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Published by the Students of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia Cover Design by Susan Sandler INTRODUCTION 1-3 FACULTY CLASSROOM 6-25 SCHOOL LIFE .26-37 UNDERCLASSMEN A. . 38-73 ACTIVITIES 74-95 SPORTS I ... ' ,,..96-123 SENIORS .. . .....124-179 ADVERTISEMENTS . .180-216 MRS. KATHLEEN ANDERSON, ADVISOR MINA ERLACH, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF CAROL ANN FIRESTONE, ASSISTANT EDITOR CATHY CROCKIN, COPY EDITOR Here is the story of a school, of a student, of a liaison that yields creation. Before creation can occur, several elements must be present. There must be a quantity of material; there must be hands to seek the form ; there must be imagination to know the form ftvhen it is found. The form that we speak of here is the ultimate product of our environment — the student and the student-to-be. In the process of creation the student meets many elements that contribute to his final form, or in more symbolic terms, the work of the sculptor. We speak of the sculptor, then, as the cumulative force that brings the final form into being and produces the work of art that can be and is the student. k- || Institution is a cold word. It brings forth images of long cor- ridors filled with solemn faced scholars, well-worn books, and impersonal greetings; but it is here, in this institution, Newport News High School, that institution becomes a word of exciting change, growth, and creation. It is here that the sculptor begins his work. It is here that the student becomes the individual, takes shape, learns what it means to stand alone and welcome the promise of his tomorrow. We invite you, then, to view a record of creation, encompassing more than a mere contact between two elements — a mound of clay and a sculplor’sjhands. In this seemingly single contact, a world of smaller, yet vital elements is revealed and we see in the final form a reflection of all that has touched the work and begotten the dream. • . V 3 DEDICATED TO MRS. VIRGINIA MASTERS 4 It is with pride that we, the Graduating Class of 1966, dedicate the yearbook to Mrs. Virginia Masters. As head of the Physical Education Department, Mrs. Masters has been in close contact with all of the students. Under her guiding hand, her patience, and her won- derful sense of humor, she has earned the respect and admiration of the entire student body. Her immeasur- able energy and her untiring dedication have encouraged teamwork and fair play. She has enriched the lives of all who have worked with her and we shall always be indebted for the many fine principles that she has taught us. This dedication is our token of appreciation for her friendly and understanding leadership. Faculty and Classroom The sculptor’s studio is the place of creation. Here lie the tools that will deliver the form from dream stuff to realization. It is important that the studio become part of the sculptor’s spirit and message. He must feel that here all can come about, naturally, easily without strain, without friction. The variety of tools that lie scattered about reflect the enormous choice of form. They will dig deep into the clay, will seek out the strength of the mes- sage and deliver the form. In the classroom a similar creation occurs — a mind is strengthened, a form is found, and the teach- ers, the tools of education, make their contribution to the ultimate work. iHHMPl Our Principal, His Assistants Mr. J. William Etheridge A true concern for individual student welfare is a rarity among administrators and it is this rarity that makes our principal the very special man that he is. The warmth, humor, insight, and charm that he so frequently displays have removed the institu- tion-like chill that usually accompanies a position such as his. His sincere enthusiasm for any school activity and enormous interest in any student undertaking has given rise to a spirit that echoes the goals of Newport News High School: the creation of the indi- vidual thinking student, the creation of the conscientious citizen of tomorrow. 8 Are The Guiding Forces Mr. Thomas O. Keesee Assistant Principal Poised behind his carefully selected and proudly displayed array of gold and blue flowers, Mr. Keesee is efficient as well as being terribly concerned with the welfare of the individual student. It is the policy for most men of his position to totally avoid involvement with students, for it may prove too much of an emotional strain. Mr. Keesee, however, disregards this standard attitude and continues to form real and lasting rela- tionships with students, relationships that prove vital and fulfilling to all concerned. Miss Margaret Lane Assistant Principal There is always a place in our hearts for a person who gives unselfishly of himself in the hope of relieving the turmoil of others. In her office Miss Lane maintains an “open door” policy. If there is a problem to be solved or a question to be answered, the door is always open and the solution is near. Miss Lane approaches the problems of her students with a positive spirit and is a firm advocate of honesty in all dialogue. We all feel great ad- miration and respect for this great educator. Staffs Serve The ‘Warm tootsies, happy teacher!” ATTENDANCE Mr. Louis Wheary and Mrs. Virginia Cash OFFICE STAFF — (L. to R.) Mrs. Marion Ferguson, Mrs. Sandra Bell, Mrs. Mabel Papa. 10 School’s Many Needs Guidance Miss Sarah Owen Longwood, B.S. Guidance Mrs. John Pully Winthrop College, A.B. College of Wm. and Mary, M.A. F.T.A. Sponsor Guidance Mrs. Garland J. Conn Westhampton College, B.A. School Nurse Mrs. A. J. Kiser Elizabeth Buxton Hospital, R.N. Students receive sound advice from their guidance counselors on college admissions requirements. Mrs. Jessie Taylor, our cafeteria manager, stifles the hunger pangs of N.N.H.S. students with a bright smile and a plate full of good food. “Whoever heard of g etting a sick leave without having a temperature?” The Student Begins To Speak Mr. Norman DeHart Mr. Jack Waida Indiana State University Richmond Professional Institute, B.F.A. Concord College, B.S. Creative Artists Club Sponsor ART DEPARTMENT r -s Art students learn to express themselves through painting and sculpturing. Creative ac- tivities done in and outside the classroom help these students to appreciate the famous works of art. Mr. DeHart helps his art students with some sculpting. Miss Amanda Gray Longwood College, B.S. Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College, B.A. Carnegie Institute of Technology University of Virginia Directing is an important part of second year drama classes. SPEECH ARTS DEPARTMENT Effective self-expression is an important aim of the drama and speech classes of New- port News High School. Drama students learn to portray characters and the techniques of make-up application and direction. Practicing the organization and the recita- tion of speeches, presenting pantomimes and tableaus, and participating in discussion groups are the basis for the speech classes. Miss Dorothy M. Crane West Virginia University, A.B. Northwestern University Thespians Sponsor Stage Crew. Usher Staff Senior Class Sponsor Speech Arts Department Head Bobby Sprouse gives a speech for practice with the tape recorder in speech class. And Is Heard Mrs. Laurie K. Collier Mrs. Carol Harkleroad Meredith College, B.S. Longwood College, B.S. Mr. M. G. Willey Temple University, M.A. Business Department Head Mrs. Opal Sills East Carolina College, B.S. Miss Beverly Sykes Madison College, B.S. BUSINESS DEPARTMENT The Business Department at N.N.H.S. offers bookkeeping, shorthand, typing, and vocational of- fice training. In shorthand, students learn to take dictation by using symbols for the sounds of letters of the alphabet. Bookkeeping is taught to any student in- terested. Speed and accuracy are the two elements stressed in typing. Vocational office training teaches the use of machines found in a business office. Mr. James P. Wilson Wayne State University, B.S. Music Department, Head Senior Band Sponsor Flagtwirler Sponsor Mrs. Dorothy Carter Newman College. B.S. Chorus Sponsor “Whether we like it or not, class must go on even if Mr. Willey is ill,” says Linda Waterfield as she gives dictation to her shorthand class. Mr. Allan Wright, Junior Band director, practices with the brass section. MUSIC DEPARTMENT The music department trains students in the funda- mentals of music. The students are exposed to termi- nology, technique, theory, and appreciation. Ensemble playing and solo work are encouraged in the Junior Band as well as the Senior Band. Interpretation, solo, and group singing is the basis for the Concert Choir, Boys’ and Girls’ Choruses. The key to this active de- partment is practice. 13 Concert Choir practices for their Christmas con cert. Words Become The Magic THE ENGLISH DEPARTMENT Mrs. Kathryn Pace Cameron Madison College, B.S. College of William and Mary Head of English Department A well-rounded education necessitates the ability to express one’s self through writing as well as speaking. The English department strives to accomplish this in its approach to the student. While study- ing literature, the student learns the vari- ed styles of writing as well as interpreta- tion. Through oral discussions, he learns self-expression. Grammar, sentence struc- ture, and composition are basics that are taught to better able the student to ex- press himself through writing. The action verb “to dance” is shown to members of Mrs. Anderson’s eighth grade English class by Patty Barrow and Lisa Shawel. Mr. H. D. Adams, Jr. Emory and Henry College, B.A. Florida State University Stage Crew Mrs. Kathleen P. Anderson George Washington University Roanoke College, B.A. Anchor Sponsor Mrs. Margaret F. Baab Longwood College, B.S. Mr. E. Tod Christian Frederick College, A. A. Richmond College, A.B. University of Richmond Miss Alice Fowler St. Mary ' s Junior College University of North Carolina, A.B. Quill and Scroll Sponsor Mr. Gerald F. Grogan V.M.I., B.A. J.V. Football 8th and 9th Basketball Assistant Track Coach Mrs. Phoebe B. Hoyle University of North Carolina, B.A. 14 Voicing All Of His Dreams Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Judson College, B.A. Launchings Advisor Mrs. Alice F. Randall Wooster College George Washington University, A.B. Rutgers College of Wm. Mary ' mJBm Mrs. Mary E. Sexton East Carolina College, B.S. Members of Mrs. Wright’s college preparatory English class receive help with their research papers. Mrs. Helen Hardy Shelton Madison College, B.S. Mrs. Claudia H. Sturm Mrs. Jeanette Wright Longwood College, B.S. College of William and Mary, A.B. 9th Grade Sponsor Launchings 15 To Live Life To Its Fullest Extent Mr. Louis M. Wheary, Jr. Lynchburg College, A.B. Peabody College, M.A. Attendance Counselor History Department Head Miss Patricia Anne Edison Madison College, B.S. Miss Edith Goldberg Mary Washington College, B.A. Keyette Club Sponsor Miss Maureen Lane St. Louis University, A.B. Christopher Newport Society Sponsor Tri-Hi-Sponsor Miss Frances Maguire Boston University, B.S. Longwood College. M.A. Sponsor of S.C.A. Mrs. Linda DeAlba Scott Mary Washington College, B.A. Senior Dance Committee Sponsor Mrs. Mary Williams Longwood College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Miss Eliza Wise Longwood College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. HISTORY DEPARTMENT “You’ll never learn U.S. History this way!” says Miss Goldberg to Carl Baab. To help students understand today’s problems and themselves through his- torical experiences and advances of great men and nations is the aim of the History Department. Eighth grade students are required to take history. Either world history or geography must be taken as a graduation requirement. Juniors are required to pass United States History, while seniors struggle with U.S. government. Advanced world history is also offered to those who are interested. r • i Jgj gER ' Ij 1 j Bobby Kenney leads a discussion on Communism in Mrs. Williams’ advanced government class. 16 Utilizing All Of Our Resources INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPARTMENT Contributing directly to the future vocation of the stu- dent is the Industrial Arts Department. Here in the metal, work, printing, machine, and drafting shops the students are given invaluable experience in mastering the various skills. This experience often leads to future employment and further training. “Don’t you know that the only way to get a straight line is with a ruler?” Mr Samuel Somervill West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S. Industrial Arts. Head of Department Mr. Harry Lyeth Oswego State Teachers College, B.S. Virginia Polytechnic Institute Mr. Ronald King East Tennessee State, B.S. Mr. Paul May East Tennessee State, B.S. Mr. W. Phil Wynn Mr. O. J. Farmer Mr. Thomas Marvin Richmond Professional Institute, B.S. Co-sponsor of D.E. Club Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Co-sponsor of D.E. Club Emory and Henry, A.B., B.S. V.P.I, M.S. I.C.T. Coordinator I.C.T. Club Sponsor Honor Council Sponsor I.C.T., D.E. AND V.O.T. These excellent programs are de- signed for the student who wishes to receive on the job training to help him make the all-important decision of work goals. While receiving this ex- perience he may also earn a salary. The Vocational Office Training pro- gram specializes in giving the student thorough office practice in a real life situation. He is assigned a position with a firm and here receives his real training. The Industrial Cooperative Training program was created for the student who has selected his specialty. He does research work in the I.C.T. class and is guided towards employment oppor- tunities. The Distributive Education program specializes in the sales and manage- ment end of the business operation. D.E. students are given intensive train- ing in job application (this incompass- ing grooming personality, correct be- havior), sales psychology, and mer- chandise handling. “The wondrous triangle of D.E. Learning and Skill! Don’t make it a square!” 17 Teachers Become The Tools Mrs. Joan Ward University of Puerto Rico University of Mexico Longwood College, B.A. Spanish Club Sponsor “And now, mes amis, we learn the hidden magic of the Bardot touch.” FOREIGN LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT New sounds, a from-the-beginning vocabulary, and a taste of new cultures are the offerings of the foreign language department. With a foreign language elective a student may begin his climb toward polylinguistics with the offerings of French, Spanish, and Latin. He may learn a for- eign tongue and in so doing, extend his hand in world brotherhood through love of words and need for communication. “So, what’s new with you, pussycat?” asks our Spanish friend, Beba. Guiding The Growing Process Mrs. Elaine Ball Mary Washington College, B.S. Assistant Librarian “Beasties! All of you, Beasties!” screams our firm advocates of silence, Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Ball. lL Miss Eulah Massey William and Mary College, A.B. and M.A. Assistant Librarian Miss Sue Kelly Madison College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Head of Home Economics Department F.H.A. Sponsor HOME ECONOMICS Home economics courses are subdivided into three classes: foods, clothing, and home management. Foods teaches the student the fundamentals of planning, preparing, and serving a meal. As laboratory work, the classes prepare separate dishes, desserts, and en- tire meals. Clothing care and construction, laundering and stain removal, and fabric identification comprise the basis for the sewing classes. Home management is the general course in home care, giving the student an excellent background for her own future home management. 19 “Awful proper, ain’t we mates ? These Are They Who Help Life In the senior math analysis class, Tom Seaborn discusses a question of interest. Mrs. Vivian Bauserman Randolph-Macon Women’s College, A.B. Sponsor of National Honor Society Mr. Chesley J. Brown, Jr. Wingate Jr. College East Carolina College, A.B. Miss Cassie Childress College of William and Mary, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Mrs. Verna Graves Florida State University, A.B. University of Chicago Mrs. Marilyn Riddle University of Mississippi, B.S. MATHEMATICS Math courses range from general math to college algebra. Two years of basic mathematics is required for graduation. During these two years, students may take general math or first year algebra. After Algebra I, a student may take Algebra II. Completion of these courses allows a student to take geometry. If he wishes to go higher in this field, trigonometry, consumer math, senior math analysis, and college algebra are provided. Miss Jane Hunsucker University of North Carolina at Greensboro, B.A. Mrs. Margaret Minnick Westhampton College, B.A. Lynchburg College University of Virginia Mrs. Barbara Graham Atlantic Christian College, B.S. Mr. Fred Kochli United States Military Academy, B.S. Miss Emilie Holladay Longwood College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Head of the Math Department Mrs. Brenda Waters East Carolina College, B.S. To Unfold Before Our Eyes PHYSICAL EDUCATION DEPARTMENT Keeping students physically fit is the chief aim of the physical edu- cation department. Boys’ classes concentrate on various fields of track, calisthenics, and the funda- mentals of football and basketball. Girls’ gym classes learn balance and rhythm through modern dancing and rope jumping. Apparatus, tum- bling, volleyball, basketball, and softball teach body co-ordination. Boys and girls in the physical education department study first aid, hygiene, and drivers’ training during their four years of this re- quired subject. Miss Ann Parker Brenau College, B.S. Sullins College Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball Coach Mrs. Virginia Masters University of Maryland, B.S. G.A.A. Sponsor Girls’ Hockey Coach Gymnastics and Volleyball Coach Head of Girls’ Physical Education Department Mrs. Dorothy Cannon Radford College, B.S. Field Hockey, Basketball, Gymnastics, and Volleyball Coach Miss Harriet Formichelli Madison College, B.S. Cheerleader Sponsor Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball Coach Mr. Charles Woolum College of William and Mary, B.S. Varsity Basketball Coach J.V. Football Coach Mr. Harlan Hott Shepherd College, B.S. Varsity Football, Assistant J.V. Basketball Coach J.V. Baseball Coach Mr. Charles C. Duff College of William and Mary, B.S. Varsity Football, Assistant Coach Varsity Baseball Coach Mr. Julius Conn University of Virginia, B.S. New York University College of William and Mary Director of Athletics Track Coach 21 They Instruct, Instill, And Inspire Us “Let’s see what happens if we pour this in here,” says Terry Seay to Brenda Phillips and Shelly Halfin. Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William and Mary, B.S. Head of Science Department “My fruit-fly’s prettier than your fruit-fly,” sings Pam Weaver to Sammy Fox, as Leslie Diamond and Stanley Majors record her findings. Mr. J. K. Alvis V.P.I., B.S., M.S. University of Georgia William and Mary Mr. John G. Reveley, Jr. Hampden-Sydney College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.A. Mrs. Virginia L. Baker Randolph-Macon Woman’s Collee " e, B.A. Future Nurses’ Club Sponsor Mr. Gerald Roe LaSalle Colleee, B.A. Chess Club Sponsor r Mrs. Nancy J. Bethea Iowa State University B.S. Senior Invitations Committee Advisor Mrs. Betty D. Sharpe Louisburg College. A. A. Greensboro College, B.S. College of William and Mary Mrs. Sue Hedrick Appalachian State College, B.S. Mrs. Nancy K. Tucker Lynchburg College, B.S. Senior Class Sponsor Mr. James V. Miracle Wisconsin State University, B.S. College of William and Mary, A.M. Mrs. Gay M. W’omack University of Pennsylvania, B.A. THE SCIENCE The Science Department of the Newport News School System has set as its objectives to train students in logical thinking and the knowledge of mental and physical make-up. Through film-strips, reading, and lectures, the students in the science department learn to appreciate and conserve the DEPARTMENT natural resources, as well as the world-famous scien- tists’ conception. Earth-space, biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced chemistry are the courses offered to students from the eighth grade to the twelfth grade. To Greater Achievement First row (L. to R.) — Margaret Lee, Margaret row- — Travis Johnson, Joan Hill, Ruby Kison, Othell Mitchell, Geraldine Peoples, Idella Boykins, Marian Hill, Mildred Downing, Irene Moss. Paige, Jackie McClenny, Mrs. Jessie Taylor. Second The Cafeteria Staff, under the supervision of Mrs. Jessie Taylor, prepares breakfast and lunch for our students. Supervised by Mr. Clarence Robinson, the Maintenance Staff keeps our building running smoothly. Throughout the course of the day, Mr. Robin- son and the members of his staff can be found repairing broken shades, replacing damaged desks, unlocking doors, and answering urgent calls for assistance. First row (L. to R.) — Ruth Dickerson, Henrietta Jordon, Willie Mae Forbes, Sally Gupton, Clif- fordine Wardlow, Rebecca Sellers: Second row — 23 Clarence Robinson, David Robinson, Louis Aus- tin, Ronald Wilson, Jasen Atkins. “It’s a strange world isn’t it, Mr. Wilson. How many people would guess that you are a slave driver ?” “Oh, Spirits of the sun, moon, and stars . . “And now for my next trick . . “Oh, Jackie! You’ve gotten all the way to TEN!” “Don’t let ’em give you any wooden nickles.” “Humble yourself before the seat of wisdom.” “O.K. Scalps clean. Next fingernail inspection!” “You see, comrades — this is the “Refuse to bow down in my class, way the formula is found!” will you!” Ooey, gooey, wiggles and worms Makes a turn turn twist and turn. “That’s right Mr. Wilson, put your head right here!” “I’ve heard of big dates, but this is ridiculous!” “I keep having this dream, see. And he comes in wearing these little booties and carrying this spear and says, ‘Gotcha’!” Whew! Thought they would never get through that Katie Winter’s commercial. This is educational T. V.? 25 i School Life Challenges come in many forms. To the sculptor the promise and excitement of a mound of fresh clay mean untold adventure and creation. To the student the promise and excitement of life in his school mean untold adventure in relationships with his fellow students and in the creation of life-long bonds of friend- ship. The innumerable experiences bred throughout human con- tact can become magnificent works of art to be cherished and enjoyed long after the moment of experience has passed. 26 pnmkin HOR society) ASSEMBLIES Assemblies play a great part in a student’s school life. An assembly means not only a cut from classes, but also a well-planned, informa- tive program for students and faculty alike. Senior attendant, Miss Janice Poole, was escorted by Albert Plessinger. Miss Pam Weaver, Senior at- tendant, was escorted by Bobby Sears. Homecoming Queen, Miss Drema Ferguson, was escorted by Ro- land Hamel. Last year’s Queen, Miss Mary Lou Staten, was escorted by S.C.A. president Bobby Kenney. HOMECOMING The homecoming queen was crowned during the half-time festivities of the Kecoughtan game. From the three nominees selected by the senior class, the football team chose Miss Drema Ferguson to reign as the ’65 queen. This year marked the fourth time that the NNHS student body has celebrated this event. Members of the Court were from left to right : Sandra Atkinson, Carol Parrish, Vicki Batts, Linda Condron, Drema Ferguson, Janice Poole, and Pam Weaver. Freshman attendant, Miss San- dra Atkinson, was escorted by Eugene Moore. Miss Vicki Batts, Sophomore at- Junior attendant, Miss Carol tendant, was escorted by Tony Parrish, was escorted by Robert Koskinas. Burch. Miss Linda Condron, Junior at- tendant, was escorted by David Cutler. 31 i It’s lucky we don’t use our books, “Honestly, must you destroy my only coloring book?” “This sure beats homeroom period.” 1 Ttl ' 1 — l — 1 VP f If ■t 33 Miss Harriet Bolden, attendant, received a bouquet of yellow roses from Miss Brenda Clarke, last year’s Band Sweetheart. Miss Bolden was ecorted by Paul Dobie, member of the color guard. Miss Diana Price proudly carried her bouquet of red roses — symbol of the Band Sweetheart— as she walked to the center of the field with Randy Smith. BAND SWEETHEART Miss Diana Price danced to the tune of “Let Me Call You Sweet- heart” with Drum Major, Randy Smith. During the halftime ceremonies of the Newport News - Ferguson football game on November 12, Miss Diana Price was crowned the 1965 - 1966 Band Sweetheart. She was escorted by Alan Goldberg, member of the color guard. The candidates, who are nominated by the members of the Senior Band, had to be in their senior year and active in the band. The voting was completed a few days prior to the big night. However, the election re- sults were not disclosed until that very evening. A Typical Day in N.N.H.S. School Life is Filled 8th grade — Mary Dempey, Ronnie McClelland 9th grade — Maria Cruz, Danny O’Brien 10th grade — Ben Hogan, Cindy Sawyer 11th grade — Linda Condron, Larry Mercer Every year, the students of each class select one boy and one girls as “Friendly Typhoons” for their grade. We all know that these students are friendly, but, honestly, how friendly can you get ? ! ! Plays are a very important part of school life. Although many hours of hard work and patience are spent in producing them, those hours are not wasted ones — for each time the curtain rises, the Drama Department adds an- other success to its long list of hits. 12th grade — Pam Weaver, Mark Wimmer (L. to R.) K. Buckingham, E. Milne, C. Snapp, P. John- son, B. Epstein. (L. to R.) E. Milne, P. Johnson, R. Smallwood, C. Snapp, H. Credle, J. Neihouse, K. Buckingham, C. Drewry. 36 With Hard Work And Reward Pausing from their busy schedules to pose for our delightful photographer are the representatives to Girls’ State: Kay Eggleston, Patty Dempsey, Pam Weaver, and Mina Erlach. American Legion Award winner, Bobby Kenney, and D.A.R. Award winner, Pam Weaver, display their patriotism. Bobby Kenney, Chuck Springfield, and Joel Fisher demonstrate a little of what they did when they attended Boys’ State. Underclassmen From the clay quarry the fresh material arrives. It is soft, and moist, and eager to receive its form, eager to know the touch of the sculptor’s hands. The young student is much like this freshly drawn clay. He, too, is eager; he, too, is expectant. He, too, is the potential that will become the form. He will learn that he must offer more than his mere presence. He must offer the strength of belief in the workings of the sculptor and the quality of the clay. 38 The Class of 1970 The Eighth Grade Executive Board: (L. to R.) Barbara Carper, Secretary; Danny Rawlston, Executive Board; David Thomas, President; Patty Barrow, Honor Council. “Hey, watch where you’re going!!” Cries Bernie McClellan as he crashes into Penny Fineman. “Stop in the name of the law!!” Says Miss Brewer capturing Lisa Shawel and Barry Adelson. “We’re gonna get into that pep assembly if it kills us”, insists Ronnie Snapp to Jo- anne Kurzer and Ricky Shook. Well, what do you know? It’s Joey Fink posing as a typical MIGHTY MOUSE. 40 Adjust To A New World Barry Adelson Lennie Alger Billy Allen Janice Andrews Pat Angel Harvey Anker Terry Arrington Bennett Aycock Mike Ayers Duskay Baiku Gary Bailey Janice Baker Jimmy Baker Johnny Baker Karlene Bane Carl Banks Ellie Mae Barnes Tommy Barnes Doug Barrett Patty Barrow Steve Bartron Roger Bateman Cynthia Bates Emerson Beale Linda Bell Ronald Bellamy JoAnn Benson Barry Betts Clyde Birts Debbie Bittins Donna Blanchard Margaret Bogerty Sandra Bonifacio Wanda Boone Ginger Bordeaux Linda Bordeaux Linda Boswell Quentin Boyce Kathy Boyd Teddy Brenner Maria Britt Ronnie Britt Sandra Britt Joseph Brook Charles Brooks Mary Brooks Cheryl Brown Linda Bryant Debbie Buchanan Ricky Buchanan Andy Buffkin Carolyn Bullock Dorothy Burton Nancy Burton Joe Byrd Judy Byrd Clarence Cain Debbie Cain Debbie Caldwell Linda Campbell Sandra Campbell David Cardwell Barbara Carper Melody Carr Lawrence Case Michael Cash Melvin Cates Tommy Castongway Steve Chaffin Faye Cheek Walter Childs Judy Church Carl Ciprian Susie Collier Carol Comer Kenny Cone Cathy Cooper 41 They Adapt To A World of Study Bobby Copeland Bonnie Copeland Jerry Cowell Glen Cox Ike Craddock Deborah Craige Bobby Creekmore Warren Crisp Linda Crouch Sandy Crowder Mike Dabney Elizabeth Daniels Debbie Davis Ella Mae Davis Mike Davis Mary Dempsey Frank Derzis James Doughty Charles Downy Kent Doyle Denise Drummond Kathy Dudley Saundra Earnhardt Jennie Easmiel Linda Edmondson Russell Edmondson Cynthia Edwards Dorothy Elston Robert Emerson Wayne Faircloth Frank Farmer Larry Felts Gary Fields Penny Fineman Joey Fink John Flanary Richard Flynn Ronald Flynn Hunter Ford Belinda Fortner Rodney Frison Lucretia Fullwood Roger Ganoe Kenny Gares Deborah Gayles Portia Gibson Timothy Gilbert Brenda Goard Debbie Goodhuges Harold Grainger William Granger George Grant Shirley Grant Randolph Gray Dereck Griffin Dianna Griffin Larry Griffith Janice Hagy Ronald Hardee Valerie Harrell Carolyn Harris James Harris Randy Harris Lynette Haynes William Hayes Joe Hehl John Henderson Levonda Henry Ronald Hensley Ann Hewitt Clarence Hill Roberta Hilsdon Diane Hinnatt Tommy Hines Barbara Hogg Bill Hobbs Richard Hoffman 42 And A World of Social Events Robert Hoffman James Holland Larry Holland Virginia Hudgins Rose Hudgins Billy Hughes Gloria Hughes Michael Hughes Steve Hunsucker Jerry Hux Betty Ingram Linda Irby Ronald Jackson Sylvia Jackson Wanda Jackson Tallie Jefferson Tommy Jenkins Marsha Jeter Connie Johnson Ray Jones Virginia Jones Wilton Jordan Donnie Johnson Patsy Johnson Frank Kanelos Nicky Karavatakos Debby Kaye Patricia Keanny Billy Keatts Peggy Keeter John Kelly Danny Kenny Carl Ketterman Shirley King Eugene Kirkland Ronald Kerby Sally Kerk Maureen Klesmer Joanne Kurzer Violet La Boone Diane Lacy Eugene Lail Keith Lambert Harland Lambert James Lamm Mary Lamm Vonnie Larmore Mike Larsen Frankie Leonard Mattie Lewter Horace Lewis Harvey Long Lewis Long Johnny Lucas Paul MacDonald Bobby Meek Dean Mahn Susan Mallory Herbert Mapes Debbie Maraki Ernestine Martin Tim Massengill Dorothy Mattox Gloria Mayfield Alfred Mays, Jr. Douglas McCall Roxie McCall Lyman McCay Bernie McClelland Charles McDowell Kenny McKenny Jo Ann McLamb Christine Mears Billy Meek Ronald Mejia Jeff Melton Chris Melvin 43 They Meet A World of Competition, ft ft ft ft (k Wanda Mercer Gary Merilic Gladys Merilic Sylvia Midgett Phyliss Miller Patricia Moore Kenneth Moran Jeffrey Morgan Roland Morrisette Meta Mullen Mike Murphy Donald Myer Sylvia Napier Margaret Neal Roger Nicholas Dennis Norris Charlene Oakley David Oliver Debbie Oliver Steve Oliver Donna O’Neill Diane Orie Sharon Owens Dennis Parker Ed Parker Richard Patterson Gladys Peartree Ruth Peck Gail Perry Judy Pierce Robert Pierce Steve Pittman Bill Poole Joe Ponce Linda Ponce Linda Kaye Prevatte Brenda Price Diane Price Martha Price Jerri Priode Danny Ralston Joe Reagan Linda Reagan Garland Reece Bobby Reighard Lana Ressler Clyde Roaca Joe Roberts Sheila Robinson Judy Rowe Deborah Rozzelle Harold Ruffin Paul Salgado Forrest Sander Aldea Sanderford Debbie Sandige Billy Sauer Tom Sawyer Rose Schilz Regina Scott Valerie Scott Richard Sequist Robin Shamburg Raymond Shaw Elizza Shawel Wanda Sheffield Theresa Sherrill Martha Sholar Ricky Shook Chris Siam Barry Sims Betty Jo Singletary Bobby Smith Joe Smith Judy Smith Lonnie Smith Sandy Smith 4 4 Make Friends, and Gain Knowledge Sue Smith Ronnie Snapp Beth Somers Cindy Spahr Kenneth Spalding Jerome Squiers Debbie Stanaway Brenda Starr Andy Stewert Jimmy Stone Terry Sturgis Linda Swann Leamon Tart Harvey Thacker Alvis Thomas David Thomas Susan Thomason Belinda Trainom Ricky Trussed Debbie Tucker Sharon Tucker Wallace Tucker Tim Turbeville Linda Turner Mark Tyndall Thomas Uzzell Pam Venable Johnny Waldrop Bonnie Walker Aaron Wall Dale Wall Donna Ward Helen Waters Pam Weaver Vicky Webster Janet Welch Sandra Wicol Joe Widener Linda Wiggins Aubrey Williams Debbie Williams Frances Williams Leslie Williams Robert Williams Sherry Williams Paula Willis Randy Wilson Nancy Winall Beth Wingrove Sandra Wolfley William Wolfley David Wood Richard Woods Brenda Wooten Kenneth Wyatt _i i iT T v " JP pr ' v ’ ' “Gimme back my ring, you fink,” say seniors Mary Anne Barrow, Patti Dempsey, and Patti Hilsdon to their sisters Patty, Mary, and Roberta. 45 They Will Be The Leaders of NNHS; “Sorry about that chief,” says Terry Sturgis vainly to catch Billy Hobbs. “Come in Captain Video”, says an eighth grade class waiting for a special announcement. “I see you,” thinks Beth Wingrove and Susie Thomason trying to look at the 1966 ANCHORS. “Gee, it will only be four more years until we become Senior Gentlemen,” thinks Harvey Anker, Paul McDonald, and Ted Bronner looking admiringly at Seniors Mitchell Smith, Bill Black, Mike Littwin, Grant Guthrie, Charles Zachary, and Leslie Diamond. The tall and short of the eighth grade this year are Warren Crisp and Susie Collier. Freshmen Are Enthusiastic “Wise seniors often give aid to freshmen.” Here Judy Phillips helps Willie Phillips. “You win some, and you lose some,” sighs Helen Konstant. “Would you believe I’m the star center?” says Gary Shelton to Jerry McPhail. 9th grade executive board includes: (L. to R.) Sponsor Mrs. Wright, Nancy Webb, Becky Pierce, Larry Ealey, Ralph Jordan, John Whitcomb. Stunned Donna Lucado cries, “Six study halls!” “Twirp comes to NNHS!” Here Tom Seaborn and Sarah Stewart display a ritual. Disgusted Gary Hanhock says to brother Donnie, “You’ve got to be sick.” 47 Freshmen Realize That Carolyn Abbott Danny Adcock Leila Al-Salam Sharon Alford James Arnette Sandra Atkinson Charlotte Bailey Jean Baker Debbie Barrow Gloria Batts Judy Benthall Morris Bethea Patricia Biddy Tommy Black Ricky Blanchard Nuby Blanco Carolyne Blythe Linda Bobbitt Lula Bogerty Frances Bost Mike Bowden Brian Bradish William Bradley Joan Bradshaw Don Brannam Bobbie Brewer M. A. Bridget Charles Brissom Karen Brown W. L. Brown Charles Burton Elliot Burton Jewell Byrd Sherry Cain Betty Caldwell 1 ' It MAik £• £ p Emily Calhoun Larry Castle Randall Chalkley Robin Chalkley Betty Clark James Clark Christina Colley Dora Colton Susan Comer Bobby Cook Sharon Cook Jimmy Crouch Pete Crum Ann Crumpler Dennis Crumpler Danny Cruz Robert Curry Betty Curtis Terrie Curtis Ross D’Anglo Sandra Davenport Patricia Dean Leslie Deane John DiGiacomo Becky Dixon David Dorn Berdella Dotson Sandra Dudly 48 They Must Accept a Challenge Tommy Dunn Barbara Dye Larry Ealey Nancy Eanes Thomas Edwards Timothy Edwards Eugene Effler M. $ 1. ft 4r ft r Ml ft it P ICik £ Wynell Ellis Mike Evans Nancy Eversole Donald Fail Kay Faircloth Joanne Fay Jonnny Ferguson Mike Forbes Ricky Fordham Kathy Forrister Jeff Fox Marie Francis Becky Franklin Tom Franklin Roger Freeman Vicki Frye Susan Garth Tommy Gaskins Vince Gilbert Stanley Gilley Stuart Goodman Anita Gore Betty Goshorn Rose Graham Ronnie Gray Sherilyn Green Judy Greene David Greshamer Donnie Gribble Jean Griffin Lee Grizzle Kathy Grubbs Linda Guilford Randy Hall Gary Hancock Gary Hankins Sue Hargadon Barbara Harris Gregory Harris Nelson Harris Ramona Harris Mac Harrison Brenda Head Sherry Hensel Cheyl Hensley Deborah Hester Larry Hewitt Ronnie Higgins Linda Hile Phyllis Hodge Bobby Hodges Joe Hogue Pam Holcomb Kaye Holden David Hood Bruce Howell 49 A Pattern of School Life Comes Bobby Jo Hudgins Larry Hudson Frances Huggins Janie Hughes Larnia Jackson Debbie Jenkins Dwight Jennings Audrey Johnson Chuck Johnson George Johnson Lanelle Johnson Linda Johnson Mike Johnson Alan Jones Dorothy Jones Kathy Jones Ralph Jordon Tim Joyce Robert Kanney Lewis Kelley Ronald Kemp Virginia King Larry Kirkland Danny Kiser Helen Konstant James Kounnas Joann Kosloski Jackie LaFlamme Gary Lail John Lankford Pat Larsen Steve Lawing Christine Lawrence John Lawson Don Lemons l Martih Lentz Mike Lentz Jimmy Leonard Ruth Lerner Janet Liakos Joyce Linhart Gary Livingston Judith Long Bobby Lowdermilk Donna Lucado Irvin Lyerly Richard Lyle Bill Mahaney David Marlow Keith Marsette Judy Marshall Bobby Martin Diane Martin Pam Martin Mary Kay Massey Roy Mays Nancy McCallum Jane McDonald John McDonald Kathy McGee Phyllis McIntosh Sandra McMurray Rebecca Miller 50 And Interests are Created Gerry Mingee George Mirmelstein Bunny Mitchell Kay Moore Don Morgan Douglas Morris Willie Morrison Mike Mortimer Dennis Napier Alma Newley Patricia Nichols Donna Nicosia Lana Nunnally Danny O’Brien Mike O’Brien Ed Olshanksy Bernard Orie Eddie Owens Bennie Parker Carolyn Parker D. J. Parsons Debbie Patrick Paul Peck Willie Phillips Becky Pierce Debbie Pierce Faye Plessinger Linda Presley Faith Prevatte Bonnie Pulley Gail Reep Brenda Reid Billy Reynolds Chuck Richardson Jackie Richmond Barry Rigney Mary Riley Linda Robinson Patricia Robinson David Rogers Dennis Rowsey Louwanna Russ Gloria Sanders Diane Sandler Larry Saunders Helene Schanzer Jane Schweida Sherry Scruggs Sandra Sease Lee Seawell Eugene Seay Becky Seldonridge Debby Settle Minta Shanes Gary Shelton Tommy Shelton Joyce Shepherd Rhonda Sherwood Glen Shiplett Nadyne Simpson Carroll Skinnell Burton Skinner Bonnie Smith 51 The Class of 1969 Anxiously Brenda Smith David Smith Hank Smith Mike Smith William R. Smith William S. Smith Edward Spikes Patsy Spikes Phyllis Spikes Diane Springfield Robert Stall Troy Starnes Joe Stevens Richard Stevens Steve Stevens Sarah Stewart Larry Straden Wilbert Swaringer Sofos Takis Kent Taylor Lynette Taylor Douglas Thomas Kenneth Thomas Mike Thomas Pat Thomas Wanda Thompson Betsy Tophan Mike Trussell Ricky Turner Dee Vaughan Frank Vretos Sharon Walsh Alvin Walters Jerry Watkins Glenn Webb Nancy Webb Sabina Weinstein Diane Welch Louise West John Whitcomb Joe Whitt Sherry Whitt Gaylan Williams Janice Williams Mary Williams Pat Williams Susan Williams Valerie Williams Tensye Wilson Brenda Wise David Womack Robert Worley Jeff Wright Deborah Wyatt Karen Yevak Mike Young 52 Await Upperclassmen Privileges “Larry Ealey, and he still doesn’t know better — or does he?” “Becky or Debby Pierce? Only her hairdresser knows for sure!” Saundra Sease admires the Band’s Achievements. “In their hearts they knew you were right!” says Diana Price gives advice to freshman, Barbara Dye. Helen Konstant to Anne Rowe. “We hope dueling is against school rules,” exclaims John Howard and Gerry Mingee. “Off limits, Freshmen!” 53 In Memoriam Linda Gail Taylor August 12, 1948 November 12, 1965 Sunset and evening star, And one clear call for me! And may there be no moaning of the bar When I put out to sea. . . For tho’ from out our borne of Time and Place The flood may bear me far, I hope to see my Pilot face to face When I have crost the bar. Tennyson “Crossing the Bar” 54 Tenth Grade Officers Plan Activities (L-R) Cindy Sawyer, Honor Council; Larry Burden, vice-president, executive board; Gail Lucado, secre- treasurer; Tony Koskinas, president; Ben Hogan, tary; Mrs. Mary Ann Brown, sponsor. BECOMING LEADERS Because sophomores have reached the mid-point of their high school careers, they have begun to assume the responsibilities of leaders. A dance, “The Fate of ’68”, was their main project of the year. Brenda Allen Peggy Allen Nancy Ames Carol Anspach Sheila Bailey Brenda Baker Jenny Baker Kathy Baker Randy Baker Billie Kay Ballard Mary Barber Gary Barnes John Bateman Sheila Bateman Vicki Batts Richard Beale Lucy Bedsaul Earl Begor 55 They Have Come To The Midpoint Max Benbow Buzzy Blanchard Agnes Blandford Patty Blaylock Carol Blayton Brenda Boggs Pat Born Ray Boyette John Bradshaw Robbie Bradsher Bruce Brandon Larry Bridgers Dennie Brisson Carl Brookman Frankie Brookman Barbara Brotzman Esther Brown Larry Burden Leburn Burns David Campebell Donnie Camper Anne Carper Donnie Carter Randy Carter James Castonguay Frank Chilberti Jerry Clark Peyton Clark Henry Cobb Darrell Coffie Allene Cohen Raymond Collins Sandie Copes Harvey Credle Brenda Crowder Maggie Cumbea James Cutler Sharon Dantzler Sue David Kathy Davis James Deihl Judy Desimone Marian Diehl Nina DiGiacomo Steve Dorner John Downs Jerry Driver Howard Duncan 56 Of Their High School Career Sandye Dye Diane Earls Judy Ellenson Teresa Epps Jill Farber Rip Farmer Cathy Fay Ronnie Fields Lois Fincher Jerry Fisher Linda Fisher Joel Flax Dennis Flynn Janet Forman Barry Fox Anthony Francis Patsy Goodwin Ralph Gore Carolyn Graham Bobby Grainger Ricki Green Denney Gribble Linda Griffith George Groshong Donald Hagy Stephanie Hall Bobby Hannvey Sharon Hargrave Sharon Harris Mary Alice Haynes Tommy Hayslett Sharon Hearn Clifford Hendricks Jackie Hester Kenny Hester Jerry Hicks Linda Higgins Lynda Higgins Glenn Hile Leon Hill Sharon Hilsdon Doug Hinnant Janet Hirshman Rodney Hitchens Ben Hogan Lois Hogge Willie Mae Holloman Christine Holtsclaw 57 U- They Take An Active Part Kenneth Hough Barbara Houston Perry Howard Jimmy Hudson Diana Hughes Diana Jackson Reginald Jackson Steve Jackson Mary Anne James Kay Jeffries Shirley Jenkins Bobby Johnson Karl Johnson Kay Johnson Eddie Jones Earnest Jones Sharon Jones Mike Joyce Paula Keeter Tommy Keithly Carol Kelley Barbra Kerman Jerry Ketterman William Kirkland Tony Koskinas Hope Kounnas Mary Jane Kypriandes Wayne Lambert Eva Landrum Jay Lane Jan Langford Wayne Langford Pat Larrow Karen Larsen Steve Larson Martha Laws Kay Leonard Michael Leonard Pearl Leong Jewett Lester Debbie Lewis Kathy Liakos Nettie Lightfoot Henry Liverman Dale Lucado Gail Lucado Nancy McBride Bill McCleary 58 In All School Functions Melvin McDonald Bruce McGhee Annette McIntyre Diane McLamb Joyce Mabe Maureen Mack Gary Maddox Carl Mathews Jack Melamed Yonnie Merriman Susan Michie Ellen Miller Sharon Monroe Nora Lee Moore Steve Morris Donald Morse Dwight Mullins Jeff Mullins Levone Murrill Cynthia Nesbitt Ricky Nichols Maureen O ' Brien Jay Oliphant Joyce Oliver Danny O’Neal Donna Ostrowske Ellen Overton Gary Parks Bobby Parrish Steve Parrish Alex Pasquier William Patrick Janice Payne Mary Pearson Jerry Peoples Clara Perdue Kaby Perez Christine Petterson Debbie Phaup Roy Phillips Wanda Plessinger Wayne Pressley Janice Presson Susan Price Richard Pruitt Walter Lee Quillin Paul Randolph Robert Raper 59 They Work To Establish Royce Reeves Bill Reece Cathy Richardson Linda Rice Lulie Roberts Darlene Roecker Jean Rogers Bill Rose Anne Rowe Ethel Ryan Frankie Satisky Paul Satterfield Ed Saunders Cindy Sawyer Scooter Sawyer Maggie Schuszler Jonny Schwab Phil Schwab Phyllis Schwab Malvin Scott Anita Shapiro Roberta Shields Bill Simms Jeannie Slate Diana Smith Jerry Smith J. M. Smith Rachel Smith Sandi Smith Velma Smith Nathan Sosebee Ruth Springfield Floyd Stall Wanda Stallings Nancy Stanfield Jimmy Stepp Don Steveson Glenda Stewart Jay Styles Jacob Swall Wilma Taft Marjorie Taylor Robert Taylor Joyce Tedder Steve Terry Connie Tibbs Linda Todd Bobby Trainum 60 A Great Tradition Nancy Trussell Keith Tucker Gary Turner Lucia Varacalli Eddie Vest Janice Vickers Warren Vines Judy Warner Marcia Wasserman Gary Watson Allen West Baxter West Jessie Whaite Linda White Pat White Bennie Whitmer Shelia Whitt Billy Wiatt Orin Wiggins Johnsie Williams Pat Williams Rayvone Williams Christine Wilson David Wilson Mark Wilson Bobby Winfree Sue Witcher Cleatress Woods Becky Wright Howard Wright A group of sophomore Dance Committee mem- bers taking down decorations after one of their dances. They are (L. to R.) M. Barber, G. Lucado, J. Flax, L. White, A. Rowe, R. Green, and M. Haynes. 61 Sophomores Are Future Leaders; THE SOPHOMORE DANCE COMMITTEE (Seated L. to R.) L. White, J. Melamed, J. Payne, J. Hirshman, A. Rowe, S. Hargrave, S. Price, B. Fox; (Row 2) T. Koskinas, R. Shields, J. Vickers, H. Kounnas, M. Barber, S. Jenkins, K. Richardson; (Row 3) V. Batts, R. Green, K. Johnson, N. Mc- Bride, A. Mclntire, M. Laws, A. Cohen, M. Haynes, J. Flax, P. Schwab, N. Ames. CAST OF TENTH GRADE TOURNAMENT PLAY (L. to R.) Allene Cohen, Mary A. Haynes, Phillip Schwab, Sue David and Joel Flax. Rising juniors, Sharon Hargrave and Jerry Fisher inspect Some of the sophomore girls discuss important matters, like a senior ring. what to do Saturday night. Sophomore Varsity Cheerleading hopefuls, (L. to R.) Sharon Mrs. Weaver’s sophomore English class hails “Caesar” Jerry Jones, Gail Lucado, Anne Rowe, and Joyce Mabe. Fisher. 62 Leaders Help llth Grade Executive Board seated (L. to R.) Miss Beverly Sykes, Sponsor, R. Haden, Pres., G. Burke, V. Pres. Stand- ing (L. to R.) W. Owens, Honor Council, A. Stall, Treas., N. Sosebee, Honor Council, J. Perkins, Sec. “Aw, come on Coach. Let me go get my ring!” says busy Wayne Owens. “Waaaa, our beautiful rings are here!” say rising seniors Frances Banton, Roslyn Smith, and Cathy Crockin. “We resign!” say the llth Grade Committee Chairmen. (L. to R.) K. Buckingham, R. Smith, L. Gray, S. Marston, M. Carey, N. Sosebee, D. Bryant, L. Mercer, B. Rash. “My gosh! She gets her ring and the Fink faints!” cries Dave Bessom valiantly coming to the aid of Sandye Fink. 63 Juniors Prepare To Lead The Donna Abernathy Marian Abling Sharon Adcock Sheryl Althaus Brenda Anderson Ivan Anker Tanya Back Brenda Baker Linda Baker Anas Bakolias Frances Banton Mike Barber Wanda Barber William Barrett David Bazemore Fred Beale Ronald Bell Sherry Bell Betty Belt Dave Bessom Bradford Bethea Vivian Bethea Wilma Binder Donald Blackburn School In The Coming Year Phyllis Bluxome Tommy Boggs Brenda Boone Karen Bost Diane Bowers David Brandon Debby Braswell Margaret Brevard Bill Brewer Cynthia Brown Linda Brown Sherilyn Brown Dru Bryant Kenny Buckingham Terry Buffkin Gene Burke Margaret Burns Teresa Burroughs Willie Burton Donna Byrd Ann Cagle Greg Campbell Brenda Carson Melinda Casey Gene Cash Juanita Castle Kenneth Cates Mimi Cattanach Sara Chaffin Bob Chisom 65 They Join Organizations and Carolyn Coalter Louise Coffie Tom my Comer Linda Condron Russell Conway Susan Daniel Connie Dickson John Davis Kenneth Davis— Michael Digiacomo Jimmy Dinwiddie Carolyn Dawson Billy Douthat Mike Derzis Houston Duncan Janet DeShaeo A1 Dutton Diane Dyksen Robert Ealey Linda Easter Doug Edgerton Bruce Edwards David Elliott Thus Get A More Complete Education Arlene Ellis Barry Epstein Bill Evans Gerald Fields Sandye Fink David Flakowitz Kenny Fl ick Sharon Forman Robin Fordham Billy Fox Robert Foxe Joe Franklin Jimmy Gordon Darrell Graham Larry Grant B rian G ravel y Geroge Gravely Linda Gray Joan Grep iotis Billy Griffith Anne Hale Ronnie Guye 67 Ronnie Haden Joyce Hagy May College Boards Start The Shelly Halfin George Hankins Cheryl Hardee Mike Harris Ronald Hastings Barry Hayslett Diane Hoffman Henry Hudson Jimmy Hogan Ronald Hughes Wand a Hollan d Ronnie Hunter Nell Howard Mark Hutcherson Rocky Howell Brenda Ingram Gretchen Hudson Colleen James J oyce J ames Ttin n a Jenkins Harold Johnson 68 Jackie Johnson Marvin_ Johnson Bill Jones Juniors On Their Way To College John Knowles Nathan Kozloski Nancy Lavendar De bbie Lawson Ellen Kurzer Janet Lawson Lester Lends Saundra Leonard Bill Larmer Kathy Lewis Jim Lowdermilk Jacaue Lyerly Claudia Markham Mary Markiewjch Sandi Markman Shirley Marston Debby Massengill Ju_dy Massengill Pat Mattox 69 David McCoy Annette McKenny Jerry McPhail Their Junior Year Was Highlighted Vinetta McRae L arry Mercer J ohnny Mercer Curt Messick Allen Minter Mike Monteith Melissa Moody Cal lie Moore Eugene, Moore. Bill Moreland JoAnn Moren Charles Morgan Kathy Morrow Retta Na pier Jimmy Narron Ronald N ash Jacque Neihouse Frank . .Nicosia Patrick O’Brien Tim O’Brien Ernest Ocheltree Wayne Owens Carol Parrish Margaret Passage Sandra Patrick Joyce Payne Jennifer Perkins 70 Charlene Peterson Brenda Phillips Linda Polston With The Receiving of Senior Rings Bill Rash Casey Rig gs John Schweida Carlton Skinnell Mona Rawls Tim Rodgers Jon Scott Earl Slone Ruth Reece Donald Roughton Terry Seay Rita Sm allwo od Clifford Smith k I Brenda S hepar d Belvia Sheovic Faye Smith Frances Smith Barbara R eeves D onald Ryan James Shelton Albert Rice Judy Salken Donna Rickey Kenny Schwartz The Juniors of 1966 Work To Jeannie Smith Rosly n Smith Veulah Smith Tommy Spikes Anne Stall Ruth Stant Carolyn Stepp Gloria Jean Straughen Shirley Swartz .Michael Tall J pan Tavlor Jtonnie Ta ylor Wanda Testing Ronnie Timberlake Bruce Tingen Kenneth Wall Carol Warf Betty Warren 72 Bennie Weeks Charles West Adrian Whitcomb Become The Senior Class of 1967 Richard Wilsted Sharon Winburn Larry Winfree Diane Wi nkler Russell Winkler Barbara Wise Jim Witcher Cheryl Wolfe Donald Wolfley Larry Woodard Jimmy Wright Pauline Wright Pete Yevak Alfred Young Jim Young W ayne Young Ricky Yow “We close this section with a typical picture from a typical junior class. . . 73 Activities The impulses, the small inconsequential experiences that per- meate the atmosphere of a sculptor’s studio, are the tiny forces that bring forth a hollowing here — a sudden sweeping there — a moment of real truth. The student experiences much the same sort of growth in his participation in school activities. The ac- ceptance of responsibility, recognition of what it means to be a good follower, as well as a leader, and the discovery of fulfill- ment in learning cooperation with others all come together to help him on the way to learning just what he is all about. 74 Practice, Patience, Direction 1st row (L. to R.) — M. Barrow, S. Fox, S. Sandler, C. Firestone, S. Gordan. 2nd row — T. Seaborn, A. Gerber, J. Melamed, C. Crockin. QUILL AND SCROLL Sponsored by Miss Alice Fowler, Quill and Scroll is composed of students selected for outstanding journalistic work on the Anchor, Beacon, or Launchings. HONOR COUNCIL The promotion of honesty in all phases of school activity is the immediate responsibility of the Honor Council. Working under the principles of the Honor Code, its members strive to reach fair decisions per- taining to those accused of a violation of the code. Nominated by the S.C.A. Executive Board and chosen by their classes, the Honor Council is under the supervision of Mr. Phil Wynne. The Newport News High School Honor System is unique in being the oldest honor system in the state. (L. to R.) — P. Barrow, W. Owens, B. Kenney, P. Dempsey, C. Springfield, Mr. Phil Wynne, M. Erlach, N. Sosebee, C. Sawyer, J. Lawson. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY One of the highest honors that can be received by a high school junior or senior is acceptance into the National Honor Society. Members are chosen by the faculty on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and service to the school. Mrs. Vivian Bauserman is the sponsor of the organization. 1st row (L. to R.) — A. Gerber, C. Springfield, S. Fox. 2nd row — P. Hilsdon, P. Weaver, D. Parrish. 3rd row — M. A. Barrow, J. Phillips, H. Bolden. 4th row — D. Finkle, Mrs. Vivian Bauserman, T. Sea- borne. 5th row — M. Wimmer, J. Fisher. (Missing — K. Richardson). 76 Result in Achievement ANCHOR STAFF Working during the summer and not finishing until the end of the school year, the annual staff worked hard to produce the 1966 Anchor. This year, for the first time in the history of the school, the Anchor was distributed in August. All staff members must have an overall “C” average in English and must be in the tenth, eleventh, or twelfth grades. All staff members have 6th period Anchor study hall in which most of the work on the yearbook is done. Many times, though, much work is done after school. This year the Anchor was supervised by Mrs. Kath- leen Anderson. Forming the “A” (L. to R.) M. A. Barrow, M. Shel- ton, H. Bolden, B. Hedrick. L. Harris, S. Sandler, F. Banton, B. Reeves, P. Edmondson, J. Melamed, T. Seaborn, M. Smith, R. Hamel, J. McDonald, E. Milne, J. Ellenson, K. Croekin, M. Sammons, S. Gor- don, A. Korycinski, B. Phillips, C. Warf. Center — Mrs. Kathleen Anderson, M. Erlach, C. Firestone. BEACON STAFF Published bi-monthly, the Beacon, Newport News High School’s newspaper, serves to inform the stu- dent body of all school news. Maintaining its high standard of excellence, the Beacon achieved a first place rating at the forty-second Columbia Scholastic Press Association Convention. The staff is composed entirely of journalism students and all staff members must have a “C” average in English. This year’s sponsor is Miss Westbrook Fowler. 1st row (L. to R.) — S. Thomas, D. Cooper, J. Christian, G. Bridgeman, R. Carneal, M. Shaddock, S. Fink. 2nd row — Miss Westbrook Fowler, J. Evans, J. Ellenson, C. Jones, N. Gillen, K. Jordan, D. Hayslett, D. Kypriandes. 77 1st row (L. to R.) — D. Par- rish, A. Stall, B. Kenney, S. Fink. 2nd row — C. Snapp, A. Cohen, J. McDonald, S. San- dler, S. Gordon, T. Seaborne. 3rd row — P. Weaver, J. Salk- en, L. Garth, M. Shelton. 4th row — N. Webb, B. Pierce, G. Burke, D. Kahle, M. Littwin, B. Hogan. 5th row — J. Per- kins, J. Fisher, A. Rowe. S.C.A. EXECUTIVE BOARD Composed of committee chairmen, grade repre- sentatives, and student body officers, the S.C.A. Executive Board acts as the nucleus of all student council work. It plans assemblies, makes nomina- STUDENT Acting as the governing body of N.N.H.S., the Student Council promotes the general welfare of the school and gives the students training for edi- tions for the Honor Council, and encourages partic- ipation of the Student body in all S.C.A. commit- tees. This year the Executive Board is under the guidance of Miss Frances Maguire. COUNCIL zenship. It is composed of students from each homeroom and is under the guidance of Miss Frances Maguire. 1st row (L. to R.) — A. Stall, D. Parrish, B. Ken- ney, S. Fink. 2nd row — J. Ellenson, S. Sandler, M. Shelton, J. McDonald, M. Cattanach, N. Light- foot, A. Cohen, S. Gordon, L. Gray, D. Abernathy, L. Garth, P. Hilsdon. 3rd row — R. Rawls, B. Pierce, N. Webb, A. Morgan, V. Edgerton, S. Chaffin, J. Salken, D. Bryant, C. Snapp, N. Sose- bee, H. Hudson. 4th row — J. Watkins, R. Chalk- ley, M. Littwin, B. Epstein, T. Seay, L. Burns, S. Terry, J. Fink, R. Kirby, B. Hogan. 5th row — M. Wimmer, G. Burke, E. Davis, P. Weaver, R. Hilsdon, P. Barrow, K. Cooper, L. White, A. Rowe, C. Sawyer, A. Gore. Assembly Planning and Special Events (L. to R.) J. Fisher, S. San- dler, S. Gordon, T. Seaborn. Officers (L. to R.) B. Kenney, president; D. Parrish, vice-president; Miss Frances Maguire, sponsor; A. Stall, secretary; S. Fink, treasurer. House (L. to R.) A. Cohen, C. Faye, R. Green, D. Maraki, M. Wilkins, S. Marston. S.C.A. SPONSOR, OFFICERS, COMMITTEES Elected in the spring by the student body, the S.C.A. of- ficers are at the head of all student council activities. Heads of the various school service committees are ap- pointed by the student body president after spring elections, Typhoon Time Radio (L. to R.) T. Seaborne, A. Gerber, M. Littwin, Mrs. Esther Thomas, S, Sandler. so that planning can be done during the summer. On “Com- mittee Sign-up Day”, students choose the committee on which they wish to serve. The S.C.A. is under the sponsorship of Miss Frances Maguire. Dance (dancing) J. Melamed, A. Rowe, (sitting, L. to R.) H. Cafeteria (L. to R.) E. Milne, J. Payne, Konstant, C. Spahr, C. Sawyer, J. Davenport, B. Larmer, C. Warf. C. Snapp, C. Baab, S. Stewart. Scrapbook, Remembrance, and Publicity (L. to R.) N. Webb, J. Perkins, L. Garth, J. Salken, M. Littwin, J. McDonald. whom juanj mm wwi ni PHO0N Ba A? m . School Spirit (aside) P. Weaver. (L. to R.) G. Cooke, D. Mahn, R. Chalk- ley, A. Blandford, J. Knowles, M, Bost, C. Richardson, R. Rawls, J. Starnes, S. Chaffin, C. Colter. A Activities Provide Opportunities 1st row (L. to R.) — A. Dorner, M. Haskins, R. Tate, J. Fisher, C. Springfield, S. Fox, T. Seaborne, D. Kahle, W. Scott, R. Hamel, D. Finkle. 2nd row — D. Atkinson, D. McCoy, J. Fisher, J. Gordan, G. Hile, M. Littwin, G. Burke, T. Boggs. 3rd row — M. Wimmer, J. Franklin, B. Epstein, Mr. David Bartlett, A. Gerber, S. Kiger, W. Owens, B. Kenney, J. Narron. KEY CLUB Civic-sponsored by the Kiwanis Club, the main objective of the Key Club is to serve and promote leadership. Consisting of outstanding sophomore, junior and senior males, the Key Club ushers as- semblies and basketball games. Faculty advisor is Mr. David Bartlett. KEYETTES “We Serve”, the Keyette motto, exemplifies the work of the Keyettes. A few of the projects the Keyettes have undertaken this year were selling license plates, sponsoring Peace Corps Week, and helping the Salvation Army. The club is sponsored by the Newport News Junior Woman’s Club. New members are taken in at the end of each school year and all applicants must have a C average. This year’s faculty sponsor was Miss Edith Goldberg. 1st row (L. to R.) — D. Bryant, K. Richardson, H. Bolden, S. Fink, Miss Edith Goldberg, M. Erlach, J. McDonald, R. Car- neal. 2nd row — J. Thomas, A. Rowe, C. Snapp, M. Barrow, L. Garth, P. Hilsdon, R. Green, P. Weaver, C. Richardson, R. Smith. 3rd row — S. Sandler, P. Eken, P. Edmondson, C. Liakos, C Crockin, M. Payne, P. Demp- sey, K. Eggleston, C. Althaus, A. Stall, S. Marston, J. Ellen- son. 80 For Us To Broaden Our Interests 1st row (L. to R.) — L. Mercer, B. Rash, T. Seay, B. Edwards, D. Grice, J. Narron. 2nd row — J. McPhail, J. Creepmore, M. Monteith, D. Blackburn, T. Holcomb, L. Ealey, B. Douthat, B. Chism, D. Ryan, D. McCoy, D. Whitley. THOMAS 0. Awarding sportsmanship trophies in football, base- ball, and track, sponsoring a dance, and constructing a crab, are just a few of the projects the Thomas 0. Keesee Hi-Y has undertaken this year. The Thomas 0. Keesee Hi-Y is sponsored by Mr. Owen Smith KEESEE HI-Y and meets every week in the Y.M.C.A. New mem- bers are accepted in twice a year and all applicants must have a recommendation from two teachers and two Hi-Y members. CHESAPEAKE HI-Y In the fall and spring of each school year new caring for the school grounds. The club is under members are accepted in the Chesapeake Hi-Y. The the direction of Mr. Norman DeHart, main service project of this organization has been 1st row (1. to R.) — L. Campbell, W. Leong, J. Smith, T. Brown. 2nd row — S. Dorner, T. Keithley, E. Begor, B. Carrasco, B. Earnhart, R. Cash. 3rd row — J. Cobb, K. Perez, J. Desimone, M. Barber, M. Ryan, M. Spivey, S. Sawyer, B. Harris, Mr. Norman DeHart. 81 The Experiences We Gain 1st row (L. to R.) — B. Miller, E. Overton, J. Payne, J. Phillips, M. Stewart, E. Ryan, J. Tedder, C. Markham, B. Phillips, K. Larsen, Payne. L. Harris. 2nd row — H. Konstant, B. Hicks, L. White, G. N. DiGiacomo, Miss Maureen Lane. Hudson, L. Higgins, J. Payne, J. Ray, D. Braswell, L. Forbes, G. TRI-HI-Y Meeting every Wednesday night at the Y.M.C.A., the Tri-Hi-Y sponsors many service projects for the school and the community. This year, under the sponsorship of Miss Maureen Lane, the club gave a party for the welfare children and contributed money to the Peace Corps. New members are taken in twice a year and must have a C average. GIRLS ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Each girl taking physical education at N.N.H.S. is a mem- ber of the G.A.A. In the spring, these members sign up if they wish to become members of the executive board. If their names are approved by the outgoing board, they are accepted 1st row (L. to R.) — L. Condron, S. Hilsdon, L. Garth. 2nd row — J. Phillips, D. Price, M. Erlach, M. Shelton, M. Barrow, S. Shaft, V. Edgerton, S. Jordan, J. Mabe, D. Parrish, M. Cruz. 3rd row — T. Burroughs, S. Adcock, J. Hess, L. Gray, J. Poole, J. Ray, B. Good- as members of the board for the coming year. As a member of the executive board, one is able to take a more active part in intramural sports in competition with other schools. Mrs. Virginia Masters is sponsor of the G.A.A. win, A. Morgan, S. Thomas, B. Hedrick. 4th row — R. Springfield, P. Larrow, L. Roberts, N. Webb, D. Pierce, N. Ames, G. Lucado, B. Anderson, C. Richardson, S. Garth. 82 Will Be Invaluable In Later Years 1st row (L. to R.) — D. Abernathy, S. Sills, F. Owens, C. Firestone, B. Shepard, S. Adcock. 2nd row — F. Elder, S. Goldwasser, M. Barrow, R. Long, V. Edgerton, D. Ferguson, B. Kenney. 3rd row — B. Hedrick, B. Eakes, D. Winkler, C. Watson, D. Graham. 4th row — C. Crump, K. Eggleston, C. Morrow, J. Wheary, K. Richardson. 5th row — S. Kiger, M. Erlach, J. McDonald, N. Gillen, T. Brown, B. Griffith. OFFICE ASSISTANTS Working in co-operation with the office staff and guidance office, collectng I.B.M. cards, and running errands for office department, the office assistants are essential to the smooth- personnel, running office operations. Their duties include helping in the LIBRARY ASSISTANTS While learning the basic fundamentals of library service, these students aid others in locating reading and reference materials. Co-sponsors of this group are Mrs. Emily Nelson and Mrs. Elaine Ball. 1st row (L. to R.) — Mrs. Emily Nelson, S. Goodson, M. Erlach, S. Daniels, M. Southall, F. Williams, C. Drewery, S. Buxton, J. Ray, P. Dobie, S. Marion, L. Shelton, A. Jarrell, J. Poole, C. Rosser, B. Barnes, L. Turlington. 83 The Clubs Offer Growth 1st row (L. to R.) — B. Houston, R. McIntosh, M. Williams, R. Marshall, T. White, T. Rogers. 2nd row (L. to R.) — Mr. Marvin, D. Grice, L. Hooper, V. Polston, C. Dickson, R. Neumeyer, A. Bost, B. Barnes, F. Elder, B. Mahn, L. Bond, D. Nassengale, D. Byrd, B. Lee, S. Hall, B. Harrelson, B. Liakos, S. Freeman, R. Lane, F. Owens, B. Boone, F. Merritt, B. Langston, N. Pugh, E. Tolotti. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Sponsored by Mr. Tom Marvin, members of the Distributive Education Club are trained to be the business leaders of tomorrow. They are taught the current problems and practices that deal with distribution. INDUSTRIAL COOPERATIVE TRAINING Beautician, auto mechanic, and dental assistant are just a few of the occupations of the Industrial Cooperative Training members. This club works with its members to prepare them for their future work. The club is open to seniors and juniors who are taking Industrial Cooperative Training. The club is sponsored by Mr. Phil Wynn. 1st row (L. to R.) — J. Phillips, J. Meyers, C. Bluxome, T. Jenkins, F. Williams, S. Wyatt, L. Williams. 2nd row (L to R.) — M. Somervold, M. Starnes, D. Hartzler, M. Burton, M. Settles, N. Freeman, T. Turner, M. Kostner, H. Hudson. 84 In Body, Mind, And Spirit 1st row (L. to R.) — J. McDonald, C. Crockin, R. Rawls, L. McKenna, Cohen, M. Burns. 3rd row — M. Harrison, C. Matthews, S. Daniel, J. J. Ellenson, M. Shelton, M. Payne, R. Green. 2nd row — M. Brevard, DeShazo, P. Larrow, C. Woods, P. Allen, S. Fink, E. Kurzer, P. L. White, M. Kailos, A. Shapiro, H. Kounnas, J. Hirshman, M. Laws, Edmondson. B. Goodwin, M. Sammons, S. Goldwasser, S. Gordon, C. Liakos, A. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Under the guidance of Mrs. Jen Lou Pulley, the members F.T.A. honored the teachers by giving a special tea. They of the F.T.A. have the opportunity to familiarize themselves also sponsored a book sale and observed National Education with education techniques by teaching and observing classes Week, at N.N.H.S. as well as other local schools. This year the (L. to R.) Mrs. Virginia Baker, K. Jeffries, D. McLamb, J. Slate, P. Bluxome, G. Hudson, G. Goldsmith, J. Salken, V. Edgerton, P. Edmondson, C. Sawyer, E. Ryan, N. DiGiacomo, D. Bryant, S. Forman. FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Consisting of girls interested in nursing and other phases tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades at the beginning of the of medicine as a career, the F.N.A. is under the sponsorship school year, of Mrs. Virginia Baker. New members are selected from the Future Homemakers of America Sitting: (L. to R.) C. Davis, L. Thomason, D. Atkinson. Stand- ing: (L. to R.) N. Moore, D. Hodges, M. James M. Markie- wich, P. Leong, D. Colton, S. Whitt, M. Mack. Developing social qualities, leadership, and promoting better home life is the purpose of the F.H.A. It also offers an opportunity for its members to learn more about home- making. This club is under the sponsorship of Miss Sue Kelly. 85 Through Our Activities 1st row (L. to R.) — L. Gillespie, B. Larmer, A. Shapiro, R. Green, P. Goodwin, M. Moody, P. Dobie, S. Dantzler. 2nd row, — A. Dutton, M. Spivey, B. Black, W. Young, M. Harrison, M. Ramsey, R. Springfield. 3rd row — P. Dobie, R. Brame, D. Campbell. DRAMA STAFF HEADS Supervising all the behind-the-scenes activities for our plays, the drama staff heads are responsible for make-up, scenery, lighting, props, effects, costumes, and advertising. Miss Dorothy Crane is sponsor of this groun (top to bottom) D. Campbell, K. Morrow, V. Edgerton, C. Burns. Standing (L. to R.) R. Raper, J. Driver, N. Kozloski, R. Wil- liams, F. Vretos, H. Wright, (on ladder) R. Timberlake, B. Harvey, P. Dobie, B. Black, W. Young, D. Roughton, M. Derzis. USHER STAFF CO-HEADS Collecting tickets, distributing programs, and directing guests and students to their seats, are the main purposes of the Usher Staffs. Miss Dorothy Crane, sponsor, chooses the staff members. STAGE CREW Headed by Bill Black, these thirteen boys plan and execute productions for all school plays, concerts, and assemblies. They also handle the staging of many community productions, con- struct sets, operate lights and curtains, not only for play pro- ductions, but every school function and for visiting groups. THESPIANS The National Thespian Society is composed of students who have exhibited outstanding work in the field of drama. New members are accepted at the end of the year and are inducted at a special banquet. This year’s sponsor is Miss Dorothy Crane. 1st row (L. to R.) — B. Larmer, R. Smallwood, M. Moody, R. Green, B. Black, D. Parrish, S. Sandler, C. Snapp, L. Gillespie, C. Colter. 2nd row — B. Sprouse, A. Dutton, B. Epstein, J. Melamed, P. Dobie, W. Young, D. Roughton, M. Sammons, B. Barnes, P. Weaver. We Develope Our Character 1st row (L. to R.) — Miss Joan Brewer, P. Weaver, S. Althaus, R. Green, J. Franklin, S. Fink. 2nd row — L. Condron, M. Barber, S. Jenkins, J. Mave, A. Cohen, S. Fox, S. Jordan, S. Dantzler S. Gordon, C. Watson, E. Kurzer, M. Young. 3rd row — C. Liakos, L. Gray, R. Smith, M. Haynes, A. Blanford, A. Rowe, B. Massey, B. Raper, P. Clarke, G. Hile, L. Campbell, S. Forman. 4th row — L. Diamond, K. Eggleston, J. Smith, M. Schultzer, J. Malamed, M. Wimmer, B. Ep- stein, D. Finkle, R. Rawls, R. Chalkley, G. Cooke, D. Kypriandes, C. Moore, S. Comer, S. Weinstein, J. Sehweida. 5th row — M. Smith, J. Dixon, T. Seaborn, J. Fisher, J. Phillips, A. Gerber, P. Atkinson, J. Ellenson, M. Barber, L. Griffin, A. Sharpiro, A. Smith. LATIN CLUB To promote a better understanding of Roman culture and life is the aim of the S. P. Q. R. Latin Club. Members must have successfully completed one semester of Latin. Club sponsor is Miss Joan Brewer. FRENCH CLUB Anyone who has successfully passed one semester of French is eligible to become a member of the French Club. This club helps to familiarize students with the French way of life and the French language. During the year, monthly programs on various French subjects are planned for its members. This year’s sponsor is Mrs. Carol Barr. 1st row (L. to R.) — D. Bessom, E. Bessom, M. Sammons, B. Black, S. Smith. 2nd row — Mrs. Barr, S. Goldwasser, L. Klatz, J. Christian, S. David, L. Harris, M. Payne, C. Richardson, D. Parrish, B. Carrasco, K. Richardson. 3rd row — J. Knowles, R. Chakley, H. Kounnas, R. Smith, J. Vickers, D. Bryant, J. Gordon, M. Smith, T. Seaborne, P. Oliver, H. Credle, B. Goodwin, Z. Kounnas, J. Flax, M. O ' Brien, L. Campbell, L. Diamond. 87 Activities Prepare Students Of Today 1st row (L. to R.) — Mrs. Betty Sharpe, M. Whitmore, C. Wolfe, C. Wat- son, J. Franklin, H. Credle. 2nd row — R. Baker, G. Cooke, H. Pasquier, D. Finkle, J. Melamed, B. Leong, J. Flax, D. Jenkins, M. Barber, M. Haynes, S. Dantzler. 3rd row — C. Richardson, S. Lawing, D. Thomas, G. Hankins, J. Fox, B. Fox, C. Williams, H. Schanzler, J. Wilson, R. Hitchens, R. Chalkley. 4th row — R. Haden, J. Gordon, A. Young, B. Whitmer. SENIOR SCIENCE CLUB Interested students wishing to expand their scientific knowledge join the Science Club and help plan projects, field trips, and lectures. Students must have maintained an over-all C average in science to become members of the Senior Science Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Betty Sharpe. SPANISH CLUB Sponsored by Mrs. Joan Ward, the Spanish Club en- deavors to broaden its members’ knowledge of Spanish customs and the language. To be eligible for member- ship students must have passed one semester of Spanish. CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT SOCIETY The C.N.S. is composed of those students who show average scholastic ability and interest in social studies. Displaying items of interest on various social studies subjects on their bulletin board, and taking a trip to Washington, D. C. were among this year’s activities pre- sented by the C.N.S. This year’s sponsor was Miss Maureen Lane. 1st row (L. to R.) — Mrs. Jean Ward, J. McDonald, Beba, L. Varacalli, E. Kurzer. 2nd row— M. Shaddock, S. Fink, B. Baker, G. Goldsmith, K. Eggleston. 3rd row — J. Gordon, R. Conway, G. Lucado, C. Matthews, S. Bell, A. Korycinski, F. Satisky. 4th row — P. Edmondson, D. Lewis, N. Segal, L. Brown, B. Whit- mer. 3th row— M. Williams, B. Epstien,, S. Majors, S. Chaffin, L. McKenna, H. Pasquier, D. Carter. 1st row (L. to R.) — L. Campbell, M. Wimmer, A. Dutton, S. Fox, B. Epstein. S. Goodson, B. Kenney, S. Smith, G. Cooke, D. Kypriandes, L. Diamond, J. Dixon, M. Smith. 2nd row — J. Phillips, M. Payne, P. Edmond- son, P. Oliver, E. Kurser, P. Bloxome, S. Eanes, K. Jordan, K. Eggleston, E. Bessom, S. Goldwasser, D. Bessom, M. Barrow, Z. Kounnas, S. Jordan, P. Dempsey, S. Sandler, Miss Maureen Lane. 88 For The Future Of Tomorrow CREATIVE ARTISTS CLUB Composed of students who have a special interest in art, the Creative Artists Club is sponsored by Mr. Jack Waida. The Club’s pur- pose is to enlarge its mem- bers’ scope of knowledge in the appreciation of art. 1st row (L. to R.) — Mr. Jack Waida, sponsor; L. Roberts; C. Woods; D. McCain; B. Leong; B. Tanner; M. Bost; S. McMurry; K. McGee; J. Roberts; D. Blanchard; C. Coalter. SPOKESMAN CLUB The Spokesman Club consists of students interested in furthering their ability, poise, and confidence in public speaking. Each year the club presents an assembly and sponsors a banquet at which various awards are presented. The Club also holds speaking contests among its members and with clubs of other schools. CHESS CLUB Practicing after school, the Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. Rowe, brushes up on strategies for its chess meets. As the members participate in the club, they increase their playing skills and knowledge of the game. 1st row (L. to R.)- — N. Stanfield, C. Mathews, D. Finkle. 2nd row — M. Harrison, B. Warren. 3rd row — M. Smith, F. Sanders, E. Olshansky. Sitting (L. to R.) — M. Littwin, L. Diamond. Standing — J. Scott, B. Jones, J. Smith, Mr. Rowe, B. Car- raxco, D. Finkle, M. Smith, C. Zachary. 89 Students Express Their (L. to R.) D. Lucado; D. Pierce; N. McBride; K. Johnson; N. Ames, head; F. Satisky; B. Pierce; S. Atkinson. J. V. FLAGTWIRLERS Performing at all of the Breeze Band activities, the J. V. Flagtwirlers add color and sparkle with their various routines. Directed by Mr. Allen Wright, these girls also perform at pep assemblies. J. V. CHEERLEADERS Led by Joyce Mabe, the J. V. pepsters contributed much to pep assem- blies and J. V. games. Tryouts are held in the spring for aspiring cheer- leaders. Sponsor of the squad is Miss Harriet Formichelli. (L. to R.) S. David; B. Smith; G. Lucado; J. Mabe, head; S. Hilsdon; C. Richardson; M. Cruz. 90 Abilities In Many Ways GIRLS’ CHORUS 1st row (L. to R.) — Mrs. Dorothy Carter, L. Bedsaul, G. Dobson, D. Burton, C. Vaughn, S. Cain, P. Williams, E. DeBerry, J. Ray, F. Thompson, M. Waters, R. Ivey, B. Pulley, M. Southall. 2nd row — C. Smith, A. Parker, D. Cauld- well, F. Taylor, F. Merritt, V. McKeel, M. Jeter, D. Hoff- man, C. Brown, J. McDonald, E. Davis. 3rd row — D. Earls, S. Barker, M. Snead, D. Colton, M. Dempsey, M. Mock, R. Miller, L. West, B. Caldwell, N. Moore, M. Ramsey, M. Schuszler. CHORUS The girls’ chorus and boys’ chorus, performing separately, bring much enjoyment to its audience at concerts, assemblies, and special programs it plans throughout the year. Both choruses are under the direction of Mrs. Dorothy Carter. BOYS’ CHORUS 1st row (L. to R.) — B. Johnson; R. Fields; L. Mercer; E. Mrs. Dorothy Carter; J. Hudson; B. Houston; C. Brissom ; Moore; D. Bazemore ; E. Olshansky; D. Johnson. 2nd row — B. Sprouse; B. Hoffman; S. Sease, accompanist. CONCERT CHOIR The Concert Choir, directed by Mrs. Dorothy Carter, entertains at numerous concerts and holiday programs. Each member is chosen by a group of music teachers. 1st row (L. to R.) — Mrs. Dorothy Carter, L. Hile, S. Daniels, 2nd row (L. to R.) — V. Edgerton, B. Goodwin, P. Dempsey, S. Price, D. Hartzler, C. Skinnell, K. Johnson, M. Ramsey. R. Smith, E. Burden, R. Taylor, R. Rawls, J. DeShazo. 91 Students Develop And Refine Personal 1st row (L. to R.) — S. Atkinson, B. Pierce, N. McBride, K. Johnson, P. McDonald, N. Ames, F. Satisky, D. Pierce, D. Lucado. 2nd row — C. Hensley, A. McIntyre, J. Jay, P. Ven- able, E. Cahhoun, C. Wilson, V. LaBoone, M. Neal, S. Midget, D. Stanaway, D. Mattox. 3rd row — D. Price, J. Huskey, C. Lawrence, G. Cox, K. Spalding, K. Holden, N. Eversole, L. Prevatte, L. Ford, L. Boswell, M. Mullen, D. Buchanan, R. Woods, D. Price, B. Hobbs, L. Bryant. 4th row — G. Living- stone, T. Franklin, L. Hill, J. Williams, B. Allen, J. Doughty, T. Barnes, H. Mapes, D. Norris, B. Reighard, J. Baker, D. Jennings, M. Lewter, R. Morrisette, R. Jones, D. Cardwell. 5th row — M. Murphy, E. Kirkland, T. Hines, B. Hughs, T. Mann, E. Parker, T. Sturgis, S. Collier, D. Kenney, W. Sear- inger, L. Haynes, C. Siam, G. Barret, J. Stone, M. Forbes, D. Sandige, G. Williams. 6th row — R. Fields, B. Braddish, B. Smith, Mr. Allan Wright, B. Dye. BREEZE BAND Under the direction of Mr. Allan Wright, the Breeze Band helps con- tribute to school spirit by performing at J. V. football games, the Band Sweetheart halftime show, concerts, and parades. Following the example set in past years, this year’s band has brought many honors to N.N.H.S. by its performance in civic affairs. (L. to R.) This year’s alternate J.V. flagtwirler is B. Dye; varsity band announcer is M. Sagman; alternate varsity flagtwirler is J. Grepiotis. 92 This year’s band officers are (L. to R.) R. Guye, R. Smith, D. Ryan, H. Bolden, K. Meeks, D. Pierce, J. Oliphant, R. Smith. Talents By Participating COLOR GUARD This year’s color guard consisted of: (L. to R.) P. Dobie, B. Hines, J. Hicks, H. Liverman, A. Goldberg, C. Smith, M. Hutch- erson, E. Moore. In Activities DRUM MAJORS This year’s drum majors were: (R. to L.) Senior Band — Randy Smith ; Junior Band — Paul McDonald. SENIOR One of the most hard working, school spirited organi- zations in our school is the Newport News High School Typhoon Marching Band, five time winner of the Apple Blos- som Festival. It adds inspiration and sparkle to pep assem- blies, to half-time ceremonies during football games, and to the special performances which it gives during the year. This BAND year, as in years before, the band marched in the Oyster Bowl Parade. Constantly practicing to perfect their presen- tations and marching precision, the band members, under the direction of Mr. James P. Wilson, are required to be at school early each morning and frequently return at night. 1st row (L. to R.) — H. Bolden, J. DeSazo, A. Plessinger, R. Smith, A. McKenney, J. Lane, B. Rose, B. McCreary, P. Biddy, D. Pierce, C. Wolfe, V. Batts, S. Smith, B. Franklin, S. Dye, J. Slate, C. Parrish. 2nd row — J. Lyerly, N. Ames, C. Jones, D. Price, B. Pierce, L. Hobbs, N. Webb, S. Atkinson, W. Slate, S. Eanes, S. Kennedy, J. Wright, T. Gaskins, B. Brewer, S. Sawer, S. Holton, J. Hogue, S. Lawing, B. Bethea, E. Torn, B. Phillips. 3rd row — A. Korycinski, D. O’Neal, K. Johnson, F. Satisky, D. Braswell, G. Hudson, V. Frye, J. Dounnas, T. Koskinas, B. Campbell, C. Hinsal, C. Coffee, E. Price, D. Purett, N. Eanes, M. Lentz, J. Knowles, C. W. Lloyd, J. Narron, N. Zoumplis, C. Lloyd. G. Hile, D. Atkinson, R. Boyett, J. Dinwiddie, L. Grizzle, B. Evans, D. Thomas, C. Carcoski, P. Clark, M. McDonald, B. Winfree, A. Ellis, P. Wright, R. Guye, G. Campbell, M. Derzis, R. Starnes, G. Mingee, D. Morris, B. Bradley, P. Howard, J. Howard, W. Vines, R. Fox, K. Flick. L. Deane, S. Sease, D. Carter, G. Watson, M. Mortimer, L. Bridgers, D. Ryan, R. Mave, G. Maddox, C. Smith, J. Oliphant, R. Smith, J. Franklin. D. Kiser, M. Lentz, K. Meeks, R. Haden, L. Winfree, D. Price. 5th row — J. Hicks, A. Goldberg, H. Liverman, G. Moore, P. Dibie, J. Grepiotis, Mr. James P. Wilson. 93 Activities Offer Us The Chance VARSITY FLAGTWIRLERS Chosen each spring by a faculty committee and the graduating flag- twirlers, the flagtwirling squad is under the sponsorship of Mr. J. P. Wilson, Varsity Band Director. The varsity flagtwirlers are members of the Senior Band and participate in all performances of the band, as well as in pep assemblies and pep rallies. Through their skill and grace, these attractive girls add much to the appearance of the band. Harriet Bolden, head (L. to R.) P. Wright; A. Koryein- ski; J. Lyerly; H. Bolden, head; C. Parrish; B. Phillips; A. Ellis; D. Price. 94 To Become Better Citizens Drema Ferguson Karen Richardson Beverly Miller Janice Poole Patty Hilsdon Judy Salken Sharon Adcock Sherry Bell Pam Weaver, head (L. to R.) K. Richardson, B. Mil- ler, J. Poole, J. Salken, P. Weaver, S. Bell, S. Adcock, P. Hilsdon, D. Ferguson. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS No varsity football or basketball game would be complete without the aid of the Varsity Cheerleaders. This group is responsible for leading the school cheers and boosting school spirit. They are also responsible for all pep assemblies and pep rallies. The squad is made up of nine girls in the junior and senior grades. Try-outs for the cheerleading squad are held at the end of each year, and all applicants must have an overall C average. They are chosen by a group of faculty members and graduating seniors. The cheerleaders are selected not only on cheering ability, but also on personal appearance and poise. 95 Sports As the sculptor continues with his piece he takes more and more care to see that the true form endures — that the strength endures. He reinforces a bit here, steadies a section there, and all the while seeks the truth of his work. Participation in sports offers the student far more than the development of mere physical strength — strength of form. It offers him the chance to realize his potential through the introduction of competitive spirit and develop a strength of character that only team effort can bring. It teaches what fruits real perseverance and loyalty can bear. 96 erce, CHRIS MANRY Senior — End m WKSk I ■ V I ■ ■ BILLY Senior GALLIMORE — Linebacker suk Di f ■ % 1 71 f f i ere DAILY ?RE WORTH ROBERTS Senior — Quarterback -i -TL v ilson Vv 24 3ra£ ti ■ iVvsjc j - •.; i t nf» lone cer jyL e Old Dotnimon Sg® If tne spotlight cen«| e outing of the bunch j Jy falls on Jleantown, e Eagles are the he. am William and Mary M starting lineup Sid no find Mike Mihails — arting linebacker, i «r is have been picked ; m at least one wirej er. although most 1 W mk I thorn seven-point ly •ik« hac nut toeet 1 ' A Jjt . W 7 n; ff ' « . i CO r 98 MICKEY HASKINS Senior — End DAVID KAHLE Senior — Tackle By HUNTER BLOCH aily Press Sports Write lust when WAseemed the game wow on ;ui uHcucphOS ass in the end one and then had to have. BILL BEMVk up a 1-0 Peninsula Did " c,ory om Y f ?£ 1 Senior — Tackle ' • n MIKE FORDHAM ' •.Senior — End RANDY TATE Senior — Guard SCOREBOARD ' JM N.N. 7 N.N. 21 Norview . . N ' .X. 23 Kocouchtati • • • N.N. 26 Fergaoi gBg 0 WAYNE MALLORY Senior — Halfback Wayne Maiior on a 31-yard d left to hike the m; [12-0, one of Brown ' s pas igoods interested and returne- RICKY HARTLINE Senior — Center | scoreless I deflected ; stance of | de home- right end rarroe Wasfvi JOEL FISHER Senior — End the deadlc Co-eaptam Senior — Guard Monsters And Ogres Have Fine Season The Typhoon “Monster”, the top defensive unit in the Penin- G. Miller, M. Fordham, B. Belt, and M. Haskins. Missing sula District were (L. to R.) R. Brame, D. Blount, J. Hogan, from the picture are E. Burden and W. Mallory, B. Gallimore, R. Hartline, R. Davis, C. Manry, C. Springfield, The “Ogres”, the newly formed offensive unit, which led the Typhoons to a district championship, are following the O clockwise; J. Hogan, J. Mercer, G. Miller, L. Burden, K. Davis, D. Kahle, C. Springfield, R. Hartline, T. Tate, B. Belt, M. Fordham, J. Fisher, R. Davis, T. Comer, and W. Roberts. 100 And Lead Typhoon To Championship FOOTBALL TEAM The 1965 Peninsula District Champions are (1st row, L. to R.) D. Sphar, Mgr., W. Scott, A. Gerber, D. Blount, D. Kahle, R. Brame, R. Tate, M. Haskins, M. Fordham, B. Belt, C. Springfield, R Hartline, C. Manry, J. Fisher, R. Davis, B. Gallimore, K. Davis, W. Roberts, G. Miller, D. McCain. (2nd row) Coach H. Hott, Coach J. C. Brown, P. Yevak, M. Wilson, D. Wolfley, T. Comer, S. Saul, J. Hogan, J. Schuszler, B. Griffith, N. Kozloski, J. Mercer, L. Mercer, L. McLamb, G. Hankins, L. Burden, D. Carter, G. Fields, R. Price, B. Hogan, D. Ashworth, Coach C. W. Nuttycomb. Missing from the pic- ture are: D. Campbell, W. Mallory, E. Burden. COACHES What really makes a football team ? Is it the long hot summer practice sessions? Is it practicing until dark for three months? Or is it the way a team plays on Friday night? No, what really makes a football team is the personnel. The delicate and arduous task of guiding these boys fall into the hands of a dedicated breed of men, coaches. This f Assistant coaches Duff, Brown and Hott help carry a heavy load. Of course only as far as coaching goes. year our team was fortunate to have the finest coaching staff in the state of Virginia. Led by head coach Charlie Nuttycomb who is ably assisted by Clarance C. Duff in the backfield, Charles J. Brown on the line and Harlan Hott with the ends and line- backers the Typhoon record was truly indicative of the fine coaching. Coach Nuttycomb explains a few things to Co-Captain Bill Belt (1.) and Co-Captain Chuck Springfield. 101 Typhoon Shuts Out Six Foes Surprising the experts has become as much of a tradition at NNHS as winning games. The 1965 football season was no exception to this rule. Picked to finish no better than third in the Peninsula District pre-season polls, the TY- PHOONS ran away with the title by posting a tremendous 7 wins 2 losses and a tie ledger. On a warm September night the OLD GOLD and BLUE opened its season by facing the York High Falcons. After falling behind at the half, the air arm of the TYPHOON led by Worth Roberts and Joel Fisher swung into action and Eric Burden receives many congratulations following his brilliant punt return against Warwick. Monsters smear Crabber runner for long loss. demolished the hapless Falcons to tne tune of a 38-7 victory. After a night’s delay due to inclement weather, a favored Woodrow Wilson squad led by their All-State quarterback Butch Biesse entered Saunders Stadium. Scoring on a Hogan to Fisher pass the NEWPORT TEAM took an early lead only to end up with a 7-7 deadlock. The second half was highlighted by a goal line stand in which Wilson was stopped only inches from paydirt. A stumbling offense was carried by a superb defense at Kellam the next Friday. The Monsters limited the Black Knights to a minus total yardage while Donnie Campbell exhibited the only offensive spark in a lackluster 7-0 tri- umph. Too much “Dolly” gave the TYPHOON its first mark in the loss column at the hands of the Maury Commodores. The “Dolly” was Dolly Madison who not only ran back two punts for touchdowns but also scored on an intercepted pass and picked up a field goal. The defeat was very demoralizing for GOLD and BLUE since they outplayed Maury in every department but still lost. Bouncing back in front of an enthusiastic homecoming crowd, THE NEWPORT TEAM led by Eric Burden’s four touchdowns and a stout defensive effort demolished the Warriors of Kecoughtan by the score of 34-0. The next week at Saunders Stadium the TYPHOON faced a highly touted Warwick Farmer contingent. With the Penin- sula District lead at stake, the ensuing battle will be long remembered by all. Early in the second quarter Eric Burden received a Farmer punt on his 35 and skillfully returned it Warwick s Marty Bonnett is thrown back on fourth down by a hungry Typhoon defense. 102 In Compiling 7-2-1 Record Behind strong blocking Wayne Mallory picks up valuable yardage against Kecoughtan. for a 65 yard touchdown. After this feat the Monster defense made four goal-line stands to preserve this slim lead for a hard earned 7-0 win for the GOLD and BLUE. Following this hard fought victory an inter-clash with Norview was played. Paced by a strong offensive attack and a stout de- fensive performance the TYPHOON rolled to an impressive 21-0 triumph over the Pilots. Proving the first easy victory over Kecoughtan was no fluke was next on the agenda. Scoring at will, the NEW- PORT TEAM played a tremendous game in running up a 23-0 victory. This win set up the Peninsula District Cham- pionship game the next week. Before the season commenced few would have predicted the Peninsula District Championship game would pit the Mariners of Ferguson High School and GOLD and BLUE TYPHOON. No matter what the experts foresaw, on a cold November night the game was played before a huge crowd in the friendly confines of Saunders Stadium. Following an uneventful first half the TYPHOON struck in blitzkrieg fashion scoring three times in less than five minutes thus making a runaway of the game by crushing the Mariners 26-0 for the Championship. This game not only gave NEW- PORT NEWS the first Peninsula District Championship but it also marked the fifth straight victory in which the oppo- sition was held scoreless, a rare feat in itself. Joel Fisher catches one of his eight receptions against Hampton for a ten yard gain. the oldest schoolboy rivalry in the state of Virginia was renewed. The TYPHOONS of Newport News met the Hamp- ton Crabbers on the field of battle and at the half held a six point lead. With the running game virtually at a stand- still the air attack came through in fine style as a Roberts to Fisher put us on the scoreboard as Dan McCain failed on the point after touchdown attempt. In the second half fol- lowing a fumble the Crabbers marched to a touchdown and made the point after touchdown. This proved to be the dif- ference as the TYPHOON fell at the claws of the Crabbers by a score of 7-6. Although the Championship was won, the biggest game of the year remained on the schedule. On Thanksgiving Day 103 The 1965-66 Peninsula District Regular Season Champions are: 1st row (L. to R.) — D. Rodgers, T. Seay, R. Burch, T. Holcomb, D. McCoy. 2nd row — C. Smith, Mgr., S. Jackson, Mgr., G. Fisher, R. Reeves, W. Owens, S. Kiger, J. McPhail, W. Roberts, J. Fisher, M. Wimmer, Mgr., Coach Charlie Woolum. V W 1 UrHootX ; 3oit 34 jta i WJH L 54 l I hr hod A ] J ( Hj 1(44 i Whoo, x Mg JJ Jkj 40 | W g ft ' , fr -v TYPHOON SCOREBOARD N.N. 61 Norfolk Catholic 43 49 Ferguson 41 46 Great Bridge 52 72 Denbeigh 42 50 Maury 51 47 York 29 54 Kecoughtan 45 54 Ferguson 41 47 Warwick 32 53 Hampton 45 50 Granby 53 70 Denbeigh 46 76 York 46 59 Kecoughtan 44 57 Ferguson 49 61 Warwick 36 46 Hampton 62 Peninsula District Championship Playoff 37 Hampton 36 Peninsula District Tournament 53 Ferguson 48 45 Hampton 52 100 Home court victories in a row set a national record for the NEWPORT TEAM. It has often been said that weight and height alone dictate the fortune of a basketball team. A shortage of tall players usually foretells a long season for a team. Such was not the case this year for the OLD GOLD AND BLUE. With only one starter measuring over six feet and with only two returning lettermen, the TYPHOON won the first official Peninsula District Basketball Championship. Post- ing a record of fifteen wins and five losses against some of the roughest opponents in the state, NEWPORT NEWS again fooled the pre-season prognosticators by leading the Peninsula District race from the start. A pressing defense with a deliberate style of offense, was the team’s trademark. After defeating Norfolk Catholic in the season opener, the TYPHOON won a memorable victory over Ferguson for its hundredth straight home court vic- tory. With this win, the NEWPORT TEAM established a national record for consecutive home court victories. Unfortunately this streak was halted in the team’s next outing. Taking advantage of a hot night from the charity stripe, Great Bridge snapped the skein at a hundred games. As the season progressed, the team began to play up to its potential. After a victory over the state’s ninth ranked team, Kecoughtan, the TYPHOON suddenly became a title contender. It was now apparent that this year’s title race was to become a two team affair matching the speed of NEWPORT NEWS against the height of Hampton. The first showdown took place at Hampton after a week’s delay because of snow. The delay did not affect the hot shooting TYPHOON team ; it walked away with a com- paratively easy victory. This win put NEWPORT NEWS on top to stay, for it continued to defeat the other teams in the District. As the TYPHOON continued to win, so did Hampton, thus setting the stage for the season finale. Before a sell-out crowd in the Julie Conn Gymnasium, the Crabbers defeated the TYPHOON on its home court for the first time in over ten years. The outcome of that game made a play-off necessary. The following Monday night the TYPHOON came from behind an eleven point deficit to win. A shot by Joel Fisher in the last few seconds gave the physically outmanned TYPHOON the first Peninsula District Championship. A loss to Hampton in the finals of the district tourna- ment deprived the NEWPORT TEAM of a trip to the state tourney. Despite the loss THE OLD GOLD AND BLUE became the first champions of the newly formed Peninsula District. 105 Burch, Fisher and Kiger Outstanding plays like this one against Denbeigh helped make Terry Seay an All-State selection. Joel Fisher goes high for a rebound against Hamp- ton in a heartbreaking loss to Hampton in the Peninsula District finals. 106 Ace reserves Jerry McPhail (L.) and Jerry Fisher made key baskets in important games. Pace Typhoon To Championship Robert Burch recovers a loose ball as John English of Ferguson watches in Peninsula Dis- trict Tournament action. Managers Vince Gilbert, Clifford Smith, Mark Wimmer, Stuart Jackson, and Paul Satterfield could always be found near the ball rack after practice. Terry Seay receives vital information from Coach Wollum in the TYPHOON’S upset vic- tory over Kecoughtan. Joel Fisher snares an important rebound a few minutes before his last second shot beat Hampton for the regular season championship. 107 From Autumn to Spring Led by Coach Julie Conn, the 1965 Cross Country Squad passes by man- agers (L. to R.) D. Bessom, B. Jones, G. Guthrie. Members of the team are 1st row (L. to R.) R. Beale, B. Douthat, A. Dorner, R. Timberlake, CROSS-COUNTRY SCOREBOARD NN OPPONENTS 19 York 26 29 27 17 46 22 33 17 39 23 Hampton 32 R. Taylor, 2nd row: J. Pulley-, G. Burke, J. Dossett, J. Witcher and J. Crouch. INDOOR FEATS Although the TYPHOON did not win the State Champion- ship in indoor track it fared well in all the meets in which it competed. Led by state pole vault champ David Cutler and broad jump champ Doug Dickerson, The TYPHOON came in a close second to Wakefield in the state meet. The indoor track team was composed of, 1st row (L. to R.) R. Davis, J. Pulley. R. Beale, J. Scott, B. Douthat, D. Cutler. 2nd row: Coach Charles Nuttycomb, J. Hampton. D. Dickerson, E. Burden, J. Cutler, A. Dorner, R. Timberlake, L. Burden, D. Kahle, R. Kanney, P. Carter, C. Spring- field, Coach Julie Conn. Track Is A Major Sport Hr P Tj 1 ' M 1 j ■ • u • i -‘SJr.. a BENSQL PH!LL 1 CO I The Peninsula District track champions are 1st row (L. to R.) A. Dorner, R. Nash, G, Burke, C. Lyle, R. Williams, J. Pulley. B. Douthat, J. Dossett, R. Kanney, R. Parrish, R, Taylor, 2nd row: Coach Julie Conn, Coach Gerald Grogan, Coach Charlie Nuttycomb, R. Davis, D. Whitmore, From September to May Newport News track teams are traditionally among the state leaders. This year was no ex- ception. Placing in the top five in each phase of the sport in statewide competition, the TYPHOON track squads rep- resented the school well. Although most of the athletic attention is devoted to football in the fall, Coach Conn directs a group of boys in a sport called cross-country. Led by Richard Beale, Albert Dorner, Billy Douthat, Ronnie Timberlake and Robert Tay- lor, this year’s harrier squad swept to a brilliant record of five victories and one defeat in dual competition. Despite the fact that the squad placed a disappointing fourth in the Peninsula District Meet, it came back to take fifth place in the State Meet. Coach Conn and Coach Nuttycomb have a good reason to smile about the accomplishments of this year’s track teams. R. Beale, J. Scott, D. Dickerson, D. Cutler, D. Kahle, R. Timberlake, J. Cutler, L. Burden, J. Hampton, C. Springfield, D. Bessom, Mgr., J. Witcher, Mgr., B. Jones, Mgr. TRACK TRIUMPHS OPPONENT 106 York 25 123 8 102 29 104 Ferguson 27 98 33 101 32 The indoor tracksters also had a successful season. David Cutler paced the team with victories in both the State Meet and the Chesterfield Invitational Meet. Other indoor stand- outs were Doug Dickerson, David Kahle, and the relay teams composed of Jimmy Hampton, Eric Burden, Jim Cutler, Jon Scott, and David Cutler. It has been more than ten years since Newport News has lost a dual track meet. With overwhelming victories over all of its opponents, this year’s TYPHOON continued the skein. Along with these impressive records they added a first place in the Tidewater Meet and the Peninsula District Meet, making it the finest track contingent in the Tidewater area. For the first time in five years, Newport News failed to win the outdoor State Meet, as it finished in fifth place. In addition to these feats, pole vaulter David Cutler placed NNHS in the national spotlight by winning first place in the Penn Relays in Philadel phia. 109 Outdoor Squad Wins District Titles; Track standout, David Cutler edges out the field in winning the 100 yard dash against York. Larry Burden receives valuable pointers from ex-Typhoon hurdle star Robert Price. THE COACHES For thirty nine years Coach Julie Conn has devoted his attention to the development of a track dynasty at NNHS. With Coach Nut- tycomb, he has directed the TYPHOON to five indoor state cham- pionships in the last seven years and to more than twenty outdoor state crowns. It is not only the duty of a coach to win titles but it is also the responsibility of a coach to instill in youth those quali- ties that are necessary to build men. The coaching staff of NNHS has achieved these goals in the highest tradition of athletics. Typhoon running strength comes from half miler Richard Beale, sprinters Jon Scott Underclassmen Larry Burden and and Jimmy Hampton, hurdler Robert Taylor and miler Ronnie Timberlake. Doug Dickerson scored heavily in jumping events. Teams Place High in State Meets Jimmy Hampton displays the pains of a winner. Key points in State Meet came from Ronnie Timberlake, Dave Kahle, David Cutler, and Doug Dickerson. Weightmen, Johnny Whitmore, Dave Kahle, Chuck Springfield, and Robert Kan- ney gained valuable points in field events. Pole vaulting, a perennial Typhoon forte, was performed by Rex Davis, Da- vid Cutler, and Ravonne Williams. Jon Scott nears the finish in his specialty, the quarter mile run. Captains Tate and Burch Peninsula District Baseball Titlist, the OLD GOLD and BLUE, was com- posed of 1st row (L. to R.) D. Rodgers, T. Kiser, R. Burch, R. Tate, M. Haskins. 2nd row: A. Satterfield Mgr., S. Block, Mgr., S. Majors, E. Sloan, T. Castonguay, K. Meek, D. McCoy, W. Owens. R. Hitchens, J. Creekmore, T. Holcomb, E. C. Cullen, D. Campbell, Coach Clarence C. Duff. THE DYNASTY CONTINUES The Gold and Blue TYPHOON continued to be the Penin- sula leader on the diamond this year. A long uphill battle faced the perennial champs, for besides the usual gradua- tion losses, key players were lost because of transfer. Following lopsided victories over Woodrow Wilson, Ke- coughtan, and Poquoson, Newport News lost a heart breaker to Warwick. That loss put the Typhoon out of first place for the rest of the regular season. After dumping Hamp- ton, the NEWPORT TEAM lost to an old enemy James Blair. Continuing on an unstable course, the TYPHOON wallop- ed York, lost to Ferguson, then smashed the Mariners the next day. Since Warwick and Hampton seemed to have the top places sewed up, Newport News continued to win. A pitchers duel against Kecoughtan provided the next mark in the victory column. Errors paved the way to the last conference loss of the season to Hampton. One sided wins over York and Denbeigh were followed by an extra inning triumph over Ferguson. A demoralizing loss to James Blair set the TYPHOON on the road to another district title. By beating Warwick, the TYPHOON gained a share of second place in the regular season race. A squeaker over Poquoson ended the regular season schedule. A record of twelve victories in seventeen starts was good enough for a second place tie with Hampton. In the tournament opener, the Crabbers fell because of an air-tight defense and a fine relief stint by Terry Kiser. Kiser came back to pitch an important triumph over the Farmers to give the TYPHOON another title. Robert Burch, E. C. Cullen, Terry Kiser, and Donnie Campbell provided offensive fireworks for the team as each batted well over three hundred. The mound stalwarts on the titlist were David Rogers and Terry Kiser. Co-captain Randy Tate, Coach C. C. Duff and Co-captain Robert Burch The team’s splendid mound staff are (L. to R.) Terry Kiser, Wayne appear to be pleased over the season’s outcome. Owens, Terry Castonguay, David Rodgers, and Mickey Haskins. Led Typhoons to Victory Is he safe or out? As can be seen in the picture on the right, E. C. Cullen sliding head first was safe at third for a triple against Hampton. TYPHOON SCOREBOARD NN OPPONENT NN OPPONENT 16 Wilson 4 8. . York . 2 7 Kecoughtan 1 12. . Denbeigh , 0 16 Poquoson 4 7. . Ferguson . 6 3 Warwick 5 6. . . 7 8 Hampton 7 9. . Warwick . 5 2 4 9. . Poquoson . 8 11 4 Ferguson 4 11 PENINSULA DISTRICT TOURNAMENT 14 4 NN OPPONENT 2 1 4. . Hampton . 3 3 6 8. . Warwick . 4 Randy Tate proves a formidable obstacle for Warwick’s Mike Judkins as he tags him in a home plate collision. 113 Typhoon Places In Always hustling, Co-Captain Robert Burch takes an extra base. • Earl Slone rounds third as he easily scores on a single from second base. A tight defense paved the way to a district title for the TYPHOON. Here Eail Slone takes a throw from Kenny Meeks in order to start a double piny. District Tourney A perfect throw from E. C. Cullen to Ken Meeks nabs an enemy baserunner in the first Warwick contest. David McCoy (L.) and Wayne Owens comprise the nucleus of next year’s squad. Along with oth- er underclassmen they will try to continue the baseball dynasty at NNHS. First baseman Terry Kiser turned in a brilliant tournament performance both at the plate and on the mound. 115 Typhoon Takes Fourth Title; Warwick catcher Donnie Griffith waits anxiously for the ball as TYPHOON Co- Captain Randy Tate flashes across the plate in the stirring Newport News victory over the first place Farmers. Ace pitcher David Rodgers warms up in the bullpen. Randy Tate ran the TYPHOON from behind the plate. 1 16 Junior Varsity Promises More SEASON’S STORY N.N. OPPONENT 0 Kecoughtan 14 6 York 14 8 Ferguson 0 0 Warwick 39 0 Hampton 10 0 Denbeigh 20 Members of the Junior Varsity Football team are 1st row (L. to R.) C. Roach, E. Burton, C. Johnson, C. Brissom, R. Kanney, W. Morrison, R, Parrish, K. Hester, W. Crisp. 2nd row: T. Castonguay, K. Marsette, S. Morris, D. Lucado, M. Joyce, R. Fordham, R. Blanchard, B. Wiatt, G. Hill, _G. Johpson. 3rd row: L. Andrews, C. Morris, B. Parker, T. Holley, S. Jackson, B. Johnson, P. Howard, J. Hicks, H. Smith, R. Gore, G. Webb, and A. Thomas. 8th and 9th grade basketball team was composed of the following: 1st row (L. to R.) D. Smith, W. Crisp, P. McDonald, R. Stall, M. Thomas, R. Chalkley. 2nd row: B. Skinner Mgr., H. Granger, M. Smith, B. Creekmore, D. Ralston, H. Anker, R. Fordham, F. Vretos, Mgr., Coach Gerald Grogan. BREEZE RECORD N.N. OPPONENT 51 Catholic High ....44 42 Ferguson 44 60 Great Bridge 23 60 Denbeigh 30 53 Maury 72 47 York 34 47 Kecoughtan 35 36 Ferguson 37 63 Warwick 26 31 Hampton 28 41 Granby 45 55 Denbeigh 26 39 York 48 66 Kecoughtan 53 65 Ferguson 46 45 Warwick 40 26 Hampton 27 The Breeze basketball team was made up of 1st row (L. to R.) B. Whitmer, H. Smith, S. Jackson, N. Soisbee, C. Brookman, R. Taylor, R. Nichols. 2nd row: A. Satterfield Mgr., B. Hogan. M. Scott, Coach Harlan Hott, B. West, J. Lane, T. Holley, and B. Gilbert, Mgr. 117 Football T r a Cavalcade of How often do Newport News High School students get asked this ques- tion “Don’t your teams ever lose?” Newport News has always been the home of champions in the state of Virginia. There are three good reasons for this. First, Newport News has always been noted for splendid coaching staffs. Second, there is always an abundance of good material for the coaches to work with each year. Last, but not least, is the fact that when a boy puts on a Newport News uniform he feels a winning tradition in his bones and puts forth a little extra in the game. This extra separates the champions from the rest of the field. The achievements of this year’s TYPHOON in all sports are many. On the gridiron the NEWPORT TEAM captured the first Peninsula District Championship with a record of seven victories, two defeats and a tie. Also in the autumn, TYPHOON harriers showed their strength by placing fifth in the State Meet. As winter came the TYPHOON sport’s fortunes remained the same. Early in December Newport News established a national record. Beating Ferguson in the Julie Conn Gymnasium, the TYPHOON won its hundredth straight home court basketball victory. This streak was ended in the next game as Great Bridge tripped the powerful Newport squad. Although the skein was ended, The TYPHOON continued its victorious ways and by the season’s end had compiled a record of thirteen wins and only four defeats: good enough for tie for first place. In the play-off contest the TYPHOON made an unbelievable comeback to nip the Hampton Crabbers for the regular season Peninsula District Basketball Championship. As in the previous basketball season, Newport failed to prove a tournament team as it fell to the Hampton crabbers in the tourney finals. The cagemen were not the only group to win recognition during the winter months. The indoor track team was also making a name for itself. Following sterling preformances in the Chesterfield Invitational Meet in Richmond, the defending state indoor champs journeyed to Lexington to C 1 18 Champions compete in the State Meet. A dropped baton in the mile relay cost the TYPHOON another state crown. As spring came, two longtime TYPHOON fortes made their way into the spotlight. The Newport News Baseball Team, despite finishing in a tie for second in the regular season race, come on strong to win the first Peninsula District Baseball Tournament. In track the TYPHOON thin- clads won all of their dual meets and finished first in the Peninsula Dis- trict Track Meet. Again TYPHOON trackmen were defeated in the State Meet. In any year there are individual performances which can long be re- membered. This year is no exception. Who can forget Eric Burden’s bril- liant punt return that gave Newport News a hard earned victory over Warwick and eventually the district title? Can one ever forget Joel Fish- er’s shot that capped a miraculous rally and beat Hampton for the dis- trict championship? Also worth remembering is track superstar David Cutler’s record-breaking vault in the nationally famous Penn Relays. How about Terry Kiser’s ironman performance on the mound in the District Tournament, despite the fact that he had not played baseball in two years. Although there were many happy moments this year there have also been some sad ones. The heartbreaking loss to Hampton on Turkey Day and the Crabber’s first victory in a Newport News gym in over ten years were most disappointing. Perhaps even sadder than both of these was the announcement of Coach Clarence Duff’s retirement from the New- port News coaching st aff. Through all the victories and defeats a real sense of sportsmanship shone through where the TYPHOON was concerned. One could see why athletics is the builder of young men if one had witnessed the sports- manship displayed following the Great Bridge basketball defeat. Despite the fact that the longest home victory streak in the nation had been brok- en, members of the team truly displayed sportsmanship. This display of sportsmanship is the quality of real champions. Basketball e 1 119 Girls Display Cager Qualities Members of the First Team are (L. to R.) Sharon Adcock, An- Brenda Phillips, Anne Korycinski, Louise Preister, Vicki Edger- nette McKenney, Cheryl Smith, Jackie Ray, Barbara Reeves, and ton, Brenda Anderson, Janice Poole, Carolyn Watson, Frances Mina Erlach, captain. (2nd row L. to R.) Miss Formichelli, coach, Banton, Judy Phillips, Diana Cooper, and Miss Parker, coach. BASKETBALL One of the most popular sports for the girls at N.N.H.S. is basketball. At the beginning of basketball season this year, many girls competed for positions on the newly formed First and Second Teams. Girls were picked for these teams from intramurals which had been played between grades. The two teams then played Warwick, Ferguson, Denbigh, and Poquoson. Three afternoons a week were spent in prac- tice by the First Team and on the other two afternoons the Second Team practiced. Miss Parker and Miss Formichelli were coaches of the First Team while Mrs. Cannon served as coach of the Second Team. Intramural teams were formed by the girls in grades eight through twelve. These teams then played against each other until the Eleventh Grade Team was victorious over all. For the first time, the girls on the peninsula and Norfolk participated in a tournament held at Ferguson High School. In the morning, teams from the different schools competed against each other and in the afternoon the First and Second All-Star Teams were chosen. Annette McKenney and Bar- bara Reeves were chosen to be on the First All-Star Team from Newport News and Sharon Adcock was chosen to be on the Second All-Star Team. Members of the Second Team are (L. to R.) Gloria Sanders, Diane Earls, Elizabeth Daniels, Nancy Webb, captain, Anne Rowe, Gail Lucado, and Susan Garth. (2nd row L. to R.) Debby Pierce, Kay Moore, Becky Pierce, Pat Larrow, Pam Holcomb, Brenda Goard, Belinda Fortner, Pam Weaver, Sandra Epps, and Margret Bogerty. Members of the Eleventh Grade Team are (L. to R.) Brenda Phillips. Barbara Reeves, Frances Banton, Sandye Jordon, Annette McKenney, and Sharon Adcock. 120 Teachers And G.AA. Work Closely The Girls’ Physical Education instructors are (L. to R.) Mrs. Virginia Masters, depart- ment head, Miss Ann Parker, Miss Harriet Formichelli, and Mrs. Dorothy Cannon. G.A.A. Leading the Girls’ Athletic Association for 1965- 66 are Linda Garth, President, Linda Condron, Vice-president, and Sharon Hilsdon, Secretary. The G.A.A. Executive Board assists the Physical Edu- cation teachers in afternoon sports such as basket- ball and volleyball. Members of this organization also help by recording points, keeping score, and timing games. The G.A.A. officers are (L. to R.) Linda Garth, President, Linda Condron, Vice-president, and Sharon Hilsdon, Secre- tary. 12 ) Girls Develop Poise, Skill, And Co HOCKEY The first afternoon sport in which the G.A.A. participates is Field Hockey. Eleventh and twelfth grade teams practice at Jackson School twice a week before playing other teams on the peninsula. This year the teams played were Warwick, Fer- guson, and Hampton Roads Academy. After these games, the Senior team journeyed to Virginia Beach to play in the Annual Field Hockey Tourna- ment. At the end of the season, the Senior team pre- sented their coaches, Miss Parker and Mrs. Mas- ters, with a dozen red roses. i 1 ig Members of the Senior team are (L. to R., 1st row) Janice Linda McKenna, Carolyn Watson, Gayle Bridgeman, Vicki Poole, Barbara Hedrick, Linda Garth, Jackie Ray, Miss Par- Edgerton, Linda Harris, Sandi Thomas, Ruth Long, Mike ker, Mrs. Masters, Cheryl Smith, Patty Dempsey, Besty Shelton, and Diane Parrish. Goodwin, and Mary Anne Barrow. (2nd row) Judy Phillips, Ordination From Participation In Sports The afternoon assistant are (L. to R.) Linda Condron, Sandi Thomas, Diane Parrish, Linda Harris, Sandra Jordon, Vicki Edgerton, Janice Poole, Jackie Ray, Linda Garth, Michele Shelton, and Mary Anne Barrow. GYMNASTICS CLUB The Gymnastics Club is a combination of tumbling, ap- paratus, and free exercise. Girls of any grade may try out for the club but only a few are chosen according to their ability. From these remaining girls, nine will be chosen to attend the state meet which is held in Roanoke in April. ASSISTANTS Eleventh and twelfth grade girls work with the physical education teachers as assistants. The afternoon assistants consist of only the Girls’ Atheltic Association execu- tive board members. Girls who act as class- room assistants are chosen by the teachers. Members of the Gymnastics Club are (L. to R., 1st row) Debbie Davis, Donna Blanchard, Pam Weaver, and Belinda Fortner. (2nd row) Caro- lyn Burns, Patsy Johnson, Barbara Hedrick, Teresa Burroughs, Bar- bara Reeves, Linda Condron, Lulie Roberts, Linda Brown, Sharon Adcock, and Carole Bradish. The classroom assistants are (L. to R.) Vicki Edger- ton, Janice Poole, Jackie Ray, Carolyn Burns, and Michele Shelton. Sharon Adcock demonstrates the splits on the balance beam. Seniors The last rays of the afternoon sun filter through the window. The sculptor smiles an easy smile and moves back a step or two. Before him he sees the realized form — the completed piece — the product of tedious work and intense love. But his smile does not only mean true satisfaction with his own efforts. It’s an acknowl- edgment of the fact that no matter how final that last touch of the damp clay was, the work will never be quite finished. Every person who views it will make his own mental additions, weave his own individual interpretation, and make it become what it must become for him. The senior, the finished product we know, is not complete. He has taken all he can from his high school years, absorbed all the knowledge, all the wisdom that personal contacts breed and he is ready to leave. He is eager. He is young. He is a beginning that will begin over and over again with each new face that he meets. 124 “Go Forth, Not To Seniors, Your days at Newport News High School are rapidly drawing to an end, and Commence- ment Day will be but the beginning of a new life as you enter the adult world. Some of you will never meet again, so you must hold as dear the memories of one another as you do the memories of your accomplishments here, both as individuals and as a class. Let the knowledge you have gained here be the foundation of your self-confidence as you increase in wisdom from day to day. May happiness and joy far outweigh the sorrow in your lives as you strive to meet your self-selected goals. Have faith in God, in yourselves, and in others as each bright tomorrow glides into a memorable yesterday. It has been a meaning experience having such a close association with the Class of 1966. I am grateful for the opportunities that this relationship has afforded us, in both your Sophomore and Senior years. My congratulations go with each of you as you “Go Forth, not to exist, but to Live.” Sincerely, Exist But To Live.” HONOR COUNCIL Chuck Springfield, Patty Dempsey, and Mina Erlach are the three senior members of the N.N.H.S. Honor Council for this year. As the Council’s carry- over member from last year, Chuck serves as its Chairman, while Mina acts as the Vice-Chairman, and Patty as its Secretary. CLASS OFFICERS The Senior Class this year is led by Steve Kiger, who has served as its President since the ninth grade. Assisting Steve this year are Joel Fisher, Vice-President, Wade Scott, Treasurer, and David Kahle, Secre- tary. CLASS SPEAKERS AND GIFTORIAN Honored by their classmates, Susan Sandler and Pam Weaver have been chosen to be the Senior Class Speakers at Commencement exer- cises in June. Presenting the Senior Class gift to the school this year will be Patty Dempsey, Class Giftorian. 127 These Past Five Years Patricia Ann Adkins School Spirit Comm., Cafe. Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., Jr. Ring Comm., Jr. Dec. Comm. Richard Clarence Allen Michael Allen Artman J.V. Football, Beacon Photog., Sr. Dance Comm., Prom Comm., H.R. Officer, Beacon Staff: Asst. Ad- vertising Mgr. • Dale Elizabeth Atkinson School Spirit Comm., Cafe. Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., Jr. Ring Comm., Jr. Dance Comm., FHA Treas. Susan Green Avent Jr. Dec. Comm., French Club, School Spirit Comm., V.O.T., Sr. Typing Comm. — Head, Sr. Invitations Comm., Library Asst., Bible Club, Christopher New- port Society, Publicity Comm. Carolyn Johnson Baker Sr. Typing Comm., Sr. Invitation Comm., V.O.T., Jr. Dec. Comm., School Spirit Comm., Bible Club, Pres., French Club, Publicity Comm., Basketball, Track. Jerry Ann Baker School Spirit Comm., S.C.A. Rep., Safety Comm., Publicity Comm., Senior Assembly Comm., Invitations Comm., F.H.A., Jr. Dec. Comm., V.O.T., H.R. Officer. Peter Hrestos Bakolias Sr. Dance Comm., Sr. Pennant Comm., S.C.A. Rep. Have Been Eventful Susan Muriel Barker. Jr. King Comm., Dance Comm., Publicity Comm., Sr. Assembly Comm., Girls’ Chorus. Beverly Jane Barnes Drama: Head Asst. Director, Letter Props Staff, Di- rector Tourney Plays, School Spirit Comm., D.E. Club: Treas., Library Asst., Sr. Assembly Comm., Jr. Sr. Typing Comm., Thespians. Mary Anne Barrow National Honor Society, Keyettes, Quill and Scroll, Anchor Staff: Sr. Section, Head, Christopher New- port Society — Sec., Jr. Sr. Ring Comm. — Co- Head, F.T.A., French and Latin Clubs, Hockey Volleyball Teams, J.V. Flagtwirler. Mary Frances Bass School Spirit Comm., Newcomer’s Comm., Office Asst., F.N.A., Basketball Hockey Teams, Latin Club, D.E. Club, Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Kenneth Roger Bean Stage Crew, Furniture Staff. Elizabeth Roberts Beasley I.C.T., Tri-Hi-Y, Props Staff, Make-up Staff, H.R. Officer. Clarence William Belt Varsity Football: Co-captain, Letter, Shop Foreman, Usher Staff. Edward Lewis Bessom Christopher Newport Society, French Club: Treas., I.C.T. Club. Patricia Ann Bingham Creative Artists Club Girls’ Chorus F.H.A. Spanish Club Y-Teens William Bascom Black Junior Science Club: President Senior Assembly Committee: Co-head Senior Science Club French Club: President Thespians: President Stage Crew: Stage Manager Launchings Cast of Major Plays Tourney Play Director Barbara Annette Ba lanchar d F.H.A. Senior Chorus School Spirit Committee I.C.T. Props Staff Girls’ Usher Staff Senior Dance Committee David Bernard Blount Physical Fitness Award J.V. Football J.V. Baseball Varsity Football: Letter Boys’ Chorus Beginning As Mice Connie Rae Bloxom Beacon Staff I.C.T. : President H.R. Officer Senior Bulletin Board Committee Apparatus Tumbling Club Junior Ring Committee Junior Dance Committee Volleyball Team Linda Gail Boatright Latin Club Junior Band: Letter Senior Band Apparatus Club Physical Fitness Award Senior Typing Committee Beacon Staff Harriet Mobley Bolden Composer of Senior Class Song Maid of Honor to Band Sweetheart National Honor Society Senior Band: Vice President Reg. Workshop Varsity Flagtwirler: Head Junior Band: Letter J.V. Flagtwirler Keyettes Secretary Anchor: Senior Secretary Senior Dance Committee Junior Decorations Committee Linda Mae Bond F.H.A. School Spirit Committee Physical Fitness Award Senior Dance Committee Senior Assembly Committee D.E. Club 130 We Matured And Progressed Larry Eugene Born Transfer from Warwick High School D.O. Club I.C.T.: Parliamentarian D.O. District Vice President D.O. State Contest Winner D.O. I.C.T. Commission Scrapbook Pom Pon Project D.O. Representative to Kawanis and Rotary Clubs of N.N. I.C.T. District President Mildred June Bost Senior Bulletin Board Committee School Spirit Committee Art Club Ronald Waverly Brame J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Basketball: Manager LTsher Staff: Co-head Effects Staff Bessie Gayle Bridgeman Cafeteria Committee House Committee Senior Hockey Team Senior Decorations Committee: Head Beacon Staff Senior Dance Committee Tri-Hi-Y Art Club Spokesman Club Library Assistant Michael Owen Bradford Drama Advertising Staff Latin Club Senior Dance Committee H.R. Club Officer Publicity Team Committee Prom Committee Carol Ann Bradish Basketball Hockey Volleyball Teams Director of Senior Tourney Play S.C.A. Dance Committee Senior Assembly Committee Usher Staff S.C.A. Representative Junior Chorus Gymnastics Club Reed McKinley Brotzman Science Track Michele Diane Budman F.H.A. Spanish Club Publicity Committee V.O.T. Junior Ring Committee Senior Typing Committee 131 Our Minds Have Progressed Robert Carroll Burch J.V. Basketball J.V. Baseball Varsity Basketball (Tri-Captain) : Letter Varsity Baseball: Letter H.R. Officer Eric Earl Burden Transferred from Huntington J.V. Basketball J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Track: Letter Varsity Baseball Treasurer of 10th Grade Class Concert Choir H.R. Officer All Regional Chorus Senior Band Carolyn Sue Burns Junior Chorus: Ensemble H.R. Officer All Regional Chorus Senior Chorus Homecoming Court Usher Staff: Head Concert Choir: Pres. Sec. Latin Club Senior Music Committee Margaret Elaine Burton Senior Color Committee Junior Dance Committee Junior Ring Committee Drama: Make-Up Staff Costume Staff I.C.T. Scrapbook Committee Peggy Ann Burton H.R. Officer Senior Invitations Committee Physical Fitness Award Samuel Roland Buxton, III Transferred from Christ Church School Senior Assembly Committee Senior Dance Committee School Spirit Committee J.V. Football Henry Ronald Byrd Sophomore Dance Committee I.C.T. : President Scrapbook Committee District X, King Head Representative To State Convention Prom Committee Brenda Ellen Campbell Junior Band Junior Dance Committee Senior Band And Our Manner Has Been Perfected Donald Alexander Campbell JT. Football " J.V. Baseball Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Baseball Boy Usher’s: Head Larry Lewis Campbell Latin Club Junior Classical League Christopher Newport Society Executive Board Chesapeake Hi-Y : Vice President French Club Junior Senior Dance Committee Junior Senior Ring Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee Safe Teens Science Club Newcomers Committee Ramona Langley Carneal Basketball Sophomore Dance Committee Junior Typing Committee: Head Keyette: Executive Board Pen. Secretary of Keyettes Homecoming Committee Senior Dance Committee S.C.A. Representative H.R. Officer Junior Dance Committee Roberto Domingo Carrasco Ronald Clinton Cash Coin Club Chesapeake Hi-Y Sharon Ann Chaffin H.R. Officer School Spirit Committee G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Star Senior Dance Committee S.C.A. Representative Spanish Club Basketball Volleyball Hockey Senior Treasurers Committee Milton Frederick Champ Transferred from St. Vincent High Basketball: Mgr. J.V. Football: Mgr. Varsity Football: Mgr. Letter Cheaspeake Hi-Y Drama Effects Staff Senior Pennant Committee Donald Ray Chaney Transferred from St. Vincent High S.C.A. Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee J.V. Basketball: Mgr. Coin Club: Vice President H.R. Officer Latin Club We Have Been Molded Jane Fletcher Christian Creative Artist’s Club Sophomore Dance Committee Future Teachers of America French Club Senior Assembly Committee Junior Decorations Committee Beacon Staff James Robert Cobb Safe Teens Committee Senior Typing Committee School Spirit Committee Cafeteria Committee Cheaspeake Hi-Y Iris Beeson Coffev S.C.A. Representative F.H.A. House Committee Tri-Hi-Y Spanish Club Office Assistant S.C.A. Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Assembly Committee V.O.T. Martha Diana Cooper Junior Chorus Newcomers Committee Publicity Committee Cafeteria Committee Basketball Team Hockey Team Beacon Staff: Assistant Advertising Mgr. News Editor G.A.A. Executive Board Junior Ring Committee Junior Decorations Committee D.O. Senior Assembly Committee Senior Dance Committee Charles Lee Co°k 8th 9th Grade Basketball S.C.A. Representative Senior Pennant Committee Varsity Football Walter Michael Costner Transferred from Valdese High Shool French Club Launchings Staff I.C.T. Senior Invitations Committee Wanda Leigh Crump D.O.: Parliamentarian Senior Dance Committee Senior Decorations Committee Senior Invitations Committee F.H.A.: President Reporter Ernest Cline Cullen S.C.A. Representative School Spirit Committee J.V. Football J.V. Varsity Baseball Art Club 134 Into Young Adults Randolph Francis Culotta Senior Assembly Committee Thomas Wayne Dalton Senior Assembly Committee Jackie Faye Davenport F.H.A. Junior Decorations Committee Senior Invitations Committee Senior Dance Committee Cafeteria Committee School Spirit Committee Rex Alan Davis 8th Grade Hall of Fame : Best Student J.V. Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Varsity Baseball J.V. Varsity Track: Letter Newcomers Committee Director of Tournament Play S.C.A. Representative John Wesley Davis Ronald Kirk Davis Physical Fitness Award J.V. Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Baseball Coin Club Sheila Allyne Davis Janet Cullen Deas V.O.T. 135 Our Senior Class Rings Conrad Calvin Dellinger, III Newcomers Comm., J.V. Football, Dance Comm., Boy’s Jr. Sr. Usher Staff, Jr. Sr. Ring Comm., Sr. Dance Comm. Patricia Ann Dempsey Honor Council: Secretary, Class Giftorian, Girl’s State Delegate, Keyette, Christopher Newport Socie- ty, Sr. Executive Board, Friendly Typhoon, Hockey Team, Concert Choir, Sec. of Sophomore Class. Joan Curtis Denoy Transferred from James Blair High, V.O.T. Leslie Keith Diamond Chess Club: Pres., Latin Club, French Club, Christo- pher Newport Society, Sr. Science Club, Safe Teens, Jr. Ring Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., Publicity Comm., School Spirit Comm. Joseph Lee Dickson Latin Club, Sr. Dance Comm., School Spirit Comm., Jr. Dance Comm. Paul William Dobie Stage Crew: Head Electrician, Drama: Letter, Casts .of Major Plays and Tournament Plays, All Tourna- ment Cast, Thespian, School Spirit Comm., Cafeteria Comm., Newcomers Comm., Jr. Dance Comm., Sr. As- sembly Comm., Sr. Band: Color Guard. Paulett e M arie Dob ie Jr. Decoration Comm., Dance Comm., Drama Make- up Staff: Co-head. Patricia Gail Dobson Sr. Chorus, Girl’s Chorus, Sr. Dance Comm. Arrived In July Douglas Craig Drewry Director of Tournament Play, Cast of Maior Plays, Cast of Tournament Plays, Spokesman Club, Con- cert Choir, House and Grounds Comm., School Spirit Comm., Boy’s Chorus, National Thespians. Brenda Lynn Eakes Sr. Invitations Comm., Sr. Typing Comm., Office Asst., All-State Chorus, Asst. Directors Staff, Girl’s Chorus: Officer, Jr. Typing Comm., Jr. Dance Comm., Library Asst., Sr. Chorus. Shirley Mae Eanes F.T.A., Tournament Play, Jr. Band: Letter, Librar- ian, Sr. Band: Letters, Wind Ensemble, All Regional Band: Alternate, Soph. Dance Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., Christopher Newport Society, Spokesman Club. Brady Gene Earnhardt Sr. Dance Comm., Chesapeake Hi-Y, Office Asst. Albert Eugene Dorner Art Club: V. Pres., Key Club, Jr. Science Club, School Spirit Comm., Sr. Bulletin Board Comm.: Chairman, 8th 9th Grade Basketball, J.V. Basket- ball, J.V. Football, Cross Country Track: Captain, Letter, Varsity Track. James Wesley Dossett Jr. Band: Letter, Sr. Band: Letter, Sr. Dance Comm., Shop Officer, Cross Country Track: Letter, Indoor Track Team, Varsity Track Team. Jamey Elizabeth Douglas Transferred from Warwick High, I.C.T.: Reporter, Sr. Color Comm., Drama Make-Up Staff, Office Asst., Sr. Assembly Comm. Barbara Louise Doyle Dance Comm., Newcomers Comm., Jr. Chorus, Sr. Chorus, School Spirit Comm., Jr. Ring Comm., Sr. Dance Comm. Frances Victoria Ed gert gn. Head of Reserve Girl’s Usher Staff S.C.A. Representative Concert Choir: Librairan F. N.A.: President G. A.A. Executive Board: Point Recorder Girls Basketball Hockey Teams Nurse Gym Assistant Senior Music Committee Senior Assembly Committee Patrician Ann Edmondson__ Keyettes Anchor Staff Latin Club F.N.A.: Secretary Treasurer Christopher Newport Society Cast of Tournament Plays: Best Actress of 10th Grade Play F.T.A. Spanish Club Dance Committee School Spirit Committee Newcomers Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Assembly Committee Virginia Edwards Mildred Kay Eggleston Delegate to Girls State Keyettes Anchor Staff Spanish Club: Treasurer Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Senior Bulletin Board Committee Office Assistant Volleyball S.C.A. Representative Senior Class Pins Patricia Norde Eken Keyettes S.C.A. Representative Senior Assembly Writing Committee Senior Flower Committee Christopher Newport Society Anchor: Business Co-head F.T.A. Faye Carol Elder House and Grounds Committee Junior Chorus Girls Ensemble F.H.A. Girls Chorus D.E. Club Office Assistant Carolyn Ember Mina Sue Erlach Anchor: Editor-in-Chief Honor Council: Vice Chairman Keyettes: President French Club Spanish Club Girl’s State Representative G.A.A. Executive Board: Secretary Vice President Girls Basketball Volleyball Hockey Teams Junior Class: Secretary Were Also Sold Dre ma Jean Ferguson Varsity Cheerleader 1965 Homecoming Queen S.C.A. Representative G.A.A. Executive Board F.H.A.: Vice President Girl’s Usher Staff School Spirit Committee Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Library Assistant Office Assistant David Jay Finkle National Honor Society Chess Club: President Vice President Science Club Lauchings Staff Christopher Newport Society French Club Latin Club Senior Motto Committee Charles E. Fiorella, Jr. Carol Ann Firestone Anchor Staff Assistant Editor Assistant Business Manager Quill Scroll Beacon Staff F.N.A. Spanish Club Publicity Committee Drama: Make-Up Costumes: Spring Play Senior Dance Committee Joel Richard Fisher National Honor Society Key Club: Treasurer Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Basketball: Tri-Captain Safe-Teens: Co-chairman Special Events: Co-chairman S.C.A. State Convention Delegate Boys State Delegate Delegate to S.C.A. State Workshops Amy McKay Forbes Transferred from Warwick High Carol Lynn Forbes Publicity Committee Creative Artists Club Apparatus Club Make-Up Staff Cast of Tournament Play Senior Chorus: Treasurer Tri-Hi-Y Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Bulletin Board Committee: Head Michael Anthony Fordham Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball Latin Club 139 Mrs. Tucker And Miss Crane Guided Samuel Jay Fox Key Club: President National Honor Society French Club: Secretary Quill and Scroll Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Senior Science Club Launchings Staff Anchor Staff Senior Dance Committee Norman Walter Freeman „ Sarah Frances Freeman Dennis Wayne Fry William Michael Gardner Linda Marie Garth S.C.A. Executive Board Remembrance Committee: Co-head Keyettes: Charter Member Varsity Cheerleader J.V. Cheerleader G.A.A.: President Senior Dance Committee: Decoration-Co-head Homecoming Comm. Hockey and Basketball Teams Homeroom Officer Alan Jack Gerber National Honor Society Key Club J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Typhoon Time Radio Program Junior Senior Ring Committee: Co-head Launchings Staff S.I.P.A. Convention Latin Club Aderon Lackey Gibbs S.C.A. Representative H.R. Officer Senior Bulletin Board Committee Newcomers Committee Shop Officer Us Through Our Senior Year Nancy Jean Gillen Beacon Staff: Feature Editor S.I.P.A. Convention Senior Dance Committee S.C.A. Publicity Committee Spokesman Club S.C.A. School Spirit Committee Basketball Team Stephanie Ingrid Gordon S.C.A. Representative S.C.A. Executive Board Anchor : Staff Head Assembly-Coordination Committee: Co-head Senior Motto Committee: Head Art Club: Secretary Treasurer Latin Club Senior Assembly Committee F.T.A. Christopher Newport Society William Frank Glazier, III I.C.T. Club David Lee Grice Transferred from Ferguson High School Track Team Senior Flower Committee Dance Committee D.E. Club: Treasurer T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Chaplain Robert Kennard Goodson Christopher Newport Society T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Newcomers Committee Senior Dance Committee Beacon Staff Homeroom Officer Elizabeth Martineau Goodwin Hockey Team: Senior Captain G.A.A. Executive Board Cast of Tournament Plays Cast of Spring Play Junior Class Homecoming Attendant Senior Treasurer’s Committee French Club Senior Music Committee F.T.A. Allen Eberly Groshong Sophomore Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Spanish Club Marcia Dell Grubbs Junior Band: Secretary Senior Bulletin Board Committee 1966 Is The Culmination Of John Michael Guthrie 8th Grade Tournament Play J.V. Football Shop Officer Homeroom Offices William Grant Guthrie Transferred from Sidney Lanier High Drama Effects Crew School Spirit Committee Spanish Club Senior Motto Committee Senior Assembly Committee Cross-Country Track Manager Sylvia Anne Hall School Spirit Committee Drama Staff: Sound Effects-Head Homeroom Officer Junior Ring Comm. House Grounds Committee Sr. Prom Committee D.E. Club: Secretary Joseph Donald Hancock Homeroom Offices Shop Officer Physical Fitness Award 8th Grade Hall of Fame: Most Athletic Roland Joseph Hamel, Jr. Key Club Latin Club Homecoming Dance Committee: Head S.C.A. Representative Senior Dance Comm. Homeroom Officer Senior Assembly Committee Anchor Staff Terry Lynn Haney J.V. Football Homeroom Officer S.C.A. Dance Committee Turkey Day Committee Senior Dance Committee Publicity Committee Barbara Nell Harrelson DE. Club Library Assistant Linda Sue Harris Jr. Sr. Band J.V. Flagtwirler G.A.A. Executive Board Anchor Staff French Club Jr. Sr. Ring Committee Basketball Hockey Teams Junior Dance Committee Senior Flower Committee Senior Assembly Committee Five Years Of Hard Work Daniel Wayne Hartzler Concert Choir Barbara Jane Hedrick Anchor Staff Senior Dance Committee Senior Invitations Committee G.A.A. Executive Board Hockey Team Gymnastics Club Junior Dance Committee Library Assistant S.C.A. Representative Homeroom Officer Robert Eldon Harris Junior Senior Band Dance Committee Chesapeake Hi-Y: Officer Ricky Lynn Hartline J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Homeroom Officer Senior Pennant Committee Chess Club Michael Leslie Haskins Transferred from Jefferson Davis Jr. High Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Key Club Jerry Wayne Henry Brenda Catherine Hicks J.V. Flagtwirler G.A.A. Executive Board S.C.A. Representative Senior Chorus: Letter Junior Typing Committee Tri-Hi-Y Senior Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Beacon Staff: Typist V.O.T. Patricia Anne Hilsdon J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader National Honor Society Keyette Club Latin Club S.C.A. Representative Junior Chorus Christopher Newpor t Society Homecoming Comm. Sophomore Dance Committee School Spirit Committee Senior Dance Committee U3 Homeroom Officer The Count Down To Graduation Robert Edward Hines Homeroom Officer, Band: Color Guard, Track Team, Sr. Assembly Comm. William Neal Hobbs Homeroom Officer, S.C.A. Rep., Cheasapeake Hi-Y, Art Club, Shop Officer, Sr. Flower Comm. Dorothy Louise Ho dges Jr. Band, Basketball. Sr. Band, F.N.A.: Reporter, Homeroom Officer, Sr. Chorus, Sr. Dance Comm., Sr. Invitations Comm., Volleyball Team. Linda Ruth Hooper Sr. Chorus, Public Speaking Club, Science Club, D.E. Club: State Virginia DEC A Par., Sr. Ring Comm., Tournament Play: Director, Asst. Directors Staff, S.C.A. Rep., Homeroom Officer. Linda Paulette Horne Homeroom Offices, S.C.A. Rep., Sr. Assembly Comm., Sr. Flower Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. Robert Lee. Sr. Chorus, Boys Chorus. John Robert Howard, Jr. Jr. Band: Drum Major: Letter, Boys Usher Staff, Sr. Band: Letter, Sr. Assembly Comm., Football: Manager. Regina Faye Ivy School Spirit Comm., Publicity Comm., Physical Fit- ness Award. Dance Comm., Girls Chorus. Clifton Herbert Jackson Homeroom Officer, Sr. Band: Color Guard, J.V. Foot- ball, Varsity Football, J.V. Baseball, Sr. Dance Comm. Deloris Ann Jackson Basketball, Volleyball, G.A.A. Executive Board, Hoc- key Team, Drama Make-up Staff: Head, Ticket Staff, Homeroom Officer, Sr. Treasurer Comm., Dance Comm., Alternate to Girls State, I.C.T. Club: Secre- tary, State Convention. John S tuar t Jackson Behavior Code Comm., J.V. Basketball Manager, Varsity Basketball Manager. Anna Marie Jarrell Sr. Flower Comm., Sr. Typing Comm., Jr. Sr. Ring Comm., Cafeteria Comm., School Spirit Comm., Publicity Comm., Spanish Club, Latin Club. Begins At 180 Days Valerie Katherine Jarrett Transferred from Noi’theast High in North Carolina. Leslie Thomas Jenkins School Spirit Comm., D.E. Club, I.C.T. Club: Re- porter, State Convention, Member of District X Nominating Comm., Honor Roll: 12th Grade. Kathy Louise Johnson Concert Choir, Sr. Chorus, Regional Chorus, Volley- ball, Homeroom Offices, F.H.A., Cafeteria Comm., Jr. Sr. Typing Comm., Sr. Invitations Comm. Barbara Ann Jones Basketball, Cafeteria Comm., School Spirit Comm., Sr. Color Comm. This Final Year Is Filled Charles Blaine Jo nes, Cast of Tournament Play S.C.A. Representative Junior Band Senior Band Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Latin Club Photographer for Beacon Robert Furman Kenney, Jr. Student Body President Student Body Treasurer Executive Board Representative Key Club: Secretary Boys’ State Delegate American Legion Good Citizenship Award Chairman of Chesapeake District Peninsula Federation Delegate State S.C.A. Convention Workshop Latin Club Newcomers Committee: Head Christopher Newport Society Raymond Alton Jones Transferred from St. Vincent Varsity Football Chess Club Spanish Club Newcomers Committee School Spirit Committee Publicity Committee Stephen Craig Kiger 8th 9th Grade Basketball J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball: Tri-Captain, Letter J.V. Baseball Key Club S.C.A. Representative Freshman Class President Sophomore Class President Junior Class President Senior Class President David Wayne Kahle Senior Class Secretary S.C.A. Executive Board Key Club: Sgt-at-Arms Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Track J.V. Football S.C.A. Peninsula Federation Delegate S.C.A. Chesapeake District Delegate Newcomers Committee Jr. Decorations Committee-Co-head Don Malcomb Kirkland Senior Dance Committee Shirley Jean Kennedy Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter Spanish Club Junior Dance Committee Junior Typing Committee Senior Typing Committee Ja mes Randy Kise r Senior Dance Committee Junior Dance Committee Newcomers Committee J.V. Baseball 146 hHri With Achievement And Anticipation Terry Garnett Kiser Homeroom Officer School Spirit Committee Varsity Baseball Newcomers Committee Pennant Committee Janice Lynn Knight Beacon Staff Junior Dance Committee Senior Prom Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee School Spirit Committee D.E. Club Drama: Furniture Staff Publicity Committee Ring Committee Anne Laurie Marie Korycinski Varsity Flagtwirler Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter G.A.A. Executive Board French Club Spanish Club Senior Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Anchor Staff Zoe Maria Kounnas Latin Club French Club Christopher Newsport Society Senior Bulletin Board Committee Junior Dance Committee Junior Decoration Committee School Spirit Committee Dance Committee Behavior Code Committee Polydefkis Kypriandes jTv. Football: Certificate J.V. Baseball: Certificate Decoration Committee Rita Kay Lane Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Assembly Committee Girls Usher Staff D.E. Club Drama Staffs Co-head Furniture Staff S.C.A. Dance Committee Billy Ray Langston D.E. Club Gerald Wayne Leonard Latin Club Track Team 147 It All Began With William Ju ng Leong Chesapeake Hi-Y : President Art Club: Treasurer Spanish Club Concert Chorus Senior Treasurer Committee Male Chorus Senior Science Club E. C. Miller Committee Homeroom Officer Barbara Jean Liakos Girls Usher Staff Junior Ring Committee Senior Dance Committee D.E. Club Senior Assembly Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Patricia Ann Liakos Junior Dance Committee Junior Ring Committee Senior Invitations Committee Furniture Staff School Spirit Committee David Michael Littwin Key Club Director and Moderator of “Typhoon Time” S.C.A. Executive Board Publicity Committee: Co-chairman S.C.A. Representative Daily Press: Teen Reporter S.C.A. Peninsula Federation Delegate S.C.A. Chesapeake District Delegate Assembly Planning Committee Safe-Teen Committee Chess Club: Vice President Coleman Worth Lloyd, Jr. Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter I.C.T. Club Elizabeth Ruth Long Speech Club F. H.A.: Secretary Newcomers Committee Sophomore Dance Committee G. A.A. Executive Board S.C.A. Representative Senior Assembly Committee Senior Flower Committee Senior Hockey Team Girls Chorus: Award Michael Roger Luther Drama: Stagecrew Committee Advertising Committee D.E. Club Curtis Wayne Lyle Shop Officer Varsity Track The Elections Of Class Officers Richard Lee Mabe Bobbie Jean Mahn Furniture Staff : Drama D.E. Club: Bulletin Board Committee Senior Dance Committee Stanley Eugene Majors Spanish Club Senior Pennant Committee Homeroom Officer Junior Ring Committee Latin Club Coin Club Newcomers Committee Safe-Teen Committee Behavior Code Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee Harold Wayne Mallory 8th and 9th Grade Basketball J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Baseball: Letter Newcomers Committee William Christopher Manry Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Football Christopher Newport Society Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Physical Fitness Award Sandra Mae Marion Library Assistant Senior Flower Committee Senior Color Committee Richard William Marshall D.E. Club Art Club Shop Officer Herbert James Martin 8th and 9th Grade Basketball J.V. Basketball J.V. Baseball Seniors Sponsor “Snowflakes John William Massey, III Cross County Track Latin Club: Vice President Chess Club: Vice President School Spirit Committee Dance Committee Publicity Committee Junior Science Club Junior Ring Committee Senior Assembly Committee Ethel Drummond McAfee F.T.A. Latin Club: Publicity Committee Bulletin Board Committee Sophomore Dance Committee Junior Dance Comm. Tri-Hi-Y Homeroom Officer Senior Typing Committee Senior Treasurer’s Committee Laura Jeanette McDonald Anchor Staff: ' Classroom: Section: Head F.T.A. : President Keyettes: Vice President Spanish Club: Secretary Executive Board Senior Dance Committee Girls Chorus Daily Press Teen- Page Writer Delegate Chesapeake District S.C.A. Junior Dance Committee Roger Johnny Jl lclntosh Junior Dance Committee Senior Ring Committee J.V. Football D.E. Club: Parliamentarian Dannie Duane McCain J.V. Football Launchings Staff Art Club Beacon Staff Varsity Football Senior Pennant Committee: Head Christopher Newport Society Lillie Vonciel McKeel Junior Ring Committee Basketball Team S.C.A. Representative Senior Assembly Committee Senior Bulletin Board Committee Girls Usher Staff Newcomers Committee Senior Chorus Girls Chorus: Letter 150 And Moonlight” Semi-formal Linda Sue McKenna Junior Chorus Art Club F.T.A.: Treasurer Science Club: Secretary Newcomers Committee Dance Committee Senior Chorus Spanish Club Junior Ring Committee Senior Music Committee Linda Gail Merriman Junior Band: Letter Senior Band F.N.A. Latin Club Basketball Volleyball Track and Hockey Teams V.O.T. Virginia McNair Ann Marie McNeill Sophomore Dance Committee Art Club School Spirit Committee Senior Dance Committee Drama: Make-up Staff Ticket Committee Publicity Committee Senior Flower Committee Faye Marie Merritt Homeroom Officer S.C.A. Representative School Spirit Committee Safe Teens Committee Publicity Committee D.E. Club Senior Dance Committee Beverly Ann Miller Varsity Cheerleader Homeroom Officer Senior Dance Committee Tri-Hi-Y : Chaplain Junior Dance Committee Publicity Committee Senior Chorus: Letter Basketball Hockey and Volleyball Teams V.O.T. Charles Kenneth Meeks Transferred from Warwick High Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter Band Council: Representative Varsity Baseball: Letter Eleanor Frances Milne Honor Council 9th Grade Secretary S.C.A. : Secretary Executive Board Delegate to S.C.A. Convention Cafeteria Committee: Head Cast of Three Ma.ior Plays and Tournament Plays Thespians: Letter Anchor Staff: Section Head Launchings Staff 151 The Gladiola Is Our Flower And Charles Gary Minter Shop Officer, Honorable Mention in Plastics at State Competition. Pamela Rosalie .Mitchell. Basketball Team, Drama: Make-Up Staff, Tumbling Club. Flora Jan Moran Drama: Make-Up Staff. Anita Gail Morgan S.C.A. Rep., G.A.A. Executive Board Letter, Sr. Hoc- key Team, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Tri-Hi- Y. Beacon Staff. Sr. Invitation Comm.: Head, Jr. Ring Comm., Sr. Assembly Comm., Homeroom Of- ficer, School Spirit Comm. Joyce Faye Munn Cafeteria Comm., S.C.A. Dance Comm., Basketball, Volleyball Teams, Newcomers Comm., V.O.T., Sr. Dance Comm., Sr. Assembly Comm. Joan Lynn Myers Sr. Dance Comm., Cafeteria Comm., Latin Club, Beacon Staff, Drama: Make-Up Staff. Asst. Director Staff, School Spirit Comm., Jr. Science Club, Sr. Science Club: Sec. and Reporter, F.T.A., F.N.A.: Sec. and Treas. Anna Joy Neumeyer S.C.A. Rep., Homeroom Officer, Jr. Chorus, Sr. Chorus, Girls Chorus: Award, Jr. Decoration Comm., Sr. Color Comm., D.E. Club: Bulletin Board Comm., School Spirit Comm. Diana Jo Neumeyer School Spirit Comm., Jr. Decoration Comm., F.H.A., Sr. Flower Comm., D.E. Club: Bulletin Board Comm. T Peach And White Are Class Colors Alva C. O’Dell Transferred from Greenbrier Military School. Pamela Lucille Oliver Newcomers Comm., Soph. Dance Comm., Jr. Deco- ration Comm., Basketball Team, School Spirit Comm., House and Grounds Comm., French Club, Christo- pher Newport Society, Sr. Bulletin Board Comm., Sr. Assembly Comm. Mary Frances Owens Homeroom Officer, School Spirit Comm., Publicity Comm., Safe Teen Comm., D.E. Club: Treas., Pres., Sr. Dance Comm., Spokesman Club. Anita Sue Parker School Spirit Comm., Publicity Comm., Jr. Science Club, Jr. Chorus, Girls Chorus: Letter, Sec., Sr. Chorus, Drama Furniture Staff, Costume Staff, Tri- Hi-Y, Sr. Flower Comm. Madonna Diane Parrish National Honor Society, S.C.ATVice-Pres., Thespians: Sec., Letter, Tournament Play Director, Cast of Tournament Plays, Sr. Assembly Comm.: Head, Tri- Hi-Y : Sec., Pres., G.A.A. Executive Board, French Club, Hockey Team. Harry Gabriel Pasquier Sr. Science Club: Officer, Jr. Science Club: Officer, Spanish Club, Sr. Dance Comm., Sr. Pennant Comm. Donald Lee Patrick Marilyn R uth P ayne Keyettes: Historian, F.T.A.: Vice-Pres., Tri-Hi-Y: Chaplain, Vice-Pres., Jr. Chorus, Sr. Chorus: Letter, ' Librarian, S.C.A. Rep., Christopher Newport Society, French Club, Sr. Treasurer’s Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., School Spirit Comm. Senior Phyllis Jean Payne Junior - and Senior Typing Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee School Spirit Committee Usher Staff Newcomers Committee Library Assistant Homeroom Officer Tri-Hi-Y Basketball Team Jud v Elizabeth Pearce Senior Dance Committee Drama: Make-Up Staff House Committee Drama Ticket Staff S.C.A. Dance Committee James Peters Judith Diane Phillips National Honor Society Christopher Newport Society Latin Club G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Tri-Hi-Y : Treasurer President Attended Blue Ridge Assembly Art Club I.C.T. Club Senior Color Committee: Head Senior Typing Committee Library Assistant Assembly Parts Are Albert Joseph Plessinger Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter All Regional Band Chesapeake Hi-Y Christopher Newport Society Senior Dance Committee Latin Club Senior Music Committee: Head Homeroom Officer Vickie Patriciann Polston Art Club D.E. Club Girls Chorus Janice Kaye Poole Varsity Cheerleader Executive Board Cast of Tournament Play Basketball Volleyball and Hockey Teams G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Star School Spirit Committee Senior Assembly Committee Senior Homecoming Attendant Linda Ann Powell Latin Club Christopher Newport Society Senior Assembly Committee Junior Ring Committee Tri-Hi-Y: Treasurer S.C.A. Representative Sophomore Dance Committee Jr. Dance Committee Publicity Committee 154 Cast And Rehearsals Begin Diana Mae Price Band Sweetheart Senior Band: Letter Junior Band: Letter J.V. Flagtwirler Varsity Flagtwirler Junior Ring Committee Senior Ring Committee Senior Music Committee Homeroom Officer Donna Kay Price Senior Band: Letters Librarian Junior Band: Letter Music Dept.: Secretary Senior Music Committee Senior Dance Committee Creative Artists Club: Typing Committee Junior Dance Committee Junior Decoration Committee School Spirit Committee Cafeteria Committee Yvonne Mizelle Proctor Volleyball Team Senior Dance Committee School Spirit Committee Drama: Make-Up Staff Maybelle Ramsey Chorus: Letter Girls Ensemble Junior Chorus Senior Chorus Girls Chorus Concert Choir Drama: Make-up Staff: Head Cast of Major Plays Senior Assembly Committee Senior Bulletin Board Committee William Mebone Raper Senior Band Junior Band Chess Club Latin Club J.V. Football J.V. Baseball Science Club Senior Music Committee Jacqueline Ray Cast of Tournament Plays Newcomers Committee Basketball Volleyball Hockey and Track Teams G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Star Senior Chorus Tri-Hi-Y Senior Bulletin Board Committee Senior Dance Committee Gym Assistant Sonda Jean Reighard Y.F.C. Club: Vice President Apparatus Club F.H.A. Beacon Staff: Typing Committee Homeroom Officer Karen Edgar Richardson National Honor Society: Officer Varsity Cheerleader J.V. Cheerleader French Club Representative to Queen of Hearts Court S.C.A. Executive Board S.C.A. Representative Homeroom Officer Keyette: Officer The Nearness Ellsworth Miller Roberts, Jr. J.V. Football Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Cafeteria Committee Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Junior Senior Ring Committee 8th Grade Hall of Fame: Best All Around David Leste r Rodgers 8th 9th Grade Basketball J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball: Letter Kenneth Earl Rogers Chesapeake Hi-Y Assistant Director of Tournament Plays Cast of Tournament Plays Senior Dance Committee Directing Award Shop Officer Drama: Effects Staff Diego Reinaldo Romero Of Graduation Can Cheryl A nn R osser Secretary of 8th Grade S.C.A. Representative Homeroom Officer Tri-Hi-Y G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Latin Club Basketball Hockey Volleyball Teams Beacon Staff: Photographer Senior Assembly: Writing Staff Jr. Sr. Dance Committee Michael Lee Ryan Christopher Newport Society Chesapeake Hi-Y Senior Bulletin Board Committee Cafeteria Committee Spanish Club Michael Ellis Sagman Senior Class Musician Science Club French Club Christopher Newport Society S.C.A. Representative Bland Scholarship (3rd Place) Senior Band Announcer Senior Dance Committee Track: Manager Merle Elizabeth Sammons Anchor Staff F.T.A. French Club: Secretary Cast of Major and Tournament Plays Library Assistant Junior Dance Committee Assistant Director of Exihibition Plays Senior Assembly Committee Thespians Make-Up Staff: Head Be Felt By Every Senior Susan Carol Sandler Launchings: Editor S.C.A. Executive Board Publicity Committee Head Special Events Committee: Head Senior Class Speaker Quill Scroll Society: President Thespians: Vice President Keyettes Cast of Major Plays Cast and Director of Tournament Plays Anchor: Section Head “Typhoon Time Radio Program”: Feature Editor Assistant Director of Senior Assembly Robert Meredith Sauer, Jr. Boys Usher Staff Junior Senior Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Spring Play Senior Assembly Committee Bryan Stephen Saul J.V. Varsity Football Floyd Michael Schock Wade Palmer Scott, Jr. Key Club S.C.A. Executive Board Jr. Class Treasurer Sr. Class Treasurer J.V. Football Varsity Football Friendly Typhoon Senior Treasurers Committee: Head Nancy Scruggs James Thomas Seaborn National Honor Society: Vice President Key Club: Secretary Quill and Scroll S.C.A. Executive Board Assembly Planning Committee: Head Chesapeake District S.C.A. Delegate Anchor: Editor Latin Club French Club Robert Graham Sears I.C.T. Club D.O. Club S.C.A. Dance Committee Junior Dance School Spirit Committee The Last Weeks Are Most Remembered Marybeth Shaddock Linda Ann Sills Art Club School Spirit Committee Newcomers Committee Girls Chorus Physical Fitness Award Drama: Ticket and Costume Staff Linda Lee Shelton Library Committee Senior Typing Committee Cafeteria Committee Dance Committee Michele Frances Marie Shelton G.A.A. Exec. Board Junior Typing Committee: Head S.C.A. Executive Board House Grounds Committee: Head Hockey Volleyball Basketball Track Teams Beacon Staff Anchor Staff F.T.A. Senior Dance Committee Jr. Sr. Ring Committee Woodrow Wilson Slate. Jr. 8th 9th Grade Basketball Teams Junior Band: Letter Senior Music Committee Dance Band Senior Band: Letters All Regional Workshop Band Natalie Cele Siegel S.C.A. Representative D.E. Club: Editor and Promotion Mgr. Latin Club: Committee Chairman Spanish Club F.T.A. Jr. Sr. Science Club: Secretary Senior Assembly Committee Beacon Staff Launchings Staff Cheryl E li zabet k . Smith Basketball: All State Hockey Volleyball Teams: Letter Spanish Club S.C.A. Dance Committee Senior Bulletin Board Committee Senior Dance Committee Girls Chorus 158 Senior Assembly, Prom Graduation Jerry Madison Smith Senior Invitations Committee Chess Club House Grounds Committee Stephen Mark Smith French Club: Vice President Spanish Club J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter Christopher Newport Society Safety Committee Newcomers Committee Senior Dance Committee Mitchell Edward Smith Christopher Newport Society: President Anchor: Section Head Latin Club: Executive Board French Club: Executive Board S.C.A. Committees Chess Club Spokesman Club 8th 9th Grade Basketball: Mgr. J.V. Basketball: Mgr. Senior Motto Committee Randall Anthony Smith Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letters Drum Major, President All Regional Band Dance Band Concert Choir: Librarian All Regional Chorus Boys Chorus Physical Fitness Award T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Homei’oom Officer Rose Marie Snead Senior Bulletin Board Committee G.A.A. Executive Board Girls Chorus: Librarian Girls Usher Staff Junior Chorus Junior Band Mary Frances Southall Beacon Staff Bulletin Board Committee Girls Chorus: President School Spirit Committee S.C.A. Dance Committee Library Assistant Senior Dance Committee Volleyball and Hockey Teams Sheila Darlene Smith Girls Chorus School Spirit Committee Senior Typing Committee Bible Club Michael Alan Spivey Senior Assembly Committee Publicity Committee Junior Ring Committee Sophomore Dance Committee Chesapeake Hi-Y Tournament Play: Director Usher Staff Drama: Advertising: Head 159 Our Senior Year Marks The End Charles William Springfield National Honor Society: Pres., Honor Council: Chairman, Varsity Football: Letter, Co-Captain, Key Club: V. Pres., Boys State Delegate, Christopher Newport Society, Sr. Dance Comm., Elections Comm., Latin Club, Track Team. Robert Eug ene Sprouse Jr. Band: Letter, Sr. Band, Drama Staff: Head, Thespians, Cast of Tournament Play: Best Actor Award — All Tournament, Cast of Major Plays, Jr. Ring Comm., Sr. Corams., Boys Chorus, School Spirit Comm. Michael Sherrile Starnes Richard Earl Sturgis Sr. Dance Comm., Sr. Assembly Comm., Jr. Dance Comm., Homeroom Officer, S.C.A. Dance Comm., School Spirit Comm., Cafeteria Comm., Newcomers Comm., -Jr. Band: Letter. Martha Waldine Talton Jr. Dance Comm., Jr. Sr. Ring Comm., Sr. Music Comm. Randal Herbert Tate Varsity Football: Letter, Homeroom Officer, Var- sity Baseball: Letter, Christopher Newport Society, Friendly Typhoon, Tournament Plays: All Tourna- ment Cast, Sr. Dance Comm.: Head, Latin Club, Key Club, J.V. Baseball and Football. Donald Lee Terry Jojce Marie Thomas J.V. Flagtwirler, Soph. Class Treasurer, S.C.A. Rep., S.C.A. Scrapbook Comm., Keyette, Jr. Band: Letter, Jr. Chorus: Letter, Girls Ensemble, Beacon Staff, Teen Herald Reporter, Sr. Dance Comm. Of One Phase In Our Lives Sandra Leigh Thomas Beacon Staff: Editor-in-Chief, G.A.A. Exec. Board, Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball Teams, Jr. Dance Comm., Jr. Ring Comm., Sr. Invitations Comm., Sr. Dance Comm., Tri-Hi-Y. Linda. Homeroom Officer, Girls Usher Staff, F.H.A.: Cafeteria Comm., Sr. Dance Comm. Pres., Barbara Frances Thompson Edward Stephen Tolotti D.E. Club. Elliott Lee Torn Dance Band, Jr. Band: Letter, Sr. Band: Letter, Jr. Science Club, All Regional Band, Sr. Music Comm. Lucille Laverne Turlington School Spirit Comm., Homeroom Officer, Soph. Dance Comm., Beacon Staff, Sr. Dance Comm., New- comers Comm., Basketball and Volleyball Teams, Tri-Hi-Y. Timothy Price Turner Chesapeake Hi-Y: Sec. Chaplain, I.C.T. Club. Jane Sanfo Van Noy Sr. Chorus, Apparatus Club, Tumbling Club, F.H.A., Homeroom Officer. This Year Also Signifies The Carlotta Kathleen .Vaughan . Assistant Director Girls Chorus Basketball Team School Spirit Committee F.H.A. Woodrow Williard Wagner, Jr. Senior Pennant Committee S.C.A. Representative Chesapeake Hi-Y Clarence Minston Wallace, III Transferred from Carver High Roger Lee Warf Beacon Staff Senior Assembly Committee Homeroom Officer Linda Sue Waterfield Tri-Hi-Y Senior Pennant Committee Drama: Furniture and Advertising Staffs Homeroom Officer D.E. Club F.H.A. Mary Carolyn Watson Senior Science Club: President and Treasurer G.A.A. Executive Board Senior Dance Committee Latin Club: Executive Board S.C.A. Representative F.N.A. Junior Ring Committee Hockey Basketball and Volleyball Teams Newcomers Committee Physical Fitness Awards Pamela Brown Weaver Varsity and J.V. Cheerleader: Head Senior Class Speaker National Honor Society Senior Homecoming Court Assistant Director of Senior Assembly Launchings: Asst. Editor President of 8th Grade Representative to Girls’ State Honor Council School Spirit Committee: Head Cathie Jo Weeks S.C.A. Dance Committee Cafeteria Committee School Spirit Committee Safe Teens Committee Library Assistant Senior Dance Committee 162 Beginning Of A More Important Phase Thomas Woodrow White D.E. Club James Timothy Whitt J.V. Baseball: Manager Senior Assembly Committee Susan Marie Whitt School Spirit Committee Newcomers Committee V.O.T. Homeroom Officer Senior Pennant Committee Senior Invitations Committee James Francis Wiatt I.C.T. Club Varsity Track S.C.A. Representative Sophomore Dance Committee Junior Dance Committee Jeanne Mari e Wilkins School Spirit Committee Creative Artists Club Tri-Hi-Y Drama: Make-up Staff F.H.A. Senior Pennant Committee Senior Invitations Committee Juanita Ann Wilkins Senior Flower Committee Senior Assembly Committee Junior Ring Committee Junior Dance Committee D.E Club Linda Mae Williams Homeroom Officer F.H.A. : Historian F.T.A. Library Assistant Newcomers Committee Dance Committee Junior Typing Committee Physical Fitness Award Drama: Assistant Make-up: Head I.C.T. Nancy Flores Williams Homeroom Officer F.H.A.: President I.C.T. Club: Treasurer Jr. Ring Committee Jr. Decoration Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Decoration Committee 163 Our Future Will Be Michael Edward Williams Transferred from Burges High School, El Paso, Texas, D.E. Club, Spanish Club. Glenn Williamson Mark Koiner Wimmer Key Club, National Honor Society, Christopher New- port Society: Treas., Varsity Basketball: Mgr., Sr. Treasurers Comm., Latin Club, S.C.A. Rep. Sandra Faye Worsham Sr. Flower Comm.: Head, Sr. Assembly Comm., Sr. Band, F.N.A., Usher Staff, Jr. Chorus. Sheila Ann Wyatt- Homeroom Officer, F.H.A., Usher Staff, Newcomers Comm., Library Asst., Jr. Dance Comm., I.C.T. Club, Sr. Pennant Comm., Sr. Invitations Comm. Charles Lester Zachary Sr. Motto Comm., Chess Club. Nowell John Zoumplis Sr. Band: Letter, Jr. Band: Letter, Jr. Science Club, Dance Band, All Regional Workshop Band, Sr. As- sembly Comm. 164 What We Make It Senior members of the Bulletin Board Committee (L. to R.) Adrion Gibbs, Albert Dorner i head), Maybelle Ramsey, and Millie Bost listen eagerly as Lynn Forbes points out the highlights of their work. With the assistance of Michele Shelton (far L.) the co-chair- men of the Ring Committee, Mary Anne Barrow and Alan Gerber were successful in secur- ing the rings earlier than ever before — in the summer. Eleanor Milne (3rd from L.) and Randy Tate (4th from R.), with the assistance of their sub-committees headed by (L. to R.) Linda Garth, Pat Edmondson, Jeanette McDonald, Rollie Hamel, Steve Smith, Gayle Bridgeman, Sharon Chaffin and Carolyn Watson, produced several successful dances for the Class of ' 66. Among these dances were “The Plymouth Rock”, “Senior Hoot”, and a Junior-Senior semi-formal entitled “Snowflakes and Moon- light”, but these were only stepping-stones to the Senior’s big- gest dance of all, their prom. Elliot Torn, Carolyn Burns, Vicki Edgerton, and Betsy Goodwin (L. to R.) aided chairman Albert Plessinger in selecting the Class Song and Class Musicians. Guided by Stevie Gordon (standing L.), the Motto Com- mittee chose an original motto — Go Forth, Not to Exist, But to Live. Sandra Worsham (standing R.) , head of the Flower Committee presented suggestions from which the Gladiolus was selected. Anita Morgan (seated L.) headed the Invitations Committee and and peach and white were chosen as class colors from suggestions from the Color Committee led by Judy Phillips (seated R.). Dan McCain (2nd from L.), head of the Pennant Committee gets ideas for the pennant from fellow committee members Stanley Majors, Linda Williams and Sheila Wyatt (L. to R.). 165 (L. to R.) Kathy Johnson, Susan Avent, Carolyn Baker, Brenda Eakes, Michele Budman, and Phyllis Payne did the typing for the Senior Class. Seniors Elect Most Popular Mina Erlach and Joel Fisher Most Likely to Succeed Harriet Bolden and Bobby Kenney 166 Best All Around Pam Weaver and Steve Kiger Hall of Fame Most Talented Susan Sandler and Dan McCain Most Athletic Jackie Ray and Chuck Springfield Most School Spirited Pat Edmondson and Tommy Seaborn Most Original Eleanor Milne and Grant Guthrie Cutest Carolyn Watson and Rollie Hamel Best Dressed Janice Knight and Donnie Chaney Best Students Diane Parrish and Sam Fox Best Dancers Mickie Settles and John Howard Best Looking Barbara Liakos and Robert Burch 168 Mature senior Donnie Chaney leaps eagerly into the future. Rollie Hamel: “Mrs. Nelson, I can’t find that book!” Wayne Mallory to Mrs. Kiser: “But this time I really am sick.” Betsy Goodwin to Patty Dempsey : “Patty, you’ll never touch the sky this way!” _ , The Lawrence Welk Show? Seniors strive to reach the top, Would You Believe. . . Characters in Wonderland watch the tal- ent of the Class of ’66. (L. to R.) Sam Fox, (March Hare), Linda Garth (Door- mouse), Tom Seaborn (Mad Hatter), Betsy Goodwin (Alice). Senior Beverly Miller and Karen Richardson dis- play their talent in singing “Sixteen Going On Seventeen” from The Sound of Music. QB : - Directors of the assembly are Bill Black, Susan Sandler, Pam Weaver, and Diane Parrish. Backstage Bobby Sauer (Mr. Rabbit) chats with Trees Bill Black, Bobby Sprouse, A1 Dorner. Assembly David Finkle presents selections on his banjo. 170 “Back Through The Looking Glass” “Back Through the Looking Glass,” a senior class adaptation of “Alice in Wonderland”, was the theme of this year’s senior assembly. Written by Susan Sandler, Dianne Parrish, Bill Black, and Pam Weaver, the play began on graduation day as Alice and her friend Gertie were in the school powder room con- templating their future. Gertie anxiously awaited commencement; Alice, on the other hand, was reluctant to leave her friends and venture into the “cold world.” As Alice gazed into the mirror, she saw a pink rabbit — but it was invisible to her friend. Alice, fascinated by the rabbit, was coaxed to sit and rest bv her friend Gertie who ran for help. The rabbit then stepped out of the mir- ror, leading Alice on a trip through Wonder- land marked by tea parties, croquet matches, and trials. Alice was indicted for thievery of tarts at one point, and avoided being beheaded only by having many witnesses (the talent of the Class of ’66) speak in her defense. After Alice was freed, she returned to the powder room convinced that the years ahead were to be looked on with anticipation, not apprehension. The opening portion of the senior assembly included the processional of the seniors; pres- entation of the class gift of $150 to the Ethel Gildersleeve Scholarship Fund by Giftorian Patty Dempsey, and dedication of the year- book by Mina Erlach, as editor. Senior class president Steve Kiger bestowed the gavel of the presidency to Ronnie Hayden, junior class head. — Joel Fisher 17 ) “Choose Something King and Queen Albert Plessinger and Patty Dempsey 172 Like A Star” Presented at the Prom, the Hall of Fame included (L. to field, Jackie Ray, Sammy Fox, Diane Parrish, Donnie R.) David Blount, Betsy Goodwin, Tom Seaborn, Pat Ed- Chaney, Janice Knight, Steve Kiger, and Pam Weaver, mondson, Grant Guthrie, Eleanor Milne, Chuck Spring- Watching the entrance of the King and Queen are (L. to R.) John Howard, Mickie Settles, Robert Burch, Barbara Liakos, Rollie Hamel, Carolyn Watson, Bobby Kenney, Harriet Bolden, Joel Fisher, Diana Cooper, Dan McCain, Susan Sandler, Miss Edison, and Mr. Etheridge. 173 King Albert Plessinger and Queen Patty Dempsey lead the Hall of Fame in dancing the traditional waltz, “When You Wish Upon A Star.” Senior Prom After her crowning, Patty Dempsey receives a special gift, a kiss from Mr. Etheridge. The Barracudas, a band from Richmond, provided the music for “Frostiana.” They played favorite slow songs as well as currently popular songs with a faster tempo. 1 74 For Some The Future May 176 Yield Higher Education “Left, left.” How could any Senior forget the em- phatic beat of Miss Crane as she marched the class into the gym? “Here on our gradua- tion day . . seems to haunt Steve Kiger as he leads the proces- sional. Leslie Diamond, served as Salutatorian for the class of ’66. As part of that honor he spoke at the Commencement. Patty Dempsey (rt.) acting on behalf of the Senior Class gave Miss Dorothy Crane a token of gratitude for the time and effort she has spent with this- class and others during the past forty years. Chosen by the faculty, Joel Fisher served as faculty speaker. At graduation he related his feelings on the Commence- ment theme. 177 Our High School Years Will “Life should not happen to you — You should happen to life.” Newport News High School seniors had more room for parents, relatives and friends at com- mencement exercises this year than ever before — the event being held in Newport News’ new Gym- nasium. The Graduation ceremonies were slated for Sunday, June 12, at 4 p. m. and since the location had been moved from the auditorium, each Senior was allowed to double the number of his invitations. Steve Kiger, senior class president, gave the in- vocation, followed by the student chorus singing “Praise Ye the Lord” in which Carolyn Burns, a senior, was featured as soloist. “Life should not happen to you — You should happen to Life” was the theme of the graduation talks, all of which were presented by student speak- ers. Sammy Fox gave the valedictory address with Leslie Diamond presenting the salutatory. In addi- tion, class speakers, Pam Weaver, Susan Sandler and Faculty Speaker, Joel Fisher, offered their views concerning the selected theme. The Newport News High School band, not only played the traditional “Pomp and Circumstance” but also played selections from “Carousel” which gave the senior members of the band a final oppor- tunity to play with the organization. Newport News High School Principal, John Wil- liam Etheridge, issued the diplomas to the seniors as Thomas 0. Keesee, assistant principal, announced the name of each graduate. To close the ceremony, the senior class vice presi- dent, Joel Fisher gave the benediction, and with the first note of the recessional the graduated seniors marched from Newport News High School to make their mark in the world. 178 Be Guideposts To The Future Members of the Senior Class (L. to R.) Bobby Kenny, Steve Kiger, Chuck Springfield, Patty Dempsey, David Kahle, Mike Sagman, discuss with Miss Edison what to do with the surplus capital from the prom funds. Mary Frances Southall expresses the sensation of pride and happiness of each senior as she receives her diploma and acknowledges the good wishes of Principal J. W. Etheridge. With The End . . . A New Beginning Glory and pride have led us here Our hearts shed tears of joy and fear But we shall hold our heads l|ip high Seeking life’s message from the sky Chorus: For we go forth not For we go forth, For we go forth Not to exist, but live. 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For reasonable rates call: 723-3344 CITIZENS RAPID TRANSIT COMPANY 3400 VICTORIA BOULEVARD HAMPTON, VIRGINIA 199 SPOTLESS RUG CLEANING CO., INC. 2513 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia BENSON-PHILLIPS COMPANY, INC. “Serving the Peninsula ' s Building and Fuel Needs Since 1891“ 3100 Warwick Blvd. CH 4-1700 Your Complete Family Jewelry Store SHAW ' S JEWELRY CO. 281 1 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Diamonds Watches Silver Dishes Radios TV. Phonographs Cameras OF NEWPORT NEWS 2916 Washington Ave. Newport News, Virginia 200 Metered Insured Cabs 24 Hour Service - AUCHAN - Dial Dial CH 4-4444 CH 4-4444 Sight Seeing Tours Arranged At Special Rates Cab Stand Office — 2511 Washington Avenue Newport News, Va. Compliments of FIRESTONE INSURANCE SERVICE 5966 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia Phone 245-3257 She ' ll Be Proud to Wear A Bracelet or Other Jewelry From Free Teletype Service Industrial and Marine Salvage PAUL ' S AUTO PARTS, INC. 3800 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia Auto Parts of Every Description Phones: 244-2717 — 247-6688 247-6689 — Area Code 703 m Since 1898 uJarclay Gons CONN SERVICE, INC. Your Friendly G.E. Kelvinator Appliance Dealer Sales Service 2912 Washington Avenue Warwick Center and Williamsburg Shopping Center 1925 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton, Va. CH 4-1491 The Best Reconditioned Used Appliances in Town ELI ' S 26 E. Mercury Blvd. Hampton, Virginia NEED GAS? Stop at NURNEY AND COX SERVICE STATION 5800 Warwick Blvd. Dial CH 4-1952 201 Sportsman ' s Shop SfvvUi Uf Qaodi NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA May you use the gift of knowledge you have acquired during your school years wisely in pursuit of a successful and rewarding life. Miller Rhoads wishes you every success in your endeavors. VIRGINIA ' S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORES " NICK " ALLEN BUICK Your Buick Dealer For 28 Years. 7304 Warwick Boulevard CONGRATULATIONS Class of ' 66 you ' re on your way to the top! Remember, you can get to the top quicker in a Hutchens Chevrolet be- cause you ' ll have a head start. When you think of buying a car, think of HUTCHENS. No. 1 Since ' 21 PHONE CH 4-491 1 34 Huntington Newport News, Virginia 202 Best Wishes From GORDON ENTERPRISES Entertainment Headquarters of the Peninsula See the top movies at a Gordon Theatre: Palace : Riverdale - Wythe-Cinema - Anchor Drive-In - Green Acres Drive-In. Come along to SKATELAND — the FUN spot! Get your snack at a GIANT BURGER! R. R. JONES FURNITURE COMPANY, INC. Dial CH 5-2361 213 Thirtieth Street Newport News, Va. Complete Selection of Early American Furniture and Accessories PARISIAN SHOP Washington Avenue at 31st Fashion center of the Peninsula Formals and Bridals 2nd Floor POQUOSON MOTORS, INC. HAMPTON, VIRGINIA GOODMAN HARDWARE 3401 West Mercury Boulevard Hampton, Virginia Phone 826-1444 JAN MAR BEAUTY SHOP EVELYN DeHART Specialist in Hair Coloring Styling 9904 Warwick Blvd. Phone 596-9535 203 204 " Printers for the Peninsula Since 1941 " THE COMMERCIAL PRINTER W. Wilroy Sammons 1 1 8 - 24th Street Newport News, Va. Peninsula ' s Finest Bread BETTY LEWIS SOFTWIST BREAD BALLOU PALMER, INC. 1 1 2-28th Street Newport News, Virginia CH 7-5851 BAKER AND HAZELWOOD, INC. Realtors and Insurors 1 30 - 26th Street Phone 247-3652 REEDY ' S JEWELRY 222 28th Street Garland Reedy — Certified Watchmaker Newport News, Va. CH 4-3306 PARKER POWELL " Distinctive Home Furnishings " 212-214 Twenty-Eighth Street Newport News, Va. Phone: CHestnut 5-2041 MR. B ' S RESTAURANT Jefferson Avenue at Main St. Newport News, Virginia Dinning Room Take Out Orders Dial LY 6-5216 205 RANDOLPH-MACON COLLEGE 1 830 1966 Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. Information may be secured from: William A. Robertson, Jr. Registrar and Director of Admissions. Bach - Selmar - Signet - Bundy Buffet - King - Cleveland Ludwig Drums Band Instruments THE KEYNOTE 11015 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Virginia Phone 596-5432 Jerry Ruben Leonard P. Harris RUBEN and HARRIS COMPANY Established 1919 Wholesale Confectioners 233 Twenty-Third Street Phone CHestnut 5-3233 Newport News, Virginia 23607 Newport News-Hampton Automobile Dealers Assn. Allen " Nick " Motors, Inc. Bowditch Ford, Inc. Casey Chevrolet Corporation Center Ford Sales and Service, Inc. Hampton Motor Corporation Hutchens Chevrolet Lumpkin-White Truck Company, Inc. Merrimac Motors, Inc. Shackelford Auto Company, Inc. Spencer Motor Sales, Inc. Spratley-Rogers Ford Corporation Suttle Motor Corporation Tysinger Motor Company, Inc. Universal Auto Sales Corporation Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. Williams, Incorporated Copeland Motors, Car Company, Inc. 3201 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Va. 206 ELECTRICITY THE MOVING FORCE . . . that brightens our lives, creates careers and lights the way to tomorrow’s better world. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 207 BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS Main Office: Washington at 33rd Street Wythe Center, 2409 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton Brentwood Shopping Center, 10545 Jefferson Ave. Drive-In Branch, West Ave. at 33rd Street Denbigh Blvd., one block east of Rt. 60 Beverly Miller models the lavish French Rabbitt full length coat — just one of the luxurious furs from our superb col- lection. 208 FOR RELIABLE FOOTWEAR NEWPORT NEWS AND HAMPTON WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY 29th West Ave. 322 Main Street 3413 Victoria Blvd. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Compliments of NACHMAN REALTY COMPANY 113 28th Street Newport News, Va. Office CH 4-1766 We Cater to Birthday-Wedding and Anniversary Cakes WARWICK BAKERY 220-28th St. CH 4-1362 Fashions for Men and Boys of All Ages 3107 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Diamonds — Watches — Silverware AM BROS fAierieiti $ s u (e i. - 3019 Washington Ave. 28 West Queen Street Newmarket Shopping Center W. T. CHAPIN, INC. Insurance and Real Estate 126 26th Street Dial CH 4-1471 209 ALTHAUS DELICATESSEN WEAVER BROTHERS Caterers 111 -28th Street Since 1898 CH 4-1797 LUMBER — MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS NEWPORT NEWS — 244-841 1 When every precious moment counts, use our prompt free service BOULEVARD PHARMACY Prescription — Home Convalescent Supplies (sale or rental) 301 Blair Avenue CH 4-1371 WARD PONTIAC CENTER FORD SALES, INC. 2900 Huntington Avenue Pontiac T empest " Your Volume 3201 Warwick Blvd. Ford Dealer " 7210 Warwick Blvd CH 5-0073 210 BAN K ' Stk OR WARWICK • 96 Main Street (Main Office) • 5304 Jefferson Avenue • Hidenwood Shopping Center • Grafton Triangle, Grafton, Va. • Warwick Blvd. at Beechmont Dr Member Federol Deposit Insurance Corporation Especially for you — Saturday Banking Hours — 9.30 AM until 12:00 Noon! WHEN YOU THINK OF SHOES THINK OF 3200 Washington Avenue; Newmarket Shopping Center Casey ' s Williamsburg Top Viewing anytime... WVEC TELEVISION NORFOLK • HAMPTON VIRGINIA PATRONS J. L. Cox Family Mrs. Johnnie E. McDowell Eddie Diane Kathleen P. Anderson Mrs. T. C. Paine Minnie Price Mr. Mrs. Charles Olshansky Mr. Mrs. William R. David Mr. Mrs. G. A. Kale Mr. Mrs. L. H. Ford Mr. Mrs. David Shook Mr. Mrs. H. T. Rosser Judy Cherry W.H.S. Mr. Mrs. T. C. Marvin Mr. Mrs. M. Wilkins Randall Chalkley Tommy Dunn Tommy Phyllis Chesapeake Hi-Y William Leong Larry Campbell Mike Barber Jerry Smith Tommy Brown Steve Dorner ' 68 Eugene Connie Kenny Gares Bill Kathy Beverly Ann Miller Mr. Mrs. E. G. Miller Judy Hess Lucille ' s (AR, BP, HK) Mrs. Sharp ' s Homeroom 117 ASIATIC SCIENCE SOCIETY (Order of Drosophila melanogaster) Mike Sagman — Kahuna Godol Leslie Diamond David Finkle Sammy Fox Alan Gerber David Kahle William Leong Stanley Majors Harry Pasquier Bill Raper Tommy Seaborn Chuck Springfield Mark Wimmer Pam Weaver — Mascot — May the countenance of Kahuna shine everlastingly upon your children and your F 2 . — " This is true. " — Kahuna (K.M.A.) c:t Specializing in Traditional Clothing for Gentlemen Ladies BEECROFT BULL LTD. 10325 Warwick Blvd. at Hilton Village 212 CLASS OF ’66 HOME ROOM 104 Horriet Bolden Gayle Bridgeman Mike Artman Roger Bean Milly Bost Carol Bradish Linda Bond Richie Allen Jan Moran Connie Bloxom Frances Bass David Blount Bill Belt Susan Barker Michael Bradford Mary Anne Barrow Dale Atkinson Pat Adkins Peter Bakolias Susan Avent Carolyn Baker Linda Boatright David Grice Patricia Bingham Ronnie Brame Beverly Barnes HOME ROOM 107 Wanda Crump Robert Carrasco Jane Christian Lee Cook Robert Burch Sam Buxton Mona Carneal Iris Coffey Sharon Chaffin Jackie Davenport Diana Cooper E. C. Cullen Margaret Burton Larry Campbell James Cobb Joan Denoy Mike Costner Michele Budman Ronald Cash Ronnie Byrd Donald Chaney Thomas Dalton Freddy Champ Carolyn Burns Peggy Burton Brenda Campbell Donnie Campbell HOME ROOM 115 Mrs. Williams Kay Eggelston Jimmy Dossett Shirley Dooley Barbara Doyle Wayne Dewell Mina Erlach Pat Edmondson Brenda Eakes Calvin Dellinger David Finkle Leslie Diamond Brady Earnhardt Drema Ferguson Joe Dickson Paulette Dobie Paul Dobie Vicki Edgerton Jim Desimone James Docherty Patty Eken Patty Dempsey Jamey Douglas Albert Dorner Dan Dooley Shirley Eanes Kirk Douglas Janet Deas Sheila Davis Craig Drewry Faye Elder Gail Dobson Virginia Edwards HOME ROOM 116 Linwood Goldstone William G. Guthrie Rollie Hamel Nancy Gillen Betsi Goodwin Chuck Fiorella Allen E. Groshong, Esq. Linda Harris Carol Ann Firestone Sarah F. Freeman Ricky Hartline Linda Garth Stevie Gordon Barbara Harrelson Sheila Harris Marcia Grubbs Sonny Goodson Bob Harris Bcrbara Hedrick Alan Gerber Mickey Haskins Terry Haney Sammy Fox Michael Gardner Aderon Gibbs John Guthrie Donnie Hancock Danny Hartzler Joel Fisher Lynn Forbes Sylvia Hall Horman Freeman Dennis Fry Mike Fordham Amy Forbes HOME ROOM 134 Linda Hooper Delores Jackson Kathy Johnson Brenda Hicks Dorothy Hodges Jerry Henry Bill Hobbs Anna Jarrell Patty Hilsdon Tommy Jenkins Clifton Jackson Regina Ivey Barbara Jones Bobby Houston Bob Hines Stuart Jackson John Howard Paulette Horne HOME ROOM 203 Dav : d Kahle Chuck Jones Bobby Kenny Zoe Kounnas Butch Jones Mike Littwin Bobbie Mahn Stanley Majors Barbara Liakos Butch Kypriandes Rita Lane Pat Liakos Ruth Long Shirley Kennedy William Leong Chris Manry Ricky Marshall Randy Kiser Anne Korycinski Billy Langston Steve Kiger Jim Martin Gerald Leonard Curtis Lyle Mike Luther Janice Knight Don Kirkland Terry Kiser C. W. Lloyd Wayne Mallory Sandra Marion HOME ROOM 207 Jeanette McDonald Eleanor Milne Vonciel McKeel Terri McAfee Joyce Munn Anita G. Morgan Dianne Parrish Joan Myers Kenny Meeks Danny McCain Harry Pasquier Anna Neumeyer Diana Neumeyer Pam Mitchell Anita Parker Beverly Miller Gary Minter Bill Massey Pam Oliver Faye Merritt Frances Owens Virginia Martin A. C. O ' Dell Marie McNeill Milton Nunnally Linda Merriman HOME ROOM 208 Marilyn Payne Janice Poole Cheryle Rosser Diana Price Donna Price Merle Sammons Mike Ryan Susan Sandler Bill Raper Karen Richardson Albert Plessinger Worth Roberts Jackie Ray Kenny Rogers Steve Saul David Rogers Judy Phillips Mike Sagman Yvonne Proctor Phyllis Payne Nicky Pugh Lynn Petty Judy Plumley Johnny Pugh Elizabeth Roberts Beasly Diego Romero Judy Peara Maybelle Ramsey Vickie Polston HOME ROOM 314 Michele Shelton Mitchell Smith Natalie Siegel Thomas Seaborn Jerry Smith Mary Beth Shaddock Wade P. Scott, Jr. Linda Sills Mike Schock Woodrow Slate Donald Smith James Skates Michael Starnes Cheryl Smith Mrs. Anderson Bobby Sprouse ' Mike Spivey Sheila Smith Richard Sturgis Mary Frances Southall Steven Mark Smith Linda Shelton Charles Springfield Waldine Talton HOME ROOM 317 Juanita Wilkins Pam Weaver Charles L. Zachary Mark Wimmer Linda Waterfield Susan Whitt Thomas White Elliot Torn Sandra Thomas Carolyn Watson Linda Williams Jeannette Wilkins Nowell Zoumplis Linda Thomason Edward Torlotti Jim Turner Cathie Weeks Sheila Wyatt Flores Williams Frances Thompson Luci Turlington Harold Waters Randy Tate Sandra Worsham Woody Wagner Roger Warf Tommy Whitt Mike Williams David Webster Clarence Wallace Carlotto Vaughan Sandra Thomas Jimmy Wiatt Jane Van Noy 213 PATRONS Bill W. Nancy Gillen Gary Harris Susan Mallory Larry Dee Paul Banks Judy Jerry Mr. Mrs. Grady Moore Pat Edmondson Mr. Mrs. Irving Adelson Mr. Mrs. T. G. Anas Mrs. Mable S. Papa Joyce Wayne Miss Frances Maguire Mary Margaret Lane Mrs. Frances Nettles Mrs. Ester Thomas Lloyd and York Speed Shop Table Number One Lee Cook Peyton Clark The El Jays Janet Hirshman Shirley George Anita Shapiro UVA Emilie Holladay Jock Frank Nicosai ' s " Surf Shop " Chuck Hog ' s Honda Shop Ellen Kurzer Larry Sue (Tiger) Craven Nuby H. E. Weaver Mrs. Thelma Kaiser Mrs. Emily W. Nelson Miss Harriet Formichelli Mrs. Elaine P. Ball Patty Barrow Mr. Mrs. Morris Smith Linda Powell Miss Dorothy Crane Mike Brenda Ricky Woods J. Lennon Aardva r k International Mr. Mrs. J. M. Crockin Jo Ellen Kessler Sharon Walsh Susan Comer Miss Edison John McDonald 308 Ricki " Green Giant " Judy Ellenson Mrs. Baab ' s Neurotic E Period Class Mr. Mrs. A. J. Z. Firestone Miss Sue Kelley Eugene Price ' 66 Mitchell Edward Smith Ivan Jay Anker Miss M. D. Lane Mrs. Carol G. Barr Marilyn Chuck 11 5 65 Mr. M. G. Willey Anita P. David M. Richard M. Marshall Mike Williams J. W. Mr. Mrs. Yale J. Erlach Ronnie Kathy Ronnie, Bobby and Keith Cindy Spahr Richard Bill Nancy Sosebee Mr. Mrs. Moses Melamed Mr. Mrs. H. C. Eggelston Mr. Mrs. L. B. Blandford Fat Boys Anonymous Barbara Houston Jay Lane Patty Bobby 8 15 65 Mr. Mrs. Williard A. Bauserman Cheeta Mr. Mrs. B. R. Reeves Margaret " Mac " Phillips Connie McGuire VIA SRB Ronnie Janice Mr. Mrs. H. T. Banton Jimmy Sarah Mr. Mrs. E. E. Heath A Friend Mrs. Baab ' s Fans Mr. Mrs. Photios Anthony Mrs. Mary Williams Jenny Jerry Betsy Topham W. W. Wagner Jr. Miss Joan Brewer Baxter West JV Basketball Lizzy Second Year Latin Students JMS JCS For Jimmy from Margaret " Rufus " Long Dinkie Margie Belvedere Miss Eulah Massey Douglas Lawson, D. D. Barbara Salken Mina Erlach Jennifer Perkins Susan Whitt Sarah Ray Ruth Lerner Varsity Flagtwirlers (P. W. D.) Maggie Schuszler Anita Gore To Jerry Clark from Cathy G. Mr. Mrs. John R. Yevak Mary Kay Massey Debby Maraki Debbie Goodhughes Harvey Suzanne 10 3 64 Diane Kelly Timmy Whitt Nicky Sylvia Stanley Chappell Mr. Mrs. W. P. Henderson Mr. Mrs. Henry Sturm Mr. Mrs. Roy S. Parrish Robert Coates John L. Shores Mr. Wynn Mr. Mrs. H. C. Doll Mr. John G. Eken Carole Doug Mr. Mrs. W. J. Jarrell Randy Tate Debbie Massengill Leslie La Vernia Barbara Donnie Franny Dave Kate Collins Phil Peaches Mr. Mrs. Randolph M. Cash Louis Wheary Mr. Mrs. H. C. Barnes Mr. Mrs. R. T. Hedrick Jimmy Wyatt Marion M. Ferguson J. W. Etheridge Mr. Mrs. Morris Sandler Jimmy D. and Trisha C. Warren Crisp 2M PATRONS Dorothy Jones B. P. Seward Dee Paul William Barrett Linda Klatz Mary Frances Southall Mr. Mrs. Rosenwasser Mr. Mrs. Louis Ellenson Mr. Mrs. Hoffman Steve Jill Mr. Mrs. De Shazor Mr. Mrs. Joe Richmond Mr. Mrs. Christie Miss Richardson Mr. Mrs. Bauz Mr. Mrs. Schtamf Gerald Donna Miss Amanda Gray Three Blocks, Turn Right Mr. Mrs. A. J. Atkinson A Friend Weanie Scott My Mistake Anita " G " Kenny Joyce Jerry M. Smith Mr. Mrs. Price Powell Mr. Mrs. I. Sandler Mrs. W. D. Clark Kim Joey R. R. Hedrick Company, Inc. Mr. Mrs. T. 0. Johnson Mark Gail Senior Home Room 208 Patty Albert Mary Ann Eddie Beth Wingrove Maureen Klesmer Miss Beverly Sykes Formichelli ' s Flunkies B Period Spokesman Club Billie Kay Ballard Allene Luke Bill Paulette Sept. 16, 1965 Chuck Cheryl Mrs. Jeanette Wright Diane Parrish Mr. Mrs. E. H. Shepard A Friend of NNHS Mr. Mrs. J. K. Alvis Mr. Mrs. H. H. Shackelford Mr. Mrs. Francis C. Graves Sue Suttle Tim Rodgers Glenn Miller David Lynn Allen Groshong Sharon enjoys chess I. C. T. Treasurer Dru Bryant Linda Wayne Carl Baab Carol Warf The Animals Friends Mr. Mrs. Frank W. Ivey Mr. Mrs. J. C. Ivey Joan McNamara Dennis Merle Donnie Forrester Debby Fink Mr. Mrs. Sydney Fink Sandi Markman JV Football Team (Bobby Parrish) Mr. Mrs. William A. Jenkins Mrs. Mundie ' s Home Room 206 To Rollie, ANCHOR Sweetheart JE EM Sandye Phynque Mr. Mrs. W. R. Reeves Betsy Gayle Roslyn Ann Smith Mr. Mrs. Gillen Mr. Mrs. C. C. Hagy Mr. Mrs. R. E. Motley A.G. The Good Guys of 118 Eugene Donna Mr. Mrs. G. M. Eason Mr. Mrs. Al Frierman Garden Pharmacy Mr. Mrs. Jake Goldburg JV Cheerleaders Penny Ray " Windier " Mr. Mrs. William Saunders McMahon Hampton High School Mr. Mrs. Charles T. Masters Dave Arnold ' 65 Stevie Wonder ' 67 " Beba " Lopez Tammy Nancy Ronnie Trent Art Sandra Mr. Mrs. Morrison Plumley Jr. " Pansey " Hedrick Darlene Lee Trees Stones Ralph Gore Veulah Smith " Squeaky " McKenny Mr. Mrs. Pete Farmer Sheryl Althaus Carolyn Coalter Mary E. Sexton Captain Mrs. Philip Lee Mr. E. T. Christian A Friend Sue Smith Mr. A. M. Wright Joel Diana Linda Scott In Memory of Sam Gordon Miss Mate Kressel Mrs. Wimmer Carolyn James Julie Karen Jerry Norma Wayne Nancy Jimmy Judy Norma Ferro Barbara Ferro Al Sally Don Linda Jackie Carol J. Alfred Prufrock Helene Schanzer Shirley Kennedy John Kay Linda Boswell Billy Sauer Lana Ressler Mr. Mrs. George Spady Jr. Mrs. Brenda Waters George Barrow Kirk Davis Miss Ettalea Kanter David Terri Adolph Gundlefinger Mr. Mrs. Ira Hirshman Mr. A. D. Brewer Mr. Mrs. Benson Mirmelstein 215 ADVERTISING INDEX A Althaus Delicatessen 210 Asiastic Science Society 212 Auto Muffler King 198 B Baker and Hazelwood, Inc. 205 Balloo Palmer, Inc. 205 Bank of Hampton Roads 208 Bank of Warwick 211 Barclay Sons 201 Barr Brothers 209 Beecroft Bull Ltd. 212 Benson-Phillips Company, Inc. 200 Betty Lewis 205 Blechman’s Youth Center 186 Boulevard Cleaners 196 Boulevard Pharmacy 210 Bryant Nelms 196 Buck Bennett’s Texaco Station 196 Burger Chef 198 Burton Typewriter Ex., Inc. 183 C Center Ford 210 Citizens Marines Bank 199 Citizens Rapid Transit Company 199 City of Newport News 182 Class of ’66 213 Coca-Cola Bottling Company 207 Colonial Printing Company 192 Commercial Printing 205 Conn Service, Inc. 201 Consolidated Mortgage Service 199 Crum’s Bakery 191 D Daily Press and Times Herald 204 Dairy Queen 185 Dawn-Warwick Cleaners-Laundry 183 Discount Auto Parts 191 Douglas Pitt, Inc. 194 Drucker Falk 196 E Eddie’s New and Used Furniture 184 Eli’s 201 F Firestone Insurance Service 201 First Federal Savings and Loan Association 200 First Merchants National Bank 187 Forrest Coile and Associates 193 Freeman Fur Shop 196 G Garden Pharmacy 185 Gibson’s Supermarket 194 Goodman Hardware 203 Gordon Enterprises 203 Grant’s 192 H Hanna’s 185 Haskins Barber Shop 192 Hawkins Knight 191 Hofheimer’s 211 Horne Brothers, Inc. 191 Hot Shoppes Cafeteria 198 Hutchens Chevrolet 202 I I. Greenspon Furniture Store 198 J J. S. Arnold Esso Service 198 Jacobson Press 185 Jan Mar Beauty Salon 203 Junior World 209 K Kentucky Fried Chicken 194 Keyette Club 199 Keynote 200 L Latin Club 208 Le Cercle Francais 192 Lee White Hardware, Inc. 198 Leggett’s 186 Long’s Sport Shops 198 M Manning Grocery 194 Mechanical Refrigeration Service, Inc. 183 Miller Rhoads 202 Modern Cleaners 196 Monty’s Penquin Drive-In 190 Mr. B’s. Restaurant 206 Murray and Padgett, Incorporated 194 N Nachman’s Department Store 184 Nachman’s Portrait Studio 188,195 Nachman Realty Co. 209 Newport News Distilled Ice Co. 183 Newport News — Hampton Automobile Dealers Assn. 206 Newport News High School Student Council Association and Parents Teachers Association 189 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. 197 “Nick” Allen Buick 202 North End Pharmacy, Inc. 196 Nurney and Cox Service Station 201 O Oasis Restaurant Coffee Shop 183 One Hour Valet 198 Oser Brothers 209 Overton Overton 190 P Parisian Shop 203 Parker Powell 206 Patrons 212,214,216 Paul’s Auto Parts, Inc. 201 Peninsula Florists Association 192 Pete ' s Restaurant Tavern 187 Poquoson Motors, Inc. 203 R R. R. Jones Furniture Company, Inc. 203 Ranch House Restaurant 183 Randolph — Macon College 206 Reedy’s Jewelry 206 Rich ' s 187 Riverside Funeral Home, Inc. 196 Ruben and Harris Company 206 S Scott Rug Cleaners 183 Shaw’s Jewelry Co. 200 Shoney’s 194 Silverman’s Furs 208 Sportman’s Shop 202 Spotless Rug Cleaning Co., Inc. 200 Spottswood Beauty Salon 191 Streeky, Edward J. 190 Stuart Gardens Company 191 Suttle Motor Corporation 192 T Tarey’s 183 Thomas Piano Co. 185 Tidewater Hotel 194 Tip Forbes Auto Repair Service 185 V Vaughn Cab Co. 201 Virginia Electric and Power Company 207 W ■W. M. Jordon, Inc. 191 W. T. Chapin, Inc. 209 WVEC Television 211 Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. 210 Warwick Bakery 209 Weaver Brothers 210 Wellworth Cleaners 185 White Optical Company 209 Wilson Awning Co. 199 Wornom’s Drug Stores 191 Y Young Men’s Shop 209 216 DIRECTORY A Abott, Carolyn 48 Abernathy, Donna 64,78,83 Abling, Marion 64 Adams, Jr., Mr. A.D. 14 Adcock, Danny 48 Adcock, Sharon 64,82,83,95,120,123 Adelson, Barry 40,41 Adkins, Patricia Ann 128 Alford, Sharon 48 Alger, Lennie 41 Allen, Brenda 55,92 Allen, Peggie 55,85 Allen, Richie 128 Allen, William Byerly 41 Al-Salam, Leila 48 Althaus, Sheryl 64,80,87 Alvis, Mr. J. K. 22 Ames, Nancy 55,62,82,90,92,93 ANCHOR Staff 77 Anderson, Brenda 64,82,120 Anderson, Mrs. Kathleen 14,77,226 Andrews, Janice 41 Andrews, Leon Angel, Patricia 41 Anker, Harvey 41,46,117 Anker, Ivan 64 Anspach, Carol 55 Arnette, James 48 Arnette, Larry 64 Arrington, Terry 41 Artman, Frances 64 Artman, Michael A. 128 Ashworth, David 64,101 Assembly Planning Committee 79 Atkinson, Dale Elizabeth 128 Atkinson, Dexter 64,87,93 Atkinson, Sandra 30,48,90,92,93 Avent, Susan 128,165 Aycock, Bennett 41 Aycock, Jerry 64 Ayers, Mike 41 B Baab, Carl 16,64,79 Baab, Mrs. Margaret 14 Back, Tanya 64 Baiker, Duskay 41 Bailey, Charlotte 48 Bailey, Gary 41 Bailey, Sheila 55 Baker, Brenda 64,88 Baker, Brenda Kaye 52 Baker, Carolyn 128,165 Baker, Janice 41 Baker, Jean 48 Baker, Jenny 55 Baker, Jerry Ann 128 Baker, Jimmy 41,92 Baker, Johnny 41,92 Baker, Kathy 55 Baker, Linda 64 Baker, Randy 55,88 Baker, Sherry 91 Baker, Mrs. Virginia 22,85 Bakolias, Peter 128 Ball, Mrs. Elaine 19 Ballard, Billie 55 Band Officers 92 Bane, Karlene 41 Banks, Carl 41 Banton, Frances 63,64,77,120,227 Barber, Mary 55,61,62,81,87 Barber, Mike 64,87,88 Barker, Susan 129 Barnes, Beverly 83,84,86,129 Barnes, Ellie Mae 41 Barnes, Gary 55 Barnes, Tommy 41,92 Barr, Mrs. Carol 18,87 Barrett, Doug 41 Barrett G. 92 Barrett, William 64 Barrow, Debby 48 Barrow, Mary Anne 76,77,80,82,83,88, 122,123,129,165,227 Barrow, Patty 14,40,41,76,78 Bartlett, Mr. David 80 Bartron, Steve 41 Bass, Frances 129 Bateman, John 55 Bateman, Roger 41 Bateman, Sheila 55 Bates, Cynthia 41 Batts, Gloria 48 Batts, Vicki 30,55,62,93 Bauserman, Mrs. Vivian 20,76 Bazemore, David 64,91 BEACON Staff 77 Beale, Emerson 41 Beale, Fred 64 Beale, Richard 55,108,109,110 Bean, Roger 129 Beasley, Elizabeth Roberts 129 Bedsaul, Lucy 55,91 Begor, Earl 55,81 Bell, Linda 41 Bell, Ronald 64 Bell, Mrs. Sandra 10 Bell, Sherry 64,88,95 Bellamy, Ronald 41 Belt, Betty 64 Belt, Bill 98,100,101,129 Benbow, Max 56 Benson, Mary Jo Ann 41 Benthall, Judy 48 Bessom, David 63,64,87,88,108,109 Bessom, Edward 82,88,129 Bethea, Bradford 64,93 Bethea, Morris 48 Bethea, Vivian 64 Betts, Barry 41 Biddy, Pat 48,93 Biggins, Debbie 41 Binder, Wilma 64 Bingham, Pat 130 Berts, Clyde 41 Black, BiH 46,86,87,130,170 Black, Tommy 48 Blackburn, Donald Michael 64,81 Blanchard, Barabara 130 Blanchard, Buzzy 56 Blanchard, Donna 41,89,123 Blanchard, Ricky 48,117 Blanco, Nuby 48 Blandford, Agnes 56,79,87 Blaylock, Patty 56 Blayto, Carol 56 Block, S. 117 Blount, David 100,101,130,166,173 Bloxom, Connie 84,130 Bluxome, Phyllis 65,85,188 Blythe, Carolyne 48 Boatright, Linda Gail 130 Bobbett, Linda 48 Bogerty, Lula 48 Bogerty, Margaret 41,120 Boggs, Brenda 56 Boggs, Tommy 64,80 Bolden, Harriet 34,76,77,80,92,93,94, 130,166,173,227 Bond, Linda Mae 84,130 Bonifacio, Sandra 41 Boone, Brenda 64,84 Boone, Wanda 41 Bordeaux, Ginger 41 Bordeaux, Linda 41 Born, Larry E. 84,131 Born, Pat 56 Bost, A. 84 Bost, Frances 48 Bost, Karen 64 Bost, Milly 79,89,131,165 Boswell, Linda 41,92 Bowden, Mike 48 Bowers, Diane 65 Boyce, Quentin 41 Boyd, Cathy 41 Boyette, Ray 56,93 Boys ' Chorus 91 Bradford, Michael 131 Bradish, Bryan 48,92 Bradish, Carol 123,131 Bradley, William 48,93 Bradshaw, Jean 48 Bradshaw, John 56 Bradsher, Robbie 56 Brame, Ronnie 86,100,101,131 Brandon, Bruce 56 Brandon, David 65 Brannan, Dan 48 Braswell, Debby 65,82,93 Breeze Band 92 Brenner, Teddy 41,46 Brevard, Margaret 65,85 Brewer, Bill 65,93 Brewer, Bobbi 48,93 Brewer, Miss Joan 18,40,87 Bridgeman, Gayle 77,122,131,165 Bridgers, Larry 56,93 Bridgett, M. A. 48 Brisson, Charles 48,112 Brisson, Dennis 56,91 Britt, Marie 41 Britt, Ronnie 41 Britt, Sandra 41 Brock, Joseph 41 Brookman, Carl 56,117 Brookman, Frankie 56 Burch, Robert Carroll 30,104,105,107, 112,114,132,168,173 Burden, Eric 91,102,108,117,132 Burden, Larry 55,56,100,101,108,109, 110 Burke, Gene 63,65,78,80,108,109 Burns, Carolyn 86 ,123,132,165 Burns, Leburn 56,78 Burns, Margaret 65,85,132 Burroughs, Teresa 65,82,123 Burton, Charles 48 Burton, Dorothy 41,91 217 DIRECTORY Burton, Elliott 48 Burton, Margaret 84 Burton, Nancy 41 Burton, Peggy 132 Burton, Willie 65 Buxton, Sam 83,132 Byrd, Donna 65,84 Byrd, Henry 132 Byrd, Jewell 48 Byrd, Joe 41 Byrd, Judy 41 c Cafeteria Committee 79 Cagle, Ann 65 Cain, Clarence 41 Cain, Debbie 41 Cain, Sherry 48,91 Cladwell, Betty 48,91 Caldwell, Danny 91 Caldwell, Deborah 41 Calhoun, Emily 48,92 Cameron, Mrs. Cathryn Pace 14 Campbell, Brenda 93,132 Campbell, David 56 Campbell, Donald A. 86,112 Campbell, Gregory 65,93 Campbell, Larry 81,87,88,133 Campbell, Linda 41 Campbell, Sandra 41 Camper, Donnie 56 Cannon, Mrs. Dorothy 21,121 Carcoski, C. 93 Cardwell, David 41,92 Carneal, Mona 77,80,133 Carper, Anne 56 Carper, Barabara 40,41 Carr, Melody 41 Carrasco, Robert 81,87,89,133 Carson, Brenda 65 Carter, Donnie 56,88,93,101 Carter, Mrs. Dorothy 13,91 Carter, P. 109 Carter, Randy 56 Case, Lawrence 41 Casey, Melinda 63,65 Cash, Gene 65 Cash, Michael 41 Cash, Ronald 81,133 Cash, Mrs. Virginia 10 Castle, Juanita 65 Castle, Larry 48 Castonguay, Jinny 56 Castonguay, Thomas 41,112,117 Cates, Kenneth 41 Cates, Melvin 41 Cattanach, Mimi 65,78 Chaffin, Sara 65 Chaffin, Sharon 78,79,88,133,165 Chaffin, Steve 41 Chalkley, Randall 48,79,87,88 Chalkley, Robin 48,78,87,117 Champ, Freddy 133 Chaney, Donald 133,168,169,173 Chesapeake Hi-Y 81 Chess Club 89 Chilberti, Frank 56 Childress, Mrs. Cassie 20 Childs, Walter 41 Chism, Bob 65,81 Christian, Jane 77,87,134 Christian, Mr. Todd 14 Christopher Newport Society 88 Church, Judy 41 Ciprian, Carl 41 Clark, Betty 48 Clark, Jerry 56 Clark, James Thomas 48 Clark, Peyton 56,87,93 Coalter, Carolyn 66,79,86,89 Cobb, Henry 56 Cobb, James Robert 81,134 Coffee, C. 93 Coffey, Iris Besson 134 Coffie, Darrell 56 Coffie, Louise 66 Cohen, Allene 56,62,78,79,85,87 Cole, Barbara Ann 66 Colley, Christina 48 Collier, Mrs. Laurie K. 13 Collier, Susie 41,46,92 Collins, Raymond 56 Color Guard 93 Colton, Dora 48,85,91 Comer, Carol 41 Comer, Susan 48,87 Comer, Tommy 66,100,101 Concert Choir 91 Condron, Linda 30,36,66,79,82,87,121, 123 Cone, Kenny 41 Conn, Mrs. Garlan 11 Conn, Mr. Julius 21,108,109 Conway, Russell 66,88 Cook, Bobby 48 Cook, Charles Lee 134 Cook, Sharon 48 Cooke, Gilbert 66,79,87,88 Cooper, Kathy 41,78 Cooper, Martha Diana 77,120,134,173 Copeland, Bobby 42 Copeland, Bonnie 42 Copes, Sandie 56 Corbett, Jim 66 Costner, Mike 84,134 Cowell, Garry 42 Cox, Glen 42,92 Craddock, Ike 42 Craig, Deborah 42 Crane, Miss Dorothy 12,177 Creative Artists Club 89 Credle, Harvey 36,56,87,88 Creekmore, Bobby 42,117 Creekmore, Jerry 66,81,112 Crisp, Warren 42,46,117 Crockin, Cathy 63,66,76,77,80,85,276 Crouch, Linda 42 Crowder, Brenda 56 Crowder, Sandie 42 Crum, Pete 48 Crump, Craven 66,83 Crump, Wanda 134 C rumple r, Anne 48 Crumpler, Dennis 48 Cruz, Maria 36,82,90 Cullen, E. C. 112,113,115,134 Culotta, Randy 135 Crumbea, Maggie 56 Curry, Robert 48 Curtis, Betty 48 Curtis, Terrie 48 Cutler, David 30,66,108,109,110,111 Cutler, Jimmy 56,108,109 D Dabney, Michael 42 Dalton, Thomas W. 138 Dance Committee 79 D ' Angelo, Ross 48 Daniel, Elizabeth 42,120 Daniel, Sharon 66,85,91 Dantzler, Sharon 56,83,86,87,88 Davenport, Jackie 135 Davenport, Sandra 48 David, Sue 56,62,87,90 Davis, C. 85 Davis, Debbie 42,123 Davis, Ella Mae 42,78,91 Davis, John 66,135 Davis, Kathy 56 Davis, Kenneth 66 Davis, Kirk 100,101 Davis, Rex 100,101,108,109,111,135 Davis, Ronald 135 Davis, Sheila 135 Dawson, Carolyn 66 Dean, Pat 48 Deane, Leslie 48,93 Deas, Janet Cullen 135 Deberry, Ellen 91 DeHart, Mr. Bernard 12,81 Deihl, Jimmy 56 Dellinger, Calvin 136 Dempsey, Mary 36,42,91 Dempsey, Patty 37,76,80,88,91,122,127, 136.169.172. 174.177 Denoy, Joan Curtis 136 Derzis, Frank 42 Derzis, Michael 66,86,93 DeShazo, Janet 66,85,91,93 Desimone, Judy 56,81 Diamond, Leslie Keith 22,46,87,88,89, 136.177 Dickerson, Doug 108,109,110,111 Dickson, Connie 66,84 Dickson, Joseph 87,88,136 Diehl, Marian 56 Digiacomo, John 48 Digiacomo, Michael 66 Digiacomo, Nina 56,82,85 Dinwiddie, Jimmy 66,93 Distributive Education Club 84 Dixon, Rebecca 48 Dobie, Paul 34,83,86,93,136 Dobie, Paulette 86,136 Dobson, Patricia Gail 91,136 Dorn, David 48 Dorner, Albert 80,108,109,137,165,170 Dorner, Stephen 56,81 Dossett, James Welsey 108,137 Dotson, Berdella 48 Doughty, James 42,92 Douglas, Jamey 137 Douthat, Billy 17,66,81,108 Downey, Charles 42 Douns, John 56 Doyle, Barbara Louise 137 Doyle, Kent Alvin 42 Drama Staff Heads 86 Drewry, Craig 36,83,137 Driver, Jerry 56,86 218 DIRECTORY Drum Majors 93 Drummond, Denise 42 Dudley, Cathy 42 Dudley, Sandra 48 Duff, Mr. Clarence 21,101,112 Duncan, Houston 66 Duncan, Howard 56 Dutton, A1 66,86,88 Dye, Barbara 49,92,93 Dye, Sandy e 57 Dyksen, Diane 66 E Eakes, Brenda 83,137,165 Ealey, Larry 46,49,81 Ealey, Robert 66 Eanes, Nancy 49,93 Eanes, Shirley 88,93,137 Earls, Diane 57,91,120 Earnhardt, Brady 81,137 Earnhardt, Saundra 42 Easmeil, Jennie 42 Easter, Linda 66 Edgerton, Douglas 66 Edgerton, Vicki 78,82,83,85,86,91,120, 122,123,138,165 Edison, Miss Patricia Anne 16,173,179 Edmondson, Linda 42 Edmondson, Pat 77,80,85,88,138,165, 167,227 Edmondson, Russell 42 Edwards, Bruce L. 66,81 Edwards, Cynthia 142 Edwards, Timmy 49 Edwards, Tommy 49 Edwards, Virginia Gail 138 Effler, Eugene 49 Eggleston, Kay 37,80,83,87,88,138 Eken, Patty 80,138,227 Elder, Carol Faye 83,84,138 Ellenson, Judy 77,78,80,85,87,227 Elliot, Dave 66 Ellis, Arlene 67,93,94 Ellis, Wynell 49 Elston, Dorothy 42 Ember, Carolyn 138 Emerson, Robert 42 Epps, Sandra 120 Epps, Teresa 57 Epstein, Barry 36,67,78,86,87,88 Erlach, Mina Sue 37,76,77,80,82,83,120, 127,138,166,226 Etheridge, Mr. J. William 8,173,174,179 Evans, Bill 67,93 Evans, Judy 49 Evans, Mike 49,92 Eversole, Nancy 77 Evans, Judy F Fail, Donald 49 Faircloth, Kay 49 Faircloth, Wayne 42 Farber, Jill 57 Farmer, Frank 42 Farmer, Mr. O. J. 17 Farmer, Rip 57 Fay, Jo Anne 49 Faye, Kathy 57,59 Felts, Larry 42 Ferguson, Drema 30,31,83,95,139 Ferguson, Johnny 49 Ferguson, Mrs. Marian 10 Fields, Garry 42 Fields, Gerald 62,101 Fields, Ronald 57,91,92 Fincher, Lois 57 Fineman, Penny 40,42 Fink, Joey 40,42,78 Fink, Sandye 63,67,77,78,79,85,87,88 Finkle, David 76,80,87,88,89,139,170 Fiorella, Charles 139 Firestone, Carol 76,77,83,139,226 Fisher, Jerry 57,62,80,104,106 Fisher, Joel 37,76,78,79,80,87,99,101, 103,104,105,106,107,127,139,166, 173,177 Fisher, Linda 57 Flakowitz, David 67 Flanary, John 42 Flax, Joel 57,61,62,87,88 Flick, Kenny 67,93 Flynn, Dennis 57 Flynn, Richard 42 Flynn, Donald 42 Forbes, Amy 139 Forbes, Lynn 82,139,165 Forbes, Mike 48,92 Ford, Hunter 42 Ford, R. 92 Fordham, Mike 99,100,101,139 Fordham, Ricky 49,117 Fordham, Robin 67 Forman, Janet 57 Forman, Sharon 67,85,87 Formichelli, Miss Harriet 21,120,121 Forrester, Cathy 49 Fortner, Belinda 42,120,123 Fowler, Miss Alice 14,77 Fox, Barry 57,62 Fox, Billy 67,88 Fox, Jeff 49,88 Fox, Sam 22,76,80,87,88,140,168,170, 173,227 Fox, Robert 67,93 Francis, Anthony 57 Francis, Marie 49 Franklin, Becky 49,93 Franklin, Joe 67,80,87,88,93 Franklin, Tom 42,49 Freeman, Norman 84,140 Freeman, Roger 49 Freeman, Sarah 84,140 French Club 87 Frison, Rodney 42 Fry, Dennis 140 Frye, Vicki 49,93 Fulghum, Nancy 67 Fullwood, Lucretia 42 Future Homemakers of America 85 Future Nurses of America 85 Future Teachers of America 85 G Ganoe, Roger 42 Gallimore, Billy 98,100,101 Gardner, Michael 140 Gares, Kenny 42 Garrison, Jerry 67 Garth, Linda 78,79,80,82,121,122,123, 140,165,170 Garth, Susan 49,82,120 Gaskins, Tommy 49,93 Gayles, Deborah 42 Gerber, Alan 76,79,80,101,140,165 Gibbs, Aderon 140,165 Gibson, Portia 42 Gilbert, B. 117 Gilbert, Tim 42 Gilbert, Vince 49,107 Gillen, Nancy 77,83,141 Gillespie, Lillian 67,86 Gilley, Stanley 49 Girl ' s Athletic Association 82 Girls ' Chorus 91 Glazier, William 141 Goard, Brenda 112,120 Goldberg, Alan 34,37,67,93 Goldberg, Miss Edith 16,80 Goldsmith, Grace 67,85,88 Goldwasser, Shirley 67,83,85,87,88 Goodhuges, Debbie 42 Goodman, Stuart 49 Goodson, Sonny 83,88,141 Goodwin, Betsy 82,85,87,91,122,144, 165,166,169,170,173 Goodwin, Patsy 57,86 Goolsby, Mrs. Virginia 19 Gordon, Jimmy 67,80,87,88 Gordon, Stephanie 77,78,79,85,87,141, 165,227 Gore, Anita 49,78 Gore, Ralph 57,117 Goshorn, Betty Marie 49 Graham, Mrs. Barbara 20 Graham, Carol 57 Graham, Darrell 67,83 Graham, Rose Marie 49 Grainger, Bobby 42,57 Grainger, Harold Dean 42,117 Grant, George 42 Grant, Larry 67 Grant, Shirley 42 Gravely, George 67 Graves, Mrs. Verna 20 Gray, Miss Amanda 12 Gray, Linda 63,67,78,82,87 Gray, Randolph 42 Gray, Ronnie 49 Green, Ricki 57,61,62,79,80,85,86,87 Greene, Judy 49 Greer, Sherilyn 49 Grepiotis, Joan 67,92,93,94 Greshamer, David 49 Gribble, Denney 57 Gribble, Donnie 49 Grice, David 81,84,141 Griffin, Dereck 42 Griffin, Dianna 42 Griffin, Jean 49 Griffith, Billy 67,83,101 Griffith, Larry 42,87 Griffith, Linda 57 Grizzle, Lee 49,93 Grogan, Mr. Gerald 14,109,117 Groshong, Allen 141 Groshong, George 57 Grubbs, Cathy 49 Grubbs, Marcia 141 Guilford, Linda 49 219 DIRECTORY Guthrie, Grant 46,108,142,167 Guthrie, John 142 Guye, Ronnie 67,92,93 H Haden, Ronnie 63,67,88,93 Hagy, Joyce 57 Hagy, Janice 42 Hagy, Joyce 67 Hale, Anne 67 Halfin, Shelley 6 8,72 Hall, Randy 40 Hall, Stephen 57 Hall, Sylvia Anne 84,142 Hamel, Roland 30,77,80,142,165,168, 169,173,227 Hampton, Jimmy 108,109,110,111 Hancock, Donnie 142 Hancock, Gary 49 Haney, Terry 142 Hankins, Gary 49 Hankins, George 68,88,101 Hanvey, Bobby 52 Hardee, Ronald 42 Hardee, Sheryl 68 Hargadon, Sue 49 Hargrave, Sharon 57,62 Harkleroad, Mrs. Carol 13 Harrell, Valerie 42 Harrelson, Barbara 49 Harris, Barbara 49 Harris, Bob 81,143 Harris, Carolyn 42 Harris, Greg 49 Harris, James 42 Harris, Linda Sue 77,82,87,122,123,142, 227 Harris, Mike 68 Harris, Nelson 49 Harris, Randy 42 Harris, Ramona 49 Harris, Sharon 57,85 Harrison, Mack 49,86,89 Harthine, Ricky 99,100,101,143 Hartzler, Danny 84,91,143 Harvey, Bobby 86 Haskins, Mickey 80,98,100,101,112 Hastings, Ronald 68 Hayes, William 42 Haynes, Lynette 42,92 Haynes, Mary Alice 80,98,100,101,112 Hayslett, Barry 68 Hayslett, Don 68,77 Hayslett, Tommy 57 Head, Brenda 49 Hearn, Sharon 57 Hedrick, Barbara 77,82,83,122,123,143, 227 Hedrick, Mrs. Sue 22 Hehl, Joe 42 Helton, Steve 68,93 Henderson, John 42 Hendricks, Cliff 57 Henry, Jerry 143 Henry, Levonda 42 Hensel, Sherry 40,49 Hensley, Cheryl Kaye 49,92 Hensley, Ronnie 42 Hess, Judy 68,82 Hester, Deborah 49 Hester, Jackie 57 Hester, Kenney 57,117 Hester, Ricky 68 Hewitt, Ann 42 Hewitt, Larry 49 Hicks, Brenda Catherine 82,143 Hicks, Jerry 57,93,117 Higgins, Linda 57 Higgins, Lynda 57,82 Higgins, Ronnie 49 Hile, Glenn 57,80,87,93,117 Hile, Linda 49,91 Hill, Clarence 42 Hill, Leon 57,92 Hilsdon, Patty 76,78,80,95,143 Hilsdon, Roberta 42,78 Hilsdon, Sharon 57,82,90,121 Hines, Bobby 144 Hilnes, Tommy 42,92,93 Hinnant, Diane 42 Hinnant, Doug 57 Hinnett, Barbara 42 Hirshman, Janet 57,62,85 Hitchens, Rodney 57,88,112 Hobbs, Linda Hobbs, William Neal 42,46,144 Hodge, Phyllis 49 Hodges, Bobby 49 Hodges, Dorothy 85,144 Hoffman, Bill 68 Hoffman, Diane 68,91 Hoffman, Rickey 42 Hoffman, Robert 43,91 Hogan, Ben 36,55,57,78,101,117 Hogan, Jimmy 68,100,101 Hogge, Lois 57 Hogue, Joe 49,93 Holcomb, Pam 49,120 Holcomb, Tony 81,104,112 Holden, Kaye 49,92 Holladay, Miss Emilie 20 Holland, James 43 Holland, Larry 43 Holland, Wanda 68 Holley, Terry 117 Holloman, Willie Mae 57 Holtsclaw, Christine 57 Honor Council 76 Hood, David 49 Hooper, Linda 84,144 Horne, Linda Paulette 144 Hott, Mr. Harlan 21,101,117 Hough, Kenneth 58 House Committee 79 Houston, Barbara 58 Houston, Bobby 84,91,144 Howard, John 93,144,168,173 Howard, Nell 68 Howard, Perry 58,93,117 Howell, Bruce 49 Howell, Rocky 68 Hoyle, Mrs. Phoebe 14 Hudgins, Bobbie Jo 50 Hudgins, Rose 43 Hudgins, Virginia 43 Hudson, Gretchen 68,82,85,93 Hudson, Henry 68,78,84 Hudson, Jimmy 58,91 Hudson, Larry 50 Huggins, Francis 50 Hughes, Bill 43,92 Hughes, Diana 58 Hughes, Gloria 43 Hughes, Janie 50 Hughes, Michael 43 Hughes, Ronnie 68 Hunsucker, Miss Jane 20 Hunsucker, Steve 43 Hunter, Ronnie 68 Huskey, Jackie 92 Hutcherson, Mark 68,93 Hux, Jerry 43 I Industrial Cooperative Training Program 84 Ingram, Betty 43 Ingram, Brenda 68 Irby, Linda 43 Ivey, Regina 91,144 J Jackson, Clif 145 Jackson, Diana 58 Jackson, Delores 145 Jackson, Larnia 50 Jackson, Reginald 58 Jackson, Ronald 43 Jackson, Steve 58,104,117 Jackson, Stuart 107,145 Jackson, Sylvia 43 James, Collen 68 James, Mary Anne 58 James, Naomi Joyce 68,88 Jarrell, Anna 83,145 Jarrett, Valerie 145 Jefferson, Tolley 43 Jeffries. Kay 58 ? 85 Jenkins, Debbie 50 Jenkins, Diana 68,88 Jenkins, Shirley 62 Jenkins, Tommy 43 Jenkins, Tommy 84,145 Jennings, Dwight 50,92 Jeter, Marsha 43,91 Johnson, Audrey 50 Johnson, Bobby 58,91,117 Johnson, Clark 50,117 Johnson, Connie 36,43 Johnson, Donnie 43,91 Johnson, George 50,117 Johnson, Harold 68 Johnson, Jackie 68 Johnson, Karl 58 Johnson, Kathy 154,165 Johnson, Kay 58,62,90,91,92 Johnson, Lanette 50 Johnson, Linda 50 Johnson, Marvin 68 Johnson, Michael 50 Johnson, Patsy 43,123 Jones, Alan 50 Jones, Barbara 145 Jones, Bill 68,108,109 Jones, Butch 89,146 Jones, Cathy 50,93 Jones, Chuck 77,146 Jones, Dorothy 50 Jones, Ernest 58 Jones, Eddie 58 220 DIRECTORY Jones, Ray 43,92 Jones, Sharon 58,62 Jones, Virginia 43 Jordan, Clinton Wilton 43 Jordan, Kenny 69,77,88 Jordan, Ralph 47,50 Jordan, Sandye 69,82,87,88,123 Joyce, Tim 50 Joyce, Mike 58,117 Junior Varsity Cheerleaders 90 Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers 90 K Kahle, David 78,80,98,101,108,109,111, 127,146 Kailos, Margaret 69,85 Kanelos, Frank 43 Kanney, Robert 50,108,111,117 Karavatakis, Nick 43 Kaye, Debbie 43 Kearney, Patricia 43 Keatts, Bill 43 Keesee, Mr. Thomas O. 9 Keeter, Mary Margaret 43 Keeter, Paula 58 Keithly, Tommy 58,81 Kelley, Carol 58 Kelley, Lewis 50 Kelly, John 43 Kelly, Miss Sue 19 Kemp, Ronald 50 Kennedy, Clinton 69 Kennedy, Shirley 93,146 Kenney, Bobby 16,30,37,76,78,79,80,83, 88,146,166,173 Kenney, Danney 43,92 Kerby, Ronald 43 Ketman, Barbara 58 Ketterman, Carl 43 Ketterman, Jerry 58 Key Club 80 Keyette Club 80 Kiger, Steve 80,83,104,105,106,127,146, 166,173,177 King, Mr. Ronald 17 King, Shirley 43 King, Virginia 50 Kirby, Ronnie 78 Kirkland, Don 146 Kirkland, Eugene 43,92 Kirkland, Larry 50 Kirkland, William 58 Kiser, Mrs. A. J. 11,169 Kiser, Danny 50,93 Kiser, Randy 146 Kiser, Terry 112,115 Klatz, Linda 69,87 Klesmer, Maureen 43 Knight, Janice 147,168,173 Knowles, John 69,79,87,93 Kochli, Mr. Fred 20 Konstant, Helen 50,82 Koracynski, Anne Laurie 77,88,93,94, 120,147,227 Koskinas, Tony 30,55,58,62,93 Kounas, Hope 58,62,85 Kounas, James 50 Kounas, Zoe Marie 87,88,147 Kozloski, Jo Ann 50 Kozloski, Nathan 69,86,101 Kurzer, Ellen 69,85,87,88 Kurzer, Jo Anne 40,43 Kypriandes, Butch 147 Kypriandes, David 69,77,87,88 Kypriandes, Mary Jane 58 L Laboone, Sharon 68 Laboone, Violet 43,92 Lacy, Diane 43 Laflamme, Jackie 50 Lail, Eugene 43 Lail, Gary 50 Lambert, Harland John 43 Lambert, Keith 43 Lambert, Wayne 58 Lamm, James 43 Lamm, Mary 43 Landrum, Eva 58 Lane, Jay 58,93,117 Lane, Miss Margaret 9 Lane, Miss Maureen 16,82 Lane, Rita 84,147 Langford, Jan 58 Langford, Wayne 58 Langston, Billy 84,147 Lankford, John 50 Larmer, Bill 69,86 Larmore, Vonnie 43 Larrow, Pat 58,82,85,120 Larsen, Karen 58,82 Larsen, Mike 43 Larsen, Pat 50 Larsen, Steve 58 Latin Club 87 Lavender, Nancy 69 Lawing, Steve 50,85,93 Lawerence, Christine 50,92 Laws, Martha 58,68,85 Lawson, Debbie 69 Lawson, Janet 69 Lawson, John 50,76 Lee, Bonnie 84 Lemons, Don 50 Lends, Lester 69 Lentz, Martin 50 Lentz, Mike 50,93 Leonard, Frankie 43 Leonard, Gerald 147 Leonard, Jimmy 50 Leonard, Kay 58 Leonard, Michael 58 Leonard, Saundra 68 Leong, Pearl 58,85 Leong, William 81,88,89,148 Lerner, Ruth 50 Lester, Jewitt 58 Lewis, Debbie 58 Lewis, Horace Lewis, Kathy 69 Lewter, Mattie 43,92 Liakos, Barbara 84,148,168,173 Liakos, Janet 50 Liakos, Kathy 58,80,85,87 Liakos, Pat 148 Library Assistants 83 Lightfoot, Nettie 58,78 Linhart, Joyce 50 Littwin, Mike 46,78,79,80,88,148 Liverman, Henry 58,93 Livingston, Gary 50,92 Lloyd, Coleman Worth, Jr. 93,148 Long, Ruth 83,122,148 Long, Harvey 43 Long, Judith 50 Long, Lewis 43 Lowdermilk, Bob 50 Lowdermilk, Jim 69 Lucado, Dale 58,117 Lucado, Donna 50,90,92 Lucado, Gail 55,58,61,62,82,8 8,90,120 Lucas, Johnny 43 Luther, Mike 48 Lyerly, Irvin 50 Lyerly, Jacqueline 69,93,94 Lyeth, Mr. Harry 17 Lyle, Curtis 48,109 Lyle, Richard 50 M McAfee, Terri 150 McBride, Nancy 58,62,90,92 McCain, Dan 89,101,150,167,173 McCall, Douglas 43 McCall, Roxie 43 McCallum, Nancy 50 Me Cay, Lyman 43 McClelland, Bernie 36,40,43 McCoy, David 69,80,81,104,112,115 McCreary, Bill 58,93 McDonald, Hoyet Lee 150 McDonald, Jane 50 McDonald, Jeanette 77,78,79,80,83,85, 88,91,150,165,227 McDonald, John 50 McDonald, Melvin 59,93 McDonald, Paul 43,46,92,93,117 McDowell, Charles 43 McGhee, Bruce 59 McGhee, Kathy 50,89 McIntosh, Phyllis 50 McIntosh, Roger 84,150 McIntyre, Annette 59,62,92 McKeel, Vonciel 91,150 McKenna, Linda Sue 85,88,122,151 McKenney, Annette 69,93,120 McKenney, Kenneth 43 McLamb, Diane 59,85,88 Me Lamb, Larry 101 McMurray, Sandy 50,89 McNair, Virginia 151 McNeill, Ann Marie 151 McPhail, Jerry 69,81,104,106 McRae, Vinetta 70 Mabe, Joyce 59,62,82,87,90 Mabe, Richard 149 Mack, Bobby 43 Maddox, Gary 59,93 Maguire, Miss Francis 16,77 Mahn, Bobbie 84,149 Mahn, Dean 43,79 Mahaney, Will 50 Majors, Stanley 22,88,112,149,165 Mallory, Susan 43 Mallory, Wayne 99,103,149,169 Mann, Terri 92 Manry, Chris 98,100,101,149 Mapes, Herbert 43,92 Maraki, Debby 43,79 Marion, Sandra 83,149 221 DIRECTORY Markham, Claudia 69,82 Markiewich, Mary 69,85 Markman, Sandi 69 Marlow, David 69 Marsette, Keith 50,117 Marshall, Judy 50 Marshall, Richard 84,149 Marston, Mrs. Edna 19 Marston, Shirley 63,69,79,80 Martin, Bobby 50 Martin, Diane 50 Martin, Earnestine Ann 43 Martin, Jim 149 Martin, Pam 50 Martin, Virginia Louise 150 Marvin, Mr. Thomas 77,84 Massengill, Debby 69,84 Massengill, Judy 69 Massengill, Tim 43 Massey, Bill 87,150 Massey, Miss Eulah 19 Massey, Mary Kaye 50 Masters, Mrs. Virginia 4,5,21,121,122 Mathews, Carl 59,85,88,89 Mattox, Dorothy 43,92 Mattox, Pat 69 Mavis, R. 93 May, Mr. Paul 17 Mayfield, Gloria 43 Mays, Alfred, Jr. 43 Mays, Roy 50 Meeks, Charles Kenneth 92,93,112,114, 115,151 Melamed, Jack 59,62,76,77,79,86,87,88, 227 Mercer, Johnny 70,100,101 Mercer, Larry 36,63,70,81,91,101 Mercer, Wanda 44 Merilic, Gary 44 Merilic, Gladys 44 Merriman, Linda Gail 151 Merriman, Yonnie 59 Merritt, Faye Marie 84,91,151 Messick, Curt 70 Michie, Susan 59 Midget, Sylvia 44,92 Miller, Beverly 81,95,151,170 Miller, Ellen 59 Miller, Glenn 100,101 Miller, Phyllis 44 Miller, Rebecca 50,91 Milne, Eleanor 36,151,165,167,227 Milne, Mrs. Martha Jo 15 Mingee, Gerry 51,93 Minnick, Mrs. Margaret 20 Minter, Allen 70 Minter, Gary 152 Miracle, Mr. James 22 Mirmelstein, George 51 Mitchell, Bunny 51 Mitchell, Pamela Rosalie 152 Mock, Maureen 59,85,91 Monroe, Sharon 59 Moody, Melissa 70,86 Moore, Callie 70,87 Moore, Eugene 30,70,91,93 Moore, Kay 51,120 Moore, Nora Lee 59,85,91 Moore, Patricia 44 Monteith, Mike 70,81 Moran, Kenneth 44 Moreland, Bill 70 Moren, Jo Ann 70 Morgan, Anita Gail 78,82,152,165 Morgan, Charles 70 Morgan, Don 44 Morgan, Jeffrey 44 Morris, Douglas 51,93,117 Morris, Steve 59,117 Morrison, Willie 51,117 Morrisette, Roland 44,92 Morrow, Kathy 70,83,86 Morse, Donald 59 Mortimer, Mike 51,93 Mullen, Meta 44,92 Mullins, Dwight 59 Mullins, Jeff 59 Mundie, Mrs. Louise 18 Munn, Joyce Faye 152 Murphy, Mike 44,92 Murrill, Levone 59 Myer, Donald 44 Myers, Joan Lynn 84,152 N Napier, Dennis 51 Napier, Retta 70 Napier, Sylvia 44 Narron, Jim 70,80,81,93 Nash, Ronald 70,109 National Honor Society 76 Neal, Margaret 44,92 Neihouse, Jacque 36,70 Nelson, Mrs. Emily 19,83,169 Nesbitt, Cynthis 59 Nettles, Mrs. Frances 22 Neumeyer, Anna Joy 152 Neumeyer, Diana Jo 152 Newly, Alma 51 Nicholas, Roger 44 Nichols, Patricia 51 Nichols, Ricky 59,117 Nicosia, Donna 51 Nicosia, Frank 70 Norris, Dennis 44,92 Nunnally, Lana 51 Nuttycomb, Mr. Charles 101,108,109 o Oakley Charlene 44 O ' Brien, Danny 36,51 O ' Brien, Maureen 59,87 O ' Brien, Mike 51 O ' Brien, Tim 70 Ocheltree, Ernest 70 O ' Dell, A.C. 153 Office Assistants 83 Oliphant, Jay 59,92,93 Oliver, David 44 Oliver, Debbie 44 Oliver, Joyce 59 Oliver, Pamela Lucille 87,88,53 Oliver, Steve 44 Olshansky, Eddie 51,91 O ' Neal, Danny 44,59,93 Orie, Bernard 51 Orie, Diane 44 Ostrowske, Donna 59 Overton, Ellen 59,82 Owen, Miss Sarah Wade 11 Owens, Eddie 57 Owens, Frances 83,84,153 Owens, Wayne 63,70,76,80,104,105,112, 115 P Papa, Mrs. Mabel 10 Parker, Anita Sue 91,153 Parker, Miss Ann 21,120,121,122 Parker, Carolyn 51 P arker, Dennis 44,51 Parker, Eddie 44,92 Parrish, Bobby 59,117 Parrish, Carol 30,70,82,93,94 Parrish, Madonna Diane 76,78,79,86,87, 122,123,153,168 Parrish, Steve 59 Parsons, D. J. 51 Pasquier, Alexander 59 Pasquier, Harry 88,153 Passage, Margaret 70 Patrick, Debbie 51 Patrick, Donald Lee 153 Patrick, Sandra 70 Patrick, William 59 Patterson, Richard 44 Payne, Janice 59,62,82 Payne, Joyce 70,82 Payne, Marilyn 80,82,85,87,88,153 Payne, Phyllis 154 Pearce, Judy 154 Pearson, Mary 59 Peaetree, Gladys 44 Peck, Paul 51 Peck, Ruth 44 Peoples, Jerry 59 Perdue, Clara 59 Perez, Kaby Lee 59,81 Perkins, Jennifer 63,70,78,79 Perry, Gail 44 Peters, Jimmy 154 Petterson, Charlene 70 Petterson, Christine 59 Phaup, Debbie 59 Phillips, Brenda 22,70,77,82,93,94,120, 227 Phillips, Judy 76,82,84,87,88,120,122, 154,165 Phillips, Ronnie 51 Phillips, Roy 59 Pierce, Andy 44 Pierce, Becky 46,51,78,90,92,120 Piercq . Becky 46,51,78,90,92,93,120 Pierce, Robert 44 Pittman, Steve 44 Plessinger, Albert 30,93,154,165,172,174 Plessinger, Faye 51 Plessinger, Wanda 59 Polston, Linda 70 Polston, Vicki 84,154 Ponce, Joe 44 Ponce, Linda 44 Poole, Bill 44 Poole, Janice 30,82,83,93,120,122,123, 154 Powell, Larry 71 Powell, Linda 154 Priester, Louise 71,120 Pressley, Linda 51 Pressley, Wayne 59 222 DIRECTORY Presson, Janice 59 Prevatte, Linda Kaye 44,92 Price, Brenda 44 Price, Diana May 34,82,93,94,155 Price, Diane 44,92 Price, Diane Tracy 71 Price, Donna Kay 93,155 Price, Eugene 93 Price, Martha 44 Price, Raymond 71,101 Price, Susan 59,91,62 Priode, Jerri 44 Proctor, Yvonne 155 Pruitt, Dicky 59,93 Publicity Committee 79 Pulley, Bonnie 51,91 Pulley, Jimmie 71,108 Pully, Mrs. John 11 Q Quill and Scroll 76 Quillin, Walter 59 R Ragland, Chuck 71 Ralston, Danny 40,44,117 Ramsey, Maybelle 86,91,155,165 Randall, Mrs. Alice F. 15 Randolph, Paul 59 Raper, Bill 155 Raper, Robert 59,86,87 Rash, Bill 63,71,81 Rawls, Mona 71,78,79,85,87,91 Ray, Jackie 82,83,91,120,122,123,155, 167,173 Reagon, Joe 44 Reagan, Linda 44 Reece, Bill 60 Reece, Garland 44 Reece, Ruth 71 Reep, Gail 51 Reeves, Barbara 71,77,120,123,227 Reeves, Royce 60,104 Reighard, Bobby 42,92 Reighard, Sonda 155 Remembrance Committee 79 Ressler, Lana 44 Reveley, Mr. John G. Jr. 22 Reynolds, Billy 51 Rice, Albert 71 Rice, Linda 60 Richardson, Cathy 60,62,79,80,82,87,88, 90 Richardson, Chuck 51 Richardson, Karen 80,83,87,95,155,170 Richmond, Jackie 51 Rickey, Donna 71 Riddle, Mrs. Marilyn 20 Riggs, Casey 71 Rigney, Barry 51 Riley, Mary 51 Roach, Clyde 44,117 Roberts, Joe 44,89 Roberts, Lulie 60,89,123 Roberts, Worth 98,100,101,104,156 Robinson, Linda 51 Robinson, Patricia 51 Robinson, Sheils 44 Rodgers, David 104,112,116,156 Rodgers, Tim 71 Roe, Mr. Gerald 22 Roecker, Darlene 60 Rogers, David 51 Rogers, Jeannie 60 Rogers, Kenny 156 Rogers, Tim 84 Romero, Diego 156 Rose, Bill 60,93 Rosser, Cheryl Ann 83,156 Rough ton, Donald 71,86 Rowe, Anne 60,61,62,78,79,80,87,120 Rowe, Judy 44 Rowsey, Dennie 51 Rozzelle, Deborah Loretta 44 Ruffin, Harold 44 Russ, Lou Wonna 51 Ryan, Donald 71,81,92,93 Ryan, Ethel 60,82 Ryan, Mike 81,156 s Sagman, Mike 92,156 Salgade, Paul 44 Salken, Judy 71,78,79,85,95 Sammons, Merle 77,85,86,87,156,227 Sanderford, Aldea Ellen 44 Sanders, Forest 44,89 Sanders, Gloria 51,120 Sandige, Debbie 44,92 Sandler, Diane 51 Sandler, Susan 76,77,79,80,86,88,127, Satisky, Frankie 60,88,90,92,93 Satterfield, A. 112,117 Satterfield, Paul 60,107 Sauer, Billy 44 Sauer, Bobby 157,170 Saul, Steve 101,157 Saunders, Larry 51 Sawyer, Cynthia 36,55,60,76,78,79 Sawyer, Scooter 60,81,93 Sawyer, Tom 44 S.C.A. Executive Board 78 S.C.A. Officers 79 Schanzer, Helene 51,88 Schock, Floyd Michael 157 Schilz, Rose 44 School Spirit Committee 79 Schuszler, Joe 101 Schuszler, Maggie 60,87,91 Schwab, Jon 60 Schwab, Phil 60,62 Schwab, Phyllis 60 Schwartz, Kenny 71 Schweida, Jane 51 Schweida, John 71,87 Scott, Gina 44 Scott, Jon 71,89,108,109,110,111 Scott, Mrs. Linda DeAlba 16 Scott, Malvin 60,117 Scott, Valerie 44 Scott, Jr., Wade 80,101,157 Scrapbook Committee 79 Scruggs, Nancy 57 Scruggs, Sherry 51 Seaborn, James Thomas 20,76,77,78,79, Searinger, W. 92 Sears, Bobby 30,157 Sease, Saundra 51,93 SeaweH, Lee 51,93 Seay, Eugene 51 Seay, Terry 22,71,78,81,104,105,106,107 Seldomridge, Becky 51 Senior Band 73 Senior Science Club 88 Sequist, Richard 44 Settle, Debbie 51 Settles, Mickie Jane 84,168,173 Sexton, Miss Mary 15 Shaddock, Mary Beth 77,88,158 Shaff, S. 82 Shamberg, Robin 44 Shane, Minta 51 Shapiro, Anita 60,85, 86,87 Sharpe, Mrs. Betty 22,88 Shaw, Raymond 44 Shawel, Elissa 14,40,44 Sheffield, Wanda 44 Shelton, Gary 51 Shelton, Mrs. Helen 15 Shelton, James 71 Shelton, Linda Lee 83,158 Shelton, Michele Frances 77,78,82,85, 122,158,165 Shelton, Tommy 51 Sheovic, Belvia 71 Shepard, Brenda 71,83 Shepard, Joyce 51 Sills, Mrs. Opal 13 Simpson, Nadyne 51 Simms, Bill 60 Sims, Barry 44 Singletarry, Betty Jo 44 Skates, Jimmy 158 SkinneU, Carlton 71,91 Skinnell, Carrol 51 Skinner, Burton 51,117 Slone, Earl 71,112,114 Smallwood, Rita 36,71,86 Smith, Bobby 44 Smith, Bonnie 51 Smith, Brenda 52,90 Smith, Cheryl 91,120,122,158 Smith, Clifford 71,93,104,107 Smith, David 52,117 Smith, Dianna 60 Smith, Faye 71 Smith, Frances 71 Smith, Hank 52,117 Smith, Jeannie 72 Smith, Jerry 60,81,89,159 Smith, Jerry M. 87 Smith, J. M. 60 Smith, Joe 44 Smith, Judy 44 Smith, Lonnie 44 Smith, Mike 52,117 Smith, Mitchell Edward 46,77,87,88,89, 159,227 Smith, Rachael 60 Smith, Randy 34,91,92,93,159 Smith, Roslyn 63,72,87 Smith, Sandra 93 Smith, Sandy 44,60 Smith, Sheila Darlene 159 Smith, Steve 87,88,159,165 Smith, Sue Ellen 45 Smith, Velma 60 Smith, Veulah 72 223 DIRECTORY Smith, William R. 52 Smith, William S. 52 Snapp, Connie 36,72,78,79,80,86 Snapp, Ronnie 40,45 Snead, Marie 91,159 Somers, Beth 44 Somervill, Mr. Samuel 17 Somervold, Martin R. 84 Sosebee, Nancy 63,72,76,78 Sosebee, Nathan 60,117 Southall, Mary Frances 83,91,159,179 Spahr, Cindy 44,79 Spahr, Doug 72,101 Spanish Club 88 Spaulding, Kenneth 45,92 Special Events Committee 79 Spikes, Edward 152 Spikes, Phyllis 52 Spikes, Tommy 72 Spivey, Michael Alan 81,86,159 Springfield, Chuck 37,76,80,99,100,101, 108,109,111,127,160,167,173 Springfield, Diane 52 Springfield, Ruth 60,82,86 Spokesman Club 89 Sprouse, Bobby 12,86,91,160,170 Squires, Jerome 45 Stage Crew 86 Stall, Anne 63,72,78,79,80 Stall, Floyd 60 Stall, Robert 52,117 Stallings, Wanda 60 Stanaway, Debbie 45,92 Stanfield, Nancy 60,89 Stant, Ruth 72 Starnes, Joe 52 Starnes, Michael 84,160 Starnes, Troy 93 Starr, Brenda 45 Stepp, Carolyn 72 Stepp, James 60 Stevens, Joe 52 Stevens, Richard 52 Stevens, Steve 52 Stevenson, Donald 60 Stewart, Andy 45 Stewart, Glenda 60,82 Stewart, Sarah 52,79 Stone, Jimmy 45,92 Strader, Larry 52 Straughen, Gloria Jean 72 Student Council 78 Sturgis, Ricky 160 Sturgis, Terry 45,46,92 Strum, Mrs. Claudia 13 Styles, Jay 60 Swall, Jake 60 Swann, Linda 45 Swarenger, Wilbert 52 Swartz, Shirley 72 Sykes, Miss Beverly 13,63 T Taft, Wilma 60 Takis, Sofos 52 Tall, Micharl 72 Talton, Martha Waldine 160 Tanner, Bobby 89 Tart, Leamon 45 Tate, Randy 80,99,100,101,112,113,116, 160,165 Taylor, Mrs. Barbara 19 Taylor, F. 91 Taylor, Mrs. Jessie 11 Taylor, Kent 52 Taylor, Linda 54 Taylor, Lynette 42 Taylor, Ma rjorie 60 Taylor, Robert 60,91,108,109,110 Taylor, Ronnie 72,117 Teddar, Joyce 60,82 Terry, Steve 60,78 Testino, Wando 72 Thacker, Harvey 45 Thespians 86 Thomas, Alvis 45,117 Thomas, David 40,45,88 Thomas, Doug 52,93 Thomas, Mrs. Esther 79 Thomas, Joyce 80,160 Thomas, Kenneth 52 Thomas, Mike 52,117 Thomas, O. Keesee Hi-Y 81 Thomas, Sandra 77,82,122,123,161 Thomason, Linda 85,161 Thomason, Susie 45 Thompson, Barbara Frances 91,161 Thompson, Wanda 52 Tibbs, Connie 60 Timberlake, Ronnie 72,86,108,109,110, 111 Tinger, Bruce 72 Todd, Linda 60 Toler, Hilton 72 Tolotti, Edward 84,161 Topham, Betsy 52 Torn, Elliott 93,161,165 Trainum, Belinda 45 Trainum, Bobb 60 Tri-Hi-Y 82 Trussell, Mike 52 Trussell, Nancy 61 Trussell, Ricky 45 Tucker, Debbie 45 Tucker, Keith 61 Tucker, Mrs. Nancy K. 22,126 Tucker, Sharon 45 Tucker, Wallace 45 Turbeville, Timothy 45 Turlington, Luci 83,161 Turner, Barbara 72 Turner, Gary 61 Turner, Linda 45 Turner, Ricky 52 Turner, Tony 72 Tyndall, Mark 45 Typhoon Time Radio Staff 79 u Usher Staff 86 Uzell, Thomas 45 V Van Noy, Jane 161 Varacalli, Lucia 61,88 Varsity Cheerleaders 95 Varsity Flagtwirlers 94 Vaughan, Carlotta 91,162 Vaughan, Dee 52 Vaughn, Candy 72 Venable, Pamela 45,92 Vest, Eddie 61 Vest, Wayne 72 Vickers, Janice 61,62,87 Vines, Warren 61,93 Vretos, Frank 52,86,117 w Wagner, Woodrow 162 Waida, Mr. Jack 89 Waldrop, Johnny 45 Walker, Bonnie 45 Walker, Soloman 72 Wash, Sharon 52 Walters, Alvin 52 Wall, Sharon 45 Wall, Dale 45 Wall, Kenneth 72 Wallace, Clarence 162 Ward, Donna 45 Ward, Mrs. Joan 18,188 Warf, Carol 72,77,227 Warf, Rogar 162 Warner, Judy 61 Warren, Betty 72,89 Wasserman, Marcia 61 Waterfield, Linda 13,162 Waters, Mrs. Brenda 20 Waters, Helen 45 Waters, Marlene 79 Watkins, Jerry 52,78 Watson, Carolyn 83,87,88,120,122,162, 165,173 Watson, Gary 61,93 Weaver, Pam 45,120 Weaver, Pam B. 22,30,36,37,76,78,79, 80,86,87,95,123,127,162,166,170, 173 Webb, Glenn 52,117 Webb, Nancy 47,52,78,79,82,93,120 Webster, Vicky Sue 45 Weeks, Bennie 72 Weeks, Cathie 162 Weinstein, Sabina 87 Welch, Diane 52 Welch, Janet 45 West, Allen 61 West, Baxter 61,117 West, Charles 72 West, Louise 52,91 Wheary, Julie 83 Wheary, Mr. Louis 10,16 Whitcomb, Jr., Adrian 72 Whitcomb, John 47,52 White, Jessie 61 White, Linda 61,62,78,82,85 White, Pat 61 White, Tiny 84 White, Tommy 163 Whitley, David 61,81 Whitmer, Bennie 73,88,117 Whitmore, Johnny 109,111 Whitmore, Martha 73,88 Whitt, Joe 52 Williams, Mrs. Mary 16 Williams, Susan 52 Williams, Valerie 52 Williamson, Glenn 164 224 DIRECTORY Willis, Paula 45 Wilson, Christine 61,92 Wilson, Dave 61 Wilson, Mr. James 13,93 Wilson, Judith 73 Wilson, Mark 61,101 Wilson, Randy 45 Wilson, Tensye 52 Wilstead, Richard 73 Wimmer, Mark 36,76,78,80,87,88,104, 107,164 Winall, Nancie 45 Winburn, Sharron 73 Winfree, Bobby 61,93 Winfree, Larry 73,93 Wingrove, Beth 45 Winkler, Diane 73,83 Winkler, Winky 73 Wise, Barbara 73 Wise, Brenda 52 Wise, Miss Eliza 16 Witcher, Jim 73,108,109 Wolfe, Cherye 73,88,93 Wolf ley, Donald 73,101 Wolfley, Sandra 45 Wolf ley, William 45 Womack, David 52 Womack, Mrs. Gay 22 Wood, David 45 Woodard, Larry 73 Woods, Cleatress 61,85,89 Woods, Ricky 45,92 Woolum, Mr. Charlie 21,104,107 Wooten, Brenda 45 Worley, Robert 52 Worsham, Sandra 164,165 Wright, Mr. Allan 13,92 Wright, Becky 61 Wright, Howard 61,86 Wright, Mrs. Jennette 15,47 Wright, Jeff 52 Wright, Jimmie 73,93 Wright, Pauline 73,93,94 Wyatt, Deborah 52 Wyatt, Kenneth 45 Wyatt, Shelia 84,164,165 Wynn, Mr. W. Phil 17,76 Y Yevak, Karen 52 Yevak, Petie 73,101 York, Mike 61 Young, Alfred 73,88 Young, Jim 73 Young, Michael 52,87 Young, Wayne 73,86 Yow, Ricky 73 z Zachary, Charles 46,89,164 Zoumplis, Nowell 93,164 225 Anchor Staff Votes ADVISOR Mrs. Kathleen Anderson EDITOR Mina Erlach ASSISTANT EDITOR Carol Firestone 226 COPY EDITOR Cathy Crockin August Publication Seniors — Mary Ann Barrow, Sam Fox, Harriet Bolden Classroom — Jeanette McDonald, Eleanor Milne, Anne Korisynski Business — Patty Eken, Jack Melamed Activities — Carol Warf, Barbara Hedrick, Judy Ellen- son Faculty — Barbara Reeves, Susan Sandler School Life — Merle Sammons, Frances Banton, Stevie Gordon Sports — Tom Seaborn, Roland Hamel, Linda Harris Underclassmen — Brenda Phillips, Mitchell Smith, Pat Edmondson 227 Autographs Compliments of A Friend 228 jUllW PRINTING COMPANY • Ch

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