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"' 42: ' . gg? ,QL . 4 I Z I f X ,X I, 1 A nf V - ff Zf A ' SX A 2' Af' -+f1'fvfL. 2' frgw-wel,-r,-': ,ag "-"1 .f-2-- -- v fx -, -.QA Q' if ' Xx R X, I, ,1 ' :FF jj. gl.: ' fNQg.,,, A' , , W X- '-. ' -I - ' "1 V x xx KSN V. -4, .,,x. ,-A - - JY. -Q, - 1 . ,, K 41 .E Q . 5 '-Qjw V. .:.w 'A V ' 'T--4? , A .5 ,W ,L S-.,l X ! V I M as X 5. E , x W A VA i ""1 : l l 'I if we 7 i I ff if d' I in .. if , ,f . ' X' iff! , 1' X , , ' 1 ".Vf V H I 1 A ' f , W A H A A , ff X V - - - f - b , - b "".X AA 1: ' . ' x , 1 -1 . fu ass-m f b Q .'-.. . .pxlkl -4 D Ai cf' 'X "-- ' -' ff " ' , L 13 Z I, i - - 'gl , , Y A , ! -A.. g 1 - Q . a 6 hc - 0 'Q an ' ,I 'w 1 5 r - ,ff Ly- 4 - , . . .1 15: Q. f ,rv T u. ,V f . ' 1 , A 5' 4 1 4, I I , , . sg 5 5 93 ff .1,n,:3.-1 .L .I - ' 1. v xi., I -5, . - ' ' Q f . . an 1' :ji ' J K f Vg.. W 'V ,. up 1: X: Q on rf.,.,,. , ., .. - ' .E.f'.'s: Lf- '.' ,',A3' 'vfff'.,- I, -:Q -"1" 'V ' :' ' - -.15 1 .1 M- 5' 4 4-. . 4 n E ' . 'M ,.w,,. I . ' -dz Nl: V t' 'fx N 1 . , i " ' ' 'Q -gl. ,fy iw 1. PP' 4 . lv L Y 'S 1 . K I 'I EJ 'It " ff 1' c' , '11-ff' z if ur ,.- , A '. 2 -.-E'Yf. gb vs i -JV ' 951 ' tif' L +- A 5" y -wr: 4 , 'Q 1 L ww W thx a. " I Q 5 ,V ' 7 If Y . K. Q lg 51 Qllv x Q ' Y Ir' . v"4 1 ', Q ' HA if ' ' , 1-1.5 ' ,L 1- , M ,.- ,g3f1,Q,g'a' . . '14.'?,5Enfg'.,, ' SVG., ' b -In " 'iw ' ' v- ' 3, 'jf 1"- , " ' 11 ' ' ' A' 1 , . W." 'a A A , y " . ' u' - , - f - ..a - -' s .w , .E ,Y Ant Q. .5 .kfiz fm A "Q .L , '-'X - , 11 - - X .,,fu' A, 2 .uf 439154 ' ' - av 1. .lffffw 1P"7 IQ . 2 " ,WL fr 5451 3 'pai .., . - ' W. ' 59' -,.Jm'Y . N X nf: HU' H- if Ni,-fa 3 " Fair, gl 1' gs? ' "gil" t -.- , . , I Y' 1, , I , , L v Zig. ,, -' Af 11. " , , .. 3-an V 1 ' . if L '1 t ' 5 . , A 'l xv .N ' .--,, X 4- . Il li THE NEWTQNIA 1 9 4 5 f I Published by the Students of NEWTQN HIGH SCI-IQQL Newton, Iowa 'Lic . if ' , 4 Q 1. .km is O . ,, .1944-1945 Yearbook sfgtf 5' it Co-Editors - - Managing Editor Business Manager Photography Editor Faculty Editors - Senior Editors - Activity Editors - Athletics Editor - Classes Editor - Advertising Editor Ioyce Parker and Mary alice Kling - - f - - - Iirn IxQacNair - Ioe Robinsdfx - - - - - - - IimTy1er Lelah Rucker and Myra Iean Smith - Helen Carrier and Rhea Dow - Iane Dunn and Maye Shrum - - - Dwight Rohrdanz - Lois Ann Morris - Iudy Baird Q1 rv If ' . ' 1 W"-2 L . . it , ve ' Els! sig? " 1' 'Lf' it . if Lp H' 4 ' ii' x U 1 4 Dr a :MQ .2 f -1 Foreword We present to you the 1945 Newtonia yearbook. From its pages vivid meni- ories and pleasant experiences will be relived. We have dedicated the content to more pictures of school life and students. As you journey on through life, you will be able to re- capture your high school days through this pictorial review. . 1wmw :Pg 3' is fg S3529 six, ' Q' M: 3' Sfgfis. E' Q if aw' XX Y: -N : 5 :Ei Qi x x K m I N, Wi L A M . , 'figsfmi Q-5 1gQf...w -Q' L . " 5 -L -- ' .f N., 5 K . wg Y if A an wr- ., 'fx fit f wif' M, x I 1 ' 1 Q . p gk, Q'-. ny Qwnfwikf 6 . J ka :I -X 7 '-5 ' ' 412 ,Q Q- 3 45 4 " 'Age if?" ,,. I UW: "f"M'r" - wi' 1" bn fl. 'iuvm . uf., 'S 'N' 'mxa The War has emphasized the need of a more than adequate education. This young man, Leroy Nelson, who is receiving his diploma, had not finished his high school work when he left for the service. On his return to civilian life with a medical discharge from the service and credits for the work done in the Army, he had enough credits to entitle him to his diploma. With this endorsement he left for Stout Institute to continue his vocational education in tool making which he started in our own school before he was inducted. Other soldiers will be coming back from the War for further training in medicine, law, agriculture, dentistry, busi- ness, engineering and in the skilled trades, The years after the War will see more Americans than ever before availing themselves of the limit of the educational advantages of this coun- try. Each boy and girl in high school now must meet the returning soldier in friendly com-- petition for the positions of trust and responsibility in the post war years. lt can only be done by adequate educational preparation. High school graduation never meant as much before as it does now. lt is also true that it never meant so little, because without additional Work beyond the high school courses, boys and girls will find themselves handicapped in the competitive life of the post War years. With the broad background of studies in mathematics, English, science and social sciences, plus vocational training and participation in the arts which our students receive, the graduates of the Class of 1945 should have the background that makes it possible to go ahead with assur- ance in the quest for further training. Good luck. B. C, Berg 1', . 44' xi HAROLD A. LYNN Affeciionately known as 'lPep", Mr. I u 1 I lynn is a familiar figure in his gray Prmmpal OfSeH1OfH1ghSCh001 fznitzs and blue sweater in the halls ot Newton High. Forerunner of pep meetings, he is a staunch supporter of high school athletics. lin enthusiastic spectator of all sports, Mr. Lynn participates in bowling and volley ball at the He is a member ot the Rotary ot which he has been the President in the past. He enjoys all forms of "good" music and relaxes on Sunday evening listening to the HQSQ-of Charm. The Saturday Evening Post, Readers' Digest, and all educational magazines a 'Q ri his read-A ing list. Some of his summer occupations are teaching civics and tending his we -kept garden. He takes an active and sympathetic interest in individual students and receives a great deaf of satisfaction in helping them succeed. 1 Mr. Klcriber was: born in Berlin, Wisconsin. He received his high school education in Omni, Wisconsin, and took his undergraduate work at Lawrence College in Appletown, Wis- cfiiifzin fle received his Masters Degree at the University of Missouri and started work toward his Doctor's Degree there. Before moving to New- FREDERICK HKLEIBER ton in August l944, he Was superintendent of schools Principal of Iunior High school at Sully. His hobbies include camping and athletics. He and his wite have a Cocker spaniel named Toby. His chiet goal is to serve the best he can in the interest of the greatest number of pupils. His favorite motto is "interest is the soul of study." He is affiliated with the Methodist Church and is a member ot the Kiwanis Club. He is also Scout Master of Woodrow Wilson School. 2.14. MRS, EDNA BESTOH CHARITY BRGM Lotin, Erxgligln IQr1q11,,h lLCJHllNC!'I I HHOVVTJ M1515 HAHHILTI' HLIJKI H g M, pFX1'N11GY1.'1liD Supnervvzff Opportunxty H , 5 2025 -rv-f 'N K Fr ff! A YI BURTON WILIDA FSUSSRY ImgzIm111+'r11f1l Mv11:1c HOmf'Fcor1C1111v.s VAN I 'YI'-lll f'I,IT5f QMAIE VIA 5HIfNC'I,f V474 WVU m' 1f'1f'r.ff-, Ir..'Irwz::wI1If1l Ml!..Ifk Srwixll SQ'l"l1C", ff' , , r lk-fm ' 171 Ky, , fm.. ...w.,... 1' "TS ' L. W , K we .1 433, mf- W, ,QC K 2 uvduynq Qruy .duno , I 1 Q Y af ' :fag X K V ' ii - 5 in 9 PM 52 54 K Q HP J w ? 333 'Q MN W WM -H iv, Q59 M 3 9' 4 x 'WT --'A X .ff i W- We . . ., .wx A A ,Q f 1: df Q1 wid, fi A ff ii, W L 1 if' 5,337 , Sew if-aff , A 14 V 2' " 'A f Q -T f 'if' 1 f 4. J b y Y fmiif 4' "" ' A X M 1 il kkh Q 'gf .L 3 Q ,TX x 41 , D' A X .. Ji -gig-5 . Q t 2 'LIS' if 5'fjpw1, ,1r,,::.z ' A fm mv i Q 4 . www , M3 ,I WJV' si' ,ft- DEL --wa .r Q bf 4 E 0 Ei M, r HAROLD D. ELLIOTT MRS. PHYLLIS ELSON 4' Mathematics, Iurlior Hiqh Cooch Supervisor of Physical Education MRS, WILMA FORSHAY CLIFFORD E, GULLETTE World History Social Science, He-od of Deportmcnt 'Jr KOSSLYN HOUa I11i11 I 1 11 fv U 11 ' I1 l11111111 H111E1 M111 T111 I 'H A INN HUTHI.YIA1lVII 11 1 111 VIIQIIIJZII lWr11'111!1 ? MAE L MANNING MRS ELIZABETH MURPHY Mathematic! Art LUCILLE NASH PHYLLIS NELSON Commercial Social Science MARIORIE PERRY NEVA PETERSEN Social Science Home Economics, Head of Department ELIZABETH POLLGCK HILDRED POTWIN Social Science Enghfsh -wlllls ,Z KA'I'HYRTII"JTI HAMSFY ALICE P REED lmly Hull, Mnxlllf-111-jltlmtzz Erlglirsh IVAN RICHAHINSCUN MRS MILIFRED M RODFRTCK PPIYIZICIJI IZAIICTJUVDTX Science X J, X 5 Q V - QR- f ' gag? , Q, X N . mix' ' gs. 353521711 5- V, ,ifiglw A AFL New ,xg .. L ff' '2'x55NB8x JA. fi Q iW,,?:swT'Mg V N X Q21 gg N KSNQQ2 Lx W 3 . ,W W x k X f X if f V ,. g ,Map-...,,X PPL ig , .L VA! ,Way Qi i , JL Nw" Q -4 Q! JY lx, , .3 ,. ,Lf vw w,.:Q.v,f- ,msesssf gf Q3 QXQ mwimmiw .X fa 1 J? xx' Q Q N e MRS, WANDA EEESON MHS. IEANNE GALLOWAY English, Newtonian Advisor Dromotics, English LIVELYN ERICKSON School Nurse 4,1 Q-L., f-" N lf Mollock, Mraz P L Stow, C W. Griebeling, Dr A E. Sterling, I. I. Uttorboclc BOARD OF EDUCATKDN 'l'li0 liofrrd ol lfdaicotion Serves to mcrirrtoriri cmd Corry oirt tlio ploris cmd policies ot tlio f1l1l'1llCiiClIOOlf'SlllIOllCJllOl1llllC Comrriirriity. Mozribers of tlie Newton Boord ore well dcqiroiritod wrtli tlio rwroliloirisa rrrid work of tlio scliool. Mr. N. E. Molle-ck Servos os presidorit, ond Mitra lfvlrr liifalrori 1:1 tlio :socrotory ol tlio ldorrrd. Mr: A. Fi, llindorfl Crcts os iroosirror. Otlior ldoord lIlUllll1f?lI2 :irc Mira. ll. l.. Stow, l5r. A. li. Stoilirifr, Mr. Cflcircrico Gr'iol.wolirif,4, urrd Mr. l. l. UNCH'- liiml.. ln lr: llignliwr Hrrlffri Bizaliorn Bcvorly Hoizizci x Y W "fi .' " fx-A A 9 ,,, QQ If v - 4 M 4 Y x f . Q. 0,753 L' .QQ X! 1' fv, . ,A H, ' -df! .Nj M 4 K -, 'J , Enno Balbiani Industrial "Suitcase" lizislu-tlmll Nlilll4l,Lft'l' Steele-tti-r Il, lfimt- luill Cl, Trzirk Il. lioys' Glvi' Cllllb l. .4l'l'0llIIII-Ulillflillg but ilzrlvlielirlfrlil. Patricia Barnhouse College Prep. "Pat" Vlnss Svvlw-tzury 4. Ili-lin Mu IN-ltn Il, 4. llc-lmtv 2. Girl RUSUFX'l'S'flllJllY'l'lltlll 2. Si-rri-tairy 2. Re-porter' il. Yvurliouk 4. Ifraati1'e ability .voiipleil with intelli- gl'I1l'6'. Buby Bell College Prep. and Commercial May I"i-tv I. First Girls' Glvv l"li1h 2. Girl! Glev Ululi 1, Mixed Cliorus 4. l'l'llll1' Ev. flllllj 1. N01 lou Iallratire, but nice. Dorothy Aliree Commercial Grniliizitimi ri-qliii'i-lm-rits ini-uinpla-tc. Marcella Bagnall Commercial "Mert' " .' Girls' Glue- Ululr l 2. Mixed Uhnrus 1. 2. Sl, 4. Svxtvi 1 22, Il. Triple Trio 4. "Ki-il Mill" 3 Girl lic-svrvvs. Happy, friendly, and rnusiral. Marjorie Baker Commercial 'I'raiisfi-r from lmvns High School 2 Girl Rn-serves. pleasant to everyone. Her quiet and IlI1!IS.S1lNlli71g ways are Seniors Ted Arvidson Commercial and Industrial "Aw" Stuili-nt Uciiliivil 1. l"ootlniil l, 2. IZ, 4 flr-tts-1' 4, 'l'r:u-k l. -2. llnskvtlmll l. Hoya film- 1 luh 1. Mlxe-il thorns l, J. Teri 6l1If'l'IIlliIIS others and has a gum! time doing it. Iudy Baird Commercial Slllllvlll f'0lllll'll 2. Many l"n-Iv l. Sw- onil Girls' Glu- Vlllll 2. Girl Ili-sq-l'vi-5 -Piihlivity flllillflllilll Il, Yvzirliuok Il, 4. Newtonian Ni-ws Il, 4-lvttn-1' tl. flttracliife. neat, and fall of fun. Mavis Baker College Prep. 'llI'tlllSfl'l' from Mingo High Si-lionl 4. Girl Rvsvrvcs. We appreciati' her vnopcralilic and willing fnanncr. Ruth M. Barcus Commercial "Ruthie" fll'l'll0Ai1'il 1, 2, Zi, -1. Girl Iiosvrvvs. Willing to help out whenever shefs aslfcd. 'Ronald Barrett Industrial Trzivk 2, It-le-tier 3. Ronald has served in the Navy for quite a while. Wanda Beukema Commercial "Chubby" Girl Iii-si-rvcs. l Srhool l108SH.f bother liar--and neither flaws her gunz. Page ?6 H. 'xv-ML Seniors Maxine Binegar Louise Blom Hoinernaking "Seenie" Commercial Girl lin-si-l'x'1-N. First Girl! Glvi- Vliili 22. Girl lin-M-rim. Thr' ullllvlir' fyllf' lfilll ll l'lH'1'ffI1f Ill-r Sll't't'fI1l'.V.Y mlrfs In lwr rlignily. rlislmsiliurl. l.lCl1'1CI MGC Bowie Robert Brqyton COllf'Q'P PVCP 'lEClf'liC" Industrial "Bob" Nlnp l"u-tv l, Girl ll:-54-l'x'4-5, Ni-wlmliai 'I'rgqi-lg 24 lfunllvzlll Il, Nm-xxx Ct, , , . ll- I h'.' luxkx. 1111 lil' Ili- iii!- l', l,lllI'lllllN l'lIlllII Ulm' nul ul' IIILITLIHQIWSIIS I its 4 'H lmlllyl. Grville William Bunker Dorothy Mae Bunse College Prep. "Doc" Commercial "Dottie" Gult' l. In-lmtn' I. Si-1-mul Girls' Glen- lllllli l. 2. Girl Ili-- . . . . . . Fl'l'V1'N. l',w'rw:ru' llkvx f'fl'lllt' mul his llllll' V .- ,-j,j,,,,l,',y. llorlr first, play semml. l . Werner liuiisc Industrial lizlskvtlnill l. 11. Il. I ln-ttvl' Ii. l. lfmillmll 2, Il--l4-ttvr 13. il, 4. .twist i :int Onan-li tn Soplimimri-s l. 'I'r:u'k Z.. N..X.ll.S. fl l. An vnlhusiflxlir ellhlrlf' :mal lmplilnr loo, Max Calhoun College Prep. 'l'r:mst'n-r from Vulfiix llii:li Svlmul Cl, llvltu Mu ll1'll2l -1. lhiskiitluzlll Sl, Ur- vlu-stra 4, lizinil Il, 4. Silcnr-r' v.x'prf's.wfl through nzusir. Helen Louise Carrier Commercial and College Prep. Flaws lim- l1'r1-sirli-ntl Il. lli-ltzi Mui l. Slug' l"1-tr I. lhiml l. ll. ilfl'l'1'hl- mls-nt 23. Urvlu-strsi 2. Girl lin-sn-i'xw-N. lor 4, Quill :xml Svrnll I. l.v,1lIl'Illfllfl. fllI1'll'l'lI, and rullfirlvrll. l'algn- ET IM-ltii -3, bl. hillllilllllflillli Ilia-1-r lie-zulu-1' Yvurlmnk Sl, 4711-tti-r 4. Se-nior liwli- Botty Lou Butler Coininercial "Lou" Many Fr-tv 1. Girl lla-M-i'x'vs. lfvlly IIIIX luv' ir1ts'l'e'xlx oulxirlr' of xrllzinl. Fred Carpenter College Prep. "Cecil" Slmla-nl Voiiiiril l,AYia-v l'ri-xiii:-nt. , ., .. - liiislwtluill l. -. -u. -lil:-tlvl' J. -l. lfmitlunll l. 11. I. 'l'i':lrk l. Gulf l. L! ll. I---l1'IIi'l' 2. Zi. -l, N..X,ll.N. 12, Il. 1. mln imlr'p4'l1rlr'r1l rrrislnrrrll: ll1lllf'1il'K wlninz his vrirfrgy. Arlene Cliarlesworth Commercial "Charlie" Si-1-oiul Girls' Gli-v t'lulr l. 2. Girl liv- xl'YXl'5. Ulrliging. l'flI'Hl'Sf. um! zvfllous. Robert Dixon Industrial and Commercial "Bob" lluskvtllaill I. Willy is II Ihealvr more allrarlfre lhan school? Norman Dunitz College Prep. "Do-nuts' IN-ltu Nu IN-llu il, 4. Stuilvnt fl0llll4'll 1. Gulf 2, 31, -telvttvi' Il. 4. Fillllllilll .I, 4. liuskvtlrull 2. Il. N..K.II.S. Il. 4. U1 ' -1-lufstru Z.. liunrl I. 2. 3fI'rs-siilviit ll. "The brain" nf Ihr' senior rlnss who finds time for flanking and fun. Maxine Durbin Commercial "Derby" Muyv F1-tv I. tiirl liosi-iwos. Iloiui- Ev. llulr l ' Laugh aml Ihr' world laughs uiilh you. 'Donald Cooper Industrial Mixi-cl Chorus 1, Ulm- Club l. at the Y. M. Harriet Cupplcs Commercial Mayo Vols' I. Iiaml 1. 2. lf. Girl Rm-- serves. Harriet liked lo play hor horn in band. Ray Davis College Prep. "Peaches" 'I'r:insl'4-r from Mrlillffvy Higli Sr-lmol, Oxford, Uhin Il. Mixed Vhorus 3, 4. "Ri-fl Mill" 55. Buys' Iifuilvlv Quarlutts- 22. 4. Lilurslry Ululi 4. .lust downright lilfeallle. Rhea Ver Iean Dow Commercial and College Prep. IM-ltu Mu llvltzl Sl. 4, Muyv Foto I llnml l. 2. Il. Girl Kosc-rvos. Hmm- lilr Ululi l. "Suu Up" Il. "Junior Miss" 4 'Flu-spiuus 4. Yvarhonk Il, 4-le-tier 4 Si-uiur ldrlitur 4. Quill und S4-roll -4. llcpenzlahle, cheerful. and sinccrv lzul a bil of a warrior. lane Dunn College Prep "Ionic" May F1-tv l. Ullvvr Ilvurlvr I. Mix:-il Vhurus l, Girl Rc-sorvvs. Yvzlrluuik Sl, 4-lot-ta-r 4, .Xi-tivity Eilitor 1. "Car- rlimil Rs-view" 4. fflervr and iudepenrlelzl with a care:- free manner. Victoria Eclcey College Prep. "Vickie" Studi-ut lfougrvss 2. Delta Mu Dvltu 4. May Foto I. Mixr-ll Chorus 1, Zi, 4. Girls' lloulilv Svxtict 1. "Rod Mill" Il. Girl Rcservvs-Rvportvr 2. "Junior Miss" 4A 'Phespinus 4. Nvutfmiu Nvws 22. Sl. 4-l'o-Editor Il. 4. Quill und Sr-roll 1, lu-tier 4. ' Vl'fS!IlllC and talentefl with that Cer- A lain air. Page 28 Don. left last fall and entered Ihv Nauyg IUCSUIT missed him here :mil Seniors Betty Crouse Commercial Studi-ut Vuuilril I. Sluyi- I"vl1- l. Mix:-ll flllllflls l. 2. Girl Iii-sm-1'vs-sf'I'rvusur- Ol' 4. Ilruum- Er. Vlulr l. "Suu lip" Il. U-lllllllll' Miss" 4. 'lllu-spiuns ZS, 4. Uvtlyfs jswsonfility' r1r'1'rm1pl1'slw.s lurr will. Ilolon Darr Horucmaking Girl Hvsf-l'x'r's. .NUlI1'lllIlllI1l anrl il1lc'1'c.vli'1l in ap. pearanc'c. Robert Dickinson Industrial "Claude" l"u0llmll fimlll1lll2lQl'l'lS lc-ttvr Cl. Mix:-il Chorus 2. Il. -4. liuys' lmulvlv Qimrtet Il. -1, Buys' film' illllll I. lillllll 4. "Young 'llau with a Horn." fi Seniors l-flildrocl lfden Norma lean Eldred FIHIIIIIIVYCIIII Commercial llvllii Nlii Ili-ll.: I, Si-vuiiil Girl! Gln-v Blix:-il l'Imrlm I, Girl Iii-svrvi-s, Ni-xv l'liili 15, Slim--I Vlmrus l. 17. I. Girl tmiizi News Smfl' Il. Ili-xi-iw.-N 11, Il, I "Yun 4':ili't 'I':iIw Il nllwrlys limlring loururzl Ilic' SlIll'I-I XYIIII Yiwu" I "ICi'4I NIIIIH Il. xiili' nil lliings. .,Ill'lIll'l'll ffm pliwwllllli' l'lll4'llIll-II livr- ,ii-lf. xviiiifim lfdwrircl iiiiioii Donna lemme Engle Illfllllllllfll UHIIIM Colnlrlerciol 1 - Si-I-iiiiil Girl! Glu- 4'IilIi I, 2. Girl Ili'- Ilnwlwllvsill I, .L I Ii-Ili-r Ir I'1mlIi,iII I ii i. :, ::, I I.-ii.-r I, 'I'i-,ii-li , 2, ::. N""i"N- '.-'-X: asa.--'!: - - HH ll l"""'4 ' I' 'nl I I ' IIN' ' .Sliv ix l1lir'm11'e'rln'4l rilwnl srlmnl- :I lilivllilv lvllim' :rlm ilu:-.wfl iilirfi-,w li'url.'. 1w1':'11l liifs llimrglilx. 'lack Farris lolin Fl, Fay Inrliimirial College Prep. Hlohrmy Ili' :rim 14'1'll-lil.1'fl flin-mg liiy ,yhiirr lflffun, rival. ulul nn! xu lull. xlny. l'Iiurus I. :In ull-ruunrl ullllvtv will: rnnfiili'n41'. Pauline Flake , if I"iru 'VI Gene Ferguson l I ' '. Industrial "Ferry" Slumli-nl llminvil l, Stull:-nt Vuiigri-se 13. liziskviliull l, 12, ZR, -lefln-He-r il, Font Iuill l, 2. Il, JJI4-Hi-1' Cl. 4. 'I'l':l1'k squzul l, 2. II -I-Iviti-r Il, Mixvil Commercial "Polly" Si-rouil Girls' Glvi- I'IuIi 12, Nlixi-il l'Iiurux 12, Il, 4. 'l'ripIi- 'l'riu I, Girl Ift'hl'FY4'5'I'l'Ug'l'illll 4'li:iirm:ni Il. Many I"i'I1- I. Hen' is llvfllllj' in .'Hl'l'f'fIll'SS mill umialzililp. Elaine Gooding Commercial "Good" Girl Iii-si-i'vn-s, May Feta-, I. l2'lllllI4'.S lnlx of fun anil lil.-es it, ffm Gerald Fisher College Prep "lerry" Ihuys' Gln- I'Il1Ir I Ll. His xlfz'Ii'l1i's un' nmsl llIlt'l'l'Sll.lly In rie'1i'. Sara Geitleson Commercial and "Sal College Prep Si-vnml Girl! Glw- Vluli I, Girl liv- si-rvi-N, Ni-wluliizi Saliva Stuff 19, Sullyfv fflllI,i'I1P'SS llllll rrmilirl .slulv nwnls llllll' f'.v111lrl1'slIe'1l lrvr. Nellie Green Commercial "Cookie" Girl Iii-xo-iw:-s. Slic' has u gmul Iinw, 1'xpw'iully ill rluxxvs. Betty Holloway Commercial Many F1-tu l. Girl lh-s111'v1-s. H111111- IC1- Vllllr l A fnrnlf girl 11'1'll1 .s1111l1l11'11g 1'y1'x. Richard Houser Commercial X "Rich" Sluilvnl l'1111g'r1-M 2. 'l'1':uili 2. It, 4- I1-ttvril. Zi. 4. l':1pI:li11 Il. ,l"1wIl1:lll II. -l. lizlslu-ll1:1ll LI, ii. I S11r1'11xIi11 llllll 31111111111 1111Il1 1'1111'111l l1llt'Ill.V. 'Robert lrelan College Prep "Bob" 111.1111 1, 3, 21, H12 lilr1'1l l111111l 11111.11 nf 11ll 11cfi1'1'!1'w-a. i 1 S1-roll -L Edward Hardenlorook Tl111s1- l1r1111'11 ef-Y1'.9.' Doris Harmon Commercial 1 t'l'Yl'S. Betty lean Hood Commercial Girl Iiesvlwl-S. L1111gl1f1fr llllll gfIlf'l-V 11111L'e fl 111'1'w11 lili'P11l1l1'. Aline Hudson Commercial "Al" Many F1-tv l. l'l:x111l l. Girl Reserves. l"1'1'e111ll-V llllll 1lffflll'flAlV6'. slw 11l1L'11vs 11111l11Js lwr 11111111 lf11111u11. 'Dale Henry larnaqin Industrial F11otlmll 2, Mixed flll0l'lIS 2. Boys' tile-0 Vlulm " lllllf' is 111111: .wrliing his 1'111111lry. i i Page 30 1 Seniors Mary lo Grieloeling Roscoe Hallam College Prep "Io" Commercial "Rocky" lleltzi Mu llvltii 4. May l"n-tv I. Girls' BUYS' UI-H' lllllll l- 4"l""'Nl4l""' 4- llnulrle- Sevtn-I l. Mixml Chorus 1, Zi, 5llN4'fl Vllflfllh 4. giqlllllril'1lSlJll,l',ll:ZlJ' U111'e you lrnow l1i111. V1111 will fiml "Junior Miss" 4. Nvwtuliiu N1-ws 55, 4 1ll"fl Illlll lllllllllf. flvllvl 4. fll'l'11lll0l' 4. Quill :l111l ffre11I1'11f' 1'.'11er111ess 1'11111b1'111'1l 1111'.'l1 1'11ll111si11x111 11111l 11'11x111'11r1l111111xx. Industrial "P te Dale Hardenlourg e " Agriculture lizlml l. Mixed 4'l1n1'l1S l. l1'I"X " 'l l"il'si Girls' Ulm' illllll l. Girl ll N I l'IIIl llllflll-Y Il'lIl.f 111 sw' i7lIIl.l'lI1!". I Illlllll 111 lw Il jIlfIIIFl'. Vernon Hedman Commercial "Boomer" 11- 'llI'2ll'k I I 1l1111'l 'llllll 111111'l1 In 11'11rry' 11l11111t. Seniors lleleri Karremari Commercial H n-1, Iwf-tru I, Hirl Il:-N e-v' is-5, ,lllsl flllfl' luv' ll linnlr mul XIII'-S rw:- l1'lll. Burton Kem Trade arid Irifluzztrial 'lCliicl:" Iioyx' Iiln-If Vlulr I. 11, rl l.iIxl':il'i:iii I. Xlixu-nl l'Iim'us I Uri-Ii:-Ntrzi I. 22, Ilw lrnllrv l14'll Ifnl llvxilrs lt'I'.Xlll'l'. Industrial I just llUll.l lilci' In lzlli' in rluss. College Prep "Whitey" Ilzixlutluill I. Ifmnlmll I, Ihuliil Ll, I .-I II!s.wuriun mlm ll -lllx !u lu' .wmv- nm' lxr-xialvx IIIIIIXUI-I. Ioliri Kelly I. , Donald Kier I IVIGTY Alice KIIUQ Thelma Klirigaman Colleae Prep and Commercial Commercjgl "TinIcy'l' Simi:-nl Vmim-il I -Yin'-I'i'i-rirlvlil. Girl R',M,.U,g' NIIIIIPIII Vuvigiw-M Ll, Flaw Swrw-1:ii'5 L', I llvllfi NIH IIUIIH 35. I- NIM' WI" I- Iiifl Tlivlnln IS .xlmrl mul Iullllzv. . I ,V-, . A, ,. .1 S-'roll -I. Ih-X1-ru-N 'I'x'1-:uiirn-r Il. .inniml Nlrifl' I I Kulvliul I lnllel I Quill ual ,4lnl1iIfn'i.w unrl rl1'p4'rulrll1lr'. NIH' .wls nn! In Ju lI4'l' lwsl, A4 Robert Knopf Mildred Krioil Commercial College' Prep "Skeeter" 'l'r:niat'vr from I'i-rry High S4-Imul, In-Im Mu In-Im II, -I, Y:nIwIi+-turiiiri, I, . . . II..K.K. Ilisiury lllvilul Il, Huy I"vIv I. Wim' I f"11f'I"""5f'-V 'f'H""Iz3'- First liirls' Illi-ni l'liiIi 2, MINI-cl I'Imrus I, II, 4. "Rn-ll Mill" Il. Girls' Iiulllilv Svxlvt I. Girl Iii-m'l'Ym-s. Yviirlmuli I. Xu-wluiiizi Ni-ws SI, 47I'IiliIm' -In-li-Iii-i' 4. Quill :mil Svrnll 4, "4':il'iIin:il live vi1-xv" I, Har scfrinus f'oru':'rilrulinn un slllzlv- ing liux I'l"ll4lIl'l!f'll luv' Sl',I0lllXfl'I' mwrif. General Koger William Krieaer 'l'i'nlisI'e-rr:-il to Vain Nm-ilyw, I':1IiI'ul'ni:i. Industrial nu,-S' i:i.-.- vim. 2, ,4 xlmrl lnlmul ull4'ui'x .vi-wr: 1Ifil'l.l1Q ll I'lll'. Delmar L, Laripliier Lorraine Lariiz Agriculture "Lampwick" Commercial "Peachie" I"ootIi:iII I. LE. Ii. -I. 'l'r:u'k I. 2, Zi, AI. Virxl Girls' film-4-I'lilIu12, ys' GI4-v l'IuIu 1, , , A H V , U I .She fimls runny lIIft'l'l'SfX uulxnli- uf lziferyamf l1f1llIlfl'S this su-ell lvllmf' 5,-1,,,,,l. ' with lhe hes! of hubilx. lam' :si 'Lloyd Robert McKinney College Prep "Mac" Football 1, 2, il. Buys' G14-il f'lub 2, In sfiwzre his nbilily Vllllll he lwul. Alice McWl'1irter Home-making Industrial "Bob" First Girls' Glu- Club 1. Girl Re- Gin? muh 1' 3. SPFYPS. Pleasing tu lrnow. Beryl W. Layton Commercial lizuul 1, 2. He is cooperulive and likes oufrlzmr sports. Nellie Leydens Commercial "Neill Mzijm'vtl4- LZ, 13, Girl Iii-sn-i'x'es. Many I"m-tv l, Nellie is surh nice UUIIIIIIIII-Y. Velma Marie Longren Commercial "Velm" First Girls' C109 Club 1, 2, Girl Rf-- se-rves, May Fvtv 1. She is nlways smiling. Yvonne McGrifi Commercial "Y" First Girls' Glue Club 1. Girl Reserves. Her quick smile malfes her n pleas- ing inrlinizluul. lames MacNair Commercial 'Mac"' liuskc-tbull Ii. Tran-k Il. Nvwiouiai News Stull' J, 4. Y--urbunk. Hfll'lI'1llllh,l R0- vivw" 4. Originality, writing, mul printing fire his spvrinl nttninments. 'Robert Main Bob is tnll nnrl always happy. Pqge 32 Seniors Willadean Lewellen Commerial "Billie" Flu-4-1' Ln-udur -1. May Fetu I. Girl R6- svlwes-Kelmrtvr 2. Tlwspialu Club Il 4. "Junior Miss" 4. "Suu Up" 3. An- nuul Stuff 2. fi, 4. Library Club Il lla-lm Mu Delta -1, Beauty, originalily nnrl sinrerity nrz' 1'I1l'fllIllJ!ISSPIi in ber lIf'I'SOIl1llll,V. 1 -X X 'JI "Richard O. 'Lloyd Commercial fl. 4. Yi-urbuuk. "f'ur4liu:1l Re-vivw" 4, Simplr' nnrl helpful in his own mun- ner. Carroll McClun Commercial "Cary" Girl Ruse-l'YGs. She never interferes with the plans uf others. Seniors Rosalind Main Commercial "Rosie" Many l"i-Iv I, Gr'-In-sim 12. Girl Rv- s4'l'YOS. llomq- ldv. Vlulr l, Yi-ul'lumk 4. Quivl mul pl:-usirig. lm! krmrrs 'wr ll'll-Y urnunfl. Elizabeth lane Meyer Commercial "Belly" Girl lin-sn-l'uw. Sha- ix friwmlly' final lihfnw ffll'lllll4V lwuplv. Paul Moffilt College Prep Studs-ul I'ouuril I. Studs-nt flririgru-ss 15 l'l'4-siwlo-ui, lh-llu Mn lh-lin fl. l".l",.X. I, 2. "You llanlfl 'l':iki- ll XVIIII Yun" 2. llilrllfgvlrl. 1'nnp4'r1llfrf', unrl IIUIIIII- rrrlfir, l Mary Helen Merrill Commercial Many lf:-tv I. lianurl l, 22, il, 4. Ori-livstru 2. JS, I. Girl Ke-si-i'vm-s. lfrzrrzffsr rrnrl !'0l1S!'ft'lll0llS in ull lzvr l1r11l1'r!rrlr1'r1gs. Betty Lou Minear Commercial Nlaiy l"1-lv I. Sa-vminl Girls' Glvl' Clllll l, 11. IZ, Nlixa-rl Ulmrus I, Girl lil-sm-rvvs. Tnrnquililr is an IIIIIIIIAFIIIIIQ' uxxvl. Hollis Morgan College Prep Ile' rrpplivx lrilnxeflf ri-ell ru his rlulicw. l Lois Ann Morris College Prep . v- llvlln Mu lPvlI:l 4. liziuml 2, .I, 4. l'II'Hl Girls' Glvv l'luli. Girl lh-svi'x'rw-N 'l'l'l'IISIIl'!'I' 4. Y4':Il'lu'ok Cl. -1--lvlivx' 4. Class :ru-l Suzlpslmi limlitur -I. Quill :I ml Si-roll 4, Umf of tlrnxe' swell "frills" mlm u'rml.s In lu' ll x1'iwir'a' Iz'm'l1e'r. Lois Myers Commercial Xluy l"1'ln- l, Iliwflie-sli':i I, 2. ZS. llllxuzl Ulmrux I, G irl lim-sl-i'vl-s, ll0IlII' lllv. Vluli I, 11, SI, 4. You IIIIIYIUYS krmu' Il'1ll'Il liuix ix urunnrl. 'Gordon Pahre Industrial Ulziss '1'l'I'IlNllI'I'l' 4. llvlln Mu lh-lin JI, fl. Mixn-il Gliurus Zi, 4, Nuys' Glvv Clulr l, 2. lrilvlligwif, xefrinux. uml rwrrllv fur lmxirwss. ' Page III! 4 Martha Ann Morrison College Prep "Marty" Stull:-ui Cuuun-il l. May Fm-Iv I, lla- jure-III' l. 2. Sl, Nlixml lllmrlls IE, 4. Girl lie-svl've-s. Yi-urlmnk 4, llcrvfs flu' lriml of frieml In luuu' - lllltl tn IW. Howard Charles Nicholson Commercial "Nick" 'l'ru4'k 22, Il. ll ln-II:-r ZS. l'mullr:ill 4'- lvtivr 4. "You I':uu't 'l':ikv ll Willa You" I. "Y--ry liiglit llrigaulvn 2. "Sun Uri" Ii, 'I'ln-spiim Uluh 11, II, 4. Full nj ilu' "alll lYirlr". loyce Parker College Prep Vluss 'l'r1-zusura-r Il, Mayo FMP I. Baud il. Il. 44-fhilnranriiin Il. Girls' Glu-4' Club I. Girl lil-sf-l'vos. YI-:irlvook CI. 4flc-Hex' 4. 4'u-lflrlilur 4. Quill ziml Svrull -1. llvr xmili' rvflvrls hvr l',lf'f'ffllHIlf'SS, Dwight Priaulx Commercial Football 4-Manugefs letter 4. Boys' Glee Club 1. Dwight is serious at the righl mo- IIIHIUS. Lyle Ringgenberg Commercial "Ringer" Football 2, 3, Cheer Leader 1, 4- Captain 4. Boys' Glee Club 1. "Jun- ior Miss" 4. Thespian Club 2, 3, 4,- President 3. What a rheerlearler aml enlerlainerl Ioseph S. Robinson College Prep "Toe Duck" Cheer Leader 4. Basketball 2-Mnnrw ger's letter 2. Football 2, 3. Track 1, 2, 3. Mixed Chorus 1, 2. Debate 1, 2. "Junior Miss" 4. Annual 3, 4-Busi- ness Manager 4. Newtonia News 3, 4. "Good old Joel'-what more coulzl we say without writing a book. Doris Parsons Commercial Transfer froxn Sully High Sehool. Girl Reserves. An efficient 1'lz'rl.' who l'!l'lU'YS a glfwrl bualf. Norman Paul Commercial lleltn Mu Delta 4. 'Tl':u'k 1, 2. Foot- bnll 1. Mixed Chorus 2. IE, 4, "Rell V H . i . t ., , . Mill .L Boys hlee Club I, ... lmys Double Quurlet 4. A regular fellow wilh lals an lhv "ball". Lois Ponder College Prep "Louie" Girl Reserves 2, 3, 4. Home Ev. Club il 4 Lois prefers the zlnnlestiz' aris. Seniors Darrell Paul Commercial Student f'uunvil 1. 'l'rnr-k l, 2. 2S,f-l1-t- tn-r 2, IS. lizxsketlmll l, 2, IL Footb:lll 1. 2, 4, N..X,H.S. Cl, 4. Alhleliv mimleil hi' 141111115 Ia lu' a Xlll'l't"SX in life. Norma Petersen College Prep "Pudge" Girl liesq-1'v4-S. Norma l'IIflll'S Ihr' llfv nf Ihr farm. Ralph Potts College Prep "Potts" Trnnsfer from Ill-ntrul High Srhool, Iluluth. Minnesota 3, Ileltu Mu Delta 4. "l'zi1'dinal Review" 4. Ralph keeps Il lot to himself, but what he 'lovs offer is more ihan worthlrhile. 'Morris Reynolds Agriculture "Beef" Delta Mu Delta 4. Football CS. 4-leb ter 3, 4. '1lI'Zll'k fi. N..X.H.S. 25. 4. F.l1'.A. Buys' Give Clllb 1. His main aim in life is to he a farmer. Donald Rippel Industrial "Rip" lnililtllilll 2, 3, 4'lVlilllil,g'l'l'lN letter 11. liaisketbzill 1, fi. Trnvk 1, 2, 4. Yunill appreriale his wil, Dwight Rohrdanz College Prep Football 1, 2, 3. Boys' Glee Club 1. Yearbook 4. Athletics Editor 4. Enjoyable aml clever, Dwight rloesrfl minrl work. Page fl-l Seniors Lelali Rucker Comiriercial and "LC-1' College Prep Klziy I"1-l1- I. Sluwln-ut l'1111114'il I. Nluf nl--111 1'u111:1'---N 12 Ihltu Mu In-II11 JZ, .I. Nliujixru-Ilv 2, il. -1. 4ii1'l lies:-1'x1-N Yin- I'1'vwi1la-11t Il - l'1'1-siilu-nl -I. IIn1111- l'l1-, Vlulr I, 13. Il S1-4-1'vt:11'y I l'1'1-siiln-nt 11. liil ': 'y 1'l11l1 It, -I S111-1'1-!111'y It. 1111 Yvnirlffml. il, -I I1-tts-1' -I. Quill :11.1l Svroll I. f,'ur1ge'ni11l. .1ll'f'1'l. mul llIll'llf'l'llllll shr ncuvr leaves a task incomplete Gerald Schnoor lnduntrial "lorry" I,l'll'lIl,lf ll rm ix IIIIIVII mum' fun llmn Sfhlllll. Margaret Schultz Commercial lh-lmlf' l. llirl IC1'S1'l'Y1-Q, ll'.v lmrfl In lrll 11'l1uI she' in lllllllilflg. Dorothy Mae Sabin College Prep I4:1111l 2. ft, -X. liirl lf1'Sl'I'Yl'S. Sha' likrfl lwr rl11rim'l. Hubert Schrader lndufstrial "Gus" 'l'1'111'ly I. 2, It. -I I1-Ile-1' 11, Il, -1. NJN. ll.S SI, -I. llis lll,llQ'lll' ulrilitx is lllIlNl1lIl1llll,L' in lrm-l1'. 'Ronald Scoville Commercial "Ron" l"1mll1:1ll l. -1-flxl2IIIIlKl'I"S lvltvr 4. lS:1sk1-tlmll I, 2, 35. 'l'r111-Ii I, 29. "Rim" 11l11'11,1'.s 111l1lx In lliz' a'r011r1l'x fun. l Rosemary Sellers Willa Loo Shoemaker Commercial "Rosie" Commercial and "Willy" . Gtr! IC1-sm-1'x'1-S. College Prep , .. A31-'.. lxy. ' I- h WH lIv1'nIvs lots of lime In Plljllylllg l11'r- Nlf3m.jlf:v' Ls,n,Hll.lxlXmlulf l:gll7iNl Psllil .Wlf llllll llf'r frl1'llllS. 1l1-111 4. Y1-:11'l1m1lc 4. This 1lnn1il1u1e ,Il'llllf'lll' rmi lulfe run' nf lwrself. l l JJ' MGYG Shfllm Verlin Slycord erCiOl Industrial "Doc" 'N Many IN-tv l. Mixn-ml fllIOI'IlS -I. S1-ruutl Buys' 441,10 Ulub 1' 2. I 1:11 111.-U 1111111 1. 2. 1111-1 in-serves. Ilo 11- lisa Ululr 2, 1t4S1-1'1'e-mry 3. N4-1't1111i:1 N1-ws SI, 4. Yi-u,1'l11mk SI, 4f ff lvllvr 4. :Xvlivily liililor 4, ller friemlllv, llll'll.WlIIl llI..Yl70XlflUll is llII,IfI'1'lllll'!I. Myra lean Smith Commercial and "Ieanne" College Prep Sliule-nt Coiigrvss 2. D1-lin Mu Dvltu 4. Muy F1-tv 1. S111-111111 Girls' Glee Club I. 12 - S1-1'r1-t:11'y 2. Girl Iit'Sl'I'Yt'S1S0- 1-int f'I1:1ir1n1111 1S!S1-rvive Chiiirmnii 4. IIQ1111- H1-. 011111 2, II-S01-rotary 2. Li- lrrury Ululr Ii, -I-l'1'usi1I1-lit 4. Your- Imuk Il, I-I1-H1-1' -I. Quill null S4-roll 4. flops. I'11g1- ZITI l"11ill1f11l to Ilie job anrl well quali- fier! for ull llw many llIlVl,ll.V .vlie lfuxlifnl lrnl friemlly. Maurice Snodgrass Industrial Ul'I'lll'NII'lI. 1, 2, 3. Srlmnl jus! llUl'SII.l rmnpnre to some things. James is small and dark anrl is in- lay Stickler Indsutrial Tran-k 1, 2, 3. Glue Cluh 1, 2-Prvsi- ch-nt 1. Buys' Gln-u Clull 1, Mixml Chorux II. Hunting and flying are .lay's main in ferexts. Gerald Stotts College Prep I:'lainr"s l.m-lrinnar. lean Stouder Commercial May Fete 1. Second Girls' Gln-e Club 3. Girl Reserves-Publicity Chairman 4. Near in nppz'aranf'0g pref-ise in man- ner. 'Harry Snook Industrial Studednt Count-il 1. Class SOC'l'P11ll'y 3. Football 1, 2. Ii, -I-letter 2. 3. 4. Basketball 1, 2. 12, 4-letter 2, 3. 4. Truck Squaul 1, 2, Iifletter 2, 3. Boys' Glee Club 1, 2. Mixt-Ll Chorus 1. 2. "Sun-Up" 3. His stature and his initiative enalnlwl him to excel in sports. 'Vern L. Soderlolom Agriculture "Lefty" liusketlmll 1. l".l1'.A. 1, 2, fl. Very slwrl with a u'Ptern1inf'rl air. lames Spillers Commercial and College Prep teresterl in farming. W 3 Roy Still College Prep "Bud" Football 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 3, 4. Bus- kvtlmll 1, 2, It, 4-letter 2, 3, 4. Truck 1 2, Pl. 4-letter 2, 3. N.A.H.S. 2, fl, -1. Buys' Glee Club 1, 2. Mixed Clmrus 1. 2, IS, 4-President 4. "Red Mill" 4. Minute Men It, Buys' Double Quan'- ll'1 Il, 4. He is willing to rlinide his activities between athletics anzl niusir, arul neillier flops he slight. Seniors 'Kenneth Snook Agriculture '1'i':1vk. film- Ululn 1. Ile rwuer says a Ilillfli. Ruth Spain Commercial "Spain" Si-1-mul Hirls' Kilt-0 Vlult I 2 Girl Rv- sa-rw-s. Siu' liax llI'I' 01171 amlriliuns anal ifl- lefrvsls. lrene Steenhoek College Prep "Shorty" 'l'i'unsfvr from Prziiric- City High 1. Girl Re-si-rves. Mast people fiml liar :rays qaifv pleasing. Melvin Stotts Industrial Fimtlrzrll l, 2, Il. Yulfll sllrrly miss lhix figure' arrmnri 'fjfmf Srlllml. : . i' f Betty Strovers Commercial "Fido" Sevoud Girls' Glee Cub 1, 2. Mixed Chorus Girl Reserves. May Fete 1. A likeable girl who really tries to :ln her part. Page 26 Seniors Donald Swanson Eunice Talsma Colleqr: Prep "lion" Commercial Uhr rlulfl rnu lvl us hvur IIJHII' l"'ll1' Ml' l"'l'1' 44 Ulf' lf"N""Vl'S- Nvw- ulmul -VIH? tnnin N4-ws Il, 4, hlllllfll' with her grnrious nmnnvr hun lwvn uurslzrmling in lhc rnmmvr- rinl rlcparlnwnl. lirirloaru llllcn ll'l1OlI1CX'Q Bob Thorson Connnrrrcial "l3obbv' College Prep "Skip" I"irNl Hirl! lilw- Vinh I, Ll. Nturl:-nl l'num-il l. Vlnsx l'rvxi1l1-lit, 12, I I, In-Itzi Mn IM-lla 4. Fuulluall 1, 2, Il, m1 SlIllIHIllIlllflll1'l lll'llllI'lll'. 1 lf-tlvr :L 1, Truck l, 2, Zi-If-M1-r 12, ZS, lluskvlluiill I, LZ, Il, 4. N.A,II.S. ::, 4. A fnilhful frivnrl who has llcsermvf his runny honors. Helen Toedt Velma Townsend Commercial Commercial "Dimp" Viral iiirle' film' Vlilln l. Sl-vnml liirls' Huy l"1-tv l. Girl Rm-eswvvs. till-v 4'lillv I, liirl Il1-wl'vq-xf-Sc-nior , . H,.,,,-,.,,.,,,1,,i,,. L C'llll'lIl4'SS anal r'nurc.vy ,un haml III hunrl. lI's llllfll In fiml lhrm ns ,Yf'lllll'lll' rm Hl'f1'll. 1.3, Leiha Lee Treni Darlene 'l'roilcr College Prep COliiIIiCTClC1l Uri-ln-sirn I, 15, ll, 4. liirl lin-M-I-ws. liirl lii'M'I'H'h. YIM? Mill' I I . l,ih'c'rl ln' lhnsf' zrhu kllllll' hvr. .vim IS .wry un: St'HSllIll'. Dorothy Lucretia Urias Fremeene Vgn Arkel Commercial "Dotlic'l College Prep "Frankie" iiifl Rl'M"'Y"N- M:n,iu'rvtIv -1. linml I, IJ, Il. Ori-hi-sim A I-nngpnml I-rivml. l. twirl livsn-i'xvx. May Pole 1. She' has ll romiwul mrlurv. ie Elmer VCU VOOI'Sl George Vevefkc College Prep Trade and Industrial Ulm' Clul' 1' 2' l"m,1lrull l. 2, Bzlskvilnlll 1. Trilvk 1, Another unc who hrrx dvpurtvrl jrorn our halls of lvarriing fo join lhc Though hffs small and quick, hcfs armed services. heard from. LZ, 15 Nuys' Glow Club l. Page 157 Marjorie Lucille Woodruff Commercial Mixed Chorus 2. Serond Girls' Glue Club 2. Girl Reserves. May Fete 1. A domestic senior with contentment and satisfaction in her wltys. 'Doyle Yeutsy Industrial Band 1, 2. A Cheerful lad, ICIIUQS now a sailor. Audrey L. Walker Commercial "I. U 'Sn Majorette 2, 3. Second Girls' Glee Club 2. Girl Reserves. Mny Feta 1, 2. The classroom sometimes presents trouble for her. Robert White Industrial Delta Mu Delta 4. Football IZ-letter 3. Bftsketlmll 1, 2, 3, 4. Track 1, 3, 4 gletter 3, 4. N.A.H.S. Ii. 4. Mix:-rl Chorus 1. 2. 3, 4. Boys' Glec Club Zi, 4. "Red Mil1" 3. A clear thinker, who enjoys Il good time. W xy 3 l .l 'ix if, 2 --In D .- .V 41 Walter Williams College Prep Walter is quite interested in aero- nautics. Seniors Faye Wessel Commercial "Dimples" Sevond Girls' Glve Club 2. Girl Ro- serves. Fayels hair is the crowning feature of her claintiness. Evelyn Wiklund Commercial "Blondie" Ura-In-strat I, 2. Ss-voml Girls' Glec Ulub 1. Girl lit-svx'v0s. This little bloncl ran lake care of herself. Norma lean Wilson Commercial Delta Mu Delta 4. Orulxestra 1, 2, 3, 4. Girl Reserves-Finzixwe Chairman 3, Home lflv. Clull 1. May Fete 1. .4 nire girl, loyal mul true. Glen Woody Industrial Buys' Glue Club 1, 2. Another silent figure orounfl school but he knows the answers. David Young Industrial "Dave" l-'uothall 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 4. Basket- ball 1, 2, 3, 4-letter 4, Track 1, 2, 3. He's happy todayg heis happy to- ITIOITOIU. Page BS Best Athlete ...,..... SENIOR BALLOT .......Patricia Barnhouse......... Best Looking e.......... ....... W illadean Lewellen ........... Best Sport .............,........., ,...... I oyce Parker ................. Most Absent-Minded ........ ....,.. R hea Dow .......... Most Accommodating ......... ...,... L elah Rucker .......t Most Bashtul ..t....t..,,...... ....... F aye Wessel ................ Most Conceited ,,,,,,,,,, .,..,.. W illa Loo Shoemaker ....... Most Courteous t....... ....... M yra lean Smith .....,... Most Dignitied ................ ....... M ildred Knott ........ Most Representative ........ ....... H elen Carrier ........ Most Sarcastic ................ ...,... S ally Gettleson ........ Most Talented ......... ....... M ary Io Griebeling .......,. Neatest ............... Peppiest ......... W1ll1eSl ........,,. President., ......wt.. .. Vice President ....w,,.. Secretary ....,,.,... Treasurer .....t...,. Giftorian ........ Poet ...,................. Yell Leaders .......... Song Leaders .....,. ........Willadean Lewellen....... Ioyce Parker ........Willa Loo Shoemaker. .......Martha Ann Morrison....... CLASS OFFICERS CLASS MOTTO: "ln ourselves, the future lies." ........I-larry Snook ..v.....Bob Thorson ........Bob Thorson ..........Ted Arvidson ....Bob Thorson .........Werner Bunse ............Bud Still .,......Bob Thorson ..........Paul Moftitt ..,..v..Bob Thorson ............Bud Still Still Fred Carpenter ....Lyle Ringgenberg ...........Ioe Robinson ...Bob Thorson .Helen Carrier Patricia Barnhouse .Gordon Pahre ...Ioe Robinson ........Norman Dunitz Willadean Lewellen Lyle Ringgenberg ....Marcella Bagnoll Bud Still COLORS: Blue and Gold FLOWER: Blue Delphinium Page 39 May 4 May ll May 18 May 25 May 26 May 27 May 28 May 31 Page 40 COMMENCEMENT ACTIVITIES - - - - - - - - - Iunior-Senior Prom American Legion Hall - - - - - - - - - Senior Picnic Maytag Park Iunior High Auditorium - Senior Farewell - Senior Assembly Iunior High Auditorium - - - - - - - - - - SeniorBanquet Maytag Park - Baccalaureate Services - - - - - - - - - Senior Reception Iunior High Auditorium - - - - - - - - Graduation Exercises Maytag Park CLASS POEM ODE TO '45 New classes come, old classes go, Be they large or small, But here's to the Class of '45, The greatest of them all! The first six years, our Work and tears Mingled, yet it was fun. Iunior high days-gladness and joys, To make our classmates one. Freshmen!-War clouds broke! Mars awoke! An epic not yet finished. Through tour short years We gave our best, Our efforts undiminished! Where are ye, Classmates of '45 Fighting throughout the World? Let us keep our iaith, and ever strive, To bear our flag unturled. And to you, classes of future times, When the dove, o'er all, shall rule, Strive well, strive hard, and in your minds, Uphold the ideals of our school. -Norman Dunitz fll Ted Snook, C23 Betty Mtrtear, Q33 Willa Loo Shoemaker, Cfll Billie Lewellen, KS? Nor- ma Wtlsxon, Q67 Rltca Dow, 173 loyce Parker, C83 Darrell Paul, C93 Werner Bumse, H07 lore l'mm1, fllt Gordon Paltre, ll2l Betty Holloway, C137 Helen Carrier Cl4l lean Stouiler, llbl Sally Gettleson. I Page 41 Darrell Achtemeier Freda Adams Darlene Anderson Dorothy Anderson Dale Aunspach Vernon Babcock 1 'QQ lily Betty Ba-ldwin Iames Banks Don Barcus lno picturel loe Barton Iean Bauer I u of i ,W 4 ifaig Bedell lohn Berg gene Bishop Mary Ann Bishop 1 Paul Bishop Q fno picturel Betty Blacker Iohn Blair Lynn Bowen lno picturel Kenneth Brown Robert Buckles Page -12 Juniors Shirley Adams Bill Adams Thalia Arndt Fern Atwood Stacy Backus Roberta Baker Lucille Barnes Bill Barnhouse Carlos Baxter Norma Beatty Lois Bergstrom . lohn Billingsley Lenora Bixby Leona Bixby Theodore Bowie Cno picture! Don Bozarth Margaret Brock Gene Buckley Keith Butler Ronald Butler Donald Callison Ann Campbell Max Cardcr Donald Cox ,Gene Creech 5 t f orie Davis Herman Deaton Dolores Dickinson Rosalie Dimon U , A N ' I ,l 6k"lAA,LfK4J Dick Donahue Dorman Doty tx t .tt lane Eads 'V Erdythe Earp Beverly Elscott Lewis Emery Nancy Gass Roger Goss Page 43 Iuniors Don Calvin Ramona Cameron Arclis Clement Donald Cobbs Geraldine Davis lean Davis Colleen Deere Bill Denniston ll 0541, 31' xl llilt Dirlam Charles Dodd Herbert Dougall Doris Douglas Clarence Ebert Arlene Eilert Donna Fahrney Clifford Farlancl Wyonne Gifford Ethlyne Good SW Richard Gorrell Willis Grant Sally Hamill Dean Hammer Paul Harrington Beverly Haynes Iohn Heaverlo fno picturel Marilyn Hiatt Edward Hicks Carl Hoiiert Maxine Hoifmaster Patricia Hunt lack lske Carroll Iensen Robert lohns YY Robert lordan Iahn Kaldenberg William Koppin Marvin Kumm Page 44 Juniors Donna Grimm lean Grimm Harriett Hammerly Shirley Harper Patricia Herring Shirley Hesson Sarah Hill Melvin Hobbs Shirley Holmes Doris Hummel Harold Iackson Betty Ia-:obs Beverly Iohnsorl Linn Iohnson Harrold Kingery Vera Kleinendorst Charles Larson Matthew Leydens Donald Lloyd Robert Lust William Lust fno picturey VK Rozella McCoy Fred McCurnber Dorothy Main Kenneth March Normie Matheny Frank Meng Bill Molleck Buth More-lock Royal Moss Doyle Mulbrook Bill Myers Arrlath Neal Wanda Oliphant Duane Olsen Ernest Owens Harriet Pahre Pima' I, Iuniors Iarnes McCarl Beatrice McCormack Coralie Mclfeag Marjorie" M McLaughlin Cno picturel Robert Mahl Robert Marshall lack Martin Gretchen Miller Betty Molleck lerry Morris LaVeta Morrison Lore-lie Mulbrook Paul Murphy xx Harold Nelsqn X Ralph Niebiirf- X .' CN 'Xl - x N xxx! jd Mariorie O'Boake Stanley Oswalt Russell Parsons Iulia Patterson Marjorie Patterson Betty Pauls Ramah Pherigo Helen Phillips Howard Ritter Darrell Rojohn ,J X . X slDale Rusk Ioan Santen Bill Shields Melva Shippy, ju' X Mary Slycord Doris Smith Burton Snook Robert Snook Clifford Sparks Velma Sparks Robert Stanton Dale Stark I'nt4o -IG Iuniors Donald Peery Norman Petersen Gerald Pille George Rederus Cno picturel Clinton Rinehart Virgil Rollstin Delbert Roush Mary lean Santen Roma Lee Scoville Qui Dean Shrum Barbara Simmons Lois Smith Ruth Smith tno picturel Thomas Smith Ruth Snook ' Carol Soderblom Betty Spencer Vern Spencer Arthur Sterling Patricia Stevens X i President - Vice President Secretary - Treasurer - N N-S 4 CLASS OFFICERS Donald Swihart lune Synhorst Dale Toedt Beverly Townsen 'l Carlton Trotter Helen Turney Tom Underwood tno picturel lim Urias Mary Urias Dale Versteegh Esther Waddell Robert White Evelyn Wickett Blaine Wilson loy Winter Iuniors Mary Ann Terris Max Tiedje Coleen Townsend Elizabeth Toye Iames Tyler Gretchen Umbarqer Lester Van Dyke Iames Vermillion Ray Walther Duane Westbrook Rosemarie Wilks Dick Williams lno picturel Patricia Williis: Myron Wormley Coleen Wylie Darrell Rojolin Sally Hamill Robert Iohns loan Santan Page 47 cf LH 2' 4' V ll s , 1 f Page , L t' TENTH GRADE BOYS Row Eight: Maurice Wheeler, Kenneth Veverka, Mark Emmack, Warren lontz, limmie Muilenburg, Marvin Lammers, Neal Deaton, Ronald Trotter, Paul I-lamre, loe McMasters, Maynard Fifer. Row Seven: Arthur Tratchel, E, A. Arndt, Henry Birkenholz, Phil Pringle, Frank Barrett Delmar Nagel, Bob Long, Deane Wilson, Charles Berry, lack Carley, Carroll Hammeri David Hammer. Row Six: Gerald Carpenter, lohn Leydens, Harlan Holdefer, Eldon Adams, Burton Lothe Glenn Summer, Kenneth Elscott, Ed Hand, Burton Reynolds, Bob Yeutsy, Lowell Stewl art, Wayne Ryther. Row Five? Charles Adams, Donald Wickliff, Ralph Kenyon, Paul Myers, Ray Weaver Francis Peters, Clifford Iackson, Pat Gallagher, Marvin Munger, Kenneth Schwartzfl Marvin Simpson. , Row Fouri Dick Vermillion, Carroll Meyer, Bob Briefly, Allen Clinginan, Max Bell, David Gooch, Linn Iohnson, Avery Wilson, lim Stanley, Edward McMahon, Gerald Baker, Fred Erlandson, Don Knight. Row Three: Ordell Birkenholtz, Dean Dickerson, Derald Hardenburg, Clinton Gifford, Fred Phillips, Richard Baker, Don Millsap, Virgil Drumm, Delmar less, Dick Northcote, Gregory Dickinson, Row Two: Ronald Bishop, Carwin Cooper, Leonard Cohn, Gene Mortley, Bob Boldt, Esequiel Gonzalez, Clarence Davidson, Pete Roussos, Robert Harding, Maynard Flake, Evan Heaverlo, Ronald Moen. Row One: Lorraine Hawkins, Richard Mortenson, Dale Long, Ted Sutton, Kenneth Fleming, Keith Schwartz, Clinton Stotts, lack Ferguson, Don Sparks, Dick Greene, Robert Richards. l 48 but 1.616 53' .st- P ,I ,plank t xg ,,,- L - View ' ' A ,fue L M457 A TENTH GRADE GIRLS Row Eight: Beverly Switzer, Norman Turner, Luella Fay, Iris Warner, Florence Cox, Doris Myers, Marjorie Hammer, Rosemary Guessford, Nadine Youngkin, Patricia Iontz, Patsy Urnbarger. Row Seven: Ruth lohnson, Shirley Kaldenburg, Donna Hulse, Gladys Lott, Margaret Van Hall, Mary Louise less, Margaret Smith, Geraldine Otten, Dorcas Baxter, Anna Bullers, Ruth Ann Fox, Anna Marie Pille, Dorothy Meyer. Row Six: Dolores Terpstra, Doralea Bozarth, Billie Spillers, Marilyn Martin, Ellen Irwin, Ioan Lekberg, Lois Postma, Edna Gorgas, Dorothy Stickler, Patricia Schlotteldt, Beverly Chedester, Pauline Alford. Bow Five' Glendoris Leahy, Nadine Chitwood, Louise Lewis, Betty Merritt, Merna Graham, Bonnie Swalwell, Pauline Kling, Deloris Rusk, Beverly Vanderpol, Bette lean De Moss, Lois Elwood, lean Davis, How Four: Martha Mulbrook, Veva Patterson, Dorothy Baldwin, Mary Mulleneaux, Iune Crouse, Marie Vande Weercl, Anna Lee Hewson, Betty Bader, Norma lrelan, Bonnie Brock, Helen Miller, Kathryn Prendergast. Row Three: Marjorie First, Darlyne McCabe, Louise Iohnson, DeLoris Gunsaulus, Sally Broderson, Marjorie Walker, Ioan Knott, Sharon Ewalt, Peggy Ann Perry, Catherine Meade, Row Two: Peggy Bowen, Frances Trevethan, Myrna Guthrie, lewell Raymie, Margaret Pet- ersen, Mary Ann Lloyd, Shirley Bollhoeter, Marilyn Auten, Chrystal Parsons, Io Anne Mackerman, Beverly Snook, Cleo Shelton. Row One: Maxine Mahon, Bernadette Brannon, Pauline Anderson, Wanda Patterson, Ivalou Ellenwood, Dorothy Lester, Avis Stevenson, Coleen Stevens, Elsie Springer, Ruth Davis, Deloris Dixon. 1' P830 49 0' L J , NINTH GRADE BOYS Row Eight: Bob Harper, Paul Simons, Bill Heaberlin, Bob Fisher, Bill Scott, Richard Decker, lohn McLaughlin, Bob Pennell, Edward Harger, Ronnie Holdsworth, Paul McClelland, Dale Turley, Raymond Crouse, Max Rabourn. Row Seven: Larry Iackson, Dean Roussos, Paul Prendergast, Harold Wicklitf, Iimmy Esping, Leslie Crawford, Richard Boecker, Byron Brain, Dalton Bell, Frank Herlost, Charles Hooper, Iohn Livingston. Row Six: Roger Taylor, Norman Filer, Bob Molleck, lack McCoy, Bernard Lammers, Harold Mason, Daniel Spalink, Roy Iensen, Robert Campbell, Bill Laird, Donald McKinney, Paul Damman. Row Five: lames Wolfe, Robert Gomez, Bill Spencer, Ioe Havens, Donald Loupee, Bob Townsend, lim Morgan, Bob Moffitt, Bill Riley, Dale Ebert, Donovan Snodgress. Row Four: lack Mortley, Noel Moss, Bob Lister, Norman Kennedy, Ioe Nichols, George Krieger, Richard Havens, Kenneth Peery, Richard Smith, Alfred Gonzalez, Glen Ponder. Row Three: Floyd Gorman, Ierry Guthrie, Iimmy McMahon, Clair Calhoon, Eldo Reid, foe Urias ,Leo Adams, David Aldridge, Dick Ward, Bill Sudbrook. Row Two: Keith Smith, Iames Thomas, lean Roush, George Iackson, Leroy less, Darrell Town- send, Bill Plumb, Lloyd Brown, Pat O'Roake, Bob Post, Iohn Flynn, Elden Lundberg. Row One: Ierry McMahon, lack Nicholson, lim Stewart, Bob McVay, Iohn White, Herbert Spencer, Kenneth Thompson, Daniel O'Roake, Bill Waddell, Dick Leydens. itftae 0 f 7 I . Q w LJ NINTH GRADE GIRLS Row Eight: Marilyn Utterback, Georgette DeMeyer, Betty Darr, Vineta Decker, Frances Stover, Donna lean Dow, Darlene Davis, Louise Larson, Arlene Holmes, Pat Craig, Marty Io Lorton, Ioan Lamson, Mary Iean Shaw, Ioann Denniston, Iulie Hamill, Mary Ann Lansrud. Row Seven: Shirley Morgan, Phyllis Earp, Ann Russell, Helen Iackson, Lorraine Merritt, Barbara Blacker, Dorothy lllingworth, Lucille Ritter, Lois Brand, Delores Meyers, Patty Huffman, Phyllis Davis, Ioreen McCoy, Dorothy Carter, Cecilia Iohnson, Wanda Dodd, Edith Humes, Row Six: LaVola Harrington, Norma Lee Clymer, Dorothy Pickering, Darlyne Tidball, Beverly Emmack, Margaret Sumpter, Loretta Martin, Marilyn Walker, Florence Iohnson, Claire Iohncson, Io Ann Vance, Mary Alyce Paul, Roberta Hiatt, Ladonna Toye. Row Five: Greta Miller, Doris Dammeier, Fern Ross, Lois Montgomery, Shirley Kooistra, Betty Main, Elma Perry, Ardelle Nearmeyer, Pat Mulbrook, Betty Sedlock, Ruth Lu Wede- kin, Sally Baird, Betty Young, Carol Pahre, Virginia Schippers. Row Four: Wanda Ponder, Ianis Raridon, Beverly Hansel, LeVonne Kleinendorst, lean Auns- pach, Mary Bickell, Ioan Smith, Barbara Raridon, Iva Mae Babcock, Marilyn Talbot, Phyllis Dickerson, Fredda Bryson, lo Ann Arbs, Marjorie Mateer. Row Three: Wanda Harry, Patricia Kleinendorst, Ioy Burnett, Louise Lantz, Shirley Harbin, Ramona Oldfield, Lucille Graham, Ramona Patterson, Marjorie Rodgers, Ruby Shrum, Estella McGrath, Shirley Sprague, Alanna Forshay, Anna Mae Reed. Row Two: Marilyn Anderson, Marjorie McNew, Rosalia Garcia, Dorothy Wessel, Marjorie Shankland, Marie Brown, Shirley Carnahan, Patricia Damman, Beverly Rempp, Lorena Ayres, Shirley Sutphin, Colleen Trotter, Marilyn Higdon. Row One: Ruth Queen, Nellie Peterson, Ioyce Kreager, Betty Banks, Elveretta Walker, Stella Osten, Ruth Blom, Iune Iackson, Rebecca Ray, Marilyn Humphrey, Shirley Cary, Etha Duchesneau, Paul 51 ,l ur.- , Page EIGHTH GRADE Row Nine: Donald Umbarger, Barbara Sumpter, Bette Lester, George Cammack, lim Dona- hue, Donald Rader, Robert Lint, Gerald Havens, Richard Bozarth, Vernon McCli1n, Marie Snapp, Margaret Davis, lane Stockton, Betty Santen, Maxine Culver, Iudith Lester, Roger Bales, Margaret Williamson, Marilyn Reynolds, Renee De Camp, Robert Roney. Row Eight: Fred Eke, Barbara Monroe, Patricia Palmer, Betty Pherigo, Stewart Gilman, Billy Foster, Richard Breckenridge, Keith Wasgerhol, Elvin Hardenbrook, Charles Alt- man, Dwight Mortenson, Beverly Cooper, Betty Alltree, Morden McFadden, Dwain Holmes. Row Seven: Miriam Salmon, Leona Christen, Normalie Deere, lo Ann Kile, Donn Campbell, Don Monroe, Marilyn Mac Nair, Margie Griggs, Louise Ellenwood, Minnie Loo Swan- son, Colleen Revell, Phyllis Hobbs, Mary Harrington, Helen lohnson, La Verne Nids, Bob Griffith, Ersel Anthony, Murray Bicknell. Row Six: Barbara Weldon, Ardith lackson, Norma lean Cox, Betty Swihart, lrwin Witte, Bob Carter, Dean Leahy, Patty Cameron, Beulah Plum, Robert McNeese, Iames Shep- herd, Kenneth Bisom, Eugene Leatherman, Beverly Searl, Carolyn Dixon, lack Um- barger, Carlton Shields, Charles Baker, Row Five: ludy Weston, Helen Willits, Beverly Hartley, Lois Brown, Darwin Duminy, Robert Patterson, Robert Larson, Harold Brayton, Clyde Gardner, Maurice Phillips, Betty Hoop- er, Carole Mahan, Patty Gooch, Bonnie McPherren, Wilma Musgrove, Darlene Moore, Beverly Maddy, Phyllis Marose, Clarissa Fay, lohn Max Swihart. Row Four: Bill Spellman, Bob Perry, Ioan Welle, Darlene Vodochodsky, Connie Stoltz, Sara lane Arends, Patty Brazelton, Carleta Hollenbeck, Susanne Grundman, Helen Phipps, Denny LaFavre, Ronald Young, Colleen Laughlin, Frank Leydens, Loi-1 Springer, Beverly Stickney, Darlene lames, Row Three: Fred Thomson, Barbara Cuncliff, Phyllis Cozad, Roland Carter, Tommy Upton, Robert Terris, Phyllis Oswalt, Marjorie Kimler, loAnne Hill, Beverly Craig, Roma Cooper, Alice Humes, Leola Kingery, George Myer, limmy Van Epps. Row Two: Mary Albee, Ioyce Trotter, Ioanne Trotter, lean Farland, Patty Stacey, Rosanne Morgan, Betty Babcock, Ioan Howell, Peggy Pherigo, Deloris Lloyd, Laura Mae Young, Patty Wymore, Hazel Molson, Bradley McMain, Ronald less, Bob Stewart, Ir. Chedes- ter, Bob Spencer. Row One: Tommy Schermerhorn, Bud Davis, Billy Rogers, Rollin Hoftert, Bob Iarnagin, Lawrence Snook, Glen Shaffer, Frank Barile, lim Ferguson, Terry Goodman, Dick Richards, Gerald lacobs, Bill Vernon, Craig Wright, Dwayne Mortenson, Gale Eaton, Bob Bennett, Roy Henning. 52 SEVENTH GRADE Row Nine: Billly Fisher, Phillip Oswalt, David Heaverlo, Doyle Lammey, Billie Minter, Max Moon, Winton Wilks, Delores Gharrett, Betty Logue, Marcella Postma, lean Ellis, Elizabeth Arndt, Barbara Winchell, Beverly Thompson, Barbara Myers, Doris Clement, Ramona Mulbrook, Evelyn Kano, Clarence Wells, Iunior Minear, LeRoy Davis, Iimmy Crook, Kenneth Doty, Leon Roderick, Bob Blair. ltow lfiglil: Wilma Williams, Donald Wonders, Clifford Decker, Deloris Wilson, Barbara Dodd, Gayle Allen, Don Mory, Ioan Smith, Ioann Gorgas, Mary Dinsmore, Elizabeth Dummy, Maribelle Main, Phyllis lanes, Phyllis Eldredge, Wayne Brown, Chuck Ewalt, Max lrelan, Bob Stark, Norman Mortenson, Richard Williams Don Ringgenberg, Iunior Robson. Row Seven: Hugh Pherigo, Rodger Iames, Barney Stover, Iohn Thomas, Leona Wilson, Flora Smith, Maryanne Evans, lackie Schippers, loan Grosvenor, Sally Lansrud, Ann Brierly, Pat lung, Betty Laffarty, Mary Ann Granneman, ludy Merritt, Iackie Riebe, loan Horn, Connie Felton, LeRoy Funk, Bob Sparks, Mary Lou lohnson, Wilbur Robson. Row Sixi Henry Fortner, Iames Young, Don Smith, Carol McMahon, Charlene Butler, Margery Lynn, Barbara Campbell, Margaret Wilson, Alice Samuels, Louise Nolen, Betty Lemley, Milton Van Cleave, Delores Cooper, Vivian Gearhart, Thomas Chitwood, Charles Iarnagin, Paul Gonzalez, Martha Robson, Dick Starr. Row Fivet Dick Smith, Donald Brayton, Gladys Lutes, Roberta Shelton Doris lontz, Betty Barcus, lack Nalevanko, Charles Foster, Harry Pinegar, lack Fry, Iunior Masters, Don- old McFarland, Ioan Lister, Betty Wheeler, Dick Scoville, Deloris Havens, Margaret Iohnson, Ianet Stewart, Carolyn Robson. Row Four: David Kester, Harold Blair, Edythe Talbot, Connie Io Wensel, Dorothy Bergstrom, Mary Craig, Wendell lanes, Harry Rosenberger, Buddy Greenlee, Gary Sullivan. Amando Garcia, Richard Wall, Raymond Mc Coy, LeRoy Kimler, Dick Smith, Louise Backus, Wayne Mouchka, Hilda Trease. Row Three: Dorothy Shaver, Bobby Metz, Ella Wilcox, Ioan Pille, lames Barkley, Maurice Ward, lohn Mateer, lack Wyatt, Ronald McClellan, Chuck Denniston, Billie Benjamin, Donald Lint, Billy Miller, Phyllis Berry, Lela Van Meter, Dorothy Wingler, Mary Swi- gart, Rodell Lightfoot. Row Two: Io Norris, Dorothy Garlock, Sylvia Iackson, Ieraldine Wickett, Marilyn Farrow, Martina Cobbs, Ferris Smith, Duane Van Baale Gary Atwood, lim Kimler, Bradley Beals, lohnny Chevalier, Bob Cohn, George Lantz Nancy Calvin, Marilyln Farland. Carollu Fry, Beverly Hanke, Wilma Byerley. Row One: Kenneth Ferguson, Bob llingsworth, Bill Rose, Mardyll Allen, Catherine Smith, Madonna Roberts, Letha Eaton, IoAnn Hiatt, Iuanita Morris, Ronny Ringgenberg, Blaine Kloppenberg, Donna Wonders, Ioann Fisher, Geraldine Cavitt, Patty Harrison, Patty Svejda, May Bell Musgrave. Page 53 .Q ' .N spam, Q., M f- nf "J ' rfb 1 ' a J ,. w 3 'J' u .A ,1 lg 5 S: up iw "1 Lll , . 59 g T fab x 7 5' 5 's -. K' .1 .4 1 r v, A , fifwf? 4 A 9 Q I - -xffxxfizw. V Q T 4 6 'K I Z, , A.g,s g A Wg' ix wg gihggf . f , i,.j2,,? ' -4 -X V wj if .if-21 , 'f , . Q is : 44, .v Y ai 'i 5' , W 7 E ., W W i : , A , 9 f Q A-I ,- U55- 5, , ' f' fx Q 'A W C map,-is 'M 312 , ,Au , !. P Wy As we, the graduating class of 1945, entered high school, war broke out. Now, as we graduate, vic- tory in Europe has been won. War has brought many changes in our school life, some good, some I bad. , N We miss the presence of the boys who have gone t th ' . . l' h t MILDRED KNOTT o e armed services War hcrs made us rea ize t a Vqledictoricm we cannot hope to achieve peace and prosperity in the future unless we co-operate With, learn to live with, and understand the other peoples of the world. This is a goal toward which we shall direct our best efforts. We owe it not only to the boys who have fought and who are fighting for us, but to the future generations. During these first years of our life, we have been counseled, directed, and instructed by our parents and teachers. Under their guidance, each of us has developed his personality and philosophy, the foundations for a happy, successful future. Now it is our turn to make de- cisions, to plan for the future, remembering, "ln ourselves lies the future". Let us prove our- selves worthy of the confidence placed in us by our parents and teachers. We, as seniors, have now completed our high school education and are ready to become the builders of tomorrow. Within our grasp we have man's most precious gifts-the power to reason in- telligently and the power to establish our goals in life. Although the shadow of war has deprived us of a number of our classmates, it has incited our , minds and spirits to accept added responsibility. HLLEN CARRIER Not only must we apply our teachings to the suc- cess of our own lives, but we must also apply them to the success of peace. I - Salutatoricm Before us lies a world in torment and destruction. Whether that world will remain in the hands of corruption and evil, or whether it will be guided to a horizon of wisdom depends upon us. We are the future. Let us prove ourselves worthy of the task. Page 50 1 SENIOR DELTA MU DELTA Back How Paul Moffitt, Norman Dunitz, Max Calhoon, Norman Paul, Ralph Potts, Robert White, Bob Thorson. Second Bow, Mary Alice Kling, Lois Ann Morris, Rhea Dow, Mildred Knott, Patricia Bari:- house, Eunice Talsna, Mildred Eden, Mary Io Griebelinq First BOWL Lelah Buclcer, Norma Wilson, Helen Carrier, Willadean Lewellen, Myra Ioan Smith, Victoria fjckcy. DELTA MU DELTA ljoltfi Mu Delta is ti pint of tho Ncttional Honor Society, Its purpozso lil to l5l't,JlllUlC1SCllOlC1l ship, leadership, and character. Bach year five per cent of the Junior class is selected on a basis of scholarship alone, and ten per cent of the seniors are selected for scholarship, leade ership, character, and service. Altogether this includes five per cent of the junior and fifteen per cent of the senior class, Before the student becomes a fullrfledged member, he must go through formal and inf formal initiations. The four senior students who rank highest scholastically in their class automatically bee come the officers of the organization. This years officers are: Mildred Knott, president, Helen Carrier, vice president, Norman Duniti, secretary, and Lelah Bucker, treasurer. l . I 5 l......J L we IUNIOR DELTA MU DELTA Back Bow. Paul Murphy, Gene Buckley, Robert Stanton, Duane Olson. Front Row: Betty Baldwin, Ramona Cameron, Shirley Holmes, Gretchen Miller. Page Back Row: Carrier, Barnhouse, Hamill, Santen. Front Row: Thorson, Rojohn, Iohns. Not in picture-Gordon Pahre. CLASS OFFICERS Mr. Lynn served as advisor of the class officers this year. The group had charge of pep meetings and class discussions. The senior officers had charge of senior functions While the junior officers made all plans for the Iunior-Senior Prom. Senior officers for the year Were: Bob Thorson, presidentg Helen Carrier, vice presidentg Patricia Barnhouse, secretaryg and Gordon Pahre, treasurer. Iunior officers were: Darrell Rojohn, presidentg Sally Hamill, vice presi- dentg Robert Iohns, secretaryg and Ioan Santen, treasurer. 'age 38 Back Bow: Lister, Willits, lackson, Herrington, Sparks, Wright, Bicknell, I. Schippers. Third Row: Forshay, Griffith, McClelland, McLaughlin, Cooper, Bennett. Second Bow. Evans, Brierly, Holmes, Dickerson, Bitter, Bryson, Shruin, Felton. Front Row: Donahue, Smith, Calhoon, Mr. Klieber, Tabor, lackson, Shields, lrelan. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council has been the governing body of the junior High for many years. Representatives are chosen from each home room and change each semester. Each of the eight committees has a faculty adviser. Adviser for the year was Mr. Klieber. Officers for the first semester were: Clair Calhoon, president, Ioan Smith, vice president, Iames Donahue, secretary, and Dalton Bell, treasurer. Charles Tabor served as president the second semesterg Larry Jackson, vice president, Max lrelan, secretary, and Carlton Shields, treasurer. This year the Student Council had charge of the lost and found, programs, sanitation, and finance. The group sponsored the sale of war stamps in the halls of the Iunior High school building. Page 50 l Back Bow: B. Snook, Wilson, Pringle, Dirlam, R. White, Paul, Rusk, Martin, Shields. Fourth Bow: lordan, I. Berg, Mr. Berg, Knight, Walther, Ft. Snook, Elliott, Emery Csecretary and treasurerl. Third Bow: Rader, M. Santan, Atwood, Barnes, Haynes, Bagnall, Bell, Busk, lanes, Second Row: First,l Santen, Wilks, l-lcrsson, Harnrncrly, Synhorst, Auten, Guthrie, Gric-tooling. Front Row: M. Brock, Beatty, Dickinson, Kaldenburg, Misssa Roggenzsack, Davis, Cox, lontrc, Eckey. Back Row: Billingsley, Van Dyke, Stanton, Dickinson, McCarl, Still Cpresidentl, Doty, Stotts. Fourth Row: Tyler, Roush, Myers, Davis, Dickerson, Calvin. Third Row: Eads, Bergstrom, M. Knott, Stevenson, Warner, less, Graham. Second Bow: Denniston Cvice presiolentj, Shrum, Morrison, Flake, P. Kling, Peterson, Vander- pol, Smith, Front Bow: Trent, Baker, Eden, Miss Roggensack, Hill, I Knott, Winters, MIXED CHORUS The Mixed Chorus meets under the guidance ot Miss Boggensack. They participated in the annual Christmas Concert, Inge G0 -.wr l Back Flow: Foster, Donahue, Holfert, Barile, Carter, lackson, Kimlcr, C Denniston larnafjin, Commack, less Third Row: Dodd, Hamill, Gooch, Bickell, Dinsmore, lung, Harry, Denniston, Kile, Dickerson. Second Row: Humphrey, Lallerty, Brierly, Aldridge, Holdsworth, Adams, Hooper, Bryaoix, Howell, lames, Cooper. Front Row' lackson, Humes, A. Homes, lohnson, Holmes, Smith, Horn, Babcock, Arbs, l. Babcock, Forshay, Back Row: Welle, Patterson, Pennell, Stewart, P. Ward, Wolfe, McMahon, Upton, Peery, Mateer. Third Rowi Wilcox, Lloyd, Weldon, Weston, Willitsz, Stockton, Lansrud, Reed, Monroe, Sparks, Flader, Rose. Sc-cond Row: Larsson, Shonkland, Wisgerhoi, Santen, PlCkQIlIllj,SIllllll, Lcmloy, McPlierren, Searl, Pahre. Front Row: Wilson, Moore, Lynn, Scliipporrz, Yoiinq, Minas Smitli, MtlI1ljfOVfW, Ttilliot, McMa511, Lundherq, Snook. IUNIOR HIGH MIXED CHORUS The lunior High School Mixed Chorus was organized in 1942. lt meets under the supervision of Miss Smith. Page 61 M' W Back Row: Miller, L. Meyers, Beatty, Van Hall, Youngkin, Longren, Vander Pol, Loff, Laird. Fourth Row: Brannon, Graham, Rusk, Warner, Otten, Snook, Anderson, Meyers. Third Row: Swallwell, Bullers, Guthrie, Bergstrom, Atwood, Shippy, Patterson D2 Moss Front Row: Baxter, Bozarth, Lewis, Miss Smith, Spencer, Northcutt, Peterson, Bollhoefer Smith. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club meets under the direction of Miss Smith. Officers for the first semester Were: Betty Pauls, president, and Bonnie Brock, secretary Those for the second semester were: Norma Beatty, president, and Beverly Vander Pol, secretary. Back Row: Atwood, Beatty, Flake. Middle Row: Griebling, Synhorst, Morrison Front Row: Bagnall, Miss Roggensack, Haynes Not in picture, Beverly Elscott. TRIPLE TRIO The Triple Trio is one of the most important and most popular musical groups in school. This year they sang at the Rotary Club, and the Mother- Daughter Banquet. Page 62 Back Row: Holdefer, Backus, Hammer, Boldt, Perry, Clingman, Peters. Middle Row: Krieger, Dammon, Ritter, Laird, Larson, Lloyd, Dickerson, Stewart. Front Flow: less, Townsend, Muilenberg, Miss Roggensack, lontz, Errimack, Guy. BOYS' GLEE CLUB The Boys' Glee Club meets under the direction ol Miss Roggensack. Back Row: Berg, Davis, Still, Dickinson, Stanton, White. Middle Row: Paul, Myers, Emery, Martin, Doty. Front Rowi lordan, Tyler, Miss Roggensack, Snook, Shields, Calvin. BOYS' DOUBLE SEXTETTE l 'l'he Boys' Double Sextette was one ol the outstanding musical organiza- tions ot the school. During the year, they broadcast over the radio from Drake University, and sang for many local organizations, The Sextette is the out- growth of the Minute Men. Pale C3 l Pale S4 Back Rowi Grant, Merritt, Pauls, O'Roake, Miller, Mr. Burton. Third How: C. Calhoon, Donahue, Oliphant, Aldridge, Long, Qlsen, Holmes, Tyler, lohns, Synhorst, Walker, M. Calhoon, Patterson, Parker, Morris, lacobs, Arndt. Second Row: Sabin, Waddell, Molleclc, Clingman, Stark, Sterling, Barnhouse, Dickinson, Russell, Reed, Boldt, Scoville. Front Row: Hiatt, Campbell, Cohn, Holdefer, R. Cameron, Hummel, P. Cameron, Pahre, Talbot, Higdon, Shippy. BAND The Newton High School Band was organized to provide musical experv ience for those who were talented in playing band instruments, to furnish music for school events. The band added color and enthusiasm to football and basket- ball games. Their concert was given lanuary 24, lQ45. Officers for the year were: President, Dale Stark, vice president, Thalia Arndt, and secretary and treasurer, Marilyn l-liatt. Mr. Burton has charge of the Newton High School Band. PEP BAND Back Row: Olson, Clingman, Grant, Dickinson, Tyler, Cohn. Middle Row: Cameron, Holmes, Synhorst, Hummel. Front Row: Patterson, Morris, Pauls, Campbell, Hiatt, Phillips. K ii ' 'I .1 Standing: Grant, Pauls, O'Roake, Miller, Mr. Burton, Stewart, L, lackson, Elaiacott, Hammerly Martin. Third Row: Spillers, Hill, Iordan, D. Hammer, Cameron, Hummel, Aldridge, Long, Tyler Phillips, Stark, Clingman. Second Row: Trent, Soderblom, Fox, Leahy, Iackson, Ewalt, Scoville, Hiatt, Campbell, Cohn, Calhoon, Smith, Dickinson. Front Row: Qlsen, Holmes, Davis, N. Hammer, Russell, Higdon, Shippy, Barcus, Waddell, Herring, Wilson. ORCHESTRA The Orchestra gave one concert December Ei, l944. Assisted by string players from the Newton Civic Orchestra, a second concert was given April 25, 1945. A small group from the orchestra played for the all school play Hlunior Miss". T i "- l I 2 1 1 -A ii L qt E 1 .- .V , ,E V it 'K , K I . , . 5 , " 4 if " fn t . a' J ivg - gi 5 . T Ax . , V. E gr -.T , -. . wh :, ' , Y,, I -1 -- U 1 ' " - 4 l - , "xx 'EV fe C-'ITV sri' '33 ' . ' 3 - . -wet .+ r '?,.+.t'I'+'.f1im'. fn... u. fi 'i' mtl ' T ' N 'T A '91 if rf- ' .i Y - ii 1 L A . W V .Ti iw i . M .!"'F--A A limi- y . yd! ! yy I il 'zz ht M 'T A l M' l l 4 ' 1 waz M iw: ' . ' -' ,,, .U L' pqggw, ' 3 .g..,..m.+...u.....,. . g siwims MAIORETTES Back Row' Parsons, Hottinaster, Ritter, Mrs. Simms, Houghman, Shrum, Schlotfeldt. Middle How: Merritt, Lantz, Iackson, Queen, Switzer, Mateer, Reed, Burnett, Van Arkel, De Myer. Front Row: Rucker. 4 Page 65 Back Row: L. Myers, Main, Guessford, Hammerly, Gardner, Auten, Laird. Third Row: Rusk, D. Meyers, Terpstra, Hesson, Carnahan, Peery, Second Row: Smith, Ayers, Swalwell, Hewson, Kling, Miller. First Row: Morgan, Bollhoefer, Miss Busby, Miss Petersen, Graham, Patterson. HOME ECONOMICS CLUB The Home Economics Club meets every other week in the Home Economics rooms. The club, this year. worked on Iunior Red Cross work and also served at the lunior-Senior Prom. Shirley Hesson Was elected a representative to a sectional Home Economics Club meeting held in Lincoln, Nebraska in March. There was only one other girl To represent Iowa at the meeting. Officers for the club this year were: Delores Rusk, president, Shirley Laird, vice president, Rosemary Guessford, secretary, and Delores Terpstra, treasurer. Miss Peterson and Miss Busby were faculty advisers. r Back Row: Baldwin, Synhorst, Hewson, Rucker. Front Row: Smith, Hammerly, Miss Wertz. LIBRARY CLUB The Library Club was organized in Newton in l939. Its main objective has been to teach the girls library procedure. included in this are the art of mending books, answering the telephone in Room 27, and checking books out and in. The officers for this year were: Myra lean Smith, president, Willa Loo Shoemaker, vice president, and Anna Hewson, secretary and treasurer. Miss Wertz was the adviser of the club. Back Row: Tyler, Dickinson, Gorrell, Emery, Smith, Iohnson, Barnhouse. Middle Row: Nicholson, Sterling, Lammers, Pringle, Shields, Gardner, Eckey. Front Row: Crouse, Dow, Ringgenberg, Lewellen, Griebling, Synhorst. THESPIANS Troupe 377 was established in the Newton Schools in l939. The aim of the National Thespian Society for High School is to 'lcreate a spirit ot active and intelligent interest in dramatics among boys and girls of our secondary schools." There is an annual membership oi about iitteen members. The presi- dent is Lyle Ringgenberg. Back Row: Stotlnz, Sterling, Emery, Knight, Dickinson, Lewelleti. Middle Howi Boldt, Hammer, Crouse, Dow, Smith. l'tont How lIckey, Grieblinq, Pauls, Ringgenberg, Roush. "IUNIOR MISS" The annual all school play Ulunior Miss" was presented on April l8 and l9, By participating in this play, some of the play cast become eligible for mem' bership in the National Thespian Honor Society. P1467 Back Row: Broderson, Davis, lrelan, I. Knott, Smith, Stevenson, Baird. Third Row: Smith, Ewalt, Talsrna, Gardner, Prendergast, Chedester, Shrum. Second How: Rusk, Dickinson, Hammer, Buckles, Iohnson, Cohn, Lloyd. First Row: Eckey, Griebeling, M. Knott, Mrs. Beeson, Butler, Pauls, Tyler. Not in picture-lames MacNair. NEWTONIA NEWS STAFF The Newtonia News Staff is responsible for the weekly edition of Newtonia News, which the rest of us enjoy. Although many of us don't realize it, there is a lot to learn in publishing a paper. Throughout the year each member of the staff was taught principles of writing news, headlines, feature stories, editorials, interviews, and humor columns. The members of the staff also visited the Daily News, where they saw the necessary steps in printing a paper. This year Mary Io Griebelirig, Mildred Knott, and Victoria Eckey were editors. Miss Skow and Mrs. Beeson acted as faculty advisers for both Newtonia News staff and yearbook. Page 68 Back Bow: Rucker, Kleinendorzst, Barnhouse, Clement, lohnson, Iones, B. Brock, Hunt, Kling Third Bow: Holfinazster, Adams, Bishop, Knott, Synhorst, M. Brock, Arndt, Parker, Dunn, Second Row: Main, Earp, Carrier, l-lesson, Rohrclanz, Morrison, Dow, Morris, Shruin, Baird First Row: Colin, Laird, Terpstra, Mrs. Beeson, Pauls, Tyler, Munger, Roush. Not in picture' -larnos MacNair and loe Robinson. YEARBOOK STAFF The ycarbook stall tormulates plans for the year in the tall, and as much photography as possible is completed before the beginning of the second semester. One aim is to meet the deadlines set up for the completion of the years work. Mary Alice Kling and loyce Parker were co-editors this year, Managing editor was lames MacNair, business manager first semester, Ioe Robinson, photography editor, lim Tyler, faculty editors, Lelah Rucker and Myra lean Smith, senior editors, Helen Carrier and Rhea Dow, activity editors, Maye Shrurn and lane Dunn, athletic editor, Dwight Rohrdanz, advertising editor Delbert Roush, classes editor, Lois Ann Morris, and snapshots editor, Indy Baird, Page H9 .JK fy Back Row: Stouder, johnson, Herring, Pauls, M. Brock. Middle Row: Miss Speake, Toedt, Hesson, Sante-n, Miss Douthart. Front Row: Baker, Rucker, Hammerly, Morris. GIRL RESERVE The Girl Reserves began another war year by working dilligently on numerous lr. Red Cross projects, making aighans, table covers, Wall hangings and writing portfolios. For the Over Seas Hospital Unit, they worked on Christmas cards and bulletin board decorations. The Mother-Daughter Banquet was the outstanding undertaking oi the girls, as a total oi 277 mothers and daughters were present. The theme, "Breath of Spring", was excellently embodied in clever decorations and speeches. As a final project the girls joined with the newly organized boys club, I-li-Y, in presenting several religious programs near the end ot the last semester. Page 70 Page 71 'W-in Page 74 Left Column: Buckley, Bunse, Dodd, Dunitz, Center Column: Emery, Paul. Right Column: Schrader, Still, Thorson, White. Not in picture-Reynolds, Snook, Carpenter. NATIONAL ATHLETIC HONOR SOCIETY The National Athletic Honor Society was organized to develop more outstanding leaders, to elevate the ideals of sportrnanship, and to 'foster high scholarship among athletes. To achieve this honor a student must have high citizenship and sports- manship. He must have a major or a minor letter award and a high scholastic record. ln behalf of the entire school the Newtonia Yearbook staff Wishes to ex- press appreciation to the following individuals and merchants who through their splendid financial contributions have made possible this yearbook pub- lication. 4 JN.. 3 t.. VARSITY FOOTBALL SQUAD Back Row: Asst. Coach Penney, Iohns, Kumrn, Stark, Matheny, Toedt, Wormley, Molleclz, Snook, Niebur, Coach Eidahl. Third Row: Rollstin, Deaton, Underwood, Murphy, Bell, Babcock, Young, Dunitz, Sterling, Sparks. Second Row: Hobbs, Emery, Buckley, Bozarth, Ward, Lust, Rojohn, Paul, l-louser, Lan- phier, Cobbs. Front Row: Ferguson, Doty, Leydens, Kaldenberg, Walther, Elliott, Arvidson, Reynolds, Still, Snook, Thorson. FOOTBALL GAMES Knoxville 6. Newton 33 ln their first encounter of the lQ44 season, the Cards ran up a lopsided score ot thirty- three points to Knoxvilles 6. Gene Buckleys ball toting, Lew Ernerys blocking, and Bud Stills end work highlighted the game. Tama U, Newton 26 Newton sinashed their way to a second victory of the season when they rolled to a 26 to U victory over the Tama Indians. long runs made by Bob Thorson and laterals were used the entire game, accounting tor the touchdowns. X! Football Managers: lim Vermillion, Dwight Priaul:-z, Coaches: Mr. R. I. Penney, Mr: W. L. Eidahl. Howard Nicholson. Page ,nv Ames 7. Newton 0 The tough Ames team was held scoreless until early in the fourth quarter when, with the aid of a penalty, they scored seven points. Thorson's runs and Leyden's tackling highlighted the Newton teams playing. Grinnell 6. Newton 7 ln a thrilling encounter, the Cards barely squeezed by a determined Grinnell team when both scored in the fourth quarter. Early in the fourth quarter the Cards scored and the conversion was good. The Tigers were not yet down for they came back a few plays later and scored, but the conversion was blocked. Albia 0, Newton 33 ln the Card's first game out of town, they - - -refuge-.,..1,. - battered the Albia Miners to a 33-U score. Albia seemed unable to cope with the su- perb blocking and line smashing attacks dis- played by Newton. Few passes were made but laterals clicked in the last half. Oskcxloosa 0, Newton 25 Newton won their fifth game of the season when they trounced the Osky lndians 25-O. Thorson's dodging and twisting made a touchdown run of 74 yards. The game ended with the ball in Newton hands. Boone 0, Newton U ln a thrilling encounter, which held the spectators attention until the gun was fired, both teams battled to a scoreless windup. Even though the Cards held the ball the major part of the game, they were unable to score. SOPHOMORE SQUAD M Back Row: Werner Bunse, Asst. Coach, Blaine Wilson, Lee Thomasson, Gerald Carpenter, Harold Kingery, lim Stanley, Ralph Kenyon, Allen Klingman, Keith Butler, Herbert Dougall, Bob Harmon, Bob Boldt, Don Millsap, Max Bell, Burton Reynolds, Kenneth Elscott. Middle Row: Charles Adams, Dean Dickerson Mgrs., Clinton Rinehart, Clinton Gilford, Ray- mond Weaver, Don Willits, Bob Iordan, Glenn Summers, Bob Richards, Wayne Ryther, E. A. Arndt, Gene Mortley, Bob Mahl, Don Sparks, Marvin Simpson, Avery Wilson, Dick Vermillion, Robert Harding, Front Row: Lester Van Dyke, lack Ferguson, Sam Leydens, Dick Greene, lim Muilenberg, Donald Knight, Pat Gallagher, Bob Brierly, Clinton Stotts, Paul Meyers, Bill Dirlam, Ronald Trotter, Iohn Billingsley, lohn Berg, Charles Kuhn, Coach Dresser. Page 76 FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: Donald McKinney, l-larold Mason, Dallas Boatman, limmy Rraping limmy McMahon, Carwin Cooper, Raymond Crouse, Bernard Crook, Billie Knapp, Bob Fisher, Frank Herbst, Vernon Main. Center Row: Larry lackson, lim Morgan, lerry Guthrie, Richard Ward, Dave Aldridge, Dick Dotson, Ralph Beals, William Waddell, Bernard Lammers, Bill Heaberlin, Robert Moffitt, Robert Guthrie, Richard Decker. Front Row: Ronald Scoville-Asst. Coach, Keith Smith, Dean Wilson, Bob Townsend, Dick Leydens, lerry McMahon, Clair Calhoon, Bob Long, Fred Erlandson, Marvin Lammers, lames Wolfe, Hugh Carpenter, Coach, Mr. Elliott. Not in picture-Bruce lung, Milton Meyer, Don l-leaverlo, Gordon Caylor, Paul Cline, Esequiel Gonzalez, Danny Bishop, Donald Atwood. Perry U. Newton 47 ln the sixth game of the season the Cards thoroughly trounced Perry by a score of 47 to U. Newton scored three touchdowns in the second quarter of the same game followed by two in the third and two in the fourth. The only Perry threat was in the first quar- ter when they reached the Newton 10. Marshalltown 26. Newton 8 A strong Newton team could not break the Bobcats' long string of victories. The Cards scored in the first quarter when Rojohn re- ceived the ball on the kickoff, carrying it to the Marshalltown fifteen. Gene Ferguson went over for a touchdown several plays later. Shaw fumbled giving Newton a safety, but Marshalltown fired away to find victory. GRID BANQUET Left to Right: Rev. Frederick D. Boldt, president-elect of Kiwanis Club, who gave the invocation, President Tim I, Campbell of Rotary Club, who called the meeting together, President L. L, Brierly of C. of C., who opened he program, Harold Fair, Program chairman ot' radio station W.H.O. who was one of the speakers, Robert Vance, toastmaster, Lt. Comdr. lack Meagher, Sea- hawk coach, who was a speaker, Wendell Eidahl, head Newton Grid Coach, R. I. Penney, Asst. Coach, Lloyd Dresser, sophomore coach, and Harold Elliott, freshman coach. Pulte 77 Page T8 1944 FOOTBALL MAIOR LETTER WINNERS Ted Arvidson Ted was quite valuable as a defensive guard. He was tough in every play and gave some surprises to his opponents, He also was able to boost the team's morale. Gene Buckley A hard going cooperative fullback, Genes driving power added to the teams force. His size and determination will prove a great asset to the team next year. Donald Cohbs A quiet, but cosncientious man he was a vicoius tackle, outstanding on defense. He was rough and rugged in his open field blocking. Dorman Doty "Dorm" was one of the fastest men on the team. He, indeed, filled his position as quarterback. He played his best game against Perry. Lewis Emery An easy-going guard, "Lew" did his share ot' blocking. His best game proved to be Osky, His spirits livened the team throughout the season. Bill Elliott A senior center, Billworked hard all season, not making one bad pass all season and never letting his opponents get by him. He was always cooperative and easy to Work With, Gene Ferguson "Fergie" was invaluable as a hard running back. He was given honor able mention in all-state. He played a great game against Marshalltown, scoring the Cards only touchdown. Melvin Hobbs A quiet junior, Mel played first string most of the season. A leg injury in the Knoxville game kept him out until the Albia game. He, too, was given honorable mention on all-state. Iohn Kaldenberg "Moldy", a tall and hard blocking tackle, was in on many plays to spill the ball carrier for a loss, His best game was against Ames. He has a year of competition left. 1944 FOOTBALL MAIOR LETTER WINNERS Matthew Leydens "Wug" was an outstanding defensive end. His opponents found him fighting in all his playing. He turned in his best game against Perry. Morris Reynolds A good blocking man, Morris proved most valuable in the Osky game-. Though quiet he was always "right in there". Darrell Roiohn Darrell, a junior quarterback showed his ability as an excellent ball carrier in the Marshalltown game when he recovered the starting kickoff for a run of 60 yards. His speed will be of great help to next year's team Harry Snook "Ted", an outstanding ball handler, was a good defensive rnan all through the season. Missed the first game because of an injured finger, but came back to finish the season with excellent playing. Bud Still Bud, playing left end, proved most valuable with his ability for re- ceiving passes and his punting. He felt Marshalltown was the best opponent and played well against them. Bob Thorson Bob, a last, over-working half-back was respected by all the fellows for his ability to "take it". Bob showed fine running ability in the Osky game when he caught the punt and ran 74 yards for a touchdown. Ray Walther An ever- driving junior, Ray worked hard all year. A foot injury put him out for one game. His one more year af service will prove a great asset to the team. Harold Ward A "burly" left tackle, Harold was always in there fighting. Easy to get along with and always cooperative. Page VARSITY BASKETBALL SQUAD Back Row: B. Lust, B. Kumm, B. Thorson, W. Leydenrz, M. Hobbs, D. Hojohn, ID lloty T. Underwood, Coach Eidahl. Middle How: I. Kolclenberg, H Snoolc, G. Ferguson, W. Biintze, B Still, F. Carpe-nl B. Elliott. Front Row: D. Bozarth, B. Molleck, B. Snook, A. Sterling, L. Emery, D. Stark. Newton 37, McKinley 28 ln the opening game of the season, the Cards gained a lead in the first part of the game, which they held throughout the eve- ning, to defeat McKinley High 37-28. A fea- ture of the game was the appearance of Werner Bunse at center. Newton 30, Roosevelt 20 ln the seasons home game opener, the Cardinals showed up with a rugged de- fensive and offensive power to defeat Roose- velt High 30 to 20. Still was high point man on the Newton team. Newton 19, Ames 22 The Ames team gave Newton their first conference loss of the season by a 22-19 score. Ames took an early lead which the Cards could not overcome. Still and Fergu- son starred for Newton, Newton 37, Grinnell 24 The Cards battled to their first conference win of the season when they defeated Grin- nell 37 to 24. Ferguson accounted for twelve tallies before he was taken out of the game after five fouls were counted against him. Newton 51, Ietferson 34 ln a free scoring affair, the Cards again showed their high scoring ability when they walloped lefferson High 5l-34. Ferguson, Carpenter, and Still all were high scorers for Newton. Newton 47, Oskcxloosa 27 The Cards downed Osky for their second conference win of the season when they swamped them by a 47 to 27 score. Still and Ferguson led the scoring for Newton. Newton 38, Boone 21 Newton overwhelmed Boone 38 to 21 for their third conference win. Still received l7 points to set the scoring. The score was l3 to 3 in favor of Newton at the end of the half. The Cards were cold in the third quarter but clicked in the final quarter. 1 Cheerleaders: Adams, Robinson, Ringgenberg, Lewellen, Managers: Dave Young, Burton Snook, ! . , Y F . . 4 "' 1 W Q -'I . JZ if ' ' ' 'l. K - v- '- ' U '. ' 5 'fa . 4 W 1 , T 'Newton 27.. Marshalltogn 29 li" . V ln a 'game thatpwas exciting throughout - the evening, the Cards were defeated. After leading Qthe end of the first half 18 to l3, the Bobcats took over and won by a final score of 29 to. 2-7. . . ' ' 0 5 - . . .' Newton 36, Ames 29 In 'Q' hard fought game, the Cardinals knocked Ames out of the C. l. C. lead and into a'second' place tie with Newton. Car- penter hot on his free throws and made eleven points to set the scoring pace. n 4... . +1 V' Newton 32. Grinnell 22 Newton defeated Grinell 32 to 22 to place the Cards in second place in the conference. The Cards were cold in the first quarter but soon found the basket and surged ahead of the Tigers. This was Harry Snook's last game, Newton 42, Oskaloosa 25 The Newtonites again downed the Osky Indians 42 to 25 and unmolested kept their second place in the conference. Still was top If FRESHMAN SQUAD Back Row: Ferguson, Frank, McMahon, Ill- dridge, Motfit, Turley. Middle Bow: Elliott, Davis, Ferguson, Iones Shrlg, F. Leydens, Cooper, manager. Fronli ow: D. Leydens, Post, H. Carpenter, Gardner, Wolfe, Hardenbrook, Ward, Calhoon, Shields. Not in picture: Harold Brayton. v I 1 'EU .H 2 "wi SOQOMORE bUAD Back Row: Richards, Dresser, Gallagher Van Dyke, Bell, Dougall, Billingsley Brierly, Dirlam, Adams, manager. Middle Row: Leydens, Carpenter Thomasson, Kuhn, Ferguson. lg son, Harding, Arndt. lg C' L X rf 'N ,x L. tl it. if - 9 scorer but the rest of the team also received their share of the points. ' Newton 34. Boone 21 ' . The Cards traveled to Boone and dished them out a 34 to 2l defeat. Bud Still was high man with l8 points. This game set the stage for the Newton-Marshalltown battle, and a possible bid for a first place tie with Marshalltown. ' Newton 30, Marshalltown 36 ln a conference thriller for a tie for first place with the Bobcats, the Cards defense went to pieces in the last quarter to give the Cats the title. The Cards led 24-22 in the third quarter, Carpenter led the scoring with 11 points. Newton 21, Cedar Falls 29 The Cards dropped their last scheduled game to Cedar Falls by a 28-29 margin. This made two straight losses. The Cards were slow on offense and light on defense. They couldn't seem to get their eyes on the basket after their defeat by Marshalltown. Front ow: Greene, Wilson, Yeutar, Er- BASKETBALL MAIOR LETTER WINNERS WERNER BUNSE A hard-working center, you will always find him under the basket ready for those rebounds. FRED CARPENTER Fred is a constant fighting guard who plays a fast game of ball, His accurate shots from any position and his fast dribbling are two of his outstanding features as a ball player, He holds a high place in the Central lowa Conference. DORMAN DGTY A l'scrappy" guard, 'Dorn was excellent on defense. He was constantly 'lin there" driving and saw a good deal of action. BILL ELUOTT A conscientious player, Bill worked well with the team. He showed his floor work ability in the tournament games. GENE FERGUSON Gene helped pull down many a l'Card" Victory. He was shifted to guard and did a fine job replacing Harry Snook. BASKETBALL MAIOR LETTER WINNERS DARRELL ROIOHN Darrell saw a good deal ot action all season and proved an asset to the teams winning, BUD STILL Bud was the high point man ot the season with lh points at the Boone game. His accurate long shots brought in many needed points, He was high point man in the cone ference. He was also considered the best forward in the conference, HARRY SNOOK l'Ted" did much tor co-ordination on the team. He was greatly missed when he entered the service shortly before the end ot the season. IOHN KALDENBERG "lVtoldy's" height and record jumping will prove a voluf able aid to next year's squad, I St x VARSITY TRACK SQUAD Back Row: D. Rojohn, B. Myers, M. Bell, M. Wormley, L. Thomasson, R. Potts, D. Bozarth, G. Buckley, B. Lust, C. Rinehart, M. Hobbs, B. Brierly, B. White, B. Elliott, B. Still, K. Elscott, B. Reynolds, D. Paul, D. Knight, C. Baxter, D. Cobbs, B. Harmon. Third Row: Coach l... I. Dresser, B. Dirlam, A. Wilson, I... Van Dyke, I. Billingsley, P. Murphy, R. Kenyon, B. Snook, B. Iohns, L. Emery, A. Sterling, M. Leydens, Ir. Banks, C. Larson, R, Moen, I. Muilenberg, M. Simpson, I. Ferguson, N. Matheny, C. Sparks. Second Row: B. Harding, B. Lust, I. Berg, C. Stotts, P. Hamre, D. Toedt, G. Carpenter, R. Weaver, B. Mahl, B. Denniston, D. Young, I. Martin, D. Donahue, B. Rollstin, R. Walther D. Doty, H. Nicholson, B. Boldt D. Olsen F. Erlandson, B. Richards, B, Long. Front Row: B. Thorson, M. Kumm, V. Babcock, C. Cooper, D. Greene, B. Yeutsy, E. A. Arndt, D. Iess, K. Veverka, R. Bishop, C. Meyer, L. Busby, D. Rippel, G. Veverka, R. Niebur, G. Mortley, D. Vermillion, I. Leydens, R. Houser. TRACK Track is a sport which depends on individual initiative. It is what each person makes it. Below is listed the track events for the l945 season. April lU ....... ....... l nterscholastic Meet April l4 ........ ................ V alley Relays April l7 ........ ........ G rinnell Dual Meet April 20 ....... ........ O skaloosa Relays April 24 .............. ...... ...... K n oxville Dual Meet April 27-28 ........ .................................. D rake Relays May 5 ........... ...... G rinnell College Track Meet May 12 ...... .............................. D istrict Meet May 18 ...... ....... C onference Meet May 26 ...... ....... S tate Track Meet Page B4 X CAUGHT IN ACTION Top: Doty Top: Wug, Hobb, Moldy, Elliott, Reynclris, Still. Lower Lelti Buckley Center: Skip, Doty, Ferg. Lower Right. Still Bottom: Skip, Doty, Sriook, Ferg. v. it Cheerleaders: Ringgenberg, Adonis, Lewellen, Robinson. Page 85 ge 86 BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Atwood, Knott, Rader, Peterson, Cox. Front Row: Shrum, Shoemaker, Warner, Kaldenberg. SPORTS FOR GIRLS In our physical education classes this year, during the tall, Winter, and spring the girls studied and played all sports suitable to each season. A tourna- ment in each sport Was held to decide which squad was the final Winner. The tennis and softball tournaments were played too late to get the Winners picture in the Newtonia. Our squad program had as an aim the development of good sportsmanship and leadership. Square dancing and some ot the Winter sports were ottered from tour to tive o'clock during the school year when the gym- nasium was available. The volley ball teams challenged the boys to a volley ball game which Was played before school closed in the spring. XS-X 3 Q? .f. VOLLEY BALL CHAMPIONS Back Row: Durbin, Dickinson. Front Row: Bcirnhouse, Harmon. GIRLS' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Ono of thc high lights ot the year's work was a Physical Education Demon stration given April 23rd lt included a resume oi the work done during the year in physical education classes: namely, square dancing, folk dancing, rope jumping, social dancing, tumbling, military marching, and calisthenics. The program tried to tit the individual differences and meet the needs ol the student as nearly as possible with the limited space and the accommoda- tions available. 7 ,. .Y S J 1, Lost in o Harem. 2. Pretty sweater. 3. Who soid 8. Another ihird of the dirty dozen. 9. Future Mis.: "Mon Shortage". 4. The Boshful Three. 5. Boogie- Americas. 10. Dork eyes. ll, "Porky". 12. Howoii Woogie Betty. 6. "Cutchie-cutchie, 7. Loo cmd Buck. bound. Page 88 SCI-ICDCDL CALENDAR 'I944 SEPTEMBERTHURM 5 School begins 6 Activity book :sales begin 7 Thirty new students 8 Many n ew teachers 11 lfnrollrnont tiaurf :show increase 12 C. R Cabinet appoints treasurer 13 Record number Annual Staff OT'1 18 Announce new atlice positions 19 451' Announce new retail selling positions Z0 Falling leaves rnmmmm! 14 Record number on Newspaper staff 21 Picnics 15 22 Cards beat A Knoxville opening the football season 25 Vote on Yell leaders 26 Tyler starts counin 27 Hot Lunches b this week egin 28 Baton twirling class starts 29 We defeat Tama Page 80 1944- OCTCBER 'I 944 MONDAY 2 Newton-Grinnell Paint Week TUESDAY 3 Class Officers announced WEDNESDAY Penmansliip class starts this Week THURSDAY 5 N, H, S. gives to National War Fund FRIDAY 6 Redbirds defeat Tigers 9 Six Weeks Tests 10 Six Weeks Tests 11 First meeting fo Library club I' 12 Army Air Corps Test 13 Newton 33- Albia 0 16 Report Cards 17 Announce annual and newspaper staffs 23 Register for Election 24 Register for Election 30 Window soaping starts 31 Campaign speeches 18 19 Eve of victory over Osky 20 Girl Reserve social Z5 Register for Election 26 Eve of victory over Boone Z7 Cornmemorate Navy Day P338 90 944- NCVEMBER 1 944 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 2 Eve of victory over Perry FRIDAY 3 Mr. Gullette leads pep meeting for Perry game 6 Eve of sample election 7 Office Girls dinner meeting 8 Sample election successful 9 Eve of defeat by Marshalltown Bobcats 10 Girl Reserve Program "Follow the Flag" 13 Deadline for "Cardinal Review" urticlezz 14 Girls present Dutch dance at Masonic party 15 Home Economics class serves Board of Education 16 Slide rule class started Tuesday 20 Six weeks tests 21 Six weeks tests 22 Thanksgiving program 23 Thanksgiving Day 17 Gallagher applies for garbage collector at Metz 24 Cards opened Basketball season defeating McKinley 31-28 27 Report Cards 28 Football Banquet 29 Election of orchestra and band officers 30 Eve of G. R. Red Cross workshop Page 91 1 944 DECEMBER 1 944 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1 Cards 30 Roosevelt 20 4 Weather gets cooler 5 Eve ot' formal orchestra concert 11 Movie on India 12 Christmas rush starts 6 Coach presents football letters 7 Eve ot second G. R. Workshop 8 Newton 19 Ames 22 13 Friday's pep meeting- Christmas customs 14 Eve ot victory over Grinnell 37-24 15 Major Ladd speaks to assembly 18 Day after Christmas concert 19 Tobogganing Weather 20 White Christmas 21 Library Club Christmas party 22 Christmas Program starting Christmas vacation to Ianuary 8 I age 92 1945 IAN UARY 1 945 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY Cards l5, Ozzky 27 8 9 10 11 12 Arrival ot Mrs. New Year's KidS SPOYT Tobogganing Newton 36, Galloway Resolutions ChFiSlmGS proves a little Boone 21 on kids SWGQTSTS harmful minds 15 Semester Tests 16 Semester Tests 17 Semester Tests 18 Final assembly ot semester 19 Redbirds 27 Bobcats 29 22 New semester begins 23 Cohn writes Tyler' column Cgroanl 24 Band Concert 25 Bunse quarantined Z6 Cards 36, Toreadors 29 29 lanitor ovomleepr: Brrv' 30 Announce com pleting Iunior Red Cross project 31 Snow' ,- 'v if .ffl '73 1 xl! , L it . 'y,M Q. '1 r Q 1945 FEBRUARY ' 4-f,, 1945 'J MONDAY 'lpssnnv WEDNESDAY THURSDAY IDAY ' 1 -1+ 'z, .' Q9 , Trl 'ilzfli f' 1 2 A, ' in-,wx Ei' 'B Contribute to "March ot Dimes" Newton 30, Grinnell 22 5 6 7 8 9 Freezing senior motto, HWGHS FGFQOH Drake writing Redbirds 12, School,-Ooms ln ourselves shown to contest an- Osky 25 our future assembly nounced lies" if ,IJ Q12 "Combat America" shown to assembly 13 Four new students enter Newton High 14 Valentines Day Hmmmmm 15 Eve of victory over Boone 16 Girl Reserve pro- gram, "Famous Words" 19 Ianitoraersle ep 20 Announce date ol Girl Reserve Banquet 21 Last call to pay for annuals 26 Six week's tests 27 Same 28 Else Raed speaks to assembly 22 Eve of defeat by Bobcats 23 Commercial classe hear Mr. Sweeney Page 94 ,- --z- , " If .im ,Y ' 1 I ,,, , 194554 MARCH 11945 MO 4 W TUESDAY WEDNFSDAY THURSQX FRIDA 1 2 -I Eve of clefe '- Cedar Falls Y Final pep meeting 5 6 7 8 9 Report Announce Redbirds bounce Newton beans Cards whip Cards play cast Osky 41-33 Grinnell Bobcatsllll "fx 4- ., n. 51? 12 Monday mornin!! again fgroanl 19 Eve ol Mother- Daughter Banquet 13 Crews chosen 'Iunior Miss" 20 Operetta cast announced for 14 Dr. Goldsmith addresses assembly 21 "Women Pay All" week 15 Eve of victory over Denmark Defeated by Muscatine 22 Art work sent to Iowa City 23 Cons r's Buying class sents program 26 Card':: qollinq ::tClrt:z Z7 Announce new Delta Mu members 28 Reannounce operetta cast 29 Spring fever starts 30 Musical program U Page '15 f cms? " ' as "4-' .23 5 - 'Q 'M 1 is is .1 A u, M 1 " 1945 APRIL 'S 1945 MONDAY TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY FRIDAY 1 Q. 9 Majorettes turn in uniforms 10 Ticket sale play begin s for 11 Gettleson sells most tickets 12 Ella Sykes Peter's "The Will of the People" 13 Memorial service for President Roosevelt 16 '17 18 19 ulunior Miss" 20 Six week's Same "Iunior Miss" Beginning of tests Delta Mu lnitiations 6 Report Defeated at track Final Orchestra Recover from Lieuienq t.Bi11 Cards bi' U10 Of Concert fepoff Cord Leamindkeaks a point Shock 4, . X I . ' l s 30 Q- - Boys Stale candidates elected . ll U Page 96 .1 1945 DJPYY 1945 MONDAY TUESDAY 1 vvranussmw 2 'rmmsnm 3 FRIDAY 4 Last month Latin Thespian "Sweethearts" ol school Picnic picnic Prom Ah 7 8 9 10 11 Germany V-E Day Snow Vocational Kid Day Surrenders Guidance Track team Conferences brings home trophies from Ottumwa 14 O.D.T. cancels Boys State 15 Straw Hot Day 16 "Speed Demons speed to victory if 17 Freshman Track Meet 18 Senior Farewell 21 gr. 22 23 24 25 Dena Mu Set aside for Another Work Senior Assembly picnic . work! work! work reaches Day before ' work! day! peak! Senior Banquet Day after Senior Recital Memorial Graduation Report Cards Baccalaureate Dqy T PIKE 91 In behali of the entire school the Newtonia Yearbook staff wishes to ex- press appreciation to the following individuals and merchants who through their splendid financial contributions have made possible this yearbook publication. Page 98 I . -A- A-C Ice Cream Co. A. IG P. Tea Co. Adams, Dr. L. P. Adyertising Novelty Co. Allen Printing Co. Aulto Electric Automatic Washer Co. . -3. Bane's Sandwich Shop Barton Grocery Bell's Grocery Besser, Dr. E. F. Bond Clothing Co. Brierly, L. L. Bruce Barber Shop Bruce Pantorium Buenz Motors, Inc. Buenz G Shannon Co. Bunker, Dr. O. W. Buster Brown Shoe Store -C- Campbell 6. Campbell Carpenter, Dr. Fred E. Capitol Theater Caylor Real Estate Chamber ot' Commerce Churchill Hotel City Market City of Newton Coast to Coast Store Cole's Style Shop Coney Island Lunch Conoco Service Station County Officials M. I. Cary Ellen Hartnett Dick Steenhoek Ray E. Barber Harry Cassidy William Kirkpatrick Ralph Toland Ray McMurray Louis Kling lla Lufkin Cross 5. Hamill Culver's :St Son Furniture Store Cut Rate Meat 6 Grocery .D- Dave's Barber Shop Denniston 6: Partridge Co. Doane, Harry D. 61 Son Doo1ey's Music Store Dun-Lap Mtg. Co. ..g... Elks Club -F.. Fair :S Square Food Market Farmer's Mutual Insurance Farmer's Super Market Finch Insurance Agency Firestone Store Firman Radiator Shop Foster's Orange Bar -G- Garrett Hardware Goodrich Store Gottner's Ready-to-Wear Gralnek-Dunitz Co. Gray, Dr. I. E. Gustafson, Dr. Hiram R. .H- Hammer, M. R. Hawkeye Chevrolet Service Hazel's Beauty Salon Henning, C. B. Elevator Hesson Dairy Hill, Dr. Iames C. Horn's Shoe Store Hough, A. M. G Sons Hull, Dr. I. P. Humke Bakery .1- Iowa Southern Utilities Co. Iowa State Telephone Co. Iowa Theater -1. Iasper County Savings Bank Iasper Lumber Co. Iensen ,Dr. B. C. Iepson's Drug Store Iohnson, Lewis H. Iones Feed 5. Supply Co. Ioy, Drs. Keith 6: McLaughlin Kier Produce Kitty's Beauty Salon Knott Pool Hall Korf 6- Korf -1,.... Larchwood Gardens Leonard's Women's Wear Lewis, G. L., Florist Lombardi ...M.. McCann, Father T. I. McClean Auto Supply Co. McMurray, Dr. E. A. Mahon's Phillips 56 Marshall Hardware Mason's Cafe Master's Barber Shop Maytag Co. Maytag Hotel Miller, A. M. Montgomery Ward 61 Co. Morgan G Son Funeral Home Morgan, Ves H. Muilenberg Insurance Agency Murdy Drug Store Murdoch Funeral Home ..N.. Newberry Co. News Printing Co. Newton Beauty Shop Newton Clinic Newton Credit Guide Newton Foundry Newton Home Savings G Loan Ass'n. Newton Hotel Newton Implement Co. Newton Mtg. Co. Newton National Bank Newton Refrigerated Locker Co. Newton Welding Shop Nichols, Dr. Cleo Nicholson Paint 6. Wallpaper Store Nollen Drug Store .p.. Parsons Company, Inc. Pearl Engle Beauty 'Shop Penney, I. C., Co. Pettit Cleaners Pierce Furniture Store Polly Prim Beauty Studio Power Rexall Drug Store Powder Box Beauty Salon Purity Dairy .Q- Quality Cale Quick Studio -R- Register 61 Tribune Ollice Reliable Dept. Store, Inc. Rialto Barber Shop Rialto Theater Ritter Coal Co. Ross Skelly Products Roswell, Clyde Russell, T. G. G Sons, Inc. .5... Salmon's Paint G Wall Paper Store Sanders Motor Sales Sanitary Barber 6. Beauty Shop Santen Brothers Schlotfeldt, Dale Scoreboard Shoemaker's D-X Station Skow, C. W. Co. Smart Shop Snook Inn Sprague Mobilgas Spurgeon's Stanton, Dr. L. M. Starrett Electric Shop Stockton Super Value Superior Dairy Switzers Furniture Store ...1'.. Tastie Shoppe Texico Service Station Thorp Finance Co. Thrift Way Super Market Toland Funeral Home Tyler Studio -V- Veterans of Foreign Wars ..w... Warburton Lumber Co. West End Grocery Western Auto Associate Store Westwood Press Wilson 61 O'Brien Wood G Fellows, Dr. Wormhoudt Clothing Co. Woodbury's Iewelry Store ..y. Y. M. C. A. Page 99 ,wid-WW NWWWW NWWWW A H l li f 1 .WW . ,1 . d w Q., .. . .A M . '.-mgsv. - p . .. v.,, , - ,-f'2,'.e ' w 1 A 1 'i Y, -.av if N 1' f "!fQxi'.f5"Zx. . L E gan'- . Y. qnlfgy Er, A In U , LQ-V: ., M , '- --.45 V Q -1 Q e N-Gy .. 1 F fl.. M5521 'w . Fl w .,,. 'J . T",. JHMIX-A v 1M.f.4 Q1a 2 - .J-., 13 u 'lv '-1' -,f!:,,, 1. 14.4 .. . . ..gff,E.a,!3 1 'kr' 4- 'fr Y 'A qgzhi 'I Q Wt. fs- ,th-. sk f I' 1, I 1 JV' 1 V 1.4 J IFJ ,H .4 . I I edgy . 34- V' , If M 'JL 1 t, WL' V . gh J ff' X' ts2F'f- .r ,. ' api' . , 2.17 , . 2 4 Rhys, ax . ,QNX W 1, . F ,Q 7 11 I 33.12 F ' gg.. . v 4 u l"'r'!'1 ',,r. - .- JI' 1 .L- 3, N v . I K fix 46 ' -cn ' ' x f 4. L 1 , W' ", ., L,s-4 4 A1 1 rf A Y 1' 3 'nur 5. .--,Rf 4 '- I'1A.'.' ' K 'li , . . , M A .eff ' M . 3, A Q.-lL I ...ff .R .-5-. . Q " Q7 Q' F. gg- . iff .' 1,"1' "M 5 ,3' ' , ...- '5' , Ml: J ,W . f f ig f up ' '4 . J: , . '-,ll ' N .QQ f' " J. ' 1-wgj. 1 ' Fx "0 " .l,f'. 1. .'-Q . , ,I if 4 X , , r , .,' v' ., . JF f , 1 I ' f .,4 1. , w ' ,D ' ' 1. .f'.B'.v, 2. 'f ,. -' v x .- .. , Jlq. X. a Q' . L ,'ZLf'-!vV?.if'f:',"gu5x 1 6 X Y' 4 Nskix x1.vw.,n',.. ., .:"i.." te" " ' .J Lf, .5 1.11"-'i-'fffffi' ' ' " fn.. . A ' ' - 5,71 " A ' -L H 2-Q' .,.. , I I .' .g , ' .'.'? .. 'T' T P . 1.10 - 1.1.51-, J.,-9 . - - ,, , Q , , 3514-.-..I 1. 7 '!v":.n..l4ul L . ' .-ug v. N .:'!' is - ' A n sl, , , ,, ,. YL ' W - mlff f . , ' I M - ' 9 ,H ,,w Q g ,Mmg,4 A Qf x g . 3 A C -V551 "' X - -, ' Q V --x N If ,f'Z,?'f'!l ,. - - X- V. ,V 1 I - . -,-,- - . r . . . x. W - -- w xi, se ! ,Lf r-Z"",.l-.2 A" ' X " mf: ' 5' .134 ' , 1-I1 7 "- 'P " ' H 5-eifijrsfl ' ':, 252. V '- 1 tw" .Q jeg' V., ' 1, '-L. ,V . ,- L . ' :E I: ' t ,IV Q - , 1 I M352 :I If-3 A '- f.4,,-Q - , - ' 1' Akf X' 1 Z ex. A4 f x ' s W il! N21 X x W '- "Qf':"4N H ,'- X, . ..-,,4 - 5' 1 T .ri it ., " A' In - A A R' -N .L':gf:g. 7i . '14 ' X , ..,, . r 1 - - 1 ,, - w e gf H . . :gi l 4,4-,.. , . , U, .L - ffl- 1 q ' L I. 'j x ff l dr' 'i 'X K rf 'ki X " 1' -, , . H! A' 1 2 143 x 'L , ". .-'if' :Ji ' ' 77,1 pf , '- , f f- x ' v' 1 sf iv xll K n'-'VXA X , 'l Si-f., 'A 1- A I I ,. 1 ,lf P I , W4 1 P NQQ ', 4'5" 0 . ' 'V NJ r 1 13 fi ? : ix X X ll 'ff' 5 l x 'X iz- ox Q ' -Q ,. f M r A X X c R w 4 X X ff' X X 1 H 1 if K X X x n" -V Q X R ff fr Q XX S Z , x X iff - 4 f V' V', AR, ff W A f -hx, ff fy ,fu a55jfff"-, . " , lizi Q X QA Z' q:Qi :gf.jfl, 'cgi -ff - ' -- V XX 95? " A ' ' ' . 1 1. 2 5':"'!'z"'f'f: ', f f 1 ffiilf fui:.':?mM -' ,Q-L. .Qi ' . vm F "-if-T?'r Aff ..,, .-.PEZEQL fff.. I,-ffLf7J1ifEl,1fx:.f4..?f3T5l.I -- ,'F'-faifiaifl-gl"- , -. Kbm ' 1,,1.-. " 1 sw , X, V g X' M711 Tn I X .Q I y pw f -, f A V 3 f . .A f ly I , ,f ' , I ig ' Af! , 'lf V ,lj l Q , fif Q I . W, . ff .,,' A .'wMX-LjA wx A X X ax W f 1 A xubgx ,xtmlkgi X , XX ,K W 1' A 5 A Q V Xx x ' L Fx - f 2, xi X 4 X4 g If " -A 5- f f X we , f W W W , I, .N

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