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THE SENIOR CLASS of NEWTON COLLEGE of the SACRED HEART pI'CSCl'lIIS THE WELL 66 OP 7-,Y ve H ex? 4 ,V f'l' V 7 0 1 -if 0 o ,ll 11 z A U, I S 6' V 5 , I I QC gr -: CG-I' 1I3sCHn4s1X0o-A 'V F946 if DEDICATIO The Class of 1962 dedicate The Well to our parents in gratitude for the faith and love with which they have always encouraged us in our effort to lay the foundations for a deeper under- standing and achievement of life. Reverend Mother Heuisler, whose prayers and devotion have guided US. .fe Mother Husson, President, and Mother Quinlan, Dean of Studies, have guided us in abstracting the true meaning of life. FACULTY .5 it A N ifxhiv A yfliw ' 512 4 f : Y if: A ' . M' . t ,,,-:1 W :xx is 1 1.2 15 1 ff 1' - ', ,eu -'wm.av-:Wy Q' gig. . uf Nei . I .X 5 QW 5 .f ig ,.,.,, V ' ' 'I' ,,,. .N,,...4,. ' wx A .mg . D N .l f U'-1 W5 .-A. F '- . 1- -as xl:-,I . .xx L-.6 s I ' E , : '- ,1 vi' 1, 'Xa if Mother Santen, as Dean of Admissions, is a principal figure in the evolution of the world of Newton. Dr. Higgins and Mr. Collura of the Theology Department consider another principle of selectivity in "Wheat and Cockle". 5:11, 'Wifi 1, Mr. Wyeth, ofthe French Department Belfliii and Berlin! Mrs. Balling, Music and Germang Mrs. Kean, Russian. Mother Maguire, head of the English Department Li ref 1' A 1'fZ51'5 Gabriel Marcel expresses his pleasure after the Newton production of his play "La Chapelle Ardente", under the direction of Miss Joan David, '57, 1 V , ,M l Abstracting the common denominator Mr. Schwartz, of the Mathematics Depart- ment. The Faculty Lounge: intellectual melting pot. Mr. Carello, Classical languages, Miss Jenks, Sociology and Psychology, Mr. Conway, Economics and History. Mother Torres investigates an ancient civilization,its essentials and its acci- dents. Dr. Kerekes and Mary Ann Brennan take advantage of a traffic lull in Stuart's busy front hall to discuss thesis problems. t, 1 F7 WW Nfy C-qu? Q ,-: .QAM Miss Norton, Registrar: "Just a minute, and I'll check your folder." "Why don't you look that up in Shipley?" Miss McNamara of the English Department Mr. Curran, Dr. Gleiman and Mr. Godfrey. A random bit of scholarship ' N ffffi? 5 ---41- 34" ww '.a.?"'0l5 Sifwr WW! ,,.-- 2 b-+Q " ' A A Qs, E 'Ii Where the facilities meet: the philosophy of art and the art of philosophy: Dr. Fitzgibbon of the Philosophy Department and Mother Putnam of the Art Department. The basic elements of man in society: Dr. Moraveo, Sociology and Dr. Naves, Chemistry. Miss Casey Dr. Marsh and Dr. Linehan Tfdtxflfllg 111105 fl7607f1f into pmcfife "By nature man is a social being." Dr. Nemethy, professor of Sociology and Economics impresses this fact upon Susie Kean and Helen Bill. The Artist - man expresses himself. After his lecture on Viennese architecture, Dr. Fischer fcenter leftj talks with Mr. Stahl, Mother Putnam and Mr. Marcus. The Psychologist - why man expresses himself. Mother Gorman of the Psychology Department and Mary Margaret Moran with Dr. Lindsley of the Massachusetts Mental Hospital and Dr. Pare of Boston College fleftj. LEADERS fr? "9 - : Q y ' J. . ' F ' P. ' , Qc.: -Q gwyfwf W 'Q ins.-I . 'f ' :X- 5-h..,,Q 'H' l i!,m..?. 'if uf-,A 'qyx ,ff JR...- Q X XY. ,gihwq 1 - 3- W"iZf pgs affix." w b ., .N Y Z f , . . V gg-',,1 ,QQ 'ua A Max '. I - 1- 9, , ' . Pffgii af' -an , 'T I ,ay Lg '- - Ik? b ,Q 31,5 akkbu L, A 1 ' q wi' Q' . 'T' , Lff"', if, 'Q 4' '-Q , 1 f .ffxn av A y ...Q ,I ,. t in . 1, z . .- --U' R 4 in Q '35 L is - A- ' , - S3'f1'i'f'fK9 a""l 1 ' vw - k A - f N., W .I 1 'ww f if ,, , GTG, .I U 5: , ' ' Z-35 Ef - H ik .gg I , -A M ' ! 5.- ' .Q-if . wg- Z. XM., , xegff-'i A fs- '. A JG' 'fxf .... ., -3 md .-5, 'ws v-, Q .14 'f 1 I 'Q " Wei A f rg -f':P0,.d,5,,., J NX 7 a 5, S. TUDE GGVER ME The officers Cleft to rightj: Mary Jane Moran, Treasurer, Helen Bill, Secretary, Judy Davin, President, Mary Ann Brennan, Vice-President, Robbi Von Urff, Parlementarian. They vet results. D They make plans. I ...,,. .-,, - .. vw . ,aes -. if 1-,-fm, AQ, ' - 'fx -Htysz.4,., .I V NS? N NN ' J 3 P R W 35' s Q 1...-11:23, N -Q 3 +V Q 4,55 QCA New Silver service merits special attention from Maureen Hannan, Judy Mountain and Sue Wall. CQMMITTEE Invitations - Mixers - At-homes. Here's where it all begins. Junior Class: fleft to rightj Carol Donovan Vice -Pre sident Mary Peirce Conner President Judy Huff Treasurer fmissingj Secretary Julie Fenlon Senior Class: fleft to rightj Barbara Fortunato Treasurer Maureen Slattery Vice-President Mary Ann Brennan President Qmissingj Betty Eigo Secretary CLASS CFFICER Freshman Class: Qleft to rightj Anne Murray President Eileen Fitzsimmons Treasurer Pat Madden Secretary Karen Kinnealey Vice-President Sophomore Class: fleft to right! Carolyn Davis President Deanna Zugger Vice-President Mary Lou Cunningham Secretary Kathy Wilson Tre as ure r 'XF' rt -Q . 4 ju, 4 4. l WF :..21'w? , 'I' ' 2 fAi 15' YM 1. ! ...M DUCHESNE WEST GUS , COUNCIL V wgxgg.. aiw W, X :A T a a iz.-r-Asia.: 4 :J .13 11 xr HARDEY DUCHESNE EAST WMS STUART EH. 1 3 1 6 5 VT? Mary Cooke, Senior Delegate, and Jo Egan, Junior Delegate. "You have to get your point across." .F.C.C.S. Q. NS Carol Singleton, Senior delegate, discusses plans for the N.F.C.C.S. Spring Congress held at Newton, with Eileen McCarthy and Mary Jane Collins, Junior delegate. SENICDRS X ..-- 4 4 ,.., , 9 9 ! O V ,Maw ' .-.. , , g-'-X' A . 3.5. fa m,,,,, E , 3, ' Qs ! ,S .lk SUSAN CLARE VVALL. E. DE M. DAYTON, OHIO IVIAJORI SOCIOLOGY THESIS: SOCIOLOCICAL ANALYSIS OF THE CAXLISES AND EFFECTS OF PROHIBITION CO-CHAIRMAN OE SOCIAL COMMITTEE JUDITH M. DAVIN, E. DE M. BETHLEHEIXI, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY THESIS: PHILOSOPHICAL X7ALUES AS SEEN IN ANDREW VVYETH PRESIDENT OF STUDENT GOVERNMENT -Www , 'I' Q V , "' MAUREEN T. HANNAN WASHINGTON, D, C. MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THE PSYCHOLOGICAL BASIS OF DRUG ADDICTION ADVISOR TO SOCIAL COMMITTEE JUDITH ANN MOUNTAIN, E. DE M. VVESTON, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY TIIESIS1 JUVENILE DELINQUENCY: COAIIUIXRISON BETNVEEN NIASSACHUSETTS AND CONNECTICUT COURT SYSTEBIS COACIIAIRMAN OF SOCIAL COMMITTEE MARTHA CARPENTER ARMSTRONG, E. DE M. BRIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: FOREIGN LANGUAGES IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL CELESTE MARIE AARON PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: PRE-MEDICAL THESIS: ALLERGY AND THE RH FACTOR .-113.5 'C N. Q ALICE MARGARET BAILEY, E. DE M. WEYMOUTH, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: ACHIEVEIXIENTS OF THE SOVIET EDUCA- TIONAL SYSTEIX1 UNDER STALIN AND KHRUSHCHEV MARIE CATHERINE AUBOIS, E. DE M NEVVPORT, RHODE ISLAND NIAJORI FRENCH THESIS: CUBISDI AND POETRY: GUILLAIILIE APOLLINAIRE , MI-XXINE ELIZABETH BALDVVIN GREENYVICH, CONNECTICUT BIAJGRZ SOCIOLOGY THESIS: THE GIRL GANG SHEILA MARIE TIERNAN BALBONI BRIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE THESIS: NORTHWEST ORDINANCE AND ITS EFFECT ON FUTURE TERRITORIAL POLICY X533 HELEN MARIE BILL GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK MAJOR: HISTORY I I I THESIS: BISIXIARCK AND THE WELFARE STATE JOANNA MARY BERTSCH LARCHAIONT, NEW YORK MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: DEFECTIXVE DISCIPLINE IN THE HOME AS A CAUSE OF JUVENILE DELINQUENCY IACQUELINE BOSCH OSSINING, NEW YORK MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE THESIS: JOHN FOSTER DULLES: INFLUENCE ON THE FORIXIULATION OF UNITED STATES FOREIGN POLICY IN BERLIN MARY LOUISE BOBAY, E. DE M. WARWICK, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: EVALUATION OF THE USE OF INTELLIGENCE TESTING IN THE PBIIVIARY GRADES x Nx MARY IANE BRADY, E. DE M. LOWELL, MASSACHUSETTS ,VIA OR: EDUCATION 1 J THESISZ GROUP RELATIONS AND INDIVIDUALITY BARBARA LOUISE BOWMAN ARLINGTON, BAIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE PHONIG METHOD OF WORD RECOGNI TION IN THE TEACHING OF READING MARY ANN BRENNAN, E. DE M. LAROHMONT, NEW YORK MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: THE REALIZATION OF THE PROGRALX1 OF NATIONAL SOCIALISIVI IN THE NAZI RISE TO POWER MARGARET LAURETTE BRENNAN BROOKLYN, NEW YORK MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE DEVELOPINIENT OF RUSSIAN EDUCA- TION FROM THE TSARIST SYSTEM TO THE PRESENT .4 A IOAN SANDRA BROWN WEST PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: SOCIAL WORK DIANE MARGARET BRICKLEY, E. DE M WINCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PRE-MEDICAL THESIS: THE TREATDIENT AND CONTROL OF DIABETES MELLITUS PATRICIA MCARDLE BURNS DRACUT, IVIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: ART THESIS: PAINTING IN REALITY AND FXBSTRACTION KATHERINE ARIADNA BRYANT IVIOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK IVIAJORZ PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THAT THE PSI PHENOBIENA, SPECIFICALLY TELEPATIIX' AND CLAIRVOYANCE, ARE A FURTHER STEP IN THE EVOLUTION OF IVIAN X , 5 ' 'Q J? :A 5 f ' 5 f , A J VICTILE JULIANA CAPELESS NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESTS: GU ILTY, BUT INSANE VIHIIESISI L1EE-S1 ITRANCINE ANDREA-X C:XLfXRESE, E. DE M. CUAIBERLAND HILL, RHODE ISLAND AIAJORI ART ZE CEAIENT STATUE OF AIADONNA AND CHILD A ELINOR CAPOZZI IVIEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: AUTOMATED TEACHING CAIL FRANCES CAPON, E. DE M. IVIONTREAL, PQ., CANADA MAJOR: BIOLOGY THESIS: RADIATION AND CELL RESISTANCE -NAQQAI., 1, 3'riRS':,.1. :Q1r'.wa:g,' 1 we -ra ff N Nkisxfszqr-T X ,X N, CAROL ANN CARSON, E. DE M. ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MAJOR: EDUCATION CLARE BCOTHE CAREY NEW YORK, NEW YORK MAJOR! PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: SURRENDER vs. COMPLIANCE THEORY IN ALCOHOLISIXI THESIS: METHODS OF TEACHING PRIIXIARY READ- ING is SONIA CHIN KINGSTON, JAIXIAICA, WEST INDIES MAJOR: ENGLISH TIIESIS: THE TWELVE PATTERNS OF W. C. CURRY TRACED THROUGH FAULIQNEPQS Absalom, Absalom! AND IAINIESV The Princess Casa- 11lZ7SSi11lf'l KATHLEEN FRANCES CAVANAUGI-I, E. DE M. CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: OCCUPATIONAL INFORIXIATION IN THE INTERIVIEDIATE GRADES QHSM X MARY IANE CONNOR, E. DE M. CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION A THESIS: THE DEVELOPlX1ENT OF THE NEW SOVIET MAN BARBARA ANN COLLETTE MONTREAL, PQ., CANADA NIAJORZ PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: SELF-CONCEPT OF THE GERMAN IEW UNDER I-IITLER ELIZABETH ANN COONEY PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: ECONOINIICS TIIESISI RELATION BETWEEN COIXIMONS AND LAFOLLETTE IN PROGRESSIVE WISCONSIN MARY I-IUMPI-IREYS COOKE GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THE NECESSITX' FOR AND DEVELOPMENT OF THE INDIVIDUAL IN PRESENT DAY SOCIETY DONNA COUGI-ILIN LEXINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: MEASUREMENT OF INTELLIGENCE IN THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOLS MARY B. CORBETT, E. DE M. GLENCOE, ILLINOIS MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THAT NEWLY BLINDED PERSONS CAN AND SHOULD RE-ACQUIRE SELF-ESTEEIXI AND SOCIAL ADEQUACY ww... , ANNE CROWLEY SCARSDALE, NEW YORK MAJOR: ECONOMICS THESIS: ECONONIIC CONSEQUENCES OF THE ANDREA DORIA-STOCKIIOLM COLLISION NANCY CURTIS CPQOWELL, E. DE M KEENE, NEW HAMPSHIRE MAJOR! ENGLISH THESIS: WILLA CATHERZ ARTIST N I Ii R. ., ,Xb X-,I R L CAROL DOUGHERTY IVIONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: USE OF PSYCHOLOGY IN INDUSTRY FRANCES A. DIMUCCIO NORTH PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: R1A'IHE1XIATICS E I 3 I,,.i..S: :N A :V ,R ..., ELIZABETH ANNE EIGO, E. DE M. LARCHIYIONT, NEW YORK MAJOR: ECONOIVIICS THESIS: MAJOR DISPUTES BETWEEN LABOR AND MANAGEBIENT IN THE STEEL INDUSTRY IN 1952 AND 1959 NANCY EDMONDSON, E. DE M. BROOKLINE, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: MATHEMATICS ANI ...K 'si - J - 35 ., ox X l SNS 'Ex QQTSEFFV -.f vwff 5: . my t.- N- i S MARY PAYTON FEELEY WEST MEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: PROCRANIS AVAILABLE TO TODAY'S GIFTED CHILD RITA JOAN FALLETTI, E. DE M. BRIGHTON, MASSACIILISETTS MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE THEsIs: A TWENTIETH CENTURY EXPERIAIENT IN VVORLD GOvERNIx1ENT...THE UNITED NATIONS? 5 - , IE. ., I KATHLEEN HELEN FISHEL HARRISON, NEW YORK MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: THE SY1xIBOL1S1xI OF GESTURE IN The Scarlet Latter - GESTURE OF LANGUAGE ANN THERESE EERRONE, E. DE M. NEWTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: FOREIGN LANGUAGES IN THE ELEBIENTARY PUBLIC SCHOOLS MARY LYNN FLEMING LARCHMONT, NEW YORK MAJOR! EDUCATION . A THESIS: PSYCHOLOCICAL INFLUENCES ON THE EDUCATIVE PROCESS CASIMIR ELAINE FLAHERTY WEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: THE EFFECTS OE JAMES' DRAIXIATIC Ex- ' PERIENCE ON The Tmgic Muse AND The Awkwzzrcl Age BARBARA M. FORTUNATO MONTCLAIR, NEW JERSEY MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: REACTION OF BRITAIN TO THE PAPAL PEACE PROGRAAI OF 1917 AS EFFECTING AMERICAYS REJECTION MARY LOU FOLEY EDGEWOOD, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: PSYCHOLOGY BEHIND AMERICAN AND RUSSIAN PROPAGANDA " Q X MARY ELIZABETH GALLAGHER JAMAICA PLAIN, NIASSACHUSETFS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: MENTAL HEALTH CLINICS IN THE VICINITY OF BOSTON ANNE GALLACHER, E. DE M. VVYNNEWOOD, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: SPATIAL AND TEBIPORAL PLOT RELATION- SHIPS IN SHAKESPEARE 5- .1 fe gf -5 ' :gi I 82.5 . f' ' ' E- --Ag .,I:,I .. R.-UA Ng '-4,5 dl IACQUELINE B. GEGAN, E. DE M. PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: EXISTENTIAL ANXIETY AND ITS IBIPLICA' TIONS IN CONTEBIPORARX' SOCIETY LOIS GARNER NORWOOD, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND THE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL ae, MARY CATHERINE HALLISEY QUINCY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY THESIS: EXISTENTIAL INSIGHTS OF DOSTOEXVSKX' AS EXPRESSED IN HIS NOVELS VIRGINIA MARY GOGGIN, E. DE M. RUIXIFORD, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: ART THESIS: LIFE'SIZE CEBIENT STATUE OF RIADONNA AND CHILD S ' HELEN HARRINGTON, E. DE M. BELLE HARBOR, NEW YORK MAJOR: FRENCH THESIS: BALZAO: PEINTRE DE PAR1s DANS La Cousine Bette ET Le Cousin Pons SALLIE HAMILTON KANSAS CITY, MISSOURI MAJOR: FRENCH THESIS: LA COUR DE Louis QUATORZE A TRAVERS Les Memoirs DE SAINT-SIIWON R "L . IQ, MARY KATHLEEN I-IINSBERG DETROIT, MICHIGAN MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THE PSYCHOLOGY OF NAPOLEON BONAPARTE MARY HOLLEY HICOK, E. DE M. HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON, NEW YORK MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: AI,COHOLISh'I AND THE FAMILY KATHLEEN GRACE IACOBI SANDS POINT, NEW YORK MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: HAWTHORNE: USE AND PURPOSE OF THE FAIR AND DARK LADIES ELIZABETH ELLIS IRISH SCARSDALE, NEW YORK MAJOR: ECONOMICS THESIS: ECONOIXIIC CONSEQUENCES OF WORLD WAR I AND WORLD WAR II IN THE OIL INDUSTRY TI-IOMASINE KAHLE TOLEDO, OHIO MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY THESIS: CABIUSI WIIAT ABI I? W HAT ANI I TO DO? BARBARA JONES, E. DE CIIEVH' CHASE, M ARYLAND MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE T I HESIS. THE FREEDOM OF BE M. RLIN BARBARA MARIE KEANE WEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: HUNDRED YEARS OF DAKRWINISBI GRACE JOAN KANE NEW YORK, NEW YORK NIAJORI PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: COIXIPARISON OF THE PERSONALITY TRAITS OF INDIVIDUALS IN SELECTED MAJORS ANN KENNEDY NEW YORK, NEW YORK MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: SEVENTEENTH CENTURY RELIGIOUS CON- DITIONS WHICH CONTRIBUTED TO THE RISE OF OLIVER CROIXIWELL MARY ALICE KELLY, E. DE M. WABAN, IVIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: HISTORY' THESIS: XRIHETHER GREAT MEN NXIAKE AN AGE OR THE ACE AIAKES GREAT B41-EN SAINT PAUL, MINNESOTA MAJOR: EDUCATION SHEILA MARGARET LEAHY MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: EDUCATION IDEALS OF HORACE MANN AT . ANTIOCH COLLEGE MARGARET ELIZABETH KUCLER THESIS: TEACHING COBIBIUNISBI IN A DEXIOCRACI N CORA B. LE PORIN GARDEN CITY, NEW YORK MAJOR: FRENCH THESIS: L'EsTIIETIQuE ROBIAN REALISTE DE FLAUBER Madame Bovary TICC T DANS SUSAN SPALDING LENZ CRANSTON, RHODE ISLAND IXIAJORI SOCIOLOGY THESIS: AMERICAN SOCIETY FACES THE OLD AGE PROBLEM X. fs .. 1' A ,ffAN"' CAROL M. LO TOKYO, JAPAN MAJOR: CHEMISTRY THESIS: THE SYNTHESIS OF ALKALOIDS AND THEIR USES As PHARIYIACEUTICALS LORRAINE ANTOINETTE LILLY MOLINE, ILLINOIS MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: PROBLEMS OF OLD AGE IN TODAY's SOCIETY ' MARY EDWINA LYNCH ELIZABETH, NEW JERSEY MAJOR: CHEMISTRY THESIS: EFFECTIVE SEPARATION OF NICKEL, COBALT AND IRON BY ION EXCHANGE BARBARA ELLEN LYNCH MORRISVILLE, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: ECONOMICS THESIS: THE DOLLAR: THE GOLD CRISIS 41595 I 2 ELLEN KATHERINE MARKEY, E. DE M. XVEST ROXBURY, IX'IASSACIIUSET'TS AI.-KJORZ IIISTORY THESIS: RIBBENTRUI'-BIoI.oTov AGREEIXIENT or 1939 KATHERINE NINA MAI-IONEY XVORCESTER, AIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE AIENTALLY RETARDED CHILD Vrzwf' KATHERINE ALICE MARTIN ISLIP, NEW YORK MAJOR: BIOLOGY THESIS: SODIUINI PENTOTHAL IN ANESTHESIA GENEVIEVE C. MARTIN XVELLESLEY HILLS, IXIASSACHUSETTS BI.-XIORI POLITICAL SCIENCE THESIS: PREPARATION FOR SELF-GOVERNMENT IN GHANA A VALERIE ALICE MCMAHON I-IAMDEN, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: FFHOIVIAS PAINE AND GOUVERNEUR MORRIS: CONELICTINC WITNESSES TO THE FRENCH REVOLUTION JULIE KATHERINE MCGRAW, E. DE M ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: EDUCATING TIIE UNEW AFRICAN 5 X I X QM 33" , NONIE MCNEIL NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION TIIESIS: CHARACTERISTICS OF GIFTED CHILDREN SALLY MCMANAMY IVIONTREAL, PQ., CANADA MAJOR: HISTORY TIIESIS: NAPOLEON AT ELBA: A STRATEGIST IN EXILE DEBORAH ANN MELLEN CHARLESTOWN, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: COIXIPARISON OF AIVIERICAN AND BRITISH HIGH SCHOOLS MARY ELLEN IXAICSLIANE, E. EAST GRAND RAPIDS, MICHIGAN MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: HARRX' L. HOPKINS: HIS U. S. FOREIGN POLICY DE M. INFLUENCE ON N- - WA 0 NS ' QA' AI :,I,!j!!- I Ag- I WN mx ' sf' ' f 71 I , . - -X.. 4 S-1: MARY MARGARET MORAN SWAIVIPSCOTT, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: THE IMPORTANCE OF THE PRE-PSYCHOTIC PERSONALITY IN ORGANIC PSYCHODIAC- NOSIS AND PSYCHOTHERAPY MARY IANE MORAN CUBIBERLAND HILL, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: EDUCATION TIIESIS: EDUCATIONAL PHILOSOPHY OF HENRY BARNARD AND ITS RESULTING INFLUENCE ON RHODE ISLAND EDUCATION i 1 DALE MARGARET MULLARKEY, E. DE M. AMSTERDAINI, NEW YORK MAJOR: ECONOIXIICS THESIS: MOHASCO INDUSTRIES: ITS PAST, PRESENT, AND FUTURE ANNE HELEN MORGAN, E. DE M. WEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: FEDERAL AID TO EDUCATION WITII EIVIPHASIS ON PAROOHIAL SCHOOLS MARION SLATER MURRAY ROCHESTER, NEW YORK MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE IXQONTESSORI METHOD AND ITS RELA- TION TO AMERICAN EDUCATION SUSAN KATHRYN MULVANITY, E. DE M. XVEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: INFLUENCE OF JOHN QUINCI' ADABIS UPON THE NEGOTIATIONS FOR THE TREATY OF GHENT IN 1814 ANN FRANCES OCONNOR, E. DE M. NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY THESIS: UNAIHIINO: A HISTORY OF A PASSION ROSEMARY OCONNELL NEW YORK, NEW YORK NIAJORZ ECONOMICS THESIS: AN ECONOBIICAL ANALYSIS OF THE SECOND BANK OF THE UNITED STATES MAURA O'NEILL MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: SPANISH THESIS: INDIAN LAND PROBLEM OF MEXICO, CO- LOIVIBIA, PERU, AND BOLIVIA MARY TI-IERESE OJCONNOR, E. DE M ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: LEADERSHIP IUDITH M. PIZZARELLO MOUNT VERNON, NEW YORK MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: 1. B. AND The Book of job MARY MARTHA PALLOTTA, E. DE M. IPSVVICH, NIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY TIIESISI CORPORTXTE STATE IN ITALY .X 7 up-N JANET PATRICIA RICHMOND VVORCESTER, RIASSACHUSETTS RIAJORZ BIOLOGY THESTS: THE EFFECTS OF SBIOKINC ON THE LUNG CELL VIRGINIA E. RATTENNI PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THEs1S: CIORRELATION BETXVEEN IDOBIINANT VALUES OF THE SENIOR CLTXSS AND THEIR RIAJOR BY THE STUDY OF VALUES TEST f' JUDITH SAUEP1 ST. LOUIS, MISSOURI MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE INFLUENCE OF THE IXIARXIAN IDEOLOGY ON THE RLISSIIXN AIIDDLE SCHOOL TODAY MARYELENE RYAN GLENS FALLS, NEW YORK MAJOR: PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: HYPNOSIS ' 52151 :A--zz E C I1-wiv ,I X , AXA... - ,,g, 5:5 SUSAN ANN SCHULTE PITTSBURGH, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: DICKENSY USE OF CHANCE MEETINGS AS A UNIEYING FACTOR IN HIS NOVELS BARBARA GENE SCHROETTER JACKSON HEIGIITS. NEW YORK MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: XNTORKS OF C, S. LEWIS, XRIILLIABI AIAYNE, AND R. R. TOLKIEN: AS CONTAINING ELEBIENTS OF TRLIE LITERATURE, AND AS AN INTRODUCTION TO LITERATURE EOR CHILDREN ,ns MAUREEN CLARE SLATTEPIY WESTBIOLINT, P.Q., CANADA MAJOR: HISTORY RELATION OF THEIR' CONCEPTS CHANGE IN THE ORGANISM THESISz I'IENRI BERCSON AND A. . TOYNBEE: THE OF MONICA SHAUGHNESSY NEW YORK, NEW YORK NIAJORI ECONOBIICS THESIS: POSTULATED REFORIXIATION OF TAX STRUCTURE OF THE UNITED STATES TERESA MARIE SNITE MIAMI BEACH, FLORIDA MAJOR: PHILOSOPHY , I , THESIS: EXISTENTIAI, MEANING OF LIFE. SARTRE: DESPAIR. MAROEL: HOPE KATHERINE BRADY SMITH VVHITINSVILLE, IVIASSACHUSETIS MAJOR: SPANISH THESIS: THE QUEST FOR VALUES: DON QUIXOTE AND SEGISRIUNDO sr, AGATHA TSU SAO PAULO, BRAZIL MAJOR: CHEMISTRY THESIS: IXN EFFECTIVE SEPARATION OF COPPER AND NICKEL MIXTURE BY ELECTRO'DEPOSI- TION ANN ELIZABETH TOMASELLO BRIGHTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: POLITICAL SCIENCE THESIS: EFFECT OF THE IRISH-AAIERICAN VOTE ON BOSTON POLITICS S,,..f.,-num ik -Iii'-PSKXN.: .. -x M---' Q-r-1-.-2 mf .TQ Wm 4' ROBERTA MARYLYN VON UREE FOREST HILLS, NEW YORK MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE ROLE OF EDUCATION: EOR THE IN- DIVIDUAL OR EOR THE STATE BGNNIE JEAN TUBRIDY VVILLINIANTIC, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: COBIPARISON OF RURAL WITH URBAN SUICIDE RATES GERALDINE S.M. WANG, E. DE M. SEOUL, KOREA MAJOR: ECONOMICS TIIESIS: RACNAR NURKSE: HIS CONCEPT ON IN- TERNATIONAL CAPITAL IVIOVEIXIENT JEAN WALSH, E. DE M. CRESTWOOD, NEW YORK MAJOR: ART THESIS: AN GRIGINAL DESIGN AND EXECUTION OF A I-IOOKED RUC X PENELOPE ANNE WHELAN, E. DE M. BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: IMACISM: AMY LOWELL ITS DIRECTORQ "H.D." ITS EPITOME MARSHA VIRGINIA WHELAN, E. DE M. GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: THE ENGLISH ATTITUDES 'TOYVARD THE MUNICH AGREEMENT OF 1938 VIRGINIA ANN WURZER BETTENDORF, IOWA MAJOR: SOCIOLOGY THESIS: ECOLOGICAL APPROACH - DELINQUENCY AREAS KRISTIN MONROE WILDMAN LANGHORNE, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: ENGLISH THESIS: The Blithedale Ronzmzce: SOIVIE SYIVIBOLS IN THE COVERDALE THEME S, S -1 SAYS-iii xwmq- ' N'-' X MOTHER BEVERLY CUNNINGI-IAM, R.C.E. MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: BIOLOGY THESIS: RESEARCH LABORATORY MANUAL OF CANIA PONCELLUS SISTER MARY ERANCESCO ABEL, S.lXI.S.1NI. ERAAIINCHAM, IVIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: BIOLOGY TIIESIS: 60 MILLION YEARS OF PLASTIC EINIBED DINC SISTER PHILIP MAGUIRE, S.I.C. NEWPORT, RHODE ISLAND Ix'IAjORi PSYCHOLOGY THESIS: A STUDY OF TIIE INTEGRATION OF VALLIES INTO THE SELIPSYSTEINI OF THE ADOLESCENT SISTER MARY DE LOURDES LAPOINTE S.IXI.S.IXI. FRAIXIINGHAIXI, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: EDUCATION THESIS: THE TEACHERVS ROLE IN AROUSING MOTIVATION A MOTHER BARBARA MOYNH-IAN, R.C.E RIIILTON, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: HISTORY THESIS: BISHOP VON KETTLER SPIRITUAL LIFE 1 Toward the concrete 55 I xg: The Chapel in the abstract A 1 c- 14 Q THE CHAPEL GROW . Richard Cardinal Cushing officiated at the ceremony for the laying of the cornerstone. Mother Cohalan conducts choir practice. Father Leonard congratulates new Children of Mary CHILDRE OF MARY Martha Carpenter Armstrong Marie Aubois Peggy Bailey Mary Jane Becherer Susan Bell Mary Bobay Mary Jane Brady Mary Ann Brennan Penny Brennan Francine Calarese Gail Capon Carol Carson Kathleen Cavanaugh Mary Ann Cole Mary Peirce Conner Mary Jane Connor Mary Corbett Nancy Crowell Dorothy Daly Carolyn Davis Judy Davin Karen De Cavalcante Carol Donovan Deborah Doyle Nancy Edmondson Betty Eigo Rita Falletti Julie Fenlon Ann Ferrone Meg Finegan Jacqueline Gegan Virginia Goggin Helen Harrington Martha Healy Frances Hesterberg Holley Hicok Sachi Hirose Kathleen Hughes Barbara Jones Mary Alice Kelly Colette Koechley Ellen Markey Bernardine Moore Anne Morgan Judy Mountain Dale Mullorkey Susan Mulvanity Marlia Mundell Mary Ann McGeough Julie McGraw Carolyn Mclnerney Mary Ellen McShane Barbara Nesbitt Kate Nugent Helen O'Brien Ann O'Connor Mary O'Connor Mary Martha Pallotta Nancy Philpott Margie Reiley Peggy Reiss Andrea Shuman Beth Tierney Susan Vinnecombe Susan Wall Jean Walsh Geraldine Wang Betsy Warren Marsha Whelan Penelope Whelan Deanna Zugger Jean Walsh emu RNA x. X Q , ,gi wana he W , Q as KN W 1 , xmxx - -V W as ,Nm-f - 8 - , , -, . at K R Milli. . im M ..- W .,, M . N, f gf - ...N..M.MW,,,,,,,,,wf I -ln we . . . . xxeewmm.-AA GLEE CLUB 3736 Glee Club entertains for Father-Daughner Weekend under the direction of Mr. Theodore Marier DRAMATIC CLUB "The Idea of a Theatre": Mr. Dolan and Dramatic Club officers, Anne Jaap, Vice-President Rosario Drew, Presidentg and Camilla Washburng Secretary. Tbe ideal put into fzffiwz J--g...4..A if 1 f.. , . iw, 7,5 fi. 'K ',....4 if -,vt -My l- ' ii" 1 -. ' BCL S 97 Neither rain, nor hail, nor sleet, nor snow . . . Jane Graham and Mary Ellen McShane, Business Manager. ff" Y www will I wg? ww. X rw ,xi x Q' , . fl'- ,- - . -GL-'1' ,A -,,.,.'x.,:'-,xx + . ,- .. av, 3' ' 'W .A 'egkx "RHI ,ff x ' -QN2' N4- .-.f,- ,.., .-N'-, "WEN "-X..." -X""T.k1, ,, 4-.. -.l,,,ai- Xl N..yx+.,xi . xy... ,.-..,,, .- Q A . -Q. , '.".a.s+ -N. ,, A . , f..,., wh 'm u 4 4' 4 v .wi?uso'3'f'5 i ,rr as fn' qt. -...sw K .-.rr 'Saga .... ,, .au ,. 1 yy Matter and Format . . . 885's editorial staff, Elaine Flaherty, Managing Editorg Bobbi Schroetter, Editor-in-chiefg Kay Bryant, Photography Editor. LITERARY CLUB ffl? Aesthetic distance? Literally speaking, the editors of "Wheat and Cockle" do have a distant look -- or perhaps it's a poetic vision. At the end of the table is Elaine Flaherty, Editor-in-Chief of the Literary Club's publication. TEREST CLU Culture in the concrete -- The Interest Club puts tickets in our hands. Head of the Com mittee and chief keeper of the Bulletin Board is Julie McGraw fSeated, centerj. rw ar There's nothing abstract about a good debate -- Nancy Edmundson, Presi- dentg and Margaret Burns, Vice-President, keep de- baters to the point. DEBATE CLUB The Universal Idea -- IRC traces relationships in world affairs -- Susan Mangan, Secretaryg Harriet Friday, Vice-Presidentg and Gerry Wang, President. 'Wmlnwwq' Under its officers, Diane Brickley, President, Elizabeth Martin, Secretary fseatedj, Liz Martin, Treasurer, and Celeste Aaron fstandingj, the Science Club adds a material dimension to our concept of the "really real." v . 'QB' ,sw 1 'Yr diff-f' ii? 7? Qw Mm '3- YOU G REPUBLICA is K .I . William Miller, GOP National Chairman fills inthe details. One side of the political picture is outlined by the Young Republicans. Presi- dent is Mary Jane Becherer fStanding, centerj. SWBIEXL ik N55Sl9RI'l9,'E"I"- iWi,"lNbd1lm WSE:- YO G DEMOCRATS Final arrangements for guest lecturer, Ted Kennedy, are being made by Vicki Capeless, Vice-Presidentg Kay Hinsberg, State Recording Secretary: and Ann Tornasello, President. They are the CRITICS' CHOICE. Newtones go co-axial EWTO IWW ug Officers of the Art Club Vivian Walter, Secretary Mary E. Tierney, Vice-Presi dentg Mary Bobay, President Catching the spirit of the original. 'eq- CATHOLIC ACT O Action is no accident fdespite Aristotlej. Officers: Valerie McMahon, Presidentg Dale Mullarkey, Vice-Presidentg Mary King, Treasurer. Mission Club under the direction of Anne Morgan, President ATHLETIC CLUB Czfmmerbznzffs 011 fbe 601117 TRADITIQNS WWE .V -X -x RSQA, .1 . . x y Faculty and students unite to ask God's blessing for the year ahead. .:, Qvxggx b i V V- me. a. " ' " .' gf , , ,- ,,1, was '1"Q4X 3 52 Q Y-'WV Jv- 4 Qwwwvwwm' ' f ,XE This September, the Mass was offered by Father Joyce in front of Duchesne House. MASS OF THE r- W, ,.l...,r,,,, x4,, . , ' " N - , 1 " A - l - .... 'iii fx T .,,-'. , X ,gxi - 'tjxqu . f ,N . . .M-.,45,M,..,,,3,-r,. , . wg, X x , . ' xzyf.-.,...,., . Q Q, -NW. ., K A wnegvw-W 'www wigwgw QQ -.,, -,, -X ,f.:?'25I?','T, Q1 , 4' A- 4,-Q . V, 'ij A I , :-sgxgg . xie,.ZN51'f'.f-:-,,. - . "XS--'E-fm""-'ffvwa X, -xg VW.. W'-' 'S "'--'-1521-1-IQ. .x-kf,iixL,+-'.f:Cw:.- , "-g '55.' 5m-Ix'.' . . " V , Aw ' g - ' Nan. xx x ORIE TATIO - f K .xx .jk IN 4 5 5 P .3 'E 5 5' 4 , x P X 5 D f 5 9 5 W -. ' -T: v : 1,.1I1E,iN::, ' ,.1.5,.Ts:g5: frgfiif' , .......1. , H ,1,,t 1 N ,, up A if .45 1. ,fi ' 1 WQKK From the steps of Kremer: New Fezees mm' a New View Q- , 1 fm SENIQR CAROLS FATHER-DAUGHTER WEEKE 55 asm Ffzfbezav 67Zf6VfzZf7Z -wwvw-Q.,.,,,,..,. 5 - - ......,W..,,,,,,,,, ,,,, x Ah S. N3 ,x.., E3 U End of a perfect weekend The Talbot Brothers entertaining at the Meadows in the Fall. 'Eis- SQPHQMQRE CHRISTMAS DANCE JU Curtain Going Up IOR WEEKE D ,cz-5 .X n . R R ,eva .A if X Q M' l. nf' 1 Xxx y X NS sw Double Date ' ,x4uvPf4Af -.1 S. ss K 1' -A J ,-or "-'I-... Q "N ' PQ -x 1 fix. 5' L29-12,13 V f ,x,..AU x Gi ' 11 M Carnlval frolics -- Committee Members draw for prizes Sitting room only WEEK - DAYS X 5 HWXM ei 5- f sl an .3 aww' ' sf' Mother Coleman, Librarian, and her most rized acquisition: the new book lift. You can't tell a book S,- 1 i 5 E i 5 i x vw, x -K be if-.V w ,...- 1 Where ideas are mfafocgzzerz' by IDS over CHRISTMAS in Pooh Corner STUART fffi wi Z CUSHING HQUSE 1 2 .of -u A 3-or -., ,- A an 3 is ii-'vm' EMZWW Q2 5-L? Sl fl! Q Vx, 1 5' QL-. --, "fy: wfvsr, -Y 'TT N 'F 'Q if wi Wa' 4 yr 'tiki hi? 1 Q 4 19 Q. lm , xt if gf ML A'Vf ..- rl A 1. - M - 5- QS .-'fe f' " -I2 A--1 5 y-9. :Nj vi 3., v- CPR ,A 4' Q N- . 5 ,113 lg f ml. , if N.- 1' f . A s H -YK 'L Mf?u,Wfw wv?Ww Z HARDEY HQUSE dub' UCHE E HCDU E i3i??:SYl'.' v - " 9 " ,, R iff' Housewarming -- Exhibit of paintings by Kitty Underwood, a former member ofthe senior class. , .1 . .f ., .v ... , . . .. , . .. .A.8XhYE cE.' ,i N-XQYh Looking for something to do? Try Stuart. N'-w. A A an -we A , ,,.: ll b K. ' "NNN , . ':-': :iv -x.'-- f if e r Ne r "l' il Where the elite meet The main entrance - coming and going The Ddify Rozzfimf F I will ,Q 7? s y' x 1 L6 1 17 'Xllll AP 'wx Fascination in the "Five and Dime Brigham S for Sundaes N 4 ,gg jf, gf ,, 53 is Q S iff 'QQ Q--7 "" ffgg .Wim ,NYM p i ., i . A., . Az Q , ... , ...Ag " x www ,.,. .. ,Nm N: ,.-. ..,.... V A- ,jx ' ek' ':'? '2:if?f3f5iL.i' '1""' '. --.. .,.:.q . K.-w:::wfT ,. ,':-.. . . ' 'nvsfwffwiav q,.1.: ,,.-: Q ' I g X YI? t- H ..- ' 1 1 '-' - W 1 P k':':' 'K 1' k"-' -' "" " " M I K vii" t U ,, -,..v- .v ., , t Q . . , ,,., -,A' ' - '. ,., K ,., -sv :,, .,.- I VI ' . N .. .- ' "'- ".:' "" lil, "1 '-'- . -'QQ ,afif !"1Pf2iiwS" '.:f .f ':",- 5 'igfi "-' -. If 5 'lgikjizx . ' 1 X. ':Q'A '- A-A' 1: 5 5 5 Q ' --1-'-' -,"2 A ""-' '-'- E -A--i - l - 3' fu i "' f V 3 W e an "-, f,'- - 1 -x fi - ' -155325 " 0' " 2 .',. '.f-. 3 ,:. ' -aff' 5 E. ' ..-- f "It comes in all sizes." A 3'2zggg:g222,'::1:-i13i'''I i ' """f"""h-+M..M,,. - ----V . ,,, .lf er 'ff' f Nr . M. -Q., 5:3 I'-X ' I 1-2 . - xl P r I lf . 4 5 N ' th '.,,:ff', A I I ,Q f Y x. The G rem' Oiffdoozfy 'G 3 si 3 2 Us . X- ,W-. i. wikdk- ' Q55 X Q . .W 'xx-x5,gQ j '1--'lN:,l?fX N6 RQ-IQ' gg! 'X 5'5" kwi- Jef.-. . A 'ggi .Si - 1 1 W: - -.X " , '- ..., 4 ggi---.1...w ., .- ' - ' "lf '-2-.Q4"f nf -. 5 ' " .-.1-.., :1 -Jw gg- -. - f- :vw , 11- , I A Y I i 5 E SXMM Carefree Daze If I see one more sheet of red-lined thesis paper M. anv- Why O, Why O, Why O, Did I ever leave Ohio? Doesn't ANYONE have a car? YEARBO0 FF We wish to thank: Mother Maguire for her faith and encouragement, Mother Husson for her confidence and understanding, Mother Putnam for her artistic guidance, Mr. Frank Dolan for his cooperation in our critical moments, and Mr. Ralph Norman, our photographer, for his enthusi- astic efforts. lv. .Nix W V l- V 1555: ff xi lf' ! . - 2.51 "J , ' ' T , .A is i "'fig?iXw wx. i , 5, x Standing fleft to rightj Sonia Chin, Literary Co-Editorg Jean Walsh, Assistant to the Editorg Maureen Slattery, Art Co-Editorg Judy Pizzarello, .Assistant to the Editorg Jackie Gegan, Business Man- agerg Sittingfleft to rightj Kathy Jacobi, Editor-in-chiefg Kay Bryant Photography Editorg Rosemary O'Connell, Art C0-Editorg Bobbi Schroetter, Literary Co-Editor. EDITORIAL ASSISTANTS: Joanna Bertsch Tammy Kahle Mary Cooke Ginger Rattenni Anne Crowley Penny Whelan Betty Eigo Kris Wildman Kay Hinsberg 7 CELESTE AARON 370 Midway Road Pittsburg, Pa. SR. M. FRANCESCO ABEL 863 Central Street Framingham, Mass. Senior Director Aspirants 2, 3, 4...Art Club 1...Science Club 1,3,4 Vice President 4... "885" 1,3,4...Young Republicans 4. MARTHA CARPENTER ARMSTRONG Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 2 ...Choir 19 South Street Brighton, Mass. MARIE AUBOIS 86 Washington Street Newport, R.I. 1...Glee Club 1... Young Democrats 3,4. Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 1...Choir 1...Education Board 4...Interest Club 1,2,3.Secretary Z, Vice President 4...Romance Language Club 1,2,3. ALICE MARGARET BAILEY Aspirants l,2,3...Sodality 4...House Council 4...I.R.C. 4... Romance 484 Green Street Weymouth, Mass. Language Club 2,3, Treasurer 3...Young Democrats 3,4. SHEILA MARIE TIERNAN BALBONI Aspirants 1,2...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Dean's List three 135 Washington Street Brighton, Mass. times. MNXINE ELIZABETH BALDWIN Catholic Action 1...Education Board 4...Young Americans for Dearfield Drive Greenwich, Conn. Freedom 4...Young Republicans 4. JOANNA MARY BERTSCH Aspirants 1 ..., A thletic Association 3...Basketball Varsity 1,2...Foot- 25 Coolidge Street Larchmont, N.Y. HELEN BILL 5 Heath Place Garden City, N.Y. MARY LOUISE BOBAY 82 Love Lane Warwick, R.I. JACQUELINE BOSCH 120 Morningside Drive Ossining, N.Y. ball Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Glee Club 1... House Council 2,3,4...Head of Stuart House 4...I.R.C. 3...Student Council 4...Young Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. Football Varsity 4...House Council 3,4...N.S.A. 2,3, Delegate 2, Co- ordinator 3...Student Council 3,4, Secretary 4...Young Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. Sodality 1,2,3,4 .... A rt Club 2,3,4, Vice President 4...Catholic Action 1,2...Interest Club 3...Romance Language Club 1. Art Club 4...Catholic Action 1...Glee Club 1...Education Board 4... I.R.C. 1,2,3,4, Vice President 3...Romance Language Club 3..."885" 1...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's List three times. BARBARA BOWMAN 145 Mt. Vernon Street Arlington, Mass. MARY JANE BRADY 136 Parkview Avenue Lowell, Mass. Young Democrats 4. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,,4...Catholic Action 1,2...Glee Club 1,2,3,4. MARGARET LAURETT BRENNAN .Aspirants 1,2,3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,4...Young Americans 551 First Street Brooklyn, N.Y. MARY ANN BRENNAN 15 Maple Avenue Larchmont, N.Y. DIANE BRICKLEY 25 Winchester Arms Winchester, Mass. JOAN BROWN 5 Mulberry Drive West Peabody, Mass. for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 4. Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Class Vice President 1,2, Class Presi- dent 4...Football Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Committee Chair- man 3...Glee Club 1,2,3,4,.Business Manager 3...HouseCouncil 1,2,4 ...I.R.C. 3...Student Council 1,2,4, Vice President 4. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Dramatic Club 1,2...Football Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Chem- istry Club 4...I.R.C. 1,2,3,4...Jr. Weekend Committee 3...Science Club 1,2,3,4, President 4...Young Democrats 4. Catholic Action 1,4...Dramatic Club 1...Science Club 4...Young Demo- crats 4. KATHERINE ARIADNA BRYANT .Aspirants 1...Catholic Action 1...Freshmen Orientation Commit- 10 Ridgeway Street Mt. Vernon, N.Y. tee 3...Glee Club 1...Jr. Weekend Committee 3...Pictorial Photo graphy Editor..."885" 3, Photography Editor...Yearbook Com- mittee 4, Photography Editor. PATRICIA MCARDLE BURNS Emmanuel College 1,2 .... A rt Club 1...Dean's List once. 82 Hamblett Avenue Dracut, Mass. FRANCINE ANDREA CALARESE Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Art Club 1,2,3,4, Secretary 2... 28 Houtman Avenue Cumberland Hill, R.I. Catholic Action 1...Education Board 4...Mission Club 3,4... Young Republicans 4...Dean's List once. VICTILE JULIANA CAPELESS Aspirants 1-...Catholic Action 2,3...Science Club 4...Young 19 Saxon Road Newton, Mass. Democrats 3,4, Vice President 4. GAIL FRANCES CAPON 294 Chester Avenue Montreal, P.Q., Canada ELINOR CAPOZZI 136 Governors Avenue Medford, Mass. CLARE BOOTHE CAREY 200 East 66th Street New York, N.Y. CAROL .ANN CARSON 567 Beach Avenue Rochester, N.Y. Aspirants 1...Sodality 2,3,4...Catholic Action 1,4...Choir 1,,4, President 4...Glee Club 1,2,3,4...Science Club 3,4. Catholic .Action 4...Romance Language Club 3,4...Young Democrats 4. Aspirants 1,2,3 .... A thletic Association 1, Secretary 1...Catholic Action 1,3,4. .Aspirants 1...Sodality 2,3,4...Children of Mary Council 4...Catholi c Action 1,2,3,4, Secretary 4...Football Varsity 4...House Council 2,3,4 Head of Duchesne West 4... Mission Club 2,3,4...Student Council 4. KATHLEEN F. CAVANAUGH Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4 .... A rt Club 1...Catholic Action 1,2... 20 Monadnock Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. SONIA CHIN 2A East Race Course Kingston, Jamaica, W.I. Education Board 4...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's List once. Aspirants 2,3,4...I.R.C. 2,3...Literary Club 2,3,4...Wheat and Cockle 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Senior Editor 4...Yearbook Literary Editor 4... Dean's List four times, Dean's Honor List twice. BARBARA ANN COLLETTE Aspirants 1,2...Catholic Action 1,4...Glee Club 1,2...Mission Club 304 Chester Avenue Montreal, P.Q., Canada MARY JANE CONNOR 20 Monadnock Road Chestnut Hill, Mass. MARY H. COOKE 7 Cathedral Avenue Garden City, N.Y. 3,4...I.R.C. 2,3...Dean's List once. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Football Varsity 4...Mission Club 1,4... Jr. Weekend Committee 3...Young Democrats 3,4. Aspirants 1...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Dramatic Club 3...Football Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Glee Club 1...House Council 4...Jr. Weekend Committee 3...N.S.A. Delegate 4...Student Council 4...Young .Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4, Vice President 3. ELIZABETH ANN COONEY Aspirants 1,2 .... A thletic Association 3...Basketball Varsity 1,2... 92 Fosdyke Street Providence, R.I. Catholic Action 1...Glee Club 1,2,3...House Council 4...Head of Duchesne East 4...Student Council 4...Young Democrats 3,4. MARY B. CORBETT 789 Bluff Street Glencoe, Illinois DONNA COUGHLIN 11 Wingate Road Lexington, Mass. .Aspirants 1...Sodality 2,3,4...Athletic Association 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2, Vice President 3, President 4...Basketball Varsity 1,2,3,4... Catholic Action 1...Choir 1,2,3,4...Football Varsity 4...Glee Club 4. Aspirants 2,3,4...Catholic Action 2,3... Dramatic Club 1...lnterest Club 1,2,3...I.R.C. 4...Young Democrats 3,4. NANCY CURTIS CROWELL Aspirants 2,3,4...Sodality...Choir 1...Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Vice Presi- 354 Court Street Keene, N.H. ANNE CROWLEY 7 Axtell Drive Scarsdale, N.Y. dent 3...Literary Club 1,2,3,4...Wheat and Cockle 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Senior Editor 4...6'885" 1...Dean's List twice. Glee Club 1...House Council 4...Senior Weekend Chairman 4...Young Republicans 3,4. MOTHER BEVERLY CUNNINGHAM Choir 3...Science Club 3,4. 130 Milton Street Milton, Mass. JUDITH DAVIN 816 Beverly Avenue Bethlehem, Pa. FRANCES A. DiMUCCIO 414 Woonasquatucket Ave North Providence, R.I. CAROL DOUGHERTY 10 Crestmont Road Montclair, N.J. NANCY EDMONDSON 115 Freeman Street Brookline, Mass. ELIZABETH A. EIGO 3 Washington Square Larchmont, N.Y. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3,4, Treasurer 2... Choir 1,2...Class Vice President 3...Football Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Glee Club 1,2, Librarian 2...House Council 3,4...Jr. Weekend Chairman 3...Newtones 1,2,3,4...Student Council 3,4, President 4...Social Committee 2,4. Aspirants 1,2,3...Art Club 4...Catholic Action 1...Dramatic Club 1... Education Board 4...Interest Club 3...I.R.C. 2,3...Science Club 1... Dean's List once. Aspirants 4...Basketball Varsity 1...Catholic Action 3,4...Football Varsity 4...Glee Club 2...Mission Club Q,3,4. Aspirants 1...Sodality 2,3,4...Catholi c Action 1,2...Choir 1,2,3... Debate Club 2,3,4, Treasurer 2,3, President 4...Dramatic Club 1... Financial Committee 3...Remnant 4...Science Club 3,4...Young Americans for Freedom 3,4...Young Republicans 3...Dean's List once, Dean's Honor List once. Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Catho1ic Action 1,3,4...Class Secre- tary 4...House Council 2,4...Jr. Weekend Committee 3...Social Committee 4...Young Republicans 3. RITA JOAN FALLETTI 22 Nonantum Street Brighton, Mass. MARY P. FEELEY 156 Grove Street Medford, Mass. ANN FERRONE 860 Beacon Street Newton, Mass. Boston State College 1...Aspirants 2,3,4...Art Club 4...Catholic Action 3,4...Choir 2...Glee Club 3,,,I.R.C. 4...Mission Club 3,4... Romance Language Club 3,4...Young Democrats 3,4. Catholic Action 1,3,4...Young Democrats 3,4. Sodality 1,2,3,4...E. de M. Council 4 .... A rt Club 1,2...Catholio Action 1,2,3...Choir 1,2,3,4...Glee Club 1,2, Librarian 1,2...Jr. Weekend Com- mittee 3...Mission Club 4...Remnant 4...Young Republicans 3...Dean's List twice. KATHLEEN HELEN FISHEL Aspirants 1,Q,4...Catholic Action 2,4...Glee Club 1,2...Young Republi Muchmore Road Harrison, N.Y. ELAINE FLAHERTY 181 Stratford Street West Roxbury, Mass. MARY LYNN FLEMING 4 Forest Court Larchmont, N.Y. MARY LOU FOLEY 41 Sefton Drive Edgewood, R.I. BARBARA M. FDRTUNATO 22 Yale Terrace Montclair, N.J. ANN GALLAGHER 315 Sussex Road Wynnewood, Pa. MARY E. GALLAGHER 31 Moss Hill Road Jamaica Plain, Mass. cans 3,4. Catholic Action 4...Literary Club 3,4, President 4...Wheat and Cockle 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 4..."885" 2,3,4, Managing Editor 3,4. Aspirants 1 ,4.. .Young Democrats 4. Aspirants 1,2...Catholic Action 1...Science Club 1...Young Democrats 3,4. Catholic Action 1...Class Treasurer 3,4...Freshman Orientation Com- mittee 3...Glee Club 2...House Council 3,4...I.R.C. 3...N.S.A. Delegate 2...Student Council 3,4...Financial Committee 3,4...Dean's List four times, Dean's Honor List once. Catholic Action 1,2,3...House Council 1,3...Young Democrats 3,4. Aspirants 1,E2,3...I.R.C. 1,2...Young Democrats 3,4. LOIS GARNER 21 Beacon Street Norwood, Mass. JACQUELINE B. GEGAN Aspirants 1,3,4...Basketball Varsity 1...Catholic Action 1...Glee Club 21 Homefield Avenue 1,3,4...Yearbook Business Manager 4. Providence, R.I. VIRGINIA MARY GOGGIN Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Art Club 1,2,3,4...Catholic Action 1... 14 Ellis Street Mission Club 3,4...l.R.C. 4...Young Republicans 3...Dean's List once. Rumford, R.I. MARY CATHERINE HALLISEY Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 1,3...I.R.C. 104 Madison Avenue Mission Club 4, Promoter for League of the Sacred Heart 4...Romance Quincy, Mass. Language Club 1,2,3...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's List twice. SALLY HAMILTON Rosemont College 1...Romance Language Club 2,3. 1055 West 56 Street Kansas City, Mo. MAUREEN HANNAN Georgetown Visitation Junior College 2...Social Committee 4. 5041 Upton Street Washington, D.C. HELEN HARRINGTON Immaculata College 1...Aspirants 2,3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 2 133-15 Beach Channel Drive...Dramatic Club 2...I.R.C. 4...Romance Language Club 2,3,4...Young Belle Harbor, N.Y. Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. MARY HOLLEY HICOK Aspirants 3, Sodality 4...Catholic Action 1,3...Choir 3,4, Treasurer 3, 45 Windsor Road Vice President 4...Education Board 4...Glee Club 1...Remnant 4... Hastings-on-Hudson, N.Y. Science Club 4...Young Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3. MARY KATHLEEN HINSBERG Aspirants 1,2,3,4...Catholic Action 1...Football Varsity 4...Glee 18501 Bretton Drive Club 1...Jr. Weekend Committee 3..."885" 3...Yearbook Editorial Detroit, Mich. Assistant 4...Young Democrats 4...Dean's List four times, Dean's Honor List twice. ELIZABETH IRISH Aspirants 1...Catholic Action 2...Young Americans for Freedom 4, 18 Innes Road Treasurer 4...Young Republicans 3,4. Scarsdale, N.Y. KATHLEEN G. JACOBI 11 South Road Sands Point, N.Y. BARBARA JONES 5516 Grove Street Chevy Chase, Md. TAMMY KAHLE 2728 Westchester Road Toledo, Ohio GRACE KANE 350 Richmond Street New York, N.Y. BARBARA KEANE 15 Houston Street West Roxbury, Mass. MARY ALICE KELLY 24 Plainfield Street Waban, Mass. ANN KENNEDY 4590 Henry Hudson Parkway New York, N.Y. .Aspirants 1...Catbolic Action 1,2...Dramatic Club 1,2,3...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...House Council 3...Interest Club 3...Jr. Weekend Pictorial Editor 3...Literary Club 1,2,3,4...N.F.C.C.S. 2,3, Junior Delegate 2, Senior Delegate 3...Student Council 3...Wheat and Cockle 3, Junior Editor..."885" 1,2,3, Managing Editor 3...Yearbook 4, Editor in Chief. Sodality 1,2,3,4...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Interest Club 4...I.R.C. 3,4...Interest Committee 4...Young Democrats 3,4. Athletic Association 1,2...Dramatic Club 1,2...Newtones 3,4...Fresh- men Show Director...Sophomore Serenades 2, Director...Dean's List once. Catholic Action 1...Choir 1...House Council 3...Football Varsity 4... Head of Hardey House 4...I.R.C. 1,3...Student Council 4. Catholic Action 2...Choir 3...House Council 4...I.R.C. 3,4...Science Club 1,2...YoungAmericans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. New Rochelle College 1...Sodality Q,3,4, Council 2,3, President 4... Art Club 4...Athletic Association 1,2,...Basketball Varsity 2...Cathol1c Action 1,2,3,4...Choir 3...Debate Club 2. Dramatic Club 1...I.R.C. 3,4...Young Republicans 3,4. MARGARET ELIZABETH KUGLER College of St. Catherine 1...I.R.C. 4...Social Committee 4. 1368 Edgecumb Road St. Paul, Minn. SHEILA LEAHY 46 Kenilworth Road Milton, Mass. SR. MARY de LOURDES LA 863 Central Street Framingham, Mass. Aspirants 2...Catholic Action 3...House Council 3...I.R.C. 3,4... Romance Language 1,2. POINTE Choir 1...Dean's List three times, Dean's Honor List once SUSAN SPALDING LENZ Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Glee Club 1,2,3...Literary Club 148 Columbia Avenue 2...Newtones 1,2,3,4...Young Democrats 3...Dean's List once. Cranston, R.I. CORA B. LEPORIN Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...Glee Club 1,2,3,4...Literary Club 24 Hamilton Place 2...Romance Language Club 3...Young Americans for Freedom 4... Garden City, N.Y. Young Republicans 4. LORRAINE ANTOINETTE LILLY Catholic Action 1...Young Americans for Freedom 4. 1845-25 Avenue Court Moline, Illinois CAROL LO Tokyo University of the Sacred Heart 1...Aspirants 2,3,4...Education 16 Kita-machi Aoyama 4 chome Board 4...Science Club 2,3,4. Minatoku, Tokyo, Japan BARBARA ELLEN LYNCH .Aspirants 1,2,3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3,4...Dramatic Club 1,2... 102 East Ferry Road Football Varsity 4...I.R.C. 3,4..."885" 3,4...Young Democrats 3,4. Morrisville, Pa. MARY EDWINA LYNCH Catholic Action 1,2,4...Chemistry Club 4, President 4...Interest Club 748 Livingston Road 3, Science Club 1,2,3,4,.Secretary 3...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's Elizabeth, N.Y. List twice. SISTER PHILIP MAGUIRE Dean's List three times. Brenton Road Newport, R.I. KATHERINE NINA MAHONEY Aspirants 2...Football Varsity 4...Glee Club 1,2...I.R.C. 2...Young 43 Brownell Street Democrats 3,4, Treasurer 4. Worcester, Mass. ELLEN KATHERINE MARKEY .Aspirants 2,3,4...Basketball Varsity 1...Catholic Action 1,4... 26 Houston Street Dramatic Club 1...Young Democrats 3,4. West Roxbury, Mass. GENEVIEVE C. MARTIN Football Varsity 4...Glee Club 1,2,3,4...I.R.C. 1,2...Young Democrats 8 Old Town Road 3,4. Wellesley Hills, Mass. KATHERINE MARTIN Aspirants 1,2...Art Club 2...Football Varsity 4...Science Club 3,4, 214 South Bay Avenue Treasurer 4...Young Republicans 4. Islip, N.Y. JULIE KATHERINE MCGRAW Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Football 1740 Highland Avenue Rochester, N.Y. Varsity 4...Glee Club 1,2,3, Treasurer 3...House Council 2 ..Interest Club 4, Chairman 4...I.R.C. 3. VALERIE ALICE MCMAHON Aspirants 1,2...Catholic Action 1,2,3,4, President 4...Education 165 Sante Fe Avenue Hamden, Conn. SALLY MCMANAMY 31 De Casson Road Montreal, P.Q., Canada NONIE MCNEIL 12 Lombard Street Newton, Mass. MARY ELLEN MCSHANE 328 Briarwood East Grand Rapids, Mich. DEBORAH ANN MELLEN 36 High Street Charlestown, Mass. MARY JANE MORAN Mendon Road Cumberland Hill, R.I. MARY MARGARET MORAN 89 Kensington Lane Swampscott, Mass. ANNE HELEN MORGAN 100 Stratford Street West Roxbury, Mass. Board 4...I.R.C. 1...Dean's List six times. Aspirants 1,2...Catholic Action 1...Dramatic Club 1...House Council 4...I.R.C. 1...Young Democrats 3,4. College of New Rochelle 1...Art Club3,4...Catholic Action 2,3,4... Debate Club 2. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic .Action 1,4...Jr. Weekend Fin- ancial Committee 3..."885" 2,3,4, Business Manager 4...Young Democrats 4. Aspirants 1...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's List twice Catholic Action 3,4...Class Treasurer 1,2...Freshmen Orientation Com mittee 3...House Council 2,4...Student Council 1,3,4, Treasurer 4... Social Committee 1...Young Democrats 3,4. .Aspirants 2,3. Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Art Club 4...Dramatic Club 3...Mission Club 2,3,4, Co-chairman 3, President 4...I.R.C. 1,3. MOTHER BARBARA MOYNIHAN 133 Milton Street Milton, Mass. DALE MARGARET MULLARKEY Aspirants 1...Sodality 2,3,4...Catholic .Action 1,2,3,4, Vice 24 Summit Avenue Amsterdam, N.Y. President 4...Choir 1,2, Librarian 2...Dramatic Club 2...Financial Committee 3, Junior Observer...Freshmen Orientation Committee House Council 3. SUSAN KATHRYN MULVANITY Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 4...Day Student 157 LaGrange Street Representative 4...l.R.C. 1,2...Mission Club 2,3,4...Student Council West Roxbury, Mass. 4, Social Committee 4...Young Democrats 3,4. MARION SLATER MURRAY Aspirants 1,4...Glee Club 4...Young Democrats 4. 16 Stoneleigh Court Rochester, N.Y. ROSEMARY O'CONNELL Art Club 2...Catholic Action 1...House Council 2...I.R.C. 2,3,4... 55 Knolls Crescent Literary Club 2,4...Yearbook 4, Art Editor...Young Democrats 3,4. New York, N.Y. ANNE FRANCES 0'CONNOR Aspirants 1,2,3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 1,2...Choir 1,2... 173 Lincoln Street Dramatic Club 1...Education Board 4...Glee Club 2,3,4...Social NGWISOU, M9-SS' Committee 3,4. MARY THERESE O'CONNOR .Aspirants 2,3...Sodality 4. 110 Chestnut Street Andover, Mass. MAURA O'NEILL Education Board 4...Football Varsity 4...Mission Club 4...Romance 41 Pleasant Street Language Club 1,2,3...Young Democrats 3,4...Dean's List once. Milton, Mass. MARY MARTHA PALLOTTA .Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1...Glee Club 1,2,3,4, Essex Road Secretary 3, President 4...Interest Club 3. Ipswich, Mass. JUDITH M. PIZZARELLO Dramatic Club 1,2...Education Board 4...Glee Club 3...Interest Club 364 No. Columbus Avenue 3...Literary Club 1,2,3,4...Wheat and Cockle 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Mount Vernon, N.Y. Senior Editor 4..."885" 1,2,3,4...Yearbook 4, Editorial Assistant... Dean's List once. VIRGINIA E. RATTENNI Aspirants 1,2,3,4...Football Varsity 4...Science Club 1...Young Demo- 1013 Smith Street crats 3,4. Providence, R.I. JANET PATRICIA RICHMOND Aspirants 1 .... Football Varsity 4...Freshmen Orientation Commit- 857 Pleasant Street tee 3...Glee Club 1,2...House Council 4...Head ofCushing House 4... Worcester, Mass. Science Club 1,2,3,4...Student Council 4...Social Committee 1...Young Republicans 3,4. MARYELENE RYAN 615 Glen Street Glens Falls, N.Y. JUDITH SAUER 7 Greenbriar Street St. Louis, Mo. Aspirants 1,2,3...Catholic Action 1,2,3,4...Choir 3...Dramatic Club 2 Science Club 4...Young Democrats 4. Catholic Action 1,3...House Council 4...Jr. Weekend Committee Young Americans for Freedom 4, President...Young Republicans 3,4. BARBARA GENE SCHROETTER Art Club 2...Glee Club 1,2,3,4...Literary Club 2,3,4...Wheat 34-24 82 Street Jackson Heights, N.Y. SUSAN SCHULTE 635 Overlook Drive Pittsburgh, Pa. MONICA SHAUGHNESSY 116 East 63 Street New York, N.Y. MAUREEN SLATTERY 470 Mt. Stephen Avenue Westmount, P.Q., Canada and Cockle 3,4, Junior Editor 3, Senior Editor 4..."885" 1,2,3,4, Managing Editor 3, Editor-in-Chief 3,4. Aspirants 1,2...Basketball Varsity 1...Catholic Action 1...Choir 1,2. Class Office 1, Member at Large...Debate Club 2...Glee Club 1,2,4... Literary Club 4. Catholic Action 4...Education Board 4...l.R.C. 3...Literary Club 2... Social Committee 2..."885" 1...Young Democrats 3...Dean's List twice, Dean's Honor List twice. Aspirants 1,2,3,4...Catholic Action 1...Class Vice-President4... Debate Club 2,3,4...Dramatic Club 1...House Council 4...Interest Club 3...I.R.C. 2,3,4...Student Council 4...Yearbook 4, Art Editor... Young Democrats 3...Dean's List twice, Dean's Honor List once. KATHERINE BRADY SMITH Colby College 1...Aspirants 2,4...Dramatic Club 2...Football Varsity 425 Hill Street Whitinsville, Mass. TERESA MARIE SNITE 5111 Pine Tree Drive Miami Beach, Florida 4...I.R.C. 2...Literary Club 4...Mission Club 2,3...Romance Language Club 2,3...YoungDemocrats 4...Dean's List three times. Catholic Action 1,2,3...Dramatic Club 1...Football Varsity 4...Young Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. ANN ELISABETH TOMASELLO Athletic Association 1...Football Varsity 4, Captain...Science 733 Washington Street Brighton, Mass. AGATHA TSU Rua Sales Guerra 105 Club 4...Young Democrats 3,4, President 4. Chemistry Club 4...Choir 4...Science Club 2,3,4...Dean's List once. Vila Romana, Sao Paulo, Brazil BONNIE JEAN TUBRIDY Catholic Action 1,2,4...Dramatic Club 1,2...Football Varsity 4... 298 Walnut Street Willimantic, Conn. Science Club 4...Young Democrats 3,4. ROBERTA MARYLYN VON URFF Immaculata College 1...Catholic Action 2...Glee Club 2...I.R.C 15 Russell Place 3...Jr. Weekend Committee 3...Student Council 4,..Parliamentarian... Forest Hills, N.Y. YoungAmericans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans 3,4. SUSAN WALL Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Dramatic Club 157 Lookout Drive 1,2...Freshmen Orientation Committee 3...House Council 4...Social Dayton, Ohio Committee 3,4. Co-chairman 4...Dean's List once. JEAN WALSH Aspirants 3...Sodality 4...Catholic Action 1,4...Yearbook 4, Assistant Janice Road to the Editor. South Yarmouth, Massachusetts GERALDINE S. M. WANG Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1...Glee Club 2...I.R.C. 26295 Woodmont Street 2,3,4, President 3,4...Dean's Honor List once, Dean's List twice. Roseville, Mich. MARSHA VIRGINIA WHELAN Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4,...Secretary-Treasurer 4...Athletic 138 Milbank Avenue Association 1,2,3,4...Basketball Varsity 1,2,3,4...Football Varsity 4 Greenwich, Conn. ...I.R.C. 3, Treasurer...Young Democrats 3...Dean's List once. PENELOPE A. WHELAN Aspirants 1,2...Sodality 3,4...Catholic Action 1,2,3...Choir 1...Class 33 Fletcher Road Secretary 3... Football Varsity 4...Freshman Orientation Committee 3 Belmont, Mass. ...Glee Club 1,2, Treasurer 2...House Council 3...Newtones 1,2,3,4, Business Manager 4...Social Committee 3,4. KRISTIN MONROE WILDMAN Aspirants 1...Football Varsity 4...I.R.C. 3...Literary Club 3,4... Flowers Mill Road Yearbook 4...YoungAmericans for Freedom 4...Young Republicans Langhorne, Pa, 3,4, Recording Secretary 4. VIRGINIA ANN WURZER Catholic Action 1...Young Americans for Freedom 4...Young Republi- 505 Riverview Terrace cans 4. Bettendorf, Iowa Class Of 1963 Norma Acosta, Washington Street, Condado, Puerto Rico Judy Albers, 18001 Riverside Drive, Cleveland 7, Ohio Catherine Arapoff, 20 Willow Avenue, Wollaston, Massachusetts Katherine Bailey, 26 St. Agatha's Road, Milton, Massachusetts Elizabeth Beasley, 81 Boulder Road, Manhasset, New York Mary Jane Becherer, 11 Linder Terrace, Newton, Massachusetts Susan Bell, 339 Linden Street, Winnetka, lllinois Jean Birdsall, 530 East 86 Street, New York 28, New York Mary Alma Bogart, 680 West Saddle River Road, Ho-Ho-Kus, New Jersey Penelope Brennan, 47 Dogwood Lane, Rockville Centre, New York Judy Brill, 1318 Jackson Street, Scranton, Pennsylvania Mary Burke, 945 Centre Street, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Margaret Burns, 112-10 Park Lane South, Kew Gardens, New York Maradel Burton, 2 Clarke Avenue, Milford, Delaware Susan Calahan, Box 561, Popponesset Beach, Massachusetts Carol Ann Capobianco, 22 Woodstock Street, Yonkers, New York Maria Ceres, Main Street, Hancock, New Hampshire Eleanor Chin, 47 Main Street, Charlestown, Massachusetts Miriam Clancy, 212 East 48 Street, New York 17, New York Mary Ann Cole, 15 Mountainview Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts Delia Conley, 711 Park Drive, Kenilworth, Illinois Molly Conley, 972 Private Road, Winnetka, Illinois Mary Connelly, 83 Cabot Street, Milton, Massachusetts Mary Peirce Conner, 16 Shannon Drive, Little Rock, Arkansas Susan Costigan, 46 West Lane, Bay Shore, New York Alice Coughlin, 6 Plateau Circle, Bronxville, New York Marie Craigin, 15 Dudley Road, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Kathleen Crofton, 129 Hampton Road, Garden City, New York Mary Crump, 29 Grover Lane, West Caldwell, New Jersey Dorothy Daly, 60 Redgate Road, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Jill Dana, 240 Jackson Avenue, Bradford, Pennsylvania Judith DeMarco, 7 Puritan Road, Watertown, Massachusetts Marjorie Dever, 25 Hayes Street, Arlington, Massachusetts Margaret Devine, 71041 Lassier Road, Romeo, Michigan Ann Didden, 3365 Stuyvesant Place N.W., Washington, D.C. Carol Donovan, 1940 Chestnut Avenue, Wilmette, lllinois Deborah Doyle, Chestnut Street, Clinton, New York Rosario Drew, 570 Park Avenue, New York 21, New York Mary Ann Droney, 334 Broadway, Cambridge, Massachusetts Josephine Egan, 23 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, Massachusetts Joan Engel, 14 Hope Street, Auburndale 66, Massachusetts Linda Farrell, 28 Upyonda Way, Rumford, Rhode lsland Juliet Fenlon, 72 Clifford Avenue, Pelham, New York Margaret Finegan, 49 Trent Road, Philadelphia 51, Pennsylvania Mary Flynn, 202 Edge Hill Road, Milton, Massachusetts Alma Fortin, 227 Springfield Street, Springfield, Massachusetts Harriet Friday, Forest Drive, Fox Chapel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Susan Frisbee, 61 Washburn Avenue, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Anne Gallacher, I5 Lester Avenue, Westerly, Rhode Island Kathleen Galvin, 27 Greenlodge Street, Canton, Massachusetts Suzanne Gauthier, 10 Knollridge Drive, R.F.D. 2, Woonsocket, Rhode Island Mary Jane Graham, 36 Carew Road, Hamden, Connecticut Stephanie Hamberger, 38 South Walnut Street, East Orange, New Jersey Rinda Hauserman, 2023 Lyndway Road, Cleveland, Ohio Martha Healey, 48 Robinhood Road, Winchester, Massachusetts Frances Hesterberg, 478 Argyle Road, Brooklyn, New York Sachi Hirose, 35 Imasato-cho, Shirokane, Shi ba, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Japan Pamela Hitchins, 127 Mountain ViewAvenue, Kingston 3, Jamaica, West Indies Judith Huff, 1405 17 Street North West, Winter Haven, Florida Kathleen Hughes, 3005 Kingsley Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio Janie lgoe, 6 Blenheim Drive, Manhasset, New York Marcia Isask, 228 Oak Street, Manchester, New Hampshire Maureen Kane, 39 Monument Square, Charlestown, Massachusetts Susan Keane, 116 Plymouth Drive, Scarsdale, New York Kathl en Kearney, 20 East 68 Street, New York 21, New York Marion Kelly, 1184 Morton Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Annie Laurie Kenedy, South Country Road, Bay Shore, New York Colette Koechley, 49 Pulver Avenue, Ravena, New York Marilyn Kuhn, 12 Pilgrim Drive, Winchester, Massachusetts Maureen Lambert, 21 Leverich Street, Hempstead, New York Norma LaSalle, 3217 West Shore Road, Warwick, Rhode Island Sharon Leahy, 300 Commonwealth Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts Mother Claire LeBlanc, R.C.E., 130 Milton Street, Milton, Massachusetts Pene Long, 12825 Avenue, Du Bois S.W., Tacoma, Washington Elizabeth Madden,35 Druid Hill Road, Summit, New Jersey L. Janice Magri, 165 Phillips Brooks Road, Westwood, Massachusetts Marcia Mahoney, Cranberry Lane, Dover, Massachusetts Sheila Mahony, 5011 Wooddale Lane, Edina, Minnesota Susan Mangan, 276 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, New York Delia Mannix, 146 Beach 148 Street, Neponsit, New York Maura Mannix, 79 Hawthorne Street, Longmeadow, Massachusetts Elizabeth Martin, 111 South Avenue, Tiverton, Rhode Island Susan McAuliffe, 20 Woodland Road, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Ann McCabe, 571 Pomeroy Avenue, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Kathleen McCarthy, 38 Eaton Street, Winchester, Massachusetts Maura McCarthy, 21 South State Street, Concord, New Hampshire Suzanne McCloskey, 96 Kenwood Road, Garden City, New York Ann McCracken, 4128 Harvard Avenue, Montreal, P.Q., Canada Mother Marygrace McCullough, R.C.E., 130 Milton Street, Milton, Massachusetts Mary Ann McGeough, 34 Blaisdell Avenue, Pawtucket, Rhode Island Kathleen McHaIe, cfo Creole Petroleum Co., Apt. 234IQ.Q.1Maturin, Venezuela, S.A Carolyn Mclnerny, 62 Chestnut Hill Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Clare McMahon, 352 Loudonville Road, Loudonville, New York Martha Meaney, 4 Cedar Road, Andover, Massachusetts Kathleen Mearn, I0 Windsor Road, Milton, Massachusetts Maureen Meehan, 800 Park Avenue, New York 2l, New York Donna Moran, 6 Myrtledale Road, Scarsdale, New York Karen Morely, 63 Willow Avenue, Larchmont, New York Katherine Maroney, I9 Tisdale Road, Scarsdale, New York Susan Moynahan, 62 Durant Road, Maplewood, New Jersey Barbara Mozino, I2 West Golf View Road, Havertaun, Pennsylvania Karen Mulvey, l40 Robbins Road, New Rochelle, New York Barbara Nesbitt, I Putnam Hill Road, Greenwich, Connecticut Kate Nugent, 12 Locust Avenue, Larchmont, New York Kathleen O'Brien, 6 North Fifth Avenue, Taftville, Connecticut Eileen O'ReiIIy, Oakwood Terrace, Newport, Rhode Island Kathleen O'RiIey, 2419 North St. Johns Avenue, Highland Park, Illinois Elinor Kathleen O'Shea, 200 Christopher Street, Montclair, New Jersey Cordelia Oskins, II9 Center Avenue, Chatham, New Jersey Mary-Jo Ouellette, 24 Reed Drive, Wethersfield, Connecticut Marilynn Reed, 73 San Juan Drive, Ponte Vedra, Florida Mariorie Reiley, Woodland Road, Wyndham Hills, York, Pennsylvania Margaret Reiss, Taconic Road, Greenwich, Connecticut Anne Richards, 225 State Avenue, Alpena, Michigan Mary Lou Rotoli, 878 North Plymouth Avenue, Rochester, New York Con stance Schepp, Peterboro Street, Canastota, New York Katrina Sclater, 929 Ives Road, Watertown, New York Kathleen Scott, 20 Denise Terrace, Fairfield, Connecticut Ann Joy Shields, River House, Bronxville, New York Andrea Shuman, I7 East 89 Street, New York 28, New York Judith Simms, 60 Connaught Avenue, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada Carol Singleton, 'I75 Sanford Street, Glens Falls, New York Gabrielle Smith, 478 Little Silver Point Road, Little Silver, N.J. Maura Smith, 55 Payson Avenue, New York 34, New York Sandra Smith, 53 Templar Way, Summit, New Jersey Christina Soccolich, 40 Carley Avenue, Huntington, New York Alicia Sullivan, 30 Union Street, Bristol, Rhode Island Frances Sullivan, 33 Holman Street, Shrewsbury, Massachusetts Wilma Sullivan, I Arlington Heights, Norwich, Connecticut Carleen Testa, 386 Branch Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island Mary Elizabeth Tierney, 549 First Street, Brooklyn l5, New York Mary Elizabeth Tobin, ll Avon Road, Larchmont, New York Patricia Trifari, 206 Rumstick Point, Barrington, Rhode Island Mary Jo Vermeulen, 2601-12 Street, Moline, Illinois Susan Vinnicombe, I42 Middlesex Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Nancy Waeber, 21 Division Street, Ormond Beach, Florida Suzanne Weiss, 257 Kenwood Court, Grosse Pointe, Michigan Margot White, II33 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, New York Eleanor Whitney, l4I Ellington Street, Longmeadow, Massahusetts Carol Flynn, R.N., 3 Minute Man Lane, Lexington, Massachusetts Patricia O'Leary, R.N., I7l Lincoln Street, Lexington, Massachusetts Linda Plummer, R.N., 76 Spring Street, Westbrook, Maine Class of 1 964 Florence Aldrich, Titusville Road, Poughkeepsie, New York Rosalind Aldrich, Titusville Road, Poughkeepsie, New York Leigh Averill, I425 Western Avenue, Albany, New York Nancy Bfiby, 534 Meadow Road, Winnetka, Illinois Jane Bangs, Church Street, Hagaman, New York Nancy Beak, 954 Raleigh Road, Glenview, Illinois Suzanne Bellancs, 6327 LaPintura Drive, LaJoIIa, California Joanne Belliveau, 30 Pillon Road, Milton, Massachusetts Sister Mary Rose Louise Bernier, s.m.s.m., 863 Central Street, Framingham Massachusetts Claire Biggam, l720 Meadow Lane, Deerfield, Illinois Joan Bishop, 164 Salem Street, Woburn, Massachusetts Ann Bohnen, 329 East Sixth Street, Hinsdale, Illinois Mary Lou Bolan, 58 Edgewood Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey Nancy Bowles, 1815 Jody Road, Meadowbrook, Pennsylvania Leila Boyle, 805 Riverside Drive, Orange, Connecticut Beverly Burke, Defreestville, R.D. No. I, Rensselaer, New York Lorelle Burke, 55 Heather Drive, Roslyn, New York Ruth Burke, 682 V.F.W. Parkway, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Barbara Burns, 4525 Henry Hudson Parkway, Riverdale, New York Jane Butler, 244 Nightingale Trail, Palm Beach, Florida Margot Butler, 38 East 85 Street, New York 28, New York Kathleen Byrne, 2699 Belvoir Boulevard, Shaker Heights, Ohio Susan Oallander, I39 Mount Vernon Street, Newtonville, Massachusetts Elia Capone, Ill West Avenue, Great Barrington, Massachusetts Irene Carlin, Main Street, Sharon, Connecticut Patricia Carpenter, 26 Bishop Parkway, Pittsfield, Massachusetts Eileen Carrion, Papinellie Street, No. I., Santurce, Puerto Rico Mary Jane Cavallaro, 'I00 York Street, New Haven, Connecticut Martha Cloney, 30 Lantern Lane, Milton, Massachusetts Barbara Ann Coletti, 35 The Pines, Old Westbury, New York Elizabeth Collins, I4 Curve Street, Lexington, Massachusetts Mary Jane Collins, 236 Montgomery Street, Fall River, Massachusetts Mary Concannon, 17 Cedar Lane, Medfield, Massachusetts Brenda Condrey, 8 Whipple Road, Tewksbury, Massachusetts Susan Connelly, Il05 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York Brenda Corcoran, Zero Blanchard Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts Barbara Corsa, Kennedy Lane, Cold Spring Harbor, New York Morgaretta Cox, ll Sylvan Avenue, West Newton, Massachusetts Ruth Craddock, 2'I45 Chestnut Avenue, Wilmette, Illinois Ann Creagh, 39 Kenilworth Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts Jeanne Crofoot, Random Acres, Fort Crook, Nebraska Miriam Crowley, 627 Garland Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois Mary Lou Cunningham, I62 State Street, Johnstown, Pennsylvania Ann Curry, I0l0 Fifth Avenue, New York 28, New York Mary Kathleen D'AIoise, Valley Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut Patricia Dane, lI00 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York Carolyn Davis, 3l0 Parwood Road, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Kathleen Davis, 32 Garfield Avenue, Weymouth, Massachusetts Susan Deady, 78 Centre Lane, Milton, Massachusetts Karen DeCavaIcante, l30'I Morris Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Ines de Koning, cfo Wentholt 81 Company, van Eegenstreat l75, Amsterdam Holland Claudette Delaney, II4 Pleasant Street, Arlington, Massachusetts Dorothy Dempsey, 404 Brush Hill Road, Milton, Massachusetts Marietta de Navarre, 404 Lothrop Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan Ann Marie DeNisco, 24 Monroe Street, Pelham, New York Diane Desmoni, 231 Pondfield Road, Bronxville, New York Dorothy Dick, 252 Huron Avenue, Sheboygan, Wisconsin Madeline Ann Dignum, Sage Hill Lane, Menands, New York Catherine Dolan, 425 Riverside Drive, New York, New York Phyllis Donlan, 38 Woodchester Drive, Milton, Massachusetts Sheila Donohue, 272 Highland Avenue, West Newton, Massachusetts Ellen Donovan, 43 Hazel Street, Milton, Massachusetts Sheila Donovan, 67 Potomac Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Diane Doran, 'I49 Central Park Drive, Holyoke, Massachusetts Mary Drayne, 66l Valleyview Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Sheila Driscoll, 401 River Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island Susan Duffy, 125 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey Judy Ernst, 93l Plandome Road, Manhasset, New York Marilyn Fazio, 935 Forest Glen, Winnetka, Illinois Frances Fitzsimmons, 69 Westgate Boulevard, Plandome, New York Elizabeth Flynn, IO36 Brook Road, Milton, Massachusetts Morna Ford, I42 lrving Avenue, South Orange, New Jersey Mary Louise Franklin, 26 Cooper's Pond Road, Stamford, Connecticut Marcia Fredericks, 42'l9 Lahser Road, Bloomfield Hills, Michigan Rita Garbarini, 956 Edgewood Avenue, Pelham, New York Arolyn Garnell, 28 Ferncrest Avenue, Edgewood, Rhode Island Maureen Geraty, 237 West 22 Street, Huntington, New York Isabel Glasgow, Shepard Hill Road, Newtown, Connecticut Elizabeth Goldmann, 329 Carroll Avenue, Momaroneck, New York Sheila Gorman, Creole Petroleum Corporation, Apartado I72, Maracaibo, Mary Hannaberry, I4 Sycamore Street, Albany, New York Helen Hannon, llO Elgin Street, Newton Centre, Massachusetts Patricia Hanrahan, 2183 Demington Drive, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Kathleen Hart, 240 Beverly Road, Worcester, Massachusetts Amelia Heiskell, 4 Gifford Street, Tuckahoe, New York Helen Herbert, 52 Fourth Street, North Arlington, New Jersey Marina Hernandez, l4l Callan Avenue, Evanston, Illinois Nancy Hilsinger 107 Wenonah Road, Longmeadow, Massachusetts Anne Marie Japp, 5606 Old Chester Road, Washington I4, D.C. Rosaleen Jaros, 18850 South Woodland Road, Sha ker Heights, Ohio Phyllis Kearney, M.D. No. I6, Beech Street, Newburgh, New Jersey Maureen Kelley, 89 Van Ness Road, Belmont, Massachusetts Sheila Ann Kelley, 53 Parkway Crescent, Milton, Massachusetts Jennifer Kilbourn ,7 Prospect Avenue, Darien, Connecticut Mary Helen Killeen, 5328 Russell Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota Ruthann Kilroy, 326 Colville Road, Charlotte, North Carolina Mary King, 25 East Ninth Street, New York 3, New York Joyce Kneeland,l98 Woodward Street, Waban, Massachusetts Venezuela, S.A Patricia Kostek, 76 Fisk Drive, Newington, Connecticut Mary Carol Kundtz, 13475 North Park Boulevard, Cleveland Heights, Ohio Mary Jane Larkin, 1337 Morrissey Boulevard, Quincy, Massachusetts Elizabeth Lavery, 66 Waverly Place, Bridgeport, Connecticut Sheila Lawlor, 10 Pasho Street, Andover, Massachusetts Kathleen Leach, 41 Ripplewater, Avenue, Massapequa, New York Maureen Leahy, 46 Kenilworth Road, Milton, Massachusetts Susan Lee, 26 Amherst Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts Jane Lenzini, 771 Deerfield Road, Highland Park, Illinois Mary Liebert, 7503 Clarendon Road, Bethesda, Maryland Rosemary Lobes, 254 Bedford Avenue, Mount Vernon, New York Sister Mary Jerome Lofy, s.m.s.m., 863 Central Street, Framingham, Massachusetts Sheila Lynch, Bruce Park Drive, Greenwich, Connecticut Ann Lyons, 3 Windsor Road, Milton, Massachusetts Diane Madden, 457 Dover Road, Bay Village, Ohio Susan Madden, 753 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Brenda Mahoney, 19 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Amelia Maine, 29 Orchard Street, Pleasantville, New York Louise Maiewski, Orchard Lane, Philadelphia 14, Pennsylvania Joanne Manning, 5212 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, Maryland Linda Maroney, 14 Dartmouth Street, Winchester, Massachusetts Marilyn Martin, 17457 Lake Avenue, Lakewood, Ohio Virginia McBride, Bote Acres, Greenwich, Connecticut Eileen McCarthy, 345 Clinton Avenue, Brooklyn 38, New York Sheila McCarthy, 37 Garfield Road, Melrose, Massachusetts Kathleen McCarty, 3050 South Drive, Allentown, Pennsylvania Mary Jane McDonnell, 245 Charles Street, Cambridge, Massachusetts Regina McDonnell, 24 Shore Lane, Bay Shore, New York Mary Jo McDonough, 7712 Colonial Road, Brooklyn, New York Alice McDowell, 14 Damson Lane, Valley Stream, New York Mary McGuire, 304 Underwood Street, Fall River, Massachusetts Deborah McKay, 48 Rose Street, Bridgeport, Connecticut Mary McKeon, Little Boars Head, North Hampton, New Hampshire Gail McKinley, 909 Mount Pleasant, Winnetka, Illinois Alice McLaughlin, 435 School Street, Belmont, Massachusetts Catherine McNamara, 270 Lotte Road, Ridgewood, New Jersey Caroll Ann Molloy, 445 Burmont Road, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Bernardine Moore, 7 Hesketh Street, Chevy Cha se, Maryland Frances Moore, 14 Potosi Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Judith Ann Moores, 4 Ranger Lane, West Hartford, Connecticut Martha Morgan, 1035 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York Maureen Moriarty, 240 Old Mill Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Austin Morrison, 4803 Pocahontas Avenue, Richmond, Virginia Paula Mullaney, 280 White Oak Lane, Winnetak, Illinois Marlia Mundell, 7011 Beechwood Drive, Chevy Chase, Maryland Karen Murphy, 46 Drury Lane, Worcester, Massachusetts Marcia Murphy, 123-40 83 Avenue, Kew Gardens, New York Joan Nicolaysen, 89 Metropolitan Oval, New York 62, New York Judith Nolan, Il0 Hope Street, Stamford, Connecticut Susan Norton, 5 Sachem Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut Sheila Jo O'Connell, 75l7 Maple Avenue, Chevy Cha se, Maryland Alice O'Connor, lI0 Chestnut Street, Andover, Massachusetts Eileen O'Connor, 28 Malcolm Road, Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts Carol Anne Odenbach, 20 North Country Club Drive, Rochester, New York Mary Joyce O'Keete, 2543 Morse Avenue, Chicago, Illinois Loretta O'Keete,Century Trail, Harrison, New York Jane O'NeiI, 53 Village Hill Road, Belmont, Massachusetts Mary Ellen Palenchar, 904 Edgewood Avenue, Trenton, New Jersey Charlene Palladino, 64 Locksley Road, Lynntield, Massachusetts Marlene Palladino, 64 Locksley Road, Lynntield, Massachusetts Deirdre Parker, 365 River Street, Forty-tort, Pennsylvania Judith Parker, lI0 East End Avenue, New York, New York Anne Marie Peckham, 24 Myrtle Street, Rockland, Massachusetts Susan Pollock, Brook Lane, Hartsdale, New York Toni Pompeo, 28 Marlboro Street, Newton, Massachusetts Sheila Power, 298 Tod Lane, Youngstown, Ohio Katherine Raleigh, 2429 Newbury Drive, Cleveland, Ohio Rosemary Rapp, 'II Country Lite Acres, St. Louis, Missouri Karen Reardon, Pinetree Manor, Oswegatchie, Watertord, Connecticut Mary Pat Reardon, 'I900 South First Avenue, Sioux Falls, South Dakota Janet Regan, 25 Colony Avenue, Warwick, Rhode Island Sally Reuter, l040 Locust Road, Wilmette, Illinois Camille Revelle, 'I427 Scott Avenue, Winnetka, Illinois Barbara Richardson, 45 Pondtield Road West, Bronxville, New York Susan Roy, 39 Bond Street, Fall River, Massachusetts Jill Schoemer, 55I Riverside Drive, North Tarrytown, New York Ellen Shaughnessy, 66 Newton Street, Athol, Massachusetts Mariorie Shaw, 87 Chace Avenue, Providence, Rhode Island Donna Shea, 348 Grampion Boulevard, Williamsport, Pennsylvania Carol Sinnott, 20 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont, New York Barbara Smith, 54 Leonard Street, Gloucester, Massachusetts Dorothy Smith, IO West Chapel Ridge Road, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Carol Sorace, I6-77 Street, Brooklyn 9, New York Martha Springer, 45 Abington Lane, Scarsdale, New York AnneStapIes, 327 Grayson Street, Portsmouth, Virginia Margaret Stokes, II75 Park Avenue, New York 28, New York Karen Stouter, 66I East I8 Street, Paterson, New Jersey Anne Sullivan, 40 Homesdale Road, Bronxville, New York Jean Sullivan, 'I97 Nehoiden Road, Waban, Massachusetts Judith Sullivan, 759 Wooddale Road, Birmingham, Michigan Patricia Sullivan, lll8 Mohawk Road, Wilmette, Illinois Gay Anne Telerico, 77 Maple Avenue, Greenwich, Connecticut Patricia Thomas, 'IOI4 Starr Road, Winnetka, Illinois Barbara Thompson, Birch Lune, Greenwich, Connecticut Catherine Urban, 23 Seminole Avenue, Baltimore, Maryland Rosemarie Van Eyck, 203 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont, New York Jane Verdon, 31 Cortland Place, Cliffside Park, New Jersey Jan Vosburgh, l32 Bayberry Lane, Westport, Connecticut Rosemary Wall, 25 Hotchkiss Place, Torrington, Connecticut Karen Wallace, 26 Brae Burn Road, Milton, Massachusetts Vivian Walter, 58 Carthage Road, Scarsdale, New York Carol Walton, 25 Chatham Circle, Wellesley, Massachusetts Ann Waterman, Round Hill Road, Greenwich, Connecticut Priscilla Weinlandt, I4 Stuyvesant Oval, New York 8, New York Celia Welsh, 321 Mallwyd Road, Merion, Pennsylvania Ann Williams, 47 Bond Street, Fitchburg, Massachusetts Katharine Wilson, 77 Rockland Avenue, Yonkers, New York Marsha Wilson, Naamans and Ridge Roads, Claymont, Delaware Katherine Withers, 6625 Bradley Boulevard, Bethesda, Maryland Mary Rose Zaia, 3l7 Main Street, Oneida, New York Deanna Zugger, Pittsburgh Hilton Hotel, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Class of 1965 Chiyoko Aikawa, l-799 Kamiosaki, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, Japan Judith Aldrich, 80 Elinor Road, Newton, Massachusetts Jane Ellen Allmaras, 220 Central Avenue, New Rockford, North Dakota Rosa Aparicio-Gomez, K20 No. 86A-94, Bogota, Colombia Jane Bacon, 88 Saddle-Hill Road, Stamford, Connecticut Rosemarie Borsa, 64 Cove Drive, Manhasset, New York Lillian Bassett, 34 Campbell Street, Quincy, Massachusetts Susan Bearden, 2l69 Tottenham Road, Birmingham, Michigan Felicia Boxmann, 200 West 79 Street, New York 24, New York Shirley Brown, 84 Washburn Avenue, Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts Joyce Bryan, 2704 Crest Avenue, Cheverly, Maryland Kelley Ann Burg, 4356 34 Avenue South, Minneapolis, Minnesota Joan Bush, 466 North Maple Avenue, Ridgewood, New Jersey Virginia Carmody, 60 Clermont Lane, St. Louis, Missouri Christine Cartnick, 86 Third Street, Garden City, New York Susan Casey, l48 Stamford Avenue, Stamford, Connecticut Patricia Cecil, 4800 DeRussey Parkway, Chevy Chase, Maryland Donna Cianelli, ll Walnut Road, Somerville, Massachusetts Judith Clune, 70 Elm Street, Milton 86, Massachusetts Barbara Coleman, 68 Chestnut Street, South Dartmouth, Massachusetts Marylou Comerford, 237 Chestnut Hill Avenue, Brighton, Massachusetts Peggy Conley, 7ll Park Drive, Kenilworth, Illinois Sally Conley, 975 Private Road, Winnetka, lllinois Margarita Correa, 357 East 57 Street, New York 22, New York Marcia Ann Crimmins, 265 Park Hill Avenue, Yonkers, New York Maureen Crowley, l5l6 East Washington Avenue, South Bend, Indiana Nancy Cunniff, 6l7 Woodleave Road, Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania Catherine Dacey, 27 Audubon Road, Milton, Massachusetts Helen Desfosses, R.F.D. l, Scarboro, Maine Ann Donahoe, 844 Valleyview Road, Pittsburgh l6, Pennsylvania Lynne Doran, 8 Hillside Road, North Attleboro, Massachusetts Harriet Dower, l53 North Beacon Street, Hartford, Connecticut Mary Helen Downes, l52 DeWindt Road, Winnetka, Illinois Frances M. Doyle, 72 Fairway Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Priscilla Durkin, 5 Felicia Road, Melrose, Massachusetts Teresita Dussaq, l52 Peruvian Avenue, Palm Beach, Florida Martha Egan, 94 Mary Street, Winnetka, Illinois Mary Elkins, 8305 Kerry Road, Chevy Chase, Maryland Sheila Ewing, Long Neck Point Road, Noroton, Connecticut Elizabeth Farrell, 28 Upyonda Way, Rumford, Rhode lsland Janice Fay, 148 Lindbergh Avenue, Needham, Massachusetts Catherine Fitzgerald, 99 Lincoln Road, Medford, Massachusetts Eileen Fitzsimmons, 242 East 72 Street, New York 2l, New York Mary Fleischner, 24 Sargent Road, Scarsdale, New York Carol Ann Flynn, 85 Highland Road, Tiverton, Rhode lsland Kathleen Free, Massasoit Pass, R.D. 3, Cumberland, Rhode lsland Gay Friedman, l2l0 Watson Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota Desiree Gainor, 429 Caroline Street, Key West, Florida Eileen Geary, 6l Adamson Street, Boston, Massachusetts Susan Gehrke, 45 North Deeplands, Grosse Pointe, Michigan Eileen Glynn, 67-52 Springfield Boulevard, Bayside, NewYork Elaine Griffith, 275 Winter Street, Weston, Massachusetts Suzanne Griscom, l00 Buena Vista Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Marianne Hall, 926 Remington Road, Wynnewood, Pennsylvania Mary Hall, 14 Pentucket Avenue, Lowell, Massachusetts Jane Hauserman, 2023 Lyndway, Cleveland 2l, Ohio J. Ann Heaton, 15 Belvedere Street, Victoriaville P.Q., Canada Kathleen A. Heffernan, 39 Range Road, Dorchester, Massachusetts Barbara Hewson, 2324 Wilson Avenue, Bronx, New York Mary Hoagland, Box 222, V.A. Center, Martinsburg, West Virginia Eugenia Horan, R.R. l. Box 'lO9, St. Louis, 4'l, Missouri Catherine Howell, 3620 Hill Road, Little Rock, Arkansas Evelyn Hunt, 460i Bedford Boulevard, Wilmington, Delaware Marilise Huyot, Delmonico Hotel, 502 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York Suzanne Huyot, Delmonico Hotel, 502 Park Avenue, New York 22, New York Mary Hyde, 22 Elm Street, Ware, Massachusetts Sharon llloway, 483l Leland Street Chevy Chase, Maryland Jeanette Jenisch, 353 Egmont Avenue, MountVernon, New York Victoria Kasaiia, P.O. Box 20l2, Kampala, Uganda, East Africa Rosemary Kearns, 28 Duncan Avenue, Jersey City, NewJersey Joan Kenary, 31 Woodside Drive, Longmeadow, Massachusetts Karen Kinnealey, 396 Canton Avenue, Milton, Massachusetts lsabel Lamy, 9530 Ladue Road, St. Louis, Missouri Marilyn Lennane, 1663 Allerton Avenue, New York 69, New York Susan Lomazzo, Newton Turnpike, Weston, Connecticut Barbara Lorch, 29 Clinton Street, Cornwall, New York Catherine Lugar, 718 Valencia Avenue, Coral Gables, Florida Kathleen Lynch, 1700 Forest Avenue, Wilmette, lllinois Mary Constance Lynch, 31 Western Promenade, Cranston, Rhodelsland Elizabeth Maciel, 97 Friendly Road, Cranston, Rhodelsland Patricia Ann Madden, 123 East 69 Street, New York, New York Marilyn Mainelli, i5 Valley View Drive, Johnston, New York Nancy Mangan, 276 Rugby Road, Brooklyn, New York Linda Ann Mason, 840 Wyoming Avenue, Elizabeth, NewJersey AngelaMcDonnel, ll5 Woodland Drive, Fair Haven, New Jersey PatriciaMcEvoy, 200 Manhasset Avenue, Manhasset, New York Mary McGinn, 4 Thurston Street, Riverside, Rhode lsland Janet Mclnerney, 62 Chestnut Hill Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts PatriciaMcKenna, l08 Jackson Street, Garden City, NewYork Paula McLaughlin, 59 Raven Road, Lowell, Massachusetts Nancy McNift, 'l4l Lewis Road, Belmont, Massachusetts Elizabeth Meehan, 73 KenwoodRoad, Garden City, New York Patty-Jane Mikita, 31 Wymor Road, Scarsdale, New York Elizabeth Anne Miller, 6605 Radnor Road, Bethesda, Maryland Marguerite Monagan,.l46 Pine Street, Waterbury, Connecticut Jane Mullowney, 7 Earl Place, Baldwin New York Carol Murphy, 20 Marion Road, Watertown, Massachusetts Anne Murray, 48 Richmond Street, West Roxbury, Massachusetts Frances Murray, 97 Apple Street, Lynn, Massachusetts Geraldine Murray, 91 Hunnewell Avenue, Newton, Massachusetts Joan Mutty, 20 Old Mystic Street, Arlington, Massachusetts Sr. Mary Maura Noonan, 863 Central Street, Framingham, Massachusetts Patricia Noonan, 87 Holburn Avenue, Cran ston, Rhode lsland Helen O'Brien, i5 Sage Hill Lane, Menands, New York Dorothy O'Connell, 66 Sunset Avenue, Glen Ridge, New Jersey Annmarie O'Connor, 73 Halliday Street, Roslindale, Massachusetts Prudence O'Connor, 9 KaneAvenue, Larchmont, New York Susan O'Connor, 350 Webster Street, Manchester, NewHampshire Virginia O'Hara, 68 Brent Street, Dorchester, Massachusetts Helen O'Malley, 6l4 Earlston Road, Kenilworth, Illinois Jane Phelan, 88 Summit Road, Port Washington, NewYork Kathleen Philippi, i209 Stillman Avenue, Plainfield, NewJersey Nancy Philpott, 50 Crosby Road, Chestnut Hill 67, Massachusetts Marianne Pizzuto, 433 Wolt's Lane, Pelham Manor, NewYork Lisapustorino, 466 Palisade Avenue, Yonkers, New York Ellen Quirk, 60 Eliot Street, Watertown, Massachusetts Carolyn Rack, 334 Hamilton Avenue, Hewlett, New York Mary Ratchtord, 24 Grandview Avenue, West Orange, New Jersey Judith Regan, 56 Westland Terrace, Haverhill, Massachusetts Sally Rosenthal, 15 Parkwood Road, Fairfield, Connecticut Barbara Ryan, 15 Victorian Lane, Brookville, New York Barbara Ryan, 72 Windsor Road, Wellesley, Massachusetts Suzanne Sattels, 733 Edmonds Avenue, Drexel Hill, Pennsylvania Marion Schickel, Ferguson Road, Dryden, New York Margaret Schmitt, 558 Lynn Street, Ridgewood, New Jersey Heather Scott, 20 Denise Terrace, Fairfield, Connecticut Rita Scotti, 179 Hope Street, Providence, Rhode Island Sally Scribner, 2 Bradley Farms, Chappaqua, New York Dorothy Sforza, Blind Brook Lane, Greenwich, Connecticut Susan Shea, 2710 35 Place, Washington 7, D.C. Patsy Slattery, 470 Mount Stephen Avenue, Westmount, P.Q., Canada Charlene Smith, 330 Walnut Street, Lynn, Massachusetts Elaine Solari, 8 Green Terrace, Manhasset, New York Ann Sonz, 225 Millspring Road, Manhasset, New York Sheila Sullivan, 25 Alden Court, Delmar, New York Barbara Sweeney, 22 Longfellow Road, Cambridge, Massachusetts Mary Taylor, 316 Eastchester Road, New Rochelle, New York Suzanne Tenner, 4504 Edina Boulevard, Minneapolis, Minnesota Sandra Thaxter, 36 Bowdoin Street, Portlant, Maine Mary Thilman, 1012 Cherokee Road, Wilmette, illinois Catherine Thompson, 16619 Maumee Road, Grosse Pointe, Michigan Elizabeth Vaughan, 211 West Elm Street, Titusville, Pennsylvania Judith Violock, 220 Overlook Avenue, Leonia, New Jersey Joan Walsh, 24 Gooch Street, Melrose, Massachusetts Betsy Warren, 365 Russett Road, Chestnut Hill, Massachusetts Joan Wienk, 4 Jefferson Avenue, Bayville, New York Karen Wilson, 105 Ketewamoke Avenue, Babylon, NewYork Susan Wilson, 435 Oakwood Avenue, St. Louis, Missouri Joanne Wood, 198 Pawling Avenue, Troy, New York Nancy Woodward, 125 Locust Street, Perrysburg, Ohio Dr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs Dr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Francis A. 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Martin R. A. Martin Mrs. Thomas A. Martin Mr. and Mrs. Donald L. McArdle Mrs. M. A. McCarthy Mr. and Mrs. Mrs. Robert McGraw Frank McKenna Hubert L. McLaughlin Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Dr. and Mrs. Daniel McMahon Judge and Mrs. E. J. McManamy Mrs. Charles McNeil Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. McNiff Honorable William E. Miller Robert E. McDonnell, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs Mr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. and Mrs and Mrs. Dr. Mr. and Mrs Mr. Mr. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. and Mrs. Alexander D. Morgan, John H. Mountain John F. Moynahan Paul L. Mullaney Thomas Mullowney J. Edward Mulvanity Frank J. 0'Connor James L. O'Connor Robert Odenbach Francis P. O'Hara William P. O'Keefe Edward M. O'Keeffe Edward J. O'Neil, Jr. Charles Oskins Jr. 21UfOI1S Dr. and Mrs. John J. Pallotta Mr. and Mrs. Arthur J. Phelan Dr. and Mrs. Roy A. Pizzarello Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pizzuto Mr. and Mrs. M.J.V. Pollock Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Lawrence Rack Mr. and Mrs. John J. Raleigh Dr. and Mrs. Arthur Rattenni Mr. and Mrs. Joseph P. Reed Dr. Felix J. Rotoli Dr. and Mrs. Edward P. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. Nicholas P. Ryan Mr. and Mrs. J. Tillou Sattels Dr. and Mrs. Francis H. Schepp Dr. and Mrs. Ciro A. Scotti Dr. and Mrs. A. Scribner Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Shields Mr. and Mrs. Joseph M. Sinnott Mrs. Hoffmann Smith Mr. and Mrs. Leo H. Smith Mr. and Mrs. Ben Sonz Mr. and Mrs. John P. Sullivan Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Peter Telerico Dr. and Mrs. R. J. Tenner Mr. and Mrs. Sidney W. Thaxter Mr. and Mrs. Edward T. Thilman Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Thomas Mr. and Mrs. W. Grover Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Joseph F. Tubridy Dr. and Mrs. George E. Urban Mr. and Mrs. Newell Vaughan Dr. and Mrs. Frank J. Vermeulen Mr. and Mrs. Hugh E. Wall, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Donald Walsh Mr. and Mrs. William Weinlandt Mr. and Mrs. Leo Whelan Mr. and Mrs. Conrad Wienk Mr. and Mrs. Laclede J. Wilson Mr. and Mrs. Malcolm Wilson Mr. and Mrs. John C. Woodward Mr. Henry C. Wurzer Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Zugger COIVIPLIIVIENTS BEST WISHES of from Mr. 81 Mrs. Mr. 81 Mrs. JAIIVIE THEODORE BOSCH NIORA SCHROETTER BEST WISH ES from THE CLASS of 1963 B EST WISH ES from THE CLASS of 1964 BEST WISH ES from THE CLASS of 1965 ACADEMY OF THE Complimenfs of KENWOGD JOSEPH R. MMWNY SHAUGHNESSY IVIr. and IVIrs. JGHN J. CRGWLEY RE : have you compared the cost of education loans? You owe it to yourself to compare loan costs with the cost of the Insured Education Loan Plan of Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company. For example, a four year, 34,000 education loan from Manufacturers Hanover costs only 814384. A Personal Credit Counselor in any of our banking offices will help you borrow from S300 to 810,000 - to finance education at any level- from primary grades to post graduate or business schooling - and for one to four years. You can take up to six years to repay. Your life is insured at all times for the unpaid balance, thus assuring that the education of your son or daughter will be continued. Before you borrow, come in and talk it over with one of our Personal Credit Counselors. He'll be glad to arrange an education loan for you. One of our over 130 banking offices is very near where you live or work. Two thirds of them are open Monday evenings 6 to 8 p. m. Typical Manularlurers Hanover Trust lnw-cus! eduraliun luans Amount no c uufse Period of Monthly cas: he Fin ance d of Study Repayment Repayment' per Year' S 1,000 1 year 12 months S 85.41 S 24.92 1,000 1 year 24 months 44.21 30.52 4,000 4 years 48 months 86.33 35.96 10,000 4 years 72 months 154.18 183.49 V r :runes the cost fansufan Personal Loan Department MANUFACTURERS HANOVER TRUST COMPANY NEW YORK, N. Y. lSee your telephone book for Iocationsj CCUNTRY DAY HERBERT SCHOOL of ,he ANTHONY SACRED HEART V0n URFF A. N. NELSON, INC. WJ 5. Nh.ondlWm. TEEQQ JQHN B. , , 4 ' 'W HI FAHI GEGAN T f lx sman and Fishel, Inc. 25 Ch p S P 'd 3 RI CompHmenB of A FRIEND CGNVENT Compliments of the Of SACRED HEART M" and 'WSG DOUGLAS J. MURRAY Compliments ACADEMY of of The Mr. and Mrs. SACRED HEART T. V. JACOBI, Jr. Compliments of Mr. and M A JOHN J COOKE FRIEND Judge and IVIrs. LEWIS Nl. NIULLARKEY CONVENT ofthe Mr. cmd Mrs. SACRED HEART DOIVIENIC J. NIAGRI Dr. and Mrs. RICHARD J. KENNEDY WE REJOICE WITH THE CLASS OF I962 AND WISH THEM WITH THE BEST CONTINUED success WISHES OF Dr. and Mrs. GEORGE Mr. cIncI Mrs. WILLIS BALDWIN IQI-IN A, and BE-ISEY HARRINGTON BEST WISHES FRANCINE SHOPS Mr. cIncI Mrs. JOSEPH T. CALAR ESE STONE RIDGE COUNTRY DAY AND WEEK BOARDING SCHOOL 9IOI Rockville Pike Washington I4, D.C. Four YecIr High School College Preporotory Course Grommor School Kindergarten LY MANHATTANVILLE Compliments COLLEGE OF of the SUNNYBROGK SACRED HEART FARM CONVENT Compliments of the SACRED HEART of Mr. and Nlrs. PAUL J. LEACH CONVENT CGNVENT OF THE OFWE SACRED HEART SACRED HEART DWWWE Eden Hull Torresdole, Pennsylvania Mr. and Mrs. FREDERIC W. LE PORIN, Jr. YOUR ASSURANCE OF P' FIRST PRIZE PRODUCTS 9201 as FIRST PRIZE XC. IUU u. S. q,.0"" 'k """+,,4 A,!t.i'1E3.f3v 'Z Gglgunleid by Q DEPAUYMEIYOF Asnlcuuunt ,fm ouse eeplgg 5512.33 MUS Anvnmsw TWGA FIRST PRIZE PRODUCTS ARE U. S. GOVERNMENT INSPECTED J PACKING co., mc. - 9oo MAPLE STREET - ROCHESTER 2, N. Y. CGNVENT Qf the Mr. and Mrs. SACRED HEART JOHN F. HALLISEY CGNVENT of the Mr. and Mrs. J. G. IVICSHANE SACRED HEART Mr. cmd Mrs. RGBERT J. FITZSIIVIIVIONS HUMPHREY Mr. cmd Mrs. COVILL WILLIAM D. and HINSBERG CULEIVIAN INSURANCE DETROIT Compliments CGNVENT ofthe of A SACRED HEART Mr. ond Mrs. ELMHURST CHARLES WILDIVIAN PORTSMOUTH, Mr. and Mrs. Mr. cmd Mr PATRICK J. JAMES J FLAHERTY IVIELLEN IVIr. and Mrs. ARTHUR J. PHELAN 11' 1 -1 , 1 " 1 .1 vm, 1 11 V " 11 -,' 44 .- 111131 1' if I .1 114.12 , 1 I 1 1-fr, 1 1111 1" 1--,1 I "1 ' 113' .VL H ""H1h1'1 ".11V'1 iff? A '1i1"Wfu ' '1 1:11. 1101 f1f'14.'s1111"' '1 1 511 U' '.'.r' +.'r1J'1:1?1-'11-15 1'15f4'r g'2f.'5i- 414 1 11 u - 'I' 1 'u l'1' r W Nfm IQ11'1l,l1lIg 11111 MMI, :1J.11A,N 11 '1"1:', ' 1, 1,11 'ii 1 H11 1 .wx 9-1 w 1 1 T 1 2 .rg 11.411 '.'1 1,wf"1 1 M,,1 1 -'f-1931'-3111 11'11x IA' 14 4 K114lnii'1:'i-M111 4 ' 11,'1."L-ry' I H ' 1 4. 1111? -7 '- 41 - 1g1 .4:f:' , .J 1,111.1 11 1 .1 . 11 1 4 tr, 1,11 M1 -. '11, 'r'1!:1.'11' 1'1:,11.j'1 111 Nj, W ' ' 1 1 ' '11 ' ' 1 . 1 ' 11 r ' " -1 i'1:v1,1 1 1 1' X 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 111 1 19,4 1 W '.' 1 1J ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 wk' , I ' 1 u' 1 ., ,.-. ff 1 1 1 14 '1' ,' , "'.-v, 1 .. - 11' 11 3,1 11. 1, 1 W MW? A if . ,,,,.: : 1 1,2-'lx 1 1 1, . 4 1 2- , 1 ' - ' 1,3 wmv' 1' V 1'1 ', 195"f N191 T' Y' X 11' 1 1M Avxl M v- !"'. 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