the land are resumed and plans as made in Act I are carried out. Except for the flurry caused hy Lady Rrockelhurst. im- personated by Adelaide Lincoln, who tries a hit of investigating as to what conditions had existed on the island. all moves serenely. Miss llaworth deserves great credit for coaching this fine production: llorace Stuart, who was husiness manager. also merits a word of commendation. HoN. ERNEST WUOLLEY . CRICIITON. the hutler ..., LADY AGATIIA LASSENBY . LADY CATHERINE LASSENBY LADY MARY LASSENBY . . REV. JUIIN TREIIERNE . . TIIE EARL OF LUAM. . LORD RROCKLEIIURST . MRS. PERKINS, housekeeper . . MONSIEUR FLEURY. the chef . ROLLESTON, the valet . . . TOM PSETT, the Coachman . . lillss FISHER. Lady Mary's Maid . . Miss SIMMONS, Lady Catherine's Nlaid . JEAN NE. Lady Agatha's maid .... TIIONIAS l JOHN I the footmen . y JANE GLADYS maids , ELIZA i STABLE ROY . PAGE ..... NAVAL Ol"l"lCER ,,..., COUNTESS Ol" BROCKLEIIURST . I Ayllllilllll lienger Ernest G. llapgood. .lr Nlary A. Ruby Virginia lxoops llelen D. Ward Henry A. Shute Herald tl. lllldS0fl Nlarcus R. Remick Frances Burton lsadore Ruhin -Xlden tl. Dinsmore tierald Nl. Daxis .Xnna E. lxieser lf. NY. Ranning Xlay J. Yolpe Stephen X. lxidder tlharles ti. Parker Eleanor Nlildrani Ruth llay .lane Nl2lt'ljt'l'lIlUll tieorgc T. l licks .losepli I". NlcNlanus Paul E. Nason Adelaide Lincoln H2213 1YIfE3ESlW'TeQNEa2LilFI Drama Club Prffszklrfrzl. E. tinfxmsrgn llufooon, Jn. Secretary, lxlARG.XltI'IT BLUNT View-I 'rf-s1'1l1'r1l. DtlIttJ'l'IIX' SIllt'l'l-I Trmsurr-r, Ll1:oN.uxD CLARK UNE. l92T. finishes the third sueeessful year of the Newton High Sehool Drama Cluh. The aim of this organization is to have a yearly production of major importanee. and to provide a means for any minor dramatic activities. Besides the annual play, the eluh has been most fortunate in hearing: sexeral excellent speakers and in presenting five short plays. eoaehed and managed almost entirely hy the elub memhers. This year in plaee of the annual play. the eluh had the honor of managing the dedieatfory pro- duction for the new stage. With the assistanee of the school, this play "The Prinee and the Pauperf' was presented. This comedy is a dramatization of the story hy Nlark Twain. which, with its dual role and setting among great, royalty and humble paupers. is full of romanee and mystery. Catherine Stone played the lead with skill and judgment. .M the Noxemher meeting the Drama tlluh was x ery fortunate in hearing William lfaversham, .lr.. who spoke on "The ltepertory Theatre. and its attempt to uplift modern theatre-goers." Un January 6, Miss lflora M. Smith addressed the elub on "The Art Theatre. Xlvhat It Is and How To Get Inside." During the following four months several short plays were produeed hy the memhers. The first of these presentations was '6Spreadin,gr the News," by Lady Gregory, eoaehed by Agnes Hart- ridge. The second, "Riders to the Sea," hy Synge, was diret-ted by Margaret Fitts. "The liomaneersf' as it was played for the Newtonx ille Womanls Club, was eoached by Miss Wetherbee, supervisor of the eluh. The last meeting of the year was guest. day. when two plays were presented. Une, "Bly Lady's Laeef' was direeted hy .Nddra Saunders, and the other "Sire de lXlaletr0it's Door." dramatized lay Nliss Nlary Davidson of .-Nuhurndale, was eoaehed hy John Wlakeficld. 86 N131 EIJLJEIEDI T' l1U'E1Yl".E"IeSQEf Vfjlxl English Club President, XYILLIAM BENGER Secretary, AGNES IIARTHIDGE Vice-President, VIRGINIA SPURIIIER Treasurer, ANILLIANI BROOKS. Jn. OB the year 1926-1927 the programs have been of unusual interest due to the work of the program committee. consisting of Doris L. Koops. '2T. chairmang Margaret Fitts, '2Tg Eliza- beth Bingham, '28, John Quinn. '2T: and H. Arthur Shute. '2T. In October Leighton Rollins, assist- ant manager of the Repertory Theatre and Inember of the class of '2l. contributed an afternoon of modern poetry reading. Later, under the editorship of Margaret Fitts and supported by an able staff, the first issue of the "Englishite" was presented. At the IIIOST novel feature ofthe year, namely. the All Club Christmas Party. the English Club Contributed a scene from Diekens's "Christmas Carol." In January we were fortunate in having hlrs. Caroline Nlills, of the English Department. tell us of her recent summer in England. where she visited literary and historical shrines. Also included among our speakers of this year is John N. hleissner, '26, winner of last year's Prize-Speaking Contest. who entertained with his personal experiences while abroad last year. April featured the Annual Prize-Speaking Contest over which XVilliam Benger, our president, presided. The English Club awarded silver cups to the winners: George A. McNeil won first prize with his talk on "Momentary Glory." Marjorie Bolster second on "Fog," and Robert S. Kretseh- mar, third. speaking on "Lincoln and the Constitution," and presented a one-act play "Station YYYYQ' by Booth Tarkington. The proceeds from this contest went toward furnishing books for the libraries. One hundred and twenty-five dollars of the club's funds purchased a trophy cabinet which now holds the senior cups. Alpha Beta Presiflenl. FREDERICK BUIKTKJN Secretary. ATI-INDIGLL .ALLEN Vice-President, CATHERINE THoxIPsoN Treasurer. PHILIP fYiIDDINGS LPHA Beta. a freshman-sophonlore English Club which was started in the fall of 1022 by Mr. Samuel Thurber. is composed of about eighty pupils receiving all "A's" and "B's" and the recomnlendation of their English teachers. At the first 1926 meeting, in November, Frederick Burton, '29, was elected president of the clubg VVendell Allen, '29, secretaryg and Elizabeth Henrich, '29, chairman of the membership Com- mittee. At a later meeting, when the freshmen were admitted, Catherine Thompson. '30, was appointed vice-president, and JOllIl Thompson. '30, treasurer. The latter resigned when he left school, a short while after. aI1d Philip Ciddings. '30, was put in his place. The faculty advisers of the club are Mrs. Blanche F. Bemis, Miss Abbie I. Fiske. and Miss Edith M. liideout. In the fall. a contest for the best conclusion to a story was run in the Newtonite and won by Catherine Thompson. '30, who received an illustrated copy of "A Tale of Two Cities." Olive lliley '30, received the second prize, a dictionary. In December, Alpha Beta joined the other clubs of the school in a Christmas party. Two of the members furnished a Inusical IlllllllJCI' and the club selected small humorous gifts for the club advisers. At the regular December Ineeting Mr. Thurber read "The Han Who Missed Christmas," by Dr. J. Edgar Park, and dictated one of his original games which proved to be of much enjoyment. Sara Ware Bassett, a well known novelist. spoke to the club on "The Art of Bookmaking" at the January meeting and afterward sent autographed copies of the books, "The Green Dol- phin," and "The Taming of Zenas Henry" to the club. The club planned an open meeting iII April with musical numbers and William Dean Ilowell's "The Mousetrap." The cast. included: Evan Collins. Muriel McAdams. Barbara Nichols. Nora Hutchinson, Ann Baker, Catherine Thompson, and lluth Bergeson. Plans are also underway for a freshInaII-sophomore declamation contest to be held in Nlay. 87 THE NE' WT QNQEAN The Social Studies Club President, PHILIP C. .Al-IERN Boys' Vice- President. ALFRED R. ciUZZI Girls' Vice-President, NIARIE McGR.n'n Treasurer. .ll-IIKRY Il. ANCINO Secretary, l'lRANt1l'ISCA BARKER llli Social Studies Club is a new organization in Newton lligh School. The club originated through the efforts of Mr. Daniel F. Koughan of the history department. He states that the purpose ofthe club is first to develop broad vision, and secondly to promote a lively interest in public affairs. ln a Ineasure this ideal has been gained. The first meeting was given over entirely to the election of officers while later meetings were filled with business and activity. The second meeting was a debate-"Resolved that United States' policy in Nicaragua is imperialistic." The affirmative secured the decision by an over- whelming majority. The third Ineeting in the Technical library ftllllltl the Hon. Charles E. llatfield as our guest. Nlr. llatfield has had a wide political career. For years he was mayor of Newton, later became chairman of the State Republican Committee. Mr. Hatfield spoke on "Politics and Citizenship." ln the course of his address he mentioned many interesting anecdotes of men iI1 the political spotlight. At the final Ineeting late iII April the club had the pleasure of hearing hir. Robert Luce, Massa- chusetts Representative to Congress from the thirteenth district. Mr. Luce's lecture concerned the "Making of Law." llis speech was very impressive for Mr. Luce is noted for his knowledge of law and is acknowledged to be a famous orator. The Library Club HE Library Club has had a very busy and enjoyable year under the leadership of two of the faculty advisers. Miss Bigelow. and Mrs. Overlees. At the first meeting this year Dorothy liarba was elected president., Virginia Spurrier, vice-president: Grace Wyeth, secretary! and Belt y Bingham. treasurer. The club has an enrollment of twenty-six girls and in a short time seventeen new members were elected. They are as follows: Barbara Cobb. Faith Foster, Marion Nlason, Barbara Nichols, Nancy llyther. AnIIe Scofield. Priscilla Speare. lithel De Mille, Beatrice Piser, Margaret XX arren. Nlyrtle Williams, Betty Lotz, Catherine Stone. Priscilla Moore. lileanor Col- lins. Henrietta Kraber. Mildred Stuart. There have been six meetings this year and. according to custom, they are held on the first Monday in every month. At each meeting the business is taken up first. This is followed by some work with the books, such as cataloguing or arranging them. and lllCIl everyone joins in some game which will give the girls further knowledge of the work in the library. This year the girls have taken a greater responsibility than ever before. for many of them have taken attendance. given out books. and put them away during their study periods. as well as filing, labeling, and cataloguing them. Also each girl has had to keep dusted and tidy three shelves. All this training has lJCCIl very valuable and instructive and has Inade every girl feel that the Library Club is well worthwhile. l 815 IwumWuwwwumuumi I aww gyjjgsfgsfgggggyj gglajvggxjegligrmgggayggsj - Alpha Gamma Tau President. LEONARD CLARK Ist lllift'-Pf6SI'liFf1,f, LAWRENCE JENKs Secretary, DOHOTHY THOINIPSON ?nd l'1k'e-President. XJIRGINIA HODDER Treasurer, CATHERUVE STONE HE purpose of the Alpha Gamma Tau. the Blathematics Club. is. primarily, to increase the interest in mathematics. This year. the theme has been to show the relationship of this subject to other subjects and to life. At the first meeting. Preston Sweetser proved the connection between art and arithmetic when he drew a series of owls. squirrels. and rabbits made entirely from the figures one to ten. In Xovember. this good work was continued when our mathematicians succeeded in making English words out of "lucimtinoapilt" or "tocarf." Mathematics was joined to a good time at the all-club Christmas party: and in January. Mr. Mergendahl showed the need of mathematics for logical betting. Later. articles were printed in the Newtonite on "Mathematics and English," "lXIathematics and French." and "lNlathematics and Nature." The relation of Mathematics to drama was clearly portrayed when "Case of B Versus A" or "Solving a Personal Equation by the Judicial." revised and coached by Miss Beatrice Bates. was given May 9 in an assembly to J Imiors and Seniors. and May 10 to the parents. The leading parts were the Judge. taken by Arnold Nichols: A's lawyer. by Norman Harrisg and B's lawyer, by William Raye: A. defendant. Allan Hinkle: B. plaintiff, Lawrence Jenks: D, a witness, Joseph Fay. Two prizes of ten dollars each were presented by the club. One to the pupil who had main- tained the highest rank in mathematics throughout the year and the other to him who had im- proved the most during the year. The annual picnic held in June. when the ofiicers for the next year were elected, made a pleas- ant conclusion to the year's work. 1 French Club HIS year the French Club began by sending. to those who were eligible. invitations to be- come members. To be eligible a rank of A or B is required. The aim of the club is to make more interesting the study of French and to practice its daily usage. The ofiicers for this year were elected last spring. so the new officers began their duties at the first. meeting. namely: President. Arnold E. Nichols: Girls' Yice-President. Margaret Blunt., Boys' Vice-President. Charles Parker: Secretary. Marjorie Bolster, Treasurer, David Scott. At the first meeting the picture "Notre Dame de Paris" was presented to Miss Miles. At the same meeting. Miss Priscilla Aurelio gave In an interesting talk on a typical girls' school in France. The club voted to send money to a grammar school in France to help buy the mid- morning lunch of milk and crackers for the children. , Instead of our January meeting. two successful plays. "L'EcOle de Belles Meresu and "Les Franches Lippeesn were given in the Assembly Hall on the nineteenth. In the first. the charac- ters were: Marjorie Chapman. Barbara Thrall. Alice Dlmning. Robert Russell. Leslie Dutton. and Blarion Hillson. Those in the second were: Mary F. Olcott. Florence Hills. Joseph Fay, Henry Argento. Mildred Stuart. and Charles Webster. At the March meeting. the club was very pleasingly entertained by numerous French classes and groups which sang. played. recited and enacted some familiar French poems. W NllllllllllllllllllllllllVllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllUllllllllilllllllllltliAll llllllllllllllllliillllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllillllllllllllWilll4llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllHllllllllllllllllllllllllflllllllllllllllltlillllllllllllll llllllllllllllltlx,lilllllllllllWtwillillWWWItA I 89 TL?lQEj 2NE'i9VitJfOlNL2A3FI T t Spanish Club Presitlcrzl. XYILLIAM BENGER Secretary. UNVENYTH QUIMBY Vice- President, FREDERICK BP.OwN Treasurer, RUTH GORDON IHC Spanish Club, composed of College Preparatory students with an average of B, and all Others with an average of C, has been very busy this year. The first meetings were taken up in elections of officers and plans for the ensuing meetings. Avery interesting get-together was held at Mrs. Marion P. IIaslam's home. at which "Spanish Bridge" was played. The next meeting. at the home of Ruth Cordon, was devoted to the initiation of new members. This was the largest meeting of the club, and the stunts exhibited by the initiates were extremely amusing. Un the sixteenth of March a play, "Castillos de Torresnoblesu was presented. Those taking part were: William Bengcr, Duque de Guymang Gwenyth Quimby, Marquesa dc Torresnoblesi: Frederick Brown. Agapito: Kathryn Purple. Susitag Parker Devlin, Tio Trompetag John Sholes, Night Watchman: Joseph Fay, Mayor of Cercadilla, and John Graham, as the 'gcuraf' The play was a great, success and Mrs. llaslam is to be congratulated as coach and club adviser for such a pleasing entertainment. The last meeting, held on April 11, was open to all members and their guests. A moving picture was presented. and the year's work was aptly concluded in this way. Commercial Club HE Commercial Club is the only organization in the school that is wholly a business club. It is governed by an executive board consisting of President, Newton Hanscom, Yice-Presi- dent, Marie Duaneg Secretary, Florence Ingham: Treasurer. John Sullivang and five other members of the Commercial Department: Florence Howlcy, Delia Ilansbury, Mae Volpe, Byron Yvilkerson, and Charles Larkin. The club holds a meeting on the third Friday of each month in the Assembly hall of Building 3. At the first meeting, Francis L. Bacon, Director of Secondary Education in Newton, addressed the club. The subject Of his talk was the "Urganization ofthe Newton lligh School." There were ten minutes allowed in which members could ask Mr. Bacon questions. The speaker at the second meeting was Herbert McGill of Babson Institute, who talked on "Business," Mr. Thurber gave a very interesting talk On "The Use of Our Mother Tongue" at the third meeting, and at the last regular meeting Mayor Edwin O. Childs talked on "The Organization of Our City Government." It had been the custom of the Commercial Club in former years to hold a dancing class once a week, a plan which was always a source of much pleasure and profit. to the members. It was voted to continue the dancing class this year. Miss Annamay Smith of the Boston School of Physical Education made a delightful teacher. The charge of 25 cents per person was made for each lesson. There were six lessons in all, the last being a party held in the Technical Library. The proceeds from this dancing class go toward a scholarship for the highest ranking Commercial senior chosen at the end of the year by members of the faculty. ',. 1,3 tt- ' 1' lvl 'Mm'ml'.'2"'H'tl",'.,' ",' xlf' 'welll " 'ii T tw tt . J if.'1wtlttt.1t,tl!q:'wllllllilllllliatrilllvllslllli"H itit. tlllttttllttltlll'ltttltlltltlh Httllltfltlllll.. Wttwllllll N tt 90 NI1YIEjTEE.N 'F DV'fT3NzT:if.7'D5E.' WEN Home Economics Club HE Home Economics Club of the Newton High School holds one meeting each month. The oflicers are: President. Henrietta Kraberg Vice-President. Estelle Cyrg Secretary, Doro- thy Wirightg Treasurer. Eleanor Hannigan. The first work of the club during the year of l926-27 was to take a Club lXIembership in the New England Home Economics Association and the American Home Economics Association. Tl1e activities of the club have been many and varied. The first meeting in October was a Hal- l0we'en Party and at this time the new members were initiated. The November meeting was an open meeting and the mothers of the club members were invited to hear Mrs. Gladys Beckett Jones of the Garland School of Home Making speak on the subject. "The Girls' Place in the Home." A Social llour with tea followed the talk. For the December meeting all of the clubs of the Newton Iligh School joined together in a big Christmas party for the club members and their faculty supervisors. At this meeting each club furnished part of the program. The English Club gave a play. The French and Spanish Clubs sang Christ- mas carols. A member of the Drama Club acted as Santa Claus and distributed the gifts fur- nished by the Mathematics Club. The Home Economics Club made and distributed four hundred candy bags. The Commercial Club had charge of the tickets and attended to the busi- ness connected with the party. The January meeting was a business meeting at which the officers planned work for the re- mainder of the year. Un account. of the February vacation there was no meeting. Un March 31, the club entertained representatives of the Medford High School Home Economics Club. The subject of the program was "Home Making in Other Lands." After the program the girls of the Nledford Club were served refreshments in the faculty dining-room. and then were shown over Newton's new high school. ln April. the girls had charge of an assembly for all the High School girls. numbering over 1.000 and at this meeting Miss Antoinette Roof of Simmons College spoke t0 the girls on "Some Present Day Developments in Education." On April 5 the members of the club co-operated with the Newtonville XYomen's Club. This club planned a mothers' and daughters' day for all High School girls and mothers. The May meeting. which was the last one of the year. was in the form of a picnic. The forty members of the Home Economics Club are very entlmsiastic workers and they have done much to help make the work of the club a success for the school year. Girls' Glee Club Presiderzl. BHATRICE Bnoons Secretary, fYiNVl-IN YTH Qmyggy Vlfft'-IJf't'Sl'f1Pllf, ELLEN CHAs1-3 I.ibrar1'an. RUTH ITFFORD HE Girls' Glee Club. composed of Senior girls. has completed another year of successful work. Under the supervision of Mr. Charles Spaulding. this group of thirty girls has been practising for its public appearance on April 3. "Little Nlother 0' Minef, "Birds Are Singing." "Doan' Ya Cry, Ma Honeyfi "Spring Has Comef' are some of the songs on the repertoire ofthe Clubg on April 6, at an Assembly for the NYomen's Club. the Glee Club presented these songs. Fredericka Banning Beatrice Brooks Jeanette Brower Betty Burdick Eleanor Burnham Virginia Cameron Marjorie Chapman Ellen Chase Barbara Costello Anna Doherty Carol Eaton Margaret Fitts Genevieve Ford Ruth Gordon Drusilla Guiry Virginia Koops Katherine Murphy Helen Palmateer Buth Parsons .ludith Peterson ll 91 Gwenyth Quimby Nancy Richmond Edith Stephens Eileen Sullivan Dorothy Sweatt. Esther Temperly Katherine Thornton Ruth Ufford Dorothy Young I ff ,lxjd ,MDA I,1 yV4 .IX 41 15151 A .1 U- INTINETEEN TIUVEEYTTYJSEI WEN Graduation Dress Assembly X March 16th an Assembly was held for girls of the Senior Class and their mothers. The purpose of the Assembly was to give the girls and their mothers an opportunity to learn about suitable styles and fabrics for graduation dresses and to get a comparison of the cost of ready-made gowns and those that could be made at home or in the dressmaking classes of the school. The senior girls took entire charge of the Assembly, the Yice-President of the class. Eleanor L. Harding. presiding. The tirst speaker, Agnes F. Hartridge, talked on style and the suitability of different designs for graduation dress models. The second speaker. Ruth Parsons. talked on suitable fabrics, explaining the advantages and disadvantages of different materials. the tests for the fabrics, the costs, and the possibility of dyeing the gowns. These two talks were illustrated by a booklet on graduation dress suggestions which was prepared by the pupils in the school. The drawings for the dresses, which were described by the first speaker, were sketched by the girls in the art classes and illustrated models that were appropriate for different types of girls. Each pupil and mother had one of these booklets to refer to during the talks on style and fabrics. The booklet contained samples of all the silks and cotton materials that were appropriate for graduation dresses and these had been previously tested and mounted by the girls in the textile classes. Doris L. Koops, the last speaker on the program. described the dresses which were worn by the girl emphasizing the points of excellence. Through the courtesy of two of the large Boston shops it was possible to display 20 gowns which were worn by members of the class. It was interesting to note that the audience was most appreciative of the fact that the home-made dresses of type similar to the ready-made dresses averaged from 36.50 to S10.00, a much lower figure than the ready-made gowns could be pur- chased for. There was an exhibition of other graduation dresses, posters of fabrics, designs, and pat- terns all of which proved of much interest and help to the mothers. The Assembly proved to be very much worth while and it is hoped that it can be made an annual event for the girls in the graduating classes. l EIlllllllllllllllllilllllHittlllVlllllllllllwillllllllllllIllll'iIiIIilllwtfT' lllllllllllllllltt l'Wl'll ' "li T i it i ,wa i it, at 1 i , i ' ' 1 ,is , ax, W i ,ti , ,. ,, , , , ,ix i .im limit. 1, i..-,lm-,,, 1 it ,ati-,i it , ,ii i , .i , , U23 -U TYL LVN EEE NE WfO1I.E-..- ul ,I. Jfj-DV-fJlXjflJ-QXJSEI NIDIEJTEEQI .. LJ - , i -,-L' K ,Y , 1' - 4 HLEFEC 3 Y TE WING 5 I U L M , -awww- TEIE NE' WT DNIAN 3-?'f. ,gi 1 ' "sf it 315, Z is ff-uv 1 A I Q wi I z. - Z z ! V z I v E 1 A. X X X N 'V 's .1 7 .2 I Z 1. 5 Z ! I g 1 y -f 1. 1 f .A i C 'N t A: .. I 2 I Z 7 LL. J 2 1 I 1. - Z .1 V .f -. 5 I N ff -s. x N R .r, 'L 'r N1IilEiTEiEN ffl lfJEjNT I-53' WEN as x2bP,5ob 1 1 hx av fs. T if lfllltlx ups-zu-rl iti LIl'l1lll'HI1 Nt'2iNt'Il with at Ilfll win me-1' lihlllllllf. Tlu- lilrzmite- t1it5 lm- PHT up za Ntulvlmrn flf,'ft'IlNt'. lrut tlu-ir f'lliQ'IlNQ' gut ruufurtlu-I' tlun15tulrlmx :intl llnpufuul. tw, lrlll- xx arks uf tlu- Nc-wtun line-. Tlu- Urznigt- nnrl lilzu-k lm-kt-rl ilu nxnul pa-p mul 1-nnlrl not vimw tlu- Quinc-5 lint-. nltlumugli tlu-rv xx:-rv many Ulllltllflllllllflf. l'ql'2iIll-ilk' Spain. flmp-lxit-Lilly xp:-wiaslixt, lllfitltfiif1lllI'lt'f'Il-fJiI'flllf'lflj1'lJ2illI1ll1f'llllI'tl ps-ri:-rl fur tlu- only Nt-mv of tlu- clay. Tlu- nf-w st-luuil lranrl Illittll' itx tir-t pulmliv upp1-ura1u-1- un tlu- tu-1-za-intl 1-f tlu- Xutif-lx Iiilllti Xe-wtnn f-:wily triunlplu-rl. I8-6. lilfnult- .lnlinny l'1-tu'tu1' gi-:ililu-cl at Nettie-lx lllllllllltk I-nttinu tlu- pigxkin on Nutim-lil te-I1-ynrcl Qtripf-. X Spnirl-tu-l'rcu-ttni' paw ne-ttf-rl tlu- num- yurclx. tlu-n Frankie- ulivc-fl lllftlllgjll fur an www-. Tlu- ru-xt wnrw- fflilllt' :ix za rt-Nnlt nf 5lll'1'1'NNlYt' I'llNllt'N :intl pu-we1-nxt-l'ing:ulmllt Nixty-yzarrlelu-fur:-.Ifwtiillig:m1'r:iNlu-fl lllI'llllQll tlu-1-Q-uh-r 1-f tlu- lin'-flu' tlu- sf-1-uml lUllt'lIClUNNIl. Nativk nuulf- a pour fun-f-cl punt nn llt'l' mx n lift:-1-n-yurrl liru- xxlnit,-ln X4'WllbIl l'P1,'fJX'f'l't'll. On fum' play. tlu- tliird wore- wax vluillu-cl up. XX itll tlu- llI'iiIlQl' :incl lilzu-lx xvwracl- playing. Yatirfli numzagc-cl to wfuw- late- in tlu- gunu-. Hn fltllllllllllli day tlu- lt'iiIl1j0lll"Ilt'jl'll to lfxm-iw-tt fm' tlu- lil'-t lviigllt' gunu-, Y.-ut--n ln-1 I3-0 in un f-we-nly nuatvlu-fl t'UIllf'il in whit-ln tlu- punting rlnul lu-tm-Q-rl .lnlinny l'i'+u-tm' :nul llit-li .Xlilin fc-:attire-rl. llntlllfwilllxIIl2iilt,'s1?Nt'I':1l lung guinx lint nr-itlu-r 1-uulul gf-t at l1rll1'll4l4lXXIl. l,:m- in llu?fn1n'tl1pe-riml.u pnnr Nc-xxturi punt tl'z1x4-llc-flurily tf-n yzmlx. Xfte-1' fziilin: tw Quin lay Vllxlllllif. tlu- re-cl if-rxif-rl te-mn 1-alll-tl un .xllllll tu prruliiw- at N4-4:11-. Ill- nuuln- is pri-tty lXSt'lllf-llxt'-XHl'4l plzu-1-nu-nt kit-k fur tlu- unly wmw- uftlu- clay. Sp:1iIlFl+rnlu-ll tie-lil runnin: xxnxt-111-1-ftliw tuitxtznul- H12 fe-:its nf tlu- fllif. ,Xt lin--4-ll Fu-lrl. tlu- lmr1l1-n f.lty Hllllll Quint-tl llNllI'Nl ll'2lillll'Xl1'l"l'X lu sn l3-0s1'm'a- uw-I' fltilllllfltlgt' l.:1tin. lu-n lllurk nizull-21 lN'2illllf'lll punt tw tlu- tlunlzalw li4Illl"'wltl'4l line-. Tlu- Cliillllbfltlgf'l-ilK'l-U'l'.2illt'lIlIbllIlLIlHlil1'l-iwlll Uftl1!Ill1l'l'.fl1lIlllll'fl tlu-lmllwhit-liN1-lu-int?-in. Nevvtrrrlllittle-1-ntl.ff-llrmme-I' tlu- linr-. Tlu-1-xtrn point new mmrflf-fl tw Nt'XKlUll2till1I'llltlllilll 1-nd wax utllirle-. Tlu- Nt-1-mill Nw-iw um in tlu- tliirrl pe-riuul. lu-n tilznrlx lIlll'lf'tl :u niw- 'nu-X xsluivln llvlntyrn- gralvlwcl :incl NI'1Jl't'fl. Ylllu- gmail ufts-I' l1llll'lHlllNYIl fail.-fl. Nf'NYlHIlgHlllt'tl itxtiftli xi4'tur'y:1t tlia-e-xpc-rm-ufSt. Nlm-51 St'llH1lltlflxxillllllillll. Tlu- x ixitwrf cle-ffl-mv was Viillglll llIl1lNN'2il't' in tlu- lu-ginning nf tlu- gunu- :nul as Spzaixl-tu-lluyrnw paw wax N111-1-1-Nh fully 1-ulnplc-In-al fur za lirft rlms n un tlu- tn-n-ynrrl strips- :mal Xlzu-5 1-nrrit-cl tlu- piuxlxin mt-r in llun' play. Spain kim-lu-cl tlu- guul. St. Xluryl tlu-n unlmulm-cl zu ling uf trim-lv xslnit-li wnrrit-tl N1-ull-n vonsiflf-rulrly. ,X llirlrle-n 1'i'i-x-1-:mv play put tlu- Xlntr-li City tt-:un in N1'4lI'lIlQ puxitiun lint tlu- Xe-wtun flf'ff'Ils1' lu-lfl fu-t :incl :i llfllt'l'll-fHl'fl pe-nzalty to St, Xluryl put tlu- lmll nut nf tlamgt-r, Tluinksgix ing Day wax N1-wturil glnmn slay. ln tlu- mlm-ru-v nf t iupluin Xruln-N anul Spain. tlu- te-znn fungglit we-ll: but limukliru-. taking aulxuntngt- nf ull lm-ulv. linnlly min U tl. tilzarlxl punt lltxlllflfl liix own line-x wax 1-1-vnu-l'4-rl by Nc'wluIlflul':lNzife'ly.aiIl1llut1'l'tiulf'tunli1l paw frunn tilt-:will for H tulu'luluwn. ti' FEE NE WT QNJAN 911 Fronl Row: Powers, Proctor, Thompson, Brown, Bennett es, Wilkerson, Appleton Andr gne, Stubbs, DH HID Ch e, Spain, FU Row : T ?nd ' Y - ' -1-JJ .l'r-Jw-J'X .r J' "r-J'X .r .l"' l.1"r-'.l'i"Irj.l'l'xQI Lllilglggll l lfV:JL1l 14,3 f.14 7 A :Arr 6 1 1 .- J J x 0 il llli Newton lloekey Sextet of 1927 will go down on the pages of Newton history as HllUtllf'I' champion. The team hung up Zlll enviable reeord. a reeord that SllCf'0f'tllIlQ'lf'2IlllS will shootat for years to COIIIFI fifteen vietories against two defeats. They 21111385011 a total of sixty goals. while their opponents tallied thirteen ti111es. Newton was fortunate i11 having the 1926 sextet remaining intaet. witl1 tl1e eveeption of Holbrook and Vlhitniore. Captain Stuhhs, Spain, and R. Powers eoinposed a elever forward line. while L. Powers. Brown. and Cllf-lIl1p3,EIIlt3 were used as replaeeinents. The defense with Andres and Proetor at the poi11ts was praetieally iinpregnahle while Thompson was a hulwark in front of the net. The 1927 sport 5035011 was ushered in with a decisive 3-1 vietory over Nlelrose. The graduation of tl1at great forward trio had raised havoc i11 the Melrose ranks, but they afforded the Orange and Black plenty of opposition. Captain Stulihs was instruinental' i11 the scoring of tl1e three Newton goals. Wilkerson and Bennett. wl1o were making their dehut. i11 scholastic hoc-key, performed like veterans o11 tl1e defense. From this ,qanie on, Newton was never to he headed in their rush to the ehainpionship. They eradicated Dorehester 6-0 and two days later walloped Leo llnghes' Brookline proteges Ta0. A week later they triumphed over Coinnieree 641. The Newton eohorts had yet to taste defeat. They roniped through all opposition with ease. Ptindge, Belniont., Brighton,and Arlington were not ahle to register a goal against the Garden City 1f'tiIll. The fViHllllll'ltlQt' Latin eneounter was erainnied full of aetion hut. wl1e11 tl1e shades of eventide fell on the two tired lf'2iIllS. Newton had suiliered her initial defeat, therelmy hreaking her string of nine straight yietories. This set-haek did tl1e team a world of good for they turned i11 three more vietories. ineluding 0110 over a strong Yale Freshman sextet. They stepped a hit out. of their Class VVllCIl they niingrled witl1 llarvard Freslnnan tllltl tl1e t'I'llllStbI1 yearlings emerged Victorious. The Hound ltolmin fo1111d Newton, Cmnhridge. Nlelrose, tllltl Arlington i11 the lield with the fornier two as tl1e logrieal eontenders. Both favorites Caine through as predieted a11d turned in two yietories apieee. Hn lfehruary 22 tl1e two teams faeed off hefore a crowd of 6000 f2lIlS. a great tribute to seholastie hockey. For two periods tl1e lf'2iIIlS fought evenly, lvoth waiting for a hreak. Shortly after tl1e third sessio11 opened, Diek Powers seeured the puek at eenter it-e tllltl shifted through the outer defense. Jininiie Brown shot 11p in eonihination. lllltl taking a pass fl'0Ill Diek, heat Foley with a shot. that had the eha1npio11shiplaheled 011 it. The tfantahs fought vainly to even the eount. hut., llll'UllQll tl1e speetacular Q0tllt0IltllllQ' of.loeTho111pso11and eveellent, defensive work o11 tl1e part of Andres tllltl llroetor. Newton f1'ustrated their attaeks. 1Yhen tl1e linal whistle had hlow11. the silver eup for interseholastie ehainpioiiship was as- sured forthe Garden tiity. oo Jrfirrl 'Yjrfi yfrl r jfs' LX'Yj ...,....4 1. -:J ..J' ......l. , 101D ,- s C f N - :L ........ If '..I Zl 1 :, i 'N- Lf ,VI .--5' L31 ui? L' L44 ff? u- f: ,-- I-1. r'7. Vik: .... . Y: "-3 vi" .. .- 5-f Q:- 2,-a 'Y EJ. . M .E- '17 2 - M'- s:.. N-.i ,A .1' -L-E 42 :nf I-' Q? L' Ml' N: S --K. -N mx g NI1E'E.TEfE"YI 'fJ'DViE'lXVfJi 'fJijEiVE'V-I .4 .4 .I .4...f 4 I -ll cz 9 ? 6 U My ,- Y!! I'llll a fins- group of xt-tt-rans l't'lllI'UlIlQ. Nt-wton travk follow:-rs e-xpw-te-fl a te-am of high valihrf- and wt-rv thoroughly safisfit-d ill watvhing tht- fight:-rs 4-omv from tht- rf-ar to he-at llrooklint-. Thi-3 won third plaw- in the lntt-rsi-holastiv State- Xl:-1-t, only onf--fourth of' a point he-hind the- winnc-r. Thi- tt-am start:-d tht- sm-ason hy di-lit-ating thc- Xlumni Il Zio in a hittm-rlj: fought Conti-st. H4-forv tht- final 4-xc-nt. tht- rt-lay. tht- two te-:uns wi-rv tim-d at Zio all. huf hy stating oll' furious attt-mpts on the- part of thc- Xlumni to pass tht- Ne-wton me-n. the- te-am f-mf-rgf-d vivtorious. In thc- Intl-r-ri-lass Nlf-1-t. won hy tht- 9+-niors. a st-hool ra-1-ord of long standing was hrokf-n hy Tc-d llammond. llc- high-jumpt-d fiu- fm-t 4-lt-xt-n and a fravtion. ln tht- ne-xt nn-e,-t. in whivh Boston fiiollvgw- lligh was swampc,-d 3341. anothf-r svhool rf-1-ord pass:-d tht- hoards. This time Captain Fullf-rton rt-dur-f-d thc- 33-yard hurdle- marks from four and four-fifths sm-onds to four and two-fifths. l'psc-tting all pre-dim-tions. a scrappy lirooklinf- tt-am oxm-rwlic-lun-d its rixal hy llf2T. llmwzvf-I'. in the voursf- of two we-e-ks. Coawh lfnot-h drf-w tht- me-n up to the- pink of fion- dition and put into his t-hargt-s tht- "do or div" spirit. Un an-ount ol' this. the- tt-am toppt-d Brookline 31-26. taking all hut two first plam-s. lfrom tht- swore it would sm-1-ni that Ne-wton had an c-asy tim:-. hut t,'2lt'll and 1-vt-ry 1-ontf-st was a hattlt- with thc- winne-r in doulil up to the- finish. By adding the st,-orc-s of tht- two nit-1-ts. Ne-wton was found to he- thi- x it-tor in tht- st-rim-s. Tfifff. The- te-am then lost two sl1r't't-ssivcnit-1,-ts to Nh-dford and lluntington hy tht- sf'ol'f,-s IMP20 and Il-22 i'f-spf-vtiw,-ly. Thi- tn-am again shows-d its plut-k hy taking fourth plat-v in thu- Xrnloxe-1' lntvr- svholastivs. Full:-rton hrokc- tht- standing hroad jump of the- mt-1-t. xlHt'fll'lHltlf'Il tic-d for first place in thc- l.000 yard run. llammond coll:-vt:-rl a frat-tion ofa point in tht- high jump. and tht- rc-lay took enough points so that wht-n the final sc-orv was take,-n Nt-wton was two and a half points he-hind the winnc-r. The- 1-limax of thf- st-ason was re,-ache,-d in the Stats- Us-vt wht-n tht- tt-am took third plat-1-. Xlamlfruddc-n took fourth plam- in the 1000-yard run. Full:-rton took st-1-ond in thc hroad jump and first in the- hurdlr-s for s-ight points. The rf-lay had the- fast:-st timt- of all te-ams Q-ntl-rt-d and so r-olle-4-tt-d five points. and again Hammond addf-d a fravtion of a point. Taking all in all and vonsidc-ring thc- 4-ffl-vt of Coat-h Divkinsorfs untinn-ly de-ath. tht- travk tt-am had tht- lllusl sliwt-ssfiil season ill yt-ars. llauunond in tht- high jump. xliit'cil'lItltlt'Il in tht- 1000-yard run. Fullf-rton in f-vc-rything ht- 1-nh-rt-d. Cole in tha- hurdlt-s. dash and 300. wt-rv tht- outstanding stars. hut tho name-s of Rf-1-rl. Br:-wt-r. Cummings. lit-ynolds. Nlt-Xlanus. Nlullt-n. and llc-ssion should not he omitted. lttl THE 1ftE'WT Qlxlfillxl Heed Blarshall Durrell Osborne Vtakcfield Soule Thomas Blorris Esson Mr. Carling lvlerrill Brush Green Hogan Bailey Grcaney Lodge Stratton Swimming Team IHS swimming season was one of the most successful in recent years, although Newton lost three of the nine scheduled meets. The Orange and Black natators, under Captain Kenneth Merrill's guidance. made a better showing than was expected. The season opened with Newton defeating Commerce, Itindge, and English by overwhelming scores. Then the team journeyed to Exeter where Newton was defeated, but even in defeat. Lloyd Osborne was able to break two of Exeterls tank records. The following week the strong Hunting- ton School administered the second defeat of the year to Newton. Newton came back after these defeats to win from Cambridge High and Latin twice by a startling score each time. After these two wins the team went to Brookline where the Ntealthy-Towners easily defeated Newton, although Osborne again broke two tank records. The final dual meet. was by far the most exciting one of the season. The M. I. T. freshman came to Newton. and were not beaten until the final event was decided by the strong Newton relay team. Newton gained a third place in the Lieut. George lt. Meehan State Nleet. Brookline won by a large margin with 20 points, while Huntington with 13 points barely beat Newton for second place by a point. Lloyd Osborne scored 10 of Newton's I2 points with the relay team composed of Marshall, Burrall, Hogan, and Merrill, making up the other two by placing third. Osborne broke the state record in the 100-yard dash and the 200-yard swim in this meet. The fine swimming of Lloyd Osborne deserves much credit.. He was captain of the team in 1926 and in that year was the 200-yard schoolboy champion. In 1927 he won every schoolboy event in which he entered, except at the Yale Interscholastics in which he placed second in the 220-yard swim. Ile is at present the New England 100-yard and 200-yard scholastic champion. Mr. Carling deserves no little credit for his hard work in developing the team. lttf 1XIINEjflJEEN T'DVE,1XIT'ZJijEiVEB! P X X if X E J HER yfiQ?5af9 HIS year for the first time in the historv of Ye-wton lligrh. hofs lnaskellnall was a I't't'Hg1IllZt1tl sport. Under the leadership of liay iuond N. tlrm-en. he-ad voavli. .Nlmer ll. liailev. li. Viarren Blue, and llalph Ni.SZlI1lJUI'Illllt' revruits were div id:-tl into teams. am-ordiug to their elasses. and these suh-divided into teams whivh rt-pre-seritecl two leagues, the "Urange" and the "ISlat'k." As all sport in this line was intra-mural. tliere was no varsity team this year. Around rolmin of games was played to determine the vhampiou teams of eat-h league. These two teams played to see which was better and then the freshman vhampions played the sophomore leaders, and likewise the juniors the seniors. The big event of the year was Basketball Night, Klart-li 12. when Newton had as guests the varsity teams of Harvard and Tufts. These were secured through the efforts of Franvis L. Bacon, director of secondary education, and bv the vourtesv of Xlr. Bingham and Nlr. Houston, the athletic directors of Harvard and Tufts respectively. In this game, Harvard was an easy victor over Tufts with a score of ST-28. The same evening, two pieked teams of the "marks" squad played two pieked "Orange" teams. The underclassmen "Black" team lost to the "Orange" 10f9. while the upper class "Orange" team won, 12-10. In future years, it is hoped Newton will be a contender for interscholastic haskethall honors. lt'fl II If If .- f I bl L 72 v 1. A I 3 - 'S' - N I ,s s JI :. H ... E lf T : 3 f C u nf- nn- 'F - - . - a - 2 15 S T : 'rf 1 W W 1 M, ,UW ,MM ,Wx ul x1 ,HH Amin Lxllltlfjflifjiff T'WEiNT'ZJ5EyV31-I , Q Wx 5 'KZ-fx L, Z' a - .zaztiifi ww' 'Ali' ' 1 llli xzirsity ninf- opt-nt-al tht- WST sa-:ison with loin' lt-ttt-rnu-n zixziilzilrlt-. Nh-ssrs. lirownt-ll :intl Sullixun. tzikingf up tht- rt-ins l'Ul'lllt'l'lf ht-lil hy tht- lntt- fiom-h liivltinson. t'Hlllllll'll4'l'tl to wt-lfl ai formirluhli- 2iQQl't'j.I'HllUIl. Thu- llllf'l'lllt'tll2ill' :intl .lunior X :u'sit5 ta-:mis ol' lust yt-:ir provirlvcl sonic- xulunhlt- mzite-ri:il for thu- xztrsity nint-. Xlt-tllury and Don NX ilson. hoth 1-xpt-i'it-111-e-cl twirl:-rs. re-porte-fl :intl Nlzu-3. lie-ilh-5 :intl l,intlquist. tht- lzitte-r za southpziw tramsft-V from Nlzuinm-. we-rv the- otha-r uxuiluhlt- piti-hm-rs. llzils ,Xnrlrcs was vonw-rtt-tl into za 1-zittfln-r :incl IH-nny cle- Xlillt- wus nssigm-tl to first hziso. tifziptaiiii Johnny Prot-tor was plm-e-cl on tht- ke-ystonv sm-k zintl. whilt- ha- wus out, flllt' to :in infct-ttftl foot, his position was 1-zapuhly tilla-tl hy "lCtlgif-" XX urrt-n. lfrunk Spain was shiftt-cl to shortstop and Yit- Stout took tha- position in tht- hot 1-ornr-r. Johnny Nlullin was zissiggm-rl to lt-ft lic-lrl. llor:u-t- White to11-lltf,-I',zilldsziill Nh-I Ilary, wht-n not pitrhing. pzitrollt-tl tht- right tit-ltl tt-rritory. Tha- hull tt-uni nost,-cl out Nc-e,-dlimn in tht- first c-nc-ountc-r of tht- si-arson. Till. Thc- gzinn- was slow, as thc- l'tHll'll0S t-xpf-riint-ntc-cl with Nzirious plays-rs in thc- lint-up. X wt-1-la lute-r. :it Inw- rcnr-Q-, the Urmigge- and Blat-k clroppt-cl za Tfl grziint- to tht- Nlill City HQ'g.fl't'gItIllUll. Brom-ai. tht- honin- tc-ann's star twirl:-r was xt-ry 1-l'l't-1'-tin,-zallcl allows-tl only six svrzitch hits. Johnny Mullin wus tht- only Nc-wton play-r to solve- l3rom'u's pt-riilini' de-lixc-rim-s, Slillllllllllg olll za rlouhlt- :intl ai singlt-. Czunliriclgre- Latin took Nt-wton into 4-:imp on Pz1triot's Dany, 3-1. Nlvfllziry zinfl Lintlquist. sharing tht- lllUllIlllSlllElIl.S clutit-s. wt-rv 1-ll't-t'tixit- for ai while-, hut tht- ffzmtnhs we-nt on an haitting rzunpage-. which protlut-1-d liu- runs and ll x it-tory. Poor lie-ltling: aiclt-rl mutt-rizilly in tht-clownfzill. Nt-wton tlroppe-cl its st-1-onrl le-aguv 1-ontf-st to I'Ix't-rt-tt in tht- following' wt-1-k. 9f2. Un tht- following: NY:-dm-stlay. thc- tt-umjournc-yt-tl to Southhoro and th-fe-att-tl St. Nlzirlfs. 8--l. 'l'ht- play- ing' of Spain and Nlcnfilary fs-uture-cl, tht- formc-r oflit-ially 4-1-4-dit:-d with he-ing :it hut onw- :intl sf-oi-ing four runs while- tht- luttt-r's hitting' rlrou- in 41 llillltllilll of tullit-s. Xl:-flforfl took Nt-wton into 1-amp thc- following Sat urdny. winning tht- grunt- Sf I. The- t li-aillgc and Bluvk ne-xt won za oft vontt-st :against its trziditionail 1-ix ails. Brooklint-. Timm-ly hitting' on thc- part of Nt-wton tlt'l'OllIllt'tl for most of tht- runs. XX ilson pitt-he-rl ziir-tight hull until the- sixth, hut Ile-illc-y. who rt-lit-vc-d him was 114-vs-1' in lltlIlgI4'l'. llimlgc- gnu- Nt-wton zu svare- lntt-r in thi- wc-1-k hut. tht- honu- te-zum linzally won 6-23. N1-wton won za gmnt- from Brot-kton in tht- 4-lc-Ye-lltll. I-2. Two singlt-s :tml za St'l't't'l'lllllQ triph- hy Art Wilson hrolu- the-1-xisting tie- and st-ttlf-tl thf- gznm-. In thc- st-1-ond Conte-st with Czunhriilgt- Latin. Nt-wton signin lost. 8--l. ln thc- last gznnt-. he-forv this artit-lv wr-nt. to pre-ss, Nt-wton clroppa-cl ai 1-losv gzum- to lfxe-iw-It 5--1 in thc- cl:-W-nth. IHS farpg-.-r,L.'p. - -'J-'L' DIL W J?QNlAN 1 UEIYI1lHWEfIl2iMM N 106 NINETEEN T' EfVENT'ZJ5Ef WEN Q Tennis HE prospects for a championship tennis team are exceedingly bright at mid-season. The veterans. Captain Turner. Noble, Broughton, Scott, Parker, and Harris, together with Shute and Glueck, the finalists of the fall tournament, comprise the squad. The team made an auspicious beginning by smothering English High of Boston, 841. Boston Latin was the next victim. Art Noble lost to XYoodbury, five matches to two, after piling up a big lead in the feature match. At the Yale lnterscholastics. Newton won fourth place with 7 points. 3 points better than the next high school entrant. Turner lost to Kennedy of Kent, after winning two matches, while Noble drew Henry Johnson in the third round. Noble played well, but was unable to defeat the old Newton star. Broughton. Scott. and Parker. each won a match, which added to the team's total, but were defeated in the second round. Johnson was the individual winner of the tournament, while Choate won the team trophy. In the matches already played. everyone has played well. Huntington. following the Yale Interscholastics, was smothered in the next match 6-O. The team will go down in the sport annals of the school as another of the best court combinations. The schedule: Tuesday hlay 3 Boston English High School at Newton Tuesday May 10 Boston Latin School at Newton Saturday May 114 Yale Interscholastics at Yale Friday 1N1ay 20 Huntington School at Newton Saturday May 21 at Worcester YYednesday May 23 Andover at Andover Monday May 30 Harvard Interscholastics Tuesday June T Brookline at Brookline Thursday June 9 Groton at Groton Golf Captain. J. GIANFERANTE rllanagcr, W. BENGER HE championship Golf team of 1926 was practically intact this spring. Several of the im- portant matches to date have been won. The schedule: Monday April 25 Fessenden at Albemarle VVednesday April 27 Lowell at Lowell Friday April 29 St. Mary's at Newton Monday May 2 Watertown High School at Newton Wednesday May 4 Burdett College at Newton Friday May 6 Lexington High School at Newton Saturday May 7 Exeter at Exeter Monday May 9 Durnmer Academy at Byfield Thursday May 12 Reading at Reading Monday May 16 St. John's Preparatory School at Newton Wednesday May 18 Harvard Freshmen at Newton Saturday May 21 St. John's High School at Newton Monday May 23 Swampscott High School at Swampscott Tuesday May 31 Thayer Academy at Thayer Academy Saturday June 4 St. John's Preparatory at Danvers lllllw lllllllllllllllll ll wi 1 1 A 1 it THE. NE' Wu ON 1245115 ll Q DH' I :hs '--. K.. N kx,.J' 'm -gr' xj' 'Ir W w , 3, , '.,- ' Wu wx ll IH8 J I ,M w xl 1 NI1YIEfLJEE1YI T' DVENTYQ53' V313 V 1 Xfbgf X-f Xfwf A U I UQ?-sefostecx J Illi hockey se-ason opt-ne-el with e-arh vlass we-ll re-pre-se-nte-el by se-xe-ral ranelielate-s. Xll from seniors to fre-shme-n se-e-me-el to take- a ne-w inte-re-st in the- game- and ele-te-rmine-el to make- a good te-am. About a month afte-r prartise- he-gan. the- varsity squael was pirke-el with twe-nt5-e-ight girls to re-present Ne-wton. The-y we-re as follows: Captain. Xlarion l"rost: Xlanage-r. N irginia Hodder: Dorothy Barha. Be-atrie-e Brooks. filaelys Brown. lille-n Chase-. Sally Collins. Dora flum- lllillgi Eleanor Daxis, Emily Dunle-avy. Carol liaton. lile-anor llareling. Xgne-s llartrielge-. liliza- beth Hollis. Gladys .le-raulel. Emily lie-ncle,-rcline-. fkelelaiele- Line-oln. Nlarion Xle-llus. llita Xie'- Clellanel. Mary Nloriarty. lie-tty Nluthe-r. Be-tty llivharelson. Xlae- Se-hultz. lie-na Spain. lxathe-r- ine Sprague. Virginia Spurrie-r. Nlargare-te Ylvarre-n. and Xlarion XX hittake-r. The first game. played tlutohe-r 28 against Ne-e-elhani. was not xe-ry e-nvouraging. The- first te-am lost by a Zlfl srore-. hut the- se-e-onels managed to hanel in a P0 xie-tory. rl'he-ele-fe-at. howe-xe-r. inspire-el us to play hareler anel with more- ele-termination. anrl late-r game-s me-t with more- sue-e-e-ss. Ilnclaunte-el. we quirkly rose- to gre-ate-r he-ights hy ele-fe'-ating our age--olel oppone-nts. Nlaltham. on Noveinhe-r l. with a se'ore- of If-0 for hoth the- firsts and se-e-onels. Ns the- total inelirate-s. hoth teams played e-xe'e-e-elingly we-ll. hut on the- first te-am Be-tty l'lie'harelson was the- high se-ore-r. making three-e of our four goals. At the Nle-lrose game- a we-e-k late-r. lille-n tlhase- tie-el the- se-ore for the- first te-am hy making two goals in the last half. Our se-e-onels we-re x irtors for the- thirel time-. ele-fe-ating Xlvlrose- se-e-onels 2-0. That game- was hy far the- he-st of the- se-ason for Ye-wton. lioth te-am work anel playing exeelle,-d. ,-ksiele from the e-xe-e-lle-nt playing. this x ie-tory was quite- a f'e-athe-r in our lionne-t for. so far. Me-lrose was the- only te-am in the-ir league- to he- e-ithe-r unele-fe-ate-el or untie-el. The-n the- e'lass game-s inte-rrupte-el the- rounel of xarsity e-onte-sts. l'nele-r the- t,'tiIblillIlt'X of Betty Nluther. the- sophomore-s ele-fe-ate-el Captain Durhin's fre-shman te-am. oftl. X fe-w elays late-r. Captain Spurrie-r'sjuniors anel Captain l"rost's se-niors eflashe-el ina Zi-3 tie-. Nkihe-n this was playe-el ull.. the seniors were wietorious 3-l. To cle-te-rluinv the- e-lass winne-rs. the- se-niors anel sophomore-s me-t on the field De-ee-inher 2 and the laure'-ls we-nt tothe- se-niors with a latl se-ore-. 'l'he- se'he-elule- e-nele-el w he-n the gkluinnae- were- de-fe-ate-el 2-1. Xlarion Frost toward the- e'lose- of' the- season hrought a ne-w honor to Ne-wton. that of xx inning a junior insignia of the Boston Fic-lel llovke-y ,Nssoe-iation. She- was one- of the- e-le-xe-n puhlie- sehool girls. anel the- only one- from Newton. to he- pie-ke-el from tire-ate-r Boston for this e-le-xe-n. Thus the fie-lel horke-y se-ason e'lose-el. linele-r the- raptainry of' Xlarion lfrosf. the- xvrsatile- athlete. and the managing of' the- stalwart goal ke-e-pe-r. Yirginia llorlele-r. the- squad inele-e-el hael a successful season. The first, te-am won twie-e, tie-el once-. and lost one-e-. the- se-e-onel te-am taking all three of the-ir games. At. a special assembly for the girls of the whole- se-hool. the- first ye-ar me-mhe-rs of the- squael were awarded the varsity stripe-s and "Ns" while- the vete-ran me-mln-rs. hax ing play-el on the- le-ani for more than a ye-ar. were awarcle-el l'll0Yl'0IlS to he- place-el unele-r the-ir alre-aely we-ll-cle-se-rx e-el Ie-tte-rs. Iflfl K ,bs -gs N . aft H my A- :.2"'.....h ,,,,,,, '- A' Ill! Tflij NE! WT DNLEAN NI1YIEiFEE1YJ' 'I' WE.NiFiZ VEHN , . . TENT V v fr-rg, 9-Mi" what 'M IW 1 'Rfoxrchttd J IIE greatest enthusiasm which has been shown for some time made its appearance this year on the basketball court. Probably a great deal of it was due to the new system introduced by Miss Bathbone. Each girl who registered for basketball was immediately assigned to a class team. After a few weeks' practise the teams started competitive playing. These games constituted the better part of the season and each girl took a lively interest in her team. Over twenty-two class groups were organized, consequently a rapid series of seventy-five games took place. In totaling the scores the Juniors were the winners of the games and the seniors took second honors. The scores were as follows: Class Games to Play NVon Score Senior .... .... A 140 26 65 Junior ,... . 32 29 90.625 Sophomore . . . 51 17 31.467 Freshman .................... ......... 3 1 7 22.575 From the excellent show of spirit and skill that was evidenced in these games the varsity squad was chosen. The following twenty-six girls were selected: Captain, Chelise Cookg Manager. Cleone Placeg Elizabeth Barrett, Gladys Brown, Ellen Chase. Beed Champion, Elizabeth Clarke, Eleanor Davis. Margaret Decker. Priscilla Dennet. Emily Dunleavy. Marion Frost. Frances Gallagher, Eleanor Harding, Louise Ilorrigan, Constance Ilartwell, Virginia Hodder. Gladys Jerauld, Marion Leith, Beatrice Piser, Gwenyth Quimby, Betty Richardson. Mae Schultz. Buth Taft. Margaret YVarren, Faith Wing. The team did not fare so well in the first game of the season which was played at Needham. 1N1arch fl. as it terminated in a 33-11 defeat for Newton. but the seconds upheld the honor of the school by coming out victorious 31-6. The following hrst and second team games with N1 atcr- town quite overcame our valiant efforts and both our sextets sank to defeat. loosing by the scores of 38-11 and 25-19 respectively. Nevertheless, Newton showed "the old fight" in the Waltham game and the first team took the honors 24-15, while the seconds was barely defeated by the close margin of 21-20. 1low'ever unsuccessful the first games were, the close of the season showed con- siderable improvement. The alumnae game was our final victory. For the first team the score stood 1642, and for the second, 6-17 for the alumnae. The presentation of the varsity and second team letters and the awarding of numerals to the winning class teams at the gym meet, was the last of girls' basketball for 1927. lll THE lSfE'DVi.LJfONIi4L1YI GIRLS' GY NI Ml'Ili'l' GIRLS' GYM Nll'Il'I'l' ll2 51 ag i 1 J' fN11YIE'.EJlEE?.35T UFSIVENTGY WEN The Girls' Gym Meet IIE Girls' Gym Meet was held April first. Over fifteen hundred people filled the bleachers The whole of the new gymnasium was used and yet it seemed too small. VVhile the girls formed in line and the audience found their seats with the help of the ushers. the Newton High School Band played several selections. The band played a few warning measures of a march. The seniors. sophomores, and correc- tive gym pupils entered at one end of the gym. while the juniors and freshmen entered at the other end. The girls were uniformly dressed in white middies. blue bloomers, and black stockings and sneakers. The color of the ties designated the class, red being senior: yellow. junior: blue. sophomore: and green. freshman. The girls marched in a steady line of twos from either door, met in front of the band. went down the center in fours. separated into twos again. and marched until they met once more. A color guard marched to the center of the floor and the salute to our flag and a verse of the "Star Spangled Banneru were led by Marion Frost. a senior. lt was then that the first startling flashlight picture was taken. Xlihen the flag had been returned to its stand. every one but the seniors sat down. Lcd by Miss Flanders. the seniors formed for their floor drill. The class was small. for the work was entirely voluntary on their part. but they did themselves credit. Then the junior class was called by Mrs. Kuntz. Their marching was nieritablebut they caused the audience con- siderable amusement when they lay down on their backs to do exercises. The sophomores lined up in their turn, the mimetic drill being very well performed. The freshmen tried valiantly in their marching. In their floor drill, they had the honor of having a flashlight picture taken of them on their backs with their feet waving in the air. The applause for some features of the drills was so overwhelming as to completely route the exhibitors. Individual gymnastics were well illustrated by another class with Miss Rathbone as instructor. The most interesting event. the apparatus work, came next. This was divided into two sections, five pieces of apparatus in each. lt t.ruly was as interesting as a five-ring circus and at least it kept one's eyes busy to catch a glimpse of half the stunts. It was weird and spec- tacular to see girls flying through the air, jumping boxes. ropes, bars. and climbing wisps of rope and flimsy ladders. When the floor had been cleared of the apparatus, an exciting game of basketball was played. the n10re exciting because the score remained 0 to 0 throughout the game. A dashing, slipping. sliding relay race was run first between the seniors and juniors, the juniors winningg second. the sophomores and freshmen. the sophomores winning. In the finals between the juniors and sophomores, the juniors won. The aesthetic dancing was the chief event of the evening. The freshmen started with a scarf dance and two amusingly abrupt pantomimes. The sophomores did some Fundamental Relaxation Exercises and a saucy little clog, "Sweet Rosie O'Grady." The juniors and seniors dramatized Greek games. Just as they were wrestling another flash light picture was taken. lt startled the audience as much as the dancers or they would have noticed several mistakes in the dancing. A wild chariot race was then run with no designated winner. Then Mr. Bacon gave out the basketball N's and Constance Hartwell received from him the class numerals for the juniors. The annual gym cup was awarded to the class of 1928. Virginia Spurrier, the secretary, representing the class. t mtttmtww ttXmttmtmwttjvrt tt" "'ttt"1'ttm,ttHl'tl Witter t t Wt '.ttWt,.t, ll3 9 HE N ETF? QN1AN Ill N1'NETE,EjN T' W EN TQ LCJEJ WEN f N X-,xybx fl,-u ffx 45255 n ull? O ., .Q mm ' - H s ' ff wfffw ? J 5,1 " XLS... l -f j Ox ' I I O .,:,15.' 9 .-QP Qi' . -,', Il ' lumj .-.1141 -W, QQ. 5.1 , '-L! '- ' "1" if-' Q C C' . 4 . "" I O I ' "1 ' VU.. 'Q Aquzluxum-myllk " ' ll' I .V -E A. V . ' 3 ll S6550 ,gfk .. I N "1il'I3 X 1 .' i' ' 9 'A'12E:1: 0 - jy 4. W 4-' fl. - -WW X , f"-- W! 3 ' ' - Il """" ,aa --fi ., ' ! 5 5 E G 1 5 ' " ' 'Q sq X - icy H ' 'JJ I Q-n ul HfEihwg:i ' Q L M X 5 ' O A, , 4 dl, Q ...Nl 9 If cy 'V E Odlfim x V ,. 'E 1 , Q X - R '3 ,lf So '1927 A H IIS EEE NE' WT QNIAN ll6 NINETEEN T' ifV'E1YIT'ZJ5Ef VE N Class Cheer Sock 'em in the eye. Bif'f'em on the jaw. Charleston, Blackbottom, Raw! Raw! Raw! Class Colors BLACK AND BLUE From our Exchanges The Blinkville Blooey, Blinkville High School, Blinkville, Iowa. Your paper is terrible. The jokes are stale, and the sporting section was torn. The Ointburg Onion, Ointburg Junior High School, Ointburg. Nebraska. The sentiment. of your weekly school edition is unusually strong. The humor column brought tears to our eyes. The Thorax Thumbtack, Thorax Military Academy, Corncob Center. Maine. Your fine little periodical has its point. We especially liked the little essay concerning the work on the Statue of Liberty's nose. The East Glimic Gluepot. East Glimic Riding School, East Glimic, South Dakota. We sure are stuck on your paper. Your brilliant idea of printing on ily paper attracted us very much. However, a comma was omitted in the fourth sentence of the story entitled, "He XVas Only a Mattress-filler's Son, But He Sure Knew His 'Stufff H The Arnica Asbestos, Arnica Prep., South Oysterette, New Mexico. Your paper will never set the world on fire. The jokes remind us of a balloon. they're pointless. A Generous Tip Traveler: "Porter, did you find a roll containing S100 under my pillow 9" Porter: "Yes, Suh, I thank yuh, suhl" "The time will come," shouted the lecturer, "when women will get men's wages." "Yes," yelled a bald-headed man at the rear of the hall. "That will be Saturday night." What He Got for His Pains Len: "Hey, Doc! This liniment you've got. is rank." Fanning: "Well, you don't have to rub it in." llT I W Y UW lillxj GGCEKUHWQWQG 5 THIS HOUR A5 NEAR QATHERS As aCouLD CESEXQEASED TNCKLED UGNATQRE GET IT O MTH THE To woon, SOCKS -DEPNT!-U' we-no-a ANDY g X .69 GAVE woo? 5, I. WH Q af I nf? QL f ,.M,,,,f.L'Q,,,.W,W. ,AEOQTN QLMTE A INSCREPANCY WHAT was we AND -ru 5 OOO ANT W? GFI' 'J COACH 'P A VEPSRL WELL-' Dub YOU EUER HEAR AQOOO 'PEOPLE Cv-1EER1NG A ITATION IN , C ' LATIN L? ADQD you Foo1,a5H L9 'Pl-XV IO CENTS F012 TH OBE' EHRT2 ING? W? N ,...H.QQ' RFQUT wE v WOOLNORTH 1 SQA IT 'N N CG' Qi 5 Q - , 2 I 3 'Q A ix, A aw , NA f' ' if , MEG' " QO..R AQ' 5000. NIIFIEUJEELYT T'WENil?'Lf WEN Our Ideal Girl She likes to spend a quiet evening at home with the boy friend. She's athletic. but also sympathetic. She's beautiful, but not dumb. She knows that a player isn't jailed for stealing second - Or buried when he dies at third. She knows the difference between a goal post and a tennis racket She possesses eyes like Gloria Swanson's - She has a nose like Esther Ralstorfs. Hair like Mary Brian. and lips like Marceline Day. -But don't get excited. boys: there ainit no seeh animal! A Proposal Capologiesj They were sitting side by side, He sighed and she sighed: Said he, "My dearest, idol." He idled and she idled. "On my soul there's such a weight." He waited and she waited. 'Tm going to propose. so bold I've grown." He groaned and she groaned. "You shall have your private gig." He giggled and she giggled. Said she. 'ily dearest Luke." He looked and she looked. "I'll have thee if thou wilt." He willed and she wilted. Nuf Cedl LS S! XYhat kind of a car have you got? "A Packard eight." "Eight what?" "Eight more payments." She: '5Please help the Working Girls' Home?" Bud H.: L'Sure, how far away do they live?" How Many Times? A maiden entered the Highlands' bus. And firmly grasped a strap. Every time they struck a hole, She sat in a different, lap. The holes grew more frequent, And the maiden bruised her knees. At last she gasped out with a smile, "XVill someone kindly tell me, please. How many laps to the mile?" 119 - NLM A15 Annum. Awmimsw mrs me fqfnpnis Doon LIL, fsvnmw Has A mxsrv, ronsw 01.3 Toomacue Ox L ff. '--E Qi 'W----'gif N X HEY mom f 1 iq: X i 1 Q4 f PROMISED T0 BE MV SWEETIE PIE .x L , Q 0 il? 5 Xwxw-9 ' 1 .77 -' 7 7 Q' HOT wow! LILLUMS 9 '7' 5 ma 4 f lil 55405 IS T me WIFE V S , X .Av X 5 'N 0 om I-U5 GUM 7 15 , 'E ffwpr 3. I K v 1-1 Q 22 fi Qi ug: vw 5 29 p 2 1,0 GU I NI1YIE'fTlE11FjN T: WE1YIiLJii.7 WEN Diary of a Dumbbell Illonduy: Bought an old Ford from Bennett todayg had two blow-outs the first time I drove it. Tuesday : A cylinder cracked and bands burned out today. Wednesday: Took car to garage, but a wheel came off before I got there. Thursday: I have discovered that the frame is bent, the radiator leaks, and the springs are broken. F ridav: Rear "X" gave way today en route to the Lawrence game. Saturday: While I am not an expert mechanic, I almost believe that Bennett put one over on me at that. Sunday: Car for sale. Originally held four, now holds seven if they are well acquainted. Ambitious: "Sir, I would like your daughter for my wife." Her Pop: "Go home and tell your wife she can't have my daughterlm Lecture on Perseverance No matter what kind of work you are doing, never he discouraged by failure, but fill the job to the Lest of your ability and you will eventually succeed. I once knew a yotmg man who peeled potatoes in a large hotel kitchen. He was rather dis- couraged, but was bound to get ahead, as he knew that even a potato peeler could succeed. He dug right in and peeled more spuds than ever before. Now, at the age of sixty, do you suppose he is still peeling potatoes? Heavens, no! He was bound to get a head. so he now peels cabbages. Moral: Conscientious labor overccnieth all thingsg even the laborer! I "Why is Proctor's Ford like a baby carriage?" "How come?" "It'll go anywhere you push it." "Gosh, I'll never get over it as long as I live," sighed our hero as he gazed up at the moon. Our idea of an ingenious man is one who walks by a graveyard at night, singing, "Hail, hail, the gang's all here!" Exema wants to know if a railroad haberdasher is the guy wot takes care of the ties. Epitaph Calmostj Under a spreading chestnut tree The village sheik reposes He was driving a Ford at fifty per, His family sent him roses. I lllllllllllllllllllt ,,,, M lil i'HE. NEZWDVEJQQYIEELQI 100 - rs f-.w:f'J- .-J- .-J-of-r uiiigevfr-Jfyjrufafs 311 1-.v -Fir J. ...L Lliiiii. 1 .I Lui. l..'s.JLi Lil. Toot These Selections on Your Telephone As Wht-re'd You Get Those Eyes? All Alone" . . . . . "Roll 'Em Girls" Got N0 Time" "Who" . . Peter Pan" . . Lovin' You" . . . That's VVhy I love You" . No More VVorryin' " . Lonesome and Sorry' Jingle Bells" . . . Music in the Air" , "Old Black Joe" . . 56 s Tramp, Tramp, Tramp' "That Certain Party" SG 66 sc sa ta cs U as 64 is 66 66 Drifting Back to Dreamland" us Show Me the Way To Go Home" . . Everything's Gonna Be All Right" . Moon Mullins. Hiking to Wvaban Female Dice-tossers Arriving at 8:29 Nobody's Business A Favorite Brand of Canned Goods That, "A" in llath Pays Her Own VVay Passed Every Subject, In the Detention Room. At 2:09 Stubbs Slipped on a Banana Peel McManus After Greasing "Leapin' Lena" "IIappy." Hals, and Johnny. "The Feminine Follies" After the Senior Prom If at Graduation You Don't Get Left YVhen that Lawrence Fullback Plowed By Artists and Models II1'ck.s': "This painting of a face of yours is terrible, Nason." L'Jerry": "Painting, nothing. That happens to be a mirror!" Some birds go out for football for four years, and all they get for their pains is liniment. "Ahal', cried the shipwrecked shopper, "a sale! a sale!" Said the golfer as he was abfe-t to be hanged: "May I take a few practice swings?" . Somerville Game llc Neil : "Time out! I've lost another tooth." Referee: "Nei time, swallow 'em, and don't be holdin' up the game!" Pome "Away my daughter, and shut the shutter," A mother to her girl did utter. "The shutter's shut," the girl did stutter, "And I can't shut it any shutter." The prisoner was a perfect gentleman to the end. He even offered the warden his chair when about to be electrocuted. I W' lIllWWWHwwinluilmuiulli iuwiiiiiuvi wire uwwiu I 123 1 113 A1K13'yyfr1g1N1'rLx'm1 llV"""' .J .1 .I .1 44.1.1 -'WI' 1 Q +25 T T1YEzz1112,THE BIGGER ' 1 5 1 ' AND BETTER FACULTY 'M L 1 Tqj 1 1BA5KETBAL1T TEAM. ' 1 5 -12 1 7 5007111111 111111, K L X A A A 430' , 1 :1 W f x1 L ,Z Q QB' ' 1 1 No me GREEN Aaou uus: H A Z Q 4: QE lT'5 MELLOWED WITH AGE! 1x'E1!1gVH1xv tX -AX-, K WHILE WE em. WHY ff "1 NOT 1 ? JW THE jj'5JDAl LY YJ? lj BULLETIN BY RADIO! I I I I iWI'V7i1YIEffJEEN iEJ'DVEi1YIT'iKeijEWEN .u-u.: .1 .n The High School Sheik Blessings on thee, high school sheik, NVith varnished hair and painted cheek, WVith thy "plus-foursf' check and stripe, And thy ancient corn-cob pipe. Vamps and sheba's dost thou scorn, Sentimental days have long since gone, XVith the headlights on thy face, In thy "flivver" thou dost raceg From my heart, I give thee joy -M I am, too, a high school boyl Wise guy thou art, in thy bliss. May only write such junk as this. Let the guy with cash roll by. On foot, hiking by his side Thou has a Ford and all of that, Even if a tire is flat. Regardless of the roar and squeak. Blessings on thee, high school sheik! CSincere apologies to John Greenleaf Vlhittierj Exema sez that personz thet are driving carz iz called motoriztz. SOIll0tfIIl1tl they 'ue L illefl something elze. It all dependz on how close they cum to you. Wanted A comb for a slightly bald-headed gentleman with Celluloid teeth A Necessity Kindly Old Gent: "I am sorry to hear that yoifveiburied your wife Rastus Raslus: "Boss, ah just had to sahl She was dead ya know." Those Were the Happy Days In days of old When knights were bold, And sheet-iron trousers wore. They lived in peace, For then a crease Would last ten years or more. In those olden days They had the craze For cast-iron shirts-and wore 'em. And there was bliss Enough in this- The laundry never tore 'eml "I want you to meet a man about town," said Exema as he introduced me to the W1lla,,e street-sweep. i r 1 llllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllltlllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll l lll llllilllillillllllllllllll ll lllllllll''llllllllllfllllllllllllllll'li'llllllllllI llll lllllllf lf25 HE N WT IGN LEAN lfh TIIIYIEJIJEETI Ti DVENTY WEN All Around the Town Illiss Smith: "Huh! You should have learned that in kindergarten." Benger: "I never went to kindergarten." Heard in one of Doctor Land's classes: "Cicero is noted for his perfectconunand of English." illr. Holmes: "Mr, Bennett, will you please explain why Clay did not go to the White House?" Bennett: Cstill fast asleepl: UAW! who wants to crash a cheap joint like that anyhow? Le's go home, Doris." .Miss Giroux: "Switzler says hels going to an organ school." Vic Stout Csotto voicel: "Yehl Hand organ." Parker Ctranslatingl : "He cuddled up in his chair." Miss llfaldmeyer: "Now, it takes two to cuddle up, young man!" Epitaph Here reposes William Laudit, Chased a bear and finally caught it. Do-You-Know Contest CThe writer received .000fZ, on this onej 1. Wlhat Vice-President's grandmother Wore a wig at the age of forty years, eight months, nine days? 2. VVhat great geologist rode a saw-horse through Miami to warn the people that the real- estate agents were coming? 3. Wlhat famous artist painted the grandstand at Claflin Field? 4. VVhat member of the NV. C. T. U. has a glass eye and is left-handed? Evolution Bill was trying out his new Your," The speedometer said twenty. The traffic cop said forty. And the Judge merely said fifty. Interviews witl1 Famous People By Gum "My idea of heaven," said Aaron K. Agatedome, the world renown truck-driver, "Is a long, long stretch of muddy pavement, full of holes, with the curbs crowded with people all dressed in white." l2T .PHE NE'9VTQN1AlYI Hu l 28 N1NEHlJEiEN T' WE.N'.FiZJ5Ei' WEN With the Football Gang Can you imagine: "Happy" not saying-"Lay off, will ya-a-a." "Sleepy" Cole not saying-"I'll bash you." Johnny and Hals not in a dog fight. "Mad, McNeil not saying-"He's a smook." "Jerry" Nason not saying-"Don't, be a wise guy." "Bud" Reimer not saying-"Heh!" "Doc" Fanning not sayingA"Stop whistling!" Carson not saying-"DisCourceyl Where were you then?" "Junie"-"Now, fellows." "Len" Clark-"Who cares, anyhow?" "Shina"-"Whaddya mean, scrimmagef, "Spotted" Perry-"Great show at the 'Met'." "Hecker" H.-"Hamilton, you boneheadf' "Ax" Hamilton-"Youl" ufiiiyl, Mabey not saying-"Be rugged." "Bob" Annable not saying-"T-6-19" Cin a whisperb. Franky Spain not finding a clipping collection of feminine styles in his locker. Brown forgetting to give an exhibition of "Strangler" Lewis much to Dinsmore's discomfort. "Joe" F oristall not losing an elbow pad everyday. "Getch" not bawling out an assistant manager. "Ruts" Symonds forgetting to comb his hair. Gilligan and Shea not being the last two out of the locker-room. Hap: "Say, Len, whose the dummest guy you know?" Len: "The guy what thinks sea legs will let him walk on the ocean!" Words from the Wise Some folks are sensible. Others work on the Newtonite. Buy thrift stamps, put away your pennies, deny yourself that stick of chewing gum. and some day you will have enough saved to buy yourself a nice, lovely tombstone. The rolling stone may gather no mossg but who wants to gather moss? Give the devil his due and you won't have much left. Never look a gift horse in the mouth. He may bite. Look before you leap. Then stay where you are. In 1-1492 Marcus Aurelius, Prime Minister of Siam said: "He who lalfs lalfs, lallis laf'fs." Truer words were never spoken. l l2U THE, N 'EE WT U N IA N UUIQW THQ IRUE,XBi7cLT'lE!YIlU'i?E U5 DUE 0-FEES SWFETSEFJ ? wail- l DP6HEI5i I T OFF sooo wouns Ziff? DTD NIH MAKE THIS AFTERNOON '+4L" ANY CORRECWONS- NOT UD VOKQDO' 1 were ONE VERY PTY ' '-WEN - E 1 IMVORTHNT ONE lwqs IMNENSELY F - gigfmstg, , BUSY' I CORRECTED fi K E my - rg? TH' PROOF5 OF Xgiif! nf 1E E " - Tw' ENTIRE FRONT ,Q FAGE !! i ,MW ' .. 15225651 0 JM. X !'i!EPrfiii 'fiwfkff mu fuLwToN1TE It IZ' " vfED'T0"' ffffmw ww- N57 Haw ggw- AFTER DEEP ANN REFLECT T o N - AND as THaT Q KPUT THE ALL vou 'DID cor-nr-46 To-Dfw Q22 I Bam ac-,mmf X Ei, F if Afffgzf' ' 3- - 4 4 ., ' E? T zowxe- Z Eff' 'iq mf 7, , 'ma-r wA5ixWki , 1 ,ij " F-I4 -wfify 1 'ill i.. soME E! X D ? , iL1fj xi V A VY' "f' 1 if- T' i7 -.WM - .Qffffff Iliff" F? ix ,ff vi' ' fggii' X qi FX--H l flxgll N f I K. 'ZZ'-ii' C I I 4.o,v,m' we xx- I.. :lil I'-,q6Qig? -"""- X -Zin Q- 1 w -' T-35:3 1?-H14 -v-- " EH' 131: .-- ,P f W Wkffk rx XX 7: i3EE'i':QQ7 .2E:1. X Tw W ' 0' D , . iw iiifv T 'iii N ' WQSZ5 ':iWIi'r1:f-3:--Q E M' Q SM KKK 'T W ' s X' ff We 25 'Fm K 4 lik ,X fied cy " mb? Xygggg-1' AT... 'F ff --fA 3-nf IIXU N gENEjTEE,N T' WQEi1YITiZa,5Eii VE. N Interview With the Famous No. -1-It "This is a fairly harmless case." said the warden as he opened the door. "He thinks he's a transfer ticket and tries to punch a hole in himself." "When I entered. No. 4441! was standing on his hands in a corner, beating his head against the wall-a scrawny, haggard youth of about 90 summers, with a face that only a bulldog could love, and a wild look in his eye. IIe offered me a chair, first biting off a leg." g'You must have lots of time to spend here," I said, familiarly. "l,ots!" screamed my host tearing out a handful of hair, "Lots! IIouses! Plots! Don't. you dare say 'lots' to me! "This was years ago. before they put me in here with Brutus. I choked Brutus to death last year. so they took him away and wouldn't let me play with him anymore. Ile was a nice kid. but he wanted to play with the blocks all the time and I wanted them. To tell the truth I think he was a bit loony. "I was young and handsome, then. Years ago I was about to be married to a beautiful girl. and was looking for a house. "I saw an 'ad' in the paper one day. 'Beautiful ten-room home with a splendid garden. Near City IIall, Fakeville, Mass. Only a stone's throw from the station.' I robbed my kid brother's bank, saved my chewing gum wrappers and soon had enough to buy the house. "It all happened the Sunday I took her out to see our future home. The real estate agent was there on the platform to meet us. Ile drove us about five miles to the outskirts of the city. The road ended there, and we had t.o get out and walk. Three miles further we took a ferry across the river. On the other side a car was waiting for us. Toward evening we reached the house. We stood in silence. looking at it from the edge of the swamps surrounding it. " 'By the way,' I asked the agent., 'what state is this9' " Delaware," he answered. as Ls I tore an axle from the car and crushed his skull. Then I strangled the woman, and finally 1" and here his eyes gleamcd as he chuckled fiendishly-"finally, I killed Him?" be But." I asked, "who was Him?" "He was the guy who threw the stone!" he shrieked, pulling a block of granite from the wall and hurling it at me as I left. The Truth Will Out R. F.: "I've a secret to tell you." Ill. B.: "Fine. Whom shan't I tell first?" Aw Rats! June 20, 1927. Cooking Dept. Newtonian Dear Exema: I find that when I sent you my own original recipe for pickled clothespins I really enclosed a recipe for rat poison. Naturally this would spoil thc flavor of the clothes pins. so I hope that no one tried it out. Yours truly Yusta Sweetish Gal. ' Heard at the Feminine Follies Percival: "flee, I'd hate to have that big elephant of a girl on my hands!" Lancelot tspeaking from sad cxpcrienceilt "Could be worse! l've had her on my feet all after- V7 HOOD. i lil! .r J -f- -I-J ---I-J l gig N-1.'ifViF UNIAN lb Q Ps iI 'Z 'I A 2 I. -,ii-1 I U wt x ' ull Nu,--g-.-I' .if . . .. ,T -I I. 0 , HEI pg :Q:Q?D ffl Gm, Q66 66 Q - ., 3 f N QQ D I I ..-:'!'fI A E S- 5 ff ZIL k I 5 T-JEY ENTER SUCH-WITH MIORLOLY QMBITIOAJS AND A SECRET scams Pom UPPER AS SOPH5 GOTTED ovER THE THRILL ,THEY HAvE - CLASSMEN- OF LONG' PADTS,DESPl6E ALL C FRESHIESL 801' STILL p,qQT THEIR URK OONXQ ww HAIR IN THE MIDDLE ff N ff CSL! I -- Q SX QQ! If 1, S "X 1-f2Q:EfffgfI I ' 'LQTIL THE .Eff FINISHED ?xf55 PRODUCT ' 'f5-1'fEfffs,f 7 XX Qibm g T' Eiiizgsjzff, ig' AS Jumoafo, THEV HAUE ' MASTEQED THE NNSTERIES " : oI:A f5mU-I-IAD THEIR FIRST 5l4AvE-AND STUDY Now AND THEN! ff?-sIuf:'1Nx9S0A,'l?.9-'7 lllf NIlYIETEiEjN T'DVEj1YlT'Z4ij1EfWEN From Our Bookshelf The Yanishing American An exciting adventure of a tourist being pursued by African savages. The "C" Hawk Delightful story of a stude who failed to receive any lower or higher mark. To the Last Can A fine industrial novel detailing the manufacture of Ford autos from soup tcansil to nuts fand boltsfl. Exema sez thet people living in puptents should never play shoe horns made of bark cuz other people will think they are putting on the dorg. Advice to Ford Owners Never try to argue with a Mack truck at a crossing. They say it isn't healthy. Economic Hints Be sure to buy your umbrella while the sun shines, as they always go up when it rains. Thermometers should be purchased in the winter, because when summer comes lhey generally go up. Heah! Cummings: "What's the difference between a Scotchman and India rubberZ"' Clark: "India rubber will givell' Flalfoof: "Listen, black boy! You wants ah should commit germieide on yo?" Gumslzoe: "Say, Shad mouf'g de only way yo could commit anything on me is ef'f'n yo make me laff m'self to death." Hard of Hearing Dumb: Hllihat. a bawling-out those guys got!" Dumber: "Is that soil YVhy didn't you wake me up? You know I can't sleep while anyones talking!" Curses!! "Dead men sell no nails!" hissed the tack manufacturer as he strangled his closest com- petitor. Phoney?? Voice on phone: "Johnny Blink is sick today and can't. attend school. Ile asked me to notify youf' Xllr. Brown: "Oh, all right. May I ask who is speaking?" Voice: "Oh, this is one of my friends." ISI! ,Y ,X. .r I, W HI-' 'lvl' JJIJD' 'lf 4-..- 4'l r- ....I- WE? EQIUZUEQ? We IALIIIIIYS 95- HIS FATHER iglggcgp OQCH-AL Sgf-EUEL Lp,-rg II I6 'SPOKEN 'Io 'TAKE UV A Tn-451 I O? H5 THE ' LPINJD- AND - HOW SO xfOU,RE MUCPI, 1 ,mf I 0 - 1 ,W LATE MR. I sv-MTI-IS on ,. "5 I x ' Y I 5 MEMS all I -BJM WII ' 'HP-n'Dovou M L How 'go WHEN WERE ooie T0 WHOSINGS YOU UE you WEAR BM G2 FOR 9 BARBER- urq, s . ' HT HI6 L0 YO no u-Eragn We WEISAEND' SHOP -1 INQRI I I BELIEVE II? mem . , AI I ,, f A WM Eessuxsssxz' M I Ei mv, q'2fw2I,,II I 72 I ' I 'L Q -' ' FI 4 fm I 1 I I . XIII: I . W HRH . g ' M 1 'lou GF-TT'N ISE5 INTO "W I """" ' 4' M2 ON wITI-I N? - am nn' x Q sRvn'I1HoNE9 PEUCE LET ME -NlO'NTH9NK fa, ca S22 A PRESENT Q5-gig? M 'Q IW lg" Ombran v were ' I EN . ipo '-ICU !! OWN il!! IMI I N - --Wm xxi.Qf:.Xqa I A ' I A Q' I 'll' Aff? OL' 5 - 'll ,f ,I 0 llgfl'-' .W 5-5 A . I gf "1 Y' f I C"9QFt-.rn II' ll 0 I .2 i .ug '- " 61' 3 Xi ' Wrfweg I M " fi Q5 I9 - -" aa, Q3 Q I Z '-Qc-f' i 5 . 3FtINETE,E.3Fl 'FDVE1YtTLV35Ef VEN A One-Scene Farce or A Five Act Tragedy Scene: In front of the curtains. OYliat's wrong with it allilj Curtain rises enclosing the reception room. 'Phone rings, and butler enters left to answer it. ' Butler: "lIello! No, you've got the right. number."lIIangs up l't't'ClYf3l'.Zt tlinter first ealler.j First Caller: "Is Mr. Poof at home?" Butler: "No, you sap!" First Caller: "Good, tell him I wish to see him." CAs butler exits to door "Do you mind if I smoke?" Butler: "I'll tell him." tlixitt tEnter Mr. Poof.i lllr. Poof Clooking at watchbz "I can spare only a few moments, so take your time." First Caller: "VVell, here's n1y proposition-" lltr. Poof: "Sounds good." First Caller: "VVell, I must he going." tBoth shake feet and say "hello.',D lllr. Poof Cas caller starts to exitj: "By the way, how old are you?" First Caller: "Jones, John James Jones." lllr. Poof: 'WVell, you don't look it." lCaller exitsl Center hutleri. lllr. Poof: "If anyone calls while I'm out. tell llllll I'm in." Butler: "Certainly not." Clinter second ealler.l Second Caller: "Is Mr. Poof at home?" Butler: "Yes, sir." Second Caller: "That's too had, now. When will he be hackiw Butler: "At any minute, sirf, Second Caller: 'sAll right, I'll wait." Butler: "YVon't you take a chair?" Second Caller: "Thank you." tPieks up chair and exitsfy Clfnter Mr. Pootll llflr. Poof: "Did anyone call?" Butler: "No, sir. Mr. Brown." Mr. Poof: "What was his name?" Butler: "Wheeler, I believef' lllr. Poof: "All right. Let's play a game of hide and seek." CCurtain falls. Niagara Falls, Lower Falls, Upper Falls, and what of it.9J The End "Are you deficient?" "No, I'm De Molayf' "All chokin' to one side," said the referee as he barred the strangle-hold. Life insurance has been defined as keeping a man poor all his life so that he may die rich. Speaking of Evolution It is our honest opinion that our ancestors did spring from gorillas. lions, and other wild beasts. Who wouldn'tP Exema didn't exactly get fired, but when he arrived at the office to go to work this morning they had someone else in his place. lZl3 THE NEI UWT UDMAN Mm MM QQBIQEQIMLL was-mls 4, 5 :V+ Qpwfyf l i NOW TOR Q j A UTTLE HARD- N f , ..x EQRNED E4 -5... 1Dn.EAsunE,ll Kgfgggy ,H Q TNT..-1 'ue I -...A 4 Q 'f 1 W Y Q2 'inxwa if Q ,I -fljl fa 'ik Q GL 4 ,H MXQZI WWI!!! I "A ,-gfkfxay? SCEED rig!! ggi '- WD . ff? K esp 3? 0 ' U ' ax-jx y Him' QU' M6 L' S EX 6315 -JH !! 'f A W . - f ' 14 7 Conurcnll "" ' N ,f ' Q I," 56. 443 ' fbomloyg F- f-,SMR czfpgom Horqgwows X 'mu "'N N 444 -WV 4 Q, f, 7 ,907 f' fflfv KA 1 Q X Q19 V - Ek RQ"Qa9k'fg3 NINETEEN T'DVENTil.?35E'VEN Some Facts Every Newton High Stude Should Know Dances held in the new gym are called "Gym Dances." Dances held in the old gym are called "Barn Dances." It is unsafe to go "stag" to the "Feminine Follies" and then take home another feIlow's girl. The best way to get rid of scrap-paper is to stuff it in the inkwell. No smoking is allowed while in sight of the school, but a big elm obstructs the view, if you come up Walnut street from Newtonville Square. Teachers don't stand up in the front of the room for nothingg they get paid for it. Sea Fever Janet, aged seven, is engrossed in a sea- "Oh, yes! It says, 'They were herded like faring novel. stcers'." "Daddy." CSilenCe.j "What is it, dear?" "lXla1nma9" "What are the stern sheets?" "Scholastic newspapers, dear." "Oh!" CSilenceD "DaddyiV' "Don't bother papa. Ask your mamn1ai"' Mamma?" "What, dear?" "Is the steerage passage where the rudder S5 comes out?" "No, hong steerage is a method of shipping cattle." Yes, dear?" Do ships have log cabins?" No, dear." Well, ships always keep a log, don't they?" Yes. dear." And ships have cabins, haven't they?" Yes, hon." Don't they keep the log in the cabin?" Yes, dear." They why isn't it a l-if Ask papa, dear." Papa. why isn't it a l--P" Run along to bed, dear!" Height of Tough Luck The burglar whose wife won't let him go out nights! Hard Up Normy: "What say? Loan a crippled young man some cash, will you Newt: "Crippled? How are you crippled?" Normy: "FinanciallyI" IZT rw ,w,1f , . ll 1 l IX. ff! X1 , , ,..J ,, 4 -., ',',.'.-g.. ., '-Q ..4- -, "in S,-. .-' gs '- . ..f -, . ..,.:' . , XY Lv 'X NJN' ff Q1 xX,4 X is f iii N 6' f + fe XX X24 E 1 X , X fx ' v T' X,H X 1 FNQ5 fx mx, - ,, 2 . . , , ffjff' ' Q ff f X X fi Z 5 5 Q if ' f- Wki f-X-X lj f ' A X fl , -X .iffqq 5 H ,, A 1 , jj, rx -1 4-:lx ft' gf ' r ffA 41 infix. , v-xxg ff - fx A -. . 45' iff..-lv. -I K 3 Q ' J 'mv IM. U . '-A Q01 ' - -.yivi - , u ' Y - . , A E 0 WWMWIIMUHIHII IWIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHHIIIIIIIWIIIIIIIIIIIIIR NINETEEN TWENTY SEWESN Autographs Q Zn, 'E ,,, fffd J, ,,., A df, A E Q Y Ei" ' Ei Q ' I iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiifdiIEIiiiiIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiWiiii5iiiiiiiiiiiiiii iifmifiiiifiiMiMiiiHI iiHi1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iuiiiiiliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiithiihhiumisIunnIuiIniiiinnn1inInnmnnmininiiiiiiiiiuiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiibiiliiihiiliniK1 f-1- - 139 F,-6 ' . . 7' "' . WIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIHIIIIIIIIIPIIIIIHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIHIIIIIIIII THE NEWTUNIAN MI1HWIMIWHIIIIlllH , IHlIIIIIIlIIIlIIIIIIIIlllIIIIIIIII!llIIWIlIIil 4 ' ' 'A "4 w. -gb I V . 4 0- . . . Q , - A nn - x , 1 . ' ' ' V 'i 1 ' ' 1 'i , ' , Y' X vw . U Mm, Y, H 1 5301mmmwummmmwWwlluurvvvmmmHH1umrmlmuwmuulmM4xxmmmmuwxruvumNW4H4wmullllllramIllvmmslllllbml V ' llulIllllmuwwlllllllrlllllllIIIIH IHIIilillllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllnlllllllllllllllllj Autographs J ii 2 l WiMiiiiuu1u 1iiiiim11ubiiiiiiin1uuiiiiimniiiiiiiihmuuu1iiiiimuindiiiiiiIimiiiiiiin1H11iiiiiii6imliiiiiii11miiuiih6EiuiiiiiiiiiE1imuiiiEiiiiiiiiii1iiiiniiiiiEiiiililiii1EmumiiE1iiiliiiHiEEiiiliiiiii1iiiiiiiihiiiiiililii1iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiihiiiiiiiiiIiiii:iiiiiMiiihimiHHiiihiiiiijiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiHiiiiiiiiiiiii iHiiiiiiiiiiHii iiiiiiiWHWW 140 " 57- 1' IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII NINETEEN TWENTY-SEVEN IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIM ' I ' , Autographs , Q . K0 Jia, , 27 W , , ,, 4 4,5 V. X fw XX E WI' W III I H-+2TQ2ffW1HfAfW'ff19 V93 di WJ 45? 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Suggestions in the Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1924 Edition, Page 1


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Newton High School - Newtonian Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1926 Edition, Page 1


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