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MA$i STnPfHET ROOM f i £■, Z 5 - 7 s? 7u£4as$ 3 Zv Ztc o c U . t-SCiCS 1968 ANCHOR ANCHOR ANCHOR Published By The Students of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia VOLUME FIFTY-SIX Editor: Jacob Isaac Melamed Adviser: Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Of Contents School Life 6-17 Faculty 18-29 Academics 30-47 Activities 48-79 Underclassmen 80-113 Sports 114-137 Seniors 138-181 Advertisements 182-211 Reflections Of Newport News A high school is more than just a hard, cold physical edifice of brick walls and concrete, of wooden doors, and of grand doric columns. A high school is a reflection of things as mundane as “What’s for lunch?” or as spiritual as a student’s first reading of Sonnets from the Portuguese, of things as banal as “Study hard for your test Tues- day!” or as extraordinary as the track team’s capturing both the indoor and outdoor state track ti- tles. Above all else, a high school is a reflection of the people, faculty and students, who attend it — and of their dreams and realities, their aspirations and their deeds, their efforts and their accomplishments. The following pages are but an attempt to capture the fleeting yet permanent, ephemeral yet enduring reflection of Newport News High School, 1967-68. Mrs. Wright Given Anchor Dedication " Do you know what she’s making us do? Some stupid paper on Hamlet. And how about that idiotic grammar test? She’s generally impossible!” “Yeah, but she’s a good teacher!” The highest compliment a teacher can receive is the grudging, grumbling recognition by her students that she is a good teacher in spite of and because of her assignments of “idiotic” grammar tests and being “generally impossible.” It is this very special type of teacher whose dedication is unwavering, whose zeal for teaching is unquenchable and whose love of students, all students, is boundless that rates the simple yet impressive tribute —“Yeah, but she’s a good teacher.” It is with the greatest pleasure that the 1967-68 Anchor staff dedicates this edition to an individual who has in every way displayed the attributes of “a good teacher,” whose devotion, interest, and concern will be appreciated and remembered always by the students of Newport News High School. The Anchor staff takes pride in dedicating the 1968 Anchor to Mrs. Jeanette Wright. Right: “Acme is to nadir as mellifluous is to . . .?” asks Mrs. Wright as she prods David Wilson into finding the correct word to complete the analogy ' . Building Word Power and analogies were quite familiar to all of Mrs. Wright’s students. Below Mrs. Wright smiles approvingly as she surveys one of the college freshman reading lists she distributes to her senior English classes. 4 Left: Mrs. Wright displays another aspect of her person- ality not seen by many stu- dents: her love of gardening. With her husband at their home on Cherry Street, she pauses from her weeding and pruning. Below: Mrs. Cameron and Mrs. Wright discuss proposed pur- chases of teaching materials for the English Department. 5 Reflections On School Life Announcements every morning in homeroom . . . pep assem- blies . . . concerts . . . report cards . . . dances . . . homework every night . . . All of these are rather common- place, every day occurrences in the lives of most students at N.N.H.S. Yet in their own special way, each of these rather ordinary events serve to mirror some major aspect of school life— the academic, the extracurricular, the athletic or the social. Alone, each reflects the vast opportunities and broad scope of interests open to the student. To- gether, they reflect the rich diver- sity and coursing vibrancy of school life at Newport News High. “The Shadow of Your Smile” sequence from Cabaret. School Life Reflects Variety Of Interests 8 Ebb And Flow Of Ideas Is Stimulating A girl and a boy just talking about “things”, thirteen hundred students screaming themselves hoarse at the Hampton game, a girl studying intensely in a deserted classroom for a test next period, a basketball player fighting for the ball— each and all of these scenes serve as reflections of the variety and divergence of interests that make up school life at Newport News High School. It is the ebb and flow of ideas between faculty and students, the exciting and stimulating quest that is learning that serves as the foundation for school life. In the classroom, on the playing field, or after school— wherever there are students from N.N.H.S., the intensity of their enthu- siasm, the vibrancy of their interests and the quality of their talents mirrors the diversity of action that is school life. Extreme left: Nathan Sosebee and Kathy Davis make plans for their next Friday evening at the drive-in. Left: The Typhoons show their traditional school spirit at one of the many football games of the season. Bottom extreme left: Anthony Linton and a Hampton foe battle for that ever elusive basketball in a home game at the Julie Conn gymnasium. Bottom cneter left: Nancy Ames shows that study, an integral part of school life, can be found in the expressions of intense students. Below: Mr. Kochli looks like “the cat who swallowed the canary” as he holds $2500 in payroll money for the bus drivers. 9 Honors Reflect Ability Of Students The phrase “We’re champions” definitely had a familiar ring at N.N.H.S. this year with Newport News students taking honors in all three A’s— athletics, academics and activities. In the field of athletics, the Typhoon indoor track team again won the state title, the seventh champion- ship in nine years. Academically, on the new television program, Hi-Q, a team from Newport News scored three consecutive wins and retired as an undefeated champion. Other academic accomplishments included the awarding of National Merit Letters of Commendation to two students, as well as the attaining of Nelms Honor Scroll by several students. Concerning activities, seven students from N.N.H.S. were named to the Virginia All-State Chorus. In athletics, in academics, and in activities, the accom- plishments of students at Newport News High School serve as reflections of the hard work and ability that has made N.N.H.S. a champion. Extreme lower left: Members of the track team: C. Johnson, D. McKenney, J. Scott, Coach Nuttycombe, R. Chalkley, D. Dickinson, J. Cutler, Coach Conn, L. Burden, J. Moore, R. Beale, I. Lyerly display with pride their state indoor track trophy. Right: Members of the All-State Chorus were: first row: S. Price, S. Dantzler second row: L. West, B. Brewer third row: W. Swaringer, D. Colton, and absent P. Randolph. Below: M. A. Haynes and B. Hogan were recipients of National Merit Commendation Letters. Extreme bottom: Studenfs who attained Nelms Honor Scroll were J. Whitcomb, J. Scott, S. Nichol, P. Long, F. Baker, L. Hogge, G. Perry, C. Bates, A. Cohen, B. Baker, M. Haynes. Calm Replaces Commotion In The School Spirit Committee makes posters for a coming game at its afternoon meeting in the cafeteria. Hunter Ford searches for the biggest piece of cake and in the act demonstrate s a popular teenage pastime at NNHS-eating! The cafeteria serves as the center for testing programs. 12 Eating, chatting, and attempting to study are pastimes each morning between 8-8:30 in the cafeteria Cafeteria The Public Address system reports to homerooms each morning such typical announcements as, “The committee meeting will be held this afternoon in tire cafeteria ... the junior class will report to the cafeteria after homeroom for testing . . .” As the focal point of all school life, the cafeteria serves many purposes. It is the center of both aca- demic and social activities. School dances, the Senior Prom, committee meetings, and gab sessions take place here, as well as testing programs, P.T.A. meetings, teachers’ meetings, Science Fairs, teas, socials, and banquets. And, of course, where else would we eat our lunch? Yet, after all the busy moments of a regular school day, comes a brief inter- lude between dark and dawn, when the cafeteria is void of activity. A quiescent mood prevails— the silence eloquently expresses the calm before a storm. Lucado Is Crowned Homecoming Queen “I think she’ll get it for sure!” “Well, I don’t think so . . was a very familiar conversation at N.N.H.S. in the days preceding November 10th, and it was just one reflection of the interest and pride students at Newport News have for one of its oldest traditions— Home- coming. Kicking off the festivities was the Homecoming Parade, held Thursday, November 9th. The next night, prior to the game, a reception was held for returning alumni from seven to eight o’clock in the cafeteria. At half-time, Gail Lucado was crown- ed Homecoming Queen for 1967. She was escorted by Jay Lane. Her Senior attendants were Janice Payne, escorted by Garland Rigney, and Roberta Shields, escorted by Robert Raper. Rep- resenting the Junior class on the court this year was Nancy Webb, escorted by Gerry Mingee. Sophomore class repre- sentative Susan Mallory was escorted by John DiGiacomo. Ada Roach, escorted by Mike Forbes, represented the ninth grade and Beverly Ham, escorted by Ronnie Kirby, represented the eighth grade. Extreme left: Dale Lucado, football co- captain, congratulates his twin, head cheer- leader Gail. She is Homecoming Queen for 1967 . The little Volkswagen, driven by Patsy Goodwin, 14 A dance sponsored by the Key Club was held after the game in honor of the Homecoming Court. This year’s Home- coming chairmen were Janet Hirshman and Anne Rowe. Members of the com- mittee were Randall Chalkley, Jerry Watkins, Debbie Buchanan, Karen Yevak, and Nathan Sosebee. Vicki Batts was crowned Band Sweetheart for 1967. Kay Johnson was chosen as her Maid of Honor. The ceremony took place during the half- time of the Kecoughtan-Newport News game. Vicki Batts, Kay Johnson and last year’s Band Sweetheart, Carol Parrish, entered the giant heart formed by the band. Kay was escorted by assistant-princi- pal, Mr. John Kilpatrick; Vicki’s escort was principal, Mr. John Caywood. Miss Parrish was accompanied by Drum Major, Larry Bridgers. After the announcement of her vic- tory, Vicki received a bouquet of red roses from Miss Parrish. Kay received a bouquet of yellow roses. Vicki danced the traditional waltz to the tune of “Let Me Call You Sweetheart.” Extreme right: Vicki Batts, 1967 Band Sweet- heart and her attendant, Kay Johnson. Vicki Batts Is Band Sweetheart ms to be overflowing with school spirit and Varisty Cheerleaders. Mike Joyce, Henry Liverrnan, and Jack Melamed portray “The Spirit of 67” on the Varsity Spirit Club float. 15 Tension Over Exams Causes Students To “That time” arrived again— you had six exams in three days and you left everything to the last minute. Countless Newport News students endured a strange metamorphosis when faced with this seemingly hopeless situation. Cramming for exams fell upon the shoulders of everyone. The pattern is always the same. Exams are only a few days away. You change from a carefree swinger to a. worried student who is flunking out. Your stomach tightens as the thought that these exams are the turning point; they determine whether you will graduate or not. You don’t dare enter the cafeteria because you know you will talk to your friends instead of studying. You can’t concentrate in the library because it’s too quiet. So, you end up studying in odd places like the clinic or on the counter of an empty classroom. And like many times before, you cursed yourself and said you’d never let this last minute cramming happen again— but you knew you would— you always do. Exams mean classroom studying, too, as Linda Jordan demonstrates. Sharon Dantzler does her last-mini 16 Cram, Cram, Cram, Cram, Cram, Cram . . . iuge of an empty classroom to find a few moments of solitude in which to study. imming in the Nurse’s Clinic. Exhausted after a long day of studying, Debbie Laws collapses over her books. 17 f «M ti IOM Reflections On Faculty Grading papers . . . evaluating and discussing ideas and events . . . attending faculty and departmental meetings . . . sponsoring clubs and activities . . . assigning home- work . . . listening to problems . . . planning classwork . . . attending P.T.A. . . . making out tests . . . averaging grades . . . disciplining students . . . worrying over individ- ual students . . . thrilling to student accomplishment . . . encouraging a student to try again . . . rejoicing over attainments . . . These are but a few small reflec- tions of the daily routine of most faculty members. Charged with the awesome responsibility of attemp- ting to educate and civilize thirteen hundred different and unique indi- viduals, the faculty members mirror their dedication to the teaching profession through the enthusiasm and zeal they bring to the class- room and the interest and understanding they extend to the students of Newport News High School. Relaxing for a few moments in the cafeteria over coffee, a few members of the faculty enjoy some lively conversa- tion concerning presidential possibilities. Two New Principals Take Over Helm Students at Newport News High School were greeted in the fall by a new principal, Mr. John M. Caywood, and by a new assistant principal, Mr. John W. Kilpatrick. Coming to us from the State Department of Education, Mr. Caywood is a veteran administrator. He served for seven years as an administrator at Battle Hill High School. Transferring to Warwick High School as principal, he served there for two years before moving up to Richmond. Mr. Kilpatrick did graduate work in the School of Admini- stration at the College of William and Mary. He acted as assistant principal at West Point for one year, then became principal of King William High School. Miss Margaret Lane, assistant principal for her fourth year, acted as ballast for our ship of state as our new men principals became orientated. These three charted a clear course and gave us direction and stability. 20 At Newport High Below: Mr. Caywood enjoys a jovial mood as he sits at his desk. Although he faces stacks of correspondence to be answered, requests to be certified, problems to be settled, he never seems to let these upset his even temperament. Right: Miss Lane pauses at her desk to give a friendly hello to the photographer. She can be seen sitting here daily, in conference with students, teachers, or parents, as problems are brought for solution. Below: Mr. Kilpatrick has a quiet manner but a great sense of humor, as is evident by his winsome smile. Here he is putting his signature to some correspondence on graduates. 21 Faculty-Student Contacts Are Rewarding Miss Bonnie Abbitt Longwood College, B.S.; Science Mr. J. K. Alvis V.P.I.; University of Georgia; College of William and Mary; B.S., M.S.j Sgp (enc£) Mr. Bentley B. Anderson Carnegie Mellon Univer- sity, B.F.A.; Sponsor of the Thespians; Stage Crew Advisor; Drama and English Mrs. Joan Anderson Will a m p. 1 1 e University, B.A. ffiisto rx Mrs. Joycelyn Archer North Carolina College, B.S.; Mathematics Mrs. Gustin, our new supervisor of the bookroom, admonishes a student against further loss of his books, since it becomes costly to him. 22 Consuming calories before the 8:30 A.M. bell is popular with Mr. Norman DeHart, Miss Jane Hunsueker, Miss Patricia Edison, and Mr. Gerald Roe. Mrs. Virginia Baker Ran dolph-Macon ; Woman’s College, B.A.; Science Mrs. Elaine P. Ball Mary Washington College, B.S.; Head Librarian Mr. David H. Bartlett U.S. Coast Guard Academy, B.S., M.A.; Social Studies Miss Beverly R. Bowman Madison College, B.S.; Physical Edu- cation Mr. Robert J. Brinkley Virginia State College, B.S.; Industrial Arts Mr. Chesley J. Browne, Jr. Wingate Junior College; East Carolina College, A.B.; Physical Education Mr. Stephen Cabaniss Roanoke College, B.A.; Speech Club Sponsor; Sponsor of the Christopher Newport Society; History Mrs. Kathryn Pace Cameron Madison College, B.S.; College of William and Mary; Department Head, English i lrs. Dorothy Carter Pa rmn-Npivnun rYUiggp- College of William and Mary, B.S.; Sponsors the Bovs’ and Girls ' C horus and the Concert Choir; Music 23 Miss Cassie Childress College of William and Mary, B.S.; Columbia University, M.A.; Department Head, Mathe- matics Mr. E. Tod Christian Frederick College; Richmond College A.B.; Sponsors the Key Club; English Mrs. E. Tod Christian St. Louis University, A.B.; Social Studies Mrs. Laurie Collier Meredith College, B.S.; Business Education Teachers Sponsor Many School Activities Mrs. Ressie Collins A and T College, B.S.; English Mr. Julius Conn University of Virginia, B.S.; Department Head, Physical Education Mrs. Garland J. Conn Westhampton College, B.A.; Guidance Mr. Frank Correll V.P.I., B.S.; Distributive Education Mr. Herbert O. Cox College of William and Mary, A.B.; Sponsors the Junior Band; Music Mr. Norman DeHart R.P.I.; Indiana State College, B.F.A., Art Mr. Robert Driscoll William and Mary College, B.A.; Sponsors the Key Club; Guidance; Social Studies Miss Patricia A. Edison Madison College, B.S., Social Studies Miss Joan Faunce Mary Washington College, B.S.; College of William and Mary, M.S.; Science 24 j Standing in a typical pose, Mrs. “Tish” Mirguet discusses with a twelfth grade English class an assigment in contemporary ' poetry writing. Mrs. Carolyn Green Longwood College, B.S.; Physical Educa- tion Mr. Daniel Hardee East Carolina College, B.S.; Distributive Education Miss Algilene Hearn Hampton Institute, B.S.; Sponsors the French Club; French Mr. Harlan Hott Shepherd College, B.A.; Physical Educa - tiojj Mrs. Phoebe Hoyle University of North Carolina, B.A.; Hunsucker University of North Carolina. B.A.; Sponsors the Tri-Hi- Y ftMathemati ci ) English iss Jai “itfisi Mr. Bernard Jordan Hampton Institute, B.S.; Biology Miss Sue Kelly Madison College, B.S.; Columbia University, M.A.; Sponsors the Future Homemakers Club; Department Head, Home Economics Mr. Samuel K. Khoshaba Campbell College, B.S.; General Business and Bookkeeping 25 In-Service Days Innovated For Teachers Mr. Charles Knight Wofford College, A.B.; Co-sponsor of the Chess Club; Sponsors the Spanish Club; Spanish Mr. Fred Kochli United States Military Academy, B.S.; Mathematics Mr. W. A. Lipscomb Virginia States, B.S.; Industrial Arts Mr. James J. LoFrese College of William and Mary, B.S.; Physical Education Mr. Roland J. Magee, Jr. Old Dominion College, B.S.; Advisor of the Honor Council; History Miss Frances Mag uire Boston University, B.A.; Longwood Col- lege, M.A.; Sponsors the Girls’ Usher Staff; Guidance Mrs. Edna Marston College of William and Mary, B.S.; Home Economics Mr. Thomas Marvin V.P.I., B.S.; Sponsors the D.E. Club; Distribu- tive Education Miss Eulah Massey College of William and Mary, A.B., M.A., Assistant Librarian Mrs. Virginia Masters University of Maryland, B.S.; Sponsors the Girls’ Athletic Association; Department Head, Physical Education Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Judson College, B.A.; Sponsors the Anchor: English Mrs. Margaret Minnick Westhampton College, B.A.; Sponso rs, the Euture Teachers of Americai TatKematics) Mrs. Elizabeth Mirguet College of William and Mary, B.S.; Sponsors Launchings: English Mrs. Louise Mundie College of William and Mary, B.A.; English and Latin; Sponsors Latin Club Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William and Mary, A.B.; Depart- ment Head, Science 26 Methods Of Instruction Are Up-Graded Mrs. Jane Newell Mary Washington College; Library Clerk Mr. Charles Nuttycombe Randolph-Macon College, B.A.; Physical Education Miss Sarah Owen Longwood College, B.S.; Department Head, Guidance Miss Ann Parker Sullins College; Brenau College, B.S.; Physical Education Mrs. Lena Priode Radford College, ILfL; College of William and Mary, M. Ed. English ' Mrs. Jen Lou Pulley Winthrop College, A.B.; College of William and Mary, M. Ed.; Guidance Mr. John Raible V.P.I., B.S.; Distributive Education Mr. John Reveley, Jr. Hampden Sydney College, B.S.; College of William and Mary, M.A.; Science Mr. Gerald Roe LaSalle College, B.A.; Sponsors the Chess Club; Co-sponsors the Science Club; Science Mrs. Betty Scott Lenoir Rhyne College, B.A.; Mathematics Mrs. Mae H. Sco tt Fisk University, B.S.; Weste rn Rese rve University, M.S.; iagcgJ Left: At the faculty Christmas party, Colonel Kochli delighted children of the faculty with his gifts and jovial wit. Data Processing Aids Teachers In Work Miss Mary E. Sexton East Carolina College, B.S., M.A., Ed.; Spon- sors the Eleventh Grade Class; English Mrs. Opal Sills East Carolina College, B.S.; Business Educa- tion Mrs. Caudia Sturm Longwood College, B.S.; English Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College, B.A.; Carnegie Institute of Technology; University of Virginia; Senior Class Coordinator; English and Speech Mrs. Phyllis B. Volhein Campbell College, B.S.; Sponsors the Future Business Leaders of America; Business Educa- tion Mr. Jack R. Waida Concord College, B.S.; Sponsors the Creative Artists Club; Art Mrs. Emily J. Wallace Westhampton College, B.A.; English Mr. William H. Walls Hampton Institute, B.S.; Industrial Arts Mrs. Mae Weaver College of William and Mary, B.A.; English Mr. Louis M. Wheary Lynchburg College, B.A.; George Pea- body College, M.A.; Department Head, History Mr. M. G. Willey Temple University, M.A.; Department Head, Business Education Miss Gail Williams Catherine Spalding College, A.B.; Sponsors Beacon ; English and French Mrs. Mary Williams Longwood College, B.S.; College of William and Mary, M. Ed.; Sponsors the National Honor Society; Social Studies Mrs. Mary Jo Williams American Institute of Banking; Librarian Clerk Mr. James P. Wilson Wayne State University, B.S.; Sponsors the Senior Band and the Elagtwirlers; Department Head, Music 28 " Mr. IBM " Changes All Names To Numbers Mr. Charles Woollum College of William and Mary, B.S.; Physical Education Mrs. Jeanette Wright College of William nd Mary, A.B.; English Mrs. Katherine Bonnett Business School; Principal’s Secretary Mrs. Carolyn Combs Office Secretary Mrs. Mable Papa Office Bookkeeper Mrs. J. H. Gustin Attendance Clerk; Bookroom Clerk Mrs. Katherine Bonnett measures Mr. Herbert Cox for cap and gown for commencement. Mrs. Ruth Floyd Dietitian Mrs. Thelma Kiser Elizabeth Buxton Hospital, R.N.; Sponsors the Future Nurses of America; School Nurse Mr. C. M. Spivy Custodian HmBSF • BL Wj jfie m , Vt _ Reflections On Academics “Vicera are the soft parts of the body, such as the heart, liver, or intestines” . . . “Most cities use either the grid or radiating spokes layout” . . . “X " is a monomial of degree greater than one” ... “A pronoun must agree with its ante- cedent.” These separate, unrelated facts are but a mere trickle compared to the vast flood of knowledge that deluges the student every day. They mirror the broad expanses of knowl- edge taught within the narrow con- fines of the classroom. They reflect the countless opportunities w ' hich academics offer to the student, not only for an increased awareness of the society in which he exists, but also the chance to find some mea- sure of self-fulfillment and under- standing. Students in Mrs. Nettles’ biology class intently peer through their microscopes during a lab session. Newport students journey to Warwick High School to view the first all-city presentation of Moliere’s School For Wives. JSS0 In preparation for a dramatic performance, Frank Farmer creates the character he portrays through the skillful application of make-up. Mad-arn Gram-ar Stumps Students 32 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT First we were introduced to new science courses. Then came Modern Math. Now it’s “New English.” Students of 8th, 9th, and 10th grade English were bewildered as they encountered graphemes, phonemes, morphemes, and other new terms. The new study is aimed at helping students to express themselves in a variety of ways— without the use of misplaced modifiers, jumbled jargon, overused cliches, mixed metaphors, and such. It was a trau- matic experience, this plunge into new grammar. However, new anthologies for almost all courses balanced out the growing pains with grammar. Our former principal, Mr. J. W. Etheridge, became the new city-wide English Coordinator. He promoted Moliere’s A School for Wives in December. Four bus loads of our students journeyed to Warwick for this delightful comedy. Added to the department this year were Mrs. Emily Wallace, 8th and 9th grade English teacher, and Mr. Bentley Anderson, Drama Coach. Right: Mrs. Jeanette Wright discusses the various psychologi- cal aspects of interconflict and tragedy in Hamlet. Below: Mrs. Claudia Sturm points out some basic sentence patterns employed in English Composition. Trigonometry And Advanced Algebra “Bloodshot eyes, perspiration, and pounding headaches” are symptoms of “Mathaliscilliacelminitis” which has become a common everyday occurrence to the students who spend long hard hours working in math class. To alleviate some of this pain, several new overhead projectors have been added this year to aid the teachers as well as the students. This year two new courses were offered by the Mathematics Department. The first of these courses was Trigonometry, taught by Miss Jane Hunsucker; last year it came under Senior Math Analysis. In this course, sets, trigonometric ratios, and other mathematical principles were explored on the college level. A second course was an Advanced Algebra class taught by Mrs. Margaret Minnick in which students who took algebra in the eighth grade scratched below the surface of numbers, unknowns, and graphs. New to the Mathematics Department this year were Mrs. Betty Scott and Mrs. Joycelyn Archer. Left: Mr. Reveley demonstrates the correct procedure in solving a consumer math problem before assigning homework. Below: left: Advanced Algebra students work diligently on a quiz dealing with linear equations given by Mrs. Margaret Minnick. 34 Are Added To Math Curriculum Above: Students in Miss Hunsucker’s second period trigonometry class discuss difficult mathematical induction problems. Left: Coach Browne calls out the problems to be done by his students in the eighth grade. Below: Cynthia Bates portrays “The Twelve Days of Christmas” on her geometry project, a dodecahedron. 35 Advanced Science “Oh no! I accidentally cut his liver! the patient, a decrepit frog faded with years of preservation in formaldehyde, under- went an unsuccessful operation— a vertical dissection of his body. Dissection is a memorable part of the biology course, and amateur surgeons learned to profit from mistakes such as these. Other facets, such as microbiology and the study of multicellular organisms, were taught. The smell of rotten eggs (alias hydrogen sulfide) is an unpleasant recollection of every first year chemistry student. However, such experimentation affords personal observations of the nature of elements, compounds, and mixtures. This year’s advanced science course dealt solely with chemistry. Offered in the science curriculum also was physics, an advanced study in matter and energy. Earth-Space science which deals with the physical features of the world was also taught. This year the Science Department received a new aquarium, charts, chemicals, and a stereomycroscope. Mr. Bernard Jordan joined the Science Department as a new educator. Left: Mrs. Frances Nettles shows Robbie Bradsher and Harold Ruffin the procedure used in dissecting a frog. Right: Bobby Cook demonstrates the prin- ciples of refraction and reflection of light. Mr. J. K. Alvis explains to his physics class how joules are converted to watts through a chemical equation. 36 Course Offers Full Year Of Chemistry To evoke interest in eighth grade science class. Miss Bonnie Abbitt established teams and quizzed her students in contest form. Ttwmr Eighth grade history pupils whisper as Mr. Bartlett takes note in his gradebook. 38 “In the spring a young man’s fancy turns-” away from world geography. Government Class Goes To Corporation Court A stunned silence filled the courtroom as the lawyer rose to cross-examine the witness. “Where were you on February 10th at the time of the murder?” The students of Mr. Wheary’s third period government class witnessed a trial that famil- iarized them with regular courtroom procedure. Such field trips supplemented classroom discussions and aided the student in his understanding of govern- mental functions. This twelfth grade course stressed the underlying principles of federal, state, and local governments. U. S. History, an eleventh grade subject, dealt primarily with the growth and development of our country, while the World History course discussed the development of civilizations in countries throughout the world. Studies in World Geography familiarized students with the locations of major countries, cities, and bodies of water. The eighth grade history course was a general introduction to our American heritage. Mrs. Joan Anderson, Mr. Stephen Cabaniss, Mr. Roland Magee Jr., and Mrs. Phyllis Eastman joined the History Department this year. Left: Mr. Louis Wheary’s third period government class listens intently as the courtroom trial proceeds. Right: In World Geography class Charles Shields scans the globe to locate a particular land area. Below: An informal discussion on the Protestant Reforma- tion is conducted in Modem European History class under the direction of Mr. Stephen Cabaniss. Home Ec. Girls Enjoy Cooking And Sewing Would you like some eggs la goldenrod with orange juice? The inquiry came from a beginner student in home economics cooking class. First-year students prepared breakfast while the advanced classes created a delectable dinner. The home eco- nomic classes, under the instruction of Mrs. Edna Marston and Miss Sue Kelly honored the faculty with a coffee hour during FHA week. Learning to buy the material, to cut out patterns correctly, and to use the sewing machine were a few of the skills learned in sewing class. Once these were mastered such articles as aprons, shirts, and skirts, were produced. Ninth grade home economic classes took a home nursing course, during which the pupils viewed ten films and were given demonstrations on the subject. The students who attended eighteen sessions and passed the test were awarded home nursing certifi- cates. New sets of books were received by the Home Economics Department to keep up with the latest trends. Left: Judy Greene, assisted by Mrs. Marston, takes freshly baked muffins out of the oven. Below: Cindy Cull begins work on a new dress as she threads the sewing machine. Learning balance is only one of the aims in eighth grade boys’ gym. Student teacher Miss Gloria Grant teaches a girls’ gym class one technique of modern dance. Beauty Of Form Stressed In Art And The bend and grunt method of calisthenics gave way to a broader participation in sports activities. In boys’ gym the emphasis was placed on volleyball, soccer, wrestling, and golf, while the usual sporting games such as football, basketball, and baseball were also taught. Girls’ gym activities included field hockey, basketball, gymnastics and modern dance. Physical Education classes offered a year of classroom health, during which students learned about the parts of the body, hygiene, first aid, a nd mental diseases; a six weeks course of Driver’s Education was also included in the curriculum. Art courses encompassed five class periods, three were devoted to an introductory course and two to advanced art. Pupils learned self-expression through painting, sketching, and sculpture. All types of art varying from traditional still lifes to the most avant- garde modernistic works were created by students in these classes; from time to time their art was dis- played in the cafeteria and library. Miss Pat Perrin joined the art staff this year. Approximately two hundred students were enrolled. Right: Mike Cash finishes up a creative sculpture in clay, a project of his advanced art course. Perseverance Demanded Of Music Students Members of the boys’ chorus, Steve Jackson, Danny Jones, and Butch Downey, diligently practice singing for the Christmas concert. Participating in the activities of the band or choral groups not only furthered a stu- dent’s interest in music but also gave him a certain amount of responsibility. The Choral Department, under the direc- tion of Mrs. Dorothy Carter, sang at school assemblies and numerous churches and gave several concerts. The Senior Band, directed by Mr. James P. Wilson, upheld its reputation of being one of the best bands in the state by performing well for football games, in parades, at school assemblies, for community functions, and in concerts. The Junior Varsity Band, under the supervision of Mr. Cox, also performed highly in several concerts and parades. In order for the music groups to function commendably, they must rehearse before, during, and after school. Points toward an award were given to each member who attended rehearsals and performances. Awards were given at the music banquet and Awards Assembly in the spring. “Practice makes perfect” seems to be running through the minds of Junior Varsity Band students, Sharon Kuhns and Bill O’Neal, as they busily A sour note brings a smile to Peggy Anzio’s face as she and Betty rehearse for an upcoming concert. Ames receive special instruction from Mr. Herbert Cox. 42 Above: Miss Algilene Hearn uses a tape recorder frequently as an aid to teaching conversational French. Right: Mrs. Louise Mundie, Aaron Wall, and Linda Hile view the various projects made in Latin class. Babel Sounds Heard From Foreign Tongues “Bonjour, mes amis, ” “buenos dias, ’’and “Salvete. ” Such were the mingled sounds heard coming from different language classrooms. Tape recordings, lan- guage records, picture identification tests, and dia- logues are examples of oral participation in the foreign language classrooms. In addition to these teaching methods, new books were issued to Latin students to insure an extensive, new, up-to-date study. Well qualified students were earnestly encouraged to take foreign language courses in order to prepare for college as well as to broaden the perception of English and word origin. The history, literature, and culture of a language also taught the student to be more appreciative of the countries in which the language originated. Foreign language offerings at Newport News High School included French, Latin, and Spanish. These courses may be taken from two to four years. New to the language staff was Charles Knight. Right: On a typical Spanish class test, Mr. Knight holds up a flash card to be identified with Spanish Vocabulary. Data Processing Introduced To Teach ii “Good afternoon. May 1 help you?” The voice heard on the telephone was pleasant as well as informative. The young receptionist was receiving part-time, on-the-job training in preparation for a future career while earning a weekly salary. Similar opportunities were offered to mature and responsible students who enrolled in Industrial Cooperative Training Class. Perfection is the word in today’s business world. Under the Vocation Office Training program, office management encom- passing the use of duplicators, calculators, and l.B.M. machines was taught. Typing and shorthand students matched their wits against the strain of timed writings and dictation. Introduction to Data Processing was a course which opened the door to the world of computers. The course was designed to help students decide if they were interested in Data Processing as a career. A business-like atmosphere pervaded the Distributive Edu- cation wing when third year students assumed the responsi- bility of department store operation as a class project. Advertising, retailing, and management were the fundamental details of concern. Students also applied job techniques of selling which they had learned in the classroom. Top Left: Mr. M. G. Willey checks Johnsie Williams’ shorthand test. Top Right: Cathy Fay pauses to erase a typing error while listening to the voice machine. Bottom Left to Right: With the use of the adding machine, Chrystella Xynister balances her ledger for bookkeeping. Ion Scott sets up the plugs for the l.B.M. machine. Ralph Gore uses the computer key punch machine. Warren Vines and Jimmy Cutler prepare the duplicating machine for running off test copies. The display for the D.E. showcase is completed by Nancy Fulghum and Bruce Howell. A phone call gives Sue Witcher a moment to pause from her busy schedule of secretarial work. Mrs. Finney a buyer for ready-to-wear, gives Michael Joyce instructions concerning stock at Nachman’s Department Store. With the use of skills obtained in the various business and vocational courses, these students were well on their way to exciting careers in the commercial world. And To Equip Students For Modern Jobs 45 Shop Courses Train Skilled Hands Bobby Smith works diligently on a lathe to complete his shop project. The discord of hammering nails and running machines were the normal, day-to-day sounds heard from the wood and metal shop classes. General shop taught the student how to work with such materials as leather, plastics, and machinery. Salad forks, electrical bells and buzzers, and small transistor radios were among the many items produced. First year woodshop pupils learned the various types of wood and were instructed in the safe operations of hand tools. Projects created were bookends, napkin holders, tie racks, and wall plaques. Second year woodshop students worked on power machines such as the wood lathe, jointer, band saw, and shaper. Coffee tables and end tables, magazine racks, and lamps were constructed. Metal shop students produced ashtrays, spice racks, and dustpans and were also taught work theory. Pupils interested in engineering and architecture took drafting, which provided the basic fundamentals of mechanical drawing, using such materials as T-squares, triangles, and compasses. Mr. Walter Deal was the new general shop instructor, and Mr. Daniel Hardee was the new drafting teacher. Tom Franklin pauses to examine the results of his welding. Max Benbow concentrates on planning a piece of wood on a jointer. j j f £ 46 Pres ton Williams, a second year woodshop student, uses a drill presser to aid him in his project. Leonard Melvin busily cuts out a tie rack on a band saw. Bobby Hodges applies paint to a cabinet top as a finishing touch. 47 t -f 1 ■ i -} ' l» . A ' • ' 1 Wl $p3§ • « 4 ir ’ a H fcW - ■ f l £ S. i ' Wi? S ' . Ssm Reflections On Activities “Band practice Thursday mor- ning at 7:30 a.m. sharp” . . . “French Club meeting this after- noon” . . . “all money and unsold dance tickets must be in by 1:30 today” . . . “Spirit Club members who intend to ride the bus should sign up in 306 by Friday” . . . Each of these announcements and the numerous others like them serve as reflections of the vitality and vigor of extra-curricular life at Newport News High School. They mirror the broad spectrum of activi- ties available to the student, whe- ther his interests and talents range from French to football. They re- flect the innumerable opportunities open to the student not only to meet other people with similar interests and to form lifelong friendships but, most important, to grow and develop as an individual. The Typhoon Marching Band performs at the 1967 Hampton-Newport News football classic. Chivalry Is Theme Of NHS Assembly " 1 am Sir Scholarship . . “1 am Sir Leadership . . “I am Sir Service . . “I am Sir Character . . With these words began one of the most important and impressive assemblies of the year— the National Honor Society Assembly. Using the theme of chivalry and knighthood, members of the society portrayed the four qualities of scholarship, leadership, service, and character that are requisites for membership. National Honor Society mem- bership is open to students in their junior and senior years who, in the opinion of the faculty, best exem- plify the ideals for which the National Honor Society stands. Officers this year were: President, Ben Hogan; vice-president, Mary Alice Haynes; secretary, Nancy Ames; and treasurer, Agnes Bland- ford. Serving as Southeastern Dis- trict president this year, was Joel Flax. Allene Cohen serves refreshments to Mary Kay Massey and Ben Hogan at the reception held after the National Honor Society assembly. National Honor Society Members were: First row: A. Blandford. M A. Haynes, N. Ames. B. Hogan, Second row: Mrs. Williams, sponsor, A. Shapiro. S. Dantzler. A. Cohen. R. Shields. B. Smith. L. Roberts, 50 B. Baker, B. Clark, N. Webb, Third row: R. Hitchens, J. Whitcomb, J. Flax. J. Fisher, F. Stall. G. Hankins, M. Smith, M. K. Massey. Thankless Job Done By Honor Council “We the students of Newport News High School, in order to promote honor and integrity ot character among the students of the school do hereby establish the Honor System . . So reads the preamble of the oldest, student-administered honor system in the state. The Honor Council, charged with the awesome responsibility of upholding and administering the Honor System, strove to reach fair decisions in regard to those accused of infractions of the Honor Code. Members of the Honor Council were first nominated by the S.C.A. Executive Board and were then elected by their respective classes. This year’s advisors were Mr. Ronald Magee and Mr. Charles Woollum. The Christopher Newport Society, this year, worked very hard in making a film strip for the city of Newport News. At the end of the year the members took their annual trip to Washington, D. C. The club was led by Baxter West, president, and Mr. Driscoll, sponsor. This year’s Honor Council members were D. Ralston, N. Webb, R. Hitchens, Mr. R. Magee, C. Sawyer, M. Wolfe, B. Hogan, J. Whitcomb, and J. Pearson. Christopher Newport Society Members were: First row: M. Cates, D. StaU, B. West, D. Thomas, D. O’Neal, B. Skinner, J. Melamed, R. Hoffman, R. Baker, K. Burke, J. Smith, J. M. Smith, R. Jackson, D. Wilson, Second row: L. Chapman, D. Mattox, T. Sherrill, M. Kypriandes, L. Gray, S. Witcher, S. Harris, L. Roberts, J. Warner, B. Houston, P. Venable, D. Pierce, C. Richardson, B. Pierce, L. Varacelli, P. White, L. Higgins, Third row: L. Hogge, B. Brewer, C. Comer, V. Smith, C. Bates, C. Sawyer, S. Nicol, M. Smith, B. Reece, S. Hargadon, J. Parker, S. Takis. 51 “Civic responsibility” appeared to be the keystone of the Key Club’s activities this year. Two movies were sponsored, the pro- ceeds of which were donated to various charities. Key Clubbers collected for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation and aided the Salvation Army for needy families on the Peninsula. For a number of meetings, including a joint meeting with the Ferguson High Key Club, such speakers as Huey Brown, assistant basketball coach at William and Mary, and J. C. Range, physical education supervisor for the Newport News Schools, were present. During Key Club Week, the club pre- sented a citizenship assembly with Mr. J. W. Etheridge, former principal of N.N.H.S. as guest speaker. This year the club was led by Rodney Hitchens president, and Mr. Bob Driscoll and Mr. Tod Christian, sponsors. Left: J. Whitcomb, C. Richardson, and B. W ' est unload cases of cokes for their upcoming dance. Key Club Collects For Civic Charities Members of the Key Club were: First row: J. Flax, J. Whitcomb, R. Hitchens, N. Sosebee, G. Hile, F. Stall, Second row: M. Smith, B. West, J. Scott, J. M. Smith, R. Chalkley, J. Oliphant, Third row ; L. Bridgers, M. Mortimer, S. Lawing, L. Grizzle, H. Anker, Fourth row: J. W ' atkins, B. McClelland, R. Chalkley, D. Thomas, C. Richardson, L. Deane. Mr. Tod Christian. 52 h Keyettes were: First row: C. Sawyer, S. Garth, C. Richardson, R. Green, N. Webb, B. Pierce, Mrs. Erin Christian, Second row: C. Bates, D. Pierce, M. Haynes, A. Shapiro P. Barrow, S. David, K. Yevak, Third row: G. Lucado, S. Jenkins, K. Davis, K. Johnson, J. Hirshman S. Jones, D. Nicosia, Fourth row: P. Long, L. Bell, A. Rowe H. Konstant, D. Buchanan, J. Ellenson, S. Weinstein, P. Weaver. Keyettes Sponsor Serve-In You’ve heard of the “sit-in”, the “love- in” and the “moving-in”? Well, this year the Keyette Club, through its many activities, sponsored a “serve-in”. A “serve-in” is a concerted effort to aid in civic and chari- table endeavors whenever possible. The Key- ettes, in preparing perceptual kits and holi- day decorations for the Speech and Hearing Center, donating to the Daily Press Christ- mas Fund, to the Muscular Dystrophy Fund, and dressing dolls for the Salvation Army, aided Peninsula charities. The Keyettes also honored the athletic teams with a party at the end of each season. Rounding out the activities was the cleaning up of the restrooms in the stadium and the selling of confetti at all home football games. This year the club president was Rick.i Green and the sponsor was Mrs. Erin Chris- tian. Left: The football team enjoys the party given by the Keyettes for them at the end of football season. Launchings Gets First Place At S.I.P.A. Agnes Blandford and Mrs. Elizabeth Nlirguet look over various literary magazines. “What do you thing of that poem?” “Well, if you don’t object to sloppy rhyme and assinine themes . . Critical evaluation and thor- oughly piercing critiques of the various poems, short stories and essays submitted, is just part of the work involved in producing Launchings, the Newport News High School literary-art magazine. Not only are the various published works student written, but every illustration from the cover to photographs is student produced. Innovations in the 1968 Launchings included an increase in size from 6” by 9” to 614” by 10” and new vellum finish paper. Editor was Agnes Blandford and serving as advisor of Launchings for her second year was Mrs. Elizabeth Mirguet. Launchings Staff members were: First row: J. Roberts, K. Rothchild, J. Frank, S. Harris, Second row: R. Lerner, P. Hile, C. Jones, C. Bates, Third row: A. Blandford, E. Teddar, L. Hogge, R. Chalkley, F. Bost, 54 Fourth row: S. McMurray, G. Batts, D. Thomas, S. Hall, Fifth row: Mrs. Elizabeth Mirguet, B. Freeman, L. West, M. Massey, J. Melamed, Sixth row: F. Farmer, L. Roberts, J. Byrd. Left to right: A. Cohen, R. Lemer, R. Carter, B. Mahaney, R. Sherwood, Miss Gail Williams, D. Barron, P. Schwab, S. Hall, J. Fox, S. Harris, P. Randolph. Beacon Adds Editorial Page Editor “Hey! Let me get a look!” “Come on, let me see it.” “Gimme back my copy!” The above conversation could be over- heard on any Friday on which the Beacon, the popular Newport News High School newspaper, made its appearance. Published fifteen times yearly, the six-page Beacon, was almost totally student produced— with students selling the advertisements and handling the finances, writing the articles, taking the photographs and laying out the pages. Only the actual printing of the paper was not done by the students. Putting out a newspaper was not the only thing the Beacon staff had to contend with this year. On August 27, the Beacon Room was broken into by vandals. The thieves did not take anything except a typewriter, which they demolished in the hall. A new development on the Beacon staff this year was the creation of the position of the editorial page editor. Miss Gail Williams was the new advisor. Miss Gail Williams and Allene Cohen discuss the layout of a dummy sheet for the Beacon. 55 Anchor Breaks With Traditional Patterns Twice as much work is done by twice as many: Identical twins, Debbie and Becky Pierce. Jack Melamed and Mrs. Martha Jo Milne check through the master layout notebook for any corrections to be made. “This copy is terrible . . .” “this layout is an atrocity,” “this double page spread will have to be done over!” This was the familiar, irate scream emanating from a certain editor-in- chief and heard by every member of the Anchor staff. With the adoption of a new dominant layout, staff members were forced to discard old notions and start from scratch, doing and re-doing page layouts until dominance became an integral part of the new 1968 yearbook. Anchor. Along with the adoption of a new type of layout, copy was written and re-written to be more factual and alive. Other new innovations in the 1968 Anchor were the use of stipple-tone paper in place of shiny, enameled paper and the use of duotone color on all divider pages. The Anchor also entered into the photographic business, with Mrs. Milne, who, aside from all her other duties as Anchor advisor, took on the grueling task of serving as the Anchor’s chief photographer. The Anchor staff was forced to work doubly hard in the financial department, due to the fact that only 700 activities tickets were sold. Besides the usual sale of advertisements, the staff sponsored two dances and the Typhoon Teacher Contest. Assisting Anchor adviser Mrs. Martha Jo Milne, was editor-in- chief Jack Melamed. Frances Bost and Gary Hankins experiment with plastic shapes to secure the best page lay-out. Members of the 1967-68 Anchor Staff were: R. Green, B. Pierce, J. M. Smith, D. Pierce, D. Thomas, H. Kounnas, S. Creasman, L. Higgins, F. Bost, J. Slate, F. Stall, P. Long, G. Hankins, J. Melamed, N. Webb, M, Laws, A. Shapiro. While Pat Long checks class lists for typing, Sandra Dye types senior Martha Laws and J. M. Smith crop pictures to get exact fittings for page pages. lay-outs. 57 TrfcKmX ' v i CM ' • A Initiated to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community, high standards of Christian character, the Chesapeake Hi-Y and the Tri-Hi-Y have carried out these aims this year through projects. The Chesapeake Hi-Y under the sponsorship of Mr. Samuel Khoshaba, donated money to the Daily Press Christmas Fund, presented the faculty with a cake at Christmas, and tended the shrubbery around the flagpole. The Tri-Hi-Y, under the sponsorship of Miss Jane Hunsucker, cleaned the tables in the library, collected money for the Muscular Dystrophy Fund, placed flower arrangements in the teachers’ lounges, contributed to the Daily Press Christmas Fund, and aided the Anchor by selling tickets to the Typhoon Teacher Dance, sponsored by the Anchor staff. Through many service projects and activities the Tri-Hi-Y made itself an outstanding example of the Christian ideals for which it has stood. First row: D. Wilson, F. Vretos, S. Dorner, J. M. Smith, Second row: F. Farmer, F. Derzis, J. Pearson, Mr. Sam Khoshaba. Tri-Hi-Y Cleans The Library Tri-Hi-Y Members were: First row: E. Overton. N. Di Giacomo, B. Trainum, C. Cooper, P. Barrow, P. White, P. Weaver, D. Lucado. L Higgins. H Konstant. E. Ryan, A. Rowe, Second row: P. Leong, B. Turner, Third row: C. Sawyer, L. Walker, D. Snadige, J. Easmei . D Stanaway, M Hamel, D. Mattox, B. Goard, T. Arrington, R. Hilsdon, P. Blaylock, Y. Merriman, J. Payne. 58 Future Nurses were: First row: B. Somers, D. Pierce, V. King, P. Long, row: J. Parker, J. Parker, A. Johnson, S. Nicol, B. Brewer, J. Marshall, M. Waters, P. Leong, D. Griffin, J. Slate, D. Caldwell, S. Hensel, Second in bed is S. Atkinson attended by Mrs. Thelma Kiser. Future Nurses Club Aids Red F.H.A. members were: D. Enos, S. Church, T. Eppes, W. Plessinger, M. Pearson. Miss Sue Kelly, E. Gregory, D. Caldwell, and F. Bost. Cross Try to describe the members of the Future Nurses Club. Beautiful femme fatales pursued by hand- some young internes? Well, not quite! How about girls thoroughly enthusiastic and sincerely interested in the nursing profession? You hit it on the button! The members, this year, by working in cooperation with the Red Cross, visited MacDonald Army Hospital, recruited blood donors, served as volunteers at bloodmobiles, and truly learned of the hard work and stamina which entails the profession. The Future Nurses Club suc- ceeded through its many activities in opening a door to a nursing profession for many girls. The Future Homemakers, under the sponsorship of Miss Sue Kelly, prepared its members for the re- sponsibility involved in home- making and for handling these re- sponsibilities. Marine Biology Is Science Club Project “We’re number two, and we’ll try harder.” This cry could be heard by any Science Club member this year. In striving to become number one club in the state, the N.N.H.S. Science Club undertook many projects and took many field trips. The club project revolved around marine biology and the preservation of marine specimens. Many of the field trips involved a search for marine specimens, as did trips to Stuart Gardens beach and Yorktown beach. Other trips included a journey to the Planetarium, the Virginia Institute of Marine Science and the Casey Founda- tion for Research and Enlightenment in Virginia Beach. Members of the N.N.H.S. Chess Club worked hard and practiced often to improve their game. Their technique of strategy proved both interesting and enjoyable. Sponsoring the club were Mr. Charles Knight and Mr. Gerald Roe. Chess Club Members were: Left: S. Taylor, H. Ford, R. Rawls, W. Smith, B. Roper, R. O’Neal, Mr. C. Knight, Mr. G. Roe. JII IHUMM Science Club members were: First row: G. Grannum, J. Fink, G Shelton, R. Baker. G. Hankins, M. Waddell, T. Nickens, Second row: S. Takis. L. Gray, K. Rothchild, D. Griffin, L. Walton, J. Pearson, B. Freeman, J. Frank, Miss Joan Faunce, Mrs. Frances Nettles, Third row: P. Crayton, M. Cates, A. Wall, S. Oliver, K. Burke, R. Hoffman, G. Perry, A. Dennis, S. Robinson, B. Copeland. 60 F.B.L.A. members were: First row: B. Trainum, B. Singletary, s. Williams, L. Nunnaly, J. Baker, M. Cruz, J. Byrd, Second row: B. Huggins, C. Xynisteri, R. Graham, J. Washington, S. Williams, B. Kerman, Third row: V. Smith, J. Warner, L. Chapman, J. Minns, C. Lawrence, Y. Merriman, K. Larsen, Fourth row: Mrs. Phyllis Volhein, L. Soloman, J. Blanchard, J. Baker, L. Maraki, P. Fineman, D. Sandidge, M. Aguado. F.B.L.A. Starts Supply Store This Year Ever run out of paper? Lose your pencil or need a notebook? Up untO this year, either you bummed off your friends or did without. But now, thanks to the supply store set up by the Future Business Leaders of America, this awful problem has been solved. Other activities of the F.B.L.A. included the sponsoring of a float in the Homecoming Parade, the financing of a private telephone in the V.O.T. room, the collecting of food for needy families and the purchasing of toys for under- privileged children. Did you ever wonder what a future teacher did? Not only was the interest in teaching. Members of the Future Teachers’ Club gave a bake sale, had a book sale, observed in elementary schools, and selected a Teacher of the Month. F.T.A. members were: First row: B. Pierce, H. Kounnas, S. Jenkins, K. Yevak, Second row: G. Perry, R. Green, A. Cohen, A. Shapiro, J. Hirshman, L. Hile, S. Weinstein, S. David, Third row: F. Cheek, B. Franklin, J. Mabe, B. Brewer, G. Batts, M. Laws, Mrs. Margaret Minnick. 61 Members of the VICA Club were: First Row: J. Crouch, M. Bazemore, S. Roberts, B. Boggs, Mr. Frank Correll, P. Nichols, A. McIntyre, A. Carper, P. Born. Second Row: R. Taylor, J. Swall, E. Oshansky, J. Mullins, P. Crum, G. Rigney, R. Raper. The Distributive Education Club won many contests bringing honors to the club. Its float, decorated by the members, won second place in the Homecoming Parade. In the District competition, Mike Young’s dis- play won second and Bill Sims won first place in the Job Interview contest. Mr. Thomas Marvin and Mr. John Raible served as advisors for the DE Club. The VICA Club, new this year, par- ticipated in the District Convention at Warwick High School, the Regional Con- vention in Virginia Beach, and the State Convention in Natural Bridge. In the District Convention, the club won eight contests, which included public speaking, job inter- view, talent, spelling, and current events. The advisor of the VICA Club was Mr. Frank Correll. New VICA Club Wins In District Contests Members of the DE Club were: first row: P. Pearce, A. Crumpler, E. Miller, J. Driver, L. Taylor, Mr. John Raible, P. Martin, D. Jenkins, D. Spahr, B. Reid, G. Womack, second row: D. Lockett, R. Miller, E. Keel, I L. Jackson, M. Lentz, Mr. Thomas Marvin, W. Langford, W. Pressley, T. Edwards, M. Joyce, third row: J. Clark, M. Lentz, L. Ealey, B. Sims, N. Fulgham, B. Howell, D. O’Neal, B. Winfree. 62 Members of National Thespian Society were: first row: F. Farmer, R. Green, S. Price, A. Blandford, S. Smith, S. Dantzler. second row: P. Goodwin, P. Schwab, B. Brotzman, B. Allen, E. Tedder, F. Vretos, J. Ellenson. third row: Mr. Bentley Anderson, R. Raper, R. Carter, F. Derzis, J. Melamed, J. Hirshman, A. Shapiro, W. Lambert, M. Young. Audience Participates In Spring Play Thespians is an unfamiliar name to many members of N.N.H.S., yet to those interested in drama, Thespians mean a great deal. The Thespians are a group of students who have made some outstanding contributions to the Drama Department. Admission to the National Thespian Society may be earned by acting, by working in the stage crew, or by helping backstage where much of the work is done. The Thespians went to Wedgewood Theatre in Williamsburg where they were invited to attend the dress rehearsal of their play. The advisor of Thespians was Mr. Bentley Anderson. He directed two plays this year. The fall play was A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Psychiatrist. In the spring an exciting courtroom drama was presented entitled The Night of January 1 6th, which used the audience as jury members to decide at the end of the play whether or not the defendent was guilty or not guilty. Right: Karen Andre, played by Ginny Holloman, is about to be conducted to the courtroom by the prison matron, Janet Remak, where she will be tried for a murder which took place on The Night of January 16th. % — l SSSrwWj i R ' « — ' g- j i H , v N j A -oMM J ill [JIM 1 ■ J3 IB 1 1 1 (1 1 1 The 1967-1968 Latin Club members were: first row: B. Pierce, Mrs. Louise Mundie, seated : K. Yevak, P. Goodwin, J. Mays, B. Clark, C. Jones, R. Green, P. Barrow, G. Hile, A. Wall, J. Schweida, S. Atkinson, seated J. Smith, D. Buchannan, M. Hughes, B. Franklin, second row: R. Lerner, S. Hargadon, S. Robinson, S. Weinstein, M. Massey, A. Bland- ford, S. Oliver, D. Laws, D. Thomas, K. Burke, P. Hile, third row: C. Bates, S. Burke, K. Taylor, D. Hood, A. Rowe, M. Joyce, P. Clark, D. Pierce, fourth row: P. Robinson, M. Smith, R. Baker, R. Chalkley, J. Melamed. B. West, J. M. Smith. Language Clubs Hold Christmas Party To have a better understanding of Roman life and culture is the aim of the members of the Latin Club. For the first time, the annual Roman Banquet was held at the Virginian Restaurant. The club also purchased an ad in the Anchor. Serving as officers of the Latin Club were: Jerry Smith, president; Karen Yevak, vice president; Jane Schweida, secretary; and Becky Franklin, sergeant-at-arms. Serving as sponsor was Mrs. Louise Mundie. The French Club under the sponsorship of Miss Algilene Hearn encouraged the study and speaking of the French tongue. During Christmas vacation a Christmas party was held by the French Club, Spanish Club, and Latin Club, and a dance was held in the spring. Officers were: Joyce Linhart, president; Shirley Jenkins, vice-president; Agnes Blandford, treasurer; Janet Hirshman, secretary; and Hope Kounnas, sergeant-at-arms. Furthering interest in Spanish was the purpose of the Spanish Club. With the help of its sponsor, Mr. Charles Knight, the Spanish Club had a very success- ful car wash. A banquet was held for the induction of new members, along with other Spanish Clubs in the area, on April 26, 1968, Frank Vretos served as president, with Joey Fink as vice president, Gail Perry, secretary, Ruth Lerner, treasurer, and Frank Derzis, sergeant-at-arms. Right: Karen Yevak and Jerry Smith display their Roman dress which they wore to the Roman Banquet. J Members of the Spanish Club were: First row: F. Derzis, G. Perry, R. Lerner, J. Fink, F. Vretos, M. Smith, Second row: J. Kurzer, M. Klesmer, F. Cheek, D. Caldwell, L. Stewart, G. Shelton, Mr. Charles Knight, Third row: B. Franklin, R. Hoffman, G. Hankins, M. Daniels, R. Shook, K. Taylor, Fourth row: S. Caine, R. Jackson, L. Grizzle, C. Richardson, R. Shaw, J. Whitcomb. Ides Of March Date For Roman Banquet Members of the French Club were: seated, J. Linhart, First row: N. Robinson, R. Green, J. Hirshman, Miss Algilene Hearn, A. Blandford, Second row: L. Patterson, J. Frank, M. Morgan, J. Parker, Third row: P. Riggs, P. Hile, D. Johnson, S. Fineman, S. Freeman, L. Jordan, Fourth row: J. Foreman, D. Sandler, J. Hess, T. Twiss, Fifth row: B. Freeman, S. Weinstein, B. Wingrove, P. Fineman, M. Hamel, P. Long, Sixth row: J. Pearson, 1. Delk, S. Nichol, Seventh row: K. Rothchild, T. Brenner, J. Fox, R. Chalkley, J. Melamed, C. Richardson, G. Grannum, M. Eason. Above: Members of the Student Council were: Miss Bonnie Abbitt, F Stall, L Bridgers, J. Flax, H. Konstant, R. Chalkley, Second row: J. Kurzer, S. Fineman, K. Stanaway, G. Flile, W. Saunders, S. Price, D Strickland, M. Wolfe, J. Miller, L. Rogers, Third row: J. Wilburn, C. Carpenter, G. Lucado, S. David, A. Gore, B. Trainum, B. Goard, J Baker, P. Cook, S. Whitt, J. Hirshamn, M. Flaynes, J. Smith, J. M. Smith, Fourth row: P, Hile, J. Watkins, S. Garth. R. Green. K. Yevak, J. Melamed, B. Brotzman, J. Fink, D. Oliver, C. Richardson, D. Lewis, P. Barnes, Fifth row: P. McCallum, L. Patterson, A. Shapiro, S. Weinstein, D. Nicosia, D. O’Neal, R. Kirby, J. Scott, C. Richardson, J. Fox, B. Smith, J. Schweida, B. Clark, T. Sawyer, G. Evans. Sixth row: S. Fludgins, B. Herdon, C. Lawrence, J. Linhart, P. Thomas, N. Sosebee, J. Fisher, B. Aycock, P. Barrow, K. Davis, E. Tedder. Right: Involved in a discussion of S. C. A. problems was the 1967-68 Executive Board as they met in the Senior Band room. Right: J. Watkins, S. Garth, P. Barrow, K. Yevak, J. M. Smith, S. Price, E. Teddar, Second row: B. Smith, C. Richardson, J. Fisher, G. Lucado, N. Sosebee, G. Hile, C. Richardson, M. A. Haynes, J. Melamed, R. Green, A. Shapiro, S. Weinstein. 66 SCA Presents Flag The Student Cooperative Association’s membership consists of the whole student body. The S.C.A. is made up of two branches: the Student Council and the Executive Board. Consisting of a representative from each homeroom, the Student Council is the center of all student activities. Acting as a steering committee for the Student Council, the Executive Board meets regularly to suggest improvements and to plan activities. The Student Council began the year with the Orientation Assembly for the incoming mice. It sponsored “Up With People,” a patriotic group of young people. Three school dances were also sponsored by the S.C.A. For the first time an Inter-club Council was started and it consisted of representatives from all of the organizations and classes in the school. As assembly was held presenting the rewritten copy of the SCA Constitution. The SCA also collected for the Gerald Grogan Scholarship Fund and for the Leukemia Fund. Ending up a very successful year, the Student Council presented the school with a flag to be displayed on the stage. Typhoon Gossip, Trophy Polishing, Mailbox House and Dance Committees were: left: S. David, L. Kurzer, G. Grannum, B. Smith, S. Oliver, A. Rowe, S. Garth, M. Hamel. School Spirit Committee was: A. Shapiro, T. Larsen, C. Richardson, K. McDaniel, J. Liversedge, C. Thomas. Lost and Found Committee was: standing: J. Smith, J. M. Smith, Seated: G. Lucado, Remembrance, and M. A. Haynes, Scrapbook. 68 Special Events Committee was: J. Melamed, S. Weinstein, E. Tedder, R. Green. Were Projects Of Various SCA Committees There are ten standing committees of the Student Cooperative Association. The Dance Committee held three very successful dances. During Christmas and Valentine’s Day, a post office was held to distribute holiday cards among the student body. The Citizenship Committee handled this and the election of Friendly Typhoons. The Cafeteria Committee decorated the bul- letin board in the cafeteria. “Typhoon Gossip” was started to publicize the activ- ities of the school. The Publicity Committee did this and also had the bulleting boards repaired and recovered with colored burlap. The House Committee took on the ambi- tious task of cleaning the 109 athletic trophies. Promoting school spirit with banners and posters was the School Spirit Committee. Lost books, notebooks, etc., were taken care of by the Lost and Found Committee. The SCA scrapbook was kept up to date by the Scrapbook Committee. Cards, flowers, and other remembrances were taken care of by the Remembrance Committee. Orientation, Mouse, Christmas, Brotherhood, and Induc- tion Assemblies were all prepared, staged, and presented by the Special Events Com- mittee. Right: Cafeteria and Publicity Committees were: D. Lewis, C. Richardson, K. Yevak, S. Hargadon, S. Price, M. K. Massey, J. Pearson, D. Nicosia. SCA officers were left treasurer, Robin Chalkley; vice president, Larry Bridgers; parliamentarian, Floyd Stall; and secretary, Helen Konstant. Inter-Club Council Initiated This Year The officers of any organization are its backbone. The officers of the Student Co- operative Association are the backbone of the student body. Serving as president of the SCA was Joel Flax, who had previously served as treasurer. Working with the Inter-Club Council was vice- president, Larry Bridgers, who also drew up its constitution. Helen Konstant kept the minutes, serving as secretary; keeping the Finances straight was Robin Chalkley, treasurer. Floyd Stall, parliamentarian, was responsible for guiding correct parliamentary procedure, and he was also in charge of the elections held in April for new SCA officers. New this year as SCA advisor was Miss Bonnie Abbitt, whose advice and guidance helped to achieve a progressive attitude for the SCA. On April 5-7, the SCA sent delegates to the state convention in Arlington, Virginia. At- tending this convention were Robin Chalkley, Chuck Richardson, and Jerry Watkins. Ending up the school year, the Installation Assembly was held on May 6. The new officers were inducted and the new executive board was introduced. Left: Joel Flax president, discusses a problem with Miss Bonnie Abbitt. - Every boy who has earned a letter in any major sport gains eligibility for membership in the Varsity Letterman’s Club. This group of athletes sold tickets to the Peninsula Coaches Basketball Invi- tational Game, the proceeds of which went to the Gerald Grogan Scholarship Fund. President was Jimmy Cutler, with Coach Charles Nuttycombe as adviser. Sponsoring buses to away foot- ball games was among the activities of the Varsity Spirit Club. It also sold spirit ribbons to promote school spirit for many of the games. Miss Mary E. Sexton was adviser, with Janet Hirshman and Jerry Smith serving as Spirit Leaders. Members of the Varsity Letterman’s Club were: first row: A. Walker, J. Peoples, 1. Porter, M. Mortimer, J. Scott, M. Wilson, J. Watkins, D. Dickinson, S. Jackson, second row: L. Burden, B. Simms, B. Hogan, H. Smith, B. Howell, B. Parrish, T. Koskinas, B. McClelland, R. Jordan, third row: R. Kiser, J. Fisher, R. Hitchens, N. Sosebee, R. Reeves. Spirit Club Sponsors Bus To Arlington Members of the Varsity Spirit Club were: first row: V. Scott, D. Sandler, L. Hile, M. Massey, J. Linehart, P. Holcomb, J. Ottaway, D. Griffin, P. Hile, J. Washington, W. Boone, second row: P. Dillwood, T. Nickens, L. Patterson, M. Eason, P. Cook, S. Dobson, B. Brewer, S. Hensel, B. Franklin, M. Pearson, third row: L. Robinson, M. Warren, K. Reece, D. Muckerson. G. Grannum, L. Thon, L. Kurzer, M. Hamel, T. Twiss, A. Roach, P. Bethea, fourth row: M. Smith, R. Chalkley, B. skinner, C. Richardson, J. Kounnas, D. Hood, J. Hogue, M. Benbow. fifth row: J. Pearson, S. Takis, P. Crum, L. Bums, J. Smith, J. Hirshman, L. Chapman, S. Robinson. 71 An integral part of the Typhoon Band is the Varsity Flagtwirlers. This group of girls has the relentless job of twirling and marching at all football games, pep assemblies, and parades in which the band takes part. The high point of football season is the Thanksgiving game, and the Sunday before Thanksgiving, the flagtwirlers were hostesses at a banquet at the Gourmet Inn, for the Hampton High Majorettes. At this banquet, flowers to be worn at the game were exchanged. When problems concerning the band come up, there is a special group of band students who discuss and try to solve these problems. This is the Band Council, made up of a representative from each grade. The president was Jay Oliphant; vice-president, Vicki Batts; secretary, Nancy Webb; and treasurer, Ray Jones. Ninth grade representative was Pat Hile, tenth grade was Terry Sturgis, eleventh grade was Gerry Mingee, and twelfth grade was Glen Hile. Left: Band Council members were: seated: N. Webb, left: K. Johnson, V. Batts. G. Hile, L. Bridgers, P. Clark. R. Jones, J. Oliphant. G. Mingee, P. Hile, T. Sturgis. Flagtwirlers Host Banquet At Gourmet Inn Varsity Flagtwirlers were: left, S. Atkinson, D. Pierce, B. Dye, N. Webb, K. Johnson-head, V. Batts, S. Hargrave, N. Ames, B. Pierce. Center , Larry Bridgers, Drum Major. The Breeze Band: first row: D. Cardwell, J. Bines, R. Check, R. O’Neal, R. Cullotta, S. Davis, B. Hale, second row: R. Huskey, D. Wilsted, 1. Eanes, A. Roach, D. Stanaway, S. Friedman, J. Mullen, J. Swinton. third row: B. Terrell, K. Velline, B. Wilson, T. Sturgis, D. Sandige, W. Delatte, L. Hensley, L. Penney, fourth row: C. Wilsted, P. Anzio, S. Livingston, R. Warrell, L. Stewart, S. Smith, B. Shaddock, B. Ames, K. Reece, S. Sherrill, fifth row: B. Hooper, R. Morgan, S. Whitcomb, L. Bell, L. Walker, B. Nichols, A. Styron, K. Stanaway. sixth row: S. Thomas, S. Kuhns, L. Pitiah, P. Venable, S. Lawrence, O.M. Little, J. Carter, seventh row: D. La Flamme, J. Chilberti, C. Melvin, J. Wilburn, B. Plessinger, C. Hunter, T. Ward. Breeze Band Marches On Armed Forces Day Seldom heard, seldom seen, often neglected, was the Newport News High School Breeze Band. These hard-working students put in long hours of diligent practice and they received little recognition. The Breeze Band, along with the Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers, performed at many of the J. V. football games as well as at the Varsity Homecoming Game. Parades were also a big part of the activities of the Breeze Band, which marched in the Homecoming Parade, the Williamsburg Christmas Parade and the Armed Forces Day Parade. Along with the Typhoon Marching Band, the Breeze Band participated in the annual Christmas concert and in the spring concert. The Breeze Band was under the direction of Mr. Herbert Cox and drum major Robert O’Neal. Right: The J.V. Flagtwirlers: first row: A. Roach, T. Sturgis, D. Sandidge, D. Stanaway. Second row: S. Smith, L. Bell, L. Walker, L. Stewart. Talent Sums Up Chorus Over one hundred students participated in choral work this year and added credit to a growing reputation for excellence in performance. The key to this success was reflected in the skillful direction of Mrs. Dorothy Carter, to talented singers, and to long hours of practice. Singing at numerous Assembly programs, the members rendered inesti- mable service to the school. At Christmastime, the chorus sang for a local firm, Electronics Service, which gave them a tape recorder for the depart- ment. In March the Cabaret was given. The spring concert followed in May. The members also participated in theRegionalChorus, the Workshop Chorus, and in the All-Virginia Chorus. They ended the year with special music at Commencement. Below: Left to right: The Boys’ Chorus: D. Jones, G. Colton. D. Stall, M. Cash, R Bradsher. J. Downs, E. Nuttycombe, B. Johnson, R. Johnson, L. Smith, J. Clark. W. Crisp, M. Murphy, O. Leonard, C. Downey, C. Brisson, C. Miller, G. Gravely, D. Johnson, R. Jackson, D. Camper, M. Camper. Center The Concert Choir: First row: C. Downey, J. Downs, S. Cain, B. Kerman, S. Takis, L. West, Second row: M. Waters, D. Stall, B. Brewer, S. Price, R. Bradsher, Third row: E. Davis, M. Dempsey, K. Jeffries, P. Dickerson, Fourth row: W. Swaringer, D. Colton, D. Earls, P. Randolph, Fifth row: M. Schuszler, W. Jenkins, L. Bridgers, A. Blandford. In shape of G clef: The Girls’ Chorus: L. Robinson, R. Joyner, W. Mercer, S. Mallory, S. Cook, R. Miller, G. Mayfield, F. Rattley, J. Marshall, P. Gibson, M. Clark, T. Mitchell, P. Kester, F. Bennett, J. Williams, S. Hensel, A. Dennis, L. Alderman, D. Tucker, L. Moore, D. Vest, K. Presgraves, S. Edwards, M. Morgon, B. Caldwell, M. Mock, R. McClelland, D. Hoffman, D. Caldwell, C. Jones, K. Haynes, T. Nickens, M. McCullar, K. Chisom, R. Phaup, S. Smith, E. Butts, C. Mears, L. Freeman, B. Siam, D. Bedsaw, P. McCallum, M. Daniel, T. Owens, D. Lloyd, P. Taylor, J. Byrd, L. Fisher, B. Pulley, D. Cain, K. Holden. 75 Diana Earls sings that favorite soul song, “Going Out of My Head Over You”, as she thumps out this rhythm with her big toe. “Why do you hold that tiger by the tail?” asks Jerry Clark. “Cause the other end bites” replies Donnie Camper. They sang that country music favorite, “I Got a Tiger by the Tail.” Cabaret Captivates All “No You Can’t Get a Man with a Gun” belts out Kathy “Calamity Jane” Haynes as she attempts to woo her lovers, Donnie Camper and Jerry Clark. At the end of her song, she took after her men in a most militant way-shooting her Winchester rifle. One of the highlights of the year was the Cabaret presented by the Choral Department with the cooperation of the Drama Depart- ment and the Dance Band of the Senior Band. From the opening scene with the guest Barbershop Quartet ' s tuneful singing to the finale by the entire group, the program was packed full of zestful entertain- ment. Unlike any concert ever given at N.N.H.S. before, this program resembled a well executed T.V. show, due to the special lighting effects, the boardwalk projecting out into the audience, and the freshness and vigor of the numbers as well as the infor- mality of the grouping. The big beat music of the Dance Band, the go-go girls, the Hawaiian dancer added interest and verve to the evening. So great was the enthusiasm for Cabaret that by request it was presented in a student assembly several days later. The combination of good music, excellent staging and lighting, a “groovy” dance band and-well what would you expect but the best in entertain- ment? Right: Marne (alias Susan Price) sings “Don’t Tell Mama”. 76 Above: Members of the Boys’ Chorus obviously enjoy singing “Music to Watch Girls By” as they intently watch Marie McCullar stroll by. Right: Flower Child Marlene Waters strums her guitar in the “Moon River” sequence. Below: “You coax the blues righ out of the horn, Marne” sing the combined voices of the Boys’ Chorus, Girls’ Chorus and Concert Choir in a rousing rendition of “Marne”. Typhoon Band Shows Spirit Through Hard 78 “And now direct your attention to the south end of the field and to the Newport News High School Typhoon Marching Band.” During the fall season this sound was synonymous with the N.N.H.S. football games, not only at home, but as far away as Arlington. Getting up at the crack of dawn, rehearsing at night, practicing relentlessly the Typhoon Band worked hard to uphold its reputation for excellence, as demonstrated in their annual winter, Christmas, and spring concerts. The Band also found time to lend its support to all of the pep assemblies. In order to finance their trip to Arlington, the Band members worked very hard in selling Rex, candy, and band calendars. Special highlights of the season were performances at the Apprentice School Homecoming, at a Norfolk Neptune football game, and in the Oyster Bowl Parade. Below: Concentration and intent interest and hard work are reflected in the faces of the participants at a daily preschool Senior Band rehearsal. Left: First row: K. Johnson, V. Batts, S. Sease, S. Smith, Second row: J. Slate, S. Creasman, B. Franklin, M. Anzio, S. Hargarve, D. Stanaway, B. Dye, C. Wilaon, V. Laboone, P. Dillwood, P. Riggs, Third row: C. Jones, B. Granger, B. Price, B. Pierce, D. Buchanan, D. Home, P. Crocker, L. Haynes, L. Bridgers, B. Brewer, W. Poole, M. Mullen, A. McIntyre, D. Pierce, N. Smith, S. Hensel, P. Strauser, L. Bryant, T. Koskinas, R. Rawls, Fourth row: N. Webb, N. Ames, P. Venable, E. Calhoun, S. Atkinson, J. Huskey, J. Williams, C. Siam, C. King, D. Thomas, R. Boyette, R. Turner, N. Eanes, M. Lentz, G. Williams, C. Skinnell, D. Sandidge, J. McCandish, H. Brown, T. Barnes, D. Jennings, B. Sims, J. Hogue, P. Clark, M. Murphy, R. Jones, D. Cardwell, Fifth row: J. Fay, H. Ford, K. Faircloth, S. Lockett, M. Schuszler, V. Frye, S. Smith, G. Mingee, L. Deane, B. Bradley, M. Trussell, R. Johns, T. Hines, T. Sturgis, P. Holcomb, D. Joyce, K. Haynes, V. Webster, P. Hile, F. Covert, E. Ballard, W. Swaringer, M. Forbes, J. Rigel, N. Whitaker, W. Vines, R. Stall, Mr. James Wilson, B. Hughes, G. Hile, J. Oliphant, T. Franklin, G. Dale, R. Bellamy, G. Livingston, M. Lentz. Work And Support Of School Activities 79 Reflections On Classes Mouse assembly . . . class meet- ings . . . money making projects . . . class dues . . . more money making projects . . . ordering senior rings . . . These events, typical of those that occur in any class, are reflec- tions on what, at first, seemed the impossible. Within, four short years the seemingly insurmountable dif- ferences between the timid, bumb- ling mouse and the confident, self- assured, rising senior have been bridged. These events are reflec- tions of the growth, development and maturity that is intrinsic in the underclassmen years. They mirror the remarkable transformation of the unsure eighth grader into the determined rising senior ready to face and bear the responsibilities of being a senior. Eighth Grade Elects Leaders In November Mis. Priode, eighth grade class co-adviser, discusses with president, Danny Stanfield, and secretary, Beverly Ham, aspects of the upcoming Mouse As- sembly. Charles Alston Roy Andrews Linda Andrews Pam Back Francie Baker Jerry Baker Mike Bailey Patricia Balsen James Bannister Patricia Barnes Timothy Bazemore Joyce Bellamy Karl Bethea Ricky Bines Helen Bost Ann Brannock Sheila Bridges Beverly Brown Holly Bungert Brian Burke Eileen Butts Joe Byrd Sharon Callihan Don Cardwell Bobby Carpenter Steve Carr Rosa Carroll Alice Carter 82 Officers Guide Mice Through First Year Brenda Carter Adrienne Casey Eddie Castonguay Janice Castonguay Richard Chattin Richard Cheek Joe Chilberti Karen Chisom Kenny Cole Heidy Colley Gary Colton Carol Cook Billy Copeland Fayetta Covert Howard Cox Lee Cox Carl Crandol Ricky Culotta Wayne Curlings Tim Curtis Widad Cury Clyde Dalton Marie Daniel Connie Davenport Mike Davis Sherral Davis Vicky Day Janice Diggs David Dorner Joseph Dulton Gloria Dunn Irvin Eanes Carlene Edge Nancy Edgerton Fredia Edwards Shirley Edwards Jimmy Eldridge Debra Enos Gale Evans Marleen Farber Don Flanary Sarah Freeman Steve Friedman Dennis Fry Thomas Fry Wanda Gambrell Alisa George Joy Goach Robert Granger Jl r s m ' k 0 m ■T a 1 w a ' 1 t). Mrs. Ressie Collins, co-advisor, points outholdiays to Honor Council Representative, M. Wolfe, treasurer, A. Weaver, and vice-president, D. Strickland. Connie Grant Tommy Grant Jesse Green Evelyn Gregory Harry Gregory Robert Hale Beverly Ham yana yan essa HampfrIS Jerry Hardison Sandra Hardy Erma Harley Danny Harris Dwight Harris James Harris Rhonda Harris Pat Hardsell Steve Hatchett Kathy Haynes Alice Hayser Curt Heckell Leon Hensley Brenda Herndon Cynthia Hicks William Hicks Steve Hildebrand Deborah Hobbs Becky Hooper Debbie Hooton Pamela Home Larry ' Houser Kathy Hubert Eddie Hudgins Sherry Hudgins Charles Hudson Bonnie Huffman Eighth Graders Display Their Talents m r - 1 At to Kay Hughes Curtis Hutcheson George Insley Isabel Iquado Christal Jackson Louise Jackson Ramona Jackson Dennis Jones Paul Jones Roland Joyner Helen Kanelos Anthony Kearney Larry Kearney Randy Kennedy Colletta Kenney Jimmy King Maria Kirk Pamela Kiser Andy Koschmider Danny Lail Mike Lamm Ann Lancaster John Lancaster Terry Larsen Lane Ledford Orian Leonard Ollie Mae Little Joyce Liversedge 84 " Great Pumpkin " Theme Of Mouse Assembly Mouse Carolyn Parnell performs in the Mouse Assembly for Chuck Richardson, Anita Weaver, Frank Vretos, Debbie Hooten, Marsha Wolfe, Karen Yevak, Steve Lawing, Debbie Buchannan, and Patsy Goodwin. Staila Livingston Debbie Lloyd Sarah Lovings Garmon Mangrum Bobby Marshall Alfred Martin Shirley Martin Rose Ann McClelland Russell McKoy Gary McMurray Dale Mears Connie Melvin Tlona Mignogna Curtis Miller Jean Miller Jimmy Miller Janet Minter Delon Moore Richard Morgan Michael Morrissett John Mullen Judy Mullis Tommy Mullis Jay Neufeld Kathy Neumeyer Bernard Nichols Lyle Oney Pat Owen Carol Owens Cecil Page Plouton Panags Darla Parker Carolyn Parnell Billy Patrick Vanessa Patterson 85 Mr. Driscoll Counsels Eighth Graders At Aifatfifc Lairy Pearce Deborah Perry Robin Phaup Rose Lynn Pitiak Kathy Prevatte Judy Price Steve Pyrados Nancy Randolph Kathy Reece Jeff Rice Patricia Rice Shirle Richardson Gwendolyn Ricks Jenice Robinson Linda Rogers Pat Ross Josie Rowdand Linda Samples Watten Sapp Lettis Sawyer Byron Sheddock Stanley Sheovic Sonya Sheppard Robert Shook Marti Sinsky Jeanette Smith Kenneth Smith William Stall Danny Stanfield Kenneth Stell Vivian Stephenson Kenneth Strickland Janice Styles Adrienne Styron Karen Sullivan Lighth grade guidance counselor, Mr. Bob Driscoll, offers Curtis Miller advice in planning his schedule for his remaining years at Newport News High School. 86 John Taylor Sherry Taylor Cintonio Teixeria John Temple Orlanda Terry Sledd Thomas Brenda Tipton Deborah Tucker Margaret Turlington Kenneth Turner Craig Twiss Katerin Vellines Mark Waggoner Monica Wagoner Wayne Waterfield Anita Weaver Wanda Wells Susan Whitcomb Mice Experience Terror Of First Exams Marsha Wolfe Robert Worrell Kathy Wright Louisa Xynisteri Mary Young James Whitley Jennifer Whitley Gary Whitt Steve Whitt Sandra Wilhelm Kenneth Wilkins Lula Wilkins Sylvia Wilkins Gary Williams Harold W ' illiams Judy Williams Regina Williams Benny Wilson Cynthia Wilsted 87 Ninth Grade Class Sponsors Ninth grade class officers Merry Ann Hall, treasurer, and Ada Roach, secretary, ask their class sponsor, Mrs. Anderson, for suggestions of ways to raise money for their class. Pam Adcock Raymond Adcock Magaly Aquado Debra Alford Philip Allen Nora Aman Betty Ames Kathy Anspach Peggy Anzio Christine Arrington Christine Ayers Vicky Baker Kenny Barfield Linda Beaty Joe Bethea Jeannine Blanchard Nickie Blanco Debbie Blouch Sally Blythe Robert Boggs Wanda Boone Delores Boyce Eugene Boyd Philip Brewer 88 Float In Homecoming Parade Sandy Britt Damaris Brown Debbie Brown Henry Brown Mike Brown Mike Buffkin Kenneth Bumgarner Stephen Burke Robert Burns Debbie Byrd Vera Bynum Larry Call Mike Camper Cornell Carpenter Carolyn Carson Judy Carter Lin Chaffin Cherie Chambers Guinn Childress Mike Christian Jack Christie Judy Church Jerry Clark Mark Clark Marylyn Clark Charles Comer Judy Condron John Connelly 89 Freshman Officers Solve Class Problems B ' r V r 1 o © ££ ££ A ft ft’ f £l m m m ii diltsM Margaret Conner Ricky Cook Peggy Cooke James Cox Pemell Crayton Vemell Crayton Pat Crisp Paula Crocker Betty Crosley Charles Crowder Janice Grumpier Liza Cruz Pam Curtis Morris Daniel Janet Davenport Angela Dennis Cynthia Dietrich Pat Dillwood Susan Dobson Larry Dowless Kent Doyle De Ette Eppes Mary Eson Linda Estes Ricky Fields Sheryl Fineman Richard Flynn Linda Forrester Susan Francheski Judy Frank Ninth grade class officers, president, Melvin McClellan; Honor Council Representative, Joey Pearson; vice-president, Lesley Thom and Executive Board representative, Eddie Nuttycombe, spend time after school to solve various problems that confront their class. Tommy Frazer Beverly Freeman Lou Anne Freeman Rodney Frison Gary Geiger Debra Gibson Mary Gilley Arthur Girland Doris Gore Ritze Graham Sue Graham Gail Grannum Mike Gray Timmy Grison Dixie Haga Bonitta Hairston Merry Ann Hall Mary Hamel McClelland Chosen Freshman President Kimberly Hendricks Ronnie Hensley Sandra Hess Eddie Hester Kathy Hester Diane Hicks Pat Hile Bill Hobbs Debbie Hoffman Debbie Home Carolyn Hough Frances Huggins Claude Hunter Richard Huskey Denise Johnson Ray Johnson Brenda Jones Linda Jordan David Joyce Kathy Kanelos Christine Keatts Jacqueline Kelly Clyde King Kathy Kirby Sharon Kuntz Mary Lamn Kres Lassiter Sandra Lawrence John Leonard Kevin Lewis 91 Freshmen Learn Traditions Of N.N.H.S. Sue Liakos Delmar Linhart Sandra Lockett Aleesia Long Mike Long Mary Jane Mahone Linda McCall Peggy McCallum John McCandlish Kathy McDaniel Harold Monger Linda Moore Michaelle Morgan Linda Morris Sharon Morris William Morris Barbara Murphy William Murphy Patricia Napier Bonnie Oldfred Eddy O’Mary Sylvia One Terry Owens Rose Newell Theresa Nickens Ronnie Parker Robert Parks Lauren Patterson taking them home from a long, hard day at N.N.H.S. 92 Linda Pearce Joey Pearson Thomas Penny Irene Peterson Bennie Plessinger Robert Price Martha Price Donald Price Kathy Purdy Florence Rattley Richard Rawls Sam Reed Lela Reeves Robert Reid Peggy Rice Beverly Richmond Paula Riggs Ada Roach Betty Jo Roberts Karen Roberts June Robinson Linda Robinson Nan Robinson Rita Robinson Ninth Graders Take Personal Hygiene Mrs. Virginia Masters discusses the various aspects of personal hygiene with her ninth grade girls’ health class. 93 Ninth Grade Class Forms Dance Committee m r 0$ iiu 0$ fS k © fil , « Becky Roper Debbie Ross Karen Rothschild Marvin Ruffin Woody Sanders Janet Sandler Herbie Savage Marie Schuszler Donzella Scott Mary Segar Donnie Shelton Sharon Sherrill Elizabeth Siam Debra Siron Amelia Smith Arthur Smith Norene Smith Cinthia Spade Janet Spivey Karen Stanaway Glen Starling Richard Sullivan Derius Swinton Evelyn Talton Ada Roach, ninth grade Homecoming representative, talks to a friend on one of the new telephones installed at N.N.H.S. this year. 94 Freshmen Sponsor Dance To Raise Money Leamon Tart Robert Tench Leslie Thom David Trull Leonard Tucker Susan Tucker Terry Twiss William Vanness Donna Vest Tommy Ward Tracy Ward Martha Warren Faye Watson Virginia Weymouth David White Debbie Wiggs John Wilburn Rosa Wilkins Jodie Williams Joyce Williams Ricky Wolfley Linda Wright Strife c.’ Junior Varsity cheerleader, Lynn Scott, ponders over a possible solution to a problem that she encountered during the day. 95 Sophomore Officers Responsible For Tenth grade class officers, treasurer, Susan Mallory, vice-president, Pam Weaver, and secretary, Bobby Creekmore, discuss the financial problems of their class. Danny Adcock Lenny Alger Harvey Anker Terry Arrington Bennett Aycock Mike Ayers Duskar Bailey Jan Baker Paul Banks Tommy Barnes Patty Barrow Steve Bartron Roger Bateman Cynthia Bates Emerson Beale Linda Bell Ronald Bellamy Francis Bennett Debbie Biggins Ginger Bordeaux 96 Collection Of Newly Instituted Dues Teddy Brenner Marie Britt Ronnie Britt Rhonda Brogden Deborah Buchanan Deborah Cain Deborah Caldwell Sandra Campbell Barbara Carper Melody Carr Michael Cash Thomas Castoguay Melvin Cates Deborah Cheek Carol Comer Kathy Cooper Bobby Copeland Glen Cox Ike Craddock Deborah Craig Robert Creekmore Warren Crisp Sandra Davenport Debbie Davis Ella Davis John Davis Joyce Deal Irene Delk Mary Dempsey Frank Derzis Charles Downey Denise Drummond Jeannie Easmeil Frank Farmer Larry Felts Selling Of Doughnuts Is Profitable Penny Fineman Joey Fink Ronald Flynn Lee Hunter Ford Deborah Gayles Karl Gayles Portia Gibson Brenda Goard Bill Granger Shirley Grant Leni Gray Randy Gray Dereck Griffin Dianna Griffin Jimmy Gurley Diane Guthrie Jeannie Guthrie Donald Harley James Harris Randy Harris Lynette Haynes Mary Henson Clarence Hill Roberta Hilsdon Bobby Hoffmann Richard Hoffmann Barbara Hogg Mike Hughes Jackie Huskey 98 Money Making Project For Sophomore Class Jerry Hux Connie Jackson Fred Jenkins Vickie Jensen Donald Johnson Ralph Jones Wilton Jordan Rose Joyner Frank Kanelos Mick Karanatakis Pat Kearney Peggy Keeter Maureen Klesmer Joanne Kurzer Jackie LaFlamme Larry Lail Tim Lewis Mattie Lewter Dwight Lockett Lewis Long John Lucas Susan Mallory Terri Mann Lynne Maraki Tim Massengill Butch Mathis 99 Halfway Point Reached By Class Of 1970 Dot Mattox Donald Mayer Gloria Mayfield Alfred Mays Doug McCall Lyman McCoy Bernie McClelland Kenny McKenny Jo Ann McLamb Tina Mears Ronnie Mejia Chris Melvin Wanda Mercer Gladys Merilic Barbara Miller Joyce Minns Jeffrey Morgan Roland Morrisette Deanna Muckerson Meta Mullen Ann Murphy James Murphy Sylvia Napier 100 Sophomore Joey Fink diligently works on his English assignment while seated in one of the old desks, later replaced by sleek, new ones. Sandra Nicol Steve Oliver Donna O’Neill Sharon Owens Gilbert Parker Jackie Parker Robert Pearce Ruth Peck Gail Perry Warren Pless William Poole Linda Prevatte Brenda Price Danny Ralston Brenda Raper Garland Reece Clyde Roach James Roberts Shelia Robinson Steve Roper 101 Barbara Rowe Judith Rowe Harold Ruffin Paul Salgado Deborah Sandige Thomas Sawyer Valerie Scott Raymond Shaw Wanda Shiffield Theresa Sherrill Sophomore Responsibilities Increase Richard Shook Chris Siam Barry Sims Betty Jo Singletary Artelia Smith Bobby Smith Gail Smith Lonnie Smith Sue Smith Ronnie Snapp Jerry Solomon Beth Somers Cindy Spahr Ken Spaulding Dwight Stall Deborah Stanaway Joseph Stevens Terry Sturgis Phyllis Tayloi Stephen Taylor 102 Mallory, Sawyer Are Friendly Typhoons William Terrell Joyce Tharrington David Thomas Susan Thompson Belinda Tranium Ricky Trussel Debbie Tucker Wallace Tucker Tim Turberville Glenda Turner Pam Venable Johnnie Waldrop Aaron Wall Sois Wallace Donna Ward Helen Waters Vicky Webster Nelson Whitaker Debra Williams Sherry Williams Sandra Williams Walter Williams Paula Willis Beth Wingrove Ricky Woods Sophomore Dance Committee members, Pam Weaver, Brenda Goard, Susan Mallory, and Frank Farmer discuss what band would be likely to bring in the most money for their treasury. Juniors Involved In Money Making Projects Nix. Caywood gives his approval to Randall Chalkley, junior class president, and Miss Mary Sexton, junior class sponsor, for the sale of N.N.H.S. stationery as a class money making project. Carolyn Abbott Linda Alderman Sharon Alford Patti Andleton Marie Anzio | Robert Anzio James Amette Sandra Atkinson Jean Baker Earl Ballard Gary Barnes Debbie Barron Gloria Batts Mike Bazemore Larry Bedsaul 104 Dances And Sale Of Stationery Head List Judy BenthaU Nubia Blanco Lula Bogarty Mike Bowden Bill Bradley Joan Bradshaw Barbara Brewer Deborah Buck Charles Burton Kevin Burke Jewell Byrd Sherry Cain Betty Caldwell Sharon Collins Emily Calhoun Pansy Carter Randall Chalkley Robin Chalkley Sandra Church Betty Clark Christina Colley Robert Cook Sharon Cook Pete Crum Marie Cruz Robert Curry Terrie Curtis Leslie Deane Judy Desemone Doug Dickinson 105 Juniors Collect Dues And Hold Car Wash Peggy Dickinson John Digiacomo Sandra Dudley Barbara Dye Larry Ealey Nancy Eanes Timothy Edwards Tommy Edwards Nancy Eversole Donald Fail Kay Faircloth Jo Anne Fay Johnny Ferguson Mike Forbes Cathy Forrester Jeff Fox Becky Franklin Tommy Franklin Roger Freeman Vicki Frye Susan Garth Anita Gore June Grady Rose Graham Ronald Gray Sherillyn Green Judy Greene David Greshamer Donny Gribble Lee Grizzle 106 Officers Lead Out In Varied Activities Gary Hankins Sue Hargadon Barbara Harris Greg Harris Nelson Harris Sherry Hensel George Herndon Debbie Hester Linda Hile Bobby Hodges Lloyd Hogue Pam Holcomb Kaye Holden Terry Holley David Hood Junior class officers: Becky Pierce, secretary, Debbie Pierce, vice president, and Pat Long, treasurer, discuss with Mr. John Kilpatrick the full slate of Junior class activities planned for this year. Valentine’s Day Was A Significant Day Bruce Howell Bobby Jo Hudgins Larry Hudson Larnia Jackson Deborah Jenkins Walter Jenkins Dwight Jennings Linda Johnson Kathy Jones Ralph Jordon Tim Joyce Robert Kanney Lewis Kelley Ronald Kemp Sandra King Mrs. Jen Lou Pulley, eleventh grade guidance counselor, discusses college boards and college applications with David Hood. 103 Juniors Measured For Their Senior Rings Nancy Eanes ref lects her happiness as she is fitted for that long desired, long awaited senior ring. Virginia King Danny Kiser Helen Konstant James Kounnas Ted Latta Steve Lawing Christine Lawrence Martin Lentz Mike Lentz Pearl Leong Ruth Lerner Janet Liakos Joyce Linhart Gary Livingston Deborah Lockett 109 Juniors Take P.S.A.T. And National Merit Patricia Long Robert Loudermilk Irvin Lyerly William Mahaney Judy Marshall Pamela Martin Robert Martin Mary Kay Massey Roy Mays Doris McCallum John McDonald Phyllis McIntosh Sandra McMurray Deborah Miller Gerry Mingee Rebecca Miller Nora Moore Douglas Morris Donald Morris Mike Mortimer Cynthia Nesbitt Patricia Nichols Donna Nicosia Lana Nunnally Mike O’Brien Edward Olshansky Bernard One Judy Ottaway Eddie Owens Becky Pierce 110 They Face Ordeal Of May College Boards Debby Pierce Janet Parker Dale Parsons Irwin Porter Bonnie Pulley Brenda Reid Billy Reynolds Chuck Richardson Jackie Richmond Pat Ricks Margaret Roberts Patricia Robinson David Rogers Bill Roper Jim Rosenberry Diane Sandler Jane Schweida Sandra Sease Johnny Ferguson uses homeroom period to study for a test he should have studied for the night before. Ill Juniors Are School-Spirited Participants Eugene Seay Becky Seldomridge Gary Shelton Rhonda Sherwood Carroll Skinnell Burton Skinner Brenda Smith David Smith Hank Smith Mike Smith Sandie Smith Edward Spikes Phyllis Spikes Diane Springfield Robbie Stall Troy Starnes Linda Stephenson Richard Stevens Jimmy Stone Wilbert Swaringer Sofos Takis Kent Taylor Doug Thomas Mike Thomas Pat Thomas Wanda Thompson Mike Trussell Ricky Turner Dee Vaughan Frank Vretos 112 Juniors Face Indecision Over Keys Alvin Walker Alvin Walters Jerry Watkins Glenn Webb Nancy Webb Sabina Weinstein Louise West Sherry Whitt John Whitcomb George Whitaker Tensye Wilson Gaylan Williams Mary Anne Williams Brenda Sue Wise David Womack Robert Worley Jennifer Wortham Karen Y evak Mike Young Juniors Larry Hudson and Glenn Webb attempt to sell N.N.H.S. stationery, one of the Junior class projects, to a reluctant Mr. Jack Magee. Reflections On Athletics Championship Trophy, Football Team, Eastern Virginia Champion- ship, Thanksgiving Day 1920... Runner Up-Third Scholastic Basket- ball Tournament Washington and Lee University 1926... Virginia High School League Group I State Basketball Champions 1951... 1967-68 State Indoor Track Cham- pions . . . winner of the Julie Conn Trophy for 1968 . . . These trophies and their 152 other companion pieces serve as reflections of the long history of achievement and success in athletics that has become synonymous throughout Virginia with the name of Newport News High School. Yet these trophies reflect much more than the ephemeral glory and honor of victory. They stand as mute reminders of the hard work, deter- mination and devotion demanded of the athlete. They reflect the lessons which athletics teach to the willing individual-the ability to face victory or defeat with equal equanimity, the instilling of high standards of conduct and sports- manship and the developing of a strength of character that only team effort can build. James Cutler reflects upon the coveted Julie Conn Trophy awarded to him by vote of the varsity lettermen for being the most outstanding athlete of 1968. Typhoons Have 2-7-1 Record A dismal Typhoon football season opened September 8th with a 49-13 loss at the hands of the Presidents of Wilson High School. Besides amassing a total of 205 yards on the ground against the perennial football power, the Typhoons also made good in the passing department, scoring against Wilson on a 10-yard pass from Hank Smith to Doug Dickinson, and a 40-yard pass from Kenny Thomas to Steve Jackson. Despite the setback, the Newport team put up a good fight and proved that they would be a power to be reckoned with in the future. A cold rainy night at York High School was the scene of the second loss for the Newport team. It was the Blue and Gold’s first loss to the Falcons in ten years. The mighty Typhoons led the game until the last five minutes, when York surged ahead to win the game 27-26. t l 116 • i Above: Mark Wilson and Ben Hogan carry Coach Nuttycombe off the field after their first win of the season against G. W. of Danville. Center left: In the Turkey Day Game, Steve Jackson is wide open in the end zone for a Typhoon score. Extreme upper left: Coach Browne has a few words of advice for David Heaster in the Hampton Game. Extreme lower left: Larry Burden eludes a Ferguson tackier as he picks up a few yards in the Homecoming Game. I III III N.N 13 . 26 . 12 . 7 . 6 . 7 . 13 . 48 . 6 . 12 . FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD OPPONENT Wilson 49 York 27 Yorktown 20 Maury 27 Kecoughtan 6 Warwick 21 George Washington 9 Denbigh 6 Ferguson 7 Hampton 35 Jubilant Typhoons celebrate after the first touchdown against Hampton. I k i i Close Losses Plague Football Season Doug Dickinson scores a touchdown on an end sweep against Ferguson. Coach Charles Nuttycombe talks to members of the football team. First row: Coaches Jim LoFrese, Chesley Browne, and Harlan Hott. Second row: C. Burton, B. Creekmore, T. Sawyer, L. Grizzel, Co-captains B. Hogan and D. Lucado, J. Hicks, T. Koskinas, M. Wilson, B. McClelland. Third row: B. Howell, D. Kiser, D. Carter. S. Jackson, R. Gore, I). Dickinson, H. Smith, B. Parrish, B. Cook, Manager M. Benbow. Fourth row: M. Mortimer, T. Joyce, J. Scott, Manager J. Peoples, L. Burden, E. Porter, M. Murphy, W. Crisp, C. Roach, S. Morris, J. Bethea 119 “You can’t win ’em all,” but you can have a strong competitive spirit. Even though close losses plagued the Typhoons, each new game played saw the team battling with renewed vigor and determination. Often the score was not indicative of the game, as revealed by a few highlights of the season. The height of the Yorktown— N. News game came when Larry Burden picked off a Yorktown pass and ran it back for a 52-yard touchdown . . . The Typhoons outdid Maury in almost every category, holding them scoreless until the fourth quarter . . . Kecoughtan could only manage a 6-6 tie against the Big Blues and was held scoreless until late in the fourth quarter . . . Against George Washington in Danville, the two Typhoon scores came on a 1-yard plunge by Don Carter and a 65-yard after-fumble recovery by Steve Jackson . . . The Homecoming game was the first game in the history of the school that a Ferguson team emerged victorious over the Typhoons . . .In the 70th meeting of N. News and Hampton for the Turkey Day classic, the Crabbers enjoyed a definite advantage. They had only a 7-0 lead at half time. The Typhoons burst forth in the second half with 12 points, but they could not contain the Crabbers and fell 35-12. Yet the Typhoons were the only team able to score two touchdowns against Hampton in regular season play. Typhoon runners make it look easy to run against Hampton. Basketball The Newport News High School basketball team opened its 1967-68 season with a 71-65 win over John Marshall. This game ushered in a season worse than any other a Newport team had in the past twenty years. Ending with a disappointing 10-9 record, New- port News did, however, manage to attain its 21st consecutive winning season. Unfortunately, the record alone does not indicate the illnesses and in- juries which plagued key members of the team, or the many games opponents won by margins of a few points. As the Typhoons played their first games, they realized that tougher teams meant fewer wins. Team Takes Fourth Place In District After putting their first game of the season in the win column, the Typhoon team lost three straight to Granby, Maury, and York. The Big Blue could not recover from a 62-59 loss to Granby in a four team tournament at Norfolk and also fell to strong Maury 81-48, the second worse loss in the history of N.N.H.S. The next disheartening defeat came at the hands of district foe York High School, a team that had never before defeated Newport News in bas- ketball. As were many of the Typhoon’s losses this year, the one to the Falcons was also close, 64-58. Extreme left: Jerry Fisher goes in for a layup as Kecoughtan’s Hurley Freeman looks on. Center: Coach Charlie Woollum advises the Typhoon team on strategy in its second loss to York. Top: Anthony Lynton makes it look easy to score in the last regular season game against Kecoughtan. Bottom: Exuberant Typhoon fans urge their team on in an exciting contest with the Warriors. 121 Typhoons Fare Well Against Opponents BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD N.News OPPONENTS 65 ... . . . John Marshall 71 59 . . Granby 62 48 . . Maury 81 58 . . York 64 85 . . Ferguson 59 80 . . Great Bridge 63 66 . . James Blair 51 57 . . Hampton 51 62 , . Warwick 48 70 . . Denbigh 52 62 . . Kecoughtan 91 51 . . Hampton 52 58 . York 61 54 , . Ferguson 57 65 . . Warwick 61 92 . . James Blair 59 67 . . Denbigh 41 65 . . Kecoughtan Peninsula District Tournament 82 39 Hampton 46 Star reserve Nathan Sosebee displays his basketball prowess against a tough York defense. Around the basket, members of the 1968 Newport News Ralston, B Hogan, S. Jackson, R. Hitchens, J. Fisher, Watkins, R. Nichols, B. Skinner, manager. Season Has Sour Ending In Tournament High School basketball team were from left: M. Smith, manager, D. Coach Charlie Woollum, N. Sosebee, R. Stall, R. Reeves, H. Smith, J. In the fourth game of the season against Ferguson, the Typhoons revived their winning ways to down the Mariners 85-59. They returned the next night to meet Great Bridge in a grudge match. The Big Blue also put this game in the win column 80-63. The Newport team notched its third straight win against James Blair. Showing great determination and team spirit which have typified outstanding Newport News teams of the past, the Typhoons handed previously undefeated Hampton its first and only loss of the regular season 57-51. Newport News made it five straight by routing arch-rival Warwick and then won the sixth by clobbering Denbigh. The winning streak ended here, however, as the Big Blue fell hard to Kecoughtan and also lost close games with Hampton, York, and Ferguson. Newport News secured a tournament berth by defeating Warwick, James Blair, and Denbigh, before falling to Kecough- tan. The Blue and Gold entered the Peninsula District Group 1-A Tournament in fourth place, pitted against district leader Hampton High School. The Typhoons couldn’t keep up with the Crabbers and thus concluded a promising season with a disappointing ending. Rodney Hitchens shoots around an aggressive York player as he scores for the Typhoons. Cross Country Achieves Winning Slate Even before school opened in the fall, the diligent members of the Cross Country Team of Newport News High School had begun practicing for their track season. Starting in early August, the boys ran many miles each day to get in shape for the tough competition inside and outside the Peninsula District. Led by Coach Julius Conn and team captains Jimmy Cutler and Richard Beale, the Cross Country team participated against other district teams in dual meets, in the William and Mary Invitational Meet, and in the Peninsula District T ourna- ment. At the William and Mary meet, Newport News finished a disappointing tenth place and could only manage a fifth place in the district contest. Despite this, the Typhoons attained a 4—3 record and helped carry on the fine track tradition at N.N.H.S. CROSS COUNTRY NN Opponent 22 ... . . . . .James Blair 36 38 ... . .... Warwick 19 28 .... Denbigh 27 21 .... Kecoughtan 34 30 ... . .... Hampton 27 27 ... . . . . . York 28 24 ... . .... Ferguson 31 Co-Coach Julie Conn works on Doug Dickinson’s leg prior to the mile relay. The members of the 1968 Cross Country Team were: first row: R. Britt, G. Geiger, T. Barnes, M. Davis, C. Hill, second row: D. Campbell, G. Livingston, J. Moore, R. Beale, J. Cutler, 1. Lyerly, A. Walker, Coach Julie Conn. 124 Typhoons Take State Indoor Track Title as Jimmy Cutler rubs his own leg. The Newport News High School Indoor Track Team this year continued in the style of past track teams and raced to another undefeated season. Bedecked with talent possessed by no other State Group 1 A team, the Typhoons began their season by devastating the Ferguson Mariners 96 22. Newport News made this type of impressive showing in the next five meets against Peninsula District high schools, downing Kecoughtan 99—19, York 92-29, Warwick 93—25, and archrival Hampton 96—22. The Typhoon team’s brilliant record reflects the fact that Newport News has not lost a dual track meet in ten years. When the district meet came, the Typhoons easily won it, scoring 85 points. Although the track team had done so well, their biggest test, the State Indoor Meet at V.M.I., was still to be met. With fantastic efforts by all members of the team, Newport News collected its seventh track crown in the past nine years; a suitable ending for such a great team. INDOOR TRACK NN Opponent 96 . Ferguson 70 99 .Kecoughtan 19 92 .York 29 93 .Warwick 25 96 . Hampton 22 1st Place . . . . District Meet 1st Place . . . . State Meet 125 NN Wins Tidewater Meet For 26th Time Tvnhoon track specialist Dous Dickinson almost seems to roll over the bar as he Keeping ahead of the competition was the job of Joe Moore. Here a track official times Joe as he outruns a York High School track man. first in each. The Newport News track team for 1968 consisted of: first row: Coach Charlie Nuttycombe, R. Kanney, L. Burden, B. Parrish, J. Cutler, • Scott, R. Beale, D. Dickinson, I. Lyerly, J. Moore, A. Lynton, Coach Julius Conn, second row: P. Williams. T. Jenkins, K. Mckenney, Gore 1 Porter. G. Geiger, J. Whitcomb, D. Mckenney, D. Hood, G. Livingston, third row: R. Chalkley, manager, E. Nuttycombe, A. Walker, J. Styles, B. Martin, D. Hart, R. Lyle. 126 Typhoons Take State Outdoor Title Jimmy Cutler, another of the Newport News track stars, dashes to victory in the dual meet with the Warwick High Farmers. The very talented Typhoon squad received invaluable aid throughout the year from this senior. After long hours of practice for months, the outdoor track team faced James Blair in their first meet. This outing proved successful, and the Typhoons came away with over one hundred points. They continued to do this as the season progressed and defeated only Warwick and Hampton with scores of less than one hundred. Everything looked bright as Newport News entered the district and left with more points than the opposition combined. The regional meet was also added to the long list of Typhoon victories a week later. As the close of the track season approached, the Typhoon team still had to participate in the state outdoor meet. Despite a day of many disappointments, Newport News nevertheless managed to walk away with the state crown. OUTDOOR TRACK NN Opponent 109 James Blair 22 106 York 25 109 Denbigh 22 104 Ferguson 27 88 Warwick 49 110 Kecoughtan 21 97 34 Doug Dickinson exhibits his usual display of ability as he outruns an opponent. This junior superstar will return to the Typhoon team next year to help continue the N. News track dynasty. Jerry Watkins Pitches A Perfect Game John DiGiacomo is congratulated by Bobby Creekmore after hitting the season’s first home ran. In their first game of the season, the Typhoons got off to a good start as they demolished Poquoson 6—1. The next contest saw Hampton lose, as Jerry Watkins hurled a perfect game, the first in Peninsula District history. After losing to James Blair, Newport News renewed its winning ways by defeating Warwick, York, and Kecoughtan. Their second loss came after eleven innings at Denbigh. Despite this loss, the Newport team came back with wins over Ferguson and Poquoson. Hampton avenged an earlier loss, but the Typhoons bounced back by downing James Blair. Three defeats by Warwick, York, and Kecoughtan and wins over Denbigh and Ferguson rounded out the Typhoons season. The 10-6 overall record attained by this surprising baseball team is a definite accomplishment since most of the team will be returning next year. N1N 6 1 0 12 6 6 0 5 11 2 6 4 4 4 7 7 BASEBALL SCOREBOARD Opponent Poquoson 1 Hampton 0 James Blair 8 Warwick 5 York 5 Kecoughtan 0 Denbigh 1 Ferguson 3 Poquoson 1 Hampton 3 James Blair 1 Warwick 5 York 5 Kecoughtan 5 Denbigh 1 Ferguson 4 A Typhoon base runner dives around a Warwick player in an unsuccessful pickoff attempt. Newport News Ends With A 10-6 Record ..Cfc 1Z §=’ M U. - The 1968 baseball team was, first row: B. Simms, J. Peoples, M. D. Gribble, J. Richmond, G. Barnes, third row: R. Chalkley, manager, Thomas. H. Smith, B. Creekmore, P. Allen, J. Watkins, L. Grizzle. G. Webb, D. Gribble, Coach Harlan Hott, T. Castonguay, J. Castonguay, second row: R. Pearce, L. Deane, J. DiGiacomo, M. Forbes, B. Reese, C. Richardson, manager, S. Lawing. mv Hank Smith and Tommy Castonguay run down a Poquoson player in the Typhoon’s first game. 129 In a cloud of dust, Billy Reese slides in home for a run as the Typhoons edged York. J.V. Football Team Has 3-3 Record Although a junior varsity team practices as long and as hard to achieve excellence as a varsity team, the upperclassmen inevitably take the foreground, no matter what successes the underclassmen might attain. This year, instructed by Coaches Thomas Marvin and Charles Woollum, the J. V. football, team competed favorably against other district teams such as Hamp- ton, Warwick, Kecoughtan, and York. In these games the Baby Blue proved its abilities, and can look forward to a very successful future. Following in the tradition of N.N.H.S. sports, the Junior Varsity baseball te am ended its year with the pride of knowing it had de- feated arch-rival Hampton High School. Left: The 1968 J. V. baseball team was: first row: B. Burke, T. Turberville, A. Wall, R. Harris, R. Johnson, second row: E. Castonguay, S. Oliver, J. Christie, R. Snapp, T. Rosser, T. Brenner, third row: R. Kennedy, manager, B. Simms, D. Mayer, T. Kanalos, R. Pearce, Coach Jim LoFrese. Missing from picture: D. Ralston, R. Shook. The members of this year’s J. V. baseball team were: first row: D. Mayor, D. McKenny, li. Nuttycombe, B. Hayes, A. Jenkins, D. Jones, W. Jordan, L. Melvin, R. Kirby, second row: D. Cardwell, R. Bateman, M. McClelland, J. Quester, W. Sutton, T. Rosser, B. Aycock, P. Baness, K. Wilkins, M. Ruffin, C. Williams, third row: R. Bums, D. Hart, R, Hogan, H. Ruffin, D. Lockett, R. Johns, M. Murphy, D. Wolfley, J. Brunson, R. Whittaker, R. Pearce. 130 Bobby Creekmore demonstrates the foul shot to team mates: K. Hester, E. Trapps, P. Allen, A. Jenkins, R. Johns, C. Walters, J. Bethea, Bumgardner, manager, S. Oliver, manager, B. McClelland, A. Wall. E. w. Crisp, Coach Harlan Hott. J.V. Basketball Team Finishes Second Under the guidance of Coach Harlan Hott, tire Newport News junior varsity basketball team com- piled a 12—4 record. Led by Phil Allen, JoJo Bethea, and Bobby Creekmore, the team was aided by willing and capable substitutes. The closest games were with John Marshall of Richmond and York. In the game against John Marshall, the Typhoons got their first and one of their few defeats of the season. Newport News split with York, winning 50-45 and losing 45-31. A great future lies ahead for these hard-hitting, goal-striving players. Coach Jim LoFrese discusses important strategy with members of the eighth and ninth grade basketball team: first row: D. Lail, T. Grice, M. Ruffin, T. Rosser, P. Brewer, Coach Jim LoFrese. second row: K. Turner, B. Murphy, J. Swinton, R. Tench, E. Nuttycombe, J. Christie, L. Tucker, manager. Assistant Coach Tony Holcomb. 131 Gymnasts Work Toward State Meet This year’s GAA inspired character, sportsmanship, and talent. Skill was stressed in each of the girls’ sports. The officers for 1967-68 were: President, Lulie Roberts; vice-president, Pam Holcomb; secretary- treasurer, Diane Springfield. The presenta- tion of awards and letters in the Awards Assembly brought another active year in GAA to an end. Working towards the State Gymnastics Meet were the eight girls who made up the Girls’ Gymnastic team. Five of the most skilled were chosen to compete against girls from all over the state of Virginia. These nervous but limber group of gymnasts partic- ipated in such events as tumbling, balance beam, horse, uneven parallel bars, and floor exercises. Mrs. Carolyn Green taught and encouraged these girls to show grace and agility in each event. Miss Beverly Bowman coached a group of girls in beginners’ apparatus. These are the basic fundamentals and the prerequisite for becoming an ad- vanced gymnast. Left: C. Spahr, L. Roberts, D. Davis, P. Weaver, J. Sandler. Below: P. Holcomb, L. Roberts, D. Springfield, J. Baker, D. Gore, D. Davis, C. Spahr, J. Hirshman, F. Bost, J. Carter, P. Weaver, B. Fortner, D. Jenkins, S. David. J. Ottaway, S. Hilsdon, L. Stuart, Mrs. V. Masters. P. Barrow, S. Garth, G. Lucado, A. Gore, B. Reid, L. Scott, J. Sandler, P. Goodwin, A. Gore, P. Martin, D. Jenkins, P. Holcomb, J. Ottaway, G. Lucado, D. Barron, S. David, D. Springfield, J. Hirshman, B. Reid, P. Long, and J. Linhart. Hockey Team Downs Denbigh, Fergie, York With the opening of school came the 1967-68 hockey season. Hockey is con- sidered to be a very rough sport, but many girls choose to participate each year. The Varsity Hockey Team is chosen from girls in grades 11-12. These girls must prove themselves safe players and be able to think quickly and clearly. The team, led by Cap- tain Debby Jenkins and coached by Miss Ann Parker and Mrs. Carolyn Green, held practice every Tuesday and Thursday after- noons at Jackson Elementary School. If bruised shins and sprained ankles were indications of skill, the girls did their jobs well by defeating such schools as York, Denbigh, and Ferguson. The season culmi- nated with a tournament held at Cox High School in Norfolk. Right: Goalie K. Yevak attempts to prevent J. Ottaway, D. Barron, S. David from scoring. The Varsity Basketball Team was: B. Pierce. D. Miller. N. Webb. D Springfield, K. Yevak. M. Massey, S. Garth. D. Jenkins. S. Hargadon, B. Pierce, j. Ottaway, P. Holcomb, and coach. Mrs. Virginia Masters. Basketball Teams Enjoy Lively Competition The J. V. Basketball Team was: C. Comer, P. Barrow, K. Jones, P. Adcock, M. Waters, D. Sandige. S. Mallory. L. Fortner, G. Perry, S. Nicol, and coach. Miss Ann Parker. Serving as members of the Junior Varsity Cheerleading Squad were: First row: L. Scott, P. Weaver (head), P. Barrow, Second row: D. O’Neill, P. Adcock, D. Laws, D. Gore. J.V. Cheerleaders Spark Enthusiasm No J.V. football or basketball game would be complete without the aid of the J.V. Cheer- leaders. These girls followed the teams wherever they went and enthusiastically cheered them through both victories and defeats. Always active and spirited, these girls worked hard to promote school spirit throughout the student body. In the spring, tryouts are held to select the seven girls from the rising freshmen and sopho- mores. All applicants must have an overall C average. They are chosen by a group of faculty members and graduating seniors. The cheer- leaders are selected not only on cheering ability, but also on personal poise and appearance. Sponsoring the group was Mrs. Virginia Masters. Girl’s basketball once again proved to be an exciting sport. After four weeks of practice, twenty-four girls were chosen to make up the J.V. and Varsity teams. Debbie Miller was chosen as captain of the Varsity team; Gail Perry headed up the J.V. team. These girls showed their skill against such schools as York, Ferguson, and Denbigh. Mrs. Virginia Masters coached the Varsity team; Miss Ann Parker coached the J.V. team. Right: Cheerleaders get together for pre-game practice. 135 “Heidi-hi. Heidi-ho” go Senior Varsity Cheerleaders Pat White, Gail Lucado, Mary Alice Haynes, Cathy Richardson and Sue David at the Denbigh basketball game. Varsity Cheerleaders for this year were: J. Schweida, P. White, A. Gore, M. A. Haynes, G. Lucado (head), B. Smith, C. Richardson, B. Clark, S. David. 136 Spirited Cheerleaders Boost Morale “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar, all for Newport stand up and holler!” was a familiar sound at any of the games this year, thanks to the Varsity Cheerleaders who supplied a constant stream of cheers, encouragement and enthusiasm. As one of the hardest working and most active groups at N.N.H.S., the Varsity Cheerleaders attended an average of 30 games, wrote, directed, and staged 10 pep assemblies and screamed a total of 8,100 cheers or 750 cheers per girl. The nine girls who make up the Varsity squad are chosen in the spring of each year by a committee composed of faculty members, senior cheerleaders and graduating student leaders. Serving this year as sponsor of the Varsity Cheerleaders was Miss Ann Parker. Center: Pat White cheers enthusiastically as the Typoon team scores another touchdown. Below: Varsity Cheerleaders Sue David, Betty Clark, Cathy Richardson, Brenda Smith and Gail Lucado lead a cheer at the Kecoughtan game. 137 Reflections On Seniors Mouse Assembly . . . class meet- ings . . . exams . . . Hampton pep assemblies... report cards... PSAT . . . senior rings . . . ordering calling cards and announce- ments . . . Class Night . . . Senior Luncheon . . . Commencement . . . These events are but reflections of five years of dreaming, striving and working toward one solitary goal— graduation. They reflect the growth, maturity and development that have filled the students’ five years at N.N.H.S. These events mir- ror the miraculous metamorphosis that has transformed the timid, shy eighth grader into an alumnus armed with knowledge and pre- pared to go forth and fend for himself as an adult in an adult world. Class Controversy Ends With Harmony Controversy, hard work, interest, and still more hard work best summarized the activities of the senior class this year. Heated discussions and circulated petitions over the choice of the Prom band figured chiefly as the controversy, while selection of announcements and pennants, election of the Hall of Fame and the adoption of a Prom theme rounded out the activities of the class. Senior executive board, composed of senior class officers and committee chairmen, authorized the sale of senior pins, the sponsoring of several dances, and the granting of an option to the Class Night committee to either write an original script or adapt a play. Serving as the sponsor of the Class of 1968 was Mrs. Esther Thomas. Right: Mrs. Esther Thomas, senior class spon- sor, and Tony Koskinas, class president, dis- cuss his speech for commencement. Secretary Gail Lucado, Vice President Floyd Stall and Treasurer Susan Price discuss senior class financial problems. 140 Br enda Joy Allen Soph. Dance Comm.; SCA Dance Comm.; Drama Staffs: Asst. Directors-Head, Props- Co-head, Furniture, Tickets; NTS; Jr. Ring Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm. Nancy Jean A mes NHS-Sec.; Nelms Honor Scroll; V. Flagtwirler; Jr. V. Flagtwirler-Head; Workshop Band; Sr. Band-Letter; Jr. Band-Letter; Fr. Club; Prom Comm.; Flower Color Comm. Jerry Chester Aycock Concert Choir-Treas.; Boys Chorus; Reg. Chorus; Radio Staff; SCA Scrapbook Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; SCA Music Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm. Brenda Elizabeth Baker NHS; SCA Rep.; Sp. Club; I.C.T.; Typist-History Dept. Randall Haywood Baker Science Club-Pres., Letter, Sergeant-at-Arms, Executive Board; CNS; Latin Club; Chess Club; J.V. Baseball-Mgr.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Sr. Pennant Comm. Jenny Kay Baker V.O.T.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Drama: Furniture Staff. Kathy Jo Baker Beacon Staff; Q S; CNS; Jr. H.R. Treas. Billie Kay Ballard Drama; Props, Advertising; Sr. Pennant Comm. Gary Wayne Barnes 141 Vicki Charlene Batts 1967 Band Sweetheart; Varsity J. V. Flagtwirler; Sr. Class Giftorian; Sr. Band-V. Pres., Letter; Jr. Band- Letter; 10th Grade Homecoming At- tendant; Prom Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm. Lucy Jean Bedsaul 8th Grade General Music; V.O.T.; V. Spirit Club; Girls’ Chorus Earl Ira Begor Pennant Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Sr. Invitations Comm. ; Ches- apeake Hi-Y; Stage Crew; Props Comm.; Prom Comm. Light Blue And White Are Class Colors Betty Jane Belt Max Allen Benbow Chesapeake Hi-Y; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; V. Football MgT.; Prom Comm.; Usher Staff; Drama: Furniture Staff. Agnes Hill Blandford NHS-Treas.; NTS-Pres.; Latin Club; Fr. Club-Treas.; Concert Choir; Launchings Staff-Ed.- in-Chief; Sr. Class Night- Director; Drama: Furniture Staff-Head; Cast of Major Tournament Plays; Winner of 1967 Forensic Poetry Read- ing Contest. Patricia Ann Blaylock Tri-Hi-Y; SCA Dance House Comm.; Jr. Sr. Dance Comm.; Spirit Club; Drama Asst. Directors; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Sr. Prom Comm. Brenda Mae Boggs 8th Grade Girls’ Basketball; I.C.T.-Pres.; V.l.C.A.-Pres.; Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Float Comm.; Girls’ Usher Staff- Asst. Head; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Del. to State V.I.C.A. Convention Patricia Ann Born Transferred from Warwick High School; DECA; I.C.T.- Treas.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Float Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Del. to V. EC. A. Con- vention. 142 Virginia Gail Bowles Donald Ray Boyette Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Clean-Up Comm.; Sr. Music Comm. -Co-Head; Sr. Band-Letter; Reg. Band; Jr. Band- Letter; Chess Club; Concert Choir; Key Club-Chaplain. James Robert Bradsher, Jr. Boys Chorus-Treas. ; Library Asst.; Jr. Band-Colorguard; Physical Fitness Award. Larry Lee Bridgers SCA-V. Pres.; I.C.C.-Pres.; Sr. Band-Drum Major, Letter; Jr. Band-Letter; Key Club; Friend- ly Typhoon-llth Grade; Con- cert Choir; Prom Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Work- shop Band. Barbara Ann Brotzman Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Prom Comm.; Girls’ Chorus-V. Pres.; Ensemble; NTS; Cast of Major Plays; Director of Exhi- bition Play; Cast of Tourna- ment Play; Drama: Furniture Staff, Ticket Staff. Larry Bernard Burden V. Ftball; Track; 10th Grade H.R. Treas.; Letterman’s Club. Leburn Otis Burns SCA Rep.; House Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Latin Club; Jr. Usher Staff; Prom Comm.; Sr. Publicity Comm.; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Spirit Club. William Caldwell David Lee Campbell J. V. Cross Country Track Team; V. Cross Country Track Team-Letter; Indoor Out- door Track. 143 Donald Eugene Camper Jr. Band; Boys’ Chorus; Concert Choir. Anne Blanche Carper I. C.T.; SCA School Spirit Comm.; SCA Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Drama; Make-Up Staff. Donald Marvin Carter J. V. Ftball; J.V. Track; Jr. Band; Sr. Band, Reg. Band; Sp. Club; V. Ftball; V. Track; Key Club. Randy Tillman Carter NTS; Beacon Staff: Circulation Mgr.; Asst. Director; Major Plays; Drama; Ticket Staff Co-Head; School Spirit Comm.; Cafe. Comm.; Prom Comm. James Charles Castonguay 8 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Ftball; V. Baseball-Letter; Prom Comm. Lorraine Chapman V. Spirit Club; CNS; Sr. Typi ng Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; FBLA. Frank Veron Chilberti Chesapeake Hi-Y ; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Publicity Comm. Jerry Lee Clark DE Club-V.Pres.; 10th Grade H.R. Offic- er; Boys’ Chorus; Sr. Band-Colorguard; Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm. Peyton Warren Clark Jr. Band-Letter, Librarian; Sr. Band-Letters, Head Librarian; Section Leader; Dance Band-Librarian; Band Scholarship; Latin Club-Program Comm. Chairman; Beacon Photographer; Sr. H.R. Sec., Treas.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Music Comm. 144 Fun And Flard Work Fill This Final Year Allene Hope Cohen NHS; 5eaco«-Ed.-in-Chief, Letter; SCA Ex. Bd.; House Comm. -Chair- man; FT A; Q S; CNS; Fr. Club; Latin Club; Sr. Cap Gown Coram.- Chairman; Anchor Staff. Robert Wayne Coleman Transferred from Lake Charles High School, Lake Charles, Louisiana; FBLA. Sandra Dye Creasman 9th Grade Basketball; Jr. Band- Letter; Sr. Band-Letters, Wind En- semble; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; Sr. Float Comm. ; Anchor Staff. Trescinda Lou Cull James Ira Cutler, Jr. V. Spirit Club-Pres.; Sr. Merit Athletic Award; Key Club; J. V. Ft ball ; Cross Country Track Team-Letter, Co-Captain; Fr. Club; Indoor Outdoor Track -Letter; Jr. Class Pres.; H.R. Pres.; V. Club-Pres. Sharon Marie Dantzler NHS; Q S; Science Club-V. Pres.; Head Asst. Director; Tournament Play Director; NTS; Drama Letter; Concert Choir; Junior Chorus; Latin Club. Jerry Hicks and Janet Hirshman, co-heads of the Senior Dance Committee, discuss plans for an upcoming senior dance. 145 Sue Robyn David J. V. V. Cheerleader; FTA; Keyette Club; SCA Ex. Bd.; House Comm. -Co-chairman; Sr. Ex. Bd.; Remembrance Comm. -Chairman; Beacon Staff-Feature Ed.; Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. -Co-chairman; V. Hockey Team; Fr. Club. Donna Kathleen Davis Jr. Chorus; FHA-Sec.; House Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; V. Spirit Club; SCA Rep.; Jr. Sr. Typing Comm.; Soph., Jr., Sr. Dance Comm.; Key- ette Club; Prom Comm. James Thomas Deihl Wayne Cecil Dewell Marian Ann Diehl Tri-Hi-Y; Drama: Prop Staff- Head, Make-up Staff; Spirit Club; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Typing Comm.; New- comers Comm.; Publicity Comm.; Library Assistant. Nina Marie DiGiacomo Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.; Latin Club; FNA-Chaplain; I.C.T. -Treas.; H.R. Officer; SCA Dance Comm.; Soph. Jr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm. Music Committee Chooses Class Song Stephen A ndrew Dorner V. Pres.-City Hi-Y Council; Chesa- peake Hi-Y Pres., Sec.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Pennant Comm.; V. Spirit Club; Publicity Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Lost Found Comm. John Allen Downs Spokesman Club; Drama: Ticket Comm.; Boys’ Chorus; Concert Choir. Jerry Phillip Driver DE-1-V1; Drama: Letter; Stage Crew; NTS; Science Club-Letter. 146 Linda Easter Ray Boyette and Kay Jefferies, co-chairmen of the Senior Music Committee, look over ideas for the Senior class song. Judith Ann Ellenson Keyette Club; SCA Ex. Bd.; NTS: Q S: Fr. Club-officer; FTA-Officer; Sr. Publicity Comm. -Chairman; Anchor Staff; Beacon Staff; SCA-Fed. Del. Teresa Louvella Epps Girls’ J.V. Basketball Team; Girls’ Chorus; Fr. Club; FHA; FTA; Leadership. Judith Lynn Evans Beacon Staff; Art Club; Q S; Speech Club; V. Spirit Club; Jr. Dance. Jill Tracey Farber Jr. Band; House Comm.; Latin Club; Science Club; Sr. Prom Comm. Catherine Ann Fay Mouse Assembly; Jr. Chorus; House Comm.; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm. 147 Ronald Grier Fields Boys’ Chorus; DE Club; Jr. Band- Colorguard. Gerald Ira Fisher NHS; V. Basketball-Co-Captain, 3 Letters; Key Club; J.V. Basketball; 8th 9th Grade Basketball; Special Events Comm. -Co-Chairman; Citizen- ship Comm. -Co-Chairman; Jr. Usher Staff-Co-Head; Sr. Motto Comm.-Co- Head; Latin Club. Linda Jewel Fisher Girls’ Chorus. Joel Todd Flax NHS; Pres, of the South Eastern Va. District of NHS; Student Body Pres.; Q S; Boy’s State; NTS; Key Club: Sgt.-at-Arms; Launchings Staff; An- chor Staff. Janet Merle Forman Er. Club; Prom Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; Science Club; House Comm.; Cap Gown Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Pennant Comm. Barry Lee Fox Sp. Club; Science Club; School Spirit Club; Chess Club; Drama Staffs; SC A Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Radio Staff. Patricia Ann Goodwin GAA; Sr. Hockey Team; NTS; Cast of Major Play; Cast of Tournament plays; Drama Staff-Head; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Lat- in Club; Best Thespian of the Year. . Ralph Eugene Gore V. Ftball-Letter; J.V. Ftball; 8th 9th Grade Basketball; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; V. Track-Letter; J.V. Track. Serving as Senior Publicity and Bulletin Board Committee chairmen were Sue David, Kathy Liakos, and Judy Ellenson. 148 Committees Publicize Class Activities Ruth Susan Green Keyette Club-Pres.; SCA Ex. Bd.; Sr. Ring Comm. -Co-Chairman; Fr. Club; Latin Club-Sec. FTA-Treas.; Q S; NTS; Cast of Major Tournament plays-Best Actress Award; Anchor Staff. Denney Ray Gribble Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; J. V. Baseball; J. V. Ft ball ; Boy’s Usher Staff. George Groshong Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Float Comm. Stephany Gale Hall Girls’ Chorus; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Float Comm.; Cap Gown Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Beacon Staff. Bobby Lee Hanvey Stage Crew Mgr.; Drama Letter; NTS. Sharon Ann Hargrave V. Flagt wirier; Fr. Club; SCA H.R. Rep.; Prom Decoration Comm. -Head; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; SCA Dance Comm.; House Comm.; School Spirit Comm. Sharon Caprice Harris Art Club-V. Pres.; Launch- ings- Art Ed.; Beacon- Art Ed.; CNS; Prom Comm. Jacob Andrew Hartzler Mary Alice Haynes V. Cheerleader; NHS — V. Pres.; Keyette Club; SCA Ex. Bd.; Sr. Motto Comm. -Co-Chair- man; Cast of 9th 10th Grade Tournament Play; Nelms Honor Scroll; DAR Good Citizen Award; Launch- ings Staff; Latin Club-Sec. Donald Hayslett 149 Thomas Wayne Hayslett Clifford Alex Hendricks Drama: Ticket Staff, Co-Head; Sr. Class Night Comm. Jackie Lee Hester J.V. Baseball; Sr. Dance Comm. Kenneth Harold Hester J. V. Ftball; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Band-Col- orguard; 8th 9th Grade Basketball-Mgr. Jerry Thomas Hicks V. Ftball-Letter; J. V. Ftball; Sr. Band Colorguard; Sr. Dance Comm. -Co-Chairman; Sr. Prom Comm.; Interact Club-Ex. Bd.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Physical Fitness Award-8th, 9th 10th Grade. Linda Lee Higgins Tri-Hi-Y; CNS; Anchor Staff; Launchings Staff; Spirit Club; Jr. Ring Comm.; Sr. Typing Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm. Glenn Cornell Hile Key Club-Sec.; Jr. Band-Let- ters; Sr. Band-Band Council- Letter; Reg. Band; Latin Club; SCA Ex. Bd., SCA Publicity Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; Prom Comm. Sharon Rita Hilsdon J. V. Cheerleader; J. V. Bas- ketball-9th 10th Grade; Physical Fitness Award; GAA- Sec. V. Pres.; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Prom Comm.; Spirit Club; Soph. Dance Comm.; H.R. Officer; Sr. Typing Comm. Leon Fredrick Hill 150 Class Of ’68 First To Have Senior Keys Jay Douglas Hinnant Janet Ellen Hirshman Soph., Jr., Sr. Dance Comm. -Co- Chairman; 1967 Homecoming Co- Chairman; V. Spirit Club-Pres.; GAA-Ex. Bd.; Keyette Club; V. Hockey Team; Prom Comm.; Fr. Club-Sec.; Tournament plays; 8th Grade Class President. George Rodney Hitchens, Jr. HNS; Honor Council; K ey Club-Pres.; Boy’s State; State SCA Rep.; Letter- man-V. Basketball; 8th . 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basketball-Capt. ; J. V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball. Judy Hess Hodges FBLA-Reporter; Jr. Typing Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; GAA-Ex. Bd.; School Spirit Comm.; Newcomers Comm.; Publicity Comm.; House Comm.; VOT. Benjamin Anthony Hogan NHS-Pres.; Honor Council; V. Ftball-Letter-Co-Captain; V. Basketball; Latin Club; V. Pres. -Soph. Class; 10th Grade- Friendly Typhoon; American Legion Award; Key Club; V. Club. Lois Ann Hogge Nelms Honor Scroll; CNS- Treas.; Launchings Staff- Typist. Tony Lee Holcomb V. Basketball; J. V. V. Ftball. Kenneth Neil Hough V. Ftball. Barbara A nn Houston Publicity Comm.; School Spir- it Comm.; Science Club; Sp. Club; CNS; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm. 151 Seniors Reflect Upon The Future Elmer Perry Howard V. Ftball-Letter; J. V. Ftball; Sr. Band; Spirit Club; Track. Diana Gail Jackson V. Spirit Club; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Lost Found Comm.; Sec. to Mrs. Collier. Reginald N. Jackson, Jr. CNS; V. Spirit Club; Boys’ Chorus-Officer; Interact Club; Fr. Club; Radio Staff; Track Team; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Cafe. Comm. Senior Class Typing Committee headed by Sharon Jones and Ellen 1968 . Stephen Taylor Jackson 8th 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Baseball; J. V. Basketball; V. Club; V. Ftball-Letter; V. Basketball. Mary Anne James 8th 9th Grade Girl’s Basketball; FF1A; Soph. Dance Comm.; Sr. H. R. Officer. Brenda Kay Jeffries Volleyball Team; Usher Staff; FNA; Concert Choir-V. Pres.; Sr. Music Comm.; Co-Head; Sr. Ring Comm.; Spirit Comm. 152 Shirley Jean Jenkins Keyette Club; FTA-Sec.; Latin Club; Fr. Club-V. Pres.; CNS; SCA Rep.; V. Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; SCA House Comm.; Bobby Johnson J. V. Baseball; J. V. Ftball; V. Baseball; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Boys’ Chorus; Physical Fitness Award-8th 9th Grade. David Lee Johnson, III Transferred from Surry, Acad- emy, Surrey, Virginia. Overton type the various notices and bulletins needed by the Class of Karl B. Johnson Track Team; Boy’s Chorus; Beacon Staff. Sharon Kay Johnson Keyette Club; Jr. Band-Letter; J.V. Flagtwirler; Sr. Band-Letters; V. Flag- twirler-Head; Fr. Club; Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Band Sweetheart-Maid of Honor; Girl’s V. Basketball Team. Ernest Jones 153 Patricia Faye Jones Sr. Announcements Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm. Sharon Anita Jones Keyettes; School Spirit Comm.; HR. Officer; Sp. Club; Prom Comm.; Jr. Sr. Typing Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Publicity Comm. Michael Wilson Joyce J. V. Ftball; J. V. Track; Latin Club; DE Club; Science Club; Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; H. R. Officer; Physical Fitness Award. Paula Jean Keeter Usher’s Staff; Cafe. Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prop Staff-Head; Asst. Directors Staff; Ticket Staff. Thomas H. Keithley Jr. Band-Prop. Mgr.; Sr. Band; J. V. Ftball; Crosscountry Track; Chesa- peake Hi-Y V. Pres., Chaplain for Hi- Y and Tri-Hi-Y, Interact V. Pres.; Prom Comm.; Cafe. Comm. Carol Elizabeth Kelley School Spirit Comm.; House Comm.; Soph., Jr., Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; FHA; SCA Comm. Barbara Ruth Kerman Transferred from Jefferson Davis Jr. High School; VOT; Girl’s Chorus-Letter; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; FBLA. Anthony Koskinas 10th Grade Class Pres.; 11th Grade Class Pres.; Sr. Class Pres.; J. V. Ftball; J. V. Base- ball; 8th . 9th Grade Friendly Typhoon; V. Ftball-Letter; V. Club; Jr. Band-Drum Major; Sr. Band-Letters, Asst. Drum Major. Hope Kounnas FTA-Pres.; Fr. Club-Parlia- mentarian; Anchor Staff; Soph. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Announce- ments Comm. Mary Jane Kypriandes 8th, 9th 10th Grade Girl’s Basketball; CNS; Jr. Dance Comm.; Usher Staff-Program Head; Spokesmen Club-Pres.; Prom Comm. I 154 ft?;? Serving as Head Guidance Counselor and Counselor for the Senior Class was Miss Sarah Owen. Among her duties was that of sending transcripts of grades to colleges. Here Miss Owen discusses various colleges with seniors Reggie Jackson, Patsy Goodwin and Jon Schwab. Seniors Receive Class Ranks In March Wayne Alan Lambert Stage Crew; NTS; Shop Officer; H. R. Officer. Frederick Jay Lane Jr. Band-Letter; Sr. Band-Letter; 8th 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basket- ball; Chesapeake Hi-Y; Cafe. Comm.; Newcomers Comm.; Prom Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; H. R. Officer. Jan Langford Fr. Club; Girl’s Usher Staff; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Music Comm.; Prom Comm. 155 Serving as co-heads of the Senior Ring Committee were Anita Shapiro and Ricki Green who supervised the selling of class pins and the distributing of Keys. Above, they take time out to admire the long awaited keys. Senior Class Pins Sold By Ring Committee Wayne Langford Patricia Anne Larrow GAA Executive Bd.; 8th, 9th 10th Grade Girl’s Basketball; Girl’s Volley- ball; 8th Grade Girl’s Track; FTA; CNS. Karen Sue Larsen 8th Grade SCA Rep.; Cast of 11th Grade Tournament Play; Asst. Direc- tors Staff; Make-up Staff; School Spirit Comm.; V. Spirit Club; Tri-Hi- Y; FBLA; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm. 156 Steven George Larson Newcomers Comm.; DE Club; H. R. Officer; Chesapeake Hi- Y; Prom Comm.; Color Flower Comm.; Library Asst. Martha Gail Laws FTA Sr. Announcement Comm., Co-Head; House Comm.:Jr. Ring Comm.; Prom Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; Publicity Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Anchor Staff. Gary Micheal Leonard Deborah Anne Lewis Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Pen- nant Comm.; SCA H. R. Rep.; Sp. Club; School Spirit Comm.; Cafe. Comm.; Spirit Club. Kathleen Marie Liakos Keyette Club; FTA; Fr. Club; Latin Club; SCA Ex. Bd.; H. R. Officer; Co-Chairman Sr. Bul- letin Board Comm.; CNS; Spir- it Club. Nettie Sue Lightfoot DE Club; Spirit Club; FBLA; H. R. Officer; SCA Rep.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Color Flower Comm., Co-Chairman; VOT; Prom Comm.; Sr. Typ- ing Comm. Henry William Liverman Jr. Band-Letter; CNS; H. R. Officer; Usher Staff; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; School Spirit Comm., Spokesmen Club; V. Pres. Barbara Gail Lucado Head V. Cheerleader; J. V. Cheerlead- er; 10th, 11th 12th Grade Sec.; Keyette Club; Homecoming Queen; GAA; Hockey Team; Girl’s Basket- ball Team; SCA Remembrance Comm.; SCA House Comm., Co- Chairman. Robert Dale Lucado V. Ftball, Co-Captain, Letter; J. V. F t ball . Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm. 157 Anthony Lynton Transferred from Evander Childs High School, New York City; Fall Play ; V. Basketball; V. Track; Sr. Band; Letterman’s Club. Rebecca Joyce Mabe J. V. Cheerleader-Head; SCA Rep.; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Prom Comm.; H. R. Officer; CNS; Sr. Dance Comm. Spirit Club; School Spirit Comm. Sharon Marchman Carnation Chosen As Senior Class Flower Glenda Stewart Martin J.V. Flagtwirler; V. Flagtwirler; School Spirit Comm.; Spirit Club; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Chorus; Jr. Band; Sr. Prom Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm. Annette McIntyre Jr. Band; Sr. Band; Spirit Club; Soph. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; FBLA; I.C.T.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; Reg. Band-1968. Thelina Diane McLamb Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Beacon Staff; H. R. Officer; I.C.T. Club; FNA; Sp. Club; School Spirit Comm.; 9th Grade Girl’s Basketball. Crossing the Delaware on the Distributive Education Club Float is George Washington as portrayed by Senior Debbie Phaup in the Homecoming Parade. 158 Sharon Hargrave, Nettie Sue Lightfoot, and Lucia Varacalli, chairmen of the Senior Color and Flower Committee, admire the carnation, the flower chosen by the Class of 1968. Their work on this committee was most difficult as there were numerous suggestions for class flower and for colors. Jacob Isaac Melamed Anchor Staff; Ed. -in-chief, Business Mgr.; SCA Ex. Bd., Special Events Comm.; Fed. Del.; Sr. Class Night, Co-Chairman; NTS; Launchings Staff -Asst. Ed.; Q S; Latin Club; Fr. Club; Science Club; CNS-Parliamen- tarian. Linda White Meredith Cast of Major Plays; Science Club; FTA-Sec.; Tri-Hi-Y, V. Pres.; NTS; Latin Club; School Spirit Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; SCA Rep.; Sr. Class Night Comm. Yonnie Marie Merriman Girl’s Usher Staff; Fr. Club; FBLA; Tri-Hi-Y; Prom Comm.; Pennant Comm.; Announcements Comm.; H. R. Officer. Susan Louise Michie SCA Rep. -8th Grade; School Spirit Comm.; Bible Club-Treas.; Office Asst.-Guidance; Prom Comm.; Alter- nate SCA Rep. -12th Grade. Joan Ellen Miller SCA Rep. -8th Grade; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; DE Club- Sec.; Prom Comm.; Pennant Comm.; Announcements Comm. Maureen Elaina Mock Girls’ Chorus-Pres., Treas., Letters; Girls’ Usher Staff; H. R. Officer: FHA-Fed. Officer; Spirit Club; School Spirit Comm.; Prop Staff; Furniture Staff. 159 Sharon Patricia Monroe School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; H. R. Officer; Furniture Staff; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; Newcomers Comm.; VOT; Spirit Club. Elaine Marlene Moore Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm. Larry Steven Morris J. V. Ftball; V. Ftball; Sr. Dance Comm.; Spirit Club. Richard Dale Nichols 8th 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basketball; V. Basketball. Maureen Anne O ' Brien Speech Club; Spirit Club; Fr. Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Typing Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm. John William Oliphant, Jr. Sr. Band-Pres., Letters; CNS; DE Club; Science Club; Latin Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; SCA Publicity Comm. -Tri-Chairman. Danny Richardson O’Neal CNS; SCA Rep.-12th Grade; Library Asst.; DE Club; Jr. Band-Letters; Sr. Band-Letters; Spirit Club; Sr. Music Comm.; Sr. Announcements Comm.; Sr. Ring Comm.; School Spirit Comm.-Posters. Ellen Faye Overton Tri-Hi-Y, Pres., Sec.; FBLA; Sr. Typ- ing Comm., Co-Chairman; Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Fr. Club; SCA Dance Comm.; Launch- ings Staff-Typist; Usher Staff; Jr. Typing Comm. Edward Martin Parnell. Jr. Transferred from Lumberton High School, Lumberton, North Carolina. Robert Wilson Parrish. Jr. J. V. Ftball; V. Ftball; J. V. Track; V. Track; V. Club; Spirit Club. Sandra Pauline Patrick Typist for the Library. Janice Ellen Payne Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; FBLA; Homecoming Rep., 9th 12th Grade; Tri-Hi-Y, Treas.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Chorus; Soph. Dance Comm.; Fr. Club; H. R. Officer. 160 Seniors Order Announcements In January Pamela F. Pearce SCA Rep.; DE Club; Sr. Pen- nant Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Announcements Comm.; Gymnastics Club. Mary Jeannine Pearson Spirit Club; Cafe. Comm.; House Comm.; FHA; Soph. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm., Co-Head. Jerry Oscar Peoples V. Ftball; V. Baseball; School Spirit Comm.; V. Lettermen’s Club. Anne Rowe and Martha Laws, co-chairman of the Senior Announce- ments Committee, view samples of graduation announcements and calling cards. Christine Ann Petterson Sr. Pennant Comm.; Office Asst.; H. R. Officer; Jr. Typing Comm. Deborah Gail Phaup Beacon Staff-Business Manager; DE Club; SCA Rep.; FTA; Sr. Announce- ments Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Cafe. Comm. Wanda Jean Plessinger FHA; FBLA; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Announcements Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm. 161 Ralph Wayne Pressley DE Club. Susan Clyde Price H.C.-8th Grade; NTS; Friendly Typhoon-9th Grade; Best Act- ress Award- 11th Grade; Cast of Exhibition Play-1967; Jr. Chorus; Concert Choir-Pres.; Jr. Class Treas.: SCA Cafe. Comm.; Sr. Class-Treas. Walter L. Quillin Mary Ramsey “These are my future Senators,” so states Mr. Louis M. Wheary as he discusses the duties of Congress with his third period Government class. 162 " Senior Slump " Afflicts Class Of 1968 Paul Joseph Randolph Concert Choir; Beacon Staff-Adver- tising Mgr.; Boys’ Chorus; Sr. Band- Colorguard; Spokesmen’s Club; FTA; Reg. Chorus; Va. All-State Choir; Rep. to Forensic Contest-66 67. James Robert Raper Interact Club-Pres.; I.C.T.-V. Pres.; Stagecrew-Head Electrician; Prom Comm.; Jr. Usher Staff; NTS; J. V. Baseball-Mgr. William Dennis Reece CNS; V. Baseball-Mgr.; Sr. Dance Comm.; J. V. Baseball; V. Baseball; Prom Comm. Royce Allen Reeves 8th 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basketball; V. Basketball-Co-Captain; V. Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Usher Staff. Linda Gail Rice FHA; Sr. Dance Comm.; H. R. Officer; School Spirit Comm.; Flower Color Comm.; Library Asst. Catherine Nottingham Richardson Fr. Club-Treas., Pres.; J. V. Cheer- leader; V. Cheerleader; Keyette Club-Sec.; CNS-V. Pres.; SCA Ex. Bd.; Sr. Motto Comm.; H. R. Officer; GAA; Sr. Ex. Bd. Garland Rigney Lulie Elizabeth Roberts NHS; CNS; Q S; SCA Ex. Bd.; Sr. Pennant Comm., Co- Head; Sr. Float Comm. ; Laun- chings Staff- Artist; Art Club; GAA-Pres.; Gymnastics Team; V. Hockey Team. Susan Marie Roberts I. C. T. Club; Prom Comm. Gloria Jean Rogers Transferred from Colonial Heights High School; FBLA; Girl’s Chorus. Jean Carol Rogers Sr. Dance Comm.; Flower Color Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; H.R. Officer; Jr. Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm. Dennis Keith Rose Sr. Band-Letters; Jr. Band; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Library Asst. 163 mmm Senior Lunch Line’’ New At N.N.H.S Belva Anne Rowe SCA Sec.; 8th Grade Sec.; 9th Grade Ex. Bd. Rep.; Soph. Jr. Dance Comm. -Co-Chairman; Sr. Calling Cards and Announcements Comm.- Co-Chairman; Latin Club; Tri-Hi-Y- Sgt. At Arms; Keyette Club; Girls’ State-Del. Ethel Hope Ryan Jr. Chorus; House Comm.; Tri-Hi-Y; FNA. Frances Ellen Satisky Jr. Band; Sr. Band-Letter; J. V. Flagtwirler; SCA Dance Comm.; Sp. Club; Spirit Club; Jr. Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; House Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm. Alice Saunders Transferred from Huntington High School. Edward Buckles Saunders DE Club; Jr. Band-Letter, Officer; Sr. Band; V. Spirit Club; Chess Club; Prom Comm.; School Spirit Comm. Cynthia Gail Sawyer 8th, loth 12th Grade Friendly Typhoon; H. C. -Chairman, Sec.: Key- ette Club- District Rep.; CNS; Tri-Hi- Y; House Comm. -Sec., FNA-V. Pres.; Elections Comm. Drama-Head of the Make-up Staff. Magdalene Martin Schuszler Concert Choir; Girls’ Chorus; V. Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Music Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Latin Club; Sp. Club; School Spirit Comm.; H. R. Officer. Phillip Arthur Schwab School Spirit Comm.; Jr. Band-Letter; 10th 11th Grade Tournament Play; 1967 Spring Fall Plays; NTS; Chess Club-Pres.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; Beacon Staff-Photographer. Jonathan Stuart Schwab I Jr. Band-Letter; 11th Grade Tournament Play; 1967 Fall Play; Chess Club; Beacon Staff-Photographer; V. Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Radio Staff; Soph. Dance Comm.; School Spirit Comm. Phyllis Naonti Schwab Fresh., Soph., Jr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; School Spirit Comm.; Flower Color Comm.; Drama-Program Staff; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Li- brary Asst. 164 Jon Llewyn Scott Transferred from Westminster School, Simsburg, Conn.; Faculty Commencement Speaker; Nelms Honor Scroll; Key Club; Chess Club; SCA H. R. Rep.; V. Ftball; Alternate to Boy’s State; Indoor Outdoor Track; Boy’s Usher Staff. Anita Fern Shapiro NHS; Keyette Club; Q S; NTS-Sec., Best Thespian 65-66; SCA Ex. Bd.-School Spirit Comm.; Jr. Sr. Ring Comm., Co-Chairman; FTA- Sec.; Anchor Staff; Fr. Club. Charles Louis Shields Transferred from Fredrick Military Academy; Cross Country Track; V. Track; Soph. Dance Comm. -Co-Chair- man; Hi-Y; J. V. Cross Country Track. Roberta Lynn Shields NHS; Friendly Typhoon-1 1th Grade; 11th 12th Grade Homecoming Rep.; FBL A; Beacon Staff-Typist; Jr. Dance Comm.; H. R. Officer; 67 Rep. to Girl’s State; From Comm. William Wrieth Sims Sr. Band-Colorguard; DE Club; Sr. Band-Letters; Jr. Band; Sr. Dance Comm.; Stage Crew; Interact Club; Prom Comm.; V. F ' tball-Mgr. Beverly Jean Slate FNA-V. Pres.; Jr. Band-Letter; Sr. Band-Letter; Anchor Staff; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Ring Comm.; Prom Comm.; Announcements Comm. For the first time this year at Newport News High School seniors enjoyed a new privilege: a “Senior Lunch Line.” For the first ten minutes of the second lunch period, the lunch line at the far end of the Cafeteria was reserved exclusively for the members of the Class of 1968. hh Dianna Jane Smith Sec. of the Science Dept.; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm. Harriet Smith Jerry Charles Smith Prom Comm., Co-Head; Latin Club- Pres.; Spirit Club-V. Pres.; Lost and Found Comm. -Head; SCA Ex. Bd.; Chesapeake Hi-Y, Officer; Home- room Officer: CNS; Launchings Staff; Key Club. John Magruder Smith III Chesapeake Hi-Y Chaplain Sec. Latin Club; CNS; Launchings Staff; Anchor Staff; Key Club; Lost Found Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Spirit Club; Prom Comm. Rachel Lynn Smith Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Sr. Motto Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; V.O.T.; Soph. Dance Comm.; Spirit Club; SCA Dance Comm. Velma Sue Smith Girl’s Usher Staff-Head; CNS; FBLA; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm.; H. R. Rep. Larry Darnel Solomon Transferred from Huntington High School; FBLA. Dewey Nathan Sosebee SCA ' Ex. Bd.; SCA Rep.; Cafe. Comm., Co-Head: Key Club-V. Pres.; 8th 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basketball; V. Basketball: V. Club; Prom Comm. Douglas G. Spahr Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; DE Club; Spirit Club; SCA Dance Comm. Ruth Ann Springfield FHA; GAA-Ex. Bd.; V. Hockey; Girls’ V. Basketball; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm.; Cap Gown Comm.; Asst. Director-Fall Spring Plays Tournament Plays. 166 Senior Class Pennants Ordered In April Floyd Milton Stall, Jr. Sr. Class-V. Pres.; NHS; Sr. Class Speaker; Key Club-Parlia- mentarian, SCA-Parliamentari- an. Fed. Del. H. R. Rep.; Anchor Staff-Business Mgr.; CNS; Del. to Science Sym- posium at UVA; Discussion Leader at Chesapeake District SCA Convention. Wanda Kay Stallings Fresh. Dance Comm.; Soph. Dance Comm.; FBLA; Jr. Dance Comm.; Girl’s Usher Staff; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Library Asst. Nancy Stanfield Ruth Ann Stant Girl’s Usher Staff; Girls’ Cho- rus; Jr. Dance Comm.; Drama Comm. James Stepp Stage Crew-Electrician; NTS; J. V. Ftball-Mgr. Donald Steveson John Wesley Styles, Jr. V. Indoor . Outdoor Track. Jacob Swall, Jr. Chesapeake Hi-Y; Lost Found Comm.; I.C.T. Club; Prom Comm.; V. Spirit Club. Sharon Hilsdon, Cathy Richardson, and Lulie Roberts of the Senior Pennant Committee, display pennants for approval. 167 ' mkm wm Mary Alice Haynes and Jerry Fisher, co-chairmen of the Senior Motto Committee, look over three suggestions for the senior class motto. The motto finally chosen for the Class of 1968 was “Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tomorrow.” Donald G. Swartz Robert James Taylor 8th 9th Grade Basketball: J. V. Basketball; Cross Country Track; Boys’ Chorus; Concert Choir; Jr. Chorus; V. Letterman’s Club; I. C. T. Club; From Comm.; Flower Color. Elizabeth Anne Tedder Sec. -English Dept.; SCA Ex. Bd.; NTS; Drama Advertising Dept.- Head; Tournament Flay-Director: Launchings- Typist; From Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.: Spirit Club. Joyce Marie Tedder Drama-Costume Staff-Head; H. R. Officer: Usher Staff; Library Asst.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Ring Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.: From Comm.; V. Spirit Club; Tri-Hi-Y. Steven Everett Terry Jr. Band; Drama Staff-Frops; SCA Rep.; H. R. Officer; Flower . Color Comm.; SCA Dance Officer; Jr. Dance Comm.; Shop Officer. Nancy Viola Trussed Spokesman Club; School Spirit Club; SCA Dance Comm.; From Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown; Sr. Ring Comm.: 1. C. T.; Sr. Dance Comm. 168 " Today Is The End Of Yesterday . . Barbara Lynn Turner Sr. Class Night Comm.; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Soph. D ance Comm.; Tri-Hi-Y; I. C. T. Club- Officer; SCA Dance Comm.; 8th 9th Grade Hockey Team; Drama Staff. Lucia Annette Vara cal l i SCA Rep.; Sp. Club; Spirit Club; Usher Staff; Jr. Dance Comm.; flower Color Comm. -Co. -Head; Sr. Dance Comm.; CNS; Prom Comm. Eddie Howard Vest Transferred From Ferguson Hight School; Sr. Dance Comm.; Prom Comm. Warren Daniel Vines Sr. Band-Head Property Manager- Letter; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Interact Club; Anchor Staff Judy Carolyn Warner CNS; FBLA; VOT; Library Asst.; School Spirit Comm.; Usher Staff; Sr. Announcements Comm.; Prom Comm. Jacqueline Jeannette Washington Soph. Dance Comm.; Speech Club; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; Publicity Comm. Judith Latay Washington FBLA; Sr. Typing Comm.; Flower Color Comm.; V. Spirit Club. Marcia Wasserman VOT; H. R. Officer; Jr. Ring Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Announcements Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm.; Beacon Staff; Drama-Head of Cos- tumes. Gary Watson Allen Dupree West Stage Crew; Usher Staff; Chess Club; Boys’ Chorus; Cafe. Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Drama-Letter. Charles Troy West, Jr. Boys’ Chorus; Sr. Band-Color Guard; Cafe. Comm.; Stage Crew; Jr. Dance Comm.; Usher Staff; Chess Club. Herman Baxter West Key Club; CNS-Pres.; Latin Club; 8th . 9th Grade Basketball; J. V. Basketball; V. Spirit Club; School Spirit Comm.; Prom Comm.; Cafe Comm. 169 Jessie M. White V. Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Jr. Dance Comm. Patricia Melody White V. Cheerleader; Nelms Honor Scroll; CNS; V. Spirit Club; Tri- Hi-Y; Fr. Club-Treas.; Jr. Ring Comm.; H. R. Rep.; SCA House Comm.; Prom Comm. Sheila Whitt Usher Staff; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm.; Sr. An- nouncements Comm.; VOT; H. R. Officer; SCA Rep.; Jr. Chorus; KHA. Johnsie Louise Williams Soph. Dance Comm.; SCA Publicity Comm.; H. R. Officer; Sr. Flower Color Comm.; Sr. Typing Comm.; Usher Staff. Patricia Elizabeth Williams CNS-Sec.; H. R. Officer; Girls’ Chorus-Sec.; Jr. Chorus; VOT; FHA. Willie Rayvone Williams J. V. Track; V. Track; Interact Club; Stage Crew; Asst. Stage Man- ager; Stage Crew- F ' lectrician; Drama- Letter; NTS-Letter. Co-chairmen of the Senior Cap and Gown Committee, Allene Cohen and Mary Pearson, were faced with the difficult and tedious task of measuring each of the two hundred and thirty-one members of the Class of 1968 for those long-awaited blue and white caps and gowns. David Lindsay Wilson CNS; Chesapeake Hi-Y: Sgt. At Arms; 8th Grade Tournament Play; Mouse Assembly; Jr. Band; Sr. Band- Letter; H. R. Officer. Judith Christine Wilson Sr. Band; Jr. Band-Librarian; CNS; Sr. Dance Comm.; V. Spirit Club; Prom Comm.; Sr. Class Night Comm.; SCA House Comm.; Cast of Major Plays; Drama: Prop Staff. Mark Andrew Wilson V. football; V. Track; Lettermen’s Club; Spirit Club; School Spirit Comm.; Sr. Dance Comm.; Sr. Pen- nant Comm. Bobby Allison Win free Jr. Band-Letter; Sr. Band-Letter; Dance Band; D.E. Club. Rachel Sue Witcher CNS; V. Spirit Club; Sr. Pennant Comm.; Sr. Cap Gown Comm.; Sr. Announcements Comm.; VOT; H. R. Officer; School Spirit Comm. Abbreviations Index Newly Added Feature Asst.— Assistant CNS— Christopher Newport Society DE-Distributive Education Ed. -Editor Ex. Bd. -Executive Board FBLA— Future Business Leaders of America Fed. Del. -Federation Delegate FHA-Future Homemakers of America FNA— Future Nurses of America Fr. Club-French Club FTA— Future Teachers of America Ftball— Football GAA-Girls’ Athletic Association H. C. -Honor Council I. C. C.— Inter Club Council I. C. T.-Industrial Cooperative Training J. V.— Junior Varsity Mgr. -Manager NHS-National Honor Society NTS-National Thespian Society Q . S-Quill Scroll Reg.— Regional Rep.— Representative Sp. -Spanish Club V-Varsity VOT- Vocational Office Training 171 Authors of the Senior Class Song were Agnes Blandford and Peyton Clark. " Our Class” Senior Class Night Presentation Our Class, an adaption of Thorton Wilder ' s Our Town, was the program presented June 6, 1968 at Senior Class Night. With a minimum of props and only a bare stage as the background, the stage manager, portrayed by Joel Flax, narrated a montage of scenes portraying the Five year history of the Class of 1968 at Newport News High School. Depicted first was the eighth grade year of the Class of ' 68 and all the foibles and frustrations of Finally being in high school as well as the glory and pride of having your team win the state basketball championship. The next scenes evoked memories of Beware of the Bear and Nellie It ' as A Lady, the class’ ninth and tenth grade tournament plays as well as the popular songs and dances of those years. Representing the Class of 1968’s junior year was a scene concerning the arrival of those very special rings. Wrapping up the class history were sequences about the senior privilege of spending a fortune on pennants, gowns, cards, announcements, pictures and countless other senior necessities, a flashback scene to Sayonara, the senior prom and a grand Finale in which the entire cast and class led by the graduating Varsity Cheerleaders sang the Alma Mater. Prefacing the program itself were the traditional events of the Senior Processional, dedication of the Anchor and the transfer of the cap and gown. Directing and producing duties for Our Class were assumed by Agnes Blandford, assisted by Jack Melamed. Barbara Brotzman and Joel Flax. Above: “Of course, teachers are to be allowed to leave first in case of fire. But please, students, do not do as members of homeroom 307 did. They opened a window and threw the teacher out,” announces Mr. Etheridge over the public address system. Mr. Etheridge, now coordinator of English for the school system, returned to N.N.H.S. to be with “his” in Our Class. Right: “1 must inform you that 1 am trained in Judo, you dirty rotten thug” says Aunt Louise (Lube Roberts) to her attacker (Paula Keeter) in a scene from Nellie Was A Lady. 172 Theme Adapted From Wilder’s " Our Town " Above: “There were bells on the hill, but I never heard them ringing, till there was you,” sings Sharon Dantzler. Above center: Anita “the Mouse” Shapiro faints and is carried off as Mrs. Wright tells her eighth grade class to bring at least twenty five sheets of blank paper and two pencils for their very first examination. 173 Sayonara Chosen As Theme For Senior Prom f 174 Long Hours, Hard Work Lavished On Decorations “Oh! it’s beau-ti-ful!” was the sighed response heard as formally tailored and gowned couples entered over the oriental bridge into Savonara, scene of the 1968 Senior Prom. The culmination of five years of money-making projects and fund raising efforts, Sayonara represented the attainment of a goal that had received its first boost when the Fate of ’68, the first dance given by the Class of 1968, was held. Taking the Orient as its motif, Sayonara featured delicate oriental murals and a pagoda (which served as the bandstand) as well as a profusion of Japanese lanterns and windchimes. Centerpieces for the tables were miniature dragons and pagodas. Supplying the music for Sayonara were the Fab- ulous Echoes. The climax of the evening was the presentation of members of the Hall of Fame and the crowning of Nathan Sosebee and Kathy Davis as King and Queen. Serving as chairmen of Sayonara were Vicki Batts, Sharon Hargrave, Joyce Mabe, and Jerry Smith. Below: Brenda Smith, escorted by Senior Joel Flax, pauses to marvel at the transformation which has occurred in the cafeteria as they cross over the bridge into Sayonara. Extreme Upper left: Evening gown, gloves, pocketbook, and corsage -these were the elements in another transformation, that of many Newport News’ girls into elegantly attired young women worthy of an oriental paradise. Left: Hours and hours of meticulous and delicate work went into the creation of the background murals for Sayonara as Sharon Hargrave, Earl Begor, Frank Chilberti, Doug Dickinson, Janet Hirshinan, and Perry Howard are well aware of! Extreme lower left: “Fold, cut, twist and fluff out; fold, cut, twist and Huff out” was the familiar pattern with these members of the Prom Committee. Though stuck with the tedious job of making paper flowers, a little gossiping helped pass the time. mm mm 175 Sosebee, Davis Reign As King And Queen 176 The Fabulous Echoes Supply Music For Sayonara Above: Three members of The Fabulous Echoes intently perform to produce music long remembered. Above (Top): A popular part of tire Prom was posing for a souvenir portrait by O’Neal. Top Center: The refreshment tables proved to be the favorite spot to retreat during the evening. Bottom Center: Dancing to music of The Fabulous Echoes was exhilarating. Extreme left: King Nathan Soesbee and Queen Kathy Davis, elected on a basis of service to the class, proudly reign over the Prom. 177 After Twelve Years Of Toil— Graduation Sunday, June 16, at four p.m., two hundred and twenty-four graduating Seniors marching to the resonant strains of “Pomp and Circum- stance” entered Julie Conn Gymnasium to re- ceive their hard earned diplomas. Heading the blue and white gowned procession were the faculty and honor graduates. As in past years, the Commencement program was entirely student-led, with student speakers using as their theme, “Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tomorrow.” Valedictorian and Salutatorian were Mary A. Haynes and Lois Hogge respectively. Selected by the class to be speakers were Floyd Stall and Larry Bridgers, with Jon Scott being chosen by the faculty as faculty speaker. The invocation was given by Senior Class President Tony Koskinas and the benediction was given by Senior Class Secretary Gail Lucado. Rounding out Commencement was the singing of “The Impossible Dream” by the combined cho- rus and the playing of a medley of show tunes by the Concert Band. And last but definitely not least was the presentation of diplomas. Left: A panoramic view of Commencement exercises in Julie Conn Gymnasium. From left to right: Tony Koskinas leads the Senior processional through the causeway into the Julie Conn Gymnasium. Valedic- torian Mary Alice Haynes based her address on the motto of the class of 1968, “Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tommorrow.” Graduates listen intently to the commencement program. The zenith of the graduating Senior’s life-the receiving of his diploma. Here, Judy Ellenson receives her diploma and congratulations from Principal John M. Caywood. With graduation all over, Bill Sims returns his cap and gown to Mr. Tommy Marvin. The Zenith Of Accomplishment Is Achieved 179 Ecstatic Faces Mirror Joy Of Graduation Above: “I just can’t believe it’s all over and you’re alumnae!” says Mrs. Collier to ecstatic Fllen Overton and Janice Payne. Above right: “Yippee, we made it!” laughs Wayne Lambert. “I can hardly wait to get out of this gown,” he tells Debbie Lewis and Cathy Richardson. Left: A kiss on the cheek from Ralph Gore goes to Valedictorian Mary Alice Haynes for an excellent speech. 180 Tony Koskinas, senior class president, exemplifies the student at the acme of his school experience, graduation, as he reflects upon the poignant experiences of his school days, now past, and faces toward the “tomorrows” of the future with faith and hope. Motto Of The Senior Class Of 1968 “Today is the end of yesterday and the beginning of tomorrow.” 181 L j b 1 | (M r 1 - ■ i i t . 1 - -I] -■u ■ ■ » i f» ri .4- taT aL mBrnssssaesi ■ ppadfea hdUft H HH b a2aB Reflections On Advertisements Restaurants . . . wearing apparel of all types . . . realtors . . . beauty shops . . . jewelers . . . automobile dealers . . . dry cleaners . . . The list of goods and services offered by Anchor advertisers is virtually endless. The multitude of goods and services offered by these firms not only mirrors the wide selection and broad range of choice open to the buyer but reflects the growing realization by more and more people that it pays to shop with Anchor advertisers. As you patronize the firms whose advertise- ments appear within these pages, you can be assured of higher qua- lity, lower prices and better service with a personal touch. These firms have helped to make this yearbook possible. In turn, let us support them. Reflections of Newmarket Shopping Center at night. Look for the Golden Arches of . . . • ' y Your Complete Family Jewelry Store -1 SHAW’S JEWELRY CO. MCDONALD’S Two Stores to Serve You . McDonald’s on Mercury Blvd. 281 1 Washington Ave. Mercury Plaza Mall . McDonald’s Harpersville Road Warwick Blvd. Newport News Va. Hampton Va. 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They’re built efficiently and well only by men whose skills and knowledge are broad. That ' s why Newport News begins at the beginning with its own selective Apprentice School. High School graduates enter on the basis of academic record. But selectivity doesn’t stop there. In classroom and shop, in the drafting room and out in the yard, each man’s special abilities are watched and developed. Some become skilled and versatile ma- chinists. Others become expert electricians or precision tool makers. Many becomesuper- visors. Some earn scholarships for advanced training at colleges and technical schools. We think the School ' s a pretty inspiring place, because its end results are good men and good ships. LEARNING on the job learning in classrooms apprentice dormitory 191 lifc; Kathy Davis and Nathan Soesbee, Most Courteous Seniors, find that eating at the Hot Shoppes bring real pleasure. The food is delicious, the service excellent, the atmosphere relaxing. It’s great to know, too, that the price is right! Join us at THE HOT SHOPPES 1 18 Newmarket Square W. Phone 244-1841 SPQR LATIN CLUB OF NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL MCMLXVIII OFFICERS President: V. President: Secretary: Sgt.-at-Arms: Adviser: Jerry Smith Karen Yevak Jane Schweida Becky Franklin Mrs. Lou Mundie 192 BOWEN COMPANY INSURANCE ELI ' S RESTAURANT Insurance Auto-Fire-Marine-Casuaity-Security-Life 135 Twenty-Seventh Street N. N. Va. 83607 Telephone 244-1441 One of the Peninsula’s finest HANDY OIL CORPORATION 26th East Mercury Boulevard Distributors of Mobile Products Hampton, Virginia Dial 244-1444 Sportsman ' s Shop Spositina Qoodi NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA “Where everyone goes for a better buy.” Larry Burden and Lube Roberts, voted Most Athletic by the Seniors, admire the excellent selection of sporting equipment handled by The Sportsman’s Shop, most popular shop in Tidewater. Top Viewing anytime... WVEC TELEVISION N OR FOLK HAMPTON VIRGINIA When we think of the best in fine furs, we always think of SILVERMAN’S FURS Patsy Goodwin and Joel Flax, Wittiest Seniors, reflect their pleasure in posing as “models” in the showcase of Silverman’s Fur Shop. Silverman’s Furs is the place to go for the best in furs, the best in styles, and the best in prices. BARCLAY SONS 2912 Washington Ave. Newport News, Virginia and J. JENKINS SONS CO., INC. Baltimore, Md. Distributors for Senior rings Reflecting the joy of anticipation is Barbara Dye, junior, being fitted for her senior ring by Mr. Smith, representative for J. Jenkins Sons Company. Barclay’s is the local distributor. ELECTRICITY: MUSCLE OF INDUSTRY Behind the great industrial might of America stands a “giant workman” — electric energy. It would require the muscle energy of 70 men working 40 hours a week for one whole year to equal 10,000 kilowatt hours of elec- tricity — less than the average annual consumption of two Vepco residential customers. Yes, electricity is the “mus- cle” behind our power and prosperity. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY ®£ RICHMOND, VIRGINIA 195 HAYNES FURNITURE CO. 2814 Washington Ave. 245-3281 Haynes has fabulous displays of furniture. Pansy Carter tries to decide what to select. Courtesy of F.W. WOOLWORTH CO. TIDEWATER ALUMINUM SIDING CO. R. L. Hogge, Owner Flexalum Aluminum Siding Phone 247-5257 720 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. CONN SERVICE INC. 1425 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. Phone 244-1491 Nancy Fulghum and Wanda Stallings shop at Leggett’s for sportswear . . . the greatest! 2907 Washington Avenue Phone 247-5541 GUTHRIE’S GULF SERVICE Complete Brake Work — Welding — Minor Repairs 34th St. and Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Virginia Dial 244-4351 196 Now ... 2 Stores To Serve You Better Both Just Minutes Away from Any Place on the Peninsula Washington Ave. at 32nd St., Downtown Warwick Shopping Center Both in Newport News Always as Near as your Telephone . . . Dial 244-5741 After 5:30 PM. 595-2226 197 CASTILIAN BEAUTY SALON J. S. ARNOLD ' S ESSO SERVICE ■ROAD SERVICE 25th Street Oak Ave. Newport News. Virginia Phone 247-1803 REEDY ' S JEWELRY MARTZ BUSINESS MACHINES 222 28th Street Sales - Service - Rentals Garland Reedy— Certified Watchmaker Phone 596-751 1 10408 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Va. CH 4-3306 M mk JH BIBLE AND BOOK CENTER RIVERSIDE FUNERAL HOME INC. (f u-se 7415 River Road 10375 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia 23601 Phone: 596-0256 Newport News, Virginia National Selected Mcsticiavs N.F.D.A. Ambulance Service Rotary Tel. 245-1525 Est. 1888 NEWPORT NEWS DISTILLED ICE CO. DANNY ' S DELICATESSEN 4336 Kecoughtan Road 10838 Warwick Blvd. Phone 722-521 1 Newport News, Virginia Newport News and Hampton STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION “As members of the student body of Newport News High School, we resolve to practice the principles of good behavior toward our fellow students and our teachers. These principles include politeness, courtesy, punctuality, good sportsmanship, and other qualities that make for outstanding citizen- ship in our school.” President Vice-president . Secretary Treasurer Parliamentarian Sponsor Joel Flax Larry Bridgers Helen Konstant Robin Chalkley Floyd Stall Miss Bonnie Abbitt Left: The 19b7-68 Executive Board is in session. Sue David, Cutest Senior girl, smiles approval of the classy canine coiffuer. It’s what the discriminating doggie wears, and it’s from DOGGIE BOTIQUE Compliments of NACHMAN REALTY COMPANY 84 — 32nd Street Newport News, Virginia Sales, Rentals, Investments Office 244-1766 GARDEN PHARMACY “Your Friendly Community Pharmacy” Headquarters for CLIFF NOTES The “IN” Study Guide Home Health Care Sales and Rentals 1817 Wickham Avenue 12266 Warwick Blvd. Newport News 368 LaSalle Ave. Hampton SPOTLESS RUG CLEANING CO. 244-7995 THE HEALTH CLUB 2513 Warwick Blvd. Phone 244-8438 6120 Jefferson Ave. DROP IN ANY TIME Newport News, Virginia Cleaning rugs and carpets is our business, and we feel that we’re the best in our field! But maybe your rugs are new and don’t need cleaning right now, so we extend an invitation to everyone to drop in for a friendly visit and meet the people who will clean your rugs when they need it! WYTHE AUTO PARTS CO. 1210 Kecoughtan Road Posed by Jay Lane, voted Cutest Senior boy. 200 BALLOU PALMER, INC. 1 12 — 28th Street Newport News, Virginia CH 7-5851 Compliments of WYTHE TIRE COMPANY 1903 25th Street “Neat” is one reason Kay Johnson was voted “Best Dressed.” The Red Barn is “neat” also. It carries the best clothes and brand names. You’ll be sure of being well dressed if you buy from THE RED BARN LTD. PARKVIEW SUPP LY CO., INC. Mercury Plaza Mall Steve Larsen’s immaculate attire reveals the reason he was elected “Best Dressed.” All the other well dressed young men know Beecroft Bull gives the assurance of good grooming. Buy from BEECROFT BULL Building Materials, Paints, Hardware 5875 Jefferson Ave. Phone CH 4-7921 Newport News, Virginia Tel. 244-8111 Calculators . Typewriters . Adding Machines NEWPORT BUSINESS MACHINES, INC. UNDERWOOD . OLIVETTI Sales and Service 7007 Huntington Ave. Newport News, Va. 201 10325 Warwick Blvd at Hilton Village Wtmm vv-w-w Mii fi S ap es HOUSE OF BEAUTY 6 Mercury Plaza 2211 W. Mercury Blvd. Hampton, Virginia Phone: 838-5422 " Beauty is a Woman ' s Duty. " BEST ALL ROUND Seniors, Mary Alice Haynes and Ben Hogan, know that the best car buys are from: NEWPORT NEWS-HAMPTON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSOCIATION Allen “Nick” Motors, Inc. Bowditch Ford, Inc. Casey Chevrolet Corporation Center Ford Sales and Service, Inc. Copeland Motors, Car Company, Inc. Hampton Motor Company Hutchens Chevrolet Lumpkin-White Truck Company, Inc. Merrimac Motors, Inc. Shackleford Auto Company, Inc. Spencer Motors Sales, Inc. Spratley— Rodgers Ford Corporation Suttle Motor Company Tysinger Motor Company, Inc. Universal Sales Auto Corporation Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. Williams, Incorporated great American sp COMPLIMENTS OF FRANK AND SHAPIRO REAL ESTATE-INSURANCE CERTIFIED PROPERTY MANAGEMENT ONE HOUR MARTINIZING 9517 WARWICK BLVD. 10189 WARWICK BLVD. PHONE: 595-1122 or 595-1 123 Dial 247-5292 125— 26th Street 202 PARKER POWELL HOLLAND GRIBBLE “Distinctive Home Furnishings” Painting Contractors Free Estimates 212-214 Twenty-Eighth Street We use Glidden paints Newport News, Va. 601 1 Potomac Ave. Phone: CHestnut 5-2041 PHONE: 826-1797 or 826-2401 Most Talented Seniors were: Susan Price and Ray Boyette Seat Covers Marine Upholstery WYTHE LAMP SHOP Convertible Tops Plastic Slipcovers AUTO CRAFT UPHOLSTERY SHOP 10247 Warwick Blvd. Phone 245-3216 1601-03 25th St. Newport News, Va. Newport News, Va. 203 Stores conveniently located at: ABERDEEN MERCURY BLVD. 3816 CHESTNUT AVE. 12308 WARWICK BLVD. 9925 JEFFERSON AVE. 1245 N. KING ST. 81 BEACH ROAD 4910 W. MERCURY BLVD. 908 LA SALLE AVE. Visit Rich ’s Drive-Ins Cathy Richardson and Jerry Smith, Most School Spirited, find Rich’s Drive-In a good place to go after ballgames, after the movies, or just anytime after hunger pains strike. Why don’t you try Rich’s? “Deal with us in confidence; your neighbor did” BURKE BROOKS INC. WEAVER BROTHERS INC. 1615 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. 5 blocks from Wythe Shopping Center Office 247-3000 R. S. Burke Home 722-1359 2505 Terminal Ave. Box 806 Newport News, Va. KECOUGHTAN LAUNDRY-CLEANERS INC. Quality cleaning at modest prices 2613 Kecoughtan Rd. Hampton, Va. KEN’S GIFT AND CARD SHOP i 3833 Kecoughtan Rd. Hampton, Va. 204 DOUGLAS PITT INC. Realtors Insurance Dial 247-5292 125 -26th St. BANK of NEWPORT NEWS ROBERT STEIN SHOE COMPANY ( of e ye of ff amp ton Roacf, 7 nc. Quality Shoes for the Entire Family 99 Sherwood Shopping Center Warwick Boulevard Corner 24th and Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Va. Newport News, Va. “Oh, world, I cannot hold thee close enough . . reads Judy Evans, as Jack Melamed ponders how long she will use his head as a pedestal. Jack and Judy, Most Original Seniors, usually seem to come up with something different, but . . . So does O’NEAL. His photographs and his portraits always have Originality Personality Vitality O’Neal is different. He’s great! Go by and see for yourself. Next time you want a really good portrait of yourself, call and make an appoint- ment at O’ NEAL’S STUDIO OF PORTRAITURE 28th At Huntington Ave. Across from Sears Phone 245-5287 Newport News, Va. HOWARD JOHNSON’S RESTAURANT 6065 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia FROSTY COLD STORAGE, INC. 802 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia A fine restaurant with choice food FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA GRISSOM BROTHERS Barber Shop Officers 5 Skilled Barbers President V. President Secretary Treasurer Anita Gore Belinda Trainum Terry Sherrill Betty Singletary 349 Main Street Weekdays — 10 to 8, except Monday Saturday — 8 to 6 things go better with Coke TRAOE MARK® after Coke TRAOE W Aft K$ after Coke. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 206 Cindy Sawyer and Floyd Stall, voted Most Likely to Succeed, are shown here with Mrs. Juanita Taylor, C M Bank employee, as they fill out forms concerning opening savings accounts. This is a commendable trait for anyone to have, age unlimited. Save in order to have! Then put your savings in safekeeping with C M BANK Compliments of THE SPIRIT CLUB Mirroring the fervor they encourage, screaming, cheering fans reflect the vibrancy of their school spirit. 207 PARENT-TEACHER ASSOCIATION A service organization giving to the student love, guidance, understanding A group seeking to secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual development. The P.T.A. is the link between the home and the school. It is vitally interested and concerned about YOU, the student. How? Well 1 . The P.T.A. Scholarship Fund assists a worthy N.N.H.S. graduating Senior who needs help for college. 2 The Ethel Gildersleeve Scholarship Fund aids with the needs of any student in the school. The Ethel Gildersleeve Bookshelf Fund purchases books for the school library yearly. 3. For graduation and school closing, Seniors and Faculty are each honored by a reception or a luncheon. 4. This full page ad was bought by the P.T.A. to support your school yearbook. 5. The T. 0. Keesee Citizenship Award is given by the P.T.A. to a deserving Senior boy in honor of Mr. Keesee, our former Assistant Principal. The P.T.A. wants the best education for every student . . . Support your P.T.A. 208 • • • The Symbol Of Freedom In America Thk Times-Ukkald 1 3 Cities Torn By Racial Violence I II A Notion In Strife jiU K ' ttirlt r It atrhrs Is Sni H-r Slltitrls. Kills Detroit hr Dailnfj i e Jrcss lit llll.v 1)01 M.E » IM Ht iolence rack Dozen Cities Drtlllt Irrll ,„fjt, .» Ihifiil: . ' n r, Freedom Of The Press Is One Of The Principles of Our Democracy! At Your Doorstep With All The NEWS LOCAL NATIONAL INTERNATIONAL To Help Complete lour Education — By Keeping You Informed Hampton Roads’ Morning and Evening NEWSpapers BECK’S CITY BAKERY INC. 314 25th St., Newport News Phone 244-1461 They’re ahead! Give a cheer for BETTY LEWIS BREAD!! . fafc B 5: mu 1 ram wi. v w $ • • Ws I W0 l i |f|i Best Wishes From GORDON ENTERPRISES ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS OF THE PENINSULA See the top movies at a GORDON THEATRE: Palace — Riverdale — Wythe-Cinema — Village — James Anchor Drive-In — Green Acres Drive-In Come along to SKATELAND - the FUN spot! Anne Rowe and Ralph Gore, Best Dancers, enjoy Pepsis at one of the S.C.A. dances. PEPSI COLA BOTTLERS Get your snack at a GIANT BURGER! Compliments of THE KEYETTES 210 Compliments of FRENCH CLUB Officers President— Joyce Linhart Vice President-Shirley Jenkins Secretary-Agnes Blandford Treasurer— Janet Hirshman Sergeant-at-Arms-Hope Kounnas Advisor— Miss Algiline Hearn Officers and Advisor look over some of the projects of the French classes. Missing from the picture is Agnes Blandford, secretary WWW m U jr : r | mfi • } fu 1 ■ ty» t Tttl ftl r f m . A 4|i ire L MiAl Compliments of THE KEY CLUB 211 Advertising Directory Arnold’s Esso Service 198 Althaus Delicatessen 188 Auto Craft Upholstery Shop 203 Baker and Hazelwood, Inc. 189 Ballou and Palmer 201 Bank of Hampton Roads 188 Bank of Newport News 205 Bank of Warwick 189 Barclay and Sons 195 Beck’s City Bakery, Inc. 209 Beecroft and Bull 201 Bell, J. H. Furniture Co. 1 89 Garden Pharmacy 200 Gordon’s Enterprises 210 Grissom’s Barber Shop 207eLj ■OiSl. Benson-Phiilips Co., Inc. 189 Bible Book Center 199 Bowen Company 193 Broadway-Warwick. Inc. 184 Burke and Brooks. Inc. 204 Caligari, E. and Sons 186 ' Carol’s Book Store 184 Castilian Beauty Salon 198 Chapin, W. T. Inc. 188 Charles Beauty School 189 Citizens and Marine Bank 206 City Duplicating and Printing 192 Coca-Cola Bottling Co. 207 College of Hampton Roads 205 Conn Service, Inc. 196 Daily Press 209 Danny’s Delicatessen 199 Doggie Botique 200 Douglas Pitt, Inc. 205 Drucker and Falk 187 Eli’s Restaurant 193 F.B.L.A. 207 Forrest Code and Associates 187 Frank and Shapiro 202 French Club 2 1 1 Frosty Cold Storage Inc. 207 r :| ? I C ( Wrfd " A. UciA « 204 Gutherie Gulf Service) Oculevc. rd Handy Oil Corporation 193 «• - Haynes I-urniture Co. 196 Health Club 200 Holland and Gribble 203 Hot Shoppe Cafeteria 192 Hotel Warwick 187 Howard Johnson’s Restaurant 206 m. Jenkins’ Sons Company , Inc. 195 jt nes, R. R. Furniture Co. 186 Jacobson Press 184 Kecoughtan Laundry-Cleaners, Inc Ken’s Gift and Card Shop 204 Key Club 211 Keyettes 210 Latin Club 192 Leggett’s 196 Mac’s Cabs 192 Martz Business Machines 198 McDonalds 1 84 Miller and Rhodes 188 Monty’s Penguin Drive-In 186 Murray and Padgett, Inc. 184 Nachman Realty Company 200 Nachman’s Department Store 197 Newport News Business Machines 201 Newport News, City of ytyi Newport News Distilled Ice. Co. Parker and Powell 203 . , Parkview Supply Company 201 ctymzl HcfWa Pensi Cola Bottlers Ranch House 187 Record Shop 192 Red Barn, Ltd. 201 Reedy’s Jewelry 198 Rich’s Supermarket and Drive-In 204 Riverside- Funeral Home. Inc. 199 Robert Stein Shoe Company 205 Ruben and Harris Company 192 Ruth Staples’ House of Beauty 202 S.C.A. 198-199 Science Club 192 Senior Class 181 Shaw’s Jewelry 184 Sdverman’s Furs 194 Shoney’s 1 89 Sportman’s Shop 193 Spotless Rug Cleaning Co. 200 Tidewater Hotel 188 Universal Van Lines, Inc. 192 Vaughan Cab Co. 184 Village Cleaners 192 Virginia Electric and Power Company 195 W.V.E.C. 194 Warwick Bakery 184 Waters, Tom G. Advertising Co. 192 Weaver Brothers, Inc. of Newport News 204 .eastern Auto 188 ite Optical Co. 189 Newport News— Hampton Automobile Dealers Ass’n 202 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. 193 One Hour Martinizing 202 O’Neal’s Studio of Portraiture 205 Parent-Teacher’s Association 208 Woolworth, F. W. and Co. 196 Wy the Auto Parts Co. 200 Wythe Lamp Shop 203 Wythe Tire Co. 201 Young Men’s Shop 192 PATRON S ADS Mr. David Bartlett Mr. Louis Wheary Anita Shapiro— M.W.C. Mrs. Carolyn Combs Miss Jo Ann Sweat Mr. John Caywood Mrs. Katherine Bonnett Mrs. Mable Papa Mr. Mrs. Charles T. Masters Shirley Jenkins Miss Algilene Hearn Mrs. Martha Jo Milne A. D. P. Debby Buchanan Jeff and Roberta Michelle Loves Neil Mr. and Mrs. E. Blake Cameron, Jr. Joseph R. Fox Mr. Mrs. Jim Baxter Ted Schanzer Compliments of Bill Dye John A. Downs Patti and Steve From a friend Diamond’s Pharmacy Mr. Mrs. Robert R- Dunn Don Yohn Roy Mays David Robinetti Al Lowe Compliments of Stokes Pharmacy Peninsula Kirby Service Mr. Mrs. Paul N. Jeffry Mr. Mrs. Ralph Shuler Mr. Mrs. Carlton Sasser Mr. . Mrs. George Woodgate Mr. , Mrs. BarTy Thorne Blue Jay Camperman Sonny Gerczak-H.H.S. Cardinal Donald Ryan Mr. . Mrs. Charles Paul Jeffrey Linda Hile Varsity Cheerleaders ’67-’68 Becky Franklin Pat and Doug Bill and Linda Whalin’ 1 1 from table 7 P. A. M. Loves R. A. J. Jerry and Mary Kay Bobby and Janie Donna Nicosia Jeanette McDonald Mr. Mrs. William R. Davis Janet Forman Mr. John W. Kilpatrick Ricki Green — UNC-G A friend Miss Eulah Massey James Harris Mrs. David Ball Frank Vretos Randall H. Baker Timmy Hankins Bette and Gregg Bobby Hodges S.P.A. and Pat Bangley David Rodgers Bill Reece . Barbara Garrett The Jolly Green “Susan” The A. and P. O. for D. C. “Class of 69” is The Greatest Chuck and his woman Carroll Skinnell Robbie Bradsher Jane Smith Wright Advertising Co. Over the Waves Mike and Pat Compliments of W. T. Grant Mrs. T. Kiser B. C. Ivey Bess Schwartz Mr. Mrs. Khoshaba Brownie Mr. Mrs. Nicholas Kounnas Compliments of Mrs. Jeanette Wright Mr. M. G. Willey Mrs. Janet H. Gustin Mr. Mrs. John Plethos Mrs. Belle Ruben Mrs. J. Bartley Britt Alline (ABC) “The Boss Finley” is Great Arthur L. Burke and family Mr. Bentley Anderson Mr. Bentley Anderson Ralph and Mary Alice Mr. Mrs. R. P. Laws Boy Mr. Mrs. A. T. Goodhue Mr. Mrs. T. F. Franks Mr. Mrs. A. C. Beasley Bernie and Pam Mr. and Mrs. Dwight Beasley Area Panel Thrift Shop Mrs. F. A. Phelps Tom Donohue Mrs. Yevak Karen Yevak Shannon Yevak Mrs. Weaver Mr. Mrs. John R. Yevak “1 he Gang” Shannon Tommy “The Judge” The Sheikh Harvey Anker Mrs. Yvonne Morgan Mr. Mrs. L. C. McCay Mr. McKinley S. Murphy Mr. Mrs. lsrell Hall Mr. James E. Hawkins Mr. J. W. Prow Mrs. Jeanette Perry Ray Jones Mr. Mrs. R. R. Jones, Jr. Mr. Mrs. J. B. Webb Mr. Mrs. Moses Melamed Mrs. George Barrow Mr. Mrs. John Jenkins Mr. Billy Williams Mrs. Odis Farris Mrs. Eliz. Muckerson Mr. Cordie G. Phillips Mr. Roland Magee, Jr. Mr. Cabaniss Mr. Mrs. Edward Hill Mr. Mrs. Chas. Boswedl, Sr. Mr. W. T. Hairston Edward Winston, Jr. Mr. Mrs. E. C. Roundtree Mrs. Odella Ward Sgt. Mrs. Wilson Mrs. Patricia Knight Mr. Mrs. Prince Cooper Sgt. Mrs. Dannie B. Strother Mr. Mrs. J. H. Mullen, Sr. Mr. Mrs. Eddie P. Jeffries, Sr. Mrs. Geneva Harrison Mrs. Bessie Thomas Mrs. Mae Scott Mr. Mrs. R. L. Jefferson Mrs. Helen Mizelle Miss Janice Ball Prom a Hampton Crabber From a Friend Rachael Glascock Bo Bolinger S.M.U.T. International A Former Alumni Billie Robbie Sibsky her Teddy Bear 212 Eighth Grade Directory 8th Grade Alston, Charles-82 Andrews, Linda— 82 Andrews, Roy — 82 Back, Pamela— 82 Bailey, Robert-82 Baker, Francie— 1 1 ,82 Baker, Gerald — 82 Balser, Patricia— 82 Banister, James— 82 Barnes, Patricia— 67,82 Bazemore, Tim — 82 Bedsaul, Diana— 75 Bellamy, Joyce — 82 Bethea, Karl— 82 Bines, Jeremiah-73,82 Bost, Helen — 82 Brannock, Anna— 82 Bridges, Sheila — 82 Brown, Beberly— 82 Bungert, Holly — 82 Burke, Brian — 82,130 Butts, Mary— 82,75 Byrd, Joe— 82 Callihan, Sharon— 82 Cardwell, Donald-82 Carpenter, Bobby-82 Carroll, Rosa— 82 Carter, Alice-82 Carter, Brenda— 83 Casey, Adrienne— 83 Castonguay, Edward — 83,1 30 Castonguay, Janice— 83 Chattin, Richard— 83 Cheek, Richard— 73,83 Chilberti, Joseph — 73,83 Chisom, Karen — 75,83 Cole, Kenneth— 83 Colley, Heidy — 83 Colton, Gary-74,83 Cook, Carol— 83 Copeland, Will — 83 Covert, Fayetta— 79,83 Cox, Velma-83 Crandol, Carl — 83 Culotta, Monricky — 73,83 Curlings, Dewayne— 83 Curtis, Tim-83 Cury , Widad— 83 Dalton, Clyde— 83 Daniel, Rose — 75,83 Davis, Micheal-83 Davis, Sherral— 7 3,83 Day, Vickie— 83 Delatte, Alexander— 73 Diggs, Janice— 83 Dorner, David — 83 Dutton, Joseph— 83 Dunn, Gloria— 83 Eanes, Irvine— 73,83 Edge, Era — 83 Edgerton, Nancy — 83 Edwards, Fredia— 83 Edwards, Shirley — 75,83 Eldridge, James-83 Ends, Debra— 59,83 Evans, Gale — 83 Farber, Marleen— 83 Flanary, Donald— 83 Freeman, Sarah-65, 83 Friedman, Steve — 73,83 Fry, Dennis— 83 Fry, Thomas— 83 Gambrell, Wanda-83 George, Alisa — 83 Gooch, Joy— 83 Granger, Robert— 83 Grant, Connie-84 Grant, Tommy — 84 Green, Jessie- 84 Gregory, Harry-84 Gregory, Evelyn- 59,84 Hale, Robert-73,84 Ham, Beverly —83,84 Hampton, Vanessa— 84 Hardison, Jerry — 84 Hardy, Sandra-84 Harley, Erma— 84 Harris, Dwight — 84 Harris, Danny — 84 Harris, James— 84 Harris, Rhonda- 84 Hartsell, Pat-84 Hatchett, Steven — 84 Haynes, Kathy — 7 5,84,7 1 Heckel, Curt — 84 Hensley, Leon — 7 3,84 Herndon, Brenda— 67,84 Hicks, Cynthia-84 Hicks, William-84 Hildebrand, Steve — 84 Hobbs, Deborah— 84 Hooper, Rebecca — 7 3,84 Hooton, Debbie — 84,85 Horne, Paula— 79,84 Houser, Larry — 84 Hubert, Kathryn-84 Hudgins, Edward— 84 Hudgins, Sherry — 67,84 Hudson, Charles— 84 Huffman, Bonnie — 84 Hughes, Sandra— 84 Hutcheson, Curtis- 84 Insley, George— 84 Iquado, Isabel-84 Jackson, Christal-84 Jackson, Evelyn— 85 Jackson, Ramona— 51,84 Jones, Paul— 84 Jones, Warren — 84 Joyner, Roland— 84 Kanelos, Helen— 84 Kearney, Larry— 84 Kearney, Anthony— 84 Kennedy, Randy — 84,130 Kenney, Colletta-84 King, James— 84 Kirk, Maria— 84 Kiser, Pamela-84 Koschmider, Lutz-84 Lail, Danny— 84,131 Lamm, James— 84 Lancaster, Debra- 84 Lancaster, John— 84 Larsen, Teresa-84,68 Ledford, Memory — 84 Leonard, Orian-74,84 Little, Ollie — 73,84 Liversedge, Joyce — 68,84 Livingston, Starla— 73,85 Lloyd, Deborah— 75,85 Lovings, Sarah — 85 Mangrum, Garmon-85 Marshall, Charles— 85 Martin, Alfred— 85 Martin, Shirley-85 McClelland, Rose — 75,85 McMurray, Gary— 85 Mears, Dale— 85 Melvin, Connie — 73,85 Mignogna, Ilona-85 Miller, Curtis— 74,85 ,86 Miller, James— 85 Miller, Jean — 67,85 Minter, Janet-85 Moore, Delon — 85 Morgan, Richard— 73,85 Morrissett, Michael— 73,85 Mullen, John — 73,85 Mullis, Tommy — 85 Neufeld, Jay — 85 Neumeyer, Kathy — 85 Nichols, Bernard— 73,85 Oney, Lyle-85 Owen, Patricia— 85 Owens, Carolyn— 85- Page, Cecil-85 Panags, Plouton — 85 Parker, Darla— 85 Parnell, Carolyn— 85 Patrick, Billy-85 Patterson, Vanessa— 85 Pearce, Larry — 86 Perry, Deborah — 86 Phaup, Robin-86,75 Pitiak, Roselynn — 73,86 Presgraues, Katherine — 75 Prevatte, Mary — 86 Price, Judy — 86,87 Pyrados, Steve-86 Randolph, Nancy — 86 Reece, Mary — 7 1 ,7 3,86 Rice, Jeffrey-86 Rice, Patricia-86 Richardson, Shirley-86 Ricks, Gwendolyn — 86 Robinson, Jennice — 86 Rogers, Linda-67,86 Ross, Patricia — 86 Rowland, Josie— 86 Samples, Linda— 86 Sapp, Walter— 86 Sawyer, Lettia— 86 Shaddock, Byron— 73,86 Sheovic, Stanley — 86 Sheppard, Sonya — 86 Shook, Robert — 86 Sinsky, Mark— 86 Smith, Jeanette— 86 Smith, Kenneth — 86 Stall, William — 86 Stanfield, Danny-83,86 Stephenson, Vivian— 86 Still, Kenneth-86 Strickland, Dennis— 67,83 Strickland, Kenneth— 86 Styles, Janice— 86 Styron, Adrian — 73,86 Sullivan, Karen — 86 Taylor, John— 87 Taylor, Sherry — 87 Teixetra, Antonio — 87 Temple, John— 87 Terry, Orlanda— 87 Thomas, Carol— 68 Thomas, Charles— 87 Tipton, Brenda— 87 Tucker, Deborah— 87 Turlington, Margaret — 87 Turner, Clyde — 86,131 Twiss, Craig— 87 Vellines, Katherine— 73,87 Waggoner, Mark — 87 Wagoner, Monica— 87 Waterfield, Curtis-87 Weaver, Anita-83,85,87 Wells, Wanda— 87 Whitcomb, Susan— 73,87 Whitley, James— 87 Whitley, Jennifer— 87 Whitt, Gary — 87 Whitte, Steve- 87 Wilhelm, Sandra— 87 Wilkens, Kenneth — 87,1 30 Wilkins, Lula— 87 Wilkins, Sylvia— 87 Williams, Gary -87 Williams, Harold-87 Williams, Judy — 87 Williams, James- 87 Wilson, Bennie— 73,87 Wilsted, Cynthia-73,87 Wolfe, Marsha-51, 67. 83, 85, 87 Worrell, Robert— 87 Wright, Kathy— 87 Xynisteri, Louiza— 87 Young, Mary — 87 213 Ninth Grade Directory Mrs. Ball, Mark Wilson, and Roger Freeman busily put up returned books. 9th Grade Adcock, Pamela— 88,134,135 Adcock, Raymond— 88 Aguado, Magaly— 61,88 .Alford, Debra— 88 Allen, Philip-88,129,131 Aman, Nora— 88 Ames, Betty-42,73,88 Anspach, Kathy— 88 Anzio, Peggy— 42,73,88 Arrington, Christine— 88 Ayers, Christine— 88 Baker, Vicky— 88 Barfield, Kenny — 88 Beaty, Linda— 88 Bethea, Joseph— 88,1 19,131 Blanco, Nidia — 88 Blanchard, Jeannine — 61 ,88 Blouch, Deborah — 88 Blythe, Sally — 88 Boggs, Robert — 88 Boone, Wanda— 88 Boyce, Delores— 88 Boyd, Eugene— 88,131 Britt, Sandra— 89 Brown, Damaris— 89 Brown, Deborah— 89 Brown, Henry— 79,89 Brown, Michael— 89 Buffkin, Mike— 89 Bumgarner, Kenneth — 89,1 3 1 Burke, Stephen — 64,89 Burns, Robert— 89,130 Bynum, Vera— 89 Byrd, Debbie— 89 Call, Larry— 89 Camper, James— 74,89 Carpenter, Cornell-67,89 Carson, Carolynn— 89 Carter, Judith — 73,89,132 Chaffin, Linda— 89 Chambers, Cheryl— 89 Childress, Guinn- 89 Christian. Michael— 89 Christie, John — 89,130,131 Church, Judy — 89 Clark, Jerry — 89 Clark, Marilyn-75, 89 Clark, Mark— 89 Comer, Charles— 89 Condron, Judy — 89 Connelly, John— 89 Connor, Margaret— 90 Cook, Richard— 90 Cooke, Peggy — 67,71,90 Cox, James- 90 Crayton, Pernell— 60,90 Crayton, Vernell— 90 Crisp, Patricia— 90 Crocker, Paula— 79,90 Crosley, Betty— 90 Crowder, Charles— 90 Crumpler, Janice— 90 Cruz, Elizabeth— 90 Curtis, Pamela— 90 Dale, Glenn— 79 Daniels, Morris— 65,90 Davenport, Janet — 90 Davis, Micheal— 124 Davis, Vanessa— 90 Dennis, Angela — 75,60,90 Dietrich, Cynthia— 90 Dillwood, Patricia — 7 1,79,90 Dobson, Susan— 71,90 Dowless, Larry — 90 Doyle, Kent— 90 Eason, Vera— 65,71,90 Epps, Deette — 90 Estes, Linda— 90 Fields, Garry — 90 Fields, David— 90 Fineman, Sheryl— 65,67,90 Flynn, Charles— 90 Forrester, Linda — 90 Franceschi, Susane— 90 Frank, Judy— 54,60,65.90 Frazier, Tommie-91 Freeman, Beverly-54.60,65,91 Frison, Rodney— 91 Geiger, Gary-91,124,126 Gibson, Debra— 91 Gilley, Mary — 91 Girland, Arthur— 91 Gore, Doris-91,132,135 Graham, Betty — 91 Graham. Ritze— 91 Grannum, Gail-60,65,71,91,68 Gray, George — 91 Grice, Timothy — 9 1 , 1 3 1 Haga, Dixie— 91 Hairston, Bonita— 91 Hall, Merry — 88,91 Hamel, Mary-58,65,71,91,68 Hart, Daniel-126,130 Hendricks, Kimberly — 91 Hensley, Ronald-91 Hess, Sandra— 91 Hester, Edward-91,131 Hester, Kathy — 91 Hicks, Shelia— 91 Hile, Patricia- 54, 64, 65, 67, 7 1,7 9, 9 1,72 Hines, Thomas-79 Hobbs, William — 91 Hoffman, Deborah — 75,91 Hogan, Randall — 131 Horne, Deborah— 91 Hough, Nancy — 91 Huggins, Frances— 91 Hunter, Claude— 73,91 Huskey, Richard — 73,91 Jenkins, Alton- 1 31 ,1 30 Johns, Reginald- 1 31 ,1 30 Johnson, Denise— 65,91 Johnson, Ronald — 74,91 ,130 Jones, Brenda— 91 Jones, Forrest-42,74,89,130 Jordan, Linda— 16,65,91 Joyce, David-79,91 Kanelos, Kathy — 91 Keatts, Christine — 91 Kelly, Jacqueline— 91 King, Clyde-79,91,92 Kirby, Ronald-67,130 Kirby, Mary — 91 Kuhns, Sharon-42,73,91 Kurzer, Linda— 71,68 Laflamme, David— 73 Lambert, Keith — 91 Lamm, Mary-91 Lassiter, Kris- 91 Lawrence, Sandra-73,91 Laws, Debbie— 17,64,135 Leonard, John-91 Lewis, Kevin — 91 Liakos, Suzanne— 92 Linhart, Delmas— 92 Lockett, Sandra-79,92 Long, Aleesia — 92 Mahone, Mary— 92 McCall, Linda — 92 McCallum, Peggy — 67,75,92 McCandlish, John — 92 McClelland, Melvin — 90, 1 30 McDaniel, Kathy— 92,68 Me Kenney, Julian— 1 26,1 30 Monger, Harold-92 Moore, Linda — 75,92 Morgan, Michelle-65,75,92 Morris, Linda-92 Morris, Sharron— 92 Morris, William-92 Murphy, Barbara— 92 Murphy, William-92 Napier, Particia— 92 Newell, Rose — 92 Nickens, Theresa — 60.7 1 ,75,92 Nutty combe, Ed ward-74, 90,1 24.1 30.1 31 Oldfield, Bonnie— 92 Omary, Eddy — 92 O’Neal, William-42,60,73 Orie, Sylvia— 92 Owens, Terry — 75,92 Parker, Ronnie-92 Parks, Robert-92 214 Ninth-Tenth Grade Directory 9th Grade (continued) Patterson, Lauren — 65,67,7 1 ,92 Pearce, Linda— 93 Pearson, Joseph— 5 1 ,58,60,65,7 1 ,90,93,69 Penny, Thomas— 73,93 Petterson, Kathy-93 Plessinger, Bennie — 73,93 Price, Donald— 93 Price, Martha— 93 Price, Robert — 93 Purdy, Kathy — 93 Rattley, Florence— 75,93 Rawls, John— 93 Reagan, John-93 Reed, Harold— 93 Reeves, Lela— 93 Reid, Robert — 93 Rice, Peggy — 93 Richmond, Beverly— 93 Riggs, Paula— 65 ,79,93 Roach, Ada-71,73,88,93,94 Roberts, Betty-93 Roberts, Karen — 93 Robinson, June — 93 Robinson, Linda — 93,75 Robinson, Nan — 65,93 Robinson, Rita— 93 Roper, Rebecca-94 Ross, Deborah — 94 Rosser, Herman— 1 31 , 1 30 Rothschild, Karen — 54,60,65,94 Ruffin, Marvin — 94, 1 3 1 , 1 30 Sanders, Woodrow— 67,94 Sandler, Janet — 94,132 Savage, Calvin— 94 Schuszler, Marie — 79,94 Scott, Donzella— 94 Scott, Grace-95, 132, 135 Segar, Mary — 94 Shelton, Donnie — 94 Sherrill, Sharon— 73,94 Siam, Elizabeth-75,94 Siron, Debra— 94 Smith, Arthur— 94 Smith, Amelia— 94 Smith, Norene— 79,94 Spade, Cynthia— 94 Spivey, Janet— 94 Stanaway, Karen— 58,67,73,94 Starling, Glen— 94 Stewart, Carol-65,73,132 Sullivan, Richard — 94 Swinton, Derius— 73,94,1 3 1 Talton, Evelyn — 94 Tart, Leamon-95 Tench, Robert-95,131 Thom, Leslie-71,90,95 Tucker, Leonard— 95,131 Tucker, Susan — 95 Twiss, Terry — 65,71,95 Vanness, William — 95 Vest, Donna— 75,95 Waddell, Michael — 60 Walker, Linda — 58,73 Ward, Tracy-95 Ward, Thomas— 73,95 Warren, Martha— 71,95 Weymouth, Virginia — 95 White, David— 95 Wiggs, Debbie — 95 Wilburn, John-67,7 3,95 Wilkins, Rosa— 95 Williams, Jodie — 79,95 Williams, Joyce — 75,95 Wilsted, Chvid — 7 3 Wolfley, Richard-95,130 Wright, Linda— 95 10th Grade Adcock, Danny— 96 AJger, Lennie — 96 Anker, Harvey — 52,96 Arrington, Terry — 58,96 Aycock, Bennett— 67,96,130 Ayers, Michael— 96 Bailey, Duska — 96 Baker, Janice— 96 Banks, Paul — 96 Barnes, Thomas-79,96,124 Barrow, Patty -5 3, 5 8, 64, 67, 96, 98, 132,1 34, 135 Bartron, George — 96 Bateman, Roger-96,130 Bates, Cynthia- 12,1 1,35,51,5 3,54,67,96 Beale, Emerson— 96 Bell, Linda-53,73,96 Bellamy, Ronald-79,96 Bennett, Mary — 75,96 Biggins, Kay-96 Bordeaux, Ginger— 96 Brenner, Theodore— 65,97,1 30 Brisson, Charles— 74 Britt, Ronnie— 97,1 24 Brogden, Rhonda— 97 Bryant, Linda — 79 Buchanan, Debbie— 53,64,79,85,97 Cain, Deborah — 75,97 Caldwell, Deborah — 59,65,75,97 Campbell, Sandra — 97 Cardwell, David — 73,79, 1 30 Carper, Barbara— 97 Carr, Melody-97 Cash, Harry — 41 ,74.97 Castonguay, Thomas-97,129 Cates, Melvin — 51,60,97 Cheek, Deborah — 6 1 ,65 ,97 Commer, Carol— 5 1,97,1 34 Cooper, Kathy — 58,97 Copeland, Bobby — 60,97 Cox, Glen — 97 Craddock, Ike— 97 Craig, Deborah-97 Creekmore, Bobby — 96,97,1 17,128,131,129 Crisp, Warren- 74, 97,1 19,131 Davenport, Sandra — 97 Davis, Deborah — 97,1 32 Davis, Ella — 74,97 Davis, John — 97 Deel, Joyce — 97 Delk, Irene — 65,97 Dempsey, Mary — 74,97 Derzis, Frank-58,63,65,97 Downey, Charles— 74,97 Drummond, Denise— 97 Easmeil, Jennie— 58,97 Farmer, Frank-32, 54, 58, 63,97, 103 Felts, William — 97 Fineman, Penny — 61,65,98 Fink, Joey-60, 65,67, 98, 100 Flynn, Ronald — 98 Ford, Hunter- 12,60,79.98 Fortner, Belinda— 1 32,1 34 Gayles, Deborah-98 Gayles, Karl— 98 Gibson, Portia-75,98 Goard, Brenda-58, 67, 98, 103 Granger, Bill-79,98 Grant, Shirley — 98 Gray, Leni— 5 1 ,60,98 Gray. Randolph-98 Griffin. Dereck- 59,60,98 Griffin, Dianna— 71.98 Grubbs, Kathryn — 98 Guthrie, Dorothy — 98 Guthrie, Georgia— 98 Harley, Donald — 98 Harris, Clarence — 98 Harris, Randy — 98,130 Hayes, William— 126 Haynes, Janice — 79,98 Henson, Mary — 98 Hill, Clarence — 98,124 Hilston, Roberta— 58,98 Hoffman, Bobby — 98 Hoffman, Richard — 5 1 ,60,65 ,98 Hogg, Barbara— 98 Hughes, Mike — 64,98 Hughes, Bill — 79 Huskey, Jacqueline— 79,98 Hux, Jerry-99 Jackson, Sylvia— 99 Jefferson, Freddie — 99 Jenkins, Fred-99,124 Jensen, Veronica— 99 Johnson, Donald — 74,99 Jones, Ralph-79,99,72 Jordan, W ' ilton — 99,1 30 Joyner, Rose — 75,99 Kanelos, Frank-99 Karavatakis, Nicholas— 99 Kearney, Patricia— 99 Keeter, Peggy — 99 Klesmer, Maureen — 65,99 Kurzer, Joanne-65,67,99 Laboone, Violet — 79 Laflamme, Jacqueline— 99 Lail, Eugene-99 Lewis, Timothy — 99 Lewter, Mattie-99 Lockett, Dwight — 99, 1 30 Long, Ivan — 99 Lucas, John-99 Mallory, Susan-75,96,99,103,134 Mann, Teresa — 99 Maraki, Debra-61,99 Massengill, Timmy — 99 Mathis, Theodore— 99 Mattox, Dorothy — 51,58,100 Mayer, Donald — 1 00, 1 30 Mayfield, Gloria — 75,100 Mays, Alfred- 100 McCall, James-100 McCay, Lyman— 100 McClelland, Bernie-52,7 1 , 100, 1 1 9,1 3 1 ,69 McKenny, Kenneth— 12, 100,1 26 McLamb, Phyllis— 100 Mears, Christine — 75,100 Mejia, Ronald -100 Melvin, Christopher— 100 Melvin, Leonard-47,130 Mercer, Wanda— 75,100 Martha Laws asks Anita Shapiro “Have you found Xynestcri yet?” as they fight the IBM lists to index tire Anchor. 215 Tenth-Eleventh Grade Directory 1 Oth Grade (continued) Merilic, Gladys— 100 Miller, Barbara— 100 Minns, Joyce— 61.100 Mitchell, Theda— 75 Moore, Joseph— 10,124,126 Morgan, Jeffrey— 100 Morrisette, Roland— 100 Muckerson. Deanna — 7 1 , 100 Mullen, Meta-79,100 Murphy, Jimmy— 100 Murphy, Michael-74.79,1 19,130 Napier, Sylvia— 100 Nicol, Sandra- 11. 5 1,59, 65, 101 ,134 Oliver, Steve-60,64,67, 10 1 . 1 3 1 ,68,1 30 Oneill. Donna— 135 Owens, Sharon— 1 00, 10 1 Parker, Gilbert— 101 Parker, Jacqulyn — 59,101 Pearce, Robert— 101,130 Peck, Ruth — 101 Perry, Gail- 1 1 .60,6 1 ,65, 10 1,1 34 Pless, Warren— 101 Poole, William— 79,101 Prevatte, Linda— 101 Price, Brenda-101,79 Ralston, Danny-51,98,101,122 Raper, Brenda— 101 Reece, Garland— 101 Rigel, John — 79 Roach, Clyde— 101,1 19 Roberts, James— 54,101 Robinson, Shelia— 60,64,71,101 Roper, Steve— 101 Rowe, Judith— 102 Ruffin, Harold— 36,102,130 Salgado, Paul— 102 Sandige, Debbie-79,58,61,73,79,102,134 Sawyer, Tom-67,98,102,119 Scott, Valerie — 71,102 Shaw, Ray mond— 65,102 Sheffield, Wanda— 102 Sherrill, Theresa— 5 1 , 102 Shook, Ricky— 65,102 Siam, Chris-79,102 Sims, Barry-102,129,130 Singletary, Betty — 61,100,102 Smith, Artelia— 102 Smith, Bobby— 46,102 Smith, Judy— 102 Smith, Lonnie — 74,102 Smith, Sue-63,73,79,102 Snapp, Ronald— 102,130 Solomon, Jerry— 102 Somers, Olive — 59,102 Spahr, Cindy— 102,1 32 Spaulding, Kenneth— 102 Stall, Dwight-51,74,102 Stanaway, Debbie— 73,79,102 Sturgis, Terry-72,73,79,102 Taylor, Phyllis— 75,102 Taylor, Steven — 60,102 Terrell, Bill-73,103 Tharrington, Joyce— 103 Thomas, David— 103 Thomas, Sandra— 1 3 Thomason, Susan— 103 Trainum, Belinda— 58,61 ,67,103 Trapps, Edward— 103 Trussell. Harold— 103 Tucker, Debbie— 75, 103 Tucker, Wallace— 103 Turbeville, Timothy— 103,130 Turner, Glenda-103 Venable, Pam-79,51,73,103 Waldrop, Johnny— 103 Wall, Richard-43,60,64,103,130.131 Wallace, Lois— 103 Ward, Donna— 103 Waters, Helen-59,74,103,134,77 Weaver, Pam-53,58,96,103,132,135 Webster, Vicky— 79,103 Whitaker, Robert — 130 Whitaker, Nelson— 79,103 Williams, Debra— 103 Williams, Preston-47,126 Williams, Sherry— 103 Williams. Sandra— 61 Williams, Walter— 103 Willis. Paula— 103 Wingrove, Beth-65,103 Woods, Richard— 103 1 1th Grade Abbott, Carolyn— 104 Alderman, Linda — 75,104 Alford, Sharon— 104 Andleton, Patte-104 Anzio, Marie— 79,104 Anzio, Mike— 104 Arnette, James— 104 Atkinson, Sandra — 59,64,72,79,104 Baker, Peggy — 67, 104,1 32 Ballard, Earl— 79,104 Barnes, Gary — 104 Barron, Debbie— 55,104, 1 33 Batts, Gloria— 54,61 ,104 Bazemore, Mike— 62,104 Benthall, Judy — 1 05 Bethea, Pam — 7 1 Blanco, Nubia— 105 Bost, Frances-56, 57, 59, 105, 132 Bradley, William — 79,105 Bradshaw, Joan — 105 Brewer, Barbara- 1 1 ,5 1 ,59,6 1 ,7 1 ,105,74,79 Buck, Debbie— 105 Burke, Kevin — 5 1 .60,64,105 Burton, Charles— 105,1 19 Byrd, Anne— 54,61 ,7 5,1 05 Cain, Sherry — 65,74, 1 05 Caldwell, Betty-59, 75,105 Calhoun, Emily — 79,105 Carter, Pansy — 105,1 96 Chalkley , Randall- 1 0,52,65 ,1 04,105, 1 26, 1 29 Chalkley , Robin- 52,54,64,67,70,7 1 ,105 Church, Sandra— 59,105 Clark, Betty-50,64,67,105,136 Colley, Tina— 105 Collins, Sharon— 105 Colton, Dora— 1 1,74 Cook, Bobby — 36,105,1 19 Cook, Sharon — 75 Crouch, James— 62 Crum, Edward-62,71,105 Crumpler, Marsha— 62 Cruz, Maria— 61,105 Curry, Robert— 105 Curtis, Terrie— 105 Deane, Leslie— 52,79,105,129 Dickerson, Peggy — 74,106 DiGiacomo, John — 1 06,1 28,129 Dudley, Sandra— 105 Dunn, Alice— 105 Dye, Barbara-72,79, 106, 195 Ealery, Larry — 62,106 Eanes, Nancy — 79,106,109 Earls, Diane— 74,79 Edwards, Thomas -62, 1 06 Edwards, Timothy— 106 Eversole, Nancy— 106 Fail, Donald— 106 Faircloth, Donna— 79,106 Fay, Joanne— 79,106 Ferguson, Johnny — 106,1 1 1 Forbes, Mike — 79,106,129 Fox, Jeff-55, 65, 67, 106 Franklin, Becky-61,64,65,71,79 Franklin, Thomas— 46,79,106 Frye, Vicki— 79,106 Fulghum, Nancy — 45,62,196 Garth, Susan- 5 3, 67, 106, 132, 134, 68 Gore, Anita— 67,106,132,133,136 Grady, June— 106 Graham, Rose — 61,106 Gray, Ronnie— 106 Green, Sherilyn-106 Greene, Judy— 106,40 Greshamer, David- 106 Gribble, Donny- 1 06, 1 29 Grizzle, Norman-52,65,106,1 19,127 Hankins, Gary -SO, 5 6,5 7,60,65 ,107,1 85 Hargadon, Sue — 5 1 ,64,107, 1 34,69 Harris, Barbara— 107 Harris, Donald— 107 Harris, James— 107 Hensel, Sherry-S9,7 1 ,75,79, 107 Herndon, George— 107 Hester, Deborah— 107 Hile, Linda-43,67,71,107 Hodges, Robert-47,107 Hogue, Lloyd — 71,79,107 Holcomb. Pam-7 1,79, 107, 132, 13 3, 134 Holden, Sherry — 75,107 Holley, Terry — 107 Holloman, Virginia — 63 Hood, David-64,71,107,108,176 Howell, Bruce-45, 62, 71, 108, 119 Hudgins, Bobbie— 61 , 108 Hudson, Larry— 108,113 Jackson, Larnia — 62,108 Jenkins, Deborah -62, 108,1 32,133,1 34 Jenkins, Walter— 108 Jennings, Dwight — 79, 108 Johnson, Audrey — 59,108 Johnson, Linda- 108 Jones, Cathy-54,64,75,79,108,134 Jordan, Ralph— 71,108 Joyce, Tim— 108,1 19 Kanney, Robert— 108,124 Keel, Elbert — 62 Kelley, Lewis- 108 Kemp, Ronald — 108 King, Sandra- 108 King, Virginia— 59,108 Kiser, Danny — 108,1 19 Konstant, Helen— 53,58,67,70,108 Kounnas, James— 71,108 Langford, Wayne— 62 Latta, Theodore— 108 Lawing, Steve — 5 2,85 ,108, 1 29 Lawrence, Christine— 61,67,108 Lentz, Martin — 62,79,108 Lentz, Mike-62,79,108 Leong, Pearl-59,108 Lerner, Ruth -54,55,5 8,64,65,1 08 Liakos, Janet— 108 Linhart, Joyce-65,67,71,108,133 Livingston, Gary — 79, 108,1 24, 1 26 Lockett, Deborah-62,108 Long, Pat- 1 1,53,5 7,5 9,65,107,1 1 0,133 Loudermilk, Robert— 110 Lyerly, Irvin- 10,1 10,124,1 26 Lyle, Richard — 1 26 Mahaney, Bill — 55,110 Marshall, Judy — 59,75,1 10 Martin, Pam — 62,1 10,133 Martin, Robert— 1 10,126 Massey , Mary — 50,54,64,7 1 , 100,1 34,69 Mays, Roy — 64,1 10 McCallum, Doris— 110 McDonald, John— 110 McIntosh, Phyllis— 1 10 McMurray, Sandra— 54,1 10 Miller, Deborah— 1 10,1 34 Miller, Becky — 62,75, 1 1 0 Mingee, Gerry— 79,1 10,72 Moore, Nora- 110 Morris, Donald— 1 10 Mortimer, Miek — 52,71,1 10,119 Mullins, Jeff-62 Nesbitt, Cynthia-110 Nichols, Pat— 62,110 Nicosia, Donna— 53,67,1 10,69 Nunnally, Lana — 61,110 Olshansky, Edward— 62, 1 1 0 Orie, Bernard— 110 Ottsway , Judy — 71, 110, 132, 133, 134 Owens, Eddie— 110 Parker, Janet — 51, 59, 65,1 1 1 Parsons, Dale— 1 1 1 Pearce, Pam-62 Pierce, Debbie-5 1 ,5 3,56,57,58.64,79, 1 07,1 11, 134,72 Pierce, Becky — 5 1 , 5 3, 5 6, 57, 61, 64, 79, 107, 110, 134,72 216 Eleventh-Twelfth Grade Directory 11th Grade (continued) Porter, Irwin— 7 1 ,11 1,119,126 Pulley, Bonnie — 75,1 1 1 Reid, Brenda-62,1 1 1,132,133 Remak, Janet — 63 Reynolds, Bill— 1 1 1 Richardson, Chuck-52,65,67,7 1 ,85,1 1 ,1 29 Richmond, Jackie— 1 1 1,129 Roberts, Margaret— 1 1 1 Robinson, Linda— 71 Robinson, Patricia— 64, 1 1 1 Rogers, Dabid— 1 1 1 Roper, Bill — 61,1 1 1 Rosenberry , Jim— 111 Sandler, Diane— 65,71 ,1 1 1 Schweida, Jane— 64,67,1 1 1 ,136 Sease, Sandra— 79, 111 Seay, Thomas— 1 12 Seldomridge, Becky— 112 Shelton, Gary-60,65,1 1 2 Sherwood, Rhonda — 55,1 12 Skinnell, Carroll — 79,1 12 Skinner, Burton— 5 1 ,7 1 ,1 1 2,122 Smith, Hank-71,119,122,129 Smith, Brenda-50,67,112,130,68 Smith, Mike-50,51,64,65,71,112,122 Smith, David— 112 Smith, Sandy-75, 79, 112 Smith, Bill — 60,1 12 Spikes, Edward — 112 Spikes, Phyllis— 112 Springfield, Diane— 112, 132, 133, 134 Stall, Robbie-79,112,122 Starnes, Troy — 112 Stephenson, Linda— 1 12 Stevens, Ricky— 112 Swaringer, Wilbert — 1 1,74, 79, 112 Takis, Sofos— 5 1 ,62, 71, 74, 112 Taylor, Edward — 64,65,1 12 Taylor, Lynette— 62 Thomas, Doug-51,62,54,64,79,112 Thomas, Mike— 112,129 Thomas, Pat — 67,1 12 Thompson, Wanda-1 12 Trussell, Mike — 79,112 Turner, Ray — 79,112 Vaughan, Etta-1 12 Vretos, Frank-58,63,65,85,112 Walker, Alvin-67, 113, 124, 126 Walters, Alvin— 1 13 Watkins, Jerry-52,67,71,1 13,122,129 Webb, Glen-113,129 Webb, Nancy-50,51,53,57,79,113,134,185,72 Weinstein, Sabina— 5 3,61 ,64,65,67,68, 1 1 3 West, Louise— 1 1 ,54,74 Whitaker, George— 113 Whitcomb, John- 1 1,50,51 ,52,65,126 Whitt, Sherry-113 Williams, Gaylan — 79,1 1 3 Williams, Maryanne— 113 Williams, Susan — 61 Wilson, David — 51,58 Wilson, Tensy — 1 13 Womack, David — 62,113 Worley, Robert— 113 Wortham, Jennifer— 113 Yevak, Karen- 5 3,61 ,64,67,85 , 1 1 3, 1 33,1 34,69 Young, Mike— 63,1 1 3 12th Grade Allen, Brenda— 63,141 Ames, Nancy-30,79,141,9,72 Aycock, Jerry — 141 Baker, Brenda-50,71,141 Baker, Haywood-51,60,64,141 Baker, Jenny — 61,141 Baker, Kathy- 141 Ballard, Billie Kay — 141 Barnes, Gary — 141 Batts, Vicki-15,79,142,72 Beale, Richard-12,124,126 Bedsaul, Lucy-142 Begor, Earl- 142 Belt, Betty-142 Benbow, Max— 46, 71, 119, 142 Blandford, Agnes-50,54,63,64,6 5 ,74, 1 42, 1 7 1 Blaylock, Patricia- 142 Boggs, Brenda — 58,62,142 Born, Patricia— 62,142 Bowles, Virginia— 143 Boyette, Ray — 79,143,147,203 Bradsher, Robbie-36,74,143 Bridgers, Larry — 52,67,70,74,79,72,143 Brotzman, Barbara— 63,67,143 Burden, Larry- 10,7 1 ,1 1 6, 143, 1 1 9,193,1 26 Burns, Leburn — 71,143 Caldwell, Bill— 143 Campbell, David— 124,143 Camper, Donnie — 74,76,144 Carper, Anne — 62,144 Carter, Don— 119,144 Carter, Randy — 55,63,144 Castonquay, James— 129,144 Chapman, Lorrine-5 1 ,7 1 ,6 1 , 1 44 Chilberti, Frank— 144 Clark, Jerry-62,74,76,144 Clark, Peyton-64,79,144,171,172 Cohen, Allene-1 1,50,55,61,145,170 Coleman, Robert— 145 Creasman, Sandye — 57,79,144 Cull, Trescinda— 40,145 Cutler, James- 10, 44, 11 5, 124, 125, 126, 127, 145 Dantzler, Sharon- 1 1,16,50,63,145 David, Sue- 5 3, 6 1,67, 68, 122, 133, 136, 137, 146,148,200 Davis, Kathy-53,9,67,92,146 Deihl, James— 146 Dewell, Wayne— 146 Diehl, Marian — 146 Digiacoino, Nina— 146,58 Dorner, Steve — 58,146 Downs, John — 74,146 Driver, Jerry — 62,146 Easter, Linda— 147 Ellenson, Judy — 53,63,66,147,148 Epps, Teresa— 59,147 Evans, Judy — 147,205 Farber, Jill— 147 Fay, Cathy-45,147 Fields, Ronnie— 148 Fisher, Jerry- 10, 50, 67, 7 1,69, 12 1,1 22, 148, 168 Fisher, Linda— 75,148 Flax, Joel- 10, 50, 52, 66, 67, 70, 148, 194 Forman, Janet — 65,148 Fox, Barry — 148 Goodwin, Patsy- 15, 63, 64, 85, 94, 133,148,1 5 5 Gore, Ralph-119,126,144,148,210 Gravely, George — 74 Green, Ricki- 5 3, 57, 6 1,63, 64, 65, 67, 68, 149, 156 Gribble, Denney— 129,149 Groshong, George— 149 Hall, Stephany — 54,55,149 Hanvey, Bobby— 149 Hargrave, Sharon — 72,79,149,159 Harris, Sharon — 51,54,55,149 Hartzler, Jacob- 149 Haynes, Mary Alice- 11, 50, 5 3, 67, 6 8, 13 1,1 36, 149,168,202 Hayslett, Don — 149 Hay lett, Tom — 150 Heaster, David— 116 Hendricks, Cliff— 150 Hester, Jackie — 150 Hester, Kenny — 150 Hicks, Jerry-1 19,145,150 Higgins, Linda — 51,57,58,150 Hile, Glenn-52,64,67,72,79,150 Hill, Leon— 150 Hilsdon, Sharon— 1 32,1 50, 1 67 Hinnant, Doug— 151 Hirsh man, Janet— 53,61 ,63,64,67,7 1 ,145 ,1 32, 133,151 Hitchens, Rodney-50, 5 1,52, 7 1,12 2,123,1 51 Hogan, Ben- 1 1,50,51,71,151,122,123,202 Hogge, Lois— 1 1 ,54,1 5 1 Hodges, Judy — 65,15 1 Holcomb, Tony— 131,151 Hough, Ken — 151 “I’ve heard of being on the ball, but this is ridiculous” says Debbie Miller. 217 Grade— Faculty Directory Twelfth 1 2th Grade (continued) Houston. Barbara — 51 ,1 5 1 Howard. Perry— 152 Jackson, Diana— 152 Jackson, Reginald — 74.152,155 Jackson, Steve — 65,71,1 17. 152, 119. 122, 186, 42 James, Mary Ann — 152 Jeffries. Kay— 147,152 Jenkins. Shirley— 53,61,153 Johnson, Bobby — 74,153 Johnson. David — 153 Johnson, Karl— 12,153 Johnson. Kay- 1 5.53,79,15 3,201 ,72 Jones, Ernest— 1 5 3 Jones, Sharon— 53,153,1 54 Jones, Pat— 154 Joyce. Michael— 1 5,62,64,1 54.45 Keeter, Paula— 75.154 Keithley, Tommy — 1 54 Kelley, Carol— 154 Kerman, Barbara— 61 .74.154 Koskinas, Tony-,119,189,212 Kounnas. Hope— 1 6,57,6 1 , 1 54 Kypriandes, Mary Jane — 51.154 Lambert. Wayne— 63,155 Lane. Jay— 155.200 Langford. Jan— 155 Langford, Wayne— 156 Larsen, Karen -61,156 Larson. Steve— 1 57,201 Laws. Martha-57. 61, 157, 161 Leonard, Gary— 157 Lewis, Debbv— 67,157,69 Liakos. Kathy — 148,1 57 Lightfoot, Nettie— 1 57,1 59.186 Lrverman, Henry — 15,157 Lucado. Gail- 14,53,67,140,157,132,133,136. 137,187,68 Lucado, Dale— 14.58. 1 57,1 1 9 Lynton, Anthony — 158.119,9,126 Mabe. Joyce— 61,158 Marchman, Sharon— 158 McCullar, Marie-75,76 McIntyre, Annette — 62,79,1 58 McLamb. Diane— 158 Melamed. Jack — 10. 15. 51, 54, 5 6. 64. 65. 66. 67, 159,205,68.57.63 Meredith, Linda— 159 Merriman. Yonnie— 58,61,159 Michie, Susan — 159 Mock, Maureen— 75,159 Monroe, Sharon— 160 Moore, Elaine— 160 Morris, Steve— 160,1 19 Nichols, Ricky— 160,122 O’Brien, Maureen — 160 Oliphant. Jay-52,79,160 O’Neal. Danny — 5 1 ,62,67,1 60 Overton. Ellen — 5 8, 1 5 3,1 60 Parrish. Bobby— 71,160,119,126 Patrick, Sandra— 160 Payne. Janice — 58.160 Pearce, Pam— 1 61 Pearson, Mary — 59,71,161,170 Peoples, Jerry —7 1 ,161.119,129 Petterson, Christine— 161 Phaup, Debby — 158.161 Plessinger, Wanda — 59.161 Pressley, Way ne — 62. 162 Price, Susan-1 1,63.67,74,140,162.203,69.76 Quillin, Walter— 1 62 Ramsey. Mary — 162 Randolph, Paul— 55.74,163 Raper, Robert — 62,63,163 Reece, Bill-51,163,129 Reeves. Royce — 7 1 . 1 63,1 22 Rice. Linda— 163 Richardson. Cathy — 51. 53. 65, 66, 67, 163, 167, 136,137,204,168,69 Rigney. Garland— 62. 1 63 Roberts, Lulie — 50. 51. 54, 163, 167, 132. 193 Roberts, Susan — 62 Rogers. Jean— 163 Rose. Bill— 163 Rowe, Anne- 5 3, 58. 64, 16 1,1 64, 2 10. 68 Ryan. Ethel— 164.58 Satisky, Franki— 164 Saunders. Alice— 164 Saunders, Ed— 164 Sawyer, Cindy — 5 1.53,58,164 Schuszler, Maggie — 74.164 Schwab, Jonny— 1 55.1 64 Schwab. Philip — 55.63,164 Schwab, Phyllis— 164 Scott. Jon- 10, 11, 52, 67, 71, 165,1 19.44.125, 126 Shapiro, Anita — 50,5 3.61 .63,67,1 5 6, 1 65 Shields. Roberta— 50.165 Shields. Charles— 39,165 Sims. Bill-62,71,79,165 Slate. Jeannie — 57,59.79,165 Smith. Dianna— 166 Smith. Harriett— 166 Smith. Jerry — 5 1.64, 67, 7 1,1 66. 204. 68 Smith, J. M.-51, 52, 57, 166. 68. 58. 64, 67 Smith. Rachel— 166 Smith. Velma— 5 1 .61 , 166 Solomon. Larry — 61,166 Sosebee. Dewey — 5 2.67,71 .166.122.192,9 Spahr. Doug— 62.166 Springfield, Ruth— 166 Stallings. Wanda— 1 67,1 96 Stall. Floyd- 50. 52, 57. 79, 67, 140. 167 Stepp, James— 167 Stewart, Glenda— 158 Styles, John— 167,226 Swall, Jacob— 62,167 Taylor, Robert — 62,168 Tedder, Joyce— 168 Tedder. Elizabeth- 68.68 Trussell. Nancy— 168 Turner, Barbara— 169 Varacalli, Lucia— 5 1 , 1 59, 169 Vest, Eddie — 1 69 Vines, Warren — 79,169,44 Warner, Judy — 61,169 Washington, Jackie— 71,169 Washington. Judy — 61,169 W ' asserman. Marcia— 169 West, Allen— 1 69 West, Baxter— 51,52,64,169 W ' hite, Jessie— 51,170 White, Pat-58,170,136,137 WTiitt, Sheila— 67,170 Williams, Johnsie— 1 70,44 W ' illiams, Pat— 170 Williams. W ' illie— 170 Wilson, David— 1 7 1 Wilson, Christine — 79,17 1 Wilson, Mark-7 1,1 17,171,1 19 Winfree, Bobby — 62,171 W ' itcher, Sue— 45.5 1 , 1 7 1 Xynisteri, Chrysta— 61 Faculty Abbitt, Miss Bonnie — 22,37 Alvis, Mr. J. K. — 22,36 Anderson, Mr. Bentley — 22 Anderson, Mrs. Joan— 22,88 Archer, Mrs. Joycelyn— 22 Baker, Mrs. Virginia— 23 Ball, Mrs. Elaine— 23 Bartlett, Mr. David — 23,38 Bonnett, Mrs. Katherine — 29 Bowman, Miss Beverly— 23 Brinkley, Mr. Robert — 23 Brown Jr., Mr. Chesley — 23,35 , 1 17,119 Cabaniss, Mr. Stephen — 23,39 Cameron, Mrs. Kathryn— 23 Carter, Mrs. Dorothy— 2 3 Caywood, Mr. John — 20,104 Childress, Miss Cassie — 24 Christian, Mr. Tod — 24,52 Christian, Mrs. Tod— 24.53 Collier, Mrs. Laurie — 24 Collins, Mrs. Ressie— 24,83 Combs, Mrs. Carolyn— 29 Conn, Mr. Julius— 10,24 Conn, Mrs. Garland — 24 Correll, Mr. Frank — 24 Cox, Mr. Herbert — 24,29 DeHart, Mr. Norman — 23,24 Driscoll, Mr. Robert — 24,86 Edison, Miss Patricia — 2 3,24 Faunce, Miss Joan— 24,60 Floyd, Mrs. Ruth — 29 Green, Mrs. Carolyn — 25 Gustin, Mrs. J. H. — 22,29 Hardee, Mr. Daniel — 25 Hearn, Miss Algilene — 25,43 Hott, Mr. Harlan — 25,1 1 9 Hoyle, Mrs. Phoebe — 25 “Okay, the signs are in place! Let’s go!” Once more as in past years the familiar signs are placed on the three Greyhound buses as the band prepares to accompany the football team to the Yorktown game in Arlington. ruiser 1 fc.„ « fan l i _ m : w 1 ■ j 5CK " . .f , - .. . ’IB V-.aAU MCHirt • Y H 0 u N D M l Y r™ BAND P-ffM a jr Twelfth Grade— Faculty Directory “Congratulations, I didn’t think you’d make it!” says Senior Allene Cohen to Kevin Burke as she slips on his brand new Senior ring. Faculty (continued) Hunsucker, Miss Jane— 23,25 Jordan, Mr. Bernard— 25,98 Kelly, Miss Sue — 25,59 Khoshaba, Mr. Samuel — 25,58 Kilpatrick, Mr. John — 21,107 Kiser, Mrs. Thelma— 29,59 Knight, Mr. Charles— 26,43,60 Kochli, Mr. Fred— 19,26,27 Lane, Miss Margaret-21 Lipscomb, Mr. W. A. — 26 LoFrese, Mr. James— 26,119 Magee, Mr. Roland— 26,51 Maguire, Miss Frances— 26 Marston, Mrs. Edna— 26 Marvin, Mr. Thomas— 26 Massey, Miss Eulah— 26 Masters, Mrs. Virginia— 26,93,1 33 Milne, Mrs. Martha Jo — 26,56 Minnick, Mrs. Margaret — 26,34,61 Mirguet, Mrs. Elizabeth — 25,26,54 Mundie, Mrs. Louise — 26,36,43,60 Nettles, Mrs. Frances— 26 Newell, Mrs. Jane — 27 Nuttycomb, Mr. Charles— 10,27,1 1 7,1 19 Owen, Miss Sarah — 27,155 Papa, Mrs. Mable-29 Parker, Miss Ann— 27 Priode, Mrs. Lena— 27,82 Pulley, Mrs. Jen Lou-27,108 Raible, Mr. John — 27 Reveley Jr., Mr. John— 27,34 Roe, Mr. Gerald — 23,27,60 Scott, Mrs. Betty-27 Scott, Mrs. Mae— 27 Sexton, Miss Mary — 28,104 Sills, Mrs. Opal — 28 Spivey, Mr. C. M. — 29 Sturm, Mrs. Claudia — 28,32 Thomas, Mrs. Esther— 28,140 Volhein, Mrs. Phyllis— 28,61 Waida, Mr. Jack— 28 Wallace, Mrs. Emily — 28 Walls, Mr. William — 28 Weaver, Mrs. Mae— 2 8 Wheary, Mr. Louis— 28,38, 1 62 Willey, Mr. M. G.-28 Williams, Miss Gail — 28,55 Williams, Mrs. Mary — 28,50 Activities Anchor Staff— 56,57 Beacon Staff — 54 Boys’ Chorus— 74 Breeze Band— 73 Cabaret-76,77 Chess Club-60 Christopher Newport Society — 51 Concert Choir— 74,75 Cross Country Track Team-124 DE Club-62 Eighth Ninth Grade Basketball— 1 31 Future Business Leaders of America— 61 Future Homemakers of America— 59 Future Nurses of America — 61 Future Teachers of America— 61 French Club— 65 GAA-132 Girls’ Chorus— 75 Girls’ Gymnastics— 1 32 Girls’ Hockey Team— 133 Girls’ Jr. Varsity Basketball Team— 134 Girls’ Varsity Basketball Team— 134 Hi-Y-58 Honor Council — 51 Indoor Outdoor Track — 126 Jr. Varsity Baseball— 130 Jr. Varsity Basketball— 1 30 Jr. Varsity Cheerleaders— 1 35 Jr. Varsity Flagtwirlers— 73 Jr. Varsity Football— 131 Key Club-52 Keyettes— 5 3 Latin Club— 64 Launchings Staff— 54 National Honor Society — 50 SCA Cafeteria Committee— 69 SCA Citizenship Committee-69 SCA Dance Committee— 68 SCA Executive Board — 66,67 SCA Federation— 66 SCA House Committee — 68 SCA Lost Found-68 SCA Publicity Committee— 69 SCA Officers— 70 SCA School Spirit Committee— 68 SCA Special Events— 68 Science Club— 60 Spanish Club— 65 Student Council — 66,67 Tri-Hi-Y — 58 Typhoon Band— 78,79 Typhoon Band Council — 73 Varsity Baseball— 129 Varsity Basketball— 1 22,123 Varsity Cheerleaders— 1 36 Varsity Flagtwirlers— 72 Varsity Football— 1 1 8,1 19 Varsity Lettermen — 71 Varsity Spirit Club— 71 VICA-62 Reflections On Newport News The images in this book are but the reflections of the dreams and realities, efforts and accomplish- ments of the entire student body and faculty of Newport News High School— the enthusiasm and zeal in the classroom, the fervor and school spirit of the playing field and the variety and diversity of school life. The preceding pages were but an attempt to capture the fleeting yet permanent, ephemeral yet en- during reflection of Newport News High School 1967-68. 3 o ( 2 - ( olAjcA Su, vSjlmJ - syuedr Cj LAJ o J ' fix jujtiULAJO Zzx 4 oU 4 cJjfrd ' 6 0 «fio o kAoL Jl fyo-v l Uj-Lstb o4j£ iy-e uo H_xy j J M to 0 0 cp-oo ctfi (JtK Cs A-U ' djUdu £W Xa .]£ _,4 ) V v € V ' .As r os- V A . v-lVvAU J “ O t c ' V r lo :, JH ’ ' ' . ' r „ ; " ' Hg ip- -%% t ._ tV is v , 1 V- ' fr p c 5 ' 3 s ( -s- rVji C-V-jtyvwJ ' . ” ' ' , G o c sy - - -x, , v o 3 H vJl -S. " Y Sv 1 - , o wn mm room mm ©rmagr ubrahy |Pjjuajod aif| po|un 0S£l-9Zfc-ZSZ Ajpjqi| UI0 ' A0SUU ' MMM uidisA$ Ajpjqii Jiiqnj SMaM pod v 9(s| ' 9 7 i|qnd " • '

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