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X Ui- -f, Ln , W. 0. fs.: 'fag IV ,. 4... ,qi , ..,q 1 1 ,mi f ,.,,w ' "Q ff: . -K:-1 45231-R51 K :if A -X ,4. 3-W. , i ,.f,!-- 1 A ,F 1 . . ., A .' ffl-A ' . M ",'Ix.f? W 5.511 fu iw, 2,1 f .f ,R ' eff 'Y J... , hw. umm Banana .mg ,f W Hunnius -MW? fl V , , H' . ' ,-.e-frog'--"-4 , f Hr? ' , Y V5T,.y--.:l.. -, 'T' " q.:",iq.-45 Vw-.Em V Wy. f 3 4 .1 YY: 5 '7.gqli"R ' V .,,f vw ' 1-, 15 ,, wfsffriiffzf lm is ' ' ,A.,A,- M, S-, ,nf-f"f 4 ' -,rg -' ' -- : , .1055 mrs- ' "ff 1",I-F' . ,,, ,. . eg, lf' xt, e ' TO THE STUD sms or NEWTCN HIGH: Here- is yaur I 95a Aurora, a volume containing the Com bined effarts of many of your classmates. lt is number 35 in a series that began in 7920. A decided difference may be noted by comparing this presentation with that of 7920. Dur- ing those years which have elapsed our schoal and our activ- ities have expanded and likewise, So has our Aurora. Here in this bbolr are recarded th have falcen ploc e important events which e within this school year. The Aurora stef of 1955 hope, that in the years to come a glance at this Aufora will renew for you many happy memories sh of N. H. S. . arecl by Best of luclr to all of you, AZMA Milffk Oh! we're from dear old Newton, The school to us most dear: lt's the place we love the best, Finest school in East or West, So we will hail the name we all revere: We love our Alma Mater, Other glories we will tell, ln everything we take the lead, In sport and thought and noble deed, And so tor Newton we will give our yell, Rah! Rah! Chorus So here's to old Newton, Loud we will sing, J We'll tell her praises true to you, In every land they'll ring. Then here's to old Newton, The school we love best, Till every purpose be fulfilled In N. H. S. Her students all are loyal, We'll laud her to the sky, We'll ever strive with all our might, To keep her honor clear and bright, The kind of scholars we're at Newton High. We hear the shout of victory, The thunder of her tame, In every land the world around, There are her sons and daughters found, And so for them We'll give a hearty cheer Rah! Rah! 2 Qbeebca fion . gi "Mme-.s X F S Robert Mmelli Lee Rosenkrans Our book of memories would not be complete without a pause to commemorate our classmates who did not complete the iourney with us, for they were called away. It was hard to realize that they were gonep they had seemed so very much alive. It is to keep them with us in spirit as we relive the happy days of school life that we dedicate the 'I955 Aurora to Bob and Lee. May we think of them whenever, throughout the years, we turn these pages. 3 if, 4' .- 3 YMH, kv ,5 Q DR. JAMES H. JOHNSON MR. FRED WEAVER ADMI I TRATIO This year we greet a new superinten- dent, Dr. James H. Johnson, and a new vice principal, Mr. Paul Dalling. They ioin Mr. Fred Weaver, our principal, to provide us with an administration that we can count ourselves fortunate to have. To our problems they give their sympa- thetic attention, and to our plans they lend their enthusiastic support. To every phase of school life they bring the wise counsel of their wide experience. , 1 MR. PAUL DALLING The architect presents President Cronin the keys ofthe new building THE BOARD OF EDUCATION Behind all that goes on in the program of Newton High School stands the Board of Education, a group of nine citizens who believe in education, who believe in young people, and who dedicate large amounts of time and effort and enthusiasm in the cause of youth. Our new building attests the Board's energy, imagination, and vision. But even more of an enduring monument is found in a generation of young Americans trained to meet life successfully. That is the Board's hope for us, and it is our privilege to help it come true. JOHN M. CRONIN, President HARRY BIXLER, Vice President ROBERT J. FORD C. BURNETT FREAS MRS. D. L. SPURGEON JACK J. GOLDMAN MRS. CLIFFORD SCHMIDT J. D. WEIDENHAFER MRS. CHARLES THOMPSON SYDENHAM W. PALMER, Secretary 7 f:I"" if-'1lf'i tl MR. JOHN STUMP Agriculture MR. LOUIS GOMBOSI Agriculture MR. GEORGE MARSHALL History MRS. MABEL vcmLOON History MISS MARION QUINN History MRS. KATH RYN BEDELL History MISS MILDRED GRAEBNER French-Spanish MISS MARGARET CONNELL Latin 8 .WL rrii I I 'W X II' 1 hx 'U' Raw 1 ' Qi K. IQ f MR. ROBERT WORDEN Mechanical Drawing MR. RICHARD BOBERTZ Shop MR. FRANK MATTESON Shop MR. ROBERT WILLIAMS Mathematics MR. WARREN CUMMINGS English MISS MARGARET LINNEN English MRS. KATHLEEN FLECK English MRS. EDITH SLACK English 9 vp., A liw ,.. A O' ?" 'Q . el bn 45-Q. fit 8' , N 1. L, Allan? Miss EMILY ROBBINS Mcuthemotics MR. VAN DAVIES Mathematics MRS. MARION HOWE Mathematics MRS. FRANCES FRANCISCO Science MRS. GLADYS ANDERSON Business MR. HOWARD BRUCE Business MRS. MILDRED GRIGGS Business MR. RALPH BOND Business 10 :si 'gg me-"' -:Y "Qu" SM 'Os ' . b 1, As, Q K sr'-' 'Ex MRS. ELIZABETH COLE Business MRS. ROBERTA HARDIN Modern Living MRS. LYDIA BEATTY Modern Living MRS. CLAIRE CLUM Modern Living MR. CARROLL MYNARD Music MR. WILFRED FALLING Music MISS JEAN PASCOE Guidance MR. FRANCIS LAMBERT Guidance 11 lk 9' an .Ann-I' fi vs ws . .1 is-.4-4 fs-0 MR. NEILL CLARK Science MR. PAUL WEAVER Science MR. GOTTFRED GEBHARDT Science MR. MICHAEL WASKOWICH Science MR. HENRY BORESCH Physical Education MR. ARTHUR DISQUE Physical Education MRS. HAZEL GORDON Physical Education MRS. ALICE HENRY Physical Education 12 3' up "C"'- is-....X,.ar MRS. ELIZABETH GOBLE MR. JOHN DIEHL MRS. BARBARA JONES Nurse English Art MISS MARGARET McCUTCHSON MISS GERALDINE SMITH Librarian Speech 13 1 1 ml 1 Q, ,N 'Y ,I -x .B , Y nr Y 5 9,3 1 -r x. .-1-xg 'BQ' , . 4 if ' 4 '43-., x ,- X- . S 'ff"a yes 4 ' , -fs. .., 'ful-7 'S' ' ' 'I I I" '1f C3 ,+- I 'Ax , .. if wg, .V kwtgg mr R vb ,fr P X ""f-MuL.w .5'fNl0R.5' 15 CLASS HISTORY September, 1951. Two hundred titty-two freshmen, the largest entering class up to that time, entered Newton High School. November, 1951. Marilyn McKeeby was elected president, Bob Blesskany, vice president, Ruric Brandt, secretary, and Carole Hughes, treasurer. "Learn to Live and Live to Learn" was selected as the class motto, blue and white, the class colors, and the rose, the class flower. As its year's proiect, the class sponsored a dance in the gym. June, 1952. Carole Hughes and Bob Blesskany received Good Citizenship Awards at com- mencement. October, 1952. Bob Blesskany was elected president of the class, Dick Celli, vice president, Charles Ansbach, secretary, and Dick Ayers, treasurer. March, 1953. A collegiate theme was used in the decorations for the Sophomore Hop. June, 1953. Dolores Clayton received the annual English Award for the student with the high- est average and most progress achieved in Sophomore English. October, 1953. As iuniors, we elected William Decker class president, Harriette Ayers, vice president, Shirley Layton, secretary, and George Gray, treasurer. February, 1954. Junior boys formed the Booster Club . . . Verne Whitlock and Harvey Jorgen- son picked for All-State Band . . . Class voted for original NHS seal on class rings . . . John Iliff prez of Student Council. May, 1954. Delegates: Carol Talley, Carol Byrnes, and Rochelle Roche to Girls' Citizenship ln- stitute, Nancy Bain, Regina Reuther, and Harriette Ayers to N. J. Girls' State, George Gray, Jack McCall, Ruric Brandt, and Herb Demarest to Boys' State. May, 1954. "Rhapsody in Blue" was the theme of the Junior Prom, May 28 at the Lake Mo- hawk Country Club. October, 1954. William Decker was re-elected president, George Gray was elected vice presi- dent, Marilyn Sisco was secretary, Dick Ayers was treasurer. December, 1954. A large Christmas package was the centerpiece for the Senior Prom, held December 22 in the cafeteria. March, 1955. Honors, Sally Bixler first president of the new Girls' A. A .... Whitlock in All- State Band again . . . D. A. R. Citizenship Award to Nancy Bain . . . Frank Gromlich F. F. A. head . . . Jack McCall, Helen Schaffer, and Howard Norback leads in "Jenny Kissed Me," Senior Play. June, 1955. Our class becomes tirst to graduate from the new building, which we enioyed for one year. -Elizabeth Boole SEW 0K 61.455 OFFICERS' To be elected a senior class olticer is the highest honor seniors can pay their fellow members. Seniors spend a busy year, and traditionally they pick their best to lead them. To guide the class through the trials and tribulations ot Senior Dance, play, yearbook, commencement, and so forth, calls for expert leadership and wise counsel. The class of 1955 chose the following. PRESIDENT ........,........,.....,.................................. ....,... W illiam Decker VICE PRESIDENT .,,,, ,,,,,.,, G eorge Gray SECRETARY .......... ,..,,,,, M arilyn Sisco TREASURER ...... .,.... R ichard Ayers 17 1'-5 FUN: 'vo T94 SEN IORS A friendly smile wlierever sire goes. Favorite pastime: Paint- ing: Likes: Weekerids: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Jack: Noted for: Her pleasant ways: Ambition: To be a housewife. JEAN ANDRE Hfearirriff' Blonrle and blue-eyed, tliafs our Jean. Favorite pastime' Her long blonde hair: Ambition: to be a homemaker. if F ii 25 555 ii 5 CHARLES ANSHACH 'lllulclf' Popular, athletic and cliangcable. Favorite pastime: Football: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Cliques: Usually seen: Witli Har- rietteg Noted for: Trigonometry problems: Ambition: To do coaching. HARRIETTE AYERS ..1,mHy-, Winning, eager aml companionable. Favorite pastime: Prac- ticing cheerleading: Likes: All sports: Dislikes: Girls who flon't try in Gym: Usually seen: With Butch: Noted for: Her laugh: Ambition: To be a girl Friday. 18 Sewing: Likes: Strawberry ive: Dislikes: Cliovolatff im- vream: Usually seen: Vilorking at lVlel's Tlarket: Notml for: N: ll? C 5164 Q1 SENIORS RICHARD AYERS "Rick" Quiet and shy, cz wonderful guy. Favorite pastime: Eating: Likes: Brooklyn: Dislikes: Spending a lot of money: Usually seen: With a limp: Noted for: His pleasantness: Ambition: To be an engineer. NANCY BAIN "Rainy" Intelligent, likeable and an ever-reacly friend. Favorite pas- time: Sleeping: Likes: People: Dislikes: Smoking: Usually seen: ln the conference room: Noted for: Efiicient and capable way of doing things: Ambition: To always enjoy life. 1' 1 1 Q NANCY BALTJES lj you see a tall blonde in the halls thafs our Nancy. Favorite pastime: Dancing: Likes: Shrimp and spaghetti: Dislikes: Lonely nights: Usually seen: Carrying the school flag: Noted for: Neat figure: Amhition:To become a model. JOSEPH BARTHEL "foe" Big Joe himself. Favorite pastime: Fishing: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Nothing: Usually seen: In the middle of town: Noted for: not doing homework: Ambition: To he an elec- trieian. 19 1-v' E? SEN IORS MARTIN BEDELL Ile may look quiet but look again. Favorite pastime: Reading Comics: Likes: Swimming: Dislikes: Work: Usually seen: With Benson: Noted for: His Austin car: Ambition: To be a pilot. DONALD BEGRAFT scponse 1 ing: Likes: Sports and girls: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Bob Earl: Noted for: His wrestling: Ambition: To become a Draftsman. MADEL BELCHER 'Ullnyi' A cute girl with on ciier-marly helping hand. Favorite pas- time: Writing to servicemen: Likes: Churchworkg Dislikes: Chemistry: Usually seen: At Mariels house: Noted for: Flirt- ing with guys: Ambition: To get married. ROBERT BENSON "l3m1ny" Will: vilmw and quietness one may conquer the world. Fa- vorite pastime: Hunting: Likes: M r. Brucels 6th period class Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Slim: Noted for Being quiet: Ambition: To be a gunsmith. 20 liriemlly and full of fun. Favorite pastime: Fishing and hunt- GR wif -it L' ,f of La-, SEN IDRS HHYNIEH BISCHOFF HBIZSCILN Shy at hrst, but get to know him. Favorite pastime: Riding around: Likes: Football: Dislikes: Tests: Usually seen: In school: Noted for: Sleeping in class: Ambition: To graduate from high school. SALLY BIXLER All things are won hir diligence. Favorite pastime: Hiding and swimming: Likes: All sports: Dislikes: Liver: Usually seen: With her horse: Noted for: Thoughtfulness: Ambition: to major in Pllysical Education at college. FRANK BLACK "Hlarh'ie" See meg see my canzera. Favorite pastime: Photography: Likes: To do nothing: Dislikes: Typing class: Usually seen: Witll Tom Middleton: Noted for: Cracking up Fords: Amlwi- tion: To he president of the Santa Fc Railroad. : LESTER l5LUlVll'lACllN "Slim" i The man wilh the crazy .si1leb11rrzx. Favorite pastime: Drawing horses: Likes: Horses: Dislikes: Girls: Usually seen: With Bob Benson: Noted for: His sidelmrns: Ambition: to own the fastest race horse in the world. 4"x qs..- as or xg, SEN IORS ELIZABETH BOOLE "Bel" Smart in school, follows tlze Colflen Rule. Favorite pastime: Reading: Likes: to drive a car and listen to Glen Miller records: Dislikes: Lima beans: Usually seen: With her pal Sally Bixlerg Noted for: Her luck in a game of tennis: Ambi- tion: To become famous. RURIC BRANDT "Little Branrllv Tlzereis a gleam in lzis eye. Favorite pastime: Fixing cars: Likes: Music: Dislikes: Painted females: Usually seen: ln his jeep: Noted for: His sharp sarcastic remarks: Ambition: To get rich. ANN BROWN S,lC,S fun ifs true and helpful, too. Favorite pastime: Driv- ing: Likes: To chew gum: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: In Dover: Noted for: Her spirit of fun: Ambition: To be a success. CATHERINE BUENZ NBILICILU Cllllfl miss her in the lzalls with her red hair. Favorite pastime: Coofin' off: Likes: Going out with Bob: Dislikes: Hypocrites: Usually seen: With Charlie or Shirl: Noted for: Her spark- ling red hair: Ambition: To make an artistic splash. HON X Q-rv Ar,-. Y' 9' 41 x . ' :lf i l 22 ,Q 9 SENIURS Slzffs IIZIIYIIUYS so jolly anal pleasant of mind. Favorite Pastime: Talking: Likes: Driving eoiivertihlesg Dislikes: Lima beans: lfsuailly seen: Studying for chemistry tests: Noted for: Her stndions IttZlllllt'l'Z 1-kn1l1ition:'l'ol1e:1 seientist. ESTELLE CANll'IiEl.L "Sidi" Reason anal calm juzlgnzent. Favorite pastime: Sports and llillltl work: Likes: Good music and food: Dislikes: Wise guys: Usually seen: In :1 telephone booth: Noted for: Writing to lonesome people: An1l1ition: To be a laboratory technician :ind at l1lt'tllt'Lll secretary. DOMENICK CARRIERA Quick witted, flirmziouts, and unpredictable. Favorlte pastime. Fighting: Likes: Sweaters: Dislikes: Farming: Usually seen: Hunting off school time: Noted for: Getting tickets: Ambi- tion: To capture u woman. RICHARD CELLI "DI'f'L"' fill III'll,!"I1l sp0rl.w111r11z. Favorite pastime: All sports: Likes licauting Franklin: Dislikes: Losing: Lsuzilly seen: Viiith Yogi Noted for: Poor niarks in English: Amliitionr To Coach foot l1a1ll nt Newton lil. S. 23 6' SENIURS EDMUND CHAMMINGS llEd!! A real lady killer. Favorite pastime: Trapping: Likes: Hunt- ing: Dislikes: An unsportsmanlike hunter: Usually seen: With some girl: Noted for: His '46 Plymouth: Ambition: To travel. LESTER CHAMMINGS iiLes?7 Big in size and sense of humor. Favorite pastime: Baseball and basketball: Likes: Spaghetti: Dislikes: Getting up in the morning: Usually seen: With Ted Moss: Noted for: His blond curly hair: Ambition: To be a mechanic. 5 :L CATHERINE CHANDLER iicathyv A friend in need, a frienzl inzleefl. Favorite pastime: Riding around in her '47 Chevy: Likes: Square dancing: Dislikes: Seventh period retailing class: Usually seen: With Estelle: Noted for: Her mother-complex: Ambition: To be an airline hostess. SHIRLEY CHILDRESS "Shirl" Silence is best. Favorite pastime: Singing: Likes: Dancing: Dislikes: Men: Usually seen: Alone: Noted for: Being tiny: Ambition: To he a bookkeeper. 24 4? E IDRS RUSSELL CHRISTIE "Russ" A faithful farm fan. Favorite pastime: Blushing: Likes: Square dancing: Dislikes: Conceited girls: Usually seen: In the Ag. shop: Noted for: His red truck: Ambition: to be a good farmer. DOLORES CLAYTON A delight to teachers. Favorite pastime: Flirting: Likes: Horses: Dislikes: Homeroom teasing: Usually seen: On the honor roll: Noted for: Being Treasurer of the Student Coun- cil: Ambition: To he a secretary. 4 :RSE Y 3 JOHN COWAN "johnny" Tall and strong. Favorite pastime: Telling people his troubles: Likes: Truck driving: Dislikes: Farming: Usually seen: In a beat up Ford: Noted for: His tall stories: Ambi- tion: To be a truck driver. FREDERICK CURRENT "Freddy" Athletic, humorous, and well-liked. Favorite pastime: Polish- ing shoes: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Playing with right- handed golf clubs: Usually seen: Selling produce: Noted for: Working hard: Ambition: To be a business executive. 25 Gb 'Sf E IDRS I!EmX'I'RlCI'I DK fXNCICl,IS "lZ1- IIN' I Sl'l'0Ilf', IlQlT'C'!Il?lf'. Fzivmilv p11sli111e': UL111c'i11g: Likes: Alniost l'V6'lAf'0ll0, evc11Ayli1i11g:: Dislikes: l'0o1' spo1'ts111a11sl1ip: lisuully .,, , . svcn: VVIHI Hvimig Niteil lor: H1-1' pint size' figure: A111l1ilim1: To lw il "p1'iva1!11" svc'1'e-111 ry. WILLIANI Ili-HKICII "ii11wA" if irivlzl, 111 101110. mul r'1'f'1'i'f101l1".w rirvzfl. i'1ilY0l'il1' 1:1sli111c': . I . . I Aliylliillg SIIG likesg Likvs: S1-lmulg Dislikvs: cit'l11'l'21i l'1'i111'i- ph-sg lfsuzilly svc'11: Going s1111111wi1f'1'4' ill il illll'l'Y' M1111 for ..i I fr-'s-5 Hull 110111 1111 his 19111111 fX111lmitio11: 'l'11 lu- pwsifiq-111 uf H11- N Tull. rlurk 111111 Q'lllHHlHIl1'flIg,f'. i'iQlUDl'iil' llilhlillltfl Hc'mli11g: l,1k ' ' ' ' ' H'nrl',1' Illlll I lzrnfv ll!'lI'l4 mffl. l'iilY0l'ilC p11sIi111c: viflllkillill I ilu-sz wir: Dislikvs: Wmncxig lfsuuliy scan: Nvith Cordmig You-11 for: Doing foolish iilillgjfl 1X111l1ilio11: To 111z1kr' IIIUIIPY. llI1iV0l'hl'. QIIIAIQLES IJrIUlIU1Yl' "lfl1r1r'l. " "IMI" vs: Nillsllf Dislllwsc frf'lllIIg 1111 1-411'lx': lfs11a1llx' sm-1111: xxviiil 111411111 Nui:-il fur: H1-1' QLl'iH't'illl 1141111-1113: A111l1iliu11: Sm-nw i'll'f'. .26 QP' ik- WM- Q it ' tif SENIORS HERBERT DEMAREST "Herb" The strong alzvays succeed. Favorite pastime: Giving teachers hard limes: Likes: Food, money: Dislikes: Girls: Usually seen: Sunset Inn: Noted for: Being an all-around nice guy: Ambition: To study engineering. PETER DEMAREST Hpefeil ,fl great guy with Il .swell sense of humor. Favorite pastime: Writing letters: Likes: Girls: Dislikes: Practical jokes: Usually seen: Fixing the milk dispenser: Noted for: Farming uhility: Ambition: To have his own farm. ROBERT DENNIS "Bob" Nan behinfl tlze' camera. Favorite pastime: Taking railroad photographs: Likes: Humorous teachers: Dislikes: Big city life: Usually seen: With Fred and Ed: Noted for: Blond hair: Ambition: Bea photographer. 3,3 5 RONALD DEPUY "R0nnyl' R A swell guy who will get there. Favorite pastime: Wlriting songs: Likes: Hillbilly songs: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: Here and there: Noted for: Songwriting ability: Amhi tion: To have his songs printed. l scnobvs SENIORS MARIE DE VINCENZI "D.V." I may not agree with what you say. Favorite pastime: Flirt- ing: Likes: Roller skating: Dislikes: Girls with no school spirit: Usually seen: ln the Campus Shop: Noted for: Talk- ing and singing ability: Ambition: To be a singer. JOSEPH DE VITA 65,0677 Une vast smile. Favorite pastime: Fighting with Hendrixson: Likes: Hunting: Dislikes: Coneeited girls: Usually seen: In a black Chevy: Noted for: His pizza pies: Ambition: To make money. BETTY DONADIO h6BUl75 Tliereis mischief in that girl. Favorite pastime: Going tishing with Annie: Likes: To drive around in the car: Dislikes: English: Usually seen: Ciggling: Noted for: Her blushing ability: Ambition: To be a nurse. ROBERT DOTY Wlzafs up Doc? Favorite pastime: Wrestling: Likes: Moon- less nights: Dislikes: Slow cars: Usually seen: By side of Jean: Noted for: Pestering: Ambition: To raise a family. SENIOR Fair flenl, lzumorous, nnzl a great guy. Favorite pastime: lleekling teachers: Likes: Girls: Dislikes: New York cops: Usually seen: With Boh Earl: Notetl for: Being talkative: Ambition: To he a traveling salesman. ROBERT EARL NB bv 0 Good tlzirzgs come in small liululles. Favorite pastime: Hunt- ing and fishing: Likes: Most everybody: Dislikes: Stulled shirts: Usually seen: With Don Begraft: Noted for: Getting caught playing hooky: Ambition: To be a carpenter. JAMES EARNSHAW salinl-9 At least two books under his arm. Favorite pastime: Collect- ing stamps: Likes: His all-girl chemistry class: Dislikes Noisy people: Usually seen: Around the halls: Noted for llis questions in chemistry: Ambition: To go to College. MARY ELDRED Easy going. unofectezl, and likeable. Favorite pastime: Sleep- ing: Likes: Going out: Dislikes: Spinach: Usually seen: With Nancy Mack and Shirley lVleConnell: Noted for: Having fun: Ambition: To lie a housewife. 29 4? 'Us N 'Q x.,w, ,M if , 1 2+ : f 5 3, the SE IDRS MILDRED ELLICKS "M1Tllie,' A blue-eyed blonde is she: and as nice as she can be. Favorite pastime: Helping people: Likes: Dancing: Dislikes: Bad marks in school: Usually seen: Driving a Chrysler: Noted for: Her giggle: Ambition: To succeed in whatever she does. THEODORE ELLINGSEN "Teri" A man of few wonls--at times. Favorite pastime: Hunting. trapping, and fishing: Likes: Short, quiet, and sincere girls: Dislikes: Loquacious girls: Usually seen: At cattle shows: Noted for: Raising and showing Ayrshires: Ambition: To be a fa rnier. BARBARA FALK Hllobbiel' What sweet delight a quiet life afonls. Favorite pastime: Having fun: Likes: Football games: Dislikes: People who are high-hat: Usually seen: With Sadie and Helen: Noted for: Quietness: Ambition: To become an airline hostess. SAUNDRA FENNER "Sandy" That sweet smile, those beautiful dark eyes, anal loads of intel- ligence makes up our Sandy. Favorite pastime: Day dream- ing: Likes: Todayis modern trend in style: Dislikes: People who gossip: Usually seen: Window shopping: Noted for: The million-dollar dresser of our class: Ambition: To be a receptionist or an accountant. 30 ,of- 47 ,Q F 5 SENIORS KENNETH FOWLEH "Skip" Tluzfs what she sniff. Favorite pastime: Deer hunting: Likes: Guns and the woods: Dislikes: Wise guys: Usually seen: At the garage: Noted for: living good natured: Amlrition: To have his own business. NIARLIN FULKHUD He worries not: he hurries notg his CIIIIIIJIPSS is zzlzrfismrlzerl. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: Baseball: Dislikes: Rainy nights: Usually seen: In a Dodge convertible: Noted for: Getting into trouble: Ambition: To he an accountant. It lCHA RD FULLER "Dick" For he was just the quiet kind whose nature never varied. Fayorite pastime: Working for good marks: Likes: Brunettes and P. A. D.: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Bob Earl: Noted for: Playing a guitar: Ambition: To he a teacher. IRENE GEIMER Pretty, helpful, and infill!"-lllf0f,S Irene. Favorite pastime: Riding around in a blue Pontiac: Likes: Pizza: Dislikes: lee cream: Usually seen: With Marilyn and Marie: Noted for: Talking all the time: Amliition: To be a housewife. 31 out 2, 3 s... - 9' 1+ Miki SEN IDRS 4' HAROLD GIBBS i '6Durle" 'lb-v Where's Mr. Lambert??? Favorite pastime: Talking to Mr. Lambert: Likes: To travel: Dislikes: Mr. Weaver's chemis- try: Usually seen: In a black Mercury: Noted for: Being a friend of Mr. Lamberfs: Ambition: To have his own farm. LORA GRABOW 'T' ullollyss Music is her Big Dream. Favorite pastime: Writing to Bar- ney: Likes: Playing the piano: Dislikes: Sour notes: Usually seen: Studying: Noted for: Her brains: Ambition: To play the piano. CAROL GRAHAM Her looks aresweet. Favorite pastime: Horseback riding: Likes: Good times: Dislikes: Liver: Usually seen: With John Fuller: Noted for: Neat appearance: Ambition: To get mar- ried. GEORGE GRAY His manners are his looks. Favorite pastime: Playing tennis: Likes: Camping: Dislikes: Women drivers: Usually seen: At Fairview Lake: Noted for: His wrestling ability: Ambi- tion: To be a veterinarian. SENIUR JUNE GRIMIVI "Skip" Always helpful, always happy. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: True friends: Dislikes: Arguments: Usually seen: Witli Maud: Noted for: Her cheerfulnessg Ambition: To combine homemaking and a career. FRANK CROMLICH 'ifraulrleii A real Future Farmer. Favorite pastime: Hunting and fishingg Likes: Basketball: Dislikes: People who sneer at farming: Usually seen: With fellow F. F. A. students: Noted for: Out- standing F. F. A. achievements: Ambition: To have his own farm. a .3 ,.. HUBERT HAGADORN "Hubie" Quiet and reserved. Favorite pastime: Sports: Likes: Organ music: Dislikes: Split pea soup: Usually seen: Alive: Noted for: Experiments in chemistry and physics: Ambition: To invent something super. PATRICIA HAMILTON "Pai, Tall and slender. Favorite pastime: Driving: Likes: Swim- ming, and tennis: Dislikes: Rainy days: Usually seen: At Lake Mohawk: Noted for: Swimming awards: Ambition: To wear a nurse's uniform. 33 SENIORS WILLIAM I-IAIVIM "Bill" Wit and humor belong to genius alone. Favorite pastime: Swimming and Hunting: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: School: Usually seen: With the other half: Noted for: Being a twin: Ambition: To be a deep sea diver. CEHALDINE HATLEY "Cer1'y', Hair like an angel. Favorite pastime: Buying clothes: Likes: Italian food: Dislikes: Baby sitting aloneg Usually seen: With little Mo, Lyn, Hales: Noted for: Long blond hair: Ambition: To be a nurse. r L DIANE HELMACY Sunny disposition and ready for Favorite pastime: Dat- ing: Likes: Well dressed and neat looking boys: Dislikes: Being talked about, unless it is true: Usually seen: Twirling with the band: Noted for: Her twirling ability: Ambition: To lead a happy life. ALICE HENDERSON "Janie," A good-looking senior with sincerity. Favorite pastime: Writ- ing letters to servicemen: Likes: Traveling: Dislikes: Home- work: Usually seen: Riding around in a gray Chevy: Noted for: Her sweet smile: Ambition: To be a bank teller. 34 It 1 SEN IORS ROGER HENDRIXSON C6R0g75 Always laughing, 11.61 er worried. Favorite pastime: Doodling: Likes: All water sports: Dislikes: Having nothing to do Usually seen: ln the art room: Noted for: His artistic ideas: Ambition: To he a success in life. GORDON HENNION Work, wlzafs that? Favorite pastime: Day dreaming: Likes Teasing: Dislikes: Grouchy teacher: Usually seen: Working on machines in oflice practice: Noted for: Not doing home- work: Ambition: To join the navy. 'Q EDITH HOOEY Nice disposition and easy going. Favorite pastime: Writing letters: Likes: Pizza pie: Dislikes: Wise guys: Usually seen: With Shirley: Noted for: Quietness: Amhition: To he a house wife. BARBARA HOPPER 6'Trixy:' And castles built above in lofty skies. Favorite pastime: Horse-back riding: Likes: Plenty of excitement: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Lucky: Noted for: Getting lost: Ambition: To become a nurse. 35 Z--'Y' 59' Q-nv SEN IORS DIANE HUFF "Huf,He" Small, sweet, and petite. Favorite pastime: 4-H Club: Likes Dancing: Dislikes: lnconsiderate people: Usually seen: Talk- ing to Carolyn: Noted for: Her cute figure: Ambition: To he a typing teacher. CARULE HUGHES 6CT0ug,l9l9i Friendly to everyone. Favorite pastime: Practicing tennis Lk: TG. .. H T 1 es Smi ing, Dislikes. Lnhappy people: Usually seen With Rosemary: Noted for: Her athletic ability: Ambition To be a secretary. ROSEMARY HUGHES '4Murray" Capable, popular, and good-humored. Favorite pastime: Play- ing tennis: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Poor sports: Usually 5 seen: With Carole: Noted for: Being the most popular: Ambi- tion: To be a secretary. 5 E SHIRLEY HUIZENGA "ShirI" She charms with her smile. Favorite pastime: Being a cut-up: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Talkative boys: Usually seen: With Charlotte and the Gerts: Noted for: Her sense of humor: '-2 Ambition: To become an air line hostess. Q 36 2 Gui gf- 'Q wg: ix., A .,, 5. f' nn L. K' 27 SEN IDRS BRIAN HUNT "Novie" A practical joker. Favorite pastime: Hunting: Likes: To laugh: Dislikes: People who donlt appreciate jokes: Usually seen: Up to some act: Noted for: Slim appearance: Ambi- tion: To take over his fatherls milk route. JOYCE HUSSEY "Huzz', A soft voice turneth away wrath. Favorite pastime: Knitting: Likes: All sports: Dislikes: Hardly anything: Usually seen: At school dances: Noted for: Long hair: Ambition: To be a laboratory technician. JOHN ILIFF "fohnny" CORA JAGER Nothing: Usually seen: With Anna Meyer: Noted for Mil lion Dollar Smile: Ambition: To be a nurse. F 2 f 37 Friendly and full of fun. Favorite pastime: Playing the trum pet: Likes: Girls: Dislikes: Melvyn's jokes: Usually seen On the football field: Noted for: Being best all round boy of '55: Ambition: To direct funerals fother peoplesj Always a pleasant smile and a friendly hello or everyone Favorite pastime: Playing sports: Likes: lce cream Dislikes SENIORS NIELA JAGER Still water runs deep. Favorite pastime: Horse-hack riding Likes: Gym Classes: Dislikes: People who dislike things Usually seen: With Annie Meyer: Noted for: Quietness Ambition: To teach gym. CHARLOTTE JOHNSON 5'CharIie" Personality plus nzalrc up our Charlie. Favorite pastime Playing piano: Likes: Collegiate ideas: Dislikes: slang ex pressionsg Usually seen: With Red and Shirl: Noted for Her dancing ability: Ambition: Physical Education Teacher MARIE JOHNSON A face with gladness. Favorite pastime: Sewing and reading: Likes: Good times: Dislikes: Bosses: Usually seen: With Marilyn: Noted for: Her hearty laugh: Ambition: To become an M rs. HARVEY JORCENSON "Hari: His very foot has music in il. Favorite pastime: Music and Baseball: Likes: Music: Dislikes: Wise guys: Usually seen: With Vernieg Noted for: His height: Ambition: To be a Civil Engineer. 38 SEN IDRS ' HELEN KAMPKA A nice disposition is a priceless jewel. Favorite pastime: Dancing: Likes: Food: Dislikes: Poor sportsmanship: Usually seen: With BeBe: Noted for: Quietness: Ambition: To he an uirline hostess. LINFORD KINNEY "L1'nny" What do you say? Favorite pastime: Eating pizza: Likes. Girls: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: Loafing in the Big Leader: Noted for: That serious look: Ambition: Pilot. MANFRED KLEIN Hlfrerli' Tall, dark, and reserved. Favorite pastime: Loafin' around: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Too much homework: Usually seen: With Bob 'n Ed: Noted for: A little hit of everything: Ambi- tion: To he an engineer. HON ALD KLEPACKY "Ronny" One may conquer the world with quietness. Favorite pastime: Taking it easy: Likes: Hunting and Hshing: Dislikes: English classes: Usually seen: With Grant Vorhies and Tom Middle- ton: Noted for: Quiet moods: Ambition: To be a state trooper 39 SENIORS JEAN KOSTELNI "Squirt" She is always so jolly and pleasant of mind. Favorite pastime: Being with Bob, watching T. V.: Likes: All sports: Dislikes: Arguments: Usually seen: With her twin: Noted for: Con- fusing teachers: Ambition: To become a success in life. I EANE'I'1'E KOSTELNI "Toots" Itis nice to be natural when you are naturally nice. Favorite pastime: Helping other people: Likes: Dancing, Swimming, and all sports: Dislikes: Quiet places-stuckup people: Usually seen: With her sister: Noted for: Being a twin: Ambition: To become a nurse and to find a good job. GLORIA KUCINSKI "cn" A warm smile and friendly disposition. Favorite pastime: Eating: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Corny jokes: Usually seen: in Ratti's: Noted for: Her beautiful complexion: Ambition: To be an airline hostess. MAXINE KUHN "Mac" A great friend is she, one with a dynamic personality. Fa- vorite pastime: Working: Likes: Writing letters: Dislikes: School: Usually seen: With Nancy: Noted for: Her nice disposition: Ambition: Nursing. 40 SENIURS SIMON LANGERAAP Cisifi Little things can fool you. Favorite pastime: Riding around: Likes: Girls: Dislikes: Work: Usually seen: In his father's car: Noted for: Small size: Ambition: To get his own car. SHIRLEY LANDGRAFF "Shirl" So little . . . so quiet. Favorite pastime: Writing to Eddie: Likes: Eating: Dislikes: Wise guys: Usually seen: With Shirley: Noted for: Being a good sport: Ambition: To be a good wife. tt . : 9 . SHIRLEY LAYTON Warm smile and pleasant disposition. Favorite pastime: Reading: Likes: Hillbilly music: Dislikes: Classical music: Usually seen: In green Plymouth: Noted for: Being con- servative: Ambition: To be a secretary. ELAINE LEE F un-loving and kind hearted. Favorite pastime: Playing golf 3 Likes: To travel: Dislikes: Alarm clocks: Usually seen: In sports: Noted for: Cheerful disposition: Ambition: To be a fashion stylist. 41 Q1 'Qs- X BILL LEHMAN ugillss SEN IORS A guy with a krazy comment. Favorite pastime: Playing records: Likes: Swimming: Dislikes: Gardening: Usually tion: Engineer. FRANK LOCKBURNER "Frankie" seen: At Macis Hardware: Noted for: His red hair: Amhi- A swell personality. Favorite pastime: Going to neighhor's house: Likes: Square dancing: Dislikes: Being teased: Usually seen: In his brother's truck: Noted for: Danein ability: Ambition: To marry a nice girl. MARILYN LUNDSTROM hllyn.. Good taste and 101211-zl1'es.w1l. Favorite pastime: Hot rodding: Likes: Men, Campus Shop: Dislikes: No comment!! Usually seen: With Rusty and Noel: Noted for: Driving into tele- phone poles: Ambition: To teach history. CLARA MAREE MSFIIIIN Happiness makes her world go round. Favorite pastime: Day dreaming: Likes: Pizza: Dislikes: Homework assignments: Usually seen: With Mary Jane: Noted for: Getting into misvhiefg Amhition: To he an airline hostess. 42 Q SENIORS NANCY MACK "MacL'y', A friendly hello for everyone. Favorite pastime: Singing in the girls' room: Likes: Holler skating: Dislikes: Brains: Usually seen: At football games: Noted for: Her radiant if V' 1 smiles Ambition: To he at social worker. f 3 g if I . i i 4 A -as :ss K fi: 5 f 3:1 BARBARA MARTIN -f1s01,by" Frankness iS,IC!'1Il'6ll077IillI1lllffllil. Favorite pastime: Listening to records: Likes: Convertibles: Dislikes: Spanish: Usually seen: With Cynthia: Noted for: Her riotons laugh: Ambition: To he a pediatrician. e . sf? tl f ' CN NTIIIA NHSSITCCI ing to l'0t'0l'tlSI, Likes: lfootlmll gatnlvs: Dislikes: Nosv people: ! . 4 Ll n illx un XX 1th C 5 lor: 'lliilking lwrscll' into lronlrlvg Amliition: Take il trip 's 1 .' s" : lt'l'I'f'. lilll'lDill'il. Carol, anal Balls: Notml JACK MCCALL Lf' .llll'Il.YS lilff-.w lo be doing sonzvllzing. Favorite pastime: Follow- 10" lncmlicine. Rwzfly in lu-nr! um! lwzfl-x in lmml. l":1x'oritv pastime: Listen- ing school sports: Likes: Dancing: Dislikes: Latin: Usually seen: All overg Noted for: White hnvks: Ambition: To study 'fl' if' SEN IORS SHIRLEY TVICCONNELL "Miclcy,' Always smiling. Favorite pastime: Sewing: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Chocolate: Usually seen: With Betty: Noted for: Her pleasantness: Ambition: To be a wife. GEORGE MCCOY "The real Mcffoyl' Heis the most to say the least. Favorite pastime: Swimming: Likes: Good food: Dislikes: Bus ride: Usually seen: Walking the halls: Noted for: Blonde hair: Ambition: To he an agricultural engineer. MARILYN MCKEEBY "iWcKee', Desires little: recei11e.s much. Favorite pastime: Being with Tommy: Likes: Sports and eating pizza: Dislikes: Ice cream, chemistry tests: Usually seen: With Marie and Irene: Noted for: Silly laugh: Ambition: To become a model or housewife. JAMES MEISEGEIR Good nature is one of manls best assets. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: Riding horses: Dislikes: Stubborn horses: Usually seen: With the Als: Noted for: His erewcut: Ambi- tion: Farming. 44 7-nv' ,, if 'HSV' SENIURS VIRGINIA MERTENS "Ginger', Short, talkative blonde. Favorite pastime: Day dreaming' Likes: Red lVlercurys: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: Dipping ice cream: Noted for: Her smile: Ambition: To be a secretary. ANNA MEYERS "Little Annie" Rare is the union of beauty and modesty. Favorite pastime: Horseback riding: Likes: Sports, drawing, and painting: Dis- likes: reading Betty,s English: Usually seen: With Betty, Rayna, Cora: Noted for: Athletic ability: Ambition: To be 7 a gym teacher. TOM MIDDLETON lCTom!7 His looks are deceiving. Favorite pastime: Loafing: Likes: Hunting, dogs: Dislikes: Wasted time in school: Usually seen: With Carolyn: Noted for: Good looks: Ambition: To be a contractor. MELVIN MILLER "Mel" Always good for a laugh. Favorite pastime: Escaping long arm of Mrs. Van Loon: Likes: Wine, women, music and food: Dislikes: Quiet uneventful days: Usually seen: Flirting with good looking gals: Noted for: His riotous laugh: Ambition: To join the French Foreign Legion. 45 Q, T N if 2 .1 4 5 cv""Q SEN IORS ANDREA MITCHELL Neither rash or timid. Favorite pastime: Talking: Likes: Italian foods: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With Ramsey: Noted for: Her joking ways: Ambition: To marry a millionaire. MARJOBIE MONSANTO "Margie', Quick with the answers. Favorite pastime: Dancing and riding the motorcycle: Likes: Strawberry sodas with chocolate ice cream, and money: Dislikes: English: Usually seen: Glo, Barb, Eileen, and Bib: Noted for: Her incessant talking: Ambition: To be an airline hostess. HUGH MOONEY "Hughie', Precision if not speerl. Favorite pastime: Eating home cooked food: Likes: Cool clothes: Dislikes: Girls' smoking on street: Usually seen: With the crowd, in a blue Pontiac: Noted for: Neat appearance: Ambition: To he a construction engineer. CAROL MOSNER The cheeriest disposition and the gentlest heart. Favorite pas- time: Listening to "The Ballroomn: Likes: Volley ball and spaghetti: Dislikes: Babysitting on Saturday nights: Usually seen: With Gerry, Cyn, Babs, and Barbara: Noted for: Oh! you poor fool: Ambition: To become a nurse. Qs 1. 46 SENIORS THEODORE MOSS "Teri" A pal to everyone. Favorite pastime: Beating the drums: Likes: Drum and bugle corps: Dislikes: School: Usually seen: With Junior Pierce: Noted for: Playing the drums: Ambition: To be a drum instructor. EDWIN NELSON "Ed" To know him is to like lzirn. Favorite pastime: Enjoying life: Likes: Sport cars: Dislikes: Nothing: Usually seen: With Fred and Bob: Noted for: Being a math marker: Ambition: To be an engineer. ir-vi' HOWARD NORBACK "Howie" Hard working fellow with definite ideas. Favorite pastime: Building school spirit: Likes: Newton High: Dislikes: Stu- dents lacking school spirit: Usually seen: settling a debate: Noted for: The Senior Booster Club: Ambition: To make a million, honestly if possible. CAROLYN NUCENT A great leader is she, a success she'll be. Favorite pastime: Asking questions: Likes: 4-H work: Dislikes: Lazy People: Usually seen: With Diane: Noted for: Her leadership ability: Ambition: To be a county demonstration agent. 47 SENIORS JANICE PAUGH "fan" The devil tempts me not, itas I who tempt him. Favorite pas- time: Writing letters: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Shmt boys: Usually seen: Doing shorthand: Noted for: Wiser-ravks: Ambition: To learn to drive. BIRGIT PEARSON Sparkling eyes and sparkling hair constitute our Birgit Favorite pastime: Reading or skating: Likes: Spaghetti: Dis- likes: Chemistry: Usually seen: With Cathy: Noted for: Her long curly hair: Ambition: To follow Florence Nightingale. VVILFRED PIERCE H.!IlIli0I'n His ways are quiet, his moods are rare- But Hm-m-mmmm, Boy .V .' f Favorite pastime: Sleeping when he can: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Italian soups: Usually seen: ln a new car every two months: Noted for: His physique: Ambition: Be a truck driver. DUANE PIERSON What-me worry? ? Favorite pastime: Wandering by woods and streams: Likes: Hunting and fishing: Dislikes: Boister- ous people: Usually seen: Reading a book: Noted for: Quiet- ness: Ambition: Be a biologist. 48 SENIORS ELEANOR PITTENGER Always friendly, always gay. Favorite pastime: Writing to service boys: Likes: Sewing: Dislikes: Show-oils: Usually seen: With Elsie Watson: Noted for: Her serene manner: Ambition: To get married. PATRICIA PLOTTS Hshonya Reserved, happy, and easy-going. Favorite pastime: Bowling: Likes: Football games: Dislikes: People who are late: Noted for: Her quiet manner: Ambition: To keep'books for a big corporation. , . 49 In JANET PLOTTS "Ian" A lovial, carefree, aml likeable. Favorite pastime: Playing in the high school band: Likes: Low calory foods: Dislikes: Chemistry: Usually seen: In the band: Noted for: Her in- fectious laugh: Ambition: To be a nurse, ROBERT POE -wav' Energetic and well liked. Favorite pastime: Hunting: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Home work: Usually seen: With Nlarilyn: Noted for: Being half of the class couple: Ambition: To be a success. SEN IORS EVELYN POWERS Studious and conservative. Favorite pastime: Listening to Martin Block: Likes: Movies: Dislikes: Poor sports: Usually seen: At the Court Square: Noted for: Her intellectual man- ner: Ambition: To study nursing. JOHN POWER ccjohnnyss Almost isn't good enough. Favorite pastime: Talking to some- one: Likes: Mr. Cummings's English class: Dislikes: Nobody: Usually seen: Going somewhere: Noted for: Industry: Ambi- tion: To go to college. KENNETH POWERS '4Kenny" A good looking farm boy who is going places. Favorite pas- time: Dancing: Likes: Hunting: Dislikes: Reckless drivers: Usually seen: In the halls of N. H. S.: Noted for: Farming ability: Ambition: Be a farmer. RAYNA PRICE Sweetness, sincerity, and nice disposition. Favorite pastime: Twirling in the band: Likes: Being active in sports: Dislikes: Mathematics: Usually seen: With Cora, Betty, and Anna: Noted for: Being God's gift: Ambition: To be a nurse. 50 SENIORS ELIZABETH RAMSEY "Bette', Delightful to know. Favorite pastime: Chewing gum: Likes: Pizza pie: Dislikes: Stuck-up people: Usually seen: With Ann: Noted for: Her flirtatious ways: Ambition: To be a beautician. WILMA RHEINHOLD Looking forward to the future. Favorite pastime: Chewing gum: Likes: Hotdogs with mustard: Dislikes: Stuck-up peo- ple: Usually seen: With Tony: Noted for: Her silly humor: Ambition: To get married. A-115' REGINA REUTHER F un-loving and mischief-making. Likes: Pajama parties: Dis- likes: Insulting remarks: Usually seen: Eating: Noted for: Good looks: Ambition: Be a teacher. ROCHELLE ROCHE F riendly, peppy, and fun-loving. Favorite pastime: Making people laugh: Likes: To have a good time: Dislikes: Dis- courteous people: Usually seen: Here, there, and everywhere: Noted for: Her silly antics: Ambition: To complete college. ? 4 We 51 :Q SENIURS WILLIAM RUSCHMEIER "Bill" Mr. Sandman, himself! Favorite pastime: Enjoying himself Likes: People: Dislikes: Teachers fsomej: Usually seen Almost anywhere: Noted for: His sleepy ways: Ambition To be an engineer. GAIL RYAN c:Rustyss Sparkling, vivacious, and enthusiastic. Favorite pastime: Sing ing: Likes: Jazz: Dislikes: Pessimists: Usually seen: Dis tributing absentee lists: Noted for: Her cheerful "Hin: Am bition: To he a vocalist. LEWIS SAVACOOL Gllluigiii Never a :lull moment. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: Sports: Dislikes: Wise Guys: Usually seen: At Balevilleg Noted for: Wrestling: Ambition: To he a draftsman. HELEN SCHAFF ER Cal with few words, but many thoughts. Favorite pastime: Reading: Likes: The new school: Dislikes: People who try to get into everything: Usually seen: On the Honor Roll: Ambi- tion: To be a teacher. 52 9 SENIORS GAYLE SCOTT uScoHy" Serious, sociable, mul sincere. Favorite pastime: Cooking Likes: Dancing: Dislikes: Conor-ited people: Usually seen With Betty and lW'lill'gtll'ClQ Noted for: Her bashfulness: Amhi- Eff tion: To he a sec't'etat'y. LYDIA SEMENUK MLM!! Joy rises in me like a summer's morn. Favorite pastime: Talk- ing: Likes: Holidays: Dislikes: Being yelled at: Usually seen: With Sisco: Noted lor: Being soft spoken: Ambition: To keep books. FRED SEPLOW 66 Yogi!! Thought is deeper than anything. Favorite pastime: Going to good parties: Likes: Football, wrestling, and other sports: Dislikes: Hot pepper on pizza: Usually seen: In a blue two-tone ,52 Packard or in his father's store: Noted for: Sarcastie remarks to girls: Ambition: To enter business. NORMAN SHAWGER "Norm" Curly hair and good looks. Favorite pastime: Raising a rumpus: Likes: Dates: Dislikes: Rainy weather: Usually seen: With girls: Noted for: Way with the girls: Ambition: To travel. 53 'Snug' 1 Q. ff SEN IORS DONALD SINGLETON "saga" A loyal fan of Shakespeare. Favorite pastime: Traveling: Likes: Reading: Dislikes: Stubborness: Usually seen in New York City: Noted for: His side burns: Ambition: To be a writer. SHIRLEY SKUBA "Shirl,' Agreeable, thoughtful and understanding. Favorite pastime: Cheerleading: Likes: To laugh: Dislikes: Sour pusses: Noted for: Active participation in school activities: Usually seen: In the student lounge: Ambition: To be a dietitian. .sg A Q A RONALD SMITH "Smitty" A friendly HI, when Smitty goes by. Favorite pastime: Hunt- ing: Likes: Excitement: Dislikes: Work: Noted for: His foot- ball and baseball ability: Usually seen: Reading the news Ambition: To be a pro football player. BARBARA SPANGENBERG 5KBabsy!9 Thoughtful, sincere, and understanding. Favorite pastime: Yelling at football games: Likes: Blue eyes: Dislikes: Span- ish: Usually seen: In the art room: Noted for: A neat and attractive appearance: Ambition: To be an art teacher. ? if p ' 'K' ws., SEN IORS MARILYN SISCO Her ways are ways of pleasantness. Favorite pastime: Watch ing Bob play football: Likes: Dancing and sports: Dislikes: Catty people: Usually seen: With Bob: Noted for: Being head of the Majorettes: Ambition: To be happy. JANE SPANGENBERG "Slim" Success in whatever she attempts to do. Favorite pastime: Reading: Likes: Star gazing: Dislikes: Big wheels: Usually seen: On the Distinguished list of the Honor Roll: Noted for: Her intelligence: Ambition: A science career. KATHLEEN SPAULDING "Katie" I Personality plus. Favorite pastime: ,loking around: Likes: Writing letters: Dislikes: Having her picture tken: Usually seen: Bribing Mr. Dalling into a game of volleyball: Noted for: Her Irish temper: Ambition: To be a nurse. BARBARA SPECHT "Bobbie" Oh dear, Gert. Favorite pastime: Getting out of scrapes: Likes: Football players: Dislikes: Snobs: Usually seen: With Jan: Noted for: Her sense of humor: Ambition: To raise a football team. it 55 v""' f 'Sl s..,, SEN IDRS " MARGARET sisco 'gPfs:Qy', The habit of continuous speech. Favorite pastime: Dancing: Likes: Riding lin a beige ,54 Chevyj: Dislikes: Stuck-up girls: Usually seen: With Betty Struble and friends: Noted for: Laughing: Ambition: To be a secretary. VIRGINIA SPECHT ucinnyl' There's no wisdom like frankness. Favorite pastime: Boys: Likes: Raising cain: Dislikes: Party poopers: Usually seen: gn ln a '40 Chevy with Betty: Noted for: Flirting: Ambition: Y'-0 To be a comedian. 'N I ' x KU IIT S'l'ECKl,ICY HSlvch" Will go a long way. Favorite pastime: Swimming: Likes Good-looking girls: Dislikes: Opera: Usually seen: In Dore musls Luneheonette: Noted for: Figuring out trig prohlems Ambition: To be a jet pilot. .IAN ET STEWART "lun" 1 A merry heart doeth goorl. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: fy, Vacations: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: With a gang of girls: Noted for: I-ler sweetness: Amhition: To he a house- wife. 56 4 317' SENIORS LYNN STIANSEN HSIIOOAISH Artistic, neat and petite. Favorite pastime: Playing the piano: Likes: Sincerity: Dislikes: Onions: Usually seen: ln a Model A Ford: Noted for: Her art work: Ambition: To he a speech therapist. MERCEDES STHAIT She has a mind and there is sonzezlzing on it. Favorite pas- time: Dancing: Likes: Music: Dislikes: Practical jokes: Usually seen: ln a huddle with a group of gals: Noted for: Sense of humor: Ambition: To marry a millionaire. t 13? JAMES STEVENS hjimu for: Being an ardent hand memlwr. ?"s Q WILLIAM STRONG "Bill" 53" :' Happy go lucky. Favorite pastime: Smoking: Likes: Hunting: Dislikes: Work: Usually seen: At the hardware store: Noted Tall and handsome. Favorite pastime: Dancing: Likes: Most go to college. 57 girls: Dislikes: Some girls: Usually seen: Cluttering up the halls of N. H. S.: Noted for: His good looks: Ambition: To SEN IURS PATRICIA SULLIVAN 'gPat', Care is an enemy to life. Favorite pastime: Writing to a very special guy: Likes: Coast Guards: Dislikes: Male drivers: Usually seen: Cutting up: Noted for: Blue eyes and Irish temper: Ambition: To be a nurse. CAROL TALLEY Wonder is the seed of science. Favorite pastime: Writing fantastic short stories: Likes: Lobster: Dislikes: Dentists: usually seen: Peeking through key holes to get local scoop for the Sentinel: Noted for: Being editor for the Sentinel: Ambition: To be a journalist. LOI S TITMAN ggTfPPy', Blessed with the gift. Favorite pastime: Eating: Likes: Travel- ing: Dislikes: Sitting around: Usually seen: With Dolores: Noted for: Being a Hot Rod: Ambition: Take in the Air Force. BETTY TRAYNOR Not a worry in the world. Favorite pastime: Horseback rid- ing: Likes: Football games: Dislikes: Square dancing: Usually seen: In H. S. band: Noted for: Her friendliness: Ambition: To marry a millionaire. I se 5 f.-919' 'V' SENIORS OLLIE TRIEBLE A great farmer. Favorite pastime: Hunting: Likes: Girls: Dislikes: Dancing: Usually seen: With Hunt: Noted for: His dairy animals: Ambition: To have his own farm. MAUD UTTER A swell gal, a real pal. Favorite pastime: Participating in Ag. activities: Likes: True friends: Dislikes: Unnecessary stupidity: Usually seen: With June: Noted for: Being the F. F. A. girl with the long brown braids: Ambition: To be a florist. ,H X- 532 4'E4'iglisLmi": 'V' 'V vw., K' Ui, RALPH VAN AUKEN Big in size and sense of humor. Favorite pastime: Working on cars: Likes: Pizza: Dislikes: Slow cars: Usually seen: Sweeping the floor at Newberry's: Noted for: Height: Ambi- tion: To be a mechanic. DONALD VAN DEMOERE "Donny" His soft voice matches his charm. Favorite pastime: Being treasurer in Newton F. F. A. Chapter: Likes: Vegetable farm- ing: Dislikes: Speeding: Usually seen: Almost anywhere: Noted for: Gentle manner: Ambition: To take over his father's farm. 59 -34' SENIORS BARBARA VAN ORDEN 6- "BJ," f-Q ui Good things come in small packages. Favorite pastime: Talk- ing: Likes: Baseball: Dislikes: People who are not easy to get along with: Usually seen: With Luise: Noted for: her friendliness: Ambition: To be an Airline hostess. ' l w ' l SHIRLEY VEALEY ssljealu Brilliant and bright. Favorite pastime: Shorthand: Likes: Pizza pie: Dislikes: Grouchy people: Usually seen: Smiling: gf, Noted for: Her smile: Ambition: Secretary. BETTY VICKERY Being a friend makes a friend. Favorite pastime: Writing to a certain serviceman: Likes: Most anything: Dislikes: A People who gossip: Usually seen: Driving her brother's con- A vertible: Noted for: The sparkle on her left hand: Ambition: fi To make a good housewife. ANTHONY VIRGA "Tony" Shy, quiet, and reserved-but I .' Favorite pastime: Tinker- ing with cars: Likes: Lobster: Dislikes: Spaghetti: Usually seen: With Pat: Noted for: His red and rusty Ford: Ambi- tion: To join the State Police. 60 5, 1-49' SENIORS GRANT VORHIES Life is to live, not to think about. Favorite pastime: Working on cars, guns, and going out with gals: Likes: Cars, guns, and gals: Dislikes: Family Finance: Usually seen: Raising cain: Noted for: Bowlegs and Levis: Ambition: To graduate. RICHARD WASHER "Dick" He worries not: he hurries not: he's calm and undisturbed. Favorite pastime: Polishing his car: Likes: Pizza pie: Dis- Likes: Retailing: Usually seen: Walking Shirley down the hall: Noted for: Being studious: Ambition: To be a construction worker. ELSIE WATSON UWM!! Tiny, but full of fun. Favorite pastime: Watching T. V.: Likes: Hillbilly music: Dislikes: Show offs: Usually seen: With Eleanor: Noted for: A silly giggle: Ambition: To get married. CAROL WEISS "Toots,' Warm hearted and pleasant. Favorite pastime: Drawing: Likes: Ice skating, swimming, and dancing: Dislikes: Nothing in particular: Usually seen: Drawing: Noted for: Her sweet personality: Ambition: To be a fashion designer. 61 46. i -umm., 6 C1 SEN IDRS . DONALD WEISS ccD0nss A big guy with a big future. Favorite pastime: Riding around in his car: Likes: Firecrackers: Dislikes: Traffic cops: Usually seen: Cutting meat in the A 31 P: Noted for: His rattletrap Chevy: Ambition: To open a meat market. VERN WHITLOCK A musical genius. Favorite pastime: Making music: Likes: Music: Dislikes: Squares: Usually seen: With his clarinet: Noted for: His musical ability: Ambition: To go to college. RALPH WILEY Jack of all trades. Favorite pastime: Roller skating: Likes: Square dancing: Dislikes: Typing: Usually seen: In the wrestling room: Noted for: Annoying: Ambition: Pilot. DENNIS WILLIAMS CZDOCYQ Silence is golden. Favorite pastime: Sleeping: Likes: Hunt- ing: Dislikes: School: Usually seen: Running: Noted for: Running: Ambition: To be a landscaper. SENIORS LUI SE WILLIAMS CGLLLSJ Her dancing will lead her to success. Favorite pastime: Tap dancing: Likes: Things in general: Dislikes: Sweet potatoes: Usually seen: With Bev and B. J.: Noted for: Blushing: Ambition: To be a nurse. MARTIN WINFIELD "Marty" Easy going, natural, and friendly grin. Favorite pastime: Doing drafting: Likes: lVIerchanical drawing: Dislikes: Teach- ers: Usually seen: With the girls: Noted for: His butch hair- cut Ambition: To teach Industrial Arts. JOYCE YOUNG Patience is a virtue: possess it if you can. Favorite pastime: Dancing and going to the movies: Likes: To eat and have a good time: Dislikes: Homework: Usually seen: Taking at- tendance charts 7th period to the D and F floors: Noted for: Her delicacy: Ambition: To be a secretary. BETTY STRUBLE l5Bel7, A great girl with a swell personality. Favorite pastime: Talk- ing to the girls: Likes: P. A. D.: Dislikes: Most work: Usually seen: In a huddle with a group of gals: Noted for: Her swell conversation: Ambition: To get married. 63 okvvi SENIORS ROBERT HAMM "Hamster" He may be small but he's got a lot on the ball. Favorite pas- time: Hunting: Likes: Hunting and fishing: Dislikes: Home- work in trig.g Usually seen: Around most anywhere: Noted for: Being a twin: Ambition: To be a mechanic. MARION CEDZIDLO Gentlemen prefer blomles. Favorite pastime: Talking: Likes: Lasagna: Dislikes: Red convertibles: Usually seen: with Bob: Noted for: Always looking in lier mirror: Ambition: To lie ai teiiclim. 64 CLASS MUSICIANS I'I.'I 'III MOST POPULAR MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Nancy Bain Herb Demarest BEST FIGURE AND PHYSIQUE Lora Grabow Nancy Balties Vern Whitlock Wilfred Pierce Rosemary Hughes Marilyn Sisco John Iliff Bob Poe Carole Hughes Ronnie Smith MOST ATHLETIC .pi CLASS COUPLE BIGGEST, TINIEST A y' MOST TALKATIVE REDHEADS OF '55 Bill Lehman Catherine Buenz MOST CONSERVATIVE Harvey Jorgenson Shirley LcIy1on Bea DeAngelis Bob Dennis Marie DeVincenzi Cora Jager Phil Dunlap Bill Strong Nancy Bain John llifT BEST ALL AROUND 9 MILLION S SMILE CLASS DANCERS CLASS FLIRTS I I Charlotte Johnson Jock McColl Pot Sulllvon Shirley Hulzengq MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT 'k ,k,w ,.'- x. t '-Q , T .sm Q Y 34541 . I 1' ,125 Q.- Y .. lr ,X I v--.,. -.-..,. bw---5 Lou Sovocool Howord Norbcck ,....- LTL. ...Je-'41 ,.. ,..-0' MOST SERIOUS Helen Shaffer George Gray Don Von der Moere Royno Price Rochelle Roche Melvin Miller CLASS CUT-UPS I -4 J GOD'S GIFT BEST DRESSED CLASS ARTISTS , SILLIEST Saundra Fenner Hugh Mooney Lynn Stiansen Barbara Van Orden Roger Hendrixson Bob Earl Jane Spongenberg Diane Huff Dick Ayers Frank Gromlich .5 , YE, .. if Q A '-?""'c5""3 T ' ' CLASS SCHOLARS CLASS COOK 8' FARMER 68 wx, Sfza QT 0 z gi' 'ti' Vw ,. : X X ,, RY- 2 A1 1' if xf R , 4' .Z if SEN. JUN 0K C1455 0fFlL'fR.S' PRESIDENT. . . Barbara Henderson VICE PRESIDENT . . . Richard Epsiein SECRETARY . . . Richard VanAuken TREASURER . . . Thomas ScaIzo Tom Dick V. Barbara Dick E. 70 J 1 V 2 0 4 'fQ nt, v f 1 '1iw'n ' X X 5' x1L,'f 5 1 Q ' ya J i 4, ' ff ' x 1632 i Q L J f, rf lf Q .5 Li A , . Q NK , JUN A lg 'ir' 'WI Y 4 i Y :QKXV X 0 fi0MORf5' C'lv4.S'.S' 0FFlC'ER.S' PRESIDENT .,.......,,., ..,,. L oweII Harper VICE PRESIDENT .....,, .....,. A I Mooney SECRETARY .......,..A ...,. P ete Stamer TREASURER ......... ,....... B ob Ford Standing . . . Pete and Bob Sitting . . . Lowell and Al 129' f 1 Y , I, ii',. 'I-1llll P., . +1 ye 0MORf V .,,,- . ... . ,,-T? 0 fi0MOR 5' 0 fi0MORf FRESHME 621455 0fflCER.9 PRESIDENT. . . Linda Quick VICE PRESIDENT.. Dick Thurston SECRETARY. . . Marion Fleck TREASURER. . . Suzanne Herman 77 5 O la 4 Y H E-I5 I f.. D6 'X ,Lv .- ., .i .. ,Q 1555 ,, , '- ,' .'. , ak 'f ff fL sf ,, i 'Q' I I s B-4 6- B-6 lk ' K5 W- ,....4. ""JuTn3'D- fx g ,ts Mn W5 f ' l 29 x 'W f J 7 II ,Q , A X 3 it M 'X + ., ' ink" xg 'N XX Zi X TH x I .szcclenf Counci 0l-'FICERS' PRESIDENT . . . John Ilift VICE PRESIDENT. . . Barbara Henderson SECRETARY . . . Elvira Aspero TREASURER . . . Dolores Clayton 17 Qs: J ...Liz f Standing: S. Yetter, J. McCall, S. Struble, N. Bain, R. Green, R. Smith, W. Rddb, T. Scalzo, M. Sisco, R. Roche, L. Quick. Sitting: L. Chamberlain, W. Decker, D. Clayton, B. Henderson, J. llifT, E. Aspero, B. Kinney, L. Harper. 82 This year's Sentinel staff achieved a long-sought goal when it won fourth place in the Columbia Scholastic Press Association contest for a school of our size. This fine distinction was amply deserved by a hard-working group of iunior journalists headed by Carol Talley, Editor-in-Chief, and Kathleen Spaulding, Business Manager. le Snfinef qs .y fr i, S M , ii . 4- . A Aniifmi A bo- '15,,,X EdllOl'S, left M' Staff below l i v ik' Vw' WT Us a , xi f x-'-4 .-- V f 'H' v X 3 H sf as 3 ' -, I avg , N y. .-.. tl' A - ,X,,,..- .,,.o- 1 x ani-:TM v!sf'..5ffi1.f" .J.,,:ff-76 , ,Ml J, v K. Va 'I l X 3 Standing: Mr. Gombosi, A. Westbrook, O. Treible, M. Utter, K. Powers, 0 C. Stung, T. Ellingsen, R. Christie, Mr. Stump. Sitting: R. Van Auken, D. Van de Moere, F. Gromlich, W. Henderson, J. Snover. , 1 f L-Y? , Back Row: E. Wallace, C. Johnson, B. Spangenberg, S. Van Kampen, I. Fuller, E. Lo Fleur, M. Cedzidlo, M. Lundstrom, V. Whitlock. Front ' Row: H. SchalTer, L. Sticinsen, D. Poole, L. Grabow, D. Huff, C. Nugent, G. Ryan. O 85 N ire pafro lla! Paffof r N Wafiona! .wzefilaian .sizciefg C I P Y T Iley PI tt L Sh I y G b Sk b ramaficd Week :Zbrawing .xdufomofiue U' Q 1 m in Cllllefa CLA jamie cm A ig,-X:-'W . -V .-i....,, 5-'fLff"'?i -Q2-ld j W9 ul "' 'Pg ' , .419 c . Y , .kFXf4,s,' .fp '1 -4x'- Jiifh.. ff? R 42.1 V L 4 K ah,uA,"- v L A' L, fl xxx ,N uf Cf my M4 - 2I'Clh'lLC:5 ug 1 N Y 5 Aff CM in C CA 68104661 6106 Bitsy Harriette Shirley I me 5 -35 px X Ruth Charlotte Barbara Yvonne Z? f C7 A Re inc u Back row: Herb, Verne, 9 Jack, Bill, Harvey. Rosemary Third row: Joe, Bob, Carole Fred, Melvyn, Dick, Du- ane. Butch. Fred, Mr. Dalling. vs., gd, YQ: Second row: Ruric, Ho- ward, Jim, Kurt, Linford, Front row: Hugh, Dom, Roger, George, Bill, M' ,M Liz.: Mociafion This new organization, tor which all Newton High girls are eligible, tirst sow the light of day in the fall of 1954. The group maintains a full pro- gram of activities for girls, oftering a varied schedule of sports during ac- tivity periods. First officers of the new Association are: PRESlDENT ,,,, ,, Sally Bixler VICE PRESIDENT , , Joan Henry SECRETARY , , , Nancy Hawke TREASURER , , Betty Houghton Girls' A. A, Council Iegafing CLA ,,. -..H f' 3 X? -Ss ide ocLey5 'a w 1 v, up .:...' , uv-4' X 71' . b, I y - . , uni" 1f1Ai A,L1 , Y 15 . ju fare urziea Future Nurses is an organization which furnishes advice and some chance of ex- perience to girls interested in nursing as a profession. So large a group has it be- come that only the senior members could get into the picture. lflI"0l'6l, .961 The Aurora staff, headed by Nancy Bain, editor, and George Gray, ftoo busy to make the picturej, business manager, is responsible for the publication ofthe 1955 yearbook. But every member of the senior class is really a member of the yearbook staff, for every senior helps to sell ads, type, or do any other of a hundred related iobs. nv li A ' A 1 I X51 "xy , Q -. 1 ol .L mar. s'.' A., g N r--Es-,-sur, G D7 D G7 Gdim 27 oo o Goo O OO WJ J J V V 9 J J LJ V V 9 I 'nys lifea sdng, KeepmyDad-dy safe and strong, Letme have them - lee-trictrains, Twen-ty-dol-lar aer- o - planes, Fl'6COlii' friends E 4353 JJ JJ ri V G r r r 'ZF Goo QA7 497 Goo Gdim 87 Q. eww WW my J lg J- LJ J J- J J I all ye. WR CHRIST-MAS. Let my dolls be made of rags, aches and, ' CHRISTMAS. I like boots with tops of blue, I X J -J We H .L AJJ I x., ' V33 9 ' :l"-'::::- . -7" ,,..-- g':2ggi.-:: Tw HJ X it . T E Jrralfr- Elfffl Fire-man hats of p per the Christ-mas tags, Like my lit - tle sis- ters leave a fc-w, J J fi J J J A J V " - :X ' N 'xr re 'HP 5' V V r E if 3' f -5 .5 J J W W .5 ii J THATZS WHAT1 WANT FOR CHRIST-MAs.when I wt vould THATS WHAT I WANT FOR CHRIST-MAS.When the rein 'fe f T i 3 y 4 71 , ""' A 'nf is Q A3 1 That? What I Want For Christmas THE BAND ffl Barbara Friedman, Diane Helmacy, Marilyn Sisco, Rayna Price, Marianne Moran. Whether they are playing at football games, an assembly, or a parade, the Newton High Band, under the direction of Mr. Carroll f"Pop"j Mynard, adds lite and pep to the occasion. Each of these appearances is the culmination of hours of rehearsal, not only of music, but of marching and maneuvers. Climax of the season is the Annual Concert, which gives the band an opportunity to demonstrate its musical accomplishment in ensemble and solos. 96 Oh, we're from dear old Newton . . .' ff' 'W Struttin' their stuff Betty LaFleur, N.H.S.'s representative All-State Chorus. in the Music Students who like to sing, and there are a great many of them, tind many opportunities through the activities of the Girls' Glee Club fpictured belowl, the Special Chorus, the Men's Chorus, and the Senior and Junior Ninettes. Under Mr. Falling's direction, these groups are busily engaged all during the year preparing for the Christmas pro- gram, the County Music Festival, and the Spring Concert. Crowning achievement for our aspiring vocalists is selection for the All State Chorus, with concerts in Newark and Atlantic City. 23 VX 7 J oyce' NW enior ineffed 43 ,0- LC. 1 1 if um a, ' A X Ia ,. - tv W t e 7 -f 1: uf x Y X 'em 9 'Y' Q, K 1 'vu f 'F' ts V . ' 1 I I ' a ig, X R r A , t, Nancy Kathleen unior nneffed Wanda, Jeanette, Toni, Maren Sandra Mary Louise Noel Betty, a ue S17 ,, , if . ,O . ww S X A Nr, . . All w fjff x", N V, f, f QQ yn' 'Q ,, 2 f ,' , ' 0 x q vu" I I ' I f 5 I ' 1 ,Aw In ll Ulf -,I ' fix i f' gf x ll 3 ff' fllfa' ' YD5"'NN L gl I 0,1 ,Qi 0 fi f I my 9 1 1 N Q 98 FOOTBALL U 1 Q va. pw: --F E, 1..- 15 12 54 Top: Coach Disque, G. Gray, W. Pierce, M. Frazier, C. Ansbach, F. Seplow, R. Peck, W. Strong, Coach Waskowich. Middle: R. Epstein, T. Scalzo, R. Ayers, R. Snook, D. Pierson, R. Bischoff, L. Savacool, G. Wardle, R. Van Auken. Bottom: D. Carriera, F. Current, J. Iliff, R. Smith, R. Celli, R. Poe, R. Hendrixson, W. Felker, H. Demarest. Six wins, one tie, and one loss added up to make the 1954 football season a successful one for the Braves. In their first four games the Maroon rolled up sixty-nine points to six for the opposi- tion. Then came the Morris Hills standoff, followed by wins over Mt. Lakes and Hawthorne. This brought the Waskowich warriors down to the Franklin game with no defeats to put on the line aginst the L'il Miners unblemished record. Consequently a record turnout invaded Memory Park for the Himmelwright Hassle, Sussex County's leading annual sport event. Well . . . somebody had to lose. Two years ago the Braves came out of nowhere to spoil the season for a fine Franklin team. This year it was Franklin's turn. 102 T N ,,L. ,,w.', . A .J - ' W, an 11. 3 1E 5 1 X 50 X 4 -. 4 ' t w ,- Bidding the Seniors good-bye is an impressive ceremony with which Coaches Waskowich and Disque end the football season. Down below the two mentors go over some pre-game strategy with three senior stalwarts: Celli, Smith, and John Iliff. .L ,M I 1-Q .Q Q Current nails the ball-carrier. Poe plunges for the score. Touchdown! Celli scores! W u . . . f .- ..v . ., ., , , k ., A,-, .1 . r Interference down, Ansbach keeps on. 104 It took three to stop Wardle. QQ.. BASEBALL 5? H 33 W ,. 4 X C 5.-.-gg.. Li T0 . NIL! TU IT A EZ A V H . 4. wth. if wLYTtr Top: M. Frazier, W. Bonker, D. Koop, R. Poe, R. Celli, T. Scalzo, J. Roe, O. Berninger, R. Blesskany, D. Begraft, Coach Waskowich. Center: M. Wildrick, R. Scalzo, R. Epstein, W. Campbell, F. Cur- rent, W. Felker, R. Smith, W. Raab, J. Pierce. Front: J. Barry, P. Stamer, D. Kent, A. Westbrook, T. Decker, C. Stang, W. Geiken, M. Fulkrod, J. Utter, T. Rennert. Opponents Franklin .c Roxbury .... Netcong .... Blair J. V. ,... . Hamburg -. Sussex ...... Hamburg ..... Franklin ..,,, Blair J. V. .... - Sussex .,.. Roxbury .... Morris Hills i954 SCORES They 'I 0 ,. 0 3 l 2 4 4 6 1 3 2 n tos T Ji J Top: Coach Disque, W. Felker, Tom Scalzo, A. Mulligan, R. Epstein. Front: G. Wardle, R. Ayers, F. Current, Mc- Call, R. Smith. And where were Dick Celli and Butch Ansbach? They'll talk a long time about that 1954-55 basketball season, particularly that overtime game when Franklin came to Newton with a record of consecutive wins stretching back over the years and almost . . . Nine victories were racked up by the Braves, and they lost five times: twice each to Franklin and Morris Hills, once to Roxbury. Also memorable were the 42-41 squeaker over Sussex and the 86-30 rout of hapless Hamburg. 106 V vw -U Opponents Roxbury , S ,, North Hunterdon Roxbury . ., Y Y ,S Netcong ., , Sussex 5 as Hamburg .5 Blair JV , Franklin Netcong , Sussex Morris Hills ,, Blair JV s,ss Hamburg , , Morris Hills ,S 5, Franklin ,S SCQRES AW-Hg, Celli looks for a hole in the Sussex defense. We as 65 47 XX Xl 31 46 48 77 31 Q we so 44 i' M Ml ' 35 ,,r,Z . 60 45 44 45 57 53 42 41 38 48 70 62 86 30 50 53 56 69 107 Current on his way to make it 41-18. Wrestling 'Sh-.S 1 54 'KN2 - V ,ff . Q n IS- , 1 ,Q Back: Coach Boresch, VanAuken, Seplow, Doty, Demarest, Hagadorn, Gray. Center: Pierce, Gray, Begraft, Savacool, Decker, Carriera. Front: Mooney, Snover, Wiley, Chammings, Brandt, Earl, Smith. Undefeated and Co-Champs! Coach Boresch's grapplers enioyed another undefeated season which culminated in a tie with Leonia for the sectional championship and a tie with Springfield for the state title. It was at the state meet that George Gray was chosen as New Jersey's outstanding schoolboy wrestler for 1955. 108 Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton 21 29 26 30 18 29 30 22 SCORES Rutgers Freshmen Phillipsburg ss,s ,s Washington Roxbury Leonia ,s,.s, Dover , 7. Teaneck ,....,, .,., - West Point Plebes . Q-.a NWWQYQ Scvocool in action. Begruft turns him over The coach and his outstanding wrestler. F 1. it tw tits' I f t tttt t t This year's trophies. Autographs uigtiniu -ll A ,jx-Zrfgf! fl": ' 11, '-qs ," '.a1'.' 1 rJ" L.fa-' l, A-,h:,m.LUku:7,.'f,.y V 5 -Q.: 3, , Y-523.-,fzu-.L" 'I F -1---1-.1-. 4 ,. '. ' U. . , x . 1 x 44. , Q . .:g2g3ef'i"g' , gk,-",:,LRzX'4W, , , 'L' 4, -1. :' 11 , -, r 1..'tL5wilj-.rgbhrff V ,, I' s . ,- K ' '- 4,,. S 1 i mg!!-iraq. - , ' . q LEW! ,g,F,F. -Qs, 4 ,till 32- " J?" 1 'ji J ! 5- l . ,S I KJ 'Q vf: 5 xr ,U '-' QS! .1 -4 li ,A T .2- 'r' D ' .1533 A ,FV--3 . ,, .',.f,, - ,, , . ,. - -.u,:'g.:,1.4,.1,, iw' 5-if-,rw NK. - , ."Qff3'."w way 'vip . .."'e'37!, .JV A xh, V lg, Q , f .- .xfun ff lfvifliqff -f" " if .gi'f1"f1vq-Uv" ' nf -ff -. 1.14,-. . il : 'xp' rw, .Qt-Q.,-ss, A I-7 N V' . Q ,1fx'-- . ff rw.. + Ts. 74 -: .J 43-1:-.172 .:-:-:-:3.- ..-:-:-:-:-.3-s:-:-:-:-:-:-U -I-1-1-.-.g , ,-1-1-1-2 .-.-.g.g5-1-:-:-:-:-.-.3-g-1-1-:-:-:-:-.- '-'-1-2-I-I --5:-:-'-:-:-:-.- -:-:-:-:-1'2-1'iS:-:-:-:-1-Z- 1.31.25 ,:-,:.:...'. 4-+:,t.1.:.'.. ,:.1.:.1Gj!25:.:,:.:Q.'.'. -1-I-ZS:-1-1-ez-1 -1-1-2-1-viii:-1-1 "li:-za-1-1-2-1-" .--,','.' ........ .'...'.. N .,..'.......-...-.a .-.-...A- f 'Fi'-2-1-1.-21'--13:-2:-1-t-.-. r -" A I , . . Congratulations cmd success to the class of '55 . . . IIDEAL GUERNSEY FARMS of I "SPECIAL GUERNSEYH The World's Fines? Milk AUGUSTA, NEW JERSEY BEST WISHES FROM LIMESTONE PRODUCTS CORPORATION of AMERICA Compliments of A Friend STERLING ELECTRIC SERVICE CO Stillwater, New Jersey Compliments of MERRELL W. LANDES Stillwater, New Jersey GARRIS GENERAL STORE Groceries, Cold Cuts, Frozen Foods Moglia's Ice Cream Stillwater, New Jersey VAN'S FLOOR COVERINGS 7 Adams St., Newton Carlos N. VanOrden Tel. 552 WILLSON'S ELECTRIC SHOP Hotpoint Appliances General Electric Television 'I24 Spring St. Tel. 446 Newto Compliments of VITA FROST FOODLOCKERS, INC. Newton, New Jersey Compliments of TRINITY MOTORS Compliments of E. A. MUIR COMPANY BETTY ANN SHOPPE 'I16 Spring Street Above Restaurant Phone 576W Newton, N. J. NEWTON COLONY SHOP Skirts, Blouses, Lingerie Curtains, Linens Compliments of GAAL'S STORE Stillwater, New Jersey 43 Spring St. Newton, N. J. C,,,,,pH,,,,,,,, of J. C. ROY 81 SONS Feed - Seed - Fertilizer - Lime - Cement Farm Supplies - Hay - Straw Stillwater, New Jersey Stillwater, New Jersey KLlNGENER'S CONFECTIONERY Homemade Ice Cream and Candy I39 Spring St. Newton Compliments of NEWTON QUALITY SHOE SHOP 139 5P'in9 St. Newton Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Walter M. Yetter Tel. 523 VOGUE BEAUTY SHOPPE Hairdressers 8- Stylists Mary K. Cleave 17 Main St. Newton, N. J. WALTER WICKHAM Co,,,pnm,,,,, of Plumbing and Heating , Mr. and Mrs. Russell Winfield RD No. 3 Newton, N. J. Watches Diamonds Ed Hull, Jr. Jacobson Power Mower Sales - Factory Service Station Jeweler Automotive Repairs - lubrication - Welding Gifts for every occasion Main Road, Layton, N. J. Gbdd Luck Gnd Happy Ddyt To our Graduating Members "Wh P l M E " "' 'op' "l 'O G' Newton Assembly No. 38 Route 15 Sparta Older of Rainbow Girls Compliments of Compliments of Launderers and'Cleaners Newton, N. J. Tel. 470 Optometrists Compliments of DAVE GOBLE Dr. Louis E. Meyers Dr. Gerald S. Feldman 151 Spring St. Newton, N. J. HENDERSHOT'S DRUG STORE Harry R. Colborn, Jr., B. Sc. Ph. l6l Spring St. Newton, N. J. Phone 159 NEWTON FISH MARKET Spring St., Newton, N. J. Wholesale and Retail All kinds of sea food Compliments of F. F. MARVIN Greendell, N. J, Compliments of SUSSEX CO. MUTUAL INSURANCE C0 NEWTON MILLWORK 8. LUMBER CO. Gar Jones, Jr., Gar Jones, Sr. J. D. Jones Paterson Avenue Phone 820 Newton, N Compliments of TRAPASSO'S Now operated by William Porphy 166 Spring St. Newton, N. J. ALFRED D. MUNIO Carpenter and Builder 21 Sussex St Newton, N. CARL W. BETTS General Sales and Service Timken 8. Silent Glow Oil Burners Fuel Oil Oil Burner Service Newton 100 52 Pine St. CLARENCE D. DECKER 8. SO Electrical Contractors 34 Pine Street, Newton Tel. 644 81 198-M German-American Cruisine ROCK OAK LODGE - RESTAURANT Our Specialty-Sauerbraten and Potato Dumplings, Roulade of Beef with Potato Pancakes and other selections from our daily menu Dinners served Family Style 3 miles up Glen Road from Sparta, N. J. Lake Mohawk 3308 Compliments of OWEN'S ESSO STATION Augusta, N. J. CITY GAS SERVICE CO. DEPENDABLE BOTTLE GAS SERVICE anywhere in Northwest Jersey BE MODERN --.-- GO GAS Telephone: Newton 711 38 Park Place, Newton, N. J. Faith in the Future Newton's new high school building, from which the Class of 1955 is the first to graduate, is a tribute to our community's faith in its own future and that of America, and to our belief that this future is safe in the hands of young people who are well trained and well informed. Dedicated to the proposition that good schools make good citizens, this company is proud to be an integral part of a community which demonstrates its progressive spirit in its fine schools and fine young people. Darlington Fabrics Corp LOWICK'S SERVICE STATION Betty Barclay Jr. Dresses . . T cl Wh' l ' d M as advertised an Seventeen ow an 'r Wm owen Ship 'n' Shgre Blguses Stillwater, New Jersey College Town 8. Queen Casual Skirts - Slacks - Sportswear - Jane Irwill Sweaters - Lee Bathing Suits - Berkshire I Hosiery - Seamprufe Slips AUNT KATE S I We Cater to Banquets, Parties, and Weddings C A R B E R S ' I N C ' Route 206 Stanhope, N. J. Albert 8. Anna Quinn RED WING INN Phone Newton 673 Route 206 Stanhope HARRY VEALEY General Trucking Cattle Dealer All Kinds of Livestock Moved Loufs SNACK BAR I8 Stuart Sl. Newton, N. J. Lake Lackawanna, N. J. Candies - Soda - Borden's Ice Cream Food Served Compliments of David D. Doniger gl Co., Inc. Manufacturers of McGregor Sportswear l PIONEER GARAGE Studebaker Cars ond Trucks WI - E - M - C C Newton, N. J. J. LINN LEWIS T10 Spring St. Newton, N. J. SHOES Compliments of For Men, Women, and Children LESTER DECKER Sparta, N. J. BITTERSWEET FARMS Thoroughbred Horses Swurtswood Rd. Newton, N. J. 99 ffMama Rose RESTAURANT Homemade Pizza Pies Italian ond Americon Dinners We Coter to Banquets, Parties, ond Weddings Netcong 2-0269 Cranberry Loke DODD APPLIANCE CO. 5 Woodside Ave. Phone 221-J Newton 71 Main St. Phone 2-3371 Sussex Frigidaire Appliances Made by General Motors Compliments of Dr. and Mrs. Donald S. Terhune Stillwater, N. J. visit voun rexAco DEALER BEST FRIEND YOUR CAR EVER HAD Compliments of W. F. Coe LAWRENCE YETTER ALBERT E. MONSANTO flewis G Ayersl General Insurance Distributor Cities Service Oil Co. 53 M95 5'- Phan' 333 Fuel Oil Gasoline Motor Oil YETTER'S BOTTLED GAS SERVICE Distributor Est. 1880 - 75 years continuous service Pyrofux Bittled Gus country Bottling Plants-Lafayette, N. J. - Roseland, N. 1 Newton, N. J. Phone 88 HENRY BECKER 81 SON, INC. Grade "A" Dairy Products IORGENSGN Newton, N. J. Congratulations and a cordial invitation, Seniors You've made your mark in High School-soon you'll be making your mark in other fields. Do as other graduates have done. Save your way to a happy and successful life. For safety, bank your savings at SUSSEX 8. MERCHANTS where your deposits will earn TK: per annum interest. SUSSEX Sz Mllllllllil T ATIO AL BA K Newton and Lake Mohawk-Sparta Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Congratulations and Best Wishes to THE CLASS OF 1955 7751. mzd776u. 77f4'ZCUW6'Wf0lt4 IUNIORS THE SOPHOMORE CLASS FRESHMAN CLASS That MONEY-lN- THE-BANK Look The faces of steady savers usually reflect the growing feeling of security they enjoy. Acquire the habit of banking a part of your earnings, regularly, in a savings account here. As your balance mounts, your face will wear an ex- pression like this more and more often. Try it! EW GDN 'r n u s 'r comrnwv Member of tb: Federal I k. . Dspositlnsurance Corporation Comp de Ban 'ng Sgnnce .--4..l. IN THB HEART OF DAIRY-PARKING SUSSBX COUNTY-SOURCE OF YOUR FINEST MILK FRANKLIN MUTUAL LOAN INSURANCE J. R. HARRIS BRANCHVILLE, NEW JERSEY LAFAYETTE FEED AND COAL CO Beacon, Eshelman and Larro Feeds Our Specialty Mixing Do ry Rations Phone Newton 962 R PRlCE'S GARAGE Sunoco Service Tires - Batter'e General Repairing Lafayette, New Jersey GENSE IMPORT LTD. Swedish Stainless Steel Ta blewore BRANCHVILLE, N. J. Congratulations Class of 1955 Compliments of NEWTUN MOTURS, INC 237 Spring Street Buick - Pontiac - GMC Compliments of SPARTA INDUSTRIES Compliments of LAFAYETTE CITIES SERVICE STATION A. J. KITHCART, Manager SPARTA RouteI5 SPORT AND HOBBY CENTER Cornerof Monroe-Hamburg Road The Plaza Lake Mohawk Compliments of KULSAR'S GARAGE Franklin, New Jersey PEARSON'S HARDWARE Branchville, New Jersey CRANBERRY LAKE ESSO SERVICE Route 206 Cranberry Lake, N. J. Quality Merchandise! Men's and Women's Sporting Apparel and Footwear Phone Netcong 2-0829 SILVERMAN'S BRANCHVILLE M I C H A E I. HOOS 8. FLETCHER, INC. Commercial and Portrait Photographers Branchville, New Jersey 47 Spring Street Phone 655-W V Compliments Congratulations, Graduates! of Compliments of SUSSEX COUNTY LIQUOR STORE ANDY THE BUTCHER Branchville, New Jersey Compliments of THE PLAZA SANDWICH SHOP Compliments ot HERBERT ILIFF WIN and ERV Lafayette, New Jersey Complimems Compliments of from Lee Rosenkrans LAYTO N H OT E L G U S ' S Branchville, New Jersey And of A Friend Telephone Netcong 2-0434 6Kv4NBfRRY ZODGE Restaurant :-: Cocktail Lounge Catering to Private Parties and Banquets Chris and Fred Siems Route 206 Cranberry Lake New Jersey FOR BETTER BUYS IN LAKE REAL ESTATE See THE ARTHUR D. CRANE CUMPAN Y Realtors Boardwalk Office LAKE MOHAWK SALES - RENTALS - BUILDING Compliments of S U N S E T IN N Compliments of CASEY'S GARAGE Augusta, New Jersey HOUSEHOLD ENGINEERING CO. Branchville, New Jersey Compliments of BRANCHVILLE SERVICE STATION Compliments of FARMLAND MILK BAR C A M P B E L L ' S Department Store Branchville, New Jersey Compliments of TIDEWATER GRAIN COMPANY SUSSEX COUNTY DRUG CO. 215 Spring Street Newton, New Jersey Veterinary Supplies Telephone 691 ',.' I WMMWX CongraTulaTions and The besT of luczld We aT Thomas are proud of The parT we have had in helping To make your rlasshoolc a permanenT reminder oT your school years, recording wiTh phoTo. graphs one of The happiesT and mosT exciTing Times oT your life! We hope ThaT, iusT as you have chosen us as your class phoTographer, you will conTinue To 'Think of Thomas STudios when you wanT phoTographs To help you remember oTher momenTous days To come! When you choose Thomas porTraiTs, you are sure oT The TinesT craTTsmanship aT The mosT moderaTe prices! an ForemosT School PhoToqraphers in The EasT THE ROY CO., INC. Feeds - Farm Machinery Branchville, New Jersey Compliments of Phone 2681 TIIE BIIANCIIVILLE NA'I'IllNAL BANK BRANCHVILLE, NEW JERSEY Member Federal Deposit Insurance MARTIN STRUCK Corporation Plumbing and Heating Branchville, New Jersey Best Wishes Compliments of CAMPUS SHOP NEWTON CHAPTER F. F. A. Compliments of .ROOF LOCAL DEALER for CHEVROLET OLDSMOBILE CADILLAC Newton's leading used car dealer since 191 5 A SINCERE WISH TO THE CLASS OF 1955 That whatever your endeavor may be, wherever it may take you, the years of training in the Sussex County School System shall be an eternal light to your success and happiness." GEORGE B. HARPER DOUGLAS RUTHERFURD Member of Senate Member of Assembly MARSHAL HUNT Judge, Sussex County Court R D AYERS Director, Board of Freeholders LESTER N. PRICE - DENTON J. QUICK Members Board of Freeholders HENRY B. CARR County Clerk VlTO A. CONCILIO Prosecutor JAMES SKOK Sheritt DONALD C. BAIN Surrogate CAMERON'S DRUGS Complimentsof... Formerly McNulty's Mr. and Mrs. Jerome D. Herzenberg Route 15, Sparta LM 2711 Bronchville, New Jersey Compliments of . . . l. E A D E R S T 0 R E HOWELL' RESTAURANT l55SpringStreet Newton, New Jersey 156 Spring Street BRANCHVILLE COOP. G.l..F. SERVICE INC Newton, New Jersey Brcnchville, New Jersey Bron. 2324 Compliments of LAC KAWAN NA DAIRY ANDOVER, NEW JERSEY F. J. Francisco and Sons - Telephone Andover 3581 Compliments of . . . F. W. WOOLWORTH Newton, New Jersey .l BRANDT THEATRES SELECTED RISKS NEWTON ' Sussex SPARTA - FRANKLIN Compliments of . . . Branchville KLINGENER CONFECTIONERY New Jersey 126 Spring Street Newton, N. J. LANTZ TAXI AND TRUCKING Branchville, New Jersey Telephone 2471 Compliments of . . . Compliments of . . . D . A . H O W E BEDELL AUTO SUPPLY 51 - 51.00 Stores Bronchville, New Jersey l Bronchville, New Jersey MILLS GARAGE 212 Main Street, Newton New Jersey Sunoco products - General repair Harry and James Mills, Proprietors Compliments of A F R I E N D Compliments of . . . A FRIEND AURORA STAFF 1955 I f THE SENIOR CLASS Aafograpfzs ' 'Wi - :fu ,. . 35.2 A' r- ng., Us ,fx ..1, "' is la . X.. ' -uw .Q. ,.. ., ,, W , 1 ,Q ' H.: 4 .. ..v -. Hp X V gif Q ,U .,m,., 1 X mu 5 1.2, 'Q , A -7:54 1 - ' ' if ' J V ,' : 'W' . 1 ij., 4 Q ,. 1 1 -.W , .nw 1 , 1 v Q. r J . ,.g . , y -an .,,,4:i ' 114 ' r 1 -WM - -my 1 ,M L ' 1, Uv ,,, x -. ay.-', t , I 4 M 'JI' mx ,ar - rr' f . r,, N '4 J" . 1 J f eg: x. . ,, .P , . ' f' "' Q ' . 1 'ww 5 ,uf f :M ,. 'L WI., -1 V.-, ' K, -J V, z., 9 K ff V- 1 X., rf , +1 .--f , . , 1:-vs V - Q Q-1-. ,K ,4 y 14 ' .. ,..,. . A, W' ' ' , .,, V s-' ' +A .4 L. 3.. . , 4 --' s lr' wx ',.,, 1 q .fryfw . A . ,111 ,. 5 ,, .-,,- S P W" V, gg, 1-3, 3, L, 1, 4 f., I .iggf ' .. -. " wi 1 fr An , ,. . ., I 0 J 1' N W ,. , , .. ,JL ,k,,,i,.. 1 . . gy A. X 'SV L v., . , 1 ,f-. if 4 1:13 ,.A , lflilf ' - -5 " .. ' g. ff, g ,A .Q f , 4 5-!,5f..,3 - 11, W S , , ,. M . , ., .,., .. , , A V ' -3-..1:" . 64.03 " xr' " - 4-. .w 7 fc' ' .- 11 - -, uf , , uf, Wg, ,x x UW, K. Mm' M - . ' ' Q -if , '.., A., Q, m, .1 ,, Y, 4. M. 1 2 ' f'n"i' ' , :H .N ,. , 'E-1ozL-Qt '4 S., f " K . W .aff ,Q . - , , .,, A-x fb., ay Q, . ki-H , 1-A -- " .a, ' M., w ,gxw '- ' ' ' - , I 3, ff--1, - , , H Vw, , w ' 955. 9 . , - 'f'1- ,I , , 'f ' L-1E,,g,,. . J -F Q . 1 - V UW: .2 ' t... x , ,mQ,.., .. A In ff N 1 . : M' " n 1, My 'fd' 2, , , s ' K., '43, . V ge.: ' . , . ,n'f'-'.' 'wL'f" 5 V mm. .ve . --.A , f " 7 ' ' few' ' ,1l-- . X ,.f' .J , . ,S 'F ' ' ,. l . .- . 53' X A. , , .V ' 'J 'Y' L . - 1 A ., 1 .1 1..- Y fxf. yy , x ffm V r 5- ' ' SIU. .-I . , ,, - . mn A. , w. H, f qw- ' X x ' . . - b ' I K X 361, gm, . -Q., my , M , ...H 3 K x., , , ' ',1'HM . . .f 33,411 is I .ny 'e M ,f-LQ .4 . 4.1, ,v' 1- 1.6 -, -A x ,Q . -, Lg., tg, 0 .Ji ' wx- 1.-r 1 if' -- 31 funn.-fn 9 ' Q ,r ' -y..2153,: .gum-5m.,..'.f, ,ff V1 , S A+ ' - 'M-,x-eM.1..1,a1mx',n:mn.2.mr1' ' ' T4 fi? '?'4V ?1,4"Bi'5Y'5'F3i"5'?W QEFTEEQW HQ"-Q5 3' fri, w u.'1: 1 fn, 3 . 'E rf S31 5, 'lf 1, ,. 53 ' X5 5 ini lx Qc: ,gsm 1312 s '4' , af 1 ' 14, 4.3 f ., fb if 1 ,, . Q, ,':, i. 1 ,Q 1' 'E 5 fi H'- 1 1 gl.. 51 KV. Lawy- Q L H, Qin. V-4 1, -e x 1 v 1 , 4, Q ,,..',v . A Q fgzwbfm - , "gg -- . .AM g..-x,. 1 1 fn . "m A-gh, ..Q,, -U. . K .i V v :-:TK , A ' he Jr, 1 :fi f -f-ni: 1" J .:",-,r .,5V15:."Xk ,,. ,, , .S - .1 .2 .1-'ffi-rw fvf yi: . K. X511 qw . I m 3.5.5 , H.- .,,. sinh f 4 1-K wx, fs-M Fw.. ,A 4-s y , Q 4 ,,, wi , , - ,fx x - A ,.-954 F. 1, , Ji? .iz : a, .,,. 1 Y , ,:,in?,. 4 " , gr., . yr. 17' , , Q. A 5, 5 v . H . .,, ,, .- . K , w-., , .K. V . -Haw. . V im. 5 f x , U. W .5 ,3 Y J- -. i , .5- '4 . , ew. ,Vw M rw . , - ul: , , . . x . v xv .,L ,. W v. .1 5 . .. , .4 PJ. . ,,, my f ,r J f- K, Q . Y, .X I 1 gun, .. ,vnx Q- -" Y 4 -,, H . :., ' "MQ ,e 1 f .. .NW wh, x v r x , .-,,. . AK ,, , , Lf. , ,. l, 'J ,uv 2 'f Y.. Q f f4..f' wr 'g W A 1,1- ,, 4 2 , riff, 4 5 ' r A--'wqf , .,.. '1 H: Kp we J .,. L. , ,.,5.'1 xr ,A , r-. ,. ly , 1, :lb . R ME , 4. M.. E ad. f ,, ., ' ' N dk An, 3. 1--H: 'w 4 - , ,KF .. lx .,, . 92:3 V Zn, . fy. Q ,,, J, ,JJ , Wig. - X v ...,- AQ, I 'r 1 45 Y ,I N y,wff Q Q 'V gl .din a v . , -1 Y, ','. ':::.-.-'1 9. :.. .s.'wn?fLevyL ,. ,, L W ,mima'A.21s1wIrsiv1r.nn: I . Wuxi-. 'Q x .l. 1 5 . 1 Sn, z 2 s ' 5 X. M, 0 K -: . ., .gn . ,U W, ,, , , , A . ,P-V ., , g ga y 5-...IAA f- As 3 gif ' l.0oEn,+1iz.niiiak 2:3 1 Q- is 51 I. :E 5 If' , . Q ui -if gi, Ni, "F, 'EL Zi .il gg, Q 71 52 Zi' Fi 3: , 32- sf: ff - 1 '5?:2, ' fbi-. tl 7 1' F5 -' nf- , ,af-M. 5 we 5. fx? - iff!-bl -3-fs f -2- 46 : 1 if Q gag. 5435 K-4- 5 . P W, fffllti un, Q.. gg-c. cn-- 1 35-' V - :azz 4 'S'-9. ang , :faq f ,235 Q: 10511. TS' '. rf g.x wifi, .. V Y' .Hr fc 41 ,f '31 Ei? iJ-.g3::Qf.::.fiQq- .-..-K-.31-,.,x,,-.4-,Q 'N1:.'1x'5gX" v-' 21,521 vuq ., gffgpgfga. -.Qgxfbiziy-":'--':'f:L-MY.:-H-ek: 1-' 2--Lg 5 - 5 .. A

Suggestions in the Newton High School - Aurora Yearbook (Newton, NJ) collection:

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Newton High School - Aurora Yearbook (Newton, NJ) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 68

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1955, pg 43

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