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W..- -VY------Y -MY, .,..-..,..,-' '7 Epf K- 4 73 N489 1966 RF EWTONIA , WWI!!!IH!IINIll!IHHNIUllIINHllIUHIllUHllUl L:ffm,L12,Z,. ! 10 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 S 3 oooo 00113215 2, F' Table of Contents Introduction 4 ACtlV1tl6S and 0Pg3HlZ3t10HS Sports Faculty Classes Senlors 4-9 Advertlslng 20 1 5 fa Newtonia 1966 Newton High Sehoolw Newton, Iowa I C therine Wendt Ad : Art work by: T Turk Elaine Rowe, .xi I 5 , I X C0-Editors: Cover Design by: f - Loretta Swalwell Mark Woof er a visof om CARL PERNTZ and MERVYN MICHALOW Carl and Merv spent this year at Newton. Carl, on the Y.F.U. program from Stragnas, Swedeng and Merv on the A.F.S. pro- gram from Johannesburg, South Africa. Ca.rl's brother here was Larry Creagan. Merv's brothers were Bob and John Matthias. JAVIER ROMO Javier, from Mexico City, Mexico, spent his summer vacation in Newton under the Y.F.U. program. His brother was Tom Vickers. - Friends from Afar ARTURO MIER Y TERAN I Arturo spent his summer vacation attending school in Newton. His brother was Steve Gilliam. He was on the Y.F.U. program from Mexico City, Mexico. . KRYSTYNA OKRENT Krys, a Y.F.U. student from Sao Paulo, Brazil, spent the second semester at N.H.S. Her sister here was Sally Ratcliff. 373 N4891966 RF NEVVTONIA y Nl MCPL lllllllllllllllIHIIWIllllllilllHWHIIIIHHIIIIIII 3 oooo 00113215 2U SSQIQJQ I-ff Y Foreword "The future-what does it hold in store for each of us?" It is a question which plagues us now as teen- agers and will no doubt continue to do so for the re- mainder of our lives. One thing is certain: in our future lies the world which we, the youth of today, will mold as the potter shapes his clay. Vlfill our product yield pulchritude? The potter must have both talent and skill tot produce beauty. In much the same way, our lives' experiences will develop our inherent talents into skill. 'Round every corner lies a new adventure, a new influence which can help us develop our talents. Soon, all the members of our class will approach a turning point in life-a new corner. When we have graduated, we can be thankful that we have attended a school such as NHS. It has offered to all of us the opportunity to develop our own peculiar talents, whether they be in drama, speech, music, athletics, trade skills, or scholarship. NHS has, in effect, provided us with the very foundation of knowledge upon which our potential success rests. It has done its best to prepare us to look around each corner with confidence in our eyes and skill in our minds and fingertips. lt is only fitting that we should produce, as a first step in our new life, a tribute to those who have done so much to help us in so many ways. The following pages of the Newtonia show, as a tribute, a peek-hole view of our school and the goals it has reached for with the unfailing guidance of our faculty. The future-the very word is an ambiguous aphorism. Yet 'round every corner lies a challenge which we can meet and make something of with the assurance of being well-prepared. Jams On the Outside looking In don't question my authority! Books 81 Work, Tests Sr Work, Fast on the draw! x 1 'W' , Wg gy JOSE VILLANUEVA Joe, from Lima, Peru, was on the American Youth Exchange program. He spent his summer vacation at N.H.S. His brother was Forrest Roberts. P I a ! E I 5 5 AM! M X ,ff XX Foreign Student Rally, November 19-20 K xxx EDUARDO VILMAR Ed, on the Y.F.U. program from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, spent the second semester here. His sister and brother were Cyndi and Gary Kahn. 5 Mmsimiams Add Qmlmv H10 Nfewimvm Pliglm AfGtivitiQes Enlightenment Learning 81 Work Work 81 Work l 51? 'S .Jn 55? ' . , g of 'ity ,E ' :fy 5 - , t v R gifyi' 'j A 1 Now let,s see . . . I know it's here somewhere! concentration . . . and we'll root, root, root for the X L I whole team xSllllf, 1 I Hit! 4 L?-Lg "Q I 'i , ,,, alu- fix! ' mum., 1 Ei 'A , U, 'LU-14 - . Aff" K' I--1XkxfPfi5N'fW an-.., Q1 4. :g'Qf,' Q Xmy' If 1,1 f fi ,fj f 7 R-.CTI n 53 3 ff W :-if aff ,n DQ IS 5 11. W! r a Q iw l i1 All Work and o P ay ,wwf O O I ? Softball at GRA Picnic NEwToNiA Staff at work 6 n Cumvuwcai " Wig? Delta Mu Delta "Bow Day" l l i I In l l if C f ff 1 Z TTDNWWZQXSQQW mNi ,a, N Thespian Initiation 4: ,Q ,AN A. xl. Y V WW, ,, .. xx 1,:,SxX,..- N- X ' Nxssw xx Q X N Xia, N x Qyggq nw, 1, -QOOFF 'ZA wan Q ig X ill? MGWHMQQ ,Q XS IX X Z v lj: ' r ,W x X Q sm xx E Q wars X ' J x ,fikwsx ff N Q V 5 , X li' qs I .3 f IW, Q4 W,,,,,,, , yr 4 fygl WW 2 J 1 1 JQ, 'lf ,, f WWW ZW ' 'fi f M y Z4 Mfvgwmyr ff, ,,.X I 'HI X ff f Sw X W ff air fy .A X, fm, 4f1"'7: , 1' , Vw , , ,, ' wi , ,W 1 gf 1 . .JL-, 4' 1 wa , , 3 f Q 1 f? f 'f ,A 74 ' ,XX ff Z . 3 g , , f 7 5 7' M23 f x 5 N I 4 S ...1 A . an bv va is KX xfx - ., ,, , ,. y 6 ,Q -Vx N.H.S. Marching Band F.F.A. Project .fm 1' ' fwyw. 92,4 f 4 , ,I z I A Beginning for Many Talents ff' 1 . 3 Monet? Piccasso? Rubens? Van Gogh? ..... ' Play it to me! ? Sorry, wrong number! i I i '6 ..,-1+,....- : ' QQS, pw. MA tx x X. ig iw - . x fgf Q Ke, iigxfx 5 V Z wx f S f Q X 1 'N S HW i .,...p..,...p-- 1 Q nf. 'Z :gp Homecoming . . . Fall Play ....... Band ............ Biology Workshop . Student Council .... Delts ............ Kiwanis and Rotary Delta Mu Delta . . . C-RA ............ Drama ...... Art Club .... DECA . . .1 . Chorus . . . FFA .... s. . Speech .......... Orchestra ........ International Club- . Spring Play ...... Newtonia . . . Needle ........ Camera Club . Pep Club ..... Cheerleaders . . . 20-23 24-25 26-28 29 30 31 32 33 34-35 36-37 38 39 40-45 46-47 48-51 52-53 54-57 58-59 60-61 62 63' 64-65 66 Activities and Organizations . . . many at NHS . . . captured HRound every cornerw by NEWTONIA staff . . . deadlines . . . hard work . . . memories recaptured . . . finished product . . . Needle . . . cur- rent school events . . . newsprint . . . senior edition . . . glorious music from the choruses . . . band . . . orchestra . . . concerts . . . festivals . . . contest . . . ratings . . . Drama and Speech . . . successful and varied plays . . . "breaking a legli' . . . a bouquet of roses . . . Thespians . . . protest meeting CD . . . hard work on and off stage' . . . actors and actresses . . . costumes . . . make-up . . . props . . . Debate . . . trophies . . . state honors . . . another trip to the nationals . . . Pep Club . . . spirit and pep . . . yelling and cheering . . . tears and sadness . . . Mother- Daughter Banquet . . . Cheerleaders . . . throwing fobtballs . . . waving ,pompons . . . leading cheers and assemblies . . . new outfits . . . Delta Kappa Tau . . . Delts . . . a scoreboard debt . dances . . . book covers . ushers . . . stampers . . . punchers . . . physical fitness through CRA . . . bowling . . . volleyball . . . basketball . . . Dad's Night . . . a picnic . . . Biology Workshop . . . microscopic discoveries . . . blood . . . dissection . . . diligent study of life . . . Librarians . . . checking out books . . . books . . . books . . . books . . . DECA and Office Practice . . .jobs found for students . success and earnings . . . experience gained . . . Art Club . . . trip to Chicago . .1 . artistic development . . . self-expression . . . Art Fair . . . FFA . . .judging honors . . . high ratings . . . able to successfully culti- vate its own farm . . . AFS and YFU join together into the International Club . . . foreign student rally and bus . . . new and lasting friendships . . . varied cultures . . . Student Council . . . state honors . . . school leader- ship . . . exchange day . . . parliamentary procedure . . . Camera Club . . . the flash of flashbulbs . . . film . . . developing . . . printing . . . scholastic and athletic honor societies . . . initiations . . . informal . . . formal . . . Delta Mu Delta HBow Dayn . . . crazy hats . . . senior and junior boys honored by Newton service clubs . . . dinners . . . speeches . . . extra activities and work . . . cooperation . . . honors . . . banquets . . . bake sales -. . . meetings . . . time-consuming . . . activities and organizations . . . 5 S S Q 3 R Q X Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z X Z W Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z W 7 Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 1 1 , 'fu' V Q W F Sf' f .1 7 :ffl f S ff f7 W X wily, Niki. xx l W---' XA 55 u U, , ,M-4'fm"f"" I 'Wie'-4,p,67,,,f4'k.J .WW V VwMuMff,,,pv4W, ff. , ,., ..rM V ' A V4 ff , , Nw ww""' 4 I , ,W ,W ' 'ff ns vs f, vw Q44 s 'Lv 714 -M 'x2'fuQ', un,.i.W'ii1 .nmzewaf ,,-Luf,,.,4 'when Qi' QVVY xgff wsu- 0,1 ,ms-,tar .aw ,ji ,nv ,,o vu' .xi ul" qs DK' ,,i 1-"',,n" sl' ,.,1n'. y ' p ' vs' Q 11", ,, , 4, ' Q ' ,I ,.s"k'a, Q 1 v . 4 5 1. ' . K Q ' 4-I f, gffffy-f .lr A ,y lf,:.,,.! I '. if A . - . ff V,-FA 'QW' A , ,. , , , -wa 3 ' ' , 'ff '71 iii 'U - za A Ex. ,lv wif' 'X f '15 x ff , Sim, , 251: if i941 W f fe JW f My X ,W 4' jg? 1 1 2 ZW Newton Students Whirl Throu h Homecoming Z x k - g r E X Q , Beatles visit Homecoming assembly ,s. so x Q X X VX iw ,ff iwf-1 K if S 5 Xtzf rw GWB W, f 1 4 4 ,,f 7, ff? s 1 J. f - 5 5 .ff ,W W , f f 4, . if 2, f iz XY if X f 5 fx, ff 7 ZW ffrfk ,,,., f ,. ,fy , f f f ,ZX ctczf at W 45? 4 f 2 f Z f 4 x if A 5 , X ZX King Carl is saddened by lack of enthusiasm . , f Q 2 W 1 ,222 f Z Y er 2 1 As parade time approaches, Sophs hurriedly put finishing touches on class float 22 . . But is revived by student encouragement .- ueen Linda and Attendants Reign Over Fe , A lf' mkXlx Fall Play Stimulates Interest in Drama Newton Senior High School Presents Teach Me How To Cry by Patricia ,loudry THE CAST Mrs. Grant . . . . . . it Sandy Smith Miss Robson .... ..... J acci Chesshire Melinda Grant . . . . it Jane Schnathorst Polly Fisher . . . . . . Paula Dean Paschal Bruce Mitchell . . . . . Robert Matthias Anne 4 ......... .... M ary Matkov Eleanor ........ ..... C indie Rose Will Henderson . . . .... Michael Cooley Mrs. Henderson . . . . . '51 Sally Ratcliff Mr. Henderson . . . . . Jim Lothe Will defends Melinda at Parents Night when her virtue is attacked. Will's parents try to convince him that Melinda is not a respectable girl. Polly tells her friends of her interest in obtaining the lead in the spring play. 211 Pep Rall , Parade, Game, and Dance 'J .wr . ss ,, r"h'Af'f 'L Q-73 XL! 1 T"f'9' R v -4 3 A X Az.X ' ,,., is. t 2nd place honors to Mixed Chorus float "Record A Victory". DECA float "Whirl To AVictory" wins float competition. ,,,,,,,, . . . L , AW. -yy, ,,,,,, tfvf-.f-'nh-qmff Newton fans anticipate a Homecoming victory. L, I , E! NE Lx udp' M !,,4f , ,,7f,?y W W! Z 7 52, ,z?,,,,,m.00M,Lv,t'-V V ,,,, W ..,,, ,,,,, 3rd place float "We'll Get Them In The End" by the Sophomore class. Homecoming 1965 ends with successful dance The Drums Roll and the C mbals Clang The Newton High School Band began this year,s activities with a concert at the Iowa State Fair. During the football season, the uMarching Cardinals" presented a variety of half-time shows. They marched at Drake for the annual Band Day, and performed at Central Col- legeis homecoming festivities as well as the Cardinal Relays parade and the Pella Tulip Festival parades. The Newton High School Band presented their Winter Concert in February. Later in the spring, they took part in the Quad-City Band Festival and the All-City Bandorama. The band presented its final performance at Commencement, concluding a year of widely varied activities. ALL STATE-Leslie Hamilton, Linda Bebout, Dave Beard, Jack Dennis- ton, Vicki Henry. 26 ' OFFICERS-Row One: Dave Van Dalen, senior representative, Cathy Cox, junior representative, Martha Herbold, sophomore representative. Row Two: Ted Newton, president, Dave Beard, vice-president, Jane Wallace, treasurer, Debby Grout, secretary. Row One: Deborah Cope, Jacci Chesshire, Sue Owens, Ann Guthrie, Bonnie Nelson, Pat Rucker. Row Two: Darlene Bower, Mary Kreager, Greg Rivers, Ralph Agar, Judy Johnson, Judy Horn, Jane Penny, Marie Lickey, Nancy Soderblom, Bob Smith. Row Three: Vicki Henry, Beth Paschal, Martha Herbold, Bill McDaniels, Jane Miller, Howard Bond, Linda Buckley, Cathy Cox, Julie Schakel.. PRODUCTION STAFF Assistants to director Stage Manager . . . Lights ......... Costume Mistress . . . Properties Mistress . Publicity ......... Advance Ticket Sales House . . . Make-up . . . Jenn McCracken Beth Hoover Penny Nevins t Rita Reinheimer Jane Miller Connie De Penning Rhonda Van Voorst Nancy Soderbolm Cindie Perry Bonnie Clarke Sandy Myers Sue Otto Sue Hodgson Linda Brindza Jim Ashcraft Sandy Hawkins Kris Skow Judi Nolin Chris Holland, Mary Jane Benac . . . . Bill Weldon . . ..... Bob Hill . . . . Lynda Lindsey . . . . Carol Wickett . . . . Ann McAnly, Elaine Rowe . . . Sharon Burdick, ,Ian Page, Kathy Shepard, Cyndi Kahn . . . Linda Probasco . . . . . Connie Snook Nancy Nunn Kathy Hoen Carol Shelley Charlotte Taylor Debbie Jones Marianne Golinvaux Nancy Kooistra Linda Anderson Ginger Pleasant Sue Fritz Bob Smith Marie Lickey Jim Griffin Nancy Roewert Roxy Kuhrt Marlena Nolin Peggy Ver Schuur Sue Riggs Kathy Balbiani Students at the dance discuss the new boy Will, and Melinda Will discovers Melinda can cry, and tells her tears are all right Miss Robson calls at the Grant home to persuade Melinda's mother but she must let them flow if they are to do any good. to let Melinda take part in the spring play. MAJORETTES r P Row One: ,Linda Lowe, Nancy Nearmyer, Debbie Cope, Linda Buckley. Row Two: Susan Dolder, Jana Jarlllley, Barb Benson, Judy Horn, Denise Bricker. DRUM MAJOR Greg Rivers PEP BAND Row One: Mike' Cooley, Beth Paschal, Vicki Henry, Howard Bond, Wayne Eaton, David Van Dalen, Curtis Peterson, Gary Britson, Larry White, David Brown, Denny Cleaver. Row Two: Susan Miller, Dan McPherren, Jim F ailor, Julie Schakel, Cathy Cox, .lane Wallace, Pat Rucker, Cindy Murphy, Cheryl Sloan, .lane Behrens, Rita Reinheimer, Pat Godwin, Ted Newton, Director. Row Three: Harvey Woody, Ray Meredith, Dan Coffey, Lee Gause, Kris Hermsen, Leslie Hamilton, JoAnne Van Zomeren, Linda Bebout, Darlene Bower, Linda Brindza. Row Four: ,Ioan Zeller, .loan DeGreef, Joyce Finn, Perry Tharp, Bob Smith, Ralph Agar, Mary Ellen Kreager, Martha Meredith, Carol Ashby. Row F we: David Beard, .lohn Welle, Joe Keller, Jim Gardner, .lack Denniston, William Hesson. 28 As ur Band Performs Throu hout the Year DIVISION I-Row One: Cathy Cox, Jane Wallace, Mary Kreager, Beth Paschal, Vicki Henry. Row Two: Karen Quinn, Diane Adams, Denise Bricker, Judy Horn, Nan Schroeder, Ann Bridenstine. Row Three: Joan De Greef, Joyce Finn, Kristy Hermsen, Deborah Cope, Jo Anne Van Zomeren, Julie Schakel, Darlene Bower. Row Four: Cinda Wormley, Leslie Hamilton, Debbie Grout, Kathy Gilpin, Rondi Burke, Linda Bebout, Karen Paschal, Barb Klein, Martha Meredith. Row Five: Pat Godwin, Brenda Larson, Jeff Simon, Wayne Eaton, Curtis Peterson, Dave Van Dalen, Gary Britson, Ted Newton. Row Six: Jim Gardner, Lee Gause, Dan Coffey, Dave Beard, Bill Hesson, Ray Meredith, Mike Cooley, Howard Bond, Jack Dennison. . 1 . f , , XA' ' I J ' , ' f H, 5 3 Y if ' an ' W Row One: Linda Bebout, Karen Paschal, Deborah Grout, Carol Rinehart, Cinda Wormley, Connie Steenhoek, Denise Bricker, Ann Bridenstine. Row Two: Rondi Burke, Kathy Gilpin, Jo Anne Van Zomeren, Linda Lowe, Leslie Hamilton, Martha Meredith, Jane Behrens, Mary Ann Lust, Connie Schrader, Linda Sehakel, Kristy Hermsen, Diana Ayers, Joan De Greef, Perry Tharp, Joyce Finn. Row Three: Cynthia Murphy, Susie Dickerson, Linda Spain, Linda Brindza, Jeff Simon, Nancy Nearmyer, Fritz Stecker, Larry Epsy, Dan Cleaver, Jana Fahrney, Dan McPherren, David Priaulx, Jim Faildr, Curtis Peterson, Dave Brown, Dave Van Dalen, Gary Britson, Wayne Eaton, Ted Newton. Row Four: Cheryl Sloan, Susan Harned, Chris Bailey, Rita Reinheimer, Mary Kaye Langford, Barb Benson, Diane Adams, Joan Zeller, Doug Shur, Ann Rutledge, Pat Godwin, Susan Dolder, Larry White, Karen Sille, Brenda Larson, Nan Schroeder, Dan Coffey, Harvey Woody, Jane Wallace, Ray Meredith, Lee Gause, Row Five: Jack Denniston, Jim Gardner, Joe'Keller, Mike Clark, Dave Talbot, Wes Rodvik, John Welle, Jerry McGowen, Bill Hesson, Dave Beard, Mr. Cook. tudent ouncll Promotes Understanding Between Schools Through Exchange Days Row One: Ed Vilmar, Merv Michalow, Linda Fane, Tom Vickers, Tom Shives, Greg Thielmann, Ted Newton, Barb Townsend, Craig Thorson, Susan Dolder. Row Two: Margaret Schutty, Krystyna OKrent, Ellen Singer, Jane Wallace, Mary Jo Girdner, Marcia'Gralnek, Ronna Hawkins, Nancy Roewert, Joe Owens, Stan Clement, Steve Simpson. Row Three: Linda Wheeler, Wendy Kono, Barb Schultz, Barb Klein, Nan Schroeder, Linda Schakel, Howard Bond, Larry Elliot, Mike Thielmann, Denny Hanson, Tom Risdal. Row Four: Alice Eilander, Rickie Strickland, Steve Rhodes, Joe Avila, Jon Wormley, Carl Perntz, Mike McConeghey, Harry Morgan, J ay Steven- son, Donn Singer. Row Five: Cathy Cox, Julie Livingston, Pat Godwin, Pat Schomer, Steve Vermillion, John Stiles, Denny lfarver, John Morgan, Jim Kyte,Joe Ross, Bryce Parsons. Under the guidance of Mr. Van Langen, the Student Council worked toward promoting better understanding between schools. This was done by having an exchange day with Cedar Rapids Jefferson, and by sending representatives to the State Student Council election. Tom Vickers was elected state vice-president. Much work was put forth toward the senior 4'Night on the Town", with indi- vidual committees formed for the various activities and preparations. Tom Shives, president, Mr. Van Langen, advisor, Tom Vickers, vice-president, Greg Thielmann, secretary. CHRIS BLYTH "Multiple Alleles and the Effect on Mouse Coat Colorf, Biolo Research Biology Research is designed for students who wish to do individual study in the laboratory. Under the direction of Mrs. Sarah Brown, the aim of this program is learning lab techniques, completing meaningful records, searching through literature and abstracts, carrying through with a research problem, and writing a paper. Students work individually and receive no grade or public awards, but are motivated only by interest and desire for knowledge. As an outgrowth of this program, Chris Blyth will go to Jackson Laboratory in Bar Harbor, Maine and Mike Huston to Louisiana State College for the summer. Eric Gasperis research paper was presented at the Junior Academy of Science and will be published in the 1966 academy proceedings. JOHN MATTHIAS 'Tungi of Dutch Elm Disease ..4l' LARRY VERSTEEGH and STEVE VERMILLION "Fungi Cultures." , SUE OWENS "Radiation Effect on Various Mouse Tissue." TISH GUTHRIE "Blood,' ERIC GASPER and GEORGE BROWN "Observation of the Effect of the Fluoride Ion upon ,Freshwater Crayfishf' "Seed Germinationf' MIKE HUSTON "Gene Location of Drosophila Chromo- somesf' BETTY BURCH 05, W,-v,, 4 . ,V W 4, f' a,W,. J, vitjf W, "Temperature Effects on Mouse Tail Lengths 29 Boys Represent .H.S. in Service Clubs KIWANIS Row One: 'Rod Simpson, Craig Thorson, Patrick Kelly. Row Two: Ted Newton, David McConeghey, Bruce Anderson. Row Three: Tim Onnen, Tom Vickers, Larry Elliott, John Stiles. Row Four: Steve Vermillion, ,I ay Stevenson, Tom Lightner, Tom Shives, Dave Harding. Row Five: Ron Green, Dave Clement. s I ROTARY Row One: Mike Thielmann, Howard Bond, Denny Hanson, Bob Skow, David Cumming, Tom Farver, Stan Clement, Steve Gilliam, Steve Simp- son. Row Two: Mike Sisco, Bill Kaldenburg, Bill Van Dyke, Tom Risdal, Dave Van DH-len, HHUY M0fgaf1, Bob Matthlasv Mike Mcconegheyv Merv Michalow. ' 32 Delta Kappa Tau Serves ur School Well This year has been another busy one for the Delts. The main objective has been a continua- tion of the effort to pay off the scoreboard debt. Several dances have been held through- out the year as well as the sale of book covers, and portfolios. Steve Vermillion, treasurer, Tom Shives, president, Mike McConeghey vice-president, Tom Vickers, secretary. Row One: Edwardo Vilmar, Tim Onnen, Tom Vickers, Mike McConeghey, Tom Shives, Steve Vermillion, Bruce Anderson, Bill Kaldenberg. Row Two: Steve Simpson, Stan Clement, Steve Rhodes, Tom Risdal, Merv Michalow, Craig Thorsen, Carl Perntz, John Krueger. Row Three: Chuck Kyte, Steve Loupee, Jeff Smoot, Gregg Crews, ,lim Kyte, Steve Snook, Roger Simpson, Bob Skow, Dave McConeghey, Bill'Van Dyke. Row Four: Denny Walker, Donn Singer, Joe Ross, Mike Grosvenor, Ron Green, Gary Johnson, Dave Clement, Harry Morgan, Jay Stevenson, Denny Hanson. I Special Activities 81 Sports Fill Year For G.R.A. OFFICERS-Mrs. Reed, advisor, Bette Selbher, secretary, Deb McKay, vice-president, Kathy Shepard, newsletter chairman, Linda Wheeler, president. 34 G.R.A. has had an active and successful year filled with special activities and sports. Head- ing the list of sports were basketball, volleyball, trampoline, and softball. Emphasis was placed on special activities including Dad's Night, selling 6'turtles", dances, hayrides, ninth grade night, the installation picnic, and the Ice Follies in Des Moines. Special recognition was given to members at the close ofthe year for their significant con- tributions for the bettering of the organization. Awards were decided on the basis of earned points. The 1965-66 members extend their special thanks to their sponsor, Mrs. Reed, and hope for an even more successful year in '67. 1 Students Honored in Delta Mu Delta Delta Mu Delta, Newton High School's chapter of the National Honor Society, welcomed thirty-five seniors and eighteen juniors into its ranks this year. Member- ship is based on scholarship, leadership, character, and service. Everyone selected this year has maintained at least a 3.0 average. Bow Day and the formal and informal initiations are the highlights of the Delta Mu Delta year. Officers are selected on the basis of rank in the graduating class. Serving this year are Linda Bebout, president, Jim Lothe, vice-president: David Beard, secretary: and Nancy Roewert, treasurer. Row One: Betty Burch, Chris Blyth, ,lane Wallace, Ellen Singer, Sally Ratcliff. Row Two: Eugene Steenhoek, Robert Barr, Cathy Cox, Kathy Byers, Ann Onnen, Calvin Holmquist. Row Three: John Matthias, Robert Hill, Scott Mace, Pat Kelly, Ron Masters, Wayne Eaton. Absent: Steve Rollins. E '4- 1. -X it ff WWW f ,g , S f ' I ff. 'f' I f WZVM W ' 7, 4 ,. , . ,, A, ,, I . I V f 1 N Row One: Ronna Hawkins, Linda Kreager, ,loan Livengood, Linda Bebout, Jim Lothe, Judy Horn, Mary Ann Lust, Alicia Conn. Row Two: Loretta Swalwell, Ann Hoover, Debby Grout, Nan Schroeder, Martha Meredith, Betty Holub, Mary Havard, Alinda Urias, Ranae Dick. Row Three: Denise Bricker, Ellen Oliver, Debby McKay, Delores Verwers, Linda Knopf, Crystal Arnold, Twyla Altenhofen, Nancy Roewert, Marcia Gralnek. Row Four: Leslie Hamilton, Tom Farver, Danny Skokan, Dave Myers, Ann Bridenstine, Catherine Wendt, Sherman Hayes, George Brown, Marcia Brown. Row Five: Mike Thielmann, David Beard, Ted Newton, Tom Shives, Steve Gilliam, Forrest Roberts, Dave Van Dalen, Fred Scott, Linda Schakel. Row Six: Jane Schnathorst, Paula Synhorst, Bruce Anderson, Harry Morgan, Bob Matthias, Mike McConeghey, Bill Van Dyke. Absent: Dave Cumming, Bill Brain. ' 33 Row One: Nancy Roewert, Jim Lothe, Sandy Smith. Row Two: Rosa Braley, Mary Ann Golinvaux, Chris Holland, Mary Jane Benac, Sandi Hawkins, Kathy Shepard, Paula Paschal, Debby Grout, Marcia'Gralnek. Row Three: Robert Hill, Nancy Kooistra, Jan Page, Sally Ratcliff, Jacci Chesshjre, Linda Probasco, Cindi Rose, Mary Matkov, Jane Schnathorst, Ann McAnly, Bruce Anderson. ROW FOUTI Bill Weldon, Dave McConeghey, James Ashcraft, Bob Matthias, Tom Ferguson, Jim Griffin, Dave Cummings, Gary Britson, Steve Gilliam. Thespians Present 66Little Women" During the year Thespian Troupe 995377 engaged in a variety of activities. They participated in a new venture in theatre for NHS-the arena style presen- tation of 4'Little Women', on the gym floor with the audience seated around the set. Other activities include the presentation of trophies at a Spring Banquet Dinner. Officers for this year's troupe Were: Jim Lothe, president, Nancy Roewert, vice-president, Sandy Smith, secretary. Thespian members were active leaders in all productions and performed well at individual event contests. ' GRA members entertain fathers at Dad's Night. f , !:fSf?:vg'3,,f' at.fff':sw 25... s Fathers beat daughters 2 to 1. Always time for fun! 4 W a, tix X4 Many hours of bouncing enjoyment, Girls engage in a game of softball at annual GRA picnic. 35 Art lub Views Famous Art Work in Chicago Row One: Mark Woofter, Debby Auten, Donna Sandrock, Chris Wade, Judy Gearhart, Sandy Thomas, Lucretia Richards, Jean Revell, .lane Priaulx, Karen Preston. Row Two: Joe Owens, Pam Morgan, Susan Brock, Carol Morgan, Terri Snook, Sally Ratcliff, Mary Matkov, Marilyn Landwier, Roberta Clement, Linda Beitel, Pat Ferber, Sharon Burkland, Marchell Jackson, Marcella Damman, Cindy Rivers, Nancy Hoen, Beth Madison, Mr. Downs. :su K l s The Art Club exists for the benefit of those N I ' whose interests in art lie beyond the classroom. ,in .ini i It accomplishes much in giving a student a more if :ff well-rounded and first-hand knowledge of art 1'C::" history and contemporary art, as well as helping ' 1 "QQ: each student to form his own opinions. "Nl ' " ' ' " 'L This year, one of the main objectives of the Art Club was to raise 3600 for a weekend trip to visit Chicago's Museum of Natural Sciences and Industries and the art museum. The members had an opportunity to view many famous paint- ings and visit the quaint galleries. The Art Club members exhibited their work at the annual SCI Art Fair where it was evaluated, these evaluations presented to them a clearer i picture of their own art achievements. l E OFFICERS-Terri Snook, vice-president, Donna Sandrock, secretary, Sally Ratcliff, treasurer, Debby Auten, president. 38 Drama Students Strive for Excellence ,Crews take a look at some of the costumes and props necessary for children's theatre. Play readings from "Romeo and Juliet" and "The Taming of the Shrew" -J im Lothe, Nancy Roewert. Q 3 f Une act play, "The Pot Boiler", presented at contest and to the Newton Community Theatre. 3 as Oral interpretation: ,Ian Page, Mary Matkov, Sally Ratcliff. Division I winners at IHSSA: Jan Page, Chris Holland, Cindy Rose, Jim Lothe, Nancy Roewert. 37 Chorus Participates in Concerts, Festivals, Row One: Connie Coomer, Joan Lukavsky, Andrea Wing, Linda Knopf, Alice Stivers, Brenda Larson, Connie Duffus, Leslie Hamilton, Loretta Swalwell, Barb Schultz. Row Two: Beth Paschal, Linda McGowen, Barb Johnson, Dixie Nichol, Linda Kreager, Krystyna OKrent, Sherman Hayes, Chris Wade, Tom Lightner, Jim Griffin. Row Three: Karen Quinn, Kathy Countryman, Linda Bebout, Julie Livingston, Marla Deppe, Mike Duffus, Nolin Kelsey, Jim Ashcraft, Mike Grosvenor, Bob Hodgson. Row Four: Linda Probasco, Sally Ratcliff, Mary Burkhardt, Phil Abbott, Danny Jackson, Dave McConeghey, Fred Scott, Jim Stivers, Bill Hesson, Dave Talbot. XA: 'rf CZ? OFFICERS -Barb Townsend, Mike Duffus, librarians, Alicia Conn, secretary-treasurer, Connie Snook, publicity, Sherman Hayes, secretary-treasurer, Martha Meredith, president, Jim Lothe, Delores Verwers, vice-presidents. DIVISION I RATINGS-Row One: Dixie Nichol, Nancy Kooistra, Andrea Wing. Row Two: Jim Ashcraft, Alicia Conn. -40 Row One: Karen Berka, George Moon, Barb Benton, Barb Town- send. Row Two: Danny Mohler, Mr. Parson. The D.E.C.A. Club of 1966 was busy with money making projects and out-of-town trips. At the begin- ning of the year, the club sold doughnuts before school and during the lunch periods to raise money for the officers to attend the Delegate Assembly which was held in November. The club also sold chocolate bars to earn money to pay the expenses at the State Leadership Con- ference, which was held in March. All D.E.C.A. members attended variety of contests. Barb Townsend was elected D.E.C.A. Sweet- heart by the D.E.C.A. members. The year's activities were concluded with the traditional D.E.C.A. breakfast held to honor the students' employers. Mr. Steve Parson was the D.E.C.A. co-ordinator and the backbone of the organization. the conference, entering a D.E.C.A. Students Acquire ,I ob Experience and a Wide Knowledge of Selling Techniques I . I Row One: Barb Benton Roberta Clement, Row Two: Marie Swain, Janice Blackledge, Donna Cox, Karen Berka, Shellie Hindman, Kathleen l Th D ne Versteegh, Steve Wells, George Moon, Marty Stone, Danny Mohler, Hedges, Barb Townsend, Betsy Jones, Dixie Logue. Row Veer U3 Larry Backus, Carl Repp, Randal Robinson, Tom McKinney, Terry Vander Leest, Bill Brain, Jim Couper, Darrell Astelle. 39 l 1 Bass, Baritone, Tenor, Join in Song Row One: Mike Duffus, Chris Wade, Sherman Hayes, Tom Lightner, Jim Griffin, Danny Coffey, Lee Gause, Donovan Vvallace. Row Twof Danny Jackson, Nolan Kelsey, Mike Grosvenor, John Matthias, Bob Hodgson, Melvin Cranston, Jack Denniston, .Ion Wormley, Ray Meredith, Gary Britson. Row Three: Phil Abbott, Jim Stivers, Dave McConeghey, Fred Scott, Jim Ashcraft, Bill Hesson, Dave Talbot, Doug Nicol, Bob Matthias, Jim Lothe, Howard Bond. ,y ,s I E ii Q I 2 1 f Row One: Phil Abbott, librarian, Danny Coffee, librarian, Bob ,Matthias, secretary, Howard Bond, president, Mike Grosvenor, absent, vice-president. V f is -42 and Contests Under the D1P6Ctl0H of Mr. Elllott - 2 . vii .si - :s xiii -s as Row One: Chris Holland, Jenny Van Sickle, Alinda Urias, Mary Matkov, Connie Braley, Sherry Albee, Debbie Jones, Linda Lowe, Connie Snook, Denise Bricker. Row Two: Ray Meredith, Danny Coffey, Donovan Wallace, Delores Verwers, Carol Ashby-, Martha Mere- dith, Barb Klein, Linda Ringgenberg, Cindy Murphy, Cathy Cox. Row Three: John Matthias, Lee Cause, Jack Denniston, Gary Britson, Jon Wormley, Joan Livengood, Shelley Wehrle, Barb Townsend, Alicia Conn. Row Four: Melvin Cranston, Doug Nicol, Bob Matthias, Jim Lothe, Howard Bond, Jane WaHace, Ellen Singer, Anne Onnen. ACCOMPANISTS-Seated: Martha Meredith. Standing Jane Wallace, Beth Paschal, Linda Bebout, Ray Meredith Dan CoffeY, .lohn Matthias, Mr. Charles Elliot, Director ALL STATE QUARTET-Dixie Nichol, Jim Ashcraft, .lim Lothe, COUIUC Snook. Ray Meredith, Accompanist. ur Singing Sophomores OFFICERS: Laurisa Sellers, vice-president, Wayne Benac presj- dent: Nancy. Kooistra, secretary. Row Two: Tammy Gifalnek ?h2i:0n BUfd1Ck, N-SIHCY MpConeghey, Ann Rutledge, Marchell ac son. E A f 4kf, DOUBLE MIXED QUARTET: Greg Thielman, Dale Conklin BOYS QUARTET. B b S - h B Z - Nancy Kooistra, Tammy Gralnek, Ann Rutledge, Da 'd B Z H W d D i 0 mn i mee- agomlalil James Gardner' Dave Wessel, Betty Selbher. Seated: Bonnie Nelson. V1 mwn D:ilcIlCyonkl1ili1.y, ave Brown' Tom lol-HS. Seated' Greg Thlelmaml, Row One: Bette Selbher Jennifer McCracken, Janice Page, Maureen Gertsma, Jane Miller, Joyce Carlsen, Tammy Gralnek, Jo Anne Van Zomeren, Elizabeth Veber, Sharon Burdick, Susan Riggs. Row Two: Linda Buckley, Bonnie Nelson, Karen Sille, Jana Fahrney, Beth Hoover, Patricia Godwin, Marcia Henning, Cinda Wormley, Janet Blight, Connie Steenhoek. Row Three: Beverly De Boom, Martha Herbold, Rosslyn Thurman, Carol Rinehart, Linda Spain, Laurisa Sellers, Karen Paschal, Charlotte Taylor, Kathy Gilpin, Regina Wallace, Lucinda Birkenholz. R d R ll J lj G 'er Mar Eversman Janet Meisner, Row Four: Sally Cronin, Gloria Leonard, Pat Rucker, Penny Nevins, Alberta Jaimes, an a usse , u e T1 , y , Dana Swalwell, Nancy McConeghey, Ann Rutledge. Row F ive: Nancy Kooistra, Linda March, Greg Thielmann, Dale Conklin, Dick Schroeder, Frank McKeehan, Dave Wessel, Jim Gardner, Sue Fritz, Marchell Jackson. Row Six: Bruce Zagorniak, Bob Smith, Wayne Benac, Don Burkhardt, Harvey Woody, Bill Shaw, Ralph VanderZy1, David Brown, Tom Jorrls, Danny Sutphm, John Welle. Girls Glee Says It with Music OFFICERS Row One: Loretta Swalwell, librarian, Connie Coomer, SeCfetafY- R010 Two: Jeryl Castonguay, librarian, Shelley Wehrle, president, Jane Schnathorst, vice-president, Alinda Urias, secretary. Row One: Joan Lukavsky, Mary Adams, Dixie Nichol, Brenda Larson, Connie Duffus, Sherryl Grass, Alice Stivers, Andrea Wing, Linda McGowen, Barbara Johnson. Row Two: Becky Connor, Connie Braley, Beth Paschal, Linda Bebout, Linda Probasco, Sally Ratcliff, Connie Coomer, Linda Knopf, Karen Quinn, Julie Livingston. Row Three: Terry Snook, Shelley Wehrle, Jenny Van Sickle, Barb Klein, Martha Meredith, Carol Ashby, Cathy Cox, Delores Verwers, Barb Townsend, Lora Holdsworth, Krystyna OKrent. Row Four: Christine Blyth, Willa Kreager, Jan Birkenholz, Denise Bricker, Linda Lowe, Mary Burkhardt, Marla Deppe, Jane Schnathorst, Linda Kreager, Chris Holland. Row Five: Kathy O'Brien, Sheila McDermott, Sherry Albee, Kathy Sharp, Jeryl Castonguay, Ann Onnen, Debbie Jones, Cindy Murphy, Alinda Urias, Alicia Conn, Mary Matkov. Row Six: Kathy Countryman, Pat Schomer, Barb Schultz, Connie Snook, Linda Riggenberg, Wyvonne Tool, Jane Wallace, Ellen Singer, Loretta Swalwell, Joan Livengood, Leslie Hamilton. ' 43 FF Boys Farm 7 2 Acres Along with W T103 o o-as. 'I QQ .V ul-40 5 o .J , f A all N 7':-gy' ia il.. , 1- 1' X Q Aoci:Xif:A1f N5 QF -lf., ., D : -' . 74 2 c'y'7'P,- ' 'FU 'C 1: 5 X C Margaret Main, Freshmang Dave Van Dalen, FFA Presidentg Sweetheart Ellen Singer, Junior, Martha Herbold, Sophomore, Linda Knopf, Senior. STATE PUBLIC SPEAKING CHAMPION Tom Guthrie 46 Row One: Dave Clement, sentinel, Dan DeGreef, treasurer, Melvin Cranston, assistant secretary. Row Two: Bill Pauls, secretary, Dave Van Dalen, president, Stan Clement, reporter. Not Pzctured- Steve Hesson, vice-president. 4 01 SENIOR MADRIGAL-Row One: Linda Knopf, Alice Stivers, Connie Snook. Row Two: Barb Townsend, Alicia Conn, Delores Verwers. Row Three: Karen Quinn, Mike Duffus, Sherman Hayes, Martha Meredith. Row Four: Fred Scott, Bob Matthias, .lim Lothe, Howard Bond, .Ion Wormley. The Mixed Chorus of 1965-66 had a large schedule of activities. Among the highlights of these, were the Thanksgiving and Christmas concerts. The Christmas concert, consisting of various types of music, featured an oratorio as well as other religious groups. Small groups and soloists did well at State Contest, and the Quad-Cities Vocal Festival at Marshalltown proved to be a success. JUNIOR SEXTET-Row One: .loan Lukavsky, Brenda Larson Barb Schultz. Row Two: Carol Ashby, Anne Onnen, Linda Probasco SENIOR SEXTET-Row One: Karen Quinn, Alice Stivers, Leslie Hamilton. Row Two: Linda Knopf, Barb Townsend, Connie Snook. The spring concert consisted of selections by the chorus, glee clubs, and madrigals along with selec- tions from the orchestra. A dance medley of sixteen high school dancers choreographed by Mr. Bill Hartman closed the program. Again this year the mixed chorus' final appear- ance Was at graduation exercises. All activities added up to be a very successful year. JUNIOR MADRIGAL -Row One: ,loan Lukavsky, Linda McCowen, Debbie Jones. Row Two: Andrea Wing, Phil Abbott, Ellen Singer. Row Three: Carol Ashby, Dan Coffey, Ray Meredith, Cathy Cox. Row Four: Melvin Cranston, ,lim Ashcraft, Bill Hesson, John Matthias, Jack Denniston. 45 48 Newton Forensic Students End Season As They The winning of two individual events STATE CHAMPIONKTITLES enabled the Newton Forensics Depart- ment to enter contestants in the National Speech Tournament of the National Forensic League for the seventh consecutive year. Tom Shives was named State Champion in original oratory competition and Steve Rollins won his honor in the N.F.L. boyis extemporaneous speaking contest. These honors made possible the attendance at the National Contest held at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in June. These State Champion honors were backed by a long season of hard work and effort by the many students participating in Newton Highis Forensic program. Listed below are the highlights of the approximate six month Forensic Season: SEPTEMBER NOVEMBER - DECEMBER JANUARY National Forensic League officers were elected: president, Debby Grout, vice president, Steve Rollins, treasurer, Richard Edwards, publicity chairman, Jim Ashcraftg and secretary, Pat Godwin. Steve Rollins won first place in boy's extem- poraneous speaking at the third annual Univer- sity of Omaha tournament. Rollins and debate partner Richard Edwards won a fourth place debate trophy at the same tournament. Varsity debaters Marcia Gralnek, Bill Van Dyke, Debby Grout and Tom Shives placed fourth at the University of Iowa's annual Iowa High School Forensic Conference. Newton Com- petitors won the first of three 1965-66 SWEEP- STAKES TROPHIES at the State College of Iowa held Brindley Forensics Conference. Those participating were Marcia Gralnek, Debby Grout, Tom Shives, who won a second place individual sweepstakes trophy, and Bill Van Dyke. Also attending were Richard Edwards, .lim Griffin, Scott Mace, and Steve Rollins. Winning a second place debate trophy at the Fifth Annual University of Minnesota High School Debate Tournament were Marcia Gralnek, Bill Van Dyke, Richard Edwards, and Steve Rollins. Newton's highly regarded MIDWEST SPEECH AND DEBATE TOURNAMENT was held for the fifth consecutive year and 24- Midwest schools attended. Steve Rollins won a second place boy's extemporaneous speaking trophy. The second SWEEPSTAKES WIN of the season was accom- plished at the 30th Annual Coe College Invita- FEBRUARY MARCH APRIL tional Tournament held in Cedar Rapids. New- ton's entrants included first place extemporaneous speaking winner, Steve Rollins, and Gary Britson, Richard Edwards, and Paula Paschal, all juniorsg and seniors, Marcia Gralnek, Debby Grout, Tom Shives, and Bill Van Dyke. Bill Van Dyke won second place in boy's extemporaneous speaking in the Omaha-Marian High School Speech Tournament. Junior varsity debaters Jim Griffin, Richard Edwards, Ron Masters, and Steve Rollins won first place at the Fourth Annual Wahlert High School Debate Tournament held in Dubuque. Tom Shives and Steve Rollins won their State Champion titles in oratory and boy's extempora- neous speaking and were certified on to the National Forensic League national contest held in June. Newton speakers captured their THIRD SWEEPSTAKES Trophy by winning the N.F.L. tournament sweepstakes award. Other students receiving fine rankings were Bill Van Dyke, Richard Edwards, and Dramatics Student Sally Ratcliff. Twelve Division Ps were won by the Newton junior and senior high drama and forensic students in the State Finals of the Iowa High School Speech Association. Richard Edwards placed second in extemporaneous speaking at the J -Hawk Invitational Speech Tournament held in Cedar Rapids. Newton's varsity debaters placed third in the Iowa High School Forensic League State Finals. Steve Rollins won a National Forensic gold plaque for his outstanding performance in one of the sections of the Student Congress. 1965-66 TROPHY WINNERS -Row One: Steve Rollins. Debby Grout, Marcia Gralnek, Chris Holland, Paula Paschal. Row Two: Gary Britson, Jim Griffin, Sally Ratcliff, Scott Mace, Tom Shives, Bill Van Dyke, Rlchafd EdW3fdS, R011 Masters. TR I U MPH an ther Activities The Newton FFA chapter offers its members through its intra-curricular activities, opportunities to supplement regular classroom instruction. The primary aim of the organization is to aid in the development of leadership, cooperation, and citizen- ship through participation in its program of work. This year the chapter is composed of seventy members. The major activities completed include the sponsoring of a parent-son banquet, competing in the LIVESTOCK AND MEAT JUDCING TEAM state dairy, livestock, and meat contest, state FFA Robert Hill, Tim Etter, and Mike Lister public speaking contests, cooperatively farming 72 acres of land, and attending the state and national ee conventions. Tom Guthrie won the state public speaking contest and will represent Iowa in the central regional final at Kansas City in October. Dan DeGreef was named star district farmer of the south central district and two other senior members, Steve Hesson and Dave Van Dalen also received the Iowa Farm degree. ln meat judging the team of Tim Etter, Robert Hill, and Mike Lister received second place in the state contest. DAIRY JUDGING TEAM Tim Etter, Robert Hill, Melvin Cranston, and Lloyd Machin ,-13.21 N - - ..f3ia",1Er:'-fee , V , , r . ' ' Me er, Don En e, Rand Grimes, Tom Henning, Tim Etter, ,lohn Welle, Gary Ryther, Scott Hfzil:rl1r2eli?lyT1Dner?rziislSl3lrdbE:2?rfllenelSnook. RowglTw0: Roy, Schultz, Gary Towembly, Danny Hobbs, .lim Patterson, Nick Hind- man, ,lim Anderson, Tom Guthrie, Robert Hill, Burt Guthrie, Paul Johnson, David Copine. Row Three: Ray Finely, Lyle Purvis, Larry Streeter, Joe Dodge, Jim Wasson, ,lim Gardner, Jack Ferguson, Larry Purvis, David Hobbs, Dennis Manley. Row Four: Mike Beukema, Kirk Quinn, Dave Davis, Dean Schutte, Eddie Eilander, Steve Etter. Jim Van Engelenburg, ,lim Failor, Terry Van Baalen. Row Five: Rodney Meyer, DannY Jackson, HOW- GUTTQCS, Jim Cfandeui Steve Balblami DOH Vander Putte, Lloyd Machin, ,lim Valentine, Dave Dammon, ,lim Jenkins, Mike Lister, Danny Machin, Gary Altemeler, Larry Birkenholtz, Stan Allspach. STUDENT CONGRESS PARTICIPANTS-Row One: Steve Rollins. Row Two: Debby Grout, Marcia Gralnek. Row Three: Bill Van Dyke, Richard Edwards, Tom Shives. VARSITY DEBATERS-Marcia Gralnek, Debby Grout, Bill Van Dyke, Tom Shives. 50 SOPHOMORE DEBATE STUDENTS-Row One: Karen Paschal, Rondi Burk, Pat Godwin, Laurisa Sellers. Row Two: Greg Thiel- mann, David Updegraff, Michael Huston, Fritz Stecker, Steve Crawford, Tom Jorris. JUNIOR DEBATE STUDENTS-Row One: Paula Paschal, .lim Ashcraft. Row Two: Gary Britson, Scott Mace, Jim Griffin, Ron Masters, Rich Edwards, Mr. William Olmsted. Head for ationals for 7th Consecutive Year NATIONAL FORENSIC LEAGUE-Row One: Rich Edwards, Pat Godwin, Debby Grout, Steve Rollins, Mr. Kruse. Row Two: Rondi Burk, Mary Ann Golinvaux, Chris Holland, Sandy Smith, Paula Paschal, Marcia Gralnek, ,lane Schnathorst. Row Three: Fritz Stecker, Greg Thielmann, Lauiisa Sellers, Karen Paschal, Nancy Roewert, Sally Ratcliff, Mary Matkov, Jim Griffin. Row Four: Michael Huston, Scott Mace, Bill Van Dyke, Tom Shives, Gary Britson, Ron Masters, Dave Cumming, James Ashcraft. PARTICIPANTS IN I.H.S.F.L. STATE FINALS-Row One: Tom Jorris, Sally Ratcliff, Debby Grout, Marcia Gralnek, Paula Paschal, Mary Matkov. Row Two: Ron Masters, Steve Rollins, Tom Shives, Bill Van Dyke, .lim Griffin, Richard Edwards, Gary Britson. 2 f 5 IV. 1 Q , 5 ' 1 , ' , K Z z 1 1 f ff f s 3 , i r , , , 1 A , Q : ' 4 STATE N.F.L. CHAMPIONS-Steve Rollins, Boy's Extemporaneous Speaking, Tom Shives, Original Oratory. N.F.L. SWEEPSTAKES PLAQUE AND N.F.L. DISTRICT PARTICIPANTS-Row One: Tom Shives, Nancy Roewert, Sally Ratcliff, Paula Paschal, Chris Holland, Steve Rollins. Row Two: Gary Britson, Jim Ashcraft, Bill Van Dyke, Richard Edwards. i Strings, Woodwinds, Percussion, and Brass DIVISION I WINNERS-Row One: Martha M d'th J li S ' Ali d U ' ' Smith, Connie Braley, Ranae Dick. Row Two: Dalfll-:file Bowlelr,eTi1i1N 1I'Iaeiii, Mallyalo Eiai?i,nelc:l,IIdKln llllflilig Huston, Mike Kelly, Danny Skokan, Kathy Byers, ,lack Denniston, Linda McGowen. , 1 H l ' t J h Keller, Tim Ham, Kathy Row One: Julie Switzer Ranae Dick, Mike Huston Mike Kelly, Linda Bebout, Linda Lowe, Calvin o mquis , o n Byers. Row Two: Alinda Urias, Nan Smith, Joyce Farland, Carol Skokan. Row Three: Danny Skokan, Jon Miller, Alberta Jaimes, Marcia Ander- son, Cinda Wormley, Carol Rinehart, Leslie Hamilton, Karen Quinn, Martha Meredith, Barb Klein, Mary Ellen Kreager. Row Four: Connie Braley, ' D ff P G d ' D na Cobbs. Row Five: Linda Ringgenberg, Marsha Jaimes. Row Six: Mr. Burton, Vicki Henry, Cathy Cox, Howard Connie u us, at o win, on D C ff D eVan Dalen, Wayne Eaton,Ted Newton, Lee Cause. Bond, Mike Cooley, Susan Dolder, Brenda Larson, Nan Schroeder, an o ey, av 2 , EXTEMPORANEOUS SPEAKING-Row One: Debby Grout, Marcia Gralnek, Greg Thielmann, Bill Van Dyke, Steve Rollins, Rich Edwards, Paula Paschal, Michael Huston, Pat Godwin. PARTICIPANTS IN 5th ANNUAL MIDWEST SPEECH AND DEBATE TOURNAMENT-Row One: Gary Britson, Paula Paschal, Greg Thielmann, Jim Griffin. Row Two: Jim Ashcraft, Ron Masters, Rich Edwards, Scott Mace, Michael Huston. RADIO SPEAKING-Rich Edwards, Tom Shives, Ron Masters Jim Griffin. ORIGINAL ORATORY-Gary Britson, Rich Edwards, Tom Shives, Jim Ashcraft, Fritz Stecker. Dear Friends, As the most Wonderful year in my life soon is coming to its conclusion, I would like to express my gratitude to all of you. It is no easy task when there is so much to thank for and there is no way in which I possibly can return all what I have experienced or what this stay has meant to me. Of all the things that have happened to me here, the friend- liness and understanding you have shown me is certainly the most important impression I can bring back with me, for what you have done is on the most successful road to promote international relations. To be a representative of my country has really become a pleasant task here in Newton, because of your acceptance of me as any young American. You have helped me so much by letting me feel that I belonged and was a part of your life. This feeling of being a close member of Cthej N.H.S. has come with the atmosphere and the spirit of mourn school, something that 'Swedes seldom experience. How wonderful wouldnit it be to show them at home the wild pep-assemblies, the frantic yells of the pep-club and the "dirty-corner" in a boiling gym of a basket- ball game or the united efforts of the swimming team. Newton Senior High School has taught me a new goal of education: learn for life rather than for mere grades. The faculty as the great teachers of life certainly has some- - thing to offer their school and under the leadership of "Pop,' Lynn I felt in fatherly hands. In the good home of the Creagans I also felt secure and at home with a relation that will never end. With a Wish of progress and luck for you all I once more say thank you! f 0147? I lv D' 1 1 Dear Friends, The past six months that I have spent in Newton has been the most won- derful experience of my life. Everything was so different and strange those first few days, and now I feel so much a part of it all. My accomplishments have been many: my increased knowledge of the country, the language, the slang fcool, tough, kooky, etc.J, 'the customs and adjusting to a different way of life. It is not difficult to write a farewell letter that alll can say is THANK-YOU uPop,' Lynn, students and teachers of Newton High School and the family with whom I stayed, the Kahns. Remember that Brazil is a part of the America's and I'll be glad to have any of you in Rio and reminisce the good times I had here. y I , ,. . ---9 5 H MMM A, , ,, Nxvri, ' t ficivxot'-ooo QAC9-J 7 7? Join in rchestral Sound The Newton Senior High School Orchestra began its year by playing for the fall play, "Teach Me How To Cryn. In February, the orchestra was busy with the presentation of the Formal Winter Concert. They also played for the winter production of, "Little Womenv. ln April, the members prepared for the state contests and participated in the annual all- city orchestra concert. Later in the month, the orchestra and vocal departments put on the Spring Concert. ALL STATE-Row One: Karen Quinn, Kathy Byers. Row During May, they traveled to Grinnell for the Tw0:Nan Smithrlulie Switzer' Annual Quad-City Orchestra Festival, which included Grinnell, Marshalltown, Oskaloosa, and Newton. They ended the year by playing for Baccalaureate. ,pta ffl! f f' KQM7 -.,. 1 Sm" Row One: Mary ,Io Girdner, Denny Farver, lHCk Denniston, Darlene Bower. Row Two: Denise Bricker, Ann Bridenstine, Peggy OFFICERS-Row One: Julie Switzer, president, Carol Skokan, sophomore Cashman, Susan Hindman. Row Three: representative: Ranae Dick, secretary-treasurer. Row Two: Danny Skokan, Rai' Meredith, Jane Wallace, Bonnie Camp, senior representative, Dan Coffey, vice-president, Jack Denniston, junior repre- Andrea Wing, Linda McGowen. sentative. 56 .F.S. and Y.F. .-International Club T For the first time A.F.S. and Y.F.U. have combined into one club and are now known as the International ' Club. This year the club entered a float in the homecoming parade centered around our two foreign exchange students, Mervyn Michalow and Carl Perntz. They also had their annual foreign student rally in which foreign students from surrounding towns came to Newton and spent a weekend. They attended school, a basketball game, and a Saturday morning tour conducted by the Chamber J of Commerce of Newton. The last event that the lnternational Club held this year was a "Hootenanny'7. Pictured above, foreign students attend a basketball game during rally day. They also visited classrooms during the day and a few saw how the annual was produced. Row One: Krystyna O'Krent, Ann Hoover, treasurer. Nancy Rowert, vice-president, Ed Vilmar, Carl Perntz, Mervyn Michalow, Nan Schroeder, president, Sandy Smith, secretary. Row Two: Dick Schroeder, Dave McConeghey, Loretta Swalwell, Martha Meredith, Beth Hoover, Denise Bricker, Judy Horn, Ted Newton, Bill Van Dyke. Row Three: Joyce Osborn, Barb Fish, Joyce Reynolds, Debby Jones, Sandi Hawkins, Kathy Shepard, Catherine Wendt, Sharon Burdick, Vicki Henry, Jane Miller. Row Four: Carolyn Ankeney, Wanda Bayse, Chris Arnold, J acci Chesshire, Sally Ratcliff, Linda Bebout, Jenny Van Sickle, Betty Holub, Jane Penny, Marchell Jackson, Linda Schakel. Row Five: Linda Olson, K n Quinn, Ranae Dick, Alinda Uris, Marilyn Landwier, Alicia Conn, Joan Livingood,, Ellen Oliver, Twyla Alten- are hofen, Bev DeBoom, Mary Ellen Kreager. Row Six: Peggy Cashman, Jan Birkenholz, Jane Schnathorst, Jan Jones, Carol Ashby Susan Caddoo, Jane Wallace, Mary Jane Benac, Rosslyn Thurman, Pat Godwin, Jennifer Mcfgracliceriil Row d B ' d ers, Seven:,Lori Horstman, Karen Paschal, Laurisa Sellers, Mary Ann Lust, Rita Reinheimer, Lin a rin za, an y y Carol Wickett, Carol Rinehart, Judy Shores, Connie DePenning, Nancy McConeghey. v Dear Friends, As my stay in Newton draws rapidly to a close, I see the most vivid images of people and activities crowded into the shortest of short years-a year so brim-full of pleasant memories and new and exciting experiences, that I almost wish it were beginning again. I feel so much a part of Newton and the Community, that I can hardly imagine what it will be like without so many familiar faces and things around me. Winter especially will hardly be the same without snow, the hope of a winning basketball game, and the high- light of a great 6'Newton Pep Assembly." Although I will soon be a great distance from my foster town, its wonderful hospitality and strong influence will certainly be part of my life for all time. In one year here, I have made the sort of friends usually made only in a lifetime, and their companionship and gener- osity will always be remembered. In saying goodbye to you all, it is impossible to express my grat- itude to you in words, and my appreciation to Mr. Lynn, Mr. Van Langen, and the faculty, and my parents CMr. 81 Mrs. Matthiasb and my brothers fBob and Johnj for all they have done for me this year is boundless. ,,., A rrr.t X f, ..,. V , - K. .. X xx 3 X ' 2 X X . X , fxf Dear Friends, Most of you don't know how much a stay in a foreign country signifies for a student. This is without any doubt, the most exciting and wonderful experience that one may pass through. It is the realization of many dreams and hopes. But all this together wouldn't have the same charm, wouldn't be as great, without your warm reception, your incessant help, your constant cheering up fespecially before "little" unit examinationsl, your jokes, and a lot of other little things you may not notice, but mean a lot to us. As when I was introduced to all of you in one of the Pep Assemblies, I was so emotional that I didn't know if I was really talking or not. I even talked in the wrong microphone, exactly the one that wasn't working, so that most of you didn't hear me, but still, you applauded. Words disappear when we most need them. Through two little words, I will summarize all my gratitude for all those delightful months you gave to me: THANK YOU My sincere thanks also to "Pop', Lynn and all the faculty members that were so comprehensive and kind towards me, always having a good word and a smile on their lips. My special thanks are for my host family, Mr. and'Mrs. Robert Cohn, that so beautifully managed with a foreigner, making one feel really at home. I hope some day we will meet again. fdffgwwf C0f5eew5- I always wondered wh-ere you disappeared to, Agatha. After the first year I followed your news- paper columns -but that first year. Good-Bye My Fancy by Fay Kanin Ginny Merrill . . Amelia ..... C larisse ........ Mary Nell ...... Miss Scliaclcleford Janitors ....... Telephone man . . Susan ........ Grace Woods . . . Agatha Reed . . . Ellen Griswold ..... Prof. Birdeshaw . . Carol ......... ,lo .......... Dr. Pitt ....... James Merrill . . . Prof Dingley. . . Matt Cole ....... Claude Griswold . Assistant Directors Stage Manager. . . Electrician ..... Properties .... Wardrobe . . . Makeup . . . Publicity .... House ..... . . . . Sandy Smith . . . . . Nancy Kooistra . . . .lane Schnathorst . . . . Kathy Shepard . . .Nancy Roewert . . . . Gary Britson Harry Morgan Sam Shea . . . Bruce Anderson . . . Mary ,lane Benac . . . . Sally Ratcliff . . . Debbie Grout . . Alice Stivers . . . . . Cindie Rose . . . Nan Schroeder . . . Pam Morgan . . . . . .Tom Guthrie .........,IimLothe . . . Dave McConeghey . . . . . . Bob Matthias . . . Dave Cumming . . . Gary Britson Sandy Hawkins . . . . . Bill Weldon ..........BobHill . . . . . . Iacci Chesshire . . Marianne Golinvaux Miss Jeanne Formanek Rosa Braley . . . . . . Ann McAn1y . . . Ginger Pleasant And its all because of you . . . I said I was thinking about working for the government and he said he had plans for me -like being Mrs. Sam JOIICS. Oh men! Organization everyone or we'll never get this room ready for Miss Reed. 58 Sends Five Students Abroad Tim Onnen spent eleven weeks with the Mrs. Hilkken Melin family in Oulu, Finland. His family consisted of his mother, John, his oldest brother, who is 173 and Lor-Erik, his younger brother, who is 13. Tim's summer was highlighted by a 4- day trip to Leningrad, Russia and other visits to Sweden, Copenhagen, Denmark, and Helsinki. His summer was truly an interesting and enjoyable one. "Living with the Finnish people themselves, and taking part in their-customs and traditions helps me to understand the people of the world todayf' Judy Horn spent the summer of 1965 in Norberg, Sweden with the Wejdmark family. She had a sister, lngela, 10, and three brothers: Mats, 11, Fredrik, 17, and Carl, 19. More than half of her trip was spent traveling with her family through Germany, Den- mark, and southern Sweden. Judy feels that her experience has broadened her under- standing of other people and has given her a greater insight into world problems. "1 will never forget all the wonderful people who helped to make my summer one of the best of my life." Nancy Roewert lived with the Erich von Aswegen family in Bremen Germany for nine weeks. She enjoyed the new experiences of having a brother and a-sister, eating yogurt and black bread, riding a bicycle eight miles to school, and sleeping in a featherbed. Nancy can only say, ul had a wonderful summer in Germany, and I hope to go back soon." .leanne Shelly firmly believes that if young people from various. countries become acquainted and become ,good friends, we have abetter chance of achieving world peace. lt is important that we see people from various countries as warm, friendly human beings rather than-pictures in history books and newspapers. Jeanne spent the past summer in Granliden, Sweden, with the Seth Lofstedt family. Her summer was spent swimming, fishing, bicycling, and sight-seeing. The summer was quite an experience for several reasons. She lived in a small village in an agricultural area, spoke a foreign language, and was surrounded by "strange and wonderful customs." Sponsored by the American Field Service, Ted Newton lived for two months ln Osterburken, Germany with the Hermann Gehrig family. Papa's fun loving jokes, Mama's cooking, and Hermann Jr.'s interesting teen activities made him feel at home. Highlights of the trip were attending a German school and a week-long trip to Switzer- land, Austria, and Bavaria. HThe German people were warm and friendly, willing to share their beautiful country, and very similar to Americansf' Two weeks of Ted's trip were spent with the other 650 A.F.S.ers going to Europe and the Middle East. This was a different experience for Ted because he met out- standing students from all fifty states and learned much about his own country. 57 Newtonia Captures Memorable EDITORIAL STAFF Row One: Catherine Wendt, Co-Editorg Loretta Swalwell, Co-Editor. Row Two: Paula Synhorst, Copy Editorg Sandy Myers, Layout Editorg Elaine Rowe, Layout and Art Editor. BUSINESS Row One: Jan Jones, Kathy O'Brien, Sandy Owens. Row Two: Steve Balbiani, Tom Farver, Business Manager. 60 Y ADVISOR Mr. Tom Turk COPY Candy Thompson, Joyce R6yI101dS, Kathi' Shadley. Drama Students End Successful Year with 6Goocl-bye My Fancy, What do you suppose she's like? She lived right here- in this very room! 6 Miss Reed! We know what is best for our school and our girls. The film will not be shown! Welcome back Agatha Reed! Well,l guess I have no choice, Cole. Woody make reservations. 59 Needle Reports News, Features, and Sports EDITORIAL STAFF Row One: Carol Wickett, News Editor: Mrs. Hickman, Advisor, Jeanne Shelley, Editor. Row Two: Pat Versteegh, Circulation Manager: Lori Horst- man, News Editor: Armenta Schroder, Business Manager. QUILL 8: SCROLL Row One: Armenta Schroder, Marcia Gerard, Ann Hoover, Lori H01-Stman, Row Two: Jeanne Shelley, Rick Johnson, Carol Wickett. ADVERTISING Bev DeBo0m, Regina Wallace, Gloria Green, Peggy Ver- Schuur. ' YZ Z W if REPORTERS SPORTS Pam Weston Ann Hoover, Jane Manley, Kathy Shepard, Janet Birkenholz, Sandy Rick Johnson, Linda Wheeler, Gary Borchert. Hawkins, Julie Schrank, Marcia Gerard. 62 GC 99 Events Around Every Corner Y SPORTS Linda Anderson, Dixie Nichol, Linda Kreager, Mary Adams. CLASSES Row One: Mary Lou Stewart, Dana Ellenwood. Row Two: Sharon Damman, Teri Gooding, Shirley 7'7- Lambert. ali' wk.. -.........4 1 1 ACTIVITIES and ORGANIZATIONS Row One: Cheryl Hanson, Connie DePenning. Row Two: Judy Shores, Pam Conn, Rhonda Van Voorst, Sally Craig. Pep Club Cheers Team, 300 PEP CLUB OFFICERS President Linda Knopf Vice-President Pam Morgan Secretary Julie Switzer Treasurer Mary Ann Lust 64 They Say It with Pictures Mike Lister Photographer Z 1 5 3 5 5 5 i i 5 it 7-, ,', 5 Under the direction of Mr. Carl Orthner, the Newton High School Camera Club learned and practiced the various phases of camera photography. Throughout the year, the members spent many hours taking and developing pictures. Capturing many of the memorable events of 1966 in pictures, the Camera Club proved to be a great aid to the Newtonia staff. rr rf- , -"W R. D. Dunkin Photographer Mr. Carl Orthner Advisor Wfaffw, V ' ., f -1 . r1.1 W-MM? f , 1232 wg, , ,r .M ,. F g- ' " f fd II ,fn " . ?7, ' 3 i A I.- 71 sf- 1 f -' ,f ' f. N A., ,, , ,f, ,, ,y WV ,yi 40 r Sam Shea Jeff Simon Photographer Ph0f0gfaPhCf Cheerleaders Stimulate School Spirit WRESTLING CHEERLEADERS SOPHOMORE CHEERLEADERS Kathy O'Brien, Sharon Keith, Linda Dyas, Suzan Deiters. Bette Selbher, Martha Herbold, Penny Hurtt, Cheryl Hanson VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Chris Holland, Sherry Knapp, Ellen Singer, Cindy Rose, Mickie Lorenzen, Linda Wheeler. I E , Voices Strong 0 I' ' E53 Football ....... Cross Country . . . Wrestling .... Swimming . . . Basketball . . . Golf ....... Tennis ...... Girls' Sports . . . Track ............. Baseball ............. . . Outstanding Athletes N.A.H.S ............. . . 70-77 78-79 80-83 84--85 86-90 91 92 93 94--96 97 98-100 100 Athletics include . . . wins . . . losses . . . draws . . . glory and honors . . . dejection and emptiness . . . a victorious ride on the shoulders of teammates and fans . . . a slow, solemn walk to the showers . . . the victory bell pealing gloriously in your ears . . . silence and sadness . . . teamwork and sportsmanship . . . flaring tempers . . . strength and courage . . . pain and sorrow . . . a winning point . . . a losing mistake . . . a screaming crowd . . . a disappointed following . . . a smiling glance on a confetti-covered floor . . . a sullen backward glance on an empty field . . . the winning touchdown . . . the missed field goal . . . a loss by one stroke . . . the victory so close and yet so far . . . the achievements . . . the mistakes . . . the learning . . . the improvement . . . the determination and the hope . . . a noisy huddle . . . a quiet bench . . . a victory leap . . . the tear-stained face of a cheerer . . . pep and spirit . . . another crown for Carl . . . no reward . . . 4'Loyalty" . . . the victory of knowing you tried your hardest, even if you lost . . . the knowledge of knowing that you did your best and won . . . the triumph of winning . . . the dejection of losing . . . "the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat" . . , n LQ V - 1 1 .LS-V , M f ,ff X X ff X W Ax 1 f Qf f XA 14 1 f f f ,W X ff fyff f Wiz f NN: aw, I .f ff ww XM' th O , ,,giMi,,Zis.1Q1x fd F fa M W , .97 5 M, M fiw mwfffwgn' Mfyc w . YM? f' fff, "fry, X Q 4. 5 ff, Maj ' V W1 Www W .uno .amy ' i xN-.1 i 1 , X me x ,, 4 Q L ,ix . f T 'Q' if ' - f ,f . , 1 ,N W, L,?5ff,3gxff , w,,,.', , 4 fy 'Q' 31,1 ze" X . :Xxx X i k .X..X., Q . 355 X 7 wwf' ' Jia, ' ' if X X:-xg-1 . 5 K V, 3351 JK k . ff- ff-if 4: 2 i L54 f M . J if s , :gif VHTQ.. - ,E 1 YW -, J Q 2 V ll ! i Season Ends in Tie for Third in CIC Mitt, - f , , , .., . -,.. 1 i S i , E W Row One: Dave Clement, Harry Morgan, Murray Dunkin, Denny Hanson, Gary Johnson, Tom Risdal, Chuck Kyte, Bill Kaldenberg, Tim Onnen, Dave Harding, Sam Shea, Steve Dimon, Bob Skow, Larry Elliott, Mike Sisco. Row Two: Coach Turner, Terry Ghent, Gary Altemeier, Jay Steven- son, Bruce Atwood, Mike Mulbrook, Garold Schrader, Stan Clement, ,lim Valentine, Denny Machin, Chuck Davis, Bill Doud, Regan Brodersen, Coach Norris. Row Three: Coach Curry, Dan Wilson, Dave Anderson, Joe Owens, Steve Simpson, Steve Balbiani, Bruce Anderson, Steve Snook, l Ron Green, R. D. Dunkin, Robert Helsene, Coach Maigaard. Row Four: Coach Engstrom, Manager Tom Weeks, Tom Lightner, Roger Simpson, Mike Grosvenor, Steve Vermillion, John Stiles, Denny Bewyer, John Bush, Gene Steenhoek, Ron Eversman, Coach Williams. r if , 1 ' 2, ' ' , 5, ff V Mx ! A fa- i f W ,f 'fr' ff - C , M.::,-gj:::gf,', f I X ,rgssfssgfsfsgf is 1 y fry lfggggggglz, f ,x . gpg X f P f , . Il 1:z::f,y.f. . gf ff ' ff - 'iliflitff f - Mr .115 wi ' ff mu-vm . ff' Nf 1 , , EQ 'W ,,,' 'V' , 'xl . I 5' CSV? ' "ff 1' ' 'T f W V 'f ,f 2 ,, ,, ,4 , , f- Nj- ,tf ' X f f igy A X , 5 ii ,-, W W' , , - 1 ,WNV , gg , . , MQ W, , ,sf - , 4,f, f ,M ,f ' "2 , ,, , A g ' F ff' 5, Q 2. ' gf :naw 5 Y f"' 2. fx ff X, , ? Q f Chuck Kyte Harry Morgan C0-Captain Co-Captain lil I if ff " ff f iz W I X, ,ff .1 ff Q .K y ywwa. ew, UZ , wiv, , ' X f, ,gx as , I Q V' 1 jg ? X nw-51 TQ? ff: S f . ff' LJ- e,f"'j7,ZjZ M sm 3 1 W , V if ' K ' , 4 V '1 QV - 'ef ,XWY W' af- Q , mf if f ag , gf f pfyg g 23452, fo' fy W K ' 2? X X y l 'fi ni' ,, wffyf'-ff M 7 , f s f w' agfwsf . v i ,f Q 1 f wasp 1. ffifffw M , Q A 17 D . fr ff ,fwii at if , , ft! , 4 , , ,fl ff ffm Wf fl , lt A w W W, , r MANAGERS -Row One: Ron Eversman, M Tom Weeks. Row Two: Ralph Vander Zyl, Dan McPherren, Vernon Funk, Steve Ellis. 72 Bill Kaldenberg Tom Risdal ards Strive for Excellence Thru Competent COACHES: Ralph Maigaard, Dudley Norris, Bill Currey, Mike Engstrom, Paul Turner, Bill Williams. The. Newton Varsity football team coached by Paul Turner and assistant coaches Dudley Norris, Ralph Maigaard, Bill Currey, Mike Engstrom, and Bill Williams, completed the 1965 season with 3 wins and 5 losses. The Cards finished in a tie for third place in the CIC, along with the second best offensive statistics of all Newton teams over the past six seasons. Thirty-nine boys received varsity letters, among these are 32 seniors and 7 juniors. Chuck Kyte and Harry Morgan were selected by their teammates as G'Honorary Co-Captains" for their fine display of leadership and ability. Respective city sports editors and coaches se- lected the following boys for top honors in the Central Iowa Conference: first team, Dave Clement, fullback, and Bill Kaldenberg, end, second team, Tim Onnen, tackle, and Tom Risdal, center, third team, Larry Elliott, quarterback, and Chuck Kyte, guard. Bill Kaldenberg received honorable mention from the Des Moines Register and Tribune. Although the team received a few defeats, they gave the Newton fans 21 yeareto remember! X an , -N.-. Coaches 1965 O Ottumwa 7 Oskaloosa 6 Boone 13 Ames 7 Roosevelt 26 Tech 27 Grinnell 7 Marshalltown 59 X f,,f , il . 'gzz-Hlog' J inf . tx . ,,. 1., ,555 VM, j-K f ' ' vl,..,:5'lwCfrf -' iff.. 71 tx ni - - we , , X n X :Q M X I .. X, ,f f . 5 m is if S j . ,L kv Qxt N W X ' N gs S xg - XS -V X1 E X X f X 4 f Q Q X SNP' Q qv., xf -wefQSsfQS. Steve Simpson Murray Dunkln Q51 Stan Clement 74 Denny Machin M1 ?.- M, s T' fx S 'ani f X13 M sn- 4. 12' l.,. , Larry Elliott Dave Harding ii Steve Dimon l Tim Onnen ' fr ws .vuw Gary Johnson ,ini yi: A. Q-gf ' l 'nf Y IM, . ..,,z"54 HIVLLH 1 o 1' I' '1 J, , 1 , 1 4 , , , I I W ,LC v f f ' " , f, 1. ffl ' ' f f I if , ' f ' ff, " 73 N SCHEDULE O 24 Marshalltown 0 13 Roosevelt 0 6 Roosevelt 7 14 Marshalltown 7 12 Lincoln 27 18 Southeast Polk 0 341 Ames 6 Juniors Prove Their Competence and Support the Varsity with 5 Wins-2 Losses . V Row One: R. D. Dunkin, Ron Green, Steve Snook, Tom Lightner, Rod Simpson, Mike Grosvenor, Denny Bewyer, John Stiles. Gene Steen hoek, Larry Versteegh.,Row Two: Vernon Funk, John Bush, Tim Westercamp, Galen Green, Jim Willemson, Jim Jenkins. John Krueger ' ' R d M . Gre U Briggs. Ray Dafflitto Rick Johnson, Dennis Walker, Larry Ingersoll, Dan McPherren. Row Three. Coach Currey, o ney eyer, gg Steve Cronin, Steve Vermillion, Tom Ferguson, Jack Ferguson, Terry Colwell, Coach Maigaard. 1 Sam Shea 's l l Jay Stevenson Ron Green ff' Tom Lightner Cary Altemeier Bruce Anderson Dave Anderson Bruce Atwood Steve Balbiani Regan Broderson Chuck Davis Bill Doud Terry Ghent Denny Hanson Rod Simpson OTHER LETTER WINNERS Chuck Hybl Mike Mulbrook Joe Owens Garrold Schrader Mike Sisco Bob Skow Jim Valentine Mike Grosvenor Steve Snook Gene Steenhoek Dave Clement afjffwj, .nh in -,Y ,ch -f f T?-',v,4,.w ' 1 My nr . ,,. W 'aff ".:,,ffw' Q, "Q 1, 1 ,fzg..,, wf ,". fn,,,, "fl f W , ,. ,J ,.2f, ff +.-wfgf,,Wf ., ffm 7' df ,3 , ef i 11 ,, , ff" -, '- , . ,gif-' 'W',',' ' 1' ,4,.o'1"-157' 'H W ffgf 'x ff "MW ' 'if' 'af'9','1F ' ' ffv f' :yfff 'S 'Wf A A "Jem rvwit ': 5151171 ,Qmlf Haw, .wfff .x1fffK,,,, ., f f, - , - . ,, f -. wwf: -'iff ' Nw. . ,f,0wm.f7'nl3 , , ,f V w',?1V',:f-4-4-zzjp,. ,, . .154 ,332-sf,y , ,,4,,,, I , , M4 fn ,., , ,ff 1, , 9:75, 51' Aff, ,azjjyffiyio-1',uf ,a .A fgfww-', .4 qwfv-f' I , f ff '. -in-3, 'fwfw .Q .'g'w-'ww 'tw' '3"'f4r?:'2f9f'7'w7"' ',1f,m, ':' if ' e-wfZ:f.:f4!W'z "Q-'ff V ,. ,, ,, .qi f"L'f- ffm' - 'ff'-77 ?fP'wl"f 712 4 "fy"-f in 'df' ' "'Qgfw'f.'flW"'61f fl ,V-e,7,,', .5944-'v ,,, fl. .ff 5, .1 ' X75 .' yK','gg' fy, ff",-'A g,',,Vh,,,9-,V U f Mfg" '. 1, If ' ,. , liz. ,rj 9-Vg, wg, :j,f,,f1fn!ggZif: Jjl41Z6PfZ" 'Z ,l 1 A, 7. , 69, f ,, -,J -f V , f f' y ' - f ,, ,M W K 3:1 ,gi ff-0.1.1 . ll, ,iffy V ,!., ffm , ,0W.,jyg,157l -M , ,. , Ig 'df-1,'..,'f"n, , ,' , ' ff1,"g'5r ff yy ,, ,ir , ,Wh jf wwf ff si, W r f L,-cj I -V fini. A, J:l6?Zi,yN4j,,j'f'71j,,4Q ,I .fwfr of ,hyvfww ' 1' Lf- "W ffwn f - if 'yf'f1w3g'w,, f4:?ff"wf'fff'f,,,fwf,fx2f--I f ' n .1 , ' .g,.,, . ' ., f' ,f fo ','.ffr,f,,4y: .ff ' .,g,fQ,f. . f ff 1.15-!"" fn l l Z ev 14, , K Mile Sr Cross Countr Teams Place Fifth in Conference Competition N o 28 Pekin, Fairfield 61 31 29 Grinnell 926 46 Marshalltown 16 30 Tech 10 24' Dowling 33 16 Pekin 39 28 Oskaloosa 29 5th Conference 31 Grinnell 24 9th State Meet N MEET 0 5th Conference 10th State 28 Oskaloosa 27 f16thl Grinnell College Meet Row One: Norman Vander Kamp, Pat Kelly, Bill Shaw, Bill Albee, Bill Hickey, Tim Ettelson, Mile De Meyer, Randy Simpson, Doug Snook, Steve Schumann, Russell Hutchins. Row Two: Steve Hummel, Dave Morgan, Sanford lllstrup, Lee Gause, Don Crady, Gene Suhr, Steve Anderson, ,lack Trotter. Row Three: Gary Meyer, Mile Powell, Dennis Claseman, Brett Pulver, Steve Bonawitz, Tim Brock, Doug Wood, Bob Stolz, Jerry Diamond, Karl Hoff, Danny Sutphin, Tim Ham. Row Four: Ray Findley, Dick Schroeder, Kirk Selby, Larry Whitex, Bob McKeever, Dave Rich- ardsit, Coach Chism, Terry Millerx, Joe Millertk, ,loe Nimmo? Randy Grimesx, Mike Kelly, Dave Rethmeirti, Fred Pittmen, Calvin Molmquistg' ff Major Letter-Winners kfufmif Q. jg T T f. rf" , Q' v I Sophomores Work for Improvement to Promote Team Spirit N SCHEDULE 13 Tama-Toledo 0 Grinnell 0 North, D. M. 13 Oskaloosa 2 Ames 6 Roosevelt 21 East, D. M. 0 Marshalltown , .,,nn, . , , , .4 nj.-, 7, Row One: Steve Ellis, Alan Cunningham, Leon Pinkerton, Steve Turner, ,Iohn Stalzer, Duane Anderson, Greg Crews, Jeff Smoot, Gary Meyer, Joe Avila, Gary Kahn, Ralph Vander Zyl. Row Two: Ken Walker, Merle Jorgenson, Jerry Keenan, Randy Hunt, Mike Poole, Bill McDaniel, Mike Walker, John Bridenstine, Joe Ross, Randy Brisel. Row Three: ,lim Stone, John Mickle, Jim Kyte, ,lim Wasson, Denny Green, Steve Rhodes, Jim Clair, Joe Dodge, Tom Altenhofen, Doug Jensen. Row Four: Coach Willaims, Robert Craig, Jay MeGaha, Bill Revell, Larry Streeter, John McGinley, Scott Hammerly, Arlan Cunningham, Steve Loupee, Steve Bewyer, Dave Wessel, Coach Engstrom. Wrestlers Retain CIC Tournament Crown N o 4' Washington, C.R. 38 9 Jefferson, C.R. 35 19 Grinnell 23 21 Roosevelt, Des M. 19 23 Clarion 26 lst C.I.C. 21 Iowa Falls 21 6 Eagle Grove 34 28 Marshalltown 14 Hd Quadrangular 17 Ames 25 15 Iowa City 25 Coach Assistant Coach Earl Chism Bill Currey Row One: Jerry Fortune, Larry Reavis, Gene Steenhoek, Joe Dodge, Don Wallace, Rick Johnson, Sanford Illstrup, Scott HammerlY, .Jerry Man- . - G ning, Mike Czerwiec. Row Two: Dan McPherren, Roger Etter, Jack Ferguson, Randy Grimes, Terry Ghent, Chuck Kyte, Bob Fisher, ary Borchert, Steve Crawford. Row Three: Don Crady, Joe Owens, Denny Hanson, JimJenkins, Tom Risdal, Chuck Davis, Tim Onnen, John Kreuger, ' ' ' ' ll M'k M Jim Wasson, Rod Meyer, Tim Ettelson, Tony Avila, Mike DeMeyer. Row Four: Coach Earl Chism, Jim Stone, manager, Bill Beste , 1 e organ, Bob Craig, Steve Rhodes, Tom Altenhofen, Dennis Claseman, John Schild, manager, Assistant Coach Bill Currey. Not Pictured: Joe Avila, John Keller. 80 ,W-4 I Jwmi .gi W 'Q ' , K 1 , , V -fit, I , if., A f ,. V ig- u Y l,,. -xl K . f X f ' W' . we t . , Q, wx R 4- .- pg K , sit' f Randy Crimes, Ray Findley, Kirk Selby, Dick Schroeder, Mike Kelly David Rethmeier Bob McKeever Larry White Calvin Holm quist, Fred Pittman, Dave Richards, Terry Miller, Joe Nimmo. R' 1 A Us f 5 f The Newton Cardinal 1965 cross country and mile teams, coached by Earl Chism, compiled a record of four wins and five losses. The mile and cross country teams both placed fifth in their conference meets held at Grinnell. Highlights of the season were a win in the triangular meet at Pekin, and a tenth place finish in the state mile run held at Grin- nell. Despite the loss of three senior letterwinners, the outlook for the next season is good, with four lettermen returning plus an abundant and talented supply of re- serves and sophomore letterwinners. W fi 82 Dennis Hanson 127 lbs. l Rod Meyer Jim Jenkins Robert Fisher John Krueger 133 lbs. 145 lbs. 154 lbs. 154 lbs. 4 Tom Risdal 165 lbs. ln the 1965-66 season, the N.H.S. wrestling team, coached by Earl Chism and assistant coach Bill Currey, posted a 2-7-1 record. The wrestlers won the C.l.C. team championship and placed second in the annual Quadrangular tournament. The team won the sectional tournament sending 8 boys into district competition. In district competition, Tom Risdal and Rod Meyer won 3rd place positions while ,lim Jenkins won 2nd and advanced to the state meet at Waterloo, where he lost his first round despite a fine showing. Outstanding records posted by individuals were undefeated team captain, Tom Risdal, with a 11-0-3 record, and Jim Jenkins who posted a 10-4-0 record. Other individuals who had a fine showing at both the C.1.C. meet and the Quadrangulr meet are John Krueger, Tim Onnen, and Don Crady. Tom Risdal was voted the outstanding wrestler of the season by his teammates for his sportsmanship and excellent record. , JW Kay f M Mike DeMeyer Don Crady Tony Avila Joe Owens 95 lbs. 103 lbs. 112 lbs. 120 lbs. Randy Grimes 120 lbs. Tim Ettelson 127 lbs. Center Front Cary Leadman Max Dolder Mike McConeghey Donn Singer Coach Toppenberg. Row One: Terry Colwell, Larry White, Denny Bewyer Mike Butler Garrold Schrader Gary Kahn Steve Anderson Dave McConeghey Bob Krueger. Row Two: Chris Perryman, Merv Mich- alow Carl Perntz Steve Matsen Steve Furry Billy Weter Larry Ingersoll Don J ay Dick Tomlin Gib Copeland. SWIMMING SCHEDULE East High Des Moines Tech. High Des Moines University High Iowa City East High Waterloo State Col. High Cedar Falls Ottumwa Boone East High Waterloo University High Iowa City Davenport Assumption Conference at M-Town Ames Marshalltown Ottumwa North High Des Moines District at Marshalltown Stare at I.S.U. T rg, -N ""-:-.,,, , 11. 1-.N Maw-04" Tim Onnen Terry Ghent Chuck Kyte Chuck Davis 180 lbs. 180 lbs. 180 lbs. hwt. A- ,,, ,U ,- ,,.,, NA g lnl'r4l!-, wamnggquunxvnnlll 83 Rebounds, Freethrows and Jumps Add to Varsity Vietories VARSITY SCHEDULE 1 965 -66 N O 46 Tech 48 48 Roosevelt 92 62 Tama-Toledo 59 40 Marshalltown 56 64 Knoxville 59 58 Ames 71 51 Grinnell 71 73 Ottumwa 77 58 Boone 63 50 Oskaloosa 68 59 North 62 45 Marshalltown 96 93 Tama-Toledo 77 65 Ames 69 51 Grinnell 71 66 Lincoln 79 71 Boone 61 69 Oskaloosa 68 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 64 Oskaloosa 61 65 Pella Christian 44 63 Knoxville 73 S I l ard Swimmers Splash Their Way To Victory , The Newton Swimming team, led by captain Chris Perryman and a fine group of seniors, finished its second year of competition with an excellent record of 9 wins and 6 losses. They were defeated only once at home and had very close meets with Cedar Falls, Ottumwa, and Des Moines Tech. At the end of the season the 1966 swimming team had set records in every event. Outstanding members of the team were: Chris Perryman, freestyleg Larry White, backstrokeg Mervyn Michalow, breaststrokeg Bob Krueger, free- styleg Mike McConeghey, backstrokeg Mike Butler, butterflyg John Mickle, medley, and Steve Matsen, freestyle. Co-Captain Mike McConeghey, Captain Chris Perryman, Coach Ron Toppenberg A 6 if5 FF X 1.1. ,' Q' eoxxgf - fx -37 f f ' .tiff -ZS-'N-.. 3.51 4, A, ,g, JA ,' f, J," l .- ' QL- 7, I 9' ., . ,, . ,fA2f55f'7?4:f'I Q::'3g.,, Y 1, up , -:Writ . ,Er -A-H .v ,V 9 ,, Q-.ff in f M4 Magi.. 85 Larry Elliott Stan Clement Steve Vermillion MANAGERS: Doug Suhr, Ron Eversman, Steve Balbiani, and Ralph Agar. The l965-66 basketball squad got off to a slow start, compiling a season's record of 7 wins and lil losses, however, despite many earlier defeats, the team made a stunning comeback by winning four of the last five games and advanced to the finals of district competition by victories over Oskaloosa and Pella Christian. Boys receiving conference honors were Tom Lightner, third team all C.l.C., and Bill Kalden- berg, C.l.C. honorable mention. Tom Lightner led the team in scoring by compiling 200 pts., while Dave Clement was the leading rebounder with 173 rebounds. Steve Dimon scored 29 points vs. Boone, giving him a lead in points scored per game. Voted outstanding by their fellow teammates were Bill Kaldenberg, honorary captain, and Tom Lightner, most valuable player, while Dave Cle- ment and Stan Clement were cited for their desire and hustle. Despite the loss of six senior letterwinners, fans anticipate a fine season next year. Mike Grosvenor m Mike Sisco J oe Nimmo Steve Dimon hui:-...4 0 an Row One: Joe Nimmo, Bill Kaldenberg, Mike Sisco, John Stiles, Larry Elliott. Row Two: Steve Simpson, Roger Simpson, Steve Dimon Steve Vermillion, Mike Grosvenor, Dave Clement, Tom Vickers, Tom Lightner, Stan Clement. f 1? Coach Ralph Maigaard Asst. Coach Mike Engstrom N4 11-:"""'1x Bill Kaldenberg Honorary Captain ,Je T- Reserves Aim High Under the Direction of Coach Norris N 40 47 69 46 56 62 77 61 55 56 55 65 39 69 46 53 Row One Steve Vermillion, Galen Green, Pat Kelly, Stan Clement. Row Two: Mike Grosve- nor Tom Ferguson, Gene Suhr, John Stiles, Tom Vickers, Coach Dudley Norris. Roosevelt Grinnell North D.M. Tama Ames Oskaloosa Marshalltown S.E. Polk Roosevelt Oskaloosa Grinnell S.E. Polk Ames Tama North D.M. Marshalltown Cardinal Sophomores Gain Experience for Future CIC Competition Tech Roosevelt Tama-Tole do Marshalltown Knoxville Ames Grinnell Ottumwa Boone Oskaloos a North Marshalltown Tama-Toledo Ames Grinnell Lincoln Boone Oskaloos a 0 25 48 45 67 42 59 56 '62 62 48 58 55 57 64 46 58 54 51 Row One: Jerry Sears, Joe Ross, Randy Brisel, Bill McDaniel, Jeff Smoot Steve 'l'u1DInek W Row Two: Greg Crews, Jim Kyte, Bill Shaw, Russ Hutchins, .lay McGaha, Dave esse ar Diamond, Steve Bewyer, Mike Powell, Coach Bill Williams. R oger Simpson Tom Vickers 1? if .. Tom Lightner John Stiles Dave Clement Steve Simpson Tennis Team Springs Into Action N Row One: Sherman Hayes, Gene Suhr, M 5 92 erv Michalow. Row Two: Coach Williams, Tom Altenhofen, Mike S Q'jU'4OUU:wQ'ugc.'nc:gU N CD 99 cn O B P-1 m v-1 Q Q ' 5 U' rr O H' H' m W 99 99 cn 5 U' 3: U' I I '14 CD F' o co co 5' H O Pa Q n--I Q Q9 O "" O rn "' Z v-- '-' gd 2 0 N O cn 5' cn Q- 2 cn cn o :U o 5 r, 5 Q H- ao O C5 2 2 3 A 4 5-' 4 Q CD Q s, X if Y 3 5 -Q I-'xoo4:w.4:..,p0QN,NoOooQ of , Q, , 'S+ N NQSNQ A x ,. N ,Eg in '- N 'fx gi , ' ' " uw Sv i Q ,Q,.ML, 151 qv ,W ,. xfyp f Qs ,MF ,-5: Li' S 'MQW ix., . ,X 5 ,,:,f'v,QES'WNjN. s - X 5 , N YQ' it X 'N :ilk 'S S X v E, fi ' , if we X , 4- f" N ,saw 5- N , .,,,,.n - ax N4 Powell, Dave Spencer, Dave Wessel. T Golfers Drive for High State Honors Q N 0 163 South East Polk 185 XX 163 Valley West Des Moines 157 'S' 167 Oskaloosa 175 2nd Ottumwa Tournament 163 Tama-Toledo 180 X 165 Grinnell 183 A , A 311 Roosevelt 298 fi 307 Marshalltown 314 2nd Conference-Boone 330 Ames 329 lst Sectional 315 Marshalltown 317 158 Grinnell 169 2nd District Tournament 322 Ottumwa 324- 3rd State Tournament VARSITY-Row One: Chuck Hybl, Dave Harding, Jeff Strain, Steve Gause. Row Two: Kirk Selby, 'Dave Brandt, Tom Lightner, Bill Stewart, Scott Cavitt. 2 ww? R 5 M A l , R b F h , M k F rland, Tom Hybl, Dan Ingersoll, Dick Braun, Dave Isenocher, Kenny Mace, Gregg Cgguwgngoiag-ZuIjSg?g3g0Qatsenn,i,0hn0Bi3'irieri,s.tiiY1te,eMar2lcrDiazinond, Tom Ferguson, Steve Rhodes, Bruce Zagornlak, Doug Snook, Dave Rowe, Chris Baile ,leff.Smoot Row Thiree' Ralph Vander Zyl, Dave Morgan, Craig White, Bill Shaw, .loe Nimmo, Tom Vickers, Tim Ettleson, Pat Kelly. Row Four: Kirk Selby Bill Stewart, Tom Lightner, Dave Harding, Jeff Strain, Steve Gause, Dave Brandt, Scott Cavltt, Chuck Hybl, Coach ChlSm. 91 Track Team Ends Season with 3rd Place Honors Row One: Joe Owens, Terry Miller, John Krueger, Fred Pittman, Regan Brodersen, Steve Bonawitz, Larry White, Steve Dimon, John Stiles, Steve Vermillion, Mike Walker, Steve Loupee, Gary Altemeier, Denny Burton. Row Two: Dave Richards, Randy Johnson, Tom Risdal, Ron Green, Randy Grimes, Jim Jenkins, Larry Versteegh, Roger Simpson, Galen Green, Jim Van Baren, Bill Kaldenberg, Steve Snook, Harry Morgan. Row Three: Asst. Coach Buzz Currey, Jerry Fortune, Dick Schroeder, Tom Weeks, Dave Rethmeier, Ray Dafilitto, Mike Grosvenor, Jim Valen- tine, Jim Kyte, Calvin Holmquist, Steve Turner, Gary Johnson, Coach Paul Turner. Row Four: Asst. Coach Mike Engstrom, Ricky Burch, Doug Woods, Bob Krueger, Chuck Walker, Bob McKeever, Bruce Anderson, Steve Bewyer, Larry Streeter, Jay MaGaha, Asst. Coach Dudley Norris. Row Five: Ricky Johnson, Bryce Parsons, John McGinley, Don Butler, Randy Hunt, Ray Findley, Randy Brisel, Mike Kelly. The track team, coached by Paul Turner, ended the 1966 season with third place honors in the conference. As the highlight of the season, the Cardinals captured the Cardinal Relays title, as well as placing third in the Osky Relays and tying for sixth place in the Valley Relays. During the season, new school records were set , by Denny Burton in the high jump, and by the HURDLERS-FredPittman,SteveLoupee,SteveVermillion,RogerSimpson. Medley Relay team, Composed of John Stiles, +- Steve Bonawitz, Regan Brodersen, and Steve 1 Dimon. Denny Burton produced a fine showing during the season by placing third in the State 5 Outdoor Track Meet and second in the Drake Relays. 2 I MANAGERS-Ron Eversmall, Tim WCSICYCHITIP, DCHIIY Agan. e Girls' Teams Swing Into Action N 0 2 2 9 2 7 8 6 7 Row One: Barb Schultz, Penny Hurtt, Darlene Bower, Pat Cherryholmes, Marsha Moore, Gloria Green. Row Two: Vicki Henry, Linda Sampson, Deb McKay, Pam Morgan, Linda Pierce, Cheryl Hanson, Mrs. DeBruyn-Coach. Tennis D. M. Lincoln D. M. North Ottumwa Tama-Toledo Ottumwa Tama-Toledo Saydel Grundy Center Saydel Golf Susan Caddoo, Ann Hoover, Nancy Roewert, Sharon Burdick Mr. Rowray - Coach. .loan Zeller, Paula Synhorst, Sarah Humke, Mary AdaII1S, Teri 5110015 Elaine Rowe, Suzan Dieters. Newton Strides Towards Victory At Cardinal Relays The talented Newton Cardinals gave Coach Paul Turner a warm wel- coming as new head track coach with a convincing, victory in the Cardinal Relays. Showing amazing strength in the field events and relays, the Cardinals captured the team title in the Class A division of the Relays. ln Class A new records were set by Brent Slay of Oskaloosa in the 44-0 yard dash and by Denny Burton of Newton in the high jump. The Cardinal Relays ended with Newton 91 points, Dowling 78, Indianola 51, Oskaloosa 41, Grinnell 24-, Knoxville 12. ' 1,4 WWA N, ., , INAL RELAYS QUEEN AND CANDIDATES-Miss Montgomery, Queen Lenis CARD , Pierce, Julie Deutsch, Pam Schuttinga, Karlin Vander Ploeg, Teresa Terpstra, Juhe Switzer, Newton host. in Conference SHOT PUT, DISCUS- Steve Snook, Gary Johnson, Ron Green, Tom Risdal. LETTERWINNERS-Row One: Coach Mike Engstrom, Larry White, Regan Brodersen, Steve Bonawitz, Joe'Owens, Mike Walker, Coach Paul Turner. Row Two: Fred Pittman, Gary Altemeier, Roger Simpson, Bill Kaldenberg, Steve Vermillion. Row Three: John Krueger, Randy Grimes, Galen Green, John Stiles, Steve Loupee. Row Four: Denny Burton, Steve Dimon, Tom Risdal, Ron Green, Steve Snook. Row F ive: Coach Buzz Currey, Larry Versteegh, Jim Jenkins, Jim Van Baren, Terry Miller, Randy Johnson, Coach Dudley Norris. RELAY MEN-Row One: Coach Mike Engstrom, John Stiles, Steve Bona- witz, Regan Brodersen, Larry White, Steve Dimon, Coach Buzz Currey. Row Two: Galen Green, Gary Altemeier, John Krueger, Jim Jenkins, Joe Owens, Mike Walker. wr" 511' HIGH JUMP, POLE VAULT, BROAD JUMP-Kneeling: Harry Morgan. Standingf Randy Johnson, Jay MaGaha, Fred Pittman, Denny Burton, Roger Simpson, Bob Krueger. 95 ,utstanding Senior Athletes Contribute The outstanding senior athlete for the 1965-66 year is Larry White. Larry earned a major letter two years in cross country, two years in swimming, and three years in track. Larry was a valuable member ofthe swimming team, contributing many points. at the dual meets. He participated in the 200-yard medley relay, 160- yard medley relay, and the 100-yard backstroke. Larry was also an outstanding member of the track team. 'He belonged to the 440-yard relay team that set a new school record in 1965. He participated in the 100-yard dash, 200-yard dash, and mile relay team in 1966. On the basis of his star performance and excel- lent attitude, Larry was selected as the outstanding senior athlete. - ' Row Two: - . M , H M rgan, Tim Onnen, Tom RiSCl2-1, Cali' Johnson- NATIONAL ATHLETIC HOHBOR Scllcglggcf CIli1ci?k0IZ5teDaHa?ve lilclmarcigl E012 Three: John KIU6gCf,'M1kC Mcfloneghey, grfgijfeggii B111 Kaldenberg, Bob Flsher, IUCC GW S h ki Rgw Four: Ron Green, Bruce Anderson, Calvm Holmqulst, teve v Sherman Hayes, Dave McConegheYf Cm? teen oe Lightner, .lohn Stiles. May May June J une J une J une J une June J une June June June J une J une June July July July ards Win CIC Opener Against Ames ,....... Wan, ,,., , . ,---.... ,...-...,,... , .. Yi Quo xt 7-0, T01 QCWN ' .TU 9' , .vi VARSITY-Row One: Steve Vermillion, Stan Clement, Steve Simpson, Steve Dimon, Roger Simpson, Tom Lightner, Randy Brisel, John Krueger. Row Two: Coach Eversman, Larry Elliott, Dave Clement, Bob Stolz, Jim Foreman, Regan Brodersen, Steve Cronin. SCHEDULE 27 Bondurant-Farrar 31 Ames 3 Grinnell 6 Southeast Polk 7 Marshalltown 10 Oskaloosa 1 1 Tama-Toledo 14- Boone 17 Ames 18 Oskaloosa CConnie Mackj 21 Grinnell 22 Bondurant-Farrar 24 Marshalltown 28 Oskaloosa A 30 Boone RESERVES-Row One: Bill Pauls, Don McKeever, Ray Findley, Jeff 6-12 S6CIi0I13.l TOIlI'Il8.IIl6I1't Smoot, John Morgan. Row Two: Jerry Sears, Randy Hunt, Mike Kelly, 13 Tama.T01ed0 Chuck Walker, Greg Crews, John Krueger. Row Three: Coach Evers- 16 Oskaloosa man, Steve Vermillion, Jim Foreman, Bob Krueger, Bob Stolz, Ray . D ffli . fConn1e Mackj a no 97 Bill Stewart was voted the outstanding senior golfer for the spring of 1966. Bill owned a 78 average for all competition rounds, was medalist in five of the meets during the season, and was elected honorary captain by his teammates at the close of the season. The outstanding tennis player for 1966 was Sherman Hayes. Sherman posted an eight-four record in singles against some very strong competition. Sherman participated in tennis for 4 years and earned three letters. He was elected captain of the team and the outstanding player, because of his excellent attitude and hard work. Steve Simpson has been a letterwinner and a regular on the base- ball team for three years. During this time he has played in the outfield, infield, and pitched. In 1965 Steve batted .333 for the year collecting 20 hits. In 1966, the basebalfsquad expects its outstanding senior player to lead them toward the conquest of another C.1.C. championship. Terry -Miller was the outstanding senior cross country runner this year. He consistently headed the field for the Newton runners and always turned in a very creditable performance. Terry was elected team co-captain for the season. Mervyn Michalow, a very strong swimmer, led his medley relay team to many speedy victories. He also set a new school record in the 100-yard breaststroke. Merv's experience and fine attitude make him the perfect selection for the most outstanding member and contributor to the 1966 swim team. 100 Their Talents Toward Many Cardinal Victories Chuck Kyte, a two-year letterwinner, was a regular offensive and defensive guard this past season. Chuck was selected by his teammates as "honorary co-captain" and received the honor of being a member of the third team all C. 1. C. Due to his ability, leadership, and consistent high performance, Chuck Kyte was selected the outstanding football player for the 1965 season. Stan Clement was chosen by the coaches as the outstanding basketball player for the 1965-66 season. Although Stan was out for basketball for only two years, he has shown con- siderable improvement. His enthusiasm and attitude made him the backbone of the team. Because of his hustle and spirit, Stan was selected by his teammates as the player with the best attitude, and the coaches as the outstanding basket- ball athlete for 1966. The outstanding senior wrestler and team captain this year was Tom Risdal. He was undefeated in dual meet competition and had a record of ten wins and three draws. Tom was the 165-pound class champion in the conference tournament, the "Quad" tournament, and the sectional tournament. Tom was a very hard worker, and one of the finest citizens out for wres- tling. Regan Broderson was selected by the coaches as the out- standing track athlete this season. Regan, a two-year letter- man in track, was a member of the medley relay team that broke the school record in 1966. He also was part of the 880- yard relay team that qualified for the state meet. Reganis determination and enthusiasm contributed much to the 1966 track season. ni Administration ....... Teacher Recognition .... Guidance and Secretaries Science ................... English and Foreign Languages .......... Music .............. Debate and Drama .... Social Studies ....... Mathematics ........ Physical Education . . . Vocational ........ Business ..... Library ........... Student Teachers . . . Cooks and Janitors .... 102 104--105 106 107 108-109 110-111 112 113 114-115 116 117 118-119 120-121 122 123 124- Faculty . . . teachers . . . those individuals who are constantly making assignments . . . giving tests . . . and assigning term papers . . . teachers . . . the ones who get to cut into the lunch line wherever and when- ever they please . . . the privileged who can leave class whenever they want to . . . yet . . . their work does not end at 3:28 either . . . those assignments . . . tests . . . term papers . . . have to be graded . . . class plans have to be prepared . . . meetings have to be attended . . . students have to be guided and helped . . . their own education never ceases for they learn from their students . . . a good education for NHS students is their goal and what they strive for . . . all the work handed out by the teachers is for each student,s own benefit . . . John Ruskin wrote of education: "lt is a painful, continual, and difficult work to be done by kindness, by watching, by warn- ing, by precept, and by praise, but above all-by example." . . , the teaching staff of NHS thus has ideals and goals set before it . . . ws? x 55: ffw M?Wf ' ax- .lsr N - N N -SSYSE:-K .Sf . A .S Qwf- - Sw Nh Q .X X- -QQ? 1 i .wifi 5 X .. ,. Q, x X M XX is x 2 N X af 5 X .51 K Q, xx x A ' X f AWW QX XX X XX x .-www A SY Y Administration Mrs. Beverly Bird, Miss Lela Bishop, Mrs. Vera Church. Mrs. Evelyn Anderson Secretary to the Superintendent BOARD OF EDUCATION-W. J. Richards, Mrs. John X. Power, Robert Scott, Marion Welle, President, D. D. Dunlavy, Superintendent, Alvin Rempp, Donald C. Byers, Lela Bishop, Secretary, Tim Campbell, Jr. D. D. Dunlavy Superintendent l l W Dan Oppleman Melvin Newton Edward E. Osborne U Russell Blumfbyef . f S d t D- t of Guidance Director of Curriculum D1rectIc11g1kofJrEgSCU1Um Coordlqfggghgng tu en nec or IOA .4 'wa " fm-L-sf Bl if-5, ,, f 5.33, - mf, , 9 ,IX 1 .-y 4 l V ,. Maur X, Y' -K, ,,,:,f,, Uv, V,"" if ,A , ik . Q J' 5 , 9, ,f.-,jr , -ing 1 5 '..,ff:-y gf, ,f X f ' ,-f HA- w ' 1' ff, f ,f , ' x ,ly f 1 A Q, nw ' I f gil' , 1' -mln-if A, , , 5' 5 , w yi, ' ,Q 1 Y. yi' , P , ,f 3' . f gi.. . , .f4,. 1 5598+ 103 Reception Honors Two Retiring Teachers Mrs. Russell Gage After 39 years of service to the Newton, School System, Mrs. Russell Gage retired this year. She served for 33 years as an English and substitute teacher, for six years as an instructor in the Adult Education Classes, and for the past ten years has served as director of Adult Education. 106 Mrs. Iva Moles Mrs. Iva Moles retired this year after 5 years of teaching primarily Sophomore and Senior English in the Newton School System. Her interest in her students and devotion to her work was greatly appreciated. pf V Principal and Vice-principal Supervise, Guide, and Direct N.l'l.S. Students Harold A. Lynn Principal The most impressionable period in a young person's life is at graduation time. Then, it is that ambitions soar to boundless heights and the course for good or ill is often decided. It is the crossroads of youth, the start of life's career. The road of your choice will not be easy, but we hope that you have attained the knowledge and the experience necessary to help you choose wisely. May your road to success be filled with beauty and hope. We also know, if you are going to overcome the obstacles on any road, that it will involve hard work. It is said, "beauty is the principal source ofjoy," at its heart, beauty is harmony. We know that the beauty of this time of the year is the result of growth. A beautiful flower is never an accident, it is the product of selection and cultivation. Likewise, a beautiful life results from the cultivation of physical health, moral ideals, and spiritual aspirations. Beauty also grows out of those contentments found in tasks well done, work generously performed, and duty nobly met. So, may your future road be one of beauty. When Robert Browning said, "the best is yet to be," he touched the universal nerve of hope. We live Donald K. Van Langen Vice Principal by hope. It is hope that provides the vistas for our faith to plan and design its vaster schemes. It is hope that helps us to live joyfully and plan adventurously. It has been said, "The art of living successfully is acquired by holding on to the best of yesterday, marching to the music of today, and facing the future with the glow of hope in our -hearts." A great industrialist was once asked, '4What has been the secret of the phenomenal success of both yourself and your company?" He replied: Hard work, confidence, vision. Charles E. Wilson of General Electric observes, "People who fail to achieve what they want in life donit want it badly enough to do the hard work. There just ain't no golden chariot to take them there." Yes, those who win fame and fortune and happi- ness are the men and women who aren't afraid of hard work, who arenit afraid of competition, who go after what they want! Seniors, may the road of your choice be filled with beauty and hope. Also, as op- portunities present themselves, may you be willing to put forth the effort necessary to achieve success and happiness. 'H.i51. 105 tudents Gain a Better Understandin of Harold Elliott X f' Q A 3, Q f S x fgwhx Sf was! fx 4 Av, N ff? it wwf iff' f . 4 1 . VX Nfl zasuzh f ,X Q4 . fi , if f X , e , X X ,X A I I7 X x SIE. C, W - ., N 4 we . My fal'-'V 21: 'E 1 ' iii-1'2XZ'S 1 A 'Z A wif., S350 N K 1.. '52 'YJZX ,i .Nl 1. X , l wggihmz ?X5V,eQi' QSC?-N ' 1- 1 X w X1 , 31 A Z xii! J'm Stewart Counselors Advise, Console Office Staff Plays Maj or Role Marjorie Bothel Eugene Bridenstine Guidance Guidance i '. ,- -. 'a I I' ,. 'T" FE --1 ff-'. .7 ' ' Helen Bishop Secretary l XM' 1:9 Jean Scarbrough Secretary , 1""'Q"'-ug... , Helen Kreager Secretary Georgia Gregoire Secretary IO7 V English and Foreign Language Departments DOIIHB BUTIIS Gloria Cody Bernice Eastburn udlth Hickman Charles Johnson English is required every year at NHS. The basic aim of sophomore English is to develop an adequate background in communication skills. Ameri- can literature, taken in the junior year, consists of a survey of American writings prior to 1900 the first semester, and units of contemporary writings the second semester. Senior English literature provides a survey of world literature and helps the students to penetrate more deeply into the best works of the English authors. There is also an emphasis on vo- cabulary growth, and expression of ones thoughts in speaking and writing. ' ' A good background in English tends to make man's relationships with his fellows more meaning- ful. A student learns through literature. about man's reactions to his environment, and how to express his feelings about his own experiences in a world of change. HO Science Through Individual Experiments Sarah Brown Marian Hill The science department offers full year courses in first and second year biology, chemistry, and physics, to all students. Biology courses are offered to any grade, however, chemistry and physics are available only to juniors and seniors. Witlun these courses, students encounter problem solving, formulation of scientific explanations, experiments, and acquaintance with scientific theories. In all courses each student performs experiments on his owng therefore, having a better under- standing of the science. A new science wing is in use for the first full year, providing several counters for student experimenting, and the latest in modern equip- ment, including a greenhouse. Music and Drama Departments Provide Leland Cook A. E. Burton Charles Elliott The music department is divided into band, orchestra, and vocal groups, all elective. The band, led by Mr. Cook, presents half-time entertainment at football games, as well as various concerts. The pep band provides accompaniment at pep assemblies and basketball games. The orchestra, instructed by Mr. Burton, presents an annual con- cert and the music for the school plays. Each year the orchestra takes part in the quad-city festival. The vocal department is divided into the Sophomore and Junior- Senior Mixed Choruses, and Boys' and Girls' Clee Clubs. Under the direction of Mr. Elliott, the vocal groups participate in programs and festivals. Every year, Newton High is very well represented in the All State Music Festival by the music department. The music program gives students a chance to develop skills in musical productions and appreciation. sk: is ffl TWV la QQ I H2 of Q M7 Improve Ones Ability to Express Ideas :www Iva Moles Helen Thies Carl Orthner ,A J., " . ' : Phoebe Wilcox French is an elective and is offered for four years. First and second year students study French by listening, speaking, reading, and writing, with em- phasis placed upon oral work. Third year French includes French geography and history, while the fourth year completes the foreign language require- ments of many colleges. To supplement classroom learning and to provide the teacher with a chance to listen to each student individually, a language lab is used for the first two years. Latin, an elective, is offered for two years. During the second year, emphasis is placed upon Latin literature. Through vocabulary study, the stu- dent becomes increasingly aware of Latin's contri- bution to the English language. Other comparisons and contrasts with English are made, as the gram- matical rules necessary for increased reading ability are studied. F' ill Social Science Department Encourages William Currey Milo Engstrom Clifford Gullette Ralph Maigaard Knowledge 81 Appreciation of the Fine Arts i i 4 I , Experiments in children's theatre. Drama I worked out the problems in presenting a children's play- this one with a Chinese flavor. Kathryn Koob Frank Kruse In order to become a more effective communicator with others, speech may be taken as an elective in either the junior or senior year to fulfill English requirements. Essentially this course is styled to build the student's self-confidence so that he can handle any speaking situation effectively. Debate is an elective activity with emphasis on various types of forensic participation in the areas of debate, radio speaking, original oratory, and extemporaneous speaking. For the more accomplished there is a chance to participate in tournaments held throughout the year. In Drama practical experience is given in technical areas of the theater. H3 John Cowley Keith Hilmer New Approaches to In the math department geometry, plane and special, is offered to the sophomores, while advanced algebra is offered to juniors and seniors. Also offered to seniors is trigonometry and analytic geometry. Starting from fundamental statements and equations the students develop, through logical methods of thinking, a knowledge of math. The math department uses modern methods and materials in courses designed for remedial help, general education and college prep. -M If fy , ,f , ,,,, , 4 1, + , V ,enjoy , , Q , Wx! , W, , '- 0 4 ' W' i Vw X, f L, as I f V A ,f A U, , , g, ,ffffm f ' W Y f Z ' ff VUL' f Don Leaman Jim McNeilus ath hallenge Students W' ,W H6 -if Interest in National and World Affairs Robert Paul Roger Ratcliff ff Verna Stock e e i S MJ ff Social Studies deals with one of the most interesting subjects in the world, human beings-their relationships with one another and their environments. It gives perspective to the past as well as the future. Each graduate of NHS has a background of world history, American history, American government, and social economic problems. World problems and European history are elective courses for more extensive research into the social studies field. Team-teaching in history classes has been carried out in this year's curriculum. The objectives of team- teaching are to utilize teachers and students more efficiently and to encourage individual work by the students. J. Bill Williams H5 Many Varied Courses Are ffered to ' , , i . ' J' 3 X i u t l 5 X Emeron Dettmann Lyle Gatch George Hansuld ROY Patty K I 1 I l ,H , A ,ass , ,. ss.. ,W .. . Power mechanics teaches basic knowledge of tools, equipment, and theories involving auto mechan- ics. ln machine shop, the skills of precision and blue- print reading are learned, while wood shop teaches the phases of construction and the use of tools. Mechanical drawing stresses general skills in making and reading drawings. Advanced courses are offered in all of these classes. All agricultural courses are 'offered for a full year. Vocational agriculture is an introductory course, offered to the freshman boys. The selection and care of farm livestock and trends in marketing are studied in production, diseases, and marketing, with some basic horticulture work. The organization of farm business and the economic principles involved are studied in the course farm management. H8 . ,, ,, ,,,,..... V f,,, ....- ffff W 1 I, Q, , -- N W Aww , , . .. W, Q .M I vw, I Q1 11 1 gt Earl Chism Dudley Norris g Physical Education Works in Conditioning Individual Skills Marlene DeBruyn is Physical Education classes aim to provide each student with opportunities to participate in physical activities that will result in educative experience and provide enjoyment during leisure time. Activities taught throughout the year include gymnastics, recreational games, team sports, as well as rhythm and co-ordination of body movement. Addi- tional activities included in the girls' program are modern dancing, floor exercise, individual sports and self defense. Each year students participate in the Iowa Physical Fitness Program which includes execution of various skills to determine the students ability and needed areas of development. The results are then compared on a state level. Paul Turner Donna Reed H7 Business Department Prepares Students for Richard Foote Patricia Montgomery Through the many business courses offered, stu- dents are prepared not only for careers in business, but also receive a general knowledge of skills beneficial to everyday life. Four areas of concentration are offered in the busi- ness curriculum-Secretarial, Clerical, Distribution, and Business Administration. Witlnn each area a wide variety of courses can be elected by the student. The business department is very fortunate to have a fine cooperative program with local businesses and in- dustries, Whereby students in the distributive and sec- retarial programs have the opportunity to gain practical work experience in conjunction with classroom work. T Students to Increase Their Talents Clarence Beavers H0W3I'd CFHVCII David Rowray The ability to operate an automobile efficiently and expertly is essential to students. The Drivers Education program accomplishes this through study and supervised practice. The students are given a two phase program of study, part of the time is spent in the classroom, while the rest is spent in applying those principles driving. Students in art are offered basic, general, and advanced studio art. Basic art places emphasis on developing skill and technique, and on a creative approach to solving art problems. General art con- tinues to stress the development of skill and tech- nique, and more responsibility is placed on the stu- dent. Studio art is designed for the exceptionally talented and serious art students. Home economics is preparation for a future home and family life. The areas of clothing selection and construction, personal and family living, food preparation, and child understanding and care are studied. The art of homemaking is aided by dis- cussions, literature, and most important, actual prac- tice. H9 1 'J 55,5 'Q P 'fm ,z, rw... - Leatha Hesson, secretary. Tyron Emerick 'H Books Aid ur Education The function of the library is to support the school cur- riculum and to provide leisure and extra-curricular reading. The library contains over 6,000 books and includes an exten- sive reference section. A large selection of magazines as well as considerable file materials are available for use by students. For the first year the student volunteers have been organ- ized into the Student Library Assistants Association of Newton. The club gives the students an opportunity for fur- ther training through tours of libraries and various speakers. It is hoped that the club will encourage some of the students to choose library science as a profession, and help others increase their abilities to use the library and its facilities. Row One: Regina Wallace, Debbie Deaton, Ellen -Hodge, Mary Ann Golinvaux, Charlotte Taylor, Marie Swain, Gene Snook, Joyce Osborn, Karen Dual. Row Two: Donna Cobbs, Pam Deaton, Sherman Hayes, Bruce Zagorniak, Kathy Clark, Penny Nevins, Shirley Welch, Mrs. Leatha Hesson, Mr. Emerick. 122 Charlotte Taylor, treasurer, Karen Dual, secretary, Sherman Hayes, vice-president, Joyce Osborn, presi- dent, and state secretary, Gene Snook, parliamentarian. ' , The Working World That They Will Meet ..- ,ffl ,fx Jef: WM X' 'W 'RK 1 0 .5 A 7- s . Steve Parsons Tom Turk Ruluff Ressler fi Ruth Wagner l 21 Their Efforts Are Greatl Appreeiated , . l,"Y M ina 2 I I , :E ',L Tfwfb if 1 W? ' ff: ,ffv y AQ, A 5 52155. u 2 P' f ,V ff 'I' V x 1 2 57' ,: 7 X 72, f s .V IA... S- ' Lucille DeGreef, Naomi Cameron, Thelma Dogal, Joanne Smith, Charlene Hunter, Maude Versteeg. -A .-A M M xr X , ,Af - f -14 fh ,, mv' 1 A ff' off' Q 15 .1 4' ,V l , . W ,QM ,I-'-,, ' 'AT f QgQ17irf n , ,J ,Qu ,Z w 1, , ff: yu, 7 4 ga: Z , 2 ,' , f , , if X yoj , f , f :fm iq f 2 ,Z Q MK' 5 64, . , ,, .H M4 lf.. Judy Musgroove, Violet Blair, Mary Pharigo, Marian Hansel. 19 ff, WW Row One: Maletta Monroe, William Ealey, Margaret Downing, WiHiam Shaw. Row Two: Ed Roberts, Hollis Spain. l 24 FIRST NINE WEEKS-Row One: Paula Schultz, Judy Riordan, Shirley Lovell. Row Two: Karen Appenzeller, Meredith Chance, Donna Enfield. Neala Koth, absent. -ngvff, :4 S-, fren SECOND NINE WEEKS -Row One: Fred Schuler, Vicki Peterson. Row Two: James Cunningham, James McClelland. Row Three: Ronald Brinkert, Richard Guilgot. Student Teachers- Practice Makes Perfect THIRD NINE WEEKS-Row One: Jeanne Formanek, Cheryl Rees, Joan Harden, J oleen Brown. Row Two: Kenneth Sundblad, Joseph Drips, Richard Eads, Bernard Stephenson. Dennis Martin, absent. f- nf "nf .if 'ff I L, mimi. D X ,N .vu E I 1 i 3 1. FOURTH NINE WEEKS-Row One: Sharon O'Brien, Nancy Hamilton, Carma Halupnik. Row Two: Alvin Zimmerman, James Paisley, Meredith Mills, William Olmsted, Helen Adams, Sara Kurth. Russell Torkelson, absent. 123 Sophomores . . . .... 128-137 .luniors ...... .... 1 40-148 126 Sophomores . . . a first year . . . a sea of faces . . . crowded halls . . . pushing . . . shoving . . . confusion . . . that lost feeling . . . searching for Room 153 . . . study halls . . . sitting upstairs during pep assemblies . . . first homecoming float . . . thumb ditty CD . . . being called a SOPHOMORE CD . . . forgetting your locker combination . . . mice . . . frogs . . . worms . . . grasshoppers . . . Silas Marner . . . "Be Specific" . . . dating seniors C71 . . . Julius Caesar . . . adventurous . . . learning old NHS customs and traditions . . . the hope of being a junior . . . someday . . . need we say more 'CU . . . Juniors . . . the middlemen . . . one year left at NHS . . . "Homecoming Happinessv , . . decorators . . . float builders . . . diligent workers C?J . . . test tubes . . . flasks . . . Hllaql + OH-faqj I H20 . . . Our Town . . . preparing for the leadership needed as seniors . . . a junior party . . . no prom . . . a well- organized source of energy CPD . . . varied activities . . . judo . . . being a second choice . . . decisions . . . quadratic equation . . . progressions . . . term papers . . . themes . . . .lohn Greenleaf Whittier . . . poetry . . . waiting to finally be a senior . . . something learned . . . more to be learned . . . CLASSES Sophs lnvade Senior High with Largest Class kg,-, 2 ga I as J fi T, 'YW gil t , ' , ,X , , , gf X x A S ,Af X ' 4 f f X o I Aww X . s ,ox X, y, X J 'i R xg ,f wt if X EE 4173 X XR f X ' 1 f Q as N so ,, ,.f,f,Z M H A 'W ' X M 1 I K Y, S . ,,.,,,4, Y f 128 , af A X xx y is f X W Q f Z ,if iii 2 fff 'S f X, , f' uf 6 Q0 7 X W X X f X if, f MX nf M44 .., ' , 1- , 4 ,Magi-1 ":1, ,l,' -1 ,I 1, fm-N +5 X 1: 0 X W 'f f f ' ' s, , 7 1 ., , . J gi -1, ., 7 If , I ff., I -. f , sl ,pf R v.Y'QTS:x: f , Q -ff' . ff ss. my ,, . X S .X . ,SX ,A , , X. W, ,,., M., . ,X f ,, M, ' WW-.,.-f ,, i f M, ff' Q W ' out I W 'WW' iff 4 X 2 ,Z 5? ,rWC?. 2 f ,, , X f I 1 R f QW . 4 , -1 Q, E 44392 1 , I, M., ,f , Qw,Z4 H 5 , ' iw l I "" f 57 S h 1 if , ' ' T ' , I x H. ,jill ' 2, ff", HUC NOT AVAILABLE f fm: 5 A , ,K 1? W- :aj s s ,,a,.,', - mf . - 4, f'f ' .s is W' - ff . ,Y 4 ' f 'tiff V f Y W' eg lik'-I9 , .- ff , fs 1 12 122 g ,X X M- or 41 X 1 , . Q 'W , s M X M N '7 .ff Q, ff 1, , ,Z 4, A 1 -1 ,xi , .. ss: qw, . .Af x-'- - 7, ., lm . - ,, 2 M3 Y ' s- -A ."'iff"'f x :f,,,,M. f ss ,gg ef 'ia MQ N, , . 2 S ,V ,L 6 xXY ,wan 'A' . , Q-,ayffl .tw fl 1 ,. 'wr ff fx s '41 ,I ff X X fl fi - "mbsf: .K N., XSS: f -V s , A, XX ff it o X Nw x 7" . J, Wm : X Adkisson, Barry Agan, Dennis Agar, Ralph Allspach, Jerry Altenhofen, Thomas Andersen, Duane Anderson, Linda L. Anderson, Evelyn Anderson, Marcia Anderson, Stephen Joe Anderson, Steven Kent Anderson, Thomas Anthony, Constance Avila, J oe Ayers, Diana Balbiani, Kathleen Bayse, Ruth Beck, John Benac, Mary Benac, Wayne Benson, Barbara Berkenbosch, Gerald Bestell, Billy Bewyer, Steven Birkenholtz, Larry Birkenholtz, Lucinda Birkenholz, Judith Blankenship, Roger Blight, Janet Borchert, Gary Bridenstine, John Brindza, Linda Brisel, Randy Brown, David Brown, Dennis Brown, Mary Broyles, Danny Buckley, Linda Burch, Ricky Burdick, Sharon Burk, Rondi Ha '1 ,H . ,, .V . fi Q ,, 2 I ! f In V '1 ,y , if A! gg , X1 t i , vi. I if if 1? , of Tiff, 'F' 555 x J ,f, -456' z 11 , ff! 1 ' lbs JV' ff M' ff . I , fk 3 y, MQ, F . fd S1 u-"J z 5: i K! .XX -if x 't 1 x .X . 4 r sf f X , N X. xx AQ v: - I ,Z Vee -s. H 'bt sx +- 'N Qxk S . R A S, . X XXQ4 ' - ? A cw w x XXXNX X-5 if-ii Q WRX X, wig A X K X O r ,QL Ndrar ' ' 1 5-ff K K 4' h ! Q 1' 1-r--'V Y - - ,- -V -,L--Aunwvee New Teachers, New Students, New C assrooms, and Mhz, , X 1 yn , 1 , We ff , Z, 2 , Z fff , ff 1 .-.Xx ,VNV S wx, xox ' ' 1: 1, M if f 7 f 5 Q . i A J if ff Q2 f j f,,,3,-. 5 1 - i 741 ff , ,, ,, ,,..,,f,, W X 5, , ,,f ,, , f fa T ,X 1 fg , Q f , JZ- my .sg1+,,, ,, . .X ,V wg, ' s 130 I off Q Z - ,W , if WMM Ways f , ,,, " T1 wmff , . ' it 4? f , f f Q if N, , C f Z V l r in Q ,Q Q f ,W .. s, , X X XNTSQ ' W! isis wr f ,.,, , , E.-aff., A 5 Q ff W,..:L,4 ,Wy ,, f 7 3, I , ,J ,f , , 4 MZ, f f 1 M , , , , Q, f f f , , fl Qi, f , ff X Deaton, Michael Deaton, Pamela DeBoom, Beverly DeBruyn, Robert DeMeyer, Michael DePenning, Connie Diamond, Mark Diehm, Stephen Dodge, Joseph I. gs. wi f 2 -4? A Q fi 'f " , Z i 5 W, 1 ,, 1 3 4"i',, 1 Z 1 " 'ii l l i ,ff W . W W ' fe, ,4, ' l Q? a Q 1 Cunningham, Alan Cunningham, Arlan Cunningham, Earl Cunningham, Susan Cupp, Gennie Cupples, Donna Cusack, Patricia Czerwiec, Michael Damman, S'haron Davis, Sharon Deaton, Deborah Dual, Karen Duffner, Larry Duncan, Bruce Eaton, Sandra Eatwell, Rodne wffww' , Y Eilander, Eddie Eilert, Sheryl Ekins, ,I ack Ellenwood, Dana Ellis, Stephen Engle, Dennis Burkhardt. Donald Butler, Donald Carlsen, Joyce Carson, Rita Cashman, Margaret Castell, Sharon Chance, Beverly Chance, Virgil NZM I I I 'hi 'Q' 2 'Sip' -ttf! S., UU' Chapman, Sherry Clair, James Clark, Kathleen Claseman, Dennis Cleaver, Danny Clement, Pamela Cobbs, Donna Conklin, Dale Conn, Pamela Cooley, Michael Cope, Debra Corso, Susan Cox, Richard Crady, Donald Craig, Robert Allan Craig, Robert Leo Craig, Sally Crandell, James Crawford, Cinderella Crawford, Steven Crews, Gregory Cronin, Sally 'WM' 1 QSXXX,-f"Xl J N gk 5' 5 s wif, f I -V ' ff f ff 'I f,, ff ,. w 4722 , , . 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SX s -is- FE-XNXR ' Xlis X XX sms N 1 : Q .4 sf?-Xxx, A N S KEYS 0 NYS-X-.5 .... . x J Q 11 X XXX .X X X XX N Q3 SESS , ,fww f yu I ' ff fffU1f"f,'iff " zf .w ' ,if ' f 1 .ij vw V f ' " A X WSJ Qgsfijf f XS ,, Q, X J X :se s Jensen, Douglas Jensen, Stephen Jones, Robert Jorgenson, Merle Jorris, Thomas Kahn, Gary Keenan, Jerry Keller, John X35 t f' , f f .af 'J' ' M' Q 5 f nf ,, , x Y 4 .aan-f I If , f ,I W 'iw ' X f CTC-A 9-557- ga- E3 ,S so Hermsen, Kristy Hicks, Donna Hindman, Susan Hockey, Chiista Hoeksema, Judith Hoen, Kathleen Holub, Thomas Hoover, Beth Hunt, Randall Hurtt, Penny Huston, Michael Hutchins, Russell llstrup, Sanford Ingersoll, Elizabeth Jackson, Marchell Jacobs, Bruce Jaimes, Alberta James, Kathleen we-Ms' .,,..,9 Kelly, Michael Kelso, Linda Kono. Wendelyn Kooistra. Nancy Koppin, David Krueger. Robert ?- New Happenings Must Be Met by All Sophomores 'li M Espy, Larry , x Etter. Charles gg Etter, Dwight is , Eversman. Mary - ' Fahrney. Jana Failor. James A., N . M Fair, William Fane, Linda Farland, Joyce D ' ., . ur s si v gf' Findley, Raymond it J R' J s Fink, Kenneth lg X 'G A Finn, Joyce sf' 'Q s as L! is ' . l 'I hy '.-.Q--N, Fisher, Darlene , J Fleming, Richard X46 Fortune, Jerry ?i t Fritz, Susan Ong F , R d ll S! ' Glalilllher aJ1anies . , g fishing ' .J , R TooBUSY e . 2 Gertsma, Maureen Gibbs, William I , oi, Gilbert, Patricia R L -Q V ll Gilpin, Kathleen M YWWX ' G, inf" Godwin, Patricia " , Gooding, Teresa W Q M ants nsfaxmlabh' Gralnek, Tamara Green, Dennis Green, Gloria - Grier Julie 'ff ' 1- Guthrie, Ann Hackathorn, Keith Hall, Robert Hammerly, Scott V ,. Handeland, Melvin ' J' Q f la Hanson, Cheryl in I i V, f Hashman, Randal Q fx Havard, Donald ' W. 1. 4 15 Hazelwood, Rebecca Heck, Patsy Henning, Diana Henning, Marcia Henning, Tommy Herbold, Martha aff K l3l Baffled, hallenged f 1 J 1 J.. 1 Mfwyw W, 1 ,af on nf X , 'P a Ei fffi, W rf X 37' ,wif , N2 , if I 'J k j I f g, ff' , V.,.W,,,3 S W . Q Photo not AVAILABLE QAM-, , T Sophomores Begin New Year Nunn, Nancy Owens, Pete Owens, Richard Owens, Sue Page, Janice Paschal, Karen Pate, Karla Pearson, John Perry, Cynthia Pherigo, Johnnie Pinkerton, Leon Pleasant, Virginia , sw fy QW - -f f 1 I 0 fw X f f I X ff N Wh W s n r 4 f, X ' 2, f x 1 f W ,J 2' 75X .fm P Q, 'Ib' ,. on --3' if- 5' ,ng ,. ' f ' '4 gig!! 'W imma 1, as-w..Q,j,.:-s aff? , r j 5,-Quo , , V134 f ,Qt 5' f , sf :Q N V: r ., if ,Ang - , , JSM fs. r .5 If sr 5 eff. X . kwa f X9 134 I 0 as .-f K nf '22 f wr 1 Poole, Michael Powell, Michael Price, Mary Pulver, Brett Purvis, Larry Reinheimer, Rita Revell, Jean Revell, William Rhodes, Stephen Richards, Lucretia Riggen, Susan Rinehart, Carol Rivers, Cynthia Robson, Robert Ross, Joseph Rouse, Wanda Rowe, David Rucker, Patricia i r ,' Wy' X .ff .f' 5. 4 Fix ' - . A I , ,gi tw ."' 4 'B' I L vie , .vi N tr' s.. I 'f L , , . 3- , . , .1 e""" , 4' .s ,f,, ? - D Wu E K 4 , jim y in u- 1 gff is il' 4? 3 N f .5 , ,1 -,1 1-4-' K , "al I 'W Kuhrt. Roxy Kyte. James Laffoon. Steven Lambert. Shirley Langford, Mary Kaye Lawson. Janette Leonard. Gloria Lewis. Darlene Logue, Kathryn Loupee. Steven McConeghey. Nancy McCracken, Jennifer McDaniel, William McGaha, ,lay McGinley. John McGinley. Steven Mclntire, Linda Mclntire, Lloyd McKeehan, Franklin McKeever, Donald McKinney, Clifford McVay, Steven Main, Martha Manley. .layne Manning, ,lerry March, Linda Martinson, Freddie Matteson, Judy Meador, Roberta Meisner, .lanet Meyer, Arden Meyer, Cary Mickle, ,Iohn Miller, Clinton Miller, Jane Miller, Pamela Modlin, Rose Moore, Dennis Moredock, Shirley Morgan, Donna Morgan, Leslie Nall, Harold Nelson, Barbara Nelson, Bonnie Nevins, Penny Newton, Henrietta Nflllfl, .llldllll 'I Nolin, Marlena V l ,VY ny w , Z' s 7 , 0' f ,V ' , I W, g M ' ,WI ,lf V f f f W Z 74+ ?7 f Z fi ' f Z ff f Z f 1 C . L71 4 A Wf !,,,Cr, 4445, wrap W -, 'e 411, ff 'r 'Fi Q 7 ,Z 5511- 1 , ,V ,C 1 j sw , .. ,Y ff 136 ophs Look Forward to 72 f ,fr o uv ffxffj 'fi ,W X W 4 ff f? ,Wfv f Z wr s, , K, :K x ,ls ' x WW ,,,W,, . . V , on ' - ' V 4, f . r f N: , ,, , ', ff'- ,, , x gm? ,V jj, .bf IJ, fa' r ' ' A! 3 b y . gf- ,, D 51,2 X . , N r Q ' ga , s ss Lf' l JZ , M X... X Q 1, K W 4 2' ,bf X X Q 5 I -2, M X W W f' 7 A 2424 1 Q ffl f ,rx 1 s Q M f - J Q ,sh ,. . X, ' f ,W NX xko. ,wk ,fV,,,,, ff! ' Suhr, Douglas Swalwell, Dana Sutphin, Danny Swisher, Glen Tabor, Pamela Taylor, Charlotte Tharp, Perry Tharp, Robert Thielmann, Gregory Thompson, Constance Thurman, Rosslyn Tipton, Glenda , l KW. , fl I V ml Q , f 1 ,, 4, .. in E, W' C: W if f f f, '04, iff W f '. , 9 ',, mf ' Z if A l xr x ,, 5 ,, f if 5 . x M Nw M i 4? M ff ,,f,, U 7 AIP' xxx X wr' XXNJ Years Ahead Trotter, Jackie Trotter, Randy Turner. Steven Twombley, James Ulrey, John Updegraff, David Van Baale, Wade Vander Kamp, Norman Vander Zyl, Ralph Van Voorst, Rhonda Van Zomeren, JoAnne Veber, Elizabeth Ver Schuur, Margaret Versteegh, Patricia Wade, David Wadle, Karen Walker, Lee McKinney Walker, Michael While Eagerly Adjusting to the ld Traditions Wu' W W-e'Y JuSt f- diiixgt Ae , ve - a ',Cf5f'- ihing s to -1 L Wear a, r"'.-.QPR M3 v, '--vi! , 'lm-rv re! '-,fam l - , fi' an W 5232, 'iasg-:rr mam, J 1 L X J ' I t V I+. -K Q fp , V in N X , K X' 1 ,I 2. 'fr , 'wr' , ,Y r f , , x- 5' 3 lg ,.....,,,.,, , , 4-4 ,XX VS., 113 1.12 1 151 fm? fv- If 1 fa ,... 1 DJ' an Q Q. l 'ef Q' 1 I .Y .5 -if !' sr Hr X' yr NN. 'va A 'sy 1 'lj J 7' i 1 Ruple, Vickie Russell, Randa Rutledge, Ann Schakel, Julie Schild, John Schrader, Lila Schrank, Julie Schroeder, Richard Schuemann, Steven Schutte, Dean Schutty, Margaret Sears, Gerold Selbher, Bette Sellers, Laurisa Shadley, Kathryn Shaw, William Shelley, Carol Sheperd, Kendall Shores, Judith Sille, Karen Simon, Jeffrey Singer, Donn Skokan, Carol Skow, Kristy Slycord, Carol Slycord, Phillip Smith, Robert Smoot, Jeffrey Soderblom, Nancy Spain, Linda Spencer, David Stalzer, Johnnie Stecker, Frederick Steenhoek, Constan Stephenson, Jane Stevens, Edward Stewart, Mary Lou Stocker, Sue Stone, James Streeter, Larry Strickland, Rickie Strovers, David CC 135 D0 Juniors and Sophomores MM l ,,,,, QM, X mf, : l e fl Xe ,, ,,,, , we X study . . . crowd halls . . . r ,WWW , , express themselves 558 ff e 42 'fi' 'Nxmnb give Speeches . . toot horns i . Q I , . fi . 'Ii .,, , V vi W t xl'--i A , if ,Je ,,, l -,,..-r X W., X rw ,, at W- rfil'.zW A Z 'v- , vw? V . i U i W' V ,sv K "' 5 - ' I Q wilfal' j' gf 6 4,7 A to , I X If -. 5 , , f ' f " VA. fa. fr , I T17 05 f" Lea-in -. K Q, fr ,P , , , 4 ff SJ' 5 A, I -N1 X L I M, f,, V, W I 5 S1 ,aff Wallace, Regina Ware. Thomas Wasson. .lames Webster, Linda Welch, Shirley Welle, john Wessel, David Weston, Pamela Wheatcraft, Carrol White, Bruce Everett White, Bruce Michael Wilcox, Margie Wilson, Leslie Woods, Douglas Woody, Harvey Woofter, Mark Wormley, Cinda Youngkin, Dennis Zagorniak, Bruce Zeller, ,Ioan 137 f it i , , , ork and Concentration-A Key to Success WZ? ,ja f- ! , , ,f , f f as f f , W 7 0 4 2 1 f I v 'W ey f X Him, 1 f fx 1 QQ Q f Q , f M4 , 1 ki iff, If f ff f , f f 4 'f Z Q Z, fha! X! fy A 9, V, ff I X X Si ,,,,,Q, -qvavssw , M. MES!" .iii 'X X 5 .-six , Wffjvff SBQXE fm ' f' 5 ,L ff Q X X Rf"-2 . A ww gr H H 1 1 'sis f' , y,?ff"" if f -1. -' 3 1 f S ' f Y' , ,f, ff W ,Z f 2 M , ,, fig? aw, r -,qs 1 r i ZMUQZ. 9, ' f f K 'A X X xv X A 'N ,w x A X ,W 5 f H, XX ! 1 X X X X X - wifi? X Q f 1 7 xx ff Y 'UN A i ' it . A 1- - Q, Q is . 'WUQQ "" " ' -N . . v i ' 5 ' X X X , , , 1 ,-. f ,f , A , ,,,,.,rW, , , , , L , 7, W , 4242? 1, s " Vi J ff ' iid.: . fs 5 QQYENX , Q 127' WS' - x fi: gs" A yi i Q 4 :iff ' if is A f X ,X , WSF' Ns RX f A .. ., Her.. ,, Abbott, Philip Adams, Karen Adams, Mary Admire, Joyce Albee, William Anderson, Judith Anderson, Linda B. Anderson, Rolland Ankeny, Carolyn Ashby, Carol Ashcraft, James Avila, Junior Bailey, Christopher Barr, Robert Barthelman, Kenneth Beitel, Linda Belzer, Judy Benson, Donald Berry, Joe Bestell, John Bewyer, Dennis Biggs, Virginia Birkenholz, Janet Blatterbauer, Mark Blyth, Christine Bower, Darlene Brady, Mary Braley, Constance Briggs, Gregory Britson, Cary Brock, Susan Brown, Ronald Burch, Betty Burckhardt, Mary Bush, John Butler, Michael Byers, Kathleen Caddoo, Susan Camp, Bonnie Casady, Harvey , Cherryhomes, Patricia Chesshire, Jacklyn 11 worry X11 rfv 'J N fi 3 1 3? I I l 6 S I A -wa act like daffodils try to escape . . . 'Qu' ul X- 'rf nl 'J .r XT,xivm,. if polish tractors . . . ' - - obo" 3-..-Q-.Ju QMS I my , .Jeri-T5 1--:ia'gu.145gv' '15'Qvw7- ,X 1.- -:4u'r0t. . do pushups ??? J udges Prefer -f,, , f ff f ,f f, XV? " WV my ' 2 5 . I ZZW s L S 112- , 71 0 V iii, X w, if U N7 it M-'47 W s,fi'f"4,,,f f, ,.,' -. Q fn' Zac, XX. .,,, ,, L , ,M A , ? t , X Z Z ,wgfw v Napkins to Papier-Mache, sw? X 4: fm., 'ggi sig! , ,V MW, . X 4 ,qs W 0 S X' f f fff f f? L f A4 Z "' 1 y X ff f f AN , J f f , J f f wx ff yf 7 4 1 f , , L N i ff? Sww XY' Wf Xs if Q XX , , Z is 3 Q ss i 'ff' ,I ff VV Q Xaser aw ff ' 'Zz' ff W, f Xa R 5 W .ff Qwf? if Nifwfw V, Mi, QSM' , .X S5 , X Peg 4 W 6 X xi ,ig 6 X , X X 1 Q X X f Xu, R Q 4 ,Y , ,M x sf wf f X X 'STEM 1 X XS XX , 'Rs X 'H xx 142 f , x ,X , W ,mf V 41' , 'Q' ff fe J 14" ff, 4" am' ne w " Y 6 1 if, I Q ' '2qf,",v', X S ,JV , V ,., W W, Z, Kyra, X s f '14 .q. X' imma f 4 x 1, . 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X .,,, , . .E T L 'DP is It I 1 I41xs: , .X 4, Etter, Roger Etter, Timothy Failor, Victoria Fair, Michael Farland, Reginald Farver, Dennis Ferguson, Jack X Ferguson, Thomas Fifer, Dale Filson, Robert Fish, Barbara Foreman, James Froah, Dale Funk, Vernon Furry, Stephen Garr, Joyce Gause, Leland Girdner, Mary Jo Golinvaux, Mary Ann Grandstaff, Sharon Grass, Sherryl Grattan, Julie Gray, Lana Green, Galen Green, Ronald Griffin, James Grimes, Randy Grimm, Charles Groom, Patricia Grosvenor, Michael Groves, Cheryl Guthrie, Thomas Guthrie, Tisha Ham, Fredric Harned, Susan Hart, Sharon Heck, Nick Henning, Virgil Hesson, William Hickey, William Hickman, Timmy Hill, Robert A i 1 Al I R. 3 U' ui. 1 , "lik, .J"' , if X,4 J.. Q ' S yas, . T , 14 1, 0 4 uv ' Q! 5 -- "" If g J X Q 'Y I 'Y , "lf A 1 I ,, 7, it . T . T lk " ' " " A 1 A an ,lg-,q,.:,' ssl V -vf W' "vc-.41 I Clarke. Bonnie Clement, David Clubb, Shirley Coffey, Daniel Colwell, Terry Connor. Rebecca Constant, Della Cox, Catherine Cox, Linda Craig, Sandra Cranston, Melvin Cronin, Steven Dafflitto, Ray Dage, Sandra Damman, Robert Danks, Terry Danley, Dennis Daugherty, Rogene Davis, Gerald DeGrado, John Deiters, Suzan Denato, Tony Denniston, Jack DeVore, Reta Dickerson, Susan Dix, Mark Dodd, Sarah Duffus, Connie Duncan, Danny Dunkin, Royal Eaton, Wayne Edwards, Richard Ehler, Frankie Eilander, Alice Eilander, Richard Ergenbright, Peggy Ettelson, Tim , ..., ,X N 'Qfx M, ' f ax ,- K , MQ M x W i ,Z sk J . , .QNX M 7. X M 4 U 4 X N X f, i X if X X Nr, , sskx d, 1 ,fc IQ", Yi' j QQ i f 'I u. v f M 'fx X 1 YZ rr Q43 sa, Z ', 'NK 1 af ,, v',.xiM.,,affL1 . A , ,lil J, , ff 1 ,, , he W 0 1' f ef 114, , f .M ,A ,, , A f f f Q ,M 7' 1.1 i 'Q f f ' ff, 'QVW f ,W ggi. , ,, . S. 7, mmm J Avmmste... J ' cfbq, ' 1:02, , K in - 4 A -X 'N f , ff - f' :rises-. NNN X, JL.. Johnson, Ricky Jones, Deborah Jones, Janice Kahn, Cynthia Kalma, Kathleen Keller, Betty Keller, Joseph Kelly, Patrick Kelsey, Nolan Kerr, Jacqueline Klein, Barbara Kling, Howard R Q5 TS i f , six x asses. ,,. ff-,mat i Knapp, Sherry Kool, Martin Kreager, Willa Krueger, John , ,,,, ,,,M,,, -vu nf f X -A is 'il WY L "' ' f' ,Aw-f , W, ' i ,r f , If 'R N X541 K ,., -94. , ,Q 1' . if I niiifki X .f..9..f.. X f is X ,, ' glfms 1 Rf 1 , N be lfx 1 sg , si f J K. , VM Y 1 Lamb, Kenneth Lambert, Jean Larson, Brenda Leedom, Eddie Leuty, Robert Lickey, Marie Lightner,.Thomas Lindell, James Lindsey, Lynda Lister, Michael Livingston, Juliann Logue, Garry ' Lorenzen, Mickie Lukavsky, Joan lVlcAnly, Ann McCleary, John McConeghey, David McConeghey. James Homecoming Happiness Turns to Disma Pk s sf X 'iff tr? xiii ' x Hill, Susan Hitchler. Charmalne Hobbs, David Hodge, Ellen Hodgson, Robert Hodgson, Susan , , W ' lF""'JV if 'si' M " W Hoen, Nancy if it ii. Hoff, Karl " 'ff 4 3 Hoffmaster, Kenneth ',, Q Q , A Holm, Wanda V '57 ' V Holmquist, Calvin i ...A A, Horney, Vickie Horstman, Lori Hoskins, Christopher ,G ,,,r , W.. ,,,, Howe, Gary Hoyt, Dale M X Hummel, Stephen L4 lf lv. , . . 'fl y ' 3 W l-lDMF.C0MlN Hunter, Raymond Hurmence, Pamela lkerd, Glenda N.. NI , x, D fr "' 'c v--- f-7 77, Ingersoll, Larry Jackson, Danny Jackson, ,Iane James, David ' ss-J ual . Jenkins, James 1' r'ff7 12' fx. Johannes, Linda Johnson, Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Barbara Candace Dianna Judy Paul . W, W, ,,,, , , , W- f Q, . is -. f gl fx ff is f X x 4 is X X f gf A X X 'QN1 -s Q ' Q 5, r. 4x X' f x iQ , x X Wm is A , rg- , I if-.T . - ? w X 4 K 4, K W ,,,,, ,f r , ., ,A J? , , rr llfl A ,,,,, V , ,,.. - y W mx , ff, ' N 7 f a f X X f ' 4 7yf H ff' af 7 W f 2 ff vm., ,A N553 ,f ,X.X . I, ,i L f E, ,Vfge ix at V x ff? X ski' W N f Ks f N f K S of fi 'xl aksf' , V- 4 Zwf r W f X ff f ff s f N Es X , X sr , s -r 3 S 'I' J s C f X 5 2 f W! s ix X ,f S Q? , x 'fag VI W I ? fl A s ' ' r .' . 71 A x X s Ei, 7 f 41 4.. ,W 41 S f g, f ,,.,z W 'fi' 1 5 ff f U X 3' X f u QM i - if ',, ,., f ,laws .. f ' f 'WI r , Us bkrk , Q, ,.v- ,gl x I X . 45 mf fu S, ,yi 657 f X X Zi X ? ji-i , 4 .X if ir X? ,Lge 'Ms W S. W Q f wx f fic Q ' Wx X X Vs. 4 'Nr f A f Q7 f ,Q X , ,, , is . i. K as . ,, . S., - iq,-A ,rf ,f r . ,ff A ,M Q ' 'levi' Myers, Sandra Nall, Clifford Nearmyer, Nancy Nelson, Timothy Nichol, Dixie Nicol, Doug Nimmo, Joe Norvell, Billie ,lean O,B1ien, Kathy Obst, Linda Olson, Linda Onnen, Ann Osborn, Joyce Otto, Susan Owens, Sandra Paschal, Beth Paschal, Paula Pauls, William Pearson, James Peer, Richard Phillips, Deanna Pickles, Ronald Pierce, Linda Pittman, Fredrick Potter, Bruce Preston, Karen Priaulx, David Priaulx, Jane Probasco, Linda Quick, Cheryl Ratcliff, Sally Rawlins, Roger Ray, Delmar Ray, William Reavis, Larry Rebik, Leanna Reeder, Kathleen Reid, David Rexroat, James Reynolds, Joyce Rice, .loyce Ringgenberg, George Ringgenberg, Linda Rivers, Gregory Robertson, Elizabeth Rodvik, Wesley Rollins, Steven Rose, Cindy C? 4. t -5, H--..-4 , ,Ma of, 'U' f X 12: 1 I Q ,f .,,, .....,.., ,5 I 'ea ful, J, -., I 'N 'M TL . , Q.: f. .al spa- if ' if Q- f Q v-.1 Ya 4-1 4 'ik -xzxr' JK x, -13' oz' , Y 4 -L Q...-A7 Maher, Danny Martin, Raymond Masters, Ronald Matkov, Mary Matsen, Steven Matteson, Sandra Matthias, John Meador, Norma Meredith, Raymond Meyer, Rodney Mills, Robert Modlin, Robert me N'-.., A' .1 V. I, 4 ,K or McDaniels. Michael McDermott. David McDermott, Sheila McCinn. Gary McGowen, Linda McKeever. Robert McNally, Richard McNew, Fay McPherren, Daniel Mace, Scott Machin, Marie Madison, Charlene Montgomery, William Moore, Marsha Moredock, Judy Moredock, Richard Morgan, Carol Morgan, David Morgan, John Morris, Eldon Morris, Linda Moser, Clennys Murphy, Robert Murphy, Cynthia fav , ,Mag ZW 9, ,, f 'Ni wi 6 Vw! ff 7 '-. 15 'lf R , J if , 1 514, X! f if 'kv X 'A X. .X ,, N ij 5 W i g fy! fm My ' , 4- - 194, " 7 f n' A f Z ' fi , ff ,fl , ,f ' .,, wzrf'ff.' ' ,ff 'wr an f f X X , ? - 'l X mx' 'X f, .xx , , Q cy , ,Wa li 354 if! f vi '7 H ' fm' C ,, "Nw X -Vg, f Q r ,' , is Sway f S X E ft H, if X X .,f- ' iw f few: it X If , X- Z Z, -H ., f 1 fi W Picture not A I " arf? ' W' fi W D I il, gg EE1 if XX, W , X X K X X K f S X X X as XS f f S X RX af., xx X f . , V XXX , V X, xk.x j,!il,., Y: X x ifiif li ix ff 'ii-li' . 1 -X W 3, X, X J ,TX , X , x x-Qsssw V7 , AX? f V 1X i i V Q v R Y s N X ? is f 9 s XX X X A sf 1 v fs xx xx N: K X , X ,gf e -. lx X x K W xi t ,I , X, if i 5, if Q 1 x Ss X sr ,gi f la. X of 7 -af , CS .ff-affirm ' ..-X X X ,- X x g! XX :ff S ff X, .3 x f s rr " N ? M X X , , s W X fx WX W ' X X X Af ia EN Ki X XXXXX e 1 Q x A X 'fi - XXX XX,,X:, yi A N' L s in I la of g Tek ' Tli.,,X. :X 5 X 5 3 X N , X , sg f r . X X14 "X-:rxf-f,1'v,..X X , ,,,, S -N X ' ' 3, XXX wx- og l " . 1 it 5 X . Q X r 5 x X, - s --x- Q , :Xx ' N wiv A, A ' --al ,ff G l ' 't' IM fr c, Photograph nm available Strain, Jeffery Streeter, Judy Stringer, Peggy Suhr, Gene Swisher, Ronald Taylor, Mary Theis, Steven Thompson, Candice Tiedje, Sheryl Tipton, Steven Tomlin, Richard Tool, Wyvonne Trotter, Michael Van Baalen, Terry Vander Schel, Dorothy Van Engelenburg, .lame Van Hoosen, Connie Vansice, Fred Van Zee, David Veber, Craig Vermillion, Steven Ver Steeg, Ronald Versteegh, Larry Versteegh, Lee Versteegh, Marvin Vickers, Thomas Wade, Christopher Wade, Craig Walker, Charles Walker, Dennis Wallace, Donovan Wallace, Jane Walls, Lavonne Warner, Craig Weeks, Thomas Wells, Dennis Westercamp, Timothy Weston, Judith White, Barry White, Craig Whitlatch, Cynthia Wickett, Carol Willemsen, James Williams, Bonnie Wing, Andrea Woodburn, Steven Woods, Maureen Worthington, Rebecca Just ne Year to Go! WTF! 1 Y . 'K A0 'E 'W ,-K ff, A t, - x W J M f 'N its 'J is J ww! Lk I f-1....W was s 5 f . M, , 'A 4 4 is ,J f X,,.,,! , 4 l f as , t . 0 . . WI, A Rowe, Elaine Ryther, Connie Sandberg, Mary Savage, Wilda Schafer, Janet Schomer, Patricia Schrader, Constance Schultz, Barbara Selby, Kirkham ' 21 Y., ifv' -xi' YITT7 +'q:"'7' , ill' C04 ay-4' 14 if X P N , I ? L NN Qi pl CSE. . Ur' Yi-,7-' 1 -,ffm . , 1 K , tiif , z J , ,Jn if fir Q- , TU! E n 4: iq 1, 'ir A Sell, Michael Shaw, Mary Ellen Shenton, Craig Siebert, Sharon Simpson, Randell Simpson, Roger Simpson, Sondra Singer, Ellen Sloan, Cheryl Slycord, Janet Slycord, Joyce Smith, Charles Smith, Nan Smith, Sally Snook, Douglas Snook, Eugene Snook, Karen Snook, Stephen Snook, Terry Steenhoek, Eugene Stier, Vickie Stiles, John Stivers, James Stolz, Robert Senior Officers and . Elections.................. Class Motto, Song, Flower, Colors, and Poem .......... Valedictorian and Salutatorian ....... Senior Ballot .... Senior Candids .... .... Senior Queen ...... Senior Assembly .... 6'Night on the Townn . . Senior Night ........ Senior Banquet .... . Graduation ...... . Seniors ........ . Senior Index . . . . 150 152-153 154--155 156 157 158-159 160 161 162-163 164' 165 . . . 9166-168 169-190 191-200 Seniors . . . proud and mighty . . . conclusion . . . a final Homecoming . . . a last float . . . a queen . . . senior elections . . . MacFed vs. Natman . . . Morgan vs. Stevenson . . . UNCLE . . . sitting in the chairs during assemblies . . . getting first preference . . . cleaning your locker for the last time . . . your "Night on the Town" . . . "Showboat" theme . . . games . . . a dance . , . prizes . . . a breakfast at 3:00 a.m. for Hearlybirdsv QD . . . wilted corsages and boutonnieres . . . the Senior Banquet . . . an hour and a half to eat CD . . . f'The Great Escape" . . . a criminal for a class president f?J . . . speeches . . . talent . . . the last day of school . . . the Senior Assembly . . . 'Loh-shaw and rick-shawn . . . awards . . . gifts . . . the presentation of the senior queen and her atten- dants . . . a class song . . . a class poem . . . a class yell . . . a class motto . . . a class flower . . . class colors . . . caps and gowns . . . tassels . . . Bac- calaureate . . . "Sine Nomine" . . . a sermon on your future and your talents . . . no school the last week of . . Senior Night . . . senior talent . . . singing . . . speeches . . . playing instruments . . . dramatic interpretations . . . graduation . . . "Pomp and Circumstancev '. . . Row 12 QD at commencement . . . sighs . . . tears . . . laughter . . . work . . . fun . . . speeches . . . farewells . . . a final good-bye . . . the end of an educational endeavor . . . the end of one chapter . . . the beginning of another . . . the move upward and beyond . . . a final walk with classmates . . . graduation . . . the end . . . and the beginning . . . semo , FEDERALIST PARTY Debby Grout, Harry Morgan, Bill Kaldenberg, Linda Wheeler HEITTY Mfffgan Linda Knopf, Ed Vilmar. President Mike McConeghey Vice-President NATIONALIST PARTY Tom Shives, Jay Stevenson, Mike McConeghey, Marcia Gralnek, Bill Van Dyke, Bruce Anderson. Linda Wheeler Secretary Linda Knopf Treasurer I f I Q my my F3 5 1 A 1 Class Motto "Aim High and Believe Yourself Capable of Great Things" Class Poem Slowly, The day goes on As it quietly passes by everyone. Tomorrow is so close, So different, Yet so exciting. For, today There is nothingg Only memories of yesterday And dreams of the future. But . . . Tomorrow those dreams become reality. For our lives begin tomorrowg Tomorrow is our world. When the future changes to the present We will also change with the time. Some will laugh with happinessg Others cry for fearg The rest sigh . . . Relieved of today's burdens. But, together All will be a part of tomorrow And every tomorrow forever. CHRIS HOLLAND SHELLY WEHRLE Yell Leader Yell Leader 154 RONNA HAWKIN S ' Poet Class Yell-1966 WE'VE DOWN TWELVE YEARS TOWARD OUR CAREERS. LET'S HAVE THREE CHEERS FOR OUR BEST YEARS. HAIL! HAIL! HAIL! TO THE CLASS OF '66! ONWAED CLASS! TO oUR SUCCESS. LET'S USE THE KNOWLEDGE THAT WE POSSESS. HAIL TO THE CLASS OF ,am 'gg l CG MacFedea Trlumps Qver 44Natman,, 1 b 13 I. az: 11 ,vw !"52"' fi '53'.:-'ff Proud Seniors Receive High Honors as . . . Salutatorian Receiving the honor of Salutatorian this year is Jim Lothe with a grade average of 3.9612. .lim has been active in a wide range of activities including mixed chorus, boys glee club, plays, drama, debate, Thespians, Delta Mu Delta, and All State Chorus. The courses Jim has taken consist of: 4 years of English, 4 years of math, 3 years of science, 3Vg years of social science, and 2 years of language. .lim was the recipient of a Maytag scholarship, a National Merit scholarship in accounting, and a scholarship from Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois. He plans to enter Augustana College next fall, where he will major in accounting. 156 Valedictorian The Valedictorian of the graduating class of 1966 is Linda Bebout, who accumulated a grade average of 4.0. In academic courses, Linda has had 4 years of English, 3 years of social science, 2 years of science, 4 years of math, and 4 years of language. Throughout high school, Linda has been active in mixed chorus, girls glee club, pep band, orchestra, band, Delta Mu Delta, international club, and All State. Linda was awarded a Maytag scholarship, and a tuition grant to Central College, Pella, Iowa, from the Rolscreen Company of Pella. Linda plans to continue her education next fall at Central College, where she will major in language. x I f l 5 1 1 l X 1 ,. Q l l l E rd Class Song of 1966 BE - HIND A THE BANNERS OF RED AND BLACK OUR NO - BLE CLASS HAS MADE ITS MARK WE HAVE SPREAD THE NAME OF NEW - TON HIGH A Ni :I ,Krew THROUGH - OUT THE LAND, BOTH NEAR AND FAR. And now we go to face the world, Our aims and hopes of high school years Thank-ful for the Knowl-edge we have gained Have ta-ken the path to this -their peak! And con-fi-dent that we will use We now, with pride in this our school, Our match-less tal-ents to aid .mankind. Say fare-well as the class of six-ty six. E L if MARTHA MEREDITH SHERMAN HAYES Song Leader Song Leader Class Flower YELLOW ROSE Class Advisors MISS PHEOBE WILCOX MR. MIKE ENGSTROM Class Colors NAVY BLUE AND YELLOW BRUCE ANDERSON Giftorian 155 ff'ffQf I I I 3 f 52 ,UVM ', f lx , 1 iffy" M jf ww "2 "A - i in , fi 2 , A Z 1, M Wlgzlr' , ' Q, , g.,5..4- fa fwf 3,1 2 ' f v , ' ,, , 24 .,.U , "' ,fv,?f'5:' NEI' ' ,J lg . ,ff f' ,, ,,,, Q. V' , M2271 5:44-A vu- -: All the Way w1th G.R. A. ff . - STATE ELKS AWARD WINNER A typical SENIOR!!! Tom Shives Studying . . . Studying . . . Studying . . . A 1, in ,.., 526442 ff I'll hit you this time . . . you mean little SCIENCE AWARD WINNER NATIONAL MERIT SCHOLARSHIP ball! Ranae Dick WINNER Jim Lothe , 1,--.-,, l Best and Most MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED: BEST ATHLETE: BEST LOOKING: BEST DANCER: MOST AC COMMODATING: MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT: MOST DIGNIFIED : MOST MUSICAL: MOST WITTY: MOST REPRESENTATIVE: BEST DRESSED: MOST BASHFUL: MOST PEPPY: BEST SPORT: MOST TALENTED: MOST NEAT: BEST PERSONALITYQ MOST COURTEOUS: BEST ALL AROUND: , Ll. Tom Shives Bill Kaldenberg Craig Thorson Steve Gilliam Harry Morgan Bruce Anderson Tom Shives Dave Beard Bruce Anderson Tom Shives John Mottet Gary Altemeier Bruce Anderson Bill Kaldenberg Dave Beard Craig Thorson Harry Morgan Mike McConeghey Harry Morgan Marcia Cralnek Pam Morgan Donna Sandrock Connie Snook Sharon Keith Shelly Wehrle Nancy Roewert Martha Meredith Vickie Henry Marcia Gralnek Connie Snook Nancy Brayton Shelly Wehrle Linda Wheeler Martha Meredith Linda Knopf Linda Wheeler Debby Grout Linda Wheeler ,fffjfx X D WJ TRIUIPIPH px ,...... FUTURE FARMER OF AMERICA AWARDS Dave Van Dalen, Dan DeGreef, Steve Hesson wr .. Q-- BE'I'I'Y CROCKER HOMEMAKER OF TOMORROW .Ioan Livengood ' A '-YW.-. A Q- anv- ARIAN AWARD WINNER FOR ORCHESTRA Julie Switzer ,. N, .9 . 1 . .H-ww.. - -.4 iv- U , j,- ,. m f 1 ,,4,,',, A .Iv-vL.! I Q ,J-1 b wi.: fm., 1 ':f,j,f, ' 7 M-" fi M Y ,M ,f .-'- ,, - 'Q Lg Q ,gfpfgifi Qopffzp , ,WfV.LA,.,,, ' F Z' LS : Mfr 1 Y' . W WTI: "..u.g'i,i "5ai4Q5l,3 STATE G.R.A. PRESIDENT Napoleon" Weldon . . . I presume . . . Pam Morgan 159 ' A d A I 64 ' " Semors tten nnua lght on the Town A if Morro PROGRAM "Aim High and Believe Yourself Capable of Great Things" . Y K, ill ill Fi! Pl! all A .. V 4 V, - V g NIGHT ON THE TOXVIX Hold for all I11Cl'l1l'7E'lS 8:30 RM. - Dancing, Entertainment. of the 1936 grncluntiizg class of Newton Elks Club Community High School - Sponsored By - 55 Business and Professional Women 12130 A'M' ' ' TGV-'e - Hlrhe Rare Breedn X Chamber of Commerce hcpllol Theme' Elks Club 2 Hotel Maytag i -l3YCee5 . 3:00 A.M. - - Breakfast l Jaycee 'mls Hotel Mavtag Kiwanis Knights of Pythias ' Newton Automobile Dealers Association Newton Ministers Association Newton Shopoing Center Ass.n. ' Newton Woman's Club ' Rotary Soroptimists UAW l-0C3l 997 - AFL-CIO Attendance prizes, furnished by the Retail Merchants of and other interested citizens the Chamber of Commerce, awarded at all events. l l62 ff' Y ang' 'Shaw Bestows Valuable Gifts on Seniors The envelope please. Enter- "O'Shaw" Anderson. The great challenge. af' if Practice makes perfect. Seniors sing class song as final farewell to Newton High. Senior Night SENIOR HIGH AUDITQRIUM May 31, l966 8:00 P.M. Master of Ceremonies ------ - - Deborah Grout "Sing Me A Chantey"-Qkeefe ---- Boys Double Quartet "Let Me Call You Sweetheart"-Friedman Iames Lothe Howard Bond Michael Duffus Sherman Hayes Ion Wormley Robert Matthias Fred Scott David Talbot "El Dorado" ----------- William Van Dyke ll Vespers On the Nile"-Carver ------- Violin Trio Iulie Switzer, Ranae Dick, Alinda Urias "The Little Foxes"-Lillian Hellman - - - Christine Holland Dramatic Interpretation "Without A Song"-Vincent Yomans - - - Robert Matthias u U Vocal Solo Piano Concerto" CFirst Movement!-Tchaikovsky Piano S010 Meredith Clarinet Rhapsody"-Bennett ------ Karen Quinn "B" Flat Clarinet Solo "The Big Brown Bear"-Manna-Zucca - - - Sherman Hayes u IX Vocal Solo Morcean Symphoniqueu-Cruilmant - - - Gary McGoWen , Baritone Solo fhornl None But the Lonely Heart"-Tchaikovsky - - Alicia Conn Vocal Solo " La Ioyeuse"-Rameau Arietta"-Koepke ------- Flute of Clarinet Duet Linda Bebout, Leslie Hamilton ll Taming of the Shrew"-William Shakespeare Nancy Roewert, Tames Lothe Play Reading "Under Paris Skies"-Giraud -------- Mqdrigcfl Tenderly"-Gross Linda Knopf Karen Quinn Alice Stivers Leslie Hamilton Barbara Townsend Closing Remarks - - Class Officers: President - - - Vice President - Secretary - - Treasurer - Delores Verwers Robert Matthias Connie Snook Sherman Hayes Martha Meredith Howard Bond Fred Scott lon Wormley Michael Duffus Tames Lothe - - Superintendent D. D. Dunlavy - - - - Harry Morgan - Michael McConeghey - - - Linda Wheeler - - - Linda Knopf s six, fy 4 M.. 3 We We kt I64 .A H4513 MATINEE SA NUOUS SHOWS if ink Q I xt-751' L Y I ll 2 ll PROGRAM jm,m,, , Invocation ................... Nan Schroeder Criminal Leader .... ...... H arry Morgan Ist Inmate ...... ......... M ike McConeghey Q "Miniatures" ...................... String Trio Danny Skokan-Tim Ham-David Beard ' "And This Is My Belovedw ........ Linda Knopf - 24' 2nd Inmate ........... . . . Marcia Gralnek "Andante and Allegro" ............ Ted Newton "I Like Americans" .............. Sandy Smith Edna St. Vincent Millay '4Cive Me Your Tired, Your Poori' "Red Sails In The Sunset" ........ Girls' Septet Linda Knopf, Karen Quinn Alice Stivers, Leslie Hamilton Connie Snook, Alicia Conn Barbara Townsend Warden ............... ....... M r. Dunlavy 'i"' L l ?g.2.49 'Th -4-Hili' Singing of The Class Song X454 ten-f-', "S gmt' 165 I Newton Commencement Exerc1 ses SENIOR HIGH AUDI 1 ORIUM Wednesday Iune l I966. 7:30 P.M. 7:00-7:30 P.M.-Senior Prelude Concert - - - Concert Band 7:30 P.M. - - - Processional- Pomp and Circumstance Elgar - ----------- Concert Band Leland L. Cook Director Invocation - ------- I - - Father T. I. McCann SENIOR HIGH AUDITORIUM Sacred Heart Catholic Church Pledge to the Flag -------- Michael McConeghey M Vice President, Class of 1966 GY Salutatory - ------ . - - - - Iames Lothe 730 PM Class of 1966 7 00 7 30 P M Musical Prelude Senior High Orchestra 7 30 PM Processional Sine Nomine W1Il1ams Senior High Orchestra Eugene Burton Director Invocation Reverend R V Schultz The Church of the Nazarene Peace Iohn Greenleaf Whittier Audience Charles Elliott Director Scripture Reading Reverend William E Sexton Fir t Presbyterian Church How Excellent Thy Name I-Ialleluiah fSauIl Girls Glee Club O Lamb of God Kalinnikof Sololsts Karen Quinn Al1c1a Conn Charles Elliott D1rector Baccalaureate Sermon Reverend Richard Schroeder The United Church of Christ Benediction Reverend Iames E Seibert Kellogg Methodist Church PEACE Drop Thy still dews of quietness Till all our strivings cease Take from our ouls the strain and In purer lives Thy service find stress In deeper reverence praise Dear Lord and Father of Mankind Forgive our foolish Ways Reclothe us our rightful mind And let our ordered lives confess The beauty of Thy peace Breathe through the pulse of our desire Thy coolness and Thy balm Let sense be dumb let flesh retire Speak through the earthquake wind and fire O Still, small vo1ce of calm I I . U . . H . . 1 u 11 - - - 1 k ..... s S n - 11 - I , L -- u 11 - - T 1 1 u 11 1 S 1 1 Waters Ripple and Flow -Arrangement by Deems Taylor Accornpantist-Martha Meredith Charles Elliott Director Introduction of Speaker - - - Superintendent D. D. Dunlavy The Challenge of Change ------- Thomas Shives Class of l966 Presentation of Class of 1966 ---- 1 - - H. A. Lynn Principal Senior High School R011 Call - ----------- Linda Wheeler Secretary Class of 1966 Presentation of Diplomas ------- Mr. Marion Welle President Board of Education VC1leCliCtOI'Y - ---------- - Linda Bebout Class of 1966 Benediction - ----- Reverend Raymond Barnett First Christian Church Recessional- Proud Heritage -Latham - - Concert Band Leland L. Cook Director I I li Il "The Heavens Are Te1ling" from the "Creation" Mixed Chorus ll ll ll ll is I QE' 1 I' .l"gf"'? 1-1' M, Q : I iw. I "'RI4'zJ' - D L EV 'Ii LL E f QFQ E xg I 2.5 X .i. 5. I , lt NI: I I wgi I, 4. Hx' 'N IX W , , , "' r I , I I 3 , , ,WH 'af I rr , L A ,WM-v-,,.-.,.,,3.,....,....f,.,v.f..,J-...,xs-vw.,'.:., 1 ' ,, I 5 I, I ,, 5 ,,., I . A I , Q I I I -1 l'l:1lf'ilr'1'Il ,ag ,- - , 1. . V, - .A ,, 1. . Q I f , ' ,I r 'I -' ' 1 ' 1 ' If .1 5 ,Yr ,W -f , .. 'Int I , 4, ' sf 1 y , 1 . I f. f I I ' .lx-', 1 iw. 1 , . . ' - - v .,, f ., . -- - -. f -I ,, ,, 5. 1 I Y if ' V" M ' v 5. ,uf ..' . , ,, - ,,, 'I L J 5 JJ .. I I I I It I ,I I I I . . , V sf I I I I I f ,I J I It I I I I , I s . ,I . NI ,IAIILI I-I s I r II I I ,J IJ ,I I II I4,Is I II li .I .I 1,141.31 Il II ll 31374 'iflarrl girl j Q :A Jr A I F1551 I I I y I A 1 5 1 Is I I Is 1 -I ' V I I I 1 If I x I 11 IN - 1 A . 1 4 , . ! S f i A ' ,-. I . I . r i I I 1 Q . I . , , . N r ,I , I fl .gl-Zi!-. -Vg-,I QI T,,,I gil 114,139 af ,s as . :. 1- ... t fl,-5 ,I If in ,H If4'T.1f-111' ,dw in ff' SI SMQ :ff 4 -- 'ff' -f' J "Fig Eli, if ISEI .QIYEI 7,51 "glial ',.U,"-QQ. 'ISI I ,fgD"4I.15IrI.J ,I il I5-I1f'i,gf"'f5" 3" 1-MII 1-I SI 29 31-FT -.J'.Q?I'- si-If,-rel .iibf -1 A I se' Q' 3 3 Is .ff A. RJ ef I - fe' I Q 9 .S WWW .. ..4,,.,,.,.,, -...La wwMouX'4fu..I-we if Wanda Louise Bayse David Ray Beard Linda Joyce Bebout Jane Ann Behrens Roger Allen Bell Donna Belzer Barbara Ellen Benton Karen Lorraine Berka Janice Eloise Blackledge Stephen Clay Bonawitz Linda Sue Beukema Robert T. Bisom Howard Frederick Bond Linda Bowie I I 4 Diane Lynn Adams Sherry Lynn Albee Cary Lee Altemeier Twyla Ann Altenhofen H. Paul Andersen Bruce Glenn Anderson David William Anderson Timothy Anderson David R. Anthony Debby Christine Auten Crystal F ae Arnold Delores Sherry Avila Darrell Lee Astelle Bruce Dwayne Atwood Thomas D. Awtry Stephen Balbiani S www Roberta Pauline Church George Vernon Church Thomas Michael Clark Roberta Irene Clement Stanley James Clement Michele Jewel Cobler Alicia Louise Conn Patricia Lea C0119 C0I1I1iC Lee COOIIICT James Paul Corso, Jr. T Katherene Mary Countryman -lamCS RaT1d01Ph Couper Donna Jane Cox Terry Crady 172 l Neil Edward Bradley, Jr. William Edward Brain Rosa Marie Braley David Wilson Brandt Nancy Brayton Denise I. Bricker Ann Elise Bridenstine Timothy W. Brock 2 Regan L, Brodersen George I. Brown, Jr. Larry Brown Marcia Ann Brown '41 , Sharon L. Burkland Dennis I. Burton .lCI'Yl AUD Caslonguay Reagan Scott Cavill , V! Guy William Doud Martha Eileen Downing Michael D- Dllffus Mark E. Duncan Robert Murray Dunkin Linda Kay Dyas Larry Edward Elliott Ronald J. Eversman Bonnie Jean Failor Steven Ray Failor Daniel Frank Fane James Thomas Farver Keithen Frances Fenn Patty Lou F erber 'H n V' SB! 7 Larry W. Creagan David S. Cumming Daniel Lee Cupples Ruth Ann Cupples David Lawrence Damman Marcella Wyonne Damman Kathie Carlene Danley Charles M. Davis Bonnye Gaye DeGreef Daniel Shayne DeGreef Harriett Joan DeGreef 'Douglas DeMeyer 1? V ,ix xi? 5,5 ---19 w-I Marla Deppe Ranae Ruth Dick Stephen Craig Dimon Susan Kay Dolder ,, Deborah Anne Grout Linda Ann Halter Timothy William Ham Leslie Louise Hamilton Dennis Lynn Hanson David Russel Harding Stephen R- HUPCT if Diana Lee Harrington Mary Ann Havard Judy Faye Hawkins Ronna Jo Hawkins J Sandra Louise Hawkins Trudy Kaye Hawkins Sherman Lee Hayes D' Robert Fisher Betty' Charlene Freeman Carroll B. Froah Pamela Garvin Eric L. Casper Virginia Ellen Catch Stephen A. Cause Judy Ann Cearhart Marcia Elizabeth Cerard Timothy Certsma Elmo Terry Ghent Steven L. Cilliam Mary Elizabeth Cood Marcia Ann Cralnek R. Hoyt Crimes Caylord Cross Shirley Mae Illingworth Cary Dean Johnson I Stephen J aennette Marsha Florence J aimes Dale William Jensen Marilyn Sue Woody Johnson Randy Lee Johnson Alice Jones Betsy Maureen Jones William Allen Kaldenberg, Sharon Ann Keith David James Kingery Mary Ann Kling Thomas Edward Knapp Kathleen Sue Hedges Vicki Henry Steven Hesson David B, Hill Shellie Lee Hindman David George Hobbs Lora Jean Holdsworth Christine E. Holland Gordon W. Holm Elizabeth Mary Holub Ann Amelia HOOVCI Judith ADH H0171 fr Q'- Kathleen Susanne Hoyt Sarah Kathleen Humke Roxanna Hurtt Charles James Hybl Dixie Lee Logue Maljorie Jane Long James Lewis Lothe Elsie Joyce Lounsbury Linda Kae Lowe Mary Ann Lust Mary Ann Lynch Barbara Jean Lynn John Michael McConeghey Thomas Wayne McConeghey Gerald Dean McGowen Deborah S116 McKay Thomas Keith McKinney Linda Ann McNeer. Linda C8101 Kn0Pf Judy Beth Kono Norma .lean Koon Barbara Sue Kreager Linda Kay Kreager Mary Ellen Kreager Charles J ay Kyte Marilyn Kay Landwier Michael Dean Lane Steven Lanphier Richard Larimer Lloyd Timothy Lawler S 'ix Susan Dianne Lemke Linda JO Leonard Katherine Marie Lint .loan Kay Livengood Susan Carol Miller Terry L. Miller William R. Miller Billie G- Modlill Danny Arthur Mohler George F. Moon, II Cynthia Ann Moore Michael David Mulbrook 182 Harry E. Morgan, Jr. Bob Munger Pamela Kay Morgan Patrick D. Murphy John Francis Mottet Vernie Elizabeth Murray 11- M htm Vicki Clu'istine McQuiston Richard Henry Mackerman .ludy Kay Meindertsma 14 'haf' Thomas C. Mickle Linda Lee McReynolds Dennis Lee Machin Lloyd Edwin Machin Florence Elizabeth Madison Kathleen Manley Robert Frederic Matthias V ' Martha Mary Meredith Vicki Sue Messamer i Mervyn Roy Michalow li Linda Louise Millafd Craig Stephen Miller Jon David Miller LaNora Baxter Pendroy Mary Jane Penny Carl Gunnar Perntz l Christopher Lee Perryman Curtis E. Peterson Neil Omer Peterson i c , Michael Anthony Pritchard A Lyle Duane Purvis Diana Kay Quick Karen Joyce Quinn Edna MafY Reames Glen David RCIhIIlCi6I Joyce F. Rexroat David Lee Richards 184 David Harry Myers James L- Myrick Michael David Nelson Regan 0, Nelson iv r - - Terry W. Nelson Ted Frasier Newton Rebecca Bisom Northrup Ellen Ann Oliver Timothy Dale Onnen Gary Leroy Osborne E. Douglas Overturf Joseph E. Owens I Edward A, Parker Bryce Parsons Jerold Dean Partelow Diane Lynn Paulson E ,N - l .l acoba P. fCoraJ Schulenklopper 1 V f M li I l Roy C. Schultz Fred Verald Scott William B. Sevenbergen, .lr Charlene Ann Shaver Sammy Paul Shea Edna Jeanne Shelley Kathleen Louise Shepard Thomas Clyde Shives Judith Ann Sille Stephan R. Simpson l 86 Michael Allen Sisco Danny Del Skokan Robert Walter Skow Thomas Ray Risdal Forrest D. Roberts Randal Kenneth Robinson Nancy Ann Roewert ,W QF 3 Marilyn Jane Runner Linda Beth Sampson Donna Marie Sandrock Linda Beth Schakel Jane Ellen Schnathorst Franklin Daniel Schrader Garrold Lee Schrader - 1 Armenta Cheryl Schroder Nan Emma Schroeder Carol Lyn Schroyer Richard Lewis Tabor David Ray Talbot Dennis Wayne Taylor Linda Kay Terrebrood Michael C. Thielmann Sandra Mae Thomas Terrance Thompson - Thomas Thompson Craig Eugene Thorson Roy L. Thurman l Judith Lynn Tipton Barbara J o Townsend Steven Bruce Tratchel Alinda Urias I88 Linda DSIICHC Sandra Lynn Connie Lynn Snook Marianna Kay Snook David Preston Starrett Susan Lynn Stephenson J ay Stevenson Billy Lee Stewart Alice Louise Stivers Martin Hans Stone Dennis C. Str0VCI'S Linda Lou Sutton Marie Elizabeth Swain if Lorena Kay Swalwbll Julie Ann Switzer Paula Jayne Synhorsl 187 Steven Lowell Wells Catherine Louise Wendt Linda Kay Wheeler Cheryl Kay White Larry Gale White Donald Douglas Wiggin, II James Edward Williams, Jr. Danny Alan Wilson .lunella Lee Woods Jewell Renee Young 190 Ruth Ardelle Woody Jon Clarke Wormley Karen Ann Yoakum Not Pictured Adult Education Lawrence Murphy Backus Steven James Bookout Carol Lyn Brantner Bunn Jerry Lee Dannels Terrance Ray Fink Robert Helsene Robert Michael Kearns William McCroskey Linda Lu Messamer Nelson Mindham Carol Leon Repp Jerry Donald Robson John P. Robson David Allen Taylor Pamela Kay Trent Gary Twombley Serana Marie Van Dalen Manual Vasquez Robert Wayne Probasco Vollie Ann Bunch Bass Mary Peck Ergenbright Charles Joseph Good .lerie Lee Deaton Millard William Kenneth Watt Naomi Ruth Jones Poston CColfax, la. diplomal James Michael Valentine James Alan Van Baren David Wesley Van Dalen Terry Allen Vander Leegt Donald Vander Putte Steven Dale Van Drimmelen William Russell Van Dyke Jenny May Van Sickle I ll, Yf' Linda Dianne Van Veen Duane Allen Versteegh Delores Mae Verwers Cheryl Ann Vinson Kathy Raye Vorhies Steven Perry Wadsworth Shelton Anne Wehrle William Bryan Weldon F 5 BRALEY, ROSA MARIE Business Plays 125 Drama 125 Humorous Dec. 125 DECA 125 Pep Club 11. BRANDT, DAVID WILSON College Prep. Band 9,10,11, Lettered 105 Football 95 Basketball 95 Golf 9,l0,11,12, Lettered 11,12. BRAYTON, NANCY A. Business Pep Club 9,10,12. BRICKER, DENISE I. College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,1l,12, Lettered 125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Pep Band 95 Orchestra 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Debate 95 Oratory 9,105 Extemp 95 Majorette 125 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 International Club 11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. BRIDENSTINE, ANN ELISE College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 9,10,115 Orchestra 10,11,12, Lettered 10,115 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 115 Forensic League 9,105 Debate 9,105 Oratory 95 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Girls Glee Club 115 Delta Mu Delta 12. BROCK, TIM WILLIAM College Prep. Cross Country 11,12, Lettered 11,125 Wrestling 9,10. BRODERSEN, REGAN LEROY Regie College Prep. Mixed Chorus 95 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Basketball 9,10,115 Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Baseball 10,11,12, Let- tered 10,11. BROWN, GEORGE IRA, JR. Georgie College Prep. C Librarians 1115 Biology Workshop 10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. BROWN, LARRY C. Industrial Arts BROWN, MARCIA ANN College Prep. Plays 10,115 Student Council 95 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 GRA 125 International Club 125 Delta Mu Delta 12. BUNN, CAROL General BURKLAND, SHARON L. General Mixed Chorus 9,105 Girls Glee Club 115 Pep Club 9,10,115 Art Club 11,12. BURTON, DENNIS I. Denny Industrial Arts Basketball 9,10,115 Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,125 Cross Country 10. ' CASTONGUAY, JERYL ANN College Prep. Mixed Chorus 11,125 Girls Glee Club 9,125 Pep Club 11,12. CAVITT, REAGAN SCOTT Scott General Student Council 95 Football 9,105 Basketball 9,105 Golf 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,12. CHURCH, ROBERTA PAULINE I Bobbe Home Economics Mixed Chorus 95 Art Club 10,11,12. CHURCH, GEORGE VERNON Vernon Industrial Arts CLARK, THOMAS MICHAEL Mike General Band 9,10,11,125 Football 9. CLEMENT, ROBERTA IRENE Birdie Business Plays 10,115 DECA 125 Art Club 11,12. CLEMENT, STANLEY JAMES Stan Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,125 Delta Kappa Tau 125 Kiwanis 115 Rotary 125 Football 9,l0,12, Lettered 125 Basketball 11,12, Lettered 125 Baseball 10,11,12, Lettered l0,11,12. COBLER, MICHELE JEWEL Mitzi Home Economics Pep Club 11,125 GRA 11,12, CONN, ALICIA LOUISE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,12, Secretary 125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Orchestra 95 Pep Club 10,11,125 International Club 10,11,125 Science Club 95 Delta Mu Delta 12. CONN, PATRICIA LEA Pat Business Pep Club 9. COOMER, CONNIE LEE Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Girls Glee Club 11,12, Secretary 125 Pep Club 11,12. CORSO, JAMES PAUL, JR. Jim College Prep.-Bus. Cardinal Gents 11. COUNTRYMAN, KATHERENE MARY College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Pep Club 10,11,125 International Club 10. COUPER, JAMES RANDOLPH Randy College Prep.-Bus. DECA 125 Football 9,10,11. COX, DONNA JANE Business DECA 125 Biology Workshop 11. CRADY, TERRY Terry Industrial Arts CREAGAN, LARRY W. Business CUMMING, DAVID SHIELDS Cum College Prep. lVIixed Chorus 95 Band 95 Forensic League 9,10,11,125 Plays 10,125 Debate 9,10,11, Lettered 105 Extemp 95 Student Council 95 Delta Mu Delta 11,125 International Club 125 Wrestling 95 National Merit Finalist 12. CUPPLES , DANIEL LEE Industrial Arts CUPPLES, RUTH ANN Business DAMMAN, DAVID LAWRENCE Dave Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12. DAMMAN, MARCELLA WYONNE Marcy Business Art Club 12. . DANLEY, KATHIE CARLENE General DANNELS, JERRY LEE College Prep. -Ind.Arts Semors Participate In ADAMS , DIANE LYNN Dfe Business Mixed Chorus 9,103 Band 10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Pep Club 9,10, 11,123 International Club 12. ALBEE, SHERRY LYNN Sher General Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,l23 Girls Glee Club 11,123 Pep Club 9,10,11, 123 GRA 10,11,12. ALTEMEIER, GARY LEE Agriculture FFA 10,11,l23 Football 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 9,11,123 Basketball 9,11, Lettered 9,113 Track 11,12, Lettered 11,12. ALTENHOFEN, TWYLA ANN Twi College Prep. Pep Club 10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 International Club 11,123 Tennis 11. ANDERSEN, H. PAUL Paul Industrial Arts ANDERSON, BRUCE GLENN Gomer College Prep. Plays 10,11,123 Student Council 103 Delta Kappa Tau 123 Kiwanis 123 Thespians 11,123 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Track 9,11,12, Lettered 12g Wrestling 9,10, Lettered 103 Delta Mu Delta 123 NAHS 12. ANDERSON, DAVID WILLIAM Dave College Prep. Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,12. ANDERSON, TIMOTHY Industrial Arts ANTHONY, DAVID R. Dave College Prep. Basketball 9g Track 10, Golf 10,11. ARNOLD, CRYSTAL FAE Chris General Cheerleading 93 Mixed Chorus 9,103 Girls Glee Club 9,103 Pep Band 9,103 Band 9,10, Lettered 103 Majorette 9,103 Pep Club 9,10, 11,123 GRA 123 International Club 123 Class Officer, Vice-Presi- dent 9, President 103 Transferred from Camdenton, Missouri 11, Delta Mu Delta 12. ASTELLE, DARRELL LEE Darrell College Prep.-Bus. DECA 12. ATWOOD, BRUCE DWAYNE College Prep. Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,l23 Basketball 9,10,11, Lettered 9,10,113 Track 9,10,11, Lettered 9,10,113 NAHS 12. AUTEN, DEBBY CHRISTINE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,103 Band 93 Student Council 9g Pep Club 9.10, 11,123 Art Club 10,11, Sec.-Treasurer 11, President 12. AVILA, DELORES SHERRY General Cheerleading 9g Mixed Chorus 103 Needle 10. AWTRY, THOMAS DAVID Gene Industrial Arts Track 9,10,11,l23 Cross Country 11, Lettered 11, Wrestling 10. BACKUS, LAWRENCE MURPHY Business DECA 123 Student Council 9g Basketball 9,103 Baseball 10,11- BALBIANI, STEPHEN FREDERICK Steve Agriculture Newtonia Yearbook 11,123 FFA 9,10,11,l23 Football l0,11,12, Lettered 123 Managers 12. Many, Varled Activities. BAYSE, WANDA LOUISE ' General Needle 10: Plays 103Q..1brarians 95Pep Club 9,10,l13 Science Club 9g International Club 12. T BEARD, DAVID RAY . College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10, President 103 Pep Band 9,10,11,l23 Band 9,10, 11,12, Vice-President 12, Lettered 10,11,123 Plays 93 Student Coun- cil 113 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 Basketball 93 Baseball 10, Lettered 103 All State 12. BEBOUT, LINDA JOYCE I College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 11,123 Girls Glee Club 1l,12, Pep Band l0,1l,123 Orchestra 9,10,l1,l2, Lettered 10,l1,l23 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,1l,123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 International Club 11,123 All State 12. BEHRENS, JANE ANN Business Pep Band 10,11,123 Band 9,10,11,l23 GRA 10. BELL, ROGER ALLEN Agriculture BELZER, DONNA MAE Business Girls Glee Club 103 Pep Club 1O,11,123 Transferred from Oskaloosa 11. BENTON, BARBARA ELLEN Barb Business DECA 123 Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 10,113 Vice-President DECA 12. BERKA, KAREN LORRAINE Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,11, Lettered 113 DECA 12, Treasurer 121 GRA 11. BEUKEMA, LINDA SUE General BISOM, ROBERT T. Industrial Arts BLACKLEDGE, JANICE ELOISE Jan Business DECA 123 Pep Club 10. BONAWITZ, STEPHEN CLAY . Clay College Prep.-Bus. Band 9g Basketball 9,10, Lettered 9g Track 11,12, Lettered 11,123 Cross Country 11,l2, Lettered 113 Golf 9, Baseball 10,11,12, Lettered10,11,12. BOND, HOWARD FREDERICK Howie Industrial Arts Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Boys Glee Club 11,12, President 123 Pep Band 9,10,11,l23 Orchestra 11,12, Lettered 11,123 Band 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 10,1l,123 Student Council 123 Rotary 12. BOOKOUT, STEVEN JAMES Industrial Arts BOWIE, LINDA LEE College Prep. Pep Club 10. BRADLEY, NEIL EDWARD, JR. General BRAIN, WILLIAM EDWARD Bill Business Orchestra 9,10,11, Lettered10,113 Delta Mu Delta 12. Mixed Chorus 95lLibrarians 125 Pep Club 11,125 Basketball 9,105 Track 9,105 Baseball 95 Ira-nsferred from Colfax 11. GRALNEK, MARCIA ANN College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,105 Newtonia Yearbook 115 Forensic League 9,10,11,125 Plays 105 Debate 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Radio 105 Extemp 125 Student Council 9,10,12, Secretary 105 Pep Club 10,11,125 Thespians 11,125 Class Officer, Vice-President 9, Secretary 115 Delta Mu Delta 12. CRIMES, R. HOYT Hoyt Agriculture FFA 10,11,12. GROSS, GAYLORD Gay Industrial Arts Football 95 Basketball 95 Track 11,125 Cross Country 11, Lettered 115 Baseball 11,12, Lettered11,12. GROUT, DEBORAH ANNE College Prep. Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10511, Secretary 125 Forensic League 9,10,11,12, President 125 Debate 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Extemp 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,115 Student Council 95 Pep Club 10,11,125 Thespians 9,10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. HALTER, LINDA ANN Business HAM, TIMOTHY WILLIAM Meat College Prep. Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,115 Cross Country 125 Wrestling 10,12. HAMILTON, LESLIE LOUISE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Pep Band 9,10,11,125 Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 International Club 125 All State 10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. HANSON, DENNIS LYNN Denny College Prep. Student Council 125 Delta Kappa Tau 125 Rotary 125 Football 9,10, 11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Track 9,10,11, Lettered 115 Wrestling 10, 11,12, Lettered 10,11,12. . HARDING, DAVID RUSSEL , College Prep. Mixed Chorus 95 Student Council 95 Kiwanis 125 Football 9,10,11, 12, Lettered 11,125 Basketball 9,10,11, Lettered 105 Track 11, Lettered 115 Golf 9,10,12, Lettered 10. . ' HARPER, STEPHEN R. - 1 Business Football 95 Track 9,10,11, Lettered 10,115 Cross Country 10,11, Lettered 10,115 Wrestling 9,10, Lettered 105 Swimming 11. HARRINGTON, DIANA LEE . ' . - ' ' ' ' College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 95 Girls Glee Club 115 Pep Club 10,11,125 GRA 11, 12. V HAVARD, MARY ANN Business Ifbrarians 9,10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. HAWKINS, JUDY FAYE General HAWKINS, RONNA J O Ronna College Prep. -Bus. Orchestra 95 Forensic League 9,10,11,125 Plays 10,115 Debate 9,10, Lettered 105 Student Council 9,10,125 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Thespians 11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. HAWKINS, SANDRA LOUISE College Prep. Needle 11,125 Plays 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 GRA 11,12. HAWKINS, TRUDY KAYE General HAYES, SHERMAN LEE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Secretary 125 Forensic League 95 Plays 10,125 Extemp 95 Librarians 9,12, Vice-President of SLAAN 125 Basketball 9,10,11,' Lettered 10,115 Tennis 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 125 NAHS 12. HEDGES, KATHLEEN SUE Business HELSENE, ROBERT General HENRY, VICKI College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,105 Pep Band 9,125 Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 GRA 105 International Club 11,125 Tennis 11,125 All State 12. HESSON, STEVEN I LEE Steve Agriculture FFA 9,10,11 ,12, Reporter 11, Vice-President 12. HILL, DAVID B. General HINDMAN, SHELLIE LEE Bell Business Pep Club 9,10,115 GRA 105 DECA12. HOBBS, DAVID GEORGE Hob Industrial Arts Football 95 Basketball 95 Track 9,11. HOLDSWORTH, LORA JEAN College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 105 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Pep Club 10,11,12. HOLLAND, CHRISTINE E. College Prep. Cheerleading 9,10,11,12, Captain 125 Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 115 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Plays 10,11,125 Debate 9' Student Council 9,105 Thespians 10,11,125 Homecoming Attendent 125 Pep Club 10,11,12. , HoLM, GORDON W. 9 College Prep. -Ind.Arts HOLUB, ELIZABETH MARY BCUY College Prep.-Bus. Qsibrarians 9, Biology Workshop 105 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Inter- national Club 11,125 Delta Mu Delta 12. HOOVER, ANN AMELIA HOOV College Prep. Needle 10,11,125 Plays 10,115 Debate 95 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Quill and Scroll 125 International Club 11,12, Treasurer 125 Tennis 115 Delta Mu Delta 12. HORN, .IUDITH ANN -I l1dY College Prep. Pep Band 95 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Debate 95 Major- ette 9,10,11,125 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 11,125 Inter- national Club 11,125 Exchange student to Sweden. HOYT, KATHLEEN SUSANNE Zel Business DECA 125 Pep Club 9,10,115 Art Club 11,12. ' HUMKE, SARAH KATHLEEN Business Band 9,10,115 DECA 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 GRA 10,11,125 Inter- national Club 12. -?,-f DAVIS, CHARLES M. Chuck Industrial Arts Football 122 Wrestling 12, Lettered 12. DEGREEF, BONNYE GAYE College Prep.-Bus. Newtonia Yearbook 113 Plays 10,11,123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 International Club 12. DEGREEF, DANIEL SHAYNE Dan Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12, Treasurer 123 Cross Country 10,11, Lettered ll, Wrestling 9,10,11, Lettered 10. DEGREEF, HARRIETT JOAN Home Economics Pep Band 9,10,11,123 Band 9,10,11,12. DEMEYER, DOUGLAS Industrial Arts Plays 10, Football 9. DEPPE, MARLA Dep General Mixed Chorus 10,11,123 Girls Glee Club 11,123 Pep Club 11. DICK, RANAE RUTH College Prep. Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,12, Secretary 123 Biology Workshop 103 Pep Club 10,11,123 International Club 123 Delta Mu Delta 11,12. DIMON, STEPHEN CRAIG Steve College Prep. Student Council 9g Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Basketball 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Baseball 11,12, Lettered 11,12. DOLDER, SUSAN KAY Business Mixed Chorus 9,103 Orchestra 11,123 Band 9,10,11,l2Q Majorette 123 Student Council 9,l2Q Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 10,11,12. DOUD, GUY WILLIAM Industrial Arts DOWNING, MARTHA EILEEN Business Student Council 12. DUFFUS, MICHAEL D. Mike General Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Band 93 Football 9, Lettered 93 Basketball 9,10,11, Lettered 9,113 Track 9, Lettered 9g Boys Glee Club 11,12. DUNCAN, MARK E. College Prep. DUNKIN, ROBERT MURRAY Mm- College Prep. Camera Club 12g Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,123 Track 9,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Wrestling 10. DYAS , LINDA KAY Linda College Prep. Cheerleading 10,123 Student Council 103 Pep Club 9,10,l1,12Z GRA12. ELLIOTT, LARRY EDWARD' College Prep. Student Council 9,12, Vice-President 93 Kiwanis 122 Football 9,l0, 11,12, Lettered 11,123 Basketball 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Track 9,l0, Lettered 103 Baseball 11,12, Lettered11,12. EVERSMAN, RONALD J. College Prep- Ev Football 9g Basketball 93 Track 9g Managers, Football 10,11,12. Lettered 10,11,12, Basketball, 1o,11,12, Lettered 10,11.12: Track 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,12. FAILOR, BONNIE JEAN College Prep. -Bus. Pep Club 10,11,12. FAILOR, STEVEN RAY Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12. FANE, DANIEL FRANK Danny' Industrial Arts FARVER, JAMES THOMAS Tom College Prep. Mixed Chorus 93 Newtonia Yearbook 11,123 Rotary 123 Delta Mu Delta 11,12. FENN, KEITHEN FRANCES College Prep. FERBER, PATTY LOU Flip General Plays 10,113 Art Club 10,11,12. FINK, TERRANCE RAY Industrial Arts FISHER, D. ROBERT Bob College Prep. Debate 10,113 Football 10g Wrestling 10,11,12, Lettered 10,123 NAHS12. FREEMAN, BETTY CHARLENE Home Economics Mixed Chorus 9,10. FROAH, CARROLL B. Froah Industrial Arts Football 9g Basketball 9g Golf 11 ,12. GARVIN, PAMELA LEA Pam General Mixed Chorus 9,105 Girls Glee Club ll, Pep Club 9,103 GRA 10. GASPER, ERIC L. College Prep. Debate 9,103G,ibrarians Ill Biology Workshop 10,11,12. GATCH, VIRGINIA ELLEN Ginny College Prep. Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Art Club 10,11,12. GAUSE, STEPHEN A. Steve College Prep. Football 93 Basketball 9,10,113 Golf 11,12, Lettered 11. GEARHART, JUDY ANN Business Pep Club 9,10,l1,l2Q GRA 10,113 Art Club 11,12. GERARD, MARCIA ELIZABETH Murph College Prep.-Bus. Needle 11,123 Plays 10,113 Debate 93 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Quill and Scroll 123 International Club 10,11,123 Tennis 11. GERTSMA, TIMOTHY General GHENT, ELMO TERRY Elmo College Prep. Football 9,10,1l,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Track 113 Wrestling 10,11, 12, Lettered10,11,12. GILLIAM, STEVEN LEE College Prep. Plays 103 Student Council 93 Kiwanis 113 Rotary 122 International Club 11,123 Football 93 Track 93 Wrestling 9,l0, Lettered 103 Class Officer 9, Secretary3 Delta Mu Delta 12. GOOD, MARY ELIZABETH Pest College Prep. LOWE, LINDA KAE College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 9,l0,11,12Q Girls Glee Club 11,123 Orchestra 123 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered10,113 Majorette 123 Pep Club 10,11,12. LUST, MARY ANN College Prep. -Bus. Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,113 Pep Club 10,11,l2, Treasurer 123 GRA 10,11,123 International Club 123 Delta Mu Delta 12. LYNCH, MARY ANN Business Mixed Chorus 9,103 Girls Glee Club 11,123 Needle 113 Pep Club 10,11,12. LYNN BARBARA JEAN Barb , General Pep Club 10,I1. McCONEGHEY, JOHN MICHAEL Mike College Prep. Debate 93 Student Council 10,11,123 Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,l2, Secretary 11, Vice-President 123 Kiwanis 11g Rotary 12g Delta Mu Delta 11,122 International 123 Science Club 9, President 93 Swim- ming 11,12, Lettered 12, Co-Captain 123 Class Officer, Vice- President 123 NAHS 12. McCONEGHEY, THOMAS WAYNE Tom A General Biology Workshop 103 Football 9. McCROSKEY, WILLIAM Industrial Arts MCGOWEN, GERALD DEAN Gerry College Prep. Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,113 Debate 9. McKAY, DEBORAH SUE Deb College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9, Lettered 9g Band 9, Lettered 9g Pep Club 1O,11, 123 GRA 10,11,l2, Vice-President 12g International Club 123 Tennis 11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. McKINNEY, THOMAS KEITH Business McNEER, LINDA ANN I College Prep. -Bus. Needle 103 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 GRA 10,11,123 International Club 123 Track 10. McQUISTON, VICKI CHRISTINE General Needle 103 Pep Club 11. McREYNOLDS, LINDA LEE Mac General MACHIN, DENNIS LEE ' A Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12Q Football 10,11,l2, Lettered 11,123 Basketball 9g Track 10. MACHIN, LLOYD EDWIN Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12. . MACKERMAN, RICHARD HENRY Mack Industrial Arts MADISON, FLORENCE ELIZABETH ' Beth Home Economics Pep Club 11,123 Art Club 10,11,l2, MANLEY, KATHLEEN Kathy Business Pep Club 9,10,11. ,, MATTHIAS, ROBERT FREDERIC Bob College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 12, Vice-President 103 Boys Glee Club 11,12, Secretary 123 Plays 123 Student Council 103 Thespians 123 International Club 123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 Tennis 10,113 All State 11. MEINDERTSMA, JUDY KAY General Band 93 Needle 103 Majorette 93 Student Council 113 Art Club 10. MEREDITH, MARTHA MARY Marth College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,12, President 123 Girls Glee Club 11,123 Pep Band 10,11,123 Orchestra 9,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Student Council 113 Pep Club 11,123 International Club 11,12, Sec.-Treas. 113 All State 113 Delta Mu Delta 12. MESSAMER, LINDA LU Home Economics MESSAMER, VICKI SUE Home Economics MICHALOW, MERVYN ROY MCIV College Prep. Student Council 123 Delta Kappa Tau 123 Rotary 123 Football 123 Tennis 123 Swimming 123 AFS Exchange student from South Africa. MICKLE, THOMAS C. Industrial Arts MILLARD, LINDA LOUISE Lynn Business Student Council 9Q..ibrarians 95 Pep Club 10,113 Art Club 10,11. MILLER, CRAIG STEPHEN Industrial Arts MILLER, JON DAVID College Prep. Orchestra 9,10,11,12. MILLER, SUSAN CAROL General Pep Club 11,12. MILLER, TERRY L. Terr n General Football 9g Basketball 93 Track 9g Cross Country 11,12, Lettered 11,I2. MILLER, WILLIAM R. ' General MINDHAM, NELSON General MODLIN, BILLIE C.. ' Business MOHLER, DANNY ARTHUR Riff Business DECA12, Secretary 123 Basketball 9,1O. MOON, GEORGE F. II Business DECA 12, President 12. MOORE, CYNTHIA ANN Business DECA 125 Pep Club 9,10,113 Art Club 10,11. MORGAN, HARRY E. JR. i College Prep. Student Council 9,10,11,123 Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,123 Kiwanis 113 Rotary 125 NAHS 11,123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 Football 9,10, 11,12, Lettered 11,12, Honorary Captain 123 Basketball 9,10,113 HURTT, ROXANNA Roxie Business HYBL, CHARLES JAMES Chuck General Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 12, Basketball 115 Wrestling 10. Golf10. ' ILLINGWORTH, SHIRLEY MAE General JAENNETTE, STEPHEN General JAIMES, MARSHA FLORENCE Business Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,1lg Pep Club 10,11,12g GRA 10, l1,l2g International Club 12. JENSEN, DALE WILLIAM General JOHNSON, GARY DEAN Industrial Arts Delta Kappa Tau 12, Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 12, Track 11,12g Wrestling 9,10g NAHS 12. JOHNSON, MARILYN SUE WOODY General Pep Club 9,10,11. JOHNSON, RANDY LEE Industrial Arts JONES, ALICE General GRA 10. JONES, BETSY MAUREEN Bets Business Needle 10, DECA 12, Pep Club 9,10,11,12g GRA 10,11. KALDENBERG, WILLIAM ALLEN Kaldy College Prep. Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,12g Kiwanis 113 Rotary 12g Football 9,10, 11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,12, All State honorable mention 12, All CIC first team 125 Basketball 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,12, Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,12, NAHS 12. KEARNS , ROBERT MICHAEL General KEITH, SHARON ANN Business Cheerleading 11,12g Mixed Chorus 9,10g Pep Club 10,11,12g GRA 10,1l,12. KINGERY, DAVID JAMES Dave Industrial Arts Football 9,10,l1, Lettered 10, Wrestling 9,10. KLING, MARY ANN Home Economics Pep Club 9,10. KNAPP, THOMAS EDWARD Industrial Arts KNOPF, LINDA CAROL College Prep. Cheerleading 9, Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11, Girls Glee Club 11,123 Orchestra 9, Band 93 Pep Club 11,12, President 123 Delta Mu Delta 11,12g International Club 113 Class 0ff1CC1', Treasurer 12, Homecoming Attendent 12, FFA Sweetheart Atten- dem 11,12. KONO, JUDY BETH General Student Council 113 Pep Club 9,10,11. KOON, NORMA JEAN General KREAGER, BARBARA SUE Barb Business Pep Club 10. KREAGER, LINDA KAY i College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Girls Glee Club 11,12g Newtonia Yearbook 11,12, Pep Club 10,11g Delta Mu Delta 12. KREAGER, MARY ELLEN Mare College Prep. Pep Band 9,123 Orchestra 9,12, Lettered 12, Band 9,10,11,12, Let- tered 10,l1,12g Pep Club 9,10,11,12, GRA 103 International Club 11,12g Tennis 11. KYTE, CHARLES JAY Buck College Prep. Delta Kappa Tau 11,123 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Bas- ketball 9g Track 9,l0,11,12g Wrestling 10,11,12, Lettered 12. Hon- orary Football Captain 12g NAHS 12. , LANDWIER, MARILYN KAY - College Prep. Gsibrarians 99 Biology Workshop 10j Pep Club 9,10,11,12, Art Club 12, International Club 10,11,12g Science Club 9, Vice-Presi- dent 9g Tennis 11, Debate 9. LANE, MICHAEL DEAN Business LANPHIER, STEVEN Steve General Football 9. LARIMER, RICHARD Rich College Prep. Football 95 Golf 10,11, Lettered 11. LAWLER, LLOYD TIMOTHY General LEMKE, SUSAN DIANNE Sue Business Mixed Chorus 95 DECA 12, Pep Club 10,11g Student Council 11. LEONARD, LINDA JO L.J. Home Economics Mixed Chorus 9, Pep Club 10,11. LINT, KATHERINE MARIE Kathy General Girls Glee Club 12, Band 9,1Og Pep Club 10,11,12g GRA 11,12. LIVENGOOD, JOAN KAY College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Girls Glee Club 11.12, Qjbrarians 113 Pep Club 9,10,11,12, International Club 10,11,12, Science Club 9, Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow, Delta Mu Delta 12. LOGUE, DIXIE LEE Business DECA 12. LONG, MARJORIE JANE Margie Business Mixed Chorus 9,10g Girls Glee Club 11. LOTHE, JAMES LEWIS Y Jim College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,12, Vice-President 123 Boys Glee Club 11,125 Plays 11,125 Drama 12, Debate 9, Interp 12, Oratory 93 Thespians 11,l2, President 12, Delta Mu Delta 11,l2g All State 12. LOUNSBURY, ELSIE JOYCE Business Dave College Prep. Football 9,103 Basketball 9,10,11, Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 12Q Cross Country 11,12, Lettered 123 Swimming 123 NAHS 12. RISDAL, THOMAS RAY Tom College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10Q Student Council 9,122 Delta Kappa Tau 11,12, Kiwanis 113 Rotary 123 NAHS 11,12Q Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 123 Wrestling 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 2nd team CIC Football 123 3rd CIC Wrestling 11, 1st CIC Wrestling 12. ROBERTS, FORREST D. College Prep. Delta Mu Delta 12. ROBINSON, RANDAL KENNETH Business - Ind.Arts DECA 12. ROBSON, JERRY DONALD Industrial Arts ROBSON, JOHN P. Industrial Arts ROEWERT, NANCY ANN Nance College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,103 Cardinal 93 Forensic League 123 Plays 10, 11,123 Interp 11,123 Student Council 123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Thespians 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,12, Sec.-Treas. 11, Vice- President 123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 International Club 11,12, Vice-President 123 Golf 123 Y.F.U. student to Germany 11. RUNNER, MARILYN JANE , Home Economics lLibrarians 9, SAMPSON, LINDA BETH Sam Business Cheerleading 9g Student Council 10,113 Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 10,11,123 Tennis 11,12. SANDROCK, DONNA MARIE Bigfrilfne A- BIISIHCSS Mixed chorus Qguibwians 99 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Art ciub 11, 12, Secretary 123 Senior Queen. SCHAKEL, LINDA BETH - College Prep. Orchestra 93 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 113 Forensic League 9,10, 11,123 Debate 9,10, Lettered 10g Extemp 9,10, Lettered 103 Student Council 123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 11,123 Internation- al Club 12. SCHNATHORST, JANE ELLEN College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,103 Girls Glee Club 12, Vice-President 123 Needle 103 Cardinal 9g Forensic League 11,123 Plays 10,11,123 Debate 9g Oratory 11,123 Interp 11,123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Thespians 11,123 GRA 10,113 International Club 123 Homecoming Attendent 123 FFA Sweetheart 103 Delta Mu Delta 12. SCHRADER, FRANKLIN DANIEL General SCHRADER, GARROLD LEE Industrial Arts Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 123 Track 9,103 Wrestling 9g Swim- ming 11,12, Lettered 12. SCHRODER, ARMENTA CHERYL Armie College Prep. Needle 10,11,123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Quill and Scroll 11,123 GRA 10,11,12. SCHROEDER, NAN EMMA Nanie College Prep. Pep Band 93 Orchestra 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Band 9,10,11, 12, Lettered 10,11,123 Cardinal 93 Debate 93 Extemp 93 Student -Council 11,123 Pep Club 10,11,123 International Club 10,11,12, President 11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. SCHROYER, CAROL LYN College Prep. Needle 10,11,123 Public Speaking 113 Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 10,113 International Club 123 Tennis 11. SCHULENKLOPPER, JACOBA P. Cora Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,113 Girls Glee Club 113 Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 12. SCHULTZ, ROY C. Agriculture FFA 10,l1,12. SCOTT, FRED VERALD College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,123 Boys Glee Club 10,11,123 Debate 9,103 FFA 9g Delta Mu Delta 12. SEVENBERGEN, WILLIAM B., JR. College Prep. - Ind.Arts SHAVER, CHARLENE ANN Charlie Business Pep Club 10,1l. SHEA, SAMMY PAUL ' F13-Sh College Prep. Camera Club 123 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,123 Track 9,10, Lettered 93 Wrestling 10,11, Lettered 10,113 Baseball 11, Lettered 11. SHELLEY, EDNA JEANNE Jeanne College Prep. Needle 10,11,12, Editor 123 Pep Club 10,11,123 Quill and Scroll 11,123 GRA 103 International Club 12? Y.F.U. Exchange student to Sweden 11. SHEPARD, KATHLEEN LOUISE Kathy College Prep. Needle 11,123 Cardinal 93 Plays 123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Thespians 12g GRA 11,123 International Club 123 Tennis 11. SHIVES, THOMAS CLYDE T-C- College Prep. Band 9g Forensic League 9,10,11,123 Plays 103 Debate 9,10,11,12, Lettered 9,10,11,123 Radio 9,10,11,123 Oratory 12, Interp 10,11,123 Student Council 9,l1,12, Vice-President 11, President 123 Delta Kappa Tau 11,l2, President 123 Kiwanis 12, Golf 10,113 State Stu- dent Council President 1l3 Boys State Governor 113 Delta Mu Delta 12. SILLE, J UDITH ANN Business SIMPSON, STEPHAN R. TCCI College Prep. Student Council 9,l1,12, President 93 Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,123 Kiwanis 113 Rotary 123 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 123 Basket- ball 9,10,11,12, Lettered 123 Baseball 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Track 9,10. SISCO, MICHAEL ALLEN College.Prep. Rotary 123 Football 9,10,11,12, Lettered 123 Basketball 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Track 9,10. SKOKAN, DANNY DEL Dan College Prep. Orchestra 9,10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. SKOW, ROBERT WALTER M0059 College Prep. Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,123 Kiwanis 11, Rotary 123 Football 9,10, 11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Basketball 9,103 Track 9,10,113 Baseball Track 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 11,123 Baseball 103 Class Officer, Presi- dent 11,12. MORGAN, PAMELA KAY Cricket General Cheerleading 9g Plays 10,11,123 Public Speaking 113 Pep Club 10,11,12, Vice-President 123 Thespians 123 GRA 10,11,12, Presi- dent 11, State Treas. 11, State Pres. 123 Art Club 11,12, President 11, Track 103 Tennis 11,12. MOTTET, JOHN FRANCIS Crash College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9g Student Council 9g President 9g Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,123 Kiwanis 123 Basketball 9g Golf 10. MULBROOK, MICHAEL DAVID Mike General Football 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 11,123 Track 9,10,.11,12. ' MUNGER, BOB General MURPHY, PATRICK D. Pat College Prep. Debate 9,10,113 Oratory 10. MURRAY, VERNIE ELIZABETH Liz Business Plays 10,11,12, Pep Club 10,11,123 Girls Track 103 Tennis 11,12. MYERS, DAVID HARRY College Prep. Forensic League 9g Debate 93 Radio 93 Basketball 93 Tennis 9,10, 11,12, Lettered10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 123 NAHS 12. MYRICK, JAMES L. Jim College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,113 Boys Glee Club 113 Plays 10. NELSON, MICHAEL DAVID Industrial Arts NELSON, RAGAN O. College Prep. NELSON, TERRY W. Industrial Arts NEWTON, TED FRASIER College Prep. Pep Band 10,11,12, Director 12g Orchestra 10,11,12, Lettered 10, 11,12, Band 9,10,11,l2, President 12, Lettered 10,11,123 Camera Club 103 Forensic League 9,10,11,123 Speech Letter 103 Debate 9,10, Lettered IOQ Radio 10? Student Council 11,123 Kiwanis 12, Delta Mu Delta 11,123 International Club 11,123 AFS Exchange student to Germany 11. NORTHRUP, REBECCA BIS.OM Becky . . College Prep. Orchestra 9g Band 9,10LLibrarians 9bPep Club 10. OLIVER, ELLEN ANN E11 College Prep. Needle 11,123 Cardinal 9g Debate 9g Pep Club 9,10,11,123 Interna- tional Club 11,123 Tennis 11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. ONNEN, TIMOTHY DALE College Prep. Delta Kappa Tau 10,11,123 Kiwanis 123 NAHS 11,123 Football 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 11,12, 2nd team all CICQ Track 9,10,113 Wrestling 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 11,12, 11-3rd place CIC, 12-1st place CIC3 Exchange student to Finland 11. OSBORN, GARY LEROY Industrial Arts OVERTURF, E. DOUGLAS Doug College Prep. OWENS, JOSEPH E. Joe College Prep. Student Council 123 Art Club 123 Football 10,11,12, Lettered 123 Track 10,11,12, Lettered 12g Wrestling 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 12. PARKER, EDWARD A. 1 Business PARSONS , BRYCE General Student Council 123 Plays 123 Football 103 Track 12g Cross Country 11, Lettered 11. PARTELOW, JEROLD DEAN Jerry Industrial Arts PAULSON, DIANE LYNN Business Mixed Chorus 9,103 Girls Glee Club 10,113 Art Club 11. PENDROY, LANORA BAXTER Tinki' Business PENNY, MARY JANE PGH College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,102 Pep Band 12g Band 10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Pep Club 9,10,11,123 International Club 11,12. PERNTZ, CARL GUNNAR I 3 College Prep. Camera Club 123 Student Council 12g Delta Kappa Tau 123 Inter- national Club 12g Track 12g Swimming 123 Y.F.U. student from Sweden3 NAHS 12. PERRYMAN, CHRISTOPHER LEE Chris College Prep. Football 9g Golf 9g Swimming 11,12, Captain 12, Lettered 12. PETERSON, CURTIS E. Pete I College Prep. Pep Band 10,11,123 Band 9,10,11,123 Basketball 9. PETERSON, NEIL OMER College Prep. Basketball Manager 10,113 Track Manager 10,113 Transferred from Audubon 11. PRITCHARD, MICHAEL ANTHONY Industrial Arts PURVIS , LYLE DUANE Agriculture FFA 10,11,12. QUICK, DIANA KAY Business QUINN, KAREN JOYCE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,123 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Pep Band 10,113 Orchestra 9,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Band 9,10,11,l2, Lettered 10, 11,123 International Club 12g All State, Orchestra3 Pep Club 12. A REAMES, EDNA MARY Business Mixed Chorus 9. REPP, CARL LEON Business RETHMEIER, GLEN DAVID D are General Track 11,12, Lettered 11,123 Cross Country 11,12, Lettered 11,123 Wrestling 10,11, Lettered 10. REXROAT, JOYCE F. Rex H E - Pep Club 10,11,123 GRA 10,11,12. Ome conomlcs 197 RICHARDS, DAVID LEE VAN DALEN, SERANA MARIE General VANDER LEEST, TERRY ALLEN Pinky Business DECA125 Manager 9. VANDER PUTTE, DONALD LEE Agriculture FFA 10,11,12. VAN DRIMMELEN, STEVEN DALE Steve College Prep. Thespians 10,11,125 Track 11,12, Lettered 12. VAN DYKE, WILLIAM RUSSELL Whip College Prep. Band 95 Forensic League 9,10,11,125 Debate 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Radio 10,115 Extemp 9,10,11,125 Delta Kappa Tau 125 Rotary 125 Golf 10,115 Delta Mu Delta 12. VAN SICKLE, JENNY MAY Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 International Club 11,12. VAN VEEN, LINDA DIANNE Business Pep Club 10,11,125 GRA 11,12. VASQUEZ, MANUAL Business VERSTEEGH, DUANE ALLEN Deno Business Pep Band 105 Band 9,10,115 DECA 125 Manager 9. VERWERS, DELORES MAE College Prep.-Bus. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11, Vice-President 125 Girls Glee Club 11,125 Orchestra 95 Band 95 Delta Mu Delta 11,125 In- ternational Club 115 Commended by National Merit 12. VINSON, CHERYL ANN Business VORHIES, KATHY RAYE Kathy Business Needle 11,125 Plays 115 Pep Club 10,11,125 Quill and Scroll 125 International Club 12. WADSWORTH, STEVEN PERRY Industrial Arts WEHRLE, SHELTON ANNE Shelley Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,125 Girls Glee Club 11,12, President 125 Pep Club 10,11,125 GRA 105 International Club 12. 200 WELDON, WILLIAM BRYAN Bill General Plays 10,11,125 Thespians 11,12. WELLS, STEVEN LOWELL Business WENDT, CATHERINE LOUISE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,115 Girls Glee Club 115 Newtonia Yearbook 11,12, Co-Editor 125 Debate 95 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 Delta Mu Delta 11,125 GRA 125 International Club 12. WHEELER, LINDA KAY College Prep. Cheerleading 9,11,125 Needle 10,11,125 Cardinal 95 Student Coun- cil 9,10,11,125 Pep Club 9,10,115 GRA 10,11,12, Vice-President 11, President 125 Homecoming Queen 125 Class Officer, President 9, Vice-President 11, Secretary 12. WHITE, CHERYL KAY Cherl Business WHITE, LARRY GALE Lar College Prep. Pep Band 11,125 Band 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Football 105 Track 9,10,11,12, Lettered 10,11,125 Cross Country 11,12, Lettered 11,125 Swimming 11,12, Lettered 11,12, WIGGIN, DONALD DOUGLAS II Wig College Prep. Cardinal Gents 115 Tennis 10. WILLIAMS, JAMES EDWARD, JR. Jim Industrial Arts Football 95 Track 9. WILSON, DANNY ALAN ' Poncho General Mixed Chorus 95 Football 12. WOODS, JUNELLA LEE Jelly - Business Pep Club 9,10,11. WOODY, RUTH ARDELLE 5 Business O WORMLEY, JON CLARKE College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,125 Boys Glee Club 11,125 Debate 95 Student Council 125 Basketball 9. YOAKUM, KAREN ANN General YOUNG, JEWELL RENEE Renee General Mixed Chorus 9,105 Pep Club 9,10,11,125 GRA10,11,125 Art Club 125 International Club 12. 1? l0,11,12, Lettered 10,113 Swimming 11? Class Officer, Treasurer 11. SMITH, LINDA DARLENE mmy Business Librarians 9?Pep Club 9,10,11,12: GRA 10,11,12- SMITH, SANDRA LYNN Sandy College Prep. Forensic League 11,123 Plays 10,11,123 Public Speaking 10,11, 12, Lettered 113 Interp 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123CLibrarians 933 Pep Club 11,123 Thespians 11,12, Sec.-Treas. 123 International Club 10,11,l2, Secretary 12. SNOOK, CONNIE LYNN College Prep.-Bus. Cheerleading 9g Mixed Chorus 9,I0,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Girls Glee Club 11,123 Cardinal 93 Plays 11,123 Student Council 9,10, 11LLibrarians 91 Pep Club 10,11,123 Thespians 12, GRA 9,10,11, 123 All State 12g Class Officer, President 9. SNOOK, MARIANNA KAY General Pep Club 10,11,123 International Club 12. STARRETT, DAVID PRESTON Dave College Prep. Band 93 Plays 10,11,123 Debate 9,103 Thespians 10,11,12. STEPHENSON, SUSAN LYNN Sue College Prep. -Bus. Mixed Chorus 9g Needle 103 Pep Club 9,10,11. STEVENSON, JAY College Prep. Student Council 12g Delta Kappa Tau 11,123 Rotary 123 Football 9,I0,11,12, Lettered 10,11,123 Basketball 9,103 Track 9,10,11, Lettered 10,11. - STEWART, BILLY LEE Business STIVERS, ALICE LOUISE Home Economics STONE, MARTIN HANS Marty Business DECA 12. STROVERS, DENNIS C. Denny General FFA 10,113 Mixed Chorus 93 Football 9,103 Basketball 9g Track 9g Wrestling 10,11, Lettered 10. SUTTON, LINDA LOU ' 5. Home Economics Mixed Chorus 9,10CLibrarians 9k GRA 11. SWAIN, MARIE ELIZABETH MUfdY Home Economics DECA 123 Librarians 123 Pep Club 10,11,12. SWALWELL, LORETTA KAY Colle e Pre g P- ? iMixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Girls Glee Club 11,12, CL1brar1an 123 Band 93 Newtorua Yearbook 11,12, Co-Editor 123 Debate 9g Science Club 9g Pep Club 9,10,11,123 International Club 11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. SWITZER, JULIE ANN College Prep.-Bus. Cheerleading 105 Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Forensic League 9,10,11,123 Debate 93 Pep Club 11,12, Secretary 123 All State 11,123 Orchestra President 9,123 Homecoming Attendent 12. SYNHORST, PAULA JAYNE l College Prep. M1xed.Chorus 9g Band 9g Newtonia Yearbook 11,123 Cardinal 9g FOICHSIC League 9,10,11,123 Plays 10,113 Debate 9,103 Oratory 10,11, Lettered 10,113 Radio 9g Pep Club 9,10,11,123 GRA 10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. TABOR, RICHARD LEWIS . Rick Industrial Arts Cross-country 11, Lettered 11g Wrestling 10, Lettered 10. TALBOT, DAVID RAY Industrial Arts TAYLOR, DAVID ALLEN General TAYLOR, DENNIS WAYNE Industrial Arts TERREBROOD, LINDA KAY Terra College Prep. -Bus. Cheerleading 10,113 Needle 113 Cardinal 93 Pep Club 9,12Q GRA 10. THIELMANN, MICHAEL C. Mike College Prep. Orchestra 9,103 Debate 9g Student Council 12g Delta Mu Delta 11, 123 International Club 123 Wrestling 9,10. THOMAS, SANDRA MAE Sandy College Prep. Pep Club 10,113 Art Club 11,12. THOMPSON, TERRANCE College Prep. THOMPSON, THOMAS G. Tom Business THORSON, CRAIG EUGENE - General Mixed Chorus 103 Student Council 123 Delta Kappa Tau 11,123 Art Club 123 Football 10,11, Lettered 113 Track 10,113 Wrestling 10,11. THURMAN, ROY L. Industrial Arts TIPTON, ,IUDITH LYNN Home Economics TOWNSEND, BARBARA .IO ' , Barb P125 Pl Q Business Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,12, Qsibrarian 125 Girls Glee Club 11,123 DECA 12, Historian 123 Pep Club 10,11,123 Student Council 11, 12g DECA Sweetheart 12. TRATCHEL, STEVEN BRUCE College Prep. -Ind.Arts , TRENT, PAMELA KAY Pam General TWOMBLEY, GARY 1 Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12. URIAS, ALINDA I College Prep. Mixed Chorus 9,10,11,123 Girls Glee Club 11,12, Secretary 123 Orchestra 9,10,11,12, Lettered 11,123 Debate 9g Extemp 93 Biol- ogy Workshop 103 International Club 10,11,123 Delta Mu Delta 12. VALENTINE, JAMES MICHAEL -lim , Agriculture FFA 9,10,11,12Q Football 12, Lettered 12g Track 11,12, VAN BAREN, JAMES ALAN if -lim College Prep. Track 11,12, Lettered 123 Cross Country 11. VAN DALEN, DAVID WESLEY Dave College Prep.-Agri. Mixed Chorus 9g Pep Band 11,123 Orchestra 12g Band 10,11,123 FFA 9,10,11,12, President 12, Secretary 113 Rotary 123 Delta Mu Delta 12. . As Co-Editors of the 1966 NEWTONIA, we would like to express our personal thanks to the NEWTONIA staff and especially to Mr. Turk for the many hours of planning and hard work which have gone into the NEWTONIA,s pro- duction. We hope that many of the memorable events which have taken place this year are preserved for you in the pre- ceding pages. We would like to thank these photographers and organi- zations for their contributions and help to the staff: Hawkins Studio, Tyler's Studio, Newton Daily News, Mr. Orthner, and the Newton High School Camera Club. Special thanks go to Elaine Rowe for the NEWTONIA's art work and cartopning, and to Mark Woofter for the cover design. 1 We want to thank the Newton businessmen for their support and cooperation and hope that the Newton High School students give our advertisers their support. This annual is but a small token of the events of the 1965- 66 school year which holds many memories for Newton High School students. We sincerely hope that you will find the best memories and events of the school year in this 1966 NEWTONIA. N Co-Editors 5uQ'2mQ5 QNX we' cb QX 3 ,V,y,,, S xxfwf Q W1 1' 5 '19 ff? . yn 3? f I 1' 1? ' ' x N . .Q ggi . ,ff 14 -qw . 1 QQ EK Oxy I , X 1 L .. W fy N X , 'xx vf 5 y rm! , , , xii' Aint, Zh , ' 1 J 2 2 20 Wie MM in :N r J , , JL f, I 1 '21 .J U ' f -I Y' 'pf ' ,fi ,Au x. ly' I i T 'Qf - ' HND Congratulations to the Class of 1966 ' Newton, Iowa 0 - 9 Mwus mast cumin' GJ' .4 . ov' be S e, Pe f 'fo U-T' t c"T0Ns cuoncf. If Home of Values for Entire Family 40.0 49' Q ll Qv 5 35 2, I es QPF K SUR I-'Ps cj 'Ea Newton, Iowa , I ff hifi -f m y I I ,f ' ktic . n, V Z y I I 5 ' W In V fit' is? 2 Z 5 f t it it it i ,ft I , I .L ,io Q51 4 . , ,I Q J t 1,it t L at ,,, or , 't V11 ,yiy I, K EJ " V slat , JOHNSON JEWELERS r t so r it y my Diamond Laboratory 'a y to ' Q ' ,g f Q. , I Q Q Diamonds Shown Evenings By Appointment ily My 1 dt, Your Money Refunded If You Can Buy For it 'H ga y iy. gin t il J i Less i .y ' I i 4 if J -. 4 Phone PY-5278 ig if Y q' f , ,mA ' ' ookwgso o 1 ,Qi , ,..-1" ,ff-Z, ,, ,--' fi ,f-' ,,.,-5 ,,.,.... -,,,... ,fm ,...... ,....-' H., 5 ,W- .1 Congratulations and Best Wishes CORNER PHARMACY PY 2-1066 for Prescriptions B 81 N Implement Co, Phone PY 2-2230 Newton John Deere Farm Equipment Parts and Seryice Congratulations Seniors WARBURTON ' LUMBER COMPANY Newtonis Building Center Congratulations Seniors c'Live Better . . . Electrically" IOWA SOUTHERN UTILITIES CO. Newton, Iowa Phone: PY 2-7184 , 415:-gn.. ........ -.....41:n s NEWTON IMPLEMENT ,iff CUMPANY Phone PY 2-5252 NCWIOI1, Iowa b McCormick Farm Machines International Trucks Farmall Tractors Service Parts l-1--'- l" -r, A5T'T0'C CS sronss AS' Phone: PY 2-1155 Newton, Iowa The Store With 20,000 Items Edgar 81 Gerda Sersland Owners Congratulations to the Seniors Underbrink Jewellers for Watches, Diamonds and Jewelry Maytag Hotel Phone PY 2-6375 955- P - 11' 1' ' 2 it " M imi LIQZ' gn sb I , , uf- 4-f-fifP'F'1f:-N ' WEE? QW?Fff'5f9 'I' ff , , -I ..,-u V f, . 71,14 - ' E x .Q-A .-,'.N,v,1,',f-9 Lf f-- A,,H'j7 . Congratulations Seniors STOCKTON S SUPER VALUE STORE l l i I it , W? ' 1 , 3 .761 I , If 5 ff! 7 p , 65? I 2 l 4 i l 1 vi . i 1 : I 'w tm W il I W H li M 11 M M l fl fl P 1 1 I . gr. ,A - t i l i l I I 1 AX l XX W7 ' V, ,M f OFFICE PRACTICE-Ann Bridenstine is shown here working at the Jasper County Savings Bank as part of her office practice training. We are happy to participate in this training program and other school activities. Graduating seniors and underclassmen: We invite you to use the services of our progressive bank. Whether you open a checking or savings account, need information about education loans, or just want to visit about your plans for the future, you are always welcome at the Jasper County Savings Bank. Come in soon. at XFULL r SERVIEE I e 5AVlN55 BANK ' CE , Q A ilglhim lm NEWTON, IOWA MEMBER F.D.I.CTX 208 HY-VEE FOOD STORES Newton's Better Supermarket Friendliness, Service, and Low Prices x 1302 lst Ave. West 1702 lst Ave- East TRAVEL INC. Complete Travel Service 202 lst St., N. 792-2020 Congratulations Seniors . Newton Seed Store PY 2-4132 and Terpstra 81 Van Maaren Inc. PY 2-5169 IELEVISION a Moro - SALES and ssnvlcs Noam sms or SQUARE Also REAR summcs mom muclne lor I IU -2155 'IIO North 2nd Ave. Wes? 9 Newton, Iowa me f ' Wal...-u.afff uWw W,w: mw, fn ' w m e, Congratulations Seniors MW L'l0TIllfW F0 WILSON Sz O'BR1EN REAL ESTATE. E INSURANCE ak LOANS 208 N. 2ND. AVE. WEST :ff P.O. BOX 469 NEWTON, IOWA 50208 . Congratulations and Best Wishes ' Class of 66 NEWTON MANUFACTURING CO. Newton, Iowa Our 57th Year SPECIALTY ADVERTISING CALENDARS EXCLUSIVE GIFTS L " 5, ...X..x,,,,, . --W--A Congratulations and Best Wishes THE TYLER STUDIO Mas Yoshinoga Mrs. Raymond Brazelton 124-W N. 2nd Aye. W. Phone 792-3264- NOLLEN DRUG South Side Drug Store Phone PY 2-3501 NOLLEN PHARMACY Newton Clinic Building Phone PY 2-6317 Prescriptions Our Specialty ,,y ,, Congratulations Seniors From the Newton NEW CAR DEALERS YOU SAVE MONEY WHEN YOU TRADE CARS WITH YOUR LOCAL NEWTON DEALER Axtell Ford-Mercury Hawkeye Chevrolet Getz Buick-Pontiac Sanders Motor Sales Key Oldsmobile - Cadillac Inc. Buy Your Car With Confidence From A Newton New Car Dealer x -wif For the Best in Teen Men's OUR CONGRATULATIONS Apparel ' Always Jn Jim, gleam, of 66 at ' WQRMHQUD-ps MAY You FIND MucH Newton 'OWU SUCCESS IN YOUR FUTURE ' CAREERS ,,,f! wk, SINCE 1902 T H E 2110012 c 0 M P A N Y Newton, Iowa Phone 515 792-2880 EXCLUSIVE ADVERTISING SPECIALTIES, CALENDARS, BUSINESS GIFTS, SIGNS, PREMIUM PROGRAMS AND SALES INCENTIVES Congratulations to the Class of 1966 JASPER LUMBER CO. Serving Our Community Since 1885 NEWTONS NEIGI-IBOIQLYI BANK .1-- "" . ' 'T I, A ,, , f ILL-I Come In and Get Acquainted M11 I NEWTON NATIONAL BANK .:. NEWTON, IOWA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation PIERCE FURNITURE CO., INC. 'gWe Furnish The Home Comp-letelyi' Newton Shopping Center IO9 Eost Third Street South Newton, Iowa ,7 1 SALES AND ZENITH SERVICE VERN'S TV SERVICE 6'For the Best Picture in Town" ' RADIO ' TELEVISION ' STEREO PY 2-2026 210 First Ave. E. Newton, Iowa Your Complete Decorating Center Congratulations Seniors RUSK HOME CENTER Across from Hotel Maytag Congratulations Seniors ' Congmtulfztiom Seniorx United Telephone Compony GO Bfying of Iowci CENTER LANES Telephone Employees Wish Free Instruction I You the Best Phone PY 2-4735 I I I III I I , I I , Z If 1:5 Ili 1 I May Your Future be a I Successful One I-IESSE MEN 'S WEAR The Store for the Young Man I West Side Square Newton, Iowa I I I NEWTON FURNITURE I 215 North 2nd Avenue West Our Congratulations to the Class of 1966 Newton, Iowa I ZIA is -R NEwToN HOME SAVINGS AND LoAN ASSOCIATION Sawing! Center of jaxper County SAVINGS - HOME LOANS Savings Insured Up To 510,000 With Federal Savings And Loon Insurance Corporation Our 71 st Anniversary Since 1894 c4'1n16er.. D XCPK 6ul7J717 Mferibl LUMBER EJEINIINIISTOINI DAFITIQIIICSEI- fjcl. 223 4th sf. N. fvewion' Iowa Phone 792-4341 Bundy Allen Photography Formerly Hawkins Studio 213 1st Ave West Newton, Iowa A NEW HIGH SCHOOL HANOOUT1 JUNIOR MISS ccBARN9a APPAREL 1 I I I ' 1 , NEWTOAN -'T -see 1 F Sp y F GAEES '2E"i'i:X1liERs ine oo s Snappy Service V2 Block East of the Square PY 2-5059 ,100 N. 2nd Ave. E. Newton, low l You're Always Welcome at MARSHALL HARDWARE North Side lj Gifts - Housewares - Paints HOTEL MAYTAG COFFEE SHOP Newton, Iowa HAM'S DX MAIN'S LAUNDRY Firestone, Goodyear Tires 81 Batterie 213lj2 W, 2nd St, N. PY 2-6 1 1 7 Wash, Lub, Sz Tune MORGAN .I EWELERS EARL MAY STORE Nursery-Pet Supplies West Side Square, Newton Tru-Blu Diamonds Seiko - Bulova - Favre - Levba - Caravelle Watches POWER REXALL DRUG STORE D-EES CARDS AND GIFTS West Side Square POWER 8z HARRINGTON PHARMACY Across fromiHospital Hallmark Cards - Candles - Gifts Newton Shopping Center NEWTON OFFICE SUPPLY ' AFYKFIC Division of Des Moines Stationery Co. A Office Supplies 8K Equipment School Supplies-Typewriters Samtone Dry Cleaning Card 81 Gift Items 212 FIRST STREET NORTH-PHONE PY 2-1233 102 lst st. N. Phone 792-2460 NEWTON- 10W-4 Congratulations Seniors WOOD'S JEWELRY PY 2-1476 LOUPEE'S SHOES West Side of Square Ruskin Loupee Proprietor ICIIMIIIU JNQK QQMEQ YDURCllll.IlEN3'.fl'0E WEHRMAN'S SHELL It's The Best Service Your Dollar Will Buy! HENRY'S DRIVE-IN Across from Shopping Center Phone PY 2-8200 Best of Luck Grads! FORBES AND NEWELL OFFICE EQUIPMENT Congratulations Seniors From the Center Barbers FRANCIS 81 WILLIE 81 BILL 216 Congratulations Seniors .IUPITER DISCOUNT STORES Newton, Iowa Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Graduates of 1966 ' CONGRATULATIONS NEWTON CARDINAL SWIMMING TEAM ON A FINE SEASON Coach Toppenberg Larry Ingersoll Carl Perntz Denny Bewyer Steve Matsen Chris Perryman Mike Butler Dave McConeghey Garrold Schrader Terry Colwell Mike McConeghey Dick Tomlin Steve Furry Merv Michalow Larry 'White In PRESCRIPTION SPECIALISTS NORTH SIDE OF SQUAR'-if DIAL PY2f3I3ll- - The most complete service store in town. Retail, Catalog, Automotive and Service Halma Coleivir SZj1!e Sho e Where Smart Things Flourish anna suns NEWTON, IOWA Congratulations Seniors 1966 Newtonia Staff V fmt, mmf Syw ' nm SWLLAND1 MAYTAG EXTENDS BEST YVISHES TO THE CLASS OF '66 AND A SPECIAL SALUTE TO MAYTAG SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS T. Altenhofen David Beard Linda Bebout D. Cumming Ranae Dick Tom Farver y N f Bob Fisher Deborah Grout L. Hamilton Sherman Hayes Judith Horn Joan Livengood James Lothe R. Matthias M. McConeghey Harry Morgan Ted Newton NHUCY ROCWGFI ' 1 N N Linda Schakel Nan Schroeder Tom Shives M. Thielmann Alinda Urias W. Van Dyke , WW., V Q X X W X X X, M NEWTON IOWA i 'WMS-1 ' i5Y5,'ff'7 ,f f X N P, -' ', 71 i q -f '11 Vg: f x y- r Y ' 1"' M. Wy 1 v , . 'rag 'lf xx 9 gixrix ,Hin t 21 a D. Verwers 5 S Q 1 2 3 '3 C. Wendt LEFTY SPRAGUE'S Mobilgas LARCHWOOD FLOWER SHOP Corsages, Wedding Flowers, Gifts Warfard Bros. Florists South Side El Phone PY 2-4-892 RUSSEL D. ADAMS SERVICE America's Finest Sport- Cycling 4-03 lst Ave. E. Dial 792-364-2 KINNEY'S SHOES First in Style and Quality At Lowest Price Anywhere Newton Shopping Center BUD'S MAID-RITE Phone 2-4166 215 First Ave. West GOOD LUCK, GRADS Congratulations Seniors JASPER COUNTY BARBER 8, . BEAUTY SHOP Phone PY 2-2911 GRAY'S 66667, SERVICE ' ' ' at , 225 lst Ave. East-Phone PY 2-7235 S mmuvs Newton, Iowa A FWS' m Fashlon Congratulations Seniors La Petite Beauty. Salon Fran Ikerd PETTIT CLEANERS 206 N. 2nd Ave. W. Phone: PY 2-2391 Beautiful Fiber Tone Cleaning QLicensed Methodj Congratulations Seniors LEWIS GREENHOUSE 792-1241 MATTINGLY'S MUSIC STORE Jasper County's Largest Record 8r Sheet Music Dept. West Side Square-Newton, Iowa Phone 792-3250 B7S CHRISTIAN BOOK STORE May The Challenge Of The Class of '66 Be Accomplished 106 No. 2nd Ave. E. SNOOK INN SANDWICH sHoP Eat with the Gang after the Came 221 First Ave. W. BROWN'S SHOE FIT CO. A fit for every foot. The deb's den for style and fashion South side of El Newton HERB,S CITIES SERVICE CITGO STATION The Best in the West on The East side of Newton 21 7 For Automotive Service a , 1 1 , 1 3 3 is 3 3 X E Z "5 4 5 S Q w + 6 S 1 .i Li ii i 2 fx 3 2: fl 31 1 . . .1 ,S 15 T - 4 1 ,AS fi 2,1 pm QR ,J f 'F ,W Q isa , 5 ,, 3 i 1 . iq --............... -.-1, ....p,,.- Y 376 55 'S ,A , 9, is Q Q 2 2 3 53 4 J iv 1. i ii Y T' li 'Y f .Q 5 5? 1 1 Q... Zvi 1 3, in 9.1, Q15 ? 3 , Q 1 1 'SE 'a L9 1- 52 -,1 f ji-,Q 2 2- 4 F 2 if yy A is kin 4.3 1:5 54 A , .. , if

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