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Newton-Conover High School Newton, North Carolina Volume 42 MM arm thx . . . I S mpurpose? Th'ere are so ma V am Iggally t , Ext is Each individual represents one piece of the puzzle of life. I am an individual, a part of the puzzle, I have my contributions to give. Whether they be large or small, each influences the completion of the puzzle. My destiny is unknown; my future-only dreams not yet fulfilled. We come into the world alone. We go away the same. Make each step towards your departure a moment to be remembered. CGNQFEN E , 44,94 I am only one, But still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; And because I cannot do everything I will not refuse to do the something that I can do. Edward Everette Hale Don't let life get you down, my friend though it seems the blues will never end. On this you can depend, they always do And I can tell you that it's true, it's a feeling And you've got to do it You've got to take the bitter with the sweet. Carole King s Join the puzzle- with open arms and willing hearts. There's a space for you Your shape may be different from the others, but your life is just as important. THE DEDICA TION The future . . . what does it hold? This nation has excelled to the point of suprem- acy in a mere two hundred years. Its people owe this prosperity to the determination and strength of our forefathers who founded this land. We are a fortunate peo- ple. Yet, there are those who abuse and slowly destroy our country with corrupting factors which may some day cause this nation to decline in superiority. This down- ward trend need not occur. We cannot look into the future to learn the outcome of our battle to remain great and free, but we can extend our efforts to continue along the road of prosperity. If everyone moves for- ward with anticipations of a better world, America will remain the powerful country she is. Therefore, the annual staff dedicates the 1975-1976 CARDINAL to the next two hundred years in hopes that they will continue to hold freedom, progress, and brotherhood for the United States of America. The excitement and un- certainty of the first day were soon lost as the students and teachers became more famil- iar with each other and their schedules. After a welcome in the gymnasium, a new and unpredictable school year was under way. 10 -Eik;r 12 Students and teachers enjoyed the half an hour of lunch to eat or just to relax. Long lines had to be fought, and complaints about the sometimes questionable food were heard daily. 13 ,3 ,. ..,xw,z Iw'v m ?- Many candidates, speeches, and ballots com- posed this years elections. Students concerned with improving our school and becoming active members of the student body ran for various of- fices. The elected students worked hard through- out the year having several projects going on at one time. 15 16 17 Long and hard hours of practice proved themselves worthwhile when the Newton- Conover Red Devils came out on the field. Running for touchdowns, completing passes, calling plays, tackling opponents - all of these aspects of the game were done super- bly this year by the Red Devils. The team was on its toes throughout the game. Even on the sidelines, players watched with anticipation of getting back in the ac- tlon. u 4. In x 19 A clear and cool October tenth was the night of Homecoming. During halftime, Anne Gabriel was crowned queen with Laura Kcarns as first runncr-up, and Jeanne Neu- licht as second runncr-up. The foot- ball game victory was followed by a dance with HSouthbound" pro- viding the music. As a result of many long hours of diligent practice by the band members, superior halftime shows and concerts were given. Football fans, spirits were boosted with lively tunes, and the precision marching and color of halftime were entertaining. 22 z This year, NCHS supported two winning football teams. Like the Varsity, the J.V. team was the sole champion of its league. Dedicated cheerleaders and spectators cheered the players on to their third con- secutive undefeated season. 23 Girls participated in a fall sport for the first time this year at NCHS. Volleyball proved to be an emotional as well as a physi- cally tense game. Players learned the tech- niques of power volleyball under the coach- ing of Ms. Lynn Deal, and as the season progressed, volleyball gained in popularity. !2 1252 cf. iRIiKASA 24 To help boost school spirit at NCHS and to raise money for various clubs, a bonfire, a powder-puff football game, and a donkey basketball game are becoming annual extracurricular events. Before the play-off game with Elkin, the student body motivated the team to victory at this year's bonfire. Along with victorious males came victorious females when the Senior girls defeated the Junior girls in the Iaughter-arousing powder-puff football game. Laughter is too mild a word to describe the hilarious events that took place as the students and teachers battled each other for victory in the donkey basketball game. To the normally dominating teachers came a sharp blow when the students defeated them. 25 i K" 7, EH; Ft The AFS week-end, one of the schooVs most popular club activities, ushered in a host of foreign friends when the AFS Club held this annual event. From Friday afternoon until Monday morning, these students enjoyed Amer- ican hospitality with a Newton-Conover stu- dent. A dance, numerous parties, and a trip to Eastland Mallts ice skating rink highlighted the week-end. f : J 3 . t r s ' '13 i 26 ' .. t 4" . . t V t tn '3'... :r. zest W M to. 6 b; V m 7,5 ' 4 he may J' I Initiation, dues, bake sales, and parties e these are just a few of the elements that constitute a club at NCHS. AFS members raised money at a bake sale held during one of the Newton-Conover football games to Finance the club's annual AFS weekend. The Spanish Club and members of the Spanish classes enjoyed their national foods party as they experienced Spanish cooking. Junior Civitan members entertained the Special Education children again this year with music, refreshments, and friendship. An ad- ded activity proved to be beneficial when the Varsity Club sponsored a blood Hgive-in" at the high school. These are just a few of the many club activities made possible by the clubs' members. w -- g i i. V fge x; M w h "1- 27 Leading the pep rallies, the varsity cheerleadere helped build support for the teams. Through spir- it-raising cheers and hilarious skits, the student body became involved, and the team's desire to win was strengthened. 28 V M" Through assemblies or individual class presentations, NCHS students viewed a variety of personalities. English classes went to the audio-visual room to hear Mr. Good- fellow, a reformed alcoholic. He gave a startling narrative of the effects of alcohol and his fight to overcome alcoholism. Sergeant Larry Reese became the school liaison officer this year. His major purpose was to create a better relationship between students and policemen. An assembly on Monday, following the AFS week- end, gave the entire student body a chance to meet the exchange students. Through questions and native songs and dances, some of the customs of the various countries were learned. Mrs. Cline's classes enjoyed the music of Wayne Erb- sen, an accomplished performer on guitar, banjo, man- dolin, and fiddle. The students heard the oId-style moun- tain music which was once popular in the southern Appalachians. The Vagabond Players presented "Four From 0. Hen- ry" to the entire student body. Their lively performance, and comical interpretations of O. Henry's works were both amusing and educational. 11 ,u z; ,1, A 3; 1V? I t! ; ! : 32 33 z, llx ,,.r,zxx. .' , 34 35 The third Annual Cultural Arts Festival was held in Gurley Stadium. The students from the Newton-Conover School system had the opportunity to express them- selves in various forms of art. Only the high school students participated in field day activities. Tug of war once again seemed to be the favorite activity of the students as it showed the most participation. .le fa. With Spring comes the excitement and anticipation of school dances. The Sophomore class enjoyed their even- ing with Bacchus and the theme, hFrom Elvis to Elton." The Jr. Sr. proved to be exciting when beautiful arrangements of lights were exhibited in a colorful array of shapes and figures. With two bands playing, everyone danced to their favorite tunes. 4O 41 v.4 . 3, 2,1 '! 44 HOMECOMING QUEEN Anne Gabriel W Ntw w-mn-r aww 48 SOPHOMORE QUEEN jilISchorle .9'. .. Ii, ..a..:..l..f.. w CARROUSEL PRINCESS 49 Kim Krueger FOREIGN EXCHANGE Ulrike Hollmann, Newton-Conoverls 1975- 1976 foreign exchange student, brought a touch of Austria to NCHS. She lives near Vien- na in a town called Moedling, has no brothers or sisters, and enjoyed her American life with a large family. While staying with Susan Gaither, she found many differences in the ways of living because she came from a very small coun- try. The first thing she noticed here was that everything was much larger than in her country - the cars, the streets, the stores, and the schools. She liked the high school and enjoyed the variety of courses. When asked about her school, she said, "Our schools are strictly lbrain' schools, and the main thing you do is study. Here you have many extracurricular ac- tivities which I like very much. I also like that the schools have many teams. The only thing we do is go on a skiing trip for one week. This is for the classes and their teachers and is about the most important event during the school year." During the summer of 1975, Bradley Epps participated in the AFS Americans Abroad Pro- gram. He lived with a family in Vitoria, Brasil IBraziIl for three months. While there, he at- tended school for a short time, visited parks, many cathedrals, a convent built in 1642, a port, and a chocolate factory. Bradley noticed some discouraging factors in his town - huge amounts of litter, poverty, and the unusual methods of driving I60-7O mph in towni. Dur- ing one of his tours, he went to Rio de Janeiro. There, he saw the Cristo Redentor IChrist Stat- uel, Pao de Acucar Ihuge cabIe-car mountainsl, the WWII monument, and a soccer game in Maracana, the world's largest stadium. "The numerous friends that I made and the various sights that I visited enabled me to accept and respect all people despite their outward differ- ences." These were Bradley's feelings after his trip. 50 IUNIOR MARSHALS W 2M3 were 5 . y 3 i. s 4 ff; w av M, k B: 2 - $33 . , i W? Standing: Greg Turner, Greg Cranford. Sitting: Margaret Derrick, Cindy Spizzo, Nancy Laube, lane Grimes, Lynn Sherrill, Lisa Neulicht. WEST POINT NOMINEES Frankie Hilton, John Dilley. At the end of the first semester, eight juniors were chosen to serve as marshals. They were selec- ted on the basis of the scholastic averages that they had earned during their first year and a half of high school. Ushering at commencement and the baccalaureate service al- lowed these students to participate in the gradua- tion exercises. Two students, John Dil- ley and Frankie Hilton, were nominated for West Point this year. Their lead- ership and scholastic abili- ties enabled them to demonstrate characteris- tics suitable for the nomi- nation. 51 j GOVERNOR'S .. SCHOOL Stuart Bondurant spent six weeks attending Governoris School this summer. Ten major areas of study were offered during the session. Stuart participated in mathematics as well as a number of intramural sports. The program was intended to motivate a greater interest in learn- ing. Stuart gained this enthusiasm during his stay. Stuart Bondurant GIRLS STATE During the summer, Tammy Herman, Cathy Powell, Jeanne Neulicht, and Carol Roof represented NCHS at Girlsi State which was held at UNC-G. The girls attended numerous lectures which emphasized the necessity for women in the government. They set up a model government which included city and state officials. Elections were held and the girls were given the chance to engage in political activities. Jeanne Neulicht, Carol Roof, Cathy Powell, Tammy Herman 52 MOREHEAD NOMINEES Jeanne Neulicht and John Dilley were nominated this year for the John Motley Morehead Scholarship. They were individually interviewed by a group of local residents. From this conference, nominees were selected to advance to further competition. Dele- gates were chosen according to person- ality, scholastic ability, and their in- volvement in school activities. Jeanne Neulicht; John Dilley BETA CLUB The Beta Club is an honor club devised to commend those students who have worked hard and excelled in academics. The club objective is to promote leadership, scholarship, and character. The members raised money by selling programs at home football games. p-15 ' , i . ,2 0 f ,. . q, x ,s y .5. II: ,' A e e - - o ,gi.$. . x! f x t h .i . . r i i , . e , U is as. X . 3i ' , O"! 2-:3 . J z. 4 4 kg , e ' V r1- i ' i If f e 151: row: Margaret Derrick, Martha Sharpe, Melanie Wesson, Denise Moose, Becky Roof, Kim Huffman, Robin Rockett, Sherrie Connor, Jeanne Neulicht, Cathy Powell, Nancy Laube, Jeanne Haight, Tina lohnson, Tammy Herman, Mary Stearns, Gerry Adams; 2nd row: Pam Fisher, lane Grimes, Cindy Foster, Lisa Neulicht, Jeri Darr, Angie Barr, Rita Hoke, Ana de Torres, Pam Sweet, Cindy Spizzo, Teresa Lynn, Lynn Sherrill, Kim Jones, Sheila Britt, Cynthia Baker, Kathy Sigmon, Linda Carroll, Sherry Campbell, Kim Krueger; 3rd row: Randy Keever, Greg Turner, John Barkley, Stewart Bondurant, Greg Cranford, Kevin Binkley, Bart Kincaid, G. G. Simmons, Steve Cooke, Becky Bandy, Catherine Caldwell, Patti Jarrett, Susan Baker, John Dilley, Bradley Epps, Jeff Wiggs. 53 EXECUTIVE STUDENT COUNCIL Among the governing branches at NCHS is the Executive Student Council. Its members include all of the student council officers and class officers. Their main functions are repre- sentation of the student body, formation of school policies, and organizing several school functions. Chris Holloway, Nancy Laube, Robin Holloway, Dianne Herman, lohn Cilley, Robert Pannell, Jean Kiser, Mary Beck Russell, Greg Cranford, Cathy Powell, Jeanne Haight. FUNCTIONAL STUDENT COUNCIL Comprising the functional Student Council are the homeroom presidents and precinct representatives. This year an important function of the council was to provide in- formation and refreshments for the parents during the an- nual open house. Working in coordination with the Execu- tive branch, these students also dealt with student activi- ties. 56 lst row: Speed Young, Missy Cline, Twyla Deese, Leigh Ann Propst, Scott Coley, Jimmy Matson, G. G. Simmons, Eric McGee, Dennis McCorkIe. 2nd row: Danny Foster, Randy Keever, Tommy Smith, Craig Binkley, Jeff Fox, Tim Elliot, John Dilley, Butch Baker, Jeff Wiggs. 3rd row: Tammy Herman, Melinda Kaylor, Barbara Haight, Becky Roof, Angie Barr, Jeri Darr, Tina Johnson, Jeanne Neulicht, lane Weaver, Renee Brooks, Karol Krueger. INTERCLUB COUNCIL lst row: Angie Barr, Mary Stearns, Greg Cranford, The Interclub Council is made up of all Stuart Bondurantr Boyd Tyson' 10h" Ba'k'ey' club presidents. They propose new rules k , G T , D ' l . . . . . . mar Herman reg mm" mm Lynn lemme which Wlll benefit the club and their actIVI- Neulicht, Tina Johnson, Laura Kearns, Vicki . . . Yount, Karen Setzer. ties and organize club meetmgs. BUS DRIVERS Where would we be without the NCHS bus drivers: They get up early every morning and they arrive home late in the afternoon. Driving a school bus involves patience and rough hours. We should be proud of our devoted bus drivers. A? lst row: Eugene Reinhaldt, Kevin Hester, Billy Travis. 2nd row: Mike Welborn, Bill Kincaid, Mike Propst, Donald Salama, Mark Hollar, Sherman Powell, Kenny Campbell, Steve Darden, Andy Petree, Brad Mize, Phillip Hawn, Dallas Sigmon, John Shook. 57 AMERICAN FIELD SER VICE lst row: Karen Setzer, Mary Stearns, Beth Boston, Jeanne Haight, Tina Johnson, Laura Kearns, Jeanne Neulicht, Linda Mangrum, Ulli Hollmann, Bradley Epps, Cathy Powell, Patti Jarrett, Christie Foster, Pam Kaylor. 2nd row: Robin Holloway, Sally Herman, Greg Cranford, Dianne Herman, Gerry Adams, Lynn Sherrill, Becky Bandy, Scott Webb, Robin Clarke, Tony Floyd, Jeri Darr, Catherine Zahner, Anne Barnes. 3rd row: Alice Hawn, Tim Elliot, John Barkley, Jan Bohler, Helen Summerell, Jeannie Lackey, Eric Epps, Andy Rice, Robert Pannell, Sherri Campbell, Susan Gaither, Karen Coulter, Kim Jones, Donna Templeton. 4th row: Skeet Hartis, Leigh Fletcher, Bobbi Bost, Judy Mangrum, Leslie Brooks, Robby Hall, Jeff Fox, Lisa Moser, Beth Richards, Tommy Smith, Catherine Caldwell, Karol Krueger, Lisa Isenhour. 5th row: Rita Hoke, Ana DeTorres, Karen Moore, Susan Gore, Mark Furr, Jean Kiser, Barbara Haight, Kim Krueger, Penny Mathews, Rhonda Huffman, Margaret Derrick, Lisa Neulicht, Cristal Travis, Cindy Walker, Berrie Bondurant. 6th row: Joe Austin, Shelia Britt, Beth Townsend, Cathy Kanipe, Stacey Brazee, Nancy Brockhoff, Janet Patten, Bradley Coley, Cindy Foster, Lori Bolick, Sean Forsyth, Cindy Drum, Jackie Propst, Marsha Williams. 7th row: Ellen Workman, Nancy Laube, Lisa Thacker. This year the AFS Club was hostess to the schoolts foreign exchange student, Ulli Hollmann. To raise money 3,3? for the AFS weekend in Janu- ,, " jg, ary, the club held a bake sale . ,, h 3 at a home football game. AFS ' , r, , A3 weekend was enjoyed by all. v t 3; There were many parties and , ; ' w. ' . get togethers. The climax of e I the weekend was the dance 4 1 ! held on Saturday night. e , . ' 7t . 58 - R IE 55 If R V I3 D agaa GIEC U 3 1st row: Mary Stearns, Karen Setzer, Linda Mangrum, Laura Kearns, Janet Patten, Cathy Powell, Tina Johnson. 2nd row: Jackie Propst, Cindy Walker, Karol Krueger, Carol Roof, Angie Barr, Jill Martin, Cindy Spizzo, Susan Gaither. 3rd row: Jeanne Neulicht, Karen Coulter, Catherine Caldwell, Jeri Darr, Jan Bohler, Jeannie Lackey, Bradley Epps, Anne Gabriel, Jean Kiser. 4th row: Gerry Adams, Susan Gore, Becky Bandy, Ana DeTorres, Nancy Laube, Shuford Abernethy, John Cilly, Greg Cranford, Bradley Coley. 5th row: Jeanne Haight, Rhonda Randall, Sherri Conner, Barbara Haight. f y 3 '9 0N 1 t 3 , I, , ' ?V '4 9x ' ' Lg: - ,kal c, 33 . e 3. 3 IUNIOR CIVITAN Being an active club at NCHS, the Junior Civitan club was busy selecting and sponsoring Kim Krueger as their Carrousel Princess for the holiday activities in Char- lotte. The club also raised money from the Miss N.C,H.S. pageant for a child at Western Carolina Center and a scholarship that is given to a worthy senior. At Christ- mas, the Junior Civitan Club entertained the special edu- cation children at Newton Elementary School. ; Us - 5 3 153' x 3;. t 3'3 x -....... e 59 INTERACT CLUB The Interact Club has shown in years past and present that its motto, "Service before Self," is a true description of the club's activi- ties. Among its many functions this year, the club painted the speed bumps in the parking lot, cleaned facilities in Gurley Stadium, and gave a scholarship to a deserving senior. 4 1st row: Jeff Sherrill, Mary Stearns, Karen Setzer, Dan Hunsucker, Marshall Coulter. 2nd row: Robby Hall, Beth Richards, Margaret Derrick, Lisa Neulicht, Steve Darden, Alice Hawn, Bradley, Epps, Dianne Herman, Amy Moose, Shuford Abernathy, John Cilley, Phillip Hawn, Greg Turner, Mark Bronsdon, Kenny Campbell, Robby Reitzel, Bart Kincaid. 3rd row: Andy Wilkenloh, Scott Webb, Cindy Foster, Laura Kearns, Linda Mangrum, Karen Smith, Janet Patten, Kim Jones, Mark Hollar, Tony Floyd, Lance Sigmon, Joe Austin, Karen Moore, James Derrick, Stuart Bondurant, Elaine Sigmon, G. G. Simmons. 4th row: Eric Epps, Jeanne Neulicht, Carol Roof, Kim Huffman, Lori Bolick, Becky Bandy, Susan Gore,Mitzi Dixon, Kim Penley, Sally Herman, Julie Dieter, Jill Sipe, Jill Martin, Cindy Spizzo, Lynn Sherrill, Becky Roof, Denise Moose, Sherri Campbell. 60 1 .n T; 0 O lst row: Marshall Coulter, Mike Moss, Dennis McCorkle, Frankie Hilton, John Dilly, Karen Smith, Mike Huffman, Tina Johnson, Stuart Bondurant, Beth Richards, Scott Webb, Robby Hall, Tony Floyd, Laura Kearns, Jeanne Neulicht, Cathy Powell. 2nd row: Ted Ekonomon, Kevin Binkley, Mike Propst, Scott Hodge, Charles Klutz, Barry Wilson, Scott Gregory, Kenny Campbell, Dale Jonas, Bart Kincaid, Tim Bolick, Tracy Pugh, lerry Klutz, Brian Cooke, David Brewer, Richard Lewis, Randy Keever, Lawrence Punch, Billy Travis, Donnie Newsome, Jeff Davis. 3rd row: Charles Pyant, Betty Watts, Reggie Smith, Daniel Noell, Butch Baker, Karen Setzer, Mary Stearns, Ella Phillips, Donna Templeton, Sheree Hickman, Nancy Laube, Jeanine Goforth, Catherine Caldwell, Lisa Moser, Jeanne Haight, Melanie Smith, Eric Rose, Greg Kearns. PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB VARSITY CLUB The Varsity Club is made up of stu- dents who have lettered in a Varsity sport. This year the club was happy to receive letter jackets. They raised money to pay for half of the jackets. The club is responsible for working the concession stand at basketball games. The Photography Club is composed of students that have Photography as a regular class at school. The members learn the techniques and pro- cedures for taking and devel- oping pictures. lst row: Cathy Powell, Lisa lsenhower, Tina Johnson, Patti Hedrick, Robert Zurline, Darvin Detter, John Trivette. 2nd row: Beth Boston, Barri Bondurant, Sheree Hickman, Toni Clarke, Valerie Underwood, Ted Ekonomon, Mike Young. 3rd row: Ellen Workman, Crystal Jarrett, Beth Richards, Anne Gabriel, Susan Gaither, Scott Hodge, Steve Travis. 61 Headed by Mark Herman, the Radio Staff presented a summary of the weeks activities at NCHS every Saturday morning on WNNC. This program informed the community of recent events and upcoming occurrences at Newton- Conover High School. Seated: Mark Herman, lane Weaver, Danny Foster, G. G. Simmons, Sherrie Connor, Greg Cranford. Standing: Marilyn Laffon, Mary Null, Brad Mize, Boyd Tyson, Steve Darden, lohn Cilley. ,2; t y , A V n a2, k g; t ,. ,, , ; 2f i; w , gr , a , b a, V7: 45 W iv e t 1.. 9. 2' " A .9 ,, A 9:; w :- t 'hh " 1 In at m j' :9: t t . y a - ,. . , , J t , ; '5 2 y. M. I L .fi 3', 3k , Vi, . x, ; ' Y gt ; MN w ; t :m vamtuJ' ,- t V t ': V4; ' 12:13: :: 1 NC? ' t I , , .- t .0 x. . t v 4' lst row: Robin Holloway, Theresa Call, Brenda Hart, Delinda Majors, Dianne Herman, Mary Lee Null. 2nd row: Dennis McCorkle, Bradley Coley, Ronnie Zurline, Mark Herman, Greg Cranford, Sherri Campbell, Ted Ekonomon. Being of informative value, the DEVILIER was appreciated by the students at NCHS. Robert Thacker headed the staff and made sure that all important events were covered in the newspaper. At Christmas, the staff presented a special edition which included "Dear Santa" letters written by the students. 62 STAFF FHA The Future Homemakers of America is comprised of stu- dents interested in gaining knowledge of the life of a homemaker. Under the experi- enced hand of Mrs. Jackson, the girls enjoyed the club's ac- tivities. Robin Propst, Gretta Mungro, Andrea Phillips, Patrice Slaughter, Cynthia Baker, Karen Gibbs, Cathy Baker, Rita Pearson, Cheryl Connor, Ella Phillips, Robin Gutherie, Dorcas Baker, Karen Black. 1st row: Julia Frank, Randy Sharpe, Larry Hipps, Keith Simmons. 2nd row: Melanie Wesson, Martha Sharpe, Mary Null, Rita Hoke, Mary Anne Bolick, Diane Smith, Becky Bandy, Debbie Lail. This year the Future Teachers of America directed several of the homecoming activities. In addition, they aided teachers in the elemen- tary schools, in order to gain exper- ience in the teaching vocation. 63 64 AFR 0- AMERICAN SOCIETY This organization is estab- lished to create better under- standing among students. The club's main function is the ob- servance of Afro-American Week. It also provides several social events for its members. LIBRARY CLUB This club is made up of study hall students which help Ms. Gillis and fellow stu- dents in the library. Members of the Library Club get to experience duties of a librari- an. 1st row: Audrey Beatty, Beverly Reid, Marshall Coulter, Helen Connor. 2nd row: Gretta Mungro, Dennis McCorkle, Daniel Noell, Lisa Reinhardt, Marilyn Beatty, Robin Propst, Wadene Reinhardt, Rita Pearson, Cheryl Connor, Karen Gibbs, Sharon Carr, Andrea Phillips, Mike Propst, Ella Phillips. Patti Roberts, Monica Lineberger, Cindy Walker, Mike Propst. Jane McClain, Melodee Lineberger, Kim Krueger, Eugene Reinhardt. FRENCH CLUB Each year, the French Club makes an effort to send one of its members to a for- eign language camp. Earning enough money to aid this stu- dent's expenses requires bake sales and other money- making projects. An annual trip to a French restaurant is one of the favorite activities of the club. 1st row: Melissa Hunsucker, Kathy Rowe, Teena Simmons, Carol Roof, Jane Weaver, Marsha Williams, Robin Rockett, Lisa Thacker, Shellie Spencer, Barbara Haight. 2nd row: Claudette Bolick, Nellie Lane, Felica Stewart, Debbie Lail, Angie Barr, Karol Kruegar, Margaret Petree, lean Kiser, Robin Randall. 3rd row: James Derrick, Randy Sharpe, Janet Patten, Mandy Hunsucker, Jill Schorle, Ulli Hollmann, Leigh Shepard. 4th row: Alicia Rinehardt, Cathye Baker, Tyrone Grandberry, Christie Foster, Ellen Workman, Robin Holloway, Berrie Bon- durant, Terry Brooks. 5th row: Brad Mize, David Henry, Steve Darden, Missie Cline, Stuart Bondurant, Bobby Bollinger, Teresa Tramel, Catherine Zahner. SPANISH CLUB 1n n . x s yQ' This year the students , h' V' -. - 'u' at NCHS enjoyed the v Spanish newspaper, which was a new activity of the Spanish Club. The paper informed students of iv x school occurrences and new developments. In ad- Ll dition to the preparation 7 of a newspaper, the club X offers a scholarship to one of its worthy seniors. As in previous years the Spanish Club's main objective is to foster a knowledge of our , - , 1 - ' E Spanish speaking neigh- , " m . bors. lst row: Greg Turner, John Cilley, Greg Cranford, Helen Summerell, lane Bohler, Danny Long, John Barkley. 2nd row: Amy Moose, John Derrick, Shuford Abernathy, Kathy Rowe, Becky Roof, Lynn Sherrill, Tanya Little, Brian Spizzo. 3rd row: Dianne Smith, Karen Moore, Debra Yount, Sally Herman, Denise Moose, Becky Bandy, Bradley Epps, leff Wiggs, Lynn Preston. 4th row: Mary Ann Bolick, Nancy Kaylor, Alice Hawn, Gerry Adams, Dorcus Baker, Twyla Deese, Ted Ekonomon. 5th row: Cindy Setzer, Jennifer Call, Leigh Ann Holsclaw, Andrea Reitzal, Debbie Crawford, Dianne Herman, Tim Elliott. 65 DECA CLUB The Deca Club is one of the vocational clubs at NCHS. IVs function is to help develop future workers in marketing and distri- bution careers. Debby Bollinger, Beth Townsend, Ellen Sigmon, Linda Geiger, Renee Williams, Kathy Hoyle, Paula Killian, Donna Minton, Kathy Pitts. 2nd row: Randy Eckard, Daniel Harper, Lee Shew, Richard Sigmon, Keith Campbell, David Eckard, Alfred Layne. TRADE V. I.C.A. Trade Vica students work on various I jobs in their chosen profession during their class time. Part of their job is spent working as masons and carpenters. r ' " Rx h . i h k a , i :3 h , i h - ' I xi I I' 'h hK h i . . C ' l h . V i h N - 1' ff , vi x h II V h q h i ist row: Chet Brooks, Greg Smith, Jeff Lamb, E David Deai, Allen Self. 2nd row: Don Slama, V ; Sonny Butler, Donnie Dellinger, Doug Slama, l V ' h Johnny Moose, Danny Self. 3rd row: Dennis ,, s y in- Sigmon, Reggie Atkinson, Ronnie Stephans, w; i A Kerry Gantt, Jimmy Styers, Dwight Wilson, x , 1' Tony Davis, Mike Deal, Allen Drum, Gary Huff- 4? man, i; ; 'f K A , , h . . ' ti ; g M 7 T; i Irina a 17 u 66 The Future Busi- ness Leaders of America is an organi- zation formed to help students who wish to explore of- fice careers. This year a representative from Winsalm Col- lege visited the club. She showed the members the appro- priate dress for of- fice work and ad- vised them on secre- tarial technique. Seated: Jane Benfield, Nancy Cansler, Monica Lineberger, Mark Herman, Jackie Barlow, Jayne Haugh. Standing: Delinda Major, Aima Ham, Cindy Moser, Lois Cole, Kim Rose, Melodee Lineberger, Debbie Lynn, Debra Hodge, Sherry Reavis, Cheryl Roseman, Vicki Yount, Jamie Bogart, Jeff Kuchenbecker, Karen Huffman, Ruth Duncan, Judy Scronce, Darlene Stephens, Trudy McCainn, Anne Cole, Ronnie Zurline, Pam Ham. . 73 a .. ICT ICT is an organization composed of students who are trying to gain an in- sight into the real world of occupations. They attend school for morning classes and leave school to pursue their various vocations. They held several spaghetti dinners in order to raise money for the annual - Bosses Banquet held at the - i7 X end of the year. f i'x tsx NM t . A s s v ,. :3 , . t - . a c t,:-:m 9. , H, e 12x9, wait- .- 1' ?- Mi , div. ,, Suzie Pitman, Penny Campbell, Dianne Hunsucker, Brenda Parlier, Dianne Davis, Rosetta Johnson, Jackie Simpkins, Susan Simpkins, Cynthia lcard, Gail Fleming. 2nd row: Charlene Barnes, Sylvia Winters, Debbie Wilson, Debra Abernethy, Mike Moore, Allen Johnson, Terry Danner, Mike Moose, Eugene Reinhardt, Bobby Gibson. 3rd row: Jesse Hamlett, Gary Misenheimer, leff Hollar, Mike Campbell, AI Lofland, Larry Chapman, Bobby Reynolds. 4th row: Jim Hatchett, Billy Jarrett, Kevin Hester, Andy Petree, Ronnie Stephens, Steve Coulter, Chrissie Danner, Daniel Noell. 67 "1L3 Sitting: lane McClain, Donna Templeton. Middle Row: Crystal Travis, Karen Setzer, Karen Smith, lanet Patten, Standing: Lori Bolick, Tina Johnson, Nancy VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Lead by Captain, Tina Johnson, and Co-Captain, Karen Smith, the Varsity Cheerleaders brought more spirit to NCHS than in past years. Not only did the cheerleaders work hard during the ballgames, they also worked very hard in preparation for each game. The Cheerleaders made posters, baked cupcakes and purchased other "goodies" for the players. 70 J.V. fans enjoyed the devil spirit shown by the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. Under the direction of Barbara Haight and Leslie Brooks, the girls boosted enthusiasm at the Thursday night football games. They then cheered on their basketball teams with chants and numer- ous cheers during the '75-'76 basketball season. Top to Bottom: Barbara Haight, Cindy Walker, Melissa Hunsucker, Helen Sum- ! merell, Marilyn Beatty, Kim Taylor, Lestie Brooks, Jeannine Bruner. v h 71 gx Egg : VARSITY FOOTBALL 1 1b Lin'i b. . I ' ' M vrli' ; i 37': ii .1 1;? ,: 4;. W" A "b ,5: a .. a ;. .rx 17m, ' :4, a a - g a - . - I V . .- OJ at my, v.1: Q Ji . h A . I 4 L'a' 1? . ",' J 1K"; - i 1.4 W 1- in' gt a :h 1' y, a 1 hi. . .. I V 2 i3 ' , ?.w k. ' S i i Head Coach , Don Patrick NCHS had a championship football team this year. The Red Devils captured first place in the Southern District Seven conference. They went on to the semi-finals for the state championship. Spurred by the running of Dennis McCorkle and Butch Baker, and the hard-hitting defense led by Mike Moss, Charles Klutz, and Richard Lewis, our team gained a total of 3,426 yards offensively, while holding their opponents to 2,235 yards. All of us here at NCHS are very proud of this season which certainly was one to be remembered. 1st: Chuck Bolick, Andy Parsons; managers: Randy Benfield, Scott Hodge, Tony Floyd, Don Patrick; Head CoaChZ Dale Jonas, Mark Ledford, Barry Wilson, Finley Herman. 2nd: Ronnie Stephens, Manager; Frankie Hilton, Scott Gregory, Bobby Hunt, Tim Bolick, Marshall Coulter, Steve Travis, Dennis Mc- Corkle, Charles Klutz, Richard Lewis, Captain. 3rd: Gary Jarrett, Andy Kanipe, Ass't. Coaches; Rick Davis, Floyd Justus, David Brewer, Lawrence Punch, Robby Hall, leff Davis, Jeff Fox, lohn Trivette, Kevin Binkley, Mark Bronsdon, Bobby Rowe, Donnie Wil- son, Ass't. Coaches. 4th: Greg Kearns, Trainer; Daniel Noell, Chris Holloway, Tracy Pugh, Sherman Powell, Butch Baker, John Dilley, Mike Moss, Reggie Smith, Donnie Newsome, Charles Pyant. Six varsity football players were chosen for the Southern District Seven AlI-Conference team. The players were, from left to right: John Dilley, Dennis McCorkIe, Donnie Newsome, Butch Baker, Charles Klutz, and Mike Moss. Assistant Coaches Donnie Wilson. The Red Devils were proud to Managers: Left to Right: Ronnie Stephens, Chuck Bolick, and Scott Eller. Trainer; On Stretcher, Greg Kearns. have one of their teammates se- lected for the annual North Caro- lina Shrine Bowl. Running back, Butch Baker, represented Newton- Conover High School in the game 73 played in Charlotte. must i 2k Ike 1. V. FOOTBALL Football is continuing to be a winning sport at Newton-Conover. The J.V. also emerged as Southern District Seven Champions this year with a record of 10 wins, no losses, and no ties. The team scored a total of 258 points while holding their opponents to only 14. It looks like there will be plenty of capable players ready to fill the spaces on the Varsity squad next year left by graduating seniors. Mal. V. V 74 1st: Keith lsenhour, Tim Lail, Roy Hartis, Kevin Burch, Mike Denny, Todd Kuchenbecker, Mike Shook, Steve Davis, Ron Young. 2nd: Richard Mosteller, Anthony Arney, Felton Baba, Lee Fletcher, Michael Noell, Fred Shuford, Tommy Smith, Clay Kearns, Billy Henson, Dean Kahill. 3rd: Andy Rice, Scott Coley, Jimmy Matson, Buddy Parham, Tommy Styers, Craig Binkley, Robbie Dyer, Keith Herman, Charlie Fletcher. 0; 2 u;, PM ; Kneeling: Coach Andy Kanipe and Coach Gary Jarrett. Standing: Managers; Jimmy Styers, Greg Kearns, Ronnie Stephens, Scott EHer, Chuck Bolick. 75 76 1st: Lisa Neulicht, Lisa Moscr, GiGi Robinson, Cathy Powell, Jeanne Neulicht, Jan Bohler, Nancy Laube, Pooh Winbauer. 2nd: Jackie Propst, Susan Baker, Melanie Smith, Beth Richards, Leigh Ann Propst, Lynn Gibson, Jeri Darr, Wadene Reinhardt, Beverly Reid. This year, Volleyball was added as a sport for girls at NCHS. The season got off to a bad start, but things picked up as soon as the team became accustomed to the new game. The 4-4 season was climaxed by a first place trophy won at a volleyball tournament played at Lenoir Rhyne College. hszmKn-lhhos GIRLS VARSITY BASKETBALL 1st Row: Lisa Neulicht, Leigh Shepherd, Melanie Smith, Betty Watts, Lisa Moser, Catherine Caldwell. 2nd Row: Gary Jarrett - Coach; Cathy Powell, Beth Richards, Leigh Ann Propst, Karen Coulter, Jeanne Neulicht - Manager. V BOYS VARSITY BASKETBALL Above: Managers: Left to right Dennis McCorkle, Greg Kearns, Chuck Bolick, Tommy Styers. Be- low: Bobby Rowe - Coach. lst Row: Robert Pannell, Tyrone Grandberry, Scott Webb, Tim Bolick, Tony Floyd. 2nd Row: Charles Pyant, Jimmy Matson, Robby Hall, Mike Robinson, Donny Newsome, Kevin Binkley. 77 BASK E TBALL 1975-1976 Although losing the leadership and strength of their only senior, Captain Cathy Powell, to gradua- tion, the young Devilette team can look forward to a winning season in 1977. Paced by the outside shooting of Leigh Shepherd and the inside play of Melanie Smith, the girlsi varsity team should be a , contender for the 507 championship next year. 0: Even though their record was disappointing this year, the Red Devilettes played strenuously, and Ie they deserved the support of NCHS fans. The Varsity basketball team had a sat- isfactory season this year. Tyrone Grand- berry, a sophomore, and Tony Floyd shared the ballhandling responsibilities. Another sophomore, Jimmy Matson, along with seniors, Donny Newsome and Mike Robinson proved very effective as both rebounders and leading scorers. Robert Pannell, a good outside shooter and defensive man, will be missed next year. The Red Devils were coached by Bobby Rowe. The majority of the team will be back next year, with the excep- tion of the three seniors. GIRLSI.V. BASKETBALL Coached by Ms. Lynn Deal, the J.V. girls basket- ball team had a good sea- son. With Gigi Robinson handling the ball, Terri Campbell bombing the nets from the outside, and the strong board play of Margaret Petree, Wadene Rhinehardt, and Laura Atkinson, the Red Devil- lettes were able to present NCHS with a winning sea- son. All of these girls should be a tremendous help to the Varsity squad next year. 1st Row: Rhonda Randall, Rita Pearson, Managers; Jan Bohler, Terri Campbell, Gigi Robinson, Cheryl Connor, Beverly Reid, Becky Stephens, Manager. 2nd Row: Cindy Setzer H Manager; Margaret Petree, Wadene Rhinehardt, Laura Atkinson, Alice Haen, Nancy Brockhoff, Karen Gibbs, Wendy Lutz, Lynn Deal - Coach. BOYSI.V. BASKETBALL Led by Coach Andy Kanipe, our J.V. boys bas- ketball team enjoyed a winning season. Putting many points on the score- board were Craig Binkley, Speed Young, and Scott Coley. Backing them up with a great deal of hard- earned rebounds were Red Devils Keith Aaron and Clay Kearns. All of these J.V. boys will aid the Var- sity next year in what should be an outstanding season. 80 lst Row: Dan Hunsucker, Clay Kearns. Charles Lewis, Speed Young, Robby Dyer. 2nd Row: Andy Kanipe - Coach; Richard Mosteller, Scott Coley, Keith Aaron, Eric Epps, Craig Binkley. 81 1st Row: Shuford Abernathy, Keith lsenhour, Charlie Fletcher, Ted Ekonomon, Stuart Bondurant, Ray Woodrum, Alan Miller, Lee Fletcher. 2nd Row: Ronnie Sigmon - manager; Donnie Wilson v Coach; Randy Keever, Jerry Klutz, Todd Kuchenbecker, David Brewer, Dean Kahill, John Dilley, Charles Klutz, Sidney Hammonds, Chuck Bolick - manager. The NCHS matmen had a fine season this year. Overcoming many strong oppo- nents, they finished second in the Southern District Seven. Starving themselves to qualify for the various weight classes and spending many hours practicing proved effective as they had gratifying results in frequent tournaments. Excluding four, all of the Red Devils will return next year. The Wrestlers finished with a 9-2-1 record. 7; . x K h A ' K . . t i 2 ., TRA CK ., e :3 TEAM This season the track team placed third and fifth, respec- tively, in the Catawba County Championship track meet and the Conference meet. Dennis McCorkIe, the most valuable player in the SD7 and the Ca- tawba County Championship meet, set two school records, and tied one. Butch Baker also tied the school record, along with McCorkIe, in the 100-yard dash with a time of 9.9 seconds. The majority of the track team members are back this year. Southern District Seven track teams should have a hard time handling Newton-Conover in the upcoming season. ""'lIlll I 'iif lIL lh!l'r 1st: Jerry Klutz, Chris Moose, Tommy Davis, Terry Ramseur, David McCorkle, Daniel Noell, Mike Huffman, Sherman Powell. 2nd: Kenneth Kanipe, John Dilley, Johnny Cansler, Darvin Detter, Wayne Moore, Reggie Smith, Butch Baker, Charles Pyant, Allen Kearns, Marshall Coulter, Greg Kearns, Richard Hollar. 83 . W TENNIS TEAM The tennis team this year, coached by Mr. David Jones, finished their season with a record of 9 wins and 1 loss. Their only loss was to Shelby who was the Western Conference Champion. The team participated in the Western Regionals at Meyers Park. The doubles team of Allen Spizzo and Kim Barber reached the quarter- finals. Altogether, the team had a very good season and NCHS is very proud of them. ft A-4tli5 .i r!" P ii . "'2!!! lst: Ronnie Mangrum, Mike Mason, Allen Spizzo, Robert Long, Danny Long, Alan Miller. 2nd: Chuck Miller, Chuck Holland, Kim Barber, Eric Rose, Jeff Long, Greg Turner, Bobby Bollinger. 84 Nathaniel Noell; Coach The golf team led by their most valu- able player, Sidney Abernathy, placed fourth in the conference tournament this year. Dale Jarrett represented the Red Devils in a Sectional tournament held in Gastonia. Eight of the eleven players re- turn this year with more experience to guide them to a better season. Left to Right: Bart Kincaid, Sidney Abernathy, Chris Holloway, Alan Yancey, Ted Ekonomon, Scott Webb. 85 BASEBALL TEAM Last year's baseball team finished fourth in the 507 with a 6-9 record. The first half of the sea- son, the Red Devils raced with Fred T. Foard for second place. The remain- der of the season became disappointing despite the fact that they gave it all they had. The Red Devils should make themselves known in the 507 this year. Half of last year's players will return with many prospective sopho- mores coming up. The Red Devils are coached by Gary Jarrett. 86 Coach Gary Jarrett v7 -:V1,ernvo r '65 d$vwwtm manta ' 1, ll Top to Bottom: Bryan Cooke, Scott Hodge, Tommy Travis, Tony Helms, Tony Floyd, Lawrence Punch, Tim Bolick, Robby Hall, Billy Sprouse, David Brewer. .slli :fU'llll-Y Top to Bottom: 15: Row: Jeanne Neulicht, Beth Richards, Catherine Caldwell, Jeanine Goforth. 2nd Row: Donna Minton, Debbie Lynn, Teresa Fastback, Judy Scronce, Lisa Moser, Betty Watts, Teresa Lynn. Left to Right: Bottom Row: Coach Lynn Deal, Sheree Hickman, Cathy Powell, Patti Setzer, Laura Kearns, Debbie Canipe. Softball replaced tennis this year as a spring sport for girls in the Southern District Seven conference. The Red Devilettes were a young and inexperienced team. The New- ton-Conover season ended with an overall record of 2-10. With the addition of many capable sophomores, Coach Lynn Deal looks for a much improved team and a more re- warding season this year. 87 M v mum Va H x: : i x '4'- 1 I I '. NEWTON-CONOVER BAND Band: Shuford Abernethy, Dwayne Arruza, Joe Austin, James Baba, Jimmy Buchanan, Kenny Campbell, John Cilley, Bradley Coley, Steve Darden, James Derrick, John Derrick, Michael Dwiggins, Kevin Edwards, Phil Eller, Jimmy Ford, Danny Foster, Brian Harper, Phillip Hawn, Brent Hayes, David Henry, Mark Herman, Ken Hilderbran, Kevin Hines, Larry Hipps, Mark Hollar, William Holsclaw, Dan Hunsucker, Clay Killian, Bart Kincaid, Danny Long, Robby McQuay, Buddy Parham, Lynn Preston, Michael Propst, Jeffery Rawls, Robby Reitzel, Steven Samples, Lee Setzer, Randy Sharpe, Jeff Sherrill, Mike Shook, Lance Sigmon, G. G. Simmons, Tim Smith, Andy Spirnock, Tommy Styers, Andy Wilkenloh, Eric Williams, Terry Burns, Keith Simmons, Flora Abernathy, Laura Atkinson, Cathye Baker, Angela Barr, Mary Annne Bolick, Stacey Brazee, Nancy Brockhoff, Leslie Brooks, Bunny Brown, Sherrie Connor, Debbie Crawford, Ana de Torres, Cindy Drum, Dotti Goble, Susan Gore, Barbara Haight, Sharon Hartsoe, Alice Hawn, Dianne Herman, Sally Herman, Robin Holloway, Melissa Hunsucker, Debbie lngle, Nancy Kaylor, Lori Kenyon, Teresa Kilpatrick, Debbie Lail, Tanya Little, Karen Moore, Amy Moose, Mary Lee Null, Janet Patten, Kim Penley, Leigh Ann Propst, Cindy Reinhardt, Andrea Reitzel, Martha Sharpe, Lynn Sherrill, Jill Sipe, Diane Smith, Cindy Spizzo, Becky Stephens, Barbara Stewart, Felicia Stewart, Melanie Wesson, Linda Winbauer, Deborah You nt. 90 x ,4, raowovtn , SCHOOL 0 ID . 0...... .. , T E Majorettes: Becky Bandy, Cindy Foster, Rita Hoke, Denise Moose, Mary Beck Russell. Flagteam: Cynthia Baker, Shelia Britt, Jennifer Call, Linda Carroll, Elizabeth Cline, Mitzi Dixon, Sharon Hedrick, Kim Huffman, Kim Jones, Melinda Kaylor, Jean Kiser, Karol Krueger, Jill Martin, Cindy Matthews, Julie Moser, Margaret Petree, Jackie Propst, Faith Reidenbach, Becky Roof, Carol Roof, Patrice Slaughter, Pam Sweet, Betty Wike. MAJOR E TTES Maiorettes: Denise Moose, Christie Foster, Rita Hoke, Becky Bandy, Mary Beck Russell. The Majorette's routines during halftime Shows added a great deal of spice to the bands perfor- FLAh ' EAM mances. Devoted attitudes and consistent practice produced entertaining results for the fans. $ ' NEWTON- 9 -CONOVER . , HIGH SCHOOL. BAND e A TONJMTH CAmNA A I Banner: Jennifer Call, Patrice Slaughter, Commander: Shelia Britt, Under the direction of commander Shelia Britt, the flag- Eneclkyd Riof,lluli:hMoser,HK:roLKhrAueger, Cipndy Mitthzwsi; Kim lanes team, in conjunction with the band, presented numerous half- 6 In a ay or, aron e ric , argaret etree, ac ie ropst, itzi . h Dixon, Missy Cline, Faith Reidenbach, Jim Martin, Linda Carroll, Pam t'me Shows at the foetba" games: Manxhours 0f ard work Sweet, Kim Huffman, Jean Kiser, Cynthia Baker, Carol Roof, Betty and practice were evndent when their routlnes were performed. Wike. 92 1st Row: Bart Kincaid, ,? PEP BAND The Pep Band played at home basketball games. Their contributions in- cluded music and a helping hand for the Varsity cheer- leaders. Kevin Edwards, Buddy Parham, Robby Reitzel, Danny Foster. 2nd Row: Ken Hilderbran, John Derrick, Mike Shook, Jeff Sherrill, Keith Simmons. 3rd Row: G. G. Simmons, Clay Killian, Melinda Kaylor, Ana de Torres, Jill Sipe, Phil Eller, Jimmy Ford. 4th Row: Mark Hollar, Danny Long, Robby McQuay, Mary Null, Kim Penley, Kevin Hines, Cindy Spizzo, Lynn Sherrill. Sth Row: Nancy Kaylor, Martha Sharpe, Carol Roof, Angie Barr, Becky Roof, Sally Herman, Susan Gore, Melanie Wesson, Karol Kruegert STAGE BAND The Stage Band performed at num- erous dances this year. Their selec- tions range from jazz to pop music. As in the years past, the Stage Band was un- able to use classtime for practice; there- fore, many hours of hard work were spent out of school. x h 1 Isl Row: Andy Spirnock, Kevin Hines, Stacey Brazee, Lynn Sherrill, Joe Austin, Bart Kincaid, Angie Barr, Jill Sipe, Clay Killian, Phil Eller, G. 6. Simmons. 2nd Row: Cindy Spizzo, leff Sherrill, Larry Hipps, Dan Hunsucker, Mark Hollar, Robby McQuay, Danny Long. Ken Hilderbran. 93 1976 VARIETY SHOW! The 1975 Variety Show was proudly given the name "Sounds of America." The entertainment ranged from a chorus line to square dancing. As usual the Ham Squad was a favorite. The highlight of the second performance was the crowning of Miss Cathy Yount, the new Band Queen. 94 t: f; 1 I lle k - 95 96 fx BAND OFFICERS +K +K 4, k k k f'fk Clay Killian, Pres., Angie Barr, Sec.-Treas., G. G. Simmons, Vice-Pres, CHORUS OFFICERS 4r? 2 ..- IN .V 'qr nlI2 . .. 2.33.. 1st row: Keith Simmons, Bill Kincaid, Mary Lee Null. 2nd row: Melinda Lewis. 3rd row: Boyd Tyson, Debbie Bollinger, Mary Beck Russell, Joy Carpenter, Faith Reidenbach, Bradley Coley. ? 2.1 J V; :Xng 2X x N 1 Bradley Coley - President of Mixed Chorus 1 Debbie Bollinger - Vice-President of Mixed Choru51 Mary Lee Null - Secretary-Treasurer of Mixed Chorusl Bill Kincaid - Manager of Mixed Chorusl Joy Carpenter - Librarian of Mixed Chorus1 Boyd Tyson - President of Mixed Chorus 2 Melinda Lewis - Vice-President of Mixed Chorus 2 Faith Reidenbach - Secretary-Treasurer of Mixed Chorus 2 Keith Simmons - Manager of Mixed Chorus 2 Mary Russell - Librarian of Mixed Chorus 2 97 MIXED CHORUS 1 This year's choral department 3. entertained a change in division of '7" sections. Two mixed choruses were ,2 ,- created. During the first semester, Mrs. Ann Cheek directed the students as they practiced for Thanksgiving and Christmas activities. Second semester I brought the return of Mrs. Martha Williams as the department began practice for upcoming events. fa. n F' g y ,4 1st row: Flora Abernethy, Don Kiser, Bill Kincaid, Bradley Coley, Gary Hicks, Keith Combs, Joy Carpenter. 2nd row: Barbara Stewart, Susan Wilson, Treva Phillips, Cheryl Peterson, Wayne White, Catherine Zahner, Cindy Setzer, Teresa Lynn, Loretta Mills. 3rd row: Sundee Setzer, Cindy Reinhardt, Mary Null, Jeff Rawls, Floyd Justus, Greg Kearns, Debbie Wilson, Anne Barnes, Pattie Roberts, Pam Kaylor, Debby Bollinger. MIXED CHORUSZ 98 'lst row: Darlene Stiles, Mary Beck Russell, Janet Patten, Eugene Rein- hardt, Keith Simmons, Sandy Taylor, Monica Lineberger. 2nd row: Gretta Mungro, Melinda Lewis, Theresa Call, Ronnie Zurline, Jane Weaver, Melonie Reeves, Faith Reidenbach, Jody Thomas. 3rd row: Dorcas Baker, Shelia Reid, Au- drey Rhodes, Sherman Powell, William Holsclaw, Boyd Tyson, Debbie Kurt, JoAnn Blackburn, Linda Curtis. MARS HILL n Joy Carpenter, Bradley Coley, Floyd Justus, and Bill Kincaid represented Newton-Conover High School at the annual Mars Hill Choral Clinic at Mars Hill College. This clinic proved to be seIf-satis- fying to each of these students. It involved much hard work and was also enjoyable. The climax of the clinic was a concert held on the last night. 99 A t t 2; Last spring the choral department spent much time and effort to present their 133 second annual show. This presentation was entitled HA Tribute to Disney." Some of ft Disneyts most famous songs and stories were performed. The show was held at the Newton Elementary School auditorium. ART Under the supervision of Mrs. Autry, the new art teacher, instruction in the field of arts and crafts was taught with a flair of new ideas and concepts. 101 HHll . u-Au $ 53 x x x x Administration N. Sherrill Cranford, Superintendent School Board K Left to right - James Webb, J. R. Roberts, Elaine Waddell, William Zimtbaum, Clarence Fox, Jr. Not pictured: Albert Gaither. 104 Mrs. Joanne Bock watEdum ,r came '4 ; Mrs. Sarah Caldwell Mr. Wilburn Burgin Under the supervision of Sherrill Cranford, our administra- tive body is responsible for the efficiency and productivity of the Newton-Conover School System. Although most of the members are rarely seen at NCHS, they are important to everyone involved. Mrs. Bock serves as General Supervisor of the Ncwton-Conovcr City Schools, and Mr. Burgin acts as a long-range planner for vocational education. Mrs. Caldwell works with the middIe-grade schools as a vocational coordinae tor. Without their concern for school affairs, the system could not be a functioning organization. 105 Mr. Jerome lngle quunn Mr. Everett Simmons The management and efficiency of our school was depen- dent upon our administrative body. Mr. lngle, Mr. Simmons, and Mr. Rowe, the principals at N.C.H.S. reinforce the rules and regulations of the school, as well as maintain a sociable environment. A necessary quality of our leaders is patience and these men exhibit this trait to the best of their ability. 106 . Bobby Rowe Mrs. Peggy Buchanan Mrs. Juanita Reinhardt Homeroom would not be the same with- out Mrs. Buchananls various announcements. Not only does she bring us the daily events at NCHS, but she also handles club money and manages all office affairs. Mrs. Rein- hardt contributed greatly to the routine of both guidance and the main office. Mrs. Simmons serves as the Guidance Counselor. This job involves much more than personal coun- seling. She helps students schedule their semester courses, determines class rank for Juniors and Se- niors, prepares students for the PSAT and SAT tests. One of her most challenging tasks is to aid students in preparing for their future. Mrs. Joanne Simmons 108 ' ' yviyy'iqu k v QMV WV. WWW. V: fs yNV N$ ; my x Wren m awwngsw VV ex: s "Ausasm e e Aaxauv . s .t www.mi VV stxw Ms. Norma Gillis Mrs. Freida Heavner LIBRARY The library enriches the curriculum by providing a vari- ety of materials. Ms. Gillis aids both students as well as teachers in locating needed sources. Students also visit the Library to browse through magazines, read the daily paper, or simply try to find a few minutes of peace and quiet. The teachers aid, Mrs. Heavner, has the trying job of handling six study halls a day. A repeated procedure each day is the signing of passes to and from the library. 109 63 FINE ARTS The Fine Arts department of- V fers students the chance to ex- press their talents and also pro- vides entertainment for other members of the school and com- munity. Students seek ways to Mrs. Martha Williams express their feelings, and the Fine Arts department fulfills Mrs.Ann Cheek their desires. uh .hy I U . I 3 I . t . I Mrs. Michaele Autry 3 l'. . t ' V 9 C. l, . e . j , h . ., . . I I . e o 0' .' I a z 1 -. . c . .. . I Mrs. Brenda Hilderbran BUSINESS h! Ahhh , l' -'l .II m7: .3 - ., . , - V, .. ' h U.L'-'p'u'l:1.' . Ms. Barbara Poovey For students at NCHS who planned a career in the business world, a variety of courses were offered. Miss Poovey, Mrs. Hilderbran, and Mrs. Cooke, a new addition to the business department, made an effort to prepare students for jobs which utilize typing, shorthand, and bookkeeping. Mrs. Nancy Cooke Mr. Nathaniel Noell Mr. Thomas Weikel Distributive Education students work in offices and stores where they work directly with the public. They take an in-depth look in such commercial areas as financing, promo- tion, and transportation of goods vital to the consumer. Industrial Cooperative Training is a joint effort of the school and community business employers to provide on-the- job training for students. Those enrolled in ICT receive credit for it based on their class participation at school and work outside of class. 112 Both males and females experienced the techniques and secrets of homemaking in the Home Economics classes. Under Mrs. Jackson's supervision, the students learned traits in sewing, cooking, and modern living. Mrs. Kay Jackson a hm?" 113 PHYSICAL EDUCATION , M 4. 4a, The Physical Education program is a unique portion of the N.C.H.S. curriculum. The goals of P.E. are to acquaint the student with the techniques of athletic skills and to stimulate his spirit. Coaches John Patrick and Lynn Deal try to achieve this goal in their gym classes and also devote their own time to coaching extra- curricular sports. x Ms. Lynn Deal 114 Mrs. Martha Thomason FOREIGN LANGUAGE Mrs. Maria de Torres n-Iiun-n ld4lli-I Hun. The NCHS foreign language department is both interesting and worthwhile. First and second year students learn the fundamentals of grammar in the language of their choice. Third year students concentrate on conversing in that lan- guage. Students not only studied the writing and speaking aspects of the languages, but also took part in cultural activi- ties. The French department had a new teacher this year, Mrs. Thomason, who divides her day with the Jr. High and Sr. High French classes. 115 ? a; J ENGLISH a Kai? m M Vi w Igu" $1 I'V'I 'l l S 'I 'I,'Il a 'I.'I. 1:11. Mrs. Janice McNeil Mrs. Paula Kale L. $.61 11'; six Ms. Barbara Hildebran As the basis of all courses, English is required of all students at N.C.H.S. for three years. This year, to avoid schedule conflicts, the English department de- vised a system in which semester classes were paired so that students taking one class would automatically take its partner. The wide variety of courses and its dedicated teachers gave each student an opportunity to gain a broad background in English. 116 Mrs. Susan Litchford ixon Margaret D Mrs. 117 Mr. Everett Simmons From the sophomore to the senior year, our Math depart- ment offers courses which satisfy the individual needs and desires of students. Those students who plan to continue their education take Algebra I and II, Geometry, and Advanced Math. Students interested in learning only the basics in mathe- matics take Consumer Math. Mr. David Jones 118 Mrs. Johnsie McCorkle 119 0 Mrs. Bernice Cline Students, through Social Studies and History courses, were exposed to the past as well as the present. The History department brings the students closer to understanding the problems of the world and provokes them to search for possible solutions to these problems. Mr. Ray Birchfield Mr. Gary Jarrett , . : ;::::: "22-J- ' tr, m. .5555: Mr. Donnie Wilson 121 SCIENCES Mrs. Kathryn Awad Among the sciences taught at the high school, biology plays a major role. BSCS, Biolo- gy l and II, and Advanced Biology comprise the life science courses. Field trips, dissections, and projects added to the department's interesting curriculum. Mr. Jim Wilson and Mrs. Awad taught these classes. 122 Mr. Jim Wilson Elements, equations, problems, and rancid experiments - these are just a few of the phases of the Physical Science De- partment. Mrs. Jarrett heads the depart- ment and conducts the Chemistry I and II and Physics classes. Mrs. Nancy Jarrett 123 Mr. Roy Ingle Mr. Guy Miller Mr. Bobby Rowe VOCA TIONAL Students in the Vocational Education department gained experi- ence in bricklaying, mechanical drawing, carpentry, and construction industry. They applied what they learned in classwork to practice their trade for future job occuBations. Many had several projects that they completed during the year. The Special Education depart- ment believes that all individuals are entitled to an education accord- ing to their abilities. It attempts to provide classes which stress development in educational, social, and occupational areas. 124 CAFETERIA STAFF Life around NCHS wouldn't be the same without the hard work of the Cafete- ria and Maintenance Staff. Their daily efforts make school hours more enjoyable. Shelby Little, Cathy Medlin, Mary Williams, Lucille Drum MAINTENANCE STAFF Marvin Misenheimer Chancie Queen Florida Cosby 125 x I I I x z r SOPHOMORE OFFICERS Sec.-Treas. Robin Holloway, Pres. John Cilley, Vice-Pres. Jean Kiser 128 Keith Aaron Flora Abernethy Shuford Abernethy Donna Adams Sterling Adams Anthony Arney Dino Arruza Laura Atkinson Reggie Atkinson Felton Baba Cathye Baker Dorcas Baker Marilyn Beatty Johnny Benfield Craig Binkley Karen Black Ian Bohler Chuck Bolick Mary Anne Bolick Susan Bollinger Debbie Bowman Ginger Boyd Stacey Brazee Nancy Brockhoff Leslie Brooks Terri Brooks Bunny Brown Keith Brown lenene Bruner Jimmy Buchanan Patty Bullis Kevin Burch Ann Burgess Jennifer Call Terri Campbell Tina Carter John Cilley Anita Clark Annette Clark Sandra Clark Kathy Clarke Missy Cline Lois Cole Scott Coley Keith Combs Cheryl Connor Teddy Connor Mickey Cooke 129 Calvin Coulter Jerry Coulter Stacey Craddock Debbie Crawford James Crawford Linda Curtis Steven Davis Michael Deal Twyla Deese Paul Dengler Michael Denny James Derrick John Derrick Shirley Dover Cindy Drum Kary Drum Michael Dwiggins Robbie Dyer Phil Eller Scott Eller Eric Epps Tammy Farmer Lee Fletcher Jimmy Ford Marilyn Furr Kerry Gantt Kim Garfield Karen Gibbs Lynne Gibson Dotti Goble Tyrone Grandberry Robin Guthrie Barbara Haight Alma Ham Terry Hamilton Dee Hamlett Sidney Hammonds Lisa Hampton Brian Harper Skeet Hartis Brian Hartsoe Sharon Hartsoe Tim Hatchett Alice Hawn Brent Hayes Beverly Hedrick Yvonne Hefner lWavid Henry 130 Billy Henson Dianne Herman Finley Herman Keith Herman Gary Hicks Kevin Hines Larry Hipps Cindy Hollar Melanie Holler Robin Holloway Lee Anne Holsclaw William Holsclaw David Howard Bob Hudson Marsha Huffman Debra Hughes Dan Hunsucker Melissa Hunsucker Tina Hunter Debbie Ikard Debbie Ingle Keith lsenhour Cathy Jarrett Dean Kahill Kathy Kanipe Melinda Kaylor Nancy Kaylor Clay Kearns Tammy Keller Lori Kenyon Teresa Kilpatrick Don Kiser Jean Kiser Karol Krueger Todd Kuchenbecker Deborah Kurt Marilyn Laffon Tim Lail Jeff Lamb Nellie Lane Daniel Ledford Tanya Little Durwin Loritts Wendy Lutz Donna Lynch Tana Lynn Judy Mangrum Jimmy Matson 131 Tim McCrary Wanda McCrary Yogi McNeer Billy Merritt Loretta Mills Ronald Minton Brad Mize Karen Moore Amy Moose Johnny Moose Cindy Moser Julie Moser Richard Mosteller Wayne Noell Gary Osborne Buddy Parham Andy Parson Rita Pearson Mark Pennell Margaret Petree Carl Pickel Larry Pittman Deena Pope Lynn Preston Jackie Propst Leigh Ann Propst Robin Propst Teresa Pruitt Kenneth Ramsey Rhonda Randall Beverly Reid Cindy Reinhardt Andrea Reitzel Robby Reitzel Veda Reynolds Wadene Rhinehardt Andy Rice Brenda Richardson Alicia Rinehardt Alan Roberts Michael Roberts Gigi Robinson Tommy Rogers Libby Russell Steve Samples Cindy Setzer Dennis Setzer 132 Lee Setzer Lynn Setzer Su ndee Setzer Randy Sharpe Terry Shaw Leigh Shepherd Jeff Sherrill Deedee Shook Mike Shook Fred Shuford Dirk Shytle Raymond Sifford Cathy Sigmon Rodney Sigmon Teena Simmons Mark Sipe Doug Slama Diane Smith Greg Smith Tommy Smith Shelly Spencer Andy Spirnock Brian Spizzo Reggie Squarles Becky Stephens Felicia Stewart Jeff Stewart Darlene Stiles Tommy Styers Helen Sumerell Robert Sylvester James Tate Kim Taylor Sandy Taylor Jodie Thomas Junior Townsend Cindy Walker Russell Walling Michael Welch Wayne White Virginia Wilfong Eddie Williams Eric Williams Poo Winbauer Tim Wooten Marsha Wright Bobby Yandle Monte York 133 134 Speed Young Deborah Yount Not Pictured: Mike Caldwell Debbie Christian Cecil Coulter Anthony Donaldson Charles Lewis James Mungro Sammy Ramseur Mike Reynolds Luther Young IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sec.-Treas. Nancy Laube, Pres. Chris Holloway, Vice-Pres. Sean Forsyth 135 Gerry Adams loe Austin Rusty Baird Scotia Baker Susan Baker Dympna Ballard Becky Bandy John Barkley Anne Barnes Charlene Barnes Angie Barr Jane Benfield Randy Benfield Jo Ann Blackburn Claudette Bolick Lori Bolick Tim Bolick Barrie Bondurant Rosetta Bowlin David Brewer Sheila Britt Chet Brooks Renee Brooks Donna Burgess Terry Burns Baxter Butler Catherine Caldwell Theresa Call Keith Campbell Kenny Campbell Glenda Canipe Sharon Carr Linda Carroll Bobby Clarke Toni Clarke Cheryl Cole Sherrie Conner Robby Cook Steve Cook Bryan Cook 136 Mike Cosby Karen Coulter Greg Cranford Lynda Danner Steve Darden jerri Darr Diane Davis Jeff Davis Dana Deal David Deal Alice Dellinger Donnie Dellinger Chuck DeMasters Margaret Derrick Ana DeTorres Julie Dieter Mitzi Dixon Don Durant David Eckard Kevin Edwards Tim Elliot Beth Evans Linda Fleming Tony Floyd Sean Forsyth Christie Foster Cindy Foster Jeff Fox Mark Furr Susan Gaither Kevin Garfield Linda Geiger Cathy Gibbs Barbara GiIbert Jeanine Goforth Faye Goins Susan Gore lane Grimes Robby Hall Nelda Hamby 137 Linda Hands Brenda Hart Jim Hatchett Phillip Hawn Dale Hedrick Patti Hedrick Nancy Hefner Tony Helms Mark Herman Sally Herman Ken Hilderbran Rita Hoke Donna Hollar Mark Hollar Richard Hollar Chris Holloway Kim Huffman Lisa Huitt Diane Hunsucker Lisa lsenhower Billy Jarrett Crystal Jarrett Pattie Jarrett Kim Jones Floyd Justus Joel Kale Pam Kaylor Randy Keever Jerry Klutz Lisa Laffone Debbie Lail Terry Lail Nancy Laube Donna Lawrence Melinda Lewis Dwight Little Danny Long Teresa Lynn Jill Martin Jimmy Martin 138 Phillip Martin Delinda Major Mike Mason lane McClain Eric McGee Robbie McQuay Helen McReynolds Alan Miller Donna Minton Denise Moose Mike Moose Lisa Moser Teresa Nail David Nelson Lisa Neulicht Daniel Noell Ronnie Parker Brenda Parlier Wayne Parker Steve Pearson Kim Penley Andy Petree Andrea Phillips Treva Phillips Tony Poovey Cathy Powell Tracy Pugh Lawrence Punch Charles Pyant Jeff Rawls Melanie Reaves Sherry Reavis Charles Reinhardt Audrey Rhodes Beth Richards Teresa Rinehardt Teresa Roberts Steve Robinson Robin Rocket: Delores Rogers 139 Becky Roof Eric Rose Kathy Rowe lill Schorle Cindy Setzer Lynn Sherrill Lee Shew John Shook Chris Shope Alex Shuford Elaine Sigmon Jeff Sigmon Kathy Sigmon Lance Sigmon Richard Sigmon G. G. Simmons Keith Simmons jackie Simpkins Jill Sipe Don Slama Patrice Slaughter Melanie Smith Paulett Smith Tim Smith Cindy Spizzo Billy Sprouse David Stedman Barbara Stewart James Stewart Debbie Strider Alfreda Summers James Styers Pam Sweet Barry Teague Donna Templeton Lisa Thacker Mark Thomas Cristal Travis Steve Travis John Trivette 140 Greg Turner Randy Underwood Betty Watts Jane Weaver Michele Webb Scott Webb Jeff Whisenant Vickie White Betty Wike Andy Wilkenloh Marsha Williams Debbie Wilson Dwight Wilson Susan Wilson Ray Woodrum Ellen Workman Alan Yancey Jack Young Mike Young Catherine Zahner Ronnie Zurline Not Pictured Terry Danner 141 '3 tr SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Sec.-Treas. Mary Beck Russell, Pres. Cathy Powell, Vice-Pres. Jeanne Haight 142 Jimmy Aaron Debra Abernathy Butch Baker Cynthia Baker Jackie Barlow Lee Beason Audrey Beatty Cookie Bentley Kevin Binkley Jamie Bogert Bobby Bollinger Debby Bollinger 143 144 Stuart Bondurant Bobbie Bost Mary Bostian Beth Boston Tanya Bowman Mark Bronsdon David Brooks Mike Campbell Penny Campbell Sherri Campbell Nancy Cansler Joy Carpenter Larry Chapman Eddie Christenbury Mitchell Clark Robyn Clarke Ann Cole Bradley Coley Helen Connor Kenneth Coulter Marshal Coulter Steven Coulter Chrissie Danner Rick Davis 145 146 Tony Davis Darvin Detter John Dilley Allen Drum Ruth Duncan Randy Eckard Ted Ekonomon Nina Enloe Bradley Epps Gaye Ferguson Pam Fisher Sylvia Fleming Danny Foster Julie Frank Anne Gabriel Bobby Gibson Scott Gregory Andy Hahn Jeanne Haight Pam Ham Jesse Hamlett Daniel Harper Jayne Haugh Sharon Hedrick 147 148 Eric Heller Tammy Herman Kevin Hester Sheree Hickman Frankie Hilton Debbie Hinson Debra Hodge Scott Hodge Jeff Hollar Terry Hollar Ulli Hollmann Kathy Hoyle ; ti 93:."1M' 3x l Gary Huffman Karen Huffman Mike Huffman Rhonda Huffman Bryan Humphries Mandy Hunsucker Nancy Hunsucker Cynthia lcard Allen Johnson David Johnson Tina Johnson Dale Jonas 149 150 Glenn Jones Greg Kearns Laura Kearns Melinda Kessler Clay Killian Paula Killian Bart Kincaid Bill Kincaid Link Kincaid Charles Klutz Kim Krueger Jeff Kuchenbecker Jeannie Lackey Tim Lawing Alfred Layne Mark Ledford Wayne Lett Richard Lewis Thelma Linder Melodee Lineberger Monica Lineberger Jeff Link Al Lofland Debbie Lynn 151 152 Linda Mangrum Cindy Matthews Penny Matthews Bobby McCarty Trudy McCaslin Dennis McCorkle Gary Misenheimer Gary Mitchell Mike Moore Michael Moss Gretta Mungro Hoover Nance Jeanne Neulicht Donny Newsome Mary Lee Null Robert Pannell Eddie Parkhurst Janet Patten Ella Phillips Susie Pitman Kathy Pitts Tim Poovey Cathy Powell Sherman Powell 153 154 Michael Propst Ricky Ramseur Shelia Reid Faith Reidenbach Eugene Reinhardt Bobby Reynolds Pattie Roberts Mike Robinson Carol Roof Kim Rose Cheryl Roseman Mary Beck Russell Tom Russell Judy Scronce Danny Self James Self Karen Setzer Martha Sharpe Dallas Sigmon Dennis Sigmon Ellen Sigmon Doug Simmons Pam Simmons Susan Simpkins 155 Ann Smith Karen Smith Lucretia Smith Reggie Smith Bradley Spencer Mary Stearns Darlene Stephens Ronnie Stephens Gene Stokes Randy Taylor Robert Thacker John Tharpe Beth Townsend Theresa Tramel Billy Travis Tommy Travis Debbie Trivette Boyd Tyson Valerie Underwood Kathy Webb Mike Welborn Melanie Wesson Jeff Wiggs Renee Williams 157 Barry Wilson Sylvia Winters Not Pictured: Lester Adkins Paula Sigmon Tina Winstead Vicki Yount Robert Zurline o a. a wMY l 158 The graduating class of 1976" struggled for recognition, carried a stigma of disobedience, concluded with a mark of triumph. We are unique! 159 W Senior Directory JIMMY WAYNE AARON raphy Ciub 3: French Club 4: Tm MICHAEL RODNEY CAMPBELL HELEN BERNICE CONNOR Transfer from Red Land High nis Team 3.44 Vica Club 3, 4 - Pres.; Track 2, 3. Chorus 2, 3; Afro-Amer. Club 2, 3, School 4; Chess Club 2; Tennis 4; Office Assistant 4; Pep Club 2. , . 4 4 4. y. A . DEBBY DARLENE BOLLINGEggaf" PENNY GAIL CAMPBELL ' L eer e-aer 2 - Head; Sec.-Treas. FHA 1; pep a . x. . .4 ' 9m $4 WA: 4 Imp: AMNJQAxJ-dHtm'a'Oib'lxt , 4Wwymgw-Hnmmawnmvmumri:wmwiymv; rgrwmz .f' 4; 1":inas W A 'ce-Pws. 3. f , TEPHANIEBETH BO ,. A V . Beta cm College Annua , , ' ' 4 , . V 4' V Varsity C I " com4 gS " Functional Stu and 1; FHA 3; 1; ho's WhM hool St . itress ;Variet " Varsity Club 4; Most I '. Spanish Student Away! 1.; g 2, 3, 4; Devilier SW04. aphy Club 4; Golf Tea, 3, I 1; Bas- :.;, g , "'1 . eY Club F:' K4; Home . ., . inee 4; lr.-Sr. I 2 NINA ENLOE uh I -- Pres.; Chorus 1; Pep 2; Library Assistant 2, 3; Deca . 4 - Sec.-Treas.; Homeroom BRADLEY SCOTT EPPS AFS 2, 3, 4; AFS foreign exchange student to Brazil 4; Beta Club 3, 4 - Pres.; Jr. Civitan Club 3, 4; Span- Annual Workshop 4; Tennis Team 2; Basketball 1; Volleyball 1; Soc- cer 1; Cheerleader 1; Beta Club 3, DEBRA KAY HINSON Pep CIub 1, 2, 3; Spanish Club 3; Homecoming Dance Committee 3; Soph. Dance Committee 1; Jr.-Sr. Dance Committee 3; DE 4; FHA 1. Queen Court 2; Miss NCHS Candi; date 2; Junior Marshal 3; Pep Club 1, 2, 3; Varsity Club 3, 4; Photog- raphy Club 4 - pres.; AFS 2. 3, 4; Jr. Civitan Club 2, 3, 4; French .'::-V;td"15q'515W9n.r4uywr.g.v....,...K-.. . .1, ;, W, ,ijwmx iur-xzw 3 A 3 :2; 35 . or 3 1., Sofitheastern Ba , 2, 4; ' unaway 2; A , t 3x ExecuiiVe Stqe. Treas. of S3r.' O .4 3 ; 8' Club 3, 4; AFS 2, 3, 4; Varsity Club 3, 4; Carrousel Princess Nominee44, 3 Cardinal Staff 4; Queens College w alkali" 'inikmunh' x 4; Varsity 1: Psrfect 3 Camp 3, kmad; Bihd M Dance Waitress 1; Xv WO' 1 . , ; - u 11.1. '2; Soph. D ' ecomlng Da . JOHNSON; ; nca Club 2; V'v VNA MARIE IbHNSON I tudent Council Executive Bo Qteerlqgggr ,2, 'V- co-head - ua' ph. I ce . ance Cm- ard 1:, , ge Band 1,1 A. and ariety Show. ' 2mm, 2, 3, , Club 3,4; Int? 3 Club 2; Golf Tei Ainong Music S 3 . 'h Schools4 IAM BURKE Ki, :53 KELLY LINK KINCAID Deca Club 1, 2. CHARL 55,411? ootball 1 .3 Captain, 2, 3, 4 - Captain; Basketball 1, 2; Baseball 1; Pep Club 1, 2; Student Council 1, 3; Varsity Club 3,4; Homeroom .1, 3,.Weight lifting'2, 3 4; ueen Nominee 4; 1; Most Athletic ,, ,, - Award 1; Best Blocker w. THELMA RUTH LINDER MELODEE DENISE LINEBERGER Perfect Attendance 2; Leo Club 3; FBLA 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Variety Show 1, 2; Chorus1; Library Assis- tant 3, 4; Soph. Dance Committee 2. w MONICA DAWN LINEBER Band 1, 2, 3; Variety Show 1, 2; Chorus 4; Pitchford Staff 1; Leo Club 3; FBLA 4; Perfect Atten- dance 1, 3; Library Assistant 4; Soph. Dance Committee 2. JEFF PRESTON LINK Basketball Photography Club 3. 162 V ittee 4. 1, 2; Pep Ciub 1, 2 ,. ALBERT LUTHER LOFLAND III IV Club 1; Vica dub 2, 3, 4, DEBRA LA FHA .; F - 1 Council 2; Ex V dent Council 3; Jr. Cla . 3 , . Dance Comm I . ourt 2' Jr. C .-Sr. I" A115 3 y-R Sec , 3; Miss NI' Staff 4; Workshop c , Nominee " ; In teract Cl Oming Queen Ca ' I V PENNY DENISE MATTHEWS Pep Club 1, 2; Soph. Dance Wait- ress 1; Spanish Club 3; AFS 4; Band 1, 2, 3; Flagteam 3; Variety Show 1, 2, 3; Youth and Music in Vienna, Austria 1; Soph. Dance Committee 2. BOBBY BOYD McCARTY Football 2; Basketball 3; Track 4. TRUDY RENEE McCASLIN IV Club1 - Sec.-Treas.; FHA 1, 2; Soph. Dance Committee 2; Jr. -.Sr Dance Committee 3. FBLA4 C00 2,: 4. DENNIS WAYNE MCC$KLE Varsity Club 3, 4; Chgtus 1, 2; J; Afro-Amer. Club 2 , 3 -- Pres.; Weight lifting 2, 3, 4; er Staff 1, 4 4 Sports Editor; FoptbAII, 2, 3, 4 H All Conference 5 u Honorable All State, SD7 - Year; Track 1, 2 - M KCHS, 3 - MVP SD7, MVP CatawffiVCounty. GARY LEE MISENHEIMER Iv ClubWica Cluli 2, 3 4 GARY SHELDON WCHELL Vica Club 3. 3; MICHAEL DAVID MOORE 1V Club 1; VICA - TRADE 2, 3, 4. YNN J 1 - Head 2;Fun"' " -, DONALD of the 7 HAEL gowARD M933 epcr '3; Va Foo 3, ," Fl! ,, 3.1; ,4 ,1 ,4; Photogra- LL , , 4, Pep Band 3, 4; hie; ,0, 1, 2, ,4;Southeast- ' 7' 7F tivai ,4; Cary Band ilier Stigff 3, 4, Pitch- io Staff 3, 4; FTA s.,'" nish Club 2, R0 NELL U RST w Ch6rus 1, CommittQ? 34; A 4; Homeroom Vice-Pres. leader 4; Cheerleading Cavnp 4. ELLA BEATRICE PHILLIPS FHA 1, 2, 3, 4 - Vice- ?qu- , dent Council 1, 2; Homeroom Pres. 1; Afro-Amer. me 2, 3, 4 - Sec.- Treas.; Choefieader 3; Varsity Club 4; Ch6rus 1, 2, 3; IV Club 1; Pep Club 1, 2, 3, 4; Carrousel Princess N, 1 4 3 cc 2, , 3 , L POWELL ' mer. Club 2, 3, , 4; Bus Driver 3,: 4. , " MIc ZVPROPST Afro- , 4; Band 1, 2 ' 4; 5t ,, Library 4' tant 4; ' RICKY SEUR r , EILA E REI -Ame 4; Ch 1 f F NBAC Ch 3; Bar Fl h. Dan re e Comm 5 Festival ; Variety 1 4 E , J C " , 3; 45' 8, BE RTS ,XMTIE D IV Club 1; Chorus , rus Show 2, 3; Library A5515 3; FHA 3. M1CHAEL DEAN ROBINSON Basketball 1, 3, 4. I 1 o. 3 W KIMELA DEAN FBLA 4 - Histor CHERYL DENI FHA 1; Vica o FHA 1; Pep c1111: FBLA 3; Shorth'z r ITH SELF , anager 3; Basket' 4- Baseball Manes r, Basketball RADE1,2,.;; g 1 gub4;,sc , NS etball Vica Club 3, 4' date 4; Preci Queen Nomi leader 1 KAREN LEI p Club1, 2, :AFS 3, 4; teract Cl 1' Jr"? Co-Hea V Wwwwwm AN SPENCER ; Chorus Spgw 2. ND WIGGS w 3 ward 1; Baseball 1; ,d 1; Spanish Club 3 - , Club 4; Who's Who , :Beia' Club 3, 4; THOMASBO . " ' , Spanish Club ,, , Baseball 1; Chords . 5': Club 3.4:ICT$ 2 Pres.; Chorus Show , 15' rary 1 1' Assistant 1; Debate T m I, 3; V'CTORIA ' FMA 3; Speech State 3c' Finals; Band 1. 2' - Chapel Hill Chow WorkshOp 3; SOME OF US AREATHLETES; g 165 SOME OF US ARE SCHOLARS; xnxmci m7c$ LAC m0 miom ij:. A'f 14"x 4 166 'c:o., SOME OF US AREIUST COMPANIONS, r . :5, , , 1' VIKXT' h ,: but all of us are humans with rights and equal chances. We are a variety of persons. Yet, with Our talents combined, we are one. m .3 . ,' V' N-r- - . NW. .VW'M' r The year has ended. Seventy-f'Ive-seventy-six at NCHS has unfolded iust as the flowers bloom in spring. 167 As the school year draws to a close, we the students bind our contributions into one, and the school's puzzle takes shape. This year is a special one, because it represents an anniversary of independence and achievement. The goals of each member of the high school have hopefully been attained iust as the goals of the men who proclaimed freedom in 1776 were fulfilled. Our daily routines, although some may have seemed monotonous, allowed this group of students to combine its efforts to form an interesting and sometimes exciting school life. Each individual represents a part of this institution and will always carry memories of the activities that involved his interests. This year is not only an anniversary year, but it is also an election year. Controversial issues plague the political parties as the population tries to decide who would be a capable man for the job of the presidency. A nation such as the United States needs and deserves a leader who can offer an equal opportunity for prosperity to each resident. In order to accept and properly utilize this opportunity, we must be able-minded and prepared. NCHS promotes this strength of character as it tries to educate its students. Acceptance of this education will aid each one of us as we take part in our country's activities. The 1975-1976 CARDINAL is a representation of this year and the students who have participated in the school's functions. Good luck to each one of you and to the nation as time proceeds into the future. ' Mary Stearns Mrs. Bernice Cline, Advisor Mary Stearns, Editor Tina Johnson, Business Manager Pam Fisher, Class Section Cathy Powell, Sports Section Karen Setzer, Activities Section . Beth Boston, Advertising Linda Mangrum, Advertising Lama Kearns, Advertising Joy Carpenter, Advertising Jeanne Haight, Circulation Jeanne Neulicht, Circulation Mitzi Dixon, Photographer Leon Lewis, Roger Biggerstaff, Dave Deiter, Photography 1.69 DOWNTOWN NEWTON 464-1771 TH E 5 NORTHWESTERN BAN K VILLA PARK, CONOVER 464-5801 Compliments of CITY PHARMACY THE SE RVICE STORE Phone IN 4-2431 E. B. Clapp 172 , In . 4:185 .t w 5 a B , $51 A ND $61k Your Happy Shopping Store Store Hours Monday-Thursday 9:30-5:30 Friday 9:30-8:30 Saturday 9200-5 :30 Phone 464-1341 19 East lst St., Newton, N. C. THE GOLD SHOP On the square Ladies ready-to-wear Mrs. James Bentley - Manager RHYNE HARDWARE COMPANY Frigidare Appliances Sales 8: Service Plumbing, Housewares, Tools and Electrical Supplies Newton, North Carolina CALDWELL ELECTRIC CO., INC. Day Phone 464-3013 Nite Phone 464-0268 228 W. A St., PO. Box 245 Newton, North Carolina 28658 Wiring, F ixtures and Contracting Compliments of ECKARD VENDING Conover, N. C. the Flower Pot 2050 North Main Ave. Newton, N. C. 28658 174 KATHRYN'S CHEESE HOUSE INC. 2810 Hwy. 64-70 S.W. Hickory, N. C., 28601 Phones 322-9322, 327-2743 Imported 8L Domestic Cheeses Imported Fancy Foods Sandwiches Selected Imported 8c Domestic Wines 8L Beers Open 9:00 - 7:00 Seven Days Each Week HAZEL BERRY SCHOOL OF DANCE 1907 North Rankin Avenue Newton, N. C. 464-3 290 or 327-0678 Compliments of MODERN CLEANERS Newton, N. C. YOUR CLASS RING HEADQUARTERS Design Ring Way You Choose Many Styles And Stones 3 Weeks Delivery GREGORY JEWELERS 108 N. Main Ave. Newton, N. C. The Friendly Food Stores Where You Save More SAV-MOR FOOD STORES 2 Locations to Serve You Rt. 2, 0n the Springs Road Hickory, N. C. 212 North Ashe Avenue Newton, N. C. Serving National Brand Groceries, Farm Fresh Produce, Swift Protein Beef. Locally Owned GOLD - SILVER - PAPER North Carolina1s Largest Coin 8L Stamp Shop WHITE METAL DETECTORS $100,000 Inventory Nationwide Teletype Dealer Carolina Gold 8: Silver Exchange 19 South Main Ave. Newton, North Carolina Phone: 704-465-1500 175 MRS. JARRETT'S HOMEROOM Sylvia Fleming Danny Foster Julia Frank Anne Gabriel Bobby Gibson Scott Gregory Andy Hahn Jeanne Haight Pam Ham Jessie Hamlett Daniel Harper Jane Haugh Sharon Hedrick Eric Heller Tammy Herman Kevin Hester Sheree Hickman F rankie Hilton Debbie Hinson Debra Hodge Scott Hodge Terry Hollar Jeff Hollar Uli Hellman Kathy Hoyle Gary Huffman Karen Huffman Mike Huffman Rhonda Huffman 176 CONOVER GLOVE MANU FACTU RING COMPANY DIVISION OF NATIONAL SERVICE INDUSTRIES, INC. cOMFOP; MANUFACTURERS OF QUALITY WORK GLOVES BY CONOVER P. O. Box 488 O AREA CODE 704 O PHONE 464-1698 CONOVER, NORTH CAROLINA 28613 LANNING SHOES Downtown Newton HAS IT ALL! For The Gals: For The Guys: MISS AMERICA DEXTER FRONT ROW DINGOTS For The Kids: OLD MAINE TROTTERS PEDWIN BUSTER BROWN JOYCE PORTAGE NATURALIZER GET IT ON! KEDS SCHOLL CONVERSE 9 $39 KEDS FLORSHEIM MRS. CLINE'S HOMEROOM Jimmy Aaron Debra Abernathy IJester Adkins Cynthia Baker Butchy Baker Jackie Barlow Lee Beason Audrey Beatty Cookie Bentley Kevin Binkley J amie Bogert Bobby Bollinger Debby Bollinger 31141.11? 7 fixzuf owl ; '5' 1 Stuart Bondurant Bobbie Bost Susie Bost Mary Bostian Beth Boston Tanya Bowman Mark Bronsdon David Brooks Renee Brown Michael Campbell Penny Campbell Sherri Campbell 178 Compliments of SteffLANE ervke Morganton, Hickory, Lenoir Taylorsville Compliments of REITZEL'S CLEANERS millia mpgnnlha ?Funpral iEnmp i' FUNERAL DIRECTORS COURTEOUS ! EFFICIENT 8c DIGNIFIED SERVICE Dial 464-0131 3 Newton, North Carolina 28658 f E! y M 1? W Protect Your Loved Ones W With Funeral Insurance Home of Willis Reynolds Mutual Burial Association HANG IT UP, GET ON A SUZUKI. SUZUKI of NEWTON 104 West A. St. Tele. 464-2846 MEMBER Newton - Hours: Mon.-$at., 9-6 COMPLETE CARPET AND FLOOR INSTALLATION STEAM CLEANING MIDWAY CARPET DISTRIBUTORS. INC. 225 S. Brady Ave. Tel. 465-1033 NEWTON, N. C. 28658 WALL COVERING CUSTOM MADE DRAPES 179 Compliments of: OWEN-UNITED INSURANCE AGENCY INC. 16 South College Ave. Newton, N. C. 464-081 1 W. Stine Isenhower Thomas R. Owen IHRST FEDERAL 3 K hi; K3313 1r. '. ,43, J ' tr 7.. , 1; WE - . . . SAVINGsstOAN ASSOCIATION ' '3 .HI 9.3:"? ,:' 3 39:1"? OF CATAWBA COUNTY t. J. OFFICES CONOVER MAIDEN CATAWBA 182 ' WHEUNS 1U iii w! KE' 3 WM NC Newtoanonover Bmadmagting Company, inc. NCWIUIL N. C, TWIN CITY LANES Bmulmg Pu 1 Best Sgndtxg'x: LT. Tomi 4:45" :90 Complimcrm u: THE SMART SHOPPE ROBINSON KNITTING MILL, INC. 1 Uhhwhg 'H4044840 V31 N "V: Ash AVG. Xxx? w , N. C. 35053 HERMAN-SIPE 8i COMPANY, INC. GENERAL ON EVRACTURS BL'ELDXM; V EHAL coxw tmnphmcrm m CARPENTER REALTY AND AUCTION COMPANY, INC. xI,,..V : .my .xxx- Ixnlzhhx uhx; Anuuwnuuk Serving Catawba Canny PeuyE-c F0: 40 Yen's Conover, NC. 404.234: 01464-373: CUNUR-Ul'LXI'M'WS T0 HHS YEARS SILNIURS er1! ,RK;X S BI'ST VAH'IS 1N THIC BlTH'lzR H'RNH I'Rli leLD CONUVER. N. C. 184 MRS. LITCHFORD'S HOMEROOM Bryan Humphries Mandy Hunsucker Nancy Hunsucker Cynthia Icard Alan Johnson David Johnson Tina Johnson Dale Jonas Glenn Jones Greg Keams Laura Keams Wayne Lett Melinda Kessler Clay Killian Bart Kincaid Link Kincaid Bill Kincaid Charles Klutz Kim Krueger Jeff Kuchenbecker Jeannie lackey Tim Lawing Alfred Layne Mark Ledford 185 NortllCuroliI1u s First Web Offset MulIi-Color Newspaper Perfection In Quality Advertising! 013m QBhgerhet-jmmg-QEntsrptige 1933 1904 1879 Compliments of JACKSON BUFF CORPORATION Conover, North Carolina Compliments of CONOVER ROOFING 8t SHEET METAL COMPANY, INC. 186 PEOPLES BANK CATAWBA, N.C. 8L NEWTON-CONOVER BRANCH THE FRIENDLY BANK" Compliments of SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE WRANGLER SPORTS WEAR Newton, N. C. Phone 464-2921 Compliments of FIRST UNITED METHODIST CHURCH Conover, N. C. J. B. SMITH JEWELERS Quality Jewelry at the Lowest Price 630 East 10th Street Newton. NC. Compliments of WILSON FARM CENTER 187 HICKORYd P. O. Box 818 -- Hickory, North Carolina 28601 ID Felephone 328-2341 2 E .2. COWANY INC. Best Wishes T0 The SENIOR CLASS JO-BELLES, INC. Route 1,Box 634 i X Conover, North Carolina 28613 alli Mk Telephone 170414650075 mile mile North on NC 161 CHINAWARE, GLASSWARE, CANDLES, CANDLE R1NGS,HOLDERS, DOWNTOWN and CATAWBA MALL GIFTS THAT ARE DIFFERENT Compliments of EVERETT CHEVROLET S. Center St. Hwy. 70 Hickory, NC. Phone 327-9171 11THE BEST PLACE TO TRADE IN THE CAROLINAS" 188 Congratulations to the Seniors: CONOVER DRUG COMPANY, INC. Phone 464.4491 Conovcr. Norm Carolina KQQRRBAzzo .2': . FUBR's' MEN c:s ORE tAaidenp N. l Compliments Of 4-SPEED Compliments of WILLIAM P. REINHARDT B. E. MATTHEWS CONSTRUCTION CO. INC. Residential 8; Commercial Constructions Residential lots available 189 CAROLINA OIL CO., INC. 2222 N. College Ave. Newton, N. C. Phone 464-3582 DISTRIBUTORS OF MOBIL PRODUCTS Compliments of ARNDT AND HERMAN LUMBER COMPANY Conover. N.C. Compliments of NORTH NEWTON HARDWARE, INC. PAINTS, HARDWARE, SPORTING GOODS CONGRATULATIONS FROM HALLMAN'S SHOE SHOP NEWTON, N.C. CONGRATULATIONS from C.AND H. GRAND 5 8110 Newton, NC. and Maiden, N.C. Air Conditioning, Furnace Sheet Metal Work HURLEY REFRIGERATION and HEATING SERVICE. INC; Newton, NC. 0 Residential 0 Commercial 0 Industrial 308 West A Street Tel. 464-2640 NEWSOME TIRE 103 S. Main 464-051 1 190 9 ,L,xV ' W HOME OFF CE: 1 town Newton 12 ' Main Avenug , MAIDEN OFFICE Q 1205 Ehst Main AvMue Maiden, N. c. . 704MZS-9933 A f CLAREMONT OFFICE East Main at North Lookout S Claremont, N! C :3. H Ck K2, s ; A' w y - 191 Compliments of REGENCY BEDSPREAD CORPORATION A good place to work Phone 464-0152 Industrial Park Larry Hermon Dale Richards Prop. THE DESIGNERS Certifled Sebdng Shop Complete Barbering 81. Beauty for the entire family Conover, N. C. 4644134 Dennise London Wayne Pope THE RESOURCE GROUP. LTD. Management Consultants 1 104 First Avenue, South Conover, North Carolina 28613 47044 464-0097 Compliments of LARRY BOSTON Compliments of A FRIEND 192 LUCY LOU FASHIONS Fashion Center For The Youngtimers p, 2When it is new, we have it for you Newton, N. C. HICKORY SPORTING GOODS CO. SPORTS HEADQUARTERS FOR WESTERN NORTH CAROLINA ATHLETICS TROPHIES 2 ENGRAVING TELEPHONE 322-6456 -- 124 NORTH CENTER STREET .--:L..2 Hickory, N. c. 28601 School and Team Rackets Resfmng Outfitters 193 194 FIRST CHURCH YOUTH Laura Atkinson Reggie Atkinson Al Bandy John Barkley Bunny Brown Karon Bumette Tina Carter John Cilley Patrick Cloninger John David Cox Greg Cranford Debbie Crawford Anita Drum Phil Eller Felicia Feimster Jeff Fox Dotti Goble Jerry Hipps David Howard Terri Howard Billy Huffman Charles Ingle Tim Elliott Alan Kennedy Mitch Lemons g Chairman Becky Bandy W Secretary Debbie Ingle W Treasurer Toni Kennedy Clay Killian Jane Killian Jean Kizer Nancy Kizer Dean Lackey Jeannie Lackey Mitch Lemons Laura Martin Nelie Morrison Kathy Newsome Lynn Preston Andrea Reitzel Robby Reitzel Diana de los Santos Fran Saunders Melissa Seagle Dawn Setzer Amy Sherrill Teena Simmons Jeff Sowers Dwight Wilson Jr. Keith Wilson The United Methodist Youth Fellowship of the First United Methodist Church of Newton 1., ' -. ' 1 : 'le - 5. '.YU?$. -- ' E MISS HILDEBRAN'S HOMEROOM 1F"? "Wm:- x Compliments of CONOVER GULF SERVICE ROAD SERVICE 0 Tires and Batteries 0 Minor Repairs and Tune Ups 0 Auto Accessories 0 Car Washing Monty Moore 4 Manager 4647742 Highway 64-70 Across From Mackies Motel Compliments of NEWTON FURNITURE STORE. INC. 11A square concern on the square7 28 North Main Avenue Newton, North Carolina 28658 Telephone: 464-3 281 JOE GOBLE JEWELERS Certified Diamond Master Choose a jeweler in whom you have confidence. He will talk to you, frankly and freely, about the diamond you want to buy and the price you want to pay. The better stores in your community are not always the most expensive; more often, such stores give you the best values. 121 N. College Ave. Newton, N. C. 4'; This space is dedicated to: Kim Harkins and Mark Canrobert Compliments of STARTOWN PLUMBIK COMPANY Rt. 1, Newton David E. Wood Owner 464-5479 Congratulations to the Class of 1976! gvanml NEWTON GLOVE SUNDAES SODAS SPLITS SHAKES ICE CREAM HAND AT ITS PACKED BEST HICKORY, N. C. 322-2029 DANDY DISCOUNT 19 E. 2A2 Street Newton, N. C. 464-7713 Wayne Dellinger - Owner Susan Lehmons ! Manager TWIN CITY INSURANCE INC. Emmett O. Herman, Pres. SEE US FOR ALL YOUR INSURANCE NEEDS 29 South College Newton, N. C. 197 Compliments of TWIN CITY TIRE SERVICE 2625 NW. BLVD., HWY. 321 Phone 464-5141 A F R I E N D NEWTON, N. c. 28658 Box 1969 HICKORY, N. c. ZERDE N'S 206 Union Square HICKORY, N. C. 198 NEWTON CONOVER HIGH SCHOOL FLAG CORPS 1975-1976 Commander Sheila Britt Becky Roofa'F Julie Moser Carol Kruegar Faith Reidenbach Squad Leader?k Kim Jones:k Melinda Kaylor Sharon Hedrick Margaret Petree HONOR GUARD Cindy Matthews Missy Cline Mitzi Dixon Jackie Propst Kim Huffman4 Pam Sweet Linda Carroll Jill Martin Betty Wikeg: Carol Roof Cynthia Baker Jean Kiser BANNER CARRIERS Jennifer Call Patrice Slaughter 199 Compliments of CORRIHER IMPLEMENT FORD TRACTORS Phone 464-0161 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of DR. ALLEN H. BANDY OPTOMETRIST Compliments of CONOVER T-V Sales and Service R.C.A. lst Street West, Tel. 464-4725 Conover, N. C. 28613 RADIO STAFF Mark Herman 4 Editor Greg Cranford 4 News Editor Danny Foster - Sports Editor G. G. Simmons - Special Feature Editor Marilyn Laffon Donna Adams Steve Darden Mary Lee Null Sherry Connor Daniel Ledford Jane Weaver MR. JARRETT'S HOMEROOM Debbie Lail Denise Moose Eric McGee Nina Morris Nancy Laube Dwight Little Alan Miller Mike Mason Jimmy Martin Lisa Neulicht Lisa Moser Theresa Nail Robby McQuay Teresa Lynn Mike Moose Danny Long Jill Martin Helen McReynolds Compliments of ABERNETY HARDWARE 44Good Hardware" 44On the square in Newton44 DIAMONDS WATCHES JEWELRY 1...... to... l:,- v- Ih- s-n-r JEWELERS AND BRIDES STORE Jewelers Of Trusted Reputation for 3 Generations Headquarters For Gold Lance High School Rings Teen Accounts Welcome 200 MRS. HILDERBRAN'S HOMEROOM Robin Guthrie Barbara Haight Alma Ham Terry Hamilton Dee Hamlett Sidney Hammonds Lisa Hampton Brian Harper Skeet Hartis Brian Hartsoe Sharon Hartsoe Tim Hatchett Alice Hawn Brent Hayes Beverly Hedrick Yvonne Hefner David Henry Billy Hinson Finley Herman Keith Herman Dianne Herman Gary Hicks Kevin Hines Larry Hipps Cindy Hollar Melanie Holler Robin Holloway Lee Anne Holsclaw William Holsclaw 201 ,5 ?:Xiaa $MM1M a211, .9 1 7911?? 1 er, N. C. i P. 0. Box 668 Conover, North Carolina 28613 ' ndise At Reasonable pliances, Curtis 5 3 RCA Victor reos. rchandise ES CO.. 311 N. Main St. ton, N. C. 28658 one 464-3241 RDAY NIGHT PRICES ELDING D INE SHOP Woodrow F. Hoke, Owner Phone IN 40321 202 lThei Compliments of a National Bank of Catawba County Serving The Catawba Valley Since 189V Kenny Campbell Glenda Canipe Sharon Carr Linda Carroll Tammy Church Gloria Clark Bobby Clarke Toni Clarke Cheryl Cole Sherrie Connor Robby Cook Steve Cook Bryan Cooke Michael Cosby Karen Coulter Greg Cranford Lynda Danner Terry Danner Steve Darden Jen' Darr Diane Davis Jeff Davis Ana de Torres Dana Deal David Deal Alice Dellinger Donnie Dellinger Chuck DeMasters Margaret Dem'ck 204 MARSHALL ELECT Electrical Contracting Wiring, Fixtures 8L Supplies Westside Boulevard Newton, N. C. 464-1 312 F ree Parking MRS. AWAD'S HOMEROOM Gerry Adams Joe Austin Rusty Baird Scotia Baker Susan Baker Dympna Ballard Becky Bandy John Barkley Charlene Barnes Anne Barnes Angela Barr Jane Benfleld Randy Benfield Jo Ann Blackburn Lori Bolick Tim Bolick Barrie Bondurant Rosetta Bowlin David Brewer Sheila Britt Chet Brooks Renee Brooks Donna Burgess Sonny Butler Terry Burns Catherine Caldwell Teresa Call Keith Campbell Claudette Bolick 206 Compliments of BOWMAN DRUG CO., INC. Registered Pharmacists Carl E. Bowman Kenneth L. Lawing Ph-464-1354 Conover, N. C. Compliments of MELVILLE'S Downtown and Catawba Mall Your headquarters for exciting Junior Sportswear Ifs the real thing. COCA-COLA BOTTLING COMPANY, HICKORY Compliments of SALLY'S Exclusive ready-to-wear Pat WeatheryOwner Newton, NC. Compliments of RIDGEVIEW HOSIERY MILL Newton, NC. Compliments of NEWTON FLORIST 207 BALLS CREEK P. O. Box 42 A '" Hwy. 16 South Newton, N. C. 28658 PHONES: 704-464-2262 704-464-2266 WAFFLE HUT Highway 64-70 Conover Serving You 24 Hours A Day NORTH MAIN MOTORS, INC. located across from the Peoples Bank 2720 N. Main Ave., Newton 464-0907 Religious Supplies For Church, School, and Home HICKORY BIBLE CENTER 262 15! Ave. NW. Hickory, N. C. 28601 Telephone: 704-322-3812 704-327-3790 Roger 84 Rose Ann Childers Compliments of DRUM FUNERAL HOME A. B. Thornburg - Manager 464-3031 WINTERS MEN'S STORE FOR THE BEST IN CLOTHING 464-6535 Conovcr, N. C. CATAWBA VALLEY DUPLICATI NG SERVICE 0 Sales Letters 0 Catalog Sheets 0 Bulletins 0 Direct Mail 0 Order Forms 0 Announcements 0 Envelopes O Letterheads O Resumes 0 Organization 0 News Letters 0 Booklets 0 Cost Sheets 2k EXTRA FAST SERVICE x: LOW COST ag 464-8663 2206 North Main Ave. Newton, N. C. 28658 208 For Your Transportalion Needs BOB DYER FORD, INC.' Hwy. 64-70 West Conover, N. C. FIBER MANUFACTURING COMPANY MANUFACTURERS OF NARROW FABRICS AREA CODE: 704 201 East Eighth Street Tel. 464-2632 Post Office Box 629 Newton, North Carolina 209 19 North Ashfi 1: Newton. N pfjarl Dwiggins Phone 464-6841 wmw W; ; v uzwalkr Mk MISS DEAL'S HOMEROOM Jennifer Call Lois Cole Kathy Clarke Terri Brooks Bunny Brown Keith Brown Jenene Bruner James Buchanan Kevin Burch Ann Burgess Keith Combs Sandra Clark Micky Cooke Terri Campbell Missy Cline Tina Carter John Cilly Scott Coley Annette Clark Cheryl Connor PLAZA BARBER SHOP Sculptur-Kut Stylist Exclusive Hairpieccs , Sales 8: Service Avante Shag Coloring Long Hair Styling Hair Relaxing Regular Hair Cuts 464-5919 NEW-CON SHOPPING PLAZA Compliments of REEVES CURON DIVISION P.O. Box916 Conover, N. C. 28613 Phone 0044 4648800 NORTH NEWTON OUTLET 1132 N. Main Ave. Newton, NC. MR.JIM WILSON'S HOMEROOM Brian Spizzo Reggie Squarles Becky Stephens Jef f Stewart Felicia Stewart Tommy Styers Helen Sumerll Robert Sylvester James Tate Sandy Taylor Jodie Thomas Jack Townsend Cindy Walker Russel Walling Micheal Welch Wayne White Eric Williams Tim Wooten Marsha Wright Bobby Yandle Monte York Luther Young Deborah Yount Eddie Williams Kim Taylor Speed Young P00 Winbauer 211 SERVICE-SECURITY-SAVINGS CATAWBA REALTY AND INSURANCE COMPANY, INC. Loy Abernathy 232 West A Street Joe Robinson NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA Phone IN443829 PAUL A. KILLIAN M Dial 464-3854 -- Box No. 596 CONOVER, N. C. TERRAZZO CERAMIC TILE TUB ENCLOSURES AND ACCESSORIES SHOWER DOORS FLAGSTONE MARBLE QUARRY TILE VICTORIA BEAUTY SALON Downstairs Haupt Building "Our Customers are our best Advertisemenf, Dial 464-0825 NEW-CON SUPPLY, INC. SHERWI N-WILLIAMS PAINTS Newcon Plaza Newton, N. C. 28658 Wallpaper 7 Carpet - Vinyl Floor Coverings AREA4S MOST Telephone COMPLETE ART 464-9400 DEPARTMENT Compliments of CONOVER HOME CENTER 212 Compliments of STOP 81 SHOP Paul Reinhardt - owner Clothing Shoes YOUNG MEN'S SHOP on the Square in Newton Formal Wear for all Occasions CLEANING, REPARIING, RECORING and FLO-TESTING COMPLETE AIR-CONDITIONING SERVICE NEWTON RADIATOR SERVICE, INC. MELVIN E. JONAS PRES; GEN. MGR. 321 BY-PASS 1525 NW. BLVD. NEWTON, NC. 28658 phone 464-0814 night 464-9619 SUPERMARKET B 81 L GAS STATION Conover, N. C. 213 Compliments of TWIN CITY SUPERMARKETS 3 Locations to serve you Newton, N. C. Compliments of NEWTON TEXACO SERVICE Tires - Batteries - Wash - Lub and Accessories Hwy. 321 and W. 20th St. Newton, N. C. 28658 Gene Cochrane and Richard Herman Prop. 465-0950 'L' Compliments of SARAH'S FLOWERS Claremont The Best In Flowers Corsages and Flowers for All Occasions Phone 459-7951 CONGRATULATIONS To the 1976 Graduating Class 214 MARSH-ARMFI FOAM CUSHIONI Conover, N.C. 464-3818 Mn 4 k 2 : 7 a" ; 4. .' i s t g . v3 r $ 5 v um: mu. W5. uQnImym-pA uwmmM H van... w i1 MRS. McNEIL'S HOMEROOM Richard Lewis Thelma Linder Melodee Lineberger Monica Lineberger Jeff Link Al Lofland Debbie Lynn Linda Mangrum Cindy Matthews Penny Matthews Bobby McCarty Trudy McCaslin Dennis McCorkle Gary Misenheimer Gary Mitchell Michael Moore Michael Moss Gretta Mungro Jeanne Neulicht Donny Newsome Mary Lee Null Robert Pannell Eddie Parkhurst J anet Patten Ella Phillips Kathy Pitts Bryan Poovey Hoover Nance 216 NEWCON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER NEWTON,N.C. Hwy. 321 and 20th St. Tel. 464-2123 A Complete school supplies riCosmetics for all ages wHaIlmurk products Prescriptions at discount prices MONDAY-SATURDAY 9am until 9pm SUNDAY 1pm 6pm Open 365 days 21 your CATAWBA F.C.X. SERVICE Newton. NC. Feeds 2 Seeds , Fertilizers Farm Supplies GrindingiMixing Limb Fertilizer Spreader Truck Phone IN 4-3832 NUZUM-CROSS CHEVROLET, INC. Corner B. St. 8; Ashe Avenue Telephone 464-366! NEWTON. NORTH CAROLINA 28658 Putting You First Keeps Us First 217 NEW - CON SHOPPING PLAZA Mon. thru Sat. FEATURING: 21 Varieties of Pizza Sun. Hours 11:00 am. thru 12:00 pm. also Roast Beef 8!. Ham Sandwiches 1:00 til Midnight and Salads 218 MRS. JACKSON'S HOMEROOM Compliments of CAROLINA MILLS, INC. THE STEAK PLACE OPEN 7 DAYS Q $033153? LUNCH s; DINNER NewtonJLC. 25650 Phone 465-1685 219 MR. ABERNETHY'S HOMEROOM Keith Aaxon Shuford Abemethy Flora Abemethy Donna Adams Anthony Amey Dino Arruza Laura Atkinson Reggie Atkinson Felton Baba Cathye Baker Dorcas Baker Marilyn Beatty Johnny Benfleld Craig Binldey Karen Black J an Bohler Chuck Bolick Mary Anne Bolick Susan Bollinger Debbie Bowman Ginger Boyd Stacey Brazee Nancy Brockhoff Leslie Brooks 220 M ISS POOVEY'S HOM EROOM SUPERIOR PET 8: FUEL CO., INC. 4Quality Petroleum Producm NEWTON - CONOVER Congratulations Seniors POTEAT ELECTRIC 2310 North Main Ave. Newton L1 Siam 4INTERIORS 207 NORTH MAIN AVENUE NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA 28658 AREA CODE 704 464-3952 Loy Sigmon is a member of the American Society of Interior Designers Melanie Smith Keith Simmons Patrice Slaughter Cindy Spizzo G. G. Simmons Jill Sipe Kathy Sigmon Jimmy Styers Barbara Stewart Debbie Strider Pam Sweet Richard Sigmon Jackie Simpkins 221 NEWTON-CONOVER HIGH SCHOOL BANDMEN TRUMPETS BARITONE TROMBONES Clay Killiana: Lance Sigmon Robby McQuay G. G. Simmons John Derrick Mark Hollar Phjl Eller Lee Setzer Ken Hilderbran Jimmy Ford Eric Williams Phil Hawn Dino Arruza John Cilley Danny 10mg Terry Bums Steve Samples Brian Harper Larry Hipps Dan Hunsucker Michael Propst:k Michael Dwiggins CLARINET EB HORN Lynn Preston Shuford Abernathy Randy Sharpe PERCUSSION BASS SAXES Bart KincaiM Kevin Simmons Kevin Hines Joe Austin Kenny Campbell Mike Shook Robby Reitzel Tommy Styers Jeff Sherrill Brent Hayes Jimmy Buchanan Buddy Parham BASS CLARINET Steve Darden Kevin Edwards Bradley C0163": Andy Spirnock Jeff Rawls Andy Wilkenloh James Derrick a:Seniors 222 COU NTRY KITCHEN CAFETERIA Open 7 days a week 6 a.m. to 4 pm. Mon.-Sat. 7 a.m. to 6 pm. on Sundays Featuring Homemade Pies 8; Rolls Private Dining Room Facilities for large and small parties or groups Located at Villa Park Shopping Center Highway 64-70 Conover, N. C. CONOVER FLOWER SHOP 44Say it with Flowers, But say it with Ours44 420 lst St. South Conover, N. C. 28613 Phone 464-5830 Home Phone 464-1405 Our Wire Service Can Send Flowers Everywhere ' HOMEROOM 4; 1". - Qrm 6 53 , 223 INTERACT CLUB SERVICE BEFORE SELF JUNIOR CIVITAN CLUB 224 MR. NOELL'S HOMEROOM MCQUEEN MOTORS INN Hwy. 16 East EHRYSLER NEWTON, N. C. , DODGE rwcxs J . W. 11MAC,1 MCQUEEN PRESIDENT Bus. Phone 464-6084 Chrysler, Plymouth, Dodge Cars Dodge Trucks Sales and Service Lock 8L Safe Sales 8L Service ALL KINDS OF KEYS MADE KEYS GALORE 118 N. Main Ave., Newton, N. C. Phones 464-4700 - 465-0959 Day or Night Tim Wykes Nelson Vetetoe Owner DAIRY HALL, INC. CONOVER, N. C. 11Eat out more often? Compliments of CATAWBA ICE 8: FUEL 225 NEWTON-CONOVER HIGH SCHOOL BANDSWOMEN FLAG TEAM Sheila Britt Jennifer Call Linda Carroll Missy Cline Mitzi Dixon Sharon Hedricki: Kim Huffman Kim Jones Melinda Kaylor Cindy Matthewsa': Julie Moser Margaret Petree Jackie Propst Faith Reidenbachi: Becky Roof Carol Roof:k Pam Sweet Betty Wike Karol Kruegar Jean Kiser TRUMPETS Leslie Brooks Missy Cline Ana de Torres Kim Jones Leigh Ann Propst Jill Sipe Barbara Stewart Debra Yount TROMBONES Melinda Kaylor BASS CLARINET Felicia Stewart FLUTES Flora Abernathy Laura Atkinson Linda Carroll Sherri Conner Debbie Crawford Susan Gore Sally Herman Rita Hoke Robin Holloway Melissa Hunsucker Jean Kiser Karen Moore Janet Patten Andrea Reitzel Becky Roof Diane Smith Melanie Wesson5k ALTO SAX Karol Kruegar Tanya Little Amy Moose Mary Lee Nung Kim Penley Cindy Spizzo TENOR SAX Stacy Brazee Alice Hawn Lynn Sherrill DRUM MAJORETTE Laura Atkinson CLARINET Becky Bandy Angie Barr Mary Ann Bolick Cindy Drum Julia F ranlC'e Barbara Hajght Sharon Hartsoe Dianne Herman Debbie Ingle Nancy Kaylor Teresa Kilpatrick Debbie Lail Denise Moose Margaret Petree Jackie Propst Cindy Reinhardt Carol Roofa: Martha Sharpeg': Becky Stephens MAJORE'ITES Becky Bandy Cindy Foster Rita Hoke Denise Moose Mary Beck Russelli: DRUMS Bunny Brown F RENCH HORNS Nancy Brockhoff Dotti Goble Jill Sipe Poo Winbaur a' Seniors 226 MR. DONNY WILSON'S HOMEROOM :32 Compliments of Compliments of FISHER'S GASOLINE PUMP SERVICE JACK B. KINCAID 2628 North Stewart Avenue Newton, N. C. 28658 DUO REXALL DRUG STORE 24 Hour Prescription Service Compliments of Two Registered Pharmacists I NED THOMAS LARRY KIZIAH TURNER s GROCERY 241-3684 428-9855 Featuring: Prescriptions Cosmetics4Natural'Vitamins Thomas 03010 Tumer, Owner Hardware-Photo Processing Vet Needs 8IF WE DON'T HAVE IT-WELL GET IT, Route 2 Conover Congratulations Seniors T l 484 183 6 VILLA PARK SHOPPING CENTER e ' - CONOVER, N. C. 464-6214 227 SPANISH CLUB Shuford Abernathy Gerry Adams Dorcas Baker Becky Bandy John Barkley Sargeant at Arms Kevin Binkley Jan Bohler Mary Ann Bolick Jennifer Call John Cilley Greg Cranford Debbie Crawford Twyla Deese John Dem'ck Tim Elliott Bradley Epps Alice Hawn Diane Herman Sally Herman Lee Anne Holsclaw Nancy Kaylor-Secre tary Bart Kincaid Tanya little Danny Long Donna Lynch Amy Moose Denise Moose Lynn Preston Andrea Reitzel Becky Roof Kathy Rowe Cindy Setzer-Vice-President Lynn Sherrill-Treasurer Diane Smith Brian Spizzo Helen Summerall Greg Tumer-President Jeff Wiggs Deborah Yount Ted Ekonomon Karen Moore 228 MRS. THOMASON'S HOMEROOM Rita Pearson Mark Pennell Cheryl Peterson Margaret Petree Carl Pickel Larry Pittman Deena Pope Lynn Preston Jackie Propst Leigh Ann Propst Robin Propst Teresa Pruitt Kenneth Ramsey Sammy Ramsuer Rhonda Randall Beverly Reid Cindy Reinhardt Andrea Reitzel Robby Reitzel Mike Reynolds Veda Reynolds Wadene Rhinehardt Andy Rice Brenda Richardson Alicia Rinehardt Allan Roberts Michael Roberts 229 SHERLOCK PRIVATE INV 1 HI! MLD Compliments of THE ANNUAL STAFF FUTURE, HERE WE COMEW BETA CLUB 230 BUNCH-KELLY COMPANY, INC. Post Office Box 457 CONOVER, NORTH CAROLINA 28613 Phone 000 4644673 DISTRIBUTORS OF FURNITURE AND BEDDING TEXTILES QLQI-a nhlclight QZdIar i9 231 :proxnwa'wwg, i g. gm 9 S E E o 170M KNQW WdCWVQ b o

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