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 - Class of 1952

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2 Q 5 Q 'Q YR f. " wk Q 'W . Q.. WV 4? x Q! .Q Jr ., Q f. - . ,, gg, 1 5 ,,,, 5215.2 if Q!"s I ?Q ,va lil D3 ' . I 1 'X ,Ju .K I nv ', gl A ,js wg 4 Y .O ,f ,.,,... ' K 5,1 fr Q." .6 A 2 J-T-A. ' A ,K f W!! 5 as hu.. U' W. W, ,, We mg I .f.,.a hzt' AS:-V45 , ' A ,L at .,. "A' f 2-' 4- 4 Q' ' Q' I, Af J: xx ga' ,ewg 69' - ,Qt vb ' Q ,... . one 'Q' ' K 33. WE, 1 s ,,,. dw 'Fi 1 v me Y ., Q 'as 'gt -."" - - " ' 1 4 , 1 0 J 1- N YH' 2 9- 11 fx! ", '15 ' . 'fzxg ' ' '--,.s' V .4 -1 ,igs . ' L ' ' ', 1 'A 'il .-' :YE .II kgw K1.1,l '1lx. , f ,sg ' , ,. -0 . - 1" 5 -vs-, ., g,, g, , fi -"Nav , A 1 e V u 'A'--. .9 . 5 D A L . FJ' S 1- , 'N ' -MILL 5. .:'.:'fg4.. , - f' -Q-,i,"3'.: .fx , , N 1' ' 'Q I . 1 v , , , Y. .5-, H-.1 -I ' , .',, yu Q A z.l 1. I.- I V Q i 1 Av' ' w g. 'Wg-Q" Q" v 3 rr' . 1 , u I '..'.,.4- 31 '04 ' ' 'X-. 3' .n Q., .- Ja Tx 'Q .v- :."?' ' 44 4 'P' 4 'B Q -"" P l -41 .4 an 4 " A I fa ul' x. 6 13 -N 'L 1.-1, - t ." it 1' - , -Vlql y ' , - ' yin .. .,. " f . "Q .ffm ' -.35-'T 1. - 1 -4 1: . r 'a ' - f' I s 1 1 ,f 'gf' r 4 1 y , -1 X. irq I it . 4-.., V - l. -5 13 . ,O ,WUI 4, J' Q X A Q - A rf' -.i rift ri A 'C 9 fm.- 4 w Q ' v U' TQ. l T his is Newton College ofthe Saerea' Heart Newton, Massachusetts Signed: Class of 1952 Y 1 Children of the Saered Heart have many "lWothers", from Our Lady through St. .Madeleine Sophie and all her daugh- ters. The names of Barat, Stuart, Hardey and Duehesne Houses reeall sonze of the lylothers to whom Newton owes nzost for its foundation and tradition. And for its eontinu- ing existenee Newton has a debt of gratitude to all the Mothers who have worked to build from a eharter an ae- eredited College. This story of Newton College is ajfee- tlonately dedifated to Motlzer Keyes by the Class of nineteen hfty-two, the Class whonz at present she has "known and lofved the longest." .f 'c X ' si in Q? . .. i . 1' . amz' House The first building ol' Newton College, Barat House is appropriately named lor the foundress ol' the Society ol' the Sacred Heart, St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. She said of many "hrst build- ings": "VVe begin on a very small scale, and poorly enough." And for two years Newton was, in the tradition, very small. Barat House was the center of all activities from studies to sleep- ing to skiing on the baby slopes behind the house. None of us were here during those hrst two years, but glimpses of the house from the visitor's point ol view endeared us to it and challenged us to become third generation pioneers. St. Madeleine Sophie denied time and again that she had lounded the Society, insisting that it was Our Lord alone Wfho was the cornerstone, Mfho had made use ol a poor instrument that He might make up for what was wanting. And it seems that there 1'l1llSt indeed be something supernatural in Newton's rapid growth from the days six years ago of one house and thirty students. In Barat House itself, the enlarged Chapel which is also the passageway through which everyone passes at least twenty times a day, testihes to more ol' Our Lord's presence in our consciousnessg and the official hre-escapes and fire-doors testify to more of a school. Q." .. M - Q. - - .. Q Q- ,, ,3- vy- 'Q- -4-. . --. -. --v Q-my Q N i .. v- W Q-. 'Q --Q., -Q, A "- ...E -.... Q -. 'Q- -Q -+53 -S -- M. 4. B- w ,N" 421, - .Nm hy:- 5 Q-.... M 'wg :.. ,ww .- , L Qi" -. 'I ,,f'- 1 -Ki T-. 1--.. , :- - " .4 - '3- - -Ls I ' if 1-:Q -ug. ly Ti.- pi' --.w- .vlan V--all: Stn- iii .M THE Seniors have a special attachment to Barat, because we began there too. Ufhen we came to Newton as Fresh- men, only Barat and Stuart existed. We attended classes in Stuart and had most of our fun in Barat. Even though it gifoes us that getting-old feeling, we remember with nostal- gia morning llfleditation in the Sun Parlorg Mass in the tiny "catacomb" Chapel before we burst its seams: Tea Dances and Proms in the parlor before the Mexican Hat Dances and Charlestons endangered the roof below: pajama parties in the Snake Pit before classes invaded its coke-bottle informalityg exits and entrances fvia the fire escapes before the traffic wore holes in the lawn: hours at a time spent 'visit- ing the Inhrnzary before the sign on the door began to read: "No Visitors-Un Penalty of Four Demeritsu- and a hun- dred illegal escapades the mention of which sends us into gales of laughter, but which must remain unreeorded be- cause we hafoe to lifoe up to the responsibility of being Guar- dians ofthe Law. Wve are grown-ups now. Catholic :XCll0ll 1, 2, 3, ,l-Scc- rctary 2, Vice President 4: Dra- matic Club 3. .11 Glee Club 1, 21 French Club 3: Philosophy Club .lg Hockey Team 2, 3. 'i e gargara une 604555013 Je CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART, 1 HIGH STREET, BANGOR, MAINE l NOROTON, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: History - MINOR: German Tlmsc about her I I II file' jlffrfwf ways of llmlfmr. Fl'0lTllII'TSIlll1 rar , , . -SHAKESPEARE Catholic Action 3, 43 Interracial 42 Missions 3, 4, Science Club 3: French Club 3. oem my olfmoffy cfe 252 RUCKMUNT ROAD, ISELMONT, lNl,'XSSACHUSEF1'TS CloNvEN'r or 'mia SACR1-in HEART, NEWTON, lNlASSACHUSET'l'S MAJOR: Malhcniatics - MINOR: Physics Oli, lllf' lzmrl is ll frce and f1'ltf'rIr'.s's llrfng A wmv' on Iliff UIYVIIIV, Il llircl on llm zuing. - IULIA PARDOE Emmanuel College IQ Catholic Action 2, 3, 43 Imcrrzicial 4. xmm ' 1, owween cwgcwef Cfonin ofa 49 FOREST STREET, LEXINGTON, lNIASSACHUSET'1lS L1cx1Nc1'oN HIGH Sc:HooL, Lnx1Nc11'oN, M,xss.ixuHUs15'1'1's MAJOR: Biology - MINOR: Eilllfllllllll O saw ye llzc' lass wi' the Donnie 111116 can H6 V smile is the szuvvtrfsl llmt ewr was .swcfzz IQICIIARD RYAN Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 42 Choir 1, 2, 3, 42 Freshman Forum- Secretary, 1. R. C. 2-SCCFCIHTYQ French Club lj Dramatic Club 2, 3, 43 Yearbook - Editor-in- Chief 4: Hockey Team 1, 41 N. F. C. C. S. jr. Delegate 2, Sr. Delegate 31 Wheat and Cockle Staff 4. arena racy leafy Je 4 HUDSON RIVER ROAD, RIVERDALE, NEW YORK Coxvum' or 1115 SACRED HEART, GRELNWICH, CONNECTICUT MAKIOR: English - MINOR: Conlenlporary English Literature Doing easily what others had digicult is talent. -HENRI-FREDERIC AM1151. Catholic Action 2, 3, 43 Missions IQ Glee Club 22 Freshman Fo- rumg I. R. C.-'1'reasurer 3, Vice-President 41 Hockey Team 3, 4- 138111018 414 CHYCHESTER LANE, XNYNNEYNOOD, PENNSYLVANIA CONVENT or THE SACRED HEART, OvER1sRooR, PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA MAJOR: History - MINOR: American History Sword of common sense Our surest gzft. GEORGE NIEREDITH Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 43 Glec Club 1, 22 Freshman Forum 1. 6Llf'96Ll"8f Aan BOKJVL 103 GREATON ROAD, XVEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS Norku DAME Acmtmmty, YVEST Roxtstmv, NIASSACI-lUSET'l'S MA-IOR: History - MINOR: Education Let the world slide, let the world gog A fig for care, and rt for woe! -JOHN HEYwooD Catholic Action 2, 3, 42 Inter- racial 32 Glee Club 2, 3, 41 Orchestra 2, 3, 43 Science Club 3, 4-Vice-Presiclelit 43 Inter- collegiate Chemical Sociely dele- gate 3, 4-Banquet Chfiirman 4. lflflflfe LZOL Qt L6 81" . 8 . 57 A AJA Z E! 1811 CENTRE STREET, XVEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS GIRLS, LAT1N SCHOOL, BosToN, lXlASSACHUSETTS MAtIOR: Nl21ll1C11121llCS - MlNOR: Cl1C111lSI1'y For 'tis the mind that makes the body Erich. SHAKESPEARE Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 4 Freshman Forum-President: So cial Committee 2, 3: I. R. C. 2 CcLf!Leri1f1,e aan ,JI anagan 151 HILLSIDE STREET, MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS JEANNE D'ARc Ac:A111gM1', NIILTON, NIASSACHUSETTS MAjOR: History - MINOR: English .Size Ioolectlz well Io llzc ways of her lzouselzold, and catctlz not the bread of idleness. -BOOK or PRov1zR1ss Marymount lQ Catholic Action 2, 3, 4Q Glee Club 21 Dramatic Club 2. Q6LlfLlfL8 cwgwerzffe ,Jgannon 520 RANDOLPH STREET, MILTON, MASSACHUSETTS JEANNE D'ARc, M1L'roN, lvIAss,xc:Hus1aT'1's MAJOR: History - MINOR: Education Ask me no more ZUlllf,I6l' doth lmslf' The 7ll.g'llfl7IglLllf when lllny is past. For in your sweet dz'z1idz'11g throat! She winters and keeps warm lzcr nolv. Tttoxms CAREXN dflfy gzzagefia ,AQ6LlfLlfL8 Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 41 Mis- 32 FIAGSIIIDZIII Forum: French nb 2, 3. Jem 11 KENXNOOD AVENUE, NEVVTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS NEWTON HIGH ScHooL, NEWTON, NIASSACHUSETT MAJOR: English - MINOR: French Then let ZUl'llg6'd Fnncy zuzmdm' S Tlzrouglz the thought still spread beyond her. -KEATS Mary Washington College 1 Catholic Action 2, 3, .13 Missions .gg Glee Club 4. ding CAQQVLQVL ig CRESCENT AVENUE, NEXVTON CENTRE, MASSACHUSETTS NEWTON I-l1GH SCHOOL, NEwToN, lNIAssAc:1-IUSETTS MAJOR: Spanish - MINOR: History lli'lmt .she wills In do or say Sf'1'm5 wi.s'r'sI, zr1'l't11c'sf, di.s'r'r1'l1'sl, l11'.s't. NIILTON Rosemont College ig Catholic Action 3, 41 Yearbook Staff- Business Manager 41 French Club 1, 25 Freshman Forum: I.R.C. 21 Glee Club 1, 21 junior lVeekend Chairman 3. owween pafricia igglfnzi 130 SOUTH MAIN STREET, ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS CoNvuN'1' or THE SACRED HEART, NEWTON, MAssAcHUsETrs MAJOR: History - MINOR: Education lfm' ,alll Ilml fain' is, is by nulure grmcl. Tlml is n sign to know the gentle blood. -SP12Ns1aR Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 4 Treasurer 3, President 41 Mis- sions IQ Choir 3: Glce Club 1. jzeifa Hurd 6 cf W y I Q I I9 SQUANTUM STREET, MILTON, lNI,'XSSACHLlSE'l'TS URSULINE Ac:Ao1aMY, BOSTUN, MAssAc:HusET'rs MAJOR: English - MINOR: Philosophy The 7HIvlI1I'Sf 7lIIHIIIl'l',S' and Ilzzf gf'IIfl1'.S'f lII'lH'l. HOMER Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 4: 43 Student Governmenl 1, 2, 3, 41 Glee Club 1, 2, 31 French Club 1, 2, 3: Hockey Team ,Mina Uwwfana ana cfe 355 GROVE STREET, CLIFTON, NEW JERSEY CONVENT OF THE SACRED HEART, GREENWICH, CONNECTICUT MAJOR: Sociology - MINOR: French Tlzcre is n kindly mood of melancholy Tim! wings the soul, and points her to the skies. -JOHN DYER Class Vice-President 1, 2, 3. Manlmtlznlville 1: Catholic Ac- tion 3, 45 Missions 3-President 43 Science Club 31 Clee Club 2: Social Committee 32 Class Treasurer 3. owfine 6ZZ6LA8fA .jQlfLlfL8y 159 LOYVDER STREET, DEDHAM, MASSACHUSETTS CoNvENT or THE SACRED HPLART, N1f:wToN, M,xssAc:HUsRTTs MAJOR: Sociology - MINOR: Education There is no joy but mlm. 'l'ENNx'soN Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 4: Glee Club 1, 2: l. R. C. 2, 3, 4- President 41 French Club IQ Dra- matic Club 2: Social Commit- tee 31 Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4. .kaflaerine lfLlfL AWA 20 HAZEL LANE, L.-XRCHMONT, NEYV YORK CoNv1QN'1' Ol" TH1-i Sfxcrkmm H1-1Ak'1', GR1:uNw1c:H M.eXhIOR: History - MINOR: Politics .I lmjzjzy lI!'lll'1 zuurlcs all ilu' day. , CONNECTICUT -SHAKESIDEAR1-1 Simmons College IQ Catholic Action 3, 4: Glee Club 22 I. R. C. 3, 41 French Club 21 Yearbook-Literary Editor 41 Wheat and Cockle 3, .43 N. S. A. delegate 3, 4. GPO! Jane NORTH QUINCY STREET, ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA GEORGE1'0WN VISITATION, XVASHINGTON, D. C. MAJOR: English - MINOR: History -all 6xfJl'7'l'L'IlI'C is an nr1'l1 zul1f'r1'll1m' Gleums that 1l71fl'IlYlC'H,d world, wlmsc nznrgin fades Forevw' and forever ZUIIEII I mow. -TENNYSON Catholic Action I, 2, 3, 4: Fresh man Forumg I. R. C. 3. pafricia aoween WULZAQIWL DAYTON STREET, VVORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS QXSCENSION H1011 SCHOOL, VVORCESTER, MASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: History - MINOR: Education Life is not life' at all ZUI.lll0Ilf dcliglzt. -COVENTRY PATMORE French Club ig Social Commit- tee 1, 2, 3 1 C'h'1irman 4 Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, .12 Class Treasurer I gba marie anne 34 CORONA STREET, DORCHESTER, MASSACHUSETTS NOTRE DAME ACADEMY, Roxisimv, 1x"IASSACHUSli'I'T5 MAJOR: Mathematics -- MINOR: Physics Begone dull Curcx' I pritlzec begonc' from mv! Begone dull Care! Tlmu and I 5111111 m'w'r r1grf'f'. PLAY1-ioRD Cjalffigen :fm O We!! Missions 1, 2, 3, 4-Vice-Presi dent 3. 4: Whcat and Cockle 3 4--Editor 4: Dramatic Club 1, 2 3, 311 Science Club 3, 4-Secrc tzu'y-Treasurer 3: Class Vice President 3: Student Govern ment 3: Basketball Team 1, 2 ,ll Hockey Team 1, 2, 3, 4: Ath Ietic Association 2, 3, 4-Secre tary 2, Treasurer 3, Vice-Presi dent 4. Jem 320 PUTNAM AVENUE, PORT CHESTER, NEW7 YORK CQNVEN1' oil' 'rule Sxtzlu-tim HEART, GREENXN'ICH, CONNECTICUT The gentle nzfnd by gentle deeds i5 knowne -SP1iNsER Catholic Action ig Missions 3,45 Dramatic Club 2: Glee Club 1, 2: French Club 1: Science Club 3. 57 O5 my izozgeffa Aan 2 YVASHINGTON STREET, PEABODY, MASSACHUSETTS NOTRE DAME Acmimmui, Roxisukv, MAssAc:HUsnT'1s MAJOR: Sociology - MINOR: Education There is a glllfllfll in her fncfc' Where roses and zulzite I1'l1'r's blowg A heavenly jm1'nd1'.s'e is that jylnu' Wlzcfrein all I7lI'll.SYlIlt fruils do flow. 'IRIIONIAS CAMPIQN Catholic Action 2, 3, 4: Inter- racial 4: Freshman Forum, Glee Club 1, 2, 41 Dramatic Club 2, 33 Yearbook Staff-Photogrzr phy Editor, Science Club 3, 4- Secretary-Treasurer 43 Athletic Association-Presiclent 45 French Club lj Basketball Team 1, 2, 31 Hockey Team 1, 2, 35 Choir 2, 3, 4. 86LlfLl4f8 0l"LlQ,lfL8 61, lflftlfl, 962 XVARWICK AVENUE, LAKEWOOD, RHODE ISLAND Coxvum' or 'l'l-Ili SAQR1-Lu HEART, ELMHURST, PROVIDENCE, R. I. MAJOR: Biology - MINOR: Sociology Bc like the sun and the meadow, wlziflz are not in the lens! 1'onc'en1f'cI about the cmnirzg zuinter. -G. B. SHAW New Rochelle College IQ Catho- lic Action 2, 3, 43 lnterrucizll 3, 4-Vice-President 3, Presi- dent 42 French Club 2, 3. 6Llf' 3 Q.. lf'6LlfLC8Z5 8lfLlfL8y 6!8 0 RUTLEDGE ROAD, BELMONT, MASSACHUSETTS lXlARYCLlFlf Aczfxmimv, ARLINGTON, lXIAssAc:Hus1QTTs M.-XIOR: Frencll - MINOR: Eclucuticm TIN' flllfll l.S'g'l'f'Il1 and will fllY'l'l!l1.l QQOYILNTRY l,A'l'hIORlL Marymount College ig Catholic Action 2, 3, 4: Missions 3, 4: Class Secretary 3, 42 Social Com- mittee 42 Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4- Vice-President 42 French Club 2, 3: Hockey Team 2, 3, 4: Basketball Team 2. any .fggigmf Rfb 85 CHIiS'IiNU'I' HILL ROAD, CHESTNUT HILL, MASSACHUSETTS DANA HALL ,-XCAIJIZINIY, XMn1,i,usLm', IVIASSACHUSETTS MAJOR: Social Scicnccs - MINOR: French Why, tlmn 1116 zurwldfs' mine oyster llf'l1z'rl1 I with sword shall open. -SHAKESHQARE Catholic Action 1, 2, 3, 43 Missions 3, .42 Class President 1, 2, 1, 2, 3, .1-l'I'CSlllCllI ,lj Glce Clulm Dramatic Club 22 Buskctlxill Teznn 3, .12 Student CQOVCTIIIIICIII 1, 21 French Club 1, 2, 3: .Agce Gimozn gcufofon afe 132 NORTH MAIN S'1'REli'I', SHARON, IXI.-XSS.-XC HUSETTS l1eANN13 D'ARc ACA111-imr, Mnfrox, M1xss,xc:11t1s1-1'1r'1's MAJOR: Sociology - MINOR: History Erztlzusmsnz is thc' gwzizzs of 5I'lll'l'l'fij', and truth nr'f-ozrzjylisllm' out it. no i'1.I'lUl'l'ff.S' will: EIJYNC-XRli LY't"l'oN Catlmolic Action 1, 2, 3, 41 X hook Staff-Art Editor. 6'Ll"9lfL9l"lf1f8 UQLPQ HL568! lin ELMER ROAD, ASHMONT, MASSACHUSETTS IYOTRI-Z DAME Ac:Au1aMY, BOSTON, MASSACI-1Usm'1's MAQIUR: Mulllematics - MINOR: Physics ,fl fair z'xlr'r1'm' is Il silent remuzmcndnliml. -Punsuus SYRUS Catholic Action 1, 2, 4: O.S.l'. Delegate 41 l. R. C. 3, 4, Dx.: matic Club 2-Sccretztry 2: Clcc Cluh 1: Hoekcy Team cane ogecfg Egziefcfd ofa 1379 REGENT STREET, SCHENECTADY, NEVV YORK CIUNVIQNT or Till? SAc:R15n HEART, A1.1sAm', N1-Lw Yuma MAJOR: History - MINOR: Frcnclt IVl1m'e lite Sfl'l'!llll l'IHI!II'llI .s'n1ooIl1ff.s'l Thr' wnlrt' is rI1'1'pr'.s'l. -lol ml Nauarclh College IQ Dramatic Club 2, 3, 4-Treasurel' 3, Presi- clent 4: Catholic Action 2, 3, 4: Science Club 3, 4-Vice-Presi dent 3, President 4: Hockex Tczim 3. 06LlfL 6Lbl!lfVL6LIfL x7fLCA8l" cfe 15 CloNv14NT Ol-' 'l'Hli SAQR1-Qn H MAJOR: Chemistry - Iivllolrl ZUlll'l'f' she I11'fo1'e lil1'r11'1'11ff ilu' holy f11'1'f'.s'I JU ELSER TERRACE, ROCHESTER, NEW YORK EART, RlDLIHES1'ER, NEW YORK MINOR: Biology the altar stands that to l11'1' spr'11k.s' V 5 . 'Il I 's Iwo llllflllj' IIIIHIIS. -SPENSER 411111 1111130111 l11'1' 1111 1 II Catholic Action I Social Committee I. Class SC4'l'Cl1ll'f' l, 2 -f 93,1 f-'vflvl Q' W 61,148 IWOLVLCQZ5 QAA 644 WVELD STREET, XVEST ROXBURY, MASSACHUSETTS flIRLS' LATIN Sc:HooL, BosToN, MAssAc:HUsm'Ts MAJOR: History - MINOR: Education Size is pretty to walk with .flrlrl witty to talk with And j1len.s'nnt, too, to llzinlc on. SIR JOHN SUc:KL1Nc Chestnut Hill College 11 Ecole Superieure d'Enseignment MC'- nagerg Catholic Action 2, 4: gnifemine Jeufry SUNNY CORNER, BAINBRIDGE, PENNSYLVANIA fiouvnm' Olf 'rule SAc:R12n HIEART, ALBANY, New Yoluc MAJOR: Philosophy - MINOR: English Not by y1'fIl'.S', but by ClI'.S'fNISI.If1H1, is wisdrml 111'q11iwfd. --PLAUTUS Interracial 22 French Club 2: I. R. C. 21 Dramatic Cluh 2, 4. Clee Club IQ Dl'1ll1l2lliC' C 4 . 5- I lion R. C. 2, 31 Catholic 1, 2, 3, 4. lub arjorie Za!L1f1, 68 BUCHANAN PLACE, NEW' YORK, NEYV YORK EI.lzAls12TH SETON COUNTRY DAY SCHOOL, RIVERDALIQ, NEW Yuma MAJOR: English - MINOR: Frcnclm Literature For mum mn ex1n'1's.s' Illw, lllmrglz all should approve thee. -EI,IZAI3li'l'I'I BARRE'1"1' BRowNlNc Senior Class vers AI,lc11Q TQICARIJON, PIY'.S'I'f1I'Ilf.' Hom-iv .IANI, VI'I'6-PI'l'.W'dI'IlfI CAM. T,l'l'l'S, Sr'r'n'l111'y,' R rm O'C 10N N lam., Trz'11.s1u'm'. FOR FOUR YEARS OF STRONG AND CRACIOUS LEADERSHIP, OUR LOVE AND THANKS! unior Class cers Clkfxczlc CZUNLIQY, P?'l'.S'I'f1c"Ilfj I1-:ANNE HARTFORD, I'in'-Pr'e.s1'clf'r1I5 NANCY DOLAN, SI'C'Tl'llITy A1,Ic:1c ANN O'BR11-QN, Trwzsurer. THE HOPE OF NEXVTON FOR NEXT YEAR! THEY HAVE ALREADY SHOXVN HOXX' XVELL PREPARED THEY ARE TO TAKE OVER. Sophomore Class vers 'Ultram'-...., DOROTHY ENGL:-iR'l', Przcsirlmzl: RIARY H1-iI.15N F11'zG1-1RAl,n, I'l.I'l'-Pl'l'.S'I.f1I'IlfI H111-iNlifxlmnwrlrxixslszx, Serrctaryg LUc:lLI.12 JOY, T1'1'11.s'11rer. YVE ARE PROUD OF HOW THEY HAVE REPRESENTED OUR SISTER-CLASS resbmam Class vers GAII. ENNIS, Pr1'sz'den1,' FRANQIQS IOHNSTON, I'1'f'o-Pz'f'.s1'fIm1I5 FLoR1f:Nc11c CONNOLLY, Sc'm'ot1n'y,' VVINIFRED VVEBER, Trf'n.s1m'r. NOT QUITE A YEAR BEHIND THEM: BUT ,X GOOD YEAR! '5- BARAT SENIORS S ,fllmrfm I.. In R.: H. juni, C. Kilby, M. Dealy, P. I-Ieenan, Hannon, A. Reardon. Ojzjumlrf nlfmfe: L. to R.: Bark Row: M. E. Shelly, H. Badenhausen, Miss Jud, M. E. Keogh M. H. Barnidge, D. Dienhart, B. Berging lfrmzt Row: V. Bueno, S. Mohl, V. Yawman H. Sperry, A. Berry. Uflj10SI'lf' In'1f:w.' L. lo R.: C. Bzlcciocco, E. McGrath, Byrne, L. McGrady, C. Arango, VV Xvebcr, N. XfValonyk, P. Byrne, C. Morgan, C. Cahalin. BARA-YI' .IUNIORS AND SOPHOMORES Q : gg 3 BARAT FRESH MEN Stuart H ouse Stuart House is named lor Mother .Ianet Stuart, one ol' the greatest educators in the history ol' the Society. Stuart is the center ol' scholastic and allied activities. Most classes are held there, where we try to acquire as much wisdom and as little information as possible. And between classes we rush to one or another ol its four floors: to breakfast, to the Smoker and a silly hand ol Bridge, to see il we've Qpleaselj a letter, to Assemblies and meetings and lectures, to read Dr. Von Ncmcthy's latest joke on the Bulletin Board, to "the Deanery" to explain stolen Gym cuts, to sign out lor a weekend, to sign in lor a campus, to make sure the Switch- board is open! All meet in Stuart-dayhops and boarders and laculty and dates. :Y QW , -N of L. to R.-Mr. Ehacher, Dr. Cain, Mr. Craig, Fr. Dittoe. acult "The best criticism of all comes lronr the truest lriencls: anal, as in private life, the one who exacts most is the most rare and precious lrientl, one who is inexorable in ClCIl12lllCllIlg the best elforts, whether in work, or ideals, or in the conduct ol life. It is troublesome to be exacting in these matters, and such service can never be repaid." JANET STUART, R.S.C..I. Xvllljll we think ol' tl1e lactllty, whose service can incleecl never he repaid, these words apply aptly. All we can say is 'lhank You to these and to the others whom our eamera coultln't catch. cms 1 -er ' ,Nfl-aug,,,,,, O may 711 l,c'n.s t fflfllllhllllbll' mmrzwzls . MW.. l all ,1- STUART SENIORS Abow, I.. lo R.: M. Zahn, S. Hurley, C. O'Neill, G. clcVitry. Opposile above, L. In R.: M. Slisllr, G. Conley, F. Mannix, C. Hickey, McLachlan. Opjmsitc below, L. to R.: Y. Oliashi, M. Ciflllillall, IJ. Sala, C. Quinlan, C. Going, E. Welch IE ! 5, ---1 in lj, --wx: X S'l'UAR'1' U N IORS S'l'UAR'1. SOPHOMORES AND FRESHMEN SENIOR DAYHOPS 0 R., Sf'nl1'fl: P. A. Dolan, R. U'Cunncll, P. Mulhcrn, A. Fisher, Connolly, YVclcl1 Sflllllll-Plgf M. F. Penney, M. Cnmin, M. Hcanuc. 5 SOPHOMORE DAYHOPS I.. In Ii.: F.. Higgins, ll. Yzllmccck. H. Haycs, M. XVc'lcl1, l'. Murmy. 5 1 FRESI-IMEN DAYHOPS L. to R.: l'. Sullivan, H. Sullivan, D. Skuclsinskaitc, M. Kirkpatrick, D. Petronis, M. Nolan. JUNIOR DAYHOPS L. In H.: Slmzflfzzg, L. Lynch, P. Madden, A. M. Clau5cn, l'. Mclntyrc, M. Casavant, B. Gould Smlrfl, G. Fisher, N. Dolan, B. Kclly, Hartl'cn'd, l'. Callahan, XX'hc L. to R.: Sealed, D. Englert, H. Jani, A. Reardon Ql'res.j, G. Conley, Hartlordg Sinnclingg F. ulohnston, C. Ennis, M. H. FitzCerald. Student Government The Student Covernment has gone through a inajor cvolutionary process during the last lour years. VVhen the College was very small, the mediating between student demands and Adminis- tration Laws could he conducted on a person to person basis. But when our numbers and interests and ideas grew, we found a need lor increased representation and intermediary machinery. This year the Student Government Committee has conducted in Parliamentary lashion weekly all-school assemblies, where "it has been moved, seconded and passed" many times by the Students first, and alterwards made law by the Representatives and Administra- tion. The six-year-old constitution was revised according to majority suggestions by the Repre- sentative Student Committee, composed ol' Student Government and Social Committee Repre- sentatives, and Senior NSA. and N.F.C.C.S. Delegates-for the widest possible representation ol opinion. XfVe are proud of what the Student Government has achieved in a very short time, and we know they will grow up to greater responsibilities and greater authority. Social ommittee "'l'he aiin ol the Social Clonnnittee is to control the social activities ol' the College and to determine collegiate standards in 1l1Zlllt'l's ol' taste and social intercourse." The Handbook would focus attention on the Social CIonnnittee's control oyer what the rest ol' the College would try to inake unfettered social activity: putting blue-yjeaned legs on the lurniture, welcom- ing iifOlll a third-floor window the guest who has just driyen up to the lront door. But most ol the Social Coinniittee's work has been devoted to enlarging our lield ol social activities in delightful fashion. And more olten than not, while we are enjoying ourselves at the Tea Dance or Barn Dance or Mexican Hat Dance, the Social Clonnnittee is busy inending the leak in the punch howl, drying collee cups lor the lourth shilt, trying to persuade a souvenir-hunter to leave the paper Shanirocks until "Good Night, Ladies." Xlle haxe to thank them lor niany hours ol well-planned lun. l 7 ' ' ' V ,X KX Cfllrien, N. Dolan, A. Rear- I.. to R.: Sflllllllillg, XX. llelzeix Xllielch, N. Lane, C-. litts, . . . . clon, H. Badenhausen, L. ploy: Scnlccl. R. Ollonnell fcllfllllllclilb. A ' Q D ,, safaffi Children of Mary . . the medal ol Child ol' Mary, received at the Sacred Heart, gives the members entrance and welcome in evcry convent of the Society throughout the world. The rules for Children ol' Mary ol' the Sacred Heart do not oblige them to any particular form ol' sell'-devotedness: they are expected to be ready lor every good work according to the opportunities ol' the centres in which they live. But it is especially asked ol them that they should be laithlul to the prac- tices ol' mental prayer, in the measure that their circumstances allow, and to the animal retreat: and that they should give in society the example of a blameless Catholic life, characterized above all, by the cultivation ol' the spiritual life which was the soul and end of the Sodality in the eyes ol' the Holy Foundress, and by devotion to the Sacred Heart ol' Jesus and the Most Pure Heart ol' Mary." JANWI' STUART, R.S.C.lI. PEE lil :C L. io Seated, B. Cassidy, S. Hurley tPres.Q, F. Mannix. I.. Io R.: Standing, Baxter, Carnjost, A. Fulton. Catholic Action Catholic Action is an impressive title lor the activities ol our Catholic Action, Missions and Interracial Justice groups. This year, besides hospital visiting, the Catholic Actioners have con- centrated on quizzing and answering each other in "Catholic Evidence" apologetics sessions. The Mission Club traditionally collects boxes and boxes ol stamps, and it has brought several Missionary priests to speak to us, and sent them away with gifts from its harassed treasury which exists only to be given away. They held an Interracial justice Wfeek, the high point of which was Mr. Alan Crite's lecture on Christian Art, accompanied by slides and every variety of illustration. These are snlall specihc instances-we hope our every action is a Catholic Action. I.. ioR..'Sc11fec1',C. Kilby qN.S.A.j, Shields QO.S.l'.j, F. Mannix fN.F.C.C.S.Q1 Slrzndtng, A. U'lSrien tN.S.A.j, Curran fN.F.CI.Cl.S.y. .S.A. and .F.C.C.S. Delegates NS.,-X. lurnishes tts with a connection with the rest ol the students ol the United States and ol the world. Newtons delegate to the National Congress in lvlinnesota last August inet with ptmlitically-minded collegians lroni all parts ol the country to discuss international student allairs, students' rights, academic lreedoni. During the past year N.S.A. has placed great emphasis on the awareness which students inust have old their role in the international connnunity. Newton students participated in an institute on American Foreign Policy held at Harvard. The N.F.C.Cl.S. is a like Federation ol Catholic College students ol the United States, affili- ated with student unions in foreign countries. This winter, Newton was hostess for a New England Region Council Meeting. And a yearly "Ove-rseas Service llrogranr' Drive enables us, with the help ol the Adininistration, to keep several foreign students at Newton, who plav with us and study with us and manage to head the lJean's Honor List. tfench Club The lirench Club is one ol' the most highly organized ol' the minor fltths on campus. 'l'hei1' meetings are held religiously, and they are actptiring l"renc'l1 culture with determination. 'l'his year they've brought speakers on all phases ol' it to Newton, and on one delightful occasion they shared Edith Pial' with the college. lor lreel .Xt an Emmanuel College French Day, in appropriate COSttll1lC they demonstrated folk dances which charmed the really French lirst Consul. And we know that they are the only ones in the whole college whose accents justify a "XX" alter "Freneh?" on the myriad applications lor johs and lellowships we're all trying to talk our way into! ll-"' L. to Ii.-B. Chabot, M. Evans fPres.j, Curran, Mr. Ehacher. V63 'Wk . 7 9. i . A 4., ff W . 2 all it Xl fl' .91 is. xq St. Many 5 "The garage" for Frederick and Patrick, St. lNIary's is its name to the nuns in memory of Blessed Philippine Ducl1esne's convent "Ste, Marie-d'en-Haut" QSt. Marys-up-Tllerej at Greno- ble. But because we never venture upstairs, it is more often just the Science Building. For the science-minded, this means the scene of fascinating experiments and cliscoveriesg for the veterans ol' required Biology I, it means only the horrible formaldehyde memories of half- skinnetl frogs in wax-lineal "roasting pans!" 1 Hmfcle H ouse Hardey House is named for Mother Aloysia Hardey, one of the first American Religious of the Sacred Heart, and foundress of most of the American houses of the Sacred Heart in the East. The house, like Mother Hardey, is very American. No other house has casual wooden front and back porches whose informality invites the deposit of dozens of pairs of red boots, dozens of half-lacquered skis-which always adorn the doorway for months and trumpet the presence of New England common sense and wonderful New England ski slopes. Hardey is mostly for resting, but it sees moments of furious industry when the Art Studio becomes a Christmas Card Factory, when the costumes for the play were supposed to have been hnished two weeks ago, or when the camera owners are drafted for publicity shots. ' M Q,-aw W WM' ww-X vw 6 HARDEY SENIORS Above L. to Seated, r1lLlClQCl', P. R. Delmeyg Stfnzding, B. Cassidy, Paquin, Shields. Opposiie abowf, L. lo R.: Back row, N. Lane, M. Slattery, B. Powell, B. Micutag Second row M. H. Fitzgerald, B. Chabot, E. Murphy, A. Hanrallan, l. Buekleyg Front row, Curran D. Killion, H. Miller, Tllurber. Opposite below, L. lo R.: H. lsquierdo, D. Haider. M. Spilalier, P. Nee, M. Moyles, F Connolly, P. Donovan, A. Sperry. B. A. Reillyg Ifroni, M. T. NIllgC3l, M. Cortelli. HARIJEY -IUNIORS ,XND SOPHOMURES -,fff"'M7 Q f HARDEY FRESH MEN L. to R.: Burk Row, Curran, P. Hollar, C. O'Neill fliditorj, S. Mlhelang Front Row, C. Kilby, P. Callahan, M. Dealy. Wheat and Cookie Wheat and Cockle is Newton's annual literary magazine. Each year it starts out to develop tl1e kind of artistry that unquestionable genius plus painstaking paring and polishing pro- duces. And inevitably it coniproniises by encouraging both kinds, but separately, to fill its pages, trusting that the whole will be equal to the Slllll of its extremely distinct parts. Then we just hope that the fruit of hard work we print is inspired, and the inspiration under deadline is genius. Our youth insures a sulhciency of autobiography and broken-hearted poetry, and were trying to become competent literary critics-a matter of principle rather than instinct! emfbook Sfdj? Actions speak louder than words, and in this ease we'x'e both with which to convict our- selves, lor the Yearbook is our action and these words are our signature! The experience was invaluable-we've learned ineflable amounts about collecting and pay- ing bills, extending deadlines past the zero hour, figuring proportions when we've lorgotten algebra, cropping pictures without cropping someones bangs. XVe'x'e had hours ol chuckles over past hairdos and past romances recorded in a hundred discarded snapshots. Our nostalgia for College is a degree greater than everyone else's lor we have been Itlflllflillg at memories. W7e've tried to show Newton as we've known it lor lour years, and now we know it's impossible to express all that it means. I.. lo R.-M. Higgins fBIlSl'H1'SS lllmzngcrj Paquin fPll0l'Ogl'IlfJlIy lfditorj M. Dealy fEd1'tor-ill-Clzirfj C. Kilby QL1'iemry Iiclitorj in gms: 4 3 I 'I A uchesne House Named lor Blessed Philippine Duchesne whose missionary work was accomplished among the little .Xinericans "on the l'I'OllllCl'H, Duehesne House stands on the Northeast corner of' the College property. X'Ve prayed and prayed lor this house that was ours in all but occupation, and finally Mr. Harriman decided to move-just in time for the complete Library to be literally dumped into his game room and the first Graduation Exercises to be held on his front lawn. Now the Library boasts orderly shelves which are rapidly being filled to overflowing. Per- haps it is Duchesne which should be called the center of activity this year. For the Library swelled by several thousand books, and Mother Coleman's accessioning stamp is still far behind the stack ol' uncatalogued books. That Ducliesne should be the center ol' so much slow, hidden work is curiously appropriate, lor Mother lJuchesne's work in America was exceedingly slow and hidden. At the time it was disappointing and seemed to have failed: only after death did the fruits appear-and we are sure Duchesne is one of the fruits. fi, X f 4 0 'ul wfh . 41" ' R' w ,, 1' , ' 5 N X' QQ 4 N M b V 4 1 'ff Q, 4 . i, , ,, 3: if ,, ' 'K N as , f' K Q f -Q 4 was A V H. S or lax 4. v F' EW " M, M. Q 'X ui fa Azria V :Off gy +,gA 'if Qffs. 51 Mt lisa, 115 'fig , 'J' 4 3 in L. to lf.: li. Cllizibot, Seely., A. O'Brien, Pres., P. R. Denney, Vice-Pres. I O ntewmtzomzl elvztzons lub Each XVCCIIICSLIZQ' night the niore internzitionzilly-niincletl illlltlllg' ns lnrmok the Sinoker a the phone booth in un eilnrl to clziriliy lor ourselves the world situation. Sllllfilltlg with 21 nitit handliul in the lmeg'nning ul' the year, our numbers swelled into 21 respectable group. Frc lime to time we were czilletl on in pzniicilizite in tlixciissimis and debates at other eolleg lraclually we began to think ol' ourselves :ls znilliurities in the internationzil Iielcl. voeilierous il not brilliant. In order to prmee this to the rest ol the College, we staged ll inoclel U. N. clise sion group for their CIllt'l'lllilllllCl1l. Mouse prmecl Qin inspiring and incleliitigzilile txil2iil'IHHH. IIS DUCHESNE SENIORS I.. In li.: M. B. U'Slu-21, A. Keogh. M. Higgins, Flanagan. 3 f q. 5 IJUCIHESNE -IUNIORS I.. In li.: X. fylililxll, li. lla-ally, ,X. lfulum, P. l Iollzu'. ai 15,45 I DUCHESNE SOPHOMORES L. to R.: Baxter, QI. Garnjost, L. Joy, C. C2lI1I1iHw, E. Kidwcll, M. Evans, D. Englert, C. Hughes. f ' , x QQ . 44 ' 9 I xv! 5 - 'Q Q V 1 Q f D UCHESNE FRESHMEN I.. In R.: C. Muvrli, M. Chisholnl, S. Dewecs. K. Cllxzllalin, Costello, S. H2ll'ly', C. Ennis, R. Dognin, E. Rcurclmm, '1'l'2lill0l', K. Slmioluari. eabouse Our yellow-walled leahouse was zz most wclconic innovzition lor odd hour snacks, smokes and small talk. lt's the place where our Public Service lll'0g'l'Z1lH is most evident, lor each ol the Students takes a turn at churning frappes and grilling Cheese Dreams lor hungry Newton- ites. It's an uncertain business at best, for no one has yet lorniulatcd the unique law ol sup- ply and demand lor Newton. Only feminine intuition could predict whether "everyone" is going on a black coffee diet or whether they'll all be "absolutely starved!" And Mother Mooney's intuition is superb. - V 4 My zz ...J ., , :.l.x,.," -e WA , V xg, 'J ,,.. . V 79,54 ,AMN gif-Y WY mx . i 5 , ..E"? la house For such at young building the Quonset has in its time housed a great deal of life, real and theatrical. It has been the site of Newton's histrionic and musical efforts Qfrom which it derives its more formidable name "The Playhouseuy, it has served as gymnasium, and if this were not enough, it has played an important part in our social life: on occasion it has been transformed into the gay scene of a barn dance or of the .Iunior Prom. At Graduation, Baccalaureate Mass is said there. Tickets for most of our Building Fund projects get collected at its door, and in general it's the biggest place we try to fill with the friends and relations of the hundred and fifty of us. STAGE SET FOR YVINTER OR SUMMER SPORTS Left to right: Phyllis Hollar, Tl'FIlrS'Il7'C'l',' Gail Pitts, Vi1'e-Presiderzlg Joan Yawman Tucker, Presi- dent. mmaztic lub The Dramatic Club has this year presented two successful short plays-Laurence Housman's "Bethlehem" for the Christmas Feast XfVishes and scenes of the Presentation for Reverend Mothers feast. As we go to press, "The Rivals" is in process of preparation for a Parents' XVeekend premiere. Under Mother Maguires direction, there is always organization and cfliciency in the rehearsal department. But alternating procrastination and hectic activity in the costume and scenery departments make lil'e as dramatic as possible. COSTUMES FINISHED AND ALMOST PINNED TOGETHER! I.. to R.: Stnnrling, I.. lXIeGratly, H. Batlenhausen, F. Mannix, M. Evans, Costello, M. Slattery, .X. Berry, I-I. XV. Sperry: Seulwfl, li. Reartlon. lee ub Menibers ol the Clee Club leatl the niost persistently hectic lives in the College. Rehearsal is their cry-rehearsal lor "Cosi Fan Tutti." .-Xitlecl by Mrs. Balling antl Mother Guerrieri, they succeetlecl in gixing Newton a niost tlelightlul version ol Mo1art's opera. Outstanding was l'at Cloucl who played Isaclora. This year too, the Glee Club gave birth to the Newtones-an octet which quickly enclearecl itsell' to the College with its charming presentations ol lour-part harmony. The Newtones are clistinct lroni the Glee Club, but as their nienibership overlaps, this seeins the best place to mention theni. Their lirst public appearance was at the Acacleiny, and all reports made it a huge success. The program was repeated lor the College and turned tllll to be the winning entry ol' the Newton talent show. NVhen Mr. Alan Crite lectured during Interracial week, the Newtones' versatility showed itsell' in their inusieal accompaniment to his illustrations for two Spirituals-"Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" and "XVere You There XVhen They Crueihetl My Lord?" THE ORCHES1'R. X REHEAXRSING FOR HCIOSI FAN '1'U'I"1'I ' ' n ' 1: ' Q if , Q, W.. mv-V.,-,-,,.,.f . gg ., xx ,X I HHANSEL AND GR ETE1 vi lll'Sl they hzuccl us. on wc wcrc lmlcl enough Lu In Hx Many wc knew wc wcrc thc lwllcs ul lllc' hull! v- , . .W i Q' 'SP 'l'on 1-Bar II arrivccl, and our intmclucticm to St. VIQIIOIIIZIS VVC Hnally won our caps and gowns. It was 21 picnic! in M, VVS looked forward to our own Graduation even 'though "the waters How along" as wc walk! Once in a while it actually came to this N' gff, H41 .. " 42" M 2: ' I , ,QE 4 Hmf- ,Q -e -ma.. , , 1, f Q' ' - 5 ,f ',, " 5 1' i,j2if?'z' S 'f v ' ' effw f - my 5 'I Ajgi i K it But nmstly il was spectator sports for us' M., 'fl' W1 yur The Freshmen using their time! And the SOPh011101'CS and Juniors MS i 'r F 1 Senior Discoveries Ol ,1 IJ1 s he Ec!it01f's Thanks to: MoTHuR NIAGUIRE lor her ideas, corrections, unbelievable patieneeg lVlO'l'H1iR Pu'rNAM for her cover designg Mk. :XNDRE SNow lor his cooperative ubiquity and photographic skill '1'H1': HEI-'I"l'LllNAN l'Ricss lor its kind advice and its eraltsnransliipg xIUS'l'lN1i KENNIQY lor being the editors' ehaulleurg JANE SHIELDS for her generosity with her secretarial skillsg MARY Hkll.l'LN F1'1'zGuR,xLn lor her roving reporter's camera shots. Barbara Cassidy .Ioan Connolly Maureen CI'Olllll Marcia Dealy Peggy Ann Dolan Peggy Ruth Denney Anne Fisher ,Ioan Flanagan jeanne HHIIIIOII Mary Heanue Polly Heenan Maureen Higgins Sheila Hurley Honey Jani Justine Kenney Katherine Ann Keogh Carol Kilby Patricia Mulhern Rita O'Connell Catherine O'Neill Mary Beth O'Shea Jeanne Paquin lass of 1952 ll High Street, Bangor, Maine 32 Roekntont Rd., BCllllOlll, Mass. ,19 Forest Aye., Lexington, Mass. 4 Hudson River Rd., Riverdale, N. Y. 103 Creaton Rd., XVest Roxbury, Mass. 41.1 Chichester LQIIIC, lVynnew00d. Pa. 1811 Center Street, XVest Roxbury, Mass. l5l Hillside Street, Milto11, Mass. 520 Randolph Street, Milto11, Mass. ll Kenwood Ave., Newton Centre, Mass. 19 Crescent Avenue, Newton CCllll'C, Mass. 430 South Main Street, Andover, Mass. IQ Stllliillllllll Street, Milton, Mass. 355 Grove Street, Clilton, N. 159 Lowder Street, Dedham, Mass. 20 Hazel Lane, LZl1'Cl1lllOl1l, N. 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Barat Barat Hardey Hardey Stuart Stuart Barat Barat Hardey Hardey Stuart Barat Duchesne Dorothy Deinhart Nancy Dolan Geraldine Fisher Ann Fulton Barbara Gould Jeanne Hartford Charlotte Hickey Alice Higgins Phyllis Hollar Nancy Hurley Barbara Kelly Noel Lane Louise Lynch Pauline Madden Frances Mannix Raminta Mantautas Margaret Mclntyre janet McLachlin Birute Micuta Eleanor Murphy Alice Ann O'Brien Barbara Powell Mary Eileen Shelly Marion Slattery l20l lihnwood Avenue, lfViln1ette, lll. no Clyde Street, Newtonville, Mass. l8ll Center Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 275 Marsh Street, Belmont, Mass. .1o Dwinell Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 11180 Coinmonwealth Avenue, Brighton, Mass. 511 Allerton Road, Milton, Mass. 963 Center Street, Newton Center, Mass. 5 Hart Street, Kingston, jamaica, B. W. l. 57 Fresh Pond Lane, Cambridge, Mass. 114 Lochsteacl Avenue, jamaica Plain, Mass. 25 Hutchinson Avenue, Scarsdale, N. Y. 26 Lewis Street, Newton, Mass. 21 Aldworth Street, Boston, Mass. 1.16 Beach 1.18 Street, New York, N. Y. Saint Mary's Villa, Elmhurst, Pa. 618 NVest Roxbury Pkwy., Roslindale, Mass. Ohehyahtah Place, Danbury, Conn. 159 Vernon Street, Vvorcester, Mass. 113.1 Brook Road, Milton, Mass. S711 Ocean Avenue, Brooklyn, N. Y. 60 VVillow Crescent, Brookline, Mass. ISI Maple Street, Wilmette, Ill. 1oS55 DeSota, Chatsworth, Calif. 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Y. 25 Mfestwood Drive, Worcester, Mass. 24l LaGrange Street, XVest Roxbury, Mass. 963 Center Street, Newton Center, Mass. 102 Oxford Street, Chevy Chase, Md. Old Battery Road, Bridgeport, Conn. 20 Davenport Apartments, New Rochelle, N. Y. Stuart Hardey Barat Barat Duchesne Duchesne Stuart Hardey Duchesne Duchesne H arcley Duchesne Hardey Duchesne Duchesne Barat Emily Kitlwell Dorothy Killion Hillary Miller Sophie Mohl Patricia Murray Delma Sala Helen Wartl Sperry Doris Vanecek Mary Welch Katherine VVelling -Iinny Yawman Clemencia Arango Claire Bacciocco Patricia Byrne Suzanne Byrne Constance Cahalin Katherine Chaplin Mary Chisholm Patricia Cloud Florence Connolly Quarters 65-7, Covernor's lslantl, N. Y. :So Pontl Street, jamaica Plain, Mass. Weston, Vermont c,fo Mrs. Robertson, Hot Springs, Va. .bXrtlovt'r Roatl, Billerita, Mass. Conceptcion St. 327, Cuayanilla, P. R. Nod Hill Roatl, Wfilton, Conn. to5 Clifton Avenue, Clilton, N. 6-142 VVeltl Street, West Roxbury, Mass. .12 Fisher Place, Trenton, N. I5 Elser Terrace, Rochester, N. Y. Class of 1955 Bogota, Colombia, A. 2726 -johnstone Place, Cincinnati, Ohio 18055 I-Iamilton Roatl, Detroit, Mich. l28 High Strt-et, Exeter, New Hampshire 63 VVint'hcster Road, Arlington, Mass. Chappatlua, N. Y. itil. Forest Street, Xvelleslcy Hills, Mass. 4310 Mfyngate Road, Philatlelphia, Pa. ll Hilltop Roatl. Chestnut Hill, Mass. 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Y. 385 Cambridge Street, Allston, Mass. 3 Spring Street, Mansfield Hills, Mass. ll Portsmouth Terrace, Rochester, N. Y. 23.1 Pine Avenue, New Rochelle, N. Y. 100 Stratford Street, West Roxbury, Mass. 299 Garfield Place, Brooklyn, N. Y. Carrera 53 361-'73 Barranquilla, Colombia 71 I0 Moorland Lane, Bethesda, Md. 25 Vermont Street, XVest Roxbury, Mass. 347 Teramaecho, Kanozawa, Yokohama, japan 1 Webb Park, South Boston, Mass. IOS Mfashington Street, Geneva, N. Y. Hardey Duchesne Duchesne Duchesne Hardey Stuart Stuart Duchesne Hardey Hardey Stuart H ardey Hardey Barat Barat Barat Hardey Duchesne H ardey Stuart Stuart Carolyn Quinlan Elinor Reardon Betty Ann Reilly Maria Christina Sanint Kuniko Shiobara Dalia Skudsinskaite Madeleine Spitalier Ann Sperry Helen Sullivan Patricia Sullivan -Ioan Trainor Winifred Yveber Eloise Welch Nadia Wolanyk Hillside Road, Greenwich, CUIIII. 132 North Main Street, Sharon, Mass. 27 Prince Street, jamaica Plain, Mass. Manizales, Colombia 102 Hanezarva, Shikuya, Tokyo, japan 250 East Eighth Street, South Boston, Mass. Reforma 855, Mexico City, Mexico Nod Hill Road, Wilton, Conn. I2 Hazelton Road, NCWlOll, Mass. 122 Russell Avenue, Wlatertown, Mass. 115 Co11vin Road, Rochester, N. Y. 18654 X'VllClClllCl'C, Detroit, Mich. 37 Catherine Street, Newport, R. l. 613 So. lvlljllliitllll Avenue, Baltimore, Md. Duehesne Duchesne Hardey Barat Duehesne Hartley Hartley Duchesnc Barat Stuart Barat Nil and Mrs. Charles AI. Bacciocco Mr and Mrs. YVilliam Belanger Mr anc Mrs. Daniel T. Bergin Mr and Mrs. Raymond Berry Mr ant Mrs. Dan Byrne M1 anc. Mrs. Townshend Byrne Mr anc. Mrs. john T. Canniff Mr anc Mrs. P. Victor Casavant Mrs. .Io in Cassidy Mr. anc Mrs. James F. Connelly Mr anc. Mrs. John Costello Mr anc Mrs. Daniel A. Cronin Mr anc Mrs. James F. Dealy Mr and Mrs. Anthony de P. Denney Mr anc, Mrs. joseph Dolan Miss Catherine Marie Doyle SPONSORS Mr. jacques jugeat Mr. and Mrs. Roger Kenney Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Keogh Mr. and Mrs. john H. Kilby Mr. and Mrs. Bernard KI. Killion Miss Anne -Iustine Lyons Miss Alice M. Maginnis Mr. and Mrs. Henry Mannix Mr. and Mrs. Alexander Morgan Mrs. joseph P. Mulhern Mr. and Mrs. Peter tl. Nee, -Ir. Mr. and Mrs. Michael C. O'Brien Mr. and Mrs. NVilliam F. O'Connell Mr. and Mrs. Paul H. O'Neill Mr. and Mrs. F. D. Pitts Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Powell Miss Ellen Louise Englert Dr. and Mrs. George A. Englert, Dr. and Mrs. Mrs. john C. M r M r Mr Mr M r M1 M r M1 Dr o I and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. and Mrs. Joseph P. Evans V. Fisher John NV. Fitzgerald XVilliam H. Flanagan David H. Fulton Edwin F. Hannon Francis XV. Heanue Edward F. Heenan Francis Hurley and Mrs. Jose R. Isquierdo md Mrs. Frank Jani Mrs. Thomas E. Quigley Mr. Mr M r. M r. Mr M r. M1 and Mrs. Timothy Regan and Mrs. Harold Russell joseph D. Shelley and Mrs. Francis A. Sheilds and Mrs. Charles L. Slattery and Mrs. Cleveland Thurber Pierre de Vitry Miss Patricia Walsh Mr. and Mrs. YVilliam AI. XVeber Dr. and Mrs. Norman YVelch Miss Agnes Therese XVellings Convent of the Sacred Heart Vancouver, B. C. Compliments of LOUIS KNIFE 81 SON Plymouth, Massachusetts Best Wishes from ARCHER RUBBER CO. Milford, Massachusetts Compliments of 9 Mary M. 0' Shea SUTHERLANITS and 309-325 Essex St., Lawrence, Mass. Catherine M. Giblin "Merrimack Vulley's Greatest Storev Yawman Metal Products Inc. Rochester, New York Compliments Of Mr. 81 Mrs. Elwin D. Knapp Compliments of J. C. HIGGINS Delano, Potter 81 Co., Inc. TEAS and COFFEES 45 Commercial Street Boston 9, Massachusetts Fandel Press, lnc. Complete Printing Service 59 McBride Street Jamaica Plain 30, Massachusetts ,lAmaica 4-0204 - 4-0205 Church Goods Vestments Benziger Brothers Inc. 95 Summer Street Boston 10, Massachusetts Llberty 2-1150 Religious Articles Books Patrick J. Gill 81 Sons, Inc. 387 Washingtoll Street Boston, Massachusetts Compliments of Florence and Alene HMRDRESSERS Q 'Q 'Ci ' 7549 . 55 59 5 Q B mX ' Q X f Avg ? A WJfVW l More and more . . . the call is or R. 054' Evra F2726 BEER 11 I ' I B LLANTI Best Wishes from the Class of 1955 Compliments of a Friend Best Wishes to the Class of 1952 Mr. and Mrs. John F. Higgins C0lllPlll1lClltS of a Friend to 1 eeeee SU PEREMARKE , E Compliments of Jane 'Tooher Sport Clothes, Inc. 711 Boylston Street Boston, Massachusett BEST WISHES from the Class of 1953 Compliments of a Friend Compliments of Edward J. Lynch Prunty Seed Sl Grain Company sfr. Louis, MISSOURI St. Louis' Oldest Original Seed Company Established 1874 FRANCIS ll. BARNIDCE EDWQ C. BARNIDCE President Treasurer it L. C. Balfour Company Attleboro, Massachusetts 6'Known Wherever There .flre Schools and Collegesi' Class Rings and Pins Commencement Invitations - Diplomas - Personal Cards Club Insignia - Medals and Trophies Represented by: GENE MANCHESTER l,. C. Balfour Company, Attleboro, Massachusetts Compliments of a Friend! Fraser Engineering Company Inc. HEATnvc, mmzvc and VE1vT1LAT1Nc: 63 Court Street Newton 60, Massachusetts Telephone DE 2-3700-01 Compliments of a Friend Best Wishes from the Class of 1954 Country Day School of the Sacred Heart 785 Centre Street Newton 58, Massachusetts Convent of the Sacred Heart GfKENWooo', Albany 2, New York Country Day School of the Sacred Heart Stone Ridge, 8101 Rockville Pike, Washingtoll 14, D. C. College Preparatory Course Supervised Sports Bus Service Telephone: Oliver 9794 Manhattanville College of the Sacred Heart Convent Avenue and 133rd Street New York 27, New York Academy of the Sacred Heart Rochester, New York ELMHURST Convent of the Sacred Heart Providence, Rhode Island Convent of the Sacred Heart 280 Spring Garden Road Halifax, Nova Scotia Boarding and Day School for Girls Convent of tl1e Sacred Heart 171 Lake Shore Road Grosse Point 30, Michigan Academy of the Sacred Heart Lawrence and Woodrow Wilson Avenues Detroit 6, Michigan EDEN HALL Convent of the Sacred Heart Boarding and Country Day School Torresdale, Philadelphia 14, Pa. Co11ve11t of the Sacred Heart Noroton on the Sound Noroton, Connecticut Convent of the Sacred Heart City Lille 81 Haverford Road Overbrook Philadelphia 31, Pa. The Alumnae of Newton College of the Sacred Heart The Langley Book Sh0P Convent of the Sacred 1187 Centre Street Heart NEWTON CENTRE One East Ninety-first Street For Books Information About Books NEW YORK CITY Greeting Cards Imprinted Note Paper Compliments of A Friend Academy of Notre Dame Select Boarding and Day School for Girls Conducted by the Sisters of Notre Dame De Namur 2893 Washingtoll Street Roxbury 19, Massachusetts Clarke and Hegan Inc. 51 Commercial Street Boston, Massachusetts Tel: Lafayette 3-1911 - 3-4845 Wholesale Fruit and Produce Home Specialties Co. Inc. John M. Walker, Pres. Sz Treas. Awnings - Shades - Venetian Blinds - Canopies Weatherstripping - Aluminum Combination Doors and Windows - Screens NEWTON CENTRE Blgelow 4-3900 Convent of the Sacred Heart AND I'Iardey Preparatory School for Boys 6250 Sheridan Road Chicago, Illinois Blgelow 4-8900 or 4-8901 4155019 Oluquzal C0'll7llfl04 Twelve Twenty-nine Centre Street Newton Centre 59, Massachusetts Compliments of Paquin Moving and Storage Company Agents of UNITED VAN LINES, INC. Co11ve11t of tl1e Sacred Heart Compliments of . . King's Ridge Flltratlon El1gll166l'S Inc. Greenwich, Connect cut Boston Alumnae of the Sacred Heart Compliments of Coleman Disposal Company Best Wishes from The Janet Stuart Guild THE HEEFERNAN PRESS 150 Fremont Street Worcester, Massachusetts School and College PRINTERS Since 1888 Newton College of the Sacred Heart and other good college publications it . 4-.., V - l. -5 13 . ,O ,WUI 4, J' Q X A Q - A rf' -.i rift ri A 'C 9 fm.- 4 w Q ' v U' TQ. l 'Aff ,, , , I' , ,e fn, n K. 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Suggestions in the Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) collection:

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Newton College of the Sacred Heart - The Well Yearbook (Newton, MA) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


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