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...,., I . .Aim -2 fwdfghl f5"Ju., x I 4' viw t Q N5 W R ' ' Lib -u,.f-.- 4. 1 , '12 ' I I 'IU ' ..' F lx? 1 - v . .ev 4 5"-knife? ,N L. I F Ex' i. Q ' 1 4 .1-' , Ll. " xpg - -LA . s x . , A v , k A 1 f 5 . . v A 4 f-1? si Q in?" X "Wy In r 1. ' L -1 ig., . J-Q-Q , LPA .wr - -4 V . 'ffgg GQ ,, 5 ', nf.-1 G A . I - 11fi4f,'52', N325 1nw,?gw .-A4 4 1 V .., , ,JV , . ag mf F. 1 '.' ' 4-" ..,e. . ,i ' x ','fF.I.:j: 'S , .' , Jil' 7 3,2 'PIRV ,arg ,. .. ' ,- 1.,., , 5 1 asf? ' PHNNS TQ 1 -9-.-.1 ' 9, ' X 'I-1" 1-A f- '1 , . ..:-21 g, '- ,A .-'ol 'fre' 'YR ,-" -L." . 1-qw ,- Ig., cg. 1-" 1 .'-, '51-.-' JQWWWA. ll., ,V is . ' 51155 , 'i,v""' 1 , 'il ij z' . 4, n. ff, i A . 'il-Q, . L 'f'1"' "fic I-, Y.. FI: v Ywb' w ""y,L '1 " 1 .an ', ' ,'J,' ', ' I .I " - 1 -gl. r . 'y. .',. ,j 1 1 , ff . .iff5h?5 'MIL' -,. -1 , "ff-i, -,gl 'Du-'LJ fx-:E ,. --.7 F 1iv 'J. 14 A, 11 ' ' ,-.F K. '-:-- A' ' 1- I'-1' if fihgv' 1:5 My uWQW N, A 15: www-.Nw ,ij.jSi' ff 'fl' ' pwiw P ,LQ - , H . 4' . . .',.L, 12:1 ,,":f5"M. W . .ul . 1 .. l A . 'lp ,ruff Ur -Emwfw W . r 1- ,Z , ' '4 gff- WLT - ' ' nlvfvm .x WL' .l -5" ,: V -1-3 Q 11- L . ,,.g,- JN: 7 M5b,L"'1.- .,, I! 1 1' A' N 1 422' ' ':2,,gi ' " . 34-36 -X " :i1: "L3-xg8'i u.., . UH Pin f ?W?mA g,w p1,, ,.' 1-,,,v. N Ag-,Ig X D, NJ, ., . L ' iEiI13.1,4..'L.A 'Q' maxi L 1 We Present To You The Students The 1946 NEWTGNIA Senior I-ligh First Semester .,.... ., ,. ,, 548 Students Second Semester ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 566 Students A dear gray old building that harbors the laughter, witticisms, and joys of innumerable tellows and girls. Unforgettable are the daily gatherings by the building and in the halls to talk over last night's date, teachers, tests, and almost everything else. Grateful students will review with tond recollection the hours of trial and happiness spent in this "palace" of education. lunior High F1rstSemester,, ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.....,..,, .. 577 Students Second Semester ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,..,,.. ....,.,. 6 13 Students To congregate in the halls or outside of this building is a memory to some of us but a material being to others. The suspense of coming to this huge structure from sixth grade, the supposed difficulty of getting acquainted, and many other thoughts are still vivid memories in the mind of anyone who ever spent comparatively few years in this "harbor" of knowledge. Russell Cobbs Kent Scarbrough Raymond Martinez Cl'1Cl1'l9S GGYTIGSOU Warren White To These ' To those boys from Newton High School who have given their lives in World War II that their school might continue in the democratic Way of education they had known and loved. We dedicate this annual of 1946. No Picture Elden Mustard Paul Quick Russel Bayerlay Conrad Wahl Merlin Lamphier Ivan Snook Bill Henderson William Gilmore Page 4 Darrell Matheny Herbert Davidson Iohn Nollen lack Nichols We Dedicate May we carry on for them in this KGfme1l1NiChOlm post War world by doing our part to establish a World free from want and fear, by expressing our ideals for World harmony, and by keeping faith with our God. No Picture Walter Portugal Howard ChriSS A M il Y :Q i f r t . .,.. I . f. Q 7 ,V .pw t r.n2igsaw?g:z, M wa s uid 2 V Q ,af 'F ' E ' "fl -' ' 345' :' ,lil ,i fs , ? , .- . any-,if 1 VF Robert Bell Barrett Thompson Leroy McCall Branson Barrett . Y iq.. - Orlando Baldwin Bushnell Lamb Page 5 I Page 6 The faculty are the dauntless group or men and women who Work hard to teach basic essentials to sometimes uncomprehending boys and girls, individuals Whose Words of quidance will spring back to us in future years of doubt. 'lPop" Lynn, Marian Speake, George Dunn, and so on down the list of familiar and friendly names. Not just names but people, people who strive for our betterment-betterment of the World. Q.: ' mp, M W Jr, gg W, ,,, Mr. Berg tacks up another trophy, memenfo of one ot his numerous trips throughout the country. as most of us know, enforces all the school Mr. Berg Mr. B. C. Berg. Superintendent Ot course we all know ot the everyday duties ot Mr. Berg like visiting classes and such, and we recall with pleasure his Lincoln Day speech. Few ot us, however, know what his real job is. One ot his most important duties is to interview teachers and then re- commend them to the school board. l-le also, laws. We're sure we will always remember his familiar tigure striding around the halls ot old Newton High School. Board of Education President --------- Mr. N. E, Molleck Secretary - - - Lela Bishop Treasurer - - --------- - A. E. Hindortl The Board ot Education plays an important part in school lite even though most students don't see much ot them. They take care ot such important tasks as appointing the dates tor the school year and vacations, looking after school grounds and helping select the teachers. Clseft to rightl Mr. N. E. Molleck, Mrs. Karl lasper, Mr. C. W. Griebeling, Dr. A. E. Sterling, Mr. l. l. Utterback, Miss Lela Bishop. Page 8 "4'nbng,,,,-h- . .. . r.xj.ff Mr. Lynn at his typical assembly post smiles as he says, "Now I have just one or two announcements here." Mr. Lynn Mr. Harold A. Lynn, Principal, Senior High A familiar person around our school is Mr. Lynn. So many times he seems just like one of us participating in all sports such as "kids day" picnics, and all other senior activities in the spring. We see him at all football and basketball games and at all school assemblies. Mr. Lynn has had charge of several of the pep-meetings this year. He is always in there backing the team with his pep talks. He has accompanied the team to all of the out-of-town ball games and track meets this year. Mr, Lynn has charge of 27 every day fifth period. The rest of the time he is busy in his office counseling and attending to the piles of details of his job. His sympathetic guidance has been responsible for many successful students and citizens through the years he has been at Newton High. Much of his spare time is spent in working in his garden. Perhaps you noticed him working there like mad during spring vacation. A pain with every step and a groan with every move were the afterfeffects of his labor. Mr. Kleiber Mr. Frederick H. Kleiber, Principal Iunior High Mr. Kleiber, working from long before school till the last door closes, is continually trying to help students. In particular he tries to recognize and help with the special problems of the junior high, the problems which seem so big to students and so small to adults sometimes. He has been eager to see that students in lunior High understand their own Mr. Kleiber interrupts one of his friendly cori- importance without being overshadowed by ferences with students to answer a business call. Senior High students. lf this busy man has any spare time youwill either find him reading or out in the fresh air. He enjoys such sports as tennis,camping and bicycling. Also he and his clog, Toby, have many good times together. Paige 9 fAboveJ Mrs. Elson's Gym Class scores another point in their volley- ball tournament. Clieitl Mrs. Phyllis Elson, Phy- ical Training, Grade Super- visor. CRightJ Mr. Wendell L, Eidahl, Physical Training, Athletics. Physical Education Recall . . . How you boys had military drills and you marched until you thought you would never Walk again. You girls remember all those bruises and aching muscles the "day after." And it will be a long time before calisthenics won't make you shudder in your shoes, and the little kids screaming and laughing at pump-pump-pull-away won't bring back memories. Remember the tall football scrimmages by the lunior High and hurrying through the snow to the YMCA or dashing through spring puddles to Sunset Park. You girls won't forget those dainty dances as seventh and eighth graders and the moments when you longed to be a freshman so you could play basketball. Memories of leap frog, volley ball tournaments, basket- ball tournaments, kittenball, and soccer will stay with you too. Page 10 Cl..ettD Mrs. Wanda Meggit, Physical Training. CRightD Mr. "Connie" Good- man, Physical Training, Civics, Shop, Athletics, Mathematics. Hall. another lormula. Mathematics Remember . . . When you were seventh and eighth graders and how you worried about those decimals and fractions only to tind algebra twice as hard. ln algebra you had those simultaneous equations that had to be graphed and the graphs were always oil just a tiny bil. Then you came to geometry. lt really wouldn'l have been so bad it it werent tor those tormal proots and construction problems. l-low you groaned when your row was sent to the board to do a problem, which was the one you didn't have done. Remember that page ol symbols in the front ot your geometry book that you had to know. Miss Douthart always called them the short- hand ot geometry. Those black-board com- passes ol Miss Doutharts were super, but only she could make them work. Then il you didn't know better you signed ip lor advanced algebra and trigonometry. lt really wasn't too dilticult and you were glad you took it. Chightl Mins l-lesther Douthart, Geometry, Ads vanced Algebra, Trigonometry, Head ot Mathe- matics Department. CLower Rightl Miss Maude Cooper, Mathematics CBelowl Mrs. Winnie Palmer, Algebra, Mathe- matics. tl..eltl Miss Mae L Main na thightl Miss Kathy en Ramsey, Mathematic Qtuay tLower Rightl Miss Doutha Geometry Class puzzle ove U-Xbovel Mr. Dunn's Office Practice Class simu- QALDOVQQ Mrs, Twilg Sims, Ccmmercid A1-ith. lOfeSClbUSY office. metic, Commercial Geography, Typing, Short- hand, Commercial l Remember . . . Those times when you were having speed. tests and right in the middle of it a key would stick or the whole thing just wouldn't work. Remember the times you sat all during your free periods trying to catch up on your back work. And how much fun it was to type to music, even if it was sometimes a little confus- ing. ln shorthand when you would be taking dictation from a phonograph it seemed as if it would go faster and faster as you went slower and slower. Recall those weekly budgets where you had to type five letters and envelopes too to be handed in every week on Friday to Miss Stern. fAbovel Mr. George E. Dunn, Business Adminis- tration, Retail Selling, Office Practice, Head of Commercial Department. Those graphs, both line and bar, you lcept to show your progress, if there was any. How you enjoyed the commercial geography movies fBelowD Miss Aileen Stern, Typing, cmd dredded the 1'1OtebOOkS- ShOffhGHdfSO1eSmQf1Ship- l-low happy you were to get called out of class to do some mimeographing for some'- one. And how nice it was to leave at two o'clock for office practice. How important and how scared you felt that first day on the job. fRightJ Miss Tu cille Nasn, counting, Activity Accounts. L u ovnmc neuousnnon H! i'fi iii'2 ei 6 i 3' fkbovel Mr Albert H Cox, Science. Science How Could You Forget . . . Those big words the teacher always used to use in seventh and eighth grade elementary science. At the end of the semester you ale ways had to hand in some project. You always worked so hard on them just to hand theiti in for an X. Recall those friendly skeletions that greeted you each time you went into biology? I-low cunning those stiff cold frogs, pigs embryo, and those mammoth things they called fish worms were. How bewildered you were in physics and chemistry. l-low complicated your lab manual always looked and how your heart sank at those tests. l-low your formulas were always lopsided, Those physics machines were always so complicated when they worked so easily. You were so thrifty after you dropped, the equipment in suphuric acid by mistake or broke your fiftieth test tube. fAbovel Mr. Penny's Chemistry Class Oxperiiiients. fAbovel Mr. Harold D Elliott, Geometry, Algebra, Athletics. fLeftD Mr. R. I. Penny, Physics, Industrial Science, Chemistry. Biology, General Science. x Cldightl Mrs. Mildred Roderivk, V' Pagv 1 Ji Art Don't You Recall . . , All those projects you had to do each semester in seventh and eighth grade and that last rninute tixing ot the clay figure or touching up a painting. Remember designing your dream house. I-low in advanced art you could do almost any project you chose as long as it was in art Work. Recall those Christmas Windows over in the junior High. Remember not so long ago when you noticed all fAbove-J Mrs. lla Mae Talley, Art, Head ot Art Department. CAboveJ Mrs. Talle-y's art class creates with color. CBeloWl Mrs. Elizabeth Murphy, Art. those new division pages in the annual with the pictures of the little clay figures that you had made or Watched being made. How speckled you got painting sets for the plays and how you noticed how nice the set looked When you went to see the play. And how could you torget the final art exhibit Which Was put on by the Whole department which was always enjoyed so much. Page 14 il Industrial Art Remember . . . How you looked forward to the times when you had woodshop or mechanical drawing? lt was really fun to make all those whatnots and draw house plans. Then in high school you could make those chests of drawers that took such a lot of work and those beds you were proud to read about in the paper. You were awfully proud of those book cases that you made for 7 l your mother too. Clkbovel Mr. C. G, Sykes, Metal Shop, Related work. fAbovel Mr. f-lansuld's woodshop class set up another project, tBelowl Mr. George A. Hansuld, Mechanical Drawing, Woodshop. And of course you remember how proud you were of yourself when you handed in your bread boards and bookends in junior high. That certainly was a nice display, you felt, that you put in the downtown windows of the things you had completed so far during the year. fs nfttgt- 15 l lBeloWl Miss Petersen's Homemaking Class CBelowJ Mrs. Gladys Holden, Homemaking. Page 16 CLet'tl Miss Neva Petersen, Homernaking, Lunch Super- Vi 1 visor, Head of Home-making Department, . CRightl Miss M. Elizabeth Mitchell, l-lomemaking. lll W T Homemaking Recall . . . The many days you spent trying to learn how to can in seventh, eighth and ninth grades. The rattle and bang ot jars and all the things on the cooker you Were supposed to know. The terrible time you had trying to learn the vitamins and proteins. But last ot all, the smell of burnt beans, potatoes, and corn when you Were doing your best to learn the hoW's and why's in cooking. The days you spent trying to knit squares for the Red Cross. Recall the terrible trial those thimbles were. And also all the strange markings on the patterns you had to learn to use before mak- ing anything. The tun everyone had on the day they brought small children to school to watch and care for. The day you worked real hard to do everything just right when your mothers came to school for tea. fllelowl Ag, Royaz View one of their Duroc project:-1. Cbelowl Mrs. Ruby Fullmer, Nurse fl.eftJ Mr, A. Glenn zlaines, Agriculture, Farm Manage ment, Animal Husbandry. fRightJ Agrciulture class re shingles a barn roof Agriculture Can't You Remember . , . Taking those trips to different farms and sales. You also remember raising your FFA gilts for the club project. Remember fixing all those pitch forks, axes, malls and hammers for summer farm use, You certainly recall making those concrete hog troughs too, Remember the FFA basketball games with other towns. You can't help but remember going out to the different country schools showing those moving pictures and giving those speeches to improve community farming. Nurse As If You Could Forget . . . That time you played hookey by pretending there was an awful ache in your stomach. Remember the flu epidemic and the hour-long line, Waiting just to have a thermometer popped in your mouth. 1':lu'i- I7 fLeft7 Mrs 'Nilnia Forshay, W o r l d History. CRightJ Miss Fl Jr! ence C o o p e r, Social Science. CLower leitl Miss Ella M. D r e w , Social Studies. History Remember . . . l-low you dreaded those weekly reviews. l-low you relished the jokes. Recall the time when you were handed a map and told to locate various places on il Recall those plays you acted out in Miss Cooper-'sz class. lt seemed that everyone had parts and conseauently there was no audience. ln World history you always had to have extra credit Work as you finished each chapter. There were every- thing from guillotines to nineteenth century cars to make. How you memorized the Declaration ot independence in American history and boned up on world attairs every Friday. fUpper leftl Mr. Clifford Gul- lette, World History, Social ond Economic Problems, Civics, American History, Head of Social Science Department. flseltl Miss Elizabeth Pollock, Social Science, lunior Hiah Library, CRightl Mrs. Marjorie Davidson, American History. I I H L..-..,,. , w Haw CRigl'itl Mr. A. Eugene Burton, Jrchestra, Band, Head ol Instru- mental Uepart- ment. flower rialill Miss Mariorie Nerefscn, lunior High Or- chestra, M u s i c Lessons. W flllwyr-D Min.: llfelinda Ho1g'geii:taf:l4, . I , . lVlu.niry Mix' fl Clirirupz, l'lriatl oi I'-AIJTSIC Ilffiiiiiliw-ril Music liciift l.v.'or l"or'tgel . 'Vhose Mem Made Music books telling the story ol music from primitive time on. And those records of the lirst music made which were just grunts, screams and yells. llow well you remember those breathing exercises, breathe in, breathe out. llocall the study ol operas in eighth grade How popular "ll l-fl S. l5inalore" "Martha" and "Carmen" were. llow everyone hated the days when the teacher played tlirifae overturef: which you were later tested on. The thrill of playing in band concerts and orchestra concerts and singing in glee club and small groups. lUpper rightl Mr. Van Dyke Clingman, Iunior High instru- mental lessons. fLet'tl Miss Rosslyn Houalz, Music. might? Mrs. Bernice Bt-nriell, Music. lhiuw- In br' A-V X W ylirtsg k fAbOve3 M155 Marian Speak? IZA English, Eng. tAbovel Mrs. Be-stor's Latin class coniuflats-2 Lit. A, Girl Reserves, Head ot English lleporttnent Cmolllel verb- English, Latin l-low Could You Forget . . . Reading Treasure Island, Lady of the Lake, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and l'Snow-- bound." The teachers always made you memorize all those passages and quotations from each chapter, Remember all those grarnf mar rules you had to know loetore the teachers would pass you, Reading all that prose and poetry in ninth grade and how you would study that little tAboveD Miss Bernice Eaxatlvintt, English Literature F, A.Iltf1lIC'f'1"l Literature. tLettl Mrs. Edna Bestar, English, Latin. tRightJ Miss Beverley Anne Q? W Smith, English, English Litera- ture B, American Literature, Newtonia News, Annual. Page 20 CLeltl Misa Florence l. Pwrovm, Penmoniship, Speech, Engwlinlt. lRiqlitl Mrs. Mciry Wolicer, English, Dreinotics, Ploy Pro- duction. And Speech X green essay book, outlining eoch one. Re- member too, Merchant of Venice ornel Ivanhoe. ln tenth grade you groducited into Silas Mcrrner, Sliokespeoree Iulius Caesar, Tenny- :aon's Idylls of the King ond Dickens A Tale of Two Cities. Remember in eleventh ond twelttli made lfncilieli singing American bollods, shudolering ol "l3eowi.ill", ond loter loronching out into litercutiire el fill the Countries: ol the World mbovoi Mme SIMM, Engmh elm.. rwds hm, Coeasor. CLeltl Miss Alice Reed, Enolish. fRightl Miss Charity Rrem, English. 'i X l Paige' Ll CLeltl Miss Catherine Oiwicl., English. tliightl Miss Hildrod Potwin English fl.ett belowl Mrs. Mae Gage, English. Opportunity Mrs. Bunker has had the opportunity Children tor the past several years. ln this class math, spelling, English, and any subject the children are weak in are taught. This is a areat help to children who are slower at grasping new ideas. Library Remember . . . Those little slips ot paper you got in your classes when you had a book overdue from 27 or 3011. How KBelOW.l Mm' Hamm Bunker' GPA you'd rush home only to find that you had either taken portunity. it back or that you couldn't even tind it. CBelowJ Miss Margaret Little, Library, Study Hall. png! Secretaries You Are Sure To Remember . . . That telephone call to the office from Miss Helen Bishop. That, however, was just one of the jobs she did as secretary to Mr. Lynn. And across the hall from her you can recall Mrs. Louise Harrington Working at her desk over the affairs of the school. todians. tLeltD Mrs. Louise Harrington, Mr. Berg's Secretary. fliightl Miss Helen Bishop, Mr. Lynn's Secretary, CLeftl Mr. T. H. Kelso and Mr T. C. Hughes, cus- Custodians Remember . . . The janitors working away from dawn to evening trying to clean up the school for you and keep it warm and in repair. Almost every time you would look around you could see some of them sweeping up the paper someone had just dropped. tBelowJ Mr. Henry Van Dyke, head custodian. P4age..1..S You will see Miss Carolyn Kruse any time through the day in Iunior High. She teaches seventh grade English. Before she came here this year she was working in Chicago. Miss Naomi Bos- lough, drarnaricc and English in- structor returned last semester to Newton from three the WAVES as person- She took up her tcrrner y e a r s in nel ollicer. p o s i t i o n im- mediately with the play, "The Tong- led Yarn." Mrs. Iune Homage took Mrs, Meg- git's place at the beginning oi the second semester, She is a physical education instructor and teaches most of the lunior high girls. .S A W Mr. Leland Luft took over in the Iunior high mathematics department at mid-year after having served as chief naval officer at a gyroscope school at Treasure Island during the war. 121,92 214 An old but yet new member of the taculty this year is Mr. Robert Wick. Formerly he taught public speaking, SEP., and coached debate. In l942 he entered the service and was stationed in Italy as a captain during the war. He teaches one class of American history and is adviser lor the sophomores. A teacher who joined the stall second semester was Mr. Otis Crozier. During t'i ar Mr. Crozier was an a.-my laboratory technician in Naoles for two years. hmm- v ,df 'AM . gf' 'K Q X in v 5 S , .Q i f ,j'-' . , 1.Qgi.:,y--gg. M. , ziggy: 1. ff- Q wing ff 31- .nil 1 + ' L 1? ' A. Q Q' f u 1 iw f A f ..fQBf.aaw:1n E .. . N 4, W :I ,K Q M rr NL Hq ig . ff film n g g Sf F by M S fa Q ,gg a pw 0' wr .YN 1 V ff R il "' Q Page 26 Seniors are leaders ot the immediate future, the hope of passing generations, good minds, steady hands and Willing hearts, ready to make a World of controversy and suspicion a Utopia of never-ending peace. 1946, a living year, a date when numerous Weil-known pupils and couples will graduate into a new lite. Leaders of underclassrnen, their footsteps set the pattern. '-L f 6 X , yfzffw H L , 'W' K :ck M Q ,- hw Ti l I . .A A 4 -Yr L, Q ,.. y ' ' L EA 31' lliiulitl Pail lV1ll!'- pliy, VC1l9Pl1CTOFlGf1 Salutatoriori Robert SlGTllOl'lvM'Ol'lvlllCfIl1f?.7l zicfio- Iwyml Mmphy placed nw: lautic lionoris during lkiit: lligli .vilicol Wim hw Omlgmwmm mu cared: to merit the title ot valedic- H average. torian. Senior Leaders Whetlier todays students go on to job, college, or into the arms ot Uncle Sam, l946 will be the year the seniors look back upon as one of their biggest, busiest, and best. The Valedictorian and salutatorian led the class in knowledge and the otticers below directed the class activities, lntorrnal otlicerzs not in picture: Giftorian Ronny Butler, Poet' Marjorie Qliofvke, Yell Leaders Shirley Adams, Babe Kurnin, Song Leaders: Beverly Elfscott, Bob Stafivon, CLeft to rightl Bill Denniston, Darrell Rojohn, Sally Hamill, Tlialia Arndt Fagr. "F- fit till f Darlene F, Anderson Commercial 'Darliwy' l"il'sI Girls' lllvn- Vluli 1. llirl llvsi-l'x'w-N. Doroll ly A ndorson Commercial "'l'ln- 'I':unglo-ll Yuri: I, 1-Ill II1-sl-l'x'l-w Tlialia Arncll ,, . oorriivierctlal 'lll'KlllNl'l'l' from Sioux Uity. Imran 15. ll-llzu llll llzlml 11, IZ. l Yivv l'r4w1f nl:-nl ... l'4-1 Hunfl 1, "Sun Up" .X mm: Zi. . :'- :iff Darrell Aclitcfmoior Freda Adams Shirley L. Adams Aariciillure Commercial Commercial "Sliortie" 'l'r:n'll I. Vuolliaill I. 2. Sv:-mul Girls' lllvv Vlulu 1. Ss-uoml llirls' llla-v Fluli I Ilnslu-lIi:nll lluliziun-I' LJ. LI, liirl lin-sc-l'x'm-x. f1Sl'l'l'l'l1ll'j'. Ilmli: Ev. l'lulr l, 2. lloim- liuoln Roprv- svnlailive 2, Annual Il, 4- Sportx II:-:ul -1. fllll't'I'lUZltlt'T Il, 4. II0llll'4'0llliIlK :itll-lul:illl 4. Girl livsm-rv.-s-Clalss Re- , p1'q-sriitutivv L.. "Dui" ... ,, Flial lin-llzx 4, ul ' 1 ., . v l I I N lim: tuulitm I lla Q Sv-vl'.-lzi1'y lllvlllsnu lllslin pl: wllluliu llum fllllllll NS.: .- nu-I-vi I Quill :mil .-null I, , . . ,.- lr Fern Atwood Vernon Babcock' Stacy Backus' Commercial College Prep "Bob" Commercial flliiu-ml f"mrus 51, Al. Girls' Flffllllllll l. 2. fl. 4-l0l'0l' 4. Mixed Chorus 3, First Nuys' 'l'ri ali- Trio Ii, -t, "'1'l1v 'l'rzu'k 1, 2. Golf Ll. Ulm' Vluh 2, 25. "1 - - vIll'll" -1. Girl R04 I Iin1.,lul X hQ'l'Xl'5, 'Serving in llie Armed Forces. Page 29 Pago 30 Betty I, Baldwin Commercial Soc-ond Girls' Glee Club 1. Home ltlv. Ulub 1. liihrary Club l, 3. "Cardinal Rsviewn 3. Delta Mu Delta: Zi, -L Girl Reserves. lames Banks loe Sam Barton Industrial "l'ioola" College Prep Football 1. 2, 4-Aletter 4. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, -L Trnvk 2. Buys' Double Quartet 2, 3, 4. "Rod Mill" 2. Footbsill I 2. Bziskotball Manager 1. Annual Newtonia News 3. "The Visitor" 4. Norma Beatty Commercial Sevond Girls' Glee Club 1. First Girls' Glee Club 2. 3- Prcsidvnt 3, Mixed Cihorus 3. 4. Girls' Triple Trio 3. 4. "Rod Mill" 2. Girl Reserves. Pandora Barton l-lomemalzing "Pam" Trnnsfgr frmu Vt-rclugo Hills High Sr-llonl, 'l'ujun,'fn, Cnli- t'm'ni:u -1. Hirl lin-sn-Iwi-3 4. lean Bauer tlomemaking '1'r:msfvr from William Christnmy High S4-lmol, lmlepcmleiivtl. Missuuri Girl Reserve-s 3, 4. Carlos E. Baxter Colleae Prep "Curl" -linys' Glu- Vlub 1, Footlmll 'J Craig Bedell Mary Ann Bishop Industrial Commercial Football Manager 2. May Fate 1. First Girls' tilt-'P Club 1. 2. "The Tauglml Yarn" 4. Girl Reserves. Iohn Blair Industrial 'l Ilalskn-Ilmll I, 4. Don Bozarth Industrial lvlllllillllll 1, 2, ll. fl-If-tt:-r 4. 2 'l I Ilnnkvtluill 1, . lf-ttf-r 4. True-k 1, 12, Sl, 4. Margaret Brock Commercial Lilnrnry Club I. First Girls' tilt-0 Club I, 2, Uhorus ZS, 4. "lim l Mill 2. Annunl Il. tl irl lim-svi'v1-s-- ' 'z l rugrum llhuirumn Lenora Bixby Leona Bixby Betty lean Blacker Commercial 'Bix" Commercial "Lee" Commercial "Bot" Sn-1-mimi Girls' H100 Clnlu 1, Sm-oml tiirls' Glen- Ululi 1, Svvoiul Girls' film- fllllll 1. 2, liirl Its-sv1'v4-s, LZ. Girl Item-1'vn-s, 12. Girl Rlsx-rvvs. Iohimieu "Baz" lilixi-ml Kenneth A Brownw Robert Buckles Gene Buckley Industrial '-Brownieff Industrial "Bob" Agriculture "Buck" Nowtonia News 2, 3, 4. Home ltnom Ruprl-smmxtive "Cardinal Review" 3. 2. l4'.l".A. l, 2, 4-Pre-si1lvnt Bnskr1tlm1l1.Track2. 4, liullsi Mu lla-ltzi Il, -1. l"1mtlH1ll l. 2, Il. -l-lvttvl' Ji, 4. 'lIl'llt'k l. 11. 35 '--- lvllcl' 25. N,.X.ll,S. Il, 4. Pnge 31 Page 32 Ronald Butler Ramona Cameron Max Carder College Prep "Wre-tt" Coinrnercial "Mo" Commercial '1'r:mst'r-r from xV0lNlI'llfl' liund 1. 2. fl, 4-Prvsiiln-lit lligh Si-lmol, IR-orin. llliimis -l. Pop linml 2. Il, 4. Minit- Zl. :xlllllltll -1, N -wtmiiai Ni-ws 4. De-ltal Mu llvltn J. 4 li, 4-Sports Iiclitnr. Award il. Ort-lit-Nt1':t I. ZZ. il. 4. ucilffllllill K1-vin-wl' 4. "'l'llt 'l'illlg'l04l Yarn" 4. Girl lit'- SGYYVS. Donald Coxi' Industrial "Don l"nuI lnill -l. Geraldine Davis Homernaking "Gerry Sl'l'Vl'N. lean Davis College Prep Herman Deaton Industrial lfootlmll 3. William Denniston Industrial "Bill" Student Council 1--Presi- tlent. Home Room Repre- svntative 2. Mixed Chorus 15, -1-Vice ,Prlsidexlt 3. Boys' Glee Club 4. Class 'l'1'eusure-r 4. Forensir' Club 4. Football I. 2. Basketball Manager Z5--letter. Truck 1, 2. lim-lt:: Mu lloltn 4. llunll l 2, llirl Rest-rvvs. Charles Dodd' Commercial "Chuck" Boys' Hlee Club 1, Mixed Chorus 1, 2. l"oothanll l. ZZ. Busketlmll l. 2. Golf 1. 2. , 3-lvtter 2, Ii. N.A,H.S. 3, l 4. I "'I'!1f- Yisituru 4. Girl RD Erdythe Irene Earp Commercial Annual 2, 3, Honorary "N" Zi. Hirl Rem-rws. Clarence Ebert Industrial Arlene M. Commercial First Girls' Glen Cluli 1, 2. Girl ltr-serv 1s. Richard E. Donahue qrman y lane Eads Commercial "Donuts:" Ind'u tr' l "TDor"' Commercial "lame" Boys' GI-'19 Clllln 2, Ii- Shu c it mvil l---Yi:-4' llll'llllNfPl' Horn K1-linux, Iown l'rvHirluril, Ura-In-sim 2, il Pros 0 . Mixr-rl Ulm:-us 1. IS. Nixs-rl l'l-ny-us il, 4, First 'I'rum'k 2, fl. 2, Il . Oys' Gle-u Cluly 2. Girls' tile-v llluli Il, I. Girl ll, , "Heil Mill" 2. "Tho Ih-sm'x'Q-s Il, +I, 'l'zlliglv1l Yarn" 4. Football 1. 2, 3. 4-lottvr il, 4. Basketball 1, 2, IS, 4---lvtivr J, 4. Fravk Z, J, 4. i Eilert f Beverly Ioyce Elscott Commercial "Bunny" Student Council 1. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4. First Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. Orchestra 2, 3. "Thr: Tangled Yarn" 4. Girl Reserves-Class Re- prs-svntative 3. Lewis Emery' College Prep "Lew" Band 1. Orchestra 1. Boys' Glee Club 3, 4. Mixed Chorus 2, 3, 4-Secretary 3. Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 3, 4. Track 2, 3--letter N.A.H.S. 3, 4. "Little VVomen" 1, "You Cax1't Take It With You" 1, "The Very Light Brigade" 12, "Sun Up" 2. "Junior Missn 3, "The Visitor" 4. 'I'lu-spian Club 2, 3, 4. Clifford L. Farland Industrial "Cliff" Student Council 1-Vive President. Mixed Chorus 1. Football 2. Page 33 Nancy Gass Commercial and College Prep "Ilan" 'l'r:msi'vr irom Tl'ilPI'. Iowa Il, "Tim '1'2lllE,lk'1l Yarn" 4. Girl Rn-sf-r'.'es 25. 4. Wyonne Gifford Ethlyrie Good Commercial Commercial "Blondie" First Girls' film- Club I. 2. l"irsi Girls' Glffo Club l. Girl lbw-i-ws. llirl R4-serves. lean Grimm Commercial "Iecmnef' First Girls' Glow- Club 2. Girl Rc-serves. Sara Arm Hamill College Prep "Sally" Student Council 1. Band 1, 12. Mixed Chorus 4. Class Vice President 3, 4. Delta Mu Delta 4. Nowtonia News 4. " You Czm't Take It Vilith You" 1. "The Very Light Brigade" 1. "Suu Up" 2. "The Visitor" 4. "The Tang- led Yarn" 4. Thespizm Club 2, 3, 4-Secretary 4. Girl Reserves. Richard Gorrell College Prep "Dick" Ile-lin Nli: lh-ltai 4. A'f'ill'lllIlIll Rvvivw' 22, 4, Annuzll 4. .. 1 . - U . X'- Xuu flllll Iilkv ll Xitli 'i'o1!" 2. ,l'lll'SIlillll frllllll 35. 4. W Willis Edward Grant Colleqe Prep "VVillie" Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Pop Band 2, 3, 4. Orchestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Donna Grimm College Prep Sec-mid Girls' Gle2 Club 1, 2, Il, First Girls' Gleo Club 4. Girl Reserves. Dean Hammer Noi Graduating Iohn Heaverlo' College Prep Patricia Herring Commercial 'Pain Mix.-II Illmrur-i I. Sa-I-ond Ilirls' Ulm- Ululr I, 2. Ur-I-In-sIl'u l, 2. il. Girl Rv- wr-rvvs-Snvinl Fhnirmnn 2. Shirley Hesson Commercial Svvonrl Girls' Glr-v Club 1. First Ilirls' Glen- Uluh 2. thorn-1 I llunn F4 I Mixs-ll ' . Chili I. 2, JK. -4-lwsiflvrit 2. Stun- S-1-rs-tury 4. Annual 2, IK. llllllilfllfy "N" Zi. ilirl li1'Ni'l'V4'NLfllllNN l'rI-simlenl Il, Sn-rviw fllllllflllllll -L IM-Hn. Mu llvlla 4. Harriet I. Hammerly College Prep H4-I-unsl Girls' film- i'lulm I. 2. Mix:-il Chorus ll, 4. Uri-ln-slrzi 2, 8. Ilnnu- IGI-. Ululn l, 2. 3, -fm-'l'T'I'1ISIll'I'l' I. Lilrrury Club I, 2, .74 l'rm-side-nl 2. liirl li1-svi'-.'I-s- Class Representative 2. Vice l'rm-s-rifle-nt II, l'x'e-sirla-nt 4, In-llzl Mu ll:-lin 4. Shirley A. Harper Paul Harrington Commercial College Prep "Pete" Alamy l"Hh- I. flu-nlu-sin-ri 2 IM-lm Mn Delta 4. New- Inniu News Il. "'l'll0 Visitor" 4. Marilyn Lee Hiatt Commercial Mixed Chorus 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4-Secretary-Treasurer 3. Pep Band 2, 3, 4. Orcliestrn 1, 2, 3, 4. Homecoming nt.- tendant 4. Doltn Mu Delta 4. 'Edward Hicks College Prep "Eddie" Melvin Hobbs Industrial :'Mel" Football 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 3, 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4- letter 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4-- Lotter 3, 4. Page 35 .1 Carl Hoflert lnclnstrial Iinys' Ulm' Kllulr l. Maxine Hoftmaster College Prep "Mickey" Hand 1, 2. llnlnv l'l4'. Clulr I 7 L, Annual L, 13. Girl Rf-- sorves. Shirley A. Holmes Commercial College Prep "Shirl" May F?t-c 1. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 2, 3, 4. Or- vhestra 1. 2, 3, 4--Secre- tary 4. Music letter 2, 3. Mixed Chorus 2, 4. "The Visit0r" 4. Girl Resvrvvs. Dgltn Mu Delta 3, 4. Wilma Huff Commercial "Willy Transfer from Miugo, low: 4. t"l'he Tamglesl Yarn" -I. Doris Hummel Commercial "Doe' May l".-tv 1. S04-ond Girls Glvo Club 1, 2. linnrl l. 2 il, -1. P911 Bnnvl Sl. 4. 01' Basketball 1, 2. Trunk 2. "Junior Miss" 3. "'l:.ngle4l Yarn" 4. Harold Iackson Betty Lou Iacobs Robert D. Iohns Industrial "Tiny" Commercial "lake" Commercial "Sonrz 1' " Sevond Girls' Glee Club 1. May F':to 1, Band 2, 3, 4. On-hr-stra 1. Girl Reserves Student Council 1. Mixed Chorus 1. Boys' Glce Club 2. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Class Secretary 3. "Tangled Yarn" 4. Basketball 1, 2, 4. Foot- ball 1, 2, 3, 4-l2tter 4. Travk 1, 3, 4. cliestru 1, 2, 3, 4. 'AThe Tangled Yarn" 4. Girl Ru- serves. lack lske' College Prep "Toby" Buys' Glee Club wl, 2. Beverly Iohnson Commercial "Bev" Iiihrnry Club I, May Feti- 1, .knuuul ZS. Newtnniu NA-ws 2. Girl Re'svrvn-af-Re- porter il, pl'0L!1'3lll Cluiirman 4. "Sun Up" 25. "Junior Mins" 3. "The Visitor" 4. "The 'I'nnglc-tl Yarn" -1. The- npinn Club It, 4'-Vive l'r4-sich-nt 4. D -ltu Mu IM-lla: Al. Rosemarie Iones Not graduating Fulolun Kaldenburgi Industrial Footliull 2. 22, -I-In-ttvr Il, Basketball 1, 2, Il, l-flvltvr 3. Coralie M. Knapp I-Iomemaking "Corky" Girl Reserves Marvin Kumm Commercial "Babe" Student Council 1--'1'reas- urer. Boys' Ulm- Club 3. Claw-4 R -pr:-M-ututivu 2. BllHlil'flHlll 1, 2, It. Football l, 2, Il. Tmck I, 2, JI. "The Viwitnr" 4. Tha- Tangled Yarn" 4. Thcspinn Club 4. Clie-vrleuder 4. Charles Larson Industrial "Chuck:' Boys' Ulm-v Club I, 2, il, 4- l'rn-uidmit. l. Mixvnl Cliorus 4. Tru:-k I, 2, 3, 4. Matthew Leydens Donald Lloyd IUCIUSYTY "W11g" Commercial "Don" Basketlmll 2. Il. Footlmll Boys' Glve Club 1. Truck 1. 1 2 3 4-letter 2 3 4 Trnclc 2, 3-letter 2, I Robert I. Lust Industrial "Bob" Football 1. 2, Ji, 4--letter It. 4. Basketball 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3 4-letter 4. 3959. 237 .Qu l Page 38 Fred McCurnber' Industrial Marjorie McLaughlin College Prep "Margie'f First. Girls' Glas' Club It. Girl Rf-serves. Annual Shaft' -1. Nvwlrmiu N.-wrs 4. "'l'ung,:- lm-el Yarn" fl. Robert Mahl' lndustry "Governor" 'lll'ill'll I. Fun lack Dwight Martin' Industrial "Iackson" Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3. 4. "Red Mill" 2. Boys' Glze Cub 1, 2. Orchestra. 1, 2, 3. Basketball 1, 2. Football Manager 4-letter 4. Track 3. Normie Lee Matheny Agriculture "Red" F.F.A. 1, 2, 4-Vice Presi- dent 4. Football 1, 2, -1-- letter 4. Track 1, 2, 3. N.A.H.S. 4. -t llrull 'J o. Dorothy Main Commercial k'DOt" May Feta 1. First Girls Glee- Club 1, 2. Newtonin Neyvs 3, "Tangled Yarn" 4. Girl Reserves. Kenneth March College Prep Boys' Glue Club 1, 2. Gretchen Ann Miller College Prep May Fate 1. Delta Mu Dolta 3, 4. Band 1, 2, 3, 4- Librarian 3. Orchestra 2, 3, 4, Mixed Chorus 2, 4. Girl Reserves-Music Chairman 4. Robert Marshall Industrial Bob Williclm Molleck Ierry Morris LoVeto Morrison College Prep 'Bill" Agriculture Commerciol "Susie" lZ.m4l l, LZ, Zi. 1. Pop Rumi F.F..l. l. 2. -1-S4-vw-l:ll'5 ll'l'll4' l'l1', Ullllv I, liirl 1, 2. Mixvrl flliorus l. 2. -I. I, l4'0ollvull 2, Tl'Ill'li l, 13. livsr-1105. Ul't'llt'Sfl'li. 2, 4. Alllllllll 4, lfnotlnnll l, 2, 25, flfflritlvr 4. Hzlskvtliull 1, 2, Sl. 4. Truck 1, 4-Mnnugxer -I. Golf 3 Doyle Mulbrook Industrial Lorelei Lee Mulbrook College Prep "Lee" Mny lfuts- 1. "Junior Miss" "'I'hv Visitor" 4. Girl ltr-serves. Poul Murphy College Prep Sunil-nt Gmini-il I. IH-ltn Mn Imlm Zi, 4, Fuotlmll 1, 2, Zi, 4-lvtivr 4. llawkr-Ylmll 2. 'I'rnvk l, 2, 3, 4--letter 3. N.A.lI.S. -1. Marion Murray Ardoth Neol Harold Nelson' College Prep "Pct" Commercial "Anile" Industrial Trnnsfcr from Colfax, Town May Frte 1. Ilomo Ev. Club 4. Girl Reserves 4. l. Girl Reserves. Page 39 Ease .40 Ralph E. N iebur Duane Olsen lnclustrial "Butch" College Prep "Ole" Studs-ni Cquuvil l-l'om- Delta Mu lie-l1.uZi,4.i-lanzrl Illilll'f' llllillflllllll, Voutlmll 1, U. 3, 4---Pri-sid-lnt. 2. I, LZ, Jft. -lvlvttz-1' -I. H:uslwt- Pep Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Ur- bull 1. 2. 'lrark 1, 2, lt, .1, vhs-stm I. 2, Ii, 4-P1-pei. nl'-nt 4. Stud:-nl. Cnnduutm Il. "'l'lu- Visit-or" 4. Fuutlmll -1. 'l'1'm'k 2, 15, 4. .JW pp Af Marjorie O'Roake College Prep "Mari" May Veto 1. Second Girls' Glen Club l. Band 3, 4. Oruluestra Ji, 4. "Sun Up' Il. Girl Reserves. Cheer- lvsulcr 4. v Marjorie L. Patterson Commercial "Pat" Second Girls' Glee Club 1. Band 2. 3, 4. Pep Band 2, 3, 4. Home Ee. Club 1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves. Betty Iean Pauls Commercial WE. I." Home Room Reprecentntive 2. Annual 3. Newtonia News 3. Orchestra 3. Band 3, 4- Vi'ce President 4. Pep Band 3. Home Ec Club 1, 2. Girl Reserves-Pianist 3. "Junior Miss" 3. Delta Mu Delta. 4. Stanley Oswalt Industrial "Stan" Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. Harriet Lee Pahre Commercial Library Club 2. First Girls' Glee Club 1, 2. Band 3, 4. Girl Reserves. "Cardinal Review" 4. Delta Mu Delta 4. Iulia Patterson Commercial "Tulle" First Girls' Glee Club 3. Girl Reserves. Donald E. Peery lnclustrial "Pee:y" F.F.A. 1. 2. Boys' Glee Club 2, 3. 5 C Norman Petersen Helen Phillips College Prep "Pe2e" College Prep "Little Wnmi-n" 2, "You May FL-te l. Band 1, 2, 8, l'un'L Tukv lt With You" 2. -1-letter 3. Orchestra 1, 2. Si, 4. Pep Band 1, 2. 3, 4. Girl Reserves-'Devotion Cliuirumn 4. linton Rinehart' Industrial "Clint" 'l'r:u'k 2. Fred D. Ritter lriaustrial "Dutchy" 'I'runxf1-r from Molim-, ll- lilmis 4. Howard Ritter Agriculture Nuys' tilt-1' Club l, 2 Il, I. .' 4' I .I A. 4. Gerald Pille College Prep "Ierry" 'fraiiisfvr from Van Cleve, Iowa 2. Darrell Rojohn Delbert A. Roush Dale Rusk Industrial Commercial "Deb" College Prep ' . , 3 . -f"l . Student Council 1. flllllllll Buys' Glce Cluh 1, 2, 3I'x-Ll v?w?,,L:F5l,,5reG:gf,:i.t if fibongulfl Staff 3. Mixed ChUl:RlS 1, Chorus 3, 4. Newtonian Nluas In 2' 3' 4-letter 3. 4. -1. Track BA. Forensic' 3, 4. Editor 4. isusk.-wall 1, 2, 3, 4-lem-r Club 4-Pfesldenh vk 1 2, 3, 4- 3, 4. Tra letter 2, 3. Page 41 Page 42 Barbara Ioan Santen Commercial "Io" May Foto 1. Class Sc-wrofary 1. Class 'l'r.-usurer 3. Mixed Vlmrus 1. 2, 3. -l. "Re-4l Mill" 3, Girl Ri-survvs. Mary lean Santen Homemaking "Ieai'mie" May F4-tv 1. Orrhostrn 1 Stuilc-nt Vmmuiivil 1. Girls' Ulee Flulx I. -Mixed i'l'iorus l. 2. Ct, 4. Girl liesi-rxesn Class Rl'lPI'BS.'llliillYC 2 blll,i0Tk'llP 2. Roma Lee Scoville Commercial May Fein- l. Band 1. 2. 3, 4-Manager 2. Pop Band 4. Orvhestrii 1, 2, 3, 4 - A11lI12lgf'l' Ii. Girl Rem-i'vos. lames W. Shearer College Prep "Tim" Transfer from Hampton, Iowa 4, Basketball 4. Sylvia Dean Shrum Commercial "Dean" Mil! Feta 1. Second Girls' Gloe Club 2, Girl Reserves. Mary Doris Slycord Commercial nSU1'1Sl'1li'lGH Many Fate l. First Girls' Glee Club I. Sei-und Girls' lilee Clubi2. "Tho Turigled Yarn" 4. Girl Reserves. ' 1 Doris Smith X, l' J Lois Smith Ruth Smith Commercial F College Prep Not graduating Many Fr-to 1. First Girls' Glen- May Fc-te 1, Mixed Chorus Club 1, 2, Library 2. "The l, 2, Il. 4. "Rell Hills" 2. Tangled Yarn" 4, Girl Re' St'l"Yt!S. Annual 4-ACU-editor. New- toiiia News 3, 4-Editor 4. Quill and Scroll 4. Girl Re- serves. Music Award 3. Ruth Snook Commercial First llirls' Glec Girl Roni-rves. Clifford S Agriculture Buys' lllna Club 2, 3. F.l4'.A. 1, 2, 4-sentumul 4. Foot- lmll 'l 4 'I'rm'k " 'I Velma lean Sparks Commercial G irl Rm-sz-rvcs. lflilif LQ 9 Thomas Smith Burton Snook College Prep "Tom" Industrial "Burt" llvlmlv lvflvr 1. Ol'i'lx4-stru Second Boys' Glee Club 1. l, 2, Sl, 4. "Sun Up" 2. First Boys' Gleu Club 2, 25, "Junior Miss" Il. Thu-spiuu 4 Mixed Chorus 2, ll, -1. lllub 2, 3, 4. "Red Mill" 3. Orchestra 1, 2. Basketball Nllltllllhflll' - lvttor 3, 4. Robert I. Snook Industrial "less" Boys' Glcfl Club 1. Mixed Chorus ii, 4. Boys' Double Sextet 4. Football 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 4. Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 2, 3, 4. "Tho Tangled Yarn" -1. l Club l. 2. "Sparkie" a,.. Vern Spencer Industrial "Spence" I"0otbnll 1, 2. Baslietlmll 1 2. Truck 1. "The Visitor 4. Robert E. Stanton College Prep "Bob" Second Boys' Glee Cinh 1. Mixed Chorus 2. 3, 4. First Boys' Glee Club 2, 3, 4. "Red Mill" 2. Delta. Mu Delta 3, 4. Elton Lee Starrett Industrial "Bud" Page 48 5 . X Page 44 Wilma Steinberger Commercial "Billie" Transfer from Colfax. Iowa 4. Mixed Chorus 4. Girls' Triple Trio 4, Girl Ri.-serves 4. Arthur Sterling College Prep "Ollie" Student Conm-il l. Bzmnfl 1. 2, 4fSel'1'etnry 4. Pep Bancl 1. 2. Orvhestra, 2. Take It NVith You" 1. "Very Mixed Chorus 4. "You Caift Light Brigade" 2, "Suu Up" 2. "Junior Miss" 3. "The Visitor' 4. Thespian Club 3, A. Forfmsiv Club 4. Foot,- lmll 1, 2, 3, 4gl0tt0r 4. Biislcvtlinll 1, 2, 3, 4. Tr:ii'k I. 2, It 4-Mzirizigiwi' el. N. A. ll. N. 4. Donald Swihart Agriculture "Don" F.F.A. 1, 2, 4-Treasurer 4 lune Synhorst College Prep May Fvte 1. Girls' Douhln Sextet 1. Girls' Triple Trio 3, 4. Mixed Chorus 1, 2, 3, 4. "Red Mill" 2. Band 1, 2, 3, 4. Pep Band 2. 3, 4. Girl Resvrvi-s. Library Club 1. 2, 3. Annual 3, 4-Cn- 1-ditor 4. "You C:m't Tak.- lt NVith Yon," "Sun Up' 2. "Junior Miss" 3. "The Visitor" 4. Thespinn lllulr 2, 3, 4. Mary Ann Tetris Commercial "Terry" 1. Orchestra. 1, 2. Girl Re- May Fete 1. Home lic. Club serves. Patricia Thatcher Commercial "Pat" Transfer from Colfax, Iowa. Girl Reserves. "Tangled Yarn" 4. Max Tiedje Dale Toedt Beverly Townsend industrial "T, G." Not graduating Homemaking Football Manager 1, 4 -- Girls' Glee Club 1. letter 4. Track 1, 3. "The Tangled Yarn" 4. Iomes L. Tyler College Prep llvltu Mu IJ:-ltn Room Rvpr"m-ntntivu 2. . 1 1 1 ., .K 4 Boys hlee Llub Ulmru' , 2, 1, 2, zz. , Urrlu-st' , L. I l'Y'I'Nltl1'lll It, -1. Musit- Awurrl II, Ilunurnry "N" .L Now- l l 1 l 4 tuniti Zi, Annun N1-ws It, -I f-lthlitur xia' l1t'll2llt'. " You lt With You" 2. ""llh1- Visitor" 4. Tlu-spinn 4'lub 2, 25, 4. Football 1. Gretchen Umloorqer Commerciol S-1-untl Girls' Gln-ti tflub 1. l"irr4t Girls' Gln-v Club, tlirl lU'Nt'l'Y4'H. Iim Uricts College Prep llc-bule l. Colleen Townsend Cotrlton Trotter Helen leon Turney Commercial cmfl l-lome Agriculture Commercial "Marnie" Economics , , 2 Sm-oml Girls' Glen- Club 1, I 'I 'AA 1' ' 4' 2. Girl Reserves. Girl Reserves. .4-V .. ,tm 4. Ilmuv Mory R. Urios Commercial "Sl'1ortie" First Girls' Glu- Club 1. 2. Sl, Hume Ev. Club t. 2. Girl Reserves. Roberto Von V oorst Com in erciol First Girls' Glee Club 1. 2. Mixed Chorus 3, 4. Girl Reserves-Finance Clmirman ZS. Delta Mu Delta 4. Iczmes Vermillion Industrial "lim" Football manager 2, 3 - lvttvr ll. Basketball !llAll1LlfZ'I:'l' 22. 'l'rn4-k l. 2. silllllllllglttl' 2, Sl-li-tier 2, 3. 'x 'i X, Paxgv 45 Page 46 Dale Versteegh Esther Waddell Ray I. Walther lndustrlal Commercial "Indy" Industrial "Nose" llilwary Cluln l. liunll Il, 4, Mix-ll Chorus I, 2. il, 4. Orchestra 2, Il, 4. Girl Rv- Boys' Give Clulr I, Huy! serves. Delta Mu Dvltzm 4. Iluulile Quartet 4. lvlltllllllll l, 2. Il, 4.---l0lll'l' Il. -L liuslivtllzill l. 2, fl. 'l'r:u-lc 1. 2, fl, 4. N.,K.ll.S. 4. Ioy Winter Myron E. Wormley Commercial College Prep Sec-ond Girls' Glee Club 1. Student Council 1. Boys' First Girls' Glee Club 2. Glee Club 1. Home Room Mixed Chorus 3, 4. "The Representative 2. Football Tangled Yarn" 4. 1, 2, 3, 4-minor letter 4. Track 1, 2, 3. Delta Mu Delta 4. Duane L. Westbrook Industrial "Sonny Evelyn Wicket? Commercial lfirsl Girls' tilvu Clulr 1. llirl lion-i'x'es. , Patricia Willits Commercial "Pal" Ser-mul Girls' Glee Club 1. "Sun Up" 2. llirl R ':w:'v41s. In-ltu Mu Delta 4. Walter Williams College Prep "Thr Visitor' 4. KNO Picturel Commencement Activities Senior Prom - Senior Picnic - Senior Assembly Senior Banquet Baccalaureate Senior Reception Commencement Class Motto: "Life is what you make it" Class Flower: Red Rose Class Colors: Cherry Red and White Senior Ballot Best Athlete - Best Looking - Best Sport - - Absent-Minded - Most Accommodating Most Bashful - - Most Conceited - Most Courteous - Most Dignified - Most Representative Most Sarcastic - Most Talented - Thalia Arndt - Marilyn Hiatt Thalia Arndt - Marge O'Roake Marge O'Roake Harriet Hammerly Pat Willits - - Beverly Iohnson Sally Hamill - Gretchen Miller Marilyn Hiatt Sally Hamill - Beverly Iohnson Shirley Holmes - N eatest - - Mary Ann Bishop Peppiest - Marge O'Roake Wittiest - Marge O'Roake No Picture Iohn Craig Donna Allen Lawrence less CNo picturel lNo picturel CNo picturel Industrial Commercial Industrial Glee Club 4, Mixed Chorus Transfer from Green City, Glee Club 1, 2. 3. Mixed 4, Mo. 4. Chorus 2, 3, 4. May ll May 8 May May May May May 24 25 26 Z7 29 - Melvin Hobbs - Bob Iohns - Babe Kurnm Ray Walther - Babe Kurnm Donald Peery - Melvin Hobbs - Dorman Doty - Gene Buckley - Bob Stanton - Darrell Rojohn - lim Tyler Duane Olsen - Bob Iohns - Babe Kumm - Ronnie Butler .3 D Charles Wert 1 lNo picturel lndustrial Band 1. Pngv -17 1 lf' sf QK wi 'Z ,P 'V if wif -fit ik Q by 3 avg 'Q 3 1 Q ji Row How Row Row Vu gim- Ullll -' :Q -,ga .Q-1. X 3 i A532 Url 5 I 4 s.Q. Page 50 Iuniors are the rustic center of eagerness to learn and laugh. Iuniors reveal the reality ot the witticisrn, "the lull betore the storm." Gay, carefree, moderately serious, they typify the true teen-ager. They may realize the soberness cat things to come but they are eager to live without burden of worry or troubled anticipa- tion, Education, at this time, begins to form materially, and knowledge grows into a living object in the eyes of Newton High School juniors. I H Q in x Z 5 ' ' Q, J H- if " 4 . Vw ,f ' K 6 I- . , mlb 5 s Q v x - Hwy, . Q, , SL W... fl.eft to Right? lohn Berg, Secretaryg Robert Brie-rly, Presidentg lane Ross, Vice-President Iohn Leyclens Treasurer, Charles Aclanwfs Eldon Ada ms Garold Baker Richard Boker KNU l'im'llll'.'l Dorothy Balolwin Max Bell Boyd Benton Pauline Anderson E. A, Arnflt fNn I'i1-tural Marilyn Auten William Bamhouse Dorcas Baxter lohn Berg Lois Bergstrom Charles Berry Iohn Billingsley Ronald Bishop Robert Boldt Peggy Bowen Dcrolea Bozorth ! Ordell Birkenholtz Henry Birkenholtz Shirley Bollhoe Lynn Bowen Robert Brierly fNo l'ii'llll'k-'l te Bonnilea Bl'TCk Sally Broderson Anna Bullers Keith Butler Gfpmlfl Carpe-itcr Beverly Chedezsior Leonard Colm Carwin Cooper Don Calvin Ann Can1pbe!l Ardis Clement Allen Clingman Florence Cox fN0 F'l1'llll"Cl Gene Creech lune Crouse Herb Dougall Doris Douglas Mark Emmack Fred Erlan-izson Luella Fay lack Ferguson Ivalou Ellenvv mod Lois Elwood Sharon Ewalt Donna Fuhrney Maynard Filer fN0 Picture! Maynard Flake Kenneth Fleming Clarence Davidson lean Davis Neal Deaton Colleen Deere Dolores Dickinson Gregory Dickinson Marjorie Davis Ruth Davis Betty lean De Moss Dean Dickerson Rosalie Dimon INU l'iwturvl William Dirlam Deloris Dixon Page 53 Marjorie Hammer Paul Hamre Lorraine Hawkins Beverly Haynes Sarah Hill Harlan Holdefer Edward Hand lN4l Pivfllrel Derald Harclenburg Robert Harding Donald I-leaverlo Anna Hewsofi Donna Hulse Norma lrelom ,. rl Ruth Ann Fox Pat Gallagher Edna Gorgas Morna Graham DeLoris Gunsaulus Myrna Guthrie Marjorie Gardner David Gooch Richard Greene Rosemary Guessford Carroll Hammer David Hammer Ellen Irwin Clinton Iacobs Lynn Iohnson Louise Iohnson Warren Ionlz Robert lordan CNU l'iv1l1rf0 Shirley Kalclenhurg 'ETL -'Ui Delmar less Mary Louise less Ruth Iohnson CNo Picture! Cleo Iones Patricia jontz Ralph Kenyon Harrold Kingery Vera Kleinenclorst Pauline Kling William :Coppin Charles ifuhn Glendoris Leahy Ioan Lekberg Ioan Knott Donald Knight Shirley Laird Marvin Lammers Dorothy Lester Louise Lewis Maxine Mahon Marilyn Martin Dorothy Meyer Helen Miller Ruth Morelock Richard Mortenson fN0 l'i1-turuj Gene Mortley Catherine Meade Betty Merritt Donald Millsap Betty Molleck Iames Muilenburg Pat Mullens Iohn Leydens Gladys Lott Mary Ann Lloyd Dale Long Robert Long William Lyons Burton Lothe Darlyne McCabe lames McCa1'l lc-e McMasters Creeda Ioann McClar1ahar1 Liackerman Page 55 I , Margaret Petersen Lois Postma Anna Marie Pille Kathryn Philip Pringle Marian Pyle Robert Richards Virgil Rollstin CNQ Pl0tl1TC'l Iane Ross Prendergast Iewell Raymie Burton Reynolds Pete Roussos Deloris Rusk P3121 56 Mary Mulleneclux Marvin Munger Martha Northcutt Wanda Olipliant Veva Patterson Wanda Patterson William Myers Delmar Nagel KNO Picture? Pichard Northcote Geraldine Otten Chrystal Pai sons Peggy Ann Perry Francis Peters Patricia Schlotfeldt Keith Schwartz Cleo Shelton Bill Shields Marvin Simpson Lucille Smith Kenneth Sch wartz lean Shearer Melva Shippey Barbara Simmons Margaret Smith Beverly Snook Carol Soderblom Billie Spillers Donald Sparks Elsie Springer Famer: Stanley Avis Stevenson Coleen Stevens Lowell Stewart Dorothy Stickler Clinton Stotts Bonnie Swalwell Beverly Switzer Raymond Weaver Morris Wheeler Coleen Wylie Robert Yeutsy Robert Harmon Donald Wiclcliil QN0 Pictnrej Donald Willits Avery Wilson QNU Pivturel Blaine Wilson Nadine Youngkin Doris Myers QNQ Pictur-'l Barbara Hall Delores Terpsslra Lee Thomasson Patsy Umbarger Beverly Vanclerpol Frances Trevethon Dale Trout QNU I'i4'tlI1'0D Norma Turner Marie Vande Weerd Lester Van Dyke Mafgflfel VCU H0111 Warner Wagaman Richard Vermillion fN0 Picturel Kenneth Veverka lris Warner Page 57 Page 58 Underclassrnen are the unglorified masses of industrious students who hold the glory of sports, the hopes ot the faculty, the spice of activities, and the goal of graduating in the palm ot their hands and the fruittulness ot their minds. They are youths who will use their unmassed education as an instrument to carve out a good life and a sound future for the generations to come. mm M x Vlwll X Rn: ' r N 9 f., lex Tenth Grade Boys CLelt to rightl Row 1: Max Rabourn, Richard Havens, Bill Sudbrook, Dick Leydens, Paul Guy, Donald Loupee, Iohn Starrett, Elden Lundberg. Row 2: Dick Albee, Norman Kennedy, Dean Roussos, Richard Bricker, Dale Ebert, john Livingston, Noel Moss, Carroll Meyer, Arthur Tratchel. Y A Row 3: Kenneth Peery, George Krieger, C. R. Hooper Ir., Gene Ray Roush, Donald McKinney, Bill Riley, Herbert Spencer, Rayburn Larimer, Roy L. Iensen. Row 4: George Sjaardema, Robert Schultz, Edwin Miller, Samuel Bullers, Iohn McLaughlin, Dale Turley, Raymond Crouse, Vernon Main, Esequiel Gonzalez, Row 5: Bill Plumb, lim Morgan, Robert Campbell, Daniel Spalink, lim McMahon, Richard Decker, Frank Barrett, Fred Phillips, Glen Ponder. Row 6: Dean Ellis, Norman Filer, Bill Heaberlin, Iames Thomas, Harold Mason, Frank He-rbst, lerry Guthrie, Gene Lgincoln, lim Esping, Byron Brain. Row 7: Bob Lister, Bob Molleck, Clair Calhoon, Ronnie Holdsworth, Bob Moftitt, Bernard Lammers, Leon Adams, Bruce lung, Edward McMahon, Bob Pennell. Row 8:Bi1l McLain, Bob Harper, Charles Tabor, Eldo Reid, Bob Fisher, Bill Laird, lim Stewart, lim Wolfe, Charles Shepherd, Hugh Carpenter, Bill Waddell, Ralph Beals. Row 9: lack Mortley, David Aldridge, lack Nicholson, Leslie Crawford, lerry McMahon, Leroy less, Ioe Urias, Glenith McKee, Larry Iackson, Paul Simons, lack McClurg, Edward McKeag, Robert Vanderbilt, Tenth Grade Girls tLelt to rightl Row 1: joan Samson, Ladonna Toye, Georgette DeMeyer, Marilyn Humphrey, Pat Mul- brook, Marjorie Rodgers, Etha Duchesneau, Claire johnson, Delores Meyers, Wanda Ponder. Row 2: Marty jo Lorton, Norma Clymer, LaVola Herrington, Shirley Kooistra, Greta Miller, Elma Peery, Dorothy Wesses, Marilyn Walker, Edith Humes, Cecilia johnson, Shirley Morgan. Row 3: Patricia Damman, Shirley Sutphin, Elveretta Walker, Marjorie McNeW, joyce Kreager, Dorothy lllingworth, Vineta Decker, Betty Darr, Pat Craig, Ann Russell. Row 4: lva Mae Babcock, Betty Sedlock, Marjorie Mateer, Marilyn Talbot, Ruth Wedekin, Marilyn Higdon, Ramona Patterson, Lois Brand, Shirley Carnahan, Phyllis Earp, Ruth Blom, Virginia Schippers. Row 5: Lucille Graham, Daneene jenkins, Lucille Bitter, Darlene Nearmyer, Dorothy Vander Wertt, Phyllis Dickerson, Marjorie Shankland, Marilyn Utterback, joAnn Vance, Lorraine Merritt, Marilyn Anderson. Row 6: joann Denniston, Darlyne Tidball, Lorena Ayres, Betty Banks, Viola Lacey, Bette Young, Sally Baird, Helen jackson, Louise Lantz, joy Burnett, Shirley Sprague, Row 7: Louise Larson, Darlene Davis, Frances Stover, Arlene Holmes, Mary Alyce Paul, Fredda Bryson, julie Hamill, Phyllis Davis, Roberta Hiatt, LaVonne Kleinendorst, Patty Huffman, Betty Main, Carol Pahre. Row 8: Doris Dainmeier, Beverlee Bempp, Patty Kleinendorst, Barbara jack, Barbara Elacker, Ruth Queen, Mary Ann Lansrud, joan Smith, jean Aunspach, Beverly Emmack, Marie Brown, Alanna Forshay, Ardelle Nearmyer. Row 9: Nellie Peterson, Boberta Blackledge, Rebecca Bay, Dorothy j. Pickering, Loretta Martin, Beverly Hansel, janice Baridon, Lily Harr, Bowena Bates, Wanda Dowld, Donna jean Dow, Edna Bunse, Colleen Trotter, Verlee lngle, Mary jean Shaw. Page 62 Ninth Grade Boys CLett to rightl Row 1: Francis Sheeler, Gerald lacobs, lrwin Witte, Melburn Clymer, Bob Hurley, Larry lontz, lack Thompson, Glen Shatter, Terry Goodman, Bud Davis, Butch Snook, Roger Lewis. Row 2: Dwain Holmes, LaVerne Nida, Iohn Swihart, Ronald Young, Gale Eaton, De-an Leahy, Iames Lexis, Roy Hennsing, lack lones, LeRoy Hannagan. Row 3: lunior Chedester, Marvin lngrahm, Leland Smith, Bill Spellman, Bob larnagin, Leonard Dannen, Dwayne Mortenson, Don Monroe, Bob Carter, Rayetorcl Sutlihin, Charles Baker, Bill Rogers. Row 4: B-ill Foster, Robert Ferrins, Mordun McFadden, lack McCoy, Dale Spain, Carlton Shields, lerry Damman, Edward Winger, Donald Umbarger, Bill Vernon, Robert Meyer, Bob Stewart. Row 5: Leslie Howse, Murray Bicknell, Bob Bennett, Roland Carter, Bob Griffith, Keith Wisgerhol, Bob Perry, Ronald less, Donn Campbell, Rollin Hoffert, lim Donahue, Craig Wright, Bob Ferguson, Bradley McMain. Row 6: Dicky Richards, loe Nichols, Vernon McClein, Robert Lint, Robert Patterson, Richard Breckenridge, jimmy Van Epp, George Myers, Robert Iohnson, Robert Van Drimmelen, Fred Eke, Derald Danmeier, Isaac Baarda, George Cammack. Row 7: Darwin Duming, Dennis B. LaFavre, Gerald Havens, lunior Myers, Maurice Phillips, Charles Altman, Bob Smith, Dwight Mortenson, Howard Klopping, Leo O'Roake, lack Umbarger, R. C. Laird. Row 8: Robert Larson, Robert Roney, Lloyd Yates, Tommy Upton, Marvin Rohrclanz, lim Shepherd, Donald Bollhoeler, Ronald Reynolds, lerry Funk, Forrest Wilcox, Dorntan Parker, lim Ferguson, Robert Gomez. Row 9: Robert McNeere, Elvin Hardenbrook, Eugene Leatheman, Richard Bozarth, Floyd Peeper, Ioe Deutsch, Dean Nedman, Keith Hesson, Richard Green, Kenneth Bisom, Harold Brayton, Frank Barile, Edward Harger. Ninth Grade Girls CLeit to rightl Row 1: Helen Willits, Iudy Weston, Ioanne Trotter, Ioyce Trotter, Darlene Moore, Geraldine Dop, Dorothy Woods, Leola Kingery, Marilyn Lockhart, Rosanne Morgan, Marilyn Bergman, How 2: Hazel Malson, Darlene Vodochodsky, Florence Iohnson, Helen Lewis, Patty Storey, Bette Babcock, Lois Brown, Beverly Hartley, Norma Cox, Darlene Iames, Peggy Pherigo, lean Earland, Mary Albee. Row 3: Delores Lloyd, Irene Osborn, Bette Lester, Normalie Deere, Doris Patterson, Rhodabelle Klopping, Ianice Schmedt, Maurene Iones, Mary Harrington, Donna Graham, Marian Griffith, Laura Young. Row 4: Marjorie Kimler, Marilyn Reynolds, Phyllis Oswalt, Margaret Williamson, Alice Humes, Helen Iohnson, Ioan Welle, Ioan Howell, Patty Cameron, Alyss Nelson, Rose Mary Durbala, Eileen Brooks. Row 5: Collen Mae Revell, Margie Hoen, Barbara Louise Sumpter, Beverly IoAnn Stickney, Beverly Craig, Lois Springer, Beverly Searl, Bonnie McPherren, Barbara Weldon, Carolyn Dixon, Beverly Cooper, Barbara Cundifi. Row 6: Louise Ellenwood, Renee DeCamp, Rose Snapp, Iudy Lester, Charlotte Hood, Delores Marshall, Minnie Loo Swanson, Patricia Palmer, Roma Cooper, Betty Swihart, Ianice Butler, Phyllis Cozad. Row 7: Ianet Stock, Iayne Stockton, layne Thatcher, IaAnne Hill, Patricia Pietersma, Mary Ann Samson, Eloise Charlesworth, Marilyn Brown, Betty Pherigo, Kay Van Roekel, Beverly Rawlins, Sara lane Arends, Clarissa Fay. Row 8: Carleta Hollenbeck, Maxine Culver, IoAnn Kile, Bonnie Gibson, Pauline Brown, Una Rae Breen, Beverly Maddy, Wilma Musgrove, Margie Griggs, Marillyn Macltlair, Margaret Davis, Betty Alltree, Leona Christen, Phyllis Marose. How 9: Patricia Wymore, Miriam Salmon, Patricia Brazelton, Suzanne Grundman, Phyllis Hobbs, Beulah Plum, Betty lane Santen, Patty Gooch, Betty Hooper, Carole Mahan, Vivian Varner, Vera Beukema, Barbara Auten, Elise Beukema, Verlene Gregory. Page 64 Eighth Grade Girls and Boys fLett to rightl Row 1: Maxine Hefley, Lucille Iackson, Bobbie Zimmerman, Dorothy Shaver, Ruthie Thompson, Ierry Wickett, Phyllis Berry, lean Ellis, Beverly Hanke, Madonna Roberts, Colleen Grant, Catherine Smith, Ioan Pille, Marilyn Farrow, Louise Backus, Io Ann Fisher, Ella Wilcox, Hilda Trease, Mary Sivigart, Row 2: Gary Atwood, Delores Gharrett, Marcella Postma, Ioan Smith, Letha Eaton, Beverly Thompson, Evelyn Kano, Betty Logue, Delores Cooper, Dorothy Bergstrom, Ioan Grosvenor, Margery Lynn, Donald Brayton, Bob lllingsworth, Phillip Oswalt, Barney Stoveil, Donny Ringgenberg. Row 3: Geraldine Cavitt, Martina Cobbs, Elizabeth Arendt, Donna Wonders, Eileen Iohnson, Margaret Iohnson, Martha Robson, Mary Lou Iohnson, Barbara Dodd, Gayle Glaman, Alice Leota Samuels, Edythe Talbot, Ianet Stewart, Patty Svejda, Pat Green, Leona Wilson, Dick Scoville, Ronny Ringgenberg. Row 4: Carol McMahon, IoAnn Gorgas, Marilyn Farland, Nancy Calvin, Barbara Winchels, Carol Lee Fry, Roberta Shelton, May Bell Musgrave, Charlene Butler, Pat lung, Phyllis Eldredge, Barbara Campbell, Mary Ann Granneman, Deloris Wilson, Betty Lemley, Harold Blair, Bob Blair, Hugh Pherigo, Eugene Trotter. Row 5: Iackie Riebe, Marijo Horn, Maryanne Evans, Iackie Schippers, Iudy Merritt, Mari- belle Main, Doris Clement, Dorothy Wingles, Clifford Decker, Henry' Fortner, Thomas Chitwood, Clarence Wellsom, Max Moon, George Lantz, Duane Van Baale, Blaine Kloppenloerg, Dick Smith, Max Irelan. Row 6: Vivian Townsend, Lela Van Meter, Margaret Wilson, Constance Wensel, Norinne Shepherd, Flora Smith, Ray McCoy, Iimmy Crock, Iack Wyatt, Don Mong, Bob Sparks, Iunior Mineor, Harry Pinegar, lack Fry, Rodger Iames, Billie Benjamin, Donald Whalen, Bill Robson. Row 7: Wilma Byerley, Carolyn Robson, Vivian Gearhart, Dorothy Garlock, Io Norris, IoAnn Hiatt, Iuanita Morris, lames Young, Billy Fisher, Robert Trout, Bruce Cannon, Gary Sullivan, LeRoy Funk, Harry Rosenberger, LeRoy Kimler, Rodell Lightfoot, Donald Lint, Maurice Ward, Will Winters. Row B: Iohn Thomas, Bob Cohn, Ken Ferguson, lim Kimler, Bradley Beals, Sally Lansriid, Betty Lafterty, Carol Vander Meulen, Buddy Greenlee, Amanda Garcia, Wendell Iones, Donald McFarland, Edward Masters, Ronald McClellan, Doyle Lammey, Richard Wall, Milton Van Cleave, Wayne H. Mouchka. Row 9: Dorothy Iacobs, Deanie Duminy, Barbara Myers, Phyllis lones, lack Nalevanko, Frank Leydens, LeRoy Davis, Chuck Denniston, Iohn Mateer, Chuck Iarnagin, Bobby Stark, Bill Rose, Ioan Lister, Ann Brierly, Pat McMurray, Ramona Mulbrook, Mary Dinsmore, Kenneth Doty, Norman Mortenson, Bill Miller, Dave Heaverlo, Wayne Brown. Seventh Grade Girls and Boys tLelt to rightl Row 1: Corwin Carnahan, Fred Wylie, Cecil Davis, lim Hildebrand, Ruth Kloppenborg, Elizabeth lack, Elba DeCamp, Karen Chesnutt, Sue Boothe, Ierry Rouze, Dale Shatter, Lois McNew, Kathryn Oliphant, Virginia Smith, Mary Lou Kent, Bobby Minear, Byron Bryson, Duane Raridon. Row 2: Tom Warden, Geraldine Monroe, Ioyce Wickliil, Iudy Nibe, Nina Adams, lo Ann Marose, Arlys Van Zee, Mary Ann McMain, Bonnie Holmes, Norman Heiden, Donald Iones, Bud Lister, Charles Marshall, Ierry Morris, Robert Lloyd, T. Van Den Desten, Paul Harper, Gary Butler. Row 3: Billy Sumpter, Billy Illingworth, Colleen Kingma, Deloris Sawyer, Deloris Danner, Beverly Blacker, Phyllis McGee, Patricia Humes, Ann Newquist, Marva Lee Smith, Bill Hart, Dick Iohnson, Edward Breckenridge, lay Shore, Ioe Babcock. Row 4: Robert Van Gorp, Sammy Hallam, Donna Trotter, DeLoris Gildersleeve, Anna Mae Swank, Yukona Thompson, Doris Grimm, Marilyn Wilson, George Boitnott, Bill Knox, Clayton Newell, Leonard Barton, Richard Harsh, Elmer Trease, Donnie Mullen, Billy Stevens, Wilfred Pille. Row 5: Betty Hedges, Mary Lou Repp, Kenneth Vay, Loren Filer, Lowell Iones, Edmund McCardell, Dale Miller, Merlin Elscott, Floyd Cooper, Cleo Lockwood, Connie Io Prior, Sue McFadden, Margaret Shepard, Beverly lack, Helen Meldrem, LaDonna Schuring, Mary Rosenberger, Bobby Myers. Row G: Polly Hulse, Donna Cavitt, Lucy Bishop, Betty Wickliif, Alice Umbenhower, Lois Hasselbrink, Dianne Iames, Ianice Myers, loAnn Wilson, Helen Holmes, Gary Oswalt, Gene Richardson, Carl Durlala, Larry Patterson, Roger Mulbrook, Vernon Fay, Richard Stockton, Sidney Dunitz, Dale Raridon, Lucille Gomez. Row 7: Marilyn Robson, Leila Logue, Gladys Horsman, Ruth Whitsel, Barbara Meyer, Floyd Parsons, Iohny Robson, Iohnnie Illingworth, Shirley McGuil, Edna Mae Ellen- wood, Delia Gonzalez, Lois Kling, Donna Murray, Rosanna Gilleland, Lucile Bisoin, Betty Illingworth, Cleo Plumb, Robert Leatherman, Franklin Cooper. Row 8: Edna Mae Henle, lola Meldrem, Lillian Leydens, Delores Craig, Norma Hamre, Marilyn McMannis, Beverly Slater, Helen Wisgerhof, Neil Clark, David Sprague, Tom Gallagher, lack Walther, Arnold Kingery, Carol Quinn, Kathryn Main, Lois Howell, Colleen Murray, Gloria Hansel, Iulia Van Hall, Norma lean Main. Row 9: George Cook, Mary Luther, Margaret Svejda, Carol Cross, Patty Painter, Marilyn Durant, Ann McDaniel, Bette Stewart, Lee Shippy, Barbara Blaclt, Pauline Binegcr, loann Price, Evelyn Gardner, Norma Denato, Lee Shippy, Don Sherrick, Dick McMahon, Barbara Spencer, George Oliver, Marvin Harger, Barnie Stoulil. Page 66 Activities equal the spice and vigor of school life, Activities-the spring from which memories of these school years will rush back, wrapped in the glowing tinsel of-pep from the pep band-jive from the "live Cats"-hunting scoops for Newtonia-planning, pasting, cutting for the annual-Delta Mu Delta initiations- Music contests-educational and humorous programs-and last but not least, the fun of congregating with your schoolmates. Activities give guidance from an educational point of view but chiefly they give the added advantage of "getting acquainted" with teachers and classmates. X 11 E fam, ix W ,. ,xl xg, af' "'-Rm Scholastic Honoraries President - - Robert Stanton Vice President - Paul Murphy Crazy stunts for informal initiation were presented by the members of this organiza- tion. Prize imitations of familiar auirks of teachers, reproduction of oft-repeated sing- ing commercials, a style show of crazy hats, dramatization of N.l-l.S. "lines" and "techni- ques" and many other goofy antics made up the initiation programs. Seniors were chosen from the top twenty- Secretary - - Ramona Cameron Treasurer - - Gretchen Miller five per cent of their class. The top four seniors are the year's officers. The high five percent of the juniors were chosen on scholarship only. As Well as the informal stunts which were made out by old Delta Mu Delta members, an impressive formal cere- mony was held for formal initiation. The group held their annual picnic which ended the year. Senior Delta Mu Delta Row 1: Cohn, Brierly, Gallagher. Row 2: Knott, lones, Soderblom, Terpstra, Campbell. nga t .. Iunior Delta Mu Delta Row 1: Van Voorst, Hesson, l-lammerly, Hamill, Hiatt, Pauls, Arndt. Row 2: Willits, Pahre, Davis, Iohnson, Holmes. Row 3: Herring, Wormley, Murphy, Stanton, Buckley, Gorrell, Olsen, Tyler, Not in picture: Miller, Baldwin, Ft. Cameron, Murphy, Phillips, Waddell, l':1gv GS Girl Reserve Cabinet Pit-,piitf-nt - Harriet Haiiiziirrrly Vitgf- lrjtfzlltlftlll l7olori:i lliclqinsori 'I'yt-ugaiirrgi - Cleo lone: S3 rr -tary - Beverly fiwitier The three aims of the Girl Beserve oraanif zation for the past year were: training for leadership, service, and broadening ot ln- terests To fulfill their service aoal for lunior Bed Crass ten article fer each girl? portfolios, bedside table covers, or bridge table covers were completed. ln addition, with the help of the boys, many boxes were packed to be sent overseas Girls: were trained for lecdershio in the various interest aroups which also broaden views. ln the first semester interest groups were llcineinal-ring, led by Rosemary Cluessf ford, Sports by Iulie Hamill, Books, by Carol Soderbloin, Science, by Shirley Carnahan and Lavola Herrington, Conternpory Affairs Row 1: llickingzon, Hammerly, Ionezz, Switzer. Row 2: Miss Spf-aku, Iohnmon, Miller, Kooifatra, Lolfz- berti, Mist: liouthart. by Beverly Haynes, and Talent, by Peggy Zinn Perry, The second sernester, Swimming, Drama, and Discussion were added with Marjorie O'Boake, Norma lrelan, and Betty Molleck as their leaders, respectively. loan Denniston served as head of the Sports the last semester, while Deloris Bust: was the leader for Hoinernaking and Butli lohn- son was Talent chairman. Louise lohnson was chairman for Arts and Crafts, The attractiveness of the Girl Beserve Boom was increased by the refupholsterina ol a studio couch. The main project ot the year was the lvlotherfllaughter banquet, which was held April 74 at the Methodist church. How 3: Doualaza, Hill, Hessen, Knott, Arndt, Phillips, Fahrney. I'-we i 1 Class Officers and Homeroom Representatives The student governing body ot Senior High, the class officers and homeroom re- presentatives under their adviser, Mr. l.ynn, had called meetings this past year, Regular ones could not be arranged due to interfering classes. This body is composed of the junior and senior class officers and the sophomore homeroom representatives. ln spite of the handicap ol having to meet at irregular times they delegated dilterent organizations ot the school to sponsor pep meetings tor all football and basketball games. The mixer held in the Iunior High for Senior l-ligh students, on Ianuary l9, was under their able administration, Pep and rhythm were the pass words tor this gala assembly. Semester tests just over and no worries tor the coming semester yet in sight made it an ideal time for light-hearted enjoyment. From the gym, Where the iuke box blared steadily, to the program and picture in the auditorium, Ha good time was had by all." Row 1: Shrum, Bryson, Lansrud, Ross, Hamill Row 2: Arndt, Denniston, Brierly, Herbst, Leydena Row 3: Berg, Rojohn, Ward, Mottit. l':nu.- Tn school student problems these students get Student Council First Semester Second Semester Tlx f-:1 iilf-til - - Carlton Shields - - Craig Wtiriil Vi n-f- llr f-1x iilrfitt - - Fionlc Borile - - Dormer: l5xT'l"I' Sf-rrrrftury - - Noncy Colvin - - - Edlw llfirilf' 'l'lf'f,ll1l1l"l - Potty McMurroy - - Chorles lkriiiistori Meeting together lor discussion of Ull- gn eoily inzpigiit into the processes of orderly government by procticing it themselves. They leorn how to listen to other peoples idegs, how to dgree upon o course of fiction ond how to get plonfg worked out. They legrn thot setting up fl "claim your lost ond found" compoign con be o lot of hord work ond motke o few rnentctl notes to keep trock of their own property. Or they legrn wlidt clegnrup reoily meons ond resolve to do their port to keep the building otnd grounds ottroctive. They leorn to op- precictte the work of the locol police force when they must ploy holl troflic cop theme selves. They leorn to use their imoginotion ond efficiency in plcinning bulletin boord disploys with vorriety, in setting up on in- teresting pep rneeting, or gothering ond writing news for the school poge. The Committees, mode up ol students ond g fdculty odviser, do much of the work of the council. They include Lost ond Found, Sotnitotion, Trgflic, Lockers, Assembly, Yord, Bulletin Bocird ond News. Row 1: McMurray, Auten, Wiclcett, Mr Klieber, Smith, Deutsch, Greenlee Row 2:O1:wolt, Hobson, N Moin, Olseciry, Monroe, Henle, Meyer, Gunsoulus, Moreno Row 3: Trotter, Colvin, K Moin, Shields, Umborger, Eorile, Ferguson, Wright, Pcirlcer, Row 4: Merritt, lionohuf,-, Weston, Utterbock, Denniston, Moteer, Myers, l'4t 7-r 1 Future Farmers of America President - - Gene Buckley Vice-President - - Norrnie Motheny The Newton chapter ot the FFA resumed activity this year after a lapse ot several years. Activity it was too, as they began energetically in the tall on their many pro- jects. They sponsored a Duroc swine co- operative olan, a potato project, and con- certe hog trough projects. They brought down national honor by being only the second school in the country to undertake a rural education program by means of lecture and movie-showing teams, They were awarded a place among the Secretary - - lorry lvlorris Treasurer - - Donald Swihart top ten chapters in iowa tor all their work on the basis of a protect book submitted, This project book contained pictures and descriptions ot all the work done by each individual FFA member and by the club as a whole, A Parent-Son banquet in the tall and the winter basketball tournament with clulo3 from surrounding towns made up the lighter side ofthe activities of the fortysone members. Row 1: Trotter, Swihart, Mr. Raines, Buckley, Matheny, Achtemeier, Row 2: Hardenburg, R. Meyer, Smith, C Meyer, Clymer, Birkenholtz, Thompson, Darnman, McLain, Spain, less. Row 3: G. Myers, Klopping, Ritter, Baker, Nagle, Iacobs, D. Wicklilf, Lincoln, Long Row 4: Simpson, Trout, Laird, Guy, Rohrdanz, Deutsch, H. Wicklitt, Esping, Mortenson, Sparks. Not in picture' Dannen, Sharp, Lewis, Richardson, Morris, Harmon Future Homemakers of America First Semester Second Semester llrffuiflr-nt A - Roriieriiary C-uesstorfl - - Marjorie C-ar lm-r Vicr,--Prffsirlf-rit - - Marjorie Gardner fii4"CYf:lOliY - - Shirley Laird - Shirley Lcird Ttit"I1f1llFf"T - l5eloris Rusk - - - llelori:-1 Rusk The Future Horiiernakers ot America meets every other week in the home economics rooms. This year the club worked on lunior Red Cross work and also gave a party for the FFA boys, Shirley Hesson was elected state :ecretary ot the FHA for the present year, A "Hi Neighbor" program which they sponsored in the spring brought in buss loads ot girls from surrounding towns for an afternoon of ideas and lun. Miss Beth Fagenstroiri, fashion stvlist representing McCall's patterns was the featured speaker ot the program. Her advice tor more feminine tashions, less peroxide, and practice ot the posture which matches ballet shoes was soon being mirrored by the Newton debs. All the girls ot the school were invited to attend the style show in the auditorium after which the members ol the club and their guests who were members of other schools of the County were urged to torxri new chapters ot the FHA. Row 1: Guessstord, Gardner, McLaughlin, Hamrrierly, Henson, Miss Peterson, Miss Mitcholl, Sticl-zler, Ritter, Bollhoeter, Durbala, Kingery, Row 2: Murray, Herrington, Hill, Rusk, Laird, Ellenwood, Brooks, Cozad, Breen, Autf-ri, V, Beukeiria, Kite, Leahy, lairies. Row 3: Smith, Welle, Gooch, Umbarger, Davis, Martin, Decker, Swalwell, Kling, Diinon, Springer, Ayers, Varner, Butler, McClanahan Row 4: Stockton, Santen, Mahon, Nelson, Plum, Arerids, Vodochodsky, Mclieag, Steven-s, Noe, M, Samson, Rawlins. Row 5: Hooper, Cox, Lloyd, Howell, Lester, Hollenbeck, lohnson, R Cooper, Swanson, Palmer, llop, Not in picture Rloiii, Monroe, tl, Roukorria, l'Uucheseneau, Mulbrook, Cooper, Faingsori, Sedlock. l':i:.- ' Marian Pyle smooths on lune Synhorst's lipstick as she puts the final touch to her "maid" makeup for "The Visitor". Thespians Vice-President - - Beverly Iohnson Secretary A - Sally Hamill Treasurer - Cleo Iones Historian - - - lim Tyler Reporter ---- Marjorie Gardner Newton troups 377 of the national Thespians organization honored a number of outstanding dramatists this year by initiation to their group. Stu- dents are chosen both for acting ability and tor crew work. Studying lines lar into the night, pounding thumbs or smearing fellow students with make-up are only a tew of the tasks that merited membership in this dramatics honorary. Row 1: lim Tyler, Beverly lohnson, Bill Shields, Cleo Iones, Sally Hamill, Marjorie Gardner. Row 2: Leonard Cohn, Dorothy Baldwin, Coleen Wylie, Iune Synhorst, Dave Hammer, Row 3: Tom Smith, Dick Gorrell, Art Sterling. llilfl' Tl CAbovel lim Tyler, lune Synhorst, Dorothy Baldwin, iAbOV9l DO1'OTl1Y Baldwin, DUCU19 OISGYL GYGQOTY Gregory Dickinggnf Dgve Hqmyngrl C1429 jones, Dickinson, Cleo lones, Leonard Cohn, Dave Hammer, Leongmi Cghn, Iune Synhorst, lim Tyler. "The Visitor" When a long lost son returns to -'laim his mother's inheritance, over his step- father and unscrupulous uncle, danger lurks. Add a former girletriend and her jealous beau, a snooping maid, and a zealous private detective, and trouble results, "The Tangled Yarn" One ot three girls, starving in ci New York apartment, enters a contest under talse pretenses and consequently wins 35,000 Hilarious Complications result when she attempts to keep her secret. The curtain falls with her marrying the publisher, and the other two girls an author and a newspaper reporter. tAboveJ Mrs. Walker gives Dave Hammer a peel: at himself in the mirror as she ages his lace, while in the I I I background Gretchen Miller dabs at Cleo lones' rouge. flieft to riglitl Pat Mullen, 'Babe' Kumm, Ruth Ann FOX' Mary Louise less' Leonard Cohn' Clsett to rightl Nancy Gass, Marjorie Gardner, Dave , Hammer, Peggy Ann Perry, Allan Clingman, Beverly i Rempp. 'WK Ir. Town Meeting lunior Town Meeting was held in the lunioi' l-ligh Auditorium on October 23 and transcribed to be rebroadcast over KENT. lt was sponsored by the social science department of the school under the leader- ship ot Mr. Gullette. The question discussed was, "Can We work with Russia?" The main speakers ot the meeting were Tom Smith, lim Tyler, Dick Gorr-ell and Robert Stanton. Phil Pringle was the Town Crier while lim Shearer and Duane Olsen served as technical assistants. Forensic Club Forming a new club this year these students who were interested in speech broadcast a tuberculosis drive appeal over KFBI and participated in the lowa City State speech festival, snagging a second place through Dave Hammers interpretative reading. They sponsored a local externpore aneous speaking contest earlier. tTop left? Dick Gorrell, Bob Stanton, Tom Svnith. CAbove leltl Don Swihart speaks into the ini e held by lim Shearer, CBack Howl Tyler, Calvin, Mullen, Roush. CFront Howl Berg, Denniston, Sterling, Stanton Not in picture: Murphy, Erlandson, Hammer, Minn Brown 5 1 Newtonia Kings and Queens To start the Newtonia sales campaign with a roar, eager students subscribed to their Newtonia annuals last tall and plunked down their votes lor their respective kings and queens. Their reward came with the bang up crowning ceremonies and assembly program later. Bonnie Butler as master of ceremonies kept the audience hilarious as he tied in the "Andrews Sisters" number, Phyllis Cozads tapping, Bud Starrett and Beverly Elscotts "Sentimental lourney" duet, the drama class Umelodrammerf' the live Cats' music and the Gretchen Miller-Dick Gorrell villain scene. The program was cli- rnaxed by the official crowning of Bud Starrett and Beverly Elscott and Frank Barile and Phyllis Cozad as Newtonia Senior High King and Queen and Newtonia tunior High King and Queen respectively. tTop rightl Pat Mullen, Bay Walther, and lizi Muilenberg give out with some "Andrew Si::tt:r.s" :sweet swing. fRightJ Phyllis Cozad "wows" the audience with a big smile and a snappy tap number. tTop Ietti Iunior High King Frank Bariie and Queen Phyllis Cozad seem to take receiving the crown from M. C. Butler rather seriously, CBelowJ Senior High King Bud Starrett and Queen Beverly Elscott glow happily as M. C. Bonnie Butler :shakes their winning hands. 1 4 is ,yi M4 Newtonia lnstead of a lot ol copy to tell the activities oi the staff, they otler this book as a product ot their work and sweat up in Boom 23 under the direc- tion of Miss Smith. Claower lelt to rightl . Editors-in-chief and Business Manager' Syn- horst, L. Smith, Munger, Photography: Lansrud, Tyler, I. Smith, Circulation and Advertising: McLaughlin, Faculty: Dodd, Schippers. 5-1'-3552 , 531' Ewalt. Seniors: Arndt, Cohn. Activities: Laird, Terpstra. Sports: Baird, Adams. Art: Billingsley, Gorrell. luniors: Kleinendorst, Clement. Snapshots: Mulleneaux, Brock. Calendar: Crouse, Trevethan. Row 1: Hamill, Baldwin, lanes, Peterson, Row 3: Forshay, Ponder, Clymer, Broderson, Prendergast, Vander Werti, Gardner, Hiatt, Chedester. Willie- Not in picture: Van Hall, lrelan, Bunse, llovr, Row 2: Baird, Pahre, De Meyer, Shrum, Young, Butler. Davis, Rusk, Carnahan, Miss Smith r- -.smm.rswmm m . Elf' ,X -f L4 ll.d1tor:: tlc-it to First .nm wefflczz Calm and Dickinson. Second six weeks Butler' and Tylf.-r Third .,i:I W'-frlf 1: Flinilli 'Ind Knott. Newtonia News Twenty students met each week on Tues- day and Thursday during the sixth period to pick up beat slips, dash out to interview teachers and deposit neatly typed stories in the basket by Thursday night. They were the Newtonia News Staff. Thirteen ot them served as editors or assistant editors during the year, each for a six weeks period. Most ot them journeyed to the tall convention ot all state high school journalists at Ames or the spring Des Moines Register and Tribune clinic. These con- ventions consisted of lectures, movies and tours to aid anyone interested in journalism. Sam Fourth .six weeksi Chedester and Prendergast. Filth six weeks: Rusk. Sixth sik weeks' Hanifner. Row 1: Gardner, Wylie, Postma, Guthrie, Shearer, Ritter, Vander We-r1'f, llainill. ROW 2: McLaughlin, Bryson, Denniston, Baird, Iohnson, Hutlman, Miller, Ponder, Main Row 3: Schippers, Mulbrook, Harrington, Miss Smith. Row 4: Gonzalez, Reid, Molleck, Hammer, Brierly, Buckles. Not in picture. Ftabourn, De Meyer, Boldt. l':ug1' 'Til fhaclc Howl Bil- lingsly, lvl i A ss Smith, M i :3 s Spealce, Cameron, Cohn, Havens. flfront Howl Bry- son, Baird, liahre, Miss Potwin. Not in picture: March. Cardinal Review Have you wondered how the Cardinal Review is published? The Board of the magazine found out. As the students were excused from classes they thought it would be great fun. lt looked slightly different, however, when they met the stacks of papers that had to be thorough- ly digested. Quill and Quill and Scroll is a national honorary journalism society to which each year a small group of students from the annual and newspaper staff are nominated for membership. They are selected on the basis of quality and amount of work done on staff and interest shown in journalism. To become a member the person must have This completed, there was copy and proof reading next. The board was first organized in l944 when the first Cardinal Review was pub- lished. The purpose of the magazine is to promote and encourage writing of high quality in the school, Scroll served at least three semesters on the staff of one of the above activities and have a high scholastic ranking. The persons nominated by the local board are recommended to the national board and voted on as to whether they will become members. E' sg.. t.i- K fBaclc Howl S Laird, Cohn Syn - horst, T. Arndf. ffront Howl Knott, S. Adams, Tyler, L. Smith. Library Assistants The girls do not have many duties but the ones they do have are very important. There is one of these girls at the desk in the back of 27 each period to check out books for the students and return the volumes to the shelf when they are brought back. These are the girls who do the worrying when books wander away in lockers for long periods of time or for other reasons tail to show up at the "Book due" deadline. They are the ones who lick sticky bad' tasting mending tape to repair the pages ripped so innocently by some student or who glue and press the covers back on some carlessly handled volume with a broken back. A more pleasant part of their iob is handling the bright new-shellacked covers ot the latest additions to the library and arranging them in attractive displays. Book week was the time for one of their most extensive displays and other special events and subjects throughout the year have furnished occasion tor others. They have meetings once a month. ln these meetings they make plans to produce more interest in the library. Miss Little is the sponsor. front Row? Davis, Lorton, Chedester, Miss Little, Mulbrook, Vodochodsky, Ponder. fBack Howl Decker, Smith, Nelson, Griggs, Pahre, Dickinson. P1120 Rl Senior High Mixed Chorus President - Vice-President - Secretory-Treasurer - The yearly Christmas concert of the com- bined vocal music groups ot Newton High provided the main appearance ot this tine group. However, those long hours of practice during the school months showed plainly when they garnered a tirst place rating in the state music contest at Grinnell in April. ln the Christmas concert they provided inspiration with their white cross made by . D, . V Bill onields - Zahn Berg -V Beverly .Elscott the girls ot the chorus in their choir robe collars. The twenty girls had moved slowly up the aisle with their flickering candles, singing "Onward Christian Soldiers" and still in a worshiptul mood had taken their places. The rest oi the concert was made up ot numbers by the chorus, the girls double sextet, the boys tirst glee club and solos. Row 1: Warner, Stevenson, Kaldenberg, Auten, l-lammerly, G. Miller, L. Smith, Hamill Miss Roggensack, Anderson, C. Iones, Atwood, Van Voorst, Synhorst, Winter, Beatty, Knott. f Row 2: Forshay, Steinberger, Mackerrnan, Kooistra, Hill, Davis, DeMoss, Graham, Peterson I. Smith, Bergstrom, Larson, Dickinson, Kling, Rusk, Haynes, H. Miller, Elzcott Brock, Iontz, I. Santen, Hiatt. I f Row 3: Cox, Guthrie, less, Mullen, Sterling, Stanton, Myers, Barton, McCarl, 'Nolte Bell, Iohnson, Billingsley, Van Dyke, Larson, Molleck, Dirlam, B. Snook, I How 4: Tyler, Walther, Rusk, Boldt, Stewart, Calvin, Fleming, McMahon, Dickinson B. Snook, Berg, Martin, Dickerson, Pringle, Knight, Doty, Shields. 1 Not in picture: Roush, R. Iones, Lott, M. Santen, Turner, Vanderpol. 082 Iunior High Mixed Chorus direction oi Miss Hoaqensack is made up ot seventh, eiahth, and ninth grade students. 'l'hey prefaented a very impressive Christmas coricert at a lunior High assembly and sang lor the Rotary as an extra performance. A fray festival was presented on May 3 with various groups lrom the grades also particif patina, The choruses from the arades came to the auditorium to be judged or critizted by a University representative. That evening numbers were aiven bv all the choruses cs well as the one chosen the best. Besides their numerous outside activities the lunior High Mixed Chorus helped with many programs and assemblies in the school. The lunior High Mixed Chorus under the Row lg Wf-lilfuri, Yoirria, Sf-arl, Machlair, Lemley, Donahue, Miss Hormerinacti, Welle, finoolr, 'l'roltf::, lVlll.1'll'OVf', Mcliarren, Lanusrufl, Brierly, liinsmore Row 2: llfjllmlllfl, Lloyrl, Iolmfzoii, F Smith, Horn, Cooper, Lister, Babcock, Moore, Calvin, Alber- Row 3: Kilf-, Gooch, Howell, Shia-ld::, Patterson, Sparks, Shepherd, Bozarth, Upton, Hrzrly, Carter, llarilri, Larson, Wriaht, McFadden, Santen, Humes, Row4:Wf:1nton, Willits, McMain, Stewart, loss, Rose, Denniston, Grilhth, Foster, Fry, Wirzfrerliol, Perry, Cammacl-1, Hollert, larnagin, Campbell, H Smith, Lynn, Wilson. llot in pictizrr- llvangz, lariirm, luna, Lallerty, C Fry, Craig, lonos, Stockton Page X Girls Glee Club First Semester President - - Nadine Youngkin Vice-President - Bette DeMo::.s - Secretary - Gladys Loft - Treasurer - Lois Brand - - Librarians Shirley Bollhoeler Shirley Carnahan The Girls Glee Club under the direction of Mrs. Bennett met on Tuesday and Thurs- day the sixth period, I On December l9 the girls sang in me annual Christmas program given by the vocal organizations ot Senior High under the direction of Miss Boggensack. This concert meant many hours of con- centrated practice on Christmas carols. Al- most any rehearsal day long before the rest ot the school was dreaming of white Christmases the glee club was celebrating. Second Semester - Nadine Younglcin - Phyllis Earp - Bonnie Brock - Peggy Perry - - Elma Peery Shirley Carnahan On the lighter side ot their activities was the humorous musical skit presented at the pep meeting for the basketball game at Grinnell. Six girls, with Nadine Youngkin in charge, acted out the musical playlet "Sparkin' Peggy lane." Daneene lenkins, Margaret Van Hall and Marie Vande Weerd, dressed in overalls, big plaid shirts and straw hats, played the part of the bashtul Zashariahs. Marilyn Talbot, Peggy Ann Perry and Elma Peery in print aprons and big hair bows acted as the torward Peggy lanes. How l: Vance, Craig, Harry, Lorton, Ienkins, Ellingworth, Blacker, Mrs. Bennett, D. Nearmyer, Leahy, Brand, Carnahan, Shankland, Meyers, Earp, lohnson, How 2: Swalwell, Perry, Pickering, E. Walker, Kleinendorst, Myers, Paul, Van Hall, Youngkin, Holmes, Vande Weerd, Otten, Brock, Bollhoeter, Brown, Martin, Row 3: A, Nearmyer, Morgan, L. Lewis, Ellenwood, Darr, Wessel, Darnman, M. Vifalker, Peery, Anderson, Davis, H. Lewis, Utterback, Darnmier, Dickerson, Ducherrneau, Humphrey. Not in picture: Samson, lack. I :mv wi-I Boys Glee Club l'rfx111lf1r1t - IU-Vwzbiiv l,1l111111f,111 - The Boys Gleo Club inet Tuesday and Tliursday the sixth period under the direction ol Miss Roggensack. The boys sang lll the annual Christmas program given hy the vocal organizations rat Senior High under Miss Roggensaclcs direction, December l9. This highlight ol the boys year 1.-Jas the schools main musical event, This group worked hard and continually on their parts - llowarcl ltittrrr Forrest NVilc'o,-1 - Leslie llow1a1,e lor the presentation of their songs. ln addition to this the boys gave their time, as many of them worked on the stage crew lor the event. They were the ones responsible for the various decorations such as the star, the trees, and other additions to the stage, The laovs can he heard on their regular sixth period meetings singing various songs. Music to these boys is one ol their common interests, Several ol them have taken or are taking vocal lessons. Row l:ll1:to11, ltittffi, iltfrwait lftoyriolds, Laird, lens, lirnniack Row2:lo11tz, 'lvllft!!ll'D.3Dll, Myers, Mis: Roagensack, Howse, Van l5ri111111el1n lchnsan, Nlryyfvl Row 3:'l'1f111i Holftf-if-r, lkvllfjtifi Pete1.:, Larson, Guy llfit Ill l'lt'llll" liiizlcfrfitri Page 8 Boys First Cwlee Club The Boys First Cflee Club is cornporsed ol eight seniors and seven juniors. This organization, meeting under the direction ot Miss Roggensack, had a very successful year. Along with the other musical groups they sang at the yearly Christmas Concert. They were also among the school groups chosen to present a pro- gram for all students. The Glee Club was on the program tor the Easter services. Gtten in the halls familar strains ot favorite songs were heard when this organization practiced lor some performance. A tow of the songs were "The Lost Chord", l'Childrenis Concert", "Stout Hearted Men"', and "Climb- ing up the Mountain". A first place rating which was the result ot the hours ol practice was awarded the boys at the Grinnell Music Contest held on April 26. To close this successful year a program was given before the Rotary and later tor the Commencement exercises a few numbers were presented. Bow l: Walther, Doty, Sneak, Van Dyke, Berg, Billingsley, Burton Snook, Martin, Shields, Calvin, Miss Roggensack, Tyler Bow 2: Barton, McCarl, Stanton, Myers. Fa gl- .66 Girls Double Sextette The Girls Double Sextctte is composed ol County llistorical Association, at tl c L twelve girls who have sung together since nias Concert, at the Masonic Hoill they were in seventh grade. Some ot their broadcasting over WOl. They are under outstanding performances were at the direction ol Miss Roggensaclc, Triple Trio Triple Trio is composed ot tive seniors, in April. three juniors, and one sophomore. They were Combined with the Double 362661 U1 X Orqgmzed the my Sgmegtert went to the Grinnell music contest as a aloe 'They sang at the Unitod Presbyterian club and won a division two rating Church and the Mother-Daughter Banquet Row 1: Dodd, Hamill, Hurnes. Row 2: Bryson, Denniston, Arbs, Miss Roggensack, Young. Row 3: Lloyd, Lansrud, Hiadon, Babcock, Russell. QA! pianoj Fiteinberaer, Atwood, Elscott, Hill, Peterson, Synhors Mimi: Hoagensaclc, l, Beatty, Haynes, Kaoist First Orchestra l'lc::1-.lclut - - Vice-Prcasiflcnt - - Duane Olsen - lim Tyler SecretaryfTroasurcr --'-- - - Shirley Holmes Librarian - - -------- Allen Clingman Managers - - Leonard Cohn, William Molleck, Larry jackson First Orchestra met on Monday and Wed- nesday the third period under the direction ot Mr. Burton. It gave a formal concert in the Iunior High auditorium on December 5. ln February it played for the Newton Kiwanis Club. On May l, the Kiwanis Club entertained the Orchestra at a noon lunch- eon. ln the state music contest at Grinnell, they received an excellent rating. This was a line example of the good work the orchestra has done throughout the year. Much ot the praise for this group goes to Mr. Burton who has built it up from a very small group to the large well-beloved body which it is today. Row 1: Olsen, Holmes, Fox, Havens, Talbot, Higdon, Shippy, Smith, Waddell, Brazelton, Lailerty. How 2: Soderblom, Spillers, Wedikin, Spalink, Scoville, Hiatt, Campbell, Molleck, Cohn, Russell, Samson, Duchenesneau, Pauls. Row 3: Davis, Sprague, D. Hammer, Adams, O'Roake, Grundman, Plum, P. Cameron, Hummel, R. Cameron, Clingman. Row 4: McLain, Phillips, Long, Aldridge, Craig, Lorton, Mulbrook, laclcson, Row 5: Grant, O'Roake, Tyler, Miller, Mr. Burton. Not in picture: Blackledge, M. Hammer, McNeese, Stewart, Monroe, Williamson, Lammers. Page S8 First Band President - - Ramona Cameron Vice-President - - - Betty Pauls Secretary-Treasurer - - - - - Art Sterling Librarian - ------- Ann Campbell Managers - - - Hugh Carpenter, Willis Grant, Keith Smith The First Band met under the direction of Mr. Burton on Tuesday and Friday the third period. The band started its public performance otf for the year by performing as a march- ing band at our home football games, between the halves of the game. On February 12 it gave its tormal concert for the year in Iunior High Auditorium, parts of which were later given again during a music program to the student body. Row l: M. Hiatt, Cohn, Campbell, I-loldeter, Higdon, Shippy. The band received an excellent rating at the state music contest. This was the first time since the war the band had entered the contest, so that the rating was out- standing. Near the end of the year Mr. Henry who has been serving in the army returned to take charge ot his old duties, as head ot instrumental music. The band ended the year with their com- mencement concert. H Cameron, P Cameron, Plum, Pahre, Talbot, How 2: Waddell, Molleck, Bollhoeler, Pennell, Clingman, Sterling, Barnhouse, Vande Weerd, Bishop, Nicholson, McLain, McNeese, Holdsworth, Reid, Scoville. Row 3: A Holmes, Blackledge, Oliphant, S. Holmes, Phillips, Long, Aldridge, Simons, Olsen, Tyler, Synhorst, Irwin, Ft. Hiatt, Arndt, Iacobs, Patterson. Row 4: Carpenter, Pauls, Grant, O'Roake, Guthrie, Larrimers, Iohns, Mr. Burton. Not in picture: Roush, Miller, Merritt. Page 89 Second Orchestra President - -------- - Betty Santen Vice President - Secretaryffreasurer - Librarian ------ A joint concert with the Second Band on February 20 and another concert before the local Kiwanis club on April 20 turnished the main performances ot the group this year. Such numbers as Strauss' "Emperor Waltz", 'll-lungarian Dance No. 5" by Brahms and the "L'Arlessiene Suite" by Bizet in- dicated the skill which this group had mastered. i'Down South," "Dance of the Comedians" and "ls A Persian Market" made up the rest of the program. Lending variety to the concert this year - Donald Monroe - Phyllis Cozad A - - - - lames Kimler were the nine students who were featured in special numbers. A string auartet pre- sented "Melodie and Capricio", a violin duet presented i'By the River," and a violin en- semble, made up of five students, played "Two Guitars." The group is a training ground for First Orchestra as well as being a fine musical organization in its own right. Every fourth period on Monday and Wednesday it mot under the direction of Miss Nereson, Row 1: Lloyd, Santen, Riebe, Lernley, Lynn, Gregory, Miller, Smith, l. Stewart, Lotferty, Row 2: Denniston, Havens, lung, B. Stewart, Main, Eldredge, Talbot, McDaniel, Samuels Kloppenberg, Horsman, McFadden, Norris, Garlock, Williamson, Row 8: Monroe, Punk, Robson, Gearhart, Cooper, Blackledge, Campbell, Oliphant, Gille- land, Painter, Hart, Grimm, Raridon, Metz, Nibe, Trease, Hasselbrink, Allen, Kirnler, Salmon. Row 4: Schippers, McMurray, Davis, Gooch, Hooper, Mahon, Stockton, L, Merritt, Ellis Howell. Row 5: Cohn, I Merritt, Hobbs, Cozad, Lister, Wensel, Miss Nereson, Brierly. Piano: Mary Dinsmore. Not in picture: Cameron, Bergstrom, Cundift. 1 Second Band First Semester La Donna Toye l'I1:1Ll'li:Ill - - VtCr:-PM-1:iflf.'Yli - - Sr.-crrflrvry-Treasurer - Robert McNeese Librarian - - - Donna Dow A joint concert given by the band on February 20 in conjunction with the Second Orchestra was their main appearance dur- ing the year, A program ol spirited marches and mellow concert numbers was the result ot many hours ot diligent practice. The band has met every Tuesday and Friday the fourth period under the direction ol Mr. Burton. The band was also represented in :i special number by a clarinet quartet. Iames Kimler - Second Semester - La Donna Toye - Iames Kirnler - Iack Mortley - - - - Donna Dow From this musical organization arose an impromptu pep band which played for a number ol Iunior High athletic contests. The student organizers and directors ot this group were Miriam Salmon and Robert McNeese. Second Band serves as a training ground for the members of First Band, Next year many ot the players will "graduate" to First Band chairs. Row 1: Gooch, C. Mahan, Grosvenor, Hiatt, Prior, Hanke, Marose, Fay, Shippey, Salmon. How 2: M. Davis, McMurray, Snapp, R. Blackledge, Stewart, Dunitz, Wyatt, Meng, Martin, Merril, Monroe, Warden, Marshall, Stratton, Altman. How 3: Hooper, I. Schippers, M, Mahon, L. Davis, Byerly, Lister, Toye, V. Schippers, Hildebrand, Mulbrook, Howell, I. Ellis, McClellan, Kimler, Molleck, Smith, Carnahan, Allen, Row 4: Miriear, I. Stockton, Scoville, Dow, Row 5: Cohn, Snook, R. Stockton, Beals, M Not in picturei Gorgas, Cook, Tidball, Rose, Mortley, D. Ellis, Carter. Burton. Patterson, Phillips. Page 91 Pep Band The fact that the Pep Band is a marching one makes it unique as it is one of few in the state. The band ended its regular season with a mid-game performance at the Ottumwa fray. One of the cleverest stunts put on dur- ing the year was a lead soldier parade that had run down and needed to be rewound. The band members dressed in uniform and made up with bright red spots of rouge on their cheeks presented a very realistic picture of what one might expect a lead soldier parade to look like. Besides their mid-game stunt the band played snappy numbers during the time outs and between quarters which added greatly to the spirit of the crowd. This group of musicians were also instru- mental in giving the team an extra lift at Grinnell in the district tournaments. Also deserving of praise is Mr. Burton, their director, and Duane Olsen, their student director, who spent a good deal of time worrying about the various headaches ac- companying such an organization. Row 1:1-Iolmes, Fi Cameron, Hummel, SCOVlllG, Hiatt, Campbell, Phillips. Row 2: Synhorst, Tyler, Arndt, Patterson, Vande Weerd, Grant. How 3: Cohn, Clingman, Olsen, Lammers. Not in picture: P, Cameron Page 92 Majorettes A colorful attraction at the football and basketball games was the group of inajarf ettes They performed at all the home games where they gave excellent performances, The girls marched with the band and pre- sented the flag raising ceremonies preceding fill the games. With the pep band they performed during the half at the basketball contests, The girls also twirled for the Moose Lodge. A worthy performance for every game seemed to be the motto of the maiorettes. For the football games the girls twirled with 'lie marching band. loy Burnett, who was dressed in red and white led the group of artists whose case tumes were all white. As the girls marched out on the field silver batons flashed and short skirts cracked as the girls marched ariskly through their routine. The girls marched with the pep band in Somical performances. Often an "N" was spelled out or the initial of the visiting team. For these attractions many hours were spent in diligent rehearsal. The majorettes pracf ticed with the pep band before each aaine as well as all free sixth periods. Row I: Parsonzz, Rf-eff, Mate-ei, Burnett, l,ant1, lackzson, Sliruin How 2: Morome, Ritter, Aunsspcich, R lohnson, l-liilse, Queen, Hoon Not in picture Merritt, M, Iohnson, Durant. l':iLT' ' Page 94 The glory and honor of sports unite to create the mainspring of our school spirit. Anticipation of the Winning path serves as a beacon to all Newton High School fellows and girls to back their school with heart as well as hand. The excitement of a close football game-the flash- ing recl and White ot our cheerleaders-the spirit of the cheering crowd-the hush in a decisive basketball meet-the silence ot defeat -the Wildness ot victory, all small incidents which make the memories of school days vivid and alive. 'TT sl 4' an 'Wm lohns, Bojohn, Buckley, Doty, Bozarth. Simpson, Billingsley, Muilenberg, Richards, Harding, Mahl, Kenyan, Wormley, C Sparks. Row Emery, Row Snaolc, Row Gooch Row Dirlam, Boldt, Bell, Mortley. Knoxville Varsity The Newton Cardinals opened their 1945- l946 sports year by clipping the Knoxville Panthers on passes l3fU for the first grid tilt of the season. Dorman Doty heaved two passes, one to Paul Murphy and another to Matthew Leydens in the final period. of play. Bob Lust booted the extra point, Coach Assistant Coach Eidahl Penney Page 96 Ames The Cards fell to Ames on the Ames foot- ball gridiron for the Cards first loss in foot- ball and in the Central lowa Conference race l2-6. The Cards scored their touchdown in the final period when Bojohn heaved a pass to Dorman Doty from the five yard line. The outstanding feat of the game was when Rojohn galloped 90 yards to set up the sccr- ing play. Ames scored in the first and third periods. Grinnell The Cards whipped the Grinnell Tigers on the Grinnell field for their first Central lowa Conference win of the year 2611. Bob Lust scored the first touchdown of the game followed by two from Lester Van Dyke. Darrell Bojohn also scored a six pointer in the fray. lt was a hard fought battle all the way through. "Q Row 1: M. Leydens, Lust, Murphy, Hobbs, Walther, Brierly. Row 2: Van Dyke, Ferguson, S. Leydens, Wilson, Gallagher, Babcock. Row 3: Banks, Knight, Stottza, Sterling, Shields, Niebnr. Row 4: Heaverlo, Carpenter, Kuhn, Olson, Molleck. Football Albicx The Newton Cardinals literally wiped the Albia Blue Demons ott the map in the next game ot the season, a nonfloop game. They troniped the Albia team 47-U in Newton. Bojohn was outstanding through the game scoring three touchdowns. Boone Boone Jostled the Newton gridders in their next C. l. C. contest on a recovered tumble behind the goal line. ln the lirst period Bob Lust, down on the cards tour, tumbled the ball and it rolled over the goal line where a Boone gridder pounced upon it giving the Toreadors a BU. Marshalltown Marshalltown Bobcats finally were shown that they could be beaten. After 20 years ot trying, the l945 gridders ot Newton High whipped the Bobcats on the gridiron 7-U. The scoring came in the third period when two passes short circuited the Bobcats. Dcty heaved a long pass to Matthew tW11gl Leydens who raced over to get the Cards' touchdown. Stotts booted the extra point. tLett to rightl "Babe" Kumm, Marge Olloake, Shirley Adams, David Aldridge. t Pago EIT Row 1: Morgan, Wadell, Guthrie, Bullers, Leydens, Smith, Nicholson. Row 2: lerry McMahon, Thomas, Iimmy McMahon, Heaberlin, Calhoon, Cooper, Main, Erlandson, Loupee. Row 3: Carpenter, B. Lammers, Moffit, Long, Wolfe, M. Lammers, Ward, Harmon, McKee, Mr. Goodman. Perry The Cards triumped over Perry in a 47-U victory. Two touchdowns were made in the first two plays ot the game. Buckley and Lust were outstanding players throughout the game. Oskaloosa Osky took a 48-7 tromping on the Newton Gridiron, Anderson ol Oskaloosa scored the only touchdown. Lust made an out- standing run of BU yards. The halt ended with the score Zl-U. Every substitute was put in during the last halt. Pu gu U 8 Sophomore Football The sophomore football squad started their season a Week late this year as "Connie" Goodman, soph coach, was not yet dis- charged trom the service. The Little Cards played tour games, Winning all of them. Two games with Grinnell's second team, one with Coliax's second and one with the Oskaloosa sophomores made up their season. Phyllis Cozad, George Myer, and loan Welle boosted the freshman team on to their victories. lunior high pep meetings found them bubbling with energy to spark the student body to support their teams. Freshman Football During the football season the freshman squad played four games. They played the Knoxville sophomores, Monte- zuma sophomores, the Nevada sophomores and the Mar- shalltown freshmen. Although losing these games the boys gained a lot of experience in playing good football. Since this is their first year of playing real football they learned all the fundamentals to prepare them for the varsity team in a few years. The team this year was quite large with 45 boys going out for the whole season. Row 1: Icirnagin, Shaffer, Stratton, Davis, Nida, Bicknell, Livingston, Moss, Baker, Shields, R. Ferguson, Barile, I. Ferguson, Rousch, Terris, Rabourn. Row 2: Lister, Griffith, Spencer, Townsend, Mortley, Havens, Carter, Roussos, Smith, Umbarger, Breckenridge, Wisgerhof, Parker, Spellman, Row 3:Pennell, Yates, Altman, Bozarth, Crawford, Hardenbrook, Gardner, Hesson, Reynolds, Bell, Rohrdanz, McLaughlin, Ellis, Mr. Elliott. Page 99 Football Lettermen Vernon Babcock . . . "Bab" was also a center. He saw plenty of' action through the year. A senior, Bab saw his final year of football this year. His best game of the year was when the Cards belted the Grinnell gridders on the Grinnell field. Don Bozarth . . .The big boy of the crowd. "Mow 'em down" was his motto and that is just what he did. Outstanding on the blocking end of play "Baz" opened plenty of holes for plays. He was a senior this year. Gene Buckley . . . "Buck" . . . a hard working fullback and big at that. He racked up plenty of touchdowns for the Cards. He was a senior foo. Bob Briefly , . . Bob was the Cards regular center. lt was reported that he never made a bad pass through the entire season. A junior, Bob will be back next year hipping the ball to the backs and then taking off on a bruising block. lack Ferguson . . . lack was a back and a good one at that. He was quite the passer and a whale of a good runner. He is also a junior and will be back next year to cause plenty of trouble for any who dare oppose the Cards. Lew Emery . . . "Lewie," a blocking guard, was afraid of nothing. His best game was with the Bobcats. He is in the Navy now. Dorman Doty . . . Doty was another one of the Cards pile-driving quarter- backs. He called plays and ran them too. He is also an outstanding passer. A senior, Doty plans to go to a coaches college. Wug Leydens . . . Matthew, better known as "Wug," was rated the top end in the conference, and Was an outstanding factor in bringing the Cards many a score. He seemed to pull passes out of nowhere. Not only on pass catching, he was a shiner on the defense side of the game. He also was a senior and this was his final year. He made honorable mention in All-State. Bob Iohns . . . "Sunny" . . . was another of the Cards fast men. Bob was a senior this year and made quite a record for himself. Melvin Hobbs . . . "Mel" was rated the top guard in the Central lowa loop, His starring tackling and blocking held the team on its win course. lt was Hobbs opening the hole in the opposers line that caused the Cards to get away for a touchdown and Win many of their games. He also was a senior and made fourth team on the All-State selec- tion. Pat Gallagher . , . "Romeo" . . . a lineman outstanding on defense and offense. The blond haired tackle will be back next year as he was only a junior this year. One of Pats better games was cgainst Grinnell. Football Lettermen Sam Leydens . , . lohn, better known as Sammy, small but oh so powerful. A junior, Sam saw plenty of action through the year. Through the hub-bub of play you could hear him at his quarterback spot calling out plays left and right to drive the boys to their wins. Bob Lust . . . Lust, a fast little scat back kept the opposers turmoil. Where was he and when? Probably he was already in a constant over the goal at the other end of the field. He was a senior this year too. Normie Matheny . . . "Norm" or "Red" was another line outstanding on defense and offense. He was "Plow right Norm." Always a worker man. He was through them he never gave up. He also was a senior. Paul Murphy . . . "Murph" was a worker on the team. He was an excellent blocking end and an outstanding defense man. His spirit kept the team in fighting when it seemed to be even a lost cause. Darrell Roiohn . . . Rojohn, tops on the Newton gridiron of those sort of "hold the team together boys" with plenty at one time keeping the list was one of spirit and Cards going on all fronts He is a senior and fight plus plenty of football ability. He was found around the entire field this was his final year on the Cards football team. He m de honorable mention on the All-State football team. Bob Snook . . , "less" was one of the top linemen in the Cards line-up. A senior this year, Snook saw plenty of action. He was outstanding on both defense and offense. We'll probably be hearing about less in college football too. Art Sterling . , . "Ollie", as he was known as in them days, was a Whale of an outstanding end. He and Wug made a fine pair. Together they brought in many scores for the Carols, Art was good on defense too. Very few opponents ever made it round his end. Clinton Stotts . . . Clinton was the man with the educated toe on the Cards roster. He could boot a ball from almost any position. He is a junior and will no doubt be back next year to cause plenty of trouble for those who take stand against the Cards, Stotts was also a lineman. Lester Van Dyke . . . "Les" was one of the fastest backs in the conference. His speed and broken field running proved a valuable asset to the squad. He is a junior and will no doubt see plenty of action next year. Ray Walther , . . Ray, "The Beak" Walther was an outstanding factor in the Cards line. He was good on both defense and offense. He was a senior this year. Avery Wilson . . . Avery was a jack of all trades gridder, not only did he play in the line but he was a very effective full- back. A junior, Avery will be back next year to help pound the whey out ot' the Cards opposition. i l ,c or l lAb0V9l Darrell Roiohn h9UV9S G 10991 9095- fAboveJ Art Sterling meets his opponent with ci smile--Q ihis time. Action CAbovel Mel Hobbs listens for the signols. U-Xbovel "Wug" Leyclens grirncices wickedly cis he prepares for the figldl tackle. fAbovel Bob lohns tucks the looll under his crm cmd is off down the l I CAbovel Gene Buckley words oil on imoginory lockler. Puggn- 102 Cpibove left to riglitl Bob Lust, Gene Buckley, Darrell Hojohn and Dorman Daly as they look to the center. CAbovel Melvin Hobbs and Don Bozartli make icaay to plunge in. They Play --1 Hard fllbovej Dorman Doty boots it cleari- ly tlirouali the bars. I A YIM- L I CBelowl Vernon Babcock and "Sammy" Leydens :scan tho field for a likely tackle ar pass receiver. CAbovel Patil Miirpliy fznaas ine. fBeloWl Lew Emery and Ray Walther clash madly at the opposition line. l':lgn- IU!! National Athletic Honor Society The purpose ot the National Athletic Honor Society is to foster high scholarship among athletes, to stimulate balanced training, to elevate ideals of sportsmanship and develop more outstanding leaders. To achieve this honor a boy must have shown the highest type of citizenship and sportsmanship, his average grades for three consecutive semesters must be equal to- or higher, than the general average of the school, and he must earn a letter in either a major or minor sport. A boy that has been elected to the National Athletic Honor Society has attained the highest award possible for high school athletics. Row l: CLett to rightl Sterling, Walther, Buckley, Murphy, Matheny. Row 2: Shields, Gallagher, Van Dyke, Wilson, Brierly, Ferguson, S. Leydens. Page 104 Row 1: Richards, Arndt, Gallagher, Dirlam, Iohns, Bob Snook, Burton Snook. Row 2: Lust, Carpenter, Kuhn, Thomasson, Doty, Rojohn, Hobbs, Shepherd, I. Leydens, Sterling. Row 3: Ferguson, Bill Molleck, M. Leydens, Bozarth, Lothe, Gooch, Shearer, Dougall, Bell, Mr. Goodman. Varsity Basketball McKinley The cards opened their 1945-45 season by crushing the McKinley of Cedar Rapids five on the Newton home court 50-34. Roosevelt ln the second non-loop tilt of the season, the Cards snatched a 38-35 win from the Roosevelt Roughriders of Des Moines, over- coming the terrific height advantage. Grinnell Newton in their first C l. C. win, completely overwhelmed the Grinnell Tigers on the offense in the second half 52-43. Ames ln the second C. l. C. contest of the Cards season, the Newton clan met the Ames Little Cyclones, and suffered a defeat of 39-27. Knoxville The Cards fifth tilt of the season, the one iust before vacation time was really a thriller. They whipped the Knoxville Panthers 50-48 in a double overtime. Marshalltown The Cards met the Marshalltown Bobcats following vacation time in a make-up tilt and woe for the Cards. They lost their second C. l. C. tilt of the season by a 39-26 count. Oskaloosa The Cards third C. l. C. loss went to Oskaloosa Indians 28-l9 on the home floor. Boone Newton met a highly favored Boone team and knocked them off. The Cards played a fast and deliberate game, to upset the Toreadors 35-31. Grinnell For the first time in several years Grinnell finally broke their jinx and defeated the Newton Redbirds 40-34. Ames Although this was undoubtedly the toughest tilt of the season for the Cards, they played one of the best offensive and defensive games of the season. The score, 47-26. Marshalltown The Redbirds fell to the Marshalltown Bob- cats in a tough game, loosing 48-36 on the home floor. Oskaloosa Again the Newton Cards lost to Oskaloosa 50-33, on Osky's floor. Boone Newton once again defeated the Boone invaders with a score of 45-37. Ottumwa The Newton Cards ended their regular sivaison by losing a thriller to Ottumwa by - 9. Page Spook Thornosson, Dor- rnon Doty, Darrell Ro- Jolm, Chuck Sheollor-J, Sornmy Loydvnfs ond Melvin Hobbs lirzlon to L1 few polnfferfi lrom ffoocll Goodrnrfn. Clibovel Melvin Hobbs covers up llle holes. lBelowJ Don Bozorlh 'nrller Eagle-Eyed fAboVf:D Darrell Rojolzn flrllu- blezz IU lor mnorllor hoop CBelowD Chuck Shepherzl proc- , A ticefs one of those fomouz slxolfr. rt went 1n. 'A - " - fAboveJ Sammy Levnlanrs I 1 1- lou Guns und fires: orounfl fl UTIQY' guard. Clelowl Chorlafs Sllepherzl moves in to intercept The roll os ihe opposiiion tip 11 down the floor olter the bcmkel. --'T How l: Long, Pennell fMgr.l, Lyons. Row 2: Leydens, Bell, Calhoon, Wolfe, Erlandson, Carpenter. Row 3: Turley, Herbst, Ierry McMahon, Ward, Lammers, D. Vermillion, Waddell lfidahl. Sophomore Basketball The sophs season was an average one, apiece to Baxter, won one over Monroe and chalking up 5 wins to their credit and 3 Grinnell and two over Oskaloosa but we losses. They won and dropped a game forced to yield two to Marshalltown Freshman Basketball There were about 20 freshmen and lU eighth graders out this year for basketball, The team played eleven games this season winning seven and losing four. Their come plete record of the season reads: won two Row Row Row Row 4: Ward, Trout, tones, Leydens, Stockton, Kimler. mmuil l ll jg A games with the Kellogg reserves wo tvto with Grinnell frosh, lost two to Knocvllo sophs, lost two to Marshalltown won one from Nevada and one from the Lau l farsitw 1: Davis, Gardner, Hardenbrook, Brayton, McNeese, Shields. 2: Ferguson, Wisgerhof, Griffith, Barile, lim Ferguson, Wright, Elliott. 3: Holdrzworth, Baker, Umbarger, Hesson, Foster, Sparks, Rose. Basketball Lettermen Don Bozarth-"Boz" was the long shot artist of the team. He did not start his playing until the final phase of the season. He is a senior. Dorman Doty-substitute guard, played good basketball but didn't see much action. He was fairly accurate on long shots. This is Dorman's last year With the Cards. Melvin Hobbs-"Mel", a senior this year, was undoubtedly the Cards best defensive man. He was also a fairly consistent scorer throughout the year. He made honorable mention on All-state for the current season. Iohn Leydens-Little "Sammy" was what you might call 'the spark of the teamf He bounced in and out and all around the Cards' opponents. A junior, he will be the Cards' main threat next year. Darrell Roiohn-Darrell, a senior this year, was one of the outstanding forwards in the conference and Newton's fast-breaking high scorer. l-le made honorable mention on All-state. Charles Shepherd-"Chuck" was the Cards' jump center boy and the rebound man accounting for most of the re- bounds in the season. Only a sophomore, he has two more years with the Cards. Lee Thomasson-"Spook", a junior forward, may have acquired his nickname from the way he 'spooks' the ball away from the opponents. Outstanding on defense, he played his best game against Pella. Pig IU? Hur tfvrt into-n, tum f-rt HICil'1,ft 1, Sure and Steady rxtorrcnqofu. the Oqrrtpmf tLoftJ Cttcrrlma Kuhn plGf:f": brits Wtth "fiv1qertip" Control Clqiriqtrtj Bob Iotmzs tQtf'3.S on easy ctim CBQIOWJ Don Bnzorth pt1g:he:s til cm extra point for Um Cord: in another thrrller tLei'tJ Icck Pcrqtnson 103112 m Q treo shot wtrrle the wruwi torqretts to breathe tftiqtltt Durmcm Iloty pvrtas up rm ulfzrt fruurfl Row 1: Shields, Knight, Meyers, lohns, Snook, Walther, Doty, Hobbs, Murphy, Shearer, Rojohn, Bozarth, Greene, Richards, Van Dyke, Gallager, Iohnson. Row 2: Stewart, Gooch, Sparks, Vermillion, Harding, Thomasson, Dickerson, S. Leydens, A. Wilson, Arndt, Muilenberg, Heciverlo, Mortley, B. Wilson, Boldt, Bell, Dougall, Heaberlind. Row 3: Billingsley, Lothe, Herbst, Calhoon, McMahn, Mason, Guthrie, Main, Waddell, Lyons, Roussus, Spenser, Ward, Carpenter, R. Leydens, Moffett, B. Lammers. Row 4: Bishop, Berg, Dirlam, Pennell, Loupe, Weaver, Townsend, Hammer, Simpson, Long, McLaughlin, Ferguson, Neiber. Row 5: Eidahl, Ellis, Lister, Iackson, Cooper, M. Lammers, Wolfe, Shepherd, Brierly, Reynolds, Carpenter, Bhllers, Turley, Albee, Goodman, Track The 1946 track season opened with the class meet, in which the seniors carrie out on top, followed by the juniors, sophomores, and freshmen respectively. The first heavy competition was in the lowa City meet in which the team placed eleventh. Newton came out of the Valley Relays with a third place and a fifth place at the Oskaloosa Relays. The Grinnell relays saw Newton come out with a sixth place. ln the dual meet with Osky we copped Page 110 first place. Hobbs made a record football throw of 197 feet l inch. ln this meet Newton took thirteen first places out of fifteen events. ln the district meet at Ottumwa, Newton Won this meet for the second straight year. NeWton's Well balanced team told the story and edged out Ottumwa by one point. This is the third time in the history of the school that Newton had won a district track meet. The season is incomplete as we go to press. Girls Intramurals Girls intramurals in physical education this year consisted of field ball, volley ball and basketball. Softball was also to be contested but cool rainy Weather did not permit games to be played. Field ball tournaments came first While the fall Weather Was still nice. lulie Hamill headed the winning team in this fast moving sport. Volley ball came next, with Pat Huffman leading her team- mates through class games, semi-finals and finals and triumphing in the final noon games. Last of all were the basketball tournament games and again Pat Huffman's team scored the points that put them out in the lead in the beginning and held them in the tournaments until they Walked away with a victory in the final game. Field Ball Row 1: Lansrud, Lloyd. Row 2:Cunditf, I. Hamill, C. Iohnson, Volley Ball How 1: Dop, Morgan, Hoflmaster. Row 2: Damman, Varner, Carnahan, Main, Blacker. Row 3: P. Brown, Dimon, Emmack, Van Hall, Huffman, Davis, Phillips. l . if Several Weeks were spent l before the beginning of the tournaments in practice. Mrs. Elson instructed and coached each group. Each class had several teams so the first clashes came during class periods. From each of these classes a winning team emerged and battled with the other class teams in the semi-finals. Girls intramurals proved and tested the athletic abilities and good sports- manship of nearly every girl in Newton High. Pugu 111 GGJGMCZGJL f f' A5'fw.l3 ' .v if L x .tiEi?,,.HJ?2giiAL C 'ggi z ri-7 ff wtf it ,is : 7 'Q Z 'xy y aflf if L-5.tff'Z f .71 .X ,JL V NN7 ni 1- I 1 i 4 54 . ,4 7 ilggiiifi if ffiiw 2 X 7 f X f ' E lfxtfx is V - g- if I ' " ' I 4 1 f' 'yur' I SQL-. I4 , Naw1oN is X-'A nuoxwue 0 ,Sqn 21 AYTES I2 NEWTON ,5'9a. 28 , 6 NEWTON 47 if ALBIA 0 September 4. School begins with the world at peace. 5. Many new faces and figures seen about N.H.S. 7. The heat of the afternoon sun drove us frcm the school at 3:30. 10. An Englishman from Wales talked about China in assembly. l3. Several juniors spent the evening in the Colfax "jug" without their stolen watermelons. 14. Newton football started oft' with a bang by the defeat of Knoxville 13-0. 14 . Tryouts for cheerleaders began tonight. 17, The 2172 hour historical movie "Maid of Salem" was enjoyed by all. A - Page 112 l8, quexr YeAn.H-??!9 Drawn by Iohn Billingsley Shirley Adams, David Aldridge, Marjorie O'- Roake, and Marvin "Babe" Kumm are the new cheerleaders. 20. The Ritz Trio furnished a musical program for 21 25. N.H.S. . Newton was downed by Ames 12-6. But maybe next year-HUH? Religious education was encouraged by Dr. Gabriel. 26. The girls being initiated into Girl Reserves were seen running around in curlers and no make-up. 27. This time they had six pigtails, no make-up 28. and bobby sox rolled up. The Cardinals crushed Albia 47-0. G ffe "YQ X 'E K A A A HUGH PM - at H '21 L ' QMNNQ .-. fx gb. 23 I-I X Q .151 33 i , HEX T f lj Uqwlitl t 'luimlllfllw .-.... .I 4... . I dans S? gli? h I 'mum Qt f he ri T55 deaf 2 gmt 4 M20 Drawn by Iohn Billingsley October Roiohn and Brierly elected class presidents ot the Senior and Iunior classes respectively, Going down the fire escape was fun for everye one but the girls in the fire drill, "Pop" Lynn spent the night and early hours of the morning washing all colors ot' paint oft the Grinnell high school. As usual the chemistry class is again raising an undesirable odor in the halls. Flash! Newton skunks Grinnell 26-U. An Eskimo talked on Alaska and played some Alaskan songs. Strains of "Home On The Range" were heard coming from the American literature classes. After contributing to the War Fund Drive we saw a movie. An extra ZU minutes of sleep because of the time schedule change. 15. Oh! Woe is me. Today was report card day. 16. Everyone is working harder since they got their report cards. 17. Movie "Buccaneers" meant another 2 hours out of class. 19. After giving to the Red Cross, we had an Iowa Poetry day program. 19. The Newton Cards squelched the Osky Indians 34-6. 22. Today the teachers attended school while the pupils had a day of rest. 23. N.H.S. took part in the Town Meeting of the Air which was broadcast over KRNT. 26. Boone barely edged by Newton for a victory ot 6-0. 29. The first assembly to vote for the Homecoming queen and her attendants held. 30. Everyone is restlessly awaiting Halloween. Page 1 13 November f. 1' ,X X. eq? 22- 1.y Q l.' fs.!7 az- 4, NJUYMCN1- AQUNCHOG 6 Nw 22 Nom 8 llllf .I I . 1.l'sx X, 'l tl J JI' x Q5 x ...., Q' -Tunpntse' Nov.?-5 . JH. 'V' " 'QQ' f x. .1 j f fl c.. .i , .4 4 xt' cmnm J Peesannury NOY. I Drawn by Dick Gorrell A movie on charm and personality was shown to the Senior and Iunior high schools. Newton walks away with the Perry game 46-U. Final assembly to vote for the queen and her attendants for the Homecoming game. N.H.S. delights in seeing a movie on f-.tters and also two live otters. Despite rainy weather the Newton school spirit was not daunted at the pep meeting. The magic of science was demonstrated to us in the program "On the Beam." Newton's great team work brought about the downfall of the "Bobcats" 7-U. The queen, Thalia Arndt, and her attendants were crowned at the Homecoming game with Marshalltown. During a program put on by the Annual staff the king and queen of both Senior and lunior high schools were crowned. Today we filled out next semester's schedule Cards. At the Girl Reserve party the girls enjoyed dancing, swimming, games, and food. The number of students out with the flu is rising. Page 114 After we were dismissed from school at 3 o'clock, we went to the pep meeting for Fridays game. Today We enjoyed turkey, pumpkin pie and everything that goes with a peaceful Thanks- giving day. Instead of going to school the kids of Nl-l.S. stayed home and rested after a large Thanks- giving dinner Thursday. Newton won its first basketball game of the season by defeating McKinley High 50-34. Again that sad report card day rolls around when you learn just how smart you are. David Hammer is busy refunding the money to the students to whom he sold adult tickets for the play. Short assembly about the program Thursday afternoon and the play. The students of N.H.S. enjoyed a program of organ music at the Presbyterian church. Opening night for the play "The Visitor." Although out-distanced in height the Newton boys came through with a 38-35 victory over Roosevelt. Xfgf, Det. X 9 tg , Ad 0' 'i 5 2? J Q f ll' ! . . 'th' ' f tzfffke 'e X - N I ,gvlf ,Io ,. 4- f Q f' XJEVNIK rl 0 N f Q f, oec.2l 3 Sl Xt . X A X X X elf , I 0 V oeibcrtgffv 5' 'S IGK naw 4 xy' December We got out of school an hour early today. The cigarette shortage is still so bad that some girls were forced to smoke "corn cob" pipes. Starting Sunday is WPA. week which trans- lated means that the girls take the boys' places and pay the bills. Some of the groups of the Girl Reserve hemmed clothes for the Red Cross. There was a very peppy pep meeting for the Newton-Grinnell game. Newton was victorious over Grinnell 52-43. Many new romances have sprung up since W.P.A. week. Lew repeated Sir Walter Raleigh's performance the other night when he carried Dorothy across a snow drift to her front porch. The Mixed Chorus is practicing for the Christmas program they will give Sunday. It was pretty cold walking back and forth between the buildings today and then the snow didn't make it much cozier. 14 17 19 21 2l 21 24 25 27 Drawn by Dick Gorrell Newton took a 39-27 defeat from the Ames Little Cyclones. Because icicles were beginning to form in some of the rooms, we were dismissed at 3 p, m. Some of the boys are enjoying the temptation of reading people's mail while they are helping the post office out during. the Christmas lush though of course they wouldn't really read it. Christmas carols and responsive reading con- stituted part of the Christmas program, The football boys were awarded their letters in assembly. Newton barely edged past Knoxville' 50-48 after two overtimes. Without the threat of school work the kids of N.H.S. are enjoying their two weeks of vacation. It's not only a very white Christmas but also one without the threat of war. U y V Some of the fellows and girls are enjoying ice skating during their vacation. Page 1 is OH GQODY Ol-I .. 522304 if U -rftf Jnuf NUR 30 Ianuary First day of the new year of l946. The Newton-Marshalltown basketball game wa: postponed because of bad weather. The kids came merrily C'?l back to school after a two weeks' vacation. Marshalltown downed Newton 39-26. Many oi the Newton boys introduced their Marshalltown girl friends to their Newton girl friends and others were looking for Marshall- town girl friends to be introduced to, A collection is being taken up by the Girl Reserve to buy flowers for Sara Hill's mother. who passed away yesterday. lane, Cleo, loan, and Lester C?l apologized to Mrs. Davidson for talking during a history test about loan's "ballet" shoes. Newton smothered by Osky Indians 28-19. We got out at 3 p. m. because of the teachers' meeting. Today, we struggled through some of our semester tests. The second day of semester tests didn't find them any easier. Eleven mid-year students graduated today. During shortened periods, the books were Iago 116 Drawn by Dick Gorrell turned in and the fines paid. After a musical program we got out early. While the teachers corrected tests and put grades on report cards we enjoyed a day of vacation. Square dancing, ballroom dancing, movies and a program helped make the school mixer a success. ln an assembly we got those dreaded r-'port Cards. Some of the mid-year seniors who have com- pleted :achool are going into the service. Kellogg barely edged by the Newton B team in the county tournaments. A lapanese-American, Yaye Kojiima, answered the questions that the girls asked during the Girl Reserve program. Newton falls to Grinnell 40-34 The Kellogg boys who defeated the Newton E team went on to win the county tournaments. Another teachers' meeting meant an extra hour out of school. Some of Newton's local talent put on a musical program for the students of N.l-l.S. Newton downed by Ames 47-26. o 6 9 0 .Q February l. Teachers meeting and another day out of school. 5. School activity groups are having their pictures taken for the NEWTONIA. 8. The girls enjoyed a musical program and a burinosn meeting in Girl Reserve. ll. Ronnie Butler is limping around school today after his excursion on the thin ice of Skunk river. l2 Mr. Berg gave a talk on Lincoln's life in assembly in honor of l.incoln's birthday l2. The Girl Reserves are collecting articles to make Easter boxes for the junior Red Cross. l2. The band gave one of the best concert.: in several years. l3. Tryouts for the play are going on all this Week. l4 Many girls received candy, flowers and valen- tines from their boy friends. 15 Newton toil: another defeat from Oskaloosa 5034. 16 The freshmen took second place in the aniual Invitational Iunior high basketball fournaf-nent. 16. Art Sterling took two fourth place wins in the state A.A.U. meet in Des Moines. I8 The seniors took an arithmetic test to see how much they knew about it. 19. The other day Cecilia fohnson got her leg g1.".'ki2N Drawn by Dick Gorrell and the leg of her isosceles triangle mixed up. The orchestra gave a very good concert. The band gave a concert during the pep meet- ing on Washington's birthday. Newton had a wonderful spirit which helped defeat Boone 45-37. The girls met in their different interest groups for Girl Reserves. Ralph Kenyon ended up in thc hospital as a result of a turned ankle. Dick Gorrell and Bob Stanton gave talks sixth period which will make the winner, Dick Gorrell, eligible for the contest sponsored by the American Legion. The first game of the girls' volley ball .ourna- ments was played at noon. Some of the kids have already taken their six weeks tests and others are just beginning. The question: How did Mr. Klciber know that two girls were hiding in the closet ot' the mechanical drawing room? It is said that some 'of the people' receiving the highest scores in the American history six weeks test had their own personal copies before they took the test. x Certain junior girls just c,ou'lrln't be outdone by the junior boys, so they got themselves in jail too, this time for overloading a coupe. Page 117 F rye P A? gill? XSRQUSWM C' :Nl V 6l's"'A 0 f cfalycjlttull W fla x 'io tif t M ptncluf 1,2 f ile N I, C AU 6 RAL STO -r "5i1'iKg'xfN1 of fs' I M-'rch la.. t lt t tt ' P' - 5. QL slnlfiff, L W fx . tt E N - . if . rant? M- t it Het-:ew . X XX 5 00 f Ml March David Hammer won first prize in the externpor- aneous speech contest with a speech about Truman's foreign policy. Newton lost its last basketball game of the season to Ottumwa 3l-29. During the assembly called to hand out our report cards, Mr. Lynn read the honor roll. Newton won its first game in the tournaments at Grinnell by defeating Pella 38-34. Through a smoke screen created by himself, Virgil Rollstin marched to the principal's office. The poet, Vincent G. Burns, presented drama- tizations of poetry in a pay assembly. Mrs. Hammer and Mr. Brierly spoke on books and on the youth problem in Girl Reserves. Newton gets to go to sub-state after defeating Vinton 46-37. Lastlday arrives to return report cards without paying a fine. lim Stanley and Avery Wilson are paying for chewing gum in history class by writing 500 word essays. The students enjoyed an art exhibit which eii18 Drawn by Ronnie Butler will last through today, Thursday and Friday. The Newton cagers triumphed over Mason City 34-32 to put them in sub-state running. The Delta Mu Delta members were announced today. Instead of our regular sixth period Friday classes we went to our sixth period 'Thursday classes. Newton fell to the Waverly team 66-30. The English literature classes are listening to records of the play Macbeth. The boys have started track since their defeat by Waverly Friday. The basketball boys went to see the tournament finals at Iowa City. The boys met at Hi-Y and the girls went to their interest groups. The Delta Mu Delta members had a meeting at noon. Local school talent furnished part of the music program. The girls gym classes took hikes and stopped at the little stores along the way for ice cream and candy. An assembly with special music was played by some of our music contestants. l April April Fool's day was a considerably quiet day with just the usual jokes. The seniors won the class track meet with SO points and the juniors came in second. The play "The Tangled Yarn" was enjoyed by all who saw it. The second night ot the school play. Carol Sodcrblom and Marilyn Talbot took first place honors at the district music contest. ln an assembly to fill out next year's schedules Dr. Gabriel gave a talk on why we should participate in religious education. After the Delta Mu Delta iniormal initiations, the Girl Reserves met to vote for next year's officers. Newton come out with four points in the track meet at Iowa City while Ames won with ct total of 4lV2 points. Vacation draws nearer as we come closer to the end of the second semester. The ninth through the twelfth grades took contemporary affairs tests which will be averaged in with the scores of the other schools all over Iowa. There was a ten minute Easter meditation in the Girl Reserve room today and it will also be held on Thursday and Friday. The Girl Reserves are selling tickets for the Mother-Daughter banquet. The lunior high school track boys participated in a track meet here with the Marshalltown boys. 12. Rev. I. F. Phillips and Rev. E. A. Briggs were the speakers in the Easter program. 12. The rest of the Delta Mu Delta initiations were given during sixth period. 12. Today ends the second six weeks and begins Easter vacation. 13. The Newton track team went to Des Moines to be in the Valley track meet. . 17. Some of the junior girls have tried everything but four-cent cigars. 18. The Newton boys took eighth place in the Osky track meet. 19. Many of the commercial students worked in different offices during their Easter vacation. 22. The students of Newton High slowly struggled back to school for another dreaded six weeks of hard work. 23. Newton triumphed over Grinnell in the dual meet here with 110 points to 43. 23. The Drake choir sang for the pupils of both lunior and Senior High. 23. F.H.A. played host to neighboring home economics girls all day. 24. The theme oiithe Mother-Daughter banquet was the wishing well. 25-26-27. Many students are participating in the state music contest at Grinnell. 26-27. The Newton track boys were well represented in the Drake relays. 26. Marshalltown Iunior High track meet was held today. Flin 119 lie May The Girl Reserves had their usual meeting. There was a vocal music clinic all day 'ind evening. The Newton track team was one ot the tour teams that entered in the Grinnell track meet. The Iunior high boys Shared in the wins ot the Ames lunior high track meet, lunior-Senior prom held at Hotel Maytotft. The Iunior High track boys had a contest among themselvetn The Girl Reeervetz had a tarcwell yt-og.-aiu for the graduating fzenioria. Newton took its .share of thc wins in the Con- ference track meet at Amen, The kids are preparing tor the coming vzcatioii Q0 Drawn by Dick Gorrell which will bring a vacation for three months, jobs and summer school, Among the gifts presented at the Senior as- sembly by the gittorian, Ronnie Butler, were the skipping rope, peroxide, loving cup and the crowning ot the queen and king ot tobczco road The seniors enjoyed their senior banquet, The seniors wore their caps and gowns for the tirzst tirne at Baccalaureate, The seniors received their diplomas and are now tree to travel lifes road to .success or failure, Today is Decoration day, you tools that d:n't know it. HURRAW t t SCHOOL IS OUT' Darrell Aehtemeier Charles Adams .,....... Eldon Adams Freda .hlnnis .,.. Loon Adams ..... Nina Adams Shirley Adams .... Mary Alhee .,....., Rim-hard Albee ....... David Aldridge ...,.,. Donna Allen ....... Mardyll Allen ...... B1-tty Allfree ...... ,.., Charles Altman ......... Darlene Anderson ..... Dorothy Anderson ..... Marilyn Anderson .... Pauline Anderson .... Jo Ann Arbs .............., Sara Jane Arends E. A, Arndt ......... ,. Elizabeth Arndt ,,,,.. .. Thalia Arndt: .......... ..... Fern Atwood ..,..,. Gary Atwood ..,.... Jean Aunspaeh Barbara Auten ....... Marilyn Auten Lorena Ayres lsnae Baartlu ......,... Betty Babcock ,,,,...... lvn Ma Baht-ovk . Joe Baheoek .........,,,. Vernon Babcock . Louise Backus ,,., ., Staey Baekus .....,. Sara Baird ...,. ,. Charles Baker ,.,. tinrold Baker ...,... Richard Baker .,..... Betty Baldwin ,....., Dorothy Baldwin . ,..,,, Betty Banks .....,.,., James Banks ....,,... Franklin Barile .,,..... William Barnhouse Frank Barrett ........, Joe Barton ,.,.,.. L1-onnrcl Barton Pandora Barton ..,. Rowena Bates .... .lean Bauer ......... Carlos Baxter . .... ., lloreas Baxter .....,, Bradley Beals .,.. Ralph Beals ..,.... Norma Beatty ..,.. Craig Bedell Dalton Bell ....,..... Max Bell ........... Bill Beniamin ......... Berniece Bennett ...... Bah Bennett .......... Bnyd Benton ...,.., B. C. Berg ,,...., ......., John Berg ..,. ,,,,., ,...,. Marilyn Bergman ..,... .. Dorothy Bergstrom Lois Bergstrom ........ Charles Berry ......,Y Phyllis Berry ........ Elise Reukema .,,,.., Vera Beukema .... Edna Bestar .....,.... Murray Bicknell .... John Billingsley ...... Pauline Binegar ,...... Ordell Birkenholtz ..... Henry Birkenholz ..... Helen Bishop ........ Leia Bishop ,... ..... Iiuey Bishop ...., ...,. Mary Ann Bishop Ronald Bishop ....... Kenneth Bisoxn ...... helm To the Merchants we express our appreciation. Their contributions mode this book possible. 29-72 , 52 .. .. 52 29 li0-38 . 28-29-48-78-80-97-112 60-110 29-47-6 6-48-60-87-88-97-112 .......90-91 62-91-99 .. ,. 29 29 G1-E4 52-87 G3-73 32-105-l10 8-70-71-78-R0-B9-92-114 , ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,..,.l,,......... 29-82-S7 .. .............. .........., . .. 6-1 61-93 . . ....,. 63-'73 52-69-P2 .. 61-73 62 625-H11 61-87 ., .. ..., 65 29-48-97-100-103 . .,,. 61-78-79-B0 62-99-107 . ..,,.,.,...... 52-72 30-70 52-74-75-78-115 62-69 77-'33-107 52-89 30-S2-R6 65 30 61 30 30 52 64-91 30-82-87 99-107 52-82-96-105-110 19-84 52-68-76-82-S6-110 .. 63 64-90 52-62 52 64 . ..... 63-73 20 52-78-80-S2-86-96-110 , ...............................,.. 65 5"-72 52 . .... 23 8 65 30-47 52-89-110 Lueile Bisom .A.,.Y. ........... 6 5 L2-uora Bixby ...... ...... 3 1 Leona Bixby A ...... ....,... 3 1 Betty Blavker ,,,..,.,, .' ....,. .. 31-65 Barbara Blacker ...... .......... 6 1-111 Roberta Blaeklellgo ,.,, ..... 6 1-S9-90-91 Barbara Blndt Bob Blair ,... .... Harold Blair ..., John Blair .Y.,. ...... 64 . ......... . ........... . 31 Ruth Blom ...........i. ...................., 6 I-73 George Boitgott Robert Boldt ....... ....... 5 2-79-82-96-110 ..A.. A-C Ice Creorn Co. Adctms, Dr. L. P. Allen Printing Co. American Legion Anderson ond Co. Automotic Wosher Co. ..B.. Boiley, R. H. Reol Estote B G M Sporting Goods Bone's Sandwich Shop Borton's Grocery Bedell, F. L., Attorney-ot-Low Be1l's Grocery Beczrd Music Studio Besser, Dr. E. F. Birkenholtz, Reol Estote Bigelows Blue Room Cote Bond Clothing Co. Broodston, I. H., Osteopoth Brierly, L. L., Attorney-ot-Low Brunner Deep Rock Service Bruce Borber Shop Bruce Pontorium Buenz Motors Inc. Buick--l-lAWKEYE-Chevrolet Service Bunker, Dr. O. W., Dentist Buster Brown Shoe Store .Q- Compbell ond Campbell Copitol ond Riolto Theaters Corey, M. I., County Attorney Carpenter, Dr. F. E. Cather, Williom, Dentist Coylor Reol Estcxte Chornber of Commerce Chesnutt Barber Shop City Market City of Newton Coost-to-Coost Store Conoco Service Stotion Cross ond Hamill, Attorneys-at-Low Culver ond Son Furniture Cut Rate Grocery ....D.. Doves Borber Shop Denniston 6: Partridge Co. Dcone, H. C. Inc. Donohue Grocery Doo1ey's Music Store D G T Co. Dun-Lop Mig. Co. .E- Elks Club Donald Bollhoefer .,..... Shirley Bollhoefer ..,.. Sue Boothe ,,,,,,,,,,,A,,A Lynn Bowen ,......... . Peggy Bowen .... Don Bozarth ......... Doralea Bozarth ...... Richard Bozarth ....AA Byron Brain ........,., Lois Brand ......... Donald Brayton . .... Harold Brayton .....,..... Patricia Brazelton ,,,, Edward Breckenridge Richard Bret-kenrixlge Una Rae Breen .,...... Richard Bricker .,Y....... Ann Brierly ,..,.l.,.. Rob:-rt Brierly ...,., Bonnilea Brock .....,, Margaret Brock ,,.. Sally Broderson ...... Charity Brom ....... Eileen Brooks .......,, Florence I, Brown ., Kenneth Brown .,,,, Lois Brown ....... Marie Brown ........ Marilyn Brown ...,, Pauline Brown ..,. VVayne Brown ....... Byron Bryson .,.,... Fredda Bryson ...,. Robert Buckles .... Gene Buckley .... Anna Bullers ...... Samuel Bullers ,.... Harriett Bunker ,,... Edna Bunse .......... Joy Burnett ......, A. E. Burton .,...... Charlene Butler .,,,,, Gary Butler ...,.,,,, Janice Butler ..... Keith Butler ..... ,, Ronald Butler ..... 1Vil1na Byerly .,,... Clair Calhoon ,.... Don Calvin ....,.... Nancy Calvin ,...,,... Patricia Cameron ,Y,, Ram-,ma Cameron r.., . George Cammack ..... Ann Campbell ........... Barbara Campbell Donn Campbell .,....... Robert Campbell .,,, Bruce Cannon ...,,,,,,,, Max Carder ,,,.,. ,,..,,.,, Corwin Carnahan ..,, Shirley Carnahan .,,, Gerald Carpenter ..... Hugh Carpenter ,..,. Bob Carter ........... Roland Carter .........,. Donna Cavltt .......,....... Geraldine Cavitt ,,,....... Eloise Charlesworth ,.,.., Beverly Chedester .,.,. Junior Chedester ...... Karen Chesnntt .,.,..,.... Thomas Chitwood ...,.., Leona Christian ,,,,,,, Neil Clark ,,,.....,,,.. Ardis Clement ...... Doris Clement ..,,..,.., Allen Clingnlan ..,,,,,,. Van Dyke Clingman ...... Melburn Clymer ..,... Norma Lee Clymer .. Martina Cobbs ..,..,.. Bob Cohn ............... Leonard Cohn ...,.. George Cook ........,, Beverly Cooper ,.,,. Cui-win Cooper ..,,,,,, Delores Cooper ..,..,,.,.,, Florence K. Cooper , Floyd Cooper ...,...,..., Franklin Cooper ....... Maude Cooper .....,. Roma Cooper ...,. A. H. Cox ....... Donald Cox .....,,.. Florence Cox ,,,,. Norma Cox Phyllis Cozad ...... Beverly Craig .,.., Delores Craig ,.., John Craig , .....,.. ., Patricia Craig ..,,..... Leslie Crawford ......, Gene Creech ......,... 52-73-84-89 31-96-100-103-105l08-110 62-83-99-106 61-B4 64 62 63-88 65 62-99 48-52-68-70-79-97-100-110 49-52-'78-84 48-52-78 63-73 21 31 .. 63 61-84 63 . .,....,,.. 63-111 61-68-79-80-87 31-79 9 . - .- .. 31-47-70-72- 6 100 10" 103 53 60-98-1l0 61-98 61-93 19-B8-89-91 ,. U3-73 .N .YY..... ...,,.,,,., . .... 53 . 28-212-47-77-78-79-117-120 ,. . 60-98-107-110 53-76-82-86 64-69-33 63-88-89-90-92 32-70-80-88-89-92 62-83 53-70-88-S9 -92 62-90 . ,...l..... 60 65-91 61-78-84-111 53-97-105-110 60-B9-98-107-110 .......,,............ .. 62 62-83-91-99 65 ffQQQ'ff'fIf 64 63 52-78-79- S1 . ........ ......... 6 2 . 64 63 65 53-78 53-85-88-89-92 62-72 61-78 64-90-91 ''sixfiolilili5lis5iol'a'o-as-so-92 . ,,,,lo 53-98-110 6-1-90 . 18 ,. 65 11 63-73 , ..... 13 53-82 63-73 63-73-77-Q0-99 63-83 , ........ 4-7 61-88 60-99 58 -F- Foir cmd Square Food Market Farmers Mutual Insurance Assn. Farmers Super Market Ferring, Roy, Typewriter Soles 6. Finch Insurance Agency Firestone Store Firrnon Radiator Shop Fortune Cleaners Foster's Orange Iuice Bar -G.. Gcrrrett Hcxrdwore Ghorrett, Chas., Insurance Gift onid Exchange A Goeke.Shoe Repair Gottner's Reddy-to-Wear Grcxlnek-Dunitz Co. Grc1y's Lounge Guthrie Seed G Feed Co. Gustafson, Dr. H. R., Dentist -H.. Service Hammer 6' Guessiord, Attorneys-ot-Low Horbour Cafe Hartnett Ellen I-lc1zel's Beauty Shop Helrncr Cole's Style Shop Herring-Wissler Co. Horn Bros. Shoe Store Hough, A. M. ci Son Hull, Dr. I. P., Osteopcxth Humke's Bakery ...1-. lowo Stote Telephone Co. lowo Thecrtre Iowo Southern Utilities Co. .I- Iosper County Savings Bank Idsper Lumber Co. Iensen, Dr. B. C. Optometrist Iepson's Super Self Serve Drug Iohnson, L. H., Insurance Ioy, Drs., Dentists ..K... Keith G McLoughlin Iewelry Store Kier Produce Kitty's Beauty Solon Kort 6: Korf G Diehl -L.. Lorchwood Gardens Greenhouse Lernke, Ross D., Attorney-Crt-Low Leonards Ready-to-Wear Lewis, G. L., Florist Lombardi James Crook .... Carol Cross ...., .Tune Crouse ......... Raymond Crouse Otis Crozier ......... Maxine Culver ,.,... .. Barbara Cundiff ....... Jerry Damnmn ..... Patrivia Dninman ...... Durnld Dammeier ...... Doris Dammeier ..... . Leonard Dannen .,,... Dr-Ioris Danner .......,. Batty Darr ,..,....A..... Clll.l'l"lN'f' Davidson ....... Marjorie Davidson ...... Cm-il Davis ,,,. .... ...... Charles Davis .,...... Darlene Davis ....... Geraldine Davis . ..... Jean Davis fJr.l ....... Jean Davis tSr.l .... Leroy Davis ........... Margaret Davis ....., Marjorie Davis Phyllis Davis ..... Ruth Davis ...,..... Herman Deaton ...... Neal Denton ....... Elha De Camp ...... Renee De Camp .... Clifford Devker .... Rifliard Der-ker .,.... Vineta Decker ...... Colleen Deere ........ Normalie Det-re .,...... Georgette De Meyer Bette- Jean De Moss Norma Donato ........... Charles Dr-nniston Joann Dm-nniston 84 49-53-78 24 , ................ 68 63-90-111 . ..,...., 62-72 61-84-111 61-84 62-72 .. 65 61-S4 K3 65 62-99-107 61-RB 53-61-82 32-70 62-64-01 63-90-91 .. 53-78-111 61 53-73-84 53 65 63 64 60 61-72-81 . 53 61-78-79 53-82 li-1-G9-83-90 lvl-79-S7 32-68-76 William Denniston .,,.,. ....,, , .. Joe Deutsrh .......,.. ..V....V ..... 6 2-69-72 Dean Divkerson , .... . 53-H2-H5-110 Phyllis Divkerson .. .. ..A..... ..VY 6 1-Bl-34 Dolores Dickinson ....,.,., .. .V,..... ....... 5 3-71-82 Hr:-gory Dickinson .,............ ..... 4 9-53-75-79-82 Rosalie Dimon .,..,,, ,..... ........ ....A.Y.,.,, . 5 3 3-73-111 Mary Kathryn Dinsniore . ...., ..,,............,.. 6 -l-83-90 William Dirlam ..,... ............ .... . 5 3-82-96-105-110 Carolyn Dixon ........,., Deloris Dixon ..... Barbara Dodd ..... Charles Dodd NVunda Dodd Rivhard Donahue ,,.,. .lim Donahue .....,,, Geraldine Don .. Dorman Doty ....... Kenneth Doty ...,... Herbert Dougll ...... Doris Douglas ........ Hesfher Douthart .... Donna Dow ..,.,.....,. Ella M. Drew ........... Flthn Du:-liesm-au ...... Darwin Duminy .,.. Donnie Duminy ...... Sidney Dunitz .....,. George E. Dunn ........ ,Q ' Ei :ilQiiTs'2'-36'-'Q'6'l 166- 16 "f ff "6'i'f 5551 .....,....... . 53 .. 49-61-76-S7 62-69-83 63-73-111 3-105-106-108 64-110 53-l05-110 03-71 11-71 61-78-91 18 B4-88 65-91 1.2 Marilyn Durant .......... 65 Carl Durlmla, ......,....,...A. ...65 Rose Mary Durbala ....... ..... 7 3 Jane Ends ........ -----Y-- 3 3 Errlythe Earn ..... .-.-.------ 3 3 Phyllis Earp ........ ..... 6 1-84 Bernice Eastburn ...,. ...,.... 2 0 Gale Eaton ............. ...... 6 2 lmtha Eaton ....... ..... 6 4 Clarenre Ebert ....,....... 33 Dale Ebert ,.,...... .........,.......... 6 0 W. L. Eidahl .... .... 1 0-96-107-110 Arlene Eilert .....,. ................,.... 3 3 Frederick Eke ..,......... ............,.... 6 2 Phyllis Eldredgr ..v.Y,,......V ..,.. 9 0 Edna May Ellenwoorl ...... ..... 65 Ivalou Ellenwood ......... ,.......... .. 53 Louise Ellenwood .,...., ,..,......,. . .. 63-'73 Harold D. Elliott .... .,.....l........ 1 3-107 Dean Ellis ...,, . ..... ,..... 6 0-91-99-110 Jean Ellis .....,...,..,. 64-90-91 Beverly Elscott. ,.... Merlin Elsrott ...... Phyllis Elsou ..... Lois Elwood ........... Lewis Emi-ry ,,........,, Beverly Emmuck .... Mark Emmack .,,.... Fred Erlandson James Esping ' niiilisis-77-sz-s7 65 -Mc- McCall, Ennis, Attorney-ot-Law McCann, Father T. I. McMurray, Dr. E. A. ...M- Modeleine's Beauty Solon Maid-Rite Marshall Hardware Maxwell Grocery G Cote Mcrytctg Co. Maytag Hotel Mctytctg Loon ci Abstract Co. Miller, A. M., Attorney-at-Law Miller Grocery Miller Hotel Morgan of Son Funeral Home Morgan, Ves. H., Attorney-at-Low Muilenburg Insurance Agency Murdy Drug Store -N.. Necrl's Implement Co. Newberry's News Printing Co. Newton Beauty Shop Newton Clinic Newton Credit Guide Newton Foundry Newton Home Savings cSf Loon Ass'n Newton Hotel Newton Implement Co. Newton Mfg. Co. Newton National Bank Newton Plate Gloss ci Mirror Co. Newton Produce Newton Refrigerated Locker Co. Newton Seed Store Nichols, Dr. Cleo Nicholson Point :S Wallpaper Store Nollens, G. H., Drug Store .p- Pecrrl Engle Beauty Shop Penny, I. C. Co. Pierce Furniture Store Powell Implement Store Power Rexoll Drug Store Purity Dairy Quality -Q.. Cleaners -R-. Reese, Dr., Dentist Register 6- Tribune Reliable Dept. Store Rernpp Motor Ports . .............,............ 53-84 33-96-100-103-105 61-111 53-85 53-98-107 60-72 Ritter Cool Co. Ross, I. H., Skelly Products Russell, T. G. ci Sons Inc. R 6 W Produce Maryanne Evans ..... Sharon Ewalt . ..... . Donna Fahrney Clifford Farland .... Jean Farland . .,...... . Marilyn Farland .... Clarissa Fay .......... Luella Fay ........ Vernon Fay .......,. Bob Ferguson .... ,. Jack Ferguson ,..,.,... Jim Ferguson ..,,.,..,,,,. Kenneth Ferguson ..... Robert Ferrins ...,,,.. Loren Fifer ......... Maynard Fifer Norman Fifer .... Billy Fisher ...... Jo Ann Fisher ..,,, Robert Fisher ....... Maynard Flake ..,..... Kenneth Fleming ....,. Alanna Forshay .,,,..... Wilma Forshay Henry Fortner ...., William Foster ..... Ruth Ann Fox ....... Carol Lee Fry ...... Jack Fry ........,.,.... Ruby Fullmer ,.... Jerry Funk ........ Le Roy Funk .... Mae Gage ...,..............,, Patrick Gallagher ..,.... Thomas Gallagher .,.,. Amando Garcia ...... Clyde Gardner ..., Evelyn Gardner .. Marjorie Gardner ...,.,, Dorothy Garlovk Nancy Gass . ............. Vivian Gearhart ...... Delores Gharrett ...., Bonnie Gibson ......., Wyonne Gifford ...,..... Deloris G-ildersleeve Rosanna Gilleland ...... Gayle Glaman ....,......... Wayne A. Goodman ..., Lucille Gom-ez ...,..,,.., Robert Gomez .,.,,.,. Delia Gonzalez ,.,. .... Esequiel Gonzalez ...... David Gooch ........,.. Patty Gooch ......... Ethlyne Good ....... Terry Goodman ,.,.,, Edna Gorgas ........... Joann Gorgas .....,,. Richard Gorrell ..,,., Donna Graham ...,......,.,. Lucille Graham .........., Merna Graham ............ Mary Ann Granneman Colleen Grant ,..,.. ....,......... Willis Grant .....,.,.,...... Pat Green .... ........ . Richard Green ,... Buddy Greenlee ...... . Verlene Gregory ,....... Clarence Gliebeling .. Bob Griffith . ......,....... Marian Griffith ....,.. Margie Griggs ...... Donna Grimm ...... Doris Grimm ..... Jean Grimm .....,..,.... Joan Grosvenor ......,... Suzanne Grundman Rosemary Guessfurd . Clifford E. Gullette ....... De Loris Gunsaulus .... Jim Gunsaulus .,....,.... Jerry Guthrie ...,....... Myrna Guthrie ...... Paul Guy ............ . Gladys Halden .,.., Barbara Hall . .... .. Sammy Hallam ..... Julie Hamill ...... Sally Hamill ......., David Hammer ..,.... Carroll Hammer .,,,.. Dean Hammer ............ Marjorie Hammer ..... Harriet Hammerly .... Noima Hamre ......... Paul Hamre .,,, .,,.. Edward Hand ...... . Beverly Hartke .... 64-88 .. 522-78 53-71 , ..,,, 33 63 G4 63-91 07 ' 9-l 62-69-9 53-97-100-l05-109-110 62-99-107 62 65 53 60 64 64 60 ,... .. 53 53-82 61-78-82 62-83-107 54-75-88 .. .,,,... 64-R3 64-83 17 62 64-90 48-54-70-97-100-105-110 64 99-107 . ,......,..,,,.,,.. . 65 54-73-74-75-78-79 6-1-90 34-49-75 64-90 64 63 34 65 10-49-96-98-105-106 -110 60-79 54-96-105-110 63-73-83-90-91 54 49 34-70-74-76-78-117 . .....i.......,............. 61 54-H2 34-88-S9-92 G4 54-62-96-110 64-69 63-90 62-99-107 . ..... 63-S1 65-90 34 64-91 63-88 54-73 18-49 49-54 . ,..,. ............ 6 9 60-S9-98-110 54-79-82 60-72-85 . Y........ ....... . .. 16 57 65 61-78-79-87-111 34-47-68-70-74-79-82 8-54-74-75-79-S8-114-118 . ..................... . ..,.... 54 35-47-70-71-73-82 ' .,..,. ' ...................... 6 5 54 64-91 -5- Solmon's Sonders Motor Soles Scmitory Barber CS Beauty Shop Sonten Brothers Schlotfeldt, Dole, Oldsmobile Scoreboard Shenton Ploning Mills Shoemc1ker's D-X Service Station Singer Sewing Machine Co. Smart Shop Smiths Grocery Smith's Wolgreen Agency Snook Inn Sprague Spurgeon's Mercantile Co. Stanton, Dr. L. M. Stctrett's Electric Shop Sterling, Dr. A. E., Dentist Stockton's Super Vcxlue Switzer's Furniture -T-- Texoco Service Station The Parsons Company Drug Thielmotnn, Dr. C. I., Chiropractor Thorp Fincxnce Corp. Thriitwczy Super Mkts. Tolond Funeral Home Tyler Studio df Camera Sh -U- United Food Mkt. -V- OP Von Epps, P. R., Radio Store Veterans of Foreign Wors Walter Keith Radio Soles ci Service Warburton Lumber Co. Welle, Dr. C. B,, Dentist Werts Cote West End Grocery Western Auto Associate Store Westwood Press Wilson G O'Brien Wisecczrver Pool Hall Woodbury's lewelry Store Wood df Fellows, Drs. Wood, Milo, Gen. Contract Wormhoudt Clothing Co. --y... Yeisley Motor Co. Y. M. C. A. Y. W. C. A. or ci Builder Bev rl Hansel Gt.3..yH.,...e1 c .... Qiiiii.. George A. Hansuld Elvin Hardenbrook Derald Hardenburg Robert Harding ........, Edward Harger ....... Marvin Harger ........ Robert Harmon ,. Paul Harper .......,.. Rolibrt Harper ..... Shirley Harper . .,., Lily Mae Harr .,.,. Mary Harrington ..,, Paul Harrin ton g ..... Wanda Harry ...., Rim-hard Harsh ..... Billy Hart ...,........... Beverly Hartley ....... Lois Hasselbrink ..,.... De Loris Havens ...... Gerald Havens ........ Richard Havens ......... Lorraine Hawkins ..... Beverly Haynes ...,.. Bill H-eaberlin ........ Donald Heaverlo ..... John Heaverlo ...,, Betty Hedges ,... Maxine He ley ...... Norman Heiden ....., Edna Henle ,... ...... Roy Henning ..... Frank Herbst ........... Patricia Herring .......,.. La Vola Herrington ..... Louise Herrington .,,. Keith Hesson .......... 65 62-09-107 54-72 54-96-110 65 , 57-72-98 65 60 35 61 63-73 35-70 B4 65 65-90 65-90 . ...,...,. 90 60-80-88-99 54-82-87 60-98-110 54-64-97-110 . 64 ,. ., 65 65-69 60-68-107-110 35-70 62-99-167 Shirley Hesson .......... .....,............, fl 5-70-71-73 Anna Lee .Hawson ...... ......,......,...........,,...,,... . . 54 .lo Ann Hiatt .......... Marilyn Hiatt ....... Roberta Hiatt ..... Edward Hicks ..... Maril n Hi don . l y 'g ..... Jimmy Hildebrand .... 35-47-48-70-52-88-39-92 61-78-89 35 "U'U'"'"'.4.'.'.I"Eilsr'-e's-sa 65-91 Jo Anne Hill ......... . . ....,...,......... 63-73 Sarah Hill ............................,..................,.... 54-71-82-85-116 A. E. Hindorft' ..........................,.,...,.................................,..... 8 Melvin Hobbs 3547-48-97-102-103-105-106-103-109-100-110 Phyllis Hobbs ..,.i.....,.....,.......,..,..,,..,...,......................... 63-90 Marjorie Hoen ........ Carl Hoffert ........... Rollin Hoffert ........ Maxine Hoffmaster Harlan Holdeter .......... Ronald Holdsworth Carleta Hollenbeck Arlene Holmes .......... Bonnie Holmes , ..... . Dwain Holmes ..... Helen Holmes ..... Shirley Holmes Charlotte Hood .... Betty Hooper ...... Charles Hoolper ....... Mary Joan lorn .... Glad s Horsmsn ..... Rosslyn Hough .... Joan Howell ...... Lois Howell ..... Leslie Howse ...... Wilma Huff ............ Patricia Huffman Clyde Hughes .......... Donna Hulse ........ Polly Hulse Alice Humes ...... Edith Homes ........ Patricia Humes .... Doris Hummell .............. Marilyn Humphrey Robert Hurley .......... Batty Illingworth Bill Illingworth ...,.,,...... Dorothy lllingworth Johnnie lllingworth Verlee Ingle ........... Marvin Inghaham Max Irelan ..........,., Norma Irelan ...... Ellen Irwin ...... Jack Iske ...... Barbara Jack Beverly Jack . ...... Elizabeth Jack .... Harold .Jackson .,... Helen Jackson .... Lsrr Jackson ..... Lucille Jackson ..,.. Betty Jacobs ,.,. .,.. Clinton Jacobs ,..,... Dorothy Jacobs ...... Gerald Jacobs ..... 63-93 62-83 36-111 54-S5-89 60-89-107 63-73 , .... 61-89 65 .. .,,.,,,....,..........., 65 36-47-70-88-H9-92 615-721-90 01 64-83 .. 65-90 63-72-91 55-91 62-85 61-T9-111 93-54 , 65 63 61-87 65 36-92 61-84 62-83 ., 65 ,. .. 65 ., 61 . ..... 65 ., 61 62 64 54-78 fff 51-89 . as 61-84 65 ..... 65 36 61-93 60-88-110 36-89 ,. 54-72 , ,... 64 62 Darlene James ...... Dianne James Rodger James Bob Jarnagin ....... Charles Jarnagin Mrs. Karl Jasper ..., Daneene Jenkins .... Roy Jensen .....,,... Delmar Jess ....,..... Lawrence Jess ...... Leroy .less .............,. Mary Louise Jess Ronald Jess ........ , Robert Johns ,.,.,,.. Beverly Johnson ..... Cecilia Johnson ..... Claire Johnson ...... Dick Johnson ........ Eileen Johnson ....... Florence Johnsoon Helen Johnson .,,..,.., Linn Johnson .........,. Louise Johnson ......... Margaret Johnson ...... Mary Lou Johnson ..... Robert Johnson ,.,, ., Ruth Johnson ,.,,,, Cleo Jones ...... Donald Jones .... Jack Jones ...... Lowell Jones ..... Maurane Jones ..... Phyllis Jones ........ Rosemarie Jones ...... Wendell Jones ........ Larry Jontz ....,,.. Patricia Jontz .... Warren Jontz .,,.. Robert Jordan ..... Bruce .lung ......... Patricia Jung ...., John Kaldenburg ....... Shirley Kaldenburg .... John Kelso ................ Norman Kennedy Mary Lou Kent ..... Ralph Kenyon ....,.., .lo Ann Kile ....... Jim Kimler , ......... . Le Roy Kimler ........ Marjorie Kimler ..... Arnold Kingery .,..... Harold Kingery ..... Leola Kingery ........ ...... 63-73-S3 64 62-99 64 61-84 60 54 60-'72 , ....,., .,.......... ...........,..... - 3 5 36-47-S9 96-100-102-105-109-110 37-47-70-71-74 nil-117 61-111 65 .. . 64 1,-i-73 , hal 54-Q2-110 51-79 64 . .. ..,..,,, . 93 . 54-70-71-74-75-78-82-116 .. ,..., ,,.. . 62 65 63-825 64 37-82 64-107 . ..... 85 54-82 -I3-54-62 48-54 60 64-90-83 37 51-82 23 60 65 54-96-117 63-73-83 64-90-91-107 65 , ......... 54 GT 73 65 Colleen Kingma ................. .,.,.......... Frederic Klieber .... .............. ,.., 9 - 69-117 La Vonne Kleinendorst .... ,...., . . 61 Patricia Kleinendorst ...... ,,,,,., 6 1 Vera Kleinendorst ..,... 55-78 Lois Klmg ....,.....,...,.... Pauline Kling ........... . Blaine Kloppenborg Ruth Kloppenborg ........ Howard Klopping .........,. 65 55-73-82 64 65-90 , ,.,,.... A 62-72 Rhodebolle Kloppmg .....,,.... ...,,,,,,,...,..,,. . .....,... h .l Coralie McKeag Knapp ,...., ....., ,,........................,. 3 7 Donald Knight ..........,...... .,..,..,.,...,. 55-97-82-110 Joan 'Knott ................... 55-70-71-79-80-82-116 Bill lxnox ...,....... Evelyn Kono ....,... Shirley Kooistra .... William Koppin Joyce Kreager ...... George Krieger .... Carolyn Kruse ...... Charles Kuhn ........ Marvin Kumm ...... Viola Lacey ............, Dennis La Favre ..,.. Betty Lafferty ..... R. C. Laird ....,,. Shirley Laird ...,,, William Laird ...,...... Bernard Lammers .... Marvin Lammers Doyle Lammey , ...,..,. Mary Ann Lansrud .,... Sally Lansrud , ...,. .. George Lantz ....., Louise Lantz .......... Rayburn Larimer ..... Charles Larson Louise Larson .... Robert Larson .,., Dean Leahy , ,..,..,..,.. Glendoris Leahy ........ Eugene Leatherman Robert Leatherman .... Joan Lekberg ........... Betty Lamley ........ Bette Lester ......... Dorothy Lester .... Judith Lester .... 61-71-82-87 55-97-105-109 2S'll7'47'48'49'75-97-112 64-H3-88-90 ., ..., .....,,...., 6 2 55-Til-78-80 60-72-85 .. ......., ,. 60-98-110 55-89-92-98-107-110 49-61-68-87-111 64-78-83 61-93 37-82-85 61-S2 ., 62-S3 55-73-84 62 65 ., ..,.,. 55-71 64-83-90 63-72 55 63 Helen Lewis ..... James Lewi ..... Louise Lewis .... Roger Lewis ........ Frank Leydens .... . John Leydens ........ .. 52 Lillian Leydens ...,,,. Matthew IA9yd0Y1S ,,,, I ,nn,-,-,-------MAUNUH-un Richard Leydens .,... Rodell Lightfoot .... Gene Lincoln ........ Donald Lint ....,. Robert Lint ..... Robert Lister ...... Bud Lister ,,,,A,.. , Joan Lister ......... Margaret Little ....... John Livingston ..... Delores Lloyd ..... Donald Lloyd ...,..... Mary Ann Lloyd Robert Lloyd ......... Cleo Lockwood .....,.. Marilyn Lockhart .. Gladys Loff ..,,.,,,,,,,, Betty Logue ......... Leila Logue Dale Long ......,.. Robert Long ........ Martha Lorton .... Burton Lothe .... Donald Loupee .... Leland Luft ......... Eldon Lundberg .... Robert Lust .....,,,i,,, Mary Luther ...,.. H. A. Lynn ......,. Margery Lynn ...,, . William Lyons ...... Marilyn Mac Nair .. Darlyne McCabe ...... Edmund McCardell . James Mc-Carl ......... Creeda McClanahan Ronald McClellan .,,. Vernon McClun ...,..r Jack McClurg ...,. :Tack Mcfloy ...... Ray Mr-Coy ....,,.,. Fred McCumber Ann McDaniel , ....,.. Mordnn Mr-Fodden ..... Rue McF'arlden ...... Donald McFarland . Phvllis M1-Gee ........ Shirley McGuff ....,. Edward Mc-Keag ..,.. Glenith Mr-Kee ,..., .,,, Donald McKinney Bill McLain ..,,..,,,,, John McLaughlin .,.. Marjorie McLaughlin Carol McMahon ,..,.., Dick McMahon ...,. . Edward McMahon Gerald McMahon .... James McMahon ..... Bradley McMain .......... Mary Ann McMain ...... Joseph Mr-Master ...,...., Marilyn McMannis . Patty McMurray .. Robert McNeese .... Lois Mr-New ....... Marjorie McNew .,.. Bonnie McPherren , Jo Ann Mackerman Beverly Maddy .......... Carole Mahan ....... Robert Mahl ..,,. Maxine Mahon .... Betty Main .......... Dorothy Main ........ Kathryn Main ............ Maribelle Main .,..,.....,.. Norma Jean Main Vernon Main ............ Hazel Malson ......., Mae L. Manning .... Kenneth March ..... Jo Ann Marose .... Phyllis Marose Charles Marshall ..... Delores Marshall .... Robert Marshall .... Jack Martin ........ Loretta Martin ........ Marilyn Martin ..... Harold Mason ...,,.. Edward Masters ..., John Mateer .,..... Marjorie Mateer ..... Normie Matheny Catherine Meade .... 63-84 72 i'!1'o'iA 6-1-107 -103-105-106-108-110 .. 37-97-100-1.02-105 60-98-107-110 60-72 64 60-99-110 64-83-90-91 22-51 . ....,,.,...,.. 60-99 63-73-S3-90 55-87-111 .. 65 55-F42 55-72-88-89 55-96-107-110 61-S1-H4-88 55-105-110 60-93-110 37-49-97-101-103-105 64-F13-90 107-110 63-R3 ,.... 55 65 86 . 55-82- 55-73 64-91 62 60 62 , 37 .. ...., .. 65 62-Rf!-90 65-90 .. 64 65 65 60-73 60-98 60-72-83-89 99-110 38-60-73-'78-79 60-82-99-107-110 62-R3 ., ..........Y. 65 64-69-90-91 62-B9-107 .. 65 . 61 55-32 63-90-91 39-96 55-91 lil-79-111 65-69 65-69 60-08-110 11 528-80 .. 65-91 .. , 63-69-93 65-91 33-S2-86 61-91 55-84 60-110 64-69 . , 61-93 .'.'Q'."'5E7zE'-s16- 101 55 L, Meggitt .......,. Helen Medrem .... Iola Meldrem ..... Betty Merritt ...,... Judy Merritt .....,..,.., Lorraine Merritt Bob Metz ..,,...,.,.... Barbara Meyer' .... Carroll Meyer ..... Dorothy Meyer ..,.. Rolert Meyer ...... Delores Meyers ,..... Billy Miller .... Dale Miller ........ Edwin Miller .... Greta Miller ...,..... Gretchen Miller .... Helen Miller ........ Donald Millsap .... Bobby Mmear .,,,,,,,,,,, Junior Minear .......... M. Elizabeth Mitchell Robert Moffitt ......... Betty Molleck .......,.v,, N. E. Molleck ..... Robert Molleck ,....... William Molleck ...... Don Mong ...,,,,,,,,., Don Monroe .,,,,,,,,,,,, Geraldine Monroe .... Max Moon .......i..... Darlme Moore ...... Ruth Morelock ...... James Morgan ....... Rosanne Morgan ..... Shirley Morgan ..., Jerry Morris ....,... . Juanita Morris ......... La Veta Morrison ....... Dwayne Mortenson .... Dwight Morten son Norman Mortenson Richard Mortenson Gene Mortley ,,.,,,,, , ,,,, U Jack Mortley ........... Noel Moss .,,,,,,,,,,,, Wayne Mouchka ..... James Muilenburg ..... Doyle Mulbrook ......... Lorelei Mulbrook Patricia Mulbrook Ramona M ulbrook Roger Mulbrook ...... Donnie Mullen ....... Patrick Mullen ......... Mary Mulleneaux ..... Marvin Munger ....... Elizabeth Murphy Paul Murphy ..,,,,,.,.,,, Colleen Murray ..... Donna Murray ..... Marian Murray ......... May Bell Musgrove ..... Wilma Musgrove ..... Barbara Myers ....... Bobby Myers ...... Doris My-ers .,....... George Myers ..... Janice Myers Junior Myers ..,., VVilliam Myers ....... Delmar Nagel . ,... . Jack Nalevanko ..... Lucille Nash ........ Ardat-h Neal ........... Ard elle Nearm yer ....... . Darlene Nearmyer ..., Dean Nedman .......... Alyss Nelson ..,..,... Harold Nelson ......... Marjorie Nereson ..... Clayton New-ell .... . Ann Newquist Judy Nibe ........ Joe Nichols ........ Jack Nicholson ...... LaVerne Nida .... Ralph Niebur ..... Betty Noe ............. G. VV. Nolin ....... . Jo Norris ..............,... Richard Northcote ..... Martha Nortbcutt .... Gene O'Leary .....,..... Kathryn Oliphant .... Wanda Oliphant ....... George Oliver ...... Duane Olsen ..... Leo O'Roake .............. Marjorie O'Roake .... Catherine Orwick .... 28-40-47-48-88-89-97-112 .... 10 65 65 55-89 64-69-90 61-90-91 90 65 60-72 Q5 -84. 64 62-69-72- 61 ....,,,...........ffffff'4'o'5-90 so 38-47-70-71-75-S2-89-89 65 64-91 . .............. 16-73 60-68-98-110 60-91-105 39-79-82-88-H9-97 64-91 .. 62-90 65-69-73-91 63-83 . 55 60-98 61-34-111 39-65-R2 64 .. ,. 39 62 62 64 55-96-110 60- -99 91 60 99 10 55-77-96-1 39-96 39 61-73-79-81-88 . ............. 64-91 65 65 55-75-76-77-82 .,.......... .1 56-TS 28-39-70-97-101-103-110 65 '''ffffffff.'fffff.'ffA'"'fffffffffff.'fff 65 39-73 64 63- 83 64 84 85 62-69-72- -99 56-S2-86-110 56-72 64 12 61-34 .. 61-84 63-73-S1 19-90 65 65 65-90 62 . .. 60-89-98 62-99 40-97-110 64-90 56 .. 56 69 56-3,9 40-47-70-75-88-89-92-97 -tv 22 Irene Osborn .... Phillip Oswalt ..... Phyllis Oswalt ..... Stanley Oswalt .,...... tleraldine Otten .,.. Carol Pahre ......... Harriet Pahre ...,, Patty Painter ..... Patricia Palmer .,., Winnie Palmer ....... Dorman Parker ........ ffhrystal Parsons Floyd Parsons ..... Doris Patterson ..... .lulio Patterson ...... Larry Patterson . .,... , Marjorie Patterson ...... Robert Patterson ..... . Ramona Patterson Wanda Patterson .,,,. Mary Alyce Paul ,... Betty Pauls ,.....,.,,,. Floyd Peeper ..... . Donald Peery .,.,. Elma Peery ,,..... Kenneth Pe:-r .... Robert Penne-lil .... R. J . Penney ........ Pe gy Ann Perry ..... Roliert Perry .....,... Francis Peters ..,.,..... Margaret Petersen ....,. Neva Petersen .......... Norlnan Petersen ..... 63 .. ,.... 64 621-69 . 40 55-S4 61-79- 80 81 40-70- -B9 65-90 63-'73 11 62-69-99 . ,,..,.. 55-93 65 63 -10 . ............ 65 40-89-92 62-63 61 . 61-84 40-70-R9 62 10-47 H4 60 60-R9-99-107-110 56-75-84 62-S3 56-S5 , ..... 56-78-82-87 16-73 ,, .... . 41 Nellie Peterson ...... .. .. 61 Billy Pherigo ...... 64 Hugh Pherigo .v..r.. ,.,..... ,.v........,. ...... 6 4 Peggy Pherigo ........... ,,.. ,..,.,....,........... .......... G 5 3 l"rederi4-k Phillips .... ....,.,.....,,........................ 6 0 Helen Pllilli is .,..... 41-70-71-88-89-92-111 Maurice Phillips .... ............................ ....... 6 2 Dorothy Pickering .... ............................ 6 1-64 Patricia Pietersma ...... ....... 6 3 Anna Marie Pille ..... .,.. 5 6 Gerald Pille ...,........ Joan Pille ,....,.... Wilfred Pille .,.. Harry Pinegar ..., Beulah Plum ....... Cleo Plumb ............ William Plumb ......... Elizabeth Pollock ,. .,.. Glen Ponder ........... Wanda Ponder ...... Lois Postnm .............. Marcella Postma ........ 1-lildred M. Potwin . ,....,. Kathryn Prendergast Joann Price .. Phillip Priiigleiriil.-.-:..l-A Connie Jo Prior ...... Marian Pyle ........,. Ruth Qu:-en .. ,. Carol Quinn , .... Max Rabourn ...... R. G. Raines ..,...,........ Virgil Ralston ..,............ Jean Rammnge ,.,. ............... Kathyrene W. Ramsey .... Betty Raridon ........,...... Dale Raridon .....,..... ,... Duane Raridon ..... Janice Raridon Beverly Rawlins Rebecca Ray Jewell Ra mie ..,. Alice P. Reed .... Anna May Reed .... Eldo Reid ....,........... Beverly Rempp ........ Mary Lou Repp ....., Colleen Revell ....... Burton Reynolds ..,.... Marilyn Reynolds ..... Ronald Reynolds ...... Richard Richards ..,.. Robert Richards ......, Danny Richardson . Gene. Richardson ..... I Jackie Riebe .........., William Riley ........,.. Clinton Rinehart ........,. Donald Ringgenberg Ronald Ringgenherg ..... Fred Ritter ................. Howard Ritter ..,,...... Lucille Ritter ...,....... Madonna Roberts . .,.. Bill Robson ........ .... Carolyn Robson ..,... John Robson ....... 41 64 63-73-851- 61-78-79- 89 65 60 18 81 64-79 80 22- 56-79-88 65 . 56-R2 65-91 , ,,.... 56 61-93 65 60-79-99 17-22 . ...,,,. 118 24 11 90 65 65 61 63-73 61 . 56 20 . 60-79 ,. 61- . l' -89 75 , ....,..,. -5 , , 56-95-110 ,,. 56-96-105-109-110 , ,.,,.,,..,,,,,,., 65 64-90 60 41 64 41-72-S5 61-73-79-93 .. 64 64 65 Marilyn Robson .......... 65 Martha Robson .,,,,....,.,,,. .... 6 -l-69-90 Mildred M. Roderick ..,... .. .. . ,.... .. .. 13 Marjorie Rodgers ...,..... .......................... 6 1 Bill Rogers ....,.,.........,..... ......................,.. ....... ...... . . .... 6 2 Delinda Roggensack ............,.......,........... 19-92-33-95-36-37 Marvin Rohrdanz ......................... ............................ 4 52-72-99 Darrell Rojohn .... 41-47-68-96-101-102-103-105-106-109-1 10 Virgil Rollstm ........................................................ 49-56-113 Robert Roney ...............................................,............... .... 6 2 Bill Rose ,,,,,,.,..,..,..... ..... 6 4-83-107 Harry Rosenberger ..... ................. 6 4 Jane Ross .................. 52-56-69-116 Delbert Roush ...... Jean Roush ........ Dean Roussos ..,.. Pete Roussos .... Jerry Ronze ...... Dale Rusk .....,,... Deloris Rusk ..... Ann Russell .,.,. Miriam Salmon .,... Joan Samson .....,..... Maryann Samson .... Alice Leota Samuels Betty Santen ..,....,...... Joan Santen ,.,....,,,. Mary Jean Santen ...... Deloris Sawyer ., .... .. Jacqueline Schippers Virginia Schippers .. Patricia Schlotfeldt . Janice Schmidt ..,..... Robert Schultz ........ LaDonna Schuring ...... Keith Schwartz ,....... K enneth Schwartz ..., Dick Scoville ..,,........... Roma Lee Scoville Beverly Searl .......... Betty Sedlock ..,... Dale Shaffer ....... Glen Shaffer ............... Marjorie Shankland Roger Sharp ......,....... Dorothy Shaver ...... Mary Jean Shaw ..... James Shearer .... Jean Shearer ..... Francis Sheeler .... Cleo Shelton .... ..... Roberta. Shelton ..... 41-76-S2 60-89-99 60-99-110 41-79-R2 .. 56-73-78-'42 61 8' - .-88 63-90-91 61-73-84 63-73 64-90 . , 63-73-83-90 42-82 ,, ,,.... -12-S2 64-90-91 61-78-79-91 49-56 ,,., . 63 60 ...,, 56 64-91 42-R8-89-92 63-83 61-73 65 62-99 61-84 42-76-105-110 56-79 56 Margaret Shepard ...... . ......... .................. . . 65 Charles Sheprerd .... James Shepherd ...... Norinne Shepherd ,,,. Don Sherriek .......... Carlton Shields ...... William Shields ..... Lee Shippy .,,.,,...,. Melva Shippy Jay Shore .......... Ruby Shrum ......... Sylvia Shrum ........ Barbara Simmons .... Paul Simons ...,....... Marvin Simpson ..... Twila Sims ........,.... 60-105-106-108-110 65 """"'65liiii1s5l65110v 56-74-B2-PM-97-110 65-91 George Sjaardema ...... Beverly Slater ............. Mary Doris Slycord Beverley. Smith ........ Bob Smith .......,...,. Catherine Smith .... Doris Smith ............ Flora Smith ...........,.. Joan Smith qsno ..., Joan Smith t10thJ Keith Smith ..,..,...,, Leland Smith ...,,..... Lois Smith ........ Lucille Smith ....... Margaret Smith ..... Marva Smith .....,,..,.......r Richard Smith ..... Ruth Smith ......,..., Thomas Smith ...... Virginia Smith .... Marie Snapp .....,.. Beverly Snook ..... Burton Snook ........ Laurence Snook ...... Robert Snook ...,... Ruth Snook .,........ Carol Soderblom ..... Dale Spain ........... Daniel Spalink .... Clifford Sparks ...... Donald Sparks ...... Robert Sparks ..... Velma Sparks ......... 56-88-89 68-78-93 42 60-69 56-72-96-110 .. 21-78-79- Go 65 80 ..-99 64 42 ., ,, 64-83 61-78-82 62-72 42-78-79-S0-82 . .....,...... ,....... 5 6 65 64-83-91 42-73-81 43-74-76-88 65-91 . ...,,...,.,..,...... 63-91 43-82-86-105-109 43-8 2-B6-96-101-105-110 . ............,,....................... 48 57-70-68-119 Marian Speake ............ William Spellman ..... Barbara Spencer .... Herbert Spencer .... , .........,,,.. 62-72 60-88 43-72-96 57-96-110 64-107 20-71-S0 62-99 60-99-110 Vern Spencer ..... Billie Spillers . .... David Sprague ..... Shirley Sprague Elsie Springer ...... Lois Springer .,.., James Stanley ........ Robert Stanton .... Bobby Stark ....... Elton Starrett ...,... John Starrett ..,......... Wilma Steinberger Dr. A. E. Sterling 43 57 65 61-88 73 63 57-118 lfQ"'ei5-ifliizflffiolrolse-so-117 64 43-77 44-82-87 Arthur Sterling ,....... ..., Aileen Stern ..,.,...., Billy Stevens ..... Coleen Stevens ...,. Avis Stevenson Bette Stewart .... Janet Stewart ....... James Stewart ,..... Lowell Stewart ..... Robert Stewart .... Dorothy Stickler .,...e Beverly Stickney ...,. Janet Stock .....,.... Richard Stockton Ja 'ne Stockton 5 t ...... Patty Storey ...,... Clinton Stotts ..... Barnie Stoulil ...... Frances Stover ........ Howard Stratton ........ William Sudbrook Barbara Sumpter ..,.. Billy Sumpter ......... Rayford Sutphin ..... Shirley Sutphin ,.,. Margaret Svejda .. Patty Svejda ........ Bonnie Swalwell Anna Mae Swank Minnie Loo Swans 011 Mary Swigart ........... Bette Swigart ,..,.... Donald Swihart .... John Swihart ......... Beverly Switzer ,... C. G. Sykes .....,, June Synhorst .... Charles Tabor ...., Edythe Talbot .... Marilyn Talbot ...... Ila Mae Talley ....... Dolores Terpstra ...,., Mary Ann Tetris ...,, Robert Terris ,....... Jayne Thatcher ......Y.... 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Ladonna Toye ....... Arthur Tratchel ..... Elmer Trease .......... Hilda Trease ............. Frances Trevethan Carlton Trotter ........ Colleen Trotter .... Donna Trotter ..... .. Eugene Trotter ...,, Joanne Trotter ...... Joyce Trotter ...... Dale Trout ....,.... Robert Trout , .... . Dale Turley ..,........ 44-96 44 110 45 99 64 61-91 60 65-90 64 57-78 45-72 , ,,.,. 61 65-69 . .,.. 64-83 63 63 -85 64-107 .QI 60-110-107 Norma Turner ....,...,,,,..,,,, ,,,,,, e,,,,eee,,,,,, ,,AAe,e,A, A ,,,,,,,,,,.,ee, 0 7 - 82 Helen Jean Turney ..,,,.....,.,...,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, 45 James Tyler 45-47-49-70-74-75-76-78-79-80-82-86-88-89-92 Donald Umbarger .......... Gretchen Umbarger . ..... ...,......,.......,,.. 4 5 Jack Umbarger ............ ...... 6 2-69-99-107 Patsy Umbarger .,...,.,. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. 5 '7-73 Alice Umbenhower ..... .........., ..... 6 5 Thomas Upton .......... .,.. 6 2-83-85 Jim Urias ............... ....,,,,,... 4 5 Joe Urias . .,.. Mary Urias W ...... 60 45 I. J. Utterback .... Marilyn Utterback ...... Duane Van Baal? ........ Milton Van Cleave , ...... Robert Vanderbilt ..,.,,,..,., Carol Vander Meulen ,. Robert Van Drimmelen 8 61-Q19-84 64 64 60 62-S5 Henry Van Dyke ,,,e,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,AAAA,,,,,,wY,wv,,w,,,,,, Lester Van Dyke . ....,,.,,, , Jimmie Van Epps ..... Robert Van Gorp .,... Julia Van Hall .......,. Margaret Van Hall ...., Lela Van Meter ...... Jo Ann Vance ,,,,,,.,,,,,, Beverly Vanderpol ,..,..,.... Dorothy Vander Werff Marie Vand 3 Weerd ,,,,,,,,4,,,,,, Roberta Baker Van Voo rst ..... Arlys Van Zee ......,,..,.,,,,,,,,, Vivian Vai-ner ,.,,,,,,,,,,, kenneth Vsy .....r,,..., Richard Vermillion .,... James Vermillion ...., Bill Vernon ..,........ Kenneth Veverka Dale Versteegh ............ Darlene Vodochodsky .... Esther VVaddell .....,.,. YVilliam Waddell ..,., Warner Vl'a2aman ,,,,, Elveratta Walker ...... Mary Walker ........... Marilyn Walker Richard Wall .,,. Jack Walther ...... Ray Walther ..,. Maurice VVard ,..,. Richard WVard ...... Tom Warden ....... . Iris Warner ,.,.....,,,,,, Raymond Weaver Ruth Wedekin ....... Barbara Weldon ..., Joan Welle .....,,,,,,,,,,, Clarence Wellsom ,.,, Connie Wensel ...,.,, Charles Wert ..,....,. Dorothy Wessel ...,..,. Dunne Westbrook .... Judith WVeston ....,.. Donald Whalen .,,,. Maurice Wheeler ,,..... Ruth Vilhitsel ...,..... Robert Wick .,,,,,,,, Evelyn YVickett ......... Jeraldine Wickett .... Betty YVickliff Donald Wickliff .... Harold Wiekliff ..,. Joyce Wicklift' .... Ella Wilcox ........ Forest Wilcox ....,...... Walter Williams .,......., Margaret Williamson Donald Willits ,...,,,.,, ' ff Helen Willits ........... Patricia Willits ..... Avery Wilson .,.... Blaine VVilson ....... Deloris Wilson ...... Joan Wilson .....,.,.. Le0na Wilson .,,,..,,,,,.. Margaret Wilson ...... Marilyn Wilson .. Barbara Winchell ..... Edward Winger Dorothy VVingles ...,.. Bill NV1nter ,,,,,,Aw,,,,, Joy Winter ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Helen Wisgerhof Keith Wisgerhof Irwin Witte ........... James Wolfe ........ Donna Wonders ....., Dorothy Woods ..... Myron Wormley .... Craig Wright ,... Jack Wyatt ...... Coleen Wylie ....... Fred Wylie ........... Patricia Wymore ,..... Lloyd Yates .....,.,. Robert Y-eutsy .... Betty Young , ...... James Young ...... Laura Young .,......., Ronald Young ...,...... Nadine Roungkin ..... 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Suggestions in the Newton High School - Newtonia Yearbook (Newton, IA) collection:

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