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Km .F . . L ""k'57f 97" g f 1 ,A ' vgh fvrcqmv' ,' - , 5s-f N. . .sf 2 'af Q ., W .iii - I ' . Z - s ' J Vg: H I -'4 y dw Y Q B 115 , of-, -off!! ." ",f f 'z if .1- ,1- riff fy . I V' ., -1-5,5 an-Qif' ti V . - 'F ,W 3 ,, ,1- 3, -- W .r'! . 5 B- , ' 9 Wi , ,, 3 - ff, "1" Q ,f K X xg X N- N M W x f. f , 1 , A 1 1 4' X 'S ' e' 5 xl ' Y' I A, ..,, , ,, , , , v -' ' - . . e- l ' Q ,. i! ,,k, grvvl ' 'E-N, ' V' - 'A - ' 1 -as -f 4213, b ' : ,Q ff ' ,, iag a . K 'gif 31 7 .. P T5 4 ,vQ'ffj1f1.Z ,Z . qsw jegf- 3' l 1" .- 3 ,- -.n CUILMEQQQE- 'Rwnvgg NEWTUN EULLEGE UP THE EAEHED HEART NEWTSN, MASSACHUSETTS These form the splendor of NEWTON We have lived among them And have helped prove them In believing them, We make them exist. Ten years ago no college existed "on the shining heights of Newton." Ten brief years have seen the firm establishment and truly miraculous growth of our own dear Newton College of the Sacred Heart. Its five beauti- ful buildings, its student body that will reach the three hundred mark in September, its well-organized, loyal Alumnae, its high scho- lastic standard recognized in New England and further afield, its well-known School of Liturgical Music, its own peculiar charac- teristics such as the special brand of family spirit among the students fostered by the mingling of every class in each house, its high excellence in all studies integrated under the liberating reign of Theology, Queen of the Sciences, its intense liturgical life finding highest expression in the daily Missa recfitata vel Cantata: these are the splendor of Newton raised to the glory of the Most Holy Trinity through the Heart from which Newton came. It was indeed from the Heart of Christ that Newton was born, for Newton finds her place in the Church, the Bride that issued from the side of the Second Adam as He slept in death on the Cross. One of the soldiers opened His side and there came forth the Sacraments, red blood and living water, sangwls et aqua into which are changed the wine and water of our Mass. What else do our Burgundy and Blue stand for but that fountain of grace and joy that sprang from the pain of the crucified? The old order changes giving place to the new. The waters flow along, year by year in volume gaining. We are in that stream of grace, that never failing fountain. Let us never swerve from the channel, but wear it ever deeper, singing as we go. -MOTHER ELEANOR KENNY - x xx We dedicate this yearbook to Mother Eleanor Kenny, Newton's first president, that her creative insight which formed the spirit of the college and gave direction to its aims, might be fully actualized in us. 5 , , u 1 Ii 1' iz F! 5 S U 5 S 35 ii F' X 1 I-.151FES2?!i.1 ' . - . . W' FACULTY Q3 ' ax ' xi . x 3 5 G z 1 v 1 - 1 gv":.1 1 5 f f 'H ,X X 1 .-1 . ? 3 'E f RH QRPQS 5 wif' ' ' - 1 S r - ,Q D 3 Q , w if v x ,- wi mg if 3 .S m 35 5 1 :, , , xw t. .pg . . 4 I ' s ' V, 2 . 'Q 2, -J 1 , 1 6 5 'Ti Lg. ff xr. fiffxm - -as. - x MvMr-g- N,-H X W, fi? ,g i ' LAN 3 li 3 . . . its special brand of Family Spirit between Administration and Student xi ia FN Dr. Waniek Nucleus of the Physics Department Miss De Vitry La Philosophe De Newton Miss Bookle and Mrs. McHugh Classically Irish, Historically Correct X.. MFA K Neff x No fqk ,Q X . 'S Sr' nf- 5 Mr. Curran pleads the case for logic 1 Mr. Wyeth, Seior Regalado, Signer Carello-at their ease in a foreign tongue l 1 v Dr. Nemethy--Sociology and Sociability join together in the study of man 'YW5 ,,,.,,,,.e..-r we x Mr. Fitzgibbon-the philosopher finds .mistletoe an efficient cause. Mrs. Aradi-two artists talk over the fine points of a Christmas tree. , iii Els.. The Senior Christmas Party For The Facult Miss Doyle and Miss Julian-Miss Julian reacts to her chemical present. .KJ !f 1 '35 wwf rw, X G ,vs ,f 14 IQ. , , J' . if WY "wax .-A.. Q... au, 'QR ,M s g,f+'.,X 5 5 Qui 5 A . an mm .w .N ...x A-Q. M, , Av M-QQ. .- f X., 1 1 2 Audigy 19 fmspf fs., W e' Every day in Stuart House, we are drawn togetherg distinctions of class dissolve and the many becoine one in a cominon pursuit of knowledge SENIORS 1 KW 3 li' MARY ANN BEATTIE 729 Pemberton Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grosse Pointe Muon: Plzilosophy 18 V , f,,,g,,pp-,Myvzzpwfwy- ",m,.,m , . .,...a.f,:44ff.x,qwf?'n'y.1r, "wmv f vff.f4q'.4',fWr. ,: 114 wwf gf. f My - f.,-. I wa: QKQWM V449 aff' My Zi' 7 ,ZW Z.: M.. W -. . 4,4 ,. 2:15257 f 1 Deans Honor List: six times Class Vice-President: 3, -1 Student Government: 3, 4 A.S.C.2 3, 4 House Council: 3, 4 Board of Appeals: 3, 4 N.F.C.C.S. Junior Delegate: 2 I.R.C.: 1. 2, 3 Treasurer: 2 Secretary: 3 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 I.R.J.: 1, 2, 3 Secreta1'y'Tx'easurer: 2 Vice-President: 3 Hockey: 1 As for me, l'm rather fl different person Whom you must get to know. T. S. Eliot Q , .1 .- gf' E 'V if 'Fei . Q Q W 2 Aspirant: 1 A.S.C.: 4 House Council: 3 Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary: 2 Vice-President: 3 President: 4 I.R.J.: 1, 2, 4 Missions: 1, 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Club: 4 In your smile was a gift of ineffable things, And of more than all scholars have learned. E. A. Robinson iw- BARBARA ANN BIRELEY, E. de M. 1325 Greenwood Boulevard, Evanston, Ill Marywood High School MAIOR: History I9 '.wzy,,, -1 1 1135 ---- Argfzil I rv-L .3 13' F IANET ANN BLACK aff Trinity College, Burlington: 1, 2 Aspirant: 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 Catholic Action: 4 I.R.J.: 4 Missions: 4 Science Club: 3, 4 73 Wildwood Avenue, Greenfield, Mass. Greenfield High School MAJOR: Chemistry Life in her was changing ever, springing fresh. Edith Sitwell ' 'V Ni it 77" 5'-' "'fr?'l2??752ifif'7"TfiWiQf,fv2 v'f5Ti1ii':1fIfTf'fT:1'f 7'7" 'f'5if7'ifi'f"Iq 2 '. -aw-::, ,V A. :,f., .,: 5.1, .24 1 J.. -. lx-,.-A-m,p,,q - ,,,Ag,.-14435 :.,g.g4,wg:,.qK:,g- r. m.:lgvW11- -- ,:m1a21,wp1aY2nzQsZax330 - S lik-2,21-5,ig f 27+ Y Q Lesley College: 1 Aspirant: 2, 3 Catholic Action: 3. 4 Missions: 3, -1 PATRICIA ANN BLANCHARD 465 Centre Street, Newton, Mass. .a f. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Newton 4 seine of human dignity and reverence for myxtery. Marianne Moore MAJOR: Education NANCY MARY BOXVDRING Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3. 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Missions: 2, 3, 4 Science Club: 3, 4 Publicity Manager: 4 Liturgical Choir: 1 Delegate to the Intercollegiate Chemical Society: 3. 4 139 College Avenue, VVest Somerville 44, Mass. St. Clemenfs High School MAJOR: Cheniistry 22 You zmderxmnd your HI71E'll.C'I'U lljllllfll I-S the most that any of us can ask fm T. S. Eliot Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2 House Council: 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 1, 3, 4 I.R.J.: 2, 3, 4 Missions: 3, 4 French Club: 2 NANCY MAUREEN BOWEN, E. de M 16 Melrose Street, Worcester, Mass. North High School MAJOR: Education Satisfaction is cz lowly thing, how pure a thing is joy. Marianne Moore 23 E . . M , vgigkf' mf CAROL ANN BURKE 81 Wyomin Ro cl g a , Newtonville, Mass. Newton High School MAIORZ Sociology 24 St. Elizabeth College: 1 N .F.C.C.S. Unit: 2, 3, 4 Glee Club: 2, 3 Cathol I.R.J.: 3, 4 ic Action: 2, 3, 4 Missions: 2, 3, 4 President: 3, 4 Junior Weekend Committee: 3 She flung monotony behind. Wallace Stevens Emmanuel College: 1, 2 House Council: 4 I.R.C.: 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Missions: 3, 4 MARGARET KATHERINE CONCANNON 45 Hollis Street, Milton, Mass. Holy Cross Academy MAJOR: History It': knowing what to do with thing: that counts. Robert Frost 25 X ....n,-.--.W W .1 ..,. al , V,,.,,,.,mY.,,,,m.,, ,,--5-f,g1,.:.,g.1: Nx+ef? .x N .. ,4-.f-f..,,.:r::,..,.,..,:,-: . i 1 by 1 , 5.52:--.:,,:xSf.,g,:+...ag3,21fix-3:WQEQ-'-a5:55,-a6g1g,,4M,,5g ELAINE CONLEY, E. de M. 1 "Lia Fale," Ridgefield, Conn. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Greenwich MAJOR: English 26 me ,ffm-,T-Parma. wav.- lm f CAA: S? :in ,fm Mifpf Q v ,aa- new sian? mv u55i3g19" X. Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2 Student Government: 3 A.S.C.: 3 House Council: 3, 4 N.S.A. Coun Glee Club: 1 cil: 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 I.R.C.: 4 I.R.,I.: 3, 4 Missions: 3 Literary Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 885 Staff: 3, 4 Business Liturgical C Manager: 3, 4 hoir: 1, 2 Hockey Team: 1 When one if frank, one's very presence is a compliment. Marianne Moore Wmuwrmmsc wa, 'war yy 1 Wheelock College: 1 Aspirant: 2, 3 1 Social Committee: 3, 4 Assistant Chairman: 4 House Council: 3 Glee Club: 2, 3, 4 President: 4 Catholic Action: 4 Missions: 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Club: 4 Liturgical Choir: 4 Junior Weekend Committee Chairman of -Refreshments: 3 Opera Workshop: 3, 4 CATHERINE,ANNE CONNOLLY, E. de M. 80 Claremont Street, Newton, Mass. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Newton There never was a world for her Except the one she sang, and singing, made. Wallace Stevens MAJOR: Music Y 27 iw if Lv, We if Wi WEN WMM , 'WM fb ' We, qlmf' . QM, .mf 43 Hockey: SUZANNE L. COTE 479 Newport Ax' Convent of t enue, Pawtucket, R. I. he Sacred Heart, Elmhurst MAJOR: Sociology T116 Glee Club: 1, 2 1,2.-1 Basketball: 1, 2. 3, 4 lv would not find me clmnged from 1 1 :er t zey knew Only more mrc' of LU I f ' 1 nought was flue 28 Robert Frost X Dean's List: once President of the E. de M. Sodalityz 4 Class Vice-President: 1 Student Government: 1, 3, 4 A.S.C.: 1, 2, 3, 4 N.F.C.C.S. Senior Delegateg 2, 3, 4 N.F.C.C.S. Unit: 3, 4 I.R.C.: 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President: 4 I.R.J.: 1, 2 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer: 2 Financial Committee: 3, 4 Hockey: 1, 2 A tuned reticence with rigour from strefzgth at the rource. Marianne Moore MARGARET HARRISON CRAIG, E. de M 15 Newlands Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Eden Hail MAJOR: History 29 IOAN DAVID, E. de M. 659 Hope Street, Providence, R. I. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Newton MAJOR! Englirh 30 x Dean's List: twice Aspirant: 1 Class President: 1 Class Treasurer: 2 Student Government: 1 Social Committee: 2 A.S.C.: 1, 2 House Council: 1 Board of Appeals: 1 N.S.A. Junior Delegate: 2 Glee Club: 1 Dramatic Club: 2, 3, 4 I.R.J.: 2, 3 Wheat and Cockle Staff: 2, 3, 4 Editor: 3 Literary Club: 2, 3, 4 President: 3 Yearbook Editor-in-chief: 4 885 Staff? 9. 3 Circulation Manager: 2, 3 Television: 2 An indizfidual, with her free fancy and Hel' ingefzuous right to be herself. E. A. Robinson Dean's List: three times Secretary ul' E. :lc M.: 2. 4 N.S.A. Council: 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, :Y I.R.C.: Catholic Action: 1, 2, Ii, 4 Secretary: 3, 4 I.R.J.Z 1, 2, 3, 4 Missions: 1, 2, 21, 4 Literary Club: 2, Zi, 4 H35 Sfuff: Il, 4 News Ecliturl 2-I, 4 Liturgical Club: 4 Chairman nl' Publicity: 4 I-'rench Club: l Opera Workshop: 4 The zuiscsz of 14: are not those who laugh Before their know. Most of us never lqnozv. E. A. Robinson 4 f 5 ELIZ.-XBETH F. DOYLE, E. de M. Tl Keene Street, Providence, R. I. Convent of the Sacred Heart. Elmhurst M.-xyouz 1lfI0dC'l'lZ LtIf1gZlfIgC'5 31 MARIE GERIN-LAIOIE 285 McDougall Avenue, Montreal, P.Q. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Montreal MAJOR: Plzifosopfzy Universite de Paris, Centre de Montreal: 1, 2 Dean's List: once Dramatic Club: 3 I.R.C.: 4 Literary Club: 3 Catholic Action: 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Each must travel forth In xenrch of the Exxcfrztial Stone VV. H. Auden 32 i Dean's List: twice Aspirant: 1 House Council: 3 N.F.C.C.S. Unit: 4 Glee Club: 2, 3, 4 Secretary: 4 Dramatic Club: 1 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Missions: 1, 2, 3, 4 885 Staff: 4 French Club: 1 Whetted to bfll Secretary: 1 z izznce by the mcfest of . . . 7 y that sophistication wh' 11 ' " opportunity IC 15 5Z4p87Z07' to Marianne Moore CONSTANCE MARIA HANLEY, E. de M 788 Riverside Drive, New York, N. Y. Academy of the Sacred Heart of Mary MAIOR: French ,3 1.A IOAN IACQUELINE HANLON 5 Felton Court, Saugus, Massachusetts Saugus High School MAjoR: Education 34 -.,,-c -. --vt sq -,-wg,-V7-fs ,.-N., ,. .,,, My . -f :, , .1 V ,- fu--1,ni--f-1,,My-,-'sz-:'?v' -V V ,- F1 :viz -,s,.: 4,.fx N I u,,, .U :gi , 4. w . . . .. ,W ,u ...,, .,.....,g.,.,h lv J :Flu ' Z Aspirant: 2, 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Vice-President: 4 I.R.J.: 3, 4 Opera Workshop: 4 Missions: 3, 4 You are too . . . essential Tobc... the food of shadowy fancies. E. A. Robinson X Q N x xox X X xl X gs t so Xa X hX X X Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2, 3 234 Catholic Action: 1, , , Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Missions: 1, 2, 3, Liturgical Choir: Opera Workshop: President: 4 4 1 3,4 Chairman, Newman Club Forums : 3 Some say Love by being thrall And simply staying posfcxses all. Robert Frost , NR -i ,-:Sa i iz ' 'X .Ar ,.,.:1:2:':-:'f" , ' ,ge A . NANCY MARIE HARVEY 33 Warren Street, Watertown- 72, Mass. Rosary Academy MAJOR: English 35 x ul ,fin vf if Q. ,va X: 'za M 3' 'i , . I , :Q ' ,5:fr,'if. 'K ' 1.3 , 1 :-'1-' lip ,V :ff fe- us' ' , ' -'ga . -. ' , I .e Q 231 :.. . , ' .V a irs:-Q1-i....:i, 'f'-'L 1. 1: ,-:.-:W 'wife '--,::f.s.:' 1, V , '- "" 1 ' "fi 2-:,1::f,'-'1,r,. , zw: Shift. . ..figf1Q'f-3 -' ' 1 " Q " F :iff di Q " "':::'5??f " - " ' 5 '- f 12 lf' ",', L' , .... , A W I: PATRICIA M. HINCHEY, E. de M. 355 Essex Street, Salem, Mass. Convent ot the Sacred Heart, Noroton MAJOR: Englixh 36 Dean's Honor List: once Dean's List: three times Aspirant: 1, 2, 3 Class President: 3, 4 Class Vice-President: 2 Student Government: 2, President: 4 Social Committee: 4 A.S.C.: 2, 3, 4 House Council: 2, 3, 4 Board of Appeals: 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 I.R,C.: 4 Catholic Action: 4 Wheat and Cockle Staff: 2, 3, 4 Literary Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir: 1, 2 Hockey: 1, 2 ' Captain: 2 Basketball: 1, 2, 3 Captain: 2 A crystal thing to see . . . brimming with inner light . t at covet: nothing that it has let go Marianne Moore x .'A UN -' ' -A -5q w,:..fv-ipp. 'Hz . fbikbf Ti if 4 . Nfqsfl .'f:fif"' Aspirant: 2, 3, 4 b. 1 Student Government: 4 . ' ' """ "IQi1'ii'135Q:-Ir:.E55:5'f Social Committee: 4 A.s.c.: 4 ' Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 iff-f'ifx" Catholic Action: 3 Missions: 1, 2, 3, 4 Science Club: 3, 4 Publicity Manager: 4 Delegate to the Intercollegiate , Chemical Society: 3. 4 My object in life is to unite My auocation and my vocation. Robert Frost CATHERINE CECILIA IOYCE 29 Blake Street, Cambridge, Mass. Rosary Academy MAJOR: Chemistry 37 ,-y-,:,g-mm:,g5afg,m.,v. 2. gf-W-f .yu-:M-,,,,.,., f,-t.,.,,..:..,.,,, , sz ,t.,.1.1.-. V: :..,,.1 Q., , 2 .,,:,. ,, .,,i ,,,v:,,-:,,21f,:.:, V. 5.::1fi.-I.'-We 2112a5LS?2'f, ., 84 at fy:-:V-:wana,-.s:2:w:ia.-time ',.:Qz2r15L:h+q 95 ,522 2 A MARY LACEY KELLY, E. de M. 159 Brown Street, Providence, R. I. St. Patrick's High School Maron: English 38 De-an's List: four times A.S.C.: 3, 4 Board of Appeals: 4 N.S.A. Senior Delegate: 4 N.S.A. Council: 3 Glee Club: 1 Dramatic Club: 2, 3 I.R.C.: 1. 4 President: 4 I.R.J.: 3, 4 Literary Club: 2, 3. 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Assistant Literary Editor RS5 Staff: 2, 3, 4 Opera Workshop: 4 New England Catholic Stu- dent Peace Federation: 2 President: 2 Vice-President of the N.S.A. Student Government Affairs Commission, New England Region: 4 We dance round in zz ring and ruppose, But the Sefrft fits in the middle and lqnowr. Robert Frost "mga rr wmwwx M N XX Xb KN "-Milf 'E AN . -'N NR wow, .W 1. . ,, : X Y. X: NX ws N MN w :QM-Q il? Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 4 Liturgical Club: 4 Sophomore Carnival: 2 Chairman Chairman of the Senior Ball BARBARA ANN KING 19 Meadowbrook Road, Wellesley, Mass. Gamaliel Bradford Senior High School MAJOR: Spanish A wholesome fire of thought and competence. E. A. Robinson 39 aww u Marymount: 1 Dean's Honor List: twice Dean's List: three times Aspirant: 1, 2, 3 Class Secretary: 3, 4 Social Committee: 3, 4 Chairman: 4 House Council: 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 Literary Club: 3, 4 Junior Weekend Committee: 3 Chairman NANCY LOUISE KOTTENSTETTE, E. de M. 1023 Harvard Road, Grosse Pointe Park, Mich. Academy of the Sacred Heart, Grosse Pointe MAJOR: Art And zulzefz we lift our eyes, we .fee the day Astonixhed, and stand motionlexx, and attend Edwin Muir Aspirant: 1 . Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Librarian: 1 Secretary: 2, 3 Athletic Associationtz 1, 2, 3, 4 Hockey: 1', 2 Basketball: 1, 2, 3. 4 I CIIIIIZOZ think of anything today That I would rather do than he myself E. A. Robinson ANN MCCLOY LABADIE. E. de M. 75 Biddle Avenue, Wyandotte, Mich. Convent of the Sacied Heart, Grosse Pointe MAJOR: Philosophy 4l MARIORIE ANN LEE 26 Amherst Road, Wellesley, Mass. Wellesley High School MAJOR: Art 42 . i . ef, , .fs 5 f . V . 4 ..,.sf,.f-.1 :v.6+-.eww iz: Lars ami sevafmi A., Regis College: 1 Class Treasurer: 4 Social Committee: 4 A.S.C.: 4 Glee Club: 3 I.R.C.: 4 Catholic Actionr 3, 4 Missions: 3, 4 Some have relied on what they knew, Other on being simply true. Robert Frost x x x x x x Dean's Honor List: once Dean's List: four times Aspirant: 1, 2, 3 Student Government at large: 4 House Council: 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 I.R.J.: 1, 2, 3, 4 I President: 4 Missions: 1. 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir: -1 Your n1in1'.ft1'z1t1bfz is to be for others The firing of a rush that may for them Bc' soon 1176 fire itself . . . E. A. Robinson BARBARA ELAINE LOWE 3 Emmaville Avenue, Kingston, Iamaica, B.VV.I. Convent of Mercy Academy. 6'Aloha,,' Kingston MAJOR: Sociology 43 'X , .x. , . xi- . .Wu . .- .X . X - M2-:a:,aa.f5'i it 4 viitffaeailif ff 2 VV:-HYAB-'.. . ,,,.,.5,..,,.:+ . 4' X ' 4' faq 2, ste. V A , fl-Q X ' ISS-W. . i"NS2'5wi, 'X K. 'AHF . MARY LEIGH MADDEN 44 South Allen Street, Albany 8, N. Y. Academy of the Sacred Heart, Kenwood MAJOR: History 44 Universite de Paris: 3 Dean's List: once House Council: 2, 4 Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 4 Treasurer: 2, 4 Literary Club: 1. 2, 4 Liturgical Choir: 1, 2 Opera Workshop: 4 Athletic Association: 1, 2 Hockey: 1, 2 Basketball: 1, 2 Proper shining of a soul Where nothing ordinary dwells E. A. Robinson College of New Rochelle: 1 House Council: 4 There is something deep Under her will. Randall Iarrell "'-N. WINIFRED GRACE MADDEN 81 Warren Street, Norwich, Conn Norwich Free Academy MAJOR: Edurazion 45 Q A , , , I, ,A '..2-sgr '-Zig'-:'yg X. -a,ea:,fsics."" X -- " ' , ' , , .. V--411 , 'S fi-232 1 A ' .........A..,.,..f,',JL.L.:'liZi.w..k4.v,,.4-a, bfi-11azZi"' " " ANN IAMISON MARSHALL 650 Park Drive, Kenilworth, Ill. Marywood High School MAJOR: Art If 46 Aspirant: 1, 2, 4 Class Secretary: 2 Social Committee: 2 A.S.C.: 2 Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer: 3 Vice-President: 4 Catholic Action: 4 Junior Weekend C Chairman of Decorations Sophomore Carnival: 2 Co-chairman ue no gift of language b t 1' , a m :ure of what I mean T. S. Eliot ommittee : 35 Dean's List: twice Aspirant: 1, 2, 3, 4 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 Catholic Action: 4 I.R.J.: 4 Missions: 4 French Club: 1 x CAROL ANNE MCCURDY 283 Wood Haven Road, Pawtucket, R.I St. Patricl-Us High School, Providence MAJOR: Education Reason that quiclqerzs in the seed of truth A d ' n zs zhe flower of truth. E. A. Robinson 47 .. . XS? MICHELLE MARIE MCGARTY, E. de M. 131 Bay State Road, Boston, Mass. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Noroton MAJOR: History 48 Manhattanvillez 1 Aspirant: 1, 2 Glee Club: 31 4 Treasurer: 4 Catholic Action: 2, 3, 4 Missions: 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Assistant Photographer Junior Weekend Committee: 3 Chairman of Entertainment Munificence of humour in that quixozic atmosphere of frankness Randall Iarrell -isfwifzfv: fu:-rawwvmgssw wigs N SNES? ,-451, s NX, fs 5 Nix-Nix,-Nssvxrm,was spew-" get-Qwxiiryg v X3 .g, we . Q. .X XXX gigs was Qgx Aspirant: 1, 2 Glee Club: 1, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Liturgical Choir: 1, 4 Opera Workshop: 4 1 Athletic Association: 2, 3, 4 President: 4 MOLLY MCHUGH, E. de M. 251 Linden Lane, Merion, Penna. Sacred Heart Academy, Overbrook MAJOR: Sociology When I say practical, I mean practical in the things that really matter. T. S. Eliot 49 "--':E1'115':'S'?,"Jf7i?' :E ,4:l,y.g-g74gw7T22.Ji13?Ff" -'g ,- v . ,P,v:,4,,,.-51--:bw .,,4..5m, ,-qf,::f:,t:,f:12:z::1--:itz-:sm :::r,,,55:1131-1:3-1113 1- lmof1gvpssa,H2y:.- 9: Q. , t.. 4 MARGARET ANNE MCMURRER, E. de M. 125 Aspen Avenue, Auburnclale, Mass. x, ' 15:5 2 w wr , , 5 2-1-1-f:I-l:7:1:"'v'-'Mi'--VV'-'-"41:23:5-bE!-Af::-':-.-:1E.:::2i.7:3:?:2:-:-:1!"9:zf.':4''f2:':'::.g'51p.-If'T":7.f5v Manhattanville: 1, 2 House Council: 4 Aspirant: 3, 4 Glee Club: 3, 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Business Managem- Liturgical Club: 4 Liturgical Choir: -l Junior NYeekencl Committee: 3 Date Bureau Opera Workshop: 3, 4 Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Newton J MAJOR: Music -l SO Hon' rare and xtrmzge it is, to find . . . zz friend who has Those qzmlftiex upon which f1'1'end:hip live: T. S. Eliot Nix A X EX x YN YE? wx-:sax YH: 'zbxrisr '63 'YEL f es N595 1: iii' 5, s. Nix ,. House Council: 2 Glee Club: 1, 2 Treasurer: 3 Vice-President: 4 Liturgical Choir: 1, 2 Junior Weekend Committee: Date Bureau Opera Workshop: 4 Newtones: 1 Athletic Association: 1. 2 Treasurer: 2 . Hockey: 1: 2 Basketball: 1. 2 is . X X 3 IOSEPHINE BRINCKWIRTH MEDART 45 Orerhills Drive, St. Louis 17, Mo Convent of the Sacred Heart, Villa Duchesne MAJOR: Education You are a person of interest, one comes to you .Ind taker gain away. Ezra Pound Sl A 7 VINITA MARIE MURRAY 262 Beach Street, Revere, Mass. Notre Dame Academy, Boston MAJOR: Education 52 Trinity: 1, 2 I.R.C.: 3, 4 I rejoice that thing: are as they are T. S. Eliot ,ww ...xigilrl T., .A ,.. W. . . ,.. .,, .,..,.,.,, 35-yg.g.g:.s.-zfgilx xl N - mf, ' R1 53.53, .X , . . B . ' 'X -2 ,xx C 5. x.-1-,xxx msfwx -N TI? ' ' a?i'IwXN W- i .h , X 33 x Aspirant: 1, 4 Glee Club: 1 Dramatic Club: 3, 4 Catholic Action: 2, 3, 4 And all :he did done pcrffctly As though she had but that one trade alone. W. B. Yeats GRACE BARBARA NASH, E. de M 49 The Terrace, Katonah, N. Y. St. Mary's High School MAJOR: Art 53 BEATRICE RITA NEMEC, R.N. 555 Light Street, Stratford, Co HH. Stratford High School Muon: Sociology S4 St. Vincent's Hospital School of Nursing Bridgeport, Conn. There was rezzealed about her That phacphorescencc of sincerity E. A. Robinson X M N X N X H Q x N-. is 1 """' 1 X KX xx xx X ix Na1,.2y:ff:::5.v-r 'gag I YS:-SN X39 RN W ENR 'TS mit NSS warg x X We . it WEEE? Aspirant: 1 House Council: 1, 3 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Missions: 3 Yearbook Staff: 4 Photography Editor: 4 Liturgical Choir: 1, 2 Basketball: 1, 2 ANN MARIE NOONEY, E. de M. 406 Hawthorne Avenue, Webster Groves, Mo. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Villa Duchesne MAJOR: History . . . innocence and altitude in an unhaclqneyed solitude. Marianne Moore 55 E 7.1, W". if Mx. "?5ff'Wm L ' my Xl ,ga ,,,xx,.f X.: V' J 1 Fw r i7Qf7Zf7'f f'771E'ifZ5Z?fT7I29IFiE52'fGIi'i2' E61453232?"??'IfZ2Ff?6E-E2WQ4F55?fF37Zif2?FZT'?f2 1 Q 1 .M,2.m.a:.:::rf A:afa.a:Q.w,w,-a-,.v.,:.a -:,a:a.Qaaz-alaska:may-me:maaaagggggigf 1-'fif' 7 1 -it .Egan 'Mhz -1 fag A.S.C.: 4 Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Vice-President: 3 President: 4 Catholic Action: 4 French Club: 1 President: 1 Television: 2 Athletic Association: 3 President Basketball: 1, 2, 3, 4 MARY IANE O'CONNELL 7 Deal Road, Island Park, N. Y. The Barnard School for Girls MAJOR: French 1t'.v rest I want . . . there, I have said it out . . . From doing thingx over and over that just zuon't .fray done Robert Frost S6 rikk u: iii f: , l . '.-' - 5 5 ' Regis: 1 I.R.C.: 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 I.R.J.: 3, 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Assistant to the, Business Manager Literary Club: 2 ANN OlNEIL 17 Appleby Road, Wellesley, Mass Wellesley High School MAJOR: English And when I do see h h er, 5 e seem: preoccupied With some secret excitement which I cannot share. T. S. Eliot 57 MARY BETH O'RILEY 2419 St. Iohn's Avenue, Highland Park, Ill. Convent of the Sacred Heart, Lake Forest , MAJOR: Art 58 Barat' College: 1, 2 Glee Club: 3 I.R.C.: 4 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Liturgical Club: 4 Chairman of Art: 4 All the funk in how you my a thing Robert Frost X X X ii X X x X 1 V. 125555- X +355-5 axles. Aspirant: 1, 2 Class Secretary: 1 Social Committee: 1 A.S.C.: 1 House Council: 3, 4 Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 I.R.J.: 1, 2 X Missions: 1, 2 LiturgicalYChoir: 1, 2, 4 . . . to share ix to relieve 'x. X ELEANOR GREENLEAF POPE, E. de M. 405 Deerfield Road, Deerfield, Ill. Academy of the Sacred Heart, Lake Forest MAJOR: Sociology Andprympathy the root bears love the flower. W. H. Auden 59 if a l A rg., Wlgwg. wifi H if YQ ,Lf A' - v , M . , 1. J x la, Ma' 4 ,Q " Un ' My rf,- wig "Mu, 'iw vim 'Wlfb-, 'Pliliw , '55lr'Yf"'3, . .1 'HW igllgi. N'-viilflfir, wmv' ,M ,,-,. HARRIET ANNE REILLY 14 Arborway, Iamaica Plain, Mass. Holy Cross Academy MAJOR: Education 60 3 A 2 5 Aspirant: 2, 3 Glee Club: 1 Catholic Action: 3, 4 Missions: 3, 4 Liturgical Choir: 1 Opera 'Worl-ishop: 3, 4 An irremcdiable cheerfulness Was in her and abou! the name of her E. A. Robinson Trinity: 1, 2 Glee Club: 3 Opera Workshop: 4 Lerzient, lookin u 0 II PATRICIA ANN RITCHIE 143 E. Emerson Street, Melrose, Mass Nazareth Academy MAJOR: Musir g p 71 cz fe ow crezzturcfs error With the feelings of a mother. Marianne Moore 61 Isftzfnm. A A,t.Z .,.. , .-.1 1 Aspirant: 1 Class President: 2 Class Treasurer: 1, 3 I School Treasurer: -l Student Government: 2 Social Committee: 1, 3 Assistant Chairman: 3 A,S,C,: 1, 2, 3, 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 House Council: 2, 3 Board of Appeals: 2 Glee Club: 1. 2, 3, 4 Basketball: 1, 2 Liturgical Club: 4 DIANE ELIZABETI-l RUSSELL. E. cle M. 9 Elm Park Boulevard, Pleasant Ridge, Mich. lmmaculata High School. Detroit MAJOR: Hixzory Only be sure That I know what I'm doing, and what I musl do :Ind that it is the best thing for everybody. T. S. Eliot Q - Etijwr. . .f3Ef..f:.:, Lzjzgsigoi' . V 1- tu z Q 2 v wr 1 Lasell Jr. College: 1 Aspirant: 2, 3 Catholic Action: 2, 3 4 I.R.J.: 2, 3, 4 Missions: 2, 3, 4 XY WS LUCILLE MARIA SACCONE 35 Buswell Park, Newton, Mass. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, 'Newton MAJOR: Italian . . She zs loved, whose works are extenszons .W N, of her power to charm. lfuflplri W. H. Al1ClCIl MQW 'vliii 1 a N71 63 .., 'Y "- fly. JF? J' N ., ' N R W . K ., il aw N ,-A.. .,',,,. E,'ff2f5, ' fflgiiz win W A A, V .. .- W' -, ,w , www- rw ...WW ,,., x z 1 IUDITH ANN SCANNELL, E. de M. 16 Belvidere Avenue, Worcester, Mass. St. Peter's High School MAJOR: Sociology 64 1 e Dean's Honor List: once Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2 N.F.C.C.S. Unit: 3 Glee Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Business Manager: 4 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer: 3, 4 I.R.J.: 2, 3, 4 President: 3 Missions: 1, 2, 3, 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Assistant Editor . . . for I had irzsufficiency Enough in me to make me know the truth Within the jest . . . E. A. Robinson :img . Dean's List: once Aspirant: 1, 2 I.R.C.: 1, 2, 3 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 4 Missions: 1, 2 Behind everything An unforced joy. Randall Iarrell MARION WALL SULLIVAN, E. de M. 86 Douglas Road, Belmont, Mass. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, MAJOR: Education Newton .- it lbw MM, ' W?-,, 'ff l 5273, .cgiigz fs 55' xhgii hl if .f 65 .1 PK.-.xx .- fix Dean's Honor List: once Dean's List: twice Aspirant: 1, 2, 3 Glee Club: 1 S I.R.C.: 2, 3, 4 CORNELIA ANN WELDON, E. de M. 1 Iohnson Road, Andover, Mass, Abbot Academy MAJOR: English 66 Catholic Action: 1, 2, 3, 4 Literary Club: 2, 3, 4 885 Staff: 2, 3, 4 Editor-in-chief: 3, 4 French Club: 1 Vice-President: 1 I.R.J.: 3 4 The mind is an enchanting thing, is an enchanted thing. Marianne Moore . . Net X? 6 :mf sy ANE4 NS 'T-s' A , ' Na 5' Tex: x Dean's List: three times Dramatic Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 Secretary: 2 Catholic Action: 4 Wheat and Cockle Staff: 2,3,4 Editor-in-chief: 4 Literary Club: 1, 2, 3, 4 President: 4 Yearbook Staff: 4 Literary Editor: S85 Staff: 2, 3, 4 Television: 2 Basketball: 1 Hockey: 1, 2 ,gilt T' W. .N X MARY WINSLOW 3106 P Street, N. W. Washington 7, D. C. Country Day School of the Sacred Heart, Stone Ridge MAJOR: English In my distaste: especially, I had good taste: Randell Iarrell 67 1 r' 1,935 sw in , . -Q x ' .X X K X3- N I x Q 1 i.. xv ! r '4?- ? A .'x A' xg va,-.z 5 J -V, C , . -'Q' if 'S xv ' 1' 42.5. ,i4'v 4 f2'.h,, iw S if . 1 x gy sf Y .4 'W ...,, xr 'f Y Y! " A '-, "' "'. - yi? J? 'iff , . ' J . 43 8 .. R 'fl-A 1 L 4 . . 1,"' 73'-14 ' - X. ,n Iyar' x if 'f A .' ' - ' ,-. .- . MM X3 w . Qgbyfivr, +1 . A - - , , 1 'Lru 1- --, -.N 7 A J- I ,, , A , , frm. vw, .' A .Q 1 ' ' l A- ,Lt Q Q A Q '- ' V af -' -- ., 2 - y, 1 ,-'54 ,NX " .4 -af ' 1.-K W X , ,.,, A-2 ' f 'vi-.w". -7-f"" . ' . M7 . ' ,T V X 2-'fifav-v U, .j. ' . . , Eq,,m, I " 2 1' X 1, New Q, ., ,, . 1 Q:--F ly, il - I fm' f ' 'W' X 'U' ,. ' . H WW - - , F X CUSHIN G with its young and modern quality, gradually integrates itself into Newton spirit, while Hardey, its neighbor house, reflects experience and maturity. New buildings are added to the old just as knowledge of ourselves increases as we go from Freshman to Senior year. 69 People We will always M ther- White: F h 1 h p g haracters. remember for their special brand of encouragement f-f-fm... ...,,...,,....,.....-,.....,,,,,,,,, F ther Friel: Who was alw y t t d 152 Y 2 5 5 i ' h t we thought." of 5 5 e 1-f r e f Our parents: The first cause of our being 1 at Newton. mae, y..,4.1-av ,as fr ,' Q , , 5 Am., nw-,,,,, Q.. .N .... X, AY, ,, W-,Qs X 8 4 7 X 2 V . :,, . X .f -f-was .Q 82 ' x - X w 1 ' ,f3L"E'Q.,-i 1- .,m- nf . 1 3 4-xx. ,. W J 0 IU if U A 3 Rx ,. R X Q THE SENIOR THESIS The thesis of senior yearg seeing relationships that make our life and our studies one. In our first year foundations were laid for future development at Newton. We grew up with our buildings and, like them, began with high plans and unbounded enthusiasm. We found outlets for our energy in hazing and our Freshman show, OF THEE WE SING, NEWTONg we learned how to keep it within the limits of order by the discipline of Student Government. Through Student Gov- ernment we le a r n to g o V e r n ourselves and lead others, while Social Committee u p h old s a standard of social be- havior and finds dates for dances throughout the school year. M. A. Beattie, Vice-Presi- dentg N. Kottenstette, Secre- taryg M. Lee, Treasurerg P. Hinchey, President. - . vm, fe' ,- . ix ' ' , I -Z V' KB 'F ' ai. V 1 v 2, 1 I ,4- , MA' ' ff , , fa f A ' ' A 11 Q: v , f, 1 x As Sophomores our most important concern was deciding on a major field and realizing the amount of hard Work and concentration needed to be a stu- dent. It wasn't all drudgery though. We ran a successful Christmas Carnival and serenaded our Senior sisters. I fm , , f az'-M , .. ' F. -r- , .u ' H b 1 Q' K - - , .::.-'.: ' .. 3- f-' - A 1 si, , we "-'-"-fi Qi 1 W., . . - - ' ., Y T - . g X: + Q D o X , 4'-' wk 2 'K We grew in social maturity. At Junior Weekend and the Ring Banquet, we tried out our new sophistication. Some of us got married and engagedg others stayed to take on different re- sponsibilities here at school. "St, Thomas," our studies in our major fields, our dances, our dates, our friendships, all began to fit together under the high pressure of a busy Senior year. We got to know ourselves and our classmates better and did our best to pass our joy in Newton down to the other classes . . . ll sp iq - Q Flaw' 4 . 3' be in s. , -,A ,, W l'i5'W'W iw-' -' ii ' ii ' 5: it n Q: 6 ai, 6 -' lg gg ,.., 'e g ' J i Q '- -- - . 1 Ti , g F. an:-.Z I s M. Keating, Secretaryg S. Quinlan, Presidentg J. Englert, Vice-Presidentg G. McDonough, Treasurer. Interest in other people develops through seemingly unrelated activi- ties: Junior W e e k e n d and new responsibilities in campus organi- zations. 71 2' V. ' r is -S "r C? .Q UNIOR .,,,, 45 .Q . . ,.,.. . . Q Yfi' E 31" I-'S' V A' Rim-14:x.s--.1.:f.,g vi -' 1 1-5 - o - bx 4 1 nv, f Af... .- b , V f,13Lg5fz7.imm1:f, .,., 1193251512 , -fvz'-'-::f.-.::'- . W Q, .. .k... ,- ..X-',- -, X,.. , W. . C . ., . X :42...f e . Y',:':?"-X' A "'.-V - ,. - .,.4.4,3 f f ',f.g5.A5:. . E s .. ' . A ,, was ,, Checking their schedules are J. Carey, G. Keating, C. Higgins, M. George, S. Hurley, M. J. Eagan. M. Corbett, A. Clausmeyer, M. Shaghalian, A. DeFazio, A. Power, C. Healey, D. Roche. 77 Juniors launch SHOWBOAT -M. Keating, K. Glutting, J. Kirk, M. Cunningham. Left: M. Ronan, B. Dray, B. Phelan, E. Mullin, B. Duffy, S. Lawrence, A. Figge, J. Saver, L. Salcedo, P. Peck. OPHO ORE Diversity of interest is focused. One special field of study becomes the major factor in a more concentrated Way of life. A. M. Walsh, Treasurerg S. -'il Sughrue, Vice-Presidentg P. Curran, Presidentg J. Coniglio, Secretary 79 'l'r."""Urnqg,i ,.i.. A. Foley, S. Lane, B. Cahill, D. Madden, D. Maloney, A. Baker, S. Macksoud, L. O'Donoghue, M. Doelger, M. E. Burns, J. Phillips, H. Craig. Below-Row One: J. DeFlo1'io, S. Landry, E. Clarke, K. O'Sheag Row two: K. Mullin, M. A. Gil- more, B. Holters, M. A. Maher, Row three: S. Sughrue, D. Deep- house, M. Capobiancog Row four: E. Le Poutre, M. Serenyi, G. La- Salle, A. Cooke, L. Donnelly, Fifth row: P. Joyce, G. Hibschman, F. Beane, M. J. McAvinn, G. Little, Sixth row: J. Whitty, D. Cosgrove, F. Miley, P. Curran, B. Walsh, C. Casellas. 'CIN- fk 311 TSSTQ-: Y H ."'A' 2 I XA .ss I g J. Coniglio, P. Sweeney, J. Chute, K. Conway, M. Dealy, L. Mitchell, P.. Curran. Backstage brainwork-the secret of their dramatic success. Row one: G. Gallagher, P. Ajo, J. Laird, S. Collins, Row two: M. Dealy, P. O'Neill, J. Schaeffner, M. Good, E. Cavanaugh, E. Egan, Row three: M. Madera, G. Archila, M. Mulvanity, S. Uncles, D. Seemang Row four: M. White, K. Conway, J. Chute, A. M. Walsh, P. Byrne. arf-WQW-2-0 ----FRE HME . . . are impressed by the exciting diversions of their first year. Experiences crowd in and are met as a challenge with high enthusiasm and good will. S, O'Conne11, President 3 D. Fitzgerald, Treasurerg M. Miele, Secretaryg J. Stuart, Vice-President. if :ffsf ,-.,. we f',' , vM""""'N7'M, A '1 . ' XRl.1l 1 .. . www 5 ,. f In a few weeks they begin to N' x"NV ,hm H ', know their own way. C. Hen- Ef necke, J. Neville, N. Anderson, f K. McDermott. K 'S Juniors help Freshmen find their place at New- ton. Junior S. Quinlan with B. Koehler, F. Ronci, B. Hackett, J. Ferrara. 1. vw ggi. 2 S, ws -ff , We X 56.523 ,, , ,, Q r-v. A ,,,,.,, gf, R. de Leon, Jf Scipione, S. Thornton M. A. Lucca, C. Lucca M. Dowling, N. Kane, P. Ralph V--Q 84 I' MA ,,,,. .FMW4 ww C. Weidemann, L. McAuley, .. ...., 7 " Xif.::111:1C'iIff: .1TI.'.P' ' 3. VR JH? 5: vz-rg. .::h......,,z,.:1 -. "j:?f55XEi:::' ... 52.3.0-555 Sim..-ffmzsizafzwf w,..':'-'-...,,:5:::::,.Q:z.::: inns-::::::.::::,.s.., 5 Q3-..,-3..............i.,5g Q-.::N.x:::.. -:P Ef'N4!1.'fffT!f' ""' ' .::4,...3::g -N-- .1 fgfsxxg-REE ,:1::1 .Q i4 I : W ,,.. 4 " 5 -9 J' 1 182-, M ,,,...4- X-x,-, . -.sw - 'X-I' . wry. .. -Siifffiixlm15sfa,f??i f xx r. M -.. ..' i Keg- . S. Rupple, J. McAuley I 5 1 ' 5 B. Engel, P. Engel aw ft' M. Mahon, S. Marshall M. McCabe, L. Capobianco .K 85 3 ,J R., ,BK - "f'fwf,N,.H, W. ,.., -a'l""'3f" ewt0n's Well -M xx an :. I 1-. . . . ' 1 1 ff and F0l1ntain ..v..., Our IN THE COLORFUL LINE IN THE DRAMATIC WORD insights find expression IN THE MELODY SUNG f+Q,T f, ., X ,f t - .N ,X . ., V L.-9-Yvavqx'-'Q X R, 3 - x 5- -5-Q 1 k 1. -.f-gg, -. 7 Qu., pm. Q..wBgSSvQ'X1,Qf?p.-.Q .- H 'Q nfs V. Wy x , Q - I "wx 1 e. , , xx. Man struggles with pride in. Bright Lights of the Dramatic Clubg A. Marshal1,Vice-Presidentg M. L. Madden, Treasurerg S. Carroll Secretaryg M. J. O'Conne11, President. 92 I "Murder In The Cathedral' The House By The Stable C. Connolly, Presidentg J. Medart, Vice- Presidentg M. McGarty, Treasurerg C. Hanley, Secretaryg F. Beane, Librariang J. Scannell, Business Manager. N Hgh-"""'Z Www , , .x,. 1 .x WI: VCT. Nl ., ,dvi . iii , .ie NJ' -mis if gxfxs K 5 1' If -J' 6 0 , flcxulon folicgdice Hub 5' 1' Mf8ZiiiiQfQj zivjfv U L, me LU mi wvsfvrlagg, 3 fhrieinms music? gi Q. yy 1 ,, Q Lg:.3:v-5 -. 3. 43 .. L, ,- ,Y U- 1-X. faecwni, pau 3 S 1 in 9 til Q P W- ' 1 1 .A..,. V" H QF .4 Q gt 3: :,,:- V fi. " .Qfn ' ' Qi . ' " . .n 'S' 1 :- f. ...- 9.11 ",- ' "': Q 3: 35' ' 0 X Q a S' , A MA R f iv : V -- -:L 'f" ',:...:- t- fi- ,:. .Ay Inner exultation joined in common song 'Sf OPER - xx ,vu 3 Q g g .+,,.'z-Q: - 2, ' Q N lg, ,si .3 ' :gn ' ., H . .-in-q.Av,r-4 f V-,',-a:1i32:fYF-TQ If. ff" U.:-,"'f.i .1 1-:2,:3'?Q'q . . -1'e'1Qjs2 -ffiiff ' ' ' ' 1-1.595 ffl , , , , ' . si? I V , H ' SW' X ,- V. .E:v.,5'q '-,fx-: 11 A The Opera Workshop became a major campus activity this year, under the leadership of N. Harvey, President, and K. McCann, Secretary- Treasurer. Here, the group is shown in scenes from its production of Amahl and the Night Visitors, for the Christmas Feast wishes. AHL 5.. e Hx, .Lg A R T Art majors study and apply technique in the art studio Anne Marie Walsh a d E11 N1 d th th -d'mensiona1 ff t f a student's pa' t' g A . , L 2 , 'A H V' ,. -Mrs. Brzezinski Mrs. Brzezinslci Their Work is shown at the annual art exhibition which also features sculptures and paintings by the faculty. -M rs. Amd i lol Right: M. Winslow, Literary Club President, directs N. Kottenstette and S. Macksoud in a reading of an original drama. Below: C. Weldon discusses the journal- istic world with A. Podolinsky, her successor as editor of the college paper. Deadline , -,-in defies inspiration WW "885" Staff Members, L. Doyle, News Editor, E. Conley, Business Manager, and M. Craig, Cartoonist, prepare copy with C. Weldon, Editor-in-Chief. sg 5-. fs L 4, xx z ' ' mfs? :jx fl 'wx -' Q21 gi? 7' gf Q4 , 3555, 2 L? in f s Z if if 2 . 4 5: 7 " ' 1 is 2 ' 2. f ' S. E' 103 S The children of Mary draw their strength from Seated, left to right: J. David, C. Weldon, E. Doyle, M. Cunningham, M. Craig, C. Connolly, E. Pope, M. MCMU1'T6T, A. Labadie. Stavzcliing, left to right: N. Kottenstette, M. L. Kelly, B. Nash, B. Bireley, M. McGarty, P. Hinchey, E. Conley, C. Hanley, A. Nooney, D. Russell, J. Scannell. if sn. 3 ,ax I , x 104 the pierced heart of Christ on the cross ...through the intercession of Mary, His mother Q? Q Seated, left to right: M. A. Maher, S. Kennedy, J. Kirk, G. McDonough, G. Hibschman, B. Duffy. Standing, left to right: V. Little, B. Hackett, J. Lussier, M. Massman, A. Gaynor, S. Carroll, D. Seeman, H. Craig, G. Tamm. sift I .fax IO 6 n R, ,0,u.,..: - 5 V of . .. Q'-"""' , f Q M. A. Maher, President P. McMurrer, B. Holters, and L. Doyle find -concrete meaning in our faith through Liturgical symbols. LITURGICAL CLUB Mother Smith conducts the Liturgical Choir in the proper expression of the Mass. B. Bireley, President, and J. Hanlon, Vice-President-registering an ardent supporter of Catholic Action. CATHOLIC ff X X w Nl! .4 H7 WVKE N 1 :X Tags for B. Lowe and C. A. Burke President of IRJ, President of Missions. ACTION wizvw saves of msamm Canon Carter fires club officers E. Doyle, J. Scannell, and S. Thomson with intellectual enthusiasm. Faith becomes action by the united efforts of Catholic Action, IRJ, and Missions. 109 X xx W.. If l f .ff if SX... I.R.C. Officers, S. Kennedy, Treasurer, M. L, Kelly, President, J. Englert, Secretary, and M. Craig, Vice-President, help the Hungarian -people by collecting clothes for refugees. Intellectual enthusiasm: the key to our interest in other countries, other schools, other people. The action of the mind is encouraged by dis- cussion groups, debates, visiting lecturers . . . In a lecture on psychology, Dr. Rudolph Allers makes people become individuals. NSA FCC Informality begets creative ideas on our student problems. L. Doyle, S. Thomson, Senior Delegate M. L. Kelly, P. Sweeney, and J. Laird .xpmbb Tx 'RX D. Seeman, Senior Delegate M. Craig, and A. Canniff. Formality gives order and pattern to these ideas. lll B. Shanley, C. Healey, M. George, President M. McHugh, H. Craig, and M. Doelger plan strategy for a game. Outdoor and indoor sports give a sense of community spirit. Some en- thusiasts go out for field hockey and softball. Others go in for basketball, badminton, and bridge. ATHLETICS- Newton vs. Brandeis Miss Bell shows P. Cote and G. Lalor how these plans are put into t UHSIL Xvll4h!1Nl ,, NX! Xl I Mother Cunninghamg N. Bowdringg Presidentg S. Thompson-Backbone of the Science Club. CIE CE CL potheses which are proved through con stant experimenting. Lectures and discussions present hy- 15555 f::'::",.ar C+-4,,"'.:' I' ".,,,.4""""' N" P' i't',,,,,"""..':'- -'W' for-"Q," ,,,...vvv""' ,pn-v""'V" ,.,..J.--'ov' ,.,...-w--w Mother Sweeney, Treasuier of the College, banks on full student cooperation. FI CE Money sometimes seems the first principle of club activities. Students control the finances of all campus organizations through the Financial Committee Mfszeew. ' " 'WWWQ-XuxxX1.NQ.m1f K ,.w..:.x Q"-rmmx. ,, ,.n,.,xq ' X . -.A, . .I .. ,Ns ,. mam . Kate - Who never forgot our names, just as we can never forget hers. The nurses provide for a re- freshing visit to the infirmary. 'Q 116 ..f" Lim A 5 -,Xs: """"""- ---mm Duchesne, before the poplars fell, sometimes looked like this-in the right light. w w nb NeWton's frontiers change and move forward. Our founders know what it means to build. They Watched Stuart's corner- stone being laid in 1947, and since then they have had the courage to break new ground whenever the need arose. The class schedule sets the tempo of our day. Somehow, there is time for everything, from the unexpected phone call, to the hours spent at study, - and even a spare moment to check the post office for mail. A switch in time saves nine Q1 Uplifting conversation on the way to class IT! VI imnnnl mmm Hands around the table at dinner or bridge Evening affords time for Welcome relaxation Concentration on current events. i Q 4 The dlnlflg room provldes muslc fol the multltude Ls if -:sim -51. 1. - - fi - QQ' f , X- , 1, . 5 , 53 5. J- ff.:, ffs,1s,V':,- ' V -- , g"rif '2 -:ui -- N iff-l'!QfQ.' W, 1115 ' X' ' ' r r v x 'E rf gw- , xix -9' wv!vKlir MN. . . f, ' ' ' 'A ,:.,,,1,.,,-,, ,,., L,,,., ,:,,,,. . , H ff 1, f a ,ww - A -1 - 1 '2f:':' ' Hg.-':'.'2:v:?L221?'2F"5i2. u 1 f"".,j- e :,, x sw--1 , -.. .K NK MM Xx.w.,,,,,N Nm N-X , ,M .,, , N RM -,. wx X X N.-4'9" 1,fIm1.qY frf1'5'f,:1. . 5E5:5i:w::2" '? ' H51 H-',g.m V Q- . .5-.,,,,,...,. ,, M . , ,,,, H w . . . . 2-PA A ' ' ' "ffl f . g5:53515'f:i3:QZfIS,-f5:fI5s .iq-,gi-,A55353:-ExE'f.3Ag3Q2'Exi:45-iizijmf7 ff '51 "Tff?5'3'-V f'N'-QM'-'-:wil v ' . ' , . . , , - - . 1 ., ,.,.. ,. , , Q 1 , . V . , , r g-,,o Q iq Our rooms are decorated by the residents who add a personal toucn to the final effect. ,X mia ,. Q 3 ,Tyr . , Q 11, A, J.. 1, ' ff' fx E' I ,. I, 'xwf . . .X-, ' 1-.4 ,, CW ? 1.- .- .Q .-LL1..f':? J sf - , WV Agn... "'s,N19'Q , r' 5. if - -, i, M, -S 1 I-3 orgasm' . , iQ' El H W Nz! j 2' ', v XT ' J ke., I N . l25 TS fm 'Q As maj or. vacations approach it is harder to keep the balance between Work and play. see 'fs M? '44-5" X me' ,ak Q . , S S 5 5 ' si Q E gf A1 ' . -1 -V: f . .13 .-K .wg W gy I -1.1, ew.: 4- , xl. ,I ,, . Q x . s , 'N K Dressing up for fun at the Senior-Sophomore dinner . . . . , or even better, dressing up in earnest for Junior weekend. .1 5, I Q5 ad 1 mi! r" if AS YUU LIKE IT r .,,..- .... P ..-.- - , y , . . ,,., ., ,...,..,. , :.:.k:...,.,,.,.-.Awnf.. .Ri , 3 X Q , X , K w , wf.-3,.as,,,... Q-I, X 4 ,I .,.. , , , it . W W ... x. -NIV? ....,,. :.,, Q ?f . M - N Q Q ,4' it N , E 1 1? Em., 'S QNQQON fww uw- XS sr M X N .. . ,W ' .. T Q is Y' 1"- A A 1- ' Q Af' 'X 2 , f,,. X , : NH . ' 5 Q i ' n Q Q 1 1 X li Q , X 'NV 4. -6- ,W N-,..... :m:"..3,4is. wav--4' The purSuit Of wisdom at Newton centers in thc librafy 'li' , M3 vw.-QXIEQ ' rw x Xx K 1 x - fr. , ,av-11 X, 'N-v-1 . W, A 4w?' xv? .-eq.-x-,,,.. ......., - , ,,..,,, f X lfiffii , W.. WF . . EDITOR 9 P GE The Yearbook staff gets an all-round picture of Newton life. Left to right: A. O.'Nei1, Assistant Business Managerg M. McGarty, Assistant Photography Editorg J. Scannell, Assistant Editor-5 M. Winslow, Literary Editor. 13Ws'f"f'f 5' The editor shows an example of good humor to the staff. M. L. Kelly, Assistant Literary Editorg M. McMurrer, Business Managerg .J David, Editor-in-Chiefg A. Nooney, Photography Editor. We would like to thank: Mother Maguire, Whose ideas about form helped us see deeper meanings in relating our experiences at Newton. Mr. Ralph Norman, who gave us a fresh picture of Newton life. Miss Patsy Murray, for her driving enthusiasm which steered us out of many difficulties. Ann Marshall, who "covered" NEWTON. was Mr. Garrit Ackerson Rear Admiral and Mrs. George W. Anderson P A T R 0 N Mr. and Mrs. Henry E. Baker Mr. and Mrs. William S. Black Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. Bohen Mr. and Mrs. Patrick J. Bovvdring Mr. and Mrs. Stephen F. Bowen Dr. and Mrs. Charles A. Brusch Mr. and Mrs. Joseph D. Buckley Mr. Charles B. Cannon Mr. and Mrs. Richard E. Conley Mrs. Walter T. Clausmeyer Frank Cosgrove Transportation CO' Mr. and Mrs. Patrick M. Concannon The Honorable and Mrs. Armand H. Cote Colonel and Mrs. Malin Craig Mr. and Mrs. Louis C. David Mr. and Mrs. John J. DiMenna Mr. and Mrs. Michael J. Dray Dr. and Mrs. George J. Dwyer Elmhurst Convent of the Sacred Heart Mr.'and Mrs. Michael P. Frawley Dr' and Mrs. George A. Englert Dr- and MPS- John W- Gahan Dr. and Mrs. F. Frederick Fortin Mr. and Mrs. George E. Gilmore MI.. William H. Frantz Mr. and Mrs. Anthony J. Goeckner Mr. and Mrs. Albert J. Gowan Mr. and Mrs. Robert F. Gregory Grosse Pointe Convent of the Sacred Heart Dr. and Mrs. Otto R. Holters Herlihy Brothers, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. Isaac K. Heuisler Mr. and Mrs. John F. Higgins Mr. and Mrs. William F. Johnson l36 Mr. and Mrs. William J. Kent P A G E S Mr. and Mrs. Frank P. Kottenstette Mr. and Mrs. Charles S. Lamy Mr. and Mrs. Sidney H. Lane Mr. and Mrs. William J. Lucca Mr. and Mrs. Haddon H. MacLean Mrs. Alfred L. Madden W. J. Maguire Co. Mrs. John Mahon Mr. and Mrs. Warren S. Marshall Mr. and Mrs- Henry J. Massman, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Frederick A. McDermott Dr. and Mrs. James C. Mccann Dr. and Mrs. Eugene F. McDonough Mr. and Mrs. Leo A. McGinity Mr. and Mrs. Louis James McMurrer Mr. and Mrs. J. Vincent Murray Mr. and Mrs. James F. Nash Newton Flower Shop Mrs. Joseph E. O'Neil Mr. and Mrs. English O'C0nnor Mr. and Mrs. Stephen P. Radics Mr. and Mrs. James D. Saver Mr. and Mrs. William Arthur Reilly Mr- and Mrs- Edward W- seamen Dr. and Mrs. Vincent P. Russell Mr' and Mrs' Harry J' Seaman Matthew F. Sheehan Co. S. S. Pierce Co. Mr. and Mrs. John L. Surgala The Honorable and Mrs. Edward A. Tamm Jane Tooher Sporting Clothes, Inc. Mr. and Mrs. John J. Waldron Mr. and Mrs. George F. Weldon Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Welsh Richard White Sons, Inc. 137 STONE RIDGE Country Day and Weekly Boarding School 9101 ROCKVILLE PIKE WASHINGTON 14, D. C. Conducted by THE RELIGIOUS OF THE SACRED HEART Elementary and College Preparatory Classes r Fully Accredited 04. ' , HERB CONNOLLY BUICK CO. 1019 Commonwealth Avenue Boston Herb Connolly Buick Represents Quality CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART Noroton on the Sound Noroton, Connecticut CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART 1 East 91st Street New York, New York DUCHESNE RESIDENCE SCHOOL 7 East 91st Street New York, New York Compliments of THE GLEE CLUB Compliments of Compliments of Mr. ond Mrs. Mr. ond Mrs. J. Reynolds Medort Gregory J. Nooney Compliments of the Ianet Stuart Guild CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1957 Wm ana! WM. :banief jrancia Szfduan Compliments of Jomes J. Madden Compliments of Mr. ond Mrs. Russell J. McCurdy Compliments of the Newton College Alumnae Association THE McMURRER CO. MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS B M h ierce erry COMPANY PLUMBING HEATING WHOLESALERS Jh J M y L J M M Pdt T LAWRENCE T. RITCHIE COMPANY WOOL MERCHANT5 BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS WATCH THE GIRLS OF '57 GO BY - W00l WALSH BROTHERS, INC GENERAL coNTRAcToRs CHARLES P. BLOUIN, INC. SHEET METAL VENTILATION CONTRACTORS FEDERAL NATIONAL LINEN SERVICE CO. 1310 Columbus Avenue Boston 20, Mass. "DONT BUY-WE SUPPLY" "Always on Time" Renters of Coats - Aprons - Towels - Smocks Sheets - Pillow Cases to Beauty Parlors - Barber Shops Restaurants - Colleges - Doctors Dentists - Motels Institutions of all kinds. TEL. Hlghlands 5-7330 Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Edward J. Duffy 145 BENZIGER C""1P'i"'e"'S of BROTHERS, INC 95 summer street F. J. HIGGINS Boston io, Massachusetts FUNERAL HOME HA 6-6330 Religious Articles Church Goods Roslindale, Massachusetts Vestmenfs Books F R A S E R ENGINEERING COMPANY, INC. Heating and Industrial Piping Automatic Sprinkler Systems YOU CAN'T MAKE A MISTAKE ON ANY PURCHASE YOU MAKE AT- ACrP! This is more than a promise-it's a guarantee that you'll never risk a penny on any item you buy at AGP. At AGP the sale is never completed until you're completely satisfied. The sale must measure up to your every expec- tation-or, AGP will promptly refund your money-no questions asked. You can't make a mistake on any purchase you make at- ASP SUPER MARKETS Waterproofing Masonry Walls Above Ground Repointing Open Weathered Joints ,n Masonry wausg NEWTON-WALTHAM BIRDPROOFING BUILDING CLEANING AND estefll aterproofmg Company, Inc. TRUST 82 West Dedham Street Boston l8, Massachusetts John H. Hession J. Joseph Callaghan President Treasurer 147 Compliments ot The P. D. George Co 5200 North Second Street ST. LOUIS 7 MISSOURI TELEPHONE COPLEY 7-6745 Electric fans and flea fers FRANK W. GARNER OFFICE 6: WAREHOUSE IB SCOTIA STREET BOSTON 15, MASS. L. G. BALFOUR COMPANY Attleboro, Massachusetts "Known Wherever There Are Schools and Colleges" Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies Represented by MR. GENE MANCHESTER Attleboro, Massachusetts NEWTON CENTRE SAVINGS BANK Incorporated l896 I49 Compliments of o Friend FAN DEL PRESS INCORPORATED Complete Printing Service 59 McBride Street Jamaica Plain 30, Massachusetts JAmaica 4-0204 or 4-0205 CARLETON W. BERRY MOVING - PACKING - CRATING- and STORAGE 119 Russell Street Waltham 54, Massachusetts Phone WALTHAM 5-3929 PRINCE SPAGHETTI HOUSE -if Famous for ltalian Dishes H' DOWD CO-v Inc- lk . Pa er Service Pizza a Specialty LD 1,.v,,"' if 300 ugly street Delicious- East Cambridge 41, Mass. Steaks, Chops, Seafood 'A' Recommended by Duncan Hines 595 Washington St., Boston, Mass. Ll 2-0400 BROWN BROTHERS HARRIMAN 81 CO. Courtesy of Mr. and Mrs. Arnold McLachlan lSl COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL OF THE A A M NH TTANVILLE SACRED HEART 785 Centre Street SACRED HEART N 58, Massach P ent and Weekly B d Day School Ph N Yk Pshl dKdg By .1614 sv Compliments of the Class of 1958 Compliments of the Class of 1959 ACADEMY OF THE SACRED HEART CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART 8 Prince Street Albany 2, New York R h 7 N Y k Compliments ot the Class of 1960 CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART City Line and Haverford Road Overbrook Philadelphia 31, Pennsylvania EDEN HALL Convent of the Sacred Heart Boarding and Country Day 'School Torresdale Philadelphia 14 Pennsylvania coNvENT or THE A A EM F sAcREo HEART C D Yo THE SACRED HEART Lawrence and Woodrow Wilson Avenue Greenwich, Connecticut D troif 6, M' hig Best Wishes from the Brztmzriir Qlluh CLASS OF 1958 RHODA ACKERSON American Embassy, Buenos Aires, Argentina VERONICA BROWN The Mailands, Ledge Road, and Bellevue Avenue, Newport, R. I. MARY F. CAHILL 1 Waldron Avenue, Hoosick Falls, N. Y. JUDITH CAREY 68 Oakley Road, Belmont, Mass. SHELLEY A. CARROLL Apartado 267, Caracas, Venezuela EVELYN CHIAO 1 MacDonnel Road, Hong Kong, China ANN L. CLAUSMEYER 62 Dalton Road, Newton Centre, Mass. MARY C. CORBETT 87 Bushnell Street, Dorchester, Mass. MARY ELLEN CUNNINGHAM 334 Burns Street, Forest Hills, N. Y. MADELINE E. DAY 100 Shaw Avenue, Edgewood, R. I. ANNE L. DEFAZIO 82 Morton Street, Needham Heights, Mass. MARY B. DENMAN 440 Ovington Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. JANE C. DICK 168 Westwood Road, New Haven, Conn. BETSEY J. DRAY 41 Cushing Road, Milton, Mass. BETH DUFFY 256 Hillside Avenue, Pawtucket, R. I. MARTHA A. DWYER 29 Dover Street, Providence, R. I. MARY JANE EAGAN 80 Ocean Street, Lynn, Mass. HELENA ANN EDDY 89 Pound Hill Road, North Smithfield, R. I. MURIEL JO ENGLERT 360 Main Street, Catskill, N. Y. ANN FIGGE 235 Fernwood Avenue, Davenport, Iowa URSULA M. GAHAN 33 Everett Avenue, Winchester, Mass. ANN C. GAYNOR 78 Berkshire Street, Indian Orchard, Mass. MARJORIE GEORGE 7365 Maryland Avenue, University City, Mo. KATHERINE A. GLUTTING 63 Norfolk Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. JUDITH D GOOD . NOW 75 Handy Lane, Grosse Pointe Farms, Mich. M. PATRICIA HANNON 520 Randolph Avenue, Milton, Mass. CAROL HEALEY 214 Powder House Boulevard, Somerville, Mass. JANE HENDERSON Southern Avenue, Essex, Mass. CAROL A. HIGGINS 1101 Highland Avenue, Needham, Mass. i56 SHEILA HURLEY 42 Old Mystic Street, Arlington, Mass. GENEVIEVE R. KEATING 8 Fairview Avenue, Salem, Mass. MARY M. KEATING 1133 Park Avenue, N. Y. MARY JANE KENNEDY 5300 27th Street, N.W., Washington, D. JOSEPHINE KIRK 180 Franklin Street, Newton, Mass. SUZANNE C. LAWRENCE 16 Slocum Crescent, Forest Hills, N. Y. LILLITH MARZOUCA Savanna-la-mar, Jamaica, B.W.I. GAIL MCDONOUGH 1658 Centre Street, West Roxbury, Mass. BRENDA MCLACHLAN Dhehyahtah Place, Danbury, Conn. HELEN MCLACHLAN Rural Route 3, Box 51, Newtown, Conn. EILEEN P. MULLIN 1045 Beacon Street, Brookline, Mass. MAUREEN J. O'BRIEN 20 Beechtree Road, Rumford, R. I. MAUREEN A. O'DONNELL Longwood Towers, Brookline, Mass. MARGARET P. PECK 2779 Main Street, Lawrenceville, N. J. MARY R. PHELAN 1627 Alcor Terrace, Cincinnati, Ohio AGNES PODOLINSKY 5056 Morse Avenue, Skokie, Ill. ANN POWER 3 Wakefield Street, Worcester, Mass. SHEILA QUINLAN Hillside Road, Greenwich, Conn. MARY A. QUIRK 41 Liberty Street, Holyoke, Mass. DOROTHY ROCHE 91 Salisbury Avenue, Garden City, N. Y. MAUREEN RONAN 673 Boylston Street, Brookline, Mass. LEONOR SALCEDO Carrera 16 Q33-98, Bogota, Colombia JULIE SAVER 92 Montgomery Avenue, Bay Shore, N. Y. JOAN SEXTRO 740 Hinman Avenue, Evanston, Ill. MARITZA SHAGHALIAN 23 Essex Street, Cranston, R. I. ROSEMARY STUART 28 Cabot Street, Newton, Mass. SANDRA J. THOMSON 261 Marlborough Street, Boston, Mass. BARBARA A. WELCH 32 Mayflower Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass. JUDITH A. YOUNG 61 Union Street, Pittsfield, Mass. C PAOLA L. AJO DOROTHY DEEPHOUSE CLASS OF 1959 45 East 66th Street, New York, N. GLORIA ARCHILA 74th No. 12-62, Bogota, Colombia ANN H. BAKER 14 Garfield Road, Milton, Mass. FRANCES M. BEANE 91 Pond Street, Cranston, R. I. DOROTHY H. BOHEN 93 Cypress Street, Floral Park, N. Y. JUANITA A. BUCKLEY 40 Summit Avenue, Wollaston, Mass. KATHARINE BUEHLER . Y. 35-31 160 Street, Flushing, L. I., N MARY ELLIN BURNS 25 Duck Pond Road, Glen Cove, N. Y. HELEN M. BYRNE 18055 Hamilton Road, Detroit, Mich. ELIZABETH A. CAHILL 1 Waldron Avenue, Hoosick Falls, N. Y. MARCIA A. CAPOBIANCO 70 Baldwin Orchard Drive, Cranston, R. I. ELEANOR L. CARR 106 Andover Street, Peabody, Mass. CARMEN T. CASELLAS Fernandez Juncos 1803, Santurce, Puerto Rico ELEANOR J. CAVANAGH 28 Elm Street, Great Neck, New York JANET L. CHARTIER 28 West Main Road, Newport, R. I. JANET M. CHUTE 50 Rustlewood Road, Milton, Mass. ELIZABETH A. CLARKE 245 Mystic Valley Parkway, Winchester, Mass. SUSAN L. COLLINS 23 Emmonsdale Road, West Roxbury, Mass. JOAN M. CONIGLIO 1185 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. KAREN CONWAY 1 Pryer Manor Road, Larchmont, N. Y. ALICE COOKE 56 Presentation Road, Brighton, Mass. DONNA M. COSGROVE 48 Eliot Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. PAULINE F. COTE 479 Newport Avenue, Pawtucket, R. I HELEN M. CRAIG 15 Newlands Street, Chevy Chase, Md MARYPAT CURRAN Ardsley Park, Irvington, N. Y. ANN L. DAILEY 53 Sherman Road, Chestnut Hill, Mass MARGARET DEALY 4 Hudson River Road, Riverdale, N. Y 43 Ardmore Street, Hamden 17, Conn. MARIE P. DOELGER 17 East 89th Street, New York, N. Y. JEANNE DEFLORIO 2775 St. Paul Boulevard, Rochester, N. Y. ALICIA DONNELLY Job's Island, Common Street, Dedham, Mass. MADELINE DORSEY 1231 Greenwood Avenue, Wilmette, Ill. ELLEN F. EGAN 23 Dale Avenue, Gloucester, Mass. DOROTHY FAYAN 1345 Gardner's Neck Road, So. Swansea, Mass. ANN C. FOLEY 16 Shattuck Park Road, Norwood, Mass. SHEILA FORZIATI 35 Washington Avenue, Winthrop, Mass. JANET P. FRANTZ Tremont Farm, Media, Penna. GAIL GALLAGHER 1 Longview Place, Great Neck, N. Y. MARY ALYCE GILMORE 2703 Fontenelle Boulevard, Omaha, Neb. REITA T. GOECKNER 906 Pleasant Avenue, Highland Park, Ill. MARION D. GOOD 743 West Roxbury Parkway, West Roxbury, Mass JANET S. GRANT 111 Westchester Road, Jamaica Plain, Mass. JOAN HAGGARTY 5555 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Ill. ALICE A. HALEY 48 Main Street, Fort Fairfield, Maine GAIL J. HIBSCHMAN 343 Parkway Drive, Pittsburgh, Penna. BARBARA A. HOLTERS Green Grove Road, Neptune, N. J. BARBARA A. JOHNSON Cedar Hill, Pompton Lakes, N. J. PATRICIA JOYCE 21 Dickinson Road, Brighton, Mass. MARY L. KELLEY 109 Follen' Road, Lexington, Mass. KATHLEEN M. KINGSTON 51 Oakridge Street, Dorchester, Mass. JUDITH LAIRD Apartado 2736, Caracas, Venezuela GAIL LALOR f'Midhill", Uxbridge, Mass. STEPHANIE LANDRY P. O. Box 572, New Iberia, La. SHEILAH LANE 25 Hutchinson Avenue, Scarsdale, N. Y. 3634 1654 34th Street, N.W., Washington, D. CLASS OF 1959 GLENNA H. LASALLE 3217 West Shore Road, Warwick, R. I. YVELYNE LEPOUTRE 137 Oakley Road, Woonsocket, R. I. VIRGINIA LITTLE 60 Don Avenue, Rumford, R. I. SUZANNE MACKSOUD 511 Heights Road, Ridgewood, N. J. MARY B. MADDEN 7 Amherst Road, Wellesley, Mass. MAR-IA M. MADERA Box 332, San Juan, Puerto Rico MARY A. MAHER 5124 Grant Avenue, Philadelphia, Penna. E. DEAN MALONEY 3332 St. Paul Boulevard, Rochester, N. Y. ANNE E. MASLEN 60 East 94th Street, New York, N. Y. SUSAN MCAULEY River Road, Perrysburg, Ohio MARY JO MCAVINN 121 Perkins Street, Melrose, Mass. VIVIAN C. MENDEZ 1727 Beacon Street, Waban, Mass. FRANCES E. MILEY 96 Hinckley Road, Milton, Mass. LILYANN MITCHELL 87 Highfield Road, Harrison, N. Y. KAREN A. MULLIN 11 Woodland Road, Minneapolis, Minn. MARY JANE MULVANITY 157 LaGrange Street, West Roxbury, Mass. ELLEN NELSON 62 Windsor Road, Wellesley, Mass. JOANNE A. O'CONNOR LOIS D. O'DONOGHUE 5046 Sedgwick Street, N.W., Washington, D. PATRICIA A. O'NEILL 91 Allerton Road, Milton, Mass. KATHLEEN T. O'SHEA 2 Washington Street, Peabody, Mass. JANET PHILLIPS 34 Sheafe Street, Chestnut Hill, Mass. PHEBE J. ROHAN Cream Street, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. JEANNE C. SCHAEFFNER 14 Beech Street, Floral Park, N. Y. DOLORES A. SEEMAN 5217 Elsmere Avenue, Bethesda, Md. MARGIT SERENYI 57 W. Foster Street, Melrose, Mass. SUZANNE SUGHRUE 56 Tennis Place, Forest Hills, N. Y. JANE SWEENEY 221 Strawberry Hill Avenue, Stamford, Conn PATRICIA A. SWEENEY 395 Palisade Avenue, Yonkers, N. Y. SANDRA UNCLES 140 Ridgewood Road, West Hartford, Conn. JENNIE VAN BIBBER 494 Washington Street, Dedham, Mass. ANNE MARIE WALSH 104 Englewood Avenue, Brookline, Mass. NORINNE WALSH 73 Whittier Road, Wellesley, Mass. PATRICIA ANN WELSH 2430 Lake View Avenue, Chicago, Ill. MAUREEN WHITE 12 Ruskin Street, West Roxbury, Mass. JANE D. WHITTY 9 Dupont Avenue, White Plains, N. Y. 124 Theodore Parker Road, West Roxbury, Mass MARY ANNETTE ANDERSON BERTHA ANDREU 65 Avenida Norte No. 7, San Salvador, El Salvador, Central America PATRICIA ANNUNZIATA 5 Tudor City Place, New York, N. Y. JULIANA ARADI 37 Lenox Street, Brookline, Mass. ALEXANDRA ARMSTRONG BRENDA B. BAXTER Garner Lane, Bay Shore, N. Y. Upton Street, N.W., Washington, D. C. C. S PATRICIA N. BEATTIE Pinecroft Road, Greenwich, Conn. VIRGINIA A. BLOUIN 29 Preble Gardens Road, Belmont, Mass. ANN T. BLUNT 73 Kenelworth Avenue, Brockton, Mass. KATHERINE F. BRENNAN 18254 Parkside, Detroit, Mich. MARY E. BRUSCH 15 Grozier Road, Cambridge, Mass. JUDITH ANNE CAGNEY 1148 Seneca Road, Wilmette, Ill. C CLASS 1030 Lake Shore Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. PATRICIA R. CANNON 2105 Chestnut Avenue, Wilmette, Ill. LITA A. CAPOBIANCO 70 Baldwin Orchard Drive, Cranston, R. I. MARY CARNES 1721 Centre Street, West Roxbury, Mass. LENORE M. CONIGLIO 1185 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. ELEANOR A. COPPOLA 9 Calvin Road, Jamaica Plain, Mass. MARY ELIZABETH DAVIS 32 Garfield Avenue, Weymouth, Mass. MARY L. DEGNAN 110 Village Street, Reading, Mass. ROSE MARY DE LEON 949 Washington Street, Newtonville, Mass. JOAN B. DIMENNA 40 Rhynas Drive, Mount Vernon, N. Y. CATHARINE DONAHOE Woodlawn, Baltic, Conn. MARGARET DOWLING 197 Melrose Street, Rochester, N. Y. SUSAN M. DOYLE 160 Arborway, Jamaica Plain, Mass. JANE J. DUNN 7 West Hill Place, Boston, Mass. MAUREEN DURNAN 33 Busteed Drive, Midland Park, N. J. KATHERINE ELLIS 835 Ridge Road, Hamden, Conn. BARBARA ENGEL 45 Barnsdale Road, Short Hills, N. J. PATRICIA ENGEL 45 Barnsdale Road, Short Hills, N. J. ELISE ERICKSON 20 Broadview Terrace, Chatham, N. J. JOANNE FERRARA 11 Gardner Avenue, No. Providence, R. I. DEBORAH FITZGERALD 115 Lewiston Road, Grosse Pointe, Mich. MARGARET A. FLYNN 4 Herbert Road, No. Quincy, Mass. FRANCES FORTIN 227 Springfield Street, Springfield, Mass. CHRISTINE FRAWLEY 21 Plymouth Road, Summit, N. J. SUSAN GEORGE 7365 Maryland Avenue, University City, Mo. LINDSAY GOWAN 56 West Lane, Bay Shore, L. I., N. Y. O 9 F 1960 COLETTE GREGORY 18 Overlook Drive, Port Washington, N. Y GABRIELLA GYORKY 1060 Park Avenue, New York, N. Y. E. BERENICE HACKETT 19 Hanson Street, No. Providence, R. I. GAIL HANNAFORD 109 Bayview Avenue, Babylon, N. Y. BARBARA G. HATCH 62 Evergreen Avenue, Auburndale, Mass. ANGELA HEATON 265 Wilson Avenue, Rumford, R. I. SALLY ANN HEFFERNAN 21 Ridgetop, St. Louis, Mo. CAROL HENNECKE 403 Rivard Boulevard, Grosse Pointe, Mich. MARY C. HEUISLER 121 Bleddyn Road, Ardmore, Penna. CAROL M. HIGGINS 430 So. Main Street, Andover, Mass. ELAINE F. HOLLAND Belleview Heights, Ashland, Mass. P. KEYBURN HOLLISTER 164 Bartlett Avenue, Pittsfield, Mass. BRENDA E. HORRIGAN 161 Commercial Street, Weymouth, Mass. CAROL M. JOHNSON Cedar Hill, Pompton Lakes, N. J. NANCY E. KANE 170 Shotwell Park, Syracuse, N. Y. MARCIA C. KELLY 95 Prince Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. SUZANNE H. KENNEY R. F. D. 43, Old Lyme, Conn. URSULA KENT 47 May Street, Jamaica Plain, Mass. MARGARET KILROY 182 Boulevard, Middletown, R. I. MARY B. KOEHLER 38 Observatory Avenue, No. Providence, R. I DIANA LEONARD Turkey Plain Road, West Redding, Conn. CONCETTA A. LUCCA 3228 Tibbett Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. MARY A. LUCCA 3228 Tibbett Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. JOYCE A. LUSSIER 102 Hillside Avenue, Villanova, Penna. ISABEL MACLEAN 1425 Ridge Avenue, Evanston, Ill. ANNE M. MADDEN 54 Rochester Road, Newton 58, Mass. CLASS OF 1960 LORETTA M. MAGUIRE 48 Irving Street, Watertown, Mass. MARY R. MAHON 2 Bearce Avenue, Lewiston, Maine ROSEMARY MARAVENTANO 2225 Lodovick Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. SHEILA M. MARSHALL 32 Woodmont Street, Portland, Maine GERTRUDE MARTIN 14 Marcelle Avenue, Corner Brook, Newfoundland, Canada MICHAELENE M. MARTIN 60 Park Terrace West, New York, N. Y. MARGARET MASSMAN 1261 West 56th Street, Kansas City, Mo. JOAN H. MCAULEY River Road, Perrysburp, Ohio MARILYNN MCAULEY 4105 N. Long Avenue, Chicago, Ill. E. MARIE MCCABE 3214 Post Road, Warwick, R. I. PATRICIA MCCARTHY 57 Oxbow Road, Weston, Mass. KATHLEEN A. MQDERMOTT 166 Lindbergh Avenue, Needham Heights, Mass. LINDA H. MCGANN 35 Hawthorne Avenue, Arlington, Mass. NORA MCGINITY 41 Hilton Avenue, Garden City, N. Y. NANCY McKAY 2345 Ashland Avenue, Evanston, Ill. ANN C. MERRICK 600 Brush Hill Road, Milton, Mass. MARTHA E. MIELE 75 North Bergen Place, Freeport, N. Y. JANET MURPHY 27 Cerdan Avenue, Roslindale, Mass. JANET L. NEVILLE 251 Eliot Street, Milton, Mass. SALLY ANN O'CONNELL 7 Deal Road, Island Park, N. Y. ELEANOR M. O'CONNOR 29 Carleton Circle, Belmont, Mass. JANE M. O'CONNOR 254 Woodland Road, Madison, N. J. SHEILA O'CONNOR 110 Stratford Road, West Hempstead, N. Y. JULIE A. O'NEILL 59 Mystic Street, West Medford, Mass. MARY P. PHILBIN 295 Church Street, Clinton, Mass. 160 DARRYLN M. POWERS 63 Walnut Street, Watertown, Mass. DOROTHY ANN RADIOS 139 Carbon Street, Paterson, N. J. PATRICIA A. RALPH 330 Antlers Drive, Rochester, N. Y. ROSEMARY ROCHE 55 Fairview Avenue, West Warwick, R. I. FERNANDA E. RONCI 584 Pleasant Valley Parkway, Providence, R KATHLEEN S. RUNKLE 1009 Seneca Road, Wilmette, Ill. SARAH A. RUPPEL South Woodland Road, Chagrin Falls, Oh JOAN SCIPIONE 60 Concolor Avenue, Newton, Mass. VIRGINIA A. SCULLY 76 Abbott Road, Dedham, Mass. MARIE SETTEMBRINI 1641 Haight Avenue, Bronx, N. Y. ELIZABETH SHANLEY Rumson Road, Rumson, N. J. LORRAINE SILVESTER 326 Page Road, Bedford, Mass. MIRIAM W. STEPHAN 144 Greenwood Boulevard, Evanston, Ill. JOANNE P. STUART 28 Cabot Street, Newton, Mass. MARY J. SURGALA 5 Eton Crest, Manhasset, L. I., N. Y. GRACE TAMM i 3353 Runnymede Place, N. W., Washington, D ANN TAYLOR 14 Homewood Road, West Roxbury, Mass. SUZANNE R. THORNTON 8 Shornecliffe Road, Newton, Mass. DIANA M. VILLA 14 Charlesgate West, Boston 16, Mass. JANE WALDRON 130 Forest Avenue, Rye, N. Y. CAROLE A. WARD 19 Aberdeen Road, Wellesley, Mass. CORINA WEIDEMANN 5510 Sheridan Road, Chicago, Ill. PATRICIA WINKLER 5 Foxcroft Road, Rockville Centre, N. Y. JANE D. WRAY 1121 Lake Street, Evanston, Ill. TJIA' " ,r-J, f 1 . K 'R . .' ., 'rv ,mv fa - w -, wt 1 ljq I 4 f' 'f-fff if 'f'..1x-'w-,:'f'1v1-i-fa" 'rv' 'swf' .vi -,..- -214' if-rrfa 'L'T-15.35456 Q ' .j -I . F J -,Jgzy . . K 9xv'Qf,,'Q'xu- :film ,. V ' ,' -1" 445154, 't..l!-5112 ,f . .V , fl - . 4, .. , I -, ea 31... - ' ' Q,-.. :-11 if ' L-' f 'T'.w3 E -f 1'1" '2"'5'1?F . X f,5.i.',, f ' N.-:,,f'5v, ' . ,.1-f':v. T ' fblfgfg ','.!Lg1, ,' x 1 "' .-N ,f , my., . Q- -, ' "".r!':J A 'Sl J . ,q x . ,. -ll. X .'.k. ...sf -.5 . 2' .,,'r,G - ' Fr"',4r,,, . ar '.-s .V ,, .L A It ., -, , - ., ,Wf- . ,. V ' Q. ,L , s J- '- Vs '- x . .,' 44. ' J z ' , , 1 'f , ,....1 ,'-r 'J 1. G' V 1.-, .,. u ..., . , 1 QW", J". x 'Nu 3111.513 lid! . . , E 1 E ..'.:A.: QA 'yn 5, gy ,-r.f':',V-,..1q,x"-1,1 -'FQ 3'-.sw .- , ',' '..'-1-'ev f" Iv- -V' ,-'. ' f' AAQ:f,'2g ,.... ,..., ., " mqsjhi l5f,,,?1.-Z -71 . Y, J, .-,iii-,,,ygf X -,5 1 ,- -,.1,'i'g ,v TQ-Y-.-.+.4,t,1 ' pu J., ,l 5' ifjfk .3 ,th .4 I ,mx Y' '1"'A",".t, , ge :5-.'. . M4 5 at-. .-1-:. 'A L-- :,,,. ,, ,-,.!,,,,,.g nf ' ij '. '. ' - , - H, ' :-.-:r,"- . qw 1-.ix ,NL H4 I-. -.ln- .'Q",!.'.f.' N '. ' 43, 11" ..' b. .,.,. .r 4' T52-, Q., ,5 ,A , L 1. Nh , A A42 '.' ' , -,f ' If 'vii . ,,'1'.v . .Y 'W1','l,. 5, 1 5, ' , 1 ,-,Lv zw, , M - re- 1, '. 1 'WM 'rliif , . - , L, . z., ' " : Q: ,A , V , ,L 11, ,. -, L, ,V y. .e,.:,'. -A 1 .- "2 .1 a 1 'H. .Nc '-YZ , 1 ,. . X, , 1,7-,," X-7.-.. V. ,g xi " .fn . A " - ' 'f 4' 11 li? ' W Nff' MP1 hr' v - .- f L N , 'sg 'rin ' "f . Lvl. 554' .r .,'- I ,- --hiv ,A .A- 'n , , , .A ,'Y'p-lags 'A 5f"h'..'ii, 'AW v, 1 - , rv U ,V I. t . ' ,-,nz , f, .. Mi 4- y F' 'jfgl' 1 up ' " "' V, J g.I,7 I- ' ,H -,S H, I, - A 3. i'j,.' r . 4 , 1. ,QQ 'J ,VT-5.f 1- ' 'I '.,,' "2 "- . "--nz'--, , xx w -. - -- , .-1,.p'-,,- . v- 5,211 , , ' ,l f R-"s, . lgenif. -ji' ' :Riff . f7'iV,,v1.Mn1,N K ,V-. - - Q - I, . -V1 . M1 - 1 ,.,,.,!x . ,i . I . . V 1 er Q' 'S , Q. . . , A , 'E ' 1 x l ' , - V 4 , . V' ln- . -4. L,- ',. y K , ' k y"x G V n ' X'-' 'I , Y'.,. ' A 1 'z' Q ' f ,f 1 Av' uf- 'l. ,fr ff. -ag .9 A A ' , nr- - 'ni' ,T Sk , fi? 94? 1-, S, vf. ' "' gfQ,,' vw , X Q 1 ,W - -I-f - V-'I -. 'V H! 3 - , H --q'1'4'. 1 , ...,7.- '-.QQ 5' ' 'X ," , I K '- V 1 11' Tiff! 'J -O '7"",1',,'. -' ,tv - ' ' .'r,:',:,,4 H. '. A .- - Q' -if-?'3?9':"frQQ"f32. Pj -. -.-X '- ' ' I ' A I 'G' , " ' . ' . .- f fb xg, A .- fqg' 1, "- ' xx nfl'-IJ: ' , ,An V A" , L r... M , W . :U ,,, 'gtg' - -, , ' ' rj-UL , '.' 1' V '- -, ,wg , xl. . A In .il , - if "!'1"' . , 114' I I ,L-.1-.'y. ' , I ',Q:1.esl' "" I ,Z -'-1 fl. -I., hx K A . I : f ' Q, Q ,- f . ' ,gh , ' ' -.fre - A K .J . . 4- hr .lui ,Y ,I yfhyv. I 'L' , l I ml . - - :ill . -A F1 5 Y V I -uvlwf ,- .- V I ,IN :fan ,if Ami S?Eg'.!.1fY ', UMW , X'-x .I 1 .' "11'. "vu f -- aaf"!' f,:w,f . 1 , 1 ., H-Y ji., 4:3 U fr - -Y . . V up ew, . , ' I x, . - an ,, px.. 1 1. . 'i ,1!4,."- .' 75 1 Y xy 2. 'r .wi 1-. 1-Q-f' ':n:. , ' .af 1 .:' ,,. ,gtg i H V 1- LJ f ,v-2. . pr, ,, 1 I' rf 3+ Pia.. 1' ' '- SHOTS ewfon Con of tlue Eiglmt Commence t Monday, Ju N t hundred H AHQ Programme Presentation of Candidates for Degrees by the Dean CONFERRJNG OF DEGREES by His EXCELLENCY RICHARD J. CUSHING, D.D., LL.D. Conferring of K.l'.TT keys. K.l'.W is the Women's honor society of the Catholic Colleges of the United States. Membership is awarded to students who have distinguished themselves in both studies and leader- ship. The Newton College Fathers' Club Award has been merited by PATRICIA M. I'l.INCHEY as the most representative member of the Senior Class. Goties mach! und Vorsebung . . . . . . Beethoven The H envens Proclaim Him . . . . . Beethoven Address to the Graduates: Humanity at the Crossroads DIETRICH voN HILDEBRAND Recessional: The Waters Flow Along . . . .. . Kalman Antos G raduates, Degrees with H07107 BACHELOR OF ARTS MARY ANN BEATTIE, magna cum laude, Philosophy NANCY LOUISE KOTTENSTETTE, K.V.'iT, Cum laude, Art BARBARA ELAINE LOWE, K.l'.'F, cum laude, Sociology CORNELIA ANN XVELDON, KRW, cum laude, English BACHELOR OF ARTS MARJORIE ANNE LEE ANN JAMISON MARSHALL JANET ANN BLACK Art GRACE BARBARA NASH MARY ELIZABETH O,RlLEY Claemisiry NANCY MARY BOWDRING CATHERINE CECILIA JOYCE Education and Psychology PATRICIA ANN BLANCHARD NANCY MAUREEN BOWEN JOAN JACQUELINE HANLON WINIFRED GRACE MADDEN CAROL ANNE MCCUPLDY JOSEPHINE BRINCKWIRTH M VINITA M. MURRAY HARRIET ANNE REILLY MARION WALL SULLIVAN EDART English ELAINE CONLEY PATRICIA M. HINCHEY, K.l'.TT JOAN DAVID MARY LACEY KELLY, K.F'.'n' NANCY MARIE HARVEY ANN MAUREEN O,NEIL MARY RODANGE WINSLOW Gracnumtes, French ELIZABETH FRANCES DOYLE CONSTANCE MARIA HANLEY MARY JANE REGINA O,CONNELL History BARBARA ANN BIRELEY MICHELLE MCGARTY MARGARET KATHERINE CONCANNON MARGARET HARRISON CRAIG ANN MARIE NOONEY MARY LEIGH MADDEN DIANE ELIZABETH RUSSELL Italian LUCILLE MARIA SACCONE Music CATHERINE ANNE CONNOLLY MARGARET ANNE MCMURRER PATRICIA ANN RITCPHE Philosophy MARIE GERIN-LAJOIE ANN MCCLOY LABADIE SHEILA MARY MCCUE Sociology CAROL ANN BURKE MARY MCHUGH SUZANNE LOUISE COTE ELEANOR GREENLEAF POPE JUDITH ANN SCANNELL Spanish BARBARA ANN KING A BACHELOR OF SCIENCE Sociology BEATRICE RITA NEMEC, R.N. BACHELOR OF MUsIC SISTER MARGARET GRACE 0,CONNOR, S.C.H. A 1 1 K. HS '- gmr- .1 .,-Y' Q, , f-sg i . fr .1 a vrf. ll' 1 -.-il? Cs: ,. ,2 .1 ak' 4. .1 K 'L' , K .1 5-Q 'f .k, f 4 , .1 -, J 1 ' 'E "4 .- I 1 V ,L ,-. -.13-f,'-fi x - W ' 11 I wr een' ,ilgif ' '- jxr,-',,F55g,,. f 4 , -z-.211 ' '1 ff 1 A x 1 . .- S' 1.-1 1 ' 1 1 I 4 1 1 :' 11. 1QJxQ.' '13"Q 1 " '1Xv:" , Lx, ' 3,11-YF?-9 .Ag ww. ,J W Hal.,-111, 1 ',,2fi"', 1 .wal 'L a"9'Q 1a'W1.u n. ,, 1 1 1 1 1' 31, 11114, 1,. '. 1 :.jv1,E1S,- 1: . 2 . I 1 .1 11" 11 f 1 'f' .., . 1 1 , tx 1 , 'mf 1, 1 f,.'.- 1.1.K 1 J, f 1,, f' 1' " 1 1-w ,., 11' . 11. J' 1..,' ' -1' -'rx Av Rv ,Q 1 f 1 1 1 A .-'11-11 , 1 , 1 11 11 ttrfaff, W' . ,f "Witt, rf'fr'fff'-.ffi VE' orivrrwn - f 's Y- ff wana. - at se ' fit, M tr .s 'tif pf-Q 1 ll? Tl: X' ' ' . sc 'ik K' ...,... .6 - .. El 511 if -fr Elin lg? ffm Jiwtfwm J .F .-a1T" ' at., i Fw Mi li f F tl". '.l,.'l.TT i ' ""' "'T ..L. . l " ,. v-'-N N -'V-li' F4 -3 ' 1,,, 4 Emi St' Q W J ... -, 'fruit , Julia-5 -fat' 5 . ' nn' ,,., ' ,...:.----"A, Q.-L-ifil ig Jfysyesrea.,-- " ."' L, 'L lf A i . .en Q A-swftrt, P at - . f erm! , ' , "W - iistt ,,i'rl", ' 4. -, Eff. f, ' 4' 1 imlssvars sig jg. sr :ff I M ,b jaw -.slim ' its i,lI121'Z5!gi"JLg' i tT+?L'1:-iwxxfinuf-j,,,fi P VL-Yl fusvgfr Nd wk-N Y -qi, I2 1 L nd- Q Q X A 1 iii'ar:fti:f'ti'. f' ' ' O' Eff: x X' 1 - - -f ?ff??xj13 5 vor. v NEWTON OOLLEGE OF THE SAORED HEART, JUNE, 1957 No.5 Archbishop Cushing ton rightt, who will preside at Cormnencement, is shown here with Right Rev. Robert J. Sennott icenterl at a reception at Newton for Archbishop Romolo Carboni. fSee story on page 33 French Government Gives Legion Gross To Mother General On lVlay 10th, Reverend Mother dc Lescure, Superior General of the Soci- ety of the Sacred Heart, received from the French government the signal honor of being decorated with the cross of a Chevalier of the Legion of Honor. The presentation was made in the Mother House in Rome. Via Nomen- tana, by the French ambassador to ltaly. M. Roland de Margerie. ln the course of the ceremony, M. de Margerie remarked that the honor paid to Our Mother General was addressed through her to the Society throughout the world. M. de Margerie himself has known the Society in the United States. in Spain and in China. In replying, Reverend Mother de Lescure attributed all the work which the Society has been able to accomplish to St, Madeleine Sophie, who had. she said. "a French heart and mind. but a Roman soul," and who had given her Society 'Ltraditions of Catholicityf' A Religious of the Sacred Heart. she point- ed out. ureaehes beyond national bound- aries to the Kingdom of God every- wheref, College Welcornes Rev. Mother Barry Newton students welcomed Reverend Mother Barry at a reception in her hon- or on lVlonday. May 13th. Reverend Mother Barry. Superior Vicar of the Washington Vicariate. was also local superior here at Newton College two years ago. before the seat of the Vicari- ate was again moved to Washington, D.C. Her stay at Newton was the bien- nial visit which she makes to each of the houses in her Vicariate. ln an address to the college. Reverend Mother noted especially the great in- crease in the student body in the past two years. Alter her address she graci- ously greeted each student personally. TV Camera Spotlights Familiar Newton Scenes A televised interview and informal discussions conducted by Miss Carey, Director of thc Dramatic Club. will highlight Newlonis publicity activities for this semester. The program. in which students and alumnae will parti- cipate. will he presented Over Provi- dence TV station WPRO. Channel 12, Sunday morning. May 26th. from 11:30 a.m. to 12 noon. lCOntz'numI on page 41 ARCHBISHOP I L CO E GREEN UNE 3RD Dietrich von Hildebrand To Address 53 Graduates On Monday. June 3rd, at a 5:30 cere- mony on the Stuart Circle. the Most Reverend Richard J. Cushing. Arch- bishop of Boston, will confer fifty-one Bachelor of Arts degrees. one Bachelor of Science degree and one Bachelor of Nlusic degree on Newtonis senior class. The Commencement address will be dc- livered by Dr. Dietrich von Hildebrand. noted philosopher and author. now at lTOl'dll2llll University. The Commencement ceremonies will be preceded by a traditional series of events beginning on Saturday, May 25th. with a baby party at Newton Academy for the children of the alum- nae and friends of the college. May 28th lis the date scheduled for the senior ban- iquct. given by Reverend Mother, thc reading of the Senior Will and Prophe- cies. the class songs. and the presenta- tion Of athletic awards. The Senior Ball. the social highlight of every Commencement weekend. will be held at the Sheraton Plaza with music provided by Jeff Carlton and his orches- tra. All friends of the college are in- vitcd. On Sunday. June 2nd. the Capping of the Sophomores will take place. This will be followed by Baccalaureate Mass in the Assembly Hall. celebrated by Rev- erend Paul V. Harrington. J.C.L. The Reverend William F. Lynch, S. J., from Georgetown l.'niversity, will speak. That evening the graduates and their parents will attend a buffet supper followed by the Serenades and Torch- light Ceremony in the Quonset. Academic Honors Seven members of the Class of 1957 have received special academic honors. Cathy Joyce has received Assistantships in Chemistry at Boston College and at Chicagois Loyola University. Mary Winslow and Connie Weldon are both winners of- Fellowships to the Graduate School of English at Marquette Univer- sity. Keys to Kappa Gamma Pi, the Na- tional Catholic Honor Society of Wo- mens Colleges. have been awarded to Patricia Hinchey, Mary Lacey Kelly, Nancy Kottenstette. Barbara Lowe, and Connie Weldon. The keys were awarded by the faculty, and will be presented at Commencement. They are given for dis- tinction in the field of scholarship, and for outstanding service and qualities of leadership. Read for the Next Step ylurv Winslow, Connie XVG-ldon, and Cathy Joyce, fstandingt all winners of fellow- -.3,ips, chat with Pat Blanchard, volunteer mission worker to Jamaica. Detroit fm lhlftylwo Cents and 3 Pallef Donouglz '53 will travel to St. Louis to Page 2 885 June, 1957 Since We Benefit . . . When a prospective freshman is considering coming to Newton, one of her first questions is: "What does Newton have to offer me?i' There are many things such as Catholic atmosphere, good location, small size, and liberal permissions which recommend the school to the outsider. But once she has become an insider, she ands that, above all, she is on her own. Her term papers will be good or just average as she is willing to devote her time. Her extra-curricular life will be more or less happy as she is willing to enter into activities. The chance to decide for oneself what college will mean to us is one of the best features of Newton. Things of value such as daily Mass, lectures, or membershoip in a club, while available to all, are not forced on anyone. In college, where a sense of values and of responsibility must develop, this freedom is a great asset. In the matter of choosing courses, we are free to take the path of least re- sistance or to enter a challenging field. Outside the classroom, there are many club and class functions. Each one decides what she should join, or if she should join at all. But besides this gift of "self-determination," everyone is ex- posed to a college life which, both intellectually and socially, is in- terested in the modern world. As students we study and read about it: as Catholics we are taught a sound philosophy by which to judge it. This combination of study and judgment, past and present, pro- duces not just an educated, but a cultured Catholic. These are just two things which Newton has to oder: the plea- sure of choosing freely to do things in all spheres of campus life: the provision of things of value to make that choice worthwhile. By Patricia HlIlCllCQ' '57 We Should Also Give "What do I have to offer Newton?" This is the other side of the coin-the correlative to the question posed in Pat Hinchey's editorial. Obviously, students help make the college. Indifference can obscure the best of advantages. Clubs or other extra-curricular activities can be fascinating or flops, depending on the students Cor lack of stu- dentsj who make them so. Lectures can be stimulating or boring, depending on the demand and support of the students. 7 Ifiwe demand the best of our college-and we should--we have to give something of ourselves to it-our interest. This may seem like a small contribution. almost too obvious in application. Yet it is the key to a successful college life. What we bring to college deter- mines what we will "get out of it." This pertains to all phases of col- lege life-spiritual, academic, and social. We are free to make of them what we will. The freedom of "self-determination" at Newton entails a per- sonal responsibility. Freedom of choice is the greatest of human gifts, but it must be respected and used wisely. A college can offer opportunities, but we must use them. f ll ... f E Z4 ,K ff ,X i 9 E I - g l y f out 10 7 r -, if My "' 1 fa ' a ', GJ ' .. , st..- fi "Long IJay's Journey into Light." 885 NEXVTON COLLEGE OF THE SACRED HEART NEWTON, MASSACHUSETTS Published six times a year by students of Newton College Augie Poclolinsky '58, Editor-in-Chief Mary Keating '58, News Editor Patty Peck '58, Circulation Manager Ann Clausmeyer '58, Business Manager Kathleen Kingston '59, Art Editor Connie Weldon '57, Consulting Editor Contributors to this issue: M. Corbett, M. Curran, M. Dealy, M. Dwyer, A. Gaynor, P, Hinchey, G. Little, B. McLachlan, S. Quinlan. Vol. V June, 1957 No. 5 Lighter Side June is here at last, and with it the all-enveloping excitement that accom- panies vacations and travel. Voices are pitched just a note or two higher when summer plans are discussed, and at least three registers higher when "tans" are compared. Girls can be found peer- ing at obviously healthy images in the mirror and bemoaning the lack of circles under their eyes-the only clzic manifestations of a week of exams ton the college level, of coursel. PF Pk Pts lSummer jobs are a frequent topic. aid no one seems to understand why 17 ore people don't want to pay 3150 a week for highly talented beachcombers. ' 'After all, this is a job that definitely calls for special skills, and as the berry- picking rates have been lowered, its the answer to that ever-present questionf what to do this summer? 'lf ak 244 Ah. well. these are the usual monu- mental worries of the college girl, and they are quickly forgotten when lifes bigger problems arise. i.e. how to get three years accumulation of clothes in an overnight bag. and how to get to clip. COM INC Among Ourselves CONGRATULATIONS: To Nancy Bowclriag '57, Mary Corbett, Sheila Hurley, Mary Ellen Cun11.ingl1,am, Betsy Dray, all A53, and Frances Beane 759, on receiving their Child of Mary Medals. To Palli O'lleil '59, who has been awarded a scholarship to study this I summer at the lbcr Americana Uni- versity in Mexico. STUDY ABROAD: ,lellnie Van Bibber 159. after a summer sojourn in Europe, will study there for a year. TRAVEL: Mrs. Ararli, of the Art De- partment. will visit friends and rela- tives in Europe this summer, and Miss Hoolfle, instructor in English, will re- turn to her native lreland for a visit. Touring Europe this summer will be .lurly Carey 753. Rhoda Aclferson, ex-753, will travel to Budapest to visit her father for a few months this summer. Paola Ajo '59 travels home to Rome and later to Switzerland, where she will join Alice Haley, ex-'59. They plan to spend some time in Edinburgh together. Brenda Koelzler '60 will travel to Newfoundland to visit her roommafte Gerlrzule Martin, also '60. A motor trip to the west coast is planned by Slzeila Quinlan and Bunny Pllclan, both 53. ENCACED: Lucy Renter, ex-'58, to Richard Dolan. .lo Kirk and Gail Mc- be in the September 7th wedding. EVENTS May 25th, Sat.-Feast of St. Madeleine Sophie - Baby Party at Newton Academy May 26th, Sun.-TV Program, Providence Channel 12 Student Council-Social Committee Dinner May 28th. Tues.-Senior Last Will and Prophecies - Athletic Awards Reverend Mother's Dinner for the Seniors. May 30th, Thurs.-Ascension Thursday - Memorial Day May 31st, Fri -Senior Prom at the Sheraton Plaza June 2nd, Sun.-Baccalaureate Mass Sophomore Serenades and Capping Ceremony June 3rd, Mon.-Commencement Sept. 12th, Thurs.-Registration for Freshmen Sept. 12th-17th-Orientation Week for Freshmen S1-pt. 16th, Mon.-Registration for Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores Sept. 17th, Tues,-Mass of the Holy Ghost-Reopening of classes June, 1957 885 P 3 age w This year the Lay Apostolate was inaugurated at Newton. Pat Blanchard '57, under the sponsorship ol the Mis- sion Unit. will go to Kingston. Jamai- ca. B.W.l.. sonretime in August as a vol- unteer teacher. A few weeks ago. the Most Reverend John J. Mclfleney, S.J.. Bishop of Jamaica, visited Newton and, in an interview with Pat. expressed his happiness in her choice. Pat first became interested when Mother Walsh explained the importance of the movement to the Mission Unit last year. The Lay Apostolate began at Regis in 1949, to alleviate the desperate need of missionaries in staffing their schools: a Regis senior was sent to Guam that year. The movement has sinced snow-bailed. and the Holy Father has enthusiastically encouraged it. Today. several colleges in New Eng- land send graduates to the place of their choice for a year. Schools staffed by Lay Apostolate workers are located in Alaska, New Mexico. North Carolina. and many other areas. Jamaica has special interest for us here, as it is a mission of the New England Province of the Society of Jesus. ln the Lay Apostolate program. col- lege graduates donate a year to teach- ing without remuneration in a mission field. Transportation is provided by their colleges, and living facilities are provided 'by the Bishop or parish- where they are stationed. The experience has been invaluable to those who wish lu continue teaching, and the travel mn! social opportunities have been reward- ing. Of course the greatest satisfaction is in the knowledge of work well done for the love of Cod. Pat, a true "pioneer," has everyone-'s best wishes. and it is hoped that from her example the Lay Apostolate will grow in strength and numbers here at Newton. By Mary Corbell 158 LAY APO TOLATE IN ACTIO SENIORS BUSY WITH PLANS: WORK, MARRIAGE, TRAVEL The Class of 1957 has plans for the future which will take its members into varied fields in this country and abroad. Travel this summer is on the agenda for many Newtonites graduating in June. Diane Russell. Jobie Medart. Nancy Kottenstette. and Mary Beth 0'Reilly are doing the grand tour. Mary Leigh Madden will join her mother in Germany. Mary Winslow plans to work CHILDREN OF MARY: Susie Kennedy, President: Gail Mc- Donough, Treasurer. SOCIAL COMMITTEE: Gail McDonough, Chairman: Susie Kennedy, Co-Chairman. MISSION CLUB: Kate McCann, President. DRAMATIC CLUB: Dotty Bohen, President: Shelley Carroll, Vice-president: Karen Mullin, Secretary: Judy Cagney, Treasurer. GLEE CLUB: Sheila Hurley, President: Mary Jane Eagan, Vice-president: Fran Beane, Secretary: Gini Little, Treas- urerg Berenice Hackett, Librarian: Helen Burns, Business Manager, with assistant, Juanita Buckley. IRC: Helen McLachlan, President: Leonore Salcedo, Vice-presi- dent: Judy Laird, Secretary: Joan Sextro, Treasurer. NFCCS Senior Delegate: Dolores Seeman. YEARBOOK: Mary Keating, Editorg Patty Peck, Literary Ed- itor: Martha Dwyer, Business Manager. SCIENCE CLUB: Evelyn Chiao, President: Juanita Buckley, Treasurer. ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION: Margie George, President: Helen Craig, Vice-president: Betty Shanley, Secretaryg Marie Doelger, Treasurer. NEW GENERAL COURSE IS PLANNED A major curriculum change which will replace the present program for Freshman and Sophomore year, and which will go into effect with the in- coming Freshman class has been an- nounced by the Office of the Dean. Under the new plan the present theology and philosophy requirements ttotaling five hours of class a weekl will be re- tained. and an elective in a language. science, or mathematics. may be taken but is not r'equired. The major change involves the in- troduction of a new course, "A Study of Western Culturefl whichiwill form the basis of the underclassmen's sched- ule. During Freshman year the student will consider western civilization until 14-53. Sophomore year the course will include from 1453 to the present. Sopho- mores will also be required to take any courses prerequisite for their major field. The five hour a week course on west- ern culture will consist of lectures given daily by one of fifteen or twenty mem- bers of the faculty. with the possible in- clusion of guest speakers. Aspects of western culture to be considered will in- clude political history. history of the arts. literature, science. mathematics. and social and economic thought. The students will then be divided into small groups which will meet with one of the professors the week following his lecture. The purpose of these dis- cussions is to clarify aspects of the topic considered the preceding week. Emphasis will be placed on outside reading which should be done approxi- mately two hours each day. This Out- side work should correlate with the lec- ture periods by supplementing material presented during class sessions. Two test periods will be held each week during which the student will be quizzed. first objectively. and then by essay questions. on the main facts and basic concepts of the lectures given the preceding week. The purpose of the new plan is to establish a basis of general knowledge for all students and to train the students in habits of thought. individual work, and careful oral and written expression. Plans are also being formulated for a new English Composition class for Freshmen. Candidates for this course will be determined by the student's Col- lege Board Examination rating in Eng- lish and by her treatment of the essay questions given in connection with the new "Western Culture" course. The offering of two new major fields. Political Science. which will be included in the History department, and Econom- ics. which will be included in the So- ciology department. has also been an- nounced. CHURCH DICNITAR Members of the hierarchy from three continents have been guests at Newton during May: our own Archbishop of Boston. the Apostolic Delegate to New Zealand and Australia, and the new Bishop of South Korea. On Thursday morning, May 23rd, Bishop Harold W. Henry, S.S.C., Vicar Apostolic of Kwangju. South Korea, celebrated the 7:15 Mass at Newton. Bishop Henry had been consecrated a bishop by Archbishop Cushing the pre- vious Saturday irr the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Boston. Bishop Henry as a counsellor at a camp in Switzer- land. teaching drama. Elaine Conley and Connie Weldon are looking forward to a summer of travel and study in Ireland. Mary Lacey Kelly will be Childrens Recreation Director at a hotel in Ste. Adele. Canada. Marie Gerin-Lajoie will return home to Canada. where she plans to do graduate work in Philosophy at Montreal University. Another summer' traveller is Mary Ann Beattie, who is planning a trip by car to California. Continuing their studies in the fall will be Judy Scannell and Barbara Lowe who plan to do graduate work at Boston College's School of Social Wor'k. Nancy Bowdring has been accepted at Womenis Medical College in Philadel- phia. Wedding dates have been set by Vinnie Murray. who will be married to Vincent Burns on June 13th. and by Peggy McMurrer and Richard Haberlin for June 15th. Carol Ann Burke and Lt. ljgl John Sheehan, U.S.C.G.. are plan- ning a fall wedding. -and Mary Jane 0'Connell and Richard Halley will be married on Septenrber 14-th. Several members of the class plan to teach next year: Molly McHugh will teach sports and other subjects at the Convent of the Sacred Heart. Eden Hall: Harriet Reilly will be teaching a fffontinuerl on page 4-J ' IES VISIT COLLEGE will return in the near future to his Ko- rean Mission. where he first became ac- quainted with the Religious of the Sacred Heart, through their Convent in Seoul. Archbishop Rornolo Carhoni, Apos- tolic Delegate to New Zealandand Australia, greeted friends and relatives on Monday night, May 6th, at a re- ception held at Newton. Guests included Archbishop Richard J. Cushing and Right Reverend Robert J. Sennott, Chancellor of the Archdiocese. Seniors participated in annual Tree-Planting Ceremony on Thursday, May 9th, Here Nancy Bowdring adds her shovel-full, while seniors and faculty look on. Page 4 885 June, 1957 Seniors Cathy Connolly and Pat Ritchie gave graduation concerts at Newton-Cathy in voice on May 8th, and Pat in piano on May 15th. Mary Winslow, "885" Win Literary Honors At N F CCS Congress A share of the honors at the annual NFCCS Congress in Worcester, went to Mary Winslow '57 and New'ton's news- paper. At the banquet on Saturday eve- ning, May 4-th, ,loan David 757, chair- man of the Literary Contest, announced that Mary had won second prize ta check for ten dollarsi in the Short Story division for her entry 'Bold Red." H8357 received second prize in the Press Contest, Division B. The selection was based on three recent issues of school' papers submitted by Catholic colleges in the New England area. New- ton was judged on the last three issues of former editor Connie Weldon. and awarded a certificate of merit. At the evaluation meeting Saturday night. Newton was also awarded the Literary Commission which will be seat- ed here and will include the Literary Contest and One-Act Play Contest. Gini Little ,59 will be chairman of this Com- mission next year. TV tConLinuezl from page lt Chatting informally on academic and extra-curricular interests at Newton will be Joan David. Mary Lacey Kelly, Diane Russell. Mary Winslow. and Angela Heaton. ln conjunction with their dis- cussion, Miss Carey will talk on New- ton's capacity as a career training- ground, with alumnae members Kate Doyle '50 and Joan Baxter '54 illustrat- ing this with their experiences. Pictures of Newton scenes will be used as a background for the program. This inter- view-type program is designed to give a general picture of college life at New- Scholastic Honors Go to Class ot' 1961 'iHonors at Entrancei' awards have been bestowed on twenty prospective freshmen selected from a field of nine- ty-three applicants. These honors corres- pond to the scholarship awards given by Newton in past years, and entitle the winners to be placed on the Deanis List at entrance. , The term. "Honors at Entrancef' in- cludes both honorary and financial scholarships. Award winners were chos- en from girls who requested financial assistance, as well as from outstanding students who merely applied for en- trance. Selection was based on the stu- dent's place in the upper quarter of her class. on the results of her College Board Examinations, on the recommen- dation of her principal, and her over- all high school record. The twenty awards are spread over seven states and one foreign country. Massachusetts boasts the largest number of winners with ten awards, three go- ing to students at Archbishop Williams High School in Braintreeg New Jersey is next with three winners: Pennsyl- vania has two: and Maryland and Con- necticut one each. lllinois and Wiscon- sin claim one winner each. as does Japan. Seven Sacred Heart Academy students are numbered among the group. and one 'isisterf' Faith Quin- lan. sister of Sheila i58. tudent Council Plans Aheadg New 'tudent-Facult Committee As part of the Student Government prograln for next year, a new commit- tee has been organized for the express purpose of fostering better student-fao ulty relations. The Student-Faculty Committee consists of ten students re- presenting each class. and members of the faculty. both religious and lay. Headed by Sheila Quinlan '53, this committee met for the first time on Monday. May 13th. This meeting was to determine the interest in and possible activities of this program. A lively dis- cussion and positive suggestions marked the meeting a success. Plans for next year included fre- quent informal talks by faculty mem- bers on timely subjects in fields such as art, music. social problems, etc. These would be open to any students inter- ested in the current topic. The Commit- tee itself plans to meet periodically to talk over student affairs and problems. The general tenor of the meeting in- dicated that both students and faculty would benefit by a closer contact, on both social and academic levels. Fur- ther suggestions for achieving this are being worked out. and the Committee hopes to inaugurate some of these next year. Arena Style Program 'Scores Another Hit For Opera Workshop The Opera Workshopis initial attempt at a theatre in the round production at Newton on Monday evening. May 13th. was a significant success. Directed and accompanied by Mrs. F.K. Balling, the Workshop presented excerpts from i'The Marriage of Figarof, i'Tales of Hoff- man," and "Porgy and Bess" in this manner. Scenery and costumes for the production were kept to a minimum, and special interest was aroused by the lighting effects. Among the cast Kate McCann. Cathy Connolly. Peggy McMurrer. Nancy Harvey. and Janet Chartier shared the leading roles. while John Sweeney. John Bresnahan. and Joseph Vidoli sang the malc parts. Pat Ritchie was the assist- ant accompanist. with Glenna La Salle at the harpg the overture was played by Pat and Peggy McMurrer. HUBBARD'S DRUG For Over Fifty Years Ncwlmfs Prescription Pharmacy 425 CENTRE ST., opp. Library The LANGLEY BOOK SHOP 1187 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE, MASS. Jane Nawn, Owner t NEWTON, MASS. LA 7-3511 on. This certificate will STRAl..EY'S BRODNEY KNIT SHOP 42 LANGLEY ROAD Fran Instructions imni, lmpmlvfl SIIWIIIIIIII Yarns entitle bearer to 10921 discount CASH and CARRY Bigelow Inc. Cleaners at the corner of Beacon Newton Centre LA 7-5778 T-tlIPlUfifl'fS--SHIPS mul Repairs SCHOOL SUPPLIES 1235 CENTRE STREET NEWTON CENTRE The Student Council, during the last month of school, has been planning next year's activities. ,lo Englert and the next Student Council have drawn up a ten- tative program to be enacted next Sep- tember. This program includes: lj a more active Social Committeeg 2j meetings of the Student-Faculty Com- mittee to provide closer student-faculty relations and discussions of theoretical and practical problems in the college, 33 a more definite channeling of opin- ion through class representatives to the Councilg 4t fewer Student assemblies, with each meeting less concerned with details and open to necessary explana- tions or expression of opinion from the floor. The new Student Council is also re- vising the Handbook of the Constitution and By-laws, with a view to greater clarity and a more thorough explana- tion of college functions for the benefit of the incoming freshman class. In conjunction with Student Council plans for next year, N.S.A. sponsored a Student Government Forum on Thurs- day, May 9th, Mother Husson opened the forum with a talk on qualities that are, or should be found in Newton stu- dents. .lo Engert led a panel discussion on which Mother Smith, Mr. Curran and five members of Student Council discussed means for the proper channel- ing of student opinion which is so im- portant for all Student Government sys- tems. The forum continued with group meetings of students and faculty mem- bers who discussed facets of college life at Newton. The minutes of these meet- ings will be analyzed and reorganized to provide a reference for Student Gov- ernment next year. By Sheila Quinlan '58 SENIOR PLANS lcontinued from page 31 kindergarten class in Walthamg Nancy Bowen has a class of second graders in Worcesterg Winnie Madden and Carol McCu1'dy will also be teaching in ele- mentary schools. Winnie in Norwich, Connecticut, and Carol in Providence. Some of the graduates are planning to go to secretarial schools. Ellie Pope will attend Moser Secretarial School in Chicago. and then apply for Government work in Europe. Mike McGarty and Sue Cote will be at Katherine Gibbs Schools in their home cities, Boston and Providence. Ann Nooney will be work- ing with a real estate office in St. Louis, and will also attend classes at Washing- ton University. Barbara Bireley is con- sidering a job with the institute of ln- ternational Education in Chicago, and Margy Craig has plans for a Govern- ment job in Washington. with a pos- sible trip to Europe in November. .loan David will have an interesting summer with the Plymouth Drama Festival, at- tending classes and going on tour. and plans in the tall to enroll at the Catho- lic University School of Drama. 5 1 . W' I I 'o1..- 1-1-!1.1,:w.'1 1 1 1.5.1 ww' 1 11:11'.'. M. ,1r, , -5 ",, Q- N 'Ji H '-121' 1 1 1..,1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 Lv. 1 , A if is 1, 1 , 1 1.1 i"'11 14 IY1. 1'u"f ' .11 1' 1, 7115.1 ' 111' 1 Ai. g-1 -1.1 - :, LV .L Q1 11.1 'HH' '17 4' :-. 13,111 , V1 xwrmu I wmv T. 3 N-1 141 K, 011 xv. f z , 1 .1 1 . J ,, 1 1 1 11. 1,' 1 '."1z 1 1 1x-, 1,1 1.1. ,. 1 1 1 .ew 1 1.,1f.,1 11 11. 51-f ' 1 1 1,1r1- 1 .1--i 1 1 1 1 . 111 'Hug' ' .1 ,,,, JS' .1 A qw., -.,1 1 ,C L .. l'.'.' ff -1 1 .r 1 , up 1 - 1 .,:1 111.1515 fy' A., .H 5.1 , 1 PG1"i51'Si4.3'.E Ei-11L'3.1fl1f.'i'11-.,.-.S' .1 f , 1! 1 41. 2" 1 V. 1. . 1 11"1 fx 1 1.3. . 1 , I V 1,11 V I . 5 lf1L'-I 2 .Ur-.5 N 1 mf,-,91111 - 111.1 1, 1, 1 ,- . I .ww f 111' " , H ,E '11141 ft, 13, -'1.+.'1.f, 11 il 'P 4 .17 V hx' , 1 JA, 1 '1 .i ,W 1' ,x' 1 Q' - 1 115- ' ' U!1f11LL,11,1 V L, Kg,-Q, 1- L '3 111. H? ' Y.. 2-1 5 'W 1' 1 , ff, ,L . sw A: -ik' . ' E151 L . 1 1'5,'. b 1 if 43:5 X 1 1 fifggf, -1 lj' 1,L-1.11 n I -11!'f:.mfS. 1.1.-111 A 1 V'- -f 1 . 1 'IL 11 1 1 1-11 1,?A y1 . 4 i. 1 235' 21 'WT'- ' v' ,' V..-". 1 - - 1 "QQ ' :X V 1 1 47. . 1 Lg : 1 1 . . ' Qs ,.- , 'N' , 'La if Hi if I. ' '11 . - '11 I 1 . "p 1 , 1x ix ,1 12 1 , V .f 1 xl! I1 1 '1 "1 ' ' x 7 1 :I 1-1.511914 , '1,1"- w .r'u H11 ,1 'f."11'P1. 1' rf ' !,,.,L-75111. 7552 .-.fix A1Ng.111.11 v 11 -2'-NJN 1-7 .' " L 1 13:15. 1 1, 11. .11 Q--11 ' '+'ui,1SlfI'1' ' " , "V 117.1-,,1f,1.. "1-1, : 5,53 ':"1'.1' " - 1. ' 'vii' 1' - 1 K 'fm I2 11511591 . , x 48? f- QI LJ' Cmnuqn.. Q. ,- .er-4, ' Uh-vnu., Q., 21" 'X x X, , ..,. N- em-' xbx x R+ wx9v:mw..Q.. RJZQQZHQ K QM- ,Q +'m.:f - " 251- -Ea We ?x ,, Q., U SM . . , bt ., . M y f"'.1A I Y - xr V , .Jx... . f nf ff' K "' is NW x ,Mi tex Wa .:,:, Q . . 5555 Q, qi if Qi! -ai 9- - , f xgggf,

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