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 - Class of 1944

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1944 volume:

fwj W ef iwfgw WW SEL, Lg MQW? fwyiili My 2 w 3 tb yyjijmww , A7 L ' X Bfjdllvfwmivdgdgglj .A .mf iifqfep ' DN Q J 3 www H .,, X 3055 5fJWfJ gf gf? GQ Affiowf AM! Q JW W M N 5 MWJQWW N wg NS f jwww J? xv W5 M MST wjf QMWVWQE I X? my WMM if ,WWMQ ,Q QyMiZi 0f Guy? is W ff 2 1? X? ,Jha 7944 VOLUME XI Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OE NEWTON-CONOVER HIGH SCHOOL NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two FUHEWUHU BY means of this edition of the CARDINAL we, the 1944 CAR- DINAL Staff, hope to provide for you an annual which will be a reminder of your glorious school days, and a record of scholastic, social, and athletic activities in which you have taken part during these flue gears. If this annual accomplishes these aims, then our efforts will not have been in vain. X5- UEUIEATIU To Miss FRANCES WILLIAMS, a capable ad- viser and a willing helper, by whose teachings, friendliness, and cooperation we have been greatly helped, we, the Senior Class of 1944, respectfully dedicate this volume of the CARDINAL. 4 Page Th "FJ E' FACULTY R. N. GURLEY , . ....,.....,.................. .... S uperzntenclent North Carolina State College . 4 R. L. RI-IYNE . . . ....,..................... ..,. P rznczpal, French Lenoir Rhyne College ELSIE BARNETTE . . . ...... ...............,..,............ L ibrarian, English Appalachian State Teachers College - SARA GETTYS .......,. ...,..... ............,.. P h ysical Education, Biology, Coach YVinthrop College MRS. PHILIP SI-IERIDAN . . . .,......... , . . ,...,................ English, Music Juilliard Music School CATHERINE LONG .............,.......... .,.,.................... C ommercial Lenoir Rhyne College I L. E. JARRETT . . .Physical Education, Pre-Flight Mathematics, History, Diuersihed Occupations Carolina HESTER MATTHEWS .......................,..,........... , ..... Spanish, History YVinthrop College Page Pour FAC LTY Y. W. HAVNAER ....,....,....,,...,....,............. . . .Science, Mathematics Appalachian Slate Teachers College MRS. HOWARD MOOSE .................,.......................... English, Latin U niuersily of Georgia H. L. LEMON .........,.. ......... . . . . , . Physical Education, History, Coach Lenoir Rhyne College MARY CATHERINE SI-IIVERS ,.......... ..,,......., , ...,. , English, Public Speaking Mississippi W'oman's College LELIA SI-IORE . , . . . . ....,...... . .... , .,.........,.. .... M athematics Randolph-Macon Woman's College ALICE WEST . ..,.. ................ ,.............. ........... C o m mercial University of Washington FRANCES WILLIAMS , . . 1 ....,,................ .... H ome Economics, Civics Wz'nthrop College WILLIE HERMAN . . . ...... ' ...,....................... ...,......... S ecretary Appalachian Slate Teachers College ,I ,pan-. -S. ll fl 1,-XA , A W,Ifc.. 5 Page Five I I v I I I S E HUINA DOROTHA LOU MILLER Editor-in-Chief MARY M. CAMPBELL Assistant Editor STAFF MISS LELIA SHORE Sponsor ELIZABETH SETZER Business Manager IVIART1-IA. 'REINI-IARDT Circulation Manager DORIS TPIORNBURG Asst. Circulation Manager DEMPSEY HUITT Sports Editor DANE SMYRE Advertising Manager MARIAN OWEN Asst. Advertising Manager IVIARTI-IA TEIETER Feature Editor JIMMY COLEY. Asst. Feature Editor FORREST SI-IARPE Photograph Editor EVAN SETZER, JR. Asst. Photograph Editor I FRANCES AEERNETHY I Class Editor Page Six SEHUUL SUNG Faithful and ever loyal, We will boost our dear old Hi. Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring. There's no time to grieve or sigh. ' But ever onward our course pursuing, Let defeat ne'er our ardor cool, For, united, we will boost Newton-Conover Hi. CLASS SUNG TUNE: "When the Lights Go on Again" Now the class of '44 Is saying farewell, To these friends we leave behind- We're wishing you well. And to the faculty- Who have labored so earnestly, To see us through the years- We say-"Thanks to you!" As we leave this dear old school- No one can foresee. What the future has in store, For you and for me, We wish you all good luck and happiness- Though all hearts are sad, To our school we say-"Goodbye,- Farewell, dear old High." -MARIAN OWEN Page Seve SLENIUH CLASS UFFIEEPIS MARY MILTON CAMPBELL , . . ...... President DANE ERNEST SMYRE . . . . . ..... Vice-President JEAN CI-IOATE WHITENER , . . L.,. Secretary and Treasurer DAVID LOWRANCE, III . . . ........,..... Mascot CLASS FLOWERS: Red and White Roses. CLASS COLORS: Red and White. CLASS MOTTO: "Find a way or make one." Page Eight U 51511115 JULIUS FRANCES AISERNETI-IY "B1u1x"' "I wnuta lvl! you!" Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Glue Club '40, '41, Ilanrl '41, '42, '43, '44 President '42, Class Secretary and Treasurer '41, Student Council '42, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Girls' Stale '42, Executives Club '42, '44, Waitress Junior-Senior Bartquet '42, 'Beta Club '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Junior Marshal '43, Hi-Life Staff '43, Senior Class Editor LARDINAI. '44, Co-Manager Senior Store '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Home Ee. Club '40, '41, '44, President '44, Band Ilond Monitor '43, '44, Presi- dent Physics Club '44, First Aid '44, Wittiest '44, Monogram Club '44, Usher Senior Play '4-1. GLENNA MAE BOLICK "G1.ENNA IVIAEH "I lcnom what l'lI dal" Basketball '40, Freneli Club '43. IVIARY IVIILTON CAMPBELL "Run" "I-Vlmt am I ,mmm rin?" Scribblers Club '40, Glce Club '-40, '41, Home Ee. Club '40, '41, Vice- President '41, llaslcetball '40, '41, '44, Spank:-gh Club '42, '42 '44, gtlajonctgc '42, :inc '43 '44, 'irs tate 4-, Waitress Iunibr-Senior Banquet '42, Junior Marshal '43, Ili-Life Stall' '4.l,,Pl1ysics Club '43, Llleltflt Club '43 44, ,ecretary '4 , 'n- anage: Senior Store '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Chemistry Club '44, Secretary gui 'lTrcasurcr E-1, Assistant lEtl1tgr ,ARDINAL '44' 'xecutives 'ui '4 , Student Council '44, I'rcsirIent Class 34, blog Inflt:211tigl'4t4i lfronilxgr c ' 1 , 1.11 u: oriau , Mdiig:frain'yCluh '44, iiand .Bond Monitor '43, Invitation Chairman Junior-Senior Banquet '43, VIRGINIA ELIZABIZTI-I COLEY "JiMnr" "WMI, l'll .l"IUUIl!" Glue Club '40, '41, Ilome Ee. Club '41, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Class President '42, Executives Club '42, Victory Cor is '43, Student Council '42, Spnnislt Club '42, '43, '44, Nvaitrcss Junior-Senior .Banquet '42, I'li-Life Stall '43, Junior Marshal '43, Assistant Feature Editor CARDI- NAL '44, Most Reliable '44, Beta Club '44, Usher Senior Play '44, His- torian '44. KATHLEEN DELLINGER "KAY D." "'l3 gar1.r!!l" Clce Club '40, Basketball '40, '41, '42, '44, Secretary and Treasurer History Club '42, Sfianisli Club '42, '43, '44, 'Physics Clui '43, Chemistry Club '44, Secretary Home Ee. Club '44, junior Marshal '43, Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43: Hi-Life Reporter '43, liand Bond Monitor '43, '44, Monogram Club '44, Usher Senior Play '44, First Aid '44. BETTY LOUISE FURR "B1c'1'1'x"' "O-oalt. NON" Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Presi- dent Modern Miss Club '43, Basket- ball '40, Executives Club '43, ,lunlor Marshal '43, Usher Senior Play '44, DOROTHY ELIZABETH BOLICK uD0Tn "Ol1, you'1'c full of blue mud!" Junior Marshal '43, Home Ee. Club '43, Usher Senior Play '44. .IULIAN RALPH BRUNSON "RA1.rn" "Rc'ally?" Bantl '41, '42, '43, Glee Club '43, '44, H1-Y Club '42, Bus Driver '43, Student Council '44. JOHN MACON CLINE, JR. "FLOI"' "I knmu, but tl1at'.i' be.r1'ric thc point!" Midget Football '40, Midget Basket- ball '41, Baseball '42, Football '44, Monotrram Club '42, '43, '44, Class Vice-President '40, Safety Patrol '40, '41, History Club '42, Spanish Club '42, '43,t'44, Hi-Life Staff '43, Mili- tary Drill '43, Student Council '41, '42, Secretary and Treasurer '42, D. O. '44. GLENN PERRY DEAL "Grier" "Oh, you Ilziuk xo?" Class Vice-President '40, Football '40, '42, '43, Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Physics Club '42, Chemistry Club '43, IVIonogram Club '42, '43, '44, Tennis Team '42, I-li-Life Staff '42, Glee Club '40, '43. GEORGE RADER FULBRIGI-IT "DlMrL1zs" "I ca:i't . . . F" Ili-Life Reporter '42, Student Council '43, '44, Vice-President '43, French Club '43, Beta Club '43, '44, Junior Marshal '43, Football '44, Most Reliable '4-1. NANCY JEAN HERMAN "Planta" "Oli, my cow!" Glce Club '40, '42, '43, '44, Basket- ball '40, '43, Di-amatics Club '42, '43, '44, Reporter '44, Forensics '43, '44, Hi-Life Staff '43, Beta Club '44, Junior-Senior Waitress '42, Vic- tory Corps '43, President French Club '44, Executive Club '44, Senior Play '44, Testator '-14. J.-A 4-Q 45 QT' 'so T IN, .-,Q ,. 1 uv- CL-E L x 3 if yu 1?- U 3121115 .lOl-IN DEMPSEY HU ITT "IJeMr'seY" "Yeh, if you Iika it!" Midget Football '40, Varsity Foot- ball '41, '42, '43, Captain '43, Basket- ball '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Baseball '42, Tennis '40, '42, Monogram Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Sports Editor Hi- Lafe '43, Athletic Editor CARUINAL '44, Class President '40, Student Council '40, '44, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Junior Marshal '43, Beta Club '43, '44, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Victory Corps '43, First Aid '43, Librarian '44, History Club '41, Military Drill '43, President Chem- istry Club '43, Vice-President Glce Club '44,.Exeeutives Club '43, Band '44, Physics Club '44, Most Athletic '44, Curtain Manager Senior Play '44. BONNIE S. LACKEY UBONH "'H01u about that?" Home EC. Club '40, '41, '42, Glcc Club '40, '43, Spanish Club '42, Class Reporter '40, Basketball '40, '41, Secretary and Treasurer D. O. 44. ROBERT MILTON MOOSE HBOH.. "I liazfmft gat time!" Beta Club '43, '44, President '44, Student Council President '44, Foren- sics '43, '44, Football '42, '43, Mono- gram Club '42, '43, '44, Midget Foot- ball '41, Victory Corps '43, '44, Exc- cutives Club '44, Dramatics Club '43, '44, Glee Club '43, Physics Club '44, Junior Marshal '43, Military Drill '42, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Most Likely to Succeed '44, Original Ora- tion '44, Senior Play '44. SALLY MCNAMARA uSALn "Oli, mercy!" Basketball '40, '41, Scribblcrs Club '40, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Hi- Lifc Staff '43, Victory Corps '43, '44, Glee Club '40, Class Reporter '42, '44, Assistant Librarian '42, '43, Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Usher Senior Play '44. SAMUEL ARTHUR PACE, JR. "H1u.r-Hmm" "KCcu.rorcflj" Latin Club '40, Chemistry Club '43, Midget Football '39, '40, Tennis '40, Basketball '40, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Glee Club '42, Hi-Y Club '42, '44, D. O. '44. PERRY GLENN REITZEL KKPINGll "Going riding Simday, Louis?" Midget Football '39, D. O. '43, '44. President '44, Executives Club '44. EDITH C. HUNSUCKER "EDITH" "'Iy." lrlonuz lic. Club '41, '44, Class Reporter '41, History Club '40, French Club '43, Glee Club '43, Usher Senior Play '44. DOROTI-IA Lou MILLEII HBlII.LER" "Horror.r! Basketball '40, '41, '44, Scrib- blcrs Club '40, Glce Club '40, Home Ee. Club '40, '41, Class President '41, Student Council '41, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, President '43, '44, Beta Club '43, '44, Junior Marshal '43, Editor-in-Chief Hi-Life '43, Execu- tives Club '43, '44, Secretary and Treasurer '43, Secretary and Treas- urer Physics Club '43, Assistant Librarian '43, '44, Editor-in-Chief CARDINAL '44, Reporter '41, '42, Vifaitress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Victory Corps '43, President Chem- istry Club '44, Senior Play '44, Monogram Club '44, Chairman Bond Drive '43, '44, Decoration Commit- tee Junior-Senior Banquet '43. .n MARVIN GRANT MACK AY "BouQu1s1-" "Well-er-?" Safety Patrol '40, '41, Latin Club '41, '42, '43, Physics Club '43, Dramatics Club '44, Basketball '44, Chemistry Club '44, Usher Senior Play '44. MARIAN VIRGINIA OWEN "FLm'r" HWIIU .rnirl dat?" Glce Club '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice-President Glec Club '41, Presl- dent '43, '44, Home Ee. Club '40, '41, Scribblers Club '40, Majorette '42, '43, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Drum Major '44, Hi-Life StaFf '43, .Executives Club '43, '44, V1ce-Presi- dent '44, Modern Miss Club '43, De- bating Team '43, First Aid '43, Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Decorating Chairman Junior-Senior '43, Victory Corps '43, Assistant Librarian '43, Assistant Advertising Manager CARDINAI. '44, Forensics '44, Dramaties Club '44, Basketball '43, '44, Most Popular '44, Best All-Round '44, Most Enthusiastic '44, Beta Club '44, Senior Play '44. MARTHA VIRGINIA REINHARDT 'AVIRGINIAU "l'i'c'tL'ic.rt Hliwg ever' I .teen-ll" Glee Club '40, '41, Scribblers Club '40, Home EC. Club '40, '41, '43, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, First Airl '43, Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Hi-Life Staff '43, Assistant Manager Basketball Team '43, Man- ager '44, Forensics '43, '44, Cheer- leader '44, Circulation Manager Can- mN,u. '44, Monogram Club '44, Dramatics Club '44, Senior Play '44. VIOLETTE ROBERTA REYNOLDS "Ron1nrrA" "My cowl Tall me no!" Latin Club '40, '41, Student Coun- cil '41, '43, Spanish Club '42, '43. '44, President '43, Junior Marshal '43, Executives Club President '43, Chemistry Club 'fl-4, Victory Corps '43, Beta Club '43, '44, Usher Senior Play '44. SEI DHS TWELFTH GRADE EARL HAMPTON SCHELL "HAMP" "Is that sa?" History Club '41, I-li-Y Club '44, Monogram Club '44, Physics Club '44, Manager Football Team '43. ELIZABETI-I SETZER "Lux" "I lmpc yau'rc k1'ddin'l" Basketball '40, Hi-Life Reporter '40, '43, llistory Club '41, Spanish Club '42, '43 '44, Vice-President '43, Physics Club '43, Class Secretary and Treasurer '43, Junior Marshal '43, Victory Corps '43, Waitress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Chem- istry Club Vice-Presiclent '44, Bantl '41, '42, '43, '44, Business Manager CAKDINAL '44, I-lorne Ee. Club Vice- Presirlent '44, Beta Club '44, Band Bond Monitor '43, '44Q.SClIIOl' Play '44, Decoration Comnnttee' Junior- Senior Banquet '43, Fnrst Anl '-I-1. HUGH Ivoa SETZER. JR. "Hoon" "Got rmyllviny Io cat?" Football '40, '41, '42, Manager '43, Basketball '41, '43, '44, Monogram Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '42, '43, '44, Glee Club Librarian '44, Smnish Club '42, '43, '44, Safety 'Patrol '40, '41, l'hysics.Club '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Usher Senior Play '44. FORREST B. S1-IARPE "SnAiu'1a" " Yculz-uw-uv!" Football '40, '41, Hi-Y'Clnb '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, President '44: Basketball '41, Assistant Manager '42, Chemistry Club '44, Tennis Team '41, '42, Captain '42, Photog- rapher Clmnlnlu. '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Safety Patrol '40, '41C Banrl '41, '42, '43, '44, Glee Club j4o, '41, '42, Executives Club '44, First Aicl '43, Biggest Flirt '44, Most lnfluential '44, Usher Senior Play 44. HOIVIER SIMMONS "Br.Acicna" "No mam." Safety Patrol '39, '40, Midget Football '39, '40, Spanish Club '42, D. O. '43, Physics Club '44, I-11-Y Club Vice-President '44. BE'I"l'Y MAE SIPE "Bram-Y" "Timm goes my caxm'n!" Latin Club '43, Glee Club '40, '42, '43, '44. EDWIN MAX SCI IRUM .-BUM.. "Radar" Glee Club '41, '42, lllonogram Club '42, '43, '44, Baseball Manager '42, Basketball '40, '41, '42, '44, Midget Football '41, Football- .'42, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Military Drill '43, Hi-Y Club '42, '43, '44, Reporter '41, Tennis '42, Physics Club '43, Dramatics Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '43, Victory Corps '43, Band '42, '43, '44: Foren- sics '41, '42, '44, Latin Club '42, '43, Usher Senior Play '44. EVAN SYLVANUS "JAKE" SETZER, JR. "Did you lurue the cirrle today?" Band '42, '43, '44, Glee Club '40, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Chemistry Club '44, Physics Club '43, Hi-Y Club '43, '44, Treasurer '44, Con- ference '44, Beta Club '43, '44, Junior Marshal '43, Safety Patrol '41, '42, '43, Victory Corps '432 Military Drill '43, Assistant Photog- rapher Clmmnar. '44, Best Looking '44, Electrician Senior Play '44. CARL MILBURN Sl-IARPE "Cannes" "Well, I Zi.'tJ'ltldll'l my that!" Midget Basketball '39, '40, Basket- ball '4l, '42, '43, '44, Hi-Y Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Band"41, '42, '43, Glee Club '39, '40, Monograxn Club '43, '44, Hi-Life Staff '43, Military Drill '43, Physics Club '44, History Club '42, D. O. '44, Senior Play '44. CHRISTINE INEZ SIGMON "Tiana" "You Tllfll-A! not?" Home Ee. Club '40, '41, Glee Club '40, '41, '44, Spanish Club '42, '43, Dramatics Club '44, Cheerleader '41, '42, '43, '44, Chief Cheerleader '44, Basketball '40, '41, '42, Monogram Club '43, Victory Corps '43, Wait- ress Junior-Senior Banquet '42, Big- gest Flirt '44, Prompter Senior Play '44. Q. E. SIMMONS uQ'E-xr "Hey, there!" Basketball '40, '41, Football '41, '42, '43, Glee Club '40, '41, '42, Bus Monitor '40, '41, '42, Monogram Club '43, '44, Hi-Life Club '43, Hi-Y Club '43, '44. Stopped school January S, 1944 to join the Navy. CATHERINE ELIZABETH SMITH "CA'r1rr" "And 1'm telling you the f7'1tH1!u French Club '43, Glee Club '40, '41, '43, Home Ee. Club '44, Usher Senior Play '44. SE IUH U SE I IIS JASTER SMITH "B URRHEADU 'IDUTUEIIU Lou-I" Glee Club '39, '40, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Baseball '41, Football '42, '43, C0-Captain Football '43, Basket- hall '44, Spanish Club '42, '43,.'44: Monogram Club '43, '44, President '44, EXCCl.'ll.lVE5'CIl.1IJ President '44, Hi-Y Club '44, Student: Council '44, Physics Club '44, Most Popular '44, Most Enthusiastic '44, Witticst '44. MARTHA LOUISE TEETER "MARTHA" "PV1u:rc'.v CatIm1'inc?" Glee Club '41, '42, '43, French Club '43, Features Editor Caknmln. '44, Beta Club '44. JEAN Cl-IOATE WHITENER "WltITENliR" "Tlmt'.r firetty .r11arjve!" Home EC. Club '40, '41, Vice- 1'Llr,esicIle,nt,4l1.40i3 Btiislieflwagz '42, '41, '..'., 5an',','3,44, Scdretary and. Treasurer '41, '42, gif, '44, Spanish' Club '42,4'513,g:4, ecretary an: reasurer ' .., ee Club '40, Scribblers Club '40, VVait- ress Jucnionlgeiiyigi 1?-?1n2ufetg42F, Rf. porter' . -, , i- it-eta '4., Beta Club '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Chief Junior Marshal '43, Dra- matics Club '44, Class Secretary and Treasurer '44, Most. Likely to Suc- f:eed, ,ggaktvuif dAss1stant,4 '44,W Dc' later , ae ictorian '45 uno- gram Club '44, Lenoir Rbynb Fo- rensics 44. EL "LITTLE ACORNSH A Three-Act Comedy CAST OF CHARACTERS Millieent Collins-A young woman of opinions .....,... Lorna Collins-An outspoken child MARCH 31st, 1944 I ......,..IEANI'IERlVlAN Pandora-An Irish cook ...,...,. Diana Wentworth-A young woman from Chicago. , . . . Mrs. Judith Wentworth-A charming matron ..... Dennis Collins-An all-American boy Sidney Lanfield Charles Collins- DANE ERNEST SMYRE "Streak" "Dad-gum." Football '40, '41, '44, Manager '43, Chemistry Club Vice-Prcsitlent '44, Physics Club '43, DYBITHIIICS Club '42, '43, '44, Monogram Club '43, '44, Safety Patrol '40, '41, Victory Corps '43, ViceQPresiclent Class '44, Advertising Manager CARUINAL '44, Forensics 'Ifeam '42, '44, Junior Mar- shal '43, Band '41, '42, '43, '44, Vice- President '44, Basketball '40, '41, '44, Beta Club '44, Best All-Round '44, Senior Play '44, Vice-President 2nd Period Glee Club, Decoration Committee Junior-Senior Banquet '43. DORIS EVELYN THORNBURG HDOSSIEH "A rl: you lcirlzling f" Basketball '40, '41, '42, '43, '44, Glce Club '40, '41, '44, Monogram Club '42, '43, '44, Vice-President '44, Class President '43, Student Council '43, Spanish Club '42, '43, '44, Hi- Lifc Stat? '43, Waitress J'unior-Senior Banquet '42, Vice-President Execu- tives Club '43, Assistant Circulation Manager '44, Homecoming Queen '44, Most Athletic '44, Best Looking '44, Usher Senior Play '44. ASS PL . . . . . .MARIAN OWEN MARTHA REINHARDT ELIZABETH SETZER . . .DOROTHA Lou MILLER .,......CARLSI-IARPE A young man' with a timid heart . . A father with family problems ........ . . PRODUCTION STAFF MISS SI-IIVERS . . . . .Director MISS SHORE ...... .... D irector EVAN SETZER, JR. . ...... Electrician DEMPSEY HUITT ...,.... Curtain Manager . . . .DANE SMYRE . . .ROBERT MOOSE MARY MILTON CAMPBELL ..... Prompler CHRISTINE SIGMON ........... Prompter JEAN WHITENER . . . Make-up Assistant USHERS: Kathleen Dellinger, Doris Thornburg, Glenna Bolick, Betty Furr, Dorothy Bolick, Forrest Sharpe, Sally McNamara, Hugh Setzer, Edith Hunsucker, Catherine Smith, Marvin MacKay, Jimmy Coley, Frances Abernethy, Roberta Reynolds. Max Schrum. SE IDB ELASS HIETUHY March! March! March! The class of 1944 is nearing the port of embarka- tionl Swiftly, yet uncertainly, they have traveled to reach that port. But halt! This class must first advance to be recognized. Back. . .far back in September 1940, fresh in quality, "green" and inexperi- enced, one hundred and fifty soldiers enlisted in the "Newton-Conover Hi" army. In vain they called upon their confused and scanty storehouse of knowl- edge to assist them in that trying ordeal of registration. Soon, however,p,-5-after registering, they found out how to open their lockers and became fairlyi-,well acquainted with the system of changing classes. Led by Battery Commander Dempsey I-Iuitt, these privates marched forward. The girls' basketball team was the Western North Carolina Conference Champion, and the Student Ciovern- ment was organized and sponsored by Colonel Rhyne. In 1941, due to the untiring efforts of General Cuurley and the P. T. A., as well as civilians of Newton and Conover, the supplement for the twelfth grade and ninth month was passed, and new and varied courses were added to the regular curriculum. That year, Dorotha Lou Miller reported for duty as Battery Commander of the soldiers who had received the advanced rating of corporals. Although the girls' basketball team played well, their winning march was halted. After a furlough of about three months, in 1942, these corporals although decreased in number to ninety-two, were commissioned Sergeants. As, they were advanced, they had more work to do, Jimmy Coley was promoted to the rank of Battery Commander to guide them through that Held work. The newly organized band, under Major Warlick's direction, showed surprising progress: and Major Lemon's supervised course of Physical Education became a new requirement. Nineteen forty-three found seventy-five typical, intelligent, lieutenants advancing under the command of Doris Thornburg. An excellent Hi-Life was published semi-monthly. That was not the only responsibility during l943. The responsibility and fun of giving the first Junior-Senior dance was theirs. Of that dance they made a wonderful success. No definite victory was gained through athletics, but the march forward in forensics and debating was remark- able. Due to the war and the lowered draft age, many of our number decided to accept an eleventh grade diploma instead of coming back for the twelfth grade. In 1944, forty Captains, led by Commander Mary Milton Campbell, diligently endeavored to uphold the proverbial senior dignity. The distinguished characteristic of progressiveness was not lacking. This fact was proved as they published the eleventh edition of the CARDINAL. The annual was made pos- sible by selling school supplies and ice cream, and by presenting a play, "Little Acornsf' Now the five years of training in the infantry of Newton-Conover I-Ii are over. These Captains bid the privates, corporals, sergeants, and lieutenants farewell as they, with destination unknown, prepare to embark. JIMMY COLEY, Historian. Page Thirteen LAST WILL ANU TESTAME T We. the Senior Class of '44, of Newton-Conover High School, though frail in body and feeble in mind because of the hard examinations we've had, but revived in spirit and being in a generous mood, do publish and declare this to be our last will and testament: To the superintendent. school board, and members of the faculty, we leave our many thanks for their helpfulness and guidance through our High School days. To the Juniors, we leave our privileges, our class play, our annual and our banquet. To the Sophomores, we leave our "quiet" and dignified mannerisms, and our ability to keep out of trouble. To the Freshmen, we leave our ability to make good grades, our "corny" jokes. and our "authority." To some of our friends and fellow schoolmates, our individual talents and possessions are left as follows: 1. I, Jaster Smith, do leave my ability to make good grades to Stine Isenhower. 2, I, Kathleen Dellinger. do will my place on the basketball team to Lillian Wilson. 3. I, Elizabeth Setzer, do will and bequeath my position as business manager of the CARDINAL to Genevieve Trott. 4. I, Martha Reinhardt, do will my typing brush to Shirley Abernethy. 5. I, Homer Simmons, do will and bequeath my seat in Pre-Flight class under "Doc" Jarrett to Ralph Herman Coley. 6. I, Catherine Smith, do will and bequeath my love for the Oxford boys to Marilyn Rockett. 7. I, Roberta Reynolds, do leave my aptitude for mathematics to my sister, Dorothy. 8. I, Hugh Setzer, do will and bequeath my popularity with the girls to Joe Whisenhunt. 9. I, Marvin MacKay, do leave my seat in Pre-Flight class to whoever will take it. 10. I, Betty Sipe, do will my love for the Glee Club to Mary Sue Yancey. ll. I, Jean Whitener, do will and bequeath my dimples and my love for the Army Air Corps to Kathleen Sigmon. l2. I, Glenna Mae Bolick, do will my petiteness and quiet ways to Genevieve Trott. 13. I, G. P. Deal, do leave to Ralph Coley my position as captain of the basketball team. 14. I. Dorothy Bolick, do will my love for Statesville to Betty Jane Gantt. 15. I, Doris Thornburg, do will my place as captain of the basketball team to Betty Owen. 16. I, Carl Sharpe, do will and bequeath my love for basketball to Mack U14 F's" Burgess. l7. I, Jean Herman, do will my seat in Glee Club to Peggy Taylor. 18. I, Perry Reitzel, do leave my position in D. O. class to Johnny Campbell. 19. I, Evan Setzer, do Will and bequeath my brown eyes and long eye lashes to Nancy Campbell. 20. I, Betty Furr, do leave to "Jerry" Wilkinson my hair and eyelashes. 21. I, Bonnie Lackey, do will and bequeath to Rosemary Seagle my love for "Paratroopers" 22. I, Sammie Pace, do will and bequeath my love for an "Essex" to John Brady. 23. I, "Teen" Sigmon. do will my ability to flirt to Miss Mary Catherine Shivers. 24. I, Hampton Schell, do leave to Isaac Kuhn. my position as football manager. 25. I, Marian Owen, do will to my "little sister," Betty, my position as chief majorette, and my ability to-talk. 26. I. Frances Abernethy, do leave to Mack Burgess my "quiet ways" and my ability to play "Temptation" without yielding. 27. I, Martha Teeter, do will my love for typing to Richard Sipe. 28. I, Mary Milton Campbell, do will and bequeath my glasses and my love for Conover to my sister, Nancy. 29. I, Q. E. Simmons, do will all my parking places to Stine Isenhower. 30. I, Jimmy Coley, do will and bequeath my red rimmed glasses to Eddie Caldwell. 31. I, Edith Hunsucker, do leave my far corner in the library to Mary Lillian Schell. 32. I, Dane Smyre, do will and bequeath my love for "radar" and my membership in the "Sev- enth Street Riders" to Walter Drum. 33. I, Dorotha Lou Miller, do will and bequeath my black, curly hair and my love for Seventh Street to Billy Fox. 34. I, Sally McNamara, do leave my red hair and brown eyes to Evonne Sanders. 35. I, Robert Moose, do will and bequeath my honorable position as president of the Student Council to anyone who will have it. 36. I, Ralph Brunson. do leave to Jam-es Burgess my big mouth and lack of dignity. 37. I, George Fulbright, do will to David Corpening my "opinion" of women. 38. I, John Cline, do will and bequeath my permanent wave to Joe Lowrance. 39. I, Forrest Sharpe. do leave my position as most influential flirt to Basil MacKay. 40. I. Dempsey Huitt, do leave my athletic ability to "Babe" Matthews. 41. I. Max Schrum, do leave my iirst seat in band to Rudolph McRee. Signed. sealed, and declared by the Senior Class to be its last will and testament, in the presence of us, the undersigned. who. at its request, do subscribe our names as witnesses thereto. JEAN HERMAN, Tesrator. Witnesses: JEAN WHITENER, CHRISTINE SIGMON Page Fourteen U SEIHS F. LORRAINE ABERNETHY USNOOKSH "OIi! Yon. liftlv lmadlumf' Bulls Creek '41, '42, '-135 Glee Club '-14. BERTIE RAENELLE BOLICK "Bo1.ic1c" "Rr'uIIy!"' Clec -Club '4l: Glec Club l'.ibr:u'i:u1 '41g H1-Life Stuff '44, Reporter '42g Secretary :md '1'I'CZlSlll'C1' Executives Club '4-1g Class Presirlent '443 Bmul '42, '43, '-14: Student Cuuncil 'Mg Beta Club '44, DOROTHY LEE DELLINGER -'um-" "Yau n1'cri't killdillllfu Home Ec. Club '-44: French Club '44. NEALY MAE FISHER "NliAI.Y" "It might br!" D. 0. Class '4-lg T'lnrmuuy Club '-44. SHIRLEY MAE HENDRTX "S1mu.1cv" "Are you kirlzlinyfu Spanish Club '41, '4-1: D. O. Class '-145 I'I:n'mnuy Club '4-5. NANCY R. HEWITT "NANcx"' "Ohl My 11aodm'.v.v!" French Club '43, '44, DAVID CALVIN BALL "D.C." "I think sl1e's mite!" Hi-Y Club '42, '43g D. O. Class '43. BRUCE ALBERT CORPENING Stuppenl school December 19, 1943, to cntcr the Navy. ROBERT LEROY ECKARD, JR. "Si-om-" "lfVL'II, I'lI be!" D. O. Class '44g Band '44. EDITH GERALDINE FREEMAN "Gmuw" "Look at that!" Basketball '41g Band '42, '43, '44g Glee Club '41, '-433 Hi-Life Stal? '44g Chemistry Club '44, HORACE EDWARD HERMAN "YA1'ns" "Cot'cIm Pl1y.vic.r?" Physics Club '43, '4-1: Military Drill '-133 D. O. Class '44g History Club '-12. JENNINGS NEWTON HOKE "I-Imam" "Cat ring' gas tickets, Bud?" D. O. Class '43, '44. -'Ea 'B' 5 1- .amp U SEIHS DORIS EUGENIA HUNSUCKER LIDOTN " Well, look !" Band '42, '43, '44, Band Librarian '43, '44, Glee Club '43, Basketball '41, '42, '43, Physics Club '44. JOI-INNIE .IEANETTE KEENER "Nm"rr:" Home Ee. Club '43, '44, French Club '43, '44, VICTOR ADOLPI-IUS LAIL, JR. "Vick" "Don-'l mi:cuL'!" Midget Football '39. WILLIAM C. NICI-IOLSON "BILL" "What do you say, kid?" French Club '43, '44. BILLY LEE PRICE "P, G." "l'Vlmt do you know, Jae?" Midget Football '40, '41, '42, D. O. Class '43, '44, I-Ii-Y Club '41. EDWARD ERNEST ROCKETT uEDn "Hello," D. O. Class '44. NIARY JOSINA JOHNSON I.-Ion "Tllu.t'.v pretty pluilu! Glad I foimd yu' out!" Basketball '41, '42, Home Ec. Club '41, '42, '44, Spanish Club '44, Glee Club '41, '43. BEN HAROLD KINCAID "Timur" "lVlml'.r hor Hamel' She looks 'wiclcorlf' Midget Fogtball '40, Football '41, '42, '43, 4VlC8-P1'CSld811t Class '42, Class President '43, Dramatics Club '41, '42, '43, '44, President '44, Mpnqgram Club '41, '42, '43, '44, Hz-Life Stal? '44, Physics Club '44, D. 0, Class '44, Executives Club '43, '44, Student Council '43, Cheerlead- er '44, Manager Football Team '44. IDA RUTI-I IVIARTIN uTDAn " You're cufc, foo." Stnclcnt Council '42, '44, Bancl '42, '43, '44, Class Secretary and Treas- urer '43: Waitress Junior-Senior Banquct '43, Spanish Club '43, '44, Vice-Presiclent '44, Hi-Lift: Staff '44, Reporter '43, Dramatics Club '44, Glee Club '41, '43, '44, Secretary and Treasurer '44, Basketball '41, '42, '44, Victory Corps '43, '44, Mono- gram Club '44. MORRIS LUMAN POWER, JR. HNIORRISY' "Got your Sfranlisli, Shirley?" Spanish Club '44, D. O. Class '44, MARJORIE LUCIEN PRICE HNIARGIEU "I'Il take the Navy!" Modern Miss Club '42, '43, French Club '43, '44, Waitress ,Iunior-Sem ior Banquet '43. Ross MARY SEAGLE "Resin" "I like loc best of all!" Spanish Club '43, '44, Glee Club alll, '44, Home Ec. Club '42, Basket- a '41. U SE I HS Cl-ILOE LOUVINIA SETZER "VENNlE" "Sem: any Troopers?" Basketball '41, '42g Glee Club '42g Harnmny Club '44g Spanish Club '44: D. 0. Class '44. LEWIS SETZER Stopped school November 10, 1943. 1,,,-.-...,.....,..i,-. - . --H V- . CLIFTEEN SHERRILL UCLIFTEENU "Eri-yer!" u.A Greensboro '41, '42, '43g Home Ee. t7 Club '44g Drzimatics Club '44g Chem- istry Club '44: French Club 'I-14: Hi-Life Staff '44. WILLIE LOIS THORPE 441401511 "QuitI!" French Club '44g D. O. Class '44g Lunchroom Assistant '43, '44. ME UHIAM We, the Senior Class of '44, dedicate this space in memory of Anthony Hallmon Finger. Had he not gradu- ated from the eleventh grade last year because of the war, he would have been a member of the twelfth grade this year. BORN: November 1, 1926 DIED: January 12, 1944 HELEN JOYCE SETZER "Sunnis" "Aw, some an na'w!l" Basketball '41, '429 Glee Club '42g Modern Miss Club '43g Secretary I'I3l'll'I0fly Club '4-43 Spamsh Club '44g H1-Life Staff '4-43 Forensics '44. RUTH ILEEN SETZER UILEENU "Look at that boy!" Home Ee. Club '41, '42g Modern Miss- Club '43g French Club '44: H:-Life Staff '44, Stopped! school January 3, 1944 to become Mrs. Pinkney Hollar. HERMAN LONG SMITH "Hmmm" "G'1Lrd." Physics Club '44. jxf A 499 'x ,Samoa -Jlzsrrs SMIT 5 N, Mon . M TH 1 0 Q Ty: EST'-L '73 'Ruseefr Moose -Mpsr I-.QNKELJIN - T6 Sue.: EEZD- f ff G-Same-E F3'uL8l?,4'e-44 1- -Amosv QELIHBLE-, :'MMv Cena - Y -Mos-r RELIABLE- Tfc. U.P5RL.nTluEs DELEEST .SHA E P E' H2-c+ESr EPL.l'R.T"' ' fm- f f4pl.ue-Nvin - f fi 'x if - mmzy ml'LTDN CAMPBELL Maw- IN:-21.u.ENf1Q5 gn'-,.,4"" I BESV N WW ff M XCHR1' 1-IN Serzez. ., femom L ' -,- ' ' ' wlcuvc B'r Fi ..--""D- Lp' A 'fl' iff! f f f A 1 'N ' ' f T -n fx '- 135' "ma J EMPSEY L5 I fw o N. MOST .cd T4oreNBu.rzG RTHLETI j ...BEST LooKJ.NQF.. ,g Mom' A-Ts+a.eTac. A ' IVlm2a',qN Owen Q ff f -EEST Qu. Eouhllb .f -fflosv ' 'MUST ENTr+u.sfl+5Tnc. DANE Smvms 'BEST Au. lQau.Nb- , v 4. v 'l yn-v-:A-- . '- A 1 I ii Y l r Page ?MpQfiM,Ql'i. ' f'fiQQifQQ,Hi5iif5fmffmii.14 iniwt 3eH5Hfy ISSC0 , , 'T a niemberl o-ffthe Nation- CVM' High School' y N t el School Exchange. The band Sold enough' X ,.... ,Y ,,y.,. 1, iv - ,bonds lest year to Plly ,,- 7, . , , five Jeeps and five ' y, iEkEd.l5tDUfUqBb7 triple-lthreats. The A S- A-'viii - . A--'T" band oan't make e good ,J ' 1 -'wh:4i i SCHOQL-SPTRIT 5: E 'showing Without the t 'L NWLD D 'full cooperation of y Recently Wefve healievcry student in New- t e lot about Spirit tOn'C0nO""eI" H13 GQme'i . W connection with the'?n'Stud5ntSv C115 deal? S football and vei'inous3J-mm -Vouiiy POCKGHS anq ' other School' teams buy allgyou oan.l rye Edit -1 - hi f -,,,,- , Moet of the students t M or Pgggy Sue Taylog think that ouribotballl xxxx .t' d-t --.--, ,,,- , team lacks spirit but, A , , n Ash E 1 or do they ever thing oft The 3l'Llf9 J-S printing copies of the the punishment theimemg Businesggfgzievo .Trot takes without a mu1:n'.ur'?5f30f1Sf1iT31lf3i0H to W Chief Printer 'ii' ' - ' Joe Asst. ---- -Mach Stine I Sports Editor-- Ben Circulation Ida Mari Asst. Circulation Man.1 Phyllis Lnih Joke Editor ----------- ' Evonne Sander Art Editor ------------ 4 I Geraldine Uilkinso Chapel Editor --------- 'M Betty Sigmof Birthday Editor---e--- Who's Who Editor-4' ---- 1 C11-f?Egi2eghSf,g?i1i' the games and give them AI' H919 I Name ' , --------- your wholekeert ' 3-' . ev. Proof Readlggit Hoffmaff port' Ther? havgu Viggt' This organization Y A-t .4 - T fshall be known as the - I it takes to win. Let's, ,V Book ReV?Z5??E?,lE??fS give them a little ein-'ligxigggooiiggggoll Hof Marcelinc Spencer Cgumfiemefnt' W 435211001 t lg y Exchange Editor ------ -4 ,xxx j ' Geraldinfl FTSSMHUQ EAI.-bicle II Inurposes , c N .- ------------ -l amp ewq Helen SMZZQQ Help Band Push Fourth? t y M M , ' War Bond Drive ' 5?O,P?Qm0te Worthy Sponsorsff- rs: oosehl tactbylmkes and to prog Miss West. Miss Long: ividef?or?their suppori . . L t t , , U M xxix as' year he Npmnxh To stimulate stu-' The H1 Life is pubQ Conover High School Id , t tg V- t Band made .1 good show bn as L 1 Y' lished monthly bying in the Jar Bond To Create a high gp . nh -. . , I, 3 r I 4 - Jg28Ng3,2g3fCOg52f,LDrfires ami they have QSGnSe1Of'PGr39m?l 11011014 High Schoolrbeen iskcdl U0 beein and responsibility' 1" - iagain o se 1 Bonds d Q , V 'mls School ls stamps in Ne'wton-Co?11- ifcontlnued OH Page JUNIOR EL!-XSS UPPIEEP15 My wt, RAENELLE BGLICK . ...,.. President STINE ISENHOWER ..... Vice-President BETTY HbFPMAN Secretary and Treasurer BRENDA WILLIS . ...,.. Mascot Page Twenty two UNIUR EL S5 I , , GIRLS SHIRLEY ABERNETHY BETTY JANE GANTT IDA RUTH MARTIN BETTY JOE BOLICK IVIARY FRANCES HARVELL RAENELLE BOLICK BETTY HOFFMAN MARJORIE PRICE DOROTHY CURLEE NANCY HEWITT EVONNE SANDERS DOROTHY DELLINGER DORIS HUNSUCKER ROSEMARY SEAGLE NANCY ISENHOWER JOSINA JOHNSON HELEN SETZER GERALDINE FREEMAN JEANETTE KEENER ILEEN SETZER VIVIAN FURR PHYLLIS LAIL CLIFTEEN SHERRILL BOYS THOMAS BAss DAVID CORPENING ISAAC KUI-IN MACK BURGESS BILL HUNT VICTOR LAIL RALPH COLEY STINE ISENHOWER JOE LOWRANCE BRUCE CORPENING BEN KINCAID WILLIAM NICHOLSON BETTY SIGMON KATHLEEN MATTHEWS KATHLEEN SIGMON KATE SMITH MARCELINE SPENCER PEGGY SUE TAYLOR LOIS THORPE GENEVIEVE TROTT LENA WALLING GERALDINE WILKINSON ED SCHRUM HERMAN SMITH JOE WHISENHUNT Page Twenty-three SUPHUMUHE CLASS UFFIIIEHS MARTHA REED WARLICK . f ...... Preszdent SUE KUHN .,... ....,.. V ice-President JEANNETTE LIEM Secretary and Treasurer Page Twenty four SUPHU DRE EL 55 GIRLS Catherine Ball, Frances Barnes, Ruby Bass, Alene Bolick, Dorothy Bolick, Marian Bolick, Nancy Campbell, Rebecca Cline, Clara Mae Cochran, Willa Dean Cooke, Virginia Corpening. Nellie Davidson, Carolyn Drum, Jean Evans, Doris Finger. Mary Lois Fox, Edith Harrison. Rose l-lawn. Dorothy Herman, Betty Jones, Margie Killian, Sara Klutz, Carolyn Kopenhaver. Sue Kuhn, Doris Lawing, Jeannette Liem, lone Mebane Mann, Peggy Massey. Betty Jean Mingus. Betty Jean McGee, Betty Owen, Mary Frances Padgett, Elenore Pitts, Laura Poovey, Joreen Propst. Lenora Rcitzel, Dorothy Reynolds, Ruth Robinson, Joan Rockett, Marilyn Rockett, Mary Lillian Schell, Ruth Schell, Betty Setzer, Mildred Setzer, Adelaide Sigmon, Margaret Smith, June Taylor, Mary Frances Wagoner, Dorothy Warlick, Martha Reed Warlick, Rachel Weaver, Myrtle Webb, Alice Whisnant, Willie Faye White, Lillian Wilson. BOYS Jack Abernethy, Jack Adair, Carl Bauguess, George Blanton, Coleman Bost, Floyd Brown, Glenn Buff, Jimmy Burgess, Glenn Goodman. Nolan Hollar, Charles Hutchens. Billy Kelly. Kelly Kincaid, Darrell Kiser. Sammie Link, Bobby Matthews, Jack Moseley. Joe Power, Ralph Sctzer, Edward Sigmon, Jack Sims, Richard Sipe, Johnnie Yount. Page Twenty-five FHESHMAN CLASS UFFIEEH5 BETTY SMITH .. ........... President WILLIAM GILBERT .......... Vice-President WILLIAM SEAGLE ..,, Secretary and Treasurer Page Twenty szx FHESHMA ELASS l , A l I I 5' e,, -l GIRLS Peggy Armlt, Linda Bass, Martha Bolick, Mary Alice Brittain. Betty Buff, Edith Carter, Grace Church, Jean Cline, Mary Ellen Copeland, Peggy Corriher, Lillian Elizabeth Fowler, Doris Fulbright. Rita Gamache, Rebecca Goodman. Marceline Hampton, Betty Lee Harrison, Irene He"ner. Martha Jean Herman, Jeannine Hester, Lillian Hewitt, Shirley Hickman, Romona Sue Hillard, Dorothy Holbrooke, Jo Ann Houk, Dorothy Mac Hunsucker, Betty Jo Hunt, Martha Ann Jarrett, Mary Frances Jarrett, Dorothy Jones, Betty Killian, Peggy Arm Luil, Mary Ann Lancaster, Imogene Lawing, La Verne Leiier, Charleen Loftin, Catherine Lowrance. Audrey Irene MacKay, Betty Jo Mauney, Mary Lee Milam, Shirley Rebecca Moose, Hazel Marie Moses, Doris Nicholson, Madeline Parkhurst, Betty Louise Pharr, Doris Ellen Phillips, Betty Setzer, Sara Carolyn Setzcr, Mamie Louise Setzer, Dorothy Mae Sigmon, Helen Elizabeth Sigmon, Olive Elizabeth Sigmon, Clarence Simmons, Audrey Sims, Annie Mae Smith, Betty Smith, Dorothy Colleen Spencer, Hilda Gantt Spencer. Judeena Spencer, Lula Diana Spencer, Millie Rose Taylor, Betty Teague, Cecil Mae Thornburxz, Dorothy Thornton, Grace Thorpe, Marianne Tuttle, Bertie Watters, Gladys Wilson, Mary Sue Yancey, Murriel Young, Betty Jean Yount, Betty Rose Yount. BOYS Howard Blanton, James Bolick, Eugene Boston, John Brady, Joe Brittain, Eddie Caldwell, James Carter, Franklin Clark, Kenneth Clark, Robert Clark, Gene Cochrane, Sammie Cordell, Walter Corpening, Henry Dellinger, Walter Drum, Fred Eckard, Gordon Ervin, Clyde Fortenbury, Lowren Furr, Jack Gantt, William Gilbert, Gervie Griggs, Harold Herman, Gene Hutchens, Walter Holland, Jack Hollar, Paul Hollar, Johnny Hass. Curl Kanipe, Sam Kincaid, John Lackey, Harry Lackey, Lindsay Lawing, J. C. Laws, Albert Loilund, Jr., Jimmy Lutz, Basil MacKay, Jr., Loy Mauney, Glenn McKinnis, Rudolph McRee, Fred Patterson, George Reitzel, William Seagle, Cyril Setzer, Frederick Setzer, Jack Sherrill. Troy Shook, James Sigmon. Harvey Lcc Sine, Wayne Smith, Bobby Stewart, Lindsey Williams, Lewis Wilson. . I ER A f'l?f'Il', , .. .L . ' wrfff I A+. ' ' I I , ' V . , I f ' .i"'1'. :F .4 If z T . Q, Yfff' I . rg JL , " ' " h i N' 1 I K Q 1 'fi . I ' "' Liu' .CY " 31- -I . . 'L ' f, - KE! Qgmi' " 'J OFFICERS PERRY REITZEL .,.,,,....,,,. President BGNNIE LACKEY . . .Secrclary and Treasurer JOHN MACON CLINE, JR., . .Vice-President MR, L. E. JARRETT .,.......... Sponsor MEMBERS JACK ABERNETHY D. C. BALL JOHNNIE CAMPBELL JOHN MACON CLINE, JR. ROBERT ECKARD NEALY FISHER SHIRLEY HENDRIX HORACE HERMAN WILMA HEWITT BEN HICKMAN BILL HINES JENNINGS HOKE BOBBY HOLLAND BONNIE LACKEY SAMMIE PACE MORRIS POWER BILL PRICE PERRY REITZEL EDWARD ROCKETT HAROLD ROCKETT HAROLD SAINE LEWIS SETZER LOUVINIA SETZER CARL SHARPE PEGGY SIGMON FORREST THORNBURG v 'I Ii 1 ,4 w I 3 I L ,I -Q A Qi ': r I 4 . . sign ,1?f ' -- - - m , ,J STUDENT CUUNEIL BETA CLUB JUNTUH MARSH!-XLS STUDENT CUUNEIL ROBERT MOOSE .... KATHLEEN SIOMON . BETTY OWEN ...... JIMMY LUTZ ...... MR. 'RUEUS RI-IYNE . Raenelle Bolick Mary Milton Campbell Ralph Brunson Willa Dean Cooke George Fulbright 'ROBERT MOOSE . . OFFICERS MEMBERS Dempsey I-luitt Phyllis Lail Jimmy Lutz Ida Ruth Martin Robert Moose BET!-I CLUB OFFICERS JEAN WPIITENER .,,..... MARY MILTON CAMPBELL . . . FRANCES ABERNETI-IY MISS SI-IIVERS ..... Frances Abernethy Raenelle Bolick Mary Milton Campbell Jimmy Coley George Fulbright Jean Herman Betty Hoffman Dempsey Huitt MEMBERS Isaac Kuhn Dorotha Lou Miller Robert Moose Marian Owen Roberta Reynolds Evonne Sanders Ed Schrum Elizabeth Setzer . . . . . .President ,. Vice-President . . . . . .Secretary . . . .Treasurer . . .Sponsor Betty Owen Kathleen Sigmon Betty Smith Jaster Smith Martha Reed Warlick . . . . . .President . . .Vice-President . . . .Secretary , .Treasurer . . .Sponsor Evan Setzer, Jr. Kathleen Sigmon Dane Smyre Peggy Sue Taylor Martha Teeter Genevieve Trott Joe Whisenhunt Jean Wlaitener JUNIIJH MARSH!-ILS BETTY HOFFMAN .................................., Chief Marshal Assistants Mary Frances Harvell Ed Schrum Peggy Sue Taylor Isaac Kuhn Kathleen Sigmon Genevieve Trott Joe Lowrance Kate Smith Joe Whisenhunt Evonne Sanders Marceline Spencer Geraldine Wilkinson Page Thirty-one .. -I EXE EUTIVE ELUB DRAMATIE5 BLUE HI-Y ELUH EXEEUTIVES ELUB JASTER SMITH . . MARIAN OWEN . RAENELLE Boucif MR. R. N. GURLEY . . Frances Abernethy Raenelle Bolick Mary Milton Campbell Jean Evans OFFICERS MEMBERS Jean Herman Dorotha Lou Miller Robert Moose Marian Owen Forrest Sharpe .... . . . .Preszdent . . . . , .Vice-President . , . Secretary and Treasurer ...........Sponsor Berry Smith Jaster' Smith Genevieve Trott Martha Reed Warlick DHAMATIES CLUB BEN KINCAID . . . PEGGY SUE TAYLOR .... GENEVIEVE TROTT .... Miss ELSIE QBARNETTE . , . Jean Herman Ben Kincaid Sue Kuhn Jeanette Liem Ida Ruth Martin Robert Moose FORREST SHARPE I-IoMER SIMMONS ISAAC KUHN ....... EVAN SETZER. J R. MR. HARRY LEMON . . D. C. Ball Jimmy Burgess Jack Gantt IsaacAKuhn Albert Lofland, Jr. OFFICERS MEMBERS Marvin MacKay Marian Owen Laura Poovey . Martha Reinhardt Max Schrum Clifteen Sherrill Christine Sigmon HI-Y ELUB OFFICERS MEMBERS Hampton Schell Williain Seagle Evan Setzer, Jr. Carl Sharpe . .,... President Vice-President . . .Secretary and Treasurer ...,...,.,,Sponsor Kathleen Sigmon Dane Smyre Peggy Sue Taylor Genevieve Trott Martha Reed Warlick Jean Whitener . . . . , .President . . ,Vice-President . . . . .Secretary , . . .Treasurer . . . .Sponsor Forrest Sharpe Homer Simmons Jaster Smith Joe Whisenhunt Lindsey Williains Page Thirty-three MUNUGRAM CLUB PHYSICS BLUE EHEMIETHY CLUB IVIUNUSIIAIVI CLUB J ASTER SMITH ..... DORIS THORNBURG BETTY OWEN .......... MISS GETTYS, MR. LEMON Frances Abernethy Jimmie Burgess Mack Burgess Mary Milton Campbell John Macon Cline, Jr. Ralph Herman Coley Glenn Perry Deal Kathleen Dellinger Mary Frances I-Iarvell Dempsey Huitt OFFICERS Charles I-Iutchens Stine Isenhower Betty Jones Ben Kincaid Ida Ruth Martin Dorotha Lou Miller Robert Moose Jack Moseley Betty Owen ........,,...President Vice-President . . . ,Secretary and Treasurer ..........Sponsors Martha Reinhardt Hampton Schell Mary Lillian Schell Max Schrum Hugh Setzer Carl Sharpe Jaster Smith Dane Smyre Doris Thornburg Jean Whitener PHYSICS CLUB FRANCES ABERNETI-IY . . STINE ISENHOWER OFFICERS GERALDINE WILKINSON . . . MR. YATES HAVNAER . . Frances Abernethy Jack Adair Bruce Corpening Dempsey I-Iuitt Horace Herman Doris I-Iunsucker MEMBERS Stine Isenhower Ben Kincaid Isaac Kuhn Robert Moose Hugh Setzer Herman Smith Jaster Smith .... . . . . ,President . ......... Vice-President . . .Secretary and Treasurer ............,.Sponsor Hampton Schell Homer Simmons Carl Sharpe Max Schrum Joe Whisenhunt Geraldine Wilkinson CHEMISTRY CLUB OFFICERS DOROTI-IA LOU MILLER . . . ..... . . . . ELIZABETH SETZER IVIARY MILTON CAMPBELL . IVIR. YATES HAVNAER .... Mary Milton Campbell Ralph Coley David Corpening Glenn Perry Deal Kathleen Dellinger Geraldine Freeman MEMBERS Betty Hoffman Joe Lowrance Marvin MacKay Ione Mebane Mann Dorotha Lou Miller Roberta Reynolds President . . . . . . . . . , .Vice-President . . Secretary and Treasurer Sponsor Elizabeth Setzer Evan Setzer, Jr. Forrest Sharpe Clifteen Sherrill Kathleen Sigmon Dane Smyre SPANISH ELUB FRENCH ELUB LATIN CLUB SPANISH CLUB PEGGY SUE TAYLOR . . . IDA RUTH MARTIN ...... NIILDRED SETZER ....., MISS HESTER IVIATTI-IEWS Frances Abernethy Thomas Bass Mary Milton Campbell John Macon Cline, Jr. Jimmy Coley Kathleen Dellinger Betty Furr Shirley Hendrix Dempsey Huitt Stine Isenhower Josina Johnson OFFICERS MEMBERS Phyllis Lail Ida Ruth Martin Dorotha Lou Miller Sally McNamara Marian Owen Morris Power Martha Reinhardt Roberta Reynolds Rosemary Seagle Elizabeth Setzer Evan Setzer, Jr. ..President . . . . . . . . . Vice-President . . . Secretary and Treasurer Sponsor Helen Setzer Hugh Setzer Louvinia Setzer Mildred Setzer Carl Sharpe Christine Sigmon Jaster Smith Peggy Sue Taylor Doris Thornburg Genevieve Trott Jean Whitener FHENEH CLUB JEAN HERMAN ...,, S. . . OFFICERS NANCY IsEN1-1owER ..,... MARY FRANCES HARVELL MR. Ruiaus RI-IYNE ..... Betty Jo Bolick Glenna Mae Bolick Mack Burgess Ralph Coley David Corpening Dorothy Dellinger Vivian Furr MEMBERS Mary Frances Harvell Jean Herman Nancy Hewitt Betty Hoffman Nancy Isenhower Jeanette Keener Kathleen Matthews LATIN ELUB JEAN EVANS ....,,.. MARIANNE TUTTLE . . . WAYNE SMITH ....... Miss SARA GETTYS . . . Eddie Caldwell Mary Ellen Copeland Peggy Corriher Jean Evans OFFICERS MEMBERS Audrey MacKay Glenn McKinnis Edward Sigmon ..,....,...President . r ...... Vice-President . . Secretary and Treasurer .,..........Sponsor Bill Nicholson Margie Price Ileen Setzer Clifteen Sherrill Marceline Spencer Lois Thorpe Gloria Wilkinson . . . , President Vice-President . . Secretary and Treasurer . ........ Sponsor Wayne Smith Dorothy Thornton Ma1'ianne Tuttle Myrtle Webb Page Thirty-seven HUME EEUIYUMIII5 ELUB DEBATEHS LIBHABIANS Sally McNamara iHUME EEUNUNHES CLUB FRANCES ABERNETI-IY . . ELIZABETH SETZER .... OFFICERS KATHLEEN DELLINGER . . . EDITI-I HARRISON MISS FRANCES WILLIAMS . . . ..... . . . . Frances Abernethy Alene Bolick Dorothy Bolick Dorothy Dellinger Kathleen Dellinger Edith Harrison MEMBERS Edith I-Iunsucker Josina Johnson Jeanette Keener Betty Jean Mingus Betty Jean McGee Elenore Pitts Drucilla Reynolds UEBATEHS . . , . , . .President . . . .Vice-President . . . . .Secretary . . ,Treasurer . . , .Sponsor Marilyn Rockett Mary Lillian Schell Elizabeth Setzer Clifteen Sherrill Catherine Smith Margaret Smith MR. HAVNAER .l.. ............,......., .... C o ach PEGGY SUE TAYLOR . . . . . ,Affirmative JEAN WPIITENER . . .Affirmative GENEVIEVE TROTT . . . .,.. Negative LILLIAN WILSON ..,. Negative Miss ELSIE BARNETTE .,............,,..rr.....r , , .Librarian First Period Robert Moose Second Period George Fulbright Evonne Sanders Peggy Sue Taylor Genevieve Trott STUDENT ASSISTANTS Third Period Dorotha Lou Miller Fifth Period Mary Ellen Copeland Kate Smith Dorothy Warlick Fourth Period Dempsey I-Iuitt Ruth Robinson Geraldine Wilkinson Evan Setzer, Jr. Sixth Period Roberta Reynolds Page Thirty-nine MAJUHETTES ANU BAND Page Forty MAJUHETTE5 Betty Jones Betty Owen Marian Owen Virginia Corpening lone Mebane Mann 'SENIUB BAND DoRoTHA LOU MILLER DANE SMYRE , . JEAN W1-IITENER .... MRS, PHILIP SHERIDAN Trumpets Dane Smyre Evan Setzer, Jr. Bill Hunt Gordon Ervin Wayne Smith Johnny Huss Johnny Ray Wilkinson Trombones Jaster Smith Frances Abernethy Thomas Bass Robert Eckard Saxophones Mack Burgess Kathleen Dellinger Ralph Coley Clarinets Jean Whitener Cecil Mae Thornburg Elizabeth Setzer Marian Bolick Jimmy Coley Grace Thorpe Ruth Robinson Rebecca Moose Mary Ann Lancaster Betty Rose Yount Rudolph McRee Max Schrum Mellophones Geraldine Freeman Phyllis Lail Betty Jane Gantt . . . . President . . . . . , Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer .........,.,Director Flutes Raenelle Bolick Genevieve Trott Baritones Jeannette Liem Doris Hunsucker Sousaphones Edward Sigmon James Sigmon Bell Lyre Dorotha Lou Miller Percussion Forrest Sharpe Eddie Caldwell Walter Holland V Mary Milton Campbell lda Ruth Martin Dempsey Huitt Page Forty-one Sth PEHIUD ELEE BLUE End PEHIUD GLEE CLUB JUNIUR HAND ELEE CLUB-EHIPEHIUU MARIAN OWEN .. ..A......... ...,.,............... P residem DEMPSEY HUITT . . . ........, Vice-President IDA RUTH MARTIN ..... . . .Secretary and Treasurer KATHLEEN SIoIvIoN ..... ......4... A ccompanisr MRS. PI-IILIP SI-IERIDAN ..,............,... ....... D irecmr First Sopranos Jean Herman Evonne Sanders Christine Sigmon Kathleen Sigmon Peggy Sue Taylor Doris Thornburg GLEE GENEVIEVE TROTT JASTER SMITH , . HELEN SETZER . DANE SMYRE . . . Second Sopranos Catherine Ball Rebecca Cline Willa Dean Cooke Dorothy Herman Margie Killian ELUB- MRS. PHILIP Sl-IERIDAN . ........, Lorraine Abernethy Frances Barnes Thomas Bass Clara Mae Cochran Doris Finger Nealy Fisher Millie Rose Taylor Joe Benfield Jerome Bolick Sidney Cline Dwight Dellinger Joe Epps Joe Furr John Long Herman Richard Herman Glenna Jo Hollar Thomas Hurley Shirley Hendrix Jeannine Hester Ramona Hillard Betty Killian Sue Kuhn Doris Lawing Bass Ralph Brunson Edward Sigmon Tenor Dempsey Huitt Altos Peggy Corriher Ida Ruth Martin Marian Owen Ruth Schell Betty Sipe Kate Smith Endl EHlUU Audrey MacKay Betty Jo Mauney Rosemary Seagle Helen Setzer Hugh Setzer Louvinia Setzer ,,......Presidenl . . . .Vice-President . , . . .Secretary . . .Treasurer . . . . . . .Director Margaret Setzer Jaster Smith Dane Smyre Genevieve Trott -Myrtle Webb JUNHHlBAND MRS. PHILIP SHERIDAN, Director MAJORETTES Kitty Jarrett Marcia Jarrett Betty Lackey MEMBERS Edwin Isenhour Kenneth Johnson Floyd Kirksey Wadine Martin Betty Misenheimer Dorcas Lenore Moose Billy Moehlman Patsy Moehlman Joe David Ramseur Joyce Rockett Billy Reinhardt Billy Rudisill Clarence Sanders Eddie Ray Sigmon Eddie Simmons Clyde Stern Doris Thornburg Marcus Tuttle Sammy Ulmer Harry Warlick Jack White Page Fortyethree EHEEBLEAUEHS CHRISTINE SIGMON, Chief MARY LILLIAN SCI-IELL MARTHA REINHARDT DAVID CORPENING JOHN BRADY BEN KINCAID Page Forfy-four nm 1 Amzlss. Ni .Lu 'ft Vw' 3717- I 76 ' " af I F h ' ' 2 .wr . Ly. 7 , HL , I-T3-E':'4A , '2 'rg "" Jammu K MR. HARRY LEMON . . Isaac KUHN .... HAMPTON SOHELL .. RALPH COLEY ........ MACK BURGESS ....,... JOHN MACON CLINE, JR. . DANE SMYRE ......... CHARLES HUTCHENS ,... ROBERT MOOSE ........ JASTER SMITH, Co-Captain GLENN PERRY DEAL . . . STINE ISENHOWER . . . Q. E. SIMMONS ......... DEMPSEY HUITT, Captain , PUUTB LL . .Coach . . .Manager . . .Manager ....End . . .Tackle . . . .Guard . . ,Center . . . .Guard . . .Tackle ..,. .End . . .Fullback . . .Halfback . . , .Halfback . . . .Quarterback SUBSTITUTES JACK ABERNETHY , .... End GEORGE BLANTON . . . .Tackle HARRY LACKEY . . . . . .Guard HAROLD CARTER . . . . .Guard WALTER DRUM . . . . .cenler JOHN LACKEY . . . . . .Center JIMMY LUTZ ..... , . .Guard GLENN GOODMAN . . . .Guard GEORGE EULBRIGHT . . .Tackle HAROLD SHINE . . . ..... EDC! JIMMY BURGESS . . . . . .Fullbaclz SAMMIE CORDELL . . . . .Hdlfbtldt JACK GANTT ..... . . .Halfbach CARL HUFFMAN , . . .... HUlfl7tlCfZ JACK MOSELEY . . Quarterback SUMMARY OF SEASON The 1943 Red Devils leave hehind them the best football record for Newton-Conover in three years. They won four games, lost tive, and tied one. Charles Hutchins, guard and eo-captain for '44, was selected on the All-Conference team. This speaks well for the team as zx whole. DEVILS AND Bessrsmiaa IN DEtXlJl.0CIC Playing the Bessemer City eleven in the opening game of the '43 season, the Red Devils showed ollensive power in Isenhower's end runs and in Huitt's and Simmons' off tackle smashes. Several times the Devils penetrated deep into Bessemer territory, even as far as the one yard line, lmt lacked the scoring punch, The Red Devils showed 21. strong defense by preventing Bessemer from going farther than the thirty yard line. The game ended in a deadlock, O-0. Sluawv Dxsrlsars NEWTON 13-0 By using to good advantage the running of a powerful little hack by the name of fl'ilIman, the Shelby Lions took the lead early in the first quarter, as Tillman tore loose from half the Red Devils and raced. 76 yards for a score. The Red Devils had a few spectacular plays nn the offense but the strong Shelhy line, having a great advantage in weight, always managed to shove these back. Red Devils, they went into another half to outplay and In the first half the Moors kept the Devils constantly on But the second half sapped the Moors' strength and the 30 yard line. Here they were stopped, but a punt blocked next play, a pass from Simmons to Coley placed the hall Huitt to Simmons gave Newton 6 points and the first win NEWTON IN WIN OVER Moonxzsvums Coming out of a half in whicl1 the powerful attack of the Moors had painted an black picture for the defeat the powerful and favored Mooresville eleven. tl1e defense :md tlirezxtenevl more than once to score. running Of the 'Devils' hacks placed the ball on the hy Smith put the Devils in scoring position. On the on the eleven yard line: after which a lateral from in three seasons over a imn-conference foe. Page Forty-six FUUTB LL l.INco1.NToN Wotves Dzsvoun Dlavn.s 26-0 Lincolnton, on thc kick-UIT, ran the hall for a touchdown to lessen the Red Devils' chance of winning. Several plays later, a 45 yard run netted the Wolves another scoregand soon another was ohtained on an aerial. The Red Devils gamely tried to make a comehack through their aerial attack and gained ground con- sistently only to he shoved hack near thc goal line. The Red Devils completed 16 out of their 22 aerials. CHINA Gaovia F.n.l.s T0 Diavlts Taking advantage of Smith's blocking .three punts deep in opponent's territory, the Red Devils easily defeated China Grove 24-0 for the second win of 'thc season. Coley, an end. accounted for the first touchdown by covering Smith's blocked punt behind the goal hnc. Simmons and Isenhower niade the next two, respectively, on oil'-tackle hucks, wlnle Hnitt netted the Final on a short pass from second strmg, scat-hack Burgess. Disvies Down Cnesreu 6-0 Playing thc Hrst out-of-state team in the school's history, the Red Devils were victorious over a scrappy Chester eleven. The first time Newton had possession of the hall, lsenhower raced through the center of the line for SS yards and a score. The Red Devils were constantly on the oFFense hut numerous fumbles cost them additional scores. Chester got deep in Devil territory late in the last quarter 'and threatened to score hut a pass interception hy I-lnitt, who ran the hall hack 70 yards to the 11 yard stripe, prevented a Chester score. After Simmons, on the next play, had carried the hall to the one yard line, a had pass from center gave the hall hack to Chester and prevented an additional score. A number of students accompanied the team to Chester. Davies I-Io1.o Toimftuoiss 'ro 19-0 Playing their hest defensive game of the season. the Devils consistently threw hack thc Hickory Tornadoes, the sclnnol's arch rivals and the potential conference champions, under the shadow of their own goal posts. Hickory netted the first score on a blocked punt which was scooped up and carried thirty yards for a touch- down. The Red Devils fought hard, hut the Tornado powerhouse overwhelmed them. Cnniuutzs Losn T0 Dlavzns 12-0 The Red Devils won their first conference game of the season when they defeated Cherryville's Ironmen hy a score of 12-0. Burgess, a tackle converted tu an end, accounted for the Red Devil's initial score when he intercepted a Cherrie pass and ran 19 yards for the score. Simmons added the last on a 35 yard run. NCSD Sunmusnn Davies 12-7 NCSD, usint: a powerful off-tackle smash, inched their way over the goal line in the closing minutes of the first half. VVith two nnnutes to go in the first half, the Devils, sparked hy Isenhower and Simmons, drove 65 yards, only to have the half-time whistle catch them on the.6 inch line. NCSD scored soon in the second half on a pass after which the Devils again put on a drive. This one resulted in Htutt's going over from the 2 yard ln1c on the last down. The Devils threatened again when Coley caught a pass and was in the clear, hut stopped out of hounds. The game ended 12-7 in an upset over the Red Devils. Bmtncixrs CLAW Diavits 25-0 The .Lenoir Bearcats hoinharded the Devils with an aerial attack which gave Lenoir a 25-0 victory. The Red Devils never once threatened hut were always in the game. Huitt and Cline, aided by Moose, sparked the Red Devils' defense, Page F orty-seven GLBLS' BASKETBALL BUYS BASKETBALL NHBEET FBUTBALL GIRLS BASKETBALL TEAMQ MISS SARA GETTYS ............. .................,...... C oach MARTHA 'REINI-IARDT . . . Manager FRANCES ABERNETI-IY . . . . .Guard KATHLEEN DELLINCER . . . . .Guard JEAN WHITENER ........ . Guard DOROTI-IA LOU MILLER ..... . .Guard MARY MILTON CAMPBELL . . . . .Guard DORIS THORNBURG, Captain . . . Forward BETTY OWEN .............. Forward MARY FRANCES HARVELL . . Forward MARY LILLIAN SCHELL . . . Forward DORIS NICI-IOLSON .... Forward IDA RUTI-I MARTIN Forward BETTY JONES ..............................1 I . . .. . . Forward BUYS'BASHETBALL TEAM MR. HARRY LEMON .......................I.., ...,....... C oach CARL SHARPE .... . . .Guard HUGH SETZER ........,.. . . .Center DEMPSEY HUITT ........... . .Guard GLENN PERRY DEAL, Captain . . . Forward RALPH COLEY ............. Forward ISAAC KUHN ............. . .Center ED SCI-IRUM . . . . .Center DANE SMYRE ....... ..Guard MACK BURGESS ......... . .Guard JOI-IN IVIACON CLINE, JR. . . Forward JACK ADAIR ........... . .Guard YATES KINKAID .... Forward JOE WI-IISENI-IUNT .. Forward LINDSEY WILLIAMS . . . . .Guard MIDGET TUUTHALL TEAMI MR. RUFUS RHYNE . . Coach THOMAS HURLEY . . Manager JOE DAVID RAMSEUR CHARLES SMYRE . . . BILLY Fox ..... JOE EPPS .... JOE PURR ...... FLOYD KIRKSEY .... DAVID MATI-IERSON . JIMMY MATHERSON . SAMMY ROWE ..... JACK WHI'l'E . . Manager . . .End . . .End . . .End . . .End .Tackle .Tackle .Tackle . .Guard . .Guard EDDIE ISENHOWER . W. T. LEMONS . .. RALPH THOMAS . . . HAROLD REITZEL . . DWIGHT DELLINGER CYRIL YANCY ..... ALVIN YANCY .... CHARLES EPPS . . . JOE BENEIELD .... HARRY WARLICK . . BILL SWEEZY .... MARCUS ROWE . . . .......Guard . . . .Guard . . . .Guard . . . . .Center . . . . . .Center . . .... Back . .... Back . . . .Back . .... Back . .... Back ....Bacl2 ....Back Page Forty-nine Page Fifty Yr. ff jf 491 We, the CARDINAL Staf, wish to express our appreciation to the firms, merchants, and individuals of Newton and the surrounding com- munity who have so greatly helped us by advertising in the 1944 CARDINAL. The following are the names of those who have contributed: Thomas R. Owen Cline's Garage Blue Ridge Products Co. Abernethy Hardware Co. Smith Cut-Rate Drug Co. H. 8: W. Drug Co. Drum Funeral Home Newton Cleaners and Dyers B. F. Wagoner Catawba Valley Finishing Co. Seitzer's Grocery Coley Shoe Shop Catawba News-Enterprise Thompson's Shoe Shop Saunders Furniture Co. Smithey's Dept. Store Belk-Brumley Co. H. 8: M. Store Catawba Theaters, Inc. Corpening Motor Co. B. L. Mauney Newton Landl and Loan Co. Tar-Heel Insurance Agency Garvin Furniture Co. Young Men's Shop Coley Gift Shop Newton Implements Co. Scott's Studio Canova Theatre J. W. Abernethy Nu4Grape Bottling Co. Royal Crown Cola Bottling Co. Pepsi-Cola Bottling Co. Coca-Cola Bottling Co. Moose's Store Clyde Fabric Mills, Inc. Rhyne Hardware Co. F armers' 8: Merchants' Bank Barringer Distributors United Insurance Agency Main Avenue Cleaners Style Shop Lucy Lou Shop Shuford National Bank Newton Glove Mfg. Co. E. R. Moore Co. Hi-Life Staff Epps Printing Co. Burlington Mills, Inc. City Pharmacy Habow Chemical Co. Eagle Stores Co., Inc. Conover Drug Co. Spainhour's Faucet's 5 8: 10 Lenoir Rhyne College Ridgeview Hosiery Mill Ralph J. Jones Bowman Drug Dr. W. C. Raymer North Newton Pressing Club Hickman's Lunch Newton Furniture Co. Newton Floral Gardens Moretz 8: CO. Sanitary Grocery Newton Observer Taylor's Shop Modernette Beauty Shop Citizen's Bank Herman 8: Sipe Co. Jerome Bolick 8: Sons ADVERTISEMENTS THOMAS R. OWEN fnfuraznce Agency LIFE - FIRE - CASUALTY MUTUAL INSURANCE PHONE 87 NEWTON, N. C. CLINE'S GARAGE GENERAL REPAIRS PHONE 374 NEWTON, N. C. Blue Ridge Ice Cream Sold at A11 Leading Places in the City BLUE RIDGE PRODUCTS COMPANY Abernethy Hardware Compliments of SMITH CUT RATE Company DRUG COMPANY GOOD HARDWARE 6 Phone 14 NEWTON, N. C. PHONE 38 NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-two WELCOME! H. 8: W. DRUG Compliments of DRUM FUNERAL The HOME tore 'I' Phone 1 NEWTON N. PIIOTIG CONOVER, N. Compliments of NEWTON CLEANERS AND DYERS NEWTON, N. C. B. F. WAGONER Jeweler O Phone 451 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments o f CATAWBA VALI,EX' FINISHING COMPANY NEWTON, N. C. SETZER,S GROCERY FRUITS-MEATS VEGETABLES Phone 159 CONOVER, N. C. COLEY,S SHOE SHOP "THE FINEST OF SHOE REPAIRS" 0 NEWTON, N. C. CATAWBA NEWS ENTERPRISE 0 COMMERCIAL PRINTING 0 OFFICE SUPPLIES 0 HIGH 'SCHOOL INVITATIONS 0 DIPLOMAS NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-three THOMPSON'S SHOE SHOP "We Repair Any Shoes and Do It Right" On the Square NEWTON, N. C. Comyalifments of SAUNDERS' FURNITURE COMPANY CONOVER, N. C. "TO THE SENIOR CLASS OF 1944" SMITHEY'S DEPARTMENT STORE READY-TO-WEAR -1- GROCERIES -4- MEATS PHONE 105-J NEWTON, N. C. Complimeozts of BELK-BRUMLEY DEPARTMENT STORE Phone 59 NEWTON, N, C. H. 8: M. STORE MEN'S AND LADIES' READY-TO-WEAR "A Charge Account for the Asking" Phone 53 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of CATAWBA THEATERS, INC. STATE - CATAWBA - NORTH NEWTON Covvlqallments of CORPENING MOTOR COMPANY - "We buy and sell Used Ccws-See us before you buy OT sell" Phone 8 NEWTON, N. C. B. L. MAUNEY MEN'S CLOTHING PHONE 167 NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-four NEWTON LAND 8a LOAN COMPANY NEWTON, N. C. "Be Szwe-Insu1'e" INSURANCE REAL ESTATE THE TAR HEEL INSURANCE AGENCY "Insure and Be Sm'e" Phone 68 NEWTON, N. C. A Policy for Every H azamd GARVIN FURNITURE COMPANY HOME EURNISI-IERS "E've'rytl1,'ing fm' the H Omen NEWTON, N. C. YOUNG MEN,S SHOP BEST IN MEN 'S CLOTHING I NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of COLEY's GIFT SHOP NEWTON IMPLEMENT COMPANY 0 FARM MACHINERY Phone 371-W NEWTON, N. C. NEWTON, N. C. Congvutulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class! Complimevws 0 f CANOVA THEATRE SCOTT'S STUDIO ' "Sow5h's Finest" Photogmphs of Quality . NEWTON, N. C. CONOVER, N. C. Page Fifty-Hue 94 Compliments of J. W. ABERNETHY and Daughter, JULIUS FRANCES PG Page Fifty-six Drink NU GRAPE SODA A Dyink . . . NU GRAPE BOTTLING ROYAL CROWN COLA COMPANY O Phone 265 NEWTON, N. C. "Best by Taste Test" A big Lift O If srslf 054 C 'A BOTTLING Co. 011 every Shift HICKORY, N. C. Compliments of MOOSE'S STORE QUALITY FEEDS Phone 36 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of RHYNE HARDWARE COMPANY Phone 48 NEWTON, N. C. FARMERS' AND MERCHANTS' BANK NEWTON, N. C. Over Th'i9'ty Yam-s of Successful Service Compliments of BARRINGER DISTRIBUTORS NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-seu United Insurance Agency Insurance of All Kinds LIFE -:- FIRE - CASUALTY PHONE 309 NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA ' Compliments to the Newton-Conover Senior Class of '44 MAIN AVE. CLEANERS Phone 25-J NEWTON, N. C. H eaolqna0l'te0l's for the High School Miss THE STYLE SHOP NEWTON, N. C. "If it's new, we have it." LUCY LOU SHOP The Home of Beautiful Ladies' Ayapcwel Q NEWTON, N. C. Phone 310-J SHUFORD NATIONAL BANK A Complete Banking Service NEWTON, N. C. Member of F.D.I.C. Page Fifty-eight CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES TO TI-IE NEWON-CONOVER SENIOR CLASS NEWTUN GLOVE MFG. CO. Manufacturers of Work Gloves NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA E. L. HEDRICK Represerztirzg E. R. MOORE COMPANY CAPS .QL GOWNS-SCHOOL APPAREL Home Address TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. 932 Dakin Street CHICAGO, ILL. Wellington 3424 Congratulations to the Senior Class from the I-I1-LIFE STAFF PEGGY TAYLOR, Editor ED SCHRUM, Asst. Editor EPPS PRINTING Co. Designers and Producers of MODERN PRINTING ENGRAVED WORK OFFICE SUPPLIES Phone 23 NEWTON, N. C. Page Fifty-nine Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Senior Class of '44 NEWTON RAYON MILL BURLINGTON MILLS INC. Welcome to City Pharmacy q I ff-'ja-1- f lff"R 'i2'f,"l G THE ssnvlce ETURE sl-4' The Service Drug Store Q Phone 260 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of Habnw Chemical Company Manufacturers of SOAPS AND CLEANERS O CONOVER, N. C. Congratulations and Best Wishes for a Prosperous Future EAGLE STORES CO., INC. I l I NEWTON, N. C. You will always jind a warm welcome awaiting you at CONOVER DRUG STORE Phone 359 coNovER, N. O. SPAIN HOUR'S One of the Carolinas' Smartest Stores HICKORY, N. C. Compliments of FAUCeET'S 5 85 10 To the Newton-Conover Senior Class NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-one THE NEXT STEP Lenoir Rhyne College SUMMER SESSION ' Standard four-year college for men and women ' Competent, experienced faculty 0 Stands for high Christian character 0 Stands for High Education, Liberal Arts, Science, Music, Teaching, Commercial Cou1'ses Compliments of CITIZENS BANK CONOVER, N. C. Expense Very Low To The Considering Advantages N 61015011-C0110UG?' Oflmaed Senior Cla-ss For catalogue write- 1 9 4 4 P. E. MONROE, President Lenoir Rhyme College HICKORY, N. C. I I I COMPLIMENTS OF Ralph J. Jones Bowman Drug Dr. W. C. Raymer North Newton Pressing Club Hickman's Lunch Newton Furniture Co. Newton Floral Gardens Moretz Sz CO. Sanitary Grocery Newton Observer Taylor's Shop Modernette Beauty Shop Coinpliinents of RIDGEVIEW HOSIERY MILL NEWTON, N. C. HERMAN 8: SIPE COMPANY CONTRACTORS "The Best in Building Matei'ials" CONOVER, N. C. Page Sixty-two Compliments to the NEWTON-CONOVER SENIOR CLASS CLYDE FABRIC MILLS, INC. u I u NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of JEROME BOLICK 8: SONS CONOVER, N. C. 0 To the Newton-Conover Senior Class 1944 TDBSERVER QRWTING HOUSE :nuem u 1 Page Sixty-three OC. SQMJ, fpfwfww' Jgyyifvfki 'QWMQJYW JW 5 W W ?Qb WMWJVXSXQSSQER. ffif zfigii Q 2115 M A M JJ ii XNJX., My 5 M Jywmfmfwlif X41 Dk A .Mfg Aww A E E 5 Wffwww xgxxjjfg Qwmwzsgjf Us fjfihff MLW A Wm WM Mffw Fw , M! 2, JW MWWM F YN CJ E My QM? W WM 53 if W S , JWWWMMWQ - QQKMQ JZQWQK' QW . ,JMV2fMf,,

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