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 - Class of 1944

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Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Cover

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"":E'2 .ga V ,..v':: .sag E L 1 He. EG- ' 3:56 5 335 xiii Q xg X, . l. 3.1, 5 1' If c- Qi Ei? '- fl-G' . A., , , r-5 -. 931' EJLFI .M rl., E'3:.' 1 iff -,fp .mi :fiizf Y fri 29 n iv' E. 17.3 'f Q.. --.iY"f5R!Yl,'Sf'?" 'z--rm ' iwtgagsfwsw-aiaanerfasea-1 . flsifwxz gifs-riff!-if-QGWQ--2' S '1--,fri -sf5 1a3r'fa QNVURTQ47, l SV 97 A S? NEWPQRT TQWNSHIP HIGH SCHQQL WANAMIE, PENNSYLVANIA Two Foreword HE CURTAIN IS about to rrse on the too sudden frnale of our fxrst lmportant m1lestone of l1fe our h1gh school educatlon It IS w1th very great d1ff1culty that we say farewell to the scenes of our happ1 ness the fam1l1ar classrooms and corndors and to our mtlmate comrades However 1n the years to follow we w1ll remember and hold very dear these pleasant memones as we enrlched by the knowledge and understandxng extended to us under the mstructron of our venerate teachers pass on 1nto a novel world to take advantage of our golden opportunxtres and to become a credlt to cmvrlrzatron Now we are l1v1ng 1n a partrcularly trymg t1me one of the greatest peaks of our hlstory a trme rn wh1ch we need at 1ts fullest nchness that quahty of l1fe wh1ch thrlves ln our land democracy a vrrtue that blossoms forth from the freedoms deep rooted 1n our souls It portrays our real great ness as a free people It IS the basrc creed of l1ve and let l1ve the essence era that l1es ahead for Amenca and to share tt wrth all mank1nd That means that we are crrtually concerned wrth all that our know how can do to wm the war and to become an 1sle of freedom 1nv1nc1ble 1n a troubled sea We salute you wondrous Alma Mater for your enormous contrlbutron toward the safety of the natron A great many of your boys are out there prepared for the worst swept w1th cold waves of fear but gallantly frghtmg on acceptlng what comes face to face wlth the most dangerous expenences of thelr hves You are proudly symbolized by an army 1n overalls, who are holdlng the l1nes of home w1th the1r great efforts Because they are 'acmg the supreme sacr1f1ce for all that Amerrca chenshes not one of us dares fa1l them We wont fall them' We must follow through untrl vrctory IS ours Passmg over the pages of th1s book IS an exemphflcatron of many democratlc rdeals the common happemngs and events enrlched by sym pathy laughter and understandlng transformed 1nto sornethlng flne and rare We must see to 1t that such vlrtues be allowed to hve on through the ages RITA RIEFSKI of justice. Our job is to hold fast to it-to secure it anew for the brave new CAMPUS VIEWS ADMINISTRATION SENIORS NEWPORTRAIT STAFF IUNIORS SOPHOIVIORES llLnJ1 11 IFXIY PRACTICAL ARTS ACTIVITIES ATHLETICS NEWPORT STUDBNTS ADVFRTISEIVIENTS C ofzlcfzff I SERVICP 'N , ..., 1-nw-fm. . H 1 v - - - - - . N . A Four Yledzfalzon., O THE twenty semor boys our classmates who have entered the Armed Forces rn February 1944 and to all the former students and alumnr of Newport Townshrp Hlgh School now servrng so valrantly 1n the servrce of our country These boys Wllh whom we have studred formed fnendshrps shared hopes anxretres and even fears have wrllmgly and unselhshly qrven up the remarnlng months of school lrfe The cherlshed thoughts of the sprrng commencement and graduatlon exercrses whrch we remarnmg semors w1ll exper1ence and treasure for all t1me have been den1ed to them Why have they entered the SGIVICSQ Surely 1t must be to preserve the thrngs we hold most dear freedom equalrty and 1llSl1C9 As Amerrcans we have enjoyed the freedom whrch our Prlgrrm fore fathers fought so bravely to establrsh Indrvrdually we choose our own way of worshrp we vorce our own op1n1ons wrthout fear of punrshment We bel1eve that all men are created equal regardless of race color or creed An equal opportunrty 1S glven to every person to choose prepare for and Work rn a vocatron of hrs own preference and to enjoy the securrty of a happy home l1fe 1n peaceful surroundlngs However the preservatron of thrs, our noble herrtage must not be expected of the Armed Forces alone Farmer factory workers busrness men and housewrves must be drlrgent rn the1r dutles and honest rn therr dealrngs The sprrrts of our noble dead and fellowslup of our loved ones must move us to unselflsh sacrrhce and hrgh endeavor so that we may have peace once agarn all over the World GLORIA SKLADZIEN f 1 a 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . ' 1 1 - I . - 1 , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 31 1 1 Trww 'W gg WR -fp 'iii Mr-811 wr Y if vs: Szr P "'f" 1-'i: f' K f' . Q M'-' -.. ,V,. , Y L Jngli n 5 A ,fffr ' ' 'ffl 3 li A i A 1 EI K' W ' A ,WA 'I 5 N I af npr' , V. if . Q '!vA. , I N f4'9 3 r 2 W ui S 5 1' Uhag SeLen Ezght Alma Mater On the h111top for above us The symbol of our fame You ve stood the test old Newport And brought honor to your name If tn years to come we'11 tnumph Prcnse for thee we shctll not luck, Whlle Newport stands de fender Of the Red ond the Block ' W. , v I Q!! ' if A . ' ' - '24 X 4-and 4-su-ll k 1 41? , 4' . we I d fx.. ll, I -ii ,ef :1 nt" 'iiif' I il 1 1 1 QQ wr N JG 'W A? ADMINISTRATICDN 'N X 'QQ D ai S" 1 Nm N4 J 1 , ', g Ls 1 U, W X Xi X N1 A PLf'Q'f?ifW N ' 9 Ten SUPERINTENDENT ANDREW E RUSHIN OUR SCI-lO0L'S PART IN Tl-IE WAR EFFORT Today as always our schools carry on developmg the men and women who keep our country free and strong Yes and they are carryrng on magnrfrcently 1n splte of shortages 1n teachers and equrpment Our schools are also keepmg pace w1th fast changrng world that IS fme and des1rable 1n our democracy It IS our responsrbrhty to cond1t1on the ch1ld and adult to l1ve 1n a complex SOC1elY If we as teachers dont that freedom for whrch we are pour1ng out our blood and our sustenance that freedom wh1ch 15 a danger as well as a blessmg wxll leave us no better off than be fore Pearl Harbor Our teachers who remamed at therr post have the sat1sfact1on of seerng and knowmg that they have ass1sted 1n equrppmg youth wxth the knowledge and skrlls necessary for useful c1t1zensh1p that they have 1nsp1red the youth w1th the xdeals wh1ch are the peculxar gemus of Amenca that they have kept the Stars and Stnpes flymg over our school houses by keep 1ng the schools functronmg and that they have We all agree that publrc op1n1on w1ll be the chref factor 1n detenrunrng whether we shall w1n or lose the peace Therefore we educa tors must put forth every effort to create a generatron of enllghtened c1t1zens c1t1zens cap able of world understandrng so that hate may be put asrde and tolerance and wxsdom preva1l ANDREW E RUSHIN It ls true that teachers are custodians of all Provided G vision of brotherhood' MEMBERS of HIGH SCI-IOQL FACULTY PWINCIPAI. IOHN KANYUCK MAX E ADAMS IOSEPH CHERRIE KATHERINE DELANEY PETER HOWANITZ WILLIAM HUTCHINSON ARTHUR IENKINS Elem, '1 N 4 Twelze MEMBERS of HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY KATHERINE F KMETZ STANLEY KOLAKOSKI ALEX E KOVALESKI WALTER A KROLIKOWSKI YOSEPH KUTZ IOHN LASTOWSKI STEPHEN A. LERDA ANNE H. MORGIS MAHG. MULHERIN MEMBERS of HIGH SCI-IDOL FACULTY ZIGMUND NAIAKA WILLIAM OLSON IACOB PELCZAR ELIZABETH E RAVIN DALE W RICHARDS CLEMENS C ROGOWICZ MICHAEL RUDUSKY FRANK C SCHRAEDER EDWARD I SEKULSKI Thzrteen F0717 teen MEMBERS of HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY IOHN E SELECKY ZIGMUND A SHEKLETSKI AGNEW E SHEPELA FRANK SHEPELA REGINA SMOCHARSKI WILLIAM E STOKER ARCH TURNER HELEN YOUNG FRANK ZUBRIS BGARD of EDUCATIO PETER SEDOR RAYMOND PO NIASZEK Presxdenl STANLEY GORGAS ANTHONY BEEUNAS IOSEPH SERGOTT MRS RAYMOND POLNIASZEK F 'RANK SHEMANSKI Treasurer IOHN DZWILESKI ATTY PAUL R SELECKY Solxcxtor Fifteen , - Vice-President Secreiary Szrteen DDITIO AL HIGH SCI-IDOL PERSONNEL Medxcal Inspector IOHN KOWALESKI Clerk MARY CONTY Clerk to Supenniendenl and Hxqh School Pnncxpal Reglstered Nurse EDWARD STRZALKA Clerk STEPHANIE PITEL Clerk to Supennlendent and Hxgh School Prmcnpal Regxstered Nurse WALTER ZEMSKI Clerk EDWARD SCHRAEDER Attendance Ofhcer DR. STANLEY STAPINSKI DOROTHY SCOTT MARIORIE BLACKBURN Ezghteen Class l'l1story l944 On September 4 1940 one hundred ninety six enthusiastic Freshmen began their eventful high school career As the day continued we felt some of our enthusiasm leave us as we t1m1dly faced the confident upper classmen and teachers One of the highlights of the entire year was the Freshman Reception given to us by the Sophomores The dances held throughout the year along with our class room act1v1t1es enabled us to form lasting friendships Our Sophomore year brought more sp1r1t and pep to the members of the class Now 1t was our turn to watch the shy but eager efforts of the in commg Freshmen Durlng the year many classmates began to dxsplay their marked abilities in music and athletics Each one of us will long remember that momentous day in December when the United States entered the Second World War To us we knew thrs war would mean the loss of teachers and classmates The beginning of another year found the Iunror class headed by Paul Rishko president Albert Kanyuck vice president Antoinette Shiposkr secre tary and Emory Riefski treasurer Although our membership had somewhat decreased cooperation and class spirit had greatly 1ncreased This was to the gayety and success of the affair A sad loss to our Iunior class was the death of our beloved classmate Evelyn Repotski The opening of school in 43 brought joy to our hearts and the feeling of greater achievement as we entered Newport High not Just as students but at last as Sen1ors The class was organized as follows Frank Terkoski president Fobert Repotski vice president Emory Rxefskx secretary and George Deluca trea urer Mr F Shepela and Mr S Lerda were selected as our class advlsers for the year Under the competent leadership of Mr Max E Adams the Senior class strove to make the publication of the 1944 Newportarit a vast success Other outstanding events of the year were the Senlor class play the Iunior Prom the Farewell Dance held in honor of the Senior boys who left to 1o1n the armed forces and last but not least was the memorable day on which we received our class rings and pins Each one of us will long remember the four years we spent together in dear old N T H S IUNL ENGLER IEAN KICHNER EDNA ANTOLIK lLeltyl Friendly kind and courteous oo Dearest classmate ths Y O .T exemplified by our memorable Iunior Prom. The decorations and music added I I L 'I ' ' ' I l l, , t . I . , i is OU. BETTY BARR Bet Betty IS really tops on skates In thms sport she excels her mates ANN BEEUNAS lNushxel What our school needs more fans Wrth a devotlon hlce our Anns FLORENCE BOGUSZEWSK1 lBooq1el bells on her toes oogne hkes musxc wher ever she goes DANIEL BRUNI fDannyl e somehow have a pre momtxon That Danny sometxmes lacks ambxtxon DOROTHY BUTKA tButluel IRENE BERNOSKI KRemel Reme wears her hair curls Around her neck xt neatl swxrls RAYMOND BISCZAT tllayl Although hrs ways are quxet and shy We thmk that he IS qulte a QUY CHARLES BROWN lBrowmel readmg For he thmks books are so mxsleadmg LEONARD BRUNSKI tLalal Len has a great brg hmou sme Hts only worry 15 gasolme STANLEY BYORICK lxlt DO' bds U fCW0f1Ye 9'-'Dal Although they are mmus lt seems to be the honor roll pyegty 155595 Stan stxll enloys hts radxo classes Nzneteen .. . ,. . . . ln is - - . , r ....- -....... ... una. va-,-. fm hav Hnfmvn nm! U H. 1 -W. 11-4 -..- r-L..-1:- """ ""1" "' "" "" 7"' " ' IUU ll BEAUUIIA llllu vu! sfuxnlnc HB . .. . . - . W , . - ' ' - Twenty CELIA CHARNETSKI C1 A happy go lucky grrl rs 1 or worrymg never ts her W1 STEPHEN COBASCO lChmkl or attentron he never does clamor Thrs man wrth the unassum mg manner DOLORES CZECK To please others IS a rule Dolores practxces at home and m school GEORGE DELUCA tCorkyl Corky always makes score When hes on the basketball floor ELEANORE DOLINSKI lDolml Always ready to help the class the motto ot thrs arr lass LOIS CHECK o Lots 15 a qlrl w all d mlfe She has a personalrty many desire FELICIA CZAIKOWSKI lFelchl Its Sdld that beauty and brams dont go Heres an exceptnon as w all know ROSEMARY DAVIS Rose ns sometrmes very quret But usually she s qune no BETTY DILL lBettel Nursmg Bets chosen held Succes and happmess t wtll yreld DOROTHY DOLIVA Dot Dot leads the cheers at every game Her rootmg sure has brought her fame l 'll lL l . . . . , e G D "C'1" ' . F . . . '1l. ' . F ' ' ' ' . I . - I . ' e 413911 lkosiel - A P 4 - ' ' t. H H C, ' is " " I A S . - i ' l l ls ' l ' I l PAUL DORIS lPattyl Patty is a handsome lad. When he leaves we'll all be sad. NELDA FAIRCHILD lNelll Wlth laughs lokes wrt and song Is how Nelda gets along Ol-IN FEDAK lPeanulsl Peanuts ns a sallor tue He wxll look cute ln navy blue ELEANOR FORRISH lflgldl Her ha1r 13 blonde not oo much curl Yet glamour xt qlV6S to thls attract ve gxrl ELIZABETH FRANKIEVICZ lllettyl Dxd you ever see her frown mg? No Te us Betty where do your troubles go IUNE ENGLER llinqiel Iune is dark and pretty too. She will cure your blues for you. FLORA FANUCCI flfuzzyl A flashmg smxle full of fun Fuzzys popular wxth every one EUGENE FENSTERMACHER marvel When playmg on the base ball team Harve rs really on the beam AILEEN FOX lFox1el Foxxes kmd and sympa thetxc advlce Canrot be bought at any pnce IOHN FRANKIEVICZ IMyr1l Iohns halr rs always lxclc Does Kreml do the tuck? Twenty one I . . s t ,. . . .. . , . , . . Q . l ll A ? Twenty two DOROTHY GAVRISH Dot Tho shes busy with her studxes Do fmds ttme for er many buddxes ELIZABETH GORGAS x Betty xs so hne and ac txve We also thunk shes qunte attmcttve ELIZABETH HONABACH lBettyl Betty wxll someday nse fame A perfect colfture IS her atm VALTA lANUsz tMael Happy go lucky IS our Mae She never has a gloomy day ALBERT KANYUCK A Wlth everyone Al hlghly rates Because of all hs manly traxts ADELINE GAYEWSKI IGuyl Ades spmts are certcnnly 1o1ly Full of fun by golly MURRAY GROSS IBuddyl As a mathematxcxan Murray ts reat 9 We hope he keeps up thxs steady qant HELEN HUDAK lshortyl In her class shes quxet and shy To thxs her classmates can testify EVELYN KAMIONKA tEvel Her sober stem expresslon Always makes a good 1m pressxon CALVIN KANYUCK Call Calvm wxth hxs wxtty chat er Wont have trouble chmbm the ladder 5 I l " t" ' " h .. . IEI " " ' ' to ' ' ' I ll I I . A i . . ,g ALFREDA KELLAR A Even though she does have un Allreda always gets thmgs clone ALEXANDRIA KMIETOWICZ l'l'ushxel Shm trrm and neat A plcture ol Alex complete THOMAS KHAFCHIK Brff hero on the basketball He will make hrs name sports EDWARD KRASON lChxPPYl Eddres tmy as a mrte Choosmg grrls ns hrs dellght IOSEPH KHIVAK tlinvyl An authorrty on Hrstory a whxz at Chem A seat awarts hrm amongst smart men IEAN KICHNEH Ueamel Quret brrllrant and keen Are words that best descrrbe our lean IULIA KOVALICH Uulrel Roller skcrtrnq IS her clelrght At thxs sport she does alr1ght WASII. KRAPCHO lCodyl Cody has a chemrst s make But prlotmg he wants to take IRENE KRIEFSKI lLettyl Her wrllmq heart and help mg hand Places Lefty on constant de mand HELEN KULISH lHelenl Helen whom we all adore Very often knows the score I ll ' f I I . l ' l A .. ,, . , courts is "Bilf." up. . . in , , t - up. l Twenty four THEODOSIA KUSH fTozrel In whatever held Tozre w1l1 tram We know the goal she wrll attam IOSEPH LARKIN oe Always busy evermore Rushrng rushrng m the store THADDEUS MACHINSKI lKadl your brte We thrnk you re a but of all rrght FELIX MAIEWSKI lPh1ll Felrx rs a pleasant gent In helprng others hrs efforts are bent ELEANOH MALISHEFSKI lMull1nsl Srnce nursmg IS your chosen professron Good Luck we hope wrll be your possessron LEANORA LANUTI Lee ee always has somethrng to do Busrly dornq the work of two MILLIE MQCAFEE M11 Mxllre rs o trlm and neat Wrth her no one can com pete ELEANOR MAGUDA lNorchl PGP For a good trme follow her step ANNA MALARCHIK lNannal Boys dont seem to xnterest Ann Shes happrer as a movre an HELEN McGEE tl-Ielenl When Mrss McGee turns on her chamr Her flashmg drmples wrll alarm W ' 1 1 tl l l 'l Your bark is worse than "Notch" is always full oi ' 1 . l VIRGINIA MES!-IINSKI Wrrqrel Forever merry rs Vrrgmra Her come hrther smrle wrll always wrn ya RITA MITTLEMAN Teel Rrtas wardrobe spells varr e Soon shell be queen of so crety IOSEPHINE MYLET o her last year Shes a grand sport so grve her a cheer EMILY OBIDZINSKI lMrlchl Mrlch rs popular wrth both grrls and boys Shell surely remember her hrgh chool loys LEONARD OLENGINSKI fCurlyl We envy Lennys curly harr Such as hrs rs very rare GERALDINE MISAVAGE fGerryl If you long for lun and laughter Call on Gerry be happy thereafter DUANE MOYER lDeweyJ Duane rs rust a lrttle mrte She often proves that she rs rrght IOHN NOVAK lBuckl part of hrs rob as clerk From hrs patrrotrc duty Iohn wrll not shrrk DOROTHY OGIN llnshl No much brgger than a mm u e But cuter than all the seconds rn rt MELVIN ONOFHEY fMoonsyl Engaqmg laughter loud vorce Thrs descrrptron ol hrm rs chorce I ry: ' .. ' U J Uk" :Gmc tc "NC.'.'.pc:y' fo, Collecting "ration points" is .r , ,, . , 1 ' ' . - t. . S - I - li Twenty Slx IOSEPH OSOWSKI oe loes Jokes and yolly ges tures Are the cause of many lec tures IENNIE PAPCHIAK en lennre rs a classmate true Shell make you smrle when you are blue VICTORIA RADZIAK Wrckyl Vrcky dresses pert and hes cute and shy and very sweet EMOHY RIEF SKI llierkyl Sarlrng sarlmg over the boundmg mam We shant be happy 1ll Herky comes home agam PAUL RISHKO IDocl Pauls neatness manner and personality W1l1 help make some grrls dream a reahty IOSEPH PALKO oe Well remember Ioe through the years For the Jov he brought us wrth hrs cheers FLORENCE PHILLIPS Flo Florence the loveable Flor ence the tarr Could rt be that mountarn cur 'P ROBERT REP OTSKI lBrbbsyl Bxbbsy lS a studrous boy Reading rs hrs greatest 10 RITA RIEI-'SKI lSuqarl Petlte sweet and brarn Rrta rs one amongst many HORACE RINEHIMER t'l'ootl From over the mountam dnv mg bus Comes Horace always m a rush u 1 u 1 0 1 ' ' nent " ' " ' ' I s ' - - - -Y. STANLEY ROBACHINSKI llackl Stanley s blushes Causes female rushes. MARGARET ROMAN lM1dqel Charms endearing does Midge possess Which help to make a me actress MALCOLM RULE llekel Malcolm and his favorite Start at night and end at morn MARIE RUTH lMcmel Give Mane the outdoor sports When she has time to this she resorts AILEEN SHINER lShmerl Shiner is sure to go far Her greatest pleasure is to drive her car LEONARDA ROMAN Lee "Lee's' friends form an ever- lasting chain Which, no doubt, will bring her fame DOROTHY RULE Dot Dot is an example faithful pal We all know shes a swell ga MARIE RUSKOWSKI lBunnyl Many friends she does pos Each one adding to her hap pmess CLEMENT SHARP lCleml Clement is so strong and tall He really seems to top them a ANTOINETTE SHIPOSKI lTonyl Blue eyes tall and stately too A truer friend we never knew I l l l l H - " " ' of a . f- ' I - 1. horn sess- - ll. GLORIA SKLADZIEN lGubbyl Dark hair, appealing yet shy, Spells "Glory" to the eye. VINCENT SMIDOWSKI Wincel To be able to wish you uck ls little reward for your pluck FLORENCE SOWIZDZIAL Uflossl Flo IS always cheerful and GUY Thats her motto every day ELEANOR STASKIEL lstashl Her aggressxveness toward Gives Stash a fine domes tic start STANLEY STEPHANICK lStashl For a place among the in tellects Stanley IS our surest bet IOHN SKURSKI llflashl Iohn really should go far, Dreaming he's a movie star. CHESTER SMOCHARSKI fsmokyl Its quite alright to be slow The tortoise won the race you know MILDRED STACKHOUSE lMidel Five feet two and eyes ol blue A pal forever and friend true VICTORIA STAVETSKI Wnckyl Cookies desserts pies and Vicky is a whiz at what ever she bakes VINCENT STRAVINSKAS lStravorl When in need of an obhgmg man Look for Vmce find him if you can I , y , ' ' . ' so the Culinary Art cakes, I I CAROLINE STRUNK lCaroll Carohne s poetrcally m Clmed Success m thxs we hope she ll md ANGELINE SUSZ lAnqxeJ Angxe IS as quiet as mouse Spendmg most of her trme m the house THOMAS SZYCHOWSKI ffommyl boys He never makes but l noxse HELEN TARNOWSKI ll-Ielchl Helen never wastes a mm ue Success the reward shes bound to wm xt FRANK TERKOSKI l'I'erkl Terk was chosen as our Semor presxdent Ol the methopohs Stearns he rs cr resndent IRENE STHALKA mono! Rene makes certam her lessons are done Before she yoms us rn our un EDMUND SPOCK lsparluel Edmunds car wrll lrve ln history How rt runs IS still cr mys tery GEHTRUDE TARBSEWICZ lGeriyJ Y Cl xmpressed Gertys always so well dressed ELEANOR TERESHINSKI lTerryJ Queen of baton twrrlers Terry Whos full of lun and always merry IOHN TKATCH llohnnyl Uncle Sam took Iohn away But we thmk of hrm each day Twenty mne . i . . - .. .. . l' . l . ., . ,. . . G . . . . "Tom" is an example 10 gll Hel' friends are reall uite V G . 0 ,. , ,. . I . is l - H I.. Thzrty WAYNE TOMKINS Ffommyl Wayne leit us dunng hrs senror year We sent hrm away wrth many a cheer IEWELL VOSHESKI Babel Iewells oomph can hll the the lakes In other words she has what rt takes DORIS WALKER lBabel About Dons rt IS no rumor She does have a sense of humor DOROTHY WILKES CPmkeyl Dorothy takes away our chances Shes really super when she dances DOLORES WINTERGRASS KDoloresl Helprng her fnends IS Dolores care Her type ol lnendshrp rs qurte rare ALAN TUDGAY lAlanl Alans determmed to be a cadet of avratron For thrs chorce we offer con gratulatrons ANDREW VOYTUSH lsluppyl A blushrng boy thats our slap On embarrassmg moments hell gwe you a tmp RAYMOND WASENDA tllayl Sure make the qrrls feel lme FRANK WINTERGRASS ISIHPPYJ Skrppy rs tall dark and handsome For our money hes worth a ransom STANLEY WINTERS llhddl A sympathetic boy IS Stan Helps hrs fnends when eer he can 11 - ll I ' -' ' - Wasenda and his line 1 CHARLES WRIGHT lChasl Chas certainly looks very ashmg Wxth hrs shrrts as always flcrshmg TESSIE YACHIMIAX lChel A busmess career Tesste w1ll seek In thrs shell reach her hlgh est peak LOIS YEAGER o Wtth many charms she rs blessed DOROTHY ZALENSKI Dot From Dorothy there comes few words She 15 seen but seldom heard HENRY ZAWATSKI lZawackyl Henrys head lust whlrls and whrrls There are so many pretty gurls IOHN WITOSLAWSKI lOscarl Iohnny mterests all the lasses They always whrstle when he passes CHESTER YANIGA lChetl The students around htm all do flock Hes dependable Grbral tor s rock ELEANOR ZABOROWSKI lZabl can beat Thrs talented glrl from Rall road Street HELIADORE ZAWACKI tHel1al Hella rs prompt and neat In her work and on her feet LEONARD ZIMOLZBK lPennerl Penner and h1s clarmet Wlll go places you can bet Thzrty one d ' : . l. . - 1 I Us - 1 ll l Well grggmed, well dressed, When il COITAGS to Url HO One l l I .. . .. . so 19- EWPORTRAIT STAFF -44 FRANK TERKOSKI ROBERT REPOTSKI EMORY RIEFSKI GEORGE DELUCA Presrdent Vrce Presndent Secretary Treasurer DOROTHY BUTKA ELIZABETH GORGAS LEONORA LAUNTI LOIS CHECK Co Edxtor Co Edxtor Co Edxtor Co Edrtor Seated left to nght Felecxa Czalkowskr Lors Check Eleanor Tereshmskr Tessxe Yachrmxak Margaret Roman Leo nora Lanutn Mxldred Stackhouse Duane Moyer Florence Boguszewskx Ann Bueenas Rxta Rxetskm Dorothy Wxlkes Standmg Robert Repotskl Thaddeus Machmskn, Glona Skladzxen lean Kxchner Eleanor Zaborowskx Nelda Farr chrld Iune Engler Rxta Mnttleman Alfreda Kellar Valta Ianusz Rosemary Daxs Flora Fanuccr Calvm Kanyuck Alun Tudgay Thzrty two 1 . - , , , . . ' . , , . , l - - . . . . ' . . . l . I l . Thzrty four umor C lass Hlstory N SEPTEMBER 4 1941 seekers of knowledge traveled over the Wlde pathways cmd through the gate to Newport Townsh1p H1gh School Some came from outlymg d1str1cts Slocum Nuangola Wapwall open and Dorrance the rema1nder belng resrdents of the townsh1p In tlme our class was organrzed W1th Mr Walter Krul1kowsk1 and Mr W1ll1am Stoker becom1ng faculty advrsers The followmg class ofhcers were elected Lester Schultz pres1dent Henry Kaczka v1ce pres1dent Stanley Sova treasurer Althea Kanyuck secretary To become better acquamted the customary receptron dance was g1ven by the Sophomore Class m honor of the newcomers Vanous act1v1t1es pro ceeded each addmg appeal to school hfe and preparmg us for the start 1n whtch teamwork and sportsmansh1p were the keywords In the Sophomore year we contmued our course the goal bemg knowl edge were gradually becom1ng aware of the rmportance of hrgh school educatron As customary we enterta1ned the Freshman offenng them an opportunlty to become better acquamted Autumn tlde colors gally decorated the scene wh1le musrc for the occas1on was rendered bv the Blue Note Soon many of our members d1splayed therr ab1l1t1es by part1c1pat1ng 1n extra curncular act1v1t1es In the Iumor year the enrollment had been lncreased becau e of the matrlculatlon of students from Dorrance The class was reorgan1zed under the supervlslon of faculty advrsers Mr Kruhkowsk1 and Mr Shekletsk1 The followmg ofhcers were elected Steve Paczkowskl pres1dent Leonard Sw1ckl1k v1ce pres1dent Iean Sw1en kr secretary treasurer It rema1ned for us Iunlors to take the 1n1t1at1ve 1n arranglng a program to meet W1th the soc1al and flnanclal problems confronting Newport H1gh As a result a commlttee composed of two members of each sect1on was organ lzed and 1t planned a serles of dances The money rcused from the e w1ll be spent toward pLlbl1Sh1I'lg a successful year book ln Iune we entertalned the Semors at a farewell dance as a mark of esteem of good fellowsh1p and of uphold1ng old customs W1th memorres of a pleasantly spent Iunlor year and wrth flrm resolu tion to make ourselves an asset to Newport H1gh we enter upon our Semor year w1th adm1rat1on LAVERNE AUGUSTINE 194 IEAN DORRIS J ' 0 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 . 1 . ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 I . 1 - 1 1 . . . . . 11 11 :- , ..:. S 1 . . . - 1 1 I 1 . ' L' . 1 1. , . 1 1 I . ' ' :- 1 - -- 1 1 1 1 1 1 r IU 1011 CLASS t to Yl ht o L Nerne Auqustme F cxnk B n LJ Be Ce N ry Bgcce Sylxester Bodck Z1qmund Elchlnsk Ionn Perrbds 'r Sec d ow Henry KJQzk 5 FC 'unc plz Ed1"1n 5f1r5k1 Errnd snmglcl lobep 1.1 at Y wdleslu Errtly Krcrsdl 111 e 'ure ,,1 L r me J Jr 1-' rc Strnley bw1':k1l-c Gene tewe Y sz Loren Yeager Albert Beewr 5 NIC 5 B xrqe RLq1r1 Brosk Rc, e le e e 1 mw M.rr1r1n Clark Pl yrrcnd Detz Wrrlter Fudyulc Fr nk G rq s Pd p Gdns e Irene H1 an Anrfr YOCIUFD d ctnv K 'VJ l k Stxtn row Berrdtdme Lcrkcrtos Leondrd Levundfwskr Ionn M zdk Sylvester MnCloSkey Icrne IAFICGD Iosepn Vlye 5 Iosephxne Xvosko Em. Oshetsl-41 Seventh ow Eleanor RCKIY kt Do fhy Stxslue Robert Stern John 5t1Cl'11k Harrold at p Lhmslu Mc tncr mudrcr A l edu WYGSRIQWICZ Edward W 'relsdort Bftorr rfw L Verne Woomer Frurlf Z rnclzet-c Irere Zdcxncrvoqe Clarence Hank wsx Arlene Atktns Leon rd Eilluvk Foren e Brdtsk Antmrette Czervte Tlurty 61,0 l Lei q t p raw: cz ' 1' , r :rrz cy C 11: ' 1 , ' ' ' 1 . 1 1 s 1 J 1 ' 1: W1l11c11 1 Horn 1' A on r , f " 3 .11t'. Au Ku. 1' k Margaret Kea yk, ..1 d Ko lr .' 1. KL- :L 1 .' e Kats ll lun A 15' " ' 1 15- frm: rcw los p11 1, L1"1t B -r 1dd M' d 511, Lecnc ' Orme cn1nsk1 Robert Pzztiuqsmus Bernard Ptfrvts Thecdzre PIUSHIYISLCI Cen: Szzwetsm H1111 Six, Fcurtn rcw' Betty lane Srmt: 1' r " ' 1 . A Q 'sro , ' '. f: 1 nola' 1.1 1 ' - 1' ., 5 Mar C us r F ith ' 1 f ' 3 1. 1 , C1 'Q if 11.1 'h r .1 , 1 . 13. Dfr Q", as 1. ' ' 2 .f 14 , + ' J , ' 'J ' 3 ' ' 1 . , ., a J - 1 ' r, ' '.' " l - r : , ls rd! I C , ' f '3- ' , r' " ' '1 lr : , Q.. .A 1 - " 3 , .. 11 1 " . ' 0 ' 1 . 3 ' F 1 L C - 1 1 .C JU ICR CLASS Lett to rrght tap row Thaddeus DeLuca Mary Fudyak Gerald Gotlerb Wrllxam Guzenskr Rrta Hmrelef kr Dolores Iones Ma re Iones Rose Marte Kaitanowrcz Second row Joseph Koilanowrch Geraldme Muszal Dorothy Nosko Eugene Novak Henry Olemchak Glorra PGCZkOWSkl Theodore Pawlush Chester Perzchala Thlrd row Vlctorta Puccr Glorta Rentko Dolores bcott Clarrce Smrth Wtlllam Stankrewrcz Leonard Swrcklrk Gert ude Wrshnef kt Edward Zmreskr Fourth row Iaseph Babet kr Ioseph Boquszewskr Annabere Davres Kenneth Edwards Myrtle Elqenbrod Gennaro Falconxerl Harold Hermansen Lxlhan Honabach Frith row Wrlltam Karprnskr Eleanor Ktslavage Reqm Kowalskr Fehcra Kozobowskr Irene Kumega Reqma Lesmkowskr Lots Lutsey Carl Lutz Srxth row Edward Macklewlcz Adellne McLaughl1n Margaret Nosko Clark Oqan Stephen Paczkow kr Pearl Rtnehrmer Bernadme Salvo Lester Schultz Bottom row Dorothy Sllker Earl Smrth Poster Wutebread Iahn Batgts Dolore Boynoskr Edwrn Buczek Veromca Kush Dorothy Labeda Thzrty S11 S. '. . ', '. , , . JU ICR CLASS Lei! to rlqht top row lrvln Luplhl Marqaret Owens Albm Peremba Cecelxa Rodaxtls Emma Sakolash Leonard Shlmko Hed wtq Sowa Sophla Urban Second row Iohn Waloms George Young Jean Ambosxe Mlldred Balutansk1 Mlchael Bllek Vlolet Brenlsh Loretta BUYRIQWICZ Iean Dorrxs Thlrd row Eugene Frank Olwen Gulhths Walter Kanlorskl Chauncey Lutz Charles Marcrncavaqe Sylvla MIGYZWO Melba Nagle Margaret Padaqomas Fourth row Emxly Rudowslu Edward Sable Mar1onShaw Bernard Shlffka Iohn Subyak Leon Tarnowskl Edward Vltek Melanla Whytoshek Frith row M1chae1Yurkowsk1 Edward Andryslck Charlotte Brown Theresa Buydosh Irene Dohnskx Marlon Drum Ann Forqach Rrta Haverlak Sxxth row Shlrley Hontz Edward ISGIEVHICZ Fred Krapcho Paul Kobosko Rosemary LGSfOWSk1 Flora Merolll Alvm Novak Theodore Ormanow skl Bottom row Anna Parllla Iean Rrnehlmer Nicholas Scherba Geraldlne Schwartz Stanley Sova lean SWl9nSl'Cl Thelma Tennesen Norbert Warenko Thzrty seren SCDPI-I0 CRES CLASS HISTORY Two years ago two hundred twenty erght txmtd and bashful Freshmen entered the halls of Newport Th1s shyness lessened when a re ceptron 1n our honor was grven by the Sopho mores One of our outstandmg achrevements durrng the Freshmen year was the complet1on of a course tn swrmmmg It was not long ago where we the Sopho more Class advanced from the ranks of Fresh men Soon after the advancement the dunes by all who attended and the party was a tremendous success On every team were our fellow classmates however we have shared the honors wrth our srster classmates L1keW1S6 many of us are trymg to upkeep trad1t1ons rn Latrn and Drama rcs Our next problem was that of dec1d1ng of yomrng the Iunlor Red Cross The members of the class responded 100 per cent Now that the school term rs neanng 1ts end we are begmnmg to extend our thoughts to ward the next advance We look upon our unfmlshed tasks Wllh scorn and are ready to cast them asrde for the future Sophomore class for contrnuatron We hope that they are more successful than we and actrvrtres of the past class dawned upon us We 1mmed1ately organrzed and rt was only a matter of a few weeks untrl our part1c1pat1on m act1v1t1es began The month of October soon arrrvmg we were confronted wrth the Fresh men Recephon In splte of the hand1caps be cause of the war an enyoyable tlme was had BETTY BROZA RUTH ZIONKOSKI 1946 Section 2 A Mr Howamtz Home Room Teacher Frrst row left to rlqht Florence Domashmskr Norma Zaleskr Mary Yuhas Dorothy Elchmskx Marron Rule Shrrley Caley Anne Marre Cronm Alma Fanuccx Second row loseph Horenza Elwood Yeager Loretta Meyeskt Margaret Cooper Loulse Klotz Vrlma Lanutl Do othv Frankrewrcz lo ephxne Staskrel Ioseph Zaborowslu Henry Benchek Thxrd row Anthony Beeunas Chester Krewlak Stanley Kruc ek Clement Kubo ko Thomas Perkm Tlurly ezght L I - - I 1 . ' 1 1 , . I . I . . . , ' I I . n I ' f 1 . 1 . W ' 5 , A 1 K . t , 4 . -. , ,. K, 1 1 Q 1 -f'-'1 If 2' I I 1 'S A ' I 'V . A I , ' 1 Z , S , ' s. -Hm Aw- , --,--- Q.. Q 4-., 11 ,- -1"1f '11 1 1 , WV1 S clxon 2 B Mr A Shepela Home Room Teacher 'iontq rrery F rhncc M r RoQ11e Pvlawr GQ 11d1nP Guh F1orf2nfP O Ya rra Delrvhmn Onofrev Ramonl Rf t f f f-cond rfx YPGOIIC V1 or fxnton tf1r ora! WIC 11c os 11 S IIDS 1 1 Stalr Theresa f' rg 5140 ff mln c 1rH rnvu Dm rf P h Anthony Yaborn W1111'1'r lug sk1 Leonard Pletrzak Izdward ow Pwr P Hvrn rrd 311111 fl Sechon 2 C MISS Reqma Smochc1rsk1 Home Room Teacher we-'1 D11 1 M ,wr 1r'e Yos1n 11110 Lacev Adv 1r1f 1w"atG eau 7 Nora PL1s1no Norma Pol f A 1-C1 Gwnvxm 0 C, 'ir 10 1C1F'v1CZ H rrfn Pnri Fmv Theresa St 51410 Sechon 2 D Mr Lastowslu Home Room Teacher mm 11zf1 GT 1r K1 fi Denfwy Rqserfory H111f1n Bvtty :wth 0 r n 1 Sf r rr me 11115 fr :trys f21 Radzm D01 1 y O1 fx n 1 F11 1s .1n1vv Y1sz T J f A n VF Qff f man ers f 115 1. 11-C A bv!! y 1r ec 1 mrs Wa1c1-' Anthony Rutkoa 1-' Tlzzrzu 111119 kit! 1 1 1-1- P ' "' A- v- V 6 AK' , ' f lk' , fy: ' LW. N, 1 2,1-T 22+ -' . L 5 5 1, f ' fu Hrs! fav. ,r-ft 17 YIQHT 1,613 1' C 1 ' 10 , 1a fl 'I . rf. 1 ' 1 r 1 , 1 ' Ape U12 Iifryzdxnl Orrnznel-1. .'.' F ,Q 14 frk C ' 1 S 1 , D .hy S ' k' 14 H ,:1:, Ck 1: Caro' , II: 'rin Myrzn I' rdmskz 11-1 L ..f rd. Th , 1 ' r11 I IS , y, " 1 1. 11 cl , ' H "111I.: 1f'1w':rz1 .,1,'zr1oa.L , f 1' 1 1k:rS.! rfw 1.f-"ir: ','.'1n1"1j:':'12 H.1 1 if rxry P2r111': C' ':1i 1 1 I 1. ,. A .1 : 1 C. R . f 1Cf1-1 Slfirvl :','.'.' 1.','f-"': I,f".":ndc"2 , 1 ' JJ. COVE 1'f':r1f- C-'pc RO. I 21.5 Miriam fir 1,1, 1 1' 'r' ,1 T-1:25 H1-'g:n': .:TT.2',R'1I :. f:..:': raw Lfzwrnncrz Rfzchunzz Icswpn Kzrnzonkrz W1I1:':rn Ifndc-ne-2 12hn Mllc Charles Tubmk 1f:3f:ph 'Qmf-rrzrf 1113! !','.',' fv1':7.- G'::'.'fQ.' 1'1','f,r-rr1f1ry 1f1f71f1r, Chf1r1ot!e N'11':1-:'1 11615 R1Il91'11 11' ,b h R -12' 1JC1Crf, , , , 13:cz': .afvff : fi :aw Eljv-.' z:'i 'A .1.'.'1511 Ar G d 1.91121 Rf, A 'vZ'1r1f,- T1p'1k, G A wld Bak, 1.' 111n:e P: :. T. r: k, Q h 1 '.'V.:'f-51 1'Q'.'c-.-5.1 Y-Ifzffzwff. 120111 1 Roh ch1 sk Frcn,f Pdf-sh1r.1-cz Str A 1Q1 mr' rx' Eff! 1f:rd 1,136.31 Na: My ., 1111 1 1'frn1e.c'.-vu: .lntnzny Klctz Idea-'h P1nto'1 I 1 Osmunsl-21 M'z:r1n Tu11a1 Lorf: Stu P 1-r '-'Vfxxendu C : 1 . "- Section 2 E Mr Krulxkowskl Home Room Teacher Irrst row lelt to rlght Dons Brown Lols Starr Reqtnn Kovahch Ie n Srlvan Lors Myers Reqtna McGee Elame Smetana Frances Dom broskl Second row Mr Krulrkowsl-rl Andrew Barron Evelyn Kar ak Eleanore Vesel Paulrne Sta krel Helen Sharek Dorothy Wyda Ieanne Cummlskey Norma Hopper Henry Zawacl-cr Wrllram O Her Thrrd row Mrchael Marshall Henry Yankowskl Frank Danlels Andrew Skrtp Henry Merollt Paul Dudeck Joseph Koshrnskr Joseph Mrzra Edward Sweeney Stanley Yurek Theodore Grodzrckl Iohn Wrnterqras Sectron 2 F Mrss Young Home Room Teacher Frrst row Dorothy Olshet kt Henrtetta Stryczynslu Theresa Kutz Mfrrxe Van Fossen Dorothy Kemsel Paultne Tereshlnskr Irene Koshm sl-cl Dolores Blaszczak Second row Edward Rasavaqe Alma Nc lr Ieanette Petruchak Florence Florysmak Loutse Garvrsh Frances Dzwrleskr Veronica Bartush Helen Smomskr Frances Iaskuta Leo Garvey Thlfd YOW GSOYCJS VUH191' Chester PIGHYG YCIIHSS Brddy Paul Kapxec Charles Zqlrnrckr Pau Tere hlnskr Wrlltam Ienl-crns wood Lutsey loseph Scortrchrnt Ioseph Malczyk Iohn Rrordan Michael Evan Sectron 2 G Mr Ienkms Home Room Teacher First row Romayne Parks Iosephlne Grulram Ruth Zronkowskr 77119 Sax Emrly Brlak Dolores Gonshor Anna Krechko Frances Szy chowskr Second row Wrlbur Knorr Stephen Bartkowrak Sara , ne Klng Heqtna Kemsel Lorrame Gayewskr Norma Repotslrr Ver onlca Chmrelak Anna WOllHSk1 Mary Maxey Peter Ravrn Mr Ienkms Thrrd row Anthony Papcrak Anthony Trynoskr Leonard Krshel Arthur Smxth Eugene Levandu kr Rav Wrrqht Marlo Mmut Iames Gross Arnold Moruccr Forty l t . - r - - - . , , , , Gt , . s . r 1 . . . 5 , , Lt , , . , : , ' . f Tr. ' . . . , - A . , ,W . , . . . , . s , , , 1 , . CLASS HISTORY N ARBIVING at the Newport Townshtp Hlgh School on September 8 1943 we the Freshman Class were a group of two hundred and twelve pup1ls consrstmg of n1nety srx gtrls and one hundred slxteen boys As 1t was the frrst day of school we were all naturally thrrll ed at the thought of berng members of the Hrgh School We felt 111 at ease at ftrst but thrs feeltng gradually vanlshed as the upperclassmen very courte ously made us feel that we were now a part of them After we became better acqualnted wrth the school and 1lS ways the Sophomores held a receptron 1n our honor It was a very n1ce affalr and we Ere hman greatly apprecrated 1t Smce that trme we have become an act1ve part of our school part1c1pa tmg rn all act1v1t1es and entertamments and entoyrng the frlendshlp of the upperclassmen rn our regular dally routmes Now that the year IS drawmg to a clo e we m1ght add that we have enloyed our hrsl year of Hrgh School a great deal and are eagerly lookrng forward to the next school term when we shall return as Sophomores RUTH PELCZAR MARIE STANKEVICZ ll Sectton IA Mr RuDusky Home Room Teacher Lett t rtqn ttrst row Loutse Repot kt Laura Rogowtcz Marg :ret Gollash Evelyn Myers Stella Kmesky Florence Stout Martan Fxne Second row Edward Phtl tps Edward Klclps Ruth Crouse Ce ta Su z Dorothy Smereskt Betty Uren Geraldtne Maday Dorothy Iones Edward M Closkey M RuDusky Thtrd row W1lllGm Meshtn lft Io epn Warenko Edward Kaczka Andrew Gotcha Ralph Sager Ioseph McClosky Theodore Mylet Bruno Nalaka Harold Stem Forty one I I . N .K . . -A. . . , - ' I I I - . 1 F' I I . , . I . 1 2 . . .., , . - I I - , 1 -7 1 1 V . 'VIEWS - ' I' . ' . , E ..... .1-S , , , ' dr" .2 ,gn 4 gy ,Eff A lf, H - , 1 . ,, - g i 5 . , . . , f if bf o ' t . ': x s , , c ' . , . , t f I t ': , l' ., ' , , .l . S , '. t t f c , r. , : s , , S ' , I t f -Q Sectlon IB Mr Roqowrcz Home Room Teacher Left to rmqht hrst row Vera OHern Dorothv lones Florence Sxeple oskr Mary Balutanskl Vrctorla Grodzxckt Ellen Badman Leona Polakowskl Second row Amelia Beeunas Nancy Hoover Florence Nlemlec H th Pelczar Catherlne Puccr Eleanor Grzelbach An tolnette Bolek May Rrnehlmer leanne Schupp Charlotte Roman Mr Floqowrcz Thlrd row Ioseph SOYOChlI'lSk1 LeRoy Lanutx Marlo Roke Allen Zxmmerman Clarence Kamrnskl Edward Pawlowskl Er nk Ku hxbab Iohn Marshall Henry Leqas Frank Balunno Chester Szychowskl Sechon IC Mr Kolakowskx Home Room Teacher Frrst row Eleanor Kovaleskl Theresa Brllrnqs Lots Fnqler Ellen Bn on Mary' Lou Rule Dorothy Zawackl Evelyn Feletskl Second row Mlchael Fedak Wrlllam Kashatus Sophte Ienceleskr Dorothy NGSIOSKI No ma Spmde F-HH M DCIVIS LOYYGIHQ TSHHGSSH lohn Belles Carl KOlGkOWSk1 Mr Kolakowskr Thxrd row Tonv Kutz Robe! Duaeck Robert PIICQ Ernest Czapratsk1 Mathew Walsh Albrn Nadratoskr Ralph Shemanskx Albert Babetskr Lawrence George F nk Dekutoskr John Rornan Lester Frnk Sectxon l D Mr Zemsk Home Room Teacher Frrst row Thelma Llttletord Mildred Lando Dolores Babetskr Dons Honaback Theresa Sowa Mary Keblrsh Reqlna Andrysrck Sec ond rov Carl Cassonr lames Boquszewsl-cl Mary Kerutrs Irene Bt lcshovu Margaret Madalcwskr Dolores Booble Vlola Craqle los eph Lrpsky Mr Zemskr Thrrd row Jerome Wrrght Edward Skord x-,kr Royce Enqler Edward SOWlZdZlGl Chester Bode Leonard Danoff Mike Cardom El! Ruslnko Edward Ienkrns Henry Krason Forty tu, 0 l 1, V- v I 5 , x , V . Q . h K I . 1 K J ' 1 l . 1, ,V 9 L 3 J ' 2 4 Xx Q. ' , X .- ' 5 Z Qihgyft 'L A . 5. V l - ' I I ,, . ' ' , ' ' K K ul- K. 4 'Z Y . r 9 - ' V - . C ' ' sl 1 Q7 4 V ' N 5 , f , . , . f"' ' 5 ' A x -vw if -' 5 A - A " K 4 1 X ' " , 4 4 . x - Secuon IE Mr Cherrxe Home Room Teacher Left to rxqht first row Matllda Dobrowolskr Marte Brunozzx Marlon Van Horn Mary Flnn Leona Hydock Bernad ne Ladrshak Ver Luptnl Second row Stephen Gaydos Thomas Rrefskx Bernard Glzara Marlan Eckert Eleanor Wenqryn Rosema v Rambus Dorothy Kumeqa Albert KlSlGVUQ9 Eugene Pelczar Joseph ISGJEWICZ Mr Cherrxe Thxrd row Joseph Waselus Floyd Fe stermacher Gerald jlxlnghlmelr Leonkard Karpowlcz Raymond PIUVIS Edmund Husczylc Robert Vrobel Joseph Yaglenskx Walter Broskl Joseph Zaleskl n rew rasus 1 Section IF Mr Rrchards Home Room Teacher Flrst row Charlotte Hodntxs Thelma Johnson Marte Shlmko Helen Baran Therese Lutz Mary Jane Baran Jane I-nn Rushln Second Skladzlen Henry Robak Mr Rlchards Thxrd row Anthony Durl-cas Fred Czapala Wllllam H savaqe Harold Pa Ps Robert Dtcxshm skr Walter Machlnskl Curtrs Flhli Stephen Lesnlkowsl-cl John Yeager Peter Lenar Sectron lG Mr Selecky Home Room Teacher FHS! IOW lessre Olshetskl Natalle Strchak Mary Swxderskl Ba bma Zastavny Dorothy WOJClEl'AOSkl Loretta K pp ne JSGF BGJOISLCY Second row James Guzensl-cl S lvester Olenqlnskl Edward Czecl-c Chesterlne OKarma Mane Stankevxcz Helen Wwtoshek Marv Wasl lewsk1 Shrrley Rule Paul Butch o Leonard Mxerzwa Thlrd row Frank Durkas Alfred Musxcl Walter Benscote Elmer Stewart Leon ard Tarnowskl Clarence Honabach Frank Ross Donald Nash George Labeda George Check row: Thomas Cooper, Stanley Rembeckl, Geraldxne Baron, Mary Stewart, Lillman Yenmasl Dorothy Gawareclcl, Lots zfandermarlk, Joseph Forty-thrcf. 2f"?'f'iT M za ilifl M54 My 5437251581 '24 4 M mug me wx maxaman w Q s wa f 'H--a.iL,,i" Hssawww as 1 awww? am ww: w -ip MM u W 2 QSM Niiikwf 'Q' sl 'iw I wif-QNX WW Xffm A E M , .1-!"' W Q5 J f as X N? t 32 U' W3 I " w Q 'f J l if h Q Y i 1 L M, 2 . Ai.--' In 4 s f QL VK .1 P W4 ACTIVITIES FIISQ row left to rlqht Edward Sweeney Frances DZW11ESk1 Mrlanla Wytoshek LaVerne Augustlne Cella Susz Norma Pollock lean DOIYIS Helen Sharek Laura ROQOWICZ Eleanor Vesel Rose Marle Kaltanowlcz Ieanette Petrushak Dolores BOynOSk1 Irvln Luplnl Sec ond row Reglna Kovallch Pcrullne Tereshlnskl Charlotte Najaka Romayne Parks Florence Domashlnskl Betty Broza Balblna Zastavny Florence Floryslak Dolores Babetskr Antolnette Bolek Geraldlne Gull Iosephrne Gulhanl Alma Fanuccl Rosemary Krelar Charlotte Ro dC1flS Nancy Hoover Ruth Pelczar Thlrd row Calvln Kanvuck Charles Tublck Wllllam Kashatus Frank Dekuteskl Leonard TGfh0WSkl MGIflH Tullal Edward PhllllpS Robert Dlckshlnskl Eugene Pelczar Wllbur Knorr Henry Merolh LeRoy Lanutl Thomas Cooper Edward Klalps Mano Roke Ralph Sager Thanksgvlng Program Sponsors Mr Rogowlcz and Mr RuDusky Orchestra Iean Dorrls Helen Sharek The FlISt Thanksglvlng ln the New World Balblna Zastawny Ruth Pelczar Plano Betty Broza The Teen s Meet at Pop s Openlng EXGICISES Margle s Thanksgrvlng Granny s Story oe Edward PhllllpS May Nancy Hoover Ioyce Eleanor Vesel Tlm Robert D1CkShll'1Skl Pop Frank Dlkatuskl Charlette Rodaltus Polly s Thanksglvlng The Lllys Thanlcsglvlng Accordlan Selectlon Guess Who B Broza R Parks F Domeshlnskl Edward Klalps Plano Orchestra Thanksglvlng Dlnner Henry Merolll Martm Tullal Thomas Cooper Romayne Parks Betty Broza Paullne Tereshlrlskr Boy Crazy Dont laugh too loud you may get that way sometlmes Cloarlotte Nalaka Penny IOSephlne Gulllanl Daffy 6. Slug Accordlon Ed Sweeny Orchestra Nrght Club Scene Norma Pollock Plano Ieanette Petrushak ana Rose Zlonkewlcz LeRoy Lanutl Clarlnet Mel Whytashek Song LaVerne Augustlne Plano Cella Susz Song Rose Marle Kaitanowlcz Song Eleanore Vesel Song Frances DZWl19Skl Plano 10 Alma Fanuccl 6 Geraldlne Gull The Go Go SlSl6YS Marle Rose Mary Klelar Dolores Babetskl IIVIHQ Lupml Forty Q11 A' ELEANOR VESEL RUTH PELCZAR V . V . ' I ly A ' X ., . . '- 1 Y 2 ' Q 3 I 'C .42 - ' T ' P J. A 1 ' ,- S. A J 1' . '---- . . 2. - . . . . , .rrt ...t. A ..-. t . X. . P w.dgn:,?? 3- ' ' ' A' ' ' ' i " 4- -'-"" . Q' .. , P P . P P . A lv 1 Trudy ------ Laura ROQOWICZ . ------ - - - P . ,1 9. . , . - I D A . . 2 10. - - . , . . . ' ' t HP e P P P P P P P P 1 fg s 12. " ' ' ' I . 5 . . .I I H 1, f ' ' ' li., 13. " P- . 14, ' ----- - 15. " A " 1 , 1. ----- ' 2. ' ' 3' . Y'-w- . 4. ..... 5. ' ----- ' PV K K V 6, - --.-', J . ,.V.V K v .W 7. ' ' --e- ' - 8' --..-- , 5. P 9. ' ' ----- ' Let to rlght seated Laura Rogowlcz Norma Pallock Rose Mane Kaftan Melanie Wytoshek Rose Zlonkevzcz Helen Wltoshek Ruth Pelczar Adeline MUYQIBWICZ lean Dorrxs Standlng Charles Tublck Barney Shlfika Frank I Terkoskr Iohn Skurskl Calv1n Kanyuck Edward Klaxps Alan Tudgay Drck Rembeckr Bernard Lasoskz Chmstmas Program Sponsors Miss Ann Morqrs Mr Wrlham Olsen Mr Arch Turner CALVIN KANYUCK Master of Ceremomes 9 l Openmg Numbers a O Llttle Town ol Bethlehem Trumpet Solo Malcolm Rule It Came Upon A Mrdnxght Clear Mxxecl Chorus The Chnstmas Story Readmg Calvin Kanyuck Lords Prayer Student Body The Pledge To The Flag Student Body O Holy Nrght Mrxed Chorus Solo Rose Mane Kaftan Boys Chorus Pzano Duet Grrls Chorus Whlte Chnstmas Selectxons Plano Selectrons Solo Closmg Number Srlent Nlght Hark The Herald Angels Smq We Three Kmqs of Onent Ruth Pelczar Laura ROQOWICZ Ioy To The World O Come All Ye Falthful Rose ZlOHkl6VlCZ Orchestra Norma Pollock Mxxed Chorus Master of Ceremomes Calvm Kanyuck Orchestra Malcolm Rule Edward Sweeney LeRoy Lanutx Edward Phxlllps Edward Klalps Forty seven - Q, ., . P "V' - t K tgirl' N 3 B . M 9. . . P Z." , ' "3 ' - . ' 5. ' ' ---- .. . ,. 7. A ------- a. ' ' ----- Top row left to rrqht Charles Tubrck Malcolm Rule Calvm Kanyuck Lawrence Rachunrs Dolores Babetskr Ieanette Petrushak Loxs Montgomery Eleanor Teresh1nsk1 Eleanor Vesel Alan Tudgay Edward Klarps Bernard Shltfka Ioseph McCloskey Mrddle row Me lanla Whytoshek Mary Parllla Dons Brown Nora PEISIHO Ianet Kovaleskl Norma Pollock Adelme Materewxcz Rose Zlonkewlcz Laura ROQOWICZ Seated Thomas Cooper Henry Merollr Leroy Starr Martm Tullal Lmcoln Da Program Spon sors S Kolakoskt and D Hlchatds Master ot Ceremomes Ieanette Petrushak Brble Readmq Robert Pnce Orchestra Selectron Llfe of Lxncoln Readlng Eleanor Tereshmskr Gettysburg Address Ioseph McCloskey Plano Selectton Indran Love Call Norma Pollock Poem O Captam My Captam Dolores Babetskx Song Hundred Ktsses for Hxtler Eleanor Vesel Orchestra Play Honest Abe Ctvtl War Songs Melanra Whytoshek and Chorus Duet God Bless Amenca Dons Brown Nora Petsmo Plamsts Laura Roqowzcz Edward Klarps HONEST ABE Forty ezght 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 " 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 n . . 11 . 11 - 5 11 . . 11 , .- I . 1 ' E f f ,, . . 11 l S 11 11 ,, . 11 . . . w 4 5 11 11 Seated left to rrqht Dorothy Iones Dorothy Wasloskr Paulrne Tereshrn kr Iune Lacey Nancy Hoover Vrctorra Grodzrckr Mary Lou Rule Standrnq Anthony Durkas Frank Kushrbah Leonard Tarnowskr Calvrn Kanyuck Betty Broza Romayne Park Charlotte Na yaka Lo1s Myers Anthony Rutkowskr Henry Merollr Ioseph lsalewrcz Ioseph Warenko W3Sh1HgCOH Da Program Sponsors Mrs Kmetz and Mxss Mulhenn "GRANDMOTHER"-CHARLOTTE NAIAKA Master of Ceremonres Romayne Parks Lots Myers A Trrbute to George Washrngton Iune Lacey Leonard Tarnowskr A Glrmpse of Washnngton Anthony Rutkowskr A Story of Washmgtons Krndness Dorothy Wasloskr Why We Celebrate Washmgton s Brrthday The Mother Marlon Iosephme Erre Calvrn a trxend Io eph cr frrend Gladys Emxly Grandmother Young George Washrnqton 5. Letter to General Washington - l T. Mrs. Washington Speaks - - Paulme Tere hmskr Nancy Hoover Dorothy Iones Frank Kushrbah Anthony Durkas Ioseph Isayewrrz Vrctorra Grodzrckr Mary Lou Rule Charlotte Nayaka Henry Merollr Calvin Kanyuck - Betty Broza Forty nzne rf2f'Jw,4 w 'u'5gAf,r,',:I J f K 75 IW Q , A JNL, ' ' 3 2 2 ' A , z .frwkwf 5 I l Reynolds rn New England ACTI SENIOR PLAY CAST Semor Class Pla Drrected by Messrs Z Shekletskr and W Krolrkowskr vrrrvrrao ruvrrso MYSTERY FARCE SETTING Kay Samedr hrs ward Rrta Mrttleman The actron of the play takes place rn the lrvrng room Madame Celesta a natrve wrtch woman Dorothy Wrlkes of the Ch9UY Tfee Perm 'he Summer home of the Peaches Greedrng a chorus grrl Geraldrne Mrsavage Lem Marblehead Sherrff of Mrlburn Andrew Voytush Mrss Emma Burpee Sherri! of Hope County Leanora Lanutr SCENE ONEK Darsy her ten year old nrece Mrldred Stackhouse About lrve ocloclc rn the evenrng of a day rn Iune SCENE TWO Two hours later ACT II Very early the next mornrnq ACT III A second or two later CHARACTERS Mrs Iohn Reynolds Iohn her husband Drck Reynolds a college boy Pee Wee Smrth hrs pal Tweety a hrred grrl Monahan cr state polrceman Harold Custer a polrte young man Mrs Custer hrs mother Mr Peter Beamrsh who rs blrnd Dr Gaza Omahandra a mystrc Frfty Iune Engler Iohn Skurskr Frank Terkoskr Ray Wasenda Arleen Fox Wasrl Krapcleo Calvrn Kanyuck Flora Fanuccr Leonard Olengrnskr Paul Rrshko MEMBERS OF CHORUS Florence Boguszewskr Edna Antolrk Iulra Kovalrch Leonardo Roman Florence Sowrzdzral Celra Charnetskr Eleanor Zabrowskr Dorothy Ogrn Glorra Skladzren Alexandrra Kmretowrcz Irene Stralka Eleanor Maguda Orchestra and Chorus under Tableau effect portrayed by Alexandrra Kmretowrcz Florence Boguszewskr Duane Moyer Valta Ianusz Elrzabeih Gorgas Rosemary Dcrvrs Eleanore Malrshefskr Dolores Wrntergra s Antornette Shrposkr Tessy Yachrmrak Iohn Skurskr Frank Terkoskr Calvrn Kanyuck Margaret Roman drrectron of Eleanor Tereshrnskr Eleanore Maguda Eleanore Malrsheiskr Decoratrons and artrstrc eltects by Eleanor Zaborowskr Stage Hands loseph Palko Thomas Kratchrk Prompters Rrta Rrefskr Emrly Obrdzrnskr T r l , L A Dorothy Butka Millie MacAtee SENIOR CLASS PLAY CHORUS "DEPUTlZING" TRAGEDY TREASURE FOUND Scenee from Wumbo Iumbo Fzfty one '? ,. .. .. 44 ,. " , L L . Fifty-two HEALTH and RECREATION HIGH SCHOOL MEDICAL INSPECTION FRESHMEN GIRLS' SWIMMING CLASS CORHECTIVE POSTURE FRESHMAN BOYS' SWIMMING CLASS HIGH SCHOOL BAND DANCING ATHLETICS .-v4 A --.Q I-sang u--W ""3' 3:9-M 1'-5 M!"Ly', -P ,,,,,,,,,,,,,m 1 I ...Q ,W 5 E L . ' A A I ' 'I i 1 A t t L At' .. ,- l .. : ' I pupvr First row lett to right Peter Wasenda Leonard Krshel Ioseph Yaglenskr Ierome Wrrght Bill Rasavage Wrlham Kar rnskr Damel Prsh Walter Fudyak Second row Thomas Kratchlk Wxllram Sugalsln Paul Tereshrnskt Charles Wrrqht John Skurskl oseph Zaborowskl Ih Gemb sta I h St h k los h M l lr Th d C h Ch rles Zaloms Eu ene Frank Steve Paczkowslu Peter Ravm 0 I1 ll 0 l'l IC CI ep GCZY ll' IOW OGC U Q Frank Wxntergrass Lester Schultz Steve Rusxnko Henry Olemchak Peter Murphy Asst Coach Ray Garllnslu Football The 1943 football season turned out to be a rather falr one Thrs came about even rn the mrdst of many drffxcultxes Coach Charles Zaloms the new football mentor skrllfully dnlled hrs team rn the funda mentals The Coach was well tramed for the job havmg played w1th both the Plymouth Hrgh School and the St Thomas Football Teams Even w1th th1s tra1n1ng 1t wa no easy Job to shape a team that could drsplay team work and flghtmg Splfll Though many people were d1sappo1nted wrth the seasons results they must take 1nto cons1derat1on that Newport played a tough schedule Thrs schedule rncluded some of the top rankrng teams such as Berwlck Plymouth and Hanover Fzfty-four No doubt the brgge t dr appomtment was the loss to Nantrcoke It was not dlf'f1Cl1ll to see whrch was the better team All rn all we the graduatrng closs of 44 are 1 lookmg ahead to a better season FOOTBALL RESULTS Newport Newport Newport Newport. Newport Newport Newport Newport, Newport Plymouth Swoyervrlle Luzeme Edwardsvllle Ashley N antrcoke Hanover Berwxck Plams in Jw Footblll C mdids Fifty-five y op g F tp k t Vtkh d yk Wll E adR o Basketball Durrng the 43 44 basketball season Newport wa represented by one of the youngest and mo t rnexperrenced team 1n the league The team posses ed only two former varslty men the rema1nder of the team be1ng made up of underclassmen Desprte thelr 1nexper1ence the boys turned 1n a farr eason The opposrtron found them no easy foe and therr f1ght1ng sp1r1t rema1ned rn the game untrl the very last second Although there was a llmlled supply of ex perrenced mater1al Coach Arthur Ienkms et out to form a good ball club By unt1r1ng efforts and hard work the Coach welded a f1ght1ng and mooth worklng qumtet We must take 1nto conslderatron even though Newport drd not attam the league stand mg she drd 1n other years that the e boys were burldmg for the future The1r anxrety for a champronshlp w1ll no doubt brrng them just what they want Pvt Fzfty szx Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport Newport BASKETBALL RESULTS Exhrbrtxon Gmnes Sugar Notch Swoyerv11le Hazle Twp Luzerne Sugar Notch Luzerne Alumnl WYOm1ng lRed Cross Beneht Gamel League 32 Nant1coke Games Hanover G A R Kmgston Plyomuth Nant1coke Coughltn Meyers Hanover Berwtck G A R K1ngston Plymouth Nantrcoke Coughhn Meyers row, left to ri ht: aculty manager, Se hen Lerda: Walter Kcmjors i, Thomas Krafchik, Sephen Paczkowski, Georg D l Ed ward ie . Bottom row: Stu ent manager, Frank Winterqrass: Joseph Malcz , i iam Suqalski, Peter Ravin, dw e nard Kis el, Coach, Arthur lenkins. I ' I -I I S . . . 3 ' ' S ' ' ................................. 21 3 f ................,................ 20 ' ' ' ................................. 33 . I - , ................................. 24 ............ . . . . ,................................ 34 ..... u 1 ' t D ................................. 21 ' .......... .. S ' ................................. 31 ' ..... ' ................................. 28 ' ...... . . . e ..............,...l.............. 21 ....... .. A ' , , " Newport ................................. 23 Berwick ........... . ' ..............,.................. 35 . . .......... H U ..............,.................. 31 ' ...... ' ' s ' ' . .............................,... 26 . . . .........,...............,....... 36 ' . . ' .........................,....... 42 ........... . u , Q - ........................,........ 35 ....... .. 1 S ................................. 22 ' ............ ' ' . ' ' ................................. 46 . . ........ - - - l I - - ...........,..................... 41 ' .... ' ................................. 30 ' ...... 4-we -A - --. ................................. 41 ' ....... .. G DE LUCA P RAVIN E Vmin S DACZKOWSKI Q- 'G' E RASAVAGE WM SUGALSKI FACULTY MANAGER S LERDA COACH A JENKINS AND Rsseavets A T KRAFCHIK J. MALCZYK VV. KANUORSK1 L. KISHEL 4, n Y 6 O O ' Q Q A va-, l ' Aw , cm , , ,ff A 1: 1 ..,,, ' ff . ...l 5 Q- '- M, , . .. , 1. ' A I f a 5 Q 4 ? L' V 4 A 1, 4' .1 H 5 I - I Q I I l , l AT1alLE3lTlC CQUNCIL .gl eh o q g 1 UY Sam-tlyGq h I5 Pt Sd P ksh 1 p ak chests z ol k M E Ada Y ee as ee e 0 Q 'Y 'P Fifty ezght 'C TRCDP1-HES Newport I-hgh School 1n the past years has been awarded many troph1es for 11S out tandmq ach1evements 1n the held of sports Our athletes have shown up espe cxally well 1n ba ketball compet1t1ons but they have also done well 1n ba eball track and football although 1n the gndxron sport they have not rece1ved any troph1es The followlng are the trophres wh1ch have been awarded the athletes of Newport Townshlp Hlgh School Basketball Trophy 1922 Luzerne County Schola t1c Leaaue Trophy 1922 Bloornsburg State Normal S hool Ba ket ball Tournament Trophy 1923 Luzerne County Schola t1c Trophy 925 Wyomxng Scholastlc Trophy 1930 League Trophy R R M 410 Old Forge Track 1933 D1str1ct No 2 Ba ketball Trophy 1936 Prellmmary Ea tern Beq1ona1 Trophy 1938 Fmal Eastern Reg1ona1 Trophy 1936 Penn y1van1a State Champ1on Trophy 1936 Prehmmary Eastern Reg1ona1 Trophy 1937 Eastern Regtonal Trophy 1937 Wyommg Valley Basketball Trophy 1940 'L-.. Top. l t ri ht: Superintendent, A. E. Rushin: Principal. John Kanyuck: Baske ball Coach, Atthur Ienkins: Foo ball Coach, C. Zalonis: Secret r , Iohn Lastowskt: e or as, Ant on un , r r, r n ematski, Facu Manager, Se hen Lerda: Ted. Pa Cl , r tm za, . . ms, ft.. 'vt - W . 9 1. Q- I - M 1 K . S . 4 V: . . E . . I ' 'K el " , , C -- 1 1 I ""' . C 3 - s ' Q - - 1 ' ' . s - - - , ' ' s I ' - s ' ' - IN SERVICE T C1 NEWPCRT STUDENTS Szxty MERICAN LEGION SERVICES AMERICAN LEGION POST No 539 SERVICES AT NEWPORT TOWNSHIP HIGH SCHOOL GYM FOR MEN LEAVING FOR SERVICE SENIORS E TERED SERVICE SENIORS ENTERED SERVICE AT THE END OF FIRST SEMESTER structor Alcm Tudgcxy Chester Smochcrskx Stcmdmg Iohn Tkctch Fehx MGj9WSkl r' I -f -1 -1 Seated, leit to right: Frank Wintergrcss, Albert Kcnyuck, Zigmund Ncjcrkcl CI-Ieulth In- Q, , I ' : , ' ' '. l Le!! lo rxqhl top row Ioe Iablonskx Joe Kovallch Tessle Tarnowsl-cl Albert Chmlelak Mxch el Bllak Frank Domzalskl John Evanoskas Stanley Kunllsky Frank Mccydcx Edmund Pawloskl Edward Radams Iohn Sudlk Eddxe Be-le kl Cnarles Bllak Dcmel Dons Louls Balll Frank Klevlak Emory Kcspryk Norbert Kosm Leonard Wmlerqrass Irck Hlbbfrrd Ralph GUIICPI Ray Zolnerowlcz Edward Bulkc Wllham Yukenavaqe Qzrty one l ' , : c ' , V f A , A V , 'X V . , . .. . - . Left to nqht top raw Walter Bodek Ralph Bodck Lnelqn Florlnpe SCIl'ClG Albxn Yamac Iohn Kennedy Fdward Maquda Edward Kmetowxcz Stanley Lgvandoskl Iohn I Zaleskl -'Xlwln Scott Hablrt Stn musk Walter Butchk l-cl John KOVwClSkl Henry Brozoskl Thom as Chesney Henry Zqlmxckx Clarence Shxxp Hoy Nallmn 'Xlblxll N xllu enlx lc PL e Nlaekwa Nxcholx budlk Max Che-:ki Wlllxam Beacham Mxchael Yurchak Szxty two ' .H 5 ' A, . . ,. ' ' , - fini? DS , 'I' , - . 3 , I ' '-' .- 'A 'VL - B 'cs 1 ft ' , ' ' Ls ' , S '. an 'Rik' v lar Vw---:v mf 15' Le-11 Io rrqbt Icp r w Cpl Round W Frm Col Frank Ewyskdl T1 le KIEVIIZ Pic Fmncrs Kmetowmcz Albert I Brun kr Edward Ku I-'cr Joseph Le rmlf A51-cr A N crrr BQ Fu s Beles Io eph La kow rl Nlcholu Yurchuk Edmund Ycchlmlok Emervs Clcxrk Edward wulu P11611 R Fmf H an I ph Vo heslfr n ey Burcm Ncrrtrn Wcrrmus John Kule Wulmm Leqqetl Sql Henry FIGHRIE WW? Clllldl XW 11" 1 r K zulu tr I 4, T r.r Lwmz 'iufmo d Prtrunc C1 Sixty three r 1 vw r ,. d ' ' an - ' f ' Q r ., -9. M Q' at .x 4 'ew v ' ' "z 1 rl E A O " , f. ' I ' , EL , . . , . s ', - cz . .' si .rn " "r ,i . Aliee . d 1 , 2 S J., ' S , ' ' , , , Zu , 4 . 1 Ir, Wrlirurx. Q ' zae s '. 'I . , . , ' . - . 'I - : . IG. . L,f.x 11' .v- X -1 ,-1 A211 .1 ' A r ' rr 1 h k, if - ai , 5' ':111f. A E1 Q if LZ., My K ' " ' ::i-- ., 0 W 1 ,H V fx- s cl fs 5 i 'K 4 4 5'sff fW I, 3 X Q 5 f Qwgf Fey it Www 1 ,ul gnc 3' QQ HK- fx 'vu 4 M W Mn gg 1 Left to nqht top row Thomas Humphrey Henry Okcrmc Margaret Mcxyewskl Paul Barron Harold Ellsworth Oumto Gxontc Henry Brutskx Fruncxs Murphy Emxl Howcmtz joseph Okcxrmcx Frank Ostsnskr S Sqt Ioseph A Guyewskx Edward Kopera Cpl james R Davey Peter Chelmeckx Iohn Dcrvxs M1chce1Shutto Mxke Buqxel LJwrence Polom Lt Edmund Chesney Joseph Turnow kr Ieoncrd Chelmeckx Anthony Bcxrzcek Cp! Iohn SlUCZynSkl Iohn Brunozzx Surly HUP 03 i 'X , 4 A ' ' Y H ,H y . ..' , 9 5 3, X L Q 1, f V 4 nv ' 1 , v V 17" Q I M War fn noe Lelt to rrqht top row Joseph Ramcnko Paul Hontz Iosephxne Yaretskr Joseph Zcrpolskl Mrchael Chelmleckl Mrke Zlonkewxcz Clem A Mrchmskt lohn A Florysruk Edward Maslawskr Arch Gonsho Sgt Nlcholas Buqlel Leroy Rmehzmer Bernard Kule Pcrul Everett P-mh0nY Blond! Sgt Anthony Keyek Eugene KIl9fSk1 Eugene Bloom Mxchael Adamovlch M Carl Adams Lawrence Romorka john Dons Ioseph ShlpOSk1 Bernard Bode-k Edward Gayewskx Szrty sm: nl E fs.. ' ' xl R.. , ,Q Q , a' Q, v 'Q M X y , r 3' ga s Q ,fl A E X XM, - , ll l A ,E ' 'fw- Q--4--r -P-"' 'tru' ,...'.-.M '37 n,- Q67 -f-'V ? ti Lett to rxqht top row Major Gene N Schroeder Chester Morqts Iem S Younq Robert W1l lam Vxncent F Rtxmnskt Louls Rcrvm Chester Zcvxstosh Henry Olenqlnskl Stanley Rompullcr Robert Deluco Sql Franclsl Rcchunns Carl Nov Tony L-Ch1'lSk1 loseph Moll sheiskx Frank Zerfoss Cpl Phtllp Gonshor Elmer Shellhcrmer Edgar Myers Arthur Stern Iumes Hlordcxn Geo ge Poltrock Wxllord Smlth Albert Moruccx Ben Puczkowskl Iohn Ptsh Szrty seven am A lv- . ff' , M Q r 3- W , Q Q X 4 i .Q .gl ii A Left to nqht top row Stanley Maclay Leon Maday Dons Swanberry Herbert Nagle Thomas Turner Frank Baran Eugene Maxey An Harenza Sgt Richard Tomkms Ioseph Rasmus Alex Yamqa S Sgt lack Waselus Thomas Rummskn Warren Sutter 10591911 TTYUOSIU Mtchael Koctban Wlllxam Iames Haqenbauqh izrty ezghl thony Slapilrasu Wilbtmr Con-esey, Edward Klem, Joseph Zajonchawsktf Martin Swicklilc. Iohh Bl1ChF1HE1fl. I0hH K1'YSi0flk. 101111 AdClmS,ll0hft abd' 'J' nf -nl ur 'R' IDE' W M "' K0 3 were "' , A rv " 'xt -J. -yo, pi'-' 0 t 99' l M 3 -Q it K xi Ki .- Y ...- -af Left to rrght top row L I Stasktel M D Sgt M1chaelShalaxda Adabelle Smxth Charles Shultz Frank Sherrxck Sgt Walter Keyek George Materewrcz Tom Lawrence Edward Butklewrcz Cpl Albert Thomas Donald Brxqgs Walter Knorowsln Ambrose Clem Stanley Sherrtck Joseph Dolmskx Sgt Clyde MacAiee Zxg Makowskl M1chaelTulla1 Albert Bush M1chaelSkr1p Ioseph Cronm Lenard Ma zur Eugene Mazunkxe Cpl Stanley Troyan l.t George E Cnley Szrty tune 'ww x f '9 f' K og "' , 7 mv 'Q' 2 J 5 ,A S' 5 t A' M V ' .gf -far 4 X Cl 5 fry 5 E A fm 'ld 1 is , ,f'V V C- I 1. C 'R C Af' A l Q , r, " ' A an ' , 'L' ' ' A 'f " .UZH V' . , , J -.... 1 . .. ' ' A i ,,,,f ,A X vt.. -ge C ' Q . 1' , ' ' E 1 Y . 'w N , va V , . i ' I , gif' ww -'git Q3 Left to right top row No bert Molslcz Stcmlev Butku Ann P910 ky Raymond Womelsdorf Steve Kovcxhch Alhm Beleskx Mltro Ig ncrto Zlg Zubrlt kl Leonard Zcxrodcx Wrlllczm Cromn Clem Sergott Io eph Kushxbcb Joseph Kantor Mcrrtm Plttle Edward Mcxzur Mtke Andrek Iohnl Rmordan Stanley Butz Cho les Smcxgoms Ioseph M ros S Sgt Wayne B Coxe Wesley Fedctk Lt C P Knorowskx Adolph Kocxs loseph Lnptt Seventy j Q A . F .M Q a , . .l V , 'lx 11 3 , Q ff ff' K .f ,-. ,ff L , '- I - 'es-I' 'A V .'. .I ' "'S' . I ' I . .' I ' I .I AA W.: , N19 V Q Qin '41 4 ,gi 'K IA! I AO' -if lei! to rrqht top rov. Leon d P1CZkOWSk1 Sum Tullor Lt Nurquerlte G Fmley Allonse Se got! Edw rf' K rrm k Leo N 1 Pdrlon Th m Greg ry Peter Vltek Allan Sutter Ioseph Vltek Fra C15 C Valence Mlke Gregory Leenrrd ZJvu.rfl-41 Edu rd Mle zwl Ted Chmxelcw k1 Ice Dem kx Edwqrrd Burrcn ,Sez enzy one ff' T? Q' Q if , h I l , 'V W l Q fr f 1 , dw , X 'V' I . , K ,, V W - 1 r ' cw 2 ,F i M f 39 0- . H :fx . A' ' 1 V my .. , K 5 QM 5 1 - , . '. cr G ', . . . . , r G , c . S . cl! . Nolll Andrew Kovfrllch Cpl,GeorqeI.KovC1llCh PCzulMor1g1 Willard Stcckhouse Chesler Zrxblockl, Grunt Spmde Edward Ycmnzrs, 4-.xt f H- ar-Q Q ,M i' vtgfk. --TQ' who-V . "tr" wetvmlv "5'lQaw Lett to rtqht top row Ray Hedden Edmund Rokttskx Amelta Skludzten Chester Skladzren Henry Ob1dZlI1Sk1 Iohn Gregory Norbert MG1lSh9fSk1 Edward Pterzchala Ted Plsnlck Kenneth Fols Walter Paczkowskx Stanley Urbansl-C1 FGIIX Pelczar Marcus MacCd111ster Kaztmer Sherrtck Clarencel Makowskt Ralph Galltckx Frank Suftem Stephen Frlnsko Mxchael Kostek Kenneth Rlordan Mlchcxel Strummskt Wtlllam Ottavam Edward Malec Iohn Hofiman Setcnty tru: 4.2. , r Q YT' r E x ' N' . t K 4 4 . A i ,Q , x we . , fl , L4 . :gimme . nv W 98? . 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Sylvester MGIEIWICZ, Robert Ie-nl-tin, Ioseph Zlembcr, Cpl, John Huduski, Pic. Allen Dymond, Raymond Tolrnowskr, Iohn Wuchel-c, John Buloq Edwin Tcrrnowskr, Edmund Gonshor, Sqt. Wrllicrm Womelsdori, Clyde Womelsdori, Thaddeus Belei- skl, Prrmo Paulette, Gxlbert Gould, Emory Guifrovltch, Peter Txmchulcr. Eighty-three N, rfmsywwf Mwwwwiwsfmk A Left to rrqht lop row Raymond Terkoskx Andrew Wcrseluc All ed Babetskx Theodore Sokolowskr Stanley Brutskl lack Maddy Ir Clem Scott Ioseph Keruns Joseph Ostanskx Mlchael Gonshor Vernon Rmehammer Ioseph Mxsavaqe Edmund Plashmskr Gr1iil1hSchad Clarence Trynoslu Robert Sarlm Frank Kopera Carl A Gallr Edward Polnasek Walter Fedorchok Frank Gonshor Adam Nolh John Chelmeckr A Czaprockr Edward Nolh Eighty four E L will We Cr al T' 1. ll., l 1 1 M S I l 29 1 Y ,Jw b5W3?2.,. , T ,ff ag . ...,AAA I "'A gg if? fp- k 'B Qi A5 if Qs ,wawm . 411 , 5,2 x f-- . i., , ,L s f 114'-' ,Ev-gy' ,g U . ,. , 1 W M.,- 1 ,Q 'Ugg fr I 4 j Q' O 1 Q nib ,ww QD' 41' T .4-A-. Leit to nqht top row Ioseph V1ShU9fSk1 Cpl Theodore Mocur Cp Hurry Hudak Clem MISGVGQG John Hoffman Iohn Ptetrzyk Ches ter KL1Ch1DSk1 Sgt James Burns Mtchcrel Wcselus Chester Om1chm k1 Stanley G Guudzyk Leo Auqu tme Anthonyt Mcztt1o11 Mzchuel Kofi Walter Gorney Andrew Stvuhch Cur1Levul1s Ioseph Leoncrd Sqt Raymond MGY9WSkl Albert Sh1pOSk1 Nlcholcis Borts Sqt Albert Pcczkoskl Chester Ptushmskt Chester A Olshefskl Peter Bo eskr Ezghty sm , an Q K9 C Q W af, K M :QQ s me 4 4' 5 W Y I I ARMISTICE DAY PROGRAM III I. ' I S k L M g A t K I For God and Country NEWPORT TOWNSHIP POST No 539 AMERICAN LEGION GLEN LYON PA Post Commander lst V1ce Commander 2nd V1ce Commander Post Adjutant Post Flnance Ofhcer Post Chaplaln and SGIVICG Ofhcer Post Hlstorlan Sergeant at Arms Iohn E Selecky Mlchael Dol1nsk1 Peter Forgach Z1qmund W Butka Ioseph Hlefskl Anthonv Beeunas Bruno Najaka Stanley Shrner II III I II I I III I I'I I I I I It 2 I II fe I I I II I I J I II I I II I . I I I. I II II II I II I I H Lett to right, seated: Flora Fanucci, Helen Tarnowski. John Kanyuck, Principal: Frank I. Pinola, Department of Pennsylvania, III III Legion pea er: Iohn EI. Selecky, ocal Legion Post Commander. ar aret Roman, Eleanor Vessel. Standing: Frank Terkoskt, II I lbe k. I II III It 'I I I 'I Il u II 'II I , II Ig I III II III I II I , , II I I ' I II - ----- . II I1 - . . . I I - .... - III II I II - - - - - - I I . . . . :I III ----- II 'Ii .I II ,I III M fwmv i 1 I3 -ATL?-fT ----5 -- ,I T ,-,J-I- f:f-,sf ,.-,,,,,e,n-f -4 .. Tl-171111: --I- -- -. He- I A I- Y Ezghty seven ju I I I I I 1 :I II II V I II I I I I I NEWPCRT TOWNSHIP BCARD OF COMMISSICNERS Left to Rlght HARVEY FINE SIMON MAKAREWICZ PETER KEBLISH Pres1dent HARRY WOMELSDORF MICHAEL DONOHUE So11c1tor IAMES PRICE Secretary IOHN RIORDAN VICE Presldent CHARLES WILKES IJ I I I I I , I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I ' . I . I I I . . I I I r I . - . I Ii EE A I E I I CCE I CC IC CONGRATULATIONS TO SENIOR CLASS of 1944 'ki' Mrs Raymond Polmaszek Perer Sedor Frank Shemanskl Sranley Gorges Anrhony Beeunas SCHOOL DIRECTORS Paul R Selecky Sollclror . . . Compliments of . . . Newport Township Athlehc Council Complimenfs of HAlclen Anthracifen ALDEN coAL c:oMPANY ALDEN STATION PA. FOR RETAIL ORDERS Nanhcoke 634 TELEPHONE Nanhcoke 222 Congrafulahons and Success To the Grad cite of Newpot Hgh School CLASS of I944 SP ARTISTIC PHOTOGRAPHS P b Q Y Hcrll Mo k G eet ng Cords For A11Occcr on KRINIAK S PHOTO STUDIO 102 WEST MAIN STREET GLEN LYON PA u s r i We eciulize In of Su er ucxlit We also carry o lcrrge ass tment of Photo Frames of th h'gh t q 1'ty r I i si I L STAPINSKI S LOUIS H GROSS DRUG STORES Qua11ty Meat Market 61 West Marn Street Glen Lyon Pa WALTER ZASTAVNY 93 West Maxn Street Glen Lyon Pa Confechonery Home Made Potato Chrps Fresh Roasted Peanuts BEST OF LUCK GRADUATES DELUCA S INN Drlnk D1ne Dance WANAMIE Property of Qurnto Deluca JOSEPH KOTSULL TAX coLLEcToR NEWPORT TOWNSHIP Glen Lyon and Narmcoke QUALITY AND LOWEST PRICES GUARANTEED GREETING CARDS AM ICE CRE CUT RATE DRUGS SOKOLNICKI S PHARMACY THE REXALL STORE 99 West Marn Street Glen Lyon Pa The Drug Store You Can Patromze Wrth Confxdence Exclusrve Agency For WHITMANS CANDY REXALL DRUGS DOLLY MADISON ICE CREAM Keep In Step Wrth SUNDIAL QUALITY SHOES Shoes To Flt Every Member In the Famlly Wldths AA to EEE Outfrtters of Up-to the Mrnute Wearmg Apparel GLEN LYON PA SPOCK S GROCERY STORE Great Vanety of MEATS and GROCERIES ALDEN PA Nznely two y . 5 .. t ' ' I l I F to LLLL L Li , l ' e , -' ' t ' A ' I CENTERSTREET I MYER'S DEPT. STORE ,ELLA ti KW A I EMT ' ' l y H I OF ' I I Compliments of I I Compliments of I SERVICE STATION A FRIEND ALDEN ROAD NANTICOKE Comp11ments of STANLEY ROMAN S TAVERN MRS ANNA FINE GENERAL STORE 22 PRINCE STREET SHEATQWN ppt 100 NEWPORT STREET SHEATOWN Phone 660 P N Compl ments of FLOUR 81 FEED CO WEST MAIN ST ALDEN ROAD NANTICOKE PA BABY CHICKS DUCKS FEEDERS DRINKING CUPS SHEATOWN Phone 1486 FRANK KNOREK LIFE INSURANCE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 1944 ATTORNEY PAUL R SELECKY SOLICITOR OF THE NEWPORT TOWNSHIP SCHOOL DISTRICT Nty I I I I n PA. i . I . I I I I I I I I ' PA. ICH ,Ee oC..., C M A A M. -W IE, ,ME I I I I I I :I I ,I I II II I ine THERE ARE MANY OPPORTUNITIES AWAITING YOU IN THE CLERICAL FIELD Tram For Them NOW at the WILKES BARRE BUSINESS COLLEGE INC An Accredlted Commerclcrl Course VICTOI Lee Dodson Pres AUTOGRAPHS - I . PFGCIB 1 The Se111O1 fa-is vwshos 10 1 who 4159151051 111 muklnq 1110 p111U11CC111o11 of the Newp0111c111 C1 SUCCESS we are es nC1c111y q 211101111 10 1111 1o1ow 10 P1 sp1enc11f COoperC11o'1 M M E Aflcmb who C1lf9C19C1 the p11b1cc111o11 0 he year nook M I-19111911 A 11s 0 1110 u,1c1f1smo11 Lnqrcxvers Dr S1c1111fv Stu p1F1SA1 Mr IfJ1'1 Krlruck or s111nm1111rG the Kms cchrome ms enc1b1 q thv 11Qe 0' our M S1'1ok111s141 and M KI'Ll1lkOV9Sn1 who c'11ec1ec1 the CUSS P1c1y m Wh1Ch 1119 pro ceecs were 11s.swr1 for the p11b11cc111o11 of the yccxr book MY Frcmk Shepclu imc' Mr Stexe Lerc1c1 0111016155 CICIVIQPYS 101111011 c01111Qo1 9 also 1 Unk Co Qc111ors 15 Lu11y 1n1m111Qs Clllfl 111011615 or 'so1r1101s, wrm sun 1111110611 photos 01 SPIVICOITXPII c111r1 1111 fathers, 0 clorfvl mr 0 0115. r no mckmq 11115 ,FUI hook f Sll!.f.f'wS E I + I 11 1, ,- 111c111: c111 7 . "' 1 1 1 - 1n:1 r th, 1 J 1 1. 1, - . ' 1, ' 1 1 ' 5 1. . 1141. 1 ' 5 1 . 11 ' ' ' f 5 1 1 111 ,. '111 . ', 1 1 color reprocluctlons of OJY ccxmpui 'rzewsf r . , Y , VV ' H lhe f 11' . wh ren , .1 1h Q ,H ' 11111 111 111 -V 4 A - -f 4-'A '- 1 W P 5- V i 41- Q 'Q I4 '75- JV.. A ,... .... fx 4-4: 1' ,. '. L TF ' .275 , fc: ,as P I -L P . L .,,. .G :ge 1-ze, iii? 119. 'til , AQ ,QE ii ...Q jfxi :FE 'Eli iii' 1233 4

Suggestions in the Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) collection:

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 64

1944, pg 64

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 103

1944, pg 103

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 30

1944, pg 30

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 102

1944, pg 102

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 74

1944, pg 74

Newport Township High School - Newportrait Yearbook (Wanamie, PA) online yearbook collection, 1944 Edition, Page 65

1944, pg 65

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