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Published By The Students Of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia Go Forth Under The To Nature’s Within a forest there are evident forces of Nature which act upon the inhabitants and make it necessary that, for survival, they employ their own capabilities. Throughout his high school life, the student is faced with obstacles and challenges. By facing them he matures and develops, enabling him to meet the respon- sibilities he will encounter in later life. “Survival of the fittest” is the law which governs life in the forest. The weaker animal must constantly defend himself against the stronger, with only his instinct as his guide. Table of Open Sky And List Teachings William Cullen Bryant In the classroom a different circumstance exists. It is not a fight for survival, but rather a striving of each student to fulfill his potential. To fulfill this potential the student sets his goal and seeks to reach it. While the animal has only his natural instincts to guide him, the student possesses the power of reason, this being the prime difference between animal and man. “Go forth under the open sky, and list to Nature’s teachings.” By man’s observance of nature, he sees the depth and vastness of the plan which governs the universe. Contents Athletics Seniors 70-98 128-181 Underclassmen Advertising 94-127 182-220 3 “A Newport News High School st do that’ is a bulletin admonition that ha For the many memories you have helped to create . . . r aours and minutes which Miss Gildersleev :o “her” school. Her typical day begins be 7A executive board, counci re school even starts. Her robably 5 or 6 p.m., but or t concerts, dances or other owed halls” adieu much ce in this wo- s this. It was rather cheeky ng her to buy dge that said, ignored it. Ht tr ticket? Why a bit out of members get ave to buy a e not a member of the faculty; you just As we, the Class of 1964, leave the halls of Newport News High School, we take with us many wonderful memories and feelings of school spirit, loyalty, love, and pride for our Alma Mater. In addition, we take with us the cherished memory of a highly respected and deeply dedi- cated person — a person who has given of her time, efforts, and understanding to help make high school the unique and rewarding experi- ence it has been. It is our sincere wish that we will be among the memories she will hold dear. For your 44 years of service and for your knowledge and strength of character, we the Class of 1964 dedicate this yearbook to you, Miss Ethel M. Gildersleeve. work in the office,” came the reply. So, the dean who “just works in the office” will be smoothing the way for her predecessors through her finaj year in the hope that as she says, “no one will evei notice I’m gone after next June.” | But that’s one thing she’ll never be able to do NNHS will certainly know that she has retired thougl she’ll never really be “gone,” because the traditions o: NNHS and the excellence of its SCA will always attes years of devoted leadership of Miss Ethel Won derful” Gildersleeve. SCHOOL LIFE is more than an institution of learning. In a closer view, it is a way of life to those who make it so by support of its activities and by pride in its traditions. 6 By the smiles on the faces of our two head cheerleaders, Jane and Pam, one can see that school spirit this year was “tops”. Dale Mueller advocates female participation on the football team! At least it looks that way as he shows Stevie Gordon the correct kicking position. “Does this look even?” says Brenda Bass to Judy Edwards as they put up the school spirit banner. 8 School Life Is Spirit School life involves many different phases of spirit : the spirit of fun and companionship, the spirit of working together, the spirit of good sportsmanship and the spirit of the leaders who coordinate the activities which enable others to take part. “Is this really OUR Senior Prom ?” says Karen Wilks to Jimmy DeBerry. 9 One of the highlights of school life is the choosing of the friendliest boy and girl from each grade. This year those representing their respective classes were (from left to right) grade 12, Judy Lucas and Gerald Wright; grade 11, Polly. Norris and Joe Wingo; grade 10, Patty Dempsey and Ferdy Wagner; grade 9, Linda Condron and Donald Ryan; and grade 8, Cindy Sawyer and Tony Koskinas. School Life Radiates Friendliness For the first time at N.N.H.S. the two friendliest teachers were chosen by the students. Their choice this year was Mrs. Tucker and Coach Warren Mitchell. Friendliness is the warmth, con- sideration, and responsive attitude that radiates the halls of Newport News High School. It stems from the congenial student-faculty relation- ships, as seen in the classroom, stu- dent activites, and all aspects of school life. Friendliness is also the spirit of NNHS which will long be a cherished memory of every student who has been a part of it. 10 Students exhibit “friendly” cooperation as they file out of school during a fire drill. Fire drills are necessary for the protection of students. Many precautions are taken during these drills which are timed by the fire department. Although many students take them lightly, fire drills are very important incidents in school life. Friendliness is Shown by All Students As Sue Miller extends a friendly welcome to incoming mice, Allene Cohen, Ricky Kerns, and Martha Laws, Bobby Kenney holds the door open for their first day at NNHS. By the friendly smiles on the faces of our senior Penin- sula SCA delegates, it is quite obvious that they are anticipating a good Exchange Day at Hampton High School. Those participating ara (back row 1. to r. Sandye Cohen, Sue Miller, Angie Ray, Alice Fowler and (seated in car) Charles Milne, John Todd, and John Scull; “Any way to get down the steps in time for a class!” ex- claims Joe Wingo to Jeannie Col- lier, who seems to agree. School Life Is Unpredictable Surprising incidents are not unfamiliar with- in the halls of NNHS. Everyday the students are involved in unusual circumstances, which create a lively mood within the student body and the faculty. “So THIS is what goes on in Mr. Conn’s of- fice !” says the photographer as he catches Alice Fowler during dictation. 12 “Ready girls? One- two-three. . . HOORAY ZIP!” Yells our school prin- cipal, Mr. Etheridge, as he leads the var- sity cheerleaders in a favorite cheer. r i, j JE L . v w ' M - Mk Mr I EApy r ▼ - w J JH hgjf v 1 Phyllis, Sharon, and Ellen work diligently to fin- ish this bulletin board before school starts. “Oh well, I was going to be late anyway!” says Ruby Moses as she tries to save the last few books. 13 “Two bits, four bits, six bits, a dollar” This yell is often heard from the Junior Varsity Cheerleaders as they lead the school in spirited cheers. Audience participation exemplifies the success of all NNHS assemblies. Our peppy Varsity Cheerleaders demonstrate a new cheer, “Beat York”, at one of the pep rallies. School Life Is Assemblies Many hours in a student’s school life are spent in attending the various assemblies that are presented at NNHS. Pep assemblies and the traditional Mouse Assembly are among the most enjoyed programs that are attended by the students. The Varsity Flagtwirlers, always received enthusiastically by the audience, twirl their flags to the familiar tune of “Oh, We’re From Newport!” 14 The Varsity Cheerleaders give their rendition of the “Beverly Hillbillies” during the Hampton Pep Assembly. Each cheerleader represents a different personality from the noted television program. Angela Ray, Gail Watkins and Donna Pipkin do a modern dance to “T’was the Night Before Christmas” in the annual Christmas Assembly. Howard Conn, “the Cool Ghoul,” and Bobby Kenney, “Ronald”, seem to have some wierd plans for Mouse As- sembly. This year’s Mouse Assembly centered around a haunted house theme. “Good evening friends”, says Bobby Kenney to the other ghosts of the Executive Board as they “welcome” the mice. “I just want to say one thing . . .” says Billy Taylor as Co-captain Chris Ellis looks on. 15 Betty Sue Lanier welcomes Joyce Thomas and Billy Taylor to the annual Christmas concert presented by the Junior and Senior Chorus along with the Breeze and Concert Band. After many years the dream of a new gym for NNHS has come true for Athletic Director, Julius Conn. Here he is seen at the opening game in the Julie Conn Gym Miss Ranter assists Cookie Phillips, as they prepare the bulletin board for the senior Christmas dance, “Silver Bells”. This dance took place December 14. with (1. to r.) Harry Conn, Mr. Woody Holland, Dr. Wray Sherman, (Mr. Conn), Mr. Grayson Williams, and Dr. Thomas Jobe. School Life Is Memories Students have fond memories of all phases of school life. These memories come from honors as well as social events. Some events will be forgotten, while others will leave a deep impression in the minds of students and faculty. Memories are what one makes them. Looking back over former days at NNHS, many students will remember them as the happiest of their lives. Bill Barnard, Hi-Y president, congratulates Mike Barnes on re- ceiving the Sportsmanship Award for the 1963 football season. Mike was chosen by his fellow teammates to receive this honor. Howard Conn, Susan Price, John Scull and Clyde Point are getting in tune for a hootenanny session. Hootenannies feature not only per- formances by the entertainers but also participation by the audience. The 1963 Hootenanny, the first put on by a peninsula high school, will long be remembered by the students and faculty of NNHS. School students as well as outside talent participated in this event. xvj s m w «H| L. § M M 3 ' ' t (L. to R.) Worth Roberts, Harvey Credle and Claudia Markham are fascinated with the latest issue of the Beacon. The Beacon has as much appeal to eighth graders as it has to upperclassmen, as one can tell by the interested looks on the faces of this varied age group. 17 1963 Band Sweetheart Chosen The 1963 Band Sweetheart was announced during half-time of the Granby game. Miss Gail Watkins, senior and head varsity flagtwirler, was elected by the band to receive this traditional honor. She was attended by Miss Becky Goolsby, also a varsity flagtwirler. This was a night never to be for- gotten by the new Band Sweetheart, Gail Watkins. Miss Gail Watkins 1963 Band Sweetheart Miss Becky Goolsby, attendant, received a bouquet of yellow roses during- the traditional Band Sweetheart Program. Miss Gail Watkins smilingly accepts a bouquet of red roses pre- sented to her by Mr. Etheridge, principal, as drum major Randy Smith awaits the traditional waltz. Homecoming Queen Crowned The homecoming queen of NNHS was crowned dur- ing half-time festivities of the Great Bridge game. It is the second time in the history of the school that this honor has been given to one of three girls who were voted on by the football team. Miss Judy White, who was chosen to reign this year, was attended by a court of six girls. These girls repre- sented the ninth through the twelfth grades. All repre- sentatives except seniors are eligible for the honor next year. Mr. J. W. Etheridge gives a kiss of congra- tulations to Miss Judy White as she becomes the 1963 N.N.H.S. Home- coming Queen. Susan Stalnaker is escorted by John Todd. Brenda Keatts is escorted by Harry Barritt. Miss Judy White, Homecoming Queen (L. to R. — Back Row) Billy Barnes escorting Janie Keatts; Garland Hudson escorting Ann Marlowe; (Bottom row) Jim Hines escorting Diana Price; and Sidney Becker escorting Judy Salken. 19 ACTIVITIES Rustling trees and chattering squirrels are typical of the liveliness in a forest. At NNHS the clubs, committees, and other organizations contribute to the active enrichment of the in- dividual as well as to the spirit of the school. 1 WAKU PONTIAl WmB$ • V, » ; V L hlShifJr • . ’’ ' •» ■■ (L. to R. - 1st row) H. Ellenson, Mrs. Nettles (sponsor), S. Price, E. Milne, B. Goolsby (2nd row) B. Taylor, D. Mueller, C. Embler, and D. McCoy. Honor Council The Honor Council does much to promote honesty in school life and sees that the Honor Code is followed. Advised by Mrs. Frances Net- tles, the members are nominated by the Execu- tive Board and elected by their classes. As they meet, the students are upholding the oldest honor system in the state. (L. to R. — 1st row) D. Rosenwasser, J. Todd, B. Barnard, C. Milne, B. Taylor (2nd row) R. Green, S. Cohen, G. Watkins, B. Goolsby, T. Rowell and Mrs. Bauserman (sponsor). N ational Honor Society Membership in the National Honor Society is one of the highest honors which can be obtained by high school juniors and seniors. The faculty selects the students who are outstanding in lead- ership, scholarship, character, and service. Mrs. Vivian Bauserman sponsors the organization. 22 (L. to R. - 1st row — Officers) P. Smith, J. Smith, C. Milne, and A. Ray (2nd row) C. Snapp, A. Fowler, B. Kenney, J. Scull, P. Weaver, S. Miller, Executive Board A. Stall, S. Cohen, T. Rowell, B. Halfin, S. Sandler, H. Conn, J. Hollifield, D. Ellenson, J. Todd, and D. Mueller. Student Council Student body officers, committee heads, and a representative from each class make up the Executive Board. Acting as a steering commit- tee for the Student Council, it meets every Mon- day morning to suggest improvements and acti- vities for the school. Being a member of the board is considered a high honor and challenge. Consisting of a representative from each homeroom, the Student Council is the nucleus of all student activities and acts as the govern- ing body of NNHS. Its aim is to encourage high standards of conduct, and it sponsors many worthwhile projects. (L. to R. - 1st row) J. Hollifield, C. Snapp, J. Todd, J. Smith, P. Smith, C. Milne, A. Ray, B. Halfin, J. Scull, D. Ellenson, J. Schweida, and T. Rowell. (2nd row) J. Thomas, S. Sandler, A. Stall, D. Massengill, S. Halfin, S. Gordon, H. Conn, R. Lee, G. Hankins, M. Shelton, L. Hooper, and D. Mueller (3rd row) S. Cohen, P. Hargrave, P. Weaver, N. Shackelford, J. Keatts, B. Rose, B. Smith, H. Cuervo, K. Larsen, L. Condron, S. Adcock, E. Milne, and B. Goolsby (4th row) L. Walker, V. Starnes, B. Baker, J. Hagy, S. Dansler, J. Rogers, D. Kahle, R. Underwood, W. Scott, B. Kenney, F. Wagner, A. Blanchard, and M. Wimmer. 1 Behavior Code Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) P. Smith, K. Richardson, J. Gripiotis, D. Fink, and C. Snapp (2nd row) D. Ellenson, S. Fox, A. Gerber, S. Wood, D. Harvey, S. Jackson, and G. Anas. Dance Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) H. Conn, B. Massey, and J. Scull (2nd row) D. Parrish, P. Edmondson, B. Binford, B. Suttle, P. Weaver, E. Overton, and L. Garth. Student Body Officers (L. to R.) P. Smith, C. Milne, J. Smith, and A. Ray Cafeteria and Publicity Committees (L. to R. — 1st row) J. Anker, L. Forbes, S. Cohen, and S. Sandler (2nd row) K. Crump, B. Bass, D. Houston, C. Point, C. Firestone, and M. Budman. SCA Officers, Committees The student body officers are elected by the student body and represent NNHS at the SCA Federation. Presiding over student council meetings are Charles Milne, presi- dent; Angela Ray , vice-president ; Pam Smith, secretary, and Janet Smith, treasurer. At the beginning of the fall semester, all members of the student body are invited to join an SCA committee. Meeting in the morning, each committee plans projects that will contribute to the betterment of Newport News High School. Bell, Pound, Scrapbook, Remembrance, Bulletin Board, Aims and Objectives Committees (L. to R.) J. Hollifield, B. Kenney, A. Ray, and C. Snapp. 3d n ij School Spirit Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) R. Smith, 0. Glamore, M. Burns, H. Waters, B. Massey, and J. Warner (2nd row) L. Bond, L. Walker, A. Ray, A. Fowler, B. Suttle, and L. Copes. Newcomers Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) F. Anspach, S. Miller, J. Lucas, M. Erlach, C. Dillenger, and R. Davis (2nd row) W. Mallory, B. Puckett, and B. Kenney. SCA Federation Officers The SCA Federation is a council com- posed of students from Ferguson, Hampton, Warwick, and NNHS. Together the members meet to plan projects such as Honor Week and Brotherhood Week. Serving respectively as reporter and treasurer, Alice Fowler and John Todd are the Federation officers from NNHS. Service Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) J. Poole, D. Harvey, B. Halfin, H. Conn, and L. Burton (2nd row) J. Moore, G. Fenigsohn, A. White, A. Davidson, H. Cuervo, D. Spriggs, and P. Blakemore. Federation Officers (L. to R.) A. Fowler and J. Todd. Safety Committee (L. to R. — 1st row) H. Cuervo, D. Harvey, A. Davidson, J. Hurd, and C. Branch (2nd row) B. Evans, B. Cooper, M. Gary, J. Parrish, N. Mitchell, and J. Todd. Launchings Staff " Launchings, the annual lit- erary magazine of NNHS, is published by a chosen group of students who are particul- arly interested in literature of all types. Under the direction of Mrs. Carl Baab, the staff screens short stories, poems, and essays that are submitted by the English teachers or the students themselves. The magazines are ordered in the English classes and are dis- tributed in the spring. (L. to R — 1st row) H. Conn, Mrs. Baab (sponsor), D. Block, and B. Salken. (2nd row) P. Forman, F. Blechman, C. Braslow, B. Evans, C. Fine, A. Sawyer, F. Holli- field, D. Windsor, A. Fowler, M. Wimmer, P. Blakemore, C. Milne, and B. Barnard. (L. to R.) S. Cohen, S. Miller, Miss Fowler (sponsor), and T. Rowell. Quill And Scroll Members of the Quill and Scroll are selected for their outstanding work on the Anchor or the Beacon. Miss Alice Fowler acts as sponsor of this journalistic organiza- tion. 26 (L. to R. — 1st row) J. Shapiro (Business Manager), D. (2nd row) L. Dannelly, G. Barrett, B. Cash, J. Anker, S. Houston, G. Latta, R. Green, (Editor), T. Flax, A. Gold- Williams, A. Davidson, J. Poole, J. Bell, J. Edwards, A. smith, K. Wilks (Copy Editor), S. Cohen, and M. Credle. Fowler, and B. Binford. Anchor Staff The Anchor staff works to compile a yearbook which will win the approval of both the judges and the student body. The book depicts all phases of school life and provides a wealth of memories for years to come. Members are from the junior and senior classes and must have at least a “C” average in English. Advisors for this year’s yearbook were Mrs. Sandra Coleman and Miss Jo Ellen Kessler. (L. to R. — 1st row) S. Miller, J. Lucas, S. Cohen (Feature man (Business Manager), S. Elder, A. Allen, B. Smith, F. Editor), Miss Fowler (Sponsor), and T. Rowell, (Editor). Goodson, J. McCain, J. Spake, B. Salken, A. Ray, and E. (2nd row) P. Bass, J. McCall, D. Mick, J. Singer, J. Chap- Faircloth. Beacon Staff Working industriously to keep the NNHS student tides in the newspaper are Professional Profile, body well informed concerning school events, ad- Alumni Column, Editorials, and Senior Spotlight, vanced journalism students publish the bi-monthly Miss Alice Fowler is the advisor, newspaper, the Beacon. Some regularly featured ar- 27 Latin Club Under the supervision of Miss Joan Brewer, the S.P.Q.R. Latin Club holds monthly meetings to study Roman culture and its importance in the modern world. The club’s activities for the year included partici- pation in Language Week, a Roman banquet, and fall and spring picnics. To become a mem- ber of the club, a student must successfully complete one semester of Latin. Latin Club Officers: (L. to R. — 1st row) D. Fink, treasurer; Miss Brewer, sponsor; and C. Al- thaus, secretary. (2nd row) R. Davis, president; and D. Harvey, vice president. (L. to R. — 1st row) Miss Brewer, sponsor, C. Althaus, D. Fink, R. Davis, D. Harvey, and S. Wood. (2nd row) D. Bryant, J. Smith, P. Hilston, L. Powell, J. Spake, B. Massey, P. Weaver, L. Dannelly, M. Credle, B. Cash, D. Block, J. Edwards, P. Forman, J. Myers, R. Smith, E. Kurzer, S. Fink, S. Forman, C. Fine, J. Gordon, and R. Green. (3rd row) J. Smith, J. Phillips, R. Oppenheimer, C. Crockin, A. Gerber, E. Frank, C. Braslow, V. Rowell, G. Rowe, R. Teicher, C. Althaus, L. Merriman, K. Eggleston, H. Bolden, Z. Koun- nas, P. Edmondson, L. Walker, K. Haan, and L. Copes. (4th row) B. Epstein, S. Burns, R. Barnes, B. Kenney, S. Walker, T. Seaborn, C. Springfield, W. Kormosky, 0. Glamore, M. Wimmer, M. Smith, K. Moore, L. Diamond, D. Chaney, and R. Hamel. Spanish Club (L. to R. — 1st row) L. Burton, S. Dorn, D. Houston, Miss McKenna, sponsor, H. Conn, and J. Powell. (2nd row) I. Beeson, J. Hines, C. Groshong, L. Bull, H. Cuervo, L. Mc- Kenna, A. Davidson, D. Workman, and S. Wood. (3rd row) 2 8 C. Smith, C. Firestone, B. Vanness, R. Gordon, J. Connors, J. McCall, A. Allen, D. Spriggs, A. Goldsmith, and C. Pauley. (4th row) F. Goodson, G. Fenigshon, D. Klein, P. Coley, B. Lanier, B. Billups, S. McGough, T. Flax, and J. Warren. French Club Membership in the French Club is open to anyone who has passed one semester of French and desires to increase his knowledge of France and its language. Sponsored by Mrs. Betty Edney, the club entertained members at several programs, one being a discussion of French music by Mr. Harold Chapman. French Club Officers: (L. to R.) H. El- lenson, vice president; S. Fox, secretary; S. Sandler, treasurer; Mrs. Edney, spon- sor; B. Blandford, social committee chair- man; and B. Barnard, president. (L. to R. — 1st row) S. Fox, S. Sandler, B. Blandford, Mrs. Edney, sponsor, H. Ellenson, and B. Barnard. (2nd row) P. Hargrave, S. Scott, J. Pittman, S. Goldwasser, S. Avent, C. Baker, J. Anker, D. Parrish, S. Shouler, B. Burrage, R. Lee, J. Bell, N. Mitchell, B. Cash, D. Block, D. Rosenwasser, N. Olshansky, B. Halfin, L. Lane, M. Payne, L. Harris, J. Powell, B. Jefferson, S. Gordon, and R. Curtis. (3rd row) R. Sanders, D. Hinnant, R. Davis, K. Bucking- ham, D. Harvey, D. Finkle, M. Credle, R. Oppenheimer, J. Smith, G. Rowe, A. Schaffer, P. Forman, J. Edwards, D. Eanes, B. Smith, M. Erlach, K. Richardson, A. Korycinski, R. Green, and K. Wilks. (4th row) J. Todd, A. Fowler, K. Gillespie, S. Cohen, H. Hoyle, C. Clark, B. Gilbert, B. Tay- lor, B. Black, R. Cantor, P. Blakemore, B. Ruben, C. Milne, J. Gordon, and G. Hankins. Spanish Club The Spanish Club, sponsored by Miss Joan McKenna, aims to broaden the students’ knowledge of Spanish customs and cul- ture. This year a pool party, a C hristmas fiesta, and a picnic were the main projects of the club. Students who have passed one semester of Spanish are eligible for membership. Spanish Club Officers: (L. to R. — 1st row) L. Burton, treasurer; Miss McKenna, sponsor; and S. Dorn, secretary. (2nd row) D. Houston, vice pre- sident; H. Conn, president; and J. Powell, sgt.-at- arms. 29 Spokesmen Club (L. to It.) Mr. Burke (sponsor), C. Buckley, P. Edmondson, B. Blandford, A. Blandford, N. Olshansky, H. Liverman, A. White, B. Slate, and C. Williams. These trophies, displayed by the Spokesmen Club, were donated by the Transportation Toastmasters Club of the Transportation Club, Fort Eustis, Virginia, and were presented to the winners of the Ora- torical Contest. (L. to R. — 1st row) P. Bingham, B. Stepp, D. Jenkins, T. Burroughs, M. McNei ll, L. Forbes, and J. Phillips (2nd row) C. Riggs, K. Eggleston, B. Harrison, B. Evans, A. Sawyer, V. Polston, S. Davis, C. Buckley, D. Smith, and Mrs. Ellis (sponsor). Members of the Spokesmen Club must have an exploring mind, public-speaking ability, and a willingness to work hard. After much research, they debate against teams from other schools. Mr. Arthur Burke sponsors the group. Creative Artists Club Under the guidance of Mrs. Janet Ellis, the Creative Artists Club is devoted to enlarging its members’ scopes of knowledge in the appreciation of art. Visiting museums gives the club an op- portunity to see fine art . 30 (L. to R. — 1st row) R. Owen, B. Black, C. Baab, F. C. Buckley, B. Blandford, D. Block, A. White, L. Levy, Blechman, H. Hoyle, D. Harvey, S. Fox, and K. Moore E. Frank, C. Wilkinson, R. Davis, and Mrs. Sharpe (spon- (2nd row) Mrs. Tucker (sponsor), C. Clark, J. Myers, sor). Senior Science Club Sponsored by Mrs. Betty Sharpe and Mrs. Nancy in science. In addition to taking part in group pro- Tucker, the Senior Science Club meets after school jects, the members attend science fairs and lecture to plan field trips, projects, and lectures. The mem- at elementary schools, bers are required to have an over-all average of C (L. to R. — 1st row) Mr. Wilson (sponsor), and A. Goldsmith (2nd row) B. Raper, B. Massey, G. Goldsmith, D. Finkle, L. Levy, P. Satterfield, and C. Baab (3rd row) K. Moore, D. Workman, J. Lieberman, S. Block, and R. Boyette. Chess Club Practicing after school, the Chess Club, sponsored by Mr. James P. Wilson, brushes up on strategies for its chess meets. As the members participate in the club, they increase their playing skills and knowledge of the game. 31 (L. to R. - 1st row) Mrs. Baker (sponsor), J. Pitt- man, S. Worsham, C. Watson, L. Lane, N. Siegel, P. Edmondson, and C. Firestone (2nd row)K. Gil- lespie, R. Moses, J. McCain, M. Credle, B. Mundie, J. McCall, S. Bateman, D. Wields, V. Edgerton, L. DeShazo, F. Bass, S. Davis, R. Gravely, and L. Merriman. F N A (L. to R. - 1st row) W. Crump, L. Thomason, L. Lewis, M. Budman, S. Harrison, P. Caldwell, B. Stepp, T. Buffin, S. Wyatt, and L. Williams (2nd row) B. Burns, N. Moore, R. Springfield, B. Camden, D. Hodges, B. Anderson, D. Ferguson, R. Long, S. Hess, J. Green, and D. Braswell. Sponsored by Mrs. Virginia Baker, members of the Future Nurses Club become familiar with the nursing profession. F H A Sponsored by Miss Sue Kelly, the Future Homemakers strive to develop social graces, leader- ship, and better home life. FT A By teaching and observing classes, the members of the Future Teachers Club obtain a first - hand view of the teaching profession. They gain experience under the guidance of Miss Emilie Holladay. I (L. to R. - 1st row)Miss Holladay (sponsor), J. Anker, K. Byrd, P. Forman, R. Green, B. Halfin, S. Cohen, A. Crum, and F. Allen (2nd row) L. Mc- Kenna, L. Hooper, M. Payne, D. Fink, C. Minkoff, D. Pritchett, E. Frank, D. Worsham, S. Boatwright, J. Winberry, G. Latta, A. Davidson, J. Poole, and E. Goldberg (3rd row) M. Burns, B. Bass, N. Siegel, C. Wilkinson, H. Ellenson, B. Goolsby, B. Smith, M. Staton, J. Collier, J. Pittman, B. Billups, and K. Haan. 32 (L. to R. - 1st row) J. Steele, L. Burton, P. Har- grave, K. Avant, N. Mitchell, J. Gibbons, and J. Parrish (2nd row) Miss Kanter (sponsor), F. Allen, B. Hartwick, M. Ferguson, T. Baker, P. Bass, B. Feather, K. Thomas, L. Sutton, T. Walker, T. Benton, D. Martin, R. Fitzgerald, B. Watson, C. Slusser, J. Joye, S. Osborne, and B. Fisher. DE LA Under the direction of Miss Etta Lee Kanter, the members of the Distributive Education Club are taught the current problems and practices that deal with dis- tribution and receive leader- ship training. While learning the funda- mentals of library service, the Library Assistants help other students to locate read- ing and reference materials. This group is sponsored by Mrs. Emily W. Nelson and Mrs. Elaine Ball. DO The objective of the Div- ersified Occupations Club is to develop better community and school relationships. Training on the job helps students to become efficicent, dependable, and well-trained employees. Mr. Philip Wynn is the sponsor. (L. to R. — 1st row) R. Strickland, E. Johnson, R. Graveley, and R. Wyatt (2nd row) P. Hildebrand, B. Keatts, N. Shackelford, C. Shoff, B. Hudson, B. Hehl, R. Covert, J. Scruggs, M. Cathy, A. Duncan, Y. Morrison, J. Stuart, and D. Chadwell (3rd row) Mr. Wynn (sponsor), B. Marston, J. Pierce, J. Watson, J. Bean, S. Tilghman, B. Crosley, B. Hale, C. Keen, R. Frizzelle, C. Mercer, and T. Coleman. (L. to R. - 1st row) D. Benthall, H. Perry, and J. Gray (2nd row) Mrs. Ball (Co-sponsor), S. Scott, B. Binford, S. Oaks, L. Lane, and A. Duncan (3rd row) R. Moses, S. Matthews, B. Harrison, J. Shaver, J. Wiggins, J. White, and Mrs. Nelson (Co-sponsor) (4th row) J. Pittman, B. May, J. Lucas, J. Byrd, and N. Mitchell. (L. to R. — 1st row) R. Conner, K. Byrd. (2nd row) G. Barrett, S. Bateman, S. Williams, B. Binford, C. Braslow, L. Dannelly, N. Mitchell. (3rd row) K. Carter, J. Bell, K. Thespians The local chapter of the National Drama Society, Thespians, is sponsored by Miss Dorothy Crane. Members of this honorary organization are stu- dents who have done outstanding work in drama. Wilks, S. Sandler, S. Burns, J. Milliken, G. Rowe. (4th row) N. Olshansky, J. Lucas, R. Green. Stage Crew School plays, concerts, assemblies, and numerous community functions are dependent upon the Stage Crew, headed by Kenny Carter, for the lighting and sound that comprise a smooth performance. (L. to R.) H. Cook, J. Morrow, K. Carter, R. Conner, S. Burns, and R. Johnson. 34 Usher Staff Heads The usher staff heads, who are recommended by a teacher or Miss Crane, the sponsor, collect tickets, distribute programs, and graciously usher guests to their seats during school performances. (L. to R.) B. Lanier, L. Levy, B. Cash, and M. Credle. Drama Staff Heads Behind-the-scene jobs greatly determine the suc- cess of a play. The drama staff heads are in charge of make-up, scenery, lighting, props, sound effects, costumes, and advertising, and are supervised by Miss Crane. (L. to R. — 1st row) C. Colter and K. Johnson. (2nd row) R. Conner and K. Carter. Ninth Grade Class Play While the rest of the cast watches, Melissa and Norman busily rehearse their lines for the Ninth Grade Tourna- ment Play, “Ghost Stories”. (L. to R. — 1st row) M. Moody and N. Olshansky. (2nd row) J. Lyerly, J. Gordon, B. Larmer, B. Epstein, K. Johnson, and C. Colter. 35 (L. to R.) A. Rouse, D. Pipkin, A. Ray, J. Erlach, J. Coltrain (Head), D. Adams, C. Todd, J. Bell and P. Smith. Varsity Cheerleaders Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Each spring a committee of • faculty members and students chooses nine girls to lead the school in cheers at football and basketball games and dur- ing pep assemblies. Sponsored by Mrs. Carol Anthony, these girls, with original and clever cheers, encourage the school spirit of NNHS and urge the teams to victory. Seven ninth and tenth grade girls are chosen each year to lead cheers at the JV football and basketball games. They give their support and energy and hope to be promoted to the varsity cheerleading squad during their junior and senior years. (L. to R.) K. Richardson, L. Garth, J. Perkins, P. Weaver (Head), S. Bell, S. Adcock, and P. Hilsdon. 36 (L. to R.) B. Goolsby, J. McCain, B. Smith, K. Wilks, G. Watkins (Head), K. Andleton, N. Horne, and M. L. Station. Varsity Flagtwirlers Combining skill, grace, and long hours of prac- tice, the Varsity Flagtwirlers lend color to the band at football games, parades, and assemblies. Sponsored by Mr. J. P. Wilson, the varsity and junior varsity squads are chosen each spring by a faculty group and the graduating flagtwirlers. Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers Backing up the Breeze Band are the Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers, whose snappy routines spark J.-V. football games. Sponsored by Mrs. Jo Poe, the Breeze Band and Flagtwirlers occasionally perform with the Senior Band. (L. to R.) A. Ellis, J. Gripiotis, L. Harris, H. Bolden (Head), D. Price, C. Parrish, M. Barrow, and B. Hicks. 37 (L. to R. — 1st row) D. Norsworthy, G. Rowe, B. Turner, B. Gilbert, D. Holbrook, J. Todd, H. Conn, N. Olshansky, L. Sutton, J. Winberry, J. Scull, D. Block, and Mr. Sharpe, sponsor. (2nd row) B. Kenney, J. DeBerry, D. Hatchett, J. Key Under the sponsorship of the Kiwanis Club, the Key Club promotes leadership and scholarship as it serves the school and community. The organization, which is sponsored by Mr. Warren Mitchell and Mr. Fisher, D. Ellenson, S. Kiger, D. Workman, J. Rama, B. Taylor, B. Barnes, R. Curtis, J. Powell, F. Anspach, R. Davis, J. Wingo, B. Barnard, and C. Milne. Club William Sharpe, is composed of the outstanding male leaders of the sophomore, junior, and senior classes. (L. to R. — 1st row) K. Haan, M. Credle, D. Houston, and S. McGough. (2nd row) J. Todd, S. Patterson, P. Smith, P. Blachard, J. Stewart, E. Frank, D. Fink, J. Bell, L. Hicks, C. Pless, G. Latta, J. Pittman, E. Goldberg, R. Green, and P. Forman. (3rd row) N. Olshansky, H. Ellenson, B. Lanier, A. Sawyer, B. Halfin, B. Goolsby, S. Williams, G. Watkins, B. Cash, D. Block, R. Lee, A. White, J. Smith, P. Coley, and S. Wood. (4th row) D. Workman, R. Owen, S. Bums, B. Barnard, C. Milne, H. Conn, C. Braslow, J. Shapiro, J. Powell, B. Billups, D. Rosenwasser, M. Smith, T. Bucking- ham, J. Warren, and J. Bloxom. Christopher Newport Society Under the co-sponsorship of Mrs. Janet Kessler and Miss Marie Morris, the Christopher Newport Society presents historical topics in program form and displays interesting items on its bulletin board. 38 The membership consists of students with at least a “C” average and a “B” average on their last se- mester of social studies. (L. to R. — 1st row) Mrs. Carter, director, C. Wilson, P. Williams, E. Overton, K. Davis, B. Turbyfield, S. Dantzler, D. Hinnant, L. White, J. Lawson, S. Daniel, R. Teicher, C. Peterson, J. Hagy, S. Wood, E. Ryan, D. Hoffman, L. Baker, Junior The Junior Chorus, which is composed of eighth and ninth grade students who enjoy singing, per- forms in several school activities during the year in- L. Tosh, and S. Witt. (2nd row) D. Crawford, B. Cole, G. Stewert, S. Price, C. Moore, M. Jolly, J. Hollifield, J. Smith, E. Olshansky, M. Harris, M. Harrelson, A. Blandford, R. Rawls, J. Payne, K. Fay, and C. Markham. Chorus eluding a combined concert with the Breeze Band. Mrs. Dorothy Carter is the chorus director. (L. to R. — 1st row) L. Hooper, G. Dobson, C. Ledford, B. May, A. Neumeyer, L. Forbes, C. Burns, B. Hicks, P. Hyatt, M. Payne, P. Collins, L. Lane, J. McCain, B. Eakes, F. Thompson, D. Hayslette, J. Hurd, and Mrs. Carter, direc- tor. (2nd row) B. McManus, F. Hollifield, B. Todd, J. Poole, V. McKeel, J. Ray, B. Woolard, D. Hodges, J. Cash, P. Davis, L. Pierce, L. Moore, B. Doyle, A. Ray, B. Cash, S. Puckett, H. Wright, L. McKenna, and M. Burns. (3rd row) A. Crum, M. Baldwin, K. Johnson, I. Manry, A. Parker, J. Crittendon, C. Dewell, W. Leong, D. Hartzler, B. Houston, M. Harris, L. Hicks, R. Miller, J. McDonald, K. Davis, D. Worsham, C. Little, and C. Smith. (4th row) C. Van Noy, P. Dempsy, B. Goodwin, B. Miller, J. Edwards, J. Wright, M. Credle, B. Lanier, G. Konstant, J. Warner, S. Tilghman, R. Hollo- way, S. Melton, K. Henderson, H. Perry, J. Powell, M. Deas, B. Blandford, J. Chisom, M. Ramsey, and K. Robinson. Senior Chorus Directed by Mrs. Dorothy Carter, the Senior Cho- rus performs in concerts, assemblies, and special programs. This year the Senior Chorus entertained 39 at the Paramount Theater, and exceptional members participated in the All-Regional Chorus. (L. to R. — 1st row) Mrs. Poe (director), G. Campbell, J. Howard, E. Saunders, M. Derzis, T. Keithley, and T. Koski- nas. (2nd row) M. Barrow, V. Eudailey, D. Braswell, G. Hudson, and D. Price. (3rd row) L. Gillespie, L. Hobbs, D. Wilson, K. Johnson, S. Dye, J. Farber, R. Casebolt, J. Slate, C. Batts, N. Ames, C. Puckett, V. Batts, and S. Smith. (4th row) J. Gripiotis, J. Lane, B. Rose, D. Coffey, J. Schwab, E. Borenstein, S. Sawyer, P. Schwab, B. Haan, Breeze Directed by Mrs. Jo Poe, the Bt ' eeze band per- forms at JV football games and presents an annual concert in cooperation with the Junior Chorus. This B. Winfree, B. McCreary, P. Mattox, F. Satisky, D. O’Neal, and S. Harris. (5th row) C. Parrish, R. Forbes, R. Walker, B. Whitmer, B. Griffin, S. Firestone, D. Pruitt, R. Boyette, J. Dinwiddy, T. Hayslet, G. Watson, T. Gaskins, P. Clark, J. Cutler, and A. Ellis. (6th row) H. Bolden, D. Carter, S. Malvin, J. Flax, L. Bridgers, G. Hile, R. Duncan, G. Maddow, T. Gaskins, J. Aliphant, F. Eudailey, E. Hyatt, and B. Hicks. Band year the band competed against high school bands at a Christmas parade in Williamsburg and brought home first place honors. Senior Band Officers The officers of the Senior Band proudly display the beautiful oil painting done by Mrs. A. H. Whitcomb. They are from left to right: J. Hines, treas- urer; C. Webb, secretary; W. Boger, president; and C. Snead, vice president. 40 (L. to R. — 1st row) S. Tillis, J. Laws, D. Hinnant, R. Smith, R. Barnes, J. Ivey, and Mr. Wilson, director. (2nd row) S. Walker, R. Hayden, D. Ryan, M. Barber, D. Patrick, J. Franklin, and L. Winfree. (3rd row) K. Wilks, V. Rowell, C. Price, R. Ealey, R. Hudson, C. Smith, N. Zoumplis, J. Hines, and G. Watkins. (4th row) C. Snead. D. Atkinson, C. Lloyd, J. Narron, J. Allen, J. Knowles, and J. Brinkley. (5th row) B. Smith, D. Smith, B. Wright, B. Haan, H. Bolden, A. Allen, D. Nelson, and L. Siler. (6th row) N. Olshansky, S. Kennedy, K. Moore, K. Flick, E. Torn, S. Eanes, W. Slate, and K. Andleton. (7th row) P. Blachard, B. Clark, A. Korycinski, B. Bass, C. Webb, R. Woodard, and L. Lane. (8th row) J. McCain, B. Buffington, J. Glazer, T. Givens, R. Guye, G. Rigney, R. Wilstead, and D. Keithley. (9th row) K. Cates, S. Rash, D. Price, L. Harris, K. Haan, G. Goldsmith, and B. Phillips. (10th row) D. Meena, L. Boatright, L. Levy, J. DeShazo, D. Price, A. Plessinger, and W. Boger. (11th Row) B. Goolsby, C. Wolfe, A. McKenney, B. Campbell, P. Mattox, R. Smith, and M. Staton. (12th row) S. Helton, S. Worsham, E. Perry, V. Eudailey, D. Griffin, A. Ellis, and L. Wright. (13th row) K. Carter, R. Kennelly, D. Carter, J. Meek, R. Mabe, T. Franks, and R. Staton. Senior Band Under the direction of Mr. James P. Wilson Jr., the Typhoon Marching Band has brought many hon- ors to NNHS. Competing against bands in Virginia and other states, it has won four consecutive tro- phies as the finest band at the Winchester Apple Blossom Festival. In addition to practices each morning, night re- hearsals are required in preparation for concerts and parades. Selling birthday calendars in the fall to help raise funds for the Winchester trip was the major fund raising project for the band. Adding- to the splendor of the Typhoon Marching Band a re the Herald Trumpeteers. They are from left to right: J. Hines, V. Rowell, and C. Snead. 41 e . FACULTY As the larger trees overshadow and protect the smaller ones, so the faculty oversees the stu- dents. The knowledge transferred and the ideas implanted by our administration will be the foundation of a future generation. 42 Pleasant memories, students . . . The events of the present will be the fond memories of the future. The greatest value of a school yearbook lies in its potentialities as a medium for arousing memories of school-day friends and acquaintances and the experiences that were shared with them. In the future, as your yearbook causes you to reminisce, may you feel that 1963-64 in Newport News High School was a happy, worthwhile year in a school that fulfilled its obligations to you; and in deep recollections, may you find reasons to be- lieve that you gave your best to the school. Otherwise, memories of 1963-64 will not be truly pleasant. 44 Mr. Thomas 0. Keesee, assistant principal, deals with the discipline of boy students, arranges schedules, authorizes transcripts, and is in charge of acquiring substitute teachers. Miss Gildersleeve, dean of girls and assistant principal, makes up the daily bul- letin. Formerly, she was the sponsor of the SCA and Future Teachers Club. Administrators if 45 Mr. Wheary is in charge of attendance: absences, tardies, withdrawals, dropouts, and suspensions. Administrators Miss Lane, guidance counselor, works mainly with seniors. She supervises testing programs and confers with parents and students in regard to educational and vocational planning. 46 Mrs. Cash, registrar, handles incoming and outgoing transcripts and assists Mr. Wheary in handling attendance reports. Office Staff Mrs. Bell, secretary to Mr. Etheridge, Mrs. Price, the school secretary, and Mrs. O’Neal, the office bookkeeper, are pictured working at their various jobs. 47 English Department Wi ' iting and speaking correctly are emphasized strongly by the English Department. Through the exacting effort of this department, students obtain a broad outlook concerning literature, speech, and writing. This department attempts to develop the style and self- expression of each student. Mrs. Margaret Baab Longwood College, B.S. Launchings Sponsor Mrs. Frances Casson Madison College, B.A. Mrs. Kathryn Cameron Madison College, B.S. English Department Head Xr Mrs. Sandra Coleman Elizabethtown College, A.B. Anchor Sponsor Miss Bette Davis Madison College, A.B. Miss Alice Fowler University of North Carolina, A.B. Beacon Sponsor Mr. Marshall McMurran University of North Carolina, A.B. College of William and Mary University of Vermont Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Judson College, B.A. Miss Sarah Owen Longwood College, B.S. Miss Mary Sexton East Carolina College, B.S. Mrs. Helen Shelton Madison College, B.S. Mrs. Claudia Sturm Longwood College, B.S. Mrs. Alice Randall George Washington University, A.B. College of William and Mary Mrs. D. B. Templemen Winthrop College, B.A. Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College, A.B. Mrs. Mae Weaver College of William and Mary, B.A. Mrs. Jeanette Wright College of William and Mary, A.B. 48 Mr. Louis Wheary, Jr. Lynchburg College, A.B. Peabody College, M.A. Attendance Counselor History Department Head History Department Through endless effort, the History De- partment transmits to the students a broad view of our heritage. This helps the stu- dents to be able to cope with present prob- lems and to realize their responsibilities as citizens. This department teaches world his- tory, U.S. history, world geography, and government. Miss Ellena Armistead Mary Washington College, B.A. University of Virginia, M.A. Mr. Arthur Burke University of Maryland, B.S. College of William and Mary Spokesmen Sponsor Mr. Curtis Fooks Emory and Henry College, A.B. Miss Mary Helmer Longwood College, B.S. College of William and Mary, M.Ed. Miss Francis Maguire Boston University, B.S. Longwood College, M.A. Miss Marie Morris Westhampton College, B.A. Christopher Newport Society Sponsor Mr. Charles Nuttycombe Randolph Macon College, B.A. Head Coach, Varsity Football Co-Head Coach, Track Mr. John Palmer Duke University, B.A. J.V. Basketball Coach Asst. Coach, Varsity Football Mrs. Jen Lou Pulley Winthrop College, A.B. College of William and Mary, M.A Mr. Warren Reed Virginia Military Institute, B.A. Senior Class Co-Sponsor Miss Eliza Wise Longwood College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. 49 nr I SXV • i X Miss Amanda Grey Longwood College, B.S. Drama Department The Drama Depa rtment offers a student an insight into the theater and theatrical produc- tions. By acting in plays and by working behind the scenes during various productions, a student is able to develop personality, poise, and self- confidence. A history of drama, from ancient times to modern day, is presented during the course. Students are able to develop their writing ability and creativity by writing short skits. Miss Dorothy Crane University of West Virginia, A.B. Northwestern University University of Michigan Carnegie Tech Thespians Sponsor, Ushers Sponsor, Stage Crew Sponsor Drama Department Head Miss Joan Brewer College of William and Mary, A.B. Latin Club Sponsor Language Department Students at Newport News High School can elect French, Latin, and Spanish in four year courses. These languages present to the students the basic fundamentals of the languages and in- troduce them to the customs of the countries represented. The students benefit gi ' eatly through aids such as records, workbooks, and tape re- cordings which enables them to hear, write, and speak the languages they are learning. Miss Joan McKenna University of Puerto Rico Longwood College, B.A. University of Mexico Mrs. Virginia Goolsby Mary Washington College, B.S. F.H.A. Sponsor Home Economics Department By taking such courses as budget management, cooking, and sewing, students learn through practical experience those things essential for future parents and homemakers. Child care, home nursing, and interior decorating are also elective courses within this department. Mrs. Edna Marston William and Mary College, B.S. F.H.A. Sponsor Mrs. Lalie Webb Mary Washington College Columbia University F.H.A. Sponsor Miss Sue Kelly Madison College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Head of Home Economics Department 50 Business Department Clerical courses such as typing, shorthand, and book- keeping are offered to students by the Business Depart- ment. Office practice teaches students how to use the office machines. Knowledge of clerical courses is service- able and beneficial to students entering the business world. Mr. M. G. Willey Temple University, M.A. Business Department Head Mr. Kenneth Gaskins Glenville State College, A.B. V.O.T. Coordinator Mrs. Norma S. Gibbons Longwood College, B.S. Mr. Donald Harvey Concord College, B.S. Miss Ettalea Kanter Woman’s College of The University of North Carolina, B.S. D.E. Club Sponsor Senior Class Co-Sponsor Mr. Phil Wynn Emory and Henry, B.S. I.C.T. Sponsor D.O. Sponsor Mrs. Opal Sills East Carolina, B.S. Industrial Arts Department The Industrial Arts Department offers drafting, machine shop, and w r ood and metal shop. These courses help the students bring out and develop their talents with the help of qualified teachers. Student projects of wood and metal are often displayed in the showcase windows. Mr. Samuel Somervill Northern Illinois State University, B.S. Industrial Arts Head Mr. Robert Baugmgardner Apprentice School, NNS DDCo. East Tennessee University, B.S. Mr. John Kelly East Carolina College, B.S., M.A. Mr. R. W. King East Tennessee State College, B.S. Mr. Harry Lyeth Oswego State Teachers College B.S. V.P.I. Mr. M. L. Thompson Northern Illinois State University, B.S. Science Department The science department offers courses in general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and advanced science. Students are able to gain a wide background of scientific knowledge. This background becomes increasingly important as more emphasis is placed on science each day. ■ ■ Mr. J. K. Alvis V.P.I., M.S. University of Georgia College of William and Mary Mrs. Virginia Baker Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A. Mrs. Garland Conn Westhampton College, B.A. Miss Jane Gilliam Longwood College College of William and Mary, B.S. Mrs. Sue Hedrick Appalachian State, B.S. Mrs. Betty Sharpe Louisburg College Greensboro College, B.S. Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William and Mary, B.S. Mr. William H. Sharpe Lynchburg College, B.S. Mrs. Nancy Tucker Lynchburg College, B.S. Mrs. Mary White Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A. Mrs. Gay Womack University of Pennsylvania, B.A. Library The library provides adequate and up to date reading material for both students and teachers. Besides books and encyclopedias, magazines and other reference sources are available. The collection, begun in 1919, today includes 14,000 books. Mrs. Emily Nelson Madison College, B.S. Head Librarian Mrs. David Ball Mary Washington College, B.S. 52 Math Department A wide variety of courses, ranging from general math to senior math analysis, is offered to give the student a broad background for later use in life as well as to prepare him for a higher education. Mrs. Vivian Bauserman Randolph-Maeon Woman’s College, A.B. National Honor Society Sponsor Mr. Chesley Browne Wingate Junior College, A. A. East Carolina College, A.B. Miss Cassie Childress College of William and Mary, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Miss Emilie Holladay Longwood College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Mrs. Verna Graves Florida State University, A.B. University of Chicago Mr. James Loving V.P.I., B.S. Mrs. Margaret Minnick Westhampton College, B.A. Lynchburg College University of Virginia Mrs. Louise Mundie College of William and Marv, B.A. Mr. John Shirley North Greenville Junior College, A. A. Furman University, B.S. Mrs. Mary E. Stokes Longwood College, B.A. Mrs. Brenda Waters East Carolina College, B.S. Mr. James Wilson Wayne State University, B.S. Band Sponsor; Flagtwirler Sponsor; Music Department; Head Music Department The Music Department consists of the junior and senior bands and choruses. This department provides vocal and instrumental training for the student. A genuine appreciation of the aspects of music is greatly encouraged by this department. 53 Mrs. Dorothy Carter Carson-Newman College, B.S. Sponsor; Jr. Sr. Chorus Physical Education Department Overall physical fitness is greatly stressed by this department. Daily exercises help the student keep physically fit and well coordinated. Mrs. Carol Anthony College of William and Mary, B.S. Varsity, Junior Varsity Cheerleader Sponsor Mrs. Nan Jo Burnam Harden Simmons University, B.S. Miss Norma Dinkins Emory and Henry College, B.E. Mr. C. C. Duff College of William and Mary, B.S. Asst. Coach; Varsity football Coach; Varsity baseball Mr. Harlan Hott Shepherd College, B.A. Coach; Junior Varsity football Coach; Varsity baseball Mrs. Virginia Masters University of Maryland, B.S. G.A.A. Sponsor Sponsor; Hockey, basketball, volleyball Mr. Warren Mitchell University of Richmond, B.S. Sponsor; Key Club Coach; Varsity basketball Mr. Julius Conn University of Virginia, B.S. New York University College of William and Mary Director of Athletics ' and Physical Education Coach; Track team Mr. J. K. Carter Miss Eulah Massey Mrs. Bernice West Mrs. Lucille Williams Custodian Permanent Substitute Cafeteria Manager Riverside Hospital, R.N., School Nurse 54 Miss Brewer, Mrs. Palmer, Mrs. Clark, and Miss Gray laugh heartily as Mrs. Thomas reads aloud some of her papers. Mrs. Williams and Dr. Gold- smith are the medical advisors at Newport News High School. Their duties include caring for any who become sick during the school day or have an accident while at school. It is also the responsibility of the school doc- tor and nurse to regularly check the physical condition of all NNHS athletes. They are pic- tured here examining Chris Ellis. 55 As the beauty of each plant determines the forest, so the accomplishments of each student contribute to the academic fiber of the school. 9 An explanation with a smile perks up the students in Mr. Browne’s B period math class. Mr. Shirley’s geometry students show their understand- ing as they watch attentively his discussion of the prob- lem. Mathematics Offers Challenges Two years of basic mathematics are required of every student at NNHS. An eighth grade student’s course must include general mathematics, designed to give the student a strong background before he enters higher mathematics. After completion of this course, a student may then take two years of al- gebra, a study of mathematical calculation by means of letters and symbols, and plane geometry, which helps the student to think constructively and logical- ly. A student’s choice of higher mathematics may include trigonometry, consumer math, senior math analysis, and college algebra. These advanced courses offer a challenge to the quick and logical mind. With the proper instruction from the teacher and with an energetic attitude toward his studies, the mathe- matical student can truly derive knowledge and sat- isfaction. Karen Richardson and Wayne Boger demonstrate to their geometry class, skill in using the compass. 58 Miss Holladay gives her trigonometry class a reassuring glance after reviewing the homework assignment. Students find it necessary to check their work carefully Four heads prove better than one when trying to solve before handing in their papers, especially in Mrs. Stokes’ an income tax exemption problem in the consumer math advanced math course. class. 59 m, mii iHiiinnm Students Perfect Tools of Writing The foundation of a student’s ability in speaking and writing is gained in his English class. A stu- dent’s course includes instruction in various phases of grammar and lit- erature. When studying grammar, the student endeavors to improve and perfect his use of correct English and widen his vocabulary. He then has the tools to construct a correctly written paper. Literature includes the reading of anthologies and se- lected novels. This reading gives in- sight of happenings beyond one’s own experiences. What the student reads has a direct bearing on his a- bility to express his own thoughts. The school library supplements the English department by providing ad- ditional sources of helpful literature. “Hey, this is a good book,” says Van Rowell to Debby Fink as Mrs. Nelson and Mrs. Ball approve. Mrs. Baab, perched on her stool, has a friendly chat with Chippy Clark and Bob Yevak. Mrs. Milne, Joyce Mabe, and Harvey Credle seem to enjoy Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. 60 Judy Bell and Barbara Halfin industriously peruse workbooks used in fourth year French. Languages Benefit the Diligent Although foreign languages are not required, many students find it beneficial to take them. These languages provide an excellent back- ground in preparation for college and interest students ii the cultures of other countries. When taking a language the student acquires a complete background not only in grammar and vocabulary, but also in its country’s history and literature. “Why, Kenny, you’ve got the right answer!” says Mrs. Clark as she views Kenny Buckingham’s paper. Alan Gerber and Harriet Bolden get helpful hints Miss McKenna shows Brenda Vaness some interesting cards from Miss Brewer in Latin class. from Spain and Mexico 61 Delivery is the Goal of Drama and Speech “Easy on the eyes, Joe,” says Jerry Luckadoo, as he is made up by Joe Floyd and Jamie Douglas. Drama and speech courses afford experience and instruction in per- formance before an audi- ence. Drama students learn the most effective way to portray a charac- ter and the techniques of acting, directing, and stage makeup application. The main goal of the speech class is to teach the student how to ex- press his thoughts orally through the delivery of an eloquent speech. Chris Ellis displays self-confi- dence as he records a speech. Art classes give students the op- portunity to ex- press themselves creatively. Talent and individuality are displayed in the student’s painting and sculp- turing projects. Writing, editing, and m a n a g i n g newspapers is the subject of instruc- tion in journalism classes. First year students learn the basis of news- paper writing, while more ad- vanced students construct the “Let me help,” says Mrs. Ellis to Kit sc hool newspaper. Thomas as he sculpts in art class. Sonny Goodson and Patsy Blackard set up head- lines in journalism class. Ideas are Shown 62 The girls in modern dance class learn to sit down gracefully under the instruction of Donna Pipkin. It’s a bird, it’s a plane! No, it’s Herminio Cuervo flying on the parallel bars. Physical Coordination is Required in Gym Class A healthy development of the student’s body is provided through the Physical Education Depart- ment. During the class period, physical recreation is achieved through competitive team games, in- dividual skills, and formal exercise. Through class participation in these activities, a student develops muscle control necessary for good physical condi- tion. Although all students are not perfectly phys- ically fit, daily exercise in class tends to aid the student in his physical improvement. Miss Dinkins lectures to a drivers’ ed- One, two, three, four! Jumping-jacks are a daily ritual for the boys ucation class. in D period physical education. 63 “One more second and the pie will be cut,” says Betty Cooper to Joan Crittendon, Martha Timberlake, Janice Hurd, Carolyn Duell, Becky Evans, and Bonnie Harrison, as they look on hungrily. Students Learn Home Needs Home economics courses prepare the student for his present and future neeus. Cooking and sewing are available at any grade level, while home man- agement is taught only to advanced students. Al- though most of the classes consist of girls, some boys find it handy and enjoyable to learn to cook; a class for them is offered in the spring semester. Mr. Lyeth observes the progress of his drafting students. Projects of general metal shop are displayed in the shop showcase. Shop Teaches A Trade Metal, wood, printing, machine, and drafting shops give boys the opportunity to make handy articles. In metal shop, ash trays, lamps, and spice racks are made ; in wood shop, articles ranging from fine tables to a pair of skis; in print shop, play tickets and other material. Machine shop teaches operation of numerous machines and hand tools. Drafting prepares students for engineering, stress- ing sketches and accurate drawings. All shops equip the students for future skilled labor. 64 Ruby Moses, a VOT student, is employed by the school Mr. Gaskins assists Janet Wright in cutting a stencil library, where she types for Mrs. Nelson. in office practice class. Instruction and Application of Job Training Insure Success Those interested in office employment find it advantageous to follow the Vocational Office Training program. In this program, students are taught the use of business machines, such as cal- culators, dictaphones, and duplicators. This class- room instruction is supplemented by a program of practical training whereby actual work exper- ience is gained. Distributive education classes provide a back- ground for those students interested in retailing. Students apply on the job techniques of selling which they learn in the classroom. A student planning to enter a specialized field, such as dental assistance or laboratory technology, finds his job through the Industrial Cooperative Program. In ICT class, he does research in the field in which he is employed. “I’m on my way to work,” thinks Richard Strick- Jeanette Parrish examines a raincoat in DE class, as she, land an ICT student. Lynda Burton, Bonnie Hartwick, and Phyllis Hargrave act out a selling situation. 65 “Center the title horizontally,” adds Mrs. Sills as she gives directions to her typing students. Mr. Willey dictates a letter to his first year shorthand students. Business Courses Stress Technique Two years each of typing, bookkeeping, and shorthand are available at NNHS. These may be taken separately or combined. First year typing students learn the operation of the typewriter and gain skills useful in personal typing. Sec- ond year typing students develop their speed to its fullest potential. The first semester of shorthand concentrates on learning to write phonetics and everyday language. Second semes- ter consists of dictation, as do the third and fourth, with each student reaching his maximum speed. In bookkeeping class, students learn how to keep accu- rate records of the credits and debits of large and small businesses. Mrs. Gibbons helps her bookkeeping pupils balance their post-closing trial balance. 66 As Mr. Wilson raises his hands, his B period woodwind class tunes-up with a B-flat scale. Mike Barber, Senior Band librarian, sorts music in the band office as one of his main duties. A section of the Breeze Band practices for their Winter Concert. Drills Perfect Music Practice for perfection is the main objective of band classes. Band students drill on scales and polish com- positions to be used in future performances. Band in- struction enables the student to develop an appreciation of music and helps him recognize musical instruments by their sounds. Chorus students also practice in class for concerts and assembly presentations. These students learn breath control for proper voice projection. Records are used in class so students will give correct emphasis to expression and rhythm of musical pieces. Hilda Wright smiles as she files a folder of Senior Chorus music. B Period chorus class warms up on scales, accompanied by Becky Cash and directed by Mrs. Carter. 67 Science Is An Analysis The science department stresses the importance of cycles in our lives — from the evolution of the wheel to that of the bird. The general science courses which are usually taught in the eighth and ninth grades include the study of magnets, electricity, the sense organs and light. Biology is a course designed to introduce both the plant and animal kingdoms. Each subject is fully classified and studied. The higher sciences taught at Newport News include chemistry, physics, and advanced science. Films, microscope obser- vations, and special projects en- hance the study of sciences. Alice Goldsmith and Steve Burns aim to neutralize substances through a titration experiment in their chemistry class. Microscopes are prepared for a biology study of the earthworm. Physics teacher, Mr. Alvis, supervises the use of the slide rule by Skippy Walker and Wayne McPhail. Mr. Sharpe uses an overhead projector to aid his discus- sion in the advanced science class. 68 The advanced world history students smile as Miss Wise inserts a bit of humor into her lecture on the Middle Ages. History Provides A Heritage The main objective of the history department is to give each pupil an understanding of his heritage. In the eighth grade, the history of the United States is introduced. A student may then take either world history, world geography, or both. In grade eleven, a more detailed study of United States history is taken up, and in grade twelve, a course in government is required. A study of the history of the western hemisphere is offered to ad- vanced students. In addition to the textbooks, supplementary mate- rials, such as films, maps, and extra books are used in each of these classes. They aid in giving an ap- preciation of human beings of former times and their effect on the lives of present generations. Government students write vigorously as they con- clude their test papers. Mr. Palmer smiles as he assists his history students in their daily assignment. 69 ATHLETICS A A a 5 A All forms of life, in competition for survival, grow stronger as they endure. In this way our athletes, as they face each opponent, must prove themselves physically as well as emotionally fit. Whether in football, basketball, track, or base- ball, rivalry is keen but, win or lose, the real joy is that of having done a good job. 70 On the offensive squad pictured are (L.-R. — 1st row) Wayne Frizzelle, Dale Mueller, Craig Eubank, Mike Don Tyndall, Don London, Larry Harding, A1 Nesbitt, Barnes. Joe Wingo, Ken Henderson, (2nd row) Bill Schroding, Mueller and Barnes Lead Team The TYPHOONS began their football schedule with a substantial victory over the YORK High Falcons, 20-0. On the following Friday night the Churchland Truckers came to Saunders Stadium and defeated the TYPHOONS, 6-0. The TY- PHOONS were at home again on the next Fri- day night and played the Wilson High Presi- dents, but they defeated the Blue and Gold, 20-7. The home team played host to the Great Bridge Wildcats on October 4. The TYPHOONS were out to avenge their 1962 meeting which ended in a tie, 7-7, but the two teams fought to another 7-7 tie. The next week the TYPHOONS traveled to Foreman Field to encounter the Maury High Commodores. Sparked by 3 touchdowns by Craig Eubank, the TYPHOONS rolled to a 27-12 win. After a week’s rest they then played their Penin- sula rival, the Warwick High Farmers at home, and won by a 34-0 score. On November 1 the Gold and Blue traveled to Chittum Field in Norfolk to meet the Norview High Pilots. The TYPHOONS gave Norview a Halloween trick by handing them a 6-0 loss. The TYPHOONS were back home on November 8 to play host to the Granby High Comets. The TY- PHOONS beat them, 34-14. Next week the Fergu- son High Mariners invaded Typhoonland ; inspired by Coach Nuttycombe the TYPHOON 11 whipped them, 27-0. The TYPHOONS had a week off be- fore facing their Thanksgiving rival, Hampton, at Darling Memorial Stadium. With the Peninsula crown at stake, Hampton managed to squeeze out a 15-13 victory and gain the title. The TYPHOONS ended up with a 6-3-1 record. The fine coaching staff pauses for a momentary conference; (L.-R.) Coach Duff, Coach Palmer, Coach Browne and Coach Nuttycombe. 72 Coach Nuttycombe pauses to talk over the sessions plans with Captain Don Lon- don, senior. Monsters Have Good Season Under the leadership of Coach Palmer the New- port News Monsters gained much praise through- out the season. With such outstanding defensive stalwarts as Jim Bull, Bill Belt, Rick Hartline, Wayne Frizzelle, and Joe Wingo, the Monsters held their opponents to a total of 1660 yards. While playing in the defensive backfield, Jim DeBerry, Bill Sehroding, and Bill Ward allowed only 38 pass completions with 13 fumbles. Only 81 points were scored against the TYPHOONS. After a slow start the TYPHOON offense, under the leadership of senior quarterback Dale Mueller, rolled up 2647 total yards and 176 points. The TYPHOONS completed 85 of 172 passes for 1246 yards and 134 first downs. Ten of the 85 passes were thrown for touchdowns-8 by Mueller and 2 by Barnes. Outstanding in the TYPHOON backfield were Mike Barnes, Dale Mueller, Wayne Frizzelle, and Craig Eubank. The plays worked well because of the earnest efforts of such out- standing linemen as A1 Nesbitt, Larry Harding, and Captain Don London. Larry Harding made 19 of 26 extra point attempts. Because of outstanding play throughout the season, the TYPHOONS placed many men on post- season honor squads. The four members on the Peninsula’s Honor Squad were tackle, Don London ; quarterback, Dale Mueller ; end, Mike Barnes ; and guard, Joe Wingo. Four more TYPHOONS re- ceived honorable mention; end, Jim DeBerry; tackle, Jim Bull; center, A1 Nesbitt; and back, Craig Eubank. Joe Wingo was the TYPHOON’S lone representative on the ALL-TIDEWATER top honor squad. On the second team were quarterback, Dale Mueller and tackle, Don London. When the ALL-EASTERN Honor Team was named, Joe Wingo was the first team guard. On the second team were tackle, Don London and back, Dale Mueller. Jim DeBerry, Jim Bull, Mike Barnes, and Craig Eubank were given honorable mention. Don London and Joe Wingo were named Times-Herald lineman of the week. Craig Eubank, Mike Barnes, and Dale Mueller were named Times-Herald backs of the week. Our Monsters were composed of (L.-R. — 1st row) Brent Parkin, Jim Bull, A1 Nesbitt, Wayne Frizzelle, Bill Belt, 73 Joe Wingo, Don London, and Ken Henderson. (2nd row) Mike Barnes, Jim DeBerry, and Bill Sehroding. The varsity football team poses for its annual picture. Pictured are (L.-R. — 1st row) George Johnson (mgr.), Bob Simpson, Jim Bull, Dale Mueller, Jim DeBerry, Craig Eubank, Captain Don London, Don Tyndall, Larry Hard- ing, A1 Nesbitt, Joe Wingo, Wayne Frizzelle, Mike Barnes, Don Harvey (mgr.). (2nd row) Ronnie Phillips, Bill Ward, A1 Hines, Steve Smith, Buddy Hart, Ricky Hart- line, Worth Roberts, Garland Hudson, Linwood Wright, Ricky Davis, Don Llewellyn, Larry Moran, Chuck Springfield, Glen Miller, Coach Nuttycombe. (3rd row) Coach Duff, Coach Palmer, Bill Hallett (mgr.), Houston Duncan, Jim Hogan, Jim Rama, Lewis Fuller, Brent Par- kin, Charlie Sands, Charlie Embler, Glen Williamson, Jerry Allen, Wayne Vick, Donald Reed, Bobby Yevak, Eric Burden, Fred Anspach, Coach Browne. Missing are Ken Henderson and Randy Tate. Scoreboard N.N. 20 York 0 0 Churchland 6 7 Wilson 20 7 Great Bridge 7 27 Maury 12 Football managers (L. — R.) Bill Hallett, George Johnson, and Donald Harvey put away equipment after practice. N.N. 34 Warwick .... 0 6 Norview 0 34 Granby 14 27 Ferguson .... 0 13 Hampton .... 15 TYPHOON quarterback Dale Mueller tries to side-step Churchland’s Ken Knuckel enroute to big yardage, but it was to no avail. 74 i TYPHOON halfback Bill Schroding gains valu- able yardage in the 34-0 smash over Peninsula rival, Warwick. All-Peninsula star Mike Barnes scores one of the TY- PHOON’S four touchdowns against the arch-rival Ferguson. Senior quarterback Dale Mueller scores the initial touchdown in the 15-13 loss to the Hampton Crabbers on Turkey Day. Fullback Craig Eubank powers up the middle for extra yards putting the “Blue and Gold” closer to the Great Bridge goal line. 75 During the annual awards assembly a first occurred in the history of NNHS. 1962 football standout, Fred Anspach was honored by being awarded his football jersey. Other awards given were the Hi-Y Sportsmanship Award to halfback Mike Barnes and the Julian Gordon Trophy presented to quarterback Dale Mueller. Breezes Are Undefeated (L.-R.) Coach Nuttycombe, Fred Anspach, Bill Barnard, Mike Barnes, Dale Mueller, and Mr. Julian Gordon. Under the leadership of Coaches Harlan Hott and Warren Mitchell, the Breezes compiled an amazing 6-0 record for the 1963 season. This is their first un- defeated season since the late 1940’s. Led by their fine quarterback, Donnie Campbell, the Breezes scor- ed 163 points. The Breeze defense, held their oppon- ents to only 24 points. Junior Varsity Football Team (L. to R. — 1st row) Peter Yevak, David Kahle, David Blount, Don Campb H, Bill Galimore, Clif Jackson, Mike Artman, Ray Price, Kirt Davis, Alan Gerber, John Keller, and Fredy Wagner. (2nd row) Calvin Dellenger, A1 Dorner, Wade Scott, Wayne Dewell, Ronnie Brame, David Cutler, Tony Hedgepath, John Mercer, Wayne Mallory, Jim Hogan, J. V. SCORES N.N. 47 Ferguson 6 N.N. 20 Warwick 0 N.N. 32 York 0 N.N. 13 Ferguson 0 N.N. 14 Warwick 6 N.N. 37 York 12 Ben Hogan ,and Joel Fisher. (3rd row) Coach Hott, Butch Kyprindes, J. J. Ellen, Larry McLamb, Bob Puckett, John Knowles, Steve Saul, Ronald Nash, Terry Seay, Rex Davis, Freddy Champ, manager. Missing from the picture are Dan McCain, and Chris Manry. 76 0 ) NEWS NEWS $« P q .NEWS A I a “2 I i j A fl t Ate r t ' Jl fcj-M r The Cross-Country team consists of (L.-R., 1st row) Terry Abbott, mgr. Mike Hirshman, Charles Shields, Ralph Farm- er, Steve Smith, Captain Jim Moore, Mike Burns, Ken Tay- lor, Larry Mercer, George Fenigsohn, Richard Gordon, mgr. (2nd row) David Rosenwasser, mgr., Coach Conn, Jerry Winberry, Bill Barnes, Skip Wood, Bob Tanner, Sidney Becker, Charles Phillips, Bruce Spigel, mgr., and Bobby Ruben, mgr. Typhoons Win Indoor Title fourth place in the pole vault and a second place in the mile relay. The TYPHOONS regained their title at Lexington by defeating defending Indoor State Track Cham- pions, Washington and Lee of Arlington, for the State Indoor Track Championship. Sparked by all-around standout Fred Anspach, and pole vaulter-hurdler Harry Barritt, the TY- PHOONS placed in six events. Fred Anspach took a first in the broad jump and a second in the 500 yard run, while Harry Barritt had a first in the pole vault and a second in the 70 yard high hurdles. The TYPHOONS were also helped by a second, third, and a fourth place finish in the shot put by Jimmy Bull, Joe Wingo, and John Todd, respec- tively. Other places won by Newport News were a Harriers have Disappointing Season The N.N.H.S. Harriers led by Jim Moore, captain, Mike Burns, and Steven Smith, won three meets and lost five. They finished ninth in the Ports- mouth J.C. Invitational Meet held at Frederick Col- lege, and seventh in the Eastern District Meet. Next year Coach Conn will have returning to the squad Steven Smith, Ken Taylor, Charles Shields, Larry Mercer, and George Fenigsohn. The 1964 State Indoor Champions pose for their picture Pauley, Jim Bull, Brent Parkin, Mike Burns, Terry Abbott, (L.-R., 1st row) Dale Mueller, Bill Ward, Fred Anspach, mgr. Missing from picture are John Todd, Larry Moran, Harry Barritt, Ronnie Phillips, Joe Wingo, and George Anas. and Richard Gordon, mgr. (2nd row) David Rosenwasser, mgr., Bill Barnes, Conrad 77 V PHOC | ((PH 00 xi phojI A P HO Of [V(PH£0 The members of the 1963-1964 championship team are (L. to r. — kneeling) Ken Henderson, Rocky Gary, Billy Taylor, Chris Ellis, and Jim Rama. (2nd row) Mark Wimmer, mgr.; Richard Curtis, Ricky Billings, Garland Hudson, Richard Cantor, Charles Vellines, John Montague, Billy Turner, Jim Brandon, Joe Mooney, and Tommy Buckingham, mgr. Typhoons Win State Crown The NNHS TYPHOONS swept through 3 straight games in Richmond to gain their 10th Group 1-A State Basketball title. The TYPHOONS, paced by Chris Ellis, Jim Rama, Ken Henderson, Billy Taylor, and Rocky Gary, breezed through 18 games in the regular season, 3 in the Eastern District Tourney, and 3 in the State Tourney to compile a fabulous 24-0 record. This is the 2nd undefeated season in TYPHOON basketball history, the only other being by the 1957-1958 State Champs who were 25-0. This year’s State Champs set another record in Newport News basketball history by scoring 1847 points to surpass the 1747 points scored in 1957-1958. In the first game of the year, the TYPHOONS scored an impressive victory over the Ferguson High Mariners, 97-58. The Gold and Blue won two straight games and then met their arch rival, Hampton, for the first of four games. An overflow crowd saw the TYPHOONS slip by the Crab- bers, 53-44. On the following night the Mitchellmen played host to the Warwick Farmers in the new and spacious Julie Conn Gymnasium; the TYPHOONS won by an 82-46 margin. After a victory over the York High Falcons, the TYPHOONS’ followers saw their team successfully cross the 100 point mark, with an overwhelming victorv over the Deep Creek Hornets, 126-35. In this game the TYPHOONS set a new school record for the most points scored in a single game. Once again a capacity crowd packed into the Conn Gymnasium to see the meeting of the only two unde- feated teams in the Eastern District, Wilson and Newport News. Led by a 28 point performance by Chris Ellis, the TYPHOONS flashed by Wilson, 69-45. The Mitchellmen then finished out the season with 4 more victories. By virtue of this amazing 18-0 record, the Newport team won a berth in the State Tournament held in Richmond. In the quarter final games of the Eastern District Tourna- ment, the TYPHOONS rolled to an impressive 80-41 victory over the Princess Anne Cavaliers. Newport News by-passed the Norview Pilots, 74-43, in the semi-finals and went on to win the final game over Hampton, 58-46. As a result of their outstanding play in the Tournament, Chris Ellis, Jim Rama and Ken Henderson were selected to the All Tourna- ment Team. Chris Ellis also received, for the second time, the Most Valuable Player award. In Richmond, the TYPHOONS showed their power by rac- ing past the Wakefield Warriors, 66-36, in the State Tour- ney quarter finals. In the semi-finals, with four seconds to go, Jim Rama cashed in on a two pointer to give Newport News a 45-43 victory over the Cardinals of George Wash- ington of Danville. In the finals, the Newport team put on a terrific display of basketball skill to beat the Hampton High Crabbers, 66-54. The TYPHOONS placed many men on the post season honor squads. Chris Ellis, Jim Rama, and Ken Henderson were selected for the All Peninsula Team. Chris and Jimmy were also selected for the All Eastern District Team, while Billy Taylor and Rocky Gary received Honorable Mention. Chris Ellis and Jimmy Rama were, in addition, selected for the Group 1-A All State First Team. Chris Ellis was chosen the Most Outstanding Scholastic Basketball Player in the Old Dominion for this season, and was elected to Parade Magazine’s All American fourth team. The TYPHOONS finished the year with a 76.7 offensive scoring average, and a 43.1 defensive average. The team was led in offense by Chris Ellis, who had a 16.5 scoring aver- age, followed by Jim Rama with a 15.8 scoring average, Ken Henderson with a 12.9 average, Billy Taylor with a 9.1 average, and Rocky Gary with an 8.1 average. 78 The starters were assisted by (L. to R. — 1st row) Richard Curtis, Billy Turner, Joe Mooney and Jim Brandon. (2nd row) Ricky Billings, Garland Hudson, Richard Cantor, Charles Vellines, and John Montague. Coach Mitchell shows varsity managers, Tom Buckingham and Mark Wimmer, the correct pro- cedure for filling out the all-important shot chart. The leaders of the 1963-1964 basketball team were co- captain Chris Ellis, Coach Warren Mitchell, and co-captain Billy Taylor. VfPHO 0 » WpHO OH The 1963-1964 TYPHOON team was led by starters (L. to R.) Rocky Gary, Jim Rama, Chris Ellis, Billy Taylor, and Ken Henderson. 79 Jim Rama adds 2 points in the opening: game played in the new gym as the TYPHOONS plowed the Farm- ers 82-46. Ken Henderson, during a crucial moment of the Crab- ber game, has his shot blocked by Hampton’s Warren Chapman and W. R. Deskins. Jim Rama and Rocky Gary fight over the ball as Wilson’s David Moody awaits the outcome of the skir- mish in the Gold and Blue’s feature game of the year. Richard McCarty’s shot is almost blocked by NN Ken Henderson, as the TYPHOONS overwhelm the powerful Wilson Presidents 69-45. 80 Jim Rama pulls down a rebound as NN rolls past the York High Falcons, 80-36. Newport News’ Chris Ellis, drives in for an easy layup, while Warwicks’ Bill Dunn (42) and Dan Walker (44) offer no resistance. Chris Ellis shows the form which won him the title of Virginia’s Outstanding Scholastic Basketball Player, as he goes by Ferguson’s John Glazebrook. Newport News’ rebounding standout, Jim Rama, fails to gain position against Princess Anne’s Charlie Carr (45) and Bill Bowes (34). 81 The TYPHOONS’ Ken Hender- son puts up 2 points in a crucial moment during the championship game in the State Tournament. Co-captain Bill Taylor sends a jump shot toward the net as Hampton’s W. R. Deskins defends. Newport News’ Ken Henderson, assisted by Bill Taylor, tears down the net in the traditional cere- mony after N.N. won the State title. TYPHOON SCHEDULE N.N. 97 Ferguson 53 74 Norview 41 69 Maury 43 53 Hampton 44 82 Warwick 46 71 Churchland 48 84 Oscar Smith 35 49 Hampton 38 79 Princess Anne 38 99 Ferguson 58 80 York 36 126 Deep Creek 35 90 Cradock 45 69 Wilson 45 110 Suffolk 49 82 Warwick 39 74 Great Bridge 37 66 Granby 34 Eastern District Tournament N.N. 80 Princess Anne 41 N.N. 74 Norview 43 N.N. 58 Hampton 46 State Tournament N.N. 66 Wakefield 36 N.N. 45 George Washington 43 N.N. 66 Hampton 54 Newport News’ Rocky Gary drives past Hampton’s W. R. Deskins for an easy 2 points, in the Eastern District champion- ship game which N.N. won, 58-46. “Congratulations, Coach Mitchell,” says Mr. F. Carroll Alexander, as he presents the Newport News mentor with the State Championship trophy. The joyous TYPHOONS whoop it up after the 66-54 victory over Hampton in the State Championship game in Richmond. 82 The undefeated J. V. squad are (L. to R. — 1st row) David Rodgers, Tony Turner, Ray Price, Carroll Burch, David Brandon, A1 Dorner, David McCoy, and Stuart Jack- son, mgr. (2nd row) Coach Palmer, Wayne Owens, J. J. Ellen, Steve Kiger, Wayne Mallory, and Joel Fisher. Missing from the picture are Eric Burden and Don Chaney, mgr. Under the guidance of Coach John Palmer, the Newport News J. V. Team swept through an 18 game schedule undefeated. The “Breezes” were led by David Brandon, Joel Fisher, Steve Kiger, and Wayne Owens. Their most crucial game of the year was with the unbeaten Woodrow Wilson J. V.’s, but the “Breezes” came out on top, 55-34. Coach Harlon Hott’s 8th 9th were also undefeated in games. Their outstanding players were Ben Hogan, Jim Hogan, Ronald Nash, and Terry Seay. j. v. SCORES NN 52 Ferguson 19 NN 61 Norview 30 NN 48 Maury 39 NN 58 Hampton 53 NN 51 Warwick 30 NN 55 Churchland 48 NN 48 Oscar Smith 42 NN 48 Hampton 33 NN 47 Princess Anne 44 NN 58 Ferguson 31 NN 34 York 28 NN 55 Deep Creek 37 NN 65 Cradock 26 NN 55 Wilson 34 NN 75 Suffolk 37 NN 47 Warwick 34 NN 69 Great Bridge 34 NN 49 Granby 36 8TH 9TH SCORES NN 46 Warwick 18 NN 38 York 15 NN 61 Ferguson 31 NN 45 Warwick 23 NN 53 York 18 NN 53 Ferguson .... .21 NN 35 Hampton Roads 26 NN 36 Warwick 23 NN 55 Ferguson .... 27 NN 45 Hampton Roads 23 The 8th 9th grade basketball team poses for their picture (L. to R. — 1st row) Malvin Scott, Ben Whitmer, Gerald Fields, Clifford Smith, Tony Hocome, Jerry Fisher, Terry Seay, George Hankins. (2nd row) Coach Hott, Royce Reeves, Ben Hogan, Jim Hogan, Robert Taylor, Ronald Nash, Ken Buckingham, and Rodney Hichens. 83 The defending State Champions are (L. to R. — 1st Row) George Anas, Mike Burns, Jim Moore, Conrad Pauley, Ronnie Phillips, Brent Parkin, Bill Ward, Fred Anspach, Larry Moran, Dale Mueller, Bill Barnes, Joe Wingo, and Jim Bull. (2nd row) Coach Conn, Coach Palmer, Bob Tan- ner, Jim Odom, Mike Miller, Ken Taylor, Bill Rash, Wayne Frizzelle, Richard Wood, Harry Barritt, Butch Emerson, John Todd, Roger Un- derwood, Bob Davis, Steve Smith, Charles Shields, Donald Reed, Gerald Fields, Paul Goode, Larry Mercer, Ralph Farmer, George Fenigsohn, and Coach Nuttycombe. Missing from the picture are John Mercer, Skip Wood, Charlie Phillips, and Billy Galimore. Cindermen Anticipate Victorious Season Looking forward to a very successful sea- son, the Newport News track team seeks to defend its State Championship. Under the di- rection of coaches Julie Conn and Charles Nuttycombe, the team began its season as the ANCHOR went to press. Some of the outstanding sprinters are Fred Anspach, Dale Mueller, and Brent Parkin. The distance runners are Mike Burns, Bill Ward, Larry Moran, and Jim Moore. Standout pole vaulters are Harry Barritt, George Anas, and Conrad Pauley. Harry Barritt and Conrad Pauley are also the TYPHOONS’ hurdlers. Outstanding shot putters and discus throwers are Jim Bull, John Todd, and Joe Wingo. Mr. Conn works with the runners while Mr. Nuttycombe concentrates on the pole vaulters and high jumpers. Assistant coach, John Pal- mer, instructs the discus and shot-put men. TRACK SCHEDULE March 31 Norview April 2 Great Bridge April 7 York April 10 Hampton April 11 Colonial Relays April 14 Ferguson April 18 Tidewater Meet April 21 Kecoughtan April 25 Tidewater Relays May 2 Eastern District Meet May 8 Warwick May 16 State Meet 84 Sprinters Fred Anspach and Brent Parkin prepare them- selves for the 100-yard dash. Pole vaulter, Harry Barritt, tests his pole as he pre- pares himself for another record pole vault. Distance men for the TYPHOONS are (L. R.) Jim Moore, Mike Burns, Bill Ward, and Larry Moran. Bob Davis, pictured here, and Jim Bull will be depended on to throw the discus. 85 r i?1 Conrad Pauley and Harry Barritt check hurdles before the Great Bridge meet. Managers of the track team are (L. to R.) David Rosenwasser, Bobby Ruben, Terry .Abbott, Bruce Spigel, Richard Gordon, and Mike Sagman. Returnees from the 1963 All-Peninsula Team are Fred Anspach, Jim Bull, and Larry Moran. The TYPHOON shot putters for the 1964 season are Joe Wingo, Jim Bull, and John Todd. 86 The NNHS baseball team for the 1964 season is (L. to R., 1st row) Rodney Odom and Mike Barnes. (2nd row) Coach Duff, David Hatchett, Eric Burden, John Boyette, Terry Hunsucker, Jim Brandon, Billy Turner, Joe Mooney, Randy Tate. (3rd row) George Johnson, mgr., Ferdy Wagner, Jim Rama, John Montague, Garland Hudson, Wayne Vick, Charlie Sands, Jim Monta- gue, and David Drucker, mgr. Typhoons Defend District Crown As the 1964 Anchor went to press, Coach Duff’s Eastern District Champions set out to defend their crown. Losing only three starters from the cham- pionship team, the squad’s outlook is favorable. The TYPHOONS are well balanced in the hitting department, with such outstanding batters as Jim Brandon, Mike Barnes, and Jim Rama returning. Ace hurler, John Montague, will be backed by other able pitchers, Garland Hudson, Wayne Vick, and Ferdy Wagner. The infield is well defended by Jim Rama, Rod- ney Odom, Mike Barnes, and Jim Brandon. Pro- mising newcomers in the outfield are Terry Hun- sucker, John Boyette, Eric Burden, and Wayne Vick. Catching behind the plate will be Charles Sands and Randy Tate. Choosing for its co-captains, Rodney Odom and Mike Barnes, the team is working hard and hopes to have an outstanding year. BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 28 Kecoughtan March 31 Deep Creek April 3 Great Bridge April 7 Suffolk April 10 Granby April 11 Warwick April 14 Cradock April 17 Church land April 18 Hampton April 21 Wilson April 24 Warwick April 25 Ferguson April 28 Oscar Smith May 1 Maury May 2 York May 5 Norview May 8 Ferguson May 9 Hampton May 12 Princess Anne May 15 York May 22-23 Eastern District Tournament 87 Coach Duff discusses the TYPHOONS tough season ahead with senior co-captains Rodney Odom and Mike Barnes. Around the infield the TYPHOONS will have Mike Barnes, short- stop; Rodney Odom, second base; Jim Brandon, third base; and Jim Rama, first base. Ace Hurler, John Montague, limbers up as the TYPHOONS begin the defense of their Eastern District title. Chasing fly balls in the outfield will be Wayne Vick, Terry Hunsucker, Eric Burden, and John Boyette. 88 The probable starters for the Gold and Blue this year are (L. to R. — 1st row) Erie Burden, John Boyette, Terry Hunsucker, and Wayne Vick. (2nd row) Mike Barnes, Rodney Odom, Charlie Sands, Jim Brandon, and Jim Rama. John Boyette, Rodney Odom, and Joe Mooney warm up by playing in a pepper game. Coach Duff explains to outstanding batters Jim Brandon, Jim Rama, and Mike Barnes the proper grip used in hitting. 89 THIS ttBKtm, ttf cw ms io»t snw m THE TRAININ ' OF wr. •• • « Mr. Julius Conn proudly displays the plaque which symbolizes his 27 years of distinguished work at NNHS. On February 21, 1964, the Newport News High School Gymnasium was dedicated to athletic direc- tor, Julius Conn. In honor of this occasion, a plaque was presented to Mr. Conn which read : “This gymnasium dedicated to Julie Conn in ap- preciation of his loyal service in the training of boys. He was a member of the graduating class of New- port News High School in 1922 and the University of Virginia Class of 1926. He became a member of the faculty of the Newport News High School in September, 1926. His consuming love for and devo- tion to the school were evident from the beginning. In the school year 1963-1964, thirty-seven years later, there is no more loyal or devoted member of the staff. His success as a basketball coach is unparalleled. Over a period of twenty-seven years his teams were jinvariably winners or contenders. He has been equally successful as a track coach in which activity he is still engaged. Julie Conn — the man and his record — will forever be associated with this building.” Long-Awaited Gym is Dedicated To Julius Conn Guests at the dedication were Mrs. Conn, Harry Conn, Mr. H. V. Hooper, Mr. Lamar Stanley, Mayor Don Hyatt, Mr. Conn, and Mrs. M. Conn. 90 The 1963-’64 G.A.A. Executive Board is composed of (L. to R. — 1st row) Diane Parrish, Carolyn Watson, Edna Johnson, Yvonne Morrison, Ann Bryant, Gail Latta, Gail Watkins, Mary Lou Staton, Jeannie Collier, Brenda P. Todd, Peggy Greenspon, and Sherry Bell. (2nd row) Patty Dempsey, Betsy Goodwin, Carolyn Price, Linda Gray, Brenda Phillips, Dru Bryant, Judy Gordon, Linda Powell, Janet Smith, Brenda Hicks, Sherry Mitchem, Mary Ann Barrow, Connie Todd, Judy Lucas, Carolyn Schroding, Carolyn Embler, Polly Norris, Barbara Salkin, and Mina Erlach. G. A. A. Executive Board The Girls Athletic Association of Newport News High School partici- pates actively in the various girls sports. Each girl taking physical edu- cation in NNHS is a member of the G.A.A. In the spring of the year each member votes to select the officers to head this organization for the coming year. The officers for the 1963-1964 year are Judy Lucas, president; Connie Todd, vice-president ; and Mina Erlach, secretary. The nominees for these positions are selected by the Executive Board. As a member of the board one is able to take a more active part in the various G.A.A. activities. It is possible to coach teams, be a scorekeeper or timer, or a recorder of points achieved by the participants. If a girl compiles enough points, she is eligible to receive a G.A.A. letter. It is possible to gain points by mem- bership on various teams or by membership in the Apparatus or Tumbling Clubs. The 1963-1964 G.A.A. officers are Connie Todd, Vice President; Judy Lucas, President; and Mina Erlach, Sec- retary. The Girls Phys. Ed. instructors are Mrs. Masters, head of the department, and from left to right: Mrs. Burnam, Mrs. Anthony, and Miss Dinkins. 91 The members of the Tumbling and Apparatus Club are (L. to R.) Diane Parrish, Sharon Adcock, Donna Pipkin, Angie Ray, Gail Watkins, and Annette Rouse. Girls Participate Actively in Sports Field hockey is the first sport of the year. There are three teams from the tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. These teams, after practicing for many weeks at Huntington Park, play teams from neighboring high schools. From these teams an All-Star team is chosen to represent Newport News High School at the tournament in Norfolk. Basketball is next for the season. The teams are composed of grades which represent Newport News High School in games with other schools. From these teams an All-Star team is selected by the coaches of the various teams. Volleyball is another sport in which the G.A.A. participates. As with basketball, teams are formed from the different classes, then an All-Star team is selected. Apparatus and Tumbling Clubs are also an active part of the G.A.A. These clubs help cultivate the interests of the girls of N.N.H.S. While the daily roll is being checked, the girls await their daily activities which may consist of volleyball, basketball, tumbling, or modern dancing. 92 Senior Girls Hockey Team This year the senior girls hockey team played various schools in the area and par- ticipated in a state tournament. They fin- ished the season with a 5-0 record and won both of their games in the state tournament. Donna Pipkin and Becky Goolsby were placed on the state first team, and Angela Ray and Judy Lucas made the second team. The senior hockey team is composed of (L. to R. — first row) Brenda Bass, Gail Latta, Judy Lucas, Angie Ray, and Donna Pip- kin. (2nd row) Carolyn Price, Mary Rickey, Ann Bryant, Annette Rouse, Gail Watkins, Sue Miller, and Brenda P. Todd. Missing from the picture are Becky Goolsby and Melba Deas. Senior Basketball Team The girls basketball team, consisting of juniors and seniors, practiced each Thurs- day, working to maintain skill in playing basketball. The girls competed with other teams in the school, as well as with other schools in- cluding St. Vincent, Poquoson, Warwick, and Ferguson. The juniors were coached by Miss Norma Dinkins while the seniors were coached by Mrs. Carol Anthony. The G.A.A. basketball team consists of (L. to R. — 1st row) Ann Bryant, Frances Hollifield, Judy Lucas, Bonnie Stanfield, Colleen Bounds, and Carolyn Price. (2nd row) Ann Smith, Janet Smith, Sadie Patterson, Melba Deas, and Mary Rickey. Gymnastics The NNHS gymnastic club, composed of 10 senior girls, practiced every day preparing for the state gymnastics tournament, which was held April 11 at Longwood College, Farmville, Virginia. By developing skills on parallel bars and balance beam, the girls not only build muscles, but gain poise and coordina- tion. Shown practicing one of their routines for the state meet are, (L. to R) Annette Rouse, Becky Goolsby, Judy Lucas, Gail Watkins, and Jane Coltrain. 93 UNDERCLASSMEN A The smallest shrubs and the most delicate wildflowers advance the well-being and success of the larger plants. The underclassmen, who compose the larger portion of the student body, promote enthusiasm and develop leadership in school affairs below the twelfth grade level. 94 • ' sVX k ' r Yw " f ' 1 TL Mil (jA j| • (H» :. « m “ Gj • v yV E.T tr ■ hf l ’ ' t ' £ fc •• . I j ‘ 7 .K J JJ V. H; ,.V’ J • ' ' Eighth grade officers look on as their sponsor points out some fea- tures of the new gym. (L. to R.) Mr. Conn, sponsor; Su- san Price, Honor Council; Anne Rowe, Secretary; Janet Hirshman, President; John Hollifield, Execu- tive Board. EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS OBSERVE As the physical plant of NNHS is enlarged with the con- struction of a new gymnasium, the student body grows in number with the arrival of new mice. Raymond Adcock Jay Aliphant Brenda Allen Nancy Ames Carol Anspach Sue Avery Anas Bacolias Brenda Baker Jenny Baker Kathy Baker Randy Baker Billie Kay Ballard Mary Barber Robert Barber Vickie Barfield Gary Barnes Sheila Bateman Dorothy Batson Charlotte Batts Vicki Batts Mike Bazemore Eddie Beacham Donald Beale Richard Beale Virginia Beatty Earl Begor Max Benbow Wade Bennett Robert Biggens Patty Blaloch Agnes Blandford Carol Blayton Sandy Block Linda Bobbitt Brenda Boggs Paula Bonifcocio Gail Bonner Ray Boyette John Bradshaw Robbie Bradsher Tommy Branch Bruce Brandon Larry Bridgers Dennis Brisson Sue Britt Carl Brookman Charles Brooks Leroy Brotherton Jimmy Brown Barry Bryant Billy Bryant Ricky Buchanan Leburn Burns Elliott Burton 96 Frankie Burton Sammy Burton June Byrd Billy Caldwell Brenda Camden David Campbell Donnie Camper David Capps Sandra Cardwell Ann Carper Donna Carroll Gwen Carroll Donnie Carter Randy Carter Rita Casebolt James Castonguay Jerry Clark Peyton Clark Randolph Clemm Lee Cobb Darrell Coffie Allene Cohen Larry Cole Susan Cone Bobby Cook Ambert Gox Harvey Credle Renea Crews Donny Cruz James Cutter Ross D’Angelo Sharon Dantzler Sue David Danny Davis Kathy Davis Ellen Deaver James Deihl Christie DeLaney Marian Diehl Nina Di Giacomo Martha Dooley Steve Dorner John Downs Glenn Drewry Jerry Driver Howard Duncan Ronnie Duncan Sandra Dye Richard Edwards Judy Ellenson Donna Emerson Keith Ethridge Francis Eudailey Judy Evans William Evans Cindy Evelane Jill Farber James Faucette Tommy Faucette Kathy Fay Ronnie Fields Elissa Fine Steve Firestone Jerry Fisher Linda Fisher Joel Flax Dennis Flynn Roy Forbes Linda Ford Janet Forman Glen Fortenberry Joey Fortner James Fowler Barry Fox Myra Fulcher Tommy Gaskins Stanley Gilley Betty Glenn Patsy Goodwin Ralph Gore Carolyn Graham Bobby Grainger Jackie Green Ricki Green Denney Gribble Billy Griffin Joan Griffin Roberta Griffin Linda Griffith George Groshong Shirley Gulley Joyce Hagy Tony Halcomb Chuck Hamilton Sharon Hargrave Allen Harper Sharon Harris Mac Harrison Mary Harrison 97 Billy Hartley Donald Hartley Jacob Hartzer Brenda Hatcher Mary Alice Haynes Tommy Hayslett Ralph Henderson Terry Hendley Clifford Hendricks Sue Hess Jackie Hester Kenneth Hester Larry Hewitt Jerry Hicks Linda Higgins Sharon Hilsdon Douglas Hinnant Janet Hirshman Rodney Hitchens Glenn Hite Ben Hogan Lois Hogge Donald Holland John Hollifield Kenneth Hough Barbara Houston Perry Howard Jimmy Hudson Betty Jackson Diana Jackson Steve Jackson Wanda Jackson Mary Ann James Scott Jeffers Kay Jeffries George Jenkins Shirley Jenkins Bobby Johnson George Johnson Kay Johnson Linda Johnson Patsy Johnson Penny Johnson Ronnie Johnson Mary Jolly Alan Jones Ann Jones Sharon Jones Mike Joyce Linda Justice Elbert Keel Thomas Keithley Carol Kelley Sandra Kelley Ronnie Kemp Ricky Kerns Paula Ketter Jerry Ketterman David Kirby William Kirkland Tony Koskinas Hope Kounnas Mary Jane Kypriandes Danny Landen Eva Landrum Jay Lane Wayne Langfory Pat Larrow Karen Larsen Steven Larson Martha Laws Clyde Layden Don Lemons Michael Leonard Dale Levin Kathy Liakos Nettie Lightfoot Henry Liverman Dale Lucado Gail Lucado Harry Lusk Ricky Lyle Joyce Mabe Maureen Mack Gary Maddox Leon Mangie Debbie Marshall Linda Marshall Stevie Martin Carlton Mathews Connie Mattews Nancy McBride Nancy McCallum Bill McCreary Melvin McDonald Bruce McGhee Kathy McGhee Jane McJonald Diane McLamb 98 Christine Me Murray Jack Melamed Yonnie Merriman Susan Michie Ellen Miller Gary Miller Betty Mitchell Lambert Mitchell Sharon Monroe Nora Lee Moore Richard Moore Donald Morgan Michael Morgan Steve Morris Dwight Mullins Jeff Mullins Joan Musika Ricky Nichols Danny O’Brien Maureen O’Brien Joyce Oliver Eddie Olshansky Danny O’Neal Ellen Overton Carolyn Parker Gary Parks Robert Parrish Steve Parrish Bennie Parter Clarence Pasley Alex Pasquier Jimmy Patrick Barbara Patter Janice Payne Pamela Pearce Mary Jeannine Pearson Christine Petterson Debbie Phaup Sonny Pless Wanda Plessinger Johnny Poff Larry Powell Terry Presley Faye Prevatte Susan Price Rebecca Pritt Richard Pruitt Cheryl Puckett Elaine Queen Mary Ramsey Paul Randolp Robert Raper Larry Reavis Billy Reece Gail Reep Royce Reeves Pamela Register Brenda Reighard Linda Rice Cathy Richardson Lulu Roberts Russell Roberts Donnie Robertson James Rodgers Bill Rose Warren Ross Anne Rowe Dennis Rowsey Ethel Ryan Le Dean Ryan Frankie Satisky Paul Satterfield Edward Saunders Cindy Sawyer Scooter Sawyer Magda Schusgler Johnny Schwab Phil Schwab Phyllis Schwab Malvin Scott Pam Scott Eugene Seay Anita Shapiro Roberta Shields Bill Sims Carlton Skinnell Jean Slate Bill Smith David Smith Gill Smith Jerry Smith J. M. Smith Preston Smith Rachel Smith Ronnie Smith Sandy Smith Velma Smith Wayne Smith Nathan Sosebee 99 Phyllis Spikes Ruth Springfield Wanda Stallings Stormy Stanaway Nancy Stanfield James Stepp Joe Stevens Donald Stevenson Glenda Stewart Ray Strickland Jay Styles Eugene Suiter Bonnie Suttle Jake Swall Billie Fay Taylor Linda Taylor Robert Taylor Joyce Tedder Michael Terry Steve Terry Dean Thomas Patricia Thomas Ralph Thomas Willard Thomas Henry Thorne Joyce Thorne Linda Tosh Nancy Trussell Keith Tucker Tommy Tucker Betty Turbyfill James Turner Lucia Varacalli Eddie Vest Janice Vickers Richard Walker Ronnie Walker Dale Walls Robert Ward Judy Warner Marcia Wasserman Gary Watson Dana Watts Francis Wells Allen West Baxter West Martin West James Wheeler Linda White Bennie Whitmer Johnny Whitmore Joe Whitt Sheila Whitt Billy Wiatt Anne Williams James Williams Janice Williams Pat Williams Rayvone Williams Christine Wilson David Wilson Mark Wilson Bobby Winfree 100 “I’ll never tell!!”, Janice tells Tony. “Problems, problems,” says W. T. Kirkland disgustedly. “We can’t wait for our’s,” exclaimed the seniors’ sisters. “Three heads are better than one,” agree the Schwab Triplets. Hey guys, who’s the popular girl? Ronald terrifies mice in annual Mouse Assembly. Front row (L. to R.) Ann Stall, Executive Board; Pauline Wright, secretary. Back row (L. to R.) Wayne Owens, President; David McCoy, Honor Council; Mr. Brown, sponsor. FRESHMEN SEEK THEIR GOALS As their second year of high school progresses, the freshmen become acclimated to their surroundings. They participate in school activities, increase their scope of knowledge, and strive to become an integral part of Newport News High School life. Sharon Connie Phillip Brenda Lee Ivan Larry Frances David Adcock Alger Allred Anderson Andrews Anker Arnette Artman Ashworth Mike Dexter Carl Tanya Peter Brenda Linda Linda Sherry Atkins Atkinson Baab Back Bacolias Baker Baker Baker Baker Frances Mike Wanda William Dana John David Linda Fred Banton Barber Barber Barett Bateman Bateman Bazemore Beacham Beale 102 Louise Ronald Sherry Betty James David David Wilma Edward Beals Rell Bell Belt Berelacqua Bessom Billups Binder Bishop Donald Linda Armand Barbara David Phyllis Thomas Brenda Elliott Blackburn Blake Blanchard Blank Blue Bluxome Boggs Boone Borenstein Karen Wanda Debby Margaret Brenda Elizabeth Eddie Linda Dru Bost Bowen Braswell Brevard Bridge Britt Brooks Brown Bryant Kenny Terry Gene Margaret Teresa Joyce Willie Donna Ann Buckingham Buffkin Burke Burns Burroughs Burton Burton Byrd Cagle Paul Ramona Greg Linda Fred Gene Juanita Kenneth Mimi Calhoun Calhoun Campbell Carter Case Cash Castle Cates Cattanach Sara Bob Eleanor John Robert Lynn Carolyn Barbara Tommy Chaffin Chisom Church Clark Clark Clayton Coalter Cole Comer Linda Marsha Russell Gilbert Gordon J erry Carolyn Cathy Revanda Condron Currier Conway Cooke Cooper Creek more Crittendon Crockin Cross Craven Susan Linda John Kenneth Archie Gary Mike Janet Crump Daniel Daniels Davis Davis Deans Deckard Derzis De Shazo Judy Michael Jimmy Connie Jeannie Billy Valerie Albert Diane Desimone Digiacomi Dinwiddie Dixon Doby Douthhart Dowdy Dutton Dyksen Arthur Mickie Robert Doug Bruce Patti David Arlene Virginia Eaker Eaker Ealey Edgerton Edwards Elliott Elliott Ellis Eudailey Barry Candy Gerald Sandra Kenny Linda Sharon Billy Teddy Epstein Eveland Fields Fink Flick Forbes Forman Fox Franks Joe Nancy Wanda Billy Jerry Margie W arren Lill Jimmy Franklin Fulghum Fuller Gallimore Garrison Gary Gary Gillespie Gillian Udo Alan Grace Shirley Sharon Jimmy Judy Darrell Larry Goff Goldberg Goldsmith Goldwasser Goodson Gordon Gordon Graham Grant Bryan Linda Peggy Joan Donald Kay Billy Dave Joe Gravely Gray Greenspon Grepiotis Griffin Griffin Griffith Gungle Guthrie Ronnie Bill Ronnie Donnie Donald Anne Bobby Shelley Donnie Guye Haan Haden Hagslett Hagy Hale Haley Halfin Hancock George Bobby Cheryl Bob William Myron Mike Mike Ronald Hankins Harvey Hardee Hardin Harper Harrelson Harrille Harris Hastings 104 Tony Steve Linda Judy Katie Donna Jane Linda Linda Hedgepeth Helton Henderson Hess Hewitt Hinnant Hinnant Hobbs Hodees Jimmy Ted Sue David Donna John Nell Rocky Nellie Hogan Holliday Holloway Hortetter Houston Howard Howard Howell Hudgins £ ) 01 01 9 it. £ Gretchen Henry Ronald David Eddie Mary Lou Brenda Colleen Bruce Hudson Hudson Hueres Hyatt Hyatt Ianas Ineram James Jenkins Diana Bill Billy Jackie Betty Bill Eddie Luther Melvin Jenkins Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Jones Jones Jones Jones 2ft £££. Sandra Margaret Lynda Clinton Robert Linda Kathy Linda John Jordan Kailos Keeter Kennedy Kennelly Kerby Key Klaty Knowles Nathan Ellen David Sharon Charles Bill Janet Helen Kay Kozloski Kurzer Kypriandes La Boone Lamb Larmer Lawson Lemons Leonard Kathy Beth Jo Steve Jacqueline Linda Linda Freddy Claudia Lewis Liverman Lusk Luter Lyerly Lyons Major Malpass Marcham Sandy Mary Shirley Henry Debby Pat Lawana David Chris Markman Markiewich Mars ton Mason Massengill Mattox McCord McCoy Me Cutcheon L 105 Joyce Ray Annette Larry Jerry Johnny Larry Sue Curtis McGee McKeen McKenney McLamb McPhail Mercer Mercer Merilic Messick James Glenn Sheryl Jean Ricky Michael Danny Melissa Callie Millard Miller Minkoff Mitchell Montague Monteith Moody Moody Moore Eugene JoAnn Charles Richard Donald Kathy Jimmie Ronald Jacque Moore Moren Morgan Moris Morris Morrow Narron Nash Neihouse Patrick Tim Lynn Wayne Daria Barbara Carol Judy Joyce O’Brien O’Brien Oney Owens Parkin Parrish Parrish Parton Payne Ralph Peck Dianne Peden Judy Pendergraph Jennifer Perkins Charlene Petterson Brenda Phillips Linda Polston Diane Price Raymond Price Jimmie Pulley Bill Rash Barbara Ratcliff Ramona Rawls Barbara Reagan Freida Rector Ruth Reece Barbara Reeves Albert Rice Donna Casey Garland Sue Donald Belinda Donald Judy Kenny Rickey Riggs Rigney Roberts Roughton Royal Ryan Salken Schwartz John Terry James Patsy Belvia Brenda Charlie Linda Nadyne Schweida Seay Shelton Shelton Sheovic Shepard Shields Sholar Simpson 106 Rita Clifford Frances Jeannie Joseph Randy Roslyn Veulah Connie Smallwood Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Smith Snapp Nancy Steve Patsy Anne Alan Ruth Carolyn Horace Gloria Sosebee Spell Spikes Stall Stanaway Stant Stepp Stepp Straughen Sue Shirley Charles Michael Jean Rita Donna Wanda Joyce Suttle Swartz Swindell Tall Taylor Teicher Terry Testina Thomas Sherry Robert Andrew Ronnie Bruce Bobby Barbara Gary Tony Thomas Thorne Tillman Timberlake Tingen Trainum Turner Turner Turner Roger Underwood Wayne Vest Carol Warf Benny Weeks Richard Welsted Adrian Whitcomb David Whitley Martha Whitmore Walter Wiggins Mamie Carolyn Fred Wilkins Williams Wilson Judy Sharon Larry Wilson W inburn Winfree Diane ttaroara Jim Winkler Wise Witcher Cheryl Sheila Larry Phyllis Jimmie Wolfe Wood Woodard Woodard Wright Mike Alfred Wayne Ricky John York Young Young Yow Zeno L 107 (L-R) Eric Burden, treasurer; Patty Dempsey, secretary; Mr. Mitchell, sponsor; Steve Kiger, president; Mrs. Tucker, sponsor; Eleanor Milne, Honor Council; Joel Fisher, vice president; Bobby Kenny, Executive Board. Sophomores Gain Leadership Qualities At the mid-way point in their high school careers, sophomores are eager to assume the responsibilities of leading younger students and emulating the efforts of the upperclassmen. Their project for the year was a dance, “The Basketball Bounce,” which was a success. Pat Adkins Richie Allen Mike Artman Frances Atkins Jan Atkins Dale Atkinson Susan Avent Carolyn Baker Jerry Ann Baker Susie Barker Gary Barncord Beverly Barnes Mary Anne Barrow Frances Bass Roger Bean Richard Bearor Tommy Becker Iris Beeson Dorothy Bell Barbara Bentley Wayne Bernard Edward Bessom Pat Bingham Bucky Black Barbara Blanchard David Blount Connie Bloxome Linda Boatright Harriet Bolden Linda Bond Milly Bost Gaven Boyd 108 Carol Braddish Michael Bradford Ronnie Brame David Brandon Gayle Bridgeman Tommy Brittain Tommy Brown James Bryant Robert Burch Michele Budman Eric Burden Carolyn Burns Peggy Burton Sam Buxton Ronnie Byrd Peggy Caldwell Brenda Campbell Donnie Campbell Larry Campbell Romona Carneal Mike Carter Lucky Cartwright Geneva Cash Ronald Cash Sharon Chaffin Freddy Champ Donald Chaney Jane Christian Margaret Christie Janet Coates James Cobb Williard Coffie Harry Coley Lee Cook Diana Cooper Jimmy Corbitt Jerry Crisp Gail Crowford Wanda Crump Earnest Cullen Randy Culotta Calvin Culp Jackie Davenport Kirk Davis Linda Davis Phillip Davis Rex Davis Sheila Davis Wayne Davis Mary Dean Susan Deaver Patricia Delk Calvin Dellinger Patty Dempsey Leslie Diamond Joe Dickson Paul Dobie Paulette Dobie Gail Dobson Shirley Dooley A1 Dorner Jimmy Dossett Barbara Doyle Brenda Eakes Shirley Eanes Brady Earnhardt Vicki Edgerton Faye Edler Pat Edmondson Virginia Edwards Kay Eggleston J. J. Ellen Carolyn Ember Butch Emerson Mina Erlach Drema Ferguson David Finkle Chuck Fiorella Carol Firestone Joel Fisher David Flakowitz Amy Forbes Lynn Forbes Sammy Fox Norman Freeman Sarah Freeman Michael Gardner Linda Garth Alan Gerber Aderon Gibbs Nancy Gillen Alvin Gills Bill Glazier Carl Goodbar Robert Goodson Betsy Goodwin Stevie Gordon Allen Groshong Emily Grubb Marcia Grubbs John Guthrie Sylvia Hall Tony Hall Ronald Hamel Terry Haney Margaret Hanvey Barbara Harrelson Bob Harris Linda Harris Sheila Harris Shirley Hartley Rick Hartline Danny Hartzler Barry Hayslett Barbara Hedrick Carolyn Henderson Jerry Henry Brenda Hicks Linda Hildebrand Patty Hilsdon Bob Hines William Hobbs Dorothy Hodges Dannie Holmes 1 10 Jimmie Holmes Linda Hooper Paulette Horne Bobby Houston Dianne Huckeba Mark Hutchersor Regina Ivey Clif Jackson Delores Jackson Linda Jackson Stuart Jackson Mike Jefferys James Jenkins Tommy Jenkins Kathy Johnson Marvin Johnson Sheila Johnson Sarah Jolly Barbara Jones Chuck Jones Raymond Jones David Kahle John Keller Diane Kelley Shirley Kennedy Bobby Kenny Steve Kiger Morris King Don Kirkland Randy Kiser Terry Kiser Janice Knight Anne Korycinski Zoe Kounnas Butch Kypriandes Rita Lane Bonnie Lee Gerald Leonard Saur.dra Leonard William Leong David Leslie Linda Lewis Nancy Lewis Barbara Liakos Pat Liakos Joe Lieberman Coleman Lloyd Mike Luther Curtis Lyle Richard Mabe Jeanette MacDonald Bobbie Mahn Stanley Majors Wayne Mallory Chris Manry Sandra Marion Richard Marshall Jimmy Martin Virginia Martin Bill Massey Cheryl Mays Terri McAfee 1 1 1 Donnie McCain Gloria McCutcheon Hoyel Me Donald Roger McIntosh Vonciel McKeel Linda McKenna Reed McKnight Susan McMurray Marie McNeill Linda Merriman Faye Merritt Beverly Miller Ruby Miller Eleanor Milne Gary Minter Faye Mintz Larry Moody Jimmy Montague Anita Morgan Theresa Morgan Joyce Munn Joan Myers David Nash Anna Neumeyer Diane Neumeyer S. A. Nichols Frank Nicosia Sede Norton Milton Nunnally Harry O’Brien Ernest Ocheltree Pam Oliver Francis Owens Anita Parker Norma Parker Dianne Parrish Elizabeth Pasley Harry Pasquier Donald Patrick Marilyn Payne Sandra Perkins Tony Perkins Hal Perry Jimmy Peters Butch Petteway Judy Phillips Albert Plessinger Vickie Polston Janice Poole Linda Powell Eugene Price Diana May Price Donna Price Eugene Pritt Bobby Puckett Frank Purcell Chuck Ragland Maybelle Ramsey Bill Raper Jackie Ray Evelyn Reidinger Sandra Reighard Karen Richardson Judy Roberts Liz Roberts Worth Roberts Linda Robertson Kathy Robinson David Rodgers Kenny Rogers Tim Rogers Diego Romero Cheryle Rosser Bill Ray Mike Ryan Merle Sammons Susan Sandler Steve Saul James Savage Robert Sauer Mike Schock Wade Scott Nancy Scruggs Tom Seaborn Linda Shelton Michele Shelton Douglas Shinn Pat Shiplett Natalie Siegal Linda Sills Woody Slate Danny Smiley Cheryl Smith Jerry Smith Mitchell Smith Roger Smith Sheila Smith Shirley Smith Steve Smith Marie Sne d Mary Francis Southall Tommy Spikes Mike Spivey Chuck Springfield Bobby Sprouse Michael Starnes Bonnie Stepp Wayne Stokes Ricky Sturgis Ellen Suiter Waldine Talton Randy Tate Libby Taylor Ronnie Taylor Donnie Terry Sandra Thomas Linda Thomason Frances Thompson Elliot Torn Luci Turlington Timothy Turner Phillip Vaughn Ferdy Wagner Woody Wagner 113 Larry Ward Roger Warf Ilene Wasserman Linda Waterfield Carolyn Watson Pam Weaver Cathie Weeks Thomas White David Whitmore Susan Whitt Jimmy Wiatt Flores Williams Linda Williams Linda Williams Jean Wilkins Juanita Wilkins Mark Wimmer Russell Winkler Jack Withrow Donald Wolfley Peggy Wood Ronnie Wood Sandra Worsham Sheila Wyatt Charles Zachary Nowell Zoumplis £ The sophomore class staged a successful dance after the Ferguson bas- ketball game. The theme, as selected by the sophomore dance committee, was The Basketball Bounce. 114 Officers (L. to R.) Miss Maguire, sponsor; Harron Ellenson, Honor Council; David Ellenson, vice president; Joe Wingo, president; Charles Embler, Honor Council; Mary Lou Staton, secretary; Polly Norris, treasurer and Executive Board; Mr. Shirley, sponsor. Juniors Prepare To Lead The junior class, anticipating their final year of high school, make plans for their prom, and absorb know- ledge in their quest to attain maturity and adulthood. One of the highlights of the year was the junior class dance, “Wonderland by Night”, presented after the Granby basketball game. Terry Abbott Dianne Adams Ann Allen Jerry Allen Linda Allen Wilda Allen Jerry Atkins I Roger Back Thelma Baker Madge Baldwin 115 Ray Barnes Ginny Barrett Max Bartholomew Charlene Bender Ernest Blanchard Charles Braslow Kay Burks Betty Bass Paul Bass Sandra Bateman Sidney Becker Joseph Bell Lonnie Berry Ricky Billings F. 0. Blechman Patsy Blackard Annette Blanchard Betty Blandford Sandra Boatright Rosalie Bond Bunny Booker Natassa Bourlotas Rebecca Braswell James Brinkley Richard Bryant Carol Buckley Jewell Bullock Barbara Burns Michael Burns Steve Burns Betty Burton Margaret Burton 116 Mary Byrd Ruth Campbell Sharon Campbell Richard Cantor Barbara Carroll Kenny Carter Wayne Chapman Brenda Clarke Chippy Clark Gerald Clark Geneva Cole Jeannie Collier Pauline Collins Russell Collins Howard Conn James Conner Harvey Cook Laura Copes Thomas Crittendon Danny Crockett 1 17 Becky Crank Linda Crews Sheila Crowder Lynne Dannelly Cecilia Davis Malcolm Davis Pat Davis Richard Davis Robert Davis Wayne DeBerry James Doeherty Daniel Dooley Jamey Douglas Shirley Elder David Ellenson Harron Ellenson Larry Elmore Charles Embler Brenda Ezzell Ernest Faircloth George Fenigsohn Carla Fine Roger Frizzelle Wayne Frizzelle Edward Fuller Gloria Gardner Rocky Gary Thomas Gilbert 118 Todd Givens Otis Glamore Jody Glazer Frances Goodson Richard Gordon Norma Graham Georgia Gravely Jacqueline Grepiotis William Hallett Dorinda Hamm Ronald Haney Larry Harding Richard Harman Nelson Harris Brenda Harrison Susan Harrison Buddy Hart Arva Hartless Donald Harvey David Hatchett Pat Hessler Betty Hicks Linda Hicks Marcus Higgins Albert Hines Mike Hirshman Diane Hill Dana Hinnant Margaret Hoban Frances Hollifield 1 ) 9 Ronnie Holloway Sherry Holmes Nancy Horne Olivia House Cecil Howell Henry Hoyle Garland Hudson Reid Hudson Terry Hunsucker Phyllis Hyatt Linda Ingram Raleigh Ingram Tommy Ingram Dennis Ivey Betty Jefferson Penny Jeffrys Allen Jenkins George Johnson Kay Johnson James Jones Wayne Karmosky Janie Keatts Carroll Keen David Keithley Reatha Kennedy Kenneth Ketterman George Konstant 120 Chris Kypriandes Carol Larson Kim Lassiter Rickie Lassiter Joe Laws Richard Lee Ilene Levinson Nancy Lewis Donna Lloyd Carol Long H. P. Lucas Glenn Malpass Iris Manry Anne Marlow Pat Marshall Bobby Marston Ann Martin Candy Mays Janice McCain Judy McCall Glenda McCord Marvin McFall Melvin McFall Betty McManus Donna Mick Michael Miller Jackie Millikin Sherry Mitchem Johnny Montague Lois Moore 121 Phyllis Moore Larry Moran Rose Morgan James Morrow Bill Mortimer Ernie Murphy Linda Murphy Polly Norris David Norsworthy William Odom Sandra Osborne Tom Oxner Carolyn Pagan Anne Parrish Ronald Parton Sadie Patterson Eddie Perry Lynn Petty Charles Phillips Ronald Phillips Linda Pless Jackie Poteat Tommy Proctor Sarah Puckett Steve Pullen Nancy Reagan Donald Reed Barbara Reep Brenda Rison Brenda Rose Rose Roughton Van Rowell Bobby Ruben 122 David Sage Billy Sale Barbara Salken Ronnie Sanders Charles Sands Bonnie Sauls Anne Sawyer Andy Schaffer Carolyn Schroding William Schroding Jeannie Scruggs Mickie Settles Nancy Shackelford Drema Shields Shirley Sholar Joyce Singer Jimmy Skates Pat Slone Ann Smith Barbara Smith Betsy Smith David Smith Donald Smith James Smith Janet Smith Pam Smith Robert Smith Ronald Smith Shirley Smith Stephen Smith 123 Tom Smith Vicki Smith Willard Smith Marc Snyder Joyce Spake Bruce Spigel Mickey Spivey Howard Stallings Mary Lou Staton Susan Stenner Gail Straughen Sylvia Summerlin Bob Tanner Jane Taylor Ken Taylor Frances Thompson Sandra Tilles Connie Todd Jean Tosh David Trevathan Cheryl Tucker Billy Turner Nancy Umphlet Brenda Vanness John Van Noy Sherry Vaughan Steve Vaughn Charles Vellines Brenda Vest Wayne Vick 1 24 Bobby Walker Lynn Walker Tommy Walker Elizabeth Warboys Dianna Ward Joe Warner Harold Waters Carolyn Webb Laura Welton Julie Wheary Edna Whitcomb Allan White Tazewell Whitley Bridget Whitt Judy Wiggins Dolores Wilds Carol Williams Wayne Williams Richard Wren Linwood Wright Pat Wright J. R. Yevak 125 The Junior Decoration Committee, co-headed by Donald Harvey and Patsy Blackard, is in charge of decorations for various junior activities, such as dances. Members of the committee are, from left to right, Jim Brinkley, Jerry Allen, David Keithley, Patsy Blackard, Donald Harvey, Bar- bara Smith, and Kay Johnson. Junior Committees The Junior Dance Committee, under the direction of How- ard Conn and Nancy Horne, plans and sponsors at least one junior dance a year. They are in charge of supervising decorations, refreshments, tickets, and music. Wonderland by Night, held after the Granby basketball game, was a successful junior dance. Miss Betty Burton, a junior, was crowned Basketball Queen at the dance. Committee members are, from left to right, George Anas, Andy Schaeffer, Nancy Horne, Howard Conn, Linwood Wright, Nancy Lewis, and Lynne Dannelly. 126 Under the direction of Frances Hollifield, the Junior Typing Committee types lists of junior committee members, and any ad- ditional data required by the class. In the foreground is Frances Hol- lifield. In the second row are from left to right, Brenda Vanness and Cheryl Tucker. In the third row are from left to right, Nancy Umphlet and Georgia Gravely. The Junior Ring Committee be- gins work on the ordering of rings for their senior year. Sending out cards for fittings in the summer to rising seniors, and collecting money in the fall for the rings, . are among their duties. Committee members are, from left to right, Mickie Settles, Betty Bass, Rich- ard Gordon, Betsy Smith (head), Charles Embler, and Janice Mc- Cain. The Junior Usher Staff ushers at Senior Assembly and com- mencement exercises. Billy Sch- roding heads this committee. Members of the group are, from left to right, Sidney Becker, Larry Moran, Wayne Vick, Billy Turner, Larry Harding, Billy Schroding, and Van Rowell. 127 SENIORS ft A A A A A A 4 A hybrid is a cross between two different plants; the perfect plant is being sought. The seniors, in a similar way, come together, ex- change thoughts and ideas, and emerge better people, ready to take their first steps as adults in an adult world. This process never ends, for people constantly change to better themselves and their world. Your high school careers are near an end-“an end filled with memories your future years await you-“a future filled with anticipation.” Let your memories be your experiences in fulfilling worthwhile future lives. This past year as your senior class sponsor has been a most pleasant opportunity. You have work- ed together as a team, cooperating and showing enthusiasm in all your undertakings. Continue at this pace which you have set for yourselves, and you will find that your adult years will be rewarding. No matter what your futures might bring, evaluate yourselves from time to time in striving to achieve your best. I hope t hat you will find success and happiness on your future way. My congratulations and best wishes go with you. Senior Class Sponsors You have found, over the past five years, that through unity anything can be accomplished. I trust you will carry this with you as you leave your classmates and the halls of Newport News High, to take your place in an ever-changing world with the rest of mankind. Cherish your memories of these five years, for it is through past experience that we are able to gain an insight into the future and a better knowledge of ourselves and the world around us. Part of man’s basic nature is the desire to better himself ; never quench this desire, always strive to accomplish the highest of goals, and your fu- ture will certainly be bright and promising. Congratulations and the best of wishes to you in whatever you resolve to do, and thank you for the honor and privilege of being associated with you as your senior class sponsor, an association that will remain bright in memory if not in fact. 130 Leading the senior class are (1. to r.) Vivian Starnes, tribute much of their time and effort toward making the secretary; Dennis Holbrook, vice-president; John Todd, year successful, president; Cissy Wilkinson, treasurer. These officers con- Senior Class Officers “Five . . . ten . . . fifteen”, says Cissy Wilkinson as she counts the senior class dues. “Blue and white are the class colors,” reports John Todd during a class meeting. Honor Council representatives are Becky Goolsby, Billy Taylor, and Dale Mueller. 131 “First you must capture the attention of your audi- ence,” instructs Mrs. Thomas. Katherine Elizabeth Agee Y Teens Latin Club Tri-Hi-Y Ring Comm. Sophomore Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board School Spirit Comm. Behavior Code Comm. Juanita Faye Allen H.R. Officer Future Teachers Club G.A.A. Executive Board D.E. Club Sophomore Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Girls Usher Staff Christopher Newport Society Sr. Chorus Drama: Furniture Staff Hockey Team Volleyball Team Robert Carroll Allen Jr. Band S.C.A. Rep. Hi-Y : Secretary Thespians: Letter Stage Crew Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. H.R. Officer Charles Fred Anspach Key Club Varsity Football: Letter, Co-captain Varsity Track: Letter Varsity Baseball: Letter Jr. Class: Vice-president Newcomers Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade Kathryn Patricia Avant D.E. Club: Vice-president Sr. Bulletin Board Committee: Head G. A.A. Executive Board Usher Staff H. R. Officer House Grounds Comm. Jr. Chorus Ring Comm. William Irvin Barnard National Honor Society: President Nelms Honor Scroll Key Club French Club: President T.O. Keesee Hi-Y : President Launchings Staff Christopher Newport Society Sr. Pennant Committee J.V. Basketball Lion’s Club Award for Science Michael Barnes Varsity Football: Sportsmanship Award; Letter Varsity Baseball William Collin Barnes J.V. Track Cross Country Track Key Club Spanish Club Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Hi-Y: Officer H.R. Officer 134 Harry Austin Barrit Varsity Track: Letter J.V. Track S.C.A. Rep. Shop Foreman H.R. Officer Sr. Dance Comm. Brenda Anne Bass Sr. Band: Letters Dance Band Regional Workshop Band Future Teachers Club Latin Club Hockey Team: 12th Grade Jerry Thomas Bean Transferred from Waynesboro High Shop Foreman D.O. Club Charles Randolph Bearor Alvin Edward Beasley, Jr. Sr. Assembly Comm. Sr. Band Jr. Band J.V. Football Hi-Y : Vice-president David Bell Judith Andrea Bell J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Student Council Rep. Christopher Newport Society French Club Sr. Assembly Comm. Drama: Play Director Cast of Plays Donald Lee Benthall Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Sr. Chorus: Letter Jr. Chorus: Letter All State Chorus Library Club Jr. Usher Staff School Spirit Comm. 135 Tony Gladston Benton Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band D.E. Club Judy Bessom Transferred from Paris American High School, Paris, France D.O. Club Brenda Carol Billups Future Teachers Club Christopher Newport Society Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Spanish Club ! Bonnie Norment Binford Sr. Assembly Comm.: Tri-Head Thespians Nelm’s Honor Scroll Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Drama: Letter Anchor Staff Drama: Make-up Staff Head Cast of Major Plays Tournament Play: Director Library Asst. All Tournament Cast Dance Committee Porter Randall Blakemore Jr. Dance Comm.: Co-head Sr. Dance Comm.: Co-head Cross Country Track Cast of Major Plays Cast of Tournament Plays H.R. Officer French Club Chorus Sr. Motto Comm. Jr. Science Club T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Lawrence Edward Blakeslee Transferred from Highland Springs High Jr. Band Sr. Band H.R. Officer Jr. Science Club Debate Team Sr. Chorus Varsity Football Hi-Y Sr. Music Comm. Track Team David Alan Block Launchings: Editor, Asst. Editor, Circulation Mgr. Science Club: President Key Club Nelms Honor Scroll Latin Club: Vice-president Sr. Motto Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist Scholastic Key French Club: Executive Board Christopher Newport Society Earl Brooks Bloxom, Jr. Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Ring Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Dance Comm. 136 John DeCanip Bluxome, III Transferred Buckroe Jr. High School Sr. Band Jr. Band Sr. Pennant Comm. Chess Club Christopher Newport Society Spanish Club Larry Wayne Boger Varsity Football: Letter Jr. Varsity Football Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letters Sr. Band: Pres. Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Chesapeake Hi-Y Homeroom Pres. Public Speaking Club Jr. Science Club Darrell Boland Hi-Y: Sec. Student Council Rep. Latin Club School Spirit Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Colleen Jeannette Bounds Transferred John Roger High School Johnny Uzzle Boyette Transferred Warwick High School Varsity Baseball Sr. Pennant Comm. Larry Boyles Jr. Varsity Football Shop Officer Chesapeake Hi-Y Sr. Dance Comm. Sr. Chorus Pearl Claudine Branch Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Invitations Comm. Safety Comm. I.C.T. Club D.E. Club Drama Staff Thomas Glenn Braswell Sr. Pennant Comm. 137 Margaret Brown Basketball: 8th grade F.H.A.: Class Pres. School Spirit Comm. Newcomers Comm. Safety Comm. Jr. Typing Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. V.O.T. Bertha Ann Bryant Jr. Chorus School Spirit Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board G.A.A.: Letter, Star Hockey Team: 12th Grade All Star Volleyball Basketball Track Physical Fitness Award Robert Allen Bryant Jr. Band Sr. Invitation Comm. Ronald Robert Bryant Spokesman Club Sr. Chorus Sr. Science Club Sr. Assembly Comm. Thomas W Buckingham Basketball: Mgr., Letter Christopher Newport Society French Club Sr. Invitation Comm. Launchings Staff All Tournament Cast Casts of Two Major Plays Chesapeake Hi-Y Elaine Marie Budney Transferred St. Vincent Ellen Louise Budney Transferred St. Vincent Charles Buffington 138 Charles Lee Bull, Jr. Transferred Warwick High School Spanish Club Science Club Sr. Invitations Comm. Service Comm. Dance Comm. James Sidney Bull Varsity Football: Letter Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Track: Letter Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Band: Letter Marie Burns Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Letter Beacon Staff Office Asst. F.T.A. F.H.A. Usher Staff Sr. Assembly Comm. Soph. Dance Comm. Industrial Arts Dept.: Secretary Mary Brenda Burrage Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus French Club Sr. Dance Comm. Lynda Mae Burton Transferred Hampton High School Jr. Dance Comm. Spanish Club: Treas. S.C.A. Service Comm. S.C.A. Safety Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. D.E. Club: Parliamentarian Nancy Anne Burton Transferred St. Vincent Pennant Comm. Jean Wessells Byrd Transferred Warwick High School Sr. Chorus Girls Ensemble Library Asst. Mary Katherine Byrd Thespians French Club F.T.A. Effects Staff: Co-head Cast of Major Play Publicity Comm. Girls Usher Staff Sr. Assembly Comm. Assistant Directors Staff Ticket Staff Decoration Comm. 139 Orville Calhoun Shop Foreman Bobby Callis Track Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Donald Preston Carter Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. John Westley Carter II Sr. Music Comm. Sr. Band Chess Club Chesapeake Hi-Y Shop Officer Rebecca Lynn Cash Nelms Honor Scroll Sr. Chorus: Accompanist, Letters, Secretary Jr. Chorus: Letters Girls Usher Staff: Program Staff Head 11th GradeTournament Play All Tournament Cast Christopher Newport Society: Bulletin Board Comm. Co-head All State Chorus Anchor Staff Girls Ensemble Sr. Assembly: Make-up Co-head Sr. Ring Comm. Latin Club Margaret Page Cathey D.O. Club Sr. Chorus Library Club Sr. Assembly Comm. French Club School Spirit Comm. Future Homemakers Club Jr. Decorations Comm. Elizabeth Ann Cayton Dance Comm. Future Homemakers Club Library Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Jr. Decorations Comm. Donna Gale Chadwell Student Council Rep. Cast of Tournament Plays H. R. Officer Jr. Chorus: Treasurer Sr. Invitations Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Latin Club Basketball Team: 9th Grade I. C.T. Club Dance Comm. House and Grounds Comm. 140 Judi Ann Chapman Beacon Staff: Business Mgr. G. A.A. Executive Board Hockey Team Basketball Team: All Star Volleyball Team H. R. Officer Speech Arts Club Christopher Newport Society Sr. Invitations Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Future Homemakers Club Apparatus Club Girls Usher Staff Richard Daniel Childress Wood Shop: Record Clerk Judith Elaine Chisom Sr. Chorus Future Homemakers Club Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Decorations Comm. School Spirit Comm. Dance Comm. Sandye Cohen National Honor Society Quill and Scroll Beacon: Feature and Art Editor Anchor: Art Editor; School Life Section Head S.C.A. Executive Board School Spirit Comm.: Co-chairman Publicity Comm.: Co-chairman Chesapeake District S.C.A.: Secretary S.C.A. State Conference Delegate Latin Club: Secretary French Club Christopher Newport Society Future Teachers Club y v W A ■ % r k. . Tommy Coleman J.V. Basketball: Mgr. Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade Manager Cafeteria Comm. French Club I.C.T. Club Dance Comm. H.R. Officer James Phillip Coley Christopher Newport Society Spanish Club Safety Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Jane Coltrain Varsity Cheerleader: Head J.V. Cheerleader: Head Advanced-Tumbling Club Advanced Apparatus Club Sr. Pennant Comm. Most School Spirited: 11th Grade Jr. Chorus 8th Grade: Secretary G. A.A. Executive Board H. R. Officer Girls Usher Staff I. C.T. Club: Secretary Sophomore Dance Comm. Betty Warren Cooper Sr. Typing Comm. H.R. Officer Safety Comm. Future Homemakers Club Jr. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. 141 Rachel Marlene Covert Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Pin Bible Club Spanish Club D.O. Club Sr. Assembly Comm. Jo Ann Crabtree Jr. Chorus Library Service H.R. Officer Martha Anne Credle Christopher Newport Society: President Nelms Honor Scroll Usher Staff: Reserve Staff Head Anchor: Faculty Section Head Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Letter Future Nurses Club Sr. Invitations Comm. French Club Latin Club H.R. Officer Joan Dale Crittendon Sr. Chorus Drama: Props Staff Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Chorus School Spirit Comm. Billy Page Crosley Sr. Dance Comm. Sr. Band Jr. Band Hi-Y Track I.C.T. Club Alma Jean Crum Future Teachers Club Sr. Chorus Latin Club Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. H.R. Officer Herminio Cuervo Transferred from Miami Jackson High Track Service Comm. Safety Comm. Spanish Club Spanish Paper Latin Club Richard Alfred Curtis Key Club Student Council Rep. J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball: Letter J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball: Letter Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade Golf Team Sr. Dance Comm. French Club 142 Terry Wayne Davenport Physical Fitness Awards H.R. Officer Student Council Rep. Sr. Pennant Comm. J.V. Football Anne Melinda Davidson Anc hor. Staff Future Teachers Club: Delegate to State Convention Spanish Club Latin Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Jr. Decorations Comm. Sophomore Dance Comm. Office Staff Usher Staff Brenda Faye Davis Jr. Chorus Sehool Spirit Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Dance Comm. Jr. Decorations Comm. Spanish Club Martha Carolyn Davis Roy Lee Davis Sportsmanship Comm. Stage Crew Newcomers Comm. House and Grounds Comm. Shop Officer Sr. Decorations Comm. Melba Deas Girls’ Track: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Basketball: 10th, 11th, 12th Grade School Spirit Comm. Girls’ Chorus G-A.A. Executive Board James William DeBerry Sr. Pennant Comm. Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade J.V. Basketball Varsity Basketball J.V. Football Varsity Football: Letter J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball: Letter Behavior Code Comm. Key Club Safety Comm. H.R. Officer Jr. Science Club Carolyn Jean Deuell Sr. Music Comm. Sr. Chorus: Letter Jr. Chorus: Letter School Spirit Comm. 143 Stacy Dorn Spanish Club: Secretary Speech Club: Award H.R. Officer Sr. Chorus Usher Staff Basketball: 9th Grade Spanish Paper: Co-Editor Spanish Typing Comm. David Murray Drucker Baseball: Mgr. Football: Mgr. Sr. Science Club Speech Arts Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Jr. Usher Comm.: Head Latin Club Ann Paynor Duncan Student Council Rep. Usher Staff Latin Club I.C.T. Club Jr. Typing Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. School Spirit Comm. Future Homemakers Club Harold James Eakes Drama: Usher Staff Sr. Pennant Comm. School Spirit Comm. Advanced Machine Shop: Officer, Clerk Donald Ray Ealey Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Judith Rae Edwards Anchor Staff Thespians Tournament Play Latin Club Student Council Rep. H.R. Officer Volleyball Team Usher Staff Sr. Chorus: Letter Jr. Chorus Karon Ann Eichelberger Christopher Newport Society French Club Basketball Team Hockey Team V.O.T. Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Lloyd Christopher Ellis Most Friendly: 8th Grade J.V. Football J.V. Basketball J.V. Baseball Varsity Basketball: Letter Key Club 144 Judy Ellen Erlach Varsity Cheerleader Anchor: Business Staff Sr. Bulletin Board Comm.: Co-chairman Student Council Rep. H.R. Officer Jr. Decorations Comm. Latin Club French Club Newcomers Comm. Publicity Comm. School Spirit Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board Frederick Craig Eubank Latin Club J.V. Football J.V. Baseball Varsity Football: Letter Track Varsity Baseball Alan Lee Farber Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Usher Staff Dance Comm. Service Comm. Jr. Band French Club Alfred Farmer Emmett Ralph Farmer Cross Country Track Student Council Rep. Sr. Dance Comm. Sr. Pennant Comm. Dance Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Billy Feather Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter All State Band Golf Team: Letter Latin Club: Comm. Chairman French Club T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Jr. Classical League Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Mary Lee Ferguson Jr. Chorus Future Homemakers Club School Spirit Comm. Drama: Ticket Staff Volleyball Brenda Kaye Fisher D.E. Club Jr. Typing Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. School Spirit Comm. Jr. Usher Staff Dance Comm. Future Homemakers Club Drama Comm. 145 Randolph Fitzgerald Shop Foreman D.E. Club J.V. Baseball Thomas Alan Flax Spanish Club Jr. Band: Letter J.V. Baseball J.V. Basketball: Mgr. Jr. Usher Staff Anchor: Sports Editor Basketball: Mgr. Sr. Pennant Comm.: Co-head Barry Guy Forbes Shop Foreman School Spirit Comm. Pamela Irene Forman Lion’s Club Math Award Science Club Latin Club French Club Future Teachers Club Christopher Newport Society Spokesman Club Sr. Invitations Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. Charles Alton Forrest, Jr. Sr. Pennant Comm. Safety Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Service Comm. Cafeteria Comm. Dance Comm. Woodshop Superintendent Joseph Lee Forrest Wood Shop Superintendent Livia Alice Fowler Executive Board: Secretary S.C.A. Secretary Honor Council Peninsula S.C.A. Federation: Reporter School Spirit Comm.: Co-chairman Anchor: School Life Section French Club Sr. Class Giftorian Christopher Newport Society Sr. Assembly Comm. Launchings Staff Ellen Susan Frank Nelms Honor Scroll Launchings Staff Science Club Christopher Newport Society Future Teachers Club Latin Club Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Class Motto: Authoress 146 Gene Freeze Sr. Chorus Sr. Dance Committee Spanish Club Lewis Fuller Transferred Hampton High Dance Committee Joan Saunders Gibson Sr. Dance Committee D.E. Club: Treasurer Drama Staff: Asst. Directors Library Assistant H.R. Officer William Claude Gilbert Key Club Latin Club French Club Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Cafeteria Comm. Service Comm. Safety Comm. Kathryn Gillespie J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader French Club Latin Club Future Nurses Club Student Council Rep. Executive Board Newcomers Committee: Co-chairman Jr. Chorus Elinor Sharon Goldberg Sr. Assembly Comm. Nelms Honor Scroll Future Teachers Club Launchings Staff Christopher Newport Society Latin Club French Club Alice Elizabeth Goldsmith Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter Launchings: Editorial Staff Anchor: Activities Section Head Creative Writers Club: Membership Chairman Sr. Assembly Comm. Spanish Club Chess Club: President, Vice-president, Secretary Service Comm. Rebecca Irene Goolsby J.V. Flagtwirler: Head Varsity Flagtwirler Cast of Fall Play Cast of Tournament Plays Sr., Jr. Chorus: Letter Band Council: Jr., Sr. Rep. Honor Council: 11th, 12th Grade; Secretary Nelms Honor Scroll Christopher Newport Society Future Teachers Club: Vice-president Student Council Hockey Team Gym Asst. 147 Reva Gravely Sr. Pennant Comm. I.C.T. Club: Treasurer Jr. Decorations Comm. H.R. Officer Future Nurses Club: Vice-Pres. Latin Club Girls Basketball Gerald Franklin Gray School Spirit Comm. Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus: Letter Library Asst. All-State Chorus Head Usher Jr. Usher Comm. Dance Comm. Ronni Uene Green Editor: ’64 Anchor Asst. Editor: ’63 Anchor National Honor Society Thespians: Secretary Tournament Play: Director 11th Grade Tournament Play: Cast Student Council Rep. Latin Club French Club Future Teachers Club Spokesmen Speech Club Co-Chairman: Ring Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. S.C.A. Comm’s. School Service: Letter Carol Ann Groshong Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Sr. Flower Comm. Spanish Club Sr. Chorus French Club Art Club Lacy Gale Guthrie Speech Arts Club Future Homemakers Club School Spirit Comm. Katherine Groome Haan Jr. Band: Librarian Jr. Science Club Volleyball H.R. Officer Spanish Club: Corresponding Secretary Future Teachers Club Christopher Newport Society: Recording Secretary Latin Club Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Sr. Gift Comm. William Hale ■Jr. Band D.O. Club Dance Comm. Service Comm. Sr. Music Comm. Barbara Sue Halfin Nelms Honor Scroll Sr. Assembly Comm.: Co-Head Executive Board Student Council S.C.A. Service Comm.: Chairman Tournament Play: Cast Tournament Play: Director Lions Club Achievement Award: Math Thespians Anchor Staff: Asst. Business Mgr. Homeroom: Pres., Treas. Launchings Staff Christopher Newport Society 148 Phillip Edward Hammond 8th Grade Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Golf Team Jr. Ring Comm. Phyllis Carol Hargrave Sr. Ring Comm.: Co-Chairman S.C.A. Rep. French Club S.C.A. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. D.E. Club: Sec. Homeroom Officer: Sec. Physical Fitness Award Soph. Dance Comm. Bonnie Jean Harrison Bible Club Future Homemakers Launchings Staff: Art Co-Editor Art Club Library Asst. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Kenny Henderson Sr. Dance Comm. Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Basketball: Letter Sr. Chorus Hi-Y Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade J.V. Basketball J.V. Football Ruthann Hessler Asst. Head Furniture Staff Drama: Letter Tumbling Club Apparatus Club Usher Staff 8th, 9th, 10th Grade Basketball Team Thespians Tournament Play: Director Peggy Esther Hildebrand Transferred Warwick High Sr. Chorus D.O. Club Sr. Invitation Comm. Gregory Wayne Hill Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Football Publicity Comm. Service Comm. James Oliver Hines Sr. Band: Letters, Treas. Jr. Band: Letters Spanish Club: Awards Comm. Head All Regional Workshop Band Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Hi-Y 149 Dennis Holbrook Sr. Class: yice-Pres. Key Club: Vice-Pres. Sr. Pennant Comm. Christopher Newport Society 9th Grade: Pres. Friendly Typhoon: 9th, 10th Grade Jr. Varsity Football Boys State Delegate Soph. Dance Comm.: Co-head Jr. Dance Comm. H.R. Officer Metal Shop: Foreman Spanish Club Donald Luke Houston Christopher Newport Society: Treas., corres. Sec. Spanish Club: Vice-Pres., Letter Anchor Staff: Underclass- men Section Head Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Decoration Comm. Publicity Comm. Service Comm. School Spirit Comm. Drama: Props Staff Brenda Elaine Hudson Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus S.C.A. Comm. Jr. Decorations Comm. I.C.T.: Scrapbook, Social Comm. Basketball Team: 11th Grade Latin Club Sr. Music Comm. Dance Comm. Joseph Gil Hughes Transferred Smithfield High School Art Club School Spirit Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Dianne Carole Hunter Janice Marie Hurd Sr. Chorus: Letter House and Grounds Comm. Safety Comm. Sr. Invitation s Comm. Drama: Make-up Staff Edna Johnson Beacon Staff: Photographer Cast of Tournament Play H.R. Officer Sr. Flower Comm. Sr. Pennant Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Hockey Team Jr. Chorus Usher Staff Richard Dean Johnson Transferred R. L. Paschal High School Stage Crew Bulletin Board Comm. 150 Edward Kerlin Judy Long Joye Transferred Hermitage High School D.E. Club David Lee Kahn Transferred Ferguson High School Spanish Club Sr. Dance Comm. Brenda Joyce Keatts Jr. Varsity Flagtwirler Varsity Flagtwirler Sr. Attendant: Homecoming Jr. Attendant: Homecoming Student Council Rep. H. R. Officer Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. French Club Service Comm. F.H.A.: President I. C.T. Club Bonnie Hartwick Keel D.E. Club Eddie Lee Ketterman Dance Comm. Furniture Staff Ticket Staff Shop Officer Physical Fitness Award H.R. Chaplain Gilmore Hansford Kirby, Jr. Jr. Dance Comm. Shop Officer H.R. Officer Physical Fitness Award Patricia Lou Kirkland Homeroom Officer: Vice-Pres. F.H.A. Drama Staffs Sr. Dance Comm. H.R. Officer V.O.T. 151 Stephen B. Klein Science Club Latin Club Spanish Club Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Varsity Football Behavior Code Comm. Linda I. Lane Sr. Music Comm.: Head Future Nurses Club: Pres. Sr. Band: Letters Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Chorus All Festival Chorus Girls Chorus Jr. Chorus: Accompanist Tri-Hi-Y Service Comm.: Head French Club Jr. Science Club F.H.A. Betty Sue Lanier Usher Staff: Head Woodman of the World Academic Achievement Award Sr. Chorus: Treas. Girls’ Ensemble Girls Chorus Chorus Award Sr. Music Comm. Christopher Newport Society: Project Comm.: Head Spanish Club Office Asst. Jacqueline Gail Latta F. T.A.: Pres., Secretary Anchor Staff: Senior Section Head Christopher Newport Society: Scrapbook Chairman School Spirit Comm. French Club Physical Fitness Award Hockey Team: 10th, 12th Grade G. A.A. Executive Board Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. Kyle Druelee Lawson Transferred Fulton High School Chess Club Asst. Librarian Larry Richard Layden Transferred John A. Holmes High School Cheryl Davette Ledford Sr. Chorus Girls Chorus Safety Comm. Sr. Music Comm. Bible Club Library Service Linda Rachelle Levy Jr. Band: Sec., Letters Sr. Band: Letters Sr. Science Club: Sec., Attendance Comm.: Head, Social Comm.: Co-head Chess Club: Sec. Usher Staff: Head of General Staff Jr. Typing Comm. Sr. Music Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board Girls Basketball 152 Joel Sheldon Lewis Sr. Science Club Latin Club Safety Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. Christopher Newport Society Chess Club H.R. Officer Judy Lorraine Lockard Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Pin Usher Staff Service Comm. Safety Comm. Typing Comm. V.O.T. Don Ken London J.V. Football Varsity Football: Co-captain Varsity Track Linda Gail Long H.R. Officer G.A.A. Executive Board Sr. Dance Comm. Basketball: 9th Grade Volleyball: 10th Grade G.A.A. Letter Future Homemakers Club Judy Gayle Lucas G.A.A. Executive Board: Pres., Vice Pres. Head of Props: 10th Grade Thespians: Vice-president French Club Beacon: Girls Sports Editor Sr. Assembly Comm. Hockey: All Star Hockey Team, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th, Uth, 12th Grade Volleyball: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Allied Reserved Hockey Team Friendly Typhoon Ronnie Russel Luther Dance Comm. H.R. Officer Asst. Director Shop Officer Alexandra Sue Lyon Student Council Rep. Dorama Staffs: Make-up, Effects Tournament Play: Director H.R. Officer Sr. Assembly Comm. Tournament Play: Cast Charles Wilson Maddy H.R. Officer Stage Crew Sr. Assembly Comm.: Stage Crew Co-head 153 Joan Ann Markiewich School Spirit Comm. F.T.A. Sr. Dance Comm. Joanne Zell Markman Transferred Woodrow Wilson High School Sr. Chorus Publicity Comm. Bulletin Board Comm. Safety Comm. Sandra Rae Matthews Bible Club Jr. Chorus Library Asst. Sr. Invitations Comm. Judith Charlene Mawyer French Club 11th Grade Volleyball Team G.A.A. Furniture Staff Homeroom Pres. Student Council Rep. Mary Elizabeth May Sr. Chorus Sr. Invitations Comm. Library Asst. Kathy McCallum Transferred Southern Pines High, N. C. Sr. Dance Comm. Sandra Gail McGough Christopher Newport Society: Vice-Pres. Spanish Club Student Council Rep. Sr. Typing Comm. All Star Volleyball Basketball Homeroom Officer Donald Wayne McPhail Transferred George Wythe Jr. High Christopher Newport Society Sr. Pennant Comm. Achievement Award: Biology 154 Daniel Joseph Meena Sr. Band: Letter All-State Band All-State Workshop Band All Regional Band Jr. Band: Letter Dance Band Section Head: Jr., Sr. Band Sidney Melton Charles David Mercer Transferred George Wythe Jr. High School D.O. Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Shop Officer Art Club Safety Comm. Sue Carrol Miller Beacon Staff: News Editor, Letter 9th Grade: Sec. S.C.A.: Executive Board, Pen. Federation Sr. Invitations Comm.: Head Soph. Dance Comm.: Co-Chairman Christopher Newport Society Quill and Scroll Cast of Major Plays Hockey Team French Club Charles Thomas Milne Jr. Band Sr. Chorus: All State Varsity Track Cross Country Track French Club Launchings Staff Sr. Assembly Comm. Key Club National Honor Society Student Council: President Nelms Honor Scroll School Academic Key National Merit Award Executive Board Rep. Beverly Marcelle Mingee H.R. Officer Costume Staff: Asst. Head Dance Comm. Jr. Chorus Gym Award Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Nancy Carol Mitchell School Spirit Comm. Dance Comm. Y-Teens Future Homemakers Club Tournament Plays: Cast Tournament Play: Director, Asst. Director Drama: Make-up Staff French Club Thespians D.E. Club Jr. Dance Comm. James Monroe Moore Cross Country Track 155 Kenny Ray Moore Jr. Band: Property Mgr., Letter Sr. Band: Letter Latin Club: Music Comm., Head; Publicity Comm., Head Sr. Science Club: Parliamentarian; Bulletin Board Comm., Co-head; Social Comm., Co-head Chess Club Dance Band: Librarian H.R. Officer Sr. Invitations Comm. Yvonne Morrison Latin Club Future Nurses Club: Treasurer G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Sr. Dance Comm. Volleyball: All Star Team I.C.T. Club Basketball: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Ruby Lee Moses Nelms Honor Scroll Future Nurses Club: Treasurer; Vice-Pres. Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. Behavior Code Comm. House Grounds Comm. Newcomers Comm. Library Asst. V.O.T. Gym O’Rama Richard Dale Mueller Student Council Rep. Key Club Honor Council: 11th, 12th Grade, Chairman Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Basketball Track Executive Board J.V. Basketball Sr. Pennant Comm. Betty Lane Mundie Anchor Staff Cast of Major Plays Jr. Ring Comm. 10th Grade: Secretary Sr. Assembly Comm. Girls Usher Staff Future Nurses Club Drama: Props Staff, Make-up Staff Ada Cecilia Murphy Transferred St. Vincent High Future Homemakers Club Basketball: All Star Team Decorations Comm. Annette Marie Murphy Transferred St. Vincent High Dance Comm. Basketball: All Star Team Future Homemakers Club Douglas Edmund Nelson Jr. Band Sr. Band: Letter 156 Alan Bruce Nesbitt Jr. Varsity Football Varsity Football: Letter Student Council Rep. Sr. Pennant Comm. B. W. Newsom Transferred Central High, London, Eng. Cross Country Track Lorna Mae Nicosia H.R. Officer French Club Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. Behavior Code Comm. Newcomers Comm. House Grounds Comm. Safety Comm. V.O.T. Shelia Lorraine Oakes Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board Jr. Chorus: Secretary Tumbling Club Apparatus Club Tri-Hi-Y Drama: Make-up Staff Library Asst. School Spirit Comm. Rodney Odom J.V. Baseball Varsity Baseball Norman Olshansky Key Club: President Spokesman: President Thespians: President, Letter All Tournament Cast Cast of Major Plays Sr. Assembly Comm.: Tri-chairman Student Council Executive Board French Club Jr. Band: Letters Sr. Band: Letters Christopher Newport Society Richard Bruce Oppenheimer Varsity Football Latin Club Science Club French Club Cast of Major Play Christopher Newport Society Sr. Assembly Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Ray Wayne Owen Christopher Newport Society Science Club Latin Club Art Club Jr. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Election Official J.V. Football H.R. Officer 157 Mary Sue Parker Basketball: 10th Grade School Spirit Comm. French Club Dance Comm. Safety Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm.: Props Co-head Physical Fitness Award Jeanette Marie Parrish Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Tri-Hi-Y : President, Secretary D.E. Club: Co-Treasurer Drama: Furniture Staff French Club School Spirit Comm. Safety Comm. Dance Comm. Brenda Sue Patrick Usher Staff: Asst. Head of General Staff Drama: Costume Staff Head Sr. Assembly Comm. Conrad Pauley J.V. Football Spanish Club Sr. Dance Comm. Varsity Track Science Club Jimmy Dale Pearce Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. D.O. Club Stage Crew Woodshop: Clerk, Finishing Foreman Sportsman Comm. Cast of Major Play Sandra Darlene Pennington H.R. Officer Library Club Hockey Team Basketball Richard Earl Phelps Margaret Ann Phillips Christopher Newport Society French Club Apparatus Club Tumbling Club Basketball: 8th Grade H.R. Officers Sr. Dance Comm. Latin Club pyoososE . 158 Alice Pipkin Basketball: 8th Grade H.R. Officers Sr. Assembly Comm. Tumbling Club Apparatus Club Decorations Comm. Donna Pipkin J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader French Club Hockey Team: All Tidewater Team Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th Grade Apparatus Club Tumbling Club Gymnastics Team: Wash., D. C. Scholastic Gymnastics Meet First Place, Balance Beam School Spirit Comm. Lois Jean Pittman Transferred St. Vincent Christopher Newport Society Future Teachers Club Future Nurses Club French Club Library Asst. Club Sr. Invitations Comm. Safety Comm. Newcomers Comm. Cheryl Lynne Pless Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus: Letter Spanish Club Lion’s Club Award: Spanish Usher Staff Service Comm. Christopher Newport Society Sr. Invitations Comm. Safety Comm. Clarence Point Sr. Chorus Cast of Major Play Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Cafeteria Dance Comm. Publicity Comm. Physical Fitness Awards Jean Poole Anchor. Staff Future Teachers Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Usher Staff: Asst. Head Sr. Chorus Office Staff Safety Comm. Latin Club Jerry Wayne Powell Key Club Spanish Club: Sgt.-at-Arms Christopher Newport Society Chess Club T.O. Keesee Hi-Y : Treasurer Sr. Pennant Comm. Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade J.V. Basketball Jr. Dance Comm. Carolyn Ruth Price Citizenship Comm. Typing Comm. Sr. Band: Awards, All State Workshop Girls Hockey Team Basketball: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Volleyball: 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Future Homemakers Club 159 Diane Faye Pritchett Future Teachers Club Student Council Rep. Christopher Newport Society French Club Sr. Assembly Comm. H.R. Officer James Michael Rama Transferred St. Vincent Key Club Sr. Dance Comm. Varsity Football: Letter Varsity Basketball: Letter Varsity Baseball: Letter Drama: Advertising, Tickets Comm. Martha Sharon Rash Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letters, Section Head French Club Future Nurses Club Sr. Pennant Comm. Chess Club Angela Van Lear Ray S.C.A.: Vice-president J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader G.A.A. Executive Board: Secretary Beacon Staff School Spirit Comm.: Co-chairman French Club Latin Club Hockey Team: All Tournament Second Team Gym Asst. Sr. Chorus Gymnastics Mary Eleanor Rickey Sr. Assembly Comm. Drama: Asst. Directors Staff, Head; Letter Thespians Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Hockey Team Volleyball Team Charles Earl Rinehart Sr. Assembly Comm. Stage Crew Usher Staff Head Printing Dept. Basketball Mgr.: 8th, 9th Grade School Spirit Comm. Advertising Comm. Hi-Y H.R. Officer Shop Officer David Rossenwasser Student Council Rep. National Honor Society French Club Track: Mgr.; Letter Cross Country Track: Mgr., Letter Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Assembly Comm. Christopher Newport Society: Parliamentarian Helen Annette Rouse J.V. Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. School Spirit Comm. Gymnastics Hockey Team G.A.A. Executive Board Drama: Make-up Staff Volleyball Team 160 George Wells Rowe J.V. Football Key Club Jr. Band Sr. Band: Vice-Pres., All State Band Cast of Major Plays Cast of All Tournament Play Thespians Jr. Decorations Comm.: Co-head Golf Team Sr. Assembly Comm. Latin Club Service Comm. Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade Thomasine Elizabeth Rowell Beacon: Editor National Honor Society Quill Scroll Scrapbook Comm.: Chairman Executive Board Christopher Newport Society Spanish Club Journalism: Letter Sue Marilyn Scott Sr. Dance Comm. Student Council Rep. French Club Jr. Dance Comm. Library Asst. Safety Comm. Newcomers Comm. Usher Staff School Spirit Comm. John Scull Student Council: Letter Executive Board S.C.A. Federation Dance Comm.: Co-chairman Chesapeake District S.C.A. Student Council Rep. Service Comm.: Chairman Sr. Assembly Comm. Spokesmen Club Key Club Science Club Chess Club Freddy Lee Seldomridge Drama Staff: Head Service Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Dance Comm. Furniture Staff Shop Officer Newcome rs Comm. Joel David Shapiro Anchor Staff: Bus. Mgr. Christopher Newport Society Latin Club Creative Writers Club Sr. Invitations Comm. Sr. Science Club Jr. Band Jr. Usher Staff Charlee Jane Shoff Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus Drama: Furniture Staff D.O. Club School Spirit Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. Future Homemakers Club Basketball: 9th Grade Lee Holmes Siler Jr. Band: Letter Dance Band Sr. Band: Letter French Club Sr. Assembly Comm. National Merit Scholarship Semifinalist Sr. Science Club 161 Robert Harold Simpson, Jr. Jr. Band: Letter, Drum Major J.V. Football J.V. Track Varsity Track Varsity Football: Letter Lin McRae Singletary Mary Singleton Catherine Elizabeth Slusser Sr. Flower Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Publicity Comm. D.E. Club Future Homemakers Club David Joseph Smith J.V. Football Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter Jr. Science Club Dance Band Kathy Smith Sr. Dance Comm. Dance Comm. Sr. Chorus Sheila Jo Smith Tumbling Club Apparatus Club Drama: Make-up Staff Jr. Science Club Jr. Dance Comm. Charles Snead Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Vice- Pres.; Letter J.V. Track Art Club Sr. Music Comm. Dance Band Sr. Class Song: Composer Physical Fitness Award Jr. Dance Comm. Christopher Newport Society 162 David Arthur Spriggs Launchings Staff Spanish Club J.V. Baseball Service Comm. Safety Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Susan Evelyn Stalnaker Friendly Typhoon: 8th Grade All Tournament Play: Cast Jr. Chorus: Letter Sr. Chorus: Pin French Club Spanish Club H.R. Officer C afeteria Comm. School Spirit Comm. Safety Comm. Basketball: 11th Grade Drama: Furniture Staff Head Homecoming Court: Sr. Attendant Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. Bonnie Jean Stanfield Basketball: 8th, 10th Grade Girls Track Team H.R. Officer Physical Fitness Award Furniture Staff Vivian Dawn Starnes Sr. Class: Secretary Sr. Invitations Comm. Jr. Class: Secretary Jr. Dance Comm. Student Council Rep. French Club Future Homemakers Club School Spirit Comm. Raymond Edward Staton Jr. Band: Letter, Drum Major Sr. Band Sr. Dance Comm. H.R. Officer Cross Country Track Team Varsity Track: Certificate Chesapeake Hi-Y : Treasurer Judith Faye Steele Basketball Y-Teens Student Council Rep. French Club Future Homemakers Club: Treasurer Jr. Dance Comm. Sophomore Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. D.E. Club: Editor, Promotion Mgr. Service Comm. Safety Comm. James Edward Stefan Transferred Savannah High, Ga. Sr. Chorus Jo Ann Stewart Christopher Newport Society Spanish Club Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Sophomore Dance Comm. Jr. Chorus School Spirit Comm. H.R. Officer Dance Comm. D.O. Club House Grounds Comm. 163 Sharon Faith Strickland Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus Art Club Bible Club: Vice-Pres. H.R. Officer Richard John Strickland Basketball: 8th, 9th Grade J.V. Basketball J.V. Football H.R. Officer Woodshop Officer D.O. Club: President Horace Leland Sutton, III Golf Team Key Club D.E. Club Sr. Assembly Comm. T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Wilbur Austin Taylor National Honor Society Honor Council: Sr. Rep. Varisty Basketball Sr. Invitations Comm. Key Club Allen Christopher Cutler Thomas Latin Club Spanish Club Cross Country Track Golf Team Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Band: President D.E. Club T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Gary Carl Thornhill Sr. Bulletin Board Comm, Samuel Tilghman Sr. Bulletin Board Comm Sr. Chorus Jr. Chorus D.O. Club Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Library Service Brenda Todd Sr. Ring Comm. H.R. Officer Sr. Dance Comm. School Spirit Comm. Cafeteria Comm. 164 Brenda Todd Library Asst. G.A.A. Executive Board Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Volleyball: All Star Sr. Ring Comm. Sr. Invitations Comm. Hockey Team Drama: Asst. Directors Staff Future Homemakers Club Sr. Chorus Office Asst. John Buxton Todd, Jr. 10th Grade: President Jr. Class: President Sr. Class: President Key Club National Honor Society Christopher Newport Society Varsity Track Executive Board Safety Comm.: Chairman French Club Peninsula S.C.A. Federation Judith Kay Tosh Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Latin Club Future Nurses Club G.A.A. Executive Board Basketball: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Volleyball: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Physical Fitness Award Future Homemakers Club: President Teresa Ann Triplett Sr. Typing Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. H.R. Officer Physical Fitness Award Basketball: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Volleyball: 9th, 10th, 11th Grade Drama: Asst. Directors Staff Donnie Tyndall Varsity Football Sr. Dance Comm. Sportsmanship Comm. J.V. Football J.V. Baseball Carlene Van Noy 8th Grade: President J.V. Cheerleader Student Council Rep. Margaret Suzanne Van Noy Tournament Play: Cast Jr. Science Club: Vice-Pres. French Club Basketball: 8th Grade V.O.T. Sr. Pennant Comm. Sr. Flower Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Rose Ratliff Vegh Drama: Asst. Director Speech Arts Club Advertising Staff: Head Sr. Science Club Jr. Dance Comm. 165 Neil Edward Vickers Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus: Vice-Pres., Letter Shop Foreman T.O. Keesee Hi-Y Sr. Dance Comm. Jr. Dance Comm. Arthur Lee Walker II Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter Chess Club Latin Club All State Workshop Band UDC Award All State Regional Work- shop Band Dance Band John Richard Walker Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter All State Workshop Band All Regional Band Dance Band Jacqueline Ward 8th Grade: Friendly Typhoon; Hall of Fame, Best Looking Dance Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board Spanish Club Future Nurses Club Beacon Staff Sr. Dance Comm. William Dale Ward J.V. Track: Letter Varsity Track: Letter Cross Country Track: Letter J.V. Football: Letter Varsity Football: Letter Student Council Rep. Executive Board Dance Comm.: Co-chairman Sr. Pennant Comm.: Co-chairman Sr. Color Comm.: Chairman Jr. Dance Comm. Jay Christopher Warren Spanish Club Christopher Newport Society Service Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Gail Watkins National Honor Society Nelms Honor Scroll J.V. Flagtwirler Varsity Flagtwirler: Head Jr. Dance Comm.: Co-head Sr. Dance Comm.: Co-head Gymnastic Team Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Hockey Team: Tournament Team Christopher Newport Society Band Sweetheart Bonnie Gay Watson Beacon Staff: Public Relations Editor Usher Staff Jr. Ring Comm. Sr. Ring Comm. Art Club Sr. Flower Comm. G.A.A. Executive Board Sr. Pennant Comm. Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th Grade Hockey Team Volleyball Team 166 James Richard Watson D.O. Club Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Sr. Dance Comm. Publicity Comm. Pat Watts Drama: Asst. Directors Staff Chorus Judith Weckleman Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Bulletin Board Comm. Newcomers Comm. Physical Fitness Award H.R. Officer G.A.A. Executive Board Judith Layne White 1963 Homecoming Queen Sr. Assembly Comm. Jr. Ring Comm. J.V. Alternate Flagtwirler Varsity Alternate Flagtwirler Jr. Science Club Dance Comm. Jr. Homecoming Rep. Charles Malcom Whiteside Jr. Band: Letter Sr. Band: Letter, Workshop Band Jr. Dance Comm. J.V. Track Cross Country Track Sue Marie Whitley Sr. Assembly Drama: Props, Asst. Head Usher Staff Rex Richard Wiedman Shop Foreman Stage Crew Mary Ellen Wilkinson Sr. Class: Treasurer Sr. Class: Speaker Future Teachers Club Science Club: Secretary Costume Staff: Head Spanish Club: Scrapbook Chairman Launchings: Sophomore Rep. Sr. Motto Comm. Nelms Honor Scroll 167 l Karen Elaine Wilks Nelms Honor Scroll J.V. Flagtwirler Varsity Flagtwirler Anchor Staff: Copy Editor Thespians Tournament Play: Asst. Director Asst. Directors Staff: Co-head Launchings Staff Sr. Assembly Comm. French Club H.R. Officer Betsy Clements Williams Transferred Franklin County High Sr. Assembly Comm. Sandra Marie Williams Anchor Staff: Activities Student Council Rep. Sr. Assembly Comm. Christopher Newport Society Lion’s Club Award: Math Thespians: Letter Jr. Dance Comm. Nelms Honor Scroll Tournament Play: Asst. Director Cast of Major Play Jr. Chorus: Letter Ramona Wilson Future Homemakers Club D.O. Club William Thomas Winberry Transferred San Rafael High, Calif. Key Club Service Comm. Dance Comm. Chess Club Cross Country Track Track French Club Future Teachers Club David Steven Workman Key Club Christopher Newport Society Science Club Spanish Club Cast of Major Plays Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. Launchings Staff Jr. Science Club James Bandfield Wren, Jr. Jr. Band: Letter Dance Comm. Sr. Pennant Comm. Service Comm. Christopher Newport Society Gerald Wright Cross Country Track: Co-captain, Letters J.V. Track Varsity Track Usher Staff Jr. Dance Comm. Honor Code Comm. School Spirit Comm. Friendly Typhoon Sr. Pennant Comm. State Championship Track Letter 168 Hilda Ann Wright Latin Club Science Club Jr. Decorations Comm. Sr. Music Comm. Sr. Typing Comm. Sr. Chorus: Librarian Robert Wright Jr. Band Sr. Band Cafeteria Comm. J.V. Football Science Club Janet Wright G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter Jr. Chorus Sr. Chorus: Letter Jr. Dance Comm. Sr. Assembly Comm. Sportsmanship Comm. Tumbling Club Apparatus Club Gymnastics Team Basketball: 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th Grade Volleyball: 10th Grade Richard Wyatt I. C.T. Club: Vice-Pres. Honor Code Comm. Jr. Band Sr. Band J. V. Football: Mgr. T.O. Keesee Hi-Y In Memoriam Thomas Poteet Thou go not, like the quarry-slave at night, Scourged to his dungeon, but, sustained and soothed By an unfaltering trust, approach thy grave Like one who wraps the drapery of his couch About him, and lies down to pleasant dreams. “Thanatopsis” — William Cullen Bryant 169 Judy Mawyer, head of the Typing- Committee instructs Betty Cooper and Lorna Nicosia, as they type items for the Senior Class. Bill Ward, Color Committee head, and Gail Wat- kins, Flower Committee head, confer with each other about the class flower and colors. Senior Committees Through its various committees, the Senior Class carries out its functions for the year. Graduation colors, navy blue and white, were chosen by the Color Committee. In association with the Color Com- mittee, the Flower Committee selected the class flower, the white carnation. These will serve as de- corations for the Senior Prom and for graduation. The Bulletin Board Committee is responsible for keeping the bulletin board attractive and up to date. The class officers, pennant, and Hall of Fame were subjects of interest on the Bulletin Board. The Pen- nant Committee designed several pennants upon which the class voted. The Motto Committee is re- sponsible for writing an appropriate class motto. Typing up material for the Senior Class is the duty of the Typing Committee. (L. to R.) Tommy Flax and Bill Ward, co-heads of the them. David Block, Motto Committee head puts the beginning Pennant Committee, display the class pennant as Kathy lines of the class motto on the Bulletin Board. Avant, co-head of the Bulletin Board Committee, assists 170 Co-heads of the Senior Ring Committee, Ronni Green and Phylis Hargrave, give a long awaited ring to David Workman. The Invitations Committee under the direction of Sue Miller, selected the class invitations, took orders for them, and was responsible for sending and receiving the orders. Taking orders, receiving and distributing class rings was the responsibility of the Ring Committee. The calling cards which Members of the Senior Invitations Committee, Gail Latta, Sue Miller, chairman, and Pam Forman choose the announce- ments for graduation. students exchange at the end of the year were ordered in homerooms through representatives. Several sizes of cards and types of scripts were available. The class song and class musician were chosen by the sponsors and by the Music Committee headed by Linda Lane. Richard Strickland gives Judy Steele money for calling cards as Brenda Todd and David Smith choose theirs. The class song is played by the head of the Music Committee, Linda Lane, who was in charge of selecting the song. 171 Dance Committee The Senior Dance Committee instituted several firsts this year. The seniors carried their enthusiasm for folk music to one of their class affairs — a hootenanny which fea- tured talent from peninsula high schools and the College of William and Mary. Pro- ceeds from this event aided the senior class in financing the senior prom. The climax of the senior year was the prom set in gay Paree. Differing from the customary Junior-Senior Prom at NNHS, this year’s event was limited to members of the class of 1964 and their dates. A smiling Thommie Rowell accepts flowers from her favorite escort, Charlie Snead, as they prepare to leave for the prom. Gail Watkins and Porter Blakemore relax from their duties as co-heads of the Senior Dance Committee to demonstrate “the Bird?” Ralph Farmer, Raymond Staton, and Barbara Weinstock put finishing touches on the decorations for the King of ' 72 Hearts Dance. Barbara Halfin, Norman Olshansky and Dance time arrives as Judy White and Janet W right rehearse for Bonnie Binford, Senior Assembly tri-heads, go Senior Assembly day. over what appears to be a funny scene. Senior Assembly The audience at the Class of 1964’s final production, Senior Assembly, was enter- tained with a witty satire on politics. The setting was a jungle in the fictitious country of Belgium Mungo; the conflict, a struggle for power between the U. S. and U.S.S.R. The sub-plot, a love affair between the chief’s ugly daughter and a mysterious duke, provides a comic interjection, produces the climax, and ridicules both large powers. Each power seeks to win the favor of Mun- go through the use of its talents and gifts. Months of writing, revising, and rehears- ing went into the perfection of this class effort. Tri-heads, Norman Olshansky, Bon- nie Binford, and Barbara Halfin, appointed sub-heads to supervise sets, make-up, and costumes. Headaches, pleasures, challenges and finally success, face mem- bers of the Writing Committee as they compose the script for Senior Assembly. (L. to R.) Sandye Cohen, David Rosenwasser and Alice Fowler diligently work at the task awaiting them. 173 Class Musician In competition with other seniors, Becky Cash was the un- animous choice for Class Musician. Class Song — 1964 It’s time to leave you, Newport High, Time that we must part, It’s time to leave your sacred halls, But they’ll dwell within our hearts. We know with every ending a beginning there will be, And we owe to you, dear Newport High, Our support and our loyalty. The past is filled with memories, Future not too clear. Anticipation reigns supreme as we close our senior year. We leave you, Newport, for all life, in every walk and way, And we’ll always hold your honor high, Throughout each coming day. The class song was composed by Charlie Snead who submitted it to the committee. 174 The past is filled with memories; the future with anticipation. Ellen Frank 175 King Don London and Queen Judy Mawy 176 Best Students David Block and Cissy Wilkinson Best All Around John Todd and Angie Ray 177 Best Dressed Best Dancers Donnie Tyndall and Donna Pipkin Bill y Barnes and Kay Gillespie 178 Best Looking Dale Mueller and Judy White Most Popular Dennis Holbrook and Jane Coltrain 179 Most Likely to Succeed Billy Taylor and Ronni Green Most Talented Clyde Point and Becky Cash 180 Most Athletic Fred Anspach and Judy Lucas Most Typical George Rowe and Susan Stalnaker ADVERTISING $ A A Many factors determine the existence of all plants. 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Will Satisfy Your Wants for Realtors Distinctive Home Furnishings 1 22-26th Street Dial CH 5-2041 212 28th Street 245-3895 DRUCKER AND FALK ALTHAUS DELICATESSEN Real Estate and 111 -28th Street Participating Insurance CH 4-1797 1 3 1 -26th Street DIAL CH 7-6687 HOMEROOM 216 HOMEROOM 228 Mrs. Mundie, Wayne Barnard, Kenneth Bean, Edward Bessom, James Bryant, Hoyet McDonald, Roger McIntosh, Steve Ogier, Eugene Price, Eugene Pritt, John Ragland, EDDIE ' S NEW AND USED William Raper, Worth Roberts, David Rodgers, Kenneth Rogers, Michael Ryon, Ronald Taylor, Woodrow Wagner, FURNITURE Roger Warf, Patricia Bingham, Barbara Blanchard, Con- nie Bloxom, Shirley Dooley, Bonnie Gray, Patricia Lickos, Sandra Marion, Marlene Marsette, Cheryl Mays, Joan Furniture and Electrical Appliances Myers, Diane Parrish, Marilyn Payne, Judy Phillips, Vickie Polston, Janice Poole, Linda Powell, Maybelle Ramesy. 9512 Warwick Boulevard 199 REEDY ' S JEWELRY 222 28th Street Garland Reedy — Certified Watchmaker Newport News, Va. CH 4-3306 ' ' r " ° GENERAL AUTO SALES " INC. 31st. St. and Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 3001 Huntington Ave. Phone 244-1701 live. WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY 29th West Ave. 322 Main Street 3413 Victoria Blvd. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA MODERN TtH CLEANERS PT7 Is j AND PyERS KA 3409 Washington Avenue CH 4-1781 JAN MAR BEAUTY SHOP EVELYN DeHART Specialist in Hair Coloring Styling 9904 Warwick Blvd. Phone 596-9535 JUST WORLDS OF FASHIQfy DOWNTOWN NEWMARKET am The Peninsula ' s only exclusive Junior and Junior Petite Shop Newmarket Shopping Center 200 11050 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia P. O. Box 1337 Warwick Station LYric 6-6341 34th Huntington Avenue SALES SERVICE Number " l " Since ' 21 201 The voice with a smile Today, as always, the C P voice with a smile is as close as " Operator” on your dial. Intelligently, cheerfully, the " Operator” handles phone calls to faraway places and intricate day-to-day problems of telephone users. Her job is interesting, important, demanding and rewarding. She’s an indis- pensable member of our C P communica- tions service team. OF VIRGINIA A BELL SYSTEM COMPANY 202 BANK OF Cik rui • SATURDAY BANKING HOURS CSp CUWW fO V IOU , 9:30 to 12:00 NOON WARWICK • 96 Main Street (Main Office) • 5304 Jefferson Avenue • Hidenwood Shopping Center • Grafton Triongle, Grofton. Virginia CARPENTER BROS., INC. WARD PONTIAC SALES INC. REALTORS Pontiac T empest 10413 Warwick Blvd. 3201 Warwick Blvd. Dial CH 7-3638 LY 5-0311 7210 Warwick Blvd. CH 5-0073 We ' re ready when you are! You may already be saving some of your after-school or vacation earnings for college. Or perhaps you’re class or club treasurer with funds to handle. Come in and let us help. Let us be your bank today, just as we hope to be your bank in the future. Six convenient offices in Newport News 28th and Washington Ave. Drive-in Tellers and Parking Lot — 123 — 28th Street, Newport News Kecoughtan Branch — 25th St. Pear Ave. Hilton Branch — Warwick Blvd. at Brandon Rd. Deer Park Branch — Jefferson Ave. and J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Banking Facility for Army Personnel and Civilian Employees, Fort Eustis, Va. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. 203 FORREST COILE and ASSOCIATES 3415 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia HOMEROOM 126 Mrs. Marston Jerry Allen, George Anas, David Arnold, Daniel Dooley, David Ellenson, Larry Elmore, George Fenigsohn, Mark Friedman, Wayne Frizzelle, Dennis Fry, Edward Fuller, Dickie Godwin, John Ivey, Ronald Jennings, Jim Morrow, James Skates, Ken Taylor, Linda Allen, Kay Andleton, Jewell Bullock, Betty Burton, Shirley Caudiel, Linda De- Shazo, Shirley Elder, Harron Ellenson, Sherry Holmes, Georgia Leckoudis, Linda Murphy, Barbara Smith, Betsy Smith, Janet Smith, Vickie Smith, Jane VanNoy, Julie Wheary. HOMEROOM 207 Miss Brewer Charles Braslow, James Brinkley, Delano Buchanan, Todd Givens, Otis Glamore, Jody Glazer, Richard Gordon, Bill Hallett, Marvin McFall, Jimmy Odom, Charles Sands, Bobby Tanner, Pete Finch, Wilda Allen, Becky Braswell, Mary Byrd, Barbara Causey, Laura Copes, Carla Fine, Debby Fink, Debbie Freeman, Frances Goodson, Norma Graham, Georgia Gravely, Jackie Grepiotis, Susan Harri- son, Carolyn Kratzsch, Dreama Shields, Joyce Spake, Mary Lou Staton, Susanne Stenner, Martha Timberlake, Sherry Vaughan, Saura Welton. HOMEROOM 223 Mr. Willey Bobby Allen, Steve Klein, Gilmore Kirby, Wayne Mc- Phail, Ricky Phelps, Jerry Powell, Fred Seldomridge, Lee Sutton, Kit Thomas, Billy Taylor, Sam Tilghman, Donnie Tyndall, Neil Vickers, Skippy Walker, John Walker, Bill Ward, Jay Warren, Jimmy Watson, Mai Whiteside, Rex Wiedman, Jimmy Wren,. Gerald Wright, Bobby Wright, Ricky Wyatt, Nancy Burton, Linda Lane, Cheryl Pless, Jean Poole, Diane Pritchett, Angela Ray, Mary Ricky, Donna Schaffer, Carlene VanNoy, Suzanne VanNoy, Gail Watkins, Bonnie Watson, Patricia Watts, Judy Weckleman, Judy White, Sue Whitley, Sandra Williams, Ramona Wilson, Hilda Wright, Janet Wright. HOMEROOM 204 Miss Crane George Alexandrou, Paul Bauz, Gene Bucklen, Harvey Cook, James Conner, David Delk, Charles Embler, John Meek, Eddie Perry, Charles Phillips, Ronnie Phillips, Tommy Proctor, Steve Pullen, Don Reed, Van Rowell, Bobby Ruben, David Sage, Ronnie Sanders, Tom Smith, Howard Stallings, Wayne Vick, Wayne Williams, Anne Allen, Annette Blanchard, Natossa Boulotos, Becky Evans, Jackie Poteat, Sarah Puckett, Brenda Rose, Barbara Salken, Bonnie Sauls, Anne Sawyer, Andy Schaffer, Jeanie Scruggs, Shirley Smith, Mary Timber- lake, Cheryl Tucker, Nancy Umphlet. HOMEROOM 301 Mrs. Cameron Richard Bearor, Ronald Brame, Hal Perry, Frank Purcell, Tim Rogers, Robert Sauer, Steve Saul, James Savage, Wayne Savage, Mike Schock, Wade Scott, Thomas Seaborn, Douglas Shinn, Woody Slate, Mitchell Smith, Linda Boatright, Dianne Huckeba, Terri McAffee, Elizabeth Pasley, Judy Pearce, Jackie Ray, Sonda Reig- nard, Karen Richardson, Elizabeth Roberts, Judith Rob- erts, Kathy Robinson, Cheryl Rosser, Merle Sammons, Susan Sandler, Nancy Scruggs, Bonnie Stepp, Libby Tay- lor, Linda Thomason, llene Wasserman. HOMEROOM 113 Miss Holladay David Blue, Kenneth Davis, Archie Deans, Bobby Hardin, Myron Harrelson, Mike Harris, Mike Haroille, Donald Hayslett, Steve Helton, Jimmy Hogan, Ted Holladay, Robert Howell, Bill Larmer, Don Llewellyn, Harrison Tillman, William Harper, David Hostetter, Joyce Burton, Donna Byrd, Linda Carter, Lillian Gillespie, Grace Gold- smith, Shirley Goldwasser, Judy Gordon, Linda Gray, Peggy Greenspon, Joan Greiotes, Kay Griffin, Anne Hale, Rochelle Halfin, Silvia Hall, Linda Henderson, Diane Kelly, Sue Roberts, Phyllis Woodard. r VIRGINIA ' S FINEST DEPARTMENT STORES May you use the gift of knowledge you have acquired during your school years wisely in pursuit of a successful and rewarding life. Miller Rhoads wishes you every success in your endeavors. As Your Graduation Approaches . . . FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF NEWPORT NEWS 2916 Washington Ave. Newport News, Virginia WYTHE TIRE CO. INC. 1903 — 25th Street MR. B ' S DRIVE IN Restaurant Jefferson Avenue at Main St. Newport News, Virginia Dining Room Take Out Orders Dial LY 6-5216 HR 123 MRS. WEBB Wayne DeBerry, Russel Collins, Terry Abbott, Sandy Os- borne, Ruth Campbell, Howard Conn, Pat Marshall, Malcolm Davis, Pat Davis, Johnny Mizelle, Kay Johnson, Pat Anderson, Linda Crews, William Stoops, Brenda Harrison, Becky Crank, James Dempsey, Dan Crockett, Pam Hicks, Cecelia Davis, Pauline Collins, Judy Anker, Dennis Ivey, Geneva Cole, Ricky Davis, Sylvia Summerlin, Sharon Campbell, Jeannie Collier, Lynne Dannelly, Brenda Clarke, Earnest Blanchard. CONN SERVICE, INC. Your Friendly G.E. Kelvinator Appliance Dealer Sales Service 1925 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton, Va. CH 4-1491 TYSINGER DODGE MG, Austin Healey, Jaguar Hampton, Va. Downtown Best of Luck to the GRADUATING CLASS of 1964 DANNY ' S DELICATESSEN 10838 Warwick Blvd. Warwick Center THOMAS PIANO CO. “First With Everything Musical " Phone 595-0252 210 28th St. CH 5-0068 Visit ' Any Branch of B-H-R And Enjoy Our Complete Banking Services! Downtown Newport News Wythe Center • Brentwood Shopping Center b xstik: of HAMPTON B.O-A.IDS Watches Diamonds — — Silverware AM BROS jAiencttw 9 iur ie t jl . - 28 West Queen Street 3019 Washington Ave. Newmarket Shopping Center Famous Brand-Names in Clothes for the Teen-Ager . . . Our clothes are ALWAYS Right in styling, fabrics, and colors. BLECHMAN ' S YOUTH CENTER Newmarket Shopping Center CH 4-2614 Having the Gang in for a Treat? Get Your Refreshments at SATCHELL ' S GROCERY R. C. Satchell, Prop. • Groceries, Fruits, Frozen Foods Fresh Meats and Produce 2615 Marshall Avenue Dial CH 4-2124 MURRAY and PADGETT, INC. 131 28th Street Real Estate and Insurance PARISIAN SHOP Fashion Corner of the Peninsula Formals Bridals 2nd Floor Your Complete Family Jewelry Store SHAW ' S JEWELRY CO. 2811 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Diamonds Watches Silver Dishes Radios T.V. C Phonographs Cameras Today, we reach for worlds we hardly dreamed of... yesterday. And wherever we reach— below the seas, beyond the stars —there is electricity. A vital force— meeting chal- lenges, creating careers, translating dreams into reality. VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 210 Anne Davidson is selecting a Country Shirt at BEECROFT BULL, LTD. 10325 Warwick Blvd. Hilton Village 596-0951 Gannaway Construction Co. Inc. Asphalt and Concrete Paving 802 W. Pembroke Ave. PArk 22591 ELI ' S 26 E. Mercury Blvd. Hampton, Virginia HR 118 Mrs. Gilliam, Billy Douthat, Robert Ealey, Bruce Edwards, David Elliot, John Knowles, Nathan Kozloski, David Kypri- andes, Charles Lamb, Steven Luter, George Malpass, David McCoy, Ray McKeen, Jerry McPhail, Larry Woodard, Lin- da Beachan, Louise Beates, Ramona Calhoun, Louise Coffie, Barbara Cole, Linda Condron, Carolyn Crettendon, Cathy Crockin Linda Daniels, Susan Daniel, Margaret Kailes, Brenda Lee Keen, Dora Kemp, Linda Sue Kirley, Ellen Kurzer, Sharon LaBoone, Janet Lawson, Faye Smith, Anna Mae Wilkowski. HR 112 Mr. Loving, Virginia Eudailey, Joe Franklin, Teddy Franks, Sharon Forman, Patti Elliott, Jim Witcher, Gilbert Cooke, John Davis, Carolyn Coalter, Alan Goldberg, Sandra Fink, Arlene Ellis, Bill Haan, Lynn Clayton, Gordon Cooper, Robert Thorne, Candy Eveland, David Cutler, Darrell Graham, Warren Gary, Bryan Gravely, Valerie Dowdy, Donald Hagy, George Hankins, Diane Dyksen, Jerry Gar- rison, Ronnie Guye, Craven Crump, Gerald Creekmore, Mickie Eaker, Billy Griffith, Jimmy Gordon, Sara Chaffin. Best of luck to the Class of 1964 from MONTY ' S PENGUIN DRIVE-IN 9916 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Va. HOMEROOM Mr. A. L. Burke 220 Eric Burden Bob Puckett Diana Neumeyer Wayne Davis Bill Roy Nancy Lewis Butch Emerson Elliot Torn Ruby Miller Bill Hobbs Tim Turner Sandra Thomas Chris Manry Ferdy Wagner Lucille Turlington Jim Martin Bruce Wright Carlotta Vaughan Bill Massey Ludwig Malacek Jean Wilkins Dan McCain Carl Guthrie Ruth Long Reed McKnight Dorothy Bell Carolyn Ember Ernie Ocheltree Mary Dean Gloria McCutcheon Harry Pasquier Pat Delk Anita Morgan Donald Patrick Faye Elder Joyce Munn Jim Peters Anna Neumeyer Sarah Freemen Al Plessinger Bobby Mahn Frances Owens HORNE BROTHERS, INC. 2408 Harbor Road " Marine Repairs and General Contractors " GOODMAN HARDWARE 3401 West Mercury Boulevard Hampton, Virginia Phone 826-1444 WYTHE MEN ' S SHOP, INC. 2217 Kecoughtan Rd. RANDOLPH-MACON COLLEGE 1830 1964 Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. Information may be secured from William A. Robertson, Jr. Registrar and Director of Admissions 212 PATRONS A Friend Mr. Mrs. M. Anker Mrs. Carol Anthony Miss Ellena Armistead Mr. Mrs. D. J. Ball Mr. Mrs. Cecil Barrett Ginny Barrett William Barrett Sandra Charles Bell Bonnie Binford Marie Burns Virginia Randolph Cash Mr. Mrs. E. Blake Cameron, Jr. Mr. Mrs. Jack E. Carter Jack Jr. Allene Cohen Mr. Mrs. Irvin Cohen Sandye Cohen Colin Becky Mr. Mrs. Julius Conn Anne Davidson Miss Norma Dinkins David Drucker Mr. Samuel Ellenson Dr. Mrs. W. M. Goldsmith Mr. Mrs. C. Morris Goolsby Ricki Green Ronni Green Carol Groshong Donald Houston Mr. Mrs. L. M. Houston Henry Hoyle John Marty Miss Ettalea Kanter Mr. Mrs. T. O. Keesee Miss Jo Ellen Kessler Betty Sue Lanier Gail Latta Mr. Mrs. C. T. Masters Mr. Mrs. George F. Nelson Newsome Air Conditioning Gracie Willie O ' Neal Phyllis Robert Price Mr. B. F. Russell Mr. Jim Saine Sue Scott Mrs. C. W. Shackelford Mrs. H. H. Shackelford Anita Shapiro Joel Shapiro Mr. Mrs. Saul Shapiro E. J. Streeky Barbara Weinstock Helen Louis Wheary Allan White M. G. Willey Mr. Mrs. James P. Wilson, Jr. World Solutions Committee 213 In Memoriam JOHN FITZGERALD KENNEDY May 29, 1917 - Nov. 22, 1963 “He was not of an age but for all time.” — Ben Jonson In Memoriam SALLY FISH DAWKINS MOSER October 14, 1921 - February 27, 1964 “Each student that Mrs. Moser taught will remember and appreciate her bound- less enthusiasm and her unselfish devotion to her work and to her students.” — Thomasine Rowell The staff heads take time from their busy schedule to pose for their picture. (L. to r.) Joel Shapiro, Business Manager; Donald Houston, Underclassmen Section; Gail Latta, Senior Section; Ronni Green, Editor; Tommy Flax, Sports Section; Alice Goldsmith, Activities Section; Karen Wilks, Copy Editor; Sandye Cohen, School Life Section; Marty Credle, Faculty Section. Becky Goolsby, Classroom Section, is missing from the picture. 1963 - 1964 Anchor Staff The 1963-1964 yearbook staff smile as their picture is snapped. (L. to r. — 1st row) Judy Bell, Judy Edwards. Becky Cash, Sandra Williams, Bonnie Binford and Alice Fowler. 216 (2nd row) Judy Anker, Lynne Dannelly, Jean Poole, Anne Davidson, and Ginny Barrett. Making plans for the yearbook are (1. to r.) Joel Shapiro, Business Manager, Ronni Green, Editor, and Karen Wilks, Copy Editor. Cooperation and teamwork are the keys to producing a successful year- book. By employing these keys and adding to them hard work, patience, and effort, a successful yearbook results. The 1963-1964 Anchor staff has used these tools to present to you, the students, a yearbook which we hope you will enjoy and look back upon with fond memories. It is ' not only an account of the year’s events, but also a memory book — one which you will keep for many years to come. Thanks can only, in a small way, repay those who have helped to make the publication of this yearbook possible. Thanks to Mrs. Sa’ndra Coleman and Miss Jo Ellen Kessler, our advisors, for their patience, guidance, and assistance ; to our ingenious photographers Mr. Edward Streeky and Nach- man’s Studio ; to Delmar Publishing Company and their representative, Mr. Jim Saine; and most of all thanks to the wonderful staff. Ronni Green Editor 217 1 1 ! -J Newport News Public Library System ww w .nngov .com library 757 - 92 -1350 Unlock the pol

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