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Published By The Students Of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia THE 1962 ROAD OF For the 1962 Anchor, we have created a pattern as specific as a map, and called it the ROAD OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. We have tried to equate each section of this book to a tangible object concerning a road. During its five year life span, the 1962 road has handled a staggering load of lives and events. However, its foundations lie solidly on the strength of firmly established traditions. Because of the Road, all students have a common tie. For a brief, yet vastly important period, lifelines meet and cross in a 2 HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. complicated pattern of human relationships. Yet the Road itself is a thing of simplicity; its basic function is to cover time and distance. Students can travel straight through our high school, ignoring all by-ways and side excursions, and using the Road only as a bleak, narrow path. In contrast, they may travel slowly and thoughtfully, putting every facet of the Road to use, and enjoying the endless variety of events. In the following pages, we have tried to present the best parts of the Road in every aspect. We hope the possessor of this book will find it useful in evaluating his own use of the advantages the Road has offered. iL_ TABLE OF CONTENTS i DEDICATION Exactly ten years ago, a grateful class dedicated the Anchor to a woman they admired and respected. We, the seniors of 1962, now dedicate our Anchor to the same woman to show her how deeply grateful we are for the five years of enthusiastic and understanding help she has given us on her own time. We wish to express our genuine admiration for her strength of character and her great patience. She has been more than a teacher to us; she has been a friend. Her pride in this school, her pride in her work, and her pride in us when we do well, has been an inspiration to all of us. For these, and many more reasons, we respectfully dedicate the 1962 Anchor to Miss Dorothy M. Crane. 5 8:00 a.m. SCHOOL LIFE The best place to study before school is in the cafe- teria. This seems to be the place for all meetings and everything else. 8:45 a.m. Homeroom begins the day for every student. Most homework is done during this period. First and second lunch periods are the best two hours in the day. Students and teachers alike agree on this fact. 9:00 a.m. The first class of the day begins at 9:00. Miss Suttle’s Senior English class appears to be enjoying them- selves as she explains a group of theme topics. 12:00 p.m. — 1:00 p.m. 6 There is a mad rush in the halls at 3:30 every day to leave school. It can be very dangerous if you aren’t careful. IS THE ROAD 3:30 p.m. This phase of school life is one of the most popu- lar. Practicing for a class play are Jimmy Edwards, Tina Burroughs, and Calvin Hanrahan. 3:45 p.m. On a Friday night there is nothing better to do than go to a football game. There is a mingling of friends and overabundance of school spirit. 8:00 p.m. After the game everyone goes to the dance usually sponsored by the Student Council. In this picture you can see that the Hully Gully is the rage at N.N. H.S. 10:00 p.m. 7 THAT GIVES EACH The Band Sweetheart of 1962, Miss Carol Petenbrink, takes time out to pose with the Flagtwirlers. They are 1. to r. standing: Paula Sturtevant, Irene James, Vickie Hankins, Sharon Lamberth, and Mary Lou Knowles. Seated, I. to r.: Juanita Hayes, Miss Petenbrink, Wanda Thornhill, and Norma Helmick. J. V.’s Kenny Henderson and Billy Taylor listen carefully as their Coach John Palmer ex- plains to them a new play. 10 STUDENT A CHAN CE TO One of the traditions at N.N.H.S. is the selection of the friendliest boy and girl in each class. This year they are: First row: Wade Scott, Eleanor Milne. Second row: Joe Wingo, Polly Norris, Vivian Starns. Third row: Barry Hatchett, Mary Anas, Dennis Holbrook. Last, but not least, Joe Fabula and Ginny Morton. Bill Gruver, Senior Band President, models the two new uniforms which will be worn by the Senior Band next year. They are the Marching uniform and the Concert uniform. David Parrish, a mighty Senior, helps Pam Weaver, Mouse, open her locker. 1 1 Larry Spigel takes a practice swing as he warms up for an exciting golf match. Calvin Hanrahan, President of the Student Body, welcomes three mice as they enter N.N.H.S. for the first time. They are, 1. to r., Wade Scott, Mary Anne Barrow, and Bill Massey. These nine Varsity pepsters take time out from practice to pose for the photographer. They are from top to bottom: Tina Burroughs, Mary Anas, Sally Morewitz, Phyllis Sweeney, Jane Walker, Stevie Spradlin, Brenda Veazey, Judy Horton. “After five years, our own Senior Prom”, says Jane Walker as she pins a carnation on Dickie Dillaman. “A car pool”, says David Stone, “is the only way.” He picks up Bill Crosley on the way to school. In the car are Sharon Weaver and Pam Roane. Getting ready for a parade ? Looks that way for these Junior Varsity Flagtwirlers Janice McCain, Becky Goolsby, Brenda Keatts, and Mary Lou Staton. DEVELOP PERSONALITY, Steadies, Carol Petinbrink and Fred Anspack, and Bill Shaw and Juanita Hayes, pause at the front door for a picture. George, leave those mats alone. Mrs. Satterwhite smiles when she can give someone an “A”. M TALENT, AND SOCIAL INTERESTS. Don’t tell me that Mrs. Clarke is thinking again. Bubba is late for Student Council. J.V. Cheerleaders yell, “Ya know you make me want to shout.” Steve wants back in that game! Smile for the birdie, Mr. Keesee. 15 COMPETITION, SCHOOL SPIRIT, Four happy Seniors smile as they finally receive their class rings. Juanita Hayes, Paula Sturtevant, Steve Corum, and Bill Bryant are given their rings by the co- chairmen of the Ring Committee Millie Fallin and Donald Schwartz. Mr. Keesee, Miss Gildersleeve, and Mr. Maidment seem to be enjoying them selves as they share a joke. 16 AND RESPONSIBILITY ARE “Let’s Go Newport” was the theme of this pep assembly. The nine Varsity pepsters are leading the student body in T-E-A-M. The best day of the year for the Senior Class is the day when the rings arrive. Happy Seniors Josie Morgan, Pat Massey, and William Burns proudly display their rings to Anita Morgan, Bill Massey, and Carolyn Burns. Shots taken during the Hampton Pep Assembly proved to be very interesting. 17 PROMOTED FOR THE BETTERMENT Cullottes and Kilts seem to be the style around the halls of N. N. H. S. L. to R. Joanne Markman, Paula Sturtevant, Winnie Hogge, Kathryn Brinn, Jackie Belote, and Pam Larmer model the latest styles on the front lawn of the school. In the Spring a young man’s fancy turns to what? To Kenny Bransford it must be locking Sue Harri- son in the telephone booth. “What a beautiful Christmas tree,” thought many a student as he looked at the Student Council tree. 18 OF THE STUDENT BODY Ray Stinnett and Connie Todd like to study as they sit on the lawn of the school during lunchtime. “D” day 1962 is the day of the government exam. These four Seniors, Jean Maddy, Frances Heath, John Gabriel, and Winnie Hogge seem to be concentrating on passing this one. Kathy Agee and John Goldenbaum are helping each other decide which of the books on the reading list they will read for English. 19 FACULTY IT IS THROUGH OUR PATIENT GUIDES, THE FACULTY THAT WAYWARD FEET ARE KEPT ON COURSE AND LIMITLESS MENTAL HORIZONS ARE REVEALED. L. to R. Mrs. Jean Satterwhite, Mr. Wayne Taylor 21 OUR TEACHERS HAVE A FIVE Mr. Robert Maidment On our road of life we meet many obstacles — physical, mental, and spiritual. We need a guide — someone to be our ideal. That someone has not only been an excellent ideal, but also a helpful ad- visor and an outstanding friend. Although his time is very valuable and greatly limited, he al- ways seems to have some moments reserved for our most vexing problems. This in itself is a full-time job but only a small portion of Mr. Maid- ment’s activities. Could he be compared to a “model road” for many students? Mr. Louis Weary History Department Head Miss Margaret Lane Guidance Director 22 YEAR TENURE ON EACH CLASS Miss Ethel Gildersleeve Serving as Dean of Girls and sponsor of the Future Teachers of America is but a minimal part of Miss Ethel Gildersleeve’s service to our school. Possessing untiring patience and im- measurable energy, she strives to maintain the high standards of our high school. Being ad- visor to the student council also requires much of her time. Could Miss Gildersleeve be com- pared to a “road map” for many students? Mr. Thomas 0. Keesee As we continue on our road of life we find “signs” which help to safeguard our journey. Here at N.N.H.S. we are blessed with a good- spirited and most helpful man who aids us in reaching the end safely. Mr. Thomas 0. Kee- see, besides guiding us on our way, and giving advice, finds time in his day to provide a first hand experience, and a laugh or two. All teachers, and students alike, agree that without the guiding hands of Mr. Keesee, all our stu- dents would suffer a great loss. 23 AND WITH IT, Top: Left to Right Miss Linda J. Allen Longwood College B.S. General Science Science Club Sponsor Miss Ellena Armistead Mary Washington College B.A. University of Virginia M.Ed. History, Geography Government Larry W. Armstrong Randolph-Macon College English, History, French Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Margaret F. Baab Longwood College B.S. English Mrs. Virginia T. Baker Randolph-Macon College B.A. Science, Chemistry Future Nurses Club Sponsor Mrs. David Ball Marv Washington College Library Assistant Top: Left to Right Mrs. Vivian L. Bauserman Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Mathematics, Algebra National Honor Society Sponsor Miss Joan Brewer College of William and Mary A.B. Latin Club Sponsor Junior Classical League Sponsor Latin, Spanish Mrs. Kathryn P. Cameron Madison College B.S. English Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Cassie Childress College of William and Mary B.S. Columbia University M.A. Mathematics Head of Math Department Mrs. Mary Faith Clark Hona College French, History Julius Conn University of Virginia B.S. Head of Phy. Ed. Department Physical Education Co-Coach of Track Head Coach Cross Country Director of Athletics 24 THE OPPORTUNITY TO HELP Top: Left to Right Mrs. Garland J. Conn Westhampton College A.B. General Science Miss Dorothy M. Crane University of West Virginia A.B. Drama Thespians Sponsor Usher Staff Sponsor Head of Drama Department Miss Betty Delbridge Louisburg College A. A. Greensboro College B.S. Basic Science Bottom: Left to Right Clarence C. Duff, Jr. College of William and Mary Physical Education Football Coach Cecil H. Erickson Oswego State Teachers College B.S. Cornell University M.S. Head of Industrial Arts Department Drafting Miss Belle B. Fitzgerald Longwood College B.S. Art Art Club Sponsor Top: Left to Right Curtis Edward Fooks Emory and Henry History, Geography Miss Joyce Fulcher East Carolina State College Chorus Junior Chorus Sponsor Senior Chorus Sponsor Kenneth D. Gaskins Glenville State College A.B. Office Practice Typing V.O.T. Coordinator Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Norma Saunders Gibbons Longwood College Bookkeeping Typing Mrs. Amelia S. Goldenbaum Williamette University B.A. Syracuse University M.A. History Guidance Mrs. Virginia K. Goolsby Mary Washington College B.S. Homemaking F.H.A. Sponsor 25 MOLD CHILDREN INTO ADULTS Top: Left to Right Mrs. Barbara Graham Atlantic Christian B.S. Math, Algebra, Geometry Mrs. Verna D. Graves Florida State University A.B. General Math, Algebra World History Mrs. Amanda N. Gray Longwood College B.S. Drama Bottom: Left to Right Gerald I. Greeve Georgetown University University of Pennsylvania Physics, Science Gerald F. Grogan Virginia Military Institute English Assistant J.V. Football Coach Donald Harvey Concord College Typing Top: Left to Right Miss Mary Aleise Helmer Longwood College B.S. College of William and Mary M.Ed. U.S. History, Government B. C. Helms East Carolina College, B.S. Physical Education Football, Basketball Baseball Coach Miss Emilie Holladay Longwood College, B.S. Columbia University M.A. Algebra, Math, Trigonometry Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. R. B. Huffman Ohio State University A.B. Columbia University MA„ English LAUNCHINGS Advisor Mrs. Pat Johnson Simpson College Physical Education Miss Ettalea E. Kanter Women’s College of the University of North Carolina B.S. Distributive Education Typing D.E. Club Sponsor 26 THESE DEDICATED PEOPLE Top: Left to Right Miss Carol J. Kauffman College of William and Mary B.S. Physical Education J.V., Varsity Cheerleaders Sponsor Senior Class Sponsor Miss Sue Kelly Madison College B.S. Columbia University M.A. Head of Home Economics Department Homemaking F.H.A. Sponsor John T. Kelly East Carolina College B.S. M.A. Machine Shop Bottom: Left to Right Ronald W. King East Tennessee State College B.S. Metal Shop Richard C. Leonard East Carolina College B.S. M.A. General Science, Biology Chemistry James B. Loving Virginia Polytechnic Institute B.S. Algebra, General Math Top: Left to Right H. A. Lyeth Oswego State Teachers College B.S. Drafting Miss Frances Maguire Boston University B.S. Longwood College M.A. Government, U.S. History Mrs. Edna C. Marston College of William and Mary B.S. Homemaking F.H.A. Sponsor Bottom : Left to Right Mrs. Virginia S. Masters University of Maryland B.S. Physical Education G.A.A. Sponsor Girls’ Intramurals Sponsor Johnny F. Merritt Atlantic Christian College Math, Algebra Mrs. Martha Jo Milne Judson College A.B. English 27 ENDURE THE ANNUAL Top: Left to Right Warren E. Mitchell University of Richmond B.A. Physical Education Varsity Basketball Coach Senior Class Sponsor Mrs. Sally D. Moser Randolph-Macon Woman’s College Louisian State University B.A. English, Journalism BEACON Advisor Co-Sponsor of Quill and Scroll Mrs. Louise L. Mundie College of William and Mary B.A. Latin General Math Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Emily W. Nelson Madison College B.S. Librarian Mrs. Frances Nettles College of William and Mary A.B. Biology Honor Council Sponsor Charles W. Nuttycombe Randolph-Macon College B.A. History, World Geography Football Coach Co-Head Track Coach Top: Left to Right Miss Sarah Wade Owen Longwood College B.S. English John E. Palmer Duke University B.A. Social Studies, U.S. History Jr. Varsity Basketball Coach Mrs. Emily Powell College of William and Mary B.A. U.S. History, Geography Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Jen Lou S. Pulley Winthrop College A.B. U.S. History Christopher Newport Society Sponsor William G. Ray Norfolk William and Mary Extended A.B. History, English Mrs. Ruth D. Sanders Longwood College B.S. Physical Education Girls’ Intramurals Sponsor 28 HBHH ONSLAUGHT OF STUDENTS, Top: Left to Right Mrs. Jean B. Satterwhite East Carolina State College B.S. M.A. English ANCHOR Advisor Co-Sponsor of Quill and Scroll Mrs. Roberta Leigh Schilling Longwood College Spanish Miss Mary E. Sexton East Carolina College B.S. English Bottom : Left to Right William Howell Sharpe Lynchburg College General Science Biology John W. Shirley North Greenville Jr. College A. A. Furman University B.S. General Math, Algebra Miss Janice L. Shockley Shenandoah Conservatory of Music B.Me. Junior Band Sponsor Band J.V. Flagtwirlers Sponsor Top: Left to Right Joseph Skapars University of Virginia Biology General Science Samuel H. Somerville, Jr. West Virginia Institute of Technology General Wood Shop Mrs. Mary E. Stokes Longwood College B.A. Algebra, Math Advanced Biology Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Claudia Sturm Longwood College B.S. English Miss Rebecca Suttle College of William and Mary A.B. Columbia University M.A. Head of English Department English Creative Writers’ Club Sponsor Wayne Taylor Elon College A.B. Algebra, Math Key Club Sponsor 29 AND STAY EAGER, AND Top: Left to Right Mrs. Esther Thomas Lynchburg College A.B. English M. L. Thompson Northern Illinois State University B.E. Printing Miss Mae Edwards Weaver William and Mary College English Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Lalie Lett Webb Mary Washington College Columbia University Homemaking F.H.A. Sponsor M. G. Willey Temple University M.A. Head of Business Education Shorthand James P. Wilson, Jr. Wayne State University B.S. Instrumental Music Band Sponsor Varsity Flagtwirlers Sponsor Head of Music Department Co-Sponsor Chess Club Top: Left to Right Miss Eliza W. Wise Longvvood College B.A. Columbia University M.A. World Geography World History Government Mrs. Gay Mattingly Womach University of Pennsylvania General Science Mrs. Jeanette W. Wright College of William and Mary A.B. English Bottom: Left to Right W. Phil Wynn Emory and Henry College A.B. B.S. Industrial Cooperative Training I.C.T. Club Sponsor Robert Lee Wynne Wake Forest College History, Geography 30 INTERESTED IN THEIR SUBJECT Top: Left to Right James F. Carter, Jr. Custodian Mrs. Lallie Bradford Cafeteria Manager Mrs. Virginia Cash Secretary to Mr. Maidment Bottom: Left to Right Mrs. Hazel Petenbrink Bookkeeper Mrs. Juanita Weaver Clerk Mrs. Lucille Williams Riverside Hospital RN School Nurse Pfi TU; ■:£ ' i£ ' ] mp .”9 " 1 ■ , JmI ' Ml ' w i . J 1 (P 7 • ' . ‘1$ r J JFy - ' • F .vJ Ml ) If you enter the main office before, during, or after school hours, you will probably see these three office assistants working very hard to meet the demands of the school. Left to right we find Mrs. Cash, Mrs. Weaver, and Mrs. Petenbrink busily racing with time to finish their work. 31 HERE ARE OUR TEACHERS Mr. Carter raises the flag at the break of a new school day. 32 AT A GLANCE! What? Me Worry? Mr. Keesee looks on as Mr. Maidment pins a flower on Miss Gildersleeve. Seniors listen at- tentively to experi- mental government lecture by Miss Helmer. Could Coach Mitchell possibly be on stage ? Coffee A La Gossip! 33 UNDERCLASSMEN UNDERCLASSMEN PERIODICALLY RENEW THE LIFE OF THE ROAD BY PROVIDING THE RAW MATERIALS NECESSARY TO PRODUCE ITS BASIC UNIT— THE STUDENT. L. to R. Lee Sutton, Nancy Horne 35 ANXIOUS, HESITANT, From among their fellow students the mice have chosen these to lead as they begin the journey along the road from mice to seniors. To these mice the road’s end as seniors seems far away, but as the weeks grow shorter until graduation, they will wonder where the years flew. Left to right: Spon., Mrs. Milne; pres., Pam Weaver; Sec., Cheryl Rosser; Honor Council, Elinor Milne; Exec. Bd., Janice Poole. Left to right David Abbott Patricia Adkins Richie Allen Beverly Amos Sharon Ange Micheal Artman Ann Atkins Jan Atkins Dale Atkinson Susan Avant Vickie Baker Paul Baker Carolyn Baker Jerry Ann Baker Sherry Baker Billy Baldwin Frances Bass Ann Barber Angeline Barefoot Susan Barker Wayne Barnard Beverly Barnes Mary Anne Barrow David Bazemore Linda Beachham Lewis Beale Roger Bean Richard Bearor Tommy Becker Iris Beeson Dorothy Bell Bill Belt Barbara Bently Pat Bingham Bucky Blake Connie Bloxom Linda Boatwright Harriet Bolden Linda Bond Phyllis Booth Millie Bost Wanda Bowen Gwen Boyd Michael Bradford Paul Bragg 36 YET EAGER TO TAKE PART Left to right Tim Bradley Ronnie Brams David Brandon Tommy Brittain Eddie Brooks Tommy Brown Brenda Buchanan Robert Burch Carolyn Burns Peggy Burton Carol Bradish Gayle Bridgeman James Bryant June Byrd Ronnie Byrd Ronald Buchanan Wayne Buchanan Ida Mae Cain Peggy Caldwell Billy Caldwin Bonnie Calhoun Ramona Calhoun Brenda Campbell Donald Campbell Larry Campbell Vincent Campbell Ramona Carneal Sue Carter Geneva Cash Ronnie Cash Sharon Chaffin Jane Christian Margaret Christie Bill Clark James Clark Kenneth Clark Gayle Clarke Janet Coats Harry Coley Josephine Collins Donna Converse Lee Cook Diana Cooper George Corbert Jimmy Corbett Gail Crawford Jerry Crisp Wanda Crump Ernest Cullen Randy Culotta Calvin Culp Joe Curry George Cutchins David Cutler Wayne Dalton Brenda Damron Jackie Davenport John Davis Kirk Davis Rex Davis Sheila Davis Linda Davis William Deans Archie Deans Ann Deans Nancy De Arment Gary Deckard Calvin Dellinger Patty Dempsey Wayne Dewell Leslie Diamond Diane Diangelo Joe Dickson Ann Dietz Paul Dobie Paulette Dobie Charles Doby Shirley Dooley Albert Dorner Jimmy Dossett Barbara Doyle Craig Drewry Geraldine Duncan Arthur Eaker Brenda Eakes Shirley Eanes Biady Earnhart Vicki Edgerton Chuck Fiorella David Finkle Robert Ferrs John Ferro Drema Ferguson Mina Earlach Faye Elder Kay Eggleston Virginia Edwards Larry Edwards Pat Edmonson 37 IN THE FUN AND SOCIAL WHIRL Left to right Carol Firestone Joel Fisher Gail Fisk David Flakowitz Danny Flanary Lynn Forbes Sandra Ford Johnny Fortune Sammy Fox Sue Francis Curtis Franks Horman Freeman Billy Gallimore Michael Gardner Linda Garth Margie Gary Billy Gasper Alex Gatewood Alan Gerber Aderon Gibbs Pat Gibson Kermit Gilbert Nancy Gillen Jimmy Gilliam Alvin Gills Stan Glasofer Stevie Gordon Betsy Goodwin Robert Goodson Deborah Gordon Ralph Gordon Leroy Grainger Larry Grant Jo Ann Graves Donald Griffin Alan Groshong Marcia Grubbs Faith Gurner Carl Gutherie John Gutherie Joe Guthrie Patty Hall Sylvia Hall Tony Hall Donny Hancock Mary Hansford William Harper Barry Harplett Barbara Harrelson Myron Harrelson Bobby Harris Linda Harris Robert Harris Sheila Harris Shirley Hartley Ricky Hartline Daniel Hartzler Tony Hedgepett Barbara Hedrick Carolyn Henderson Terry Heney Jerry Henry Jerry Henry Brenda Hicks Gene Higgins Linda Hildebrand Robert Hines Patty Hisdon Billy Hobbs Lois Hobbs Dorothy Hodges Betty Holland Donnie Holmes Jimmy Holmes Richard Holselow Linda Hooper Paulette Horne Robert Houston Nellie Hudgins Sandra Hudgins Mark Hutcheson Regina Ivey Clifton Jackson Dolores Jackson Linda Jackson Stuart Jackson. Bruce Jenkins Tommy Jenkins Kathy Johnson Marcuin Johnson Sarah Jolly Barbara Jones Chuck Jones Eddie Jones Linda Jones Barbara Judd David Kahle Diane Kelly Bobby Kenney 38 OF BEING A HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT, Left to Right Shirley Kennedy Jean Kersey Marion Kevish Steve Kiger Morris King Don Kirkland Terry Kiser Randy Kiser Janice Knight Donald Koonce Zoe Kounnas Nathan Kozluski Butch Kypriandes Robert LaFlamme Robert Landrum Ann Larycinski Nancy Lewis Linda Lewis William Leong Sandra Leonard Gerald Leonard Mary Jo Lee Mary Lee Bonnie Lee Mike Littevin Joe Lieberman Pat Liakos Barbara Liakos Donald Llewellyn Cleman Lloyd Chris Louis Ruth Long Michael Luther Curtis Lyle Linda Lyons Ethel McAfee Donnie McCain Hoyet McDonald Je Annette McDonald Patricia McDowell James McGee Roger McIntosh Vonciel McKell Ray McKeen Linda McKenna Susan McMurray Marie McNeil Richard Mabe Wally Magruder Bobbie Mahn Stanley Majors Wayne Mallory Sandra Marion Charlie Marsette Marlene Marsette Jimmy Martin Judy Massengill Bill Massey Cheryl Mays Sidney Melton Linda Merriman Faye Merritt Jimmy Millard Beverly Miller Gary Miller Nancy Miller Eleanor Milne James Mingee John Minnick Gary Mintic Della Mae Mitchell Pamela Mitchell Donald Moffitt Chris Monry Ricky Montague Jimmy Montague Larry Moody Anita Morgan Evelyn Morgan Richard Morris Wayne Morton Chuck Mosier Wayne Moss Stanley Mros Lois Mullen Joyce Munn Andy Nair Janice Napier Ronald Nash Anna Neumeyer Diana Neumeyer Joann Nickey Frank Nicosia Sherolyn Nisonger Milton Nunnally David O ' Brian Jim O’Brian Ernie Ochetree Lowell Oliver 39 OUR NUMEROUS MICE Left to right Mary Frances Owens Anita Parker Norma Parker Tommy Parker Diane Parrish Iona Parrish Elizabeth Pasley Harry Pasquier Donald Patrick Orvel Patrick Marilyn Payne Judy Pearce Jerry Perry Jimmy Peters Evon Petzold Kerby Perez Allen Phillips Barbara Phillips Judy Phillips Larry Phillips Johnny Pinder John Pinland A1 Plessinger Vickie Polston Janice Poole Janice Presson Eugene Price Raymond Price Eugene Pritt Johnny Proffitt Linda Powell Bobby Puckett John Ragland Bill Raper Jackie Ray Linda Reese Sandra Reighard Gilman Rickey Elizabeth Roberts Judy Roberts Worth Roberts Wanda Robertson Kathy Robinson David Rodgers Kenny Rogers Cherly Rosser Bill Roth Mary Rowell Michael Ryan Merle Sammons Susan Sandler Phillip Sasser Steve Saul Alfred Saunders Steven Saunders Wayne Savage Bobby Saver James Savage Mike Schock Wade Scott Nancy Scruggs Tommy Seaborn David Sealey Harvey Shealey Bobby Shelton Elizabeth Shelton Linda Shelton Michele Shelton Patricia Shiplett Douglas Shinn Natalie Siegal Linda Sills Nayne Simpson Woody Slate Cheryl Smith David Smith Lester Smith Mitchell Smith Randy Smith Roger Smith Sheila Smith Shirley Smith Steve Smith Marie Snead Ed Snyder Mary Frances Southall Reba Southard Evelyn Spackman Susan Sparks Diane Sparrow Fred Sparrow Dalton Speight Frankie Suiter Ellen Suiter Ricky Sturgis John Strickland Franklin Strickand Timmy Stephens Billy Stephens 40 ENTER N. N. H. S Left to right Bonnie Step Wesley Staude Mike Starnes Lutricia Starling Barbara Stacil Bobby Sprouse Chuck Springfield Mike Spivey Thomas Spikes Randy Tate Libby Taylor Ronnie Taylor Betty Thomas Kenny Thomas Sandra Thomas Wayne Thomas Linda Thomason Andrew Tillman Sandra Tomlin Elliot Torn Cynthia Toulson Bobby Trainum Theresa Trantham Lucille Turlington Gary Turner Timothy Turner Roger Underwood Caolotta Vaughan Cynthia Wagner Ferdy Wagner Woody Wagner Kenneth Waller Mike Waller Roger Ware Davey Warren Ilene Wasserman Carolyn Waters Linda Waterfield Carolyn Watson Pam Weaver Cathie Weeks Bobby White Robert White David Whitmore Jimmy Whitfield Susan Whitt Sharon Widner Flores William Mark Wimmer Linda Williams Linda Williams Mike Williams Patricia Williams Juanita Wilkins Gloria Winingar Dean Woodly Susan Woody Sandra Worsham Sheila Wyatt Charles Zachary Nowell Zoumplis The annual Mouse Assembly gives the rest of the school a chance to see the talents that the eighth grade has brought. Elinor Milne and Cheryl Mays sing “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. 41 HOW OLD AND EXPERIENCED As these pilots of the Freshman Class make their way along the road to knowledge, they find their journeys a reward as well as a pleasure. Front to Back: Mr. Helms, sponsor; Joe Mooney, president and Executive Board; Pam Smith, secretary; Polly Norris, Honor Council. Terry Abbott Diane Adams Ann Allen Jerry Allen Linda Allen Wilda Allen Peggy Allford George Anas Kay Andaton Pat Anderson Judy Anker David Arnold Jerry Atkins Bobby Bailley Debbie Baker Bill Baker Thelma Baker Madge Baldwin Dolores Barfield Marvin Barnes Raeford Barnes Ginny Barrett Max Bartholomew Betty Bass Paul Bass Sandra Bateman Sidney Becker Joseph Bell Charlene Bender Lonnie Berry Shelia Bicknell Patsy Blackard Bobby Blake Betty Blandford Frank Blechman Sandra Boatright Rosalie Bond Ernest Booker Paul Borez Wayne Bowen 42 EVERYONE ELSE SEEMS! Jimmy Branch Jimmy Brandon Charles Braslow Becky Braslow Pat Bray James Brinkley Tonia Brittian Patricia Broughton Ricky Bryant Carol Buckley Kay Burks Mike Burns Steve Burns Margaret Burton Clifton Camden Clay Campbell Ruth Campbell Sharon Campbell Richard Canter Barbara Carroll Kenny Carter Lucky Cartwright Mike Caster Shirley Caudill Charles Candles Wayne Chapman Richard Chappell Michael Charry Brenda Clark Chippy Clark Jerry Clark Marshall Clay Geneva Cole Jeannie Collier Pauline Collins Rip Collins Brenda Conard Howard Conn James Conner Richard Conner Harvey Cook Becky Crank Howard Crawford Linda Crees Tommy Critteton Joyce Curry Lynne Dannelly Cecilia Davis Malcolm Davis Pat Davis Phillip Davis Ricky Davis Ruby Davis Tommy Davis Wayne Davis Wayne DeBerry Jo Delafasse Linda DeShazo Jimmy Dick Gene Dismell James Dockerty Daniel Dooley Don Edwards Joyce Effler Shirley Elder David Ellenson Harron Ellenson Chris Ellis Larry Elmore Charles Embler Linda Evans Brenda Ezzell Earnest Faircloth George Fenigsohn Carla Fine Debbie Fink Paul Forbes Donnie Forrester Mike Foster Deborah Freeman 43 SURPRISINGLY, ADJUSTMENT Mike Hershman Pat Hessler Buddy Hickman Betty Hicks Linda Hicks Pamela Hicks Marcus Higgens Diane Hill Albert Hines Dana Hinnant Donna Hite Peggy Hite Retha Rite Margaret Hoban Sandy Hobbs Betty Hogge Ronnie Hollaway Frances Hollifield Sherry Holmes Dorinda Homm Nancy Horne Olivia House Ernest Howard Cecil Howell Henry Hoyle Garland Hudson Pete Huntley Phyllis Hyatt Linda Ingram Raleigh Ingram Tommy Ingram Dennis Ivey John Ivey Ronnie Jackson Betty Jefferson Allen Jenkins James Jones Edgar Johnson George Johnson Sybil Joyner Mark Friedman Wayne Frizzelle Dennis Fry Edward Fuller Margaret Gann Roscoe Gary Kenneth Gault Otis Glamore Jody Glazer Bill Glazier Todd Givens David Goodman Frances Goodson Richard Gordon Norma Graham Georgia Gravely Bonnie Gray Jacqueline Grepiotes Jimmy Grepiotis Sue Griffin Bill Hallett Larry Harding Bonnie Hardisty Ronnie Harey Tom Hargadon Richard Harman Charles Harrell Ann Harris Nelson Harris Brenda Harrison Susan Harrison Buddy Hart Linda Hartless Donald Harvey David Hatchett Bobby Hatten Trudy Hawk Barbara Haynes Larry Helms Vela Henderson 44 COMES QUICKLY Wayne Karmosky Janie Keats Donald Keenan David Keithley Kenny Kelterman Gilmore Kirby Joan Kniesche George Konstant Billy Langston Carol Larson Kim Lassiter Rickie Lassiter Curtis Lauterback Joyce Lawrence Richard Lee Ilene Levinson Nancy Lewis Donna Lloyd Joe Lows H. P. Lucas Jo Lusk Janice McCain Judy McCall Gwen McLaughlin Betty McManus Glenn Malpass Iris Manry Anne Marlow Ann Marshburn Bobby Marston Beverly Martin Bobby Marton Candance Mays Randy Mercer Donna Mick Dallas Millen Judy Miller Michael Miller Jackie Millikin William Mills Carol Minkoff Richard Minnick Fay Mintz Don Misonger Sherry Mitchem Betty Mollick John Montague Joe Mooney Lois Moore Ruby Moore Larry Moran Rose Morgan Jimmy Morrow Billy Mortimer Charlie Moss Gail Moss Ernie Murphy Sylvia Murphy Herbert Nair David Nash David Nealy Vicki Neill Bobby Newsberry Roger Newton Glenda Norris Polly Norris Patricia Nunley Barbara Nunnally Jimmy Olom Tom Oxner Sarah Pickett Steve Pullen Brent Parkin Ann Parrish Ronald Parton Eddie Perry Hal Perry Ronnie Phillips Linda Pierce Linda Pless 45 AND THE PATTERN OF THE MAP Jackie Poteat Tommy Proctor Maybelle Ramsey Donald Reed Barbara Reep Barry Rew Brenda Rose Geraldine Ross Beverly Rosser James Rowe Julia Rowell Van Rowell Bobby Ruben Gregory Russell Linda Ryder Leonard Sabolshy David Sage Barbara Salken Ronnie Sanders Katherine Sasser Bonnie Sauls Ann Sawyer Billy Saxan Andy Schaffer Martha Schanz Billy Schroding Carolyn Schroding Jeanie Scruggs Bobby Sears Frankie Seemour Jerry Shelton Shirley Scholar Betsy Smith Connie Smith David Smith Donald Smith Elliot Smith James Smith Janet Smith Pam Smith Ronald Smith Shirley Smith Steve Smith Willard Smith Mark Snyder Martin Somervol d Perry Sosbee Joyce Spake Bruce Spigel Elaine Spivey Mike Spivey David Spriggs Eddie Springfield Mary Lou Staton Janie Stephens Wayne Stokes Bill Stoppe Mary Jo Street Jerry Strickland Sylvia Summerlin Bobby Tanner Ken Taylor Jane Taylor Elizabeth Tedder Donny Terry Carol Thomas Tommy Thomas Frances Thompson Sandra Tilles Connie Todd Jean Tosh David Trevathan Darlene Sides Dean Sides Joyce Singer Linda Sizemore Jimmy Skates Patty Slone Ann Smith Barbara Smith 46 IS ESTABLISHED Barbara Tucker Cheryl Tucker Billy Turner Nancy Umphlet Judy Underwood Ricky Urrutia Brenda Vanness John Van Noy Phillip Vaughn Steve Vaughn Diane Venters Brenda Vest Wayne Vick Skipper Vickness Michael Victorine Charles Villines Bobby Walker Lynn Walker Elizabeth Warboys Larry Ward Joe Warner Ernestin e Warren Harold Waters Carolyn Webb Kenny West Julie Wheary Margie Wheeler Edna Whitcomb Allen White Tazewell Whitley Bridget Whitt Judy Wiggins Skippy Wood Rose Woodard Brenda Woolard Donna Worsham Richard Wren Linwood Wright Pat Wright Tommy Young Dolores Wilds Brenda Williams Carol Williams Verma Williams Rosalie Wills Joe Wingo Jimmy Withrow Ronnie Wood Bill York Bobby Yevak Typical of all Typhoons, these Freshmen are intently scanning the latest issue of the BEACON. L. to R.: Nancy Horne, Robert Marston, Mary Lou Staton, David Treva- than and Betty Blandford. 47 STUDENTS OF ASSORTED These are the leaders of the Sophomore Class, which has ar- rived at the half-way point on the road. The end of the road, graduation, does not seem to be as much a dream as it did in past years . . . left to right: Spon., Mr. Armstrong; Pres., John Todd; Veep, Dale Mueller; Sec., Betty Mundie; Honor Council, Alice Fowler; Exec. Board, Charles Milne. Kathy Agee Sandra Aiken Bobby Allen Fay Allen Fred Anspach Henry Armstrong Kathy Avant Janice Baity Linda Baker Bill Barnard Billy Barnes Mike Barnes Harry Barritt Brenda Bass David Bell Judy Bell Donnie Benthall 48 Hi SIZE, SHAPES AND AGES Tony Benton Billy Beachman Jerry Bean Randy Bearor Eddie Beasley Bonnie Binford Barbara Bishop Porter Blakemore David Block Bobby Bloxom John Bluxome Wayne Boger Darrell Boland Nancy Boyd Larry Boyles Claudine Branch Thomas Braswell Margaret Brown Ann Bryant Bobby Bryant Ronald Bryant Gene Buchanan Tommy Buckingham Jimmy Bull Carolyn Bundy Maurine Burnette Marie Burns Brenda Burrage Katherine Byrd Orville Calhoun Bobby Callis Shirley Carleton Donald Carter John Carter Becky Cash Margaret Cathey Ann Cayton Donna Chadwell Judi Chapman Danny Childress Judy Chisom Kitty Clark Sandy Cohen Tommy Coleman Phillip Coley Jane Coltrain Betty Cooper John Coulkey Rachel Covert Melba Craddock Marty Credle Joan Crittendon Billy Crosby Alma Crum Richard Curtis Wayne Davenport 49 MINGLE IN THE HALLWAYS . . . Anne Davidson Brenda Davis Ray Davis Sharon Davis Melba Deas James DeBerry Billy Deckard Carolyn Devell Judy Devell Everett DeWeese Allen Donley Stacy Dome Fostine Dowles David Drucker Ann Duncan Donald Ealey Judy Edwards Barbara Eliot Pam Ellis Judy Erlach Craig Eubank Jimmy Faircloth Allen Farber Ralph Farmer Billy Feather Nicki Fennell Mary Lee Ferguson Branda Fisher Tommy Flax Helen Flick Barry Forbes Pam Foreman Charles Forrest Kenneth Forrest Alice Fowler Ellen Frank Joe Frank Gene Freeze Roger Frizzelle Gloria Fulghum Russell Gary Steve Getsug Bill Gilbert Thomas Gilbert Kay Gillespie John Gillette Johnny Gilliam Kitty Gills Elinor Goldberg Jon Goldenbaum Alice Goldsmith Becky Goolsby Frances Grant Rcva Gravely Jerry Gray Ronnie Greene G A ML f f f 50 THE PATHS THAT LEAD TO GRADUATION. Jason Griffith Carol Groshong Katie Haan Billy Hale Barbara Halfin Phillip Hammond Phyllis Hargrave Bonnie Harrison Ted Heflin Nancy Heldreth Kenny Henderson Ruth Ann Hessler Peggy Hildebrand Gregory Hill Jimmy Hines Roger Hite Vicki Hobbs Wayne Hobbs Dennis Holbrook Judy Hopkins Donald Houston Brenda Hudson Reid Hudson Woody Humphery Diane Hunter Janice Hurd Edna Johnson Joanne Johnson Barbara Kean Brenda Keatts Edward Kerlin Eddie Ketterman Pat Kirkland Steve Klein Bill Koehler Carolyn Kratzsch Christy Kypriandes Charles LaBoone Linda Lane Betty Lou Lanier Gayle Latta Cheryl Ledford Marlene Levine Linda Levy Joel Lewis Judy Lockard Don London Linda Long Judy Lucas Linda Lumsden Ronnie Luther Sandra Lyon Charles Maddy Joan Markiewich Joanne Markman Randy Martin 51 FOR THESE UNDERCLASSMEN, Mikki Mason Sandra Matthews Judy Mawyer Becky May Billy McDowell Jimmy McGhee Sandra MeGough Mary McKeen Karon McKnight Roger McMurray Wayne McPhail John Meek Daniel Meena Charlie Mercer Ricky Miller Sue Miller Charles Milne Beverly Mingee Nancy Mitchell Kenny Moore Yvonne Morrison Ruby Moses Dale Mueller Betty Mundie Catherine Murphy Brenda Napier Frank Neal Paul Neal Douglas Nelson Alan Nesbitt Lorna Nicosia Sheila Oakes Eddie Oas Rodney Odem Norman Olshansky Joyce O’Neal Rick Oppenheimer Ray Owen Sandra Owens Conrad Pauley Billy Parianous Sue Parker Jeanette Parrish Brenda Patrick Jimmy Pearce Sandy Pennington Howard Perkins Margaret Phillips Alice Pipkin Donna Pipkin Cheryl Pless Clarence Point Jean Poole Tom Poteet Jerry Powell Diane Pritchette 52 GRADUATION IS A VAGUE Janice Queener Linda Quinn Angela Ray Rose Ratliff Alice Reese Mary Rickey Charles Rinehart Pat Robbins Carol Roller David Rosenwasser Annette Rouse George Rowe Thomasine Rowell Bill Royall Don Royal Georgia Russell Billy Sale Susan Sands Vickie Sasser Joan Saunders Sherry Schilling John Scull Fred Seldemridge Joel Shapiro Jo Ann Shaver Barbara Sheffield Terry Shelton Barbara Sherwood Charles Shoff Lee Siler Bob Simpson Lin Singletary Mary Singleton Catherine Slusser Pat Small David Smith Linda Smith Robert Smith Roger Smith Sheila Smith Shirley Smith Charlie Snead Sherry Spain Betty Spikes Bob Stalnaker Susan Stalnaker Sherry Stanaway Bonnie Stanfield Fred Starling Vivian Starnes Raymond Staton Judy Steele Ronnie Stevenson Jo Ann Stewart David Stone Faith Strickland 53 AND DISTANT STAR, Richard Strickland Lee Sutton Mary Tanner Arnold Taylor Billy Taylor Patsy Taylor Kit Thomas Sam Tilghman Brenda A. Todd Brenda P. Todd John Todd Judi Tosh Terry Triplett Donny Tyndall Billy Unger Jane Van Noy Suzanne Van Noy Elaine Vaslias Neil Vickers John Walker Skippy Walker Bill Ward Kit Warren Faith Wash Gail Watkins Bonnie Watson Jimmy Watson Pat Watts Tony Way Phyllis Weaver Judy Weckleman Molly Wharton Mary White Tommy White Sue Whitley Timmy Whitt Jimmy Wiatt Rex Wiedman Cissy Wilkins Janice Wilkins Karen Wilks Sandra Williams Romona Wilson Joe Withrow John Wolf David Workman Richard Wray James Wren Bobby Wright Gerald Wright Janet Wright Hilda Wright Butch Wyatt Ricky Wyatt Phyllis Yohe 54 A STAR OFTEN FORGOTTEN Posing for this picture are the officers of the class of ’63. The Juniors have participated in many ex- citing events on this stretch of the road and can now see in the horizon their goal — to be Seniors! Left to right, 1st row: Wayne Delozier, Pres.; Mary Anas, Sec.; Bud Shaw, Veep, and Exec. Board Barry Hatchett, Honor Council; 2nd row: Forrest Powell, Treas.; Mr. Nuttycomb and Miss Kanter, Spons.; Walter Morrison, Honor Council. Mary Anas Charlotte Anderson Jean Anderson Raymond Andrews Robert Artman Lola Baab Duane Back Tommy Baker William Barnes Enid Bass Susan Bauz Jackie Belote Livvie Benton Larry Blakeslee Alvin Blankenship Linda Block Vickie Bonday Linda Booth 55 IN THE RUSH OF LIFE, BUT Joe Bye Glenn Campbell Ellen Carney June Chaffin Irene Christofi Janice Clark Inez Clemmons Linda Coates JoAnn Coffey Robert Coffey Marlene Cohen Dan Coleman James Crank Carol Creech Helen Daggy Zettie Damron Darden Daniel Sharon Daniels 56 REMAINING CONSTANT AS A GOAL Glen Davenport Leslie Decell Linda Decell Claudia Dellopenta Wayne Delozier Joan Dinwiddie Betsy Dixon Kay Drewry Deanna Drinnon Raymond Ellenson Barbara Estes Richard Ewell Alfred Farmer Joan Faulkner Judy Fennell Randolph Fitzgerald Robert Fitzgerald Joe Forrest Gloria Gardner Jean Carrol Garner Dani Garrick Jack Garrison Wayne Gaskill Frank Gibson 57 UNDERCLASSMEN Mike Gibson Wilbert Gibson John Gillikin Billy Jo Gills Wayne Gilman Ronnie Glasofer Ginny Sue Goolsby Tunisia Gordon Harmon Gordon Elaine Graham Sammy Gray Eugene Groshong James Hall Edith Hallet Vicki Hankins Caroll Hargrove Carolyn Harris Donna Harris Katherine Harrison Sue Harrison Frances Hartless Jerry Harvey Barry Hatchett Norma Helmick 58 FOLLOW WILLINGLY, Annette Hessler Sue Hewith James Hicks Karen Hill David Hinnant Barbara Hinson Mary Lou Hinson Ronald Hite Richard Honeycutt Judy Horton Wilson Howerton Lucy Hudson Larry Ingram Robert Jeffries Susie Jeffers Louise Johnson Wayne Johnson Suzanne Jones Rufus Kennedy Wayne Kerlin Vernon Kersey Mary Lou Knowles Jimmy Lamb Kay Latta Marsha Leake Claire Levin Phil Liverman Nancy Livesay Thomas Lockard Sally Madagan 59 AND CONTRIBUTE Linda Mahanes Bill Manning Phyllis McCormick John McCoy Connie McGee Frankie McGee Joseph Morgan Susanne Morris Walter Morrison Paul Moses Patsy Moss Eddie Mucer Stuart Nachman Nyna Neville David Nicholls Estelle Overton Ronald Owen Robert Parks Faye Parrish Tommy Payne Faye Pearce Keith Pennell Susan Perkins Richard Phelps 60 THEIR SHARE OF SUCCESSES Monty Phillips Kathreen Pilgrim Forrest Powell Mike Presson Vickie Prevatte Goldie Preville Buddy Price Larry Puckette Henry Ragland Ronnie Ramsey Atlas Ray Johnny Reese Carolyn Reynolds Jennifer Riley Pam Roane Billy Roberts Diane Rodgers Jackie Roland Donna Rountree Tommy Ross Waverly Rosser Bobby Roth Dwight Rowe Eugene Russell Pam Russell Wilroy Sammons Mary Beth Sawyer Elliot Schlosser Joyce Schmidt Ann Sears 61 TO THE ANNALS OF Harry Seay Jerry Seay Robert Shapiro Bill Shaw Fred Shelton Elliot Shemer Michael Sisk Carol Smith Carolyn Smith Howie Smith Owen Smith Sandra Smith Terry Smith Marcia Solomon Lucy Southall Betty Spain Steve Sparkman Bobby Spencer Rochelle Spooner Laverne Spotts Stephanie Spritzer Fred Starling Jane Stephenson Gary Steveson Ann Strange Edward Summerlin Joyce Thomas Martha Timberlake Mary Timberlake Jimmy Todd 62 NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL. Ronald Todd Ruth Thom Randy Tosh James Turlington Barbara Turney Louis Turner Bill Vasilas Buster Vest Carol Vogel Brenda Warren Joan Warren Billy Weaver Sharon Weaver Susan Wells Jerry Wheeler Libby Whitcomb Polly White Mai Whiteside Bernie Whitmer Peggy Wilkins Doris Williams Joyce Williams Patricia Williams Wallace Williams Emma Wilson Phyllis Worsham Joe Wright Lynn Wright Bill Wynne Barbara Yost 63 1 - F J 1 P ' V ' ' J J CLASSROOM CLASSROOMS HAVE BEEN OUR ROADMAPS, PROVIDING CHECK-POINTS IN PROGRESS FOR OUR GAINS IN KNOWLEDGE. L. to R. Mrs. Margaret Baab, Steve Corum OUR CLASSROOMS HAVE FURNISHED f - a Hi - 1 The History Department began teaching government to seniors by a new method this year. All government students met in the auditorium during A Period. Lectures were given by guest speakers in addition to those given daily by the teaching team. Here the students listen as Miss Wise speaks on city government. For an A credit in U. S. History, you must read a book about the period you are study- ing and report on it. First to give his re- port is Frank Gibson. Our library houses a large selection of books for each department in school. Gertrude Helf- rich pauses as she places Europe Since 1814 on the history shelf. 66 RICH OPPORTUNITIES A study of world problems and situations is taken up in World History. In class Miss Wise points to a section in a new book that will help Wayne Davenport to better recognize the need for quick solutions. Sandra Hobbs and Phillip Hammond pause a moment from their studies to find Viet Nam on the globe. In geography you study the topography and cultures of a land as well as its imports and exports. Looking on are Delores Wilds, Jane Coltrain, Lynda Lane and Judy Bell. United States History, taken in the 8th and 11th grades, ac- quaints the students with the eventful heritage of their country. Mrs. Palmer, substitute teacher, continues class with no interruption in study. The History Department of Newport News High School works very hard to offer the students a varied program of history. All of its courses are planned to bring out the most outstanding and interesting points presented in the latest books. The new team teaching technique that was used by the government instruc- tors is a good example of how the de- partment is working to help students prepare for college courses. Often history is not placed on the same level with math and science. The young people of America should be taught about their government. We should know why we believe in a repub- lic and why we are trying to extend the boundaries of freedom. We should under- stand why we take such pride in our heritage. History, government, and geography try to teach us of the many different ways of living. With each study we grow to appreciate our country and our way of life more. 67 FOR MAKING FRIENDS Miss Fulcher s C Period chorus class is busy practicing for the annual Thanksgiving Assembly. Rehearsing for special performances requires a great deal of this class’s time. The most interesting thing studied " 1 is the background of the songs they sing. They also study the composers of the songs. Many students take general chorus assuming that it is an easy course and it can be used as a study hall. But under Miss Fulcher’s guidance these pupils enjoy the class and show a great deal of interest. Harvey Shealey, Sharron Chaffin, and Lee Cook look on as Elizabeth Roberts directs them in a short scene from Howie in class. Direction is one of the many interesting things drama students learn from the instructor. Just the right brush could make a big difference in a painting. Franklin Strickland looks through the brush supply as Pam Ellis, who has found hers, goes over a sculpture of clay. Art students learn fundamental colors, perspective and the care of art tools as a basis for further study. 68 HERE MOMENTS OF TRIUMPH Striking the pose of a self-confident speaker is Curtis Lauterback. Speech teaches poise, self-confidence, and how to write and deliver speeches. It teaches teenagers how to get their ideas across effectively. Susan Perkins, La Verne Spotts, Dwight Rowe and Linda Mahanes lay out plans for their edition of the Beacon. After a semester of basic newspaper writing, students work with the paper for on-the-job experience. The drummers are the backbone of any band. Miss Shockley’s junior band drummers know that they have to practice diligently for the success of their organization. Ernie Murphy, Marsha Grubbs, Jimmy Dossett, David Keithly, Wayne Deberry, Jody Glazer, and Larry Elmore rehearse drum cadences for the band’s trip to Williamsburg to participate in a parade, The band, like the chorus, also studies the history of music. V v • - 69 BEWILDERMENT, BOREDOM Working on El Tifon, the Spanish newspaper, are third year Spanish students Mary-Claire Gerber, Faye Pierce, Mrs. Shilling, Spanish teacher, and Keith Penell. After two years of Spanish grammar and vocabulary, it isn’t very difficult to write interesting articles about the Spanish speaking countries they have studied. The beginning of the English language, and the basis for many others, Latin has for centuries been studied by stu- dents all over the world. It is not only important as a basis for languages, but for the culture that surrounds it. Kathleen Pilgrim and Kenny Branch point to the display on the board about Ulysses. English, the language of the American people, is studied by everyone every day. After more than ten years of study there are still students who can’t write a paper. In Miss Suttle’s class Steve Corum gets plenty of practice, writing a theme every week. Steve gets plenty of help from a dictionary, thesaurus and literature book. Grammar and literature are the main topics taught in this class. “S’il vous plait!” says Mr. Armstrong. A former pupil and student leader at N. N. H. S., Mr. Larry Armstrong returned to his alma mater to teach French and history. 70 AND INTENSE INTEREST Algebra is a must for college bound students. These students know how important it is to receive good grades in algebra so they listen well to Mrs. Graves who teaches them algebraic equations. Basic addition, multiplication, subtraction, word problems, and simple equations are studied in gen- eral math class. Frances Hollifield seeks the as- sistance of Miss Holladay to solve a hard distance problem. Donna Hite listens intently. This class is planned to give a solid background to those who intend to go on to higher math. Irene James shows us one of the figures she uses to solve a geometry problem. Plane Richard Hughes, Pat Massey, Clare Smith and Rita Baab seem geometry helps students to analyze probl- to have run into a difficult trig problem that no one can solve, lems. Trigonometry is the study of ratios, angles, and triangles. 71 HAVE BEEN Elaine Redford finishes pouring the par- affin sealer in the last glass of home made jelly she has just prepared. These future homemakers learn the funda- mentals of proper diet and nutritious meal planning. Clare Smith proves to Mr. Lyeth that girls, too, can be successful in drafting. This elective course prepares stu- dents for positions as archi- tects, or engineers by teach- ing them scale drawing. Randy Fitzgerald, Mike Gibson, Jimmy Parker, Jerry Wheeler, Ray Andrews, Steven Crump, and Billy Deckerd learn to use many types of machines in shop class. This is one of three courses that train boys to work with their hands. 72 3C EXPERIENCED BY ALL Charles Milne, setting the high jump bar for Joe Wright, shows us one of the skills taught in boys’ gym class. Muscle control and sports- manship play a great part in learning the sports taught in this class. During home room period Paula Sturtevant, John McCormick, Stevie Spradlin, Dee Gee Wilkinson, Clare Smith and Donald Schwartz are waiting for the bell to ring. After the reading of the bulletin, students study or do the homework they forgot to do the night before. Mrs. Masters referees an exciting hockey game in girls’ physical education class. Gym is planned to develop self-confidence, coordina- tion, agility and poise. Girls learn games, dances and tumbling and apparatus stunts. 73 HERE, TOO, WE HAVE MET AND Top Left: Shorthand, though mainly taken in preparation for a secretarial job, is also helpful for college students in taking lecture notes. Phyllis McCormick stops to hear Mr. Willey’s question about what she has written. Top Right: The speed and accuracy with which these students type may depend on their suc- cess in a job after graduation. Taking timed writes to build up their speed are Dale Marshall, Lynne Wright, Janet Harris, and Tessie Takis. I Left: Barbara Hall knows that if she is to be- come a good bookkeeper, she must do her class assignments well. In this course she learns how to keep records of business expenditures and income. 74 ACCEPTED THE CHALLENGES Students taking office practice benefit themselves as well as others. They gain practical knowledge while assisting the office staff in their many daily functions. Patty Johnson is mimeograph- ing the bulletin for Mr. Maidment. Michael Barnes, a D. E. stu- dent, works at Nachman’s after school in the advertis- ing department. Michael plans to continue advertising at college. Miss Kanter is discussing the topic, “How to Make Change,” with her Distributive Education class. These juniors and seniors take required subjects in the morning, D. E. class D period and then work at a job after school that will give them experience for a later vocation. From left to right are: LuElla Hooper, Mike Barnes, Valerie Carter, Miss Kanter, Pat Hewett, Connie McKinsey, Betsy Barnhouse. 75 AND RESPONSIBILITIES A whole new world is discovered by students who study biology. Phillip Hammond studies a car- rot before he looks at it under the microscope. Biology is the study of plant and animal life. One of the most enjoyable courses at Newport News High School, the students are always sorry to finish the course at the end of the year. General science is the stepping stone into the Science Department. Carol Thomas and Mike Miller start an experiment in class. They will touch chemistry, biology, and physics dur- ing the year. Discussing the splitting of atoms with Gene Buchanan and Jackie Belote, Mr. Leonard ex- plains the reaction of atoms in space. Chemistry experiments make this course a very interesting one. This science deals with the constitution of matter. 76 OF GROWING UP 1 ■ r ■ t - | j t - ■ jfffi nV A new course at our school, advanced science prepares the college bound student for his freshman course in science. The first semester was a study of biology, the second, chemistry. Mrs. Stokes taught the class. Dicky Dillaman, William Burns, and Kenny Branch study the reactions of a vacuum in physics period. It teaches these students to think for themselves. It is a combination of math and science with problem solving. Science is playing a more important role today than before. It is apparent that we need to learn the modern sciences. To- day’s young people will be the space trav- elers of tomorrow. It is necessary that we study science to be ready to step into the role of leadership. One of the best places to learn is in the classroom with qualified instructors. At our school we have many teachers who are able teachers of science, math, history, or typing. It is up to the students to take advantage of this opportunity to learn through classroom study. 77 ACTIVITIES OUR ACTIVITIES ARE THE BYPASSES AND DETOURS FOUND ALONG THE ROAD. HERE A FAVORED PATH OF INTEREST MAY BE FOLLOWED THROUGHOUT THE YEARS OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. L. to R. John Carleton, Brenda Veazey, Nancy Dearing 79 HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT COUNCIL Front Row: C. Milne, D. Dillaman, D. Schwartz, P. McCormick, M. Fallin, J. Morgan, J. Carleton, C. Hanrahan, M. Cohen, S. Morewitz, N. Saunders, S. Spradlin, L. Spigel, D. King. 2nd Row: J. Walker, D. Wilkinson, K. Bowen, B. Shaw, R. Baab, S. Cohen, N. Dealing, B. Veazey, S. Weaver, P. Timberlake, J. Poole, W. DeLozier, J. Mooney, A. Nesbitt. 3rd Row: Miss E. Gildersleeve, sponsor, B. Bland- ford, L. Wright, A. Ray, C. McGee, C. Dellapenta, R. Green, C. Ros- ser, V. Edgerton, V. MeKeel, D. Neumeyer, J. Baker, S. Sholar, J. Edwards. 4th Row: S. Pullen, B. Hedrick, J. Keatts, M. Payne, J. Collier, P. Norris, C. Todd, S. Williams, S. Miller, C. Mays, W. Hogge, J. Wiatt. Back Row: J. Scull, B. Fox, R. Lee, D. Ellenson, F. Holli- field, B. Unger, C. Anderson, S. Jeffers, C. Guilliams, A. Harris, J. Steele, B. Goolsby, M. Staton, S. Gay. Composed of a representative from each home- room, the Student Council acts as the governing body of Newport News High School. The council, under the direction of Miss Gildersleeve, sponsors dances, elects representatives to the S. C. A. Conference, and appropriates money for school functions. STUDENT BODY OFFICERS L. to R., Calvin Hanrahan, president, Marlene Cohen, secretary, John Carleton, vice-president. Our Student Body Officers preside at Student Council meetings and are quite ably equipped to guide the work of the student body. They also repre- sent our school in the community in addition to representing us at other schools. Our officers are elected in the spring by the student body. 80 ACTIVITIES EXECUTIVE BOARD Front Row: S. Morewitz, N. Dealing, D. Holton, S. Cohen, M. Cohen, C. Hanrahan, J. Carleton, S. Spradlin, J. Walker, R. Baab, J. Poole. 2nd Row: B. Veazey, J. Morgan. N. Saunders, S. Weaver, M. Timber- lake, J. Mooney, D. Dillaman, M. Fallin, P. McCormick, Miss Gilder- sleeve, sponsor. Back Row: C. Milne, B. Shaw, W. DeLozier, D. Schwartz, P. Gold, D. King, L. Spigel, F. Powell. Made up of Student Council committee heads, student body officers, and one representative from all of the classes the Executive Board acts as a control planning body for the S. C. A. It plans assemblies, make nominations for the Honor Council, and encourages the participation of all the S. C. A. committees. The Executive Board meets regularly every Monday morning. S. C. A. FEDERATION OFFICERS L. to R., Donald Schwartz, president, Brenda Veazey, secretary. The S. C. A. Federation is a council of representatives selected from three of the schools, Newport News, Warwick, and Hampton. This council is responsible for planning joint projects. Included in the projects are Brotherhood Week and Honor Week. In 1962 N.N.H.S. supplied the president and secretary. BRIDGE THE GAP DANCE COMMITTEE Front Row: N. Matthews, B. Hatten, D. Parrish, J. McGee. Back Row: P. Hargrave. P. Timberlake. (Co-head): N. Saunders, (Co-head); J. Rountree. SCHOOL SPIRIT COMMITTEE Front Row: S. Spradlin, C. Slusser, J. Walker (Co-head) ; J. Morgan, (Co-head) : A. Morgan, S. Boatwright. Back Row: D. King, G. Kahle, S. Melton, R. Hite, D. Harvey. The Student Council Committees of N. N. H. S. offer participation to every member of the student body and not just a select few. They provide student cooperation in the in- ternal government of N. N. H. S. Another function of the Student Council Committees is the training of students to be- come good citizens. They are a significant factor in the molding of students. BELL, SCRAPBOOK, BULLETIN BOARD, POUND, REMEMBRANCE Front Row: M. Fallin, S. Morewitz, B. Veazey. Back Row: S. Sprad- lin, D. Holton. Missing: Forrest Powell. BEHAVIOR CODE COMMITTEE Front Row: S. Vickness, H. Anderson, R. Schwartz, K. Branch, Z. Damron. Back Row: D. Dillaman, (Co-head); B. Schaffer, S. Mark- ham, E. Vasilas, D. Garrick, B. Combs. Missing: P. Gold, (Co-head). SAFETY COMMITTEE Front Row: C. Dellapenta, L. Mahanes, L. Block, D. Garrick, I. Christofi. Back Row: B. Shaw, (Co-head); B. Fox, H. Daggy, B. Spain. Missing: W. DeLozier, (Co-head). BETWEEN PURELY ACADEMIC HOUSE AND GROUNDS COMMITTEE SPORTSMANSHIP COMMITTEE Front Row: K. Bowen, J. Morgan, D. Mick, S. Mitchem, C. Todd. Back Row: B. Shaffer, J. Mooney, (Co-head); J. Carleton, (Co-head); D. Dillaman, P. Sturtevant. Front Row: E. Overton, P. McCormick, (Co-head) ; S. Weaver, (Co- head) ; D. Rodgers. Back Row: M. Sawyer, G. Stevenson, L. Babb. Every committee has a definite purpose. Whether planning a dance, holding an auction, or sponsoring a contest, every committee has duties it performs in order to uphold the gen- eral welfare of the school. Thanks to Newport News High School’s hard working Student Council Committees we experienced another outstanding and success filled year. CAFETERIA COMMITTEE Front Row: N. Dearing, (Co-head) ; R. Baab. (Co-head). Back Row: D. Dillaman, G. Kahle, S. Corum. PUBLICITY COMMITTEE Front Row: S. Smith, S. Melton, L. Spigel, (Co-head): S. Cohen, (Co-head); A. Smith. Back Row: B. Spigel, M. Credle, B. Gares, K. Brinn, S. Glasofer. NEWCOMERS COMMITTEE Front Row: J. Gabriel, P. Blakemore, D. Schwartz, ( Co-head I ; C. Milne, (Co-head) ; D. Parrish, D. Ellenson. Back Row: A. Fowler, M. Cohen, R. Green, J. Bell, j. Lucas, S. Miller. AND PURELY SOCIAL NATIONAL rW. - honor mm ; At NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY L. to R., S. Spradlin, D. Schwartz, F. Heath, N. Saunders, C. Smith, B. Gruver, R. Wimmer, M. Blandford, R. Baab, B. Veazey, S. Nunnally, Mrs. Bauserman. The National Honor Society, by faculty selec- tion, recognizes those outstanding students who excel in leadership, scholarship, character, and service. Membership in the National Honor So- ciety, which is recognized as one of the highest honors a high school student may achieve, is awarded to students in the junior and senior class only. This organization is sponsored by Mrs. Vivian Bauserman. HONOR COUNCIL L. to R., A. Fowler, B. Hilling, V. Morton, S. Greene, Mrs. Nettles, W. Morrison, E. Milne, B. Hatchett, P. Norris. Under the able sponsorship of Mrs. Frances Nettles, these eight representatives handle all infractions of the Honor Code. They are nomi- nated by the Executive Board after thorough consideration and elected at class meetings. The Newport News High School Honor System is recognized as the oldest in the state of Virginia. 84 ACCOMPLISHMENTS KEY CLUBS Front Row: B. Hilling, D. Parrish, W. Morrison, B. Bryant, D. King, D. Dillaman, C. Milne, J. Todd, D. Holbrook, D. Schwartz. 2nd Row: Coach Mitchell, J. Carleton, H. Kearney, B. Gruver, B. Corson, B. Primarily a service organization, the Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club. Composed of outstanding sophomore, junior, and senior boys, this organization is under the efficient co-spon- sorship of Mr. Wayne Taylor and Coach Warren Hatchett, D. Muller, C. Hanrahan, Mr. Taylor. Back Row: G. Daven- port, F. Powell, J. Davis, B. Shaw, W. DeLozier, G. Kahle, F. Anspach, S. Corum, L. Spigel, D. Rabinowitz. Mitchell. Promoting scholarship, sportsmanship, and leadership are the main purposes of the Key Club. It undertakes such projects as ushering for numerable assemblies, and holding a Leader- ship Banquet for school leaders. QUILL AND SCROLL L. to R., D. Holton, S. Phillips, R. Wimmer, W. Thornhill, M. Somervold. Sponsored by Mrs. Jean Satterwhite and Mrs. Sally D. Moser, Quill and Scroll is open to the students who have done out- standing work in the field of journalism on the Beacon or the Anchor. 85 TO BROADEN AND ANCHOR STAFF Front Row. L. to R. P. Massey, J. Hayes, J. Walker, D. Wilkinson, M. Fallin, B. Veazey, S. Spradlin, N. Dearing, N. Saunders. 2nd Row. J. Morgan, T. Burroughs, S. Morewitz, C. Petenbrink. P. Sturtevant, P. Timberlake, G. Morton, B. Hill, C. McPherson. 3rd Row. P. Rose, J. Maddy, J. Rountree, D. Williams, S. Pullen, S. Greene, W. Hogge, Mrs. Satterwhite. The Anchor Staff works hard most of the year to produce a yearbook that will be a reminder for years to come of the most exciting events that took place during the school year of 1961-1962. The Anchor Staff, which is composed of seniors, who are chosen during the latter part of their junior year to work on the yearbook, is spon- sored by Mrs. Satterwhite. BEACON STAFF Front Row. L. to R. R. Wimmer, M. Somervold, C. McPherson, D. Holton, W. Thornhill, S. Phillips, B. Hill, J. Parker. 2nd Row. D. Rowe. Mrs. Moser, R. Baab, L. Southall, B. Fox, T. Spotts, S. Perkins, P. McCormick, Z. Franks. 3rd Row. N. Horton, R. Glasofer, R. Spooner, M. Soloman, L. Mahanes, A. Sears, I. James, K. Lipscomb. The Beacon Staff works hard to publish the BEACON, N.N.H.S.’s student newspaper. The staff members not only write and edit the news- paper but also take interviews and keep the stu- dents up to date on the sports at N.N.H.S. The staff is under the direction of Mrs. Moser. 86 STRENGTHEN MINDS JUNIOR VARSITY CHEERLEADERS L. to R., Donna Pipkin, Angela Ray, Connie Todd, Jane Coltrain, head, Judy Bell, Annette Rouse. It is the job of these cute young ladies to help with the promotion of school spirit as well as cheering at the J. V. games. The squad, which adds pep and sparkle to our assem- blies, is selected at the end of each school year. Sponsor for the Cheerleaders is Miss Carol Jean Kauffman. JUNIOR VARSITY FLAGTWIRLERS L. to R., Brenda Keatts, Janice McCain, Karen Wilks, Becky Goolsby, head, Gail Watkins, Mary Lou Staton, Nancy Horne. The J. V. Flagtwirlers, who back up the Junior Band, give much color and interest to J. V. Football games. Chosen on the basis of grace and ability, try- outs are conducted at the end of each year. All of the Flagtwirlers are selected by Mr. Wilson, a group of the faculty members and the graduating Flagtwirlers. 87 ENCOURAGED BY VARSITY CHEERLEADERS With many hours of preparation behind them, our Varsity Cheerleaders work like a team to im- prove school spirit. In pep assemblies their com- bination of peppy cheers and cute costumes indi- cate what a hard working group they are. They are under the sponsorship and direction of Miss Kauff- man. L. to R. : C. Anderson, S. Morewitz, J. Morgan, M. Anas, J. Walker, head, S. Spradlin, T. Burroughs, B. Veazey, J. Horton. 88 FACULTY SPONSORS, VARSITY FLAGTWIRLERS These snappy strutters add color and entertain- ment to our football games, pep assemblies, and band concerts. Besides their participation in school activities, these girls represent Newport News High School in many outside activities. They perform with the band both in and out of this state at various festivals and parades. The Varsity Flagtwirlers combine skill, fun, and many hours of hard work to prepare unique twirl- ing routines and precision marching. Lower picture: Front Row: I. James, C. Petenbrink, co-head, J. Hayes, co-head, W. Thornhill, P. Surte- vant. Back Row : M. Knowles, V. Hankins, N. Helmick, S. Lamberth. 89 STUDENTS MAY SENIOR BAND Front Row: M. Knowles, I. James, V. Hankins, C. Petenbrink, J. Hayes, P. Sturtevant, W. Thorn- hill, N. Helmick, S. Lambert. 2nd Row: W. Gil- man, B. Feather, B. Norris, G. Rowe, F. Heath, L. Siler, K. Haan, K. Andleton, C. Buckley, A. Goldsmith, J. Faulkner, K. Harrison. 3rd Row: E. Procter, B. Royall, W. Boger, D. Meena, T. Marshall, J. Wright, D. Davis, E. AuCoin, N. Olshansky, T. Payne, S. Williams, R. Vaughan, S. Nunnally, R. Fitzgerald, B. Wright, K. Moore, D. Nelson, A. Allen, D. Smith. 4th Row: B. Bass, C. Webb, L. Levy, L. Whitcomb, J. Hall, R. Wyatt, R. Hudson, B. Whitmer, B. Weaver, C. Miller, C. Lilly, V. Rowell, J. Hines, C. Snead, J. Bull, J. Brinkley, J. DeBerry, B. Vest, G. Buchanan, M. Sisk, J. Russell, A. Walker, K. Lipscomb, B. Gruver. Back Row: J. Bluxome, R. Hart, D. Parker, M. Phillips, T. Benton, J. Miller, B. Gilbert, J. Walker, E. Beasley, T. Mc- Grath, J. Bell, J. McCoy, D. Trevathan, W. Burns, D. Malacek, B. Bass, J. Stephenson, K. Pilgrim, L. Lane, R. Woodard, P. Blackard, E. Carney, L. Coates. Missing: C. Buffington, L. Blakeslee, B. Roberts, E. Perry, J. Bolden, C. Price, K. West, W. Morrison, I. Clemmons. SENIOR BAND OFFICERS Front Row: J. Bolden, treas- urer, K. Harrison, secretary, B. Gruver, president, C. Lilly, vice- president. Back Row : G. Rowe, 10th grade representative, V. Rowell, 9th grade representative, F. Heath, 12th grade represen- tative, B. Whitmer, 11th grade representative. The band officers are elected from the band by the other band members. 90 DEVELOP AND REFINE The N. N. H. S. Senior Band, under the direction of Mr. Janies P. Wilson, contributes much to our school spirit. They perform at football games during the foot- ball season as well as participating in pep assemblies, concerts, and parades. In 1962 the band once again made an outstanding show- ing at the Apple Blossom Festival. Many thanks go to the band for their hard work during the year. COLOR GUARD L. to R-, J. Bell, K. West, J. McCoy, D. Trevathan, W. Burns. The Color Guard, which is part of the N. N. H. S. marching band, is present at all our games and pa- rades. They add color and variety to the band. 91 PERSONAL TALENTS SENIOR CHORUS Front Row: L. to R.: M. Knowles, T. Gordon, J. Coffey, L. Lane. M. Moren, E. Carney, J. Lockard, J. Hurd, J. Poole, M. McKeen, D. Mer- ril, C. Anderson, M. Anas, R. Covert, J. Walker. 2nd Row: B. Goolsby, G. Goolsby, J. Edwards, B. Cash, G. Watkins, J. Wright. J. Horton, M. Leake, C. Pless, M. Burns, S. Stalnaker, S. Morris, J. Maddy, D. Wil- liams, P. Worsham, B. Kean, J. Markman, Miss Joyce Fulcher. 3rd Row: J. Crittendon, B. Vines, P. Branch, S. Aiken, L. Coates, L. Booth, K. Gillespie, C. Collier, P. Slate, P. White, V. Church, C. Murphy , C. Duel, S. Spencer, C. Shaff, J. Moss, B. Jones, F. Hartless, B. Dixon. Back Row: M. Barnes, J. Clark, D. Wilkinson, J. Stephen- son, R. Bradly, J. Lamb, B. Halstead, R. Fulcher, M. VanNoy, R. Vaughn, S. Gray, W. Rosser, T. Helfin, N. Vickers, T. Baker, F. Dowless, F. Wash, F. McGee, C. McGhee, M. Levine. MUSIC DEPARTMENT A major part of the Music Department of New- port News High is the Senior Chorus, the Junior Chorus, and the Junior Band. A student with musical interest and ability can learn the funda- mentals of many types of music. The Junior Cho- rus prepares participating underclassmen for even more advanced music in the Senior Chorus. Classi- cal and popular music are presented in annual concerts by these groups. The Junior Band is also an activity which will prepare the participant for later work plus enjoyment in the Senior Band, which is also an important part of the Music De- partment. Our younger version of the Senior Band presents typical band marches and semi- classical music. The Junior Band is directed by Miss Janice Shockley, and the Senior and Junior Choruses are directed by Miss Joyce Fulcher. Due to the hard work done by those two members of the faculty, many students are guided in their musical careers. These teachers spend many hours working with the students. 92 BY PARTICIPATING JUNIOR CHORUS Front Row: L. to R. : A. Parker, B. Vest, D. Freeman, F. Elder, J. Poole, C. Burns, J. McKee, S. Melton, P. Hillston, L. Hartless, D. Mick, S. Murphy, F. Thompson. 2nd Row: G. Cole, S. Holmes, C. Branch, D. Worshum, B. Stancil. D. Bazemore, G. Constance, G. Russell, An Marlow, P. Demsey, J. McCall, E. Warren. B. Goodwin, Miss Fulcher. Back Row: M. Kevish, J. Presson, M. Snead, S. Puckett, T. Trantham, B. Miller, C. Davis, D. Cooper, J. Taylor, F. Hollifield, B. Davis, S. Jolly, C. Mays, B. Buchanan, S. Summerlin. JUNIOR BAND Front Row: L. to R. : B. Keatts, J. McCain, K. Wilks, B. Goolsby, G. Watkins, M. Staton, M. Horne. 2nd Row: C. Clark, D. Arnold, H. Lucas, E. Warboys, L. Harris, G. Miller, C. Lloyd, E. Price, W. Slate. 3rd Row: D. Patrick, E. Milne, B. Clarke, L. Boatright, L. Merriman, E. Murphy, M. Grubbs. R. Wood, R. Sturgis. 4th Row: D. Speight, J. Smith, B. Sprouse, L. Starling, H. Bolden, D. Keithley, J. Dossett, B. Yevak, S. Eanes. 5th Row: D. Abbott, K. Taylor, B. Campbell, E. Torn, T. Givens, D. Llewellyn, J. Allen, A. Gills. 6th Row: G. Russell, A. Plessinger, B. Raper, M. Marsette, B. Harris, L. Elmore, W. DeBerry, S. Kennedy. 7th Row: R. Smith, L. Wright, D. Hodges, M. Friedman, J. Glazer, R. Smith, R. Mabe. 93 IN ANY NUMBER OF THESPIANS Thespians, a national drama society, is sponsored by Miss Dorothy Crane. The outstand- ing members receive awards at the annual banquet, where the new members are also in- stalled. Membership for this club is earned by obtaining a certain number of credits earned through work in dra- matics. Front Row: E. Nichols, (vice-president); M. Fallin, (president) ; N. Dearing, (secre- tary). 2nd Row: B. Hehl, C. Anderson, S. Morris. 3rd Row: R. Baab, D. Schwartz, J. Walker. 4th Row: K. Bryant, C. Han- rahan, G. Goolsby. 5th Row: A. Hessler, P. Baker, M. Cohen. 6th Row: P. Liver- man. D. Marshall, N. Olshansky. 7th Row: P. Hoffman, B. Barnhouse, T. Takis. 8th Row : C. Reynolds, V. Hankins, M. Sawyer, K. Gills, M. Hinson, W. Morrison, P. Lar- mer, S. Corum, V. Morton, R. Shapiro, C. Smith, S. Weaver. Back Row: D. Parrish, D. Wilkinson, L. Spotts, B. Whitehurst, J. Bell, L. Robertson, B. Allen, J. Campbell, R. Honeycutt, G. Bowen, D. Rowe, B. Barnes. STAGE CREW Front Row: J. Campbell, E. Nichols, (Head); L. Robertson, B. Whitehurst, R. Honeycutt. Back Row: P. Liverman, D. Rowe, R. Fulcher, B. Allen, G. Bowen. DRAMA STAFF HEADS Front Row: S. Williams, B. Binford, E. Nichols, K. Gills, J. Lucas, V. Church, K. Wilks. Back Row: N. Mitchell, C. Rinehart, K. Byrd, S. Womeldorph, R. Hessler, B. Smith. The Stage Crew with their head, Eddie Nichols, plans and executes productions for school plays, concerts, assemblies, and ma ny community pro- ductions. The Drama Staff Heads plan and supervise backstage activities. Included in the activities are make-up, props, advertising, costumes, scen- ery, lighting, and assistant directors. 94 INTERESTING ACTIVITIES Front Row: B. Hatchett, W. Morrison, R. Green, H. Daggy, P. Gold, R. Glasofer, D. Gar- rick. 2nd Row: Mrs. E. Thomas, K. Wilks, N. Helmick, L. Ma- hanes, B. Wyatt, B. Estes. Back Row: D. Drucker, D. King, B. Halfin, P. Forman, D. Block, K. Pilgrim. SPEECH ARTS CLUB Under the direction of Mrs. Esther Thomas, the Speech Arts Club was formed to develop better speech habits and promote the art of oral expression. Front Row: D. Holton, P. Merelic, C. Fisher, A. Hessler, D. Williams, S. Gay, P. Grubbs, M. Knowles, J. Hayes. 2nd Row: Mrs. E. Nelson, F. Hysong, W. Hogge, A. Strange, B. Hehl, R. Thom, B. Hinson, B. Gills, G. Helfrich, J. Saunders, P. Branch, C. Petenhrink. Mrs. E. Ball. 3rd Row: C. Harris, M. Timberlake, M. Moore, C. Roberts, S. Pennington, J. Moss, D. Harris, C. Smith, A. Comer, C. Millen, V. Shep- ard, S. Walker, B. Gares. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS’ CLUB The Library Assistants, sponsored by Mrs. Emily W. Nelson and Mrs. Elaine Ball, help students locate books and reference materials in the library. Front Row: S. Cohen, G. Helf- rich, M. Barnes, S. Gay, J. Poole. Back Row: D. Williams, S. Phillips, A. Menin, V. Mor- ton, C. McPherson, P. Johnson, P. Floyd, C. Hanrahan, J. Gria- piotis, C. Groshong, B. Mc- Dowell, Miss Fitzgerald, sponsor. ART CLUB The Art Club, sponsored by Miss Belle Fitzgerald, promotes an under- standing and appreciation of art throughout the school and community. 95 ORGANIZATION CONDUCTED LAUNCHINGS STAFF Front Row : C. Smith, M. Blandford, D. Garrick, R. Baab, B. Salkin, K. Harrison. Back Row: H. Daggy, P. White, D. Block, M. Wilkinson, Mrs. Huffman. Launchings, under the guid- ance of Mrs. Nina Huffman, is a collection of the best short stories, poems, and essays of the students. The Launchings is compiled and distributed once a year. I iwm All m. -ye J: 7 B i m ft v Jk ' An 5 Ws-Kl 1 CREATIVE WRITERS’ CLUB Front Row: Z. Franks, S. Phillips, D. Wilkinson, D. Parrish, B. Gares, R. Schwartz, W. Hogge, N. Horton, L. Spigel, M. Blandford, R. Glaso- fer, L. Block. 2nd Row: D. Biggs, M. Soloman, G. Preville, C. Han- rahan, N. Dearing, J. Carleton, J. Getsug, M. Moren, J. Faulkner, The Creative Writers’ Club is organized for those students who have a special interest in creative P. White, C. Smith, Miss Suttle. Back Row: P. Sturtevant, W. Gilman, R. Wimmer, B. Gruver, B. Norris, P. Hoffman, K. Brinn, D. Schwartz, S. Corum, S. Ottoway, R. Spooner. writing and wish to further their study. This club is under the guidance of Miss Rebecca Suttle. 96 AND OPERATED CHRISTOPHER NEWPORT SOCIETY Front Row. L. to R. J. Bell, J. Edwards, P. Hoffman, D. Wilkinson, R. Swartz, I. James, C. Smith, N. Saunders, D. King, Z. Franks, G. Preville, K. Pilgrim, R. Baab. 2nd Row. P. Baker, C. Wiggins, K. Branch, B. Shaw, J. Hayes, C. Dellapenta, G. Goolsby, D. Garrick, S. Spritzer, S. Ottaway, S. Pullen, M. Moore. 3rd Row. N. Dearing, H. Anderson, J. Gabriel, R. Ellenson, R. Shapiro, N. Matthews, W. Gillman, R. Wimmer, C. Hanrahan, W. Hogge, J. Rountree. The Christopher Newport So- Maguire, was organized to culti- ciety, which is sponsored by Miss vate further interest in history. USHER STAFF HEADS Front Row. L. to R. J. Stephenson, B. Lanier, L. Coats. Back Row r . J. Smitt, A. Comer, D. Holton. The members of the Usher Staff add a lot of color to all of the school and community functions which are presented in our auditorium. These girls also take charge of issu- ing programs and directing the students and guests to their seats. The Usher Staff is selected and are under the direction of Miss Crane. 97 BY ENERGETIC STUDENTS SENIOR AND JUNIOR SCIENCE CLUBS Front Row: L. to R.: D. Workman, C. Milne, J. Riley, A. Smith, R. Baab, P. Forman, Wilkinson, D. Drucker, S. Getsug, J. Getsug, S. Machman. 2nd Row: W. Gilman. W. Morrison, N. Matthews, D. Rabinowitz, B. Gruver, M. Blandford, R. Shapire, D. Biggs, C. Smith. 3rd Row: H. Conn, B. Yevak, S. Pullen, S. Vickness, A. White, J. Dick, B. Blandford, R. Gordon, R. Woodard, C. Buckley. 4th Row: C. Clark, R. Cantor, B. Mas- sey, J. Pinder, H. Pasquier, B. Hayslett, M. Harrelson, R. Landrum, J. Lieberman, T. Kiser, H. Nunnally, L. Campbell. 5th Row: J. Grepiotis, E. Mirmelstein, K. Pilgrim, D. Block, R. Tate, Mr. Sharpe, Miss Del- bridge, Miss Allen, Mr. Leonard, S. Sholar. The Senior and Junior Science Clubs are under the sponsorship of four faculty members. The Sen- ior Science Club is sponsored by Miss Allen and Miss Delbridge. The Junior Science Club is sponsored by Mr. Leonard and Mr. Sharpe. These clubs serve as an opportunity for students to broaden their knowl- edge in the field of science. Ju 7 ;T» ’ Kd Jl •V FRENCH CLUB Front Row: L. to R.: J. Walker, D. Schwartz, P. Sturtevant, C. Milne. 2nd Row: J. Gabriel, L. Spigel, C. Hargrove, L. Mahanes, D. Rabinowitz, N. Matthews, S. Nachman, M. Soloman, L. Block, A. Ray, P. Hargrave, S. Morris, S. Stalnaker, E. Overton, B. Smith, D. Wilkinson, D. Parrish. 3rd Row: B. Spigel, C. Hanrahan, I. James, P. Larmer, G. Whitehurst, E. Mirmelstein, P. Timberlake, J. Lucas, J. Carleton, D. King, P. Gold, S. Daniels, S. Miller, N. Saunders, S. Corum, K. Brinn, T. Marshall, B. Vines, K. McKnight, G. Lotta, B. Yost, M. Blandford, Mrs. Clark. The French Club, whose membership is open to any student who has successfully completed a se- mester of French, is sponsored by Mrs. Clarke. This 4th Row: B. Halfin, C. Smith, E. Grosbeng, W. Gilman, J. Reese, J. Todd, F. Vaughan, B. Taylor, B. Barnard, N, Olshansky, P. Blakemore. G. Feningson, R. Gordon, P. Massey, S. Sutton, C. Groshong, D. Rountree. N. Mitchell, J. Mawyer, M. Cathey, K. Byrd, J. Getsug. Back Row: R. Ewell, D. Rowe, S. VanNoy, C. Cower, M. Cohen, S. Morewitz, R. Sanders, S. Becker, T. Buckingham, J. Bell, J. Zwerdling, K. Wilks, E. Bass, F. Allen, J. Steele, J. Parrish, V. Stains, L. Nicosia, E. Vasilas, J. O ' Neal. M. Staton, B. Keatts, J. Anker, J. Smith. G. Morton, R. Lee, J. Harris. club offers the opportunity for interested students to increase their knowledge of France and its lan- guage. 98 ARE THE FOUNDATIONS SPANISH CLUB Front Row: L. to R.: K. Haan, V. Hankins, G. Kahle, H. Smith, C. Anderson, G. Preville, C. Roberts, S. Binder, M. Gerber, Mrs. Schilling. 2nd Row: J. Stewart, L. Hudson, D. Braitsch, S. Dorn, V. Shepard, J. Carleton, N. Saunders, P. Hoffman, S. Vickness, S. Spradlin. 3rd Row: N. Dearing, D. Huston, H. Conn, K. Pennell, T. Flax, P. Gold, J. Gam- mon, J. Frank, L. Weinstein, D. Workman. The Spanish Club, which offers the opportunity for any interested student to broaden his knowledge of the customs and of the language of Spain, is sponsored by Mrs. Schilling. Students who have passed one semester of Spanish are eligible. LATIN CLUB Front Row: L. to R. : P. Gold, W. DeLozier, S. Walker, B. Gilbert, C. Levin, K. Pilgrim, R. Shapiro, B. Norris, D. Garrick, G. Goolsby, B. Salken, P. Massey, J. Faulkner, H. Wright, B. Rew. 2nd Row: L. Spigel, G. Davenport, M. Knowles, J. Edwards, A. Fowler, L. Wright, B. Bass, M. Baldwin, D. Wilkinson, B. Goolsby, G. Watkins, B. Mundie, M. Creddle, S. Sutton, L. Babb, S. Harrison, B. Weaver, R. Wimmer. 3rd Row: J. Ruben, B. Hatchett, C. Fine, S. Cohen, J. Riley, R. Glasofer, F. Heath, M. Blandford, R. Baab, W. Hogge, A. Crum, A. Duncan, R. Greene, E. Frank, P. Forman, K. Harrison, A. Smith, S. Nunnally, J. Poole, D. To encourage a better understanding and appre- ciation for Roman culture and life, is the purpose of the Latin Club. This club is sponsored by Miss Biggs, D. Block. 4th Row: Miss Brewer, L. Southall, L. Coates, R. Gravely, J. Stephenson, L. Decell, H. Daggy, C. Minkoff, D. Fink, S. Perkins, C. Dellapenta, P. Reane, J. Horton, B. Cash, D. Chadwell, K. Agee, K. Gillespie, C. Braslow, F. Blechman, G. Rowe, B. Feather, D. Ellenson, E. Schlosser, P. White, B. Spain. Back Row: D. King. W. Mor- rison, M. Moran, S. Corum, L. Decell, I. Christofi, V. Bonday, B. Fritsche, S. Spritzer, S. Bauz, B. Hatten, E. Carney, C. McGee, E. Hallett, L. Hudson, J. Haynes, B. Shaw, N. Helmick, J. Burks, D. Parrish, J. Bell, K. Thomas, S. Klein, S. Wood, B. Wood, J. Shapiro. Brewer. In order to become a member a student needs to have successfully completed one semester of Latin. 99 OF LEADERSHIP FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA Front Row. L. to R. W. Hogge, H. Daggy, G. Goolsby, M. Blandford, G. Morton, C. Smith. 2nd Row. S. Otta- way, C. Wilkinson, L. Coats, S. Pullen, J. Garner, E. Frank, B. Halfin, M. Soloman. 3rd Row. A. Crum, J. Poole, C. Vogel, B. Poole, E. Vasilas, A. Davidson, S. Miller, R. Glasofer, P. Russell, K. Haan. 4th Row. P. Taylor, J. Faulkner, K. Harrison, F. Heath, I. Christofi, B. Spain, B. Yost, P. Forman. Back Row. V. Shepherd, L. Wright. Serving as hostesses for Col- lege Night and the Faculty Cof- fee, which was held during Na- tional Education Week, were just two of the activities that some of the F. T. A. members took an active part in. With the guidance of Miss Gildersleeve, club sponsor, the girls were able to observe and teach in classes at N.N.H.S. and in local schools. FUTURES NURSES OF AMERICA Front Row. L. to R. M. Knowles, J. Moss, S. Pullen, C. Petenbrink, J. Rountree, E. Redford. 2nd Row. Y. Morrison, L. Lane, R. Gravely, P. Stambough, M. Rice, R. Glasofer, J. Clark, Mrs. Baker. 3rd Row. B. Veazey, S. Williams, C. Hanrahan, K. Gillespie, M. Credle, K. Gills, R. Moses. The Future Nurses Club is for girls planning a nursing career of some phase of medical study. During the year, they plan such activities as tour- ing hospitals and becoming familiar with many phases of nursing. FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front Row. L. to R. N. Lewis, B. Stepp, S. Miller, A. Harris, D. Baker. B. Warren, J. Dell, L. Allen, D. Hill. Back Row: P. Moylan, S. Wiggins, P. McDowell, B. Bishop, K. Drewry, L. DeShazo. Girls interested in promoting better home life and developing good social qualities are found to be F. H. A. members. Teach- ing interested girls the funda- mental steps of good housekeep- ing is another objective the F. H. A. tries to perform. The F. H. A. sponsor is Miss Kelly. 100 DEVELOPMENT DIVERSIFIED OCCUPATIONS CLUB Front Row. L. to R. F. Padgett, M. Gurber, P. McAlpen, B. Shaffer, J. Adkins, J. Benton, P. Sykes, K. Bowen, K. Latta. 2nd Row: W. Johnson, C. Duke, K. Gary, M. Somervold, S. Dulaney, C. Guilliams. The purpose of the Diversified Occupations Club is to supply the training that is necessary for growth in the professional field of business. J. Dinwiddie, M. Strickland, Mr. Wynn. 3rd Row. F. Moseley, L. Robertson, B. Fox, G. Blunt, C. Brown, E. Bradley, R. Collins, A. Strickland. The club, which helps students to understand their employers, is sponsored by Mr. Philip Wynn. DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Front Row. L. to R. S. Madagan, S. Jeffers, B. Fitzgerald, M. Barns, L. Benton, L. Hooper, B. Jones. 2nd Row. C. McKinsey, C. Bradley, J. Swabb, B. Warren, D. Moore, P. Slate, F. Johnson. 3rd Row. The object of the Distributive Education Club is to provide a leadership training opportunity to the students who are interested in entering the P. Hewitt, T. Lockard, J. Turlington, L. Turner, B. Ragland, P. Liverman, V. Carter. business profession. The club, which helps im- prove community-school relations, is sponsored by Miss Etta Lee Kanter. 101 SPORTS SPORTS TRULY REPRESENT OUR ROADWORK. BECAUSE OF THIS HEALTHY MEDIUM, OUR SCHOOL LOYALTY AND TRADITIONAL SPORTSMANSHIP CONTINUE TO FLOURISH. At left, Gerald Schweida 103 3ggg$g Bob Stalnaker Tackle I i Dan Coleman Halfback Bill Bryant End Delano Wray Co-Captain Guard Dale Mueller Quarterback VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Front Row, L. to R.: G. Schweida, D. Wray. Second 5 Row: D. Coleman, B. Bryant, B. Stalnaker, K. Brans- E ford, D. London, J. Blanchard, F. Anspach. Third - Row: M. Conley, H. Kearney, C. Buffington, J. Mc- Cormick, J. Bolden, M. Gibbons, F. Powell. Fourth E Row: G. Davenport, J. Wingo, K. Craft, W. Delozier, C Charles Buffington Center Gerald Schweida Co-Captain Fullback Henry Kearney Guard Fred Anspach Halfback B. Hatchett, B. Roberts, J. Gillikin, K. Henderson, H. Smith, D. Mueller, R. Jefferies. Fifth Row: R. Artman, T. Smith, J. Reese, M. Pollard, L. Blakeslee, J. Lamb, C. Eubank, H. Seay, B. Vest. Sixth Row: B. Barnes, R. Kennedy, 0. Smith, W. Gaskell. B. Coelheur. John Bolden CS . Barry Hatchett Don London End " 3k M ¥ 4 OUR COACHES AND TEAMS Dan Coleman escapes and runs for a touchdown, Ken Bransford leaves two crabbers, - — Fred Anspach dodges a York player for another Typhoon first down. PIGSKIN The 1961 football season marked the opening year of Charles Nuttycombe’s ten- ure as head coach. Despite the mediocre won-lost record, Nuttycombe directed the team to a successful season, highlighted by a victory over arch-rival Hampton on Thanksgiving Day. The team was a young team, and the players should be commended for their fine spirit and good sportsman- ship. Starting off the season on a brisk Sep- tember night, the Typhoons, playing at York’s home field, soundly whipped the Falcons 26-6. In the first of the three straight home games, N.N. defeated the Truckers of Churchland 13-0. The follow- ing game, Wilson held the Typhoons to a 7-7 tie. The following week, one of the best Great Bridge teams in years, beat the Gold and Blue 19-6. FOOTBALL Newport Nbws 26 Newport News 13 Newport News 7 Newport News 6 Newport News 21 Newport News 32 Newport News 13 Newport News 0 Newport News 0 Newport News 21 106 CONTRIBUTED MUCH TO THE ROAD SCHEDULE York 6 Churchland 0 Wilson 7 Great B ridge 19 Maury 6 Osbourn 0 Warwick 19 Norview 25 Granby 26 Hampton 6 PARADE Journeying a week later to Foreman Field, N.N. met a strong Maury team and was defeated 21-6. Following two consecu- tive setbacks, the Typhoons met a visiting Osbourn team and shellacked them in a driving rainstorm 32-0. On October 27, N.N. lost a heartbreaker to Warwick at Saunders Stadium 19-13. At Norview’s Chittum field, the Typhoon put up an excellent defensive effort in the first half, only to be overcome in the sec- ond half by the stronger Norview team — final score: 25-0. The next week the home- standing Typhoon, caught looking ahead to the Turkey Day game, was beaten by Gran- by 26-0. On Thanksgiving day, the Typhoons defeated their arch-rivals, Hampton, at Darling Memorial Stadium 21-6. The Julian Gordan Award was awarded to Bill Bryant. The Hi-Y presented the Good Sportsmanship Award to Bill Bryant and Jerry Schweida. 107 WITH ENDLESS PRACTICE, J. V. Football Score N.N. 0 Norview 14 0 Ferguson 19 7 Hampton 6 25 Churchland 0 19 York 19 24 Warwick 19 Football managers Jeffrey Zwerding and Billy Hallett help our team in many ways such as getting uniforms ready for a game. The varsity coaches, who have been a great help to our N.N. team are, from L. to R., W. Mitchell, end coach; C. Nuttycombe, head coach; J. Palmer, line coach; C. C. Duff, back coach. J. V. FOOTBALL Front Row, L. to R.: W. Davenport, D. Maffitt, W. Mor- ton, W. Frizzle, L. Moran, B. Simpson, C. Kypriandes, B. Schoding, J. Gillette. Second Row: B. Saxton, J. Golden- baum, M. Barnes, E. Beasley, G. Hudson, D. Holbrook, L. Boyles, J. Mooney, D. McCaine, B. Hallette. Third Row: H. Shieldly, B. Wright, B. Bull, D. Smith, L. Boyles, S. Kline, R. D. ' S, J. Brandan, J. Hines, D. Reed. Fourth Row: D. Do y, R. Heart, J. Meek, R. Collins, D. Tyn- dall, A. Nesbitt, B. McDowell, T. Buckingham, M. Clay, G. Rowe, T. Smith, Coach Helms, and missing from picture coach Grogan. 108 EH ifnTiTi kMIVi ilii 1 yl i • PATIENCE, AND PERSEVERANCE. Steve Corum Co-Captain Guard John Carlton Center Dickie Dillaman Forward VARSITY Front Row, L. to R. Dickie Dillaman, Bernie Whitmer, Steve ' Corum, Billy Bryant, Terry Smith, Russell Gary. Second 1 Row: Jimmy Smith, Butch Corson, Kenny Henderson, John HARDWOOD This year Newport News was more than proud of its All-Peninsula Basketball champs, who were coached by Warren Mitchell. Although the ty- phoons only took fourth place in the Eastern Dis- trict Tournament, they reigned as the number one team on defense. Because of the typhoons excep- tional defense, Chris Ellis was placed on the All- Peninsula Team and All-Eastern District Tourna- ment Team. Also Jimmy Walker was selected to the second team of the All-Eastern District Tournament Team. Also this year the team was able to uphold the old Typhoon tradition of defeating all oppo- BASKETBALL 47 Maury 46 58 Great Bridge 47 55 Ferguson 30 59 Hampton 38 65 Churchland 40 54 Great Bridge 52 53 Maury 45 55 Hampton 42 51 Cradock 53 OUR BOYS AND GIRLS tFHfffy VfPHOflV 1 K ] v ‘ BASKETBALL Carlton, Owen Smith, Chris Ellis, Keith Pennell, Jimmy Walker, Coach Warren Mitchell. LEDGER nents on their home court. This year the Gold and Blue only experienced two losses in the regu- lar season to Cradock and Warwick. Four seniors, Bill Bryant, Steve Corum, Jimmy Walker, John Carlton, and sophomore Chris Ellis made up the starting five for the ’62 basketball season. These boys, plus the boys on the bench, who were always ready to give their help when needed, and the managers and coach should be congratulated on their fine sportsmanship and fighting spirit. SCHEDULE 63 Oscar Smith 21 57 Warwick 43 76 Granby 35 48 Suffolk 31 74 Norview 43 50 Warwick 58 78 Oscar Smith 61 63 Princess Anne 48 68 Wilson 40 Billy Bryant Co-Captain Forward Jimmy Walker Forward Chris Ellis Forward sj Put it in the basket — two £ points. Managers D. Riley, W. Williams look over records. What makes you think this is your ball? tffHOpV Watch out Chris!!! Coach Mitchell talks with the team, Looks like Newport’s got it! Our three rebounders. ith j.s 8.1 WORKED THEIR HARDEST ' J. V. SEASON RECORD N.N. 52 Maury 21 41 Great Bridge 37 50 Ferguson 20 42 Hampton 27 49 Churchland 39 56 Maury 26 38 Hampton 28 62 Cradock 30 43 Oscar Smith 24 54 Warwick 32 39 Granby 28 56 Suffolk 29 68 Great Bridge 23 37 Norview 38 57 Warwick 27 73 Oscar Smith 38 52 Princess Anne 41 61 Wilson 35 J. V. BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: L. to R. : J. DeBerry, J. Mooney, P. Durry, R. Curtis, N. Barns. Second Row: J. Powell, G. Hudson, W. Stokes, R. Strickland, G. Rowe, D. Mueller. Third Row: E. Mercer, J. Montague, B. Taylor, B. Barnard, D. Hatchett, Coach Palmar. JUT 8th AND 9th GRADE SEASON RECORD N.N. 40 Warwick 19 31 St. Vincent 7 31 Poquson 14 40 York 17 35 St. Vincent 12 33 Warwick 13 40 York 21 51 Poquoson 17 8th 9th Grade BASKETBALL TEAM. Front Row: L. to R. : W. Slate, D. Brandon, D. Moffit, J. Peters, J. Shelton. Second Row: H. Mallory, H. Conn, R. Lee, R. Turner, J. Fisher, J. Brandon. Third Row: S. Kiger, R. Billings, T. Givens, R. Parton, R. Cantor, R. Wood, Coach Helms. 1 13 FOR PHYSICAL ACHIEVEMENT CROSS COUNTRY From L. to R.: Gerald Wright, Richard Gordon, David Roy Wimmer, Bud Shaw, Bubba Hanrahan, Zetie Dam- Stone, Bill Gruver, Terry Seay, Steve Smith, Bill Ward, ron, David Rossenwassen, Coach Conn. CROSS COUNTRY SCORE 17 Wilson 44 26 Warwick 30 23 Hampton 32 19 Granby 42 35 Norview 22 17 Wilson 42 Low score wins Co-captains, Bud Shaw and Bubba Hanra- han discuss the Cross Country season with Coach Conn. 1 M Get ready, go! AND SCHOOL GLORY INDOOR TRACK First Row, L. to R. : B. Parianious, R. Al tman, B. Gruver, T. Seay, D. Stone, B. Barnes, D. Rossenwassen. Second Row: B. Stalnaker, B. Shaw, F. Powell, S. Sparkman, J. Todd, B. Hanrahan, J. McCoy. Third Row: Coach Huttycombe, D. Coleman, FGibson, .G. Kahl, B. Ward, F. Anspach, Coach Conn. INDOOR TRACK SCORE State Meet: 1st place Placed: Relay Team 1st place Board Jump 1st place High Jump 1st place Pole Vault 2nd place Fred Anspach, Dan Coleman, Bill Ward, and Frank Gibson broke the 880 mile relay record at the State Indoor meet this year. 1 15 OUR SPORTS PROGRAM TRACK TEAM Front Row, L. to R.: F. Powell, B. Ward, F. Anspach, D. Coleman, M. Gibson, B. Barnes, S. Sparkman, E. Proctor. Second Row: B. Hanrahan, B. Shaw, D. Hinnant, R. Artman, B. Stalnaker, J. Todd, B. Rhodes, J. McCoy, B. Simpson. Third Row: G. Wright, S. Smith, B. Gruver, T. Seay, L. Merran, J. Bull, J. Wingo, D. Sondon, C. Anas, D. Rossenwassen. Fourth Row: B. Unger, J. Wright, B. Shroding, M. Whitside, B. Roth, Z. Damron, T. Shelton, B. Blakemore, B. Saxton, R. Gordon. Fifth Row: Coach Conn, B. Wynn, B. Parianious, J. Wood, D. Mueller, S. Womedorph, F. Shelton, H. Seay, R. Stephenson, Coach Nuttycombe. Sixth Row: G. Davenport, H. Barritt, O. Smith, C. Milne, B. Gilbert, L. Harding, D. Dooley, R. Frazzell, R. Davis. TRACK SCHEDULE March 30 York Home April 3 Norview Away April 6 Princess Anne Home April 13 Hampton Home April 17 Ferguson Home April 21 Tidewater Meet Williamsburg April 28 Norfolk Relays Norfolk May 5 Eastern District Norfolk May 11 Warwick Home May 29 State Group 1-A Williamsburg TRACK REVIEW The track team showed promising signs of hav- ing another great season as the Anchor was going to press. The season of course started with the Cross Country team who won second place in the Eastern District Meet and a fifth in the State Meet. Our Indoor Track team won the State Indoor Track Championship for the second consecutive year. The relay team with Anspach, Gibson, Ward and Coleman broke the State record for the mile and half mile. Also George Kahle won a first place for the board jump and high jump. With these and the other hard working boys on the team, Coaches Conn and Nuttycombe can look forward to another successful track season. I 16 Milers, Billy Barnes, Jerry Seay, David Hinnet, Bill Gru- ver, Gerald Wright, Bud Shaw and Bubba Hanrahan practice hard before a meet. “Spring high,” Fred Anspach says to star board jumper George Kahle. Steve Sparkman shows vault- ing form to Forest Powell, Eddie Proctor, and George Anas. Discus throwers watch as Bill Rhodes throws the Discus. The shot put is thrown by John Todd, Joe Wingo and John Bull this year. Robert Artman, star hurd- ler jumps high over the hurdle. Managers David Rossenwassen, Billy Unger, and Richard Gordon compare the runner’s time. High Jumpers watch as George Kahle sails over the bar. ADEQUATELY BALANCES BASEBALL SCHEDULE March 29 31 April 3 6 7 10 13 17 19 21 24 27 May 1 4 5 8 11 12 15 18 Gloucester Pequeson Cradock Wilson Ferguson Granby Hampton Warwick York Churchland Great Bridge Oscar Smith Norview Princess Anne Warwick Maury Suffolk York Ferguson Hampton H Here Here Here Here There There There Here Here There Here Here Here There There There There There Here Here Conference Games Managers Bobbie Ball, Elliot Shemer, and Coach Helms check over line-up for the first game of the season. BASEBALL TEAM: L. to R.: J. Bolden, M. Conley, T. Smith, R. Tosh, B. Hatchet, B. Price, B. Hilling, D. King. Second Row: G. Varacalli, A. Hall, K. Branch, J. Gillium, H. McDonald, B. Vest, C. Ellis, M. Barns. Third Row: Coach Helms, J. Hicks, B. Roberts, R. Curtus, B. Taylor, J. Walker, J. Brandon, E. Shemer. INTELLECTUAL DEVELOPMENT 1 19 John Bolden takes batting practice, while Donald King catches. WITH PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT, DIAMOND REVIEW As the 1962 Anchor goes to press, the Baseball Season is just getting under way with less than two weeks before t he first game. With only four regulars returning, the team’s prospects appear uncertain, but as the boys gain in experience and polish, they should prove themselves strong opponents. The returning lettermen Bobbie Hilling, John Bolden, and Randy Tosh will play key roles in this season’s play. Coach Helms will count heavily on the services of Donald King, Gene Varacalli, and Kenney Branch. The prospects for the season appear uncertain, but by the time this appears we hope Newport News will be on top. In any case the team will be sure to make the student body proud of them as they have done in the past. Coach Helms gives batting instructions to veterans Randy Tosh, Donald King, John Bolden, Gene Varacalli, Bobbie Hilling, and Ken Branch. Above: In a intra squad game, Gene Varacalli tags Bob- bie Hilling for the first out. 120 Below: Randy Tosh loosens-up before the game with Gloucester. TO ROUND OUT THE ROAD. Who’s coaching who? G.A.A. Executive Board — First Row, L. to R. : C. Todd, M. Staton, J. Smith, A. Ray, V. Morton, S. Danials, F. Heath, E. Johnson, J. Lucas. Second Row: Mrs. Masters, B. Poole, B. Amos, K. Gills, B. Dixson, P. Taylor, G. Watkins, B. Todd. Third Row: C. Cooke, J. Taylor, C. Smith, K. Avant, A. Dixson, P. Russell, S. Pullen, S .Ottoway. The girls gym classes participate in many activities such as: Volley Ball and Basketball. 122 The eighth grade team plays Warwick. “Steady” says the Tumbling Club. These girls show steps used in Modern Dancing. Gym Teachers, Kauffman, Mas- ters, Sanders, Johnson. HOCKEY TEAM: First Row, L. to R. : B. Farmer, S. Jeffers, P. Russell, S. Damials, M. Wilkinson, S. Smith, J. Lucas, B. Veasey. Second Row: B. Hill, C. Smith, B. Ellis, S. Ottoway, S. Pullen, P. Larmer, B. Poole, C. McPherson, F. Heath, V. Morton. SENIORS THE SENIORS OF 1962, WHO FIRST SET FOOT UPON THE ROAD WITH THE SHY, STUMBLING STEPS OF EAGER CHILDREN, ARE LEAVING WITH THE FIRM STEPS OF CONFIDENT ADULTS. L. to R. Billy Bryant, Josie Morgan. 125 OUR PRINCIPAL’S Mr. Robert Maidment, Principal 126 MESSAGE TO THE ANCHOR STAFF AND CLASS OF 1962 I have a special interest in your class since “we” began our freshman together — you as students and I as your neophyte principal. Eve watched your progress during these past four years, suffering your failures, taking pride in your successes. The faculty of Newport News High has devoted countless hours in your behalf — searching for truth by day and error by night. They too take no small measure of pride in your accom- plishments and are vitally interested in the future realization of your hopes and dreams. Paraphrasing a bit of sage commentary — ask not if a student has been through school, ask if the school has been through him ! You are a part of the honor, integrity, and spirit of Newport News High. Carry it with you, forever, as a precious gift. We are proud of you! Robert Maidment, Principal 1 27 w:- CLASS LEADERS OF 1962 SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS. Known for their outstand- ing ability to lead, the class of 1962 chose Brenda Veazey, Treasurer; Bobby Hilling, Honor Council; Virginia Mor- ton, Honor Council; Billy Bryant, President; Suzie Greene, Honor Council; Dickie Dillaman, Executive Board; and Sally Morewitz, Secretary. Missing from picture, Phil Gold, Vice-President. Dee Gee Wilkinson and Phil Gold, Class Speakers, listen as the Class Giftorian, Jane Walker rehearses her speech. 128 OUR CLASS SPONSORS Being the sponsor of the Class of 1962 has been an honor and privilege. I am grateful to have had the opportunity and the pleasure of working with you. As you move on into an adult world, I hope each of you will carry on with the honor and ambition you have demonstrated throughout your high school career. Aim your standards high, but always remember to place an emphasis on those things in life which will make you a fine person, one others will be privileged to know. My best wishes to each of you for a full and happy future. Sincerely, Carol Kauffman I would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for giving me the privilege of being the Co-Sponsor of the Class of 1962. Although I have only been with you two years — “Traditions of the Typhoon” leave nothing to be desired. I am sure you will always cherish your memories of the past five years at Newport News High School. Again I thank you, and wish you the best of luck in whatever you may choose to do. Sincerely, Warren Mitchell 129 THE SENIORS Harold Anderson “Harold” Junior Usher Staff, Home- room Officer, Hi-Y Treas- urer, Christopher Newport Society, Senior Bulletin Board Comm. Behavior Code Committee. Eric Charles Aucoin “Eric” Senior Band Rita Beverly Baab “Rita” Latin Club: V. President, Quill and Scroll, Executive Board, National Honor Society, Cafeteria Comm. Co-Head, National Merit Scholarship, Semi-Finalist, Academic Award, Science Club: Social Comm., Thes- pians. Paul Douglas Baker “Paul” Hi-Y Club, Christopher Newport Society, Senior Assembly Committee, Thes- pians, Latin Club, Junior Classical League. Mary Jean Barnes “Mary Jean” Senior Chorus Michael Barnes “Mike” Student Council, D.E. Club: President, Art Club: Presi- dent, Safe Teens, Junior Decorating Committee, First Place State and Second Place National Ad Layout and Copywriting Contest. Mary Elizabeth Barnhouse “Betsy” School Spirit Committee, House Grounds Commit- tee, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Y-Teens, Drama Staff: Head Thes- pian Society, D.E. Club: Treasurer, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Assem- bly Committee, Senior Typ- ing Committee. John Marion Bell “John” Color Guard: Head Junior Band, Senior Pennant Com- mittee, Latin Club: JCL, Thespians, Christopher Newport Soc., Speech Arts Club: Treasurer, J.V. Foot- ball, Cast of 5 Major Plays, Exhibition Play: Award. 130 OF 1962 Joyce Lorraine Benton “Joyce” D.E. Clubs: President, D.O. Clubs: Treasurer, Tri-Hi- Y, Homeroom Officer, Drama Makeup Staff, Usher Staff, Dance Com- mittee, Senior Assembly Committee, School Spirit, Committee, Remembrance Committee. David Warren Biggs “David” Stanley Ramond Binder “Stanley” Spanish Club, Publicity Committee, Senior Chorus. Gerald Wayne Blanchard “Jerry” Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Science Club, Senior Usher Staff, Senior Assembly Com- mittee, Drama: 2 Plays. Mary Florence Blandford “Mary” National Honor Society, Nelms Honor Scroll, Latin Club; Officer Creative Writer’s Club, Launchings, F.T.A.: President, Science Clubs: Comm. Head, Aca- demic Award, Senior Band: Letter, All-State Band —1961. Grayson Wilson Blount “Grayson” Varsity Baseball: Letter Varsity Football, J.V. Foot- ball, D.O. Club, Homeroom: President. John Frank Bolden “John” Varsity Football: Letter, Varsity Baseball: Letter, Senior Band: Treasurer, J. V. Baseball. David Lee Bost “David” French Club, Chess Club. 131 HAVE SPENT FIVE OF Linda Kay Bost “Linda” Senior Dance Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Ushers Committee, F.H.A. Club, Tumbling Club, Ap- paratus Club, Volleyball Team, Hockey Team, Basketball Team. Charles L. Bowen “Charlie” 8th 9th Basketball, J.V. Basketball, J.V. Football, Varsity Football, D.O. Club. Virginia Kay Bowen “Kay” Student Council, Future Nurses Club, Beacon Staff, House Grounds Com- mittee, Spanish Club, D.O. Club, Homeroom: Treas- urer, Savings Stamp Com- mittee, Senior Assembly Committee. Kenneth Watkins Branch “Kenny” Speech Arts Club, Latin Club, Behavior Code Com- mittee, Christopher New- port Society, Junior Usher Staff, Senior Bulletin Board Comm., Hi-Y Club, Varsity Baseball: Manager. Carolyn Diane Bradley “Carolyn” Senior Invitation Comm., SCA Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee, Cafeteria Committee, Tri-Hi-Y Club, Y Teens, Drama: Makeup Staff. Edward Gordon Bradley “Edward” Publicity Committee, D.O. Club. Richard Allen Bradley “Richard” Senior Chorus, Senior As- sembly Committee, All Fes- tival, Chorus ’61, All State Chorus ’61. George Brevard “George” Senior Ring Committee, Senior Color Committee, Cafeteria Committee, Homeroom: Officer, School Spirit Committee. 1 32 THE MOST FORMATIVE YEARS Kathryn Brinn “Kathryn” Tri-Hi-Y: Historian, Senior Assembly Committee, Crea- tive Writers’ Club, French Club: Executive Board, Lion’s Club Award: French, Publicity Committee, Senior Ring Committee, Anchor Staff, Beacon Staff. Earl Walker Bryant “Earl” William Bryant “Billy” Key Club, J.V. Varsity Football: Letter, Varsity Baseball, Delegate SCA Fe- deration, Spanish Club, Varsity Basketball: Co- Capt. Junior Class Presi- dent, Senior Class Presi- dent, J.V. Basketball, Stu- dent Council. Gerald Edward Burks “Jerry” Junior Varsity Football, Junior Chorus, Latin Club, Hi-Y Club, Senior Dance Committee, Junior Dance Committee. William Douglas Burns “William” Track Team, Cross-Coun- try Team: Letter, Senior Band: Letter, Christopher Newport Society, Junior Usher Staff, Senior Dance Committee. Bettina Scott Burroughs “Tina” Varsity Cheerleader, Junior Varsity Cheerleader, Girls Usher Staff, School Spirit Committee, Senior Dance Committee: C o - H e a d , Drama Staff, Anchor Staff, Beacon Staff, Tournament Director: Superior. Mary Jo Cain “Jo” Senior Dance Committee, Senior Typing Committee, Homeroom Officer. Alvah Reynolds Campbell, Jr. “Jimmy” Stage Crew, Thespians: Letter, Drama: Letter, Tournament Play Cast, Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Junior Ring Committee. 133 OF HUMAN LIFE John Glen Carleton “John” Student Body: V. President, Varsity Basketball: Letter, Varsity Golf: Letter, SCA Federation, Key Club, Ex- ecutive Board, House Grounds Chairman, French Club, Latin Club, Creative Writers Club. George Carter “George” J.V. Baseball, J.V. Foot- ball, Shop Officer. Ronnie Daniel Carter “Ronnie” Valeria Janette Carter “Valeria” Senior Invitation Commit- tee, D.E. Club, Speech Arts Club, Basketball Team. Vickie Sue Church “Vicki” Senior Dance Committee, Senior Chorus: Letter, Volleyball Team, All-Festi- val Chorus, Drama Staff, Basketball Team, Senior Ring Committee, Dance Committee. Sarah Lee Coffey “Sarah” Basketball Team, Student Council, Dance Committee, Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Drama Staff: Head, Junior Decorating Comm. T r i - H i - Y: Treasurer. Y- Teens. William Ronald Collins “Ronald” J.V. Basketball, D.O. Club, J.V. Football. Carol Lee Cooke “Cookie” Volleyball Team, Hockey Team, Basketball Team, G. A. A. Executive Board, Senior Assembly Comm., Junior Dance Committee. 134 UNDER THE GUIDANCE Steven Douglas Corum “Steve” Varsity Basketball: Co- Cap t • i Senior Assembly Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Thespians, Christopher Newport Society, Creative Writers Club, Hi-Y : Treasurer, La- tin French Clubs, Key Club, Varsity Baseball. Patricia Glen Cranford “Patty” Stevert Douglas Crump “Steve” John William Davis “John” Key Club, Student Council, Homeroom : Chaplain, Homeroom : Treasurer, Senior Pennant Committee, Junior Chorus. Nancy Ann Dearing “Nancy” Executive Board, Student Council, Thespians: Secre- tary, Anchor Staff: Section Head, Cafeteria Committee: Co-Head, Spanish Club, Creative Writers Club, Senior Ring Committee, Christopher Newport Society. Jerry Wayne Dickerson “Jerry” Richard Mason Dillamon “Dickie” Varsity Basketball, Execu- tive Board: 8th Rep. Execu- tive Board: 12th Rep. Junior Varsity Basketball, Key Club: Secretary, Be- havior Code Comm: Co- Head, Senior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Student Council, American Legion Boy’s State. Audrey Jean Dixon “Audrey” Junior Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee, Volleyball Team, Basket- ball Team, G.A.A. Execu- tive Board, Senior Dance Committee. 135 OF THEIR PERSONAL AMBITIONS Sherry Rose Drewry “Sherry” Senior Dance Committee, Senior Invitation Com- mittee, Future Home- makers Club. Charles Edward Duke “Charles” Hi-Y Club, D.O. Club, Junior Dance Committee, Shop Officer, School Spirit Committee, Dance Com- mittee, Senior Color Com- mittee, Senior Flower Com- mittee. Shirley Sawyer Dulaney “Shirley” Gerald Francis Edwards “Jerry” James Curtis Edwards “Jimmy” Christopher Newport Society, Drama Staff: Head, Junior Usher Comm. Co-Head, Homeroom: Presi- dent, Senior Dance Com- mittee, Shop Officer, SCA Dance Committee. Barbara Jean Ellis “Bobbie” Furniture Staff, Hockey Team, All-Star Basketball, Volleyball Team, Softball, Team, Homeroom: Officer, G.A.A. Mildred Lee Fallin “Millie” Anchor: Editor - in - Chief, Senior Assembly: Co-Head, Senior Ring Comm. Co- Head, Executive Board, Publicity Comm. Co-Head, Drama: Letter, Tournament Play Director, Best Thes- pian Award, All Tourna- ment Cast, Thespians: President, Sec. Bonnie Sue Farmer “Bonnie” Hockey Team - 10, 11, 12, Volleyball Team, Basketball Team, Junior Chorus, Senior Chorus, Senior Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee. 136 AND THE ADMINISTRATION Betty Jean Field “Betty” Carolyn Lenoia Fisher “Carolyn” SCA Dance Committee, Library Assistant, Senior Pennant Comm., F. H. A. Club. Patsy Ann Floyd “Patsy” Junior Dance Committee, Library Assistants Club, Senior Assembly Comm., F.H.A. Club, Art Club. Zatha Ann Franks “Zatha” Tri - Hi - Y, Beacon Staff, Girls Usher Staff, Latin Club, Creative Writers Club, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Invitation Comm., Christopher New- port Society, Homeroom: Chaplain. John Herford Gabriel “John” Junior Varsity Basketball, School Spirit Committee, Newcomers Committee, Christopher Newport Society, Tournament Play Cast, French Club, Junior Usher Staff, Senior Pen- nant Committee. Jo Anne Gallins “Jo Anne” Mary Elizabeth Gares “Betty” SCA Dance Committee, SCA Publicity Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Creative Writers Club, Library Assistants Club. William Ira Garrett Jr. Bill” Transferred Warwick High School: Varsity Basketball, Telephone Committee, Key Club, Junior Class Com- mittee, Senior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Prom Com- mittee. 1 37 ALL HOPES, GROWTH, Jerry Stuart Gary “Jerry” Sallie Virginia Gay “Sally” Student Council, Art Club- Treas. V. Pres., Junior Dance Committee, Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Assist- ant’s, Senior Assembly Com., School Spirit Com- mittee. Mary-Claire Gerber Mary-Claire Asst. Directors Drama, Staff Head, Spanish Club, Tournament Director, Christopher Newport Soc., D.O. Club, Senior Ring Committee. Judith Leigh Getsug “Judy” F. T. A., Science Club — Bulletin Board, Senior Music Committee, French Club, Christopher Newport Soc., Creative Writer’s Club, Chess Club, Latin Club, Mouse Assembly Com. Philip William Gold “Phil” Senior Class V. Pres., Senior Class Speaker, Honor Council, Executive Board, Speech Arts Club: Pres., Key Club: Project Chair., Behavior Code Com. Co-Head, Student Council Rep., Nelms Honor Scroll, Lions Club Award. Suzanne Dean Greene “Susie” Honor Council: Carryover, Tri-Hi-Y Chaplain; Pres., Latin Club, Homeroom, Treasurer, Spanish Club, Junior Dance Committee, Behavior Code Committee, Anchor Staff: Underclass, Cast of 2 Tournament Plays. Andrew Tessler Greenspon “Andy” Speech Arts Club, Tourna- ment Play: 8th. Grade. Linda Faye Grubbs “Grubby” Senior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Latin Club, Future Teachers Club, F.H.A. Girls Basketball, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Tri-Hi- Y, Junior Classical League. 138 AND ACHIEVEMENTS CULMINATE William Kiefer Gruver “Bill” National Honor Society: President, Senior Band: President, Letter, Key Club, Science Club, Creative Writers’ Club, Senior Music Committee, Cross-Country: Letters, Track Team. Barbara Jean Hall “Barbara” Bernard James Halstead “Bernie” Junior Chorus: Letter, Senior Chorus: Letter, Senior Bulletin Board Comm. Calvin McClarey Hanrahan “Bubba” Student Body: President, Key Club, Track Team: Letter, Cross-Country: Co- Captain, Thespians, French Club, SCA Federation Council, SCA Workshop: Delagate, Junior Class: V. Pres. Friendly Typhoon. Carolyn Maxine Hanrahan “Irish” Anchor Staff, Christopher Newport Society, Future Nurses’ Club, French Club, Art Club, Senior Assembly Committee, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Tri-Hi-Y Donald Wayne Harris “Donnie” Janet Marie Harris “Janet” Future Homemakers Club. Richard Gilbert Hart “Richard” Senior Band, Senior Dance Committee. 139 IN THE FINAL OBJECTIVE Edna Juanita Hayes “Juanita” V. Flagtwirler: Co-Head, J. V. Flagtwirler, Anchor Staff : Sports, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Latin Club, Christopher Newport Society, Junior Chorus, Homeroom: Sec. Treasurer, Usher Staff: Asst. Head. Frances Lene Heath “Frances” National Honor Society, Nelms Honor Scroll, Aca- demic Achievement Award, Jr. Sr. Band Letter, Girls’ State Representative, G A A Executive Board, Student Council Rep., Senior Music Committee, Hockey: All State, Latin Club. Gertrude Nora Helfrich “Gertrude” Patricia Ann Muse Hewitt “Pat” Transfer 1960-1961, D.E. Club: V. President. Mary Burton Hill “Burt” Beacon Staff: Photograp- her, Feature Sports Staff, Anchor Staff: Sports, GAA Executive Board, Senior Assembly Committee, Senior Ring Committee, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey: 10, 11, 12, Tri-Hi- Y. Robert Eugene Hilling “Bobby” Honor Council Rep., Senior Bulletin Board, Junior Usher Committee, Cafeteria Committee, Friendly Ty- phoon — 10th., Varsity Baseball-Letter, Varsity Basketball - Letter, J. V. Basketball, 8th. 9th. Basket- ball, Junior Chorus. Phillip Stuart Hoffman “Phil” Shop Officer, Cast: 2 Major Plays, Director: Tournament, Thespians, Advertising Mgr. Drama, Activities Letter: Drama, Senior Assembly Comm., Spanish Club, Creative Writer’s Club, Christopher Newport Society. Winnie Estelle Hogge “Winnie” Student Council Rep., Usher Staff: Asst. Head, Anchor Staff: School Life, Home Room Chaplain, Junior Chorus: Letter, Latin Club, Christopher Newport Soc., Creative Writer’s Club, Future Teachers of America, Dance Committee: Jr. Sr. 140 GRADUATION Deborah Lou Holton “Debby” Beacon Staff : Editor, Feature Editor, Quill and Scroll: President, SC A Ex- ective Board, Scrapbook Chairman, Girls Usher Staff: Asst. Head, Senior Invitation Committee, Library Assistant Club, Newcomers Committee, V. O.T. Lu Ellen Hooper “LuElla” Student Council Rep., Cafe- teria Committee, Dance Committee, Behavior Code Committee, Senior Assem- bly Committee, Drama Staff: Head, Junior Decor- ation Committee, French Club: Chairman, D.E. Club: Committee Head. Nancy Ellen Horton “Nancy” Beacon Staff: Circulation Manager, French Club, Stu- dent Council Rep., Tri-Hi- Y, Senior Ring Committee, Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Creative Writers Club: Sec., Drama Staff, Junior Chorus, Girls Basketball Team. Avernia Josie Hudson “LaVernia” Basketball: 8th 9th Grade, Thespians, Drama Staff: Head, Senior As- sembly Committee. Richard Stanley Hughes “Richard” Florence Elizabeth Hysong “Florence” Drama Staff, Assistant Directors Staff, F. H. A. Club, Safety Committee, Junior Decorating Com- mittee, Senior Invitation Committee, Library Assis- tants Club. Dreyfus Jackson “Dreyfus” Irene James “Irene” Varsity Flagtwirler, Future Nurses Club, French Club, Student Council, Senior Ring Committee, Christo- pher Newport Society: Sec., Beacon Staff: Alumni Editor, House and Grounds Comm., Publicity Com- mittee, Senior Invitation Committee. 141 FOR SOME, Danny Boston Jernigan “Danny” J.V. Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Senior Dance, Senior Home Room: Pres. Betty Jones “Betty” Senior Chorus, Jr. Sr. Chorus: Letter, D.E. Club: Parli., Costume Staff : Drama, Jr. Dance Commit- tee, Volleyball Basketball, District Chorus, Chaplain - Home Room, Jr. Decoration Com. Charles Douglas Jones “Charles” Frances Johnson “Frances” Tri-Hi-Y Secretary, Home Room: V. Pres. Home Room: Sec. Treas., Dance Committee, Jr. Dance Com- mittee, Sr. Dance Com- mittee, D.E. Club, Drama: Furniture Staff, School Spirit Committee. Patricia Mattie Johnson “Patti” Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Tri-Hi-Y: Chaplain, Junior Decorating Com., Art Club, Tournament Play: Director, Asst. Di- rectors Staff, GAA Ex- ecutive Board, Future Nurses Club, 9th. Grade Basketball. Douglas Ray Joyner “Doug” Senior Pennant Committee. George Adolphus Kahle “George” Key Club, Track Team: Letter, Spanish Club: Of- ficer, Hi-Y, Senior Ring Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Cafeteria Com- mittee, School Spirit Com- mittee, Science Club. Henry Sanders Kearney “Henry” J.V. Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Key Club, Track. 142 GRADUATION MARKS Donald Vincent King “Don” Key Club: President, Hi- Y: President, Boys’ State: Attorney General, District Hi-Y : Secretary, Christo- pher Newport Soc. V. Pres., Varsity Baseball: Letter, Jr. Sr. Dance Comm: Co-Head. S C A Executive Board, Latin Club, French Club. Pamela Grace Larmer “Pam” French Club, Varsity Hoc- key Team, Cast of “Loud Red Patric k”, Cast of “Antic Spring”, Thespians Tournament Play Cast, Senior Ring Committee, Student Council, G. A. A. Letter. Clyde Lewis “Clyde” Senior Dance Committee, Hi-Y Club. Jean Sharon Maddy “Jean” Student Council, Home- room: President, Foreign Student Forum: Delegate, Junior Decorating Com- mittee, Senior Assembly Committee, Senior Chorus, Dance Committee, Christo- pher Newport Society, Latin Club, Senior Band: Letter. Sybil Markman “Sybil” Transferred Warwick High, Behavior Code Committee, Publicity Committee, Senior Bulletin Board Committee. Olivia Dale Marshall “Dale” Basketball Team, Tourna- ment Play Director, Props Staff, Costumes Staff, Tournament Play Cast, Thespians, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, V.O.T. Reginald Ted Marshall “Ted” Junior Band: Letter, Senior Band: Letter, French Club, Senior Assembly Commit- tee. Patricia Alice Massey “Pat” Latin Club: Comm. Head, French Club, Publicity Com- mittee, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Assembly Committee, Anchor Staff: Section Head, Homeroom: Secretary, Assistant Direc- tors Staff. 143 THE BEGINNING Nicholas John Matthews “Nickie” Science Club, Christopher Newport Society, French Club, Chess Club, Junior Chorus, Senior Bulletin Board Comm., Hi-Y Secre- tary, Homeroom Officer, Hall of Fame: 8th Grade, Dance Committee. Patricia Lynn McAlpin “Pat” French Club, D. 0. Club, Dance Committee. John Wayne McCormick “John” Track Team: Captain, Pen- nant Committee, SCA Dance Committee. Joseph Alden McCormick “Joe” Latin Club, Speech Arts Club, Homeroom Officer, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football: Letter. Constance Ray McKinsey “Connie” Y-Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Tum- bling Club, Apparatus Club, Furniture Staff, Basketball Team, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Pennant Committee, D. E. Club, Homeroom Officer. Carolin Anne McPherson “Carolin” Anchor Staff: Section Head, Beacon Staff: Art Editor, Exchange Editor, Co-head, Feature, Student Council, G.A.A. Executive Board, Creative Writers Club, Senior Bulletin Board Comm., Art Club, Senior Typing Committee. Victoria Jo Meena “Vickie” Junior Chorus, Senior Cho- rus: Letter, Usher Staff, Furniture Staff, Junior Ring Committee, Senior Ring Committee, Invitation Comm. Co-Head, Home room: Officer. Alice Robins Menin “Alice” Art Club: Officer, Senior Dance Committee, D. E. Club: Secretary, Junior Decoration Com m., SCA Dance Committee, Tri-Hi- Y, Y-Teens. 144 OF A JOB Patricia Ann Merilic “Pat” Senior Assembly, Senior Typing Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Tri-Hi-Y, Library Club, 8th. 9th. Basketball, Drama Make- up: Co-Head. Edward Banks Mirmelstein “Eddie” French Club, Science Club, Creative Writers Club, Be- havior Code Committee, Golf Team, Lion’s Club French Award, School Spir- it Committee, Usher Staff, Homeroom Officer, Senior Assembly. Dawn Louella Moore “Dawn” Herbert L. Moore “Herbie” Margaret Jeanette Moore “Margaret” Christopher Newport Soc., Senior Color Com.: Head., Junior Decoration Com., SCA Dance Committee, GAA Executive Board, FHA Parliamentarian, Pub- licity Committee, Library Asst. Club. Sally Hope Morewitz “Sally” Senior Class: Secretary, Junior Class: Exect. Board, 10th. Grade Secretary, 9th. Grade Honor Council, JV V. Cheerleader, Anchor Staff: Senior Sect., Chair- man: School Spirit, Dele- gate SCA Fed. Council, Del. SCA State Convention. Josie Susan Morgan “Jose” J.V. V. Cheerleader, Hon- or Council Rep. 10th. Grade, Student Council: Exect. Board, School Spirit Com. Co-Head, Senior Bulletin Board: Co-Head, Remem- brance Com. Head, Anchor Staff: Senior Head, Tour- nament Director: Superior, SCA Federation Council, SCA Chesapeake Dist. Rep. Virginia Lee Morton “Ginny” Honor Council Rep. 12th, GAA Pres. V. Pres. Letter, Tri-Hi-Y : V. Pres. Treas., Drama: Asst. Head Props, Asst. Director of Tourney, FTA Historian, Art Club, French Club, Behavior Code Committee, Friendly Ty- phoon. 145 AND THE ASSUMPTION Frank Pearsall Moseley “Frank” Mary Jacqueline Moss “Jackie” Junior Chorus: Secretary, Senior Chorus, Future Nurses: Secretary, Latin Club, Junior Decoration Com., Junior Dance Com., Senior Pennant Com., Homeroom: Chaplain. Patricia Given Moylan “Pat” Senior Dance Committee, SCA Representative, FHA President, Dance Commit- tee, School Spirit. Edward Ray Nichols “Eddie” Stage Manager, Drama: Letter, Thespians: Vice Pres., Senior Assembly Com., Stage Crew Home- room, Tourney Cast, Head Electrician. Judy Hope Nichols “Judy” Margret Leak Nickey “Peggy” Dance Committee, Junior Chorus, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Dance Com- mittee, School Spirit, Home- room: Chaplain, “Tom Saw- yer” Cast. Lowell Robert Norris “Bobby” Senior Music Committee, Latin Club: President, Cre- ative Writers Club, Junior Band: Letter, Senior Band: Letter, Delegate to Boys’ State. Susan Dallas Nunnally “Suzzie” Senior Band: Letter, All- State Band, National Honor Society, Officer: Scrapbook Chair., Girls’ Usher Staff, Spanish Club, Latin Club, Invitation Committee, Band Sweetheart: Lady In Wait- ing. 146 OF ADULT RESPONSIBILITIES; Sylvia Ann Ottaway “Sylvia” F.T.A. Club, G.A.A. Execu- tive, All-Star Hockey, All- Star Volleyball, Basketball Team, Creative Writers Club, Chris topher Newport Society, Latin Club, Senior Assembly Committee. Florence Jeffries Padgett “Florence” Latin Club, Art Club : Treasurer, SCA Represen- tative, Girl Usher, Senior Assembly Comm., Junior Dance Comm., Launchings: Art Editor, Wildlife Award: 2 Years, Publicity Committee, Homeroom Of- ficer. James Wallace Parker “Jimmy” Beacon Staff, Latin Club, Cast of “Tom Sawyer”, Cast of “Two Crooks”, Sen- ior Dance Committee, Homeroom President, Shop Officer. David Lee Parrish “Dave” Key Club, Thespians, Latin Club, J.C.L., French Club, Drama Staff: Head, All Star Cast Play, Tourna- ment Director, Boys’ State Delegate, Senior Assembly Comm. Scott William Parsons “Scott” Transferred Central High School, Homecoming Com- mittee, Football, Hi-Y Club. Dorothy Lee Perry “Dorothy” F.H.A. Club, Tumbling Club, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Dance Com- mittee, Make-Up Staff — Drama, Girls’ Basketball, Girls’ Track Team, School Spirit Committee, Physical Fitness Award. Carol Ann Petenbrink “Carol” Varsity Flagtwirler: Co- Head, J.V. Flagtwirler: Head, Band Swetheart 1961, Student Council Rep., An- chor Staff, Future Nurses: V. Pres., Stamp Committee, Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Latin Club, Drama Staff: Make-Up. Sally A. Christian Phillips “Sally” Beacon Staff: Co-Feature Editor, Quill and Scroll, Future Nurses Club, Art Club, Senior Assembly Committee, Junior Decora- tion Committee, Future Teachers Club, Latin Club, Creative Writers Club, Pub- licity Committee. 147 FOR OTHERS, GRADUATION Charles Douglas Pitt, Jr. “Doug” Spanish Club, Newcomers Committee, Publicity Com- mittee, Senior Bulletin Board Committee. Carmel Max Pollard “Max” J.V. Football, Varsity Foot- ball, Senior Assembly Com. Brenda Poole “Brenda” Hockey: All Star, Basket- ball, Volleyball, GAA Exect. Board: Letter, FTA, Ap- paratus Club, French Club, Ring Committee, Asst. Di- rectors Staff, Props Staff. Charles Wayne Poteat “Wayne” Emma Jean Powell “Emma” Edward Marvin Proctor “Ed” Senior Band, Junior Band, Track, Senior Assembly Committee. Sandra Kay Pullen “Sandra” Student Council, GAA Ex- ecutive Board, French Club: Sec. Future Nurses Club, Junior Ring Committee, Christopher Newport Soc., Senior Assembly Com., Tourney Play Cast, Anchor Staff, Junior Chorus : Letter. David Rabinowitz “David” Science Club: President, Key Club, Christopher Newport Soc., French Club, Lions Club Science Award, Tourney Play Cast, Junior Chorus, Senior Chorus. 1 48 IS THE NECESSARY Margaret Elaine Redford “Elaine” Office Assistant 8-12, Girls’ Basketba ll, Girls’ Volley- ball, School Spirit Commit- tee, Usher Staff, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Future Nurses Club, Future Home- makers Club, Homeroom Chaplain: 8th. Grade. John Hugh Rekrut “John” Senior Dance Committee, Superintendent Wood Shop, Maintenance Foreman: Wood Shop. Marsha Ellen Rice “Mash” School Spirit Committee, Publicity Committee, Safety Committee, Future Nurses Club: Hist., French Club, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee. David Owen Riley “David” Basketball: Manager, Let- ter, Track Manager, Sports- manship Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Junior Band, Senior Band, Hi-Y. Carol Anne Roberts “Carol” Latin Club: Treasurer, Spanish Club: Treasurer, FHA: Secretary, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Assembly Committee, SCA Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee. Larry Gene Robertson “Larry” Stagecrew Homeroom, D.O. Club, Hi-Y, Thespians, Sen- ior Assembly Committee. Linda Faye Robertson “Ducky” Willard Milner Robins “Willie” Varsity Football, H o m e- room Officer, Junior Dance Committee, Senior As- sembly. 1 49 STEPPING-STONE Phyllis Ann Rose “Phyllis” Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Anchor Staff, Typing Committee: Head, Tri-Hi-Y, Homeroom Secretary, Jun- ior Decorating Committee, Beacon Staff, Drama Staff. Judith Valerie Rountree “Judy” Anchor Staff, Christopher Newport Society, Future Nurses Club: Chaplain, Latin Club, Mouse Assem- bly, Junior Chorus, Junior Decorating Committee, Sen- ior Dance Committee, SCA Committee, Student Coun- cil. Nancy Elaine Saunders “Nancy” National Honor Society, State SCA Advisory Board, Student Council: Commit- tee Head, Christopher New- port Society, Cast of 4 Maj- or Plays, Senior Dance Committee, French Club, Spanish Club, Future Teachers Club, Anchor Staff: Section Head. David Clarke Sawyer “David” Cross Country: Letter, Track Team. Donald Myron Schwartz “Don” SCA Federation: President, National Honor Society, 10th Grade: President, Nelms Honor Scroll, State SCA; Delegate, French Club: President, Key Club: Treasurer, Senior Assembly Comm. Co-Head, Student Council: Ex. Board, Ameri- can Legion Award. Ronald Leslie Schwartz “Ronald” Christopher Newport So- ciety, Creative Writers Club, Golf Team, Baseball Manager, Junior Usher Staff, Senior Assembly Committee. Gerald Joseph Schweida “Jerry” 8th Grade: President, 9th Grade: President, Varsity Football: Co-Captain, Shop Officer, Homeroom Officer. Edward Ronald Self “Ronnie” Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Drama Staff: Co-Head, Junior Usher Staff: Co-Head, Shop Officer, Senior Color Committee, I. C. T. Club. 150 TO HIGHER EDUCATION Joyce Cook Shaal “Joyce” Transfer from Warwick High School, FHA Club, Invitations Committee. Brownie Elizabeth Shaffer “Brownie” FHA Club, Junior Dance, Senior Flower: Chairman, DO Club: Secretary, House Grounds Committee, Ap- paratus Club, Y-Teens, Be- havior Code Committee. Margaret Virginia Shepard “Virginia” Spanish Club, Dance Com- mittee, School Spirit Com- mittee, Senior Invitations Com., FTA, FHA, Library Assistants Club. Donnie Kerr Shinn “Donnie” Martha Ellen Simpson “Martha” FHA, Senior Invitation Comm., Library Assistant, Senior Chorus, Bible Club, Remembrance Committee, Junior Decoration Comm., Junior Ring Committee, VOT. Patricia Paige Slate “Patsy” Usher Staff, Chorus: Let- ter, All Festival Chorus, Junior Decoration Commit- tee, Senior Dance Commit- tee, DE Club, Y-Teens, Vol- leyball Team. Frederick Baker Smallwood “Freddy” Transferred, Senior Dance Committee, Boys’ Usher Staff, Junior Usher Staff, Christopher Newport So- ciety, Latin Club. Anita Smith “Anita” Science Club: Committee, Latin Club: Committee, French Club, School Spirit Committee, Safety Commit- tee, Publicity Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Future Nurses Club, Nelms Honor Scroll, C r e a t i ve Writers Club. 151 ABOVE ALL, Barbara Faye Smith “Bobbie” Transferred: Hampton High, Bible Club, Newcom- ers Committee, School Spir- it Committee, Head Assist- ant Director, Senior Assem- bly Committee, Senior Cho- rus, Assistant Directors. Clare Sibley Smith “Clare” National Honor Society, Christopher Newport Soc., Varsity Hockey Team, Thespians, Cast of Major Plays, Science Club, French Club, Creative Writers Club, Assistant Editor VJ AS Bulletin. Margaret Elizabeth Snelling “Margaret” Volleyball Team, Basketball Team. Mae Lea Somervold “Mae Lea” Quill and Scroll, Beacon: Business Mgr., Homeroom Secretary, D.O. Club, Fu- ture Teachers Association, F.H.A., Sr. Bulletin Board Com., Jr. Dance Committee, Sportsmanship Committee, School Spirit Committee. Teresa Carole Sosbee “Carole” Lawernce Mark Spigel “Larry” Pres.: Creative Writers Club, Key Club, French Club, Publicity Committee: Head, Student Council: Exect., Latin Club, SCA Representative, President of Home Room, Golf Team, Senior Assembly. Stephanie Ann Spradlin “Stevie” V a r s i t y, JV Cheerleader, National Honor Society, Anchor Staff : Business Mgr., Executive Board: Com. Head, Student Coun- cil: Treas., Spanish Club, Latin Club, Future Nurses Club, Senior Dance Com- mittee. Patricia Ann Stambaugh “Pat” Drama Staff: Props, Fu- ture Nurses Club, Dance Committee, Jr. Dance Com- mittee, Senior Dance Com- mittee, Junior Chorus, Lat- in Club, Basketball: 11th. Grade, FHA, Homeroom: Chaplain. GRADUATION Jo Ann Stanley “Jo Ann” Eugene Evans Stevenson “Gene” Senior Pennant Com.: Co- Head, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, Sportsmanship Com- mittee, Junior Ring Com- mittee. Lowell Edward Stidham “Lowell” Authur Dean Strickland “A.D.” I.C.T. Club. Mitchell Joshua Strickland “Mitchell” Paula Torrey Sturtevant “Paula” Anchor Staff, Varsity Flag- twirler, French Club: Sec- retary, Creative Writers’ Club, Queen of Hearts: ’61, Junior Dance Committee, Senior Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee, House and Grounds Com. Mary Sue Sutton “Sue” Latin Club, French Club, Anchor Staff, Homeroom Secretary, Student Council, Junior Decorating Comm. Co-head, Senior Assembly Committee, Drama: Make- up, Volley ball, Publicity Committee. Brenda Patricia Sykes “Patty” Senior Dance Committee, Senior Bulletin Board, Sen- ior Homeroom: V. Pres., School Spirit, Y-Teens, Tri- Hi-Y, Junior Decorating Committee, D. 0. Club: Parliamentarian, Art Club. Student Council Rep. 153 MARKS THE END Tessie Takis “Tes” Thespians, Asst. Directors Staff, Tri-Hi-Y, Future Teachers Club, Junior Dec- orating Com. Senior As- sembly Committee, Adver- tising Committee, French Club, Asst. Librarian, Ush- ers Staff. Martha Ann Tanner “Martha” Transferred Seattle, Wash: Roll Council, Girls Club, Usher Committee: Head, Typing Committee, Senior Dance Committee, F.H.A. Treasurer, French Club, School Grounds Comm. Wanda Faye Thornhill “Wanda” Varsity Flagtwirler, Junior Varsity Flagtwirler, Bea- con: Business Manager, Senior Bulletin Board Comm.: Co-Head, Beacon: News Editor, Creative Writers Club, Activities: Letter Latin Club, Junior Classical League, H o m e- room: President. Martha Jane Timberlake “Puddy” Student Council, Executive Board, Dance Committee: Co-Head, Anchor Staff, French Club, Publicity Committee, G.A.A. Execu- tive Board, Senior Dance Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Homeroom: Of- ficer. Mark Thomas VanNoy “Mark” Senior Chorus, Junior Chorus, Shop Officer, Ac- appella Choir, Mixed Octet. Fred Allen Vaughn “Fred” French Club, Hi-Y Club: V. President, Christopher Newport Society, Senior Assembly Committee, Color Guard. Russel] Howard Vaughn Jr. “Russell” Senior Band. Brenda Frances Veazey “Brenda” Varsity Cheerleader, Senior Class: Treasurer, Junior Class: Secretary, National Honor Soc. : Sec., SC A Fed- eration: Secretary, Execu- tive Board: 9th Grade, Exe- cutive Board: 10th Grade, G.A.A. Letter, Anchor Staff: Business Mgr., DAR Good Citizen Award. 154 OF ONE ROAD Andrea Demorris Vernon “Andy” Senior Color Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Junior Chorus: Letter, Sen- ior Chorus, V o 1 1 e y b a 1 1 Team: All-Star Basketball Team, Hockey Team, Cos- tume Staff: Drama. Betty Marshall Vines “Betty” Junior Chorus, Senior Chorus, Junior Dance Com- mittee, Senior Dance Com- mittee, French Club, School Spirit Committee, Dance Committee, Future Nurses Club, Basketball Team, Homeroom: Treasurer. Harry Eugene Walling “Gene” i James Edward Walker “Jimmy” Junior Varsity Basketball, Varsity Basketball: letter, Varsity Baseball, Junior Varsity Baseball, Junior Band, Senior Pennant Comm.: Co-head, Junior Varsity Cheerleader: Head. Jane Allen Walker “Jane” Varsity Cheerleader: Head, Junior Varsity Cheerleader; Head, National Honor So- ciety, Student Body: Secre- tary, French Club: V. Presi- dent, Jr. Dance Comm.: Co- Head Senior Class, Giftor- ian, School Spirit Comm.: Co-Head, Cast of 5 Major Plays, Anchor Staff: Sec- tion Head. Sara Louise Walker “Sara” Transferred St. Vincent Central High School. Jerry Earl Warron “Jerry” Louis Martin Weinstein “Louis” Speech Arts Club, Cafe- teria Committee, Dance Committee, Homeroom: Of- ficer, Shop Officer, Junior Dance Committee, School Spirit Committee, Senior Dance Committee, Senior Assembly Committee. 155 AND THE BEGINNING John Wessley Whitesell “John” J.V. Football, J.V. Basket- ball, Track, Chorus, Varsity Track: Letter, Senior Chor- us. George Bridge Whitehurst “Biddy” Stage Crew, French Clrb, Thespians, Tournament Di- rector, Cast of 2 Tourna- ment Plays, Drama: Letter, Hi-Y Club, Homeroom: Of- ficer. Charles Leanord Wiggins “Charlie” J.V. Football, Senior As- sembly Committee, Usher Staff Hi-Y. Eddie Barvel Wiggins “Eddie” Shirley White Wiggins “Shirley” Dorothy Gene Wilkinson “Dee Gee” Thespians, Student Council, Cast of 3 Major Plays, Christopher Newport So- ciety, French Club, Latin Club, Creative Writers Club, Anchor: Asst. Editor, Senior Chorus, Launching Staff. Brenda Amos Williams “Brenda” Volleyball Team: All-Star Softball Team, Girls Track Team, Hockey Team, G.A.A. Executive Board, Senior Assembly Commit- tee. Diame Williams “Diane” Student Council, Junior Decoration Comm. Art Club, Senior Flower Comm.: Co-head, School Spirit Com- mittee, Usher Staff Y- Teens, Tri-Hi-Y, Anchor Staff. 1 56 OF ANOTHER Roy Rueben Wimmer “Roy” Track Team: Letter, Na- tional Honor Society, Quill and Scroll, Beacon: Sports Editor, Latin Club, Chris- topher Newport Society, Creative Writers Club, Jun- ior Classical League, Junior Band: Letter, Bible Club: Vice President. Stuart Garth Womeldroph “Stuart” Spanish Club, J.V. Football, Track Team, Cast of a Ma- jor Play, Drama Staff. Pamela Ann Wright “Pam” Junior Chorus: Letters, Senior Chorus: Letters, French Club, Future Teach- ers Club, Basketball Team, Volleyball Team, Hockey Team, G.A.A. Executive Board, Senior Assembly Committee, Homeroom: Secretary. Jeffrey Michael Zwerdling “Jeff” Senior Assembly Commit- te, Newcomers Committee, French Club, Safe Teens, Safety Committee, Varsity Football: Manager, Publi- city Committee, Junior Dance Committee, Drama Staff, School Spirit Com- mittee. 157 OUR COMMITTEES WORKED HARD Senior Flower Committee is headed by B. Shaffer and D. Williams. Margaret Moore heads the Color Committee. Music is headed by F. Heath and R. Baab. Senior Bulletin Board Committee is headed by W. Thornhill and J. Morgan. V. Meena and J. Gallins head the Invitation Committee. Senior Ring Committee is headed by Millie Fallin and . Donald Schwartz. Senior Dance Committee is headed by D. King and T. Burroughs. G. Stephenson and J. Walker head the Pennant Committee. 158 FOR A SUCCESSFUL YEAR President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer OFFICERS Billy Bryant Phil Gold Sally Morewitz Brenda Veazey OTHER KEY FIGURES Honor Council Suzy Green Bobby Hilling, Virginia Morton Executive Board Dicky Dillaman Class Speaker Dee Gee Wilkinson Giftorian Jane Walker SPONSORS Miss Carol Kauffman Mr. Warren E. Mitchell COLORS: Rose and White MOTTO: “Wisdom is our guide, success is our goal” FLOWERS: Rose and Carnations SENIOR ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE RING COMMITTEE SENIOR DANCE Millie Fallin, Co-Head Donald Schwartz. Co-Head Philip Gold Rita Baab Pam Larmer Sandra Pullen David Parish Sally Phillips Florence Padgett Clare Smith Joyce Benton Nancy Horton Carolyn Hanarahan Frances Heath Suzy Green Mary Blandford Phyllis Rose Carol Petenbrink Patty Johnson Pat Massey Kay Bowen Dee Gee Wilkerson Burt Hill Jane Walker Steve Corum Sue Sutton MOTTO COMMITTEE Rita Baab, Co-Head Frances Heath, Co-Head Kathryn Brinn Winnie Hogge Betsy Barnhouse Pat Stambough FLOWER COMMITTEE Millie Fallin, Co-Head Donald Schwartz, Co-Head Pam Larmer Brenda Veazey Irene James Nancy Dearing Burt Hill Frances Heath INVITATIONS COMMITTEE Vickie Meena, Co-Head Joanne Gallins, Co-Head Zatha Franks Martha Simpson Irene James Debby Holton Suzzie Nunnally Virginia Shepard PENNANT COMMITTEE Jimmy Walker, Co-Head Gene Stepenson, Co-Head Sally Morewitz Connie McKinsey John Carlton Henr y Kearney John McCormick Marsha Rice BULLETIN BOARD COMMITTEE Tina Burroughs, Co-Head Donald King, Co-Head Pat Moylan Peggy Nicky Patty Sykes Donnie Harris Pat Stambough Frances Johnson Bubba Hanrahan George Kahle Puddy Timberlake Donnie Shinn Nancy Saunders Jimmy Parker Stevie Spradlin Betty Gares MUSIC COMMITTEE Frances Heath, Head Eric Aucoin Bill Gruver Bobby Norris COLOR COMMITTEE Margaret Moore, Head Andrea Vernon Delano Wray Larry Spigle Joyce Clark Brownie Shaffer, Co-Head Diane Williams, Co-Head George Brevard Charles Duke Steve Crump Wanda Thornhill, Co-Head Josie Morgan, Co-Head Michael Barnes Carolin McPherson Nickie Matthews Patty Sykes 159 e m ■ - r 162 far away w ar from you SALLY MOREWITZ hanrahan ,AR — 3UBBA 167 What — me worry?’ What’s in that fountain besides water, Susie?” Greenwich Village ? Work before pleasure So this is what all the commotion is in the hall in F period. “In here quick, Patty, says Josie. “Here she comes, better get to work. Anchor Staff about Millie, Editor. y V v Which one has the Tony?” Jerry and Pam take time before Government to get a drink of water. “If you can’t say somethin’ nice nothin’ at all.” don’t Ready for dictation?” asks Billy. Good Citizens ‘Who said you’re gonna make it?” Don’t call me. Hey! Let’s watch that “huggy- | . bear” business! ' I ' m singin’ in the rain. Good Luck ADVERTISEMENTS ADVERTISEMENTS: THIS SECTION MARKS THE END OF THE 1962 ROAD OF HIGH SCHOOL LIFE. OUR SINCERE THANKS TO THE GENEROUS PATRONS WHO PAVED OUR WAY. At Left, Stephanie Spradlin 17 ) COMPLIMENTS DIXIE DIGGS AUTO PARTS, INC. N. King at Pembroke Hampton, Va. Dial PA 3-6372 Briggs Stratton Parts and Service CONGRATULATIONS ' APPRENTICE ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION Newport News Shipbuild and Dry Dock Company 172 DAIRY QUEEN 2000 25th Street NEWPORT NEWS Sundaes, Shakes, Malts Champ Burger OPEN ALL YEAR THETA DELTA PHI SORORITY MEMBERS Rita Baab Betsy Barnhouse Tina Burroughs Barbara Ellis Millie Fallin Frances Heath Nancy Horton Pam Larmer Carolin McPherson Josie Morgan Jenny Morton Florence Padgett Patty Sykes Sue Sutton Wandy Thornhill Brenda Veazey Stephanie Spradlin Joyce Benton Brownie Schaffer Sally Morewitz HOME ROOM 313 Earl Bryant Steven Crump Eddie Mirmelstein Bobby Norris David Parrish Douglas Pitt Arthur Strickland Delano Wray Wayne Grubb Suzy Greene Linda Grubbs Carolyn Hanarahan Peggy Nickey Dorothy Perry Carol Petenbrink Sandra Pullen Marsha Rice Carol Roberts Barbara Smith Puddy Timberlake HOME ROOM 126 Daniel Dooley David Ellenson Chris Ellis Larry Elmore Charles Embles George Fenigsohn Mard Friedman Wayne Frizzelle Dennis Fry Edward Fullen Peter Huntley James Morrow Bobby Morton Charles Mass Gregory Russel Billy Saxton Dale Sechrist Roger Smith Kenneth Taylor Linda De Shazo Shirley Elder Harron Ellenson Donna Farries Judy Head Patricia McConnel Barbara Smith Betsy Smith Connie Smith Elizabeth Smith Janet Smith Barbara Tucker Maybelle Ramsey Julie Wheary Mrs. Marston HOME ROOM 307 John Ferra Robert Ferra William Hobbs David Smith Edurn Smith Wayne Thomas Elliott Torn Gary Turner Timothy Furnes Robert Trainum Roger Underwood Ferdy Wagner Woodrow Wagner Roger Warf Kenneth Wall Michael Wallar Bowdie Ward David Warren Shirley Dooley Elizabeth Holland Reba Southard Barbara Stancil Lutricia Starling Bonnie Stepp Elizabeth Taylor Betty Thomas Sandra Thomas Linda Thomason Sandra Tomlin Cynthia Toulson Teresa Trantham Lucille Turlington Carlotta Vaughan Mrs. Milne 173 HOME ROOM 120 Charles Fiorella Stuart Jackson Thomas Jenkins Marvin Johnson Charles Jones David Kahle Robert Kenney Stephen Kiger Don Kirkland Randy Kiser Terry Kisec Nathan Koyloski Polydefkis Kypriandes Robert LaFlamme Robert Landrum Gerald Leonard William Leong Mike Littwin Robert Nettles Donald Koonce Nellie Hudgins Regina Ivey Delores Jackson Kinda Jackson Kathy Johnson Peggy Johnson Sarah Jolly Barbara Jones Diane Kelly Shirley Kennedy Janice Knight Zoe Kounnas Bonnie Lee Pamela Mitchell Nora Suiter HOME ROOM 107 Jerry Atkins Bobby Bailey Jimmy Branch Donnie Forrester Marcus Higgins Albert Hines Dana Hinnant Mike Hirshman Ronnie Hollaway Cecil Howell Garland Hudson Raliegh Ingram Tommy Ingram Dennis Ivey Johnny Ivey Ronnie Jackson Allan Jenkins Edgar Johnson Don Nesonzer David Trevathan Bobby Marston Shirley Caudill Patricia Hessler Linda Hicks Diane Hill Donna Hite Peggy Hite Reatha Hite Sandra Hobbs Frances Hollifield Nancy Horne Alivin House Linda Ingram Betty Jefferson Margaret Jeralds Sybil Joyner Patricia Marshburn Sybil Murphy Betty Spikes HOME ROOM 315 Raeford Barnes Billy Mills Candy Mays Paul Bass Brent Parkin Janice McCain Joseph Bell Leonard Sabolasky Judy McCall Lonnie Berry Jerry Strickland Betty McManus Richard Billings John Van Noy Donna Mick Frank Blechman Doloris Barfield Carole Minkaff Rom Hargadon Ginny Barrett Sherry Mitchem Richard Lee Betty Bass Betty Mollick H. P. Lucas Sandra Bateman Lois Moore Glenn Malpass Donna Lloyd Ruby Moore Dallas Millen Kris Money Dean Sides Mike Miller Anne Marlow Joyce Singer HOME ROOM 112 Charles Buffington Randy Fitzgerald Robert Parks Robert Coffey Robert Fitzgerald Charles Rogers Carol Collier Joe Forrest Tommy Ross Betty Dillon Brenda Fox Waverly Rosser William Edwards Bobby Fox Joanie Schwab Raymond Ellenson Tom Freeze Marsha Solomon Barbara Estes Mike Gibson Lucy Southall Richard Ewell Gloria Gardner Susie Wells Alfred Farmer Robert Jeffries Emma Wilson Joan Faulkner Tom McGraph Gene Perrine Mr Merritt 174 TYSINGER MOTOR COMPANY, INC. Phone PA 3-3301 59 Bridge St. Hampton, Virginia Dodge, Simca, Dodge Dart Lancer WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY 29th West Ave. 322 Main Street 3413 Victoria Blvd. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA TAREY DRIVE INN Peninsula ' s Newest and Most Modern Family Drive Inn Stop in after the game or dance Jefferson Ave. and Harpersville Rd. POQUOSON MOTORS, INC. 1900 Keochtan Rd. Plymouth, Valiant, and Studebaker CONGRATULATIONS AND BEST WISHES 1962 GRADUATING CLASS FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF NEWPORT NEWS NEWPORT NEWS, VIRG INIA MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 175 BOWEN COMPANY Compliments of INSURANCE CONSULTANTS 135-27th Street, Newport News MACHMAM CHestnut 4-1441 Sales — Rentals — Mortgages Insurance — Investments — Appraisals Auto — F i re — Marine — Casua 1 ty — Su rety 107 28th Street Newport News, Va. Office CH 4-1766 Compliments of Diamonds — Watches — Jewelry Luggage — Clothing — Musical Inst. JACK ' S SUPER MARKET SIEGEL ' S LOAN OFFICE Newport News Oldest Pawn Shop 2606 Washington Avenue 1707 Jefferson Avenue Money To Loan On Anything Of Value We Buy Old Gold, Silver and Diamonds Newport News, Va. Phone: CH 7-5543 Newport News, Va. W. T. CHAPIN, INC. Insurance and Real Estate 126 26th Street Dial CH 4-1471 The Goodrich Bookkeeping Tax Service Individual — Partnership — Corporation Payroll, Social Security Reports S. L. GOODRICH 7015 Huntington Avenue Dial CH 4-7331 TIDEWATER HARDWARE Newport News, Virginia 1400-25th Parrish Ave. Phone CH 7-5238 WYTHE AUTO PARTS CO. 2204 Kecoughtan Rd. Hampton, Virginia Automobile Replacement Parts and Accessories 176 7 ° 7° C °° 9 ° V x 09 e . - n C A0 - o o ] our Official Photographer Portrait Studio 3rd Floor Lut 177 HOME ROOM 218 Craig Miller Paul Moses Mary McGuire Shirley Sanders Jo Ann Coffey Janice Clark Jackie Roland Carolyn Millen Judy Terry Ronald Owen Joseph Morgan Frankie McGhee Nancy Livesay Linda Mahanes Claire Levin Diane Rodgers Dee Dee Merrill Sally Madagan Phyllis Sweeney Donna Rountree Pam Russel Ware Morrison Jesse Miller Stuart Nachman Elliot Schlosser Connie McGhee Bill Vasilas Louis Turner James Turlington Mike Presson Joe Bye Harry Seay Dwain Kickland Mike Osmer H R Teacher Mrs. Pulley HOMEROOM 103 Sharon Ange Carolyn Baker Wilbur Austin Jan Atkins Jerry Baker Billy Baldwin Dale Atkinson Sherry Baker Tommy Becker Susan Avent Richard Allen Curtis Lyle Michael Artman HOME ROOM 320 Porter Blakemore David Block Gene Buchanon Gregory Hill Jimmy Hines Ousama Rasheed Bob Simpson Lin Singletary David Smith Robert Smith Charles Snead Richard Strickland Robert Wood David Workman Margaret Brown Ann Bryant Melba Craddock Pam Ellis Gail Latta Marlene Levin Joanne Markman Randy Martin Mary McKeen Karon McKnight Sue Parker Linda Quinn Jo Ann Shaver Susan Stalnaker Sherry Stanaway Bonnie Stanfield Vivian Starnes Judy Steele Jo Ann Steward Faith Strickland Patsy Taylor Brenda A Todd Brenda P Todd Judi Tosh H R Teacher Mrs Weaver HOMEROOM 118 Kay Bryant Janet Cullen Jerry Russell Kenny Bransford Peggy Grubbs Elaine Graham Wayne Kerlin Vernon Kersey Jean Carroll La Verne Spotts Jane Stephenson Ellen Carney Linda Coates Ronnie Glasofer Wilson Howerton Ginny Goolsby Dani Garrick Glenn Campbell Billie Jo Gills Ronald Hite Rufus Kennedy Charlotte Guilliams Joe Wright Dwight Rowe Norma Helmick Carole Hargrove Bobby Routh Wayne Johnson Garner Wilbert Gibson Barbara Turner HOMEROOM 114 Pat Hewitt Brownie Shaffer Valeria Carter Anita Smith Patti Johnson Clare S mi th Edward Proctor John Rekret Andy Greenspon Louis Weinstein Judy Rountree Patsy Slate Margaret Moore Margaret Snelling Max Pollard Dee Gee Wilkinson Ronald Schwartz Clyde Lewis Mary Claire Gerber Don Schwartz Sybil Markman Virginia Shepard David Sawyer David Riley Nancy Saunders Stephanie Spradlin John McCormick Fred Smallwood David Rabinowitz Sylvia Ottaway David Urrutia Paula Sturtevant Larry Robinson Brenda Amos Mrs. Maguire HOME ROOM 206 Fostine Dowless Alice Fowler Richard Curtis Frances Grant Elinor Goldberg Joel Frank Pam Forman Becky Goolsby Wayne Hobbs Phyllis Branch Nicky Fennell Phillip Coley Gloris Fulghum Rick Oppenheimer Donald Ealey Brenda Hudson John Todd Bill Gilbert Kitty Gills Barry Forbes Arnold Hall Cheryl Ledford Tommy Flax Alice Goldsmith Kay Gillespie Ellen Frank Thomas Gilbert Charles Forrest HOME ROOM A-3 Edward Springfield Jerry Allen Cheryl Tucker Terry Abbott Brenda Vanness Kay Andleton George Anas Diane Adams Bill Baker Martin Somervold Nancy Umphlet James Conner Bruce Spigel Beverly Rosser David Arnold Charles Harrell Linda Allen Bobby Walker HOME ROOM 209 Richard Bryant Robert Blake Steve Burns Michael Burns Clifton Camden Richard Cantor Kennedy Carter Donald Smith Elliott Smith James Smith Willard Smith Ronald Smith Stephen Smith Linwood Wright Michael Victorine Clay Campbell Patricia Bray Tonia Brittain Sandra Boatright Rosalie Bond Patricia Broughton Carol Buckley Jo Delafosse Phyllis Hyatt Pat Nunley Linda Pless Linda Ryder Carol Thomas 178 PENINSULA SHIPBUILDERS ASSOCIATION Independent Union Representing the Employees of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. Your Complete Family Jewelry Store SHAW ' S JEWELRY CO. 281 1 Washington Ave. Newport News, Virginia Diamonds Watches Silver Dishes Radios T.V. Phonographs Cameras We Cater to Birthday-Wedding and Anniversary Cakes WARWICK BAKERY 220-28th St. CH 4-1362 Where Dining Is At Its Best Party Rooms for from 10 to 300 Persons Wedding Receptions HOTEL WARWICK West Ave. at 25th Street BOWDITCH FORD, INC. " Your Locally Owned Friendly Ford Dealer " fTITTil SALES SERVICE 800 Kecoughtan Road CH 5-3253 Compliments of GEORGE ' S REALTY COMPANY 5117 W. Military Road 179 HOME ifOOM 223 Mr. Willey Janice Queener Kit Warren Sandra Williams Faith Wash Charles Mintz Gail Watkins Donnie Tyndall Jean Poole Angela Ray Neil Vickers Sue Whitley Bill Ward Tom Poteat Mary Singleton Bob Stalnaker Mary Rickey Wayne McPhail Billy Taylor Hilda Wright Elaine Vasilas Diane Pritchett Judy Weckleman Jane Van Noy Bonnie Watson Cheryl Pless Skippy Walker Janet Wright Remona Wilson Rex Wiedman Jerry Powell Phyllis Weaver James Williams John Waif Jimmy Watson Bobby Wright Kit Thomas John Walker Ricky Wyatt Gerald Wright Mary Ruth White Lee Suton Mary Wilkinson Sarr) Tilghman HOME ROOM 106 Miss Childress Deborah Gordon Larry Campbell Carolyn Burns June Byrd Carol Bradish Peggy Caldwell Phyllis Booth Harriet Bolden Given Boyd Harry Coley George Corbett Ida Mae Cain E C. Cullen Jimmy Carbitt Gayle Bridgeman Dan Campbill Brenda Buckanan Kinda Bond Ronald Cash Randy Culotta Peggy Burton Jerry Crisp James Clark Mildred Bost Calvin Culp Robert Burch Lee Cook Harold Anderson HOME ROOM 216 Joe McCormick Sally Morewitz Jeffery Dorn Mark Van Noy Josie Morgan Charles Duke Eddie Wiggens Virginia Morton Joe Fabula Joyce Clark Jackie Moss Bernard Halstead Burt Hill Mae Lea Somervold Richard Hart Pat Massey Pat Stambough Douglas Joyner Pat Merilic Sue Sutton George Kahle Connie McKinsey Andrea Vernon Donald King Carolin McPherson Brenda Veazey Ted Marshall Vickie Meena Miss Allen Nickie Matthews Alice Menin HOME ROOM 208 Ronni Green Phyllis Hargrave Brenda Burrage Barbara Halfin Carol Groshong Charles La Boone Ted Heflin Sandy Pennington Margaret Phillips John Gilliam Mary Fitzgerald Johnny Gillette Phillip Hammond Ruth Ann Hessler Donna Pipkin John Bluxome Charles Rinehart Sandy Aiken Judy Hopkins Clarence Point Bonnie Harrison Kathy Haan Jerry Gray Alice Pipkin Brenda Davis John Goldenbaun Joyce O ' Neal Mr. Hardy HOME ROOM 207 Wilda Allen Todd Givens Susan Harrison Peqay Allford Otis Glamore Leonard Hostetter Daniel Billings Jody Glazer Jimmy Odom Becky Braslow Bill Glazier Bobby Tanner Charles Braslow David Goodman Jane Taylor James Brinkley Frances Goodson Elizabeth Tedder Linda Evans Richard Gordon Joyce Spake Brenda Ezzel Norma Graham Mary Lou Staton Carla “ine Georgia Gravely Mary Jo Streete Debby Fink Jacqueline Grepotis Miss Brewer Debbie Freeman Bill Hallett HOME ROOM 204 Paul Bauz Paul Forbes David Nash Hallet Perry Lawrence Perry Charles Phillip Ronald Phillips John Proctor Steve Pullen Donald Reed Kenneth Rew James Rowe Evander Rowell Robert Ruben David Sage Ronnie Sanders Robert Sears Jinny Skates Samuel Vickness Norma Vick Lucy Ann Allen Sheila Bicknell Judy Miller Deborah Mintz Helen Poteat Sarah Puckett Brenda Rose Geraldine Ross Julia May Rowell Barbara Salken Bonnie Sauls Anne Sawyer Andrea Schaffer Martha Schanz Jeanie Scruggs Shirley Scholar Linda Sizemore Patty Slone Shirley Smith Sherry Spain Miss Crane Mr Taylor HOME ROOM 101 Jerry Adkins Raymond Andrews Robert Artman Duane Back Tommy Baker Bill Barnes Livvie Benton Larry Blakesler Alvin Blankenship Gordon Bowen Dan Coleman Bill Collins Marshall Conley Jerry Gammon Harmon Gordon Jimmy Lovedahl Eddie Mercer Billy Rhodes Gene Varacalli Hazel Allen Mary Anas Charlotte Anderson Enid Bass Jackie Belote Linda Block Diane Booker Linda Booth Linda Bowen Joyce Chaffin June Chaffin Sue Hawitt Kathleen Pilgrim Caroly Reynold Joan Warren Peggy Wilkins Sandra Williams Mrs. Stokes 180 RICH ' S SUPER MARKETS NEWPORT NEWS HAMPTON WARWICK WILLIAMSBURG RICHMOND CHRIST CHURCH GLOUCESTER ¥ HIDENWOOD Sportsman ' s Shop NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA 181 NOLDE ' S rHt American Made Fashions for Men and Boys BREAD and CAKES of All Ages MODERN BRYANT NELMS tcH CLEANERS P77 AND OVERS KA REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE 3409 Washington Avenue ★ 129 26th Street CH 4-1781 Phone CH 4-1621 J. S. ARNOLD ' S ESSO SERVICE ( 0 ) " ROAD SERVICE " 25th Street Oak Ave. Phone CH 7-1803 Congratulations To The Senior Class HASKINS BARBER SHOP West Avenue and 24th Street THREE EXPERT BARBERS To Take Pride in Your Personal Appearance At All Times Fine Barbering is Our Specialty CH 5-9484 " Over 40 Years of Courteous Service " I. GREENSPON FURNITURE STORE Louis Morewitz — " Ves " Applegate Phone CH 7-5393 544-25th Street Newport News, Va. SCHERTLE T.V. APPLIANCES JOSEPH H. SCHERTLE Phone CH 7-6608 2817 Huntington Ave. NEWPORT NEWS, VA. 182 y Z Z V 4 4 4 4 4 4 4 444 4 4 44 4 4 4 4 4 444 4 4 4 4 44444444 Builders of Great Ships To Help Keep America Strong on the Seas NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING and DRY DOCK COMPANY 183 MICHIE MOTORS We Sell, Trade or Buy USED CARS AND TRUCKS Jefferson Ave. at 48th St. Joe Michie Newport News, Va. NEWPORT NEWS DISTILLED ICE CO. 2506 Virginia Avenue Compliments of OVERMANS FLORIST 1003 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. CH 5-5871 Compliments of ELI ' S 26 E. Military Road Hampton, Va. F. W. WOOLWORTH CO. Your Shopping Center in One Store Complete With Bakery Luncheonette Compliments of GENE RUSSELL 3500 Kecoughtan Rd. PA 3-3305 C ASEY - HEVR01ET OUR COMPLIMENTS 11061 Warwick Blvd. LY 6-6311 Compliments of RAINBOW SODA SHOP 5003 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Phone CH 5-9351 184 BEST WISHES PENINSULA FLORIST ASSOCIATION HOME ROOM 308 John Bell Danny Jernigan Audrey Dixon David Biggs Charles Jones Barbara Ellis Stanley Binder Billy Parks Mildred Fallin Billy Bryant Wayne Poteat Betty Field Jerry Burks Lowell Stidham Carolyn Fisher William Burns Fred Vaughn Florence Hysong Jimmy Campbell Sarah Coffey Pat Moylan John Carleton Joyce Cook Emma Jean Powell George Carter Carol Cooke Patty Sykes John Gabriel Patricia Cranford Nancy Dearing Jane Walker Dial CH 5-1282 P. 0. Box 956 Compliments of MARTIN RICHARDSON CARPENTER BROTHERS SEAFOOD COMPANY Specializing in 105 30th St. Fresh Picked Crab Meat and Oysters Boat Harbor CH 7-6636 Newport News, Virginia REEDY ' S JEWELRY 222 28th Street Garland Reedy - Certified Watchmaker Newport News, Va. CH 4-3306 DRESSES — SUITS — COATS SPORTS WEAR ☆ PARISIAN SHOP " Always Something New " Washington Ave., at 31st Street MURPHY WILLIAMS THOMAS PIANO CO. wheel alignment and balancing " First With Everything Musical " and general auto repairs 210 28th St. CH 5-0068 1419 25th Street CH 5-6562 185 186 187 Congratulations Class of ' 62 CENTER BEAUTY SHOP Having the Gang in for a Treat? Get Your Refreshments at 1815 Wickham Ave. SATCHELL ' S GROCERY CH 5-6227 R. C. Satchell, Prop. Best Wishes From The Staff of Groceries, Fruits, Frozen Foods Fresh Meats and Produce ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC COMPANY 2615 Marshall Avenue Dial CH 4-2124 YODER SPIGEL ' S FROZEN FOOD, INC. COLLEGE SHOP, INC. Locker Service SAVE TIME— MONEY— EFFORT Clothing and Accessories for Choice Meats — Frozen Vegetables Lad ' N Dad Monthly Payments No Membership Fee 130 Thirty-Second Street We Sell To Everyone Hidenwood Shopping Center Phone CH 5-821 1 339 35th Street Tel. CH 5-6982 Newport News, Va. Compliments of " NICK " ALLEN BUICK Your Buick Dealer For 24 Yea rs 7304 Warwick Blvd. ( -r ==) BURROW-MARTIN PHARMACY ROY H. GILLESPIE, Manager Phone CH. 5-3307 New Market Shopping Center NEWPORT NEWS, VA. r Your Pharmacist Works for Retie Health i§=) Community i 188 CENTER FORD BUCK BENNETT ' S TEXACO STATION Washing — Lubrication — Accessories Waxing 4512 Huntington Ave. CH 4-6838 2900 Huntington Ave. " YOUR FORD CENTER " BENSON-PHILLIPS COMPANY, INC. ★ " Serving the Peninsula ' s Building and Fuel Needs Since 1891 " ★ 3100 Warwick Blvd. CH 4-1700 ENTERTAINMENT HEADQUARTERS for Newport News High — PALACE THEATRE — — WYTHE THEATRE — — GREEN ACRES — Drive-In Theatre — ANCHOR — Drive-In Theatre — SKATLAND — Jeff. Ave. at Briarfield COME AND SEE US JUST FOR FUN! 189 FREEMAN FUR SHOP % 126 30th Street Newport News, Va. " We have made warm friends since 1909 " SUZY GREENE — President GINNY MORTON— Vice-Pres. ANN WEBSTER— Sec. SARAH COFFEY— Treas. PATTY JOHNSON— Chap. NEWPORT NEWS AUTO EXCHANGE 3400 Huntington Ave. y CHEVROLET SALES SERVICE Number 1 Since ' 21 SEWS RAMBLER. CORPORITION RAMBLER 3614 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA HARVEY A. HALL, President CHestnut 5-0094 190 ENTER COLLEGE THIS FALL WITH A LOAN FROM THE BANK OF WARWICK The Bank of Warwick has TWO different types of College Loan Plans to meet your financial needs. Visit us and discuss these plans and your future. BANK WARWICK 96 Main St. (Main Office) • 5304 Jefferson Avenue • Hidenwood Shopping Center Ml MW It tllltkxl DtnKII | StR MI nmivKMIt) When You Think of Shoes Think of 3215 Washington Avenue and Newmarket Shopping Center BETTY LEWIS BREAD AND ROLLS " BAKED ON OUR PENINSULA " 191 LOCUST AVENUE SERVICE STATION MASON ' S FISH MARKET GARDEN BAKE SHOP NEWPORT NEWS BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 1 20 26 Street VIRGINIA REALTY George C. Karam Realtor — Appraiser PORT ARTHUR RESTAURANT JR. SCIENCE CLUB MASSELL ' S PARKER POWELL Will Satisfy Your Wants for DISTINCTIVE HOME FURNISHINGS Dial CH 5-204 1 212 28th Street fft . It ' s Time to Come to DiiOTUrflD FOR RELIABLE FOOTWEAR NEWPORT NEWS AND HAMPTON SUSSEX BEAUTY SALON GARDEN PHARMACY Stuart Gardens NORTH END PHARMACY 5001 Huntington Avenue EDDIE ' S 192 Many opportunities available with the largest home owned store on the Peninsula. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 193 CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS V e UJo d l Qn ateit cMgaJpM. Its past has been illustrious. But our justified pride in past accomplishments must not dim our eyes to the fact there is much left to do in the future. More than fifty years have passed since the inevitable step was taken which transferred a sprawling tidewater village into the dignified status of a city of the first class in the Commonwealth of Virginia. 194 WEAVER BROTHERS Since 1898 LUMBER — MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS NEWPORT NEWS— CH 4-8411 YORKTOWN— TU 7-3111 Congratulations From CROCKING YOUTHLAND OF HIDENWOOD Wake Up and Take Your Printing Jobs — To — Jacobson Press Calling Cards - Programs - Invitations 224— 31st Street PHONE CH 4-5741 For the Very Best in Meat and Poultry — Buy At — PERRY ' S MEAT AND POULTRY MARKET 3207 Huntington Avenue MR. B ' S DRIVE IN RESTAURANT Jefferson Ave. at Main Street Dial LY 6-5216 Warwick, Virginia Dining Room — Curb Service Take Out Orders Telephone CH 5-6527 Meet Me at The NEW RENDEZVOUS FOR GOOD FOOD 1612 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. 195 List Your Real Estate With MURRAY and PADGETT 131 28th Street REALTORS INSURANCE Compliments of " A FRIEND " CITY GLASS SHOP AUTO GLASS INSTALLED 331 - 29th STREET NEWPORT NEWS. VA. Phone CH. 5-2581 Mutual Home Savings Association of Newport News, Virginia 210 30th Street Call The Plays Plan The College Days Open a college savings account with rh i s Association; then add to it weekly or monthly. Steady profits added to your sav- ings on January 1 and July 1 of each year. It ' s the easy way to a college education. 196 With school behind you what’s ahead? College, perhaps? Wonderful! A job? Wonder- ful, too, if it’s the right one — with opportunities to progress and learn as well as earn. There are many such jobs at C P, waiting for girls like you. In a telephone job, you not only start with good pay but are specially trained to make more. Raises and advancements are frequent. Sur- roundings are pleasant — people are friendly — and your work is never dull. Why not make your first job a telephone job — one that can lead to a happy, rewarding career? THE CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TELEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA 197 A fine professional photograph does two things for you ... It represents you at the instant it is taken, and it keeps that You alive for later generations to see . . . You will grow older, of course, but our talented artist-photographer will keep today’s You forever young! . . . We are happy to be your official school photographer, and we’d be proud to be your personal photographer, too, to record all the other important events of your life. YOUR OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER PHOTOGRAPH STUDIO 3rd FLOOR 198 SUTTLE MOTOR CORPORATION CADILLAC — OLDSMOBILE G.M.C. TRUCKS Over 125,000 Sq. Ft. Floor Space To Serve You Compliments of SPIGEL BROS. FURNITURE CO. 2606 Jefferson Ave. Phone CH 7-5751 Compliments of BALLOU PALMER REAL ESTATES INSURANCES She ' ll Be Proud to Wear A Bracelet or Other Jewelry From Since 1 898 arclay 2912 WASHINGTON AVENUE DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CHINA 199 MERRIMAC MOTORS CHRYSLER — PLYMOUTH IMPERIAL — VALIANT Kecoughtan Road At LaSalle Avenue Phone PA 2-6367 The OASIS RESTAURANT COFFEE SHOP 3506 Kecoughtan Road Recommended By Duncan Hines Phone PA 3-5736 Hampton, Va. Phone CH 4-7021 Funeral Home 3101 West Ave. Established — 1 891 CH 4-5359 Compliments of CAFFEE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Service WARD PONTIAC SALES INC. PONTIAC — TEMPEST 3201 Va. Ave. N. N., Va. Dial CH 7-3638 DMV. 269 COMPLIMENTS of CONN SERVICE INC. " Your Friendly G. E. Kelvinator Appliance Dealer " 1425 Kecoughtan Rd. CH 4-1491 EXOTIC AQUARIUM " The Finest in Things Aquatic " Tropical Fish — Pet Supplies 9515 Warwick Road Newport News, Va. LY 6-7592 Downtown — Washington at 33rd Newmarket Shopping Center 200 ALTHAUS DELICATESSEN 111 -28th Street FISHER ' S AMERICAN NEED GAS? Stop at NURNEY and COX Service Station 5800 Virginia Avenue Dial CH 4-1952 Compliments of GENE EDMONDS BMK OF HAMPTON ROADS “You are never a stranger after your first visit " Jefferson Ave. at Henilock Washington Ave. at 33 Street Kecoughtan Road at Wythe Center 201 FOR THE FINEST IN FRESH MILK 3100 WARWICK BOULEVARD NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA CHESTNUT 4-1776 HOCKADAY ' S USED CARS " Used Cors The Way You Like ' Em " 6935 Warwick Boulevard Newport News, Virginia DIAL 245-3877 QUALITY • SERVICE • FAIR PRICES MOULDINGS • PANELING • WINDOWS • DOORS ■ ROOFING • INSULATION • CABINETS | FLORIDA ORANGE STORE SUPER MARKETS NEWPORT NEWS HAMPTON OFFICE: CH 4-3972 202 Orders To Go PETE ' S BAR-B-CUE The World ' s Best Chicken — Jumbo Milk Shakes SPECIALIZING IN MEALS TO TAKE HOME For Take Out Service Phone First, Ready in 20 Minutes Phone CH. 5-9876 W. R. " Pete " FALUN, Prop. 7328 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Vo. Compliments of the 1962 ANCHOR STAFF Kathryn Brinn selecting her box of delicious Russell Stover Candies at GORSUCH DRUG CO. 325 Main Street BOULEVARD PHARMACY Prescriptions — Cosmetics — Perfumes 301 Blair Avenue CH 4-1371 WHEN EVERY PRECIOUS MOMENT COUNTS, USE OUR PROMPT FREE DELIVERY SERVICE. YOUR CAREER IN ENGINEERING V If you ' re interested in science and mathematics, you may well have a bright fu- ture in engineering. Few fields offer such varied and promising careers. The faster we progress, the more engineers are needed. So con- sider making America ' s prog- ress your own. Plan for a career in engineering! VIRGINIA ELECTRIC AND POWER COMPANY 203 HOME ROOM 305 Timmy Stephens Alfred Saunders Linda Lee Shelton Marie Snead Michael Spivey Robert Sprouse Diana May Price Mike Shelton Michael Starnes Linda Sills Natalie Siegel Marlene Olford Elizabeth Shelton Ricky Stergis Neadyne Simpson Freddie Sparrow Billy Stephens Cheryl Smith Roger Smith Pat Shiplett Sheila Smith Edward Snyder David Whitmore Shirley Smith Steve Smith Chuck Springfield Susan Sparks Jake Thomas Thomas Spikes Diane Sparrow Donnie Holmes Robert White Donna Price Mary Frances Southall- Mrs. Goolsby HOME ROOM Bobby Ca 1 1 is 124 Jane Coltrain Bobby Bloxom John Carter Betty Cooper Wayne Boger Becky Cash Marty Credtd Darrell Boland Margaret Cathy Kenneth Forrest Tommy Buckingham Ann Cayton Janice Herd Tommy Braswell Donna Chadwell Donald Houston Bobby Bryant Judi Chapman Edma Johnson Jimmy Bull Danny Childress Betty Sue Lanier Carolyn Bundy Judy Chisom Rodney Odom Maureen Burnett Kitty Clark Catherine Slusser Marie Burns Sandye Cohen Billy Unger Katherine Byrd Tommy Coleman HOME ROOM no Mrs. V Bauserman Michael Garkner Sheila Davis James Dossett Alex Gatewood Ann Deitz Craig Drewry Alan Gerber Patty Dempsey Brady Earnhardt Aderon Gibbs Barbara Doyle David Finkle Eddie Jones Brenda Eakes Joel Fisher Morris King Shirkey Eanes David Flakowitz Wally Magruder Vicki Edgerton Danny Flanary Randy Tate Virginia Edwards Samuel Fox Larry Edwards Kay Eggleston Curtis Franks Billy Gasper Mina Erlach Norman Fueman Lowell Oliver Anita Parker Billy Gallimore Jackie Davenport Linda Davis Pat Edmondson Joseph Curry HOME ROOM Paul Dobie 108 Sue Carter George Cutchins Charles Doby Geneva May Cash David Cutler Albert Dorner Sharon Chaffin Thomas Dalton Gene Higgins Jane Christian John Davis Bruce Jenkins Margaret Christie Rex Davis Wayne Phillips Wanda Gayle Clarke Ronald Davis Lawrence Russ Janet Coats Archie Deans Robert Thomas Josephine Collins Gary Deckard Andy Tillman Donna Converse Calvin Dellinger Bonnie Calhoon Diana Cooper Wayne Dewell Brenda Campbell Barbara Crawford Keith Diamond Ramona Carneal Wanda Crump Joseph Dickson Teacher: Mrs. Sally Moser Kathryn Brinn and Jean Maddy admire sportswear that they have tried on at . . . 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Woolworth Co. 184 Friend 196 Garden Bake Shop 192 Garden Pharmacy 192 General Auto Sales 173 George ' s Realty Co. 179 Goodrich Bookkeeping Tax Service 176 Gorden Theaters 1 89 Gorsuch Drug Co. 203 Hanna ' s 200 Haskins Barber Shop 182 Hockaday ' s Used Cars 202 Hofheimer ' s 191 Homeroom . . 180 101 178 103 ....... 180 106 174 107 204 108 204 no 174 112 178 114 178 118 174 120 .204 124 178 126 .179 A-3 180 204 178 206 . . .180 207 180 208 178 209 1 80 216 .................... 178 218 180 223 204 305 173 307 173 308 185 313 174 315 178 Page 320 173 Hotel Warwick 195 Jacobson Press 176 Jack ' s Super Market 196 Jones, R. R 192 Junior Science Club 204 Leggetts Department Store 192 Locust Avenue Service Station 185 Martin Richards Seafood Co 192 Mason Fish Market 192 Massell ' s 200 Merrimac Motors .185 Mickie Motors 202 Millner ' s Dairy 202 Modern Cleaners 182 Mr. B ' s Drive Inn 195 Mutual Home Savings 195 Nachman ' s 193 Nachman ' s 198 Nachman ' s . 177 Nachman Realty Company . 176 New Rendezvous 195 Newport News Auto Exchange 190 Newport News Distilled Ice Company 184 Newport News Building and Loan Association 192 Newport News Rambler Corporation 190 Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co 183 Nolde ' s 182 North End Pharmacy 192 Nurney and Cox Service Station 201 Oasis Restaurant 200 Oser Brothers 192 Overman Flourist 184 Parker and Powell 192 Parisian Shop 185 Peninsula Florist Association . 185 Peninsula Shipbuilders Association 179 Perry ' s Meat and Poultry Market 195 Pete ' s Bar-B-Q 203 Poquoson Motors Inc. 175 Port Author Restaurant 192 Rainbow Soda Shop 201 Reedy ' s Jewelry 185 Rich ' s Super Market 181 Russel, Gene 184 Satchell ' s Grocery 188 Schertle T.V. and Appliances 182 Shaw ' s Jewelry 179 Siegel ' s Loan Office 196 Sigma Lambda Theata 200 Sportsmanshop 181 Spigel ' s College Shop 188 Spigel Brothers Furniture Co. 199 Sussex Beauty Salon 192 Suttle Motors Co. 199 Tarey Drive In .. 175 Theata Delta Phi Sorority 173 Thomas Piano Co. 185 Tidewater Hardware 176 Tidewater Hotel ... 172 Tri-Hi-Y 190 Tysinger Motor Co., Inc. 175 Virginia Electric and Power Company .203 Virginia Realty 192 Water Front Lumber Co. 202 Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. 200 Warwick Bakery 179 Weaver Brothers 195 White Optical Co 175 Williams, Murphy 185 Wythe Auto Parts Co 176 Young Men ' s Shop 182 Yoder Frozen Food, Inc. 188 PATRONS Mr. Mrs. E. Blake Cameron Virginia Hansen Mr. Mrs. W. A. McGough A Friend Miss Rebecca Suttle Miss Fitzgerald Mrs. Juanita Weaver Christopher Newport College Mary Margaret Lane Mr. Cunningham Adolph Gundelfinger Mr. Mrs. H. S. Pullen R. E. Grice Mrs. C. W. Shakelford Mr. Mrs. Charles T. Masters Mrs. Nettles Mrs. Jean Satterwhite Mr. Mrs. Williams Mr. Mrs. G. L. Sanders Mrs. Edna Repass Miss Sue Kelly Alton Burns, Jr. Mr. Mrs. George F. Nelson Winnie Hogge Miss Ettalia E. Kanter David Sandra Mr. Mrs. Irvin Cohen Mr. Mrs. L. S. Veazey Mr. Mrs. Francis C. Graves Mr. Mrs. G. E. Petenbrink Miss Dorothy M. Crane Mr. Mrs. Lawrence Lugerman Mr. Robert Maidment Lt. Col. (Ret.) Mrs. J. Merwin Lustig Mr. Mrs. Mike C. Pasley Mr. Mrs. Gordon F. Pullen, Jr. Helen Louis Wheary Milly Fallin Frances Maguire Mr. Mrs. W. R. Fallin David Rabinowitz Mr. Mrs. Charles L. Spradlin Regina Harris Amanda Gray Jerry Jane Saunders Mr. Mrs. Kenneth E. Broyles Jean Ed Joanne Gallins Nancy Saunders Mr. Mrs. R. E. Johnson Mr. James P. Wilson, Jr. Mr. Mrs. 0. J. Horton Marsha Leake Anita Novarra Mr. Mrs. C. A. Saunders Ann Demchick John Stanley Kays Sr. A Abbott, David 36,93 Abbott, Terry 42 Adams, Dianne 42 Adkins, Jerry 101 Adkins, Patricia 36 Agee, Kathy 48,99,19 Aiken, Sandra 48,92 Allen, Ann 42,90,100 Allen, Bobby 48,94 Allen, Faye 48,98 Allen, Jerry 42,93 Allen, Linda 42 Allen, Linda (Miss) 24 Allen, Richard 36 Allen, Wilda 42 Allford, Peggy 42 Amos, Beverly 36 Amos, Branda 122 Anas, George 42,11,116,117 Anas, Mary 55,88,92,12,19 Anderson, Charlotte 55,80,88,94,92,99 Anderson, Harold 82,97,130 Anderson. Jean 55 Anderson, Pat 421 Andleton, Kay 42,90 Andrews, Raymond 55,172 Ange, Sharon 36 Anker, Judy 42,98 Anspach, Fred ...48,85,104,117,106,107,115,116 Armistead, Ellens (Miss) 24 Armstrong, Henry 48 Armstrong, Larry (Mr.) 70,24,121 Arnold, David 42,93 Artman, Michael 42 Artman, Robert 36,104,115,116,117 Astman, Robert 55 Atkins, Ann 36 Atkins, Flora 36 Atkins, Jan 36 Atkins, Jerry 42 Atkinson, Dale 36 Aucoin, Eric 90,13 Austin, Wilbar 42 Avant, Kathie 48,122 Avent, Susan 36 B Baab, Margaret (Mi’s.) 24,64,65 Baab, Rita 71,80,81,83.84,86,94,96, 97,98.99,130.158 Babb, Lola 55,83,97 Back, Duane 55 Bailey, Bobby 42 Baity, Janice 48 Baker, Bill 42 Baker, Carolyn 36 Baker, Deborah 42,100 Baker. Jerry Ann 36,80 Baker, Linda 48 Baker, Paul, Sr 94,130 Baker, Paul 36,97 Baker, Sherry 36 Baker, Thelma 42,92 Baker, Tommy 55 Baker, Vickie 36 Baker, Virginia (Mrs.) 24,100 Baldwin, Madge 42,99 Baldwin, William 36 Ball, Elaine (Mrs.) 24,95 Barber, Annie 36 Barefoot, Angeline 36 Barfield, Dolores 42 Barker, Susan 36 Barnard, Wayne 36 Barnard, William 48,112 Barnes. Billy 48,98,94,104,115,116,117 Barnes, Beverly 36 Barnes, Marijean 130 Barnes, Marvin 42 Barnes, Michael 75,92,95,101,130,165 Barnes, Mike 48,108,112,118,119 Barnes, Raeford 42 Barnes, William 55 Barnhouse, Betsy 75,94,130 Barrett, Ginny 42 Barritt, Harry 48,116 Barrow, Mary 12,36 Bartholmew, Curtis 42 Bass, Betsy 42,90,99 Bass, Brenda 48 Bass, Enid 55,98 Bass, Frances 36 Bass, Paul 42 Bateman, Sandra 42 Bauserman, Vivian (Mrs.) 25,84 Bauz, Susan 55,99 Bazemore, David 36,93 Beacham, Billy .49 Beacham, Linda 36 Beale, Lewis 36 Bean, Jerry 9 Bean, Roger 36 Bearer, Charles 49 Bearer, Richard 36 Beasley, Eddid 49,90,108 Becker, Sidney 42,98 Becker, Thomas 36 Beeson, Iris 36 Bell. David 8 Bell, Dorothy 36 Bell, John 83,90.91,94,99,130 Bell, Joseph 42 Bell, Judy 48,67,87,97 Belote, Jackie 18,55,76 Belt, Billy 36 Bender, Ch arlene 42 Benthall, Donnie 48 Bentley. Barbara 36 Benton, Joyce 101,131,166 Benton, Livvie 55,101 Benton, Tony 49,90 Berry, Lonnie 42 Bicknell, Sheila 42 Biggs, David 98,96,99,131 Billings, Ricky 113 Binder, Stanley 99,131 Binford, Bonnie 49,100 Bingham, Patricia 36 Bishop, Barbara 49,100 Black, Bucky 36 Blackard, Patsy 42 Blake, Bobby 42 Blakemore, Porter 49,83,90,98,116 Blakeslee, Larry 65,104 Blanchard, Jerry 104,131 Blandford, Betty 42.80,98 Blandford, Mary 84,96,98,100,131 Blankenship, Alvin 55 Bleckman, Frank 42 Block, David 49.96,96.98.99 Block, Linda 55,96,98 Blount, Grayson 101,131 Bloxom, Bobby 49 Bloxom, Connie 36 Boatwright, Linda 36,93 Boatwright, Sonda 42,82 Boland, Darrell 49 Bolden, Harriet 36,93 Bolden, John 104,118,119,120,131 Bond, Linda 36 Bond, Rosalie 42 Bonday, Vickie 55,99 Booker, Ernest 42 Booth, Linda 55,92 Booth, Phyllis 36 Borez, Paul 42 Bost, David 131 Bost, Linda 132 Bost, Milly 36 Bowen, Charlie 132 Bowen, Gordon 94 Bowen, Kay 80,83,101,132 Bowen, Linda 56 Bowen, Wanda 36 Bowen, Wayne 42 Boyd, Gwen 36 Boyd, Nancy 49 Boyles, Larry 49,108 Bradford, Lolie (Mi’s.) 31 Bradford, Michael 36 Bradish, Carol 37 Bradley, Carolyn 101,132 Bradley, Edward 132 Bradley, Richard 92,132 Bradley, Timothy 37 Bragg, Paul 36 Braitsch, David 56,99 Brame, Ronald 37 Branch, Claudine 49,93 Branch, Jimmy 43 Branch, Kenny 70,77,82,97,132,118.120 Branch, Phyllis 56.92,95 Brandon, David 37,113 Brandon. Jimmy 43,108,113,118,119 Bransford. Kenny 18.56,104.106 Braslow. Charles 43,99 Braswell. Rebecca 43 Braswell, Thomas 49 Bray, Pat 43 Brevard. George 132 Brewer, Joan (Miss) 24,99 Bridgeman, Bessie 37 Bridges. Joy 56 Brinkley, James 43,90 Brittain, Tommie 37 Brittain. Tonia 43 Brinn, Kathryn 18,83,98,96,133,215 Brooks, Eddie 37 Broughton, Patricia 43 Brown, Charles 101 Brown, Margaret 49 Brown, Robert 49 Brown, Tommy 37 Brown, Wayne 56 Bryant, Ann 49 Bryant, Billy 16.85,110,111.124,128.133,164 Bryant, Earl 133 Bryant, James 37 Bryant, Kay 94 Bryant. Rickey 43 Bryant, Ronald 49 Buchanan, Brenda 37,93 Buchanan, Gene 49,76 Buchanan, Wayne 371 Buckingham, Tommy 49,108,198 Buckley, Carol 43,90,98 Buffington, Charles 90,104 Bull, Jimmy 49,90,108,116,117 Bundy, Carolyn 49,93 Burch, Robert 37 Burks, Jerry 99,133 Burks, Kay 43 Burns, William 17,77,90,91,133 Burnett, Maurine 49 Burns, Carolyn 17,37 Burns, Marie 49,92 Burns, Michael 43 Burns, Steve 43 Burrage, Brenda 49 Burroughs. Tina 7,12,86,88,133,158,163,215 Burton, Margaret 43 Burton, Peggy 37 Bye, Joe 66 Byrd, Jane 37 Byrd, Katherine 49,94,198 Byrd, Ronnie 37 C Cain, Ida 37 Cain, Mary Jo 133 Caldwell, Peggy 37 Calhoun, Bonnie 37 Calhoun, Orville 49 Calhoun, Romona 37 Callis, Bobby 49 Camden, Clifton 43 Cameron, Kathryn (Mrs.) 24 Cambell, Brenda 37,93 Campbell, Clay 43 Campbell, Donnie 37 Campbell, Glen 56 Campbell, Jimmy 94,133 Campbell, Larry 37 Campbell, Ruth 43 Campbell, Sharon 43 Campbell, Vincent 37 Cantor, Richard 43,98,113 VUI 1CIOII, duilll I ■7 l 0U|0 1 l 00|Oii| 70|i ' U ) i7 7 l 28,134,110,111,121 Carleton, Shirley 49 Carneal, Romona 37 Carney. Ellen 56,90,100,92,99 Carrol, Barbara 43 Carrol, Jean 57 Carter, Donald 49 Carter, George 134 Carter, James (Mr.) 31 Carter, John 49,90 Carter, Keeny 43,90 Carter, Mike 43 Carter, Ronnie 134 Carter, Sue 37 Carter, Valeria 75,101,134 Cartwright, Luckie 43 Cash, Becky 49,92,99 Cash, Geneva 37 Cash, Ronald 37 Cash, Virginia (Mrs.) 31 Cathy, Margaret 49,98 Caudill, Shirley 43 Cayton, Ann 49 Chadwell, Donna 49,99 Chaffin, June 56 Chaffin, Sharon 37,68 Chapman, Judy 49 Chapman, Wayne 43 Chappell. Richard 43 Cherry, Michael 43 Childress, Cassie (Miss) 24 Childress, Richard 49 Chisom, Judy 49 Christian, Jane 37 Christine, Margaret 37 Christofi, Irene 66,82,99,100 Church, Vicki Sue 94,92,134 Clark, Billy 37 Clark, Chippy 43,93,98 Clark, Gerald 43 Clark. James 47 Clark, Joyce 100 Clark, Janice 56,92 Clark, Kenneth 37 Clark, Kitty 49 Clark, Mary (Mrs.) 98,14.24 Clarke, Brenda 34.93 Clarke. Gayle 47 Clarke, Peggy 3 207 Clarke, Wanda 38 Clay. Marshall 43,108 Clemmons, Inez 56,90 Coates, Linda 56,90,92,97,99,100 Coats, Janet 37,92 Coffeey, JoAnn 56 Coffey, Robert 56 Coffey, Sarah 134 Cohen, Marlene 56,80,81,83,94 Cohen, Sandye 49,80,81,84,95,99 Cole, Geneva 43,93 Coleman, Dan 56,104,106,115,116 Coleman, Tommy 49 Coley, Harry 37 Coley, James 37 Coley, Phyllis 49 Collier, Carol 56,92 Collier, Jeannie 43,80 Collins, Bill 56 Collins, Josephine 37 Collins, Pauline 43 Collins, Ronald 101,134 Collins, Russell 43,108 Coltrain, Jane 49,67,87 Combs, Bill 56,82 Comer, Ann 56,97,95 Conard, Bob 56 Conard, Brenda 43 Conley, Marshall 56,104,118,119 Conn, Garland (Mrs.) 25 Conn, Howard 43,98.99 Conn, Julius (Mr.) 24,114,115,116 Conner, James 43 Conner, Richard 43 Constance, George 93 Converse, Donna 37 Cook, Carol 134,122 Cook, Harvey 34 Cook, Joyce 122 Cook, Lee 37,68 Cooper, Betty 49 Cooper, Diane 38,93 Cooper, Martha 49 Corbitt, George 37 Corbitt, Jim 37 Corson. Raymond 56,85,111 Corum, Steve 65,70,83,85.16,98,94,96,99, 64,135,166,110,121 Covert, Rachael 49,92 Cower 98 Coulkey, John 49 Craddock, Melba 49 Craft, Kent 104 Crane, Dorothy (Miss) 5,25 Cranford, Patricia 135 Crank, Becky 43 Crank, Jimmy 56 Crawford, Gail 37 Crawford, Howard 43 Credle, Martha 49,83,99,100 Creech, Carol 56 Crews, Linda 43 Crisp, Jerry 37 Crittendon, Joan 49,92 Crittenden, Tom 43 Crawder, Sheila 43 Crossley, Bill 49,13 Crum, Alma 49,99,100 Crump, Steven 72,135 Crump, Wanda 37 Cullen, Ernest 37 Culotta, Randy 37 Culp, Calvin 37 Curry, Joyce 43 Curry, Joe 37 Curtis, Richard 49,113,118 Cutchins, George 37 Cutler, David 37 D Daggy, Helen , . . Dalton, Walter Dameron, Brenda Dameron, Zetie . . Daniel, Darden Daniels, Sharon Dannelly, Lynne Davenport, Glen Davenport, Jackie Davenport, Wayne Davidson, Anne . . Davis, Brenda . . . Davis, Cecelia . . . Davis, Diane .... Davis, John Davis, John Davis, Kirk Davis, Linda .... Davis, Patricia Davis, Phillip . . . Davis, Rex Davis, Richard . .56,82,100.96,95,99 37 37 56,82,114,116 56 56,98,123,122 43 57,85,99,104.108,116 37 49 50,100 50,93 43,93 90 37,135 85 37 37 43 43 37 43,108,116 Davis, Ruby Davis. Sharon Davis, Thomas Davis, Wayne Deans. Ann Deans, Archie Deans, William Dearing, Nancy DeArment, Nancy Deas, Melba DeBerry, Jimmy DeBerry, Wayne Decell, Leslie Decell, Linda Deckard, Gary Delafosse, Jo Delbridge, Betty I Miss) Dellapenta, Claudia . . . Delozier, Wayne Dempsey, Patty DeShazo, Linda Dewell, Carolyn Dewell, Judy Dewesse, Everett Diamond, Leslie Diangelo, Diana Dick, Jimmy Dickerson, Jerry Dickson, Joe Dill, Joe Dillaman, Richard Dinwiddic, Joan Dismuke, Gene Dixon, Audrey Dixon, Betsy Diety, Ann Dobie, Paul Dobie, Paulette Doby, Charles Docherty, James Donlet, Allen Doolet, Daniel Dooley, Shirley Dorn, Stacy Dorner, Albert Dossett, Jimmy Dowless, Fostine Doyle, Barbara Drewry, Craig Drewry, Kaye Drewry, Sherry Drinnon, Deanna Drucker, David Duff, Clarence (Mr.) . Duel. C Duke, Charles Dulany, Shirley Duncan, Anne Duncan, Geraldine .... 43 50 43 43 37 37 37 79,80,81,83.86,97,94,96, 99,78,135,215 37 50 50,90 43,69,93,113 57,99 57,99 37 43 98,25 57,80,82,97,99 . .57,80,81,85,99,104 93 43 50 50 50 37 37 43,98 135 37 100 .77,80,83,81,135,128, 161,13,100 37,101 43 135,122 57,92 37 37 37 37 43 50 43,108,116 37 50,92 37 37,69,93 50,92 37 37 57,100 136 57 98,95 25,108 92 . ' .7.7. .7. .7. i’o’i,is6 101,136 50,99 37 E Eaker, Arthur Eakes, Brenda Ealey, Donald Eanes, Shirley Earnhardt, Brandy . Edgerton, Vicki Edmondson, Pat Edwards, Jerry Edwards, Jimmy . . . Edwards, Judy Edwards, Larry Edwards, Virginia . . . Effler, Don Effler, Joyce Eggleston, Kay Elder, Faye Edler, Shirley Ellenson, David Ellenson, Harron Ellenson, Raymond . . Elliott, Barbara Ellis, Barbara Ellis, Chris Ellis, Pam Elmore, Larry Embler, Charles Erickson, Cecil (Mr.) Erlach, Judy Erlach, Mina Estes, Barbara Eubank, Frederick Evans, Linda Ewell, Richard Ezzekkmm, Brenda . . 37 37 50 37,93 37 37,80 37 136 7,80,92,97,99,136 50 37 37 43 43 37 37,93 43 43,80,83,99 43 57,97 50 50,123,136 . .43,118,111,119 68 43,69,93 43 25 50 37 57,95 50,104 43 57,98 43 F Fabula, Joe 11 Faircloth, Earnest 43 Faircloth, Jimmy 50 Fallin, Millie 80,81,82,86,94,136,167. 158,16,215,216 Farber, Alan 50 Farmer, Alfred 57 Farmer, Bonnie 136,123 Faulkner, Joan 57,90,96,99,100 Feather, Billy 50,90,99,121 Fenigsohn, George 43 Fennell, James 50 Fennell, Judy 57 Ferguson, Drema 37 Ferguson, Lee 50 Ferro, John 37 Ferro, Robert 37 Field, Betty 137 Fine, Carla 43,99 Fink, Deborah 43,99 Finkle, David 37 Fiorella, Charles 37 Firestone, Carol 38 Fisher, Brenda 50 Fisher, Carolyn 95,137 Fisher, Joel 38,113 Fisk, Gail 38 Fitgerald, Belle (Miss) 25,95 Fitzgerald, Randolph 57 Fitzgerald. Robert 57,90,131 Flakeowitz, David 38 Flanary, Danny 38 Flax, Tommy 50,99 Flick, Helene 50 Floyd, Patsy 95,137 Fooks, Curtis (Mr.) 25 Fonnon, Ralph 50 Forbes, Barry 50 Forbes, Paul 43 Ford, Sandra 38 Forman, Pamela 50,95,98,99,100 Forrest, Charles 50 Forrester, Charles 57 Forrester, Donnie 43 Fortune, Johnny 38 Foster, Michael 43 Fowler, Alice 50,83,84,99 Fox, Bobby 86 Fox, Brenda 57 Fox, Robert 57,80,82,101 Fox, Sammy 38 Francis, Sue 38 Frank, Ellen 50,99,100 Frank, Joel 50,99 Franks, Curtis 38 Franks, Zatha 86,97,96,137 Freeman, Deborah 43,93 Freeman, Norman 38 Freeze, Gene 50 Freeze, James 57 Friedman, Mark 44,93 Fritsche, Barbara 99 Frizzelle, Roger 50,116 Frizzelle, Wayne 44,108 Fry, Dennis 44 Fulcher, Joyce (Miss) 68,92,93,25 Fulcher, Robert 57,94,92,121 Fulghum, Gloria 50 Fuller, Charles 44 G Gabriel, John Gallimore, Billy Gallins, JoAnn Gammons, Jerry Gann, Margaret Gardner, Gloria Gardner, Michael Gares, Betty Garner, Jean Carrol . . , Garrett, Bill Garrick, Dani Garrison, Jack Garth, Linda Gary, Jerry Gary, Kay Gary, Margie Gary, Roscoe Gary, Russell Gashill, Wayne Gaskins, Kenneth (Mr.) Gasper, Billy Gatewood, Alex Gault, Kenneth Gay, Sally Gerber, Alan Gerber, Mary Claire . . . Getsug, Judy Gibbons, Norma (Mrs.) Gibbs, Aderon Gibson, Frank Gibson, Mike Gibson, Pat . .19,83,97,98,137 38 137,158 57,99 44 57 38 83,95,96,137 57 137 .57,82,95,96,97,99 77 38 138 101 38 44 50,110 57,105 25 38 38 44 80,95,138 3g 70,99, 100, i38 96,98,138 25 3g 57,66,115.116 58 38 208 Gibson, Wilber • • • • Gilbert. Bill 50,90,99,116 Gilbert, Thomas Gildersleeve, Ethel (Miss) 16,80,81 Gillen, Nancy •••••••:?? Gillespie, Kay 50,97,99,100 Gillette, Johnny 50,108 Gilliam, John 58,118,119 Gillikin, John 50,105 Gills, Alvin 38,93 Gills, Billie Jo 58,95 Gills, Kitty Gilman, Wayne 58,78,90,96,9 Givens, Todd 44,93,113 Glamore, Otis 44 Glasofer, Ronnie 58,86,95,96,99,100 Glasofer, Stanley 38,83 Glazer, Jody 44,69,93 Glazier, Bill 44 Gold, Phil 81,95,98,99,128,138.165 Goldberg, Elinor 50 Goldenbaum, Amelia (Mrs.) 25 Goldenbaum, Jon 50,108,11 Goldsmith, Alice 50,90 Goodman, David 44 Goodson, Frances 44 Goodson, Robert 38 Goodwin, Betsy 93 Goodwin, Elizabeth 38 Goolsby, Becky 50,80,87,93,92,99,13 Goolsby, Ginny Sue 58,100,97,94,92,99 Goolsb y, Virginia (Mrs.) 25 Gordon, Deborah 38 Gordon, Harmon 58 Gordon, Ralph 38 Gordon, Richard 44,98.114,116,117 Gordon, Stephanie 38 Gordon, Tunissia 92,58 Graham, Barbara (Mrs.) 26 Graham, Elaine 58 Graham, Norma 44 Grainger, LeRoy 38 Grant, Frances 50 Grant, Larry 38 Gravely, Georgia 44 Gravely, Reva 50,100,99 Graves, JoAnn 38 Graves, Verna (Mrs.) 26 Gray, Amanda (Miss) 26 Gray, Bonnie 44 Gray, Jerry 50 Gray, Sammie 50,92 Green, Ronnie 50,80,83,95,99 Green, Susan 84,86,99,138,128,215 Greenspon, Andrew 138 Greeve, Gerald (Mr.) 26 Grepiotis, Jacqueline 44,95 Grepiotis, Jimmy 44,98 Griffin, Donald 38 Griffin, Sue 44 Griffith, Jason 50 Grogan, Gerald (Mr.) 26 Groshong, Allen 38 Groshong, Carol 50,98,95 Groshong, Eugene 58,98 Grubbs, Linda 138 Grubbs, Marcia 38,69,93 Grubbs, Peggy 58,195 Gruver, Bill 84,85,90,98,96,139,117, 114,115,116.11 Guilliams, Charlotte 58,80,101 Guinn, Howard 58 Guthrie, Carl 38 Guthrie, Gale 58 Guthrie, Joe 38 Guthrie, John 38 Haan, Katie 51,90,100,99 Halfin, Barbara 51,100,98,95 Hale, William 58 Hall, Arnold 58,118 Hall, Barbara 74,139 Hall, James 90 Hall, James 58 Hall, Patty 38 Hall, Sylvia 38 Hall, Tony 38 Hallett, Bill 44,108,121 Hallett, Edith 58,99 Halstead, Bernard 92,139 Hammond, Phillip 51,67,76,121 Hancock, Donnie 38 Hankins, Vicki 58,89,90,94,99,10 Hanrahan, Calvin 80,81,85,98,94,139,163,7, TT , 12,14.117,114,115,116 Hanrahan, Carolyn 100,97,95,139 Hansford, Mary 3g Harding, Larry 44,116 Hardisty, Bonnie 44 Haradon, Tom 44 Harey, Ronnie 44 Hargrave, Phyllis 51,82,98 Hargrove, Carole 58,98 Harmon, Richard 44 Harper, William 58 Harplett, Barry 38 Harrelson, Barbara 38 Harrelson. Myran 38,98 Harrel, Charles 44 Harris, Ann 44,80,100 Harris, Bobby 38,93 Harris, Carolyn 58,95 Harris, Donna 58,95 Harris, Donnie 139 Harris, Janet 74,139 Harris, Jack 98 Harris, Linda 38,93 Harris, Nelson 44 Harris, Robert 38 Harris, Sheila 38 Harrison, Bonnie 51 Harrison, Brenda 44 Harrison, Katharine 58,90,100,96,99 Harrison, Sue 58,99,18 Harrison, Susan 44 Hart, Buddy 44 Hart, Richard 90,139,108 Hartless, Frances 58,92 Hartless, Linda 93,44 Hartley, Shirley 38 Hartline, Richard 38 Hartzler, Daniel 38 Harvey, Donald 44,82 Harvey, Donald (Mr.) 25 Harvey, Jerry 58 Hatchett, Barry ..11,58,84,85,95,99,105,118,119 Hatchett, David 44,112 Hatten, Bobby 44,82,199 Hawk, Trudy 44 Hayes, Juanita ....10,16,86,89,90,95,97,140,215 Haynes, Barbara 44 Hayslett, Vreeland 98 Heath, Frances 19,90,99,100,122,123,140,158,165 Hedgepeth, Tony 38 Hedrick, Barbara 38,80 Heflin, Ted 51.92 Hehl, Billie 94,95 Heldrith, Nancy 51 Helfrich, Gertrude 66,95,140 Helmick, Norma 10,58,89,90,95,99 Helmer, Mary (Miss) 26 Helms, Bill (Mr.) 26,108,113,118,120 Helms, Larry 44 Henderson, Kenny 10,14,51,105,111 Henderson. Mary 38 Henderson, Vela 44 Henry, Jerry 38 Heny, Terry 38 Hershman, Mike 44 Hessler, Annette 59,94,95 Hessler, Patricia 44 Hessler, Ruthann 51,94 Hewitt, Pat 75,107,140 Hewitt, Sue 58 Hickman, Sidney 44 Hicks, Betty 44 Hicks, Brenda 38 Hicks, James 59,118,119 Hicks, Linda 44 Hicks, Pamela 44 Higgins, Gene 38 Higgins, Marcia 44 Hildebrand, Peg 38,51 Hill, Burt 86,123,140 Hill, Diane 44,100 Hill, Gregory .’.51 Hill, Karen 59 Hilling, Robert ..84,85,118,119,120,128,140,162 Hilsdon, Patricia 93 Hines, Albert 44 Hines, Jimmy 51,90,108 Hines, Robert 38 Hinnant, Dana 44 Hinnant, David 59,116,117 Hinson, Barbara ...59,95 Hinson, Mary 59’94 Hisdon, Patty . ' 38 Hite, Donna 44,71 Hite, Peggy ' 44 Hite, Roger 51,82 Hite, Ronald 59 Hite, Reatha 44 Hoban, Margaret 44 Hobbs, Lois 38 Hobbs, Sandra 44,67 Hobbs, Wayne 51 Hobbs, Vicki 51 Hobbs, William 38 Hodges, Dorothy 38 Hoffman, Phillip 97, 94, 96, 99, HO Hogge, Betty 44 Hogge, Winnie 80,86,100.97.96,95,99.140 , , 19,18,215 Holaday, Emilie (Miss) 72,26 Holbrook. Dennis 51,86 io811 Holland, Beth 38 Hollefield, Frances 44,71,80,93 Holloway, Ronnie 44 Holmes, Donnie 38 Holmes, Jimmie 38 Holmes, Sharon 44,93 Holsclaw, Richard 38 Holton, Debbie 81,82,85,86,97,95,141 Homn, Dorinda 44 Honeycutt, Richard 59,94 Hooper, Linda 38 Hooper, LuEIla 75,101,141 Hopkins, Judy 51 Horne, Paulette 38 Horne, Nancy 44,87,93,34 Horton, Judy 59,88,92,99,12 Horton, Nancy 86,96,141,164 Houston, Donald 51 Houston, Robert 38 Howard, Ernest 44 Howell, Cecil 44 Howerton, Wolson 59 House, Olivia 44 Hoyle, Henry 44 Hudgins, Nellie 38 Hudgins, Sandia 38 Hudson, Brenda 51 Hudson, Garland 44,108,113 Hudson, Lavernia 141 Hudson, Lucy 59,99 Hudson, Reid 90 Huffman, Nina (Mrs.) 96,26 Hughes, Richard 71,141 Humphrey, Woody 51 Hunter, Dianne 51 Huntley, Peter 44 Hurd, Janice 51,92 Hutcherson, Mark 38 Hyatt, Phyllis 44 Hysong, Florence 95,141 I Ingram, Larry 59 Ingram, Linda 44 Ingram, Raleigh 44 Ingram, Tommy 44 Ivey, Dennis 44 Ivey, Johnny 44 Ivey, Regina 38 Jackson, Clifton 38 Jackson, Deloris 38 Jackson, Dreyfus 141 Jackson, Linda 38 Jackson, Ronnie 44 Jackson, Stuart 38 James, Irene 10,71,86,89,90,97,98,141 Jerrers, Susie 59,80,101,123 Jefferson, Betty 44 Jefferies, Robert 59 Jenkins, Allan 44 Jenkins, Bruce 38 Jenkins, Tommy 38 Jernigan, Danny 142 Johnson, Edgar 44 Johnson, Edna 51,122 Johnson, Frances 101,142 Johnson, George 44 Johnson, JoAnne 51 Johnson, Kathy 38 Johnson, Louise 59 Johnson, Marvin 38 Johnson, Pat (Mrs.) 26,123 Johnson, Patty 75,95,142 Johnson, Wayne 59,101 Jolly, Sarah 38,93 Jones, Barbara 38 Jones, Betty 101,92,142 Jones, Charles 142 Jones. Eddie 38 Jones, James 44 Jones, Linda 38 Jones, Suzanne 59 Joyner, Doug 142 Joyner, Sybil 44 Judd, Barbara 38 K Kahle, David 38 Kahle, George 14,82,83,85,99,115,117,142 Kanter, Ettlea (Miss) 26,75 Karmosky, Wayne 45 Kauffman, Carol (Miss) 14,27,123,129 Kean, Barbara 51,92 Kearney, Henry 85, 104, 142 Keatts, Brenda 13,51,87,93,92 Keatts, Janie 45,80 209 Keenan, Donald 45 Keesee, Thomas (Mr.) 15,16 Keithley, David 45,69,93 Kelley, Diane 38 Kelly, John (Mr.) 27 Kelly, Sue (Miss) 27 Kelterman, Kenny 45 Kennedy, Rufus 59,104 Kennedy, Shirley 39,93 Kenny, Robert 38 Karlin, Wayne 59 Kersey, Jean 37 Kerser, Vernon 59 Ketterman, Eddie 51 Kevish, Marion 39,93 Kiger, Stephen 39,113 King, Donald . .80,81.82,85,95,97.98,99,118,119, 120.143,158,163 King, Morris 39 King, Ronald (Mr.) 27 Kirby, Gilmore 45 Kirkland, Don 39 Kirkland, Patricia 51 Kiser, Randy 39 Kiser, Terry 39,98 Kleen, Steven 51,108,121 Kniesche, Joan 45 Knight, Janice 39 Knowles, Mary Lou 10,89,90,92,95,99,100 Koehler, Billy 51 Koonce, Donald 39 Kounnas, Zoe 39 Kozloski, Nathan 39 Kratzsch, Carolyn 51 Kypriandes, Christy 51,108 Kypriandes, Polydefkis 39 L LLaboone, Charles LaFlamme, Robert Lamberth, Sharon Lamb, Jimmy Landrum. Robert .... Lane, Linda Lane, Mary (Miss) .... Langston, Billy Lanier, Betty Sue .... Larmer, Pam Larson, Carol Larycinski. Ann Lassiter, Kim Lassiter. Rickey Latta, Gail Latta, Kay Lauterbach, Curtis Lawrence. Joyce Leake, Marsha Ledford, Cheryl Lee, Bonnie Lee, Mary Lee, Mary Jo Lee, Richard Leonard, Gerald Leonard, Richard (Mr.) Leonard, Sandra Leong, William Levin, Clare Levine, Marlene Levinson, Ilene Levy, Linda Lewis, Clyde Lewis, Chris Lewis, Joel Lewis, Linda Lewis, Nancy Liakos, Patty Lieberman, Joey Lilly, Chuck Lipscomb, Kenny .... Liverman. Phil Livesay, Nancy Llewellyn, Donald Lloyd, Coleman Lloyd, Donna Lockard, Judy Lockard, Thomas London. Don Long, Linda Long, Ruth Loving, James (Mr.) Lows, Joe Lucas, Harry Lucas, Judy Lumsden, Linda Lusk, Clinton Luther, Michael Luther, Ronnie Lyeth, Harry (Mr.) ... Lyle, Curtis Lyon, Sandra Lyons, Linda 51 ... 39 . . 10. 8 9, 90 59,104 qq Qfi ..51,67 ,90, i 0 0 1 9 2 22 45 51,97 .18,94.98,123,14.3 45 39 45 45 51.98 59.101 45,69 45 59,92 51 39 39 39 45 80, 98, il3 39 76,98,27 39 39 59,99 51,92 45 51,92 143 29 51 39 ....... .’.’. 39, 100 39 39,98 90 86,90 94,101 59 39,93 39,93 45 51,92 59,101 51,105,116 51 39 27 45 45,93 51,83,98,94,123,122 51 45 39 51 72,27 39 51 39 M Mabe, Richard 39,93 Madagan, Sally 59,101 Maddy, Charles 51 Maddy, Jean 86,92,143,19,215 Mahanes, Linda 60,69,82,86,98,95 Mahn, Bobbie 39 Magruder, Wally 39 Magurie, Francis (Miss) 27 Maidment, Robert ( Mr. I 126,16 Majors, Stanley 39 Malacek, Ludwig 90 Mallory, Harold 39,113 Malpass, Glenn 45 Manry, Iris 95 Manning, William 60 Markiewich, Joan 51 Markman, Jo Ann 51,92,18 Marl man, Sybil 82,143 Marlow, Anne 45,93 Marsette, Charles 39 Marsette, Vivian 39,93 Marshall, Dale 74,94,143 Marshburn, Patricia 45 Marston, Bobby 45 Marston, Edna (Mrs.) 27 Martin, Beverly 45 Martin, Jimmy 39 Martin, Randy 51 Marton, Sandra 39 Mason, Mikki 51 Massengill, Judy 39 Massey, Bill 39,98,17 Masters, Virginia (Mrs.) 73,27,123,122 Matthews, Nickie 82,98,97,144,164 Matthews, Sandra 51 Mawyer, Judy 51,98 May, Becky 51 Mays, Candance 45 Mays, Cheryl 93,37,80 McAfee, Ethel 39 McAlpin, Patricia 101,144 McCain, Dannie 39,108 McCain, Janice 45,87,93,13 McCall, Judy 45,93 McCormick, Joe 144,164 McCormick, John 73,144 McCormick, Phylis 60,74,80,81,83,86,12 McCoy, John 60,90,115,116 McDonald, Herbert 39,118,119 McDonald, Jeanette 39 McDowell, Patricia 39,100 McDowell, William 51,95,108 McGee, Connie 60,80,92,99 McGee, Frankie 60,92 McGee, James 39 McGee, Jim my 51,82 McGough, Sandra 51 McGrath, Tommy 90 McGuire, Mary 60 McIntosh, Roger : 39 McKee. J 93 McKeel, Vonciel 80 McKeen, Mary Lois 51,92 McKeen, Ray 39 McKeena, Linda 39 McKinsey, Connie 75,101,144 McKnight 51,98 McLaughlin, Gwen 45 McManus, Betty 45 McMurray, Roger 51 McMurray, Susan 39 McNeill, Marie 39 McPhail, Donald 51 McPherson, Carolyn 86, 95, ,144, 123 Meek, John 51,108 Meena, Daniel 51,90 Meena, Vickie 144,158 Melton, Sidney 39,82,83,93 Menin, Alice 95,144 Mercer, Charles 51 Mercer, Randy 45 Mercer, Eddie 60,113 Merilic, Pat 95,145 Merrill, Dee 60,92 Merriman, Linda 39,93 Merritt, Faye 39 Merritt, Johnny (Mr.) 27 Mick, Donna 45,83,93 Millard, Jimmy 39 Millen, Carolyn 60,95 Millen, Dallas 45 Miller, Beverly 39,93 Miller, Craig 60,90 Miller, Jessie 60,90 Miller, Judy 45 Miller, Gary 93,39 Miller, Michael 45,76 Miller, Richard 51 Miller, Sue 51,83,100,98 Miliken, Jackie 45 Mills, William 45 Milne, Charles 51,73,80,81,85,98,116 Milne, Eleanor 39,84,93,11 Milne, Martha (Mrs.) 27 Mingee, Beverly 51 Mingee, James 39 Minkoff, Carole 45,99 Minnick, John 39 Minnick, Richard 45 Minter, Gary 39 Mintz, Deborah 45 Mirmelstein, Eddie 98,145 Misonger, Don 45 Mitchell, Della 39 Mitchell, Nancy 51,98,94 Mitchell, Pamela 39 Mitchell, Warren (Mr.) 28,85,108,111,129 Mitchem, Sherry 45,83 Moffitt, Donald 39,108,113 Mollick, Betty 45 Monry, Chris 39 Montague, James 39 Montague, John 45,112 Montague, Rickey 39 Moorly, Larry 39 Mooney, Joe 42,45,80,81,83,108,113 Moore, Dawn 101,145 Moore, Herbert 145 Moore, Kenney 51,90 Moore, Louis 45 Moore, Margaret 95,97,145,158 Moran, Larry 45,108,116 Moren, Marilyn 60,92,96,99 Morewitz, Sally .12,80,81,82,86,88,98,128,145, 163,215 Morgan, Anita 39,17,82 Morgan, Josie 14,17,80,81,82,83,86,88,124, 145,158,215 Morgan, Rose 45 Morris, Richard 39 Morris, Suzzanne 60,92,94,98 Morrison, Walter 60,84,85,90,98,94,95 Morrison, Yvonne 51,100 Morrow, James 45 Mortimer, Billy 45 Morton, Virginia .84,86,100,98,94,95,145,164, 128,123,122,215 Morton, Wayne 39,108 Mosely, Frank 101,146 Moser, Sally (Mrs.) 86,28 Moses, Paul 60 Moses, Ruby 51,90,100 Mosier, Chuck 39 Moss, Charley 45 Moss, Gail 45 Moss, Jacqueline 100,95,92,146 Moss, Patsy 60 Moss, Stanley 39 Moss, Wayne 39 Moylan, Patricia 100,146 Mueller, Dale 51,85,103,112,116 Mullen, Lois 39 Mundie, Betty 51,99 Mundie, Louise (Mrs.) 28 Munn, Joyce 39 Murphy, Catherine 51,92 Murphy, Ernie 45,69,93 Murphy, Sylvia 45,93 N Nachman, Stuart Nair, Andy Hair, Hurbert Napier, Brenda Napier, Janice Nash, David Nash, Ronald Neal, Frank Nealy, David Neill, Vickie Nelson, Douglas Nelson, Emily (Mrs.) . Nesbitt, Alan Nettles, Frances (Mrs.) Neumeyer, Anna Neumeyer. Diana .... Neville, Nyna Newberry, Bobby Newton, Roger Nichols, David Nicholas, David Nichols, Edward Nichols, Judy Nickey, JoAnn Nickey, Peggy Nicosia, Frank Nicosia, Lorna Nisonger, Sherolyn . . . Norris, Glenda Norris, Polly Norris, Robert Nunley, Patricia 60,98 39 45 51 39 45 39 51 45 45 51,90 28,95 . . .51,80,108 28,84 39 39 60 45 45 60 60 94,146 146 39 146,166 39 51,98 39 45 .11,45,80,84 90,96,99,146 45 210 Nunnally, Barbara 45 Nunnally, Milton 39 Nunnally, Suzie 84,90,99,146 Nuttycombe, Charles (Mr.) ....28,108,115,116 O Oakes. Shiela Oas, Edward O ' Brian, David O’Brien, Tim Ocheltree, Ernest Odom, Jimmy Odom. Rodnev Oliver, Lowell Olshansky, Norman O’Neal. Joyce Onnenheimer. Rick Ottaway, Sylvia Overton, Estelle . . . Owen, Ray Owen, Ronald Owen. Sarah (Miss) Owens, Mary Owens, Sandra Oxner, Thomas . . . . 51 51 39 39 39 45 51 39 . . ' .5L90, 94.98 51,98 51 97,96.100,122.123.147 60,83,98 51 60 28 40 51 45 P Padgett, Florence 101.147 Palmer, John (Mr.) Parrianioits, Billy 51,115,116 Parken, Brent 45 Parker, Anita 40,93 Parker, D 90 Parker, Jimmy 72,86,147 Parker, Mary Sue 52 Parker, Norma 40 Parker, Tommy 40 Parks. Robert 60 Parrish, Anne 45 Parrish, David ..82,83,85,98,94,96,99,147,121,11 Parrish, Diane 40 Parrish, Fave 60 Parrish, Iola 40 Parrish, Jeannette 52.98 Parsons, Scott 34.147 Parton, Ronny 45,113 Paslev. Elizabeth 40 Pasouien, Harry 40,98 Patrick, Brenda 52 Patrick, Donaldd 40,93 Parick, Orvel 40 Pauley, Conrad 52 Payne, Marilyn 40.80 Payne, Thomas 60 90 Pearce, Faye 60,70 Pearce, Jimmy 52 Pearce. Judy 40 Pennell. Keith 60,70,99.111 Pennington. Sandy 52,95 Perkins, Howard 52 Perkins, Susan 60,69,86.99 Perry, Dorothy 147 Perry, Eddie 45,90 Perry, Hal 45 Perry. Jerry 40 Petenbrink, Carol 86,90,100,95,147,10.215 Petenbrink, Hazel (Mrs.) 89,31 Peters. Jimmy 40,113 Petzold, Evon 40 Phelns, Richard 60 Phillips, Allen 40 Phillips, Barbara 40 Phillips, Judy 40 Phillips, Margaret 52 Phillips, Monty 61,90 Phillips, Ronald 45 Phillips, Sally 85,86.96,95,147 Pickett, Sarah 45 Pierce, Linda 45 Pilgram, Kathleen 61,70,90,98,97,95,99 Pinden, John 40,98 Pipkin, Alice 52 Pipkin. Doaan 52,87 Pitt, Douglas 148 Pless, Cheryl 52,92 Pless. Linda 45 Plessinger, Albert 40,93 Point Clarence 52 Pollard, Max 105,148 Polston, Vickie 40 Poole, Brenda 100,122,123,148 Poole, Janice 40,80,81.93,92 Poole, Jean 52,95,99 Poteat, Jackie 46 Poteat, Wayne 148 Poteel, Tom 52 Powell, Emily (Mrs.) 28 Powell, Emma Jean 148 Powell, Forest 61,81,85,105,115,116,117 Powell, Jerry 52,113 Powell, Linda 40 Presson, Janice 40,93 Presson, Michael 61 Prevatte, Vickie 61 Preville, Goldie 61,96,97,99 Price, Buddy 61,118,119 Price, Clinton 90 Price, Eugene 40,93 Price, Raymond 40 Pritchett, Diane 52 Pritt, Eugene 40 Proctor, Edward 90,116,117,148 Proctor, Wayne 46 Profitt, Johnny 40 Puckett, Robert 40 Puckett, Sarah 93 Puckette, Larry 61 Pullen, Sandra 80.86.98,97,100,122,133,148, 215 Pullen, Steve 45 Pully, Jen Lou (Mrs.) 28 Q Queener, Janice Quinn, Linda 52 52 R Rabinawitz, David Ragland, Chuck Ragland, Henry Ragland, John Ramsey, Maybelle . . . Randall, Alice (Mrs.) Ransey, Ronnie Raper, William Ratcliff, Rose Ray, Angela Ray, Atlas Ray, Jackie Ray, William (Mr.) . Recrut, John Redford, Elaine Reed, Donald Reep, Barbara Reese, Alice Reese, Johnny Reese, Linda Reighard, Sonda Rew, Barry Reynolds, Carolyn . . Rhodes, William .... Rice, Marsha Rickey, Gilman Rickey, Mary Riley, David Riley, Jennifer Rinehart. Charles Roane, Pam Robbins, Pat Roberts, Billy Roberts, Carol Roberts, Elizabeth Roberts, Ellsworth Roberts, Judith .... Robertson, Larry Robertson, Linda . . . Robertson. Wanda Robins, Willard .... Robinson, Kathleen Rodgers, David .... Rodgers, Dianne Rogers, Kenneth .... Roland, Jackie Roller, Carol Rose, Brenda Rose, Phyllis Rossenwasser, David Ross, Geraldine Ross, Tommy Rosser, Cheryl Rosser, Waverly Roth, Bill Roth, Bobby Roundtree, Donna Rountree, Judy Rouse, Annette Rowe, Dwight .... Rowe, George Rowe, James Rowell, Evander . . Rowell, Julia May . . Rowell, Mary Rowell, Thomasin . Royal, Don Royall, William . . . Ruben, Bobby Russel, Georgia . Russell, Eugene . . . Russell, Gregory . . 85,98,148 42 61,101 40 46 28 61 40,93 53 53,80,87,122 61,98 40 28 149 72,100,149 46,108 46 53 61,98,104 40 40 46,99 61,94 116,117 100,149 40 53 99,112,149 61,98 53,94 13,61,99 53 61,90,105,118 95,99,149 40,68 40 40 94,101,149 149 40 149 40 40 61,83 40 61 53 46 86,150.215 . .53,114,115,116,117 46 61 40,80 61,92 40 61,116 61,98 82,86,97,100.215 53 87 . . . . . .61, 69, 86, 94 8 53,90,99,108,113,121 46 46,90 46 40 53 53 53,90 46 53 61 46,90.93 Russell, Pam Ryan, Mike Ryder, Linda 61,100 . . . .40 . . . .46 s Sabolsky, Leonard Sage, David Sale, Billy ■ • • °2 Salken, Barbara 46,96 ’in Sammons, Merle ; Sanders, Ronald 46 ’oo’?oJ Sanders, Ruth (Mrs.) Sanders, Shirley Sandler, Susan Sands, Susan Sasser, Katherine Sasser, Phillip Sasser Vickie Satterwhite, Jean (Mrs.) 86,29,20,215 Sauer, Robert Sauls, Bonnie Sauls, Steve Saunders, Alfred ■ ■ ■ launders! NaTcy ' 80, 81, 82, 84!86, 98, 97, 99, 50.215 Saunders, Steven Savage, James Savage, Wayne Sawyer, Anne Sawyer, David Sawyer, Mary Beth bl ’°.n Saxton, Billy 48.108,116 Schaffer, Andres £6 Schan, Martha Schilling, Roberta (Mrs.) 70,99,29 Schilling, Sherry ■■•“2 Schlosser, Elliott bl “ " Schmidt, Joyce fcVna’iiR Schroding, Billy 46.108,116 Schroding, Carolyn Schroding, Mike Scruggs, Jeanie Scruggs, Nancy ™ Scholar, Shirley Schwartz, Donald . . . .73,80,98,81,83,84,94,96, 150,167,158,16 Schwartz, Ronald 82,85,97,96,150 Schweida, Gerald 101,150,105 Scott, Wade Scull, John 55, ?n Seaborn, Tommy 40 Sealey, David -’0 Sears, Ann 61,86 Sears, Robert 46 Seay, Harry 62,105,116 Seay, Jerry 62,117,114,115,116 Sechrist, Robert 46 Seldomridge, Fred Self, Edward Seymour, Frankie 4(5 Shall, Carol 1° Shaffer, Brownie 83,101,151,158 Shapiro, Robert 53,99 Sharpe, William (Mr.) 29,98 Shaver, JoAnn 53 Shaw. Bill 62,80,81,82,85,97,99,117, 114,115,116 Shealey, Harvey 40,68 Sheffield, Barbara 53 Shelton, Bobby 40 Shelton, Elizabeth 40 Shelton, Frederick 62,116 Shelton, Jerry 46,113 Shelton, Linda 40 Shelton, Michele 40 Shelton, Terry 53,116 Shemer, Elliott 62,118 Shepard, Virginia 100,95,99,151 Sherwood, Barbara 53 Shinn, Donnie 151 Shinn, Douglas 40 Shirley, John (Mr.) 29 Shiplett, Patricia 40 Shockley, Janice (Miss) 69,29 Shoff, Charlie 53 Sholar, Shirley 53 Sholar, Shirley 98 Sides, Darlene 46 Sides, Dean 46 Siega, Natalie 40 Siler, Lee 53,90 Sills, Linda 40 Simpson, Bob 53,108,117 Simpson, Martha 151 Simpson, Nadyne 40 Singletary, Lin 53 Singer, Joyce 46 Singleton, Mary 53 Sisk, Jay 62,90 Sizemore, Linda 46 Skapars, Joseph (Mr.) 29 Skates, Jimmy 46 Slate, Patsy 101,92,151 Slate, Woodrow 40,93,113 Slone, Patty 46 Slusser, Catherine 53,82 Small, Patricia 53 Smallwood, Freddy 151 Smith, Anita 83,98,99,151 Smith, Ann 46 Smith, Barbara 46,152 Smith, Barbara 94 Smith, Betsy 40,98 Smith, Carol 62 Smith, Carolyn 62 Smith, Cheryl 40 Smith, Clare 71,72,73,84,100,94,95,96,97, 98,122,123,152 Smith, Connie 46 Smith, Davie 46 Smith, David 40,53,108 Smith, Donald 46 Smith, Elliot 46 Smith, Howard 62,99,105 Smith, James 46,93,110 Smith, Janet 46,98,123 Smith, Lester 40 Smith, Linda 53 Smith, Mitchell 40 Smith, Owen 62,104,111,116 Smith, Pam 46 Smith, Randall 40,93 Smith, Robert 53,93 Smith, Roger 53 Smith, Ronald 46 Smith, Sandra 62,123 Smith, Sheila 40 Smith, Sheila 53 Smith, Shirley 46 Smith, Shirley 53 Smith, Stephen 40 Smith, Stephen 46,114,116 Smith, Terry 62,104,110,118,119 Smith, Willard 46 Smith, Joyce 97 Snead, Charles 53 Snead, Rose 40,90 Snelling, Margaret 152 Snyder, Edward 40 Snyder, Maro 46 Solomon, Marsha 62,86,96,98 Somreviile, Samuel H. (Mr.) 29 Somervold, Mae Lea 85,86,101,152 Somervold, Martin 46 Sosebee, Carole 152 Sosebee, Peter 46 Southall, Lucy 62,86,99 Southall, Mary Frances 40 Southard, Reba 40 Spackman, Evelyn 40 Spain, Betty 62,86,99 Spain, Sherry 53 Spake, Joyce 46 Sparkman, Steve 60,117,115,116 Sparks, Susan 40 Sparrow, Diane 40 Sparrow, Freddie 40 Speight, Dalton 40,93 Spencer, Robert 62 Spencer, Sally 92 Spigel, Bruce 46,83,98 Spigel, Larry 80,81,83,85,98,96,99,152, 166,12,121 Spikes, Betty 73 Spikes, Brenda Spikes, Thomas 41 Spivey, Elaine 46 Spivey, Micheal 41 Spivey, Micheal 46 Sponner, Rochelle 62,86,96 Spotts, Laverne 62,69,86,94 Spradlin, Stephanie ...73,80,81,82,84,86,88,99, 152,170,12,215 Spriggs, David Springfield, Charles 41 Springfield, Eddie 46 Spritzer, Stephanie 162,97,99 Sprouse, Robert 41,93 Stalnaker, Bob 53,105,115,116 Stalnaker, Susan 53,98,92 Stambough, Patricia 100,152 Stanaway, Sherry 53 Stancil, Barbara 41,93 Stanley, JoAnn 153 Starlin, Fred 62 Starling, Bonnie 53 Starling, Luttricia 93 Starling, Mary 41 Starnes, Micheal 41 Starnes, Vivian 53,98,11 Staton, Mary Lou 46,80,87,98,93,13,122 Staton, Raymond 53 Staude, Wesley 41 Steele, Judy 53,80,98 Stephens, Timothy 40 Stephenson, Billy 40 Stephenson, Eugene 83,153,158 Stephenson, Jane 62,90,97,92,99 Stepp, Bonnie 41,100 Stevenson, Gary 62 Stevenson, Ronnie 16,53 Stewart, JoAnn 53,99 Stidham, Lowell 153 Stinnette, Ray 19 Stokes, Mary Elizabeth (Mrs.) 77,29 Stokes, Wayne 46,113 Stone, David 53,114,115 Stoops, William 46 Strange, Ann 62,95 Streete, Mary Jo 46 Strickland, Arthur 101,153 Strickland, Faith 53 Strickland, Franklin 40,68 Strickland, Jerry 46 Strickland, John 40 Strickland, Mitchell 153 Strickland, Richard 54,113 Sturgis, Richard 40,93 Sturm, Claudis (Mrs.) 29 Sturtevant, Paula 10,16,18,73,83,86,89,90, 96,98,153 Suiter, Ellen 40 Summerlin, Ed 62 Summerlin, Sylvia 46,93 Suttle, Rebecca (Miss) 29,96 Sutton, Lee 34,54,121 Sutton, Sue 98,99,153,166,215 Sykes, Patty 101,153 Schwab, Joan 101 T Takis, Tessie 74,94,154 Tanner, Bobby % 46 Tanner, Martha 154 Tanner, Mary 54 Tate, Randy 41,98 Taylor, Arnold 54 Taylor, Bill 98 Taylor, Billy 10,54,113,118 Taylor, Jane 93,122 Taylor, Ken 46,93 Taylor, Libby 41 Taylor, Patsy 54,100,122 Taylor, Ronnie 41 Taylor, Wayne (Mr.) 20,29,85 Tedder, Elizabeth 46 Terry, Donald 46 Terry, June 46 Thom, Ruth 63 Thomas, Betty 41 Thomas, Carol 46,76 Thomas, Esther (Mi’s.) 30,95 Thomas, Joyce 62 Thomas, Kenneth 41,99 Thomas, Kit 54,121 Thomas, Sandra 41 Thomas, Wayne 46 Thomason, Linda 41 Thompson, Frances 46,93 Thompson, M. L. (Mr 30 Thornhill. Wanda 10,85,86,89,90,154,158 Tilghman, Sam 54 Tilles, Sandra 46 Tillman, Harrison 41 Timberlake, Martha 62 Timberlake, Martha . .80,81,82,86,95,98,154,215 Timberlake, Mary 62 Todd, Brenda 54 Todd, Brenda A 54,122 Todd, Connie 19.46,80,83,87,122 Todd, Jimmy 62 Todd, John 54,85,98,115,116,117 Todd, Ronnie 63 Tomlin, Sandra 41 Torn, Elliott 41,93 Tosh, Jean 46 Tosh, Judi 54 Tosh, Randy 63,118,119,120 Toulson, Cynthia 41 Trainum, Bobby 41 Trantham, Teresa 41,93 Trevathan, David 46,90,91 Triplett, Terry 54 Tucker, Barbara 46 Turlington, Jimmy 63,101 Turlington, Lucille 41 Turner, Barbara 63 Turner, Gary 41 Turner, Louis 63,101 Turner, Timothy 41,113 Turner, William 46 Tyndall, Donnie 54,108 U Umphlet, Nancy 46 Underwood, Judy 46 Underwood, Roger 41 Unger, Billy 54,80,116,117 Urrutia, Ricardo 46 V Vanness, Brenda 46 Van Noy, Jane 54 Van Noy, John 46 Van Noy, Mark 92,154 Van Noy, Suzanne 54,98 Varacalli, Gene 118,119,120 Vasilas, Bill 63 Vasllas, Elaine 54,98,82,100 Vaughn, Carlotta 41 Vaughn, Fred 98,154 Vaughan, Russel 90,92,154 Vaughn, Phillip 46 Vaughn, Steve 46 Veasey, Brenda ....123,215,128,162,79,80,81,82, 84,86,88,100,78,12 Vellines, Charles 46 Vernon, Andrea 155 Vest, Brenda 46,93 Vest, Buster 63,90,105,118,119 Vichness, Samuel 46,82,98,99 Vick, Norman 46 Vickers, Neil 54,92 Victorine, Mike 46 Vines, Betty 92,98,155 Vogal, Carol 63 W Wagner, Cynthia 41 Wagner, Ferdy 41 Walker, A 90 Walker, Bobby 46 Walker, Jane 12,13,80,81,82,86,88,92,94,98, 128,155,165,215 Walker, Jimmy 111,118,119,155,158 Walker, John 54,90 Walker, Lynn 46 Walker, Sara 95,155 Walker, Skipper 54,99 Wall, Kenneth 41 Waller, Michael 41 Walling, Gene 155 Warboys, Elizabeth 46,93 Ward, Bill 54,114,115,116 Ward, Larry 46 Ware, Roger 41 Warren, Brenda 63,100,101 Warren, Davey 41 Warren, Ernestine 46,93 Warren, Jerry 155 Warren, Joan 63 Warren, Kit 54 Wash, Faithe 54,92 Wasserman, Ilene 41 Waters, Harold 46 Watkins, Gail 54,87,92,99,122 Watson, Bonnie 54 Watson, Carolyn 41 Watson, Jimmy 54 Watts, Patricia 54 Way, Tony 54 Weaver, Billy 63,90,99 Weaver, Juanita (Mrs.) 31 Weaver, Mae Edwards (Miss) 30 Weaver, Margaret (Mrs.) 31 Weaver, Pam 11,41 Weaver, Phyllis 54 Weaver, Sharon 13,63,80,81,83,94 Webb, Lalie (Mrs.) 30 Webb, Caroline 46,90 Weckleman, Judy 54 Weeks, Cathie 41 Weinstein, Louis 99,155 Wells, Susan 63 West, Kenny 46,90,91 Wharton, Mollie 54 Wheary, Julie 46 Whrary, Louis (Mr.) 22 Wheeler, Jerry 63,72 Wheeler, Margie 46 Whitcomb, Edna 46 Whitcomb, Libby 63,90 White, Allan 46,98 White, Bobby 41 White, Mary Ruth 54 White, Polly 63,92,96,99 White, Thomas 54 Whitehurst, George 94,98,156 Whitesell, John 156 Whiteside, Mai 63,116 Whitfield, Jimmy 41 212 Whitley, Sue 54 Whitley, Tazewell 46 Whitmer, Bernie 63,90,110 Whitmore, David 41 Whitt, Bridget 46 Whitt, Susan 41 Wiatt, James 54,80 Wiedman, Rex 54 Widener, Sharon 41 Wiggins, Charles 97,156 Wiggins, Eddie 156 Wiggins, Judy 46 Wiggins, Shirley . 100,156 Wilds, Dolores 46,67 Wilkens, Janice 54 Wilkens, Juanita 41 Wilkens, Peggy 63,123 Wilkenson, Dee Gee ..73,80,86,92,94,96,97,98, 99,128,156,215 Wilkinson, Mary 96,98,100 Wilks, Karen 54,87,94,95,98 Willey Milbourne (Mr.) 30,74 Williams, Brenda 86,95,92,156,158,215 Williams, Diane 86,92,95,156,158,215 Williams, Doris Kay 63 Williams, Joyce 63 Williams, Linda 41 Williams, Lucille (Mrs.) 31 Williams, Michael 41 Williams, Patricia 41 Williams, Patricia 63 Williams, Sandra 54,80,90,100,94 Williams, Verma 46 Williams, Wallace 63,112 Wilson, Emma 63 Wilson, James (Mr.) 30,90 Wilson, Romona 54 Wimmer, Mark 41 Wimmer, Roy 84,85,86,96,97,99,114,157 Wingo, Joe 11,46,105,117,116 Winiger, Gloria 41 Wise, Eliza (Miss) 30,67 Withrow, Jack 54 Winthrow, James 46 Wolf, John 54 Womack, Gay (Mrs.) 30 Womeldorph, Stuart 94,116,157 Wood, Robert 93,99 Wood, Ronnie 46,113,116 Woodard, Rose 46,90,98 Woodby, Dean 41 Woody, Susan Woolard, Brenda Workman, David Worsham, Donna Worshaf, Phyllis Worsham, Sandra Wray, Delano . . . Wray, Richard Wren, James Wren, Richard Wright, Bobby Wright, Gerald 54,114,116,117 Wright, Hilda 54,99 Wright, Janet 54,90,92 Wright, Jeanette (Mrs.) 30 Wright, Joe 63,73,90,116 Wright, Lin wood 46,93 Wright, Lynn 63,74,80,99,100 Wright, Pan 157 Wyatt, Bonnie 95 Wyatt, Ricky 54,90 Wyatt, Sheila 41 Wynn, Phil (Mr.) 30,101 Wynne, Bill 63,116 Wynne, Robert (Mr.) 30 Y Yevak, Bobby 90 Yevak, John 46.93.98 41,99 Yohe, Phyllis 54 46 York, Bill 46 54,98,99 Yost, Barbara 63,98,100 46,93 Young, Tommy 46 63,92 41 105,157 Z 54 54 Zachary, Charles 41 46 Zoumplsi, Nowell 41 54,90,108 Zwerdling, Jeffrey 98,108,157 213 THE 1962 ANCHOR STAFF Millie Fallin Editor Dee Gee Wilkinson Assistant Editor Mrs. Jean Satterwhite Advisor Stephanie Spradlin Assistant Business Manager Front Row: W. Hogge, School Life; S. Morewitz, T. Burroughs, P. Rose, Seniors; Back Row: J. Walker, School Life Section Head; J. Morgan, Seniors Section Head. Front Row: N. Dearing, Activities Section Head; P. Massey, Underclassmen Section Head; S. Greene, S. Pullen, Underclass- men; Back Row: V. Morton, Activities; S. Sutton, D. Williams, Underclassmen. j Mwl Front Row: N. Saunders, Classroom Section Head; J. Hayes, Sports Section Head; J. Rountree, Faculty: K. Brinn, Directory Head; Back Row: J. Maddy, Classroom; C. Petenbrink, M. Tim- berlake, Sports. Missing; C. McPherson, Faculty Section Head. A FINAL MESSAGE In publishing this Anchor the primary purpose has been to provide students and alumni of the past, present and future, with a complete and comprehensive view of the 1961-1962 school year at Newport News High School. We have used not only pictures to record the year, but words. Through our theme, The Road, we have tried to show the opportunities that are offered here at Newport News High School. In recording this year we have tried to show the people, places and events that mean something to everyone and not to one individual or to one particular group. We have tried to give you, the owner of the book, tangible evidence to reinforce the memories we hope you have of this year. To do this the staff has worked hard and I want to thank each and everyone of them for their time, work, and co-operation. Although the staff has worked hard, we could not have published this book without the help of many others; therefore many thanks are in order: To you, Mrs. Satterwhite, for your time, great patience, knowledge, and understand- ing, go our deepest thanks and much appreciation. You, Mr. Wayne Taylor, for your help in cropping pictures and your ability to keep the staff smiling. You, the student body, faculty, and administration, for your support, interest, and co-operation. You, our photographers, Mr. Edmonds and Nachman’s, for your clear and imagina- tive photographs. And to you, our publisher, Delmar Printing Company and your representative, Mr. Saine. In closing I want to say that I hope each and everyone of you like and enjoy the the 1962 Anchor. Millie Fallin Editor 215 AUTOGRAPHS Unlock the potential Newport News Public Library System www.nngov.coni library 757 - 926-1350

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