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W X ,gf Y "kJ?vfL,o7f7-JJ THE 1950 ANCHOR STAFF Presents NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL as the Junlor Shlpyord of Newport News, Virgmla 0, - , ,3 1 g A KAI, 'Ayn J V ' ,. Y, .' T :. TT A f KM V H' A xg' JAG " , , Q - le' H 'S , XX 3 Q . , , .J " .S EN ' Jgllw , D Q U XR, ff-fi ,if J", Q nil..-fi Q , . ,VI ' X Xxx? - " A ' f ' A A I' J-4:-K V- I h .5 I Vt LI. . , '72, ' .. L . THE ANCHOR'S l95O theme is unusually fitting. lt pays tribute to an activity for which the city of Newport News has become widely known-shipbuilding. Here on the World's Greatest Harbor, where the ways of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company dip down into the James have been built over 400 ships that have sailed the seven seas. As evidence of the sturdiness of these ships, the first tug built by the yard, the Dorothy, is still in active service in the Hampton Roads area. As evidence of the prom- inence of these ships, the Liner America, the Carrier Mid- way, the Battleship Indiana, the Cruiser Newport News, and others have figured in the nation's headlines. 2 DRESSING UP BEFORE LAUNCHING lRightI AERIAL VIEW OF SHIPYARD lLeftI CONSTRUCTION ON NEW VESSEL iizigmi DOCK TRIAL BEFORE DELIVERY lRightI WELDING A SUB-ASSEMBLY lLower Right? In l89O, steps were taken to change the Chesapeake Dry Dock and Construction Company to the Newport News Ship- building and Dry Dock Company. During its sixty years ot operation, besides building ships of all kinds, it has con- structed turbines and accessories tor some of the largest dams in the world, repaired thousands of ships for all nations, built railway cars and engines, floating power plants and many types ot miscellaneous machinery. The yard now employs approximately 6,500 men and is pres- ently in a period ot adjustment, so that it can continue to serve the peacetime needs ot our country. 1 l Nik I '7!:e Wand Baile!! '7!ww7J1iZuf '7!uu49hz', A FEW BLOCKS AWAY from the Senior Shipyard is the site of the Junior Yard, Newport News High School. Here the pur- pose is to prepare young people for the voyages they may take, whether to college or into a business or trade. Since 1891 when classes were opened for secondary educa- tion, the enrollment has grown to 1,409 students and 75 teachers. The present building, erected in 1924, has been enf 4 smdei, smug larged by a stadium, wings for the library and gym, and a shop annex. The Junior Yard is building "Scholarship" to improve the students' mindsg "Citizenship" to strengthen their charactersg "Friendship" to widen their horizonsg "Leadership" to de- velop their personalitiesg "Sportsmanship" to advance their ideas of fair playg and "C-ood-fellowship" to warm their hearts with the joy of living, 5 '7f1e Meihacf of G 'an 94 Ifwwwd OH THOSE LUCKY knds In school thunk the hard working shlpyard em ployees sometlmes l wlsh I were back In school Oh those lucky men nn the shup yard sigh the hard studying hngh school students C nt walt trll lm out on my own Just who are the tortunate ones? ln the shupyard men report at 7 oclock and get busy wuth tools machines steel fittings and cranes In the Junior Yard students report at 8 45 and dag wnth papers penculs and books Both must glve their grey matter some exercise If they want to get ahead Both have those tough slow moments when the plate won t tlt or the prob lem won t check Both have those tleet :ng gay moments when they eat and hear the town gossip ln one yard the long awauted sound IS the 4 o clock whustle an he other the b At the end ot a shnpyard worker s day he goes home eats and relaxes wath his paper The student oo goes home eats and relaxes He turns on the ra duo whats thus? Margaret Whltnng slngnng Homework l Want to do Homework Ohhh Who are the fortunate ones? Well the grass rs always greener In the other mans yard X wx WX Yx s w 'VW Q., wg, . . l 1. f - ll ',,,,fJi+ ll I - Il '- . ' . . ' I It A 11 - ' r ' ll . V . I 11 - - ' I - . . ,, . . . I , . g . ,V ll G I - 1 - I 1 l 1 ' ,, 3:30 ell. - - I I - 1 ' I ' L I ' I I 1 1 I ' ' I ' ' - ' lj . ' ' II I ' I I ' ll ' - ll In , , , . - . . . ' ' ll II - 1 I II II 4.1 .V 4 ,WL .K z. l' -I .3 .:' fum X . it Ve GL! 4 ,. , 12- .. oy f. M N, H ii .ix tt-I 'fur . W O ' t N . V , ' . O ' - , Y 5' 321.933, 1 tw r, z . VL' 5, -. . , ,A X, sh. ,xxx 11 ff s l x V - ' Q I' I 1 1 ,lk . 45 ' A N l . . , ' ilu ' 1 , 'A 1 , A QPU N , X' RX 1 Q- Y' f. 3 ' '. ,fl V' Ogg MX, ff N. A Q x ff f Qt' rr - 1 y ,jv I X if -qw' f Q I x I W ' f auf Iffxe qw 14 MMA Me sam Wwe Nw Me .Slum We Bm!! PERSONNEL SCHOLARSHIP CHWZENSHIP FNENDSHW LEADERSHIP SPORTSMANSHIP GOOD FELLOWSHIP SALESMANSHIP 7 Page Page Page Page Page Page Page I . . . . . . . . . . . . 34 . . . . . . . . . . . . . Page 52 . . . . . . . . . . . 88 - ......,.... IO-4 . . . . . . . . . . . . I4 fn Eolffr- Waacfd, Supeaadnfvi awiffn 71014044 ll! 8 'V' ,.-1 , ml , A. -llZ.,:f I ' , - Ffh U "' 'i l' A' " 11 Y fanny if i W X,-' 'Wi In both yards, the supervisors and foremen are trained in the most eHective methods for build- ing ships. Down at the Senior Yard, midst blue prints and slide rules, much planning must be done before construction can get under way. Here at the Junior Yard, with text books and next year's calendar, teachers plan the studies and activities for their classes. Senior Yard foremen work from sun to sun, but teachers' work is never done. 9 NOVEL' ' 14 Eaalzcfof fbiaecfafut SUPERINTENDENT OE THE YARD as Dr R O Nelson who IS now servung has fourth year He has many tune tm provements tn the school system to his credtt the employment of marrued teachers and only fully certnfred teach ters and a penslon retirement plan for all employees are a few Dr Nelson receuved hrs educatlon at Ersklne and Peabody Colleges and the Unrverslty of Georgta and was formerly supertn tendent of schcols an Martinsville Var gunna DR R O NEL ON THE BOARD OE DIRECTORS gurdes our yard by constantly enlargnng our currnculum and tmprovung butldnng ways In order to construct better shlps Thus year they have forwarded constructlon on the annex to Huntington Hugh School seen the completuon of Thomas Jefersen the new grade school tn stalled new fluorescent Itghtang In typtng rcoms and redecorated many classrooms I N s'-Rt 'M --A HEl E ARE OUI BIG BOSSES the Newport News School Board Dr H G Longaker Mr Phtllrp W Murray Mr D sry Pleasants Chaurman Mrs George R Dabney asststant clerk Standtng Dr R O Nelson Mr A R Hoffman and Mr S D Green Clerk Mrs John E Krttzer board member was absent when ptcture w s taken lO - - 4 1 V 1 . I - I V T T . , ' , V ' 1 C 9 ,,4 K - -N1 T ' A fy, , ' . t v ' .4 . ' , J X H A .- --,. ,4 s -A--.--.--. , ff ,I Q Q X . . , . , . . , tml 1 1 ' - ' - - , , , . . , , , . , . , . . , , , . . , . . . , u , Nm! 14 flwualmz' Qafumdaie Me Palma MR GEORGEJ MCINTOSH TWO OF OUR HEAD foremen Miss Ethel M Csldersleeve dean t gurls and Mr Thomas O Keesee assustant pruncu p help :ron out e problems In the bunldung of our ships They help the students plan their courses and advuse them about personal problems 'r X1 wa- Wk.. UP lN THE MAIN OFFICE the presldent of the yard Pruncupal George J Mclntosh directs the yard nn all actnvutues Although thas us only has second year as head man he has proved an enthusiastic and Inter ested leader He has strmved for the co operation of all of the yard shops making ours a successful en erpruse Has education at Randolph Macon College and Unlversnty of Vlrgunla has equipped hum well for the job SPONSORS OF OUR YARD are the members of the Par ent Teacher Assocuatlon Mrs Valery Early ns president of the group whnch thus year has had as tts atm to better acquaunt the parents wuth the ways an means we use to buuld our shups Both teachers and stu dents partucupated un the pro grams presented by each de partment of the yard I l MISS ETHEL GILDERSLEEVE and MR T O KEESEE MRS VALERY EARLY I I I av ,l :N , Q "gs-1+ ' frnxx 5 'X . Q -...s-:qv-at I I I ' ' l RV A - A I ll I ll I gl A - Q ll ll - X , Il'l 'X A ' ' A 'A 1 X . . . . . - . . T A 5 . . , 45 l . ' , O l . , X I . . .- ' t, Ol, I ze! . 1 - X . . I I I ' d It 4011-Gifted K.: MRS ANN AMOTT Madison College, BS Home Economics MISS MARY ANKENEY NlOlllSOV1 Collcgc, BS lliimumalcinq and Health FHA Clulu MRS LUELLA R BECKER STC Rlaftcvillc, Wis., BE Mathematics MIXS JACQUELINE M. BLECHER Willianw and Mary Music Junior Chorus MISS BEULAH C. BRASHER Bowling Green Business U., BA Commercial MRS. CATHERINE H. BRAY Mary Washington, BS History MRS. ANNYE B. BURBANK William and Mary, BA, MA English Writers Club MRS. FRANCES TAYLOR CASSON Madison College, BA English Anchor, Quill 8. Scroll l 2 L03 'UQ MRS, GARLAND CONN We-sthampton, BA Science MISS FRANCES COX Mary Washington, BS Drama MISS DOROTHY M. CRANE U. of West Virginia, BA Drama Head, Activities Head WILLIAM CRYER McMurray College, BS William and Mary, MA Art Art Club MISS PATSY DALE Longwood College, BS Science Junior Y Teens JOSEPH DELLAPENTA Oswego STC, BS Director of Vocational and Adult Education MRS. MAE M, EDWARDS Longwood College, BS English CECIL ERICKSON Oswego STC, BS Drafting I3 MISS SUSIE FLOYD Longwood, BS, Columbia, MA Science Head Science Club, Senior Decorations MISS RUTH FOLKMANN Susquehanna U., BA History, Guidance MRS, MARY W. FONTAINE Mary Washington College, BA French, English MISS ELMA FREE Juanita College, BA U, of Michigan, MA Latin, Latin Club See '7fzaZ' 7fzmei fva on Me fel MRS MARION GIEDEMANN MISS U of Wwconsun BS Spucch IQOLIIU Program MISS AMANDA GRAY om wnofl Co ILQL Drama DON J GREEN Hastnnas College BA Jrvurnallsm Beacon Radio Show l 81 Scr HELEN NILLSON HARDY Matllson CoIlegL BS Engllslw MISS MARTHA A HATCHER JOHN W JOYCE Longwood College BS Oswego STC BS Spanish Spanush Club MISS EMILIE HOLLADAY Longwood Col lege BS Mathematlcs MRS NINA P HUFFMAN Ohno State BA Columbia U MA Englush MRS LOUISE HURT Wnlllam and Mary BA Columbia U MA Hlstory I4 Woodworking General Metal Work MISS MILDRED KELLY William and Mary BA New York U MA Gundance MISS SUE KELLY Maduson College BS Columbia U MA Home ECOHODWICS Head MISS ELINE KRISCH Wnlllam and Mary BA Commercxal - Y , I , .I I- I I ', H BS , ' , -, X H I . 1 , -I I X I I 'I Qual oll V f 1 . . , ., , .fencf cz 70316419 Zan. ia Nfl pfmfelemi ELI LEONARD Drake U BA William and Mary MA Commercual Head HERMAN LEVY Hampden Sydney BSc Columbia U MA Mathematics Head Roanoke College BA Wnllram and Mary MA Soclal Studnes Head HARRY A LYETH Oswego STC BS Draftang Leathercraft WILLARD E MacDONALD Oswego BS General Woodworklng MISS FRANCES MAGUIRE Boston U BS Speech CheerleUdEl'S Mass EUCAH ANN MASSEY Guudance National Honor Sbcuety JAMES W MAYS Hampden Sydney BS George Washnngton U MA Scnence I5 MISS MARY LUE MCCAHILL Maduson BS Scnence Junlor Red Cross ADOLPH F MILLER Oswego BS Electrucuty ERNEST WARNER MOONEY English EDWARD N MOTLEY Wllluam and Mary BS Physucal Education Coachung Staff Honor Councnl . I 5, J.. A -' ,V vi, . - , JR CARLOS A, LOOP Vfllliqqn 'and Mary, AB, MA. University of Richmond, BA, MA , 4- ' ' Qllaakme auih llecafiazuf Z MISS NIXIE OWEN Madison COIILQC BS Homc Econornncs FHA Clulw MISS ANNE V PARKER Wnlllam and Mary BA MA English LOUIS G PLUMMER Wnlllarn and Mary BS Physucal Educatuon Hood Football Coach JACK POWERS U of Rlchmond Hnxtory, Phymcal Educatuon Coachvng Staff I P W ALLEN RAINE I-lampdcn Sydney BA U otV:rgnn1a MA Mathcmatlcs J C RANGE Mullegan College BS Phymcal Educatlon JV Coach Lune Coach MISS LILLIAN SEATS Inclana U BS Phyeicol Education, Intramural SpOrt5 MISS ELEANOR SHERMAN Oberlin Conservatory, BSM Music Head Junior-Sensor Bonds I6 WILLIAM SHUMATE JR U of Penn5yIvOn10 BS Dnstrnbutwe Educatnon Dmtnbutors Club Boys H1 Y MISS REBECCA SUTTLE Wnlllam and Mary BA Engllsh MRS ESTHER CUTLER THOMAS Lynchburg College Speech MILES THOMPSON Northern Illnnons STC, BELI Prxntung, Graphlc Arts Ga Jvamawafaa wezzfzw GENE TIMMERMAN Ersknne Collcqe BA Mllslc Mixed Chorus Boys Glee Club G rs Glec Cluh MISS LlLLlAN TODD Colurnlma U BS MA Mathemotncs VPI Voc Ccrtlflcatc Shop PRESLEY G VICK VPI Voc Ccrtvttcatc Auto Mcchanncs MISS ANNA BELLE WATTS Mary Washlngton College BA Physical Eclucatuon lntromurol Sports MRS LALIE LETT WEBB Mory Washington Home Economics LOUIS M WHEARY Lynchburg College BA Peobody College MA Government Guudoncc DALE WHITEHURST Southcrn lll Normal U BEd of llllnous Science Buology I7 M G WILLEY Temple U BS MA Cornmerclal MABLE WINGO Radford College BS Physical Educatuon Intramural Sports VERNON WITMER Duvcrslfned Occupatrons DO Club JAMES WORSHAM U of Richmond BS Chemnstry Physrcs Scrcncc i I. S' N S 4 S ALFRED ylcK I' Oswego STC, BS , . l - U. 'X ' MA' , B , KEEPING OFFICIAL records and stu DAILY BULLETINS and absentee lrsts dents transcripts ns the lob of the corne under the supervlslon of Mass office manager Mnss Clarlce Muller Mary Sheffneld Falrfax Hall who Mary Washington College erves as offlce clerk .w S C 'mv' MONEY MATTERS were handled by Mrs Roberta Tlmmerrnan treasurer of the actlvutles fund until her reslg natuon In April 7fzMe See 7561 Iffze Wad-cf ai 'lsfnqz 4-gfaape ...nv-f-"P" mba, was DOWN IN THE YARD mfnrmary Mrs CHIEF MAINTENANCE engxneer of CAFETERIA HEAD Mrs May Martun Elunor Marshall school nurse stands the yard Jack Slusser keeps the of plans and dlrects preparation of meals by In case of emergencies PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE MISS ELIZABETH A SAUNDERS Wllluarn and Mary BA U of Mlchlgan MA Llbrarlan Library Assistants Club MISS MARGARET GARLAND George Peabody BS Asslstant Llbrarnan Lxbrary Asslstants Club In ftce and shops nn good condntnon and keeps fmances out of the red MRS ANNE P SCRUGGS Wnlluam and Mary BA Engllsh Chanrman It Q ,E 1 Q ' f Xie ff I X I .pu K , If 'I Ig I- l 5 I . . . r . . . . . I .I . . I I 4 I I . . , - . 5 . . 0 0 - L l Y L . .. ,,.,...a....,...s-...,, ,X ' f Q . x 1 AM 5 VT y ,D I rx IT f , Y I . I ff? f rw, as W ., g . . I V . V I V . I I I T I I T . . , . . , . H H I Q I I I 4 I . . . V I . 4 , . , . I SJ ,Msg-q .XIII TAKING TIME OUT for a breather, Mr. Keesee talks and Thomas Keesee, Jr., who dropped in for a chat as with Henry Jackson, Norman Conn, Danny Campbell, many boys like to do. U! 1411, We 14640149146 AS THERE ARE OUTSTANDING FOREMEN in the Senior Yard, so there are, among our teachers, some who, by their character, personality and in- tegrity, tremendously influence the development of their students, Mr. Thomas O, Keesee, assistant principal, is one of those treasured faremen in our yard. Whether in his office with problem bays, in II6 calling the roll of "tardies," or just standing in the hall telling one of his many stories, he impresses upon the minds of the students by his every action the fundamental importance of honor, dependabil- ity and sincerity. To Mr. Keesee, friend and counselor of NNHS stu- dents, the l95O Anchor is dedicated. l 9 r I I l HARD AT WORK, Mr, Keesee ' plans class schedules for the new semester, THE DEAN OF BOYS steps out of his office to caution a "hall runner" or just to say "hello" em Wwe JIM nczmaf am fm Zffze aww, 'X 20 o o o I , X ,W f..,.M.m,.J. ' ? 1 , 1 .. 4' . . A :fix -M, - U , M." MDM f-. -4-'zf..,."' '- '4-x .2-'S' M, M' -JNL .xflyw ., " . a if, 1, k . . -. is-,R k . - - ,gay 1. . ' A7 ,,1' s . ! fx 4 4 L , '54 Y 4 ,ix ,L W X ,Q , 'T ll K A , 5 , v . t 4 Q i . . 1 1 E of sciaeaap The first step in the building of a ship is laying the keel. This must be done with great care for without a firm foundation any structure is weak. First of all, the incoming freshman must acquire the desire to learn-the curiosity and anxiety to know what "makes things tick." When a stu- dent follows directions carefully, takes part in class discussions, works well with a group, and is thoroughly interested in his work, he is huild- ing Scholarship. 21 '7!me14f1eQ'azn9z11Za1f!1 Mkznq '7!1w1z1 NAOH ZHCL equals what? A whute resndue or a colorless lIQUlClp Class experiments help chemustry students to ob taun a practlcal understandnng of dally lec tures and chemlcal reactuons Students plan nlng careers un sclence or engnneerlng go on to physncs to better understand the forces of electrlclty gravlty alr and water The alm of these courses IS to provide a practical work :ng knowledge of the elements surroundnng us TO SOLVE THE mysterues of bacteria and bugs these biology students peer through a mlcroscope to observe tnrst hand the habuts ot one celled anlmals Bnology students study three phas s ot luvnng thxngs zoology botany and genetlcs to enable them to better under stand the wonders of the world Lower class men are requlred to take general scnence whnch equups them wnth the baslc knowledge ot land sea and our TO EIC-HTH GRADE M A T H CLASSES these aren t lust pretty cutouts These tlgures nllustrate the theorues ot pount and llne sym metry Lower classmen also study unstallment buynng banklng and practlcal arnthmetlc IN their math classes THESE FIGURES HAVE A MEAN INC- to Julre Conn who explains them to has solld geometry classmates Thus course precedes trngonometry the hlghest math offered at NNHS A prerequusute IS a thorough groundlng In algebra and plane and solld geometry 0 8 G . 2 Q- . 4 as likl .ss N: Y. -. x A, - 1 - ' 9 1 1 I - " 11 I 11 1 1 1 - 1 . , , . ?"'7xi-A - ff L gy 18.1, 4' 'Q 1' f ,MX A, 4. -- ,. fv I' Q, 4' A , l F 1 P2,'fl,Lv X lT,"fe'9 - ' x DAQ. 9 1 l 4 5 E1 af '- l M - X-M1 5 A Fw X t V t f, R 1. miie VN ': lx S EQ 1 :ef X - M 1 3 t , X , X 0 X 1 A ll if 1 .l ll it I ' 1 1 . , , . - . I , 1 1 I 22 new af swan, T950 CHATS WITH l59O or there abouts Bordolph and Pustol rrght out ot Shakespeare enjoy a hearty laugh wlth Mlss Annye B Burbank and a group ot NNHS students who attended the Wllllam and Mary production of The Merry Wives of Windsor Up perclassmen also read Green Man sions Arrowsmnth and Return of the Native In oddltlon to studyung college preparatory grammar HOW THEY EVER put out an Issue every two weeks ns amazung' Thus thought probably runs through the minds ot these Journalism I students who once a semester have their chance to put out The Beacon The yournalusm classes learn to make up a newspaper to proof read and to guve the reader the news In a concise clear manner STOP THIEF' Englvsh l students enact the scene from Dlckenss Oliver Twist In which Oliver realuzes hus new friends are really thieves Sknts re ports and quizzes enluven tor underclassmen thear study ot classics In Int erature such as Les Miserables and Tale of Two Cuties QM 23 THESE POPULAR PRODUCTS which bear Latin names are evidence that the language is not deadg collecting them was a project of the Latin classes this year. Besides grammar and trans- lation, the study of Roman customs and history was included in the cur- riculum The Latin students relied on their class study when they presented an interesting program for the Patrons League in the spring 7f1.e7ifafLcffof1.d' awe 5, Um THE SPANISH ALSO have a word for it Here students are examining a chart which shows a Spanish town with English and Spanish translations tor each section ot the city The aim of the Spanish classes is to put the language into practical use by learning the customs and history ot the Spanish people and speaking the language in class JE TE PLUMERAI LA TETE A line tram a familiar French song suits the lesson on the board One ot the French students drew these pictures to depict French words for parts of the body NNHS had a French course until World War ll the course was then discontinued until this year Students study not only French grammar but the art music and literature of this old European country 'H .i Md' ff' AA u1"4af km. Q-WEN. A if 1535!-L J ,QM 24 l l C I I c ' f f ' ll Il ' I ' I I I I .1 X ",'-,"" I fA' S 'S t F ' T-vw-'-, x'hl'lS ..T"""l' l ' ' las - ,"1"' '15, . :'l.".'y'-'if ' , - I a Q Q fL4i,gfitii,:,MQgslu,r it Af-l-1-1 D uk 'Lil , , -As 4, -. . ,. X' b,Y'i,,. Lf' -I lf . 1 , 11 NLM l . . ...., L f '-- NJA , . f ' , gf ' ' ff g .git gg ' New , .., 3455-4 V S Q , , fx , ' x I l Q. 1 'ff of W , ,:' ' 5 '- J V . ll ' PK W, deg? tf if , X A J., ' J: X 6 'wc G- .'-il' R ' ' ' X an sift' 't ' ' an 5 We L, 1 . N X ,N-ff '47 ' r, if'-V , V f ,Mi 1 J-If -'s 'lf A 4 pr li., .. .. ' I 'MN .,,.,l.,,1.i 'kgli S Ilunlu MATERIAL FOR A CLASS report Interesting facts tor a curnous mlnd or just pretty pnctures may be found un the many magazines on the racks Among those sub scrrbed to are Lute Time and Collners Popular news papers are on hand tor those who have just a few munutes to spend Qwlfaan ancf 464:22 UP lN DRY DOCK students get men tal rehabnlstatnon with the help ot eleven lnbrary assustants Bookllned shelves contann the blue prints tor many ships Fifty current magazines, tlve newspapers, and over l4,000 books otter ample reading matter of all kinds And what a pleasant place to do lt' Monthly average IS 7,000 vls :tors who check out 3,800 books tsl 25 --.nxst WHAT DON T YOU KNOW? Stu dents luke these use the Dewey Decl mal system to decapher the card catalog and fund books and maternal they need All elghth graders are guven thus unstructmon 2- 1 Qs' ' : I' I -W t..,...t A- i. Sr i. l sl W' be W Y TTR I N V 1' 'H 4 ' l - zz :ei . ll , .0-My 1 full fn Q ,D 1 QQQ A DN , ' Q f .1 P .R .V ' ' , l x twill ,gn ,xl,.27'... 'X 1 1 5 g E s . - A l g Tl N- A-.. .xx i . 's"fNN,,,, ,WKK . , - A- 1 - - - I l - 1. Zami! ewmenl ancf paul .bs mtl di AND WE VE STILL COT EM' The familiar words Life liberty and the pursuit of happiness found in the Declaration of lnde penclence shown here in a facsimile with the Bill of Rights still hold true Study of these in US History increases appreciation for Amer ican democracy One World this years history department theme has been emphasized by films and lectures about many parts of the world SCHOLAR SHIPWAYS Preparing to launch into the future these two students get advice on courses careers and college to lay the keel for a successful life Catalogues from colleges and universities and pamphlets on careers can be obtained in the guid ance room a new department at NNHS this year. Wl-lERE'S THE FIRE? Field trips like this one to the Fire Depart- ment give history students firsthand knowledge of how the city is run. Also in the Social Studies Department, government is re- quired for the first time in a more diversified program. 26 oflffze Jluman fslofq STRAICHTEN EM UP BOYS' Down by the south gate the boys gym classes are buuldung sturdy crafts with all the lux urnes of strong m u sc l e s straight backs and numb'e feet Along with calnsthenucs games In season teach a thor ough understandlng of the In trlcacles of popular sports LET THE CLUTCH OUT slow ly and bear llghtly on the ac celerator thus drivers tram mg apprentice rs told These students receive actual traun Ing away from the yard but are taught fundamental rules of good and careful druvung wlthln the gates STARS OF TOMORQOW' Be fore the cameras th physical educatuon classes on the after deck show em the ropes Hmgh schools all over the s ate wall benefnt from the mov: s of the organnzatuon and actlvutnes made by thus well t avned crew under the auspices of the State Department of Educatuon 1 , , I I ' 1 . . V ll 11 - - 1 - I . I I . '- Q . , . 5 . . V . NEAR THE ENTRANCE TO THE SOUTH GATE, students learn to appreciate mu- sic by listening to recordings. They work diligently on songs to be sung at the dis- trict contest and spring concert. With amazing and amusing results our re quired music classes presented a sprightly musicale entitled The Cay Nineties in Song and Story tistic goals these students get daily in struction in the use of pencil charcoal pastels water color and oils In he spring field trips beckon them outside to do landscape sketching They are proud of their careful results some of which you may have seen on display in your tour of the library 'VN 28 THE BELLS ARE RINCINC as three percussion students get in a little prac tice Classes are divided according to the type ot instruments brass woodwind and percussion There are also junior band classes which prepare the lower classmen tor membership in the senior band it 1 it S 7 VX l lxw. ' ' ' I 4 1 I i CHARTINC THEIR COURSE toward are 'i ' ' . . 1 . - Q' ' fl", 'ffl T I 1 ' ii , g 'll l lx. V . ' - A h 1 ZQ- is ' V174 . ' . . , A y . 1 - A 4 . ,. l S v Q X I tl p ancf Znuncialion EDUCATION MARCHES BACKWARD nn thus scene from the play Tom Sawyer presented by the Drama Department for the Patrons League Besides presenting the sprung and tall plays students In the drama classes helped with the stagnnq of the Cantata In March and of the an nual Sprung Concert THE KILLER STALKS AGAIN maght be the theme of thus drama sknt ullustratnng stage pictures which IS the arrangement of the actors on the stage to sunt the plots Also Included In the two years course of drama us the study ot makeup dsrectlng and playwrltlng Thus year two student plays were presented at gradua tion PERFECT TIMING' ln the radlo room Speech 4 students record a chapter ot Luttle Women for use on the Beacon on the Aur Show Taming sound effects pronunciation control room slgnals and voice control must be considered by the speech classes In recording the stories heard each week I - - I 1 , . , ' ' 3 - 11 11 X l ,, 1 1 ' 6 1 . 4, vim ,jimi A 3 .L........... i NU' E T . 'C7 X, ' F' V fl - 11 7, Y -, W. , , . , - 1 1 I I lf t L 29 DEAD BATTERY? Need a sparkplug? ln auto mechanics modern trouble shootung equipment IS used as much as a wrench or jacks Students receave practical experu ence nn reparrnng by worklng on the cars of the faculty members or students OF THE NEWER SHOP COURSES the mo chlne shop us probably the most popular Beglnnlng with a workung knowledge of lathes and drulls vocatlonal students per fect simple hammers and then more com plncated devices such as gears pupe stands and juuce extractors AND RUN THIS THROUGH John Wormock adds the fnnnshung touches on hrs Inland lamp an advanced wookwork Book ends lamps and tables are popular proyects nn thus class THE BASlC REQUIREMENT for any of the shops IS a years draftnng Basuc draftnng Illustrated by the plcture begins wnth scale model drawmgs of odd shaped blocks Thus later develops unto architectural mechanu cal drawnngs and the luke Often a pupnl IS allowed to blue prnnt one of has draw ings THE MUCH AWAITED WEEK' The best an :ndustrlal craftsmanshnp as dlsplayed a nually each spring Projects from a copper bowl to a printed lob mark the varnety of abnllty ln NNHS shop boys - ll - 11 I - I - I - I I I . , . . . - 1 I I - , . - ll - ll - n- X . na xv'-'l 0a-Une-jul gacpmience SHOWCASES AND SALESBOOKSI Re- tail selling students learn to handle both. Here Harold C-askins and Whar- ton Graham prepare a display of Scout equipment for a local department store. This course is on-the-job experi- ence for future vocations. HOW WOULD YOU LIKE a dentist appointment every afternoon? Virgie Stoneham doesn't mindl This year she has been assistant in a local dentist's office under the diversified occupa- tions plan. J ,ff f 'Q THIS SHOE WILL FIT like CinderelIa's slipper. John Spivey, through the re- tail selling course, has learned to sell products successfully and satisfy cus- tomers. This year 35 students, enrolled in this course, held afternoon positions from which they collected "take-home pay" while learning the ropes. OCCUPATION OR VACATION? To Elsie Nichols the job of record clerk at a local radio station is a wonderful way to "earn a living." Other DO stu- dents have held positions as photog- raphers, electrical repairmen, survey- ors, and nurses aides. Recifwi amf Siqlea THESE FUTURE MATES learn the care of babies. Their home management course teaches them the principles of house planning, treatment of the sick, and, as its name implies, how to manage a home. When they take over, everything will be smooth sailingl PREPARINC TO TAKE THE HELM of the home eighth and ninth grade girls study and menu planning in home economics class They learned to prepare nutritious meals and to set and serve a table in the very best style Some students like Barbara Ander son and Rosa Griggs made sandwiches or cookies during their class periods for Patrons League receptions and other school functions 57 if Y' if-"f XV ' f SEA WOMAN Mary Ellen Booth is fitted in her new wool gabardine vest When she finishes it off with a matching skirt and white blouse shell be a trim little craft In the extensive and instructive course the eighth graders learn to use a machine and to do important basic sew ing As the classes become advanced they do more difficult work making coats and suits and dresses 'K My V X N 'iv l ' A , x , lt A R, H ll I -'Fl . . ' 'tx .1 4 -my the fundamentals of cooking lx Ti . I I N, F . ll ' Al N, 'E T ' e lit? ' A , ' V 1 , ,K , 6 . . , s s ,,,-'jp if ' X 32 Speecf am! IQOOQVLQCQ lOOOO4 l 3456 l--Y 69. An adding ma- chine helps bookkeeping students to fig- ure the balance of entries into ledger. Everything from simple journalizing of transactions to complicated profit and loss statements is included in bookkeeping courses. HUNT AND PECK9 Never' Students learn in class the correct way to type with beginning finger exercises and tests of twenty words a minute for ten minutes with no more than five mistakes for a certificate Test increase in difficulty as the class progresses EICHTY WORDS A MINUTE will give me a certificate thinks Anne Liesmann who takes Shorthhand lll ln order that they might become more efficient future secretaries take dictation each day ,JK 4 ll ' D I I , Ax-M ' . H- 33 14 Ship 7fzal Will Jfaue fan? Sea lui? 34 an ' , 'Q ,W g a - -Rf ,sf ix x . , , '- a K ' . 1 1, . M S . ,W ,V , u L... ......- .,.... ,sz M .74 eifiyemifzip in-it As work progresses on the ship, the Senior Yard employees come to realize the significance ofthe work they are doing. If they live up to the motto of building good ships, they are upholding the high standards of the yard. In the Junior Yard, each student realizes that he has an im- portant job-to serve in the band or chorus or other organizations and clubs. Moreover, he has the privilege of choosing his student body of- ficers and having a voice in its government. In so doing he is building Citizenship. 35 MEETING COME TO ORDER PLEASE' says Nellne Bloxom preslclent as she pounds her gavel Meetrngs of the Student Councrl whrch are held every Tuesday have resulted an weekly dance rnstructrons a new pep ban ner Drner of the Week awards box for student sug gestlons and a March of Dames Drrve that went way over the top Representatrves are Perrce Carney Mrss Ethel Grldersleeve sponsor Stewart Holt Peebles Platt Krause THIRD Pulslfer Nlarrus SECOND ROW Tappan Trmberlake Fenrgsohn Olrason Gardner Tillman Belote and Gerlach ROW Taylor Zeaopulos Campbell Sampson Rabrnowrtz Shaw and Harrell FOURTH ROW Jarrett Parnell Wrse Barham Key Casey and Walker FIFTH ROW Masters Party Whutley Bradley Corey Marshall and Lockhart Asbell Becaude We Wall vqfwcufi glee! 661711 .feafwzfi '? TO BUILD GOOD ClTlZENSHlP rn o rr school rs the arm of the Honor Coun crl Vrolatrons of the honor code such as chcatrng and stealrng are referred to thus group composed of represen tatrves elected from each class Those servrng thus year are Martha Robeson Doug Goode Bobby Hornsby chalr man M Edward Motley advrser Mclvln Davrs Kay Marshall and Bull Leggett THREE HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE especrally when they belong t Nellie Bloxorn Kenneth Peebles and Helen Prttman chref executrvcs f the student body As prcsrdent Nellre presrdes at all councrl rneetrngs and school assemblres assrsted by Ken neth as the vice presrdent Helen keeps the mrnutes a d handles ll or r sponccnce rl 36 , 4 3' Q is K 5 J U r ' I 1, I 1 1-f 11 11 - - 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 . 1 1 1 1 f 1 ' 1 1 3 1 11 1 11 . - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 '1 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - - 1 I 1 1 1 I u V7 A 1 1 fv , , F O " TN' A ' N.. .. . . . 1 I 1 , H Cl C ' 3 1 4 "'4. 1 - ,JY rf . QW if -. 1 1 3 l L . - T - 1 x , 1 1 1 ' 1 V- 1 1 ' 1 SNOW WHITE AND THE TEN JOURNALISTS as portrayed by mem bers of the Internataonal alll o d nrze outstondlng work n the fneld of yournalrsm Representrng the Bea con and Anchor are Margaret Taylo Harr1etAronow Ann Thomas Jane Wornom STANDING Joyce Eubank Adele Morris Walter Wllmoth Pat Holt presrdent Forth Grace and Anne Lnesmann THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO SMILE SMILE SMILE for they are members of the Natlonal Honor Socnety Mem bers chosen by the faculty on the basrs of scholarshnp leadershnp d pendabulrty and seryrce are Jane Wornom Ola Hull Ann Thomas Nel Ile Bloxom Mary Ann Dorsey BACK ROW Norman Conn Marvrn Weger and Julne Conn jam Recacjmge Uuiilancfany rqcfueaemeni mu TOMORROW'S STARS" may come from thus ambltnous group of dramotnsts Troupe I22 of the National Thes plans rs composed of Camper, Hudgrns, Parnell, Bloxom, Taylor, Thornhlll, Howard, McCausley, Jones, Eanes, SECOND ROW Moms, Nelson, Fogle, Nncholson, New bull, Snyder, Holt, Le Compte, Zrlber, Aronoff, THIRD ROW Fox, Hazelwood, Martrn, Thompson, presrdent, Wornom, Garrett, Rus ell, Whutley, and Aronow ,, . 3 Y, .F ' 4 ' ' , ' , G- 3 0 I. ., ' . , fx . , I ., v 'T O' " I I I T , 'Q 2 L . I I I I . ' , v' . - L A All r x , M. , ' ' A Q - " ,I if I C, E . .8 ' 0 I ,, J 1 :T . Q . 5, . n ,z '55 Scroll, an honorary soclety to recog- -- , 4 I - - - 'J ' .,. , . ,' I f . 4? 'Q . A Q, 1, X r, A7 X C ' . -S I I V +I' I 5 I I 4, I . ' . f I gl I I 5 ar , E J , 1, We A ,J , ' Q ff:-. I I I . ff 'E Q U 1 , . , ., ,. ' I no 2 . . N . ui X 37 THE MIXED CHORUS includes 63 members on the roilz SECOND ROW: Barbara Brown, Norma Montague, Betsy FIRST ROW: Julia Pantele, Betty Gatling, Helen Hall, Menin, Ann Samuels, Nellie Wise, Harry Goodrich, Dick Roberta Jones, Shirley Nachman, Margaret Stinnette, Gage, Kenneth Crump, Carlton Rowell, Harry Warlitner, Betty Blanks, Betty Bazemore, Beverly Kline, Marjorie Kaufman, Peggy Williams, Eaith Grace, Ellis Moore, ruin Um 'ffaicoi an 7afew?fi "SWlNGlNG ALONG SINGING A SONG" members ofthe Senior Mixed Chorus helped build citizenship, Between September and graduation, under the direction of Mr. Gene Timmerman, the chorus made many hearts lighter by sing- ing at four city churches, at meetings of the Patrons League, the Kiwanis and Ro- tary Clubs and the AAUW, In its first home appearance, the singing Bobby Riddle, Sidney Barham, Jerry Joynes. ensemble set the Yuletide Spirit in the an- nual Christmas Assembly with the rousing "Hallelujah Chorus" from Handel's "Mes- siah" and the spirited, swift f moving "Sleigh," lt was April Eool's Day when the chorus went to Norfolk for the district contest, but the chorus wasn't fooling anyone when it was acclaimed "one of the best in the state," although no ratings were given by the iudges, MUSlC AND SMILES are the order of the day when the Boys Glee Club en tertains. Male songsters are Harry Goodrich, Dick Gage, Billy Dick, Ralph Wicke, Fay Ellis, Second Row: Ken- neth Crump, Charles Downs, Jeriy Joynes, Melvin Lewis, Paul Sandefur, Ashton Violette, Third Row: Harry Warlitner, Carlton Powell, Keith Wa terhouse, Doug Goode, George Fen- ton, Sidney Barham, and Mickey Mc- Namara, FIRST ROW: Grace Cumming, Marjorie Woodruff, Dolly SECOND ROW: Doug Goode, George Fenton, Melvin Vaughan, Renee Lampros, Virginia Sicelott, Ann Camper, Lewis, Charles Downs, Ashton Violette, Ralph Wicke, Mary I-landges, Jean Royal, Betty Warlitner, Ann Billy Dick, Fay Ellis, Jane Carney, Betty Lou Paris, Kath- Thomas, Shirley Tong, Elinor I-larnsberger, Eulo Cannon, erine Lambert, Margaret Ahern, Connie Weymouth. Ba rba ra Ea nes. in SMFFDWMQ W rqalfiwllied LAYING ASIDE their maroon robes to sport spring finery, the songsters presented their annual concert in May in conjunction with the band. Graduation night found the chorus saying goodbye in its last performance to 30 faith- ful members, and to its audience until the next sailing date. THE GIRLS IN Tl-IE GLEE CLUB already knew their ABC's, but they had fun singing them in an old nursery tune at the Spring Concert. After an absence of a year, the Glee Club made its first appearance at the Christmas assembly asking for their "Two Front Teeth." ONE GROUP of Newport High's favorite singers is the Boys Glee Club. This year the schedule was highlighted by their appear- ance in the Spring Concert when they sang "Joshua Fit the Battle of Jericho." "LOVELY TO LOOK AT," delightful to hear are the members of the Girls Glee Club. They are Brown, Monta- gue, Menin, Samuels, Thomas, Can- non, Lambert, Ahern, Weymouth, Second Row: Siceloff, Lampros, Vau- ghan, Woodruff, Cummings, Grace, Moore, Handges, Williams, Kaufman, Kline, Third Row: Bazemore, Wise, Jones, Pantele, Nachman, Gatling, Hall, Warlitner, Tong, Harnsburger, Eanes. Mafwh14!wi7 agafhm STUDENTS ARE ALWAYS glad to see and hear the band judged in district and state contests as one of the outstanding in the STOTG. The 90 Cold and Blue bandsters had a full schedule this year, At the half time of all football games, they marched into colorful formations: everything from a Shamrock to a camel. Also in the fall they joined the Warwick and Hampton High bands in the Peninsula Music Festival sponsored by the Women's Clubs, After weeks of dragging out of bed every morning except Monday to get to school for 8 a. m. rehearsals, the members were rewarded when the second annual "Pop" Concert on January 20 proved an outstand- ing event of the year. BRASS SECTION includes Early, Manning, Gray, Brinkley, Oliver, Barfielcl, Hutchison, Naff, Allen, SECOND ROW1 Shields, Seward, McCausley, Barfield, Harvey, Hogg, Foreman, Kitchen, Johnson, Wilson, THIRD ROW: Shocke ley, Underwood, Watson, Sterling, Telstead, Kitchen, Garrison, Taylor, Masters, FOURTH ROW: Kuble, Hogge, Midkiff, Halloman, Van Natter, FORMlNG A CAMEL, the bandsters "l LOVE A PARADE" might be the theme song of these leaders of the band, The four foot-flashy flagtwirlers are Nancy Miffleton, Jane Wornom, Ola Hill, and Nancy Fogle. To- gether with strutting drum major, Billy Peach, and l95O Band Sponsor Carolyn Powell, they add color to all band appearances whether in parade or concert, in Qhauyu .fudge rqncf fi IN THE PERCUSSION SECTION are Jean Sher- man, Mary Moore, Edwin Markoff, Robert Lacy, Douglas Steele, SECOND ROW: Reuel Walker, Thomas Weymouth, Pat Buffington, Robert Al- len, Billy Peach. Other instruments handled by this versatile group in concerts are the tympani, cymbals, bells or for special effects rnarimbas and triangles. of Araby" at the Turkey Day Tilt. WOODWIND SECTION members are Wimmer Menin, Arrol, Cohen, Weger, Moody, Powell Babb, Key, SECOND ROW: Burcher, Jackson Roberts, Phillips, Chapman, Buffington, Holt Mosteller, Holloman, THIRD ROW: Levy, Cros well, Smith, Chapman, Atkins, Wise, Coe, Riley, FOURTH ROW: Jones, Savage, Goldberg, Cofer, Shelby, Unthank, Price. MARCH 25 FOUND the band members boarding buses for a trip to Maury High School in Norfolk to take part in the Dis- trict Music Contest. They were given a superior rating in the most difficult music group. On the nights of May l7 and l8, the band under the baton of Miss Eleanor Sherman, director, presented its annual Spring Con- cert with the chorus. Not soon to be forgot- ten was the rendition of "Barnboula." Mixing with their music oysters and seafood at the Oyster Bowl and Seafood festival parades, potatoes at the Potato Festival in Elizabeth City, N. C., and ham at their Smithfield appearance, the musicians con- cluded a full season-fulll Zane! Well Um flafzii ELIZABETH WALKS AGAIN wlth the old of her doctors and mold In Act 3 of the fall ploy The Borretts of Wnm pole Street WHEN THE AUDIENCE left the performance of Arsenuc and Old Lace they took with them a lasting suspucuon of elderberry wnne a deslre not to meet Boris Karloff ln a dark alley and a resolve to see the next play CAST Abby Brewster Helen Pittman Betty Tnllman The Rev Dr Harper Bobby Taylor Teddy Brewster Alvnn Fox Offncer Brophy Danny Campbell Offucer Klenn Jummy Overton Martha Brewster Cotherlne Newblll Rosemary Howard Elanne Harper Mary Ellen Booth Nancy Foglc. OBLIVIOUS OF HER STERN FATHER S PRESENCE Hen rletta buckles on the sword of her sweetheart nn on other scene from the foll ploy THE COMBINATION of a wonderful love story of two poets good actors capable dlrec tlon and a newly decorated set made the fall play Barretts of Wnmpole Street a success ful productlon CAST Mr Glbbs Jonathon Brewster Dr Ennstenn Oftncer O Hora Lueutenont Rooney Mr Wutherspoon r Hoskans Mr Spenalzo j Ernest Sheet Ruchard Thompson Ralph Wlcke Ben Kitchen Joel Werblow Charles Becker Robert Whntlev Doctor Chambers Eluzabeth Barrett Moulton Barrett Wllson Henrietta Moulton Barrett Arabel Moulton Barrett Octavnus Moulton Barrett Septumus Moulton Barrett Alfred Moulton Barrett Charles Moulton Barrett Edward Moulton Barrett Bella Hedley Henry Bevan Robert Brownmg Doctor Ford Waterlow Captain Surtees Cook Flush Alvnn Fox Nancy Nelson Roy Caplan Mary Ellen Booth Rosemary Howarl Ralph Wlckc Moduson Price Joel Werblow Billy Unthonk Richard Thompson Betty Tillman Charles Becker Floyd Smuth Bully Jester Vernon Holloman Mon Petnt Chou OPERATION PLASTIC SURGERY IS about to be per DROP DEAD gets a polite twlst from Aunts Martha formed upon Mortumer Brewster by Jonathan and Dr and Abby Brewster as they say to theur boarder Have Eunsteln an a scene from Arsennc and Old Lace a glass of elderberry wune . ., - I I , ll - II ' ' I I T I I - ' I ll ' 11 , . . V 1 ' -r-rr-rr rrrrr-rrrrrr rrrr I I , , ' ' YVVVVVVV VVYVVVVV V V Mortimer Brewster , s..... ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,. J o mes Russell - ,,,,,,,, , H , ' , ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,s , , , . ,,,,,,, s - , ' .I I H ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,.,,.. I HH ,,f,,,,,,,, V ,VVV f ffffffffffffsfffffffffffffffffT e ssss I ' - M, A I . ' ......... . v ' F I 42 Wheihm .L'eacf4 aa Su ala Qs. X-V-?"' 9-0-v' UP IN THE ELIES Jlmmy Hazelwood Brll Martln Tom my Garrett Erancls Holt and James Nlcholson of thc stage crew make last mnnute repalrs before senclung up the curtain on the sprung play ON THE JOB repaunnq the set are Ida Lee Thornh 'I Make Anastaslou Joel Werblow and Rogers Hamllton members of the furniture staff YOUR STUBS PLEASE request the heads of the ef fuclent usher staff Jean Thompson Sally Smuth Peggy Wulluams Margaret Taylor and Dorothy Huclglns IIIIIIIIIIII II Ill O ALL DRESSED UP by Alma Le Compte and Ann Parnsh the heads of the costume staff two members of the fall play cast are ready to make thenr entrances FORGET A LINE9 There ns no need to worry when Mary Sue Nelson IS back of the set to prompt Thus as one of the jobs of the assistant dnrectors staff IT WOULD BE EASIER TO GROW ONE murmors a stage ospurant to Tessue Anastaslou head of the make up staff as she applues spurut gum and false hanr to give hum a mustache x K I I M Ag. . ' 2 ye o 'A I 2 ,f , . "T , I-if f. ' I f RN e It L . ,TJ A , I f - A , gg Z . fx G1 :EV 5 " " .5 lie . . V . f ,T V W 3 l ,J ' ku' ft, , 'JI t in .U h I f L 5' fxx 'v C ' I z X., x Y , I Q I N.. --V-- I . I , E M 5 M 5 N l -M T KIA ix It ' X 2 "zz, I xx I I -4. X A x X 4 V -'gd X . X I . -N T X ' x. Y A .N I I , y XNNXEQQ 9 , 'Nggx 4 V ' r y I I I I I T I I I I 1 E V I I I I ' I I A I T 1 , f -- 4 43 Neff BEACONstructors must keep in mind good citizen- ris Hill, Mildred Jones, Janet Belote, Joe Platt, Har- ship as they edit their bi-weekly newspaper. On the riet Aronow, Patricia Holt, Kenneth Fulton, Walter fall staff actively at work are Nellie Bloxom, Mor- Wilmoth, and Peggy Hood. flaaifeci Una 4a THE BEACON LAUNCHED many new attractions this year. Miniature bas- ketball editions appeared at each home game complete with rosters and scoreplaces. A tricky April Fool issue with unique pictures was edited for the first time since l948. Interviews with such famous figures as C-len Davis, of West Point fame, were featured in each issue. Top honors were given to the first semester Beacons. These papers won first place honor ratings from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association and the top All American rank from the National Scholastic Press Association. In the spring, The Beacon sent five representaiives to the Southern Inter scholastic Press convention at Lexington to get new ideas and to round out a successful year under the new adviser, Mr, Don Green. THE VOICE OE NNHS brings students up-to-date on school happenings each Saturday morning via the Beacon-on-the Air Show, Expressing their views on the news are Nancy Nelson, Frank Simmons, William Blayton, and Mary Ann Dorsey, TIME OUT EOR A PICK-UP! Editors of The Beacon, Walter Wilmoth, Pat Holt, Harriet Aronow, and Morris Hill are enjoy' ing a pause that refreshes before going back to work again. vs "ANCHOR'S AWAY?" will be the joyful cry of these Parnell, Nellie Bloxom, Bonnie Greene, Lynda busy members of the Anchor staff when the year Avant, Grace Cumming, Second Row: Walter Wil- luaak is finally completed. The editors of the various moth, Jane Carney, Diana Rhode, Adele Morris, sections are Anne Liesmann, Margaret Taylor, Joyce Gerline Aronoff, and Jean Gardner. of spear, We nw THE ANCHOR'S WORKERS and planners this year gained their experience in the fall of l949, After serving a year of apprenticeship as a junior staff, the most efficient members were appointed as editors of the eight sections, Although a first class rating was given to last year's annual at Columbia, the staff of the l95O Anchor hopes to win the rating given to a select few of the first class books-the rating of "Medalist," ln the Spring the Anchor sent four representatives to Southern lnterscholas- tic Press Association Convention at Lexington to receive suggestions for next year's book, The staff of 36 has worked extra hard this year to distribute l25O books that will be enjoyable through the years as a record of life in NNHS in the year 1950. I 3 OFF TO GET THOSE CONTRACTS SIGNED, are the super-salesmen of the 5 Anchor staff: Margaret Taylor, Nellie F Bloxom, Martha Robeson, Faye Epstein, Jane Wornom, Julia Pantele, Alice Moore, Betty Cluverius, and Bonnie Greene, staff manager issuing the forms. fs.. SLEEPLESS NIGHTS and late hours at school are sig- nificant of Ann Thomas, associate editorj Melville John- son, business manager, and Jane Wornom, editor, when it is time for Anchor deadlines to be met. Gullwale Knowlecfge of UMM llblfwwi ALL SET TO BREAK THE PIN ATA and get the goodues lnslde the anxlous members of the Span Ish Club crowd around President Duana Rhode at their Chrlstmas fuesta Besldes fnestas the club partucupated In a Patrons League program and many of the mem bers corresponded with Spanush students In South American coun trues Senors and Senorltas are Ruth Moss Rona Fnsher Julua Pan ee lda Lee Tharnhrll Sylvra Moody Darlnng Anderson Rene Lampros Diana Rhode presudent Ruta Bromberg Mona Gable Mary Mac Gray Ray Caplan Mass Mar tha Hatcher sponsor Harrlet Aronow Ola Hlll Elrzabeth Kung Kneeling Tommy Johnson Thomas Chapman Claude Barfleld Roo ert Pegram Jimmy Wulson Charle Knox WATCH THOSE WEAPONS' claum members of the SPQR Latm Club to Gladnators Duck Gage and Robert Scull as they display Ro man flghtung At monthly me lngs and at a special meeting for the Patrons League different Dlcted The Popull Roman: are Taylor Bloxom Jones Thomas Dresndent Luesmann Hutton Mass Elma Free sponsor Second Row Sawyer Phullrps Selby Wolfe Wlllrams Wornom Nachman Thlrd Row Becker Erlach Nelson Snyder Walker Lewus Fourth Row Strader Hull Fogle Garrett Taylor Marshall Fnfth Row Jar rett Llewellyn Pnllaman Mellor Fowler Jester Suxth Row Odell Smlth Seward Underwood Bar ham Padgett Powell Tlmberlake Sorenson Overton LIBERTY AND EQUALITY are the words the emblem commuttee of the French Club are dnllgently sewing on their banner Joining an to help are Stanley Krause Patty Poffenberger Soma Baxter James Russell Shzrley McCausley Patty Parker and Vlrgll Rowe Dlsbanded ln l94l the club re organlzed thus year when French agaln appeared In the curriculum The members took an actlve part on a Patrons League program and m two social affairs I l, , . f I I T t l , , , , , , , , f I I T , , , f , - , V . I I T I I 3 ,, H . ex- . .I I L , . Ql- , , phases of Roman lufe were de- , , , , I I I A f f . , , , f f , , : I I I , I I - , , , f I I ' A , , f f , A . . , , - f I I I - ,f ,, , , - , , V , . I . ,an enum ay em, 4,6 ROBERT FROST BEWARE' Here rs e Creative Wruters Club prepar rn to challenge your works Read rn poetry at a monthly meetrng are Mass Annye B Burbank spon sor Norman Conn Ann Newsome Martha Robeson Betty Warlltner Drana Rhode Elrzabeth Kmg Isa belle Rubert Duck Gage Gerllne Aronoff Ann Timberlake Adele Morrrs presrdent and Jane Wor nom The Wrnters Club entertanned at a banquet un the school s Home Economics Department to review therr annual booklet Launch rngs a 50 page magazune of creatlve works of Engllsh creatrve wrrtrng students SHADOW A LITTLE MORE AT THE FRONT lnstructs Mr Wal lram Cryer to the members of th Art Club as they take advantage of the tune fall weather usy sketchrng are these future artists Lorrarne Carmine Ann Somuels president Reba Srlverman Anne Dickenson Beverly Klrne Adele Morrls Mabel Reese Pat Patten berger and on the ground Anuta mae Snead WILL THEY LEARN THE INNER MOST SECRET OF ATOMIC EN ERGY7 Evidently they are progres sung for thus dusplay on the atom and other screntutuc prolects won them the Muller Award last year for having the most outstanding club In the state Dlsplayung therr work at a Patrons League meeting are Shnrley McCausley Jean Gard ner Marvrn Weger John Schuer mann James Nicholson May r Levy Mass Susle Floyd sponsor Bnlly Peach Jean Thompson Joyce Parnell Back Row Vnrgrl Rowe Mary Ann Dorsey presrdent Jean ette Llewellyn, and Lynn Holz- bach, This year, "Marine Lite on the Peninsula" was the main project. in Shine la Secwze Jfamu TO HOlST THE JUNIOR RED CROSS FLAG over the SS Cutnzenshlp these members make plans for theur cam pouon Each homeroom was represented nn the follownng octnvntucs of the year helpmg out at hospltals sendung Chnstmos cards to children s hosputals and partlclpat PACKAGES FOR THE CHILDREN over In the European countrres get flnushung touches from these mem bers of the Junnor Future Hom makers of Ameruca Practucxng for social dutnes un the future mem rncomung freshmen and entertauned at a tea for theur mothers Busy at work are Peogy Bostuc Jewell Phxpps Betty Lanahan Daralue Suegel May Aluce Revers Char Icne Nachman and Loretta Scull :ng un the parade held for the Red Cross Drnye Mcmbcrs ore Lupford Powell Harrison Moss Mary Lou McCohull sponsor Asher Good Fenton Standlng Sums Puoh Justuce Krause Domino Walkcr Harpune Hutton Roln erts Werner Gable Sawyer Brown Lackey and Cook IX nt TIS THE WEEK BEFORE CHRlST MAS and the e members of tht Sensor FHA are decorating for thc yard s holiday dance Other actly :tres of the year Included acting as hostesses for the Pennnsula clubs sponsorung a cover dash sup per to award pins for outstanding work and a mother and daughter banquet Santo s helpers are Nancy Morgan Edith Hester Clara What held Juduth Marks and Nancy TL k I I I ' - T I I I I F I - A- E 4 5 , , 1 I Y, c I Y I I I I I I . I l ' 'S-'V - - - D A , 1214, '12, -L' M . "t W "' ' f X . . ' ll 'll , A tl ,W ,ef Q L ' bers held o fashion show for the N "J H QR l M - - - IIA . i 1 S ' . S . xxx SKS! r- lt HM! T ' ' l 5 jr , 1 s 2 , , - 'fs X , . 5 , I f A s. 2 . I I . l . . 5 I I , . F uk H l . ' ' F I ,lx N , F , I' Q 'R .1 - . f r 5 ' xc . nn ': , ,, l ll l V t ' l I U . 5 f 48 404 Shanqaz eomnuuulfaoi COMMUNITY HELPERS are th members ot the Key Club an hon orary oraanrzatlon sponsored by the local Knwams Club They have contributed toward theur clty and yard by usherung at football games d butnna basketball schedules promotung relations among the other yards on the vrcunuty Key Clubbers are Duck Bartleld Whlt ley Russell Nicholson Prater Chappell Padgett Johnson Peach president Plott Lewls Levy Holt Vuo ette Conn Gage Odell Weger Thomas Garrett Kitchen Holzbach Wllmoth Sterling U thank Coe Spivey Mosteller am Mr Lloyd Clark sponsor DISPLAYING THE POSTER that won them first prize at the Rach mond conventuon the members of the Dlstrlbutors Club beam wnth e ln the fall the club sent a representative to the Vzrgunfa State Conventlon un Rlchmond and later rn the year held a jolnt pncnuc with students from Warwxck Wnl llamsburg and Hampton Shown above are Spuvey presldent Har den Johnson Graham Hudgms Gros Standing Mears Saunders Ollver Farmer Langston Lampros and Cathey The sponsor IS Mr Wllllam Shumate HI YD AND HANDSOME' Hugh school boys who lolned the Y thus year sponsored a pep rally for the Hampton football game CJ faculty basketball game and a banquet and dance for the sensors Names on the roll are Slmmons Olausen Hedgepeth Second Row Brown Mr Wull1amShumate span sor McNamara Hll presldent Peebles Holzbach Davus Hornsby Thlrd Row Hurnbert Crump Woodward Wood Begor Beau champ Plott Atkins Haskuns and Masters TEEN TIMERS develop their tal ents through partlclpatlon In the Y Teens Among the accom pllshments of the newly organized Y Teens were sending thelr repre sentatlves to the tn clty conven tion In Washungton maknng Chrlst mas favors for the hospltals and partlclpatung an a Valentine party ln the picture these members are holding thenr lnstallatuon ceremony tnc Fenton Garrett Rome Twy for Phllllps Menln Hall and Babb O l Y Q X . k , Al.. A ' , A- - A ' . ' 1. H 3 Q 33 X I V L -fs-, ..fN"u at f ll A I , , r X I ' . X' f' A ' ' wg A I I A . I , H H 1 1 I A A 1 ' ' v 2 , I ,r 2 l E , I , I A - I ' . H1 T - , , O I 'I I- - , . A . .I Mrs. George Abel, Williams, Bos- ' I I I A I A Cl, , , I A , . a- ' h y an . . I , I I I - I I I ' I I l l f , , , ff , I , , '1- , . , I I I ,t I I 4. . . . R. X prld . , ' I I - ' . l. . ' I ' ' . K , V x X" I I I I P . ' . I 'Q It Q E . K :Mx 4 amz, Um 0 ,M seq expats, "SAY lT WITH MUSIC" sing these Junior Chorus members as they prepare to enter the Eastern District Music Festival for the tirst time. Stewart, Wellington, Williams, Jones, Crumpler, Gaskins, Reese, Drucker, Conn, Weiner, Meredith, Carmine, Booker, Saunders, Geor- galas, Poulos, SECOND ROW: Miller, Buck, Corey, Gott, Asbell, Gaye lord, McLawhorn, Lackey, Pollard, Goode, Stall, Marshall, Christie, Smith, Carney, THIRD ROW: J, Bryant, Phillips, V, Bryant, Spiers, Yates, Jones, Lewis, Henderson, Joyner, Coussoulos, Gott, Kratzsch, Anderson, Nelson, Tyler, Shockley, FOURTH ROW: Carter, Fenton, Phillips, Turnage, Tuck, Adams, Dale, Winstead, White, Peach, Lackey, McAlwee, Hutton, Goad, Newsome, Nash, Sisson, and Buck ingham. JUNIOR MISSES AND MISTERS OF THE BAND Organized in 1947 members participated at all iunior varsity home football games and in the city parade Junior muisicians are Morrison Morgan Selby Eure Lewis Simpson Hogan Shockley Ratclitf Whiteman Joyner Whitmore Taylor Clay Staten Moss SECOND ROW Hoban Rusky Coleman Walker Party Valheim Miller Roberts Harden Raine Warren THIRD ROW Garrett Wornom Dunn Knight Spears Wright Holly Curling Gwaltney Bennett Smith Campbell Roberts Spencer FOURTH ROW Beasley Padgett Seay Carroll Midkitt Moore Marsh Lassiter Hussey Forehand and Davenport 50 t is 'X IX if 4 , P f I A Y X I 0 i 1 D 4 A A N 1 " J 41' 'T N E W, , t l g swugfa? the Junior Band has grown to a membership at 55. This year the PUVTING ON THE RITZ' The are on theur way to root for the The members of the cheerung add space and sprrut to pep home games but also support NNHS pepsters old home team squad not only assemblues and the team when It plays away Gold and Blue pepsters are Bar bara Brown Betty Cluveruus Mary Ann Buck Barbara Holly Sally Smnth head cheerleader Barbara Belote Phyllis Stortz Anna Mae Bishop and Mary Lynn Morgan vqmf Keep 0144 gediful S7101-df! PINT SIZED BUN DLES OF PEP are our leaders Elected from the nunth and tenth grades they are the backbone supporters of the junior varsrtf football and basket a teams Thenr names? Mllne Pad gett head Shrrley Da vus Jean Roberts and Kay Marshall F I - ' I , I I I I I I 1 , 1 I , , , V - I l 1 X . snappy junior Chee'- , . . .X 4 . . , b II . ' . i ' - . ' 5 A ' affw , , 51 ,uw vmywezwmsmwm wwf" 52 .941fhe-4 '7!wf14aeB' .f"" The next step in the building of ships is the ap- plication of paint to make them seaworthy and to give them a more attractive appearance. Without careful work, the ships would soon be- gin to show the effect of sun and storm. In the Junior Yard, it's friends that help the pupils en- joy "Blue Skies" and endure "Stormy Weather." The associations they make with their class- mates and teachers in home room, the cafeteria, the hall, on the curbstone, or at the soda foun- tain continue to grow through the years. That's why it's important to build Friendship. 53 7f1.e Keel, a Shy fnbuz OFFICERS OF THE FIVE CLASSES take t ea y when thelr duties are done THIS FLAC POLE SITTING TRIO conducts attalrs ot the enghth grade class In buster moments Kenneth Packett secretary Edna Kegly vlce president and Mac Langston president and Barbara Fox secretary and vlce presldent of the freshman class as Ralph Whltley pres :dent nonchalantly ugnores their burdens of books SAMPLINC. THE LOFTY ATMOSPHERE they wall reach next year as hugh sensors the of fncers of the low sensor class fund nt to thelr llknng Executives are Kenneth Crump vlce president Mnke Anastasuou secretary and Bully Peach presudent COME AWAY WITH ME LUCILLE l mean Marnlyn sings Bully Key In my merry Bunck convertnble As he croons the vlce presudent ot the sophomore class opens the door of the car tor Marilyn Parker secretary SMILES PREDOMINATE as Lynn Holzbach president Carolyn Powell secretary and James Lockhart vnce presnclent ottncers of the lannor class make thenr exit for there s no more school untul tomorrow' i s ' ' . , ' ' Q , ' ll "IS CHIVALRY DEAD?" ponder Jane Peirce ' ." , ' ' 1 1 ' I 1 - I 1 I 54 an me amz mm, of sczmz HOMEROOM lO3 EIGHTH GRADE MR WILLIAM CRYER TEACHER FIRST ROW Jlmmy Bleakley Norrrs Appersan Jnmmy Elanne Black Nancy Baker Ann Benton Patsy Allred Bradley Baker Asher Ronald Barlow Bully Beasley Dan THIRD ROW Shirley Benthall Peggy Becknell Carlton Bradley SECOND ROW Mr Cryer Wilma Amburgey Adams Eugene Wesley John Rowe Vrctor Slone Jimmy Beverley Avant Faye Bell Ann Bell Frances Apple Axley Gay Allen Georgra Blcouvaras HOMEROOM I05 EIGHTH GRADE MISS MARTHA HATCHER TEACHER FIRST ROW Alvin Knight Leonard Spuvak Walter Ley land Donald Howard Jack Allen Joe Lanner Thomas Keesee SECOND ROW Mass Hatcher Barbara Jones Betty Lackey Charlese Jones Ann Swaln Ethelyn Jack son Gladys Joyner Janet Joyner Barbara Kubel Nancy Jones THIRD ROW Claudna Hussey Genus Blrd Crowder Edna Kegley Marpone Krause Raymond Lang ston Nlck Karlos Francis Lackey Mac Langston Faye Jones Fay Kessel HOMEROOM IO7 EIGHTH GRADE MRS LUELLA BECKER TEACHER FIRST ROW Bully Hedgepeth Paul Hanna John Adams Sudney Hubbard Granvulle Hall Woodne Garrett Johnny Garrett Sproull Johnson Terry Futrell Odell Garner SECOND ROW Mrs Becker Betty Hamby Mary Gar rett Dons Godsey Katherln Gayle Betty Grant Jean Hudgnns Audrey Grlffan Joanne Goff June Hicks Charles Hall THIRD ROW Margorue Goad Bernice Harcum Jessue Harcum Raymond Jordan Tum Howell Kenneth Joyner Ben Gordon Dons Harplne Donna Keranen Betty Hamllton Jerry Harden Myrtland Hen derson A ,t . '. I . y 5 4I' i A fb If I J , . sc! ,, ,- ' I I - I ' I I I I I I I I T I I I - I ' I I l I I ' ' I I T I I I - f 1' .,w1.If 0 Z 1 'Wm fllalfinq, Mwinq cz Rl 'HS' HOMEROOM 121 ElC1HTH GRADE FIRST ROW Edward Dobblns Earl Fox Leonard Frner man Ronald Prevrlle Rennie Duck SECOND ROW Mr Loop Jeryl Dlamont Maxine Damlno Patrlcla Gaddns Norma Ferro Barbara Ferro Barbara Drucker Nancy HOMEROOM 206 EIGHTH CRADE FIRST ROW Frank Buck James Davenport Bully Camp bell Gerald Bunting James Bunn John Haban SECOND ROW Mr Levy Frona Conn Yvonne Dale Betty Car ter Joyce Bryant Pat Councll Sonya Creech Sally Copeland Annta Case Dons Cooke Peggy Cox THIRD HOMEROOM 214 EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW Vernon Rosser Carter Harrlson Franklun Mntchell Harry Mears Alvin Muzelle Davld McMahon SECOND ROW Mass Krlsch Bettue Moore Joan Lewis Jean Moore Joan Lofgren June McAfee Elnzabeth Lanahan May Llewellyn Kathryn Layne Lnlluan Martnn 56 MR CARLOS LOOP TEACHER Forehand Nancy Dlllaman Polly English THIRD ROW Peggy Davls Shlrley Davis Kenneth Fodrey Norwood Davis Burton Fowler John Dunn Carolyn Eure Jean Denton Ruby Emory MR HERMAN LEVY TEACHER ROW Haddon French Bowen John Crouch Joyce Cruck enberger Leroy Curry Vernon Cartwright Randale Pounders Bobby Camper Ann Carney Rodger Clark Phyllns Bryant MISS ELINE KRISCH TEACHER THIRD ROW Sallle Madra Anna Lankford Stephen Morgan Leroy Anderson Cllnton Mrdknff Arlene Mc lntnre Cllfton McLawhorn Roger Moore Roberta Man nmg Peggy Bostnc . . 1 I .W - 1 1- vf' V A 5 fy F5 , I bl A - Vs. - 5, H ' g I L1 I . X , , .. V W 4 . V . 3 . A 1 33 i . - Nag.. we 7 an '- U 1, +1 g 1 I f 1, . 1 ,Q 5 1 A ,Q 1 x I K :K may M i ,nf A , . I 11' 1, ,N 1 1. I 1 1 1 1 I ,, ' 1 ' , f ,f A- . 9 . T S I : I 1 I I I ' I - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 5 1 1 1 1 4 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - R I - 3 I ' I ' I I - ' I I T 1 1 1 1 1 1 ,, 1 3 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 I I I I I I I - 3 1 1 -1 1 1 1 ' , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 '7a1f!1efVe111 fziencf HOMEROOM 2l9 EICHTH GRADE FIRST ROW Glenn Nelson Warren Powell Claude Per health Billy Powell Edward Poe Lawson Sparrow Jerry Overman Joe Parker Norris Padgett Jack Nelson SECOND ROW Mrs Amott Daralie Siegel Charlsie Pen nington Barbara Patterson Nancy Morris Rochelle Per son Theresa Phillips Faye Rawling Betty Jo Phillips HOMEROOM 303 EIGHTH GRADE Y ardson Marvin David Corvallis Ramey Allen Roberts Clarence Roberts George Silk Charles Sparrow Ralph Rabrnowitz SECOND ROW Miss Cox Ann Smith Lynn Steele Helen Theophilos Shirley Sparrow Elaine Stein HOMEROOM 3l8 EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW John Smith James Talbert Thomas Terry Richard Balser Bobby Smith William Spencer Frank lin Smith Coulbourn Tyler SECOND ROW Miss Mc Cahill Ruby Smith Jacqueline Sykes Jean Tappan Sue Stockton Ann Thomas Barbara Soar Betty Braswell MRS ANN AMOTT TEACHER Betty Mosteller THIRD ROW Loretta Scull Mary Queensberry Jackie Shaw Mary Alice Revere Charlene Nachrnan Loretta Morris Billy Perzan Kent Puckett Delores Nash Betty Ritch Jewel Phipps Blanche Mor aan Helen Peradas Beatrice Morgan MISS FRANCES COX TEACHER Simmons THIRD ROW Joan Taylor Myrtle Terry Har old Rhodes William Sawyer Bobby Schwelda Lem Seay Bobby Thompson Billy Scarlett Betty Page Spiers Nancy Taylor MISS MARY LUE McCAHlLL TEACHER Elaine Guilliams Marie Biddle THIRD ROW Antoinette Themides Barbara Dean Dwight Beasley Dale Smith Cabell Slaydan Frank Snyder Donnie Stortz Bickfoid Rowe Jimmy Tomlin Shirley Ilish Mary Statan ' as AQ I .H -Vs .IR ,K tt. A Ak T Y T M 1 QM 5 I. 1 . s X . lf. , . . G., ,1 jg' 1 ' 1 3 1 - 1 3 1 1 ' I 5 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 I . l I I I , U T , I I ' 1 1 1 1 I .I I FIRST ROW: Tomm Brown, Paul Shannon, William Rich- Marsha Sloate, Joanna Solomon, Betty Smith, Shirley 1 1 1 1 1 5 , , - -1 1 -F 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . I - I I ' ' 1 1 1' ' " 1 , , 4 I - 1 4 I 3 ' - - 1 1 I , ' 1 1 1 1 1 , , , 1 1 1 1 57 7fne I ' , gxcfz ' XVGZIQL HOMEROOM 321 EIGHTH GRADE MISS REBECCA SUTTLE TEACHER FIRST ROW Milford Wllllams Sonny Spencer Bobby Young James Wyatt Buddy Stern Lucnous Stanfleld Davud Wainwright James Tennant Joe Wise SECOND ROW Mass Suttle Moonyeen Warren Jeanne Wunstead White Jean Weaver Mary Townsley Blondma Tomlm THIRD ROW Elizabeth Turnage Beverly Zegopulo Ronny Stallings Patsy Watson Barbara Whntmer Walter Jessup Bully Young George Tanner Perry Wornom Ste HOMEROOM IO6 FRESHMAN MR LLOYD CLARKE TEACHER FIRST ROW Thomas Deuell Preston Faulk Wlllnazn Deuell Kenneth Crang Wnlllam Davis Donald Emerson Ronald Eason C B Courtney Edward Eure SECOND ROW Mr Clarke Shurley Cox Helen Coussoulos Carol Eastman Evelyn Farmer Jean Dangler Mary Anne Mnchle Clarissa Edwards Alnce Casklns Loulse Crump ler THIRD ROW Allen Azzell Ronald Jenknns David Falk Maron Farrar Bobby Curling Robert Conley Glen wood Crockett Harry Letts Roy Deuell Wulllam Fulcher HOMEROOM II2 FRESHMAN MISS LILLIAN TODD TEACHER FIRST ROW Bully Chrnstensen Ralph Boger Gene Chap pell Edwun Coleman Bull Columbia Phnl Allen Geora Cayton Bully Burton SECOND ROW Mass Todd Deborah Burnham Patrncla Colluns Dorothy Carter Nancy Chris tnan Peggy Clay Nelda Cobb Irma Carter Shirley Clark Peggy Campbell THIRD ROW Jo Ann Carroll Carolyn Parker Jo Ann Astor Elwood Carroll Louus Coley Frank Cannon Donald Brandt John Amburgey Margaret Brewer Martha Brown Muldred Chaney . .D -1 ' . . XV , I : P I ' , '---f Q Tr- , ., , 'U .I ' A 2 It IJ 9 f . .. . , , , . I I I I I I Sl , , 5 A I- y , , , Joyce Vanni, Nancy Walker, Vlrgnnna West, Shnrley phen Sprouse, De Loss Troup, Shurley Wellington. , , - 1 I A I I ' I ' I 1 I I ' 3 - 1 1 E I 1 I I - I , , , I , 1 ' I ' , , - G J I , , , , H , L9 , I , , , 1 1 , I , , I , I I I A A I I ' , , , , , 58 146a111f14' ---e1n1w1,4y1ms.,1m1 HOMEROOM II3 FRESHMAN MISS EMILIE HOLLADAY TEACHER FIRST ROW Ralph Smrth Jene Phrllrps Davrd Peeples Dan Phnllrps Robert Penn John Allen Rrchard Pulsrter George Amory Joe Poslrk SECOND ROW Mass Holla day Walma Allen Myrtle S1sson Shnrley Boyd Dolores Pearson Dora Pararmore Loss Reed Jane Pe1rce Elann Blnder Vrvran Allen THIRD ROW Margaret Pegram Sherla Rawls Margaret Perados Joan Poulos Franklun Baretneld John Payne Wendell Pollard Wayne Parke Margaret Strader Barbara Peach Theda Ratlrtf Lynette Perkrns Shrrley Patnck HOMEROOM 209 FRESHMAN MR M G WILLEY TEACHER FIRST ROW Charles Hogan Carl Kemper Roberts John nant THIRD ROW Laura Holder Jo Ann Merrrtt Joan son Francns Hall Davld Holley George Glass Carl Party Kerman Josle Hrte James Jones Sophocles Kolas Mary SECOND ROW Mr Wrlley Rose Jones Shurley Holland Krlman Mrldred Kelley Jo ephrne Jobe Paulrne Jet Lrllae Evans Delores Johnson Selma Keeter Barbara fersan Kersey Hazel Johnson Rosemary Joyner Barbara Hun HOMEROOM 2l5 FRESHMAN MR JAMES MAYS TEACHER FIRST ROW Jack Broadwater Bully Masters Gilbert Taylor Robert Lewis Jerry Londeree Cecrl McCall Carl ton Manstreld Donald Medlrn SECOND ROW M Mays Jonrce Lrpes Glorra Kratzsch Carolrne Crutcher Barbara Anderson Rona Frsher Judrth Marks Anna Lee McAlwee Nancy Lackey Phyllrs McAlwee THIRD ROW Shsrley Little Nresel Meadows Janice Lassrte1 Paul Morgan Sylvester Meares Bully Mansprle Bully Mahone Joe Keranan Wrtrner Marshall Jacquelrne Martens Vrrgrnua Lindsay Jeanette Lewrs 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , ' 5 . - . r 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . Q . . . 1 1 1 1 1- 1 4 1 1 - - - 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I . V . i . . C . , i - - 1 r 1 1 1 1 4 1 '1 1 1 - 1 1 1 E 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - F- 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , , '7fze gaffaftearfi, '7fzoAe Gai Seidiowi HOMEROOM 312 FRESHMAN MR FlRST ROW Bobby Ritch Jerry Shockley Raymond Sawyer Burt Sharf Warren Sicelott Claude Allen Ar thur Rinehart SECOND ROW Mr Raine Jackie Royals Betty Sealey Jean Roberts Jacqueline Georaalas Veron :ca Georgalas Rosalie Boyd Faye Epstein Kay Sawyer HOMEROOM 313 FRESHMAN Gaylord Linwood Gibson Raymond Goff Clarence Hill Ing Eugene Francis Lee Roy Whiteman Claiborne Hicks Charles Gary SECOND ROW Mrs Huffman Janet Wil lams Barbara Fox Joyce Fenton Berne Fulton Helen HOMEROOM 3l5 FRESHMAN FIRST ROW Danny Morgan Marvin Mitchell Albert von Doenhott Richard Powell Ted Morrison Roland Nuchols Alvin Norman Robert Mosby Tommy Olarsen Orville Nagele SECOND ROW Mrs Conn Betty Sims Elba Munoz Natalie Mrchalos Naomi Stantleld Pattie Lau Parker Rose Alice Palmer Jonzennie Mewborne MRS P W ALLEN RAINE TEACHER Jeannette Ruskey THIRD ROW Frances Rodgers Dor othy Schrum Sandra Saunders Joan Saunders Carolyn Shockley Edna Shelton Nancy Reynolds Pauline Rou valns Martha Robeson Kathleen Scarlet Elsie Scoggln Ellen Rudd NINA P HUFFMAN TEACHER Lee Gay THlRD ROW Thomas Gatling Willie Grin stead Ancil Corbett Cecil Wrrght Robert Gwaltney B ll Floyd Taylor Goode Hubert Fodrey Robert Walker Don ald Fzsher Mane Fralin MRS CARLAND CONN TEACHER 60 Anne Newsome Ruth Moss THIRD ROW Charlotte Morgan Mary Ann Morrus Pat Parker Bill Nadeau Wllllam Parish Tommy Milner Franklrn Murray Bobby Kluttz Carolyn McCoy Jean Michaud Lenora Muller Alma Oliver X , , X ll fix. . g - , I X - K ,, tl l E ,F J. 5 ., Bla. N - . . I F 1 - r - 3 1 1 ' 1 I , z 2 1 - I I I I A I I I I I I .S I T I I I 1 I I I M ' I I E ' I I ' ' I E FIRST ROW: Lawrence Wilt, Lewis Garrison, Edward Hester, Betty Walton, Rosa Griggs, Bertha Williams, Ann i , I L I I .'l ' I I I I I S 1 3 7 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 ' l I I I I F Y I ' 1 1 ' J 1 ' 1 , ' ' I 1 1 A 2 1 I I - ' I I I v I 'I F I I I I I 1 I I I I 1 I 1 Q 1 - I I I I fn Zfze Jfalf gefalze Une 8:45 Bell HOMEROOM 3 l 6 FRESHMAN FIRST ROW lryun Vlctor George Wescott Edgar A bell Grady Webb Jerry Sachs SECOND ROW Mr Worsham Ann Baker Patsy Booker Carol Weiner Dor othy Tyler Loretta Wood Mona Webb Rebecca Young HOMEROOM I O9 SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW Carleton Cole Lon Heldler Leonard Gar rett Fay Ellls Wulluam Gwaltney Curtis Garner Cary Grant Howard Futrell Jr Dlckle Gage SECOND ROW Mrs Edwards Hilda Punelra Sally Evans Marilyn Parker Grace Newman Edith Hester Betty Tillman Janet Hugh MR 'AMES WORSHAM TEACHLR Dorothy Bryson Patsy Taylor THIRD ROW Betty Bar held Francls Moore Carolyn Beaulieu Jummle Whut more Kenny Wllllams Nelson Webb Ralph Whitley Glorla Johnson Mlruam Walke Darlung Anderson MRS MAE M EDWARDS TEACHER smlth Shirley Hubbard Pat Morris THIRD ROW Mar garet Godsey Sondra Erlach Naomi Garrison Ernest Shorter Raymond Hancock Joel Werblow Robert Hen derson Alfred Grubb Georgia Parker Delores Gaskuns Barbara Gaddls HOMEROOM ll0 SOPHOMORE MRS LUCY CATLETT TEACHER FIRST ROW Henry Smith Gene McCormack Preston Lassnter Jack London Mullard Thomas SECOND ROW Mrs Catlett Debble Lucas Jean Tart Mllllcent Padgett Ruth Hoppe Kay Marshall Sylvua Sorenson Ann Tum berlake Mlldred Rlpley Marne Todd THIRD ROW 61 Sudue Shattuck Mary Lloyd Glenna Stanley Jean Ten nant Nanc Tuck Peggy Hlser Ida Lee Thornhull Shur ley Fowler Phyllis Taylor Eleanor Thomas Dorothy Tugwell Shurley Hardee I . S R 5 If Je ' - - ,. 'if' 2 W. ,1 1. . . ,I l.I fy ' 1 1' I ' I ' v . 'II af lr I - I Org . 1 1- M4 ' rv , . ' ' f F, ,.. I 1 1 'PA . , Q , ,A . is I My . I N i 1 . N 25, L 1 1 - -' 1 - 3 1 1 5' 1 1 - ' 1 1 I - A 1 1 1 ' I I I I T I I I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 - 1 1 ' I I T I I I ' A F I I I I I I I V I 'I . I ' I I I T A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I T ' 1 1 - 1 5 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . ' - V . . - 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 I I I T I ' 1 1 1 - 7!!-8 piping, eanfiding. fbeae mend W HOMEROOM II9 SOPHOMORE MISS HELEN HARDY TEACHER FIRST ROW Robert Scull Elbert Powell Bland Burcher James Sknnner George Powell SECOND ROW Miss Hardy Vuvran Scott Bettre Jones Mary Sue Nelson Janncc Smrth June Meredith Rose Marle Perzan THIRD ROW Betty Jane Smlth Gladys Fryer Stewart Rogers Ronald Rawlings Jack Selby Carlton Powell James Davrs Jerry Nerll Barbara Prrdgen Betty Lou Meadows HOMEROOM 2Ol SOPHOMORE MISS AMANDA GRAY TEACHER FIRST ROW Brlly Corey Bully Drck Arthur Chrrstran Drake Barbara Dullng THIRD ROW Betty Campbell Edwrn Carroll Herman Volherm SECOND ROW Miss Anne Dackrnson Lours Parker Donald Carson Jackue Gray Ray Caplan Krtty Chrnstran Joyce Cobb Doro Cratt Richard McQurllln James Deuell Sandra Cutchuns thy Collrns Barbara Davrs Ellrs Moore Betty Derr Jane Shrrley Drdlake Mary Lou Phrlllps HOMEROOM 207 SOPHOMORE MISS ELMA FREE TEACHER FIRST ROW Hartman Drlllngham George Markos Rog ers Hamrlton Larry Crum Kenneth Plemmons Henry Walker Robert Pegram Henry Jackson SECOND ROW Mnss Free Dorothea Kaufman Renee Lampros Barbara Jarrett Elrnor Lassrter June Keller Betty Warte Kelley Rebecca Jobe Georgra Leake Peggy Koskrnas THIRD ROW Beverly Klrne Llllre Keller Charles Kersey Bully Holloway Carl Jett Danny Campbell Jerry Joynes Lnnwood Kramer Norman Ewell Eleanor Leyrnson Reta Landreth Shrrley Seal 9 I 1 I A I . t 4 f ffl x .Y lx I Q , jx I 4 A' 3 r 'g sv I E ' " .f J Q ' . -., W 1. A I A X Q I A, J" , , , in , : 2 , , , , I I , , , , , f Elaune Dlamonstenn, Mavrs Sherman, Betty Pnllaman, Mrldred Rowe. 1 1 I f , , , 1 2 I , 4 I , , I I I I I - I I I A I I I FI I I I I ' , f , I 1 I 5 I , 1 I 1 I 5 I I I -1 , , , ' , , I f , , I f - 62 Un Me .E Qu' 041144 W HOMEROOM 2l6 SOPHOMORE MISS SUSIE FLOYD TEACHER FIRST ROW Bully Putt Cllnt Smuth Calvin Avant Claude Mary Ellen Blake THIRD ROW Murlan Muller James Belangua Robert Bowden Ted Hoffman Floyd Smuth Stratton Cecll Brown Charles Becker Jimmy Overton Robert Taylor SECOND ROW Mass Floyd Shnrley Alalat Wade Barlow Donnre Ottofaro Larry Armstrong Joseph Jackne Chrlstle Ruta Bromberg Mabel Jones Carolyn Klnard Wesley Marsh Klelnert Mona Gable Hazel Taylor Shlrley Baldrldge HOMEROOM 305 SOPHOMORE MR ELI LEONARD TEACHER FIRST ROW Bobby Wulson John Womack Earl Joyner Everett Moore Bully McKenzie Rlchard Hudguns SEC OND ROW Mr Leonard Peggy Mltchell Anne Howard Hazel Garrlson Rebecca Walker Jeanette Llewellyn Betty Warlltner Isabel McAfee Edith Mason Vlrglnua HOMEROOM 3 I 9 SOPHOMORE FIRST ROW Ronald Chapman Donald Snelllng James Brown Troy Chappell Donald Turlington Sherwood Padgett WIIIIE DBene Bobby Wrught SECOND ROW Vlrgunxa Garland Nell Phnlllps Marguerlte Wllkerson Sally Hendnckson Janet Wolf Betty Bucknngham Josre Jones THIRD ROW Barbara Mayer Kathleen Sawyer Roy Carroll Arthur Wllt Harry Warlltner Elwood War ren James McAfee Donald Long Wullnam Webb Kath erlne Horns Jean Ward MRS ANNIE SCRUGGS TEACHER Selby Catherine Mellor Ann Parrish Alice Blayton THIRD ROW Theresa Watson Jerry Pealor Louls Sul verman Sharky Cox Sidney Barham Gene Howell Luclus Mason Clarence Anderson Fred Chnstre Dlone Baxter If r 1 P f y I .. - , I Sl Q .xy H LI M., . I. , I I jr, 1 1 1 1 ' I I V I I ' I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I I - I I I - ' ' I I I I I I I - 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 I I I ' I I T . . 1 . I I . 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 1 1 - 711-e Wiunq, fbailzing. Wp 70am Q31 HOMEROOM Il5 JUNIOR MRS CATHERINE H BRAY TEACHER FIRST ROW Donnle Wood Melvan Wunfrey Bully Man Bully Harris SECOND ROW Mrs Bray Thalla Fenuq sohn Barbara Funk Barbara Belote Ann Evans Vlrglnua Atkins Shnrley Bell Barbara Gerlech Ella Ruth Euwunq HOMEROOM 2 I O JUNIOR FIRST ROW Thomas Parker John Marshall Harod Johnson Bully Jessup James Nicholson SECOND ROW Mrs Hurt Norma Newsome Mary Lynn Morgan Nancy Nelson Lucille Overton Betty Lou Powell Helen Pltt Carolyn Gay THIRD ROW Harriet Hutton Jean Ever I-largrave Carlyle Coodson Ashton Vlolette Arnold Ep stern Kirkwood I-lannohan Ann Estes MRS LOUISE HURT TEACHER man Betty Blanks Betty Bazemore Dons Marsha'I THIRD ROW Annle Coleman Irwln Muller Bobby Hedgepeth Randolph Dale Ira Reynolds Lynn Holz bach James Carter James Mears Nancy Prnllaman HOMEROOM 2I8 JUNIOR MR DALE WHITEHURST TEACHER FIRST ROW Foch Webb Davus Ballard Leroy Poe Jnm my Drummond Davld Brown Robert Camunade SECOND ROW M Whatehurst Genevueve Whute Barbara Clontz Peggy Langston Vlrglnla Carter Jackle Glllen Nancy Tanley Jean Rlddlck Pat Twyford Jane Znlber THIRD ROW Molly Lord Betty Joyce Pittman Rlchard Brvnns Andrew Xnftros Varna Ramey Charles Lackey Frances Royer Dons White Jane Zegopulas 1 4 2 1 A , f , , L A , ,. 1 , J 4' X 1 Q f I ' I . J , , J R f , X rf? J ' ' 'if' I I x I f , . V14 f sill I, I I ' S ' I 1 , ' , ' - 2 I ' , - ning, Robert Bennett, Harry Goodrich, James Wright, ette, Sarah Chase, Bill Allred, Hugh Harrell, Martha I I . I ' ' , . Ii S A . . ' - ' I ' A , I , f I I I , - , , . -, , , - , , I I 3 3 I I ' I I I V I I I h - I I I - I I I 4 . I .I . I V - . I . I . . I . , Z . I I I lr' ' . . . ' . . ' . I . ' ' I I I I V I I ' 64 Az 3.-35 la Same II Sade HOMEROOM 304 JUNIOR MISS FRANCES MAGUIRE TEACHER FIRST ROW Alex Mucholas Robert Jefferson Harold Compte Shirley Melson Lorraene Carmune THIRD ROW Brown George Benton Paul Jordan Franklun Simmons Joan Llpford Wllllam Martln Stanley Cramer Wrlllam Thomas Johnson SECOND ROW Catherune Lamberth Leggette Charles Sawyer James Johnston Thomas Elizabeth Taylor Marlene Harden Mary Ann Gallop Jones Alan Kalkon Patrucua Lackey Irene Kolas Jean Barley Anne Lowry Shirley Lawson Alma Le HOMEROOM 306 JUNIOR MISS CASSIE CHILDRESS TEACHER FIRST ROW Harold Wilson Rodney Ware Richard Seay Benson Sarfan SECOND ROW Mlss Childress Mollie Howell Barbara Alto Peggy Whute Joan Pad gett Mary Larrnmore Joan Mayer Jean Mayo Shurley HOMEROOM 307 JUNIOR FIRST ROW Richard Helmer James Holloman James Venable Elmer Benton SECOND ROW Rose Mare Semrnara Vnrgnnua Slceloft Tessle Anastaslou Reba Sul verman Rosemary Howard Mary Lou Kung Myrle McCausley Katle Lasslter THIRD ROW Robert Mitchell Rudy Forrest Zack Duncan Bully Francis James Wulson James Lockhart Frank Wheeler Helen Tsutsera MISS ANNE Snyder THIRD Brooks Baxter 65 PARKER TEACHER Sue Garner Arlene Sorouse Camilla Hester ROW June Stall Tessve Coassoulos Peggy Ralph Srlver George Fenton Bully Begor Sansa Phyllus Stortz Vrvuan Snead I I A IAA W I X - IN L1 . 4 ' A - - A rr 1. : I ' IQ' . , .441 V -I Q I. , . 'W 'L 5 , I. : ' 5- ' I x X' , iv ' - I S I If 1 I -K x f I I I V ' K 'K L I I I - - I I I I . I I I I I I I I - I - I I I I F I I I I I I ' F I I I I I I - I I I I - I I I 3 I I I I I I I I , I T I I ' I I I F I I I I 4 I I I I I I I I I I- - I I I I I - I I I I . A . . . I I , I I I - 7114 lea ' , .L7 ' foil. Seplemdea Q4 'xt HOMEROOM II6 LOW SENIOR MISS MILDRED KELLY TEACHER FIRST ROW Glen Boyd Bully Crumpler Mlchael Anas taslou Bobby Cardwell Ray Boyles Fred Dunkum Vlrgul Rowe SECOND ROW Loss Farmer Katherlne Brown Harrnet Bnnder Vlrgnnva Mae Duck Dora Jean Mayer Betty Beck Shlrley Nachrnan Geraldune Keeter Bettv HOMEROOM 3IO LOW SENIOR MR FIRST ROW Calvun Mears Jack Padaett Robert Whit ley SECOND ROW Mr Mooney Barbara Sums Betty Malcolm Jewell Newton Norma Wood Helen Hall Norma Montague Margaret Stunnette Jean Sawyer N I Parts Anna Mac Bishop THIRD ROW Randolph Duke James Blcouvarus Lee Beauchamp Charles Llewellyn Douglas Goode Harold Jones Bully Hasknns Charlc Folwell Charles Jones Kenneth Crump ERNEST MOONEY JR TEACHER Ile Wise THIRD ROW Sarah Heae James Ru'-.sell Grover Wade Vernon Tappan Roy Perzan Wlllram Woodward John Spuvey Ann Garrett HOMEROOM IO4 BEACON MR DON GREEN TEACHER FIRST ROW Raymond Wheeler Ruchord Crouch Gord Joyce Eubank Myrtle Snyder Tommy Johnson Frank ner Pegram SECOND ROW Norman Katzenberg Joe Snmmons Joe Telstad Plott Robert Allen Helen McKenzue Muldred Jones 66 . ' . ! tg I, . ' "VI . I . IX W I , 4 k le I 1 I . I I I ,L , ' ,II N t ., I I -.' ' , F :. 9 , I . ' 1 5 ' 5 1 ' . 5 3 X H ' I I I f IHII ' f I f' ?I I. , K SEV I . V I I I A I I ' I I 3 I r I I 1 I I I 1 I - I I I I I .I I I I I I - I I I I I I A I II ' I , I - I ' . I I I - - I I I I I I I I I I I I Q W L I I V L I I A I ' I I T I I I I I I I - I I I I Wal' fcvz Slafiei, gal' fall- Eucfrfied 4 ' ' 4' T- I I h ' . . P7 l ' V . ,. , j If l I!! 4' l ry rf . 4 C l . I 1 F 1 N :JR r f rv' A 3 ' . . j A ' 2, - S I HOMEROOM lO8, BAND, MRS. JACQUELINE BLECHER, TEACHER FIRST ROW: Lloyd McCausley, Donald Riley, Robert Helen Arroll, Suzanne Roberts, Valrey Earlyg THIRD 2 I 1 ' , A ' , QI 1 , 1 '1 1 1 1 ' I 1 , 67 Lacy Douglas Steele Claude Barfueld Davtd Joye Nor man Bennett Ed Burcher Donald Wilson SECOND ROW Elmore Holloman Leroy Hogge Janice Roberts Marulyn Muller Phyllis Cohen Pat Butfungton Sylvla Moody HOMEROOM l23 BAND FIRST ROW Eugene Mldkutt Melville Johnson Thomas Savage Harold Gasklns Walluam Wise Mayer Levy SECOND ROW Egbert Jackson Ola Hull Nancy Muf fleton Mary Mac Gray Peggy Manning Betsy Menun HOMEROOM l26 BAND FIRST ROW Jack Odell Wulllarn Shields Reuel Walker Donald Forman SECOND ROW Mass Owen Erwln Nachmar Ben Kntchen Janet Thomas Mary Ann Moore Nancy Fogle Mary Ellen Booth Carolyn Pov Il ROW Thomas Weymouth Thomas Chapman Thomas Kubel Robert Allen Bobby Sterling Russell Cofer Ed wan Markott Levon Croswell Leroy Shelby Donald Har vey MRS LALIE WEBB TEACHER Dorothy Bnnkley Mae Chapman Elavne Babb Marvm Weger THIRD ROW Jodle Atkins Robert Riddle Har old Telstead Dan Jones Vernon Hollomon Thomas Frank John Hogge Madison Pruce Wllllam Peach MISS NIXIE OWEN TEACHER Robert Seward Bobby Wummer THIRD ROW Jack Smith Teddy Masters Sam Natf Waverly Shockley Holland Taylor Cecn Underwood Tommy Watson John Van Natter Jasper Kitchen ,. If , Q, . 'effk 3 :fm i AJ A f zlfsi YHAQT A s 'X vid , ii' ' Eilfg I! 9' ' ,f'a' ' W ' 1. ,wx E.: I, E A ' 1Q2i.'f15k :QN- ' T sg ' I5 5 v 8. ' 731 -yfiflliv Q x :dnl GQQ .2 E ., kyxrfg Qi: : ixui and 'vx 13- u X tgukxv 1 K5 i -'Qing gl -.JE Q: falidf r N ix -' :divx Q i f ffxx '5'.nH'i il? 'VM' N f' : V if Ml, fl If ,J .. 4 'Ll fx Tiff ,fi V in 5 Y-. , , , " 'L , 1 '55 Aa 1 as I ' ,M A ' - uw' :xxx Z 2.204 I T xi SQA' W A ll 5 5 '. ' ,a 1: Q, 4 - , ' ' . v l E r gg Q- .K , Q I . ll ' Q? ! rsx X x .. ,194 , :QQ GMU Qc E A19 4? 'F W Tiff X 'VA 3 ,fx v T ,nl v L KY I' 1 rl Q . , ll I in 5 g 1 '-'I Ill 0" x V .-i- -..-Q .-f"p,,,1 fl -up- ' ',f .... :Fl 1 451 Q, "',,....."" 1 1' 5 1 ,QFS"'..... -Q . L.. - .. .. 1- , 4s Q.- f. FK fm 1 H B -4 Fr- S 0 fm at cfaz mem ww, Through the grease and grime and drabness of everyday working hours, the men in the Senior Yard look to the day when the ship upon which they are laboring with head, heart, and hand shall be launched. So through Hue years of tests, book reports, and hour long periods the students dream of graduation. For the seniors, this day has come. As "graduates-to-be," they have had to aeeept responsibilities and in so doing have been building Leadership. 69 Seniaurq MR EDWARD MOTLEY Class Sponsor :uk SNOWBALLS ARE FLYING and we arent denying that the senior class officers have fulfilled their duties as they guided their classmates in the building of Leader ship They are Davey Charles student council represen 70 To you Seniors who are going "out of thc harbor and into deep channels" there are many things l might say to you. Some of you may breathe a sigh of relief and say that you have finished school on this your graduation day, but it is really the be ginning for each of you. A great task has been accomplished, but a greater task lies ahead. You should never lose your zest for knowledge but make the best of ever oppor tunity that passes your way I congratulate each and every one of you for the outstanding job you have already accom plished and l am taking this opportunity to wish you continued success and happiness in the field of your choice My sincere wishes now and always fcfmmcf flf fwcvlfeq tgy' J rx tative Melvin Lewis president Morris Hill vice pres: dent Jane Wornom treasurer and Margaret Taylor secretary The class depended upon them to arrange graduation events I , if IL A bg aut 5, J . 7 .ff 4 , 1 i , 'Nu , ' ' ,y Q. 'F av V V Q I A ? , ,lag L. T if ,Ars l if I ., v J r 1' as - xi . 5 fl. f fi, I E- , ..- 4 - .inf 1 ' f ,f . p 'J i. in f ' ' l L ' ' " b ' 1 ,W l 1 A' 'i . l " QA 4 ' - i Q . t tx . ,,,.. y. ,yi L . r 8 . if I L, P 4' ,L X Q Q 'X A ' 7 l Q' ' U ' , ' " 4 'I s ,... ' ' ,L ' l 4 sin: . ,J ,Mean M Melvm Le-was ond Amfomoe Snead 71 KING AND QUEEN .Bake Une 14 wwwwg W-mf WWE www d"'--., 1"'T v I l" ,.-pun-H' .gl-ur"" ,,,p- 72 -ww, fzecewecf aw THE PRIDE OF THE SENIOR CLASS the Holl nf Fame BEST STUDENTS JEAN THOMPSON AND JULIE boards the prude of the Iwrpynrti The Amernco MOSI' ATHLETIC WAYNI BECIOP qeti Q qood view from hz hrqh perrh vm the Amerufn MOST POPULAR SALLY SMITH AND MICKEY MC NAMARA take the helm I the America put U they dad of the Semtmr Cows BEST LOOKINC BETTY CLUVEPIUS AND BOBBY NORMAN how off to odvontoqe the nlon of the luxury mer BEST DRI-SSED JANE WOPNOM gets n qood view cmd rnoIfe 0 qnod ynew C1 she rmuse on the Com ewoy CONN take time out to wrnte to the IOII-S buck home BEST ALL AROUND NELLIE BLOXOM AND KEN NTTH PEEBLES emoy theur Questa on the tm deck BEST DANCERS ZOE PAROS AND WALTER WIL MO TH ore all ready to take 0 whurl ot 0 shupboord Im I MOST TALENTED DIANA RHODE AND RICHARD THOMPSON u e their toIel1t to steer the Inq Ivp CLASS JESTER ROBERT CROSS turn qob to wob down the deck O .' ii: A 1"-- 3: 'i I - -f -,. N2 - , I R fr I " .4 I, , I 1 I ' s x C A ' W wi , my y f .5 may " 4 - I .. K ,sy 4 fx A A., I 5' , ' T T ' I I f I I I f - Q XA I , M. . ' . M ng 5 tl ' I , ' ' , 1 - N f . I - I l , S ' , I , . - - I ' ' ' - Q3 V 1 - P ' , 1 O 1 ' ' Q, Q ' i I ' V U' I . 1 I I - 1, Q , X- I , K, IH .n, 149 ' 7.1 I, -b I' . 1 , I ' X , , , ' - - Y , b '1 , S 2 'F - . '36 ii QQ -INN nh. 'P -Q1 44" 4-:RIF ,QQ wg' ,gas- tt Pwr' T vi' 0453 -o--5. .ms vw ww, ,ffezme MARGUERITE AHERN, Commercial Course Junior, Senior Mixed Chorusesg Girls Glee Clubg Music Lets ter' Senior Ring Committee' Faculty Secretary' Junior Red Cross Representative' Home Room 30I LEMUEL APPERSON General Cour e Football Statistician Intramural Softball Shop Officer Home Room 30I CORNELIUS APPLE Industrial Arts Course Distributors Club Home Room 30I ROBERT ARMSTRONG General Course Football Team Senior Dance Committee Home Room 3Ol GERLINE ARONOFF College Preparatory Course Honor Student Cast of Our Town Staffs Make Up Assistant Director Head Thespuans Drama Letter Anchor Senior Section Co Editor Radio Show Clubs Latin Writers Home Room HARRIET SHIRLEY ARONOW College Preparatory Course Honor Student Casts of Our Town and George Washington Slept Here Make Up Staff Thespians Beacon Co Editor Quill And Scroll Journalism Letter Clubs Spanish Latin Writers Senior Assembly Committee Horne Room IO4 JODIE LEE ATKINS JR College Preparatory Course Football Team Anchor Ad Staff Band Officer Band Let ter l-liYClub Senior Committees Assembly Dance Home Room l23 MARTIN AUSTIN General Course Track Team Machine Shop Foreman Senior Pennant Com mittee Home Room lOl LYNDA AVANT Commercial Course GAA Club Treasurer GAA Letter Tennis Club Pres: dent Girls Teams Varsity Basketball Hockey Make Up Staff FHA President Anchor Girls Sports Section C Editor Beacon Reporter Senior Bulletin Board Committee Home Room 22I MARIAN BARNETT Commercial Course Senior Flower Committee Office Assistant Home Room 30l ELSIE BATEMAN General Course Honor Student GAA Girls Varsity Basketball Team Thespians Promptung Staff Head Cast Of Our Town Girls Glee Club DO Club Home Room 30l WAYNE EDWARD BEGOR College Preparatory Course Student Body Vice President President National Athletic Scholarship Society Football Team Co Captain Football Letter Honorable Mention All State All State AllTade water Sports Club Award Julian Gordon Trophy Key Club Home Room 208 74 7fze Zlmfwclaumen Iqlanq JANET BELOTE Colleje Preparatory Course Beacon Reporter Bussness Manager Journalssm Letter Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Chorus Letter Clubs Latsn Secretary FHA Commsttees Pennant Behavsor Code Publscsty Chasrman Hon'e Room IO4 RONALD BLAKE Ceneral Cour e Home Room 301 NELLIE MAE BLOXOM College Preparatory Course Student Body Pressdent Secretary Student Councsl Letter Natsonal Honor Socsety Thespsans Anchor Sensor Sectson Co Edstor Beacon News Edstor Clubs Scsence Pressdent Scsence Letter FHA Pressdent Home Ecorsomscs Letter Home Room lO4 DOROTHY BRINKLEY General Course GAA Gsrls Teams Basketball Softball Band Sergeant Gsrls Unsform Staff Head Band Letter Gsrls Glee Club Clubs FHA Art Sensor Flower Commsttee Home Room l23 BARBARA BROWN General Course Sensor Msxed Chorus Costume Staff Sensor Dance Com msttee Cheerleader Home Room 30l ROBERT BROWN General Course Clubs Scsence Art Home Room 3Ol MARY ANNE BUCK Commercsal Course retary Electron Offscsal Junsor Red Cross Representatsve Cheerleader Home Room 309 ANN CAMPER General Course Casts Of Snow Whste And The Seven Dwarfs And Our Town Staffs Make Up Costume Thespsarss Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Chorus Letter Sensor Pennant Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstant Servsce Letter Home Room O JOHN CARLUCCI General Course Home Room lOl JANE CARNEY College Preparatory Course Honor Student Anchor Classroom Sectson Co Edstor Junsor Sensor Msxed Choruses Gsrls Glee Club Gsrls Sextet Mussc Letter Clubs Wrsters Vsce Pressdent Latsn Home Room 22l JACK CASTELOW General Course Teams Football Football Letter Baseball Staffs Usher Stage Crew Shop Supersntendent Home Room 3Ol JEAN MAE CATHEY General Course Staffs Make Up Tscket Head Clubs Spanssh Art Dss trsbutors Vsce Pressdent Home Room 309 75 I I I I I I I I ' 1 1 I I 5 I I - I I , 5 S I s I I g I I I V - I I 1 f I I 1 I I I 2 2 I I A - I ' I I I 3 I I I I I I ' I I I 5 I I l . Staffs: Asssstant Dsrector, Usherg Latsn Clubg Faculty Sec- : 5 ' ' J I I , II . II II II: U I - , I . I . . I 1 I I I I I 2 8 I I Q . - . I . I . . 1 ' I I I I I I I 1 I I I A I . I .E ' . vi f I ' ' - 1 ' I .ffaeql me ELIZABETH MAE CHAPMAN College Preparatory Course Band Mussc Staff Corporal Band Letter Clubs Spanssh Science Home Room l23 DAVEY LEE CHARLES Industrial Arts Course Transferred From Glen Allen Hsgh School Glen Allen North Charleston High School Charleston S C Lowes Grove Hsgh School Lowes Grove N C Teams Basketball Baseball NNHS Student Councsl Representatsve Student Body Treas urer Hs Y Club Metal Shop Foreman Home Room 309 BETTY CLUVERIUS Commercial Course Staffs Assistant Directors Make Up Anchor Ad Staff Sensor Msxed Chorus FHA Club Committees Pennant Bulletin Board Office Assistant Cheerleader Home Room O9 JULIE CONN JR College Preparatory Cour e Honor Student Nelms Honor Scroll National Honor Society National Ath letsc Scholarship Socsety Basketball Team Basketball Let ter Football Manager Football Letter Clubs Key Spans h Science Science Letter Home Rocm ?2l NORMAN CONN College Preparatory Cour e Honor Student National Honor Society Cast Of George Washington Slept Here Launchsngs Art Edstor Clubs Spanssh Art Science Writers Key Delegate To Capstul Dsstrsct Convention D saner of Class Pennant Home Room 3Ol LEON CORNMAN General Coure Transferred From Carlisle Hsgh School Carlisle Penn Stage Crew NNHS Cast Of Our Town Latsn Club Prsnt Shop Officer Junior Red Cross Repre entatsve Hom Room 309 CRACE CUMMING College Preparatory Cour Honor Student Nelms Honor Scroll Girls Teams Sensor Varsity Hockey Basketball Prornptsng Staff Anchor Gsrls Sports Section Co Edstor Junior Sensor Msxed Choruses Sextet Girls Glee Club Chorus Letter Clubs Tennis Spanssh Home Room 309 GEORGE FRANCIS DARNELL lll General Course Home Room 3Ol DONALD DAVIS College Preparatory Course Junsor Msxed Chorus Clubs Art Key Pennant Committee Home Room 3Ol ANNE DELK Commercial Course Student Council Representative Clubs Spanssh Home Eco nomscs Sensor Flower Committee Home Room 309 MYRON DIAMONDSTIEN College Preparatory Course Cost Of Our Town Furniture Staff Clubs Key Stamp Photography Sensor Pennant Committee Football Movse Photographer Service Letter Home Room 309 MARY ANN DORSEY College Preparatory Course Salutatorian Nelms Honor Scroll' National Honor Society' Girls Senior Varsity Hockey Team, Staffs: Props, Sound Effects, Beacon Radio Show, Clubs: Science-Treasurer, President, Spanish -President, Chaplain, Latin, Senior Ring Committee, Elec- tion Official, Home Room 309 76 vi' want' 1 H-rf 'O' ea-v-nf"' Slfacfq .foasfd EDWARD DOWDY, General Course Key Clubg Print Shop Superintendentg Senior Ring Cam- mltteej Home Room 208 CHARLES DOWNS, General Course Senior Mixed Chorusg Boys Glee Clubg Home Room 22l NORMAN DE BERRY General Course Dsstrsbutors Club Horne Room 309 DELORES DWYER General Course Transferred From Morrsson Hsgh School NNHS Home Room 208 BARBARA JEAN EANES Commercsal Course Honor Student Varssty Hockey Team Staffs Effects Make Up Head Thespsans Drama Letter Beacon Typsst Junsor Sensor Msxed Choruses Gsrls Glee Club Sensor Pennant Commst tee Faculty Secretary Home Room 208 BARBARA ELDER Commercsal Course Gsrls Basketball Team Staffs Usher Advertsssng Costume Tsckets Head Clubs FHA Spanssh Vsce Pressdent Pres sdent Commsttees Sensor Assembly lnvstatson Faculty ec retory Junsor Red Cross Representatsve Home Room 309 BOBBY FENNELL General Course Teams Football Football Letter Basketball Basketball Letter Track Track Letter All State Basketball Beacon Ad Manager Journalssm Letter Sensor Dance Commsttee Home Room 22l NORMA ElLEEN FOSTER General Course Transferred From Warwsck Hugh School Morrssan Chorus FHA Club Gsrls Baseball Team NNHS Home Room 208 JEAN GARDNER Colleqe Preparatory Course Transferred From St Marys Star Of The Sea Phoebus Cast Of House Of The Flashsng Lsght School Chorus NNHS Student Councsl Representatsve Anchor School Lute Sectson Edstor Beacon Radso Show Clubs Latsn Scsence FHA Commsttees Newcomers Chasrman Sensor Dance Home Room 22l CHARLOTTE GARLAND Commercsal Course Costume Staff Beacon Reporter FHA Club Sensor Flowe Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstant Home Room 3Ol EDWARD HANNA General Course Junsor Varssty Football Track Teams Football Track Track Letter Junsor Red Cross Representatsve Home Room O DENA GARRETT General Course GAA Varssty Hockey Team Staffs Prop Furnsture Clubs Lsbrary Asssstants Art Lsbrary Asssstant Lsbrary Letter Home Room 22l 77 f .E ke 2501 M4 fbefeaiecf BETTY ANN GATLING Commercsal Course GAA Gsrls Teams Varssty Hockey Captasn Basketball Cost Of You Cant Take It Wsth You Make Up Staff Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Sextet Chorus Let ter Spanssh Club Secretary Home Rcom 22l WILLIAM H GAYLE General Course Teams Football Football Letter Baseball Track Home Room lOl WILLIAM GIBBS lndustrsal Arts Course Transferred from Bath Hsgh School Bath N C NNHS Junsor Red Cross Home Room 30l BETTY GOAD College Preparatory Course Esghth Grade Orchestra Latsn Club Junsor Red Cross Rep resentatsve Home Room lOl FAITH GRACE College Preparatory Course Beacon Edstor Qusll And Scroll Pressdent Journalssm Let ter Msxed Chorus Girls Glee Club Gsrls Sextet Mussc Let ter Clubs Latsn Spanssh DO Sensor Assembly Commstte Chairman Home Room 22l Wl-IARTEN GRAI-IAM General Course Dsstrsbutors Club Home Room 309 MARY MAXWELL GRAY College Preparatory Course GAA Chaplasn Teams Varssty Basketball Hockey Band Sponsor All State Workshop Band Band Sergeant Band Letter Clubs Latsn Spanssh Vsce Pressdent Commsttees Sensor Musscsan Chasrman Dance Home Room IO4 BONNIE GREENE College Preparatory Course Staffs Make Up Furnsture Anchor Ad Manager Sensor Msxed Chorus Clubs Spanssh Lsterary Sensor Dance Com msttee Home Room 22l ROBERT GROS General Course Dsstrsbutors Club Pressdent Sensor Dance Commsttee Home Room 208 ELINOR HARNSBERGER College Preparatory Course Cast Of Our Town Staffs Props Effects Furnsture Chorus Clubs Art Spanssh DO FHA Commuttees Sersor Assembly Bulletsn Board Faculty Secretary Home Room HARRIET HARRELL Commercsal Course Staffs Furnsture Costume FHA Club Secretary Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Home Room 309 JANE HARRIS Commercsal Course Basketball Team GAA Sensor Msxed Chorus Offsce Asssst ant Home Room 309 78 l 1 1 - 1 1 11 1 1 11. I I . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 , , . ,, . 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 2 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' I A , . h . . in 1 - 1 1 1 '- l 1 1 1 1 . - 1 - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - T 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 11 11, V . 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Il I Esghth, Ninth Grade Trackg Stage Crew-Head Electrscsang I I I I I I I I ' I I ' . I . . I' ' - , I . -s. . , . 4: A z I E: 1 I I I -- 1 I I 1- I I I I 1 I ' I 5 I I I I I I I I I I I I II II, , - I I - I I . . T I I T 1 I A I 1 I - I - I I I fake '70pi leepi JAMES JACKSON General Course Teams Football Track Track Letter Band DO Club Sensor Dance Committee Home Room lOl WILLIAM JESTER College Preparatory Course Casts Of George Washington Slept Here And The Bar retts of Wsmpole Street Latsn Club Ring Committee Home Room lOl MELVILLE L JOHNSON College Preparatory Course Anchor Business Manager Beacon Reporter Band Bond Letter Clubs Key Treasurer Hs Y Secretary Latsn Office Asssstant Election Official Home Room l23 ROBERT JONES General Course Junior Varsity Varsity Football Club Veterans DO Metal Shop Foreman Horne Room lOl ROBERTA JONES Corrsmercsal Course Varsity Hockey Team Sensor Msxed Chorus Csrls Glee Club Faculty Secretary Home Room 22l EARL JORDAN General Course Home Room 22l THOMAS JOSEPH College Preparatory Coure Transferred from George Wythe Junsor High School NNHS National Athletsc Scholarship Society Teams Football Bas ketball Letters Football Basketball Key Club Sensor Dance Committee Home Room 208 THOMAS KASEY General Course Junsor Varsity Football Basketball Student Council Rep resentatsve Home Room lOl MARJORIE KAUFMAN Commercial Course Hockey Team Prop Staff Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Clubs Latsn FHA Sensor Dance Committee Home Room 22l FRANK KELLEY General Course Teams Football Track Baseball Basketball Asssstant Shop Foreman Home Room lOl JAMES KELLEY lndustrsal Arts Course Home Room lOl ELIZABETH KING College Preparatory Course Honor Student Transferred From St. Marys Star Of The Sea Phoebus: Basketball Team' NNHS: Nelms Honor Scroll' Beacon Radio Show' Clubs: Latin Spanish-Treasurer Sergeant-at-Arms Writers' Senior Color Committee' Office Assistant' Home Room 208 80 is ' If-P an sl 'IC' ..--in i ..fll"'? ffemmawqapzww CHARLES KNOX JR General Course Clubs Spanssh Scsence Photography Pressdent Sensor Invstatson Commsttee Home Room 22l ALICE LANGSTON General Course Staffs Promptsng Asssstant Dsrectors Usher Asssstant Head Gsrls Glee Club Dsstrsbutors Club Commsttees Dec oratsng Rsng Junsor Red Cross Representatsve Home Room ANNE LIESMANN College Preparatory Course Honor Student Nelms Honor Scroll Staffs Furnsture Usher Anchor Home room Co Edstor Qusll And Scroll Junsor Msxed Chorus Latsrs Club Vsce Pressdent Sensor Bulletsn Board Commst tee Regsstrar Home Room 22l MELVIN LEWIS General Course Transferred From South Boston Hsgh School South Boston NNHS Junsor Sensor Class Pressdent Student Councsl Rep resentatsve Track Team Junsor Sensor Msxed Choruses Boys Glee Club Boys Quartet Chorus Letter Art Club Pressdent Home Room 309 MARGARET LLOYD General Course GAA Sensor Color Commsttee Home Room 3OI Gsrls Varssty Hockey Team Band Sergeant All State Band Band Letter Clubs Latsn FHA Home Room l23 FRANCES McNAlR Commercsal Course Tumblsng Club FHA Club Sensor Flower Commsttee Home Room 3Ol MICKEY McNAMARA College Preparatory Course Natsonal Athletsc Scholarshsp Socsety Junsor Varssty Var ssty Football Team Co Captasn Football Letter Sensor Msxed Chorus Quartet Glee Club Clubs Sensor Hs Y Vsce Pressdent Key Monogram Sergeant at Arms Shop Supersntendent Home Room 3Ol IAMES MICKIE General Course Home Room 309 NANCY LEE MIFFLETON Commercsal Course Honor Student Sophomore Vsce Pressdent Gsrls Basketball Team Staffs Make Up Usher Gsrls Glee Club Flagtwsrler FHA Club Pressdent Electson Offscsal Junsor Red Cross Representa tsve Sensor Dance Commsttee Home Room l23 ALICE MOORE Commercsal Course Gsrls Varssty Hockey Team Make Up Staff FHA Sensor Color Commsttee Home Room 30I GALEN MOORE General Course Junsor Varssty Football Scsence Club Home Room 22l 8I l 1 , , - , DO: I I .I . . I . I - I I I 22I I . I I I . I , T 4 ' VI V - I ' ' I - . I . I I I I I I . I I I I . - I I I I V Q J Q - I I I I PEGGY MANNING, Commercial Course ' 1 - 1 - I I 5 I I I . I . I I I I . . . . I . - - , U 1 U I I I 5 ' "' I - I I . Q . I . 4 I 2 U - , V: Q V I: 1 - I I ' I I I , I ' I I I , I I 111, fs '71 7111, nu sez NANCY MORGAN General Course Transferred From Bsnford Junsor Hsgh Rschmond Student Councsl Monstor Staff NNHS Varsity Hockey Team Staffs Costume Furnsture FHA Club Pressdent Sensor lnvstatson Commsttee Lsbrary Asssstant Home Room lOl THELMA MORGAN Commercsal Course Anchor Faculty Sectson Co Edstor Beacon Reporter Clubs Scsence Treasurer Latsn Treasurer FHA Sensor lnvsta tson Commsttee Home Room 22l ADELE MORRIS College Preparatory Course Honor Student Asssstant Dsrectors Staff Thespsans Anchor Actsvsty Sec tsan Edstor Qusll And Scroll Junsor Msxed Chorus Clubs Scsence Secretary Spanssh Latsn Art Wrsters Pressdent Sensor Assembly Commsttee Home Room 22l BETTY MULLINS Commercsal Course Make Up Staff Beacon Radso Show Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Clubs FHA Spanssh Sensor Rsng Corn msttee Home Room 22l CONSTANCE NAGELE General Course Staffs Prop Furnsture FHA Club Sensor Bulletin Board Commsttee Office Asssstant Home Room lOl ELSIE NICHOLS General Course Transferred From Hsghland Sprsngs NNHS Furnsture Staff Beacon Fsrst Page Edstor Radso Show Dsrector DO Club Secretary Sensor Assembly Commsttee Home Room 221 BOBBY NORMAN General Course Transferred from Pleasant Hsll Hsgh School Ksng and Queen County Essex Dsvssson NNHS Baseball Baseball Letter Home Room 22l ARTHUR OLAISEN General Course Track Team Manager Clubs HsY Dsstrsbutors Elec trscsty Shop Supersntendent Offsce Asssstant Home Room JUNE EARLE OLIVER Ceneral Course Transferred From Bug Island Hsgh School 4 H Club Lsbrary Club NNHS Clubs Lsterary Dsstrsbutors Lsbrary Asssst ant Junsor Red Cross Repre entatsve Home Room 208 JULIA ALICE PANTELE College Preparatory Course Honor Student Anchor Ad Staff Junsor Sensor Msxed Choruses Gsrls Gle Club Clubs Latsn Scsence Program Chasrman Spanssh Chaplasn Sensor Assembly Commsttee Home Room IOI KATHERINE PAPPAS Commercial Course Student Cauncsl Representatsve Staffs Costume Prop Clubs FHA Sparsssh Junsor Red Cross Representatsve Sensor Dance Commsttee Home Room 3Ol JAMES PARKER lndustrsal Arts Course Football Team Electrscsty Woodwork Shop Record Clerk Home Room 221 82 n I 1 , . 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - , I i. 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I I I y 1 I M I 5 2 - I I I I g : I I 3 I I I 3 I I 3 I I 1 Secretaryg Shop Offucerg Electuon Otfucualg Home Room 221 I I , I 3 I 3 I I 1 A I 1 I I I 3 I I I ' I I , z I I I I I I I I I . , - . , - A I I' I T V: I I 1 I - I I I I g 1 . . . f 3 I I I Q I 3 I I I ' I I I I I I I I O8 .Bake fmefu, Qaflfecl PHILIP ROWE JR College Preparatory Course Transferred From Laconla High School Loconia N H Teams Football Ski Golf Stage Crew Spanish Club Movie Projectors Crew Junior Prom Decoration Committee Chairman NNHS Home Room I Ol JEAN ROYAL Commercial Course Varsity Hockey Team Usher Staff Senior Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Latin Club Senior Pennant Committee Home Room 208 LOIS ROYALS General Course Spanish Club Program Chairman Home Rocm IOI ISABELLA RUBERT College Preparatory Course Honor Student Usher Staff Launchings Assistant Art Editor Clubs Latin Art Science Writers Spanish Vice President Senior Color Committee Chairman Home Room 208 CLEO RYAN General Course FHA Club Home Room IOI ANN SAMUELS College Preparatory Course Honor Student Nelms Honor Scroll Launchings Art Editor Senior Mixed Chorus Clubs Art President Latin Writers Secretary Committees Senior Dance Senior Assembly Home Room 2 ANNE SAUNDERS General Course Costume Staff Distributors Club Treasurer Senior Flower Committee Home Room 208 JOE SAVARESE General Course Home Room 208 FRANCES KAY SAWYER General Course Costume Staff Beacon Clubs Art Library Library Assist ant Home Room 208 DEWEY SCHANZ General Course National Football Honorary Society' Football Team' Honor- able Mention All-State' All-Foreman Field' All-Tidewater' Football Letter' Track Letter' All-State Band' Band' Home Room IOI JOHN SCHUERMANN, College Preparatory Course Transferred From Warwick High School, Morrison: Clubs: Latin, English, NNHS: Radio Show, Anchor Boys Sports Section Co-Editor, Clubs: Spanish, Latin, Science, Writers, Key, Home Room 221 WALTER SEGALOFF, College Preparatory Course Varsity, Junior Varsity Football Teams, Football Letter, Bea- con Radio Show, Spanish Club, Senior Invitation Commit- te.:-Chairman, Home Room 208 84 ziLEf:ff.if, A 'Z I1 'Q' wi 110 :IF -70 Znfaydwkuimffje JIMMIE SEWARD General Course Junior Class President Honor Council Boys State Repre sentative Teams Baseball Basketball Basketball Letter Usher Staff Home Room 208 SYLVIA SHRIBER College Preparatory Course Staffs Assistant Director Make Up Junior Senior Mixed Choruses Clubs Latin Spanish Science Junior Red Cross Representative Senior Pennant Committee Chairman Home Room 309 LESLIE SMITH College Preparatory Course Football Manager Clubs Latin Key Shop Offices Home Room 3Ol SALLY SMITH College Preparatory Course Head Usher Senior Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Science Club Senior Dance Committee Chairman Student Council Dance Instruction Chairman Election Official Head Cheerleader Cheerleader Letter Home Room 208 ANITAMAE SNEAD College Preparatory Course Student Council Representative Girls Teams Varsity Hockey Tennis Usher Staff Beacon Re orter Clubs Art P Golf Tennis Archery Latin Substitute Cheerleader Home Room 208 ANN SPENCER College Preparatory Course Furniture Staff FHA Club Senior Assembly Committee Home Room 309 VIRGIE ANN STONEHAM Commercial Course GAA Softball Team Staffs Prop Effects Head Senior Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club DO Convention Delegate Senior Pennant Committee' Junior Red Cross Representative' FHA Club' Faculty Secretary' Home Room lOl DOW STRADER College Preparatory Course Honor Student Transferred From Morganfield High Mor anfield K 1 Q Y- Library Club' Baseball Team' Junior Class Treasurer' NNHS' Football Team' Clubs: Latin Science' Home Room 22l MARGARET TAYLOR College Preparatory Course Secretary Senior Class' Thespians' Staffs: Prompting-Head General Usher-Head' Anchor Homeroom Section Co-Edi- tor' Quill And Scroll' Junior Mixed Chorus' Clubs: Latin- Secretary' Science' Senior Dance Committee' Student Coun- cil Dance Committee-Chairman, Election Official, Home Room 22l SALLY TAYLOR, General Course Transferred From Western High School, Baltimore, Md., NNHS: Prop Staff, Clubs: Art, Distributors-Treasurer, Home Room 3Ol HAROLD TELSTEAD, General Course Band-Corporal, All-State Band, Senior Dance Band, Band Letter, Key Club, Home Room l23 ANN THOMAS, College Preparatory Course Honor Student National Honor Society, Usher Staff, Anchor Associate Edi- tor, Beacon Staff, Quill And Scroll, Journalism Letter, Junior, Senior Mixed Choruses, Clubs: Latin-President, Science, Writers, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room 22l 85 as its lg:- XM i 1 -W Q .Bike Gfmiuna, Pwpaaecl CHARLES R. THOMAS, General Course Transferred From Farmer High School, Farmer, N. C.: Base- ball Team, FFA Club, NNHS: Key Club, Home Room 309 JEAN THOMPSON, College Preparatory Course Valedictorian Girls State Representative, Nelms Honor Scroll, Local And State DAR Good Citizen, National Honor Society, Athletic Council-Secretary, Girls Senior Varsity Hockey Team, Clubs: Science, Latin-President, Spanish4Secretary, Senior Dance Committee, Service Letter, Home Room 309 RICHARD THOMPSON, College Preparatory Course Class Speaker, Casts Of "You Can't Take lt With You", "I Remember Mama", "George Washington Slept Here", "The Barretts Of Wimpole Street", "Arsenic And Old Lace", Drama Letter, Beacon Radio Show-Announcer, Interviewer, Boys Glee Club, Junior Mixed Chorus, Senior Assembly Come mittee, Home Room 301 SUE TILLMAN, College Preparatory Course Transferred From Conway High School, Conway, Ark.: Pep'- pers Club, NNHS: Student Council Representative, Spanish Club, Senior Pennant Committee, Home Room 301 SHIRLEY MAE TONG General Course Prop Staff Senior Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Chorus Letter Library Club Senior Invitation Committee Library Assistant Home Room 208 THELMA LEE TOONE College Preparatory Course Honor Student Transferred From Crewe High School Crewe Honor Roll Clubs Home Economics Ace Library NNHS Junior Red Cross Representative Senior Invitation Committee Home Room 301 DAVID M TOPPING General Course Band Home Room 309 ATHENA TSITSERA College Preparatory Course Honor Student Girls Varsity Hockey Team Staffs Make Up Usher Clubs Latin Science FHA Senior Dance Committee Office As sistant Home Room 309 DOLLY VAUGHAN Commercial Course Teams Basketball Softball Hockey Soccer GAA Athletic Letter Senior Mixed Chorus Sextet Chorus Letter Com mittees Senior Assembly Music Faculty Secretary Horne Room 301 HAROLD WALKE General Course Shop Offices Junior Red Cross Representative Home Room 20 MARVIN L WEGER College Preparatory Course Honor Student National Honor Society Band All State Band Senior Dance Band All State Workshop Band Music Letter Clubs Key Latin Science Senior Bulletin Board Committee Chair man Junior Red Cross Representative Home Room 123 CONSTANCE WEYMOUTH General Course GAA Secretary Girls Teams Varsity Basketball Softball Senior Mixed Chorus Girls Glee Club Chorus Letter FHA Club President Office Assistant Home Room 309 86 sifx CAMERA SHY John Ball John Barber Glenna Gallson Dorss Myers Hesdler John Kslmon John Norton Wslbur Scott Gene Webb Ralph Wood 70 Pace '7acfaq4 7fou,Z'lz GEORGE WHEELER General Course Junsor Varssty Football Auto Mechanscs Shop Supersntend ent Home Room lOl CLARA MAE WHITFIELD General Course Gsrls Teams Hockey Soccer Basketball Staffs Costumes Make Up Junsor Msxed Chorus FHA Club Vsce Pressdent Sensor Assembly Commsttee Home Room 309 JIMMY WHITLEY General Course Varssty Junsor Varssty Football Basketball Teams Beacon Reporter Junsor Msxed Chorus Clubs Key Junsor Hs Y Pressdent Shop Offscer Electson Offscsal Home Room 208 RALPH WICKE College Preparatory Course Natsonal Athletsc Scholarshsp Socsety Basketball Manager Basketball Letter Football Statsstscsan Casts Of You Can t Take It Wsth You And The Barretts Of Wsmpole Street Sensor Msxed Chorus Boys Glee Club Clubs Scsersce Span ssh Sensor Color Commsttee Home Room 208 PEGGY WILLIAMS College Preparatory Course Student Courscsl Representatsve Head Usher Sensor Junsor Msxed Choruses Gsrls Glee Club Clubs Latsn Treasurer Scsence FHA Electson Offscsal Sensor Dance Commsttee Home Room 309 WALTER WILMOTH College Preparatory Course Class Gsttorsan Casts Of Our Town And You Cant Take It Wsth You Anchor Sports Sectson Co Edstor Bea con Co Sports Edstor Co Edstor Qusll And Scroll Journal ssm Letter Junsor Msxed Chorus Clubs HsY Program Chasrman Key Board of Dsrectors Home Room IO4 CECIL WOMBLE General Course Home Room 208 JEAN WOOD General Course Home Room 309 MARJORIE ANN WOODRUFF Commercsal Course Honor Student Transferred From Palm Beach Hsgh School West Palm Beach Fla NNHS Nelms Honor Scroll Sensor Msxed Chorus Gsrls Glee Club Art Club Secretary Treasurer Sensor Assembly Commsttee Student Councsl Representa tsve Home Room 30I JANE MOORE WORNOM College Preparatory Course Honor Student Treasurer Sensor Class Honor Councsl Nelms Honor Scroll Natsonal Honor Socsety Thespsans Secretary Anchor Eds tor Beacon Fourth Page Edstor Qusll And Scroll Journal ssm Letter Launchsngs Asssstant Edstor Flagtwsrler Sex tet Accompans t Home Room l23 NORRIE XIFTROS Commercsal Course Make Up Staff Clubs Gsrls Reserves FHA Treasurer Sergeant at Arms Offsce Asssstant Servsce Letter Home Room 309 IN MEMORIAM Louise Kelly May I5 'I932 September 16 1948 87 S Wukwiwiawldwmqmdw A-W I'--Qi aux of 1949 fir! is After the launching, much is to be done be- fore delivery date. Workinen must outfit the ship by installing rail stanchions, furniture and other fixturesg by additional painting, and by final testing. As putting the finishing touches on a ship readies it for the sea, so acquiring the attitude of fair play helps to prepare the stu- dents for successful living. Not only by playing on the gridiron and hardwood, but also by lend- ing support froin the bleachers, the students have built Sportsmanship. 89 mm Manner! Ly a eww THE SPORTSMANSHIP slid down the shipways Septem- ber l7, l949, under the command of Head Coach Lou Plummer, for a two months' cruise. Co-captains Wayne Begor and Mickey McNamara led the Typhoon on a pre-trial run with two non-conference foes: Holy Trinity of Norfolk and the Randolph-Macon "B" team. Holy Trinity sank to defeat bv a 39 to O score, while the locals just squeezed by RandolpheMacon 9 to 7. Harold Jones, end, caught ci pass from Ouarterf back Ray Boyles to score the only Typhoon tally, After returning home for minor repairs the Typhoon opened its conference slate October l with the Hilltope pers from EC Cilass of Lynchburg, The mountain boys eased by the Plummer-men by a 7 to 6 score. Boyles scored on a quarterback sneak after a Class penalty put the ball on the Class one-yard line, Halfback Bobby Fennell scored the locals' lone touch- down as they deadlocked a group of shipwise Maury high Commodores 7 to 7 in Norfolk October 7. The following weeks the Typhoon was host to two neigh- boring teams. ln the game with Woodrow Wilson High of Portsmouth, Fullback Curtis Keeter snagged a Boyles pass for the only Newport score in an l8 to 7 loss for the locals, An undefeated group of Warwick High Farm- ers proved no match for the Typhoon which rolled over the country boys l5 to O October 22. As a short worm up trip before taking a long voyage north, the Typhoon slapped down Norview High's Pilots, l2 to O the next week, and then stamped out the Granby Blue Comets 26 to 7 before returning home. The voyage north was a disastrous one for the Newport squad which was beaten unmercifully by the Hopewell Blue Devils 54 to O. After minor repairs were made, the Sportsmanship set out on the Thanksgiving Day journey that was to end the two-month cruise. On that day the Typhooners ran into a school of Hampton Crabbers, For the first time since l935 they defeated the Crabbers, 6 to O, Fennell romped around left end for a 25-yard jaunt to score and end a very successful cruise. 90 TOMMY JOSEPH MICKEY McNAMARA JACK CASTELOW Left End Left Tackle Left Guard 01 exam Szfalwafrl' ,uw X . FULLBACK CURTIS KEETER is hit low and hard by a Warwick tackler after driving lor a short gain, "YES SIR, WE'RE MIGHTY PROUD of this football!" says Head Football Coach Lou Plummer to his assistants, Jack Powers, end coach, J. C. "Cowboy" Range, line coach, and Ed Motley, backfield coach. The football was presented by the Cosmopolitan Club to Newport News High School, the Peninsula Champions, for deleatinq their arch-rivals, Warwick and Hampton, KEITH WATERHOUSE BOBBY HORNSBY Center Right Guard fa-'?' HE FLYS THROUGH THE AIR . . . it's hallbacl-t Bobby Fennell about to knock down a pass headed a Hampton receiver. FLEETBACK EENNELL scoots for a sizeable qain in the Newport-Hampton fracas. Hamptan's number 27 has v: few ideas of his own as he digs in for the tackle THESE TWO HAVE REASONS to Smile, They'r0 the J. V. Co-captains Bobby Cardwell, and Larry Arvnstronti who:.e team was undefeated. DEWEY SCI-IANZ HAROLD JONES Right Tackle Right En .,,, . ' ' ,rw q,M,.5g-,giigjg - X me , . my x f. ., t vb 'is . W Ylllm M '7!wm Wan! 'R at f A 'T .J Xt l . Y 1 I-T PM A RAY BEGOR' RAH MCNAMARA' They ve got the pep' They ve got the steam' They re the captalns of our team IT S HALFTIME at the Newport Warwick game and the band flag twurlers Nancy Eagle Nancy Mnffleton Jane Wornom and Ola Hull are all dolled up for the program that presented famous ladies of music FRANK BOSWELL Hampton lftalfback G27 rs nailed cxpertly by a Golden Typhoon tackler rn the Turkey day u SENIOR FOOTBALL manager Leslue Smuth smnlmqly I' grves Tommy Joseph a new paur of shoes from the eaulp ment room WASH EM OUT' Wrlng em out' Hang em on thc lane' We can beat Hampton any old trme yells thus crowd at the pre Thanksgrvnng pep rally COACH LOU PLUMMER proudly receives the Gene Ed monds Memorial trophy from Dr Paul Buckles reprc sentrng the Sports Club The trophy was awarded to Newport High for wlnnlng the game wlth Hampton Laoknng on are Harold Jones and Co captann Wayne Beaor l tb, qxl A, -gf , . 'Q ' at Q. 3 ll , 1 - 4 .,, ' , ' 9 Q . 5 . l X 2 R I ' . H T l lk l I A KL - A I K.. . X- H . W V , . V Q Y t - tt " ,I 1 .. ll ., ' l Mg' gm wr A A Y wt ' ' 5 if 4 -.A L ' V XA my , g A , T , . ' ,gg F ai 5 - 'H I 11 1 I - 1 1 r It, ' . 92 '7f12LaugfL Six Tficlfcvaiwi amf 7!!fl+68 fbefeaii THE l95O VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM Included on nts roster Schanz Waterhouse Castelow Co captams Mc Namara and Beaor Taylor Keeter and Peebles Second Row Fennell Levy Russell Hanna Paros Ellus Joseph Jones Thnrd Row Boyles Davls Cardwell Strader VARSITY SCHEDULE Sept Holy Trlnlty Sept R M Frosh ct Lynchburg c Maury Oct Woodrow Wilson ct Warwick ct Norvlew Nov Granby Nov Hopewell Nov Hampton Won Lost 3 Tue l Won 5 Parker Theophllos Hornsby Fourth Row Leggette Llewellyn Grubb Ottofaro Frank Whitley Tappan Flfth Row Begor Atkins Segaloff Masters Pruce aw yer Goodson Sixth Row Chappell Wood Burton Dale Grant Kelly and Manager Smnth JV SCHEDULE Oc 6 Warwuck ct George Wythe Oct Warwuck Nov 3 Poquoson Nov Norvlew Nov Hampton Lost O Tied l xg 14 FN- f-a JUNIOR VARSITY GRIDDERS for the l950 season ln cluded 60 varsity hopefuls Mitchell Walker Burton Hoffman Sterluna Co captains Cardwell and Arm strong Nicholson Allen Lassrter Webb Bennett Sec ond Row Webb Rodgers Crockett Ilrsh Crouch Un derwood McDowell London Ewell Floyd Jenkins BUBLU Third Row Morrison Letts Wilson Pogue Klutz Mal ner Wormack Gwaltney Callus Overton Davis Fourth Row Brown Mears Mosteller Fodrey Masters Broad water Chrlstle McAfee Wood Grubb Straton Fufth Row Barfleld Jett Whitley Harvey Nagale Crum and Winfrey . l7 " O NN 39 fl ' 6 NN 6 , 24 .- , " " 7 NN 9 Q I 1 7 NN 6 O . l3 I2 NN 26 O t. 7 7 NN 7 ' . 14 ' I8 NN 7 '27 6 NN lg O . 22 ' O NN l5 . O NN 57 O . 28 ' O NN I2 . A 5 7 NN 26 -'O 0 NN 27 , ll 54 NN O .l9 O NN 2 . 24 O NN 6 .. - IE 15 24 136 6 . d . L- F 'J W' A' ' - - ' C0 J S 1. L. ' J J P' si 2 6, ,SQ 3 . 'urs J J 5 93 fbufunq Me Zifinlm Gaulle, lffne S7104 ip BILL LEGGETTE HAROLD JONES BOBBY FENNELL Forward Center Forward COACH JULIE CONN celebrated hus twenty fourth year as head basketball eooch of Newport Hugh during the 1949 50 coson and hrs expernence proved to be dlsastrous to the Typhoon opponents Has team wan thc Eastern Dlstrlct Championship for the third stralght year lust noslng out Wllson Hugh of Portsmouth sn a playoff game 36 to 28 Both teams ended the regular season with Identical records of 13 games won and one ost In the State C-roup One Basketball Tournament held ln Norfolk the Typhoon downed Washington and Lee of Arlington 34 to 30 and Jefferson Senuo of Roanoke 41 to 35 ln the playoff for the State Championship C-ranby Hugh of Norfolk twlce beaten by the Typhoon upset Coach Conn s quintet 57 to 34 Dunng regular season play the Typhoon had a 15 won and three lost record The losses were to the College of Wulllam and Mary Frosh 37 to 41 the Duke Unuversuty Frosh of Durham N C 43 to 44 and to Wrlson 32 to 36 Included IU the wrn column were games wlth two non conference fces Holy Trunuty and Suffolk TOMMY JO ll H lOEERT CONLEY JIMMY lWAPD Cuard Lsuaul 94 .rf-.- Me Many Gam ancf fvafuuew palafd Fx. WINNLRS Ol- THL L!XSTLlxN DIS TRICT CROWN and runner up for the State Tulle are the C mcmlcm of the Ncwoort News Hugh School ba Ret all team John Paros Jame Bncouvarns Bully Castelow Julre Conn tam Harold Jones Bobby Fennel! Tommy Joseph Thurd Row Bohlj Conley Buddy Ballard Keith Water house Bull Leggeffe Fay Taylor Fourth Row Manager Stanley Krausc Coach Julie Cohn and ASSISTOHT Coach Jack Powers WITH HIS FAMOUS hook shot on dusplay Capfam Harold lTS A BASKET for Jimmy Seward an the New Jones adds two pomf toward has 295 total for the season port News Warwick game which wa taken by Thu game wnth Hampton re ulted un a vuctory for the Typhoon the Cormmen I I . FLT .-. ,l" K K . ' , ' : g " . w ' f b 1 , 1, , P , , Jr.g Second Row: Jimmy Seward, Cap- , , Q 2 v V v I A 1 1 2 , l . - ' I 5 1 95 IMPORTANT GAMES Center K mbo Jones Iurnps hgh tu shwot a hook shot for two po nts IU the New p t W Iso playoff fo the Eastern D struct crown NNHS as the Its t 0 e to a d the Typhoon cau e hen Bobby Fen CII s ks a duck shot un the State Tour flndICZqnZu4edIZQe Zaahkuue AWARD TIME Capta n Jo es ItopI and Forward FenneII a Ie o tstan g coger and best defens player respectuvely 96 name t game th Jefferson Sensor of Roanoke Ne port won too Anything you can do I can do too says forwa d B II Leggette as he shoots duck the fnal t r ey t It wth G anby h ch esuItedl a hea t break Ing defeat Dec Dec an an an an an an GFI OV1 9 E 6 9 9 G 9 for NNHS VARSITY SCHEDULE Holy Trlnlty Suffolk W 8. M Erosh Maury Norylew Wnlson Warwick Cradock Hampton Norvlew Maury Wu lson Warwlck Granby Duke Frosh Hampton Cradock 5 March 3 Wilson fEastern Dnstruct Playoff? 28 TOURNAMENT RECORD March 9 34 W 8. L of Arlcngton M rch I0 4I Jefferson Sensor March II 34 Granby of Norfolk I br Il. ri I r I I' , r vi I- K a in , i 5 W WITIUQV. WO TTT V W I' i 'OU V1 I I I' W I I' VI I' ' 7 '7zzf!e ' .1e- " I6 NN 52 J' . 20- 4I NN 52 J . 3- . . " " 4I NN 37 ' J . 6- 23 NN 28 J , I0- ' 2I NN 44 J . I3- ' 40 NN 55 J 4 I7- A 3I NN 50 J . 24- 26 NN 53 Jan. 27-Granby 34 NN 47 J . 30- 28 NN 46 J . 3I- ' 32 NN 50 IJ E b, 3- 25 NN 48 E b, I0- ' 36 NN 32 - F b. I4- ' 27 NN 54 ' E b. I7- 34 NN 49 .- Y E b. 2I- " " 44 NN 43 W , E b. 24- 33 NN 35 ' E b. 28- 23 NN 60 In 55 835 I -- , , I ' ' 36 - . , ' 30 a - ' 35 Q - 57 t ke Irapwr S as u I dug ive seamen Nine 7fzainecf fem Me flfeaof emide THE JV BASKETEERS who came close to lwavlng a per Second Row Underwood Haskms Powell Savage Good fect season are Coach J C Range Slmpson Whltley son Taylor Sterl ng Wr ght Belanqa Cramer Brown Markoff manager Dec an an an an on an an G G G E 6 JV SCHEDULE l6 6 Won l2 Holy Trrnlty 26 Moury Norvlew W1lson VVClFWICl4 Hampton Cradock C-ranby Maury W1 lson Warwlck Cradock Hampton 4 6 Lost 2 COME ON NEWPORT make tl'1 t goal IS the cry of the Typhoon fans as they boost the JV s on to vrctory Jn a home game 97 NN . - ' ' 47 1 J . - 28 44 , J .lO- ' 24 40 J .13- ' 33 41 J . I7- ' l8 24 ' 4 J , 21- 18 39 '13 J , 24- 40 39 4 'fr J .2l- 33 47 1 X Jan. 3l-Norview 20 39 1 R if h R F b. 3- 26 43 3 gi F 13. lO- ' 47 43 ' J A I to F 13. l3- ' 28 44 J ' 1 F 11 17- 38 41 if J F 13. 24- 27 40 gfwif 'J 0 571 5 ' vi-ff femmes E wi M., ,,,-aw N yM5,t, , .fs TRACK SCENES-Weightman Harold Jones puts all of his l95 pounds behind a mighty heave at the discus. He averaged l25 feet per throw. Talking over the com- ing season are Coach Julie Conn, Captain Teddy Mas- E.-fl'-U57 NEWS ters and Coach Lou Plummer, With skill, Melvin Davis clears a high hurdle in the l2O-yard run. Form like this won him four first places in dual meets. '44 4611! ,44 Qififq Kwik Wu 0m '7wda '7eam TRACK SCHEDULE March April April April April April May May NN Third NN 73 NN First l9 20 NN Third Wilson Norview Granby Hampton Tidewater Meet Maury Eastern District State Meet Here Here There Here William St Mary Here Norfolk William 8. Mary THINCLADS WHO WEAR the Gold and Blue colors are Melvin Lewis Ashton Violette James Holt William Stewart Captain Teddy Masters Melvin Davis Bobby Fennell Edward Hanna and Keith Waterhouse Second Row Lynn Holzbach Madison Price Billy Jessup Jimmy Wilson Bobby Hornsby Millard Thomas Bobby Mitchell Jack London and Glenn Crockett Third Row Raymond Sawyer Glenn Boyd Charles Llewellyn Jerry Burton Donnie Wood Cornelius Apple Wayne Begor Stewart Rodgers Fourth Row Coach Julie Conn Stanley Cramer manager Willie Grimstead Robert Bennett Billy Mas ters Whitmer Marshall Dcnald Long Billy Dick man ager and Coach Lou Plummer 3l NN 53 ' 58 ' 5 NN 93 ' l5 ' 7 NN 63 40 ' I5 NN 65 36 . 22 . . . . ' 29 45 6 . . . l l 98 fiat? 'tl' t MEMBERS OF THE first Newport baseball team In twenty Conley Rlchard Crouch Jlmmy Seward Jimmy Whntley years are Jack Castelow Bobby Cardwell Bobby Fen Curtns Keeter Bobby Norman Frank Kelly James Red nell Co captaln Wayne Begor Manager Dow Strader dung Bull Castelow Randolph Dale Harry Letts Ralph Co captann Bully Gayle Bobby Taylor Cary Grant Sllver Coach Ed Motley Thomas Kasey Second Row Coach Jack Powers Bob New 144 fzacfcw Wad 00121. fslafiedaff 7eam For the tlrst tlme ln 20 years Newport News Hugh School tuelded a baseball team and took second place ln the Eastern District Group l League with a record of tour wlns four losses and one tue Maury Hugh of Nor talk won the championship The cry ot Play Ball' an Aprll 4 the opening day ot the season found Coaches Jack Powers and Ed Motley glvlng slgnals from the bench and Co captalns Wayne Begor and Bully Gayle leading the l95O diamond nine on the tneld At the season s close three non can lere wce games two with Poquoson and one with Granby had boosted the overall season total to tuve won sux lost and one tue The Typhoon hung up therr unnforms on May l8 wlth hopes of attaining even higher success next year at the national pastime Aprll Aprll April Aprll Aprll April April May May May May May NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN NN BASEBALL SCHEDULE 87 5 l7 4 6 5 6 2 9 l3 7 9 4 Poquoson Warwick Maury Hampton Poquoson Maury Warwick Hampton Granby Warwick Hampton Maury There Here There Here Here Here Here Here Here Here Here There CO CAPTAIN Wayne Begor goes to bat 1400 an Bacwcf, 14 qefmmne Grew SPORTSMANSHIP AHOY' lt IS tall and GAA members are holdmg the tnrst meeting of the crew to get organ nzed tor a tull years schedule of athletic events Mem bers of the Glrls Athletic ASSOCIOfIOn are Burnham Alto B Lackey P Lackey L Avant Menln Gatlung Gray Ward Saunders Second Row T Coussoulos Baker Kolas Gay Munoz Parker Hussey Ripley Jones Webb Carter Hubbard Stantueld Third Row Kaufman H Coussolos Dndlake Beaulune Jobe Anastasnau Thomas B Avant Wood Vaughan Drucker Kline Beaulenu Palmer Perzan Wlth Sportsmanship as our theme We can have a wlnnung team' THIS WAS THE SLOCAN of all members ot the Cnrls Athletnc Assocnatnon ketball volleyball softball speedball tleldball and tennus To gnve nncentnve to the gym classes and to show the school the work ot the department a gym assembly was the mann winter event The outstandnng gurls nn all gym classes participated un various dances from boogle to talk and square danclng stunts on the parallel bars tumbling and exercuses to YTIUSIC Aslde from the usual sprung actnvltles a Track and Field Day was held ID May with gurls competnng In racing distance thrownng running broad jump etc Also nn the sprung members ot the CAA attended the annual Play Day at Warwick Hugh School Cheertully and tirelessly the gym teachers encouraged the gurls to buuld a sturdy sportsmanship by cooperatuon and good spnrut DISCUSSING PLANS tor future Gussne Morans and Babe Dudncksons these executuve board members of the Girls Athletic Assoclatmon scheduled club actnvntles Lynda Avant Pat Lackey Mary Mac Gray Betsy Menm Betty Gatlung and Jean Ward IOO I U , , Q I - , , ll ' ' - - 11 as they enthusiastically entered the intra-mural tournaments in hockey, bas- I I I I ' , V . I I ' . ' . . ' .I I . I, A , I . . I I I I I ' I y c Shouleifiip on all "ONE, TWO OVER YOU GO," says Mildred Ripley to Jean Ward as they perform a knee-handspring in tumbl- ing practile. lOl THESE STICKS may be still now but they saw fast and fierce action in the hands of these senior varsity hockey team members Mary Mac Gray Grace Cumming Roberta Jones Second Row Barbara Eanes Lynda Avant Mary Ann Dorsey Dolly Vau ghan Anitamae Snead and Margaret Taylor Absent when picture was taken Betty Gatling captain Alice Moore Jean Royal AFTER A SERIES OF HARD GAMES these girls were elected to the junior varsity hockey team Harriet Binder Barbara Alto Irene Kolas Tessie Coussoulos Norma Newsome Second Row Pat Poffenberger Betty Joyce Pittman Joan Padgett Myrtle Snyder Alma Le Cornpte Shirley M-:Causlef HURRY' ITS COLD' seems to be the expressions on the faces of ninth grade soccer varsity team Nancy Lackey Wilma Allen Dorothy Carter Second Row: Frances Rodgers Cap- tain Mona Webb Pat Collins' Third row: Naomi Stanfield Sandra Saun- ders lrma Carter Loretta Wood Joyce Fenton Jane Peirce. wma.-,L an wwf SWA AGILE MEMBERS OF THE Apparatus Club work for bal BACK AND FORTH over the net goes the ball as thus ance and coordination as they form a pyromld on the class team gets up an exciting game A round robnn bars Alnce Gosknns Rose Alice Palmer Mona Webb Intramural tournament I5 held annually among all classes Icy Dndlake Paulnne Jefferson and Arlene Sprouse I J x ALL EYES ARE ON the ball for the referee ns ready to toss for the lump durnng one of the annual class tournament basketball games l02 I Beverly Zegopulos, Shirley Kelley, Francee Rodgers, Shiui A to decide the champuons. K -A' gg f N 'Q Z ' I .E X Ywiilwk 'Their' s--5 1" J pu- PLAY BALL' Slugger Memn awauts the patch that may mean a homer durlng practice for the annual sprung tournament ON YOUR MARK' GET SET' are the words on th ears of Marne Todd Mary Lloyd Betty Warlntner and Betty Bucklngham four partncnpants In the Track and Fleld Day an added attraction In the sprung ,KW QW 'dum- 1 4?-4 IN THE TENNIS TOURNAMENT Dolly Vaughn makes a hard bockhand stroke The tournament was held the last two weeks of Moy wuth all members of the Tennns Clubs partnclpatnng AIMING WITH A SHARP eye for that red bull s eye nn the du tance Anltomae Snead a member of the Arch ery Cl b gets et to release the arrow . . r A Q . Y A K . A . f X A x A K. , g A Y 0' . 0. .' - A ,I 'F , 5 u . ' ,' . l ll A .1 ' .- ,' fx ' iv' . QYW- X. -151' . ' - wx t , - 'ny :Z X. iq.. Y, Y' - ' I - -',9x,:,,Jm 'Ju' 1, Q' , . QL 4.1 'nf.x" .HRSA .ft ,..' . A . x. 1' s -Q "F J, f' ,. '- M W ' ' , Z, - I ' - J- fe , ' N X . . . ' A ui . ' L ' 3 ' ez. X . E 2 if . X tn' f .f" f V F N 9' 'wwf' f'.ii"3'v' ,x -JT 3' -L 'Q B . V, -' "S, Q' ,4 I A 0' W ll K- I- w vf".fw+- is --' - ,M A J' W' I ,A t ,J ,r,,t,. ,y ,qv -I ,Wg , . ' I J ' 'W ,- -w ' - -Hwy ww- ,Q ,-"W-,W Q It , K I ,j if ' 1 I L ,. Q We-Q19 , ,,...,. H: ,v K . , ,Vw ,rx 3.1 Q - f , lv ' IA, 1, K' T S lv- I - - ,f It . f .. ,Vg ju- 1. 4 ' -" .u', . ' ' - .Q ' . J' . f, 5 jfs-L 4' - ',,,' ' . ' ,Any 4 ' Q' ' Y , K I ' Y- Q n 'P 4' A , ' .J g,if-.,-- -273, V ' Ni ,fl2',f,. qgjg. , ,L fm' : , -...,"- ..f " rl 'W' '-,- X73 "Ui . ' ,' 'fr , -ks., WWC. , 7. U If - F - If All - D . . I , I I I . . . , V .F . - f r I , , u , L . wzm We .ew amz, om me WW We zz Rememdm hump qmi.eaimu,, Upon the completion of ships in the Senior Yard, the workmen look with pride on their finished products. Upon the completion ofthe high school year, the students look back upon and remember with joy the carefree moments at a dance, the touchdown that won the Hampton game, the band and chorus joining in "Oklahoma," the laughs and tears at school plays, and everyday chats in the hall. These have gone into the build- ing of Good-Fellowship. IO5 amweafzzw vzwmagaau 106 NHS f-S THE OPENING OF SCHOOL and the Worlti S games make September an excntnnq month TIMID AS LITTLE MICE W re the Llqhth Qradus on reguylnq thur school Lol ONE AND TWO AND GLIDE s al y Smuth to Buddy E rly at the f st d cn struction class sponsored by the Student Conn A LIVING SCENE out of an Enqhsh text us t 5 Shot of he Barretm of Wnmpalv. Street the fall play A TALENT SCOUT SHOW? Na luxt port of the Thanksguvlng pep rally THESE NNHS home economncs students wrap packages at the Penmsula FHA Rally sponsored by thus yards dwaptu ALL I WANT FOR CHRITHMATH It m two ront teeth L Rogers Hamnlton durnng the Lhrlst mas assembly OUT GO THE OLD and In Cami the new Ex CO Captains Bugor an I McNamara wmh Mdynn Dayns and B by Hornsby the best I It IK os I95O football cocaptann C . I t , . .. ' fra ' . I if - . ,Jul I , ' iii- A r. J. I . A ' A . . ' I pf' It - A. r , 1 A 1 A4 I i ' to v I I ,x ' I' I ,if ' -.N,.g4v1wpv1X 4 I D . L , 0604 I 4 V 'J - , sf-va . ' 'WH I x Q' Q I ' enum , ' V 1 1-.' ' R I Up, 1 If f V g . 1 ,' ayw S If O If OH ' IU , ' " cil. Q. A y In . X I ' ' VI, , I hi' t " 1 - L :LJ 'Aff 4 'rl . K IH I , , V , Sf, I 'i . f' Q H , ' W, 'IW ' f ns sunj Inv 1 if , X . ob - In tc N efzfzidlnwfi ancf 05am .7 Ida A RED SUIT plus a white beard plus Mr Edward Mot ley equals Santa Claus Mrs Lalue Webb makes has whus kers tuq proof before has appearance at the Chrlst mas dance NANCY MORGAN had Christmas stars an her eyes as well as her crown when she was chosen Queen of the FHA Dance MY MUSCLE IS GONE explanned thus four year old pollo vnctnm after Nellue Bloxom Intro duced hum to the student body durnng the March of Dnmes assembly BRAVE STUDENTS defy superstntlon as they arrive at the Friday I3 Dance WHY BEWARE OF BREAKING mnrrors spnlllng salt oh and walking beneath lad the Dance Comrnlttee vua posters THESE FELLAS revel ln some rare but honest to goodness snow Its whnte o lO7 1' N ders? Come to the superstitious dance says ' f ' A - wg. 'K E - - . ' ' , to. . ,S . . V f V KA . ' V if Offs E-5 , .A , AMhjd4g,,, . ,s -, Y N . . . ,,,A.., ,A,,,,, ,W , jivfe, lviqfri an lay gnlfmfllainmenld SPEAKER Richard Thompson rates a flrst prize and Al vnn Fox a second In the annual oratorucal contest spon sored by the Amerucan Leguon an the toprc The Con stntutlon of the Unutecl States THE CROWD ROARS as Harold Jones sinks a beauty at the annual basketball tournament held ID the Nor folk Municipal Auditorium SPRINGS IN THE AIR' Flowers are rn bud and pasy snatchmg boys are once again on the prowl HENESSY TENESSEY tootles the flute and l thc pupe do play sings Sldney Barham while the whole Cantata turns lrush at the shrnllung and boomung of McNamara s Band TRICKY GYMNASTlCS are displayed at the gurls gym assembly when Frances Rodgers does the wand d ll OFF TO PANAMA Dressed for the climate and rarlng to go Teddy says good bye to Aunts Abble and Mar tha un a scene from the sprung play Arsenuc and Old Lace 'I f 'L X. re A " yl 1 sk W IA nl U N- X 4,7 ,, I ' f X 1. 'fs , iv y Yu. G R N4 Q it X - X . . ,, . F - - , . . U . . I . . . ,, f . . H 1 , . . 1, H . . . , ' - ri . , . . f . Y If 11 V - . - - , - - . . . . ,, , . , ,, 108 S ana! Zlffr-al' Y Baingfi RECEIVING A STlFF dose of Hadacol from Captain "Walloping" Watts, "Sinkum" Seats is ready for the w0men's faculty game with Warwick, Looking on is "Wildcat" Wingo. The l-ladacol must have had good effects, for the ladies won their gamel PLENTY OF VITAMINS in that plate full! Shot-putter Keith Waterhouse loads his tray with lunch in the school cafeteria---fa sure sign that track season has begun. "Pl.OTT FOR PRESIDENT!" is the cry as Joe Platt de- livers one of the many campaign speeches, but this one is accompanied by free lollipops. "AND l'M OFF!" says Jean Thompson, She waves to her father as she starts for Staunton as the first NNHS student to receive the state award for DAR Good Citizen. "HONOR FIRST" is topmost in every student's mind during Honor Week at NNHS, Mary Lee White and June Meredith past the new slogan, TALENTED SENlORS, Ola Hill and Mary Mac Gray, take time out from other graduation practices to brush up on their duet for Senior assembly, And sa, with graduation, the last page was torn from the yard's calendar of events. l I i l ch ancf qancaa THE BRAND OF A SENIOR These hand5 proudly I5 play theur l95O clas5 nngs KNITTING ARGYLE SOCKS has fanolly caught the boya too Knut two purl two countS Lynn Holzbach aS he plcks up a few polnteu from Carolyn Powell and Mary Ann Buck EXTRA' EXTRA' Read oll obout lt' lO4 S a popular place on the afternoons when The Beacon comes out HEAVY DATE TONIGI-ITD No Bobby Rsddle ns lust sul ferlng through part of his band lrutlatlan CANT TEACH AN OLD DOG new trucks? This lrltlc dog IS probably trying to disprove the old Saying by see :ng what knowledge he can puck up around the class room Q 211' 4 ' g Q I W I lg I tg: . . I . ':., .: 'll - , ' QQ.. 3 I I A C fb . ' ' , . . I . J 1 1: 5- I ' It 4? xx., ' Q 't- j vs ' K , ., I '4 K, ' ' 1 , , Q 1' I xiy fit' , j IW nf' A P A 15. l IO U! 7een-1455014 TAKING UP HOME EC? No, Kenneth Peebles is just working on onother student council project-a new yord bonncr, "'s go NewportY" CLUB "GOATS" ore everywhere, ond this one isn't ex- octly grozing. This boy's nose takes o scrubbing os he pushes 0 coin down the corridor. AROUND DANCE TIME girls chose fost ond turiously to nob themselves o dote. WHAT'S THlS-!Normon Kotzenberg giving his buddy, Bobby Allen, the cold shoulder? This was o fornilior scene ot the yord after our tirst snow. THE THREE STOOGES---Alicis Levy, Price, Peach-con't quite decide which woy their new fur cops look best. 1 -as - ,. 1 -Hawaii 1, - . . 4 .x Q- ,usb g-.3q,:1' v, .WH .w ---. ' ,xl k it t.. ' I K.. 2 -. Mu. 45 ', -. fx 's .Hifi tv 'ss A . ' ' ' . ln. . -r "', . Q K tw i . M f ' , . -v' g' A A ' . ' i if ' , - 1 A : 1 , . Sacf '7imaL THE END OF A PERFECT DAY7"Yeoh, perfect! Exams to- morrowI" "EVEN AT 'HOME, sweet home' there's no relief," HEXAMS? I know butfow, pleose, Mom!" "YEAH, YEAH. I wont to ploy, too, but con? you see I'm busy?" NO QUIET in this quarter either. "Doggone Thomas Edison and Ins inventions or1ywC1yI" "OH, THE SOUND OE YOUR SWEET VOICE!" Time out for o breather. HTHEREXS ONE GOOD THING left In life anyway, Mmm-W qooLII" PEACE of I0stI xx 4 ,amz qw vim X I . TI-IE BIG moment, "Why Johnny, l'd love to qc: to the prom with yOuI'I "REALLY, I'm an excntedf I puxt Con't make up my mnndf' "CEE, I HOPE it turns out oll nqht. I wonder how much Iongcr I have to sur here, anyway," 'FLOWERS? FOR ME? Oh, Johnnyf der how he lakes my dress?l How wonderful?" II won- "I'M SO HAPPY, Thus could Q0 on forever," HMMMMM. Good-nuqht, Johnny." I I3 X49 i X 1 li in H fi J , , ,J wpff In ,Z '7 wi . T" I I I 1 '7!w .Bad Sfwp an Gm Wap 94 Salamwuiup Aammwih R 14 Gonummifff flaojecl' Were it not for the skillful planning and efficient laboring on the ship, its dreamed of voyages would not be realized. Without the cooperation and support of citizens of the community the senior and junior shipyards would not be what they are today. By buying advertisements in this book, local businessmen have made its pub- lication possible and encouraged its staff in build- ing Salesmanship. H5 Thomas W Ha rrns Mr and Mrs H S Ahern Mrs W G Akers Alpha Tous Mass Mary Ankeney Mr J S Arnold Mr and Mrs l Aronoff Jodne Atklns Mrs Mrs Ella Barnett and Mrs W C Bateman and Mrs W E Begor and Mrs Theodore Beskun Frank R Bloxom lamJ Brnght I a Mrs L J Bro n W H Brown C S Buck R W Bunn Mnss Annye B Burbank Mrs Dons Burns Mrs Jessle Campbell Dr and Mrs J W Carney Mr Mrs The Gym Mrs Mrs Hara Mrs M s Mr Qafzons and Mrs Sam Gordon D H r y Rev 81 Mrs Leslie E Grove Teachers H G Hornsburger Harrret Harrell W W Hedgepeth m Hogge Pauline Holly E D t and Mrs F P Hot Lewls Hudgnns Mrs and Mrs C Jackson Reese Jackson Mary S Jester and Mrs George W Jobe Melvllle L Johnson A V Jones Mayor Gordon A Jordan Robert Penn Mr Douglas Putt Mr Pete Poulas Mr Alvm L Powell Duane Prater Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs oe R E Redding R V R ode C R Roberts Ada Royal Kennedy F Rubert A L R an Ruth Samuels J C Saunders Margaret Saunders Savarese Mr and Mrs J Vernon Casson Mr E T Chapman Sammy Cohen Mr and Mrs Archle M Conn Mr Edwln A Joseph Mrs C M Kelly Mass Mnldred Kelly H N I Mrs C V nox Mr Ralph Sawyer John Schuermann Mr Wlllnam B Scott Mrs Earl Shepherd Mrs Martin Shrlber Mrs Lacy Smlth Mr Morrns Srnnth Bennett Louls Stern Mrs W C Taylor J O Te stad Harry S Conn Mass Frances Cox M Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs J J Cree h H D Cummung F C Cunnnngharn Randolph S Dalrs S W Darrell S B k Myron Duomondsteln Mr and Mrs E M Dowdy Charles Downs Mrs J A Edwards rs E H E Engllsh Teachers Mnss Ruth Folkman Mrs Anna Foster Jules Frank Muss Elma Free A Fnend Ms J A Fromal Mr and Mrs W G Gardner Mrs Carlton F Garland Mr and Mrs J D Garrett Mrs Eva Glldner r J R GI Mr John W Goode Mrs A M Gordon Mr Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs B F Lawson G W Leggett L Lew: and Mrs F W Lsesmann L F Ll F M ong R B Mahone J E Manning Edrth Mason Mrs and Mrs E T Mason and Mrs F G McNaar and Mrs J W McNamara W B Mutfleton O W H Moody Ms G H Moore J Mary Lynn Morgan Nancy Morgan Mr E E Nlc s Bobby Norman John Norton Mrs Arthur Olalsen Mr Sylvan Oser Mrs Oakley Parks L F Parnel Mr Nuck Paros Mnss Helen Paulas Mr and Mrs H K Peebles Mrs The Dan Mrs Mlss Mrs Mrs oe Mrs Mrs Mrs Mrs and Mrs A W Thomas C B Thompson M L Thompson Rev 8 Mrs Harold B Tnllman Topplng L C Tsztsera and Mrs T C Vaughan Vlck Vogt Wagner E Walke E Webb N J M A Werblow W M Weymouth Louus Wheary R T Whitfield W H Whltley M G Wnley R E Wllllams W B Wllluarns C W Wllmoth H D Womble and Mrs R P Woodruff and Mrs l Leake Wornom Andrew D Xnftros Ann Webb Weger ll6 df :If Jw J: . , . . . . G a , ' A ' Mr. . ' . . . h Mr. . . . ' , Mr. . . . . ' Dr. . Mr. . ' r . . . Hol . , . y Mr. Will' . ' , ll ' ' . . . Mr. nd . . . w Mr. . . . Mr. . . Mr. J Mr. . . . . . Mr. . . Mr. . . . ' Mr. , , . Dr. . . K'ng . . . . . ' . . . . K Mr. . . l r. , . c . B. . 's Mr. . . . . . ' Mr .,.' ttle ' Mr. . ' . . . L . . . ' . . . . . . Mr. . . . . . . Del , . . ' Mr. J. C, ' ' ' ' Mr, R, E. . . . . , Sr. Mr. . . . ' Mr. . . . ' Mr, . H. . . . Mr. . . . . . D. M . . . lder Mr. . . ' . . . A 4,,, Mr. , . ' r . . . , r. J l Mr. A ' . . . ' kol , . . ' ' r , , , Mr, . . ' l . . . . . ' Mr. . . ' ' . . . . . Mr. . . ' . ' Mr. . . I Mr. . . M .,,' llen . ' Mr. . . . . . ' Mr. . , . . . . . . . Mr, . ' JR, DSB Sll Best dressed semor Jane Wornom shows Sherrill Phullups the latest copy of Mademoiselle In whlch are featured the clothes they are buying from the Junior Deb Shop of ll7 IF lT'S GOOD- s GOODPAR co.nw 5808 Vurglnla Avenue BRYANT 81 NELMS I29 26th Street REAL ESTATE CID INSURANCE PHONE 4 l62l 5? B E41 1 Lggflklglllla Home IS where the heart us Make yours bnght and gay Well be glad to help you So come an any day Sx floors devoted e clus ely o f e home furnush ngs 1400 1402 MIASHINGTON AVENUE HAPPY HOME FURNISHERS C- o RDON nnu.nCE Pmncf umm uns naman E lllllll WWW g,::.:1Z Jm.Q M ,,g? L 'Q 9-if OT 0 .nerr BRIHR mme, Fashion Wise Economy Wise Graduates and Undergraduates IQEEQMISN! HDR? O e 50 Years You g 2400 Jefferson Avenue Phone 3 1388 46 mu Shell Open the Door Wade When You Take Her Jewelry From BARR BROTHERS Jewelers and Optzczans 3005 Washington Avenue lf' ' A I l ll .J - I k K l T I A E 9' nu -noun, - nn 'f l -14.- . . lil g I ., , an - . 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' P u ' - 09,1 X? ' -ss ' 0 0 - U Y Q Q J i . I1 119 If In Wade of I apuf We Haw It THE OLD DOMINIGN PAPER COMPANY NORFOLK VIRGINIA Dnol 7 7I33 'X For o Sure Come fo Lookmg for o Number? Duol 2 6502 For Reliable Plumbing Heatmg Roofing Sheet Metal Work Cnr uratmn Hp, Ida Venous Ss .11 NEED GAS? Boys! Boys: STOP Buy Your Clrl Flowers NURNEY and COX Servuce Stahon Tpfmmzomzl Florist 5800 V D I 2 9 31 33 d S For Crfts to GIVE wlth Prvde Let Shows Be Your Guide Wotches Dnomormds Silver Televlsnon SI-IAW JEWELRY CGMPANY 120 cs 9 y , 9 I I , an A O I h- f 'op QM- vu' A. " M 31 47" I lx I I ?fT!Tf: , La ' r Q g 1 Rmger Every Time 1 .f , x f 5 . . . I . l . I HN' " Q' 361 un ington Avenue f- 4... K 5 - 'get' QA-T3 , 5' ff G g f. N "r , I X , , -, B ,- A 'A Q . , ' ' ' ' ' ' -' -L A ,:---- CIT ' - From - irginia Avenue ia - 7 210 r treet ,, . . . . I 4 II Ut? Busy buyer Betty Cluveruus funds It nord to choose from the vorled selectlon of necklaces She s Iookung for just the one to go wrth ner new sunt from if gwcwfwczq Uqmztmewz' Zane 121 IBBITT OT I2 C0 Biggest lmcluswe Used Far Dealer on the I emnsula Your Newly Authonzed Packard Dealer 3200 Jefferson Avenue Thats rught Morrns fut that football heros sunt just rug Morrrs Hull makes sure that stu dents luke Mrckey McNamara get frtted properly at SPIGELS COLLEGE SHOP 76646 SUTTLE MOTOR COMPANY C dll GMC T k DMV 'I9 th a d Je fero ve e 122 Q gg . w Q . J - so , , ll I ' ' ' I' I 1 - - - hun df I 130 32nd Street "Th I E clusive Boys' d S I' Sh p on the Penins I I o i ac-Oldsmobile- ruc s 34 n f s n A nu Ill' QWIALCROIM -A 41 NEI-II BOTTLING COMPANY 5 H B ttle R C Cola O Nehu Mm 'i Orange and Grape 21 EEE! ' .I W HORNSBY BOAT HARBOR 5 ,g,gf7wg I-Iavmg a Snack? BILL S BARBECUE 'Fe ,4 Wwe Vnaeazmefzl IIUIIIILEY 81 APPLEWIIITE 130 26 In STREET I 4 1 33rd and Washlngto A Serving the Southeast through 22 branches NOLAND COMPANY Inc 70-hleaale PLUMBING HEATING INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES REFRIGERATION ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES RADIO SUPPLIES 2600 vlfglllld Av e NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Phone 7 1241 E, ,,,.. . I I 4Mcng,,'X I I I - 261 untington Avenu X ..,. I 4' ' ' E O rs of om 5.1 ill..- FE M A ' I d...""' g , . :gm nd u m, ' W1 W Inf A ' 2345212 I Kecoughtan Road wll ef . , . lrgunlo Avenue S I ew S Incorporated I Dia - 704 y I I f 7 o 123 -sv...- Lnke many other teen agers Kenneth Peebles and Sally Smlth fund the food to thelr llklng at TH E Qutel marwtrk West Avenue at 25th Street Newport News BUSIHCSS College Founded l 902 Day and Evenung Classes Placement Servuce Refresher Courses Flrst National Bank Bulldlng Room 309 D L 4 1112 9 I9 'n Xa ll DON'T WALK! Ride in a New CHRYSLER or PLYMOUTH ' From NEWPORT NEWS FORMS CO Inc BUSINESS PRINTING 8I4 25th sfeef Da 51 AI mem eww sm 3OlO Washlngton Avenue Faithful Service or Over 28 Years ..J l s A L E s fcnivnolmr SERVICE I ll Newport News Automobile Exchange THE PENlNSULA'S SENIOR DEALER MERRIMAC MOTORS 3400 Hampton Phone 6367 :D Your Right To KN O W IS the KEY to all YOUR LIBERTIES The Pemnsulas Newspapers Bmlg Igrwa THE TIMES HERALD Dont Buy Insurance Snght Unsee Let us glve It the personollzed ottentuon lt deserves Vlrqlnld Realty Co 3612 Wash ngton Ave ue GEORGE C KARAM A 4,xI'f, 59521. if You Get Ez erythmg flluszcal At the 'fiomcw puma 9 210 28141 Sf eel' 22512 Relox ond Lvsten to The Newest Pemnsulo Stotnon WVEC HAMPTON 1050 0 Y DEW? l I U . O O . V, . ld-I li M f I O - ix U Q J-QE 455 E- -ts il .V -ee.. we l 12 . ' ' n! l . . . O i n ' n our Dual . , gent sf' . 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NXxxwxxW O COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR BODY AND FENDER WORK AUTOMOBILE PAINTING PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Dua Newport News 31638 and ontmc Sales, nc Youll Not Only Look Sharp But Youll Also Look Sharoly R H If You Come to Servlce Stohon QDTICAL C0 4103 Hunt ngton Avenue Medlcal Arts Bulldmg Road Service Washung West Aven e Battenes Porcelomlzmg SCHOOL OF z 1- ' ' BUSINESS ADMINSTRATION Q E, COLLEGE TRAI NED FACULTY i- Day and Even ng Classes I .K Appro ed fo Veterans Ope All Year Relax Comfortably A Cond tsoned Classrooms Low Tunt on H gh smndofds Enroll Today FURNITURE From College of Hampton Roads ns ZXYSQ WlLLIA1:,'1f:-21971 127 O O O ' I Y O O - , . I I . O O O O O I o O i U . . . . 9 1' ' If D - 1 AA QI.. ,- -nj x Superior Trouning for Selected SIudents H1 f -5 wif. . i -- Lf Q3 'n "3-l,..,.vJ :O v r ' ' n 1 ir- i ' In Ai -- I - n o NICK ALLEN MOTORS Inc 30th Street ond Huntington Avenue Dlol 4 T734 4 ..rW1-935 Wont your clothes os whnte os snow? Let Mory Moc Croy Mory Ann Buck ond Neusel Mead ows tell you where to go WARWICK AND CLEANERS 127 24th sr ee: QE. 'Q The Biggest In Entertounment BREED IIUIES IIUTU THEHT The Smollest an Prnce D 15,-,my EVERY A Corlood for o Dollor 1 P1'f4'-9' NIGHT' Super Hnghwoy ond Chllds Avenue DIG' 2 4245 28 N U , I I . L V I I T . I X A AW A I ' 4 . , , B 11 ,Q I' so '-- ' ' 'A a 0 ,Q ,T nf" ' ' I 'nzw:1h:PESn5EN RD 'nf .numz 41.-rf .1414-41' 0 I I SaIes and Service General Rcparr Work Cenuune FORD Pars and Accessorues Bowditch Motor Company 800 Ke oughtan Road Phone 5 1268 VACUUM CLEANER COMPANY Inc 2406 Washmgton Avenue D al 2 6367 23 If 'JC ,ir NUI x X RXX X Engravers for the I95O Anfhor Afraid ot Pure? Theft? See Us About Insurance YOUNG K GAYLE Law Bulldmg Dual 24862 There II Be No Changes Made Your Wnte or Sweetheart Wont Want to Exchange I-Ier Jewelry It You Buy It From clocfcly llla f 222 28th St ee Da 6I 4 129 2 I .' :lful,l' Eff: . 'lxu I I I fIfl5ll'. XY I sb AJ, , I I - - I , ,,,,,,, , 2, W, ,, W , W ,,, ,,, mn, W, I OO..!. 0 6 I I, Y? I I - " ' I -- - . 5? Ifxcttiwig Iuyf Il z '-A A I H' fr. ff ff X C 7 1 .. r t I I - 52 I-IANDY OIL CORPORATION IOOWJ Locally Owned EARL R HATTEN CHARLES A PARKER STOP CIY1 SHOP At Greene Furnlture C nc 2910 Washington Avenue W .J -A-s.rN-vs-g.dK.1k.ZLX.. Water ls Fne But Na When lt Leaks ln' Use Exclusively HEATH ROOFING 1510 39th Street Dall ff -L! x It All Adds Up Epstelns Venetian Blmd Manufacturing Co Makes Better Blinds They Bear the Co cl l"lOUSl4CGDII'1Q Seal ef Aopraval 22 28hSt Dl314 we pmzmz pzwwza 7fze emzyul ezwfm G3 m Z m XJ IP I- JP C -l O cn IP r- m cn ra ra ox an ln "F Ln FY 7 fD fD "Y Q 9. ro rv xo as Want You Jann Me? l'rn On My Way to I-I 8 B GROCERY 128 30th Street 4-M44 E I -I-445 W l we' Q flyf - -v I 4247 , A 'Y """" ' ' ' I e 1 o Q I . d l ' l I . ' o., I . I I A I 6 t feet ia Q 04 ' .: ' ,, ,E 1 We l -an I .2 I W QV X X T I Z I I T , ' ' , 130 L , A9 1 ' N...-and 'Ha-W, Nni dui' 111011116 More than fifty years have passed since the inevitable step was taken which transferred a sprawlnng tndewater vullage unto the dlgnltled status of a cuty of the fnrst class nn the Commonwealth of Vurgnnla Its past has been ullustruous But our justnfned prlde in past accompllshments must not dum our eyes to the fact there IS much left to do ln the future CITY OF NEWPORT NEWS 7fze WMM Qaeda! Jlaadoa 131 r ----W?" " Q. A I dk fm Jfeazzz, We Local Farmers Allen C. Hertzler Arthur V. Hertzler Ethan Hertzler Mlltord R Hertzler Oliver W Hertzler Danuel E Hostetter Benjamin F, Kornhaus Nathan Layman Sylvanius M. Moyer F Moody Snrdow Lloyd Weaver Joseph H Wenger J Ha rvey Yoder Produce Mllk Whlch ls Sold By COLUN Y FARMS COOPERATIVE D 4IRY DENBIGH NEWPORT NEWS Phones Ne port News 41935 Lee Hall 2635 A qAl+ I1 AND Flat Tire? Coll 2 2651 Cutch1ns Brothers 25th a d Poplar Avenue C omplete C ar Care Qlaffvr 1111111131 al Munir 3101 West A en e Establ Shed 1891 Dual 2 1345 Cadillac Ambulance Servvcr. EXPERIENCED ATTENDANTS FFONOMILAI I RANBPOR I A I ION ILIZCHS lpli l Ill L Ol lllfllly 1 Vctora A e DIAL 41716 g Hes Happy He Followed the Motto Deal with Deal A M DEAL Mutual Underwriters 99 28th St eet a 4 1 W 4 , .1 : w - , V, ,,,, , ,,,, ,W , I e. , , ,H . ,,,,,,, , 2 H 1 1 N , L fglkfir 19 vg , 1 w . y . O I 1 ,4 1 'HQ r 1 N r 1 r 1 U - C" .-R1 'lT-1 Si C 1 . " 101 a i v nue W Y A A - J. Hugh Coffee F. Maynard Caffee 7,4 if" l ' en 1 wird, Bw 1 X Q q .V , F A ' , V U I i I ' ff ' , Y! I I O r Dil - 132 What'll you have? No matter what they select Sheila Rawls, Mayer Levy, Billy Peach and Nancy Nelson are sure to enjoy it at the -1: PURITAN RESTAURANT 2711 Wash ngton Avenue K' fwfr 59,3 Q 1 MARINE VALVES Q Where the Gang Meets to Eat 77Zaoze 4 eaafeotconefzg 2200 Wickham Avenue Fashion ls Our Business Quality Our Watchword Depenclabnlnty Our Creed 0 W suave 0 'Q CA Shell Choose You lt You Wear Clothes From I MIRMELSTEIN ARROW SHIRTS STETSON HATS X M W Hooper Valve Company Zlfachmzsts l26V2 26th Street Da 2 3lOl DON T CUT YOUR OWN' Order from Weaver Broth ers, Inc NEWPORT NEWS YORKTOWN LUMBER MILLWORK Lust Your Real Estate Wth MURRAY and PAIIGETT l3l 28th steer REALTORS INSURANCE i I' l 'Vx x I , R 4 k I N Eglin! ll? Clif - l A33-LQ :IJ ' n ' il - . . A iii ' l :if j 3025 Washington Avenue - if 19 0 ' S - :-?::' 4 1 , 'IJ Q . i n n r l33 Yea., To the strains of the Alma Mater another Beacon on the Air program IS untroduced Thus week the voices of Betty Bazemore Elsie Nichols Kenneth Fulton Jean Tart Nancy Nelson Tommy Johnson and Rnchard Thompson came over the anrwaves From The WClg65FM l3lO on your dual Ql lllll Elllllll SOOQ I34 HEATING SERVICE 3 20 24th Street fs EBIUEI 5 G9-Ya. FUEL 328 24th Street Dual 5 'I234 He ll Be Calling You Orls If You 5 Let the Expert Z Operators at -LIP lLuQy Batzufy on STYLE YOUR HAIR Unde New Manage Me Roo Qffffffmf, Washnngton at 30th Yummy Hamburgers W Wnth Relrsh Onions Q? Mustard and All 0 -. Andy s Drlve In 366 Shell Road Let Us Help You Own YOUR OWN HOME KENNETH ARCH Real Estate Insurance Loans ll7 26th St eet a 2 . W 8 5 After a Tough Wa kout Ask tor Gro pette Dr Pepper a DR PP PPP R BOI Il INC CO INC Make Unhappy Kay Cay' g 1 g wtrh JEWELRY from Allen Jewelry Company Stleft, Gorham, lnternatlonal Silver Bulova, Gruen, Hamulton Watches 28th and Washlngton Avenue Locally Owned X - I .. 'V - Q r ? ' ' I ' 1 QL, T' At I I A 1. 75' .c. - r Du l -l37l , . , f Lo 7 51" X ' I I . A mg, , 'J . J.. , 7 I I , 1-, K 'f-S O ' EI ' y 3 ' I sflffli-, I I ' A Auf P I I r ment ' E I lson Building m 203 ' V I 4 I I -, 3. C l l35 Whether Cn Land Let s Take An Old Fashioned Walk say Betty Beck Harold Walke Nancy Muffleton and Lynn Holzbach nn the-ur Sunday Bests kept clean by Dawn D WR? BRINGS HRPPV DRVS DRY CLEANERS 136 me UMQMW . I - .g vw- Q..-m1,,,t W, WM. A., N Wy-.. H ..,....,.-.Y.......,M v . 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' 3 - ,inf Y ,r1'us' - 1 lm, , , ,Q " - O sc - . X. A 99 J I 1 in n v n i I - - tt M X ' - Q- .-- ' --. Qt, . Lizggw, 7' Wi , x5 .,. 5 i Q . 'af f -,, : 0 41332 ,',,Qy , v , , N574 4-aik kv .. .. C At . 139 0 'P 1 sae REGULAR SERVICE BETTER SERVICE WGIW1Ck Esso Servlcenter 25th St eet a d West Ave e Be Smart Luke Shirley Bell and Betty H. HOI Lets QOI Blanks' Buy Your Creetnng Cards from E P E S STATIONERY COMPANY 2908 Woshm gto Avenue fl!- Want to Save Money? Make Your Own Clothes Wnth Materials from DECHERT FABRICS 3500 HUNTINGTON AVENUE -2 I Looks Luke Little Brother "' ,Needs New Pants! We Have Them at BLECHMAN'S YOUTH CENTER 3202 Waswington Avenue Eat at DING H0 Chlnese and Amerncan Restaurant 2611 Wash ngton Aven e DIAL 2 0550 Dad Prefers .-X .ef Avy x ,- X S x CENTRAL MUTUR CU. HOME OF THE PENINSULA'S FINEST CARS I900 Kecoughtan Road Dial 2-4I4O I4 mx -1 . A 9 Wf.. nw 'QA A ,,... mn... r . FOR THE ECK 5 ETTER AKERY Qettylgww ETTY LEWIS ECKONS READ 1'1gfoTl'1eSp gm W .O Spolt Centel ofNep tNews 12 32dS Dl265 ROUSE CARPER FUNERAL HOME Ho A bIaceSeve 6 1 234 236 25th 71am ,4ze4 to Zaman Secada SCOTT HARDWARE F A Needs 23Jf 161 Skim Get O e Thor Wo B eok Dow f Superlor Motor, Inc 1 HAMPTON 141 1 Everyt in r ortsmcm 54 1 I ' - I ' ' .sux 7' .f' 9 C C W 0, can ill II Your 2 n treet ia - 12 ' 41 ef erson Avenue Dio - 674 Q' - E-1 1 ,..,. .-' 'QW - ,JPN uw. '. ,V . U? I ivan,-A 'B -11 rm n'T 24- ur m u rm r ic r n rom KL l D. I - 319 - St t 1611- 5 Kecoughfon Road THE CRUISER USS NEWPORT NEWS As the Junior Shipyard Newport News High School At Home So We Build Ships to Keep America Strong On the Seas NEWPORT NEWS SHIPBUILDING 81 DRY DOCK COMPANY NEWPORT wnvss VIRGINIA 142 Builds Citizens to Keep America Strong Explannnng the services of the bank Mr Karl F Lanier talks to Dan Callus whuIe Wayne Begor opens a checking account at the FIRST NATIONAL BANK Me ber Federal Reserve Systems and Fede aI Depost I s a ce Co p N 6,95 fr J' 1,1 Vx Q 4 Theres No Argument' The Best Place to Buy GROCERIES ls WEAVER S MARKET Sh1pce111ng Company LUMBER MILLWORK BUILDING MATERIALS 1200 Jefferson Avenue DIAL 3 1305 WILLIAMS COILE and BLANCI-IARD ARCHITECTS FINE BUILDINGS Melcon ld ng Da 61 O6 'H .-- 'N 5 W vw? J- To The WYTI-IE Ssso Serv1center CREASINC WASHING POLISI-IINC 14 rn r i n ur n r . 0 VC ' . . X ,Q 1 of I i Bui . 1 i I - 6 Waterfront Lumber 8: ' ' - ' 'H' QA '11 17 s1'f71ff35f'1 fffifi L I L 3 I iz Yes' Nature AIr Cond tIons But We Do It ScIentItIcally Newsome Alr CO1'1dlI1OI11Ilq Co 27l4 V 3 PENINSUI A SI-IIPBUILDIFRS ASSGCIATIGN P S A 37I4 Washmgton Avenue 5693525 U gf' VIRGINIA SCHOOL EQUIPMENT co INC RIchn'IonCl VIrgInIa I Ideal tor a cold dnnk C Coolmg on a hot nIght E Easy to handle Newport News Il1st1lled Ice Ile ff fa' Its TIme to Come to J JSI-Il JIIU III 'FBS FOR RELIABLE FOOTWEAR N WPORT NEWS AND HAMPTON Glarhrr 15111121211 Hume ServIng the Pen nsula SINCE l9l8 2600 2606 W t A PHONE 3 I8I8 vgoff, 9243 Buy Your OutsIde FurnIture and Screen for ThIs Summer Cfllllill 'I UPI Y OIUIVIHY th cl g DI4I 6 Save Your Money By lnvestmg WIth Us S2 OO Per Month For 89 Months Bnngs You S200 OO NEWPORT NEWS BUILDING and LOAN ASSOCIATION 26th St 3 6 ,+' rw N nl. . A. I e .lf 0' ' 1 gs .Z . I I ' ' I' I' r r ' I rl - .. ' ... :J C irginia Avenue Dial -I37I E I -v b - I L . i . 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D l . , . l l Corner 25th and Jefferson w i l ' ' xf? ouesl I 5' ' J 5 X1 l 1 r 'Tv ' V I I r i - . i . g l I45 sf .Q--Q 'Q AMS 1:4 ,I Q:-' 1 I'-'T Let Our Moth-proof Bags Keep You Out of Rags DANIEL CLEANERS Visit GEORGE S Ihe Streamlined Drug Store FREE PARKING 7806 V gina Avenue Dal 2 3798 sigkii Lay That Paint Brush Down Let the Experts JERNIGAN MOTOR CO DO THE JOB IAI9 25th St eet Do 26562 Low ON noueuv ww' E We Have Plenty of it CAKES PIES BREAD m 111 : f ll- 1 U Wake Up and Take Your Printing Jobs -To JACOBSON PRESS 2704 Huntington Avenue Calling Cards - Programs - Invitations HUELLEB S BUY WITH CONFIDENCE AND WEAR WITH PRIDE THE -4009 I snow 3IO7 Wash: gton A enue Youll Be Like a Small Boy With o New Toy When You Ciet a New Refrigerator From CHUM S BAKERY BEN PISCH APPLIANCES 3511 H tngton Avenue DIAL 2 7342 226 28'-I1 5' eef pol 31661 I4 ' 1 J , f w Y . L ir ' I I - 7 . MQ 7 I4 CN, . Q45 ' I t At 'n v r i I f . wav :Vu , ' r . S 6,2 f L P 'W --4 1" "Ffa ,J fl? . I x 'I -L s ,W WW , , - In - ' I I Y , 1 ,Q un i - r i . 6 S aspen! Frances Rodgers and Bobby Seward enjoy the cozy warmth of a frreplace burmng coal from GQGCO LCO 24th and Vurguma Avenue Its Foal for Comfort 147 I I Niue ..., .W . e,,.x .,Xx , ..e.,.,,,,,,N 1 K K v ' . - A K X , l I I ! I Virginia Engineering Company, Inc. mem! Cjaznimcmfza 80 29th Street D101 7 1201 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGHXIIA B ght d For Insurance S Self Service Market Reol Estate I f M ABBITT REALTY CO 3041" ' 'I32 29 h S MEMBER PENINSULA FOOD STORES 1 CO , Inc I lwtlzcal Conti actors UM? Aribrngiwrnuugfiri 214 30th St t 1' 1' DI-4100 148 Q f I 1 There's 0 ri l eo1 'Q ,W ' x' , 'LJ' ond 1 ' Come to Quai y Groceries and eats e erson Av Dial 2- 831 r freer 1 . IQHKIIY11 11 if PERRY ELECTRIC 1 A me W ' I ' 0 Hi 'ir 'WN O nf I , g f 28 h and Hun ington Avenue ia - 3 ree Their party as sure to be tops cause Barbara Belote and Ray Boyles bought the goodies tor at at the Bakery Department of FLORIDA ORANGE STORE 3208 Washington Avenue DIAL 3 I6'I5 ca 7aalag Inspect Our Modern Plant We Process Meats and Poultry We Cure and Smoke Pork IJJ It rrUl..Il rUUUJ, llll 339 35th Street D al 2 82'l'l DRUEKER 81 FALK Real Estate an Partlcupatung Insurance I34 26th St eet DIAL 61687 ' ,W Have a Sweet Tooth? Use Your Hea Come to Us For Pastries and Bread RYE PUMPERNICKEL VIENNA WARWICK BAKERY W mu ICE Dont Skate on Than Ice' SAVE YOUR MONEY C ROWN SAVIINCS BANK 2411 Jeffe son Aven e I-Ilgh School Boys and Gurls Can Be Ready XJ For Any Emergency With Vnrgmla Pemnsula Hospital Service Assoclatlon The Blue Cross Way I33 33rd Street Dua 3 l69I P LYNWOOD TAYLOR A Non Protrt Communuty Service Xxx. llIE"a'l'F' ,md I ' 1 " 9 J. :D :ig ni :I gg. dl A 1 S - l ' At L AIJL r il - r u ,I I .I - I49 season PHILLIPS cu W,gy:g,.g.nuwf-ff-0v""""' "NF BENSIIN GU I FUEL cmd BUILDING SUPPLIES ffedii' I "iifre6Q"Xl Only the Best For Bull Loto Hes Woltmg for A Plymouth or De Soto Cofer Motor Sales, Inc 291012 Huntmgton Avenue DIAL 6 1668 W C Bowen INSURANCE couNsELoRs W0 Vfgmo Amue 136 :asm sneer Dual 4 1441 NICDDEFQN CLEANERS AND DYERS 3409 Washington Avenue Dual 4 1781 .S if 31. V ALEX S GRILL Vusut Our New and Modern Estoblnshment Try Our Sandwlches W Ns Take Her Skating at I-lygena Roller Rank Hampton and Wickham Avenues and Fountain Service Dm' 2 7371 3315 Jefferson Ave Dlol 2 9868 ' ly nc: . 11' . . 81 Co. 11: 0 6 -E - ' 5' ' " ' L3 5 I Tn .4 o n . . I Y I 150 Cliffs off, C l-lave You Considered Randolph Macon College Ashland Vrrgrnla Bachelor ot Arts and Bachelor of Scrence degrees Randolph Macon prepares young men for pre professuonal courses and for teachlng rn the public school system Catalogue Sent on Request Write Rrchard S Glllls J Admunrstratrve Assistant Randolph Macon College Ashland Vrrglnna Mary Baldwrn College Staunton Vrrgrnla FOUNDED l84? A Laberal Arts College For Women Dr Frank B Lewis Presndent Lynchburg College Lynchburg Vnrglnra A four year college of Lrberal Arts Educatlonal Opportunltles Include Lrberal Arts Course Fane Arts Course Muslc Ar Drama Pre professional and Vocational Courses Lynchburg College rs fully accredited and t records and degrees are accepted by graduate and protessnonal schools For Information Wrrte Orvllle Wake Presldent SENIORSI STUDY FOR GOOD JOBS IN ELECTRICAL FIELD Intensrve 32 weeks resrdence course prepares you for electrrcal technucan engrneerlng avde tester etc You learn basic electrrcal theory and modern rndustrral practsce Raduo and electronics Leadrng mdustrres have employed Blrss gradu ates for 56 years Wrrte for Catalogue Blrss Electrical School 7583 Takoma Avenue Washmgton I2 D C 50 24714 Alfl C offe -6 ! ! ! J ' 7 A Liberal Arts college conferring the and Scignces for fnen ond Wornen. . . T I . . - v t ' . ' ' r. ' ' ' ' I - l S - k . l5l 'L Depositing their weekly sav- ings, Carol Weiner and Vivian Allen unsure their futures with acocunts at Eltlzens Marme Jefferson Bank Washington A e ue at 25th St eet Da 6 38l f weft, f Hear el r-1 The Best Place To Buy Your Coal and Fuel Oil Sanford 8 Charles 3 SteetandVg aAene PAIQIKEIQ 8 l3OWEll Will Satisfy Your Wants for CARPET FURNITURE APPLIANCES Da 2204l 2l2 28th Steel Want a Date With Alan Ladd? Hes Coming to the zu Il B ttf Pntufv ' Beach Parties fv Q A On the Way A 1-5, Get Your Grade A Hot Dogs and Other Groceries From PERRY S MEAT and POULTRY MARKEI 3207 Hunt ngton Aven e I I I I ' v n r il -l l Member of Federal Deposit I rancc Coro. w 1 -- x f 'I ttf Q . ls 5th r ir ini v u il - r ' . ' + if ix 1 r 1 9 "ll'l "K 14' 1' 'I' I' I' '. 1lay" ' 1 i u l52 E? A CREED FOR AMERICAN YOUTH I resolve to let no time or opportunltles slap unused by me that In small thang I will strlve to do the best that I can nn order that the bug opportunities of the future wall fund me qualified I reallze that my future as an enlarge ment of the present What I do un my hugh school years will make me strong er an character that I may help to make a stronger Amerlca Sponsored by PATRICK SI SILK Flectrzcal Applzances 3406 Washington Avenue ,A mme L.:- For the Best In Yachts and Small Boats C P AMORY Dzst1 zbutors I08 28th Street Qv Sit Back Relax and Let Us Do Your Palntlng PAINT PRODUCTS, Inc Edwun Joseph 325 25th Street Colony Farmers Market 33l 35th Street Dual 2 503l FRESH FARM PRODUCE Vegetables Fruuts Flowers Meats Poultry Eggs Dairy Products and Home Baked Foods OPEN SATURDAY AND WEDNESDAY VIRGIL PIANO SCHOOL A K BLAKFMORE Instructor 207 29th Street Dua 2 I4-44 Dmly gl zscd Imrfzcc neges M, Q0 Qc ff' 5' f ,253 r 5 ' G 6 se wh Aff WISH 1+ ISHP Come to Central Restaurant For the Best In Seafood Rnght In the Center of the Seafood District of VI glnlo CENTRAL RESTAURANT 'I5 East Queen Street HAMPTON VIRGINIA v W2212- 7.133- I stis I X: X- ' - , . 0 . . I I I I 5 S ' -.If . , . Y , , I - 1 ', .,1pC1'1v'.-w '- :':' I' flu ,f . . N1 ifw ' I , 2 I eiff,1,:2x1.f X I 'I ' I I , wjgsgiifq 0, ,,' ,s l ss, C As C I ff f Af s . 1, k In L: ..kL, :FV ivy Q! V 7 45,15 Wg , X f fr! ,331 I ,f lcc.s f f lslle 22122-f'Ifl1I3fI Q - -I' -f , " Ufff Y 1 '. ' b v , 5' I evvff' , ' I 'S Q- 4 I "'-g:.g..,. I -Y 1-gn - . V ,. A . ,QQ K I xleqawx xg 'L J rl' ,1 7.7 4" F 6 ., A 1 'I L L 0 o o 1 . .. I ,L ab II' , 073 Q 62 V ' ' .7A -542 - - -I A ' A nb I I Q 1 153 1397 1950 Uver L1 Half Cl Century uality PRINTING I Publlshlng I Ledger Sheets 0 Office Stationery 0 Books and Pamphlets 0 S c h o o I Publlcatlons O Letterheads and Envelopes I Engravmg Wedding Cards O Programs and Tac kets I Advertising and Publlclty I Gold Leaf Stamplng O Rubber Stamps 0 Book Bmdmg I Pen Ruling The nest Cru ISl1ltlIlShl1J 11111 utmost Lll1Sld8TUIl0lI goes into every W rlr wider ll7e st mfl IP :dy to h1 ll yfu on all ymrl rmtmg problems The FRANKLIN PRINTINQ COMPANY IN1, 18 0 1 I 14 711 NEWI ORT NEWS VIRGINIA 154 U l C I U l W ' v 1 . wx . . . V V fl f .' 1 1 . , , ' 0 1' . 1 '21 2,1 1 1 1' ' .1'. I I I O T T FSI Y 9 0 216- -2 -22 rfwtfllllj-llf ll Street Tia -l Ln 3 . . - W L, ENTERPRISE ELECTRIC Co Inc 0 Electrncal Dlstrubutuon Systems I Lught and Power Instollatuons Q Transrnussnon Lines 0 Cornmercnal and Resldentlal Wlrlng 338 340 33rd Street DIAL 4 I756 Have You Seen the Mens Furnnshlngs mule K Smit, fi tr: Next to the Paramount Theater They Feature Botany Clothes G S Ba1'nes,Int' Bualdnng Materials and Sportung Goods 25l3 Jefferson Avenue Phone 6 l628 Xfg at Cant Want to Get Home and Relax nn My New Chanr from From J O. SMITH FURNITURE STORE 557 25th STREET 2 -QE-1 E Nunn fxazm Bowler s Auto Exchange 35th St and Hunhngton Ave Dml 4 'I746 THE HOBBY CENTER Can Furnlsh Supplues for Photography Jewelry Makmg Pottery Pamtung Weavung 3704 Woshmgton Avenue ' P wr' Just Whustle We ll Supply Your Needs Gorsuch Drug Co, Inc 3019 Washington Avenue Dual 3 l683 or 3 l684 Servnng the Penunsula for Half a Century Peltz Brothers Shnpchandlers Deck Engine Steward Cobun Galley Supplnes Bonded Stores 2300 West Avenue Dual 4 'I78 4 Nl I 'Z '..'fl - - - - '-lilzix . . . . . . , 8. 1 I st, Q ms: "Aww-u:i3Yf'e' 'E Af,," , 2 ,9E?,5v-:live 1 -'wivxiifeix I 1 Af 1 S, V ' I J 'U 53.30 '.. .I ' I V V 'TTT' V V 'TTT V -V ' 1 I 1 I' 0 0 Jo -b -Al ' :V ' I. 't ' ,' ...V 1 I O O out ' ,- Nj X - L 4 I I . I I . 0 I55 nunso if Bmcg Burford Your Dealer of the Sleek NEW HUDSON 330 30th St eet DIAL 5 l286 'Q Your Beau ls Carnng for Hns Halr Are You? Come to NELSON S BEAUTY SALON Fo Better Beauty Serv ce 4' She ll Be Proud to Wear A Braeelet or Other Jewelry From I THF omc,fNAL arclay 8 om 2912 WASHINGTON AVENUE so smum sawn nurmus IN stocx A DIAMONDS WATCHES SILVERWARE CHINA 138 27th St eet DIAL 2 l64l .fa 47:3 Dont Let Tnme Pass By OI' Come Immediately RICH S Super Markets o Complete Lune of Groceries and Meats We mx IIA 'll Satisfying Enjoyment a he The New J .lame st a Wa lw gto llllill 7he Penznszzlas Itznes Stow E Quee Steel Hampton Dual 5966 n :SZ IP ,- jul 'I X ' ' N ll . I 1 'E se' .C A IA- r I U xox' g U I - I - ' 1 T fx I . G . . ' at I YALL TIMES I r i r - , . A ' . . . - X f f .t ,. n I-. I Now nmmruuv Am cownmoueo ,QAQSX ' ' ' ' - I I 3l nd s in n Avenue I p 9 To 9 CK Y I I l I 1 ' .'t K . 29, 3 I . n r F . I 56 Nellne Wlse as no longer o stronger for she hos rnode her first vzsut to BANK OF Wh Aeet33dSt I N HAMPTON ROADS Keco ghto Road t Wythe Ce H o FI-1 Sleep an Securuty Insure Your Property Wrh F Tllqhman Inc O REALTORS INSURANCE 26th St Mokmg your clothes ls fun you know Come on nn And Ieorn to sew SINGER Sli WING MACHINE CO 2605 Washmgton Avenue D I 41 2 For 85 Yeo rs The V1rq1111a Pllnt Assuclatlnn Hos Served the Penlnsulo 157 as ingfon v nu a r reef u n a nfer Newport ews ampf n ru 1 x ' 'Z I qi: :rm Q Q ,Y ' I I ' . . I ' i 0 I I O 1 Nelson C. verton 1 122 reef ia - 96 I I I I I I FUR HUSPITALITY SERVE CUBA EULA Ask for at either way both trade marks mean the same thzm' LI fi U fi J NEWPORT NEWS COCA COLA BOTTLING COMPANY 158 Randolph Macon College Act1v1t1es Sectlon Advertlslng Sect1on Admlnlstratlon Anchor Staff Arsenuc and Old Lace Assnstant Drrectors Staff Art Club Art Department Band Barretts of Wlmpole Street Baseball Basketball Beacon Beacon On A1r Boys Glee Club Boys H1 Y Class Oft1cers Classroom Sectlon Commerclal Department Costume Staff Dedlcatlon D1str1butors Club Dlstr DUIIVB Educatlon D1vers1f1ed Occupatuons Drama Department Dramatlc Act1v1t1es Englush Department Abb1tt Motors Abbltt Realty Adams Shoe Store Allen Motors Allen Jewelry Alex s Grlll Amory C P Andys Drlve I Arch Kenneth Bank of Hampton Roads Barclay Brothers Barclay and Sons Barnes Hardware Barr Brothers Jewelers O Vener1s Nlck Becks C1ty Bakery Benson Ph1ll1ps Besklns Department Store B1Il s Barbecue Blechmans Youth Center Bllss Electrlcal School Blossom Shop Bowdltch Motors Bowlers Auto Exchange Bowen W C Broadway Department Store Bryant and Nelms Burford Motors Coffee Carder Central Central Chopun Cuty of Cltuzens CITIZENS Funeral Home Funeral Home Motors Restaurant W T Newport News Rap1d Transut Coca Cola Cole and Scott Cofer Motor Sales College Colony Colony Conner Crown of Hampton Roads Farmers Da1ry lnc Farmers Market s Savlngs Bank Crums Bakery Cutchlns Brothers Marme Jefferson B Dally Press Dan1el Cleaners Dawn Laundry 0 A Dechert Fabrncs Dlng H0 Dog House Dowdy E M Dr Pepper Bottlers Drucker and Faulk Edwards Coal Enterprlse Electrnc Epes Statlonery Epstelns Venetlan Bl1nds Flrst Natlonal Bank F1sch Ben Florlda Orange Store Franklln Pr1nt1ng ank 34 5l I4 40 4l O 28 6 4 9 'J 44 40 5 59 7 2 6 4 46 7 4 40 4 49 5 40 O 4 4 4 EDITORIAL INDEX Faculty Sectuon 8 9 Flagtwlrlers Football 90 93 French Club Future Home Makers of Amerlca Furnlture Staff Gurls Athlet1c Assoc1at1on OO Glrls Glee Club G1rls Sports IOO 103 Hall of Fame H1story Department Home Economlcs Department Homeroom SQCIIOD Honor Counc1I Industrlal Educatlon lntroductlon Junlar Junlor Junnor Junlor Key C Band Red Cross Varslty Cheerleaders Mlxed Chorus lub K1ng and Queen Language Department Latln Club Llbrary Makeup Staff Mathematlcs Department ADVERTISING G 8- G oal Gayle Young K INDEX General Auto Sales General Baklng Compan George s Drug Store Goodman Hardware Coodpar Ice Cream Cordon Enterpruses Gorsuch Drugs Green Acres Auto Theater Greene Furnlture Greene s Florlst H 8. B Grocery Handy O1l Hannas Heath Rootlng Huden Storage Hobby Center Hooper Valve Co Hornsby J W Hotel Warw1ck Huellers Hundley and Applcwh tc Hyge1a Poller Rlnk Jacobson Press James Theatre Jernlgan Motors Johnson and John Klrby Vaclum Cleaner La Vogue Shop Leggett s Lynchburg Co lege Mary Baldwln College Merrlmac Motors M1 Lady Beauty Salon Mlrmelsteln I Modern Modern Monty s Moore s Murray Barber Shop Cleaners Confect1onery and Padgett Nachmans Nehl Bottlers Nelsons Beauty Salon Newsome Aur Condntlonlng Newport News Automoblle Exchange Newport Newport News News Newport News D1st1lled Ice News News News News Bus1ness College Forms Furnuture Nash Shlpyard Newport Newport Newport Newport Noland Norfolk Engravlng Co Nurney and Cox Old Dom1n1on Paper O er Brothers l59 Bu1ld1ng and Loan 2 4 9 4 8 7 O O 8 4 4 6 4 5 9 7 56 4 4 44 4 4 O 44 Muslc Department Natlonal Honor Soclety Patrons Page Patrons League Physlcal Ed catlon Department Qulll and Scroll School Board School L1fe Sectlon Science Club Science Department Senlor Senlor Senlor Senlor Span1sh Club Speech Department Sports Sectlon Stage Crew Student Councl Student Co1nc1l Off cers Supernntendent Table of Contents Thesplans Track Ushers VOTSITY Cheerleaders Y teens Wrlters Club Mlxed Chorus Sectlon Class Offucers Class Span or Penlnsula Sh1pbu1lders Assoclat on Palnt Products Patrlck and Sllk Paramount Flor1st Paramount Theatre Parker and Powell Peltz Brothers Penlnsula Funeral Penlnsula Supply Perry Electrlc Perrys Meat Market Phllllps W T and Son Phllllp Levy Pur1tan Restaurant Home Rlchs SuDer Market Roulet Mattress Rouse Carper Funeral Home Sanford and Charles Shackleford Motors Shows Jewelry Sheton Sewlng Machlne S1Iverman Furs Srms W W S1nger Sewmg Machlne Sp1gels College Shop Southern Dalrles Spencers Sports Center 1th J Strlngfellow Electrlc Superlor Motors Suttle Motors Suttle and Sons Thomas P1ano Tldewater Hardware T nor R H Tllghman J F Tlmberlake Market V1rg1l Plano School V1rg1n1a V1rg1n1a VITQIUIG V1rg1n1a V1rg1n1a Englneerlng Penlnsula Hospltal S rv1c Pllot Assoclatlon School Equlpment Realty WGH Ward Pontlac Sales Warwlck Bakery Warw1ck Esso Servlcenter Warwlck Laundry Waterfront Lumber Weaver Brothers Weavers Market Wh1te Optlcal Co W1Il1ams Co1le and Blanchard Wllllams Furn1ture WVEC Wythe Esso Servlcenter Yoder Frozen Foods Young Men s Shop E? IO4 l1l3 38 39 88 lO3 44 20 5 5 9 4 4 9 4 6 9 57 4 9 4 7 9 '27 4 27 7 O 9 44 5 4 7 4 40 4 4 7 4 7 4 4 'fy 'H S S A S S1 ' 28 by t S S 1 S153 ' SS S S 38 ' ' 37 S S S 10-11 SS SS SS S S S S S SS S S 116 H I S SS 45 S S SS S SS 46 I SS SS S ll A S jg A ' 43 I 0 ' S SS 27 SS S SS S S S SSS 4 S S S 37 SS gg Q' ' " S In SS I0 S S S I W V V 4g ' ' VV - H S S, SS S - 2 ' ' S S ' S S S 47 " 4 S SS 72-73 ' S 22 SS 99 ' 26 ' ' S SS S S 94S97 ' 32 j ' S 68-87 y 44 ' S S 5 S67 ' 70 I - - S gg ' S S S S SS 36 'H 3 S 70 S S ' 4 S RO S 46 ' SS E19 ' SS 1S6 S 29 4 ' 50 SS S I ' S S 2 S33 ' S 48 I S S 43 S SS S S 33 ' ' 5l 1 S 36 b I S S S 43 ' ' 50 P - 2 S 36 S S S S SS 49 S S IO " SSS 49' 71 S SS S35 ' 1 ' ' SS SS 3l S S SS 24 ' " ' 31 ' S S 46 ig A 29 S 25 1 " 5, I ' ' ' S S42S43 SS SS S SS S 43 - Y 49 S 23 ' S 22 - 47 -A- -G- -P.. ' S 122 C S SS S ' 7 S' ' 1 ' SS S l48 1 A S S '2 S S S 153 S S 135 S S 'gg l53 S ' 'AS7135 ' S '33 T ' 152 ' ' SSS SS SS 50 S S S S S S S S S S S S S 133- S S H8 S S S elf ' ' f1 S S S S ' S S SS ll S 135 Q53 S SS S S S I4 g S SSSS SSS 1 3 S S SS I3 ' V I V V I -5- , S 138 SS Y 4 V V '52 157 'l'- SS VW-I5 S E9 -11- SS S S S 133 S H5 S S S S122 SSS 1 S f SS 8 1 IZ3 - '51 y SS S S SS 140 S I3 S , S S 7 ' SS '50 ' I3 B '5 I' , V VV V H8 S 155 P SS S S HI , Pg S 133 S S f S S 123 S 151 f S ,Q -S- S '3 ' 1 6 1 S S S S S l29 1 Scott Hardware SS 1 1 , S 123 S 4 :gg ' S ' S 150 , SS S S 139 121 : - ' ' f "" 122 S ll8 11- S . V 13 SS S 156 S SS I4 S S S S. S 15 SS S 156 S , S I5 -c- ' S 1 6 S, S 122 I3 1 son l38 , S S T35 S , 5 SS 1 I , , - ' S 'K' Sm' S S O. S 'S T515 I S S S 153 5 :S 129 ' - ,3 I , S S SSS S 119 4 N W SS S S '3' -1.- S S SS S 1-- -- S If SSSS S 133 ' 5 - 'S QS I T 1 S ' SS ,S ---' "-- S - S '26 V 'gggg gggg g A Mn 155 SS S SS 151 I -T- S S 130 M I S S S 125 S S S - - S S 139 V , . I3 ' 151 'Q 1 - - l I S S S 153 4 - SS S S 124 S S S S S S I5 I S S I5 V. I3 N8 , SSSS S SS S I 9 'S S S S S B3 V S SS SS S SS S SS 4 - - S S SS S S S 132 S S SS I5 - - ,2 -n- ' 1 S S 133 ' H ' - Q S I ' '53 . l33 ' 1' A - - '48 H S SS S S S 125 ' ' 9 7 . S S S S S S S '4 A H N 146 Q -. - l5l SS I36-l3. -N' S S. S ' Del, S MS S SSSS 132 ' S S S ll -f S S12 I ' S SS 1 0 ' S S SS 123 SSSS S SS 1 ' SS 1 -w- S S 1 3 S ' " ' S 144 SS SSS , S S SS S l38 ' I2 ' S ' S S 135 ' I2 - 1 9 l A I l ' ' S V I ' ' SS 144 ' ' -f- SS SS 12 S lf? E 135 can IIS , - - SS '33 ' V V 15 S ' ' , I S I 3 S S 1 2 , S S S 1 S . S '2 S, S S S S 123 S S S I3 S S S 1 S S SS l 3 . S l29 V V -VVV 12 -F- SS S 120 S S SS S S S SS S H 125 S S I 3 -0- S 143 Sf SSS- S S I 3 " I2 -Y- S S S S S 1 S SSSSS. SSSS SSSSSSSS 1 5 4 1 ' 7 g l 2 CGMQ QMZJ64 JMQLL6 3660 FOREMEN'S OFFICES Faculty Editors Joyce Parnell, Thelma Morgan SCHOLARSHIP Classroom Editors Jane Carney, Bill Humbert CITIZENSHIP Activity Editor Adele Morris FRIENDSHIP Homeroom Editors Anne Liesmann, Margaret Taylor LEADERSHIP Senior Editors Gerline Aronotf, Nellie Bloxom SPORTSMANSHIP Sports Editors Lynda Avant, Grace Cumming John Schuermann, Walter Wilrnoth I6O fn Qcwofmmn . It the ships the Junior Yard has under- taken to build are sturdy, the yard can indeed be proud. For as America needs to build ships of steel and timber to keep it strong on the seas, so America needs to build youth with sound characters, pleasing personalities, and keen minds to keep it strong at home. GOOD-FELLOWSHIP School Life Editor Jean Gardner SALESMANSHIP Ad Manager Bonnie Greene Business Manager Melville Johnson CHIEF GUIDES Editor Jane Wornom Associate Editor Ann Thomas ASSISTANT GUIDES Photographers Alvin Fox, Joe Art Adviser Diana Rhode Telsted SHIPYARD CONSULTANT Mr. R. B. Hopkins FACULTY CONSULTANT Mrs. Frances T. Casson

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