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 - Class of 1939

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Text from Pages 1 - 78 of the 1939 volume:

W 1 J J 1 -- - K :J-.-p-wr. QL 'JL :TLV 1113 f W W nw, i fl-4. l'-' , X24 .. ' N 1 M gr,- M T-'fl' ' Hit w QL. If- i xx 'fri . 1 "Q-Q ' al , Ji-,, A if E U 15,1 . 1 fl, " Y nf" i QE- ? 1 V 1 gg' :F w . Q Q l M7 1 I-'I 3152! WF! 1 UF: 3 ' , N! 1? ' AH- ' . ,Q ,N Milf, , -fi, :B ' ' n D, Q1'lI.'. , 1 Z, . ' Til! ' ff-af. , Q: . 1 1'-,. l 451,-,Q A ' V.:-"ry, 1 ' '-- ----5. Y-Y--fy.---94, -----.--M -------.--fa--fn-1-fp,-'ff frffv '-ff'--T1-rftzf-IT' -S iw: JM c ' 7939 vxxxlx' ., XX., f ' VOLUME VI Published by THE SENIOR CLASS OF NEWTUN HIGH SCHOQL NEWTON, NORTH CAROLINA Page Two 4 'ge 5. X 4144 ' -l 70, FOREWORD SINCE WE, the class of 1939, are leauing Newton High School, we wish to leave a record of our scholastic, social and athletic activities. If this annual truly portrays these phases of our school life, our point has been gained, and we leave to you THE CARDINAL OF 1939. V- - ffaiftlmal 339i F B I X , ff DEDICATION To OUR Science instructor, FRANK L. CLAPP, who has striven to give as knowledge and understanding, we, the class of 1939, dedicate our annual. I Catfdmal 339 Page Th ffl? X .34 1, X lm SCHOOL SONG Faithful and ever loyal, We will boost our dear 'ole Hi. Let every heart sing, Let every voice ring. There's no time to grieve or sigh. But ever onward, our course pursuing, Let defeat ne'er our ardor cool. For, united, we will boost our dear 'ole Newton Hi SENIOR CLASS SONG The hours We've spent with you, dear school, Will ever linger in our hearts. We count them over, everyone apart-- Dear Newton Hi, Dear Newton Hi. The Friends so dear and hearts so true- The times that we came smiling through- These memories will linger o'er and o'er, We'll keep them everyone. Oh, school that lives throughout the years: Oh, joys that drive away our tears: Class '39 will ever strive to reach The highest goall- dear school, We love you. By DoRoTHY PURR. Page Four COJIYMZIZDWJIZ D39 I if I Q, ff A f in Q ll' I n C Z 'N I I 2 ' . Clvzmudsrg F A CULTY 'fazmfifwf 539 - I, R. N. GURLEY Superintendent 13 . W-+2 ..J f E je' 4 3 A 2' In . f,,- L J 'F-mg" Q LELIA SHORE Librarian, Mathematics LLOYD LITTLE History, Civics FRANCES HALL English, Public Speaking FRANK L. CLAPP Science EUGENE GABRIEL Social Sciences SARA WELLS English, Latin 'NVILLIAM C. REEVES w Mathematics 1 i i MARY CATHERINE SHIVERS English KATHARINE SI-IELLEM Home Economics HELEN GABRIEL Secretary r JERRY MCMILLAN Mathematics, Science JOSEPI-IINE OSBORNE Music R. L. RI-IYNE Principal, French -A-.35 if r" Tift ' - 'z-'eil' 211. A Q -a e f , -.:f:,?. . 5p:::'.' , .f .. ,: .... v ,f 'S f' E mv - " ig 'Bo'l'a,x:uj S E N I O R S Cazmfzdwzf 539 4 fx? SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS JACK YOUNT BOBBY REINHARDT A President Vice-President, second term Q 1 w BOBBY ERVIN FRANCES CLIFTON Vice-President, Hrs: term Secretary-Treasurer COLORS: Red and YVhite. FLOWER: Rose. MOTTO: "Nothing tried, Nothing accomplished." MILLICENT SQUIRES COLEY Mascot , Cczm'z'mzl 339 - 11 A .J ,,'- ' -I ,. 71" t 'V' - ' VIVIAN HANNAI-l ALLEN "ALLEN" "Une '0u'rc I1 mess!" 1 3 l-Ionic Economics Club '37, Scrib- blcrs' Club '38, '39, Latin Club '39. DOROTHY JANE ARNDT UIDOTH "I lmlv Iv rl1'.r1'IIu.vian yrlll, churn, H but .....,., Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blcrs' Club '38, '39, Secretary '39, Glue Club '36, '39, Les Jaseurs Frzmquis '39, Baslcctlmll '37, '38, '39, .l.iln':u'i:ui '39, Alumni Reporter '39, Frienrlliest '39, Monogrzun Club '39, Usher Senior Play '39. AL'l'l-IEA JEROLYNE ARNDT "Junky" "I 'ZOIIIIIII ya to Hickory." Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Big- gest Flirt '39, FELIX FRANKLIN AUSTIN "Faux" "Lvl me sm: your firxt one." MARTI-lA CUSTIS BEATTY "MOT" "I forgot. " Blacklmrn '36, '37. '38, Scrib- blcrs',Club '39, Les Iaseurs 17'x'anqais '39, Glec Club '39. CHARLES ALVIN BRADY, JR. "ZxoNcHi:cK" "Yau can't fool education." Class Vice-President '36, Football '34, '38, Scribblers' Club '39, Mono- gram Club '39, Les jaseurs Franqais '39, Most Original '39, Friend- liest '39. MABLE ELLEN BRADY "Maxima" "Hnll!"' Latin Club '38, Home Economics Club '37, SUDIE LOUISE BRADY "Sunni" "Wait a nzimctc, Lorraine." Home Economics Club '37, Les Jaseurs Frunqais '39, JAMES FRANKLIN CALDWELL "FRANK" "Say it is?" Football '35, '36, '37, '38, Les Jascurs Francais '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Monogram Club '39, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Business Manager of Hi-Life '39, Senior Play '39, Best Dressed '39, Hi-Y Club '39. NIARTHA SMATHERS CAPPS "lxfART!iA"' "Gotta fix thc candy!" Glce Club '36, Home Economics Club '37, Basketball '37, Raleigh '33, Scribblers' Club '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Candy Manager '39, Librarian '39, Art Editor of THE CARnINAL '39, Senior Play '39, Beta Club '39. -f'?:Y,, l I ef!- Page Nine azrzzlziml '39, F Page Ten X ELISE JANET CARTER UELISEU "1 work after .vclwol." LUTHER JOHNNIE CLARK HLUTIIERU "Sim forgot lo snap." Les jaseurs Francais '39, Base- ball '38, '39, Monogram Club '39, I-li-Y Club '39, MARY HESTER CLARK "Hess" "Good gosh a Frfday!" Home Economies Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Most Attractive '39, Best Dressed '39, Usher Senior Play '39. FRANCES THOMPSON CLIFTON "Coorian" "Can, I IJring Puppy?" Home Economies Club '37, Beta Club '38, '39, Secretary '39, Class Reporter '37, Junior Marshal '38, Assistant Manager of Basketball '38, Manager '39, Class Secretary and Treasurer '39, Assistant Editor of T1-na CARDINAL '39, Scribblers' Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Mono- gram Club '39, Glee Club '39, President '39, Librarian '39, Art Editor of Hi-Life '39, Senior Play '39, Most Original '39, NVittiest '39, Most Influential '39, Most Talented '39, Most Loyal '39, Most Reliable '39, Prophet '39. IRMA ELIZABETH CLINE "B1.oss" "Talk about a time i,.,., J' Basketball '37, '38, '39, Alternate Captain '38, Captain '39, All-Cow ference '38, Home Economics Club '37, Scribblers' Club '37, '38, '39, Vice-President '39, Class President '38, Junior Marshal '38, Beta Club '38, '39, President '39, Secretary and Treasurer of Monogram Club '38, President '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Business Manager of 'PHE Cixamxixx. '39, Best-all-Round '39, Best Sport '39, Most Athletic '39, Usher Senior Play '39. 4 as in so .lt :C 7. 5 l V. s V5 I' fy! 'mmf MARGARET RAY CLINE "MAG" "SamcbofIy'.r .rcrcwy J" I--lome Economies Club '37, Basket- ball '37, '38, '39, Junior Marshal '38, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Mono- gram Club '39, Canrly Manager '39, Class Editor of CARIPINAL '39, Les Jaseurs Franeais '39, Hi-Life 'Res porter '39, Senior Play '39, Beta Club '39. GEORGE ANDREW Coe! 'IRANE "Perla" "W'vnr 'vm out!" Class Secretary and Treasurer '37, Circulation Manager of Hi-Life '38, Scribblers' Club '37, '38, '39, Presi- rlcnt '39, Les ,Taseurs Francais '39, Football '37, '38, Class Reporter '38, Assistant Circulation Manager ot' Hi-Life '39, Senior Play '39, Hi-Y Club '39, HURSHELL EDWARD CORDELL "II uusn iam." "I dan't talk." Football '34, '35, '36, '33: Mono- gram Club '38, '39, Patrol Captain '39, Basketball '38, Baseball '37, '38, Best Looking '39, Best Sport '39. F. EUGENIA COR PENING "JEAN" "I dreamed about you Inst 1n'yIlt." Les flaseurs Francais '39, Mono- gram Club '38, '39, Cheer Lezuler '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Seribblers' Club '38, '39, Home Economies Club '37, Hi-l.x'fr Re- porter '39, Lazicst '39, Assistant Property Manager of Senior Play '39. JACOB D. CORRIHER, JR. "ll'lANDY" "You Beta. Club mcmbcrx nntst pay your dues." Beta Club '38, '39, Treasurer '39, Junior Marshal '38, Football '36, '37, '38, Basketball Manager '38, Feature Editor of C.uznrNA1. '39, Monogram Club '38, '39, Scribblers' Club '39, Most Studious '39, Most Reliable '39, Secretary anfl Treasurer of Hi-Y Club '39, Assistant Property Man- ager of Senior Play '39. l I' A had '? '-fs JF Vaesn ' "' , am'z'mzl '39' "NW rs XM fy' JOl-'IN HERBERT DEAL "l'lliRllliRTn "Miss Hull, may I 110 gvl my excuse 0.K4'llf"' Baseball '38, '39, Les Iascurs Frzmcais '39. HENRY PERRY DEAL "I-lr:NRx"' "TlmI'.v 'wlmt I know." Model Acro Club '38, Beta Club '38, '39, Scribblcrs' Club '39, Presi- ilcnt of Les ,last-urs Francais '39, l'alrnl Captain '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Usher of Senior Play '39. NANCY EVELYN ECKARD "Evm.vN" "If'.x' ll fart. " Scribblcrs' Club '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, ROBERT LEE ERVIN HBOIKIIYU "Oli, if only I had gl'f1A1'llUlL'lI las! yL'ur."' Class Vice-Prcsirlent.'39, 1st Term, liilitor-in-Chief ol' Ill-Life '39, lst 'lJCl'l'llI Assistant Editor of CAIUMNAI. '38, lst Tcrnn, Iimlitor-in-Cl1ief of Clxllluniu. '38, Zncl Term, Chief Printer nf Hi-Life '38, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Football '35, '36, '37, '38, Basketball '35, '36, '37, Baseball 30, '37, '38, Les Jaseurs Francais 33, Beta Club '38, '39: Most Original '38, Witticst '38, Most Influential 38, Frienmlliesl '38, Senior Play 38, Monogrmn Club '38, '39, Acti- vities Award '3S. 1 1 v DOROTHY ELIZABETH FURR "lJo'r" "I don-'I knots: didlnn1."' Beta Club '38, Vice-President '39, Glue Club '36, '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Scribblcrs' Club '38, '39, Basketball '37, Class Reporter '37, '38, Assistant Printer of Hi-Life '39, Home Economics Club '37, Junior Mnrslml '38, Faculty Reporter of Hi-Life '39, Senior Play '39, llistorian '39. GILBRETTA MARLINE FURR "Ginny" "Jcrulync, Frankie and I went." Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Librarian '39, Prompter of Senior Play '39, J. ROBERT GAITHER, JR. "Bonnr" "Mr: Gabrirl, do you want the score lmok?"' Class Vice-President '37, Football '35, '36, Junior Marshal '38, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Scribblers' Club '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Most Loyal '39, Photograph Editor of CARDINAL '39, Usher of Senior Play '39. FARRELL RAY GILBERT "Foss" "I crtn't rio tim-t, IlIi.x'.r lVn'lIs." Baseball '36, '37, '38, '39, Les ,laseurs Francais '39, Scribblers' Club '39, I-Ii-Y Club '39. ARTHUR DEWEY HARRISON "DEXVEY" "Isn.'t that right?" Junior Marshal '38, Baseball '38, '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Monogram Club '39, Les Jasenrs Francais '39, Scribblers' Club '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Usher of Senior Play '39. JOE WILSON HENDRIX ...IDEM "Sllu.r, llc't bother me." Football '35, All-Conference '36, '37, Basketball '34, '35, '363 All- Conference '37, Baseball '34, '35, '36, '37, Monogram Club '39. d7'6ZIZ'7fl6I! '39 Page Eleven I . P5 'Nr- I I I Lg Page Twelve ICQ 9 WW? Till Wtx HELEN MILLER HERMAN "Sr'EEDY" I "I dirlu't do -mine that way." Home Economics Club '37g Les Jaseurs Frzmqais '39g Scribblers' Club '39g Class Grumbler '397 Most Stuclious '39. MARY ANETTA HEWITT "M:uu"' "W1Lcre's IlI1zrel?" Home Economics Club '37g Scrib- blers, Club '39g Les Jaseurs Fran- qais '39, LORRAINE E. HICKMAN HLDRRAINEU "Surl1'c, comb my l1u1'r." Hickory '36: Latin Club '37q Home Economics Club '37g Glee Club '39. JOSEPH FRANKLIN HILTON HJOEU '- ...,. and he took off just n,-flyiu-'." Les Jascurs Francais '39g Scrib- blers' Club '39g Hi-Y Club '39. MARX' JOSEPI-IINE HILTON HJOSEPIIINEN "Aw heck!" Scrlbblers' Club '37, '38, ,395 Home Economics Club '37g Les Jaseurs Frauqais '39: Most Digniflecl '39g Usher Senior Play '39. NAOMI BELL HORNE "NAoM1" "That .vluys mv!" Scribblers' Club '39g Les Juseurs Francais '39, IVIUREL LOUISE HOYLE "MUR15L" "I 110,11-'t lclwwg axle Mary." Scrlbblers' Club '39g Les Jaseurs Franqais '39. MARJORIE JANETTE HUITT HIUAIIGIIEU H... .... of all Hu'11gs!" Home Economics Club '37g Scrib- blcrs' Club '38, '39g Basketball '37g Les ,Iaseurs Francais '39g Senior Play '39. FRANKIE K. HUNSUCKER UFRANKIEU "OIL bay, wlmu are we going?" Home Economics Club '37: Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39g Les Jznscurs Francais '39g Beta Club '38, '.'I9g llus Reporter of Hi-Life '39g Usher Sen- ior Play '39. EDNA JEANETTE HUNSUCKER "I1zANxa1'Tlc" "You danft IICEZI tu yvt so darn sore about it!" Home Economics Club '37. - , - 6lV6l7Z'7fl6l!J39 L. .51 .,, v -F-1-r 'Tiwrr ' I ff - - - 52, MARY PEARLENE HUNSUCKER "P1:A1u.xcNra" "I don? I11fI1'L":'c tI1ui'.r right." Les Jzlseurs Francais '39. XVILLIAM DAVID ISABEL HXVIIMIJAMI' 'll-'nfl rz minulv, and l'lI let you .vcr il, I7f'l1'.1'." JAMES Pl-IILO IsEN1-1owER "J 1: M an is" "'l'I1ry fmt' me Iwllrr tlmnl tl11'.v laxt ym r. ' ' Football '35, '36, '37, '3S: Captain '37g Baseball '36, '37. '38, '39, Most gfopulrirl 238: Bash '38glMoit 'crsonzi ity '385 est- -ruunc '3I: Monogram Club '38, '39g Scribblers' Club '38, '39: Les Iaseurs Francais E495 Class President '36, Most "Cl1ll,ll!:ll' '39. HAZEL RUTH JONES "I:IAzm," "Sim looks llkn-rl doll." llomc Economics Club '37: Scrib- blcrs' Club '39, Les ,laseurs Francais '39: Basketball '36, '37, '38, Most Sincere '39, Usher Senior Play '39. CHARLOTTE ANNE JONES "Oli, I had 11. gram! time las! might!" Scriblnlcrs' Club '38, '39, Les ,luscurs lfrzumlqnis '39, Usher Senior l'l:iy '39. ANNIE KATHERINE KAYLOR "ANNIE" HL... and what will Harry say?" Home Economics Club '37: Scrib- hlers' Club '39, Les Iziseurs Francais '39. WILLIAM LEE LEFEVERS. JR. "BILL" "Oh, I'1n fired." Scribblcrs' Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Iii-Y Club '39, EVERETT COYNER LONG "HAMMER" "You can ga -with mc." Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Usher of Senior Play '39. FORREST BATTLE LONG "FROSTYU "En ff' Basketball '38, '39, Assistant Manager of Football '33, '39g Base- ball '36. '37: Scribblers' Club '395 Les Jaseurs Francais '39g Monogram Club '39: Hi-Y Club '393 Usher of Senior Play 'J9. Cl-IARLES F. LUTZ. JR. HLIGHTNINJ " "I liazfn 'my l'.1'4'.'llJl?, but it lm.rn't l7L'L'1lf O'KL'd." Football '33, '36, '37, '38g Scrib- hlers' Club '37, '3S: Monogram Club '37, '38, Lilziest '39. v so-1 . --gr L I I I l I l l l ui' Page Thirteen , ,, vzmwwzl '39-, - - - ff 4 'lf M .. l SAMUEL D. NIAUNEY, JR. uSAMu "Bliss Shore, I don't 'IUl!l'f'!'JflIll!f this." Les Iascnrs Francais '39, Scrib- blers' Club '39, Junior Marshal '38, Hi-Y Club '39, Curtain Manager Senior Play '39. RICHARD ALVIN MCGILL "Snooze" "I -zvantu buy some Candy." Monogram Club '38, '39, Football '37, '38, Basketball '38, '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Electrician of Senior Play '39. FRIEDA LUCILLA MCREE "Lucius" "Oh, Dat!" Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Glee Club '39, Les Jascurs Francais '39, Usher Senior Play '39. SAMUEL PERSI-IING MOOSE nsunu "All right, l1crB's my cxccifsc' if you rlonft bcl1'ez'e me!" Football '36, '37, '38, Captain '38, Basketball '37, '38, '39, Captain '38, Baseball '37, '38, '39, Monogram Club '38, '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Athletic Award '38, All-Confer- ence Basketball '38, All-Conference Football '38, Most Athletic '39, HT-Y Club '39. DOROTHY CAMILLA MORRISON nD0Tu "Aw, go home!" Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Glee Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Chief Junior Marshal '38, Basketball '37, '39, Editor-im Cbief of CAXMNAL '39, Librarian '39, Hi-Life Reporter '39, Property Manager Senior Play '39, Monogram Club '39, Mathematics Award '38, Most Ambitious '39, Valedictorian '39. M. ELIZABETH MORRISON "Liu" "Dv you know your I'l1yrit'.r?" Class Reporter '36, Basketball '37, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Les ,Tasceurs-1 Francais '39, Home Economics Club '37, DORIS LEE MOSER "Doius" "My gaorlnz's.vI" Basketball '36, '37, Scribblers' Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39. CHARLES C. PATTERSON "C11.uu.I1a" "Greetings, nuiz'c'l"' Class Vice-President '38, Scrib- blurs' Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Most Talented '39, Hi-Y Club '39. LEE ANNAH POWER "Liam: ANNAHU "If you'll lm good, fl! let you rc-all my French 1naga::me." Home Economics Club '37, Class Reporter '37, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Li- brarian '39, Beta Club '39, Usher Senior Play '39. EDITH JOSEPHINE REDFERN "Eorrn" "G'o0' morn1in'." Waclesboro '36, '37, '38, '39, lst Term. 6l7f6Z7Z'7fl6l! '39 1'4- 'jg ,Q WWW il' 5 ,R ROBERT C. REINHARDT, JR. "Bolinv" "Now, flown may my farm ..,... "' l'resiclcnt of Latin Club '38, Scrib- blcrs' Club '33, '39, I-li-Y Club '39, Class Vice-Prcsirlcnf '39, Zuml Term: Efcctriciini Senior Play '39. BURTON LAFAYETTE REITZEL "BURTON" "I II0l1'3 lcno'w,' I 1Iidn'I gr! llm!." JUSTICE COYT RUDISILL. JR. "BuRux"' "I g11es.v xo. " Football '35, '36, Scribblcrs' Club '37, '38, Ili-Y Club '39, JOE HERMAN SCHELL "Gox.rn" "Wl1m' did I ray, Henry?" Baseball '37, '38, Scribblcrs' Club '39, Model Acro Club '38, Ili-Y Club '39. F, KATHRYNE SCHRUM UKATU "Mau, that was rea-dy!" Tlriskctball '37, '38, '39, Home Economics Club '37, Nonogrmu Club '39, Beta Club '38 '39, Advertising Manager of CAinuNAL '39, Scribhlers' Club '38, '39, Chief Junior lNl:n'sl1al '38, Cleo Club '37, '39, Les Jziseurs Francais '39, Class Reporter '36, '37, '39, Senior Play '39, Vnlenlic- lurian '39, SIDNEY BROWER SCI-IRUM ' "Bowman" "I killed lcvv l'HbIJI'l.l' yv.v!crdz1y." Scribblers' Club '39, Les Iaseurs Francais '39, .Electrician Senior Play '39, Hi-Y Club '39. JULENE VIVIAN SETTLEMYRE "PEEwma" "QI: boy, 'Hes' luul ci zlaic' wifi: Jimmie!" Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blcrs' Club '38, '39, Les Jascurs Francais '39. HAROLD LESTER SIGMON "CHIEF" "Boy, I had a ready date last niglifJ" Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Scrib- blers' Club '38, Basketball '38, '39. JESSE CALEB SIGMON, JR. HJUGH - "Now, was that nice?" Football '37, '38, Baseball '37, '38, '39, Basketball '38, '39, Scribblcrs' Club '39, Beta Club '38, '39, Les ,lasenrs Francais '39, Assistant Printer of Hi-Life '39, Class Rc- portci' '38, Monogrzun Club '39, Senior 'Play '39, President of Hi-Y Club '39, Testator '39. WADE HAMPTON SIGMON, JR. "WADE" "Mam?" Circulation Manager of CARDINAL '39, Assistant Circulation Manager of CARDINAL '38, Junior Play '37, Football '35, '36, '37, '38, Glue Club '37, '39, Scribblers' Club '36, '37. '38, '39, Society Editor of Hi-Life '38, Assistant Editor and Circulation Manager of Hi-Life '39, Bzlsketball '35, '36, '37, '38, '39, Baseball '35, '36, '37, '38, Les Iaseurs Francais '38, Senior Play '38, Monograni Club '38, '39, Latin Club '39, Senior Play '39, Class Grumbler '39, Most Influential '39, Hi-Y Club '39, -'Qu -?. Page Fifteen 0zm'z'1wl '39f ' WY? ' 'lf W y , y i' FREIDRICK P. SIMMONS "Bun" "J'lIi.v.r Hall, may I ga get my .rpz'lI1'ng pad?" Baseball '38, '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39. FLOY AMY SIPE "FLoY" "Oli, for goorhiexs sake!" JOSEPH DANIEL SMITH NJDEN "I f1an't know." Football '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Baseball '36, '37, '38, '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Captain '39, Cutest '38, Most Athletic '38, Monogram Club '38, '39, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Chief Printer of Hi-Life '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '38, Cutest '39, Best-All-Round '39, Most Sincere '39, Beta Club '39, Hi-Y Club '39, MERLE ORENE SMITH USQUIRTU "Alma, do you 'want some candy?" Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Monogram Club '38, Secretary and Treasurer '39, Basketball '36, '37, '38, '39, Alter- nate Captain '39, Assistant Editor of Hi-Life '39, lst Term, Editor-iw Chief of Hi-Lifc '39, 2nd Term, Cutest '39, Prompter Senior Play '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39. HAZEL ARIZONA SMYRE "HAzsL" "I rnuft 'wait In .rec it." Les Iaseurs Francais '39, Scrib- blers' Club '39, DOROTHY LEE STEELE uDoTn "'I'm not xura, but I thin-lc tIlat'.v 1'igl1t." Home Economics Club '37, Scrib- blers' Club '38, '39, Les ,laseurs Francais '39, Glee Club '39, Usher Senior Play '39, RICHARD HENRY TUCKER "COACH" "No, 'IIU ,.....1'l rvas lilut' fllixs.. .,,. " Manager of Football '34, '35, '36, '37, '38, Manager of Basketball '34, '35, '36, Manager of Baseball '34, '35, '36, '38, Biggest Flirt '39. ALMA BERNYCE W1XGONEll "ALMA" "Oli, sure." Concord '36, '37, Class Secretary and Treasurer '38, Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Monogram Club '39, Les ,Taseurs Francais '39, Librarian '39, Cheer Leader '39, Assistant Circula- tion Manager of Ciuemulu, '39, Ili- Lffc' Reporter '39, Senior Play '39, Best Looking '39, Most Personality '39, Most Popular '39, Most Court- eons '39. FRED THEODORE WELLBORN "Farm" "Tina, do you 'work thix aww, 1lH.v.s' Slime?" Football '36, '37, '33, Monogram Club '38, '39, Patrol Captain '39, Hi-Y Club '39. EDWARD LAMB YOUNT "Bunny" "l'Vc'll ga Img wild, bully!" Kings Mountain '35, Class Vice- Presirlent '36, Riverside Military Academy '37, Miami '38, Football '38, Basketball '39, Baseball '39, Scribblers' Club '39, Most Person- ality '39, W'ittiest '39. JAMES LOCKE YOUNT "Ji M Mm" "By yum I" Baseball '37, Basketball '37, Scribblers' Club '39, Les Jaseurs Francais '39, Most Ambitious '39, Hi-Y Club '39, Curtain Manager Senior Play '39, JOHN IVIILTON YOUNT UJACKU "Oli, l1e's going to L. R. T1?cli'."' Scribblers' Club '38, '39, Assistant Advertising Manager nf CARDINAL '39, Les ,laseurs Francais '39, Muno- graru Club '38, Vice-President '39, Band '35, Basketball '38, '39, F001- hall '35, Assistant Manager Football '36, '37, Assistant Manager Basket- ball '3G, Manager '37, Cheer Leader '38, Chief Cheer Leacler '39, Class President '37, Class President '39, Senior Play '39, Most Attractive '393 Most Courtcous '39, I-l'i-Y Club '39. 1- , ,azm'z'mzl '39 Ii' B 'x WWW? ty' X., CARDINAL STAFF Doir IVIORRISON Editor-in-Chief FRANCES CLIFTON Assistant Editor IRMA CLINE Business Manager MARGARET CLINE Class Editor WADE SIGMON Circulation Manager ALMA WAGONER Asst. Circulation Manager arriiifz KAT SCI-IRUM Advertising Manager JACK YOUNT Asst. Advertising Manager I BOBBY GAITHER Photograph Editor J. D. CORRIHER Feature Editor MARTHA CAPPS Art Editor MISS SHORE Faculty Adviser Page Seven teen al '39 I i Wx l l I V 6" al f at ' .yi SENIOR CLASS HISTGRY The book opens, and in the first chapter we see one hundred and forty-four very A'green" boys and girls entering a beautiful new construction. The setting is in Newton High School. in the year 1936. At first, there is much chasing and changing from room to room and from locker to locker, but soon it comes as a matter of routine to them. When they finally settle down to hard work, they elect Jimmie Isenhower as their president. During this year. the football team wins the championship, and all in all it seems that the book is going to be very interesting. A smile comes over our faces as we approach the second chapter, where we see these "little more civilized" students getting ready to again elect a leader, their choice this time being Jack Yount. It seems to us that this chapter is a little more outstanding because for the Hrst time in the history of the school has the football team, together with the girls' and boys' basketball teams, won the championship. Then too, the National Honorary Beta Club is installed in the school. In the next chapter we see these boys and girls now "Jolly Juniors," very proud because this year they will be able to give the annual. Junior-Senior Banquet. To do this successfully, they open a Junior Store, selling all necessary school supplies. This year, Mr. Curley succeeds Mr. Campbell as Superintendent, and Mr. Rhyne is made principal. In this chapter, the football team barely misses winning another championship, but the girls' basketball team again successfully comes out on top. Irma Cline is elected president of the class. The boys and girls make a very fine selection of their class rings as another one of their accomplishments. Then too, eleven Junior Marshals are selected. We grow sad as we see the book coming to an end. In this last, but most successful chapter, we see the class of '39 composed of 82 members again elect Jack Yount as president. During this year the class makes many accomplish- ments. The Hi-Life is published semi-monthly and the sixth edition of THE CARDINAL is also published. This is made possible by selling candy and giving a Senior Play, "Crashing Society," under the direction of Miss Hall and Miss Shore. The football team again barely misses winning the championship. and the girls' basketball team comes out on top. We close the book, but with the hope that the boys and girls will continue to live up to their motto, "Nothing Tried, Nothing Accomplished." DOT PURR, Histozicin. Page Eighteen Cozifazfiffwzf J39, -no, B I s, In . M :Nmmd,aS". XS SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY As I gazed intently at my calendar, I was blinded by the bright sun coming through the window, and I began to feel dizzy. Many pages seemed to fall off the calendar until I saw 1949 written on it. Then I began to see all my former classmates and what they were doing. At his mansion in Washington, Senator Charles Zioncheck Brady was being interviewed by reporters. In the broadcasting station ICU, Newton, Joe Hilton, radio comedian, was talking to Lorraine Hickman, conductor of the children's hour, while the "Lone Prairie Boys," Hurshell Cordell and Herbert Deal were on the air for XKL chocolate covered headache tablets. At New York, a number of former students were engaged in the largest beauty parlor in the world. They were Jerolyne Arndt, Mable Brady, Jeanette Hunsucker, Lucilla McRee. Charlotte Jones, Hazel Jones, and Pearlene Hun- sucker. I saw two girls, Evelyn Eckard and Naomi Horn, on a luxurious liner, bound for a trip around the world. As I looked, my eyes became fastened on a marvelous construction, the new Conover High School, where the following people were instructors: Elizabeth Morrison, was teaching Home Economics, Sudie Brady was teaching Civics, Frankie Hunsucker was teaching English, and Murel Hoyle was Librarian. I found a number of changes in the business section of Newton: There was a new five and ten-cent store owned by Josephine Hilton: Vivian Settlemyre was erecting a hotel next to Belk-Brumley Company, where Alma Wagoner and Dorothy Furr worked as models: Andrew Cochrane was the prosperous owner of the "Park Club Bowling Alley", and Fred Wellborn was managing the "Park Avenue Cafe." A few former students were contributing to the sports world. Joe Smith was a professional football player for the California Orange Devils: Richard Tucker was employed as an A.P. Sports Writer: at Notre Dame, J. D. Corriher held the position of head coach: Joe Schell had won the international tour? Luther Clark was playing baseball for the New York Cardinals: Harold Sigmon, the speed demon, had won fifty races, and Irma Cline was coaching basketball at Gyama. At Jack Yount's nightclub, "The Silver Swing," located at Maiden, I saw Jesse Sigmon, orchestra leader, and his wife, the former Miss Margaret Cline. I located Dr. Jim Yount and the following nurses at the Catawba General Hospital: Merle Smith, head nurse, Marjorie Huitt, Edith Redfern, Mary Hewitt, and Hazel Smyre, assistants. I saw William Isbell, a successful Chicago business man, dictating to his secretary, Helen Herman. ' Out in Arkansas, Bobby Reinhardt, prominent farmer and hog raiser, was stroking his pet hog, Lily Belle. Page Nineteen I Ca11fr1'z'11rzl 339 oe I Wx L all Hearing the drone of airplanes, I discovered two former classmates returning in their airplanes to spend their holidays in Newton. They were Doris Moser, famous amateur aviatrix, and Bill Lefevers, who belongs to the Army Air Corps. I noticed Jean Corpening on the New York stage, playing the part of Juliet. In Hollywood, Gilbretta Furr was working as stand-in for Ginger Rogers. Over at Blackburn, I saw the following employed as teachers: Annie Kaylor, Home Economics teacher, Vivian Allen, Public Speaking teacher, Martha Beatty, English teacher, and Elise Carter, French teacher. Observing someone engaged as owner of a large plantation in Porto Rico. I found that it was Senor Buddy Yount. Also quite a distance from home, I saw Dot Steele vacationing in Hawaii. and Kat Schrum, one of a very few women ambassadors, in France. On the outskirts of Newton appeared three large farms. One was owned by Felix Austin, another by Burton Reitzel, and the last was a chicken farm owned by Forrest Long. A number of progressive business men were established at Startown: Ever- ette Long was running the Gold Star Grocery Company-a very large concern: Frank Caldwell was editing a big newspaper, The Startotun Observer: Sidney Schrum was the manager of the new telegraph ofHce: Wade Sigmon was pro- prietor of the Town Pharmacy: and Bobby Ervin was manager of the Imperial Picture Show. Mr. Jimmie Isenhower, former big league ball player, and Mrs. Isenhower, the former Miss Mary Hester Clark, were buying tickets for a cruise to Havana on the steamship line Torador, owned by Alvin McGill. Then I discovered Sam Moose, world famed lawyer, addressing the students of Harvard University, where I saw Henry Deal and Sam Mauney, both out- standing professors, listening attentively in the audience. At her country estate, Dot Morrison, certified Public Accountant, was rest- ing while off work, reading the best selling novel, Off with the Breeze, which was written by Martha Capps. Over in the Ritz School for Girls on College Avenue, Lee Annah Power, dietitian, was talking to the dean, Floy Sipe. Shifting my gaze, I saw Bobby Gaither, owner of United Cotton Mills. in his office, talking to Farrell Gilbert, who just returned from playing the leading role in "Barefoot Boy." Also in Mr. Gaither's oflice was J. C. Rudisill. his attorney. As my vision began to fade, I saw Dot Arndt doing work as a stenographer for a large corporation in Pumpkin Center. Freidrick Simmons was preaching at the Conover Baptist Church, and out in Texas, Charles Lutz was purchasing cattle for his dairy. The last people I saw were A. D. Harrison, Charles Patterson, and Joe Hendrix, who were at work in Baltimore. Charles Patterson was engaged in painting a duplicate of his famous picture The Red Main, while a few blocks away A. D. Harrison and Joe Hendrix were instructing pupils at their physical development school. As the sun disappeared from the calendar, I returned to realization and' beheld the date no longer as 1949 but 1939. FRANCES CLIFTON, Class Prophet. Page Twenty Cdlfdllilidf J39 89 5 lil i M l ll Nwfiv xx SENIOR CLASS WILL We. the Senior Class of '39 ol' Newton High School, having come to the end of our glorious I--Iigh School career, do hereby make public our last will and testament, wherein our records, talents and achievements will not be lost or forgotten. To the School Board. the superintendent. and the faculty, we the class of '39 do hereby express our greatest thanks and appreciation for their great kindness in rendering unto us their aid, service and guidance. through our stay in Newton High School. To the Juniors, we do leave our responsibility and privileges and "Our end of the hall." To the Sophomores, we do leave our manners, grown-up ways and our dignity. To the Freshmen, we leave all our wise cracks, many dopy ways and best wishes for their future. To the individuals and to lower classmates we leave our personal talents as follows: I. Dot Arndt, do hereby will and bequeath my friendliness to my sister Grace. To "Jinkie" Deese. I. Vivian Allen, do leave all my boy friends in school. I, Felix Austin. do leave my long legs to Joe Arndt. I, Frank Caldwell, do hereby will and bequeath my dignilied ways to the Freshmen boys so they won't give Mr. Clapp any trouble. We, Charles Brady and Buddy Yount, do hereby will and bequeath our wit to Harper Cilley and Mr. Reeves. We, Everett Long, Bill Lefevers, Harold Sigmon and Charles Franklin Lutz, do leave our parking places in front of the school building to be sold to the highest bidder. We. Martha Beatty and Sam Mauney. do hereby will and bequeath, our scholastic talents to Andy Warlick and Martha .lean Setzer. We, Margaret Cline and Irma Cline, do hereby will and bequeath our position on the basketball team to Barbara Sigmon and Evelyn Long. I, Mary Hester Clark. do leave to Edith Reinhardt my ability to attract young men. We, Joe Schell and Farrell Gilbert and Elise Carter, do hereby will and bequeath our red hair to Inez Wilson. We, Pete Cochran and Bobby Ervin, do hereby will and bequeath our love to go to Hickory to Horace Yount and Farel Warlick. To John Henry Isenhower, I, Wade Sigmon, do hereby will and bequeath my beard. I, Sam Moose, do hereby will and bequeath my blue eyes and curly hair to Herman Burns. I, Joe Smith, do leave to Earl Bost, my ability to eat in Sociology class and get by with it. To Gerald Deal, I, J. C. Rudisill. do leave my huge popularity. We, Dot Morrison and Kat Schrum. do leave to Evelyn Smyre and Cecile Rowe, our ability to play basketball and also make excellent grades. I. Joe Hendrix, do will and bequeath my ability to play football to Haywood Martin. I. Bobby Gaither, do hereby will and bequeath my job as manager of the basketball team to Bill Warlick. I, Jim Yount. do leave my ambition to raise chickens to Andy XVarlick. I, William Isbell. do will and bequeath my ability to get French to Archie Butler. We, Herbert Deal and Freidrick Simmons, do will and bequeath our ability to "bum" to Conover to Lewis Setzer and Sherrod Williams. I, Fred Wellborn. do leave my position in the Safety Patrol to Pete Lawing. We, Merle Smith and Vivian Settlemyre. do will and bequeath our shortness to Evelyn Moose. I, Henry Deal, do hereby leave my love for Barbara Reinhardt to Bobby Powell. We, Luther Clark and A. D. I-Iarrison, do hereby will and bequeath our baseball ability to the up-coming Freshmen. I, Martha Capps, do hereby will and bequeath my beautiful voice to Helen Raymer. To Louise Honeycutt. I. Elizabeth Morrison, do will and bequeath my quiet ways. Page Twenty-one , Cmfafzrml 339, r-it W Hy. J in i H We, Frances Clifton and Charles Patterson, do will and bequeath our artistic ability to Jane Yoder. We, Dot Furr and Alma Wagoner, leave our sweet dispositions to Beth Yoder and Oleen Jarrett. I. Bobby Reinhardt, do hereby will and bequeath my good looks to Johnny Hollar. - I, Forest Long, do hereby will and bequeath my funny ways to anybody who will take them. I. I, Alvin McGill, do hereby will and bequeath to Loy Sigmon my ability to attract women. Richard Tucker. do hereby will and bequeath my job as manager of the football team for-Oh! about ive years-to Bill Morrison. To my sister, Ruth Moser, I, Doris Moser, do will and bequeath my smallness. I, Hazel Jones, do will and bequeath to Evelyn Long all my personality. To Betty Lynn Pharr, I, Josephine Hilton, do hereby will and bequeath my love for music I, Joe Hilton, do hereby leave to Jack Setzer, my ability to hit anybody in the head with an eraser at ten paces. V I, J. D. Corriher, do will and bequeath my quiet ways to my brother, James. for him to use to the best advantage. I, Lucilla McRee, do hereby leave my blond hair and blue eyes to Thelma Spencer. I. Mae I, I. still I, Jerolyne Arndt, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get all inside gossip to Addie Fortenbery. Jack Yount, do will and bequeath my "jitterbug" talents to T. C, Hendrix. Hurshell Cordell, do will and bequeath to Hal Kaylor my ability to play football and preserve my prohle. Jimmie Isenhower, do will and bequeath to Wade Henry Shuford. my personality. I, Sidney Schrum, do will and bequeath my good name "Bowser" to Dixon Moose. We, Evelyn Eckard and Naomi Horne, do will and bequeath to "Mickey" Taylor and Taltha Lawing our ability to talk on our fingers, I, Jean Corpening, do will and bequeath to Mr. Little, my involuntary tendency to blush. We, Sudie Brady and Lorraine Hickman, do hereby will and bequeath our inseparable companionship to Cecile Rowe and Barbara Reinhardt. We, Mary Hewitt, Charlotte Jones, Annie Kaylor, Hazel Smyre, and Floy Sipe. do hereby will and bequeath our beautiful hair to the Sophomore girls so they will have something to keep them busy every night. I, Gilbretta Furr, do hereby leave my ability to drive a car to Betty Cline. We, Frankie Hunsucker, Lee Annah Power and Helen Herman. do hereby will and bequeath our dignilied ways to the Freshmen boys and Junior girls. I. I, Edith Redfern, do hereby will and bequeath my school girl complexion to Vivian Cline. Murel Hoyle, do hereby will and bequeath my privilege to wear stockings to school to Louise Epps. I. hall I. I. I, I. I. Pearlene Hunsucker, do will and bequeath to all the Juniors my ability to sit in study and study. Marjorie Huitt, do hereby leave my stage talents to Miss McMillan. Dorothy Steele. do hereby will and bequeath my movie star smile to Annie Lou Houser. Jannette Hunsucker, do hereby leave my blond hair to Helen Setzer. Mable Brady, do hereby will and bequeath to Lorraine Beard my simple ways. Burton Reitzel, do hereby will and bequeath my love for play to Tommy Sherrill. In Witness thereof, we, the Senior Class do hereunto set our hands and seals, this the 13th day of March, 1939. . Signed, sealed. published and declared by the Senior Class to be its last will and testament in the presence of us, who at its request and in its presence, do subscribe our names as witnesses thereto: MARGARET CLINE JACK YOUNT JESSE C. SIGMON, JR.. TGSIIIIOF, Page Twenty-two 'JIVJIIYGJIZ D39 f? E I WW Jlfbllinlfldlf J39 g T I AFL: 'i12xHf f' r XX 1' , , , ,jf, ,2, ,:L,, Nm! ffl 5.1- -ft bf! A , ,-A,-M k- 2 I SENIOR SUPERLATIVES ALMA XVAGONIQR, Ilunsllnu, CORDELLUB1-.vt I.ooIriny Mxzlzma Sum-n, Jma Snrrlr ,.,,..,..... - ............ .. Cufvxl JOSISPIIINE Hu.ToN, F. CAr.uw11Lr. Mnsi Diym'f7mI Fmxclas C1.Ixf'roN, CHARLES BRADY Mos! OI'1'5lJ47Illl Timm CLINE, Ion SMITH ..... - ......,.., I3z'xI'-fill-Rouml JEAN Com-ENING, Eusxa Cm'1'xcul Iapimf CHARLES FRAxKl.1N I.u'rz 5 Page Twenty-four Flmnclcs Cr.uf'roN, ,Bunny Youm' ,. Iunm CLINE, IIURSIIELL Conmam. FRANCES CLI:-"roN, NVAUJQ Srmrox ALMA Wlmowlau, J, Ts1cNxrowl-zu .,.. ALMA VVAGONIER, JACK YcmN'r ......, FRANCES C1.uf'ruN, C. l'AT'rmesnN J 7 ..,.... l4"1'l l'1'r.vl Bm! Sport Mas! lnfllrvllfffll Max! 1-'nffulfn' Maxi C.lPlfl'H'Ull.V . Maxi Tul1'l1t1'z1 ,,, . Amfzfmalf Q9 4-J "NW F S X M W' ,ff . ,- -. f I ' -1 SENIOR SUPERLATIVES Dm' Moluusux, Jimmy YoUN'r ...... Most .flllrbiliozrx -lICIl0I.YNl'1 ARNDT, RICHARD 'l'Uc'KnR.,.13igmL-.vt Flirt II:-:max lI1':xM.xN, J, D. CORRIIHCR .,..,... l1l'a.vt Sturlious ALMA W.mnN1au. Bunnv YOUN'l'......J1I0.Yl Pcrmnnlity AIARY H. CLARK, JACK YUUNT ...,.. Mast Allrrlrfiz-'C Imam CLINE, SMI Mooslc ..,......., ,...... 1 Has! .flllzlctic AIARY H. CLARK, FRANK CAL1Jxvlcr.l, .. Best Drc.v.vrrl ,lJ0'r Armnr, CHARLES BRADY ............... - ..... F1'I.Fl1lllfl'Jf Frmxclas CLlF1'ox, Bonny G,u'rxuzu ...,... Most Loyal FRANCES CLIFTON, J. D. Connmmv. ,,,. Most Reliable l-Mlm, JONES, Jon S1K1ITH-.... .... -.....Most Sincere ,I-I1ar.xaN I-I1zxM.xN, XV. Smmox, Jn... Class G1'umbIc.r Page Twenty-Hue 1 5llf6l?l'7G0Z!J39Q ' l K Wx ff rx ,. . f.,- ' sf , l, X 'Mmm'- fyvl PgT 6l7"61?Z.7Z6If D39 F B Xu ff F Hynes IUNIORS I Cmfdz'm1l J39 5 'JE M KK M L rf IUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS . - " Y ' il- IVIARSI-IALL CLINE L YL . Presldenl' LOUISE PIONEYCUTT Vice-President' EVELYN LONG W S ecrelary and Treasurer KENNETH L. CLONINGER. JR L Mascot Page Tusenty-eight ' , Crzrr1'z'mzl J39f fi ZIUJHV if! W kj YQ ,V gs' . 53 THE JUNIOR CLASS 9' JL? 55, za: Qi 4 Y 4 if In IUNIOR CLASS ROLL LANDIN BARLOW WINIIRED BENTLEY DOROTHY BOLICK EARL BOST ARCHIE BUTLER HARPER CILLEY DORIS CRISTENBURY MAVIS CLARK MARSHALL CLINE LUELLA COOKE STANLEY CORNE JOHN DAVIS VIRGINIA DEESE RUTH ECKARD EVELYN EDISON RUBY FLOWERS MARY LEE FORTENBERY HENRY FRYE LEE WILSON GABRIEL LILA GILBERT ANNIE LAURIE GRIGGS MARY HAHN MARGARET HARTNESS T. C. HENDRICKS OSVILLE I-IERMAN GRACE HESTER Page Thirty C ERNEST HOLLAND JOHN HOLLAR LOUISE HONEYCUTT PRED HUEEMAN BILLY HUNSUCKER JUNE I-IUNSUCKER HARRY IRWIN CHARLES ISENI-IOWER JOHN ISENI-IOWER HOKE JONES HAZEL KAYLOR MARGIE KAYLOR CECIL KISER BILLIE LAWING EVELYN LONG HAYWOOD MARTIN BETTY MATHESON J OSEPHINE MAUNEY DIXON MOOSE EYELYN MOOSE JOHN ODOM CAROLYN PARKER LOUISE PEELER NANCY POWER KENNETH PRICE WINFIELD PUNCH CARL PUTNAM 6Z7f6Z?Z'776If D39 BLANCI--IE RABB EDITI-I 'REINHARDT TERRISSA ROCKETT EVELYN SCALES MARGARET SELLNER LEWIS SETZER MARGARET SETZER MARTHA JEAN SETZER PAULINE SETZER DORCAS SIGMON WILFIKED SIGMON MARTHA SMITH RUTH SMITH EVELYN SMYRE CLARA TAYLOR MILDRED TAYLOR NADINE TEAGUE EVELYN TI-IORNBURG ANDY WARLICIC PAREL WARLICIC SIIERROD WILLIAMS INEZ WILSON JANE YODER DONALD YORK HELEN YOUNT HORACE YOUNT 17' ff l 'imrr as ' if mr . SGPHGMORES lCi6I7fH?Z'lfZ6lf D39 i7 4 if Wx , fb , A I ' WAWQRVMW SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS Page Thirty-two BARBARA REINI-IARDT President RONDA BOLICK ' Vice-President BILL WARLICIC Secretary and Treasurer 6l7"Q7Z'7fl6l! 339 CW A Q M WWMZ LL YQ l aaxql-fi113q.-L abvd Q. v ---vux -,:,,Y A. -. 1 .-1 L ,K 4' f f- 'V Y "f: ,. .1 - :fe 1 If-3V!u.,, 1::is'!"u, A k ' -1'-1 Y ,r P1 ,-' - ,ii THE SOPHOMORE CLASS. x to QA f , ji 44,16 I ' 9. ui! ef Z 'r I SOPHOMORE CLASS ROLL GRACE ARNDT REBECCA ASBURY LORENE BEARD MARGARET BENEIELD RONDA BOLICK RUTH BOLIN RAY BOWMAN BETTY J. BRITTAIN MAC BRUNSON HERMAN BURNS HAROLD BURTON DOROTHY BUTLER JOHN CALDWELL FRED CLARK VIVIAN CLINE VIRGINIA COCHRANE ALONZO COLEY JOHN COPELAND JAMES CORRIHER KENNETH COYNER LORENE DAVIDSON MILDRED EAW ADDIE M. FORTENBERY MURPHY FULBRIGHT ORREN GRIGGS CHARLES HAMILTON NAOMI HANEY FLOYD HEAVNER Page Thirty-four LILLIAN HENDRIX ELIZABETH HUTCHENS JOE ISENHOWER GLADYS KEEVER JOHN KEEVER MARY KISER MARY ELLA KLUTZ EDWARD LAWING NORMA LAWING BLAKE LEHMONS BURL LEHMON RUTH LINGEREELT BILL MARLOW DOROTHY MARTIN CYRIAL MATHESON PAULINE MATTHEWS SARAH MCCREIGHT BILL MCGEE WILLIE MAE MCKINNIS HELEN MCREE MACK BRADY MELCHOR BILL MORRISON SARA JANE MOSELEY RUTH MOSER JAMES MYERS MADELINE PITTS KATHLEEN POOVEY BOBBY POWELL , BARBARA REINHARDT IJIVJZZIWJIZ D39 VIRGINIA 'REYNOLDS MARY ROCKETT NORRIS ROCKETT CECILE ROWE MAXWELL SAUNDERS CHARLES SCALES JOHN SCHELL SUE ELLEN SCHELL LAURA NELL SCHRUM ELIZABETH SETZER BOYCE SHARPE FRED SI-IERRILL ANDRIS SIGMON MOZELLE SIGMON NANCY RAE SIMMONS NELLIE SIPE PAYE SMITH MERRITT SMITH BILL THORNTON MARSHALL TRAVIS WADE TRAVIS CATHERINE ULMER ASHLEY WALLING BILL WARLICIQ JIM WARLICK MCDONALD WELLBORN J UNE YORK DORIS YOUNG F' E ff G Ae Elscgn ,X 54, . B FRESHMEN I fazffzfimzf 339 ' 5 if xl .X FRESHJlAN'CLASSCHHUCERS JUANITA TRAVIS President 1 LEROY FURR 1 Vice-President ! . MARY LEWIS CURLEE Secretary and Treasurer Page Thirty-six I A 6azwfz'm1! 939 60 E II" WW AV xx 'Ar 1, 'IJ -. , .2 . TREVA MAI? ABIERNE'I'HY LUCILLE ALLEN DORIS MAIE ALMAN WII..MA BOLICK DOROTHY BROOKS OPAL BUTLER REBECCA CARTER HELEN CLARKE SADIE CLARKE BETTY CLINE MILDRED CLINE DOROTHY COCHRANE JEAN CORBITT MARY LEWIS CURLEE IVIILDRED CURLEE IVIARGARET DEAL ERESHMAN GIRLS TI-IELMA DELLINGER DOROTHY ECKARD LOUISE EPPS IVIARJORIE ERVIN MARGIE GUTI-IRIE SUE MARIE HEFNER BUELAI-I HENDERSON SHIRLEY HENDRIX ETI-IEL MILLER HERMAN NIARGARET HINES LUCILLE HUFEMAN ALICE HUNSUCKER ERNESTINE HUNSUCKER IVIARGARET IKERD IVIARJORIE ISENHOWER OLEEN JARRETT MYRTLE LACKEY EVELYN LAIL JEAN LAIL LILLIAN LEFEVERS EVALEENE LEHMONS GAYNELL LEWALLEN MARY ELLEN LITTLE VIRGINIA LOCKIVIAN DOROTHY LOWRANCE JERALDEAN MATTHEWS WILMA PATTERSON BETTY LYNN PHARR JENNIE HOLLIS PI-IARR HELEN RAYMER DOROTHY SCI-IRUM HELEN SETZER I 4 if AQ JESSIE SHELTON BARBARA SIOMON EARLINE SIGMON NAOM1 SIMMONS REVANDA SIMMONS HAZEL SMITH AHELEN SMOOT THELMA SPENCER JACQUELINE STARNES FRANCES SWEEZY GENOLA TEAGUE J UANITA TRAVIS RUTH ULMER NELL115 WEAVER J UAN1TA WOOD OPAL YANCEY BETH YODER Page Thirty-seven , f aznfimzf 339' -fr 11 L Un 4,3 KTVII Nxf ,I fi., ff? wfvzf, -- T ,QMWRME CHARLES ABERNET1-IY JOE ANTHONY JOE ARNDT WOODROW AUSTIN HOWARD BAUGUESS RAY BEAL HOWARD BEARD JAMES BEARD ADRION BLANEY BILLY BONDURANT LEO BOWMAN KENNETH BROOKS JACK BURKE HAROLD CARTER B. L. CLEMIVIER MARION COCI-IRANE LEON COULTER E. H. CROWE GERALD DEAL Page Thirty-eight FRESHMAN BOYS ALLEN DYSON CLYDE FOX BOBBY PURR LEROY FURR M. B. FURR ROBERT PURR JACK GABRIEL JOE GABRIEL PAUL HEAFNER CHESTER HEENER WILLIAM HEFFNER FRANKLIN HERMAN ROBERT HERMAN GLENN HESTER JACK HEWITT EDWIN HILTON K. C. HONEYCUTT HAROLD HOKE JAY THOMAS HUITT HARVEY JONES HAL KAYLOR BILL KENNEDY ALVIN KUHN KENNETH LEHMON HAROLD LITTLE HARRY LONG HARVEY LUTZ HOWARD LUTZ MAYNARD MARLOWE TALMAGE MCCOLL LEE MCGEE GLENN MILLER PAUL MINGUS DEMPS MOOSE PAUL MOOSE RICHARD MYERS BILLY NICHOLSON CARL PRICE DWIGHT PRICE WALTER QUEEN J 79 PT Sig mfdimaf Q ll!! .xl s I HENRY REEVES JOE REITZEL FRANKLIN ROCKETT CHARLES SCI-IELL JACK SETZER THOMAS SI-IERRILL WADE HENRY Sl-IUFORD JAMES SIGMON JOE SIGMON LOY SIGMON, JR. RAY MILLER SMITH C. J, STEWART NIANLEY WALLING KEN WATSON NIARCEL WI-IISNANT CLYDE WILLIAMS AUSTIN WILSON J. ROBERT WILSON CARLIE YOUNT eo, A 77 I I I M ww ""n' 26 '-12 an- IVXDACIS I..- ACTIVITIES I Cxilffdllflidlf 539 .!0'g ,M II If 5' 'L V." f: , LES IASEURS ERANQAIS HENRY DEAL . . FRANK CALDWELL . . MARTHA CAPPS . MR. RHYNE . . . DOT ARNDT JEROLYNE ARNDT MARTHA BEATTY FRANK CALDWELL MARTHA CAPPS MARY HESTER CLARK FRANCES CLIFTON IRMA CLINE NIARGARET CLINE JEAN CORPENING HENRY DEAL EVELYN ECKARD DOT FURR GILBRETTA FURR BOBBY GAITI-IER FARRELL GILBERT Page Forty OFFICERS ROLL A. D. HARRISON JOE HENDRIX HELEN HERMAN MARY HEWITT JOE HILTON JOSEPI-IINE HILTON NAOMI HORNE MUREL HOYLE MARJORIE HUITT FRANKIE HUNSUCKER PEARLINE HUNSUCKER HAZEL JONES CHARLOTTE JONES ANNIE KAYLOR W. L. LEFEVERS FORREST LONG SAM MAUNEY drdinalJ39 ...........Presz'a'enl' , . . . . . . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary and Treasurer . . . . . Faculty Adviser LUCILLA IVICREE SAM MOOSE DOT MORRISON ELIZABETH MORRISON DORIS NIOSER CHARLES PATTERSON LEE ANNA!-I POWER KAT SCI-IRUM VIVIAN SETTLEMYRE HAROLD SIGMON MERLE SMITH HAZIEL SMYRE DOROTHY STEELE ALMA WAGONER JACK YOUNT JIM YOUNT F' S AF' '4' :NNW N BETA CLUB OFFICERS IRMA CLINE ...... ............. ,.4., P r esident DOT FURR ....,.... . . .Vice-President FRANCES CLIFTON . . . ...... Secretary J D CORRI1-IER . . . ,.,.,. Treasurer MISS WLLLS . . ....... . . .Faculty Adviser ROLL FRANK CALDWELL IVIARTI-'IA CAPPS HARPER CILLEY FRANCES CLIFTON IRMA CLINE MARGARET CLINE J. D. CORRIIUIER HENRY DEAL EVELYN EDISON BOBBY ERVIN DOT FURR BOBBY GAITHER A. D. HARRISON HORACE YOUNT LOUISE HONEYCUTT FRANKIE HUNSUCKER DOT MORRISON LEE ANNAH POWER EVELYN LONG EVELYN SCALES KAT SCHRUM DORCAS SIGMON JOE SMITH EVELYN SMYRE EVELYN THORNBURG ANDY WARLICK INEZ WILSON Page Forty-one d7'6lIZ'7fl6l! 139 ff . mm., .4 M A I -.. k 1 SCR1BBLERS,CLUB OFFICERS ANDREW COCHRANE . . .,,.,..,.... President DOT ARNDT ....... . .Secretary and Treasurer MISS HALL . . ....... . . .Faculty Adviser ROLL X7IVIAN ALLEN Dov FURR W. I.. Lrzrxavxens VlvrAN Sla1'1'u:An'R1a Do'r ARNDT JEROLYNE ARNDT MARTHA B1zAT'rx' CHARLES BRADY FRANK CALmvm,L JL D. CORRIIIER 1XIAR'l'1-IA CAPPS HARPER CILLRY NIARY Hrzsrrrzx CLARK FRANCES CLIFTON IRNA Cum-: -AIARGARET CLINE ANDREW COCHRANE JEAN CORPENING I-IENRY DEAL VIRGINIA DEESE EVELYN ECIIARD EVELYN EDISON AIARY LEE FORTENBERY Page Forty-two GI1.nR1:T'rA FURR Bonny' GAITTIER FARRELL GILBERT A. D. PIARKISON MARGARET PIARTNIZSS IIELEN ITIHRMAN Ima HILTON Josrzvumla IIILTON LOUISE HoNEx'cu'r'1' NAOMI I-IoRNn AIUREL Hour: MARJQRHA: Hurri- DIARY HIiXV1'FT FRANKIE IIUNSUCKER Irnnns ISENIIOXVER CHARLOTTE JONES IIAZEL JONES ANNIE :KAYLOR TALTIIA LAWING EVIERETT LONG EVIELYN LONG FQRRRST Low.: lfTuAxu.1as Lum B15'r'rv NIATIIESON Joslavxlxma MAUNILY LUCILLA MCRER Dm' BIORRISON Er.1zAxm'r1r NIURRISON DORIS Mosran CHARLES I'A'r1'xaRsoN Lxzxa ANNAII POWER N1XNCY I-'owlfn Bonny IQEINIIARIYI' I. C. RUDISILL EVELYN SCALES jon Sclnau. KA1' SCHRUM Srnxxzy Scmwm . 6I7'6Z7Z'716lf 139 NIARTIIA JEAN Swrzlan DoRcAs Slc:n1oN I-lARoLn SIGAIQN Jrcssm SIGMUN NVAIJE SIGMON ,frm SMITH AIERLIE SMITH EVELYN Smyrna I-IAzm. Smvun Dm- S1'1a1cr.1a Mmnnran TAvx.oR IXLBIA XVAGONER Amw WARLICK lmfz NV1r.soN JANE Yomiu JACK YOUN'l' frm X7OUN'I' Bunny Y0uN'1' -so, 5 D I fi -MMWPI XA MERLE SMITH . , MERLE SMITH ...,. ANDREW Cocl-IRANE FRANK CALDWELL WADE SIGMON . , . JOE SMITH .. . JESSE SIGMON . . . DoT FURR ..... ALMA WAGONER . . JACK YOUNT ..T. MISS GABRIEL . . .M.ISS HALL . . . BOBBY ERVIN . . . I H, HI-LIFE STAFF I i I . . . . . .Assistant Editor CPirst Termj . . . .Editor-in-Chief CSecond Termj . , . .Editor-in Ca1fa'z'nal 539 .Assistant Editor . .Business Manager Circulation Manager . . , . . .Chief Printer Assistant Printer . . .Assistant Printer . . .Assistant Printer . . . .Sports Editor . . .Printing Adviser . . , .Faculty Adviser -Chief CPirst Termj CStopped Schooll Page Forty-three if Wx . MONOGRAM CLUB IRMA CLINE . . JACK YOUNT . . . MERLE SMITH . . . MR. GABRIEL .. MR. LITTLE . . MR. REEVES . . MR. RHYNE .. DOT ARNDT EARL BOST CHARLES BRADY ARCHIE BUTLER FRANK CALDWELL LUTHER CLARK FRANCES CLIFTON IRMA CLINE MARGARET CLINE I-IURSHELL CORDELL Page Forty-four OFFICERS ROLL JEAN CORPENING J. D. CORRIHER BOBBY ERVIN LEE WILSON GABRIEL A. D. HARRISON J IMMIE ISENHOWER FRANKLIN LUTZ I-IAYWOOD MARTIN ALVIN MCGILL SAM MOOSE DOT MORRISON alfafinaf 339, ,...........President . ........ Vzce-Preszdent . ,Secretary and Treasurer . .Faculty Adviser . .Faculty Adviser . . . .Faculty Adviser . .Faculty Adviser JOHN ODOM KAT SCI-IRUM JESSE SIOMON WADE SIGMON JOE SMITH MERLE SMITI-I FRED WELLBORN BUDDY YOUNT JACK YOUNT ALMA WAOONER 50 5 ul I N ,, l :V I IUNIOR MARSHALS INEZ WILSON , . . .... Chief MARGARET HARTNESS JOHN I-IOLLAR EVELYN LONG HARPER CILLEY EVELYN SMYRE ERNEST HOLLAND LOUISE HONEYCUTT HARRY IRWIN ANDY WARLICK 6l7f6I?Z.7fl6If 239 Page Forty-Hue fog I Wx I f L ,AK Y fp - Es FRANCES CLIFTON LOUISE HONEYCUTT DOROTHY SCHRUM , , . MISS OSBORNE . , . DOT ARNDT GRACE ARNDT MARTHA BEATTY DOROTHY BROOKS MAVIS CLARK FRANCES CLIFTON LUELLA COOKE EVELYN EDISON RUEY FLOWERS DOT FURR LORRAINE HICKMAN LOUISE HONEYCUTT Page Forty-six C GLEE CLUB OFFICERS ROLL ERNESTINE HUNSUCKER OLEEN JARRETT HAZEL KAYLOR MYRTLE LACKEY BETTY MATHESON LUCILLA MCREE DOT MORRISON LOUISE PEELER BETTY LYNN PHARR EDITH REDFERN BARBARA REINHARDT 6l7f6l7Z.716lf 339 . . . . .President . . . . . . . .Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer .....,......Dzrecl'or MARY ROCKETT CECILE ROWE EVELYN SCALES DOROTHY SCI-IRUM KAT SCHRUM BARBARA SIGMON DORCAS SIGMON MOZELLE SIGMON NANCY RAE SIMMONS THELMA SPENCER J ACQUELINE STARNES DOROTHY STEELE Q0 E- II I ff I X I awww? C HOME ECONOMICS CLUB GLADYS KEEVER .... BARBARA REINI-IARDT , VIVIAN CLINE ....., MISS SI-IELLEM I GRACE ARNDT REBECCA ASBURY NIARGARET BENFIELD HELEN BOLIN LEO BOWMAN DOROTHY BUTLER VIVIAN CLINE BETTY CLINE VIRGINIA COCHRANE JEAN CORBITT MARY LEWIS CURLEE MILDRIED CURLEE LORENE DAVIDSON DOROTHY ECKARD IVIILDRED PAW IADDIE MAE FORTENBERY NAOMI HANEY LILLIAN HENDRIX LOUISE HONEYCU'I'T LUCILLE HUFFMAN OFFICERS ROLL ERNESTINE HUNSUCKER ELIZABETH HUTCHENS IVIARGARET IKERD OLEEN JARRETT GLADYS KEEVER MARY ELIZABETH KISER MARY ELLA KLUTZ NORMA LAWINC1 MYRTLE LACKEY VIRGINIA LOCKMAN DOROTHY MARTIN JERALDEAN MATTHEWS SARAH MCCREIGHT WILLIE IVIAE MCKINNIS SARA JANE MOSELEY RUTH MOSER BETTY LYNN PI-IARR IVIADELINE PITTS KATHLEEN POOVEY BARBARA REINI-IARDT .4Im'z'n01l 339 ..,.........Presidem' . . . . . . . . .Vice-President . . .Secretary and Treasurer . . , . . , .Faculty Adviser CECILE ROWE MARY ROCKETT EVELYN SCALES SUE ELLEN SCHELL LAURA NELL SCHRUM JESSIE SHELTON DORCAS SIGMON MOZELLE SIGMON NANCY RAE SIMMONS NELLIE SIPE PAYE SMITH JACQUELINE STARNES GENOLA TEAGUE J UANITA TRAVIS CATHERINE ULMER DORIS YOUNG JUNE YORK ELIZABETH SETZER MARTHA JEAN SETZER DOROTHY SCHRUM Page Forty-seven oe Ry. I 4 'Il I wx , .. ! JOE ISENHOWER . . ANDRIS SIGMON . . EVELYN SMYRE . . MISS WELLS . . . LUCILLE ALLEN VIVIAN ALLEN RONDA BOLICK BETTY J. BRITTAIN ERVIN CHAPMAN JOHN COPELAND LOUISE EPPS FRANKLIN HERMAN OSVILLE HERMAN K. C. HONEYCUTT LUCILLE HUFFMAN Page F Orty-eight - -lil" LATIN CLUB OFFICERS ROLL BILLY HUNSUCKER JOE ISENI-IOWER EVELYN LONG LILLIAN LEFEVERS BETTY MATHESON CYRIAL MATHESON PAULINE MATTHEWS SARA JANE MOSELEY J ENNIE HOLLIS PHARR CARL PUTNAM WALTER QUEEN Jlifblllllflilf D39 . . . . . .President . . . . . , . .Vice-President Secretary and Treasurer . . . . . .Faculty Adviser VIRGINIA REYNOLDS CHARLES SCALES MARGARET SELLNER WADE HENRY SHUEORD ANDRIS SIGMON BARBARA SIGMON EVELYN SMYRE J ACQUELINE STARNES CLARA TAYLOR SHERROD WILLIANIS DORIS YOUNG eo, 5 If fy' JESSE SIGMON ,. J. D. CORRIHER , MR. REEVES . . . ARCII-IIE BUTLER FRANK CALDWELL HARPER, CILLEY LUTHER CLARK ANDREW COCHRANE STANLEY CORNE J. D. CORRII-IER HENRY DEAL HENRY FRYE LEE WILSON GABRIEL BOBBY GAITI-IER FARRELL GILBERT A. D. HARRISON OSVILLE HERMAN I - C HI-Y CLUB OFFICERS ROLL JOE HILTON HARRY IRWIN CHARLES ISENHOWER JOHN ISENHOWER HOKE JONES VJ. L. LEFEVERS FORREST LONG EVERETT LONG SAM IVIAUNEY ALVIN IVICCIILL SAM MOOSE CHARLES PATTERSON KENNETH PRICE 6l7f6fZ.776lf D39 :Q I I ......,......Presia'ent . . .Secretary and Treasurer . .Faculty Adviser CARL PUTNAM BOBBY REINHARDT J. C. RUDISILL JOE SCI-IELL SIDNEY SCI-IRUM JESSE SIGIVION WADE SIGMON JOE SMITH ANDY WARLICIC FAREL WARLICK FRED WELLBORN HORACE YOUNT JACK YOUNT JIM YOUNT Page Forty-nine If I ' "'?r I WWW" 710, ,1- i Captains JOE HENDRIX FRED WELLBORN JOHN DAVIS HENRY DEAL HURSHELL CORDELL Lieurermnts J. RUDISILL HOKE JONES JIMMY YOUNT BOBBY GAITHER JOE ISENHOWER Page Fifty WA I. SAFETY PATROL Patrolmen HARPER CILLEY ORREN GRIGGS MCDONALD WELLBORN CARLIE ROSS YOUNT J OHN CALDWELL JAMES CORRII-IER JOE GABRIEL CHARLES HAMILTON AROHIE BUTLER JAY THOMAS HUITT HAROLD BURTON BILL NICHOLSON BOBBY POWELL Jllfflililflllf D39 FRED CLARK JAMES MYERS JOE ANTHONY LOY SIOMON TALMAGE MCCOLL PAUL MINGUS ED HILTON JOHN HAGER CAROLL SIMMONS CAROL LEE HAWN FRANK ELLIOT, JR. WAICE HEDRICK RAY HOLLAR GLENN DEAL eg- U Adam Dunnigan CThe HusbandD ....,........,. . Elsie Dunnigan CThc Wifej .,.,... Marguerite CTheir eldest daughterj . . . George CTheir Sonj .............,. . . Christabel CTheir youngest daughterj . . . Scruples-Scruples CTheir Butlerj ......... .,,. Miss Gadgett CTutorj Mr. Van WI't'herspoon CN. Y. Society Leaderj . . . . . . . X' I ff 1 F' dr' ' SENIOR PLAY HCRASHING SOCIETY" CAST OF CHARACTERS . . .WADE SIGMON . . .KAT SCI-IRUM . ..DOT PURR . . . .JESSE SIOMON .ALMA WAOONER . . . .JACK YOUNT ,NFRANCESCLIFTON FRANK CALDWELL Mrs. Van Witherspoon CHIS Wtfej ,...,... ...... M ARGARET CLINE Cyril Van Witherspooru CTheir Sony . , . . . .... ANDREW COOHRANE Agatha Mulrooneg CVirtuosoj ....... ...... M ARTHA CAPPS Miss Louise Miller CRepOrterj . . .... MARJORIE HUITT Miss SHORE .........,,. ,.....,.... D ii-error MISS HALL ...... . . .Director GILBRETTA FURR . . .... Prompter MIERLE SMITH ..... ..,. P rompter BOBBY REINI-IARDT . . . . .Electrician ALVIN MCGILL .... ...... E lectrician SIDNEY SCHRUM . . . DOT MORRISON . . . J. D. CORRIHER . . . JEAN CORPENING . . . JIM YOUNT ...... SAM MAUNEY . . IRMA CLINE ...... LUCILLA MCREE . . JOSEPI-IINE HILTON . DOROTHY STEELE . . . MARY HESTER CLARK CHARLOTTE JONES . . I-IAZEL JONES ..... FRANKIE HUNSUCKER DOT ARNDT ....... LEE ANNAH POWER . EVERETT LONG ..... HENRY DEAL .... BOBBY GAITHER .... A. D. HARRISON .... FORREST LONG . . . ......,......,Electrician . . . , . . . . . . .Property Manager . . . .Assistant Property Manager . . .Assistant Property Manager . . . , . . . . .Curtain Manager . . . .Curtain Manager Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher Usher . . . .Usher Usher Usher . . . . .Usher Page Fifty-one Carriitaai 539 Miss SHORE .,... 4 ob "YK M 1 f l LIBRARIANS ..,.....i........LilJrarian MRS. W. H. RABB .... .... W .P.A. Assistant Librarian Student Assistants BOBBY GAITHER FRED WELLBORN MARGARET CLINE DOT ARNDT ALMA WAGONER MARTHA CAPPS FRANCES CLIFTON DOT MORRISON LEE ANNAI-I POWER GILBRETTA FURR JUNE HUNSUCIQER LORRAINE HICKMAN DEBATING TEAMS BILL WARLICIC .,.. ..4. N egatzuc LOUISE HONEYCOTT . . . .... Negative HARPER CILLEY ..,. . , .Affirmative MARTHA CAPPS . . . A ,Affirmative DORCAS SIOMON , . . . .Alternate J. D. CORRIHER . . . RESOLVED: That the Britain. Page Fifty-two .........,........,...,....,......,.Alternate United States should establish an Alliance with Great ,Catfalmal 339 so, 3 J If M P BT " V 1 ' LALI- ,ww mx NCJICIAQ ATHLETICS CXJIVLZZZGIZZIZ J39 6 Q2- X Nm 1 .f I ,X , BOYS' BASKETBALL TEAM JOE SMITH CGaptainj . . . JOHN ODOM . . . T. C. HENDRICIQS ALVIN MCGILL SHERROD WILLIAMS . . . FORREST LONG . BUDDY YOUNT . , HAROLD SIGMON JESSE SIOMON . . SAM MOIOSE . . . GLENN HESTER WADE SIGMON . JACK YOUNT . . LLOYD LITTLE . BOBBY GAITHER ARCI-IIE BUTLER Page Fifly-six ardinafJ39 . . .Forward . . . .Forward . . .Forward . . . .Forward . . . .Forward . . . .Forward . . . .Center , . . .Center . . . .Guard . . . .Guard . . . .Guard . . . .Guard . . . .Guard . . . .Coach ........Manc1ger Assistant Manager ev, E 'wmv' tl' I . ff BASEBALL TEAM 1938 LLOYD LITTLE .... . . .Coach RICHARD TUCIQER . . ...,,..,.. Manager JOE HILTON ..... ......... .... A s sistarzt Manager JESSE SIGMON .... CARL HUEEMAN . . . JOE SMITH ......... BRADY HOLLAND . . . LUTHER CLARK .,.., HURSI-IELL CORDELL JOI-IN ODOM ...... SAM MOOSE . . . RALPH SETZER . . , . .First Base Second Base . Third Base .Short Stop . . . .Catcher . . . .Catcher . . .Pitcher . . .Pitcher . . .Pitcher BUTLER COOKE . , BRADY MLTLLINAX. JOI-IN ODOM ..... RALPH SETZER , , . JIMMIE ISENHOWER. . FARRELL GILBERT CYRIL MATHESON . WADE SIGMON . . . A. D. HARRISON . . . . . .Pitcher . . .Left Field . . .Center Field . . .Center Field . .Right Field . . . . .Substitute , . .Substitute . . .Substitute . . .Substitute Page F ifty-seven ara'itaal J39f M 4 W 4 ' W 18 Pg Ffy gh mfjimzf D39 B If gill XY. F E I V Se ,ff "j f wx fa Y I AA ' I K, -f.. ' -E' .,....-- si, 1. f ""' -i........ , I --' i-..,.-, ""' M-4 Zoolofu ADVERTISEMENTS Ca1m'z'mzl 539 of 6 he KK M ua! M Compliments of NEWTON CLEANERS AND DYERS PHONE 125 THOSE CAREFUL CLEANERS C ovnyaliments of CLARENCE CLAPP 86 SONS A PHONE 6 QUALITY SEEDS JULIUS W. ABERNETHY The Newton and Conover Plants of CON OVER KNITTING COMPANY Extmzds Best Wishes to the Senior Class of 1939 The Newton Glove Manufacturing Company COTTON GLOVES FARMERS AND MERCHANTS BANK NEWTON, N. C. Over Thirty Years of Successful Service to Our Town and Community SOUTHERN FURNITURE COMPANY Illcmufcocturers of Living Room Furniture and Odd Chairs CONOVER, N. C. E. F. LINGERFELTS DRY GOODS, NOTIONS, SHOES AND GROCERIES Phone 209 Page Sixty Cmf61'z'1w1f 339 if l x ,, M mfs? Compliments of SANITARY GROCERY COMPANY NEWTON, N. C. NEWTON LAND 8: LOAN COMPANY NEWTON, N. C. "BE SURE-INSUREH INSURANCE REAL ESTATE GARVIN FURNITURE COMPANY HOME FURNISHERS E-verythirig for the Home RCA VICTOR RADIOS NEWTON, N. C. JEROME BOLICK SONS CO. HIGH GRADE BODIES School and Commercial Bodies A Specialty Wrecked Automobiles Repaired, etc. CONOVER, N. C. MELVILLE'S Smart Clothes and Slippers For The Smart Miss MELVILLE'S HICKORY, INC. TAYLOR'S WOMEN'S APPAREL "Always First With The Best of the N ew" Phone 298 NEWTON, N. C. MORETZ 8: CO. "For Greater Values" Ready-to-Wear, Dry Goods On the Square Phone 143 NEWTON, N. C. Let Your Savings Earn Profits With Us Or Use Our Facilities For Builcliiig Peoples Building 8: Loan Association OONOVER, N. O. "Member of Federal Home Loan Bank" Page Sixty-one Cxdllfilzllliolf 339 I 4 ,oe k 'IK wax , E M Compliments of SAUNDERS FURNITURE COMPANY CONOVER, N. C. To the Senior Class of 1939 B. F. WAGONER JEWELER PHONE 451 NEWTON, N C C07lg'l'CLf1LllZIlI0'I7,S cmd Best Wishes For A P'rospe'r0us F"LLtm'e Th9'ouglLouL The Road of Life EAGLE STORES CO., INC. Complimevzts of CATAWBA NEWS ENTERPRISE HICKORY HANDLE AND MEG. CO. u1WfL'Il7lffLCt7.L'I'07' Cotton Mill Supplies" CONOVER, N. C. Comqnliments of ' BELK-BRUMLEY DEPARTMENT STORE NEWTON, N. C. Distvibutors of THE NEW FRIGIDAIRES WITH THE METER MISER RHYNE HARDWARE COMPANY HERMAN-SIPE 8: COMPANY, INC. GENERAL CONTRACTORS--BUILDING MATERIAL CONOVER, N. C. Page Sixty-t 6I7'6Z7Z.Vl6I! D39 'Ie -NW ll All ' Abernethy Hardware O. R. CLINE ELECTRIC WELDING ACETYLENE WELDING GE NE RAL RE PAIRS Company "GOOD HARDWARE" PHONE 14 NEWTON, N. C. MCCREIGHT FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service NEWTON, N. C. Phone 84 Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to the Senior Class SCOTT'S STUDIO "Ph,0t0g0"aphs of Quality" NEWTON, N. C.-LENOIR, N. C. SI-IUFORD NATIONAL Compliments of BANK SPAINHOUITS CAPITAL AND SURPLUS HICKORY,S LEADING APPAREL s150,ooo STORE Blue Ridge Ice Cream Sold At All Leading Places In The City BLUE RIDGE PRODUCTS CO. HICKORY, N. C. Young Men's Shop QUALITY CLOTHES Exclusive But Not Expensive NEWTON, N. C. Calffelimzl .L Page Sixty-three '73 9 'fif- Mm tl M I THE NEXT STEP Lenoir Rhyne College Summer Session Standard Four-Year College For Men and Women Competent, Experienced Faculty Stands For High Educational Standards and High Christian Character. Liberal Arts, Science, Music, Teaching, Commercial Courses Expenses Very Low Considering Ad-vcvntages Offered For Catalogue or Other Information Write to P. E. MONROE, P-res. Lenoir Rhyne College HICKORY, N. C. H eaclqua1'te'r's For The High School Miss THE STYLE SHOP NEWTON, N. C. "If It's New We Have It" Compliments of HI-LIFE STAFF OF NEWTON HIGH SCHOOL CONCVER DRUG Co. Registered Druggists "TO Satisfy Your Wants Is Om' Place" PHONE 359 CONOVER, N. C. Superior Petroleum 85 Fuel Co. "CITIES SERVICE" PETROLEUM PRODUCTS ACME TIRES CO'I7'1QJl'lW1C'l1,tS of the BOTTLING Co. HICKORY, N. C. + AMBULANCE 'I' Phone 2 "Sympathetic cmcl Efficient Service" Willis-Reynolds Funeral Home NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-four S Jllfflllilfldlf 339 0 . if i M iimrref Q. 'C lp' fig? as United Insurance Agency 4 Insurance of All Kinds LIFE-FIRE-CASUALTY 'A' PHONE 309 NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of Herman Grocery Co., Conover Mrs. P. 0. Carpenter's Economy Grocery Co., Conover Hickory Flour Mills Duke Power Co., Hickory F. L. York Grocery Piedmont Gas Co., Hickory Victoria Beauty Shop Statesville Grocery Co. North Newton Pressing Club C. M. Rowe's Drum-Adair Grocery Newton Florist, Phone 110 H. H. .Tones Grocery, Setzer Machine Shop Modernette Beauty Shop Downy Flake Coffee Shop Lucy Lou Shop E. H. Yount Co. Newtonian Cafe W. C. Raymer Jimmy Mauldin, Distributor of Tom's Peanuts and Candies Main Avenue Cleaners H. and B. Grill Drum Funeral Home Nu-Way Laundry North Newton Page S ixty-five C011fa'z'm1l 239 I C ..,,, I I 'ix ' Wx E ll I ' ' mm Welcome to City Pharmacy .. . TY P H A R M A cy ' "The Service Drug Store" TEL. 260 NEWTON, N. C. ARN DT - DEAL CHEVROLET CO. for Economical Transportation t 'SALES-SERVICE N EWTON, N. C. Phone 64 Used Cars With, An O. K. That Counts Catawba Ice 81 Fuel Company I NCORPORATED WE HEAT YOU IN THE WINTER AND COOL YOU IN THE SUMMER Phones 354 and 73 Add thrift to your plan of life and you eliminate worry. You cannot find better Security for your Savings. Citizens Building 85 Loan Association D. B. GAITHER, Sec.-Treats. Phone 76 NEWTON, N. C. Page Sixty-six 376 rtrdmrtl JJ V I fr THOMPSON 'S SHOE SHOP "We Repair Any Shoe And Do It Right" ON THE SQUARE NEWTON, N. C Compliments of RIDGEVIEW HOSIERY MILL NEWTON, N. O. EPPS PRINTING CO. , PATRONIZE Deszgners ancl Plrorlucers of MODERN PRINTING ' QUR ENGRAVED WORK OFFICE SUPPLIES " I ADVERTISERS NEWTON, N. C. Compliments of THE HERFP JONES CO. "The World's Largest Manufacturer of Class Rings ana' Pinsv E. L. HEDRICK, Representative TAYLORSVILLE, N. C. Page Six Carafzaaf D39 491- x .rf l t Wx QX WMM OMING here at the close ot so many hours of planning and work by the staff . . . any message We might add in this, our own advertise- ment, would savor a bit of self praise. Yet, unseen in this example of fine book making is the day by day co-operation of our personnel, Whose experience and training in the pro- duction of annuals has bridged many a pitfall for the staff. If, as you peruse the pages of the CARDINAL and are impressed with their excellence, you too, would like to avail yourself of our services Whether annuals or commercial printing We'd deem it a favor if you Would ask us to call. llhserver Printing House, Inc. College Annual Department CHARLOTTE, N. C. QVJZMQZJSQ f in . ..1 - ,,-N f V X . .1 --pfarrvgrs z, ,- V s: 131572 .92 w tf ., 'Q I - ., Z j, swf T. -' ' 1. ,JV 3, 'Z 35,2 W . x .kv 1 ,I :ega- - Sw ,gm Mig, .5 IU, - I 1' f,,1:., 'T :Ai ki! 1-L' ..,5, in - 'Q 4 Y ' inf 1 437' .gli ' W." ,QPU 1. ' fu FJ' 31' J I f... :,Y-H :Z 1 , 1 .Y?'t'l ' U ' -I if E1 ,Qif, ,11 fi-f f X71 1 F-z51id'l X :-rn Q,-iff? j- w e ,-4,441 ., 4-gn iff! 'TV1 Vlfkfw 3 'Qu 2, .1 ':, Q1 if GFEQ' , 5553! ffiq, -wifi. Q 1 . '11-711.3 i f:?'g F , E L 5 1 1,-,LJ N , -235.1- 1 WU gjw. ix - ,,?lUU1 QT.. in LW is ff ij ' Mc 1 w QA - 11 . 4 A -QQ fd '11 1? .1...4 FS

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