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-W IN THE TWENTY-FIFTH ANNIVERSARY OF THE NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING, NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 1Uii fyfeasi 9 A n 9 2 4 This year I am twenty-five years old. I don ' t mean to sound swell-headed but I ' m proud of myself. In twenty-five years I can boast of many improvements: two new wings for my gymnasium and my home economics and music departments, a stadium for my sports events, and an annex for my machine shops. I have equipped hundreds for a satisfying life and I ' m noted all over the state for my achievements. Yes, I ' m proud of myself. What ' s wrong? You look puzzled. What ' s that you ask? Who am I? Why, I ' m NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL. Oh, don ' t be sur- prised; I have more in store for you. Because this is my Silver Anniversary, I thought you would like to know something about me; so turn the page and I ' ll begin . . 2 tf-ive TjeaSiA, Old 3 luA, 9 l tlte Waif, 9 Jloaked THIS THE WAY my faculty looked in my early days. Some of the faces are familiar. My principal, the late Dr. Fred M. Alexander, is fifth in row one; Mrs. Mae Marshall Ed- wards is sixth in row one; Miss Ethel M. Gil- dersleeve is fourth in row two; Mrs. Lalie Webb is second in row three; Miss Eline Krisch is third in row six; Mr. Otto Weiss is last in row six. MY GIRLS were real sportsters even way back then. The first in row two is one of my pres- ent teachers, Miss Amanda Gray. TIMES HAVE CHANGED, haven ' t they? This is my stadium! See the football players carry- ing the yard sticks? 4 UJcu}, feaeJz 9 i 1924 EVEN IN 1924 my student leaders governed me through a council. IT LOOKS SMALL but my band played on till it became a 90-piece outfit with smart gold and blue uniforms. HERE ARE THE CHARACTERS in an early play of mine. Some of you may recognize Mr. Edward Travis, local sports commentator, sec- ond from the left in the second row. WHAT ' S MISSING? Can you find the sta- dium? the armory? the wings? 5 Site Me Qn Lu For twenty-five years I have been kept alive not only by the generations of youth who have spent their allotted times within my walls but by the con- tinuing faculty of devoted teachers. Among this faculty, twenty-five years ago, was a teacher of mathematics who is still with me today as Dean of Girls. By her devotion to her chosen career, by her understanding and sym- pathy and by her exceptional ability, she has won the respect, admiration, and deep affection of all. I honor myself more than I compliment her when I dedicate this story of my first twenty-five years to — Miss Ethel M. Gildersleeve 6 Game 9niide and See What Coes on Behind My Classroom Doors .... Pages 8- 19 Who Guides My Students in Their Work Pages 20- 29 What Happens After the Last Bell Rings Pages 30- 45 How My Younger Proteges Live Pages 46- 59 How the Typhoon Takes to the Field, Hardwood and Track Pages 60- 73 Who My Finished Products Are . . . . . . . Pages 74- 97 Why People Like to Visit Me Pages 98-105 Where to Shop in My City Pages 106-160 7 fynam fluAt (leading, ' (lUincj,, and ' (litlunetic Class Editors Lois Davis Mary Jane Hilling 8 9 cMaae On iea ed 9+ttesieit Mo-desiniyinCf Jla+UfUacj, l TO CARRY OUT their studies of Roman life, three Latin students are arranging the kitchen of a Roman house just as it might have looked in the days of the Roman empire. Besides learning about the homes, Latin students also study the early history of Rome, her govern- ment and political leaders, her heroes and wars, and poetry and prose written by great writers of that time, such as Virgil and Cicero. LATIN AMERICAN DANCES and costumes continue to be the style for Spanish students even after a quarter of a century. Here Rita Bromberg and Elaine Diamonstein are demon- strating the " Mexican Hat Dance " (Jarabe Tapatio), the national dance of Mexico. With " Stronger Ties Between the Americas " as their motto, most of the Spanish students join the International Student Society. " MAY I INTRODUCE my father. " Learning the correct way to make introductions is one of the many lessons the eighth grade English students study. They also begin their gram- mar and composition. This year emphasis was placed on creative writing and a class spe- cifically for this was started in the Spring. Also, there was a school-wide drive for better grammar and composition. " TO CO OR not to go. That is the question. " Paraphrasing that famous line of Hamlet ' s soliloquy, these English students are debating whether they should see Hamlet again or not. Given special study in class, many English students saw both the movie " Hamlet " and the Barter Theater production; in class they saw the movies. " Julius Caesar " - and " A Tale of Two Cities. " A change from 1924! 10 OncA aki+uj, My Jllh vdAy " WHAT CAN I DO after graduation? " asks one of these vocational civics students. Study of the requirements and qualifications of dif- ferent jobs as well as field trips to see people at work, helps my students get a chance to see what vocation they want to follow. DISCUSSING LEGAL POINTS of law with Judge Herbert Smith are four government stu- dents. These students, with the rest of the government class, heard a murder trial this year. In class they drew up constitutions, held trials and studied state government. Also of- fered are modern, medieval and U. S. history. POSTERS WHICH CHANCE with every sea- son brighten the library and make it a more pleasant place in which to work or read. In order to create an interest in books among the students, Book Week is held annually with quizzes, displays and contests. THIS NINTH GRADE speech class is only one of many which come to my library during the day. With the largest book collection and reading room of any high school in the State, my library has 16,000 books, adds about 500 volumes each year, and takes 45 magazines and five newspapers regularly. McJzUuj, Mailt Pnxicilcxd LOOK, in 1938 there were more ac- cidents than in 1939 ' remarks an eighth grade math student. This class is busy studying the different kinds of graphs. In between circles and line graphs, studies include banking and installment buying. THIS PLANE GEOMETRY class is learn- ing to use a slide rule. Although this is not a regular lesson in the study of geometry, students were interested and asked to learn. In their study of congru- ent triangles and other figures, students get a foundation for advanced mathe- matics. HOW TALL IS the flag pole? These stu- dents of trigonometry are going to find out by use of a transit. Besides survey- ing, these students, in the most advanced math class, study plane sailing, middle latitude sailing, dead reckoning, and as- tronomical problems. 12 PtejXGAituj, tf-an, flohi " DEAR SIR, " dictates Mr. William Shu- mate to a future secretary who is taking it down in short hand. All my students who want further experience receive it by working as secretaries for the mem- bers of the faculty. Many receive jobs through the commercial department. " CLICKETY CLACK! " Noise from these typewriters means that this typing one class is working hard. Here they are tak- ing a five minute speed test at the rate of twenty-five words per minute. As they advance they will be required to gain a speed of forty-five words per minute. SPRING CONCERT programs are the hard work of the advanced typing class that studies how to use a mimeo- graph machine. Also connected with the Commercial Department are the bookkeeping classes which learn to balance a set of books with ease. 13 Aleut IlieosUeA, x " KNIFE, SCISSORS! " It sounds and looks like an important operation, but it is only a Biology I class dissecting a crayfish. In their study of animals, students learn about characteristics of many animals from the minute to the larger, more complex ones. In connection with this study, a wild life exhibit was given by the Mammalogy Club in the Fall. Not to be outdone, the Biology II classes take the flower apart to see what makes it tick. INTENT ON the dis- covery of what all liv- ing things are made of, these general science students investigate an onion cell beneath the microscope. Probably the busiest of any of the classes this year, as far as field trips go, they viewed the stars through a microscope, studied plants and rocks. CHEMISTRY STUDENT Ralph Wicke, is busy with an experiment on hydro- gen, one of many experiments con- ducted in class. After class study, the students toured the gas plant to see what man has done with the earth ' s natural resources. Also the class dis- covered many interesting odors such as hydrogen sulphide during the year ' s work. Just as busy were the physics classes which worked on the principles of heat, light, sound, and electricity. 14 QettirUf 9 t Shape, " TOUCH ONE, TWO, three, four! " Calisthenics broaden those manly shoulders and keep my boys fit for any sport in which they take part. They run the track, practice football and baseball, and study hygiene. During class time, the boys ' interest is aroused in sports and after school they par- ticipate on intramural softball, foot- ball, and basketball teams. This work- out prepares them for positions on the varsity and junior varsity. " SHIFT YOUR gears, step on the gas and you ' re off, " explains Mr. J. C. Range, in- structor. A brand new course offered this year is drivers education which gives the future driver instruction in the rules and regulations of driving and actual behind-the-wheel train- ing. " SWING YOUR STICK! Make that goal! " Cries from teammates urge this hockey player on. Fall sports for the girls, soccer, speedball, and fieldball are also on schedule for the gym classes. When the weather becomes cold, the fair damsels turn to basket- ball, tumbling, and dancing. In the Spring they run outside again to play softball, volleyball and participate in track events. 15 CorttirtMuiCf GooJzittCf, TWO VERY BUSY GIRLS, Joyce Knox and Mable Reese, are laying and cutting a pat- tern. In their clothing class they learn the easiest and best way to make their pretty clothes. Another duty of the class is the al- teration of chorus robes. The class made and showed the latest fashions to me and mice- to-be in a Spring style show. LEARNING ONE of the first steps to a man ' s heart this advanced foods class prepares pas- tries. During the year the girls in the cooking classes learn the fundamentals of good cook- ing and how to prepare wholesome, nutritious meals. The different classes have breakfasts and lunches which they prepare and some- times serve to my visitors. 1 " 0 - 3 r 7 j THE TREE DECORATED by these home management students made those last few days with me before the Christmas holidays more bearable. Egg shells, paper, and paper cups furnished the dec- orations made by the class. Later the tree was used at a dance given by the Future Homemakers of America and Distributors ' Club. 16 Pn,acyieA, ' ii t(f ia P intlnx and PliatcxyiapJuf EDWARD DOWDY busily locks his form as he prints programs for the Spring play. All through the year, advanced students help pre- pare posters and programs for my different school activities. " LOOK PRETTY for the birdie. " Marilyn Al- ger is posing for Cray Wilson, a student pho- tographer. Students in the photography classes receive instruction on lighting, timing, and other principles of making a good picture They even made Christmas cards with their best shots. A RADIO POWER supply is being completed in one of the advanced classes of electric shop by Eugene Haynes. Another class the shop offers is auto-mechanics where the boys learn how to take an engine apart and put it back together again. " I MADE IT " is often heard from students who are taking leathercraft. I can tell you, girls as well as boys, enjoy the class. They make billfolds, belts, and key chains; lovely articles which can be used for many occasions. THIS STUDENT is putting together the layout he made on a template board to help him fig- ure out a problem in sheet metal layout and pattern development. In connection with shop work is a mechanical-drawing class. Twenty- five years ago this was the only class offered in my shop schedule. TORCHES MADE by this wood shop student were used in a Boy Scout ceremony. This torch is being sanded on a lathe. In the classes, stu- dents study the units in all phases of wood- working. They make articles both by machine and by hand. Adding Acting and RADIO SPEECH is another new course in my curriculum and is given as Speech 4 un- der the instruction of Mrs. Ma- rion Ciedemann. Students pre- pare short plays to give on my weekly radio show, and learn to control their voices. These students are rehearsing " Shake Hands With a Ghost " for the Hallowe ' en program while their classmates serve as critics. A STUDENT DIRECTOR prepares a director ' s manuscript, makes a costume chart, sets the stage, and finally directs the prepared play as does this student in her second year of drama. The directors choose their casts from fellow classmates. PRACTICING MAKE-UP technique this drama student, Joe Thomas, applies character " paint " to a classmate. Drama students, know- ing how to apply make-up well, have helped the community with minstrels, plays, pag- eants, and opera. 18 At Jlait Ant MIKE MORRIS and Buddy Early repre- sent the long and short of my band classes. But height has nothing to do with ability and skill in playing a musi- cal instrument. It is through the band classes that my musicians acquire tech nical proficiency in playing an instru- ment. Class work includes exercises, prac- tice in direction and work on band num- bers. FUTURE ARTISTS create beauty with pencil, char- coal, pastels, water colors, and oils. Some of them work with clay and finger painting. On pretty days, the art classes go on field trips to do landscape sketching. The students also do life sketching, still life and fashions. From the best of these, one work is chosen each week and put on exhibit in the library. HARMONIZING quartets, such as this one, are fun for my music students. In the chorus classes, the funda- mentals of choral singing are learned and the group works on music for outside performances. All my stu- dents are required to take music. 19 9 learned ' With Paide h My fyacutty jbeu ded Faculty Editors Barbara Gooch Joyce Dorner 20 And Onc eaded On jOe nninCf 21 9 lAJelco-med a New SuizeA niendestt ALTHOUGH HE HAS NOT been with me all my life, my superintendent, Dr. R. O. Nelson, is responsible for many improvements in the school system during his three years in office. He h as introduced the employment of married teachers, elimination of Feb- ruary graduation, retirement pension for all school employees, addition of a longer school day for the high school, and plans for erection of the new Ma- gruder and Jefferson schools. FOR TWENTY-FIVE YEARS, I have been advised by a steering commit- tee, or school board. Here, the board members at one of their monthly meetings make important decisions that affect my little sisters, the grammar schools, and me. Members are Mr. S. D. Green, Mr. A. R. Hoff- man, Mr. P. W. Murray, Mrs. G. R Dabney, Mr. D. C. Pleasants, Dr. H. G. Longaker, Mrs. J. E. Kritzer, and Dr. R. 0. Nelson. With the help of the board, this year my gym and stage got new lights, my cafeteria was redecorated, my office received a new mimeograph machine, new courses were added; all in all I was made a better school. 22 Quio-yed the cMelp llteAe iu ANOTHER ORGANIZATION that has thrived for 25 years is the Patrons ' League. Mrs. Valery Early, president, and Mrs. C. B. Coe, vice-presi- dent, preside over the punch bowl at a meeting. j TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ago Miss Ethel Gildersleeve was teaching mathemat- ics. Now, as Dean of Girls, she helps students solve their personal problems concerning their characters and ca- reers. MY NEW PRINCIPAL arrived in Septem- ber! He is George J. McIntosh who came here from Brookville High School near Lynchburg. His education, which in- cludes a Bachelor of Science degree from Randolph-Macon and a Master of Arts degree from the University of Virginia, has equipped him well for the job. MY BOYS have problems today just as they did 25 years ago, but today they have an expert trou- ble shooter in Mr. T. O. Keesee, assistant principal. 23 l+td JeaoUeM ' Who. MRS. ANN AMOTT Madison College, BS Home Economics MISS BEULAH C. BRASHER Bowling Green Business U., BA Commercial MRS. CATHERINE H. BRAY Mary Washington, BS History MRS. ANNYE B. BURBANK William and Mary, BA, MA English Writers Club MRS. LUCY S. CATLETT William and Mary, BA Columbia U., MA Mathematics MISS CASS IE CHILDRESS William and Mary, BS Columbia U., MA Mathematics LLOYD CLARKE William and Mary, BA Government JULIUS CONN U. of Virginia, BS Athletic Director MRS. GARLAND CONN Westhampton, BA Science MISS FRANCES COX Mary Washington, BS Drama MISS DOROTHY M. CRANE U. of West Virginia, BA Drama Head, Activities Head WILLIAM CRYER McMurray College, BS William and Mary, MA Art Art Club 24 ) Uoe at 8:30 JOSEPH DELLAPENTA Oswego STC, BS Director of Vocational and Adult Education MRS. MAE M. EDWARDS Farmville STC, BS English CECIL ERICKSON Oswego STC, BS Drafting MISS SUSIE FLOYD Longwood College, BS Columbia U., MA Science, Biology Science Club MISS RUTH FOLKMANN Susquehanna U., BA History MISS ELMA FREE Juniata College, BA U. of Michigan, MA Latin Latin Club MISS MARGARET GARLAND George Peabody, BS Assistant Librarian Library Assistants ' Club MRS. MARION GIEDEMANN U. of Wisconsin, BS Speech Radio Program MISS AMANDA GRAY Longwood College, BS Drama MISS EMI LIE HOLLADAY Longwood College, BS Mathematics MRS. CAROLYN G. HOOPER U. of North Carolina, AB Speech MRS. NINA P. HUFFMAN Ohio State, BA Columbia U., MA English 25 7 ( 3 . Admit Sleepy Students MRS. LOUISE HURT William and Mary, BA Columbia U., MA History JOHN W. JOYCE Oswego STC, BS Woodworking MISS MILDRED KELLY William and Mary, BA New York U., MA Science, English MISS SUE KELLY Madison College, BS Columbia U., MA Home Economics Head MISS ELINE KRISCH William and Mary, BA Commercial ELI LEONARD Drake U., BA William and Mary, MA Commercial Head HERMAN LEVY Hampden-Sydney BSc, BA Columbia U., MA Mathematics Head CARLOS A. LOOP Roanoke College, BA William and Mary, MA History Head HARRY A. LYETH Oswego STC, BS Drafting, Leathercraft MISS FRANCES MAGUIRE Boston U., BS Government, History MISS JACQUELINE MARSTON (Mrs. Daniel Blecher) William and Mary Music Junior Chorus JAMES W. MAYS Hampden-Sydney, BS George Washington U., MA Science 26 AiacJzesi Uejsi 9iiteSieAti MISS MARY LUE McCAHILL Madison, BS Science, English Junior Red Cross ARTHUR S. MOORE Oswego STC, BS Electricity MRS. ELIZABETH MOORE Mary Hardin-Baylor, BA English EDWARD N. MOTLEY William and Mary, BS Physical Education Coach MISS NIXIE OWEN Madison College, BS Home Economics Home Economics Club MISS ANNE V. PARKER William and Mary, BA, MA English LOUIS G. PLUMMER William and Mary, BS Physical Education Head Football Coach JACK POWERS U. of Richmond Mathematics Coach MISS ELIZABETH A. SAUNDERS William and Mary, BA U. of Michigan, MA Librarian Library Assistants ' Club J. C. RANGE Milligan College, BS Physical Education JV Coach, Line Coach P. W. ALLEN RAINE Hampden-Sydney, BA U. of Virginia, MA Mathematics MRS. ANNE P. SCRUGGS William and Mary, BA English English Chairman 27 9 i 7eAi lubeA,, 7 x9 i a uH MISS LILLIAN SEATS Normal College American Gymnastics Union, Indiana U., BS Physical Education Intramural Sports MISS VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD Longwood College, BA Spanish Spanish Club MISS MARGARET SHACKFORD Duke U., BA Speech, English MISS ELEANOR SHERMAN Oberlin Conservatory, BSM Music Head Junior-Senior Bands WILLIAM SHUMATE, JR U. of Pennsylvania, BS Distributive Education Distributors ' Club MISS REBECCA SUTTLE William and Mary, BA English MISS FRANCES TAYLOR Madison College, BA Journalism Beacon, Anchor, Quill and Scroll Radio Show MILES THOMPSON Northern Illinois STC, BEd Printing, Graphic Arts GENE TIMMERMAN Erskine College, BA Music Mixed Chorus, Boys ' Glee Club Quartet, Sextet MISS LILLIAN TODD Columbia U., BS, MA Mathematics ALFRED VICK VPI, Voc. Certificate Shop PRESLEY G. VICK VPI, Voc. Certificate Auto Mechanics 28 I I J+idH Broaden Uein, MISS ANNA BELLE WATTS Mary Washington College, BA Physical Education Intramural Sports MRS. LALIE LETT WEBB Mary Washington Home Economics OTTO WEISS VPI Photography MISS BETTY JO WESTMORELAND Lenior-Rhyne College, BA Mathematics, Science LOUIS M. WHEARY Lynchburg College, BA Peabody College, MA Vocational Civics, Guidance DALE WHITEHURST Southern III., Normal U., BEd U. of Illinois, MA Science, Biology M. G. WILLEY Temple U., BS, MA Commercial MISS MARY WINGFIELD (Mrs. Harry E. Fontaine) Mary Washington, BA Engl ish MABLE WINGO Radford College, BS Physical Education, Health Intramural Sports VERNON WITMER Oswego STC, BS General Metal Shop Shop Softball League JAMES WORSHAM U. of Richmond, BS Chemistry, Physics, Science WILLIAM CREASY Medical College, DDS School Dental Clinician ELEANOR M. MARSHALL Riverside Hospital, RN School Nurse 29 My Aciliutiel Q iew- fyno-m 6m 2)ag,en to- and Activities ' Editors Selma Kramer, Head Ethel Williamson Doris Suttle 30 PJacu . 31 Studesitl Qo-vesut My 4alU, MEET THE GOVERNMENT! Left to right, members of the Student Council are Jean Topping, Doris White, Bobby Belche, Carolyn Gay, Elaine Diamondstein, Jackie Gillen, Nancy Nelson, " Myrtle Snyder, Nellie Bloxom; SECOND ROW: Jean Gardner, Ann Wagner, Jean Thompson, Anne Thomas, Betty Lou Williams, Joan Padgett, Phillip Levy, ONE OF MY few twenty-five year old organi- zations is the Student Council. Just as in 1924, each Tuesday morning finds the coun- cil meeting to discuss current student body problems. This year the group sponsored auc- tions of unclaimed articles, football dances, a Sadie Hawkins Day dance, and collection Harry Simpson, Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, sponsor; THIRD ROW: Jack Padgett, Sidney Barham, Larry Armstrong, Ken- neth Fulton, Bobby Armstrong, Kenneth Peebles, Morris Hill, Becky Walker, Barbara Jarrett; FOURTH ROW: Teddy Mas- ters, I. B. Smith, Mickey McNamara, Wayne Begor, Nor- man Katzenberg, Levon Croswell, Ralph Whitley. of Christmas gifts for needy children. Committees look after every phase of school life: newcomers, publicity, dances, citizen- ship, constitution, and projects. A bell com- missioner, a water fountain and stage com- misisoner and pound keeper, are all members of my active Student Council. " HONESTY IS THE noblest work cf God. " That is one of the mottos of the members cf the Honor Council (above), who were elected by their classes to maintain honesty in my student body. Those on the council now are Mayer Levy, Pete Markos, Joyce Dorner, Phyl- lis Stortz, Miss Frances Maguire, adviser; Jane Worncm, and Pat Morris. They try all violators cf the honor code. AT THE HEAD of my student government are the student body officers and representatives elected by each class. They are Bobby Leigh, president; Nellie Bloxom, secretary; Wayne Begor, vice-president; Jessie Amory, Phillip Levy, Nancy Barlow, Bill Stewart, Joe Plott, I. B. Smith, and Miss Gildersleeve. 32 fjouAMcdiitl (lecosid My Jli e THE BRAINS OF MY BEACON are first se- mester editors, Nancy Barlow, and Mary Lewis Adams, and Spring editors, Gail McMahon, Faith Grace, and Ann Wagner. THE EFFICIENT WORK of my Beacon staff members won them many honors this year. The four page bi-weekly paper they publish received an All American rating from the National Scho- lastic Press Association and a first place award from the Columbia Scholastic Press Association. Besides working on this paper, the journalists sponsor a half hour radio program every Satur- day morning. Parents, students and outsiders hear about school fads, fashions, sports, activi- " THIS IS ' THE BEACON ON THE AIR " ' says Announcer Richard Thompson at a Saturday morning rehearsal. Nancy Barlow acts as stu- dent director. ties and an interesting round table discussion or short play via the air ways — an advantage stu- dents of 25 years ago didn ' t enjoy. Five representatives of the staff traveled to Lex- ington in the Spring and attended the Southern Interscholastic Press Association Convention, where they learned a wee bit more about how to put out a newspaper. So, maybe next year their accomplishments will be even more numer- ous. RUSHING to get my newspaper out on time are the mem- Faith Grace, Dorothy Bluford, Ralph Vincent, Ann Wagner, bers of the Beacon staff: Kenneth Kinard, Jessie Amory, and Melvin Kurzer. This staff served in the Fall with Jour- Rhett Stuart, Mark Seidenstein, Selma Black, Ellen Hancock, nalism I taking over in the Spring. 33 b iamatiltl felicfltten My Stacie " MAY I SHOW YOU to a seat? " ask six lovely head ushers: Margaret Tay- lor, Betty Jane Allen, Peggy Williams, Juanita Robertson, Sally Smith, Jane White, and Dorothy Hudgins. Their duties are to distribute programs, lo- cate reserved seats, and keep order in halls. Besides ushering for all my af- fairs, they have helped various out- side organizations. CHARACTER Mama - Papa Katrina Christine Dagmar Nels Uncle Chris . Jenny Sigrid Trina FALL PLAY — " I REMEMBER MAMA " CAST CHARACTER Tuny McMahon Arthur Tyler Nancy Nelson ...Mary Ellen Booth Kay Sawyer ...Raymond Barbour ..Richard Thompson ...Catherine Newbill Coleen Quisenberry .Helen Pittman Peter Thorkelson Mr. Hyde Arne Florence Dana Moorehead Madeline Dorothy Nurse Clerk Doctor Director CAST Rhett Stuart Dickie Gage Buddy Early Myrtle Snyder Margaret Taylor ...Mary Jane Bull Nancy Fogle Donald Joyner Darrell Little Miss Dorothy M. Crane MAMA SCRUBS her worries away while her children look on. THE BOMBASTIC voice of Uncle Chris shocks the aunts. PROUD PARENTS Trina and Peter Thorkelson coo over their new baby. THE WHOLE FAMILY is fascinated by " The Tale of Two Cities " as read by Mr. Hyde. 34 9n SfisU+Uf and 9n tf-alL " STRIKE THAT SET! " exclaims Ray- mond Barbour, stage manager. Tak- ing down the scenery from the fall play with him are Francis Holt, Jack Parnell, Tommy Garrett, Jimmy Hazel- wood. Not only has the stage crew done excellent work for me but it has set the stage for all outside perform- ances. CHARACTER Annabelle Fuller Newton Fuller Mr. Kimber Mr. Prescott Uncle Stanley Madge Steve Rena Mrs. Douglas Raymond SPRING PLAY — " GEORGE WASHINGTON SLEPT HERE " SUPPORTING PLAYERS CAST I Tuny McMahon Richard Thompson Vernon Holloman Billy Jester Alvin Fox Nancy Nelson Danny Campbell Nancy Tanley Helen Pittman Rogers Hamilton CAST II Myrtle Snyder James Russell Jimmy Overton Alan Kalkin Ernest Sheets Peggy Hood Raymond Barbour Catherine Newbill Jean Mayo Richard Gage Harriet Aronow Darrell Little Mildred Jones Mary Jane Bull Nancy Fogle Kenneth Fulton Norman Conn Sylvia Sorenson Joel Werblow Jean Tart Jonnzennie Mewborne Joan Lipford Larry Armstrong Joe Plott STARTING AFTER his eloping daughter Newton (Cast 1) frightens Annabelle and Rena. MORE RAIN finds Cast 2 still holding the bucket. EVERYONE RALLIES around when the house begins to leak. NEWTON AND ANNABELLE (Cast 2) placate supposedly rich Uncle Stanley. 35 ) VcuceA, MIXED CHORUS (TOP) JUNIOR CHORUS (BOTTOM) ALWAYS ON THE CO, my mixed chorus, which won a rating of " superior " in the District Mu- sic Contest at Norfolk, May 7, keeps in the pub- lic eye. Three of this year ' s best received per- formances were the Christmas Assembly, a pro- gram at the Kiwanis Club, and at the Langley Field Chapel. To round out their calendar, the songsters joined the band for their concert. BRIGHT AND EARLY MONDAY MORNING finds the junior songsters hard at work. Here they are ready to appear in the Christmas As- sembly. In the Spring they were guest stars at the Magruder Patrons ' League and later under the leadership of their director, Mrs. Daniel Blecher, they performed at the City Music Festi- val. FIRST ROW: Barbara Brown, Norma Montague, Jane Lanier, Ann Samuels, Betsy Menin, Betty Gatling, Helen Hall, Jane Carney, Mary Jane Hilling, Connie Weymouth, Robert Glass, Ernest Sheets, Bill Layton; SECOND ROW: Julia Pantele, Nancy Richards, Betty Paris, Marian Saunders, Marjorie Kaufman, Ann Hamilton, Anne Thomas, Frances Gray, Betty Allen, Marguerite Ahern, John Norton, Kenneth Crump, Kenneth Kinard; TH ' RD ROW: Sally Smith, Jean Royal, Margaret Stinnette, Shirley Tong, Betty Malcolm, Peggy Williams, Betty Beck, Ann Camper, Elsie Bateman, Kenneth Peebles, Billy Haskins. Ralph Wicke, Mr. Gene Timmerman, director; FOURTH ROW: Joan Meadows, Hat- tie Gurley, Dolly Vaughan, Roberta Jones, Faith Grace, Charles Folwell, Doug Goode, Charles Cleary, Melvin Lewis, Mickey McNamara, Willard Britt, Ashton Violette, George Fenton, and John Paros. FIRST ROW: Ruth Mann, Lorraine Carmine, Sarah Chase, Bernadette Fulton, Betty Buckingham, Jean Roberts, Gloria Kratzch, Barbara Anderson, Joyce Fenton, Betty Jones, Rose Burrows, Mable Reese, Mildred Jones; SECOND ROW: Joyce Eubank, Barbara Mayer, Barbara Peach, Ann Timberlake Harriet Hutton, Doris White, Jane Pierce, Lois Reed, Jackie Georgalas, Phyllis Taylor, Barbara Jarrett, Betty Warlitner, Nancy Tuck, Mary Sue Nelson; THIRD ROW: Kathleen Sawyer, Veronica Georgalas. Svlvia Sorenson, Carolyn Shock- ley, June Meredith, Ann Dickenson, Becky Walker, Sonia Baxter, Joan Saunders, Shirley Flowers, Helen Coussoulos, Jeanette Llewellyn: FOURTH ROW: Billv Corey, Fred Chris- tie, Claude Belangia, Frank Cannon, Arthur Wilt, Preston Webb, Hubert Fodrey, Dicky Gage, Carl Jett, William Gwaltney, Kermit Plemmons, Carlton Powell, Jimmy Over- ton; FIFTH ROW: James Johnston, and Sidney Barham. 36 Sincj, in the GbosiuA L ALWAYS ON HAND with some good entertain- ment, the " Gay Nineties " Quartet, Ashton Vio- lette, Mickey McNamara, Kenneth Peebles, and Ernie Sheets, lent a touch of harmony to the Bea- con Radio Show last fall. WITH SMILES AND STYLES all ready for spring, the members of the Girls ' Sextet: Jane Carney, Ellen Hancock, Faith Grace, Grace Cumming, Dolly Vaughan, and Betty Gatling, look as if they are about to break into " Easter Parade, " and they are sure to sound as good as they look. " EZEKIEL CONNECTA DEM DRY BONES, now hear de word of de Lawd, " sang the Boys ' Glee Club, when it rated two encores in an assembly last Fall. In the Spring the boys ' concert appearance was the hit of the evening; they also lent support to the City Music Festival. FIRST ROW: Harry Goodrich, John Norton, Kenneth Crump, Robert Glass, Lee Hutchinson; SECOND ROW: Bill Layton, Paul Sandefur, Ralph Wicke, Melvin Lewis, George Fen- ton, Ernie Sheets, Charles Folwell, Charles Downs, Mickey McNamara; THIRD ROW. Kenneth Kinard, Keith Water- house, Doug Goode, Danny Ca 1 1 is, Ashton Violette. New members in Spring: Dickie Gage, and Sidney Barham. 37 Itid My Stadll urn pulbateA, 7a tlte Plvyiltm " LEFT, RIGHT, LEFT RIGHT! " Marching to the music are my band high steppers. Drum Major Willard Britt marks the way for the flag twirlers, Jane Wornom, Nancy Miffleton, Ola Hill, and band sponsor, Mary Mac Gray. WOODWIND PLAYERS include: FIRST ROW: Vernon Holloman, Carolyn Powell, Mildred Holt, George Mosteller; SECOND ROW: Tommy Savage, Mae Chapman, Mayer Levy, Irwin Nachman, Billy Wise, Marvin Weger; THIRD ROW: Bobby Wim- mer, Gardner Burcher, Tommy Frank, Jack Odell, Betsy Menin, Jack Smith, Elaine Babb, Billy Key; FOURTH ROW: Sherrill Phillips, Thomas Chapman, Egbert Jackson, Clint Smith, Dan Jones, Phyllis Cohen, Helen Arroll, John Coe, Raymond Thomas, Madi- son Price, Billy Unthank. TIME MARCHES ON! Twenty-five years ago my music department consisted of a small string orchestra. But look at it today. The 92-piece band is one of the outstanding organizations of the State, receiving many invitations to play and winning top honors in any competition To perform at all the football games in the Fall and keep up with other public appearances, the members of the wood- wind, brass and percussion sections and the flagtwirlers drag their weary bones out of bed and come to band practice at 8 o ' clock every morning. Besides play- ing at all other school functions such as graduation and plays, they also gave two performances. In January they presented a program of light classical music. Joining the Chorus in April they gave the annual Spring Concert. " WAITING FOR THE ROBERT E. LEE " is the tune the ; 38 ! the Hand PERCUSSION SECTION regulars are: FIRST ROW: Janice Roberts, Marilyn Miller, Pat Buffington, bells; SECOND ROW: Robert Lacey, Jean Sherman, Billy Peach, Edwin Markoff, Mary Ann Moore, Robert Allen, Douglas Steele, Ruel Walker, drums. BRASS SECTION members are: FIRST ROW: Valery Early, Mary Mac Gray, Peggy Manning, Robert Ellis; SECOND ROW: Sam Naff, Cecil Underwood, Milton Garrison, Holland Taylor, William Shields; THIRD ROW: Willard Britt, Jasper Kitchen, Edward Blechman, Teddy Masters, Bobby Hedge- peth, Robert Seward, Harold Gaskins, Waverly Shockley; FOURTH ROW: Gray Wilson, Ben Kitchen, Donald Forman, John Van Natter, Mike Morris, Eugene Midkiff, John Hogge, Roy Carroll. KEEPING ON THE GO, the Band won highest honors in the Eastern District Band Contest in Norfolk this Spring; it has been consistent in rating superior for more than seven years. Several members of the Band played solos on their instru- ments and made the highest grade of one. As an exceptional honor, my group was given the distinction of being one of Vir- ginia ' s bands to be invited to the Al- bemarle Tidewater Band Festival in Eliz- abeth City, North Carolina. During the day the many bands participating pa- raded through downtown Elizabeth City. Friday night Drum Major Willard Britt and Sponsor Mary Mac Cray were crowned king and queen for a dance at the Uniform Ball. This climaxed a busy year. 39 Stud ntl AiAiii Me ULANs LIBRARY ASSISTANTS ALWAYS SMILING and hard at work, these students serve as library assistants in their free periods. As members of the Library Assistants Club, they are guests of the librarians. Miss Elizabeth Saunders and Miss Margaret Garland, at a dinner at the terms ' end for graduates. Assistants are Ann Camper, Gail McMahon, Dorothy Hutchison, Geraldine Newsome, Anita Tay- lor and Arthur Tyler. ANCHOR AD STAFF " WE MAKE THE MONEY! " exclaim members of the Anchor Ad Staff as they examine contracts which brought in over $4,000. They are Edward Blechman, Ann Paige Turner, Jodie Atkins, highest salesman; Shirley Flowers, Kim Chandler, Selma Kramer, and Betty Ann Wright. OFFICE ASSISTANTS " LATE SLIPS PLEASE, " is the clamor which falls on the ears of the office assistants, Connie Weymouth, Joan Mead- ows, Norrie Xiftros, Peggy Phillips, Elizabeth King, Shirley Flowers, Donald Babb, and Betty Ann Scott. 4 40 Ittd fjain Many GLlIpI THESPIANS DRAMATISTS earning enough points to gain the honored title of Thespians are FIRST ROW: Wornom, Newbill, Snyder, Nel- son, Taylor, Newsome, Bloxom; SECOND ROW: Parnell, Eanes, Amory, Miller, Adams, Aronoff, Morris, Suttle; THIRD ROW: Barbour, Stuart, Thompson, Tyler, Seidenstein, Kurzer, Holt, Parnell; FOURTH ROW: McMahon, Williamson, and White. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY THE EIGHT GIRLS and one boy who form my Na- tional Honor Society are FIRST ROW: Tuny Mc- Mahon, Mary Lewis Adams, Ellen Hancock, Phillip Levy, Doris Suttle, Nancy Barlow, Jessie Amory; SECOND ROW: Jane White, and Ethel Williamson. Membership is based on leadership, scholarship, char- acter, and service. QUILL AND SCROLL NEW MEMBERS of the International Quill and Scroll, honor society for high school journalists, get their pins from Nancy Barlow. Receiving pins are Tuny McMahon, Jane White, Ellen Hancock, Gail McMahon, Jessie Amory, Selma Friedman, Donald Gardner, while Selma Black and Mary Lewis Adams look on. 41 ' Which 7 each Ihcm Citizenship, DO YOU SUPPOSE they were this cute 25 years ago? They couldn ' t have been any more energetic than my cheerleaders this year. Leading cheers at football, track, and basket- ball events were Mary Jane Bull, Doris Carmack, Barbara Belote, Ann Hamilton, Sally Smith, Marie Young, Anna Mae Bishop, Phyllis Stortz, and Barbara Holly. JUST AS IN 1924, the future leaders of our city were members of the Hi-Y, a social service club designed to help older high school boys lead a better life. " WE ' RE OFF TO WORK, " cry members of the Distributors ' Club who leave school at 2:30 for their jobs in retail stores. FIRST ROW: Mr. William Shumate, sponsor; Bobby Leigh, Swanson Hornsby, Mr. David Clarke, sponsor; SECOND ROW: Donny Wood, Morris Hill, Lee Beauchamp, Melvin Davis, Bill Layton, John Llew- ellyn, Mickey McNamara; THIRD ROW: Jodie Atkins, Bobby Horns- by, Walter Wilmoth, George Hudgins, Harold Brown, Kenneth Peebles and Bobby Pogue. FIRST ROW: Richard Gross, Alice Langston, Ar- thur Olaison, George Benton; SECOND ROW: Dor- othy Hudgins, Leonard Clayton, Elsie Bateman, Evelyn Liverman, John Spivey, Alan Levinson; THIRD ROW: Eugene Lane, Norman De Berry. 42 Ja Split the Atom SCIENCE CLUB PRECEDED TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO by the Biology Club, the Science Club, has grown to be one of the most active in school. But it has not been opened to bears and deers, even if the picture indicates it! These ani- mals are part of a demonstration by Charles Coppedge, taxidermist. Later the club ' s exhibit won the State prize. Young Einsteins are Philip Levy, Lynn Holzbach, Mr. Coppedge, Jack Padgett, Julie Conn, Galen Moore, John Schuermann, Julie Pantele, Charles Knox, Athena Tsit- sera, Thelma Morgan, Virgil Rowe, Bill Woodward, Adele Morris, Mr. James Worsham, Chemstry instructor; Nellie Bloxom, Miss Susie Floyd, sponsor; Mary Ann Dorsey, Jean Sawyer, Mytrel Snyder, Mary Ann Moore, Jean Thompson, Ann Thomas, Sarah Lou Mott, Jean Gardener, Robert Brown, Nancy Nelson, James Nickolson, Mayer Levy, and Donald Babb. ART CLUB " TURN A LITTLE to the left, please, " ask members of the Art Club of their model, Patty Poffenberger. One of the newest school clubs, this organization gives opportu- nity for discussion, exhibits and practice sessions. In April the club gave a program and exhibit at the PTA meeting. Then to initiate ten new members they gave a beach party early in May. Amateur artists who may reach fame are Norman Conn, Ann Samuels, Retha Friedman, Tessie Coussoulos, Mel- vin Lewis, Danny Ca 1 1 is, Nancy Thompson, Katherine Owen, Doris Marshall, Irene Kolas, Dena Garrett, Shir- ley McCausley, Margie Woodruff, Virginia Siceloff. Kneeling is Reba Silverman. The best work resulting from this meeting may be placed on display in my library as the " Picture of the Week. " 43 7a JfcooJz Pretty WHETHER TWENTY-FIVE YEARS ago or now, the home- making clubs are always necessary for girls. The Junior Clubs ' officers are Natalie Nicholas, Martha Robeson, Shirley Davis, Barbara Kersey, Shirley Holland, Helen Arroll, Bar- bara Anderson, Jackie Martin, Patricia Collins, Barbara Peach, Jane Peirce, Frances Raine, Margaret Brewer, and Frances Rogers. (Bottom) UPPERCLASSMEN who belong to the Future Home- makers of America are SEATED: Jane Drake, June Meredith, Connie Weymouth, Nancy Tuck, Jean Gardner, Miss Nixie Owen, sponsor; STANDING: Joyce Beverly, Mabel Reese, Betty Pickard, Barbara Pridgeon, Char- lotte Garland. The highlights of their so- cial program were a Christmas dance and a supper picnic in June. (Top) " LAUNCHING IS ON SALE! " is the proud cry from mem- bers of the Writers Club. Those who helped to make the book a success are Mrs. Annye Burbank, sponsor; Jane White, Mary Jane Hilling, Sarah Lou Mott, Doris Suttle, Frances Gray, Betty Jane Silk, Retha Friedman, editor; Selma Friedman, Nancy Barlow, Mary Lewis Adams, Joyce Miller, Mary Ann Winborne, Tuny McMahon, club presi- dent; and Selma Black. 44 Ind Jtia+vilate a Shitty MAYBE THE ROMANS didn ' t look like this years ago, but the members of the Latin Club are enjoying themselves at the initiation party for the new members. The smiling faces belong to FIRST ROW: Rosemary Howard, Sherrill Phillips, Eula Cannon, Elizabeth King, Jean Mayo, Egbert Jackson; SECOND ROW: Arnold Epstein, Madison Price, Thelma Morgan, Jean Thompson, Margart Taylor, Billy Jester, Ben Kitchen, Leon Cornmen; THIRD ROW: Ann Thomas, Mary Ann Dorsey, Isabelle Rubert, Nellie Bloxom, Tommy Garrett, Lynn Holz- bach, Jon Coe; FOURTH ROW: Sarah Lou Mott, Carolyn Powell, Nancy Nel- son, Lucille Overton, Bob Hedgepeth, John Marshall; STANDING: Dora Jean Mayer, Janet Belote, Melville Johnson, Harriet Hutton and Miss Elma Free, sponsor. BY CANDLELIGHT new members of my Cervantes Spanish Club are installed in the " South American Way, " during Pan American Week. Taking part in the programs are Alex Nicol, Retha Friedman, Jessie Amory, Selma Kramer, Selma Black, Miss Virginia Shackleford, sponsor; Shirley Nach- man, Ann Wagner, Charles Knox; SECOND ROW: Harriet Aronow, Betty Jane Allen, Roberta Saunders, Adele Mor- ris, Ida Lee Thornhill, Diana Rhode, Alan Levinson, John Schuermann, Faith Grace, Rita Bromburg, Elizabeth King, Julia Pantele, Sue Roberts, Ola Hill, and Mary Mac Gray. 45 9 feeya+i ta Zayzand When My Stud nti And 9 Qot Home Room Editors Selma Friedman Betty Jane Silk 46 Acute Qna4AM Uf PaiuA, 9 fe fO+t ta £xpxz+u!L WUest My StuAesiti A+u 9 Qot Home Room Editors Selma Friedman Betty Jane Silk 46 Acuta QnxMAMJUf PaiuA, l+id ta my fyau i GlaiAeA, JUST LIKE OTHER students, my class officers find the " Y " a good place to relax after a hard day in school. IS THE WATER COLD? Martha Robeson, eight high president, is finding out while Ralph Whitley, student council representative, turns the faucet on for her, and Richard Pulsifer, secretary, watches. GROANS COME FROM Mickey McNamara, eleven high student council representative, Melvin Lewis, president, and Harold Jones, secretary, when they realize that lunch is over, and it ' s time to go back to school. GETTING READY TO LISTEN to his favorite jazz number is Jack Gayle, president of the nine high class. ARE THOSE DRINKS GOOD 1 Joe Plott, eleven low student council representative; Kenneth Crum, president, and Mike Anastasiou, sec- retary, seem to think so. IT LOOKS AS THOUGH both booths are taken. Well, if it isn ' t Barbara Belote and Lynn Holzbach, ten high secretary and presi- dent. 48 9 Added AnotUeSi wm , ' V ’ mm BBT™! i . -A - ■-M ' ...... ‘ 1 ' ; ' .. HOME ROOM 101, EIGHTH GRADE, TEACHER, MR. WILLIAM CRYER FIRST ROW: Wilma Allen, Elaine Binder, Joann Astor, Betty Barfield, Anne Baker, Darling Anderson, Margaret Brewer, Knox Fletcher, Shirley Boyd, Patsy Booker. SECOND ROW: Ralph Smith, Ralph Boger, Barbara An- derson, Rosalie Boyd, Betty Braswell, Elizabeth Light- HOME ROOM 112, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Nelda Cobb, Patricia Collins, Peggy Camp- bell, Shirley Clark, Helen Coker, Irma Carter, Peggy Clay, Phyllis Cohen, Joanne Carroll, Dorothy Carter, Nancy Christian, Mary Alice Hamm, Lorraine Chappell. HOME ROOM 113 EIGHT HIGH, FIRST ROW: Shirley Patrick, Wilma Allen, Elaine Binder, Margaret Perados, Margaret Pegram, Sheila Rawls. SECOND ROW: Miss Holladay, Jane Peirce, Frances Raine, Dora Parramore, Jane Payne, Dolores Pearson, Joan Poulos, Lynette Perkins, Barbara Peach, Geraldine foot, Carolyn Beaulieu, Helen Arroll, Vivian Allen, Phil- lip Allen. THIRD ROW: Richard Balser, Claude Allen, Edgar As- bell. Jack Bro adwater, Donald Brandt, Robert DeBoer, Franklin Barefield, Dwight Beasley, George Amory, John Allen. TEACHER, MISS LILLIAN TODD SECOND ROW: Mildred Chaney, Billy Chistensen, El- wood Carroll, Thomas Chapman, Jerry Crawford, Frank Cannan, Billy Burton, Louis Coley, Thomas Carter, Billy Burcher, Edwin Coleman, George Cayton, Martha Brown. TEACHER, MISS EMILIE HOLLADAY Plaster, Margaret Putnam, Lois Reed, Betty Sue Rabon. THIRD ROW: Ralph Smith, Wayne Parker, John Allen, David Peeples, John Payne, Wendell Pollard, Donald Warner, Jimmy Pridgen, Jane Phillips, Richard Pulsifer, Robert Penn, Joe Poslik, Dan Phillips. 49 Galled Mice 9 vitead of (loti b r yI K u -.I jS 1 1 • I ■ f 1 1 1 -i ' i k : 1 CMKj HOME ROOM 116, EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Bertha Williams, Bernadette Fulton, Betty Walton, Janet Williams, Marie Fralin, Guinevere Han- rahan, Joyce Fenton, Barbara Fox, Juanita Shaw, Ann Gay. SECOND ROW: Irene Garner, Lawrence Wilt, Herbert Harmon, Thomas Gatling, Raymond Goff, Robert Gwalt- HOME ROOM 209, EIGHTH GRADE FIRST ROW: Jacqueline Morrill, Shirley Holland, Pauline Jefferson, Selma Keefer, Barbara Kersey, Sonia Jackson, Deloris Johnson, Hazel Johnson, Mary Kilman, Gloria O ' Neal, Josephine Jobe, Louise Laster, Josie Hite, Bar- bara Hinnant, Rose Jones. HOME ROOM 215, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Mr. Mays, Gloria Kratzsch, Phyllis Mc- Alwee, Doris Phipps, Janice Lassiter, Rona Fisher, Ruth Mann, Judith Marks, Jacqueline Martens, Anna Lee McAlwee, Nancy Lackey, Shirley Little, Joanne Melson, Virginia Lindsay. TEACHER MR. P. W. ALLEN RAINE ney, Hubert Fodrey, Bill Floyd, Taylor Goode, Charles Gary, Wayne Harris, Lewis Garrison, Rosa Griggs. THIRD ROW: Clarence Hilling, Linwood Gibson, Edward Gaylord, Eugene Francis, Donald Fisher, Robert Walker, Preston Gray, LeRoy Whiteman, Willie Grinstead, Cecil Wright, Carl White, Claiborne Hicks. , TEACHER, MR M. G. WILLEY SECOND ROW: Joan Kerman, Laura Holder, George Glass, Roberts Johnson, Charles Hogan, David Joye, Sophocles Kolas, Dalton Hinson, James Jones, Carl Party, Elmore Holloman, David Holley, Lillie Evans. TEACHER, MR. JAMES W. MAYS SECOND ROW: Cecil McCall, Carlton Mansfield, Witmer Marshall, Lloyd McCausley, Paul Morgan, Edward Wheel- house, Billy Manspile, Sylvester Meares, Billy Masters, Frank Lindsay, Billy Mahone, Jerry Londeree, Robert Lewis, Donald Medlin. 50 9 i 25 r Ljeasi ' l My IdndeAxdaA meti HOME ROOM 218, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Alma Oliver, Lenora Miller, Frances Ward, Jonzennie Mewborne, Rose Alice Palmer, Carolyn Mc- Cay, Patricia Parker, Jean Michaud, Jeanette Smith, Charlotte Morgan, Natalie Nicholas, Anne Newsome, Betty Sims. HOME ROOM 219, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Jean Dangler, Alice Gaskins, Louis Crumpler, Evelyn Farmer, Helen Coussoulos, Carol East- man, Clarissa Edwards, Shirley Cox, Mary Ann Michie, Mollie Powell, Shirley Davis. SECOND ROW: Ronald Emerson, William Davis, Thomas HOME ROOM 312, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Frances Roberts, Betty Sealey, Elsie Scog- gin, Dorothy Schrum, Veronica Georgalas, Joan Saunders, Sandra Saunders, Nancy Reynolds, Jeannette Ruskey, Martha Robeson, Faye Epstein, Kathleen Scarlette, Frances Rodgers, Kaye Sawyer, Jacqueline Royals, Jean Roberts. EACHER, MRS. GARLAND CONN SECOND ROW: Elba Munoz, Tommy Olaisen, Wesley McKenzie, Claxton Page, Robert Mosby, Ted Morrison, Danny Morgan, Tommy Milner, Franklin Murray, Alvin Norman, Marvin Mitchell, Roland Nuckols, Orville Nagele, Pattie Lou Parker, Ruth Moss. TEACHER, MR. LLOYD CLARKE Deuell, William Deuell, David Falk, William Fulcher, Donald Jenkins, Allen Ezzell, Kenneth Craig, Ronald Eason, Valery Early. THIRD ROW: Edward Eure, Preston Faulk, Thurman Davis, Bobby Curling, Howard Daman, Glen Crockett, C. B. Courtney, Mesby Devell, Robert Ellis. TEACHER, MISS RUTH FOLKMANN SECOND ROW: Harry Simpson, Arthur Rinehart, Jerry Shockley, Warren Siceloff, Bobby Ritch, Maurice Sasser, Carolyn Shockley, Jacqueline Georgalas, Leroy Shelby, Raymond Sawyer, Pauline Rouvalis, Ellen Rudd, Burt Sharf. 51 cMaoe, Changed Jlittle HOME ROOM 316, EIGHTH GRADE, TEACHER, MISS BETTY WESTMORELAND FIRST ROW: Ann Thomas, Jacqueline Sykes, Barbara Soar, Ruby Smith, Mary Frances Snyder, Sue Stockton, Margaret Jean Tappan, Geraldine Stoops, Barbara Dean, Antoinette Themides, Shirley llish, Mary Staton. SECOND ROW: William Spencer, James Talbert, Bobby HOME ROOM 318, EIGHTH GRADE, FIRST ROW: Monna Webb, Miriam Walke, Loretta Wood, Dorothy Tyler, Yvonne Yates, Gloria Johnson, Rebecca Young, Patsy Taylor, Rose Williams, Billy Bryant. HOME ROOM 105, HIGH FRESHMAN, FIRST ROW: Miss Shackelford, Anne Parrish, Mary Louise Phillips, Hilda Pineiro, Marilyn Parker, Betty Lou Meadows, Mary Sue Nelson, June Meredith, Patricia Hall, Georgia Parker, Millicent Padgett, Catherine Mel- lor, Helen Lassiter, Nell Phillips, Elsie Powell. Smith, Franklin Smith, John Smith, Donnie Stortz, Jerry Smith, Nelson Stall, Bobby Snyder, Coulbourn Tyler, Thomas Terry. THIRD ROW: Dale Smith, Frank Snyder, Bernard Spiers, Cabell Slaydon, Jr., Jimmy Tomlin. TEACHER, MR. JAMES WORSHAM SECOND ROW: Grady Webb, Ralph Whitley, Thomas Weymouth, Reginald Lancaster, Howard Webb, Jimmy Whitmore, Nelson Webb, Kenneth Williams, Bobby Warmack, Donald Wilson, George Wescott, Irwin Vic- tor, Carol Weiner — absent. TEACHER, MISS VIRGINIA SHACKELFORD SECOND ROW: Sherwood Padgett, George Markos, Billy Pitt, Everett Moore, Larry Crum, K ermit Plemmons, Jimmy Overton, Lucius Mason, Jerry Neill, Jerry Pealor, Clarence Anderson, Donald Turlington, Robert Pegram. 52 ' Ilteif, Still (lust in, the Jtalli HOME ROOM 109, HIGH FRESHMAN, TEAi FIRST ROW: Howard Futrell, Janet Highsmith, Virginia Garland, Pat Morris, Shirley Hubard, Curtis Garner. SECOND ROW: Margaret Godsey, Ellen Hunter, Nancy DeMoss, Sally Evans, Naomi Garrison, Sally Hendrick- son, Delores Gaskins, Sandra Erlach, Marian Friedman, HOME ROOM 110, HIGH FRESHMAN FIRST ROW: Jean Tart, Shirley Fowler, Jean Tennant, Ruth Hoppe, Phyllis Taylor, Dola Mae Hite, Doris Hud- son, Dorothy Tugwell, Marie Turpin, Sylvia Sorenson, Ida Lee Thornhill, Mary Lloyd, Peggy Hiser, Nancy Tuck. HOME ROOM 119, HIGH FRESHMAN, FIRST ROW: Bettie Jeanne Jones, Mildred Rowe, Rose Allen Burrus, Betty Prillaman, Janice Smith, Suzanne Roberts, Harriett Spotts, Nancy Spangler, Gladys Fryer, Melba Smith. SECOND ROW: Robert Scull, Mabel Reese, Rose Marie Perzan, Vivian Scott, Wanda Shepherd, Barbara Prid- CHER, MRS. MAE MARSHALL EDWARDS Peggy Oliver, Sylvia Moody. THIRD ROW: Fay Ellis, Richard Gage, Charles Ham- mack, William Gwaltney, Raymond Hancock, Howard Hogge, Robert Henderson, James Henkel, Leonard Gar- ret. , TEACHER, MRS. LUCY CATLETT SECOND ROW: Eleanor Thomas, Mildred Ripley, Shirley Hardee, Henry Smith, Bob Turner, Gene McCormick, Emory Sweeney, Preston Lassiter, Don Joyner, Millard Thomas, Donald Snelling, Kay Marshall, Marie Todd, Ann Timberlake. TEACHER, MRS. ELIZABETH MOORE gen, Betty D. Smith, Mavis Sherman, Betty J. Smith, Jimmy Skinner. THIRD ROW: Henry Powell, Bruce Griffin, Elbert Powell, Jimmie Davis, Ronald Rawlings, Carlton Powell, Alvin Fox, Jack Selby, Robert Allen, Donald Riley, Vernon Budd, Stewart Rodgers. 53 lAJonAslup, fyootbalL JlesvoeA, HOME ROOM 201, HIGH F RESHMAN, TEACHER, MISS AMANDA GRAY FIRST ROW: Billy Dick, Helen Carter, Dot Collins, Betty Derr, Barbara Duling, Bobby Sterling. SECOND ROW: Rita Cooper, Edna Dobbins, Jane Drake, Betty Campbell, Sandra Cutchins, Ellis Moore, Anne Dickinson, Ray Caplan, Beulah La Mott, Kitty Christian, Joyce Cobb. THIRD ROW: Willie D ' Bene, Cecil Deihl, Edwin Car- roll, Louis Parker, James Deuel, Levon Crosswell, Don aid Carson, Herman Volheim, Billy Corey, Claude Bar field, Troy Chappell, Fred Christie. HOME ROOM 207, HIGH FRESHMAN, TEACHER, MISS ELMA FREE FIRST ROW: Miss Free, June Keller, Nancy Xiftros, Reta Landreth, Dorothea Kaufman, Joyce Knox, Rebecca Jobe, Dorothy Lewis, Renee Lampros, Lillie Keller, Elinor Lassiter, Georgia Leake, Eleanor Levinson, Barbara Jar- rett, Peggy Koskinas, Betty Waite Kelly. SECOND ROW: Carlyle Peck, Henry Walker, Thomas Kubel, Carl Jett, Linwood Kramer, Charles Kersey, Billy Wright, Danny Campbell, Jerry Joynes, Billy Holloway, Norman Collins, Henry Jackson, Rogers Hamilton. HOME ROOM 216, HIGH FRESHMAN, TEACHER, MISS SUSIE V. FLOYD FIRST ROW: Zeb Barfield, Mary Blake, Shirley Baldridge, Jackie Christie, Carolyn Kleinert, Mabel Jones, Rita Bromberg, Melba Aycock, Joyce Beverly, Dorothy Dee- gan, Shrley Ajalat, Bart Wittenkind. SECOND ROW: Claude Belangia, Calvin Avant, James Stratton, Cecil Brown, Wade Barlow, James Sutton, Lon- nie Batchelor, Murlan Miller, Charles Becker, Robert Taylor, Robert Bowden. 54 Jlo+Uj, to- lie Sesu iA, HOME ROOM 305. HIGH FRESHMAN, TEACHER, MR. ELI LEONARD FIRST ROW: Mr. Leonard, Margaret Harris, Barbara Mayer, Betty Warlitner, Theersa Watson, Hazel Garri- son, Jeanette Llewellyn, Kathleen Sawyer, Edith Mason, Rebecca Walker, Peggy Mitchell, Jean Ward. HOME ROOM 115, HIGH SOPHOMORE, FIRST ROW: Carolyn Gay, Harriet Hutton, Sarah Chase, Ann Estes, Nancy Fogle, Jean Everette, Martha Anne Hargrave, Barbara Fink, Ann Evans, Virginia Atkins, Shirley Bell, Barbara Belote. SECOND ROW: Melvin Winfrey, Robert Bennett, Car- lyle Goodson, Thalia Fenigsohn, Barbara Gerlach, Joyce SECOND ROW: Earl Joyner, Billy McKenzie, Arthur Wilt, Vernon Wood, John Womack, Richard McQuillen, Joel Werblow, Donald Long, Harry Warlitner, Elwood Warren, Paul Pierce, William Webb, Bobby Wilson. TEACHER, MRS. CATHERINE BRAY Eubank, Nira Barnes, Ella Ruth Ewing, Eulah Cannon, Lee Hutchinson, Billy Harris, Tommy Garrett. THIRD ROW: Billy Manning, Kirkwood Hanrahan, Hugh Harrell, Ronnie Williams, Donnie Wood, Ashton Vio- lette, Sherwood Smith, Billy Blayton, Billy Allred, Harry Goodrich, Leroy Hogge. HOME ROOM 210, HIGH SOPHOMORE. TEACHER, MRS LOUISE HURT FIRST ROW: Norma Newsome, Betty Jane Phillips, Doris Marshall, Helen Pittman, Betty Jo Pickard, Betty Anne Blanks, Lucille Overton, Betty Bazemore, Mary Ellen Booth, Nancy Nelson, Betty Lou Powell, Mary Lynn Morgan, Nancy Prillaman, Annie Coleman. SECOND ROW: John Marshall, Irwin Miller, James Car- ter, James Mears, George Powell, Danny Ca 1 1 is, Ira Rey- nolds, Randolph Dale, James Nicholson, Lynn Holzbach, Thomas Parker, Harold Johnson, Jr. 55 AULaucjJt Sixosit Midsujfl bbeM l HOME ROOM 303, HIGH SOPHOMORE, TEACHER, MISS FRANCES COX FIRST ROW: Harold Brown, Loraine Carmines, Sue Garner, Carole Block, Mary Ann Gallop, Betty Pittman, Pat Poffenberger, Betsy Williams, Jacqueline Gillen, Shirley Forbes, Edna Derr, Agnes Dize. SECOND ROW: Elbert llish, James Holloman, Joe Jus- tis, Edward Alverez, Calvin Foxwell, Billy Castelow, Don- ald Copeland, Darrell Little, Lawrence Akers, Stanley Krause, Robert Carminade, Arnold Epstein, Richard Helmer. HOME ROOM 304, HIGH SOPHOMORE, FIRST ROW: Miss Shackford, Catherine Lamberth, Ann Lowry, Shirley Lawson, Barbara Kent, Joan Lipford Coleen Quesinberry, Annie Bell Evans, Alma Whitehead, Mildred Jones, Alma Le Compte, Patricia Lackey, Irene Kolas. HOME ROOM 306, HIGH SOPHOMORE, FIRST ROW: Marlene Sprouse, Rose Marie Alvarez, Katie Lassiter, Helen Tsitsera, Mary Handges, Joan Pad- gett, Mary Shannon Larrimore, Jean Mayo, Shirley Mc- Causley, Barbara Alto, Joan Mayer. TEACHER, MISS MARGARET SHACKFORD SECOND ROW: Alec Michalos, Frank Simmons, Tom Johnson, Robert Jefferson, Bill Morgan, Alan Kalkin, Tom Jones, James Johnston, Robert Jones, Bill Leg- gette, Bill Martin, Francis Joyner, Paul Jordon. TEACHER, MISS CASSIE CHILDRESS SECOND ROW: Mollie Howell, Rodney Ware, Harold Wilson, Frank Wheeler, James Lockhart, James Wilson, Benson Sarfan, Joe Telstad, Arthur Wood, Raymond Wheeler. 56 9+tAtead Middy Rlaulel j • . i I HHl l I ■ 1 r 111 $ 9BflH . v I HOME ROOM 307, HIGH SOPHOMi FIRST ROW: Rose Marie Seminara, Sarah Horne, June Stall, Reba Silverman, Sonia Baxter, Rosemary Howard, Myrtle Snyder, Tessie Coussoulos, Arlene Sprouse, Ca- milla Hester, Vivian Snead. HOME ROOM 315, HIGH SOPHOMORE, FIRST ROW: Genevieve White, Nancy Thompson, Eve- lyn Chandler, Peggy Langston, Barbara Clontz, Nancy Tanley, Molly Lord, Mary Jane Bull, Jean Riddick, Pat Twyford, Frances Royer. !, TEACHER, MISS ANNE V. PARKER SECOND ROW: Jessie Anastasiou, Elmer Benton, Daniel Solomon, William Stewart, George Fenton, Bobby Pogue, Billy Begor, Ernest Sheets, Lacy Scoggin, James Ven- able, Phyllis Stortz. TEACHER, MR. DALE WHITEHURST SECOND ROW: Jane Zilber, Fay Taylor, Leroy Poe, Jimmy Drummond, Richard Bivins, Foch Webb, Charles Lackey, Varna Ramey, Andrew Xiftros, Buddy Ballard, Doris White. HOME ROOM 310, HIGH JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Barbara Sims, Helen Hall, Janice Pleasants, Sarah Hege, Margaret Stinnette, Jewell Newton, Shirley Sheridan, Betty Malcolm, Ann Garrett, Nellie Wise, Nor- ma Wood, Norma Montague. TEACHER, MISS REBECCA SUTTLE SECOND ROW: Calvin Mears, Billy Woodward, Vernon Tappan, Edward Mitchell, Grover Wade, James Russell, John Spivey, Paul Sandefur, Donald Powell, Roy Perzan, Jimmy McDowell, Robert Whitley. 57 lud Ruy Rubble Qum HOME ROOM 321, HIGH JUNIOR, TEAC FIRST ROW: Mrs. Fontaine, Anna May Bishop, Betty Paris, Katherine Brown, Doris Johnson, Faye Amburgey, Shirley Nachman, Lois Farmer, Harriet Binder. SECOND ROW: Virgil Rowe, Betty Beck, Grace Cum- HOME ROOM 106, HIGH JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Mary Lou Crutchfield, Roberta Jones, Ma- jorie Kaufman, Margaret Lloyd, Betty Gatling, Ann Lies- mann, Dorothy Hudgins, Frances McNair, Geraldine Keeter, Betty Mullins, Thelma Toone, Katherine Pappas, Thelma Morgan, Alice Langston, Charles Knox. HOME ROOM 107, HIGH JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Mr. Loop, Bill Humbert, Paul Hudnall, Bobby Cardwell, Betty Horne, Julia Pantele, Joyce Par- nell, Virgie Stoneham, Connie Nagele, Elinor Harnsber- ger, Nancy Morgan, Martin Austin, Billy Cunningham, Gardner Pegram. HER, MRS MARY WINGFIELD FONTAINE mings, Dora Jean Mayer, Sibyl Creasy, Doris Jackson, Randolph Duke. THIRD ROW: Kenneth Crump, Richard Crouch, Ken- neth Fulton, Mike Anastasiou, Doug Goode, Billy Has- kins, Charles Jones, Charles Folwell. TEACHER, MR. LOUIS M. WHEARY SECOND ROW: Robert Mitchell, Mickey McNamara, Bobby Hornsby, Galen Moore, Charles Llewellyn, James Parker, Davey Charles, Julie Conn, Jr., Thomas Simons, Thomas Price, Joseph Rhode, James Michie. TEACHER, MR. CARLOS A. LOOP SECOND ROW: James Holt, Gene Webb, Frank Kelly, James Redding, Graham Scott, Kenneth Peebles, Zack Duncan, Billy Cardwell, Kenneth Haynes, Billy Jester, Alan Levenson, Harold Jones, John Kasey. 58 n DnAiead oj PeppeAsnint Sticks J k J j 1 rn M IA j J | l j jp A k fcj . (TvflL |jjfl E| 1 HOME ROOM 118, HIGH JUNIOR, TEACHER, MISS MARY LUE McCAHILL FIRST ROW: Miss McCahill, Athena Tsitsera, Barbara Eanes, Ann Camper, Jean Thompson, Mary Ann Dorsey, Myron Diamondstein, David Topping, Jane Harris, Ann Spencer, Mary Ann Buck, Norrie Xiftros, Mildred Beck, Constance Weymouth. HOME ROOM 208, HIGH JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Cleo Ryan, Jane Carney, Jean Wood, Betty Ann Scott, Anne Thomas, Isabella Rubert, Zoe Paros, Joyce Roberts, Elizabeth King. SECOND ROW: Miss Brasher, Pat DeMoss, Margaret Taylor, Ann Samuels, Marian Saunders, Marie Young, Anitamae Snead, Jean Royal, Frances Sawyer, June HOME ROOM 301, HIGH JUNIOR, FIRST ROW: Mrs. Giedemann, Clara Whitfield, Chris- tine Carbola, Marguerite Ahern, Nancy Richards, O ' Dell Crocker, Elsie Nichols, Dolly Vaughan, Lynda Avant Janet Belote, Marian Barnett, Marjorie Woodruff, Elsie Bateman, Adele Morris. SECOND ROW: Wharten Graham, Leon Common, Ralph Wicke, Edward Hanna, Hiram Hogge, Keith Water- house, Jimmy Whitley, Melvin Davis, Glen Boyd, John Schuermann, Harold Walke, Robert Gros, William Ches- nutt. TEACHER, MISS BEULAH BRASHER Oliver, Jean Gardner. THIRD ROW: Shirley Tong, Harriet Harrell, Peggy Wil- liams, Walter Wilmoth, Cecil Womble, Melvin Lewis, Charles Thomas, Norman Hawkins, Diana Rhode, Sally Smith, Sylvia Shriber. TEACHER, MRS. MARION GIEDEMANN SECOND ROW: Barbara Brown, Raymond Boyles, Pete Markos, Ronald Blake, Bobby Riddle, Leslie Smith, Jim Bicouvaris, Norman Conn, Robert Brown, Donald Davis, Robert Armstrong, Richard Thompson, Edwin Douglas. 59 y»m mum nwip My n phy Gate feuly i Ajjtesi wertiy-jjiue i ljea i ' l of Sports Editor Melvin Kurzer Photogropher Donald Gardner . M V 60 Athletic Gampetitio+i 61 My Qtud Stem Still Stsiiue tyosi a MMilty RAY BOYLES ’ ? a f , : C :;• HH Jwp BILL LOYD SWANSON HORNSBY FOOTBALL SCORES NN 40 Matthew Whaley 2 NN 40 Warwick 6 NN 13 Lynchburg 19 NN 7 Maury 19 NN 14 Wilson 0 NN 36 Fairfax 6 NN 19 Norview 6 NN 13 Granby 14 NN 20 Hopewell 19 NN 0 Hampton 21 PAUL WAGNER 62 WAYNE BEGOR JACK CASTELOW A+td a fee itlt o t the ALL- State ZLeve+i THE 1949 TYPHOON gridders are, FIRST ROW: Bill Loyd, Paul Wagner, Jack Castelow, Swanson Hornsby, Milt Heath, Mickey McNamara, Harold Jones; SECOND ROW: Paul Mosteller, Bobby Landis, George Hudgins, Led by Co-Captains Harold Cray and Bill Loyd, the Newport News High eleven closed its most successful season in three years when the Cold and Blue came up with a record of six wins as opposed to four losses. Five of the victories were of the conference variety as were the four defeats. MOST EXCITING: The Typhoon came up with the upset of the year when it downed a highly favored Hopewell High, 20 to 19, in Saunders ' Stadium. GREATEST DISAPPOINTMENT: The Typhoon bowed to its arch rival, the Crabbers of Hamp- ton, State Champions of Virginia ' s high schools. The locals couldn ' t get their attack started and bowed, 21 to 0. Keith Waterhouse, Bobby Hornsby, Dewey Schanz, Tom Joseph; THIRD ROW: Harold Gray, Wayne Begor, Billy Gayle, Ray Boyles; FOURTH ROW: Bill Allen, Bobby Fennell, Lou Hamilton, Kenneth Peebles. OUTSTANDING OFFENSIVE PERFORM- ANCE: Co-Captain Harold Cray intercepted a Hopewell pass and returned the ball 60 yards for a touchdown. Cray then threw a pass which resulted in the Typhooners ' sec- ond touchdown, and later recovered a fumble which set up the final touchdown in the locals ' upset victory over Hopewell. OUTSTANDING DEFENSIVE PERFORM- ANCE: In Newport ' s heartbreaking 1 4 to 13 loss to Granby, an outstanding defensive per- formance was turned in by Guard Milt Heath. He was all over the field, breaking up Comet plays and often spilling runners for sizeable losses. Milt also intercepted a pass and re- turned it approximately 50 yards to set up the Plumermen ' s first score. MILT HEATH MICKEY McNAMARA HAROLD JONES 63 My tyaoihall tya+t ' i Still ' IfeaAsi TYPHOON BRAINSTORMS, Coaches Lou Plummer, Co-Captains Harold Cray and Bill Loyd and Assistant Coaches Jack Powers, J. C. Range, and Ed Motley confer before the games. " QUEEN FOR A NIGHT! " Mary Mac Cray, band queen, is presented by Drum Major Willard Britt at the half-time of a night football game. THE PEP RALLY on Turkey Day eve sets the scene for the big day. DEWEY SCHANZ makes a desperate stab at a Hopewell back to prevent him from scoring. CO-CAPTAIN Harold Cray swings wide around end as All-stater Harold Jones throws an important block. 64 j ' A+totlte ' Win Qa i Jlampian " WHOA, THERE " says Paul Wagner as he brings a Hopewell back to an abrupt halt. BILLY GAYLE (35) and Lou Hamilton (10) move in to put the skids on a Crab- ber back. MY THREE LOVELY FLAGTWIRLERS, plan to give Mr. Turkey the same treat- ment that my football boys hoped to give Hampton, their arch rival. A PACKED HOUSE witnesses the annual Newport News-Hampton football classic. Score: Hampton, 21; Newport News, 0. WAYNE BEGOR breaks off tackle with Ray Boyles leading the way in the Ty- phoon-Crabber tilt. MILT HEATH, all-state guard, receives the " most valuable player " award from Principal George J. McIntosh. 65 My ficviJzetee iA, Jlaae AdLutsvced • 1 ii , 5 ' These are six boys who shouldered the brunt of the Typhoon attack on the hardwoods: BOBBY FENNELL, forward, was a choice on the all-tourney second team and a member of the All-State squad. BOBBY LEIGH, forward, started as a reserve end was moved up to a starting berth. WHILE CAPTAIN PETE MARKOS, guard, was gaining honors on the All-Eastern, Tourney and State squads, HAROLD JONES, center, was selected to the All-Eastern and gained honorable mention on the All- Tourney and All-State teams. TOMMY JOSEPH, guard, and JIMMY SEWARD, forward, moved up from last year ' s junior varsity squad and gave creditable performances throughout the season. For the second time in as many years, the crown of Eastern District Champion rests on the heads of the Newport News hardwood five. Only after a post-season playoff with Granby High of Norfolk, was the Typhoon able to retain the title. After reaching the State playoffs by virtue of being the Eastern Champions, the Conn Clan was de- feated in the semi-final round by Class High of Lynchburg who went on to become the State ' s champions. On the road to the Eastern crown the locals posted non-conference victories over Suffolk, Rocky Mount and Holy Trinity, while dropping tilts to the William and Mary and Duke " B " teams. In conference warfare the Newport five marked up twin triumphs over Maury, Norview, Cradock, Warwick, and Hampton while copping twe out of three from Granby, including the post-season playoff, and split- ting even with Wilson. Post-season honors came in quan- tity for the Typhoon in the form of All-State, All-Eastern and All-Tour- ney honors, with Captain Pete Markos capturing the Agathon Club trophy as the most valuable player, and Harold Jcnes garnering the Penn Williams trophy as the out- standing defensive player. Jones was elected captain of the 1949-50 squad. To top off a successful season the squad and coaches were sent by local fans to New York where they witnessed the NCAA playoffs in Madison Square Carden. 66 fynam 13 JfcoAA i in 193-4 THE STARTING FIVE of my Eastern District Champs before a game. They are Jimmy Seward, Tommy Joseph, gather ' round to confer with their Captain Pete Markos, Bobby Fennell, Harold Jones, and Bobby Leigh. BASKETBALL SCHEDULE NNHS OPPONENTS Place 43 Suffolk 28 Here 32 W M " B " 43 Here 27 Rocky Mount 22 Here 50 Holy Trinty 42 Here 46 Maury 26 There 35 Norview 18 Here 31 Wilson 34 There 53 Warwick 22 Here 45 Hampton 37 Here 38 Duke " B " 58 There 52 Cradock 24 There 32 Granby 46 There 42 Norview 23 There 35 Maury 25 Here NNHS OPPONENTS Place 24 Wilson 18 Here 49 Warwick 18 There 31 Granby 27 Here 36 Hampton 28 There 55 Cradock 30 Here 41 Granby 32 There NNHS STATE PLAY-OFFS Opponents 50 Petersburg 25 29 Lynchburg 54 41 Granby 42 THE BOYS OF 1949 compiled a much better record than did their predecessors who played under the title of Walter Reed High School. The boys of ' 24 took on an ambitious schedule which saw them winning five, tieing one, and losing thirteen. The Cold and Blue lost all of its conference games to such teams as John Marshall, Portsmouth, now Wilson, and Maury. The tie was the final game of the year with Hampton. Victories were gained over William and Mary freshmen, Hampton Baptist and Shipyard teams. 67 7a tUe Qabtesin, jbi tsiict 1itle THE CAME IS on as Center Harold Jones stretches for the tip off. " HE FLIES THROUGH the air. " A William and Mary forward attempts to block a shot by my basketball Cap- tain Pete Markos. " GOOD SHOT! " My local fans scream approval as the Connmen take the lead. " THAT ' S GETTING THEM the hard way! " Jones breaks through center for two points. MY COACH, JULIE CONN, readies his lucky gold and blue tie before the play-offs for the district title. 68 And 7 wa All- State Me t in 194-9 " THAT ' S THE WAY to go. " Bobby Fennell lays one up against the back- boards for two points. FENNELL SHOOTS AGAIN— and two more for my Typhoon. AT THE SEASON ' S close Pete Markos, Captain for the Eastern District Champs, says, " Take them to the top, next year " to Captain-elect Harold Jones. HERE ARE THE winning Jayvees: FIRST ROW: Paros, F. Taylor, Ballard, Bicou- varis, Castelow, Leggette, Waterhouse; SEC- OND ROW: Coach Julius Conn, Conn Jr., B. Taylor, Powell, Crum, Manager; Goode, Good- son, Conley, Coach J. C. Range; THIRD ROW: Harris, Marshall, Kitchen, Underwood, Crouch, Epstein, Cramer. 69 THE STATE ' S BEST — FIRST ROW: Austin, Long, Layton, Stewart, Wood, Bivins, Caminade; SECOND ROW: Coach Julie Conn, Gray, McLaughlin, Co-Captain Levy, Co-Captain Mitchell, Fennell, Hancock, Masters, Coach Lou Plummer; THIRD ROW: Manager Jackson, Wilson, Barber, Markos, Jones, Schanz, Lewis, Mostellar, Manager Cramer; FOURTH ROW: Waterhouse, Rogers, Thomas, Holt, Davis, Sorenson, and Meredith. State champions, Tidewater champions, Eastern District champions, and dual meet champions all rolled into one is the 1949 edition of the Newport News High Typhoon track team. A trademark of all the meets in which the Ty- phoon participated was the breaking of records by the local harriers. Co-Captains Doug Mitchell, and Phil Levy usually set the pace. First Mitchell, the high jump ace, snapped the Saunders ' Stadium record with a leap of six feet and one-half inch. The Tidewater meet saw him come through with a record breaking jump of 6 feet, 3 3 A inches. Back home again, Mitchell rebroke his own record by adding three-eights of an inch to his previous Saunders ' Stadium mark in the Hampton meet and jumped 6 feet 2 inches against Warwick. As a season ' s climax he broke the state record with his 6 foot, 2% inch jump. His co-partner in record breaking, Phil Levy, set the pace in the 880 and mile. Levy hit his stride in the Eastern District meet with a time of 4 min- utes, 43.3 seconds in the mile. In the Tidewater fray, he smashed the old mark in the 880 with a two minute, one and two-fifths of a second run. Levy came through again in the Warwick meet, by running up a new standard in the half mile of 2 minutes .9 of a second. TRACK SCORES Wilson 81 32 Cranby 99 14 Eastern District Meet 64 21 (HH) Tidewater Meet 52 22 (TJ) Hampton 81 32 Warwick 85 28 State Meet 291 2 27 2 (W-L) LEADERS OF the Gold and Blue cause 70 State, Gnxuu+t WAY OUT IN FRONT. That ' s Billy Mc- Laughlin as he leaves his closest competitor 15 yards behind, in the 440-yard run. TIMBER-TOPPER Bill Layton, the Typhoon ' s leading hurdler, shows the way in the low hurdles. " PULL, PUSH, POINTS QUICK. " Jack Wood, my pole-vaulter, crosses the bar. ONE ORDER OF BROKEN TAPE coming up via Teddy Masters, the Typhoon ' s 100 and 220 runner. Cray is second in this 100 yard dash in the Granby meet. My Mo-deAsi feloosnesi QisiU, Play MAYBE THE SMILES come from posing for this picture or maybe from the fact that these members of the Girls ' Athletic Association have just finished discussing plans for Spring activities to include a play day for Peninsula schools and an assembly program. Girls are: FIRST ROW: Ruth Mann, Gloria Kratzch, Melba Smith, Jean Ward, Rose Alice Burrus, Lynda Avant, Nancy Richards, Betsy Menin, Connie Weymouth, Dolly Vaughan, Milrded Rip- ley, Dena Garrett, Betty Gatling, Jean Roberts, Joann Astor, Sonja Baxter, Rose Mary Howard; SECOND ROW: Janie Harris, Caroline Beaulieu, Dorothy Tyler, Veronica Georgalas, Jacqueline Georgalas, Rose Perzan, Judith Marks, Edith Mason, Pat Lackey, Barbara Alto, Anna Burnham, Helen Coussoulos, Joyce Fenton, Irene Kolas, Tessie Anastasiou; THIRD ROW: Peggy Hosier, Mona Webb, Shirley Didlake, Betty Campbell, Barbara Kersey, Sue Garner, Rose Alice Palmer, Martha Brown, Cath- erine Owen, Tessie Coussoulos. STICKS, STICKS, STICKS and more sticks will be flying around when the 1948 hockey team turns out for a last game before clos- ing season. Girls are Ruth Howell, Juanita Robertson; SECOND ROW: Shirley Keller, Mary Jane Hilling, Ann Garrett; THIRD ROW: Athena Tsitsera, Ethel Williamson, Tuny McMahon, Catherine Owen, Connie Ca 1 1 is, and Betty Jean Wood. " HOW LONG WILL IT TAKE, " seems to be the question on the chilled faces of these eighth grade fieldball players as they take a few minutes out for a picture, while getting ready for the tourna- ment. They are Betty Sue Rabon, captain; SEC- OND ROW: Gloria Kratzch, Pauline Jefferson, Jeanette Smith, Shirley Patrick, Martha Brown; THIRD ROW: Joyce Fenton, Darling Anderson, Rose Alice Palmer, and Shirley llish. 72 cMoeJzeif, and So tLall FLYING ANGEL? Maybe not, but Frances Rogers makes a fine imita- tion in her practice of the wand drill that was used in the " Ideal Gym Class " assembly and in Play Day. Barbara Cleary and Rose Alice Pal- mer assist her. Also featured on these programs were folk dancing, exercises to music, and tumbling. TO PULL THE ARROWS out of the bullseye may seem like a casual motion but to Rose Alice Burrus it shows the profit of many a long hour of practice in the Archery Club. SPORTSMANSHIP is predominant in this ten- nis game as Jane Wornom congratulates Lynda Avant on her victory. The Tennis Club prac- tice takes place in the Fall and Spring when the tournament is the last and most import- ant event. A FIGHT TO THE FINISH— or so it seems as these girls battle for possession of the ball in a fast game of soccer. This is a sport the eighth and ninth grade girls enjoy. the IjeGSiA, My SeuiosiA, cM-aue, GltCL+uj dt in Senior Editors Joyce Miller Ellen Hancock 74 Ma+uf, r fa a ]A . . . 9 Ad i+uj, a dfb nA i A WISH FOR YOU If wishes might I make for you — say three — And had the promise of fulfillment, too, I wonder now just what these three should be To make your life complete. Will these three do? Position? Ease? and Wealth? These let us scan: Position leads to pride and Ease to sloth; Wealth ' s transitory, vain. . . So these I ban Then Happiness? Satiety I ' m loath To will, for then grows dull the life that feeds On joy alone. ... I have it now. . . Since Cod And Soul stand sure, I will wish you Faith that breeds High purpose: Will to pursue by any rod Of pain or pleasure: Strength to do good, no ill. The time is yours. Co make it what you will. Amtye 2. Qu iluinh AS THEY WALK OUT my doors for the last times as students, the February 1949 officers, Joyce Robertson, treasurer; Joyce Dorner, vice-president; Swanson Hornsby, president; Juanita Robertson, secretary; and Jessie Amory, student council represen- tative, say good-bye. 76 Jnd a fCituj, and 2.ueen Both were important in school functions, for Jessie served as co-editor of the 1949 ANCHOR and was active on the student council. Bill held a strategic position on the football team and rep- resented his class on the Honor Council. The seniors are proud to have as their monarchs popular, versatile, and friendly, Jessie Amory and Bill Lloyd. Jessie Amory ' s charming disposition, pretty face and all around pleasantness along with Bill Loyd ' s smiling, handsome face, and engaging sincerity won for them the class choices of King and Queen. 77 Uesi lecU+tcj, a TAJU i IdJlta ' - BEST LOOKING — Fenton White Cathryn Nicholson BEST STUDENTS — Jone White Melvin Kurzer BEST DANCERS — Gerry Newsome Bobby Reynolds " Shaded, ajf 78 A aia a eMail of fyame MOST POPULAR— Ethel Williamson Bob Tilson BEST ALL AROUND— Swanson Hornsby Joyce Robertson BEST DRESSED GIRL— Selma Friedman 1924 79 Uen Spit Gusill and Runl MARY LEWIS ADAMS: Valedictorian; Faculty Speoker; National Honor Society; International Quill and Scroll; Beacon Co-Editor; Co-Radio Show Direc- tor; Beacon Editorial Page Editor; Student Council; Staff: Costume, head; Clubs: Science, Writers, pro- gram chairman; Senior Committee: Color, chairman; Home Room 104. Journalism Letter. JACQUELINE AKERS: Staffs: Make-up, Props; Can- tata; Clubs: Art, Junior Red Cross, Home Economics; Senior Committee: Pennant; Home Room 214. MARILYN ALGER: Staffs: Costume, Usher; Clubs: Dance, Art, Girls ' Reserve, Junior Red Cross; Typing Certificate; Senior Committee: Assembly; Home Room Offices, 319. BETTY JANE ALLEN: Usher Staff; Girls ' Glee Club; Cantata; Concert; Writers, Junior Red Cross; Student Room 319. Mixed Clubs: Counci Chorus; Spanish, I; Home JAMES ALLEN: Home Room 319. WILLIAM ALLEN: Football; Shop Offices; Junior Red Cross; Home Room Offices 214. J j JESSIE AMORY: Co-Eflitor of Anchor; 4 High Execu- tive Board; National Honor Society; International Quill and Scroll; National Thespians; Usher Staff, assistant head; Beacon reporter; Spanish Club, treas- urer; Senior Committees: Motto, chairman; Decora- tion, chairman; Home Room 104. Journalism Letter; Student Council Letter. DONALD BABB: Band; Concerts; State Contest; Dis- trict Contest; Cantata; Clubs: Stamp; Science; Senior Committees: Pennant, chairman; Music; Office As- sistant; Home Room 123. NANCY BARLOW: Honor Student; National H onor Society; Executive Board; International Quill and Scroll; Make-up Staff; Co-Editor Beacon; Co-Radio Program Director; Spanish Club; Associate Editor Launchings; Senior Committee: Bulletin Board, chair- man; Home Room 104. Journalism Letter. SELMA BLACK: Honor Student; National Honor So- ciety; International Quill and Scroll; Cast of " You Can ' t Take It With You, " First and Fourth Page Beacon Editor; Clubs: Latin, Spanish, president; Sci- ence, Writers, Dramatic; Home Room 104. Journal- ism Letter. EDWARD BLECHMAN: Class Musician; All State Band, twice; District and State Contests; Spanish Club; Senior Pennant Committee; Home Room 108; Band Letter. DOROTHY BLUFORD: Band; District and State Con- tests; Spring Concerts; Chief Beacon Typist; Prop Staff; Senior Committee: Decoration; Typing Cer- tificate; Band Officer; Home Room Offices, 1 25. Band Letter. ' LOIS DAVIS: Prop Staff; Cantata; Faculty Secretary; Library Assistant; Typing and Shorthand Certificates; Home Room Offices 3 1 9; Library Letter. JOYCE DORNER: Anchor Faculty Editor; Honor Coun- cil; Staffs: Furniture, Usher; Cantata; Junior Red Cross; Senior Committees: Ring; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room Offices, 319. JAMES EASTON: Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Usher Staff; Shop Officer; Home Room 319. ROBERT ELLIS: Stage C rew; Electrical Shop Super- intendent; Wood Shop Superintendent; Home Room 319. Aacu gUosd feaviett i MARGIE LEE BOSWELL: Assistant Directors Staff; Anchor Ad Staff; Cantata; Girls ' Glee Club; Clubs: Latin, Science, Writers, Junior Red Cross; Certifi- cates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 319. HAROLD BROWN: Ca ntatas; Clubs: Hi-Y, Junior Red Cross; Electric Shop Foreman; Home Room Of- fices 214. CONSTANCE CALLIS: Girls ' Basketball Team; Of- fice Assistant; Home Room 319. KIM CHANDLER: Class Giftorian; Beacon-on-Air Staff; Clubs: Hi-Y, Literary; Senior Committees: Dance, Flower; Office Assistant; Home Room 309. MARIE COX: Softball, Basketball Teams; Archery Club; Home Room 319. BRICE CRUMP: Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; Boys ' Quartet; State and District Contests; Home Room Offices 214. MARGUERITE CRUMPLER: Junior Red Cross; Dance Club; Make-up Staff; Typing Certificate; Home Room Offices, 319. HAROLD CURLING: Stage Crew; Usher; Cantata; Home Room 319. Iten fCaicJzeAA, £toe,hi+ujA, BELLE FARMER: Flag Twirler; Staffs: Prop, Usher; Concert; Cantata; Clubs: GAA, Girl Reserves; Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Dance; Typing Certifi- cate; Home Room 108. JOSEPHINE FAULK: Staffs: Furniture, Usher, Adver- tising; Senior Committee: Motto; Distributors ' Club; Home Room Office 319. SHIRLEY FLOWERS: Anchor Ad Staff; Staffs: Usher, Advertising; Cantata; Clubs: Girl Reserves, Home Economics; Senior Committee: Dance; Office Assist- ant; Typing Certificates; Home Room 309. SELMA FRIEDMAN: Honor Student; National Thes- pians; International Quill and Scroll; Student Coun- cil; Prop Staff; Fourth Page Beacon Editor; Mixed Chorus; Spanish Club; Freshman Cheerleader; Home Room 309. DONALD GARDNER: Anchor and Beacon Photog- rapher; International Quill and Scroll; Usher; Band; Concerts; Contests; Home Room 104; Band Letter. JAY GOLUB: Beacon-on-Air Staff; Clubs: Stamp, Science; Senior Committee: Invitation; Home Room 309. FRANCES GRAY: Honor Student; Nelms Honor Scroll; Usher Staff; Mixed Chorus; Cantata; Clubs: Writers, president; Tennis, Latin; Student Council; Home Room 319. EUNICE GREEN: Honor Student; Anchor Business Manager; Prop Staff; Beacon Typist; Mixed Chorus; Girls ' Glee Club; Office Assistant; Red Cross; Certifi- cates: Typing, Shorthand; Senior Committee: Flower; Home Room 309. HATTIE GURLEY: T ransfer from Hampton High School; Make-up Staff; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 206. CHARLES HALL: Stage Crew; Band; Concerts; Dis- trict and State Contests; All State Band; Home Room 126. LEWIS HAMILTON: Freshman Class President; Football; Track; Junior Varsity Basketball; Clubs: Spanish, Latin, Tennis, Varsity, Literary; Home Room Offices 214; Football, Track Letters. JACKIE HARRISON: Stage Crew; Junior Red Cross; Clubs: Spanish, Science; Home Room 319. 82 LUCILLE JONES: Typing Certificate; Home Room 319. SHIRLEY KELLER: Prompting Staff; Cantata; Girls ' Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Clubs: Latin, Tennis; Cer- tificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room Officer 319. KENNETH KINARD: Senior Musician; Beacon Cir- culation Manager; Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; District Contest; Cantata; ffome Rocm 309. MILDRED KOLAS: Art Club; Senior Committee: Pen- nant; Home Room 309. 83 A atu Slacks and AtefyleA MILTON HEATH: Football; Winner of Agathon Club Trophy; Varsity Club; Home Room Offices 214; Football Letter. MARTIN HENDERSON: Band; Casts of " You Can ' t Take It With You, " " Our Town, " " Junior Miss; " Senior Committee: Music, Chairman; Concerts; Dis- trict and State Contests; Home Room 123. MARY JANE HILLING: Anchor Class Room Editor; Honor Council; Prompting Staff; Mixed Chorus; Clubs: Spanish, Latin, Writers; Senior Committees: Decora- tion, Color; Home Room Officer 309. SWANSON HORNSBY: Student Body President; Ex- ecutive Board; Boys ' State; Student Council; Honor Council; Football; Clubs: Varsity, Hi-Y; Home Room 214; Football Letter. LEROY HOWELL: Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; District Contest; Shop Offices; Machine Shop Certifi- cate; Home Room 3 1 9. RUTH HOWELL: Clubs: GAA, Dance, Tumbling; Cer- tificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 319. WILLIAM HUBBARD: Cantata; Shop Offices; Home Room 214. GEORGE HUDGINS: Student Council; Junior Varsity Football; Cantata; Varsity Club; Home Room Of- fices 214. V t) ' J llien StifJtUuj, at Valentino (• V UJ 1L jjL SELMA KRAMER: Honor Student; Anchor Activities Editor; Freshman Class President; Prop Staff head; Clubs ' . Tennis, Spanish, Secretary; Latin, Writers; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room Officer 319. MELVIN KURZER: Class Speaker; Anchor Sports Editor; National Thespians; Boys ' State; Casts of " Junior Miss, " " Our Town, " " You Can ' t Take It With You, " Beacon Sports Editor; Junior Red Cross; Home Room Offices 104; Journalism Letter. ROBERT LANDIS: J unior Varsity Football; Athletic Club; Shop and Drafting Offices; Cantata; Senior Committees: Dance, Decoration; Home Room 319. JEAN LIVERMAN: Usher Staff; Mixed Chorus; Mu- sic Contest; Cantata; Girls ' Glee Club; Beacon Typist; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 319. BILL LOYD: J unior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Track; Honor Council; Cantata; Varsity Club; Home Room Offices 214; Football, Track Letters. WILLIAM MARSHALL: Home Room 214. JOHN MASON: Home Room 214. JOAN MEADOWS: Usher; Mixed Chorus; Music Contest; Freshman Hall of Fame; Freshman Cheer- leader; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 309. ANN MENIN: Costume Staff; Mixed Chorus; Girls ' Glee Club; District Contest; Cantata; Clubs: Art, Spanish, Writers; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 319. BETTY MILLER: Make-up Staff; Junior Red Cross; Clubs: Stamp, Distributors; Home Room 309. JOYCE MILLER: Honor Student; Anchor Senior Edi- tor; National Thespians; Staffs: Props, Costumes; Beacon Typist; Faculty Secretary; Clubs: Science, Spanish; Senior Committee: Assembly; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 309. DAVID MOREWITZ: Casts of " Tomorrow the World, " " Junior Miss; " Beacon Staff; Beacon-on-Air Staff; Faculty Secretary; Typing Certificate; Home Room 309. 84 JOYCE EDITH ROBERTSON: Student Council; Make- up Staff; Executive Board; Clubs: Distributors, Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Assembly; Office As- sistant; Home Room Offices 309. JUANITA ROBERTSON: Student Council; Staffs: Prop, Usher, head; Clubs: Art, Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room Offices, 309; Service Letter. WALLACE ROWELL: Honor Student; Usher; Clubs: Spanish, Latin, Photography; Senior Committee: Mot- to; Home Room 309. JUNE SAWYER: Staffs: Prop, Costume; Clubs: Span- ish, Tennis, Y-Teens; Junior Red Cross; Senior Com- mittes: Decoration, Dance; Home Room 309. A! (mu at Pete i Jlaw id ANNA GERALDINE NEWSOME: Staffs: Make-up, Prop, head; Girls ' Glee Club; Clubs: Art, Dance, Li- brary Assistants; Senior Committees: Dance, Assem- bly; Home Room Offices 309. CATHRYN NICHOLSON: Student Council; Varsity Basketball Team; Softball Team; Staffs: Costume, Prop, head; Clubs: Future Homemakers, Spanish, GAA; Home Room 319. ALEXANDER NICOL: Casts of " Our Town, " " You Can ' t Take It With You, " Effects Staff; Cantata; Clubs: Spanish, Writers; Home Room 309. WHIT ODER: National Thespians; Casts of " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " Our Town, " " Junior Miss; " Co-Head Effects Staff; Usher; Cantata; Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Assembly; Home Room 309. GAYNELL OLIVER: Junior Red Cross; Dance Club; Furniture Staff; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room Offices 309. MARGARET ELIZABETH PHILLIPS: Staffs: Cos- tumes, Usher; Cantata; Senior Committees: Dance, Decoration; Office Assistant; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room Offices 309. ROBERT REYNOLDS: Basketball; Mixed Chorus; Usher; Home Room 214. BILLY RHODES: Distributors Club; Junior Red Cross; Home Room Offices 214. 85 Sliest, " lea tyosi Iwa " MARK SEIDENSTEIN: National Thespians; Staffs: Usher, Sound Effects; Beacon Reporter; Beacon Ad Staff; Senior Committees: Color, Assembly; Home Room 309. BETTY JANE SILK: Staffs: Usher, Prop; Beacon Typ- ist; Clubs: Science, Spanish, Junior Red Cross; Cer- tificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 309. RHETT STUART: National Thespians; Casts of “You Can ' t Take It With You, " “I Remember Mama, " Staffs: Ad, Furniture; Boys ' Glee Club; Cantata; Bea- con Reporter; Clubs: Spanish, Hi-Y, Writers; Senior Committee: Assembly; Home Room 309. DORIS SUTTLE: Third Honor Student; Student Coun- cil; National Honor Soci ety; National Thespians; As- sistant Directors Staff; Election Official; Y-Teens; Senior Committees: Decoration, Assembly; Certifi- cates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 309. ANITA MARIE TAYLOR: Staffs: Usher, Advertising; Mixed Chorus; Girls ' Glee Club; Concert; Contest; Clubs: Junior Red Cross; Library Assistants; Fresh- man Hall of Fame; Senior Committee: Dance; Stamp Warden; Home Room 309. VIOLET THEISS: Make-up Staff co-head; Varsity Softball and Basketball Teams; Clubs: Tumbling, president; Dance; Art; GAA; Junior Red Cross; Typ- ing Certificate; Home Room 309; Girls ' Athletic Let- ter. JOE THOMAS: Usher Staff; Cast of " Junior Miss; " Clubs: Spanish, Dramatic; Home Room 309. BOB TILSON: Cast of " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs; " Staffs: Usher, Advertising; Spanish Club; Certificates: Typing, Shorthand; Home Room 309. ARTHUR TYLER: Casts of Four Plays; Staffs: Stage Crew, Furniture; Author of Senior Play " Orchids for Alice; " National Thespians; Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; Library Assistants Club; Typing Certifi- cate; Home Room 309. RALPH VINCENT: Stage Crew; Effects Staff; Bea- con Reporter; Beacon-on-Air Staff; Hi-Y; Home Room 319. PAUL WAGNER: Varsity Football; Junior Red Cross; Shop Officer; Home Room 214; Football Letter. WALTER WALKER: Cantata; Spanish Club; Home Room 309. 86 Now " feuttonA anA fcowA” FENTON WHITE: Student Council; Football; Track; Beacon Cub Reporter; Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; District and State Contests; Cantata; Junior Chorus; Home Room Offices 214. JANE WHITE: Salutatorian; Anchor Associate Edi- tor; National Honor Society; National Thespians; International Quill and Scroll; Student Body Secre- tary; Honor Council; Staffs: Assistant Directors, Usher, head; Committees: Senior Assembly, chairman; Ring; Home Room 104; Drama, School Spirit and Leadership Letters. RICHARD WIGGS: Band; District and State Contests; Concerts; Home Room 214. ETHEL LEE WILLIAMSON: Faculty Speaker; Student Council; Anchor Activities Editor; National Thespians, president; National Honor Society; Assistant Directors Staff; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 309; Drama Letter. GRAY WILSON: Bond, sergeant; Contests; Concerts; Home Room 108. MARY ANN WINBORNE: Furniture Staff; Beacon Staff; Clubs: Stamp, vice-president; secretary, treas- urer; Writers, Art, Tumbling, Spanish, Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 309. Glee Club; Home Room Here ' s one of my graduates of February 1924 who is still with me as a teacher: AMANDA GRAY: Chubbie is one of the most popular girls we know. Not only in school is she well known and admired but throughout the entire community. And one who has seen her on the court or out ' ' tread- ing the boards, " knows her athletic ability is excep- tional. It is hard to say good-bye to such a popular student and good classmate as " Chubbie. " — 1924 Beacon GlaU, o 87 u flune Game the As I pause to send you this message on the eve of your graduation, I cannot help thinking of the tens of thou- sands of words of advice which are being written to the tens of thousands of seniors all over this country And it occurs to me that there are many things I might say here. I could point out the importance of being honest, loyal, courageous, industrious. I could attempt to show you the joy that comes of giving of yourself to help your fellow man. But knowledge of these things is either already in your heart, or can be gained only by actually experiencing the joys, disappointments, the accomplishments and frustrations of life itself. ... So I say to you only good luck and sincere best wishes. William £ltumaie, fj i. WHILE LOOKING OUT THE window into the future, the June 1949 officers, Bobby Leigh, president; Phillip Levy, vice-president and student council representative; Ellen Hancock, secretary; and Betty Ann Wright, treasurer; stop to wonder what their ' s will be. 88 1 Smallest Glabi Since 1934 Because of her captivating smile and charming personal- ity, Duska Cooper was elected June class queen. Duska will rule over the prom with friendly and sincere Pete Markos, class king. The superlatives " sweetest and prettiest " describe her majesty Duska Cooper, who, a few months ago, chose Bill Bailey as her king for life. As a hardwood ace on the Typhoon, Pete Markos has ex- perienced four seasons of excitement and fame — of vic- tory and defeat — but through it all he has remained the lanky, likable fellow that the seniors chose as their ruler 89 With an Qat ia JlaAx e BEST STUDENTS— Sarah Lou Mott Paul Mosteller BEST DANCERS— Minnie Garrett Bill McLaughlin MOST TALENTED— Tuny McMahon MOST ATHLETIC — Harold Gray BEST ALL AROUND — Bobby Leigh Betty Lou Williams 90 l tf-ame 91 Cftiadwatiosi GUa+ujedL Joo- WILLIAM ALLEN: Stage Crew; Junior Red Cross Clubs: Photography, Distributors; Home Room 313. JACK BARBER: Basketball; Track; Football; Chorus; Senior Committee: Decoration; Home Room 107. RAYMOND BARBOUR: Salutatorian; National Honor Thespian; Stage Crew Manager; Casts of " You Can ' t Take It With You, " " George Washington Slept Here, " " I Remember Mama, " " Book Lovers, " Cantata; Con- cert; Election Official; Shop Offices; Home Room 204; Drama Letter. WILLARD BRITT: Class Musician; Giftorian; Drum Major; Lieutenant; Sargeant; Corporal; All-State Workshop Band; All-State Band; District and State Contests; Spanish Club; Student Council Representa- tive; Home Room 1 26. DORIS BROWN: Furniture Staff; Cantata; Home Room 206. EUGENE CARSON: Intramural Track; Cantata; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 313. SELDEN CARTER: Transfer f rom Goochland County High School; FFA, Warwick County: Safety Patrol. NNHS: Beacon Reporter; Home Room 206. MINNIE GARRET: Girls ' Basketball Team; Usher; Cantata; Clubs: Tennis, Art, Junior Red Cross; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 313. DUSKA COOPER: Transfer from Oley Junior High School, Huntington, West Virginia: Girls ' Basketball Team; Girls ' Athletic Club; Glee Club; Citizenship Award; Best Looking Girl. NNHS: Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 206. from Nor- Club, Senior 206. RETHA FRIEDMAN: Ancho r School Life Editor; Staffs: Make-up, Furniture; Editor of Launchings; Clubs: Spanish, Art, Writers; Senior Committee: Assembly; Typing Certificate; Home Room 206. 92 Pliant : GafetesUa ta Qym ROBERT GLASS: Usher; Boys ' Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Cantata; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 313. BARBARA GOOCH: Transfer from Cradock. NNHS: Anchor Faculty Section Editor; Ticket Staff; Beacon News Editor; Latin Club; Senior Committees: Ring, Bulletin Board; Home Room 104. HAROLD GRAY: Athletic Council; Co-Captain Foot- ball Team; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room Offices 313; Football, Track Letters. ANN HAMILTON: Cheerleader; Girls ' Varsity Bas- ketball; Business Staff; Mixed Chorus; GAA; Senior Committees: Music, chairman; Assembly; Dance; Home Room 313. ELLEN HANCOCK: Honor Student; Faculty Speaker; Anchor Senior Editor; National Honor Society; In- ternational Quill and Scroll; Beacon Business Man- ager; Mixed Chorus, secretary; Girls ' Glee Club; Girls ' Sextet; Election Official; Senior Committees: Ring, chairman; Assembly; Home Room 104; Music Letters. WALTER HANCOCK: Junior Varsity Football; Track; Art Club; Shop Offices; Home Room 313; Track Let- ter. CAROL LEE HORSLEY: Advertising Staff; Junior Red Cross; Home Room 313. THOMAS HORTON: Transfer from Warwick High School: English Club. NNHS: Beacon Cub Reporter; Senior Committee: Pennant, chairman; Home Room 206. 1 DOROTHY HUTCHISON: Honor Student; Anchor Business Manager; Student Council; Senior Commit- tees: Flower, chairman; Decoration; Clubs: Library, president; Spanish, Writers, Junior Red Cross; Typing Certificates; Home Room 313; Library Letter. BILL LAYTON: Honor Council; Student Council; Track; Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; Concerts; Clubs: Hi-.Y, Scjence; Senior Committee: Color, chair- man; Home Room 3 13. . . k • BOBBY LEIGH: Student Body President; 3L, 3H, 4L, 4H Class Presidents; Executive Board; Basketball- Mixed Chorus; Hi-Y, president; Machine Shop, super- intendent; Home Room 206. JOHN LLEWELLYN: Football; Boys ' Junior Glee Club; Clubs: Photography, Athletic; Heme Room Offices 313. 93 WILLIAM McLAUGHLIN: Junior Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Basketball; Varsity Football; Indoor and Outdoor Track; Cantata; Junior Red Cross; Usher; Metal Shop Offices; Monogram Club; Senior Dance Committee; Home Room 313; Track Letter. MARGARET McMAHON: Honor Student; Class Speaker; Co-Editor Anchor; National Honor Society; International Quill and Scroll; National Thespians, president; Cast of Beacon-on- Air; Writers ' Club, pres- ident; Senior Committees: Dance, Assembly; Casts cf Seven Plays; Home Room 104; Drama, Journalism Letters. JOE MEREDITH: Transfer from Waco High School, Waco, Texas. NNHS: Track; Dramatic Club; Senior Committee: Motto; Home Room 313. DOUGLAS MITCHELL: Track, Co-Captain; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 313; Track Letter. DORIS MORGAN: Secretary 4L Class; Furniture Staff; Senior Committee: Invitation; FHA; Home Room 206. PAUL MOSTELLER, JR.: Football; Track; Senior Com- mittee: Color; Home Room 206; Football Letter. SARA LOU MOTT: Honor Student; Transfer from Botetourt High School: Alpha Literary Society; Hob- by Club; NNHS: Clubs: Writers, vice president; Junior Red Cross; Senior Committees: Invitation, Asembh ' , Motto; Home Room 206. KATHRYN OWEN: Honorary Girls ' Varsity Basket- ball Team; GAA; Softball; Beacon Cub Reporter; Cantata; Art Club; Senior Committees: Flower, Dec- oration; Home Room 206. 94 Ojzefietta to Servian, PIguj, PHILLIP LEVY: Valedictorian; National Honor So- ciety; Nelms Honor Scroll; Student Council treasurer; vice president; Track Co-Captain; All-State Band; Bond Offices; Concerts; Science Club Offices; Home Room 123; Track, Band, School Spirit, Leadership Letters. EVELYN LIVERMAN: Clubs: Distributors, FHA; Home Room 313. DAVID LONDON: Football; Track; Home Room 313. PETE MARKOS: Honor Council, chairman; Junior Varsity Basketball; Varsity Basketball, captain; Track; Trophies: Outtsanding Defensive Player; Most Valuable Player; Hi-Y, vice president; Home Room Offices 301; Basketball Letters. Quoit to Senior SfieaJzeSii JOHN BIENVENIDO PEREZ: Transfer from Wash- ington and Lee High School. NNHS: Spanish Club; Home Room 108. Now in U. S. Army. CHARLES PRUITT: Distributors ' Club; Shop Officer; Senior Committee: Pennant; Home Room 313. RALPH PRUITT: Se nior Committee: Pennant; Ma- chine Shop Officer; Electrical Shop Officer; Auto Me- chanics Officer; Home Room 313. EUGENE PUGH: Transfer f rom Fork Union Military Academy: Non-Coms Club; Intra-Mural Sports. NNHS: Junior Varsity Football; Home Room 313. DONALD PULSIFER: Junior Varsity Basketball; Var- sity Basketball; Football Team Manager; Intramural Softball; Cantata; Usher; Student Council; Junior Red Cross; Shop Officer; Senior Committe e: Pennant, Home Room 313. JOE RITCHIE: Cantata; J unior Chorus; Shop Offices; Home Room 313. NELSON SALWAY: Usher; Distributors ' Club; Junior Red Cross; Home Room 313. CORTNEY SAYRE: Honor Student; Transfer from Anderson High School: Forum Secretary; Casts of ' ' Bessie, the Bandits ' Beautiful Baby, " " The Night of January 16th; " Reporter for " The Quill; " Choir; Science Club. NNHS: Effects Staff; Senior Commit- tee: Color; Spanish Club; Home Room 206. CLARA SMITH: Transfer from Jefferson High, Roa- noke: Jo De Clen Club; Nazareth Baseball Team. NNHS: Home Room 206. LLOYD SORENSON: Track; Stamp Club; Beacon Re- porter; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room 206. JACK STALLINGS: Cast of " Junior Miss; " Furniture Staff; Beacon-on-Air Sports Announcer; Cantata; Mixed Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; Home Room 206. AVERY THOMAS: Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Football; Junior Varsity Basketball; Usher; Senior Committees: Color, Usher; Home Room 206. 95 ■■Hri Hut tlte llvUll ANN PAIGE TURNER: Staffs: Prop, Advertising; Make-up; Anchor Ad Staff; Clubs: Dance, Girl Re- serves; Senior Committee: Dance; Home Room Of- fices 206. ANN WAGNER: Transfer from Blair Junior High, Norfolk. NNHS: Executive Board; Student Council; Beacon News Editor; Beacon Tri-Editor; Cantata; Clubs: GAA, Tennis, Bowling, Spanish; Home Room 104. RALPH WALDRON: Distributors ' Club; Home Room 313. CHARLES WARLITNER: Home Room 206. JERRY WEBB: Junior Varsity Football; Varsity Foot- ball; Stamp Club; Senior Committee: Bulletin Board; Home Room 206. BETTY LOU WILLIAMS: Student Council; Drama Staffs: Costume, Make-up; Girls ' Basketball; Clubs: Tennis, Dance, FHA; Senior Committees: Assembly, Dance, chairman; Home Room Offices 206. BETTY ANN WRIGHT: Anchor Ad Staff; Make-up Staff; Beacon Typist; Tennis Club; Senior Commit- tees: Dance, Assembly; Typing Certificates; Home Room 313. GlaU. 0 HELEN RUTH FOLKMAN: Here ' s to Ruth! the lass that hails from Hampton Hi. Ruth has proved herself a loyal supporter of the Gold and Blue. She ' s a lass with a debonair air and she has made a place for herself in all of our hearts and one that it is impos- sible to forget. ELIZABETH SAUNDERS: Elizabeth can take in, as- similate, and digest more knowledge than we poor mortals can fondly dream of. She has achieved a fine record in her studies — in fact she is one of those who stand at the head of our class. However, don ' t imag- ine that she is just the proverbial bookworm ' cause she has a store of dry humor to keep us chuckling, and a store of spirit and pep to make her an active member of many organizations. Brain power, practi- cal sense, whimsical humor — these are a few traits of the original Elizabeth we know. 96 cMal Remained the Same What will my seniors remember 25 years from now? They probably will still be following the same customs of autographing Anchors, displaying pennants, and presenting class night programs. " SIGN MINE NEXT! " request these " mice " as they eagerly hold out their yearbooks to graduating seniors, Ellen Hancock, Phi! Levy and Harold Gray. " THOU SWELL, sing Selma Friedman and Rhett Stuart at the February senior assem- bly when singing, dancing and acting were features of the day. " OH LOOK, THEY ' RE SENIORS! " Grad- uates-to-be Ann Wagner, Jack Stallings and Ralph Waldron follow a 1 924 custom of dis- playing their class pennants on their backs. " HEADS OR TAILS? " asks Arthur Tyler of Whit Oder as they try to solve the problem of a dateless girl in a scene from the senior play " Orchids for Alice, " presented at Feb- ruary class night exercises. 97 i+i Mif cMgA, AIumujA, Reflected the School Life Editor Retho Friedman 98 — r n GltanCf l of the £ ia 99 the GUanieAio+i to ffitteAJuMjxpHq MARTHA ROBESON, mouse president, says " hello " to the school for the members of the incoming eighth grade in the annual assem- bly for the newest class. STOPPING FOR just a second, members of the Student Council prepare to leave for a conven- tion at John Marshall High School in Rich- mond. TO SET THE SCENE for the fall play " I Re- member Mama, " members of the furniture staff give the set a Norwegian touch with gay flowers and bright colors. 100 61 rm. 4 L £altaaL fJlan ia Sclutta basiae, WITH STORIES of his travels and experience as a journalist, John W. Vandercook capti- cated his audience for 20 minutes after the dismissal bell had rung. " BACK IN 1928 when we played Hampton, " reminisces Lamar R. Stanley at the pep as- sembly for the Thanksgiving game. But in 1 948 the score turned out to be 21-0. " ' TWAS THE NIGHT before Christmas, " and all through the school everyone is quiet while Jane Pierce reads the famous poem in the Christmas assembly. 101 tf-n m ManMieA ia Ijo- ' Ij i ALONG WITH SPRING come the " yo-yos, " " Be-Bop " ties, and " zoot- soot " hats — also orders from the of- fice — " Hats in cloak room and yo-yos in pockets. " 1001 BRICKS, 1002 bricks— It was hard on the noses, backs, and knees of the Cervantes Spanish Club initi- ates — but at least they got new hats. " WHAT ' S THE CAPITAL of Siberia, " a student wonders. BIG EARS — big feet — good Beacon reporter. " SOUNDS LIKE FUN, " agrees Prin- cipal McIntosh when asked to come to the St. Patrick Dance. " NICE DAY for swimming, but we forgot our bathing suits, " exclaim Joe 102 fiut Ca+iitant cMaue. fieest 9+titiatio+t, A CHEERLEADER with experience, Sam Gordon, shows the fans at the Thanksgiving game how to " get on the beam. " NOPE! They are not scrubbing the floor. They are just being initiated into the band. HOORAY! No more school ' til tomorrow! " JJJJUST A SSSECOND folks, I ' ve gotten my papers a little mixed, " stutters Swanson at a senior rehearsal. " STRAWBERRY shortcake, huckle- berry pie, " yell these faculty cheer- leaders before their game with the girls ' varsity. KENNETH SPORTS a really super campaign for vice-presidency. P.S. he got it! THESE LITTLE DECORATORS are converting my. mess hall into a ball- room for the dance. 103 Settiosi Sixfltl a+td Sabi, MONARCHS, Bill Lloyd and Queen Jessie Amory, exchange favors before passing them out to other classmates at the February prom. GREETING HER FATHER, Jane White ex- presses mixed emotions of joy and sorrow on the night of her graduation. CHAIRMAN of the Honor Council, Pete Markos, together with other council mem- bers, was extra busy during Honor Week. ALL ABOARD! The band members play hookey, legally, to attend the Eastern divi- sion band contest in Norfolk. 104 Voting, ZaitiltiU, and QnxzducUion THESE FURRY little animals called Hamsters, were used in the Science Club exhibit which won the Miller Award in Richmond. ELECTION time finds students at the polls voting for their choice for school officers from a slate of twelve. A GRADUATING SENIOR says, " Thank you " as he receives the sheepskin on that big night from Principal McIntosh. 105 My GUy cMa Qnxuan typ r WUU Me and Afjfpsid ' i Business Managers Eunice Greene Dorothy Hutchison 106 X ' Ce,lle, vt £Uo.fZfutu}, fycuUUtied, 107 Mr. H. L. Adams Mr. and Mrs. W. M. Adkins Mrs. J. H. Akers Mr. G. D. Allen Mr. and Mrs. P. F. Allen Mr. C. T. Amory Mrs. R. F. Amory Alpha Taus Mrs. Evelyn G. Babb Mrs. R. S. Barbour Mr. and Mrs. W. G. Barlow Mr. W. W. Barnes Dr. and Mrs. Powell M. Beatty Mrs. W. E. Begor Mr. and Mrs. Theodore Beskin Mrs. Ben Blechman Mr. and Mrs. M. C. Bluford Comdr. Raymond B. Bottom Mr. Cecil A. Britt Mr. L. A. Brittingham, Jr. Dr. E. W. Buckingham Mrs. Annye B. Burbank Marjorie Elizabeth Burdett Roger Callus Mrs. N. J. Castelow Mrs. H. W. Chandler Mr. Lloyd Clark Mrs. Ruth Clifton Mrs. E. W. Combs Miss Frances Cox Miss Dorothy Crane Mr. W. H. Cryer Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Daniels Mrs. W. B. D ' Bene Deboreens Mr. and Mrs. A. M. Dorner Mrs. S. H. Ellis Mrs. Anita Engleburt Mrs. Louise Faulk Mr. N. Norwood Ferguson Mr. William Field, Jr. Mrs. E. C. Flowers Mrs. L. Friedman Mr. M. M. Friedman Mrs. J. T. Fulcher Mrs. G. E. Gardner Miss Margaret R. Garland Mrs. H. A. Garrett Mr. and Mrs. S. K. Golub Mrs. Edward P. Gooch Mr. Scm Gordon My Suyxposite ' iA, Miss Amanda Gray Mr. and Mrs. G. H. Gray Mr. William H. Griffin Mr. H. E. Hancock Mr. and Mrs. Philip B. Hancock Mrs. S. E. Harrison Mrs. A. J. Henderson Billy Hill Clarence Hilling Mr. and Mrs. H. S. Hilling Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Hilling Mrs. C. S. Hornsby Mrs. Verra Horton Mrs. J. H. Howell Mrs. Leroy Howell Nino Powell Huffman Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Hunnicutt, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Robert M. I lutchison lota Gamma Phi Mr. M. L. Johnson Mr. W. T. Jones Mr. G. W. Jordan Mr. Edwin A. Joseph Virginia Justice Mr. T. 0. Keesee Mrs. D. L. Keller Miss Mildred Kelly Mr. J. I. Kinard Mr. and Mrs. Morris Kurzer Mr. and Mrs. Jerry King Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Knock Miss Hester Knock Miss Irene Kolas Mr. J. L. Landis Mrs. J. B. Layton Bobby Leigh Miss G. Lett Mr. Fred Liesmann Mrs. W. J. Lilly Mr. A. B. Liverman Evelyn Liverman Mr. and Mrs. B. P. Lochstamfor Mr. G. H. Lyon Mr. J. L. Lyon Mr. and Mrs. Saunders McMahon Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Mason Edith Mason Mrs. B. D. Meadows Mrs. J. C. Meredith Mr. J. C. Michie Mrs. Rose Miller Mrs. J. C. Newsome Mrs. A. R. Nicol Mrs. W. R. Oder Mrs. P. C. Oliver Miss Nixie Owen Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Parker Mr. Nick Paros Mrs. Jessie Paterscn Mr. Harry Perzekow Phi Tau Beta Club Mrs. R. T. Phillips Charles Pruitt " Rooster " Pruitt Mr. and Mrs. E. T. Robertson Mary Ann Roth Mrs. Lucille Rowell Mr. H. N. Salway Miss Elizabeth A. Saunders Mrs. J. B. Sawyer Mr. Harry Seidenstein Mr. and Mrs. A. N. Shankland Miss Christine V. Shankland Dr. H. W. Sherman Mr. and Mrs. Robert Silk, Jr. Mr. Harold S. Sniffen Mr. L. R. Sorenson Mr. Morton Spigel Jack Stallings Dr. L. E. Stubbs Mrs. George Suttle Miss Frances Taylor Mr. Charles James Theiss Mrs. M. L. Tilson Dr. John B. Todd Turner Terrors Mr. and Mrs. Arthur D. Tyler Capt. C. W. Van Buren Ann Wagner Mr. and Mrs. Walter G. Walker Mrs. J. T. Warlitner Miss Anna Belle Watts Mrs. N. J. Webb Mrs. J. M. White Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Wiggs Mr. M. G. Willey Mrs. John F. Williamson Mrs. J. G. Wilson Mrs. Katherine E. Winborne Mrs. C. G. Wood 108 Shoppers Shirley Flowers and Betty Ann Wright certainly know they are ready for any occasion with a dress from ctiaadcoeity ' Defea itatetit Stole 3007 Washington Avenue Dial 4-1761 109 ☆ These girls, Phyllis Taylor, Anne Menin, Caynell Oliver, and Mar- garet Taylor, feel confident that they are well dressed in the lat- est styles from PHILLIP LEVY AND COMPANY 2707 Washington Ave. ☆ SOUTHERN ATHLETIC SUPPLY CO. “Athletic Outfitters ” For Athletic Equipment the Stars Use 116 North 7th Street Richmond 0 Southern Sun and Southern Dairies Ice Cream Co Together SOUTHERN DAIRIES 24th and Virginia Avenue Relax Comfortably in Furniture From W. B. WILLIAMS 225 28th Street DIAL 6-1971 ROUSE-CARPER FUNERAL HOME t 24-Hour Ambulance Service 4 ) Dial 5-1510 234-236 25th Street Betty Jane Silk says, " For Famous Appliances visit — Patrick Silk, Inc. Yummy Hamburgers with Relish, Onions, Mustard and All — At — Moore ' s Confectionery 2200 Wickham Avenue Murray Padgett Inc. 3406 Washington Avenue " 1 3 1 25th Street " The Pride of the Peninsula " Where the Better Pictures Play Modern Barber Shop REALTORS INSURANCE Put a Sparkle in Her Eyes With BRACELETS ☆ EARRINGS ☆ NECKLACE ☆ WATCHES ☆ Shaw Jewelry Co. 2809 Washington Avenue 1 1 1 Senior Jessie Amory practices what she preaches when she says, " It ' s wise to save, " for she opened a savings ccccunt today at The Citizens Marine Jefferson Bank Washington Avenue at 25th Street DIAL 6-1381 MEMBER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION Yes! Nature Air Conditions But We Do It Scientifically Newsome Air Conditioning Co. 2714 Virginia Avenue KAISER FRAZER t» Proved Performance i BOWLER ' S AUTO EXCHANGE High School Boys and Girls Crow Up Knowing Us and Wearing Clothes From BLECHMAN ' S YOUTH CENTER 3202 Washington Avenue 3407 Huntington Avenue Dial 4-1746 For Hardware Supplies Your Best Bet Is GOODMAN Hardware Company 2405 Jefferson Avenue Dial 5-1281 1 12 Don ' t Let Time Pass By Come Immediately To RICH ' S SUPER MARKET For a Complete Line of Groceries and Meats 2501 Chestnut Avenue 4414 Huntington Avenue Dial 3-1162 jOME TO UTCNINS OMPLETE AR Jare If Your Tires Are Down and Out Goodyear Service Will Continue Your Route 3606 Washingt on Avenue Underwood Typewriters Mimeograph Brand Products Sundstrand Adding Machines Office Supplies and Stationery Office Equipment Company, Inc. 2712 Huntington Avenue A. M. WAGNER, JR. Phone 3-1 133 In the Interest of BETTER HOMES 25th and Poplar Avenue DIAL 2-2651 Dechert Fabrics 3500 HUNTINGTON AVENUE ☆ Six Floors Devoted Exclusively to Fine Home Furnishings nQewpodnjewj fvttufaie Co. HAPPY HOME FURNISHERS 113 W. HORNSBY ! iM-nr H| ill - 11 f . The Hornsby brothers, Bobby and Swanson, give their stamp of ap- proval to their uncle ' s oil truck J. W. HORNSBY Boat Harbor Dial 6-1651 HEAR YE! HEAR YE! Distinctive Portraits Styled by I L Music Coc For the Best in RECORDS AND RADIOS RCA-VICTOR DEALER Southampton Shopping Center Hampton 6366 We Are Craftsmen PENINSULA RUG CLEANERS 314 28th Street 3005 West Avenue After a Tough Workout Ask for PHILLIPS PREFERRED COLONIAL STYLE Potato Chips DIAL 7-1143 Manufactured by W. T. Phillips and Son HAMPTON DIAL 4032 FOR APPOINTMENT SUSSEX BEAUTY SALON CREATIVE HAIR STYLING " Exclusive but not Expensive " 3837 Kecoughtan Road Hampton " WE CURE YOUR HEATING PROBLEMS " fX rchie 11 a n Copiers MECHANICAL CONTRACTORS Plumbing — Heating ■$ 2214 Wickham Avenue Dial 2-4931 1 14 Lpiatu t iE Lp£ r ljzct This lovely photograph of Cathryn Nicholson, voted best looking girl in the senior class, proves to all that the best in photography is synony- mous with the name of Photographers for the 132 32nd Street Newport News Dial 7-1971 1949 Anchor 106 E. Queen Street Hampton Phone 3-5111 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME At the Home of DR. PEPPER 33rd and Washington Avenue For Your Painting Needs See or Call Sherwin-Williams Co. 224 28th Street Dial 2-4012 Whistle While You Work INVEST YOUR MONEY With KENNETH ARCH REAL ESTATE, INSURANCE LOANS 117 26th Street Dial 2-1371 Don ' t Worry We Can Fix It NURNEY AND COX SERVICE STATION 5800 Virginia Avenue DIAL 2-9731 116 DOWN AT DOWDY ' S Floor Coverings: We have remodeled our showroom and have installed the following appliances and plumbing fixtures to demonstrate the modernization and improvement of your home: ASPHALT, TILE RUBBER, LINOLEUM Odin Gas Ranges, G.E. Sink and Dish Washer, Automatic Hot Water Heaters, Cabinet Sinks, Proctor and Samson Toasters, General Mills and ☆ American Beauty Irons, Dormeyer Mixers, Handy Hot Waffle Irons, Hamilton Beach O. B. TALL CO. Vacuum Cleaners and other Appliances. FLOOR CONTRACTORS t O ' ! % AMERICAN STANDARD ! U % N PLUMBING FIXTURES Also Crane, Kohler and Briggs 1 Sleep in Security Fixtures Available Invest Your Money 6 — With — E. M. DOWDY I. F. Tilghman, Inc. 1046 25th Street Nelson C. Overton DIAL 2-2061 REALTORS INSURANCE 122 26th Street THE VERY BEST CITIZENS lArr Qp At RAPID TRANSIT Putnam ' s Drug Store Serving the Peninsula 2521 Washington Avenue Dial 2-4333 Today THE FINEST IN HARDWARE Specializing in Chartered Bus Service Comes From 4- PENINSULA 1011 Victoria Avenue HARDWARE CO. Dial 4-1716 1711 Kecoughtan Road 117 YOUR education is never really complete unless you keep up with world happenings as they unfold from day to day. Your fund of knowledge increases each day as you absorb the ever- changing picture of events. DAILY happenings make it necessary to " keep in touch " because of the great changes they can make in our economics, our history and even our geography. The make-up of our daily lives is affected by these happenings. NEWSPAPERS give you a more complete picture of daily world and local events than any of the other media. Make it a habit to read your local newspapers every day . . . make newspapers your folio in keeping up with the world. READ Satlij flrpBH Morning and Sunday The Times-Herald Evening 118 HARRISON HARRISON " ' HARRISON and HARRISON BODY REPAIRING 2514 Wickham Avenue Dial 2-2362 Bryant and Nelms 129 26th Street REAL ESTATE and INSURANCE oilman ± Hampton Dial 7351 Newport News Dial 2-1620 At The New York Delicatessen 133 25th Street DIAL 2-6028 49 W. Queen Street 1 003 Kecoughtan Road For That SUIT That Fits Like a Tailor-Made Come to I. MIRMELSTEIN 3106 Washington Avenue Dial 7-1512 Arrow Shirts Stetson Hats 119 FOR ALL OCCASIONS Weddings Funerals Make Her Happy With a Refrigerator Birthdays From Parties Dances Benj. Fisch Appliances ☆ HIDEN STORAGE You ' ll Find the Right Flowers At 50th and Virginia Avenue GREENE ' S FLORIST 108 29th Street Dial 2-3763 " We Store Everything " COFER MOTOR SALES, INC. PENINSULA 2910-12 Huntington Avenue FUNERAL PLYMOUTH DE-SOTO HOME SALES AND SERVICE 2505 Chestnut Avenue Don ' t Tire Yourself ☆ Buy Our Light-weight Dial 6-1469 PLASTIC LUGGAGE ☆ PENN LUGGAGE AMBULANCE SERVICE 3110 Washington Avenue 120 This view of a modern grocery store shows the various lines of food carried by FLORIDA ORANGE STORE 3208 WASHINGTON AVENUE DIAL 3-1615 When the Leaves Fall Feeds and Seeds To Meet Your Needs 90 It ' s Time to Call Helmer Feed Store On Sanford and Charles 3114 Jefferson Avenue 35th and Virginia Avenue DIAL 2-5062 — For — Your Coal and Fuel Oil MODERN VFl CLEANERS I77 AND OVERS Then See Us Hudgins Motor Corp. 2900 Virginia Avenue i 3409 Washington Avenue YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER 121 Donald Gardner and Juanita Rob- ertson take their clothes to War- wick Laundry and Dry Cleaners for prompt and efficient service. Warwick Laundry 127 24th Street For That " Dutch Party " Shop for Eatables at Pittman ' s Grocery R. C. SATCHELL, Prop. 4 . 2615 Marshall Avenue Dial 4-1 766 ‘Dtcve tfaterfcMp SUTTLE MOTOR COMPANY DMV 19 Cadillac — Oldsmobile — GMC Trucks 34th and Jefferson Avenue 122 - r NOLAND COMPANY SERVES THE SOUTH THROUGH 22 BRANCHES ARLINGTON, VA. MACON, GA. ATLANTA, GA. MONTGOMERY, ALA. AUGUSTA, GA. NASHVILLE, TENN. BIRMINGHAM, ALA. NEWPORT NEWS, VA. CHATTANOOGA, TENN. NORFOLK, VA. COLUMBIA, S. C RALEIGH, N. C. DURHAM, N. C. RICHMOND, VA. 4 j r HAGERSTOWN, MD. JACKSON, MISS. JOHNSON CITY, TENN. LYNCHBURG, VA. ROANOKE, VA. SPARTANBURG, S. C. WASHINGTON, D. C. WINSTON-SALEM, N. C Wholesale Plumbing • Heating Refrigeration Electrical and Industrial Supplies 2600 Virginia Avenue General Offices: Newport News, Va. WATERFRONT LUMBER SHIPCEILING CORP. LUMBER, MILLWORK, BUILDING MATERIALS WEAVER ' S MARKET 2705 Huntington Avenue Williams, Coile and Blanchard ARCHITECTS of FINE BUILDINGS Melson Building Dial 6- 1 606 1200 Jefferson Avenue DIAL 3-1 3Q5 REGULAR SERVICE Is BETTER SERVICE Warwick Esso Servicenter 25th Street and West Avenue flM-H 123 When Your Car Gets Weary BEDDING SUPPLY COMPANY Si? ☆ Come to 528 25th Street NEWPORT NEWS AUTOMOBILE EXCHANGE 3400 Huntington Avenue Yes — It ' s a Good Idea NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA to Come to Dial 5-1217 LAWSON GROCERY 2400 Oak Avenue ca 7 (S Whistle — and We ' ll Come Asbestos Siding Roofing Shingles Buckingham Vermont Slate Floor Tile Sheet Copper and Metal of All Kinds Yellow Cab Co. Two Way Radio For Fast Service 3914 Jefferson Avenue Iron Fireman Lenox Oil Burners Warm Air, Steam and Warm Water Heating BUY WITH CONFIDENCE ☆ AND WEAR WITH PRIDE H. C. OREBAUGH THE O g ASHOP Sheet Metal Works 316-18-20 28th Street Phone 4-1571 3107 Washington Avenue 124 Virginia Avenue at 44th CURB SERVICE MERRIMAC MOTORS Direct Factory Chrysler and Plymouth Dealer Kecoughtan Road at LaSalle Avenue Hampton Phone 6367 Launched But Not Anchored 1 Good Luck Satisfying Enjoyment at the NEWPORT NEWS OFFICE EQUIPMENT CO. JAMES THEATRE Remington Typewriter Agents 31st and Washington Avenue 2404 Washington Avenue Flowers For All Occasions — at — Evelyn H. Coleman Florist 3101 Huntington Avenue 125 PONTIAC SALES IP V p SERVICE • COMPLETE AUTO REPAIR • BODY AND FENDER WORK • AUTOMOBILE PAINTING • PARTS AND ACCESSORIES Dial Newport News 3-1638 WARD PONTIAC SALES, INC 311 28th Street Dealer License No. 269 Newport News, Vo. Fast — Efficient — Economical HO RNE BROTHERS, Inc. ☆ MARINE REPAIRS ☆ 24th River Road A WISE INVESTMENT m Hundley Applewhite, Inc. mm REALTORS — INSURORS 130 26th Street Phone 4-1704 STOP STOP At The Central Restaurant For Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner 14 E. Queen Street HAMPTON RELIABLE FOOTWEAR OS ER BROTHERS NEWPORT NEWS and HAMPTON 126 Apprentice Drawing Room Class The Apprentice School of the Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company offers an opportunity for qualified young men to acquire a Junior College education while learning a skilled craft. School catalog available upon request. t Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Co. 127 The menu appeals to Helen Hall who prepares to enjoy a delicious meal in the dining room of the HOTEL WARWICK West Avenue and 25th QSS TIMBERLAKE ' S Self-Service Market Quality Groceries and Meats Dial 2-1831 2604 Jefferson Avenue This Won ' t Be Necessary If You Buy a NASH From NEWPORT NEWS NASH CORP. 3614 Huntington Avenue 7 Get the Right Tone and Paint Your Own ☆ PAINT PRODUCTS 325 25th Street DIAL 2-1061 WB BUILDING LUMBER MILLWORK MATERIALS HUELLER ' S ☆ Weaver Brothers, Inc. Newport News Yorktown 128 Dad Prefers CENTRAL MOTOR CO. HOME OF THE PENINSULA ' S FINEST CARS 1900 Kecoughtan Road Dial 2-4140 You Can Whistle WHILE WE WORK PENINSULA SUPPLY COMPANY 34th and Virginia Avenue Dial 4-1496 FOR YOUR BUILDING NEEDS Francis L. Jobe FORREST MARKET i BAKERY, MEATS, FINE FOODS 1 3-1608 3-1609 3600 Huntington Avenue MARINE VALVES Hooper HEATING SERVICE Valve Company if M achinists 320 24th Street 126V2 26th Street Dial 2-3101 iiijgDMS vx; SH0ES FUEL SPORTSWEAR Li FURNISHINGS FOR MEN if if 328 24th Street MASSELL ' S DIAL 5-1234 3506 Washington Avenue 129 She ' s Going to Get a New Look Bob From Paramount Beauty Salon 129 33rd Street Telephone 7-1551 DIAL 2-6502 " Nick " Veneris If you have a breakfast date, lunch- eon, dinner, or supper date be smart like Ethel Neofitou, NNHS alumna, and Joyce Robertson, senior, and go to the National Restaurant 3112 Washington Avenue Bring That Car to Ted Binders Service Station For the Best Repair Work 28th and Jefferson Avenue FINE ' S MEN ' S SHOPS, Inc. Hatters — Furnishers 2901 Washington Avenue Joseph Miller PLUMBING, HEATING, ROOFING SHEET METAL WORK 34th Street and Huntington Avenue COLONY FARMERS MARKET 331 35th Street Dial 2-5031 Fresh Farm Produce, Dairy Products, Dressed Poultry, Eggs, Meats, Nuts, Apples, Peaches, Cut Flowers in Sea- son, Home-Baked Pies and Cakes. Open Wednesday and Saturday PLENTY OF PARKING SPACE 130 " NICK " ALLEN MOTORS, Inc. 30th and Huntington Avenue DIAL 4-1734 YOU GET Everything Musical” At The Thomas Piano Co 21 0 28th Street Dial 2-2512 A. W. Goolsby, Jr. C. M. Goolsby MILLER CLEANERS Particular W ork For Particular People 218 27th Street Dial 3-1663 If you need to make a loan Do not sit at home and moan. Come to us and rest assured That your troubles will be cured! t t» £ Newport News Building Loan Association 1 20 26th Street Dial 3-661 1 Get Your Lawnmower and Other Yard Implements At TIDEWATER HARDWARE 25th and Parrish Avenue 131 Benson-Phillips Co., Inc. ESTABLISHED 1851 FUEL and BUILDING SUPPLIES 3100 Virginia Avenue BEAR COMPLETE ALIGNMENT SERVICE Jernigan Motor Company 1419 25th Street Phone 2-6562 A Bright Idea! Come to BILL ' S BARBECUE Kecoughtan Road and 7810 Virginia Avenue A® You Get the BEST at Lawrence Barber Shop 3210 Washington Avenue W. C. BOWEN CO. INSURANCE COUNSELORS 136 28th Street Dial 4-1441 Our Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1949 Mr. and Mrs. Alex L. Lampros Owners of ALEX ' S GRILL " WHERE THE FOOD IS FINE " 3412 Washington Avenue 132 Attired in these spring suits of the latest style, Betty Blanks and Anita Mae Snead know they will lead any fashion parade. ecjcjett 3209 WASHINGTON AVENUE Dial 5-1283 eei Members of Newport News high school round table of the air get help from their adviser, Mrs. Marion Giedemann, as they prepare for their weekly part of the " Beacon on the Air. " They are John Schuerman, Elizabeth King, Lee Beauchamp, announcer; Mary Ann Dorsey, moderator; Mrs. Giedemann, Jean Gardner, and Diana Rhode. At The WGH FM 96.5 On Your Dial j n a n o 1310 on your dial Now 5000 Watts 134 Keep Snacks Cool With a FRIGIDAIRE From KOOL TEMP SALES " WE AIR CONDITION YOUR HOME " 7010 Virginia Avenue Dial 2-8448 E. R. CULPEPPER Millwork and Building Supplies " THE BEST " 900 Kecoughtan Road Dial 2-6629 FREEMAN FUR SHOP AND LADIES READY TO WEAR ☆ DIAL 2-1761 ☆ " OVER 38 YEARS ON THE PENINSULA " 2801 Washington Avenue SEE THE LIGHT Be Sure to Use COAL and OIL From W. W. SIMS 3704 Chestnut Avenue 5-1261 5-1262 FOR SOLID COMFORT ROULET MATTRESS CO. Made, Renovated, Rebuilt 2815 Chestnut Avenue Dial 6-1962 What Is the Temperature? Hot 4- Amory ' s Confectionery Will Give You Coo! Refreshment DRINKS and ICE CREAM 2805 Wickham Avenue Hankering for a HOME COOKED MEAL Served with a Homey Touch? 6 Come to HOME TEA ROOM “All Yummy Foods” 2714 West Avenue Dial 2-5332 WALTZ To the Music of JOEL VAUSE “W e Play at Your Senior Prom ’ HAMPTON 4874 135 The Practical Plymouth ☆ The Beautiful Chrysler Hydrographic Office Publications E. SMOLA CO. Manufacturers Of Tug and Yacht Electric Steering Gears Compass Adjusters 1 34 25th Street ☆ General Auto Sales 226 31st Street DIAL 2-2913 HE IS HAPPY He Followed the Motto “Deal With Deal ” A. M. DEAL Mutual Underwriters 99 28th Street Dial 4-1451 It Pays to Save At CROWN SAVINGS BANK 241 1 Jefferson Avenue I Want to Listen to WVEC The Newest Peninsula Station HAMPTON 1050 on Your Dial COME IN TODAY Inspect Our Modern Plant Curing Room for Smoking Meats Packing Room for Fruits and Vegetables Processing Room for Cutting, Packing Meats and Sausages 4 ' proven .oc6en 4 YODER fi! 02:11 FOODS Inc. 339 35th Street Phone 2-821 1 136 Vken . . Id In the fashion of 25 years ago Vivian Scott and Wade Barlow warm their fin- gers at a “pot bellied " stove heated with coal. Illustrating modern times, Retha Fried- man and Bob Tilson hover over a radia- tor made hot by a furnace burning brightly with coal from C and C. ITS COAL FOR COMFORT G Company 137 100% Locally Owned EARL R. HATTEN CHARLES A. PARKER 4-1444 Dial 4-1445 For a Sure Ringer Every Time Come to ROLLINS MOTORS For the BEST in CARS Shackelford Auto Co., Inc. DODGE — PLYMOUTH Dodge Job-Rated Trucks THE 1949 FORD 33V 25th Street Make Your Window Shopping Come True at Shapiro ' s Dept. Store College of Hampton Roads 3112 West Avenue Expert Personal Instruction in Accounting, Law, Bookkeeping, Typing, Shorthand, English, Spell- ing, Office Machines, Civil Service, College de- gree instructors. Day and Night Classes. Approved for Veterans ' Training 2404 Jefferson Avenue " Business Training at Its Best " Phone 2-1811 138 HARLEY-DAVIDSON Motorcycles — Bicycles We Are Representatives For: Harley-Davidson Hand Lawn Mowers Motorcycles Harley Bicycles Johnson Outboard Columbia Bicycles Motors Power Lawn Mowers Cushman Motor Scooters Children ' s Wheel Goods Whizzer Bicycle Motors Arnold Schwinn Bicycles SALES AND SERVICE TIDEWATER MOTOCYCLE CO. 25th and Huntington Avenue Phone 5-1805 DIAL 5-1292 x t la Udt, cr nc. REALTOR INSUROR 1 25 26th Street COME TO Greene Furniture Co. 2910 Washington Avenue G. S. BARNES. Inc. Building Materials and Sporting Goods 2513 Jefferson Avenue Phone 6-1628 Bracelets, Necklaces And Belt Buckles With School Seal At Co To Adams Shoe Shop 2916 Washington Avenue FOR THE FINEST FOOTWEAR S tying Newport N w for o ror 50 yzart arclay S- Oons 2912 WASHINGTON AV F N U E 139 " It ' s a dandy, " is the opinion of Joyce Dorner and Jackie Akers who will find this shiny new car as fine as its appearance promises. i, Abbitt Motor Co. " Biggest Exclusive Used Car Dealer on the Peninsula " Your Newly Authorized Packard Dealer 3200 Jefferson Avenue SEE OUR NEW STORE At £ 2801 Washington Avenue o For Such NATIONALLY ADVERTISED MERCHANDISE As Gorham and International Silver, Bulova, Gruen, Hamilton, and Elgin Watches, Keepsake Diamonds ALLEN JEWELRY CO. . 17 .3«e 2 3 4 5 6 8 9 10 11 ' 131 !$ 16 17 181920; 23242526272 T The milk line is always a popular spot in the cafeteria. Bobby Seward starts his tray with a bottle of milk from COLONY FARMS Co-operative Dairy Denbigh, Virginia Dial 4-1935 140 Virginia E ngineering Company, Inc. Q ene icd CcminactanA 80 29th Street Dial 7-1201 NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Don ' t Be a Dunce Parker and Powell Will Satisfy Your Wants for Come At Once To CARPET FURNITURE APPLIANCES Puritan Restaurant 2716 Washington Avenue Dial 2-2041 212 28th Street When That Car Breaks Down " Buy All Your Tires From Me " Roy Peterson Tire Service ' » S 1430 25th Street Don ' t Blow Your Crown Everything in Tires Come to RECAPPED and NEW Master Auto Body Works 328 29th Street " We Remove the Evidence of Your Accidents " 141 ‘C _ VILLAGE ME 1T1N0 Village Plumbing and Heating Plumbing and Heating a Specialty 9701 Warwick Road Hilton Village •h For Prompt Service Call 3-1210 or 2-7269 E. B. (PETE) MEEKINS Drucker Falk REAL ESTATE and Participating Insurance BRANCH OFFICE 3824 Kecoughtan Road, Hampton t 134 26th Street Dial 6-1687 Even in Damp Weather Bond Bread Stays Fresh 4 General Baking Co. 2312 Huntington Avenue West Paint Company J. C. MICHIE, JR., Prop. t “ The Kyanize Store ” PAINTS AND WALLPAPERS 258-260 Twenty-eighth Street Dial 2-2981 Have a Party SERVE GOODIES From Charles Levinson Son PENINSULA SHIPBUILDERS ' ASSOCIATION ☆ 3714 Washington Avenue 2207 Jefferson Avenue 142 NEWPORT NEWS From the Past We Progress To To-day And Foresee A PROMISING FUTURE For 7 0 %UonlcC tyi zte6t 143 With an eye to the future Cathryn Nicholson deposits her money with Roland McCoy, teller, in the FIRST NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FRS Newport News MEMBER FDIC Everything for the Sportsman Where Men Enjoy Shopping If SCOTT HARDWARE SPORT CENTER 2413 Jefferson Avenue OF NEWPORT NEWS 122 32nd Street Dial 6-1674 Dial 2-6125 Paul P. Kluk Tracey Miner, Jr. DON ' T ARGUE JsSWW Give Her a Bracelet Learn the Easy Way Or Other Jewelry At — F rom — SINGER N. Suttle Sons JEWELERS SINCE 1895 Sewing Mahine Co. 2415 Jefferson Avenue 2605 Washington Avenue Dial 4-1962 144 " Right This Way " To The JUVENILE BOOTERY For Shoes for Baby, Young Brother and Sister 3014 Washington Avenue DIAL 2-8657 Like all teenagers, Rhett Stuart and Joyce Robertson find the food at the Pick-A-Bone to their liking. PICK-A-BONE 25th Street and Buxten Avenue I — Ideal for a cold drink C — Cooling on a hot night E — Easy to handle NEWPORT NEWS DISTILLED ICE CO. ABBITT REALTY CO. 132 29th Street ☆ REAL ESTATE and GENERAL INSURANCE BOWDEN GROCERY Gives You the Best in MEATS, GROCERIES, FRUITS, VEGETABLES 2614 Orcutt Avenue Phone 2-5641 145 For Over 25 Years . . Shades of 1924! Anna Mae Bishop, Ruth Moss, and Ethel Williamson model clothes of that year kept fresh and clean for many a season by the expert cleaning of DAWN. LXo 4 Woo- Vke Voice ol sV. 0 146 We H ave Been For You . . Now in modern garb Mary Ellen Booth, Joyce Miller and Kay Marshall are evidence that today as always DAWN-cleaned clothes are well-cleaned clothes. 147 148 NEHI BOTTLING COMPANY 2615 Huntington Avenue Bottlers of R.C. Cola and Nehi Orange and Grape A Tasty Dish From Wish Fish? E. T. MASON Seafood Market 3504 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS FORMS Co., Inc. BUSINESS PRINTING 8 1 4 25th Street Dial 5-1241 Yes . . Of Course Our Blinds Are BEST Epstein ' s Venetian Blind Co. 226 28th Street Dial 3-1044 Fashion Is Our Business Quality Our Watchword Dependability Our Creed LaVogue Shoppe 3025 Washington Avenue BOWDITCH MOTORS, INC. Dial 2-7513 GUARANTEED USED CARS BOUGHT and SOLD 3517 Huntington Avenue 149 This modern building is the head- quarters for the Warwick Motor Company 9963 Warwick Road 4 Dial 2-4896 THE BIG FOUR in Peninsula pharmacies offer you the best in drugs and service. ☆ ☆ ☆ For that hurry-up prescription need Your welfare we will surely heed. WHITE ' S GARDEN PHARMACY, Inc. STUART GARDENS Newport News Dial 2-7822 TURNER ' S PHARMACY, Inc. 301 Blair Avenue Newport News 4-1371 WHITE ' S HAMPTON PHARMACY, Inc. 4 West Queen Street Hampton 3-3571 WHITE ' S PHARMACY, Inc. 335 Warwick Road Hilton Village 2-5321 1 1 K v ■ ’■ ' m ' Mm Willard Britt looks pleased as he has a new tuxedo fitted by Mickey McNamara at Spigel ' s College Shop 3115 Washington Avenue DIAL 2-6982 1 Spigel ' s — " The Only Exclusive Boys ' and Students ' Shop on the Peninsula " 150 This attractive building is the home of Universal Auto Sales, dealers for Packard, Crosley and Austin automobiles. UNIVERSAL AUTO SALES 4210 Huntington Avenue awle$A£ FRUITS or VEGETABLES At PETERSON ' S Finer Foods 9961 Warwick Road Hilton Village Dial 2-1716 H. C. Peterson, Prop. White Truck Sales Service on All Makes Cars and Trucks ☆ Lumpkin White Truck Company 234 27th Street ' rtyot ' Paint Appliances Give Performance Plus ☆ Get Them at Peninsula Electric Co. 1715 Kecoughtan 4-1643 For Comfortable Clothes At Work Jack ' s Clothing Store 3500 Washington Avenue Enjoy Healthful Recreation . . . at HYGEIA ROLLER RINK Hampton and Wickham Avenues DIAL 2-7371 151 Camera Cubs Swanson Hornsby, Eunice Greene, Bill Humbert and Shirley Keller look over photography supplies at EPES STATIONERY COMPANY 2908 Washington Avenue J. Hugh Coffee F. Maynard Caffee ESTABLISHED 1891 Cadillac Ambulance Service Dial 2-1345 EXPERIENCED ATTENDANTS V Caffee Funeral Home 3101 West Avenue Newport News, Va. You ' ll Make Her Smile If You Give Her a Watch From BARR BROTHERS JEWELERS AND OPTICIANS 3005 Washington Avenue That ' s What You ' ll Get From Goodpar Ice Cream 5808 Virginia Avenue J. .O. SMITH Furniture Store 557 25th Street Dial 3-1228 In Hampton It ' s ywniit ☆ ☆ ☆ “The Peninsula ' s Finest Store ” 31 E. Queen Street Hampton 5966 152 We Mirrored the Post We Shall Mirror the Future acnmaru 9k tyadJucm FOR A FOURTH OF A CENTURY 153 ECK ' S CITY AKERY ECKONS FOR THE ETTER ETTY LEWIS READ You ' ll Not Only Look Sharp But You ' ll Also Look Sharply Graduation ' s Here! If You Come to WHITE OPTICAL CO. Medical Arts Building West Avenue Hold on! . . . Let Newport News Business College Equip You for That Job The Jacobson Press The Way to Her Heart is a PRINTING COAT OF FUR 1 — From — Silverman ' s 2704 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Fur Salon 3211 Washington Avenue Dial 4-1271 Dial 6-1171 J. W. Jacobson, Mgr. 154 These boys are examining one of the 90-mm guns used at drills. The National Guard of the United States is dedicated to protecting the peace and fostering the security of America. Composed of volunteer citizen-soldiers, the National Guard is a trained, equipped fighting force capable of repulsing attack by an enemy aggressor. Men 17 or over come to the Armory on week days for information. 710th Antiaircraft Artillery Gun Battalion VIRGINIA NATIONAL GUARD INSURANCE — FIRE — AUTO — CASUALTY George C. Karam, Agent B. A. Green, Sales Manager LET YOUR ALUMNI HELP YOU WITH YOUR REALTY AND INSURANCE NEEDS SUPERIOR MOTORS, INC. 1611-15 Kecoughtan Road HAMPTON THE PENINSULA ' S OLDEST LINCOLN - MERCURY DEALER 155 " Bing " Burford 4 Your Dealer of the Sleek NEW HUDSON 330 30th Street DIAL 2-2475 WATER IS FINE But not When it Leaks in! Use Exclusively HEATH ROOFING 4312 Huntington Avenue B. F. ATKINSON REALTOR 1 Real Estate Insurance 126 26th Street Dial 2-3392 " Make thrift a habit " is the motto of Peggy Hood and Molly Lord, who, like many Newport News High School Students, have a savings account at BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS Washington Avenue Kecoughtan Road at 33rd Street at Wythe Center " You Are Never a Stranger After Your First Visit " TTenTion The Cost Is Little The Quality Great Clothes for Men . . . Women . . . Children From KRAMER BROTHERS 2301 Jefferson Avenue DIAL 2-3954 156 Scceitity and Service ln “Printing and Snyratiiny • WEDDING INVITATIONS • PERSONAL STATIONERY • CARDS OF ALL KINDS • GOLD STAMPING ON LEATHER • BUSINESS FORMS • STATIONERY • RULING • RUBBER STAMPS BOOKBINDING AND BOOK REPAIRS 1. LOBBY AND SECTION OF OFFICE 2. LINOTYPE OR TYPESETTING MACHINE 3. SHOWING A PART OF BOOKBINDING DEPARTMENT 4. A CORNER IN OUR PRESSROOM Serving the Peninsula for Over Fifty Years 216-18-20 Twenty-fifth Street Newport News, Virginia DIAL 4-1726 157 Prom Committees Vote for Coke Ask Jor it either way . . . both trade-marks mean the same thing. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY NEWPORT NEWS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., Inc. C 1 948, The Coca-Cola Company 158 Activities Section 30-45 Administration .. 23 Advertising Section .106-158 Anchor Ad Staff 40 Art 19 Art Club 43 Band 38-39 Basketball 66-69 Basketball in 1924 67 Beacon 33 Beacon On the Air 33 Boys ' Glee Club - 37 Boys ' Hi-Y 42 Boys ' Quartet 37 Cheerleaders 42 Classroom Section - 7-19 Commercial Courses 13 Conclusion .... - 1 60 Contents 7 Dedication 6 Distributors ' Club 42 Drama 18 Dr. Nelson 22 English 1 1 Executive Board 32 — A — Abbitt Motor Company 140 Abbitt Realty Company 145 Adams Shoe Store 139 Alex ' s Grill 132 Allen Jewelry Company 140 Allen, Nick, Motors 131 Amory ' s Confectionery 135 Arch, Kenneth, Real Estate 116 Atkinson, B. F., Realtor 156 — B — Bank of Hampton Roads 156 Barclay and Sons 139 Barnes, G. S., Inc 139 Barr Brothers 1 52 Beck ' s City Bakery 154 Bedding Supply Company 124 Benson-Phillips Company, Inc 132 Beskin ' s Department Store 148 Bill ' s Barbecue 132 Binder ' s Service Station 130 Blechman ' s Youth Center 112 Blossom Shoppe 145 Bowden ' s Grocery 148 Bowd.tch Motors 149 Bowen, W. C. and Company 132 Bowler ' s Auto Exchange 112 Broadway Department Store 109 Brooks Studio, Inc 114 Bryant and Nelms .. 119 Burford Motor Company 156 — C — Caf fee Funeral Home 152 Central Motor Company 129 Central Restaurant 126 Citizens Marine Jefferson Bank 112 Citizens Rapid Transit 117 City of Newport News 143 Cheyne ' s Studio 115 Coca-Cola Bottling Company 158 Cofer Motor Sales, Inc. 120 Coleman ' s Florist 125 College of Hampton Roads 138 Colony Farms Cooperative Dairy 140 Colony Farmers Market 130 Conner ' s 152 Crown Savings Bank 136 Culpepper, E. R., Lumber 135 Cutchins Brothers 113 — D — Daily Press, Inc. 118 Dawn Laundry 146, 147 Deal, A. M., Insurance 136 Dechert Fabrics 113 Dowdy, E. M 117 Dr. Pepper Bottling Company 116 Drucker and Falk 142 — E — Edwards Coal Company 129 Epes Stationery Company 152 Epstein ' s Venetian Blind Company 149 — F— Fine ' s Men ' s Shop, Inc 130 First National Bank 144 Fisch Appliances 120 Florida Orange Store 121 Franklin Printing Company 157 Freeman Fur Shop 135 G and G Coal Company, Inc 137 General Auto Sales, Inc 136 General Baking Company 142 Goodman Hardware Company 112 Goodpar Ice Cream 152 Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company 113 Gordon Enterprises 145 Greene Furniture Company 139 EDITORIAL INDEX Faculty Section 20-29 Flagtwirlers 38 Football 62-65 " George Washington Slept Here ' ' 35 Girls ' Athletic Association 72 Girls ' Sextet 37 Girls ' Sports 72-73 Hall of Fame (February) 78-79 Hall of Fame (June) .. 90-91 History 10 Home Economics 16 Homemakers ' Clubs 44 Homeroom Section 46-59 Honor Council 32 Industrial Education 17 " I Remember Mama " 34 Junior Chorus 36 King and Queen (February) 77 King and Queen (June) 89 Languages 1 1 Latin Club 45 Library 10 Library Assistants ' Club 40 Mathematics 12 Mixed Chorus 36 ADVERTISING INDEX Greene ' s Florist 120 — H — Handy Oil Corporation 138 Hanna ' s 116 Harrison and Harrison 119 Helmer ' s Feed Store 121 Heath Roofing 156 Hiden Storage 120 Home Tea Room 135 Hooper Valve Company 129 Horne Brothers, Inc. 126 Hornsby, J. W 1 1 4 Horseman ' s Florist 119 Hotel Warwick 128 Hudgins Motor Corporation 121 Hueller ' s 128 Hundley and Applewhite 126 Hygeia Roller Rink 151 J and L Music Company . 114 Jack ' s Clothing Store 151 Jacobson Press ... 154 James Theatre 125 Jernigan Motor Company 132 Jobe, Francis L., Forrest ' s Market 179 Juvenile Bootery 145 — K— Kool Temp Sales 135 Kramer Brothers 156 — L— La Vogue Shop 149 Lawrence Barber Shop 132 Lawson Grocery 124 Leggett ' s Department Store 133 Levinson, Charles and Son 142 Lumpkin-White Truck Company 151 — M— Mason, E. T. Seafood Market 149 Massell ' s 129 Master Auto Body Works 141 Merrimac Motors, Inc 125 Miller Cleaners 131 Mirmelstein, 1 1 1 9 Modern Barber Shop Ill Modern Cleaners and Dyers 121 Monty ' s 125 Moore ' s Confectionery 1 1 1 Murray and Padgett, Inc Ill — N — Nachman ' s, Inc. 153 National Guard 155 National Restaurant 130 Nehi Bottling Company 149 Newport News Auto Exchange .... 124 Newport News Building and Loan 131 Newport News Business College 154 Newport News Distilled Ice Company .... 145 Newport News Forms Company, Inc 149 Newport News Furniture Company, Inc 113 Newport News Nash Corporation 128 Newport News Office Equipment Corp 125 Newport News Shipbuilding D. D. Co 127 Newport News Shoe Shop 148 Newsome Air Conditioning Company .... 112 New York Delicatessen 119 Noland Company 123 Nurney and Cox 116 — O — Office Equipment Company, Inc. 113 Orebaugh, H. C 124 Oser Brothers 126 — P — Paint Products Company 128 Paramount Beauty Salon 130 Paramount Theatre 1 1 1 Parker and Powell 141 Patrick and Silk, Inc 1 1 1 Music 19 National Honor Society 41 Office Assistants 40 Patrons 108 Patrons ' League 23 Physical Education 15 Quill and Scroll 41 School Activities in 1924 4- 5 School Board 22 School Life Section 98-105 School View 3 School View in 1924 2 Science 14 Science Club 43 Section Section 74-97 Senior Shots 97 Spanish Club 45 Speech 18 Sports Section 60-73 Stage Crew 35 Student Council 32 Thespians 41 Track 70-71 Ushers 34 Writers Club 44 Peninsula Electric Company 151 Peninsula Funeral Home 120 Peninsula Hardware Company 117 Peninsula Rug Cleaners 114 Peninsula Shipbiulders Association 142 Pen nsula Supply Company 129 Penn ' s Luggage 120 Peterson, Roy, Tire Service 141 Peterson ' s Finer Foods 151 Phillip Levy and Company 110 Phili ps, W. T. and Son 114 Pick-A-Bone 145 Pitt, Douglas, Inc 139 Pittman ' s Grocery 122 Puritan Restaurant 141 Putnam ' s Drug Store 117 — R — Rich ' s Super Market 113 Rollins Motors 138 Roulet Mattress Company 135 Rouse-Carper Funeral Home . 110 Sanford and Charles, Inc 121 Scott Hardware 144 Shackelford Auto, Inc 138 Shapiro ' s Department Store 138 Shaw Jewelry Company 1 1 1 Sherwin-Williams Company 116 Silverman Furs 154 Sims, W. W., Coal Company 135 Singer Sew ng Machine Shop 144 Smith, J. O., Furniture Company 152 Smc ' a, E. Company .... 136 Southern Athletic Supply Company 110 Southern Dairies 110 Spiers, Archie and Allen 114 Spigel ' s College Shop 150 Sports Center 144 Stringfellow Electric Company .... 148 Superior Motors, Inc. 155 Sussex Beauty Salon 114 Suttle and Sons Jewelers 144 Suttle Motor Company 122 — T — Tall, O. B. Company 117 Tidewater Hardware 131 Tidewater Motorcycle Company 139 Tilghman, J. F., Inc. 117 Timberlake ' s Food Market 128 Thomas Piano Company 131 Turner ' s Pharmacy 150 — U — Universal Auto Sales 151 — V — Vause, Joel 135 Veneris, Nick, Plumbing 130 Village Plumbing and Heating 142 Virginia Engineering Company 141 Virginia Realty Company 155 — W— Ward Pontiac Sales, Inc. 126 Warwick Esso Servicenter 123 Warwick Laundry, Inc 122 Warwick Motor Company 150 Waterfront Lumber Shipceliing Corp 123 Weaver Brothers, Inc 128 Weaver ' s Market 123 West Paint Company 142 WGH 134 White Optical Company 154 White ' s Pharmacy 150 Williams, Coile and Blanchard 123 Williams, W. B. Furniture 110 WVEC 136 — Y — Yellow Cab Company 124 Yoder Frozen Foods 136 Young Men ' s Shop 124 159 And, law- CjoG-dlufe, . . . There. Now what do you think after you have visited me? Don ' t I deserve to be proud? It ' s been fun showing you around end giving you an idea of what I ' m like; but this year has just run out, and I don ' t have anything else to show. Come back in another twenty-five years! ftleuAfi d fleupi JliaU School AS TOLD TO— Jessie Amory Jane White Tuny McMahon 160 Unlock the potential Newport News Public Library System www.nngov.tom library 757 - 926-1350

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