Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA)

 - Class of 1960

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Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1960 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 210 of the 1960 volume:

IFIHI ls nl I ii Ill ll Ill v Q - s Af' im uf 5' .Q- Luz. "' ""' ,. is i' .5 3-P Q C I , Q -4""" i i Published By The Students of NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL -I- Newport News, Virginia THE T960 Time . . . that intangible, fleeting element that so few appreciate deter- mines largely the success of a school year. The hours spent in the classroom, in meetings, in assemblies, at athletic events or just in leisure moments bring to mind many happy memories. Some of our experiences will be forgotten with the passing of time, others will grow more vivid as years go by. The l96O Anchor has tried to cap- ture these times from the opening of the school doors in September to grad- uation in June, Each page recalls our thoughts, our deeds, and our friends in the times we shared together. The present is moving swiftly and the future will be with us shortly. May we ever remember the time, full and mean- ingful, we spent at Newport News High School. 5 r ' i ' UP' 1' H , o 5 . xx' ' 5 1' l 1 ff CT 'ZKFJ-5 Agn' 1,83 1, N -,. S ' , u sa Jw.-. -, ' - 7: kg. ,HL .' ,,.. ' rl, 51551 x xg R 1 ,W ' , -Q f ,,,. , , . 9 w' 33 Q Zz, a . if . H "' X no ' ' . - . 1 ,Q , Q , 5 I x f , AA- ,,,. , 'hh 5 5 u 'git -sa, X 'V J 'I i ,,,, SSI 1 11 TABLE OF CONTENTS V115 20 50 156 49 71 5 200 1 1111011 1-5 11 fc 6-19 Wmq - 72-89 -, 90-105 106-117 118-15- 2 s X 1 x 1 3 M. 'M,,..v-f,- Q n -N.. .-m,,,, f fsu'N""'f "' I K "".2 fw w' if ' we-QZ?4" 1 fm fi ,. " ', , f Q 1 gm 'l ,WW ?" 1"X ,,,,.,.f W. ,., ' ,wr Vlvyryw JA .aw we , ,. s , LK if , Lv, K 11" ,1.,,3,wf ff ,V wx IWW' WAN i i HT -- i FTBW 2 JI ! The story of our good times ond friendships thot will Ieove ci Iosting impression upon us is fold through our . . Q1 . ' T-", TT ' " ,j-.'f -, '- ifi . ax J' I I. ,a , .i1'1lI1x.. ' i-A s 117' i s x K s 11 if 74 9 so f-WWE! 6' -4vd'W:'F'6A'1n-f af' -nv-on rf. ff . . wap. ff uai- 1-A. - ' ' " 5.4, ff'W. 3. 5 1 I ! A J I I - 3 ' ig , x 'X Q ,fl 1! M ,i'N1f.+xn. '1 It ns o rare Occoslon mdecd tu fund -,ur Voryty flogtvttrlerg spertdung leisure mcrrterwts Here they are caught rogtvrwg after than half trrrwe skrt, At Woe? we've sought three members of OurtOCuHyTOkIr1Q 0 break from thetr busy clossrecm routine They ore Mr Eruckscn, Mrs LoFIore, ond MISS Fttzgerold The student body olwoys looks torworri trr our Per: Assemblues, enltght- erwed by ccstummg ond the sluts whmch the cheertcsders ptgn Dregsed os 1920 bothmg beauties ore cur Jurtbr Vcrsvty Choc-r?eoder3, "'-..ff'f I Afx-- ' MV! .. A X, ,aid L3 , ,, ? ,, , XM., A ff' K ..- k...,. A , School spirited students deco rate the goal posts in colors before the game loyal students are: Billy Steve Hochman, Marsha Suzanne Morris, and Jeffers. J 'fwcwd ycu hke Same C4 my we crecrry Bahmn Crcsslev ' Q QA 4-1 ofzffiazf a nczzffd J .f C A K , K V 3 'H Jeffrey Dc:-rw and the Varsrfy Cheerleaders cchsale the frvghtehcd Tymhcgn 'ur- Pey affer ng escape QVTVT' fhv Crcbtu A Hfrvendiy ghost' lurkg behmd Freddie Bawen, Dana Schwartz, and Burt Hull darma Frncndly Tvphacm WCCk CV: John Garewaod has a bug smile an has face as he pauses fa char wefh Wanda Thcmhdi between classes. fr' 4 17 e 1 U r ey are owmm, cur hiuhy grsducfm cf NNHS W Q p r r the 'een' cervhg the Hsrrprzh pep csserrbfv LET 5 EU TYPHUUN. EALJEE You CRUSH A EQN X C' r efw . Q Q A. K K 5 ! 1 f 6? is 5 L 5 Lonky Rennie Fowler stretches to reach hrs bogkg whrch he so opfw hm before Vufvch Scrrfry Lanes ond Abby Dorn, proud wmncr of the School Spmr pzsfer cznresf, pose F r 'X the camera m the hails of NN H S X Josie Morgan seems quite ready for the treat. ZW Zfwew , The Senior Prom, highlight of the year, finally arrives. Dancing across the floor to strains of "Misty," the theme of the Prom, are Kathleen Powell and Buddy Isbell, Dressed in their best formal attire, seniors and their dates share in the enjoyment of this long-awaited occasion. "Come one, come aIl," yells Ed Harris, the ring master of the "Big Top" Assembly. Strong man, Kenny Olshansky, and clown, Roy Mitchell, agree that this is the best circus N.N.H.S. has ever had. ,, r l r,-gn,-IP waz 'fi re? fl as" ' v ,I 5 lL. ,-,' " " ' ', Q' -,9,'g--'.-. A 4? e K4 ., H I 1373 4. , V' vfvxn I rf ' ' , 3 uY'. -.I - 1 ' 1, 81' 3 7. 'Q ei Q A A X9 - ' a A , - .1 .Y X! r' " X ' 'W 1 'K " 4 V9.1 ' 'v U' .6 l Q' V Y x ' I -' l-love we got Q TEAM? yell the Var lt Clweerleocere of the annual Wcry-fuck 'fotbcll if lp.Q ' . game Regordle b ct the teomq rec fab rlvolry molfeb th on even game ct be -5 41 ' ,A stortmg whlstle t f- ie e will ' f - I " , , e - I , , , , l S f .t a D - ywtrlf. Cmzl l nq h - my N H S 5 ' hx ' A 0 :ale wc l Ali Qu L5 in xf5i'U' Frank Mcgeros G ne G ll Somrtty Llpes Julle Joffee ond Ruby Phlll Q proudly cllsplcy thenr well clcuerxcd letters n Gold and Blue Letter Day These letters frem xgrlfu rio art ments slgmfy hard f oure A x N tunleftt W hob mented Such on word IS 0 4 to wecr If l 3 X! nv? V .Q Z4 ff ,za-M", we Y - f, , 5'?-My s J xp- . H . fig-7 . f gy A A . Lijxifgzizpf , x-' f f ,-fm.-JW ,, ,, '- H wyg, Q ,sgw ,Lf ig, K ' 1 ' fi-Y, 45. Wg' L, f.,6 1 , Teachers have assigned lllucll lione- ' work, it seems, as diese students bus- ily :nun for the next period's ted. 'wi' 'H ,M -41: -V vi. . ltiseasytaguessvlluylllesehva bays are so excited-the 3:30 bell luas finally rung, indicating the and of another day. The flhla faf'Lueilla Phillips seems to be the right direction as she takes office during "Futura h Weak. if 'rn'- Yl6f0f1 at the Hampton gallla, I 1italnsalMoonAnonblydnwstoc glinnlbealuloatbodyioimintlue bd!llflhcAlncMlhf. nl viz ' 'i is f A ly, , 'sv V As " 1- "'!"" . R -if iiesrmnlngllschool xv' n. ' X A r PMI T--mor and Kenny Womack lun other idns as to how to pon the tina cwqy nn class, as they lwrl paper plana out the window. . , iw- V, Wim, -Q! f 0lYZflZ6!Zf -' Q. K X ,Ln A' ' 4-S: ll I 2 U: , il ' as .135 s ,---Q K 4 ffl-. 14' 5-ji' ' . 'nf " 1 a"'af.'7i"-,?""'fI"' -wav -1-' ' - -.a sl nc, 5.:'4--fgatifig . VH' vfvayfgqf ' ' 'ov - s , ' ' 5 w, 45"-i'-ar.-. .- 'w"f'5':QQ 1. g I I Q-.Bae W fffsg Ylfn .ix Q A typical doy ot Newport News Hugh School begins for many students wnth G nde on the school bus Students v-clk toward the school ontucipoting Q dev fnlled wuth work and fun Stoppmg to pose for o picture before deportmg for the cznnuol trrp to New York ore thus year s Anchor Stoff mem bers These sensors plan to attend vor nous drscussrons of the Columbro Scholos tlc Press Assocuotron os well os to emoy the srghts of the bug Cnty - 62 E216 QM Yu ents J Vx N H S re p ecsec Cs Pe Jn c m nt t he l96 on wee he rt C r mn Smrtlw tunolly rs mode Escfrtrng her orc Nrrnoon Duck drum mogor cnd M Wrl n Bond 7 Sd F c 'N' A 'r.': e C t .O B dS Mtlc, l cffgfwffefagfsf t megfykee, ' ' . ., ' ,, QQ' T X 5. J Xxzve J tr 'Y 1 l ,' i xt , ff The "Queen of Hearts Ball," sponsored by the DE-DO Clubs, was fun for everyone, especially the new queen, Frances Hammond, and her escort, Mike Jeffers Crown- ing the l96O queen is Christine Anas, who reign- ed during l959. - ,if ,Z ,ff .,,,, fx ' r The principles of Brotherhood are furthered through the events of Brotherhood Week which was planned by the Junior Federation. Wayne ff These girls, impersonating our leading coaches, agree with the mon in the box that the Crabbers "can be crushed an Turkey Day " Teachers, tci, need ncurishment, as dem onstrated by our principal, Mr Maidment I 8 DeLozier and Cho Gillespie, two of our dele- gates, arrange appropriate literature on the Bulletin Board. I X I 5 x . W. I-- ,.-'- f'f 70460264 ja ffjzfavzedf EZMQZZ4 Mos onfuscn de rlbes rims 5 ne rw our sprmf ,cy HPPPE Sweet H mcde The fvur e er Phf Um c ught or loft :tru , es lfr rreeaffn ur Voter recfzze t or Ir us uselesb and survender, '44 5 C V sc ' 'CQ 1 1 "' 1 ,, F W ff J , C f , Mp Hz cn ': ', - gfl , his , ,D 5 h , ., h :.,X W, , ' x x 1 . . ...L 4 Durafions af time pass quickly as students learn and rnafure Through a high school education which is evident in The ,7 1 . .'.' ..h ,.-f,...' "Q 1153? in ligiigtffg ,w o 1 .,f.rf.C 4- , 0,5-lf- . 4, 34 pg, 'vs qfxfm' K 1 . , - 1 KK? six? , 'V 3 K ' Q'-i S 1-8 '., ,,,- A'M-,,...- if '-U la li' g li - li' l Y.- 1 A rv 41! , f Z-i f, k f - ,ZZ f Y 2' 7 Z ZR fg- . 3 f f f Z7 1 5 A X i f , I X X f 1 Z 1 Z f' , f I f 1 Z 1 tg ' 1 X X g 1 Z g f X f , X f 1 X X Z 1 If f 5 Q A p, ' 'Q ' 3 3 'J 5 - -9 - g 3 ,, V 52 , . ' f' YJ S , V , .i X X R' I ff Ai' " Q' . I? " -"- if 19, ' . 1 ' , ,G 'N :x 4 lu -..,y1'Vx 2 'A Y aff , X ' L I 1" XX X. it-x Q 6 I I .9 5 ...qs-f' 1? , .. X 2 3-- mn? ?' fy V 1. 122' 5 4 -ating: X ElGHTl-l GRADE SPONSOR Freddy Adams Ruta Adams Kathy Agee Q.. xx l S QL ' r 4 . . iso :ln " EIGHTH GRADE OFFICERS After explorlng the NNHS Lnbrary the Mnce offrcers pause golng to fherr A perlod class Headnng thelr class are Jane Coltrann secretary Allce Fowler Honor Councnl repre sentanve Cho Glllesple Execuflve Board Dale Mueller pres: dent ,- ae . qv Cf' Glorla Alford Bobby Allen Faye Allen Thelma Alley Charles Anderson Larry Anderson Freddy Anspach Tommy ATklNS Kafhryn Avant John Avery Ball Barnard Llnda Baker Bully Barnes Mlke Barnes Lorralne Barnes Harry Barrltf Brenda Bass Bllly Beacharn Eddle Beasley Charles Bearor Judy Bell Newton Bell Donald Benthal Pat Bentley Tony BCFYYOH Darrell Bllllngs Bonnre Blnford Porter Blakemore Dayld Block Bobby Bloxefn Wayne Boger Darrell Boland lolene Bos? Wayne Bowen Larry Boyles B ll, Bracey Claud ne Branch Thomas Braswcll Margaret Brown Ann Bryan? Bobby Bryant Jlmrny Bull Mane Burns Katherine Byrd Orville Calhoun Bobby Callus Tommy Capps Fenner Carawon Judy Carroll John Carter Becky Cas Amondo Castlllo Margaret Cathy Donna Chadwell Jud: Chapman Cralg Chlldress Danny Chlldress Judy Chlsom Neal Church Kutty Clark Harry Clemn Sammy Coates Sandra Cohen Tommy Coleman Jane Coltraln Betty Cooper Charlene Cooper Rachel Covert Howard Crawford Martha Cradle Joan Crutfendon Bully Crosley Alma Crum James Cupp Rlchard Curtus Larry Cutlee Terry Davenport Anne Davldson Glenn Davis Roy Davis Sharon Davxs Melba Deas Jlmmy DeBerry Bully Deckard Carolyn Deuell Nancy Dodd Allen Donnal Martha Dorn Davld Drucker Allen Duncan Anne Duncan Geraldine Duncan Donald Ealey Donald Edwards Judy Edwards George Elsenbery Erma Elkens Barbara Elluof David Elllott Duane Epps Jlmmy Epps Judy Erlach Craig Eubank Sabuna Evans Donald Falrcloth Jlmmy Falrcloth Allan Farber Ralph Farmer Bully Feather James Fennell Mary Lee Ferguson Blllle Faye Fmch Brenda Fusher Tommy Flax Helene Fllck Barry Forbes Paul Forbes Pam Forman Charles Forest Mlchael Foster Allce Fowler Ellen Frank Carolyn Bundy John Bungent Thomas Burcher Maurlne Bdrnett 3 E' of +1 -up sf 'isi- ,,..- 9. x Gu C' f E C N X f .El 'K A 'QQ W:-" ll l 0 l is , 9 r G.. L KM nv- 11. 1 -5 '3- v he J el Frank V rglnlo Frazler Gene Freeze Ruger Frlzzelle bv at 'C' sltfx XXX his X ' V, wllx aw me JN km 9 9 fmkixt ce X"X X-fx mth .WX "l 4 456. ir' T! . O W K, .J - j , e 'N ' ' - ' ' l ,f ' if f f A J T ' ' ,fx f . J - , ' ' Xt , f. Q, ' ' l- - X 1- - T 9 3 12 -A A . T W , l ' . ' I f .E if- Yi 'rf 377 in J If 'r ' , ff' , iw- , , . 4 - ,, . 9 'VI ' , ' ' l Y . 1,9 ..- 9 ' 'kt l 1 E fa - r ' . Z X ' I R fl h fl l fl X A 155' Q ' 0 F ' ,La Y 'I ,.'. x A Il J 4, .L f at 5 5 l e ' ' M , r X .. , X X J x X' E .. . L 1 ' s ,iv 1 A I 'Q 3' 2,7 - M 1, ' 5 . . ff gf f .. g. K 4 ' . .Mm I X ,J ggi ,. -L -R 7 ' 7 , N, K K I , A l. V A ' . , . , , LA K lg "" "f 6' 4 ' Q, . 2 H G' li- 4' , Q 4-' ff' ' l ll ' NV A t ' . A " .K Q Q f K 3 ,, :L el 2 Q yr-T iii 5 jr A Q .jf A -. .. v H is ' ' QA , . - : jg, . .gi I xx . . 1 ,,. xt A R H 1, l J xt Xyg y- .1 A, i jk, 4' XX f A r K X 1 xg ,- 'ww' lil' , Jx . . R ' N . , ' ' " G 5. ..,. sm- Ai, A 6 3 iiwq 5 t , ' ,, A , at J , . ,. , -H5 of r ,Q rw G egg .u 'X T- . - " Qs"'s4" '11 M I 'V "X . . li J f 1 at W 5 f Y T f t N f J J 'Ya is - ss, G' as 'Y s-' lc-Ez "' -Q 7 1 'at 5 4 4 I 4. 5 " v 1 ' , ' if - A ? , L V 1 'L 34 fe , Q 5 , , I 'a-I W Q 5 e .- 1 . fx X X X y - x ll il, ' uf es.. -- ,- M r X . tv r g. 1, f s 4- we ' "l " Q , SX W lr K -- - r . G - V i . ' ' x XA' A Q. s ' xx . ,Eva ,,,, Q , xx . V lx . l l" , ' M: 5, .g 'A s. - G 'Q 5- ee. 5 ' . fs I xg ., E ,:, Q : 5:7 , 4 , oi ' ' N A 4 X L N N 4' A ll xo ' l A, . ' l.-1 lx! K 'TR - 1 "l '- 3. Q r . 6 J f 4 5 ' . - 1.. -I . 5. - X . ki K - Q V i 7 '-XV ,. . is A I i X Q it N, 5 X yylex X K Q 1 if 1- X' lf 1 ' y lg. A f ti X X 1 are lx X .,ll,. " 'E' ka qw 4 r X x gala' XXX ltts fin C4510 C7 xx avg. Q-f 45 'Yv- Q Q, 5 'DC llt lla 5..- 5 e Glorsa Fulglum Wanda Garner Roscoe Gary Russell Gary Kenneth Gault Kenneth Glbson Bully Gilbert Tommy Gilbert Cha Gullesple Kay Glllesple Johnny Gillette John Gllllam Kitty GIIIS Ellnor Goldberg Allce Goldsmlth Becky Goolsby Burma Gordon Deborah Gordon Ralph Gordon Francls Grant Reva Maye Gravely Bonnle Gray Gerald Gray Shlrley Gray Ronnl Green Jlmmle Greplotls Ronnie Grlffun Carol Groshong Katherine Haan Bully Hale Barbara Halfln Charles Hammer Phllllp Hammond Bully Hampton Jnm Harnrlck Larry Harding Phyllls Hargrave Bonnle Harrlson Sharon Hart Peggy Hawker Teddy Heflln Nancy Heldretta Kenny Henderson Ruth Ann Hessler Buddy Hickman Gregory Hull Jlrnmy Hlnes Rlchard Hobbs Vlckl Hobbs Jlmmy Hodges Dennis Holbrook Russell Holland Ronnle Holloway Judy Hoaklns Donald Houston Brenda Hudson Woody Humphrey Dlanne Hunter Janlce Hurd Allen Jenklns Bully Johnson Edna Johnson Norma Johnson Yvonne Johnson Annette Jones Brenda Keats Bllly Keech Carroll Keen Donald Keenan Rathue Kelley Jackle Kempton Edward Kerlln Morrls Kung Gnlrnore Klrby Patrlcla Klrby Patrlcla Klrkland Steve Kleen Chrlsty Kyrlandes Charles LaBoon Robert Lamb J e Leggett Llnda Levy Joel Lew s Judy Lltchtleld Don London Lunda Lang Wayne Lonngs Judy Lucas Ronnxe Luther Sandra Lyons Charles Maddy Glen Malpass Allnson Mannlng Judy Marklewlch Charles Marsette Sandra Matthews Judy Mawyer Becky May Clem McConnell Patricia McConnell Brlly McDowell James McGee Sandra McGough Mary Loss McKeen John Meck Donald Meena Shlrley Melvin Dallas Muller Rlchard Muller Sue Muller Charles Mulne Beverly Mlngee Nancey Mutchell Jlmmy Montague Johnney Mooney Kenny Moore Theresa Morgan Ruby Moses Donald Mull Montz Mull Betty Mundle Ernue Murphy Judy Myers Brenda Napier David Nash Frank Neal Paul Neal Vlckl Neill Douglas Nelson Allen Nesblt Bobby Newberry Lorna NICOSIG Sheila Oaks Eddie Oas Rodney Odom Norman Olshansky Carol Oswarld Ray Owen Sandra Owens Bully Paruanous Jeanette Parrish Brenda Patruck Conrad Pauley Jummy Pearce Hal Perry Kay Perry Howard Perkins Erie Petterson Douglas Phelps Margaret Phslllps Sandra Phvlllps Allce Plpkln Donna Plpkln Cheryl Pless Clarence Point Lavmla Poole Jerry Powell Joe Powell Duane Prntchett JM Jimi 6dJOZ Llndc Lane Betty Sue Lanler Juan ta Lavender Nathan Lee ,H ,av- .ox 'Q' Q Z' 1 w- -r 'K X ffxlv :- 18 I vs r 5 lifwkvr Lyx easy. aiu NA nh L. un Qc uv. ,. Ad V 5 ff! 49? as" AY O' v-:age 'GNU' I.- 'NQ lm 0 0 C 'f' f I bl I . :ff V ,3 2 : fr 2,11 J ffl A ? ' ' 4'- - ' 4 Viv, ' A s X I " 5, Q 1-.- X ll. Y-,f ' f - A 'A ' 'A V , . ' KS G g . . 1' , , I -' ' . ga 5. . ,S M 1' A ' 'O . ,fig :A Q 5 I ' "J,-fix' I O " of g 4 D. , ' - - , I ' , I , R I 1, fa., . 9 ax I I I , Q 'L " 4' -523 W ' J , , V ..,. Q- f -Q J, Z Q' J 4 fe -'J 1- we - ,Q - ' V ,4 . 'J Ar ai:-.. ' f 1 'K' - -Q' 'Tis l - X X lf' Q - . J ' f -- gf, f J, , '- f.-J J 'L if 1 to of J we L , , ,f zur A , Joy Dale Mueller 2' V If- , K I M 'ny 'if Z 4 'r VV I - P ,Q J I J. lk ' 9 2 ' 'Q V- .5 4 - ' V A' 3' . -A, . 0. A, ' 'L' ' 4. ' - 'A ff' . kr 'C T, 4 ' -Y A P -41 . al ' x G . ff ' ,ff X I, I V L1 xi X ' NN lx .1 xX V X ll lr . 'ta G I I X 'Vx Ir rx " ' I L J es J lr - ' Q, 'l ' ' " ' -- -4 ' x " ' 12 - , ' X ' 4 s. fl ,4 X X L . s - f Ti "1 r Xl' w f eh . . , mn: 35? X J Z fri ' 4 'H " vu JJ ' -, 'f wa , I Q. J J 1. y , KN' ,JN x. L W . ' , :w '1 Q we , mf , r f T," J , , 'X ....A" I . 5-. , , X l, h . .' fr? ' L 5, ' ' - -' J " , 9, ' V 'A ' 7. " 'au Q . A , . 1 - I 4 l ' 45 ,N Yi A-it ' E '.'7" ' . , ,, ' . ., , gy I ,AIX ' , 5 I Y Y fc , gl Y ' ' I I , 1 'Y . L: v I v N ' h ",. Q, ,L ., . , .. N .. , N R V Q Q r 1 - Nl . , . . Q l , Y - - " max' f Q - A 1 , A A V T' 6 . . ,, A an A I ., I r rf , V -f 'A', Q 45 , , .4 . J. 1 ' - A ll ,. I ly 5 th X X V- .S - I . V Qr if NX g J, Thomas Puccu Sharon Rash Angela Ray Remona Reel 24 1 sf ll l Xl V K, l L- S. il? T.. Wx ' ' . ll Allce Reese Bonnle Rekrut Mary Rsckey Martha Roberts Tommy Roblnson Wayne Rogers Carol Roller David Rosenwasser Annette Rouse George Rowe Thomasune Rowell Hardy Rousey Don Royal Bull Royal Buddy Russ Bllly Sale Susan Sands Vlctorla Sasser Joan Saunders Martha Schanz John Scull Douglas Sealey Freddy Selclomrndge Frankue Seymour Joel Shapnro Barbara Sheffield Jerry Shelton Nlckey Shelton Terry Shelton Barbara Sherwood Wayne Shltflett Carlec Shoff Steven Shubm Lee Sller Bettle Sllverrnan Bobby Slmpson Lln McRae Slngletary Arlene Smith Bob Smlth David Smith George Srmth Jean Smuth Roger Srmth Shelia Smith Shnrley Smlth Charles Snead Sherry Spam Betty Spikes Bob Stalnaker Susan Stalnaker Bonnle Stanfield Harold Stanley Vivian Stallungs Raymond Staton Wesley Staude Joseph St. Clalr Judy Steel Jo Ann Stewart Alexander Stoops Bully Stoops Faith Strlckland Jerry Strlckland Rnchard Strlckland Lee Sutton Pat Swanner Charles Sykes Howard Sykes Bllly Taylor Larry Taylor Pat Taylor Ernestlne Thomag Klt Thomas Sam Tulghman Brenda Todd Brenda Todd Elame Toley Judy Tosh Joseph Troadon Donnle Tyndall Judy Underwood Neil Vickers Geraldine Victorine Arthur Walker John Waiker Tommy Walker Bill Ward Jay Warren Faithe Wash Gail Watkins Bonnie Watson James Watson Patricia Watts Phyllis Weaver Benetta Webb Judy Weckleman Judith White Mary Ruth White Sue Whitley David Whitmore Rex Wiedman Janice Wilkins Mary Eilen Wilkinson Karen Wilks Bessie Williams Eddie Williams Sandra Williams Wanda Williams Paul Wolf David Workman James Wren Bobby Wright . Hilda Wright li. Gerald Wright Janet Wright -un, Billy Unger Jane Vannoy Suzanne Vannoy Elaine Vasilas ,- -uf S-A px get iiliiiiimi ii X Wt A lv-x I x Ricky Wyatt Joan Wycuff MOUSE ASSEMBLY Scared, excited - but happy Mice walk across the stage to re- ceive their tickets of admission to the Typhoon Big Top. The class of 1964 has the distinction of being the largest eighth grade class ever to enter N.N,H.S, '-'I -5 i field "wie jr A 9" of 5- NINTH GRADE SPONSOR Mr J C Range Constantunos Anastaslo Charlotte Anderson Raymond Andrews Robert Artman Beverly Babcock Everett Back Janet Barnes J D Baker Tommy Baker Bobby Ball Bully Barnes Enld Bass Jean Baxely Arthur Baynes George Belcher Jackue Belote Paul Belt Larry Bennett Llvvle B8rlfOn Barbara Bushop Bllly Blankenshnp Alvin BIGDKEHSHID Lnnda Block Betty Bond Duane Booker Lrnda Booth Gordon Bowen Lrnda Bowen s-r w-4 A... .JCB 53- NINTH GRADE OFFICERS Four heads are better than one especially when they head the nmth grade class Freshman offucers are Wayne DeLozrer Executnve Board Forest Powell, Presrdent Sharon Weaver Honor Councrl representative Mary Anas secretary Marshall Adams Hazel Allen fr Mary Anas f..f if .v-gf 'U xg -'aaa 1. .. tw 1:-QQ! 'C' " C 'I , 1 " I .U " t l ' f :-ea .V Fi fl-f':.V'X 'lei I 'A fy - L ' W 1 W , I , L I I, Nu, Ai? X A - ' ' ' V' ' --.- A AW ,Q Q' ' 4 K L- f . ' v ,Y 1:1 , 'M' , .. A -. . . M ii , M . X 1 fs , A A A Fx - , V, - A I . lyr I wry -1 ., 5, s . . -ii l . . ., I Q -' 5' L' e ' i H 1 If y K xi Q x '. f V N l - 3 4 .Q . fa- L A 1. If ,- -, tg, , 'LQ '-'14 - f' vs 'Q' ' ,A A . 4- . Q Q 1 t ' K. "V 5 4 ' , f' . I L A S . If 5-,Q K V, A L 1 , ' - Kenny Bransford Linda Brown Wayne Brown Bully Bryant Diane Burk Paul Butts Joe Bye Sue Coldwell Tommy Caln Glen Campbell James Campbell Nancy Campbell George Capps Ellen Carney Joan Catron June Chaffln Dlckue Chappell Phynllls Chappell Janlce Clark Llnda Coates Dons Jean Cloer lrls Coble JoAnn Coffee Robert Coffee Marlene Cohen Betty Coleman Carol Colller Bill Collins ,Q fn QW JIYZEIZ I' ' -X L- ef ,',' .5 '95 E 1:1 C' 41 Q 5 15 21 Q T' ,-r U' ' 4:3 Jean Columbla Bully Combs Ann Comer Raymond Carson Jimmy Crank Davld Crews Bobby Cutchlns Helen Doggy Nancy Dall Davld Damron Zetle Domron Darden Damel Sharon Danlels Glen Davenport Duane Davls Roy Davls Leslue Decell Llnda Decell Donald Delafosse Claudia Dellapenta Wayne DeLozler Judy Deuell Ken Dlckerson Betty Dllllon Joan Dlnw ddle Betsy Dlxon Ivy Dlxon Nancy Dodd James Downs Allce Doyle Allce Faye Doyle Kay Drewry Wulllam Drewry James Eakes Wllllarn Edwards I -5 S? gym? 'CT I sa ,ff inf W K he Eugene Glasglow Ronnl Glasofer Gmny Goolsby Harmon Gordon Elame Graham Gerald Graham Dlckle Gray John Gray Eugene Groshong Peggy Grubbs Judy Gullluams Howard Guunn Arnold Hall James Hall Edlth Hallett Nancy Hancock Vlckn Hanklns Carol Hargraye Daynd Harper Carolyn Harrls Freudonna Harrns Janet Harrls Katherune Harrrg Sue Harrlson Frances Hartless Jerry Harve Barry Hatchet! Rvcky Hedrick grille Hehl Norma Helmnck Annette Hessler Robert Hester James Hlcks Karen Hull Barbara Hlnson Qs 2 we T Q.. Raymond Ellenson James Elllot Nlta Elswlck Barbara Estes Ruchard Ewell Alfred Farmer Pat Farmer Joan Faulkner Judy Fenell Carol Flelds Randy Fntzgerald Robert Fltzgerald Shrrley Ford Joe Forrest Kenneth Forrest Bobby Fox Brenda Fox Tom Freeze Robert Fulcher Davnd Gallawa Jerry Gammon Glona Gardner Jean Garner Dann Garrlck Jack Garruson Wayne Gaskull Frank Gnbson Mlke G-bson Wllbert Gubson B llle Ja Gnllns Donald Grlman John Glllnknn wWfr'7 YZ' QV- -rx ,f. 9 'Y i X s , -f .. 'w' - A r -, . ' .A 441' 'fy ,n - 5 W y -J 5 A 1 - - , f 4' o f. 4. J be .. LJ ' YA f Q 1 Q f ' M - J ' " f fu , 7 f, .v V , A - A Q V , I I ,X '.I , I A 1 ' - Q- -I ' 4 fi Q- r - - el, ' A V , if rf X . I . Q A I A' U 9 F AJ ' fy ' 1 7... . 1 , .4 NW! g ,L ,f ' ' wx A . Er., , 1 n , Vx -1 Q W , f' 5: 5 1 4 - ,' i f, ff? 'J' ,., " fi" I A ' sf. 4 V 4 1 V ,iw I :Q fd , 1 I . . gy X 7 Q -v' fr A 3 X 'ug . . , V . OL ' ' ,f?fr . 0 4. 4. J ve' T H 1 I I ,cf 241 , , if , . ,, "6 all X , so , ,. i 4 y X K ,A . 53, J x l . ' 3,3 f Y , . , r C t r X gi s . SO Mary Hlnson Mary Holley F2 fha C H HEY T Jadf I'-'lDDk fs nrfe H ward Jarwes H C, S Luc, Haas n Larry lngrarn W larn Ja S e Jeffers e ' 'e gene J nnsJn e J hnS wayne J hng n Llnca Jones Bonnle Keel Pamela Kelth Runs Kennedy Drone Kent Wayne Kerlln Vernon Kersey Mary Knfwles Car lyn Krafzsch Jimmy Lomb Sharon Lamberfh Kay Lafra Marsha Leake C alre Lev n Chuck Lllly Kenny Luoscomb Phll Llyerman I ef E' r 'cf Y 2' I ov, X gf al W Q5 E yaffzbfafe E' spr- Nancy Lvyesay Tommy Lockhard Parrlcla Lon Sally Madaga Llnda Mahanes Arthur Mohonc Ludwlg Malocck Bully Manning Chesfer Marshall John McCoy Herberf McDonald Rudy McDanrel Frankle McGee Connle McGee Jlm McGhee Marv McGalre Bob Melson Deedra Merrlll Carol M len Cralg Mlller Jesse Muller Walter Mllllner Judy Moore Marllyn Moren Joseph Morgan Ann M rgan Suzanne Marrlg Walfer Morrlson Marlan Morrnsefte Paul Moses Patsy Moss Donald M wr Barbara Murray St arf Nachmof' Tony Napler gary f6J gfzifg C' Q., Bully Roberts Drone Rodgers Jackle Roland Tommy Ross Beverly Rosser Bobby Roth Donna Roundtree Dwlght Rowe Jerry Russell Pam Russell Wllrox, Sammons Shlrlev Sanders Wayne Saunders Mary Sawyer Rona Sayetta Elllot Schlosser Joyce Schmsdt Ann Sears Harry Seay Jerry Seay Johnny Seym Robert Shao rc Blll Shaw Fredrlck Shelton Erllft Shcmer Path Shlfflcft Jean Shao Car ' Srnlth Car lyn Smlth H word SWNTH Jerry Srnrth Margaret Smlth Owen Smlth Sandra Srnlth Terry Srnuth Q-1 V3 ?7 .1 CL- -vnu- - my Phyllis NGO' Robert Neal Laurue Newman Nyna Neyllle Parham O Brlant Estelle Overton Ronnle Owen Robert Parks Cannle Parrlsh Edna Pearce Faye Pearce Kelth Pennell Susan Perkms Nancy Phelps Rlcky Phelps Kathleen Pllgrlm Forest Powell Vnckre Preyatfe Goldle Preyllle Dayud Prlce Wllllom Price Larry Puckette Llr'1dO Qolnn Henry Ragland Rose Ratllff Atlas Ray Johnny Reese Sherry Register Carolyn Reynolds Jenny Rlley Charles Rlnehart Porn Roane Q 5.4 'O L, L fy, X X sv ' n..a 4 1, ! b ' I 5.41 1 za X ', if Q M, fmmfy Marcia Soloman Lucy Southall Joyce Spockrnan Betty Spain Steve Sparkman Bobby Spell Bobby Spencer Sally Spencer Bernard Spivak Rochelle Spooner Laverne Spotfs Stephanne Sprltzer Freddle Starling Joyce Stephenson Jary Steyesor Ray Stlnnette Anne Strange Ed Summerlun Rosalee Suskvnd Helen Sutton Phyllls Sweeney Jmmmy Todd Ronald Todd Flossle Takls Judy Terr Ruth Thom Joyce Thomas Carolyn Thompson Martha Tnrnberlake Mary Txrnberlake Randy Tosh Wllson Tucker ,gn 1 -J-' . fi! K' lv Q, ,mf ,A 3 ' 1 xx! . ' uv Az A - at 4 e x V ,H ' df.: N l f H, 537, S ' a ,, J f Jlmmy Turlington Barbara Turner Louis Turner Sharon VanAlsrme Bull Vasllas Wxllram Vest' Edward Walker Brenda Walsh Brenda Warren Joan Warren Bully Weaver Sharon Weaver Kay Weeks Susan Wells Mollue Wharton Jerry Wheeler s-'Ji' 4 4? W Libby Whltcombe Polly Whlte Wayne White Mal Whuteslde Harry Whlfmer Peggy Wulklns Joyce Wnlllams Lunda Wllllams Murphy Wlllrams Patrucua Wulluams Bobby Wood Phyllus Worsham Rrchard Wra Bruce Wrnght Joe Wnght Lynn Wrnght Bonnie Wyatt Bully Wynne Barbara Yost if .4 TENTH GRADE OFFICERS Stayung after school for a yarlety of reasons lS typlcal ofthe sophomores Sally Morewltz secretary Josre Morgan Honor Councll representatlyc Donald Schwartz presldent Brenda Veazey Student Councll represent the Tenth grade class Janet Allen Emmttt Alley Wrlllarn Alley Brenda Arnos Harold Anderson Erlc AuCaln Ruta Babb Paul Baker lo Ann Bartueld Marllean Barnes Michael Barnes Betsy Barnhouse 2 Q...-e 34'-x,,, MISS FRANCES RAINE Tenth grade sponsor iv Q-af, C' . 'C A 5- John Bell Joyce Benton David Blggs Stanley Blnder Jerry Blanchard Mary Blanford Grayson Blount John Bclden Larry Bond Bully Bordeaux Dowd Bcst Lln a Bcst harlle Bowen Kay Bcwen Bexerly Bradley Carolyn Bradley Edward Bradley Rlchard Bradley xy ea ' ' .lan A . , le A A -' . so -1 , 1 W x.. fix B ,. A A ' ' I ' Q' Q- t A X., x Y - I 5 it' 4. A X X f , 4, 4 't 6 F Q, L- -! Y' d fs 1 X X F f 251 - ' ' c 1 bf. Q 1 9 W 'ak .-vii Il 55 u- 5'-v Y ss., -13, ' Exf' Ruby Drewry Sherry Drewry Charles Duke Glen Dye Martha Dyson Gerald Edwards Jimmy Edwards Barbara Ellis June Estes Betsy Evans Joseph Fabula Mildred Fallin Bonnie Farmer Betsy Field Ruby Finch Carolyn Fisher Patsy Floyd Nancy Forbes Kenneth Branch George Breyara Katheryn Brinn R bert Br wn Earl Bryant Charles Bu'fingTOn Lena Bungert Jerry Burns William Burns Tina Burroughs Donald Butler Mary Jo Cain Alxah Campbell John Carleton Bruce Carnes George Carter Ronnie Carter Martin Cells Larry Chewning Frone Cobb Terry Cockran John Coffey Sarah Coffey Linda Coleman Ronald Collins Joyce Cook Carol Cooke Jack Cooper Steve Corum George Curry John Davis Richard Dawes Nancy Dearing Dickie Dillaman Audrey Dixon Q Wwdwmfg 'X ,f V J A v ' ' J' I 5 c o In L 1 ' ig . P 'cf ' 'A 7' - , J I f' ' A s' I x, ' l A Ll' J rf 1, ' . z Y A Ln Y' 1? , 4' 1 , if 'W 1 ' Y 4 - . , Fx J' 5 v " . A , I -vu ' 'HN 1 , z 5.1 'ff X J ' 'iii 5 ffl., 'if li: Q' ' V 3 ' , , 'V I L! l V J 7" ' ' iii Q' 2 il, 5 , J f , F I I Sgr r I I I - Q A ' X if Q L 4' at . 1.-: fr . U I of I E I' I QM Guy Foster Zatha Franks Johnny Gabriel Joanne Gallins Jerry Gary Sallie Gay Mary Claire Gerber Judy Getsug Shirley Gill Philip Gold Tunisa Gordon Brenda Grainger Suzanne Greene Linda Faye Grubb' Bill Gruver Bernard Halstead Calvin Hanrahan Carolyn Hanrahan Pat Hanrahan Harold Harding Charles Harrell Richard Hart Pat Hatcher Freddie Hawkins Juanita Hayes Frances Heath Gertrude Helfrich Burt Hill Bobby Hilling Dayid Hinnant Ronald Hite Margaret Hobbs Winnie Hogge Philip Hoffman Debbie Holton . QSM' 1 0 0 , . ti h W Ni in V . f., g. , Q, r.- ZX by "" 1 ' 5 w-Q X 1 LuElla Hooper Sandra Hopkins Nancy Horton Jean Ester Hudgins Layernia Hudson Florence Hysong Jeff Isbell Dreyfus Jackson Irene James Clinton Jefferson Danny Jernigan Betty Johnson Frances Johnson Patti Johnson Betty Jones Charlie Janes Douglas Joyner George Kahle 92,4 ja Yeiwfoilie Jim! i , ' 'f ,, if tr ' r ' f c, rf' ' .'i,, A 1' V, , , jf 4 if V , 4' , 'il 1.-sr ,4 J ' 4 "' Ginny Morton Jackie Moss Eddie Nichols Peggy Nickey Bobby Norris Marvin Oliver Sherilyn Orebaught Sylvia Ottaway Florence Padgett Jimmy Parker David Parrish Dallas Patterson William Pearce Dorothy Perry Carol Petenbrink Jerry Phelps Monty Phillips Sally Phillips ' 4 5. , l-i,2 1 I A riff Raymond Keegan Donald King Joyce Kirby Carol Kirk Dwaine Kirkland Nancy Kline Clark LoFlare Pam Larmer Robert Lazarus Wickie Lee Clyde Lewis David Loving Kay Lyon Jean Maddy Sandy Mahone Dale Marshall Reginald Marshall Pat Massey Nickey Matthews Pat McAlpin John McCormick Joseph McCormick Tommy McGrath Clifton McKeithan Connie McKinsey Carolyn McPherson Vickie Meena Alice Menin Pot Merilic Lanny Midkiff Frank Mills Eddie Mirmelstein Margaret Moore Sally Morewitz Josie Morgan it ef- Charles Pitt Max Pollard Brenda Poole William Rowell Emma Jean Powell Edward Proctor Miriam Preyatte Sondra Pollen David Robinowitz John Rekrut James Rice Marsha Rice David Riley Carol Roberts Larry Robertson Linda Robertson Willard Robins John Rose Phyllis R059 Waverly Rosser Judy Rountree William Rountree Billy Rowe Nancy Saunders David Sawyer Bob Scmidt Joan Schwab Donald Schwartz Ronald Schwartz Gerald Schweida Eddie Self Brownie Shaffer Virginia Sheppard Donnie Shinn Ronald Sides 0 li? ,Q 'gl v S G V Sd . it 5,1 S! s l , J Q rl. tm Y Iv ,V 5,1 J I 1 ' 1 -., i. .Mn Ms- I Q- i I Q Q ' v x x K, Y ft I I La I 'ir 1 T .xzw V5 A, la L.. Q, i 'I -L f 'Q Qfff S' Y d A x 'rv Gln' .-.I 19" . ' 4 if -ff is- I 1 If tr wh as .25 w -Q-M. v . I 1 t AHC Q, 'za aw ll 'S 5' ' ' infix Q Q - ' " S", I fsck I 1 ' X ,Phi . 5 Aw 'X' 4 Martha Simpson Patsey Slatc Betty Slone Freddy Smallwood Anita Smith Clare Smith Jackie Smith James Smith Dennis Snelling Margaret Snelling Mae Lea Somervcld Larry Spigel Stephanie Spradlin Pat Stambcagh Jackie Stantield Jirnrvy Stalings Eugene Stephenson Rene Sterntield Us K QZQW L L- 'c' I ., , A , . 'J Diane Wray Pam Wright Jeffrey Zwerdling L. A,':r V 14 ' L.. sf ' Q as-up Y 2 " . A . 0, ,J V 5 J Lee Stevenson Lowell Stidham James Wallace Strader Arthur Strickland Linda Strickland Paula Sturteyarit Sue Sutton Patty Sykes Tessie Takis Jo Ellen Taylor Wanda Thornhill Martha Timberlake Linda Turbeville Toni Umberger Gene Varacalli Brenda Veazey Andrea Vernon Jane Walker Jimmy Walker Gene Walling Potty Walsh Jerry Warren James Weeks Allen West Rodger Wheeler George Whitehurst Charles Wiggins Eddie Wiggins Sylvia Wilkenson Dee Gee Wilkenson Diane Williams Patricia Williams Wade Williams Roy Wimmer Delano Wray yff-lzdzzlfeaf if J BMJ ELEVENTH GRADE OFFICERS Plymouth Rock a bug moment for the Junlor Class was qulte successful due largely t the careful plannlng of the Eleventh grade class offlcers who are Horace Underwood oresrdent Make Jeffers Honor Councll representatne Jackle Walker treasurer Pat Taylor secretary Eleventh Grade Sponsor Mr Charles Nuttycombe Eleventh Grade Sponsor , ,E Mrs Frances Nettles lugfx '2""" "l X 1 x if Anne Andrews Pattue Andrews Bully Anspach til' Donnle Baker Ophella Baker Ph Ins Ball Jeanne Barbour Peggy Barfleld Beryl Barkely "' 9 , S, , v . Glenn Barkley Dickie Ba nes Rodney Barnes Carolyn Barnhouse Catherlne Barter Betty Bean I K . ' I 4 . l , ,Q I :f f , --233 . gi-2,vi.::Et .l ?i.3.'3'A?.s. Kiiivliiigi ,gE:g,,g53kiw.:A'. 'x. 522:12 Q' . . 2535 4.15.5 , C ' ' , , 2 , 'A , . . -K 1 vw! ' O l l . Y' . . 4 955 1 , ' 'kzisf' 3 E' 'v' Roy Belcner C lln Blakemore Lacy Blanfora Llbby Blechr-nan Eddie Block Loss Bond Mary Ellen Booker Joyce Boone Brlly Bos! Bobby Boyce Wrlfon Bradford Anne Bradl y L- C Robert Bradley Nancy Brandt Tern Bravo Elrzabefl-1 Breeaen Pam Brown Bobby Buchanvp if 5,1 Albo Buchanan Kay Burclwer Ccrole Bryd Roger Collis Mary Ann Camden Bob Carden Douglas Chapman Otis Chappell Tommy Chappell Joyce Clark Robert Coffey Sandra Coffey 4. ze 'MJQQZ ,. .xlt if 'Q -ls" 7 ag -vw U fix-f Aszfxfixix' X X- C I i Bruce Coltrain Norman Covert if Buddy David Faith DeArrnent plQf'-' 13505 gel l I KA ll Alvin Downs Lewis Dunawoy li' QF Barbara Ellis Eva Ellis S ,U . I, C , Judy Fine Gary Fitzgerald Q? g-.-.- Carolyn Crenshaw Banning Crossley Steven Crump Cleo Deeds .26 1 Cb. A7 Roy Dunford s fa '31 F :M I 1-F I ati Archie Dail Robert Dick Elaine Dorn Jeffrey Dorn 1,4735 -4 ,, rf' K 'tn-v y tl lv, Philip Durette Milton Eason James Elliott V .e ff, A ff' f ni 2' I is -f 4 1 x R l' C i J Gene Ellis Rebecca Ellish Bradley Ewell fe-t ,T P 'fl we 4.. A ,Mi y ,, 4, A --' ' K milfs I xr-,ff I Bobby Fixx Barbara Flowers Teddy Forbes boo Ruby Ezell F a rr X Billy Fowler fx Bobby Frank , M' ' A , Q Billy Gillette gl fx' 5-:af Nr Bill Green Nancy Hand Brenda Hardy Faye Harris Jane Harris Jock Harrison G. Carolyn Frizzelle Michael Furr Patricia Gabriel Susan Gary John Gatewood Stephen Gillis Ralph Glozey Bucky Glenn Wayne Goff Rona Goldberg Carmon Hornby if-.r James Harrison Judy Harrison Terry Harrison Ray Hofchell Judith Hawley George Helliesen Bernie Helmer ZJIZJUWJ 5369 ' Bobby Helmer Robert Helterbran Diane Hickman Mack Hil' Robert Hill George Henson Patricia Hogan Mary Holloman Jo Ann Houston Diane Hunt Dorothy Jackson Julie Jaffee 4 Jiiifif f 4 'J . ' J is, ' 'C' X l 3 . g r ix! l ,, - I NN Michael Jeffers Charles Jennings Edward Johnson Billy Jones Barry Joynes Brenda Justice Charles Karmosky Margie Keenan Dee Keithley Louise Kelly Faye King Larry Kirkland Q" Harold Klesmer Jane Korycinski Sandra Lankford Pat Larser' Paul Lows Rochelle Leiter -14 Rita Leonard Paul Lieberman Evelyn Malpass Douglas Manifold Joel Anne Loc ka rd T' l Jimmy Lovedahl if Margolis .... C' JTZE 4" J, Nancy Madagan Frank Mageras Shlrley Markoff Betty Marshall Frances Marshall Mary Massey Judy Matthews Lewus Matthews Russel Maynard Brenda Mays Marlene McSweeney James Meador Eluzabeth Meck Dnana Merrull Claudine Merruman in Y"'7 I it Jane Monfalcone Jlmmy Moody Janet Moore Herbert Moore 4 -H A .M , , X ' J 6. L' Q' 'Q , S l Q - y A O ky Z . .J M s I 1 J I L ' ' ' ' ' William Mingee Kay Moneymaker mf-rjw ' ,r Q ' ,K 1 L. ' A 1 V f , L b ' l ll vu Zebulon Morgar i 1 Frank Moseley M 'CTV Ervin Napier Lloyd Nelson I V. '- Margaret Padgette Jimmy Parianous Velma Petty Shirley Pipkin Linda Ramsey Sandra Ray s :L Norton Richman Ann Rinehart 4 li Judy Nichols Paulette Odom John Oldfield Betty Overman ll Q- i r Herman Parks Roy Parrish Doris Pellum Harold Perry .iiwf ,.., . T J wr ,K X W if 5 K J if 0 i' A t,,' lx A A in .1 - i Q Wayne Poteat Nancy Powell James Preston Robert Price Robert Reese Thomas Reese Lucy Reynolds Sandra Richards 5 Q i' 1 . it , X i, I . KN v X 5.3. K . g Mix , A, 5 4, w ,Si am kill' ' -J 14:2 5 't . "t . l Connie Ritter Phyllis Ritter Kathy Roane Dorothy Roberts W Q3 5 +4.2'??. 1 - i.-1' . " yur 5 9 ll- 'CU r 1 V- ,gf A 9 A Linda Rogers Tony Rouse Lois Rowe Allen Rowland Rona Ruben Billy Ruskey G., '-:K ! L aj K' ar' i, , L ,Qld fi Richard Russell Fred Sage Marsha Sandler Robert Saunders James Sawyer Judy Sawye' 5194 17, up-5 - .g,- vt" - .M gj '-.J -' , I Tammy Scott Marvin Scruggs Steve Seltzer Nathan Shaft Phyllis Shinn Barney Siegel I-1 F 9 i ,- Robert Slusser Becky Smith Charles Smith Clifton Smith Lehman Smith Morris Smith V., Wg A S 'L 4 A359 S if V! A r' Norman Smith Verlin Smith Shelia Snyder Michael Sofikitis Kathy Solomon Yvonne Stallings 47 Z c !!!65c6!JKZ6JJ Mamie Stanfield Nancy Staton A lj.. 4 'VY Q. 'TJ Xy'l',f', Eugene Swann Ernest Swanner :V 45, -:ff I Joe Tweat Bobble Tucker ..... X l , Mark Vanncy Jacme Wallf,er Claudla Steele suv! John Taylor 3 X f ,U Eugene Turner te Sharon Wfanaerer xg 4, . . 'I ,ig Q 45.-L5 ff' ing. x, Ronnle Steele Pat Taylor Carolyn Stephenson Carolyn Terry Jodie Turner 5: 'L Franklln Wara SWF' Svlvia Strickland 4215 i 4 to xl .--r, 1 Steve Thomas I an ,1.., -19" bf Shelba Turner Horace Underwood Manan Warale Ng' 1? I Currrs Watson Xar- 1 U 'ID 1 Lauri vvernsref Ann N-Neosrer Hucr: West Gezrge Whrrmcre Arnold Wrgglna ,'v'.ar4a Wtlklns 0 rig F4444 QfZ96Z FF- L-f S.. l Myra Wilkins Elaine Wilkinson Vlendell Wllliamson ' f Barbara Woods Gracie Woolard Robert Worthington Larry Zimmerman ' z if nv- Wilma Williams Anna Wise Edwara Woodman A vi y - 1 fl 1 E it , l ' T ' . I . Ewa! '- , 5, I James Workman Downie Wray Davis Wright Gerald Zoumplis 49 JUNIOR COMMITTEE HEADS Next year the Senior Prom will be the big event for Dance Commit- tee Chairmen, Wendell Williamson, Judy Sawyer and Decoration Com- mittee Chairmen, Robert Coffee and Anna Wise This year they tested their skill by giving the very suc- cessful "Plymouth Rock." f We find time for recreotion, for de- served recognition, for necessory serv- ices, o nd for troining in vocotions through porticipotion in our . . . . .' 1 35-A.-, . in-'f rf? 'Z . 'I ,I VJ lf-'-ff :.' - , f',-'. -K-sy. 3.4 , , 1-.1 NJ 3 . J?" --.-HL. '-Fx, . ..-2-.' ', '.. . . -. ,-.- b. g .f .5' 2-j- , ,..-, 51,.'- :ww if '55 ' 15 .4-di W Af- 4. W, WWW' HONOR COUNCIL Row I rgon E n N' F Net es .Q co ow Mur en wh c M Jcffcrs R Eostrnon With Mrs Fronces Netties os od ytsor the Honor Council promotes hon or ond nntegrnty ornong the student body The Newport News Hugh School Honor System rs umque In benng the ddest honor system an the Stote of o,,,, EXECUTIVE BOARD ov 'I n s e W Muc er M Mottnc-ws F Hornn n r n W n P s C D nn H fxochm n GF Ley r tc .ff ow vw C F Bow n Composed of o representottye frcrn eoch closs Student Body Offucers ond ol! Student Cuunctl Commuttee Chotrr-non the Executwe Boord octs os 0 steering commuttee fCf the Stu dent Counctl Meetung exery Monday to make plons tor the comung week thus group s sponsuble for promotrng trnproyernents ond octtytttes f r the school 52 -. Ms , Sfvr, ,rs . tr , A E: er, S W sc' R 2-J d D ' ,tr , 1 , I -yy. 't ' X . .K A I . 5 S1 e E E s : K t ' ' su 1 lt, , . - R -J Tho wo W, D Lover D Sch czttz, G C-lI.ns, S H , ' I , - Q, gy J, Mozdv, J E o R, W rt rcnssan, C Gntesp-e N Gordan R Mtchcll H Et s J u , 0 H L lcrc, B Veo V, S Eo of wld, K P: CH R 2-J Ho r y, E Hows, e , r I re- ' b ie? W0 5556-of STUDENT COUNCIL rrus J Hawley R vi 2 J Frank J Moo V1 F Bowen G Collns H LaFlare D Schwatrz D Rosen J Thomas H Estes w sser P Hoyle B Ray S Mue r Keaths P Taylor P F Pearce Row 4--B Harcum C eno wel Dunn McConnell R Green M Cohen G S Goolsby Dovxd J Horns B Frank J Shapvro B Anker S Barefxeld W DeLozler C McGhee J Morgan D Hancock P Larvner P Sykes D Roberts Row 5 C Steele J Walker A And ews K Moneymaker E Ells A Duncan V Hankvns C Anderson Cars P weeney D Mueller arrett Curtns Row Mtchell C Gnllespne F Hammond M Matthews W Wlllnamsorv Davenport D Boland C Pc-tenbrunk J Walker S Wnlluams Prntchett D Hallett Row 7 H Nachmon N Gordon h St d t Councrl acts as the govern Made up of o representatnve from each homeroom t e u en :ng body of Newport News Hugh School The Councll dnrects the general welfare of the school d Ives the students trarnung an cltuzenshlp and leadershnp Thus group under the durectron an g thwhrle actrvmes for the school of Mass Ethel Guldersleeve promotes many wor STUDENT BODY OFFICERS w I Haw y F Bowen E Harrl Our Student Body Offucers who are elected every sprung are ably equlp ped to guude and dlrect the work of the student body These offlcers rep resent N N H S at other schools and an the communuty 53 s 'iw S.: 0 :ff me 6. 5: ' -- qu Ro -. , E. Ha , . . o -. , . dy, , , , , f - , , , . r , V . . , ' , , - f V ' V - . ', , , - V , A' o , , , , Fox, J. Davls, L. Spxgel, B, Schrnldt. Row 3- S , . S , - , H. B , R. . 6--R. A, , . lle, M. , . Z , K. Po I, J , B. I , . . , , . , . , . , G 1 il .5 Ro --J. le , , , , 5, I i ,QF wk' 'S .,,., 79-1 4:3 Lfquf ig ,gm .fx L df wi 3 Ent 'Ax 1 .ag fi? nf X L A BX-fa Aw 2' 4 Q: x 4. , ,,A , N if X 'Q . Q ff I I ' 4 N I Qiw .1-4 1 Y.. 1:3 . 4.56: ! , . s f I bv .. I '- Q I :Figs ,,m P FK eq X .5-,ll E if s ,: is ,. il ,, S i ,,. ' M ' pn I - u w 3-1 .. 3? 4"i'F'5f M15 Q' 4 1 ,L ?1 irsh Q, U X 4,2 4 iff' QA!! 1+ L ' 7' YM 'Q RWM L 3 .-wi' gp f diy NATVONAL HONOR SOCIETY Row I-S Veazy, P. Here J. Frank, F Bowen, S Czne K Olshcrtsky. Raw 2-H LaFlo'e, M. A. M no L Pntllrpg r-l Nachrna? Mrs V Bauserrran By faculty selectlon, the Natlonal Honor So- ciety recognuzes out- standlng students who excell ln scholarshlp, leadership, character, and service tothe school Sponsored by Mrs. Vl- vlan Bauserman mem bershlp tn thus soclety IS 0 e cf the most out standlng ochveyements that a hugh school stu dent can attain x KEY CLUB G A R VS A C ow C s on s r C Ronge an S Grogan tt ro A O' Sh x Q 0' Ami, ne tes s holorshrp sport ntanshlp and soclal contacts through Wl K rnernbers v- rlwag on warrcus projects such as usherung for as embu h p ln the K u e utstandlng scohc scrnbllc nl h ldsng a Lccdershlp Banquet for schefl leaders D r V W , v n E E - 1 C Y. , K ' , af' - '3 4 ' A 4, L at f ' is 1 2 F ' li fl E 1 A , . - r , 5 2 " g Q i 3 A .1 4 , A 1 lg , L , 1 - g A V :L .. y , , l l Z Q I I 1 Fx ,lf 7 . . , ' X 1 L ' ' 1 5 ' ' fy 5' .X A , . I . . ., ' ' I 1 N I ' I X . . " 9 ...nhl f MO' 1 U 31"MfO"g 5 Cf' R CG5C'k" "l EV' KT A lf-A'fiC'V rrtre, ,unror and sent r twys A serwce irganlzatlcn under the ,QSM f C,-QC 5 KVQQ N- . ,. , - , Frgfk P vlgvc' N' je"i's 5 Et Cf sje,,1mw-r- J Mft. D EQVHC PM J U MV? D ' S CL'.."T 2 P ' N G tt F GlYC.L3C R 3-W J hnsin, P , , r . X , trtjri B F'c"lf 7? Ca' s P1 L'-Jew, Lf E Hows E Ss ' ri, K' ' ' ' ' ' V rlcnxm D D'lC"wO" - r 5 V r , M O1 s 1 ' iw Cl ln IS fpln Y' L , o ' , t- - 2: G L. T, ' K 7, 's Qwemf LAUNCHINGS Clockvnse-Mrs Nuna Huffman M Smlth J Kofanchuk R Ruben Sfernfueld A Andrews ,I Hoyle R Sayefta B Carnes -C7 W7 E 4 1 Q51 ""' XI .IJ U- Lounchmgs, a lnterary mag azme whlch us publnshed by the students of N N H S en couroges and stimulates bet ter wrmng at each grade level Under the sponsorshap of Mrs Nina Huffman the l957 l958 vssue recenved Second Class Honor Rahng by the Nahonal Scholastnc QUILL AND SCROLL Row I Mrs Becky Lovelace R Mannnng M Calla 5 H Nachman Row 2 olluns S Barefleld N Gordon Row 3 C Nachrnan H Mageras T Sandler Students who excel nn journolustlc work on the Anchor and Beacon and are ln the top one thlrd of thenr class are eluguble for membership IH this honorary socnety Mrs Becky Love lace acts as sponsor 57 . ' Rf . ",Pf we ' .v Q ' , ' ' - L s. "' 'A , ' nf . .fm A 5 4' . . I . .V,,7j' -. .,. ' ' . on V ,ef Press Association. 5 ,, r- . .1 A K?-. ' l l N, , n , . : G. , gf- I ,, tx lx . . , , Y , -"' A I CN . , . . . I . ' N 524461 Z gf wid eafcd echmav ogcras J wwcatt Dowd E An er o ow n o fa kcr Log r rnwth J rrus o Cc r c en cr or Morrls J Mor In 4 one J ow nw Smsser ngcn D Parrwh 7 D NoVpa5s VV NN hamgon THESPIANS Students belonging to Thespuons 0 national honorary drama socuety work IN a wnde range of school productnons Various awards are given based on points earned through active Dartncupohon Thesouans as sponsored by Mass Dorothy Crane 11' G ,r ,Q RL. LSP-ifn HEADS 2 'W 1 awry pr ducncn U off hcr are If LI' Cu U ry our ,CC hy CVC f 1 H I f J 2 ' IX ' ' 2 gf X A , ' K lr . . . , u h x , ff A A W Q g in 1 J J E .. A 1 nn V sf ,V I x1 N 1 I A f ' I .1 ,TN 1 S -L BI 1, F M Tv , 5 , A k , ' I ' F C ith, B EIMS R 'I' K Jo es, P SQ NI, J NN 1 , J. ' e, C. - r S,HQ,,JJu,s2Ckr1g,P p.r, A f A ' F, GINCS ,W Gfff R 2 J Ca pbell, E Nrchds, R. , E Joh 1 , , E. Cfhon, , , , 1 ' I ' ' r x as -- of ,- - V . Q 1 ' . In , A , ' Cl' K . 4, , I ' . Nj '12 X fx 4 W A ff ,V . y V, J T A x X Q i X 4 3 , r - -Q 1 ' ,X I ,- G ' S L' , C Tm wg- A Lyn L, J 5, LA .' ,, L '- , Guan: Im C W if in A Th Ezhx I cnt Cin-ni I C S I P, :or 1 ,rsh 'ho Drawn: :LLfGfY5T'L'!'XY fm F , L: -5 I heh' HC WCS " WC, V V' fu 1 CC",rng r . ,3rr,,L:: :rxn-, -j L, xxx, ff, ,ly me azz: Ek, DRAMA STAFF HEADS Row I o Mer R v1 Tnwe H N e G 'Row 3 P ash H r' h n OVW F n Contributing much t the success of the Drama Department are e hods of the yonaus drama staffs These stu dents are rn charge t ckstage octyl make up scenery llght ang props sound effects costumes and odyertls In -f-... .va 'x v A STAGE CREW f i 0' 1 O 6 COW' G RON' SDH 0' NlClWOlS R are energetuc take care of the behlnd the scene detalls for Slusse' J Thwem' W Goff F Mogems pabllc and school productuons A part of the Drorno Depart Boyg who are not only Interested In drama but also who ment the Stage Crew as sponscred by Mlss Dorothy Crane 59 lw6db ..... ' ..... 2160525112 1 . ... lb id! SENIOR BAND Rowl P Goodwnn M Drewery G Barkley J Margolrs B Buchan organ Maddy K Harrnson Faulkner M Blandford Blandford M A Maine Row 2 W Gulman C Stephenson B Sprvak Duc erson S L: es D Jackson Harruson B Ewe E AuCotn unnally reene ars a Hea Harrrson raver Row 3 roc or orns e se ran ylor S Taylor R rbran C Ml le W Jahnso Maynard A Snmms N Duck C Anspach J Zoumplts J Bolden J S rlung R Ball R Carden O Chappell K Lrpscomb B Fowler V Srntth B Gruyer N Covert B Prtllaman Row 4 R Hart R Beasley Baker G Fntzerald W Bradford T Reese C Buffxngton T McGrath D Rlley N Rtchman J Sammons F DeArment N Staton P Odom C Smuth Mr Wtlson J Stephenson P Andrews L Coates E Carney A Lryesay J A Houston Under the durectlon of Mr James Wulson the band en courages school spurrt through tts lwely numbers as It plays far yarlous occaslons throughout the year rncludrng football games and pep assemblres Parades are also an Important part of the years work The annual Wunter and Sprung concerts are hrghlrghts of every school year SENIOR CHORUS ov 1 r an Haus on Moore P Andrews J Pe ty N Madagan D Ketrhly G Woolard C Crenshaw D Rce B Jones P er arsen w 2 rya Matthews Gro nger A Vernon N senberry N K lm Orebaugh K Roane Q e m ov 5 Hunter Yates C Barter C Merrtm ss Wh te r-ktord K Pearce C B ewer E nes 'Cttee O cor-np nt cAlpln V Meena S P pk n aw 4-Mr L d r rec' R arnes G Carry t man B Ha s L Matthews J Loydohl G VVhntel'turst S G ll S Under the durectton of Mr Lowder members of the Sentor Chorus learn more about the fundamentals of correct srngtng as they study mustc wrttten especlally for groups Durtng the year the members sung rn the Thanksguwng and Christmas Concerts and take part tn Commencement and Baccalaureate Serx ICES 'X Y JUNIOR CHORUS wl L rown L nn D on W ht Carney W lla ns ren l l l S W la Knowles B Delluon r r w Garner C M Ghee cuff K Avant P White ne Go Edwar ates J Stephenson P Russell D Rountrec J Rl ey B Barco wler o n r as uv r Tnlm n Andrews K Forrest E Schlosser H Ragland Mr Lowder To prepore underclassmen for the Sensor Chorus Mr Jerry Lowder encourages group slnglng un the Junnor Chorus They too partlcupate an venous ossemblues and concerts 4 -Q ar JLJNlOR BAND ow 1 s For er Rowe D R senwasse B Srrrpson al L Haan Idsmlt S Rash M ss Shockley Row m th rr r at er x C Ml ne Fltzgerold D ock r ant eena Gau A Reese xv 3 Whatmer B Bloxorn L Benton W Vest M Whlteslde F Anspach N Olshonsky T Payne D Doyrs B Wr ght D Ne son C Grllespre R vr 4-J Grllette R S ton B Crossley J Deberry Allen rrltt E as ue cr Hrn s B We yer 0 need Row 5 W v oore o erts Russe aker R Wyatt J ren S B Bracey C Madd R Smut v1 6 rs n alker l er I r T Benton s R Phep L Malac B Wa E Beasley J Shar Sponsored by Mass Janrce Schockley our Junnor Band e larges the music program of our school and prepares younger students for the tame when they may become members of the Senror Band ECE 'wwf Ziff J J zmfgeff A l. VARSNTY CHEERLEADERS OW 1 f' cfhlefac U rrx W1 Inv " 2 F LC LD cmi on L cheer rw hex spur the N N crswfy Cheerleaders C nfrbure rv' fh 1 thc QL, ce 4 he tecrm Y wcfor 0 -4"'+' Q' -J 'sl 1 NCQWH H Apu Ro' 1 Chun TH J rv L D ffm, E fzoterh Sex Our .mn r Vcr w. imc J L 5. y lzlfyqd 4 ZW ,- K. VARSITY FLAGTWNRLERS ow I c fv N Sta The-ge gurls add Calor ta the Sensor Band by thenr perfrrm e 1 my ru r t vw nd pta twce mn perfcctm a ces darmqf tlaH qamg and pep a cmtalles A Haatwrc r if JUNIOR VARSITY FLAGTWI RLERS Io' 1- PTFE' I ' I C' 'I Pcffnlfmkf W- TM " Backmg up the Januar Band, the JV. Flagtwirlers show ' ' J their sktll with their accurate flag handlmg during pep assem, blies and at Jayvee games. 63 4 ft W4 ,', ' .YL 'w, ao, 1 4 pY...4...- -1 Sc..- I if ,Im V x . 4 ,K ,, . , ,- 1 I I . ,vu . .- xv ,f Q , 'Nr 'Q ,N ,K V' -F xx . I S ,H- . we-fy--s-. lf,- I' "G, ANCHOR Row 'I-S. Mueller H. Mo eras F, Hammond N. Gordon, H. Nochman, i Q 1 l K. Roberts, M Milne, C. Zeno, L. Phillips, K. Powell. Row Z--M Nvhite, E. Kuhn, C. Nachman, J Unger, E. Block, H. Estes, C. White hurst, K. Weinstein, K. Vretos, J Anker Row 3-C. VVagner, K Pearce, S. Browne, C. Anas, M. Matthews, C. Thomas, P. Morris, J Louterbach, J Dunn, M. Smith, P. Moore, LJ Richardson, J. Gold- stein, Miss Raine. Row 4-J. Johnson, R. Carleton, T Sandler. ,s y., Hin' ' v 1 . , 'Al of 'K 44.5.4 .J V . l Members of the Anchor staff, under the supervision of Miss Frances Raine, endeavor to learn the fundamentals of produc- ing a yearbook as they put to practice this knowledge. The utmost goal of the staff is to publish a book which will be pleasing to both the student body and the contest judges, The V959 Anchor received First Place Honor Ratings from the C.S.P.A. and N.S.P.A. ,, gg ' .7092 BEACON Row 'I-S Lonkforc, R Ruben C South N Cell ns, S Baref etc, G Col ns, M Erenson, R, Eurrougns Row 2-Mrs Rebecca Lcve ace R 'Qfi-ard J Mc're P Moore D Me"l G Kratie P Oacn' J The Beacon, o bi-monthly school paper, offers practical experience to iournalisrn students on the staff. Other students sf,-fffnsns, J. Zgdmzlmg, N Cg.err, J Turner, R Mqnr ng, 'P Tmfvp- cf the school enjoy and benefit from the current news reported cg'- bv the staff. Mrs, Rebecca Lovelace sponsors this publication. Q '1- JZQ cyiwaeaf .Wim he r-,rr ,rl 'v 445,4- 5 -A ' 'Sv-cf A' -a 8, 15 Q2 gs Qc t ""',Kaf o "'f'11 S 1 SPEECH ARTS CLUB ow 1 Mrs DlornonsTeln Go A Andrews F Gllles ue zllps M Sm Th B Fronk E Woodman P Morris L We nstern rmrherrncun Row 2 B Mocll R u ser Bro h Mor J ckord B Bean R Bro H Klesrner E Block Row Hollornon D K ng 1 Ju I c C Wo nor Murden L Spxgcl J Frank S Cjnn Promoting better speech hoblts both In ond out of school ond providing on opportunnty for speech octnvmes ore the onms of thus orgonuzotuon sponsored by Mrs Borboro Dlomon stem The club promotes ocfwe portrcupotson an store ond noraonol contests ond as orgonuzlng o speakers bureau for the purpose of bringing the school ond commumty closer together ., r ART CLUB Row 1 M sg r rz,erco K Eurzher D Garrett J Phu ps Hcrnscn The Art Club strrxes fc pruvs Te on undersronrjlng gpprecng gocgzxle' Ro' 2 ' Lenz Q l'l CFWGP l J llmm A DOW M fron, ond expresslon of orf n ns members Mass Belle FITZ gerold sponsors thus orgcmzctlon 65 6' ' ' A 4 Q, A ' 5 Q- ,fa -3. - - , ' .A ., I V -,s . .4 f 1 H .- .' . - - - .,-rj AI, .'. ' M s Q... 1 . . , , , I V . - A 5 - ,- ", - - . . U - . . r. 22' 54 ' .' '- " '?.f',--of , . ,J , ' X' .JL9 A ' -, "' ' ,' ' f. '-'ty ..' x TI" ,,' '- . '. -,Q ' , -V ' ' ' , ' ' '. , ,fl-' M4 .,-.-'- -1 r, - - ,fi ,- V .VI-1,73-f,.3"'f 'Pt' 4 .. ' ' ' ' K " . ,' . -2- , 'lf 3 :".- "'.' A' ' :. .sp , . . fun. Ge-qv f ,K "' - - s-9' ," "Iii, .. . .r' . '1,. 1 1- - f , 4 'L' H- '. Q J, .' '.." ' V -' . , ,pl f rg, g , , I ' - .L 3 lb- . . . f , - .I , - I .-.1 , ' 1 I v ,, rf. -iff r - Q 1 M L , iii --CCF -f , ,j-j U rigs ' an . 'wg A . I ' 1 1 - aj , Y' I -.-ffvrlfii . - fi: . ' l - T 1 ' - f 'fl Y I srffii-1' E . , A Q 2 A' .V ?,,. - , T- fun ' K ' 5-. Q. X 1: I 4 .'f,"'raf, ' Qs !i.4 yxp .. 3 ,iw fn .-'li . fix '. , R 1 A , P. ld, . , D , L Phl , n , , , . , , l , L - , - V Z 7 , SI s , K nc , S krff, A Lo , , Elllsh, N ndt, , 3- , . - M , I , J Bell, R Crfley, E, st c , Q , J V f . VII, Y Y J. at ,,, . L ,, I , . V 1 ,A -, . W fy 311146664 y-L "rs on -0 ,M 5 Y SCIENCE CLUB ow 1 s nn tc Qrson o C NNP1 tc Matthews J Kotancntk D Rabunowttz D Btggs Mass Floyd Row 2 vnehart K arrn on arn , Ku rw F Heath J Getsug avetta A rn th R R ss E Woodman Row 3 L Blecnman a J Stephens an a C z 0 NV D Danel W Ullman P Baker G Konlc B Gruvc-r Row 4-D ch wartz wsnong R Snap m th I ld J Mao r wt R R n Sponsored yonntly by Mnss Susie Floyd and Mrs Garland Conn the Science Club trtes to :ncrease the knowledge of sctence wuthnn the orgonnzatuon and tn the communlty Lost Club wttl't the rnost outstandung program of acttvuttes an the State ,uf FUTURE NURSES OF AMERICA Row'I 5 Block C Petenbrtnk Br ant Wnttc urs after arsen rs no er R w 2 Was Thomas J Mathews P Rltt r J Clark Row 3 U Rnchardson rntth James B Mays Row 4-S Markotl B Marshall f Pu len Row w Q Rtchar eenan w C er P Jc ns wat Students wtth an Interest In personal health and tn rsung as career o rnunugrs f the Future Nurses Club ol America S on bx V "W gr Cr T l lx tlnfv pltC and rrt V -f. -- ' x . F1 rw 4' . .I .W -. Q A V.- 6, rr.. x,:A-'uk V .f Ha-:W his H ,,-, -graft i A P uv - -.ll .-A -in .o 'A ,V I -,hi I ..5' I-, -h I 2.41 ff? rg' A '- .S-. - hiya :A 'rf ' .-vii' :Zi 'R 4 ' , A+ 1. - . r' 2 f' . L . , 14' 'V 7 -,J , a A f V xf . ii v ' I , l" A A ,fi R -Mr Co , R. Each, J D k , P. H yl, M t , L ' ' ' A,R H sl,EC Qfe nf , Vf H' H A R. S , S ' , u ellz " - , . R LQZ mg, f, my J Bl :H fd xx D LV- W f Mf"'ZG'l year, the club won the E.C.L. Miller Award given the Scienbe , s 'G f Y W ' 'ro,lC. s t ,J R ley, P Go , dy, J K3 yctns-41,6 Pre llc, ube , . B.V,C.llh't,CI ., A B , P. L , M V H K , D -P, ln, C - as 3' , . , . e, M s , l, ', . ' wx M Eookc, S ll 54 .Q t ' , A P, Tnortpgn, S ds, M - -r .f . RQQ, M K R0 6-R, 1 L Q th 5-1, M Swtn, J Legs, N' Halle" ' , nu O VC Q . ' s ' C 5 1 5 U riff ' Mrs Vt gg ta . ' K'- Lf, BSP, be f act :tres xniludc vlu 5 lt F 1 lx A ' ' mmf Mfg r'un'cf vvrl 1 ' s ' 4 -E if' ' A A , . A KK S fi ZJQWW '. FUTURE TEACHERS OF AMERICA ONT R RMIV1 5 EVUIVL MH Bljndfofd J QC WJ KVOIKU Portucnpotuon In the Future Teochers Club IS Iurruted t ms U en HQ Ogcms MMV 0' quohfled upperclossmen who ore Interested an teochmg os dstetn B Biock I Lo ore thps Zerwo unn omg W ue r short McSweer1ey Mtss E o coreer With Muss Ethel Guldersleeve cs sponsor the mem Gnldersleewe Row 3 J McKenna S Ottowoy N Gordon C Nochmort bers have on Opporrumfy To Observe ond Teach classes Nochmort M Drewery J Cortwrught s Snyder II R Sterrwfteld some of the local schoois Qunsenberry P Scu Q 4-v 6 x FUTURE I-IOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Rowl M Simpson D Ketth Ing Row 2 C Krotzs h M SomervoId C Wagner N Hon ck J Tc ry B Yost Promoted In the Future Homemaker s Club IS on op precnotuon for the goys and sotnsfoctuon of homemokmg Sponsored Mtss Sue Ke y the theme for he year as Home Beoutefuco hon R -M I e, , W. Hfg , -, J ' ' ' ' O Ho , ti , P I t, . I , M SJ 0 2--J V- , - . GOI , . , R, EIIsh, H FI , L. Phu , C. ,A J D D , P M , J. ht, S Go Q, M , . . , H V. , .' ,'E,EIIu,S ,M in is ' - , , I ' - . 'lr Iey, B. Mays, P. Rose, J. Gal: I sp I . 1 C , . L. ' A co , . Ir., . I ' I . . ' ' by ' . X. II , t A V H. , Z ,- . ' J 1. , x I "3- g, "iq,- ' " -.E I " ' f KN f LATIN CLUB un S Sprodlung ow 1 uss ee Conn H Wulk Nachman C Nachman P Morrus L Phllup C Zeno A Luwesay M Magcras M Smuth B ndler J Harrus K Weunsteun J Anker Bryant R Ellush P Massey L Zummerrnan W Bradford Row 2 l L Grubbs J Moss T Getsug W l-logge C Barter M E Booker F Snyder L Blandford C Pctcnbrunk L Blechman Row 3 B Davu R Leufer Joffee R Heath S Wanderer J Walker P Odom O Baker Gold G Whutmore N Sharf C Sm Sutton Sterntueld R Ruben S Markoff M Rowe D G Wulkunsoru S Phu 5 W Thornhull S Ottaway M Blandford J Prutchett C Brewer Z Franks J Hayes J Maddy K Moneymakcr P Larsen P Sh nn A Burns ustuce E apuer w 4 Carnes Wmmer Craver L C ur-ru R o e Durr tte Spug rrush J u erson D un r m S tu G Bark ey a er B orrus oo Sa e B Buchan Z Morgan rts E B Provudung an opportunuty for socual contacts through monthly meetungs the S P Q R Lafun Club trues to pr mote on understandung and apprecuatuon of the Roman Cul ture and lute Thus classucol language organuzatuon us span sored by Muss Elma Free Q lf. SPANISH CLUB ow 1- , 1 ' Mr-rrumat , 1 rr en-I Anker, , Bowen, - , A ' rant V ' xv - M:Ker'n I Qu sent err- MC gm' n -. r' ' , u u. , E Smuth, C , ui-cue, u. c- an ,s r rt xv - -, uw, B Ste n, " rl, D Patten , u , , 4 , , L l X r P, Hr' e "EI Curcula Espanol", under the supemusuxn ct Muss Helen Warriner us composed ot students who hate passed one semester ot Spanush One ot the projects was the arrange ment of souvenurs from the Spanush speakung countrues un a dusplay case Newport News Hugh School now takes part n an exchange program and for a peruod ct two months o Mexican gurl attends our hugh school vshule Iuvung wuth one of our students Kew 1 W i 'v FRENCH CLUB ow 1 r' e rr 1 u s H LaF1o 'V f 'nan sh n v wr wartz Worr-ste f' er P MCA Wr gb-rt D Wray Row 2 H Mageras Nachnnun HC ,errn ndrcws r an rrnn e a H r- f arhcs r a Rr wer M 'Vh te rncho rn azor ts s fwc aw ntanc r a on Haw ev ounders H Nochn ar r r' to Ery re E Mrrrne rn C re P rr n r arcs M r O frwrrgkt wrt nf mr Mrs Hr re or ez vous trancarf us te passwor a Le Cnrcle Fran aus whuch rs under the gurdance ot Mrs Phoebe Hoyle Students at French satusty therr curiosity about the lwes of the French pecale thenr custorns dress and home Infe through rnterestrng ciub programs Row -ch , Nc e' .wtycw Row M ss Svonecke nt uf E Em: A Den' 55 ,-.L he V oy, 1 f.- ,A I , ,Cy-C I ,Q '-' r, newer, crcr, r s' 'F CHRISTOPHER NEW V:Ke Jzhnsr -El C", steci 3-- nec, - Cin", o cn A 5 C: E ec, - esD ' V rs P, ' I, - 'CLYYW PORT SOCIETY ecentiy formed, the mstaaher Newport Soctety ts corn- posed of those students who show schdostwc excetfence and L,n or the Su or- Studues Department, 'nterest sc y cn Qernme vvsion ct all ct the teachers at the octa the club Introduced thetr ofhcers at an assernb!y of whrch they were an charge Dnsptayrng :tems of Interest on warnous countries on therr buliettn board was one at theur projects 69 fwgfmqffy Pu K-.L BIBLE CLUB 'WV WHQW 5 ' 'W' 0' OU H' One of the newly orgomzed Clubs The Buble Club pm ROY Row V005 ow rom or 11 5 h CY N V J , U n A Lyman Y mutex f e study and oppreclotnrn ff the H I B bl Th 41 y I e G Club ow 3 wmgn A Dcwvw M Shfh N y A I5 SDOf75Ul'LCl by Mr Phnlup Wynn Strlcklond gi--- 'X f"'h xv I rms RO' 2 rev 1 lv 'W :.,,t N EkSlFlED OCCL PAT ONS y ugh C , 5 Cm ln Much m H C V W 4 , C Spgfm L yy 'vi Philip Wynn 9 RO' 3 Q, L nl 5 1 yy tram elllcuen ch lgpeme L Uhpl y ' D 'b nfl' ' li ,- AQ ' 13 u ,, ,. 2 R -L , B yo , B C d P Thfe hge lm, J VV,QxlH, A V -, 2-C C h , B Cv Q , M Sw L: Y rw, L Kelk, J A I V ' ' Coll , R Cf 'Q Y, T Cu do , F Sfrlcklo G B fVlO'SlWOll, fl Ow ' f ' ' R il. N9 , I 1 , Cu ml, E Alc 'vw D A , ' f , .. vb. W,..,..........., L. . , 3 , - A . f 5 r. -I Y K , I, , 4 A ' Y ' ' B N :M , L' , V QQ- Yi j D A jk ,, pf V . 25 ., ' " 1 Auf 'ge . l..A"": -1 ff Q ' x Q S, .. M I ,. - - v Y ,f l ' fly fr , , V z 34" D " V -Q , , 'W' , K l, , s, fAg,,,,X -Q A . my A E' 1 . , - S E ' W , A L a be Q a 'J A M M ,. H ' N Q I I -s Y f , , ' 11 ' . XM, K Y , , v N -, Xl- l X b W . ' C Q r A .. 4 C l Q' ll ' 4. H A J ' x. 9 - 4 A l Q -' 5 ly . . , .- .., , nl N 1 g Ll Ro -fu' wh' x. L 'fl .x lf A Q: I4 , lm i Th ford mated clo-r, 5 uw Q 1 1 gh' L Arn yr QT'-L -gy, fue Min X-,vv L ' - V ?'T"'1" N V ,ll rc rw ng th 5 lub l 1rCl l WV l ' kyg Ex ilcxl,-,r . ,lgyr ,w E ly .lug-' .yin H K- VX' Nd VC yu br-, Qnl gg fr HT ell ed - Y, d f V., 5 .. ,. 3-g V- . -.L L .. . X' l Q . - 1 'Qlllf - N eeb I Zim? 31,15 e- N lll ,G LIBRARY ASSISTANTS CLUB ow 1 M ss A nson oy Barb ur P Andrews U Rlchar n K Soomon D Halton L Hartzler E Meck Mrs E W Ne son ow 2 E ey Dunn J W lte Wlse r Bran Barkle A Bradley T San lor M Stanfueld N Powell M Slrnpsan J Houston VO Students who partlcmpate as Llbrary Assustants serve the student body to a large degree by helpung them In the llbrary They also encourage more warthwhnle recdung DlSTRlBUTlVE EDUCATION CLUB ow 1 rss cnlcr Cowan Mu or Seas ox C Dec zell Row 2 e r er an or r Qt r arks ow 3 PS ach es a ass u k Fltzgerald D Baker Members of the Dustrlbutnve Educatlon Club learn to regard the fneld of Dnstnbutlve Educatnan as a professnon The cIub'f program of work Includes area and state conventuans and aartnclpatlon an cammunlty proyects to promote good school and aubllc relatlons Under the dlrectvon of Muss Etta Lee Kanter members are traened unto tomarrow'5 leaderg ln the buslness world Procticol skills, foir ploy, ond good sportsmanship ore developed through octive porticipotioh in . . . -.r-t.--.-I' ':'f."' . a's!"'-.1.'1u"."' '1,,',"f,. -L -1 -':Q'.,fY,'-.' Wu... L., fn . AJ, 5 uf'- :Agn '-fir' T I , .A qi., ..,,a,,. ,. l -4-'. -A2 '-:2" ':,J, 'S l "'7-i.1-'1.1'.s'- - -1 4-Jin' 78.-. -. ." - L, W'-' ,Q- .- - v- '- r . ,L ., J,..A 93, ,-,. s-, "":"' 5,9 ,245 "T' , , , . , ,, . ra 'vi' - -is ' '--'br--'54 ---f-av"-" 1 . ru, x, na. 1 ' P- Hr ffm- 1:1 S' QT -1+ r 1 -r' T t r , Q-. 1 1. H A,-4 l an-nun 1 1 I A 6 'D M31- , 4 . -v, I I IA 3 ,- I .. -If Q' , - .Karl 'E'-5, "" 'O Cgaifmmfegfw Zuma W if 'vi Under the guudance of head coach J C Range and the leadershlp of co captanns Gene Duncan and Frank Frnedland the Newport News team captured thus year s penlnsulo champnonshlp Gene Duncan Ed Horns S Q' pk ,...-arf ,...z Z? 'fx Phll Turner Able wa mg and al ways ready were he three managers Tommy ls: Buddy Isbell Chappell Kenny Olshon sky head and Buddy Dovld of the Typhoon football team IU M VIZ QMWUZKAQ o ' if VARSITY First Row: W. Rolnlns, G l-lelllesen, W Jol1nSOn,G Schwelda, Jernlgon, S Seltzer, B Isbell, K Womack, W, Wllliarnson CO-Captains G. Duncan and F Fnedland, D Whfre, B, Roady, Third Row: R. Glazuer, G, Blount, B. Boyce, B, Joynes, B. S. Hoclwrnon, E. Cohen, M. Jeffers. Second Row: R. Prlce, D, Bryant, M. Eason, H Underwood, R. Coffee, D. Carroll, L, Wright, A. Hall, B. Schmldg Self, P. Turner, D, Wray, D, Mldklff, J Workman, E, Harris, M Hill. 'uf iv Y Frank Friedland 'Q 1 , l' 3315.1 -of 9' I ' ll XX H fa 1 C I Q ff ,fi xx I x 5 C' 'S' x,.f l osx f 'C Horace Underwood Kenny Womack , 'Q . 'rs ' DOH CONC" Allen Hall rf I Z6 Mllfllf 607012 Z u back Men Ho' fun ve rzff Ea H mg 87 and Gene Duncan Tecn- uchc wn f r the Tyrhc u Y st p the uf R Red Powder from ga mng yorda e Xl? ll WW K Cradock ...Z'i5'-ef?-e York Maury Suffolk Worwnck Norvlew Granby Princess Anne Hampton ,1- xf fa Touchdown Hampton s Jumrny Eascn 59 looks an help Tessly as the hrs? Ycuchdcwn of Typhoon vucfuy wS scored by Gene Duncan 6 r+4-INN ,Dlx Churchland HQNLOC Gene Duncan p owe thr ugh the Granby line Carrying sexerc' wfuld be fackler wth m 1 F . 53 x ' . V ff ff K ' K, f' f x 'V F H 1 5 31, X fhe hc' 25 .are f, H-Q-Q A S .e Se! 1 83, a , , Yr C C , fn, D ' Q S fi! X 5 , z Q 'f Ji I X 2' I . f X 1 4 we f I 3 fx' ' D ' 1 ' b' M 4 ski G A xx X- 47 Q3f"i3r'x:,-. ""."," ' Y Y 4 L' I, .l VIL .. Jw . Hs ' -2 .tw 'K 11-'I QAZJL i"5-ian.. 20 7 .. I.'- Q., r-. Q.:-,vi f- - ' 47 7 28 O 13 O 33 ' O I4 ' 27 I4 O 34 ' I3 "' ' 34 zo X . .i l s 5 X A ' , In 2 1, ' ,A Irie? A Q3 - X ' ' . ,-. V n - X UVA 1 , i x. R. . . 5: , f ' . . 6. , " K ' 3 fu I Q . ...f .3-1, ,,l.,.y. I. X ff "' ' f 3 ' 1 - N -G 4 Q 4 , - A 5 hx ,Q Wap? GRIDIRON REVIEW I he l959 football seas n was qunte a success for the Golden Typhoon led by co captaans Frank Fnedland and Gene Duncan After a span of seven years Coach J C Cowboy Range wltnessed hns powerhouse of grndmen sweep the Eastern Dnstrrct of the Vnrgnnua State Group l competutlon to take nune vuctorues Only one game marred thus almost perfect record of 9 and l wnth the lone defeat handed the Gold and Blue by the state Champnons the Norvlew Palots The season started away from home wnth Cradock Outstandnng an thus game was the runnung exhrbuted by Allen Hall the overall play of Horace Under wood who took the ball 60 yards on a punt return and the vuclous lsne play of bug Don Carroll At Saun ders Staduum the Newport News grndmen met theur bug rnval the Warwuck Farmers The fvery lvnemen along wnth backs Duncan Whute Underwood and Hall all of whom made touchdown runs exceeding 55 yards captured thus vuctory K33 to Ol On the road agaln the Typhoons traveled to Norvlew where be fore nme thousand fans they suffered theur only defeat of the season However there were two stand outs of thus game centers Bull Roady and Steve Hochman Across the nver playung Pnncess Anne the Cavalners threw a ternfrc scare unto the Typhoons before Underwood connected on a 60 yard pass to Buddy Isbell for a touchdown Three plays later Dun can went for a 94 yard touchdown the longest of the year Bobby Boyce fnnushed the scornng for thus game The clrmax of the grad season was reached nn the annual Thanksgnvmg Day game when the once de feated Typhoon met the once defeated Hampton Crabbers to take the game C34 to 207 for the first tame snnce I949 Undefeated by any Pennnsula team the Typhoons won the well deserved Penrnsula Champnonshnp In drvndual honors went to Gene Duncan who was voted the most valuable player and to Donnie Whute and Ed Horns who recenved sportsmanshnp trophaes On the All Penrnsula Team were Duncan Whnte Under wood Frvedland Carroll and Isbell Underwood made the AIlTudewater and All Eastern Dnstrnct Teams whale Duncan and Carroll made the second All Tude water and second All Eastern Dustruct Teams Harrus made the second All Eastern Dlstrnct Team unix Q1 Donme Whute ll ll nearly makes a touchdown on a punt return t r J Mile K0 T nfzf-Jikfzf XQVMWM Coach Nuttycombe gets strategy for the Typhoon s next play wlmle halfback Donnue Whlte looks on J V GRIDIRON REVIEW lt matters not whether you won or lost but how you played the game These words well apply to the Junior Varsaty football squad Although the l959 season was not a success nn terms of games won and lost ut has served :ts purpose well Glvnng the boys game expe rlence and a knowledge of football fundamentals the squad IS a trannnng camp for future varsity players Coach Powers considers that a number of the J V s are good prospects for next year s varsity squad WF 5 , ', A ' Jijv. ' r - ll ' 1. ,IIIEIYTI ls, xnlvn, - ui' X ."""1'2m'vl'f1...t ' . I' 5, W I 4 - 1 , -1. 1 3- 'V f . bnduylded attentnon ns paid to Coach Range durlng the halftime os he gvves unstructsons for the remarnlng quarters ot the Warwick Game J V FOOTBALL SCOREBOARD N N H S NOFVIGW York Hampton Churchland Maury Warwuck G we lb NL, we "' 0 x"'r2w22S. J V FOOTBALL TEAM o R Row D Patterson D Sne rn G Dc enpcr J Blan M Adams NN Samrncn E Hanrahan Row 3 R gl nd Man ard C Glllespue T Smuth B Hampton W Del. zler D Coleman er W John n t 1 D Del. s P TN D Wray J Burks Row 2 B Barnes B Ward M Pollard B Whlt B Stalnaker ar ns n C r er l. r ln, D Lo mer K Bransford T Heflln B R berts T Mahone B Hatchett Zwerdlung Manager , . . - ll -11 O A ' A . 27 7 , ' 6 27 - I3 13 , O 24 . 7 A 20 ' I , . ' i" A if A fp' I l www---.vow . f - Y s , S "' : V Y q 4 l, :Ye ' " ,, -l A - 4 ' , 3. - V Eff. ' ' ""4':- . , , W, ,. U x' l ,V -- -4, ,- ' ,C - T M . flag Lf ' - ' .55 r lr, . F. ' 'f'-u 'M -H " ' . , ' W." ',,' wk.. ' - .-'- Z' 'Q , .3 - t" A - V .. 'A 'T ' -. ' ""5-f1-5l"7- 1,"x' 5 L. t ., 1: , ll Q, . r, ch- T , s : H c a - , , , , , . C , , ag sg J Sm th C Butt ngtsn, atose, lecl, , , . : . , , , - S Sp k a , G at Ha a o nacn, J . ' 1 ' 9 .QQ 4 ,k5x!xf,, .1 ks is ll 'f' A . 4 u . Q i ABS" J-1 Q A"-" 9 I 7 p ! Auf J! IRI. Q gm! Wiz d WMIDQ Ronnle Fowler Gene Gull Donnne Whnte ,Wi Don Carroll Coach Charles Drnesell HARDWOOD The l96O basketball season has been very success ful consuderlng that Coach Lefty Drlesell took a com paratuvely green squad and developed them unto a smooth fave The Typhoons fought hard to uphold the prestnge of the past N N hardcourt squads and dnd so admnrably Theur nmpressuve ball handlnng and cool play despute thelr mexpernence proved to be the best ln the Eastern Dnstrlct The Gold and Blue held the best rec ord U7 won 2 lostl nn the Eastern Dnstruct during the regular season trelng Warwlck for the Penlnsula Cham puonshup Wnth only two regulars returning from last year Gene Gull and Captam Horace Underwood Coach Drue sell managed to seek out three of last year S reserves Ronme Fowler Don Carroll and Donnue White to com Captaun Horace Underwood REVIEW plete the quuntet Robert Worthnngton and Steve Thom as alternated an Donnne Whute s place for a number of games thus year Top gun of Drnesell s charges was Ronnre Fowler who was thnrd on the dlstrnct scorrng charts wlth a l5 6 aver age per game followed on the team by Horace Under wood wuth a ll 2 average per game Gene Gull was con sidered one of the top defensuve men ln the state whnle Don Carroll led the team un reboundmg Donnue White due to his aggresslveness and faery play proved to be one of the better backccurt men un the dustruct The Typhoons saw actlon an both the Eastern Drs trlct and State Tournaments wmdung up the season wlth a l9 won and 4 loss record I , to l . " K5 A g 'rl 1 X l nl Q T' 57' s u s itll f sl? QA tt H X l QR - 4 ' l - - 11 11 ' I 1 , I , , I. - . , O . ' - . . . . - 4 . l , I . I - - I ' I l I ' I I I I - ' . 80 W Zzwzfafzazf 6011 666013 pcm?-1r rx J ,, W5 ,mrw cw -x VARSITY SCOREBOARD H vw A asfern Dusfrscf A Stale Tournament N Pufu Listening intently 3 Ccof we mmure mstrucflcn, if s-", . 'QV' "Mm" 'A Q Uuarc acne Gm. ,:1.-' ff R ' -4, rw 3 QQ rx: FEC wif, 7 7 WMZ4 J V SCOREBOARD NNHS Oscar Smnth Hampton Maury Churchland Warwuck Cradock Granby Hampton Narvlew Maury Suffolk Prnncess Anne Great Bridge Warwrck Granby Norvlew Wllsan Suffolk Great Brsdge JVTAM L to R Rowl D Dlllaman B Bryant L Harrell S Corum R Gary Row 2 Coach John Palmer J Walker R Collnns G Currey J McCoy D Wray Row 3 D Ruley B Hxllmg D Butler C Bowen J Gabrnel Manager B Buchan T .Q . l . . . A ' it Q 50 , 33 34 '- 50 1 t V 1 54 37 " I A 52 Y 44 27 ' AU 52 5 ' 40 ' 35 J , T 50 36 Ba J 6l 4l 'j' I 3 67 ' 50 38 . 30 24 42 363 QA 46 38 50 ' 27 47 ' , , 35 A A 56 ' . 44 - 54 . 46 36 ' 38 - A 42 ' . 32 7 43 25 49 ' 39 . . E . . - f . YLVK ,. 5, S ' - l A - ll l 7' pp: 3. I . V K X it X ,E 1 , in N t. .A ' S u F ' J V HARDCOURT REVIEW Though the Junlor Varslty Bas ketball Team usually gets luttle rec ogmtlon we cannot overlook theur outstanding performance thus year Under the guldance of Coach John Palmer these boys compuled an 18 won and l loss record The J V Team featured such outstandung sophomores a Bully Bryant Jnmmy Walker Steve Co rum Larry Harrell Dlckle Dllla man and 8th grader Russell Gary Palmer s qunntet clavmed 15 vnc tones before the Norvuew upset After thus defeat they went on to wan the remalnlng three games wnndang up the season with thelr Impressive record as Eastern Drs tract J V Champuons These boys wall be a real asset to the future varsity team SUPIQ 54 Q lx 1' 8TH AND 9TH GRADE TEAM L to R Row I F Anspach F Reese T Smnth B Whutmer B Carson Row 2 Coach Bll Helms M Adams R Ball O Smith K Pennell W Ward Row 3 Manager E Shemer P Neal T Heflnn W Jacobs J DeBerry D Mueller T Coleman 82 BASEBALL SCHEDULE l 960 NHS pr D r r r pr r r Poquoson York Gloucester Cradock Prancess Anne Hampton Jame Bla: Warwick Churchland Oscar Smith Great Bridge Maury Wulson York Warwuck Hampton Granby Co captanns Jerry McMahon and Donnle over strategy wnth Coach Powers , Q A4- .Q J E SJ T vyx ul' w""" ob BASEBALL TEAM First Row: P. Laws, G, Gill, S, Thomas, H. Underwood, J. J. Srnlth B Helnner D Kung Thrrd Row Coacr Powers P McMahon, D, White, W. Williamson, D. Wray, J, Workman. Turner G Wnndley Managers J Shaprro N Sharf T Scott Second Row: R, Worthington, R, Tosh, G, Blount, B, Helmer, 83 Jim! fe ,Zz m l7 O N. so 7 l A t 7 O pril 5 il 9 ' X ' ril l2 p il l5 s 'r X pil l6 ' M p il l8 U il 22 ' p il 26 ' , pil 30 l x ay 3 Norview ' ' ay 6 ' - U ay 7 v ay IO ' ay 13 ay l7 -5 u 6 5, A f l S? V' f t ly X ww jar , if 1 at x 1, K J . X3 fx X f 5.x Nl lin, al X XV' rr- " X an N ' XX l . x ' 'I '- .1 xi?" 7 za' Za! if ffm 012 lvffzzlfw y 1 far ,- J '- I . ' I vilzlr Q... I - ,-an- Q -E' , 1 if' .e-UT. Lkiiw In the York game Donne Wh te attempts t make th rd base on a sIIde jf f4.l if M al' DIAMOND REVIEW With nine Iettermen returning from last year, the I96O basebaII season got off to a good start The Typhoons met Poquoson there for the frrst game defeatung the Bull Islanders I7O Playrng on the home fIeId the Typhoon nnne downed the York Falcons 7 I In theIr second encounter Early IH the spnng Coach Powers was IookIng for addutlonal pItchIng candldates In order to Increase the strength and number for that posI tIon ConsIderIng the teams assets however the coach feeIs that the team shows promuse toward havnng a good season Much depends on the servlces of pntcher Steve Thomas and hltters Jerry McMahon Donnle Whnte Downle Wray and Jrmmy Workman NOV .JJ -.-A.-. up' STEVE THOMAS DOWNIE WRAY I 'ati ful WENICELL WILLIAMSON Sec nd Base DONNIE WHITE PItcher Catcher Short Stop Co captam . ' , ' ' ' tl ff! H , Jig . I . A Q K Y X V . . I . ' ,-. K 5 , 'g - , . I- yi '7f,,c,, . , I . I . . I ' an , . . . , , . I I T 'Q f ' x '7 - Y, ' g- .1 , I I I O I .""t'k I 3. I ' -1 Q y vw x c 3.0 ' 3 I I . sv Y ,T Y I ,f I E I ' ,Y A x , A," . . X ... 1 'f 1 - k If 'I 'Q' .Ti I - -X IVII . f I 15" . .id ' XI. ',.r 1 I-an--Q.--.....,.., , I N.. , t ,A X Y ... I I 7 X s . gg -5- . 1 , Q 1 ' .I X YQ ,I - 2 1 L x .. . 1' rj! N KJ I - I lf! I I I I , IX b I ri.-. ,,, " Wi TN N .. ,.v, , I 1- I " "Zi QQ ' N , ' rl E T Q . I ' T A '- " 1- -, - E ,. V b ' ' K I A' v fgx-qi., fs -h ' I .4 I wg 0 ' S .. 114- 1 4- Q . . D -c 'I . h , I I 7 ' o E 0 E 6 CfkF!!0664?5!fZZ6 JERQY V 'MAHANJ H"'9A'E UNDERXNOCD ROBERT WORTHENGTONJ GENE GILL ,Q , 1 J, X, , Third Bose Outfield 0UrMe!dA-Cc-ccprcm OUTfie!d A S 4141 MX 1 "' 1x...n. Aff' 'S-L 9' 3 a 114151: gf 1" 1 'G' A Diff, my J T .sw bleu-1 1' I ugh nr ,fb 'V' fir rug ghd' -qu4""""n'! ,f,,, k..I, RKMAN Second bosemcn Wendell Wvlhomson cwonfs the chance to reach JIMMY WO Flrsf gage first bose on o bum 4.1 . 2 N 1. I1 7 E, -' . Y ,' ' z N ' , !,.X f 3 as U, wx ' f f E W , X ' 5 ' ,Ex ' "TA K - - qu ,X ' A: VK Q : f 1' 1 . 4 I 1 ' K wr f X I I . i ,E 1 A 12 e' - f. 1 Y s 4 1. I - ' .E -th ff ' 'f-4 v I U- 'UW A ' , Q 4 IM- ww- .-new .E.,.' qw fl ,". .. -N. b . X I N 1 A A Ex 4 V I I ' I V A I If VV V-1 I Q Q . '-:'.'2,5,g-:".lgt I Y QQ- Qi Hg., , D N , 1 E' ' - Q ' 1- gf: if 7 ,,-E,E g 4 1 . V, V ' , --lk 3 if. t' A Y A' ,V ..+ ,M 5' ' -: 53'T""'---e E , i f W Z E fi 1 -jigggfffzg 1 E ' , , . .nl ' - ' 7' Q f si ,x A , ' 3- 1 J' V A. L . 8 1' lvl '31 I '- Ir ' X . . by iii' V3 f x , LZ, , ' - Ve fn 'I ll, , A I ..1 i I, I ' .vi-ai If ,- - ' 5 in ,4, B Q, X E Elf . ' -f M. wg ' ' Vg, Q a ' .ww Q , f,ft 4 f C x A k nh. ,, K , f 'if rl ' 9. .. - -, . b -. H' ' t A , x ' ' .- '- '! 'x ' .. r In f ,1 ' n ' A ff A I 'Y ' A- ,l-AA, , F W y "1 I . JM? L . f E : ,A A Q 'H I Y , V, . A ,U Y '. , . ' , Z 50012 ffizfawd CROSS COUNTRY TEAM L NR Rowl J Lovedahl F Bowen Captain George Balanis l-l Wilks J Hall Row 2 Manager S Conn N Dick J Woodlief P Lieberman D Sawyer Manager F Gilles pie Row3 Coach Julius Conn D Manifold W Bradford B Shaw P Burton gi CROSS COUNTRY RESULTS lLow Score Winsl N.N.H.S. l8 Southampton 42 30 Warwick 25 l5 Hampton 40 l5 Granby 50 l6 Norview 45 20 Wilson 35 Eastern District 2nd Place State 6th Place Julius Conn Co Coach have "!""""ar an Lg 1 Ks.. Don Carroll wa ms up for anctner ec d break ng toss cf the shot put S6 : . , . , . , . , , , , - , : , . , . , . , . . C , . N -... . . ..- Q I V . ki 1 5 X ' . -5' ' f-1' Q, fn. ff-gf " ,gh -- -Ait.'4:.?'.-t"k in . s- ' vars., ' X- ' - -F12 7s'f-ff.,- I 4 Y Y Of I CINDER REVIEW As the track team was preparing for the spring meets, the Anchor was going to press, With a number of outstanding boys returning this year, the cinder squad looks promising. In the state indoor meet, the Gold and Blue has set three new state records: Don Carroll, shot put l53,ll3Al, Gene Duncan, the 440, C53.2l, and the mile relay team C3-:4l.6l. Co-coaches, Conn and Nuttycombe feel that this year's squad will be one of their best, QS- Zf fgfa c 1. if Charles Nuttycombe Co Coach 5.- .ll 19" 4' l Pole vaulter John McCormick goes The record shattering mile relay team composed of Kenny Womack displays his out over the bar in good form Jimmy Hall Bobby Boyce Norman Dick and Gene STOI'1dIHQ Oblllty inthe broad jump Duncan get together before the next relay Q Znfydffzf X fgflllff X Cifff' z 6!0!Z6!Zf l Coach Conn encourages the Gold and Blue 5 two Ieadrng drsrance men George Balanls and Fred Bowen Ca Capfalm Don Carroll and Gene .fancan C forward to a good season L-'rr rf'- o R w owen J Hal G .duncan 'Q l fx C rrnrck D Man a Row 3 L L. w -QL., l pn., 1 - ' - 1. f , I , W - . '- , ,ff:"'!5I K :- 5 I ,gh rf' Q- , .F ,1 new F-..-, -fe, .J F3-:serv-M Fred l-lawklns and Robert Price the Typhoon S oufstandung lwrdlers Q over the last hurdle durnng fume trlals rf ps-we--Q-uit Row P' n TRACK TEAM E Conde C V' P we l-1 nn rf h Q rr Row 4 L I' 1 LJ Wh or 1 I S 'f-Q: J -.,'fr,zJ+--C - - - in ' V .. 12. f-.MQ V ' I A I , ' , 0 A :I+ V' l ck v-i ' C .4 , Q M l lg 1 ,' Q K L 1 l 1 A . ,C V- 7 AA A -I D 6, 1 'V' I L f I - l Al ' F 5 -n - H ff., MA... ' Q 1 -- ,-. . ' ' 5' ' Q I 1 - 1 ' I- ' - H . 5, .. h, , , , . , .. .. ., L. Q ,, Ro 'lt C Belew re N C :L P NN 1- Q L .L-:ery F Hal F -L-Lerr-na C C urge I S:w.u J -rin, R :Hey B , . l W E Edie ' 'vN',f"a:- E ldarre 2: E Shaw F Q i N' :yr G Wren' 2 r 3 Y, CLC: in Y f J F G:l:esD e, Va Cger , Car' n W Ergyjrg C Honra rg , G : rx Keegan r Qi-in E Jcrvrg' D Vwgn' C Sr'-lrh G Emg C Carr' G E: :nf F- Fry M Y , 'xg Camo: r' W De- ze' K Etnfimt 2 See ng I Barni R 3 , fr ' 2 C :cn 15 'N 'f,:,nwlsc cw: pl nee' A W "nn-' " lvAvl'llTC: LTL' E S'e.n F Va" n ' A YWFQVL' P B'YQV1 7 Mj7ff7 at Wx G A A EXECUTIVE BOARD o R w Rnd Ml S s W r Philos t the-ws P Rutter R Manning Row 3 C Dovls L Elder P Lormer Presldent N Colllns President N Stoton Secretory Mrs Mosters V Morton L Bowen A Doyle P Johnson P Russell J Ht B onsor J Phllp R 2 C I Ellis K Roone V To Poole M Drewry J Beoch K Lotto F Pearce P Wllklns D Roontree L Blontord J ot ALL STAR BASKETBALL L fo R Rowl C McPherson B Ellus V Morton F Heoth ow 2 J Howley J Horrlson N Stoton M Pogett Row 3 M Drewry hll DS R Ph: f-lu. www A' I W all VW ,4 HOCKEY o w l up J McKenn R w P orce V Morton R Bond C F elle J Ph Illps Ro 3 L E C Dovls J Beach M Drewry K Peorce B Ellns E Breeden 5 J Q nj 4 Cf I J . Z L 0 Z . Z ii 1- - -., 3 . - Q in ,- 1 - ' - ' . ' - ,. Q J f ' ' A-1, . A QT L ar . H , , '- ' 0 - -A . X L ,. v 1 U . . A ,L 1 A . I 0 , x " A D ' I l v , .0 A . L. t ., Ro 'l: B. dle, ss eot, J. ollce, R, I 4 , Vee , . ' , , . : . ', . , . g . , g . , g . , . , . , . , . , . , . I Sp g . l I s. ow : . Fnzele, B , . , . sh, , . , . . t"'i62:..f l A 'J A sw.. 4.x,,..,,.. 3' . 'V W 2. W ' I - an ' ,aiu MJ vzzazzr-.::.gg5A 55 - 7, "S gl A' V. ll A R 4? ., gig? 6 l '-s, t+W"1: ,--V101 at '01 .0 Kofi. .Silk '- ' r lt l 'ca - , A A " Y - , 5' L . . 1 , . D ' .. A , f . fl lf, 'Z F LT 5. . X - VZ :Sivdr Y If ,, I . Q 4 1 I P it ,4 f .- A 0 1 1 , syn. Y L! A .fqzqll ' E3 V V ' ' ' ' 1 . lx, V. 'ln . r l A ' 4 . ., : . , . , . , . R L. I R., Ro 'lz V. Tosh, R. Ph ll s, . o. o 2 D : . , . , , . . : . , e , . , , .. ruz , . l . w : , R. P 'li , B. uddle, J. lllDS. . , . , . , , . , . , 89 Mony hours of constant proctuce ond dnlngent study result in the mvoluoble knowledge gained in the 'i5.1:i?' gi.:- xi Q: '.'f'!f-1' -- I ss- ,,, , H", ,. '.5.'--',X".'f - I , '-l..:.g-. . 1 ' "-'.. . , - 21 ' --3--,....L..,...-..-,,,, ,,,,..,.. .-,-1. -f v' " -Wx.. 2 f sv nf- li iff' r . ad, xqymvfb li .-, L az " -' 2 .. ......::- 4-'rr " -.. a lg!! 7,, -4- 'W Q. 4 . fl Q QM-- -tfc f V545 Y "-. Ulu 1 2, ff., , MA -f,- W if Q 1-,, -.fy 519 XX ey P iff. 'fa is - ' AN, f W vfxf C lj HYZ6 , fzflbafe-J faffzf .,, lf s rrwclfcus da-J :rx the Srcrrfa Classes' Makeup cling -mth - ' cctmg and clrecfmg rs c phase L' ararra where s?uderwf5 .Dram lmswfedge cf srage prcducrlcn W ,X l s r Mr Lawder dlrecls The Qlrcs ln cz se ectlorw durmg Server Chorus Closs Students who emav music can study the history and op- preclatlon of muslc, as well as rake port in the smgmg. 6 , ' , f 7-wr if new fs gum 1: 'l u l ' 5' C ll.- 'Lf-.ii 1 I M l ' sv L--V if A E ' S1 'Eg' Q Q' Z if Y . f- 44 Donna Rauntree plays the plana os Mr. Lcvvder leads has Musvc Class :rw 'Sllervt Nlghtm Q0 Q 4 Speech avuderwrs 'cam purse cmd ccrwflaence cs thev glve l 'X falls rorwglrwg lrrr' ccmpclgrw speeches Y: bizk renirts, Pouslng r, Kale cf her audlcrwcc befgre gpeamng lS Pct Fcrrrcr ZWQMZ fe 5644 . The Journalism classes learn the fundamentals of the subiect and later apply them by producing "The Beacon", the school newspaper. Sandra Lankford tries to help Rona Ruben think of a headline while Gene Collins prepares to set it UD. "And this is that empty space called a hole in the head," says Mrs. Masters as she points to the plastic model. In Hygiene courses students learn about the amazing machine, the human body. W'-vi Adding those finishing touches in charcoal to her drawing is Sue Jeffers. Art is offered to students who show an interest in this subject Percussion plays an important part in the Band. Practicing their rhythm are Charles Buffington, Donald Baker, Gary Fitzgerald, Richard Beasley, Monty Phillips, Tammy Reese, Thomas McGrath, and Richard Hart. Paul Baker shows DeeGee Wllknnson a model of Hercules the anclent Roman whose adventures are studued by Latm 3 students These students become acqualnted wrth ancnent myths whale Iearnlng the Latnn language L Veanlos ustedes means Look at thus when translated from Spanush into Englush Muss Warnner explalns a lesson and polnts out certarn mustakes made by the class FRANCE BY TRAIN BRUXANW French students may take an advanced course un whnch they study French Ilterature and more about France Anne Andrews Sarah Groshong and Yvonne Stalllngs are dns cussnng the places lllustrated ln the trovel posters 94 Q7 K IZ ' l'- 1' f" gr in , - J- Y ' ' .J N 4 K I 1 x . lui., . 1 J ef W J. Members of the class are ob- serving relics which came from the time when Rome was a great world power. Advanced Latin is taken by students who have cam' pleted two years' work. The work of Cicero and Virgil are studied in the third and fourth years. In their French 3 class, lrene James and Earl Bryant lead the class in discussion of their home- work assignment. Daily tests and assignments are given to help French students become proficient in the language, Students learn about the country's geography and the customs of the people while studying the language. 1-' 1 -ur wx N 5-., Distrxbutuve Education classes are designed to let the student work part of the day and take regular classes too, Miss Kanter as helpnng Ruby Ezzell and Cleo Deeds arrange a model display. nv-t E-J it P t M AI h Dlversvfxed Occupotuons students learn In the classroom 'Talk or studygyou can't dc both," says a. C pun as s e llstens to Carolyn Bornhause and Roy Mitchell ln A Pencd Study to work on the job. Hall, 95 In Baofreeowng, staaenw learn the actual rrethza it cc- -.u ,IW rw, ,- :1 tene CD:-23:6 www " :C :nie tn an account back, lr A in p-.. Stephanie Sprcdlin reahzes that to produce her best work she rnast use a clean typewriter Chckung scandg are heard tronn raorn 208 as Typtng classes Vearn a skull aseta! at schaol, at home, and nn basiness -.-55... ,- x 'Dear Snr" dtctates Mr, Wttley, tc hts Shorthand 3 class Students realize rnany beneftts from thetr train- ing in Shorthand. if 6 E Ni. , 5' Zjie Miss Shelton is helping her eighth grade pupils with their as- signment for the day. During the year these students begin litera- ture study with Treasure Island. Senior English giwes the student o strong course in grammar literature composition and wocobularx Here Miss Suttle discusses the wocabularw lesson for next week with one of her college preporotcry classes Up go the hands' These students in American His tory seem to know the answer to Mrs Pullys question This course is de signed to give eighth grad ers a good background of their American heritage W? EMWMZZ Kaya. David Whitmore and Carolyn Duell prepare an experiment pro- ducing oxygen. Students study the structure of the atom besides do- in g experiments in G e n e ral Science. Mrs Bauserman ex planns a problem to Jim mse Grepuotns un the elghth g r a d e Math class This course rs desagned to gave the student a strong back ground before he enters hrgher fields af mathe matics Q : These students are startmg a grammar drlll nn lunror Englnsh The course also In cludes American Lrterature composutlon work poetry study of short stones and drama and the writing of a term paper nn the second semester ' az fm! OZJIUEJ fraud M flx,,LH' Bennie Brycnt reaches in Gecgraphy clcss Wcrld cuered to scphcrnores, sentors """'Q?.-,,, , , ,gn ,mg i I, Miriam Prevotte reviews her World History notes os Gertrude Helfrich points out oreos of the Ancient World, which they study. for the mop Geography is juniors, ond Busy students ocnder cyer their U. S History test in Miss Wise's Class This class gixes the student c clear picture of America trCrn the time ct it disceyery tc its present doy. ie? These senior students examine a city map which must be planned by all students who take government. The government course gives the students a picture of the governmental setup in Virginia and in the nation. Don't forget to shut the door before driving off! Students in the Driver's Training course obtain behind-the-wheel in- struction. Boy's Gym includes skills as well as competetive sports. David GalIoway's score in this skill test will be recorded by Mr. Helms, One, two, three, whaml Barbara Hucks and Ruby Phillips bully, trying to obtain possession of the ball for their team. Through their physical education course, girls are able to keep themselves physically fit. LW'- rmilinl Pat Merlic watches as Patty Sykes explains Correct dressmak- ing techniques. ln Clothing Class students learn skills which will be invaluable to them as future homemakers. I Susan Gary, Pat Gabriel, and Barbara Riggs point to examples of their ability in interior decora- tion. The girls will be capable of running their homes smoothly after the training they receive in Home Management Class. Films make any class more en- j o y a ble. Mrs. Goolsby's Foods Class learns through visual means the values of foods in planning meals. xx f Verlin Smith helps Bill Jones measure a coffee table. ln wood shop, boys not only learn trades, but also construct attractive home furnishings. Metal Shop Classes make ornaments as well as necessities for the home. At the foundry are William Alley, Barry Joynes, and Billy Bordeaux, Frank Gibson is preparing to make a drawing in Drafting Class. This course is helpful to boys who plan to be architects or engineers. The print shop classes print various programs, all types of school forms, and tickets for sports events and plays. Ed Self prepares the press tc print some school forms. ..- In 'i ' JYZMMM g aw Doing an experiment on sound, Helen lnlflare, Frank Gil! lespie, and Ed Cohen derncnstrate a fundamental low 'H Physics, This is a science coarse which deals with the physical changes in matter and energy, N bw-ff Chemistry presents many principles which are ap- plied by the students through experimenting, These students set up the necessary apparatus and begin their investigation. George Kahle shows no fear as he hands o garter snake to Andrea Vernon. This is a usual occurance in Mrs. Nettlels Biology Class where students use live specimen. -5 ,- Jie cffeaaeafzff 20112 feed. Bert Anker explains the proof of a solid geometry theorem. Students in the school's most advanced mathematics c I a s s broaden th e i r knowledge of geometry, after which they are introduced to trigonometry, Circles, squares, and all sorts of geometric figures make up the study of Plane Geometry, It is not unusual to find students like Robert Slusser at the board in Miss Childress' class. N This year Algebra is being offered to eighth grade students for the first tirne, Here Mrs. LaFlare explains an example ta A. D. Strickland -while Dallas Patterson observes. Jiffy Endless time. untiring effort, ond ceoseless patience, necessary for de- veloping the s k i I I s ond occornplish- ments ot the students, ore given by the . . .WJ I-'Z 'fp . Ar X' "f- . .--,- . :1,T.- I . 4 - . I . :,,. , -', '..'. ,I 2 "L "" we '.1' - 5 :. .- f",.- '. 4 .:, xl ,A S' 2 L' ff' f K, A. 1 o IA r 31 DR R O NELSON Superintendent of the Newport News school sys tern Dr R O Nelson has served effrcnently and ef tectuvely for rnany years l-las outstandung leaderslmp abulnty and has pleasant personality have galned the admnrotron of the entire cornrnanfty SAMUEL D GREEN ROBERT B MARRIOTT Assistant Transportatron Supenntendent Maintenance and Planning GEORGEJ MclNTOSl-l Assvstont to the Suoerlntendent Personnel Dvrector T RYLAND SANFORD JR Assrstant Superrntendent Business and Ffnonce CHARLES B SHREEVES Asslstont Superintendent Currwulum and lnstructlon 455514 ,ww- 4-19- 1"""'5' The Sch r Rlgnt G r on ar cal R N Q R err aander J D zrer Rlchard T Yates T Ryland Santcr J James ndtle l'1 l lcon ln C8 Qfwfgfjfywfww fo ZA l l MR ROBERT MAI DMENT Our hughly respe ted pruncupal Mr Robert Mqudmenf hog our supp rt as he eelfs td uph ld the prestuge of Newport News Hugh Schc l l-lus patuence guudance and fruendluness hose made hurru well luked by both students and faculty ,mu an-......,, MR THOMAS O KEESEE Mr Thomas O Keesee cussustant pruncupal us always wullung to help gurls and bays aluke vwuth theur problems Through the years hus cheerful truendly manner and hus wutty remarks have endeared h m ta all MISS ETHEL M GILDERSLEEVE Serwung as dean of gurls and sponsor ct bath the Student Councul and the F T A Club would be auute a task for anyone except Muss Ethel M Guldersleexe Pcssessung unturung Datuence and boundless energy she endeavors tc mauntaun the hugh standards and keen school spurut at our hugh schaal O9 Cf Cs s f I - I C I X . ze 1 Q 1 f J: H. u l avi' ROQQ Mrss Mo ry rgaret Lane Always ready to he erther mouse or senior wnth any currnculum problem IS Mnss Mary Mor garet Lane our guudance counselor In the fall of the year she IS especlally busy gettmg sensors ready for college boards Mrs Stuart Hallett Presndent of the Newport News Hugh School P T A Mass Lmde J Allen Muss Ellene Armustead Longwood College BS Mary Woshmgton College General Scnence Umverslty of Vlrglnla M Ed Geography Guidance 8th grade History Mrs Margaret Farrar Beab Mrs Vrrgmre Lee Baker Mrs Vnvuan L Bouserman George W Brody Longwood College BS Randolph Macon Woman s Randolph Macon Woman s East Carolmc College BS English College BA COIISQE AB General Science Chemlstry Algebra Chemnstry Scuence Arlthmetuc H: Y Spansar Future Nurses Club Natnonal Honor Socxety Sponsor Sponsor 0 r 'VV ' , fl" ' ' I Q I' . ' - n 1 1 Yu ' Ma ' BA l N t r ll zz fly yeefw. at gs " - as X 'SQ ,-pri 4' V! I-'41, I+ 'Z-'21 Mrs. Kathryn Pace Cameron Miss Cassie Childress Mrs. Garland J. Conn Julius Conn Madison College BS Ccllc-jc yt Vfrlliam and Mary Westhampton College EA University of Virginia BS English BS General Science l-lead of Physical Educational Cfrlurrmic University MA Cz-socfnszr Science Club Department Heal fwoth Department Mathematics I I Miss Dorothy M. Crane Mrs. Doris Davis West Virginia University AB College OfW1"i0m Und MUVY Head of Drama Department BA Drgmg lY1dUSTI'lOl AVTS Drama, Thespians, Ushers Sponsor Mr. Wilson urges the bona, "Come on, gang?" Head Track Coach Director of Athletics L- Mrs. Grogan, Mr, Pillow, Mr, Powers, and Mr. Lowder prose that teachers as well as students look forward to lunchtime. A typical comment from Mr Whecry, "What7 Me worry? Alter all, these arent my 'ate silos " ill Charles G. Driesell Duke University BA Physical Education History Head Basketball Coach 6 me -'Q , 'ff' Mrs. Barbara Lee D. Cecil H. Erickson Miss Belle B. Fitzgerald Miss Susie V. Floyd Didmonsfein Oswego State Teachers Longwood College BS Longwood College BS Boston College BA ol ege C I BS Art Columbia University MA New York University Cornell University MS Art Club Sponsor Head ot Science Head Industrial Arts Department Department Biology Q t , 2 ' v MA Kenneth D. Gaskins Glenville State College BA Industrial Arts Speech English Speech Arts Club Sponsor Joshua Roy Foyles Atlantic Christian College AB General Science Miss Elma F. Free Juniata College AB University of Michigan MA Head of Language Department Latin Latin Club Sponsor Junior Classical League Sponsor Elliott S. Gay Apprentice School General Metals Shop Drafting Science Club Sponsor Our office staff, Mrs. Redding, Mrs, Cash and Mrs I Pettenbrink, look up just in time to be snapped by our waiting photographer. t U to Mrs. Amelia S. Goldenboum Mrs. Virginia K. Goolsby Mrs. Verna D. Groves Willamette University BA Mary Washington College Florida State Syracuse University MA BS University AB Special Education Hornernaking General Math Future Hornemakers at Algebra America Sponsor Miss Amanda N. Gray Mrs. Sylvia Shelton Grogan Longwood College BS Woman's College of the Drama University of North Carolina AB English Senior Class Sponsor Wwe WW 439' '7 . 'T ,-'xl 'ti . fi wi.. q,,,. Miss Mary Helmer Longwood College BS College of William and Mary MED Government U. S. History Christopher Newport Society Sponsor 'QF avi :M Combining work with pleasure, we find Mrs. Mundie, ' Miss Armistead, and Mrs. Diamonstein chatting in the teacher's room while grading papers. Miss Eftalea E. Kanter Woman's College of the University of North Carolina BS Distributive Education Distributive Education Club Sponsor Miss Carol Jean Kauffman College of William ond Mary BS Physical Education Hygiene J. V. Cheerleaders Sponsor 'f h gig Miss Sue Kelly Ki .-vig es I J 7, B. C. Helms East Carolina College BS Physical Education Drivers Training Hygiene Mrs. Phoebe B. Hoyle Womans College ofthe University of North Carolina BA French Mrs. Nina P. Huffman Ohio State University AB Columbia University MA English LAUNCHINGS Advisor Z 'Q Miss Eline Krisch Le Cercle Francais Sponsor rf' Z 'OZ f 1-5. Miss Emilie Holladay Longwood College BS Columbia University MA General Math Algebra Solid Geometry Mrs. Virginia C. Madison College BS College of William L'FI"'e Columbia University MA and Mary AB University ot Colorado Head of Home Economics Columbia University BS Department MA Eighth Grade Math Home Making Typewriting Algebra Future Homemakers at Eighth Grade Sponsor America Sponsor Z7 egffim em ' x ' x Mrs. Becky Lovelace JCMCS 5- I-0Vi"9 Winthrop College AB Virginia Polytechnic Journalism lnstitute BS English Machine Shop BEACON Advisor A typical scene in the athletic office be- fore school finds the coaches talking over the previous week's events. 'li ,fa i A , , Mrs. Emily W. Nelson Mrs. Frances Nettles Madison College BS College of william ond Librarian Mary AB Biology Honor Council Sponsor Junior Class Co-sponsor Jerry E. Lowder Elon College AB Teachers College, Columbia University MA Chorus Music Junior Chorus Sponsor Senior Chorus Sponsor Mrs. Edna C. Marston College of William and Mary BS Homemaking Future Homemakers of America Sponsor Q .', A ,. , jj Miss Grace C. Nicosia Nazareth College BS Bookkeeping Typewriting A MAPK J f-'-1 x l Harry A. Lyefh Oswego State Teachers College BS Drafting io". fCN Mrs. Virginia S. Masters I Miss Frances Maguire Boston University BS Longwood College MA History Government Christopher Newport Society Sponsor Mrs. Louise Mundie University of Maryland BS College of William Physical Education and Mary BA Hygiene Latin Driver Training Girls Athletic Association Sponsor Intramurals Sponsor General Math 19' Miss Phyllis Nurney Charles W. Longwood College BS Nufwcombe Vocational Office Training Randolph Macon College Office Practice BA Typing Eighth erode History Geography Co-head Track Coach Assistant Football Coach Junior Class Co sponsor fe ew' 26612 ,grace-4.4 . Miss Sarah Wade .JV z 1 v X L.: 'r p 5 . Miss Anne V. Parker J. C. Palmer Miss Mary Beth Picinich Owen Duke University BA College of William and Longwood College BA Longwood College BS History Mary AB, MA General Mathematics English Physical Education English Algebra s, 1 x ' i ii Jack Powers University of Richmond BA College of William and Mary M, Ed. U, S. History Physical Education Varsity Baseball Coach Junior Varsity Football Coach J. C. Range Millagan College AB College of William and Mary MA Physical Education Head Football Coach Key Club Sponsor Mrs. Jen Lou S. Miss Frances B. Raine PUllY Longwood College BA Winthrop College AB General Science History ANCHOR Advisor Guidance 'Bay :I ' Elijah Graham Pillow College of William and Mary BA General Science Physics Mr. Powers chats with Pam Morris, one of his many "favorite" girls. 5: Q gf'-" A ag: , I f r .453 K 3 k 4 Xa " --fig 1 T A A . Mrs. Ruth D, Sanders Miss Lillian G. Seats Miss Mary E. Sexton Mrs. Helen H. Shelton Longwood College BS Indiana University BS, MS East Carolina College BS Madison College BS Physical Education Physical Education English English Health Hygiene Varsity Cheerleader's Driver Training Driver Training Sponsor Apparatus and Tumbling Junior Varsity Cheerleader's Clubs Sponsor Sponsor Intramurals Sponsor ll5 W fefef Q W' 51 1 'f ig 11 Eg' ,M ' "5 I lx Q 2 Samuel H. Somervill, Jr. West Virginia Institute of Technology BS General Wood Shop yr.. Miss Arnefte Stinson Madison College BS Assistant Librarian Mr Taylors class enters witl- questioning looks on their faces, K for a pop quiz in math? 4 Miss Frances Strohecker Miss Rebecca Suftle Longwood College BS College of William History and Mary BA Government Columbia University MA Wayne F Taylor Elon College AB General Math Mrs. Ester Thomas Lynchburg College BA English '41-is ,f Miss Lillian Todd Miss Helen Page Warriner Mrs. Lalie Webb Louis M Wlieary Jr Cglumbro Unryefgrfy BSI MA Longwood College AB Mary Washington College Lynchburg College AB Geometry Unr-,erslry cl Mexico VA Home Economics George Peabody Algebra Spanish Future Hornernakers of College MA General Mathematics French Arnerica Sponsor Head of History El Poerti Nluex: Club De Esoani! Sponsor U6 .3 N P 7" -7 M. G. Willey Temple University MA Head ot Business Education Department James P. Wilson, Jr. Wayne State University BS Head at Music Department Instrumental Music Shorthand Band Senior Class Sponsor Senior Flagtwirlers Sponsor M W. Phil Wynn Emory and Henry College AB, BS Diversitied OCCupations Diversified Occupotions ,,,,, Club Sponsor Bible Club Sponsor Mrs. Lallie Bradford Manager of Cafeteria QA .4 ' A Mrs. Lucille Williams James F. Carter, Jr. Riverside Hospital RN Custodian School Nurse -.-59" 1 322- A if K L: 3 .2n.,94 11 .. ,. , . Miss Eliza W. Wise Longwood College BA Columbia University MA United States History World History Eighth Grade History Gs. Bernard C. Witherspoon Mfg, Jgqngffe W Elon College AB Wright General Math College at Willian- Algebra and Mary AB English 7' x...7 Glancing up from his work, Mr, Maidrnent gives us 0 friendly smile. Mrs. Virginia Cash Mrs. Hazel Petenbrinlz Mrs. Peggy Redding Clerk Bookkeeper Secretary to Mr, Maidment With mony fond memories in their heorts, students climox their high school coreer os . . ---cg 'i ' ,ggi ,'1...x,Q--5.5 ." '-.'-'v."-' s- ---.Q-.--.14 .. -5.1 , ,. '..,.. , 'il-zvflizx. . I ,-..Xlv 'f'. . . A- A ' f:-".'. , J . ,. . .,. A 9 W, . --v N, , Vi A... 4 7 X fkzff e Zyzfff X .1 fi? N0 Chpen cs Jeccers if the grad uorwng Cass pi N960 are Dun- ONQ Whrre, H1111 Czuncwl Rei. resenrctme, Helen Estee, Treo- Urer Frcnccw Hommonn Sec rersry, Kenny Okhomm, Vucu Preyncent and Student Cguncw Reprexenfarue Rwchord E051 rncn, Hem r Ceuncd Chcmn-an Fred Bfwen Preswdent, lynn Murcfen, H-,nfr Ccfuncwl QL-pre :enfcme cnd Ed Horns Gli- tOrlOn A U fe 'mv n he U Amernw, L 'Ytme ,cc 'ru rrubm Ln p Choxrmcn YQ emer A n 1 uw! when L vs 5 Y. C 5 'Y' pigwng 'ne SLU! Y cw :nel ' ' rn, Q X gm- , Q -C?':,"fn.:n ,YY 1 S my ' ' 'F nv" 'fu Sa"-nw -Wye Hug? ' 'Vu C CN NK-: Cen-. fw' A ff -U , '- Q: ' 1 ' r 'rm A, 'z . .Q -n une Qnne. Kfgepe cw: FLA ' P12 S1 ' me 'Ly Qyvfn' 'ree v-C: 'L' yur' A rn' p,:'we C nken 9 aff 6 jak' Senior lnvitation Committee Chairman Joan Dunn and Senior Ring Committee Head Helen Este hand e last people in line their invitatifns and rings il...-.- ef' N6 N-.Ll Busy with plans for the prom Gene Collins and Richard Eastman C Heads ot the Senior Dance Committee discuss how the theme wll b carried out through the decorations wings Carol Nachman Head of the Senior Flower Committee consults Wally Craver Senior Color Committee Chairman about the type of flowers that would be best for graduation :kj Nancy Gordon, Senior Motto Committee Head, racks up the l96O Class motto while Marlene Matthews, Head of the Senior Bulletin Committee, advises Ronnie Fowler, Senior Pennant Committee Chairman, where to place the Senior pennant. 4 f f' I .QOQ Congrctulotsons to the groduotmg Closs of l96O' Thonk you for the honor of beung elected your closs sponsor I om sorry It hos not been posssble for me to get to know eoch one of you better The Sensor Closs hos upheld the hugh trodntnons ot scholarship, leodershnp, service, ond chorocter ot Newport News High School I sholl olwoys feel o greot deol of prnde In my heort when I thunk back to the closs of l96O, ond l orn very proud to be osso croted wnth you Jomes P Wulson O I ,X F ! X K, 9 U ll 'F -In A n' ' 1 Y .1 I +- Kl .A 1 of will ' X' l . ' 'un' ' A A Il s X 45' Robert Allen Spanish Club Christopher Newport Society Senior Motto Committee Safe Teens School Spirit Committee Safety Committee Bert Leon Anker Student Council Representative Senior Ring Committee Latin Club Spanish Club Vice President Senior Assembly Committee Homeroom Officer Key Club Nelms Honor Scroll Thespians Letter Cast of 5 Mayor Plays Charles K Anspach Junior Band: Letter Senior Band: Letter Council Representative Christopher Newport Society Distributive Education Club:- Scrapbook Chairman Hall of Fame: Most Talented Sudie Elizabeth Barefield Beacon Staff: Co-Editor, Letter American Legion Girls' State: Representative Executive Board: Scrapbook Chairman Quill and Scroll Nelms Honor Scroll Hall of Fame: Best Student ieffWww,w? Christine A Anas Junior Decorating Committee Anchor Staff Junior Varsity Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Tumbling Club Hall of Fame Best Looking Junior Chorus Senior Bulletin Board Commit ee Student Council Representative Homeroom Officer Jea nene Iris Anker Anchor Staff Senior Section Assistant Head Honor Council Representative Nelms Honor Scroll Senior Assembly Audition Chairman Lions Club Achievement Award French Beacon Feature Staff Future Teachers of America Junior Decorating Committee Latin Club Student Council Committees George Arthur Balams Junior Varsity Football Varsity Basketball Varsity Football Track: Letter Cross Country: Captain Letter Homeroom: President Senior Dance Committee Carol Jean Beach Junior Dance Committee Senior Bulletin Board Commit- tee French Club Girls' Athletic Association: Executive Board Hockey W zu' ,97 ,afzafgvflfd Richard Lee Beasley John W Benthall Junsor Band Junsor Chorus Sensor Band Letter Shop Offscer Art Cl ,sh Dsstrsbutsye Educatsan Club Pressdent Chasrman Sensor Class Pressdent Student Body Vsce Pressdent Spanssh Club Pressdent Track Letters Cross Country Letters Natsonal Honor Socsety Nelms Honor Scroll House and Grounds Commsttee Chasrman SCA Federatson Hall of Fame Most Lskely t Succeed J udsth Ann Breva rd Barbara Deal Commsttee Furnsture Staff Make up Staff Sensor Mussc Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Executsve Board 4? Barbara Reed Block Future Nurses of Amersca Secretary Hsstarsan Anchor Staff Underclassmen Sectson Asssstant Edstor Student Councsl Commsttees Latsn Club French Club Sensor Rsng Commsttee Sensor Assembly Commsttee SCrspT Commsttee Chasrman Future Teachers of Amersca Nelms Honor Scroll l-lomeroom Offscer School Spsrst Commsttee Publicity Commsttee Speech Arts Club Asssstant Dsrector Staff Props Staff Costumes Staff Y Teens Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Lsbrory Asssstants Club Carol Faye Brewer Sensor Chorus Letter Junsor Chorus Letter Homeroom Offscer Sensor Invstatson Commsttee Junsor Decorotsng Commsttee Latsn Club French Club Future Teachers of Amersca Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Sensor Chosr 'bv g i RICkI Bond Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School Safety Commsttee Basketball All Star Team Volleyball All Star Team Hockey All Star Team All State Eastern Dsstrsct Team X s 3 , l Fred W. Bowen, Jr. Faye Marie Boyd 3 ' o l 124 Sandra Lee Browne Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School Future Nurses of Amersca SCA Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Anchor Staff Homeroom Secretary Y Teens Bonnie M Bryant Buble Club Vsce Pressdent Chaplasn Future Nurses of Amersca Junsor Chorus Letter Sensor Chosr Scsence Club Lotsn Club Sensor Bulletsn Board Commst ee Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Ronald B Burroughs Honor Councsl Representatsve Sportsmanshsp Commsttee Chasrman Key Club Jumor Varssty Basketball FxeCutsve Board Sensor Dance Commsttee Homeroom Vsce Pressdent French Club John C Canepa 8th 8. 9th Grade Football Junsor Varssty Football Varssty Football Letters Track Sportsmanshrp Commsttee lunsor Class Treasurer Homeroom Vsce Pressdent Junsor Usher Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Hall of Fame Ksng Carroll Dean Buchanan A Paul Burton Junsar Chorus Scsence Club Spanssh Club Vsce Pressdent Hs Y Sensor Chorus Chrsstopher Newport Socset Junsor Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Bob G Cannon 8th 8. 9th Grade Football Captasn Junsor Varssty Football Captasn Varssty Football 9th Grade Pressdent l0th Grade Pressdent Junsor Usher Commsttee Chasr man Sportsmanshsp Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Homeroom Pressdent Shop Supersntendent Alton Burns Jr Transferred Hampton Hugh School Cross Country Sensor Band Color Guard Sensor Dance Commsttee Latsn Club Invstatson Commst tee Co Chasrman f Beacon Staff: Sports Editor Key Club: Secretary - . ' . f . ' Y l25 ,QQWJZMZ Wsllsom Randolph Carleton Typhoon Tsme Key Club Treasurer Sensor Band Letter Hs Y Treasurer Spanssh Club Treasurer Golf Scsence Club .lunsor Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Homeroom Chaplasn Ronald Clark Spanssh Club Remembrance Commsttee lunsor Decoratsng Commsttee Homercam Pressderst Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Treasurer Sensor Pennant Commsttee Jo Ann Cartwrsght Transferred West Hsgh School Glee Club Orren Lewss Chapman Student Councsl Represerstatsye T nsferred Gloucebter High Future Teachers of Amertca 'Z h I c oo Erench Clugl b Future Farmers of Amersca Nlgliagfn U Dsstrsbutsve Educatson Club Edstorsal Manager lunsor Escort Publsc Speaker Scsence Club Edward Ssmon Cohen Sth 8 9th Grade Basketball Junsor Varssty Football Junsor Varssty Basketball Varssty Football Letter Cast of 4 Masor Plays Thespsans Letter Sensor Assembly Commsttee Drama Advertsssng Manager Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Spanssh Club Edsth Collsns Transferred Mendota Hsgh School Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Future Nurses of Amersca Sensor Dance Commsttee SCA Dance Commsttee Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Representatsve Junsar Pram Commsttee I O I X v ' V pe Donald Carroll 8th 8 9th Grade Basketball Junlar Varssty Basketball Junsor Varssty Football Varssty Football Letter Varssty Basketball Letter Varssty Track State Letter Junsor Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee SCA Dance Commsttee Hall of Fame Most Athletsc ' Brenda Cockrell Homeroom Offscer Asssstant Lsbrarsan Gene Temple Callsns Varssty Cheerleader Student Councsl Assocsatson Chaplasn Hall of Fame Best All Around SCA Dance Commsttee Co Chasrman Sensor Dance Commsttee Co Chasrman Pensnsulo SCA Federation lOth Grade Secretary l lth Grade Secretary Beacon Staff News Edstor Frsendly Typhoon Jae S Cowan House and Grounds Commsttee Dsstrsbutsve Educatson Club Treasurer Publscsty Commst ee Publscsty Commsttee 9 ' ' Claude Combs Stephen Conn Natsonal Honor Socsety Nelrns Honor Scroll Latsn Club Pressdent Cross Country Manager Letter Track Manager Letter Natsonal Wrstsng Award Propeller Club Amerscan Legson Oratorscal Contest Wsnner Dance Band Gustarsst Typhoon Tsme Talent Wsn ner Junsor Chorus Letters Kathersne Cornell Crenshaw Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School Sensor Flower Commsttee Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Reporter Bsble Club Vsce Pressdent Behavsor Code Commsttee Future Teachers of Amersca Brenda Crsckenberger Junsor Band Letter Scsence Club Cast of Loud Red Patrsck Cast of Roomful of Roses Speech Arts Club Publscsty Chasrmon Thespsans Letter Sensor Assembly Commsttee Future Nurses of Amersca SCA Dance Commsttee Tournament Play Dsrector Nefa Mae Callsns Beacon Staff Co Edstor Letter Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Pressdent Letter Nelms Honor Scroll Qusll and Scroll Executsve Board Sensor Assembly Commsttee Sensor Rsng Commsttee Basketball Volleyball Homeroom Offscer Harry Wallace Craver Latsn Club Commsttee Chasr man Scsence Club Junsor Band Sensor Band Letters Treasurer Dance Band Treasurer Sensor Color Commsttee Chasrman Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Junsor Rsng Commsttee Sensor Rsng Commsttee 3 ' f 2 , 3 1 3 1 u S- 11- - , Jr. . 1 ' 1 ' f : . - ,, - s, . . . . . ,, ss 127 X963 Lawrence E. Crum Latin Club Senior Chorus Senior Bulletin Board Commit- Yee Senior Ring Committee Junior Varsity Football Junior Chorus Junior Ring Committee Barbara Lee Damron Nelms Honor Scroll Beacon Staff Y Teens Junior Decorating Committee Senior Invitation Committee SCA Dance Committee Homeroom President School Spirit Committee Future Nurses of America Spanish Club Charlotte Jean Davis Student Council Representative Beacon Staff Latin Club Future Nurses of America Girls Athletic Association Letter Executive Board Sportsmanship Committee Senior Bulletin Board Commit ee Newcomers Committee Publicity Committee Hockey John Dickerson Junior Band Letters Senior Band Letters Property Manager Science Club Treasurer Cafeteria Committee Latin Club Junior Classical League Junior Decoration Committee Senior Music Committee SCA Dance Committee Barbara Sue Dobbs Transferred: Wadesboro High School Homeroom: President Remembrance Committee Future Homemakers of America Senior Bulletin Board Commit- tee School Spirit Committee Bennie D Damron Sth 8. 9th Grade Basketball Junior Varsity Basketball Varsity Basketball Junior Varsity Football Track Norman R Duck Junior Band Letter Senior Band Letter Drum Major Dance Band All State Band Alternate French Club Cross Country Letter Track Letter Senior Music Committee Junior Dance Committee Esther Irene Doeppe Junior Chorus Letter Senior Chorus Letter Junior Dance Committee Senior Color Committee Usher Staff Latin Club Future Teachers of America Hockey Basketball if ls DT l , : I T . . . Behavior Code Committee Senior Invitation Committee I - 1 ' ' qi xx F ' if- 1:5 Abby Sheila Darn Launchings Staff Art Editor Christopher Newport Society Science Club Committee Chairman Art Club Latin Club Junior Classical League School Spirit Committee Junior Decorating Committee Hockey Gene Wilson Duncan Track Letter Varsity Football Co Captain Letter Senior Dance Committee Tidewater Track Meet 440 Champion Eastern District Track Meet 440 Champion Indoor District Track Meet 440 Champion All Peninsula Track Team All Peninsula Football Team Julian Gordon Trophy Richard A. Eastman Student Council: Representative Senior Chorus l lth Grade: Vice-President Honor Council: Chairman Hi-Y: President Senior Dance Committee: CO-Chairman Homeroom: Officer Junior Chorus Junior Usher Committee Marilyn Phyllis Ellenson Safe Teens Beacon Staff: Advertising Manager Christopher Newport Society Remembrance Committee Spanish Club Senior Dance Committee Student Council: Representative Homeroom: Officer Usher Staff Junior Dance Committee Mabel Lee Drewry Senior Band Letters Future Teachers of America Future Homemakers of America Historian Tri Hi Y Girls Athle ic Association Executive Board Letter Star Basketball All Star Team Hockey All State Workshop Band Senior Dance Committee Joan Kay Dunn Senior Ring Committee Junior Chorus Future Teachers of America Tri Hi Y Usher Staff Senior lnvitotion Committee Chairman Executive Board Pound Chairman Student Council Representative French Club Anchor Staff Mary Lorena Elder Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Girls Athletic Association: Executive Board Hockey: All-Star Team Basketball Drama: Props Staff Jsher Staff Ca rolyn Jeanette Ellis Senior Assembly Committee Girls' Athletic Association: Executive Board, Letter Apparatus Club: Manager Tumbling Club Hockey: All-Star Team Future Homemakers of America Vocational Office Training Club Spanish Club School Spirit Committee i29 1'-. 1 Senior Dance Committee Volleyballil All-Star Team 024019 Zjeiwe R 1 Helen Faye Estes Wsllsam Vergsl Fasson, .Ir Sensor Class Treasurer Art Club Vsce Pressdent SCA Dance Commsttee Safe Teens Sensor Chorus Sensor Dance Commsttee Junsor Chorus Letter Shop Offscer Sensor Rsng Commsttee Chasrman Cafetersa Commsttee Co Chasrman Executsve Board Student Councsl Representatrve Hall of Fame Most Lskely to Succeed t' Sue Taylor Fox Homeroom Secretary School Spsrst Commsttee Pep Club SCA Dance Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstants Club Dsverssfsed Occupations Club Sensor Dance Commsttee Y Teens Asssstant Dsrector '44 W'-sn. ' or Jeanette Fowler Student Councsl Representatsve Homeroom Offscer Frsendly Typhoon Junsor Varssty Flagtwsrler Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatron Executsve Board Junsor Dance Commsttee Sensor Pennant Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Remembrance Commsttee Joe Frank Student Councsl Letter Representatsve Executsve Board Natsonal Honor Socsety Pressdent Speech Arts Club Pressdent Key Club Sensor Band Announcer Spanssh Club Parlsamentarsan Tournament Plays Cost of Arsensc and Old Lace Amerscon Legson Oratorscal Contest Wsnner Elszabeth Rose Gallsns Remembrance Commsttee Fmnk p Fuedland Cofetersa Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee Vorssty Football Co Captasn Speech AHS Club T"0Cl4 Future Homemakers of Sensor Dance Commrttee America President Sensor Flower Commsttee Sensor Color Commsttee Ronnse Owen Fowler Junsor Varssty Football Junsor Varssty Basketball Varssty Baseball Varssty Basketball Letter Key Club Junsor Chorus Sensor Chorus Letter Junsor Decoratsng Commsttee Co Chasrman Sensor Pennant Commsttee Chasrman l ICG Q' 91' 'C' Carolyn Lesgh Gardner Sensor Pennant Commsttee rurnsture Staff Trcket Staff Head T s Hs Y Y Teens Treasurer Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Volleyball Basketball Catetersa Commsttee Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club V 'tr W.0h5 Wmfymf me Dana Carolyn Gardner SCA Dance Commsttee Volleyball Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Sensor Mussc Commsttee Junsor Chorus School Spsrst Commtttee Catetersa Cammsttee French Club Drama Make up Staff Frank Gsllespse Key Club Stage Crew Speech Arts Club Treasurer Exchange Student to Mexsco Cross Country Track Letter Sensor Assembly Commrttee Tournament Play Dsrector Hs Y Jean Marse Goldstesn French Club Future Teachers of Amersca Spanrsh Club Anchor Staff Actsvstses Sectson Student Courscsl Commsttees Homeroom Treasurer Junsor Decoratsng Commsttee Senror Bulletsn Board Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Dons Garrett Y Teens Sensor Dance Commsttee Art Club Treasurer French Club Junsor Dance Commsttee Vacotsonal Offsce Trasnsng Club Basketball Mary Sonnette Gsllss Sensor Chorus Letter Sensor Chorr Junsor Chorus Anchor Staff Underclassmen Sectson Future Nurses of Amersca Treasurer Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Sensor Dance Commsttee COS? of l Remember Mama Patrscsa Goodwsn All State Band Junsor Band Letters Sensor Band Letters Sherman Award Apparatus Club Hockey Lsbrarsan Gene Everett Gsll Art Club Junsor Decoratsng Commsttee 8th 8. 9th Grade Basketball Junsor Varstty Basketball Varssty Basketball Letter Varssty Baseball Letter Hall of Fame Best Looksng l s V - l A , , s ig' ' ' ,f ,Amir Z K Thespians ' ' , N . t pu y .y - 1 V 3 ,ff y ' , . 4 '- ff 1, H 'r f 'V v Q ,, ,f I A 4 C C, l 3 l J Nancy Harrnet Gordon Natlonal Honor Socuety Anchor Stott Asslstant Edltor Nelms Honor Scroll French Club Presudent Letter Beacon Staff Buslness Manager Future Teachers of Amerlca Secretary Treasurer Student Councll Letter Representatlve Qutll and Scroll School Sptrlt Committee Co Chaurman Sensor Motto Cammtttee Chairman Frances Hammond Junlor Varsuty Cheerleader Varsuty Cheerleader Sensor Class Secretary Future Nurses of Amerlca Presrdent Remembrance Commnttee Chalrman Pennnsula SCA Federatlon Executuve Board Pound Co Chourrnan Tournament Play Anchor Staff School Lute Sectlon Edntar of Elva Haley .lunuor Decoratung Commntte SSUM' E Hand' J' SPeeCh AWS Club Transferred Hampton Hugh Usher Staff School '-'b'C"V Club Jumor Dance Commlttee School Spmt Commlttee Semor Dance Commmee Y Teens French Club Publacltv Comrnnttee Tmck Ed Harris Student Body Prestdent Junlor Class Presldent Key Club Chaplaun Ht Y Choplotn Sensor Band Vlce Prestdent Letter Varstty Football Letter TrOCk Letter Amerlcan Legton Boys State Delegate Penlnsula SCA Federatlon Hall at Fame Most Popular Kay Frances Hartsell Future Hcmernakers ct Amer Drama Pr o Staff Co Head Dtxercltted Occupatuons CIU Anne Mane Grogan Gurls Athletuc Assacuatuon Executuve Board Letter Hockey All Star Team All State Team Frnendly Typhoon Dlverslfued Occupatlons Club Presldent Safe Teens Counselor Sensor Rnng Commtttee Basketball Volleyball All Star Team Homeroom Vuce Presndent School Spmt Cammuttee Student Councll Representatwe Tournament Play Aggtgtgnt Dnrector Usher Staff Chnstopher Newport Sacuety Future Buslness Leaders of America Vocattonal Ofttce Tralnnng Club Sensor Chorus Letter Homeroom Oftuces Student Council Commlttees Junuor Decoratuon Commuttee Senlar lnvttatlon Commlttee ' Q5 J r 4 wif V Mary Elizabeth Harcum 1 ' f 5 T .1 -H Z I ' W ' lca .I I V 9 o s - 5 l 332 Davsd Stanley Hartzler Bsble Club Chaplasn +- Jean Elszabeth Hste Junsor Chorus Future Homemakers of Arnersca Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Executsve Board Junsor Decoratson Commsttee Sensor Pennant Comrrssttee School Spsrst Commsttee W Ogaigkaa 7 to ,9- Delton Hsnnant Dsstrsbutsve Educatson Club Gusdance Offsce Asssstant School Spsrst Commsttee Sensor Color Commsttee f' We 4-P" Samuel Petrus Hoyle sence Club Pressdent Commsttee Chasrman Natsonal Honor Socsety Key Club Nlelms Honor Scroll Latsn Club Conststutson Commsttee Spanssh Club Student Councsl Representatsve Lounchsngs Staff Asssstant Csrculotson Manager Lsons Club Achsevement Award Scsence Hall of Fame Best Student Brenda Hsnson Sensor lnvstotson Commsttee Cafetersa Corrsmsttee SCA Dance Commsttee School Spsrst Covsmsttee Lsbrary Asssstant 'T Leslse Mslton Isbell Transferred Poly Hsgh School Varssty Football Letter Catetersa Cornmsttee Loss Hartzler Latsn Club Junsor Classscal League Lsbrary Asssstants Club Lsbrary Asssstant Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsttee x if Joseph Stephen Hochman Junsor Chorus Varssty Football Letters Varssty Track Art Club Junsor Usher Commsttee Sportsmanshsp Commmee Sensor Dance Commsttee Shop Offscer Hall of Fame Best Dancer L if ,s s 3 ' . ' V -. e F A - I l L L ,Jr. Sc' - 1 s s I ' s 133 11? M a0Jc 41' 'V fwf' gd -in-Q Y""""' mi 'V ti I James Robert Johnson Anchor Staff Senlor Assembly Commuttee Junnor Dance Commuttee Art Club Presrdent HI Y Homeroom Vlce Presndent Junlor Varsuty Football Behavlor Code Cammettee School Splnt Comrntttee Publrclty Commlttee Robert Wayne Johnson 8th and 9th Grade Football 8th and 9th Grade Basketball Varslty Football Letter Nelms Honor Scroll Key Club Latln Club Sensor Band Letter Dance Bond l-ll Y Sensor Pennant Commlttee Mary Katherine Jones Y Teens Junlor Decoratlng Commlttee Semar Assembly Commlttee Spanlsh Club Tournament Play Dlrectar Thespuans Props Staff Co Head Drama Letter Homeroom Oflucer Usher Staff James Joseph Kotonchuk Senior Assembly Ccrnrnnttee Junlor Decfratrfn Ccmmlttee Scuence Club C mmlttee Chanrrnan Nelms Hon r Scr ll Launchlngs Stall Ctrculatlon Manager Cast t3 'V1Ol r Plays French Club Socech Art Club Latln Club I Peggy Sue Johnson The plans Beaccn Staff Chnstopher Newport S cuetv P Ds Stott Chaurrnan Latun Club Sentfr Flower Ccmmlttee Usher Staff Safe Teens Y Teens Future Buslness Leaders f Arnerlca Sandra Keithley Johnson Trurnament Play Usher Staff Dncrsltled Occupatlon Clu Secretary Reporter Sens r Bulletvn BOcrd Commlttee Senrcr Chorus Letter Junlor Chorus Letter Schf l Sour t Commlttee Blble Club Volleyball 2 nIY"'5""' C-. ima Van Wayne Kennedy 'vt Vnrgmna Lee Krabbe Scn r A crnbly C rnml tee C Chalrman Bea n St lt Feature Secrl l-l L, c nd GI' und C mmtttcc publlfltx Cfmmlt-CC T rn nnent Plax A srstant Dlrect r Frer' h Club Jun r Dance Cfrrn lttce Ha fFcmc Ee ' Dre cc N lla. sos., ,,-ur spd? Eleanor Vsrgsnla Kuhn Scsence Club Executsve Board Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Recordsng Secretary Future Teachers of Amersca Latsn Club French Club Nelms Honor Scroll Anchor Staff Classroom Sectson Sensor Color Commsttee Sensor Motto Commsttee Vsrgsnsa Junsor Academy of Scsence Bulletsn Asssstant Edstor Helen Lousse LaFIare Transferred George Washsng ton Hsgh School Natsonal Honor Socsety Secretary Nelms Honor Scroll Student Councsl Executsve Board Pensnsula SCA Federatson French Club Pressdent Future Teachers of Amersca Secretary Sensor Assembly Commsttee Usher Staff Cast of Masor Play James Phsllsps Lent: Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School 8th 8s 9th Grade Basketball Junsor Varssty Basketball Varssty Basketball Art Club Junsor Dance Commsttee Co Chasrman Sensor Pennant Commsttee EMM jf Norma Lesgh Kulm Usher Staff Head Junsor Chorus Letter Sensor Chorus Letter Pressdent Sensor Chosr All State Chorus Sensor Dance Commsttee Hockey Student Councsl Representatsve Homeroom Offscer Joan Karen Lauterboch Anchor Staff Future Teachers of Amersca French Club Tournament Play School Spsrst Commsttee SCA Dance Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsttee Sensor Color Commsttee Lsbrary Club Lsnda Ray Letchworth Junsor Chorus Letter Sensor Chorus Letter Spanssh Club Bsble Club Safe Teens Future Bussness Leaders of Amersca Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsttee School Spsrst Commsttee SCA Dance Commsttee W fu? yal- Nlf Theodore B Levy Norman Benlomsn Lsttlc Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Sensor Color Commsttee Safety Commsttee E CZMWM 02 Samuel Harold Lspes 8th 8s 9th Grade Football Junsor Varssty Football Junsor Band Letters Sensor Band Pressdent Letters Dance Band All State Band Homeroom Pressdent Sensor Mussc Commsttee Chasrman Key Club Chaplasn I' ef' 1,2'P 3 -f""" Ann Shsrley Lsvesoy Junsor Chorus Sensor Chorus Sensor Chosr Sensor Band Apparatus Club Latsn Club Vsce Pressdent Usher Staff Head Junsor Classscal League Sensor Dance Commsttee School Spsrst Commsttee Nelms Honor Scroll Beacon Staff News Edstor Letter Anchor Staff Actsvstses Sectson Edstor Qusll and Scroll Latsn Club French Club Sensor Rsng Commsttee Student Councsl Commsttees Future Teachers of Amersco Sensor Motto Commsttee Rose Morse Monnsng School Spsrst Commsttee Junsor Chorus Homeroom Offscer Qusll and Scroll Beacon Stott Copy Edstor Csrculatson Manager Junsor Dance Commsttee Co Chasrman Hall of Fame Most Typscol Glorso Jonet Loos Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School Future Nurses of Amersca Sensor Assembly Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee Hall of Fame Most Talented Cast of Masor Plays Tournament Plays Dsrector Cast Thespsans Typhoon Tsme Sensor Assembly Commsttee Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Safety Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee Charles Morrs Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsssee Wallace Lee Lofts House and Grounds Commsttee Homeroom Vsce Pressdent Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Vsce Pressdent K. 4" 'Q JJ' f ff F '5' ir' A v ssss T Q Helen Constance Mogeros Edward Burnice Molposs at 5 . . . . . at 7' ,QI ff ' JF. .1 I , , . K ltff , ' , Q 'kv 4' Q 2 ' . . . '. 2 9 ' - 3 . I - - ', P' . , P - - ' Q v ' h V ' : A V I A , ' , A l ssr F36 fqf si Jo Ann Marshall SCA Dance Commsttee Vocatsonal Offsce Trasnsng Club School Spsrst Commsttee Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee F 'W' Ti 000012 fN If fn, 4-"" Verlla Lee Martsn Homeroom Pressdent Drama Furnsture Staff Head Thespsans Sensor Chorus Sensor Chosr Spanssh Club Sensor Dance Commsttee Dsyerssfsed Occupatsons Club Ralph L McKee Junsor Band Shop Supersntendent Dsverssfsed Occupatsons Club Edward Jerry McMahon Bth 8 9th Grade Football Junsor Varssty Football Junsor Vorssty Basketball Varssty Baseball Homeroorn Pressdent 8th Grade Hall of Fame Martha Marlene Matthews Varssty Cheerleader Head Junsor Vorssty Cheerleader l-lead Student Body Secretary Pensnsula SCA Federatson Secretary 9th Grade Secretary Sensor Bulletsn Board Cammsttee Chasrman Newcomers Cammsttee Co Chasrman Anchor Staff Hall of Fame Most Popular Beacon Staff Asssstant Bussness Manager Joan Lee McKenna Spanssh Club Future Teachers of Amersca Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Pressdent Sensor Assembly Commsttee Hockey All Star Team All State Team Basketball Volleyball Mary Ann Mslne Transferred Ahoskse Hsgh School Sensor Band Secretary Treasurer Letters Sherman Award Anchor Staff Sensor Sectson Edstor Natsonal Honor Socsety Scrapbook Chasrman Nelms Honor Scroll Forenssc League Contest Poetry Wsnner Cast of 2 Masor Plays Sensor Assembly Commsttee Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Pow Wow Staff Art Edstor Fredersck Wayne Mays Student Counc sl Representatsve Homeroom Treasurer Jurssor Dance Commsttee Bsble Club Furnsture Staff Speech Arts Club Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsttee 6 Qx Q "7 V' sllviq f 1 ,. ' '44 f I ,gf , s Q s 4 s I . - 1 ' I x . . . . - ' S l 4.2 zw g fw , r' -if 4 A fi '42 . Af, I f , f I - X , ' ' 1 X l37 C Roy Mitchell Jr School Spirit Committee Co Chairman Certificate Senior Assembly Committee Student Council Executive Board Homeroom Chaplain Secretary SCA Dance Committee Cafeteria Committee Junior Usher Committee Judy Mosier School Spirit Committee Junior Chorus Senior Chorus Girls Glee Club Senior Choir Drama: Advertising Staff Library Cllv Volleyball Senior Dance mittee Vocational Ot 1 Training Phyllis Ann Moore Senior Chorus Letters Eastern District Chorus Senior Choir Junior Chorus Letter Beacon Staff Tri Hi Y Sergeant at Arms Student Council Representative Usher Staff Head French Club Treasurer Senior Assembly Committee Harry Luke Mulder Junior Varsity Football Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Distributive Education Club: Vice-President Drama Letter Advertising Staff Tournament Play Director Thespuans Letter Anchor Staff Future Teachers ot America Latin Club Committee Chairman Speech Arts Club Committee Chairman French Club Senior Assembly Committee Usher Staff John C. Murden Honor Council: Representative Key Club: President Hi-Y: Secretory Senior Motto Committee Speech4Arts Club: Committee Chairman Varsity Basketball: Manager, Letter Student Council: Representative Safety Committee House and Grounds Committee Bonnie Moell Beacon Staff Alumni Editor Speech Arts Club Corresponding Secretary School Spirit Committee Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee Homeroom Officer Typhoon Time Future Business Leaders of America Shirley Role Mueller Executive Board Student Council: Representative Publicity Committee: Co-Chairman Anchor Staff: Sports Section Head Senior Assembly Committee Senior Ring Committee Hockey Girls Athletic Association: Letter Basketball Homeroom: President ' ' Potricio Annette Morris 1 'hy ' 1 E 4 Z ' Q .- .- - - V V ' r l 'IW L' I SML, x F9 64 M! Joseph Lawrence Musuka Jr 8th ond 9th Grade Football Junror Varstty Football Homeroom Offlcer HI Y Junior Dance Commrttee Senror Dance Comrnrttee Dlstrlbutlve Educatton Club Qgs C' Kenneth Olshonsky Varsrty Football Manager Letter Sensor Class Vrce Presrdent Amerrcan Leguon Boys State Representative Student Councul Treasurer SCA Federatnon Treasurer Key Club Treasurer Hall of Fame Best All Around Executrve Board Sensor Assembly Cornmrttee Co Charrman Newcomers Commuttee Co Charrmon 154 -Q' ,sy , W W2 J Y -W' 'bs W5 Corol Phyllus Nochmon Anchor Staff Classroom Section Assustant Editor Beacon Staff Nelms Honor Scroll French Club Lotln Club Commlttee Chalrman Senror Flower Commrttee Chavrman Future Teachers of Ameruco Qurll and Scroll Junuor Decorotung Comrnlttee Safety Cornmrttee Certrfucate YW Bro ag., 1- Wullrarn Myers ' ' Transferred Warwnck Hugh -4 School Q Dryersrfted Occupatlons Club Hornet Nachmon Anchor Staff Edltor nn Chref Beacon Staff Co Assustont Edltor Letter Oulll and Scroll Natronal Honor Soctety Nelms Honor Scroll School Splrrt Cornmrttee Co Chaurman Safety Commrttee Co Chairman Student Councul Letter Representattve Bth Grade Secretary 8th Grade Hall of Fame Best Student NN 41 Evelyn Faye Paul Sensor Pennant Commrttee Vocattonal Offtce Tronnrng 9 Dorothy A Pearce Junuor Chorus Letter Future Hornemokers of Amerrca School Sprnt Cornmrttee Hockey Grrls' Athletrc Assocratron Executrve Board Spanush Club 'igg "T""" MQ' Donald Neal Patten Ht Y Latrn Club Spantsh Club Junror Varsuty Football Junror Dance Commattee Sensor Dance Commrttee Tournament Play Cast of Home Sweet Homucude Student Councal Representatrve ll ll 0 o x, f f 1' ,r-,A A A - I D 1.1,aE':fsrr?,, .rw - y,cr , ' J r - r V 2 . ff Vi r f , s V A ' - 'V' - . . .- , Q ,V '- i 5 , V ' I -- 1 T ' . , . . 7 5 ' 'EAS ' V - - r ,r 'Yin y ' L T' trrlf . ' "gd A . ' 1 Q - 4' V rf V . A 7 ' 2 ,, . , ri, V . ' T 'mv , 'R Y I . H 2 ' .f ' f f . --Y ' A '3' 1' ,, ' ' 5 ' 'vu-f - A 11 ' : -1 I - ' Y l 19 4' surf 'Q 1""'9 'fr- M726 Karen Kay Pearce Anchor Staff Actsvstses Sectson Hockey All Star Team Volleyball Junsor Dance Commsttee Y Teens Vsce Pressdent Trs Hs Y Sensor Chorus Vsce Pressdent Letter Junsor Chorus Letter Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Sensor Chosr Jane Elszobeth Phsllsps Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Star Letter Art Club Secretary Letter Homeroom Offscer Sensor Dance Commsttee Hockey Team Basketball All Star Team Volleyball All Star Team Usher Staff Ruby Ann Plssllsps Sensor Dance Commsttee Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Vsce President Letter Basketball All Star Team Volleyball All Star Team Hockey All Star Team All State Team Junsor Dance Commsttee Home Room Offscer Hall of Fame Most Athletsc Wsllsam Ellsott Prsllomon Junsor Band Letter Sensor Band Letters Dance Band Lctsn Club Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Vsce Pressdent Sensor Dance Commsttee bmw l4O Lowell Phslbeck Hsldu Lucslle Pllsllsps Natsonal Honor Socsety Future Teachers of Amersco Pressdent Usher Staff Head Speech Arts Club Treasurer Nelms Honor Scroll French Club Yearbook Commsttee Chasrman Latsn Club Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Correspondsng Secretary Anchor Staff Classroom Sectson Edstor Kathleen Hope Powell Anchor Staff Faculty Sectson Edstor Executsve Board Sensor Chorus Letter Sensor Chosr Homeroom Pressdent Junsor Chorus Letter School Spsrst Commsttee Usher Staff Cafetersa Commsttee Co Chosrmcsn Pep Club Joan Cc rolyn Prstclsett Transferred George Woshsngton Hsgh School Homeroom Secretary Student Councsl Representatsve Latsn Club Future Teachers of Amersca Vsce Pressdent Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Volleyball Sensor Bulletsn Board Commsttee 'rf -11 5 ff' IC' fu v-9 . O A f' A - - ' 1 , '. .-I .- ' . l 9 . Nu! Tri-l'li-Y I ' Senior Flower Committee Q ' . l, . . , - " X r I ' l l Q fx I K 3. - . 7 l ' s Mamet Bettse Qussenberry Future Teachers of Amersca Sensor Chorus Letters Sensor Chosr Sensor Dance Commsttee Junsor Dance Commsttee Usher Staff Spanssh Club Latsn Club U rsula Rschardson Anchor Staff Actsvstses Sectson Sensor Color Commsttee Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstants Club Future Nurses of Amersca Secretary Treasurer School Spsrst Commsttee Barbara A Rsggs School Typsng Club Future Homemakers of Amersca Future Nurses of Amersca Bear Cub Staff Kathersne F Roberts Sensor Dance Commsttee Junsor Decoratmg Commsttee .lunsor Varssty Flagtwsrler Junsor Chorus Sensor Chorus Remembrance Commsttee Anchor Staff Bussness Manager Homeroom Treasurer Della Ruth Race Sensor Chorus Letter Bsble Club Gsrls Glee Club Sensor Chosr Home Management Clu Barbara Moms Rsddle Basketball Hockey Volleyball Apparatus Club Tumblsng Club Gsrls Athletsc ASSOCIOYIOH Letter Junsor Chorus Future Homemakers of Amersca Treasurer Wsllsam Franklsn Roady Varssty Football Letter 8th and 9th Grade Football Homeroom Pressdent Sensor Dance Commsttee Spartsmanshsp Commsttee Junsor Usher Staff Safe Teens Shop Foreman Suoersntendent Hall of Fame Most Typscal Joanne Roller Transferred Warwsck Hsgh School Sportsmanshsp Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee School Spsrst Commsttee Cafetersa Commsttee Future Homemakers of Amersca Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Star Letter Tennss Offscer Gsrls Chosr Prom Decorotsng Commsttee A b Transferred: New Bern High Junior Varsity Football 141 CK Joan Carolyn Sammons Junsor Varssty Flagtwsrler Varssty Flagtwsrler Co Head Beacon Staff Sensor Assembly Commlttee Future Teachers ot Amersca Junsor Dance Commsttee Art Club Hall of Fame Queen Q0 Gui. Theodore Sandler Charles Allen Schnesder Peggy Scull Ford Natsonal Teenage Press Latsn Club Conference Drama Props Staff Head Qusll and Scroll Beacon Stott Sports Co Edstor Letter Anchor Staff Sportsmanshsp Commsttee Certsfscate Sensor Assembly Commsttee Sensor Rsng Commsttee Newcomers Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstants Club Joseph Shapsro 8th Grade Vsce Pressdent Junsor Varssty Football Typhoon Tsme Nelms Honor Scroll Baseball Letters Manager Student Councsl Representatsve Cast of Mayor Plays Cast of Tournament Plays French Club Lotsn Club Albert Simms Lsnda Jean Shelly Carolyn Gray Smsth Junsor Varssty Flagtwsrler Junsor Band Letter H905 Semof Bond Leffefs Varssty Flagtwsrler Co Head Dance Bond Gsrls' Athletst ASSOCIOTIOVW Lofm Club Executsve Board Sgence Club Junsor Dance Commsttee Safe Teens Sensor Band Sweetheart Sensor Pennant Commsttee Sensor ASSEmlJlY COm"'f"ff99 H, Y Speech Arts Club Hall of Fame Best Dancer Letter Future Teachers of Arnersca Thespsans Sensor Flower Commsttee 0 J CZ , A r .j.Tf:gt ' uv Z , ' V i ' J f ' H - ll S f I Z I ' 4: Glen Slnlth Marcia Sharon Smsth Speech Arts Club Pressdent Letter Speakers Bureau Launchsngs Editor Latsn Club French Club Nelms Honor Scroll Sensor Assembly Commsttee Hockey Contest Wsnner Constantnno Mschoel Spanos Shop Superintendent Foreman Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Bennett Louss Stem Speech Arts Club Officer Track Latsn Club Student Councsl Commsttees Junsor Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Spanssh Club Myrtle Smnth Junsor Chorus Letter Sensor Chorus Letter Eastern Dsstrsct Chorus Glee Club Sensor Chosr Ensemble Future Nurses of Amersca Bsble Club Junior Decoratsons Commsttee Betty Jean Spencer l-lorneroom Offscer Thespsans Asssstant Dsrectors Staff Co Head Drama Letter Tournament Play Dsrector Cast of Tournament Play Sensor Assembly Commsttee lunsor Dance Commsttee Marilyn Freda Suslund Tournament Play Cast School Spsrst Commsttee SCA Dance Commsttee Spanssh Club Junsor Dance Commsttee Usher Staff Safety Commsttee Behavsor Code Commsttee Safe Teens Sensor Assembly Commsttee Scrspt Commsttee Wayne Smith Student Council Representatsve Dsverssfsed Occupation Club Sergeant at Arms Art Club Junior Decoratson Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Remembrance Commsttee Shop Offsces Offsce Staff I 0 e American Legion Oratorical Senior Color Committee l I43 omwffufgf Richard B. Sweeny Hi-Y Publicity Committee Stage Crew Senior Assembly Committee Senior Dance Committee Senior Motto Committee Patricia Ann Thompson Buble Club President Student Council Committees Junior Chorus Diversified Occupations Club Reporter Speech Arts Club Beacon Staff News Reporter Junior Decorating Committee Future Nurses of America Senior Assembly Committee Scrip Committee Future Teachers of America 6' 4r-- Betty .lean Thomas Tri Hi Y Chaplain President Junior Decorating Committee Chairman Executive Board SCA Dance Committee Co Chairman Diversified Occupations Club Committee Chairman Speech Arts Club Future Homemakers of America Student Council Representative Sensor lnvltation Committee Courtenay Mae Thomas Anchor Staff Faculty Section Assistant Editor Future Nurses of America Vice Presndent Junior Chorus Letter Christopher Newport Society Senior Chorus Letters Senior Choir Senior Color Committee Senior Flower Camr-mttee Usher Staff Assistant Head Y Teens Officer Advisor James Henry Tolberf Ross Thweatt Track Letter Cross Country Letter An Club Shop Officer Diversified Occupations Club Sho Su enmendem Junuor Dance Committee p D Diversifued Occupations Club Stage Crew Gene Tesh Dale Rutter Thorpe Future Nurses of America French Club Junior Decorating Committee Senior Dance Committee Diversified Occupatuons Club Publicity Chairman Remembrance Committee Volleyball Basketball t I .- S . I . : . 1 . A I , ' , xv . -yyevy 1 A fs -iifif lj' f R 'ffl' f 'Two' is get? '.. " ,Lt ' 'L A A 3 4 L 'f 1 if" 't s ' '44 Vsrgsnsa Tosh Bsble Club Art Club Asssstant Lsbrarsons Club Make up Staff Hockey All Star Team Volleyball Basketball Sensor Dance Commsttee Gsrls Athletsc Assocsatson Executsve Board Q0 ?-sg 51 Walter Steven Veazey Executsve Board Varssty Baseball Letter Varssty Basketball Letter Sensor Pennant Commsttee Natsonal Honor Socsety Nelms Honor Scroll SCA Bulletsn Board Commsttee Co Chasrman Junsor Varssty Basketball Bth and 9th Grade Basketball Hall of Fame Best Dressed W 9245 Phsllsp Wayne Turner Football Letter Track 8th and 9th Grade Football 8th and 9th Grade Basketball Junsor Varssty Football 8th Grade Hall of Fame Jane Sharon Unger Cast of 4 Mayor Plays Tournament Play Asssstant Director Drama Letter Anchor Staff School Lsfe Sectson Asssstant Edstor Lotsn Club French Club Sensor Assembly Commsttee Dsrector Thespsans House and Grounds Commsttee Safe Teens Jeffrey Thorpe Vogel Transferred George Wythe Junsor Hsgh School French Club Spanssh Club Sensor Band Color Guard Chrsstopher Newport Socsety Parlsamentarson l 4 ff' Delvsne Carolyn Wagner Sensor Flower Commsttee Usher Staff Raduo Productson Bsble Club Cafetersa Commsttee Remembrance Commsttee Future Homemakers of Amersca Pressdent Letter Publscsty Commsttee Speech Arts Club Anchor Staff Wslsan F Tugwell Hs Y Vsce Pressdent Junsar Dance Commsttee Sensor Dance Commsttee Spanssh Club Safety Commsttee Safe Teens Junsor Varssty Football SCA Dance Commsttee Junsar Chorus Kathersne Elszabetls Vretos Anchor Staff Sensor Sectson Usher Staff French Club Future Teachers of Amersca Tournament Play Asssstant Ds ector Sensor Assembly Commsttee Junsar Chorus Letter Lsbrary Asssstants Club Future Nurses of Amersca Props Staff - - - I . . ' ' ' ' ' . . ' Q f I Z ' 1 K f - ' 3 Z', " ' 3 ' ' n W , ' ,A I 1 . . , ' A V. ' X 7,545 l ' A 1 A 1 ' , 5 i 52 5,341 Jr Y, Robert H. Walker Junior Chorus Distributive Education Club Junior Dance Committee Senior Dance Committee School Spirit Committee Ka ren Sandra Weinstein Latin Club French Club SCA Dance Committee S hool Spirit Committee Certificate Senior Assembly Committee Senior Flower Committee Homeroom Secretary Anchor Staff Senior Section Safe Teens Joyce Faye White Junior Chorus Letter Senior Chorus Letter Senior Choir Latin Club Spanish Club Future Teachers of America Senior Dance Committee Library Assistant Office Assistant Y Teens Vice President Georgia Carole Whitehurst Anchor Staff Future Nurses of America President School Spirit Committee Secretary Pep Club Co Chairman Senior Pennant Committee Junior Decorating Committee Christopher Newport Society Furniture Staff Usher Staff Sandra Gale Walker School Spirit Committee Student Council: Representative Junior Varsity Cheerleader Varsity Cheerleader Senior Dance Committee Homeroorn: Officer Drama Staffs Donald Thomas White Student Council Representative Honor Council Representative Junior Varsity Basketball Letter Varsity Basketball Letter Varsity Football Letter Senior Dance Committee Vivian Ma ne White Science Club Secretory Speech Arts Club Latin Club French Club Anchor Staff Senior Section Virginia Junior Academy of Science Bulletin Assistant Editor Christopher Newport Society Senior Bulletin Board Committee Nelms Honor Scroll National Merit Letter Commendation Harry Shurnon Wilks Latin Club Key Club Track Team Letter Cross Country Letter Nelms Honor Scroll Christopher Newport Society Senior Motto Committee Senior Ring Committee Student Council Representative Speech Arts Club g I . l 4 , ' ' : of E358 Q, 1159 42 '-,L J fr 3. lt 'Y ' ' ' 'S M a 5, sin 'S at . . - 1 'ti' 3 i -Lf. 3 - ' f f V - A ' - K l 46 James Williams Junior Decorating Committee Art Club Safety Committee Senior Dance Committee Ken Womack Transferred Coventry High School Track Letter Junior Varsity Football Varsity Football Letter SCA Dance Committee Ma ry Annette Yates Transferred Hampton High School Student Council Representative Basketball Volleyball Tri-Hi-Y Senior Assembly Committee Senior Chorus Vocational Office Training Club W' em' Wd? Richard E Wmdley Varsity B seball Safety Committee Senior Dance Committee Juni r Dec rating Committee Latin Club Jerry L Woodlief Track Cross Country Letter Junior Chorus Senior Chorus Constance Laws Zeno Student Council Representative Spanish Club Secretary Anchor Staff Underclassmen Section Editor Latin Club Usher Staff Future Teachers of America Sent r Rin, Committee Senior Bulletin Board Committee Cafeteria Committee Senior Chorus: Letter 'As the Seniors of l96O depart as graduates of N.N.l-l.S., they leave behind traditions and ideals to be upheld by underclassmen such as these, My c my Zxwf wld' 11-1" Bennre Damron Betty Jean Spencer and Rrckr Bond get qurte a lock out of turnlng through RI Gene Duncan Verlla Martm and Bom-are Moell greet other new Semors on the hrst day of school 41 ff' One of the Anchor Staffs tours on therr annua Yorlf was through the Unrted Natrons Burldmg trap to New 59 Anchor as J hn Benthall and Orren Chapman rernrnrsce about thelr hlgh school days Duane Pritchett admrres the Sensor rung of her older srster Jcan and hopes the dat when s e wrll recewe hers wtll soon come " It must be happy news that Kathy Jones whlspers In Aeffrft Ed Cohen s ear E ,,. m reamrng a whrte Chrrstmas Bobbv Allen Neto M e C llrns n at en L ren Elder and Stuor Ho et enlcx, s gang at a parm durlng the Chrl trnas hola a s cj aj f x A-J 1 If , ,1 , 1 l 7 . 2 F l A s ' pl - it , " lk- ' , an ,., , - 5? F- J 4-I . X .s -. mx ' K A MMM K , . I . , , ' ' 3 . A G - Qs A , L' . . I ,twig A tx f v W V i ' - . L QQ Q Q 4 1 -Qu 21 . I ? ix " ,.- its Wx -Q 5 2 ' 1, ' ' 3 ' H ' 7 eff A Q f g 1 H rj f--t of - l ' X A I, K 4 "l' d ff A ff A a c , Dc P f , 5 a , , t ll -rn V s d y Lnnda Letchworth and Comme Zeno dnscuss what they w ll do o the prom and await anxiously the-ur bug nlght M f 'WZ ZW' vs- Wayne Johnson Ann Lnvesay Larry Crum and O-ZZUKMYIM 1151126 .--Lg. L- .QS-df Trred frorn a rnern rablc nlght 4 dancung Helen LaFlare re er eet be' re g U t iff.- Mr Maldment srnules as he tells Kenny Olshansky and Helen Estes they are the wlnners of the Dough ters of the American Rexolutlon and Arnerucan Leglon Cutnzenshup Awards Jean Thomas try on caps and gowns before grad uohon Off to college' Sammy Lupes and Norma Kulm shore memoraes of therr last year at Newport Hugh before leavnng to become Freshmen once ogam f g 1 J 6 5 x I f 14 , , , f 1' ' f' I l - - ? t f l , y i' ll V 3, . ' -'i A r fl, ..-ff . ' t, l 4' , Q , 114 K 4 A, . l gigire U' . "' 0 3 ' ' if- I ' -- rl ' 0 'ii 17 h m .' . -11. fe M ' x V ' , h 1' b H Y N: ' i o r c N , T ' ' "'. sts h f Q Lung p o bed .l f l Y of , N, 'Y X22 n-.5 I gg mx A . A4 is NH an ' fC l Q v 'T x JPN King and Queen WIN Cmwegwi GNU .ffm Sgmmmwg Q fv- , ' .r 5 'M' in 'E 0: lx 1- l . 'Q 1- L ' r' uf ' Q- Fufure Goodwlll Ambassadors ,gf Best Dancers Steve l-lachrnan and Carolyn Smith 'X-7 '2f.l' V"'? Best All Around Q s 1 X Kenny Olshanslfy and Gene Collins pg 4 Future Guests on Arthur Murray Parry :P 1 Alumm Rooters ot 1970 Turkey Doy Gome f"0n IVY! K. av- Y X Most Likely to Succeed Fred Bowen ond Helen Estes ia- Gm 4' -1 Most Typical Bill Roddy and Rose Monmng Future Respected Crrtncs of the Arts F, Future Mr. ond Mnss Amerzccs if 'fs Best Students Pete Hoyle ond Sudue Borefneld Q . ll' . 4 5, ff'- ,Q 1 1 'R ,Q Most Athletic Dgngld Carre!! Gnd Ruby PHIIIIDS , gp 5- 2 .ro JM? 1 7 . Most Talented Charles Anspoch cmd Janet Leos it 2 aa' 8.1 - fl' 'B 'v Furure Oiympic Srors XA i -1 A 1-',', : Future Fashion B 47-"' -fi -E? Most Popular Ed Hams and McfNerve Matthews 'Nan - var ., Best Dressed Steve Veozey ond Vwrgmuo Krobbe We gratefully acknowledge the support given to us by our patrons who have made this book possible -- kJ ggffd .. . ,y ni- ,- ' ff -.-'x-- W .u x'.-'.-vi'-.V I vnu- -- .. 2 ,'..- N... ,K 4, . .- o',.""' . ' -...x -.,.-"--.'.' ,xv .- through their . . ZW GGNGHHUK THE NEWPORT NEWS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY INCORPORATED I IOTILED UNDER AUIHOPIIY Ol' THE COCAACOLA COMPANY I1 ' I 3007 Washington Ave Newport News Vnrgunua Phone CH 4 7021 Funeral Home 3101 West Ave CH 45359 Comphments of CAFFEE FUNERAL HOME Ambulance Servnce Wedding Invitations Imprinted Napkins Stationery Brudal and Cuest Books White Bnbles Prayer Books CAROL BOOK SHOP Dual CH 5 9427 3514 Huntnngton Ave Ne pot News Kenneth Arch Inc: REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS 117 26th Street Phone CH 5 .1264 BOWEN COMPANY INSURANCE CONSULTANTS 135 27th Street Newport News CHestnut 4 1441 Auto Fare Morme Casualty Surety 1. Shell Be Proud to Wear A Bracelet or Other Jewelry From S nce 1898 arclay 6 ons 2912 WASHINGTON AVENUE DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CHINA I . . . . . I ' . w r ,Va NVINQ-rw Ij y rg 'Jr 5s3II1rr'j If,-t nw, Serve Yum In x f 'Y I P T sa, i s , o 4, .L 1 .L I - I I ENTERTAINMENT IS OUR BUSINESS AND FRANKLY SPEAKING IT'S A PLEASURE? COME OUT OFTEN TO THE Palace Wythe Theatre Anchor 8. Green Acres Drlve In Theatres ALSO ROLLER SKATING AT SKATELAND AT THE FUN CORNER MODERN CLEANERS AND DYERS 3409 Washington Avenue CH 4 1781 Thomas Plano Co FIRST WITI-I EVERYTHING MUSICAL 210 28th St CH 5 0068 Ilorlda Ilranoe tore 3208 Washington Ave CH 4 3972 The Practical Plymouth The Beautnful Chrysler GENERAL AUTO SALES I co po ated Yo Ch e P o th De 226 31st St eet Dal CH 41493 BETTY LEWIS BREAD , fgeflygw f B R E A D BAKED ON OUR PENINSULA I I O ll ' ll 1 0 1 'c I I , I 1L"" ' - gli 1 Y Q- g , I . 41:5 , 1,75 . , n r r ll ll " ur rysl r- Iym u aler" r i - HARDWARE TIDEWAI ER HARDMRL IIDEWATEF TIDEWATER HARDWARE CO N EWPORT N EWS VA Lloyd M Baker Owner 'I400 25th and Parrish Avenue Phone CH 7 5238 CENTER FORD 2900 H nt'ngto e. YOUR FORD CENTER A CREED FOR AMERICAN YOUTH I resolve to let no time or oppor unities slip unused by me that in small things I will strive to do the best that I can in order that the big opportunities of the future will find me qualified. I realize that my future is an enlarge- ment of the present. What I do in my high school years will make me strong- er in character that I may help to make a stronger America. Sponsored by Patrlck SI Sllk, Inc A pplzances and Televzszon 3404-06 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS AUTO BABCOCK INSURANCE 3400 H 'IIS 27th S u CHEVROLET! SALES SERVICE CH S 2821 1921 VIRGINIA ENGINEERING IIUMPANY Inc General Contracto 80 29th STREET BUILDING HEAVY HIGHWAY UTILITIES untington Ave. - free? N p t N S I' H I d 5 ' S' I Ph - S. , I ' . TS W WOOLWORTH C0 Y Sh our oppmg Open Monday Thursday 8. Center Frlday Evemrmgs TII 9 One Store WARDS Complete Wuth Bakery Luncheonette For the Very Best IH Meat and Poultry Wake Up and Take Your Prmtmg Jobs Buy Af II Iacobson Press Callmg Cards Programs IrIvItatIons POULTRY MARKET 3207 Humngm Avenue 224 am sneer PHONE CH 4 5741 Your Complete Famnly Jewelry Store SHAW S JEWELRY CO 2811 Washmgton Ave Newport News VIrgIrIIa lf S Time to Come tO Dnamonds Watches Snlver D'S"eS R'd"S EoI2 RELIABLE FOOTWEAR TV Phonographs Cameras NEWPORT NEWS AND HAMPTON DIAL CH 5 6502 NICK VENERIS PLUMBING HEATING ROOFING SQUID! Ufmsum SHEET METAL womc 33rd 81 Washungton hSta go c D , Nc I Newmarket Shoppung Center 163 Fa 0 9 in m "'.1'1'1' --...L I -ll ' ' '1 -TOW- Z: ,f - - I I , . ' i 1 . - ff -X . f I I 'JA . . r' r r ' I rl , , ' .EI ' ... :J ll ll . . 34t nd Huntm t rm Av . New or ws Vrrguma . 8 R B JONES IZC 2 3 30TH NEWPORT NEWS DIAL CH 5 2361 BEST WISHE PENINSUL!-X FLORIST ASSOCIATION WX N Im ZW at 2: 'ill' ' i' K Heods of the Underclossmen sectuon Comme Zeno ond Bobbi Block attempt to udentufy some of the 1400 Newport Ne s H gh students pnctures DRESSES SUITS COATS SPORTS WEAR PARISIAN SHOP Always Somethzng New Wash ngton Ave at 31st Street NEED GAS? S D NURNEY and COX Servlce Stctnon 5800V gnaAenue Dal CH 41952 WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY Meducol Arts Buuldmg NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA REEDY S JEWELRY 222 28th St eet e Ce t f ed W tch Ne port Ne s Va CH 4 3306 Complim nts of C J 0 0 LY I 1 - . ST - : W I , tx . . X 'Nf !Xt'UXllll Q-tx Cf ' N-F' X' Ib- -- T. cc - as I FIX N M ' I I 3.11 I V It - Lf, I, I . ff 04 ' 535, l bl r JI I 1 I . l ,1 -I 4' ' " 7 I 0 L' . 1 x , A YA V YA J.- 2, ,L ,.,,.,,,. ---it X 3 . I to or I I I I W 5 I ' - . . . . If I I v I . - 1 r Gorlond Re dy- r I I o rnoker I , w w, . , . 76 TGPS IN GQOD I7-'QQ TIDEWATER MORTGAGE ff D CORPORATION ig ,Q M I48 East Queen Street l Ee B , MOIXLTY S "'M""Q52 Hampton Va MORTGAGE LOANS FHA CONVENTIONAL .fax-F,-,,, Xi f X Congratulations to the Senor Class XX Vrg n a Avenue at 44th Street J Wuth empty pocketbooks thus year Carol Nachman and Jane Unger prepare for next year by startung their Christmas Club Savnngs Account FIRST I.ITIOI.IL IIgIIIx NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Member Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation 'D Q r 'I A ' Q I ,- - w,'3'i.h:,- ' In A ..x D ' ' X NN i l.Q.f"' -I1-.L K 'mfr - W- ,,k JZ? E'f2'j','xII js A " ' 7,-Q"' 'J' fs q ' A , ,N-rm - W - ., Y, , 5 5 V' -fe.-7,3 K, ,,uI.1.. UL 1 ' ' 3 M E ' -r I 2 at 25 iw -- - ' '- cifzizfg 4 3533.3 - ' I Ifkfskll. -, 2E1155Sl ' .A L 5. pq. lu :,:-::!:1! K -K - ! -A an eil, VA L-' f 'fm' 'W ' F .ellbf iii Y V 'I' flu--fj"" J , TJ' Pi' , vw- , CKY- C"'s-- -f' i, x. 'in-.' I I 'safe . .. :ww X H ' f , 'l1!7Qtl1".','- yI,',!1 -A N' X b V. N -1 uI1vl,.,,,,t.J,Wf,!rwwf WN O " Win: ' ,fi ,2H ff J! 1 1 - I I 1 f I K I A g, 0 i i i l - ' ef gr I A I Olll I ' ff, pw' ' iv." I ' v v v Y l IIIEI'-TI' Pemnsulo Broadcasting Corporatlon Oblffdfi Realtors Insurers DIAL CH 7 5292 'I25 26th Street I SUTTLE MOTOR CORPORATION CADILLAC OLDSMOBILE G M C TRUCKS h DMV I9 I I 'if I I :vnu " t Y -- 4 I I IOver I25,000 Sq Fr FIc.Ier Space To Sem Y I I I 34t and Jefferson A I W ,WW r""""M-ff' fn I 1' 1 More than fifty years have passed sunce the unevntable step was taken which transferred a sprawlung tudewater vallage anta the dugnufned status af a Cnty af the ftrst dass an the Commonwealth af Vnrgrnua Its past has been nllustruaus But our justafued prmde an past accomplishments must not dum our eyes ta the fact there as much left to da In the future CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS 7!1e WMM Q Jlaadaa NENPURT NEWS RNIBIER l0RPOR1Tl0N RAMBLER 3614 Huntmgton Avenue NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA HARVEY A HALL Presudent CI-lestnut 5 OO94 R I C I-I surnn MARKETS 4 NEWPORT NEWS 4 HAMPTON 4 WARWICK 4 WILLIAMSBURG 4 RICHMOND 4 CHRIST CHURCH 4 GLOUCESTER 4 HIDENWOOD . v . , W y v . . K . . , . . .a"V..,- Qu Tiff: ' iff, I ' 1 kr, ..-Q , , S YXXDXQBYQRXXY. YXQXN- RX-RS 5 3 3K9 vaq SNC: WS BS WN. QS ekwoqe o wx Cooose o ecovd xx 'me Qvoxog, one xo ion K 9+ N06 'oe ea s ow 'ooxo va 'Get emotab e ccasx x ou o kxc, A we 1030 owe: V0yr O 0761111 phat 09011111 51' 3 4 F' acgnwnb wg X0 1 1 xoc ew 4.0 'XX Q' as '41"k"xQ 9Q"'uov wiv' ji. Po,,'. -' i ltsfudio l 00 -n 1 I 9 Famous Brand Names an Clothes for the Teen Ager Our clothes are ALWAYS Rught nn stylung fabrucs and colors BLECHMAN S YOUTH CENTER 3202 Washington Avenue CH 4 5171 Newmarket Shoppmg Center CH 4 2614 DODGE PLYMOUTH DODGE, Joblultcd TRUCKS Shackelfurd Auto Eompang Inc LITTLE SOUTHERN ER DRIVE IN Steaks Sandwrches Bar B Q Fountain Servlce Curb Servlce 4 Aberdeen Road Hampton PA IQIYEIQ 84 l30WIfll Wall Satusty Your Warwts for DISTINCTIVE HOME FURNISHINGS J S Arnold s Esso Servlce BRYANT CS NELMS REAL ESTATE and RoAo SERVICE INSURANCE 25th Street 8- Oak A e Phone CH 7 1803 Co g atulat ons 129 26th St eet To The Sen or lass Phone CH 4 1621 SAM L I'I PHILLIPS REAL ssrns INSURANCE RENTALS Harwood 81 Garrett, Inc 2515 Washmgton Avenue GENERAL 'NSURANCE Newport News Vurglnra Dual CH 7 5266 207 Twenty Se enth Street CH 7 6241 I ' I ' ' 1 U y 7 u I , I - A I Dial CH. 5-2041 212 28th Street 1 a O O '- - if n r i r i f - I I I . . . - y . , NOLDE'S AMERICAN MAID BREAD and CAKES FOODS AT WHOLESALE PRICES LOCKERS AND HOME FREEZERS AMANA FREEZER SALES and SERVICE lg.,.3.l Yoder Frozen Foods, Inc. 339 35th Street Phone CH 5 8211 THE 14 6 19014 Q HOP Fashrons for Men and Boys All Ages BOWDITCH FORD INC Yo r Locally O ned Fr endly Ford Dealer IIHHJ Qafx-an SALES f SERVICE 800 Keco ghtan Road CH 5 3253 Kecoughtan Laundr Cleaner Your Exclusave Lux Laundry WYTHE SOUTHAMPTO N Horne Brothers, Inc Marine Repairs and General Contractors 2408 R ver Road Newport News Where Dumng ls al' Its Best y Ro IO t 3 O P Wedd g Recepto HOTEL WARWICK p rf 3 0733 2 7177 GOLDSTEIN BROS Furnuture Rugs Applnonces 81 Televuslon Convenient Credst LANE CEDAR CHESTS ce - 5 E y, N . . of I 0 I u w i " u . AQ. I df u ' i , Va. l I 120 W. Queen Street 2611 Jefferson Avenue Hampton, Va. New o News, Va. Port oms for from o O ersons Phone ' Phone ' in i ns ' Wes v . o r et 11 MURPHY WILLIAMS wheel alugnment and balancnng and general auto repairs 1419 25th Street SHIPBUILDERS CH 5 6562 AssoclAnoN Plano lnstruchon CARY McMURRAN Independent Umon Represenhng the M Mus Employees of N N D D Begmners Through Advanced Students 5812 Hunhngton Avenue Phone CH 4 5090 ff IPVWB PE rn UF Carolyn Wagner wants patuently for the Bank of Hampton Roads to open BANK UF HAMPTON ROADS Wash ngton A e You A e Ne er a St ange Kecoughtan Road at 33rd Street After Yo F s V at Wythe Cente fue . . s. . . co. . - f , A f W-'f-F-if-ffiif Y 'V 'P - A fr - - , I, r ' 1' ' '- f I 'ya' , L, ' W L2 L ,.i1 ' ' nun. Lf.,.- ll i I I mill ' ' f , V zz! 7' , Q . 4 r . Sd A IJ- . ,3 M hz M ,. gl . i v , " r v r r ur lr t Isnt" r CONGRATULATIGNS and BEST WISHES GRADUATES' We of Pennnsulo Supply Co extend our heortuest congrotulotnons to the Groduotes of The Closs of I96O' Moy you enjoy success an every undertokung ond moy your e be enrlched by the knowledge thot you ore tokung on the responsnbulnty of competent young cutuzens an your communnty' e n 1 n s u I a -I-I h--- evefyfhrng fo burld anyfhmg u ply Co. """"""""""""""L 3404 Vlrgmm Ave CH 4 'I496 You CAN TRULY RELY ON PENINSULA SUPPLY 7 . I 'I ' ' ' Iif I EIESSESEEESE? 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Tax ServIce IndIvIduaI Partnershnp COFDOVOIIOH Payroll SocIal SECUFITY Reports S L GOODRICH 7015 Huntrngton Avenue DIaI CH 4 7331 MARITIME TRADER A G BALANIS Prop THE VARIETY STORE 2607 Washlngton Ave WM CO OP Book and Record Shop 3200 Washrngton Avenue Southampton Shopprng Center HldehVO0d Shopprng Center THERE IS A DIFFERENCE 25th at Pune Avenue Phone CH 5 433 Phone CH 7 3608 M4444 -4, Fefe Boss VICTORY Esso GENUINE VIRGINIA IIAMs SERVICENTER Cooked or Raw Slupped- Anywhere Washrng LubrIcatIon Accessones 25th St and West Ave Newport News Va 3600 Huntmgton Ave Newport News Va pHQNE CH 4 5271 , ' I' LOW'-I-UlfIOV1+ I n r Y- nr Dil , - Il Chesapeake Cleaners . u t . . , n 9 I C 1 I 175 Oh those Sensor Blogrophues' Kothy Vretos types lust ofter lust of octnvatnes for the Sensor section of the 1960 Anchor ww' 'Q P? . CJK LOW ON DOUGH? We Ho e Ple ty oft CAKES PIES BREAD CRUM S BAKERY BAKER 81 HAZELWOOD NC REALTORS o INSURORS 130 zsfh sneer Dual CH 7 3653 Arrow Tues Stetson Hots Arrow Shirts Griffon Clothes I MIRMELSTEIN S Men s Wear Smce 1897 3106 Washington Ave OVER 40 YEARS OF COURTEOUS SERVICE I GREENSPON FURNITURE stone Louis Morewutz Ves Applegate Phone CH 7 5393 544 25th Street Newport News Va Comp! ments of SPIGEL BROS. FURNITURE CO. 2606 Jefferson Ave Phone CH 7 5751 RCA GE Westnnghouse Zenith Motorolo NEWPORT NEWS Television 8. Appliance Center SALES AND SERVICE 178 Warwick Road Phone LY 6 7231 Newport News, Va. 'wo X... 1 ' J ' ' If D 'S ,ir Y 7-'I , J"""-A-'-""""" x, f., v n i in I I I 1 7' 3511 Huntington Avenue Dial CH 5-7342 - I ., U n I I l ' l . . . ll I o I o ll 7 ' 7, ' ' -in 'I J' - ' ' I i l 6 Merriman Motors CHRYSLER PLYMOUTH Kecoughtan Road At LaSalle Avenue Phone PA-2-6367 Compluments of GENE RUSSELL 3500 Kecoughtan Rd PA 3 3305 ICH 51282 P O Bax 956 MARTIN 81 RICHARDSON F SEAFOOD COMPANY Spec ahzrng resh Prcked Crab Meat and Oysters Boat Harbor Newport News Vrrg ma Center Maternity Shoppe Sportswear Eormols Lrngerre Umforms Everything for Mother To Be and Baby To Three Dual PA 3 5886 3829 Kecoughtan Rd Hampton Va PENINSULA C0 OP MODERN SUPERMARKETS BOOK GIFT RECORD STORES PROFITS RETURNED TO ALL CUSTOMERS EVERY YEAR THE STORES THE CUSTOMERS OWN . EP Q Di - . . - - i ' ' in I . i. Dresses Q Suits 9 Jockefs ,M A Bold New Cor For A Bold New Generotuon Complments PONTIAC ltallan Amerlcan Restaurant VAUXHALL TYSINGER MOTOR WARD PONTIAC SALES COMPANY INC NC Phone PA 3 3301 59 Brudge sneer Hampton Vurglma 320-I vo Ave N N vo Slmca Compact Car Swept Wmg Dodge DIG' 7 The l:Ir16Sf Used CCH' To Be l'lOd Wholesale Dealers n CRABS AND CRAB MEAT Phone CH 5 7319 Newport News V rg ma Boat Harbor Post Off ce Box 'I96 THE OASIS RESTAURANT 81 Coffee Shop 3508 Kecoughtan Road Recommended By Dunco Hnes Phone PA 3 5736 Hampton Lorry Spugel ond Wulson Tugwell od mure G tweed overcoof but seem con scnous of the pruce tog SPIGELS COLLEGE SHOP 130 32nd Street Dual CH 5 6982 Sp gel s The Only Exclus ve Boys and Students Shop on the Pemnsula of W ' 3- T i , . Old Dominion Crab Co. 'A A sl: l 1 I - ,Va. ' ' 1- 15:- ,gifx !3' K "l Kay Roberts and Marlene Matthews check over one of the contracts for the Advertasnng Sectaon Compllments of VARSITY SHOP Buckroe Shoppmg Center Corner Queen and Wane St Hampton Vo Compliments of OWINGS MOVING 81 STORAGE 204l West Pembroke Avenue CH 4 1795 AUTO CRAFT seat covers convertuble tops auto glass wundshuelds 1601 25th Street Newport News Vrrgmua CH 5 3216 I6 fl! J ?l 7 W P I5 J f HAMPTON VIRGINIA NEWPORT NEWS VA f"YD Whether you are drnvnng to Shoneys OF HOT Please dnve careful ly Best Wnshes Leo Lelfer s T V Servrce 2407 w Mrlrtary Rd CH 4-2204 Compliments of SWING AND PRICE 2455 W. Pembroke Ave. Hampton DIAMONDS LUGGAGE WATCHES CLOTHING JEWELRY MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS SIEGEL'S LOAN OFFICE Newport News Oldest Pawn Shop 2605 Washlngton Avenue Money To Loan On Anything OI Value We Buy Old Gold Silver and Diamonds Phone' CH 7-5543 Newport News, Va Compliments HARRY REYNER Pcunt Products Co 321 323 325 25th Street Phone CH 5 0081 LINCOLN CONTINENTAL MERCURY ENGLISH FORD EDSEL UNIVERSAL AUTO SALES CORP 4210 Huntmgton Avenue Newport News Vlrguma Dual Ofhce CH 4 7971 Mutual Home 81 Savings Association of Newport News Vnrgmuo 210 30th Street Call The Plays Plan The College Days Open o college sovmgs occount wsth this Assocuotuon then odd to It weekly or monthly Sfeody profnts odded to your sov :ngs on Jonuory l ond July I of eoch yeor Its the eosy woy to o college educotuon of I ' D U o a .r'A ., A In ISO Two jumor gurls Pam Brown and Pat Gabriel model the latest un evemng at tare from Leggett s Department Store e i 4 e azlfmenlf ine 3209 WASHINGTON AVENUE Complrment Carpenter Brothers 1os son. sf CH 7 6636 LA N T Z APPLIANCE SERVICE 1619 25th Street Corner Pop ar Ave Newport News Vurgln a Phone CH 4 7391 For prompt servnce on Washmg Machunes Dryers Stoves Retngerators Arr Condntloners and other household and commercnal applrances ALL REPAIR WORK GUARANTEED PHONE CH 7 6361 All Roads Lead to Our Door or DEPENDABLE SERVICE CUTCHINS BRO GAS OILS ACCESSORIES GENERAL AUTO REPAIR 25th St and Poplar Ave Newport News Va Kecoughtan Pharmacy Yardley Cosmetncs Baby Needs Drugs G eef ng Ca d Magazmes 8. Ne spape s Sand es Tobaccos Stat one y C L CLODFELTER Prop Reg Phar 819 Kecoughtan Road Hampton Vnrgmua For Nerghborhood Del very Ser ace Call Ne port Ne s CH 41531 PRESCRIPTIONS in . ' I ,Q , I A A X r . . . I ' A 1 - A T . . . - N ' A -ll T I ik f I A Y If I , ' ' 3 ,TL 4 ' 'f 1 Eff i X, f ' I Dial CH 5-3203 of l - E l f r il V S I I ' w r, ru , , I r . , , , ., . . I I ' . . . . i V. - w w - 18l AAu4.P!B A A L044Kf B :C I 'W' g"'L..f' -4 '61 x Johnny Canepa Joan Sammons Chnshne Anas Steve Veazey On ony occosuon sp rfy or mformol dressy or formol these four couples prove thot Down s effscrenf ond thorough Ioundry ond dry cleomng servnce ss o must for ony teenoQer s wordrobe 4 BRINGS HRPPV DRVS -q f x lg 7? ,., , Mix2Y4 V YAY in-i I . I fF'V' ' bf WW" rsmr A R T L V I K x r r sf f K 'f K . 3. r .vs -ti. ,lffl .bu 1 V1 I: s 2 on QE . . All KX ' 5 A-IL--.. Q Jummy Johnson Connle Zeno Gmny Krabbe Ruchord Eastman Why not let Down help you have thot neot ond well groomed oppeoronce7 Ks..- ...rv BRINGS HQPPV DQVS X M23 B 8. L TRANSFER 81 STORAGE CO INC 2505 V g e COLE and SCOTT FASHIONS for MEN 1Wht DEUELL 81 HOLMAN INC Compluments of 8 C JAcKs SUPER MARKET 8Vg aA 1707 Jefferson Avenue Newport News Vo THE DOORWAY MODERN BANKING BANK GF WARWICK Compliments of ll I i' inia Av ' 331 as ing on Ave. Newport News, Virginia I Int rior De orotors 771 ir ini ve. , . TO 5? 11 111111 f111111 11111 Iliff!!! fill!!! llllll Builders of Great Ships To Help Keep America Strong on the Seas NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING and DRY DOCK COMPANY 1 111111111111f111111111111111111r1'1 I -rlrrfrrfrfrfff,rrfrrrfrflflfrfrrr DAIRY QUEEN Shakes Malts Sundaes Cones Banana Spluts Slush Comp! ments f VIRGINIA REALTY 206 37th Street MILLNER S WGIW1Ck Farms Inc DAIRY PRODUCTS 0 V g a Phone CH 4 1776 McLEAN APPLIANCE C0 INC 3708 Washungton Avenue 9710 Warwick Road 13 E Queen Street RECORDS Todays Top Hats 2010 Aw.-al 321 Te Q--1" The Way to Her Heort IS Q Coot of Fur From SIL VERIIIAIY f HFS Wash ngton A enue CH 4 6581 Sportsman 5 Shop Lust Your Reol Estate WIIIW Spwgwq GMA MIIIIIIY and PIDGETT NEWI ORT NEWS, VIRGINIA REA'-TQR5 INSURANCE I o l I ll ll I ' Ol o 1 o . u 311 ir ini Ave. ll I 0 ll "' .4 f"' .v x,7"j ' ,.1' ff.',f3':' on f . I ff. bf ' A 44 ' fx -' .f ,. , xg f . E Q , Y f . X '-.5 7, I 5 . Qc Y ' ' I i v . - x sb 'I . I I I I r I 5 YXQXRX- EX-V55 YXXQWGYQSXXY 5 3 BXO K3 X35 vb WDW? Qi e o Cocos A x 'me Qvoxog oo e N QXXNSXXXC: 'oe ea 010 'OOQ Qvoxo va 'oem ecor emo '80 e ccae oo ov o Kxca '0 wi owe, V011I. Off? czal pffdfagraph fr 3 d F' ncmpunam all QL Xox Q tsxoc awe QQQJGX 60 Q' 35 '4 Y"'V'U Q9 "Ko, vivo-X ii: W0 W H0 'X P0fffoi' s'ud . , io Y ' Q oo' Having the C-ang in for a Treat? Get Your Refreshments at Since 1898 SATCHELL S GROCERY R C SATCHELL Pop LUMBER MILLWORK IAL GROCERIES FRUITS FROZEN FOODS BU'LD'NG MATER S FRESH MEATS and PRODUCE 2615 Marshall Avenue NEWPORT NEWS CH 4 8411 Dm, CH 42124 YORKTOWN TU 73111 830 960 IHNIHILPH M1001 CULLEGE ASHLAND VIRGINIA An accreduted lnberal arts college for men wuth a natnonal reputatson for the success of nts graduates "W tm 45- 2 iflg tm an Fox Hall lnformahon may be secured from Wnllnam A Robertson J RGQISEYOY and Dlrector of Admlsslons 1 I , , , r . 1 I I 4 V--Q-,-... ' i - .I v v .I 1 4 1 - 1 1 I . I -1-' .Q ' 53" tr.-f-V e 'A F' Ma' --:A+ f .. 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EQ CITIZENS MARIN FFERSON BA ember F deral WASHINGTON AV E aI 25th STREET O NEWMARKET SHOPPI nsuranc Cor NGEENTEII THE OMMERCIAL PRINTER C W Wnlroy Sammons Prunters for the Penmsuio T18 TWENTY FOURTH STREET NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA W T CHAPIN Inc Insurance and Real Istate T26 26th St eel' D ICH 4 71 DRUEKER 81 FALK Reel Estote on Portuclpotmg Insurance I3I 26th Street DIAL CH 7 6687 Compluments of RAINBOW SODA SHOP 5003 Huntungton Avenue NEWPORT NEWS VA Phone CH 5 9861 89 I I J E N K M c Deposit I e p. O O I Q ml: ll . . . 11 . I 5 ' 4, r ia . -I4 1 . CI II: - I I I Compliments of Luazsule uzzeuz omg EPSTEIN S VENETIAN BLIND MFG co SM Cess t 4801 4811 Chestnut Avenue NEWPORT NEWS VA Rouse Carper Funeral Home and Carder Funeral Home Phone CH 4 8611 7415 Ruver Drlve H 8 Inc West Avenue and 24th Street Compme me of THREE EXPERT BARBERS Wholesale Frults 81 Vegetables To Take Pride In Your Personal Appearance Dolly Delnvery Servuce Covermg the Entnre Pemnsula Al All T""'es FIVE Phones to SeI'Ve You Dual CH 7 Flne Barbenng I5 our speclalfy 2300 Washington Ave Newport News Va CH 5 9484 9 I ig' Y I 4. ' Q K Z C-:Lf I 11112. "Our Customers Are Our Friends" 1 M We 22 -Zvi' M VM hope so Because we haxe mterestxng yobs for speelal gale here at the telephone coxnpam If xou re alert md hlee people sou ll hlee xt here The surroundmgs are ple as ant the pav IS good rlght from the start and won ll haxe lots of opportumtx for advancement and ralses lheres 1 special extrl too Youll hue that wonder ful feellng of nmlung an nnportant contnhnhon to sour commnmtx Come talk to us about telephone xx orll We d loxe to meet sou' The Chesapeake 8. Potomac Telephone Company of Vlrginla A good place fo work lf? M ll K- .I f ? - I T- 1'-x gf wx A, , 10 N-.X 'A f --.. ..., ...z' I g J: If. !E , , 7 Q4 Mfaafftf a ,, L ,. yi uf 1 1 r V D x . . ' it - sly ,V ' ' 4 5 1 ' ' I V , l r ' . K 7 . ' ' ' ' ' 'L Ja , I ' 1 v Y v - . v v - v ul vy , I 7 . , C - A S y q I. . ' ' Y ll ll FURREST COIIE and KSYUFHTEY ,14- XXA Gene Edmonds Comments brnng smiles to Je-on Goldstenn ond Helen Estes os they Sleep an Security Insure Your Property I F T1lqhman Inc REALTORS NSURANC 122 26th Sr eet Cofer Motor Sales DeSOTO PLYMOUTH work to meer cn deodlune 2910 Hunhngton A e Sales 81 Servuce Phone CH 7 6668 Y 7 , l A 1 l l I 1 l fxfx L7 x Z WMU' :L K a z with I ' N s o 1 0 " , , el n . v rt n , Y -- g PV' .V r i . - f in f- XS?- 6 6 f I . 6' V 6' , A W vw HX ' . ' v . 192 Best German Haghest Deals Trades LLOYD ALI. STYLES AVAILABLE GO MORE USED CAR CO ED TYER Pres Phone LY 6 7659 9607 Warwick Rd Newport News BURROW MARTIN 81 COMPANY INC Druggust 1955 E Pembroke Ave Ph PA 2 7668 Buckroe Shoppmg Center Eat and Save at The COLONY RESTAURANT 4906 Washmgton Avenue JamesJ Jnmmy Gallms Sole Owner -J' Mutual Underwriters DEAL WITH DEAL 99 28th Street Dual CH 7 5275 L A CLARKE SHEET METAL WORKS Roofung Arr Candmamng Heatmg 530 North Armustead Avenue Hampton Vurgunua Telephone PArk 3 7221 Malls g Address P O Box 311 Newport News Vnrgunla Telephone CH 5 6527 Meet Me at The NEW RENDEZVOUS FOR GOOD FOOD 1612 Kecoughtan Road Hampton Va I 0 ' l , . ' ., , Va. aff' . I - . lf . 11 - Q I I I I 193 .AE SCHOOL IS NEVER "OUT" Most students complete thmr formal educatlon at the .age of 17 or 18 For the rest of tnelr lun thu 1 qnnre the bulk of their neu mformdtlon and ldeaq from the ll'llXPl'NllX at thelr doorstep the dallv newspaper And thw N the school that le nex er out ' Exerx dav Q Qewon of sour newspaper school makes you a better Informed cltlzen better equlpped to handle your Job or manage vour home and a much more lntereqtmg person to be with Dada WGS HE IMES HERALD fDally and Sunday? Cilwemngsl Hampton Roads Progressive Newspaper 4 . ..-M - -V ,l 7 A fl .,., '. f 'l if ' Q ' 221 fs E.: 3 65' 2. 1 .I 4312: 'lrifffg . . ,, .3 .y 3? :mg . Q, , .,.-.f,,,f . Us qs., -- . I . ' L . V xg' xi' 2 E . . v . 4 . . H , . Q 1. V 1 . ,, . Y . . 1 . ' ' H yy ' v I V, I v 1 w l l . . . ' . 1 f f - , . . V. . . . 0 v I I I . THE DOGHOUSE HAUSER S JEWELRY NEIGHBORHOOD TH EATRES HOBBYLAND SUSSEX BEAUTY SALON SOUTHAMPTON SHOE SERVICE THE PARTY SHOP R E MCMURRAN REAL ESTATE STAR MOTOR SALES SOUTHAMPTON DRUGS LAUNDROMAT WILLIAM S STUDIO HAMPTON ROADS BEAUTY SALON SHAROFSKYS DRY GOODS LOCUST AVENUE SERVICE STATION CAVALIER BEAUTY SALON 1 P I I I I I 95 Rf N ,ZQBU Y I M497 fjUf,1v'laII"' I I Q,l1iI Z A Mug I S I Eh fa in N 5 5,1 W H Rm .E f ' III I i vi' In we ll E Q51 llalbi Q- 5- 7 PM MP Il l I liii H2 iii UD mdiargw-:.2E""'mEiIaEB :rar aj x Iffuillwn I f 'ff 'ffsm xi' S. I I I W, W f, Af 4 EQ? EMIQQZIE QUE OU, Ol25,L 575 Q a'z55'z U2 cQSfaLZIi2 9 Many opportumtues ovonloble with one bug store on the Pemnsulo NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 9 Nhfx 'lik N K .Ie -"V If Ah, un v 1 8 'R U I I U lll ljl h N llnnunmmn, Wuuml l ,.r, 0: f ' , x mnumm, 2'- ' ' 9' " fl I '11 , " z ' c 1 ' 1 f.....,, x -. rf I in .Q I i! if I-if '39 v , 4 2 4- I .A -iii ll f ,f J fx 'I -' ' . . , I I 1 -. 11 -'if -lcgi Egg gg , ,-I" lg, 'qi'-I , ' sv- - , all if 4 Fi I '!- 4 225 Ffa HQ HM ii? -- lil: 1:14 I' rs f ' -, -- Q ", I .:' I ' f -- ff 'iii 'I ' EI I 'JI I H un III I , ' N .' - 'J I I 1 ' ' . ' I lg! 5' II if ',,L5' -- ' . Il gill I: 3' , ?i2I.iM,!f1'f' if I I I P pw, ,W Qfhpzgi- 'PQI' ,, " ""f" ' " - ' A 'fr' - ,L LL .zt- K 957' 7 'ff I 5' V Ii' 'M 'W I' " 3' f 1 'A"' 4 l, , , f X 49, - F f F" ' WS 'If .-4 " " "fi "" -"' V 'II 5'I1f'f7f Il Ill ' I '3' I U A f If J 01,111 , gg H gl '9i'iT?.-1-ff,-1- ' I , ' ". ' 'mi I - "Z T wg 7-22' -I ZP2: - -,HQ Y Y - I ' 'Af if ' V v V 'iv- I I I I BENSON PHILLIPS COMPANY INC Serving the Peninsula Building and Fuel Needs Since 1891 3100 Vlrginla Ave HARLEY DAVIDSON Motorcycles Bicycles 1 0 M See "CHILI: Ld QI an iffsfiiiiai ANN x 55' AW Q1 .a 133 1 fudfiu A Y f b Y Ch Id IG SALES AND SERVICE TIDEWATER MOTORCYCLE CORP 25th and Hunt ngton A enue Phone CH 7 5805 oe Welstead Real Estate Co, nc INSURANCE 1607 Aberdeen Rd t Milltary Hi Way Hampton V Shop COLONIAL STORES Woman s World Of Fine Food Shopping MINI XIII - tal .Jil- me-'me I Three members of the Anchor staff I pause before leaving NNI-IS to solicit I ads I I I - I .ff -331 I gum. I I QIIDS9? I A 'I ' I 1 U I ' ,I 3 '15 ' sf , V I I I fl so I 1 -3 I' 3 'J f I l -i' S I f 1 ,I 5 I f I t I I I V I I., I E I I I' ' I E 31" I I I II. I I ?-1' 'X ' H I I . Ii- -Ill, i--N -4 vw I -,1 W , iixg -V H I I ' I I IOULS- Guam ..... YYY I H ' ' 'S I 1 I I 2 i I I ' . NI, I-1 7i5i?iE if I - , 23 " . , I :I - I 1. 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Mrs A G Balons M Arthur Balasco Mr 8- Mrs J F Balden Rlchard Barnes Bernard E Bass Mrs A C Beasley Mr and Mrs W E Begor Mr and Mrs Wllton P Begor Mrs George W Blanchard Mr W Boyce Blanchard Barbara Block Mrs lryrng Block Mr 8. 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Ips Arnolds Esso Servlce Auto Craft B and L Transfer Babcock Insurance Agency Baker and Hazelwood Bank of Hampton Roads Bank of WOFWICK Barclay and Sons Beck C1ty Bakery Benson Ph1ll1ps Co Blechmans Youth Center Bowdltch Ford Inc Bowen Co Broadway Bryant and Nelms Burrow Mart1n and Co Coffee Funeral Home Carol Book Shop Carpenter Brothers Cavalrer Beauty Salon Center Ford Center Maternlty Shop Chap1n W T Chesapeake and Potomac Telephone Co Chesapeake Cleaners 9 4 6 4 S9 9 O 9 9 1 Crtlzens Marlne Jefferson Bank 9 C1ty of Newport News Clarke Sheet Metal Coca Cola Bottllng Co Cofer Motor Sales Colle and Assocxates Cole and Scott College of Hampton Roads Colonlal Stores Colony Restaurant Commerclal Prlnter 9 4 7 Co op Book and Record Shop Crum s Bakery D1 Dauly Press Inc Dalry Queen Dawn Laundry Deuell and Holman Dog House Douglas P1tt Inc Drucker and Falk Epstelns Venetlan Bllnds Flrst Natlonal Bank Flor1da Orange Store G.. General Auto Sales Goldstenn Brothers Go More Used Cars Goodrlch Bookkeepung and Gordon Theatres Greenspan Furnlturc Actlvntles Admmustratlon Advertrsers Anchor Staff Art Club Band Jumor Band Sensor Baseball Basketball Beacon Staff Buble Club Cheerleaders Cheerleaders Chorus Jumor Chorus SEUIOY Chrustopher Newport Socuety Classroom Dedlcatlon Dean of Glrls Dean of Boys DISTYIDUYIVE Educatlon Club Dlverslfued Occupatlons Club Drama Staff Heads Eughth Grade Jayvee Varsuty 4 4 9 O 9 Tax 50 7l IS6 200 9 90 IOS 9 9 22 27 ADVERTISING INDEX Hampton Roads Beauty Salon Hannas Harwood and Garrett Hasklns Barber Shop Hausers Jewelry Hobbyland Horne Brothers Inc Jacks Super Market Jacobson Press Jobe Fronc1s L Joness Furnuture Kecoughtan Laundry Kecoughtan Pharmacy Kenneth Arch Inc Lantz Appllances Laundromat Leggetts Department Store Le1fers TV SGYVICE Llttle Southerner Locust Avenue Servlce Center Mar1t1me Trader Mart1n and Rlchardsan McCIean Appllancc Co McMurran Cary McMurran Real Estate Merrrrnac Motors M1rmelste1ns I Modern Cleaners Montgomery Wards Mantys Murray and Padgett 9 4 4 1 9 6 6 Mutual Home Sav1ngs and Loan Mutual Underwrlters Nachmans Department Store 6 Nachman s STUUIO 69 Nenghbarhood Theatres D1st1lled Ice Newport News Rambler Corp Newport News Newport News Dry Dock Co 9 4 Sh1pbu1Id1ng and Newport News TV and Appluance Center New Rendezvous Noldes Nurney and Cox Qi Oasus Restaurant Old Domlnuon Crab Co Oser Brothers Owmgs Movnng and Storage Pa1nt Products Ca Palace Restaurant Par1s1an Shop Parker and Powell Party Shop Patrlck and S1lk Penlnsulo Co op Penlnsula Florlst Assoc EDITORIAL 4 7 64 9 4 INDEX Faculty I0 II7 Future Homemakers of Arr1er1ca Club 67 Flagtwlrlers Jayvee Flagtwlrlers Varsuty Football 74 78 Foreword French Club Future Nurses of Amernca Club Freshmen 28 33 Future Teachers of Amerlca Club Glrl Usher Heads G1rIs Sports Gurdance Durector Honor Counc1I Jumors Key Club Klng and Queen Lotnn Club Launchmgs Staff Llbrary Assistants Natlonal Honor Socnety Parent Teacher Assoclatuon Prlnclpal Quull and Scroll 9 40 49 Presldent I I0 9 Pen1nsula Funeral Home Penlnsula Shtpbunlders Assoc Penlnsula Supply Ca Pepsn Cala Perrys Meat Market P 1l1ps Samuel L Ra1nbow Soda Shop Randolph Moc n College Reedy s Jewelry Reyner Harry Rlchs Super Markets Rlvers de Funeral Home Russell Gene Sotchell s Grocery Sav1Ile and Son Sawyers Construct on C Shackelf rd Auto Co Sharofskys Dry Goods Shaw Jewelry Shoney s Slegels Loon Offlce S1lverr'nan Furs Southampton Drugs Southampton Shoe Sery ce Splgel Brothers Furnlture Co Sp1gels College Shop Sportsman 5 Shop Star Motor Sales Sussex Beauty Salon Suttle Motor Corp Swlng and Pr1ce Thomas PIODO C0 Tidewater Hardware Tlcewater Mortgage T1dewater Motorcycle Tllghman J F Tyslnger Motors Corp Un1versal Auto Sales Varslty Shop Venerls NICK Vlctory Esso Servucenter V1c Zoddas V1rg1n1a Engmeernng C V1rg1n1a Realty Ward Pontlac Sales Warwlck Farms Inc Warwlck Hotel Waterfront Lumber Co Weaver Brothers Welstead Joe Wh1te Optlcal Co W1lI1ams Murphy Wllllams Studlo Woolworth F W V Auto Repalr Yoder Frozen Foods Young Mens Shop School Board School Lafe Sc1ence Club Sensor Commnttee Heads Semor Hall of Fame Semor Offlcers Sensors Senlor Sponsor Sophomores Spannsh Club Speech Arts Club Sports Stage Crew Student Councul Student Councul Comm1ttees Student Caunc1l Executwe Board Student Councll Offlcers Super1ntendent of Schools Table of Contents Thesplons Tutle Page Track Underclassmen 4 4 4 1 1 4 6 9 34 39 72 89 54 55 86 88 20 49 -A" "'H- l72 ' ' 170 195 - I7 ' 163 - '73 I 125 -B' 18 1 lgg hl , , l7O 162 -R- 17 ' A 189 172 -1- 6 188 ' I8 , I8 ' I6 1 180 '60 1 ' 168 , 1 7 -, ' ,6 1 I99 ' I7 I7 , . 171 -K- ' . 159 l7l -5'- 159 181 ' 155 170 . 159 '90 . 193 -4- ' 1 9 'go -c- 132 O1 I ' 195 '59 ' 181 . 179 159 ' , 5 179 ' 180 I '81 l7O 186 1 5 195 l95 'gl -M- ' 1 , 195 . 176 1 - 1 18 'Q f 178 . 191 '89 lg? , I , -125 1 IVE 195 167 177 1 I '66 P 193 ', 1 17 '79 ' I ISS lg? -T- 1 2 ' l 5 . l60 18 186 lol 1 5 IBO 165 197 I93 . l97 193 -N- f ' - '92 1 I ,89 , 19 192 ' , 175 f ' 1 ,187 -u- I 176 I 1 5 180 Cutchms Brothers 'B' Newport News Auto Exchange 15:2 V - . 168 ,79 . I9 1 ' 186 , 185 ' - tg? l82, 183 . I ' 1 ,78 '8 176 ' o. I62 l95 193 186 , . 166 ' 171 I8 I6 -W- -:- - 178 , 178 , . 186 I 1 19 121 -F- 63 - 9 ,65 178 IS? '6 -P'- ' . I6 - . lag , 172 ' 195 160 1 , , . 163 171 172 W A 5. Q, 166 1 3 175 161 -Y- 160 - 177 171 I76 ' I6 ' 171 - - . 6- 108 ' 108 62 V ' -26 . .64 ' 1 63 ' 121 V 65 1 . ' 151.155 , ' 61 2-3 ' ' 120 , ' 60 69 ' 118-133 83-85 66 ' 7 -82 '67 P -68 , 64 ' 70 1 ,58 65 , 63 ' . 89 - , 62 110 59 , 61 ' 52 ' 53 1 60 ' . -56 . . '52 ' 69 I ,, ' H '50 A H A 133 ' 5 ' , ,68 ' I0 ' 57 I 4 , IO ' ' gl 5? ' A ' 7l I .6 , . , 70 - I . . - 59 ' ' . I0 - - . ' 57 1 9 l96O ANCHOR STAFF Nancy Gordon Assistant Editor Helen Mageras Activities Editor Kathleen Powell Faculty Editor Frances Hammond School Lite Editor Harriet Nochman Editor Lucille Phillips Classroom Editor Mary Ann Milne Senior Editor GENERAL STAFF Activities Jean Goldstein Marlene Matthews Kay Pearce School Life Jane Unger Pam Morris Carol Whitehurst Senior Jeanene Anker Karen Weinstein Kathy Vretos Marie White Ronny Carleton Classroom Carol Nachman Eleanor Kuhn Joan Lauterbach Business Carolyn Wagner Sand ra Browne Kay Roberts Business Manager Connie Zeno Underclassmen Editor Shirley Mueller Sports Editor Advisor Miss Frances Raine Faculty Courtenay Thomas Sandra Browne Ursula Richardson Sports Helen Estes Joan Dunn Jimmy Johnson Teddy Sandler Underclassmen Bobbi Block Mary Smith Carolyn Wagner Phyllis Moore Christine Anas M, flJf.l.'frf1z5ve1,

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