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T r HJohm Ihi hou»«, O Lord £priiy 1iik 4; H fJuJtj l y nijjlil t f il«- .n th« - w; IUr r firm eh ryiwftl 4s V wiuif »n ] Iron hi- -ml Mltffsjhr roof and -hiijinyy Util. I .el Thy jn-ini- hi- ov«j»flJ|{ Hl««« ilii;-i door, tl4.1t it nii v i»r « v«- 1A--i -pm to jo and lotf . i ili : t In- i- windows hinir i? Mffht l.-L-iiinK m litavT»ly n hi . f I hi- hearth a lil a .mg th r , Wilh Hinoki- an «-ndiny Ilk - h imiftr llletiH tin- folk who 1 wi-ll within, Kfci-p l In-in pul-- an- 1 fii-i- fiorn mo llli- U -. oil I ha I we may hi- l it, O Lord, to dwell with The , I Hi- .4a lit .ill I hat on-- day we Muy dwell, t Lord, with Theifc lly Helen Taylor UPS Published By The Students of NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA A House Sustained In building and sustaining a house you invest, you create, you nourish, for, “Through wisdom is a house builded; And by understanding it is established; And by knowledge shall the chambers be Filled with all precious and pleasant riches” A house is only as strong as its component parts — foundation, materials, and frame. The foundation upon which this house is established is knowledge, understanding, and good will. In combination with tradition they provide a sturdy base on which to build. The faculty can be considered the builders of this house, since it is they who hold the key to the door of knowledge. Through the portals of the classroom pass the busy students composing and preserving the structure with scholarship, leadership, service, and character. An inquisitive mind which can compare, analyze, and criticize is the rafter which joins the framework to the foundation, thus strengthening the structure. One of the hardest jobs of the “builders” is to train the students to create original ideas with the knowledge they have already gained. After accomplishing this objective, The Builders All are architects of fate, Working on the walls of time; Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of rhyme. Nothing useless is, or low; Each thing in its place is best; And what seems just idle show Strenghtens and supports the rest. For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filled; Our todays and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. Truly shape and fashion these; Leaving no yawning gaps between; Think not, because no man sees, Such things willl remain unseen. Let us do our work as well, Both the unseen and the seen ; Make the house where gods may dwell Beautiful, entire and clean. Else our lives are incomplete, Standing in these walls of Time, Broken stairways, where the feet Stumble, as they seek to climb. Build today, then strong and sure, With firm and ample base; And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. Henry Wadsworth Longfellow 2 the true foundation has been laid, and the bricks will quickly rise, comple ting the first phase of construction. An open mind is as much a part of learning as windows are of a house. By instilling an appreciation for knowledge, the teachers permit the germ of learning to circulate throughout. The roof of the house can only be completed when the desire to continue learning has been implanted in the student. The last shingle, or the pursuit of perfection can be attached to the roof after the realization that the search for knowledge never ceases. Thus it can be concluded that, in reality, the house of knowledge is never a completed structure, but always a continuous process of building. The Alma Mater Within these sacred walls we stand, To praise thine honored name, We sing to thee, dear Newport High, Thy glories we proclaim. Chorus : Hail, hail to Gold and Blue, We raise thy banners high, And ever through thine endless days, In triumph, may they fly. O Alma Mater, in our hearts, We’ll often turn to thee, And echo once again the songs Of thy dear memory. Arthur Hundley, 1937 Table Of Contents Faculty 6- 19 Activities 20- 41 Classroom 42- 57 Sports 58- 81 School Life 82- 95 Underclassmen 96-125 Seniors - I 1 Advertising 174-213 3 DEDICA TED TO. . . PRINCIPAL ROBERT MAI DM ENT, FOR YOUR DAUNTLESS EFFORTS AND THOUGHTFUL CONSIDERATION. Entering Neivport News High School with the Class of Nineteen Hundred and Sixty-three, Principal Robert Maid- ment, during the past five years, has surely known the feeling of fulfillment. As administrator, advisor, and friend, he has won the respect and admiration of the faculty and the student body. Mr. Maidment has encouraged balanced programs en- volving every phase of school life. Working closely with department heads, he has coordinated the courses to a pro- gressively better curriculum. Under his administration a variety of advanced courses, audit courses, and honor pro- grams have been offered to the students. A loyal fan and avid supporter of Newport News High School, Mr. Maidment has attended innumerable school functions and has participated in countless activities of the students. Whether beaming over a trophy, adding a spark of humor to an assembly, or seriously dis ' cussing the future of a student, he constantly radiates a feeling of well-being and pride. All are architects of fate Working in these walls of Time; Some with massive deeds and great, Some with ornaments of rhyme. The construction of a house must follow the blueprints created by the architects. Therefore, the quality of the architects is re- flected in the quality of the house. Teachers are the architects of our structure of learning. For their students, they open up a world of color and form. In the classroom, teachers mold their students’ minds in the same way that fine architects create a well- planned blueprint. The first requirement of the blueprint is the foundation. The faculty of Newport News High School try pri- marily to give the students a firm foundation of knowledge which will support them for the remainder of their lives. After the architects have drawn the foundation in their blue- prints, they begin including little details which will make this structure differ from other structures they have created. So it is with the teachers. Having fortified the students -with the basic essentials of knowledge, they devote their efforts to fully develop- ing the individual tale nts of each student. The preparation which these students receive will determine the kind of world in which we will someday live. Thus, the faculty of N.N.H.S. are in reality architects of fate. OFFICE STAFF: Mrs. Weaver, Mrs. Cash, and Mrs. Petenbrink are kept busy with the paper work required for a large school. 8 Left to right: Mr. Maidment, Mr. Keesee, and Miss Gildersleeve Newport News High School could not possibly function efficiently without the combined efforts of this staff. As dean of girls, Miss Gildersleeve has the responsibility of coping with the individual problems of the feminine half of the student body. Without the advice of Miss Gildersleeve, many girls who have graduated from NNHS could not p ossibly have done so. Mr. Keesee, assistant prin- cipal and dean of boys, is also a vital member of the administration. His marvelous sense of humor plus his congenial personality are a great asset to the boys in any guidance difficulties which they might encounter. Mr. Maidment, al- ways ready with a kind word or funny joke, is the one member of the administration who com- bines the efforts of Mr. Keesee and Miss Gilder- sleeve. Mr. Maidment is the final check on any important decision made by these two. It is clearly evident that all decisions made by their combined efforts have been the right ones. 9 English Department Proficiency in self-expression is one of the major goals of our English Department. Both writing and speaking correctly are emphasized as strong contributions to complete high school ed- ucation. In addition to last year’s department, Mrs. Shelton, Mrs. Hoyle and Mrs. Lovelace are welcomed back. With the combined efforts of the English department, the students obtain a broad- ened outlook concerning literature, speech, and writing as a part of their daily lives. Mr. Larry Armstrong Randolph-Macon College, B.A. 12th Grade Co-Sponsor Mrs. Margaret Baab Longwood College, B.S. Mrs. Kathryn Cameron Madison College, B.S. Launchings Sponsor Mrs. Phoebe Hoyle University of North Carolina, A.B. Miss Rebecca Suttle College of William and Mary, A.B. Columbia University, M.A. Creative Writer’s Club, Sponsor Head of English Department Mrs. Rebecca Lovelace University of South Carolina Winthrop College, A.B. Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Judson College, B.A. Mrs. Sally Moser Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Louisiana State University, B.A. Beacon Sponsor, Quill Scroll Sponsor Miss Sarah Owen Longwood Coll ege, B.S. Mrs. Alice Randall George Washington University, A.B. William and Mary Miss Mary Sexton East Carolina College, B.S. Mrs. Helen Shelton Madison College, B.S. Mrs. Claudia Sturm Longwood College, B.S. Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College, A.B. Carnegie Technical Institute Speech Club Sponsor Mrs. Mae Weaver William and Mary, B.A. Mrs. Jeanette Wright William and Mary, A.B. 10 Miss Emilie Holladay Longwood College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Head of Math Department Math Department Emphasis on developing a keen analytical mind is one of the key goals our our math de- partment. The fundamental fields of math are offered in addition to the use of mathematics as an aid to precise and logical thought. (L. to R.) Mrs. Vivian I. Bauserman Randolph-Macon Women’s College, A.B. National Honor Society Miss Cassie Childress William and Mary, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Mrs. Barbara K. Graham Atlantic Christian College, B.S. Mrs. Verna D. Graves Florida State University, A.B. University of Chicago Mr. James B. Loving Virginia Polytechnic Institute, B.S. Mrs. Louise Mundie William and Mary, B.A. Mr. John W. Shirley North Greenville Junior College, A. A. Furman University, B.S. Mrs. Mary E. Stokes Longwood College, B.A. Mr. Wayne Taylor Elon College, A.B. Music Department The music department at N.N.H.S. gives to its students an appreciation of music, teaching them the fundamentals of sound. Its pupils may learn to play many band instruments or to develop their singing voices. Mrs. Poe, the Junior Band instructor, and Mrs. Case, the Chorus director (not pictured), join the music department this year. Mr. James Wilson, Jr. Wayne State University, B.S. Band Sponsor Varsity Flagtwirlers Sponsor Head of Music Department 1 1 Science Department Students are given a broad understanding of general scientific principles useful both in and out of school. In advanced courses they encounter more intensified problems which require de- veloped skills and depth of knowledge. Miss Linda J. Allen Longwood College, B.S. Sr. Science Club Sponsor Mr. J. K. Alvis Virginia Polytechnic Institute, M.S. University of Georgia College of William and Mary Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William and Mary, B.S. Honor Council Co-Sponsor of Junior Class Mrs. Virginia Lee Baker Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, B.A. Future Nurses’ Club Sponsor j -v Mrs. Garland J. Conn Westhampton College, B. A. Mrs. Jane F. Gilliam Farmville State Teacher College William and Mary, B.S. Mrs. S. Hedrick Appalachian State, B.S. Mr. Richard C. Leonard East Carolina College, B.S., M.A. Mr. William H. Sharpe Lynchburg College. B.S. Junior Science Club Sponsor Mrs. Gay Womack University of Penn., B.A. Library In the library, students may find a vast variety of information to increase their knowledge. Paperback books may be pur- chased so as to offer more stimulus to avid readers. Mrs. David Ball Mary Washington College Mrs. Emily N. Nelson Madison, B.S. Head Librarian 12 Miss Dorothy M. Crane University of West Virginia, A.B. Northwestern University University of Michigan Carnegie Tech Thespians Sponsor, Ushers’ Sponsor Stage Crew Sponsor Drama Department Head Miss Amanda N. Gray Longwood College, B.S. Drama Department By taking drama courses a student acquires knowledge of the theater, both onstage and offstage performances. He is able to develop his acting ability and to learn cooperation and its importance through staff work. The plays presented by the Drama Depart- ment add much to the spirit of unity throughout the school. There are many busy weeks of hard work and anticipation of opening night before the grand performance. Drama gives the students the opportunity to perform for friends and family alike. The mem- ory of the exciting evening is taped into the scrapbooks of the performers to be remembered always. Industrial Arts Department Mr. John T. Kelly East Carolina College, B.S., M.A. The Industrial Arts Department gives students experience in drafting and in the basic knowledge of mechanics. Through these courses they are able to display and develop their talent and ability with the aid of their qualified instructors. The articles made by the students are often on display. They use mainly wood and metals as their mediums. Lamps, tables, and metal trays are only a few o fthe articles the students design and create. Mr. Cecil H. Erickson Mr. R. W. King East Tennessee State College, B.S. Mr. Harry A. Lyeth Oswego State Teachers, B.S. V.P.I. Mr. Samuel H. Somervill, Jr. West Virginia Institute of Technology, B.S. Mr. M. L. Thompson Northern Illinois State University, B.E. Oswego State Teachers College, B.S. Cornell University, M.S. Industrial Arts Department Head ft i j A Ms K rf Vb- ! Mr. M. G. Willey Temple University, M.A. Business Department Head Business Department The Business Department offers students the opportunity to learn clerical courses, such as typing and shorthand, pre- paring them for entry into the commercial world. Students are given the opportunity to practice the skills they have learned in class. Knowledge of clerical courses is a serviceable as well as a desirable component of a complete, progressive series of studies. It is beneficial not only to students pursuing the business world, but also to those seeking the other phases of life. Mr. Kenneth D. Gaskins Glenville State College, A.B. V.O.T. Coordinator Mrs. Norma S. Gibbons Longwood College, B.S. Mr. Donald R. Harvey Concord College, B.S. Miss Ettalea E. Kanter Woman’s College of The University of North Carolina, B.S. D.E. Club Sponsor Senior Class Co-Sponsor Mr. W. Phil Wynn Emory and Henry, A.S., B.S. I.C.T. Sponsor D.O. Sponsor Mrs. Opal T. Sills East Carolina, B.S. Miss Belle Fitzgerald Longwood College Art Club Sponsor Art Department Through art courses pupils learn to appreciate the world of color and form. They work with various me- diums to express their ideas on paper and in clay. During the school year art students proudly display their achievements for fellow students and faculty. 14 History Department A broad view of our heritage is transmitted to the students of NNHS through the endless efforts of the capable and willing History Department. Relating the past to the students is a vital link in their development for the future. Organizing historical facts logically makes the students better equipped to cope with present problems. It also makes them more aware of their responsibilities as citizens and future leaders, who will be able to base their reasoning on past experience. The History Department deals with world history, world geography, United States history, and Virginia history. It affords our students an opportunity to understand local, na- tional, and world affairs which they will have to deal with as adults. Mr. Louis Wheary, Jr. Lynchburg College, A.B. Peabody College, M.A. Attendance Counselor History Department Head Miss Ellena Armistead Mary Washington, B.A. University of Virginia, M.A. Mr. Curtis Edward Fooks Emory and Henry Miss Mary Helmer Longwood College, B.S. William and Mary, M.Ed. Miss Francis Maguire Boston University, M.A. Longwood College, B.S. Mr. Charles Nuttycombe Randolph-Macon College, B.A. Head Varsity Football Coach Co-Head Track Coach 10th Grade Sponsor Mr. John Palmer Duke University, B.A. J.V. Basketball Coach Asst. Varsity Football Coach 8th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Emily Powell College of William and Mary, B.A. Mrs. Jen Lou Pully Winthrop College, A.B. College of William and Mary, M.A. Christopher Newport Society Sponsor Mr. William Ray Old Dominion College, B.A. Mr. Lewis Reed Virginia Military Institute, B.A. Miss Eliza W. Wise Longwood College, B.A. Columbia University, M.A. 15 Mrs. Virginia Goolsby Mary Washington, B.S. F.H.A. Sponsor Mrs. Edna Marston William and Mary, B.S. F.H.A. Sponsor Mrs. Lalie Webb Mary Washington Columbia University F.H.A. Sponsor Home Economics Department Skills in budget management, cooking, and sewing, are obtained from this department Miss Sue Kelly Madison College, B.S. Columbia University, M.A. Head of Home Economics Department which are invaluable to future parents. Physical Education Department Gymnastic activities provide daily opportunities to keep physically fit. Sports encourage leadership and teamwork. Thus, the Physical Education Depart- ment establishes an overall program of physical development. Mrs. Nan Jo Burnam Hardin Simmons University, B.S. Below L. to R. Mr. C. C. Duff, Jr. William and Mary, B.S. Assistant football coach Varsity baseball coach Mr. Harlan D. Hott Shepherd, B.A. J.V. football coach Assistant baseball coach 9th grade co-sponsor Mr. Julius Conn University of Virginia, B.S. New York University William and Mary Director of Athletics and Physical Education Track teams coach Mrs. Patricia Johnson Simpson College, B.S. Miss Carol Kauffman William and Mary, B.S. Varsity and J.V. cheerleaders’ sponsor 10th grade co-sponsor Mrs. Virginia S. Masters University of Maryland, B.S. G.A.A. Sponsor Hockey, Basketball, and Volleyball team sponsor Mr. Warren E. Mitchell University of Richmond, B.S. Key Club Sponsor 11th Grade Sponsor Mrs. Mary Clark Hood College, A.B. French Club Sponsor Mrs. Abby Lou Diamondstein University of Connecticut, B.A. Spanish Club Sponsor Language Department The Language Department gives students the basic principles of the customs and languages of our European and South American neighbors. Four years of Latin, French, and Spanish are offered. Mr. J. F. Carter Mrs. L. Bradford Mrs. L. Williams Custodian Cafteria Manager Riverside Hospital RN School Nurse 17 Nothing useless is, or low; Each thing in its place is best; And what seems but idle show Strengthens and supports the rest. Extra-curricular activities play an important role in the de- velopment of students of today. Working together in many or- ganizations teaches the fundamentals of cooperation and team- work. In the years to come these will enable students as citizens to take a more active roll in the life of the community. Newport News High School offers many excellent opportunities to express ideas and exhibit talents. Each student is given an equal chance to participate in those activities he feels will benefit him best and bring honor to his school. By the combination of hard study and participation in the of- fered activities, students become the builders of tomorrow’s world. 20 Activities Which Captivate (L. to R. — Front row) W. Morrison. B. Shaw, W. Delozier, W. Gilman (back row) G. Preville, M. Cohen, H. Daggy, D. Garrick, K. Harrison, L. Mahanes, J. Stephenson, G. Goolsby and Mrs. Bauserman ( Sponsor ) . National Honor Society The National Honor Society is composed of students selected by the faculty. This organization recognizes those students who excel in leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Membership, which is recognized as one of the highest honors a high school student may achieve, is awarded to juniors and seniors? Mrs. Vivian Bauserman is the sponsor. (L. to R. — Front row B. Goolsby, G. Davenport. B. Hatchett Chairman I, B. Rhodes, P. Weaver (Back row) D. McCoy, D. Muller, and D. Ellenson. Not pictured is Mrs. Frances Nettles, Sponsor. Honor Council Endeavoring to promote honesty in all aspects of school life is the main objective of the Honor Council. The council is composed of students nominated by 22 the Executive Board and elected by their classes. Mrs. F. Nettles is the advisor. The Students’ Interests, (L. to R. — Front row) G. Goolsby, K. Gillespie, J. Poole, S. Cohen, P. row) Miss Gildersleeve (sponsor), B. Kenny, J. Scull, F. Powell, W. Norris, C. Snapp, D. Garrick, A. Fowler, B. Shaw, C. Anderson, S. Morrison, B. Fox, C. Milne, S. Nachman, B. Hatchett, B. Ward, Weaver, C. Guilliams, M. Cohen, L. Block, S. Harrison, S. Milne (Back H. Smith and W. Delozier. Executive Board Working to promote improvements and activities for the school is the Executive Board. Consisting of a representative from each class, the Student Body officers, and all students in the position of chairman, it acts as a steering committee for the Student Council. It is truly an honor and challenge to be chosen to be on the Executive Board. These students meet every Monday morning and often other times throughout the week to make plans for the activities of school. (L. to R. — Front row) F. Powell, C. Milne, W. Morrison, C. Anderson, B. Shaw, A. Fowler, B. Hatchett. 2m Row: K. Gillespie, H. Smith, S. Nachmen, J. Bell, S. Harrison, G. Guilliams, L. Block, B. Fox, R. Green. 3rd Row: B. Greenspon, L. Mahanes, B. Hehl, C. McGee, K. Harrison, L. Wright, C. Cohen. 4th Row: L. Donnelly, J. Baker, C. Watson, G. Miller, S. Becker, J. Scull, A. Dornor. 5th Row: J. Keatts, N. Seigel, S. Gordon, L. Jones, B. Hicks, A. Student Acting as the governing body of N.N.H.S. the Student Council promotes the general welfare of the school and gives the students training for Morgan, C. Rosser, V. Edgeton, D. McCoy. 6th Row: C. Fine, R. Smith, B. Kenney, A. Ray, J. Lucas, B. Goolsby, M. Miller S. Kiger. 7th Row: D. Chadwell, J. Poole, C. May, G. Goolsby, J. Perkins, S. Adcock, D. Bryan. Back row: S. Miller, H. Daggy, W. Delozier, A. Sears, W. Davenport, T. Turner, R. Wilstead, B. Mundie, and B. Ward. Council citizenship. It is composed of students from each homeroom and is under the guidance of Miss Ethel Gildersleeve. Dance Committee L. to R. G. Anas, R. Sturgis, M. Conn, M. Settles, F. Artman, J. Knight, J. Garden, M. Bartholomew, B. Ward and Sharon Weaver ( Co-Heads . School Spirit Committee L. to R. F. Vasilas, J. Poole, S. Cohen and C. Anderson, (Co-Heads), P. Williams. L. to R. B. Hatchett, treasurer ; C. Anderson, vice-president ; B. Shaw, president : A. Fowler, secretary. Behavior Code Committee (L. to R., front row) L. Decell and D. Garrick (Co-Heads i. I. Chris- tophi, L. Moore, M. Erlack. (Back row) H. Seasy, E. Schlosser. S. Naehman (Co-Head), A. Duttan. S.C.A. Officers , Committees The student body officers, elected in the spring by the student body, presided at the student coun- cil meetings and represented N.N.H.S. at the S.C.A. Federation. Heads of the various school service committees were appointed by the Student Body president after spring elections, so that planning could be done during the summer. On “Committee Sign- up Day” held at the beginning of the fall semes- ter. students chose the committee on which they wished to serve. Service Committee L. to R. M. Barrow, K. Warren, D. Rosewasser, J. Scull (Head), J. Wrenn, P. Smith, C. Snapp, J. Shapiro. 24 ■ - 1 1 tL 1 Bell ' Pound ' Scrapbook , Remembrance , Bulletin Board ' Objectives Committees L. to R. : F. Powell, G. Goolsby, S. Weaver, C. Milne, M. Cohen, W. Delozier, L. Mahanes, B. Fox, J. Poole, and B. Woolard. SC4 Federation Officers Selected from four schools, Newport News, Warwick, Hampton, and Ferguson, the S.C.A. Federation is a council responsible for planning joint projects. They have met at different schools for meetings and have planned for Brotherhood Week and Honor Week. From Newport News High, Marlene Cohen is historian and Wayne Delozier is vice-president. Cafeteria and Publicity Committees L. to R. Front row: S. Sandler, R. Glasofer, C. Guilliams (Co-Head), J. Bell, D. Rodgers, S. Harrison (Co-Head), M. Leake. Back row E. Shemer, R. Lee, B. Fox (Co-Head), K. Bransford. Safety Committee L. to R. : R. Stinnette, H. Smith (Co-Head), T. Smith, N. Helmick, K. Pilgrim, A. Rouse, A. Fowler, W. Morrison (Co-Head), and B. Barnard. L. to R.: W. Delozier and M. Cohen. Newcomers Committee L. to R. : J. Lucas, M. Miller, B. Artman, B. Price, K. Gillespie (Co-Head), M. Ozmer, D. Coleman, J. Smith, and S. Miller (Co-Head). Thus Furthering Organizations Serve Students Included in the activities of Newport News High stu- dents are service organizations such as Quill and Scroll, Key Club, Anchor staff, and Beacon staff. These were established specifically for the purpose of extending services to the school and its students. However, their scope of service has been broadened to include services to the community. This was exemplified by the Key Club during Halloween when it collected and distributed candy to the sick and confined children of The Peninsula. The Beacon staff had the weekly job of keeping the students informed through the means of their newspaper publication, " The Seeing Eye of Newport High.” The Anchor staff had the role of compiling the yearbook which recorded a year ' s activity and learning. Front row L. to R.) : Mr. Warren Mitchell, B. Taylor, B. Corson. Mueller. H. Conn, B. Roberts, J. Wingo, J. Crank. N. Olshansky, C. W. Morrison, W. Delozier, R. Stinette, B. Hatchett, B. Rhodes. F. Milne. S. Nachman, J. Gammon, B. Manning, C. Lilly, and B. Barnes. Powell. G. Davenport, Mr. Wayne Taylor. Back row : C. Ellis, D. KEY CLUB Primarily a service organization, the Key Club is spon- sored by the Kiwanis Club. Composed of outstanding sophomores, juniors, and senior boys, this organization is under the co-sponsorship of Mr. Wayne Taylor and Coach Warren Mitchell. Promoting scholarship and leadership are the main objectives of the Key Club. It undertakes such projects as ushering for school assemblies. A banquet is held for the members of this organization each spring. Pictured (L. to R.l: D. Rowe, Mrs. Sandra Coleman, sponsor: Susan Perkins, Marcia Weinstein, Ken Lipscomb. QUILL AND SCROLL Chosen for their outstanding work in the field of journalism on the Beacon or the Anchor are members of Quill and Scroll, sponsored by Mrs. Sandra Coleman. 26 Their Desire For Knowledge, Front row (L. to R.) : S. Perkins, H. Daggy, F. Pearce, M. Cohen, C. Vogel (Copy Editor), B. Halfin, G. Preville (Editor), D. Braitsch (Business Manager), R. Green (Assistant Editor), S. Cohen, S. Mor- ris, P. White, J. Chaffin; 2nd row: Miss Fowler (Co-sponsor), K. Wilks, K. Pilgrim (Assistant Business Manager), L. Bowen, B. Hehl, R. Oppenheimer, V. Hankins, G. Latta, L. Coates, M. Knowles, Mrs. Lovelace (Co-sponsor); Back row: L. Block, M. Weinstein, C. Levine, S. Spritzer, T. Flax, E. Carney, M. Leake, C. Anderson, and S. Harrison. Anchor Staff Pictures and information about events of the whole They must have time for extra work aside from “F” school year are compiled to form the NNHS yearbook, Period Anchor Study, at which time they are advised by Anchor. The students who work to make this record of Mrs. Rebecca Lovelace and Miss Alice Fowler, activities possible must have a “C” average in English. Front row (L. to R.) : K. Lipscomb (Co-sports editor), B. Fox, D. Rowe, A. Sears, L. Mahanes (Editor), R. Glasofer (Feature Editor), L. Spotts, R. Spooner, L. Southall, Mrs. Moser (Past Sponsor) ; 2nd row: H. Gordon (Business Manager), S. Cohen (Art Editor), D. Mer- Beacon rill, E. Willett, I. Christofi, E. Bass, L. Block, T. Rowell, J. Garner; Back row: H. Seay, B. Watson, E. Johnson, M. Burns, S. Miller, J. Lucas, C. Smith, B. Fritsche and S. Perkins. Missing from the pic- ture, Mrs. Coleman (Sponsor). Staff Composed of advanced journalism students and journ- alism “grads,” the Beacon staff publishes a bi-monthly newspaper. Under the supervision of Mrs. Coleman, the 27 staff has its goal keeping the NNHS student body in- formed through news stories, features, and editorials. Are Vital Factors Front Row: Miss Brewer, L. Hudson, B. Salken, A. Crum, B. Hudson, K. Gillespie, B. Goolsby, L. Coates, M. Knowles, N. Siegel, C. Sasser, C. Fine, S. Cohen, D. Block, K. Pilgrim, K. Harrison, J. Stephenson, S. Bateman, M. Barrow, P. Norris, L. Dannely, S. Boatwright, J. Scruggs, N. Helmick, A. Davidson, I. Christofi, L. Wright, B. Spain; Second Row : Y. Morrison, A. Fowler, J. Barrett, P. Smith, J. Poole, R. Grevely, C. McGhee, E. Frank, P. Forman, B. Fritsche, R. Glasofer, R. Greene, M. Moran, H. Ellenson, P. Blackard, C. Althaus, J. Edwards, B. Cash, M. Credle, D. Chadwell, L. Copes, L. Walker, C. Latin Under the sponsorship of Miss Joan Brewer, the Latin Club encourages a better understanding and appreciation of Roman culture and life. A student must have success- Webb; Third Row: M. Smith, D. Ellenson, C. Braslow, P. Bass, L. Diamond, T. Seaborne, L. Wright, M. Bartholomew. B. Ruben, D. Har- vey, R. Shapiro, S. Spritzer, S. Perkins, P. White, J. Faulkner, G. Goolsby, E. Carney, B. Feather, K. Thomas, W. DeLozier, E. Schlosser, J. Frank, G. Rowe, R Oppenheimer, S. Walker; Back Row: B. Raper, J. Laws, J. Smith, H. Hoyle, B. Yevak, S. Burns, D. Ellenson, R. Davis, V. Rowell, E. Perry, B. Massey, M. Sisk, W. Chapman, C. Chanler, F. Blechman, S. Klein, K. Lassiter, S. Pullen, S. Wood, J. Shapiro, B. Hatchett, W. Morrison, J. Dick, J. Brinkley. Club fully completed one semester of Latin to become a member. One of their major projects this school year was language week, which promoted its objective. Front Row: Mrs. Clarke, J. Collier. C. Buckley, R. Woodard, A. Rav, L. Block, C. Dellapenta, J. Bell, B. Shaw, W. Morrison, J. Smith, S. Cohen, C. Milne, S. Smith, C. Vogel, M. Shelton, A. Koresensky, S. Daniels, M. Payne, H. Ellenson, E. Vasilas, J. Parrish, R. Greene, P. Hargrave, B. Smith; Second Row: B. Balndford, D. House, M. Weinstein, P. Forman, S. Spritzer, B. Halfin, B. Smith, M. Staton, N. Horne, J. Faulkner, P. White, S. Scott, M. Erlach, K. Wilks, E. French Membership in the French Club is open to any student who has successfully completed one semester of French. Sponsored by Mrs. Mary Clarke, the club provides an op- Bass, L. Nicosia, G. Latta, V. Starnes, J. Steele, J. Stevenson, S. Eanes ; Third Row: D. Block, D. Rossenwoser, W. Delozier, E. Schlosser, S. Nachman, B. Allen, G. Rowe, R. Sharpiro, W. Gilman, R. Sanders, B. Spigel ; Back Row : A. White, , D. Rowe, A. Ewell, L. Siler, N Olshansky, J. Rama, B. Corson, B. Taylor, J. Todd, P. Blake- more, B. Barnard. Club portunity for interested students to increase their know- ledge of France and its language. The major project for the French Club was participation in Language Week. In The Construction Front Row: Mrs. Diamondstein, B. Fritsche, J. McCall, T. Rowell, F. Pearce, C. McGhee, H. Conn, D. Braitsch, M. Wilkinson, K. Pennell, A. Davidson, S. McGough, M. Boyd, B. Whitt, S. Whitt, L. Hudson, J. Grepiotis ; Second Row : M. Ryan, V. Hankins, M. Sawyer, T. Flax, K. Thomas, J. Frank, H. Cuervo, F. Shelton, D. Houston, E. Snyder, A. Allen, B. Lanier, C. Groshong, S. Jones, R. Houston. Back Row: S. Glasofer, D. Spriggs, E. Brooks, G. Powell, J. Hines. D. Workman, J. Warren, C. Pauley, R. Gorden, G. Fenighson. Spanish Club Opportunities for a broadened knowledge of the Span- ish customs and the language are offered by the Spanish Club, which is sponsored by Mrs. Abby Diamondstein. Students who have passed one semester of Spanish are eligible for membership. Pan American Week and the Christmas Fiesta were two of their major projects this school year. Front Row: Mrs. Danley, S. Daniels, L. Block, B. Shaw, M. Cohen, G. Goolsby, D. Garrick, R. Shapiro, W. Boyd, S. Jones, L. Hudson, E. Car- ney, M. Moren, S. Lamberth, G. Latta, I. Christofi, Mrs. Pully. Second Row: G. Watkins, K. Haan, R. Glasofer, S. Spritzer, S. Per- kins, H. Daggy, J. Stewart, E. Frank, P. Forman, M. Wilkinson. K. Pilgram, J. Chaffin, P. White, M. Cradle, C. McGhee. Back Row: D Braitsch, C. Milne, J. Gillikin, S. Burns, R. Ellenson, R. Stinnette, D. Block, S. Nachman, D. Workman, D. Houston, E. Schlosser, B. Bar- nard, P. Moses, W. Gilman, T. Payne, K. Lipscomb. Christopher Newport Society Under the supervision of Mrs. Artie Danley and Mrs. Jen Lou Pully of the Social Studies Department, the club in- troduced their officers at an assembly of which they were in charge. Displaying items of interest on various sub- jects on their bulletin board was one of their projects. This club is made up of students interested in history and governments. Of A Sound Basic Education. Front row: K. Harrison, C. Vogel, D. Daniels, Miss Rebecca Suttle, sponsor. Back row: D. Braitsch, L. Coates, E. Bass, I. Christofi, C. McGhee, S. Perkins, R. Shapiro, J. Chaffin, E. Groshong, W. Gilman, P. Moore, and G. Preville. Creative Writers ' Club Organized for students having a special in- terest in writing, is the Creative Writers’ Club sponsored by Miss Rebecca Suttle. The mem- bers experiment and lear n to write well and effectively. Creative Artists ' Club Students wanting to gain a greater knowl- edge of the various forms of art and help their fellow students to have a better appreciation of art are members of the Art Club sponsored by Miss Belle Fitzgerald. Front row : Miss Belle Fitzgerald, sponsor, S. Schwartz, V. Neil, M. Burnette, S. Gordon, J. Christian, P. Hawkins, Second row: G. Ross, P. Anderson, J. Johnson, A. Sawyer, B. Harrison, H. Coley. Junior Science Club L to R.. Front row: W. Harper, R. Tiecher, P. Smith, B. Massey, N. Siegel, C. Baab. Back row: B. Black, C. Minish. Third row: E. Torn, P. Dobie, H. Pasquier, A. Dorner, B. Epstein, D. Finkle, J. Knowles, J. Leiberman, B. Larmer. i i By Bringing Out L. to R., Front row: D. Block, K. Harrison, P. White. B. Salken. row: P. Yohe, D. Workman, C. Milne, L. Siler, W. Gilman and B. Second row: Mrs. Cameron, B. Evans, B. Halfin, B. Harrison, A. Barnard. Goldsmith, K. Wilks, P. Forman, J. Stephenson, J. Faulkner. Back Launchings Staff Launchings, the NNHS literary magazine, is distributed once a year. It consists of compiled short stories, poems, and essays of the students. Under the guidance of Mrs. Catherine Cameron, the Launchings staff collects, carefully screens, and chooses material for the magazine. Debate Team Debating against teams form other schools comes only after the NNHS Debate Team does research and prepares points on a given subject. A quick mind, diligent work, and a knack for public speaking are helpful qualities for mem- bers. Mr. Larry Armstrong sponsors the Debate Team. L. to R., Front row: H. Ellenson, D. Garrick, C. Vogel, Mr. Larry Armstrong, B. Smith, C. Fine. Back row: D. Block, D. Daniels, H. Daggy, and F. Blechman. Senior Science Club i ■.iM ' kM- t Ifi tj i Science Clubs Wishing to excel in extra scienti- fic activities, the members of the Jr. and Sr. Science Clubs meet after school hours and plan pro- jects, field trips, and lectures for the school year. Miss Linda Allen sponsors the senior club, while Mr. William Sharp sponsors the junior science club. L. to R., Front row: R. Woodard, A. House, L. Levy, E. Frank, P. Forman, B. Blan- ford, Miss Linda Allen, Sponsor. Second row: R. Owen, R. Davis, R. Le, F. Bleech- man, D. Drucker, H. Hoyle, B. Yevak, W. Gilman, A. White. Back row: J. Scull, R. Sanders, C. Clark, J. Shapiro, W. Karmaoky, J. Lewis, S. Klein, R. Shapiro, B. Block, D. Workman. The Most Desirable Qualities Front row (L. to R.) : H. Ellenson, D. Fink, R. Greene, G. Latta, G. Goolsby, H. Daggy, B. Spain, M. Burns, E. Tedder, J. Anker, S. Boat- wright, Miss Gildersleeve (Sponsor) ; 2nd row: B. Goolsby, S. Cohen, B. Smith, M. Staton, F. Pearce, P. Russell, A. Davidson, I. Christofi, D. Pritchett, E. Goldberg, K. Harrison: Back row: J. Faulkner, J. Stephenson, K. Haan, L. Coates, K. Pilgram, J. Garner, E. Frank, P. Forman, E. Vasilas, J. Grepiotes, D. Worsham and C. Vogel. Future Teachers Serving as hostesses for College Night and Faculty Coffee (held during National Education Week) were two of the many activities in which F.T.A. members partici- pated. With the guidance of the club’s sponsor, Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, the girls had the opportunity to observe and to teach in classes at N.N.H.S. and in other local schools. Front row (L. to R.) : Mrs. Ball (Co-sponsor), L. Coates, J. Dinwiddie, S. Tilghman, A. Sears, Mrs. Nelson ( Co-sponsor ) ; 2nd row: B. Turner, K. Gills, R. Moses, M. Knowles, D. Rodgers, H. Allen, P. Williams, J. Schmidt, P. McCormick, D. Merrill, C. Ledford, S. Osborne; Back row: D. Rountree, S. Smith, B. Hehl, M. Sawyer, J. Hopkins, J. Saunders, S. Pennington, B. Todd, M. Cathey, C. Smith, A. Strange, L. Williams, I. Clemmons, J. Clark, S. VanNoy, B. Gills, L. Whitcomb, J. Garner and J. Shaver. Library Assistants Sponsored by Mrs. Emily W. Nelson and Mrs. Elaine Ball, the Library Assistants learn the basic fundamentals of library service and help other students locate books and reference materials. Future Nurses As a member of the Future Nurses Club, a student can become familiar with the medical profession. The club tours hospitals and investigates the study of medicine and medical careers under the direction of Mrs. Vir- ginia Baker. Front row (L. to R.) : Mrs. Ralph Price, Mrs. Virginia Baker I Spon- sor), J. Pittman, R. Moses, K. Gilles- pie, J. McCall, A. Marlow, L. Bowen, M. Knowles, S. Rash, C. Anderson, E. Morrison, J. Tosh. M. Williams, R. Gravely, V. Hankins, L. Lane, J. Curry, J. Spake, L. De- sazia, S. Bateman, K. Gills, C. Min- koff and J. McCain. In bed is Jim- my Streeky. Of Both Students And Teachers, Front row (L. to H.) : L. DeShazo, G. Cole, S. Harrison, S. Summerlin, W. Crump, B. Evans; 2nd row: N. Howard, D. Houston, B. Woolard, L. Lyons, J. Davenport, C. Critten- don, S. Merilic, S. Smith. B. Stepp ; 3rd row: B. Blanchard, B. Flanary, C. Roller, S. Marston, C. Markman, J. Lively, R. Halfin; Back row: B. Burns, M. Pike, J. Bridgers, A. Mur- phy, S. Wyatt, L. Williams, P. Caldwell, B. Hicks and L. Manor. Missing from the picture, Mrs. Kelly ( Sponsor ) . Future Homemakers of America Creating an interest in better home life and the de- of Miss Sue Kelly members learn the fundamental steps velopment of good social qualities are two purposes of of good housekeeping, the Future Homemakers of America. Under the guidance Distributive Education Club Front row (L. to R.) : Miss Kanter (Sponsor), S. Jeffers, E. Overton. N. Mitchell, J. Saunders, B. Branch, C. Snyder, C. Smith, P. Grubbs, C. Collier, J. Clark; 2nd row: R. Fitz- gerald, C. Harris, J. Cullen, C. Slusser, K. Avant, K. Hill, L. Benton; Back row: L. Midkiff, E. Shemer, C. O’Rooke, B. Collins, R. Fitzgerald, T. Benton, S. Parsons, H. Ragland, and T. Lockard. Sponsored by Miss Ethalea Kanter, the Dis- tributive Education Club trains the business leaders of tomorrow. Members are those wish- ing to learn and to understand the current problems and practices that deal with dis- tribution. Diversified Occupations Club To develop a better community and school relationship by encouraging and aiding the members to be dependable, efficient, and well-trained student employees is the pur- Front row’ (L. to R.) : Mr. Phil Wynn (Sponsor), C. Guilliams, L. Spotts, L. Baab, A. Sears, J. Dinwiddie, M. Hinson, B. Spikes, A. Comer, pose of the Diversified Occupations Club. It is sponsored by Mr. Phil Wynn. E. Edwards; Back row: M. Gibson, R. Gardner. L. Ingram, J. Garri- son, J. Harvey, R. Fox, W. Johnson, R. Owen and T. Baker. 33 They Serve As The Means Front Row: H. Bolden, N. Lewis, N. Horne, J. Howard, M. Staton, J. McCain, S. Tilles, B. Smith. Second Row: G. Campbell, L. Hobbs, A. Ellis, E. Borenstein, S. Wood, P. Matrox, D. Braswell, C. Chin, J. Clark, K. Cates, R. Wilstead, Mrs. Jo Poe. Third Row: R. Guye, J. De- Shazo, E. Grubb, G. Hudson, V. Eudailey, G. Goldsmith, A. McKenney, C. Wolfe, J. Taylor, R. Smith, B. Larmer, B. Jones, D. Stevenson, K. Flick. Fourth Row: D. Watts. A. Korskinski, B. Haan, S. Helton, J. Junior Sponsored by Mrs. Jo Poe, our Junior Band prepares younger students for the time when they may become members of the Senior Band. This year, our Junior Band received first place honors Barbera, L. Gillespi, J. Knowles, D. Ryan, C. Smith, D. Atkins, R. Ealey, D. Hyatt, J. Zeno, D. Hewitt, M. Grubbs. Fifth Row: G. Rigney, P. Bluxome, B. Hartley, D. Morgan, J. Dinwiddie, M. Barber, T. Franks, R. Mabe, K. Jordan, D. Patrick, T. Holiday, M. Jones, C. Mesiek. Back Row: J. Mercer, E. Hyatt, L. Mercer, R. Kennelly, R. Smith, J. Nar- ron, J. Wright, E. Bishop, B. Phillips. Band in the junior band competition of the Fireman’s Parade. During football games, they encouraged school spirit. Another undertaking of the Junior Band, was the com- bined concert of the Junior Chorus and Junior Band. Front Row: Mrs. Case, B. Blanchard, G. Campbell, M. Rowell, C. Burns, S. Worsham, S. Swift, B. Blanchard, M. Payne, M. Barrow, J. Moren, C. Bradish, M. Harris, B. Dasis. Second Row: G. Fields, C. Williams, J. Neumeyer, C. Moore, M. Moody, B. Doyle, R. Teicher, Junior For those who enjoy singing and who are in the eighth and ninth grades, the Junior Chorus is organized and sponsored by Mrs. Nancy Case, the chorus director. The M. Cattanach, R. Carneal, J. Payne, J. Thomas, E. Milne, P. Yevak. Back Row: L. Ryder, A. Parker, B. Goodwin, P. Dempsey, F. Vasilas, M. Kailas, D. Cooper, B. Miller, J. McDonald, S. Jolly, L. McKenns. R. Miller, L. Major, R. Rawls, S. Daniels, D. Bazemore. Chorus students perform in concerts and assemblies and later join the Senior Chorus. For Channeling Efforts Front Row: Mrs. Case, D. Freeman, J. Bullock, B. Vest, J. Markman, M. Knowles, M. Moren, P. White, R. Grimb, E. Mercer, J. Gray, T. Baker, E. Carney, L. Lane, A. Ray, P. Collins, M. Anas, F. Thompson, L. Coates. Second Row: N. Umphlet, B. Hudson, B. Burrage, B. Crank, K. Dickerson, B. Woolard, I. Manley, L. Moore, N. Vickers, J. Lamb, F. Shelton, S. Tilman, G. Campbell, S. Puckett, J. Lockard, C. Pless, J. Grepiotes, E. Vasilas, H. Wright, R. Wills. Third Row: Senior Led by Mrs. Nancy Case, these Senior Chorus members display their musical talent. From this large group, small- er groups, such as the Girls’ Ensemble and the Mixed En- semble, are chosen to perform at various school and com- P. Worsham, S. Soencer, M. Tanner, C. Grcshong, C. Duel, J. Crit- tendon, L. Booth, D. Worsham, A. Crum, M. Baldwin, C. Milne, R. Holloway, O. Smith, R. Fulcher, S. Melton, J. Chisom, J. VenNoy, B. Cash, B. Blandford, M. Burns. Back Row: B. Dixon, B. Lanier, C. McGhee, J. Edwards, F. Hartless, J. Williams, P. Roane, C. Shoff, M. Cathey, M. Credle, J. Faulkner, J. Stephenson, F. Strickland. Chorus munity functions. The chorus has strived to reach the goal set by the department for this year, which was to take a more active part in all school affairs. These in- clude concerts, assemblies, and holiday programs. Senior Chorus Officers Elected by the members of the Chorus, the Senior Chorus Officers work to organize choral activities, such as assem- blies, concerts, and socials. Pictured L. to R.: L. Coates, President; M. Anas, Treasurer; J. Lamb, V. President; T. Baker, Librarian; J. Stephenson, Student Director; M. Moren, Secretary. TV 4 TYPHOON Ebi pHOOVi wri IrV | 4 fa In v i X pn 1 K j a ,r i h,‘ ‘ Y 7 Bik- A 4 ' a. 3 ., mA M.% i J Ks i Front row: M. Knowles, G. Miller, J. Dossett, D. Llewelynn, J. Miller, T. Givens, J. Glazer, E. Murphy, S. Register, J. Walker, W. DeBerry, D. Keithly, B. Keatts. Second row: L. Coates, E. Carney, P. White, J. Stephenson, P. Blackard, B. Bass, R. Woodard, L. Lane, I. Clemmens. Third row: N. Helmick, B. Clark, S. Rash, K. Andleton, D. Hann, D. Price, L. Merriman, C. Buckley, L. Siler, B. Goolsby. Fourth row: W. Gilman, A. Plessinger, L. Levy, P. Starling, L. Whitcomb, B. Bass, M. Williams, W. Boger, D. Price, C. Webb. Fifth row: D. Arn- old, L. Wright, B. Raper, G. Rowe, D. Meena, B. Feather, B. Camp- bell, M. Marsette, D. Hodges, B. Sprouse, H. P. Lucas. Sixth row : S. Lamberth, K. Lipscomb, B. Roberts, J. Russell, S. Walker, L. Winfree, M. Sisk, K. Smith, B. Vest, B. Ball, K. Wilks. Seventh row: V. Rowell, B. Weaver, C. Miller, C. Lilly, B. Whitmer, E. Price, M. Whiteside, J. Brinkley, R. Hudson, R. Wyatt. Eighth row: V. Hankins, J. Hall, C. Lloyd, C. Snead, N. Zonmplis, J. Allen, C. Price, S. Kennedy, S. Eanes, N. Olshansky, G. Watkins. Ninth row: W. Slate, T. Payne, J. Laws, M. Miller, S. Vaughn, J. Ivy, D. Davis, S. Williams. Back row: L. Malachec, J. Carter, J. Meek, J. Bluxom, R. Staton, K. Carter, M. Friedman, P. Poses, and Mr. James Wilson. Senior Band Exhibits Talent The Senior Band, for its fine performances in school and community functions, was presented with versatile navy-blue uniforms. Flag Twirlers received co-ordinate outfits to complement the dignity of the Newport News High School Marching Band. Senior Band Officers As the leaders of the band, the senior band officers help organize the activi- ties of the year. Elected by the band, they act as special aides to Mr. James P. Wilson. L. to R.: George Rowe, vice-president; Carolyn Webb, secretary ; Chuck Lilly, president ; Billy Roberts, treas- urer. a The Newport News Senior Band Marches on to their third consecutive first place rating- at the Apple Blossom Festival in Winchester. Senior Band On Parade As champions of the Apple Blossom Festival Parade in Winchester for the third consecutive year, the Newport News High School Senior Band proved its superior rating among competing bands. Under the direction of James P. Wilson the band participates in concerts, assemblies, parades, football games, and band trips. “Champions are made on the practice field,” is a proven fact for this hard working group which spends about forty-five minutes each morning before school perfecting its art. Additional practice sessions are also held at night during football season and prior to concerts. Industrious attempts to sell calendars to raise funds for the yearly trip to Winchester are, also, part of the activities. 37 In The Right Directions. »5 C« »J I C ►!« O (L. to R. — Front row) Judy Horton (Head), (2nd row) J. Coltrain, C. Anderson, M. Anas. (Back row) A. Ray, J. Bell, L. Bowen, K. Gillespie, and D. Rodgers. Varsity Cheerleaders Through many hours of hard work and practice, the Varsity Cheerleaders put their best face for- ward. Because of their planning pep assemblies and cheering in football and basketball games, school spirit is strengthened and led by these peppy girls. Miss Carol Kauffman is the sponsor of the group and assists in helping choose the new cheer- leaders each spring. Junior Varsity Cheerleaders Pep and steam describe these young misses with their cute cheers and support they give at J. V. games. Applications are accepted in the Spring for cheerleading and some lucky and qualified misses will fill in the squad. Many of the J. V. cheerleaders continue with their supporting teams and become the mem- bers of the Varsity squad. Even though the J. V. teams don’t get the recognition they deserve, these girls really boost their morale with bright smiles and cheers. (L. to R. — Front row) D. Adams, P. Collins (Head), P. Weaver, (Back row) P. Smith, C. Todd. A. Marlow, and P. Norris. 38 Activities Prepare Students Of Today L. to R. : S. Lamberth, G. Watkins, K. Wilks, M. Knowles, N. Helmick, V. Hankins, B. Goolsby and B. Keatts. Varsity Flagtwirlers The Varsity Flagtwirlers add much to the band with their sharp strutting and unique routines. Many hours of practice are needed to keep up to par on this squad. Participating in parades, football games, pep assemblies, and concerts kept those girls working busily throughout the entire year. Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers The youngest flagtwirling squad is the Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers, who participate in pep assemblies, J. V. football games and parades. Practice is the key to any success, but it is especially essential in the spring when applications for squad position tryouts are accepted. L. to R.: H. Bolden. N. Lewis, N. Horne, M. Staton (Head), J. McCain, S. Tilles, B. Smith. 39 To Be Homemakers, Businessmen, Thespians L. to R., Front Row: R. Shapiro, W. Morrison, N. Olshansky, S. Burns. 2nd Row: V. Hankins, K. Wilks, C. Levin, A. Hessler, R. A. Hessler, N. Mitchell, C. Anderson, S. Wells, G. Barret, R. Green, S. Morris, Back Row: M. Cohen, S. Weaver, M. Sawyer, K. Bryant, L. Spotts, B. Hehl, C. Reynolds, K. Gills, and G. Goolsby. Not pictured: R. Honeycutt, President; D. Rowe, Vice President. Stage Crew L. to R.: C. Marsette, R. Conner, R. Honeycutt, B. Allen, D. Rowe, and K. Carter. 40 And Civic Leaders Of Tomorrow. Dramatists Gain Experience Dramatic training at Newport News High School is the result of formal classes. Practical experience is gained through various work groups and recognition is given through the local chapter of Thespians. Miss Dorothy Crane sponsors the local chapter of the national drama society, Thespians. Membership for this club is obtained by earning a certain number of credits in drama work. Awards for outstanding members are presented at the annual banquet which is also the installation of new members. Under the direction of Richard Honey- cutt, the Stage Crew planned and exe- cuted productions for school plays, con- certs, assemblies, and many community programs. Contributing much to the success of the Drama Department are the heads of the various drama staffs. These stu- dents are in charge of backstage activ- ities, make-up, scenery, lighting, props, sound effects, costumes, and advertis- ing. Chosen by Miss Crane, Sp onsor, on recommendations of teachers, the Usher Staff heads added color and order to school programs as they collected tick- ets, distributed programs, and directed people to their seats. Students who took the course of Dra- ma actually got a broad knowledge of speaking, acting, and directing. In the second year, the students were given the chance to direct a one-act play. From their directing some were chosen to direct the annual tournament plays. Students from the drama classes were chosen for roles in the major plays, as well as those unaffiliated with the de- partment. Most important, Drama provides the opportunity to express each persons feel- ings and emotions freely. Usher Staff Heads L. to R.: J. Stephenson, L. Coates, B. Lanier, and K. Pilgrim. Drama Staff Heads L. to R. : G. Cole, B. Mingee. R. Rat- liff. P. Roane. B. Halfin, J. Millikin, G. Barrett, F. Hollifield, M. Rickey. B. Patrick, B. Hardisty, M. Snyder, S. Burns, M. Weinstien. B. Wright, B. Saxon, and B. Schroding. 41 For the structure that we raise, Time is with materials filled; Our todays and yesterdays Are the blocks with which we build. Each student contributes to the raising of an intangible but enduring structure. By the strength that is formed through class- room experiences its pillars — understanding, integrity, and in- sight — are lifted into place. Like a mason, the student builds according to his ability and diligence, assisted by the architects of fate. Utilizing his talents, time, and effort with borrowed tools of learning, he develops character, attitudes, and a sense of direction which will help decide his future. Perseverance, objectivity, and an open mind mark his style, while learning is his measuring stick. He builds toward unattainable perfection, but with an ardor and vision inherited from other builders of other times. The floorplans are laid; he has only to raise the walls and keep them standing straight and true for those who will follow him. Knowledge Through Experience English: Mrs. Nelson indoctrinates eighth grade students, Diana Jenkins, Jimmy Hogan and Rochelle Halfin (L to R), to the use of the library through films. English Curriculum Prepares Students English, required each semester of the high school curriculum, helped to prepare students for any type of work that fol- lowed graduation. English 8 and 9 in- corporated with paragraph development, emphasized grammar and composition. English 10 and 11 delved further into the studies of grammar and punctuation. Literature is varied in the tenth grade, but English 8 and English 11 centered about American literature. Senior English is divided into two cata- gories: college preparatory and general English. College preparatory was design- ed to answer the needs of the college- bound student by expounding on various phases of theme writing. These included short stories and research papers. Latin: Latin I students, Albert Plessinger, Sheila Bicknell and Mi- chael Bradford, portraying gladiators demonstrate their knowledge of Roman culture. Foreign Languages Are Offered Offerings of foreign languages includ- ed four years of Latin, French and Span- ish. Although no credit of foreign lang- uages was required for preparing to at- tend college, students found it a neces- sary part of their curriculum. Grammar, composition, vocabulary and an introduction to the history, life, and customs of the Roman civilization were the chief subjects taught to the Latin classes. They also studied the campaigns of Caesar’s Commentaries on the Gallic War. Spanish was one of the three language courses offered to students. Included in the course of study were reading, gram- mar, and vocabulary. Special emphasis was placed upon composition and culture during the second semester. The advanc- ed Spanish classes published a newspap- er written in Spanish called “El Tifon”. French studies were composed of prin- ciples of syntax and vocabulary. Also studied were reading, composition, and an introduction to the history, life, and customs of the French civilization. 44 Is Gained Mainly English: E Period advanced English class takes a needed break from their studies to enjoy Mr. Armstrong’s humor. Spanish: Advanced Spanish students, Howard Conn and Cissy Wilkinson, discuss their lessons for the day. 45 French: Mrs. Clarke assists Estelle Overton in questions on the unit “La Renaissance.” In The Classroom Home Management: Various phases of Home Management are illustrated by Sandra Hudgins, Bonnie Gray, Nancy Lewis, Pat Umphlet, and Elaine Slone, (pictured L. to R.). Wood shop: Ed Summerlin and Ed Self manship to the construction and finish coach, J. C. Range. Students Receive Practical Training Preparing for future vocations played an im- portant role in high school life. The different industrial arts, home economics, and coopera- tive part-time work training programs provided a basis for this student practical training. Included in the industrial arts program were drafting, general metal shop, machine shop, wood shop, and printing. Drafting I gave an introduction to the funda- mentals, sketching, and shape description. Ad- vanced drafting consisted mainly of sectional drawings. The general metal shop course was geared to a rudimentary level, exploring in sheet metal, art metal and ornamental iron, while units in welding and plastics were reserved for the ad- vanced students. Machine shop utilized the various hand tools, bench work, and engine lathe. Thus, the stu- dents learned to accurately operate different types of machines. Print shop: Photography is now a part of printing for Wilroy Sammons and Buddy Price as they work the new equipment. 46 The Students pictured L. to R.) apply their work- I.C.T.: Showing her class project on dentistry, Charlotte Guilliams explains the Ortho- if a dresser for the school’s former dontic treatment to Bobby Fox, Joan Dinwiddle and Wayne Johnson (L. to R.). 3.E.: Kathy Avant receives on the job training in retailing as ;he attempts to satisfy a customer. In wood shop the use and care of hand wood working tools, lumber, and way of fastening this material into project form was taught. Advanced students went into machine wood working. Printing altered its course to include offset print- ing. Thirteen thousand dollars worth of equipment consisting of camera, burner, offset press, paper sorter, steel cabinet for the plates, and a hydraulic paper cutter was purchased. Foods, clothing, and home management were sub-courses under home economics. In foods, learn- ing to plan and budget dinners for special occasions was an important portion of this study. As labora- tory work, the students prepared breakfasts, lunch- es, and full meals. Clothing care and construction, laundering and stain removal, and textiles comprised a basis for advanced sewing. Cooperative part-time training was a work train- ing program conducted in cooperation with profes- sional, industrial, and distributed business of the Peninsula. Offered to juniors and seniors, it pro- vided actual experience in on-the-job training co- ordinated with related classroom instruction. 47 1 Can See And Do — Business Courses Interest Girls And Boys The business education department at Newport News High School offers bookkeep- ing, shorthand and typing courses. Students who studied in Shorthand I learned to write every word in the English language in an abbreviated form, shorthand. By the time they completed Shorthand IV, the students could take one hundred words a minute and had compiled a stack of certifi- cates to prove it. The different kinds of bookkeeping forms and their application to the business world posed a problem to bookkeeping students as they completed their required one set of accounting records. The starting, closing, and recording of special journals and ledgers, how to adapt them to actual business, and the study of the problems one is liable to encounter in accounting kept the prospective “bookkeepers” from numerous hours of idle- ness. In Typing I and II the basic fundamentals of typing are taught. However, advanced typing stresses business qualifications and speed. WK e -,3 f a TT j — Shorthand: As Howard Smith transcribes a paragraph of shorthand the other students listen and learn. This is an essential part of the shorthand course. Bookkeeping: Balancing the accounts in their laboratory manuals, Typing: Lin Singletary is one of the many boys inter- (pictured L. to R.) Maurine Burnette and Joyce Thomas find an ested in business courses offered this year, adding machine helpful. 48 Thus, More Clearly Journalism: Beacon Staff members, (pictured L. to R.) Enid Bass, Edith Willett, Linda Mahanes, Irene Christophi and Lucy Southall utilize the techniques taught in journalism classes. Journalism Provides A Newspaper Journalism students provided material for the BEACON. From their work in journalism classes the staff members received a background in producing and editing a newspaper. Journalism included the study of theory and techniques concerning the production of publi- cations. This study of news writing and style briefly included advertisements, editorials, and feature writing. Laboratory work was supplied through the BEACON, which appeared bi- monthly and was planned and written by the students. Speech Teaches Speaking Ease Speech instruction gave students that vital quality, self-confidence, which is desperately needed for an effective, good delivery. The stu- dents, having learned the mechanics of good speech making, applied themselves accordingly. Ease at speaking before a group was ac- quired by many Speech I students this year. Readings and voice tests helped to develop the pitch, clearness, and softness of thin voices. The preparation of these gave the student insight to outlining and organizational procedures. - The students also executed pantomime, gestures, and seven types of speeches. Speech: Scared stiff, Jimmy Dick presents the report which he outlined and wrote for a voice test. 49 Band: During C period the brass section practices. Chorus: Chorus members learn music for performances. Comprehend Those Facts Phy. Ed.: Nancy Lewis, Becky Goolsby, Miss Kaufman, Alan Gerber and Richard Mabe demonstrate various phases of our physical education program • which includes apparatus, first aid, and general skills. Fine Arts Develop Student Talents Band, music, drama and art developed the talents of those students who elected to take these courses. Background, prac- tice, and individual instruction were es- sential elements of the courses. The band classes were utilized to pro- vide these distinct functions: develop- ment of ensemble playing, development of technique, and knowledge of solo playing. Included in the studies were terminology, music theory, and music appreciation. Students received training through work with Junior and Senior Bands where classwork was put into practice. Choral singing techniques and interpre- tation were the chief subjects taught in chorus classes. Conducting and music ap- preciation were some of the phases of music that were covered throughout the year. Participation in either Junior or Senior Chorus provided a laboratory for demonstration. Drama students received a firm foun- dation in the classroom for producing, preparing and presenting theatrical pro- ductions. Makeup, history of the early theater and aspects of directing were taught through demonstration and participation. Which They Must Drama: Dwight Rowe, (center) directs Drama I students Beverly Barnes and James Cobb (L to R) setting the stage for the fall play. Drawing, painting, printing, and lettering were introduced in Art I and II. Collaze, ceramics, and carving were given cursory coverage. More advanced students furthered their studies in these areas, while going into oil painting. Periodic projects concerning painting, graphics, crafts and com- mercial arts stressed the individual growth of the student, while connecting classroom studies with modern life. Gym Keeps Students Physically Fit. Keeping students physically fit was the chief aim of physical education classes. Girls learned balance and rhythm through modern dancing, rope jumping, and folk and square dancing. Apparatus, tumbling, and stunts helped to perfect the body co-ordination. Each semester physi- cal fitness tests were taken to determine the students’ physical abilities. First aid techniques were demonstrated to the stu- dents, while they took the eighteen-hour course. Certificates were given to them by the American National Red Cross. Some time was devoted to body health. Boys’ gym classes concentrated on the various fields of track, calisthenics, and fundamental skills in football, basketball, and softball. Art: Phyllis Hargrave exercises her artistic talents as she paints with oil paints in an advanced art class. Understand And Apply. Biology: Frog dissection is a highlight in the study of organic organisms, which in- cludes plant and animal life, for (pictured L. to R.) Raleigh Ingram, Sheila Crowder, Brenda Wollard, and Bobby Tanner. Sciences Study Life Biology taught the systems of living things, while general science taught how they depend upon their environment. Interrelationships between various liv- ing organisms and the environment around them were taught to the biology students in many ways. They were shown the dif- ference by comparing organic with in- organic matter. The use of the microscope helped to survey the classes of living things. Also during the year they studied briefly mosses, ferns, and various prob- lems of health and diseases. Remodeling of general science this year was introduced by the study of biology, chemistry, and physics besides the study of earth-space science to students who plan to further their studies in science. Earth-space science covered geology, me- teriology, and astronomy. The study in physics included the systems of measure- ments, energy and matter, force and mo- tion, and simple machines. Interrelation- ships between living organisms and their environment, the classification of living things, laboratory techniques and com- pounds and formulas institutionalized the study of chemistry and biology into the course. Kim Neilson and Sharon Chaffin study organic organisms as they learn how to use the stereoscope and microscope. 52 In The Classroom Numbers face us everywhere — from the time on the clock to the dial on the phone. All math, however, is not so simple as the students in general math, algebra, and geometry soon discovered. General math was designed to give the students the basic mathem; tical skills they needed as consumers and workers by the application of math to govern- ment, home management ranking, etc. Signed numbers, unknowns, and graphs contributed to the struggle of the first year algebra students, while the advanced spent many hours on quadratic equations, the theory of exponents, logarithms, and the application of elementary trigonom- etry. In geometry emphasis was placed on logical thinking and the arranging of ideas in an orderly manner. Plane geom- etry served as an introduction to deduc- tive reasoning and the nature of geo- metric proof. However, its colleague, solid geometry, was concerned with the study of spatial perspective or three di- mensions. Everyday Living Algebra: Sherry Bell shows Mrs. Graves’ class how she found all the right answers to her homework. This type of equation is a basis for knowledge of the higher maths. General Math: As Ronnie Byrd explains a discount prob- lem, Mrs Stokes’ B Period class is learning one of the many types of problems taught in the General Math Course. Math Is The Nucleus Of Plane Geometry: In this course students learn a process for logical reasoning. Henry Hoyle is using his knowledge of this process as he solves the proof and later explains it to the class. 53 To Fully Encounter Advanced Courses Add To Science Training Mathematics and science courses were combined to help prepare students for future careers as engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, scientists, and mathematicians. Physics was the study of matter and how it affects man. In the classroom physics involved the study of certain principles and the working of problems in relation to those principles. Advanced biology was centered around the study of genetics. The different types of inheritance and their principles gave material for problems determining ratios. Experiments with corn verified these genetic ratios of hybrid and pure forms. Chemistry encompassed the study of elements, compounds, and mixtures. Knowledge of the symbols, valences, and charges of the elements established a firm basis for learning how they react with each other. Chemistry: Senior student, Frank Gibson teach- es under the guidance of Mr. Leonard in an at- tempt to win a scholarship. Physics: Glen Davenport, Robert Shapiro, and Raymond Ellenson conduct an experiment to determine the velocity of moving objects. Advanced Biology: Richard Honeycutt and Ellen Carney study slides in connection with genetics. 54 Chemistry: Setting up apparatus for an acid ex- periment are Jimmy DeBerry and Thomas Braswell. The Joys Of Learning Statistics: Dani Garrick initiated the study of statistics, which was held daily in the library under the direction of Miss Holladav. Finishing the math courses previously offered here, Dani continued her mathematics education by taking this special course. The compounds produced, their mole- cular structures, and their characteristics were studied with particular focus on the common elements. The statistics course was designed by the Encyclopaedia Britannica Press for advanced high school math students. This is the study of operations on data and conclusions drawn from the data. Sets, inequalities and functions and analytics were the other courses offered to senior, Dani Garrick. Relationships beween angles, study of logarithums, trigometric formulas, and spheres were included in the trigonometry course. Graphs were discussed to further explain the functions of angles. These principles were related to the solving of specific types of problems. College algebra commenced with a sound review of general algebra. Inequalities were coupled with the study of some num- ber systems, such as the binary system. Analytical and co-ordinate geometry were covered later in the course. Solid geometry gave the college-bound student a review of elementary algebra from a higher point of view and extended his knowledge of the subject by the inclu- sion of selected topics not previously pre- sented. Some of those topics were cylin- ders, solid figures, polyhedrons, spheres, cones, and relationships in space of planes to lines or to other planes. Trigonometry: Discussing the trigometric func- tions of numbers are Helen Daggy and Donald Houston as they read the table for the benefit of the class. Logarithms are utilized in the solving of various types of problems. 55 Are Provided For The Students Geography: Study of the island of Iceland familiarizes the pupils in Miss Armstead’s A Period geography class with topographical problems and advantages of Iceland. Social Studies Department Offers Five Courses Five courses, required and elective, were of- fered to the students of Newport News High School to broaden their knowledge of past events and their knowledge of governmental procedures in the United States. South America was greatly emphasized in Geog- raphy I and II this year. Students were made to realize the importance of friendly relationships between the United States and South America. Also included in their studies were the basic cultures, customs, natural resources and the social economics of other important countries of the world. Much emphasis was placed on locations of states, cities, bodies of water and other important world areas. World History was a course devoted to the study of developments of the nations throughout the world. It covered the great ancient civilizations and the development of European culture through the period of the Reformation. Much attention was given to current problems and their relation to the past. Considerable time was also spent on the world organizations such as the League of Nations and the United Nations. “What is Communism?” was a question an- swered for the senior class this year by Mr. Fooks during a special lecture in which he compared Communism to Democracy. But the main purpose of the government class was to teach the students local and state government functions and what World History: In reference to the study of Italy, Mr. Fooks reads information about Rome that will assist the class in their notes. They are studying the unification and history of Italy. 56 the student’s relation as a citizen is to them. Citizenship and the responsibility of the American youth to their form of government are both emphasized during the entire year in the class lectures. The eleventh grade United States History course began with the exploration and coloni- zation of the North American continent. Touching on the French and Indian War, it covered the Revolutionary War and the War Between the States thoroughly, in order to stress the early Union formation. U. S. History: Mrs. Pully remarks to Kit Thomas and Rachel Covet, juniors, about colonial politics. Government: Tension and tedium created by the study of political parties, their origin, customary functions, and campaign programs is relieved as Miss Maguire pokes friendly fun at “honest” politicians. Politics, election campaigns, and foreign policies brought the classes into the present with references to World Wars I and II. Current events were studied to aid the stu- dents in understanding and in defining the situations and issues of their era. In eighth grade United States’ History, pupils were introduced to the high school and its activities. After learning the fundamen- tals of the honor system, they planned tena- tive schedules and were made aware of the many occupations they might pursue. Di- rectly following was a general study of American history for five marking periods. U. S. History: “Mouse”, Judy Salken seeks Mr. Reed’s advice on her schedule and vocation, for class work. 57 Truly shape and fashion these; Leave no yawning gaps between; Think not, because no man sees Such things ivill remain unseen. Watching games and cheering in pep assemblies, the Newport News High School student body only sees the athletic teams in their “dress uniform”, not realizing the hard work with which the boys have accomplished their enthusiastic and victorious ’62- ’63 season. Under the exceptional leadership and understanding of New- port News’ coaches ,the ’62-’63 sports season has been accomplish- ed with great pride on the part of players, the student body, and other fans. The effervescent school spirit of students and faculty has contributed immensely to the success of all facets of the Golden Typhoon’s sports department. The players should not be forgotten, for they have made the largest contributions of all: their time, energy, talents, and enthusiasm. They should be acknowledged for this because it has been a great attribute in maintaining the high standards of Newport News High School. Maintaining a Girls’ Athletic Association, Newport News High is also active in various girls’ sports. These are hockey, basketball, volleyball, and track. Throughout the year, the G.A.A. has worked diligently to have a successful season. Only after a great deal of practice and much determination could they possibly have achieved such success. 56 That Fighting Spirit Front Row: (L. to R.) : D. London: B. Stalnaker : B. Rhodes: H. Smith: J. Lamb; T. Smith: K. Bransford ; L. Moran; J. Deberry; J. Wingo ; W. Frizelle; M. Barnes; G. Hill; D. Mueller. Back Row: (L. to R.) : Coach Palmer ; M. Conley ; L. Harding ; R. Oppenheimer ; R. Philips : B. Roberts; B. Belt; K. Craft; G. Davenport; A. Nesbitt; F. Powell J. Gillikin ; B. Jefferies; J. Reese; B. Hatchett; W. Boger ; B. Barnes D. Tyndall: D. Nisonger ; C. Eubank; B. Simpson; B. Schroding ; F. Anspach ; Coach Duff ; Coach Nuttycombe. “Blue And Gold” Goes Undefeated Under the leadership of Coach Charles Nuttycombe and his capable staff, the Gold and Blue Typhoon marched to their first undefeated season since 1937 with a 9-0-1 rec- ord. To gain prominence in the Eastern District was the encouragement with whi ch the enthusiastic squad ac- complished the ’62 campaign. Beginning the season with three victories over York, Churchland and Wilson, the TYPHOON then traveled to Great Bridge to encounter the Wildcat Eleven. By tying the game 7-7, the team’s hopes for a perfect season w r ere halted. On the following Friday night, the Maury Com- madores invaded Saunder’s Stadium, but were defeated by a score of 25-6. Beginning a new rivalry, the TYPHOON won its game with Ferguson 14-6. In their next outing the Newport News’ team overwhelmed the Warwick Farmers by a 34-8 score. The next two games with Norview and Granby were easily won, and the TYPHOON team had a week of rest before meeting arch rival, Hampton, on Thanksgiving Day, defeating them 6-0, to end the season, tying for first place in the Eastern District and for second in the state with Great Bridge. BARRY HATCHETT Co-captain Senior — End BOB STALNAKER Senior — Guard BOB JEFFERIES Senior— Tackle MARSHALL CONLEY Co-captain Senior — Quarterback 60 Which Makes A Championship Team DALE MUELLER BILLY ROBERTS DON LONDON FRED ANSPACH Junior — Quarterback Senior — Center Junior — Tackle Junior Halfback “Monsters” Make Impressive Debut For the first time in several years, Newport News de- veloped both an offensive and defensive team, the “Mon- sters” and the “Go-team,” who accomplished a victorious and thrilling season. Originating the title of “Monsters”, Coach John Palmer led the TYPHOON defensive team to a victorious and thrilling season. Ranked by some sports writers as the top defensive team in Virginia, the “Monsters” only al- lowed 58 points to be scored against them. Through the ceaseless energy of a hard-working squad, no team scored in the second half of the game. Scoring a total of 202 points during any season, the “Go- team”, under the leadership of Coach Warren Mitchell and Coach C. C. Duff, was successful in both rushing and passing. An average of 20.2 points per game were made with the ’62 campaign. The kicking of Larry Harding add- ed to the success of the squad by his numerous successful conversion attempts. Several players were recognized .for their impressive playing by being placed on various “honor teams”. Six members were chosen for the All-Peninsula team: Dale Mueller, quarterback; Kent Craft, halfback; Fred An- spach, halfback; Billy Roberts, center; Bob Stalnaker, guard; Don London, guard. Bob Stalnaker, guard, and Fred Ansoach, halfback, gained berths on the All-Tidewater team. The All-Eastern District honors were given to: Billy Roberts, Bob Stal- naker, and Fred Anspach. For All-Foreman Field team, Ken Bransford, fullback, and Joe Wingo, lineman, were chosen for the ’62 scholastic football season. On behalf of the ANCHOR, the sports staff would like to congratulate the ’62 football team for their outstanding achievement in fine sportsmanship and good spirit. Leaping for extra yardage, Kent Craft is met by several of his Hampton opponents during the second half to gain a first down for the victorious TYPHOON. 61 Is Clearly Evident Fred Anspach is trampled by the Hampton team as so the ’62 clash between the two rivals ended with a he makes the last touchdown of the ’62 season. The score of 6-0. conversion attempt after the score was unsuccessful, N. N. N. N. 37 York . . 7 14 Ferguson . . . ... 6 32 Churchland . . . . . .12 34 Warwick . . . ... 8 33 Wilson . . 6 7 Norview . . . 0 7 Great Bridge . . .. 7 13 Granby ... 7 25 Maury . . 6 6 Hampton . . . . .. 0 KENT CRAFT BILLY RHODES WAYNE GASKILL KEN BRANSFORD Senior — Halfback Senior — Guard Senior — Tackle Senior — Fullback 62 At Any Football Or Basketball Game Don Tyndall barely misses a pass while Andy Wil- liams of Warwick pursues his opponent during the Newport News-Warwick Rivalry. (L. to R.) : Mr. Wayne Taylor, John Gillikin, Mike Ozmer, Barry Hatchett, Billy Roberts, Mr. Julian Gordon. Gridiron Awards Presented For his outstanding effort throughout the season, Billy Roberts was the recipient of the Julian Gordon Award. On behalf of the Thomas 0. Keesee chapter of the Hi-Y, Mike Ozmer presented the Good Sportsmanship Award to Co-captain Barry Hatchett. The Newport News Chapter of Key Clubs originated a new award for the member of the team with the high- est academic average. Mr. Wayne Taylor presented the plaque to John Gillikin. Pushing Ronnie Sprull toward the sidelines, Bill Schording halts an advance by Norview in the early stages of the traditional clash. During Newport News’ first encounter with Fergu- son, Don Tyndall makes a gaining effort to near the TYPHOON to their initial score of the game. In Which NNHS Participates. Skirting around left end, Kent Craft runs to gain a first down for Newport News as he is pursued by his capable Maury opponent. Behind good blocking, Ken Bransford picks up valuable yardage in the Turkey Day Battle, as he smashes through the Hampton line. Breezes Split Season Preparing themselves for their years ahead on the varsity squad, the members of the J. V. Football Team came out even in their ’62 season. Under the leadership of Harlon Hott and C. J. Brown, the Breezes won three of their six games. The victories were accomplished in their encounters with Ferguson, Warwick, and York, and were won by scores of 14-7, 12-9, and 32-6 respec- tively. J.V. Football N.N. 14 F erguson 7 N.N. 0 Warwick 7 N.N. 6 York 37 N.N. 7 Ferguson 9 N.N. 12 Warwick 9 N.N. 32 York 6 1 I Front row: W. Deberry, T. Haney, C. Jackson, G. Fields, J. Arnold, A. Gerber, D. Campbell, D. Dooley, J. Jones, R. Hartline, M. Artman, J. Guthrie, R. Davis. R. Haney, W. Smith, R. Collins, D. Reed, W. Roberts, Mgr. G. Johnson. Back row: Coach Hott, E. Murphy, E. Bookei K. Lassiter, J. Fishei, D. McCain, E: Perry, L. Wright, R. Nash, S. Smith, C. Springfield, D. Ivey, D. Kahle, W. Vick, W. Stokes, C. Embler, A. Hines, J. Odom, A. Jenkins, C. Howell, D. Arnold, D. Llewellyn, R. Puckette, R. Tate, D. Ellenson, G. Miller, K. Carter, G. Dillenger, Mgr. R. Brame, Coach Brown. 64 The Will To Win, Coaches Nuttycombe and Conn pause to discuss the very impressive seasons accomplished by the Cross Country Team and the Indoor Track Team. Stopping from one of their busy practices is the Indoor Track Team : kneeling (L. to R.) D. Rossenwasser, B. Ward, S. Sparkman, Fred Anspach, B. Shaw, B. Schroding, T. Abbott, (standing) J. Seay, J. Bull, J. Todd, J. Wingo, H. Seay, B. Barnes, J. Moore. Indoor Track Team Harriers Pace Through Season Attends Lexington Meet Through a great deal of practice at Huntington Park, the Newport News Cross Country Team paced rapidly through their ’62 season. With the leadership of Coach Conn, the Typhoon “Harriers” made a pleasing impres- sion on all the schools with which they competed. Placing sixth in the William and Mary A.A.U. Tourna- ment, fourth in the State Tournament, and also fourth in the Eastern District Tournament, the energetic “Harriers” chose as their captains Bill Shaw and Gerald Wright. Running and jumping enthusiastically in the halls and gymnasium each day after school, the Newport News High School Indoor Track Team participated very im- pressively in the State Indoor Track Meet in Lexington, Virginia. Gaining second place in this meet, the Indoor Track Team was unable to repeat as first place winners as they had done for the past two years. With members such as Fred Anspach, Bill Ward, John Todd, Joe Wingo, and Bill Barnes returning in the fall the Newport News team can look forward to a very successful season next year. Cross Country N.N 24 Wilson .... .32 N.N 25 Warwick . . .34 | N.N 29 Hampton . . .27 | N.N 16 Granby .43 N.N 22 Great Bridge 36 N.N 24 Norview . . . .32 N.N 23 Wilson .38 William Mary A.A.U. Meet 6th place State Tournament 4th place District Tourna- ment 4th place Pausing from their busy season is the Cross Country Track Team: kneeling: (L. to R.) D. Rossen- wasser, G. Feningsohn, M. Hirshman, J. Dick, K. Taylor, B. Parrianious, S. Wood, S. Becker, B. W. Newsome, R. Gordon, standing: B. Spiegal, R. Staton, H. Seay, S. Smith, Bill Shaw, Coach Conn, G. Wright, J. Moore, M. Burns, B. Barnes, J. Seay, J. Abbott. 65 Chris Ellis Junior — Guard -[YfHOOv Kenny Henderson J unior — Center Owen Smith Co-captain Senior— Center i- • v i SfE r Billy Taylor J unior — Forward m ... ' -m - sSHR,, Berme W hitmer Senior — Guard Butch Corson Co-eaptam Senior — Forward Rocky Gary Junior — Guard Combined With Many Posing for a picture is the Varsity Basketball Team. Seated: (L. B. Whitmer, R. Curtis, D. Mueller, J. Montague, K. Pennell, B. Ball, to R.) M. Wiramer, K. Henderson, C. Ellis, R. Gary, 0. Smith, B. J. DeBerry, J. Mooney, W. Williams. Corson, J. Rama, B. Taylor, T. Buckingham. Standing: Coach Mitcnell, “Snake Pit” Winning Streak Extended To Seventy-five While playing the Newport News TYPHOON, no team in the Eastern District was able to outscore the Mitchell- men. Newport News was undefeated on the floor, and the record would have officially slated the TYPHOON as undefeated if it had not been for a four-game forfeit, because of an ineligible player. These games were our en- counters with Ferguson, York, Deep Creek, and Oscar Smith. After this disappointment, the Mighty Typhoon did not slow down their powerful pace as they returned to romp over the Ferguson Mariners 56-27. On the following night, the Newport News team won their game with arch-rival Warwick 58-18. Sixty-six to thirty-three was the final score when the Churchland Truckers visited the Newport News “snake pit.” In their next game, the Typhoon set a defensive record by not allowing Norview to score a point in the second half. The final score was 23-13. Encountering their energetic foe, Warwick, for the second time, the Mitchell- men defeated the Farmers 57-43. A six game road trip was next on the News’ agenda. The first of these games was a difficult victory over Hampton with a score of 24-22. Following this game with the Crabbers, the Typhoon then accomplished five easy victories over Suffolk, Princess Anne, Granby, Great Bridge, and Wilson. Ending their season, this powerful team had three home games. All these visitors, Maury, Hampton, and Cradock, were faced with defeats with large margins At the end of regular season of play, Newport News was ranked only second in the Eastern District, but marched on to win the Eastern District Tournament. In the first game of the tournament, Churchland was de- feated 57-45. In the semi-finals the Mitchellmen over- powered the Cavaliers of Princess Anne with a score of 58-34. The Wildcats of Great Bridge put up a tough fight throughout the final game of this tournament, as they begrudgedly gave the Typhoon a trip to Richmond. The final score of this all-important game was 40-36. “On to Richmond” was the cry that led the Typhoon on to the state tournament. In their first game of the State Tournament against Manchester, the Newport News’ squad rolled over the Lancers 75-65. The Mitchell- men, tired and nervous, were not so victorious in their encounter with the defending State Champions, Washing- ton Lee Generals. This game was lost by a score of 49-41. In the premier performance of the victorious ' 63 season, Kenny Henderson sets up a screen for teammate Billy Taylor as Billy keeps the ball away from Ferguson’s determined John Atwood. Typhoon Schedule N.N. 64 43 68 . . . York 27 66 . 27 68 . . . Oscar Smith 39 56 . . . Ferguson 27 58 18 66 . . . Churchland . . . 33 23 . 13 57 . 43 24 . . . Hampton .... 22 53 . . . Suffolk 22 57 36 58 54 67 . . . Great Bridge 51 51 29 29 Maury 20 50 Hampton 42 60 . ... 31 Easter District Tournament N.N. 57 Churchland 45 N.N. 58 Princess Anne 34 N.N. 40 Great Bridge 36 State Tournament N.N. 75 Manchester 65 N.N. 41 Washington Lee 49 ♦Forfeited because of ineligible player Hard Hours Of Practice, Grabbing a very important rebound during the home Warwick game, Kenny Henderson adds to the magnificence of the victory over capable foe from Warwick. Co-captain Corson illustrates the strength of the reserves as he makes a jump shot for the powerful Typhoon in the Oscar Smith game. All-State player Chris Ellis shows his amazing basketball ability when he instinctively goes up for an impressive layup when Oscar Smith is given a defeat with a 68-39 score. Showing that their hearts are still with the playing members of the team, the reserves shout encouragement and approval to spur the Typhoon to their desired victory over the Warwick Farmers. Teamwork Is Basis For Success Individual skill was magnificiently exhibited by the entire Newport News High School Basketball Team in the ’62 -’63 season. Chris Ellis was a standout throughout the season. He was named to the All-Peninsula, All-Eastern District, and for the second time, the All-State Teams. Also, Chris was selected as the outstanding individual player in the East- ern District Tournament. The other four starting juniors, Jimmy Rama, who was named to the All-Peninsula Team, Billy Taylor, Rocky Gary, and Kenny Henderson attributed much to the suc- cess of the Mitchellmen. These boys displayed great skill and sportsmanship in each game they played. Powerful reserves could always be depended upon when the Typhoon was in a “tight spot.” Co-captains Owen Smith and Butch Corson were helpful under the boards, while small, but powerful, Bernie Whitmer and Richard Curtis aided defensively and offensively with their mag- nificient ball handling. Other dependable reserves backing the squad were Keith Pennell, Johnny Montague, and Jimmy DeBerry. 69 Brings Success To The Players “I guess we showed them !” shouts the Ty- phoon team after their home victory over arch- rival Warwick. “I’ll get this one to end the season with a bang!’’ says Jim Rama during our final game with Cradock. “I’ve got it, team !” murmurs Co-captain Smith during our smashing encounter with the Warwick Farmers. “Well, look at it this way; we’ve just got the best team in the Eastern District,” states Coach Mitchell as he chats with newsmen after the Typhoon has just won the Eastern District Tourney. “Nobody’s better !” “I told you to eat Cheerios for breakfast ! Now, you only scored 12 points !” calmly shouts Mr. Mitchell the day after a big game. Mitchell Leads Typhoons To Victory Patience, knowhow, understanding, intelligence, exper- ience; these are all characteristics of Coach Warren Mitchell. Very effectively and enthusiastically, he led the Mighty Typhoons to a very successful and impressive season. Con- gratuations Coach Mitchell and team! “Give the ball back. Bob ! I had it first !” yells Rocky to Bob " Hey, this is basketball, not leapfrog!” yells Chris as he is pursued by 0 Henderson of Princess Anne during the semi-finals of the Eastern a Cavalier from Princess Anne. District Tournament. Whether Or Not They The J. V. Basketball Team pauses after a very victorious season to M. Smith. Standing (L. to R.) : E. Perry; D. Ellenson ; R. Phillips; have a picture taken. Sitting (L. to R.) : Candler: D. Hatchett: T. J. Brandon; Coach Palmer; J. Mooney; B. Turner; J. Keller. Givens : W. Vied ; R. Cantor ; G. Hudson ; S. Kiger ; R. Billings : J. V. Scoreboard N.N. J.V’s 40 Ferguson 46 52 York 24 68 Deep Creek 23 60 Oscar Smith 23 49 Ferguson 37 49 Warwick 23 68 Churchlnad 49 47 Norview 30 54 Warwick 37 N.N. J.V’s 42 Hampton 41 49 Suffolk 14 35 Princess Anne 41 47 Granby 30 63 Great Bridge 30 51 Wilson 34 53 Maury 40 40 Hampton 57 76 Cradock 30 Junior Varsity Is Successful Coached by Coach Johnny Palmer, the J. V. “Breezes” won all of their games this season with the exception of three. These losses were to Fergu- son, Princess Anne, and Hampton. Led by Jim Brandon, Richard Canter, Joe Mooney, and Bill Turner, the team gained valuable experience that will be profitable in future years when these same boys will be members of the varsity squad. 8th and 9th Grade Team Has Under Undefeated Coach Hott. Season N.N. 43 Ferguson 23 40 Warwick 10 45 Poquosan 7 32 York 20 32 Ferguson 19 29 Warwick 12 20 York 12 40 Ferguson 17 54 Poquoson 19 The 8th 9th grade team consists of: Sitting (L. to R.) : Williams; J. Fisher ; W. Mallory ; W. Owens ; D. McCoy ; D. Rogers ; R. Nash ; Standing: (L. to R.) : S. Martin, G. Fields, R. Price ; Coach Hott ; T. Turner ; D. Brandon ; A. Dorner. 71 Win Every Game. The Newport News Track Team is as follows: kneeling: D. Rosen- wasser, T. Abbott, C. Milne, G. Wright, R. Phillips, C. Phillips, M. Hirshman, G. Feningsohn, L. Moran, B. Artman, S. Sparkman, F. Anspach, B. Ward, B. Baines, B. Schroding, K. Taylor, J. Dick, M. Burns, B. Spiegal, R. Gordon, standing: Coach Nuttycombe, Coach Palmer, H. Cuervo, E. Tannen, H. Barriett, K. Craft, S. Wood, C. Pauley, B. Parianas, G. Anas, S. Becker, H. Seay, F. Powell, B. Gilbert, P. Blakemore, B. Rhodes, B. Shaw, S. Smith, O. Smith, J. Wright, R. Staton, R. Cantor, J. Moore, J. Todd, J. Bull, J. Wingo, D. Reed, J. Hampton, G. Miller, J. Keller, Coach Conn. (Missing from the picture, Jerry Seay.) Trackmen To Participate In Various Meets Looking forward to a very triumphant season, the Newport News Track team chose as its co-captains Bill Shaw, half-miler, and Billy Rhodes, discus thrower. With outstanding juniors and seniors as well as sophomores participating actively on the team this year, Coaches Nuttycombe and Conn predicted a very victorious year for the Typhoon. As the Anchor had to go to press, it was impossible to relate the outcome of the season, though it will be at- tempted to preview the ’63 season. The Newport News team has numerous capable sprint- ers. Some of these are Fred Anspach, Billy Schroding, Bill Ward, and Jimmy Hampton. On the high and low hurdles are Bob Artman and Porter Blakemore. Standout pole vaulters are Steve Sparkman, Forrest Powell, Harry Barritt, and George Anas. At the high jump are found Owen Smith and Joe Wright. In the broad jump pit are Kent Craft, Billy Barnes, Billy Schroding, and Fred Anspach. Distance men for the season are Bill Shaw, Gerald Wright, Jimmy Moore, Larry Moran, Jerry Seay, and Harry Seay. In the circle for the discus throwing are found Billy Rhodes, Jim Bull, and Bob Davis. For shot put are cap- able members such as John Todd and Joe Wingo. Cinder Schedule March 26 W. M. Frosh Mark 29 Great Bridge April 2 Norview April 5 York April 11 Hampton April 13 Colonial Relays April 16 Ferguson April 20 Tidewater Relays April 27 Eastern District Meet May 4 Va. Pilot Relays May 10 Warwick May 18 State Track Meet Posing for an Anchor picture is the very capable and energetic Relay Team. (L. to R.) Bill Ward, Fred Anspach, Billy Barnes, and Billy Schroding. 72 Team Participation Produces Pole vaulter Steve Sparkman demonstrates some of the tech- niques of good pole vaulting to teammates Conrad Pauley, Harry Barritt, George Anas, and Herminio Guervo. “This is the way it’s done,” explains hurdler Bob Artman to sprinters Bill Ward, Porter Blakemore, and Fred Anspach. Conn , Nuttycombe Work Diligently Throughout Year “It’s up to you Billy, " sighs Fred Anspach to Billy Barnes as the rest of the popular relay team, Billy Schroding and Bill Ward, look on. Combining their efforts and ability, Coach Julie Conn and Coach Charles Nuttycombe instruct the Outdoor Track Team with unending zeal and en- thusiasm. These two capable men are also assisted very effectively by Coach Johnny Palmer. Mr. Conn works mainly with the runners, while Mr. Nuttycombe concentrates on the pole vault, high jump, and broad jump. Mr. Palmer places his emphasis on the discus and shot put. The contributions of time, energy, knowledge, and enthusiasm on the part of these three capable gentlemen are great assets to the Newport News High School athletic department. Co-captain Billy Rhodes shows his impressive ability with the discus to teammates John Todd, Jimmy Bull, Bob Simpson, and Robert Davis. 73 A Certain Feeling Of Inter-dependence Co-captain BOBBY BALL — Senior Catcher JAMES MONTAGUE— Sophomore MARSHALL CONLEY— Senior Pitcher Pitcher Co-captain RANDY TOSH— Senior Outfield Typhoon Is Pre-Season Favorite With numerous lettermen returning to the Typhoon lineup, the Newport News Baseball Team is rated by some press writers as a favorite in the ’63 season. How- ever, as the Anchor must go to press, it is impossible to review the season. Choosing for its co-captains Randy Tosh and Bobby Ball, the baseball team hopes to have a victorious season under the capable leadership of Coach C. C. Duff. This is Coach Duff’s first year as head basebal l coach, and he will be assisted by Coach Harlen Hott. With excellent players, such as Buddy Price, Terry Smith, Jimmy Brandon, Jimmy Rama, and Mike Barnes, in the infield, the opposing teams will have a hard time getting around the Typhoon bases. Those flies into the outfield will be met by such players as Randy Tosh, Jimmy Hicks, Richard Curtis, Don Tyndall, Chris Ellis, Craig Eubank, and Jimmy DeBerry. On the mound will be found standouts Jimmy Monta- gue, Butch Corson, and Marshall Conley. Catching behind the plate for these energetic pitchers will be Bobby Ball and Charles Sands. With this lineup, the Typhoon Baseball Team antici- pates an enthusiastic and winning season. Hard work on the part of both the players and the coaches will ac- complish an outstanding year to make the students and faculty proud that these boys represented Newport News High School at various schools in Virginia. “I beat you this time, Jim,” says Jimmy DeBerry to first baseman Jim Rama as he safely arrives at first bass during an inter-squad game. 74 Among The Players The Baseball Team stops from its busy schedule to pause for a picture Ball, J. Rama, C. Ellis, M. Conley, J. Montague, D. Tyndall, T. Smith, for the Anchor. Kneeling: (L. to R.) R. Brame, R. Odom, J. Brandon, J. Hicks, C. Sands, B. Corson, J. Montague, R. Tosh. B. Price, M. Barnes, R. Curtis, J. DeBerry, J. Boyette. Standing: B. Typhoon Diamond Agenda March 30 Poquoson April 27 Fprguson April 2 Great Bridge April 30 Maury April 5 Suffolk May 3 Norvipw April 9 May 4 Hampton April 12 Cradock May 7 Ferguson April 16 Churchland May 8 York April 19 Hampton May 10 Princess Anne April 20 Wilson May 11 Warwick April 23 Warwick May 14 York April 26 Oscar Smith May 17 Deep Creek BUTCH CORSON— Senior Pitcher JIMMY RAMA— Junior Infield RICHARD CURTIS— Junior Outfield JAMES HICKS— Senior Outfield 75 Which Creates Friendships, MIKE BARNES— Senior Infield TERRY SMITH— Senior Infield JIMMY BRANDON — Sophomore Infield BUDDY PRICE— Senior Infield Mike Barnes calmly catches one of the many grounders seen each day during practice at Magruder Field. 76 “Safe!” exclaims catcher and co-captain Bobby Ball as teammate Charlie Sands slides in safely at home plate. And Strengthened School Spirit Preparing for the up-coming meet, Coach Armstrong It is off to the golf course as Harmon Gordon, Raymond Ellenson, and Lee Sutton shows Kit Thomas how to straighten his grip be- leave to practice at James River Country Club in order to better their scores, fore he tees off. Pausing on their way to practice is the golf team. Kneeling (L. to R.) H. Gordon, B. Feather, L. Sut- ton, K. Thomas, R. Curtis. Standing Coach L. Armstrong, T. Walker, R. Ellenson, B. Roberts, P. Hammond, Coach D. Harvey. Golf Team Busily Practices At Club In the downpour of a March rain, tryouts were held at the James River Country Club for the Newport News High School Golf Team, a relatively new sport’s activity at the school. Tuesday through Friday these ten aspiring golfers could be seen diligently practicing under the guidance of co-coaches, Mr. Larry Armstrong and Mr. Donald Harvey, at the James River Country Club. Although the team had not been very successful in its first two years, they looked forward to a victorious sea- son. Eastern District 1963 MASTER GOLF SCHEDULE April 2 Ferguson — Newport News — Norview April 9 Hampton — Newport News — Princess Anne April 26 Cradock — Maury — Newport News — Warwick April 30 Newport News — Hampton — Maury — Granby May 3 Churchland — Woodrow Wilson — New- port News May 10 Eastern District Meet May 17-18 State Meet 77 Both Boys And Girls Composing: the G.A.A. Executive Board are: (L. to R. Front row: Donna Pipkin. Connie Todd. Sharon Daniels, Judy Lucas, Faye Pearce. 2nd Row: Judy Chapman. Carolyn Watson, Jeannie Collier, Linda Powell, Brenda Hicks. Mary Ann Barrow, Judy Phillips, Annie Korycinski. 3rd Row: Mrs. Masters • Sponsor i . Carolyn Sehrolding. Michele Shelton. Peggy Wilkins, Brenda Vaness, Brenda Todd, Mary Lou Staton, Gail Watkins, Ann Marlowe, Edna Johnson, Barbara Salken, Mina Erlach, Vicki Edge. 4th Row: Shirley Smith, Janet Smith, Nina Neville, Kitty Gills, Ann Bryant, Linda Long, Yvonne Morrison, Margie Gary, Brenda Rose, Anita Morgan, Jeanette McDonald. Back row: Ann Smith. Kay Burks, Joyce Thomas, Sandy Smith. Kathy Avant, Linda Bowen, Betsy Dixon, Pam Russell. Executive Board Capably Leads G.A.A. Having as its nucleus the G.A.A. Executive Board, the Girls Athletic Association of Newport News High School participates actively in various girls sports. Each girl taking physical education in N.N.H.S. is a member of the G.A.A. In the spring of the year, all these members vote to select the officers to head this organization the com- ing year. The officers for the ’62-’63 year were Sharon Daniels, president, Judy Lucas, vice-president, and Connie Todd, secretary. These girls were selected from a group of nominees made by the Executive Board. Active members of the G.A.A. sign up in the spring to be members of the Executive Board. If their names are approved by the outgoing board, they are accepted as members of the board for the coming year. As a member of the executive board, one is able to take a more active part in the G.A.A. activities. It is possible to coach teams, to be a scorekeeper or timer, or to record the points achieved by participants. If a girl compiles enough points, she is eligible to re- ceive a G.A.A. letter. One is able to gain points by mem- bership on various teams or by membership in the Appara- tus or Tumbling Clubs. Watching Sandy Smith demonstrate a stunt on the horse are the other gvm assistants: (L. to R.) Sharon Daniels, Becky Goolsby, Linda Bowen. June Chaffin, Angie Ray. Pam Russell, Jane Col- trane, Goldie Preville. Judy Lucas, and Faye Pearce. “The drink that refreshes " say the gym teachers as they pause from their busy tasks of coaching various teams: They are (L. to R.) Mrs. Burnam, Mrs. Johnson, Miss Kauffman, and Mrs. Masters. 78 Can Develop Physical Skills Posing for a picture after a busy season is the All-Star Hockey Team : kneeling (L. to R.) : Susie Jeffers, Sandy Smith, Sharon Daniels, June Chaffin, Jean Ander- son ; standing (L. to R.) : Carol Smith, Linda Bowen, Faye Pearce, Judy Lucas, Becky Goolsby, Mary Maquire, Sue Miller, Donna Pipkin, Betsy Dixon, Vickie Prevatte. Busily selling a G.A.A. sweatshirt to Vice-president Judy Lucas is Sharon Daniels, the President of the organiza- tion. She is assisted by Secretary Connie Todd. Standing (L. to R.) S. Daniels and J. Lucas; sitting: C. Todd. G.A.A. Participates In Various Sports Field hockey is the first sport of the year for the G.A.A. There are three teams: tenth, eleventh, and twelfth grades. Practicing for many weeks at Huntington Park, these teams then play their respective teams from Fergu- son and Warwick. After these thrilling games, an All-Star team is chosen to represent N.N.H.S. at the tournament in Norfolk. At the tournament this year, two members of the N.N.H.S. team were chosen as members of the All-state and All-state Alternate team. They were Sandy Smith, All-state, and Judy Lucas, alternate. Next in the season comes basketball. Teams are com- piled from all grades which represent N.N.H.S. in games with Warwick. For the first time, the All-star team represented the Typhoon in a game with York High School. From all five of the class teams an All-star team is selected by the coaches of the various teams. Volleyball is another sport in which N.N.H.S. indulges. As with basketball, class teams are formed to play War- wick, and then an All-star team is chosen. Throughout the entire ’62-’63 year, the G.A.A. main- tained active Apparatus and Tumbling Clubs in order to cultivate the varied interests of the girls of N.N.H.S. Illustrating their ability on the parallel bars are the members of the Apparatus Club. (L. to R.) Shelia Oakes, Gail Watkins, Jane Coltrane, Angie Ray, Donna Pipkin, Janice Wilkins, Janet Wright, and Kay Andleton. Demonstrating some of their varied stunts are the members of the Tumbling Club. Clockwise from one o’clock: Becky Goolsby, Janice Wilkins, Shelia Oakes, Jane Coltrane, Gail Watkins, Angie Ray, Donna Pipkin, and Kay Andleton. 79 And Strengthen Their Moral Fiber “If you keep up the good work, you might receive your star this year,” says Mrs. Masters, G.A.A. sponsor, to Nyna Neville (1) as she and Donna Pipkin check their points on the record cards. Girls Gain Awards Participating in the activities of the Girls’ Athletic Associa- tion, a member of this organization is able to receive a letter. The presentation of the letters is based upon the points com- piled by the individual. She receives points for attendance to practices, membership on all-star teams, coaching other teams, and membership on the G.A.A. Executive Board. After receiving a letter, a girl is able to further her achieve- ment by receiving a star. As she continues to participate, she adds to her points, thus receiving further recognition. Also, the senior with the largest number of points is pre- sented a gold pin in the spring of her senior year. The All-star Volleyball Team is as follows: kneeling (L. to R.) Sandy Smith: Pam Russell; Donna Rountree: June Chaffin: Betsy Dixon: standing: Ada Murphey : Judy Lucas, Brenda Todd, Sandra McGough . Sue Hanner, Ann Murphey. These two energetic girls are busily running the 50-yard dash, one of the numerous skill tests that all physical education classes take in the spring. With such skill as Donna Pipkin shows in this picture, she was able to capture the favor of all the judges in Washington, D. C., at the Schoolgirl-Schoolboy Gymnas- tic Meet. Through Participation In Sports. Posing for their ANCHOR picture is the All-star Basketball Team: kneeling (L. to R.) Ada Mur- phey, June Chaffin, Sandra Williams, Pam Rus- sell, Ann Murphy; standing (L. to R.) Brenda Vaness, Ann Smith, Judy Lucas, Annette McKinney, and Sharon Adcock. Basketball Scoreboard Seniors : N.N. 22 Warwick 16 41 York 12 Juniors : N.N. 24 Warwick 13 Sophomores : N.N. 24 Warwick 16 Freshmen : N.N. 31 Warwick 19 Mice : N.N. 21 Warwick 20 “Okay, gang, get serious! We’ll never get anywhere at this rate!’’ shouts Pam Russell, captain, to the rest of the Senior Basketball Team. Girls Appear In D.C. Five girls from Newport News High School presented some of the skills and grace that they have achieved in their participation in girls’ athletics at N.N.H.S. The girls were Donna Pipkin, Jane Coltrane, Gail Watkins, Angela Ray, and Janet Wright. They ap- peared in the Schoolgirl — Schoolboy Gymnastic Meet in Washington, D. C., during February. Donna Pipkin placed first in the balance beam division, and Jane Coltrane placed second in this event; Gail Watkins placed fourth in free exercise, and Janet Wright placed second in the uneven parallel bars division. Jane Coltrane illustrates some of the grace and charm that won her a second place in the meet at Washington. This is only one of the stunts she used to impress the judges. 81 Let us do our ivork as well, Both the unseen and the seen; Make the house inhere Gods may dwell Beautiful, entire, and clean. That needed and endless element which complements and en- riches all other aspects of a well rounded education is school life. That spark of enthusiasm which spreads through the high school years is perpetuated through this element. It is the reflection of concentrated efforts and hard work. Indeed, it incorporates all other phases of the search for knowledge which enable students to relive with pride the fine memories of their school days. Each individual is a contributing factor to the success of school life at Newport News High School. Thus, the combined experiences, friendships, and knowledge of every student produce that in- tangible but vital rafter of the house of learning. 82 Enriching Memories Of High School School Life Is Coming and Going Places Whether it be attending school athletic events, riding the bus to school, attending school club programs, visiting other schools, or representing the student body on official school trips, N. N. H. S. offers students the opportunity to meet new and interesting people and to broaden their interests and knowledge as they come and go. C. Webb, L. Allen, and B. Smith wait patiently as Mr. Taylor collects tickets to the presentation of the fall play, “Blood, Sweat, and Stanley Poole . . While the band plays during one of the foot- ball games, the crowd stands and sings the traditional Alma Mat- er. S.C.A. Senior Federa- tion members B. Shaw, B. Hatchett, A. Fow- ler, Miss Gildersleeve, M. Cohen, C. Milne, W. Delozier, and C. Ander- son are caught by the camera as they prepare to represent N.N.H.S. at a Federation Ex- change Day at War- wick High School. 84 Are Found In The Everyday Incidents. Charlotte Anderson, Girl State representative, gleams as she tells Miss Gildersleeve about her trip to Radford, Virginia. “What a pretty Christmas tree!” exclaims Charlotte Guil- liams and Brenda Todd as they search for a tree for the rmp nf the nroiects of the Cafeteria Committee. Stopping to pause for a picture before going to work are D. E. and D. 0. students Estelle Overton, Scott Par- sons, Jerry Gammon, and Lola Baab. 85 “Just as I get my umbrella up, it stops raining!” says Randy Tosh to Frances Hollifield as they leave school at the end of the day. Varsity squad and mascots arouse a favorable response with such familiar cheers as, “Are you proud of your school?” School Life Is Feelings That feeling accompanying the beginning of a new day starts with the raising of the flag. That wonderful feeling of belonging comes each day as the students pass friends in the halls on the way to classes. That rushed hour for lunch gives students opportunity to converse while eating. As the day progresses, the cheerleaders pep up the student body in preparation for that nightgame, and the team practices during F Period. At the same time, dramatically inclined students are practicing for the fall play. Laughing, study- ing, joking together, these students combine fun with work while living the best years of their lives. Ronnie Green, Linda Block, George Hankins, and George Rowe pause on their way to class to admire the D. E. showcase. “We pledge allegiance to the flag . . .” Roy Savage traditionally raises the flag that the students so proudly hail. U 4 “What a long lunch line!” This is a cry heard from many students as they hurry to lunch. Judy Horton, Kenny Brans- ford, Sharon Daniels, Richard Honeycutt, Chuck Lilly, and Bill Shaw display their school letters, which they have striv- ed to earn. These letters are worn every ' Blue and Gold Letter Day. Ware Morrison, Paul Bass, Tommy Buckington, and Suz- anne Morris portray a scene from the fall drama production of “Blood, Sweat, and Stanley Poole.” The Chance To Learn, Create, And Relax Sue Harrison exemplifies the mighty team spirit of the students at N.N.H.S. “What little bundles of joy we find in our lock- ers!”, says 0. Smith of S. Halfin. School Life is Fun Between classes, surprises are often in store — perhaps as you pass the first floor telephone booth, or open your locker. You can never tell! After school hours, the student body avidly sup- ports it’s team. There certainly is never a dull moment for N.N.H.S. students. Judy Mawyer says to Don London, “You can’t have your cake and eat it too!” In The Company Of Friends 89 Before joining the band, the Varsity Flag-twirlers, B. Keatts, M. Knowles, K. Wilks, G. Watkins, S. Lam- berth, B. Goolsby, chat ex- citedly about the traditional event. Chuck Lilly, Norma Helmick, Tom Hargadon, and attend- ant Vicki Hankins take time to pose for a picture. Band Names Sweetheart Traditionally, the students of Newport News High School anxiously await the naming of the Band Sweetheart. Preparations for the half-time ceremony are made by the band members who nominate and elect, by secret ballot, one of their own senior girls as Sweet- heart. Congratulations were given as Miss Norma Hel- mick was crowned by Mr. Robert Maidment, prin- cipal. Accompanying the sweetheart was her at- tendant, Miss Vicki Hankins. Chuck Lilly, band drum Major, acted as escort. Crowning of the 14th Annual Band Sweetheart will be a cherished memory of the school life of ’62- ’63. L. to R.: Billy Taylor escorting 9th grade attend- ant Harriet Bolden, and Harry Barret escorting 10th grade attendant Pam Smith. Miss Sharon Lamberth Homecoming Queen Reigns The students at N.N.H.S. witnessed during the half time show of the Maury Football game the crowning of the first homecoming queen ever to be presented at Newport News High School. The homecoming court included one representa- tive from the 9th grade, two from the 10th and 11th grades, and three from the 12th grade. From the three senior nominees the football team select- ed the queen by secret ballot. Congratulations to Miss Sharon Lambeth, the 1962 Homecoming Queen! Mr. Robert Maidment, N.N.H.S. principal, crowns Miss Sharon Lamberth escorted by Bill Shaw during the halftime presenta- tion of the 1962 Homecoming Court. School Life Is Assemblies Assemblies contribute much to the suc- cessful school life at N.N.H.S. Not only do they provide a break from the regularity of the day, but also they enable the students to demonstrate their school spirit during pep assemblies, to display their talents, and to be recognized for their achievements. The students appreciate the opportunity of par- ticipating in the successful assemblies. Hampton Pep Assembly Honor Assembly Christmas Assembly Pep Assembly Mouse Assembly Hampton Pep Assembly Hampton Assembly Report to B Period Mouse Assembly it S; ! I f 1 " 1 Wilson Pep Assembly Devotionals Athletic Awards Assembly Christmas Assembly Forms Memories Friendly Typhoons play follow the leader. 12th Grade — Judy Horton and Barry Hatchett. 11th Grade: Vivian Starnes and Russell Gary. 10th Grade: Janie Keatts and Joe Wingo. 9th Grade: Harriet Bolden and Randy Tate. 8th Grade: Pauline Wright and Johnny Mercer. Dennis Holbrook, Ann Marlow and Frank Gibson pause What’s all the rush about? All you have to do is climb patiently as Glen Davenport helps fellow student, Judy three flights of stairs. Lucas, gather her books. A good time is had by all at the Student Council sponsored dance. An extra special treat is Howard Conn’s swinging combo. 94 School Life Is Friends A winning smile from a friend in the morning brightens the whole day. A kind thought or deed puts a student at ease. Thus, he happily continues the otherwise tedious work of the day. Mrs. Nelson, school librarian, shows Judy Salkin and Dardy Daniel career pamphlets. These pamphlets help students select a profession for the future. Never To Be Forgotten. “Hey, how about helping me with this problem?” “What are you wearing tonight?” That’s the familiar before school cafeteria chatter. Various discussions on worldly topics are held between teachers and students in their spare time. Mrs. Danley, Carol Vogel, Helen Daggy, Charles Milne, Mr. Fooks, Mrs. Clark, and Mr. Armstrong appear deeply involved in a discussion. 95 Else our lives are incomplete, Standing in these walls of Time, Broken stairways, where the feet Stumble, as they seek to climb. Entering Newport News High School as young teens creates many unusual and varied experiences for the new students. As with any new undertaking, the beginning involves a certain amount of experimentation ; so it is with the Underclassmen. The attempt to realize the importance of preparation for the future is instilled at this time in the minds of these students. As under- classmen they enter N.N.H.S. with a clear slate, and they must grope to find their way to maturity by trial and error. Accom- panying this search for knowledge are the joys which are sustain- ed in the friendships made, the comprehension gained, and the inquisitiveness sought. The five years they must spend at Newport News High seem long in September, but as seniors in June looking back, they find it hard to remember every exciting event that passed so rapidly by. Though these years require much studying, experimenting, and fumbling, once the students realize that the purpose of these is to verify their struggle for knowledge, they anxiously look forward to the hard work and fun ahead — in these the most fruit- ful years of their lives. 96 Eighth grade officers and their sponsor gather around the speaker’s stand after a class meeting. They are left to right : David McCoy, Honor Council ; Jennifer Perkins, president ; Connie Snapp, Executive Board ; Peggy Greenspon, secretary ; Mr. Palmer, sponsor. Eighth Grade Officers Organize Starting their first year at NNHS were the eighth at NNHS was the Mouse Assembly where the talent, of- graders, better known as the mice. By participating in ficers, and Hall of Fame were presented to the student various activities, the mice became accustomed to high body, school life. The most outstanding event in their first year Sharon Adcock Louis Albuerne Connie Alger Phillip Allred Lee Andrews Ivan Anker Larry Arnette Frances Artman David Ashworth Mike Atkins Dexter Atkinson Carl Baab Tanya Back Peter Bacolias Brenda Kaye Baker Linda Baker Linda Gail Baker Sherry Baker Frances Banton Jimmy Babari Ann Barber Mike Barber Wanda Barber William Barrette Karen Bost Dana Bateman Johnny Bateman Eddie Beachman Linda Beachan Fred Beale Bill Bell Ronald Bell Sherry Bell Betty Belt Billy Belt David Billips W T ilma Binder Edward Bishop Donald Blackburn Linda Blake Armand Blanchard Barbara Blank Phyllis Bluxome Tommy Boggs Brenda Boone Wanda Bower Eliot Boxenstein Elizabeth Braddy Thomas Branch Debby Braswell Margaret Brevard Brenda Bridge Elizabeth Britt Kaby Brez Frankie Brookman Linda Brown Brenda Buchanan Kenny Buckingham Terry Buffin Gene Burke Howard Burns Margaret Burns Debbie Burrill 98 Developing Experiences, Teresa Burroughs Frankie Burton Donna Byrd June Byrd Billy Calswell Bonnie Calhoun Bertha Camden Brenda Campbell Gregg Campbell Linda Carter Linda Jean Carter Fred Case Gene Cash Jaunita Casette Kenneth Cates Wanda Cates Mimi Cattanaeh Arnold Cavanough Judy Caulder Sara Chaffin Chow Chin Robert Chisom Eleanor Church Jerry Clark John Clark Lynn Clayton Randolph Clemm Carslyn Coalter Louise Coffie Barbara Cole Tommy Comer Linda Condron Russell Conway Bobby Cooke Gilbert Cooke Gordon Cooper Jerry Greekmore Carolyn Crittendon Cathy Crockin Craven Crump David Cutler Linda Daniels Susan Daniels Nancy Daughtry Bobby Davis Danny Davis John Davis Kenneth Davis Millie Davis Archie Deans Mike Derzis Judy Desimore Janet DeShazo Wayne Dewell Connie Dickson Michael Dijiacomo Jimmy Dinwiddie Charles Doby Jeannie Doby Billy Douthat Valerie Dowdy Ralph Downing Howard Duncan Albert Dutton Diane Dyksen Arthur Eaker Mickie Eaker Robert Ealey Douglas Egerton Bruce Edwards Betty Jo Eliot David Elliot Patti Elliott Arlene Ellis Barry Epstein Virginia Eudailey Billy Evans Candy Eveland Johnny Farmer Gerald Fields Robert Fields Sandra Fink Brenda Flanary Kenny Flick Linda Forbes Robert Ford Sharon Forman Joey Fortner Billy Fox Teddy Franks Nancy Fulghum Michael Gardner Jerry Garrison Margie Gary Warren Gary Lillian Gillespie Stanley Gilley Larry Gilmore Udo Goff 99 Making Friends, Alan Goldberg Grace Goldsmith Shirley Goldwasser Jimmy Gordon Kenny Gordon Judy Gordon Ann Graham Darrell Graham Eddie Gravely George Gravely Joanne Graves Linda Gray Peggy Greenspon Joan Grepiotis Billy Griffith Kay Griffin Carl Guthrie Ronnie Guye Bill Haan Donald Hagy Anne Hale Rochelle Halfin Roger Hall Sylvia Hall William Harper George Hankins Cheryl Hardie Bobby Hardin Myron Harrelson Mike Harris Billy Hartley Mike Haver Shirley Hawley Donald Hayslett Steve Helton Terry Hendley Judy Hess Kitty Hewitt Steve Higgins Donna Hinnant Jane Hinnant Linda Hobbs Linda Hodges Jimmy Hogan Bobby Holley Ted Holliday Fred Horne David Hostetter Donna Houston Nell Howard Rocky Howell Jerry Hudgins Nellie Hudgins Gretchen Hudson Henry Hudson Jimmy Hudson Harold Hunter David Hyatt Eddie Hyatt Mary Lou Ianas Brenda Ingram Colleon James Bruce Jenkins Dianna Jenkins Betty Johnston Bill Johnson Billy Johnson Bobby Johnson George Johnson Jackie Johnson Bryan Jones Melvin Jones Margaret Kailos Brenda Keen Lynda Keeter Dona Kemp Clinton Kennedy Robert Kennelly Guy Kilburn Gail Kinlaw Linda Kirby John Knowles Nathan Kozolski Ellen Kurzer David Kypriandes Sharon LaBoone Charles Lamb Ethel Landrum Frances Lankford Bill Larmer Janet Lawson Rita Leicher Helen Lemons Kay Leonard Joan Levine Kathy Lewis Linda Lions Donald Llewellyn Brenda Lovitt 100 And Gaining Knowledge Chris Lucas Harry Lusk Steve Luter Jacqueline Lyerly Sandra Lynch Jerry Mabe Eugene Mackey Linda Major Freddy Malpass Sandra Marion Claudia Markham Mary Markiewich Shirley Marslon Judy Massengil Bonnie Massey Pat Mattox David McCoy Chris McCutcheon Delores McGee Joyce McGhee Ray Mcheen Annette McKenny Larry McLamb Jerry McPhail Johnny Mercer Larry Mercer Sue Merilic Don Meriwether Curtis Messick Jimmy Millard Gary Miller Glen Miller Sheryl Minkoff Clyde Minish Michael Monteith Danny Moody Melissa Moody Callie Moore David Moore Eugene Moore Richard Moore Charles Morgan David Morgan JoAnn Moren Sandra Markmam Donald Morris Richard Morris Kathy Morrow Annette Morton Dwight Mullins Jimmy Mullins Andy Nair Jimmy Narron Jacque Neihouse Robert Nettles Leland Nielson Tim O’Brien Lynn Oney Wayne Owens Linda Palston Dania Parkin Barbara Parrish Carol Parrish Judy Parton Orvel Patrick Joyce Payne Judy Pendergraph Jennifer Perkins Charlene Petterson Charles Phelps Brenda Phillips Sonny Pless Tommy Potts Diane Price Raymond Price Jimmy Pulley Bill Rash Raymona Rawls Ruth Reese Barbara Reeves Judy Rhodes Albert Rice Donna Rickey Casey Riggs Garland Rigney Russell Roberts Donnie Robertson Bill Roth Donald Roughton Belinda Royal Donald Ryan Luter Ryder Judy Salkin Bonnie Sasser Joe Schuszler Kenny Schwartz John Schweida Glenda Seay Terry Seay 101 The Underclassmen Anxiously Alice Shattock James Shelton Patsy Shelton Belvia Sheovic Charles Shields Douglas Shinn Linda Sholar Carlton Skinnell Earl Slone Rita Smallwood Clifford Smith Frances Smith Jeannie Smith Joseph Smith Ronnie Smith Roslyn Smith Veulah Smith Connie Snapp Marie Snead Charlotte Soles Nancy Sosebee Fred Sparrow Dalton Speight Charles Spencer Patsy Spikes Anne Stall Alan Stanaway Barbara Stancil Ruth Start Carolyn Stepp James Stepp Joseph Stevens Donald Steveson Ellen Suiter Sue Suttle Shirley Swartz Melvin Sweeny Charles Swindell Michael Tall Ray Taylor Jean Taylor Wanda Testini Ronnie Timberlake Bruce Tingen Joyce Thomas Kenneth Thomas Ralph Thomas Sherrill Thomas George Thompson Gary Turner Tony Turner Tommy Tucker Roger Underwood Faye Vasilas Wayne Vest Arlene Walker Mervin Walker Dale Wall Kenneth Wall Bowdie Ward Kenneth Ward Carol Warf Dana Watts Bennie Weeks Adrian Whitcomb Larry White Johnny Whitmore Martha Whitmore David Whitley Walter Wiggins Mamie Wilkins Cecil Willett Carolyn Williams Douglas Williams Jerry Williams Clyde Wilson Judy Wilson Richard Wilsted Sharon Winburn Larry Winfree Diana Winkler Barbara Wise Cheryl Wolfe Shelia Wood Charles Worthington Howard Wright Jimmy Wright Paulene Wright Peter Yevak Mike York 102 Officers of the ninth grade look to their sponsor for advice. They are from left to right: Pam Weaver, Honor Council ; Eleanor Milne, secretary ; Steve Kiger, president ; Bobby Kenney, V. president ; Mr. Hott, sponsor. Ninth Grade Officers Prepare Activities After a year at NNHS, the Freshman class became ad- and began to choose courses which would prepare them justed to high school life. In the ninth grade students as- for the future, sumed new responsibilities in extra curricular activities Beverly Barnes Mary Ann Barrow Frances Bass David Bazemore Kenneth Bean Richard Bearor Tommy Becker Iris Beeson Pat Atkins Richard Allen Beverly Amos Sharon Ange Michael Artman Ann Atkins Jan Atkins Dale Atkinson Wilber Austen Susan Avent Carolyn Baker Jerry Ann Baker Paul Baker Angeline Barefoot Delores Barfield Wayne Bernard Dorothy Bell Pat Bingham Bucky Black Barbara Blanchard David Blount Connie Bloxom Linda Boatright Harriet Bolden Linda Bond Milly Bost Given Boyd Michael Bradford Carol Bradish Tim Bradley Ronnie Brame Gail Bridgeman Tommy Brittain Eddie Brooks Tommy Brown James Bryant Ronold Buchanon Robert Burch Carolyn Burns Peggy Burton i 103 Await The Transition Ronnie Byrd Peggy Caldwell Paul Calhoon Ramona Calhoun Donnie Campbell Larry Campbell Ramona Carneal Sue Carter Geneva Cash Ronald Cash Sharron Chaffin Wayne Chapman June Christian Margaret Christie Bill Clark Kenny Clark Janet Coats James Cobbs Willard Coffie Harry Coley Josephine Collins Lee Cook Diana Cooper Jimmy Corbitt Gail Crawford Jerry Crisp Wanda Crump Ernest Cullen Randy Culotta Calvin Culp George Cutchins Wayne Dalton Shirley Dooley Albert Dorner Jimmy Dossett Barbara Doyle Craig Drewry Glenn Dukes Brenda Eakes Shirley Eanes Jackie Davenport Donna Davis Kirk Davis Linda Davis Rex Davis Sheila Davis Wayne Davis William Deans Gary Deckard Ann Deitz Calvin Dellinger Patty Dempsey Leslie Diamond Joe Dickson Paul Dobie Paulette Dobie Brody Earnhardt Vickie Edgerton Pat Edmondson Scott Edwards Virginia Edwards Kay Eggleston Faye Elder Mina Erlach Drema Ferguson David Finkle Chuck Fiorelli Carol Ann Firestone Joel Fisher David Flackowitz Lynn Forbes Sammy Fox Jane Gaddy Billy Gallimore Linda Garth Allan Gerber Aderon Gibbs Nancy Gillen Jimmy Gilliam Alvin Gillis 104 To Young Adulthood. Stanley Glasofer Bonnie Glass Robert Goodson Sharon Goodson Betsy Goodwin Stevie Gordon Sue Griffin Allen Groshong Emily Grubb Jay Grubb Marcia Grubbs Joe Guthrie John Guthrie Sylvia Hall Tony Hall Roland Hamel Bruce Hammer Donny Hancock Terry Haney Dwight Hanna William Hardy Barbara Harrelson Bob Harris Linda Harris Sheila Harris Shirley Hartley Ricky Hartline Daniel Ha rtzler Phil Hawkins Barry Hayslett Tony Hedgepeth Barbara Hedrick Sandra Hudgins Mard Hutcherson Linda Ingram Kenny Inury Regina Ivey Clifton Jackson Deloris Jackson Linda Jackson Carolyn Henderson Jerry Henry Brenda Hicks Linda Hildebrand Patty Hilsdon Bobby Hines Margaret Hoban William Hobbs p dx ti t Dorothy Hodges Donnie Holmes Jimmy Holmes Linda Hooper Paulette Horne Bobby Houston John Howard Dianne Huckeba Stuart Jackson Michael Jefferys Tommy Jenkins Kathy Johnson Marvin Johnson Sheila Johnston Sarah Jolly Barbara Jones Linda Jones Chuck Jones Eddie Jones John Jones David Kahle John Keller Diane Kelly Shirley Kennedy Bobby Kenney Jerry Ketterman Marion Kevish Steve Kiger Morris King Don Kirkland James Kiser Terry Kiser 105 Their Many Hours Janice Knight Anne Korycinski Zoe Kounnas Butch Kypriandes Reta Lane John Lawson Bonnie Lee Gerald Leonard William Leong Nancy Lewis Barbara Liakos Pat Liakos Coleman Lloyd Ruth Long Jo Lusk Mike Luther Q cl $ tiuk. A Curtis Lyle Richard Mabe Bobbie Mahn Stanley Majors Wayne Mallory Chris Mamry Charles Marsette Marlene Marsette Jimmy Martin Virginia Martin Bill Massey Cheryl Mays Terri McAfee Donnie McCain Gloria McCutchen Roger McIntosh V- Nancy Miller Ruby Miller Gary Minter Fay Mintz Pam Mitchell Jimmy Montague Larry Moody - Ruby Moore Anita Morgan Wayne Moses Charles Moss Stanley Mros Joyce Munn Joan Myers David Nash Ronald Nash Anna Neumeyer Diana Neumeyer Roger Newton S. A. Nichols Frank Nicosia Kim Nielson Sherolyn Nisonger Harold Nunnaly Harry O’Brien Ernest Ocheltree Lowell Oliver Frances Owens Vickie Palston Anita Parker Norma Parker Diane Parrish Elizabeth Pasley Harry Pasquier Donald Patrick Marilyn Payne Ralph Peck Hal Perry Jimmy Peters Butch Pettteway Judy Phillips Albert Plessinger Janice Poole Linda Powell Diane Price Donna Price Eugene Price Eugene Pritt 106 Of Tedious Study Tim Rogers Beverly Rosser Cheryl Rosser Mary Katherine Rowell Michael Ryan Merle Sammons Susan Sandler Robert Sauer Steve Saul Wayne Savage Mike Schock Wade Scott Nancy Scruggs Thomas Seaborn Harvey Shealey Linda Shelton Bobby Puckett Chuck Ragland Maybelle Ramsey Bill Raper Jackie Ray Barbara Reep Evelyn Reidinger Sandra Reighard Karen Richardson William Riley Elizabeth Roberts Judy Roberts Worth Roberts Kathy Robinson David Rodgers Kenny Rogers Mike Shelton Pat Shiplet Natalie Siegel Linda Sills Linda Sizemore Woody Slate Cheryl Smith Jerry Smith Mitchell Smith Randy Smith Roger Smith Shelia Smith Shirley Smith Steve Smith Edward Snyder Mary Frances Southall Thomas Spikes Mike Spivey Chuck Springfield Bobby Sprouse Lutricia Starling Michael Starnes Bonnie Stepp Ricky Sturgis Randy Tate Libby Taylor Don Terry Sandra Thomas Linda Thomason Elliot Torn Cynthia Toulson Bobby Trainum Lucille Turlington Timmothy Turner Marie Turner Charlotte Vaughan Phillip Vaughn Ferdy Wagner Woody Wagner Roger Wardf Randolph Warren Linda Waterfield Carolyn Watson Pam Weaver Cathie Weeks Bobby White Robert White Thomas White 107 And Youthful Enthusiasm David Whitmore Susan Whitt Timmy Whitt Jimmy Wiatt Jean Wilkins Juanita Wilkins Flores Williams Linda Williams Linda Williams Mike Williams Patricia Williams Mark Wimmer Russell Winkler Donald Wolfley Peggy Wood Susan Woody Sandra Worsham Shelia Wyatt Charles Zachary Nowell Zoumphis S7n Jltem ori am Joseph Curry October 23, 1948 September 23, 1962 They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sim and in the morning We will remember them. — Laurence Binyon 108 Meeting in the cafeteria to go over notes taken at their last class meeting, the tenth grade class officers and their sponsors pause for their Anchor picture. They are seated from left: Polly Norris, Executive Board; Joe Wingo, president; Pam Smith, secretary; David Ellenson, Honor Council. The sponsors are Mr. Nuttycomb and Miss Kaufman. Sophomores Are At Midway Mark The Sophomores are midway along the road to graduation. They can use their two years of experience in making their final years at NNHS successful. In the tenth grade the students are well established in their chosen course of study. Terry Abbott Dianne Adams Ann Allen Jerry Allen Linda Allen Wilda Allen George Anas Pat Anderson Kay Andleton Judy Anker Dave Arnold Jerry Atkins Roger Back Bobby Bailey Debbie Baker Thelma Baker Madge Baldwin Marvin Barnes Ray Barnes Ginny Barrett Max Bartholomew Paul Bass Sandra Bateman Paul Bauz Sidney Becker Joe Bell Lonnie Berry Barbara Bertley Sheila Bicknell Richard Billings Charlene Bender Patsy Blackard Bobby Blake Annette Blanchard Ernest Blanchard 109 Form The Foundation r. JLIL£ JL I. 0 HP £ F iiiUk Betty Blandford Frank Blechman Sandra Boatright Rosalie Bond Bunny Booker Tassie Bourloros Wayne Bowen Jimmy Branch Jimmy Brandon Charles Braslow Becky Braswell Jim Brinkley Patricia Broughton Ricky Bryant Carol Buckley Jewell Buckley Barbara Burns Mike Burns Steve Burns Betty Burton Margaret Burton Mary Byrd Ruth Campbell Sharon Campbell Richard Canter Barbara Carroll Kenny Carter Mike Carter Lucky Cartwright Geraldine Cavanaugh Barbara Causey Charles Chandler Donald Chaney Richard Chappell Michael Cherry Chippy Clark Jerry Clark Brenda Clarke Carol Clarke Geneva Cole Jeannie Collier Pauline Collins Russell Collins Brenda Conard Howard Conn James Conner Richard Conner Harvey Cook Laura Copes Becky Crank Howard Crawford Linda Crews Tommy Crittendon Sheila Crowder Joyce Curry Larry Cutler Lynne Dannelley Cecilia Davis Malcolm Davis Pat Davis Phillip Davis Richard Davis Robert Davis 110 Tommy Davis Wesley Davis Wayne DeBerry Jim Desimore Jimmy Dick Judy Dickerson Gene Dismuke James Dockerty David Dooley Don Edwards Shirley Elder David Ellenson Harron Ellenson Chris Ellis Larry Elmore Charles Embler Brenda Ezzell Mike Faber Ernest Faircloth George Fenigsohn Carla Fine Debby Fink Joe Floyd Donnie Forrester Debbie Freeman Mark Friedman Wayne Frizzelle Dennis Fry Edward Fuller Kenneth Gault Todd Givens Otis Glamore Randy Glassie Jody Glazer Bill Glazier For Many Pleasant Recollections Richard Gordon Norma Graham Georgia Gravely Jacqueline Grepiotis Ricky Grimes Bill Hallett Dorindo Hamms Jimmy Hampton Larry Harding Bonnie Hardisty Ronnie Harey Tom Hargadon Richard Harman Charlie Harrell Jack Harris Nelson Harris Brenda Harrison Susan Harrison Buddy Hart Linda Hartless Donald Harvey David Hatchett Judy Head Vela Henderson Pat Hessler Buddy Hickman Betty Hicks Linda Hicks 1 1 1 In The Future Pamela Hicks Marcus Higgins Diane Hill Albert Hines Dana Hinnant Mike Hirshman Reatha Hite Sandy Hobbs Betty Hogge Frances Hollifield Ronnie Holloway Sherry Holmes Nancy Horne Olivia House Ernest Howard Randy Howell Henry Hoyle Garland Hudson Richard Hudson Phyllis Hyatt Raleigh Ingram Tommy Ingram Dennis Iv ey Johnny Ivey Betty Jefferson Penny Jefferys Allan Jenkins George Johnson Madelyn Johnson James Jones Wayne Karmosky Janie Keatts Carroll Keen David Keithley Kenneth Ketterman George Konstant Billy Langston Carol Larson Kim Lassiter Ricky Lassiter Joyce Lawrence Curtis Lauterback Joe Laws Richard Lee Sandra Leonard Uene Levinson Elaind Lewis Linda Lewis Nancy Lewis Joe Liberman Donna Lloyd Carol Long H. P. Lucas Bobbie Lynch Glen Malpass Iris Manry Anne Marlow Bobby Marston Beverly Martin Candance Mays Judy McCall Janice McCain Hayet McDonald 1 12 As They Mature, Vonciel McKeel Linda McKenna Betty McManus Susan McMurray Marie McNeill Linda Merriman Faye Merritt Donna Mick Beverly Miller Michael Miller Jackie Millikin James Mingee Carole Minkoff Sherry Mitchem Betty Mollick Johnny Montague Ricky Montague Joe Moooney Lois Moore Larry Moran Rose Morgan Theresa Morgan Jim Morrow Billy Mortimer Bobby Morton Ernie Murphy Herbert Nair Don Nisonger Polly Norris Patricia Nunley Jimmy Odom Sandy Osborne Sandra Osbourne Tom Oxner Brent Parkin Anne Parrish Ronnie Parton Sadie Patterson Judy Pearce Eddie Perry Charles Phillips Ronnie Phillips Linda Pless Jackie Poteet Tommy Proctor Sarah Puckett Steve Pullen Donald Reed Barry Rew Brenda Rison Brenda Rose Geraldine Ross Rose Roughton Van Rowell Bobby Ruben Gregory Russell Linda Ryder Leonard Sabolsky David Sage Barbara Salkin Charles Sands Katherine Sasser Bonnie Sauls They Realize That Ronnie Saunders Anne Sawyer Billy Saxton Andy Schaffer Shirley Scholar Billy Schroding Carolyn Schroding Jeanie Scrugg s Bobby Sears Mickie Settles Nancy Shackelford Linda Shaw Judy Sherwood Darlene Sides Dean Sides Joyce Singer Pat Slone Ann Smith Barbara Smith Betsy Smith Donald Smith James Smith Janet Smith Pam Smith Ronald Smith Shirley Smith Stephen Smith Tom Smith Willard Smith Marc Snyder Marty Somervold Joyce Spake Bruce Spigel Betty Spikes Donnie Spitzer Mickey Spivey Eddie Springfield Howard Stallings Mary Lou Staton Wayne Stokes Dave Stone Billy Stoops Sylvia Summerlin Bob Tanner Ken Taylor Elizabeth Tedder Pete Tench Carol Thomas Frances Thompson Sandra Tilles Andrew Tilmann Connie Todd Jean Tesh David Trevathan Cheryl Tucker Billy Turner Nancy Umphlet Judy Underwood Charles Vallines Brenda Van ness Hohn Van Noy Steve Vaughn Brenda Vest 114 Upon Becoming Upperclassmen Wayne Vick Lynn Walker Bobby Walker Tommy Walker Elizabeth Warboys Larry West Joe Warner Harold Waters Carolyn Webb Kenny West Julie Wheary Edna Whitcomb Allan White Bridget White Tazewell Whitley Judy Wiggins Dolores Wilds Brenda Williams Carol Williams Verma Williams Rosalie Wills Joe Wingo Ronnie Wood Skippy Wood Rose Woodard Brenda Woolard Donna Worsham Richard Wren Linwood Wright Putting their heads together and planning the junior activities are the junior committee chairmen. Clockwise from lower left hand corner: Phyllis Hargrave, Bob Stalmaker, Gail Watkins, Porter Blakemore, David Drucker, Kitty Gills, George Rowe, Judy Mawyer. 115 Planning the activities of their class, the junior class officers and Charles Milne, Executive Board: Billy Taylor, treasurer: Fred their sponsors go over the notes which they have taken. Seated left Anspach, vice-president; Dale Mueller, Honor Council: Mr. Mitchell, to right: Becky Goolsby, Honor Council: John Todd, president: Vivian sponsor. Starnes, secretary. Standing left to right: Mrs. Nettles, sponsor: Juniors Adopt New Responsibilities As next years school leaders, the Juniors are endowed mittee are carried over to next year. As one of their with many new 7 responsibilities. Class committees are projects, the Junior Class sponsored a dance, The Merry organized; some of these committees terminate at the end Twister, of the school year, while others such as the Ring Com- Kathi Agee Bobby Allen Faye Allen Fred Anspach Kathy Avant Linda Baker Bill Barnard Billy Barnes Mike Barnes Harry Barrett Brenda Bass Jerry Bean Eddie Beasley Judy Bell Donald Benthall Tony Benton Bonnie Binford Porter Blakemore 116 Their Responsibilities David Block Bobby Bloxom John Bloxom Wayne Boger Darrell Boland Nancy Boyd Bobby Bryant Ronald Bryant Tommy Buckingham Jimmy Bull Maurine Burnett Marie Burns Brenda Burrage Linda Burton Nancy Burton Katherine Byrd Orville Calhoun Bobby Callis John Carrington Donald Carter John Carter Becky Cash Ann Cayton Donna Chadwell Have Not Been Mitigated, Judi Chapman Danny Childress Judy Chisom Sandye Cohen Tommy Coleman Phillip Coley Jane Coltrain Betty Cooper Rachel Covert Martha Credle Joan Crittendon Billy Crosley Herminio Cuervo Janet Cullen Richard Curtis Wayne Davenport Ann Davidson Brenda Davis Sharon Davis Roy Davis Melba Deas James Deberry Billy Deckard Carol Deuell Eileen Dickerson Stacy Dorn Fostine Dowless David Drucker Ann Duncan Donald Ealey 118 But Their Ability To Meet Obligations Judy Edwards Judy Erlach Craig Eubank Becky Evans Jimmy Faircloth Alan Farber Alfred Farmer Ralph Farmer Bill Feather Mary Ferguson Brenda Fisher Tommy Flax Alice Fowler Helene Flick Barry Forbes Pam Forman Charles Forrest Kenneth Forrest Ellen Frank Joel Frank Gene Freeze Roger Frizzelle Bill Gilbert Thomas Gilbert Kay Gillespie Kitty Gills Elinor Goldberg Alice Goldsmith Becky Goolsby Frances Grant Has Been Intensified. Reva Gravely Jerry Gray Ronnie Green Carol Groshong Katie Haan Bill Hale Barbara Halfin Susan Hammer Phyllis Hargrave Bonnie Harrison Bonnie Hartwick Ken Henderson Ruth Ann Hessler Peggy Hilderbrand Jimmy Hines Gregory Hill Dennis Holbrook Judy Hopkins Donald Houston Gil Hughes Brenda Hudson Janice Hurd Edna Johnson JoAnne Johnson Richard Johnson Brenda Keatts Edward Keerlin Patricia Kirkland Steve Klein William Koehlen 120 As They Look Forward With Hope, Christy Kpriandes Linda Lane Betty Sue Lanier Gail Latta Cheryl Ledford Linda Levy Judy Lockard Don London Linda Long Judy Lucas Clinton Lusk Ronnie Luther Sandra Lyon Joan Markicwich Melvin McFall Sandra McGough Mary McKeen Karen McKnight Charles Maddy Michelle Mason Sandra Matthews Judith Mawyer Becky May Danny Meena John Meek Sidney Melton Charles Mercer Ricky Miller Sue Miller Charles Milne ; 2 1 They Become Anxious With Anticipation Beverly Mingee Nancy Mitchell James Moore Kenny Moore Yvonne Morrison Ruby Moses Dale Mueller Betty Mundie Ada Murphy Annette Murphy Vickie Neil Douglas Nelson Alan Nesbitt B. W. Newsom Lorna Nicosia Shelia Oakes Norman Olshansky Joyce O’Neal Richard Oppenheimer Ray Owen Bill Parianous Sue Parker Jeannette Parrish Brenda Patrick Conrad Pawley Jimmy Pearce Sandy Pennington Howard Perkins Margaret Phillips Alice Pipkin 122 At The Thought Of The Parts Donna Pipkin Jean Pittman Clarence Point Jean Poole Tom Poteet Jerry Powell Cheryl Pless Diane Pritchett Jim Rama Sharon Rash Rose Ratliff Angela Ray Alice Reese Mary Rickey Charles Rinehart Glenda Robinson Tommy Rose Annette Rouse George Rowe Thomasine Rowell Georgia Russell Billy Sale Joan Saunders Sherry Schilling Sue Scott John Scull Fred Seldomridge Joel Shapiro Jo Ann Shaver Barbara Sheffield 123 They Must Soon Play Charlee Shoff Lee Siler Bob Simpson Lin Singletary Sammy Skinner Catherine Slusser David Smith Robert Smith Shelia Smith Charles Snead David Spriggs Susan Stalnaker Faith Strickland Richard Strickland Lee Sutton Mary Tanner Billy Taylor Kit Thomas Sam Tilghman Brenda A. Todd Brenda P. Todd John Todd Judi Tosh Terry Triplette 124 At Newport News High School. Donnie Tyndall Jane Van Noy Suzanne Van Noy Elaine Vasilas Neil Vickers Arthur Walker John Walker Bill Ward Jay Warren Gail Watkins Bonnie Watson Jimmy Watson Phyllis Weaver Judy Weckleman Rex Wiedman Judy White Sue Whitley Janice Wilkins Cissy Wilkinson Karen Wilks Sandra Williams Ramona Wilson David Workman James Wren Gerald Wright Hilda Wright Robert Wright Ricky Wyatt 125 Build today, then strong and sure With a firm and ample base; And ascending and secure Shall tomorrow find its place. The senior year brought many varied emotions to the class of ’63. Last minute “cramming” before government tests evolved a feeling of togetherness. Making friends with both students and faculty filled the hours with a deeper sense of responsibility and accomplishment. Joking, studying, learning — passed the year so quickly. With the help of the sponsors, Mr. Larry Armstrong and Miss Ettalea Kanter, the various senior tasks were executed efficiently. Understanding that this year is the consummation of a phase of youth, the seniors also knew that their education was by no means at an end. As the day of the senior assembly arrived, the seniors were nervous, anxious, and excited. Once on stage, they came through with a marvelous performance which captivated the students and brought beams of delight from proud parents. Tears of joy and sadness accompanied the graduating seniors, for they were soon to be scattered in many varied directions. They devoted their last few hours to serious and thoughtful plans for the future. Realizing that a foundation is of little use unless the structure is completed, the Class of ’63 vowed to continue gaining knowledge whether through formal education or life itself. 126 Fun, Frolic, Work, And Wonder Class Of 1963, “With the end, a new beginning” is the motto which you so aptly chose to be yours. For each of you June, 1963, will be the end of five years you will find memorable. I “thank you” for allowing me the opportunity to share with you, as your Senior Class sponsor, your fifth and final year at Newport News High School. It too will be memorable — for me. Now that you begin anew, I extend best wishes and good luck for a happy and prosper- ous life ahead. Set high goals for yourself and strive diligently to meet them. Never be satis- fied with anything but the “best.” Make your life one of which you will be proud and concen- trate on being a good American. Congratulations ! Kathleen Pilgrim gives money she has collected for announcements to Mr. Armstrong. Rings Arrive Early Under the guidance of class sponsors, Miss Ettalea Kanter and Mr. Larry Arm- strong, the Senior Class of 1963 carried out the traditional activities. Committees were formed to make the necessary ar- rangements. As a result of the efforts of the Ring Committee, the rings were improved and arrived early in the year. White and kelly green were chosen as Miss Kanter helps Jerry Russell run off applications for Class Musician. Miss Kanter presents Dani Garrick with her class ring, while Stuart Not pictured is Jimmy Hall, co-chairman. Nachman looks on. 128 Fill This Final Year. Class 0 1963, It has been a pleasure and a privilege to be your sponsor. More important, however, has been the opportunity to know you personally. Memories have been molded during the past year which will remain poignant for many years. Each of you, according to your own ability and effort, has been provided with certain knowledge and insight into the world and the situation in which it finds itself. This message is addressed to you as a group, for it has been through this union that you have been able to effect your accomplishments. Keep this principle paramount in your thinking as you leave Newport News High School, and seek your own happiness as a part of the happiness of all men. It is in this way that the world situation will be improved. I wish you the very best of luck forever, the class colors, while the white rose was chosen as the class flower. The pennant was approved by the Senior class, after the class motto and the class song had been accepted. In a February meeting the Senior Class selected members for its Hall of Fame. r m m 2 K Mr. Armstrong looks over the pennant choices with Miss Kanter helps Estelle Overton Mr. Armstrong and Katharine Harrison Butch Corson, chairman of the pennant committee. with decorating activities. look for motto ideas. 129 Class Representatives Conduct Senior Tasks. ' Wk SKk x i VHt X ' . .ifr Kk gWa tMM fll I A ' w V flfflfTTMrnrWlF ▼ ■ ' V . L-Ij ■ x A v u , j r t J ’ f • . J ■ I- ' Sk.i m — J iwi . Wsi Pictured (L. to R.) : Katharine Harrison, Treasurer; For- rest Powell, Vice President; Barry Hatchett, Honor Coun- cil Chairman; Butch DeLozier, President; Glen Daven- As school leaders, the Senior Class officers and Honor Council representatives are responsible for organizing and carrying out the activities of the senior class. The Honor port, Honor Council Representative; Mary Anas, Secre- tary; Billy Rhodes, Honor Council Representative. Council representatives work closely with Miss Nettles to aid the senior class in participating in the programs of the Honor Council. Pictured (L. to R.) : Ware Morrison, Class Speaker; Mar- lene Cohen, Class Giftorian; Dani Garrick, Class Speaker. 130 Seniors Spotlighted In ’ 63 Hall of Fame. KING AND QUEEN Forrest Powell and Sharon 131 BEST ALL AROUND Charlotte Anderson I and Barry Hatchett MOST POPULAR Judy Horton and Bill Shaw - ! » ' H O HA WORLDS STRONGEST MAN THE 7 MIRACLES 0 THE WORLD •Si GORDON SCOTT ITS BEST STUDENTS Dani Garrick and John Gillikin MOST TALENTED Jane Stephenson and Jimmy Crank BEST DANCERS Ann Sears and Terry Smith BEST DRESSED Diane Rodgers and Frank Gibson 501 SMITH, Barber Sei BEST LOOKING Sandra Smith and Billy Manning MOST A THLETIC Pam Russell and Billy Rhodes MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED Katharine Harrison and Ware Morrison MOST TYPICAL Carol Smith and Bobby Fox FLOWER: White Rose COLORS: Kelly Green and White MOTTO : “With the end a new beginning. ” L ftlCS PiL Rim nwsic: UNDfiC° rts CLASS S0N6- 1963 XT L -1 " ° (=N tiNCr zSffllRMEto IMPERIAL BRAND Seniors Organize For the first time, the Senior Class was able to select its class song in time to present it to the student body and to the pigskin fans during the half-time in the Newport News vs. Hampton game. Arrangements for the purchase of pen- nants and the selections of senior class flower, colors, and motto, all added a feeling of anticipa- tion of that final moment. Seniors, On The Threshold Of Life, HAZEL MARIE ALLEN “Hazel” Library Assistant; Senior Bulletin Board Committee; Dance Committee; Safety Committee; Future Homemakers of America Club. MARY ANN ANAS “Mary” J.V. Cheerleader: Head; Varsity Cheerleader; 10th, 11th, 12th Secretary of Class; Friendly Typhoon; Sr. Chorus: Treasurer; Basketball; School Spirit Committee; Dance Committee; All-State Chorus. CHARLOTTE ANN ANDERSON “Charlotte” Student Body Vice President; J.V. and Varsity Cheer- leader; Co-chairman School Spirit, Jr. Dance and Sr. Dance Committees; Senior Federation; Girls’ State Rep.; Thespian; Anchor Staff; All Tournament Cast; Spanish Club: Historian. HARPER JEANNE ANDERSON “Jean” Transferred from Ralph L. Fike High School, Wilson, North Carolina; Band; Jr. Decoration Committee; Jr. Dance Committee; Future Homemakers of America; Sr. Invitation Committee; Sr. Hockey Team. RAYMOND COOPER ANDREWS, JR. “Ray” Junior Chorus; Senior Chorus; Safety Committee; Se- nior Bulletin Board Committee. ROBERT BENNETT ARTMAN “Bob” Cast of Tournament Plays; J.V. Track; Varsity Track, Letter; Sr. Color Committee; Sr. Pennant Committee; House and Grounds Committee; Sportsmanship Commit- tee; School Spirit Committee. LOISE E AKINS BABB “Lola” Transferred from St. Vincent de Paul, Newport News, Vir- ginia; Latin Club; Homeroom Officer; I.C.T. Club; Treas- urer; Publicity Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Safety Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. ATLAS RAY BACK “Atlas” Jr. Chorus; Bible Club; Sr. Chorus; Student Council; Fashion Show Queen, 11th Grade; Newcomers Committee; Homeroom Officer. Fondly Look Back With DUANE BACK “Duane” Sr. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; House and Grounds Committee. TOMMY PAIGE BAKER “Tommy” Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Librarian, Letter; Jr. Usher Staff; Sr. Assembly Committee; Boys Glee Club; All-Festival Chorus; Asst. Sports Photographer; D.O. Club. WILLIAM ROBERT BARNES “Bill” Jr. Chorus; J.V. Football; Varsity Football; Jr. Usher Staff: Co-head; Homeroom Officer; Cast of Major Plays; All-Tournament Cast; Key Club. ENID CARLA BASS “Enid” Jr. Band; Sr. Band; French Club; Publicity Committee; Safety Committee; Sportsmanship Committee; Usher Staff; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Pennant Committee; Bea- con Staff: Typist; Drama: Asst. Directors Staff; Mouse Assembly. SUSAN ANN BAUZ “Susan” Transferred from St. Vincent High School, Newport News, Virginia; Latin Club; French Club; Art Club; Sr. Bulle- tin Board Committee; Tri-Hi-Y; Newcomers Committee; School Spirit Committee; Dance Committee. LIVVIE FRANKLIN BENTON “Livvie” Jr. Band: Drum Major, Student Conductor; Sr. Band; Hi-Y ; D.E. Club: President, Eastern District President; Sr. Invitations Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Student Council Rep. ALVIN O’DELL BLANKENSHIP “Alvin” J.V. and Varsity Football; Varsity Track; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Latin Club; Cafeteria Committee; Shop Officer; Sportsmanship Committee; Homeroom Officer. LINDA ROSE BLOCK “Nina” French Club; Christopher Newport Society; Creative Writ- ers Club; Student Council Executive Board; Publicity Com- mittee: Co-chairman; Beacon Staff; Anchor Staff: Sr. Section; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Dance Committee; Homeroom Officer. Emotions Of Pride And Accomplishment. MARY ELIZABETH BONDAY “Vickie” Transferred from St. Vincent High School, Newport News, Virginia; Latin Club; Homeroom Officer; Cafeteria Com- mittee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Publicity Commit- MARGIE DIANE BOOKER “Diane” School Spirit Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Junior Chorus. LINDA SUE BOOTH “Linda” Junior Chorus: Officer; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Girls’ Basketball Team; Senior Chorus: Letter; Jr. and Sr. Dance Committees; Girls’ Hockey Team. LEE GORDON BOWEN, JR. “Boe-Boe” Drama Club; Thespians; Sr. Assembly Committee; Stage Crew; Thespians letter; Shop Officer; Stage Crew Home- room. LINDA SUE BOWEN “Linda” Anchor Staff; Varsity Cheerleader; G.A.A., Secretary; School Spirit Committee; Publicity Committee; Sr. Ring and Dance Committees; Art Club; Future Nurses Club. DAVID MATTHEW BRAITSCH “David” Anchor Staff: Business Mgr.; Spanish Club: President; Christopher Newport Society; Nelms Honor Scroll; Lions Club Awards: Spanish, Mathematics, Science; National Merit Scholarship Foundation Letter of Commendation; Chess Club: President; Creative Writers Club. KENNETH OTIS BRANSFORD “Kenny” J.V. Football; Varsity Football: Letter; Track; Stage Crew; Jr. Decorating Committee; Jr. and Sr. Dance Com- mittees; Cafeteria Committee; Safety Committee. JOY MARIE BRIDGES “Joy” Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Vir- ginia; Sr. Typing Committee. Capable And Devoted Sponsors ROBERT LOWE BROWN “Robert” Stage Crew; Shop Officer; Sr. Decorating Committee; School Spirit Committee. WAYNE BROWN “Wayne” Newcomers Committee; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Bul- letin Board Committee. KAY LYON BRYANT “Kay” V.O.T.; Office Staff; Behavior Code Committee; New- comers Committee. JOHN CLAUDE BURTON “Johnny” Sr. Dance Committee; House and Grounds Committee; Safety Committee. WILBERT GLENN CAMPBELL “Glenn” Behavior Code Committee; Newcomers Committee; Dance Committee; Jr. Usher Staff; Sr. Chorus; Boys Glee Club; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. MARY ELLEN CARNEY “Ellen” Jr. Chorus: Letters; Sr. Chorus: Letters; Mixed Ensemble; All-Festival Chorus; Sr. Band: Letters; Anchor Staff: Classroom Section; Latin Club; Christopher Newport So- ciety; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Music Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Science Club; Homeroom Officer. JUNE LARAY CHAFFIN “June” Christopher Newport Society; Latin Club; Creative Writ- ers Club; Anchor Staff: Classroom Section Head; G.A.A. Executive Board: Letter; Volleyball; Basketball; Hockey; Gym Assistant; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. IRENE KATHERINE CHRISTOFI “Irene” Transferred from St. Vincent High School; Latin Club; Beacon Staff; Christopher Newport Society; Future Home- makers of America; Sr. Invitations Committee; Sr. Ring Committee; Student Council Committee. Enthusiastically Spurred Seniors On JANICE CAROL CLARK “Janice” Senior Chorus: Letter; Volleyball Team; School Spirit Committee; D.E. Club. INEZ ESTELLA CLEMMONS “Inez” Transferred from Warwick High School, Newport News, Virginia; Future Homemakers of America; Sr. Chorus: Letters; Sr. Band: Letters; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Dance Committee; Library Asst. ROBERT CARLYLE COFFEY “Robbie” Drama: Furniture Staff; Shop: President; School Spirit Committee; Senior Pennant Committee. MARLENE FAYE COHEN “Marlene” Nelms Honor Scroll; Student Body Secretary; S.C.A. and Executive Board Rep.; Remembrance Committee Chair- man; Honor Council Rep.; National Honor Society; Thes- pians: Secretary; Christopher Newport Society: Secretary; Sr. Class Giftorian; Anchor Staff: School Life Head. DAN LEE COLEMAN “Danny” J.V. Football, Varsity Football: Letter; Varsity Track: Letter, Co-captain; Sr. Pennant Committee; House and Grounds Committee; Sportsmanship Committee; School Spirit Committee. CAROL LEE COLLIER “Carol” Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; Girls Glee Club; All-Festival Chorus; French Club; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; D.E. Club; Sr. Dance Committee. HERBERT WILLIAM COLLINS “Bill” Distributive Education Club; Sr. Bulletin Board Commit- tee; School Spirit Committee. LINDA REID COATES “Linda” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; Jr. Chorus: Letter, Sr. Chorus: Accompanist, President; Anchor Staff; Usher Staff- Asst. Head; Sr. Assembly Committee; Latin Club; Creative Writers Club; Class Song: Composer; Future Teachers of America. II i To The Maximum WILLIAM WAYNE COMBS “Billy” Jr Band: Letter; Christopher Newport Society; Behavior Code Committee; Sr. Music Committee. PATRICIA ANN COMER “Ann” Usher Staff: General Staff Head; Drama: Costume Staff; Ticket Staff Head; D.O. Club: Chaplain; Sr. Typing Com- mittee: Head; Library Asst.; Y-Teens; Newcomers Com- mittee; School Spirit Committee. SAMUEL MARSHALL CONLEY “Marshall” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Foot- ball; Varsity Football; Co-capt.; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; Sportsmanship Committee. RAYMOND STEWART CORSON, III “Butch” Jr Band: Drum Major; Sr. Band; 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball: Co-cap- tain; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball; French Club; Key Club; Boys’ State Rep.; Sr. Pennant Committee: Chair- man; Jr. Dance Committee. SARGENT KENT CRAFT “Kent” Sr. Pennant Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; J.V. Football: Letter; Varsity Football: Letter; Baseball: Letter; J.V. Basketball: Letter; Track: Letter. JAMES STANLEY CRANK “Jimmy” Homeroom Officer; Jr. Band ; Sr Band; French Club; Jr. and Sr. Dance Committees: Co-head; Key Club, Hi-i. Chaplain. CAROL RANDALL CREECH “Randy” Transferred from Lakenheath, England; Future Home- makers of America; Library Asst.; S.C.A. Dance Com- mittee; Sr. Dance Committee; Behavior Code Commit- tee; Safety Committee; Jr. Chorus; Tri-Hi-Y; I.C.T. HELEN VIRGINIA DAGGY “Helen” Nelms Honor Scroll; Academic Achievement Award; Na- tional Honor Society; Lions Club Award: French; Future Teachers of America: Vice President; Launchings Staff; Anchor Staff: Faculty Section Head; Latin Club; G.A.A. Executive Board; Student Council: Rep., Committees; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. Of Their Capacities. ZETIE WILSON DAMRON “Zetie” J.V. Cross Country Team; )j.V. Track; Varsity Cross Country: Letter; Varsity Track Team; Homeroom Officer; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Behavior Code Committee; Publicity Committee; Sportsmanship Committee. DARDEN EDWARD DANIEL “Dardy” Homeroom Officer; Speech Arts Club; Latin Club; French Club; Creative Writers Club; Science Club; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Hi-Y. SHARON ANN DANIELS “Sharon” Christopher Newport Society; French Club; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Behavior Code Com- mittee; Tri-Hi-Y President; G.A.A.: Officer, Letter, Star; All-Star Teams: Hockey, Basketball, Volleyball; Track; Student Assistant: Girls Gym. GLEN ALLEN DAVENPORT “Glen” Latin Club; Student Council Rep.: Committees; J.V. Foot- ball; Varsity Football: Letter; Track; 10th Grade Presi- dent; Key Club; Foreign Student Forum: Delegate; Chesa- peake District Meeting: Delegate; Homeroom Officer. LESLIE ANN DECELL “Leslie” Latin Club; Girls’ Usher Staff; S.C.A. Committees; Sr. Invitations Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Chris- topher Newport Society; Nelms Honor Scroll; Volleyball. LINDA LEE DECELL “Linda” Latin Club; Future Homemakers of America; Drama: Cos- tume Staff, Head; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Sportsmanship Committee; Behavior Code Committee. CLAUDIA SUSAN DELLAPENTA “Claudia” Student Council Rep.: Committees; Homeroom Officer; Latin Club; Christopher Newport Society; French Club; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. MAYNARD WAYNE DELOZIER “Butch” Student Council Rep.; Executive Board; Sportsmanship Committee: Head; Behavior Code Committee: Head; Safe- ty Committee: Co-Head; Varsity Football: Letter; Na- tional Honor Society; Key Club President; Boys State Rep.; Jr. and Sr. Class President; Bulletin Board Com- mittee: Co-Head; Latin Club. J- Numerous Committees KAY LOUISE DICKERSON “Kay” Transferred from Radford High School, Honolulu, Hawaii; Future Homemakers of America. BETTY ANN DILLON “Betty Ann” Jr. Science Club; Sr. Science Club; Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Letters; All-Festival Chorus; Jr. Decorating Com- mittee; Art Club; Basketball. JOAN FRANCES DINWIDDIE “Joan” Sr. Dance Committee; D.O. Club; Jr. Decorating Commit- tee; Speech Arts Club; Sportsmanship Committee. BETSY LOU DIXON “Betsy” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus: Letter; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Volleyball; Basketball; Hockey. RHONDA KAYE DREWERY “Kaye” Drama: Furniture Staff; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica: Officer; Volleyball Team. DEANNA GAIL DRINNON “Deanna” Sr. Chorus; Sr. Invitations Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; School Spirit Committee. BRENDA POWELL DUNCAN “Brenda” Tumbling Club; School Spirit Committee; Volleyball; Basketball; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Jr. Decorating Com- mittee; Sr. Dance Committee; V.O.T. JAMES HAROLD EAKES “James” Drama: Usher Staff; Sr. Pennant Committee; School Spirit Committee. Worked Tirelessly WILLIAM ANDREW EDWARDS “William” Jr. Usher Saff; D.O. Club; Sr. Dance Committee; Safety Committee. RAYMOND ALFRED ELLENSON “Raymond” Christopher Newport Society; Cast of Major Play; All- Tournament Cast; Safety Committee; Sr. Dance Com- mittee; Jr. Usher Staff. BARBARA EILEEN ESTES “Barbara” Speech Arts Club; Sr. Invitations Committee; School Spirit Committee. RICHARD CARY EWELL “Richard” Jr. Chorus; French Club; Drama: Props Staff; Sr. Flower Committee. NANCY JOAN FAULKNER “Joanie” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letters; All-State Band; Sr. Chorus; Latin Club; French Club; Usher Staff; Launchings Staff; Future Teachers of America; Creative Writers Club; Sr. Flower Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Deco- rating Committee; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Music Com- mittee. ROBERT CLAYTON FITZGERALD “Robert” Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Band: School Dance Band; Jr. Band; Sr. Dance Committee; 8th Grade Hall of Fame. CHARLES FORRESTER “Charles” Sr. Pennant Committee; House and Grounds Committee; Safety Committee. BRENDA JOYCE FOX “Brenda” Speech Arts Club; Sr. Typing Committee; Home Eco nomics Secretary. To Bring The Class Of 1963 FREDERICK WILLIAM FOX “Fred” Transferred from Hargrave Military Academy, Hargrave, Virginia; Jr. Usher Staff; Office Asst. ROBERT ALAN FOX “Bob” Beacon Staff: Advertising Mgr.; I.C.T. Club: Reporter- D.O. Club: State President; Jr. Rotarian; Sr. Color Com- mittee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Publicity Committee: Head; Safe-Teens Club; Student Council Rep.; Friendly Typhoon; Quill and Scroll; Shop Officer; Homeroom Of- ficer; Mouse Assembly. JAMES THOMPSON FREEZE “Tom” Varsity Football: Letter; Sr. Dance Committee; Home- room Officer. BARBARA LOUISE FRITSCHE “Magoo” Creative Writers Club; Beacon Staff; Latin Club; Span- ish Club; House and Grounds Committee; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Assembly Commit- tee; Jr. Dance Committee; Cafeteria Committee. ROBERT MAURICE FULCHER “Robert” Golf Team; Stage Crew; Sr. Chorus; Hi-Y; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. JERRY WAYNE GAMMON “Jerry” Spanish Club; Key Club; D.E. Club; Christopher Newport Society. JEAN CARROLL GARNER “Jean” Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Letter; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Y-Teens; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Typ- ing Committee; Usher Staff; Beacon Staff; Library Asst.; Future Teachers of America. DANIELLE NAOMI GARRICK “Dani” National Honor Society: President; Nelms Honor Scroll; Sr. Class Speaker; Student Council Executive Board; Be- havior Code Committee: Co-head; Sr. Ring Committee: Co-head; Latin Club: Corresponding Secretary; Chris- topher Newport Society: Vice President; Usher Staff; Sci- ence Club. I A Truly Gratifying JACK ALFRED GARRISON “Jack” Chesapeake Hi-Y : Treasurer; D.O. Club; Behavior Code Committee; Jr. Usher Staff. ROY WAYNE GASKILL “Wayne” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; House and Grounds Com- mittee; J.Y. Football; Behavior Code Committee; Drama Staff; Jr. Decorating Committee; Varsity Football: Let- ter; Sr. Dance Committee. FRANK DONALD GIBSON “Frank” Varsity Track: Letter; Shop Officer; J.V. Cross Country; J.V. Track; J.V. Football; Student Assistant Track Coach. JO ANN GIBSON “Jo Ann” Sr. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; Behavior Code Committee. MICHAEL LEE GIBSON “Mike” Varsity Football: Letter; I.C.T.: Vice President; Jr. Dance Committee. JOHN METTREW GILLIKIN “John” Key Club; J.V. Football; Varsity Football: Letter; J.V. Baseball; Homeroom Officer; Latin Club; Christopher Newport Society; Jr. Science Club; Sportsmanship Com- mittee; School Spirit Committee. BILLIE JO GILLS “Billie Jo” School Spirit Committee; Jr. Chorus; Library Assistants Club; V.O.T. Club; Senior Typing Committee. DONALD WAYNE GILMAN, JR. “Wayne” National Honor Society; Sr. Band: Letters, Scholarship, Section Head; Nelms Honor Scroll; French Club; Science Club: Committee Head; Christopher Newport Society; Jr. Band: Letter, All-State Band; Lions Club Award: French. Senior Year. RONNIE MARCIA GLASOFER “Ronnie” Beacon Staff: Co-Feature Editor; Speech Arts Club; Homeroom Officer; Future Teachers of America; Student Council Committees; Creative Writers Club; Jr. Dance Committee. VIRGINIA SUZANNE GOOLSBY “Ginny” Student Council Executive Board; Nelms Honor Scroll; Academic Achievement Award; National Honor Society; Latin Club: Recording Secretary; Future Teachers of America: President; Sr. Chorus; Christopher Newport So- ciety: President; Thespians; Jr. Chorus: President; All- Festival Chorus; PounH- Co-Head. HARMON NEIL GORDON “Harmon” Spanish Club: Vice-President; Beacon Staff: Business Mgr.; Sr. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; Sports- manship Committee; Student Council Rep. EUGENE ARTHUR GROSHONG “Gene” Science Club; Debating Team; French Club; Christopher Newport Society; Sr. Pennant Committee. PEGGY SUE GRUBBS “Peggy” Tri-Hi-Y; Sr. Typing Committee; Drama: Props Staff; Library Asst.; D.E. Club; Future Homemakers of Amer- ica; Volleyball; S.C.A. Dance Committee. CHARLOTTE ANN GUILLIAMS “Charlotte” President of Eastern District D.O. Club; Latin Club; Tri- Hi-Y; S.C.A. Committees: Dance, School Spirit, Homecom- ing, Cafeteria; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Assembly Com- mittee; Homeroom Officer; F.T.A.; Major Plays; Best Actress Award. HOWARD CLINTON GUINN “Howard” Hi-Y; National Physical Fitness Award; Sr. Pennant Com- mittee. JAMES ANDREW HALL “Jimmy” Jr. Band: President, Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; Hi-Y: Chaplain; Sr. Music Committee: Head. Memories Of Senior Experiences VICKI ANN HANKINS “Vicki” J.V. and Varsity Flagtwirler; Anchor Staff; Thespians; Asst. Director of Tournament Play; Drama: Make-Up Staff Head; Student Council Rep.; Spanish Club; Future Nurses Club; Jr. Dan ce Committee; Sr. Assembly Com- mittee; “Typhoon Time” Cast. FRIEDONNA ANN HARRIS “Donna” Sr. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; House and Grounds Committee. RUBY CAROLYN HARRIS “Carolyn” S.C.A. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee: Future Homemakers of America; Library Assistant Club; D.E. Club; Sr. Invitations Committee. CAROL SUE HARRISON “Sue” Student Council Executive Board; Cafeteria Committee: Co-head; Homecoming Committee: Head; Sr. Motto Com- mittee; Sr. Dance Committee; Anchor Staff; Beacon Staff; Jr. Dance Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Latin Club; Homeroom Officer. KATHARINE JACQUELINE HARRISON “Ditty” Nelms Honor Scroll; Academic Achievement Award; Na- tional Honor Society; Latin Club: Officer; Jr. and Sr. Bands: Officer, Letters, Workshop Band; Jr. Decorating Committee: Co-head; Sr. Assembly Committee; Launch- ings Staff: Co-asst. Editor; Sr. Class Treasurer; Natl. Merit Scholarship Semifinalist. FRANCES ANN HARTLESS “Frances” Future Homemakers of America; Sr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Typing Committee. GERALD LEE HARVEY “Jerry” Chesapeake Hi-Y : Vice President; J.V. Basketball; D.O. Club; Jr. Decorating Committee: Co-head; Sr. Assembly Committee. GLEN BARRY HATCHETT “Barry” J.V. and Varsity Football: Co-capt., Letter; J.V. Basket- ball Varsity Baseball: Letter; Friendly Typhoon; Honor Council: Chairman; Key Club: Secretary; S.C.A. Treas- urer; Executive Board Rep.; Latin Club; Mouse Assembly Committee; Sportsmanship Committee. The Day The Rings Arrived, BILLIE KNIGHT HEHL “Billie” Thespians; Anchor Staff; Council Rep.; Tournament Play: Asst. Director; Props Staff: Asst. Head; Jr. Dance Com- mittee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Library Asst.; Sports- manship Committee; School Spirit Committee. NORMA CAROL HELMICK “Norma” Band Sweetheart; Sr. Flower Committee; Usher Staff; Latin Club; Speech Arts Club; Sr. Ring Committee; Drama: Props Staff; Safety Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; J.V. Flagtwirler; Varsity Flagtwirler: Co- head. ANNETTE HESSLER “Annette” Cast of Major Plays; Tournament Plav: Drama: Furni- ture Staff, Make-up Staff; Thespians; School Spirit Com- mittee; Library Assistants Club. JAMES ALLEN HICKS “James” J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball: Letter; Jr. Usher Staff; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. MARY KAREN HILL “Karen” D.E. Club; 10th Grade Volleyball; Sr. Typing Committee; Safety Committee. BARBARA ANN HINSON “Barbara” Library Assistants Club; Sr. Dance Committee; Publicity Committee. MARY LOU HINSON “Mary Lou” Thespians; Drama: Furniture Staff Head, Letter; Basket- ball; Volleyball; School Spirit Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee. RONALD EDWARD HITE “Hoss” School Spirit Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; New- comers Committee; Shop Officer; Sr. Pennant Committee. Prom Night, RICHARD CARL HONEYCUTT “Richard” Stage Manager; Head Electrician; Thespians: President; Drama: Letter; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Usher Staff. JUDY ANNE HORTON “Judy” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; S.C.A. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; J.Y. Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader: Head; Latin Club; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Pennant Com- mittee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Drama: Props Staff. WILLIAM WILSON HOWERTON “Wilson” Jr. Chorus; Drama: Furniture Staff; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. LUCY ANNE HUDSON “Lucy” Latin Club; Spanish Club; Christopher Newport Society; Creative Writers Club; Behavior Code Committee; Safety Committee; Newcomers Committee; Sr. Invitations Com- mittee; Drama: Props and Costumes Staff. LARRY EDWARD INGRAM “Larry” D.O. Club; Hi-Y; Sr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Com- mittee; Safety Committee. ANITA SUE JEFFERS “Susie” Sr. Dance Committee; Homeroom Officer; School Spirit Committee; Student Council Rep.; Jr. Dance Committee; D.E. Club: Secretary; Hockey: Award. EARL WAYNE JOHNSON “Wayne” D.O. Club: President; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Hi-Y; School Spirit Committee. SUZANNE JONES “Suzanne” Transferred from West Point High School, West Point, Virginia; Spanish Club; Christopher Newport Society. 1 Senior Assembly, MARY LOUISE KNOWLES “Mary Lou” J.V. Flagtwirler: Head; Varsity Flagtwirler: Co-Head Future Nurses Club: President; Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr Chorus: Letter; Anchor Staff: Sr. Section; Latin Club Library Assistants Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; Sr Ring Committee; Sr. Flower Committee; Usher Staff Student Council Committees. JAMES WARD LAMB “Jimmy” Varsity Football; Hi-Y : Treasurer; Sr. Assembly Commit- tee; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus: Vice President; Boys Glee Club; All-Festival Chorus; S.C.A. Dance Committee. SHARON KAY LAMBERTH “Sharon” Homecoming Queen, 1962; Jr. Science Club; J.V. Flag- twirler; Varsity Flagtwirler; Cast of Tournament Plays; Future Nurses Club; Latin Club; Christopher Newport Society; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Dance Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee. KAY FRANCES LATTA “Kay” Cast of “Home Sweet Homicide”; Latin Club; Sr. Dance Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Publicity Commit- tee; School Spirit Committee; D.O. Club; Homeroom Officer. MARSHA COLEMAN LEAKE “Marsha” Honor Council Rep.; Student Council Rep.; Homeroom Officer; Tournament Play: Asst. Director; Anchor Staff; Classroom Section; Office Asst.; Spanish Club; Jr. Chorus Jr. Dance Committee; Publicity Committee; Drama: Make- up and Props Staffs. CLAIRE LESLIE LEVIN “Claire” Cast of Tournament Plays; Cast of Major Play; Thes- pians; Spanish Club: Secretary; Latin Club; Future Teachers of America; Jr. Ring Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Anchor Staff; Christopher Newport Society. CHARLES ASHE LILLY, JR. “Chuck” Key Club; Hi-Y: Secretary; Sr. Band: President, Drum Major, Letters; Jr. Band: Treasurer, Letters; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Pennant Committee. KENNETH AUSTIN LIPSCOMB “Ken” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Librarian, Letter; All-State Band; School Dance Band: Student Director; Chess Club; Christopher Newport Society; Spanish Club; Beacon Staff: Co-sports Editor; Hi-Y; Sr. Assembly Committee; Quill and Scroll. The Last Few Notes Of The Alma Mater THOMAS WAYNE LOCKARD “Tommy” Hi-Y ; Sr. Dance Committee; S.C.A. Newcomers Commit- tee; D.E. Club. LINDA ELLEEN MAHANES “Linda” Beacon Staff: Editor-in-Chief, Letter; National Honor Society; Quill and Scroll; Nelms Honor Scroll; S.C.A. Executive Board: Scrapbook Committee Chairman; Stu- dent Council Rep.; Committees; Tri-Hi-Y Vice President; Speech Arts Club; French Club; Homeroom Officer. LUDWIG MALACEK “Ludwig” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; Hi-Y; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. WILLIAM JOSEPH MANNING “Billy” Sr. Dance Committee; Spanish Club; J.V. Baseball; J.V. Football; Varsity Football: Letter; Homeroom Officer; Key Club. PHYLLIS SWEENEY McCORMICK “Phyllis” J.V. Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader; Student Council Rep.; Executive Board; Sr. Assembly Committee; Home- room Officer. ELIZABETH CONNELLY McGHEE “Connie” Student Council Rep.; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Christop- her Newport Society; Future Teachers of America; Crea- tive Writers Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; Nelms Hon- or Scroll; Lions Club Award: Spanish; Jr. and Sr. Chorus: Letters: All-Festival Chorus; Sr. Dance Committee; Girls’ Trio. MARY ELIZABETH McGUIRE “Mary” Volleyball; Hockey; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; School Spirit Committee; S.C.A. Dance Com- mittee. PAMELA DOWN McKNIGHT “Pam” Transferred from Hampton High School, Hampton, Vir- ginia; Future Teachers of America; Christopher Newport Society; Sr. Dance Committee; Spanish Club. i Bring Laughter And Tears THOMAS EDWARD MERCER “Eddie” Varsity Baseball; Safety Committee; Sr. Chorus; Sr. Dance Committee. DEIDRA FAYE MERRILL “Dee Dee” Volleyball; Basketball; School Spirit Committee; Publicity Committee; Sr. Chorus; Sr. Typing Committee; Jr. Chorus; Library Asst.; Beacon Staff: Typist; Spanish Club. JESSE FLEMING MILLER Jess” Jr. Band: President, Letters; Sr. Band: Letters; School Dance Band; Sr. Invitations Committee; Homeroom Of- ficer; All-State Workshop Band. NEIL CRAIG MILLER “Craig” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letters; Hi-Y; Jr. Dance Com- mittee; School Dance Band; Sr. Music Committee. PATRICIA DIANE MOORE “Patti” Transferred from Beechwood High School, South Fort Mitchell, Kentucky; Creative Writers Club; Art Club; Sr. Invitations Committee. RUTH MARILYN MOREN “Monkey” J.V. Flagtwirler: Letter; Jr. Chorus: Letter, Accompanist; Sr. Chorus: Officer, Letter; All-Festival Chorus; Latin Club; Creative Writers Club; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Science Club. SUZANNE ADAMS MORRIS “Suzanne” 8th Grade Secretary; Student Council; Homeroom Officer; Cast of Major Plays; Cast of Tournament Play: Direc- tor of Tournament Play; Drama: Letter; Thespians; Sr. Assembly Committee: Co-head; Anchor Staff: Activities Section Head; French Club; Usher Staff; Sr. Chorus; Advertising Committee: Head. WALTER WARE MORRISON “Walter” Casts of Major Plays; Student Council Executive Board; Nelms Honor Scroll; National Honor Society; Key Club: Vice President; Band Announcer; Homeroom Officer; Honor Council Rep.; Speech Arts Club; Thespians. To The Class Of 1963. PAUL LESTER MOSES “Paul” Jr. Band: Letters, Property Mgr.; Sr. Band: Letters, Prop- erty Mgr.; Christopher Newport Society. PATSY CAROLYN MOSS “Patsy” Future Homemakers of America; Jr. Decorating Com- mittee; Sr. Pennant Committee. STUART LEE NACHMAN “Stuart” Student Council Rep.; Tournament Play Cast; Casts of 3 Major Plays; French Club; Science Club; Asst. Registrar, School Elections; Sr. Ring Committee: Co-Head; Behavior Code Committee: Co-Head; Christopher Newport Society; Executive Board; Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Assembly Com- mittee. NYNA BESS NEVILLE “Nyna” Volleyball; Basketball; G.A.A.: Letter; Sr. Dance Com- mittee; Jr. Dance Committee; V.O.T. DAVID POINTER NICHOLLS “David” Sr. Pennant Committee; Hi-Y : Vice President; Track; Shop Officer. CHARLES STEWART O’ROURKE, III “Charles” Chess Club; Science Club; D.E. Club; Safety Committee; Cafeteria Committee. ESTELLE ANTOINETTE OVERTON “Estelle” Drama: Asst. Directors Staff; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee: Head; Y-Teens; French Club; D.E. Club; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; Sportsmanship Committee. RONALD HARRY OWEN “Ronnie” Chess Club; D.O. Club; School Spirit Committee; Cafeteria Committee; School Service Committee; Sr. Pennant Com- mittee. The Realization MICHAEL JEROME OZMER “Mike” Transferred From Fayetteville, North Carolina; Safety Committee; Newcomers Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Hi-Y: President. CONSTANCE FAYE PARRISH “Faye” Drama: Furniture Staff; School Spirit Committee; Future Homemakers of America; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Pennant Com- mittee; Y-Teens. THOMAS CLARK PAYNE “Tommy” Jr. Band Letters; Sr. Band Letters; Christopher Newport Society; Hi-Y: Chaplain; Sr. Music Committee. MARGARET FAYE PEARCE “Faye” Student Council Rep.; Future Teachers of America: Of- ficer; Spanish Club; Anchor Staff: Sports Staff Head; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Edi- tor of “El Tifon”; Homeroom Officer; G.A.R. Executive Board; Basketball; Volleyball; Hockey. KEITH RUSSELL PENNELL “Keith” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; J.V. Football; Spanish Club: Treasurer; Jr. Chorus; Hi-Y; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Safety Committee; Sportsmanship Committee. SUSAN PERKINS “Sue” Quill and Scroll; Anchor Staff: Underclassmen Section Head; Beacon Staff: Feature Reporter, Copy Editor; La- tin Club; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; Homeroom Officer; Christopher Newport Society; Crea- tive Writers Club; Drama Staff; Student Council Commit- tees; Basketball; Senior Assembly. PHYLLIS KATHLEEN PILGRIM “Kathy” Jr. and Sr. Choruses: Letters; Sr. Band: Letter; Christop- her Newport Society; Latin Club: President; Speech Arts Club; Sr. Flower, Sr. Invitations Committees: Head; Science Club; Tournament Play Cast; Sr. Class Song: Author; Anchor Staff: Asst. Business Mgr. RUFUS FORREST POWELL “Forrest” J.V. and Varsity Football: Letter; 9th Grade President; 10th Grade Vice President; Jr. Class Treasurer; Sr. Class Vice President; Varsity Track; Key Club; Boys State Rep.; Student Council Executive Board: Bell Committee Head. That One Phase Of Youth VICKI LOU PREVATTE “Vicki” School Spirit Committee; G.A.A. Award; Sr. Invitations Committee. GOLDIE LOU PREVILLE “Goldie” Anchor Staff: Editor-in-Chief; Homeroom Officer; Nation- al Honor Society; Spanish Club: President; Lions Club Awards: Spanish, Mathematics, Science; Creative Writers Club; Nelms Honor Scroll; Christopher Newport Society; Future Teachers of America; Science Club; Drama: Asst. Directors Staff, Cast of “I Remember Mama”; Academic Achievement Award. CLINTON RAY PRICE “Clint” Transferred from Stonewall Jackson High School; Sr. Band; Sr. Music Committee; Hi-Y. WILLIAM EDWARD PRICE III “Buddy” J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball: Letter; Safety Committee; Newcomers Committee; Homeroom Officer; Sr. Dance Committee. HENRY MARVIN RAGLAND “Butch” Varsity Football: Mgr.; J.V. Football: Mgr.; Sr. Chorus: Jr. Chorus; D.E. Club; S.C.A. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; Office Staff. JOHN BRENDLE REESE “Johnny” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Foot- ball; Varsity Football: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; French Club; Jr. Band. CAROLYN ANN REYNOLDS “Carolyn” Y-Teens; Tri-Hi-Y; Drama: Letter, Asst. Head of Direc- tors; Thespians; Sr. Assembly Committee. WILLIAM RAYMOND RHODES “Billy” Track: Letter; Varsity Football: Letter; Honor Council; Key Club; French Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; Sr. Color Committee. Has Been Completed, JENNIFER LOU RILEY “Jenny” Y-Teens: Tri-Hi-Y; Sr. Dance Committee; Science Club; Latin Club; Jr. Chorus: Letters; Sr. Chorus: Letters; Homeroom Officer. PAMELA ANN ROANE “Pam” Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Sr. Band; Latin Club; Tumbling Club; Student Council Rep.; Apparatus Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee. WILLIAM FRANCIS ROBERTS “Bill” Jr. Band: Letter: Sr. Band: Letter; Key Club; J.V. Foot- ball; Varsity Football: Letter; 8th Grade Tournament Play; Sr. Dance Committee; Jr. Dance Committee; Home- room Officer; J.V. Baseball. LINDA GAYLE ROBERTSON “Linda” D.O. Club; Drama: Make-Up Staff; Behavior Code Com- mittee; School Spirit Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee. ROBERTA DIANE RODGERS “Diane” J.V. Cheerleader; Varsity Cheerleader; Latin Club; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Drama: Asst. Directors Staff; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Sports- manship Committee; School Spirit Committee; Home- room Officer. JACKIE FAYE ROLAND “Jackie” Basketball; Volleyball; Future Homemakers of America; School Spirit Committee. WAVERLY CLAYTON ROSSER “Wavy” Sr. Chorus; Boys Glee Club; Safe Teens; Stage Crew; Sr. Pennant Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; New- comers Committee. ROBERT ALLAN ROTH “Bobby” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; J.V. Track; Varsity Track; Hi-Y : President; Sr. Assembly Committee; Homeroom Officer. And That The Transition To Adulthood DONNA GAYLE ROUNTREE “Donna” Sr. Assembly Committee; G.A.A. Exec. Board; Jr. Dance Committee; Basketball; Volleyball; Hockey; French Club; School Spirit Committee; Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Letter; All Festival Chorus; Library Assistants Club. LESLIE DWIGHT ROWE “Dwight” Tournament Plays; All Tourney Cast; French Club; Major Play: Exhibition Play Director; Thespians: V. President; Drama Letter; Stagecrew; Hi-Y: Sec.; Jr. Decoration Committee; Quill and Scroll; Beacon Staff: Co-sports Editor; Sr. Assembly Committee. EUGENE GERALD RUSSELL “Gerry” Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; Dance Band; Chesa- peake Hi-Y; Sr. Assembly Committee; Sr. Music Com- mittee; School Service Committee: Chairman; Drama: Head of Sound Effects. PAMELA LEAH RUSSELL “Pam” G.A.A. : Letter, Star; Basketball: All Star; Volleyball: All Star; Hockey Team: All Star; Future Teachers of Amer- ica; Homeroom Officer; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Track Team; Physical Fitness Award; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus. MARY BETH SAWYER “Mary Beth” Drama: Co-Head of Make-up Staff, Advertising Staff, Letter; Spanish Club; Thespians; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Sportsmanship Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee. ELLIOT MICHAEL SCHLOSSER “Elliot” French Club; Latin Club; Christopher Newport Society; Speech Arts Club; Varsity Football; Senior Assembly Committee; Assistant Registrar; S.C.A. Committees: Safety, Behavior Code, Publicity; Cast of “Time out For Ginger”; Jr. Chorus. JOYCE LEE SCHMIDT “Joyce” Drama: Props Staff; Usher Staff: Program Head; Fu- ture Homemakers of America; Safety Committee; New- comers Committee; Publicity Committee; School Spirit Committee; Senior Flower Committee; Sr. Typing Com- mittee; House and Grounds Committee. ANN GARLAND SEARS “Ann” Homecoihing Court: Sr. Attendant; Beacon Staff; Sr. Chorus; Sr. Dance Committee; Jr. Dance Committee; D.O. Club: Secretary; Co-Head of Pound; Homeroom Officer; Publicity Committee. Nl Is Not A Rapid One, HARRY PINEIRO SEAY “Harry” Varsity Football; Advertising Staff; Spanish Club; Track Team: Cross Country; Beacon Staff; Tournament Play; Physical Fitness Award; Sr. Dance Committee; Cafeteria Committee. JERRY RUDOLPH SEAY “Jerry” Cross Country Track Team; Publicity Committee; Home- room Officer; Wood Shop: Supply Foreman. ROBERT ALLAN SHAPIRO “Robert” Nelms Honor Scroll; Science Club: President; Cast of Major Play; Director of Tournament Play; Thespians; Drama: Letter; Lions Club Achievement Award: French; Christopher Newport Society: Secretary; Latin Club; Sr. Assembly Committee: French Club; Jr. Ring Committee. WILLIAM HENRY SHAW “Bill” President of Student Body; National Honor Society; Key Club; Nelms Honor Scroll; Student Council Executive Board; Track: Letter; Cross-Country: Co-Captain; Jr. Class Vice President; Chesapeake District S.C.A. Repre- sentative; Christopher Newport Society: Parliamentarian. FREDRICK BLAINE SHELTON “Fred” School Spirit Committee; Dance Committee; Newcomers Committee; Speech Arts Cl ub; Spanish Club; Track; Sr. Assembly Committee; Sr. Chorus. ELLIOT MIKEL SHEMER “Elliot” J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball, Mgr.; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; Drama: Boys’ Usher Staff, Advertising Staff; Publicity Com- mittee; D.E. Club. JAY MICHAEL SISK “Mike” Sr. Band: Letter; Dance Band; T.O.K. Hi-Y; Latin Club; Sr. Music Committee. CAROL FRANCES SMITH “Carol” Drama: Furniture Staff; Jr. Dance Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Safety Committee; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; 12th Grade Hockey Team; Vol- leyball; Beacon Staff; Homeroom Officer. Adds a Solemn Note to The CAROLYN ANN SMITH “Carolyn” Y-Teens: Tri-Hi-Y; Behavior Code Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Assembly Committee; Future Homemakers of America; D.E. Club; Library Asst. HOWARD PHILLIP SMITH “Howie” Varsity Football; Student Council Executive Board; Safety Committee: Co-Head; French Club: President; Spanish Club: Secretary; Christopher Newport Society; Speech Arts Club; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee; Jr. Dance Com- mittee; Homeroom Officer. JAMES ELTON SMITH, JR. “Jimmy” J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball: Letter; Varsity Basketball; Boys Glee Club; Sr. Dance Committee; Hi-Y ; Newcomers Committee. OWEN JOSEPH SMITH, JR. “Skip” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Var- sity Basketball: Co-capt., Letter; J.V. Football; Varsi- ty Football; Track; Jr. L T sher Staff: Co-Head; Newcomers Committee; Safety Committee; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; Boys Glee Club; Mixed Ensemble; Sr. Dance Committee; Homeroom Officer. SANDRA LEIGH SMITH “Sandy” G.A.A.: Letter; Executive Board; Sr. Dance Committee; Basketball; Hockey; Volleyball; Homeroom Officer; Jr. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; School Spirit Com- mittee; Homecoming Court: Sr. Attendant. WILLIAM TERRELL SMITH “Terry” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; J.V. Football; Varsity Football: Letter; Sr. Assembly Committee; Homeroom Officer; Safety Commit- tee; Cafeteria Committee; Shop Officer. CARLENE SNYDER “Carlene” Transferred from Ferguson High School; D.E. Club; Homeroom Officer. LUCY GRAHAM SOUTHALL “Lucy” Jr. Chorus; Latin Club; Future Teachers of America; Beacon Staff: News Editor; Sportsmanship Committee. Joyful Thoughts Of Graduation BETTY ANN SPAIN “Betty” Transferred from O.E. Bell Jr. High School, Idaho Falls, Idaho; Future Teachers of America: Publicity Chairman; Behavior Code Committee; Safety Committee; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Music Committee; Sr. Invitations Commit- tee; Science Club. STEPHEN PAYNE SPARKMAN “Steve” Track: Letter; J.V. Football; Homeroom Officer; 8th Grade President; Jr. Chorus; Art Club; Sr. Dance Commit- tee; Shop Officer; Student Council Rep. ROBERT ATKINS SPENCER “Bobby” Newcomers Committee; Behavior Code Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; Hi-Y. BRENDA CAROL SPIKES “Brenda” Transferred from Warwick High School; Future Home- makers of America; Sr. Invitations Committee. ROCHELLE DORIS SPOONER “Roche” J.V. Flagtwirler; Exhibition Play: Asst. Director; Spanish Club; Beacon Staff: Public Relations Editor; Creative Wri- ters Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; Sr. Color Commit- tee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Drama: Make-up Staff; Student Council Committees. LaVERNE MILDRED SPOTTS “Tootsie” Thespians; Drama: Props Staff; Beacon Staff: Co-Fea- ture Editor; Exchange Editor; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; D.O. Club: Reporter; School Spirit Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Vol- leyball Team. STEPHANIE SPRITZER “Stephanie” Drama: Asst. Directors Staff; Latin Club; French Club; Science Club; Christopher Newport Society; Anchor Staff: Underclassmen Section; Sr. Ring Committee; Sr. Color Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Woodmen of the World Award. JANE PENDLETON STEPHENSON “Jane” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus: Officer, Letter; Future Teachers of America: Girls Trio; Latin Club; Jr. Decorating Com- mittee; Usher Staff: Head; National Honor Society; Nelms Honor Scroll; Academic Achievement Award; Sr. Assembly Committee; All-Festival Chorus. As The Graduates Proudly GARY LOUIS STEVESON “Gary” Jr. Decoration Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Wood Shop Officer. RAYMOND COLE STINNETTE, JR. “Ray” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; Key Club; Christopher Newport Society; Sr. Dance Committee; Homeroom Officer; Safety Committee; Shop Officer; Sportsmanship Committee. LURA ANN STRANGE “Ann” Jr. Dance Committee; Library Assistants Club; School Spirit Committee; Drama: Costume Committee. FRANCES LOUISE STRICKLAND “Louise” Sr. Typing Committee; Future Homemakers of America: School Spirit Committee. EDWARD VERNON SUMMERLIN “Ed” Jr. Decoration Committee; Wood Shop Officer; Machine Shop Officer. RUTH ERNESTINE THOM “Ruthie” Library Assistan ts Club; Honor Code Committee; Sports- manship Committee. JOYCE MARIE THOMAS “Joyce” School Spirit Committee; Homeroom Officer; G.A.A. Ex- ecutive Board; Hockey; Basketball; Volleyball; Sr. Dance Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; V.O.T. Club; Physi- cal Fitness Award; Ping Pong Champion. JAMES ALLEN TODD “Jimmy” Dance Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Homeroom Of- ficer; Shop Officer. Accept Their Diplomas, RONALD PAYNE TODD “Ronnie” Sr. Pennant Committee; Hi-Y: Secretary; Shop Officer; S.C.A. Newcomers Committee. RANDOLPH DAVID TOSH “Randy” Student Council Rep.; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Shop Superintendent; Homeroom Officer; Varsity Baseball: Letter; Safety Committee. JAMES ALBERT TURLINGTON “Jimmy” D.E. Club; I.C.T. Club; Jr. Usher Staff; Shop Officer; Safe-Teen Club. BARBARA ANNE TURNER “Barbara” Drama: Costume Staff; Volleyball; Basketball; Jr. De- corating Committee; Sr. Dance Committee. LOUIS HARRISON TURNER “Fuzzy” Jr. Usher Staff; Christopher Newport Society; Cafeteria Committee; D.E. Club: Officer; Sr. Dance Committee; Shop Officer; Homeroom Officer. CARLOS ENRIQUE DAVID URRUTIA “Dave” Sr. Dance Committee; Sr. Music Committee; S.C.A. House and Grounds Committee. BASIL ANDREW VASILAS “Bill” WILLIAM MARTIN VEST “Buster” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; J.V. Base- ball; Varsity Baseball; Varsity Football; Jr. Band; Sr. Band; Band Council Rep.; Sr. Music Committee; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee. CAROL STEPHANIE VOGEL “Carol” Transferred from Thorpe Jr. High School; Future Teachers of America; French Club; Speech Arts Club; Debating Team; Creative Writers Club; Anchor Staff: Copy Editor; Sr. Assembly Committee; Exhibition Play. JOAN FRANCES WARREN “Joan” Y-Teens; 10th Grade Volleyball; Basketball; Behavior Code Committee; School Spirit Committee; Sr. Invitations Com mittee; V.O.T. Club. WILLIAM BEVERLY WEAVER “Billy” Latin Club; Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; J.V. Baseball; Varsity Baseball. MARCIA DIANNE WEINSTEIN “Marsh” Quill and Scroll; Beacon: Club Editor, Feature Staff; Anchor: Faculty Section; Homeroom Officer; Jr. Ring Committee; Sr. Assembly Commitee; Drama: Head Props Staff, Assistant Director Staff; Creative Writers Club; French Club; Future Teachers of America. SUSAN FRANCES WELLS “Susie” Y-Teens; Tri-Hi- Y; Thespians; Tournament Play: As- sistant Director; Dance Committee; Sr. Assembly Com- mittee; Homeroom Officer; Jr.-Sr. Ring Committees; Drama: Costumes Staff; Future Homemakers of America; V.O.T. Club. ELIZABETH MARIE WHITCOMB “Libby” Sr. Chorus: Letter; Girls’ Usher Staff; Sr. Band; Sr. Typing Committee; Sr. Music Committee; Library Assist- ants Club. ELLIS LYLE WASSERMAN “Ellis” Transferred from Los Angeles High School; Stage Crew. SHARON ANN WEAVER “Sharon” Bulletin Board Committee: Co-Chairman; S.C.A. Dance Committee; Sr. Assembly Committee; Jr. Dance Commit- tee; Student Council; Sportsmanship Committee: Chair- man; Executive Board; Latin Club; Thespians. They Realize That Education Is An Infinite Process, THELMA PAULINE WHITE “Polly” Nelms Honor Scroll; Academic Achievement Award; Jr. Chorus: Letters; Sr. Chorus: Letters; Girls Glee Club; Mixed Ensemble; All-Festival Chorus; Sr. Band: Letters; Anchor Staff: Sr. Section Head; Launchings Staff: Co- Asst. Editor; Latin Club; Christopher Newport Society; Sr. Ring Committee. HARRY BERNIE WHITMER, JR. “Bernie” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball; Varsity Basketball; J.V. Football; J.V. Baseball; Jr. Band: Let- ters; Sr. Band: Letters; Christopher Newport Society; Spanish Club; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Music Committee. MARGARET ANN WILKINS “Peggy” Student Council; Field Hockey; Future Teachers of America; Basketball; Volleyball; G.A.A. Executive Board; Letter; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; Publicity Committee. EDITH HALLET WILLETT “Edie” Latin Club; Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus; Usher Staff; Beacon Staff: Typist; Student Council; Sr. Typing Committee. JOYCE ALENE WILLIAMS “Joyce” Anchor Staff; Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Letter; All- Festival Chorus; S.C.A. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; Election Official; Usher Staff; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Typing Committee; Behavior Code Com- mittee; Sr. Assembly Committee. LINDA LOU WILLIAMS “Linda” S.C.A. Dance Committee; Safety Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Sr. Banquet Committee; Library Asst. MARTHA SANDRA WILLIAMS “Sandra” Transferred from Farmville High School, Farmville, North Carolina; Sr. Band: Letters; Latin Club; Sr. Assembly Committee; Future Nurses Club; Basketball Team. MURPHY WALLACE WILLIAMS “Wallace” Hi-Y; 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; J.V. Basketball Mgr.; Jr. Dance Committee; Sr. Dance Committee; Shop Officer. For “With The End, A New Beginning PATRICIA ANN WILLIAMS “Pat” Newcomers Committee; Publicity Committee; Behavior Code Committee; School Spirit Committee; House and Grounds Committee; Safety Committee; Future Home- makers of America; Senior Typing Committee; Drama Staff ; Homeroom Officer. PHYLLIS GAY WORSHAM “Phil” Jr. Chorus; Sr. Chorus: Letters; Sr. Dance Committee; Latin Club; S.C.A. Committees; Y-Teens; Sr. Ring Com- mittee; Speech Arts Club; Homeroom Officer; Mixed Ensemble. JEANNE LYNN WRIGHT “Lynn” Volleyball; Basketball; Jr. Chorus: Letter; Sr. Chorus: Letter; Student Council Rep.; Sr. Pennant Committee; Sr. Ring Committee. JOSEPH HINTON WRIGHT “Joe” 8th and 9th Grade Basketball; Jr. Band: Letter; Sr. Band: Letter; J.V. Track; Varsity Track: Letter; Sr. Bulletin Board Committee. BONNIE LEA WYATT “Bonnie” Future Homemakers of America; Speech Arts Club; Jr. Decorating Committee; Sr. Invitations Committee; School Spirit Committee. CHARLES WILLIAM WYNNE “Bill” Sr. Dance Committee; Jr. Decorating Committee; Hi-Y ; Varsity Track; House and Grounds Committee.; School Spirit Committee. PHYLLIS ANN YOHE “Phyllis” Transferred from Warwick High School, Newport News, Virginia; Usher Staff; Sr. Flower Committee; Sr. In- vitations Committee; Runner up for the Award of Na- tional Council of Teachers of English. BARBARA LYNN YOST “Barbie” Student Council Rep.; Future Homemakers of America; Future Teachers of America; Jr. and Sr. Choruses: Let- ter; French Club; Sr. Dance Committee; School Spirit Committee; Dance Committee; Cast of Tournament Play; Mouse Assembly. The 1963 Anchor staff dedicates. . . A moment of serious thoughts befor ' e the traditional exchange of cap and gown. In behalf of the Class of 1963 . . . Senior Prom And Assembly Old South Returns Charlotte Anderson, Co-chairman Jimmy Crank, Co-chairman In honor of the Senior Class, the clock was turned back and the era of gracious- ness and hospitality of the Old South re- turned June 7th at the 1963 Prom. The theme of the prom was “This Magic Moment.” A decor of white roses and green foliage lent to the atmosphere of Southern charm and glamour. Dancing to the music of Jet Rollo and his Blazers, Juniors — Seniors and their escorts gave a new “twist” to the old plantation ball. Tradition reached its peak as King Forrest Powell and Queen Sharon Lamberth led the members of the Hall of Fame in the Grand March. At Senior Prom David Braitsch proudly escorts his date, Joyce N llliams to the Senior Prom. DIB Inspire Memories . . . 9 63 Assembly Has Underwater Theme President Kennedy . . . personalized P.T. boats . . . flying boy . . . mermaids . . . under- water twisting . . . highlighted the 1963 Senior Assembly which featured a cast of sixty-three troupers from the class, under the co-direction of Suzanne Morris and Dwight Rowe. Planned, written, and produced by the Senior Assembly Committee, composed solely of stu- dents, the production reflected the many long hours of planning and rehearsals under the supervision of Miss Dorothy M. Crane, drama department head. Choreography under the direction of Carol Vogel and Stephanie Spritzer was at its best as six girls interpreted “I Enjoy Being a Girl.” Complementing the program were the scenery and props, including bubble machine and under- water illusion supplied by Richard Honeycutt and his staff. Vicki Hankins and Mary Beth Sawyer met the problem of “making-up” mermaids head-on and came up with effective ideas on just how a real live mermaid looks. Costuming was handled by Marsha Leake and Susan Perkins, who enlisted the aid of “willing” mothers. Few costumes had to be ordered. Tak- ing leading roles were Bill Shaw, Jimmy Crank, Walter Morrison, Marlene Cohen, and Judy Horton, who “acted with vigor and enthusiasm.” The well coordinated script reflected the hours of labor and concentration at weekly ses- sions of the writing staff. Blending wit and humor with timely events and personalities, they scored a hit with student body and visiting par- ents. Traditionally concluding the assembly was the tearful rendition of the Alma Mater. The Writing Staff of the Sr. Assembly looks for ideas in the score of “South Pacific.” Dwight Rowe and Suzanne Morris are Co-chairmen of Senior Assembly Committee. Practicing for their role in Sr. Assembly are the Phi Delta Five. What are the men coming to? Lunch or study hall ? Don’t shove. Just five more minutes and we’ll have those rings! Definitely not the Thunderbird ! ! Rut he’s not a Christmas tree! Running titles getting you down? Smile girls You’re getting sleepy Down and down she goes and where she stops only Dardy knows ! ! Think hard, fella But Kent, I’m practically a nurse Within these sacred walls The financing of any non-profit organization such as a school yearbook is almost an impossibility without the co-operation of the community. Many thanks are due to the patrons and busi- nesses that, by contributing financial aid, have made it possible for students of Newport News High School to enjoy a treasury of their ’62-’63 year in “A House Sustained.” 174 More than fifty years have passed since the inevitable step was taken which transferred a sprawling tidewater village into the dignified status of a city of the first class in the Commonwealth of Virginia. Its past has been illustrious. But our justified pride in past accomplishments must not dim our eyes to the fact there is much left to do in the future. CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS WoaMX Qn dteAt cMgaJx i 176 Many opportunities available with the largest home owned store on the Peninsula. Soon two stores in Downtown Newport News and at the Warwick Shopping Center. 177 CITY GLASS SHOP BRYANT NELMS Auto Glass Installed Real Estate and 33 1 - 29th Street Insurance Newport News, Va. ★ Phone CH 5-2581 129 26th Street Phone CH 4-1621 Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Luggage — Clothing — Musical Inst. SIEGEL ' S LOAN OFFICE W. T. CHAPIN, Inc. Ju Insurance and Real Estate Newport New ' s Oldest Pawn Shop 2606 Washington Avenue Money To Loan On Anything of Value We Buy Old Gold, Silver and Diamonds 126 26th Street Dial CH 4-1471 Phone: CH 7-5543, Newport News, Va. POQUOSON MOTORS 1900 Kecoughtan Road Compliments of Chrysler, Plymouth, Valiant, PENINSULA FLORISTS and ASSOCIATION Studebaker OLD DOMINION CRAB LAWSON GROCERY COMPANY INCORPORATED Robert P. Coates, Prop. 807 Jefferson Avenue Groceries, Fruits, Frozen Foods Fresh meats and Produce Municipal Boat Harbor 2400 Oak Avenue Newport News, Va. Dial CHestnut 7-6601 178 Compliments of SUTTLE MOTOR CORPORATION MR. RUSSELL ' S HAMPTON BEAUTY SALON Cadillac — Oldsmobile G. M. C. Trucks 123 Academy Street Hampton, Virginia Over 125,000 Sq. Ft. PA 2-4191 Of Floor Space to Serve You PENINSULA FUNERAL CROWN SAVINGS BANK HOME, INC. Newport News, Virginia 2505 Chestnut Avenue " We Welcome Your Account- Newport News, Virginia and The Privilege of Serving You " CH 4-1486 Member of the Ambulance Service Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. W. E. Turbyfill, Jr. 2411 Jefferson Ave. CH 4-1731 179 1)2 May Have Air ‘Unintentior ' ' President Warns Russian U. S. Will Block Casliagg Route Change W SPECIAL FEATURES SPORTS news [The Times-Herald n Traffic Deaths Seer | t Record Holidaj in Die Fatalities May ' Sacred Cow Hbb ' o Hit 5 00 Mark Hust o Jg In 3-Day Period SNPISpe ' uakT 1 80 M . . ' - Mutual Home Savings Association of Newport News, Virginia 210 30th Street Call The Plays Plan The College Days Mw kJ : Open a college savings account with this Association; then add to it weekly or monthly. Steady profits added to your savings on January 1 and July 1 of each year. It ' s the easy way to a college edu- cation. We ' re ready when you are! You may already be saving some of your after-school or vacation earnings for college. Or perhaps you’re class or club treasurer with funds to handle. Come in and let us help. Let us be your bank today, just as we hope to be your bank in the future. Six convenient offices in Newport News 28th and Washington Ave. Drive-in Tellers and Parking Lot — 123 — 28th Street, Newport News Kecoughtan Branch — 25th St. Pear Ave. Hilton Branch — Warwick Blvd. at Brandon Rd. Deer Park Branch — Jefferson Ave. and J. Clyde Morris Blvd. Banking Facility for Army Personnel and Civilian Employees, Fort Eustis, Va. MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Famous Brand-Names in Clothes for the Teen-Ager . . . Our clothes are ALWAYS Right in styling, fabrics, and colors. BLECHMAN ' S YOUTH CENTER Newmarket shopping Center CH 4-2614 CONN SERVICE, INC. Your friendly G.E. Kelvinator appliance dealer Sales Service 1925 Kecoughtan Rd., Hampton, Va. CH 4-1491 Compliments of HARRY REYNER RIVERSIDE FUNERAL HOME, INC. Successors to: Rouse-Carper Funeral Home Carder Funeral Home AMBULANCE SERVICE 7415 River Rd. Newport News, Va. Telephone 245-1525 ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS for Newport News High —PALACE THEATER— —WYTHE THEATER— —GREEN ACRES— Drive-In Theater —ANCHOR— Drive-In Theater — SKATELAND— Jeff. Ave. at Briarf ield COME AND SEE US JUST FOR FUN! 182 WORNOM ' S DRUG STORES Compliments of Sfi eppar d Custom Builders " 5 Locations to serve you " • Newmarket • Downtown Hampton • Warwick Drug Co. • Modern Pharmacy • Sherwood Pharmacy CIRCLE ESSO Minor Repairs Tune Up 6062 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia 24 Hour Service JAMES RIVER ESSO 7722 Warwick Road Newport News, Va. For Service 245-9332 RICH’S SUPERMARKETS ★ NEWPORT NEWS ★ HAMPTON ★ WARWICK ★ WILLIAMSBURG ★ RICHMOND ★ CHRISTCHURCH ★ GLOUCESTER ★ HIDENWOOD 183 A fine professional photograph does two things for you ... It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today’s You forever young! . . . We are happy to be your official school photographer, and we’d be proud to be your personal photographer, too, to record all the other important events of your life. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO 3rd FLOOR 184 RANDOLPH MACOW COLLEGE 1830 1963 Ashland, Virginia An accredited liberal arts college for men with a national reputation for the success of its graduates. Information may be secured from William A. Robertson, Jr. Registrar and Director of Admissions WEAVER BROTHERS Since 1898 LUMBER — MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS NEWPORT NEWS— CH 4-8411 YORKTOWN— TU 7-3111 YOUR CAREER IN ENGINEERING . | If you ' re interested in science and mathematics, you may well have a bright fu- ture in engineering. Few fields offer such varied and promising careers. The faster we progress, the more engineers are needed. So con- sider making America ' s prog- ress your own. Plan for • career in engineering! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 185 o 20 your Official Photographer Portrait Studio 3rd Floor TUmA 186 y - y y y y yyyy y y y y y y y y yy y Builders of Great Ships To Help Keep America Strong on the Seas NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING and DRY DOCK COMPANY 187 CH 5-6527 RESERVED THE NEW RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT for our complements Rosenbaum Hardware Serving the Finest in Steaks and Seafood Phone 3-5736 Hampton, Va. 1612 Kecoughtan Road THE OASIS RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOP Hampton, Virginia 3508 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Virginia Recommended by Ducan Hines BENSON-PHILLIPS COMPANY, INC. CENTER FORD ★ " Serving the Peninsula ' s Building and Fuel Needs 2900 Huntington Avenue Since 1891 " ★ " Your Ford Center " 3100 Warwick Blvd. CH 4-1700 188 TYSINGER MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Phone PA 3-3301 59 Bridge St. Hampton, Virginia M. G., Austin Healy, Jaguar, Sprite and M. G. Midgets Compliments of ELI ' S 26 E. Military Road Hampton, Virginia CHESAPEAKE CLEANERS " There Is A Difference " 25th at Pine Ave. CH 5-4339 Compliments of TIDEWATER HOTEL 2400 Washington Avenue MURPHY WILLIAMS wheel alignment and balancing and general auto repairs 1419 25th Street CH 5-6562 CAMPBELL ' S GULF SERVICE 10515 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia Where Nice People Good Food Meet to Eat THE DOG HOUSE 214 30th Street MERRIMAC MOTORS Chrysler Plymouth Imperial Valiant Kecoughtan Road at LaSalle Avenue Phone PA 2-6367 1 89 PARKER POWELL WARD PONTIAC SALES INC. Pontiac Tempest 3201 Va. Ave. N. N., Va. Dial CH 7-3638 DMV. 269 Will Satisfy Your Wants for Distinctive Home Furnishings Dial CH 5-2041 21 2 28th Street Your Complete Family Jewelry Store SHAW ' S JEWELRY CO. 281 1 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Diamonds Watches Silver Dishes Radios T.V. Phonographs Cameras COMPLIMENTS DIXIE DIGGS AUTO PARTS, INC. N. King at Pembroke Hampton, Va. Dial PA 3-6372 Briggs Stratton Parts and Service We Cater to Birthday-Wedding and Anniversary Cakes WARWICK BAKERY 220-28th St. CH 4-1362 THOMAS PIANO CO. " First With Everything Musical " 210 28th St. CH 5-0068 Compliments of NICK " ALLEN BUICK Your Buick Dealer For 24 Years 7304 Warwick Blvd. For the Very Best in Meat Poultry Buy At PERRY ' S MEAT AND POULTRY MARKET 3207 Huntington Avenue 190 ADAM ' S ATLANTIC SERVICE NULL ' S GULF 4100 W. Mercury Boulevard Hampton, Va. 826-1239 CARL ' S JUVENILE FURNITURE " The Best For Little Big Shots " Toys — Gifts — Hallmark Cards Phone LY 6-5051 9628 Warwick Blvd. RIVERSIDE SUNOCO 10860 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Va. CHARLES ' BEAUTY SCHOOL CHAPMAN CAB CO. 3413 Washington Avenue CH 4-1482 BUDDY ' S PLACE GARDEN BAKE SHOP 1823 Wickham Avenue Compliments of ALLEN ' S ATLANTIC 9970 Jefferson Avenue LY 6-9966 JAMES RIVER BEAUTY SALON Specializing in Hairstyling CH 5-5191 Compliments of ALCO SIGNS CH 5-1453 Grissom Brothers Barber Shop 5 Skilled Barbers " We Put You In Trim " 349 Main St. LY 6-9976 MASSELL ' S MEN ' S CLOTHIERS 3506 Washington Avenue IMPERIAL CLEANERS 1-Day Service on Request LY 6-4914 Compliments of BURGER CHEF Compliments of MUSEUM INN RESTAURANT Specializing in Steaks Seafood LOCUST AVENUE SERVICE STATION Compliments of VIC ' S DRIVE IN On Warwick Boulevard REDDY ' S JEWELRY 222 28th Street Garland Reedy — Certified Watchmaker Newport News, Va. CH 4-3306 SAWYER CONSTRUCTION CO. General Contractors 1668 West Pembroke Avenue Telephone PArk 2-7273 Wedding Invitation .... Bibles School Supplies CAROL BOOK SHOP Church Supplies Imprinted Stationery Napkins Phone CH 4-7051 138 28th St. Newport News, Va. Compliments of SAVILLE SONS PARISIAN SHOP Fashion Corner of the Peninsula Formals Bridals 2nd Floor 192 Best of luck to the rising classes of ALTHAUS DELICATESSEN NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL and next years 1 1 1 -28th Street ANCHOR STAFF From Harry Wilks Goldie Preville DANNY ' S " Delicatessen at Its Best " MR. B ' S DRIVE IN Restaurant Jefferson Avenue at Main St. 10838 Warwick Boulevard Warwick Shopping Center Phone 595-0252 Newport News, Virginia Dining Room Take Out Orders Dial LY 6-5216 Compliments of Ann Says CRUM ' S BAKERY Keep Smilin ' Be Happy Come To 351 1 Huntington Avenue ANN ' S SODA SHOP Newport News, Virginia 3501 Madison Ave. Compliments of Compliments of GOODMAN HARDWARE NEWSOME AIR CONDITIONING 3401 West Mercury Boulevard Hampton, Virginia Phone 826-1444 115 Aberdeen Road CH 4-7934 1 93 HOME ROOM 301 Fred Anspach, Bill Barnard, Mike Barnes, Jerry Bean, David Bell, John Boyette, Richard Hedrick, Richard John- son, Edward Keolin, Eddie Kitterman, Steve Kein, Christy Kypriondes, Joel Lewis, Don London, Ronnie Luther, Charles Maddy, Raymond Staton, Yvonne Morrison, Ann Murphy, Mary Timberlake, Kathie Agee, Faye Allen, Jane Coltrain, Becky Evans, Gale Guthrie, Peggy Hilder- brand, Linda Levy, Linda Long, Judy Lucas, Sandra Lyon, Joan Markiewich, Sandra Matthews, Judy Mawyer, Becky May, Sue Miller, Sandra McGough, Beverly Mingee, Ada Murphy, Mary Tanner, Miss Rebecca Suttle. HOMEROOM 112 Teddy Franks, Michael Gardner, Jerry Garrison, Warren Gary Alex Gatewood, Stanley Gilley, Larry Gilmore, Alan Goldberg Jimmy Gordon, Darrell Graham, Bryan Gravely, George Gravely, Billy Griffith, Carl Guthrie, Ronnie Guye, Bill Hoan, Donald Hagy, Rodger Hall, George Hankins, Jeannie Doby, Valerie Dowdy, Mickie Eaker, Betty Elliott, Patti Elliott, Arlene Ellis, Virginia Eudailey, Candy Eve- land, Sandy Fink, Linda Forbes, Sharon Forman, Nancy Fulghum. HOMEROOM 105 Michael Digiacomo, Gilbert Cooke, Brenda Campbell, Bonnie Calhoun, Bobby Cook, Judy Caulder, Lynn Clayton, Bobby Davis, Danny Davis, Charles Doby, Craven H. Crumpy, Jimmy Dinwiddie, Wanda Cates, Eleanor Church, June Byrd, Nancy Daughtry, Jerry Williams, David Cutler, Jerry Creekmore, Michael Dirzis, Rochi Deans, Sara Chaffin, Carolyn Coalter, John Davis, Donna Byrd, Rus- sell Conway, Juanita Castle, Bertha Canclen, Gordon Cooper, Harold Dickerson, Linda Jean Carter, Wayne Dewell, Ken Davis, Linda Carter, Mrs. Diamondstein. HOMEROOM 104 Tommy Boggs, Elliott Borenstein, Thomas Branch, Frank Brookman, Kenneth Buckingham, Gene Burke, Howard Burns, Franklin Burton, Billy Caldwell, Greg Campbell, Gene Cash, Kenneth Cates, Chow Chin, Bob Chissom, Jerry Clark, John Clark, Randolph Clemm, Thomas Comer, Sanya Beverly, Wilma Binder, Linda Blake, Barbara Blank, Phyllis Bluxom, Brenda Boone, Karen Bost, Wands Bowen, Elizabeth Braddy, Debbie Braswell, Margaret Brevard, Brenda Bridge, Elizabeth Britt, Linda Brown, Prucilla Bryant, Brenda Buchanan, Terry Buffkin, Mar- garet Burns, Debbie Burrill, Teresa Burroughs, Mimi Cattanach, Ms. Verna Graves. BEECROFT BULL, LTD. HOMEROOM 208 " The House of Madras " 10365 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Virginia LY 6-0951 John Bluxome, Eddie Cabb, Billy Dechard, John Gilliam, Jerry Gray, Bill Hale, Phillip Hammond, Clinton Lusk, Marvin McFall, Lanny Midkiff, Jimmy Pearch, Howard Perkins, Clarence Point, Charles Rinehart, Brenda Bur- rage, Alma Crum, Brenda Davis, Mary Ferguson, Ronnie Green, Carol Groshong, Phyliss Hargrave, Bonnie Harrison, Ruthann Hessler, Judy Hopkins, Sandy Pennington, Mar- garet Phillips, Alice Pipkin, Donna Pipkin, Rose Ratliff, Barbara Halfin, Katie Haan. ELECTRONIC SERVICE, INC. Television and Appliances 9909 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Virginia Phone 596-6361 " Wholesale To Everyone " HOMEROOM 203 Mrs. Thomas, Larry Blakeslee, Billy Crosley Wayne Dav- enport Roy Davis, Jimmy DeBerry, David Drucker A ten Farber, Ralph Farmer, Billy Feather, David Kahn, Melvin McFall, Charles Mercer, Kenney Moore, Norman Olshan- sky Ray Owen Billy Parianous, James Rama, Billy Sale, Sammy Skinner, Nancy Boyd, Anne Davidson Diane Davis Sharon Davis, Melba Deas, Carolyn Deuell, btacy Dorn, ' Anne Duncan, Judy Edwards, Brenda Fisher, Helene Flick Reva Gravely, Bonnie Hartwick, Brenda Keatts, Patricia Kirkland, Judy Lockard, Brenda Patrick, Alice Reese, Sherry Schilling . 194 NEWPORT NEWS DISTILLED ICE CO. 2506 Virginia Avenue Why Cook and Wash Dishes? You Phone, We Deliver Chicken Delight! Free Delivery Three Mile Radius KECOUGHTAN LAUNDRY-CLEANERS Your Lux Laundry Hampton, Virginia Wythe Southampton BOTIQUE FASHIONS 3845 Kecoughtan Road Southampton Shopping Center Hampton, Va. Buxton Avenue Amoco Service FREEMAN FUR SHOP „ 126 30th Street Newport News, Va. " We have made warm friends since 1909 " WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY 29th West Ave. 322 Main Street 3413 Victoria Blvd. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Wake up and Take Your Printing Jobs To JACOBSON PRESS Calling Cards — Programs — Invitations 224-3 1st Street 24-4721 195 When You Think of SHOES — Think of Famous Brand Footwear for All Occasions 3215 Washington Ave.; Newmarket Shopping Center; Casey ' s, Williamsburg The Way to Her Heart is a Coat of Fur From S LVSAMAN %tys 3211 Washington Avenue CH. 4-6581 MODERN TcH CLEANERS fy] AND DYERS K A 3409 Washington Avenue CH 4-1781 KECOUGHTAN PHARMACY C. L. CLODFELTER, Prop. 819 Kecoughtan Road Phone CH 4-1531 HAMPTON, VA. BRENTWOOD PHARMACY C. L. CLODFELTER, Reg. Phar. 10500 Jefferson Ave. Phone: LY 6-2052 NEWPORT NEWS, VA. It ' s Time to Come to UJrll DflDfxJEflS FOR RELIABLE FOOTWEAR NEWPORT NEWS AND HAMPTON Annette Rouse Gail Watkins Mary Lou Staton Alice Fowler Nancy Horne Sue Parker Angela Ray Sue Miller Dyanne Pritchett Becky Goolsby Becky Cash Judy Lucas Betty Mundie Bonnie Binford Sandra Williams Judy Weckleman Sue Scott Sandra Til les Brenda Keates Karen Wilks Jane Coltrain Judy Edwards Janet Smith Pauline Collins of All Ages 3107 Washington Avenue Newport News, Virginia 196 HOMEROOM 220 Anna Neumeyer, Diana Neumeyer, Dorothy Bell, Bobbie Mahn, Anita Morgan, Ruth Long, Ruby Miller, Frances Owens, Linda Lyons, Nancy Lewis, Sherolyn Nisonger, Faye Elder, Joyce Munn, Gloria McCutcheon, Jo Lush, Cham McConnell, Kim Nielson, Bill Massey, Chris Manry, Frank Nicosia, Ernest Ocheltree. HOMEROOM 209 Bobby Blake, Elliot Smith, Rosalee Bond, Rose Rough- ton, Connie Todd, Steve Smith, Sandra Boatwright, Sandra Tillis, Eddie Springfield, James Smith, Ronald Smith, Willard Smith, Linda Pless, Marc Snyder, Richard Canton, Bruce Spiegal, Judy Deull, Tommy Walker, Carol Buckley, Phylis Hyatt, Lenwood Wright, Mike Burns, Jean Tosh, Rickey Bryant, Steve Burns, Mickey Spivey, Carol Thomas, Linda Rider, Brenda Vanness, Pat Broughton, Kenny Carter, Jim Desimone, Donald Smith, Martin Somervold, Theresa Morgan, Pat Nunley. Compliments of MURRAY and PADGETT, MULLINS CREDIT STORES INC. 131 28th Street 3002 Washington Avenue Real Estate and Insurance Newport News, Virginia Sales — Construction — Investments Mortgage Loans tAlLLNER ' s NACHMAN DAIRY 1 REALTY COMPANY 3100 Warwick Blvd. 1 1 3 28th Street Newport News, Virginia Newport News, Virginia Phone CH 41776 Phone CH 4-1766 Don ' t Settle for less! CH 5-3415 Get the best! All work guaranteed CHAFFIN INTERIORS KIRK ' S Complete Interiors — Draperies Auto Glass — Auto Upholstery Paint 4614 Jefferson Avenue 1507 25th Street Newport News, Virginia Virginia Chaffin Phone CH 7-5869 Newport News, Virginia 197 FORREST COILE and ASSOCIATES 3415 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia 198 CITIZENS MARINE JEFFERSON BANK Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. WASHINGTON AVE. al 25th STREET • NEWMARKET SHOPPING CENTER Serving the Peninsula 72 Years 199 MISS GINNY GOOLSBY MISS SHARON WEAVER Our Dawn Lovelies, always personify that fresh, well-groomed, sophisticated look. This appearance being achieved by the use of Dawn ' s excellent and efficient laundry and dry cleaning services. 200 MISS ANN SEARS MISS SHARON DANIELS MRS. PHYLIS McCORMICK When the occasion occurs these eight young ladies can be sure that their homes will be clean and attractive because of Dawn ' s well done cleaning home furnishings. They are thankful for the efficient services varied by Dawn Laundry. 201 Having the Gang in for a Treat? 5 Get Your Refreshments at SATCHELL ' S GROCERY R. C. Satchell, Prop. ★ Groceries, Fruits, Frozen Foods Fresh Meats ' and Produce 2615 Marshall Avenue Dial CH 4-2124 She ' ll Be Proud to Wear A Bracelet or Other Jewelry From Since 1 898 arclay 2912 WASHINGTON AVENUE DIAMONDS WATCHES SLIVERWARE CHINA HUTCHENS ' ig Chevrolet! msm 3400 Huntington Avenue SALES SERVICE Number " l " Since ' 21 BETTY LEWIS SOFTWIST BREAD 202 SPOTLESS RUG CLEANING CO., INC. TIDEWATER MORTGAGE CORPORATION 148 East Queen Street Hampton, Va. MORTGAGE LOANS 2513 Warwick Blvd. FHA CONVENTIONAL VA Newport News, Virginia " Congratulations to the Senior Class " HOMEROOM 109 David Braitsch, William Combs, Butch Corson, James Crank, Zetie Damron, Darden Daniel, Glen Davenport, Butch Delozier, James Eakes, William Edwards, Ray- mond Ellenson, Charles Forrester, Frank Gibson, James Hicks, Ronald Hite, Wayne Johnson, Clenton Price, Robert Shapiro, Sam Register, Jean Anderson, Susan Bauz, Irene Christofi, Linda Coates, Marlene Cohen, Ann Comer, Helen Daggy, Sharon Daniels, Leslie Decell, Linda Decell, Claudia Dellapenta, Joan Dinwiddie, Betsy Dixon, Barbara Fritsche, Jean Garner, Betty Spain, Brenda Spikes, Bonnie Wyatt, Audry Dixon. BEST WISHES FROM HOPKINS OPTICAL CO. Offices in Newport News and Hampton HOMEROOM 315 Ray Barnes, Paul Bass, Joe Bell, Lonnie Berrie, Richard Billings, Frank Blechman, William Floyd, Tom Hargadon, Albert Hines, Dana Hennet, Mike Hirshman, Richard Lee, H. P. Lucas, Glenn Malpass, Bobby Marston, Mike Miller, Leonard Sabalsky, Jerry Strichland, David Tre- vathan, John Van Noy, Ginney Barret, Betty Bass, Sandra Bateman, Carolyn Clark, Sandra Hobbs, Frances Ho 1 1 if ie Id, Nancy Horne, Donna Lloyd, Iris Manry, Anne Marlow, Candy Mays, Jariice McCain, Judy Mc- Call, Betty McManers, Donna Mick, Carol Minkoff, Sherry Mitchem, Betty Mollick, Lois Moore, Dean Sides, Joyce Singer. Compliments of DIAL CH 5-2361 203 The voice with a smile Today, as always, the C P voice with a smile is as close as " Operator” on your dial. Intelligently, cheerfully, the " Operator” handles phone calls to faraway places and intricate day-to-day problems of telephone users. Her job is interesting, important, demanding and rewarding. She’s an indis- pensable member of our C P communica- tions service team. OF VIRGINIA A BE LI. SYSTEM COMPANY LEGGETT’S New Look On The Peninsula 205 WYTHE TIRE CO. INC. 1903 — 25th Street MODERN AUTO PARTS INC. Used Auto Parts Motors, Transmissions, Radiators, etc. 650 Greenland Ave., Hampton Phone: CH 4-8183 NEED GAS? Stop ot NURNEY and COX Service Station 5800 Warwick Blvd. Dial CH 4-1952 " You are never a stranger after your first visit " Jefferson Ave. at Henilock Washington Ave. at 33 Street Kecoughtan Road at Wythe Center BAM OF HAMPTON ROADS 206 HOMEROOM 217 SUSSEX BEAUTY SALON Geo. L. Smith — ROYAL Typewriters Portable — ELECTRIC — Standard 113— 26th Street CH 7-5824 " Everything-For-Mother-To-Be Baby-To-THree " CENTER MATERNITY SHOPPE PA 3-5886 3829 Kecoughtan Road Southampton Shopping Center GENERAL AUTO SALES INC. 31st. St. and Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia R. Aaron Talton MAIN STREET ESSO Headquarters for Happy Motoring 310 Main Street 596-7881 Congratulations to the SENIOR CLASS NEWPORT NEWS RAMBLER CORPORATION RAMBLER 3614 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA HARVEY A. HALL, President CHestnut 5-0094 207 First Row, L to R: Wayne De Berry, Bill Ward, Glen Davenport, Bernie Whitmer, Dale Meuller, Butch De Lozier, Dennis Holbrook, Jimmy De Berry. Second Row, L to R: Eddie Beasley, Kent Craft, John Todd, Chris Ellis, Kenny Henderson, Walter Morrison, Buddy Price, Butch Corson, Chuck Lilly, Larry Boyles, Bobby Ball, Joe Wingo, Fred Anspach. Third Row, L to R: George Rowe, Bobby Roth, Richard Curtis, Jerry Harvey, Butch Corson, Chuck Lilly, Bobby Allen. SIGMA PHI DELTA FRATERNITY First Row, L to R: Phillip Hammond, Don Tyndall, Don London, Steve Sparkman, Jimmy Crank, Kenny Bransford, Alvin Blankinship, Joe Mooney, Bob Stalnaker, Barry Hatchett, Garland Hudson. Second Row, L to R: Ernie Murphy, Gerald Wright, Billy Schroding, Bill Barnes, Harry Barritt, John Reese, Terry Smith, Mai Whiteside, Forrest Powell, Tom Freeze, Billy Rhodes, Dan Coleman, Bill Shaw. Third Row, L to R: Alan Nesbitt, Larry Harding, Fuzzy Turner, Howie Smith, Bobby Artman, Frank Gibson, Billy Manning, Jerry Seay, Marshall Conley, Randy Tosh, Wayne Stokes. Fourth Row, L to R: Jerry Gammon, Jimmy Bull, Owen Smith, Jimmy Todd, Ray Stinnette. 209 TRI-HI-Y President Vice President Secretary Treasurer Sharon Daniels Linda Mahanes Jeanette Parrish Pamela Roane Judy Phillips, Anita Morgan, Brenda Hicks, Linda Powell, Linda Waterfield, Marilyn Payne, Linda Harris, Phyllis Hyatt, Jeannie Collier, Michele Shelton, Carol Buckley, Rose Woodard, Carolyn Smith, Carol Collier, Susie Wells Gulley, Diane Parrish, Susan Bauz, Lucille Turlington, Merle Sammons, Paulette Horne, Peggy Crubbs, Linda Lane, Lois Moore, Carol Creech, Mrs. Shelton, sponsor; Mr. Clarence Knighton, advisor. BOWDITCH FORD, INC. " Your Locally Owned Friendly Ford Dealer " SALES SERVICE 11076 Warwick Blvd. 595-221 1 HOMEROOM 303 HOMEROOM 305 PENINSULA C@-@P SUPERMARKETS • Southampton • Newmarket • Sherwood Shopping Centers 210 THE NEW RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT Serving the Finest in Steaks and Seafood 1612 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Virginia HOME ROOM 312 Mike Gibson, Thomas Lockard, Tommy Payne, Keith Pennell, Forrest Powell, Buddy Price, Larry Puckett, Butch Ragland, Billy Roberts, Jerry Seay, Elliot Shemer, Mitchell Strickland, Ronald Todd, Buster Vest, Billy Weaver, Joy Bridges, Inez Clemmons, Carol Creech Outland, Deanna Drinnon, Brenda Fox, Ronnie Glasofer, Pam McKnight. Marilyn Moren, Suzanne Morris, Patsy Moss, Nina Nevell, Estelle Overton, Faye Parrish, Faye Pearce, Susan Perkins, Linda Robertson, Mary Beth Sawyer, LaVerne Spotts, Ruth Thom, Joyce Thomas, Carol Vogel, Marcia Weinstein, Patricia Williams Jack- son, Lynne Wright. Compliments of ALCO SIGNS CH. 5-1453 CARL ' S JUVENILE FURNITURE " The Best for Little Big Shots " Toys — Gifts — Hallmark Cards Phone LY 6-5051 9628 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia Congratulations and Best Wishes TIDEWATER HARDWARE 1400 25th Street Newport News, Virginia BERNARD ' S 5c to $1.00 Store 1821 Wickham Avenue Phone CH. 5-8240 Complimentary Ad To ARNOLD ' S ESSO SERVICE For Past Patronage BEST WISHES to the members of our faculty who will not return to Newport News High School next year. The Anchor Patrons — A— A. B. K. Fraternity Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Alfred Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Anderson Mr. and Mrs. Burt Anker Mr. and Mrs. Moe Anker — B— Dr. and Mrs. W. M. Bangel Brenda Bass Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Bauz Mr. and Mrs. Byron Blakemore Linda Block Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Block Mr. H. T. Bowen Mr. James W. Brown Tommy Buckingham Lt. and Mrs. Joe Ed Burnam — C— Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Christian Mr. and Mrs. J. F. Christie Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cohen A. S. Coffey Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Curtis — D— David and Joyce Ann Demchik Dr. and Mrs. L. Myron Diamondstein Mr. William Diamondstein Mr. and Mrs. Jack Drucker — E— Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Ellenson Eurize E. Ellis Melvin Epstein — F — Mr. and Mrs. I. Farber Mr. and Mrs. Dewey Faulkner Joan Faulkner Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Fink Mr. and Mrs. Robert L. Forrest Miss Fowler Frances and Randy Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Freeze A Friend A Friend Future Teachers Club of Newport News High School — G— Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Gaskins Mrs. Norma S. Gibbons Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Gilman Wayne Gilman Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gordon Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Green Ronni Green Dr. and Mrs. George S. Grier, III — H— Mr. and Mrs. Norman Halberstadt Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Halfin Mr. Donald Harvey Ricky Hedrick Gail Hirschler Mike Hirshman Home Room 228 Dennis Ilish Elbert Ilish Ivev Farms Texaco — J— Joyce and Joe Mr. and Mrs. R. E. Johnson Mr. Elmer Jones — K— Kathy and Bill Miss Kanter Betty M. Karmosky John Keller Clinton Kennedy —I Mr. and Mrs. Allan H. Land Mary Margaret Lane Richard Leonard Kenny Lipscomb Lola and Gene Wanda Lovelace — M— Helen Magillicuddy Magoo Mr. Max Markman Henry Masden Mr. and Mrs. Charles T. Masters Rev. Carl A. Matthews Fred W. Mays Sally Morewitz Mrs. Martha Morris House of Phillip Morris Mr. and Mrs. Glen C. Morris Mrs. B. S. Mundie — P— Mr. and Mrs. N. L. Padgett A Patron Mr. and Mrs. M. A. Petty Mr. and Mrs. J. I. Pollock Prescription Center Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Preville — R— Mr. Warren Reed Mrs. John Reese Mr. and Mrs. W. 0. Reidinger Jennifer Riley Pam Russell Ruth and Orran — S— Bess Schley Mrs. Maria B. Schmidt Gay Ann Scrimgeour Joanie Schwab Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Shawel Mr. and Mrs. B. C. Shifflette Bess Schwartz Dress Shop Cecil Simpkins Owen Smith Brenda and Jimmy Starling Suzanne and Jimmy — T— David Taylor Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Thom Mr. and Mrs. Z. T. Todd Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Topping, Jr. — W— Agnes Wallace Weavie and Sammy Mr. and Mrs. Julius Weinstein Helen and Louis Wheary Mr. and Mrs. Walter J. White Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Williams Mr. M. G. Willey Mark Wimmer Mrs. Jeanette Wright Advertising Index — A— Adam ' s Atlantic Service 191 Alco Signs 191 Allan’s Atlantic Ann’s Soda Shop 193 Althaus Delicatessen 193 Arnold’s Esso Service 211 — B— Bank of Hampton Roads 206 Barclay and Sons 203 Beecroft and Bull, Ltd 194 Benson, Philips 188 Bernard’s Betty Lewis Bread 203 Blechman’s Youth Center 182 Botique Fashions 195 Bowditch Ford 210 Brentwood Pharmacy 196 Bryant and Nelms 178 Buddy’s Place 191 Burger Chef 191 Buxton Avenue Amoco Service 195 — C— Campbell’s Gulf Service 189 Carl ' s Juvenile Furniture 211 Carol Book Shop 192 Center Ford 188 Center Maternity Shop 207 Chaffin Interiors 197 Chesapeake Cleaners 189 Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Company 204 Chapin, W. T. Inc 178 Chapman Cab Company 191 Charles School of Beauty 191 Chicken Delight 195 Circle Esso 183 City Glass Shop 178 City of Newport News 176 Citizens Marine Jefferson Bank 199 Coca Cola Bottling Co 199 Conn Service Inc 182 Crown Savings Bank 179 Crum’s Bakery 193 — D — Daily Press 180 Dairy Queen 206 Danny’s Delicatessen 193 Dawn-Warwick Laundry 200-201 Dixie Diggs 190 D. L. C. Sorority 196 Dog House 189 Douglas Pitt 211 — E— Electronic Service, Inc 194 ELI’S 189 — F — Faculty 211 First and Merchant’s National Bank 181 Forrest Coile and Associates 198 Freeman Fur Shop 195 — G— Garden Bake Shop 191 General Auto Sales, Inc 207 Geo. L. Smith Typewriters 207 Goldie and Harry 193 Goodman Hardware 193 Gordon Enterprises 182 Grisson Bros. Barber Shop Hannah’s Hofheimer’s Home Room 101 Home Room 104 . x Home Room 105 Home Room 109 Home Room 112 Home Room 204 Home Room 208 Home Room 209 Home Room 217 Home Room 220 Home Room 301 Home Room 303 Home Room 306 Home Room 312 Home Room 315 Hotel Tidewater Hopkin’s Optical Company Horne Brothers, Inc Hutchin’s Chevrolet 210 196 .211 .194 194 203 194 194 194 211 207 197 194 210 210 211 203 189 203 182 203 Imperial Cleaners — I- . 191 James River Esso 183 Johnnie’s Dine and Dance 192 Juvenile Furniture 191 — K— Kappa Delta Tau Fraternity 208 Kecoughtan Laundry 195 Kecoughtan Pharmacy 196 Kirk’s Auto Glass Shop 197 — L— Lawson Grocery 178 Leggett’s 205 Locust Avenue Service Station 192 — M— Main Street Esso 207 Massell’s Men’s Clothiers 191 Merrimac Motors 189 Millner’s Dairy 197 Modern Auto Parts, Inc 206 Modern Cleaners 196 Mullin’s Credit Stores 197 Murphy Williams Auto Repair 189 Murray and Padgett, Inc 197 Museum Inn Restaurant 191 Mutual Home and Savings Association 181 Mr. B’s 193 Mr. Russell’s Hampton Beauty Salon 179 — N— Nachman’s 177 Nachman Realty Company 197 Nachman’s Studio 184,186 Newport News Distilled Ice Company 195 Newport News Rambler Corporation 207 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company 187 Newsome Air Conditioning 193 Nick Allen Buick 190 Nolde’s Brothers Inc 195 Null’s Gulf 191 Nurney and Cox 206 — O— Oasis Restaurant 188 Old Dominion Crab Company Inc 178 Oser Brothers 196 — P— Parisian Shop 192 Parker and Powell Furniture 190 Peninsula Co-op 210 Peninsula Funeral Home, Inc 179 Peninsula Florist Association 178 Perry’s Meat and Poultry Market 190 Poquoson Motors 178 Phi Gamma Kappa Sorority 210 — R— Randolph Macon College 185 R. R. Jones Furniture Co., Inc 203 Reedy’s Jewelry 192 Reyner, Harry 182 Rich’s Supermarkets 183 Riverside Funeral Home, Inc 182 Riverside Sunoco 191 Rondezvous Restaurant 211 Rosenbaum Hardware 188 — S— Satchell’s Grocery 203 Saville and Sons 192 Sawyer Construction Company 192 Shaw’s Jewelry 190 Sheppard Custom Builders 183 Siegel’s Loan Office 178 Sigma Phi Delta Fraternity 209 Silverman Furs 196 Spotless Rug Cleaning Co., Inc 203 Sussex Beauty Salon 207 Suttle Motor Corporation 179 — T— Thomas Piano Company 190 Tidewater Hardware 211 Tidewater Mortgage Company 203 Tri-Hi-Y 210 Tysinger Motor Company, Inc 189 —V— Virginia Electric and Power Comany 185 Vic’s Drive-In 192 — W— Ward Pontiac 190 Warwick Bakery 190 Weaver Brothers 185 White Optical Co 195 Wornom’s Pharmacies 183 Wythe Tire Company, Inc 206 195 191 Young Men ' s Shop — Y- Jacobson Press James River Beauty Salon 196 Directory A Abbott. Jimmy Abbott. Terry Adams. Diane .... Adcock. Sharon . . Agee. Kathy Albuerne, Luis Alger, Connie Allen. Bobby Allen. Jerry Allen, Faye Allen, Hazel Allen, Linda Allen, Linda Miss I Allen, Richard Allen, Wilda Allred, Phillip Althaus, Carol Alvis. James (Mr.) Amas. Beverly Anas, George Anas, Mary Ange. Sharon Anderson. Charlotte 65 65.105,72 . . .38,105 23,98 116 98 98 116 . . .36.105 116 . . .32.138 84,105 . . .105 . . .103 . . .105 98 28 12 . . .103 24.105.73 35.38,130.138 103 . . .23,24,27,32,38.40, s4. 85. 132. 138.170.211 Anderson, Harper Anderson, Pat . . . Andleton, Kay . . Andrews, Raymond Andrews, Lee Anker, Ivan Anker, Judy Anspach, Fred Armstrong, Larry Armistead, Ellena Arnette, Larry . . . Arnold, David Arnold, J Artman, Bobby Artraan, Frances Artman, Michael Ashworth, David . Atkins, Ann Atkins, Jan Atkins, Jerry Atkins, Mike Atkins, Pat Atkinson, Dale . . . Atkinson, Dexter . . Austin, Wilbur . . Avant, Kathy Avant. Susan ... Jean 138,79 30,105 36,105,79 138 98 98 32,105 60.61,62.65.116,73,72 10.31,45,95.128,129,77 (Miss) 15 98 36,64,105 64 25,138,73,72 24,98 64,103 98 103 103 105 98 103 103 34.98 103 33,47,116,78 103 B Baab, Carl 28.30.9S Baab, Loise 138 Baab, Margaret iMrs.) 10.89 Babari, Jim 34,98 Babb, Lola 33,138 Back, Atlas 138 Back, Duane 139 Back, Tanya 98 Bacolias, Peter 105 Bailey, Bobby 105 Baker, Brenda 98 Baker, Carolyn 103 Baker, Debbie 105 Baker, Jerry Baker, Linda Baker. Linda Gail . . . Baker, Paul Baker, Sherry Baker. Tommy Baker. Virginia Mrs. i Baldwin, Madge Ball. Bobby Ball. Elaine (Mrs. Banton, Frances . ... Barber. Ann Barber, Mike Barbera, Mike Barefoot. Ann Barfield, Dolores Barnard, Bill Barnard, Wayne Barnes, Beverly Barnes. Bill Barnes. Billy Barnes, James Barnes. Marvin Barnes, Mike Barnes. William Barrett, Ginny Barrette, William . . ., Harry Barrow, Mary Ann Bartholomew, Max . . . Bass. Betty Bass, Brenda Bass, Enid Bass. Frances Bass. Paul Bateman, Dana Bateman, Johnny Bateman. Sandra Bauserman, Vivian i Mrs. I Bauz, Paul Bauz, Susan Bazemore, David Bean. Kenny Beasley. Eddie Becker, Sidney Becker, Tommy Beeson. Iris Bell. Bill Bell, Dorothy Bell, Joe Bell. Judy Bell, Ronald Bell, Sherry Belt, Betty Belt, Bill Belt. Billy Bender. Charlene Benthal), Donnie Bentley, Barbara Benton, Livvie Benton, Tony Berry, Lonnie Bicknell, Sheila Billings, Richard Binder. Charlene Binder. Wilma Binford. Bonnie Bingham, Pat Bishop, Edward Black, William Blackard, Patsy Blackburn, Donald Blake. Linda Blake. Robert 23 98.116 98 . . .103 98 33,139 12,32 105 36,68.75.74 12.32 98 98 98 34 103 103 25.31,116 103 103 26,60 .73,72,75 116 51 105 60,65,116.75 65.98 28,41.49.105 98 91.116.73,72 20,24,34,103,78 28,105 31,36 35,36,116 25,27,30,49.139 103 28.105 98 98 32.105 . 11.22 . . .105 . . .139 34,103 . . .103 98,116 65,72 103 103 98 103 105 23.25,28,38.116 98 53,98 98 60 98 0 116 105 139 33,116 105 41,105 71.98,105 105 98 116 103 98 103 28,36,105 98 98 105 Blakemore. Porter 115,116,73.72 Blanchard, Armand 98 Blanchard, Barbara 33,34,98,103 Blandford. Betty 110 Blechman. Frank 28,31,110 Block. David 28,30,31,116 Block. Linda,214 Blount, David 103 Bloxom, Bobby 31 Bloxom. Connie 103 Bloxom, Joe 36 Bluxome, Phylis 98 Boatwright. Linda 25.103,110 Boatwright, Sandra 32,110 Boger, Wayne 21 Boggs, Tommy 98 Bolden. Harriet 34,39,94,103 Bond, Linda 103 Bond, Rosalie 110 Bonday, Vickie 140 Booker, Bunny 110 Booker. Diane 140 Booker, Ernest 24 Boone, Brenda 98 Booth, Linda 140 Borenstein, Elliott 98 Bost. Milly 103 Bost, Karen 90 Bourlotos, Tassie 110 Bowen, Lee 140 Bowen, Linda 27,32,38,140,78,79 Bowen. Wanda 98 Boyette. Jonny 75 Braddy, Elizabeth 98 Bradford. Mike 103 Bradish, Carol 34,103 Braitsch, David 27.140.170,214 Bradley, Tim 103 Brame, Ronnie 72 Bran, Jimmy 116 Branch, Jimmy 110 Branch, Tom 98 Brandon, Jimmy 71,110 Brandon, David 71 Bransford. Ken 27,60,62,63,64,87,1 1,140 Braslow, Becky HO Braslow, Charles HO Braswell, Debby 98 Braswell, Thomas 117 Brevard, Marge 98 Brew, Kaby 98 Brewer, Miss Joan 28 Bridge, Brenda 98 Bridgeman, Gayle 103 Bridges, Joy 33,140 Brittain, Tommy 0 Brinkley, Jimmy HO Brinkley, Joe 36 Britt. Elizabeth 98 Brookman, Frank 98 Brooks, Eddie 103 Broughton, Pat HO Brown, Linda 98 Brown, Margaret H7 Brown, Mr. Chesley Brown, Robert HI Brown, Ronnie 103 Brown, Tommy 103 Brown, Wayne 103 Bryant, Drucilla 0 Bryant, Ann Hi Bryant, James 103 Bryant, Ricky HO Bryant, Robert 1 17 2M Bryant, Ronald Buchanan, Delano Buckingham, Tommy Buckley, Carol Bull, Jimmy Bullock, Jewell Burch, Robert Burnam, Mrs. Nan . Burnett, Maureen Burns, Barbara Burns, Carolyn Burns, Marie Burns, Mike Burns, Steve Burrage, Brenda . . . Burrill, Debbie Burroughs, Teresa Burton, Betty Burton, Frankie ... Burton, John Burton, Lynda Burton, Nancy Burton, Peggy Byrd, Katharine . . . Byrd, Mary Byrd, Ronald 117 117 35,68,117 28,36,110 65,117,72 110 103 16,78 30,48,117 33,110 34,103 . .27,32,35,117 110,73 .28,40,41,110 117 98 99 110 99 141 117 117 103 117 110 53,104 c Caldwell, Peggy Calhoun, Bonnie Calhoun, Orville Calhoun, Paul Calhoun, Ramona Callis, Bobby Caldwell, Billy Camden, Bertha Cameron, Kathryn (Mrs.) Campbell, Bob Campbell, Brenda Campbell, Donnie Campbell, Glenn Campbell, Gregg Campbell, Larry Campbell, Ruth Campbell, Sharon Candler, R Carter, Linda Cantor, Richad Carneal, Ramona Carney, Ellen Carrington, John Carroll, Barbara Carter, Don Carter, John Carter, Kenny Carter, Mike Cater, Mr. James Carter, Sue Cartwright, Lucy Case, Fred Case, Nancy (Mrs.) Cash, Becky Cash, Gene Cash, Geneva Cash, Mrs. Virginia Cash, Ronald Cassette, Juanita Cates, Kenny Cates, Wanda Cathy, Margaret Cattanach, Mimi Caulder, Judy Causey, Barbara 33,104 99 117 104 104 117 99 99 10,31 36 99 104 34,141 99 104 110 110 71 99 110 34,104 27,28,35,36,141,214 117 110 117 117 36,40,64,110 110 17 104 110 99 34,35 28,35,117 99 104 8 104 99 34,99 99 32 34 99 110 Cavanaugh, Arnold . . . . Cavanaugh, Geraldine . . Cayton, Ann Chadwell, Donna Chaffin, June Chaffin, Sara Chaffin, Sharon Chandler, Charles Chaney, Donald Chapman, Judy Chapman, Wayne Cherry, Mike Childress, Danny Childress, Cassie (Miss) Chin , Chow Chisom, Judy Chisom, Robert Christian, Jane Christie, Margaret .... Christofi, Irene Church, Eleanor Clark, Billy Clark, Carolyn Clark, Chippy Clark, Janis Clark, Jerry Clark, John Clark, Kenny Clark, Mary (Mrs.) ... Clarke, Brenda Clarke, Carol Clayton, Lynn Clemm, Randolph Clemmons, Inez Coalter, Carolyn Coates, Janet Coates, Linda Coffey, Robert Coffie, Louise Cohen, Marlene Cohen, Sandye Cole, Barbara Cole, Geneva Coleman, Danny Coleman, Sandra (Mrs.) Collier, Carol Collier, Jeanie Collins, B Collins, Russell Coltrain, Jane Comer, Ann Comer, Tom Conard, Brenda Conn, Coach Julie Conn, Garland (Mrs.) Conn, Howard Conley, Marshall Conner, James Connor, Richad Cooke, Bob Cooke, Gilbert Cook, Harvey Copes, Laura Cooper, Diana Cooper, Gordon Condron, Linda Conway, Russell Corbitt, Jim Corson, Butch Covert, Rachael Craft, Kent Crane, Dorothy (Miss) . Crank, Becky Crank, Jimmy Crawford, Gail Crawford, Howard Credle, Marty Crews, Linda Crisp, Jerry 99 110 117 23,28,117 .27,30.141,214,78,80,81 99 52,104 28,110 110 118,78 104 110 118 Ill 34,99 118 99 104 104 27,30,32,38 99 104 31 110 32,33 99,110 34,99 104 17,28,45,95 36,110 110 99 99 32,36,142 99 104 27,28,32,35,36,214 142 99 22,23,25,27,84,142,214 23,24,27,28,32,214 99 33,110 142,231 26 33,142 28,110,78 33 64 30,38 33 99 110 65,72 12 24,26,110,72 60,171,75,74 110 110 99 99 110 110 34,104 99 99 99 104 .26,67,68,69,129,75,76 57 60,61,62,64 13 110 26,133,170 104 110 28,35 110 104 Crittendon, Carol 33 Crittendon, Tommy 110 Crowder, Sheila 52,110 Crum, Alma 28,35 Crump, Wanda 33,104 Cuervo, Hermino 73 Cullen, Ernest 104 Cullen, Janet 33,118 Culp, Calvin 104 Curry, Joyce 32,110 Curtis, Richard 68,69,118,75 Cutchins, George 104 Cutler, Larry 110 D Daggy, Helen 22,23,27,31,32,55,95,143 Dalton, Wayne 104 Damron, Zetie 144 Daniel, Darden 31,87,95,144 Daniels, Sharon 28,34,87,144,78,79 Danley, Artie (Mrs.) 95 Danley, Shirley 104 Dannelly, Lynn 23,28 Davenport, Glen 22,26,54,60,94,130,144 Davenport, Jackie 33,104 Davenport, Wayne 23 Davidson, Anne 28,32,118 Davie, Carolyn 35 Davis, Brenda 34,118 Davis, Cecilia 110 Davis, Donna 104 Davis, Kirk 104 Davis, Linda 104 Davis, Malcolm 110 Davis, Mellie 0 Davis, Nicky 28 Davis, Pat 110 Davis, Phillip 110 Davis, Rex 104 Davis, Richard 31,110 Davis, Robert 110,73 Davis, Roy 118 Davis, Sharon 118 Davis, Sheila 104 Davis, Tommy Ill Davis, Wayne 104 Davis, Wesley Ill Deas, Melba 118 Deans, William 104 DeBerry, Jimmy 54,60,68,69,118,75,74 DeBerry, Wayne 36,64,111 Decell, Leslie 24,144 Decell, Linda 144 Deckard, Billy 118 Deckard, Gary 104 Deitz, Ann 104 Dellapenta, Claudia 28,144 Dellinger, Calvin 64,104 DeLozier, Wayne 22,23,26,26,28,84,130,144 Dempsey, Betty 34,104 Desimone, Jim Ill DeShazo, Janet 34 DeShazo, Linda 32,33 Deuell, Carolyn H8 Diamond, Leslie 28,104 Diamonstein, Abby Lou (Mrs.) 17 Dick, Jim 28,49,66,111,72 Dickerson, Eileen 118 Dickerson, Joe 104 Dickerson, Judy 111,118 Dickerson, Kay 35,146 Dillon, Betty Ann 145 Dinwiddie, Joan 32,33,34,47,145 Dismuke, Gene Ill 215 Dixon, Betsy 35,145,78 Dobie. Paul 30,104 Dobie, Paulette 104 Dockerty, James Ill Dorn, Stacy 118 Dooley, Daniel 64,111 Dorner, Albert 23,30,71,104 Dossett, Jimmy 36,104 Dowless, Fostine 118 Doyle, Barbara 34,104 Drewry, Craig 104 Drewry, Kaye 145 Drinnon, Deanna 145 Drucker, David 31,118 Duff, Coach Clarence 16,60,74 Dukes, Glenn 104 Duncan, Anne 118 Duncan, Brenda 145 Dutton, Albert 24 E Eakes, Brenda .... Eakes, James Ealey, Donald Ealey, Robert Eanes, Shirley Earnhardt, Brody . Edge, Vicki Edgerton, Vickie Edmondson, Pat Edwards, Don Edwards. Eddie Edwards, Judy Edwards, Scott . . . . Edwards, Virginia Edwards, William Eggleston, Kay Elder, Fay Elder, Shirley Ellenson, David Ellenson, Harron . . Ellenson, Raymond . Ellis, Arlene Ellis, Chris Elmore, Larry Embler, Charles Epstein, Barry Erickson, Cecil (Mr.) Erlach, Mina Estes, Barbara Eubank, Craig Eudailey, Virginia . . Evans, Becky Ewell, Richard Ezzell, Brenda 104 143 118 34 36,104 104 78 23,104 104 Ill 33 28,119 104 104 146 104 104 28,111 . . .22,28,64,71,111 27,28,31,111 54,146 34 26.66,68,69,70,111 Ill 64,111 30 13 24,28,104,78 146 60,119 34 31,33,119 146 Ill F Faber, Mike Faircloth, Ernest Faircloth, Jimmy . Farber, Alan Farmer, Alfred . . Farmer, Ralph . . Faulkner, Joan . Feather, Billy . . . Fenigsohn, George Ferguson, Drema Ill Ill 119 119 119 119 28,31,32,35,146 28,36,77,119 65,72,111 104 Ferguson, Mary Fields, M Fine, Carla Fink. Debby Finkett, K Finkle, David Fiorelli, Chuck Firestone, Carol Ann . Fisher, Brenda Fisher, Joel Fitzgerald, Belle (Miss) Fitzgerald, Robert Flakowitz, David .... Flanary, B Flax, Tommy Flick, Helene Flick, Kenny Floyd, Joe Fooks, Curtis (Mr.) Forbes, Barry Forbes, Lynn Forman, Pam Forrest, Charles Forrester, Charles Forrester, Donnie Forrest, Kenneth Fowler, Alice Fowler, Alice (Miss) . Fox, Bobby Fox, Brenda Fox, Fred Fox, Sammy Frank, Ellen Frank, Joel Freeman, Sarah Freeman, Debbie Freeze, Gene Freeze, Tom Friedman, Mark Fritsche, Barbara Frizelle, Wayne Fizzelle, Roger Fry, Dennis Fulcher, Robert Fuller, Edward 119 34,64 23.28,31,111 27,111 28 30,104 104 104 119 64,71,104 14,30 33,146 104 33 27,119 119 34 Ill 15,56,95 119 104 28,31,32,119 119 146 Ill 119 23,24,25,84,119 27,214 23,25,27,33,47,130,147 146 147 104 28,31,32,119 34 35 Ill 119 147,171 36,111 27,28,147 60,111 119 11 147 Ill G Gaddy, Jane 104 Gallimore, Billy 104 Gammon, Jerry 26,35,85,91,147 Gardner, Jean 24 Garner, Jean 27,32,147 Garrick, Dani 22.23,24,31,31,55,128,132,147 Garrison, Jack 148 Garth, Linda 104 Gary, Rocky 67,68,69,70,94 Gary, Marge 78 Gaskill, Wayne 62,148 Gaskins, Kenneth (Mr.) 14 Gault, Kenneth Ill Gerber, Alan 50,64,104 Gibbons, Norma (Mrs.) 14 Gibbs, Aderon 104 Gibson, Frank 54,94,148 Gibson, Jo Ann 148 Gibson, Mike 148 Gilbert, Bill 72,119 Gilbert, Thomas 119 Gildersleeve, Ethel (Miss) 9,23,32,84,85 Gillen, Nancy 104 Gillespie, Kay 23,25,28,32,38,119 Gillespie, Lillian 34 Gilliam, Jane (Miss) 12 Gilliam, Jimmy 104 Gillikin, John 60,132,148 Gills, Alvin Gills, Billie-Jo Gills, Kitty Gilman, Wayne Givens, Todd Glamore, Otis Glasofer, Ronnie Glasofer, Stanley Glass, Bonnie Glassie, Randy Glazer, Jody Glazer, Bill Goldberg, Alan Goldberg. Elinora Goldsmith, Alice Goldsmith, Grace Goldwasser, Shirley Goodson, Robert Goodson, Sharon Goodwin, Betsy Goolsby, Virginia (Mrs.) Goolsby, Becky Goolsby, Ginny Gordon, Harmon Gordon, Richard Gordon, Judy Gordon, James Gordon, Kenny Gordon, Stevie Graham, Ann Graham, Barbara I Mrs. I Graham, Darrel] Graham. Norma Grant, Frances Gravely, Eddie Gravely, Georgia Gravely, Reva Graves, Joanne Graves, Verna (Mrs.) . . Gray, Amanda (Miss) Gray, Bonnie Gray, Jerry Gray, Linda 104 32,148 32,40,115,119 . . .22,28.30,31,36,148 36,71,111 Ill 25.27,28,149 105 105 Ill 36,111 Ill 100 32,119 31,119 34,100 100 105 105 34,105 16 . . .22,23,28,32,36,38, 50,90,116,119,78,79 22,23,25,28,32,40,149 27,149,77 65.111,72 100 100 100 23,30,105 100 11 100 Ill 119 100 100,111 28,32,120 100 11 13 46 120 100 Green, Ronni . . . Greenspon, Peggy Grepiotis, Jackie . Grepiotis, Joan Griffin, Kay Griffith, Bill Grimes, Richard . Groshong, Allen Groshong, Carol Groshong, Eugene Grubbs, Emily . . . Grubbs, Peggy Grubbs, Marcia Guilliam, Charlotte Guthrie, Carol . . . Guthrie, Joe Guthrie, John . . . Guye, Ronald .... 23,27,28,32,40,86,120,214 23,100 Ill 35,100 100,105 100 Ill 105,149 35,120 30 34,105 149 34,105 23,25,33,47,85,149 100 105 64,105 34,100 H Haan, Bill 34,10 0 Haan, Katie 120 Haas, David 36 Hagan, Jimmy 100 Hagy, Donald 100 Hall, Anne 100 Halfin, Barbara 27,28,31,41,120 Halfin, Rochelle 44,88,100 Hall, Brenda 35 Hall, Jimmy 36,149 216 Hall, Roger Hall, Sylvia Hall, Tony Hallett, Bill Hamel, Roland Hamm, Dorinda Hamner, Bruce Hamner, Susan Hampton, Billy Hampton, Jim Hancock, Donny . . . Haner, Mike Haney, Terry Hankins, George Hankins, Vickie . . Hanna, Dwight Hardie, Cheryl Hardin, Bobby Harding, Larry .... Hardisty, Bonnie Hardy, Williams Harey, Ronnie Hargadon, Tom Hargrave, Phyllis Harmon, Richard Harnely, Donald Harney, Gerald Harney, Mike Harper, William Harrell, Charles . . . Harrelson, Barbara Harrelson, Myron Harris, Bob Harris, Carolyn .... Harris, Donna Harris, Jack Harris, Linda Harris, Mike Harris, Nelson Harris, Sheila Harrison, Bonnie Harrison, Brenda Harrison, Katharine Harrison, Sue Harrison, Susan . . . Hart, Buddy Hartless, Frances Hartless, Linda Hartley, Bill Hartley, Shirley . . . Hartley, Tommy . . . Hartline, Richard Hartwick, Bonnie Hartzler, Daniel . . . Hatchett, Barry Hatchett, David Hayslett, Donald . . . Hawkins, Phil Hawley, Shirley Head, Judy Hedgepeth, Tony . . . Hedrick, Barbara Hedrick, Sue (Mrs.) . Hehl, Billie Helmer, Mary (Miss) Helmick, Norma Helton, Steve Henderson, Carolyn Henderson, Ken Henderson, Vela . . . Hendley, Terry Henry, Jerry Hess, Judy Hessler, Annette . . . Hessler, Pat Hewitt, Dot Hewitt, Kitty 100 100,105 105 Ill 105 Ill 108 120,80 72 108 105 100 64,105 86,100 32,36,37,40,90,150 1C5 100 100 60,111 41,111 105 Ill 90,111 51,115,120,128 11 Ill 150 14 30,100 Ill 105 100 105 33,150 150 Ill 105 34,100 Ill 105 30,31,120 Ill 22,28,30,31,32, 129,130,136,150,171 23,25,27,88,150,214 33,111 Ill 35,150 Ill 34,100 105 34 105 120 105 22,23,24,26,28, 60,84,94,134,150 Ill 100 30,150 100 Ill 105 105 12 23,27,32,40,151 15 23,28,36,39,90,151 34,100 105 66,68,69,120 Ill 100 105 100 110 Ill 34 100 Hickman, Buddy HI Hicks, Betty HI Hicks, Brenda 23,33,105,78 Hicks, James 151,75 Hicks, Linda HI Hicks, Pamela H2 Higgins, Marcus 112 Higgins, Steve 100 Hildebrand, Linda 105 Hildebrand, Peggy 120 Hill, Diane H2 Hill, Gregory 60,120,160 Hill, Karen 33 Hill, Mary 151 Hilson, Patty 105 Hines, Albert 64,112 Hines, Bobby 105 Hines, Jim 120 Hinnant, Donna 100,112 Hinnant, Jane 100 Hinson, Barbara 151 Hinson, Mary Lou 33,151 Hirshman, Mike 112,72 Hite, Reatha 112 Hite, Ronald 151 Hoban, Margaret 105 Hobbs, Linda 34,100 Hobbs, Sandy 112 Hobbs, William 105 Hodges, David 36 Hodges, Dorothy 108 Hodges, Linda 100 Hogan, Jimmy 44 Hogge, Betty 112 Holbrook, Dennis 94,120 Holladay, Emilie (Miss) 11 Holliday, Ted 34,100 Hollifield, Frances .85,112 Holloway, Ronnie 112 Holmes, Jimmy 105 Holmes, Sherry 105 Holmes, Ted 105 Honeycutt, Richard 40,54,57,152 Hopkins, Judy 32,120 Horne, Fred 100 Horne, Nancy 112 Horton, Judy 38,87,94,132,152 Hostetter, David 100 Hott, Harlon (Mr.) 16,64,71 House, Annette 31 House, Diana 28 House, Olivia 112 Houston, Donna 33,100 Houston, Donald 28,55,120 Howard, Ernest 112 Howard, Nell 100 Howell, Randy 112 Howell, Rocky 100 Howerton, Wilson 152 Hoyle, Phoebe (Mrs.) 10 Hoyle, Henry 28,31,53,112 Huckeba, Dianne 105 Hudgins, Jerry 100 Hudgins, Nellie 100 Hudgins, Sandra 46,105 Hurd, Janice 120 Hyatt, David 34,100 Hyatt, Eddie 100 Hyatt, Phyllis H2 I lams, Mary Lou 100 Ingram, Brenda 100 Ingram, Larry 33,105 Ingram, Linda 105 Ingram, Raleigh 52,112 Ingram, Tommy 112 Inury, Kenny 105 Ivey, Dennis 64,112 Ivey, Johnny 112 Ivey, Regina 105 J Jackson, Clifton 64,105 Jackson, Delores 105 Jackson, Linda 105 Jackson, Stuart 105 James, Colleen 100 Jeffers, Sue 33,152,79 Jefferson, Betty 112 Jeffries, Bob 60 Jeffreys, Michael 105 Jenkins, Allan 64,112 Jenkins, Bruce 100 Jenkins, Diana 44,100 Jenkins, Tommy 105 Jolly, Sarah 34,105 Johnson, Bill 100 Johnson, Billy 100 Johnson, Bobby 100 Johnson, Edna 27,78,120 Johnson, George 64,100 Johnson, George 64,112 Johnson, Jackie 100 Johnson, JoAnne 30,120 Johnson, Kathy 105 Johnson, Madelyn 105 Johnson, Marvin 105 Johnson, Patricia (Mrs.) 78 Johnson, Richard 120 Johnson, Sheila 105 Johnson, Wayne 47,152 Johnston, Betty 100 Jones, Barbara 105 Jones, Billy 34 Jones, Bryan 100 Jones, Chuck 105 Jones, Eddie 105 Jones, James 112 Jones, John 105 Jones, Linda 23,105 Jones, Melvin 34,100 Jones, Suzanne 152 Jordan, Kenneth 34 K Kahle, David 64,105 Kailos, Margaret 34,100 Kanter, Ettalea (Miss) 33,114,128,129 Kanter, Richard 72 Karmosky, Wayne 31,112 Kauffman, Carol (Miss) 16,50,78,81 Keatly, Brenda 91 Keatts, Brenda 39,90,91,120 Keatts, Janie 23,94,112 Keen, Brenda 100 Keen, Carroll 112 Keeter, Lynda 100 Keithley, David 112 Kemp, Donna 100 Keller, John 30,71,105,72 Kelly, Diane 105 Kelly, John (Mr.) 13 Kelly, Sue (Miss) 16 Keesee, Thomas (Mr.) 4,9 Kennedy, Clinton 100 Kennedy, Shirley 36,105 Kennelly, Robert 34,100 Kenney, Bobby 23,105 217 Kerlin, Edward . . . Ketterman, Jerry . . Kevish, Marion . . . Kiger, Steve Kilburn, Guy King, Morris King, Ronald (Mr.) Kirkland, Don Kirkland, Pat Kiser, James Kiser, Terry Knight, Janice Knowles, Mary Lou Knowles, John Jaehler, William . . . Konstant, George Korycinski, Anne . . Kypriandes, Christy . 120 105 105 23,105 100 105 13 105 120 105 105 24 .27,29,32, 34 120 112 28,34 121 L LaBoone, Sharon 100,81 Lamb, Charles 100 Lamb, Jimmy 35,60,153 Lamberth, Sharon 36,39,91,131,153 Lane, Linda 32,36,121 Lane, Margaret (Miss) 8 Lane, Rita 106 Langston, Billy 112 Lanier, Betty Sue 40,121 Lankford, Frances 100 Larmer, Bill 30,34,100 Larson, Carol 112 Lassiter, Kim 64,112 Latta, Gail 27,28,32,121 Latta, Kay 153 Lauterback, Curtis 112 Lawrence, Joyce 112 Laws, Joe 28,36,112 Lawson, Janet 100 Lawson, John 106 Leake, Marsha 25,27,153 Leekerman, Joe 30 Ledford, Cheryl 121 Lee, Bonnie 100 Lee, Richard 31,112 Lemons, Helen 100 Leonard, Gerald 106 Leonard, Kay 100 Leonard, Margaret 101 Leonard, Sandra 112 Leonard, Richard (Mr.) 89 Leong, William 106 Levin. Claire 27,40,158,214 Levin, John 112 Levin, Marlene 112 Levinson, Ilene 112 Levy, Linda 31.36 Lewis, Elaine Lewis, Kathy 100 Lewis, Joel 31,112 Lewis, Nancy 34,39,50,106,112 Liakos, Barbara 106 Liakos, Pat 106 Liberman, Joe 112 Lilly, Charles 26,36,87,90.153 Lyons, Linda 100 Lipscomb, Kenny 26,27,36,53 Lively, James 33 Lleweyn, David 36,64 Llewellyn, Donald 100 Lloyd, Carol 30 Lloyd, Coleman 106 Lloyd, Donna 121 Lockard, Judy 121 Lockard, Tommy 164 London, Don Long, Carol Long, Linda Long, Ruth Lovitt, Brenda Lovelace, Rebecca (Mrs.) Loving, James (Mr.) . . . Lucas, Cris Lucas, H. P Lucas, Judy Lucker, Rita Lusk, Clinton Lusk, Harry Lusk, Jo Luther, Mike Luther, Ronnie Luten, Steve Lyerly, Jacqueline Lyeth, Harry (Mr.) Lyle, Curtis Lynch, Bobbie Lynch, Sandra Lyon, Sandra Lyons, Linda 60,88,121 112 121 100 100 10,27,214 11 101 36,94,112 25,27,33,94,121,78,79 0 0 0 106 106 121 101 101 13 106 112 101 121 34 M Mabe, Jinny 101 Mabe. Richard 34,50,106 Mackey, Eugene 101 Maddy, Charles 121 Maguire, Frances (Miss) 15,57 Maguire, Mary 79 Mahanes, Linda 22,23,28,29,49,154 Mahn, Bobbie 106 Maidment, Robert (Mr.) 3,4,9 Major, Linda 33,34,101 Majors, Stanley 106 Malacek, Ludwig 36,154 Mallory, Wayne 71,106 Malpass, Freddy 101 Manning, Bill 26,135,154 Manry, Chris 106 Manry, Iris 35 Marion, Sandra 101 Markiewich, Joan 121 Markiewich, Mary 101 Markham, Claudia 33,101 Markman, Joanne 35,101 Marlow, Ann 32,94,78 Marsette, Chuck 40 Marsette, Marlene 36 Marston, Bobby 112 Marston, Edna (Mi ' s.) 16 Marston, Shirley 33,101 Martin, Beverly 112 Martin, Ginny 106 Martin, Jimmy 16 Martin, Susan 71 Massengill, Judy 101 Mason, Michelle 121 Massey, Bill 106 Massey, Bonnie 28,30 Masters, Virginia (Mrs.) 78 McAfee, Ethel 106 McCain, Daniel 64,106 McCain, Janice 32,34,39,112 McCall, Judy 32,112 McCormick, Phyllis 30,32,154 McCoy, David 22,23,71,98,101 McCutcheon, Chris 101,106 McDonald, Hoyet 112 McDonald, Jeannette 34,78 McFall, Melvin 121 McGee, Joyce 101 McGee, Connie 23,28,30,35,154 McGee, Delores 101 McGough, Sandra 121,80 McGuire, Mary 154 McKeen, Ray 101 McIntosh, Roger 106 McKeel, Vonciel 113 McKeen, Mary 121 McKenna, Linda 34,113 McKenney, Annette 34,101 McKnight, Karen 121 McKnight, Pam 154 McLamb, Larry 1 0 1 McManus, Betty 113 McMurray, Susan 113 McNeill, Marie 113 McPhail, Donald McPhail, Jerry 101 Meek, John 36,121 Meena, Danny 36,121 Melton, Sidney 35,121 Mercer, Eddie 77 Merilic, Sue 34,101 Meriwether, Don 101 Merrill, Deidrea 27,32,155 Merriman, Linda 36,113 Messick, Bill 34 Mick, Donna 113 Midkiff, Lanny 33 Millard, Jimmy 101 Millen, Nancy 106 Miller, Beverly 34,113 Miller, Craig 36,101,165 Miller, Glenn 23,36,101 Miller, Jesse 36,155 Miller, Michael 23,25,36,113 Miller, Ricky 121 Miller. Ruby 34,106 Miller, Sue 23,25,27,121 Millikin, Jackie 41,113 Milne, Charles 23,25,26,28,31,35, 84,95,116,121,72 Milne, Eleanor 23,34 Milne, Martha Jo (Mrs.) 10 Mingee, Beverly 41,122 Mingee, James 113 Minish, Clyde 101 Minkoff, Carole 32,113 Minkoff, Sheryl 101 Minter, Gary 106 Mintz, Faye 106 Mitchell, Nancy 33,40,122 Mitchell, Pam 106 Mitchell, Warren (Mr.) 16,26,68 Mitchem, Sherry 113 Mollick, Betty 113 Montague, Jimmy 106,75,74 Montague, John 68,69,113,75 Montague, Ricky 113 Monteith, Mike 101 Moody, Danny 101 Moody, Larry 106 Moody, Melissa 34,101 Mooney, Joe 68,71,113 Moore, Callie 34,101 Moore, Jim 65,122,72 Moore, Eugene 101 Moore, Kenney 122 Moore, Lois 10,24,35,113 Moore, Pat 155 Moore, Ruby 106 Moore, Richard 101 Moran, Larry 60,113,72 Moren, Jo Anne 34,101 Moren, Marilyn 28,32,155 Morgan, Anita 23,106,78 Morgan, Charles 101 Morgan, David 34,101 Morgan, Rose 113 Morgan, Theresa 113 Morris, Donald 101 Morris, Richard 101 Morris, Suzanne 27,40,155,171,214 Morrison, Walter 23,25,26,28,40,122,136,155,171 Morrison, Yvonne 28,32,122,78 Morrow, Kathy 101 Mortimer, Billy 113 Morton, Annette 107 Morton, Bobby 133 Moser, Mrs. Sally 10,27 Moses, Ruby 32,122 Moses, Paul 36,156 Moss, Charles 106 Moss, Patsy 156 Moss, Wayne 106 Mros, Stanley 106 Mueller, Dale 22,26,60,61,68,122 Mullins, Dwight 101 Mullins, Jimmy 101 Mundie, Betty 23,26,40,60,62,94,101,122,214 Munish, Carol 30 Munn, Joyce 106 Murphy, Ada 122,80,81 Murphy, Annette 33,80,81,122 Murphy, Ernie 36,64,113 Myers, Joan 106 N Nachman, Stuart 23,24,26,128,156 Nair, Andy 101 Nair, Herbert 113 Narron, Jimmy 34,101 Nash, David 106 Nash, Randy 64,71 Neihouse, Jacque 101 Neil, Vickie 30,122 Neilson, Kim 52,106 Neilson, Leland 101 Nelson, Douglas 122 Nelson, Emily (Mrs.) 12,32,44,95 Nesbitt, Alan 60,122 Nettles, France (Mrs.) 12 Nettles, Robert 101 Neumeyer, Anna 106 Neumeyer, Diane 106 Neumeyer, Jane 34 Neville, Nyna 80,156 Newsom, B. W 65,122 Newton, Roger 106 Nicholls, David 156 Nichols, S. A 106 Nicosia, Frank 106 Nicosia, Lorna 28,122 Nisonger, Donald 60,113 Nisonger, Shenolyn 106 Norris, Polly 23,28,38,113 Nunley, Pat 113 Nunnally, Harold 106 Nuttycombe, Charles (Mr.) 15,60,65,72 O Oakes, Sheila O’Brien, Jim Odom, Jimmy Odom, Rondney Olshansky, Norman .... O’Neal, Joyce Oney, Lynn Oppenheimer, Rick O’Rourke, Charles OsJjorne, Sandy Osbourne, Sandra Overton, Estelle Owen, Sarah Wade (Miss) 79,122 101 64,113 75 26,36,40,122 122 101 27,28,60,122 33,156 32,113 113 .33,44,85,129,156 10 Owen, Palmer, John (Mr.) IE Palston, Linda Palston, Vickie Parianous, Bill Parker, Anita Parker, Norma Parker, Sue Parkin, Dani Parrish, Barbara 101 Parrish, Carol 100 Parrish, Diane 106 Parrish, Faye 157 Parrish, Jeanette 38,122 Parsons, Scott 33,85 Parton, Judy 101 Pasley, Elizabeth 106 Pasquier, Harry 20,30,106 Patrick, Brenda 41 Patrick, Brenda 122 Patrick, Donald 34,106 Patrick, Orvel 101 Payne, Joyce 34,101 Payne, Marilyn 28,34,106 Payne, Tommy 36,157 Pauley, Conrad 73,122 Pearce, Faye 27,32,79,157,214 Pearce, Jimmy 122 Pearce, Judy 113 Pendergraph, Judy 101 Pennell, Keith 68,69,157 Pennington, Sandy 32,122 Perkins, Howard 122 Perkins, Jennifer 23,98,101 Perkins, Susan 26,27,28,30,157,171,214 Perry, Eddie 28,64,71,113 .31,122 Price, Buddy 25,46,76,168 . . .156 Price, Carol 36 .71,101 Price, Clinton 158 ... 113 Price, David 36 .25,157 Price, Diane 36,101,106 Price, Donna 106 Price, Eddie 36 Price, Eugene 106 Price, Raymond 71,101 Price, Mrs. R 32 1,72,98 Pritchett, Dianne 32,101 . . .101 Pritt, Eugene 106 . . .106 Proctor, Tommy 113 65,122 Puckett, Bobby 64,107 34,106 Puckett, Sarah 113 . . .106 Pullen, Steve 28,113 . . .122 Pulley, Jimmy 101 . . .101 Pully. Jen Lou (Mrs.) ... Perry, Hal Petenbrink, Hazel (Mrs.) Peters, Jimmy Petteway, Butch Petterson, Charlene Phelps, Charles Phillips, Brenda . 106 .. 8 .106 .106 .101 .101 .101 Phillips, Charles 72,113 Phillips, Judy 78,106 Phillips, Margaret 122 Phillips, Ronnie 60,71,72,113 Pilgrim, Kathleen . .26,27,28,32,40,128,157,214 Pike, Mary 33 Pipkin, Alice 122 Pipkin, Donna 78,79,80,123 Pittman, Jean 32,123 Pless, Cheryl 123 Pliss, Linda 113 Pless, Sonny 101 Plessinger, Albert 44,106 Plessinger, Ann 36 Poe, Marilyn (Mrs.) 34 Point, Clarence 123 Poole, Janice 23,24,25,106 Poole, Jean 28,123 Poteat, Jackie 113 Poteet, Tom 123 Potts, Tommy 101 Powell, Emily (Mrs.) 15 Powell, Forrest 23,25,26,72,130,131,157 Powell, Jerry 123 Powell, Linda 78,106 Prevatte, Vicki 79,158 Preville, Goldie 22,27,30,78,158,214 Ragland, Henry 33,158 Rama, Jim 67,68.69,74,75,123 Ramsey, Maybelle 107 Randall, Alice (Mrs.) 10 Raper, Bill 28,36,107 Rash, Bill 32,101 Rash, Sharon 36,123 Ratliff, Rose 41,123 Ray. Angela 23,28,35,38,79,123 Ray, Jackie 107 Ray, William (Mr.) 15 Rawls, Raymond 34,101 Reed, Donald 64,113 Reed, Warren (Mr. ) 57 Reep, Barbara 107 Reese, Alice 123 Reese, Johnny 60,158,171 Reese, Ruth 101 Register, Sam 36 Reeves, Barbara 101 Reidinger, Evelyn 107 Reighard, Sandra 107 Rew, Barry 113 Reynolds, Carolyn 40,158 Rhodes, Billy 22,26,60,61,62,72,81,135,158 Rhodes, Judy 101 Rice, Albert 101 Rinehart, Charles 123 Richardson, Karen 107 Rickey, Donna 101 Rickey, Mary 41,123 Riggs, Casey 101 Rigney, Garland 34,101 Riley, Jennifer 159 Riley, William 107 Rison, Brenda 113 Roane, Pam 41,159 Roberts, Bill 26,159 Roberts, Billy 26,36,60 Roberts, Elizabeth 107 Roberts, Judy 107 Roberts, Russell 101 Roberts, Worth 107 Robertson, Donnie 101 Robinson, Linda 159 Robinson, Glenda 123 Robinson, Kathy 107 Rodgers, David 71,107 Rodgers, Diane 9,15,25,32,38,134 Rogers, Kenny 107 Rogers, Tim 107 Rogers, Tim 107 Roland, Jackie 159 Roller, Carl 33 Rose, Brenda 78 Rose, Tommy ' . . . 123 219 Ross, Geraldine Rosenwasser, David Rosser, Beverly . Rosser, Cheryl Rosser, Waverly . Roth, Bill Roth, Bobby Roughton, Donald Roughton, Rose . . Rountree, Donna Rouse, Annette . . Rowe, Dwight Rowe, George Rowell, Mary .... Rowell, Thomasine Rowell, Van Royal. Belinda Ruben, Bobby Russell, Georgia . . . Russell, Gregory Russell, Jerry .... Russell, Pam Ryan, Donald Ryan, Michael Ryder. Linda Ryder, Luther ... 30,113 65,72 107 23,107 159 28,101 159 101 113 32,160 25,123 26,27.40,51,160,171 28,36,86,115,123 34,107 27,123 28,36,113 101 113 123 113 36,128,160 . . .32,35,78.79,81,133.160 34,101 107 34,113 101 S Sabolsky, Leonard . Sage, David Sale, Billy Salken, Barbara . . . Salken, Judy Sammons, Merle . . . Sammons, Wilroy Sanders, Ronnie . . . Sandler, Susan Sands, Charles .... Sasser, Bonnie Sasser, Katherine Sauer, Robert Saul, Steve Salus, Bonnie Saunders. Joan Savage, Roy (Mr.) Savage, Wayne Sawyer. Anne Sawyer. Mary Beth Saxton, Billy Schaffer, Andy Schilling, Sherry . . . Schlosser. Eliiot .... Schmidt, Joyce Schock, Mike Scholar, Shirley . . . Schroding, Billy . . . Schroding, Carolyn Schuszler, Joe Schwartz, Kenny . . . Schweida, John .... Scott, Sue Sc ott, W ade Scruggs, Jeanie Scruggs, Nancy .... Scull, John Seaborne, Thomas Sears, Ann Sears, Bobby Seay, Glenda Seay, Harry Seay, Jerry Seay, Terry Sell, Ed Seldomridge, Freddy Settles, Mickie 113 113 123 28,31.113 57,95,101 107 46 31,114 25,107 13,75 101 28,113 107 107 113 32,33,123 86 107 30,114 25,32,40,160 41,114 114 123 24,28,160 32,160 107 114 41,60,65,72,73,114 78,114 101 101 101 28,123 107 28,114 107 23,24,31,123 28,107 23,27,32,33,91,134,160 114 101 24,27,65,72,161 65,161 101 46 123 24,114 Shackelford, Nancy 114 Shapiro, Joel 24,28.31,123 Shapiro, Robert 28,30,31,40,54,161 Shattuch, Alice 102 Shaver, Jo Ann 32,123 Shaw, Bill ..22.23,24.28,65.72,84,87.91,132,161 Shaw, Linda 114 Shealey, Harvey 107 Sheffield, B arbara 123 Shelton, Helen (Mrs.) 10 Shelton, James 102 Shelton, Linda 107 Shelton, Mike 28,107 Shelton, Patsy 78,102 Shemer, Elliot 25,161 Sheovic, Belvia 102 Sherwood, Judi 114 Shields, Charles 102 Shinn, Douglas 102 Shiplett, Particia 107 Shirley, John (Mr.) 11 Shoff, Charlee 124 Sholar, Linda 102 Sides, Dean 114 Siegel, Natalie 23,28,30,107 Siler, Lee 31,124 Sills, Linda . 107 Sills, Opal (Mrs. i 14 Simpson, Bob 60.73,124 Singer, Joyce 114 Singletary, Lin 48.124 Sisk, Mike 28.36.161 Sizemore, Linda 107 Shinel], Carlton 102 Skinner, Sammy 124 Slate, Woody 107 Slone, Patty 46,102,114 Slusser, Catherine 33,124 Smallwood, Rita 102 Smith, Ann 78,81,114 Smith. Barbara 28.31.114 Smith, Betsy 28,32,34,39,84,114 Smith, Carol 27,136,161 Smith, Carolyn 32,33,162 Smith, Cheryl 107 Smith, Clifford 34,102 Smith, David 124 Smith, Donald 114 Smi th, Frances 102 Smith, Howard 23,25,48,60,162 Smith, James 28,114,162 Smith. Janet 25,28,78,114 Smith, Jeannie 102 Smith, Jerry 107 Smith, Joe 102 Smith, Kay 36 Smith, Mitchell 28,71,107 Smith, Owen 35,66,68,69,70,72,88,162 Smith, Pam 24,28.30.38,91.114 Smith, Randy 107 Smith, Robert 124 Smith, Rodger 107 Smith, Ronald 114 Smith, Ronnie 34,102 Smith, Rosyln 23,34,102 Smith. Sandra 32,33,78,79,80,91,135,162 Smith, Sheila 107,124 Smith, Shirley 78,107,114 Smith, Steve 28,64,65,72,107,114 Smith, Terry 25,60,75,76,134,162 Smith, Tom 114 Smith, Veulah 102 Smith, Willard 114 Snapp, Connie 23,24,98,102 Snead, Charles 35,36,124 Snead, Marie 102 Snyder, Carlene 33,162 Snyder, Edward 107 Snyder, Marc 41,114 Soles, Charlotte . . . Sommerville. Samuel Somervold, Martin Sosebee, Nancy Southall, Lucy .... Spain, Betty Spake, Joyce Sparkman, Steve . . Sparrow, Fred Speight, Dalton Spencer .Bobby Spencer, Charles . . . Spencer. Sally Spigel, Bruce Spikes, Betty ' Spikes, Brenda Spikes, Thomas Spitzer, Don Spivey, Mikie Spooner, Rochelle Spotts, Laverne Spriggs, David Springfield. Charles Spritzer, Stephanie . Sprouse. Robert Stall. Ann Stallings, Howard Stalnaker, Bob Stalnaker, Susan Stanaway. Alan .... Stanaway. Sherry . . Stancil, Barbara . . . Stanfield, Bonnie Stant, Ruth Starnes, Mike 102 (Mr.) 13 114 102 27,49,107,162 28,32,163 32,114 65.72,73,91,163,171 102 102 163 102 35 65,114 114 33,163 107 114 107,114 27,163 27,33.40,163 124 64,107 27,28.30,32,40,163,214 107 102 114 60,115 124 102 124 102 124 102 107 Starnes, Vivian 28,94,116,124 Starling, Lutricia 107 Starling, Paul 36 Staton, Mary Lou 28,32,34,39,78,114 Staton, Raymond 36,65,72,124 Steele, Judy 28,124 Stephenson, Jane . .22,28,31,32,35,36,40,133,163 Stepp, Bonnie 33,107 Stepp, Carolyn 102 Stevens, Joseph 102 Stevenson, Donald 34,102 Stevenson, Gary 164 Stewart, JoAnn 124 Stinnette, Ray 25,26,164 Stokes, Mary (Mrs.) 11 Stokes, Wayne 64,114 Stone, Dave 114 Stoops, Billy 114 Strange, Ann 32,164 Streeky, Jimmy 32 Strickland, Faith 34,124 Strickland, Louise 164 Strickland, Richard 124 Sturgis, Ricky 24,107 Sturm Claudia (Mrs.) 10 Suiter, Ellen 102 Summerlin, Ed 46,164 Summerlin, Sylvia 33,114 Suttle, Rebecca iMissi 10.30 Suttle, Sue 102 Sutton, Lee 77,124 Swartz, Shirley 30,102 Sweeny, Melvin 102 Swift, Sally 34 T Tall, Michael . Tanner, Bobby Tanner, Mary Tate, Randy . . . Taylor, Billy 102 52,72,114 124 64,94,107 26,66,68,91,124 220 Taylor, Jean Taylor, Jean Taylor, Ken Taylor, Libby Taylor, Mary Taylor, Wayne (Mr.) Tedder, Elizabeth Tench, Pete Terry, Donnie Teicher, Reda Testino, Wanda Thom, Ruth Thomas, Carol Thomas, Joyce Thomas, Kenneth .... Thomas, Kit Thomas, Mary Thomas, Esther (Mrs. I Thomas, Ralph Thomas, Sandra Thomas, Sherill Thomason, Linda Thompson, Frances . . . Thompson, George Thompson, Miles (Mr.) Tilgham, Sam Tilles, Sandra Tillman, Andy Timberlake, Ronnie Tingen, Bruce Todd, Brenda A Todd, Brenda P Todd, Connie Todd, Jimmy Todd, John Torn, Elliot Tosh, Jean Tosh, Judy Tosh, Randy Toulson, Cynthia Trainum, Bobby Trevathan, David Triplett, Terry Tucker, Cheryl Tucker, Tommy Turlington, Lucille . . . Turner, Barbara Turner, Billy Turner, Gary Turner, Marie Turner, Timothy Turner, Tony Turner, William Tyndall, Donnie 34 102 65,72,114 107 102 11,26,84 32,114 114 107 30,34 102 164 114 34,48,164 102 67,77,124 35 10 102 107 102 107 35,114 102 13 35,124 34,39,114 32,114 102 102 25,124 32,79,85,124 38,78,79,114 164 65,72,81,116,124 30,107 114 32,124 75,85 107 107 114 124 114 102 107 32 71 102 107 23,71,107 71,102 114 60,75,124 U Umphlet, Nancy Underwood, Judy . Underwood, Roger 46,114,135 114 102 V Vanness, Brenda 114 Van Noy, Jane 35,125 Van Noy, John 114 Van Noy, Suzanne 32,125 Vasilas, Bill 11® Vasilas, Elaine 28,32,125 Vasilas, Faye 34 Vaughn, Charlotte 101 Vaug hn, Phillip 101 Vaughn, Steve 114 Velline, Charles 114 Vest, Brenda 114 Vest, Buster 30,35.36 Vest, Wayne 102 Vick, Wayne 64,115 Vickers, Neil 35,125 Vogel, Carol 27,28,31,32,95,166 W Walker, Arlene 102 Walker, Skippy 36,125 Walker, Bobby 115 Walker, John 36,125 Walker, Lynn 115 Walker, Mervin 102 Walker, Tommy 115 Wall, Dale 102 Wall, Kenneth 102 Warboys, Elizabeth 115 Ward, Bill 23,24,65,72,73,125 Ward, Bowdie 102 Ward, Kenneth 102 Warf, Carol 102 Warren, Jay 125 Warren, Joan 116 Warren, Joe 115 Warren, Kit 24 Wasserman, Elis 116 Waters, Horace 115 Watkins, Gail 36,39,78,90,115,125 Watts, Dana 102 Watson, Bonnie 27,125 Watson, Carolyn 78 Watson, Jimmy 125 Weaver, Billy 36,166 Weaver, Juanita (Mrs.) 8,10 Weaver, Pam 22,38 Weaver, Phyllis 125 Weaver, Sharon 23,24,25,50,166 Webb, Carolyn 26,36,84,115 Webb, Lalie (Mrs.) 16 Weckleman, Judy 125 Weeks, Bernie 102 Weinstein, Marcia (Mrs. I ..26,27,28,41,166,214 Wells, Susan 40,166 West, Larry 115 West, Kenny 115 Wheary, Julie 115 Wheary, Louis (Mr.) 8,15 Wiedman, Rex 125 Whitcomb, Adariam 102 Whitcomb, Edna 115 Whitcomb, Libby 32,36,167 Whie, Allan 31 White, Bobby 107 White, Bridget 116 White, Judy 91,125 White, Larry 102 White, Polly 27,28,31,35,36,167 White, Robert 107 Whiteside, Mai 36 Whitley, David 102 Whitley, Sue 126 Whitley, Tazewell 116 Whitman, David 107,108 Whitmere, Bernie 36,67,68,69,167 Wiatt, Jimmy 108 Wiggins, Judy 116 Wiggins, Walter 102 Wields, Dolores 115 Wilkins, Janice 79,125 Wilkins, Jean 108 Wilkins, Mamie 102 Wilkins, Peggy 161 Wilkinson, Cissy 44,125 Wilks, Karen 27,28,31,36,39,40,90,125,214 Willett, Cecil 102 Willett, Edith 27,31,36,49,167 Williams, Sandra 36,125,167 Williams, Brenda 146 Williams, Lucille (Mrs.) 17 Williams, Carol 116 Williams, Carolyn 34,102 Williams, Diana 102 Williams, Douglas 102 Williams, Flores 108 Williams, Jerry 102 Williams, Joyce 36,170,214 Williams, Linda 33,108,167 Williams, Martha 32 Williams, Patricia 27,108 Williams, Verna 116 Williams, Wallace 68,167 Wills, Rosalie 115 Wilson, Clyde 102 Wilson, James (Mr.) 11,36,89 Wilstead, Richard 34,102 Wimmer, Mark 68,108 Wingo, Joe 26,60,65,72,94,115 Winburm, Sharon 102 Winfree, Larry 36,102 Winkler, Diana 102 Winkler, Russell 108 Wise, Eliza (Miss) 115 Wise, Barbara 102 Willy, M. C. (Mr.) 14,89 Wolfe, Cheryl 34,102 Wolfley, Donald 0 Womack, Gay (Mrs.) 12 Wood, Peggy 108 Wood, Ronnie 115 Wood, Skippy 66,72,116 Wood, Shelia 102 Woodard, Rose 28,31,36,115 Woody, Susan 108 Woolard, Billy 26 Woolard, Brenda 52,115 Workman, David 125,131 Worsham, Barbara 35 Worsham, Donna 32,115 Worsham, Sandra 34,108 Worthington, Charles 0 Wren, James 24,125 Wren, Richard 116 Wright, Bennett 41 Wright, Gerald 72,125 Wright, Hilda 125 Wright, Toward 102 Wright, Janet 34,79 Wright, Jimmy 102 Wright, Linwood 36,115 Wright, Lynn 23,28,36 Wright, Jeanette (Mrs.) 10 Wright, Pauline 94,102 Wright, Robert 125 Wyatt, Ricky 36,126 Wyatt, Sheila 33 Wynn, Phillip (Mr.) 33 Y Yevak, Bobby 28,31 Yevak, Peter 34,102 Yohe, Phylis 31,170 York, Mike 102 Young, Alfred 102 Young, Jim 102 Young, Wayne 102 Yow, Ricky 102 221 . . . Thus the structure is never really completed. In “A House Sustained” the 1963 Anchor staff has tried to present you with a complete and com- prehensive view of the 1962-’63 school year at Newport News High School. We hope that your memories will be enriched as well as recorded by this yearbook. It is now in order to thank those whose untiring efforts made possible the production of this book : You, Mrs. Lovelace and Miss Fowler, for your knowledge, your interest, and your understanding; You, the student body, faculty, and administration, for your patience and interest; You, our imaginative and conscientious photographers, Mr. Edward J. Streeky and Nachman’s Studio; You, our publishers, Delmar Printing Company and your representative, Mr. Saine. Goldie Preville Editor Mrs. Lovelace Advisor Miss Fowler Co-advisor I). Braitsch Business Manager Heads of Staff: (Top) Front row — (L. to K.) R. Greene, Asst. Editor; S. Cohen, Art Editor ; P. White, Senior Section ; F. Pearce, Sports Sec- tion ; S. Perkins, Underclassmen Section ; S. Morris, Activities Sec- tion ; K. Pilgrim, Asst. Business Manager; Second row: J. Chaffin, Classrooms Section : H. Daggy, Faculty Section. Staff Members: (Below) Front row ( L. to R.) E. Carney, V. Hankins, M. Leake, B. Halfin, L. Block, S. Harrison, B. Hehl, S. Spritzer, L. Coates, C. Levin. Back row ' : C. Anderson, T. Flax, B. Mundie, K Wilks, G. Latta, J. Williams, M. Weinstein. I Bless this house, 0 Lord we pray, Make it sa te l night and da ; Bless these walls, so firm and stout Keeping want anti trouble out; Blessutne roof and chimneys tall. Let Thy peace lie uvg all; Bless this door, that 4 1 may prove Ever open to joy and love.. - Bless these windows shining bright Letting in God’s heav’nly light ; k Bless the hearth a — blazing there. With smoke ascending like a prayer Bless the folk who dwell within. Keep them pure and free from sin; Bless us all that we may be Fit, O Lord, to dwell with Thee, Bless us all that one day we May dwell, O Lord, with Thee. By Helen Tavlor

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