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T!-W N g A Y if ,ff . lg K vi- jg HQ. I' 3 X 3? 'P-1 Q1 1 ' 4.53 X Q B . I L Lv' ,.g, 2-af, is Q., ,,. ' Iwi., 1 :mm ., in zu . -, fu.. ,Aga Q 442. .. "Tn" Y-5:3 ' ' 'T fff'f"" ' f""""""" """""""'5l E 1 w 4 ,n.' I 9 ng ,S 'Q A 1, 'a .u Q 'spy 4 J. W. m "' , 1d'.!AL 4 10 1'31"e-u I 4 in 1 4 0 fi YA if 1 kr Q 'x Q fffk J X! X , 1 7 ,. - Q- . , X M'f""'w-Q W, . I- V. Uh' 4 'ww + lf' -N. .,, r 3 "" X 'P ' -q-' M -V wif' N L ' A ' ' ,, A ' "wa , L , 1 ,jjj--Q-- ' 'Q - , . I A, Y E Q ' ,f A 9+ Q- ""M-fum., W Q iq .. Q' ' ' ' M , X f , . NN' sxw, .,.,, - -f Q xgm ,, - M N V' 4 ,Y 1' N" . 15: ' 2 fm- f f ' as 5 . rl , , , . Ir gi ,, Y 'Q f ' ' of M ' Q VA :ii - ' ' -f of 5 4' if ,- 'nv-M ,W -----q 9- fw " ' f W' .Qing H 'QA my ff 0 I V , , y ' Wd' "' wa M551 "N U-K0 - 'ix' I PINOCICHIO EDITION tdby blnxllllh 11855 X 1040 Q ,VJ NEWTON COMMUNITY HIGH SCHOOL X Q f , I Prese the X W ' '1 N 'D 1 A I I1 7 A . 1 J ,,Y lx . X of A A ' X , 1 'X -2 X Y Newton, Illinois f f D f V if ,,O,M X -P+ X' ,riff W i f V X-, -lj-'ik s 111 1 ll S ll 1111111 11 01111111111111111 1 1101 05s1111 11s 111 11111 110 rf Kg-7 CE! 1 di in 11111s0 1110 s1111 w 11f 1 111111111111 111 11111 111e1110 11111111l11111111s ll 11111111011 1111111101 11111 111 111111111 1110 11111111 11111? rally 1.1111 11 0 111 ll 111110 111111111111 1111s 111 1011111111111 11111 l110'111s0 11 1181111108111 11111110 1111111x 1111s 111 0s lllfl 1x 10 01111101 1111111 11 11s 1111s111110 11111 1011111s011 111 11011 x 101011111111 1111111 ll1l1f'Ss 11111111110 111111 1111s01 s1110ss 110 1111s 11111110 ll 1011 ll 1 11 IIIIIIX s 1 S 10x01111110 l,Il1U1l 1 1 111 Ill' 111 Il' 11 111111110 1011 1011 1 0 11111111 1 11111 01111111111 1010 Q' 1 11 1 ll 1101 11111 111 1 S 111011110 110 1111110 11111 11111 1' ll 11 10 1111 1110 11 If 1' 1 q 1"1A. 114 . .- 1 .D A- -S , I. . . iibfglf,-L" . I. 1. 1-1 .. - ft. . 1 - ,,- 1- 1" 1,-1 1 - 1 1- 11 11- -.1 galil' - .- f 11 -1- ,. 1 q..., 1 .hm l.fil.l ,.1. n .1 1' -1 11 tv. 111 1 j1 1'11. x 's 1 1'1' 11111111019 11f'7N. lf. 1..'. ' J ' --11111. 1,111-111--11110 - lf1"1l 11- ,1 -1 -',1 -.11 y111 11'11 '1 111 '111111 sl 1' 1 N.1f. 1..'. H ' . ' 1' ' ,0t -1. '-1- 1 1111,- 1'ffl11-1. YOUNG ITHOUT the pattent loyal guidance of our Blue Fatry so successfully It lS zuth grate ul thanks for all that he has done for us that ue dedtcate thls Nu Kom I to Mr Young 9 7 . . ' could we seniors have come through the last three years ADMINISTRATIUN Us 1 'Wx Cf A F M f I 7 A V A X fi ff X N Q , gf!! UR SHOW could not go on utthout our fatthful Puppet lf EWUI '53, we Master He uorks the stnngs and controls the acttons 0 Ftfufui these puppets Never has he carelessly let a puppet all lll his per orm ante or he lS alztays on the job loyally uatchlng over us Hts motto The shou must go on MR TOBIAS Page Flve y. . IJ", 40 di- n-'fffx f . . . . . .' . . ' . fam .3 N ,T . . , . . - , f s f ' f - I . W . I Q . . f , f , . 'x cc V E 99 lb, . . f - , . tools of sharp te FA C U L T Y These are the wood carvcrs who take the raw material, and with the learning, whittle away ignorance shave off our wrong ideas, and with their most dellca instruments, emphasize truth honesty, and good sportsmanship the finished product an education to aid us as we go from this stage to a much larger one Harney ewald ARENC Miss Batman Mr McSwane Miss Durmn Mr Young Mr Williams E MCSWANE Miss Mr Gruen CL Indiana NE HA Lynnvxlle kland Cnty College A B Oa Mathematics RNEY GE Sycamore Illinois f Ilinols ATMAN nnveisity o eech ICE B AB U English IV Sp BERN n Illinois versity DELBERT L YOUNG Newton Illinois Newto d S James Millxl-un Um Industrial Arts Home Economics GRUENEWALD STEWART WILLIAMS PHYLLIS DURNIN New on Illinois DavenP0ff Iowa d T AB Augustana College. General Science Asst Girls Physical Education LEROY Neoga, Illinois ' Chemistry Coach B.Ed., E. . . History. Debate T. . Civics. Page Six Mr R J SHIMP LUCILE BAYLES Newton Illmors Newton Illmoxs BM E Wesleyan Umversnty B S Umversrty of Illmols Band Orchestra Chorus English I and III ANITA L MILLEVILLE KENNETH JOHNSON Champaxgn Illmoxs Martmsvxlle Ill1no1s BS Umversxty of Illmoxs BS Unlversxty of Illmoxs Columbxa Umverslty Teachers College Agriculture Commercxal HELEN JACOBS EVERETT Newton Illmols AB Umverslty of I English I MAURICE MCCORMACK ger Illmoxs Newton Illnnols BE Southern Illnnoxs Normal Um BS Unxversxty of Illmors ern Hxstory versrty Bxology Phys1cs Asst Prmcxpal Bookkeepxng Law Commerclal Ge ography Boys P E eoach ani 4? Shxmp Mxss Mnllevxlle Mass Jacobs M r Johnson Mr Fox Miss Bayles Mr McCormack FOX v ' ' Zeil . ' ' , ' ' . .. ' ' llinois, . ., ' ' '- . ., ' ' ' ' . ' , II, Mod ' . ' . . I ' . ' , . ' ' . A Page 7 P' ,311 4:22-'F BCBG Page Exght iV"1 'mmm ...nd . - ,N 2 1 I ev 1 Q - 6 ' 'f I x . . 5 . 1 ' ' W " 5 A f 4 Q i Q , 1 I 1 W . . V -. .1 fs ' ' 2 . A 3451 X, f M1 - fs .. M K rn W. X .1 L - A k -eg- f -M '- iz" ' 4 1' V if f 1 Q. - ' , . xx X W . RoDUc:TIoN TAFF Th1s year the senlor class purchased a lot of new equlpment for the photography department A new 4x5 Speed Graphlc camera was pur chased It was equlpped wxth a range Ender and synchromzmg Hash whlch IS used ln taklng nlght p1ctures Wlth th1s new camera we were able to take p1ctures of assemb11es class rooms basketball games and events around school An enlarger and Hoodllghts were some of the other equxpment bought Nme boys w1th the help of Mr W1ll1ams dxd all of the photography w1th the exceptlon of the faculty Junxor and senlor p1ctures They took all the group p1ctures mformal pxctures and snapshots The p1ctures were also developed by them Thls IS qulte remarkable work due to the fact that th1s IS the Hrst year that th1s has ever been done 1n our school We the productlon staff have brought to llfe agaln the events of the year as PlI'lOCCl'1lO was brought to llfe It IS our arm to keep l1v1ng for years to come the year of 1939 1940 We also wlsh to take th1s opportunlty to thank Mr McSwane for h1s guldance wlthout Whlch we could not have glven you th1s book MARGARET HARVEY LOIS BAYLES HELEN SMALLWOOD DOROTHY KITTLE GERTRUDE DOEPEL WILFORD PULLIAM CHARLES ROBERTS JEAN LAUGEL VIRGINIA STARK RICHARD WORTHEY BETTY DILLMAN SCOTT ROSS EMELENE BROMM GLENNA BURTON LEE DIEL DON HARTRICH MARY LAUGEL HELEN MARRS Co Editors Assistant Editors Art Editors Advertrsrng Managers Busrness Managers L1 terary Editors LUELLA WALLACE WARREN BURNSIDE FULLER FRANKE LA VERL KENNEDY LEWIS JENKINS PAUL JEAN REEP WAYNE SIMPSON JOHN SCHUCH HAROLD WEBB TOM NEWSOME MAX BUSSARD Photographers TOM SPENCER SUSAN ROHR OLIVIA BARTHELME EDNA BENSKIN NEIL STROLE ALBERTA PHILLIPS WILLARD MERCER HELEN ISLEY ANNA MEINHART JUANITA KIBLER Page Nme Boys A thletrcs G1rIs Athletzcs Humor Sales Managers Semor Actrvrtres Calendar tx - u l ....,.................,....,............... - N .............,,,..........,...... y . N ....,,.........,........,....,,.,.. 1 1 4 1 , .....,.......,.............. ....... . l JOYCE PORTLOCK W ..........,,.. ...,.............,........,.. T yprsts X . E ..,, .,,,..,,...........,..,.,..... ..,.. l X ,,........ .,,.,.,......,...........,........... 1 H L REISNER ROY MCCORMACK A J KINSEL DEWEY CONNOP LON CLEAVER Secretary Presrdent RODUCERS , n . il Behmd the scenes ln every show are those whose work, though not con splcuous IS essentlal for the smoothness of the performance To these most helpful persons the members of the Board of Educatlon, we express our gratitude Page Ten HT' '-f 'Skull , . , . IL XJ 4' J CLASSE g f X IN 6 ' Ax Ky X I 2'4" ff . J - gr-,, 4 N -i ---,4Li,hh --f-2 SFNIORS In 1936 we entered hlgh school as a group of very green freshles We were a group of 154 the largest that had ever enrolled Durmg our first year our 3CtlVltlCS were gulded by our sponsor Mr Perdue, and our class officers Tom Spencer Scott Ross Vrrgll Prrce and Bonme Brooks The outstandmg socral event of the year was our lI'llfl8fl0I'l party glven 1n October We resumed our work rn the fall of 1937 as a class of sophlstlcated sophomores who were back to work hard and to make the year one to be remembered Mr Young was chosen sponsor Our class oflicers were Tom Spencer Glenna Burton and Vlfglflla Stark The class sold penclls and gave the play The Full Clrcle to ralse money Our socral act1v1t1es for that year were a treasure hunt a dance and 3. WICTICI' l'OaSt We entered our Junlor year ready for hard work and lots of fun Thxs year our class was agam under the capable leadershlp of Mr Young He along wlth our class officers Tom Spencer Lors Bayles Max Bussard and wlth the work and cooperatlon of the Junlor commlttees helped ralse money by sellmg candy and ICC cream Wlth our money we were able to put on a w1ll always be remembered as one of the outstandmg Our hugh school career ended ln a blaze of glory dxplomas june 3 We were the largest group to graduate We were gulded through our last year by Mr Young junlor Semor Prom whlch affaxrs rn our hrgh school wrth 109 semors recexvmg rn the hlstory of N C H S and Mr McSwane and our class officers Dale Boxley Dale Huddlestun, Ray Wrlllams and Warren Burnsxde The senlor play Young Aprll was a great success and revealed hrdden talents of some of our classmates The class enjoyed many aCtlV1tlCS at the end of the year such as the Semor Guldance Conference and Semor Day Our socnal aCtlVltleS were closed when the Junior class entertamed us at the Junior Semor Receptxon Our school llfe was closed on June 3 when commence ment exercises were held RAY WILLIAMS Ray The Joe Lou1s ol Newton High School Hobby Club 3 N Club 3 Class Secretary 4 WARREN EBBERT Doc Give me my PIPE HU' P9309 and my pillow A 2 3 Industrxal rs 3 4 Hobby Club 3 4 VIRGINIA STARK Starkxe Shes as lovely as the day IS long happy go lucky smgmg a song Secretary Treasurer 2 Home Com mg Queen 3 Fu Cnrcle 2 Band l 2 Dramatxcs 2 3 4 News Stall' 3 Annual Staff Semor Class Play 7 Page Twelve WARREN HUNT Mike A prmce of a lellow Dramatrcs 3 4 Chorus 3 dustrxal Arts 1 2 Hobby Club 2 Chess and Checkers 3 4 Safe ty 3 Camera Club 4 Grownng P ms 4 JUANITA KIBLER Klbble Ready wrllmg and able Chorus 3 Dramatxcs 4 French Club 4 Grownng Paxns 4 An nual Staff LOWELL HOWARD Shorty Lrfe rs but a dream Football 4 lndustrlal Ats 2 Hobby Club 2 Track 3 Safety 3 r v l . . . . 1 1 1 y ' 1 1 Y 1 I 1 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 ,At 1 ,,, - 1 1 a , 1 1 , s , 1 , 1 I ' 1 1 . Y 1 1 1 1 - ' LK ' YY ' I 1 1 1 1 ...HBA 4 ' 1:1 I! .. - 4 5 ' ' . : : In- Basketball 1, 3. 43 Industrial Arts I ' ' , z - lg 1 1 4: ' 3 1 .. . - l a' " . ss n U 1 1 ,, 1 F.F.. 1. . : ' Af X 5-I ' - Z . 1 1 u f i . . n .. - 11 1 M I I . 4 KL 17 - : - A : ' r 5 . 1 .. H - .. 1 c Z I 1 1 3, 4: G.A.A. l. 2. 3. 42 CLEDA BIGGS Kldd0 The vlctrm of Cupid s darts and 4 Chorus 2 4 Musxc Apprecxatlon 3 Drum Corps 3 Growmg Pains WARREN BURNSIDE Ironsldes As long as you lrve keep learning how to lrve Dramatlcs l 3 Hobby Club 4 News Staff 3 Personal Develop ment 3 amera ub Cvrowmg Paxns 4 Semor Class Treasurer 4 VIVIAN CONLEY Dxd Beware' I may do samethmg sensatronal yet J W CURFMAN Jerk Water A glowmg past promrses a brrllrant future' Chess and Checker 3 4 Safety Chorus 3 EMELENE BROMM Emmy You walk softly look sweetly and say lrttle mc Ec 2 3 Chorus Personal Development 3 Natural Sclence 4 Pep Club 3 Annual Staff JoHN DIEL John A sun on the soil means brrllrant future Natural Sclence 3 Hobby Club 3 In ustrxal Arts 3 4 FFA 2 3 DALE BOXLEY Boxley Heart and body mmd and soul he would plunge across t e goal Football l 2 3 4 Industrial A ts 1 2 Student Councxl Member 4 N Club 3 4 Track 3 4 Personal Development 3 4 Class Presx dent 4 EDNA BENSKIN Edna Laugh with your friends and If they are sore so much the bet ter Just laugh the more Chorusl 2 3 4 Home 1 Dramatxcs 2 Orchestra 2 News Staff 4 Musto: Appreclatxon 3 Personal Development 4 Natural Scxence 3 Annual Staff Semor Class Play JAMES L DIEL- Leonard Peewee knows a lot he just cant remember rt sometrmes and 1 3 4 Dramattcs 3 N Club 4 Safety 3 Foo ball 4 Annual Staff VIRGINIA BROMM Tmny A thoughtful conscience makes one serene orus 3 4 H me Ec 2 Personal Development 3 Natural Science 4 Pep Club 3 EARL BROOKS Earl Still water runs deep Chorus 3 4 FFA 2 3 4 Ho by Club 4 Music Appreciation 3 Personal Development 3 Safety 3 GLENNA BURTON Gwenme Wrll her graduation dress be her wedclrng dress' Vxce Presldent 1 2 The Full Circle Dramatlcs 2 News Staff 3 4 Muslc Apprecxatxon 3 Per sonal Development 3 Annual Staff Vocatlonal Guidance 3 Sen lor Class Play A 44 QI i lt ' J! U ' D ' " h B 1 . 3. : ' . . . : ' r " ' ' " 4- . : . : J fl KK ' !! H V ' ' l l . . . 1 EC. . 2: 1 C C1 3. 4: : 66 .Yi in - U H , Q B . 2. , : ' 2: Chorus 2, 3, 45 Hqme Eg, 1, F.F.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Industrial Arts 2. : ' : : t- . 1 T it ' !! .. H ' Ch . : 0 . , 3. 4: . : 3: 3 as i sv J H ' . : . . : b Ho . , , 4: 3, 4: 5 I U A 3 44 ' f! -t. H .. . . . a . d ' . : . . . . . J , 5 l ' g - 4. I , Page Thirteen sco rv TT ROSS-"Kelso" VERNICE SHOCK- I ' "Be a live wire, but don't get "Streamline" stepped on' "An argument? I'd love it." Dramatics 3: Debate 1, 2: Indus- l . I - trial Arts 1, 21 Hobby Club 3: 3a'Biefgli'I1gnfh3"'s 3' 4' pcm" Camera Club 3: Drum Corps 3: p ' Annual Staff. -' DAVE WA N - HELEN SMALLWOOD- . C ,, . ,, G ER .,Peggy,, ' Davie MA in ing smile a sense of ' "Love to one-friendship to all. w n . humor, justice, and responsibil- Band 1: Chorus 2. 3: F.F.A. 1. ity," - 2, 3, 43 Hobby Club 3, 4: Music Chorus 1 3 4. Annual Stag, Appreciation 3g Saefty 3, Person- ' ' ', ' ' 1 D l 3: C ll Music Appreciation 33 Personal 3- "Gerlij1vlirl:g1eI-Stains" -iamem Cu' Development 33 Natural Science ' ' , 33 Senior Class Play. OHN SCHUCH- D J ,,Bootsie,, BETTY SIMS-"Bet" U , 6' "Neat in appearance, shy in ap- 1 knon 'Iipeak attain? know' but proach and a priceless friend." x now a you s . v 5 Bd1,2,3,4gH E.: - Dramatics 3, 4: News Stall' 3, Or- -' S0111 Developmenfnge C 1 Per chestra lg Camera Club 43 Indus- ' 5 trial Arts 1, 2: Hobby Club 3, 43 " Annual Staff. ,rr 5' 'iv EVELYN SMITH- RAYMOND WAGNER- , . uEvelynn V K J uBudn "Calmness is a great advan- nHe fha' wants should not be fi. ,agey bashfulf' ' Chews 4. Home EC, ,V 2' 3' 4. F,F.A. 2, 3, 4: Hobby Club 2, 3. G.A.A. 1, 2: Music Appreciation 3. 45 Muslc Appreclatmn 3' - WAYNE SIMPSON- .. ,, WILMA SMITH- Sleepy lf ' 71 "He who troubles not himself 'lwllma' I H with other men's business gets A A gn' wnh a WU' of he' own' G P2-we and 2-'Sf fhffvby-" Home EC. 1, 2, 3, 4, G.A.A. 1. 2. Q F.F.A. 1, 4: Debate 2: Music Ap- 31 Music Appreclatmn 3' preciation 2: Camera Club 3, 4: Annual Staff. NEIL STROLE-"Stro1e" "Oh! give us a man who whis- ELUISE SIMS-"Elly" ries while he works." Iawihevery. min thine ear and A Chorus 33 Track 33 Dramatics 3: ew y voice' Music Appreciation 3: F.F,A. 1: Band 2, 3, 43 Home Ec. 1. 2, 3, 45 Chess and Checkers 3, 4: Personal Development 4. Staliz Senior Cl I Pa ge Four ass Play. teen Annual LANORE MATSON- "Lar1ore" To know her 1.4 to lam' her, :md hz-r acqiiarzirancfl 1,4 Iafr- Ang." Climxia I. 3. 3. 4: llimmc lil 2. 3. 1. llcrsuriai lbcvclnpmcnt 3 WILLIAM ROBARDS- "Bill" "l try to he Courrruus. lrur Pv- vryhody lzurghs, at nie." Basketball l. 2. 3. 4: Fmnlwall 1. Z, 3, 41 Hwlulny Clulm 2. 3: N Clulw 3. -3, Pcminal lluvclupmcni 4. LAVERA RAUCH- "Verie" "Tw1nkll:1g farm and fluhy hair. she facew llif' wlrhour a Carr" llfvnic lic. l, 3. 3. G.A.A. 3: Pur- xmial Dcvllllpincm 3. 4: Natural Science 4, TOM SPENCER- "Tommy" "Carry mf- luck ru old Vfrgrny " Baxkutlulll l. Z. 3. 43 lfnwlwall I. Y. 3. 4. N Clulw 3. 4: Nlusil Ap. pil-iiatinii 3: Tiznk 3. 4: Nntulzll Suiclicu 3. 41 Cnmurn Clull 3. -l: "Thu lfull Cxrrlcu 2: Clzns P1151- fluzt 1, 2. 3: Bzukuluall Cwfl,:lpv'l1iv 1. Sunni: Clam Play: Annlml Stull ALBERTA PHILLIPS- "Bert" "Never 100 busy Io rom rn flu' lun. always on h.1nr1 wh:-11 rhvrz-K work to he- domff' GAA l. J. Nlws Stull 3. Ili A'r::l1:ul Swall DONALD WAGNER- "Mudhorse" Pre-pan yourwll for 11 xlurlc .md 11 blow. wlwn llluzllwlsr' vol- unteers, 'I know' " FFA Z: Izwlxinvial Arm 1. 'Sv af Q 've KK ,A ff! i 19- CHARLES ROBERTS- "Chick" "MP and my Hivverg wha! more could I givr- hz-r."' Bzmkutlwall l. 2. 3. 4: Fmitball l. 2. 3. 41 Dramarifs 1. Z: Indus. trial Arts 1. 2: N Clulv 3. 4: Mu- sic Amliccialiwt 3: Track 3. 4: Full Clrrlc 2. Amina Slafl' JOYCE PORTLOCK- --Joy-. "Falthful forf'vvr." Banll l. Z. 3. 41 G.A.A. l, Z. 3. 4: Olclxumra 1: Music Apprecia- riim 3: Natural Science 3: Home lic, 1. 2. 3. 4: Dramatic 2. 3, 4: News Stall' 3, 4: Annual Stall. CHESTER SEMPLE- "Check" "Vinum has its own reward- brave men arp not casr down by advvrvryf' l'.l'.A. I. 2. 3. 4: Chess and Checkers 3. 4: Personal Develop- ment 3: Safety 3. OPAL RICHARDS- "Simp" "My home fs In heaven-l'm her., nn a v wr" llumy ICC 4: llrainavics 4. A an 'gi . Q S.. 5 ,M 1 p"b ROBERT S JEAN LAUGEL- "Jeanne Lou" 'Hvrrer Inu' than rwve' Home Eu l: G.A.A. l Dxzlmntlcs Z. 3. 41 News l'VlL1s1L Appru1.x!mu 3 PL 1. 3. -3. Smrf 3: Im Clmzlv 3 "1 A:- "AImM-:1t Nl mrlul Briclcgnmm uual Staff. DANIEL KING- "Dannie" "Worry klllx pe-oplf'-why duff' I-'cxwmzal Ile.-vulupnxcrmt 4: Natural Snicluc 3: Camera Clulx 4, Imm- luall 4. N Clulx 41 Txuuk I MARGARET ROSE HAR- VEY-"Rose" "A lovely gzrl' A hrlllmnr xru- dvm "' G.A A 2. 3. 4: Uramatics 3: News Sfa-111' 3. 4. Musu Apprccm- Yiwu 3: Pep Clulw 3: Sturlczx cil lVlQz1trKer 3: Annual Start JOHN JONES "I'm not lmxhlul- 1-.xr 'A Cl1csx1a:'1lCl1L'kcxs '.'clw11rt1L'1f 4. Cymru, "Buck" I 11 vu 4' Par xi mori- 4 vml lil- Dot T? NX x. . .. i 4 ex . ,MVK xv . -- - .,., .. , , HAROLD LAM BERT- "Tom" 4'T1n1v xvlll tell." Buzxrl 3: l",l".A 2. 3. 4, SAILW 3 RUBY LETURNO- "Rube" "I'd rathvr dallvr' than F. 1'm hungry." Llmrua 3: Ilrllrwnxlx 3 LEWIS JENKINS- "Dickie" "Take it muy," Hmul l. I. 3. 4: lmlusill. 1. 2: Hulvlw Clulu 2. 3. 4: Clulu 3. 4: Artnuzal SIE-IH. DOROTHY KITTLE "Dottie" "When dn- xmrle-x rf: Ilghtlllll. whrr: .xhv rfzfkx flmfzrlef' llmmzltlcs 3. llllmv lic l. Smit 3. -1. Arzmlzll Sturt: 1- I-, L .xv lmv ir wlzr' al Alu Lzmuvn N0 dv'- New, Sum HERBERT KIBLER- "Kibler" "When 1 grow up." Clmrus 33 Bnskctlmll 3. 4. lmll 4: lmlumtrial Alu 3, Clulv 4: Trzuk 4: Chess and urs 3: Camera Clulm 4. Imm- 4: N Clxckk- MARY SUZANNE LAU- GEL-"Mary" "A wunm11 has rwve-1' slwmlml ,uxyrlzlmg through vlvrlcff' llwme I-.L 1. lirzmmllnx 2. 3. Milf nc Apprcklnrmu 31 Anuxml Stull I .rk m RO FOUST Bob A silent mans words are not brought into courts BERT Chess and Checkers 3 4 BESSI K Bess Diseases debating acting chief mterests E CLAR mY Band 3 4 Chorusl 2 3 Home 4 Music Apprecia tion 3 Dramatics 3 4 Debate 3 Orchestra I Growing' Pains 4 PAUL FALTE MIE Mouse Mouse rs w tty and full of pe hes a dandy fellow yo Dramatic 4 Chess and Checkers 3 Growing Pains u bet GERTRU EPEL Dopey The harder I try the good:-r to be the worser I am." Home Ec DE DO . 2, 3, : . A, ., , 3. 4: Dramatics 2. 3: News t 3, 4: Music Appreciation 3: at - ral Science 3: "Growing Pains" 1 Annual Staff. GE GEIER . --F - J iggs ootloose and fancy free." F.F.A. 1: Hobby Club 3, 45 Orches- tr lg Drum Corps 3. RALD VE . r.l.xtE FOLTZ-- "Vearie" "A smile for every girl. For the b0.YS - we 1.-an't count them." G-A-A 1. Z, 3, 4: Debate 3, 4: Orchestra l, 23 Drum Corps 3. RA M f- 'l'c work Il Camera 4. , Annu EVELYN Eveli "I m in a Home Ec. 2. 43 Personal Drum Corps VI E "Victor" "The Lo rd gave brai ns. I evid Chor ss Page Seventeen BETTY W CTOR V LENORE MINS Sally I m CUM happy today why worry about tomorrow 9 Chorus 2 3 4 Personal Develop ment 4 Home Ec 2 Pep Club 3 Senior Class Play MAX BUSSARD Bussie Fools rush rn where angels fear to tread B sketball 1 2 3 4 Football l 2 3 4 Dramatlcs 2 N Cub 4 Music Appreciation 3 Track 3 4 Natural Science 3 4 am ea Club 3 4 Fu Basketball Circle Z Co captain 4 Staff Annual DILLMAN Bette Her sense f o humor exceed he does not r sweetness n 1 Dramatics Z 3 4 News Staff 3 4 Annual Staff FULLER KE- u FRAN ish the fell ow who invented would have fin' rshed it." dustrial A rts 1. 2: Hobby Cl Personal D ub evelopmen ' Club 3 4 r 4 .f' . 3 Natural Science al Staff. HALL- H113 happy frame of mind." L Q' 3. 43 News Staff 2. 3. Development 3, 43 3. Il 5 i Q. ERETT- a few people tly had , en a pull." us 3: Che f and Checkers 3. L .Lg 1 1' TOM NEWSOME- RI-ilohngl YVILSON- --Newton,- 0 le "The gun slingin' goon from "When the rest are through talk- Gaffefsnake gulchf' Ing, I might say something," Dramatics 4' Hobby Club 3 4' Home EC- 2: Dramatics 3: PerS0rl- News Stab' 3: Camera Club 4: An- al Devclopment 4: Natural Science nual Staff, 4. ' NADINE LOYD- "Nadine" "Laugh and the world laughs IHQROLDHNIILLSAP-' with you: frown and you'll wrin- H3I'01d K kle your lace." W. boy with a conquering spir- ' ' Home Ec. 4: Personal Develop- 't' mznt 4. 1. NOVA WHITE-"Node" "A little backward about com- ing forward." DORRIS McDOWELL , A Chorus 3: Personal Development owt school' 4: Natural Science 3: Safety 3. WILLARD MERCER- "Wid" LUEI-,LA WALLACE.. "Tall. dark, and handsome. the ullollien Bob Taylor of N. C. H. Sf, -'Fun of pep and always Nady '4 Band 1, 2, 3: Football 4: Dramat- to Smiley 2:11 3. 4: Industrial Arts 1. 2: Hob- ch I 2 3 4 M - A by Clun 2. 3, 4: Track 4: Camera oms ' ' ' 9 uS'C ppm' Club 4: "Growing Pains" 4: An- ' ciation 3: Natural Science 4: An- nual Stag' nual Staff: Senior Class Play. . PULLIAM' VELMA WOLFE- le u as Velma We need a sax 'il every band: "With curling eyes and laugh- we need a leader in every clan. ing hair youu Seldom and I 3 , Student Council President 4: Band EIN S0 lair." - 1, 2, 3, 4: Annual Staff: Dramat- , ics 3' 4: orchestra 1, 2: Indus- Personal Development 4, Reading trial Arts 1, Z: Hobby Club, 2, 3, 3' Home EC' 1' 4: News Stal? 3: Track 4: Chess , and Checker 3: Natural Science ' 3, 4: "Absent Minded Bride- groom" 3: "Growing Pains" 4. W RICHARD WORTHEY- ' "Shorty" HELEN WAKEFIELD "Do you want rr salesman? Here HH I M U '- is your man!" e en ae U - ' Dramatics 2: Debate 3, 4: Natu- I Why talk You havent -WY' ral Science 3: Safety 3: Annual "HHS 'U Say- Staff: --Absent Minded Bride- Dramatics 2, 3: News Staff 4: gmomn 3' Natural Science 3. Page Eighte eh. WILLIAM NICHOLS- MARCINE MILLER- ll ' ,Y ..Bmn Marcia , "Af'd ll: dh f'd. "An excellent representative from Hen to a an H Hen S our neighboring city of Ro Chorus 2. 3, 4: Home Ec. 2: G.A.A. Hill," 1. 2, 3: M usic Appreciation 3: Chorus 3: Industrial Arts 2. 3, 4 Drum corps 3' Hobby Club 2, 3: News Stal? 3. Personal Development 3: Dramat- ics 4. ' f ! VIRGIL PRICE-"Virg" "They serve only who stand and HILMA MILNER- Wa""' "Hi1m" F.A.A. 1. 2, 3, 4: Music Apprecia- "Now is the time: why wait un- non 3i Cahners Club 4: Dru,m in wmormwn Corps 3: Vice-President 1: Senior ' Class Play. Bank 1, 2, 3, 4: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 41 G.A.A. l. 2. 1 MARIETTA MCCORD- LEON PRICE-"Doc" "Suzie Q" "The teachers must be pretty V' "Unless you are opportunity. dumb-they ask so many ques- please don't knock on my door." Mons' Chorus 1. 2, 3. 4: Music Appre- Ch0l'llS 1. 2. 3. 41 F-A.A- l. 2, 3. ciation 3: Personal Development 4. 4: Industrial Arts 1, 2: Hobby Club 1, 2, 3, 4: Music Apprecia- tion 3: Safety 3. WILFRED RAUCH- ll ' ' !! ANNA MEINHART- Wlllle HBabev "Judge not a book by its cover." "Great thoughts came from the Orchestra l. 2? Industrial AWS 1. 'mein' and 'nm-g'," 2: Hobby Club 2, 3. 4: Drum Corps 3: S ' Cl Pl . . Band 2, 3: Dramatics 2: Business emor ass ay , Training 3: Natural Science 4: -V ' Drum Corps 3: Chorus 2: Annual A Q p Staff. ' Q ' ' ' - - MARJORIE PRYOR- Q "Margie" 'il REED- "There is no royal road to high- 'i Reed est fame: the woman has toiled 4 "Speaking generally, hg is gen- who wears a glorious name." -- Many speaking: but he always Home Ec. 4: Personal Development 11 aqx has something to say." 4 .V Dramatics 1, 4: F.F.A. 1, 2. 3, 4: 44 Debate 1: Personal Development 3: Camera Club 4: "Growing -wf Pains" 4: Senior Class Play. PAUL JEAN REEP 5. A H "Reels" if ?LEN,!VIARRS-' A "Our candid cameraman. Flash! l Sandl' 4 He has another picture." .,f, call no time lost that is I Band 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 2. 3, 'Y gwen fo Pleasufe-H 4: Orchestra 1, 2: Industrial Arts L. Business Training 3: Personal De- I 1' 2:,HFbby Club 2' 3' li .Music Ap: velopment 3: Chorus 2: Annual ' . premauon 3: Natural Scwnce 3' 4' 'V staff: senior Class PlaY. SafTrys3iTC2mefa Club 3- 4- AH' - nua ta . V Pa ' ge Nineteen RUTH STANLEY- DUANE WILSON- "Granny" HDI-lanen "Flirting is a desperate game '-A SUN tongue maketh 3 wise but I am a desperado." headr' Chorus Z, 43 Home Ec, 1, 2: F.F'A. 4. Safety 3. G.A.A. 1, 2, 3, 4: Dramatics 1. 21 Pep Club 3. CLYDE MASCHER- "Mascher" EVELYN SWICK- 6 "A very good fellow, a man "Evelener" 'Q' among men." "A kind face is a beautiful face." ff F.F.A. 3, 4: Industrial Arts 1, 2: Chorus 3: Home Ec. 2: Personal Hobby Club 2' 3: Safety 3: Mgm- ber Student Council 3: Senior Development 43 Safety 3. Class Play EVELYN SMITHENRY- RALPH WOODARD- ,.Ev,, ll df! v Spec A X "Why aren't they all content "lf wait is what breaks "Chev- Q. like me?" vies"down. they'll soon be brok- en when I anivel-1 N Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 43 Orchestra ' - I 13 Personal Development 3, 45 F.F.A. 43 Music Appreciation 3: .1 Vocational Guidance 3- Chess and Checkers 3, 4: Voca- tional Guidance 3. GERALD MICHL- "Preach" OLIVIA BARTHELMEi George Washington is dead, Na- HLCVIBU poleon is dead, all the great "A merry heart does more good men are dying- in fic' I donlt than medicine.-I feel so well myself. News Stan' 3, 4: Personal Devel- Football 4' opment 35 Annual Staff. LOIS BAYLES-"Urchin" DON ALLEN1-4Tus0n,v "A chip off the old block." ..I,m a good boy' ance in 3 ' H ' Secretary-Treasurer 3: Band 1, 3, - .. , 4: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3, 45 Dramat- ics . . I . . . , : ews wwe' A '23-QGAA1-:N Chorus 3. 4: F.F.A. 1. 2. 3. 41 Stall 3, 4: Natural Science 3, Chess and Checkers 31 Camera V, I Annual Staff. Club 4. Q VELMA R SE ENE A ' MAX ATEN-ummeyn H U B - "I still insist that I drink only FIEL- Smbble H203- tiny maid Withla fnighty 6' . Dramatics 1, 25 F.F.A. 1, 2, 33 mmdg a smaller senior is hard ' . Hubby Club 45 Personal Develop- to End' X ment 3: Safety 3. Chorus 1, Z: Home Ec. 1, 2, 3: G.A.A. Z. 3, 43 Dramatics 31 A Music Appreciation 3. Page Twenty DON HARTRICH Pete Hope the girls dont take ad vantage of thrs leap year Dramatxcs 3 4 Chess and Check ers 4 Annual Staff ARTHUR WICKHAM Wnck Boys wrll be boys Basketball 4 Industrxal Arts 4 Hobby Club 4 Football 4 n lor Class Play LOREN WAYMOTH Lorme He puts hrs worrres m the bot tom of hrs heart then srts on the hd and laughs FFA 4 Safety 3 LA VERL KENNEDY Herble Often senous often glad other jolly semor lad nd I 2 3 4 Drama s Orchestra 1 2 Industrial Arts 1 bby Club 2 4 Music Apprecxatlon 3 Camera Club 3 4 Annual Staff HELEN ISLEY Runt Its not quant ty but quality that counts Chorus 2 Dramatlcs 2 4 Bust ness Trammg 3 Muslc Apprecxa tlon 3 Personal Development 3 Natural Science 4 Drum Corps 3 Annual Staff DELBERT WALDEN Deb If I could only sleep as sound ly at night as I can rn the study halls Chorus 3 Dramatxcs 2 3 4 ROWENA HEADY Rennie The gurl with a smile rs the grrl worth whrle ome Ec 1 G 2 4 Music Apprecxatnon 3 Per sonal Development 3 Pep Club HAROLD WEBB Huck Farnt heart never won farr lady Beware of leap year Industrnal Arts I 2 Hobby Club 4 Came C b n nual Stall' CLIFFORD WARFEL- Screwy Frrst comes fun then work if theres time Dramatxcs 2 3 Safety 3 MARIE SPITZER Marle The difficult IS that whrch can possible that whrch takes a lrttle longer Personal Development 3 DALE I-IUDDLESTUN Deac Hrs thoughts are Gone Wrth the Wmd otballl 2 4 F N Clu 3 4 Trac Personal Development 3 4 Vxce President 4 NADINE GRAHAM Nadme Ourt School 'S l in ll ' ,Y J Q! . , . h H . , 2, 3. 4: .A.A. 1, 3. ' ll Y! -T' as - n -- - - l lg :Sei 2.3, 1 ra lu 3.4:A- lc I1 as ' n 1' ' 1 r ll ' II 44 ' Y! H l A l be done immediately: the im- " ' . . an- ' ' Ba , , ,Q tic 3.4: '.4. 23 Ho . 3. Z ' 1 U n 1.1 U ' - I . Fo , , 3, 5 .F.A. 1, Z, f- 31 .' 3.4: b.: k3.4: if il M ll ' ,Y Page Twenty-one DEWEY CONNOR, JR. Post Graduate REPENTANFE As trumpets blast the tempest past Oh rolling drums good by Bless they that broke the path The road for you and I Let your soul repeat the past Those happy days no more And walk with me as man to man Till we meet on the other shore Four years the fire has burned To hold our class together I wonder as It burns so low tonight If it will burn forever Tis like the setting sun As it fades into the west Shall it revive forever To rise among the blest? Shall we look into the future And predict the failing light Immortal souls shall live forever Lest our spirits die tonight Oh there shall be rejoicing As the closing hours draw nigh Twill be a blessing earned Though we hate to say good by You can hear the organ chanting As the choir so softly sings Yet there seems to be a longmg And within my heart it r ngs Even though you re lconored Don t seal your fate with pen Reach out for higher honors Be a man to govern men Lee D1el THF QFNIOR PI AY YOUNGAPRIL Professor McIntyre Mrs McIntyre George McIntyre Lula Vivian Elsie Brian Stanley Bert Parsons Dutch Pete Stewart Miller Mrs Miller Mildred ane Diane Gilmore Cast Tom Spencer Helen Smallwood Neil Strole Helen Marrs Glenna Burton Luella Wallace Clyde Masher Everett Reed Ray William Virgil Price Arthur Wickham Edna Benskm Lenore Cummins Dorothy Kittle Susan Rohr The action of the play takes place in the pat10 of the McIntyre residence ln a university town in Northern California at the present time Act I Late Sunday afternoon about the middle of June Act II The same about three weeks later Act III The same slx weeks later PVT ty! L I Y Y ' 1 , ' . . U Y 1 3 s . , 1 s Y ,. I Y 7 . . S ! ' Y ,. . . , ! ' 3 . . , . I J A .J J ig no Terry McIntyre ........................................... Virginia Stark'aa'...Q I , . A ' - t , . , . a,e wen -wo CLASS OF 1941 Dorothy Mae Warren Raymond Snyder Marcella Scott Don Ward Marie Utley Edison Clark Virginia Ann Connor John Colwell Helen Romack Wilmer Schafer Margaret Bergbower Doyle Shimp Madge Mahaney Lmdell Clark Rita May Howard Alcoke Kenneth Mielke Ira Lewis Dale Wakefield Dale Wiyatt Norman Nicholas John Utley James Picquet Gerald Reed Delmar Salyers FUNNY JUNIORS The Juniors are a funny lot They like it cold they like it hot And even when it rams They like winter they like summer They also like the fall But when it comes to choosing Its spring the best of all They dont mind what the weather is Or what the time of year They have their fun and laughter Without one bit of fear The have their u and downs ou bet Y P Y But we dont bet we know For them time has no medium Its either fast or slow Pag e Twenty They dont know where they re going And when they just what and get there heaven knows where they ll be The Juniors are They think they know it all The short and fat and dumpy The skmny lean and tall a funny lot But some day soon I hope to say That they will grown up be With better ears to hear with And eyes with which to see A silent tongue within thelr mouth A clean and able mind And the sooner that day comes to us The better for mankind three Ib. With all their growing pains? But they'll get there, wait and see, , Q, 1 Y , . . 2 . v Q . . . , . 1 ' . s s - , . . . , 1 , - , 1 . S , , . . . . , 1 , . . , ! ' Y 4 Top Raw Jack Hutson Louella Kmcade Charles Hall Opal Lathrop james Laugel Wayne Lee Katethel Jourdan Second Row Gertrude Ochs Charles Glnder Margie Garrett Kent Funkhouser joan Field john Flanagan Haleen Duk s Third Row Florent Fear julia Hunzmger Savern Fehrenbacher Mary jane Kinsel Gerald Ellis Sue Douthlt Noel Cunefare Botrom Row Eileen McCormack Dan Diel Lenora May Howard Riley Maxine Cunningham Ralph Watkins Genevxeve Harris No Picture Bob Greeson Kenneth Warfel In 1937 our class entered the sacred dornaln of N C H S Under the supervision of Miss Batman, our sponsor, we began our freshman year by electing Francls Houser, President, Wayne Lee, Vice President, Catherine, Dohm, Secretary, and Dorothy Warren Treasurer The next year guided by Mr. Gruenewald, we elected Dick Worcester, President: Wayne Lee, Vice-President' Eldon Wakefield Secretary and Treasurer. That year we successfully conducted our pencil sales and all- school party. Page Twenty-four In th1S, our Junlor year, we chose Mr McCormack as our class sponsor As class oFHcers, we reelected D1ck Worcester Presldent, james Laugel, V1ce Presldent, Mar1e Utley Secretary Catherlne Dhom, Treasurer On May 20, we successfully presented the banquet to the departmg senlors The theme of the banquet was centered on a Hawa11an scene The gym decora tlons conslsted of tall palm trees A rustlc brldge served as entrance to the gym The waltresses wore grass sklrts, and HHWBIISH muslc and entertaln ment prevalled throughout the evenmg The banquet wall long be remem bered as a huge success Top Row Frances Houser Garuld French Catherxne Dhom Irl Franke Mary jane Duel Donald Dufraxn Romonna Copper Second Row Sam Yost Loxs Warren Rxchard Worcester Neva June Portlock Edgar Andrews Marxanna Westendorf Sam Beverlxn Third Row Vlfglnla Conley Gordon Warfel Lrssa Alrce Adkms Herman Brerman Merceda Bolander Glen Carpenter Mxldred Bogard Bottom Row Wayne Sowers Geneva Wxnter Calvnn Wmter Mmldred Whnehurst Vlctor Wagy Thelma Shamhart Ralph Schmxdt l Page Twenty five . -.,. , 3 . I U 5 T rrr, s T f N . u .. . - I O l SOP 'NF A .t HOMORES We, the class of '42, entered Newton Community High School in the fall of 1938 for our four years of training. We were ably guided through our first year by our sponsor, Miss Jacobs, as- sisted by the following class officers' President Virginia Ann Graham' Vice Presi dent Victor Klbler Secretary james Rubsam Treasurer Billy Edwin After a three months Vacation we an eager and ambitious group of sixty six students returned for our second year of training In September we elected Mr Johnson as class sponsor William Lobmier Lon Cleaver and Glen Bussard were chosen as class officers for the year A class party held on February 19 featured pmg pong and dancing as the chief entertainment A scavenger hunt was held after the party We were well represented in extra curricular act1v1t1es as a glance down the l1st of clubs shows the sophomores represented in the French Club Home Econom lcs GAA Athletics and other school organizations The personnel of the band also contains many members of our class The fact that we averaged about sixteen names on the honor roll each term proves that we were equally interested in scholas tic work Havmg completed two years of our training we hope to finish our remaining years in such a way that Newton Community High School may well be proud of the class of 1942 1 32 Q' -U- Av www WQ .Q '54 lk' mf dx 'fmt A Tap Row Nadine Wheat Charles Schackmann Helen Romack Kenneth Trimble Beola Derrickson Ralph Elston Betty Jane Seifers Vtrgil Derrickson Second Row Elbert Elliott Dorothy Allen Lon Cleaver Ruth Matson Elnora Mascher Berna dine Rubsam Opal Lytle Norma Romack Third Row Vera Mae Davis Etheldra Kinard Ruby Brackett Grace Maxwell Clella Short Maurice Earn st A B Clark Victor Kxbler Fourth Row Robert Bower juamta Stark Francis Watts Glenn Bussard Irene Lemay Homer Clark Dorothy Meinhart William Allen Page Twenty six l 1 1 , 1 4 ' . ' : ' Q. . A ,A 3 f 5 fa U A A . 'U ' ' ' 1 Y- ' ' - fi vu Q " 5- X 5 Q I 1 n ' Ta' ' ,ff - A A - i. A V l , 'W 'V- t,' 'A ,I -L QA V ,4 -, s 3 , VV -- . , b' Q ' 1 ki!! L.- ' - as Tb' x N ' 4 '- I g V 11 ttf fr 5 V'-.wc , 'fir ft ,, Q at V fl: F x, l'ii at ,,V Y' ' .' .Q , ., -- """" f----Y----s, - X 1 , I A 1, , N . I ,5 . ,V A it gi-T .HQ 4 , A t 1. W ,J J V V t t A ' , U , , - ' . ' 1 V " A 4 A . I Ji., ,Ri g.-'- r , . ww' Args- -N X lv-,R - V I V 3 lr, Lf' W i wg rl . 'i ,X Q' A . T A X ' ' A V A' , 5 47. Q 'QV fungi ll "l ef ' I g , - H 9 ' E V , Vi I A - M f ,A we r v 1 Q .-e ' 4. V pt' ,i V f-mug.. J :QV .A at .3g',t.' C L A S S O F 26' WE, THE We were green, last year, and new Were the things we've learned to dog We've remembered, never fear, All the things we learned last year. On the freshmen we've been tough, Maybe made their going roughg We'd forgotten, never fear, We were freshie "green" last year. Last year's "cloud" has passed us by We see now a clearer sky Last years n1t1at1on fear Left when we began th1s year SOPHOMORES We know more this year than last: Now our "verdant" stage is past, Dignified we've learned to beg Wiser now, by far, are we. Sophomores, let us be proud- We can speak our rank aloud Without those who've heard and seen- Running off--and yelling "green." just a sophomore am I- And my freshmen year s gone by Please don t thlnk the sophs to blame If I do not sign my name Top Row james Rubsam Bonnie Burnell joseph Gregorne Mary jean Warren William Lobmier Patsy Adams Colmore Miller Alberta Parker Second Row Marjorie Shook Lloyd McCormick Evelyn Matson Delbert Elliott Winnie Boxley Bobby Scott Virginia Graham Norman Benehel Third Row Morris Tobias Helen Williams Dewey Resch Wilma jean Allison Wayne jones Marlory Kmsel Eugene Wagner Ethelmaye Price lourth Row Estelle Jansen Kenneth Brooks Madonna Fear Walter Urfer Edna Swisher James Wilson Irene May Ray Weber V I I N6 Vi 'Q PK? www? Page Twenty seven x 4 2 ? if i i ' ' 5 I . if' Q , . D' In A B 5 i , -3 V Z 4- Q ls, .Sf X. xy. 5 X xiii 419' Q, 8 I I I ' ' a ' ' 53' 'P Y , n P B 615 F F' l 'F' ,. . ff '-if -ef ' 4' y p 'rf 1. It M are . JL 1 , .2 fl J ' Q g- 't ' K' , ' x f. A , , . X . rw. V :Aer V, ' I , 1 r- . n 4- t n ',ee V . V r M .3 'Qi 3, Zi- , t B 7 I B i L M3 I V u I ' V, A . :v ff ' sl 1 -rff """ . 4, X I f i 'V IN . it Y 'I M - we 0- 2? , ,N at FLAQS If Qgd Q 45 LA, lAX! Elk Xl P1 ., 23' 'M P1111 1 "' in EIA tg, 'ef 'If' Q 111 att aelffa Top Row Duane Sxms Rubydean Heady Donovan Scott Bett Ch y aney Vernon McCall A 11 Marrs Eugene Salyers Verna Mae W1ll13mS Charles Wooden Paula Absher Robert Hubbard Marguerxte Paller Rob t W er o cester Mane Gue rettaz Loren Poe Juanita Burgner Ira Wllson Norma jean Short Second Row zhnd Row Harold Metnhart Helen Poe Fay Clark Norma jean Westendort' James Whrtehurst Mary Ellen jackson Fred Rotramel Coletta Emmerich Gle S nn underland Fourth Row Vtrgmra Wallace Kenneth Tabb Margaret Tobias Jesse McFarland Ruby Utley Wtllxanf Cantwell Betty Tate Francxs Hall Roberta Lem ay No Picture Don Strole SCHOOL DAYS They say school llfe IS mxserable But let s not make tt that way Who wrltes notes and all that stuff Let us try to see some beauty He s the one who s gotng to holler In the future when th rough lake some person now In the things we do each day e gomg s a llttle Let us not neglect our lessons N k h h For the thmgs we l1ke to do owgade t If person W 0 Studlfs Let us not neglect our studies n me es Something of himself For some novel that ls new When he s through h1s educatxon Won t b thrown back upon the shelf Is It not m those same studles So dry and dull and drear Is there not somethmg that Hts us For our future our career? Yes that s the klnd of person Who ll succeed tn many ways For what he s learnlng now Hell use ln future days So let us learn a lesson From the mlstakes others have made Let us study a lnttle harder And recelve a better grade. Page Twenty enght 4 . AX new I Q3 5 - f ,p all 1 , 2 C :tw It 4 is 4 Y - 5. 1, I Ae yy .L ,,. pl h X E V x qt K M, ' Qi , Arlf. C S 'I t C I rf 1 '- d I s 4 ' I - V41 S-e been Z5 .fi .X ,At C ,i'gKA,Vt,'TN N ,r . f fl X 4 r , rf I' h " ' f 'fe . 9 , 'H I 3:4 'A A 4 -, , 'lxfgla' 4 I. K TILA 4 L ' fn' T N3 'A e In I p N I l J' Avy! N iff- 1 to f , o H ' . .e r me Q I C , 4 ' If . k .h ,. I Q5 4, A di Q 0 is 'A - 5 6. ' X ' I x If I .. 4" lv A f Y t nf 1 . A I e . li-fl I -ll, lt K "" " -' lx, i l ll - I 5 1 -'. l ' 3' S ' ...., nge I 'lop Row Marlon Crouse Ruby Mxllsap Charles Spclbrmg Betty Heady Roy Goebel Helen Phullnps Harry Dulgar Margaret Mat mgly james Mattmgly Second Row Dema Wooden Roy Semple Vnrgmxa Huddlestun Mark Meek Dorothy Strole Carl Prlce janet Ross Fred Cnestnut Wlnlfred Kermxcle Third Row Lawrence Dhom Ruth Youngman George Bevns Murnel Foster Clxfford Rauch Helen Strole Harry Gxpson Dorothy Cherry Ray Probst Fourth Row Alxce jourdan Floyd Wxlson Pearl Bracket! Edward Foltz Aleta Stark LaDonne Mxtchell Erler-e Calvert Irvln Roberts Cleda Derrxckson F1fth Row James Devore Mary Beth Fxeld l-'enry Fehrenbacher Ruby Mnlner Evan Phxllxps Mabel Dunnlgan -vu , av 'VG 'Q One day last September, we, a group of exghty two eager freshmen, entered Newton Communlty H1gh School to begm a mne month term The first few days found us wandering about the halls lookmg for our rooms After becommg accustomed to our surroundmgs we held our first class meetmg We elected Mlss Phyllis Durnm as our sponsor The officers selected were Glenn Sunderland, Presldent, Betty Tate, Vice President, and Coletta Emmerlch, Secretary and Treasurer We were represented 1n nearly all of the act1v1t1es, mcludlng athletlcs On February 14, we had a Valentine party and played Court Whlst We had a number of students on the honor roll each quarter Usually there were from mne to eleven recewmg honors and from four to slx on the hxgh honor roll Page Twenty mne 40- ACF! -A X J ITI F411 iixufj .-- Y v I 5 r' . 1,4 if , A . .l , A ,Ll I '. -V1 1 . ,nr V Il! rf.. Q iq Y. fl'I"' ' -.l I i I .1 5 , N , ' M , - X , , x-'gy'-Y xx , fr . X X K , 4 , ,X A' . 5' 5 , x XX I 2 This year the Camera Club was organized according to the rules and regulations specified by the Eastman Kodak Company, which has a school camera club service. The objectives of the club were to foster interest in photography among the students and facultyg to provide them with a useful as well as interesting extra-curricular activity: to promote exchange of ideas, exhibitions of photographs, and contests, and to help improve the photographic work of the individual members and finally, to provide a means of keeping a permanent record of student and faculty activities, sports, etc. The officers of the club were: President, Paul Jean Reepg Vice-President, Harold Webb: Secretary, Fuller Franke: and Treasurer, Scott Ross. The club met every Wednesday during activ- ity hour and at that time heard interesting lectures on photography. The club became associated with the Camera Club Service of the Eastman Kodak Company, which sent out four interesting lec- tures with slides to accompany each on the fundamentals of photography. The senior members of the club did the photographic work for the annual and enjoyed this type of work very much. During the year several contests were sponsored by the club to keep interest up and also to give the mem- bcrs a chance to obtain a prize for the best picture obtained during the contest. Photography is an excellent means of developing the capacities of the individual through an activity so absorbing that it may be regarded as re creation. It draws upon many different Fields of knowledge, encourages intelligent observation and deduction, and provided a means of self expres- sion which, in some form or other appears later in every personality. The study of photography of- fers an excellent method of introducing simple and practical applications of certain theoretical stud- ies in chemistry and physics in a way which holds the interest of the student and tends to encour- age further investigations. As an introduction to physics, it may be used to illustrate the principles of reflection and refraction, the properties of lenses ani the formation of images, and many other things. First Row: E. Reed. L jenkins. F. Franke. P. Reep. H. Webb, L. Kennedy. D Ward. R. Hubbard. - 'ai :- Second Row: R. Worcester. J. Schuch, T. Newsome, W Jones. M. Tobias, H. Kiln ler, G. Sunderland, Mr Williams. Third Row: W. Simpson H. Clark, W. Burnside, C Price, W. Hunt. D. Sims R. Worcester. an . 2' ' .v " ,Ka ' ,J q y W CAMERA CLUB 4 ,rd aw- g up J The band made 1ts first publlc appearance of the year 1n a splash of glory m the Oblong Mardl Gras Two drum majors, Genevleve Harr1s and Doyle Shlmp were IH command The second band was also m the parade and marched brlskly as this was the1r first appearance 1n thelr newly trlmmed unlforms Many new formatlons and letters were learned for the performances the band gave durlng the half at each home football game They went to Martmsvllle where they performed w1th the Martlnsvllle band at the Martmsvxlle Newton game They 1nv1ted th Charleston band to parade on our fxeld when Charleston played Newton When the football season was over Mr Shlmp dlvlded the players mto groups the Glrls Band the Boys Band, the Blue Band and the Orange Band A dlfferent group played at every basketball game After the basketball season was over they made no publlc appearances untll sprmg Durlng th1s tlme they learned many new and d1ff1cult pleces for the sprmg and summer concerts Several Sunday afternoon concerts were glven 1n the gvmnas 1um durlng Apr11 The publlc marveled at the great lmprovement ln the bands per formance over that of last year A great part of the credlt goes to Mr Sh1mp ,- .Z 0 me Pigs mn. Y E S1ms K jourdan J Fleld N Graham B Clark L Dxel M Westendorf R Worcester V Shook Tobxas C Short B Burnell E Mascher M Warren N Wheat W Mercer H R1 ey Ph1l11ps D Shnmp G Harr1s V Davns V Graham M Crouse Frrst Raw Mr Sh1mp R Hubbard Shook N Second Row I Poe M Foster M Thzrd Row D Allen R Lemay H E Prxce Fourth Row W Alllson B S1ms P Absher R Heady B D1llman G Sunderland R May N ort C IV1 er L Bayles D Warren :th Row ll Poe J Stark R Youngman B Cantwe S Douth1t M Westendor S Yost L Kennedy L jenkms P Reep Sixth Row D lms ark Pu 1am Fo tz C Ha s ,Seventh Row ,I Portlock G Bevxs K Funkhouser H Phlllrps L Cleaver M Wagner H Romack M Fxeld T Shamhart H Wrllrams Page Th1rty two . , , ' ' . ' ' 4 .ls S e , ' 1 K , . 1 X K - 'Q . 'Q 5 4 V, f g ' . , f, I M tr y,r,,l if ett: 1 1 , 1' B ' HI - ,121 Q 6 ' Z ' , 'Z S' " F J ' 1, 1 L. X' Q - ' 4 y -v 7 1 .1 1 , 1 xt F 1 1 R A , 3 . r fx 1 f 4. . . , . ' 4. . . .Q - I 1 1 ' 1 - - - . . .Sh ','.I.u..v. .t tr. .. , F1 1 , . . . . , . U 11. . . . f. . ' 1 4 s' 1, v. st w. ll: .' E. 1' , Q. 'T'! r-1'AwW- -f - , . on Q' G Warfel R Watkms R Goebel R Semple Whltehurst W Sovsers R Probst MClHh8Tf F Hal G Carpenter First Row Waymoth L Mltahell Clark K Brooks D Huddlcstun D Wagner L Reed Wagner M Crouse N Nxcholas H Lamocrt Cla In Car Hall Mr johnson Third Row Prxce D Allen C Mascher Bierman R Woodard N W jones R Schneldt G Reed F Rotramel R Wagner D Wlyatt D Waggener Fourth Row One of the mam actxvltles whlch the boys enjoyed were the Judgmg contests Th1S year as a team they won First prlze ln judgmg both fat stock and dalry cattle at the sectlonal Judgmg contest Also one Flrst prxze m ll"ld1V1dl.13l Judgmg of dalry cattle was won by Herman Blerman At the state contest Dale Wlyatt won first vrlze 1n Judgmg beef BCS1d6S these PYIZCS, second thlrd sxxth and elghth prlze rxbbons were won For entertamment they had checkers, boxmg and softball The boys are not plannmg on any trxp thzs summer but hope to go somewhere next year Page Thlrty three A . ' , , ' 1 . 5' l r Z fa y . fd 4 L Q Q A ? A , r V1 h . KX A fl ' A H. ' . . l. . . Second Rows 1. Diel. E. Brooks. W. Simpson, D. Wilson. C. Semplc. C. Wooden. L. Price. I.. . , ' : . L, , . '. A. B. rk '. l k, C. , . . "Je declare que la seance est ouverts." With these words President Juanita Kibler has called to order the meetings of the French Club. The club is composed of charter members from French I and II classes. At our First meetings, the members learned how to conduct the meetings in French with the l'appel Croll callb, and le proces verbal Cthe minutesj being read by Mlle. la secretaire, joan Field. joan Field won a very useful verb chart for having th highest score on our test. joyeu Noel et Bonne Annee' At our Christmas meeting we learned to sing Silent Night Joy to the World, and other songs in French A report about the French customs at Christmas was given by Eileen McCormack A very interesting report was given by Marjory Kinsel about the Mardi Gras Later we had reports of the well known French authors by members ot the club To symbolize their membership the members voted to buy little pins the shape of the fleur de lis the national emblem wlth Le Cercle Francais engraved upon them On Thursday May 2 the members went to Champaign to a French movie Obus de Confiance starring our French actress Danielle Darrieux It was very interesting not only because it was was in French filmed ln France, but because the dialogue -r 35- 49 'qs ,,.L.... The chorus under the direction of Mr Shimp, with joan Field as pianist, was composed of fifty four members At Christmas txme it helped the band furnish entertamment Agam on April 19 the chorus sang before the assembly The chorus class helped the band in the concerts held 1n the hlgh school audi torium on Sunday afternoons It has made few public appearances However they got a lot of pleasure from singing together We are very proud of the chorus and we hope to have a larger one next year Page Thirty four FRENCH FIUB First Row .I Field J Kibler V Connor Miss Durnm Second Row R Matson E Mat son P Adams B Date E Swish er G Winter Third Row M Kinsel E McCor mack I. Kmcade M Tobias M Bulliet M Watson FHOAUS First Row H Romack M Fos R Stanley I May B ur may Second Row D Allen J F1 ld N Romack E Kinard H Strole V Graham M Miller M Ma haney M Earnest M McCord M Shook E Bromm Third Row R Youngman M Tobias R Heady E Mascher M Whitehurst V Conley V Wallace M Jackson B Chaney V Bromm J Burg ner Fourth Raw L Price E Brooks W Kermicle R Brackett Hall L Cummins L Matson L Kmcade V Conley E Smith E Sims Frith Row len E Calvert C Derrickson Smallwood son F Rotramel D Al atson P Brackett E Biggs W Allison B C Derrickson H L Wallace R Mat , . . . . V . . ' ' ' u - av y y 9 9 . . .f N ' - - 4 - I . ' . . , -V--i ,V V Cl ' ,, K , 'S I 4 1 J 5 ,Q K A - I u A I 1 A V -. as 3 - , - - . ,J 3 w . I K f- : . , . - I . 4 ter, . , . , . B - I f nell, V. Shook, M. Bogard. I. Le- I A : . . . 'e A t T A "-W . R X . lik i ' : . , - "tl if i A . . : "- ' ' i - . . e . , ,pi N A , : , - ' I f e 'Y . ' , . , D Y . M , . , . . , , . H O B B Y C L U B Page Thirty-five The Hobby Club is organized for boys who are taking shop work or who have completed a minimum of one year of shop. This year's enrollment was 85, an increase of 10 over last year's group. The club met for work during the activity period four days a week with twenty to twenty-live boys working each day. Electricity, woodwork, metal work, archery, and models were the most popular hobbies. Two social events were held, an initiation party in the fall, and a river party in the spring. This year for initiation the boys had to wear wooden ties and also had to carry corn cobs in their pockets. The Archery Tourney created a lot of interest with about twenty-five boys taking part. A trophy was given to the winner of the event. The club attended the 1940 Electrical Engineering Show at the Uni- versity of Illinois on March 29, and found it very interesting. The officers elected for this year were Harold Webb, Presidentg Richard Worcester, Vice-Presidentg and James Laugel, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Young was the sponsor. First Row: G. Warfel, D. Elliott, E. Elliott, B. Scott, D. Diel, D. Dufrain, R. Worcester, H. Alcokc, D. Scott, I. Roberts, D. Ward, R. Elston, S. Fehrenbacher. Second Row: L. Cleaver. J. Gregorie, G. Bussard, N. Beneiiel. E. Salyers. D. Resch. C. Price, W. Rauch, K. Trimble, R. Bower, G, Geier, H, Meinhart. XV. Sowers. J. Devore, R. Weber. Third Row: J. Rubsam, H. Fehrenbacher, I. Franke. J. Wilson, K. Funkhouser. C. Miller, M. Tobias, I. Lewis, L. Price, W. Schafer. C. Winter. L. Kennedy, H. Webb. T. Newsome. L. jenkins, W. Allen. Fourth Row: J. McFarland. E. Foltz, J. Laugel, R. Reynolds. L. McCormick, J. Colwell. V. McCall. D, Salyers, J. Flanagan, D. Waggener. E. Wagner, N. Nicholas. L. Clark. R. Goebel. W. Erwin. Fifth Row: S, Beverlin. W. Lobmier, R. Snyder. W. Lee, V. Wagy, R. Wagner. W. Mercer, A. Wickham, D. Wakefield, F. Fear, C. Ginder, W. Burnside, M. Aten, E. Clark, W. Ebbert. Mr. Young. PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT Should anyone w1sh to know just exactly what to do he would find the answer by asklng a member of the Personal Development group Under the dlrectlon of Mlss Batman durlng the first semester, th1s group has made great progress They have studled table manners, mtroductlons how to lssue and accept 1nv1tat1ons, and proper conduct at dances, the mov1es, m restau rants, and other publxc places, as well as ln the home Thls course 1S con ducted Just as the regular classes are, the 1n,tructor glvlng lectures and QUIZZES, the puplls glvlng demonstratlons and havmg dlscussxons Durlng the second semester Mlss Jacobs gave each m- mber of the class a booklet conta1n1ng blanks to be filled ln after the group had finlshed one sectlon In thls way each member could tell when he Hl11Sl'lCd the booklet just what h1s personallty ratmg was ,wx nu- 0? ox Q' A Ai 'PW' Fzrst Row W Robards B Katro J jones C Warfel D Kxng Second Row E Swxck G Ochs M Kmsel B Sums M Utley M McCord R Wxlson J Hunzmger E Kmard D Boxley Thlrd Row M Pryor M Bolander N Portlock E Matson N Whxte D Allen E Smxthenry R Copper L Adkms M Cunnmgham Fourth Row. R. Bracket! V. Wolfe, E. Ben km, M. Bergbower L. Cummms L. Rauch E Hall N. Loyd M. Spitzer G. Winter. Page Thirty-six Ufr-f CHESS fA NPQPXPQ 'Qi' Flrst Row D Hartnch G Warfel ,I jones Mr Tobras G French N Strole D Dxel K Mxelke Second Row N Benefiel M Tobxas C Hall R Shamhart C Muller C Semple V Everett W Hunt Th rd Row G Ellns E Clark W jones F Fear L Howard R Foust P Faltemxer J W Curfman R Woodard V Derrickson The Chess and Checker Club was organlzed at the begmnmg of the school year under the sponsorshlp of Mr Toblas At the first meetmg John Jones was elected Presldent and Garold French Secretary The club met every Monday and the boys matched wlts m the arts of the game The boys were somewhat dnsappomted because of the lack of g1r1 members m the club A fee of five cents was charged to each member for the buymg of chess and checker boards Page Thrrty seven 4 1 W I 1, IA ,, n, Iv Q' il .FN G ,, , 9 C f' ' ' A ' 'R . . - . 4 A v lf' I V ' " A , , . 13- 0 ,. as 'fs M of :rl Z A tal, .M-wr? W N . M, L 1 ... L'r"f'i e , A W tr I' - f 'G I ,V 4 5,-1 --M' - Q ,II 'bl' TA J 'D T f Q". -' , 1 A, ,. . 'X c ' 3 f , f " .an ' f 3 -' ' " M Ll LEA a 1 ,V tc ,rf xx,-fi L ,Y rr , 4 2 4 ' I Lv i : . ', . . . , . , . , , , . ' , . . ., . , . v ' ' , G HARRIS B CLARK E McCORMACK rg Page Thxrty exght Fnst Row V Foltz N W eat G Harms B Clark R Worthey E McCormack H Dukes Second Row G Sund er and E Fo tz ms G B v Gruenewald W Cant we l R Hubbard Worcester L Poe Eleven students participated in debate throughout the season, and eight joined the squad late in the season. Only two members of the squad were seniors-Bessie Clark and Vera Foltz. Richard Worthey, also a senior, has finished his second year as secretary of the debate squad. Eileen McCormack and Genevieve Harris were junior members. The freshman class contributed fifteen members. Of that group George Bevis, Bob Worcester, Robert Hubbard, Bill Cantwell, Glenn Sunderland, Loren Poe, and Duane Sims participated all year. During the latter part of the season eight more freshmen joined the squad. They were: Margaret Tobias, Mar- guerite Faller, Betty Chaney, Ruth Youngman, Norma Short, Mary Jackson, Mary Beth Fleld, and Charles Wooden Although Eileen McCormack was the only member of the squad that had one full year of debate experience previous to this season many others displayed a great deal of talent Bessie Clark who Joined the squad late in the season last year has developed into an accomplished debater Eileen McCormack the only member of last years varsity squad to return this year greatly improved her good technique of last year Bevis and Worce ter both freshmen earned a berth on the varsity squad this year and promise to be outstandlng debaters Among the highlights of the seasons schedule were the Chicago trip of November 1n which our debaters met teams from Northern Illinois Indiana Wisconsrn Iowa and Michigan In December we had our own invitational tourney attended by one hundred twenty debaters and coaches In the same month we attended a tourney at Vandalia During January we journeyed to Olney to a tourney and in February to Charleston March was highlighted by a 500 mile Journey through central and northern Illinois The State District and League con tests were held in April Probably the outstanding event of the school y ar insofar as debaters and speech students are concerned was the acceptance of Newton Community Schools application for membership in the National Forensic League The N F L mem bership is limited to 500 high schools in the United States and its possessions Newtons admission is distinctly an honor to the school In addition to being an honorary organization the League also performs several very worthwhlle service to member schools and students For example it provldes free of charge to mem ber schools varlous kinds of speech materials it provides district regional and national tournaments to provide competition and exp rience for students of member schools It provides distinctive pins and medals for worthy speech students Further more when a student who has been an N F L member in high school enter college the National Office of the League sends a letter of recommendation to the administration of the college the student plans to attend The 1nd1v1dual membership in the National Forensic League are divided into four degrees The first degree as that of Merit second is the Degree of Honor third the Degree of Excellence fourth and highest the Degree of Distinction Of the students and alumnae of N C H S eleven have qualified for the various degrees of membership Emma Allce Adkins and Doris Watkins members of last years varsity team have qualified as alumnae members with the Degree of Distinction Bessie Clark and Eileen McCormack at the end of their second year of speech work have qualified for the Degree of Excellence Genevieve Harris George Bevis Robert Worcester and Robert Hubbard have qualified for the Degree of Honor while Vera Foltz Glen Sunderland Loren Poe and Bill Cantwell earned the Degree of Merit Page Thirty nme NFL Le!! to Right R Worcester G Harris R Hubbard B Clark W Cantwell Mr Gruenewald E McCormack G Bevis V Foltz G Sunderland , . , , . l l , I , . s , , . . . , .A .h Q y . . , . y . , . , . 1 . . 1 - , . Only schools with well rounded speech programs are admitted to membership: and . . , . . S ' 7 Y - , 3 , y , . . . 2 . , , . . . ' ' , s , . ' ' Q , ' : I , I , - . a . l ul h, 1 . , . , , . , . ' Y 7 2 l j Y ! The Dramatics Club began its activities this year under the sponsorship of Miss Gene Harney. We had forty members who elected the following officers: Jean Laugel, Presidentg John Schuch, Vice-President: and Juanita Kibler, Secretary- Treasurer. Our regular Thursday activity hour programs were full of interesting and amusing skits, talks, and demonstrations given by club members. At Hallowe'en, we sponsored an all school masked party. We gave a Leap Year Party on March 18. The big event of the year was the all school play "Growing Pains," which we sponsored on Feb. 21. The following day we gave a surprise party for Miss Harney in honor of her birthday and presented her with a gift. On May 16 and 17, we completed our year's work by sponsoring the senior play, "Young April." 'S X:-4 : we . V v. ' t' H- a. . -if' X . t e i -v- 3 3 F V W 1, .. M K .n- 4',c',. '. gli 5-'I' . nc, 'IQ' JG' - "' :.:.x.:uQ ff-.11 A 'anus' , S'1 A L kai ,fo A ,L 4.5. Z xr OU: all ., , , !l.--J ........-Me' 36 of A re- -f""n-1 4921 .-T ,1::x::1. like Nuff ff . rm J D R A M A T I C S First Row: L. Poe, B Clark, S. Rohr. J Schuch, J. Kibler, J Laugel. M. Westendorf H. Isley. Second Row: O. Rich- ards, M. Field, N. Wes- tendorf. M. Mahaney R. Milner, G. Harris V. Stark, Miss Harney R. Hubbard. Third Row: M. Tobias L. Bayles. J. Portlock V. Connor. B. Dillman L. Warren. S. Douthit D. Warren, D. Hart- rich. Fourth Row: B. Nich- ols. W. Hunt, L. Ken- nedy. T. Newsome. P. Reep. VV. Pulliam, D. Walden, P. Faltemier, W. Mercer. Page Forty KONI NFWS The Nu Kom I Newstaff wlth the help of Mxss Bayles our sponsor has been able to put out a school newspaper every two weeks The class of 1938 donated a mlmeoscope and rmmeograph to the school wh1ch have been of great ald xn our work We studled Journahsm and the qual1t1es of good reporters dur1ng the first of the school year The newstaff had twenty members thlrteen of whom were senlors The staff elected Joyce Portlock edltor Ol1v1a Barthelme asslstant edltor Glenna Burton and Lo1s Bayles copyreaders Bxll Cantwell sports edltor Gertrude Doepel artlst Bette Dlllman humorlst zz lfsu? I f Fnst Row O Barthelme E Benskm E Hall J Portlock B Cantwel T Shamhart A Phnllxps G Doepel econd Raw Mxss Bayles S Rohr L Bayles S Yost D Knrle M Harvey B Dxllman Burton L May M Utley N Portlock H Wakefield Page Forty one NAT RAL CIENCE i-. Y--Q F1ISf Row D Wlyatt S Ross Mr Gruenewald Second Row N Short V Connor W Pullxam V Kxbler G Bevxs W jones Page Forty two First Row R May H Isey O Lathrop Memhart Second Raw E McCor mack E Bromm H Romack V Bromm L Wallace Third Row Mr McCor mack Pullxam Lewxs W Schafer K Funkhouaer D Duel Fourth Row F Franke T Spencer W Lee M Bussard S Beverlxn V Wagy D Wakefield L E S I T U O 1 D L Q D U , L l 4 .1 N cz S . r,r T 1 NATURAL SCIENCE Don't we all enjoy getting out and observing nature? Of course we do. Every- one of us is eager to learn more about Mother Nature, and that is exactly the reason we have developed a natural science club. It was tried out in 1939 and was found to be very successful and interesting. Because of this, we are ad- vancing it this year with the idea that the students will know more about nature and develop their own initiatives. The club consists of 21 members each of which has a project of his own to work on Some of the students have chosen more modern projects such as the growing of sollless garden while others are getting leaf butterfly and birds nest collections An aquarium and terrarium are being made too along with a host of other projects STUDENT FOUNFIL The newly organized Student Council has progressed a great deal since its be ginmng the latter part of last school year It is an organization of students designed to promote the welfare of the school The primary purpose of the council IS to advise and assist the principal and faculty in the conduct of school affairs It supervises the bulletin board recreation inside the building during the noon hour the book exchange and the activities calendar It also sponsors the assembly programs given each week By far the largest council project is the publication of the annual Newton Community High School Handbook The Handbook is designed to acquaint new and present stu dents and their parents with all phases of their school The officers of the council were Wilford Pulliam President Virginia Connor Vice President Victor Kibler Secretary George Bevis Treasurer and Scott Ross Dale Wiyatt Wayne Jones and Norma Short members The sponsor is Mr Gruene wald GROWING PAIN?" Directed by Gene Harney George McIntyre Terry McIntyre Mrs McIntyre Professor McIntyre Sophie Mrs Pattersen Elsie Patterson Traffic Officer Dutch Brian Omar Ha Vivien Prudence Patty Jane Miriam Extra Couple CAST WILFORD PULLIAM VIRGINIA CONNOR GERTRUDE DOEPEL PAUL FALTEMIER JUANITA KIBLER MILDRED WHITEHURST BESSIE CLARK WARREN BURNSIDE EVERETT REED WARREN HUNT WILLARD MERCER VIRGINIA STARK GENEVIEVE HARRIS MARGARET TOBIAS MARY JEAN WARREN DOROTHY MAE WARREN CLEDA BIGGS and DAVE WAGGONER 1 4 6 6 I' . K, Rascal NIG LAUGEL PLACE Newton Opera House TIME February 21 1940 8 00 PM One of the most successful all school plays ever presented by the Newton Community High School was given at the Opera House on February 21 It was the story of the troubles of Professor and Mrs McIntyre and their adolescent son George and daughter Terry Page Forty three On October 3 of this year, a group of 74 Home Economic girls assembled at their first meeting. The group consisted of two types of members, those who had never taken a Home Economic subject and those who had taken a Home Economic subject. The ones who had taken a Home Economic subject were the only ones eligible to hold an ofiice. The following people were chosen from that group as office holders: Catherine Dhom, President: Bessie Clark, Vice-President: Lois Bayles, Secretary-Treasurer: Janet Ross, Publicity Chairmang Geneva Winter, Song-Leaderg and Gertrude Doepel and Evelyn Smithenry, Program Committee. At this meeting a general talk was given on Home Economics regarding the fees, which were ten cents a semester, general activity, and a description of Home Ec in the past. The club was scheduled to meet activity hour every Monday of the first week of the month besides the night meetings. At one of the first of these night meetings, the new members were initiated by the old members. After the fun of feeding them "fish worms" and making them do various other things, the more solemn part of the initiation was carried out by the beautiful and impressive candlelight pledge service in rainbow colors. The most interesting of the other night meetings were the Leap Year Party, to which the F.F.A. boys were invited, and the Mother and Daughter Reception. At some of the activity hour meetings, interesting talks were given on the care of the hair and nails, and actual demonstration of the use of cosmetics was shown to us. The style shows were something which all of us valued too, because in these we were shown the proper types of clothing to wear for different occasions and the kinds of clothing worn in different countries. ATHLETICS 4 A 1 K f A fa N , WF: LAUGEL ,Irm developed rno a sturdy dependable half back and proved a valuable asset to the team He played brrllrant ball agarnst Martrnsvrlle Jrm only a Junror and one of e returnrng lettermen BENEFIEL Dutch showed great promrse and was due for a brg season but a bad knee rn rn the Charleston ended hrs season Srnce a sophomore he wrll be next season Jury game h rs back SPENCER Though small rn stat ure Tom drd brg thrngs rn ard rng the cause toward vrctory rs strck to rt rveness wr ll long be remembered after he s gone ROBARDS He played guard and pounded the opposrtron wrth plenty of drrve After a slow start he became a great stone rn the forward wall B ll rs senror and wrll be hard to re place year WILLIAMS Wrllrams was the B largest man on the team Hrs hard blockrng and good tack lrng made hrm a standout on thrs years team Ray rs a sen ror and wrll be greatly mrssed next year USSARD Max was one of the outstandrng fullbacks rn the hrs tory of Newton Hrgh School and was voted the best punter rn t e E I Conference by league op ponents Hrs best games were agarnst Charleston and Casey whrch he almost srngle handed whipped the strong opposrtron rnto submrssron He recerved recognrtron of hrs abrlrty by be rng given honorable mentron on the Wabash Valley all confer ence team FOOTBALL BOXLEY Wrth plenty of experrence and fight ale made a good leader for the Eagles Hrs blockrng and tacklrng power along wrth hrs great brarn work accounted for our vrctorres Dale rs a semor and wrll be hard to replace as a captarn and a quarterback BEVERLIN Thrs fleet footed halfback rs one of the few veterans to return next year Hrs speed and abrlrty t shrft resulted rn many long garns WILSON Reds experrence and potentral abrlrty wrll make hrm one of next years stars Injurres handr capped hrm thrs year but he was rn there most of the trme dorng hrs best Red rs a sophomore KING Krng drd not show hrs true form untrl near the close of the season and then he filled rn very capably for rnjured players Dar rs a senror and played end HUDDLESTUN A tower of strength on defense he drove rnto enemy terrr tory and smeared ball carrrers for great losses Deacon a three year letterman rs a senror and wrll be a great loss by graduatron After gettrng off to a bad start the Newton year rnto one of the most successful seasons the school has had for many years After losrng the first two games to Oblong and Brrdgeport, the Eagles hrt therr strrde and defeated Albron 13 to 0 on the local field The boys then motored to Olney to play one of the best games of the season, although they were defeated 18 to 7 Thrs was a typrcal Newton Olney game marked by long runs and rough play on the part of both teams Thrs game seemrngly sapped the strength of the Eagles for rn therr next contest they were badly beaten by Charleston T C a team of therr own caliber, 21 to 6 It seems that the Eagles could not overcome thrs slump and on the followrng week end they were crushed by the mrghty Marons of Robrnson, before one of the largest homecomrng crowds ever to see a local game Thrs was the last defeat for the home team however for rn the three remarnrng games they emerged vrctorrous, by defeatrng Martrnsvrlle 13 to 0, and overcommg the strong Charleston and Casey elevens, 7 to 0 and 13 to 7 respectrvelv Casey and Charleston were considered two of the strongest teams rn the Conference, and the bovs really had to turn on the heat to stop them Much credrt IS due to Coach Fox for the suc cessful season Wrth a nucleus of erght lettermen he soon whrpped rnto shape as good a team as could be expected consrdermg the materlal Thrs years eleven was composed of a large and power ful lrne, and a small but speedy backfield Of the 19 lettermen, Bussard Boxley Huddlestun Wrl lrams Robards Roberts, Mercer Mrchl McDow ell Spencer Drel Krng, and Krbler are seniors, leavrng Laugel Flanagan Snyder, Beverlrn, Wrlson and Benefiel for next year's squad Page Forty srx S FLANAGAN john capably han dled the center posrtron on of fense and played rn the back field on defense Although thrs rs hrs first year he had plenty of drrve and light Thrs won hrm a berth on the first squad John wrll return next Year NYDER Snyder s herght and abrlrty to recerve passes placed end posrtron D was constantly was able to take e of the xnc be expected from year m rn fensrvely he hrs toes and care of hrs Much rs t Snyder next McDOWELL Although lackrng R rn experrence Chuck turned rn a good season at guard and hrs defensrve play was outstandrng Chuck rs a senror and wrll b greatly mrssed OBERTS Chrcks abrlrty to snag passes and throw oppon ents for great losses made hrm the star of thrs years team Chrck rs a senror and played end DIEL Lee drd very well for hrs first year out A had rnjury put hrs career to an early end Lee rs a senror MERCER Mercer alternated wrth Wrllrams and Huddlestun at the tackle posrtrons and drd a very capable job of lillrng Wrllard rs lost to next years squad through graduatron -' ' Q 1. ' ' ,. . l . . . D D . ' . ,l , . I . is ' - ' . ' . ' . . th . . . . ' . . . . U I O , . T. C. . V ' . 2 A I .' 1- . . e ' . ' I A - ' l ' hi ' an ' ' . e- . ' . on . ' sid l' . A A . v I I 0 H- rr - - -- -- nv - . . . . . V i . Eagles turned what appeared to be a very poor - e ' . i ' a ' next . ' ' . , . , 1 - ' . h l ' 1 . - . . s ' ' 1 H 4 in . . . I . , , , w'-vbfqf JW 'av Q gb silt? A NVAR Ln 03. 1 ,nm wee bevs x!nrJ if un1"""" W. L Y' bw, Ylnuwa nm Q mms 4 MAN 'W it Q Twfsom JAN w. c A 3 .0541 Flrst Row Second Row Thlrd Row Fourth Row D Kmg D Boxlcy R Wlllxams M BLssard W Mercer W Robards J Wilson Snyder C Roberts S Beverlln J Flanagan N Benenel D Dufram T Spencer J Laugel D McDowell D I-luddlestun S Yost D Ward J Utley G Mtchl H Kxbler A Wxckham E Andrews R Worcester K Brooks I Roberts G Bevns W Allen V McCall W Cantwell J McFarland D Dxel O Page Forty seven .3 ' J f EVN , . why! A x il. J . 19 My , 5 W.. iff? 4 W .. A x , Y ' nw 1-ek L , S, V" 1 , ELL, 1 .,,, Q Qwkh lb' I-lm Om. hG,.:l' Q, - ,5 4:?.1f.q',r. Y , Sf .. x M 'gene Y I Q N fs! frm! .fig Y - xr Svc P XL, hz U W , Q, , , t. R' A 34 Sf, 9453, J 'M . ' 4 A .x I l.,.'u.t.., 'llxwft-, U J 4 lie' f- S Ihr 4 o ll B 1 ltLu.mnf.,X 'f,,t,.,X90r I ,ytm,a,xk,+ N xt aw wi MX-W we M., Q 1' X .ima ' N ITN. A P - R-. .Q D LSD- K I K J A l ,XTXCX 'lx 1' A 'Z tl-xx - xx j . x- - ffm ' ' 5 . ' 5 4 ir , - F4 ' My V K L ' : . ' , . . . ' A . . ' , . , . . . ' , R. 5-.P 3 kkawx x 1 4 gf Q , B h. 0 5 A i I i ws-v.,,nQ asm Fltst Row D Resch D Slms T Spencer W Jones A Wlckham R Snyder M Bussard D Dufraln G French Second Row. I. Roberts F. Hall N. Benenel G. Bevls L. McCormxck C. Hall R. Bower D. Scott G. Sunderland. Page Forty-eight N C H S BASKETBALL When the first call for basketball players was lssued about 30 eager boys responded After two weeks of hard practlce Coach Fox emerged with the fol lowing lmeup composed of three lettermen Roberts Bussard and Spencer and Jones Wickham and Dufram from last years second team This year s schedule was one of the most hazardous met by a Newton team for many seasons It consisted of the mighty Tigers of Paris and other outstanding teams such as Flat Rock Oblong Carbondale and Casey whlch helped contrlbute to our falrly poor showlng Consxdermg the quallty of the maternal and competltlon we had a season as good as could be expected At txmes we played l1ke champions and other times l1ke the underdogs that we were 1n most games Probably our best game was agamst Flat Rock although we were defeated 30 to 28 We also showed our true selves m the blmd tourney at Greenup where we were defeated IH the Bnals bv Greenup after defeatlng Toledo in the first round The boys turned ln several other good performances agamst Charleston T C Westfield Toledo Martmsvxlle and Neoga Co Captains Bussard and Spencer and Roberts and Wlckham all from the start mg five are senlors and w1ll be hard to replace next year However the return of several good underclassmen brightens our hopes for a successful season Jones and Dufram are the only two remaining lettermen but Glenn Bussard Bower Sny d r Resch McCormick and Slms are all back from the second team N F H S BASKETBALL SCHEDULE 1939 1940 Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Oblong Parls Westfield Hutsonvrlle Casey Greenup Alumm Greenup Toledo Palestme Martmsvllle Westfield Toledo Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton 27 T Newton Newton Newton Newton Newton Sumner Flat Rock Charleston Teutopolls Greenup Neoga Greenup Flat Rock Charleston T Brownstown Effingham 11T 37T Robinson 35 T LETTEBMEN WAYNE JONES Joness helght and accurate one handed shots made him a valuable asset to this years team Wavne IS only a sophomore and should lead next years squad in scorlng He scored 89 pomts m his first year of varsity competltlon DUFRAIN Fuzzy made up for hlS lack of height by speed and fight Hav mg one more year of competltnon he should develop into a good ball player Hls ab1l1tv to hit long shots brought him 84 pomts this year SPENCER Shooting IS his speclalty and more than once h1s graceful one handed shots kept us m the running Co Captaln for the past two seasons he ably led forth regardless of odds and seemed to play best under pressure He w1ll be consplcuous bv his absence next season Tom collected 151 pomts ln the regular season BUSSARD A leadlng scorer for the Eagles this past season Max will be greatly missed as next season rolls around Co Captam for the past two seasons he has been a leader and a staunch believer of the never say dle Splflt He bore the brunt of the at tack and at least twice durlng the sea son brought us from behlnd to Wln Max scored 190 counters thls season WICKHAM Art came to us from Dundas and made the startmg team hls first year at Newton Hrs helght made him valuable as a rebounder and guard Many were the opponents whom Art held scoreless while he contrib uted 43 pomts to the teams total ROBERTS After getting off to a slow start Chick became one of the best and most accurate rebounders on the squad Chlck alternated as guard and center and capably held down both posx tlons He also added 33 pomts to hls record We all hate to see Chlek leave Page Forty mne 'W . Io . . . x . 1 ' ......,.21 ........22 - .......,17 ' .,....,.27 ,...30-T ,. .,.... 39 .,.... 32 .....,.. 20 .....35 ...,..,.23 ' ....29 ........l6 ' .....27 ........22 ..,.....16 - ,..,,...25 ........3l ....,...37 .,..,...19 ' ....,...20 ........3l Newton .,...... 27 Toledo .....,. 24-T Newton ........ 21 Carbondale, .... 42 ,. ...... 23 ...... - ..,..... 16 ...... 32 .,......27 ........3l .C.19 .....,..14 ' .......18 ........26 ...,40 ......,.20 ' ' ....15 ,.,.,.33 4... 25 ....... 23 ..,..,.. 21 ' - ...,....2S 9 fs ll: 4 Av NX, 4 's RSL, I'1rst Row M Tobras T Shamhart P Absher B Dxllman M Utley G Doepel N J Portlock C Hayes H Phnllxps Second Row S Rhr R D Utle M Garr F Hou r E Prxce M Mmller V Connor M Westendorf J Laugel V Benefnel E Kmard K E Jourdan T :rd Row R Lcmay A Parker G Maxwell E Matson I May N Romack M B Fneld R Stanley L May E Lemay J Mmg Fourth Row M J Warren N Wheat M Wagner H Romack R Matson W J Alllson A Iourdan D M Warren S Douthxt V Stark J Portlock E M Guerrettaz B Heady R Heady M Harvey Dxd you make a lettcr 1n GAA thls year? Those health charts' and trymg to remember to hand them ln on Monday nlghts The officers for th year were Presldent Gertrude Doepel Vlce Presldent Marxe Utley Secretary T easurer, Neva June Portlock, and Recorder Betty D111 man We started off wlth a Hobo Hlke Wlth our pack over our shoulder we trudged over four mxles of country roads for a wlener roast We glrls who went to Roblnson to Fall Play Day really had a swell tlme Gert and Marcme wlll be carrymg rabbxt feet around now cause they were on the wmnmg team Say remember the tumble Marlanna took down the outslde steps as we were leaving? By a new amendment ln the constltutlon the senxors had first cholce to go to Spring Play Day on May 4th at Olney How about funds? The dues were agaln 25 cents a semester We had an all school Kxd Party Joyce Portlock and Norma Jean Westendorf tled for first prlze Dxdnt Mlss Durnln and Mlss Harney make cute llttle g1rls7 Did you help sell tlckets for the Gym CXhlb1tlOl17 Speakmg of pomts we could get extra pomts thls year w1th the new ptng pong and badmmton sets A lot of glrls played basketball plng pong and badmmton at the noon hour Dont forget the 1nter class Volleyball Tournament that we had during the fall The Senlors played the Sophomores, and the Jumors played the Freshmen The Sophomores were the grand champlons You ask us lf we mltlated our new members? It was an 1n1t1at1on they wont forget Remember the lovely talk Kay Kmsel gave about her unforgotten GAA days Gee tears even came to my eyes Spring' D1dn't xt feel good to have gym outs1de7 Did you recelve your sprlng pomts by playmg tennls and softball, by blcycllng, by skating? The new rmk helped pomts, d1dn't xt? Prospects for next year look good The freshmen members encouraged the seventh and elghth grades by glvmg them a party Aprll 2nd They played basket ball, and Gert explamed how pomts are earned for the dlfferent letters Say' I'll see you later' I'd better see how many pomts I have, because I surely do want that letter, after havmg to SBCFIFICC all those candy bars and hamburgers' G A A Pledge "I prom1se to uphold the xdeals of the G1rl's Athletxc Assoclatlon, by promot mg interest IH athletlcs and the out of doors, by llvmg so that I may be healthy and strong, by makmg good sportsmanshxp a constant factor ln my conduct " Page Flfty G. A . A . f 4' f- A 'I ' , A I Q i xi , if iff if f . , 4 QL, ' 'f ' I I 1 PN X' ig A Z I ' .q 0 , ,, I s J -o ' t , 'f 'W V- - Q - gg. v - " . : V . . yy , A 1, VV 1- QV., , S l K -' 4 -is ' '-' , LS". s rr a - A Y ' Pd .. ff h. , IK ,K ' "' -. ., , . V' A,'V 'L s- " 7" . KS .fi r:f,vVV,i, 3 -:ff 1 ' Aa E,-:fps 1 .W , A f Q . ,fe A- f , r T 1 . at IJ +- . -. f- -. sw -, . I J Q 7 M nur 1' 3? I lr' J A, .JT Q ., ,iq , -A ' . I "v ' 3 ' 'qpxi K Y h -,A tl' -A 4' A QV? 7 f U L., - ff I A L .f ' A - K -. - - up + l .3 ' ,et X W . v A, K M A 'gr lt 4 .- , . , a QZQA i ' 7 - E A . It Q I I - '- ' b . - A . . : . o . . . y. . ett. . se . . ' . . ' . . . . . 2 Q ' , : ' - ' G , I ' Y ' v ' - , . . . . , ' . , . - . . . , .' ' . . . . . , ' Y Y , . . . U I . . , . fd Page Fxfty one kwa 'Wm'-as Vgivwug---s--.QL-,Q EATURES KL 'QP X A CW V Nf ,- j ,X A535 I 4 , D X CLASS WILL We the Class of 1940 of the Newton Community High School in the county of Jasper State of Illinois having come to our last hours here, ar heirs all our worldly goods and chattels Don Allens curly hair to Charles Gmder Max Atens wlsecracks to Morris Tobias Olivia Barthelmes position on news staff to Marie Utley Lois Bayless quiet ladylike manner to Margie Garrett Velma Rose Benefiel s happy go lucky ways to Louella Kincade Edna Benskxns love of fun to Betty Selfers Cleda Biggs s afternoon rides to Ruby Brackett Emelene and Virginia Bromms sisterly love to Dottie and Mar Dale Boxleys title of Football Captain to Jim Laugel Earl Brooks s walk to Floyd Wilson Warren Burnsides way with girls to Bobbie Worcester Max Bussards excellent football record to Sam Beverlm Bessie Clarks debate ability to Betty Chaney Vivian Conleys twin sister to a boy in the Junior class Lenore Cummmss musical talent to Ilene Lemay J W Curfmarvs mathematical mmd to Ira Wilson John Diels cowlick to Fay Clark Lee D1el s ability to get excusable excuses to Bill Erwin Betty Dillmans height to Bonme Burnell Gertrude Doepels artistic ability to Patsy Adams Warren Ebberts love for high school to Dan D1el Victor Everetts knowledge of ch mistry to Helen E Romack Paul Faltemiers ability to act to Charles Schackmann Fuller Frankes surplus weight to Virginia Connor Robert Fousts quiet modesty to janet Ross Vera Marie Foltzs self consciousness to Ethelmaye Price Jean Warren Gerald Geiers snapping fingers to Miss Harney in play practice Dorothy Halls voice to Gertrude Ochs Don Hartrichs Jealousy to Eileen McCormack Margaret Harveys place on honor roll to Rita May Rowena Headys knowledge of history to Marianna Westendorf Lowell Howards indifference to Virginia Graham Dale Huddlestuns football letters to the highest bidder Warren Hunts photographic ability to Don Ward. Helen Isleys pigtails and suckers to Fuzzie. Lewis jenkinss electrical knowledge to George Bevis. John Joness quiet attitude to Ralph Elston. Burly Katro s chubbiness to Kent Funkhouser. LaVerl Kennedys Bing Crosby voice to Gerald Ellis. Herbert Kiblers short legs to Noel Cunefare. Juanita Kiblers bustle dresses to Ruby Dean Heady. Daniel Kings ability to charm the girls to Doyle Shimp. Dorothy Kittles blonde locks to joan Field. Harold Lamberts boisterousness to the Elliot twins. Jean Laugels interest in Dramatics Club to Mary Beth Field. Mary Suzanne Laugels finger nails to Coletta Emmerich. Ruby Leturnos compact to Thelma Shamhart. Nadine Loyds neat appearance to Kate Jourdan. Helen Marrs's secretary position to Sue Douthit. Clyde Mascher must be kept for Lenore Cummins. Lenore Matson's necklaces to Margaret Tobias. Willard Mercer's politeness to Howard Riley. Anna Meinhart's bookkeeping skill to all who take Page Fifty-three bookkeeping. I , ' . . . ' . . ' . e arranging our worldly effects and consigning to our lawful and natural Glenna Burton's right to express her opinion to Ruby Milner. , . I LS YY Gerald Mlchls lazmess to John Colwell Marcme Mxllers mterest ln the Jumor boys to the under class gxrls Harold Mlllsaps st1ckto1t1veness to Mary Ellen Jackson Marletta McCords talent 1n hat deslgmng to Mr McSwane and Mr Gruene vuald Tom Newsomes wltty Jokes to Catherme Dhom Bull Nlchol s red halr and freckles to Red Wllson Alberta Phlllupss sudden rlsmg temper to Irene May Joyce Portlocks typmg sktll to Opal Lathrop Leon Prxces advlce on how to escape from the semor class to all flunkers of next years semor class V1rg1l Prlce s rlght to talk fast to Irl Franke Marjorx Pryors everlastmg smlle to Betty Tate Wllford Pulllam s 4 5 average to Vlfglhla Conley Lavera Rauchs ralnproof rmglets to Maurlce Earnest Wxlfred Rauchs twenty n1ne chevy and flat tlres to the Junk pxle Everett Reeds chuckle to Howard Alcoke Paul Jean Reeps b1g feet to Homer Clark Opal Rlchardss desires for dates to Duane Slms Wxllxam Robards reckless drlvlng to Vlctor Wagy Charles Robertss rlght to be a woman hater to Dlck Worcester Susan Rohrs place as a guard ln glrls basketball to Neva June Portlocl Scott Rosss ambxtxon to become famous to Gerold French John Schuchs sense of humor to Raymond Snyder Chester Semples schoolgirl complexion to Bob Hubbard Robert Shamharts qulet manner to Delmar Salyers Vernlce Shooks and uhs and uhs ln speakmg to Glenn Sunderland Wayne Slmpsons Turklsh ancestry to james Devore Eloise Slmss Seamlng lingers to Bernadxne Rubsam Helen Smallwoods sunny smlle to Juanita Stark Evelyn Smxths dark eyes to Aleta Stark Wnlma Smxths good behavlor to Alberta Parker Evelyn Smlthenrys cleverness rn wrxtmg menus to Madge Mahaney Tom Spencers good shots ln basketball to Bud Hall Marle Spltzers pretty sweaters to Norma Jean Westendorf Ruth Stanleys blushes to Francxs Houser Vlfglnla Starks danclng feet to Mary jane D1el Nell Stroles love em and leave em attltude to Dale W1yatt Evelyn Swlcks shorthand honor to all who take shorthand next year Dave Waggoners ways of argumg to any worthy successor Raymond Wagners over worked mmd to Edna Swlsher Helen Wakeflelds qulet d1spos1t1on to Paula Absher Delbert Walden s class time naps to Carl Prlce Luella Wallaces warts on her hands to Lols Warren Cllfford Warfels dates to the hxghest bldder Loren Waymoths chewlng gum to Margaret Mattlngly Harold Webbs archery ablllty to Colmore M1ller Nova Whlte s halr net to Dortha Ann Allen Arthur Wlckhams nlght life to Genevieve Harrxs Ray W1ll1ams hard punches to all boys who need to defend thexr gxrl frxends Donald Wagners bluffmg abnlxty to Urbne Roberts Duane Wllsons blg ears to Sam Yost Rhoda Wxsons raven black hamr to those gentlemen who do not prefer blondes Velma Wolfe's agreeableness to Helen Romack Ralph Woodards posrtlon as lxbrarlan to Gerald Reed Richard Wortheys abllxty to charm the teachers to Marjorle Shook Hxlma Mllners ha1r rrbbons to Beola Derrlckson In conclusron bexng of sound mmd and rn full possesslon of all our facultles we hereby afhx our srgnatures and seals thns twentxeth day of May ln the year of our Lord mneteen hundred and forty Page Fifty four . , . . , . . . . . , . . , . . .Q , . . . . , . . . , .. . . ' ' a - ' u n - - - , , . . , . . . . , . . . , . . . A v - ' 1 r ,. . I ' . - . .. - . ., .. , ., - - . , . Betty Sims's perfectly groomed hair to Francis Watts. , . . - . . , . . . , . , . . . . , . ' . ' 1 Lt 7 3 77 ' ' . , , . , . . , . . . . , . . , . . , . . , . . , . . . . , . . . . , . . . . , , . , . . . . . , .. . . . . , . . . , . , , . 'km sg Kc.YJ...A 'kim ,dw M l 934 Raw .1 ff! -5 vf""' ,1- ,ff !,,-f' ,Jil --..., S Z ,,f- gif Q- 4, ,.f,',.,7 2 J ?'l. " ..:.. .J '.1g5,,,- ini 1 f 4' 1: .5 -I . ' , f-.x.,.. Page Fifty-Eve .NF-, --4. ...sf Page lfxfty sxx SENIOR CARNIV4L The annual semor Carmval was a success th1s year xn every way Wlth a lot of dlfferent booths and good barkers we were able to sell more tlckets than ever before A large crowd thronged the mxdway Cpncture on opposrte pagel played Bmgo pltched pennles and trned thelr sklll at throwing baseballs and basket shootlng The cake walking and pltch t1ll you wxn stands also were very attrac txve Everyone threw confetti and serpentrne wlth glee The fish pond the mm strel show and the Follles Cpxcture on OPPOSIYC pagel were also well attended For the mam attractlon stunts were given by varlous organlzatlons The Newton Grade School the Jasper County Farm Bureau and the junior Womens Club put on stunts The junlor Womens Club Cplcture on OppOSltE pagej won first przze wlth thelr hllarlous pantomlme The Lamp Went Out The cllmax of the evemng was the crownmg of the Queen Betty Tate Her attendants were rn the picture on the precedmg page left to rlght jean Laugel Alberta Parker and Marianna Westendorf Glenn Sunderland presldent of the freshman class crowned the queen ASSEMBLIES A number of very mterestmg assembly programs were presented durmg the year Four of these were obtamed from the Natxonal Program Servlce Earl Conrad Worlds Llghtwelght Wrestlmg Champron gave an exh1b1t1on of wrestlmg and Jlu JIYSU Later m the year we enjoyed a muslcal program by the De Wxllo Concert Trio La Naoml Coffin vlolmlst Wlmfred Kelch soprano and plamst and De Wlllo Semerau the xnventor of the concertina grande Shortly after the holldays we were modern readmgs ln costume She was ln turn Martha Washmgton Dolly Madxson and Mary Lmcoln She showed how each acted as the Presldents wlfe m the Whrte House For modern txmes she showed how dxfferent costumes changed the appearance of a young g1rl More mformal programs were given by students most of them under the dn rect1on of Mlss M1l1ev1lle There were pep stunts a mmstrel show and quxz programs Most amusmg was the stunt m whnch the football players fpncture on opposite oagel came out m unlform on the gym When they began thelr usual type of speeches tne audlence started to suspect that there was somethxng wrong Looklng more closely they discovered that each player was a g1rl Mlss Bayless sophomore Englsh class gave a dramatlzatron of Sllas Marner Cpxcture on opposlte page? whlch they had studled m class Those ln the plcture on the precedmg page are Patsy Adams Charles Schackman Bonnie Burnell and Joseph Gregolre The band played for several assembll s CP1cture on opposlte pagej The band and chorus sponsored the Chrlstmas program Plctures of the band glrls 1n football sults and Irene Fossness are also shown on the precedmg page KATHRYN KINSEL MRS DAVIDSON We wlsh to volce our appreclatlon to Mrs We fall her our secretary but that term Davidson for the klndly way m whlch she has doesn f COVCY the multitude Of fhmgs that cared for our scripts and the materials for our she so charmxngly does show Page Fifty seven ' Ll S! . ' . D 1 4 - q .f , . a . , , . . , ' , . , . ' I , , . , . . . . .' . . . N ,, . . n. ,v ' , . .. 3 .7 V 7 . , ' , . ' , . . . . . . . ' . . ' , . : . . , . . . 9 , . . E . ! ' 3 entertamed by Irene Fossness Cplcture on opposite pagej who gave hlstorxcal and - , , , . . , . . Q , . 1 - - ey u .- . , , 2 . - , . . . ' , , . , y v . a . ' 'e . ' ' . - , , I H t H -1 N I ' I 4 v - Q a . . Q83 -' I 'R Page Fxfxy emght OIL Illmoxs has ln recent years been growmg ln 1mportance as an Oll pro ducmg state In 1936 Illmoxs ranked fourteenth among the o1l producmg states , lt IS now thlrd among the states Durxng the last two years there has been a great mcrease m drxllmg for o1l and gas ln Il11no1s In 1935 there were but 34 o1l and gas wells completed ln th1s state ln 1936 92 wells were completed In 1938 there were 974 wells completed Wlth the mcreased act1v1ty ln 011 development ln Illmoxs the questlon has arisen as to the need of leglslatlon to regulate this new mdustry and to conserve th1s natural resource At present the proved reserves of o1l recover able by usual methods of productlon are estlmated to be about 13 b1ll1on barrels These would last approximately 15 years at the 1933 rate of con sumptlon A shortage durmg the commg 15 year perlod can be prevented only by dlscovery of new fields The first produc1ng well 1n jasper County was drllled on the Warren land south of Newton The well was a gusher, and the 011 shot out of the ground The wells are much easxer drxlled nowadays Very hngh powered dlesel engmes are used now lnstead of the old cable tool type rlg A well can be completed nn two or three weeks The Pure O11 Company IS the ploneer of Illlnols ln the new fields opened up The o1l boom first started ln the region of Clsne and then Clay C1ty and Noble Last summer development began north of Olney and has been comlng north Last fall a new field started west of Dundas It has been predicted that the Dundas and Boos locatlons will 10111 On the precedmg page prctures are shown of the Warren well from the tlme lt started until o1l was struck There are pictures of dlfferent operations and local c1t1zens looklng on MR LEESON Every theatre must have a mght watchman to see that all of the prop ertles and stage settmgs are kept ln thexr proper places We feel that Mr Leeson has done hrs Job well JOHN CLARK Wxthout a yanltor to keep the theatre clean and rn good order there could not be an entxrely successful show Our thanks to Mr Clark for dorng a grand Job Page Fxfty nxne We have three busses this year Marvxn Goebel brxngs students from Is land Grove Glla Wheeler and Lxs VlClYll txes Students from Hldalgo Rose Hull and Falmouth VICIDIIIES nde on Harry Dulgars bus Alonzo Martxn brmgs students from Dun das West Lnberty St Mane and Boos vxcmntxes Mr Martm and Mr Dulgar have been operating busses smce the tnme the bus routes started m 1934 However thus ns the first year for Mr Goebel 1 , p Z 1 - O . - . . . A I - A 'K ' t 1. wg. YN., Y I 'Z 3 . zrj f , Lllfl it . -' . I In CL4SS OF'1940 Don Allen Max Aten Bxll Robards Dale Boxley W Ollvxa Barthelme Lols Bayles Velma Benefneld Edna Benskxn Cleda Bnggs Emelene Bromm Vlrgmla Bromm Earl Brooks Warren Burnslde Glenna Burton Lenore Cummms J W Curfman John Dxel Lee Dxel Bette Dxllman Gertrude Doepel Warren Ebbert Vlctor Everett Paul Faltemler Fuller Franke Robert Foust Vera Marne Foltz Gerald Gexer Dorothy Hall Don Hartrlch Rowena Heady Margaret Harvey Dorothy Kxttle Mary Suzanne Laugel Lowell Howard Dale Huddlestun Warren Hunt Helen Isley Lewns Jenkms John Jones Burl Katro LaVerl Kennedy Herbert Klbler JUHIIIYB Kxbler Damel Kmg Harold Lambert Jean Laugel Ruby Leturno Nadme Loyd Helen Marrs Clvde Mascher Lanore Matson Wrllard Mercer Anna Memhart Gerald Mlchl Marclne Mrller STAGE NAME Rrchard Green Marx Brothers Olivia de Haviland Bette Davzs lane Withers Annabella Alice Faye Brenda Joyce Myrna Loy Frank Morgan Bob Hope Linda Darnell Lurse Ramer George Brent Charles Laughton Fred MacMurray Vrrgmra Bruce Brllre Burke Sterlmg Holloway Tarzan Henry Fonda Olzver Hardy Walter Wmchell Ida Lupmo john Garheld Kay Francls Richard Green Norma Shearer Rosemary Lane Priscilla Lane Lola Lane Cary Grant Wayne Morris Don Ameche Vrrgmla Wexdler jack Benny Ronald Colman Andy Devm Bing Crosby George Raft Gall Patrick Errol Flynn Kay Kyser Bomta Granville Marlene Dietrich Hedy Lamarr Anne Shlrley Melvyn Douglas Katharine Hepburn Robert Taylor jean Murr Bob Burns Loretta Young IN THE MOVIES Harold Mlllsap Marletta McCord Tom Newsome B111 Nlchols Alberta Phlllxps Joyce Portlock Leon Prxce Vlrgll PYICE MarJor1e Pryor Wllford Pulllam Lavera Rauch Wllfred Rauch Everett Reed Paul jean Reep Opal Rlchards Charles Roberts Susan Rohr Scott Ross John Schuch Chester Semple Robert Shamhart Vernxce Shook Wayne Slmpson Betty Sxms Elolse Sums Helen Smallwood Evelyn Smtth Wllma Smlth Tom Spencer Vlrgmla Stark Marne Spltzer Ruth Stanley Nell Strole Evelyn Swlck Dave Waggoner Don Wagner Raymond Wagner Helen Wakefield Delbert Walden Luella Wallace Clifford Warfel Loren Waymoth Harold Webb Nova Whxte Arthur Wrckham Ray Wllllams Duane Wllson Rhoda Wllson Velma Wolfe Ralph Woodard Richard Worthey Max Bussard Bessle Clark V1v1an Conley Hllma Milner Page Sixty STAGE NAME Victor McLaglen Irene Dunne Iackre Cooper Charley McCarthy Andrea Leeds Deanna Durbm Douglas Fazrbanks jr Robert Young Geraldine Frtzgerald joel McCrea Lana Turner Donald Meek Tyrone Power Nelson Eddy Wendy Barrie Clark Gable Iudy Garland Freddze Bartholomew Stan Laurel Thomas Mitchell felifry Lynn Margaret Hamilton Orson Welles Ioan Bennett Edna Best Anne Sherzdan Delores Del R10 Una Merkle Fred Astarre Gmger Rogers Anne Sothern Ioan Davis Fredrxc March Greta Garbo Leslze Howard Spencer Tracy Paul Mum Shirley Temple james Stewart Nancy Kelly james Cagney Bruce Cabot Humphrey Bogart Zasu Pitts David Niven Robert Montgomery Slim Summervzlle Vzvlen Leigh Barbara Stanwyck Ion Hall john Barrymore Mickey Rooney Fannie Brice Ilene Massey Rosalind Russell .f Evelyn Hall. .V .I .l .l .l .- .I .l .l .l .V .A .I .lfean Arthur Evelyn Smithenry: .l .l .l .l :loan Crawford JUANITA KERMICLE She was always so thoughtful and lrmd Her cheery smile made her so dear Alas' how much we miss her' Though her sp1r1t we feel IS st1ll neat So lets honor her name by domg Lzttle kmdnesses that shall ne er cease Thus erectzng a monument to her Whlle she sleeps so sweetly m peace CALENDAR 1939 1940 AUGUST School opens SEPTEMBER Labor Day no school Assembly Earl Conrad Oblong ftherel Brldgeport Cherej OCTOBER Hamburger fry at park Alblon fherej GAA all school kld party Olney Ctherej Charleston T C Ctherel RODIHSOD Cherel Homecommg Dramatlcs Club Dance NOVEMBER Martmsvllle Ctherej End of first quarter High School Conference at Urbana Charleston C1ty Cherej Debate at Olney French Club Meetmg Casey Cherej Debate Tournament at Hmsdale Thanksglvmg Holxday 30 Home Ec Club Meetmg Page Sxxty one DECEMBER Semor Carmval County Spellmg Contest Basketball at Oblong Paris Chereb Debate Tournament Qherej Westfield Ctherel Hutsonvllle fherej Assembly program Dramatlcs Club Party Casey Cherej Home Ec Club Meetlng Greenup Ctherel Christmas Holldays Begm All School Party Alumni Game Greenup won the tourney JANUARY School Begms Toledo Cherej Assembly Judge Fred G Bale Palestme ftherej Martmsvllle fherej Westfield Cherel Iumor Class Party Toledo Ctherej Ftrst day of Semester Exams Wabash Valley Tournament Begms Charleston Cherel County Teachers Institute Teutopolls Cherej Donkey Basketball game FFA Basketball practice 30 . 1 ' ' . 2 ' . , 5 . 4 8 ' . ' ' 9 . 13 : . 13 l 15 - 15 ' . 29 ' . 18 . 19 . 21 ' . 4 . - 22 . 6 0 , 1 a o . 11 . . . . . 13 l . 26 ' ' gg A8 Night 5011001 OPCHS- 29 Blind Tourney at Greenup. . . . 30 I Z7 ' . . 30 ' - 3 ' . . 4 . . . 6 ' . 9 ' ' . 2 ' ' . 13 . . 15 . ' . 3 ' . 16 . 10 ' . 18 ' . 14 . I ' . 23 . 17 . 26 ' . 18 . . ' . Z3 i . ' . 29 . . ' . 30 . . . ' . Faculty vs Lrons Semors won class tournament State Basketball tournament begms Home Ec Club Mothers 1nv1ted Dramatxcs Club attended play at Champaign All School Leap Year Party sponsored by Dramatlcs Club Good Frlday Holxday End of thxrd quarter APRIL Semor Guldance Conference at Casey Rural School Muslc Festlval E I S T C Band Concert Gym Exhlbxtlon FEBRUARY E I League Tourney Greenup Neoga Ctherej Semor Party Freshman Sophomore Tourney at Safety Debate 1 00 P M Greenup Cherej Carbondale H S Cherej Flat Rock Ctherej Faculty Basketball vs Llons Freshmen Party Charleston T C Chereb Sophomore Party Effingham Ctherej Growlng Pams all school play Faculty Basketball vs L1ons Brownstown Ctherej GAA Nrght Meetlng FFA Boxxng Matches Reglonal Tourney at Robmson Robmson vs Newton MARCH Class tournament begms Debate team makes a tour of Indxana and Ill1no1s Assembly Grade School presented play Greenup MAY E I League Debate Tourney Chl Freshmen Softball at Olney Semor Play Jumor Sen1or Banquet Freshmen Softball Olney at Newton 29 Semester Exams Decoratlon Day Close of School JUNE Baccalaureate Commencement HOMECOMINF To a stranger the bustlmg actlvlty at the Newton Commumtv Hlgh School on October 27th would have been amazmg but to us lt was slmple Th1s was the great day of our Znd annual Homecommg Everyone rush d around 1n the mormng buslly preparmg the floats for the parade at 2 30 P M Even the mornmg ram dxd not dampen our splrlts although some of our floats suffered sllghtly On the previous page IS a plcture of Mr Johnson and the F F A boys preparmg thelr float When everythmg was ready the sun smlled bravely lf weakly and on to town we moved wlth th band leadmg The five Judges at the Court House had l1ttle trouble decldmg that the Grade School float merxted first prlze It was a mmlature model of the school ground wxth the bulldmg and play ground equxpment on It A sxgn on the sxde said Thls Is Where We Got Our Start The second prxze awarded to the Hobbv Club Thrs float carried out an Indxan theme They a large kettle over a fire 1n front of a tepee wlth an Indxan st1rr1ng lt On srgn they sald Makmg It Hot for the Robmson Maroons The semors thlrd prxze wlth the comlc effect thelr float rece1ved from the storm The was a car pamted to resemble a rock w1th an eagle s nest on top The class of won the prxze for the best decorated automoblle The car was decorated crepe paper and balloons and was equ1pped wlth a publxc address system WBS had thelr won float 1938 wxth The pnctures are shown on the prevxous page and a DICYUTC of the Junior Woman s Club s float also Two hundred and fifty alumm renewed old frrendshlps at the Alumm Banquet at 6 30 Dr J Hal Connors address served to rem1nd many of thelr school days and a specxal xssue of the Nu Kom I News mformed them of present day happenmgs at N C H S Dr W1ll1am Franke was elected Presxdent Mr Lawrence Shup V1ce Presxdent Sybll Kennett Correspondmg Secretary Luc1le Bayles Record1ng Secretary and Mrs A J Klnsel Treasurer Followlng the banquet was a football game wlth Rob1nson The Eagles put up a desperate fight but lost the game to the Maroons The dance held after the game however was a success We felt very cheered by the excellent muslc and were reluctant to leave after the crownmg of the Queen Vlfglnla Ann Connor She and her attendants Betty Chaney Betty Tate Thelma Shamhart and June Meng were the center of attentlon on thelr beautlfully decorated da1s On the precedmg page a pxcture lS shown of Dale Boxley the football captam crowmng V1rg1n1a Ann Page Slxty two 12 . -. ' . ' ' , ' ' 14 ' . n ' 15 ' ' ' . , ' 18 - ' , ' 22 ' ' . I ' D 29 ' . . 1 ' ' . . . . 6 ' ' 3 . . . . . D. 1 qc l . ' . 4 . . . . 9 . . . . ' ' . 15 ' . . . . ' . 20 ' - ' . 'A ' , 24 - . - - 28- . 30 ' . ' l 31 . ' '. 2 . : . 3 . Y v 1 Q ir-f' 'in N -3 Page Sxxty three X h Q il wiv "' ,Xe -.5 .ima FW? 59 'C' anna-"' ' I A x Q' pf- Y , ,.-,, .1 OY Q rw--""" I 5, rwv- N Rage Snciy wur -K Those who have given us complimentary sections and those who have given us ads have aided the senior class in no small way with the publica- tion of this 1940 Nu-Kom-I. We wish to thank them for their coopera- tion. In appreciation PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR ADVERTISERS in return for their kindness to us. In addition the Nu Koml Staff wishes to thank underclassmen and all others who have helped in any way with this year book COMPLIMENTS CONGRESSMAN LAURENCE F ARNOLD Of Newton 23rd DISTRICT E L SCHEDLBAUER Bower SCPVICC 85 Grocery Poultry Eggs Cream l Phlllips Products Conkeys Ful O pep Groceries Meats Notions etc Feeds Courteous and Prompt Service Newton Ill Phone 56 A W BOWER Newton Tllmois 1gSty OF X I . l l X , - - 1. - - - - V ' , . . . "a c ix -live Mr Young' Does the moon affect the tldea Tom Spencer No only the tled Fon QUALITY Clot Shoes E And For Furmshmgs Entlre For Famlly Men And Boys OLNEY ILLINOIS Choose Your Career As We Choose Our OLNEY OIL COMPANY DISTRIBUTORS MOBILE GAS ARCADIA and ELKS THEATRES Olney IlllH0lS F U R N I T U R E Abegglen Brothers Olney Illlnols Mr Gruenewald Max who was Mrss Harney Why are you late Jean? jean Laugel Wel 1 1 there was a sxgn down the street Mlss Harney What has the slgn got to do wlth lt? jean L It sald School Zone Go Slow and I dld Max B Anne Boleyn was a flat lron Mr Gruenewald What on earth do you mean Max? Max Well It says here ln the hxs tory book Henry havmg dxsposed of Catherme pressed h1s Sult wxth Anne Boleyn THE NEWTON PRESS TWICE A WEEK The News Whxle Its News Congratulations LA RUTH SHOP The Store For Women Olney Illmoxs Mrs Vlrgznra Stark Spencer Uust M3fF16dD Id l1ke to have some lard Clerk fDon Wardj Pall? Vlrgrma Have you any dark hades7 Page S ty s .. - .. , ll . , UH- - .. hung . ' . it - . Y! , n i - - , ' 19 y ' , me ' ' ' VY , as ' s , sa " ' . . , , v - as YY O ' Anne Boleyn? , .. - .. a 'l a .. , . ' N . . . I y - , . . . . 9 1 10 ' ' , , ' , as u - - - Wi , sa ' va H - v Qu ' ' ' , sn .. S . ix -ix STAR THEATRE In Apprecmtlon of Your Patronage NEWTON ILLINOIS CITY DRUG CO Re all St P1 e To Buy Y C f u Dr Soda SQ Sca d10c S100a dup n Store L N O COMMERCIAL TELEPHONE COMPANY Townsend SGTVICG Statlon th f Sq Where Quality Mercha d1S6 a d Ser ce Meet P S O I Your x ore I L I I S "The ac o r ugsu andy S N thcast Corner o uarc Newton, Ill' ois The Ben Frankli . 'lf Nor Side o uare 3' n " ' , n ' , n , . ri vi ." Newton, Illinois Newton, Illinois LEO B BERGBOWER Texaco Products Fxrechlef Gasolme Courteous SSYVICC 4 Mlle West of Newton Illmols Pamts Olls Wall Paper an Glass Flrst Grade Products for Less Money J W FEI-IRENBACHER Veterlnarlan Palnt and Wall Paper Store Newton Ill1no1s COMPLIMENTS A R R E Ready To Wear and Shoes Newton Furmture Company The Home Furmshers New and Used Furnlture Floor Covermgs East Slde Square Newton IIIITIOIS COMPLIMENTS J O U R D A N S Grocerles and Meats Newton 111111015 NEESE SERVICE Phxlllp s Products Tlres Batteries Candy Grocerles Clgarettes Phone 361 Newton Ill1no1s BEST WISHES C DWIGHT MCCCRMACK W H o L E s A L E Candy Cxgarettes Tobacco NEWTON ILLINOIS Pgbt . d . V . . of of W N ' S , Newton Illinois . - ' " y- 'ght Newton Insists on the Best! WE SUPPLY THE BEST' HARVEST HOME BUTTER Cottage Cheese Ice Cream Mllk Pepsl Cola MISSIOH Orange L S HEATH AND SONS ROBINSON ILI INOIS andHoS1e1y ALWAYS THE NEW STYLES Robmson mmols REGULAR MEALS Lxght Lunches and Sandwlehe MCCOY S SHOE STORE I L Musgme Mg, ROBINSON ILLINOIS Soup Salads PgSty Smart Footwear Ice Cream Soft Drinks 9 a e ix - ' I Comphments of LEINGANG- BAKING CO OLNEY ILLINOIS Reep Photographer Do you want small or large p1ctures7 Marianna W Small ones Reep Photographer Then close your mouth Chick CIn the drugstore on Sunday mornlngj Please glve me change for a mckel Druggzst Joy the serm Mr W1II1ams How do you keep your Here xt IS I hope youll en on hat lookmg so fresh? Mr McSwane Ive had lf cleaned twlce and once I exchanged t ln a res taurant DR NEIL FRANKE Dentlst X RAY SERVICE Office Over Kaufmann Bros Newton Ill1no1s KAUFMANN BROS Hlgh School Boys Suxts Shoes and Furnlshlngs Newton Ill1no1s Kaufmann s Texaco Statlon WASHING a GREASING Goodrxch Tlres Newton Ill1no1s Phone 177R Congratulatlons G'rraduat1ng Semors You are takmg a long step forward We w1sh to thank students and teachers for the busmess glven us 1n the past May we serve you agam at graduat1on7 We w1sh you a very Interesting summer vacat1on THE FASHION SHOP THE STORE OF SERVICE Robmson Ill1no1s Pag S venty . Q , 4. , . - N - , I. H , t. , . 71 ' . H . - va . l N . . , . , - ' 71 - - , tt - vu ' ' , tt - - , 1 .- -- , . . - v - v ' Y . . . v ,. e e SATISFACTION A CERTAINTY 25 Years of Service PALMER PRODUCTS, INC. WAUKESHA, WISCONSIN Adjacent to Milwaukee QUALITY SERVICF HERFF JONES COMPANY INDIANAPOLIS INDIANA Class Rmgs Commencement Announcements Medals Trophles Jewelers and Engravers to Class of 1940 E H HALL DECATUR 1LL1No1s BUSINESS NEEDS Secretarles Accountants and Executlves It offers early advancement and large mcomes to those Wlth abxllty In makmg plans for your career It w11l help you to have our literature It IS yours for the askmg and wlthout obllgatlon LOCKYEARS BUSINESS COLLEGE EVANSVILLE INDIANA PgS ty 4 l 1 1 I.. . . , v 1 ' 9 I "Our Coffee Made Our House Fa o " ROBBS COFFEE HOUSE A C Robb Prop Mam Street Opposlte Court House Home Cooklng Clean and Wholesome OLNEY ILLINOIS 24 Hour Road Service MCDOWELL S SERVICE Chas B McDowell Prop Goodyear Txre D1StflbUtOf CONOCO GASOLINE Phone 138 B Phone Newton Ill Olney Ill Grandma SAYS Ever Hardy Chlcks uve Are Better Eberhardt Poultry Farm On Route 130 West Llberty Illmols Mall Orders Sollclted Lowest Pr1ces Telephone 44 Standard Goods BOWERS DRUG STORE Soda Fountam Establlshed 1845 Sandwlches 94 Years ln Busmes Olney Illmols S M I T H S for Ice Cream 228 West Mam Street OLNEY ILLINOIS KING FOR FURNITURE 311 East Mam Street 403 Whlttle GOOD FURNITURE BAD Olney 111111015 Page Seve nty two III 'l1S l . . , . . V Riga Ar ' f' X I , sind . . , . H - -27 7 , BOOS AND KEA DRY GOODS AND CL O Coats - Dresses Millinery and Sho Dry Goods at Lowest Newton BATMAN'S MARKET Staple and Fancy Groceries Meats and Vegetables Telephone 55 Newton, Ill. DR A J FRAN Dentlst Ofhce Over Kaufmann Newton A N N E X H 0 T E L RooMs APARTMENTS MEALS Jennmg s Dairy Mald Ice Cream Newton Illmols S W Corner Square Phone 26W ISLEY AND WI Attorneys at Law Newton Ill1no1s Francls fRlSlf1g from the card table and followed by an admlrerj Oh mother I have won the booby Mother cSI'I1llll'lgJ How mce come let me k1ss you both Mr Fox Operator glve me eleven times thxrty one mlnus six dlvlded by Eve add to lt twlce the orxgmal number and make It snappy Warren Bumsxdes to Glenna Burton If the moon had a baby would the sky rocket77'97 5 REESE W gm 4 aliase- ,51 A r mn -Q 335 E -1712 ...ii vt FUNERAL HOME CALL REESE AMBULANCE Nxght 98 Day Anytlme Anywhere Page Seve ty three . , . . , . ' il ' I 7 H . . ' ,, . - - , .. - ' ' ' . . . . 7 . U . . ' , u , fs,,, 9231 Sif .1-t A N4 91. 4' 'PQY f. '- 13.2.- ff. 4?-" sg ym. ,j lk ,T'i'g s ,'f ., 3' X -J. 1 -iA '- T sf., 1. D -A - f -- 2-az-Y ' ' 55352-5-. b - . X j f A jg , ' - - ,. Q e' ill -A AA H.. lf- P? :J Ig, 'ga - , -J.- Ju' ,fgi . 3:0-we g , . A ' ff, - - ., V I N .5 J ? Z4 ,l F .T t K- .N H ' , WAGY S CAFE Hot Sandwlches Dmners and Lunches Soft Drmks Newton Illlnoxs Albmght s Clothmg Store cLoTH1NG sHoEs Men s Furmshlngs Newton Illlnols Mzss Durnm Bob tell me what the prefix mag means Bob Worcester B1g Mrss Durnm Then glV6 me an xllustra non Bob I lxke magples Mr Tobias Name an example of com merclal product named after a famous person Wxlford P Lmdberger cheese for Llndbergh WE ST E RN A U T O ASSOCIATE STORE Tlres RadlOS Batterles Phone 83X Geo Helfert Newton Illmols Preach Who collects the poll tax? Beanie Allison What IS the poll tax' Miss Jacobs Cto classj Well what IS I 9 Mary jean Warren Wel I dont know but I thmk lts a tax on cats JASPER COUNTY MOTOR COMPANY Sales CHEVROLET Servlce The Place to Buy Your Car Newton Illmols NIFTY NOOK Soft Drlnks Lxght Lunch Coolest Place ln Town East Slde Square Paul A Dufram Mgr Newton Illmoxs SUNLAN D HATCHERY Baby Chlx Custom Hatchmg Dealer ln Fleld Seeds and General Produce Purma Feeds Newton Illmoxs The Moschenross Grocery COMPLETE FOOD STORE Telephone 152R Newton Illlnols Pag Seventy fou v v , rl n ' - , lr . n . . H . - v , , , -t n , U 1 . l , - ' y n , . , . . w . . 1 H - v 1 4 n ' ' , lr - nv . . ' U . . - u , u ' - n - , lt ' .- n ' . H ' . , . ' n ' ' 3 . I' But why eat poor baked Bread? Pr1m's bakery at Effingham IS one of the very Hnest bakerles 1n the state no bakery can be kept cleaner The Bread baked here can not be excelled Every lngredlent IS one of the purest and very best By saylng Prlms Bread you are assured of the best why not get the best? Sold by all good dealers In busmess slnce 1912 P R I M S B A K E R Y EFFINGHAM ILLINOIS You Wont need to 390103126 If you cant Fmd xt an Newton when servmg Come To CARL WOLF S DECORATED CAKES 631 Wabash Ave A SPECIALTY Terre Haute Ind Wood s Bread Cakes or Rolls W' 0 O D B A K E R Y' The Largest and Fmest Store for Oblong Iumols Men and Boys m the Wabash Valley AINT IT THE TRUTH Some fellows start rlght ln the rut All men may be born equal but They don t stay that way long There IS many a man wlth a gallant a1r Goes galloplng to the fray But the valuable man IS the man who s there When the smoke has cleared away Some Dont get nothm out of llfe But when thelr whmes beg1n We often can remlnd them that They dont put nothm EFFINGHAM ILLINOIS PgS tyfi I . , - , L G A V v .arf I 'W While others head the throng, " ' ' ' in." - -af f 3 9 EVEN - ve GEORGE E. FRANKE SCHOOL BOOKS AND SUPPLIES NEWTON ILLINOIS MILO D YELVINGTON LAWYER Newton Illmoxs KINSEL GROCERY CO GROCERIES Dellvery SCYVICC Phone 17 Newton Ill1no1s PARKER'S CAF Regular Meals - Short Orders Also a Nice Place To Go After the Show for Dancing and Refreshments E N e W s 1: a, n d Magazmes and Newspapers CLDOER HOTEL LITZELMANN Russell Kelley Mgr All Home Cookmg Sunday Dmners and Partles A Speclalty MRS J M KIBLER 8 mys Meats, Fruits, Candy Pa e S. - ' THEI G MEN S CLOTHING EFFINGHAM STORES SHOES FOR THE FAMILY ILLINOIS A1r Condltloned COURT HOUSE CA FE JUST GOOD Foon S Slde Square Effingham Ill1no1s E Re1sner Grocery REFRESHMENTS Meats Flour Feeds Gasolme and O11s School Bus Headquarters HIDALGO ILLINOIS Worthey's Hardware General L1ne of Hardware Fenclng Stoves Pamt and O11 and Motor Oxls Telephone ZOF3 VANATTA S STORE Grocerles Dry Goods and Cold Drmks Telep1one 13F14 HIDALGO ILLINOIS ELKIN OIL COMPANY WHOLESALE RETAIL D1StFlbUtOfS TEXACO PRODUCTS Dreterlch Illmoxs BLOCKS STYLE SHOP Where Style and Quality Costs Less Specxahzmg ln Smart Dresses Slzes 9 52 At PFICCS That Please EFFINGHAM ILLINOIS Pgb ty ! Hidalgo Illinois 3 I ,,. a e 'ev - G1fts That Last Watches Dlamonds Class Rlngs Your Jeweler and Optometrlst LOLLAR S JEWELRY STORE S W Corner Square Newton Il11no1s MARY S CAFE Lunches Soft Drxnks and a Good Place to Eat Newton Illmols R L WORCESTER Hardware Fence Complete Hardware Stock Phllco Radlos Dr1 Gas Stoves Fr1g1daxre Refugerators Newton Ill1no1s R W WISHARD Physlcxan and Surgeon OPHce over the Peoples State Bank Newton Ill1no1s BEND LOWE LOANS INSURANCE ABSTRACTS Newton Illmoxs Complxments THE OLNEY SAN ITARIUM nc OLNEY ILLINOIS Pgs ty eight i' I 5 Sandwiches of All Kinds - of . I . a e even - ' W E B E R ' S CLOTHING, FURNISHINGS "The Store for Dad and the Lad" Effingham Illinois HOLLYWOOD "Value Leaders" The Smartest Creations in Dresses Coats, and Millinery at Popular Prices. Robinson Illinois PERRY S Dry Goods and Ready to Wear Style Quallty Selectlon LOW PRICES Oblong Illmoxs BELL BROTHERS Producers of Petroleum Robinson Illinois DR R GRIFFY PHYSICIAN AND SURGEON Practlce Llmlted to Diseases of Glasses F1tted Office Hours ln Oblong 9 12 Office Hours 1n Robinson 1 5 Palace Clothlng Store A Large Stock for Men and Young Men Any of Your Needs Can be Fllled Here Robinson Illmols PgeS ety 2 Eye, Ear, Nose, and Throat SUITS - TIES " SHIRTS a ev n - ' e HOTEL WOODWORTH ROBINSON ILLINOIS Good For Excellent Servlce Gracious Hospxtahty YOUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME Compllments of FRISINA AMUSEMENT CO LINCOLN GRAND THEATRES Where Courtesy IS Understood and the Show Always Good Robmson Illmols Comphments of HARRISON Maytag Co Maytag Washers and Frlgldalre Refrlgerators See Your Newton Representatlve Skeets Metcalf M A DOLAN Standard O11 Products Corner West Mam and Franklm Streets Robmson Illmols Complxments of NEW LINE SHOP West Slde Square Robmson Illmoxs Lov1ng's Furmture Store The Home of Quahty Furmture At Prlces to Please Every Purse Phone 166 Effingham Il11no1s Comphments of DR D A NICCUM Optometrlc Eye Spec1al1st Eilingham Illmols P g Eghty a ' n na ' 14 ' ' ' n - uv 4 ' ' ' u vs I 0 . . x - . n ' ' H n u n 4 . . El C 1 ELMER TOWNSEND SAWMILL MANUFACTURER AND SHIPPER OF HARDWOOD LUMBER Phone 191 Newton Il11no1s Wlth Best Wishes from FIRST NATIONAL BANK Ncwton Illmols Member Federal Deposlt Insurance Corporatlon CITY MEAT MARKET GFOCCTICS and Meats Phone No 4 West S1de Square Newton Ill1no1s S H E L L SBTVICG Stat1on GOLDEN SHELL MOTOR OILS Txres and Gasolme 3 blocks East Square 33 130 Ifloyd Bragg Newton Ill1I'lO1S You Can Always Flnd What You Want IH the Hardware and Implement Lme at WEBER BROS The Store of Quahty and Good Servlce Teutopohs Il11no1s Graduates of Newton Communlty Hlgh School will always have our very best wlshes for Success 1n whatever professxon or occupatlon they choose PEOPLES STATE BANK NEWTON ILLINOIS Pg L hty Prompt and Courteous Service - - I a e 'ig -one Mr johnson Max what are you thmk mg of domg after you graduate? Max Aten I was thmkmg of taklng up land Mr johnson Much? Max Aten A shovelful at a txme DIEL GROCERY SCHOOL SUPPLIES Cold Drlnks Llght Lunch Newton Illmoxs Compllments BEN F CONLEY COAL COMPANY FORD MERCURY ZIEG-LER AUTO CO Sales and Servlce Always a Good Place to Buy A Good Used Car ean Laugel Mac we need couple of more Jokes for the annual Mac McSwane O K You and me R 85 D GIFT SHOP LADIES READY TO WEAR Berkshlre Hose Newton Il1ll1OlS Haag Myers Washers Water Systems BRUMMER HARDWARE Stoves Pamt Glass Kelvmator Refngerator West Slde of Square Newton Ill A Sallor 1Dale Wakefieldj after plac mg some flowers on a grave m a ceme tery notlced an old Chmaman placmg a bowl of rlce on a nearby grave The Saxl or asked When do you expect your frlend to come up and eat the FICE, The old Chmaman CFuzzy Duframj re plled wlthout a smlle Same tlme your frlend comes up to smell the flowers Miss Bayles GIVC some of the many chances of escape Dan D Well you mrght wake up some mormng and Fmd yourself dead BON TON BEAUTY SHOP Speclalxzmg ln Permanent Waves an All Other Kmds of Beauty Work Mabel Welker Proprietor Phone 9R Newton IIIIHOIS Page Exghty two , -4 - . . , - ' - n l H . . . as , u n , -4 - vw , . u v ' v nn v - - n . . . U . v - H , l H . n , u ' .. , - n 1 u n , u . , 3 ' u ' 5 . . , so . . . v sv l ll Complnments of KASSERMAN AND KASSERMAN ATTORNEYS AT LAW N9Wt011 Illmols CROWLEY S GROCERY The West End Grocery A Clean Store Fresh Grocerles and Meats Newton Illmoxs Mr McCormack Merceda how do we know that when we swallow our food doe not drop mto the stomach but IS drawn 1nto the stomach by a contractxon of the throat? Merceda Bolander W ell fthmklng deeplyj we dont hear lt splash Scott R I asked you not to tell Moth janet R I didn t I merely said I was too busy gettmg breakfast to look at the clock DRUE C BOWER Bl3CkSITllthlI'1g Lawn Mower Repalr an Sharpenxng Lathe Work Newton 313 East Jourdan Illlnols Street THE MENTOR DEMOCRAT Newton Ill1no1s Our Job Department Is Equipped To Do The Very Best of Prmtxng CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIORS E D R O H R ' S SOUTH END GROCERY Phone 60W Newton Illll'lO1S P ge E ghty three 9 I , S ,, . , Y ' D7 Courteous Servwe er what time 1 got in last night." ,, d , ' . a l - g sto CLASS OF 40 CARROLL SINCLAIR Servlce Statlon Ph e IZOX Ne ton Ill E W P WHEELER R T MINEO PRINTING SHOP W E tabl h d 1884 AND SON BUILDING MATERIALS STA KURL BEN L BRUNER Beauty Shop PLUMBING HEATING perma e t W She t Metal P ducts A Sp C alty e d Plu e rl St NEWTON BOX AND BASKET COMPANY Inc MANUFACTURERS E l Con ratulation 9 O I on W , inoi Complim nts of . . 216 est Curtis Street 5 is 9 ne 121B Newton, Illinois Newton, Illinois n n aving e ro e i Lic nse mb r Edi 1 ark, Prop. Newton U1 A , . Newton, Illinois amy The refrigerator with EXTRA storage space at no extra cost' Su the 19 40 Nh rp. the scn s monal new st'md1r1lol rcfrlgtr muon values Amizing cum spice at no extra cost 'ill the things you ve long wanted 7ones of food storlge lxclusnc refrigerant cooled Rollator Cold lf' Miker Celliret ior useful stor age QR! See NORGE be ore you buy' fomein now seewhy Norge is so economiaal to ov.n SIMS FURNITURE STORE Compliments to CLASS OF 1940 KENNEDY S SERVICE STATION Rock Island Gasoline Pennzoil Motor Oil and Greases Washing and Greasmg Phone 271 Newton Ill WHITE ROSE SERVICE STATION Helen Long Prop TRUCK SERVICE Enarco Motor O11 YOUR NORGE RADIO AND North on Newton FURNITURE DEALER Routes 130-33 Illinois South Side Square Phone 102R Newton Illinois FARM BUREAU Service Station Ralph French Manager Expert Lubrication-Car Washing We Call for and Deliver Your Car. Brunswick Tires-Soy Oil Paint 920 W. Jourdan-on Route 33 Phone 13W Newton Illinois Neil Strole: How many wheels on a locomotive? W. Ebbert: What kind of a locomo- tive? Neil Strole: One of those eight-wheel machines. W. Ebbert: Gosh I dont know. Anna Meinhart was visiting an insane asylum. While passing the big clock in the hallway she glanced at her watch and remarked That clock must be a little off. Sure it is a patient volunteered. It wouldnt be here if it werent. Page Eighty-five NEWTON CREAMERY COMPANY We Malntam Top Pr1ces For Cream Newton Illlnols CC CLINE AND CROUSE For Ohlo O11 Company Products Marathon Gasollne and O11 Prompt and Courteous Service N E Corner of Square Newton Illmoxs W KIS eweler and Optometrlst Newton Ill1no1s When you lnvest ln a watch buy Amerl can The best watches nn the world are If you buy Radxo programs you w111 be dlsappomted I feature Elgm watches as my years of experlence have taught me that dollar for dollar they are the best and longest lastlng watches made It wxll pay you to shop around the cor ner Compllments to Class of 40 H E N R Y B A Y S E Star SCYVICC and Grocer Phone 133 R Newton Illlnols ONE STOP DIAMOND SERVICE STATION Modern Cablns Auto Accessorles Flrestone Tlres L D RICHARDS 85 SON South Van Buren Street Newton Illmoxs MARKWELL Funeral Home Ambulance Servlce Phone 176 Newton Illmols B B B RU M M E R WHOLESALE Clgarettes Candy Tobacco Gum NEWTON ILLINOIS Page Exghty sxx S J 'f ' ' made here at horne in the good old .U. S. 710 W' .loufdan St- P111' Refreshment Buy lt from your gr V favorlte dealer , W 3 Q x U fcb - I 0 o "" 1 DAP REGISLFL-'if' JJ Q., 1? Wg I I 'N ff' 0 COCA COLA BOTTLING C0 TELEPHONE Iso OLNEY ILLINOIS X il Bessze Clark Howll I cook these sausages? Gert Doepel Fry them llke fish Bessie Cafter ten mlnutes workj Gee theres not much left after you clean them out Dad Has that young man of yours got any money' A Parker No Dad hardly enough to keep gomg Dad Then youd better tell hIm to stop commg Betty Dxllman was consultlng her law yer concermng a dlvorce and was asked Its true Isnt lt that your husband sand he led a dogs lIfe Wlth you? Betty Well yes He d1d He came IH wIth muddy feet took the best place by the Ere waIted to be fed growled at any one who crossed hlm and snapped a doz en tlmes a day Mrs Wallace Luella who played the part of the professor In Growmg Pamsl' Luella Paul Foot In Mnre Flowers for Every OccasIon RICHARD'S FLORAL SHOP Member of Florlsts Telegraph Dellvery Assoclatlon Phone 15 Newton Illinois BIN G S GARAGE Oldsmoblle Agency Wrecker Servlce General Repalrlng Newton IHIHOIS Page Exghty seven -5 I- f I I .I -"':'63x ll ' s. Q fe". ' W . , .. . .4 fl lf, . f' ' . e , A i ii' 4-13 ' I - f ' fj s ' . If-f .IW I' fel -fb I - X. ,iq 1 , -.. ,H H23 . x - ' ,f, '11 ,'-x:, eL, ,I - 'Q' '- s A ,Q 'A " aff? 12' , 25.11 - I . 3 ' 4 Y K if .' -f' ..-. if-" Q N ' ,Q ' I-126 'f --If I ' I ts 5 We ' ' "1 ' I I , ,f.- , ' fa. Q U 55:2 .- ,:' 3'-?'5'.-1 In :fl il , Z - : -' -. rw - - ef- f-1. . :i'.'f-I E K r ! .4 bg -.J " - 7, I 3, . ff' l '-1-1 K' p - ni - ' sl 'E' -.5, z.. ,tiki I B7-VA .34 . A -I. ggi Y T , J .- 11.1 Amd' -- viiffflf -if 5':':-'lfff'-f" ' : J' ' 'r I ' W, Y? A A Eg. ,EAS X In 1 p 'v ,wg-,: . .- 5: - W , ' . . 4 ' .- I I yy HJ 2 '38 . A ' ' .I N" S , . g 4? ,- ' It 7,1544 1, 3 mi 53' 0 . ' - I x Y ' lah.. Ii , mx. 1 . ' U , . . u D - - - . . rl f ss H ' , ' ' ' , ' Y ' ' 7 ' ' D! ' , - rr . , l l ' EL D q . , . . 1, . av ' " , , I. - - y v , sa I -U ' ' - .Z - - H , 14 v ' ' - , as 4 ' ' I n - rv . 1' ' ' . 7 TED MESKIMEN FURNITURE STORES Rob1nson I111no1s STOVES FURNITURE RADIOS WESTINGHOUSE ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES Congratulatlons Newton Hlgh School On Your Year Book Th1s took courage and your success IS well deserved.. When the t1me comes A n1cely furmshed home wlll help ln further success and happiness TED MESKIMEN FURNITURE STORES Rob1nson I111no1s West Main Street W H U T S O N TURNIPSEED S INSURANCE COFFEE SHOP I111no1s The 1940 Nu Kom I was Prmted by WILLIAMSON PRINTING AND PUBLISHING CO Of Sprmgfield Under the personal supervlslon of MR MINOR L SMITH Designed and Engraved by THE INDIANAPOLIS ENGRAVING COMPANY Under the personal SUPCYVISIOH of MR ROBERT LOEWR Photographed by SPIETH STUDIO OF OLNEY Under the personal supervlslon of MR FRED SPIETH Pg Lgltyc hx . . , . I ' 1 Newton Illinois Newton ' a c fi 1 V ig Q 16 I mM.,,..,,,.,..,

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