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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1947 volume:

1 'i M 5 H M 'N X r 1947 Qlarhinal 717' E M VOL XIV Published by the Senior Closs of NEWTON-CONOVER HIGH SCHOOL Newton, N. C. Page Two jfuremnrh This 1947 CARDINAL is your book. We hope that it will be a source of many pleasant memories as you recall this year at Newton- Conover High. We hope that through our efforts we may bring to our friends and fellow students the meaning of worked-for education and show our genuine appreciation for it. "The days are made on ct loom, whereof warp rn-ml woof are past cmd present time." -E MERSON. 3-if I , .TI vigrx 2' Page Three PgF Book Book Book Book Qiuntents . . .... Closses I . . . .... Activities ll . . . .... Athletics V . . . . . . Advertisements V 16 ,A 52 Page Five Page Six ehinatinn To YATES HAVNAER I Whose winning smile and vivacious personality have guided us on our way, we, the Seniors of 1947, dedicate this Annual. We appreciate his help with the Junior store, his untiring efforts with our Debaters, and his contributions to our scientific departments. May this deed on our part reflect in some small way our heart-felt gratitude to Mr. Havnaer for the services he has rendered. Jfacultp LELIA V. SHORE ....,,..,,.....,,. ........ M athematics MARY CATHERINE SHIVERS ..... .,,....,..,................................,......... E nglish HARRY L. LEMON ............,.. ,,....,. H istory, Physical Education, Coach MRS. CHARLES CLINE ........ .,.. ...........,..,........ L ibrarian, English YATES HAVNAER ............ .... ......... S c ience, Math MRS. CATHERINE COVERT ......, ........ E nglish, Math ....,......... History, Biology IVIINNIE MCEACHERN ......., FRANCES WILLIAMS ....... ....... H oine Economics, Civics DAVID T. HELBERG ' Band, Glee Club, History SARA GETTYS ......... ..... P hysical Education, Biology, Coach BETTY RAWLS ....... ....,......,.....................,............. E 7'I,gl'lSh Commercial CATHERINE LONG ....... Spanish, English L. C. MOISE ........... Secretary WILLIE HERMAN ...... R. N. GURLEY R. L. RHYNE Superintendent Principal French, Latin Page Seven K A ' - g .. 1 ' , ,. f'-Afw alf -' .a .xi 5.1 ii 'FTE ' ' 43' .2 J '1"' 1 il,'1'.I . "1 :R . ...'.:-J' 'Mn 'I' X uxfir-'ti - -gw f '.'l:E1,YQtL , - X'-9 ,5 , - j fv' :Y 1 'ifllfyf '- 'mu ' ' A .- A ' Tw' ' 'f 3 ' V A f ' H A .., git. f ' O A ' ' ' iii" i nfo? . 1 " fffifff- V 4' 'i,nL"1" , lffiffx , I . l-.ang 4 55.4 ' r , My-L' P ' YK: - " ' A I HY' ' 16 . -1 - Y ' M 1' A Q f 7'-'X' P7 "Hg 6' Ag fat :g i A fs'-A :nf 1 . tj Jr' Y E. ' Q' ' , A Pl- ' ' f-' ' , ' T , , T91 -.. Li?--I' .- 1 'Q' f ' Q ' . ' ,, ' ' f' J Wifi ' Nlf i , -U E'i , , 1,a.,1v21" ' x F71 .' .-' -f YT..:-,, ' . '5 ' '. ' ' 1 2 N,1'2fei.F-viff S 2 ' V K H f ' ' -1' -.LL V ,.. . -,Ll -, ', - 1 Q, .xvf 5 A, V Y. TAIL- in A '73 TZ? M' T' -MP ' ' if 1 Y--Jhff' H'fi"".,'f'fi'.1':Y4lV1' 'Y -,PI ..' VTTFQ1' iffy' ' ' f 11 . . if 'Wi A 5 -if5f':'5fIf A 'Y' Eff? ' Y A , 71 bf, Y ...V , Iw.4v.,. 1' , ,U , L - -' , Ar .ggi-513.9 " -'L wg! . f" We " ff- , if A K I I ir' It-. ' 53355 - '-1. YI . - ' V ' J 1 ' "Gr rf Q A T, , I . A Q 1, A 1 , 4 T , , 5 R 1 W , ' -lm x A 1- X , M V -A-'f QA rr-I -' 'fiat' n '- f r' A '13, ' ' I A x ' '- 7 xx 1' ,infix K arhinal Staff JACK GANTT .,..., ..... E clitor-in-Chief PEGGY ARNDT ....... ...... A ssistant Editor LELIA V. SHORE ....,. .... F acuity Adviser MARY ELLEN COPELAND ..... ...... B usiness Manager DOROTHY THORNTON ..... ..... ........ A at vertising Manager ROBERT CLARKE ...... ...,. A ssistant Advertising Mc :MARY ALICE BRITTAIN ...... .... . Assistant Advertising Mc AUDREY MACKAY ...,.. ..... C lass BETTY LEE HARRISON .... ...... F eatnre JIMMY LUTZ .....A ...... Sports Editor PEGGY LAIL ,,,.,,.,,,.,. .... C ircnlation Manager MARY FRANCES JARRETT .... .... C irenlation Manager JACK HOLLER ..... ..... P hotograph Editor Page Eight Bunk 1 . . . Gllmmvn beniur Qlilass . . . 1947 OFFICERS DOROTHY THORNTON .................,.......... ....... P resident MARY ALICE BRITTAIN ...... ...........,....... V 'ice-President CECIL MAE THORNBURG ........ ........ S ecretafry and T1"easw'e1' JOHNNY MACON YOUNT ....... ................................ M ascot CLASS COLORS: Red and White CLASS FLOWER: Red Roses CLASS MOTTO: "F'o1'e've1' Omva'rd" Page Ten Seniors, PEGGY LITTLE ARNDT "Sllortstulf" "lt's been nice knowing ya!" Home Economics Club '45, NVaitrcss Junior-Senior Ban- quet '45, Secretary and Treasurer Junior Class '46, Hi-Life Staff '46, Chief Junior Marshal '46, Tri-I-Ii-Y '46, '47, Spanish Club '45, '46, Vice-President '46, Dramatics Club '46, '47, Secretary-'Treasurer '47, Assistant Librarian '46, Theme Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Assistant Manager Basketball '46, Manager '47, Commercial Club '47, Assistant Editor Cardinal '47, Beta Club '47, Cutest 47, Senior Play '47, Salutatorian '47, Monogram Club '47. BETTY JOYCE ABERNETHY "Red" "Where is Glenn?" Balls Creek l-Iigh School '43, Home Economics Club '44, '45, Glee Club '47, Tri-1-Ii-Y '47. JACK DURANT ABERNETHY "Abernathy" "Yeah?" Football '45, '46, '47, Monogram Club '46, '47, French Club '47, Commercial Club '47, Program Committee Junior- Senior Banquet '46, Most Conscientious '47. MARY LINDA BASS "Linda" "Heavenly Daysl" I nomics lub '45 '46 Secretar '46 Current -Iome Eco C , , y , Events Club '45, Commercial Club '46, '47, Usher, Senior Play '47, FAYE LAIL BETTINI ulyayen "Got a letter from Harve yesterday" Beta Club '46, '47, Physics Club '46, Dramatics Club '46, '47, Chairman Decoration Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Student Council '46, Band '47, Red Cross Representa- tive '46, Hi-Life Reporter '47, Junior Marshal '46, Left School December 18, 1946. BETTY JEAN BOLIN "Bohn" "Cram it!" Masonic Home. Oxford, '44, '45, Monogram Club '46, '47, Basketball '46, '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47, MARY ALICE BRITTAIN "Brittain" "Oh, Heavens!" ' Homecoming Attendant '44, Student Council '46, '47, French Club '46, Beta Club '46, '47, Treasurer '47, Senior Class Vice-President '47, Tri-HifY '46, President '47, Hi-Life Staff '46, Junior Marshal '46, Assistant Librarian '46, Com- mercial Club '47, Cardinal Staff '47, Theme Committee junior-Senior Banquet '46, Senior Store '47, Frienclliest '47, Best All-Round '47, BETTY KATHLEEN BUFF upugu "That's for shore!" Home Economics Club '45, '46, Commercial Club '46, '47, ROBERT JEROME CLARKE ..Arge,, "Shore thing, Doc" Hi-Y '46, '47, Baseball Manager '46, '47, Spanish Club '47, Chief Cheerleader '47, Assistant Advertising Manager Cardinal '47, Vtfittiest '47, Senior Play '47. DOROTHY JEAN CLINE "Cline" "I haven't got time" Home Economies Club '44, '45, Hi-Life Staff '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Place Card Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, ggunior 7Marshal '46, Commercial Club '47, Usher, Senior lay '4 . Page Eleven beniurf GENE NORMAN COCHRANE "Lefty" "That's tough!" Commercial Club '46, '47. MARY ELLEN COPELAND 4. Brainlessn "Sounds like fun l" Latin Club '44, Assistant Librarian '44, '46, Home Eco- nomics Club '45, Dramatics Club '45, '46, '47, Secretary '46, Vice-President '47, Junior Red Cross Council '45, '46, Tri- Hi-Y '46, '47, Treasurer '47, Beta Club '46, '47, Menu Com- mittee Iunior-Senior Banquet '46' Hi Life Staff '16 Cl'i V - , ne Junior Marshal '46, Debating Team '46, '47, Forensic Con- test '46, Senior Store '47, Business Manager Cardinal Staff '17, Most Sincere '47, Yciledictorian '47, Senior Play '47, merlcan Legion O1.ltOzic.1l Contest '47, WALTER KERNEY CORPENING "Kerney" "Have you got your physics?" Most Studious '47, Stage Manager Senior Play '47, IRA CLIFTON DANIEL "Burke" "Shore am" Basketball '45, Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet '45, Lexing- ton High '44, Onlchurst High '43. WALTER DURANT DRUM, JR. ..P0p,, "Hi cliick-dee" Spanish Club '47, Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Midget Foot- ball '42, '43, Physics Club '46, Current Events Club '45, Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet '45, Decoration Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Senior Play '47, FRED COLEMAN EOKARO "Bird" "What time is it, Kearney?" Football '44, Victory Corps '43, Physics Club '4S. GORDON LEE ERVIN nRcd,, "I clOn't believe itl" Band '44, '45, '46, '47, President '47, Student Council '47. LILLIAN ELIZABETH FOWLER "Nursie" "Give me strength!" Home Economics Club '46, French Club '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47 Assistant Librarian '47, Beta Club '47, Usher, Senior Play '47 LOWREN EDWARD FURR "Corn" "Darn it!" Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, '47, Refreshment Committee Junior Senior Banquet '46, Cutest '47, RITA LOUISE GAMAOHE "Ritter" "You want me to prove it?" Victory Corps '44, Basketball '44 '45 '46' Decor'Ltion r l I K Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Program Junior- Semor Banquet '46, Home Economics Club '47, Dramatics Club '47. Page Twelve itl ,l beniurs JACK CLAY GANTT "Bashful" "N ulz" Hi-Y Club '44, '45, '46, '47, Secretary '45, President '46, '47, Beta Club '46, '47, Vice-Presitlent '47, Spanish Club '46, '47. Secretary '47, Monogram Club '46, '47 Vice-President '471 Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Baseball Mrxnngc-r '46, President junior Class '46, Xvniter junior- Scnior Banquet '45, Student Council '46, '47, Executives Club '46, Hi-Life Staff '46, lizlitor Cardinal '47, Chem- istry Club '46, Boys' State '45-, Host Looking '47, Mos! Influential '47, Senior Play '47, A BETTY LEE HARRISON nLecu "Now, listen l" Home Econoniics Club '45, I-li-Lilc Staff '46, Decoration Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Feature Editor Cardinal '47, Co-Mnxmgei' Senior Store '47, Spanish Club '47, Glce Club '44, '47, Secretary '47, Bctn Club '47. LUCY IRENE HEENER ' "Reine" "Betcha dollar two eighty" Home Economics Club '43, '44, '45, Commercial Club '-46. MARTIIA JEAN HERMAN "Jenner" "I-luck, no!" Current Events Club '45, Tri-I-Ii-Y '46, '47, Commercial Club '46, '47, French Club '47, Ili-Life Reporter '45, '46. FRANCES JEANNINE HESTER "Jeannine" ' "Well sir, l want tn toll you" Glee Club '43, '44, French Club '46, President, Assistant Librarian '45, '46, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Commercial Club '46, '47, Tri-I-li-Y '45, '46, '47, Usher, Senior Play '47, Monogram Club '-17. LILLIAN MARIE HEWITT "Peepie" "Wait for me!" Home Economics Club '46, Commercial Club '47. SHIRLEY CHRISTINE HIGKMAN "Shirley" "That kills my everlasting!" Glee Club '44, French Club '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Basket- ball '46, '47, Assistant Librarian '46, Senior Store '47, Com- mercial Club '47, Usher, Senior Play '47, Monogram Club '47. RAMONA SUE HILLARD "Mona" "That's wlmt you think!" Glee Club '44, French Club '46, Tri-Hi-Y '47, Commercial Club '47. DOROTHY JOSENA HOLBROOK "Dot" "Is that right?" Basketball '44, '45, '46, Current Events Club '45, Corn- xnercial Club '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47, Usher, Senior Flay '47. RICHARD JACKSON HOLLER Uhck., "Now, I wouldn't do that" Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, Treasurer '47, French Club '47, Photo- graph Editor Cardinal '47, Senior Play '47. Page Thirteen beniursi BOBBIE JEAN HONEYCUTT "Rommie" "That is to say!" Glynn Academy, Brunswick, Ga., '44, Majorette '46, '47, Basketball '45, '46, '47, Captain '46, Monogram Club '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, Tri-Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, Baton Club '45, President '45, Executives Club '45, Glee Club '45, Hi-Liie Reporter '47, Dramatics Club '47, Song Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Homecoming Attend- ant '47, Most Athletic '47, Senior Play '47. Jo ANN HOUK ir.-Ion "Well, forever more!" Current Events Club '45, Commercial Club '46, '47, French Club '47, Usher, Senior Play '47. JOHN WALLACE Huss "Gussy" "Be careful, son, you may meet another fooll" Band '44, '45, '46, '47, Spanish Club '46, Football '45, '46, '47, Senior Play '47, MARGARET INFANTINO "Infant" IVIARTI-IA ANNE JARRETT "Marcia" "Look, there goes my man!" Tri-Hi-Y '47, Glee Club '47, Secretary-Treasurer Spanish Club '46, Home Economics Club '45, Commercial Club '47, Assistant Librarian '45, Dramatics Club '46, Senior Store '47, Chairman Favor Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Junior Majorette '43, '44, Majorette '47, Prompicr, Senior Play '47. MARY FRANCES JARRETT "Kitty" "Oh, go 'way!" Junior Majorette '43, '44, '45, Home Economics Club '45, Hi-Life Staff '46, Spanish Club '46, Assistant Librarian '46, Chairman Program and Favor Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Cardinal Staff '47, Tri-I--Ii-Y '47, Glce Club '47, Commercial Club '47, Draniatics Club '47, BETTY SUE KILLIAN "Shorty" "I ain't lyin' to yuh!" Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46, Tri-Ili-Y '46, '47. PEGGY ANN LAIL "Peggy" uI'll.1l'I?" Homecoming Attendant '45, Junior Marshal '46, Hi-Life Reporter '44, Librarian '46, French Club '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Senior Store '47, Circulation Manager Cardinal '47, Best Looking"47, Beta Club '47, Maid of Honor '47. FRANCES IMOGENE LAWING "Jean" "I got so-0 tickled!" Hi'Life Staff '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Secretary-Treasurer French Club '46, Monogram Club '46, '47, Basketball '46, '47, Table Decoration Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Senior Store '47, Glec Club '47, Commercial Club '47, Beta Club '47, Usher, Senior Play '47. LAVERNE CHILCOAT LEELER .iLa,, "'I'hat's what they call mel" Glce Club '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, French Club '47, Dramatics Club '47, Page Fourteen -l 'l l l !iii'f1" I Qeniurs JAMES SMYRE LU'rz "Tom" "Hey, boy!" Student Council '44, '45, '46, '47, Vice-President '46, Class President '459 Executives Club '44g VVaiter Junior-Senior Banquet '44: Football '43, '44, '45, '46, '47, Captain '47, Monogram Club '45, '46, '47, President '47, French Club '47g Cardinal Staff '47g Best All-Round '47, Most Popular '47. AUDREY IRENE MACKAY IIMMH "Definitely" Beta Club '46, '473 Spanish Club '46, '47, Vice-President '47g Latin Club '44, '45g Physics Club '46g Dramatics Cluh '46, '47, President '47: Editor Hi-Life '46, Junior Marshal '46: I-lomceoming Attendant '46g Glee Club '44g Basketball '46g Class Editor Cardinal '47g Co-Manager Senior Store '47, Current Events Cluh '45, Place Card Committee Junior- Senior Banquet '46, Debating Team '47g Senior Play '47g May Queen '47. BETTY Jo MAUNEY .4-Ion "I love you too, ba-by!" Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47g Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46. WILLIAM CARLTON NICHOLSON "Bm" "VVlIat say, kid?" U. S. Navy '44, '45, '46, FI'cI1elI Club '44, 473 Left School December 4, 1946. BETTY LOUISE PIIARR "Betty" "Heavens" Glee Cluh '47, French Club '47g Home Economics Club '463 Southern High, Ilaltimore, Maryland, '44, '45. DORIS ELLA PHILLIPS "Bessie" "Oh, my misery!" Tri-Hi4Y '46, '47, Secretary '47, Junior Marshal '46g Menu Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46g Dramatics Club '46, '47, Commercial Club '46, '47, Hi-Life Reporter '47, Glee Club '47, Beta Club '47. RICHARD BILL RECTOR HBillIy "Aw, baloney!" Oxford High '44, Hampton High '45, Spanish Club '46, '47, Most Sincere '47. GEORGE ALBERT REITZEL "George" ubvllell I feel like working, I just lie down till the feeling goes away." Football '45: Basketball '45, '46, Usher, Senior Play '47. CYRIL LANDEN SETZER "Dude" "I'm going to see my woman" Midget Football '41, '4Zg Football '44, '45, '46, '47, Co- Captain '47, Monogram Club '46, '47, Secretary-Treasurer '46g Most Athletic '-l7, Left School December 18, 1946. MAMIE LOUISE SETZER "Mame" "You better watch it there, pal" Home Economics Club '4-4, '45g Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47g Glee Club '45, '46, '47, Vice-President '47, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47g Commercial Cluh '47: Dramatics Cluh '47, Cheerleader '47, Co-Chief, VVittiest '47g Senior Play '47, 'E' Page Fifteen Seniors SARA CAROLYN SETZER "Setzcr" "Anybody seen 'Mame'?" Victory Corps '4-4, Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, Glee Club '45, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Span- ish Club '46. TROY GLENN SHOOK ..Tm,. "Did you have at test today?" Usher, Senior Play '47, DANIEL EDWARD SIGMON .lsig-. " 'At's tough!" Glee Club '41, '42, '43, '44, '47, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Drum Major '45, '46, '47, Military Drill '42, Latin Club '43, Physics Club '45, Decorating Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '45, gms Mcgnitor '41, '42, Usher. Senior Play '47, Debating cam '4 . OLIVE ELIZABETH SIGM ON "Betty" "I don't know!" French Club '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Commercial Club '47. AUDREY VIRGINIA SIMS "Audrey" "I don't know" Home Economics Club '44, '45, '46, Assistant Librarian '47, Tri-Hi-Y '47, Commercial Club '47, Ushcr, Senior Play '47. 4'-5 Page Sixteen BETTY JEAN SMITH unc,-y "I love that kinfl of carrying on" Class, President '44, Student Council '44, President '47, Executives Club '44, '46, Current Events Club, Secretary- Treusurer '45, Class Vice-Presizlent '46, Hi'Life Staff '46, Beta Club '46, '47, President '46, Junior Marshal '46, Tri-Hi+Y '46, Vice-President '47, Home Economics Club President '46, Dramatics Club '47, Commercial Club '46, '47, Most Popular '47, Most Conscieutious '47, WAYNE MARCUS SMITH "Glenn" "Heck, I rlm1't know!" Treasurer Latin Club '44, Secretary Sophomore Class '45, Hi-Y '45, '47, Monogram Club '45, '47, Band '43, '44, 45, Manager Basketball '45, Manager Baseball '45, Football '43, '44, Boys' Stale '47, Fishburnc Military School '46, Fricndlicst '47, Stage Manager, Senior Play '47, DOROTHY COLLEEN SPENCER "Coleen "Mc, too!" French Club '45, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Junior Marshal '46, Commercial Club '47, Beta Club '47. HILDA GANTT SPENCER "Dude" "Oh, you silly dope!" Home Economics Club '43, '45, Tri-Ili-Y '47, Commercial Club '47, Glec Club '47, Usher, Senior 1'l:1y '47. JOSEPH FRED SPENCER :rj-oem "Are you kidding?" Commercial Club '47, l 4 Seniors' JUDEENA ROSE SPENCER "Deeny" "You know .... " Home Economies Club '46, Tri-I-Ii-Y '46, '47, Commercial Club '-l7, Assistant Librarian '47. LULA DIANA SPENCER "Lula" "How rlo you know?" MILLIE ROSE TAYLOR "Runnin" "What docs that make me? Fire chief" Majorctte '44, '45, '46. '47, Glcc Cluh '47, Dramatics Club '47, Tri-Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, '47, Home Economics Club '45, Spanish Club '46, Basketball '46, '47, Baton Club '46, Assistant Librarian '47, Most Carefree '47r BETTY MAXINE TEAGUE "Gcrtic" "Has anyone seen B. O.?" Glee Club '45, ,Vice-President '46, '47, Home Economics Club "IS, '46, 'Fri-lli-Y '45, '46, '47, Commercial Club '47. CECIL MAE THORNBURG "Cece" "I played my clarinet last night" Banrl '44, '45, '46, '47, Secrctary-Treasurer '46, Vice- Prcsiclcnt '47, Band Clinic '46, Music Medal '46, Spanish Club '45, '46, Prcsirlcnl '46, lixccutives Club '46, Secretary- Trcasurcr Junior Red Cross Council '45, Physics Club '46, Beta Club '46, '47, Sccrz-tzlry '47, Chief Marshal '46, Hi'Lifc Staff '46, Secretary-Treasurer Senior Class '47, Student Council '47, Decfvraticm Cmnmittcc junior-Senior Banquet '46, Librarian '46, Most Sturlious '47, Usher, Senior Play '47, Original Ox-ation '-17. DOROTHY VIRGINIA THORNTON "Dotty" "Aw, is that right?" Latin Club '44, '45, Tri-Hi-Y '44, '45, '46, '47, Current Events Club '45, Assistant Editor Hi-Life '46, Junior Marshal '46, Chairman Place Card Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Student Council '45, '47, Secretary '45, Class President '47, Dramatics Club '47, Spanish Club '46, '47, President '47, Advertising Manager Cardinal '47, Chemistry Club '46, Assistant Librarian '47, Commercial Club '47, Bfost Influ- ential '47, Beta Club '47, Prompter, Senior Play '47. GRACE AMANDA THORPE "Gracie" "I know it" French Club '46, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Band '43, '44, '45, '46, Junior Marshal '46, Invitation Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Commercial Club '47, President, Hi-Life Staff '46, Assistant Librarian '47, Beta Club '47. BERTIE MARIE WATTERS ' "Bessie" "I'1l meet you at the corner, Doris" Commercial Club '46, '47, Tri'Hi-Y '46, '47, Glee Club '47, Usher, Senior Play '47. LINDSEY BOLICK WILLIAMS "Peabody" "No doubt about it!" Hi-Life Staff '46, French Club '47, Hi-Y '45, '46, '47, Basketball '44, '45, '46, '47, Waiter Junior-Senior Banquet '45, Most Carefree '47. MARY SUE YANCEY "Sue" "Tl1at's pretty sharp!" Commercial Club '47, Tri-Hi-Y '46, '47, Home Economies Club '45, '46, Glee Club '45, '46, '47, President '47, Usher, Senior Play '47. BETTY R0sE YOUNT ..Ripn "Can that noise, boys!" Junior Band '43, Band '44, Home Economics Club '45, Spanish Club '46, Hi-Life Reporter '46, Junior Marshal '46, Baton Club '46, Secretary-Treasurer 47, .Program Commit' tee Junior-Senior Banquet '46, Tri-Hi-Y '47, Senior Store '47, Coxnmcrcial Club '47, Make-up Assistant, Senior Play '47. Page Seventeen Page Eighteen Subaru! bang Faithful and ever loyal, We Will boost our dear ole Hi. Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring. There's no time to grieve or sigh.. But ever onward our course pursuing, Let defeat ne'er our ardor cool. For, united, we will boost our dear ole Newton-Conover Hi. Qlllass Sung CTO Tune of "One More TomorroW"J Farewell to school days. How empty our lives will seem Without the pleasures that only School days could bring. After tomorrow All our dreams will soon come true, The dreams we all have in store, Today and forever more. Farewell to teachers. We know that they've done their best To help us strive for The goal that is our success. We won't forget them, Even though the years roll by. Our hearts are all full of pride For those of ole N.-C. Hi. Farewell to friendships, Although they'll always live on. They're part of our past now, So we'll'just tell them, "So long." We leave our pleasures Near and dear to all our hearts. We hope that you'll find them so And keep them forever more. By LILLIAN FOWLER beninr lass iiaisturp Looking back on the past four years, we, the Seniors of Newton-Conover High, realize that they have indeed passed swiftly. As they come to a close, we are all a little sad perhaps, but are eagerly looking toward the future. It seems as if it were yesterday that one hundred and twenty-six Freshmen generously arrayed the halls and classrooms of Newton-Conover High on August 30, 1943. Contrary to the fact that Freshmen are supposedly very "green," the members of this class seemed to know their way around. The reason for this is very simple. We were prepared to enter High School a year earlier, but much to our disappoint- ment, the eighth grade was put back in elementary school. Betty Smith was chosen as our leader. During these days of bewilderment and excitement, we walked down the wrong side of the halls and wandered into the wrong class rooms-to the enjoyment of the upper classmen. By the time the school term ended in May, the majority of us had mastered the requirements, and we were no longer Freshmen, either "green" or otherwise. In the fall of 1944, the class of '47 again took its place in "dear ole" N.-C. H. S. We sadly left some of our classmates behind and were only a hundred and two in number. The class this year elected Jimmy Lutz as President, and we went through an uneventful term, exhibiting all the traits of Sophomores. After a diversion of about three months, one hundred and three students returned in the fall of 1945 quite thrilled at being Juniors. By this time we were beginning to feel important. After electing Jack Gantt as our President, we were prepared to meet all responsibilities. An excellent Hi-Life was published each month and our hard-earned Junior-Senior Banquet was indeed a "hit." Many of our Junior boys were on the football team which won the Western Conference Championship. Active parts were taken in debating and forensic contests. As the year drifted to a close, each Junior became more enthused at the idea of actually being a Senior. Again in the fall of 1946 we took our places in this institution of learning. Our number had decreased to seventy-two and many of us were sorry to leave our friends behind. Being Seniors and having Senior privileges was really very strange at first, but we soon learned to gloat in our glory. Under the leadership of Dorothy Thornton, our class endeavored to be "dignified Seniors." The fourteenth edition of the CARDINAL has been published, the Senior Store has prospered, and our Senior Play was a great success. Now as our last year in Newton-Conover High School ebbs to a close we look back and can truthfully say life has been pleasant here. We have had our bad moments, but more pleasant ones blot them out. After graduation each shall go his own way-some to colleges, others to careers. But we shall never forget N.-C. H. S. -our teachers to whom we owe gratitude for their guidance-and o-ur friends whom we leave to take our places, as we strive to live up to our motto "Forever Onward." AUDREY MAOKAY. Historian. Senior ijslap "WHY WORRY?" FRIDAY, MARCH 14TH, 1947-8:00 P. M. CAST OF CHARACTERS Hamlet-Young Son of a Theatrical Family ,,.,,,,,,..,,.,.,...,,.,,,,,,,,,...,,.,.,..,,,,,. JOHNNY Huss Viola--His Sister ......,...........,.... - .,..........,.,.....,..,,..,.,....,,,,,,, ,, ,,.,,,,..,,..., , ,.,,, AUDREY MACKAY Ophelia-His nine-year-old Sister and "plague" ., .,,,..,,,,,,....,......,..,.,,,., ,--,-,PEGGY ARNDT Mrs. Desdemona Dalrymple-Their mother who speaks Shakespearean and never forgets she is an actress ..,........ .MARY ELLEN COPELAND Tokay--Chinese house-boy and poet ,..,............,,....................,.........,...,. - ...,..,. ROBERT CLARK Jerry Holt-A lawyer and friend of the family ,.,..,..... rr.- .,,.....,..,,,.,.,.,.... -..LJACK HOLLER Aunt Gertrude-An unwelcome guest ....r,.,........,., - , ..,.,..., .,...,,...,...,..,. - ,LOUISE SETZER Doris Benson-A "Baby" .........,.................. ....,.. .....,...... , B ARBARA HONEYCUTT BURNS Bill Anderson-A salesman .................,.....................,.....,., - .,..........,..,,,,....,,,,,..,., JACK GANTT Mike O'Reilly-A policeman ,........,...,.......,,............,......,,.,. ,,,..,,.,,.,,,,,,.,,,,.,....,, W ALTER DRUM PRODUCTION STAFF Miss SHIVERS, MISS SHORE ................................,...,..... .,,....... - ..,,,,., .,,.,, , , ,,,,,,,, D iq-ecggq-S DOROTHY THORNTON, MARTHA ANN JARRETT ..........................,...,,,, .,..,....,,,,,,,,,, P Irompfeq-S WAYNE SMITH, WALTER CORPENING ..,..,.........,.... .,,.,......,.......,,,,,,,,,., S mga Manage,-S BETTY ROSE YOUNT ................................................,.., ..........,. - ...,.,,..,..., L Make-up Assistant MISS SHORE .................................................................... ....... P ublicity ancl Ticket Manageo' USHERS Linda Bass, Jean Cline, Lillian Fowler, Jeannine Hester, Shirley Hickman, Dorothy Holbrook, Jo Ann Houk, Imogene Lawing, George Reitzel, Troy Shook, Ed Sigmon, Audrey Sims, Hilda Spencer, Cecil Mae Thornburg, Bertie Watters, Mary Sue Yancey. Page Twenty Wf' last will ant estament We, the Senior Class of '47 of Newton-Conover High School, knowing that we are .coming to the close of our High School days, want our possessions to be taken care of, and we do hereby declare this to be our Last Will and Testament: We leave to the Juniors, with pleasure, the Senior Store and Senior Play. We do will to the Sophomores the privilege of instructing the Freshmen in the ways and methods of the school. We do will and bequeath four years of hard work to the Freshmen. We leave our gratitude to all our teachers for all they have done for us during our High School days. Our individual belongings and talents are left as follows: 1. I, Mary Ellen Copeland, do hereby will and bequeath to Joe Epps my love for dramatics. 2. I, Kitty Jarrett, will my geometry book to Walter Holland. 3. I, Jack Holler, do will and bequeath my position as "Dignified Senior" to Carl Rector. 4. I, Audrey MacKay, do will my nose and blue eyes to Peggy Herman. 5. I, Edward Sigmon, do hereby will and bequeath to Eddie Ray Sigmon my ability to twirl a baton. 6. I, Linda Bass, do will and bequeath my seat in Shorthand to Frances Wilkie. 7. I, Bertie Watters, do will to Carroll Johnson my love for typing. 8. I, Rita Gamache, do will to Joe Epps my love for speaking in public. 9. I, Betty Rose Yount, do will and bequeath to "Clem" Sherrill my fickle ways. 10. I, Jo Ann Houk, do will and bequeath to Mabel Ann Pendleton my love for cutting stencils. 11. I, Betty Buff, will my brown eyes to whoever wants them. 12. I, Wayne Smith, do will and bequeath to Joe Ramseur my ability to give rubdcwns. 13. I, Mary Alice Brittain, will my love for English to Rachel Allen. 14. I, Jack Gantt, do will and bequeath to Edsell Griggs my bashful ways and horror of women. 15. I, Cyril Setzer, leave my position on the football team to Harry McRee. 16. I, Dorothy Thornton, do leave my laugh to whoever is crazy enough to want it. 17. I, Irene Hefner, do will and bequeath to Margie Nell Simmons my giggle-box. 18. I, Bobbie Honeycutt, do will my athletic ability to Joyce Rockett. 19. I, Carolyn Setzer, do will and bequeath to Priscilla Thornburg my love for boys. 20. I, Betty Killian, do will to Harold Saine my love for Lincolnton. 21. I, Lula Spencer, do will my seat in Shorthand Class to anyone who would like to have it. 22. I, Colleen Spencer, do hereby will and bequeath my studying to whoever may be trapped into it. 23. I, Betty Sigmon, do will my love for Shorthand to all the Shorthand students next year. 24. I, Doris Phillips, do will my place in the lunch room to whoever can have as much fun as I have had. h 25. I, Joe Spencer, leave my seat in English to Walter Holland if he ever gets t ere. 26. I, Lowren Furr, do will my English book to Clarence Sanders. 27. I, Hilda Spencer, do will and bequeath to Martha Nell Kaylor my Royal typewriter in Typing Class. 28. I, Faye Bettini, do will to Carl Rector my bass drum in the band, , 29. I, Marcie Jarrett, do will to Dora Jean Melchor my height. 30. I, Jeannine Hester, do will and bequeath my position on the basketball team to Betty Lou Balll 31. I, Shirley Hickman, do will and bequeath to Peggy Cline my position on the basketball team. 32. I, Betty Lee Harrison, do will to Joe Epps my teeth to use when he gets his knocked out playing football. 33. I, Jimmy Lutz, do will my basketball ability to Fred Patterson. Page Twenty-one 34. I, Betty Smith, do will and bequeath my place at the end of the lunch room line to some unlucky person. 35. I, Walter Drum, do will to Billy Gilbert four years of hard work in mathe- matics. 36. I, Fred Eckard, will to Sam Kincaid and Fred Patterson my ability to write poems. 37. I, Walter Corpening, leave my speed in typing to Frederick Setzer. 38. I, Johnny Huss, do hereby will to Harry Warlick my "second chair" in the cornet section. 39. I, Bill Rector, do will to Gene Hutchins my driving ability. 40. I, Martha Jean Herman, leave all my old memories of Claremont and Oxford to Phyllis Walling. 41. I, Peggy Lail, do hereby will my dark hair and eyes to Joyce Rockett. 42. I, Betty Jo Mauney, do will to my brother, Loy, my love for skipping school. 43. I, Lindsay Williams, leave my love for basketball to Marcus Rowe. 44. I, Ramona Sue Hillard, do will and bequeath my love for commercial studies to Rebecca Smith. 45. I, Gene Cochrane, do hereby will to Clyde Fortenberry my seat in Miss Shore's room for the next five years. 46. I, Margaret Infantino, do will to Dixie Spencer my ability to move rapidly. 47. I, Betty Pharr, do will my black hair and my love for French to Joyce Rockett. 48. I, Betty Jean Bolin, do hereby leave to Peggy Cline my basketball suit. 49. I, Lillian Hewitt, leave my seat in Miss Shore's room to Betty Misenheimer. 50. I, Louise Setzer, do will and bequeath to Sammy Ward my ability to be a cheerleader. 51. I, Gordon Ervin, do will my trumpet playing ability to William Smith and Louis Jarrett. 52. I, Peggy Arndt, do will and bequeath my position as Assistant Editor of the CARDINAL to whomever the next Editor chooses. 53. I, LaVerne Lefler, do will to Virginia Herman my black hair. 54. I, Ira Daniel, do will to John Long Herman my few brains. 55. I, Maxine Teague, do will my place in the Glee Club to my sister, Lorene. 56. I, Judeena Spencer, do hereby will to Dixie Spencer my expression of greeting, "howdy." 57. I, Imogene Lawing, do will and bequeath to Tlieda Holler my love for basket- ball and position on the team. 58. I, Dorothy Holbrook, do will to my little sister, Betty, my love and affection Maiden. 59. I, Lillian Fowler, do leave to my loyal friend, Nancy Workman, my love for blue eyes. 60. I, Audrey Sims, do will to Millie Hewitt my ability to get to school on time. 61. I, Bettie Abernethy, do leave to Mary Lee Smyre, my red hair. 62. I, Robert Clarke, do hereby will and bequeath my Spanish book to whoever can find it, because I can't. 63. I, Jack Abernethy, will to John Lackey my position as tackle on the football team. 64. I, Grace Thorpe, do will to Dora Jean Melchor my loud giggle. 65. I, Mary Sue Yancey, do leave to Nethelee Williams my love for Jimmie's. 66. I, Millie Rose Taylor, do will to Helen Rose Sigmon my place as chief majorette. 67. I, Cecil Mae Thornburg, do hereby will and bequeath my "first chair" in the clarinet section to Eddie Stiles. 68. I, Jean Cline, do will my seat in advanced algebra class to my sister, Peggy. 69. I, George Reitzel, do will and bequeath to W. T. Lemons my seat in the Senior Class. 70. I, Troy Shook, do leave to Glenn McKinnis my personality. Signed, sealed, and declared by the Senior Class of 1947 to be its Last Will and Testament. SENIOR CLASS OF 1947, CECIL MAI: THORNBURG, Testator. Witnessed by: COLLEEN SPENCER, MARTHA JEAN HERMAN, AND GORDON ERVIN. Page Twenty-Iwo Qenior lass rnpbetp For many months I have been working on a new invention. Finally. the other night I hit upon a great discovery-something that would revolutionize the world. It was a type of device that would show and tell what would be happening five years in the future. I snapped on the dial. A shrill voice came over the speaker and before me stood none other than the famous commentator, Robert Clarke. "Good afternoon, ladies and gentlemen. Let us look at the world today": Bill Rector, that famous racing daredevil, has now reached new heights after his historical plunge over 12 cars with his new iet-propelled racer. Jack Gantt and partner, Wayne Smith, have just been. secured by the Town of Newton to construct its mammoth Umpire Building where hundreds of business oflices will be located, Gene Cochrane, well known businessman, has hired several private. secretaries to help him take care of his tan mail. Some of them are: Jo Ann Houlc, Linda Bass, Lillian Fowler, Martha Jean Herman, Jeannine Hester, Shirley Hickman, Grace Thorpe, Judeena Spencer and Audrey Sims. Mary Ellen Copeland is currently starring in Dorothy Thornton's famous play, "The Old Maid." XValter Drum has opened a reducing school in Conover. So far he hasn't been able to get much results himself but it has proved very successful for others. Betty Jean Bolin has been secured by Catawba College to coach basketball. Her assistant will be the well known basketball player, Miss Carolyn Setzer. Margaret Infantino will lecture tonight on "The Advantages of Being a Nurse." She hopes to encourage more girls to go into this profession. Some of her likely prospects are Colleen Spencer and Betty Sigmon. Nurse Hilda Spencer will be her assistant. Lowren Furr has been promoted from paperboy to assistant manager of the Charlotte Observer, Lindsey Williams, multiniillionaire, has made another fortune from his "Ideal Borrowing System." Gordon Ervin Clirnest Tubb, ID and his orchestra will make a personal appearance at the Armory Auditorium Friday night. Well known local playboy, Johnny Huss, will be one of the out- standing stars on the program. And now a word from our sponsors. Ladies,.the place to buy your new spring hat is "Betty Lee's." Miss Harrison designs ber exclusive models Just for you-and now back to the news. I Maxine Teague, Betty Killian and Betty Jo Mauney have gone to New York to become Powers' motels. Millie Rose Taylor, famous blues singer, has gone to England to sing for the King and Queen. Fred Eclcard, that well known card shark, is vacationing in Miami this summer. Flash: An 855 pound baby girl was born to Mr. and Mrs. Herman Burns. Mrs. Burns is the former Miss Barbara Honeycutt, Peggy Lail, winner of the title, Miss North Carolina, will be in Atlantic City next week to compete for the title, Miss America. Her friend, Mary Alice Brittain, and press agent, Jack Hollar. will accompany her. Mrs. Harvey VVilkinson, Jr., Cthe former Miss Faye Bettinij was visiting her parents this week end. Irene Hefner has gone to Italy to further her study in art. Her private secretary, Betty Buff, went with her. Betty Smith, famous millincr, has gmt- to Europe to secure some new fashions. Doris Phillips has opened a rest home for mental eases from Newton and Conover. Professor Edward Sigmon and assistants, Jack Abernethy and Joe Spencer, have just returned from their expedition to Mars. ' Jimmy Lutz, that well known story teller over T. R. U. E., will spend the summer in Florida. Walter Corpening has just completed his suspension bridge from Frisco to Honolulu. The Newton-Conover school system has secured several new teachers for their fall semester. They are as follows: Imogene Lawing, Basketball Coachg Betty Abernethy, Home Economics Teaeherp LaVerne Lefler, French Teacher: Bertie Watters, Civics Teacher. Misses Marcie and Kitty Jarrett gave Mrs. Vilayne Smith fthe former Miss Peggy Arndtj a linen shower Friday. Lula Spencer has just finished her l,0O0tli recording on "The Gift of Speech," Moving the dial once more I saw Private Cyril Sctzer peeling potatoes. Next I saw Mrs. Jimmy VVilIianis fthe former Mary Sue Yancey! in her home, washing baby clothes. Audrey MacKay came into the picture next, and she was telling Troy Shook and George Reitzel just exactly where to put the furniture they were carrying. She was holding some kind of plans- of course she is an interior decorator. Next I saw Dorothy I-Iolbrook, a beautician in Ivey's Beauty Salon. In the grocery store, Lillian Hewitt was buying groceries. Beside her stood her two little boys dressed in sailor suits. A bus whizzed by and who should be driving it? None other than Ira Daniel. His bus stopped and he picked up his sister-in-law. Mrs. Rav Daniel, the former Betty Pharr. As I looked in the C. P., I. saw Betty Rose Yount sitting in a booth, drinking a coke. In the telephone office, I saw Jean Cline working at the switchboard, Next I saw Cecil Mae Thoincburg teaching clarinet lessons in New York. 1 do believe I saw Chief Cheerleader Louise Setzer at the University of North Carolina. Just before the device brolse I saw the former Miss Ramona Sue Hillard driving her husbztnd's car down the street. ' To my great sorrow, I was unable totiix the machine, but while it was working it gave me a little preview of what would be happening in the future. As I was unable to see my own future, I guess it will have to remain a secret. RITA GAMACHE, Prophetess. Page Twenty-three Seniur Ffriemllfiest M est Ccw'ef1'ee MARY ALICE BRITTIAN WAYNE SMITH MILLIE TAYLOR LINDSEY WILLIAMS 1- A M ost Popular BETTY SMITH JIMMY LUTZ Best Loolcing PEGGY LAIL JACK GANTT M ost Conscienzfious BETTY SMITH JACK ABERNETHY Most Sincere lVI.ARY ELLEN COPELAND BILL RECTOR Cutest PEGGY ARNDT LOWREN FURR Best All-Round JIMMY LU'rz Wittiest LOUISE SETZER ROBERT CLARKE Most Studious CECIL MAE THORNBURG WALTER CORPENING Most Influential DOROTHY THORNTON JACK GANTT Quperlatihes lVIARY ALICE BRITTIAN Most Athletic BARBARA HONEYCUTT CYRIL SETZER 3Iuninr Y 1 -:9 1 lass Presiclent OFFICERS FRED PATTERSON ........ ...,...................,,..... . JACK SHERRILL ..... .....,.,. ,,.. ,....... ..... GENE HUTCHINS .... ..... BARBARA KINCAID Vice-P1'es'ident Secretary cmcl Trccnsfwrcfr Mascot Page Twenty-six Eluniur lass -J I l GIRLS-Rachel Allen, Elizabeth Benfield, Barbara Bolick, Dorothy Cline, Levonda Clark, Nellie Eckard, Rebecca Goodman, Peggy Herman, Doris Jean Hewitt, Theda Holler, Bessie Huffman, Betty Jo Hunt, Pat Jones, Betty Lackey, Joyce Lawing, Frances Link, Eunice Loftin, Wacline Martin, Yvonne Martin, Dora Jean Melchor, Sue Betty McCarter, Joyce Rockett, Catherine Setzer, Dorothy Setzer, Helen Rose Sigmon, Nelma Smith, Betty Deane Stinson, Mary Lee Smyre, Dixie Spencer, Doris Thornburg, Nethelee Williams, Doris Wilson, Nancy Workman. BOYS-Francis Abernethy, Richard Alexander, Jimmy Bolick, Billy Mac Butler, Billy Butler, Sidney Cline, Sam Cordell, Johnnie Dellinger, Charles Epps, Joe Epps, Clyde Fortenbery, William Garris, Billy Gilbert, Edsell Griggs, Joe Hahn, Bill Hefner, John Long Herman, Walter Holland, Gene Hutchins, Sam Kincaid, Harry Lackey, John Lackey, Charles Lofland, Glenn McKinnis, Rudolph McRee, Fred Patterson, Carl Rector, Marcus Rowe, Bill Rudisill, Clarence Sanders, Frederick Setzer, Jack Sherrill, Eddie Sigmon, Eddie Simmons, Glenn Sims, Willard Workman, Alvin Yancey, Cyril Yancey. Page Twenty-seuen Supijumute Qlllass OFFICERS HARRY WARLICK ........ ........,,.....,......,.... ..,....,..... P 1' esident RICHARD HERMAN . ,....... .......,............ V ice-Pfresidefnt RUTH CAMPBELL ...,.... ....... S ecretcwy and Treasufrev' LJX Page Twenty-eight bnpbumures GIRLS-Frances Arncll, Betty Lou Dall, Doris Barlow, Alene Beard, Betty Bollinger, Mariel Bolin. Thelma Buff, Betty Ilumgarncr, Ruth Campbell, Betty Cliristojwher, Mary Nell Cline, Peggy Cline, l'atrici:i Coley, Peggy Coley, Algene Deal, Dorothy Mae Deal, Jean Drum, Vivian liekarcl, Kate Fnllhrighl, Juanita Fnrr, Talithn Gantt. Vajcan Hzlmilton. Mary Hefner, Catherine Hefner, Virginia Hernmn, Doris Hewitt, Gienna Hollar, Helene Hollar, Millie Huitt, Bessie Hunsucker, Martha Nell Kaylrmr, Mary Ann Killian, Betty Misenlieiiner, Alice Pitts, Betty Mae Poovey, Colleen Purkey, Ioan Seagle, Lnrene Setzer, Mary Neel Sillll'l10l'lC, Rebecca Smith, Ruth Smith, Susan Stearns, Lorene Teague, Margaret Towery, Irene Travis, Phyllis XValling, Margaret NVhisenhunt, Frances VVilkie. BOYS'-J. T. Benfielll, Jerome Jioliclc, Johnny ilolicla, Bobby Brittain, Ben Burgess, Billy Cline. Jack Collins,,I. B. Curlee, Dwight Dellinger, Roy Eller, Louis Evans, Clyde Fisher, William Fisher, Joe Furr, Albert Gaither, Billie Hawn, C. I-l. Herman, Dickie Hewitt, Joe Hewitt, Richard Herman, Herbert Huffnian, Gene Hunsncker, Eddie Isenhour, O. C. Isenhower, Carroll Johnson, Bobby Ray Jones, Jerry Kale, Carl Lafone, W. T. Lemons, Danny Long, Robert Murphy, Lee Moritz, Harry McRae, Jack Power, Joe Ramseur, Billy Reinhardt, Bobby Roekett, Sammie Rowe, Ernest Sigmou, William Smith, Gurney Stillman, I-larry NVarlick, Jack NVilson, I. C. Yancey, Robert Yount, Bill Zimtbaum. Page Twenty-nine freshman Qlllass OFFICERS TOMMY HURLEY ......,,,....,....................... ............ P 'resiclent CLARENCE CANROBERT, JR. ........ ........................ V ice-President SALLIE LIGGETT ..,....,............ ......... S ecretary cmd Tv'easm'er Page Thirty freshmen a,..e......-- w--.,... - , X GIRLS-Shirley Alexander, Betty Lon Annas, Sue Baker, Alice Beal, Arcola Beard, Betty Bcnficlcl, Ann Blackman, Jean Bolick. Millie Bolick, Dorothy Brady, Betty Brown, Peggy Cresimorc, Millie Deal, Joan Dcllinger, Mary Drnxn, Ruby Lee Eplcy, Joan Fulbright, Nancy Gantt, Patt Havnaer, Frances Herman, Kathleen Hewitt, Betty Holbrook, Thelrna Hollar, Doris Horne, Betty Huffman, Maxine Huitt, Elizabeth Jenkins, Joyce Lackey, Faye Lail, Doris Lemons. Sallie Liggett, Ardis Miller, Juanita Miller, Dorcas Moose, Joyce Moretz, Grace McGuinn, Sue MeRee, Onida McSwain, Mary Parkhurst, Mabel Pendleton, Pauline Poovey, Esther Puovey, Rachel Proctor, Doris Reitzcl, Rebecca Reitzel, Rozella Reynolds, Inez Samlers, Phyllis Saunders, Nadine Sipe, Ruth Smith, Betty Smyre, Geraldine Sweuzy, Dorothy Tlmmus, Katherine Vllallace, Peggy XVilliams, Jolene Yancey. BOYS-Bobby Abcrnethy, john Barkley, Raefortl Benfielrl, John Burger, Edward Bost, Bobby Brown, Billy Bryant, Clarence Canroberts, Jr., Jnnie Finger, XValler Griggs, Leonard Hamriek, Sammy Harkins, Cromer Herman, Dale Hunsueker, Tommy Hurley, Louis Jarrett, Ronald Kaylor, Eugene Lane, Roy Lemons, Richard Matthews, Charles Matheson, Cecil Misenhimer, Keith Moretz, Charles Parkhurst, Harold Reitzel, Neil Rowe, Frank Schrum, Bobby Sigmon, Charles Sigmon, Russell Sigmon, George Sigxnon, Bill Sipe, Clyde Stearns, Eddie Stiles, Norman Thornburg, Franklin Travis, Sammy Ward, Jack Whisnant, W'ayne G. VVilkinson. Page Thirty-one lK B97 1' 5995 We, the Seniors, dedicate this page to CLARENCE T. Fox, JR., who because of illness has been unable to enjoy the school days of 1947. In behalf of the Student Body, we Wish "Moe" a very speedy recovery. Page Thirty-two N , KK ' 1.-vf. 1, L . .k'f,'.f.,g V ,"-i-'f'f:Z': :FLW- 1 ' 515 ilfyvl w. .Nj-,V f , . , J, , ,lfuifyg-"44' ' if ' gf. T, S .5 ,B i ? Zf5nnk E . . . Artiuiiivn .....--..l-.l.- ,,,-r-.-. M. - . X -.w a e trough mrQg,,,s5..Q.fn-..jg2Qcgsassi-lfgueirgglvffgil . I I QXANXN " "K v f' ' XXX ' 'wif N 1. WETWXF t Ed1tor-in-ohief----w-- Doris Thornburg Asst. Editor ----- ----- - , Joyce Rockett Business Manager-- ---- - - Joe Epps Asst. Buslness1Man.--r . Dorothy Olinda Chief Printer4-- ------ Edsell Griggs Asst. Pr1nter---- ---- - b' Clarence Saunders Circulation Menager--- Frances Link Asst. Circulation Man. ' Sam Kincaid ,Chapel,Editor--------- , H Eddie Simmons Art Editor- ----- -f---- Betty Lackey Joke Ed1tor---------h- . Jack Sherrill Sports Editor--5 ------ Sam Kincaid Joyce Lawing Birthday Editor ------- Dora Jean Melchor Who's Who Editor ------ 'Imogene Beckett Proof Reeder---------- Wadine Martin Asst. Proof Reader ---- A Eddie Simmons Exchange Editor ------- Theda Holler Alumni Editor --------- Betty Lackey Literary Editorr ---- -- . Barbara Bolick General Reporter------ Rachel Allen Typists---4 --------- -- Q. Second year Qggf typingastudents 1,. . l The H1-Life is sis: published monthly LE by ' the Junior .S?j class or Newton ConoVerQHlgh. etwmhlll, LE'1"s GET' DOWN 'ro sroorxrrc Well, now we've settled down to the old routine of school again. One six weeks has passed, and we're on the second. All you boys sri girls get started Hbxnow and lly tomething TEE X elfnfwuhwee This month we are keeping the tradition of Hellowe'en and decorating our cover with pumpkins, owls, witches and black cats. The building of bone fires, cracking of VYGBT. nuts, bobbing for apples floating in tube of water, and telling Nfnf fortunes ond ghost 'tries ere now Hull? snr customs. It ted about thir- lflcs ago whm -all We or Study a 'the next the results until the last school to try to Start right now study the whole year. Won't your diploma be worth spent the time you've end the work you've done? So come on, you students.Let's all get down to study- ing. Qliiv-i Page Thirty-four lat : life life who t may the lips actions tell' quite another story. be Jus out, Q.--1-.-Q-Qi 'uted 1uNo- a: mf ffl -qu: l - V .LW 1 r f .e.,.:1 .f' Y.. 'A i 1 Asif! .1--1 f My 'U , sr? l 'SQA' E 5+ I. K 1. ..:.s.-.. ' A r f' . 11- 'ii ' . w' 5 'J 45 vi 5 Xi 1 X 3 1 'Y 1 , W 4 v- f I 6, V " ' r 1 , IS 1 1'-Q-Q 1 Y . QQ,-time -'f--1151: A " '53 . . f . 'Y 4. 'grew 5 I 1 il, 31 4. X :EH .if-+5 1. 1 1 ,. Wil M -A midi .fer - ' i A i f Q , - i 5 " : H 2. 1 . GORDON ERVIN ........ . ......... .......,............., P res-idcnt FRANCES VVILKIE CECIL MAE THORNBURG .................,.. Vice-P1-cslidavzt MR. D. T. HELBERG Clcorincts Eddie Isenhour Corncts Jerome Bolick Cecil Mae Thornburg Eddie Stiles Ruth Smith Dorcas Moose Peggy Cressimore Joan Whitener Joanne Hoyle Trumpets Gordon Ervin Joe Furr Harry Warlick Johnny Huss Eddie Ray Sigmon Doris Horne Louis Jarrett .f-llto Srmzoplmnc Doris Thornburg Snare Drums Dwight Dellinger Richard Herman Thomas Hurley Jack Kincaid Mellophovws Nancy Gantt Lorene Teague Irene Travis Bell Lyra Frances Wilkie Sidney Cline Ronald Kaylor Billy Reinhardt William Smith Bass D-rum Faye Bettini Baritone Charles Sigmon Cymbals Margaret Towery Oboe Betty Misenheimer .. Secretcwy-T1'easu1'er . ..... ...... . ....... ,..... . . Director Basses Edward Sigmon Johnny Dellinger Carl Shelton Tromboww Joe Epps Majorettes Millie Rose Taylor Patricia Coley Helen Rose Sigmon Bobbie Honeycutt Delores Jones Drum Majors Edward Sigmon Eddie Ray Sigmon Eramatins Qiluh btuhent Clinunril Glen Qllluh Stuhent Cltuunnil BETTY SMITH .........,..... DORIS THORNBURG ...... BETTY MISENIIEIMER .,..... FRANK SCHRUM ........... MR. YATES HAVNAER ........ MISS CATHERINE LONG MISS MARY CATHERINE SHIVERS .,.......... ..,... .,..... Mary Alice Brittain Gordon Ervin Jack Gantt Tommy Hurley AUDREY MACKAY ............ MEMBERS Jimmy Lutz Betty Misenheimer Fred Patterson Frank Schrum Betty Smith President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser Faculty Adviser Cecil Mae Thornburg Doris Thornburg Dorothy Thornton Harry Warlick amatins Qtluh MARY ELLEN COPELAND .. PEGGY ARNDT ........,,.,,,.,.,.,,,, MRS. CATHERINE COVERT ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-,,,,,,,,N,,,,,,,,, Peggy Arndt Faye Bettini Mary Ellen Copeland Joe Epps Rita Gamache Jack Gantt MARY SUE YANCEY ....... . LOUISE SETZER ...,,,,..,n,,, BETTY LEE HARRISON BETTY MISENHEIMER ...... MR. D. T. HELBERG ...... Bettie Abernethy Betty Lou Ball Betty Benfield Betty Christopher ' Algene Deal Dorothy Deal Nellie Eckard Vivian Eckard Edsell Griggs Betty Lee Harrison Mary Ruth Hefner Virginia Herman Doris Hewitt MEMBERS Edsell Griggs Bobbie Honeycutt Kitty Jarrett Marcie Jarrett LaVerne Lefler Audrey MacKay Doris Phillips Glen Qlluh President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adviser Clarence Sanders Louise Setzer Jack Sherrill Betty Smith Millie Rose Taylor Dorothy Thornton President Vice-President Secretary cmd Treasurer Accompdrzxlst MEMBERS Martha Ann Jarrett Mary Frances Jarrett Bobby Jones Betty Sue Killian Betty Lackey Imogene Lawing LaVerne Lefler Sallie Liggett Eunice Loftin Betty Jo Mauney Betty Misenheimer Colleen Purkey Betty Pharr Doris Phillips ..-...........-.-Director Rozella Reynolds Carolyn Setzer Louise Setzer Ruth Smith Mary Lee Smyre Hilda Spencer Betty Deane Stinson Millie Taylor Lorene Teague Maxine Teague Margaret Towery Bertie Watters Mary Sue Yancey T!JZri:Z!9i:Q Clliummercial Qiluh EVE ummlerria GRACE THORPE ........ .... JACK ABERNET1-IY .......... IMOGENE LAWING .........4....... Miss CATHERINE LONG ...,. Bettie Abernethy Jack Abernethy Peggy Arndt Linda Bass Jimmy Bolick Mary Alice Brittain Betty Buff Jean Cline Lillian Fowler Rita Gamache Billy Gilbert Irene Hefner MEMBERS Jeannine Hester Peggy Herman Shirley Hickman Ramona Sue Hillard Jo Ann Houk Kitty Jarrett Marcie Jarrett Imogene Lawing Rudolph McRee Doris Phillips Louise Setzer Betty Sigmon illirizilaiz MARY ALICE BIzIr'I'AIN .,..,,. ,............... ................. BETTY SMITH ...... ., ........ . DORIS PHILLIPS ...... ....... ....... MARY ELLEN COPELAND ......... Miss MINNIE MCEACHERN Bettie Abernethy Peggy Arndt Betty Jean Bolin Mary Alice Brittain Jean Cline Mary Ellen Copeland Lillian Fowler Jeannine Hester Martha Jean Herman Peggy Herman Shirley Hickman Ramona Sue Hillarcl Theda Holler Bobbie Honeycutt Kitty Jarrett JACK GANTT ................... JOHNNY DELLINGER ...... BILLY ZIMTBAUM ....... JACK HOLLER ,......,...,.. MR. ITARRY LEMON ....... Johnny Barkley Ed Bost Robert Clarke Johnny Dellinger Joe Epps Lowren Furr Albert Gaither Jack Gantt MEMBERS Marcia Jarrett Betty Sue Killian Betty June Lackey Peggy Lail Imogene Lawing Joyce Lawing' Eunice Loftin Dora Jean Melchor Wadine Martin Betty Jo Mauney DoI'is Phillips Imogene Rockett Joyce Rockett Carolyn Setzer Ei: MEMBERS Edsell Griggs Walter Holland Jack Holler Eddie Isenhour Louie Jarrett Sam Kincaid Keith Moretz I Iuh President Vficc-Presfident Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adviser Audrey Simms Betty Smith Colleen Spencer Hilda Spencer Joe Spencer Judeena Spencer Maxine Teague Dorothy Thornton Grace Thorpe Bertie Watters Mary Sue Yancey Betty Rose Yount President Vice-President Secretary Treasurev' Faculty Adviser Louise Setzer Betty Sigmon Helen Rose Sigmon Audrey Simms Betty Smith Colleen Spencer Hilda Spencer J udeena Spencer Millie Rose Taylor Maxine Teague Doris Thornburg Grace Thorpe Dorothy Thornton Bertie Watters Betty Rose Yount President Vice-President Secretary Tfreasurefr Faculty Adviser Marcus Rowe Sammy Rowe Clarence Sanders Edward Sigmon William Smith Lindsey Williams J. C. Yancey Billy Zimthaum Page Thirty-nine Eehating Gieam Esta Qiluh ifillunugram Qllluh Esta Qtluh BETTY SMITH ............,A.. ...............,. P resident JACK GANTT ..........,,,,,.,.,. ........ V ice-President CECIL MAE THORNBURG ..,,, . .,............ Secretary MARY ALICE BRITTAIN ..,. .,.,..,,,.,,.,,,,.,,.... . ................ T reasarer Miss SHIVERS ............,,..... Peggy Arndt Mary Alice Brittain. Mary Ellen Copeland Lillian Fowler MEMBERS Betty Lee Harrison Peggy Lail Imogene Lawing Audrey MacKay Faculty Adviser Betty Smith Colleen Spencer Cecil Mae Thornburg Dorothy Thornton Jack Gantt Doris Phillips Grace Thorpe 2 il a t 1 n g UI e a m ME. HAVNAER ......... ...........,,.....,,.,..,...... ....,...........,...... ............. C o c ich AUDREY MACKAY ........... ...... Affirmative J OE Errs ......................,,.,..,, ..,... A ffirmative EDDIE STILES, .Alternate ........ ...... A ffirmative MARY ELLEN COPELAND ............,,.,......,,......... ........ N egative EDWARD SIGMON .....,..,...,......,..,,....,,,.,.......,,,,,,,,....,...,..,...................... Negative Resolved: That the Federal Government should provide a system of complete medical care available to all citizens at public expense. jllflunngram Qtluh JIMMY LUTZ ........ ......, ..,...,..,................. P 1 'esident JACK GANTT ...........,......... .,.. ...,,............ V i ce-President IMOGENE LAWING ................ ........ S ecretary and Treasurer Miss GETTYS, MR. LEMON .....,... ,, ...,,..... . ....,.......... ...........i.. F' acalty Advisers MEMBERS Jack Abernethy Betty Jean Bolin Sammy Cordell Walter Drum Charles, Epps Joe Epps Cyril Setzer Jack Gantt Dickie Hewitt Barbara Honeycutt Herbert Huffman John Lackey Imogene Lawing W. T. Lemons N ot in Picture Alvin Yancey Sam Kincaid Charles Lofland Jimmy Lutz Joe Ramseur Marcus Rowe Wayne Smith Cyril Yancey Billy Butler Page Forty-one jfrenrh Qiluh , - ' I bpanisb Cliluh librarians Spanish Cilluh DOROTHY THORNTON ............. ........... ....... AUDREY MACICAY J ACK GANTT ........ MR. L. C. MOISE ...... Ben Burgess - Mariel Bolin Robert Clarke Sidney Cline Peggy Coley Johnny Dellinger Walter Drum MEMBERS Joe Epps Jack Gantt Edsell Griggs Betty Lee Harrison Delores Jones Sam Kincaid jfrencb Qllluh .......... President Vice-President Secretary-Tredsiirer Faculty Adviser Audrey MacKay Harry McRee Fred Patterson Bill Rector Marcus Rowe J. C. Yancey Dorothy Thornton JOYCE ROCKETT ..... .............. . ............ .......... , ......... .......... P 1 resident JACK ABERNETHY ..,,. ........... V ice-President NELLIE ECKARD -. MIR. R. L. RI-IYNE ....... Gerald Abernethy Jack Abernethy Bill Butler Jack Holler Bill Nicholson Jack Sherrill Lindsey Williams MEMBERS Willard Workman Elizabeth Benfield Nellie Eckard Lillian Fowler Secretary-Treasurer Faculty Adviser LaVerne Lefler Dora Jean Melchor Sue Betty McCarter Betty Pharr Martha Jean Herman Joyce Rockett Theda Hollar J o Ann Houk librarians MRS. CHARLES CLINE ......................,..............,...,........ ASSISTANTS GRACE THORPE, J UDEENA SPENCER .,.,................. MILLIE ROSE TAYLOR, J OAN SEAGLE ...... DOROTHY CLINE ..,...........................,....... MARY HEFNER, DOROTHY THORNTON .....,. LILLIAN FOWLER, AUDREY SIMS .... . .....,.. BETTY LACKEY, JOYCE LAWING .,.,... Nelma Smith Nancy Workman Librariaii First Period Second Period Third Period Fourth Period Fifth Period Sixth Period Page Forty-three Junior 38511133 yuniur Marshals junior Glri : Jlai I E junior arsbals IMOGENE ROCKETT ,..,. ...................,.......... .,..... C h ief Marshal ASSISTANTS Gerald Abernethy Doris Jean Hewitt Joyce Rockett Rachel Allen Theda Hollar Mary Lee Smyre Elizabeth Benfield Wadine Martin Betty Deane Stinson Joe Epps Sue Betty McCarter Nancy Workman Joe Hawkins Willard Workman 3 u n i u r JB a n I1 KENNETH JOHNSON ..... .... . ..... .... . ...... ............. P 1' esident BETTY GIBSON .............. ..........,. V ice-President MATHILDA ZIMTBAUM ..... ..,.. S ecretary-Trertsurer MR. D. T. HELBERG ....... ....,....,.........., .,,. . ................... D i rector MEMBERS Jane Campbell ........ ...... B ell Lyre Joan Ramseur ..,.. ....... C larinef Buddy Carpenter ..,.... Cornet Harold Sigmon ....... ...... B aritone Betty Gibson ......i.... Trumpet Freddie Sherrill ,..... ...... T rumpei James Goodin ..... ......,....,.,.. T rombone Shirley Watts ...... ...... T rumpet Patricia Hollar .,.................... Trumpet George Wells ...................,.....,.,.... Clarinet David Jarrett ............ Soprano Saxophone Jimmy Wilson .............................. Clarinet Kenneth Johnson .... ............. F ield Drum Tommy Warlick E Flat Alto Saxophone Billy Ray Kelly ....,.....,............,.. Trombone Mildred Yount ........................,..... Clarinet Virginia Lemon ................,..... Bass Drum Robert Yount - ...........................,... Clarinet Charles Mauney E Flat Alto Saxophone Mathilda Zimtbaum ...... .,..... C ymbals Zuniur ri lat B MARGARET WHISENHUNT ....... ......... .......,........,. P r esident DELORES JONES .................. ...... V ice-President RUTH CAMPBELL ...... ............ S 6C?'6llClf'7'2j SUSAN STEARN S ........, .................. T reasurer MISS MCEACHERN ....... ........,.............. .,.,.. F a culty Adviser MEMBERS Frances Arndt Algene Deal Alice Ray Pitts Betty Lou Ball Jean Drum Betty Mae Pbovey Olene Beard Kate Fulbright Joan Seagle Mariel Bolin Ruth Campbell Mary Nell Cline Peggy Cline Patricia Coley Peggy Coley Juanita Furr Talitha Gantt Virginia Herman Millie Hewitt Bessie Hunsucker Delores Jones Martha Nell Kaylor Margie Nell Simmons Rebecca Smith Susan Stearns Lorene Teague Margaret Whisenhunt Frances Wilkie Page Forly-five Page Forty-six ,.. ' 1 qi K f-1' 'XJ1 .. F .' P . xl. QIAKAQRH. N , A, r. 'N fur fx Pwr" 'K " N 1 . A .545 'RUN V x il I.. . I Na A ' ,Q 7 I 5 X 5 1 , Q' .L J xx -. , 1- f Zvi . E X 121- -..'L1-.x"-4"""H H ,-.fx!N"""'X' x 1 IEnnk3... Aihlviirz -L 5 s I 1:15, K f 779 VF M if X F Q JAN' 7, -1 .- A 54. 9 Q 4 .1 M.-f 'wixl VII: 11,- njy, M '. I' 1 1 , 'S A 14 'W Q! 5 5 U un 3 ff M .,. '-Q., . A 1 mam f1f L' ' 1'x ' fn 1 1 HY A 0,31-3-fi? I , E,,,.,, . , R 4 Y s i ZW? i iw M , V., . 114 1 Q. x W, ' . ,W 145,-V fx , X .ang 31' -.I 1' 5? , J wif . 1 . V ,w K. xx , IF ' M, D any, nl-111-l11.. -iii-1- 1 U ,Q .' 'Y 1 .. ' .., 1, ' 'dy f ' If . 1 hula., - I- V - 1: x'f'1'Qi 5 V I , J . . mai" . 1 w f '171 'f 2d - 'A M N , - juuthall RED DEVILS 'WIN OPENER 7-6 Tech .High from Charlotte furnished the opposition for the Devils' first Conference game as they opened their 1946 season. Tech, scoring in the first quarter, led until the last half of the fourth. A long pass put Tech on Newton's 10-yard line, then a pass into the end zone gave them a 6-0 lead. Ncwtorfs score carrie after a series of first downs carried them to the Tech 30. A pass from Huffman to Dib Yancey WHS Hood to the 6-inch line. Huffman went over for the score on a line play. Cordell hit the line for the extra point, giving Newton a 7-6 lead. FOREST CITY DOXVNS DEVILS 6-0 .Newton journeyed to Forest City for its second game. Forest City scored an early touchdown. Their try for the extra point failed. Newton drove to the 5-yard line in the first quarter only to draw a 15-yard penalty. Tl1e second half saw no scoring. Three times the Devils marched within the 5-yard line always to draw penalties. The game ended 6-0 in favor of Forest City. RED DEVILS BOW TO SHELBY 14-12 . The third game of the season was a Conference game with Shelby. Gantt carried the opening kickoff to the Shelby 10, where the hall went over on downs. A Shelby fumble sct up Newton's firlst score, with Charles Epps going over from the 4-yard line. The try for the extra point failed. Shelby's Lions scored in the second quarter to give them a 7-6 lead at half time. A quick score in the third quarter gave Shelby another 7 points. Cordell, on an intercepted pass, raced 80 yards for Ncwt0n's last touchdown. A pass for the extra point was incomplete. The game ended 14-12 in favor of the Shelby Lions. RED DEVILS MAUL W'OLVES 20-0 The Devils showed form in handing Lincolnton a 20-0 setback. Lefty Yancey dashed 50 yards on an intercepted pass for the first score. The try for the extra point from placement was wide. This was the only score in the first half. The Devils came back strong after half-time to score in tl1c third and fourth quarters. C, Epps bulldozed his way over from the 2-yard line for the second score. Gantt's kick. from placement was good. A pass from Lefty Yancey to Dib Yancey added another 6 points. Again Gantt's kick was good. This ended the scoring of the game with Newton leading 20-0. DEVILS SINK HANES 12-6 Newton won their only non-conference game of the season by defeating Ilanes High 12-6. Charles Epps completed a pass to Dib Yancey for Newton's first score. A pass for the extra point was incom- plete. Hanes recovered a fumble on Newtorfs 10-yard line, and after a series of line plays it payed with a touchdown. The try for the extra point was wide. Newton's last score came on a pass from Cordell to Lefty Yancey. The try for the extra point again failed. After an exchange of punts, thc game ended. L VVILDCATS TOP DEVILS 12-7 In their homecoming game the Red Devils were defeated by the Conference winning Morganton Wildcats. Morganton scored in the second quarter for the only score of the first half. Their try for the extra point was blocked. The third quarter saw the Devils oncn up and march to pay dirt. Cordell skirted end for 5 yards and the score. Gantt's kick from placement was flood. Morgantoifs 1215i i011Cildf+W1l WHS Set UD bv a. 60-yard run to the Newton 10. The Wildcats scored after several Line plays, The try for the extra point again failed. Newtcm's Devils again drove down the field but were stopped on the Morganton Z-yard line as time ran out. - RED DEVILS SINK TORNADOES 14-6 Hickory's Red Tornadoes we1'e slowed to a mild whirlwind as the Red Devils romped to a 14-6 victory. Hickory opened the scoring to chalk up a 6-point lead early in the second quarter. Newton came back to score on a pass from Cordell to Dib Yancey. Gantt's kick was good for the extra point. Again in the second quarter the Devils marched to pay dirt. This score was made on a pass from Cordell to Lefty Yancey. Gantt again booted between the uprights, making the count Newton 14. Hickory 6. Cordell thrilled the Newton spectators on a 78-yard punt return to I-Iickory's 2-yard line as the half ended. The second half was scoreless with both teams fighting hard to stay in the ball game. RED DEVILS DEFEATED BY IRONMEN 12-0 In their eighth game of the season the Devils were handed a loss by the strong Chcrryville Ironmen. Cherryville scored midway the second quarter on a line buck. A line play for the extra point failed. In the fourth quarter Cherryvillr: completed a pass for a touchdown. Again a line play for the extra point failed. The Devils, who were not up to par, could not get a drive underway. The game ended .12-0 in favor of Cherryville, MARION DOIVNS NEWTON 13-0 The last home game for the Devils was a Conference tilt with Marion. The first half was scoreless with the Devils showing the most power Early in the final quarter Marion took advantage of a pass interception and marched for a score. The try for the extra point was good from placement. On another pass interception, Marion raced to Ncwton's 10-yard line. A line buck from the 3-yard line gave Marion their last score, A pass for the extra point was broken by Lefty Yancey. This game gave the Devils their worst defeat of the season. RED DEVILS AND BEARCATS TIE 13-L3 In the last game of the season, the Red Devils and the Lenoir Bearcats fought to a 13-1.3 tie. A pass from Cordell to Dib Yancey gave Newton their first score. A kick for the extra po-int was blocked. Newton scored again on a pass from Charles Epps to Dib Yancey. A pass from Cordell to C. Epps for the extra point was complete. Lenoir came back strong' after the half, scoring in the third quarter on a line buck and in the fourth on a long pass. Lenoir's last try for the extra point was good, tying the game 13-13. The Devils drove to the Lenoir 15-yard line where they were held on downs as the game ended. Page Fifty Barsitp :Football sam MR. LEMON ...... .............,................,........., C oach MR. HULL ...... ........,. A ssistfmt Coach Player Position, Yeav' CYRIL YANCEY .......,., ....... E nd Junior JACK ABERNETHY ....4............... Tackle Senior HARRY LACKEY ........................ Guard Junior CYRIL SBTZER, C0-Cfl11Jfllfi?I, .... Center Senior JIMMY LUTZ, Ccnpizwivi, ,........... Guard Senior WALTER DRUM .....,.... ........ ....,.... T a ckle Senior JOEY EPPS ..................... ....... E nd Junior ALVIN YANCEY .........,.... ....... B ack Junior HERBERT HUFFMAN ...... ....... B ack Sophomore CHARLES EPPS .....,....... ....... B ack Junior SAMMY CORDELL ...... .,.... B ack Junior JOE DAVID RAMSEUR .....,...............,.............. M cma,ge'r WAYNE SMITH ......,,.,.,...........,.. Assistant Mcmagco- RESERVES SAM KINCAID RICHARD HERMAN IMARCUS ROWE JACK GANTT TOMMY HURLEY DICKIE HEWITT JOHN LONG HERMAN HARRY MCREE JOHNNY HUSS WILLARD WORKMAN DANNY LONG ROY ELLER BEN BURGESS CHARLES LOFLAND SILNEY CLINE JOE HEWITT I ' ' ihget jnnthall Team . A , - A ,- -Ar.--m-H-- I. Centers GEORGE SIGMON SAMMY WARD Backs Guards Tackles Ends JIMMY MAUNEY DAVID MATHESON BOBBY ABERNATHY JACK HEFNER THAI: MOOSE CHARLES MATHESON GLENN SHOOK BILL BRYANT NORMAN THORNBURG LOUIE CROUSE SAM SIMON GENE MARTIN KENNETH MARTIN RALPH WILKINSON MICKEY FINGER MR. LEMON ...,.. ....... ,......,..,...,.,.............,...,.,,. C 0 click MR. HULL ......,, Assistant Coach Hump Qlnming PATRICIA COLEY, Queen Attendants BARBARA HONEYCUTT JOYCE ROCKETT BETTY LOU ANNAS 51 Baseball '46 HERBERT HUFFMAN ....... ,,,,,,. C atcher M.ARCUS ROWE ........ CHARLES EPPS ...... CYRII. YANCEY ...... DICKIE HEWITT ...,... JACK GANTT .......... ROBERT CLARKE ....... ,,,,,,. ROGER LONG .,.......... SAMMY CORDELL ...... FLOYD BROWN ....... ALVIN YANCEY ..... PETE SMITH ....... ROY LEMONS ....,.... SAMMY LINK .,...... MR. HARRY LEMON Record for '46-7 wins, 7 losses. outfield First Base Third Base Second Base Manager Assistant M anager Ontfield Pitcher Shortstop Pitcher Ontfield Outfield Second Base Coach Page Fxfty three Girls' Basketball Zlleam . - - Miss GETTYS ..... PEGGY ARNDT ...,.... Coach .llllL'llU'g8'l' RACHEL -ALLEN ., ...........,.............. ......A.,,....... ....A..,..... ...A.....,........,......, A s S istcmt M ana goo BARBARA HONEYCUTT, Fofrwcw-cl .... Senior IMOGENE LAWING, Captain, Forwcwwl ........ M ........... Senior JOYCE ROCKETT, Forward ...- .,....,.. J'lL7l'i0'7' PATRICIA COLEY, Forwarcl ...... Sophomore MILL1E DEAL, Fomvcwd ............ F'resh'mcm NANCY GANTT, Forward .......... Freshmcm Rim GAMACHE, Guard ...... ..., . .. Senfiov' SHIRLEY HICKMAN, C0-Captain, Guarcl ........ . ..,... Senior J EANN I NE HESTER, Guafrcl .............. S enio r BETTY JEAN BOLIN, Gfzcard ....... -... Seniov' BETTY LOU BALL, Gmwcl .... ..... S ophomore ALICE PITTS, Gua-1'cl .,..... ..... S ophofmora SQUAD Betty Lou Ball, Alice- Beal, Betty Jean Bolin, Betty Brown, Peggy Cline, Peggy Coley, Patricia Coley, Millie Deal, Rita Gamache, Nancy Gantt, Jeannine Hester, Shirley Hickman, Theda Holler, Alice Ann Holler. Barbara Honeycutt, Imogene Lawing, Ardis Miller, Sue McRee, Ouida McSwain, Alice Pitts, Becky Reitzel, Rozella Reynolds, Joyce Rockett, Phyllis Saunders, Dixie Spencer, Geraldine Sweezy, Lorene Teague. Enya' igashethall sam CO-CHAMPIONS OF NVESTERN CONFERENCE MR. LEMON ....., ...,...........A.,......... . ...............................,.................,............................ ,... ..... C 0 G. ch MR. HULL .... ..... ..... A s sistcmt Coach JOE RAMSEUR ...... ...................... JV Icmageo' JACK KINCAID .....,......,,.............. ......,.,.,.,.A..A ..A............,.,......,.........,,...... A s sistfmt Mcmager CHARLES LOFLAND, f'w0?"1UlllI'fl ,....., . Junior WILLIAM GARRIS, Center ................ Junior LINDSEY WILLIAMS, F01"1Ua7'fl ..,,.. Seniov' JOE HAWVKINS, Center ...........,......,. Jzmfiov' DICKIE QHEWITT, Fomvcwcl ...... Sophomore CHARLES EPPS, Captain, Guard .... Junior JOE EPPS, Fo'rwcm'cZ .......................... Jzmiov' SAM KINCAID, Guard ...,.....,............ Juwiov' JACK GANTT, For1ocz,1'd ................ . .... Senior MARCUS Rows, Guard .................... Jzmior SAMMY ROWE, Fo-rwcwcl ........ Sophomore JACK WILSON, Guard ...- ................. Jzmior HARRY WARLICK, Forward .... Sophomore LEONARD BUTLER, Guard ........ Sophomore JOE HEWITT, Guard ..........,..... Sophomore SQUAD Billy Butler, Leonard Butler, Sidney Cline, Dwight Dellinger, Roy Eller, Charles Epps, Joe Epps, Joe Furr, Albert Gaither, Jack Gantt, William Garris, Joe Hawkins, Dickie Hewitt, Joe Hewitt, Herbert Huffman, Sam Kincaid, Charles Lofland, Marcus Rowe, Sammie Rowe, Frank Schrum, Norman Thornburg, Harry Warlick, Jack Whisnant, Lindsey Williams, Jack Wilson, J. C. Yancey, Billy Zimtbaum. . 8 V -Sli.-. Clibeerleahers A-A Page Fifty-six ROBERT CLARKE ....... ............................... ....... C It ief ASSISTANTS LOUISE SETZER FRANCES LINK SAMMY VVARD BOBBY J ONES JACK SHERRILL, no picture . iii! '-Ifinnk 4 . . . Ahurrtinvmvnin CTii'QiY3 Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1947 'i- ROBERT MACON YOUNT CTi2'kQ7YD Ffy THE NEWTON THEATRES COMPANY Where the Finest Mo-vie E'rlteo'tain'ment Is Always Present STATE CATAWBA GEM Phone 510 Phone 33 Phone 573 NEWTON, Nozvru CAROLINA JAS. W. BLACKWELL, Manager SANITARY GROCERY COMPANY FANCY GROCERIES, FRESH MEATS AND FEED STUFF Phone 88 NEWTON, N. C. First National Bank of Compliments of Catawba County Catawba FCX Service NEWTON, CONOVER, HICKORY QUALITY FEEDS, SEEDS Resources 328,000,000 AND FERTILIZERS SAFETY AND SERVICE Compliments of Compliments of MORETZ 8: CO. EDD'S LUNCH NEWTON, N. C. MAIDEN, N. C. NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-nine THE NEXT STEP LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE SUMMER SESSION Standard Four Year College for Men and Women Competent Experienced Faculty-Emphasizes Development of Christian Character-Maintains High Educational Standards Liberal Arts, Science, Music, Teaching and Commercial Courses Expenses very low, considering advantages offered. Sumfme-r Session 1947 First Term: June 9 to July 16. Second Term: July 17 to August 22. P. E. MONROE, D.D., Presiclent LENOIR RHYNE COLLEGE HICKORY, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of JACK WALTER ABERNETHY DRUM Conover Printing Company You will always find a Warm Welcome awaiting you at COMMERCIAL PRINTERS Conover Drug Store Phone 611 Phone 359 c0N0v1-nn, N. C CONOVER, N. C. Page Sixty FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION Direct Deduction Plan on Loans Safety of your Investments Insured up to 35,000 CONOVER, N. C. "Save and Build the Fecleral Way" Hallman Shoe Service THE FINEST OF SHOE REPAIRS NEWTON, ARIE HALLMAN, Prop. Stratford Jewelers Open A Credit Account Or Make A Lay-Away For Diamonds-Watches-Gift Items-Silver Hollow Ware Nationally Aclvcrtisecl Lina Finest Values CONVENIENT TERMS Cmnplvlments of WISI-Illlll IIIIMPA Y Outfitters for Men and Boys O HICKORY, N. C. Compliments of MRS. P. O. CARPENTER + NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-one 1 HEAVY CHEMICALS Soda Ash, Caustic Soda, Liquid Chlorine, Calcium Chloride Sodium Bicarbonate, Salt SANITARY CHEMICALS Cleaners, Disinfectants, Deodorants, Insecticides Soaps, Waxes. DDT POWDER--AND SOLUTIONS ALL KINDS OF CHEMICALS AND SUPPLIES Your Inquiries Will Be Appreciated CECIL H. JARRETT 8 EUMPANY NEWTON, N. C. Box 647 Phone 154 Page Sixty-Iwo Compliments of COLEY,S GIFT SHOP Phone 371-W NEWTON, N. C. CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES Eagle Stores CO., Inc. NEWTON, N. C. NEWTON IMPLEMENT C,,,m,lim,,,,tS of COMPANY SMITH CUT RATE + + FARM MACHINERY NEWTON, N. C. DRUG COMPANY Phone 37 NEWTON, N. c NU GRAPE BOTTLING B. F. WAGONER COIXIQNH' Jeweler NEWTON ELECTRIC Phone 451 NEWTON, N. C. LAUNDRY Phone 265 NEWTON, N. C The GOLD SHOP LADIES' STYLES IN SUITS, COATS AND DRESSES M odemte Prices Phone 227 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of CATAWBA VALLEY FINISHING COMPANY NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-Ihre C g t It and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1947 Newinn llnynn Mill Burlington Mills, lnn TAR HEEL INSURANCE AGENCY INSURE AND BE SURE Phone 68 NEWTON, N. C. A Policy for Every H azarcl H. 85 M. STORE LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR 'A Clmrge Account for the Aslcingn Ph 53 N WTON, N. Compliments of BELK-BRUMLEY DEPT. STORE Phone 59 NEWTON, N. B. L. MAUNEY MENS CLOTHING Ph 167 N N RHYN E HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 48 NEWTON, N. . Compliments of A NORTH NEW'TON PRESSING CLUB Phone 352 NEWTON, N. G. MOOSE'S STORE QUALITY FEEDS Pl 36 NEW'TON, N C THE NORTHWES'TERN BANK NEWTON, N. C. MAIDEN, N. C. Pa S FOR THE BEST .IN BARBECUE AND OTHER SANDWICHES Drive Out To STEWART'S BARBECUE CONOVER, N. C.. Phone 843-R ir PROMPT, COURTEOUS CURB SERVICE Compliments of Compliments of Gantt's Grocery FRESH MEATS AND Crouch's Radiator GROCERIES 36 Body S1109 Phone 423 We Deliver NEWTON, N. C- NEWTON, N. C. WHEN YOU ARE HUNGRY AND WANT TO EAT Come to S H A D Y G R O V E FOR A DELICIOUS TREAT B. E. MORROW, Mcmagefr Page Sixty-sig: WAGNHI-SAIINIIHIS FURNITURE CIIMPANY HOME FURNISHERS Phone 24 Phone 171 NEWTON NORTH CAROLINA CATAWBA A Big Lift E srslf UIQ On Every Shift ANYTIME-ANYWHERE Call a TAXI B. 8: W. Taxi Service 21-Phone-21 NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA Compliments of CLAPP'S FEED STORE Phone 6 NEWTON, N C PQSy WHE Mll HIISIERY MlllS, I IZ. Manufacturers of MEN'S FINE HOSIERY NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of CONOVER DRY BOWMAN DRUG CO. The REXALL Store CLEANERS GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 297 CONOVER, N. C. C. E. BOWMAN, Registered Dfruggist Phone 339 CONOVER, N. C. Conover Jewelry CO. PAUL A. KOPENHAVER WATCHMAKER AND OWNER CONOVER, N. C. ECONOMY GROOERY R. L. MCREE, Grocer Staple and Fancy Groceries Meats and Produce CONOVER, N. C. Page Sfxty-eight Abernethy T'T2lI'dW?l1"6 Company Say it with Flowers GOOD HARDWARE Phone 14 NEWTON, N. C. Phone 51 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of The Newton Observer R. L. Self Market Dr. W. M. NVagoner Compliments 0 f H. 8 W. Drug St01"6 Howard Hardware Canova Cafe 1-Phone-20 Herman Grocery ' Conover Men's Shop Conover Grocery Co. Conover Beauty Shop Whisenhunt and Beal Service Station NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of SETZER'S SUPER MARKET Phone 157 CONOVER, N. C. SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE READY-T0-WEAR-GROCERIES-MEATS Phone 105-J NEWTON, N. C. NEWTON DEPARTMENT STORE "WE CLOTHE THE WHOLE FAMILY" JOSEPH ERBESFIELD, Po'oprietm' Phone 149 NEWTON, N. C. Complimevzts of NEWTON CLEANERS AND DYERS Phone 125 NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-nine e x Compliments of HURACE 1. IS EN HOW ER z+s R. C. SLOAN JEWELER AND WATCH REPAIRER "When others fall, try us" MAIN AVENUE NEWTON, N. C. WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE Evemytlzivzg for the AUTOMOBILE 01' BICYCLE PHONE 333 NEWTON, N. C. Complfvments of SAUNDER'S FURNITURE COMPANY CONOVER, N. C. Com Jliments of MAIN AVENUE CLEANERS P NE 25 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of Compliments of LUCY LOU CANOVA S I-I C P T H E A T R E The -k Home of Beautiful Ladies' Apparel "South's F inesf' Phone 310-J Y NEWTON, N- C' CONOVER, N. C. PgS UNITED INSUHANEE I-IEENEY O Insurance of All K inds LIFE - FIRE - CASUALTY Phone 309 NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA BOGLE DISTRIBUTING COMPANY Wholesale Distributor AUTOMOTIVE PARTS-ACCESSORIES-SUPPLIES VALVOLINE OILS AND LUBRICANTS Phone 574-J NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of CORPENING MOTOR COMPANY Ph 8 "HUDSON SALES AND SERVICE" N N C Oldest Paper Published in Catawba County-Since 1879 Uhr Cllutmuhn Nvma-iintrrprize PUBLISHED EVERY TUESDAY AND FRIDAY Phone 30 ' NEWTON', N. C ge Seventy-t ' Compliments of ABERNETHY YARN MILLS STATESVILLE, N. O. CAROLINA MILLS NEWTON AND MAIDEN, N. O. NEW CITY MILLS NEWTON, N.'C. NEWTON OIL 8a FERTILIZER CO NEWTON, N. O. I J. W. ABERNETHY NEWTON, N. O. P Students Please Write Above This Livze STEWART 8z STEWART FIRESTONE STORE J. V. STEWART W. L. STEWART PHONE 277 NEWTON, N. C. CAROLINA FURNITURE STORE, ING. HOME FURNISHINGS AND PHILCO APPLIANCES COMBUSTIONEER STOVES PHONE 477 NEWTON, N. C. EPPS PRINTING CO. 9 Desigfnefrs and Producers of S MODERN PRINTING BEAUTY ENGRAVED WORK SALON OFFICE SUPPLIES Phone 635 NEWTON, N. G Phone 23 NEWTON, N. C. Page Seventy-four Welcome to G E ssnvlcs STU Q -. I K .1-Y Pl-:Anemia 4- ff -'ie A The Service Drug S tore 'k Phone 260 NEWTON, N. C. CILLEY HOSIERY MILL NEWTON, N. C. YOUNG MEN,S SHOP BEST IN MEN'S THE VICTORIA BEAUTY SALON CLOTHING "On the Square" NEWTON, N. C. P1'l0ne 177 NEWTON, N. C. Congratu.lations to TAYLOR,S the Semor Class , THE SHOP FOR SMART SCOTT S STUDIO YOUNG WOMEN Photographs of Quality NEWTON,'N. C. NEWTON, N. C. 110 N. Main Phone 298 Page Seventy-five Compliments of NEWTON BONDED WAREHOUSE, INC. Cotton Storage NEWTON, N. G. E. L. HEDRICK, R61J7'GSC'l'lJf'f7'Lg E. R. MOORE COMPANY CAPS AND GOWNS-SCHOOL APPAREL Home Address 932 Dakin Street TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. Chicago,Il1. Wellington 3424 Complziments of C0?7'lQJl'i'H?,6'7'LfS of Jerome B01ick's Sons Holler's Construction CONOVER, N. C. Company To the Newton-Conover Seniors UHOUSES FUR VETSH Of 1947 HENRY N. Hamm Phone 625-J Page Seventy-six .11 :: ,..' I--1 I. -LI :gg '. Il il J I I1 'II .QF .QI i. .L 1 I 71 ,, I FI -I u I I I I .I I I III .4 4 ? I I I I I I -2 I I I I I I Vi -I I I J I I I , I I I I I I I QI I I I ,.,i,,C. -,nvf ,T Y +fa- J --1 , -fl:-I-.MF ww- Y if - - ' -L ' ' 1 ' 1 - ' Y' v - ' " " ,. Q .' . 'I iw' ' I X I I , . .-, , -I-an L.I..,1,,'. V - ' - - .. ... I Jw- ,H n 22, zafsiqg, I ' " , I" I - . , - Il. . ,Y .,. .4 " ,A '. I -v. ...M , '.,., '- 7 - b ' i '- 'I' ' ' ' lf?-If. ' If-Lain' ' -2- Q" 1 :jLfIa?f I 1 -. IHS fs-fI1v 'xiglm ,, 2 Ld w IIQFWI wl fg. I FILE? A H-A4-ZA' glifgg 55.5, I 11:5-3. 1" ,WEE- 95 0" .E 2'."'n' .. ,.,-L 53:19. ri'-Zh Le?--lr iii :I I ' ilvfhf Y . I LJ Q!- I' ,ff 1, kv 1' 1 ii-Ain I .4 1 I ' I -I 1 .YI :J if I ' '1- .W H '- I , 'iff , IHS: 1 'Q -J! V' -.IQ -. H5314 ' .fl -1 5, :V f ff TS? . 1 5' 2 '. 1. . 211 Y L, .I jfdf I Ni - -I iff, fn "H- .A P! . A . gg I9-:II ill .rsgqf-3 x' . ,ay 'EI . I. .. sf 31?-l'v:,'I ,.,,. nga .lfxiu ' 224531 I 1 ' WI 1 I me ',. 2 f.1I ,. ..I -.', if . ,Zi I ., . ,, 2 . ..A.,, Y. . . 5 ,CT-., , .?.-4k,-,..z..1-L- ,,:,,- Iv ' I. . :I Tfvf-s'1w--v 'x ., - ' ' Q l'1 v.. I A ' -1 1 4 X ."ff.: V , r 1- .K T H 5f l ' 'Z

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