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 - Class of 1947

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Fi-E1 IE 5 , V , H . NOW SHOWING mm CE "THE BEST YEARS I:::I Q S UE UUR LIVES" EE A SHOW FOUR YEARS Q21 JA IN THE MAKING CJ . PRESENTEDBY I C' UNE 1947 ANCHOR STAFF I MMC! f, R 31 OF SEI X S, .I NEWS HIGH SCHOOL X NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA I' I? E OW SHOWING 13 CEI EJJ E53 IF! 'I 53 4 'Z' CFL AY' 4QIW..,,.L!1b -MM MAIIII A...I-IIA NAIIII, I CDG . 0 gf? Q55 3 an 1 Q 8 809 QQ" A CD 0 Q ' A O A 0 Q Q TA : C. " '.D' ' I A 900000 000000 was TEATTQ CWHE TTTITS OF OUR M-HTH A GREAT CAST NEWS ALSO LAT EST Evuaws or comme ATTRACTIONS BIECTQSQ Q O Q PR o QQQQJECQQ CQDUO 0 Q 0 Q CQ .O 59413 0 0 2 CD 00 g C831 'Q ' QQ GGG 'm i , 'THE SESS? M YEA Ei UF Q45 Um M S UPERB DIREC TIDN AL SO SPUR TSCOPE Pnsvnsws or c omnvc ATTRA arrows QQQQQQQQEQ SU 0 O 0 QIQEQQAI-go o 0 4 Aff? gi 5 will 1 February Brought A Dance And Snow . . . H ', February found eighty-three seniors bidding their Alma Mater farewell. Mr. Stanley handed out diplomas. . . . The school welcomed its first blanket of snow in early February .... Bows were put to good use as cupids guided the arrows at a Valentine dance on Fri- day night, February 'l8 .... Crowned as monarchs, Elroy Kersey and Dot Beadles reigned over the dance as King and Queen of Hearts .... And Heard The Beacon On The Radio . . . The "Mice" were formerly introduced to our stu- dent body at Mouse Assembly February 17. Bernie Shields, president, pinned the gold and blue colors on Jacqueline Gilland, 8 low president .... Off they went into the territories of Detroit and Canada on February I8-21, the members of the Boys' Club, that is .... Something new in radio. THE BEACON, the school news- 1':',,y"'? paper, took to the air on February 21. Jack Gray, the announcer, on the right, interviewed Billy Harmon, Richard Hudgins, Elmo Stephenson, and Jacqueline Gil- land on the first program .... Overcast skies didn't stop the band and the BEACON reporter from being on hand to witness the launching of the carrier SS New- port News .... With Brisk March Winds Came The Fashion Show . . . -W ,4 .T W m.,WAm Tv T - . X 4 W s vi i Y 4 ,hs lf ,lfs zwx- g 'LW ff 5 There's something to that lend-lease policy. Mr. Steve B. Vickers, exchange teacher from England, spoke to the student body on honor during Honor Week, March 'l0-'l4 .... The Newport News Education Association honored Mr. and Mrs. Steve Vickers and Mrs. Norman Rose, the former Miss Harriet Cutler, at a dinner on March ll .... Eyes on thc stage! That was no com- 'neo is rf- ew M-.. - NN, wwe. 7' -., NN '--p.,,,": r-ec 'M--M...,,hW ra W '-x...,,sss ' SVT" T:-T:-:""' -H :I M,6-3:1 ., ... 'T""""--W zz.. -n-B--. ""W"---H.. If mand, for the members of the Home Economics depart- ment modeled "Junior First" clothes for all the girls. . . . The spring play, "Junior Miss" proved pop- ular with both the younger and older set on March 27- 28. Mr. and Mrs. Graves, portrayed by Arthur Stuart and Betty Bowen, worry over their problem child, other- wise known as Nancy Nelson .... And Those Final Days Kept All On The Go . . . April Fool! Eccentric make-up does the trick. Dis- playing grotesque faces are Pat Young, Betty Bowen, Billy Holloman, and Betty Jo Worthington .... These are Red Cross boxes: they're going overseas. Lending a helping hand as they were prepared, were Virginia Gall, Carolee McConnell, Joanne Fulcher, and Grace Powell. XL 'maxim A ee. My 1. A I .. fl Ar' . . . Two seniors, Arthur Stuart and Nancye Moore, become celebrities when they wrote the senior play, "Love Me, Love My Dog," in May. A Red Letter day in the life of all the seniors was the day that they re- ceived their caps and gowns. Miss Frances Mays handed them out. "Thank you so much." . . . Previews . -.. N .' ., ., ll' Z3 I If YW . THE YEARLING 12 Home Room Presidents FIRST ROW: Claude Hale 201, Bobby Hornsby 215, Glenn Mitchell 216, John Carlucci 319, Joyce Roberts 309, Jane White 301, Mary Jane Hilling 313, Leroy Hogge 115, Nancy Nelson 210, Molly Lord 315, Joan Lip- ford 206. SECOND ROW: Dorothy Hud- gins 303, Bobby Allen 209, Jean Mayo 306, Buddy Bal- lard 106, Dolly Vaughan 316, Juanita Seward 101, Arthur Straehla 207, Jimmy Hahn 113, Ashton Violette 307, Tommy Baird 219. THIRD ROW: Joe Platt 305, Betty Dyke 107, John Llew- ellyn 312, Melvin Lewis 208, Tommy Armstrong 214, Ted- dy Marks 116, Billy Hill 105, Harry Ahern 321, Jim- my Whitley 118, Mason Reed 123, Kenneth Peebles 110. Home Room 209, 8 Low Miss Eulah Massey, teacher Mrs. Robert Clark, teacher FRONT ROW: Edna Derr James Holloman, Arnold Ep stein, Harold Brown, Agnes Dize, Sue Garner, Marjorie Chellis, Elaine Babb, Mary Ann Gallop, Jacqueline Gil len. SECOND ROW: Joe Justis Evelyn Dermatas, Stanley Krause, Loraine Carmine Carole Block, Doris Emory Loretta Bass, Clara J. Dally Jean Bailey, Shirley Forbes. THIRD ROW: Donald Cope land, Julius Wood, Calvin Foxwel I, Robert Ca rminade Elbert llish, Steve Jenkins Alvin Lane, Leroy Beard. Home Room 306, 8 Low Miss Cassie Childress, teacner FIRST ROW: Arthur Wood Rodney Ware, James Lock hart, Joseph Telstead, Ray mond Wheeler. SECOND ROW: Christine Hand Helen Tsitsera, Joan Mayer Mollie Howell, Mary Shan non Larrimore, Joan Padgett Peggy Simmons. THIRD ROW: Mary Handges Marguerite Sanders, Marlene Sprouse, Norma Walker, Jean Mayo, Eunice Terry, Shirley McCousley. FOURTH ROW: Richard Seay Benson Sarfan, Thelmore Walters, Robert Simpson Holland Taylor, Harold Wil SOYI. Home Room 106, 8 High Mr. Charles Shreeves, teacher FRONT ROW: Billy Deck, Shir- ley Bell, Grace Carlucci, Annie Coleman, John An- drews, William Allred, Hart- man Dillingham, Billy Blay- ton, Benny Allen, Stanley Cramer, SECOND ROW: Robert Ben- nett, Davis Ballard, Eula Cannon, Barbara Belote, Mary Jane Bull, Barbara Alto, Evelyn Chandler, Jac- queline Christie, Mabel Cope- land, Mr, Shreeves. THIRD ROW: Robert Becknell, James Carter, Gene Byrd, Mary Ellen Booth, Peggy Brooks, Betty Blanks, Vir- ginia Carter, Tessie Anas- tasiou, Virginia Atkins. Home Room 206, 8 High Mr. Milbourne Willey, teacher FRONT ROW: Ben Kitchen, Francis Joyner, Egbert Jack- son, Thomas Latham, Wil- liam Leggette, George Gor- ham. SECOND ROW: Patricia Lackey, Irene Kolas, Joan Lipford, Catherine Lamberth, Shirley Lawson, Ann Lowery, Mil- dred Jones. THIRD ROW: Alan Kalkin, Alma LeCompte, Marie Jen- kins, Coleen Quesinberry, Barbara Kent, Jeanette Hill, Mildred Holt. FOURTH ROW: Mr. Willey, Robert Jefferson, James Johnston, Jasper Kitchen, Moody Johnson, Paul Jor- dan, Murlon Miller. Home Room 'I'I5, 8 High Mr. Paul Kluk, teacher FRONT ROW: Harold Gaskins, Donald Forman, Ann Estes, Leroy Hogge, Edna Fulford, Billy Harris, Harry Goodrich, Thomas Garrett, Carolyn Gay, Kirkwood Hanrahan. SECOND ROW: Mrs. Ross, Charles Marsh, J u I i u s Schultz, Hugh Harrell, Tha- lia Fenigsohn, Ruth Ewing, Thelma Eger, Sarah Chase, Harriette Hutton, Carlyle Goodson. THIRD ROW: Thomas Meadow, Thomas Frank, Nancy Fogle, Jean Everette, Barbara Fink, Joyce Eubank, Martha Anne Hargrove. HUNDERCURRENTH I3 ,4 "THE CORN IS GREEN" I4 Home Room 307, 8 High Miss Anne Parker, teacher FRONT ROW: Daniel Solomon, Waverly Shockley, Thomas Savage, Lance Thomas, Ed- ward Scott, William Stewart, Stanwood Harriman, Lacy Scoggin. SECOND ROW: Billy Begor, James Venable, Sara Horne, June Stall, Nell Herndon, Pa- tricia Steffey, Rose Marie Seminoro, Arlene Sprouse, Miss Parker. THIRD ROW: Shirley Myers, Sonia Baxter, Sherrill Phillips, Rosemary Howard, Vivian Snead, Myrtle Snyder, Shir- ley Shelton, Virginia Siceloff, Phyllis Stortz, Reba Silver- man. FOURTH ROW: Robert Pogue, Ashton Violette, John Van Notter, Ernest Sheets, George Fenton, Ralph Silver, Oliver Ellis. Home Room 315, 8 High Mr. Dole Whitehurst, teacher FRONT ROW: Andrew Xiftros, Phyllis R 0 d g e r, Roderick Walters, Foch Webb, Melvin Winfrey, Jane Zegopulos, Patricia Twyford, Arlie Al- ford. SECOND ROW: Reuel Walker, Molly Lord, Jane Zilber, Nancy Thompson, D o r i s White, Moxie Robbins, Mr. Whitehurst. THIRD ROW: Robert Taylor, Marie Woolard, Frances Rov- er, Shirley Staples, Allen Zol- lars. FOURTH ROW: Fay Taylor, Benjamin Watson, Genevieve White, Eloise Robinson, Nor- ma Turner, Bonnie Steven- son, Peggy Langston. Home Room 210, 8 High Mrs. Louise Hurt, teacher FIRST ROW: Michael Morris, Teddy Masters, George Pow- ell, John Roberson, James Mears, James Nickolson. SECOND ROW: Irwin Miller, James Rierson, Betty Sue Phillips, Mary Lynn Morgan, Norma Newsome, Betty Jane Phillips, Nancy Prillaman, Dorothy Queensberry, Betty Lea Piszkin. THIRD ROW: Thomas Parker, Mona Gobel, Helen Pittman, Betty Powell, Betty Baze- more, Doris Marshall, Mrs. Hurt. FOURTH ROW: Ira Reynolds, Mary Moore, Hilda Nettles, Carolyn Powell, Betty Jo Pickard. Home Room 112, 9 Low Miss Lillian Todd, teacher FRONT ROW: Alice Jordan, Sarah Hege, Peggy Hood, Lois Farmer, Bessie Adams, Helen Krause, Ann Garrett, Jane Lanier. SECOND ROW: Mayer Levy, William Martin, Billy Has- kins, Joseph Landreth, Betty Lou Loeffler, James Mc- Dowell, Donald Joyner, Helen Hall, Doris Jackson. THIRD ROW: Miss Todd, James Hazelwood, Eugene Lane, John Jordan, Doris Johnson, lrene Hand. Home Room 305, 9 Low Mr. Eli Leonard, teacher FRONT ROW: Joe Melsori, Charles O'Malley, Jack Pad- gett, William Peach, SECOND ROW: Evelyn Murray, Betty Paris, Alberta Roger, Betsy Menin, Norma Mon- tague, Helen McKenzie, Mr. Leonard. THIRD ROW: Dora Jean May- er, Betty Malcolm, Shirley Nachman, Nancy Mittleton, Jean Sawyer, Grace Sands. FOURTH ROW: Eugene Mid- kiff, Donald Powell, Joe Platt, Edward Mitchell, Vir- gil Rowe, Calvin Mears. Home Room 310, 9 Low Miss Rebecca Suttle, teacher FRONT ROW: Marion Temple- man, Eugene Wilson, Bertha White, Helen Staples, Robert Whitley, Vernon Tappan, Joyce Stewart, Betty Wal- lace. SECOND ROW: Miss Suttle, Paul Sandefur, William Stan- ley, James Russell, Jean Sherman, Nellie Wise, Nor- ma Wood, Margaret Stin- nette, Grover Wade. THIRD R,OW: William Wood- ward, Etta Smith, Russell Simmons, Joyce Stoops, John Spivey, Pat Gorham, Shirley Sheridan. "THE LITTLE FOXES" I5 "THE GREEN YEARS" i6 Home Room 104, 9 Low Miss Frances Taylor, teacher FRONT ROW: Anna May Bishop, Doris Carmack, Faye Amburgey, Michael Anas- tasiou, Kenneth Crump, Da- vid Burton, Billy Crumpler, l-lorold Crouch, Harriet Bind- er, Miss Taylor. SECOND ROW: John Hogge, Charles Falwell, Randolph Duke, Grace Cumming, Sibyl Creasy, V i r gin ia Dick, Charles Harris, Barbara Co- lumbia, Katherine Brown, Catherine Brooks, Betty Beck. Tl-llRD ROW: Billy Reese, Douglas Goode, Richard Al- mond, Laureda Conley. Home Room 304, 9 High Mrs. Pauline Rhoades, teacher FRONT ROW: Cecil Baines, Ray Boyles, Estis Damron, John Allen, SECOND ROW: Janie Wat- kins, Dorothy Brinkley, Ger- line Aronaft, Harriet Aronow, Barbara Brown, Nancy Rich- ards, Marguerite Ahern, Iva Bedsaul. THIRD ROW: Robert Brown, Elsie Bateman, Jerry Bur- ton, Janet Belote, Leslie Smith, Robert Armstrong, Marion Barnett, Ronald Blake, Norman Conn, Linda Avant, Donald Davis, Lemuel Apperson, Cornelius Apple, Richard Thompson. Home Room 303, 9 High Mrs. Jeanette Ward Wright, teacher FRONT ROW: James Michie, Rcbert Mitchell, Katherine Pappas, Frances Janes, Peg- gy Mannin, Dena Garrett, Alice Langston, Betty Gat- ling, George Morecock, Fran- cis Pittman, Mrs. Wright. SECOND ROW: Frances Mc- Nair, Roberta Jones, Mar- garet Lloyd, Anne Lewis, Nancy Jenkins, Barbara Gar- ner, Alice Moore, Ann Lies- mann, Marjorie Kaufman, Geraldine Keeter, Dorothy l-ludgins. Tl-llRD ROW: John Norton, Raymond Owens, Mickey McNamara, James Parker, Charles Llewellyn, Duane Prater, Charles Knox, Galen Moore, Douglas Barr, Edward Oliver, Charles Pruitt. "TWO YEARS BEFORE THE MI-KST" Home Room 118, 9 High Mrs. Lois Davis, teacher Mr. Otto Weiss FRONT ROW: Marvin Eger, Betty Cluverius, Harrison Chauncey, Mildred Beck, Leon Cornrnan, Rudy For- rest, Norman Deberry. SECOND ROW: Melvin Davis, Jimmy Whitley, Hiram Hogge, Barbara Elder, Ann Delk, Carol Cowan, Mary Ann Buck, Jean Cathey, Mae Chapman, Ann Camper. THIRD ROW: Glen Boyd, Ed- ward Hanna, Myron Dia- monstein, Jimmy Forrest, Edward Dowdy, Everette Fos- ter, Earl Garrett, Fred Dun- kum, Jean Thompson, Billy Hall, Jane Harris, Mrs. Davis. Home Room 316, 9 High Mr, Herman Levy, teacher FRONT ROW: Ralph Wicke, Walter Wilmouth, Marvin Weger, Keith Waterhouse, David Topping, William Walker. SECOND ROW: Mr. Levy, Clara Whitfield, Athena Tsitera, Jane Wornom, Peggy Wil- liams, Constance Weymouth, Norma Jean Wood, Rita Turner, Norrie Xiftros. THIRD ROW: Odell Crocker, Charlotte Garland, Bertie Nolt, Vernell Traylor, Sylvia Shriber, Marie Young, Ann Spencer, Mary Walters, Jane Corney, Dolly Vaughan, Mary Ann Dorsey, Sue Wood- ard, Harriette Harrell, Bar- bara Eanes. Home Room 110, 9 High Mr. P. W. Allen Raine, teacher FRONT ROW: Betty Horne, June Galloway, Patricia De- Moss, Bonnie Greene, Virgile Stoneham, Ola Hill, Barbara Holley, Mary Maxwell Gray. SECOND ROW: Elinor Harns- berger, Anna Marie Poslik, Madeline Dickenson, Patricia Holt, Betty Good, Lewis Hud- gins, Gene Webb, Mr. Raine. THIRD ROW: John Ilish, James Holt, Kenneth Peebles, Fran- cis Holt, Harold Jones, Billy Jester, Frank Kelley, Wil- liam Cunningham, John Ka- sey. i l I7 "TOMORROW IS FOREVER" Home Room 208, 9 High Miss Beulah Brasher, teacher FRONT ROW: Isabella Rubert, Ann Thomas, Jack Purnell, Arthur Olaisen, Harold Tel- stad, Ann Samuels, Betty Ann Scott, Sally Smith, Ani- ta Snead, Cleo Ryan. SECOND ROW: Miss Brasher, Margaret Taylor, Jean Roy- al, Oscar Adams, Shirley Tong, Marian S a u n d e rs, Frances Sawyer, Ann Saun- ders, Joyce Roberts, Dora Smith, Zoe Paros, Mary Ros- ser. THIRD ROW: Melvin Lewis, Vernard Silver, George The- ophilos, Tucker Stepp, Rob- ert Clarke, Harvey Rubin. Home Room 215, 9 High Mr. Steve B. Vickers, teacher FRONT ROW: William Hum- bert, David Ellis, Floyd Mor- shall, Robert Hornsby, Julie Conn, William Bullock. SECOND ROW: Richard Gris- son, Alan Levenson, Joyce Parnell, Constance Naegle, Betty Mullins, Lois Prillamon, Evangeline Moore, Thelma Morgan. THIRD ROW: Thomas Price, Nellie Bloxom, Adele Morris, Julia Pantele, Zoe Ann Har- cum, Geraldine Moore, Olive Warner. F O U R T H ROW: Charles Downs, James Redding, Charles Sawyer, Jack Rob- crls, Richard Parte, Maurice Ward, Tommy Whiteman. Home Room 301, 3 Low Mrs. Johnson, teacher FRONT ROW: Ralph Wood, Betty Silk, Ethel Williamson, Bobby Tilson, Joseph Thom- as, Mary E. Taylor, Virginia Manning. SECOND ROW: Mary Win-- borne, Jane White, Doro- thy Wachtel, Betty Wright, Betty Williams, Violet Theiss. THIRD ROW: Gray Wilson, Charles Warlitner, Arthur Tyler, Katharine Owens, Walter Walker, Lloyd Soren- son, Estelle Jackson. FOURTH ROW: Bobby Leigh, Covvert Sparrow, Bobby Fen- nell, Ann Parker. FIFTH ROW: Jerry Webb, Bill Chalkley, Dewey Schanz. "OUR HEARTS WERE YOUNG AND GAY Home Room 319, 3 Low Mrs. Anne Scruggs, teacher FRONT ROW: James Easton, John Carlucci, John Paros, Robert Ellis. SECOND ROW: Marjorie Bos- well, Marie Clintsman, Wan- da Creech, Lois Royals, Mary Crawford, Judy Hard- man, Jessie Amory, Betty Allen. THIRD ROW: Selma Black, Marguerite Crumpler, Mari- lyn Alger, Joyce Dorner, Cathryn Nicholson, Lois Da- vis, Dorothy Lindsay. FOURTH ROW: Gloria Dodd, Dorothy Hutchison, Mary Lewis Adams, Nancy Bar- low, Emmeline Collier, Jack Castelow, Billy Allen, Mrs. Scruggs. Home Room 313, 3 Low Miss Nina Powell, teacher FRONT ROW: James Kelley, Jules Frank, Leroy Howell, Robert Landis, Larry Gard- ner, Antonio Perez, Jay Go- lub, Josephine Faulk. SECOND ROW: Jean Liverman, Frances Gray, Gaynell Oliver, Minnie Garrett, Lucille Jones, Ruth Howell, Shirley Flow- ers, Betty Brown, Carol Hor- sely, Selma Kramer, Selma Friedman. THIRD ROW: Ann Hamilton, Ellen Hancock, Margaret Terry, Eunice Greene, Shir- ley Keller, Mary Jane Hil- ing, Jack Harrison, Ralph Vincent, Walter Hancock. FOURTH ROW: David London, Margaret McMahon, Mar- shall Graves, Melvin Kurzer, Kenneth Kinard. Home Room 309, 3 Low Miss Annye B. Burbank, teacher FRONT ROW: Clifford Good. Tom Joseph, Warren Patter- son, Ralph Pruitt, Richard Toth, Walter Rowell, Mar- cus Seidenstein. SECOND ROW: Lois Powell. Whit Oder, Joseph Meredith. Joyce Robertson, Arthur Mc- lnturff, Geraldine Newsome, Arthur O'Brien, Betty Miller. THIRD ROW: Joan Meadows, Juanita Robertson, Margaret Phillips, Doris Suttle, Joyce Miller, June Sawyer, Anne Wagner, Duska Cooper. FOURTH ROW: Barbara Gooch, Alexander Nicol, Frances Ha- gan, Alma Swindell, Elsie Nichols, Betty Schaffer. ABSENT: Eugene Mayer, David Morewitz, Robert Panayotis, Rhett Stuart. "THE IMPATIENT YEARS" l 20 Home Room 119, 3 High Mrs. David Wittan, teacher FRONT ROW: Kimbell Chand- ler, Carl Campbell, Nelson Salway, Billy Herndon, War- ran Pope. SECOND ROW: Anne Atkin- son, Nellie Rowe, Ethel Cole- man, Peggy Burton, Kather- ine Blewett, Helen Asbell, Jeanette Carter. THIRD ROW: Virginia Boyd, Amelia Baines, Jacqueline Akers, Jean Burcher, Nancy Roby, Barbara Horner, Susan Anderson, Marguerite Blake. FOURTH ROW: Philip Avis, Billy Schwartz, Brice Crump, Donald Babb, Marjorie Blake, Joyce Avery. FIFTH ROW: Jack Ainslie, Palmer Gibbons, Calvin Be- lote, Bunky Bull, Mrs. Wit- tan. Home Room 312, 3 High Miss Ruth Folkmann, teacher FRONT ROW: Phillip Levy, Clayton Luter, Wyatt Lon- deree, John Llewellyn, Jim- my Seward, Robert Lassiter. SECOND ROW: Nancy Lump- kin, Joanne Fulcher, Anita Loewenthall, Roberta Gold- stein, Margaret Russell, Joy Harris, Mildred Kolas, Jean Landreth, Miss Folkmann. THIRD ROW: David Lewis, Robert Levinson, Jimmie Kosicki, William Layton, Alex Lampros, Swanson Hornsby, Jack Wright. FOURTH ROW: Gale Larrimore, Priscilla Ellis, Elizabeth Webb, Evelyn Bennett, Wayne Begor. Home Room 216, 3 High Miss Susie Floyd, teacher FRONT ROW: Joe Price, Le- roy Quarles, Darden Pitt- man. SECOND ROW: Gail McMahon, Dorothy Stoneman, Anne Meek, Margie Gibbons, Ann Mitchell, Dorothy Martin, Rita McGregor, Merle Pad- gett. THIRD ROW: Beth Quynn, Spiro Kolas, Patricia Vesser, Richard Bateman, Lloyd Ne- well, Louise Mitchell, Law- rence Ottofaro, Glen Mitch- ell, Rodney Pierce, Dalton McLawhorn. FOURTH ROW: Patricia Moss, Archie Myers, Frosty Coile, David Murray, Melvin Nach- man, David Pleasants, George Harris, lrvin Newbill, Miss Floyd. Home Room 214, 4 Low Miss Eline Krisch, teacher FRONT ROW: Marianne Tay- lor, Beverly Wilsted, Sara Gallman, Bernard McWaters, Leonard Mitchell, M o r r i s Beecroft, Allen Scott. SECOND ROW: Anna Jay An- des, Katie Motley, Ann Hog- gard, Bob Wornam, Pete Markos, Brandon Belote. THIRD ROW: Bob Davis, Jack Barber, Winter Davis, Ben Riggins, Tommy Armstrong, Bill Lloyd. Home Room 109, 3 High Mrs. Mae M. Edwards, teacher FRONT ROW: Shirley Galla- han, Jeanette Dalton, Bar- bara Garrett, Mary Daniel, Peggy Hudgins, Frances Greene, Audrey Duling, Bar- bara Fogle. SECOND ROW: Viola Hostet- ter, Lorraine Sellers, Barbara Grey, Hope Smith, Barbara Garlick, Belle Farmer, Jean- ette Siceloff, George Hudgins, Harlene Wolever, William Evans, George Floyd, Paul Folwell, Robert Jones, Berne Bennett, Robert Smith, E, B. Holley, Billy Rhodes. THIRD ROW: Mrs. Edwards, Bernard Silverman, Richard Gladden, Alexander McLean, Ben Bruce, Vernon Walton. Home Room 108, 3 High Miss Jacqueline Marston, teacher FRONT ROW: Pauline Early, Patricia Young, Billie Jean Curry, Gladys Daughtry, Gwen Rawls, Betty Wood, Shirley Smith, Shirley Phelps, Bill Holmes. SECOND ROW: Betty Bowen, Beverly Wright, Ruth Reeves, Maxine Justice, James Fox, George Wood, William Dux- bury, Corrie Unthank, Carl Raiford, Miss Marston. THIRD ROW: Charles Lanning, Jack Pogue, John Sealey, Howard Collier, Glenna Gal- lion. FOURTH ROW: Paul Maile, Allen Saunders, James Scar- lett, John Perez, Alton Rob- erts. Home Room 219, 4 Low Mrs. Garland Conn, teacher FRONT ROW: Magee, Larsen, Patterson, Shaw, Neofitou, Powell, Rouvalis. SECOND ROW: Lockstamphor, Pulsifer, Galloway, Sasser, Miller, McCallum, Leigh. THIRD ROW: Mr. Peele, former teacher: McLaughlin, Riddle, Conn, Mitchell, E. F. Sharp- ley, Laughlin. "GOING MY WAY" QI "IF I'M LUCKY" 22 Home Room 101, 4 Low Miss Frances Cox, teacher FRONT ROW: Betty Winters, Marion Wilmoth, Norma Jean Weaver, Martha Star- board, Helen Want, Joyce Terry, Shirley Corey. SECOND ROW: Boswell Wil- liamson, Dorothy Thomas, June Stainback, Juanita Se- ward, Mildred Templeman, Bobbie Williams, Daniel Ottenstein. THIRD ROW: George A. Skin- ner, Hubert Scoggin, Jack Stinson, Mac Tyler, Hiram Young, Harry Welch, Jack Watkins. Home Room 201, 4 Low Miss Amanda Gray, teacher FRONT ROW: Billy Early, Lew- is Hamilton, Harold Brown, Ben Dresler. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Kegel, Anne Holmes, Virginia Gall, Nancy Grubbs, Audrey Hub- bard, Joyce Hall, Gloria Jamison. THIRD ROW: Billy Gross, Vir- ginia Hicks, Charlotte Bux- ton, Claude Hale, Gladys Gwaltney, Barbara Roberts, Pauline Davis, Ba rba ra Hoyle, Evelyn Mason. FOURTH ROW: Nelson Jones, Ernest Harris, Kennedy Gray, Harold Wood, Miss Gray. Home Room 321, 4 Low Miss Lucy Sinclair, teacher FRONT ROW: Ernest Bunting, Mary Panos, Jean Lowry, Marie Cox, Cecil Thornton, Joe Baker, Frank Ballentine, Miss Sinclair. SECOND ROW: Lael Bunting, James McCann, Edward Som- mers, Elsie McCormick, Mil- dred Binder, Deane Robbins, Rubell Smith, Frances Egger- ton, Frances Griffin. THIRD ROW: James Gregory, James Schade, Paul Sawyer, Dorothy Boswick, Paul Boat- wright, Philip Allen, Buddy Ajalat. FOURTH ROW: Calvin Carpen- ter, William Allen. Home Room 113, 4 Low Miss Emilie Holladay, teacher FRONT ROW: Miss Holladay, Bernard Owen, Eddie Lamb, Reba Whitmore, Ma rion Clary, Mary Ann Kelley, El- wood White, Lyle Chase, Jack Wharton. SECOND ROW: Pete Meekins, Jimmie Hahn, Fred Smith, Sonny Cowling, Charles Dru- men, Harold Gray, and Paul Wagner. Organ Interlude . . E 6.43155 50310 f worbs,-v music- gacfz afexanber mem:2':sfah?esEzhSocH:1:f5 ?g2.5?m'azzSr aihfafgse, ff LE BJ:JJfE1f5QJ,wQ I vfiheffffiinzi .1 Q2 isiffsifzi 2::a:f'::,::fsf.':"g as W1 ,rf4ff?'5 E . 1 W ., K J li Fgqir ?Jfp!1-f ?!gb5 'cTx-is - verge: Bur' shall, we ner- er co q a -gazn iv Sa Our fes-sons 0'e.rg 1 VE'epdef12 ws M5 ggi Nil ', . , Jt4z-1Q': Isa? f??!'ef0-fiU59f0'i'p'Z1'f 6 Z0 , fifiesis 5: 3,022 . QE1'FQ5 SU w XQWW, -1:11 XY o X o 0 5 O H5333 X S 32556370 Woo A l if 0 lllllllll' 1 L A 2 Y S Q x x Sports Views X E " X MQ X ' Ml. N W Naam- Half!! M4544 W , W ' rv ' 4 1 I N241 um? 1 1 . 1 Q J 25 EN Slow Motion Captures . . . Putting up a fine defensive and offensive during the first half of its tussles, only to falter in the second half seems to explain the predicament of the 1946-47 edition of the Typhoon hardwooders with nine losses and eight wins to their credit. Lending a helping hand were the only two returned lettermen of the Connmen's forces, "Dangerous" Dan Presson, flashy forward, and Lou Taylor, whose preci- sion set shots proved comforting to the locals' cause on more than one occasion. Moving up from last year's Junior varsity were Pete Markos, who excelled in back board recoveries, Tommy Jobe, who because of faulty vision was kept on the sidelines in some of the Typhoon encounters, Robert Panyotis and Harold Jones, who have three more basketball seasons in which to prime them- selves, and Dorsey Pleasants, who did his part toward the locals' cause. When the final gun sounded to end the season, versatile Captain Elmo Stephenson had racked up 236 markers and copped the honor of being second highest scorer in the state, a position of the All-Eastern and All- State squads, and the Agathon trophy presented to the outstanding player on the cage squad. Taking the lid off the basketball season, the Ty- phoon lived up to its name and blew over the class "B" high school of Oceana 51 to 13. In other pre-conference games the locals held out until the overtime period when the Papooses of William and Mary walked off the floor with a 39 to 34 victory, the Farmers of Morrison went back to Warwick County on a 41 to 12 one way ticket, the Norviewmen first bowed to a 52 to 33 score and later to a 64 to 37 board. Conference season began when the Typhoon took on the highly touted Commodores of Maury, and lost to a 33 to 26 count. The same story was repeated with a good first half and a slow last half. Breaking all prece- dents the Mauryites journeyed over to the local gym- Dec. 13 ....... ......... N . Dec. 17 ....... ......... N . Dec. 19 ....... ......... N . Jan. 7 ....... ..N. Jan. 10 ..... ......... N . Jan. 14 ..... ......... N . Jan. I7 ....... ......... N . Jan. 21 ....... ......... N . Jan. 24 ....... ......... N . Jan. 29 ....... ......... N . Feb. 1 ....... ..N. Feb. 3 ....... ..N. Feb. 7 ....... ..N. Feb. 12 ....... ......... N . Feb. 14 ....... ......... N . Feb. 18 ...... ......... N . Feb. 20 ....... ......... N . VARSI 51 ........ . 34 ........ . 41 ...... 57 ........ 26 ........ 38 ........ 30 ........ 32 ........ 46 ........ 52 ........ 31 ...... 27 ........ 23 ........ 33 ........ 29 ........ 64 ....... 36 ........ Gold And Blue Netters . . . nasium a few weeks later to deliver the first licking that they had dealt in ten years on the local court. After a desperate try to make up for the difference in height, the locals again were turned back by the Wil- liam and Mary "B." Leading the rally was Stephenson, who counted for eighteen points in the 39 to 38 score. Their arch rivals, the Granby Comets, dealt the locals a terrific onslaught by such standouts as Chuck Stobbs and Barney Gill. The Connmen were outployed, to the tune of 4l to 32. Fortifying themselves with a little more precaution and experience for the return fray the boys in gold and blue again were knocked back on their heels in the second stanza, after trailing by two points in the initial opening. A tired and weary group returned to this side of the bay with the short end of a 48 to 36 score. The win column again held the name of the Ty- phoon when the newly rated class "A" school of Hope- well provided the locals with their first conference vic- tory and when the Typhoon employed a tight defense to defeat the Wilson Presidents, 29 to 2l. Stephenson led his team to victory with l5 markers. On their previous Portsmouth encounter the Connmen were edged out by ci 3l to 30 count. Taking to the road, the locals met the Duke frosh, and exhibited their best basketball manners to give the highly favored boys from Duke a real tussle. Led by Lou Taylor with I2 markers, the Connmen played one of their best games of the season, but dropped the tilt 29 to 27. While journeying along, the hardwooders en- countered the Navy plebes at Annapolis and were met by a deluge of points which totaled 52 to 3l. The Benedictine Saints from Richmond gave the locals a hard earned victory from a stubborn squad which finally succumbed in time for the Typhoon to walk off the court with a 33 to 3l noseout. HEDULE .........Oceana Here W. "B" Here .......Morrison Here .......Holy Trinity Here .......Maury Here W. "B" Here .......Wilson Portsmouth .......Granby ........4l Norfolk .......Hopewell Here .......Norview Here Plebes ........52 Annapolis ....,..Duke "B" .......29 Durham .......Maury .......3l Norfolk .......Benedictine . Here .......Wilson ........2l Here .......Norview ........37 Here .......Granby .......,48 Here TRACK Baby Typhoon Excels . . . BASKETBALL Scoring thirteen victories, and being turned out of their paths four times, the "Baby Typhoon" marched to a successful basketball season. The Rangemen were led on the hardwoods by such standouts as Bobby Leigh, Joe Price, Bill Holmes, and James Bicouvaris. February 6, 1947 ......... N.N. 24 .....,.. ....... M aury February 12, 1947 N.N. 41 ........ ...... P oquoson February 14, 1947 N.N. 28 ........ ....... W ilson February 18, 1947 N.N. 42 ........ ..,..... N orview February 20, 1947 N.N. 35 ........ ....... G ranby December 19, 1946 ..... January 7, 1947 .........Morrison .....,..........Holy Trinity January 8, 1947 .,........ Morrison January 10, 1947 .......... Maury January 14, 1947 ,..... Morrison January 17, 1947 ...... ............, W ilson January 21, 1947 ...,,..........,........ Granby January 24, 1947 Marine Annex January 29, 1947 ,,........ Norview February 4, 1947 The Camera Goes To A Game ,Poquoson . Copping the tri-school league during the cinder season was the newly formed eight and ninth grade track team. Led by Harold Jones, weight mon, the "baby harriers" took on all comers from Wythe, Warwick, and Buckroe, and sent them home with the short end of the score. April 17, 1947 ............ NN. 56V2 ............ warwack 32V2 April 24, 1947 ..,......... N.N. 74 .... ...,.... B uckroe 14 May 1, 1947 ,,,. ..,.,... N .N. 73 .... ............. W ythe 16 May B, 1947 ,,,., ,,,.,,, N .N. 60V7 ....,,,.... Warwiclf 35V7 A GAME IN ACTION-Harold Jones attempts a set phenson out jumps hefty Chuck Stobbs from Granby. shot in the Newport News-Granby game .... Granby . . . The Typhoon iuniors score on the baby Blue Comets hits the nets to score again .... Captain Elmo Ste- of Granby. In Two Sports . . . BABY BASKETEERS are: FRONT ROW: Raymond Boyles, Holmes: BACK ROW: Leroy Howell, Arnold Conn, John Joe Price, Bobby Leigh, James Bicouvaris, and Bill Paros, Tommy Joseph, Jimmy Kosicki, Donald Pulsifer SHOWING THE WAY this eighth and ninth grade track team captured the Tri-School league. From left to right they are lfront rowl Edwin Oliver, Jimmy Barton, James Holt, William Stewart, Stanley Kramer, manager, Ashton Violette, Ronald Blake, Teddy Mas- ? F .gin ters, Don Powell: iback rowl Oliver Ellis, Ray Boyles, James Davis, Don Wood, Harold Jones, Cecil Baines, Keith Waterhouse, Francis Holt, James Redding, James Bicouvaris, and Edward Hanna who took every meet that they entered. PACING HIMELF out along the grueling mile is veteran performer Billy Wood who has captured many a paying place in Typhoon encounters. DETERMINED to heave the shot put a respectable dis- tance, Jimmy Hahn star weightman for the Typhoon cindermen, practices his form. RUNNERS Billy Foster and Billy McLaughlin whose stal- wart performances in the grueling 440 have been note- worthy, put forth with a last minute effort. STRETCHING THEIR legs over the low hurdles are the hurdling Dick Avery and Bernie Shields who have con- tinued to cross the finish line together. Sonny Cowling is in third place. TOP TRACKSTERS carrying the colors for the harriers this season were Dick Avery and Clifton Penny, co-cap- tains who carried on the tradition of the gold and blue by leading their team to the state championship for the eleventh time. L.. Thinclads Snag State Title CHAMPION CINDERMEN are FRONT ROW: Julius Conn, coach: Billy McLaughlin, Billy Wood, Sonny Cowl- ing, Billy Foster, Richard Avery, co-captain: Donald Shields, Bernie Shields, Jimmy Hahn, Jerry Garrison, Louis Plummer, SECOND ROW: Donald Galloway, Louis Ham- It Happened This Way Another successful season was put into the record books by the trampling Typhoon track team when the title of state champions was ac- quired for the eleventh time. Joining the class of "also rans" for the first time in two years, the NNHS harriers had to be content with a third spot in the Southern Invitations lndoor games at Chapel Hill March l with eight marks. Blonde Jerry Garrison cleared the high jump bar at 5 feet lOM1 inches. ln the conference seascn opener the Ty- phoon had little trouble in downing Wilson thinclads of Portsmouth 86 3X5 to 26 2,f5. The Typhoon turned back the Granby Blue Comets 6OV2 to 47M in the second dual meet of the season. Dick Avery was high point man for the locals with i4 points. Racking up 35M points to Granby's 34 the locals won the Tidewater track meet in Wil- liamsburg. The Typhoon's victory was clinched when the relay team came through and took 5 points to beat Granby by lk points. Sending another cinder combine down the ilton, Richard Raane, Teddy Marks, Morris Beecroft, John Lockstamphor, Phillip Levy, Harold Gray, Linwood Gar- rison, Robert Panyotisp BACK ROW: Jimmy Kosicki, man- ager: Melvin Lewis, manager, David Murray, Dewey Shantz, William Layton, Richard Hudgins, Jack Gray, Douglas Mitchell, Billy Gayle, Billy Early, manager. road to defeat, the Newport News forces turned back the Maury Commodores by a score of 67 to 49. Teddy Marks captured a first in the 880 and Jerry Garrison won the high jump. Also capturing blue ribbons for the Ty- phoon were Moss Beecroft in the pole vault, Dick Avery in the high hurdles, Jimmy Hahn in the discus and Bernie Shields for the low hurdles. The Conn and Plummermen captured for the seventh consecutive year the Eastern Dis- trict track meet at Norfolk's Foreman Field. Looking good against college competition, the Typhoon thinclads suffered the first and only defeat of the season, having a 6 to 59 verdict handed them by the Naval Academy 6 of Annapolis, Maryland. Terminating the i947 track season the gold and blue Typhoon carried away the state championship at the State Meet in Charlot- tesville on May i6 and l7. The Typhoon nosed out John Marshall by a score of 23 2X3 to 20. Top flight performers for the Gold and Blue were Jerry Garrison, Morris Beecroft and Dick Avery. That Lipstick And Leaping Go Together . . . 1 I THE CHARGE OF THE SHORTS BRIGADE resulted in Marguerite Blake, Marjorie Blake, Sue Woodward, this varsity basketball team chosen from the feminine Anne Hamilton, Margo Panos, and Betsy Menin. Ab- bosketeer competitors. They are Lido Mae Marshall, sent from picture Tuney McMahon. i J GIRLS' ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION members, SEATED- Lida Mae Marshall, secretary: Lael Bunting, vice- president: Margo Panos, president, Moriorie Blake head of sports: SECOND ROW: Katherine Nichols Betsy Menin, Catherine Lomberth, Norma Montague, r Connie Weymouth, Odell Crocker, Miss Mable Wingo, sponsor: THIRD ROW: Miss Frances Mays, Mar- guerite Bloke, Sue Woodward, Margaret Lloyd, Amelia Baines, Linda Avant, Dolly Vaughn, Phyllis Storzt. This group directs girls' sports. 1 ...L 11. Is Proved By The SPICE OF ANY GAME or pep rally are these official cheerleaders: Sister Greene, Dot Beadles, Mary Huller, Ann Holmes, Betty Mat- tingly, Barbara Pearson, Betty Moore, Grace Powell. TWO DOWN, ONE T0 GO! The tennis shoes of these softball play- ers whisk from base to base: Margo Panos, umpire: Amelia Baines, catcher, and Dolly Vaughan at bat. MODERN DANCERS trip the light fantastic to the music of such pop- ular tunes as "Deep Purple." They are Mary Ann Buck, Carol Cowan, Gladys Gwaltney, Nancy Grubbs, Ann Samuels, Carolyn Larsen. MAINTAINING BALANCE with heavy balls is dificult, but these bowling fans of the "phys.Ved." department learn to master correct technique: Margaret Vaughan, Ann Hamilton, Margaret Lloyd .and Sue Woodward. Girls' Sport Program 33 vm f The Best Years Of Our Lives' Z P WSW .i With . . . Billy Harman as president. The seniors respect him for his business- like attitude and his leadership ability. . . . Luther Mallory as vice-president. He is noted tor his easy smile and friendliness. . . . Alan Cordon as student council representative. The class chose him for his past experience in the student government-or maybe it was because ot his twinkling brown eyes. . . . Betty Moore as secretary. Betty, with her pretty red hair, served capa- bly for tour years in this position. . . . Dot Beadles as treasurer, Her services to the class and winning per- sonality will long be remembered. . . . Betty Jo Worthington as class speaker. Like her ever-present dimples, her vitality keeps her much in demand as a leader. 36 Cscar Candidates . . Www Tagged as the reigning monarchs ot the stars, smiling, diminutive Betty Moore and broad-shouldered Bill Edwards captured the title ot Oscar candi- dates, On the night when all the cast revels in waltzes and gaiety, this charm- ing couple will be there to lead them in the grand march. All will cheer as the king and queen step up to their coronation. This couple, who added to the pleasures of these years were selected from the stars for their personality and poise. Their efforts in acting have placed them at the top ot their class, and they are truly "stars ot tomorrow," '77 Fourteen Top Stars In . . . BEST swuuw 1-1 , "v-11 :JUPULAR 38 Box Office Appeal . . . BEST DANCERS MOST ATHLETIC ,JA l .Qmf-'F BEST LOOK-'NG BEST ALL-ROUND 39 Featuring 170 Graduates To Be CHARLES ALLEN Spanish Club, Home Room Offices, 107. TOMMY BAIRD Dramatic Club, Cast of "Snow HARRIET ARONOFF GAA, Advertising Staff, Latin, Science, Spanish Clubs, Certifi- cates, Typing and Shorthand, Girl Reserves, Home Room 221. JOHN BALL Band, Corporal, Band Certifi- JACK ALEXANDER Fairview Junior High School, Memphis, Tenn.: Mixed Chorus, Messick High School, Memphis, Tenn., NNHS: Usher, Boys' Glee Club, Contests, District and State, Concerts, Election Offi- cial, Junior Red Cross, Home Room 116, JOAN ARROLL VALEDICTORIAN ANCHOR FEATURE EDITOR 1 Low President, National Honor Society, Honor Council, Nelms Honor Scroll, GAA, Junior Chorus, Cast of "What A Life," Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Latin, Science, Literary Clubs, Student Council, Certificates, Typing, Shorthand, Flower Com- mittee, Chairman, Home Room Offices 221. White and the Seven Dwarfs," c "Tomorrow the World," Latin, c ate, State Band Concert, Con- erts, Home Room 221, BAND Literary Clubs, Assistant Regis- LETTER. trar, Home Room 221. ANDREW G. ALLEN, JR. Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, District Music Festival, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Home Room 221, MUSIC LET- TER. JEAN ATKINSON ANCHOR AD MANAGER GAA, Usher, Beacon Report- er, Assistant Ad Manager, Fourth Page Editor, Junior Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Contests, State and District, Girls' Glee Club, Concert, Literary Club, Science Club, Secretary, Reporter, Latin Club, Treasurer, Pennant Com- mittee, Home Room 221, MU- SIC LETTER. Ei.izAsETH BARNEs BEN sauce ooRo'ri-iv sEAni.Es JAMzs wiNsToN BELL Certificates, T y p i n g and Shorthand, Home Room 221. Varsity Football, Track, Mixed Chorus, Concerts, Cantata, "Rip Van Winkle," Veterans' Club, Student Council, Shop Offices, Home Room 109. 40 HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR AD STAFF National Honor Society, Na- tional Thespians, Secretary, Cos- tume Staff, Head, Narrator for Cantata, "The Courtship of Miles Standish," Casts of plays, Usher, Student Council, Dance Committee, Chairman, Latin Club, Head Registrar, Head Cheerleader, Home Room 221, DRAMA LETTER. National Thespians, Head of Effects, Usher, Head, Beacon Printing Staff, Print Shop Of- fices, Junior Red Cross, Home Room 221. Who Wear Skirts And Sweaters . . . ELTON BENNETT Junior Varsity Football, Band, GILBERT BINDER Prop Staff, Head Usher, Dra- Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, matic Club, National Thespians, Veterans' Club, Electric Shop Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Offices, Student Council, Home Home Room 221. Room Offices, 207. ANNE GARDNER BIVINS Make-up Staff, Prop Staff, Junior Red Cross, Literary, Spanish Clubs, Dance Commit- tee, Home Room 221. JACKIE BROCKWELL Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concerts, District Contest, Infirmary As- sistant, Home Room Offices, 221. IRVING W. BROOKS Wythe Junior High School: Shop Foreman, Hampton High School: Library Assistant, NNHS: Advertising Staff, Beacon Staff, Circulation Manager, Junior Red Cross, Home Room 116. BETTY LUCILE BROWN Furniture Staff, Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concerts, Contests, State and District, Distributors' Club, Home Room 221. HAZEL BURT ANCHOR ART STAFF New Hanover High School, Wilmington, N. C. NNHS: Dra- matic Club, Beacon Cartoonisf, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Chorus, Art Club, Home Room 221. ELWOOD S. CARTER J.'1ior Chorus, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Shop Offices, Home Room 221. 41 PAUL BROWN Home Room 116. MARGUERITE ANN CLARK Middletown High School, Mid- dleton, West Virginia: Safety Council, Maiorette, Tri-Hi-Y, Chorus, U.S.O. Youth Council, NNHS: Spanish, Distributors' Cluhs, Home Room 218. ALLEEN E BULL GAA, Girls' Basketball, Soft- ball Teams, Usher, Advertising Staff, Make-up Staff, Dramatic Club, Furniture Staff, Junior Red Cross, Home Economics, Art, Latin, Dance Clubs, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Archery Club, Office Assistant, Home Room 221. ANNE SATER CLAY HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR CO-EDITOR National Honor Society, Vice- President, GAA, Student Direc- tor of Cantata "To Make Men Free," and plays 'What A Life," and "Georgie Porgie," Usher, Cast of "Snow White," National Thespians, Quill and Scroll, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, Bond Sponsor, Latin Club, Secretary, Literary Club, Vice-President, Senior Assembly Committee, Music Committee, Home Room 221. DRAMA LETTER. Dunqarees And Bobby Socks . ROSEMARY COATES Archery, Tennis Clubs, Can'- tata, "To Make Men Free, Junior Chorus, Home Room 271. ANNE COLLIER Memminger High School, Charleston, S. C,: Girls' Chorus, Student Council, Clarion report- er, Home Room Offices, NNHS: GAA, Beacon, Reporter, First, Fourth Page Editors, Co-Editor, Executive Board of Student Council, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Literary Club, Jun- ior Red Cross, Art Club, Senior Assembly Committee, H omo Room 207. PHOEBE JEAN COE Orchestra, Concerts, Canta- tas, "To Make Men Free," "Courtship of Miles Standish," State String Clinic, Flag Twirler, Literary, Latin, Spanish Clubs, Student Council, Dance Com- mittee, Home Room 218, BAND LFTTER JANE CONNER ANCHOR BIOGRAPHY EDITOR GAA, Archery Club, Usher, Assistant Directors' Staff, Jun- ior Chorus, Science, Latin, Span- ish, Literary, Dramatic Clubs, Girl Reserves, Home Room Of- fices, 107 LESLIE L. CLINTSMAN Junior Varsity Basketball, Football, Shop Officers, Machine Shop Officer, Cadet Corps, Home Room Offices, 107, SHIRLEY COLEMAN HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR SECRETARY GAA, Dramatic Club, Can- tata, "To Make Men Free," Contests, District and State, Concert, Girls' Glee Club, Stu- dent Council, Typing Certifi- cates, Home Economics Club, Faculty Secretary, Home Room 107 JACKIE COATES HONOR STUDENT Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Archery, Distributors Clubs, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Home Room 221 LOIS COLLIE HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR PHOTO EDITOR National Honor Society, GAA, Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Latin Club, President, Literary, Science Clubs, Faculty Secretary, Girl Reserves, Junior Red Cross, Library Assistant, Certif- icates, Typing and Shorthand, Home Room Offices, 107. ww A. Y. COOPER Home Room Offices, 107. GENEVIEVE COURTNEY ASSITANT AD MANAGER GAA, Usher, Assistant Head, Dramatic Club, Girls' Glee Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concert, Girls' Sextette, Latin, Literary, Science Clubs, Treas- urer, Library Assistants' Club, Vice-President, Library Assist- ant, Dance Committee, Girl Reserves, Home Room Offices, 107, LIBRARY LETTER 42 MARILDA COX Furniture Staff, Junior Chorus, Home Economics Club, Printing Staff, Print Shop Offices, ln- firmary Assistant, Home Room Offices, 218. DOLORES CREVELING Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Distributors' Club, Home Room 116. Bangs And Crew Cuts . . . WILLIS CROSS ANCHOR PHOTOGRAPHER Tennis Club, Band, Contests, District cmd State, Concerts, Dance Band, Cast of "What A Life," Stamp Club, President, Science, Chemistry, Distributors', Photography Clubs, Junior Red Cross, Office Assistant, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room IO7, MUSIC LETTER. RUSSELL CUTCHINS Home Room Offices, I07. HAROLD B. CUMMINGS Hayleton High School, Hayle- ton, Penn,: Swimming Team, Wakefield High School, Wake- field, Va.: NNHS: Veterans' Club, Typing Certificate, Home Room II6. EMMA DOPFER GAA, Ticket Staff, Prompt- ing Staff, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Latin Club, Girl Reserves, Junior Rerl Cross, Typing Certificate, Home Room IO7. STANLEY DRUCKER ANCHOR AD STAFF Beacon, Sports Page Editor, Reporter, Literary, Spanish, Sci- ence Clubs, Treasury War MARIE ELLIS 'tb-w JEAN N E FARMER D i s t r i b u t o r s, Photogra- GAA, Head Usher, Mixed phy Clubs, Home Room II6. Chorus, Latin Club, Cheerlead- er, Dance Club, President, Jun- ior Red Cross, Infirmary Assist- ant, Home Room Offices, II6, 43 Bond Certificate, Junior Refi Cross, Home Room IO7, BETTY LOUISE DYKE HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR National Honor Society, Sec- retary, Usher, Costume Staff, Girls' Glee Club, Concert, Flow- er Committee, Science Clib, President, Vice-President, Litcr- ary Club, Latin Club, Vice- President, Spanish Clob, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Presldentg Libra- ry Assistants' Cl,b, Library Pin, Junior Red Cross, Virginia Jun- ior Academy of Science, Secre- tary-Treasurer, Home Room IO7, SCIENCE CLUB LETTER. ROY C. DUNKUM Usher Staff, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, District Music Festival, Concert, Election Of- ficial, Junior Red Cross, Sci- ence, Literary Clubs, Home Room Offices, I I6, BILL EDWARDS Biscoe High School, Biscoe, N, C.: Beta Club, FFA Club, Secretary, Freshman Class Pres- ident, Basketball Team, NNHS: National Honor Society, Varsity Clsib, Jun'or Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Cast of "What A Life," Student Coincil, Home Room Offices, IZ3, FOOTBALL LETTER. WILLEEN FAULEY ANCHOR AD STAFF GAA, Usher, Head of Gen- eral, Head, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concerts, Contests, State and District, Flag Twirler, Girl Reserves, Jun- ior Red Cross, Dance Commit- tee, Home Room II6. WILLIAM FIELD Usher Staff, Jvnior Red Cross, General Shop Offices, Electrical Shop Offices, Home Room Of- fices, IO7. Instead Of Fancy Outfits And Hairdos . . . was 1.2.7 JERRY GARRISON Track Team, Band, Officer, Concerts, Contests, State and District, Orchestra, Home Room IO7, TRACK LETTER. JEANNETTE GAYLORD Furniture Staff, Junior Cho- rus, Girls' Glee Club, Concerts, Cantata, "To Make Men Free,' Home Economics Club, Girl Re- serves, Home Room Offices, 207, STELLA ELIZABETH FODREY Memminger High, Charleston, S. C.: Girls' Basketball Team, Freshman Hall of Fame, Cutest Girl, New Bern High, New Bern, N. C.: Library Assistant, Girls' Softball Team, NNHS: GAA, Bowling Team, Costume Staff, Head, Home Room 207. JACK GLESENKAMP Junior Varsity Football, Var- sity Football, Shop Offices, Horne Room 218. JACQUELINE FOX HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR ACTIVITIES EDITOR George Wythe Junior High: Commencement Speaker, Chorus, NNHS: National Honor Society, Nelms Honor Scroll, National Thespians, Honor, Cast of "Snow White," Head Assistant Director, "But Not Goodbye," "Married at Sunrise," "Court- ship of Miles Standish," Chorus Concert, Girls' Glee Club, Lit- erary, Spanish Clubs, Home Room 2I8, DRAMA LETTER. ALAN WILLIAM GORDON HONOR STUDENT FACULTY SPEAKER ANCHOR SPORTS EDITOR 4 High Student Council Rep- resentative, National Honor So- ciety, Varsity Club, Football Manager, Dramatic Club, Stu- dent Council, Latin, Spanish, Science Clubs, Literary Club, Treasurer, Dance Committee, Chairman, Senior Assembly Com- mittee, Home Room 221, FOOT- BALL LETTER. CHARLESETTA GRAHAM ANCHOR AD STAFF Costume Staff, Head, Cast of "What a Life," "Her First Party Dress," Assistant Director Staff, Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Flower Committee, Print- ing Staff, Home Room IO7, JACK GRAY ANCHOR AD STAFF Morrison High School: Jour- nalism Letter, Basketball, Track Teams, Manager Football Team, Chorus, NNHS: Track Team, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Boys' Quartet, Ring Committee, Chairman, Student Council, Jun- ior Red Cross, Spanish Club, Sargeant-at-Arms, Home Rnom 22I. BASIL GRAY Severn School, Severn Park Md.: Intramural Football, Jun- ior Varsity Football, NNHS: Archery, Tennis, Spanish Clubs, Home Room Offices, 2l8. Qs IRVING GREENSPON HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR ACTIVITIES EDITOR Dramatic, Latin, Science, Lit- erary, Spanish Clubs, Motto Committee, Home Room 207. 44 JERRY HALL Mixed Chorus, Boys' Quar- tet, Cantatas, "To Make Men Free," "Courtship of Miles Standish," Contests, State and District, Typing Certificates, gingxcc Committee, Home Room ELIZABETH HAND Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Chorus, Distribu- tors', Home Economics Clubs, Home Room 207. V, l They Spend Their Spare Time CARROLL HARCUM Varsity Football, Track, Stage Crew, Spanish Cl b, Student Council, Home Room Offices, 1 16 ANN E M. HARRISON George Wythe Junior High: Home Economics Club, Girl Ush- er, Girls' Glee Club, Student Di- rector, Mixed Chorus, Dramatics Club, Cotillion Dance Club, Cast of "Never Trust A Man." NNHS: Girl Reserves, Home Economics Club, Home Room 116. BILLY HARMAN THIRD HONOR STUDENT 4 High President, National Honor Society, President, Honor Council, Nelrns Honor Scroll, Junior Varsity Basketball, Stu- dent Council, Cafeteria Com- mittee, Chairman, Election Of- ficial, Spanish, Science Clubs, Literary Club, Sergeant-at-Arms, Harvard Book Award, Delegate to Boys State, Home Room Of- fices, 221. HERBERT HENDERSON Brown Junior High School, Atlanta, Georgia, NNHS: Band, Contests, State and District, Concerts, Shop Offices, Home Room 116, BAND LETTER. DORIS HOLLOMAN GAA, Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Con- certs, Contests, State and Dis- trict, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Girl Reserves, Certifi- cafes, Typing and Shorthand, Home Room 207. IRENE HOLZSWEIG ANCHOR AD STAFF National Thespians, Head As- sistant Director for "Snow White," "What A Life," "Curse You, Jack Dalton," Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Offices, Home Room 107. JEAN HOWARD ANCHOR ART EDITOR GAA, Furniture Staff, Dra- matic Club, Junior Red Cross, Art Club, Girl Reserves, Home Room Offices, 221. 'Mir-lsr. 'Fun RICHARD HUDGINS 4 High Class Giftorian, Var- sity Track, Intramural Track, Beacon, Copy Boy, Reporter, S arts Editor uill and Scroll D , Q , Usher, Junior Red Cross, Color Committee, Cheerleader, Span- ish Club, Home Room 218, JOURNALISM LETTER. JANE CAUTHORN HOPE HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR AD STAFF National Honor Society, Latin, Spanish, Literary Clubs, Junior Red Cross, Art Club, Home Room 221. JESSIE FRANCES HUETTE HONOR STUDENT National Honor Society, GAA, Furniture Staff, Beacon report- er, Junior Chorus, Mixed Cho- rus, Girls' Glee Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concerts, Girls' Sextette, District Music Festival, Soloist, State Music Contest, Literary Club, Spanish Club, Y-Teens, President, Flow- er Committee, Student Council, Infirmary Assistant, Home Room Offices, 218, MUSIC LETTER. VIRGINIA HORSLEY Girls' Basketball Team, Head of Advertising Staff, Furniture Staff, Make-up Staff, Beacon Typist, Typing Certificates, Jun- ior Red Cross, Freshman Hall of Fame, Tennis Club, Home Room Offices, 116. MARY HULLER Advertising Staff, Head, Cast of "What A Life," Usher, Print- ing Staff, Print Shop Offices, Cheerleader, Senior Assembly Committee, Office Assistant, Girl Reserves, Home Room Of- fices, 2I8, SERVICE LETTER. At The "Y" And The "Rec" NANCY JENSEN ANcHoR AD s'rAFr Drama Staff, Junior Chorus, Concerts, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Beacon Reporter, Invitation Committee, Junior Red Cross, Spanish Club, Girl Reserves, Home Room Offices, 218. FRANKLIN JESTER Junior Varsity Football, Auto Shop Superintendent, H o m e Room IO7, FOOTBALL LETTER. JEAN ISRAEL National Honor Society, Girls' Softball Team, GAA, National Thespians, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Casts of "What A Life," "Snow Wh te," Usher, Ticket Staff, Head, Advertising Staff, Furniture Staff, Beacon Reporter, Band, Concerts, Con- tests, District and State, Science Club, President, Latin, Literary Clubs, Motto Committee, Home Room Offices, 218, MUSIC LETTER. TOMMY JOBE Honor Council, Secretary, 1 Low, 1 High, 2 Low President, Junior Varsity Football and Basketball, Varsity Football and Basketball, Beacon Staff, Stu- dent Council, Science, Latin, Literary Clubs, Junior Red Cross, Election Official, Home Room I16, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL LETTERS, NANCY JENNINGS Archery, Dramatic Clubs Make-up Staff, Mixed Chorus Girls' Glee Club, Junior Chorus Contests, District ond State, Cantata, "To Make Men Freeg' Concerts, Junior Red Cross Home Room 218, MUSIC LET- TER. HELEN MILDRED JOHNSON Junior Mixed Chorus, Canta- ta, "To Make Men Free," Girls' Glee Club, Concerts, Home Eco- nomics Club, Secretary, Y-Teens, Secretary, Certificates, Typing ond Shorthand, Library Assist- ants' Club, Home Room Offices, 8. ODELI. JONES Schoolfield High, Schoolficld, EARL JUSTICE Clyde High School, Clyde, Va., Hampton High, NNHS: N, C., NNHS: Home Room 107. Home Room IO7. DOUGLAS KELLER Stage Crew, Head Electrician, Shop Offices, Electrical Shop Offices, Stamp Club, Home Room Offices, 218, DRAMA LET- ER. LELAND KELLER GAA, Dramatic Club, Adver- tising, Furniture Staffs, Home Economics Club, Infirmary As- sistant, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Offices, 218. 46 O. J. KISER Home Room 116. JERRY LEE KUSHON Morrison High School, NNHS: Furniture Staff, Cantata, "Ta Make Men Free," Junior Red Cross, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Office Assistant, Home Room 221. Rather Than The Brown Derby . . . CHARLES LAWSON National Thespians, Stage Crew, Stage Manager, Shop Of- fices, Home Room 218, DRAMA LETTER. FRANK LEWIS Granby High School: Junior Football, NNHS: Junior Football, Varsity Football, Track Team, Stage Crew, Usher Staff, Stu- dent Council, Home Room Of- fices, 116, FOOTBALL LETTER. GERALDINE LIVERMAN Typing Certificate, Y-Teens, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Archery Club, Faculty Typist, Home Room 218. JEAN LOVE HONOR s'ruDENT ANci-ion co-EDITOR Wythe: Vice-President ot Graduating Class, Drama Club, Assistant Director, Mixed Cho- rus, Girls' Glee Club, NNHS: Na- tional Honor Society, Secretary- Treasurer, National Thespians, Vice-President, Cast of "What A Life," "But Not Goodbye," Usher, Quill and Scroll, Student Council, Literary Club, President, Color Committee, Home Room 207. DRAMA LETTER. LUTHER S. MALLORY 4 High, 3 Low Vice-President, Usher, Boys' Glee Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Red Cross, Senior Bulletin Board Committee, Home Room 221. EDWARD W. MARKS Track, Archery Club, Electric Shop Offices, Spanish Club, Home Room Offices, 116. LIDA MAE MARSHALL Basketball Team, Senior Bas- ketball Captain, Softball Team, GAA, Secretary-Treasurer, Ad- vertising Staff, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Concert, Girls' Glee Club, Typing Certificates, Y-Teens, Faculty Typist, Home Room 218, ATHLETIC LETTER. -vm. MONTINE MARTIN Cleveland High School, Geor- gia: Basketball, Literature, Home Economics Clubs, Library Staff, NNHS: Spanish, Home Econom- ics Clubs, Home Room 123. 47 HARRIETTE MARSHALL ANCHOR BUSINESS MGR. Dramatic Club, Make-up Staff, Girl Reserves, Spanish Club, Typing Certificates, Student gouncil, Home Room Offices, 8. BETTY MATTINGLY GAA, Dramatic Club, National Thespians, Cast of "What A Life," "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Make-up Staff, Co-Head, Beacon Staff, Board of Directors, Mixed Chorus, Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Cheerleader, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room Offices, 123. it mi .Wi HOPE MARSHALL GAA, Softball Team, Bowling Club, Senior Basketball Team, Dramatics Club, Prop Staff, Make-up Staff, Dance Club, Y-Teens, lnfirmary Assistant, Home Room 218. THOMAS MAYO Honon s'ruoEN'r Spanish, Science Clubs, Home Room Offices, 116. Their Favorite Expression Is JAMES McNAMARA, JR. Intramural Basketball, Beacon Staff, Veterans' Club, Home Room Offices, 107. TOMMY MEEKINS Track Teom, Usher, Home Room Offices, 107. CAROLEE McCONNELL Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Contests, State and Distrct, Concerts, Infirmary As- sistant, Junior Red Cross, Y- Teens, Vice-President, Home Room Offices, 123. EARL MEHAFFEY Robert E. Lee Junior High School, Lynchburg, Vo., NNHS: National Thespians, Advanced Rating, Stage Crew, Junior Red Cross, Shop Offices, Home Room 123. ELIZABETH McFALL ANCHOR AD STAFF National Honor Society, GAA, National Thespians, Casts of "Don't Take My Penny," "Snow White," "What A Life," "Junior Miss," Assistant Directors', Ad- vertising Staffs, Beacon Report- er, Typist, Concert, Spanish, Lit- erary Clubs, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room Offices, 123, DRAMA LETTES. KITTY MEREDITH ANCHOR AD STAFF Make-up Staff, Beacon Re- porter, Cantata, "Courtship of Miles Standish," Home Eco- nomics Club, Girl Reserves, Mod- ean Dance Club, Home Room I 6. PHYLLIS MERRILL Granby High School, NNHS: Dramatic Clzb, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Chorus, Certificates, Typing and Short- hand, Home Room Offices, 123. FRANCES MINKOFF ANCHOR AD STAFF Head of Advertising Staff, "But Not Goodbye," Assistant Directors' Staff, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Spanish Club, Home Room Offices, 123. NANCY LEE MICHIE Dramatic, Home Economics Clubs, Girl Reserves, Home Room Offices, 116. ASHTON MITCHELL Varsity Football, Track Team, Beacon Staff, Quill and Scroll, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Bo s uartette Concerts Con Y ' Q , , - tests, State and District, Stu- dent Council, Music Committee, Chairman, Dance Committee, Home Room 116. 'VU' AUDREY JEAN MOORE HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR ACTIVITIES EDITOR National Honor Society, GAA, Dramatic Club, Cast of "What A Life," Beacon reporter, Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Can- tata, "To Make Men Free," Con- cert, Office Assistant, Literary, Latin Clubs, Science Club, Sec- retary, Student Council, Junior Red Cross, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Invitation Com- mittee, Home Room Offices, 123. F4 BETTY MOORE National Thespians, Cast of "What A Life," 4 High Secre- tary, Make-up Staff, Head, Mixed Chorus, Cheerleader, Of- fice Assistant, Certificates, Typ- ing and Shorthand, Invitation Committee, Chairman, Home Room Offices, 123. ll I ll You Dont Know Do You'-1 NANCYE MOORE GAA, Basketball Team, Na- tional Thespians, Usher, Casts of "What A Life," "Junior Miss," Co-Author of Senior Play, Busi- ness Manager, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Junior Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Stu- dent Council, Modern Dance, Literary Clubs, Head Flag Twirl- er, Freshman Cheerleader, Dance Committee, Chairman, Home Room 123. RICHARD R. MORRIS Usher, Cadet Corps, Shop Of- fices, Home Room Offices, 123, RICHARD MORRIS Memphis Junior High School, Memphis, Nebraska, Hampton High, NNHS: Home Room 107. FLORENCE MULLINS Beacon Reporter, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, Mixed Chorus, Con- tests, State and District, Con- certs, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Library Assistants' Club, Y-Teens, Treasurer, Home Economics Club, Treasurer, Home Room 123, MUSIC LETTER. 'SL' DONALD NACHMAN Band, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Dance Band, Con- certs, Contests, District and State, Junior Red Cross, Science, Spanish Clubs, Home Room 123, BAND LETTER. CARLTON OVERMAN Morrison High School: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, French, Biology Clubs. NNHS: Band, Concert, Contests, State and District, Home Room 116. BARBARA PARKER Baffinger High School, New- ark, N. J.: Acropolis Staff, Jun- ior Red Cross, Maury High School: Maury News. NNHS: Beacon Reporter, Costume Staff, Home Room 123. BARBARA MAY PARKER Maury High School: Stamp Warden, Junior Red Cross, Maury News, Reporter, NNHS: GAA, Advertising Staff, Can- tata, "To Make Men Free," lrgfirmary Assistant, Home Room 49 BETTY PARKER HoNoR s1'uoENT ANC:-lon BIOGRAPHY EDITOR GAA, A s s i s t a n t Directors' Staff, Prop Staff, Usher, Head of General, Dramatic, Latin, Science, Literary Clubs, Girl Re- serves, Freshman Cheerleader, Home Room Offices, 207. ARTHUR R. NEWBERRY JR. Track Team, Band Officer, Concerts, Contests, State and District, Cantata, "To Make Men sage," Orchestra, Home Room PAT OVERTON Girls' Basketball Team, GAA, Dramatic Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Cast of "Don't Take My Penny," Junior Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Junior Red Cross, Certificates, Typing and Shorthand, Dance Committee, Home Room 123. BARBARA PEARSON Honor Council, Secretary, Chairman, GAA, Usher, Cos- tume Staff, Beacon Typist, Junior Mixed Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Con- certs, Contests, Office Assistant, Student Council, Home Econom- ics Club, Typing Certificate, Dance Committee, Cheerleader, Home Room 116, HONOR COUNCIL LETTER. Instead Oi "Really My Deah" WAYN E ROY PETERS Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Shop Offices, Home Room 123. DOUGLAS POWELL Band, Lieutenant, Orchestra, Dance Band, Concerts, Contests, -IE-lgawe Room 116, BAND LET- MASON REED, JR. 1 Low Student Council Ex- ecutive Board, 2 Low President, Orchestra, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Spanish Club, Home Room Offices, 123. 'UV DORSEY PLEASANTS National Honor Society, Jun- ior, Varsity Basketball, Beacon Reporter, Spanish, Science, Lit- erary Clubs, Election Official, Home Room Offices, 116, BAS- KETBALL LETTER. NANCY LEE POWELL ANCHOR SPORTS EDITOR Chuckatuck High School, Suf- folk, Virginia: Girls' Basketball, Softball Teams, Girls' Glee Club, NNHS: Girls' Softball Team, Captain, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Contests, Concerts, Literary Club, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room 207, MUSIC LETTER. ALENE RIDDLE JANET PEEBLES George Wythe Junior High Girls' Hi-Y Club, GAA, Cheer- leader, Basketball Team, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Con- certs, Treasurer of 9 High Grad- uating Class, Class Night Play, "Never Trust A Man," Hamp- ton High School: Choir, Cheer- leader Krabba Staff' NNHS Flag tlwirler, Usher, Mixed Cho- rus, Home Room 218. BARBARA POWELL ANCHOR ART STAFF GAA, Archery, D r a m a t i c Clubs, Assistant Directors' Staff, Spanish, Literary, Science Clubs, Girl Reserves, Library Pin, Stu- dent Council, Certificates, Typ- ing and Shorthand, Library As- sistants' Club, Home Room Of- fices, 207. CLIFTON PENNY Varsity Club, Track, Co-Cap- tain, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, State Contest, Concert, Home Room Offices, 1 16, TRACK LETTER. CHRISTINE G. POWELL Latin Club, Y-Teens, Home Room 218. 'wffr 'E- RICHARD ROANE Spring Garden High School, Track, Stage Crew, Cadet Spring Garden, Va.: Chorus, Na- Corps, Spanish, Chemistry Clubs, tional Beta, Home Economics Home Room Offices, 116. Clubs, NNHS: GAA, Typing Cer- tificate, Home Room Offices, 221. - BILL ROBERTS ANCHOR PHOTOGRAPHER Hampton: Band, NNHS: Casts of "What A Life," "Bur Nor Goodbye," "Junior Miss," Can- tata, "Courtship of Miles Stand- ish," Stage Crew, Assistant Manager, National Thespians, Beacon Photographer, Science, Stamp Clubs, Decoration Com- mittee, Pennant Committee, Chairman, Civil Air Patrol Ca- det, Home Room 207. I'hey Cram Physics And Latin BOBBY ROBERTS Track, Beacon Reporter, Ca- det Corps, Electric Shop, Assist- ant Superintendent, Metal Shop, Superintendent, Home Room 23. BOBBY LEE ROBERTS Orchestra, Contests, Concerts, Band, Lieutenant, All State Band, Dance Band, Junior Red Cross, Student Council, Science Club, Home Room ll6. 'VW- LEONARD ROBERTS SARAH JANE ROBESON SONYA ROSENFELD CALLIE LOU ROYAL Long Beach High School, Long Beach, New York: Mixed Chorus, Choir, Art Club, NNHS: Stamp Club, Junior Red Cross, Home Room Offices, IO7, VALEDICTORIAN ANCHOR ART EDITOR Nelms Honor Scroll, National Honor Society, GAA, Mixed Chorus, Secretory, Girls' Glee Club, Secretary, Concerts, Con- tests, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Literary Club, Secretary, Vice-President, Latin Club, Vice- President, Science Club, Presi- dent-elect, President, Spanish Club, Usher, Senior Motto Com- mittee, Chairrnan, Home Room SALUTATORIAN ANCHOR FEATURE EDITOR National Honor Society, Nelms Honor Scroll, Prop Staff, Beacon Reporter, Feature Editor, Board of Directors, Junior Chorus, Literary Club, Spanish Club, Secretary, Vice-President, Pres- ident, Science Club, Ring Com- mittee, Junior Red Cross, Latin Club, Usher Staff, Home Room Offices, 207. ANCHOR AD STAFF Furniture Staff, C o s t u m e Staff, Usher, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross, Library Assistant, Home Room 207. Uhr' Qffff' ROBERT E. SCHOFIELD Junior Varsity Football, Var- sity Football, Junior Glee Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Junior Red Cross, Home Room Offices, 207, FOOTBALL LET- TER. ,QM LOUISE SEARS ANCHOR TYPIST Archery Club, Beacon Typist, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Cross, Dance Club, Typing Certificates, Home Room 207. 5l DEVERA SAMUELS Assistant Directors' Staff, Ad- vertising Staff, Ticket Staff, Cast of "What A Life," "Her First Party Dress," "Junior Miss," Spanish Club, Girl Re- serves, Junior Red Cross, Home Room 207. 14' JOAN SHAW Cradock High School, Crad- ock, Virginia: "Freshman Frol- ics," Reporter for School Paper, NNHS: Spanish, Home Econom- ics Clubs, Home Room ll6. ANN SATCHELL ANcHoR AD s'rArr GAA, Dramatic Club, Furni- ture Staff, Costume Staff, Usher, Home Economics Club, Junior Red Crass, Dance Committee, Typing Certificates, Home Room Offices 207. BERNARD SHIELDS President and Vice-President of Student Body, 4 Low Vice- President, Varsity Foo tb all, Track, Basketball, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Contests, Boys' Junior Chorus, Spanish Club, Senior Assembly Commit- tee, Junior Red Cross, Student Council, Home Room Offices, FOOTBALL, TRACK LET- Not Cues And Lines . . . JANICE SMITH ANCHOR AD STAFF National Thespians, Make-up Staff, Assistant Head, Casts of "Snow White," "What A Life," "But Not Goodbye," "Junior Miss," Concert, Dance Commit- tee, Home Room Offices, 207, DRAMA LETTER. KATHLEEN A. SMITH Furniture Staff, Head, Dra- matic Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Home Economics, Latin Clubs, Election Official, Home Room 221. DONALD SHIELDS Jun'or Varsity Football, Var- sity Football, Junior Chorus, Bo s' Glee Club Mixed Chorus Y I 1 Contests, Concerts, Boys' Quar- tette, Home Room ll6, TRACK FOOTBALL LETTERS. FLOYD STALL Hi-Y Club, Senior Assembly Committee, Home Room 207. BARBARA SIMON Rahway High School, Rahway N. J.: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus. NNHS: Home Roonr l23, ROLAND R. STALL, JR. HONOR STUDENT Morrison High School: Stu- dent Council, Junior-Senior Room Committee, Spanish Club, Presi- dent, NNHS: Hi-Y Club, Presi- dent, Science Club, Home Room Offices, 207. ARTHUR W. STAEH LA Junior Varsity Football, Var- sity Football, Student Council, Veterans' Club, Home Room Of- fices, 207. ARTHUR KING STUART FACULTY SPEAKER ANCHOR ART STAFF Costume Staff, Head, Casts of "Tomorrow the World," "What A Life," "But Not Good- bye," "Junior Miss," Co-Author of Senior Play, Concerts, Na- tional Thespians, President, Quill and Scroll, Secretary, Bea- con, Advertising Manager, Car- toonist, Reporter, Literary, Span- ish Clubs, Motto Committee, Home Room Offices, ll6, JOUR- NALISM, DRAMA LETTERS. MARION SUTTLE JOHN TELSTAD ROBERT TEMPLEMAN ELROY TERRY Furniture Staff, Head, Junior Usher, Junior Red Cross, Ca- Home Room 207. Home Room II6. Red Cross, Girls' Reserve, Typ- ing Certificates, Home Room Offices, 107. det Corps, Office Assistant, Print Shop Offices, Home Room Of- fices, 207, 52 Their Goal, That Diploma . . . COOPER R. TILGHMAN Band, Orchestra, Concerts, Contests, State Band Clinic, Cantata, "The Courtship of Miles Standish," Latin, Science, Literary Clubs, Home Room Of- fices, 207, MUSIC LETTER. fl' FRANCISCO ANTONIO URRUTIA Vega Baia High School, Cen- tral High School, San Sebastian High School: Intramural Basket- ball. NNHS: Spanish Club, Sec- retary, Home Room IO7. CHARLES IRVING TYNAN, JR. Boys' Junior Chorus, Junior Red Cross, Latin, Spanish Clubs, Chemistry Club, Secretary, Elec- tric Shop, Superintendent, Home Room Offices, 2l8. GLORIA VAUGHAN Drama Staffs, Dramatic Club, Cantata, "To Make Men Free,' Junior Chorus, Spanish Club, Dance Club, Certificates, Typ- ing and Shorthand, Distributors' Club, Home Room 207. ALLAN WACHTEL James Monroe High School, New York: Patrol Squad, Lieu- tenant, Grade Advisers' Assist- ant, NNHS: Beacon Reporter, Spanish Club, Home Room 2l8. BILL WALKER Junior Varsity Football, Var- sity Football, Stage Crew, Sen- ior Assembly Committee, Home Room IO7. DANIEL WEST Concert, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, "To Make Men Free," Student Coun- cil, Junior Red Cross, Carle-t Corps, Home Room l?3 STAFFORD WHITE Morrison High School: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, NNHS: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Contests, District and State, Concert, Literary Club, Home Ronm 207, MUSIC LETTER. SUE WALKER ANcHoR AD STAFF GAA, Junior Basketball Team, Make-up Staff, Cast of "Snow White," Dramatic Club, Na- tional Thespians, Literary Club, Science Club, Latin Club, Junior Red Cross, Freshman Cheerlead- er, Dance Committee, Home Room Offices, 207. HELEN WHITE Tennis Club, Latin Club, Home Rnom 27l ROBERT WHARTON WARD HoNoR STUDENT sity Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee Club, State Music Contest, Concerts, Home Room Offices, 218, FOOTBALL LETTER. BUCKLEY WILKINS Varsity, Junior Varsity Foot- ball, Stage Crew, Veterans' Club, President, Home Room IO7, DRAMA LETTER, Varsity Football, Track, Var- More Desirable Than An Oscar . . . DORIS WILSON GAA, Costume Staff, Girl Re- serves, Latin Club, Science Club, Typing Certificates, Home Room 207. BEATRICE ANN WISE Girls' Softball Team, Mixed Chorus, Contests, State and District, Girls' Glee Club, Girls' Sextette, Girl Reserves, Home Room 116. JEAN WILLIAMS HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR PHOTO EDITOR GAA, Assistant Directors' Staff, Head of Effects, Prop Staff, Usher, Reserves Head, Literary Club, Secretary, Sci- ence Club, Treasurer, Latin Club, Secretary, Student Coun- cil, Junior Red Cross, Girl Re- serves, invitation Committee, Home Room Offices, 207. BILLY WOOD Varsity Club, Track, Delegate to Boys' State, Stamp Club, Home Room Offices, 123, TRACK LETTER. Behind The Scenes BEVERLY WILLIAMSON Boys' Glee Club, Literary Club, Home Room 218. BETTY JO WORTHINGTON HONOR STUDENT ANCHOR FEATURE EDITOR Class Speaker, National Honor Society, Girls' Basketball Team, Usher, National Thespians, Casts of "Snow White," "What A Life," "Courtship of Miles Stand- ish," "Junior Miss," Costume Staff, Beacon First Page Editor, Reporter, Quill and Scroll, Stu- dent Council, Senior Assembly Committee, Chairman, Literary, Latin, Science Clubs, Home Room Offices, 107. In Service ROBERT AMORY RAY DAVIS CHARLES JESSUP HARRY LINDSAY FRANK McCOLLIJM ALBERT MITCHELL ROBERT sPicER ROBERT WALKER JAMES V. CAWTHORN, JR. Morrison High School: Band, Shorthand Club, NNHS: Home Room 107. LINWOOD GARRISON Junior Varsity Football, Vor- sity Football, Captain, Athletic Council, President, Home Room 116, FOOTBALL LETTER. ROBERT THOMPSON Junior V a r s it y Basketball, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Junior Chorus, Art Club, Home Room 218. 54 MARVIN VERNON OWENS Archery Club, Home Room 107. MALCOLM ROBERTS Veterans' Club, Home Room IO7.. REBECCA HERRING GAA, Usher, Student Council, Election Official, Red Cross, Spanish Club, Home Room Of- fices, I26. Supporting Players . . . ,fri rf' W 1117 zf'-As -. 1, 1 -1 iii, L :' 0'-4'-Q11 G, ,f Q Spokesmen for the 3 low class are Ethel Wil- liamson as president, Juanita Robertson as secre- tary, and Jessie Amory as student council repre- sentative .... Tommy Armstrong, president of the 4 low class is aided by Pete Meekins, vice- president, and Juanita Seward, secretary . . . Putting their heads together, Myrtle Snyder, stu- dent council representative, and Carolyn Powell, look out for the interests of the B high class. On 'bf 'QM their way to a meeting of the 9 high class are Bobby Horns- by, student council representative, and Cecil Baines, presi- dent .... Russel Simon, 9 low president, and Jane Lanier, student council representative, talk over business .... David Murray, student council representative, Nellie Rowe, secretary, and Jimmy Seward, president, smile for the cam- eraman .... Taking a look at their new Alma Mater are Rodney Ware, student council representative, Stanley Krause, secretary, and Jacqueline Gillen, president, 8 low class. 55 xxw Advisers 6 Historical Background . . . Through an understanding of current affairs, an "up to the minute" background for the feature was afforded. The set- ting for many scenes and the writing ot the dialogue have had a direct bearing on this section, however, unlike history in any aspect, "The Best Years Of Our Lives" will never be a repeat performance. Under the leadership of well known historians, the youthful staffs have been trained well in modern, ancient, United States, and medieval history. It is with great pride that we pin this "s'ar of merit" on their door. "HERE IT IS" . . . Workers turn to the globe for information in checking historical data. "CAN YOU PROVE lT?" . . Attorney Bazemore will convict this defendant yet. 58 Louise Hurt, Newport News William and Mary, BA Columbia, MA Garland Conn Newport News Westhampton, BA William and Mary U. of Virginia Ruth Folkmann Hampton Susequehanna U., BA Elma Free Huntingdon, Penn, Juniata College, BA U. of Mich., MA Frances Maguire Newport News Boston U., BS William and Mary Honor Council Harry Harmon Newport News Furman, BS U. of Ala., MA Catherine H. Bray Newport News Mary Washington, BS William and Mary i. 1' ni 7 .S Qt' AQ vs. jr. If -1 W7 .lfflf .RQ V, Mfeiwfgti X'xf"'tff"i! A is ' , TE' -, ,bf "lf, , , .. ifwi, Scnpt And Dialogue Writers . . . Anne P. Scruggs, Chairman Hampton William and Mary, BA Mac M. Edwards Newport News Farmville, STC, BS William and Mary U. of Virginia Literary Club Eulah Anne Massey Newport News William and Mary, BA, MA U. of Virginia U. of Chicago Honor Society Anne Parker Newport News William and Mary, BA, MA Penn. State Columbia U. Nina E, Powell Columbus, Ohio Ohio State, BA Columlviri U., MA Rebecca Suttle Hampton William anfl Mary, BA Qi THIS IS STATION N.N.H.S.!! . . . Experience is gained by rehearsing radio script. GRAMMATICAL CONSTRUCTION in the script proves a hard task for this English class. Playing a foremost role in the production of "The Best Years Of Our Lives," is the dialogue staff. Led by able instruc- tors, the staff begins by taking a stiff course in grammar- an important "little" item. Next comes the study of literature, which provides the best of examples for script and dialogue . I llv' ff writers. Frances Taylor Ashland Madison College, BA Beacon, Anchor Jeanette W. Wright Hampton William and Mary, BA PICTURES NOT AVAILABI F Annye B. Burbank Hampton William and Mary, BA, MA Mae E. Wittan Hampton William and Mary BA U. of Virginia Columbia U. Musical Score And Coaching . . . PICTURES NOT Dorothy M. Crane Drama Hearl Hilton Village Northwestern U. of Michigan U. of West Va., BA Thespinns, Ushers, Senior Activities Eleanor A. Sherman Hilton Village Music Head Oberlin Conserva- tory, BSM Chicago Music Col. Junior, Senior Bands Mildred E. Bane Normal, Illinois lll. Wesleyan U., BM, MM III. State Normal, MM Mixed Chorus, Glee Cllahs Jacqueline M. Marston Newport News William and Mary Farmville, STC Amer. Institute of Normal Methods Junior Choruses Frarves Cox Miami, Fla. Mary Washington, .BS Amanda Gray Hampton Farmville STC, BS Mary E. Johnson Hickory, N. C, Lenoir Rhyne, BA AVAILABLE Pauline B. Rhodes Newport News Asheville Normal Newberry Col, RA TC, MA KEEP STILL, PLEASE! . . . Always on the iob, these make-up artists ap- ply the finishing touches. - BACKGROUND MUSIC is supplied by this Music 2 class which has learned the fundamentals of a good performance. A musical background for the- production is handled quite capably by a sixty-voice chorus and seventy-piece band which are the results of many years of instructions. ln class, the staff takes up group and part singing, sight reading, and music appreciation through discussion and records. "The play's the thing" say students of the drama de- partment. In class, student starlets learn the fundamentals of pronounciation and stage poise, student staffs are taught how to handle make-up, props, and costumes. Boasting a rat- ing as one of the best six in the country, this department has as its chief aim the improvement of every student in voice, poise, and cooperation. All Special Stunts . . . l A 'gt . .uv W nga ..:.,r3,. 1 5 A . . . , :,. L.......... Julius Conn Athletic Director Newport News U. of Va., BS William and Mary New York U. Track, Basketball Barbara B. Boyd Honea Path, S. C. Brenau College LJ. of N. C., BA Dance club, Cheerleaders Paul Kluk Hudson, Pa. U. of Ga., BS Assistant Coach Frances Mays Head Girls PE Stony Creek Mary Washington College, BS New York LJ., MA G.A.A., Girl Reserves Softball, Archery, Basketball Louis G. Plummer Hampton William and Mary, BS Head Football Coach, Asst. Bas- ketball Coach, Track J. C. Range Johnson City, Tenn. Milligan Col., BA Ass't. Coach Line Coach J. V. Coach Mable Wingo Drakes Branch Blackstone College, Radford College, BS Basketball Tennis Club Softball, Archery l "HOLD THAT POSE" . . . These pretty acrobats practice what they are taught. "THE SKY'S THE LlMlT" . . . Building muscles is a habit with these boys. The vitality, energy, and sunny dispositions displayed by the stars of this movie are directly due to those in charge of special studnts. Through body building workouts, fast footwork, and mind coordination in all sports-football, basketball, track- the male stars are fitted and in excellent shape for the open- ing. Calisthenics, tumbling and all kinds of ball games im- prove feminine stars physically and mentally. Through in- struction in bodily care and the administration of first aid, safety on the set is insured. 6l Special Effects . . . -fgun. .., - -V - THIS "SHOCKlNG" GROUP is perfectin for the switchboard. A STEADY HAND . . . lnaccuracy is with compasses and "T" squares for chanical drawers. "CAREFUL-YOU CAN'T EAT THAT Bulletins, handiwork of these printers, cast posted. EXPERT LEATHER WORKERS play an part in special costuming. Joseph pento Director tional Educc Endicott Buffalo Cornell Oswego And Set Supervision . . . l VEHICLE TROUBLES soon are eliminated by the hard working boys in the auto mechanics class. Peering into 3l4 and 308, we find the draft- ing department hard at work planning the stage set-up. Without photographers you could not see this great production. You may find them shooting a scene or in the dark room, or hunt- ing for flash bulbs. Leathercraft, too, plays its part, for the wal- lets, belts, and other leather materials made in class are sported by the stars. Printing classes help with the details of the stage-set by providing tickets, posters, pro- grams, and other publicity material. In auto mechanics, student grease monkeys overhaul the autos which are needed in or- der to carry along the plot of the story. The machine shop turns out parts for ma- chines in order to keep those on the set in re- pair and in good running order. General metal shop classes make floor and table lamps, mail boxes, and other articles for the staging. General electricity classes handle the light- ing for this grand show, and learn fundamen- tals of radio work in additicn. BRAINS ARE necessary to operate these difficult ma- chines, but these students are learning fast. Russell G. Louis Harry A. Lyeth Miles L. Thompson Alfred Vick Presley G. Vick Otto H. Weiss Oswego, N. Y. Saranac Lake, N.Y. Hampton Hampton Hampton Hampton Oswego STC, BS Oswego STC, BS Northern lll. STC, VPI, Voc. Cert. VPI, Voc. Cert. VPI B Ed. William and Mary Business Advisers I I I Eli Leonard Beulah C. Brashcr William bhumulu, Head Kuttawa, Ky. Jr. Hilton Villagc Bowling Green Busi- Newport News Drake U., BA ness U., BA Davidson Col., BS U. of Penn. William and Mary, Wcstcrn Ky. STC MA Distributors' Club Columbia U. Two plus two equals four but Mr. Leonard teaches his students to compute the large sums needed in expense accounts. Staff heads who "know their stuff" have much to do with the thoroughness of the work done by the staff in keeping the Complicated books. Competent instruction is given as need- ed, and the staff members who produce the best results in typing and shorthand are awarded special certificates for their support and cooperation in an unglamorous but very necessary and important job. M. G. Willey Hilton Village Temple U., BS, MA Anchor Business Adviser 64 PlCTURE NOT AVAILABLE Newport News Farmville STC William and Mary E l i n e K r isc h -' , BA k ig, Many thanks go to the business advisers for their competent work. Always on the job when needed, they are quick and efficient in taking letters in shorthand and typing the re- ports necessary for "The Best Years of Our Lives." A great deal of secretarial work is completed before the success of the produc- tion is assured. ENOUGH TO G0 AROUND is the slogan of these script mimeographers. Domestic Arts Staff . . . Sue Kelly Lois P. Davis Carrie S. Vaughan Hampton Newport News Newport News Madison Col,, BS Winthrop, BS William and Mary Columbia U., MA Columbia U., MA M W h. BS Homemakers Club Iowa State U. of Chicago U. of New York ary as , U. of Tennessee Home Ec. Club Lalie Lett Webb Newport News Mary Washington Columbia William and Mary V.P.l. Home Ec. Club JUST RIGHT . . .So that no defect in serving will show up on the screen, correct procedure is taught. Responsible also for the colorful and stylish costumes that are seen throughout this fea- ture, the staff is trained by many experienced and efficient heads. This industrious group makes a great contribution to the success of "The Best Years of Our Lives." Also, the staff undertakes the training of future studio nurses who will care for the younger set of screen- land. For all the delicious food that you see in the various scenes of this production, thanks are due to the domestic art staff. Not only does the food look tempting, but the cast gives its approval on the taste quality as well. Sev- eral of the stars on the lot were entertained at a National Honor society banquet, the deli- cacies for which were prepared by this capa- ble group. ' HANDLE WITH CARE . . . Proper methods for this baby bathing scene are carefully rehearsed. 65 l Research Department E HELPFUL ASSISTANTS who aid the cast in locating books, both fiction and non-fiction, are Lois Davis, Collie Lou Royol, Borboro Powell, Mildred Templeman, Helen Johnson and Florence Mullins. RESEARCH WORKERS fill the gaps with data from these loaded shelves. ..., 55, Q 2 I Elizabeth A. Saunders Head Newport News W, 81 M., BA Am. Acad. in Rome U, of Mich., MA Library Assistants Margaret R. Gar- land Petoskey, Mich. George Peabody, BS U. of Virginia U. of Michigan William and Mary Library Assistants Ot invaluable assistance in the filming ot "The Best Years of Our Lives" is the research department. Through its doors and into the quiet room beyond march actors and execu- tives alike to seek knowledge from the rows upon rows ot shelves. There are l6,7OO books on everything from etiquette and art to ro- mantic adventure books which help immeas- urably as does the picture file in supplying boundless information on all technical points and in paving the way for an accurate motion picture. 66 Translation . . . Heavy responsibility falls upon the translation department, for it is that statt's job to see that no errors in tor- eign dialogue leak out. The members ot that department also take on the task of supplying information on au- thentic Spanish and Latin customs, art, and environment. Through the study ot customs ot other countries, "The Best Years" company becomes acquainted with the gay "senors" and "senoritas" be- low the border and learns to appreci- ate ancient Roman civilization. Carlos Urrutia Elma Free Anasco, P. R. Huntingdon, Pa. Escuela Normal, Juniata Col., AB Inst. de Segunda U of Mich., MA Ensenanz BA Ui Potomac U., LLB Spanish Club Charles Shrecves Hilton William and Mary, BA, MA Latin Club SI, AMIGOSY To perfect accents, North-of-Border translaters listen to Spanish records. 67 l Technical Advisers . . . E l OPERATION "HYDROGEN" . . . Looks as thougli arrangements before an interested audience h ' l ASTRONOMERS plot the whereabouts of the stars Robert Schofield is in complete charge of tec nica Cornelia W. Segar Hampton U. of Penn. Medical College of Va., MD, BS Giving this production data on chemi- cal, plant and animal life, equations, and other scientific facts, the technical advisers do their utmost to give the fea- ture an essential background. The en- tire cast makes a thorough study of at least one of the many phases of science and finds the information gained here invaluable in respect to the various roles. The starring players take a greater advantage of their opportunities for this is their final performance before many go on to a higher theater. Susie V. Floyd Hilton Village Farmville STC, BS Columbia U., MA Science Club Senior Decorations 5. B. Vickers Market Rasen, Eng. St. John's, Battersea BSc London ACP Herman Levy Baltimore, Md. Hampden-Sydney, BA, BSc Columbia U., MA Dale Whitehurst Hilton Village Southern lll. Nor- mal U., BEd U. of Illinois, MA Anne E. Martin Baltimore, Md. Randolph-Macon, BA George Wash. U., MA U. of Virginia Johns Hopkins U. Catholic U. Otto H. Weiss Hampton VPI William and Mary 68 Statisticians Cassie Childress Newport News William and Mary BS Columbia U. P. W. Allen Raine Richmond Hampden-Sydney, BA U. of Virginia, MA Emilie Holladay Farmville Farmville STC, BS Lucy H. Sinclair Naxera William and Mary, BA Columbia U., MA Louis Plummer Hampton Wigiam and Mary, S Ass't Coach Lillian Todd Hampton Farmville, STC Columbia U., MA, BS Herman Levy Head Baltimore, Md. Hampden-Sydney, BSC, BA Columbia U., MA Maintaining balance in the studio books keeps the statistitians of the lot busy. Theaories and formulae plodded through as scholars come in handy as these mathematical wizards make both ends meet for the "Best Years" company. Less experienced statisticians use their adding-machine brains to set down sums, while the old-timers of the department work out more complicated problems. Much of this work involves such terms as logarithms, tangents, and square roots -all of which require painstaking work and figuring. i l GRAY MATTERLCORRECT ANSWER . . . Algebra "P" IS FOR POSTALS . . . "How many do you is no problem to these capable mathematicians on need?" asks Miss Todd of her class of future statis- the set. ticians. 69 Produced By . . . Bock of o production ore olwoys the copoble broins ond skillful monogement of the producer, who tokes into consideration oll the intricote problems of the stoff, cost, ond supervisors. Al- though not listed omong the chorocters, the pro- ducer nevertheless ploys o most important role in the progress of the film ond the welfare of every individual connected with it. By steering the compony through cill the storms ond rough spots thot orise, providing equipment ond facilities, ond hiring copcible de- pcirtment heods, this officiol ond his ossistonts eorn o speciol spot in the heorts of every por- ticipont of the production. Without them there could hove been no record of the period known to us os "The Best Yeors of Our Lives," for, in this undertaking, oll lines led to ond from the office of the producer. DR. R. 0. NELSON l BOARD OF PRODUCERS at monthly meetings have Dorsey C. Pleasonts, chairman: Horace G Longaker the final say-so: Samuel D. Green, clerk: Allan R. Mrs. John Kritzer, Dr. R. O. Nelson, superintendent Hoffman, Philip W. Murray, Mrs. George Dabney, of schools. 70 Directed By . . . CONFERENCE OF DIRECTORS finds Mr. Lamar R. girls, and Mr. Thomas O. Keesee assistant principal, Stanley, principal: Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, dean of planning the next scene. To mold the rough raw material into a finished, genuine article is the job handed to the directors of Q any production. No matter how tough the endless tasks, these able leaders rise to the situation with- .,-' l l out fail. Mt I '7 ' c' " -I K They take charge of planning the scenes, re- liilrllgf-xf. j Ng fy, heorsing them until they are in readiness for ac- 'fgi tion, and shooting them. Also, there are many se- , lf quences in which some flaw in acting or a techni- E OR ' cal disorder necessitate a series of retakes. In such I cases, it is the director who spots the difficulty and puts skill to work to remedy it. , I Of all the executives of the film, it is the director V who has what is perhaps the most direct and force- ,. f. - ful effect upon the players and staffs. "The Best Q , X W Years of Our Lives" would be incomplete without the three capable directors-Miss Cildersleeve, Mr. Keesee, and Mr. Stanley. 7l 1..T We Proudly Declicate This Film . This film is dedicated to one who has played a vital part in making our high school career the best years of our livese-Mr. Herman Levy. Not only as head of the mathematics department and instructor of chemistry but also in the role of a personal friend, Mr. Levy is well recog- nized by his quick humor and ever-ready aid. Always on hand with a cheerful greeting or a witty remark, this director has given many students a happier outlook on life. Although it is a small way to show our appreciation, the staff takes this opportunity to thank him for the time, advice, and competent instruction he has given us. 72 And Its Sponsor, We Salute . ziddmv ,105 Dear Class of '47: There are pages of good advice and solemn warnings I could and prob- ably should extend to you upon your graduation. The things l would like most for you to have l cannot give you. l can only pray you may find, along the road ahead, peace of heart, peace of mind and an abundant happiness. l want to thank all of you for the honor you bestowed upon me when you voted me your sponsor. Ours has been a grand four years together, and l can truthfully say that the friendship of such wonderful people is an inspira- tion. Sincerely, Qfmfncu Waqwme e-17 W X '31 'Q cu Q o Y Q.. mx 7 WWW! .. ...J Vxlfx 1 T 72a Qkmczoiau . . . kemqew The Scene Was Laid In The School 76 Where Many Veterans Return . . . The scene is laid tor the mo- ment in the train depot, where several stalwart veterans are setting toot at last on familiar ground. As they step down from the coach which brought them to their destination, they no doubt recall their school days before entering the serv- ice and wonder what it will be like to be behind a desk again. Little time is wasted by the ex-C.l.'s in returning to the scene of-well, to their Alma Mater, "List the subjects de- sired" is the first order they have received in civilian lite. Their name on the dotted line is testimony that they are eager to gain knowledge and catch up with their contempo- raries. ' '... and did'ja see how they've tixed up the place since we've been gone?" The school and its improvements provide a never-ending subject of talk fcr the vets in their strolls up and down the hall after school and between classes. lt's still the same old place even though faces have changed. Tom ,e-eeee-------ee-,-ieA -----e-e- - s,rss css. w I NTER DAVIS Dick -eeee ss.... . .H. c. HORNSBY H'1"Y --'-',e ---,ee-,. E D Relci-i 77 They Took Part In . . . NARRATOR: Tom, Dick, and Harry are in the magazine corner of the library, talk- ing, tshame on themll. It they will raise their voices just a little, we'll be able to hear the conversation. TOM: Things look the same, almost, don't they? Just the way l remembered them. lt's sure swell to be back. DICK: l think they look ditterent-better, though. More books and--say, l don't remember that door. What's it tor? HARRY: That's the door to the back hall where room 228 is. The Student council meets there. DICK: They do a swell job, dan't they? There's a student from every home room. "TALKATIVE TOPS," or school execu- tives Bernie Shields, Tommy Armstrong, and John Lockstamphor are taking care of stu- dent business. VOICE OF THE SCHOOL is expressed by the Student council to which vets send representatives. FIRST ROW: Myrtle Snyder, Jessie Amory, David Murray, Nelson Magee, Rodney Ware, Anne Collier, Alan Gordon, Bernie Shields, Tommy Armstrong, Bobby Hornsby, Jane Lanier. SECOND ROW: Don Bazemore, Pete Meekins, "Sonny" Corn- Man, Billy Harris, Jean Williams, Norma Jean Weaver, Virginia Gall, Shirley McCal- Ium, Miss Gildersleeve, Jack Barber. THIRD ROW: Swanson Hornsby, Ben Bruce, Elton Bennett, Arthur Tyler, Betty Allen, Peggy Williams, Nellie Bloxom, Bonnie Green, Harriet Aronoff, Selma Friedman. FOURTH ROW: Doris White, Grace Cummings, Bar- bara Kent, Peggy Simms, Peggy Hood, Dan- iel West, Clarence Hancock, Willard Britt, Frances Huette, Phyllis Stortz, Audrey Dul- ing, Gail McMahon, Amelia Baines. Democratic System Oi Government . . . HARRY: Yes-they sponsor dances, work on order in the cafeteria, and handle almost any problem that comes up. TOM: I remember how we used to keep in ' shape for track by our daily excursions to the cafeteria. HARRY: The Executive board is certainly democratic. lt is composed of one stu- dent from each class and one from the Beacon, isn't it? DICK: Yeah-and the Honor council is a fine organization, too. lt handles any cheat- ing cases which come up. TOM: We shouldn't have any complaints about the government around here. THEIR HONORS who see that high standards of honesty prevail through- out the school are: John Casey, 9 high: Jane White, 3 high: Billy Harman, 4 high: Barbara Pearson, chairman, 4 high: Swanson Hornsby, 3 low: Juan- ita Seward, 4 low: Mayer Levy, 9 low. EFFICIENT EXECUTIVES of the stu- dent body at their Monday morning meetings are: Tommy Armstrong, vice- president: Bernie Shields, president: Alan Gordon, 4 high: David Murray, 3 high: SECOND ROW: Rodney Ware, 8 low: Myrtle Snyder, 8 high: Anne Collier, Beacon: Bobby Hornsby, 9 high: Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, adviser: Jessie Amory, 3 low, and Janie Lanier, 9 low. Found Dramatic Productions TROUBLES beset the Graves when Mr. Graves' boss enters. Judy Graves and her bosom pal Fuffy take refuge on the sofa as the boss' daughter tries to intervene. BEAUX file in to see the Loises of the double cast. GAMES occupy Fuffy and Judy as Hilda, the maid, looks on suspici- ously. THOUGHTS of a vacation by the sea capture Judy, Lois, and their parents. PLANS for entertaining friends fill Judy's and Fuffy's minds in this rehearsal scene. CAST Judy Graves .,.. Fuffy Adams ..,,,, Lois Graves ...,.. J. B. Curtis ...... Ellen Curtis ..., Harry Groves ...........-- ------ Grace Graves ................ ------ Uncle Willis Reynolds Hilda, the maid ....... . ....- . THURSDAY NIGHT Nancy Nelson Joan Lipford Nancye Moore Don Bazemore Dorothy Beadles Arthur Stuart Elizabeth McFall Paul Sawyer Tuney McMahon 80 FRIDAY NIGHT Katherine Blewett Devera Samuels Betty Jo Worthington Bill Edwards Janice Smith Eddie Newsome Betty Bowen Melvin Kurzer Dorothy Wachtel Better Than Ever Before . NARRATOR: The three vets have decided to get their share of entertainment and so off to the spring play, "Junior Miss," they go. After they enter the building and ap- proach the auditorium, a low but ad- miring whistle is heard from one of the three. TOM: Boyl they surely have some pretty ushers in this place. HARRY: You've got to hand it to them, they certainly know how to keep every- one quiet during the performance and especially in the halls. ian hour has elapsed? TOM: lt's intermission, let's go backstage and congratulate the stage crew on the wonderful set and the lighting ef- fects. While we're there we can talk to the cast and see the staffs in op- eration. HARRYZ That's a swell idea. Right with you? DICK: This play is really good. lt's been a long time since l've seen one as en- tertaining. What with the capable di- rection of Miss Crane and the aid of her students ,it's not hard to under- stand the play's success, 5 1 UP G0 THE LIGHTS! Dick finds his position on the MAY I SHOW YOU T0 A SEAT? The heads of the stage crew an interesting and timely job. efficient usher staff are Genevieve Courtney, Wins- HEAVE HO' My I-ADS! The dmma deparfmenys ton Bell, Betty Parker, Jean Williams, Buddy Ajalat, stage hands use their skill and muscles to hoist a set. and Jean Fafmef' Their Voices Changed From Marching Songs . . . CHORISTERS are aided by veterans who lend their voices with the others to serenade for the school. These are, FIRST ROW: Nancy Jennings, Jean Lowry, Dorothy Martin, Brice Crump, H. C. Hornsby, Palmer Gibbons, A. G. Allen, Roy Dunkum, Nancye Moore, Margie Gibbons, Carolyn Larsen, Barbara Fogle, SECOND ROW: Helen Asbel, Marie Clints- man, Betty Mattingly, Jackie Fox, Sally Robeson, Jack Alex- ander, Charles Lanning, Harry Ahern, Bernie Shields, Stat- tord White, Barbara Pearson, Peggy Derring, Woody Fauleyp "SHAVE AND A HAIRCUT, two bitsl" sing this barber shop tour: Buddy Ajalat, Donald Shields, Jock Gray, Jerry Hall. JUNIOR SONGBIRDS are FIRST ROW: Helen Pittman, Jane Carney, Mary Lynn Morgan, Doris White, Ralph Wicke, Walter Wilmouth, John Nor- ton, Richard Crouch, Roberta Jones, Julia Pantele, Ann Lowry, Jane Wornomp SECOND ROW: Peggy Williams, Betty Cluverius, Mary Jane Bull, Mar- garet Taylor, Betty Pares, Willie Bullock, Joe Plott, Marshall Graves, Virginia Atkins, Nancy Fogle, Carol Cowan, Sally Smith: THIRD ROW: Catherine Newbill, Grace Cummings, Sylvia Schri- ber, Barbara Eanes, Kenneth Peebles, Douglas Goode, Melvin Lewis, Donald Davis, Nellie Bloxom, Ann Leisman. W I THIRD ROW: Doris Hollaman, Selma Friedman, Jean At- kinson, Jean Farmer, Buddy Aialat, James Hahn, Alton Rob- erts, Bunky Bull, Jerry Hall, Shirley Coleman, Janet Peebles, Barbara Grey, FOURTH ROW: Ann Wise, Carolee McCon- nell, Joyce Avery, Ellen Hancock, Ashton Mitchell, Joe Price, Jack Gray, Dick Avery, John Rierson, Frances Huette, Gale Larrimore, Nancy Jensen, Betty Brown, accompanist: Martha Starboard. Miss Mildred Bane is director ot this out- standing group. To Choral Renclitions . . . SWEET SERENADERS are better known as Ann Wise, Gale Larrimore, Genevieve Courtney, Anne Clay, Flor- ence Mullins, Frances Huette, who form the Girls' Sextette. REHEARSAL time finds the Boys' Glee club warming up. FRONT ROW: Charles Warlitner, William Lay- ton, Marshall Graves, A. G. Allen, Palmer Gibbons, Roy Dunkum, Teddy Marks: SECOND RQW: H. C. Hornsby, Don Shields, Ben Bruce, Ashton Mitchell, Alton Roberts, Bunky Bull, Stafford White, David Pleasantsp THIRD ROW: Buddy Aialat, Winter Davis, George Floyd, Dick Gladden, Jack Gray, Darden Pitt- man, Jimmy Hahn, Robert Lassiter. NARRATOR: Tom and Dick have just left the chorus room and they meet Harry outside. HARRY: What's that song you're humming, Dick? DICK: lt's "Honor, Honor," one of the Mixed chorus numbers in the annual spring concert. HARRY: We certainly have plenty of opportunity for sing- ing here, don't we? DICK: Cash, yesl To begin with, there's the Junior chorus for the younger students. There they get experience and training to prepare them for the Mixed chorus. TOM: The Boys' quartet takes the best male voices- ahem, l'm in-to sing in the concert, and more of the boys get a chance to air their vocal cords in the Boys' Glee club. TOM: The Mixed chorus had a full sched' ule this semester. A trip to Norfolk for PREPARING FOR the final re- hearsal of the concert, Tom dons a chorus robe. District Music 'contest gave us the rat- ing of "Excellent." HARRY: Then, of course, there's the an- nual concert, l'm glad you two made the chorus in time to sing in that. Social And Educational Organizations . S W LITERARY CLUB IN CHARGE OF REORGANIZING the Literary club is this group headed by Darden Pittman, president. SEATED: Darden Pittman, Betty B o w e ng STANDING: Sally Robeson, Pat Moss, Harlene Wolever, Jean Israel, Beth Quynn, Audrey Moore, Juanita Sew- ard, Helen Want. LATIN CLUB LATIN IS NOT a dead language to FIRST ROW: Miss Free, sponsor, Pantele, Snead, Gall, Atkinson, treas- urer, Collie, president, Williams, sec- retary, Bull, Bolxom, Tsitsera, John- son, Wegerg SECOND ROW: Smith, Arroll, Morgan, Morris, Black, Wil- liams, Parker, Conner, Dopter, Moore, Cowan, Buck, Powell, Roberts, THIRD ROW: Fox, McCallum, Aronoff, Wor- nom, Aronow, Taylor, McMahon, Ru- bert, Boswell, Samuels, Saunders, Bateman, Conn, Jr., FOURTH ROW: Campbell, Siceloft, Leigh, Wolever, Lumpkin, Courtney, Seward, White, Wilson, Dorsey, Thompson, Royal, Robertson. SPANISH CLUB AMIGOS ALL are a happy group and help the vets with the "Good Neigh- bor Policy." FIRST ROW: Amory, Pappas, Rosenfeld, Kramer, Schnell, Barlow, vice-president, Want, presi- dent, Perez, secretary-treasurer, Nach- man, Morecock, Humbert, Fox, Wag- ner, SECOND ROW: Goldstein, Paros, Nachman, Friedman, Perez, Powell, Urrutia, Knox, Miller, Hutchinson, Larsen, Lowenthall, Silk, Mr. Urrutia, sponsorg THIRD ROW: Robeson, Nor- ton, Winborne, Elder, Bennett, Dyke, Cummings, Hornsby, Sellers, Binder, Sawyer, Gatling, Avis. SCIENCE CLUB MEMBERSHIP N THE SCIENCE CLUB provides our three vets with valuable information along with enjoyable en- tertainment. The members are, SEAT- ED: Atkinson, Kelly, Mitchell, presi- dent-elect, Pittman, Moore, secretary, Nachman, Arroll, FIRST ROW: Chaun- cey, Wornom, Smith, Williams, Hill, Silk, Boswell, Langston, Bloxom, Mor- ris, Bateman, Tsitera, Panteleg SEC- OND ROW: Babb, Dyke, Levinson, Barlow, Miller, Adams, Lumpkin, Thomas, Conn, Jr., Black, Weger, Wachtel, THIRD ROW: Golub, Moss, Quynn, Ellis, Newbill, Moore, Knox, Conn, Sawyer, Pope, Barnes, Miss Floyd, sponsor. Were Open To Them . . . VETERANS' CLUB SERVICEMEN who have traded uni- forms for books after serving Uncle Sam are, FIRST ROW: Duane Sew- ard, Elton Bennett, Spiro Kolas, Buck- ly Wilkins, president, Russell Louis, sponsor, Ben Bruce, SECOND ROW: Leonard Mitchell, Winter Davis, Odel Jones, Bob Wornom, James McNa- mara, Harold Cummings, and Elmer Sharpley, THIRD ROW: Marvin Owens, Jerry Stainback, Clifford Staples, Earl Justice, Arthur Straehla, and Bob Davis. HOMEMAKERS' CLUB FUTURE WIVES are admired by vet- erans who hope theirs will be as well trained as these members of the Fu- ture Homemakers Club, SEATED: Marie Young, Vernell Traylor, Norrie Xittros, Constance Weymouth, Linda Avant, Cleo Ryan, Anne Mae Bishop, Jean Cathy, Barbara Holly, STAND- ING: Mrs. Lalie Lett Webb, adviser, Virginia Manning, Cathryn Nicholson, Marjorie Schnell, Ann Camper, Nellie Bloxom, Miss Sue Kelly, adviser. 2 if .-,gy-f, OFFICE ASSISTANTS WILLING WORKERS who furnish ab- sentee and late slips to veterans and other students are ottice assistants: Barbara Hoyle, Martha Starboard, Barbara Pearson, Mary Huller, Nellie Rowe, Betty Moore, Joan Goldstein, and Geraldine Kushon. INFIRMARY ASSISTANTS CURE ALLS who help any one injured or under the weather are Frances Huette, Marilda Cox, Ruby Curling, Jeanette Gaylord, Carolee McConnell, Hope Marshall, Doris Holloman, and the patient Jeanne Farmer. They Kept Up With School Affairs . . . NARRATOR1 Harry and Dick, are now strolling cfcwn the halls ot their old Alma Mater. Walking on the first floor, Dick is the tirst to spot the glass door with the gold letters spelling out the two words, The Beacon. DICK: Hey, Iookl The Beacon room is on this side of the building, it used to be in III for the longest time. HARRY: It looks all right to me, and, it they keep up with their good work, they'II make All-American rating again this semester. You know they have NOSEY NZWSERS look over their stories in THE BEACON, weekly paper, which went overseas to all the servicemen to keep them up-to-date on their "ole Alma Mater." SEATED: Sonya Rosen- feld, radio program director: Betty Jo Worthing- ton, page one editor: Audrey Moore, page four editor: Stanley Drucker, assistant editor page three, Betty Bowen, page two editor: Sue Walker, Nancy Jensen, Alan Wachtel, Ashton Mitchell, cartoonist: Margo Panos, business manager, Ar- thur Stuart, advertising manager, STANDING: Catherine Meredith and Tommy Jobe. BIG BOSSES Anne Collier and Juanita Seward are on their way into THE BEACON office to get ready for presstime. earned that honor for the last three terms from the National Scholastic Press association. HARRY: l'd like to try out tor commen- tator tor the high school radio pro- gram sponsored by the Beacon. This is the first time we've ever had a radio show and everybody tries to tune in on Saturday mornings at IO:l5 to find out what's cooking. DICK: I was wondering where Tom was, here he comes now. Let's amble on to meet him. Through The Beacon And The Anchor . . . THREE HEADS ARE BETTER than one when they belong to co-Editors Jean Love, Anne Clay and Associate Editor Betty Dyke. PROUD PLAYWRIGHTS gaze at an adver- tisement of their finished product. They are lkneelingl Sally Robeson, Nancy Powell, lstandingl: Jane Conner, Jean Howard, Har- riet Marshall, Betty Parker, Billy Roberts, Betty Jo Worthington, Alan Gordon, Lois Collie, Jean Williams, Irving Greenspan, Audrey Moore, Joan Arroll, Jackie Fox. GO-GETTERS are these members of the add staff, Frances Minkoff, Barbara Parker, Irene Holsweig, A. G. Allen, Callie Lou Royal, Harriet Marshall, Ann Satchell, Jane Hope, Charlesetta Graham, Phoebe Coe, Jack Gray, Jean Atkinson, manager, and Genevieve Courtney, assistant. fl-aw, TOM: Hi, fellows? Do you all know where the Anchor room is? l've been up to the third floor in 303 and there's no sign of it. HARRY: Oh haven't you heard? The Anchor and Beacon rooms are corn- bined although everything's kept sep- arately just as before. TOM: It certainly must be a lot of trouble putting out an Anchor. DICK: I don't know what the staff would do without Miss Taylor, the adviser. HARRY: Well, I think the book's well worth the trouble. Mom saved all the Anchors when l was in the service, and it was swell reading them. They Scrlutecl The Honorary Societies . . . HARRY: l've noticed that many students are wearing National Thespian, Na- tional Honor Society, or Quill and Scroll pins, What are those organiza- tions? TOM: Don't you remember? Branches ot several national honorary societies are located here, and those students are members. DICK: National Thespians select the ones who have been outstanding in dra- matics, either in acting or staff work, clon't they? TOM: Yes, and scholarship, leadership, character, and service determine the members of the National Honor so- ciety. DICK: For membership in the Quill and Scroll, you must have one hundred inches of your own copy printed in the Beacon, or do outstanding work on the Anchor. BOTH: Understand? LEADERS-TO-BE are FIRST ROW: Virginia Gall, Juanita Seward, Anne Clay, vice-president, Billy Har- mon, president: Jean Love, secretary-treasurer, Dor- othy Beadles, Sally Robeson, Audrey Moore, Jackie Foxy SECOND ROW: Frances Huette, Betty Dyke, Nelson Magee, Bill Edwards, Alan Gordon, Dorsey Pleasants, Sonya Rosenfeld, Joan Arroll, Elizabeth McFaIl. FUTURE DRAMATISTS are FIRST ROW: Janice Smith, Catherine Blewett, Anne Clay, Nancye Moore, Elizabeth McFall, Betty Mattingly, lrene Holsweig: SECOND ROW: Jean Israel, Betty Bowen, Billy Rob- erts, Jackie Fox, Shirley McCallum, THIRD ROW: Dorothy Beadles, secretary, Arthur Stuart, president: Jean Love, vice-president. HEADLINERS OF TOMORROW are FIRST ROW: Betty Bowen, Arthur Stuart, Sonya Rosenfeld, secretary- treasurer: Juanita Seward, president, Anne Collier, vice-president, Jean Lowry, Carolyn Larsen: SECOND ROW: Margo Panos, Jean Love, Anne Clay, Betty Dyke, Betty Jo Worthington. And Clubs That Aid The Community . . . JUNIOR RED CROSS ALWAYS ON THE JOB, these Red Cross workers meet in room 3l2 to receive stickers for distribution to each home room. The officers in the background are Carolee McConnell, secretary, Grace Powell, pres- ident, Virginia Gall, program chairman. DISTRIBUTORS' CLUB SALESMEN IN THE MAKING leave school at the beginning of F period to work in local business places for retail training, They are Jackie Coates, Frances Patterson, Montie Sasser, Gloria Vaughan, Elizabeth Hand, Dolores Crevelingj BACK ROW: Peggy Clark, Nancy Miller, Betty Brown. BOYS' HI-Y BOY CITIZENS OF THE COMMUNITY hold their weekly meeting at "Y" with the purpose of develop- ing character and leadership. They are Mr. Gall, spon- sor, Bill Edwards, Richard Hudgins, Jack Worton, Jack Pogue, Alec Lampros, David Pleasants, Jack Stallings, Darden Pittman, Roland Stall, president. Y-TEENS TEENAGFRS TAKE TIPS IN GLAMOUR-These "Y- Teens" have good times at picnics and dances, learn to improve themselves through study of poise, charm, dancing and participate in community projects. FIRST ROW: Sherrill Phillips, Rosemary Howard, Mary Larrimore, Martha Ann Hargrove, Florence Mul- lins, Patricia Twyford, Doris Marshall, Nancy Fogle, Frances Royer, SECOND ROW: Grace Carlucci, Ann Lowry, Christine Powell, Helen Johnson, Doris Suttle, Geraldine Liverman, Frances Gray, Jean Liverman, Helen Pittman, Vivian Snead, Betty Bazemore, Betty Powell, Rita McGregor, Carolee McConnell, Betty Cluverius, Mrs. Katz, THIRD ROW: Miss Frances Mays, sponsor, Anna Jay Andes, Hope Marshall, Lida Mae Marshall, Frances Huette, president of senior group. TOM: What fine clubs they have herel DICK: Yes, there's a place for everyone in school. HARRY: Even mel And Potted Their Feet In Rhythm To The Band . . . INSPIRATION to the band and the school are these flag- twirlers and the band sponsor, Anne Clay. Strutters are Phoebe Coe, Willene Fauley, Nancye Moore and Janet Peebles. MARCHING MUSICIANS who afford the veterans rousing music in pep rallies and concerts are, FIRST ROW: Joan Goldstein, Arthur Newberry, Phillip Levy, Herbert Henderson, David Topping, Jerry Garrison, Ola Hill, secretary, Vernon Lee Holloman, Mary Daniels, Carolyn Powell, Donald Babb, Martin Henderson: SECOND ROW: Marvin Weger, Joanne Fulcher, Billy Deck, Dorothy Blutord, Jean Israel, Mae Chapman, Dor- othy Brinkley, Mary Mac Gray, John Allen, Peggy Manning, Charles Hall, Billy Early, Billy Unthank, Archie Spiersp THIRD ROW: Berne Bennett, Mayer Levy, Billy Wise, Jodie Atkins, Tommy Savage, Billy Francis, Billy Crumpler, Jimmie Jackson, Cooper Tilghman, Donald Nachman, George Skinner, John Ball, Willis Cross, Willard Britt, Helen Hall, Dicky Wiggs, Shelton Barnes, Jasper Kitchen, Donald Gardner, Donald Bleckman, Harold Telstad: FOURTH ROW: James Fox, Billy Peach, Julius Schultzg Jules Frank, Billy Holloman, drum maior, Carlton Overman, Bobby L. Roberts, Fred Smith, Melvin Johnson, Teddy Masters, Sonny Cowling, Ben Kitchen, Bobby Harrison, Donald Foreman, Nelson Jones, Dan Ellis, and Gray Wilson. LOOKING OVER the instrument he hopes to play in the band, Harry awaits an interview with the band director, Miss Eleanor Sherman. NARRATOR: Coming to school early one it's very easy to see how our band won frosty morning, the boys enter the a superior rating at the District Mu- North side door. The strains of Cole sic festival. Porter's "I Love You" bring them to on abrupt halt. DICK: Yeah man! I suppose those four sharp flagtwirlers are their inspira- HARRY: That band rehearsal really tion. No wonder they've been so suc- sounds good! With playing like that cessful! 90 Finally They Came To The Conclusion . . . That These Are . . . "THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES Backers Oi The Mr. and Mrs. Ralph C. Satchell Mr. and Mrs. M. G. Pittman Mr. and Mrs. T. E. Corbell Miss Elma Free Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Howe Mrs. N. J. Webb Mr. and Mrs. F. J. Moore Phi Tau Beta Club Mr. and Mrs. Basil E. Merrill and family Miss Frances Taylor Mr. and Mrs. M. M. Amory Gamma Delta Gamma Mr. M. G. Willey Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Beadles Mr. and Mrs. A. L. Drucker Mr. and Mrs. T. C. Vaughan and family Stanley C. Wallace, Jr. Emmett J. Gwaltney George D. Allpact Samuel R. Thomas C. Clinton Spencer Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Barnes Miss Emilie Holladay Sigma Phi Omega Sorority Mrs. Sallie R. Adams Miss Pauline Allen Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cross Mrs. E. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Harcum Mr. and Mrs. J. Brown Mr. William E. Bonsor Mr. and Mrs. E.iEager Wood Mr. and Mrs. B. F. Atkinson Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Dyke Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Field Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Parker Mr. and Mrs. Alex M. Conner Mrs. B. G. White Mr. and Mrs. Donald W. Marshall Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Jennings Mr. and- Mrs. P. W. lsrael Mr. and Mrs. John E. Kersey Mr. and Mrs. H. N. Allen Mrs. W. F. Collie Miss Frances Maguire Mrs. W. T. Parker Dr. E. J. Binder Mrs. Wilson Rekrut Mr .ond Mrs. Richard Newman Mr. and Mrs. William E. Allaun, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. Carl Norwood Robeson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tynan Mr. and Mrs. Archie H. Clark Mr. and Mrs. L. T. Liverman Mrs. Joseph R. Fox Miss Rosemary Levinson Production . . . Mr. Max Levinson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bernard Coe Mr. and Mrs. H. Kenneth Peebles Mrs. J. E. Marable Mrs. Joe Frank Mrs. Lucetta W. Bell Mr. and Mrs. Carlos V. Urrutia, Jr Miss Amanda Gray Mr. and Mrs. A. D. Dopfer A friend Mr. H. Samuels Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Holloman Mrs. Carl L. Dellinger Mr. M. P. McConnell Mr. and Mrs. R. D. Clintsman Mr. and Mrs.. E. D. Powell Mr .and Mrs. C. S. Powell Mr. and Mrs. B. Frank Gray S. W. Colonna W. B. Colonna Mrs. M. B. Huller Mrs. Blanche Marshall Dr. F. N. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. John W. Gray Mr. Frank S. Sears Mr. and Mrs. W. O. Cutchins Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Templeman Mr. Vernon H. Garnand Mr. and Mrs. William C. Stuart Jr. Mr. and Mrs. O. O. Harrison Mr. and Mrs. Irving Nachman Mr. and Mrs. George Suttle B. B. G. Mr. and Mrs. Edward L. Gaylord Melvin Morris Major l. W. Brooks Helen Buxton Mrs. R. V. Kemp Mr. and Mrs. H. T. Hogge Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Telstad Mr .and Mrs. J. A. Schaaf Mr. and Mrs. H. B. Walker, Jr. Carol Marshall Elsie Marshall Mr. R. H. Sears Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Howard Mrs. Eulalia G. Powell Miss Frances Mays Mr. F. W. Johnson Mr. and Mrs. Harold B. Cummings Mr. James J. Smith Mr. and Mrs. D. G. West Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Roberts F. F. Hopkins Mr. and Mrs. A. R. Newberry Dr. and Mrs. E. W. Buckingham 92 Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Kiser Mr. and Mrs. Mason D. Reed, Sr. Mr. Joseph Binder Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Coates Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Morris Mr. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Minkaff and Mrs. P. C. Overman Mr. A. G. Allen Delta Sigma Delta Mr. and Mrs. Brockwell Mrs. S. G. Pearson Mr. and Mrs. Z. Y. Shields Ashton Mitchell W. R. Wise Mr. and Mrs. R. C. Dunkum Mr. and Mrs. Lowell C. Alexander Mr. and Mrs. C. B. Penny, Sr. L. V. Edwards Mrs. E. A. McFall Mr .and Mrs. James Lee Moore Mr. and Mrs. Harry Simon Mrs. E. T. Henderson Mrs. J. W. Bruce Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Harman Mrs. Ruth B. Marks Mr. and Mrs. Sidney Parker Mrs . L. M. Mattingly Cooper Tilghman Mr Mr. .and Mrs. R. R. Stall and Mrs. J. Conrad Hudgins Arthur Straehla Mr. Mr. Mrs and Mrs. R. Greenspan Jack Gordon . W. N. Smith Mr. and Mrs. B. Rosenfeld Mrs. W. B. Williams Mrs. H. B-. Schofield Mrs. M. E. Wilson Mrs. J. C. Meredith Mrs. E. L. Overton Mrs. F. L. Hall Mr. G. C. Bazemore Mrs Mr. . G. C. Hand and Mrs. l. A. Clay Mr .and Mrs. T. B. Baird Mr. D. D. Peters Mrs. L. G. Wood Leonard Roberts Mrs. W. A. Farmer Hameraom l23 Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Jabe, Jr. Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Pleasants Mr. F. L. Garrison Mrs. Ada Royal Mr. and Mrs. Louis Halzweig Mrs. J. T. Love And Professional People That Wish It Well The business and professional men of the city offer their congratulations to Dr. C. B. Courtney Dr. L. E. Stubbs Dr. lsham T. Hardy Dr. R. Cowles Taylor Dr. Murray Dick Howard C. Mirmelstein, D.D.S. Dr. J. W. Phillips Dr. C. R. Mirmlestein, D.D.S. Mr. George Roach Mr. l. Leake Wornom Dr. A. G. Orphanidys Mr. A. L. Bivins the June '47 graduating cast: Dr. G. Colbert Tyler Miss Kathryn V. Wood Mr. Harry Reyner Mr. A. K. Blakemore Dr. Emanuel Greenspon Mr. G. Penn Williams Dr. F. H. Worthington Dr. J. W. Sayre Mr. W. A. Mitchell Mr. B. G. James Dr. John B. Todd Dr. W, R. Payne Several organizations extend hope that all of these stars will fill mayor roles in future life: Loyal Order of Moose Newport News Lodge No. 315, Peninsula Lodge No. l39 Knights of Pythias B.P.O.E. Eagles Fleetfoot Tribe No. 8, l.O.R.M. 93 Memories ot high school doys will This photograph ot Morildo Cox, live forever with photographs from Best-Looking Girl ot the senior Nochmorfs up-to-date third floor class, is o good example of our studio. work. Photo Studio Third Floor 94 CLARLESETTA GRAHAM will always be an time with a watch from Shaw's I ewelry Store 2809 Washington Avenue BILLY WILLIAMS The Cleaner 2704 Wickham Avenue Who's Your Cleaner? Cadillac Ambulance Service Experienced Attendants 3lO3 West Ave., Newport News, Va. J. HUGH CAFFEE F. M. CAFFEE Caffee A Funeral Home Scott's Hardware WILLIAM B. SCOTT, Prop. om: 6-l674 24 l 3 Jefferson Avenue Kosher Meats Delicatessen Fancy Groceries I. Chatting over a soda are BARBARA PEAR 2600 Jefferson Avenue SON and JERRY HALL at MUSHY'S 35th Street and West Avenue The Office of the Mutual Home 6: Savings Ass'n. 208 30th Street BOW1er's Auto Exchange 3407 Huntington Avenue SERVICE DEPARTMENT Dial 2-1332 or 2-7338 A group of students stop for eats listen to the latest tunes at Moore's Confectionery . 2200 Wickham Avenue i and a 96 4 SALLY ROBESON smiles in appreciation after receiving a corsage from Dial 2-3009 All Hours - lf No Answer Dial 2-8265 2l2 3lst Street A Nctchman's Kenneth Arch I Younq Men s Shop Real Estate Clothing, Shoes, Haberdashery Insurance Loans Work Clothes, ll7 26th Street Dial 2-l37l Soldier Equipment 604 25th Street HARRISON AND HORNER WILLYS CARS, TRUCKS, AND JEEPS 2504-14 wackhom Avenue ' Dial 2-2362 NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 97 Anchor Editors ANNE CLAY and JEAN LOVE talk things over with the printer ot The Franklin Printinq Company, Inc. 216 25th Street DIAL 3-1051 Men's Furnishings, Shoes 3110 Washington Avenue 3506 Washington Avenue Newport News VO NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Levinson and Company WHOLESALE MEATS AND PROVISIONS 2610-2612 Jefferson Avenue 98 Further Your Hobby With Equipment From The Hobby Center 3704 Washington Ave. Benson - Phillips Company For COAL 3100 Virginia Ave. Compliments of HARCUMCGROCERY C. L. "Red" Harcum 303 Blair Ave. lACK'S Clothinq Store 3500 Washington' Ave. Dial 5-1081 For Appointme t DARLENE Beauty Shop LOIS N. HAYES, Praprieto 903W 25th Street WLOIS COLLIE will be all doctored up afte her prescription is filled at I-lbbitt's North End Pharmacy f ., A I .L 'I Q H .at I M0141 'A 4309 Virginia Avenue CURB SERVICE PALMS Wythe Restaurant I Esso Servlcenter Hampton, Virginia PENINSULA SUPPLY COMPANY, Inc. LUMBER AND BUILDING MATERIALS 34th STREET AND VIRGINIA AVENUE PHONE 4 1496 100 1' ny values in the Broadway Department Store 3007 WASHINGTON AVE DIAL 4-I 76I Hill's Department Store "The Store With the Blue Front" 2308 JEFFERSON AVE. Newport News Virginia Francis L. I obe 3600 Huntington Ave. 3-I608 DIAL or 3-I609 A4 M, , , 4 AWA 44 Hmmm ww M5 , un pw fm, W' :,J',Y'fV QW 2 YW N f,..1,-MZ 'Jw Mw,,,,""' A frtfrtiugfamgorpr , ,f I WW M 1 , W K , V,m'f' A mf" , ,fr V W 'M' T4 AA' ,,M4f"' ,Aft ' ' ' jf' 'rid f M, K, , ' . Ar, Nw V W , Vvf ff MK' 1 I - ' Wi an Mawr M Y, ff A 'S fri 1',,.w' ' l 'PM f 2" 9' MV . ,qhfgzk WWW My L , ' f I A' I ,,-.fgwq X f ' ' f . If., A .swf we Q ' , , mfg hy 7, ,MM Jim Z A I A Here BETTY PARKER, JEANNE FARMER, JANE CONNER and JEAN WILLIAMS enioy a free ride Exclusive Distributors of Mobiloil Products In This City I-landy Gil Company C, A. PARKE AT THE BOAT HARBOR R E. R. HATTEN lO2 Where All the High School Students Meet West Ave. Sweet Shoppe Your Hair Won't Be a Flop On the Night of a Hop If You Visit I ames River Beauty Salon ll5 32nd Street Dial 2-5l9l IF lT'S FLOWERS for THE PROM Get Them From goefjyn Uofeman gfo 'ziaf Beverly Bowler's School of ACCORDION and PIANO 92 32nd Street DIAL 2-l332 Crum's Bakery Specializing in Decorations for WEDDINGS, BIRTHDAYS and ANNIVERSARIES 3508 Huntington Ave. HOTEL WARWICK N EWPORT N EWS, VA. Our Dining Room Offers You Traditionally Fine Food And Service at Moderate Prices Special Sunday Dinners For the Family Private Parties of from IO to 35 guests may be served in The Palm Room NICK ALLEN MOTORS. Inc. 30 h d H g A DIAL 4 I734 QUALITY FOOTWEAR SINCE I885 A. B. SOUTHALL - Plumbinq I425 KECOUCHTAN ROAD Di I 2 2514 WARWICK LAUNDRY, Inc. 127 24th Street DIAL 4-1421 HORSEMAN'S Florist 1003 Kecoughtan Road 49 W. Queen Street Dial Phone N. 2-1623 Hampton 7351 HAMPTON, VA. O. I. Kiseit Realty Company 118 26th St. Newport News, Va B IESKI N'S CORNER 24TH AID JGFPIRSOI Stoner's Radio and Sound Service Dial 2-5811 3508 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va DEPENDABLE RADIO SERVICE BEN RIGGINS tries on o new topper at Spiqel's College Shop 3115 Washington Ave. Reliable Hardware by an Established Firm George S. Barnes, Hill's Seafood Market Fish, Clams, Crabmeat, Shrimp and Other Seafoods in Season 915 Kecoughtan Rd.-at Locust Ave. HAMPTON, VA. PENINSULA HARDWARE CO. Hardware - Paints House Furnishings 1711 Kecoughtan Road HAMPTON, VIRGINIA DIAL NEWPORT NEWS 2-4121 Inc. Hardware and Building Material 26th 8. Jefferson Ave. Dial 6-1628 At , ALESSANDRO A. ANCELUCCVS Putnams Druq Store , , Studio of Voice We see NANCY POWELL airing out 2521 Washinqton Avenue her grins, 3408 West Ave. Dial 2-1667 106 5529! f, S'?"f9TH, KU 1 ' rx IN fi C If .. Ag, When you're making those post- graduation plans, think of the telephone company. Here's an essential and expanding business full of opportunities for the ambitious girl. Visit our employment office--3305 Huntngton Avenue, New- port News-and let us tell you more about telephone work. uvrm, JEL? fps. i : Wmmiivf CHESAPEAKE AND POTOMAC TEIEPHONE COMPANY OF VIRGINIA IO7 ANNE COLLIER and STANLEY DRUCKER choose chicken in the rough ot Pick-a-Bone 25th 8- Buxton Ave. gl- 'AHB BHIIS ,l l jeweler: and O,an'c1'an: 3005 Washington Ava Central Motor Co. 2208 Kocoughtan Road HAMPTON, VIRGINIA Heath Roofing Co. Roofing 81 Sheet Metal Work of All Kinds Slate 81 Tile Work NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 4312 Huntington Avenue Locust Avenue Service Station IOOO Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Virginia Phone 2-563i SWELL FOUNTAIN HUNCH gfEPSI'El'4 PEPSI WITH LUNCH 56 PEPSI-COLA COMPANY Long Island City, N. Y. 8 YOU ARE ALWAYS WELCOME At the Home of EPPER For That After-school Refreshmen Go T Pharmacy O 819 Kecoughtan Road Dial 4-1531 I -PRESCRlPTIONS- Ioes Soda Courteous, 'Prompt Service Fountain Drinks Q Ice Cream 7005 Huf1fiI'1Qf0H AVG- Drugs Q Prescriptions Magazines Q Baby Needs DIAL 2-9536 Complete Line YardIey's Cosmetics Cavalier Cut Rate EASY PAY 27th 81 Jefferson Ave. Newport News, Va. Dial 2-9557 TIRE sToRE 2606 Jefferson Ave. 109 Terminal Stockyord Co. 120 26th St. DIAL 5-1291 River Road--H5-1859 For o Lunch or Dinner with thot "HOME-COOKEDH Toste WSH Hardware Co.. Inc. 1 Blandford S Complete Lino ot Hordworc 2610 Washington Avc. 123 28th Street Thos. W. Brooks :S Son SHOE REPAIRINC 129 29th Street Newport News, Vo. Phone 641334 RELIABLE FOOTWEAR f' P of Ft ' IH F BR O I' rl El R u NEWPORT NEWS ond HAMPTON 1 . 1 e ANN SATCHELL and JEAN ISRAEL look over the large selection of fruits'and vegetables- '- at the FLORIDA ORANGE STORE 1 3208 WASHINGTON AVE. DIAL 3-1615 W. W. Sims FUEL DEALER 3707 Chestnut Avenuc Newport News, Va, Dial 5-1261 Harper 6: Co. 2617 Washington Avenue FEATURING if 11113511 KRAMER BROS. DEPARTMENT STORE 2301 JEFFERSON AVENUE Catering to the Young Set Drink GOLDEN GUERNSEY That Special Milk Burkholder Dairy Denbigh, Virginia Dial 2-4722 Main Office 2-1046 111 TOMMY JOBE enjoys "o frosty bottle of Royal Crown" Boyz-al Crown Cola Tidewater Waterfront Lumber AND Motorcycle Place Shipceilinq Corp. 25th 84 Huntington Ave. I200 Jefferson Ave. Phone 3-1805 Phone 3-I305 or 3-l306 ATTENTION! HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Good Pay-Secure Future-In Civil Service Government Issues Urgent Call! NEW CLASSES NOW FORMING Enroll Now for Both Day and Night-Low Tuition "Business Training At Its Best" Approved for Veterans' Training COLLEGE OF HAMPTON ROADS "Virginia's Most Modern and Best Equipped Business College" Nationally Accredited 3l I2 West Avenue Phone Newport News 2-I8ll College Degree Instructors Lloyd Lumsden, LL.B., President ll2 Make Your Lunch Appetizing With Cakes From Center Bakery Dial 2-7858 2204 Wickham Avenue wEAvER's MARKET 2705 Huntington Avenue PHONE 4-1771 DOT BEADLES prepares for cold weather ahead with a coat from Freeman Fur Shop 2607 WASHINGTON AVE. Cadillac Oldsmobile SUTTLE MOTOR COMPANY 34th and Jefferson Avenue Your Business and Good Will Appreciated at Roy Peterson me srnvicr Dstributor for Norwalk Tires TRACTOR TIRE VULCANIZING FULL RECAPPED TIRES VULCANIZING USED TIRES REGROOVING Dial 2-9471 1430 25th St. FOR SATISFACTORY SERVICE and PROMPT DELIVERY Call CHESAPEAKE CLEANERS Dial 2-4339 Pine Avenue 8. 25th Street JEAN WILLIAMS makes a sale to BETTY PARKER and JANE CONNER at W. B. Williams Furniture Store 225 28th Street DIAL 6-1971 Hi-Hat. Inc. 3506 Kecoughtan Road Dial Hampton 8219 Shackeliord Auto Co., Inc. DODGE -- PLYMOUTH Dodge Job Rated Trucks 329 25th Street Merrimac Motors Hampton, Va. Phone 6367 Phone 6368 Cherokee Produce Co. 3501 Kecoughtan Rd. Hampton, Va. 1 CLAY HORNSBY will be all ready for those exams with a pair of glasses from WHITE OPTICAL COMPANY Medical Arts Building West Avenue Bryant and N elms REAL ESTATE l29 26th Street fi Sussex Beauty Salon Creative Hair Styling Exclusive But Not Expensive" For Your Appoint PHONE HAMPTON 4032 3837 Kecoughtan Road RICHARDSON CLEANERS, Inc. The Very Best in Dry Cleaners Newport News Dial 2-4077 2002 WICKHAM AVENUE Hampton Phone 8071 ll5 I WARWICK FARMS 3100 VIRGINIA AVENUE DIAL 41776 gwccfa PENINSULA AN D SQNS SHIPBUILDERS I CERTIFIED cEMol.oclsTs ASSOCIATICN and JEWELERS if Getting ready for that Saturday night date are five students at LAURENCE BARBER SHOP Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS Building and Loan Association l20 26th Street Newport News, Virginia M. P. Breon TIRE SPECIALIST 34Ol Huntington Ave. Dial 2-IO62 - Distributor - KELLY-SPRINGFIELD TIRES, Edward Travis And His ORCHESTRA 0 Debutante Ball, Norfolk O Suffolk German Club 0 Chamberlin Hotel 0 President's Birthday Ball 0 Casemate Club, Ft. Monroe 0 Esquire Room, Langley Field 0 Starlight Room, Monticello 0 Smithfield Cofillion Club IIT Become a Seamstress Take Lessons Now -Ati Singer Sewing Machine Co 2605 Washington Ave. Dial 4-I962 DELICIOUS ICE CREAM Variety of Flavors Fresh Fruit Ice Cream Co. Washington Ave. 81 35th St. Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company l CAROLYN LARSEN and JUANITA SEWARD t th pu eir money in the safe keeping of CITIZENS MARINE IEF F ERSON BANK Member of the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. In the Interest of BETTER HOMES Six Floors Devoted Exclusively to Fine Home Furnishings For Refreshing Joy and Soda Pop Go To Roqer's Confectionery Shop Oak Ave. 8. 25th St. Dial 2-4125 For a Screw, Chisel, Hammer or Nail Go to Lee White Hardware HAPPY T HOME FURNISHERS WITHOUT FAIL 2701 Roanoke Avenue Dial 3-1551 DORIS WILSON, ANNE HOLMES, EMMA DOPHER and JESSIE AMORY look over the photographic materials at EPES STATIONERY COMPANY 2908 Washington Avenue Chesapeake Seafood Market 2105 Wickham Avenue Dial 2-4366 lf lt's Seafood, We've Got lt I. F. Tilghman. Inc. N ELSON C. OVERTON Enjoy Healthful Recreation At Hygoia Dollar Dinh Hampton and Wickham Avenues Oliver 6: Roane DISTRIBUTORS AND DEALERS SOUND EQUIPMENT E X C L U S IV E L Y ENGINEERING - AND - RENTAL SERVICE NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Dial 6-1281 A GENUINE REGISTERED eepsake D I A M O N D R l N G Trade Mark Registered ALLEN Jewelry Com pany 2902 WASHINGTON AVE. Newport News, Va. Dial 2-1412 JAMES McNAMARA and PAT YOUNG invest their money for a secure future at BANK OF HAMPTON ROADS 214 Washington Avenue Dial 5-1244 WILKS BROS. GOODPAR Furniture Company Ige Cream For Satisfaction 81 Quality 5808 virginia Avenue DIAL 2-5221 2306 Jefferson Avenue DIAL 7-1062 I. H. Wheeler 6: Co. REAL ESTATE "Riverside Lots" 115W 26111 Street MEATS - GROCERIES - PRODUCE BEVERAGES - CANDIES - ICE, CREAM 3208 Madison Avenue DIAL 4-1561 Harp's Grocery Drugs School Supplies BETTY DYKE gives her seal of approval to ' - Getting ready for t he old swimmin' hole, PHILLIP LEVY 61 COMPANY 2707 Washington Avenue Diol 3-1601 Briariield Farm H. 6 B. Grocery Market FANCY GRoc:ER1Es, MEATS ERu1Ts and VEGETABLES Just 0 C-ood Grocery Store Dial 6-1371 128 30111 sneer R. R. ROGERS Dial 6-1303 741 31st Street Wythe Tire Co. Re-capping, Vulconizing Re-grooving Wrecking 8. Road Service 1903 25th Street Diol 6-1976 A. E. Tucker ESSO DEALER 50th St. 81 Huntington Ave. NANCY MIFFLETON, DOT BEADLES, LINDA AVANT and MARI LDA COX proudly display some new spring and summer creations which can be bought at Washington Avenue ond 32nd Street Newport News, Vo. 123 55v1tSS.E.NGE9 M5 PEGGY HUDGINS, BETTY BECK and JOANNE FULCHER are always on time for their up pointments with the quick service of Chapman Cab Co. 3308 Washington Avenue DIAL 4-1482 Bernard's Housewares, C-ifts,Cards, Toys 1821 Wickham Avenue STUART GARDENS SHOPPING CENTER Newport News, Va. Puritan Restaurant Sport Center Of Newport News,Inc. Everything for the Sportsman . M. iPete1 White J.Tracey C. Miner, Jr. Excellent Meals Prompt Service 2716 Washington Ave 124 iii? L fi-S5 l. AW. BROOKS buys a present for his best girl at Albert's Iewelers 3301 Washington Avenue Dial 2-1221 B. F. Atkinson, Realtor Real Estate and Insurance Dial 2-3392 125 26th Street WHlTE'S GARDEN PHARMACY, Inc. WHlTE'S PHARMACY, Inc. STUART GARDENS Newport News, Va. Phone 2-7822 HILTON VILLAGE, VA. Phone 2-5321 Your home owned drug stores are well staffed by the most competent and experienced pharmacists who are interested in you and the welfare of your community. B. G. WHITE, President and General Manager TURNER'S PHARMACY, Inc. YORKTOWN PHARMACY, Inc. 301 Blair Ave. Newport News, Va. Phone 4-1371 Yorktown, Va. Phone Yorktown 2341 A group of the boys, BILLY HARMAN, LEONARD ROBERTS, TOMMY VINCENT, and JACK 'BALL take it easy while tuning in to their favorite program on W G I I I34O on your diol Th b P Arrow Ties Stetson Hots e Iaco son ress Arrow Shirts Griffon Clothes P R I N T I N C- I. MIRMELS'I'EIN'S 2704 Huntington Avenue 3106 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VAL "Men's Weor Since I897" Diol 6-1 171 W. Jacobson Mgr. Diol 7-1512 Newport News, Vo Meet Me At WHELAN'S fx- A96 n I THE Xa Umted Clqdl' Whelan 54099 4 5 HOP Stores Corp. sf 2909 Washington Avenue 3107 Washington Avenue N EWPORT N EWS, VA. 126 CAROLEE McCONNELL models the newest thing in clothes at l..EGGETT'S DEPARTMENT STORE 3209 Woshirmgton Avcnuc Dial 5 T283 75a Www mf Ufeawf' -.1 , , .,.,.,,,- , x wwus., V -v'-Ma., The Home Economics Department Receives Laundry From D A VV N Jjff,'1L"'4 . . 1 111511111-ill' sa 6' 830 25th Street 3117 Washington Avenue Dial 5-1212 Dial 3-T731 l28 CITY TAXI Dial 3-1021 3604 Washington Avenue 24-HOUR SERVICE TO ALL POINTS ON THE PENINSULA Bon Bel Beauty Shoppe 907 22nd Street DIAL 2-1508 Betty Ashby, Manager Newport News Operatic Society Two Productions a Year THIS YEAR Fall-"Yeor'nan of the Guard" Spring-"Carmen" I. A. Hoqqe G Bro. J. E. RICH, Jr. Prop. STAPLE and FANCY GROCERIES MEATS, FRUITS and PRODUCE 44I2-44I4 Huntington Ave. Dial 4-I484 Strinqiellow Electric Corp. Electrical Supplies Electrical Specialties 26I6 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. I29 , BETTY BOWEN deposits Beacon money at I THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. 2715 WASHINGTON AVENUE Warwick Bakery 220 28th Street Dial 4-1362 'We Specialize in Rye, Pumpernikel, and Vienna Broad Birthday and Wedding Cakes Tiny" Earle and "SmiIing" Bob Always in THE DOG HOUSE Frankfurters, Hamburgers, Orange Drink and Frozen Custard 35th and Huntington Avenue "Binq" Buriord Your "Veteran" Hudson Dealer 330 30th Street DIAL 2-2475 Relax and Enjoy a C-ood Show XXL -Y I Y I OPEN DAILY IO:45 A. M. to Il:O0 P. M. Sunday l2:45 to Il:0O P. M. ' I i "The Pride of the Peninsula" Rnmolliil Where the Better Pictures Ploy High on the Honor Roll With High School Boys ond Girls! JEAN ATKINSON and GENEVIEVE COURT- NEY getting those high heels repaired at Blechmcm's NEWPORT News SHOE REPAIR Youth Center 3024 Washington Ave' 3202 Woshington Avenue PAINT PRODUCTS COMPANY WE HAVE EVERYTHING IN THE LINE OF PAINT Come in and See Our Selection 327 25th STREET Newport News, Virginia I3I 1 1 ngx I Style-minded girls can easi y see a 3303 WASH l NCTON AVENUE li Adams Shoe Store Complete Line of the BEST SHOES 2916 Washington Avenue. i sijjf, A A F31 A 5 251' 1 5 V f 5 A 0 , sf- , if sf' is Q K s A , Lp - , tw , 'M MM , ' '-W.. 'mb dress from 'I th t NANCY MOORE is up-to-the-minute with a DIAL 7-1661 ,WY ,, 4 lobe Grocery GROCERIES and FRESH MEATS VEGETABLES FISH und OYSTERS 2200 Chestnut Avenue Clay's Restaurant 4203 Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Fashion ls Our Business Quality Our Wcitchword Dependobility Our Creed La Vogue Shoppe 3025 Washington Avenue 132 , , ii W .Sf ww... """"emsnqg L-me A 'lvkiiux J' BETTY DYKE and BILLY HARMAN, the most studious girl and boy of the senior class, catch up on current events for those history classes. Daily Press Times-Herald CMORNINC-SP IEVENINC-SJ H 7216 1J67lI.7l5ll!d,5 M'w5pHpFf.Y " PUBLISHED IN NEWPORT NEWS 134 ,. 4,, -,..,, ,. ...,. C" , t 4 A group of students gather around to listen to some of the newest hits V V DUNCAN an DALE. APPLIANCES, nie 3400 Virginia Avenue Dial FINE'S 1' sEwARo's BARBER SHOP MEN'S SHOPS. Inc To Have That Well-Groomed Look 1'lCITl'eI'S-Fl.IrI'11S1'tel'S- Come in and See Us Today 1 2901 Washington Avenue 4211 Huntington Avenue Joseph Miller NEWPORT NEWS, VA. SALES H.Ev1-w g SERVICE Newport News Automobile Exchange In Our 25th Anniversary Year 34th and Huntington Avenue Dial 5-1217 135 1: . If you have o luncheon or dinner dote be :mort like ETHEL NEOF ROBERTSON and ITOU and JOYCE go to the National Restaurant 3112 Washington Avenue .--dam" Universal Auto Sales 4111 Huntington Ave. Dial Office 6-1676 4-1461 1 1 1 1 You'd smile ond be proud too, with 0 3211 Was FUR COAT from Silverman Fur Salon says JEAN LOVE hington Ave. D iol 4-1271 136 One of Our Trucks Will Bring YOUR CLEANING Right to the Door Miller Cleaners 2l8 27th Street Dial 3-l 663 309 72nd Street Dial 3-l664 JOHN BALL, LEONARD ROBERTS an IRENE HOLZWEIG enioy "The Best in Music" ' At Thomas Piano Company 2lO 28th Street DIAL 2-25l2 , 4 ' 4 -Q L ' ' fat' R f'esfgvb3aia ., A- -121232 - BECK' BREAD 314 25th Street NEWPORT NEWS 6-1051 Tires Tubes Batteries Auto Accessories Washington Ave. 8- 38th St. L Dial 6-1329 Affwtic ea. Leaders in Everything Musical PIANOS, RECORDS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, TOYS AND MUSIC 2713 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia Parkview Service Station 5850 Jefferson Avenue Newport News Virginia REMEMBER Birthdays, Anniversaries and Holidays BUY YOUR FLOWERS From Warwick Flower Shop 7009 Huntington Avenue 3 4 9 51 13 - Pail-QCE a RR L Q IIIII E Ill IWTIWIITUITT i f EPP-Bam amid' iii? O. 9 I any 138 Virginia Engineering Company I General Contractors 80 29th STREET DIAL 7-1201 Drucker 6 Falk REAL ESTATE and PARTICIPATING INSURANCE Elliott's Super Market Fancy Groceries Branch Office, 3824 Kecoughtan Road Vegetables HAMPTON, VIRGINIA 35 J 134 26th sneer Dao: 6-1687 05 eHe'SO" Avenue SANITARY LUNCH 3026 WASHINGTON AVENUE DIAL 2-6521 139 SUE WALKER and WOODY FAULEY get ready for one of those Friday night parties, with groceries from Pittman's Grocery 2615 Marshall Avenue DIAL 4-1766 Cutclmims Bros. AUTCD SERVICE DIAL 2-2651 1 1 SISTER GREENE gets ready for that Satur- day night date At Paramount Beauty Salon 129 33rd Street Dial 7-1551 140 RICHARD HUDGINS takes some of his friends for an inspection of one of his father's new cars udgins Motor orp. 2900 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER I4I I For o thorough iob ANNA JAY ANDES takes her clothes to Austrian Cleaners 3403 WASHINGTON AVE. HUNTINGTON AVENUE SERVICE CENTER 42nd Street 81 Huntington Avenue Invites Your Patrcnage Specializing ln Prompt, Efficient Auto Service LEONARD L. HAZELWOOD, SR. Dial 2-9578 N. Suttle C9 Sons The Peninsula's Jewelry Store of Quality, Reliability, and Moderate Prices Since 1895 Corner 25th and Jefferson Avenue "Chic" Carver HAMPTON, VA. FANCY C-ROCERIES STAPLES Lawson Grocery 2400 Oak Avenue iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii HHHIET Flowers For All Occasions 2IO 33rd Street DIAL 3-1012 l42 The Newport News Coca-Cola Bottling Co., Inc. After school lg, if BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY 143 lf have a Coke 'ESP F 7 6' X 3 5 -'G X 7 N , A VV fm I QE X 5 m. x ' RX j 1 1 A ' ' Q QV 2 A if ia?"-ff A ,V Q' X X K X - f I 'Q '- 6 ' -1 R I f X ,f , X ' 1 K' ANXRXX A f Z. Z 5 ,wg Zx 9 .. M' W A r ', ,qgzfgfgih A Q ',:'fW9Q' X19 W WW! ' ,,1 1 ,f ww 00 mam fWv2'W 'WG Q' Z 2 2 iIiQe?,Q - 4 alfa, 1 4 E may 'IZ':l?" ZX, I If Q xf i',f Wdvfvl g 5 i3'l'5:5f Ns .- ,ff . K ' , N 'Li' QM., Y 'I W, 144 4 Q. 5 Qi 5 3 ii BI 5 F33 es Ea S if E' v 5 Q Qi 2 nz fl: 24 41 s E Q 1+ 1 2. fi 51 15 1 ?1 A s 1: v.

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