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A , Published By The Students of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia Editor Cathy Crockin Business Manager Al Dutton Faculty Advisor .... Mrs. Martha Jo Milne SCHOOL LIFE 8-17 UNDERCLASSMEN 20-49 ACTIVITIES 52-75 FACULTY 78-87 CLASSROOM 90-101 SPORTS 104-127 SENIORS 130-177 ADVERTISEMENTS 180-215 Di rec ' tion, n., the course along which anything moves. Direction is the north, south, east and west on a weathervane, four paths converging at a crossroads, the view from the crest of a mountain or the perspective the student gains from his schooling. Direction is many different things, both physical and spiritual. For the student, especially, it symbolizes something of great significance and importance. Direction represents the decisions the student must and will make from the time he is a mouse until the time he receives his diploma, the goals he must choose and the course he must set. Direction is the very glue of the student ' s life, that which binds all his aspirations, capabilities and desires together — that which gives the student the unity of purpose that enables him to choose the direction in life he will follow. 3 Mr. Keesee stops Mrs. Garland Conn to tell her his latest joke. Mr. Keesee stamps a “late to class " slip for a student. Mrs. Katherine Bonnett and Mr. Keesee work together to get high school transcripts sent to various colleges. MR. THOMAS 0. KEESEE TO ONE who has rendered invaluable service to our school since 1936 who has been admired and respected by faculty and students alike through these 31 years who has instantaneous wit, good humor, or " tall tales " to cheer us all who has such high standards and ideals for living as to inspire us all who is part of the best of all the traditions of Newport News High School the ANCHOR staff of 1967 takes pleasure in dedicating this edition to MR. THOMAS O. KEESEE Di rec tion, n., the course along which anything moves. School life encompasses many things, a club meeting after school, a Hampton — Newport News joust, or the gala festivities of the Prom. But school life is much more than a meeting, a game or a dance; it is the interest and pride that students display in their school. It is through • this interest and pride, which is the very essence of school Spirit, that the student is guided in the direction of improvement- improvement of his school, his community and himself. Ij It SCHOOL LIFE The Thrill of Homecoming Members of the 1966 Homecoming Court and their escorts were: 8th grade — P Curtis and R. Gray; 10th — M. Cruz and T Seay; 12th — J Salken and J. Gordon; Queen L. Condron and J. Mercer; Mr Etheridge and Miss D. Ferguson; 12th — D. Bryant and W. Owens; 1 1 th — R. Shields and L. Ealey; 9th — S. Mallory and P MacDonald. The envelope is opened, a name is read, a smile and a scream, a queen is known The Homecoming festivities at Newport News High School originated five years ago. Despite ' the inclement weather, which caused the cancellation of the parade, the queen was presented at the Kellam game half-time. Queen Linda Condron is crowned by last year ' s Homecoming Queen, Miss Drema Ferguson, as Mr. Etheridge smiles his approval. The Mystery Of The For the first time in the history of the Band Sweet- heart tradition, a co-dedi- cation was made. Chosen by the members of the Ty- phoon Band, Carol Parrish and Roslyn Smith were named for the 1966-67 season. This unprecedented crowning of two girls was viewed by an expectant crowd during the half-time activities of the Maury game. Roslyn receives a bouquet of red roses from last year ' s Sweetheart, Diana Price. Crownings Drum Major Larry Bridgers smiles as Carol accepts her bouquet. Co-Sweethearts Carol and Roslyn pose with Mr. Wilson, Drum Major Larry Bridgers, and Miss Diana Price. The Fun Of Participation Overflowing with spirit, ' ' Charlie " seems to be on the way to a game. Passengers are P. Yevak, S. Bell, C. Snapp, A. Stall, S. Fink, J. Grepiotis, G. Goldsmith, and R. Nash. Go! Go! Go! Typhoon fans show their enthusiasm at a crucial point in the Hampton basketball game, which reached an all-time high in ten- sion, excitement, and school spirit. Hey! What ' s all the excitement? Could it be the cheerleaders showing their appreciation to a very school spirited someone? Who is that, anyway? The Challenge Of The Classroom Principal J. William Etheridge enjoys every opportunity he has to speak to the student body. His understanding, his sympathy, his familiarity with the many facets of school life, plus his tremendous school spirit, make his speeches memorable. Students in Miss Sexton ' s 6th period class listen closely to explanations that may come in handy on exam day. ) 1 The Enjoyment Of School Spirit Turkeyman, Gene Burke; two witches, Grace Goldsmith and Ann Rowe; and Red Baron, Nancy Ames, join hun- dreds of Newport News students in wishing the Typhoons good luck in every game. The Varsity Flagtwirlers pose during a skit in the Hampton Pep Assembly. Snoopy, at first an outcast later saves the day (and the Typhoons) as he shoots down the Red Baron. Some senior gentlemen, (first row), J. Creekmore, J. Gordon, display the new LET ' S GO NEWPORT sign made by Ricki J. Franklin, and T. Boggs, (second row), D. Atkinson, D. Whitley, Green, kneeling in the center. J. Cutler, R. Haden, D. Ryan, B. Epstein, and J. Knowles, The Satisfaction Of Knowledge L. Mercer, A. Rowe, and G. Miller are helped by Mr. Etheridge and Miss Lane as they plan for upcoming events. “Is this what you learned from Boys ' State? " Mr. Wheary wonders as he finds three of his government students, T. Seay, R. Haden, and J. Franklin, observing classes from the roof. J. Perkins, D. Bryant, and C. Williams agree that Girls ' State never had it so good as they are greeted by Wayne Owens. We believe in co-education! 13 The Excitement Of Winning 1967 Basketball Queen and her court, 10th grade — B. Smith; 12th grade — M. Passage; Queen J. Salken; 12th grade — C. Snapp; and 11th grade — G. Lucado. Two new celebrity categories have been added to N. N. H. S. this year. Early in the year, the Keyettes and the Key Club sponsored a campaign to select Mr. and Miss N. N. H. S. Elected by acquiring the most votes were Nancy Sosebee and Johnny Mercer. The other new category is the selection of a Basketball Queen. Nominated by the Spirit Club and the Lettermen ' s Club, the three candidates for queen were from the senior class with one junior and one sophomore attendant. Queen Judy Salken was crowned at half-time of the Ferguson game. The following night Judy and her court appeared at a school dance. Nancy Sosebee and Johnny Mercer, (at the top), re- veal their pleasure at being selected Miss and Mr. N. N. H. S. The Achievement Of Nelms This year the snow was an active part of school life, unexpected, but far from unwelcome! What does it take to be on the Nelms Honor Scroll? Nancy Ames, Roslyn Smith, Kenny Buckingham, and Gene Burke all agree that outside reading helps. Winners of the award for outstanding citizen- ship, Anne Stall — DAR winner — and Gene Burke — American Legion winner — pause for a moment during a study period in the library. Are All Encompassed Upperclassmen who were in this year ' s Mouse Assembly are: L. Mercer, M. Passage, C. Snapp, B. Epstein, W. Young, J. Lyerly, and J. Flax in the playpen. i ' ■ Tl . M 1 Each year the student body welcomes the newest class, the Mice, into the school dur- ing the Mouse Assembly. This is the first major assembly for the new students and is always impressive. The assembly is written by the upperclassmen but it is for and about the eighth graders. During the traditional assembly, the young Mice display their talent to the older stu- dents. Mice learn quickly that school spirit is illustrative of what makes NNHS great! 16 In School Life 1 . . KwlflQPL 2l h 1 f ■ : r " r 1 j-TtFfii nji TTy.i iTll Hi a ! i Anne Stall joins other school leaders on Orientation Day in telling the Mice about the honors, pleasures, and responsibilities of a high school student. The first day, Orientation Day, is one of the most exciting for the Mice, Class of 1971. Dur- ing this first day as high school students, the eighth graders tour the school, ask questions about school life and activities, and hear school leaders ex- plain the traditions of Newport News High School. This year the eighth graders witness another of the many happy birthdays of Newport News. Students of not-so-long- ago recall memories of their days at N.N.H.S. After the as- sembly, they are honored at a reception given by the Chris- topher Newport Society. " Reddin ' , ' riting, and ' rithmetic ... " THESE were once students in the early " school days " of Newport News High School. Lamar Stanley, a past principal, re- lates a few of his memories while at Newport News High. 17 Di rec ' tion, n., the course along which anything moves. The underclassman years, perhaps the most important in the student ' s life, are ones of discovery and exploration. During these few years the student begins to explore the vast world of Man ' s knowledge and to realize how little of this fabled realm he has seen. It is also during this time that the student discovers just what maturity entails upon the individual. It is through this discovery and analysis of one ' s self and one ' s world, that the student acquires the strength of character and the capabilities needed to choose the direction which he can follow with success. .■MW m UNDERCLASSMEN This year ' s eighth grade Ex- ecutive Board consists of Joey Pearson, Honor Council Representative; Janet Ger- ber, treasurer; Mrs. Mae Scott, sponsor; Lynn Scott, president; Miss Sallie Gallo- way, sponsor; June Robin- son, secretary; and Marvin Ruffin, vice-president. Miss- ing from the picture is Dickie Blayton, S.C.A. Exec- utive Board Representative. As Mice, The Class of 1971 Pam Adcock Keith Adkins Debra Alford Karen Allen Kathy Allen Phillip Allen Betty Ames Nora Amon Peggy Auzio Christine Ayers Cathy Baker Vickie Baker Denise Baranowski Kenny Barfield Sonja Barkley George Barrett Kathy Bartrip Ruth Bashlor Edward Bass Barbara Batten Linda Beaty Diane Bedsaul Roger Bellaney Joseph Bethea Judy Bird Clyde Birots Beverly Bishop Jeannine Blanchard D;ckie Blayton Debbie Blouch Robert Boggs Sandra Bonifacio Delores Boyce Eugene Boyd Philip Brewer Jerry Bridgers Joe Britt Sandra Britt Mary Brooks Da mars Brown Debbie Brown Henry Brown Mike Brown Lowell Buchanan Andy Buffkin Mike Buffkin Stephen Burke Robert Burns Nancy Burton Vera Bynum Debbie Byrd Joe Byrd Mike Camper Cornell Carpenter Douglas Carroll Carolyn Carson Judy Carter James Cash Wayne Caudle Paul Causey Linda Chaffin Cherrie Chambers Steve Chappell Guinn Childress 20 Meets Challenges Jack Christi Michael Christian Jerry Clark Kenneth Clark Marilyn Clark Jay Clevenson Charles Comer Judy Condron Ricky Cone John Connelley Margaret Conner Richard Cook Peggy Cooke James Cox Wilbur Cox Pernell Crayton Vernell Crayton Pat Crisp Paula Crockett Betty Crosley Charles Crowder Ann Crumpler Lisa Cruz Ricky Culotta Wayne Curlings Pam Curtis Darryl Daniel Morris Daniels Denise Darden Janet Davenport Carol Davis Mike Davis Angela Dennis Pat Dillwood Susan Dolson James Doughty Larry Dowless Kent Doyle Marie Eason Linda Edmundson Cynthia Edwards De Ette Eppo Linda Estes Cynthia Evans Rick Fields Sheryl Fineman Richard Flynn Linda Forrester Susan Franceschi Judy Frank Joseph Frazer Beverly Freeman Lou Ann Freeman Rodney Frison Marilyn Gares Barbara Garrett Alton Ray Gay William Ray Gay Gary Geiger Alisa George Janet Gerber Debra Gibson Mary Denise Gilley Doris Gore Pam Adcock watches her sister Sharon, and Randy Hogan admires his brother Jimmy, as each demon- strates the reasons for each one ' s popularity. 21 They Learn And Mature Pam Goshorn Betty Sue Graham Ritze Graham Gail Grannum Mike Gray Tim Grice Dixie Haga Ingrid Hairston Mary Ann Hall Mary Hamel Danr.y Hart Kimberly Hendricks Don Henry Ben Hensley Sandra Hess Edward Hester Kathy Hester Sheila Hicks Patricia Hile Mary T Hill Linda Hinkle William Hinkle Randall Hogan Deborah Hoffman Mouse Cornell Carpenter, surrounded by Pat White, Betty Clark, Roberta Hils- don, Linda Condron, and Dru Bryant, says, " A little dab ' ll do it. " Deborah Horne Nancy Hough Larry Houser Richard Houston Patsy Howell Jimmy Huff Claud Hunter Richard Huskey Atlon Jenkins Reginald Johns David Johnson Denise Johnson Ray Johnson Ronald Johnson Yvonne Johnson Brenda Jones Danny Jones Linda Jordan David Joyce Kathy Kanelos Larry Kearney Christine Keafts Clyde King Curtis King Cathy Kirby Katherine Kirkland Sharon Kuhns Linda Kurzcr Harland Lambert Mike Lamm Kris Lassiter Laura Lawrence 22 From Day To Day Sandra Lawrence Debbie Laws John Leaycraft Bobby Lee Patricia Lee David Leonard Kevin Lewis Suzanne Liakos Dee Linhart Sandra Lockett Aleesia Long Mike Long Jerry Lyle Mary Jane Mahone Irene Manzie Alfred Martin Ernestine Martin Linda McCall Peggy McCallum John McCandlish Melvin McClelland Ricky McCreary Kathy McDaniel Dew McKenney Frances McIntyre Kay Melton Gene M inter Ray Monger Janet Moore Linda Moore Michele Morgan Linda Morris Charles Comer and Sheryl Fine- man search for the key brick which wil open a secret passage to one of the many mysteries of N.N.H.S. that Mice encounter. Sharon Morris Tommy Mullis Barbara Murphy Bill Murphy Patricia Napier Rose Newell Thersa Nickens Edward Nuttycombe Willie O ' Brien Bonnie Oldfield Eddy O ' Mary Bill O ' Neal Diane Orie Terry Owens Pat Page Tike Panags Robert Parks Dwight Parrish Lauren Patterson Linda Pearce Joey Pearson Lee Penny Irene Petterson Ron Petterson 23 Participation Molds Them Pat Phillips Bennie Plessinger Debra Plott Kathy Presgrabes Bobby Price Donald Price Florence Rattley Richard Rawls S am Reed Lela Reeves Robert Reid Sharon Rhodes Peggy Rice Beverly Richmond Paula Riggs Ada Roach Betty Roberts June Robinson Linda Robinson Nan Robinson Richard Robinson Rita Robinson Edward Rogers Rebecca Roper Steve Roper Debbie Ross Terry Rosser Karen Rothschild Pam Rouse Marvin Ruffin Woodrow Sanders Janet Sandler James Saunders Mike Saunders Robert Saunders Calvin Savage Morie Schuzler Donzella Scott Lynn Scott Mary Segar Ada Roach says, " Would you believe I made a wrong turn, . . . how about I ' m ' hanging ten ' ... or maybe I ' m slipping? " Typhoons come in as- sorted sizes. Here David Whitley, giant, is admired by tinv mouse Linda Morris. Byran Shaddock Donnie Shelton Sharon Sherrill Elizabeth Siam Debra Siron Carolyn Smith Norene Smith Janet Spivey Koren Stanaway Donnie Staples Ronnie Staples Glen Starling Lynn Stewart Pat Strowser Randy Strickland Ricky Sullivan Into Future Leaders ■ 5 31 As part of the N.N.H.S. tradition, friendly Typhoons are elected each year. This year the week of February 20-24 was designated as National Brotherhood Week. At this time friendly Typhoons were elected in homeroom and were announced in the Brother- hood Assembly. Here Janice Crumpler and Jerry Clark show why they were elected by their classmates. Gregory Sutton Deborah Swanner Lynn Talton Jerry Teaster Robert Tench Leslie Thom Denise Thomas Linda Thompkins David Trull Leonard Tucker Susan Tucker William Vanness Robert Verlander Donna Vest Mike Waddell Linda Walker Michael Walsh Doug Ward Tommy Ward Martha Warren Fay Watson Troy Watson Keith Webb Wanda Wells Virginia Weymouth Brenda Wheeler David White Gary Whitt Steve Whitt Robert Wiatt Debbie Wiggs John Wilbern Kenneth Wilkins Rosa Lee Wilkins Aubrey Williams James Williams Jesse Williams Jodie Williams Joyce Williams Robert Williams Cue Wilson Ernie Wilson David Wilsted Richard Wolfley William Wood Donald Woodard Chauncey Wright Linda Wright Freshmen Are Directed The ninth grade Executive Board, along with the sponsor leads its class in all activities. This year ' s Executive Board members are Wanda Mercer, SCA Executive Board Repre- sentative; Brenda Goard, treasurer; Mrs. Barbara Graham, sponsor; Bernie McClelland, president; Ro- berta Hilsdon, vice-presi- dent; Susan Mallory, secre- tary; and Danny Rawlstan, Honor Council Representa- tive. Barry Adelson Lennie Alger Harvey Anker Terry Arrington William Arrington Bennett Aycock Mike Ayers Betty Bailey Jan Baker Jimmy Baker Johnny B aker Karlene Bane Milton Barber Tommy Barnes Patty Barrow Steve Barton Cynthia Bates Emerson Beale Linda Bell Francis Bennett Barry Betts Deborah Biggins Clyde Birts Margaret Bogerty Wanda Boone Ginger Bordeaux Quenton Boyce Theodore Brenner Marie Britt Ronnie Britt Sondra Brown Linda Bryant Sharon Bryant Deborah Buchanan Ricky Buchanan Faye Burris Dorothy Burton Deborah Cain Danny Caldwell Deborah Caldwell Sandra Campbell David Cardwell Barbara Carper Melody Carr Michael Cash Thomas Castonguay Melvin Cates Tim Catlett Terry Chapman 26 Toward Self Improvement Atfifci ' fclifcAthi :K Deborah Cheek Judy Church Carl Ciprian Larry Cole Carol Comer Cathy Cooper Bobby Copeland Glen Cox Ike Craddock Deborah Craig Bobby Creekmore Warren Crisp Sandra Crowder Danny Cruz Gail Cweiber Elizabeth Daniel Linda Daniels Debbie Davis Ella Mae Davis John Davis Irene Delk Mary Dempsey Frank Derzis Larry Dippery Daniel Dobbins Charles Dawney Berdella Dotse Denise Drummond Freshman Ricky Shook, Kathy Cooper, Billy Sauer, Belinda Trainum, and Bernie McClelland, exhausted from their busy schedules, fall asleep in the cafeteria. Saundra Earhardt Jennie Easmeil Dorothy Elston Frank Farmer Larry Felts Penny Fineman Joey Fink Ronald Flynn Hunter Ford Belinda Fortner Lucretia Fullwood Deborah Gayles Portia Gibson Timothy Gilbert Brenda Goard Shirley Grant William Granger Leni Gray Randolph Gray William Green Dianna Griffin 27 They Anticipate Their Jeanme Guthrie Linda Guthrie Janice Hagy Ronald Hardee Randy Harris James Harris William Hayes Lynette Haynes Joe Hehl Debbie Hester Ann Kev itt Roberta Hilsdon Barbara Hill Clarence Hill Tommy Hines Bill Hobbs Ricky Hoffman Robert Hoffman Barbara Hogg Larry Holland Tom Sawyer, Richard Patterson and Bennett Aycock see no evil, speak no evil, and hear no evi I . (?) Rose Hudgins Frances Huggins Pat Hughes Mike Hughes Jackie Huskey Jerry Hux Sylvia Jackson Vicki Jenson Tommy Jenkins Donnie Johnson Janice Jones Ray Jones Virginia Jones Wilton Jordan Frank Kanelos Nick Karavatakis Pat Kearney Peggy Keeter John Kelly Wallace King Maureen Kleomer Joanne Kozloski Joanne Kurzer Violet LaBoone Eugene Lail Gary Lail Keith Lambert Mary Lamm Vonnie Larmore Mattie Lewter Harvey Long Ivan Long John Lucas Susan Mallory Herbert Maoes High School Dreams Debbie Maraki Tim Massengill Dot Mattox Donald Mayer Gloria Mayfield Al Mays Doug McCall Lyman McCoy Bernie McClelland Paul McDonald Charles McDowell Ken McKinney Phyllis McLamb Debbie Meares Christine Mears Billy Meek Bob Meek Ron Mejeia Chris Melvin Wanda Mercer Gladys Merilic Sylvia Midgette Jeff Morgan Roland Morisette Mike Murphy Pat Murphy MeTa Mullen Sylvia Napier David Oliver Sandra Nichol Deborah Oliver Steven Oliver Donna O ' Neill Sharon Owens Dennis Parker ■i - M 4 W a Wj Ed Parker Jackie Parker Richard Patterson Robert Pearce Ruth Peck Gail Perry Warren Pless Bill Poole Virginia Presson Linda Prevatte Brenda Price Martha Price Danny Ralston Linda Reagan Garland Reece Lana Ressler Clyde Roach Joe Roberts Shelia Robinson Judy Rowe Deborah Rozzelle Paul Salgado Debbie Sandige Mrs. Kiser soothes David Thomas ' nerves to prepare him to go back to class and take that English test. Their School Life Is Billy Sauer Tom Sawyer Rose Schilz Regina Scott Valerie Scott Richard Sequist Debbie Settle Robin Stamberg Minta Shanks Raymond Shaw Wanda Sheffield Theresa Sherrill Ricky Shook Barry Simms Betty Singletary Artelia Smith Bobby Smith Bonnie Smith Joe Smith Lonnie Smith Sandra Smith Sue Smith Ronnie Snapp Beth Somers Cindy Spahr Ken Spalding Dwight Stall Deborah Stanaway Anthony Stewart Jimmy Stone Ray Strickland Terry Sturgis Phyllis Taylor Steven Taylor Harvey Thacker David Thomas Susan Thomason Belinda Tranium Edward Trapps Ricky Trussell Timothy Tuberville Debbie Tucker Sharon Tucker Wallace Tucker Glenda Turner Mark Tyndall Pam Venable Steve Veneris Johnny Waldrop Bonnie Walker Aaron Wall Donna Jean Ward Alvin Waters Marlene Waters Pam Weaver Freshmen Bobby Creekmore and Jimmy Murphy seem to have found that even with driver ' s education this is the only way they can travel. Varied By Participation Vicky Webster Janet Welch Debra Williams Frances Williams Sherry Williams Paula Willis Randy Wilson Ruth Wilson Beth Wingrove Sanda Wolfley William Wolfley Ricky Woods Brenda Wooten Kenny Wyatt Louiza Xynisteri As a part of the activities of the school year. Friendly Typhoons were chosen in February. The Freshman Class elected Patty Barrow and Bernie McClelland. Ed Parker and Danny Rawlstan nonchalantly amble down the hall, not suspecting mischief from Terri Arrington, Susan Mallory or Debbie Cain. " There they are, laugh it up girls, act cool; don ' t let them know. " Freshman boys have an overwhelming effect on freshman girls! 31 The sophomore class is led by Larry Ealey, Vice-President; Nancy Webb, treasurer; Ralph Jordan, President; Debbie Pierce, Secretary; and Anita Gore, SCA Executive Board Representative. Sophomores Reach The Linda Alderman Sharon Alford Lita Al-Salom Patti Andleton Marie Anzio Mike Anzio James Arnette Sandra Atkinson Jean Baker Sharon Bailey Earl Ballard Debbie Barron Gloria Batts Mike Bazemore Judy Benthall Nuby Blanco Carolyn Blythe Linda Bobbitt Lula Bogerty Frances Bost Gary Botts Mike Bowder Bryan Bradish William Bradley Joan Bradshaw Barbara Brewer M. A. Bridgett Charles Brisson Toni Brooks W. L. Brown 32 Halfway Mark At NNHS Debbie Buck Suson Buckingham Kevin Burke Charles Burton Elliott Burton Jewel Byrd Sherry Cain Betty Caldwell Emily Calhoun Pansy Carter Randall Chalkley Robin Chalkley Betty Clark James Clark Virginia Clark Christina Calley Sharon Collins Dora Calton Robert Cook Sharon Cook Sandra Capes Debbie Correll Pete Crum Anne Crumpler Maria Cruz Robert Curry Terrie Curtis Linda Cweiber Ross D ' Angelo Sandra Davenport Tenth graders know better than to make noise in the library. Here Donna Lucado, JoAnne Fay, Steve Stevens, John Digiacomo and Ron- nie Gray disregard the rules. 33 The Class of ’69 Joins Leslie Dean Judy Desimone Peggy Dickerson Doug Dickinson John Digiacomo David Dorn Sandra Dudley Alice Dunn Barbara Dye Larry Ealey Nancy Eanes Thomas Edwards Timothy Edwards Mike Evans Nancy Eversole Donald Fail Kay Faircloth Joanne Fay John Ferguson Lois Fincher Mike Forbes Ricky Fordhom Cathy Forresyer Joey Fortner r Jeff Fox Marie Francis Becky Franklin Tom Franklin Roger Freeman Vicki Frye Susan Garth Tommy Gaskins Vince Gilbert Anita Gore Betty Goshorn Carolyn Graham John Whitcomb seems to have the at- tention of his classmates, but Mrs. Milne is thoroughly bored. In More Activities Rose Graham Ronnie Gray Sherilyn Green Judy Greene David Greshamen Donnie Gribble Lee Grizzle Kathy Grubbs Dianne Guthrie Randy Hall Gary Hankins Sue Hargadon " Gerry Mingee, I ' m goin ' git you! " says Nancy Webb. a Lit Greg Harris Nelson Harris Pamona Harris Mac Harrison Brenda Head George Herndon Sherry Hensel Cheryl Hensley Linda Hile Robert Hodges Joseph Hogue Pamela Holcomb v» . • f Kay Holden Terry Holley David Hood Bruce Howell Larry Hudson Bobbie Jo Hudgins Connie Huff Jane Hughes Larnia Jackson Deborah Jenkins Dwight Jennings Audrey Johnson 35 They Look For Higher Linda Johnson Harry Johnston Alan Jones Cathy Jones Dorothy Jones Ralph Jord an Timmy Joyce Robert Konney " Double your pleasure, double your fun " , say Robin and Randall Chalkley and Debbie and Becky Pierce. Lewis Kelly Ronald Kemp Mary King Sandra King Virginia King Danny Kiser Helen Konstant James Kounas Jackie LaFlamme John Lankford Theodore Lotto Steve Lowing Christine Lawrence John Lawson Martin Lentz Mike Lentz Ruth Lerner Linda Lindsay Joyce Linhart Gary Livingston Deborah Lockett Patricia Long Robert Loudermilk Donna Lucado Irvin Lyerly Jerry Mabe William Mahoney Terri Mann David Marlowe Judy Morshall Goals Through Leadership j K J, iiiii Bobby Martin Pamela Martin Mary Kay Massey Roy Mays Doris McCollum Nancy McCollum Brooks McDonald John McDonald Sandy McMurray Phyllis McIntosh Rebecca Miller Gerry Mingee George Mirmelstein Theda Mitchell Kay Moore Douglas Morris Willie Morrison Mike Mortimer Dennis Napier Cynthia Nesbitt Patricia Nichols Donna Nicosia Lana Nunnally Mike O ' Brien Ed Olshansky Lynn Oney Bernard Orie Judy O ' Haway Eddie Owens Janet Parker Dale Parsons Paul Peck Becky Pierce Debbie Pierce Faye Plessenger Bonnie Pulley " Put some fun in your life — try leap frog, " say sophomores Helen Konstant and David Rogers as Jackie Richmond demon- strates. 37 Seniors of 1969 Learn Shirley Rockliffe Brenda Reid Janet Remak Billy Reynolds Chuck Richardson Jackie Richmond Patricia Ricks Mary Riley Sid Roady Margaret Roberts James Robinson Linda Robinson Patricia Robinson David Rogers Bill Roper Diane Sandler Ronnie Saunders Helene Schanzer Jane Schweida Sherry Scruggs Sandra Sease Engene Seay Rebecca Seldomrige Gary Shelton Rhonda Sherwood Burton Skinner Carroll Skinnell Brenda Smith David Smith Hank Smith Mike Smith Edward Spikes Phyllis Spikes Diane Springfield Robbie Stall Troy Starnes Kenneth Thomas Sarah Stewart Larry Strader Wilbert Swaringer Sofas Takis Kent Taylor By Doing More Lynette Taylor Douglas Thomas Mike Thomas Pat Thomas Joyce Shephara John Strickland Richard Stevens Mike Trussel Ricky Turner Dee Vaughn Frank Vretos Toni Wall Mary Washington Sharon Walsh Alvin Walters Jerry Watkins Glenn Webb Nancy Webb Sabina Weinstein Diane Welch Louise West John Whitcomb Sherry Whitt Gaylan Williams Mary Ann Williams Susan Williams Tenyse Wilson Brenda Wise David Womack Ruth Wooten Robert Worley Jennifer Wortham Randy Wright Deborah Wyatt Karen Yevak Mike Young Friendly Typhoons Nancy Webb and Ralph Jordan make faces, but in fun. 39 The Class of 1 968 Leading the junior class were Susan Price, treasurer and Tony Koskinas, president. Helping them were Miss Ann Parker, sponsor; Ben Hogan and Cindy Sawyer, honor council; Jimmy Cutler, vice-president; Dale Lucado, SCA executive board representative; Gail Lucado, sec- retary and Miss Carolyn Cline, sponsor Nancy Ames Sharon Ange Carol Anspach John Ashe Jerry Aycock Brenda Baker Jenny Baker Kathy Baker Randy Baker Billie Kaye Ballard Gary Barnes John Bateman Vicki Batts Max Benbow Richard Beale Pamelia Bethea Agnes Blandford Patty Blaylock Brinda Boggs Patricia Born Gail Bowls Accepts Responsibilities Ray Boyette John Bradshaw Robbie Bradsher Larry Bridgers Mike Brown Barbara Brotzman Larry Burden Leburn Burns David Campbell Donnie Camper Randy Carter Donnie Carter Anne Carper James Castonguay Lorrine Chapman Frank Chilberti Jerry Clark Peyton Clark Allene Cohen Patsy Coles Brenda Crowder Jimmy Cutler Sharon Dantzler Sue David They Prepare to Lead Kathy Davis James Deihl Marian Diehl Nina DiGiacomo Janet Forman Barry Fox Anthony Francis Frida Frizzell Nancy Fulghum Patsy Goodwin Ralph Gore George Gravely Ricki Green Denny Gribble Linda Griffith George Groshong Stephany Hall Bobby Hanvey The junior activities were led by their committee chairmen. Typists were Ellen Overton and Sharon Jones. The Dance Com- mittee was headed by Janet Hirshman and Anne Rowe; the Usher Staff was headed by Jerry Fisher and Ben Hogan. Organizing the sale of Junior rings were Rodney Hitchens and Anita Shapiro. The Student Body Sharon Hargrave Sharon Harris Mary Alice Haynes Tom Hayslett Sharon Hearn Clifford Hendricks Jack Hester Kenneth Hester Jerry Hicks Linda Higgins Glenn Hile Sharon Hilsdon Doug Hinnant Janet Hirshman Rodney Hitchens Ben Hogan Lois Hogge Ken Hough Barbara Houston Perry Howard Diana Hughes Mary Ellen Hunt Diana Jackson Reginald Jackson Steve Jackson Mary Ann James Kay Jeffries Har vey Jenkins Shirley Jenkins Diana Jensen Experience Has Made Bobby Johnson Karl Johnson Kay Johnson Ernest Jones Sharon Jones Mike Joyce I Thomas Keithley Carol Kelly Barbara Kerman Tony Koskinas Hope Kounnas Mary Jane Kypriandes Eva Landrum Wayne Lambert Jay Lane Jan Langford Wayne Langford Pat Larrow Karen Larsen Steve Larsen Martha Laws Kay Leonard Mike Leonard Debbie Lewis Kathy Liakos Nettie Lightfoot Henry Liverman James Lovett Dale Lucado Gail Lucado Them Mature Diane McLamb Larry McLamb Joyce Mabe Gary Maddox Jack Melamed Yonnie Merriman Susan Michie Ellen Miller Maureen Mock Sharon Monroe Nora Moore Steve Morris Jeff Mullins Richard Nichols Maureen O ' Brien Jay Oliphant Joyce Oliver l .5 Danny O ' Neal Ellen Overton Janice Payne " It ' s not truel Blondes don ' t have more fun, " says Sharon Hargrave to Steve Jackson as Larry Bridgers, Steve Morris and Jimmy Cutler agree. Edward Parnell Steve Parrish Mary Pearson Jerry Peoples With Junior Responsibilities Clara Perdue Christine Petterson Deborah Phaup Wanda Plessinger Ralph Pressley Janice Presson Faye Prevatte Susan Price Walter Quillin Mary Ramsey Paul Randolph Robert Raper Bill Reece Royce Reeves Linda Rice Cathy Richardson Lulie Roberts Susan Roberts Darlene Roecker Bill Rose Anne Rowe Ethel Ryan Fronki Satisky Ed Saunders Cindy Sawyer Maggie Schuszler Phyllis Schwab Jon Schwab Comes Leadership Phil Schwab Jon Scott Malvin Scott Anita Shapiro Roberta Shield Bill Simms Diane Smith Harriet Smith Jerry Smith J. M. Smith Sandi Smith Velma Smith Larry Solomon Nathan Sosebee Ruth Springfield Floyd Stall Wanda Stallings Nancy Stanfield Seniors put on the Juniors ' rings os a major event of the school year. Here Gail Lucado, Steve Parrish and Sue David receive their rings from Jimmy Hogan, Margaret Passage and Larry Mercer. 47 The Junior Class Anxiously John Styles Jacob Swall Donald Swartz ih James Stepp Donald Stevens Glenda Stewart Robert Taylor Elizabeth Tedder Joyce Tedder Steve Terry Linda Tollison Linda Tosh Nancy Trussel Keith Tucker Lucia Varacelli Warren Vines Judy Warner acqueline Washington Judith Washington Marcia Wasserman Gary Lee Watson Allen D. West Baxter West Charles West Jessie White Linda White Pat White Shelia Whitt Billy Wiatt Walter Wiggins Awaits Its Senior Year Johnsie Williams Pat Williams Rayvone Williams Christine Wilson David Wilson Mark Wilson Richard Wilsted Bobby Winfree Sue Witcher Becky Wright Howard Wright Eleanor Xynisteri " Are you proud of your school? " Cheerleader Cathy Richardson leads the crowd in a favorite cheer while the Typhoon fans watch the Turkey Day Game. Elected Friendly Typhoons by the Junior Class during National Brotherhood Week were Larry Bridgers and Robbie Shields. Here they fake o friendly fight. " Witches " Anne Rowe and Shirley Jenkins listen while " coach " Cindy Sawyer in- structs a football player in the Turkey Day Pep Assembly in which these Junior girls took part. 49 , Di rec ' tion, n., the course along which anything moves. Activities at Newport News High School are an important and integral part of school life. While activities are an amalgamation of many diverse and different clubs and organizations, all these activities seem to point the student in one direction — the broadening of his horizons through the many cultural, social and service projects sponsored by these clubs and organizations. ACTIVITIES Activities Chart Our Course Honor Council members ore D. Ralston, L. Mercer, W. Owens, N. Sosebee, C. Sawyer, 3. Burke, J. Whitcomb, B. Hogan. HONOR COUNCIL The members of the Honor Council have the im- mediate responsibility of promoting honesty in the students With the Honor Code as their guide, the members strive to make fair decisions concerning violators of the code. The members are nominated by the Executive Board and chosen by their class- mates. The Honor Council is sponsored by Mr. Phil Wynn. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY The highest honor a student may attain during his high school career is membership in the National Honor Sociely. This honor is given to students in the junior and senior classes who excel in scholarship, leadership, character, and service. This year, a new policy was initiated, as the induction assembly was held in the fall, breaking the years ' custom of spring assemblies. The sponsor of the Society is Mrs. Mary Williams. first row) R. Rawls, R. Smith, S Althous, G. Burke, A. Stall, A Young K Buckingham, C. Smith, J. Perkins, G. Hankins, J. Franklin, C. Crockin, B. Epstein, Mrs. Williams, (second row) — S Goldwosser M. Haynes, N. Ames, J. Grepiotis, S. Dantzler, A. Cohen, M. Passage, C. Williams, P. Wright, B. Reeves, L. Gray, D Jenkins, (third row) — T. Boggs, J. Flax, E. Hogan, R. Hitchens, G. Cooke, J. Smith, B. Rash, A. Blandford, J. Knowles, M Harris, D. Kypriandes 52 For The Future. r m jf : w v I 1 ra pi Sr a % (first row) — K. Liakos, S. Bell, S. Fink, R. Green, A. Stall, D. Bryant, G. Goldsmith, (second row) — Miss Edith Goldberg, L. Condron, J. Ellenson, J. Perkins, H. Konstant, S. Jenkins, J. Salken, S. Marston, S. David, L. Gray, C. Richardson, C. Snapp, M. Passage, (third row) — S. Garth, D. Pierce, N. Webb, B. Pierce, R. Smith, M. Haynes, A. Rowe, G. Lucado, C. Sawyer, S. Althaus, C. Crockin. KEYETTES Working for the betterment of their school, com- munity, and notion, the Keyettes is a service organi- zation, sponsored by the Newport News Junior Woman ' s Club. At the end of each school year, new members are selected from the rising sophomore, junior, and senior girls who have an over-all " C " average. Miss Edith Goldberg was faculty sponsor for this year. Among their projects for the year was adopting the Speech and Hearing Center and spon- soring the Mr. and Miss N.N.H.S. Contest with the Key Club. KEY CLUB Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club pro- motes leadership in the school and community. New members are selected at the end of each school year from the outstanding members of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. Activities for this year included sponsoring the movie, Lord of the Flies, and giving a Thanksgiving bonfire. (first row) — R. Boyette, J. Whitcomb, C. Smith, J. Narron, G. Bruke, W. Owens, J. Fisher, A. Young, (second row) — L. Mercer, T. Boggs, D. Atkinson, J. Franklin, J. Lawson, T. Seay, J. Gordon, J. Oliphant, G. Hile. (third row) — B. Hogan, D Dickinson, N. Soesbee, B. Edwards, B. Epstein, B. Rash. 53 ifWBK Activities Provide Opportunities (first row) — Mr Geddy, L. Gillespie, A. Shapiro, R. Smallwood. M. Young, K. Buckingham, J. Melamed, J. Smith, J. Neihouse, (second row) — S. Dantzler, C. Coalter, L. White, M. Moody, R. C. Snapp, C. Crockin, B. Larmer, B. Epstein, M. Harris. Green, C. Markham, A. Blandford, J. Hirshman. (third row) — THESPIANS Students who have, in working for the drama de- partment, earned a certain number of points, are accepted into the National Thespians Society. These new members are inducted at a special banquet which is held at the end of the year. This year Thespians is sponsored by Mr. Henry Geddy. Heads of the Girls ' Usher staff are: K, Morrow, B Reeves, B. Boggs, A. Gore. Heads of the Drama staff are: (first row) — A. Dutton, M. Bowden, R. Carter, (second row) — A. Blandford, C. Coalter, L. Gillespie, (third row) — B. Brotzman, B. Allen, P. Goodwin, E. Tedder. WA i m i J fl9L I 54 To Broaden Our Interests Stage Crew Members are: W. Lambert, K. Spalding, M. Bridget, J. Desimone, J. Stepp, W. Young, B. Hanvey, M. Derzis, R. Williams, L. Cole, F. Kanlos, R. Gray. STAGE CREW Making sure that things run smoothly backstage curtains, and handles the staging of school and com- is the job of the Stage Crew. Headed by Wayne munity plays, assemblies, and concerts. Young, the crew constructs sets, operates lights and DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION Sponsored by Mr. Tom Marvin, Distributive Educa- to understand the current problems of business dis- tion Club members are training to be our future bus- tribution. iness leaders. Members are those wishing to learn and (first row) — J. Clark, D. Byrd, M. Burns, D. Kypriandes, W. Vest. R. Yow, M. O ' Brien, B. Gravely, (fourth row) — Mr. Farmer, G. (second row) — P. Mattox, M. White, M. James, D. Winkler, W. Gravely, B. Edwards, L. Winfree, M. York, G. Cash, R. Bell. Burton, B. Boone, Mr. Marvin, (third row) — J. Driver, D. Coffie, INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING Open to juniors and seniors who are taking Indus- trial Cooperation Training, this club prepares its members for their future work. The club is sponsored by Mr. Phil Wynn. (first row) — N. Howard, B. Boggs, M. Brevard, A. Carper, C. Daw- S. Brown, G. Straiehen, H. Hudson, (third row) — J. Garrison, B. son, K. Long, S. Moreland, S. LaBoone, J. Larson, P. Born, Mr. Weeks, B. Rash, R. Hunter, T. Brown, B. Hoffman, D. Edgerton, Wynn, (second row) — N. Trussell, N. Stanfield, R. Smallwood, M. Hutcherson, J. Dinwiddie, J. Narron, L. Grant, R. Raper. 55 SCA Serves As Our S.C.A. officers are L. Mercer, J. Gordon, A. Stall, A. Rowe, J. Flax. STUDENT COUNCIL The Student Council of the SCA consists of repre- sentatives from each homeroom and the Executive Board. Acting as the governing body of N.N.H.S., it promotes the general welfare of the school and gives the students training for citizenship. (first row) — L. Mercer, J. Gordon, A. Stall, A. Rowe, J. Flax, (second row) — D. Bryant, M. Passage, J. Salken, N. Robinson, D. Buchanan, L. Jordan, J. Schweida, B. Clark, L. Hile, J. Davenport, P Cooke, P. Shields, E. Daniels, J. Perkins, S. Bell, S. David, D. Nicosia, J. Linhart, W Mercer, (third row) — C. Snapp, A. Gore, D. Stanaway, L. Thom, S. Hess, K. Davis, P. White, M. Haynes, S. Jenkins, H. Konstant, B. Goard, J. Kurzer, W. Binder, S. Nichol, J. DeShazo, M. Whitmore, J. Ellenson, R. Rawls, S. Garth, (fourth row) — G. Lucado, R. Hilsdon, L. Condron, S. Fink, G. Merilic. (fifth row) — M. McClellan, J. Fisher, J. Lawson, T. Boggs, G. Hankins, J. Cutler, H. Anker, R. Hitchins, J. Watkins, B. McClellan, N. Soesbee, R. Chaulkey, G. Cooke. r " JflHfll h l I Student Government Organization (first row) — Miss Lane, L. Mercer, J. Gordon, A. Stall, A. Rowe, N. Soesbee, T. Boggs, J. Lawson, R. Chaulkley. (fourth row) — J. Flax, (second row) — W. Mercer, J. Ellenson, S. Bell, J. Salken, S. David, C. Snapp, S. Garth, G. Lucado, K. Liakos, A. Gore, D. Bryant, M. Passage, J. Perkins, N. Webb, S. Fink, (third row) H. Konstant, L. Condron. — J. Cutler, B. McClellan, G. Hankins, J. Fisher, R. Hitchins, EXECUTIVE BOARD Composed of the SCA officers, SCA committee chairmen, and a representative from each grade, the Executive Board serves as the advisory staff of the Student Cooperative Association. It plans assem- FEDERATION OFFICERS The Peninsula SCA Federation is the organization of SCA on the district level. Begun in 1950 by Newport News, War- wick, and Hampton High Schools, the Fed- eration has tripled its size and now in- cludes Kecoughtan, Ferguson, York, Den- bigh, James Blair, and Peninsula Catholic high schools, boasting a membership of over 18,000 students, in order to create an understanding among the students on the Virginia Peninsula, the Federation sponsors monthly meetings so that dele- gates from each school can get together and exchange ideas and solve basic prob- lems. This year N.N.H.S. played a doubly im- portant role in determining the success of the Federation since both Federation offi- cers we re N.N.H.S. students. The officers are Margaret Passage, secretary, and Connie Snapp, president. blies, makes nominations for the Honor Council, and encourages participation of the student body in all SCA committees. The Executive Board is under the guidance of Miss Maureen Lane. The Experience We Gain Will Be Scrapbook and Remembrance Committees (first row) — B. Smith, N. Webb, J. Perkins, (second row) — S. David, S. Weinstein. Citizenship T. Boggs, S. Bell, G. Hankins S. C. A. The nucleus of student activity is participation in the S.C. A. c ommittees. Through these committees, the students are given the opportunity to display their talents and ideas. By working with the com- mittee heads on projects, they learn group coopera- tion and, at the same time, add to the advancement of N.N.H.S. Membership on the S.C. A. committees is rendered on a voluntary basis. Cafeteria Committee (first row) — S. Jenkins, K. Liakos. (second row) — P. Rouse, R. Culotta, B. West, N. Soesbee, T. Keithley. Homecoming Committee S. Garth, G. Lucado, J. Larson, D. Lucado, A. Rowe, D. Bryant. House Committee A. Gore, J. Kurzer, P. Fineman, L. Higgins, M. Laws, J. Salken, G. Lucado. 58 Invaluable In Later Years. Special Events Committee J. Lawson, S. Fink, M. Passage, J. Fisher. School Spirit Committee B. Skinner, B. Clark, M. Massey, R. Chalkley, L. Condron, C. Coalter, S. Takis, C. Richardson. COMMITTEES Standing committees this year were: School Spirit, N. N. H. S., Dance, Radio Staff, House, Homecoming, Scrapbook, Remembrance, Citizenship, Cafeteria, and Special Events. These committees, though they may seem insignificant to many, are a vital part of the school. Radio Staff Committee J. Ellenson, R. Hitchens, M. Haynes, J. Linhart, J. Fox, J. Melamed, J. Lawson. NNHS Committee J. Cutler, W. Mercer, S. Garth. Dance Committee C Snapp, P. Yevak. (seated) — C. Spahr, J. Sandler, J. Melamed, A. Gore, D. Sandler. 59 (first- row) — S Daniel, B. Reeves, L. Gray, S. Marston, M. Wilkins, D. Jenkins, M. Whitmore, (second row) — P. Wright, W. Barbara, F Banton, F. Artman, S. Napier, S. Williams, B. Singletary, B. Trainum, W. Stallings, B Sheppard, C. Warf, L. Bogerty. (third row) — Mrs. Vol- hein, A. McKenny, C. Moore, T. Sherrill, D. Messingill, C. Wolfe, W. Shiffield, T. Back, W. Holland, H. Hud- son, M. Bogerty. FUTURE BUSINESS LEADERS OF AMERICA Working to develop its members ' knowl- edge of the opportunities available in the business field, the Future Business Leaders of America Club is sponsored by Mrs. Phyllis Volhein. This new club has regular meetings at which such important personal qualities as tactfulness, promptness, and neatness are dis- cussed with the members. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Under the leadership of Miss Sue Kelly, the club broadens its members ' knowledge of the responsibility and skill required in home- making. Through the club future homemakers become experienced and better prepared for their job. (first row) — Miss Kelly, B. Anderson, M. Mock, (second row ) — D Colton, K. Moore, F. Bost, J. Marshall, (third row ) — C. Kelly, V. Scott, (fourth row) — B. Baker, L. Rice, L. Tosh, (fifth row) — L. Baker, N. Blanco, C. Comer, (sixth row) — H. Dickerson, M. Pearson, M. Burns. Thomas 0. Keesee Hi-Y — R. Yow, B. Chisom, J. Creekmore, M. Monteith, Mr. Keesee, Mr. Farmer, D. Whitley, D. McCoy, T. Seay. THE HI-Y CLUBS Working separately, the three Hi-Y Clubs perform service projects in the school and community. New members are selected from the applicants who have a C average. The three clubs and sponsors are: Thomas O. Kee- see Hi-Y sponsored by Mr. 0. J. Farmer, Chesapeake Hi-Y sponsored by Mr. Fred Kochli, Tri-Hi-Y sponsored by Miss Jane Hunsucker. Chesapeake Hi-Y — (first row) — T. Keithley, J. Smith, T. Brown, K. Cotes, A. Dorner. (second row) — -J. Pear- son, M. Benbow, D. Wilson, T. Holley, J. Swall, T. Kos- kinas, J. Smith, B. Brewer, F. Chilberti. Tri-Hi-Y — (first row) — Y. Merriman, D. Braswell, E. Overton, E. Ryan, N. DiGiacomo, H. Konstant. (second row) — M. Diehl, J. Payne, C. Hardy, L. Higgins, P. Bar- row, P. White, J. Tedder, K. Larsen, P. Blaylock, (third row) — Miss Hunsucker, J. Mabe, K. Faircloth, T. Stur- gis, A. Rowe, C. Sawyer, J. Payne, W. Mercer. 61 H, Hill Various Clubs Offer Growth (first row) — B Cook, D. McCoy, M. Wilson, P. Yevak, J. Pulley, H. Smith, S. Jackson, J. Scott, R. Timberlake, D. Cutler, W. G. Burke, T. Koskinas, J. Witcher, T. Holcomb, M. Monteith, Owens, R. Taylor, J. Fisher, D. Dickinson, J. Hogan, R. Ford- id Mercer, (second row) — D. Wolfley, P. Howard, T. Comer, ham, T Seay. J. Cutler, D. Dickinson, D. Cutler, C. Snapp. VARSITY LETTERMEN ' S CLUB The Varsity Club strives to establish a firm relationship between athletes and their coaches, and with each other. Com- posed of the outstanding athletic letter- men in our school, the members of the Varsity Club promote sportsmanship, pride, loyalty, and teamwork among the various inter-scholastic teams at N.N.H.S. This is the club ' s first year in existence. SPIRIT LEADERS Serving as the officers of the Spirit Club is only one of the many duties of the Var- sity Spirit Leaders. In addition to this, they lead cheers in the stands at all football and basketball games, participate in pep assemblies, and encourage good sports- manship, school spirit, and citizenship. Miss Mary Elizabeth Sexton serves as sponsor of the Spirit Leaders, who are chosen in the spring of each year by the Varsity Cheerleaders. Selection of the Spirit Leaders is based on leadership, citi- zenship, school spirit, and service. 62 In Body, Mind, And Spirit (first row) — D. Cutler, D. Dickinson, J. Cutler, C. Snapp. (second row) — J. Smith, C. Spahr, D Gore, P Barrow, A. Gore, C. Colley, C. Faye, L. Fincher, J. Faye, D. Lewis, B. Smith, (third row) — C. Coalter, P. Adcock, P. Holcomb, S. Jones, D. Lucado, S. Hargrave, R. Green, M. Haynes, B. Clark, M. Massey, (fourth row) — L. Higgins, A. Ellis, S. Hilsdon, J. Mabe, J. Hirshman, S. Jordan, F. Banton, B. Reeves, K, Yevak, S. Garth, J. Schweida. (fifth row) — R. Chalkley, J. Smith, J. Smith, S. Dorner, T. Keithley, K. Flick, L. Hile, J. Knowles, (sixth row) — M. Smith, C. Richardson, R. Hitchens, D, McCoy, R. Chalkley, J. Fisher, T. Holley, B. Bethea, (seventh row) — J. Grepiotis, K. Johnson, J. Lyerly, C. Parrish, N. Ames. SPIRIT CLUB School spirit is one of N.N H.S. ' s most famous trademarks and is the lone requirement for member- ship in the Spirit Club. Its 250 active members par- ticipate in various projects during the year to pro- mote and encourage school spirit and good sports- manship within the student body. Selling ribbons, buttons, and shakers not only stirs interest, but helps to finance the club ' s expenses. Spirit Club members, realizing that school spirit should not stop with athletic events, support the band, chorus, Drama Department, Beacon, Anchor, S. C. A., and the other school organizations with the same enthusiasm and zeal they show our athletic teams. The Spirit Club has proven itself this year as truly being a service club of N.N.H.S. 63 Club Participation Prepares FRENCH CLUB The French Club presents, through- out the year, to its members, monthly programs on French subjects. This year the club built a float for the Home- coming Parade and gave its annual picnic. Students who have success- fully completed one semester of French qualify for mem- bership. Sponsoring the club this year was Miss Algiline Hearn. first row)Miss Hearn, C Richardson, P. White, D. Bryant, J. Ellenson. (second row)— J. Sandler, L. Jordan, J. Knowles, R. Hitchens, J. Fox, J. Melamed, A. Blandford S Buckingham A Shapiro (third row)— P. Johnson, S. Takis, N. Robinson, H. Schanzer ' s ' n nd ' er ' S -, N ' f ho ' , J - Linhart, R. Smith, N Ames, (fourth row)— A. Cohen, H. Kounnas, ' - David, K. Liakos J. Hirshman, R. Green, M. Haynes, S. Hargrave, K. Johnson, (fifth row)— J Frank, L Scott, C. Fmeman, J. Pearson, L. Chaffin, P. Rouse, J. Gerber S Hess P Fmeman. (sixth row)— R. Bell, B. Freeman, K Rothschild, B Adelson, T. Brenner r ' Lhaukley, C. Richardson. (first row) S Cain, E. Kurzer, S. Bell, B. Epstein, Miss Brewer, (second row) — J Fink J Gordon, N. Davis, G. Goldsmith, A. Ellis, B. Gorshorn, G. Cwiber. (third row) B Fox A Rice, R. Hoffman, S. Fink, L. Fullwood, G. Perry, W. Shift ield M. Klesmer SPANISH CLUB Under the super- vision of Miss Joan Brewer, the Spanish Club works to broad- en its m e m b e r s ' knowledge of Span- ish customs and cul- ture. Students who have passed one se- mester of Spanish are eligible for mem- bership. 64 Us For Civic Responsibilities (first row) — J. Franklin, M. Haynes, R. Rawls, B. Epstein, (second row) — L. Grizzle, K. Taylor, M. Smith, L. Hile, S. Fink, S. Dantzler, J. Schweida, B. Smith, S. Weinstein, P. Goodwin, R. Green, J. Oliphant, G. Hile, M. Mortimer, D. Thomas, Miss Joan Brewer, (third row) — A. Shapiro, J. Ellenson, D. Hood, LATIN Through the S. P. Q. R. Latin Club, Latin students obtain a better understanding of Roman life and culture. The membership requirement is for one se- mester of Latin to have been successfully completed. B. Casey, A. Rowe, A. Cohen, E. Kurzer, R. Lerner, B. Brewer, P Barrow, B. Clark, S. Atkinson, P. Clark, B. West, F. Beale, (fourth row) — C. Crockin, R. Hitchens, R. Smith, J. Smith, J. Smith, A. Blandford, M. Harris, C. Althaus, J. Melamed, K. Yevak, C. Batts, M. Massey, R. Chaulkey, L. Burns. CLUB Among the club ' s activities for this year were the annual Roman Banquet and sponsoring the joint Christmas meeting with the other language clubs. CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT SOCIETY Sponsored by Mrs. Linda Scott, The Christopher this year have included an assembly for the school ' s Newport Society is composed of students who show 70th Anniversary and a trip to Washington, D. C. a genuine interest in social studies. Its activities for (first row) — T. Seay, C. Baab, J. Melamed, A. Whitcomb, B. Epstein, D. Kypriandes, S. Jordan, G. Cooke, D. Beesom, J. Smith, T. Boggs, J. Franklin, F. Beale, K. Jordan, B. Rash, (second row) — Mrs. Linda Scott, L. Roberts, L. Condron, S. Goldwasser, B. Cole, S. Bell, F. Banton, B. Reeves, J. Grepiotis, P. White, C. Richardson, J. Salken, A. Stall, A. Cohen, E. Kurzer, S. Fink, S. Jenkins, C. Snapp, G. Goldsmith, M. Passage, (third row) — P. Bluxome, C. Moore, S. Markman, L. Higgins, C. Warf. i 4 J ' ifr ■r I ■ z Practice, Patience, Direction (center) — G Hudson, (first row) — D. Bryant, P Bloxome, G. Goldsmith, C. Hansel, J. Parker, P. Long, N. DiGiacomo. (second row) — C. Sawyer, Mrs. Kiser, K. Long, K. Jeffries, D. Bowers, FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Compiled of girls who are interested in making members visit health centers and hospitals in order a career in a field of medicine, the F.N.A. helps to learn medical techniques. The club is sponsored its members see the work available in the field. The by Mrs. Thelma Kiser. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Through membership in F T. A. students interested in teaching learn more about the profession. This learning process includes observation of teaching styles in elementary schools as well as at N.N.H.S. With the guidance of Mrs. Margaret Minnick, the (first row) — L. White, C. Crockin, M. Burns, R. Green. (second row) — S Goidwasser, H. Schanzer, E. Kurzer, S. Fink, S. David, R. Reese, A. Shapiro, (third row) — S. Jenkins, club has followed through on an annual project of awarding a book scholarship to the outstanding senior member from the funds obtained from a spring book sale. A Cohen, S. Weinstein, H. Kounnas, N. Ames, M. Kailos, Mrs. Minnick. (fourth row) — K. Yevak, J. DeShazo, S. Daniel, R. Rawls, M. Laws. 66 Result In Achievement BOYS ' CHORUS (first row) — K. Jeffries, D. Jones, R. Johnson, S. Takis, D. John- son, B. Fox, J. Mullins, E. Nuttycombe, Mrs. Carter, (second row) — C. Downey, B. Johnson, C. McDowell, R. Blanchard, C. Skinnell, D. Camper, B. Tingen. (third row) — R. Strickland, D. Marlow, B. Hoffman, G. Fields, T. Holley, M. Hutcherson, R. Jackson, W. Swaringer, E. Moore, J. Aycock. (fourth row) — D. Stall, M. Harris, E. Price, L. Smith, E. Crisp, C. West, A. West, _ C. Brisson, R. Timberlake. CHORAL GROUPS Under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Carter, the three choral groups per- form often in concerts and assemblies. The Boys ' Chorus and Girls ' Chorus are composed of any stu- dents with talent in sing- ing. The Concert Choir dif- fers from the other two in that its members are se- lected by the music teach- ers. CONCERT CHOIR (first row) — S. Caine, J. Lawson, K. Jeffries, D. Camper, J. Aycock, L. Mercer, J. Veneris, K. Buckingham, R. Taylor, C. Dawson, L. West, Mrs. Carter, (second row) — D. Earls, S. Price, S. Daniels, B. Tingen, S. Helton, M. Harris, E. Price, C. Skinnell, R. Rawls, J. DeShazo, E. Davis. GIRLS ' CHORUS (first row) — L. Bedsaul, D. Boyce, C. Hardee, T. Owens, D. Cain, K. Leonard, B. Brotzman, D. Hoffman, J. Byrd, B. Pulley, P. McCallum, Mrs. Carter, (second row) — D. O ' Neill, G. Scott, P. Williams, K. Kanelos, M. Bennett, J. Williams, I. Delk, C. Brown, D. Hoffman, L. Fisher, K. Holden, L. Hile. (third row) — N. Moore, J. Hagy, E. Savage, J. Taylor, F. Rattley, M. Waters, B. Caldwell, D. Caldwell, D. Colton, G. Mayfield, (fourth row) — S. Mallory, M. Dempsey, J. Williams, E. Daniel, A, Blandford, L. Lewis, R. Miller, B. Boone. 67 Student Publications Provide ANCHOR STAFF Since no work had been done during the summer, each Anchor staff member worked doubly hard to meet the first deadline. Be- sides laying out his pages, each staff member had to find time to sell his quota of ads. Staff members are chosen each spring from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes, and must have a " C " average in English. Mrs. Martha Jo Milne was advisor to the 1 967 staff. (first row) — R. Green, Mrs. Milne, C. Crockin, A Dutton, J. Flax, (second row) — N. Webb, J. Knowles, A. Shipiro, L. Higgins, B. Reeves, F. Banton, C. Warf, J. Ellenson, S. Goldwasser, G. Goldsmith, J. Franklin. (ce nter) — Sparky, the Beacon Barker, (first row) — S. Fink, K. Jordan, D. Kypriandes, E. Kurzer. (second row) — C. Riggs, P. Randolph, P. Bluxome, J. Fox, J. Evans, K. Baker, Miss Fowler. BEACON STAFF The N.N.H.S. news- paper, the Beacon, is published twice a month, and keeps the students informed concerning all types of school news. The staff is composed of advanced journalism students. This year ' s sponsor was Miss Westbrook Fowler. 68 A Means Of Self-Expression (first row) — E. Kurzer, C. Crockin, K. Buckingham, S. Fink, (second row) — A. Cohen, J. Evans, B. Reeves, F. Banton, G. Goldsmith, S. Goldwasser, S. Dantzler, L. Roberts, K. Baker. (third row)- — D. Kypriandes, P. Bluxome, K. Jordan, J. Melamed R. Rawls, J. Ellenson, A. Shipiro, C. Warf, J. Knowles, J Franklin. QUILL AND SCROLL The Quill and Scroll Society is composed of students who have been selected for their excellence in work for the Beacon, Anchor, or Launchings. This year the club was sponsored by Miss Westbrook Fowler. LAUNCHINGS STAFF Launchings, the literary magazine of N.N.H.S., consists of short stories, essays, and poems written by the students. Sponsored by Mrs. Elizabeth Mirguet, the staff collects and edits materials for the annual publ ication. (first row) — J. Melamed, S. Althaus, F. Banton. (second row) — S. Dantzler, S. Price, S. Goldwasser, L. Roberts, R. Rawls, B. Reeves, J. Payne, P. White, E. Overton, (third row) — Mrs. Mirguet, P. Long, J. Smith, K. Flick, J. Knowles, K. Buckingham, D. Kypriandes, C. Riggs, B. Larmer, L. Higgins. 69 Through Activities Mr. Waida, W. Testino, S. Harris, C. Morgen, C. Riggs, K. Flick, T. Hayslett, J. Roberts, J. Davis, C. Melvin. CREATIVE ARTISTS ' CLUB Composed of students who have a special interest club ' s purpose is to enlarge its members ' scope of or who are especially talented in art, the Creative knowledge in the appreciation of art. Artists ' Club is sponsored by Mr. Jack Waida. The SCIENCE CLUB Interested students wishing to expand their scientific knowledge join the Science Club to help plan projects, to go on field trips, and attend lectures. Students must have maintained an over-all C average in science to become members of the Senior Science Club, which is spon- sored by Mrs. Betty Sharpe. (first row) — S. Althaus, S. Dantzler, B. Shelton, J. Fink, M. Whitmore, C. Wolfe, J. Driver, J. Harris, (second row) — -J. Melamed, K, Cates, A. Young, R. Baker, G. Cooke, G. Hankins, Mrs. Sharpe, R. Chalkley. 70 We Develop Character Mr. Burke, J. Washington, D. Kypriandes, M. Kypriandes, 5. Goldwasser, J. Downs, C. Bates, M. Lewter, S. Burke, K. Burke. SPEECH Under the leadership of Mr. Arthur Burke, the Speech Club discusses certain topics of public speaking. Emphasis is placed on parliamentary pro- cedure, proper techniques in panel discussion, pub- CHESS Those interested in the game of chess and its many strategies and playing skills gain knowledge and find excellent experience in the Chess Club. CLUB lie addresses, and serious or humorous speeches. During the year the club sponsors three forensic contests, an annual awards banquet, and a spring picnic. CLUB Several tournaments are held throughout the year in addition to the regular intramural contests. Mr. Gerald Roe is this year ' s sponsor. (seated) — P. O ' Brien, B. Fox, J. Scott, L. Al-Salam. (standing) — J Schwab, H. Wright, B. Simms, E. Saunders, G. Mirmelstein, M. Buffkin, A. West, P. Schwab, Mr. Roe. 71 Students Express Their D. Bryant, L. Condron, J. Perkins, C. Richardson, S. Beli, head, S. David, J. Salken, S. Adcock, G. Lucado. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Leading the students in displaying school spirit in juniors and seniors. This group works hard at develop- pep assemblies and at football and basketball games ing new and original ideas to help boost school spirit, is the job of the Varsity Cheerleaders. In the spring, Sponsoring the group is Miss Harriet Formichelli. try-outs are held to select nine girls from the rising JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Promoting school spirit at all Junior Varsity activi- ties are the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders. These seven girls work with the Varsity squad in spreading school spirit. Sponsoring the group and supervising spring try- outs is Miss Harriet Formi- chelli. M. Cruz, head, (first row) — P. Weaver, B. Smith, (second row) — P. Barrow, T. Arrington, J. Sch- weida, A. Gore. 72 Abilities In Many Ways V. Batts, J. Grepiotis, J. Lyerly, B. Phillips, C. Parrish — head, P. Wright, N. Ames, K. Johnson. VARSITY FLAGTWIRLERS The Varsity Flagtwirlers add much to halftime shows and assemblies as they perform their unique routines with grace and precision. These girls are chosen on the basis of versatility and attractiveness. D. Sandige, V. Frye, S. Atkinson, D. Pierce, B. Pierce — head, N. Webb, B. Franklin, S. Stewart. JUNIOR VARSITY FLAGTWIRLERS The Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers add a bit of interest and color to the Junior Varsity football games. They also perform at pep assemblies where they are a welcome addition. 73 Activities Offer A Chance To (first row) — N. Ames, V. Batts, J. Grepiotis, B. Phillips, D. Stall, L. Bridgers, N. Harris, C. Parrish, J. Lyerly, K. Johnson, P Wright, (second row) — R. Smith, C. Jones, B. Pierce, J. Kounnas, B. Price, H. Ford, D. Mattox, C. Wilson, D. Stanaway, M. Anzio, B Franklin, S. Dye. (third row) — P. Venable, E. Calhoun, V. Frye, S. Atkinson, J. Huskey, A. McIntyre, D. Pierce, L. Bryant, B. Mc- Creary, S. Helton, B. Brewer, L. Haynes, S. Lowing, M. Murphy, R. Jones, D. Cardwell, (fourth row) — J. Faye, D. Buchanan, K. Faircloth, T. Koskinas, M. Mullens, C. Hensley, H. Ford, E. Price, D. Thomas, J. Dinwiddie, N. Eanes, D. Atkinson, R. Boy- ette, R. Turner, M. Lentz, G. Hile, G. Williams, L. Grizzle, C. SENIOR A prized organization at N.N.H.S. is the Typhoon Marching Band. Under the direction of Mr. James P. Wilson, Jr., this group performs in concerts, pa- rades, pep assemblies, and at football games. The members practice early each school morning and of- The Color Guard performs at the halftime ceremonies of the Hampton-Newport News football game Skinnell, M. Forbes, D. Sandige, D. Jennings, B. Bethea, J. Hogue, P. Clark, (fifth row) — L. Deane, R. Guye, G. Campbell, G. Mingee, D. Morris, M. Derzis, P. Howard, D. Carter, R. Mabe, W. Swaringer, M. Mortimer, E. Ballard, G. Maddox, D. Ryan, J. Franklin, J. Oliphant, C. Smith, B. Hughes, T. Franklin, G. Liv- ingston, D. Kiser, M. Lentz, R. Haden. (sixth row) — K. Wall, K. Flick, W. Bradley, W. Vines, M. Trussell, T. Sturgis, S. Sease, S. Hensel, S. Smith, J. Easmail, S. Smith, D. Braswell, N. Webb, G. Hudson, (seventh row) — Mr. Wilson, S. Hargrave, M. Harris, (eighth row) — B. Simms, B. Bradish, D. Rogers, J. Corbitt, C. Brissin. BAND ten at night, and the results of these long hours are rewarding. The many honors won by the Typhoon Marching Band include first place in the Armed Forces Day Parade and first place at the Apple Blos- som Festival for six years. The Band Officers for this year are (center) — C. Parrish, (standing) — R. Smith, R. Guye, D. Ryan, L. Bridgers, T. Koskinas, M. Mortimer, S. Helton. 74 Develop Personal Talents Acting as Drum Majors for this year are Larry Bridgers, Senior Band, and Tony Koskinas, Breeze Band. This year ' s Band Announcer is Mike Harris, and the alternate Varsity Flagtwirler is Sharon Hargrave. BREEZE BAND Contributing to school spirit by performing at Jun- ior Varsity football games, the halftime show of the Band Sweetheart football game, and in various con- certs and parades, the Breeze Band is under the di- rection of Mr. Allen Wright. Hard work helps the band to bring many honors to N.N.H.S. jfiaf V M; tM . m (first row) — D. Sandige, V. Frye, S. Atkinson, D. Pierce, B. Pierce, N. Webb, B. Franklin, S. Stewart, (second row) — A. Long, P. Dill- wood, S. Lawrence, S. Kuhns, L. Kurzer, P. Hile, P. Riggs, M. Clark, B. Jones, T. Ayers, (third row) — P. Crocker, D. Horne, B. Granger, J. Huskey, H. Ford, L. Walker, S. Lockett, S. Collins, K. Stanaway, A. Roach, D. Sherrill, L. Moore, (fourth row) — M. Schusler, D. Thomas, J. Carter, N. Aman, D. Gore, L. Daniel, B. Oldfield, D. Vest, D. Bedsaul, B. Ames, L. Prevatte, R. Woods, D. Orie, M. Lewter, R. Morrisette, B. O ' Neal. 75 Di rec ' tion, n., the course along which anything moves. As the navigator upon the high seas uses the stars as his guide, and as the hunter in the forest as his guide uses tracks, so the students of Newport News High School use the faculty as their guide. For it is the faculty which gives direction to the quest for learning. It is the faculty which gives encouragement to the students to explore the domains of knowledge to their fullest extent. FACULTY The Principal And His Staff j PRINCIPAL Mr. J. William Etheridge It is difficult to efficiently run a school while recognizing and making allowances for the needs and desires of the student body. It is this ability of our principal which makes him an outstanding person. His warmth, friendliness, understanding, and con- cern for each student has endeared him to the school. His enthusiasm for each of the many facets of Newport News High School activities reveals a school spirit which is rare for one in his position. ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Thomas 0. Keesee Always ' busy, yet always ready to help, is the proper way to describe Mr, Keesee. There has never been a student in need of help or under- standing who has been turned from his door. His devotion to h ' S students has been repaid many times as he sees them leave this school facing toward the future with a worthy de- sire to succeed. 78 Are Of Vital Importance To Us ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Miss Margaret Lane Seated at her desk, Miss Mar- garet Lane confronts one of the many problems she faces daily. As assistant principal she leads a busy life of counseling girls or faculty members about problems which arise. Arranging schedules, inter- viewing parents, writing bulletins for the public address system and look- ing after the heavily docketed acti- vities calendar are a few of her daily tasks. Kindness, consideration, and helpfulness are qualities which we admire in her. ATTENDANCE STAFF Mr. Louis Wheary is in charg e of absentees, tardies, with- drawals, drop-outs, and suspensions. Mrs. Katherine Bonnet, his secretarial assistant, aids in handling the attendance reports. OFFICE STAFF Mrs. Sandra Bell, secretary to the principal, Mrs. Carolyn Combs, office secretary, and Mrs. Mable Papa, office bookkeeper, are ever ready to lend assistance when needed. 79 Miss Bonnie Abbitt Longwood College, B.5. Science " Please let them graduate! " says Senior class advisor, Mrs. Thomas. Mrs. Elaine P. Ball Mary Washington College, B.S. Head Librarian Our Faculty Mr. J. K. Alvis V.P.I. University of Georgia College of William and Mary, B.S., M.S. Mrs. Virginia Baker Randolph-Macon Women ' s College, B.A. Science Mr. David H. Bartlett U.S. Coast Guard Academy, B.S., M.A. Social Studies Mrs. Vivian Bauserman Randolph-Macon Women ' s College, A.B. Mathematics Miss Joan Brewer College of William and Mary, A.B. Latin, Spanish Sponsors the Latin Club and the Spanish Club Mr. Robert J. Brinkley Virginia State College, B.S. Industrial Arts Mrs. Barbara Brown Indiana Central College, B.S. Business Education Mr. Chesley J. Browne, Jr. Wingate Junior College East Carolina College, A.B. Physical Education Mr. Arthur L. Burke University of Maryland, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Social Studies Sponsors the Spokesmen Club 80 Patiently Mrs. Kathryn Pace Cameron Madison College, B.S. College of William and Mary English, Department Head Mrs. Laurie K. Collier Meredith College, B.S. Business Education Miss Erin Doyle St. Louis University, A.B. Social Studies Have we got Guided Us Mrs. Dorothy Carter Carson-Newman College College of William and Mary, B.S. Music Sponsors the Boys ' Chorus, the Girls ' Chorus and the Concert Choir Mrs. Ressie Collins A and T College, B.S. English Miss Cassie Childress College of William and Mary, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Mathematics, Department Head Mrs. Garland J. Conn Westhampton College, B.A. Guidance Mr. E. Tod Christian Frederick College Richmond College, A.B. English Sponsors the Key Club Mr. Julius Conn University of Virginia, B.S. Physical Education, Department Head Miss Carolyn Cline Longwood College, B.S. Physical Education Co-sponsors the Eleventh Grade Mr. Norman DeHart R.P.I. Indiana State College, B.F.A. Art a team??? 81 Miss Patricia A. Edison Madison College, B S. Social Studies Whom do I see for a sick leave?? wonders Mrs. Kiser. Mr. Henry Geddy East Carolina College, B.S. Drama and English Sponsors the Stage Crew and the Thespians Society They Always Kept Mr. 0. J. Farmer R.P.I., B.S. Distributive Education Co-sponsors the D E Club Sponsors the TO. Keesee Hi-Y Miss Joan Faunce Mary Washington College B.S. College of William and Mary, MS. Science Miss Harriet Formichelli Madison College, B.S. Physical Education Sponsors the Varsity and Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Miss Alice Fowler St. Mary ' s Junior College University of North Carolina, A B. English and Journalism Sponsors the Quill and Scroll Society and the Beacon Miss Edith Goldberg Mary Washington College, B.A. Social Studies Sponsors the Keyettes Mrs. Virginia Goolsby Mary Washington College, B.S. Home Economics Mrs. Borbara Graham Mr. Harlan Hott Atlantic Christian College, B.S. Mathematics Sponsors the Ninth Grade Shepherd College, B A. Physical Education 82 Our Interests At Heart Mrs. Phoebe Hoyle University of North Carolina. Greensboro, B.A. English Miss Jane Hunsucker University of North Carolina, Greensboro B.A. Mathematics Sponsors the Tri-Hi-Y Miss Sue Kelly Madison College, B.S. Columbia University, M A. Home Economics, Department Head Sponsors the Future Homemakers Club Mr. Fred Kochli United States Military Academy, B.S. Mathematics Miss Maureen Lane St. Louis University, A.B Social Studies Sponsors the S.C. A Mr. W. A. Lipscomb Virginia State, B.S. Industrial Arts Mr. James J. LoFrese College of William and Mary, B.S. Physical Education Miss Francess Maguire Boston University, B.A. Longwood College, M.A. Social Studies Sponsors the Girls ' Usher Staff I " " So whot if you ' re two feet taller than I am — I ' m still the big man around here! " Mr. Burke informs David Bessom. " If I ' ve told you once, I ' ve told you a hundred times . Mrs. Edna Marston College of William ond Mary, B.S. Home Economics Mr. Thomas Marvin V.P.I., B.S. Distributive Education Co-sponsors the D E Club They Greatly Assisted Us Miss Eulah Massey College of William and Mary, A B , M.A Assistant Librarian Mrs. Virginia Masters University of Maryland. B.S. Physical Education, Department Head Sponsors the Girls ' Athletic Association Mrs. Mortha Jo Milne Judson College, B.A. English Sponsors the Anchor Bubble, bubble, toil ond trouble . . says Mrs. Virginia Baker. Mrs. Louise Mundi? College of William end Mary, B A Latin and English Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William end Mary, A B Science, Department Heod Mr. Charles Nutlycombe Scndolph-Mccon College, B A Physical Education Miss Sarah Owen Longwood College, B.S. Guidonce, Department Head Miss Ann Parker Sul I ins College Brenau College, B.S. Physical Education Co-sponsors the Eleventh Grade 64 With Their Counsel Mrs. Lena Priode Radford College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M. Ed. English Mrs. Jen Lou Pully Winthrop College, A.B College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Guidance Mr. John Reveley, Jr. Hampden Sydney College, B.S. College of William and Mary M.A. Science Mr. Gerald Roe LaSalle College, B.A. Science Sponsors the Chess Club Co-sponsors the Science Club Mrs. Linda Sayers Radford College, B S. Mathematics Mrs. Linda Scott Mrs. Mae H. Scott Mary Washington College, B.S. Social Studies Sponsors the Christopher Newport Society Fisk University, B.S. Western Reserve University, M.S. Science Co-sponsors the Eighth Grade Miss Mary E. Sexton East Carolina College, B.S., M.A. Ed. English Sponsors the Varsity Spirit Club Mrs. Betty Sharpe Louisburg College, A A Greensboro College, B.S. Science Co-sponsors the Science Club Mrs. Helen Shelton Madison College, B.S English 85 For All Their Efforts Mr. Samuel Somervill West Virginia Institute Of Technology, B.S. Industrial Arts Mrs. Caudia Sturm Longwood College, B.S. English Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College, B.A. Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Virginia Speech ond English Senior Class Coordinator Mrs. Morjorie Thomsen East Carolina College Brigham Young University, B.S. Assistant Librarian Mr. Jack R. Waida Concord College, B.S Art Sponsors the Creative Artists Club Mrs. Mae Weaver College of William and Mary B.A. English Coach Charlie Woolum aptly hums, " A-I ' m ador- able, B-I ' m so .... Mr. William H. Walls Hampton Institute, B S. Industrial Arts Mr. Louis M. Wheary Lynchburg College, A B George Peabody College, M.A. History, Deportment Head Mrs. Phyllis B. Volhein Campbell College, B.S Business Education Soonsors the Future Business Leaders of America Mrs. Marjorie Thoms make sure the grooi Mr. M. G. Willey Temple University, M.A Business Education, Department Head 86 We Are Eternally Grateful Miss Gail Williams Catherine Spalding College, A.B. French and English Mrs. Mary Williams Longwood College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Social Studies Sponsors the National Honor Society Mr. James P. Wilson Wayne State University, B.S. Music, Department Head Sponsors the Senior Band and the Flagtwirlers Mrs. Gay Womack University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Science Mr. Charles Woolum College of William and Mary, 8.S Physical Education jf f • . • M c i . ij e n 1 — h Mrs. College Jeanette Wright of William and Mary, A.B. English Mr. Paul Wynn Emory and Henry, A.B., B.S. V.P I., M.S. I. C. T. Sponsors VICA and the Honor Council Ivises Miss Carolyn Cline, Erin Doyle, and Miss Sallie Galloway, " And, girls, ings the wedding band! " Mrs. Thelma Kiser Elizabeth Buxton Hospital, R.N. School Nurse Sponsors the Future Nurses of America Club Mr. C. M. Spivey Custodian Mr. Carla Shupe and Mr. Roland Magee, Newport News High School ' s student teachers from Old Dominion College, enjoy a coffee break. 87 ■ V " Jr | , I ' ' WKK ' Di rec ' tion, n., the course along which anything moves. The classroom is the crucible of the student ' s development. Here, with the student ' s desire for knowledge, is consolidated a fusion of the student ' s capabilities and ambitions. This fusion of ability and desire is that which gives the student the impetus to choose the one direction which he will follow from the many which life offers. It is also this fusion that gives the student the momentum which propels him down the long road to maturity. CLASSROOM Through Languages In advanced senior English, Jimmy Gordon receives the aid of Mrs. Cameron. Mrs. Weaver hands back an assignment to Jane Schweida in tenth grade English class. ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Effective self-expression in both writing and speaking is one of the major objectives of the Eng- lish Department. Each student should obtain this ability before he graduates from high school. Teaching the student to think, to master skills of written and oral expression, to use the library, to interpret intelligently and to appreciate all litera- ture are additional factors that the English courses at Newport News High School offer. Being a re- quired course and taken every semester, English helps a student to attain greater ease in communi- cation with other people. 90 We Communicate LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT Though foreign languages are not re- quired, many students take them as elec- tives for college preparation or for person- al enrichment. Latin, French, and Spanish are offered at NNHS and may be taken from two to five years. To teach the student grammar, vocabu- lary and pronunciation is the main objec- tive of the course. In addition to the rudi- ments of a language, the history, litera- ture, and the culture of the countries in which the language originated are taught. This gives a broader and deeper apprecia- tion for the speech and culture of other peoples. Jimmy Hogan, Kathy Baker, and Mrs. Mundie enjoy some fun as they examine a Latin poster on exhibit. Miss Brewer, Spanish teacher, explains the conjugation of a verb to one of her students. Nancy Ames and Kay Johnson practice a dialogue in French. 91 Self-Expression Is JOURNALISM Journalism includes the study of theory and techniques concerning the production of publications. This study of newswriting and style includes advertisements, editorials, and fea- ture writing. Laboratory work is sup- plied through the Beacon, the school newspaper, which is planned and writ- ten by the students. From his work in journalism class, the student re- ceives background in editing a news- paper. Here students are learning how to type a newspaper. SPEECH Speech instruction gives students that vital quality, self-confidence, which is desperately needed for an effective delivery. The students, hav- ing learned the mechanics of good speech-making, apply them accord- ingly. Ease in speaking before a group is acquired by many speech students Readings and voice tests help to develop pitch, clarity, and modulation. Students also learn pan- tomime, gestures, and types of speeches. Is this Friendly Typhoon Week or speech class? DRAMA Drama students receive a firm foundation in the classroom for pro- ducing, preparing, and presenting theatrical productions. Make-up, his- tory of the early theatre, and aspects of directing are taught through dem- onstrations, and participation. The annual one-act Tournament plays are directed by the advanced drama stu- dents without supervision. Drama class sure can be fun! 92 Developed In The Arts ART Drawing, painting, printing, and lettering are taught in art classes. Collage, ceramics, and carving are also covered. More advanced students further their studies in these areas as they go into oil painting. Periodic projects concerning painting, graph- ics, crafts, and commercial art stress the individual growth of a student, while connecting classroom study with modern life. " Well, it can ' t be any worse than when we started, " says Mr. DeHart. CHORUS Choral techniques and interpreta- tion are the chief subjects taught in the chorus classes. Conducting and music appreciation are some of the phases of music that are covered throughout the year. Participation in either the Boys ' Chorus, Girls ' Chorus, or Concert Choir provides a laboratory for demonstration of musical ability. Chorus develops the talent of those students who elect it The Concert Choir practices diligently for the winter concert. BAND The functions of the band classes are: development of ensemble play- ing, development of technique, and knowledge of solo playing. Included in the studies are terminology, music theory, and music appreciation. Stu- dents receive training through work with the Junior and Senior Bands where classwork is put into practice. Background, practice, and individual instruction are essential in this course. The class listens closely as Mr. Wright explains the selection. 93 Students Are Guided In Here is a familiar scene in the library as Steve Terry, library in checking out a book. LIBRARY SERVICE assistant. aids a student While learning the basic fundamentals of library service, the student aides assist others in locating reference and reading materials. Also, their attrac- PHYSICAL Keeping students physically fit is the chief aim of the physical education class, which is a required four- year course. Girls learn balance and rhythm through modern dance, while apparatus and tumbling help to perfect body co-ordination. Calisthenics, hockey, basketball, tive displays and bulletin boards stimulate interest in books of all types as well as in new books received. EDUCATION softball, and volleyball make physical fitness fun. Boys ' gym classes concentrate on the major sports. The physical education program also includes driver ' s education, first aid, hygiene, and mental health courses. Physical education covers a wide range, from basketball to classroom health. 94 Skills They Will Later Use Mamie Wilkins gets help on a difficult assignment in book- keeping class. BUSINESS In bookkeeping class, students learn how to keep accurate records of the credits and debits of large and small businesses. Learning how to keep records of business expenditures, the students are prepared for the future. First year typing students learn the mechanics of the typewriter and gain useful skills. Second year Brenda Phillips works intently as she takes a speed test. COURSES typing students develop their speed to its fullest potential. The first semester of shorthand students con- centrate on learning to write phonetics and everyday language. Second semester consists of dictation, as do the third and fourth semesters, with each student reaching his maximum speed. Mr. Willey gives dictation in shorthand class. 95 Classroom Experiences Train Greg Sutton and Charles Comer show that much hard work goes into an article made in shop class. Ed Saunders works hard on a sketch in drafting class. SHOP Metal, wood printing, machine, and drafting shops give boys the opportunity to make handy articles. In metal shop, ash trays, lamps, and spice racks are made; in wood shop, articles ranging from fine tables to a pair of skis are produced. Machine shop teaches operation of numerous machines and hand tools, while drafting prepares students for engineer- ing. HOME ECONOMICS Home economics courses prepare the student for her present and future needs. Cooking and sewing are available at any grade level, while home man- agement is taught only to advanced students. Mrs. Kelly explains to her students how to cut a pattern cor- rectly. 96 Us To Meet Future Needs Anne Rowe and Maria Cruz check the IBM cards for absentees. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Working in co-operation with the office staff and guidance department, the office assistants are essen- tial to the smooth-running office operations. Their duties include helping in the office, collecting IBM cards, and running errands for office personnel. JOB-TRAINING COURSES Those interested in office employment find it advantageous to follow the Vocational Office Train- ing program. In this course, the student is taught how to use machines such as dictaphones, duplicators, and calculators. The student also gains on-the-job experience in a business office. Industrial Cooperative Training is offered to the student who wants to enter a specialized field. He ' does research in his chosen field and also maintains a job. There are several fields of study including laboratory technology and dental assistance. Distributive Education classes provide a back- ground for those students interested in retailing. Students apply on the job techniques of selling which they learn in the classroom. 9 . Brenda Boone, one of the students involved in the Distributive Education program, leaves for work. Mr. Wynn gives special instruction to his ICT class. Science And Math Courses In biology closs the students ore o worm. getting valuable background SCIENCE material before they dissect Science courses range from eighth-grade general science to genetics and advanced chemistry. Other courses offered are biology, chemistry and physics. Remodeling of the eighth-grade general course now allows the student to get a background in elementary physics. Biology teaches the systems of living things, while chemistry encompasses the study of elements, compounds and mixtures. The study of matter and Bill McCreary, Jon Scott, and Jimmy Hogan work diligently to finish their lab assignment in chemistry. how it affects man is learned in physics class. Seniors may take the advanced course which includes a semester of genetics and a semester of advanced chemistry. Through the use of film-strips, readings, and lec- tures, the students get the full advantage of a com- plete science education. Mrs. White gives some notes to her eighth grade science class on the overhead projector. 98 Are Stressed For Future Needs The class listens intently as Miss Hunsucker explains a new concept in algebra. MATHEMATICS Two years of mathematics are required for graduation from New- port News High School. A general math course is offered continually. Here a strong background is obtained for a study of higher mathe- matics. More advanced students may take two years of algebra, a study of mathematical calculation by means of letters and symbols. Geometry, which helps the student to think constructively and logical- ly, is also offered. A student ' s choice of higher mathematics may in- clude trigonometry, consumer math, and senior math analysis. With the proper instruction from the teacher and with an energetic attitude toward his studies, the mathematical student can derive knowledge and satisfaction. Trigonometry students in Mrs. Graham ' s class practice problems at the board. " I told you geometry was fun, " says Mrs. Minnick. 99 The Past And Future Are Mrs. Scott laughs with her eighth grade history class while Jay Clevenson tries to study. In eleventh grade US history, Miss Goldberg explains the constitution to her class. HISTORY Offering a means of storing up valuable information on the past in relation to the future, social studies show the signifi- cance of historical develop- ments as well as the dramatic impact of events on the people of today. Courses offered are eighth grade U.S. history, world geo- graphy, world history, eleventh grade U.S. history, govern- ment, and modern European history. To aid students in comprehension, projects illus- trating certain phases in stud- ies, such as oral reports, map construction, special projects, informal debates, and field trips are utilized. Four years of social studies must be taken. In eighth grade United States history, pupils are introduced to the high school and its activities. After learning the fundamentals of the honor code and making tentative schedules of their next five years, they begin a study of American history. Studies in world geography include the learning of basic cultures, customs, natural re- sources, and social economics of other countries. Much em- phasis is placed on locations of states, cities, bodies of water, and important world areas. World history is a course de- voted to the study of develop- ments of the nations through- out the world. It covers the great ancient civilizations and development of European cul- ture. Much attention is given to current problems and their relation to the present. The eleventh grade U.S. his- tory course begins with the ex- ploration and colonization of 100 Stressed Through History Mrs. Williams gives some private aid to one of her students taking government. In modern European history class, Mr. Burke answers one of Kenny Flick ' s questions. North America. Studying the French and Indian War and the Civil War, this course teaches the concepts and theories of how our nation was born. " What is Communism? " is a question answered by the govern- ment course. The main purposes of the course is to teach the stu- dents local and state government functions, and what the student ' s relation as a citizen is to them. Good citizenship and responsibility are emphasized throughout the year. In modern European history, students are taught a detailed study of world cultures. This course, offered only to seniors, entails much outside reading and work, but this study of the west- ern hemisphere is helpful to the college-bound student. The main objective of history is to give the student an apprecia- tion of his heritage. Being able to locate important places in the world is one of the main objectives of the world geography class. 101 Di rec ' fion, n., the course along which anything moves. The quarterback running toward the goal post, the basketball player driving down the court, and the track man racing toward the finish line are all striving in the same direction — that of victory. But particpiation in athletics offers the student much more than a chance at grasping the fame and honor which accompany victory. Athletics offer the student the chance to develop his potential to the fullest extent through competitive activities, to develop strength of character that only team work can bring and to appreciate the great value of perseverance and loyalty. o SPORTS PETIE YEVAK Co-captain Senior — Linebacker DALE LUCADO Junior — Cornerback DOUG DICKINSON Sophomore — Halfback DONNIE CARTER Junior — Fullback FOOTBALL N.N. Opponent 19 York 18 13 Wilson 47 18 Kellam 20 19 Maury 48 32 Kecoughtan 12 BILLY GRIFFITH Senior — Tackle BOBBY COOK Sophomore — Tackle 1 04 ■A JIMMY HOGAN Co-captain Senior — Quarterback JON SCOTT Junior — - Halfback SCOREBOARD N.N. Opponent 7 Warwick 13 7 G. W. Of Danville 13 60 Denbeigh 13 46 Ferguson 26 6 Hampton 55 TONY HOLCOMB Junior — End BEN HOGAN Junior — End TOMMY COMER Senior — Center 105 Coaches Prepare Team Co-captains P. Yevak and J. Hogan look hopefully toward the coming season. Coaches C W. Nuttycomb, J. J. LoFrese, C. J. Browne, and H. Hott prepare the team for the hard season ahead of them. Ending the season in third place, the Gold and Blue Typhoons showed a definite lack of experience and size Despite this, no shortage of a strong com- petitive spirit and a desire to win was displayed. No matter who was favored and by what odds, our team took the field as the champs, the Newport News Typhoons. It was evident from the beginning that the Typhoons were aiming to reclaim the first place title that was won last year The coaches, boys, and stu- dent body all realized that this goal would not be easy to obtain. It would take long practice and hard work. From the beginning, the " Monster " defense was plagued by its relatively small size, and the " Gang- ster " offense showed the problems involved when a new system is begun. The task of making up for these problems rested on the shoulders of the coaches, but they could only tell the boys what to do. It was up to each individual player to try his best to do as he had been told. In the Homecoming Game, Larry Burden demonstrates how a second effort can pick up extra yardage. " Monsters " cause an important fumble in the Kellam game. 106 For Season Ahead The 1966 football team consists of (first row) — managers J. Peoples, A. Jones, H. Hudson, J. Lovitt. (second row) — D. Cutler, J. Hicks, T. Holcomb, R. Fordham, B. McClelland, T. Koskinas, B. Orie, P. Yevak, J. Hogan, R. Gore, D. McCall, S. Morris, D. Lucado, D. Dickinson, B. Hogan, R. Nash (third row) — Coach J, J. LoFrese, Coach H, Hott, D. Ashworth, W. Morrison, D. Carter, K. Thomas, J. Scott, M. Wilson, B. Cook, N. Kozlosik, P. Howard, B. Griffith, K. Hough, B. Parrish, D. Wolfley, T. Comer, S. Jackson, H. Smith, A. Rice, S. Walker, Coach C. J. Browne, Coach C. W. Nuttycomb. When the season ended, the coaches and team knew that they had tried their best to reach their goal. If a game was lost, it was because the team had been defeated by the opponent and not by its lack of spirit. As long as any team displays the spirit that the Newport News Typhoons did, it can be considered a successful season. Ben Hogan picks up important yardage against Kecoughtan. In the Warwick game, Jimmy Hogan shows he can run as well as pass. 107 Offense, Defense Lack Again this year, the Typhoon " Monsters " served as Newport Wilson, D Lucado, B. Hogan, P. Yevak, R. Fordham, D. Dicken- Ne ws defensive unit. The members are K. Hough, B. Cook, M. son, P. Howard, N. Kozloski, and R. Nash. The 1966 football season was begun with a 19-18 win over the York Falcons. From the beginning, it was evident that the Gold and Blue was going to try its best to have a successful season. In the second conference game, the Typhoons dealt the Kecoughtan Warriors a strong blow with a 32-12 win. The best game of the season was played against Denbigh when the Patriots received a 60-13 defeat. The two state records that were made in this game marked it as the zenith of the entire year. Next came the traditional Turkey Day clash with Hampton. Both teams had won twenty-eight games in the series with twelve other games ending in ties. The Ty- phoons entered the traditional clash know- ing that they would have to play the best game of the season in order to be the vic- tors, but the Hampton Crabbers proved too much and dealt the Gold and Blue a 55-6 defeat. The Gangsters " , the new offensive unit, are (in counter-clockwise order) K Thomas, T Holcomb, D. Carter, D Dickinson, B. Hogan, B. Griffith, N. Kozloski, T. Comer, P. Yevak, B. Cook, J. Hogan, J. Scott. 108 Record— Not Spirit to set three outstanding passing records. Donald Wolfley pulls in a pass for the only touchdown against Hampton. 109 TONY HOLCOMB Junior — Guard RODNEY HITCHENS Junior — - Forward , ) ’ i BASKETBALL SCOREBOARD N.N. Opponent 52 Barry Robinson 43 59 Great Bridge 50 77 Maury 63 60 P. Catholic 57 70 Denbigh 39 75 York 47 49 Warwick 46 64 Ferguson 50 63 Kecoughtan 68 44 Hampton 53 77 N. Catholic 58 55 Granby 61 73 Denbigh 43 84 York 57 57 Warwick 54 59 Ferguson 53 56 Kecoughtan 52 41 Hampton 55 TOURNAMENT 86 York 40 54 Denbigh 40 52 Hampton 74 Typhoons Surprise Skeptics The members of this year ' s basketball team are: (first row) V. Gilbert, Manager, Coach C. Woollum, and C. Smith, Manager, (second row) T. Holcomb, R. Nichols, S. Jackson, B. Hogan, At the first of the season, many spectators asked, " Why does Newport News keep on winning? " The answer to this question is very simple. The Typhoons made up in desire what they lacked in M. Scott, D. McCoy, T. Seay, W. Owens, J. Fisher, R. Reeves, and N. Sosebee. height. This desire proved so strong that it allowed Newport News to win second place in the Peninsula District. Coach C. Woollum and Co-captains T. Seay and W. Owens lead the 1967 basketball team. As Wayne Owens goes in for two . . . Hey, what ' s going on behind that ball? End-Of-Season Record RRlO ?$ Rodney Hitchens meets a forceful resistance in an attempt for two points. A host of Newport News cagers get into rebound position in their second meeting with the Kecoughtan Warriors. Before the season began, many people felt that the Newport News team ' s lack of height and experi- ence would handicap it. At the end of the season, the team ' s hard work and determination were reward- ed with a 14-4 record and second place in the Penin- sula District. Newport News opened the 1967 season with four non-conference wins. This streak was continued as the Typhoons easily overcame Denbigh and York. Warwick and Ferguson also went down in defeat, but gave strenuous opposition. Warwick threatened to come back in the second half and to overpower the favored Typhoons, while Ferguson played even ball until the Mariners lost their momentum late in the game. Kecoughtan handed the Gold and Blue its first loss and was the biggest upset of the year. The favored Newport News team could not find the range and was beaten 68-63 by the Warriors. Hampton, one of the two teams favored to beat the Typhoons, won the first game between the traditional rivals 53-44. The next conference games proved to be easy wins over Denbigh and York. The Warwick and Ferguson games were again close, but the Typhoons proved too strong for them to equal. 112 Against Warwick, Royce Reeves pulls in o rebound. 14-4 And Second Place Newport News entered the Kecoughtan game determined to prove that the first game played was truly an upset. Newport News defeated Ke- coughtan 56-52, thus affirm- ing this. The Typhoons closed the season with a hard fought 55-41 loss to Hampton. Looking forward to the tour- nament with apprehension, Newport News knew that if it wanted a berth in the State Tourney at Charlottesville, it would have to beat three teams. In the early action Newport News beat York and Denbigh. As a result of Hamp- ton ' s victories in its tourna- ment games, the stage was set for a third Typhoon-Crabber encounter. Hampton ' s height and strength proved too much as it defeated the Gold and Blue 74-52. Jerry Fisher catches a rebound in a close game with Against Hampton, Royce Reeves Warwick. makes it look simple to score. 113 Opponents Fall as Ready to begin another season, the Cross Country Team consists of J. Witcher, Manager, Coach Julie Conn, R. Taylor, I Lyerly, D Campbell, J. Pulley, J. Cutler, R. Beale, R. Timber- lake, and G. Burke, Manager. CROSS-COUNTRY SCOREBOARD N.N. Opponent 22 Ferguson 34 1 7 Warwick 46 1 5 Denbigh 50 18 Kecoughtan 40 22 Hampton 34 17 York 43 OUTDOOR SCOREBOARD N.N. Opponent 1 07 Denbigh 24 100 Ferguson 31 93 Hampton 38 109 York 22 100 Kecoughtan 31 89 Warwick 42 Making up the Indoor Track Team a r e (first row) — R. Williams, R Kanney, E. Ballard; (second row) — Coach C W. Nuttycomb, D. Cutler, D. Dickinson, R. Timberlake, J. Scott, J. Cutler, R. Beale, Coach Julie Conn. Dynasty Continues The ] 967 Outdoor Track Team was composed of: (first row) J. Whitcomb, R. Williams, R Hall, R. Lyle, D. Campbell, R. Chalk- ley, R. Gore, E. Ballard; (second row) Coach C. J. Brown, Coach As evidenced by the record of the track season, the dynasty which has existed so long at Newport News continued during 1967. From the beginning of the season, as other teams practiced to defeat the Typhoons, the Typhoon team prepared to continue its illustrious history. Newport News ' one-sided victories offered a tangible proof of the Typhoon track team ' s superiority. Cross Country, the almost unknown sport, continued the sovereignty in excellent fashion with an unde- feated regular season. C. W. Nuttycomb, D. Cutler, D. Dickinson, R. Timberlake, J. Scott, J. Cutler, R. Beale, R. Kanney, B. Parrish, I Lyerly, G. Burke, Manager, Cooch Julie Conn, Coach T. C. Marvin In the Warwick meet, seven of the first eight men were Typhoon runners; in the Denbigh meet, all of the first eight runners to cross the finish line were Newport News men. Timberlake, an outstanding run- ner, showed his ability by setting three Cross Country records in the regular season. Following in what appears to be normal Typhoon fashion, the Indoor Track Team was also undefeated in regular season meets. Three team first places were taken in the state meet and offered further proof that the dynasty was enduring Coaches Julie Conn, C. W. Nuttycomb, T C. Marvin, and C. J Brown can clearly see the continuation of the track dynasty. David Cutler, Doug Dickinson, Jimmy Cutler, and Ronnie Timberlake supply the track team with a strong backbone. Season Filled with Ronnie Timberlake tastes victory as he wins the mile event. After the outstanding Cross Country and Indoor Track seasons, it seemed only proper that the Outdoor Track Team should have an excellent season. This expectation proved valid as the Outdoor Team breezed through a perfect season. The team, not any particular individual, won the meets; but several standouts come to mind. Doug Dickinson set a new school and stadium record in the triple jump, and David Cutler cleared a school record height in the pole vault. Ronnie Timberlake surpassed 1 1 6 Three Four . And David Cutler goes over! Records and Honors bigger things to come. Richard Beale, after getting first place in the 880, re- ceives congratulations from Gene Burke. Jimmy Cutler and Doug Dickinson supply a strong one-two punch in the hurdle department. the school records in the mile and two mile events and set a stadium record in the mile. These outstanding athletes, when combin- ing their abilities into team effort, helped the team surpass its opponents. The quantity of underclassmen on the team offers a promise that the track superiority will continue, and that such records as the dual meet winning streak of greater than ten years will also be continued. Doug Dickinson displays his win- ning triple jump form. Team Gets A New Members of the varsity baseball team are: (first row) T Holcomb, M. Mortimer, J Creekmore, B Creekmore, B Reece, B McClel- land, L Grizzle, B Worley, Manager; (second row) H. Smith, J. Castonguay, K. Buckingham, J. Hogan, W. Owens, D. McCoy, M. Scoot, J. Watkins, D. Gribble, C. Richardson, Manager, Coach H. Hott. BASEBALL N.N. Opponent 3 Kecoughtan 4 0 Hampton 10 0 Warwick 7 8 York 5 5 Ferguson 8 Denbigh 4 1 Poquoson 5 2 Kecoughtan 5 SCOREBOARD N.N. Opponent 2 Hampton 7 8 Warwick 9 2 York 1 0 Ferguson 3 3 James Blair 12 12 Poquoson 1 5 Denbigh 0 4 James Blair 10 Co-captains T Holcomb and D McCoy discuss the baseball strategy Tony Holcomb shows that he is too fast to be picked off first with Coach H Hott base. Coach— Harlan Hott Jerry Creekmore shows that he is a formidable obstacle at home plate. A wild throw to Jerry Creekmore at home plate allows a run to be scored. Rated by the DAILY PRESS to finish in the lower grouping of the Peninsula District base- ball standings, the Typhoon baseball team embarked on its 1967 season, with a new coach and a host of new players, re- placing graduating veterans. Victories were hard to earn this season. After enduring several disheartening defeats, the Typhoon team earned its first victory with a 7-4 demol- ishment of the York Falcons. One of the team ' s more impor- tant victories occurred in mid- season. N.N. jumped from the district cellar to a fifth-place standing with a 5-4 victory over Denbigh, in the two teams ' first encounter. Although this year ' s team did not have the strength and experience of last year ' s team, N.N. players exemplified rug- ged defense and a " never-say- die " quality that earned them the respect of other area teams. Always hustling, Hank Smith tries to nab the baserunner at second. New Members Gain v. ? Jerry Watkins and David McCoy team up Fulfilling the catcher ' s duties are: M. Mortimer, J. Creekmore, K. Buckingham, and L. Grizzle. in an attempt to catch the runner off base. David McCoy supplies a big threat in the field as well as at the plate. 120 Valuable Experience v- . Making up this year ' s pitching staff are: J. Castonguay, M. Scott, (second row) — J. J. Watkins. David McCoy crosses the home plate after making a home run. (first row) — D. Gribble, Hogan, W. Owens, and 121 Winning J.V. Teams Members of this year ' s football team are (first row) — B. Adcock, B Creekmore, C. Wright, K. Burke, M. Mortimer, D. Kiser, R. Kirby, M. Forbes, (second row) — C. Burton, C. Roach, K. Lam- berth, G. Simms, J. Widener, B. Howell, T. Sawyer, M. Ruffin, J. Bethea, (third row) — J. Watkins, J. Parsons, M. Ayers, V. Gil- bert, W. Crisp, M. Murphy, R. Hogan, J. Stone, T. Gilbert, Coach Thomas Marvin. J. V. FOOTBALL Instructed by Coach Thomas Marvin and Coach Charles Woolum, the J.V. football team compiled a 6-4 record for the 1966 season. In the Warwick game, the J.V. ' s pulled through with a 6-0 victory. The de- fense worked very hard to prevent Warwick from scor- ing. The touchdown made late in the game gave only a margin for a Typhoon victory. The J.V. team also came out on top against Kecoughtan, Ferguson, and Denbigh. All in all, it was a very successful season. 122 Members of the 8th and 9th grade basketball team are (first row) — J. Lucas, R. Tench, A. Wall, J. Mays, E. Hester, E. Nuttycomb. (second row) — Coach James LoFrese, R. Johns, R. Pierce, R. Hogan, R. Snapp, A. Jenkins, H. Anker, M. Ayers, J. Clark, M. Ruffin. Anticipate A Great Future J. V. BASKETBALL Under the guidance of Coach Harlan Hott, the Newport News J. V. bas- ketball team played eigh- teen games, losing only three. Led by Hank Smith, Ricky Fordham, Robby Stall, JoJo Bethea, and Jerry Watkins, the team was aided by willing and capable substitutes. The closest games played were with Great Bridge and Granby. In the Great Bridge game, NNHS had a victory of 44-39, while the final score against Granby, 40-38, favored the Typhoon team. A great future lies ahead for these hard-hitting, goal-thinking players. The J.V. basketball members are (first row) R. Chalkley, B. Creekmore, J. Bethea, D. Rals- ton, P. Allen, M. Thomas, J. Watkins, M. Smith, (second row) — manager: B. Skinner, R. Fordham, R. Stall, W. Crisp, J. Stone, H. Smith, I. Chalkley, and Coach Harlan Hott. Members of the J.V. baseball team are (first row) K. Thomas, V. Gilbert, B. Webb, S. Oliver, T. Rosser, J. Bethea, (second row) Coach James LoFrese, T. Joyce, R. Snapp, T. Castonguay, P. Allen, M. A. Bridgett, T. Gilbert. Manager: J Harris. I 23 Members of G.A.A. The Girls ' Athletic Association members are (first row) — L. Rob- erts, W Barber, A. Gore, S. Garth, 5 Hilsdon, S. Adcock, M. Cruz, B. Fortner, P. Weaver, P. Barrow, D. Springfield, and R. Spring- field. (second row) — S. Jordon, B. Reeves, F. Banton, A. McKen- ny, D. Jenkins, J Ottoway, C. Coalter, B. Smith, P. Holcomb, S. David, G. Lucado, J. Hirshman, and J. Mabe. G.A.A. The Girls ' Athletic Association of Newport News High School participates actively in various sports. Each girl who takes physical education in NNHS is a member of the G.A.A. At the end of each school year, the Executive Board members select the officers for the coming year. The of- ficers leading the Girls ' Athletic Association for 1966-67 are: Sharon Adcock, president; Sharon Hilsdon, vice-president; and Maria Cruz, secre- tary. As a member of the board, one is able to take a more active part in G.A.A. activities. A member may aid the gym instructors by coaching teams, keeping score or time for games, and by adding points achieved by the participants. Instructors sometimes get an inverted view of the classroom situ- ation. These two are Miss Formichelli and Miss Cline. The G.A.A. officers for the 1966-67 year are: Sharon Adcock, president; Maria Cruz, secretary; and Sharon Hilsdon, vice-presi- dent. 124 Participate in Many Sports Members of the Gymnastics Club are (first row) — S. Davenport, M. Shanes, B. Hudgins, L. Robinson, P. Graves, L. Scott, L. Morri- son, D. Davis, J. Robinson, A, Roach, A. Crumpler, J. Sandler, J. Crumpler, and L. Chaffin, (second row) — D. Gore, P. Barrow, P. Weaver, B. Dye, S. Adcock, B. Fortner, L. Roberts, L. Condron, A. Gore, B. Smith, and D. Blanchard. THE GYMNASTICS CLUB The Gymnastics Club consists of girls who enjoy tumbling, apparatus, and free exercises, and who can do these with skill, charm, and gracefulness. After the members have been selected, following a tryout, these girls stay after school many hours to practice for the girls ' state meet held in the spring. When the time comes, a few compete against girls from all over the state. The girls chosen to go to this meet practice twice as long as they did before, working continuously to improve their poise and co-ordination. When the day for the state meet arrives, they leave feeling well prepared and with confidence in themselves. At the meet, these girls represent N.N.H.S. with honor, dig nity and good sportsmanship. The Girls ' Physical Education instructors are Miss Carolyn Cline, Miss Harriet Formichelli, Miss Ann Parker, and Mrs. Virginia Masters. Linda Condron, a member of the Gymnastics Club, demon- strates the straddle on the horse. Touche! The art of fencing comes to Lulie Roberts presents one of Newport News High School. her talents on the uneven parallel bars. 125 Basketball Proves Popular; Members of the Girls ' Varsity Basketball Team are G. Lucado, N. Sosebee, N. Ames, L. Varacalli, W. Barber, A. McKenny, B. Reeves, F. Banton, S. Jordan, R. Springfield, and K. Johnson. GIRLS ' BASKETBALL One of the most exciting sports for the girls of N.N.H.S. is basketball. At the beginning of the sea- son, tryouts are held and the coaches select the teams. After practicing twice a week for two months, these girls begin to play other schools. This year they played Warwick, Ferguson, Denbigh, and York. Mrs. Virginia Masters was the coach of the J.V. Team and Miss Harriet Formichelli was the coach of the Varsity Team. J.V Basketball members are (first row) — W. Thompson, P. Long, P Holcomb, D Springfield, K. Yevak, and E. Daniel, (second row) — Mrs. Masters, P Martin, B. Reed, J. Ottoway, D Jenkins, B. Pierce, S. Garth, D Pierce, S. Buckingham, D. Oliver, and N. Webb. Hockey Is Exciting (first row) — S. David, S. Jordan, A. McKenny, N. Soesbee, S. Adcock, (second row) — C. James, J. Moren, G. Lucado, F. Banton, L. Condron, C. Coalter, J. Hirshman, W. Barber, L. Roberts, R. Springfield, (on goalpost) B. Reeves and Miss Formichelli. HOCKEY The first sport of the school year which girls are able to play at N.N.H.S. is field hockey. It is considered a very rough and hard game, but it is enjoyed by many. Since Newport News High does not have a practice field, practice is held twice a week at Jack- son Elementary School. Tech- nique and skill are acquired. To learn to think quickly and clearly is expedient. To re- member the rules is necessary, particularly because an infrac- tion can result in injury to a player. A common sight among beginner hockey play- ers is a bruised shin, a knot on a leg, a hurt foot, or even a bloody nose caused by swing- ing hockey sticks. Hockey is an exciting sport, but it is one which demands caution, cour- age, and consistency. Janet Hirshman and Miss Formichelli demonstrate the art of bullying. Looking on are L Condron, A. McKenny, F. Banton, B. Reeves, and S. Jordan. 127 mm Di rec ' fion, n., the course along which anything moves. The members of the class of 1967 have chosen their directions. They have been taught, guided and advised. At graduation, they receive their admission to the future, diplomas that will speed them along their chosen paths. When the members of the class of 1967 entered Newport News High School, they stood at a crossroads, full of indecision and doubt as to where to proceed or what to accomplish. Now as they leave Newport News High School, their doubts resolved, their goals chosen, they are ready to follow the direction of life, Not as neophytes or as spectators but as full-fledged participants, as mature, responsible adults. SENIORS 1 The Selection of Class l r H ' w . i — j — f — — p—j j r j Senior class officers are: Jennifer Perkins, treasurer; Glenn Miller, president; Mrs. Thomas, sponsor; Margaret Passage, vice-president; and Anne Stall, secretary. Many changes were made this year in senior tradi- tions. The daytime Senior Assembly became Class Night. With the approval of the class, navy blue caps and gowns were ordered for the boys and white ones were ordered for the girls. Rather than elect a king and queen as a couple, the boys and girls were nomi- nated and voted upon separately. The king and queen were crowned at the Prom with the other candidates and the Hall of Fame forming the court. Top students in the Class of 1967 are ■ Valedictorian Gene Burke, and Salutatorian Ramona Rawls The three senior members of the NNHS Honor Council are: Wayne Owens, Nancy Sosebee, and Gene Burke. Serving as chairman is Nancy, with Wayne assisting as vice-chairman. 130 Officers Marked the Beginning Giftorian Joe Franklin presents the gift selected by the senior class. Connie Snapp and Margaret Passage were chosen by their classmates as Class Speakers. Selected by the faculty as Faculty Speaker, Gene Burke, a leader in the Class of 1967, will speak at graduation. Much ability and talent won the honor of Class Musicians for Janet De- Shazo and Susan Daniel who auditioned in competition before the senior music committee. 131 As Mice We Donna Lee Abernathy S C. A. Representative Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Typing Committee: Co-head Sr. Homeroom Officer Office Assistant F.H.A. Brenda Louise Anderson F. H.A.: President G. A.A.: Letter Basketball Team Hockey Team Volleyball Team Beacon: Typist D.E. Club Sr. Prom Committee Soph. Dance Committee House Committee Sharon Ann Adcock J.V. Cheerleader: Head Varsity Cheerleader G.A.A. Executive Board: President, Secretary Hockey Team Basketball Team Volleyball Team Phys. Ed. Assistant State Gymnastic Meet: 1st Place District Hockey Tournament District Basketball Tournament Office Assistant Jr. Dance Committee S.C A. Representative Ivan Jay Anker Phillip Ray Allred Frances Leigh Artman F. B.L.A. Sr. Typing Committee: Head G. A.A. V.O.T. Tri-Hi-Y Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Dance Committee Decorations Committee 8th 9th Grade Basketball Team Sheryl Lou Althaus Honor Graduate Launchings: Editor- in -chief Nelms Honor Roll Scholarship Award National Honor Society Science Club: Executive Board Keyettes S.C. A. Representative N.N.H.S. 1967 Betty Crocker Homemaker of Tomorrow Latin Club: Vice President Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee: Co-chair- man David Lee Ashworth J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Physical Fitness Award Began Our Dexter Lee Atkinson Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Band: Letter Workshop Band Key Club J.V. Baseball Latin Club Sr. Music Committee Progress Linda Fay Baker Jr. Decorations Committee F.T.A. Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Sr. Prom Committee Drama: Ticket Staff, Make-up Staff Sr. Announcements Committee Carl Farrar Baab Jr. Science Club Track Team Cross Country Team Latin Club Jr. Dance Committee Soph. Dance Committee Interact Club Homeroom Officer Christopher Newport Society Anas Bakolias Tanya Colleen Back Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Assembly Committee F.B.L.A. Sr. Pennant Committee V.O.T. Jr. Typing Committee 9th Grade Basketball Team 10th Grade Volleyball Team Brenda Kay Baker Jr. Decorations Committee F.H.A. Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Drama: Ticket Staff, Make-up Staff Sr. Announcements Committee Claudia Frances Banton Quill and Scroll Society Launchings Staff: Typing Editor Anchor Staff: Senior Section Christopher Newport Society F. B.L.A. G. A.A. Executive Board: Letter 10- 12th Grade Hockey Team Girls Varsity Basketball Team Girls Usher Staff Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Varsity Spirit Club Wanda Kaye Barber G.A.A. Executive Board 10- 12th Grade Hockey T earn 9- 12th Grade Basketball Team 8 - 1 0th Grade Volleyball Team Phys. Ed. Assistant Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee F.B.L.A. 133 William Hilliard Barrett J.V. Football Sr. Pennant Committee Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee August 3 1 Began David Cortland Bessom French Club Christopher Newport Society: Vice President J.V. Track Manager Varsity Track Manager: Letter Sr. Prom Committee Frederick Talmadge Beale, Jr. Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Jr. Dance Committee Bradford Michael Bethea Transferred from Carver High School Sr. Band: Librarian, Letter Dance Band Sr. Music Committee Sr. Prom Committee Varsity Spirit Club D.E.C.A. Jr. Dance Committee Workshop Ronald Wayne Bell French Club Sr. Band: Color Guard Beacon Staff D.E. Club D.E.C.A.: State Delegate D.E.C.A.: District XIV Speech Award Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Launchings Staff T.O.Keesee Hi-Y Vivian Bethea Sherry Ellen Bell J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader: Head Spanish Club: President Keyettes: Sr. District Representative S.C.A. Executive Board Christopher Newport Society S.C.A. Representative Casts of Major Plays Cast of Tournament Play Varsity Spirit Club G.A.A, Sr. Prom Committee I Wilma Binder Homeroom Officer D.E. Club Jr. Ring Committee Soph. Dance Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Assembly Committee S.C.A. Representative 134 The Countdown To Graduation Phyllis Gail Bluxome Jr. Band: Lib rarian, Letter Sr. Band: Letter Drama: Props Staff Christopher Newport Society Quill and Scroll Society Beacon Staff Office Assistant F.N.A.: Secretary Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Prom Committee Selma Dianne Bowers Honor Graduate Varsity Spirit Club F.N.A. Office Assistant Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee School Spirit Committee Jr. Decorations Committee F.B.L.A. Thomas Fleming Boggs Honor Graduate National Honor Society Key Club S.C.A. Executive Board S.C.A.: Committee Chairman Latin Club French Club Christopher Newport Society Chess Club Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Science Club Deborah Annette Braswell Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Band: Letter Tri-Hi-Y Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Jr. Dance Co mmittee 10th Grade Volleyball Team Brenda Faye Boone D.E.: Vice President Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Assembly Committee 10th 1 1th Grade Girls ' Chorus Jr. Ring Committee G.A.A. 9th - 1 0th Grade Basketball Team 9th- 10th Grade Hockey Team 10th Grade Volleyball Team Margaret Jane Brevard V.O.T. F.T.A. Jr. Dance Committee Jr. Decorations Committee Karen Kay Bost D.E. Club Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee School Spirit Committee Cafeteria Committee William Ellis Brewer Chesapeake Hi-Y Beacon Staff Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee 135 Charles Thomas Brown Chesapeake Tri-Hi-Y: President Chaplain Interact Club: Board of Directors Beacon Staff Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Jr Dance Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee I.C.T. Club Senior Class Rings Drucilla Bryant Varsity Cheerleader Keyettes: Secretary French Club: Vice President Sr. Prom Committee: Co-head S.C.A. Executive Board F.N.A. Lotin Club Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Class Homecoming Representative S.C.A Representative Cynthia Violet Brown F.H.A. F.T.A. Chorus Kenneth Robert Buckingham Honor Graduate National Honor Society: President Quill and Scroll Society: Vice President Nelms Honor Scroll Key Club Thespians Drama: Letter Casts of 5 Major Plays Launchings: Editorial Staff J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball W.G.H. Correspondent from N.N.H.S. Linda Lee Brown Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Beacon Staff Spanish Club Jr. Dance Committee Gymnastics Team State Gymnastics Meet Terry Tawona Buffkin Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Announcements Committee F.H.A. Physical Fitness Award Jr. Dance Committee 9th Grade Basketball Team Sharilyn Marie Brown Transferred from Huntington High School V.O.T. Gene Hobbs Burke Honor Graduate Notional Honor Society Varsity Cross Country Track: Letter American Legion Leaderhip Award Honor Council: 12th Grade Key Club: President Varsity Lettermen ' s Club: President Nelms Honor Scroll Academic Achievement Award Jr. Closs: Vice President S.C.A. Executive Board National Merit Scholar Arrived Early Margaret Anne Burns D.E. Club: President F.T.A.: Vice President F.H.A. Christopher Newport Society Jr. Decorations Committee Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Donee Committee Hockey Team Robert Gregory Campbell Jr. Band: Vice President, Letter Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Teresa Burroughs Girls ' Usher Staff: Co-head Girls ' Gymnastic Team State Gymnastic Meet Spanish Club Art Club G.A.A. Executive Board Hockey Team Sr. Prom Committee S.C.A. Representative Volleyball Team Publicity Committee Newcomers Committee Brenda Sue Carson Transferred from Warwick High School Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Clinic Assistant D.E. Club Willie Lee Burton D.E. Club Wood Shop Foreman Machine Shop Foreman Melinda Jean Casey Launchings Staff: Assistant Editor Jr. Ring Committee: Chairman Latin Club Sr. Prom Committee Donna Marie Byrd D.E. Club: Treasurer Jr. Ring Committee Jr. Dance Committee 9th Grade Basketball Team 10th Grade Volleyball Team Sr. Bulletin Board Committee 137 Also Sold Meadrith Maury Cattanach Cast of Tournament Play Drama: Assistant Director Homeroom Officer S.C.A. Representative French Club Launchings: Editorial Staff Anchor Staff Jr. Chorus Girls ' Chorus Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Prom Committee Varsity Spirit Club House Committee Carolyn Sue Coalter National Thespians Society Drama: Letter Prop Staff: Co-head Furniture Staff Cast of a Major Play Cast of Two Tournament Plays Varsity Spirit Club G.A.A. Executive Board Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Announcement Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sara Lee Chaffin D.E. Club School Spirit Committee Jr. Ring Committee F.B.L.A. F.H.A. Barbara Ann Cole Christopher Newport Society Sr. Typing Committee Jr. Chorus Jr. Typing Committee Linda Elaine Chapman D.E. Club Library Assistant Thomas Clifford Comer, Jr. J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Lettermen ' s Club Sportsmanship Trophy 138 Were Class Pins Linda Lee Condron Varsity Cheerleader Latin Club French Club Christopher Newport Society Keyettes G.A.A.: Vice-President S.C.A. Executive Board School Spirit Committee: Co-head Gymnastic Club 1966 Homecoming Queen Sr. Announcements Committee Gerald Wayne Creekmore Varsity Baseball J.V. Baseball T.O. Keesee Hi-Y: Secretary French Club Beacon Staff Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Dance Committee S.C.A. William Russell Conway Spanish Club Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Cathy Lee Crockin Honor Graduate Anchor Staff : Editor, Copy Editor F.T.A.: Vice President, President Quill and Scroll Society: President National Honor Society Keyettes Latin Club Launchings: Editorial Staff Thespians Jr. Ring Committee Sr. Announcements Committee National Merit Recognition Gilbert Lee Cooke Honor Graduate National Honor Society Science Club: President, Letter Christopher Newport Society: Treasurer Latin Club Varsity Spirit Club S.C.A. Representative School Spirit Committee Cafeteria Committee Jr. Decorations Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Cra ven Horace Crump, Jr. Interact Club: Secretary Publicity Committee Varsity Spirit Club Office Assistant James Walter Corbitt, Jr. Sr. Band: Color Guard Art Club David Lewis Cutler Varisty Lettermens ' Club Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Spirit Club: Secretary Varsity Track: Co- captain, Letter School Spirit Committee J.V. Football J.V. Track Homeroom Officer 139 With Enthusiasm We Susan Barnes Daniel Concert Choir: President, Letter F.B.L.A.: Reporter F.T.A. Sr. Class Music Committee: Head Jr Chorus: Letter Publicity Committee School Spirit Committee Sr. Class Musician Janies Clarke Desimone Carolyn Fayes Dawson Girls ' Chorus Jr. Decorations Committee Concert Choir I.C.T. Regional Choir Sr Prom Committee Sr. Announcement Committee Jr Dance Committee Connie Griggs Dickson D.E. Club: Secretary, T reasurer Usher Staff Sr. Announcements Committee Jr. Ring Committee Sr. Color, Flower, and Motto Committee Sr. Prom Committee School Spirit Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Cafeteria Committee Ninth Grade Basketball T earn Michael Cooley Derzis Jr. Band: Letter, Pin Sr. Band: Letters Stage Crew: Letter Boys ' Usher Staff Thespians Varsity Spirit Club Michael Francis Digiacomo Janet Elizabeth Deshazo Sr. Band: Letter, Section Head Jr. Band: Letter, Section Head District VIII Regional Band Concert Choir: Librarian District VIII Regional Chorus S.C.A. Representative F.T.A French Club Sr. Music Committee Beacon Staff: Typist Sr. Class Musician James Norman Dinwiddie Jr. Band: Letters Sr. Band: Letters I.C.T. MO Bought Class Pennants Albert Dutton Anchor Staff: Business Manager Quill and Scroll Society National Thespians: Letter Christopher Newport Society Beacon Staff Casts of Tournament Plays Casts of Major Plays S.C.A. Representative Interact Club Douglas Ralph Edgerton 141 We Were Guided Through Bruce Layton Edwards Key Club TO. Keesee Hi-Y: T reasurer D.E. Club: State Delegate S.C. A. Dance Committee S.C.A. Cafeteria Committee Jr. Dance Committee J.V. Baseball Drama: Usher Staff Gerald Fields Varsity Football J.V. Football Arlene Dale Ellis Sandra Faye Fink Beacon: Editor-in-chief Keyettes: President S.C.A. Treasurer S.C.A. Executive Board Quill and Scroll Society Christopher Newport Society Latin Club: Treasurer Spanish Club Sr. Flower, Color, Motto Committee F.T.A. Jr. Dance Committee Barry Iran Epstein Honor Graduate National Honor Society Key Club Latin Club Spanish Club Launchings Staff Science Club National Thespians Society S.C.A. Representative Christopher Newport Society Varsity Spirit Club David Flakowitz William Evans Kenneth Michael Flick Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Band: Letter Jr. Ring Committee Varsity Spirit Club Launchings Staff Art Club Chesapeake Hi-Y Sr. Pennant Committee School Spirit Committee 142 Our Last Year By Mrs. Thomas Sharon Lee Forman I.C.T. Club: Chaplain, District Treasurer F.N.A. F.T.A. French Club Latin Club Soph. Dance Committee Jr. Decorations Committee Sr. Assembly Committee S.C.A. Publicity Committee Homeroom Officer Jerry Wayne Garrison I.C.T. Club Sr. Dance Committee Shop Foreman Homeroom Officer Billy Conn Fox Homeroom Officer Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Decorations Committee Office Assistant Boys ' Chorus Lillian Elizabeth Gillespie National Thespians Society: President Best Thespian of the Year Drama: Letter S.C.A. Representative S.C.A. Publicity Committee Jr. Band Sr. Band Casts of Tournament Plays Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Prom Committee 1 1 th Grade Hockey Team Robert Louis Fox Grace Lois Goldsmith Keyettes: Treasurer Spanish Club: President Exchange Student to Mexico: Summer of 1965 Quill and Scroll Society Launchings Staff Anchor Staff F.N.A. Christopher Newport Society Jr. Band: Letters Sr. Band: Letters Sr. Prom Committee Varsity Spirit Club Joe Theophilus Franklin, Jr. Honor Graduate Key Club: Lieutenant Governor National Honor Society Latin Club: President Boys ' State Delegate Sr. Band: Letters, Section Head Workshop and Regional Bands Anchor Staff Quill and Scroll Society Sr. Prom Committee: Invitations Committee Co-Head Christopher Newport Society Science Club Shoshana Lea Goldwasser Honor Graduate National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Society Nelms Honor Scroll Anchor Staff Launchings Staff Christopher Newport Society: Vice President F.T.A. French Club Girls ' Usher Staff Jr. Ring Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Sr, Assembly Committee 143 Anticipation and Achievement James Gregory Gordon S.C.A. Vice President Key Club French Club Spanish Club Science Club Varsity Spirit Club S.C.A. Federation Executive Board Jr. Dance Committee 9th Grade Tournament Play Cafeteria Committee Honor Code Committee School Spirit Committee Joan Alma Grepiotis Honor Graduate National Honor Society Christopher Newport Society J.V. Flagtwirler Varsity Flagtwirler French Club Sr. Band Jr. Ring Committee Varsity Spirit Club Homeroom Officer Jr. Science Club School Spirit Committee Larry Moore Gront I.C.T. Club D.E. Club V.I.C.A. Club Ronald Lee Guye Key Club Soph. Dance Committee Jr. Ring Committee Jr. Band: Officer Sr. Band: Officer, Letter Dance Band I 44 Linda Sue Gray Honor Graduate National Honor Society Keyettes F. B.L.A.: President Sr. Announcements Committee: Co-head Varsity Spirit Club Latin Club Jr. Typing Committee: Co-head G. A.A. Executive Board S.C.A. Homeroom Representative House Committee Hockey Team Ronald Allison Haden Jr. Class President Sr. Band: 1 966 Regiona Band T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Varsity Spirit Club Science Club Boys ' State Delegate Filled Our Last Year Joyce Dale Hagy Girls ' Chorus Jr. Chorus S.C.A. Representative 11th Grade Tournament Play Jr. Ring Committee Homeroom Officer Cheryl Lynn Hardee Tri-Hi-Y Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Jr. Typing Committee 1 1 th 1 2th Grade Chorus Anne Tench Hale Michael David Harris Honor Graduate National Honor Society National Thespians Society S.C.A. Representative Band Announcer Concert Choir: Officer, Letter All Regional Chorus Male Chorus: President Jr. Chorus: President Varsity Spirit Club Homeroom Officer Rochelle Halfin S.C.A. Representative Homeroom Officer Jr. Ring Committee Varsity Spirit Club F.T.A. F.H.A. Library Assistant School Spirit Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Donald Ward Hayslett Spokesman ' s Club Dance Committee Behavior Code Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Dance Committee Beacon staff: Photographer, Sports Editor George Southey Hankins National Honor Society S.C.A. Executive Board Varsity Football French Club Latin Club 8th 9th Grade Basketball Sr. Assembly Committee Honor Code Committee Citizenship Committee Jr. Dance Committee Stephen Andrew Helton Sr. Band: Treasurer, Letters Regional Workshop Bands Concert Choir Regional Chorus Mid-East All Star High School Band Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Jr. Band: Letter Jr. Ring Committee T.O. Keesee Hi-Y 1 45 Our Five Eventful Years Ricky Earl Hester T ransferred from Warwick High School D.E. Club Library Assistant Linda Marie Hobbs Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letters Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Music Committee Sr. Flower, Color, Motto Committee I 46 Alma Diane Hoffman Jr. Chorus Girls ' Chorus: President, Letters Girls ' Ensemble, Director Alternate to Regional Chorus William Otis Hoffman James Leroy Hogan Varsity Football: Co-Captain Varsity Baseball J.V. Baseball J.V. Football: Co-Captain J.V. Basketball 8th 9th Grade Basketball: Co-Captain Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Varsity Lettermen ' s Club Wanda Leverne Holland Transferred from Fort Defiance Hiqh School F.B.L.A. Barbara Nell Howard I.C.T. Club D.E. Club Usher Staff G.A.A. F.H.A. 9th Grade Girls ' Track Team Have Come To An End Robert Edward Howell Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee J.V. Football Varsity Football Shop Officer Mark Richard Hutcherson Sr. Band Color Guard: Captain Chesapeake Hi-Y: Officer Dance Committee S.C.A. Representative I.C.T, Club Boys ' Chorus Emily Gretchen Hudson Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter F.N.A. Tri Hi-Y Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Music Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Alfred Roman Hu Young Honor Graduate National Honor Society: Vice President Key Club: Executive Board Science Club: Letter Sr. Announcements Committee Boys ' Usher Staff Honor Code Committee House Committee Behavior Code Committee Henry Lee Hudson III S.C.A. Representative I.C.T. Club: Parliamentarian Varsity Football Manager Interact Club: Board of Directors F.B.L.A. Varsity Spirit Club Sandra Wade Irby Transferred from Denbigh High School I.C.T. Club: President, Vice President Ronald Dee Hunter Colleen Elizabeth James Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Prom Committee Varsity Spirit Club 10th 12th Grade Hockey Teams Soph. Dance Committee Art Club Dance Committee Newcomers ' Committee School Spirit Committee 1 47 Diana Belle Jenkins National Honor Society F.B.L.A. Homeroom Officer Varsity Spirit Club Science Club Jr. Typing Committee Girls ' Hockey Team Art Club S.C. A. School Spirit Committee The Daisy Was Chosen Sandra Gail Jordan Christopher Newport Society: Secretary Latin Club Homeroom Officer Cast of Tournament Play Sr. Treasurer ' s Committee Varsity Spirit Club Beacon Staff: Typist G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Dance Committee Jacqualine Faye Johnson F.H.A. Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Drama: Make-up Staff Varsity Spirit Club Margaret Elizabeth Kailos French Club Sr. Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Announcements Committee F.T.A. Varsity Spirit Club S.C. A. School Spirit Committee Girls ' Chorus Jr. Chrous Marvin Lewis Johnson Diane Sue Kelley D.E. Club Sr. Dance Committee S.C. A. School Spirit Committee F.H.A. S.C. A. Cafeteria Committee S.C. A. Bulletin Board Committee Jr. Dance Committee Soph. Dance Committee Cloid Kenneth Jordan Beacon Staff: Sports Editor, Letter Christopher Newport Society Quill and Scroll Society Delegate to NSPA and SIPA Conventions S.C. A. Cafeteria Committee Jr. Band: Letter F.B.L.A. Linda Dale Klatz Transferred from Warwick High School French Club Sr. Dance Committee Varsity Spirit Club Homeroom Officer Jr. Decorations Committee S.C. A. Publicity Committee S.C. A. House Committee As Our Class Flower John Thomos Knowles, Jr. Honor Graduate National Honor Societ y Quill and Scroll Society Anchor Staff: Sports Section Head Sr. Band: Letters Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee French Club Varsity Spirit Club J.V. Football S.C.A. School Spirit Committee William Vance Larmer Sr. Pennant Committee: Head Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee National Thespians Society Launchings: Art Staff Casts of Major Plays Casts of Tournament Plays: Best Actor, All Tournament Cast Director of Tournament Play Drama: Costumes, Tickets, Head S.C.A. Publicitiy Committee Ellen Sue Kurzer Beacon Staff: Feature Editor Spanish Club: Vice President, Secretary, Letter Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee: Co-chairman Quill and Scroll Society Launchings: Editorial Staff Christopher Newport Society: Executive Board F.T.A. Jr. Ring Committee S.C.A. House Committee Nancy Ellen Lavender Transferred from Andrew Lewis High School, Salem, Virginia Secretary to English Department Sr. Prom Committee David Kypriandes Honor Graduate National Honor Society Christopher Newport Society: President Beacon Staff: News Editor, Letter Interact Club: President Quill and Scroll Society D.E. Club: Reporter Latin Club Spokesman Club: Vice President Janet Lawson Concert Choir I.C.T. Club Girls ' Chorus Jr. Chorus Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Varsity Spirit Club S.C.A. Dance Committee Sr. Music Committee Sharon Lee LaBoone I.C.T. Club Gymnastics Club S.C.A. Dance Committee Tri-Hi-Y 9th Grade Basketball Team Drama: Make-up Staff Kathy Lynn Lewis Class Colors, Kelly Green And Linda Lee Lewis Claudia Gene Markham National Thespians Society Varsity Spirit Club Assistant Director of 8th Grade Play Beacon Staff: Reporter Tri-Hi-Y Drama Staff: Costumes, Co-head Sr. Assembly Committee V.O.T. Jr. Chorus F.H.A. Homeroom Officer Cathy Sue Long Honor Graduate Girls ' Chorus F.N.A. I.C.T. Club Mary Elizabeth Markiewich I.C.T. Club S.C.A. Newcomers Committee F.H.A. Drama: Assistant Director S.C.A. School Spirit Committee James Andrew Loudermilk Transferred from Burgaw High School, Burgaw, N. C. S.C.A. School Spirit Committee Sandra Lynn Markman Christopher Newport Society Art Club Jr. Chorus Jr. Decorations Committee Sr. Dance Committee Jacqueline Worth Lyerly Varsity Flagtwirler J.V. Flagtwirler Sr. Assembly Committee Varsity Spirit Club Latin Club Drama Staff Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee S.C.A. House Committee Jr. Band Cgst of Tournament Play S.C.A. Cafeteria Committee Shirley Edna Marston Keyettes S.C.A. Representative Jr. Typing Committee: Co-head F.B.L.A.: Vice President Tri-Hi-Y: Secretary Jr. Dance Committee Jr. Science Club Drama: Make-up Staff S.C.A, House Committee F.H.A. V.O.T. 150 Pastel Yellow, Were Chosen Deborah Ann Massengill F.B.L.A. V.O.T. Art Club S.C.A. House Committee Sr Bulletin Board Committee D.E. Club Drama: Advertising Staff S.C.A Representative Annette McKenney G.A.A.: Executive Board: Letter All-Star Basketball J.V. Hockey Varsity Hockey Sr. Prom Committee Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Band F.B.L.A. Patricia Fay Mattox Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letters Drama: Costume Committee D.E. Club Johnny Rowland Mercer Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Football Varsity Track Friendly Typhoon S.C.A. Dance Committee S.C.A Publicity Committee Jr. Band Sr. Prom Committee: Co-chairman Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Cheryl Lou Mays Larry Tilmon Mercer S. C.A. President T. O. Keesee Hi-Y Boys ' Chorus Honor Council Varsity Football Track Team Cast of Tournament Play Jr. Usher Staff: Co-head Cross Country Track Concert Choir Varsity Lettermen ' s Club David Fenton McCoy Honor Council Varsity Baseball: Letter Varsity Basketball: Letter J.V. Basketball J.V. Baseball Varsity Lettermen ' s Club: Vice President Key Club T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Prom Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee: Co-chairman Glenn Ray Miller Cast of Mouse Assembly Homeroom Officer Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Football J.V. Track Student Council Sr. Class President Varsity Lettermen ' s Club 151 Alien Daniel Minter, Jr. Class Night Was A First Coll ie Moore Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Jr. Ring Committee Jr. Chorus: Secretary Sr. Chorus Girls ' Chorus F.B.L.A. Michael Anthony Monteith Varsity Lettermen ' s Club TO. Keesee Hi-Y: Vice President J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Dance Committee Sally Moreland I.C.T. Club Varsity Spirit Club Sr. Dance Committee Soph. Dance Committee Melissa Holmes Moody Sr. Prom Decorations Committee: Co-head Launchings: Business Manager National Thespians Society Cast of Major Plays Casts of Tournament Plays Best Actress: 10th Grade Tournament Play Sr. Assembly Committee Sr. Announcements Committee Varsity Spirit Club Homeroom Officer Drama: Costume Staff Head Jr. Dance Committee S.C. A. School Spirit Committee Benjamin Eugene Moore Boys ' Chorus: Letter Boys ' Usher Staff Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Band Color Guard D.E. Club William Haywood Moreland, III Jo Ann Moren 152 At Newport News High Charles Bernest Morgan, Jr. Beacon Staff Art Club James Rudolph Narron, Jr. Charles Richard Morris Ronald Doyle Nash Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Track J.V. Basketball 8th 9th Grade Basketball Sr. Dance Committee: Co-head Sr. Assembly Committee J.V. Track Physical Fitness Award Kathleen Ann Morrow Girls ' Usher Staff: Head Clinic Assistant D.E. Club Jacque Irene Neihouse Casts of Major Plays Director of 9th Grade Tournament Play Drama: Make-up Staff Sr. Assembly Committee: Co-head Jr. Dance Committee Varsity Spirit Club 153 The Anticipation Of Graduation Harold Milton Nunnally Roy Wayne Owens Honor Council: Vice Chairman Key Club: Vice President Class President: 9th, 1 Oth Grades Varsity Basketball: Letter, Co-Captain Varsity Boseball: Letter Basketball J.V. Baseball 8th 9th Grade Basketball Varsity Lettermen ' s Club Homecoming Committee ' 65- ' 66 Boys ' State Delegate Patrick Jude O ' Brien Spokesman Club: Vice President Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Chess Club Sr. Donee Committee Varsity Spirit Club Boys ' L ' sher Staff D.E. Club V.O.T. Thomas Eugene Porker Transferred from Conestoga High School, Wayne, Pennsylvania Timothy James O ' Brien I.C.T. Club Carol Jean Parrish 1966 Band Sweetheart Vorsity Flagtwirier: Head J.V. Flagtwirier: Head Varsity Spirit Club Soph. Homecoming Attendant Jr. Homecoming Attendant Sr. Band Sr. Representative to Band Council Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Ring Committee Soph. Dance Committee Ernest Gene Ocheltree Boys ' Usher Staff: Head S.C. A. School Spirit Committee Sr. Dance Committee Sr Pennant Committee Sr. Announcements Committee S.C A. House Committee Cast of Mouse Assembly Shop Safety Foreman Margaret Alice Passage Honor Graduate National Honor Society Class Speaker Sr. Class Vice President Girls ' State Delegate Sr. Princess: 1967 Basketball Court Times-Herald Teen Reporter S.C A. Publicity, Special Events: Co-chairman Peninsula S.C. A. Federation Secretary Keyettes French Club Christopher Newport Society Was Felt By Each Senior Joyce Anne Payne Jr. Chorus S.C.A. House and Grounds Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee Tri-Hi-Y: Vice President Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Beacon Staff: Photographer Launchings Staff Brenda Gail Phillips Varsity Flagtwirler J.V Flagtwirler Sr. Band: Letters Jr. Band: Letters Tri-Hi-Y: Officer Anchor Staff Latin Club Sr. Dance Committee Quill and Scroll Society G.A.A. Executive Board Varsity Spirit Club Jennifer Leigh Perkins Honor Graduate Varsity Cheerleader J.V. Cheerleader Keyettes: Treasurer National Honor Society S.C.A. Scrapbook Committee: Co-chairman S.C.A. Executive Board 8th Grade President 1 1 th 1 2th Grade Class Secretary Girls ' State Delegate Diane Price Girls ' Usher Staff Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee 8th, 9th, I Oth Grade Basketball 10th, 11th Grade Hockey F.B.L.A. Novella Charlene Petterson Office Assistant Jr. Chorus Eugene Leroy Price Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letters Boys ' Chorus Concert Choir Regional Chorus 155 The Senior Class Sponsored Jimmie Lee Pulley J.V. Cross Country T rock Varsity Cross Country: Letter Varsity Indoor Track: Letter Varsity Outdoor Track: Letter Varsity Lettermen ' s Club TO. Keesee Hi-Y Gertrud Maria Purdy Transferred from Scecina Memorial High School Christopher Newport Society D E. Club Latin Club Raymona Alfreida Rawls Honor Graduate National Honor Society F.T.A. : Secretary Latin Club: Sergeant- at-arms Nelms Honor Scroll Concert Choir: Letters, Librarian Regional Chorus Student Council Sr. Music Committee Cast of Tournament Play S.C. A. School Spirit Committee Jr Chorus: Letter Library Assistant Varsity Spirit Club Ruth Ann Reece John Charles Ragland J.V Cross Country T rack Metal Class Clerk Machine Class Clerk Wood Foreman Jr Science Club William Rufus Rash, Jr. Honor Graduate National Honor Society T O Keesee Hi-Y: President Key Club Christopher Newport Society Latin Club Jr. Usher Staff: Co-head Soph. Donee Committee VI C A Physical Fitness Award Barbara Ann Reeves Honor Graduate National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Society Anchor Staff: Senior Section Head F. B.L.A.: Parliamentarian Christopher Newport Society Varsity Spirit Club G. A.A. Executive Board: Letter and Star Girls ' Usher Staff: Co-Head Launchings Staff Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Announcements Committee All-Star Basketball Team Physical Education Assistant Albert Paul Rice Varsity Football Spanish Club " The Fantasy Of ’67 " Donna Kaye Rickey Drama: Assistant Director, Tickets, Furniture Girls ' Basketball Team Girls ' Volleyball Team Cassin George Riggs Creative Artists Club: Treasurer, Vice President, President Beacon Staff Launchings Staff Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Donald Wayne Ryan Sr. Band: Letter, President Jr. Band: Letter 9th 1 1 th Grade Representative to Band Council Workshop Band Key Club Friendly Typhoon Homeroom Officer J.V. Baseball Jr. Ring Committee Sr. Prom Committee Bonnie Lee Rogers S.C.A. School Spirit Committee Homeroom Officer S.C.A. Dance Committee I.C.T. Club: President Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Jr. Ring Committee F.H.A. Timothy Rogers Judith Ellen Salken Varsity Cheerleader J.V. Cheerleader Keyettes S.C.A. Executive Board S.C.A. House Committee: Co-chairman Sr. Prom Committee: Co-chairman Fresh. Homecoming Attendant Sr. Homecoming Attendant Soph. Basketball Court Attendant S.C.A. Remembrance Committee: Chairman Christopher Newport Society F.N.A. French Club Latin Club 1967 Basketball Queen Kenneth Jay Schwartz Art Club S.C.A. Dance Committee Chess Club Baseball: Manager Chesapeake Hi-Y Sr. Dance Committee Soph. Dance Committee 157 John Gilmore Schweida Terry Gorden Seay Varsity Lettermen ' s Club Key Club Christopher Newport Society Varsity Basketball: Letter, Co-captain J.V. Basketball 8th 9th Grade Basketball Sr. Treasurer ' s Committee Sr. Dance Committee S. C. A. Representative Boys ' State Delegate T. O. Keesee Hi-Y J.V. Football Varsity Spirit Club Calling Cards Were Brenda Faye Shephard F.B.L.A. S.C. A. Representative Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee S.C. A. Dance Committee Varsity Spirit Club Carlton Lewis Skinnell Earl Slone Rita Kaye Smallwood Sr. Assembly Committee National Thespians Society Cast of Major Plays Director of Tournament Play Drama Staff Head I.C.T. Club Latin Club Jr. Decorations Committee Soph. Class Secretary 158 Exchanged Among Friends Clifford Eugene Smith Ho nor Graduote National Honor Society Key Club: Secretary Sr. Band: Letters Jr. Band: Letter Varsity Basketball: Manager JjV. Basketball Latin Club 8th 9th Grade Basketball All-Regional Band Veulah Marlene Smith Honor Graduate Girls ' Usher Staff Homeroom Officer Spanish Club Sr. Announcements Committee S.C.A. Publicity Committee Frances May Smith S.C.A. Publicity Committee 8th, 9th 10th Basketball Teams 8th, 9th, 10th Volleyball Teams G.A.A. Executive Board F.B.L.A. Constance Ann Snapp Sr. Class Speaker Peninsula SCA Federation President Varsity Spirit Leader: Captain Sr. Princess: 1967 Basketball Court Spirit Club: President S.C.A. Executive Board Keyettes National Thespians Society Casts of Major Plays All-Tourney Cast, Best Actress Award, Superior Director Award Jean Porter Smith National Honor Society Cast of Major Plays Cast of Tournament Plays Director of 1 1 th Grade Tourname nt Play National Thespians Society Gym Assistant Library Assistant S.C.A. Representative Sr. Decorations Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Launchings Staff French Club Donna Nancy Sosebee S.C.A. Representative Honor Council: 10th, 11th, 12th — Chairman Miss N.N.H.S. 1967 Jr. Ring Committee: Co-chairman Sr. Dance Committee: Co-chairman Soph. Dance Committee Jr. Class Executive Board Sr. Class Executive Board Varsity Basketball SCA House Committee G.A.A. Executi e Board S.C.A. Executive Board Varsity Spirit Club Elections Committee Roslyn Ann Smith Honor Graduate National Honor Society Jr. Band Letters Sr. Band: Letter, Secretary Regional Band Workshop Band Soph. Dance Committee 1966 Band Sweetheart Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Invitations Committee: Co-Head Keyettes Jr. Dance Commitee: Co-head Thomas Wayne Spikes 159 Class Night, Prom, And Anne Maria Stall Honor Graduate S.C.A. Secretary S-C.A. Parliamentarian National Honor Society: Secretary-T reasurer Keyettes: Vice President Sr. Class Treasurer Jr. Class Treasurer DAR Good Citizenship Award S.C.A House Committee: Co-head Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Times-Herald Teen Reporter Michael Eugene Tall Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Ruth Ann Stont Girls ' Usher Staff Girls ' Chorus Sr. Dance Committee Sr. Pennant Committee Jr. Dance Committee Drama: Prop Staff, Advertising Staff, Furniture Staff Jean Elizabeth Taylor Girls ' Chorus Jr. Band F.H.A. Sr. Prom Committee Carolyn LaVern Stepp F.H.A. Sr Dance Committee Ronald Lee Taylor Gloria Jean Straughen Transferred from Wilson Memorial High School Sr Dance Committee Sr. Prom Committee I.C.T. Club Soph Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee F.H.A. Donald Lee Terry Sr. Dance Committee S.C.A. School Spirit Committee 160 Graduation Filled Our Last Weeks Wanda Lee Testino S.C.A. School Spirit Committee S.C.A. House and Grounds Committee F.H.A. Jr. Decorations Committee Homeroom Officer Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Sr. Announcements Committee Drama: Props Staff Ronald Lee Timberlake Varsity Lettermen ' s Club: Treasurer Varsity Cross Country Track: Captain, Letter Varsity Track: Letter Stage Crew National Thespians Society Boys ' Chorus Homeroom Officer Shop Officer Dalton Bruce Tingen Concert Choir Boys ' Chorus Jr. Dance Committee Drama: Advertising Staff Shop Officer James Tony Turner Charmayne Candy Vaughn Albert Wayne Vest Hilton Ray Toler Solomon Walker Our Senior Year Ends Kenneth Olan Wall Spokesman Club Stage Crew Drama: Advertising Staff Shop Foreman T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Boys ' Usher Staff Homeroom Officer Sr. Band Sr. Band: Property Manager Sr. Prom Committee Michael Patrick White Varsity Spirit Club D.E. Club Homeroom Officer Sr. Dance Committee Beacon Staff Sr. Prom Committee TO. Keesee Hi-Y Carol Sue Warf Anchor Staff Quill and Scroll Society Sr. Announcements Committee: Co-head Christopher Newport Society F.8.L.A. Varsity Spirit Club S.C.A. Cafeteria Committee Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Decorations Committee David Parker Whitley Bennie Joseph Weeks Shop Foreman S.C.A Dance Committee I.C.T. Club Homeroom Officer Linda Jackson Whitmore D.E. Club 9th Grade Basketball Sr. Pennant Committee S.C.A. Publicity Co mmittee Drama: Make-up Staff S.C.A. House Committee Adrian Hewett Whitcomb, Jr. Christopher Newport Society Sr. Pennant Committee Sr. Bulletin Board Committee Sr. Announcements Committee Martha Ann Whitmore Science Club: Secretary S.C.A. Representative F.B.L.A.: Treasurer Varsity Spirit Club French Club Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Announcements Committee Soph. Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee S.C.A School Spirit Committee Homeroom Officer S.C.A. Cafeteria 162 One Period Of Our Lives Mamie Lee Wilkins F.B.L.A.: Secretary Tri-Hi-Y S.C.A. House Committee Jr. Typing Committee S.C.A. School Spirit Committee V.O.T. D.E. Club F.H.A. Varsity Spirit Club Sharon Lee Winburn Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Color, Flower, Motto Committee Jr. Decorations Committee Drama: Costume Staff D.E. Club Carolyn Elizabeth Williams Honor Graduate National Honor Society Girls ' State Delegate Office Assistant Latin Club French Club Spokesman Club Jr. Chorus: Letter Science Club D.E. Club Sr. Prom Committee Sr. Assembly Committee Jr. Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Larry Mitchell Winfree Sr. Band: Letters Workshop Band D.E. Club Judith Darlene Wilson Science Club Library Assistant Sr. Prom Committee Jr. Decorations Committee S.C.A. School Spirit Committee Diane Nettie Nino Winkler Jr. Dance Committee Homeroom Officer D.E. Club Office Assistant Library Assistant 163 With The End, Comes James Dudley Witcher Varsity Indoor Track: Manaqer Varsity Cross Country Varsity Cross Country: Manager Varsity Lettermen ' s Club Shop Officer Michael Steve York D.E. Club Homeroom Officer Wood Shop Officer Cheryl Christine Wolfe Science Club: Secretary F.B.L.A. Sr. Announcements Committee Sr. Prom Committee Beacon Staff: Typist Varsity Spirit Club Latin Club Soph. Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Band S.C. A. School Spirit Committee Lester Wayne Young Stage Crew: Letter Stage Manager National Thespians Society Interact Club: Vice President J.V. Football James Clinton Wright Sr. Band: Letter Jr Ring Committee Latin Club Jr. Band 164 Rickey Palmer Yow A New Beginning Senior Pennant Committee Kenny Flick, Bill Larmer Senior Color, Flower, Motto Committee Ellen Kurzer, Sheryl Althaus Senior Dance Committee Nancy Sosebee, Ronald Nash Senior Bulletin Board Committee Sharon Adcock Senior Assembly Committee Kenny Buckingham, Jacque Neihouse Senior Typing Committee Frances Artman, Pauline Wright Senior Announcements Committee Linda Gray, Carol Warf Senior Music Committee Mike Harris, Susan Daniel Senior Prom Committee Dru Bryant, Judy Salken Senior Ring Committee Nancy Sosebee, Melinda Casey 165 Senior Class Best All Round Gene Burke and Margaret Passage Best Dressed Dru Bryant and Petie Yevak Hall of Fame Most School Spirited Carolyn Coalter and Terry Seay Best Students Jennifer Perkins and Joe Frankli Best Looking Wayne Owens and Judy Salken Most Original David Whitley and Sandye Fink Best Dancers Garland Rigney and Melissa Moody Most Popular Linda Condron and Johnny Mercer Most Athletic Sharon Adcock and David Cutler Most Likely to Succeed Alfred Young and Anne Stall Most Talented Larry Mercer and Connie Snapp • JL PRIVATE property NO TRESPASSING BY POLICF nonrD A Magical Evening The Hall of Fame was presented prior to the crowning. Pictured here are Sharon Adcock and David Cutler, Most Athletic. Glenn Miller and Anne Stall were elected King and Queen by their classmates. Members of the court, from whom the King and Queen were elected, were Gene Burke, Jennifer Perkins, Glenn Miller, Anne Stall, Donald Ryan, and Debbie Braswell. The class of 1967 chose their King and Queen on the basis of service to the class. 169 " Summertime’’ Chosen As The A memorable moment: receiving the Prom corsage. Summertime " was selected as the theme for the Senior Prom. A gazebo was built to form the dancing area Multi-colored flowers were used in abundance, a star-studded blue sky was overhead. The cafeteria was transformed into a gay, magical place where seniors and their dates danced until 11:45 A popular spot at the Prom, the refreshment table, was visited by Jerry Garrison. 170 Rhythm and blues music was provided by the Jesse Powers Orchestra. Senior Prom Theme Outside the summer plantation, a group of seniors and their dates gathered for refreshments and relaxation. The end of a magical evening found seniors happy, but weary. Seniors and their dates particularly enjoyed dancing to slow music. Night Program Replaced If the cat swallowed the canary, ask the cat who swallowed one! Glenn Miller, president of the Class of 1967, transferred the cap and gown to Tony Koskinas, Junior Class president. As Cathy Crockin, editor, announced the dedication of the yearbook to Mr. Thomas 0. Keesee, the audience stood, with thunderous applause, to show approval. 172 Joe Franklin, on behalf of the Senior Class, presented Mr. J. William Etheridge with the class gift, a donation to the Ethel Gildersleeve Scholarship Fund. Daytime Assembly As Phyllis Diller, Frances Artman convinced the audience of the superior qualities of her favorite bleach. The Class of ' 67 held its Class Night on June 1. It was eventful in that many parents were enabled to attend who could not have been present for a daytime program. After the preliminaries, which included the dedication of the Anchor and the singing of the class song, the class pre- sented " It ' s a Grand Night, " a take-off on the Jackie Glea- son show. The program included beautiful girls, dancers, a chorus, talent numbers, a dance band, and commercials, as well as a version of the " Honeymooners " and " Joe the Bar- tender. " The MC was " Jackie Gleason " himself. The parents thought the program was great! Carolyn Williams represented one of the beauties always seen on Jackie Gleason ' s show. Joan Grepiotis, Sherry Bell, Jacque Lyerly and Donna Abernathy opened the Summer Spectacular with a dance to the song, " By the Sea. " Light-Hearted ness David Whitley, as a talking tree, was a favorite with the audience young and old. " Trix are for kids! " Bradford Bethea emphatically informed pink rabbit Margaret Passage. 174 Another old favorite of Jackie ' s fans was featured on Class Night. Appearing as the Honey- moone ' s were Jimmy Hogan, Jeannie Smith, Donald Wolfley, and Melissa Moody. Replaced By Solemnity " Practice makes perfect " to ensure a well-executed graduation program. On Friday, June 9th, the seniors met, marched, and memorized procedures. i 75 " If at first you don ' t succeed, try, try again! " Those Final Moments, Honor graduates led the procession. Three of these were Tommy Boggs, Pauline Wright and Carolyn Williams. Seniors listened intently as they were challenged with " The Adventure of Life. " The never-to-be-forgotten moment: receiving the diploma. 176 The Last Good-Bye This year seniors received diplomas tied with blue and gold ribbons. These were presented by Mr. Etheridge, assisted by Miss Lane. Graduation is over; the robe checked in. Melinda Casey has become an alumnae. Seniors Tommy Boggs, John Knowles, Carol Warf and Marty four- year guidance, students were challenged to take pride Whitmore said a last farewell to Mr. J. William Etheridge, in accomplishment, to aspire to nobler aims, to have faith our beloved principal, who also was leaving NNHS. Under his in the future. He cast a long shadow; his influence will remain. 177 Di rec ' tion, n., the course olong which anything moves. In whatever direction you travel to shop, you will realize that it pays to buy locally. From Downtown Newport News to Denbigh, or from Stuart Gardens to Sherwood Mall, you will find many thriving, bustling shopping areas conveniently located. As you patronize the firms whose advertisements appear within these pages, you can be assured of higher quality, lower prices, and better service with a personal touch. These firms have helped to make this yearbook possible. In turn, let us support them. ADVERTISEMENTS W. T. CHAPIN, INC. ,f. ! )auala4 J it t y Insurance and Real Estate U $ . Recltors Insurors 126 26th Street Dial CH 4-1471 Dial 247-5292 125 - 26th Street PARKER POWELL RIVERSIDE FUNERAL HOMEJNC. " Distinctive Home Furnishings " Successors to Rouse-Carper Funeral Home and Carder Funeral Home 212-214 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Va. Phone: CHestnut 5-2041 7415 River Road Newport News, Va. N.F.D.A. — Ambulance Service — Rotary Tel.: 245-1525 Est. 1888 Your Complete Family Jewelry Store See us for all Kinds of Printing SHAW ' S JEWELRY CO. JACOBSON PRESS 2811 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Calling Cards — Programs Invitations Diamonds Watches Silver Dishes Radios T.V. Phonographs Cameras 224-3 1st Street 244-4721 Metered Insured Cabs 24 Hour Service V au 9han W Fashions for Men and Boys of All Ages Dial Dial CH 4-4444 ▼ CH 4-4444 3107 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Sight Seeing Tours Arranged At Special Rates Cab Stand Office — 2511 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. nv»Y i ft a v ' S 1 1 c Mayor Donald Hyatt explains to Al Dutton, the factors which play an important part in the rapid development of the CITY of NEWPORT NEWS DISCOUNT AUTO PARTS 2609 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia CRUM ' S BAKERY 351 1 Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 3211 Washington Avenue Downtown Newport News EDDIE ' S NEW AND USED FURNITURE Furniture and Electrical Appliances 9512 Warwick Boulevard BALLOU PALMER, INC. 1 1 2-28th Street Newport News, Virginia CH 7-5851 WHEN YOU THINK OF SHOES . . . THINK OF 3200 Washington Avenue; Newmarket Shopping Center Casey ' s Williamsburg Oxa feA Beaut §cKaof MARGARET SELBY, Director 1 24-30th Street Newport News, Va. 23607 Telephone 244-5221 BAKER AND HAZELWOOD, INC. Realtors and Insurors 1 30 - 26th Street Phone 247-3652 BENSON-PHILLIPS COMPANY, INC. " Serving the Peninsula ' s Building and Fuel Needs Since 1891 " 3100 Warwick Blvd. CH 4-1700 John Knowles feels that HAPPINESS IS a sport coat and tie from Beecroft Bull Specializing in Traditional Clothing for Gentlemen Ladies BEECROFT BULL LTD. 10325 Warwick Blvd. at ALTHAUS DELICATESSEN Hilton Village CATERERS WELLWORTH CLEANERS 1 1 1 -28th Street CH 4-1797 16 Peninsula Stores 183 Sportsman ' s Shop Sp Uuuj Qoodi NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA COMPLIMENTS OF HOT SHOPPES CAFETERIA Newmarket Shopping Center PARISIAN SHOP Washington Avenue at 31st Fashion center of the Peninsula Formals and Bridals 2nd Floor Compliments of SPOTTSWOOD BEAUTY SALON 2806 West Avenue and West Avenue Amoco Service Station Jerry O. Talton RANDOLPH - MACON COLLEGE 1830 1967 Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. 131 28th Street Real Estate and Insurance Information may be secured from: William A. Robertson, Jr. Director of Admissions Nancy Webb exits with purchases as Anita Shapiro enters to shop; Cathy Crockin and Con- nie Snapp agree that it ' s great to shop at Nachman ' s. Now 2 Stores To Serve You Better Both in Newport News Always as Near as your Telephone Dial 244-5741 After 5:30 P.M. 595-2226 Washington Ave. at 32nd St., Downtown Warwick Shopping Center 185 TIDEWATER HOTEL iiiniiii mini iiiiimi " Saving can be so much fun at C M, " says Pat Long. CITIZENS MARINE BANK 247-3671 2400 Washington Avenue Compliments of CAROL BOOK SHOP 138 28th Street Dial 247-7051 GARDEN PHARMACY Calvin Massie Pharmacist Free Delivery " Your Friendly Community Pharmacy " Prescriptions Cosmetics Fine Candies 1827 Wickham Avenue 244-7995 Office CH 7-6334 Residence CH 4-8539 TOM G. WATERS Thomas J. Crandol Agency MEMBER: FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 1 05 - 26th Street Newport News, Va. 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CH 4-3306 NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL SPIRIT CLUB NNHS SPIRIT CLUB, organized this year, has as its purpose To develop school spirit Cooperation with the administration Participation in school activities Support of all school-sponsored events To create good sportsmanship Courtesy at games Consideration in the classroom Respect for the rights of others To maintain good morale Support of the cafeteria regulations Obedience to school rules Encouragement of pride in NNHS Best Wishes From GORDON ENTERPRISES ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS OF THE PENINSULA See the top movies at a GORDON THEATRE: Palace — Riverdale — Wythe-Cinema — Village — James Anchor Drive-In — Green Acres Drive-In Come along to SKATELAND — the FUN spot! Get your snack at a GIANT BURGER! ELECTRICITY THE MOVING FORCE . . . that brightens our lives, creates careers and lights the way to tomorrow’s better world. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY £ FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NEWPORT NEWS 2916 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Since 1917 SALES AND RENTALS Commercial — Residential Offering Personalized Real Estate and Insurance Service Dial — 245-3895 245-8196 Nights call — 244-3729 122 26th St. Newport News, Va. Nancy Webb is deeply impressed by the fabulous displays at A. B. Southall. HP (OVERTON o rri 3 o 2 REALTORS INSURORS A. B. SOUTHALL FURNITURE INC. " A. B. SOUTHALL, a repu tation you can trust " 1635 W. Pembroke Ave. 9906 Warwick Blvd. 7723-6551 595-3474 May you use the gift of knowledge you have acquired during your school years wisely in pursuit of a successful and rewarding life. Miller Rhoads wishes you every success in your endeavors VIRGINIA S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORES Newmarket Shopping Center Top Viewing anytime... WVEC TELEVISION NORFOLK • HAMPTON VIRGINIA KEYETTES 192 PHOTOGRAPHY BY EDWARD J. 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FRANK AND SHAPIRO Real Estate — Insurance Certified Property Management 9517 Warwick Blvd. Phone: 595-1122 or 595-1123 MERLE NORMAN COSMETICS Courtesy Demonstration by Appointment Telephone: 826-061 1 5113 West Mercury Boulevard Hampton, Virginia Mark of personal service Karen Yevak admires the lovely displays at Haynes. HAYNES FURNITURE CO. FIRST MERCHANTS NATIONAL BANK 2814 Washington Ave. 245-3281 Members of the House of Delegates State of Virginia BROUDY-KANTOR CO., INC. Wholesale confections, tobaccos, CHARLES K. HUTCHENS LOUIS A. McMURRAN GEORGE H. HILL Paper products drugs, sundries 2413 Washington Ave. 244-2197 195 STUDENT COOPERATIVE ASSOCIATION As members of the student body of Newport News High School, we resolve to practice the principles of good behavior toward our fellow students and our teachers. These principles include politeness, courtesy, punctuality, good sportsman- ship, and other qualities that make for outstanding citizenship in our school. President . . . . Vice-President Secretary . . . . T reasurer . . . . Pari iamentarian Sponsor Larry Mercer . . . . Jimmy Gordon Anne Rowe Joel Flax Anne Stall Miss Maureen Lane The Peninsula’s Only Daily Newspapers . . . Published For All The Family! Always Tops on the List of Good Reading... Timely and Informative Reading! and The Times-Herald HAMPTON ROADS’ MORNING and EVENING NEWSPAPERS J. S. ARNOLD ' S ESSO SERVICE (Esso) HAMPTON ROADS HEARING AID CENTER " ROAD SERVICE " 114 28th St. 25th Street Oak Ave. Phone 247-1803 244-5885 Congratulations To The Senior Class COMPLIMENTS Quality Service Tells Sells OF KURZER REALTY " WE KNOW HOW " HILTON CLEANERS 10331 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Va. Dial 595-0316 The greatest SENIOR HOMEROOM 118 U£e SINGER COMPANY Newmarket Shopping Center " Everything for the woman that sews. " Pat Thomas discusses with Becky Seldomridge the proper way to put in a zipper 199 SPOTLESS RUG Best of luck to the CLEANING CO., INC. Class of 1967 from 2513 Warwick Blvd. MONTY ' S Newport News, Virginia PENGUIN DRIVE-IN Look at your rug, 9916 Warwick Blvd. Everyone else does! Newport News, Virginia Compliments of J 7 faue t)ou ( onsicferecf CLYDE R. ROYALS, INC. a ( Career in P 0. Box 223 irc 21 lecture ? Hampton, Virginia 200 you want a fine portrait... to record forever with charm and dignity the important events of your life, come to the Photograph Studio of your Official Photographer... PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO 3rd FLOOR 20) Make your selection from a wide variety of Wedding rings Jewelry Gifts for every occasion Crystal, China, Silver $. Since 1898 arclay 2912 Washington Avenue Warwick Center Newmarket Shopping Center and Williamsburg Shopping Center Bank of Warwick 96 Main Street (Main Office) 5304 Jefferson Ave. Grafton Triangle, Grafton, Va. Whether shopping for a family of 8 — like Coach and Mrs. Charlie Nuttycombe ' s — or for 2, you ' ll find that Rich ' s prices are right! Hidenwood Shopping Center Warwick Blvd. at Beechmont Drive Stores conveniently located at: ABERDEEN MERCURY BLVD. 3816 CHESTNUT AVE. 12308 WARWICK BLVD. 9925 JEFFERSON AVE. 1245 N. KING ST. 81 BEACH ROAD 4910 W. MERCURY BLVD. 908 LA SALLE AVE. Especially for you — Saturday Banking Hours 9:30 AM. until 12:00 noon Happy to be your neighbors — Come to see us on Twenty-seventh St. Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Visit Rich’s Drive-Ins NEWPORT NEWS -HAMPTON AUTOMOBILE DEALERS ASSN. Newport Allen " Nick " Motors, Inc. Bowditch Ford, Inc. Casey Chevrolet Corporation Center Ford Sales and Service, Inc. Hampton Motor Corporation Hutchens Chevrolet Lumpkin-White Truck Company, Inc Merrimac Motors, Inc. Copeland Motors, rwick Blvd. News, Va. Shackelford Auto Company, Inc. Spencer Motor Sales, Inc. Spratley-Rogers Ford Corporation Suttle Motor Corporation Tysinger Motor Company, Inc. Universal Auto Sales Corporation Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. Williams, Incorporated Car Company, Inc. Goffepe of Gfampion Ttoacfs, Gnc. 99 Sherwood Shopping Center Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Va. HOMEROOM 101 Barry Adelson, Lennie Alger, Harvey Anker, Terry Ar- rington, William Arrington, Bennett Aycock, Mike Ayers, Betty Baily, Jan Baker, Jimmy Baker, Johnny Baker, Karlene Bane, Milton Barber, Tommy Barnes, Patty Barrow, Steve Bartron, Roger Bateman, Cynthia Bates, Emerson Beale, Linda Bell, Frances Bennett, Barry Betts, Debbie Biggins, Donna Blanchard, Margaret Bogerty, Wanda Boone, Ginger Bordeaux, Mrs. Margaret Minnick. HOMEROOM 105 203 DANNY ' S DELICATESSEN 10838 Warwick Blvd. Danny ' s is a great place to eat. Try it the next time you eat out! USINESS EADERS MERICA ffuture jus ness 13 e defers of America OFFICERS Linda Gray, President Shirley Marston, V. President Mayme Wilkins, Secretary Marty Whitmore, Treasurer Phyllis B. Volhein, Sponsor Jfui i S apfes HOUSE OF BEAUTY 2212 Kecoughton Road Wythe Shopping Center Hampton, Va. CH 7-1461 " Beauty is a Woman ' s Duty. " Fine ships don’t roll off a production line. They’re built efficiently and well only by men whose skills and knowledge are broad. That’s why Newport News begins at the beginning with its own selective Apprentice School. High School graduates enter on the basis of academic record. But selectivity doesn’t stop there. In classroom and shop, in the drafting room and out in the yard, each man’s special abilities are watched and developed. Some become skilled and versatile ma- chinists. Others become expert electricians or precision tool makers. Many becomesuper- visors. Some earn scholarships for advanced training at colleges and technical schools. We think the School’s a pretty inspiring place, because its end results are good men and good ships. Newport IVews Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company. Newport News. Virginia AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER 205 Homeroom 303 Homeroom 315 Homeroom 305 Homeroom 108 206 Make reservations and plan a Prom party at the RANCH HOUSE . . . the steaks are great! COMPLIMENTS OF LE CERCLE FRANCAIS President Vice-President . Secretary Treasurer Sergeant-at-arms Sponsor Cathy Richardson Dru Bryant Susan Price Pat White . . . . Judy Ellenson Miss Algilene Hearn Homeroom 223 Homeroom 309 Homeroom 320 208 Mrs. David Shook, treasurer, points out important events to Mrs. Nelson Harris, PTA president (seated center). Looking on are (left to right) Mrs. Ira Hirshman, corre- sponding secretary; Mrs. Harry Bates, publicity chairman; Mr. David Bartlett, teacher. PARENT -TEACHER ASSOCIATION A service organization giving to the student love, guidance, understanding A group seeking to secure for every child the highest advantages in physical, mental, social and spiritual development. 209 TERRY REALTY COMPANY 636 J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Newport News, Virginia Phone 595-5511 Salesmen: J. R. (Bob) Hudson Martha Paris Ray Letchworth Betty Amory TAREY DRIVE-IN 11127 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia 596-9341 Tarey here; it ' s a great place to eat! _ K 1 . Homeroom 301 It ' s a great time for Carrol-ing! PATRONS " 67 A.D. " Jimmy Lynn William V. Larmer, III J. M. Smith Sammy Selmer Interact Club Baxter West Chris Darlow National Thespians Judy Ellenson Allene Cohen Mr. David Bartlett Janet Hirshman Leprechaun Green her Giant Sandye Cohen Pat Doug Mrs. John T. Knowles Bob Dylan, my idol Tracella et Sallia Miss Mary Louise Knowles Sandye Fink Bengie Dum Dum Mr. Mrs. Irvin Cohen BEACON Miss Gail Williams " Sparky " Burke family Wanda Mercer Ruth Springfield Mr. Mrs. Saul Shapiro Kathy Liakos Miss Margaret Lane Mr. Mrs. G. E. Barrow Love Happiness Mr. Henry Geddy Mr. Mrs. E. Blake Cameron, Jr. From Horatio Sandi Markham Mr. Mrs. J. M. Crockin Ann Larry Lill Gillespie Mr. Mrs. C. H. Richardson Debbie loves C.W. Big Rowe BEACON Photography staff Anita Shapiro One little Indian Mr. Mrs. H. H. Shackelford Joel Shapiro Peter James Yevak York ' s Chrysler-powered Chevy Lulie Roberts " Smiley” Ronald W. Bell III Bill Kathy Miss Eulah Massey " No news is good news " Fowler Beth Wingrave Eugene Price Mr. Mrs. S. P. Hoyle Peyton Clark Ruth Lerner Deborah Carol Huffman Grace Goldsmith Sam George Mr. Mrs. W. E. Williams The Lewis family Robert Burns Mr. Mrs. Charles R. Downey T urkeyman Belinda Gary Captain Mrs. Harold E. Brinson Homeroom 206 Miss Ann Edison Mr. Mrs. Victor Friedman George Barrow David Perdieu Mrs. Frances Nettles Homeroom 214 Homeroom 218 21 I PROFESSIONAL PAGE The Anchor staff is grateful for the support of the following doctors: Dr. William Bangel Dr. Cyrus U. Brown Dr. Russell Buxton Dr. F. A. Carmines Dr. J. W. Carney Dr. Lawrence Cowling Dr. John A. Cross Dr. William M. Goldsmith Dr. E. F. Maxey Dr. Alvin Mirmelstein Dr. Herbert H. Neisser Dr. Floyd Nesbitt Dr. D. 0. Powell Dr. Ralph P. Price Dr. C. Waldo Scott Dr. A. C. Stanton And BETTY LEWIS bread is a winner too . . . . BA.3NTK1 OF HAMPTON Main Office: Washington at 33rd Street Wythe Center, 2409 Kecoughtan Rd., Hamp- ton Drive-In Branch, West Ave. at 33rd St. Denbigh Blvd., one block east of Rt. 60 Brent- wood Shopping Center, 10545 Jefferson Avenue COME ALIVE! You ' re in the Pepsi Generation 213 On behalf of fhe annual staff, the editor, Cathy Crock- in, would like to give sincere thanks to those who have helped to make this annual possible. Our thanks to: Mrs. Martha Jo Milne, our adviser, for her endless enthusiasm, for her creativity, for her sincere interest in the staff and in the Anchor, and for taking so much of her time to do what no one else would do. Mr. J. William Etheridge, our principal, for his quick understanding of our problems and his aid in solving them. Mr. Jim Saine, our Delmar representative, for his time, advice, and consideration. The NNHS faculty for its cooperation and patience with us. Mrs. Mabel Papa for helping us keep our finances straight. Mr. Ed Streeky and Mr. Donald Gardner, our photographers. The S. C. A. for its financial assistance. The student body for supporting us morally and financially. Jack Melamed for writing the copy of the divider pages. Roslyn Smith for typing pages and picture schedules. Our advertisers and patrons for their support. Homeroom 109 HOMEROOM 206 John Kelly Debby Maraki Cliff Kirkland Violet LaBoone Susan Mallory Ivan Long Ronnie Kirby JoAnn Kurzer Tim Lewis Sallie Kirk Mary Lamm Keith Lambert Larry Lail Vonnie Larmore Mattie Lewter Nicki Karavatakis Johnny Lucas Maureen Klesmer Mrs. Louise Mundie 2U Senior Class of 1967 MOTTO: " We learn from the past To achieve the present To build for the future. " Glenn Miller, president Margaret Passage, vice-president Jennifer Perkins, secretary Anne Stall, treasurer 215 Di rec ' tion, n , the course along which anything moves. The path to maturity has merged with the highway of life The student has been forced to ponder on what graduation means; he has had to decide in which direction he will travel, and which turn his life will take. He has brought to bear all the inner resources and knowledge that he has developed and acquired in five years of high school. Hopefully a fusion of the academic and the secular has occurred. It is to be hoped that the student has gained the capabilities and the character he will need to face the future unafraid. 216

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