Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA)

 - Class of 1966

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Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1966 Edition, Cover

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r H-'Mull mW '-'hi , I- , m w lkwlm ill'-Q !U1 l,!,5.i P 1 X-ca 554 I I fi J.!'.1FXi'EF - -ml' "vm NEWTON COLLEGE OF THE SACRED HEART NEWTON MASSACHUSETTS To Our Parents This is the pulse and rhythm of Newton the exciting sound of myself. 3 The sound of myself is the rhythm of life 1 U'-1 'N X," .,,. X Ni built on pec1ce,tronquiIity and order B iii ,.i.,i Left: Mother C. Putnam, Pro- tessor of Art, Warden ofCush- ing House. Below: Mr. Tomie DePaoIa, Assistant Professor of Art. Right: Mother C. Maguire, Professor of English. Lower right: Mrs. Joseph Dever, S.W.C. Coordinator. sparked by dynamism, creativity, earnestness and h umor I 1 A In -,..1 W y.,- YQ ::' I " 'F 5."'!- "NN N , ws. f.f-ffm is 'kfywh-5. A Of' 'GPYA ' , , Fw - ' a x J, U wg. , N -mg - . , Q .' ,Lay ,vlhkq gi A ii , Agia' 5 , - ' A P-f.:-1 ns N Y i ff: f" A " N x A Q 'qw X N QM, ,, X . Xxx mx Fr N l x, K s kew' xx X, , x x 5? , .X K ,N -Q + Q ' '-r X K v,,X-gym L, V Q 1x " ' V 1 X X pw X ww A A-Y 9 X 3 5.5: 3 ,Q .- I W QXQQ f ' - fx ' I " " :1jL N' I 5 AE -4 ' 5 ' Q 3 Q xl ...A . ,.4,,: I yy V Ai V1 ...A A .,..,,4,.M 11 Upper left: Mr. Joseph Con- way, Associate Professor of Economics and History. For left: Mother M. M. Gor- man, Professor of Psychology. Lower left: Dr. J. P. FitzGib- bon, Professor of Philosophy. Above: Mother A. Cohalan, Lecturer in Music. Above: Mr. N. Roodkowsky, Assistant Professor of Russian History and Language. Left: Mrs. J. W. Taxer, Associ- ate Professor of German. Below: Mrs. G. P. Williams, Assistant Professor ofClassics. Right: Miss Virginia Brown, Assistant Professor of Classics. Far right: Dr. J. M. Hoffman, Associate Professor of Psychol- ogy. Lower right: Mr.Wm.Daniels, Assistant Professor of English. w A For left: Mr.VincentSolomita, Assistant Professor of Art. Left: Mr. Harry J. Gittes, Guest Lecturer in Classics. Above: Mother K. McDonnell, Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics, Warden ofDucl1esne House. Below: Miss .loan Norton, As- sistant Dean. fist. Left: Mr. Robert J. Curran, Associate Professor of Philos- ophy. Right: Mother G. Torres, As- sociate Professor of Spanish. Far right: Mr. Francis-Paul LeBeau, Assistant Professor of French. Lower right: Mother Loretta Santen, Assistant Professor of Theology. s i 'HQ , W ' . Rik ,.. WV' '5 Z. Lower left: Mrs. A. M. Chasson, Jr., Registrar. Right: Mr. Frank Lyons, Jr., Associate Professor of Psychology and Sociology. Far right: Mrs. Robert Brandfon, Assistant Profes- sor of English. Lower right: Mr. K.J. Pres- kenis, Assistant Professor of Mathematics. Extreme right: Dr. J. R. McGovern, Associate Pro- fessor of History Y if? Above: Dr. Jacques Zephir, Professor of French. Right: Mr. Pierre Lubenec, Assistant Professor of Mathe- matics. Lower right: Dr. L. Gleiman, Professor of History and Politi- cal Science and Dr. L. E. Kam- oski, Associate Professor of Philosophy. Upper right: Mrs. S. K. Ball- ing, Associate Professor ofMu- sic and German. 2 ,., 5 179 3 f 5 4 W 1vm m Upper left: Mother H.Sy- ran, Director of Admis- sions, Warden of Keyes House. Far left: Dr. Heinz Kohler, Lecturer in Chemistry. Lower left: Dr. E. B. Line- han, Lecturer in Education. Left: Miss Mariorie Bell, Director of Physical Educa- tion. Right: Mrs. W. E. Farn- ham, Assistant Professor ofEnglish. Lower right: Dr. Ubaldo DiBenedetto, Assistant Professor of ltalian and Spanish. ln, 118 M-"""' Left: Mother Claire Kon dolt, Treasurer, Warden of Stuart House. Above: Miss M. V. Fuster Assistant Professor of Spanish. Upper right: Mr. F. A Stahl, Lecturer in Art. Right: Mr. Frank Flinn Lecturer in Sacred Scrip ture. Missing: Mrs. K. G. T Webster, Lecturer in Eng lish. Upper left: Mrs. E. J.McHugh Lecturer in History. Lower left: Mrs. A. Loud, As sistont Professor ofChemistry Above: Dr. S. Clarke, Lec- turer in Education. Right: Mme. P. DeLocoste, As sociote Professor of Philos ophy. Y ...www fwmmswfmggggf . O 27 Above: Mother F. Cunningham, As- sociate Professor of Biology. Below: Mme. F. Courtois, Assistant Professor of French. Right: Mr. Clay, Assistant Professor of Biology. Far right: Dr. B. A. Wysocki, Profes- sor of Psychology. Extreme right: Mr. Frank Maguire, Assistant Professor of Theology. 29 in sfif Left: Dr. Leo Parente, Lecturer in Economics. Lower left: Mother M. V. Coleman, Librarian. Right: Mother Elizabeth White, Profes- sor of English, Warden of Hardey House. Lower right: Mrs. Robert Kiely, Lec- turer in Biology. R4 "xg, 'B' lg i 1 tu--,f 4.1, muff .,., I Rightg Dr. Renee Noves, Professor of Chemistry. Extreme right: Dr. A. Ne- ' methy, Professor of Socio- logy ond Economics. Above: Mr. PhilipMorcus, Associofe Professor of Arf. Above center: C. R. Boffi- celli, Lecturer in Biology cmd Dr. Fronk A. Belomo- rich, Lecfurer in Biology. Upper right: Mrs. B. Kean, Asssifcmf Professor of Rus- sion. ,aim .,4,.,:1...,,m..h . -- E 33 NYS. l Left: Mrs. R. Afan, Instructor in German. Above: Mrs. W. J. Frawley, Associate Profes- sor ot Biology. Upper right: Mr. Donald Krier, Assistant Professor ot Economics. Right: Mother Faine McMullen, Assistant Professor of Political Science and History. Missing: Mrs. R. Albert and Dr. C. K. Levy, Lecturers in Biology. measured in growth and change I . -My,-f,f, wx .Ln 1,- fg,'fp5.4L,, - -- fr., 1 . 'f ww- -ff xml?-S5'ff1'? 1:1 1' 'X :iff fPN35f2' 'ffm-:J+f'f . af, , ! l .1 ,w.,,f,,,,v A mf. -nzwuf. . gp ' ,, mg, .Mk - 5 ww W.: . , , f I fs H if ,, ,, ??'.,b . fue 4 9ffi3zx,SYT2ff2A.'2?f67:'gig'--,- . sgwm, , f 25235, ' ' Q .4,.. A,,,kA A , s:?QQ g . ' 1" 'Q fgxfi.:5.1ff.g2aE::v51-?:?44p4,. , , . , A-W I - 1 9- V- 1 , V Ev9.5M2g3gffaQffri?A 1.5 - .411 w Q-,x.x-NQSQ.-f,gS:b.Q-W x Swgfqx www .., 51:11 bn 34:3 52 2 faSa.::'si:fN+-5no-:J-N-21:-2-mm va-fa:--2-vs -pf.. -H--assign sffskzl H Q 1 R..,i"7 ' -rfr 1.1. :..f,........,-E , ,.... b - - I - , ., x .-E1'j,if2' 12- '- X' - ,A --' , 1 v qvaw-pr, N436 QXQWWE -x ,Q .1 Q9 2 1 ilk Above: Susan Marion, Head of Keyes. Left: Mrs. J. R. Gilman, House i Mother, Keyes, and Mrs. Hig- gins, House Mother, Hardey. Upper right: AnnSilber,Head i of Hardey. M Lower right: Mary Ann Pas- quale, Head of Stuart. Far right: Miss N. Jenkins, House Mother, Stuart. ,f v- , .X 43 f ' 1 ' .M ,.-av.,--5 Above left: D. Zachariasiewicz, Head of Duchesne East. Above: Miss B. Carney, House Mother, Duchesne East. Left: Kate Corbett, Head of Duchesne West. Upper right: Anne-Marie Carroll, Head of Cushing. Extreme right: Miss A. Hammer, House Mother, Cushing. Lower right: Miss A. M. Barry, House Mother, Duchesne West. Z A-453 ,f c ld Q' ,wb M a .Q-Q 1 K, QE, is ,337 ,W -Apu ,,, . .fS?-16- ' , V ,, :mg 7 FY wfwiiilam - ' 4 1 1 1,,,,,,. w Q gmfxxm ww N xx... xx M3 QA Above: Mr. Ronald C. Brinn, Publicity Direc- tor. Below: Mr. Arfhur Spellmon, Dining Room Sfewo rd. 50 51 4 - 1 1 A 4 H 3 -. Fm-sf rr L-W 'F We U0 nv vi nw, rw, hi Ur' nu' uv' .fr -J P .vi . Q. u -su 'IQ vw. vu w tfxtltllj wvuwxv- bl! 'U UU 13 Uv UU W in-4 il' K 5 ll 1' ' Y 3 ku. any 1 6 so un IU f i i iv nu 5 Z lv i 5 vi f i ill K 6 in f UU iv It 6 Q HU lv 'lv s iff 5. Y -X ix 1364 Xxxi Y x. 5. Q ,Qi w N X, N, Q, -M Q wx x Lg: if . ix 333 Q :X Eg: ' X 18:32, MQ. n , ix? -x wx... A 'SSB A fi? X Cl 11 gun., i 1 -4 i uv ii i up gqg Z 134 fllrusug 1 iii Q UU it -gg I fi l-111 .1 uv iv!!! un-1... up -p 1 it :gpg yggg ug ? lil!! minus.-p mul-'saws lull il!! 113 5-gn-:uncut Q .gf -,gg-g -...Q-pup 1 i iii iiiii gg up 1'1-4.4 11-gg ll I llltti 3913i i 5 1111 1111 1 i uiihli 5111 an ng inning-nulitl-l an 6 I-ICC!!! 'vi'-'T iii iiii iiii iii 1111 11 5 ,ggi 1111 11 : iff iiii -if 1 515 1-ning, it gig uggngg 111: fij 1111 111 aaa w-an-las unlrllllf i iii iii 111 iii iii iff .pqguu gud: halt!!! ll?" gvildlb qgguv 1 1-w A. 1 v 3 5 :.,qN- N 56 57 w 4 l I w i w l w 1 N f s V J expressed in song and dance, speech ond silence 5 1 1 w 1 m 1 E l. Extreme left: Father Berrigan and Frances Bolger, Head of IRC. Lower left: Michael Curtin, President of AA. and Cathy Beyer, Editor of Prism. Upper left: Diane Lapolla, Head ot Psychology Club. Above: Ann MarieKennedy, Head of French Club. Left: Margie O'Brien, Head of Steering Committee. i 5 9 W' 3' ',.' E.-64 xw, Q' ' ' Y .-z. .JEMYQ-Rav xggiaxlsruf in va., f..-r . V so fx ,.r""' ,,.,..-f'- Above: Lonu Yung, Art Club. Right Peggy Baden- housen, Interest Com- miffee. Left: Mr. Smith, Direc tor of Glee Club. Below: The Newiones Sue Larkin, Head. Right: Meg Frisbee Head of Glee Club. For right: Glee Club Qw :WW Upper left: Betsy Hemenway, Head of Mod ern Dcmce Club. Left: Nancy Bussey, Y.A.F. If 'nw Left: Margie Barritt, Editor of the Yearbook. Lower left: Yearbook staff: M. Ryan, B. Wolf, C. McCabe, Missing: P. Badenhausen. Right: M. Naphin, Business Manager. A94 41 A Y 5 'E' fi, f 4 1 , Thr 'yi U? 'f' V+ " ' We as. X ,Vi ,"N. x z l, l rl l Left: Children of Mary: Eileen O'Dea, 1 Head. Right: Mary Ellen Conway, Young li Republicans. 3 Upper right: Connie Farrell, V.S.O. W Extreme right: Jane Hannaway, Young Democrats. l 1 l l l l l l l l l l l N-mmm.-.1mNwJM...g.s.xxxa.1,q.,, ...V Nw -xmm... 1 Xumvm. Above: Terry Ancona, Treas- urer. Right: Joyce Beck, Head of Student Academic Council. Above right: Julie Derry, President of Student Govern- ment, and Martha Roughan, Vice-President of StudentGov- ernment. Far right: Janet Stone, Par- liamentarian. Extreme right: Marcia Peck- ham, Secretary. Z5 'f 11?-.L Far upper left: Junior Class Officers Penny Comly, Mary Lou Gumpper, 81 Paula Parizzi Upper left: Sophomore Class Officers Barbara Gretch, Betty Downes, .lane Sullivan Extreme left: Amy Comas, N.S.A. Far left: Martha Roughan, Senior Class President Left: Mary Clarissa Donahue, Senior Class Treasurer Above: Freshman Class Officers: Beth Cangemi, Cindy Sullivan, 81 Laurie Quinn Right: Sue Larkin, Senior Class Vice- President Right: Sue Correll, Chairman of So- cial Committee For Right: Members: Midge Kramer Extreme Right: Mory Connorton Below: Barry Noone, Noreen Con- nolly, Mory Pot Hoberle Lower Right: Lou Fortin, Judy Mullen .4-5 E ,fa .1 ' x s ij' XX ,-"rv ,qv-' H50- , N1 ,.,-R-rw!-Nh HM -QS m:p,T?fnr-if ' :K4,gy:.:w X I , 4 htgfwk kg fi, ' --c v Q i5:x.f,f4' xuky 3' k"E'?wsx,"-1 N 5 gg,..?5. 2 if 'kit ' A ,f -'S s i sf: '. .,, ,,,. .,- 53.3-.N-Q K 78 XJ' J Lett: Wheat and Cockle Stuff. Ann Silber, Editor Top: Noreen Connolly, Editor-in- Chief of 885 Above: Cathy Polenchor ond Mary Lou Gumpper, Editors Right: Julie Gilbert, Editor nt? J-N 4' if v-4,1 lm 4-,sw Af ' 1.-A 4 ' 3 ,.,e ' A 1 7 ' sl tax: ' fly, It fix . W Q Fsffffq 1. V " ""-Tiws . .cl . if 'V f 4 , , . 1 ' , gzw Q '.', ' . - ' fi fy ' I. x N. .Qs V vt q K M - I L - I' 121 1- A 5 Q .- ggi. , , vm ' 'Q' ' K :J--' S, x " 'X V . -"Q .,, U s 'Af ' ' ,A . M E "' 4 .. ,' 1 4 ' 'H 'K T-I if V- f 1 5 'A Wm. If" - ' , A 41, I ' 1' - i 1 v 5 55 N L 1 . U h' D ' ' , , I R I 73 g 'f-X f' K ' : 1 V M. 7 pl, A fp. V' .L Q W w establishing a rhythm in the shifting pattern of alays and seasons. 2 X ,..-' Pb 1 . . 1.1, 1-Ah. 1 1 1 42 Q S 83 Mx K .,. .4 f Q Q- 5 , v -1 L fb 1 a 'L .- L xv '5 . " aw is 3 N x x fd ' a , 1 J X x ' "7' ' -1- -R v "' sip 'xii-"Pi '. Y JBA, . s, -NA, 'ay' ' ' 'r 2'P'N"' Q X I I -ff -I' ' ' -if. U- . .x 3 , , . I 59?-I1 TQT Q. xlya A - - fu' S . U 5.5 L ' A , 's o 1 2 .5 -.v an ,, 1 4 ,,. l Ns ' 'A , --' . ,av , .-,Y Q--ff ,. 31, X .rf- 87 'UW' msg, ' 'A ' V ' 11 f X 4 X- A ba 'Y S X c r'l7I-" 'fl- 1 Q, 1 f .xp -f bg if Stl' ' A 1 'Q' Y g. v QW 89 -4 '. 'x'- 'iw 515, f.,,.-,iz V .-ff 1,21 1- a S5 V ' 3 - X .,... jawn. -..,..X--.-.,,:.,-.- -..,...1xW--gig, ,,,k,41:-. ,Q , , ,V x k L.. M, .-V .W ..- - ,..., -,.,.- fniri ,,,,, -, -,.'f'-ufffsg. 4-f ' - HM... A .' ,,- , 1171 - " -'V "T - 55,1-' -., Y ",,... A -......fl..',,:.,,',,- warm pr Xu., x . vww'-gwxxwv . F x S Ai'-7133 1. 5 .A,'.4f - , l, - -wm5xxiNXif - . .,,..., - - vw .., , ,, v 1 1 4 -1 E 1 9 W 1 ,., U? . Lk M fm HN . "ILE Us if s - 2 f E may MMI Q1 1 1' ? in V 1, i .nk I ,fix 5 7 . Q' f ' 1 .' Q 2 I ,f i ig i -f! Q, " ., . Y 2 . U 5, f F Fir Y x E In x Qlwga QV! , 4 'f.22pj,,' 'ff f 5 x 1 .nv N QQ X X NA , M'+'f .5 il' 'I' fr' 1 if .' 5 . if -1, 'S .1 sf in ew' S N X ' . W, X qw. . 23:3 ' fiat ' 1- "N, fr-' -,-zvfw. .. S Q Q5 S f . -3 4 g x Q . 1 1 f Lijl Qu, f 5' Y'fJg.?"f A AK . " ' , 1 V .N 5 .- ' , wsif' r 5 .. . , -.-fx 4 if , wx . E 'mm 7 3. .ww . , . 5 Y D ' 1 , .W W, S . es. .r. Kg is-w ' , 'm x. ' . 1 2 iw A , . -ws . A J' -"W ' NP XT X X ' xf-N . A Xglig. ww X: 'Q ,Q v --- P' .W E' f' .Rf :fax Y ., 1--1ge:?'?ff'-IQ' 'T-F 5,-not -ll 1' ' ' ,V "' 1.-'J' 'H ir1-w1' i'Q- -. ' s .. . N S, -Hy Q-'fx 1 -'yi' -, - .. .fy E' .Qi . . 53,:r..,g,ns fi." "J 1 1.54 .- Qiggy Q .- W . .- 4.3 x 11 -pinky' f . ' N--f "Q-s' .-- F5527 ':.2':.- ' A . .4 pg' is ,,:,:NuQgf. ' rf Y pgwhggs. .4 'f :buf ' , ,g- ,JL-'-fy -r 5 ' sf ' 1- .- v V 1, A ..fy.':.- b..ssI1fjx?1a,f, . 4-:ig?".,- ,.. . V, 1-,g . 5,1 qw Q., , ww ra.: ' YA 6-'K ' . -,w ng' N-37+ '-" " "aj 'Q , "Vi 'K - . 112- .. , zz,"-11' . -vt.,---"' . f . . f' ' .IA y , K ., V , , . . .fps v N ,-7--Q' I - ' Q'if'AZ ' 5155- -E K' 5-:Ci T'- SL 'z gf-fw Q -- -- w,..,. ,...., craig, A b " I A , 5 "-A Wi I .,.. . ff" ' be 4. l - . , ,..- f- -. 'bl " W.. -'CX 'A . ,. ,Q 5 A ,. f . f 4 will Q -...air-3" . , Q , 'vi . -w x , - - A . ' K A . Ei! Q... , .. ff ESM. nnmNe 6 Xx N M X xx .QQKXX 'WN v 5 f wg' . " Q - 'fgvjiq ,,., we Q, fi? Q. I .y--.. i i ."' xEN'?X:9V.'.- x N sf si. . :xv gg.. .- - ' ' W 1 xx . , h , , ',. Kyiv N Q Q" ff! -1,4 ' A ,,,3 .1 M' XA1 " Q1 Mm - ' . ' fi, 1y,,,g,,:-,- LQ, Q, - . flfm. 3 .gf rw 9" ' rim ' nf .45 'C'-. , ' ' ' 72:22 V "EZ 'Q ' -'-5... """"'------L... - The exciting sound of myself exploding in every direction, o rhythm thot seeks out others ond returns to myself richer cmd voried i r 96 ? 1 98 If, f ,f -1 w. 101 f J A w W i P , H wl 1 I X ,I ,. W" 5 E F E E 5 E 1 I E 5 5 E 103 W 104 105 Q c x s 'Q .14 ' .li-' " -f' . fi , Ami? , ..V 4,..L , , 1 ., ...1V,? ,A 4, .fi ,ZA f' 5551 Ui 4 4 sf. ' ' , - ' np.-. 5 --vw V l I 4 W 108 X17 74 ,4 22 , W4 ,,,, 124 43 f fy, 110 Q0 9 Yw '- yolfre inthe Pepsi generation! A Pens:-coux u !!!lETs xi 2 Z Q K 113 E ,. E. y ,op rf' W 5 f'-:mf F if 5: Q gg 3 . 45 13? E, E :mf-i, ' M, ,un vw.- QESSS5 1 A X N J Y. hy lv ,,-V I f L ' aZff1?f9isl3:1,-L 1 A.: .wgw fp . 1 , . ,-ez'-4--AYJQWM A9 4 3 ,w,.. ,..i.. ..... in p nn. n.. use hug ,Q lf. f rx' 4 .1.7-..f v,gj 51L I f , ,, A Q- i , x Wu Qs x 9?-iwg, Suk? fx. -V g, V " " 'bgn In 1 3 ! 42 Q I , 6 ,4 Y X ,f . fo , ' nf.- ,,. 119 121 42' ff' f if I f ' ff A f' - V s' ex ' 9 . ,??.w': il ff ff ' ,ff if , 's fs' 315 3' sf sf' "VZ ff it A A . if f f!, ,f f ,f 4 3 atwiv.-':ri'gj,f?gf'jg' 3s" '1If 'A V 33552 5 fs' 5 ,ff A , -Sf .Sf B jf fi A ' f:i':.,f Qf, ,f',- 5 i ?s3sf4,sxfeg ,-SJ is ss fy ,P A , ,E b. QQ Fifi ,ff fa 3 8,5 .5 in 3 f Q13 ' 5 ff if if 'if Q? ,gs 3' 5' ,S is ,:' ar Q I . 2 V, ,V 5 ,X A Sk swiss sy if - .1 :. 'ig ' : 4' Q' a f 3 SS xr ' fs .1 F3155 9915. tffvlj' N iris -' , f '- - A f I 5 5? 5 f 9 ' F sf if 2 x f . Q35 V ff' if .Y fx? Q , ' .- way i .S5-- ' 5' 4-' , ' s' f'3 f sa S I e ef 'Wm '1 ll 'TJ . in L., . M sr- 0- in 5:55:92 !'2.'.:'!t fi 3' f 1 , . ,. RX" Ig: 1.1 hi 5, Us 0' Q ,-QV 1-N ,, gj3l'uf.gQ1-Sax1.9 . :wwf :sw -'-dw.: , --'gl ,Q 1 A 4 S , .QA xfiff' ' " 'U-2 A ' ,si V f Q fu ,K ' L9 5' , L : ,, vt rfb- 6 , 3 y 1 , mf, 'L 4 P -3 i mg " ' W 1 jf if . 9 Q ' Sl .V : - f x V F-5 il 'A 73' K , gl, , Y Q r If M - -lag ' f 'Y if iff' . f 'f ,,.w 2 I , - ,.,. :Wg ., M , , I W mv. Emimq 'S If K . pf " if A-fi' ff 4' ,-1: ,457-,-ffwj ifygz ,Q Z X ,. 'Q fn , ,,4.4 ff M, ,1- , . 'A if f : ,IZ 137 . ' - ,, ' Jw 4 ' " . l'W0!,,,L l,,f,: , an M i . Us MWL., 'ff Rf" 1 ,V 1, W 1 umigri Q Z Q? f wg, , , Wh ? 1 S. W ,ks 124 Julie Ann Derry President of Student Government Martha Mary Roughan Senior Class President Susan Janet Carrell Head of Social Committee .Q Sally Anno Albergotti Teresa Ellen Ancono Marilyn Arneaud Margaret Badenhausen Sr. Mary Baker, Margaret Mary Barritt S. G. M. Anne Barry Mary Patricia Baxter Joyce Evelyn Beck Patricia Anne Bergen Donna Jean Beucher Catherine E. Beyer if Jane E. Bianco Jeanne K. Birmingham Josephine Bogert Marilyn Kyle Bohrer Bo nnie L. Bortle Barbara Julie Bowen Kathleen Ann Brady Valerie Barber Brewster Mother Martha Brigham, Mary Kathryn Brincko R. C. E. Mary Louise Broderick Medoro Angelo Burnett fl.: 1' ,sg Celeste M. Burrows Katherine P. Byron F. Patricia Callahan Joan D. Candee Ann-Marie Carroll, June M. Cass E. de M. Barbara Diane Childs Carolyn Cassin E. de M. M...-4 Dina Cockerill Amelia L. Comes Mary Grace Connorton Mary Ellen Conway I Catherine T. Corbett gp. Elizabeth Reed Cotter Kathryn Theresa Cotter Sharon Kathleen Cuffe X ' Q 2 M Michael Curtin, Gisele M. do Conceicoo E. de M. Annette Dillon Katherine Brosnan Dixon 3 5 Kathleen E. Doherty Mary Clarissa Donahue Phyllis Mansfield Duffy Sr. M. Regina Dolores s.m.s.m. Mau reen Frances Dwyer Constance Farrell Dorothy Marie Feeney Marilyn Frances Flynn Patricia B. Foley Lucille Foriin Moria Christina Frias Mc: rgaret Mary Frisbee Evelyn Yi-Chin Fu, E. de M. Mary Ann Galway Louise Gerrity Patricia R ycm Grace .-f"""""'N Mother Susan Greene, Elizabeth Cory Gundloch R. C. E. Maureen P. Harnisch .ryff Elaine P. Hartnett l Nicole Hcntoun Doris Mario Heller Betsy E. Hemenwoy, E de M Carol Jean Hibbert 3 5 Ann Hickey Karen Mary Hilton Margaret Lewis Hirsh Mary-El izobeth H ussey Kathleen Ellen Hyland Marie Janes Konski Carolyn Kelley Mary Louise Kelly Ann Marie Kennedy Barbara Kodesh Susan M. Korzeneski Marjorie V. Kramer I , 5' Karen Jean Lolly Sr. M. Ruthonne s.m.s.m. Carole Marie Lcmgon Diane Eldo Lapollo Susan Rose Larkin Gail Lavin Betty Ann Low ff.- f Jane Marie Lenehon Joan C. Litchmon Constance C. Lopez Lynn A. Mocl nfosh Susan Marion Nl i . AA if Mory Louise Mozyck Coroline Crosby McCabe Anne Cclthleen McCarthy Mo ry Jo McCa rthy Judith Ann McCluskey Ellen Louise McElroy Martha McGuinness Sheila Ann Mclnfire Constance A. McLoughlin .loan Elaine McRedmond Patricia McWilliams Joyce LaFcnzio Mollicone Judith Eileen Mullen .leon Louise Murray Therese E. Myers Mary Mc: rgoret Nophin Vita Neureither Marguerite Joanne Nolan Dorothy Mo ry Norton t! Elizobeth Dee 0'Brien t Margaret Claire O'Brien Margaret Ellen O'Connor Eileen Mary O'Deo, Karen Corfy O'Toole E. de M. E. de M. Margaret M. Paddock Donna M. Padula Nancy M. Parkhurst Mary Ann Pasquale Mother Deirdre Patrick, R. C. E. Marcia Ann Peckhc: m Louise Pizzufo Nancy P. Poor S Mario Anne Porter Sand ra Jeanne Puerini Elizabeth Ann Rodger Mary E. Ryan Janice M. Sacco Mary Jean Sowyers Judith Anne Schneider Beth Scully x .V ,X fx , Mother Patricia Sheehan, Ann Geneva Silber R. C. E. Margaret M. Silvestre Karen Sommer Janet Elizabeth Stone Annemarie Sweeney Joyce Tossinori Sc: nd ro M. Thoxter Michele M. Vondeputte Mary Lou Wachsmith Elizabeth M. Wahn Jocm Wegmon Loyola Mary Welsh Mary Elizabeth Wolf Lana Yung Donufo Zachclriclsiewicz 202 . W! ,nv V I ,-aww 2 ,,,.,ww- -ww Q -af . wr M-""d ga S? 3' A ,af 'fs 7 Q I If, 1 Ji 2 I 17? J f V Q , .X Mi 515:-rf' 1 X ., I . "Q, .f-f.."f3F fri' 'Q -Qu ,E 42 1 'Q V This is the exciting sound of myself fm 203 Sally Albergotti, 2955 Rosalind Ave., Roanoke, Va. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Religious And Artistic Creativity", Activities: Debate Club 2, Psychology Club 2,3,4, V.S.O. 2,4, Interest Committee 3,4, Modern Dance Club 4. Teresa Ellen Ancona, 44 Taymil Rd., New Rochelle, N.Y. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "Spanish Basques in the United States", Activities: Dean's list three times, Student Government, Treasurer 4, NFCCS Delegate 3, Class Treasurer I, Student Council l,3,4, House Council I,4, V.S.O. I,2,3,4, Glee Club I, Choir 3,4, Newtones I,2,3,4, SWC Discussion Leader 4. Marilyn Arneaud, 59 Luis St., Port of Spain, Trinidad, B.W.I. Major: English, Thesis: "The Edinburgh Review's Criticism of Scott's early Metrical Romances", Activities: Freshman year - St. Joseph's Convent, Port of Spain, Trinidad, I.R.C. 2, Literary Club 3, Wheat 8. Cockle 4, Year Book 4, Art Club 4. Margaret J. Badenhausen, 21 Wells Lane, Short Hills, New Jersey. Major: Art, Thesis: "Ceramic Study in Concrete", Activities: Art Club I,2,3,4, SAC Art Representative 4, Interest Committee I,2,3,4, President 4, Yearbook Staff 4, Dean's List twice, Prism 4. Margaret Barritt, 3Il Garfield Place, Brooklyn, N.Y. Major: English, Thesis: "Scrutiny Magazine and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight", Activities: Dean's List once, Yearbook Editor 4, Dramatic Club I,2,3, Secretary 3, Wheat and Cockle 4. Anne Barry, 30 Trowbridge Ave., Newtonville, Mass. Major: Russian Studies, Thesis: A Translation of Short Stories by Kuprin and Zoschenko with a Commentary", Activities: Dean's Honor List once, Dean's List once, Young Democrats I,3,4, Glee Club 3, Fresh- man Show - Prop Committee Chairman, Freshman Orientation - serving committee. Mary Pat Baxter, Lawrence Lane, Bay Shore, New York. Major: Philosophy, Thesis: "Ortega y Gasset: Analytical Evaluation of His Doctrine of Man", Activities: Dean's List once, Science Club I, V.S.O. I, Lay Apostolate 2,3, Boston Regional Direc- tor of Lay Apostolate 3, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Chairman Junior Week- end, House Council 4, Modern Dance 4. Joyce Evelyn Beck, 22 Lilac Drive, Syosset, L.I., N.Y. Major: Philosophy 81 Russian Area Studies, Thesis: "Translation and Analysis of Solovyev's 'lThree Speeches in Memory of Dostovevsky", Activities: Dean's Honor List I,2,3,4, Student Council I,4, Presidentof Class I, Student Academic Council rep. 2, Chairman 4, House Council l,4, SWC Leader 3, Tutorial of NSM 2, Prism 2,4, editorial consultant 4, Glee Club I,2, Freshman Orientation, Chairman of academic committee 3, Steering Committee 4. Patricia Bergen, 21142 S. Woodland Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio. Major: History, Activities: Catholic Action I, Aspirant I, Young Democrats 2,3, Orientation Dorm Committee 3, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee. Donna Beucher, 840 Sheridan Rd., Glencoe, Ill. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "infantile Autism: The Syndrome and Therapeutic Approaches", Activities: St. Mary's College, Notre Dame, Indiana, I,2, Young Republicans 3,4, Psychology Club 3,4, Jr. Weekend Pictorial 3. Catherine E. Beyer, T32 Cushman Ave., East Providence, R.I. Major: Philosophy, Thesis: "Some Wittgensteinian Notions Helpful in Evolving and Aesthetic Theory", Activities: Debate I, Dramatics I,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, SAC 3,4, Editor, Prism 4, V.S.O. 2, "885", 2,3, Steering Committee 3, SWC Discussion Leader 3,4, Young Democrats I, I.R.C. I, Dean's List 5 times, Librarian I, Literary Club 2, Freshman Show - Head of Song Writing Com- mittee I. Jane E. Bianco, T42 Overlook Ave., Great Neck, N.Y. Major: Economics, Thesis: "Economic Development of Post-War Germany", O4 '9!!92'.'6!gr- WW '55 Activities: Football 2,4, Orientation - Welcoming Committee, Junior Weekend Publicity Commit- tee, House Council 4, Young Republicans l,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Young Ameri- cans for Freedom l,2,3,4. Jeanne K. Birmingham, T67 Newburg St., Roslindale, Mass. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "An Investigation of the Characteristics of Delinquent Boys' or Non- delinquent Boys' Drinking", Activities: Psychology Club l,2,3,4, V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Freshman Show - publicity, Junior Weekend Date Committee, Young Democrats 2, Lay Apostolate 2,3, Senior Football Team, NSM 2. Josephine T. Bogert, 680 West Saddle River Rd., Ho-Ho-Kus, N.J. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "Peronism in Argentina", Activities: Dramatic Club l,2,3,4, President 4, V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Young Democrats 2,3, Treasurer, 3, l.R.C. l,2, Freshman Orientation - Welcoming Committee. Marilyn Bohrer, 25l Ivy Place, Ridgewood, N.J. Major: Philosophy. Bonnie L. Bortle, 436 South Willow St., Oneida, N.Y. Major: Spanish Studies, Thesis: "La mujer en 'EI ingenioso hidalgo don Quijote de la Mancha" y en las "Novelas e jemplares" de Cervantes", Barbara Bowen, T2 Clematis St., Winchester, Mass. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Shaping Influences on Freud and Fromm's Theories of Human Nature", Activities: Social Committee 2, Art Club 3,4, Freshman Show - Stage hand. Kathleen A. Brady, 88 Sunningdale Dr., Grosse Point, Mich. Major: History, Thesis: "Woman's Suffrage: Elizabeth Cady Stanton", Activities: Dean's Honor Listonce, Class Treasurer 2, House Council 2,3, V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Varsity Football 2,4, Student Council 2, NSM 3, l.R.C. 2, Junior Weekend - ticket committee, Orientation - dorm committee chairman, Freshman Show - script committee chairman. Valerie Barber Brewster, 372 Grand Ave., Leonia, N.J. Major: Psychology, Activities: Dean's List three times, Psychology Club l,2,3, V.S.O. l,2,3, Art Club l, Modern Dance 3. Mary Kay Brincko, 38 Rickert Dr., Yardley, Pa. Major: Art, Thesis: "A Portfolio of Abstract Paintings of the Sea", Activities: Art Club 2,3,4, Freshman Orientation - tea 8.welcoming committees, Junior Weekend - ticket committee, l.R.C. 2, Yearbook 4, Senior Week: Baccalaureate Mass. Mary Lou Broderick, l2 Morrison Ave., Wakefield, Mass. Major: Sociology, Activities: V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Young Democrats 2,3,4, Aspirant 3. Medora Burnett, l2 Morningside Ave., South Natick, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: Activities: Newtones 3,4, Orientation Committee 3, l.R.C. 4, Young Republicans 4. Celeste Marie Burrows, 5 Claire Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Major: Mathematics, Activities: Dean's Honor List6 times, V.S.O. l, NSA 3,4, SWC group 3, SAC 4, Prism 4. Katherine P. Byron, 5 Hoffman Place, Newport, R.l. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "The Authoritarian Personality as Applied to Membership of the John Birch Society", Activities: Freshman Show - Script Committee, Young Democrats l,2,3,4, House Council 2, V.S.O. 2,3,4, Junior Weekend Publicity Committee, Serenade Song Committee. F. Patricia Callahan, 23 Southmere Road, Mattapan, Mass. Major: Political Science, Activities: Skating Club 4, President 4. .loan Candee, T50 Heights Road, Ridgewood, N.J. Major: French, Thesis: "Le Probleme du mal Chez Vigny", Activities: French Club 2,3,4, Glee Club 3,4, V.S.O. 1,2, House Council 3, Freshman Orienta- tion - welcoming committee, Junior Weekend - ticket committee, Varsity Football 4. Susan L. Carrell, 22 Oaks Hunt Road, Great Neck, L.l., N.Y. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "An Examination of Religious Attitudes from Freshman to Senior Year in American Colleges", Activities: Freshman Show Script Committee, V.S.O. 1, Football 2,4, Junior Weekend Favors Chairman, Steering Committee 4, House Council 4, Head of Social Committee 4. Ann Marie Carroll, 11 East Milton Road, Brookline, Mass. Major: History, Activities: Sodality - Medal 1,2,3,4, jCouncil 41, Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 3, Chairman Music Committee Freshman Show, V.S.O. 2,3, Student Council 4, Head of Cushing House 4, Mother - Daughter Luncheon Senior Week, Yearbook Staff 4. Jane Michelle Cass, 43 Rockne Ave., Dorchester, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: "The Boston Police Strike", Activities: Honors at Entrance, V.S.O. 1,2,3,4, Junior Weekend - decorations committee, Fresh- man Show - stage crew, Varsity Football 2,4, Varsity Basketball 2, Interhouse Basketball 1,2,3,4, Young Democrats 3,4, Social Committee representative 4. Carolyn Cassin, 1049 Bluff Road, Glencoe, Ill. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Role of Children's Art in Personality Development", Activities: House Council 1, Sodality 1,2,3,4, I.R.C. 2,3,4, Psychology Club 2,3,4, Art Club 3,4, SWC Discussion Group Leader 4, Junior Weekend - ticket committee. Barbara Diane Childs, Grassy Hill Road, Old Lyme, Conn. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Influence of Parents on the Child's Self-Concept", Activities: Aspirant 2,3, Children of Mary 4, Psychology Club2,3,4, V.S.O. 1,2, Freshman Orien- tation - welcoming and dorm committees, Junior Weekend - decoration and ticket committees, Varsity Football 2,4. Dina Cockerill, 49 Beechwood Ave., Manhasset, N.Y. Major: History, Activities: Social Committee 1,2, Class Secretary 1, House Council 2. Amelia L. Comas, 1378 S. Venetian Way, Miami, Fla. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "Political Philosophy of Ortega y Gasset", Activities: Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Young Democrats 2,3, N.S.A. 2, Chair- man 4, Vice-President of Class 3, Student Council 3,4, House Council 3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, I.R.C. 1,2,3, V.S.O. 1,2, SWC Leader 3,4. Mary Grace Connorton, 20 Stuyvesant Oval, New York, N.Y. Major: History, Thesis: "A Socio-historical Analysis of the Fictional Content of the Ladies Home Journal 1912 - 19l7", Activities: Social Committee 4, Head olJunior Weekend Date Committee 3, V.S.O. 1,2, Interest Committee 4, Young Democrats Club. Mary Ellen Conway, 21 Westland Ave., Rochester, N.Y. Major: History, Thesis: "Rooseveltand Stalin: Allies, 1941-1945", Activities: Dean's List once, Young Republicans 1,2,3,4, President 3,4, Y.A.F. 1,2,3,4, co-chairman 3, Debate Club 1, I.R.C. 1,3,4, Aspirant 1, Junior Weekend - ticket committee, Freshman Orien- tation - welcoming committee, Steering Committee 3. Catherine T. Corbett, 780 Bluff St., Glencoe, Ill. Major: Art History, Thesis: 'LA Critical Analysis of the Opinions on the Chicago School of Archi- tecture", Activities: V.S.O. 1,2, Art Club 2,3,4, Orientation Tea 8. Welcoming Committee, Junior Week- end - pictorial committee, House Council 3,4, Head of House 4, Football Varsity 2, Aspirant 1, Student Council 4. Elizabeth Reed Cotter, 22 Woodland Road, Barrington, R.I. Major: Economics, Thesis: Activities: Orientation Welcoming Committee, Junior Weekend Pictorial. 7 Kathryn Theresa Cotter, 88 St. Gregory St., Dorchester, Mass. Major: English, Thesis: "Mud and Water -Imagery in E. M. Forster's A Passage to lndia", Activities: Freshman Show - scenery committee, V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Sharon Cuffe, 366 North Mountain Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. Major: History, Thesis: "An Analysis and Comparison of Marc BIoch's Theory of History", Activities: V.S.O. I,2,3, SWC Discussion Leader 3,4, SAC, history representative, Intramural Basketball, Varsity Football. Michael Curtin, I I2 Loring Road, Weston, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: "The Advertising Content in Good Housekeeping I9IO-I9I2", Activities: Steering Committee, A.A. - president 8. vice-president, Dramatic Club l,2,3,4, Phi Alpha Theta, Children of Mary - Medal, Intra-mural Hockey, Intra-mural Basketball, Wheat 8: Cockle, Art Club. Gisela Maria da Conceicao, 24 Rua da Se, Macau, South China Major: Sociology, Thesis: "Changes of the Roles ofthe Chinese Traditional FamiIy", Activities: V.S.O. 3 years, Missions I, Art I. Julie Ann Derry, I86 Caleb St., Portland, Maine. Major: History, Activities: Dean's List l,2, Head of Freshman Show, Varsity Football 2, Student Academic Coun- cil 3, Phi Alpha Theta 3, President of Student Government 4, President of Class 2. Karen Deutschmann, 2020 Washington St., Canton, Mass. Major: Art, Activities: Dean's List twice, Semester Abroad 4, Art Club l,2,3,4, Dramatic Club I. Annette E. Dillon, 64 East 94th St., New York, N.Y. Major: English, Activities: Glee Club l,2, Catholic Action I. Katherine Brosnan Dixon, 97 Spring St., West Roxbury, Mass. Major: History, Kathleen Doherty, 44 Kenwood St., Dorchester, Mass. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "German Reunification", Activities: German Club. Mary Clarissa Donahue, I2 Benton Road, Somerville, Mass. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "A Study of the Effects of Different Types of High School Education as Seen in Dogmatism and Religious Beliefs and Behaviors", Activities: Dean's Honor List 6 times, Dean's List once, Class Treasurer 3,4, Student Council 3,4, House Council 3,4, V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Sodality Aspirant I,2. Phyllis Duffy, T87 Old Short Hills Rd., Short Hills, N.J. Major: Sociology, Activities: Sodality l,2,3, V.S.O. I,2,3, Glee Club 2,3,4, Business Manager 4. Maureen Frances Dwyer, 49I Wilmot Road, New Rochelle, N.Y. Major: Art, Thesis: I'Are There Any Criteria for the Evaluation of Non-Objective Art with Spe- cial Reference to the Aesthetic Implications of Einstein's Theory of ReIativity", Activities: Dean's List once, Art Club l,2,3,4, Y.A.F. l,2,3,4, Junior Weekend Decoration Com- mittee. Constance Farrell, 28 Upyonda Way, Rumford, R.I. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Lett-handedness and Its Correlation with Personality Dimensions as Measured by the California Psychological Inventory", Activities: V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Vice-President 3, President 4, Steering Committee 3,4, Glee Club l,2, Aspirant I,2,3, Choir 'l,2, I.R.C. 2, 885 2,3, Librarian 2,3, Psychology Club 2,3,4, Intramural Hockey l,2, Freshman Orientation - Compiled Orientation Booklet, Welcoming and Dinner Com- mittees, Junior Weekend - ticket committee. Dorothy Marie Feeney, I I5 Woodard Road, West Roxbury, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: "The Social-Historical Value of The Saturday Evening Post I926-I928", Activities: Freshman Show - entertainment committee, Freshman Orientation - day student's head, Young Democrats 3,4, Day Student Junior Representative to Student Council, Steering Committee 3, Varsity Football 4, Junior Weekend - decorations committee, V.S.O. I,2,3,4. .. ...Y , . V .55 fi? ,. W -,ss .HE 'A Q ,A .,,. ,Q .wzggf 1 .fi .EW , , 74 ,iii 'I ff? my -my .mf , mf. 209 2 Marilyn Flynn, 516 Worcester St., Wellesley Hills, Mass. Major: Spanish, Patricia Foley, 151 Neshobe Road, Waban, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: "The Influence of the Religious Issue on Presidential EIections", Activities: Drama Club 2, NSM 3, Orientation - welcoming committee, Italian Club 4. Lucille Fortin, 40 Pondview Drive, Springfield, Mass. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "The Self-Concept of the Retarded Child as Projected through the Draw-A-Person Test", Activities: Chairman - Fine Arts Week, 1966, Drama Club 1,2,3, Social Committee 1,2,3,4, Class Secretary 2, Class Treasurer 3, Psychology Club 2,3,4, V.S.O. 1,4, Lay Apostolate 3. Meg Frisbe, 61 Washburn Ave., Wellesley, Mass. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "The Russian Family 1900 to the Present", Activities: Young Democrats 1,2,3, NSM 3, Steering Committee 3,4, Lay Apostolate 2,3 lhead 31, V.S.O. 1,2, NSA 4, Glee Club 2,3,4, President4, Freshman Orientation Bus Tour, Junior Week- end - decorations committee. Evelyn Fu, cfo Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Taipei, Taiwan. Major: Art, Activities: House Council 2, V.S.O. 1,2,3, Psychology Club 1,2,3, Glee Club 3, Choir 1,2,3, Sodality - Medal, Art Club 1,3,4. Mary Ann Galway, 635 Doremus Ave., Glen Rock, N.J. Major: Sociology, Louise Gerrity, Jeffrey Rd., R.D. 2, Malvern, Pa. Major: Russian, Thesis: The Development of Superfluous Man in the Works of Dostorvsky. Activities: I.R.C. 1,2,3, Sodality, Medal 1,2,3, V.S.O. 1,2, A.A.1,2,3, 885 2, Intercollegiate Sodal- ity of Boston, Secretary 2, Vice President 3,Junior Weekend Decoration Committee, Senior Year at Princeton University. Patricia Ryan Grace, 60 Avon Circle, Port Chester, N.Y. Major: English, Thesis: "Jane Austin: A Study in the Development of Her Ironic Technique by a Comparison of Northanger Abbey and Emma", Activities: I.R.C. 1,2,3, Treasurer 3, V.S.O. 2, Class Office Secretary 3, Football 2, Social Com- mittee 3. Elizabeth C. Gundlach, 23 Ampthill Road, Richmond 26, Va. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Music Therapy with Emotionally Disturbed ChiIdren", Activities: Glee Club 3,4 lVice-Presidentj, V.S.O. 2,3,4, Spanish Club 3, Psychology Club 2,3,4, Intramural Hockey 1,2,3, freshman Orientation Dorm Committee, JuniorWeekend - decorations committee. Maureen Harnisch, 71 Poland Manor, Poland 14, Ohio. Major: Philosophy, Thesis: "The Notion of Relation in Platonic Dialectic and Aristotelian Syllo- glsm", Activities: N.F.C.C.S. Sophomore Representative, SAC 3, 885 1,2, I.R.C. 1,2,3, V.S.O. 1,2, Treasurer 2, Varsity Basketball 1, SWC Leader 3, Orientation Dorm Committee, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee, Dean's List twice. Elaine Hartnett, 64 Arlington St., Hyde Park, Mass. Major: Biology, Activities: Dramatic Club 1, Young Democrats 2, Science Club 1,2,3,4, Treasurer Science Club 4, Student Academic Council 4. Nicole Hatoun, 18 Hassan Assem, Zamalek, Cairo, Egypt. Major: Modern Languages. Doris Heller, 3233 N.E. 34 St., Fort Lauderdale, Fla. Major: Mathematics, Activities: Glee Club 1,2,3,4, V.S.O. 1,2, Student Academic Council 2, German Club 4, Interest Committee 4, Choir 1,2, Dean's List twice, Dean's Honor List five times, Orientation Welcoming Committee, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee. Betsy Hemenway, 71 Round Hill Drive, Fairfield, Conn. 10 Major: English5 Thesis: "The Philosophy of Joseph Conrad: A Foreshadowing of Existentialism"5 Activities: Drama Club T5 Sodality 2,3,45 Lay Apostolate Club 2,35 Modern Dance Club 354, President 45 House Council 35 StudentAcademic Council 45 V.S.O. T,2,35 Steering Committee 45 Prism 45 Freshman Show - choreography. Carol J. Hibbert, 498 N. Galloway St., Xenia, Ohio. Major: Spanish5 Thesis: "The Origins ofthe Novel"5 Activities: V.S.O. T,2,35 Spanish Club President 35 House Council 35 Junior Weekend Ticket Committee5 Yearbook Staff5 Orientation Welcoming Committee. Ann Hickey, 8054 Glendale Road, Chevy Chase, Md. Major: Psychology5 Thesis: "The Peace Corps Mental Health Program: Assessment Training Support"5 Activities: V.S.O. T,2,3,45 Sodality Aspirant T,2,3,45 House Council T5 I.R.C. 2,3,45 Psychology Club 3, Vice-President 45 NSM 35 Football Team 2,4. Karen Hilton, Fox Ridge Road, Armonk, N.Y. Major: Sociology5 Thesis: "Aging in American Society"5 Activities: Freshman Show5 Freshman Orientation5V.S.O. T5JuniorWeekend Publicity Committee. Margaret Hirsh, 204 Homer St., Newton, Mass. Major: Sociology5 Thesis: "Urban Renewal in Boston: Its Problems and Prospects"5 Activities: Drama Club T,25 I.R.C. 2,35 Young Democrats T,2,35 NSM 35 V.S.O. 45 Junior Week- end Ticket Committee5 Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee. Mary-Elizabeth Hussey, 70 Park St., Hudson, Mass. Major: Sociology5 Thesis: "The Transition ot the Chinese Family Structure Classical, National, Communist Period"5 Activities: V.S.O. T,3,45 Glee Club 3,45 I.R.C. T, Vice-President 3,45 Dean's List T. Kathleen Hyland, 30 Whittier Road, Medford, Mass. Major: Classics5 Thesis: "Theseus in Greek and Latin Mythology"5 Activities: V.S.O. T545 Tutorial 2,3,45 I.R.C. 2,35 Chairman Freshman Orientation Dinner and Communion Breakfast5 Junior Weekend Ticket Committee5 Football45 885 25 Dean's List T5 Dean's Honor List T. Marie Kanski, T40 Oak St., Indian Orchard, Mass. Major: Biology5 Thesis: "Photosynthesis in the Yellow Mutant ot Chlamydomoras Reinhardi"5 Activities: Science Club T,2,3,45 Young Democrats 35 Freshman Orientation Welcoming Commit- tee5 Junior Weekend Ticket Committee5 Dean's List T. Carolyn Kelley, 89 Van Ness Road, Belmont, Mass. Major: Sociology5 Thesis: "Research on Salesmen T950-T965"5 Activities: Young Democrats 35 V.S.O. T,2,3,45 Football 45 Freshman Show Stage Committee5 Sophomore Dance Ticket Committee5 Junior Weekend Decorations5 Lay Apostolate 2,3,4. Mary Louise Kelly, 406 Parkview Drive, Wynnewood, Pa. Major: Sociology5 Thesis: "Development and Effects ot Minimum Wage Legislation"5 Activities: V.S.O. T5 Freshman Show Chairman - Song Committee5 Glee Club5 House Council 25 Serenades Song Committee5 Skit Parent's Weekend 25 Orientation Head of Stuart5 Junior Week- end Chairman - Skit Committee5 Wills and Prophecies Committee 35 Homecoming Skit Committee 45 Chairman Favors Committee for Senior Week5 Dean's List T5 Young Republicans T5 Dramatic Club T5 I.R.C. 25 Newtones Business Manager 4. Ann-Marie Kennedy, 2T Hereford Road, Marblehead, Mass. Major: French5 Thesis: "Une Comparison de la musique de la Poesie de Lamartine et de celle de Verlaine"5 Activities: Aspirant T5 V.S.O. T5 French Club 2,3,4, President5 Glee Club 2,3,45 Sophomore Dance Decorations5 Orientation Welcoming Committee5 Junior Weekend Ticket Committee5 Stu- dent Academic Council 45 Prism 45 Steering Committee 4. Barbara Kodesh, T5 Manuel Rodriguez Serra, Santurce, P.R. Major: Spanish5 Thesis: "La Guerra Civil Espanola en el Teatro Espanol Contemporaneo"5 Activities: Spanish Club 2,35 Italian Club 35 Dean's List 35 Make-up Committee ot Freshman Show5 Bowling T. 2 Sue Korzeneski, 807 Union St., Portsmouth, R.l. Maior: Art, Thesis: Paintings, Activities: Dean's List, Art Club l,2,3,4, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee. Midge Kramer, T3 St. James St., No. Garden City, N.J. Maior: Math, Activities: Head of Hazing, Social Committee 4. Karen Lally, T0 Realton Rd., West Roxbury, Mass. Major: Economics, Thesis: "Economic Development of India since l947", Activities: Freshman Show - costume committee, Young Democrats, V.S.O., Freshman Orienta- tion, Junior Weekend - decorations committee. Carole Langan, 47 Amherst Road, Wellesley, Mass. Maior: Art, Thesis: "A series ot oil paintings, Activities: Art Club l,2,3,4, Modern Dance Club 3,4, V.S.O. 2,4, I.R.C. T, Junior Weekend Date Committee, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Fine Arts Week 4. Diane Lapolla, 55 Forbes St., Providence, R.I. Maior: Psychology, Thesis: "A Study ot Hand Dominance and its Relation to Personality", Activities: V.S.O. l,3,4, Psychology Club 2, Secretary-Treasurer 3, President4, Young Democrats l,2,3, I.R.C. 2,3, 8852, House Council 4, Freshman Orientation Dorm Committee, Junior Week- end Ticket Committee. Susan R. Larkin, T0 Holder Place, Forest Hills, N.Y. Maior: English, Thesis: "Thomas Campion: Poet and Musician", Activities: Dean's Honor List 3, Class Vice-President4, Head ot Sophomore Serenades, Newtones l,2,3, Head 4, Varsity Basketball l,3, Captain 4, House Council 3,4, Student Council 4, Glee Club 4, Young Americans tor Freedom l,2,3,4, V.S.O. 2,3,4. Gail Lavin, 799 Brook Road, Milton, Mass. Maior: Psychology, Thesis: "Identity Crisis ot the College Student", Activities: Lay Apostolate 2,3, Psychology Club l,2,3,4, House Council 2, V.S.O. T,3, NSM 4, Modern Dance 3. Betty Ann Law, 550 Manatuck Blvd., Brightwaters, N.Y. Major: Economics, Thesis: "The Regulation ofthe Over-the-Counter Market", Activities: Young Democrats l,2, Intramural Hockey l,2, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Com- mittee, Junior Weekend Date Committee, Dean's List 2, I.R.C. 2,3. Jane M. Lenehan, 49 Rosedale Road, West Hartford, Conn. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "Drug Addiction and Measure for Treatment and Rehabilitation in the U.S.: The Federal Hospital Approach and Synomon", Activities: V.S.O. l,2,3,4, Science Club T, Young Democrats l,2,3, Junior Weekend Ticket Com- mittee, NSM 3, Freshman Orientation Dinner Committee. Constance C. Lopez, 408 Hunt Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. Maior: Modern Foreign Languages, Thesis: "The Short Stories of Marquerie: An Anthology Translation and Analysis", Activities: Football 2, Debate l,2,3, Junior N.S.A. 3, StudentAcademic Council 4, V.S.O. l,2,3, 4, Nazareth Chairman 2, NSM 2,3,4, 885 l,2. Joan C. Litchman, 851 Canterbury St., Roslindale, Mass. Caroline Crosby McCabe, R.D. l, Brewster, N.Y. Maior: Art, Thesis: Photographic Essay ot Contemporary Religious Life", Activities: Varsity Basketball T, Athletic Assn. Rep. 2, Football Team, Art Club Secretary 3, Jun- ior Weekend, Co-Chairman Decoration Committee, Yearbook Photographer 4, Fine Arts Week 3,4. Lynn Macintosh, T2 Mill Spring Road, Manhasset, N.Y. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: l'Social Darwinism in the Domestic New Deal ot Franklin D. Roosevelt 1932-1 9442 Activities: Sodality Aspirant i,2, Mission Club l,2,3,4, Steering Committee 3,4, ASC 4, V.S.O. T, 2,3, 885 2, Athletic Association 2, Yearbook 4, Art Club T, Dean's List. Anne Cathleen McCarthy, T43 Catlin Ave., Rumford, R.l. Maior: Psychology, Thesis: l'The Need of Maternal Love in the Development of Mature Rela- tionships in Adulthood", Q 2 Activities: Young Democrats T,2,3,4, V.S.O. T,2,4, NSM Tutorial 3, Psychology Club T,2,3,4, Dramatics 4, Freshman Show - costume committee. Mary Jo McCarthy, Box 3T Main Street, Newton, N.H. Major: Art, Thesis: Paintings, Activities: V.S.O. T,3,4, 885 2, Young Democrats 2,3, Art Club T,2,3,4, Secretary-Treasurer 4, Yearbook 4, Freshman Orientation 3, NSM 2, Boston Museum School 2, Wheat 8. Cockle 4, Fine Arts Week 4. Judith Ann McCluskey, 58 Old Mystic St., Arlington, Mass. Major: Art, Thesis: Studies of the Human Figure in Various Media and Techniques", Activities: V.S.O. T,2,3,4, Art Club T,2,3,4, NSM-Tutorial Program 3, Junior Weekend Publicity Chairman 3, Varsity Football 4, Intramural Hockey 4. Ellen McElroy, T46 Watson Rd., Belmont, Mass. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "School Dropouts - A Tragedy of the 20th Century", Activities: V.S.O. T,2,3, Sodality Aspirant T, I.R.C. 2,3,4, Young Democrats T,2,3,4, Freshman Orientation - welcoming committee, Junior Weekend - ticket committee, Yearbook 4. Martha Mary McGuinness, T4 Lafayette St., Quincy, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: "The Novels of Robert Herrick as Social History", Activities: Young Democrats, Varsity Football, Freshman Show Costume Committee,Junior Week- end Decoration Committee, V.S.O. Sheila Mclntire, T5 Elmwood Road, Marblehead, Mass. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "The Self Concept of the Retarded Child as Projected in the Draw-a- Person Test", Activities: Senior Week Head - T966, V.S.O. 2,3,4, Psychology Club 2,3,4, Dean's List 3,4, Inter- national Relations Treasurer 2. Constance McLaughlin, 288 Bellevue St., West Roxbury, Mass. Major: History, Thesis: Neville Chamberlain: 'IA Reassessment of Responsibilities", Activities: V.S.O. T,4, Young Democrats 3, NSM 3, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, I.R.C. 2. Joan Elaine McRedmond, T8 Hearthstone Court, Stamford, Conn. Major: Mathematics, Activities: Glee Club T,2,3,4, Art Club T, Young Democrats T,2, Dean's Honor List 3, Librarian, College Shop. Patricia McWilliams, 500T Sedgwich St., Washington T6, D.C. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "An Examination and Analysis of the Political Theory of John F. Kennedy", Activities: Dean's List 4, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, SWC Group 3,4, I.R.C. T,2,N.F.C.C.S.Delegate 3, Political Science Representative 4. Susan Marion, One Stark St., Nashua, N.H. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "Miscengenation in the United States", Activities: NSM 3, SAC 4, Student Council 4, Head of House 4, Senior Week 4, Arts Festival 4, Orientation Committee 3, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee 3, Varsity Football 4. Louise Mazyck, 28 Central Road, Somerville, Mass. Major: Political Science, Joyce LaFazia Mollicone, 245 Smithfield Road, North Providence, R.I. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "The Inner Self of Dag Hammarskjold as Seen through Markings", Activities: V.S.O. T, Young Democrats T,2,3, Glee Club 2,3, Librarian 3, Psychology Club 2,3, I.R.C. 2,3, Orientation Welcoming Committee in Dorm, Junior Weekend Date Committee. Judy Mullen, 52 Fourth St., Providence, R.I. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "Nehru's Philosophy of Socialism", Activities: I.R.C. T,2,3,4, Social Committee 2,4, Class Secretary 4, House Council 4. Jean Murray, T T5 Adams Place, Delmar, N.Y. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "The Evolving Role of the Child Care Worker in the Residential Treat- ment Center", Activities: V.S.O. T, Psychology Club 2,3,4, I.R.C. 2,3. 14 Terry Myers, 1601 Fawcett Ave., McKeesport, Pa. Major: Economics, Thesis: "The Steel Industry: Its Structure and Behavior", Activities: Young Republicans, YAF, I.R.C. 1, Student Academic Council, Junior Weekend - Pictor- ial, Varsity Football. Mary Naphin, 201 Broadway, Wilmette, III. Major: History, Thesis: "America's Attitude toward Hitler as Seen through Time Magazine 1933- 1936", Activities: Dean's List 3, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee, Yearbook Business Manager, Fresh- man Orientation Welcoming Committee, V.S.O. 1,2, Sodality 1,2, Football 2,4. Vita Neureither, 5807 Greentree Road, Bethesda, Md. Major: Modern Languages, Thesis: "Translation from English to French, a Selection from Ken- nedy", Activities: Dean's Honor Listonce, Dean's List twice, House Council 1, Young Democrats 1,2,3,4, Student Academic Council 4, French Club 1,2,3,4, Mission Club 1,2,3,4, SWC Discussion Leader 3, Modern Dance 3,4, Marguerite Joanne Nolan, 228 Bellevue St., W. Roxbury, Mass. Major: English, Thesis: Hlnterreaction of Fitzgerald, Love and Women in The Great Gatsby and This Side of Paradise", Activities: Literary Club 1,2,3,4, NSM 2, Interest Committee 3,4, Dorothy M. Norton, 75 Rhinecliff Drive, Rochester, N.Y. Major: Sociology, Thesis: "Survey of Advertising Readership onthe Campus of Newton College", Activities: V.S.O. 1,2,3, Young Republicans 1,2,3, YAF 2,3, Secretary 3. Elizabeth Dee O'Brien, 21 West Hannum Boulevard, Saginaw, Mich. Major: History, Thesis: "Horatio Alger", Activities: Interest Committee 1,2,3, Treasurer 4, Modern Dance 3,4, Yearbook 4. Margaret C. O'Brien, Box 8825, Washington, D.C. 20003 Major: Art, Thesis: "Wooden Screen", Activities: Art Club 2,3,4, NSM 3, V.S.O. 4, Steering Committee 4, Interest Committee 3,4. Margaret E. O'Connor, 1200 Orchard Ridge Road, Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Major: History, Thesis: "Western Naivete at Potsdam and Yalta", Activities: French Club 1,2, Freshman Class Honors, Young Republicans 2, Aspirant to E. de M. 1,2. Eileen M. O'Dea, "Happy Acre", 21 King's Bridge Road, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada Major: Modern Languages, Thesis: "ExempIes Choisis Des Differences Principales Entre Ie Fran- cais et L'espagnol, Au Point De Vue De Phonetique, De Morphologie, De Syntaxe", Activities: French Club 3,4, House Council4,I.R.C.3, Spanish Club 3, Sodality - Medal 3,4, Presi- dent 4, Attended Junior College of the Sacred Heart, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada 1,2. Karen Carty O'Toole, 17 Riley Road, Hyde Park, Mass. Major: Economics, Thesis: "The Economic Effects of Yugoslav Communism", Activities: Sodality Medal 1,2,3,4, Glee Club 1, Young Democrats 2,3, Choir 1,2, Art Club 2,3, Junior Weekend Treasurer, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee. MargaretMacElhinny Paddock, Quaker Lane, Greenwich, Conn. Major: Philosophy, Activities: Children ot Mary 1,2,3, French Club 2,3, Christ Child 1,2. Donna Padula, 129 Irvington Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Major: Political Science, Thesis: "Trygve Lie and Dag Hammerskjold: Interpretation of the Role of Secretary-General in Light of Certain Issues", Activities: V.S.O. 4, Yearbook - Business Staff 4, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Young Democrats 2,3,4, I.R.C. 2,3,4, Mission Club 1. Nancy M. Parkhurst, 341 Mt. Auburn St., Cambridge, Mass. Major: Economics, Thesis: "Changes in the Theory of Soviet Economic Planning since the New Economic Policy of Lenin", Activities: Freshman Show Costume Committee, Young Democrats 3, CathoIicAction 1,2,3, Soph- omore Dance Ticket Committee, Junior Weekend Decoration Committee, Lay Apostolate - Food Sales 2,3,4. 215 Mary Ann Pasquale, T47 Chestnut St., Andover, Mass. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "An Application of the Theories of the Authoritarian Personality to Adolph Hitler and Benito Mussolini", Activities: Social Committee T,2, Class Secretary 2, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Head of House. Marcia Ann Peckham, 27 Farm Road, Sherborn, Mass. Maior: German, Thesis: "Untersuchungen der christlichen Ethik in Werner Bergengnuens: Der Grosstyrann und das Gericht", Activities: Dean's Honor List twice, Dean's List twice, Student Council - Secretary 4, SAC 3, House Council 2,4, N.F.C.C.S. 2, Glee Club 2,3, German Club 4, Freshman Orientation, Chair- man for Hardy House, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee. Louise Pizzuto, 433 Wolf's Lane, Pelham Manor, N.Y. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "The Sacco-Vanzetti Case: An Example of American Nativiam", Activities: Freshman Welcoming Committee, Junior Weekend Date Committee, Young Democrats 2. Nancy Preston Poor, 58 Third Street, Garden City, N.Y. Maior: History, Thesis: "A Social Study of American College Women in the T920's", Activities: YAF T,2,3, Spanish Club 3. Maria A. Porter, 56 Stonehedge Drive, So. Greenwich, Conn. Maior: History, Thesis: "The Policy of United States Companies in Peru T900-T960", Activities: Glee Club T, House Council T, Phi Alpha Theta, Dean's List twice. Sandra Puerini, 202 Bretton Woods Drive, Cranston, R.I. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "A Psychological Inquiry into the Relationship of Self-Actualization and Morality", Activities: Dean's List once, Social Committee 3, Aspirant3, Glee Club 3, Psychology Club T,2, 3, Young Democrats T,2,3, V.S.O. T, Freshman Orientation Dorm Committee, Junior Weekend Date Committee, Art Club 2. Elizabeth Ann Rodger, 49 Wachusett St., Boston 30, Mass. Maior: Political Science, Thesis: "Some Aspects ofthe Role of Ideology in the Emerging Nations of Africa with Special Reference to Ghana", Activities: Young Democrats, Freshman Show - Scenery, Junior Weekend - Publicity. Martha M. Roughan, 22 Summit St., Lowell, Mass. Maior: French, Thesis: "En Traversant Le Coeur Humain chez Pascal et La Rochefoucauld", Activities: Class Office - President 4, Student Council - Vice-President 4, French Club 2,3,4, President 3, SAC 3, Steering Committee 3,4, Chairman of Freshman Orientation, Junior Week- end Ticket Committee, Varsity Football 2,4. Janice M. Sacco, T65 High St., Medford, Mass. Maior: Psychology, Thesis: "Assessment and the Mental Health Program of the Peace Corps", Activities: Glee Club T,2,3,4, I.R.C. 2,3,4, Psychology Club T,2,3,4, Fine Arts Week, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Dinner, Dormitory Committee. Judith Anne Schneider, 70 East Gate, Manhasset, N.Y. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: 'lAn Application of the Theories of the Authoritarian Personality to Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini", Activities: Junior Weekend Date Committee, Young Republicans 3,4, Lay Apostolate T, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, YAF 3,4, Young Republicans Corresponding Secretary 4. Beth Scully, 376 Sunrise Circle, Glencoe, Ill. Maior: Political Science, Thesis: "Milovan Diilas and the Communist Party of Yugoslavia", Activities: Young Democrats T,2,3, I.R.C. 2,3,4, House Council 3,V.S.O. T, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee. Ann G. Silber, T06 Salisbury Road, Brookline, Mass. Major: English, Thesis: "Scrutiny and Virginia Woolf", Activities: Dean's Honor List once, Dean's List twice, Varsity Football 2,4, Newtones T,2,3,4, Wheat and Cockle Junior Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4, Moderator Literary Society 4, Head of Hardey 4, Student Council 4, NSA 3, SWC Discussion 3,4. J 5 ' 7: W.. ' ,-, L .- -' -53 1 A , 13.3 -T- f HV -9 -nf. V Y ff' 'WW az. , . M ,.,,.- 'L 4 2 MargaretM. Silvestre, I Wamsutta Road, Somerset, Mass. Major: Classics, Thesis: "The Moral and Political Influences of the Delphic Oracle", Activities: Dean's List twice, Dean's Honor List four times, Mission Club I,2, I.R.C. I,2,3,4, Stu- dent Academic Council 4, Prism 4. Karen Sommer, 454 West Clapier St., Philadelphia, Pa. Major: History, Thesis: "Study of Venetian Diplomacy during the Rennaissance", Activities: Treasurer of Athletic Club 3, Junior Weekend Ticket Committee. Janet Stone, 56 Marion Road, Watertown, Mass. Major: Philosophy, Activities: Basketball I, House Council I,2,3, Psychology Club I,2, Varsity Football 2,4, Fresh- man Orientation - Registration Head, N.F.C.C.S. Representative 3, Prism 3, NSM 4, Parliamen- tarian of the Student Government 4, Yearbook 4, Intramural Sports I,2,3,4. Annemarie Sweeney, 7I Beckwith St., New London, Conn. Major: Chemistry, Thesis: "The Chemical Analysis of the Microbial Cell Wall", Activities: V.S.O. I, Aspirants I,2, Medals 3, Chemistry Club I,2,3, President 3, Lay Apostolate 2, Freshman Show Prop Committee, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee, Intramurals I, I.R.C. I, StudentAcademic Council 3, Steering Committee 3, Choir 2, Dean's List twice, Prism 4, Welcoming Committee - Eastern Colleges Science Conference I, 885 I,2. Joyce Marie Tassinari, I8 Sharon Road, Melrose, Mass. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Abnormal Organic Correlates of Schizophrenia", Activities: Dean's Honor List 3, Dean's List 3,4, V.S.O. I,3,4, SAC 4, Psychology Club I,2,3,4, Sandra Thaxter, 36 Bowdoin St., Portland, Me. Major: Modern Languages, Michele M. Vandeputte, 24 Maple Ave., Forestdale, R.I. Major: French, Thesis: "Etude des Procedes Comiques dans le Theatre d'Eugene Labiche", Activities: French Club 3,4, Aspirant to Child of Mary, Modern Dancing 4. Mary Louise Wachsmith, I29 E. 82 St., New York, N.Y. Major: Psychology, Thesis: "Role Playing in lndustry", Activities: Dramatics I,2, Secretary 3, Treasurer 3, Vice-President 4, Freshman Show Dance Committee, Psychology Club, V.S.O. 4. Elizabeth M. Wahn, 70 White Oak Road, Waban, Mass. Major: English, Thesis: "Two Studies in Imagery in Patrick Kavanagh's 'The Great Hunger"', Activities: Spanish Club, Italian Club, Art Club, NSM, Young Democrats. Eugenie Webb, cfo American Embassy, Taiz, Yemen. Major: Political Science, Thesis: Some Critical Impacts of International Involvement on Twentieth Century Yemen, Activities: Debate I,2, Treasurer 2, I.R.C. 3, NSM 3, Class President 3, Dean's List once, Dean's Honor List once, Student Council 3, House Council 3, Young Democrats 2, SWC Discussion 3, Junior Weekend Publicity Committee, Senior Semester Abroad, American University of Beirut, Freshman Orientation Welcoming Committee. Joan Wegman, I75 Ambassador Drive, Rochester, N.Y. Major: History, Thesis: "An Analysis of the I948 Soviet-Yugoslav Break", Activities: Young Republicans 3,4, Glee Club 3,4, Newtones I, Junior Weekend Pictorial, I.R.C. I, Intramural Football 2. Loyola Welsh, 460 Stratford Road, Stratford, Conn. Major: History, Thesis: "A Study of Jose Ortega y Gasset's Philosophy of History", Activities: Young Americans for Freedom I,2,3,4, Freshman ShowSong Committee, Junior Week- end Ticket Committee, Dean's List 3,4. Mary Elizabeth Wolf, 23 Marion Road, Upper Montclair, N.J. Major: Art, Thesis: Stained Glass, Activities: Dean's Honor List twice, Dean's Listonce, Art Club I,2,3,4, HJG Award 3,4, Wheat 8: Cockle Art Editor, Well Layout Editor 4. Lana Yung, 46 Valley Spring Road, Newton, Mass. Major: Art, Thesis: Sculpture piece, Activities: President of Art Club 4. 18 XF W Danuta Zachariasiewicz, 525 West 238 St., N.Y. 63, N.Y. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "The Role of Voluntary Service Agencies in the Re-settlement and Re-socialization ot Immigrants", Activities: V.S.O. l,2,4, Head of House 4, Student Council 4, Library 2,3. Sister Mary Baker, S.G.M., T0 Pelham Road, Lexington, Mass. Maior: Philosophy, Thesis: "Some Critical Reflections on Freedom in Augustine, Kierkegaard and Nietzsche", Activities: Dean's Honor List once, Dean's List once. Mother Susan Greene, RCE, T30 Milton Street, Milton, Mass. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "An Experiment with Asheville-Buncome County Proiect Head Start- North Carolina", Sr. Mary Ruthanne, s.m.s.m., 62 Newton St., Waltham, Mass. Maior: Sociology, Thesis: "The Missionary and Foreign Cultures: Thelmportance ofValue Orien- tations", Activities: Vice-President of Sophomore class, Dean's List once, Intramural Basketball. Mother Deirdre Patrick, RCE, T30 Milton St., Milton, Mass. Major: English, Thesis: "Light Imagery in George Herbert's "The Temple." Activities: Dean's List once. 220 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Pag Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page Page 3 ........................ ...................... P . Badenhausen 36 ................................................. A. Finnegan 39 ..... J.McClusky,M.J.McCarthy,M. K. Brincko, L. Yung, S. Korzeneski, M. O'Brien, S. McCabe, P. Badenhausen, M. Dwyer 40 . . ...... . . .P. Stanhope, C. Langan, G. da Conceicao 41 . . ........... G.McCready, A. Barbaccia 46.. ................... T.DeAvHh 48 . . . . M. Paddock, J. Bianco, D. O'Brien 50 . . .......... P.Tuohy,K.Curran 51 . . . . .C. Lopez, L. Giffuni 53 . . ...... M. Brigham 54... ....................... K.Deuwchmann 57 ... ............ ............................ S.AlbergoHi 62. . . .................. J. Hanify, G. Ferrara, P. Lawlor, S. Larkin, T. Cahill 63 . . .... G. Lavin,M.Frisbee, P. Ryan, M. L. Kelly, M. O'Mara, A. Silber, M. Cuiffo 64 . . . .................. A. Cleveland, B. Hemenway, S. Thaxter, N. Bussey 68 . . . .... B. Childs, B. Cassin, K. O'Toole, E. O'Dea, B. Hemenway, A. M. Carroll 76 ... ........... ............................ C.Anderson 80 ......,....... S.KorzensH 81 ... ..................... Sr.Carmina 82 ........ .S. Carrell, M. Roughan, D. Heller 83 . . .... K. Hyland, S. Regine, J. Mollicone, S. Leekey 84 .................... J.BHnnngham 88 . . . ....... S. Mayo, H. Schmidt 80 .... L. Gerrity, A. M. Sweeney 91 ............ J. Wegman 92 .... A. Crump, J. L. Mollicone 93 .......... S.PueHni 94 ...... M. P. Baxter 95 .......... K.Sonuner 96 ................ T.VVardeH 97 ................... M. J. Sawyers, S. Perrault 98 ............... K. Brady, S. Korzeneski, D. Norton 99. . .M. K. Brincko, M. Kanski,D. Feeney, P. Foley, B. Law 100 .... K. Hilton, V. Neureither, B. Gundlach, J. Tassinari 101 ........................... P.O'Connor 102 ............................. K.Byron 103 . . .K. Dixon, L. Mazyck, T. Myers, N. Dillon, J. Bianco 104 ........................... L.CoHer 106 .......................... S.Kaher 107 ............ M. Motta, B. Barry, B. Hemenway 108 ........................ M. McGuinness 109 .... M. L. Broderick, E. Giuftrida, S. Cuffe, S. Mclntire 110 .................. P.Bergen,P.SylvesHe 111 .................. M. Hussey, B. Bowen 112 ....... C.SebasHan,J.VVerner 113 ................ M. Hoffman 114 . . . J. McCluskey, N. Poor, E. Webb 115 .................... A. Heaton 116 . . ................ ................... L . Pizzuto, P. McWilliams 117 .............................. J, McRedmond, V. Brewster, D. Beucher 118 C. Burrows, B. Rodgers, M. L. Kelly, K. Cotter, C. Kelley, M. Nolan, J. Litchman 119 . . .P. Grace,K.Lally,J.Murray, K. O'Toole, D. Zachariasiewicz, A. McCarthy 120 ............. ................................ E . Fu 121 . . .C. McLaughlin, P. Callahan, M. Hirsh 124 ................... N. Hatoun 125 ...................... B. Scully, M. Arneaud 202 .............................. M. Curtin, S. Thaxter 205 .......... J. Candee, E. McElroy, J. Schneider, E. Hartnett, J. Cass 209 . . .J. Lenehan, M. Vandeputte, A. Hickey, L. Welsh, D. Padula, B. Wahn 213 ......... . .N. Parkhurst, K. Doherty, P. Duffy, M. Flynn, J. Sacco 217 ....... . .M. L. Wachsmith, M. Connorton, B. Bortle, C. Hibbert 219 .... A. Barry, D. Cockerill, M. Porter, M. Bohrer, D. Burnett 222 Mr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs . John J. Bogert Mr. and Mrs. Willis C. Anderson S. H. Belli W. J. Bergen Edmund M. Brady Dr. Edward A. Brady Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Brennan A. J. Brincko James Burrows Michael J. Callahan Vincent J. Cavaliere Albert Cleveland Hon. and Mrs. John J. Conway John J. Darby Mr. and Mrs. John Depetro Dr. and Mrs. Ralph F. Dolan Dr. and Mrs. Leo C. Donahue Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Drayton Mrs. Michael B. Driscoll Mrs. William P. Fisher Mrs. FrankM. Foley Dr. and Mrs. Mr.and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. F. Frederick Fortin Gerald N. Franklin Charles M. Gerrity Herman C. Gundlach William J. Harnisch John P. Hickey Robert E. Hinchey Paul Houle . John J. Hussey F. F. Jani Walter A. Kopek Landon Pharmacy Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. .J. Richard Lenehan Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs John W. Lane Daniel Lapolla James V. Lavin Charles A. Lopez PATRONS Mr. and Mrs. D. B. Maclntosh John T. Mannion Mrs. George Octave Marion Mrs. James F. Mazyck Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. William E. M Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Ambrose Church McCabe Joseph l. McCarthy Robert C. McCormick iller Francis E. Mullen Philip Murray John S. Murtha Francis J. Naphin Lawrence A. Neureither John James O'Brien Harry T. O'Connor Dr. and Mrs. Vincent D. O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. John F. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Eleanor Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Peters Phillips AlbertJ. Puerini Arthur Randall Richard Romano John Kingsley Roney Albert J. Sacco John R. Sebastian Maurice W. Silber Peter Silvestre H. Smith Joseph J. Sperber, Jr. Milton B. Steucheli Roger C. Sullivan, ll Donald W. Thompson William T. Wallace, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. James C. Walsh Dr. and Mrs. David J. Werner Dr. Vincent M. Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Franklin H. Wolf Louis E. Zimmer Junior College of the Sacred Heart, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada BORIS ond MILTON 174 Newbury Street Boston, Massachusetts Compliments ot the Newton-Waltham Bank Newton Corner Office 293 Washington Street Newton Centre Office 808 Beacon Street Member ofthe Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Newton's, Inc. Casual Clothes for the College Miss 843 Beacon Street Newton Centre LAsell 7-7400 Dr. and Mrs. A. Sidney Barritt , an., ,wc-K 1. - yr. I f 1 ,V U if Q V 1 1 1 Q 4 ' ,4 , , V V '51 . , .V '- V , ,aw-.NVV .,-4v"1V4""3'f+-"' 4" ' ., ' ww Mia, .,,.L.,Wf!s14"' 41f"fg1 1- 'L -nag -111- ,, .3 . , 1 , ,V ,:. V ' Vp - '- ' 1 ,, V .fwffffw dgpa 1,V5.fV,,'V. V' V V 'gz -suv v.Vw- V, . - '- V V ,L ,. . n U ', ,, Q, i, . I 'L .. - 1g,p:V f --nfff,,,':7 ff .,,,,. , 31,1 .V ,v.,Vm-1- fs: '-wizv, gf.-rf 4 4 'gji,,g. 'gal W---.ffw V 5? V v, MFV-1-VV V ''"n'fV"1'?W""tW'9'?'f"" ' 'M , V , '1 . nw A ' gy X K L 1 Q A A ,.Z'i,5,, ' V- K 'V' ' ' t , V 2 J , rv. ' IJ? Q' ' '. . ..,,,.. ' 'A , A P '?..,L.-.'AlfIf:4.f-.. A ' V, 1 ffffmf, , L. z.. f. O ' ' ,-'7iZWl57'f'2J-ff" Compliments of John C. McWilliams Transportation Consultant Convent of the Sacred Heart One East Ninety-first Street New York, New York To the Class of 1966 With Congratulations and Best Wishes Colonel and Mrs. Peter Burnett Best Wishes Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Kennedy Read the National Review Compliments of the Class of 1969 To the Class of 1966 Mr. and Mrs. Andrew L. Giffuni Compliments of University of Vienna Kirkland, Ellis, Hodson, Chatfetz 8.Masters Prudential Plaza Chicago, Illinois 60601 Compliments of V. P. Winter Distributing Co. P.O. Box l595, Annex Station Providence, Rhode Island 02901 Compliments of Harold A. McElroy Emerson Shoes 470 Mass. Ave. Arlington, Mass. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. James Rodger Rodgers Motor Lines of Boston Inc. 57 Wachusett St. Jamaica Plain, Mass. JA 2-2880 General Truckmen Compliments of the Class of 1967 ,JT Mr. and Mrs. William J. McClusky Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Albert L. Hyland Mr. and Mrs. F. W. Porter ' i l ,. V. I Mr. and Mrs. William E. Robinson Phil Anastasia Flower Bouquet, Inc. l l89 Centre Street Newton Centre, Mass. 244-7750 Compliments of Blackwood Pharmacy 663 Hancock Street Wollaston, Mass. 773-7235 Compliments of a Friend Anchor Fasteners Division of Buell Industries, Inc Waterbury, Connecticut Compliments ofthe D'Ambrosio Family Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Barrett Mr. and Mrs. John C. Kramer Mr. and Mrs. Paul F. Carrell Mr. and Mrs. William E. Downes, Jr Mr. and Mrs. William J. Corbett, Jr. Donahue Sales Corporation Wegman's Food Market, Inc. Distributors of Packaged T500 Brook's Ave. Talon Zippers and Talon Rochester, New York Thread 236 By Mr. Ralph Norman Studio at Brandeis Compliments of Assistant Peter Vaka Mr. and Mrs. Connor Carroll 2 John A. Murphy 134 So. I4th St. LaCrosse, Wisconsin Congratulations to the Graduates Thanks to the Faculty, Staff and Religious of the Sacred Heart Mr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Beck Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 1966 Dr. and Mrs. V. Charles Ancona Frapaul Construction Co., Inc. Contractors l24 Essex Street Rochelle Park, New Jersey Convent of the Sacred Heart, Elmhurst Country Day and Boarding School for Girls Glen Road Portsmouth, Rhode Island Stone Ridge Country Day School of the Sacred Heart 9l0l Rockville Pike Washington, D.C. 20014 Country Day School ofthe Sacred Heart Centre Street Newton, Mass. 02159 Convent ofthe Sacred Heart Carrollton 3747 Main Highway Miami 33, Florida 4 f 1 if , .4 , 3 i Compliments ofthe Class of 1968 Convent of the Sacred Heart Eden Hall 4800 Grant Avenue Philadelphia, Pa. Academy ofthe Sacred Heart l7l Lake Shore Road Grosse Pointe, Mich. Convent of the Sacred Heart Albany 2, New York Convent ofthe Sacred Heart l25O Kensington Road Bloomfield Hills, Mich. Convent of the Sacred Heart Overbrook Philadelphia, Pa. Academy of the Sacred Heart Rochester, New York Stuart Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Princeton, New Jersey Convent of the Sacred Heart 3635 Atwater Avenue Montreal, Canada Compliments ofthe Class of 1966 Faculty Mrs. Peter Afan, 174 Allerton Road, Newton Highlands, Mass. Tel. 332-4204 Dr. Mary Albert, 200 Fuller Street,West Newton, Mass. Tel. 969-8869 Mrs. Francis K. Bolling, 1875 Commonwealth Avenue, Auburndale, Mass. Tel. 332-6990 Dr. Frank A. Belamarich, 38 Blake Street, Newton, Mass. Tel. 332-2023 Miss Marjorie Bell, 1875 Commonwealth Avenue, Auburndale, Mass. Tel. 244-9447 Dr. Charles R. Botticelli, 44 Cedar Hill Avenue, Waltham, Mass. Tel. 899-2390 Mrs. Robert Brandton, 43 Linnaean Street, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. 354-3595 Mr. Ronald Brinn, 35 Murray Street, Waltham, Mass. Tel. TW 3-1541 Miss Virginia Brown, 6 Ash Street, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. EL 4-8405 Mrs. Alexander Chasson, Jr., 294 Highland Avenue, West Newton, Mass. Mr. Stephen J. Clarke, 6 Leewood Road, Wellesley, Mass. Tel, 237-1370 Mr. Joseph Conway, 175 Newbury Street, Boston, Mass. Tel. 262-0231 Mr. Lacey O. Corbett, 76 Andem Street, Providence, Rhode Island Tel. PL 1-3253 Mme. Frederic Courtois, 227 Orchard Street, Millis, Mass. Tel. 376-5422 Mr. RobertJ. Curran, Oak Hill Road, Fayville, Mass. Tel. 485-8655 Mr. William L. Daniels, 340 Main Street, Hinghom, Mass. Tel. 749-5242 Mr. Tomie DePaola, 49 E. 86th Street, New York, N.Y. Tel. 427-9677 Mrs. Joseph Dever, 819 Watertown Street, West Newton, Mass. Tel. 244-0483 Dr. Ubaldo DiBenedetto, 32 Jerusalem Road, Cohasset, Mass. Tel. EV 3-1607 Mrs. W. E. Farnham, Apt. 7, 8 Wesley Street, Newton, Mass. Tel. 332-2602 .J. Paul FitzGibbon, 192 Beacon Street, Boston, Mass. Tel. 262-4088 . Edward FitzPatrick, 16 Elmore Street, Newton, Mass. . Frank Flinn, 40 Linwood Street, Roxbury, Mass. Tel. Hl 2-9663 . Patrick J. Foley, Jr., 1728 Berkley Way, Apt. 6, Berkley, Calif. Dr Mr Mr Mr Mrs. W. Frawley, 44 Maplewood Road, Lynn, Mass. Tel. LY 2-7792 Miss Maria Victoria Fuster, Teresian Institute, 312 Dartmouth Street, Boston, Mass. Dr. Lubomir Gleiman, 80 Brook Street, Franklin, Mass. Tel. 1-528-4975 Dr. Joyce Hoffman, 302 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. Kl 7-8134 Mr. John J. Horrigan, 200 Marlboro Street, Quincy, Mass. Tel. 471-4173 Dr. Edward Kamoski, 49 Fairmount Avenue, Brockton, Mass. Tel. 583-4709 Mrs. Basil Kean, 146 Palfrey Street, Watertown, Mass. Tel. WA 3-0055 Mrs. R. J. Kiely, Leverett House E-23, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. 868-7526 Dr. Heinz Kohler, 301 Ridge Road, Arlington, Mass. Tel. 646-7836 Mr. Donald Krier, 91 Jensen Road, Watertown, Mass. Tel. 923-9073 Dr. E. M. Christine Kris, 770 Centre Street, Newton, Mass. Tel. 969-6200 Mrs. Odette M. de Kudisch, 270 Harvard Street, Cambridge, Mass. Tel. 876-9030 Monsignor Paul V. Harrington, 1 Lake Street, Brighton, Mass. Mme. 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Norton, 55 Beverley Road, Wellesley, Mass. Tel. 235-2559 Dr. Leo Parente, 19 River Bend Drive, South Natick, Mass. Mr. Kenneth J. Preskenis, 528 East 6th Street, South Boston, Mass. Tel. 268-2187 Mr. Nikita D. Roodkowsky, 10 University Drive, Natick, Mass. Tel. 655-2123 Mr Mr Mr. Jesus Maria Sanroma, Box 8276 Santurce, Puerto Rico Tel. 332-0218 Tel. lhomel LA 3-6005 lofficel Tel. 527-0412 Mass. Tel. OX 8-9213 Tel. 527-31 18 , Mass. Tel. EL 4-0708 Tel. 443-9174 Vincent Solomita, 83 Church Street, Newton, Mass. Frederick A. Stahl, 57 Hancock Street, Boston, Mass. Dr. Ellen Taxer, 15 Maplewood Avenue, Newton, Mass. Mrs. Kenneth G. T. Webster, 428 Hillside Street, Milton, Mrs. Garet Williams, 5 Elm Street, West Newton, Mass. Dr. Boleslaw A. Wysocki, 240 Brattle Street, Cambridge Dr. Jacques Zephir, 19 Pratt's Mill Road, Sudbury, Mass. CO 7-0723 UN 4-0775 Class of 1967 Cornelia Adams, 255 Chase Street, North Dighton, Mass. Nancy Adams, 3390 Pinestream Rd., N.W., Atlanta 5, Georgia Susan Armstrong, 177 Oakland Ave., Eastchester, N.Y. Mary Anne Barry, 795 Townsend Ave., New Haven, Conn. Elizabeth A. Becherer, 11 Linder Terrace, Newton 58, Mass. Mary L. Belliveau, 30 Pillon Rd., Milton, Mass. Nancy Birdsall, 102 Clarewill Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. Rosemary Boedeker, 120 Middle Polo Drive, St. Louis, Missouri Frances Bolger, 60 Gilbert St., Waltham, Mass. 02154 Marianne Bracken, 34 Scarborough St., Hartford, Conn. Annmarie Bray, 2 Cedar Lane, Chappaqua, N.Y. Diane Brindamour, 94 Apple Tree Lane, Warwick, R.I. Faith M. Brouillard, 125 Farnham St., Belmont, Mass. Suzanne M. Brouillard, 489 Washington St., Whitman, Mass. Nancy Bussey, Locust Rd., Greenwich, Conn. Barbara B. Butler, 905 North George St., Rome, N.Y. Lucille Butler, 116 High Rock St., Westwood, Mass. Mary Barbara Carney, 9 Will Sawyer St., Peabody, Mass. 01960 Deborah J. Carr, 37 Pond View Ave., Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Anne Caswell, 19 Arbor Rd., Lowell, Mass. Karen Chitro, R.N., 9 Michael Rd., North Beverly, Mass. 01915 Kathleen Collins, 236 Montgomery St., Fall River, Mass. Jane Comly, 4297 Cheyenne Rd., Richmond, Va. Noreen Connolly, 138 Gordonhurst Ave., Upper Montclair, N.J. Joyce Contrucci, 6553 Beacon St., Pittsburgh, Penn. 15217 Joan Cooper, 67 Pine St., Garden City, N.Y. Marcelyn W. Cormier, 128 Winchell Drive, Kensington, Conn. Anne F. Crofoot, Randon Acres, R.R. No. 3, Omaha 23, Neb. A. Christina Crowley, 120 Stephens Rd., Grosse Pointe 36, Mich. Marianne Cuiffo, One Oakledge Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Martha C. Cumings, C.M.R. 23, Bethlehem, Penn. Madelyn C. Cummiskey, 371 Lincoln Rd., Grosse Pointe 30, Mich. Janellen Curry, 131 Kensington Ave., Jersey City, N.J. 07304 Patricia A. 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Kodesh, Manuel Rodriguez Serra No. 15, Santurce, Puerto Eleanor M. Kuckro, 17 Cynthia Rd., Framingham, Mass. 01714 Suzanne Kuffler, 9 Surrey Rd., Newton, Mass. 02158 Mary C. Lammon, 11 Briar Cliff Drive, Corning, N.Y. 13858 Teresa C. Lane, 7 Beech Tree Drive, Larchmont, N.Y. Patricia J. Lawlor, 31 Farnham Ave., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Janet M. Lotz, 1104 Duncan Rd., Staten Island, N.Y. 10301 Mary C. Lyons, Sunnieholme Drive, Fairfield, Conn. Barbara Madden, 346 Common St., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Anne Maguire, 371 Mt. Vernon St., Dedham, Mass. 02026 Katherine M. Mahony, 998 Brookwood, Birmingham, Mich. 48009 Adele Mailhot, 28M School St., Mystic, Conn. Margaret A. Martin, 42 Connelly Rd., Huntington, N.Y. 11743 Michele Mastrolia, 45 Joy St., Boston, Mass. 02114 Carol McCourt, 216 Smith St., Merrick, N.Y. 11566 Geraldine McDonnell, 9 Princeton St., Newton, Mass. 02158 Virginia A. McGonegal, 110 Union Rd., Roselle Park, N.J. 10072 Sandra McGrath, 20 Shellburne Drive, Wilmington, Del. Cl , Nicaragua Rico Maria A. Mendonca, Pocoma, Nantucket, Mass. 02554 Maria T. Metzler, 1608 Missouri Ave., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20011 Beatrice A. Miale, 304 Burton St., Bath, N.Y. 14810 Sandra K. Miller, 244 Park St., Dorchester, Mass. 02124 Sharon A. Moran, 20 South St., Danbury, Conn. 06810 Sharon E. Mullen, 253 Platt Lane, Cheshire, Conn. 06410 Constance L. Murphy, 291 Dorset Rd., Waban, Mass. 02168 Ann Neubert, 18 Somerset Lane, Riverside, Conn. Susan Nunlist, 1638 Dell Terrace, Cincinnati, Ohio Carol O'Donoghue, 5046 Sedgwick St., N.W., Washington, D.C. 20016 Anne V. O'Keete, 1017 Barberry Rd., Bryn Mawr, Penn. Diane E. Olson, 12 Dunbarton Rd., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Karen E. Ostapenko, 390 Grove St., Needham, Mass. 02192 Teresa E. O'Toole, 17 Joan Drive, New City, N.Y. 10956 Catherine Palenchar, 15 Buckingham Ave., Trenton, N.J. 08618 Paula Parizzi, 229 Washington Ave., Brooklyn, N.Y. F. Carol Patrick, 48 Longview Rd., Port Washington, N.Y. 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Katherine Taft, 53 Fairfield Rd., Cranston, R.l. M. Adrienne Tarr, Quarters E, U. S. Naval Hospital, San Diego, Calif. Lelia Marie Totten, 7031 Penn Ave., Pittsburgh, Penn. 15208 Jeanne M. Tran, 51 Chau-Van-Tiep, Saigon, Vietnam Susan L. Trautman, 5367 Main St., Trumbull, Conn. Louise Marie Tully, 172 State St., Portland, Maine Virginia Van Ess, 21 Sunny Brae Place, Bronxville, N.Y. Maria Vitagliano, 576 Jamaicaway, Jamaica Plain, Mass. 02130 Mary F. Walsh, 651 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Jacqueline H. Werner, 7475 North Pheasant Lane, Milwaukee, Wisc. 53217 Deborah E. Wollaston, 78 Westchester Rd., Boston, Mass. 02130 Geraldine Worth, R.N., River St., Norwell, Mass. 02061 Lisa Zintl, 1013 Overbrook Rd., Wilmington, Del. 19807 Sister Maria Carminia Arnaldo, f.m.m. St. Clement's Convent, Ipswich St., Boston, Mass. 02215 Mother Nancy Nardini, R.C.E., 130 Milton St., Milton, Mass. 02186 Sister Carole Sattler, S.G.M., 10 Pelham Rd., Lexington, Mass. 43607 Mrs. Sharon Missey Queen, 12 Riverside St., Watertown, Mass. 02172 4 Class of 1968 Patricia Ankner, 1216 Duncan Drive, Roslyn, Penn. Quealy Antin, 904 West Idaho St., Hammond, La. Margarita Araneta, 58 McKinley Rd., Makati, Rizal, Philippines Suzanne Archambault, 2 Ames St., West Warwick, R.I. 02893 Ann Barbaccia, 888 Richmond Rd., East Meadow, N.Y. Elizabeth Ann Barry, 124 Green End Ave., Middletown, R.I. Christine Becker, 78 Allendale Drive, Rye, N.Y. Anne Benham, 64 Great Oak Lane, Pleasantville, N.Y. Barbara Berbusse, 218 Barton Ave., Palm Beach, Fla. Angelica Bevilacqua, 125 Pocasset Ave., Providence, R.I. Elaine Blanchard, 200 Fountain St., Apt. 405, New Haven, Conn. Mary Ann Blase, 149 Van Rensselaer Blvd., Menands, N.Y. Carolyn Brady, 280 Easton Ave., New Brunswick, N.J. 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Jamie Coy, 37 Birch St., Ramsey, N.J. Kathleen Cregg, 239-B Hillcrest Manor Court, Utica, N.Y. Christine Crowley, 14 Auburn Place, Brookline, Mass. Anne Crump, 63 Grover Lane, West Caldwell, N.J. Shirley Cunningham, 8 River Ridge Rd., Hanover, N.H. Maura Jane Curtis, 327 South Washington St., North Attleboro, Mass Jeanne Daley, 1 Briar Del Circle, Larchmont, N.Y. Jo Ann Dalling, 79 Hardy St., Presque Isle, Maine Marie 1. Daly, 28 Hopedale St., Allston, Mass. Santa Jean D'Ambrosio, 68 Baretts Mill Rd., West Concord, Mass. Jeanette Darby, River Rd., Scarborough, N.Y. June Davison, 7 W. Leonard St., Foxboro, Mass. Teresa DeAvilla, 196 Quinobequin Rd., Waban, Mass. Donna Deeley, 43 Ferndale Ave., Waterbury, Conn. Louise Demers, 624 Eastern Ave., Fall River, Mass. 02723 Joanne Dempsey, 92 Fleet Place, Mineola, N.Y. 11501 Mary Frances DePetro, 21 Fiske Ave., Bradford, Penn. 16701 Mary Beth Dereniuk, 21 O'Donnell Ave., Union Village, Woonsocket, R.l. Susanne Derry, 186 Caleb St., Portland, Maine 04102 Patricia M. Dineen, 21 Hilltop St., Milton, Mass. Elizabeth A. Dolan, 11 Cabot St., Milton, Mass. Virginia Donahue, 336 Ocean Drive West, Stamford, Conn. Lynn Donovan, 71 Home St., Malverne, N.Y. 11565 Judith Ann Dow, 1 Dana Drive, Barrington, R.l. 02806 Betty Ann Downes, 152 DeWindt Rd., Winnetka, lll. Florence Marie Driscoll, 215 Stewart Ave., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Carol Duane, 27 Richard Rd., Needham, Mass. 02192 Gail-Marie Edwards, 9 Lowell St., Waltham, Mass. 02154 Susan Emery, 32 Locke Ave., Athol, Mass. 01331 Constance Fagan, 36 Kimball Terrace, Newton, Mass. 02160 Barbara Farrell, 3457 Knight St., Oceanside, N.Y. 11572 Patricia Ann Feeney, 115 Woodard Rd., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Mary E. Fenstermacher, 179 Hollywood Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14618 Janet Ferranto, 277 Maple Ave., Shrewsbury, Mass. Ellen Flynn, 174 Longview Ave., White Plains, N.Y. Bernadette Fogel, 130 West 183rd St., New York, N.Y. 10453 Rosemary Ford, 181 Cabot St., Newton, Mass. 02158 Deidre A. Gaquin, 24 Ruskin St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Constance Gaussa, 71 Essex Court, Port Washington, N.Y. Margaret E. Gaynor, 125 Yale Rd., Hartsdale, N.Y. 10530 Julia A. Gehan, 2997 Speilman Rd., Adrian, Mich. Judith Gibbons, 28 Narragansett Bay Ave., Warwick, R.l. Barbara Jean Gretch, Box 595, Castle Hill Rd., Newtown, Conn. 06470 Alicia Guedes, 16 Lake St., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Jane Hanify, 30 Clairemont Rd., Belmont, Mass. 02178 Catherine Hardy, 32 Blackamore Ave., Cranston, R.l. 02910 Mary-Ethel Harvey, 921 Midland Rd., Oradell, N.J. Kathleen Hastings, 742 Cummings Ave., Kenilworth, III. 60043 Joan Hauserman, 33200 Fairmount Blvd., Cleveland, Ohio 44124 Patricia Healy, Weston Hill Rd., Riverside, Conn. Heather Heavey, 5 Shadylawn Drive, Madison, N.J. Barbara Hensler, 3213 Whiting Rd., Whiting, Stevens Point, Wisc. Kathleen Hickey, 245 Edgemoor Rd., Rochester, Mass. 14618 Katherine Hlavaty, 4 Derby Drive, Stony Brook, N.Y. 11790 Marguerite D. Hoffmann, 145 Paul Ney Rd., Cheshire, Conn. 06410 Maureen Hopkins, 20046 Doyle Court, Grosse Pointe, Mich. 48236 Barbara Ann Hordeski, Elizabeth St., Kent, Conn. Janet Horvath, 138 Hill Brook Lane, Fairfield, Conn. 06431 Regina M. Hughes, 84 Carruth St., Dorchester, Mass. Donna M. Julian, 31 Marcia Rd., Watertown, Mass. 02172 Pauline Kayser, 428 South Lincoln St., Hinsdale, Ill. 60521 Mary Kearney, 205 Sycamore Mill Rd., Media, Penn. 19063 Regina M. Kelly, 258 Kelbourne Ave., North Tarrytown, N.Y. Maryann Kenny, 53 Tyndale St., Roslindale, Mass. Christine Korphage, R.F.D. Valatie, New York Janet Koziol, 39 Ward Street, Hartford, Conn. 06106 02895 249 Lynn de La Chapelle, 815 Park Ave., New York, N.Y. 10021 Marylyn Landers, 10 Manorville Court, Staten Island, N.Y. 10305 Dorothy Largay, Judd Hill Rd., Middlebury, Conn. Suzanne Leckey, 1 Paddington Drive, Bronxville, N.Y. Susan Lee, 94 Montview St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Peggy Lehmann, 52 Lafayette Place, Apt. No. 4F, Greenwich, Conn. Carolyn C. Liebert, 7503 Clarendon Rd., Bethesda, Md. Diane Lillis, 55 Gorham St., Canandaigua, N.Y. 14424 Julia Lopez, 2615 Cardena, Coral Gables, Fla. 33134 Margaret Lynch, 36 West St., Naugatuck, Conn. 06770 Pamela Maillet, 9 Rowena St., Worcester, Mass. Pamela Maine, 29 Orchard St., Pleasantville, N.Y. Marianne T. Malta, 18 Elgin St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Marie Monahan, 1321 Marlborough Ave., Plainfield, N.J. 07060 Susan Mangold, 25 Dorset Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. Patricia Ann Mannion, 122 Beacon St., Suite No. 2, Boston, Mass. 02116 Mary Marcotte, 21 Brooks Ave., Lewiston, Maine 04240 Dorothy Marion, 87 Bridgeway Circle, Springfield, Mass. 01118 Patricia Marshall, 32 Woodmont St., Portland, Maine Patricia Mauer, 23 Nearwater Lane, Riverside, Conn. Patricia Mawn, 1108 South Plymouth Ave., Rochester, N.Y. 14608 Gayle McCready, 25 Westwood Drive, Worcester, Mass. 01069 12 Moorland Rd., Trumbull, Conn. Anne McCreery, Doris McGowan, 146 Kennsington Rd., Garden City, N.Y. 11530 Sherrie McGurk, 5 Edwards Place, W. Trenton, N.J. 08628 3 Nottingham St., Newton, Mass. 02159 Sheila Mclntyre, Janice McKenna, 108 Jackson St., Garden City, N.Y. Marcia McPhee, 625 Cambridge S.E., Grand Rapids, Mich. 45906 Patricia McVoy, 34 Bretton Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10584 Ellen Meehan, 20 Forbes Blvd., Eastchester, N.Y. 10709 Paula Minihan, 27 Glenellen Rd., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Jean Mollicone, 9 Hollywood Rd., Providence, R.I. 02959 Ellen F. Mooney, 243 French St., Fall River, Mass. Teresa Morales, 85 St. No. 70, San Francisco, P.O. Box 1293, Panama, Sandra Mosta, 43 Heberton Rd., Rochester, N.Y. Marian Motta, 63 Pemberton St., Providence, R.l. Anne Mulligan, 7 Sturgis Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Susan Mulroy, 1058 N.W. 6th Drive, Boca Raton, Fla. 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Patricia Giammalvo, 69 Longfellow Drive, Longmeadow, Mass. 0 Louise Giffuni, 20 Cranford St., Forest Hills, N.Y. Mary Glynn, 1384 South Branch Parkway, Springfield, Mass. Jean Grover, 185 Woodsome Road, Babylon, N.Y. 11702 Anne Gude, 4968 Carol Lane, N.W., Atlanta, Ga. 30327 Mary Haberle, 171 Dogwood Lane, Manhasset, N.Y. 11030 Margaretj. Hanratty, 36 Lenox Ave., Patterson, N.J. Kathleen Hartnagle, Box 322, R.D. No. 1, Troy, N.Y. Patricia Hayden, 1 Park Square, Great Barrington, Mass. Maryhelen Hayner, 5 Colony Rd., Lexington, Mass. Jill Hendrickson, Seville Ave., Rye, N.Y. 10580 Maribeth Hilditch, 58 Summer St., Manchester, Conn. Sue Ellen Hinchey, Shamrock Lane, Dover, N.H. Roseann Hirchak, 187 Millard St., Torrington, Conn. Marguerite Hodnett, 85 Rockledge Rd., Bronxville, N.Y. Kyle Hoffman, 775 Winyah Ave., Westfield, N.J. Mary Hoffmann, 57 Forest Dr., Springfield, N.J. 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Janet Kopek, 10 Harts Hill Terrace, Whitesboro, N.Y. 13492 Mary Kraus, 21300 Claythorne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 Linda LaSpada, 201 E. 36th St., New York, N.Y. 10016 Regina LaVoie, 53 Soundview Ave., Shelton, Conn. Ann Lessing, 230 South Bay Ave., lslip, N.Y. 11751 Julie Lombardi, 94 Chambly Ave., Warwick, R.l. 02888 Christine LoPonte, 450 Avenue T., Brooklyn, N.Y. Caroline Lord, 21 Centennial Ave., Sewickley, Penn. Patricia E. Lynch, 6 Buxton Lane, Riverside, Conn. Christine MacAdam, 73 Ontario St., Lynn, Mass. 01901 Lorraine MacLean, 309 Forest Ridge Rd., Waterbury, Conn. 06708 Genevieve MacLellan, 111 Old Orchard Drive, Hudson, Ohio 44236 Deborah Madison, 3524 Island Rd., Wantaugh, N.Y. Sheila Maher, 22276 Shelburne Rd., Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 Caroline Malone, 580 Forest Ave., New Rochelle, N.Y. Kathleen Mandel, 80 Terracina Ave., Golden Beach, Fla. Mary Mangold, 25 Dorset St., Scarsdale, N.Y. Mary Marchev, 29 Pine Terrace West, Short Hills, N.J. 07078 Margaret Matthews, 44 Bogart Ave., Port Washington, N.Y. 11050 Barbara May, 1351 Cranston St., Cranston, R.1. 02909 Sandra Mayo, Richardson St., Greylock Villa, Cheshire, Mass. Sharon McAllister, 1420 Royal Oak Lane, Glenview, lll. 60025 M. Kathleen McCarthy, Box 31, Main St., Newton, N.H. Edythe McClathyc, 521 Avonwood Rd., Haverford, Penn. Patricia McCormick 49 West Lane, Bay Shore, N.Y. 11706 Martha McCullough, 334 Cummock Rd., Palatine, Ill. 60067 Mariorie McGah, 46 Youle St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Nancy McGinn, 52 Gladstone St., East Boston, Mass. 02128 Mary McGrail, 112 Livingston St., New Haven, Conn. Catherine McGuire, 375 Warwick Avenue, South Orange, N.J. Linda McHale, 1105 Marsh Rd., Carrcroft, Wilmington, Del. 19803 Elizabeth Mclntire, 15 Elmwood Rd., Marblehead, Mass. 01947 Katherine J. Mclntyre, 180 Tenafly Rd., Englewood, N.J. 07631 Cynthia McManus, 23 Shoneleigh Park, Westfield, N.J. 07090 Joanne McMorrow, 114 Anawan Ave., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Anne-Marie Melaugh, 19 Cimino Rd., Needham Heights, Mass. 02194 Priscilla Mellen, 36 High St., Charlestown, Mass. 02129 Jean Meranda, 44 Second St., Cambridge, Mass. 02141 Mary K. Miller, 418 Willow St., Lockport, N.Y. 14094 Chantal Moreau, 15 Hammell Place, Chestnut Hill, Mass. 02167 Janice Morrow, R.F.D. No. 3, Box 457, Barry Drive, Gales Ferry Carol L. Murphy, 49 Margaret St., Norwood, Mass. 02062 Judith Murphy, 65 Walker Rd., West Orange, N.J. Mary Murphy, 57 Acre View Drive, Stamford, Conn. 06903 Brenda Murtha, 63 Avon Mountain Rd., Avon, Conn. 06001 Enid Navarra, Belmont Oaks, Cove Rd., Oyster Bay Cove, N.Y. Mary Newman, 3053 N. Harrison St., Arlington, Va. Cynthia Nigro, 1705 Forestdale Drive, Wilmington, Del. 19803 Patricia O'Brien, 20 Brookline Rd., Scarsdale, N.Y. 10585 Patricia O'Callaghan, Calle de Pinton Rosales, 40, Madrid, Spain Kathleen O'Connell, 27 Waterbury Rd., Upper Montclair, N.J. 07043 Maureen O'Connell, 51 Linksview Place, Stratford, Conn. 06497 Patricia O'Grady, Calle Dr. Luis Agote 2455, Capital Federal, Buenos A Kathleen P. O'Neil, 72 Southwood Rd., Newington, Conn. 06111 Cynthia O'Toole, 57 Hollis St., Milton, Mass. 02186 Suzanne Ouellette, 69 Columbia St., Meriden, Conn. 06450 Anna Ozoroski, 205 River Ave., Point Pleasant Beach, N.J. 08742 Diane Palmer, 3841 Abbott Ave., South, Minneapolis, Minn. 55410 Ellen Mary Parks, 635 LaGrange St., West Roxbury, Mass. 02132 Donna M. Paulino, 72 Perthshire Rd., Brighton, Mass. 02135 Anne Perez, 203 Crestwood Ave., Crestwood, N.Y. 10707 Maria Perez, 40 Maple Ave., Cedarhurst, N.Y. 11516 Evelyn Peterson, 87 Echo Lane, Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Sarah Pfister, 88 Thornton St., Hamden, Conn. 06517 Marguerite Phillips, 141 Kilburn Rd., Garden City, N.Y. 11535 Susan Power, 49 Ackers Ave., Brookline, Mass. 02146 Joanne Pozzo, 14 Boswood Ave., Cranston, R.l. 02910 Patricia Pratt, 4119 Rosemary St., Chevy Chase, Md. 20015 Laurie Prendergast, 64 Shore Drive, Larchmont, N.Y. 10538 Lorraine Quinn, 29 Trinity St., New Britain, Conn. 06051 Patricia Quinn, 21 Denton Terrace, Roslindale, Mass. 02131 Judith Randall, 151 Weeburn Drive, New Canaan, Conn. 06840 Nancy Rennau, 163 Townsend Ave., Pelham Manor, N.Y. 10803 Carol Romano, 18 Marion Court, Bayonne, N.J. 07002 Jacqueline Roughan, 22 Summit St., Lowell, Mass. 01852 Elizabeth Sargent, 46 Beechmont St., Worcester, Mass. 01609 Elaine Schlapp, 182 Euston Rd., Garden City, N.Y. Paula Schlick, 8 East Place, Chappaqua, N.Y. 10514 Ann Schlumberger, 901 North Oak St., Little Rock, Ark. 72205 Sarah Shrank, 157 East 62nd St., New York, N.Y. 10021 Margaret Scola, 25 Lyndhurst Ave., Providence, R.l. 02908 , Conn. ires, Argentina Carol Sebastian, 746 Vernon Ave., Glencoe, Ill. 60022 Brigid Shanley, Bernardsville, N.J. Mary Sheridan, 1157 South Harrison St., Denver, Colo. 80210 Mary Shields, 121 East Bay Rd., Osterville, Mass. Alicia Silva, 222 Howland Ave., Paramus, N.J. 07652 Patricia Smith, 29 Plymouth Rd., Summit, N.J. 07901 Rita-Anne Sousa, 468 Turnpike Ave., Portsmouth, R.I. 02871 Carol Speno, 523 Highland Rd., Ithaca, N.Y. 14850 Laura Sperazi, 2440 Sedgwick Ave., New York, N.Y. 10468 Bridget Stillwell, 31 Louis St., New Brunswick, N.J. Ann Stuecheli, 1084 Willow Lane, Birmingham, Mich. 48009 Ann Sullivan, 832 North Wayne Ave., Wayne, Penn. 19087 Cynthia Sullivan, 901 Green Bay, Winnetka, III. Kathryn Sullivan, 60 Pell Terrace, Garden City, N.Y. 11535 Patricia Sullivan, 70 Gooch St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Barbara Sweeney, 39 Redstone Drive, Springfield, Mass. 01118 Patricia Szarek, 100 Woodridge Rd., Winfield Heights, Holden, Mass. 01520 Theodora Thompson, 213 Rowayton Ave., Rowayton, Conn. 06853 Catherine Thomson, 306 Olney St., Providence, R.I. 02906 Frances Tomasello, 733 Washington St., Brighton, Mass. 00135 Virginia Turner, 121 Circut Rd., Winthrop, Mass. 02152 Jessica Twaddle, 482 Pugh Rd., Wayne, Penn. 19087 Barbara Van Ess, 21 Sunny Brae Place, Bronxville, N.Y. 10708 Martha Verrier, 22 Shippee Ave., West Warwick, R.I. 02893 Carolyn Wahlig, 58-26 Roosevelt Ave., Woodside, N.Y. 11377 Elizabeth Walker, 29 Amherst Rd., Riverside, Conn. Virginia Walker, 32 Orchard Ave., Rye, N.Y. 10580 Kathleen Wallace, 285 Old Farm Rd., Northbrook, III. 60002 Kathleen Walsh, 524 Fox Ridge, St. Louis, Mo. 63131 Barbara Wardell, 99 Blake Rd., Hamden, Conn. 06517 Catherine Warner, 236 Yale Ave., Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada Marie Weatherhead, 9 Emmons St., Milford, Mass. 01757 Noreen Weaver, 462 Granby St., Hartford, Conn. 06112 Bette Weber, 2191 Jackson Blvd., University Heights, Ohio 44118 Mary Whedbee, RR No. 1, Box 127, Cockeysville, Md. 21030 Frances Whelan, 3 Clover Lane, Rumson, N.J. 07760 Jane Whittaker, 68 Prospect St., Melrose, Mass. 02176 Mary Woodcock, 225 Cedar St., Bangor, Maine 04401 Sr. Mary Harriet Joan Gonsalves, f.m.m., St. Clement's Convent, Ipswich St., Boston, Mass. 02215 Sr. Mary Joanne Libucha, f.m.m., St. Clement's Convent, Ipswich St., Boston, Mass. 02215 Sr. Janet Shelley, S.G.M., 10 Pelham Rd., Lexington, Mass. 02173 Sr. M. Carla Simmons, M.M.M., 1 Arlington St., Winchester, Mass. 01890 Joan Zimmer, 45 Slayton Drive, Short Hills, N.J. LF as M wif W gp. .v- P M, PM 4 H 2 r U, , lla Nfl, ,xl ' .. ,U ' -u 1 ,. , 'VI ,, A 5 1 gy m . ' , 1'-N X 'sg '3'X- N a g Q.. , l" ' 1,1 5 ra 1 ' u 1 1 m".'1. J ni' A A . w 4 , W ., v xg 11 , lb U I ,K-H 4 x .J ' .. l , . VV, J .' in 4' .lft ', , fp . ' h., 4 A yf. IV, , - Awww ' fd 1 HM 1 w X 1 n w 1 f -KM 1 W 1-15' , , , . I' 1 tl M w U 5' J. A+ ,. X A - . w ', ' . 45, 9 - fd- ' Jpmfri. I in , vl 1"i"'YY5'f f .r u We 15- My fr ,Q ', ,.H' wHJr' if W ll .,1' 'vxx ll KW r H-'Mull mW '-'hi , I- , m w lkwlm ill'-Q !U1 l,!,5.i P 1 X-ca 554 I I fi J.!'.1FXi'EF - -ml' "vm

Suggestions in the Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1963 Edition, Page 1


Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1964 Edition, Page 1


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Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1967 Edition, Page 1


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Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1969 Edition, Page 1


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