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Published by the Graduating Class of June, 1946 NEWPORT NEWS HIGH SCHOOL Newport News, Virginia M sc w7fc (Member ( Jjf dbt!9?l) One IN MEMORIAM Dr. Joseph H. Saunders, our be- loved superintendent, died at his home on the ninth day of Febru- ary, 1946 after a lingering ill- ness. From the time he was elected superintendent, he served public education in our city and state with devotion and signal distinc- tion. He worked u n t i r i ngly to broaden the scope of education and to strengthen the teaching corps. He advocated more ade- quate remuneration for his teach- ers and required of them h igh JOSEPH H. SAUNDERS B.A., M.A., LL.D. standards of personal and educa- tional qualifications. During the period of his superintendency, a number of new schools were erect- ed including our high school which is a living monument and testimonial to his foresight and wisdom. Even in his last illness he pa- tiently and courageously gave of his time and thought. We shall always cherish his memory, for he worked valiantly and builded well. Two THE WHIRLING TYPHOON ! Our senior year in the Newport News High School has meant more to us than the other years since there is freedom from the strife and the turmoil of war. Ty Phoon now whirls you through a summary of this our last school year. Three DEDICATION nu u ty a t4o4e gutter atudente t e ' Ticcvfcaxt ‘Tteuui ' %i 9 6 ScAmI ov a fcaid (Ac aufexemc utcri£ice itt TOvtlct 74 ar 2. Frank L. Adams James D. Palmer Ralph E. Ball George F. Pennington Sidney Becker Alex W. Ramsey Wi ' liam Binder J. Richardson Russell L. Brooks James E. Sherrill Jesse Brown Robert N. Siceloff Lawrence H. Chandler Jesse Harold Slaughter David Harrison Collins C. Norman Smith John E. F. Fulcher Frank W. Smith Selwyn C. Garner Herbert G. Smith, Jr. Daniel A. Golberding William D. Smith Layton C. Goodman Frank L. Stokes Carson M. Harris Robert Henry Tench Thomas Hassell Austin F. Watkins P. Wallace Hiden E. Keith Watkins W. Stanley Kennon J. Brown Weaver Walter J. Marshall T. Spottswood West Philip W. Murray, Jr. Woodson Woodward Thomas E. Nelms Alonzo L. Winder Charles W. O ' Malley Four MIGHTY TYPHOONS! 3 . A fJp-RtWS Five NEWPORT NEWS SCHOOL BOARD Left to Right: Samuel D. Green, Acting superintendent; Allen R. Hoffman; Philip W. Murray; Dorsey C. Pleasants, chairman; Horace G. Long- aker; Mrs. John E. Kritzer. LAMAR R. STANLEY Newport News, Virginia B.A. University of Nebraska M.A. College of William and Mory Principal ETHEL M. GILDERSLEEVE Newport News, Virginia B.S. Farmville State Teachers College M.A. Columbia University Sponsor of Student Council, Executive Board Dean of Girls THOMAS O. KEESEE Newport News, Virginia B.S. Hampton-Sydney College M.S. University of Virginia Assistant Principal Six EMMA FRANCES BABER: Cartersville, Virginia; B S. University of Virginia; Speech, English. MABEL BARHAM: Newport News, Virginia; B.A. Randolph-Macon Womans ' College; M. A. University of Michigan; Sponsor of Latin Club; Latin; Spanish. BEULAH C. BRASHER: Kuttawa, Kentucky; B.A. Bowling Green Business Uni versity; Typewriting. MARGARET CALLAHAN TABB: Danville, Virginia; B.S. University of Virginia; Biology. CASSIE L. CHILDRESS: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. College of William and Mary; Mathematics. JULIET COX COLEMAN: Newport News, Virginia; B.A Westhampton College, University of Richmond; B. Relg. Ed. Woman ' s Missionary Union Train- ing School; Sponsor of Junior Red Cross; History. JULIUS CONN: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. University of Virginia; Graduate Work, University of New York; College of William and Mary; Activi- ties of Ticket Treasurer; Coach of Basketball and Track; Sponsor of Varsity Club; Physical Education. FRANCES COX: Washington, D. C.; B.S. Mary Washington College; Speech, Drama JOSEPH V. DELLAPENTA: Endicott, New York; B.S. Oswego State Teachers ' College; Sponsor of Stamp Club; General Shop. MAE M. EDWARDS: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. Farmville State Teachers ' College; Advisor of Literary Club; English. SUSIE V. FLOYD: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.S. Farmville State Teachers ' Col- lege; M.A. Columbia University; Sponsor of Science Club; Advisor of Senior Decoration Committee; Science, Civics, Biology. RUTH FOLKMAN: Hampton, Virginia; B.A. Susquehanna University; History. ELMA FREE: Huntingdon, Pennsylvania; B.A. Juniata College; M.A. University of Michigan; History. MARGARET R. GARLAND: Petoskey, Michigan; B.S. George Peabody College; Advisor of Library Assistants; Assistant Librarian. HARRY A. HARMON: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. Furman University; M.A. University of Alabama; Football Coach; Physical Education. ALBERTA HOUSER: Macon, Missouri; B.S., M.A. University of Missouri; Speech. LOUISE HURT: Newport News, Virginia; B. A. College of William and Mary; M.A. Columbia University; History. SUE KELLY: Hampton, Virginia; B.S. Madison College; M.A. Teachers ' Col- lege, Columbia University; Sponsor of Future Home Makers Club; Home Economics. ESTHER KESSLER: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. Mary Washington College; Typewriting, Shorthand. LUCY M. KIRK: Bland, Virginia; B.S. Radford State Teachers ' College; Biology. ELINE KRISCH: Newport New, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; Recording Secretary of Newport News Educational Association; Type- writing, Secretarial Practice. Deceased Seven LLOYD G. LEITER: Bowling Green, Ohio; B S. Industrial Arts Education Uni- versity of Bowling Green; Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts. ELI LEONARD: Hilton Village, Virginia; B A, Drake University; M.A. College of William and Mary; Accounting. HERMAN LEVY: Baltimore, Maryland; B A., B Sc. Hampden-Sydney College; M.A. Columbia Univers.ty; Mathematics. HARRY A. LYETH: Saranac Lake, New York; B.S. Oswego State Teachers ' College; Mechanical Drawing, Industrial Arts. FRANCES MAGUIRE: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. Boston University; Senior Civics. ANNE E. MARTIN: Washington, D C.; B A. Randolph-Macon Womans ' College; M A George Washington Univers.ty; Sponsor of Chemistry Club; Chemistry. EULAH A. MASSEY: Newport News, Virginia; B.A., M.A. College of William and Mary; Graduate Work, Un.versity of Chicago; Advisor of Honor Council; Sponsor of National Honor Society; English. FRANCES MAYS: Stony Creek, Virginia; B.S. Mary Washington College; M.A. University of New York; Sponsor of Girls ' Athletic Association; Spon- sor of Varsity Club; Physical Education. RUTH McGEEHAN: Kansas City, Missouri; B.A. Mary Washington College; M A. Columbia University, Sponsor of Writers ' Club; English. JANE A. MONEY: St. Louis, Missouri; B Ed. Southern Illinois Normal Univer- sity; Home Economics. ANNE V. PARKER: Newport News, Virginia; B.A., M.A. College of William and Mary; English. NINA E. POWELL: Newport News, Virginia; B.A Ohio State University; M.A. Columbia University; English. P. W. ALLEN RAINE: Hampton, Virginia; B.A. Hampden-Sydney College; M.A. University of Virginia; Mathematics. J. C. RANGE: Newport News, Virginia; B.A. Milligan College; Assistant Coach of Boys ' Athletics; Physical Education. JACQUELIN SANNE: Richmond, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; Sponsor of Cheerleaders, Modern Dance Club; Physical Education. ELIZABETH A. SAUNDERS: Newport News, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; M.A. University of Michigan; Advisor of Library Assistants; Librarian. JOSEPH A. SCHAD: Syracuse, New York; B.S. Oswego State Teachers ' College; Director of Vocational and Adult Education. ANNE P. SCRUGGS: Hampton, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; English. CORNELIA W. SEGAR: Newport News, Virginia; B.S., M.D. Medical College of Virginia; Physics. CHARLES B. SHREEVES: Hilton Village, Virginia; 8. A., M.A. College of Wil- liom and Mary; Spanish, Lotin, Algebra. LUCY H. SINCLAIR: Seldon, Virginia; B.A College of William and Mary; M A Teachers ' College, Columbia University; Advisor of War Stamp and Bond Sales Staff; Mathematics. Eight REBECCA SUTTLE: Hampton, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; English. FRANCES L. TAYLOR: Ashland, Virginia; B.A. Madison College; Music, Journal- ism. A. L. TERRELL: Newport News, Virginia; L.I., B.A College of William and Mary; M.A. Teachers ' College, Columbia University; Civics, History. MILES L. THOMPSON: Hampton, Virginia; B.Ed. Northern Illinois State Teach- ers ' College; Printing, Industrial Arts. LILLIAN TODD: Hampton, Virginia; B.S., M.A Columbia University; Mathe- matics. CARLOS URRUTIA: Anasco, Puerto Rico; B.A, Institute de Segunda Ensenanza; LL.B. Potomac University; Sponsor of Cervantes Spanish Club; Spanish. CARRIE S. VAUGHAN: Newport News, Virginia; B.S. Mary Washington College; Advisor of Home Economics Club, Home Economics. ALFRED VICK: Hampton, Virginia; Vocational Certificate, Virginia Polytech- nic Institute Extension; Auto Mechanics. P. G. VICK: Hampton, Virginia; Vocational Certificate, Virginia Polytechnic Institute Extension; Auto Mechanics. E. JEANETTE WARD: Hampton, Virginia; B.A. College of William and Mary; Advisor of Anchor; English LALIE LETT WEBB: Newport News, Virginia; Sponsor of Art Club; Home Mak- ers ' Club; Home Economics. OTTO H. WEISS: Hampton, Virginia; Photography; Visual Education; Public Address System; Mechanical Drawing M. G. WILLEY: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.S., M.A. Temple University; Treas- urer of Newport News Educational Association; Shorthand, Accounting. DALE WHITEHURST: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.Ed. Southern Illinois Normal University; M.A. University of Illinois; Science. RETURNED FROM SERVICE RUSSELL G. LOUIS: Hampton, Virginia; B.S Oswego State Teachers College; Electricity. JOSEPH M. MINTON: Newport News, Virginia; A.B Wake Forest College; Retail Coordinator; U. S. Navy Reserve, Oct., 1943-Nov., 1945. LOUIS G. PLUMMER: Hampton, Virginia; B.S. College of William and Mary; History, Physical Education Nine PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE MILDRED E. BANE: Normal, Illinois; B.M., Illinois Wesleyan University; Director of Mixed Chorus; Junior Chorus; Girls Glee Club; Boys Glee Club; Music. ANNYE B. BURBANK: Hampton, Virginia; B A., M.A., College of William and Mary; President of Newport News Educational Association; English Algebra. DOROTHY M. CRANE: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.A. University of West Vir ginia; Sponsor of Drama Club; Thespians; Advisor of Senior Activities; Drama. AMANDA GRAY: Hampton, Virginia; B.S. Farmville State Teachers ' College; Drama. CARLOS A. LOOP: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.A. Roanoke College; M.A. Col- lege of William and Mary; Graduate Work, University of Virginia; Co-sponsor of Art Club; History, Civics. BENJAMIN T. PEELE, Jr.: Portsmouth, Virginia; B.A. University of Richmond Government, History. ALBERT E. RECTOR: Marion, Virginia; B.S. Emory and Henry College; Moth- metics. ELEANOR A. SHERMAN: Hilton Village, Virginia; B.M.Ed. Oberlin Conversa- tory; Director of Bond, Orchestra, Dance Band, Band Orchestra. MABEL S. WINGO: Drakes Branch, Virginia; B.S. Radford College, Women ' s Division of Virginia Polytechnic Institute; Sponsor of Tennis Club, Arch- ery Club; Physical Education. DANCE " Planning the Prom " fell to Joanne Stuart, Sue Mays, Helen Fowlkes, Pat Forehand, Anne Ward, Bill Reisner, and Selma Epstein. MOTTO The job of choosing mottos to present to the class for its choice was ably handled by Rebecca White, Frances Murray and Jimmy Goodwin. MUSIC Miss Eleanor Sherman advises Pat Davis, Herbert Rea, and June Jarrett, chairman, in choice of class song. SENIOR ASSEMBLY Tommy Drumwright, Jean Blassenham, Martha Helmer, Irma Popper, Dorothy McClure, chairman, Hermine Weiner, Borbara Andrews, Mary Asher, and George Ballentine make plans for Assembly. SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES Ten WHIRLING TYPHOONS! Eleven Left to Right: Kenneth Kea, France 1 ; Murray, Ted Ashby, Constantine Tsitsera, Billy Hilling and Ira Davis. Constantine Tsitsera was the senior ' s choice for president in both the 4 Low and 4 High classes. His brilliant mind, friendly personality, and good looks have won for him many friends. Constantine ' s name appears on the Nelms Honor Scroll five times, and his service to the school will be unforgettable in his record of serving as the chairman of the Literary Club citizenship committee which was in charge of high school bond and stamp sales during the war. Ted Ashby was elected by the seniors to fill the office of vice-president. Ted ' s congenial personality has made him a favorite with each of his classmates in high school. He has held various offices in his home room and served on the business staff of the Anchor. Billy Hilling was elected secretary of the 4 Low and 4 High classes by the seniors. Billy served as Student Council representative of his freshman and sophomore classes and was secretary of the student body for one year. He won a letter on the varsity basketball team during his senior year. Frances Murray, senior treasurer, served as vice-president of the 4 Low class and secretary of the junior class. Her keen mind will always be remembered in the school as she leaves with her name on the Nelms Honor Scroll four times. Frances served as Head Registrar in school elections for two years, was co-editor of the Anchor, and was the recipient of the D.A.R. good citizen award in 1945. Kenneth Kea, senior representative to the Student Council Executive Board, was elected to serve in both the 4 Low and 4 High terms. He has served on the dance and remembrance committees of the Student Council, and was an elec- tion official for two years. Kenneth won a letter in his first season on the track team, thereby obtaining membership in the Varsity Club. Ira Davis, class speaker of the senior class, has been active in school af- fairs since his freshman year. His out-standing work in the drama department and on the production staffs of the Cantata and the concert of ' 45 won for him election to the National Thespians. He has been a reporter for the Beacon, and joined the Literary Club in his junior year. Twelve ANN ALDERSON KATIE ALLEN WEISS BARBARA ANDREWS WADE ARLEDGE TED ASHBY MARY PUCKETT ASHER Honor Student GEORGE BALLENTINE Honor Student BOBBY BARGER JAMES BARLOW Thirteen FRANCES BRINKLEY DELORES BROWN JACKIE BURCHER RUSSELL BRYANT MARY EVELYN CARDWELL Honor Student RODNEY CARROLL FAY COLLIER JAMES COLEY EDDIE COOPER AUBREY CROSS And hurry to " get hep " at dance band practice. MILDRED COOPER CARLTON COPPERSMITH Fourteen KATHLEEN DALE JIMMY DANIELS IRA DAVIS PAT DAVIS SHIRLEY DODD THOMAS DRUMWRIGHT JACKIE FIELD After home room, in which the bulletin is read we struggle with last night ' s assignments. SELMA EPSTEIN Honor Student RITA FEKAS WILLIAM DUNKUM FITZHUGH EDWARDS JEAN EDWARDS Fifteen PATSY FOREHAND MARION FORREST RICHARD FORREST BETTY FOWLER HELEN FOWLKES HELEN FRIEDMAN Honor Student BIGE GREEN V e amble down the hall to A period " Solid” class JIMMY GOODWIN ANNE GREEN JANE HUNT GHISELIN Honor Student ANNE GARY GLADYS GLENN Sixteen KITTY GUTHRIE EDWIN GWALTNEY DOROTHY HALL AGNES HANDGES Honor Student PAULINE HANNA ELMER HARMAN ERLE HOMAN B period finds us hard at work in English class, from which — JAMES HARRELL BOBBY HASKINS MARTHA HELMER ( BILLY HILLING CARLTON HOLLAND Seventeen DAN HOOD FRANKLIN HOPKINS ARNETT HOWELL Honor Student GERALDINE HUFF DORIS HUGHES PHYLLIS JAMES Honor Student JAMES JONES We climb the stairs to C period Physics II. JUNE JARRETT ELLEN JENKINS SHIRLEY JENSEN Honor Student BOBBY JOHNSON LUCILLE JOHNSTON Eighteen CHARLES JUSTICE LOUISE JUSTICE KENNETH KEA ARCH KENNEDY JACKIE LACKEY HENRY LANFORD JOYCE LASSITER Honor Student HILDA LEWIS CLARA LEISMAN Honor Student Nineteen NELLIE MAGIN GERALDINE MAHONE ELSIE MARSHALL SUE MAYS DOROTHY MeCLURE DICK McCALLUM ELA MELSON At lunch we gossip over sandwiches, hamburgers, and " Pals. " JOHN McCORMICK ELIZABETH McMANUS DOROTHY MEARS JAMES MEENA BETTY MELSON Twenty WILLIAM MESSICK CERA FAYE MILLER BILLIE MILLNER CHARLES MINNIGERODE FRANCES MURRAY Solutatorian BETTY NACHMAN Honor Student MIKE NEOFITU JOSEPHINE NETTLES ROBERT NEWMAN MORRIS PHILLIPS LOUISE PARKER DAVID PEEBLES " In the Spring o young man ' s fancy turns to " Well — Twenty-One WILLIAM PHILLIPS THERESA PIERSON CLYDE PITTMAN GEORGE POFFENBERGER IRMA KATE POPPER Honor Student HELEN POULOS Twenty-Two ■? WILLIAM REISSNER ANN REYNOLDS ELIZABETH RICHARDSON FRANCES RICHARDSON LOUIS RICHMAN NORWOOD ROBESON Third Honor Student GEORGIE SAWYER Future secretaries are intent on their typing in E period. FRANKLIN ROSENFELD ANN SAWYER DOLLY ROGERS JEAN ROWE ALBERT ROSENFELD Twpnty-Three JOHN SEWARD CARROLL SICELOFF EUGENE SPENCER SHIRLEY STEIN BILLY STEPHENSON BOBBY STORTZ VOULA TSITSERA Student ' s stage trials in F period government class. JOHN THEODORSEN Honor Student CONSTANTINE TSITSERA Valedictorian Twenty-Four CHARLES TYNAN VICTORIA VAUGHAN PEGGY VISE Honor Student RICHARD WALKER ANN WARD CARL WATKINS MARY WEIGAND HERMINE WEINER OTTO WEISS ROBERT WHITFIELD We dashed to the second floor when the list of graduates was posted. DOROTHY WHITE REBECCA WHITE Honor Student Twenty-Five HILDA WILSON JEAN WINN GLORIA WINTER BETTY JEAN YEATTS PICTURES NOT AVAILABLE KENNEDY AKERS HOWARD HODNETT HOLT POLLOCK WALTER ASHBURN JAMES KEETER FREDERICK TONG FRED BUTRY ETHEL LAMPROS SEYMOUR WILKS LEON HARDY MAXCEAN MATHEWS Motto “Life is o measure to be filled, not a cup to be drained. " “Vita est mensura implenda non poculum exhauriendum. " Flower White Gladiola Colors Green and White SENIOR CLASS COMMITTEES Senior Assembly Ch. Dorothy McClure Mary Asher Lawrence Rabinowitz Charles Minnigerode Billy Stephenson Irma Popper Hermine Weiner Martha Helmer Jean Blassenham George Ballentine Tommy Drumwright Barbara Andrews Bobby Stortz Pennant Ch. Norwood Robeson Voula Tsitsera Robert Newman Elizabeth Richardson Katie Allen Weiss Color Ch. Kitty Guthrie Aubrey Cross Helen Friedman Motto Ch. Frances Murray Rebecca White James Goodwin Invitation Ch. Mary Asher Jean Blassenham L. J. Richman Dance Ch. James Coley James Daniels Joanne Stuart Helen Fowlkes Billy Reissner Bobby Barger Selma Epstein Betty Nachman Patsy Forehand Sue Mays Ann Ward Ted Ashby Billy Millner We leave school for the " Y, " the drug store, or home. Ring Ch. Billy Stephenson Betty Nachman Charles Minnigerode Flower Ch. Shirley Jensen Jane Ghiselin Joyce Lassiter Twenty-Six ANN ALDERSON: Morrison High School: English Club; Latin Club; Newport News High School: Latin Club; Spanish Club; Honor Council Investigating Committee; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. KATIE ALLEN WEISS: Typing Certificate; Assistant Directors Staff: " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Romance Is a Racket, " " Come Out of the Kitchen " ; Beacon Staff; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; 4High Pennant Committee; Home Room Offices; Girls Glee Club; Home Room 206. BARBARA LEE ANDREWS: Anchor Art Editor; National Thespians; Assistant Directors Staff: " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " Tomorrow the World, " Senior Plays, Prop Staff; Literary Club; Spanish Club; Archery Club; Stamp Warden; Home Room Secretary; Science Club; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. WADE ARLEDGE, Jr.: Stage Crew; Senior Dance Committee; Band; Orchestra; Swing Band; State Music Festivals; Cast of Cantata To Make Men Free " ; Band Officer; Concerts ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Solo in State Music Festival; All State Band Clinic; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 106. TED ASHBY: Vice President; Ad Manager; Dance Committee; Home Room Offices; Home Room 210. MARY PUCKETT ASHER: Co-Editor of Anchor; Music Letter, School Spirit and Leadership Letter; Dramatic Club; Literary Club Secretary, Vice President, President; Girl Reserves Vice President; National Honor Society Vice President; Office Assistant; Honor Council Investigating Committee; 4High Invitation Committee; Senior Assembly Committee; Senior Hall of Fame: Most Talented Girl; Home Room Offices; Orchestra; Band Orchestra Secretary; Band Sponsor; Mixed Chorus Accompanist; School Pianist; Concerts ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Mistress of Ceremonies, ' 45; District Contest; Chemistry Club; Home Room 124. GEORGE BALLENTINE: Literary Club, Citizenship Committee; Latin Club; National Honor Society; Senior Assembly Committee; Home Room Offices; Orchestra Concerts ' 43, ' 44, ' 45; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; String Clinic in Richmond; Chemistry Club; Home Room 106. BOBBY BARGER: Red Cross; 4H Dance Committee; 4L Usher Com- mittee; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206 PEGGY BEECH: Woodrow Wilson High School: Girls Basketball Team; Poquoson High School: Refreshment Committee of Junior-Senior Prom; Girls Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Newport News High School: Girls Basketball Team; Dance Club; Girls Glee Club; Home Room 206. JEAN DALE BLASSENHAM: Anchor Ad Staff; Virginia Intermont College Preparatory School; President Freshman and Sophomore Classes; Boots and Sattle Club; Tidewater Club; Southern Bells; Basketball Team; Fencing Team; Y. W. A.; B. S. U.; Newport News High School: G. A. A.; Staff of " What a Life " ; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Girl Re- serves; Art Club; Student Council Dance Committee; 4L 4H Invitation Committee; Senior Assembly Committee; Beocon Reporter, Feature Editor, Editorial Page Editor; Local National Quill Scroll; Consti- tution Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Newcomers Committee; Usher; Student Council Representative; Home Room Offices; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. CECELIA BLOCK: G. A. A.; Typing Certificate; Shorthand Certifi- cates; Girl Reserves; Mixed Chorus; Girls Glee Club; Concerts ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 210. FRANCES BRINKLEY: H ome Room 1 1 6. DOLORES BROWN: Hanover Junior High School: Girls Softball Team; Girls Basketball Team; Volleyball Team; Camera Club; Dance Club; Girl Reserves; Newport News High School: Girls Basketball Team; Girls Softball Team; Volleyball Team; G. A. A. Tennis Club; Red Cross; Infirmary Assistant; Dance Club; 4L Decoration Committee; Home Room Offices; Girls Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Concerts ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 206. BUDDY BRYANT: Football Letter; Basketball Letter; Junior Varsity Basketball Team; Varsity Basketball Team; Junior Varsity Football Team; Varsity Football Team; Track Team; Varsity Club; Home Room Offices; Shop Offices; King of Senior Class; Home Room 210. JACQUELINE BURCHER: G. A. A.; Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Prop Staff; Home Economics Club; Junior Chorus; Home Room 1 1 6. MARY EVELYN CARDWELL: Morrison High School: Latin Club; Mixed Chorus; Girls Glee Club; Newport News High School: Make-up Staff " Tomorrow the World " ; Literary Club, Citizenship Committee, Music Committee; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Home Room Offices; Accompanist for Soloists District Conte st ' 46; Home Room 307. RODNEY CARROLL: Archery Club; National Thespians; Stage Crew for " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " To Make Men Free, " " Tomorrow the World, " ' Snow White, " " What a Life, " Senior Plays; Home Room Offices; Stamp Warden; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. JAMES ALBERT COLEY, Jr.: Track Letter; Music Letter; Track Team; Varsity Football; Intramural Basketball; National Athletic Scholarship Society; Dramatic Club, Business Manager of " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs " , Staff of " What a Life, Cast of " Christmas Trees for Sale " ; Senior Hall of Fame: Most Talented Boy; Band; Orchestra; Swing Band; Band Officer; Drum Major ' 44; State Music Festival, Peanut Festival; Concerts ' 42, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Cast of " To Make Men Free " ; Home Room 116. FAY M. COLLIER, Jr.: George Wythe Jr. High School: Augusta Military Academy: Jr. Varsity Football Team; Jr. Varsity Basketball Team; Newport News High School: Reporter for Beacon; Home Room 116. EDDIE COOPER: Track Letter; Football Letter; Basketball Letter; Track Team; Football Team, Co-Captain; Basketball Team, Co-Captain; Senior Hall of Fame: Co-Athlete; Home Room 106. MILDRED COOPER: G. A. A.; Furniture Staff; Home Economics Club; Girl Reserves; Home Room 116. CARLTON COPPERSMITH: Drama Letter; Stage Crew for " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Through the Night, " " Don’t Take My Penny, " Cantata — " To Make Men Free, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " What a Life " ; Concert ' 45; Stage Manager; National Thespians; Home Room Offices; Stamp Warden; Chemistry Club; Home Room 204. AUBREY CROSS: Home Room Offices; Senior Hall of Fame; Class Jester; Mixed Chorus; Boys Glee Club, Concert ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 1 16. KATHLEEN DALE: G.A.A.: Girl Reserves; Junior Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Girl ' s Glee Club; Home Room 116. JAMES A. DANIELS, Jr.: Track Letter; Track Team; Varsity Club; Varsity Football; Intramural Basketball; Student Dance Committee; Usher; 4Low Dance Committee; Vice-President of Home Room; Hall of Fame; Best Boy Dancer; Boys Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Boys Quartette; Spring Concert ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 307. IRA DAVIS: Class Speaker; Drama Letter; Dramatic Club; National Thespians; Cast of Eustis Play, " Billy ' s First Date " ; Head of Furniture Staff; Literary Club; Latin Club; Beacon Reporter; Home Room Offices; Production Staff of Cantata, " To Make Men Free, " Concert ' 45; Home Room 204. PAT DAVIS: Music Letter; Literary Club; Latin Club; Student Coun- cil Representative; Chairman Dance Committee; Infirmary Assistant; Cafeteria Committee, Senior Hall of Fame: Best Girl Dancer; Mixed Chorus; Orchestra; Girl ' s Glee Club; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; String Clinic ' 45; Senior Music Committee; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. SHIRLEY DODD: Dramatic Club; Make-up Staff; Furniture Staff Head; Girl Reserves; Home Room 307. THOMAS DRUMWRIGHT: Co-Activities Editor of Anchor; Drama Letter; Vice President of National Thespians; Head of Prop Staff for " Romance is a Racket, " " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Tomorrow the World, " ' Teapot on the Rocks, " " Kid Makes Up His Mind, " ' Bard of Bakersville High, " " Bird on Wing, " " Great Plot " ; Prop Staff for Little Theatre Plays; Student Council Representative; Head Cheerleader; 4Low Decoration Committee; Beacon Reporter; Home Room Offices; Newcomers Committee; Senior Assembly Commit- tee; Chemistry Club; Home Room 106. BILLY DUNKUM: National Thespians; Head Electrician; Stage Crew of " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " Cantata " To Make Men Free, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " What a Life " ; Red Cross; Home Room 204. FITZHUGH EDWARDS, Jr.: Home Room Offices; Band; Dance Band; District Contest ' 46; Home Room 116. JEAN EDWARDS: Dramatic Club; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; Girls Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 307. SELMA EPSTEIN: Drama Letter; Anchor Assistant Business Man- ager; Cast of " Mrs. Miniver, " " Romance is a Racket " ; Assistant Direc- tors Staff for " Through the Night, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " Senior Plays; Staff of Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Concerts ' 45, ' 46; Literary Club; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Speech Club; Usher; Citizenship Committee; National Honor Society; Election Official; Student Council Representative; Student Council Dance Committee; Senior Dance Committee; National Thes- pians; Home Room Offices; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. RITA FEKAS: Home Room 116. JACKIE FIELD: Shorthand Certificate; Typing Certificates; Make-up Staff; Home Room 210. PATRICIA FOREHAND: Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Prop Staff; Furniture Staff for " Tomorrow the World, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Through the Night, " Christmas Play, Senior Plays; Staff of Eustis Play " Teapot on the Rocks " ; Assistant Director Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Dramatic Club; National Thespians; Literary Club; Home Economics Club; Red Cross; Student Council; Election Official; Secretary to Mr. Conn; Girl Reserves; Dance Committee; 4H Dance Committee; Home Room 210. MARION FORREST: Ad Staff; G.A.A.; Archery Club; Volleyball Team; Basketball Team; Dramatic Club, Costume Staff for " Teapot on the Rocks " ; Cast of " What a Life " ; Honor Council Investigating Committee; Home Room Offices; Mixed Chorus; Junior Chorus; Home Room 307. RICHARD FORREST: Track Letter; Football Letter; Basketball Let- ter; Track Team; Basketball Team; Football Team; National Athletic Scholarship Society; President of Student Council; President of Executive Board; Band; Orchestra; Peanut Festival; Orchestra Manager; Con- certs ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 210. BETTY FOWLER: Craddock High School: Home Economics Club; Girl Reserves; Dance Club;- Glee Club; Newport News High School: Prop Staff; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Home Room 307. HELEN FOWLKES: National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Usher; Head of Costume Staff for " Through the Night, " " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Tomorrow the World, " Senior Plays; Cheerleader; Student Council Representative; Dance Committee; Girl Reserves Secretary; 4H Dance Committee; Election Official; Home Room 210. HELEN FRIEDMAN: Photo Editor; Ad Staff; National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Assistant Director " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Teapot on the Rocks, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Romance is a Racket, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " The Great Plot " ; Make-up Staff " Through the Night " ; Usher; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; 4H Color Committee; Concert ' 44; Chemistry Club; Home Room 210. ANNE GARY: Spanish Club; Art Club; Home 210. JANE HUNT GHISELIN: Dramatic Club; National Thespians; Cast of " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs " ; Assistant Directors Staff; Make-up Staff; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Beacon News Editor; Office Assistant; Girl Reserves; Student Council Dance Committee; National Honor Society; Home Room Offices; Training Chorus; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. GLADYS GLENN: G.A.A.; Volleyball Tournament; Typing Certifi- cate; Furniture Staff; Girl Reserves; Office Assistant; Home Room 307. JIMMY GOODWIN: Anchor Business Manager; Cast of " Mrs. Miniver " ; Dramatic Club; Literary Club; Latin Club; 4L Decoration Committee; 4H Motto Committee; Home Room Offices; Concerts ' 43, ' 44; Band; Treasurer, Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. ANNE GREEN: G.A.A.; Basketball Team; Prop Staff; Girl Reserves; Infirmary Assistant; Home Room 116. BIGE GREENE: Track Team; Freshman Basketball Manager; Home Room Offices; Home Room 210. CATHERINE GUTHRIE: Anchor Art Editor; Morrison High School: Latin Club; Newport News High School: Latin Club; Spanish Club; Feature Editor of Beacon; Home Room Offices; Furniture Staff; Chair- man of Color Committee; Home Room 307. EDWIN GWALTNEY: Stage Crew; Printing Staff; Home Room 210, Twenty-Seven DOROTHY HALL: George Wythe Junior High School: Newport News High School: Usher; Red Cross; Home Room 116. AGNES HANDGES: Red Cross Letter; G.A.A Secretary; Girl ' s Var- sity Basketball Team; Softball Team: Basketball; Archery Club; Tennis Club; Typing Certificates; Usher; National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Prop Staff; Furniture Staff of " Don’t Take My Penny, " " Through the Night " ; Literary Club; Fashion Show; Home Economics Club; Red Cross Secretary, President; 4L Decorating Committee; Citizenship Com- mittee; Girl ' s Junior Chorus; Home Room 116. PAULINE HANNA: G.A.A.; Bowling Club; Typing Certificates; Make-up Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Teapot on the Rocks " ; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; Art Club; Girls Glee Club; Home Room 106. LEON HARDY: Home Room 307. ELMER HARMON: Home Room 206. JAMES F. HARRELL: Archery Club, Secretary; Stage Crew; Civil Air Patrol; Stamp Warden; Photo Club; Usher; Home Room 116. BOBBY HASKINS: Track Letter; Football Letter; Captain Track Team; Football Team; Senior Hall of Fame: Most Popular Boy; Home Room 106. MARTHA HELMER: Anchor Typist; Drama Letter; G.A.A,; Typing Certificates; National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Head of Make-up Staff; Ft. Eustis Soloist; Make-up Staff for Senior Plays " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Come Out of the Kitchen " ; Literary Club; Chairman of 4L Decoration Committee; Girl Reserves; Home Room Offices; Freshman Cheerleader; Senior Assembly Committee; Red Cross, Secretary; Girls Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Spring Concert, ' 45, ' 46; District Contest ' 46; Home Room 106. BILLY HILLING: Secretary; Basketball Letter; Varsity Basketball Team; Junior Varsity Basketball; Secretary of Student Body; Secretary of Student Council; Executive Board; 4L Secretary; Student Council Cafeteria Committee; Constitutional Committee; Home Room Offices; Manager of Pound; Boys ' Junior Chorus; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Home Room 116. CARLTON HOLLAND: Basketball Letter; Track Team; Junior Var- sity Basketball; Varsity Basketball; Shop Offices; Home Room Offices; Home Room 1 16. ERLE HOMAN: Activities Letter; Mt. Penn High School, Read- ing, Pa. Hunting and Fishing Club; Band; Newport News High School: Spanish Club; Student Council Cafeteria Committee; Red Cross; Cadet Corps; Stamp Club; Stamp Warden; Home Room 206. DAN HOOD: Junior Varsity Basketball; Shop Offices; Student Coun- cil; Home Room Offices; Home Room 206. FRANKLIN HOPKINS: Maury High School: Newport News High School: General Superintendent of General Shop; General Superintendent of Auto Shop; Freshman Cheerleader; Red Cross; Home Room 206. ARNETTE HOWELL: Girls Sports Editor of Anchor; Library Letter; G.A.A. Vice President, President; Varsity Club; Volleyball Champion- ship Team; Softball; Captain of Basketball team; Sports Leader of Badminton; Honorary Varsity Basketball Team; Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Staff of " Through the Night, " " The Bard of Bakersville High, " Dramatic Club; Literary Club, Citizenship Committee; Fashion Show; Junior Home Economics Club; Library Assistant, Library Club; Red Cross Treasurer; Home Room Offices; National Honor So- ciety; Dance Club; Home Room 106. GERALDINE HUFF: G.A.A.; Tennis Club; Volleyball Club; Basket- ball Club; Soccer Club; Typing Certificate; Shorthand Certificates; Assistant Director Staff for " Teapot on the Rocks " ; Girl Reserves; Beacon Typist; Dance Committee; Junior Chorus; Home Room 206. DORIS HUGHES: Art Editor of Anchor; Marion High School; New- port News High School Usher; Ft Eustis Trips; Spanish Club; Beacon Staff; Home Room 206. PHYLLIS JAMES: Morrison High School: French Club; Newport News High School: Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Red Cross; Art Club; Front Page Editor of Beacon; Secretary to Miss Crane; Home Room 306. JUNE JARRETT: Ad Staff; Typing Certificate; Shorthand Certifi- cate; Prop Staff; Literary Club; Home Economics Club; Girl Reserves; 4L Decoration Committee; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Orchestra; Concert ' 44 ' 46,; Chairman of 4H Music Committee; Home Room 307. ELLEN JENKINS: Galax High School, Galax, Va.: Girls Basketball Team; Girls Softball Team; Varsity Club; Girls Glee Club; Newport News High School G.A.A.; Basketball Team; Softball Team; Girls Varsity Basketball Team; Girl Reserves; Retail Selling; Distributors Club; Home Room 126. SHIRLEY JENSEN: Staff of " Through the Night " ; Latin Club; Chemistry Club; Spanish Club; 4H Flower Committee; Book Worm Club; Red Cross; 4L Decoration Committee; Library Assistant; Home Room Offices; Election Clerk; Home Room 307. BOBBY LOUISE JOHNSON: Ticket Staff; Prop Staff; Latin Club; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; Usher; Home Room Offices; Mixed Chorus; Girls Glee Club; Concert ' 45; Training Chorus; Home Room 106. LUCILLE JOHNSTON: G.A.A.; Shorthand Certificates; Assistant Director of " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Red Cross; Home Room 210. JAMES JONES: Home Room 206. CHARLES JUSTICE: Home Room 116. LOUISE JUSTICE: Clyde High School, Clyde, N. C.: Vice President of Class; Girls Glee Club; Newport News High School; G.A.A.; Girls Basketball Team; Captain of Girls Softball Team; Typing Certificate; Shorthand Certificates; Home Room Offices; Red Cross; Usher; 4L Decoration Committee; Secretary to Mr. Dellapenta; Band; Concert ' 46; District Concert ' 46; Home Room 116. KENNETH KEA: Track Letter; Student Council Representative; Track Team; Varsity Club; Cast of Ft. Eustis Play " Teapot on the Rocks " ; Furniture Staff; Executive Board (4 L); Red Cross; Student Council Remembrance Committee; Dance Committee; Treasurer of Student Council; Home Room 210. ARCH KENNEDY: Archery Club; Student Council Representative; Cadet Corps; Civil Air Patrol Cadet; Dance Committee; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 307. JACKIE LACKEY: George Wythe Junior High School; Drama Club; Play Staffs; Cast of Graduating Play; Glee Club; Girls Glee Club; Newport News High School; Student Council Representative; Home Room Offices; Beacon Staff; Girls Glee Club; Chemistry Club; Home Room 1 1 6. HENRY LANFORD: Intramural Basketball; " Rip Van Winkle " Can- tata; Shop Offices; Printing Staff; Boys Junior Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Boys Glee Club; Home Room 306. HILDA LEWIS: Shorthand Certificates; Typing Certificates; National Thespians; Cast of " Tomorrow the World " ; Prop Staff for " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Dramatic Club; Latin Club; Executive Board 1 L, 1H; Student Council; Honor Council; Election Official; Dance Committee; Girls Junior Chorus; Assistant D. rector of " To Make Men Free " ; Home Room 206. JOYCE LASSITER: Photo Editor; Dramatic Club; National Thes- pians; Usher; Make-up Staff; Costume Staff for " Through the Night, " " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " Senior Plays; Cast of " Christmas Trees for Sale " ; Latin Club; Home Room Offices; Na- tional Honor Society Secretary; President of Girl Reserves; Election Official; 4H Color Committee; Hall of Fame: Best All Round Girl; Mixed Chorus; Concert ' 45, ' 46; Training Chorus; Girls Glee Club; District Contest ' 46; Chemistry Club; Home Room 210. CLARA LIESMAN: Andrew Mellon Junior High, Mt. Lebanon, Fla : Library Council; Traffic Squad; Home Room Offices; Newport News High School; National Thespians; Prop Staff " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Tomorrow the World " ; Latin Club; Library Assistant; Infirmary Assistant; Girls Glee Club; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. MILDRED LONDEREE: G.A.A.; Freshman Basketball Team; Volley- ball Team; Prop Staff; Junior and Senior Home Economics Clubs; Girl Reserves; Home Room 116. VALERIE MACPHERSON: Morrison High School: Latin Club; New- port News High School: Make-up Staff; Ticket Staff; Literary Club; Spanish Club; Stamp Warden; Home Room 206. JACK MADDOX: H ampton High School: Football Team; Glee Club; Band; Newport News High School; Home Room 106. NELLIE MAGIN: Girl Resevres; Red Cross; Home Room Offices; Usher; Girls Glee Club; Home Room 106. GERALDINE MAHONE: Baseball Team; Costume Staff of " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, " Senior Plays; Spanish Club; Home Room 116. ELSIE MARSHALL: G.A.A.; Prop Staff; Dance Club; Home Room 307. MAXCEAN MATHEWS: Home Room 206. SUE MAYS: Make-up Staff; Literary Club; Latin Club, President; Girl Reserves; Student Council; Student Council Dance Committee; Election Official; Constitution Committee; Flagtwirler; Mixed Chorus; Concerts ' 45, ' 46, State Contest ' 46; Home Room 106. DOROTHY MEARS: Usher; Prop Staff; Library Assistant; Fashion Show; Retail Selling Club; Girl Reserves; Home Room 116. DICK McCALLUM: Spanish Club; Cadet Corp; Stamp Club; 4L Decorating Committee; 4L Usher Committee; Home Room 106. DOROTHY McCLURE: Anchor Typist; Typing Certificates; Short- hand Certificates; Cast of " Tomorrow the World, " " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " What a Life " ; Library Assistant; Chairman, Senior Assembly Committee; Home Room 210. JOHN McCORMICK: Stage Crew; Shop Offices; Home Room 116. ELIZABETH McMANUS: Cannon High School, Kannapolis, N. C : Newport News High School: Archery Club; Dance Club; Spanish Club; Tri-Hi-Y Club; Secretary; 4L Decoration Committee; Chemistry Club; Home Room 116. BETTY MELSON: G.A.A.; Prop Staff; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Student Council; Girl Reserves; Hall of Fame: Most Stylish Girl; Home Room Offices; Mixed Chorus; Girl ' s Glee Club; Concerts ' 45, ' 46; Science Club; Home Room 307. ELA MELSON: G.A.A.; Girl Reserves; Retail Selling Club; Distributors Club; Office Assistant; Home Room 116. JAMES MEENA: Music Letter; Cast of " What a Life " ; Staff of " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs " ; Ft. Eustis Plays; National Honor Society; Home Room Offices; Band; Drum Major ' 45, ' 46; Orchestra; Concerts, ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; All State Band Clinic; District Contest ' 46; Home Room 124. BILL MESSICK: J unior Varsity Football; Band; Home Room 116. CERA MILLER: National Thespians; Assistant Directors ' Staff for: " Tomorrow the World, " " Romance is a Racket, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Through the Night " ; Ft. Eustis Prop Staff; Director for Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Latin Club; Home Economics Club; Red Cross; Home Room 206. BILLIE MILLNER: J unior Varsity Football ; Stage Crew; Dramatic Club; Literary Club; Spanish Club; Cadet Corps; Student Council; Home Room Offices; Constitution Committee; Honor System Committee; Cafeteria Committee; Dance Committee; Home Room 116. CHARLES MINNIGERODE: Co-Activities Editor; National Thespians Cast of " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " To- morrow the World, " " What a Life " ; Literary Club; Latin Club; Red Cross; 4L Ring Committee; Senior Assembly Committee; Home Room Offices; Chemistry Club; Home Room 116. FRANCES MURRAY: Treasurer; Co-Editor of Anchor; School Spirit and Leadership Letter; Costume Staff of ' Through the Night " ; Literary Club, Secretary, Historian, Citizenship Committee; Latin Club, Secretary, President; National Honor Society, Secretary, President; Nelm ' s Honor Scroll; D.A.R. Good Citizenship Award ' 46; Election Official; Head Registrar; Chairman Honor Council Investigating Committee; Secretary 3L and 3H; Vice-President 4L; Freshman Hall of Fame; Senior Hall of Fame: Best Girl Student; Chairman 4H Motto Committee; Home Room Offices; Chemistry Club; Home Room 210. BETTY NACHMAN: Co-Feature Editor of Anchor; Speech Club; Staff of " Through the Night, " " Bard of Bakersville High " ; Cast of " Billy ' s First Date " ; Dramatic Club; Literary Club; Citizenship Com- mittee; National Honor Society; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Usher Staff; Election Official; Student Council Dance Committee; 4L Ring Committee; 4H Dance Committee; Honor Council Investigating Committee; Staff of Concert ' 44; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. MIKE NEOFITOU: J amaico High School, Jamaico, N. Y.; Newport News High School: Varsity Club; Track Team; Track Letter; Usher; Home Room Offices; Student Council; Mixed Chorus; Boys Glee Club; Concert ' 46; District Contest ' 46; Home Room 106. JOSEPHINE NETTLES: Make-up Staff; Usher; Retail Sellinq Club; Girl Reserves; Distributors Club; Home Room 106. Twenty-Eight ROBERT NEWMAN: Intramural Basketball; Home Room Offices; Student Council Representatives; Stamp Warden; Red Cross; Printing Shop; Auto Mechanics; 4H Pennant Committee; Cadet Corps; Junior Chorus; Home Room 210. DAVID PEEBLES: Drama Letter; George Wythe Junior High School: Football Team; Cast of " The Doctor Has a Daughter, " " Elmer and the Love Bug " ; Staff of " Brother Goose, " ' Seventeen " ; Dramatic Club; Class Speaker; Hi-Y Club Treasurer; Graduating Dance Committee; Home Room Offices; " S " Fraternity President; Cottilion Club; Hampton High School: Cast of " Junior Miss " ; Dramatic Club; Student Council; Newport News High School: National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Staff of " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " Sen : or Plays; Cast of " What a Life " ; Literary Club, Vice-President,, President; Co-chairman of Citizenship Committee; National Honor Society: Student Council Dance Committee; 4L Usher; Home Room 206. MORRIS PHILLIPS: Executive Board; Cartoonist of Beacon; Machine Shop Offices: Red Cross; Hall of Fame: Best Looking Boy; Boys Glee Club; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 307. WILLIAM R. PHILLIPS; Stage Crew; Student Council; 4L Usher Committee; Dance Committee ; Cafeteria Committee; Beacon Reporter; Home Room Offices; Chemistry Club; Home Room 210. THERESA PIERSON: Girl Reserves; Home Economics Club; Home Room Offices; Home Room 306. CLYDE PITTMAN: Home Room 106. GEORGE POFFENBERGER: Hampton High School; Newport News High School: Spanish Club; Home Room 126. IRMA KATE POPPER: Co-Feature Editor of Anchor; George Wythe Junior High School: G.A.A. President; Cast of " Shiny Nose, " " The Doctor Has a Daughter, " " Too Many Marys " ; Dramatic Club; Class Speaker; Newport News High School: National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Cast of " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, " " What a Life " ; Assistant Director ' s Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny, " Senior Plays; Literary Club; Citizenship Committee; Chemistry Club; Spanish Club; Student Council Dance Committee; Senior Assembly Committee; Home Room 307. HELEN POULOS: G.A.A.; Tennis Club; Bowling Club; Typing Certi- ficate; Make-up Staff for " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Through the Night, " " Teapot on the Rocks, " " Kid Makes up His Mind " ; Junior Home Economics Club; Girl Reserves; Red Cross; Art Club; Typist for Mr. Weiss; Stamp Warden; Home Room Offices; Junior Chorus; Girls Glee Club; Home Room 106. DOROTHY POWELL: G.A.A.; Typing Certificates; Make-up Staff; Girl Reserves; Home Room Offices; Student Council Representative; Red Cross; Secretary to Mr. Dellapenta; Home Room 306. SHIRLEY POWELL: Ad Staff; Girls ' Softball Team; Prop Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Fashion Show; Home Economics Club; 4L Decorating Committee; Home Room 116. PAULINE PRILLMAN: Home Room 106. JOYCE PROCTOR: Shorthand Certificate; 4L Decoration Committee; Home Room 306. ELIZABETH PULLY: Typing Certificate; Shorthand Certificate; Home Room 116. LOUISE PARKER: Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Drama Staff; Spanish Club; Girl Reserves; Red Cross; Dance Club; Junior Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Home Room 206. LAWRENCE A. RABINOWITZ: Anchor Sports Editor; Journalism Letter; Track Manager; National Thespians; Usher Staff; Dramatic Club; Business Manager of " Through the Night " ; Cast of " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs " ; Literary Club, Publicity Chairman; Spanish Club; Quill and Scroll; National Honor Society; Chairman 4L Usher Committee; Nelm ' s Honor Scroll; Beacon, Sports Editor, Reporter; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. HERBERT REA: Stamp Club; Home Room Offices; Orchestra; Band, Band Officer; District Contest ' 46; State Contest; Concerts ' 43, ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; 4H Music Committee; Home Room 210. WILLIAM REISSNER: Usher; Shop Office, Record Clerk; Boys ' Glee Club; Home Room 306. ANNE REYNOLDS: Library Letter; Library Assistant; Library Club; Library Pin; Home Room 116. ELIZABETH RICHARDSON: Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certifi- cates; National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Cast of " Mrs. Miniver, " " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, " " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Prompter for " Bird on the Wing, " " Jinx From Alabama, " " Tomorrow the World " ; Assistant Directors ' Staff of Senior Plays; Literary Club; Spanish Club; 4H Pennant Committee; Senior Hall of Fame: Most Popular Girl; Freshman Cheerleader; 4L Decoration Committee; Home Room Offices; Home Room 307. FRANCES RICHARDSON: Ad Staff; Typing Certificate; Make-up Staff for Ft. Eustis Play, " Make Room for Rodney, " and Spring and Fall Plays ' 43; Home Economics Club; 4L Decoration Committee; Home Room 1 1 6. L. J. RICHMAN: Cast of " What a Life " ; Literary Club; Citizen- ship Committee; Spanish Club; Latin Club; Red Cross; 4H Invitation Committee; Boys ' Junior Chorus; Chemistry Club; Home Room 307. NORWOOD ROBESON: Orchestra ' 43, ' 44; Chemistry Club; Na- tional Honor Society; Literary Club; Home Room 106. DOLLIE E. ROGERS: Co-Biography Editor of Anchor; Durham High School, Durham, N. C.; G.A.A.; Class Offices; Girls ' Chorus; George Wythe Junior High School; Newport News High School: Typing Certifi- cates; Shorthand Certificates; Red Cross; Home Room 116. ALBERT ROSENFELD: Track Team; Track Letter; Varsity Club; 4L Usher; Ticket Staff; Spanish Club; Home Room Offices; Red Cross; Cadet Corps; Home Room 206. FRANKLIN ROSENFELD: Track Letter; Track Team; Varsity Club; Prop Staff of " Romance Is a Racket " ; Staff of Ft. Eustis Plays; Usher; Spanish Club; Cadet Corps; Home Room 306. JEAN ROWE: Anchor Typist; Shorthand Certificates; Typing Certi- ficates; Assistant Directors ' Staff; Costume Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Infirmary Assistant; Home Room 106. ANN SAWYER: G.A.A., Secretary, Head of Sports; Basketball; Soft- ball; Senior Basketball Team, Captain; Tennis Club; Archery Club; Shorthand Certificates; Typing Certificates; Literary Club; Spanish Club; Beacon Typist; Usher; Girl Reserves; Home Room 210. GEORGIE SAWYER: G.A.A.; Make-up Staff; Distributors ' Club, Secretary; Red Cross; Retail Selling Club; Home Room 210. JOHN D. SEWARD: Ad Staff; Stage Crew for " Don ' t Take My Penny, " " Tomorrow the World, " " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, " Senior Plays, ' 45, ' 46; Stamp Club; Red Cross Rally; Red Cross Rep- resentative; 4L Decoration Committee; Home Room 116. CARROLL SICELOFF: General Shop, Superintendent; Supply Clerk; Record Clerk; Finishing Room Foreman; Maintenance Foreman; Beacon Staff; Stamp Club ;Home Room Offices; Cadet Corps; Home Room 1 16. EUGENE SPENCER: Home Room 116. SHIRLEY STEIN: Waverly High: Basketball; Softball; George Wythe Junior High; Basketball; Softball; Athletic Club; T.A.S.; Hampton High School: Basketball; Softball; Newport News High School: Basket- ball Team; Girl Reserves; Home Room 106. BILL STEPHENSON: Activities Letter; Literary Club; Chairman of Citizenship Committee; Red Cross; Writer ' s Club; Beacon Staff; Quill and Scroll, President; Home Room 206. BOBBY STORTZ: Giftorian; Football Letter; Basketball Letter; Track Letter; Agathon Basketball Trophy; Julian Gordon Football Trophy; Football Team, Co-Captain; Basketball Team, Co-Captain; Track Team: Varsity Club; Intramural Basketball; Athletic Council, President; All-Eastern Basketball Team: General Shop Superintendent; Auto Shop; Vice-President of Student Body; National Honor Society; Vice-President; Honor Council, President 1 High, 2 Low, 2 High, 3 Low, 3 High, 4 Low; Executive Board; Student Council; Red Cross; Freshman Hall of Fame ;Senior Hall of Fame: Co-Best Athlete; 4H Senior Assembly Committee; Home Room 210. JOANNE STUART: Prop Staff of " Through the Night, " " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Literary Club; School Cheerleader; 4L Decorating Committee; Patrons ' Dance Committee; Service Honor Roll Committee; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; Home Room Offices; 4H Dance Committee; Queen of Senior Class; Junior Chorus; Girl ' s Glee Club; Home Room 106 JOHN P. THEISS: Anchor Photographer; Photography Club; Art Club, President; Purchasing Committee; Red Cross; Stamp Warden; Civil Air Patrol Cadet, Supply Sgt.; Training Chorus; Boys ' Glee Club; Concerts ' 45, ' 46; Home Room 210. HELEN TIRAKIS: Red Cross; Printing Staff; Home Room 116. CONSTANTINE TSITSERA: President; Literary Club Letter; Literary Club; Chairman of War Bond Drives; Spanish Club; National Honor Society; Home Room Offices; Cadet Corps; Student Council Representa- tive; 4L President; Nelm ' s Honor Scroll; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. VOULA TSITSERA: G.A.A.; Tennis Club; Archery Club; Dance Club; Prop Staff; Furniture Staff; Home Economics Club; Fashion Show; Girl Reserves, Treasurer; 4L Decoration Committee, Assistant Chairman; Home Room 116. CHARLES TYNAN: Ad Staff; Lat n Club: Spanish Club; Home Room Offices, Red Cross; Cafeteria Committee: Vice President of Chemistry Club; Bovs ' Junior Chorus; Home Room 307. VICTORIA VAUGHAN: Co-Biography Editor of Anchor; George Wythe Junior High School; Thomas Jefferson High School, Tampa, Florida; Newport News High School: Tennis Club; Vice President; Typing Certificates; Shorthand Certificates; Election Official; Office Assistant; Beacon Typist; Secretary to Mr. Weiss; Home Room 206. PEGGY VISE: Clifton Forge High School, Clifton Forge, Va.: Dra- matic Club; Latin Club Secretary; Beta Club; Mountaineer Staff; Girls Glee Club; Newport News High School: Literary Club; Latin Club; Dance Orchestra; Accompanist Boys ' Glee Club and Girls ' Glee Club; Beacon Business Manager; Home Room 306. RICHARD WALKER: Intramural Basketball; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Home Room Offices; Band; Concert ' 44; Home Room 210. ANNE WARD: Central High School, Painter, Va.: Hi-Y Club; Girls ' Glee Club; Newport News High School: Dramatic Club; Make-up Staff of " Through the Night " ; Prop Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Senior Play Staffs; Latin Club; Girl Reserves; Usher; Dance Committee; Student Council; 4H Dance Committee; Beacon Reporter; Home Room Offices; Cantata " To Make Men Free " ; Home Room 106. CARL WATKINS: Stage Crew; Red Cross; Beacon Staff; Boys ' Glee Club; Home Room 307. HERMINE WEINER: Ad Staff; National Thespians; Dramatic Club; Prop Staff for " Come Out of the Kitchen, " " Tomorrow the World " ; Cast of " Nine Lives of Emily, " " Ghost Stories, " " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, " " What a Life " ; Spanish Club; Red Cross; Senior As- sembly Committee; Stamp Warden; Infirmary Assistant; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. OTTO WEISS: Home Room 106. DOROTHY WHITE: G.A.A. Furniture Staff of " Don ' t Take My Penny " ; Printing Staff; Print Shop Offices; Red Cross; Freshman Cheer- leader; Girl Reserves; Home Room Offices; Junior Chorus; Home Room 210 . REBECCA WHITE: Literary Club; Spanish Club; Assistant Editor of Beacon; Editor of Beacon; Quill and Scroll, Secretary; National Honor Society; Creative Writers ' Club; Honor Council Investigating Committee; Nelms Honor Scroll; Tennis Club; Home Room 106. MARY W. WIEGAND: Music Letter; Cast of " Tomorrow the World " ; Staff of " Snow White and Seven Dwarfs " ; Literary Club, Co-Chairman of Citizenship Committee; Stamp Warden; Orchestra; Concerts ' 44, ' 45, ' 46; String Clinic ' 44, ' 45; Dance Band; Home Room 307. SEYMOUR WILKS: Home Room 106. HILDA WILSON: Red Cross; Student Council; American Distributive Education Club; Home Room 116. JEAN WINN: G.A.A.; Spanish Club;; Red Cross; Girl Reserves; Student Council; Infirmary Assistant; Senior Hall of Fame: Best Look- ing Girl; Furniture Staff; Business Manager; Ticket Staff; Training Chorus; Mixed Chorus; Girls ' Glee Club; Concert ' 45, ' 46; Flag Twirler; State Contest ' 46; Home Room 106. GLORIA WINTER: Hampton High School: Newport News High School: G.A.A.; Drama Staff; Latin Club; Spanish Club; Chemistry Club; Home Room 206. Twenty-Nine Editorial staff members, activities Tommy Drumwright; Mary Asher and Frances Murray, and features Betty Nachman, labor over the problem of senior lay-outs, minus two members, feature Irma Kate Popper and activities Charles Minnigerode. THE ANCHOR STAFF Striving to improve the Anchor by describing and showing more of the actual life, the June ' 46 Anchor staff began in October of 1945 to plan the annual. They have kept on despite the obstacles presented by the shortage of needed materials and by the handicap of too little time. With the hope that the student body will appreciate the changes and will find in them improve- ments, they present the June 1946 Anchor. After apprenticing themselves to the February staff, the members of the June staff were appointed by the Anchor advisor. Miss Jeanette Ward, and the February staff on the basis of their qualifications and working ability. Elected to lead the staff as co-editors were Mary Puckett Asher and Frances Murray. The alternation in the arrangement of senior pictures was one of the first achievements of these two. Business manager, Jimmy Goodwin, and his assistant, Selma Epstein, handled the revenue, which was the result of the work of the ad staff. Man- ager of this staff was Ted Ashby, who had the somewhat thankless job of obtaining the finances needed to publish the annual. His helpers in this work were Jean Blassenham. Hermine Weiner, Sue Mays, Katie Allen, June Jarrett, Frances Richardson. Gloria Winter, Shirley Powell, Charles Tynan, J. D. Seward and Marion Forrest. Not to be forgotten, but to be thanked are those seniors who. although not members of the staff, sold ads and secured patron money. Betty Nachman and Irma Kate Popper, as feature editors, were given the job of writing up the various departments. The fact that Newport News High School has so many courses from which the student may choose helps to make it one of the best in the state. These girls have a finished product of which they may be rightly proud. Activities editors usually have jurisdiction over the pictures of the numerous clubs. However, this year Tommy Drumwright and Charles Min- nigerode took charge of all pictures except those of the seniors, including Thirty tho se of a senior ' s day and all needed for the departments. Their work was painstaking and thorough. The two, who pestered the seniors about their pictures, but won in their perseverence by meeting their deadline, were photo editors, Joyce Las- siter and Helen Friedman. Also working with the whole class were the biography editors, Dollie Rogers and Victoria Vaughan, who handled the headaches of additions and corrections with unequaled patience. No annual would be complete without the catchy drawings by the art editors. The theme of this annual caused the artists, Barbara Andrews, Kitty Guthrie, and Doris Hughes to complete more drawings than usual. Sectional page drawings by Barbara Andrews are thought to be great addi- tions to the over-all effect of the annual. Photographer John Theiss assisted Mr. Weiss, faculty photographer, in taking the pictures for various sections. Jack Lawson, a graduate in Feb- uary, 1946, also acted as photographer and turned in some excellent shots. Covering the basketball games and athletic phases of the school life were sports editors, Arnette Howell and Larry Rabinowitz. Even though only a minority participate in extra-curricula sports, every student takes an in- terest in the school ' s teams and wishes to see them well represented in the annual. Perhaps the most unlauded group, but nevertheless essential and hard working are the typists. Martha Helmer, Jean Rowe, and Dorothy McClure had several times to work extra hard in order to meet deadlines because of work ' s being turned in late. Whenever thinking of the annual or work connected with it, one should remember the tireless worker, Miss Ward. This annual would never have been published but for her patient understanding and hard work in advising and correcting. The staff as a whole worked faithfully and hard to turn out an Anchor which would picture the events of every student ' s school life. They hope that everyone reading a copy of their publication will appreciate these efforts and consider all things in criticisms. Attempting to catch upon financial difficulties ore typists Martha Helmer, and Patsy Forehand, ad staff members Katie Allen, Hermine Weiner, Jean Blassenham, Jackie Lackie, business managers Jimmy Goodwin, and assistant Selma Epstein and ad manager, Ted Ashby. Caught while planning their respective sections, are biography Dollie Rogers and Victoria Vaughan, art Borbara Andrews and Doris Hughes, photo Helen Friedmon and Joyce Lassiter, sports Larry Rabinowitz and Arnette Howell, and photographer, John Theiss. Thirty-One TO THE CLASS OF 1946 OUR GREAT NATION IS ONCE AGAIN AT PEACE WITH THE WORLD. To your recent predecessors at Newport News High School and others was given the responsibility of winning the WAR and the PEACE. In order to accomplish this task, they had to learn and to put into practice the principles and methods of modern warfare. These responsibilities they accepted and carried out not only unselfishly but also most successfully. You, too, have a serious responsibility — that of maintaining this PEACE. May each one of you appreciate the price paid for PEACE and make every effort to learn and to put into effect those laws and ideals for main- taining this PEACE, so that the efforts, sufferings, and even deaths of these people will not have been in vain. Very sincerely yours, Louis G. Plummer Thirty-Two In presenting the King and Queen of the June, ' 46 Anchor, we introduce " Buddy " Bryant and Joanne Stuart. They were elected by the student body from a group nominated by the graduating class. This new feature in the life of the school was proposed by the staff of the June, ' 46 Anchor. Joanne, who is not only pretty but also popular and active in school affairs, has as one of her many activities, cheerleading. " Buddy " held strategic positions on both the football and basketball teams. He is admired by the student body for his friendlv disposition and personality. Thirty-Three SENIOR k lotable, natural, and nice are ' qualities to be found, In Jovce Lassiter and Kenneth Kea, the senior class " best all-around " . Outstanding for participation in activities of the school, Though industrious workers, they always remain calm, collective, and cool. | — nergetic, eager, and earnest are our " most athletic " boys, Eddie Cooper and Bobby Stortz, the school ' s prize and coaches ' joys. Bringing victory for the old gold and dark blue, With a fighting spirit that continues forever true. W insome, wonderful, and wide- ” awake, our " best dancers " as the name implies, For Pat Davis and Jimmy Daniels, here is where their talent lies. Be it rumba, jitterbug, or fox trot they are on the " beam " . Gracefully dancing together, they make an outstanding team. ryecious, pretty, poised, best ‘ describes our " best looking girl " , Jean Winn, whom all the boys would like to give a whirl. Popular, pleasant, and potent anyone will say When thev chance to see Morris Phillips, " best looking boy " , any day. Thirty-Four PERSONALITIES O utstanding, obliging, and oomphy, Elizabeth Richardson, Bobby Haskins claims these traits. Our " most popular " couple are never in need of dates. Tops in the estimation of any classmate, Who with anyone deserve an A-l rate. R eading, ' riting, and ' rithmetic, in these subjects and others they have learned, Frances Murray and Constantine Tsitsera, the title of " best students " have earned. Always willing to lend a helping hand To others., who not quite so high in their class stand. “Thorough, thoughtful, and tireless, ■ ' our " class talented " constantly succeed; For if it ' s music, the seniors want, they ' ll supply our need. Mary Puckett Asher and James Coley possess such rhythm and rhyme As to invariably give the right music at the right time. J ilarious, humorous, and harmless, Aubrey Cross, our " class jester " , answers all three; In fact, all these adjectives he fits to the well known " T " . | mmaculate, impressive, and ideal, ' Betty Jean Melson, our " most stylish " one; For in her clothes, she can ' t be outdone. Thirty-Five 1. STUDENT COUNCIL — First row, left to right: Duelling, Delk, Bur- ton, Smith, Arnow, Love, Beck. Second row, left to right: Marshall, Miller, Woodcoff, Mickey, Davis, Manning, Gray. Third row left to right: R. White, Gall, J. White, Levinson, Britt, Jobe, Carpenter, Kosicki, Hornsbey, Blas- senham, Wicke, Magee, Robertson Stainback. Fourth row left to right: Pittman, Harmon, Phillips, Bowen, Key, Stortz, Woolard, Hahn, Armstrong, Miss Gildersleeve, Sawyer, Smith Millner. 2. STAMP CLUB — Left to right: Golub, Homan, Cross, Kelly, Roberts. 3. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY — First row, left to right: Miss Eulah The Student Council, which endeavors to promote activities which will contribute to the success of the school and encourage the highest student morale, provides excellent training for participation in self government. The Stamp Club offers students of the school an opportunity to collect and trade stamps, to learn stamp news., and to listen to lectures by local stamp collectors. Massey, Stortz, Nachman, Epstein, Ghiselin, Ballentine, Lassiter, White, Handges, Tsitsera, Stern. Second row left to right: D. Peebles, E. Peebles, Asher, Rabinowitz, Murray, Hogge, Meens. 4. ART CLUB — Theiss, Agramonte. 5. ORCHESTRA — First row, left to right: Wiegand, Ballentine, Gar- rison, Coe, Daniel, Pass, Jarrett. Second row, left to right: Wise, Manning, Early, Scott, Miller, Newberry, Phillips, Goldstein, Laughlin, Arledge, Rea, Tilghman, Meena, Coley, Asher, Hill. Third row, left to right: Allen, Toobert, Powell. Character, leadership, service and scholarship are the qualities which make seniors and high juniors eligible for membership into the National Honor So- ciety. The purpose of the Art for Fun Club is to pro- mote the interest of high school students and their parents in the fine arts department of the school. Thirty-Six BABY TYPHOONS ! Thirty-Seven 4 LOW First Rom, Left to Right: A Stilley, C. Moore, D. Lerner, S. Steele, B. Underhill, A. Joyner, W. Tolton, E. Davis, E. Wilson, T. Vincent, R. Shockley, M. Williams. Second Row, Left to Right: P. Brown, E. Blanchard, H. Henderson, N. Sewill, J. Conover, D. Woolsey, H. Keefer, R. Walker, C. Corter, B. Potterson, K. Moore, J. Goldstein, J. Alexander. Third Row, Left to Right: A. Parrish, J. Riggins, J. Sandefur, P. Levin, E. Peeples, M. Lewis, L. Sands, I. Powell, D. Roane, N. Reese, H. Roane, S. Paradis, C. Lankford. Fourth Row, left to Right: M. Tennant, R. Winters, S. Hogge, H. Atwell, H. Corpe, J. Sawyer, G. Watson, J. Rosen- burg, D. Pleasants, T. Mayo, C. Harcum, 00. C. Griggs, O J. Kiser, A. Stuart, R. Whitley. 3 HIGH First Row, Left to Right: B. Dyke, J. Conner, G. Courtney, M. Ellis, D. Crevlin, B. Field, S. Drucker, L. Collier, E. Doffen, S. Coleman, S. Fodrey, B. Powell, J. Rollins, D. Samuels, S Robinson, B. Brown, A. Satchell. Second Row, Left to Right: B. Worthington, G. Vaughn, L. Sears, B. Parker, S. Rosenfeld, J. Love, S. Simpkins, M. Taylor, S. Walker, J. Smith, R. Schofield, M. Toobert, D. Holloman, R. Fisch, J. Joyner, J. Thomlin, N. Hanrahan, A. Gary. Third Row, Left to Right: F. Griffin, J. Kushian, C. Graham, F. White, B. Williamson, J. Hall, P. Wagner, B. WUood, M. Reed, D. West, W. Peters, E. Mahathy, F. Mullins, A. Moore, B. Edwards, R. Morgan, F. Minkoff, N. Mennin, M. Martin, N. Moore. Fourth Row, Left to Right: K. Motley, P. Merril, N. Montague, K. Merrideth, A. Andes, B. Seatt, M. Manning, D. Nachman, R. Hudgens, S. Lampros, C. Lawson, D. Keller, P. Coe, A. Watched, W. Lacky, L. Lederman, P. Markus, B. McWaters, L. Roberts, D. Melton. Fifth Row, Left to Right: J. Fox, S. Huff, C. Hale, B. Hobday, R. Fiore, M. Huller, H. Marshall, M. Kelley, F. Huette, N. Jenson, G. DeWeese, M. Chaney, N. Jennings, L. Marshall, C. Powell, H. Johnson, H. Marshall, W. Bell, A. Allen. Sixth Row, Left to Right: W. Harris, B. Roberts, B. Larbi, M. Cox, J. Wren, W. Cross, C. Tilghman, B. Henry, N. Powell, L. Keller, M. Cleary, P. Overton, E. McFall, J. Williams, C. Royal, G. Binder, J. Brockwell, A. Burge. Seventh Row, Left to Right: A. Hoggard, B. Brown, A. Bull, N. Townsend, A. Bivins, A. Clay, H. Arronow, J. Arrol, H. White, E. Mason, R. Coates, K. Smith, H. Burt, B. Wilsted, J. Isreal, E. Barnes, J. Coates. Eighth Row, Left to Right: B. Heel, T. Baird, A. Gordon, P. Meekins, T. Armstrong, J. Grey, D. Bazemore, J. Barber, L. Mallory, J. Ball, P. Morris, H. Brown, A. Newberry. Thirty-Eight 3 LOW First Row, left to right: K. Gray, L. Hamilton, W. Hub- bard, C. Goad, E. Harris, W. Hudgins, R. Kinlock, R. Hazel- wood, C. Hale, J. Gatling, M. Harding, G. Jamerson, 6. Hayle, A. Katzerburgh, J. Hall, V. Gall, A. Holmes. Second Row, Lett to Right: P. Davis, C. Kegel, L. Jaynes, B. Harrison, B. Early, B. Hollaman, E. Carson, J. Baker, C. Carpenter, H. Aherne, B. Ajalat, W. Allen, P. Allen, F. Ballentine, H. Young. Third Row, Lett to Right: M. Panas, M. Binder, D. Boswick, D. Robbins, R. Smith, B. Lawson, F. Norfleet, L. Bunten, C. Atkinson, A. Conn, G. Tumberlow, J. Stinson, B. Williamson, J. Watkins, J. Welch, P. Scoggin, M. Willard. Fourth Row, Left to Right: J. Lockstamper, A. Spiers, J. Stainback, N. Weaver, D. Thomas, A. Taylor, J. Terry, M. Starboard, J. Seward, B. Evans, B. Williams, S. McCollum, G. Powell, W. Hirth, N. Miller, M. Sasser, J. Lowry. Fifth Row, Left to Right: B. Grass, N. Jones, B. Thomas, A. Hubbard, G. Gwaltney, M. Fribbance. 2 HIGH First row, left to right: J. Kosicki, W. Lipscomb, W. Layton, R. Lassiter, R. Levinson, Llewellyn, R. Kemp, A. Lampros, D. Lewis, Mason, C. Keeter, P. Levy, K. Lemon, G. Larimore, M. Kolos, A. Hermiotis, A. Lowentroll. Second row, left to right: E. Webb, D. Agramonte, N. Lumpkin, L. Edwards, P. Hudgins, V. Hostter, Fogle, L. Cellers, B. Garrett, J. Dalton, S. Gallahan, H. Wolever, A. Duling, G. Hudgins, B. Jones, C. Evans, E. Holley, T. Hunni- cutt. Third row, left to right: B. Frey, R. Gladdin, P. For- well, C. Floyd, M. Daniels, C. Wood, B. Swartz, J. Sealy, N. Salway, R. Rowe, N. Wheeler, R. Smith, N. Robey, H. Smith, R. Reeves, N. Rowe, J. Siceloff, C. Phillips, J. Saunders. Fourth row, left to right: J. Fox, W. Britt, A. Diamon- stein, D. Ellis, J. Seward, C. Hall, V. Walton, J. Scarlett, S. Barnes, D. Wiggs, B. Leigh, B. Horner, A. Baines, E. Cole- man, B. Crump, J. Ainslie, P. Grossley, J. Benthall. Fifth row, left to right: S. Anderson, K. Blewett, J. Avery, J. Burcher, J. Carter, P. Burton, B. Atkinson, B. Bull, J. Adams, R. Babb, C. Campbell, C. Belote, K. Chandler, P. Gibbons, M. Nachman, D. Pittman, W. Pope. Sixth row, left to right: J. Price, D. Pleasants, D. Mur- ray, G. Mitchie, L. Otaforo, D. Mitchell, D. McLoughorn, A. Myers, R. Bateman, R. Pierce, L. Mitchell, L. Parker, M. Gibbons, G. McMohon, R. McGregor, M. Padgett, D. Martin, F. Overman, H. Phillips, B. Quvnn, P. Morse, I. Newbill. Seventh row, left to right: L. Dudley, G. Garylion, M. Dunkun, P. Early, B. Bowen, P. Willard, H. Collier, A. Roberts, R. Mayo, B. Durbury, C. Rayford, F. Donnell, 6. Baker, P. Young, B. Wright, C. Unthank, C. Rawles, C. Kolis, B. Farmer. Eighth row, left to right: W. Londray, M. Russell, L. Ris- on, B. Deuell, B. Henry, V. Boyd, H. Asbell, B. Garlick, C. Argramonte, S. Katz, J. Katz, G. Rawles, G. Wiegand, S. Hornsby. Thirty-Nine 2 LOW First Row, Left to Right: R. Oder, P. Phillips, J. Meadows, J. Robertson, B. Miller, D. Suttle, L. Powell, A. Nickle, A. Mclnturff, F. Gray, S. Flowers, S. Keller, E. Greene, J. Faulk, L. Jones, M. Garret, J .Hicks. Second Row, Left to Right: M. J. Hilling, D. London, J. Liverman, J. Hopkins, G. Fields, R. Howell, J. Frank, S. Kramer, R. Landis, M. Henderson, R. Kuebell, M. Graves, J. Golub, D. Garner, J. Kelley, L. Howell. Third Row, Left to Right: J. Carlucei, W. Rowell, J. Taylor, R. Harris, M. Sidenstein, N. McClenend, H. Swartz, C. Terry, E. Collier, B. Copes, V. Theiss, M. Owens, A. Swindel, I. Melson, C. Wahtner, A. Tyler. Fourth Row, Left to Right: C. Sparrow, J. White, M. A. Winborne, E. Williamson, E. Via, D. Wachtel, B. Silk, S. Pariantons, R. Wood, L. Sorenson, J. Otis, B. Cummings, J. Boylston, A. Tavlor, B. Wrinht, J. Hardvman, B. Williams, J. Stallings, J. Webb, W. Walter. Fifth Row, Left to Right: A. Taylor, A. Hamilton, M. Clintsman, D. Bluford, R. Avant, M. Grumpier, L. Rowles, S. Black, M. Adams, N. Barlow, B. Dodge, M. Boswell, L. Davis, W. Creech, J. Amorv, M. Alger, J. Easton, B. Allen. Sixth Row, Left to Right: , L. Beauchamp, B. Marshall, E. Pugh, R. Ellis, J. Kestler, P. Conroy, D. Morewitz, J. Dornor, B. Allen, C. Horsely, L. Hormiotis, D. Sour, D. Shanz. 8 HIGH First row, left to right: C. Downe, M. Bazemore, B. Mullings, C. Nagale, J. Parnel, T. Morgan, O. Warner, A. Morris, A. Pitt, G. Moore, J. Pane, C. Pappas, M. Ward, J. Redding, T. Price. Second row, left to right: B. Hornsby D. Rogers, J. Rob- erts, C. Whitfield, A. Tsitsera, B. Norton, A. Spencer, J. Wornom, P. Williams, F. Waller, C. Wavmath, D. Vaughan, S. Woodard, N. Blossom, V. T., M. Johnson. Third row, left to right: E. Bently, M. Weger, C. Thomp- son, W. Wilmoth, D. Topping, R. Wickie, Xiftrus, M. Young, L. Palliman, Z. Anme, R. Clarke, M. Dickerson, P. DeMoss, B. Garner, M. Mac Gray, O. Hill, D. Garrett, B. Jester. Fourth row, left to right: J. Galloway, P. Fuller, G. Fisk, P. Gray, E. Hornsburger, B. Goad, F. Powell, B. Horne, J. Holt, V. Holloman, T. Ka ssev, M. McNamara, J. Parker, D. Prater, C. Knox, R. Ownes, H. Lee, E. Bateman, B. A. Scott. Fifth row, left to right: G. Morecocks, R. Michell, B. Larry, J. Ilish, J. Michie, L. Hudgins, J. Norton, F. Holt, D. Hudgins, M. Mitchell, N. Jenkins, F. Jones, J. Kearnes, F. McNoir, M. Kaufman, A. Moore, P. Manning, P. Kearnes, I. Askew, I. L. Bedsole. Sixth row, left to right: A. Lewis, A. Leisman, R. Mathews, A. Langston, N. Conn, J. Conn, F. Allen, J. Allen, R. Brown, R. Jones, G. Keater, M. Lloyd, L. Kelly, B. Greene, H. Arnold, G. Aronoff, B. Brown, M. Barnett, S. Smith. Seventh row, left to right: B. Holley, M. Ahearn, R. Alfa, L. Avant, A. Saunders, S. Ton, R. Blake, D. Campbell, L. Aopearson, R. Bowles, J. Bicouvarious, C. Baine, H. Walk, J. Atkins, B. Armstrong, G. Pappas, C. Apple, E. Dameron. Eighth row, left to right: E. Oliver, C. Ryan, F. Sawyer, D. L. Smith, M. Saunders, A. Samuels, J. Royals, M. Rosser, A. Thomas, A. Snead, J. Roberts, M. Tavlor, H. Telstead, A. Oliason, H. Rubin, G. Theopolis, T. Stepp, V. Silver. Ninth row, left to right: N. D. Berry, J. Hogge, R. For- rest, B. Carmines, J. Forest, W. Graham, A. Curling, B. R., C. Cowan, M. L. Clarke, A. Delk, J. Thompson, J. Wood, E. Dowdy, E. Garrett, B. Gibbs, M. Eager. Tenth row, left to right: E. Hanna, J. Whitney, J. Hogge, E. Foster, J. Cathey, E. Garry, M. Chapman, A. Camphor, M. A. Buck, F. Dunkum, N. Jones. Forty 8 LOWS First Row, Left to Right: D. Burton, D. Forbes, B. Crumpler, R. Duke, R. Almond, J. Dameron, H. Binder, C. Brown, G. Cumming, B. Beck, C. Brooks, A. M. Bishop, V. Dick, S. Crearv, A. Andrews, B. Adams. Second Row, Left to Right: D. Goode, M. Anastasion, L. Conley, N. Montague, E. Murray, D. Carmach, F. Am- burgey, B. Reese, C. Folwell, S. Nachman, N. Miffleton, C. Newbill, C. O ' Malley, C. Mears, J. Padgett, B. Peach, J. Black Third Row, Left to Right: D. J. Mayer, J. Pleasants, V. Rowe, B. Paris, G. Sands, B. Pollok, E. Mitchell, E. Midkiff, D. Powell, J. Melson, V. Tappan, E. Wilson, E. Templeman, R. Whitley, G. Wade, M. Wood, M. Stinnette. Fourth Row, Left to Right: B. Simms, G. Stepp, M. Wood, B. Wallace, P. Sandefur, J. Russell, W. Stanley, M. Schiffman, M. Woodruff, H. Staples, B. White, J. Spivey, J. Sherman, J. Stewart, R. Simmons, N. Wood. Fifth Row, Left to Right: S. Hege, H. Hrune, H. Hull, B. Haskins, J. Hazelwood, J. McDowell, M. Levy, C. Love, J. Jordan, H. Holder, L. Farmer, I. Hand, D. Jackson, A. Ellis. UNDERCLASSMEN ENJOY THE SENIOR PROM, TOO. Forty-Onn The Distributors ' Club offers a pre-employment training in salesmanship to older girls and boys in- terested in working in local stores. Organized exclusively for girls, the Girl Reserves bases its principles on good character, ambition in life, and high ideals. The promotion of world peace through study is the purpose of the Jr. Red Cross. This club sponsors drives in cooperation with the local chapter of the Red Cross. With its purpose to teach girls coordination, bal- ance, poise, and gracefulness, the members of the Dance Club also learn the correct way to stand, walk, and sit as well as the techniques of modern dancing. The honor system in the N. N. H. S. is to promote honor and integrity of character among the students. The Honor Council consists of representatives elected from each of the seven classes by the Executive Board of the Student Council at the beginning of the Sep- tember term. 1. DISTRIBUTORS ' CLUB First row, left to right: Nettles, Corbett, Watson, Hoggard, Simpkins, Mr. Minton. Second row, left to right: Wilson, Lindley, Templeman, Hollo- man, Joyner, Tumlin, Young. Third row, left to right: Sawyer, Smith, Ellis, Wilstead, Curling, Matthew, Huff. 2. GIRL RESERVES First row, left to right: Davis, Larramore, A. Hermeotis, Huett, Jen- sen, Johnson, Mullins, Feoria, V. Tsitsera, Wood. Second row, left to right: Tirakis, Miss Mays, Handges, McManus, V. Tsitsera, Mullins, Fekas, Mc- Gregor, Pappas, M. Wood, Gray. 3. RED CROSS First row, left to right: Young, Roberts, Campbell, Lerner, Handges, Mrs. Burton, Miss Juliet Coleman, sponsor. Sawyer, Helmer, Hudgins, Ajalat, Norfleet. Second row, left to right: Nielson, Field, Proctor, Hopkins, Taylor, Bryant, Schiffman, Nachman, Siceloff, McConnell Boswell, Knox, White. Third row, left to right: Padget, McGregor, Hostetter, Miller, Avery, Whitley, Ling, Fox, Dorner Carter Ryan, Pappas, Gray, Silk. Fourth row, left to right: Platt, Duke, Alexander, Holt, Pass, Blake, Nachman, Hudgins, Carlucci, Morgan, Hunnicutt. 4. DANCE CLUB Group on left: First row, left to right: Kelly, Hartman, Williamson, Davis. Second row, left to right: Theiss, Cowan, Chapman, L. Hermiotis. Middle group: First row, left to right: Green, Larramore, Willard. Second row, left to right: A. Hermiotis, Tsitsera, Turner, Lumkin. Group on right: First row, left to right: Lowry, Wornom, Howell Williamson. Second row, left to right: Wwaltney, Grubbs, Larsen, Farmer. 5. HONOR COUNCIL Left to right: Miss Massey, White, Jobe, Pearson, Harman, Phillips. Forty-Two TRAVELING TYPHOONS! y . a fi p-R v " Do not turn back when you are just at the goal. " — Plutarch In order to depict to the reader the actual school life of the student, the usual sections containing activities and features have been combined. This one section is a discussion, along with pictorial evidence, of what con- stitutes each department and the clubs sponsored by them. Traveling Typhoon may represent any one of you as he breezes through the classes and activities of Newport News High School. Fnrty-Thrpp " STEVE " EARLY TYPHOON Dihdin " Talk of nothing but business, and dispatch that business quickly. " — From vocational training provided by the Commercial Department of the New- port News High School, students can be graduated ready for employment in the field of business management or secre- tarial practice. The business management courses pre- pare a pupil for opening a small busi- ness of his own or for keeping the fin- ancial records of a firm. This course may also be the prerequisite to advanced train- ing in college, which will lead to occupa- tions in any field of management. Sub- jects offered in the business manage- ment courses are distribution, credit pa- pers, economics, store m a n a g e ment, bookkeeping, accounting, type writing, and commercial law. Courses in secretarial practice are set up primarily to prepare individuals for typing or stenographic work. These are also preparatory courses for students who plan to take advanced commercial stud- ies. However, they may be for personal use to aid in recording notes. The sub- jects taught are typewriting, shorthand, bookkeeping, commercial law, account- ing, economics, and secretarial practice. Only theory is taught in the first year ' s study of shorthand while the second year ' s work consists of taking dictation at the rates of eighty, one hundred, and one hundred and twenty words per minute. Certificates are given to those students who for five minutes are able to take sixty, eighty, or one hundred words per minutes, transcribing the notes as mail- able letters. The principal objective in the first term typewriting is the development of the keyboard with emphasis on control. In the three following terms, emphasis is placed on problem typing and speed. By the time a student has finished the last term, he has learned to set up work and transcribe from shorthand notes. Mini- mum speed required in the last term is forty words per minute while a speed of sixty or more is considered superior. Awards in typing are given to those stu- dents who in fifteen minutes type thirty, forty-five and sixty words a minute with a limit of five errors. There is an accuracy certificate, as its name implies, for those completing fifteen minutes of perfect typing. Students have excellent training for employment. They, having been taught to cut stencils and use the mimeograph machine, make all copies of outlines, reading lists, tests, and forms for the school and library. The most competent students become secretaries for teachers. In the last four years every graduate desiring employment has secured a posi- tion. Forty-Four " JOHNNY " BARRYMORE TYPHOON " The play ' s the thing. " — Shakespeare " Everybody on stage. " This magic cry means one of the two major productions of the drama department is under way. The casts — of which there are two, are chosen from the student body at large in preliminary, semi-final, and final try- outs. To develop the student in three partic- ulars, poise, voice, and body, is one of the purposes of the drama course. Poise includes the inward feeling of ease and the outward expression of that feeling by doing easily and well the correct thing at the correct time. The voice qualities that should be developed are projection, and quality. Principles of body control include relaxation, control, and coordin- ation. The development of a hobby in connection with theatrical production work and an increased appreciation of drama are the remaining purposes of this elective course. The department is well known in the community for its readiness to cooperate with local associations. A large percent- age of the membership of the Little Theater has been a product of the de- partment. It has worked with the Ameri- can Association of University Women to provide suitable prod uctions for the younger citizens of the community. It is the drama department that aids in the production of concerts and special as- semblies, most notable of which are the productions of the music department, the Christmas assembly, and the senior events. The organization of National Thes- pians has a chapter in the school. Mem- bership in the organization is attained on the basis of points secured by public appearance both in school plays and con- certs and in community affairs. These ap- pearances alone are not the sole method of securing points. Work on the various staffs responsible for these productions will give a student a large number of the required points. Forty-Five WASHINGTON IRVING TYPHOON " A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. " — Solomon It is the duty of every American to himself to make the correct expression of his own language easy and natural. Careful study through research and ex- perience on the part of teachers of the education of the student in grammar usages, language skills, the mechanical aspects of speaking and writing on suc- cessive levels of maturity will aid each boy and girl to increase language power from semester to semester. Since many students end their formal education with grad uation from high school, it is of the utmost importance that high school English courses be ex- plicit, thorough, and progressive. With this in mind our own English department has been recently reorganized to give more efficient service to the students. In place of a department head there is a chairman elected from among the teachers of the department. Serving with this chairman is a group of committees working on all problems incidental to reorganization. This new program which has been inaugurated is to be in effect for at least three or four years. In the new Eighth Grade a different program in reading has been inaugurat- ed. The English and speech departments have combined their efforts to improve students ' oral and silent reading ability. Special attention is given to the pronun- ciation and spelling of words. Foundations for elective courses that are to be offered in English Seven through Ten are the English classes one through six. The elective courses being considered are world literature, drama, English r e- lated to shop work, and creative writ- ing. These a d d i t ional classes would greatly enlarge the present curriculum which provides now a choice in the senior year of only college or non-college pre- paratory work. Forty-Six " CHRIS " COLUMBUS TYPHOON " There never was a good war or a bad peace. " — Frank What happened in 1492? This and more intelligent questions are capably answered in the study of history. No history is as romantic and interest- ing as that of our own country, the United States. From the landing of the Pilgrims and the Jamestown colonists to the morn- ing newspaper, there is a wealth of use- ful and necessary information which can- not be neglected by any true American. Ffistory is made every day. In the wars we have fought to defend our democracy lives and fortunes have been lost. This wealth of knowledge is assimilated by those students who take United States History classes. Our Modern History courses offer the student an opportunity to understand better the peoples, governments, and in- ternational affairs today by giving him a knowledge of the social development of the race. One fifth of the time spent in each course is alloted to the discussion of current events and modern problems and to debate on timely topics. There are two civics courses in the curriculum. Freshman Civics is primarily a class devoted to orientation, personality de- velopment, and vocational guidance. Sen- ior Civics attempts to give the student a better understanding of the duties he is to perform as a citizen. Actual court room trials are attended, and imaginary ones are carried on in the classroom. For those who expect to enter college the Ancient and Mediaeval courses are of inestimable value. Through the knowl- edge of various civilizations of the world, leading up to and contributing to ours, one is furnished with a general fund of in- formation which characterizes the cul- tured man. In the daily life of the school of which he is a citizen, the student is encouraged to perform to the fullest extent in the duties which characterizes a good school citizen. Forty-Seven AUNT JEMIMA TYPHOON " A stitch in time saves nine. " — Unknown The home economics course in Newport News high school provides valuable training for the future to the girls who enroll in its various classes. The course serves in the duo-foundational role as a basis for vocational work and home manage- ment. The department endeavors to help each one of its students be socially acceptable to groups of both the same and the opposite sex. This is done by recommending high standards of personal grooming, by aiding in the development of un- selfish and friendly personalities, and by teaching social courtesies. The home-management c o u r se aims to give the students an under- standing of good health and rules for its maintenance and teaches them to accept responsibilities which will necessarily have to be accepted in family groups. The ability to work more in- dependently, to appreciate the values of money and to understand what makes a fair sharing of the income, and to contribute to the wel- fare of families and individuals in the com- munity is taught in this course also. A study to develop affection for younger children is included in the plan of the department. Home economics courses are majorly elective, but girls of the eighth grade are given a preliminary course in homemaking. Basic studies for vocational jobs such as designing clothes or managing a cafe- teria can be found in the classes of clothing and foods. In these classes the girls are required to make certain pieces of clothes and learn to prepare specified dishes. Calorie and vitamin contents of various foods are learned also. The three clubs sponsored by the de- partment, the 8 Low Homemaking Club, the 8 High Homemaking Club, and the Future Homemakers of America, have as their aim the establishment of a closer relationship between the school and the home. These clubs have regular business and social meetings and sponsor outside acti- vities such as receptions and banquets. The actions of the classes and clubs of the department combine to aid the students of the high school in becoming better-fitted to handle the problems of home life. Forty-Eight HENRY FORD TYPHOON " Remember that time is money. " — Franklin One of the great needs of the masses of our people today is a marketable skill, useful for self-sufficiency. Newport News High School is making a contribution towards this end through its practical arts courses. The two types of shop work offer- ed in the high school are industrial arts, which aim to give pupils an insight into a variety of occupations, and vocational education, which prepares a boy for en- trance into a specific field of work. These provide rich exploratory and occupational guidance opportunities for boys and spe- cialized training in a few fields for those desiring specific preparation for a trade. In industrial arts classes the pupils are rotated through activities embracing the more common types of work associated with the electrical graphic arts, the met- al and wcod working industries. Through the constriction of well designed articles the student becomes familiar with the more common tool and machine pro- ceses and the technical information as- sociated w : th them, the materials of in- dustry and the methods of production, the related information which is of im- portance to every consumer of industrial production, and the occupational in- formation essential for entrance into the field of work. By serving as superin- tendents, foremen, record clerks, tool room clerks and maintenance engineers, the pupils acquire a responsible attitude, confidence in themselves, and coopera- tion with fellow workers. Specific trade preparation in the high school is limited to machine shop and auto mechanics. In these courses stress is placed on the development of skills that will definitely prepare the boy for entrance into the occupation of his choice. A considerable amount of techni- cal information is included in each course with special emphasis on trade terms, science, mathematics, and the drawing associated with the trade. Upon the successful completion of the course the student is provided with a good foundation for the trade. Forty-Nine HORACE GREELEY TYPHOON " To think rightly, to think instantly, to think incessantly, to think intensely, to seize opportuni- ties when others let them go by — that is the secret of success in journalism. " • Members of the Staff: Kitty Guthrie, Peggy Vise, Arthur Stuart, Jane Ghiselin, Rebecca White, John Bowen, Phyllis James, Jean Blas- senham, Larry Rabinowitz, Ann Collier, Sonya Rosenfeld, Jean At- kinson, Lee Beauchamp, Ira Davis, Henry Stern, Billy Phillips, Carroll Siceloff, Tommy Drumwright. Journalism in our high school is a laboratory course, for the students have the opportunity of working on the school paper. Here they gain experience while learning the fundamentals of newspaper make-up. Though the main purpose of the two semesters ' course is to train the student in journalistic writing, the subject proves valuable in other ways. He is taught to read the newspaper more intelligently, and is more efficiently equipped for a career in this field. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for this course. Those applying must have maintained at least an average of " C " in English. Since the weekly school paper is printed in the high school print shop the stu- dents are afforded a greater opportun- ity to observe all of the steps in the publication of a paper. Besides writing material for the Beacon some of the better students do copy for the local newspapers. The Beacon staff sponsored an assem- bly this year for which they obtained as speaker, Robert St. John, world renown journalist. They plan to sponsor at least one assembly a year bringing before the student body famous r e p r e sentative journalists. Fifty “JULIE " CAESAR AND " DONNIE " QUIXOTE TYPHOON T=f A Only two languages are taught in the high schol now. One classical language, Latin and one romance language, Span- ish. " Quod enim munus rei publical ad- ferre mauis, meliusve possumus quam si docemus atque erudimus iuventutem? " — Cicero. " For what greater or better service can we render our country than we do, if we teach and instruct its youth? " All those who have studied Latin know of its value in the study of English, for more than fifty per cent of the English language is composed of words of Latin origin. Likewise Latin is a basis for the modern romance languages. Two years of Latin is required for the student to get any credit on the subject. Some wish to continue in the study and two years of advanced Latin is available for this group. Ability to read and trans- late the Latin into English, as well as skill in writing English in Latin is stressed. Studies are made of Roman civilization, and an appreciation of the debt owed to the Romans by the modern world is given the student. In advanced classes the great literary masterpieces of Cicero and Virgil are translated and studied in detail. " Querer es poder " " Where there ' s a will there is a way " . One step taken to promote cooperation between the United States and countries of South America, due to the Good Neigh- bor Policy introduced in 1945 by Frank- lin D. Roosevelt, was that of advancing the study of the Spanish language. The purposes of the two year Spanish course offered in high school are to create in the student the faculty of reading and under- standing Spanish and to enable them to use oral Spanish in certain sit- uations. Knowledge of the people who speak Span sh is gained from studies of their customs. Sponsored by the language de- partment are the Latin club and Spanish club. At the regular monthly meeting additional information is gained, as well as recreation from the social gatherings. Fifty-One SINCLAIR LEWIS TYPHOON " My library was dukedom large enough. " — Shakespeare 57 Quietness prevails in our library, per- fect setting for the students who wish to read and study. This quiet order isn ' t an accident but a planned accomplishment of our able librarians and their student assistants who attain the coveted posi- tion after giving evidence of their in- terest in books and people. Average scholarship and a good moral character are also necessary. Never a dull moment for these library assistants who are in charge of the circu- lation of books, — that is checking them in and out, the processing of new books, assisting in the mending of those books which from constant use have become worn, aiding in the library publicity, dis- play, and exhibits, and the checking of permits. These girls are eligible for lib- rary letters when they have worked for a specified length of time which varies according to their excellence in the per- formance of work over and above the re- quirements. A library pin is presented to only those who have surpassed the above requirements for letters. The Library Club is composed of these girls who have been rated for their library work. Our bookshelves, filled with books total- ing 15,700, are replenished each year with 400 more with funds supplied by the school board. All fields are represented among the titles. In one year 35,000 books are circulat- ed. New titles are selected from sugges- tions offered by teachers and students; but, of course, the final decision is left to the librarian who through her many years of training, decides which are the most suitable. The Evaluation Committee of the Southern Association of Secondary Schools found our library to be one of our greatest assets. Others, too, have recognized this fact; for the State De- partment of Libraries in Richmond sent a letter of commendation to our librarian who is in charge of the largest high school library in the state not only as to actual size but also in the number of books at the students ' disposal. Among the many courtesies extended by our library are the faculty reading club, the " Popular Science " and " Read- er ' s Digest " magazines at reduced rates, and a faculty reading room where any teachers of the local system may read or study and hold meetings of small groups. Fifty-Two PYTHAGOREAN TYPHOON " Mathematics, the queen of the sciences. " — Causse To be capable of keeping up with the fast pace of science and industry, it is necessary for all persons to have detailed information in mathematics since it is the foundation of all knowledge. At the Newport News High School the five mathematics courses prove valuable not only in the material of the subject it- self but also in training the student to be accurate, precise, neat, clear in the perception of thought, and strict in the interpretation of the written word. With the establishment of the new eighth grade, a five year mathematics course was incor- porated. All eight grades are en- rolled in general mathematics in which they study practical arith- metic and basic fundamentals of algebra and geometry. At the end of the freshman year, the student has completed the required mathematics, hav- A course in plane geometry, offered in the third year, consists of the study of all plane figures including circles, rectangles, and regular polygons. Valuable work is also done in proportion. The senior has the opportunity of taking solid geometry and trigonometry. Even though both are col- lege preparatory courses, they will prove of much value in any type of work. Solid geometry is the study of solid s including the plane, pyramid, and regular polyhedrons. Spherical geometry is also covered. Trig- onometry constitutes the basic functions, logarithms, and the practical application of the knowledge gained. ing taken general mathematics and one year of algebra. The majority of the stu- dents, however, continue in the elective courses, especially in the second year algebra. During the two years the student becomes skillful in solving algebraic equations, in the use of radicals, in graph work, and in the basic fundamentals of trigonometry. Fifty-Three " WALLIE " DAMROUSCH TYPHOON " Medicine for the soul " — Siculus " And the band played on. " So it does as the Newport News High School band performs jointly with the school orches- tra, mixed chorus, and glee clubs in the annual spring concert. This production given annually on the first Friday eve- ning of each May, pres ents to the stu- dent body and the community the musi- cal talent of our school. As individual groups the musical organizations have their own outlines of practice and per- formance. Drills on tones and exercises in breath control are practiced in band classes while the orchestra class does drill work in string positions. On its busy schedule perhaps the band ' s appearance at foot- ball games and " pep " assemblies are most important to the students for the cheerful and spirited atmosphere created by the stirring music. The orchestra pro- vides music during the intermissions of the school plays, and its strains are re- membered by each and every graduate of our school for the orchestra performs at all commencement exercises. Both the band and orchestra are featured on the Patrons League Association programs throughout the year. A year of music is required in the cur- riculum of the school and it is the pur- pose of this year to promote group sing- ing and music appreciation. Students study operas and folk songs and learn the correct methods of vocal develop- ment. The chorus classes are formed by juniors and seniors who are both tal- ented and interested in choral singing. The mixed chorus and the glee clubs sing on school programs, at various civic meetings and at Patrons Legue meet- ings. The mixed chorus and the band en- tered the district contest in the spring and several soloists from each group participated. In February, seven outstand- ing members of the band attended the all-state band clinic where three of the students won distinction by being placed at the head of their respective sections. " Sherman ' s Wildcats, " our high school dance band, plays for school dances, community programs, and activities held at the " Y. " The group was organized two years ago by those in the band who wanted to play " swing. " The musical organizations of our school strive untiringly to bring musical enjoy- ment to the students and to the citizens of the community. Fifty-Four " CHARLIE " ATLAS TYPHOON " Young fellows will be young fellows. " — Rickenatoff Not that the Physical Education teach- ers expect to develop either " super " men or women, but they do try to develop each student mentally, physically and socially. War has made the country more cons- cious of the necessity of physical educa- tion for all within their ability to parti- cipate. The important place won during the war by physical education in the high school curriculum should be main- tained in years to come. The boys ' gym classes endeavor to develop not only a strong body but also a strong character. The weight, height, age, and class of each boys is checked, and from the facts are determined the ability and extent of participation of each. A series of three tests is given during the semester to determine the improvement. These tests include the following: indoor — pullups, pushups, sit- ups, and rope climbing; and outdoor — standing and running broad jumps, high jumps, low hurdle races, passing and kicking of footballs, and the various dis- tances of dashes. Those boys with physical defects that can be corrected are given special atten- tion. Effort and accomplishment are the two main factors in grading all boys. The girls ' gym classes and intramural program include a variety of activities that contribute to their aim. These activi- ties are as follows: sports — speedball, soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis; dancing — tap, folk, and modern; tum- bling, stunts, and gymnastics. Calisthen- ics are usually given first during each class period as preparation for participa- tion in sports. Achievement tests which include game skills are given to determine agility and muscular activity. To give each girl an understanding of the struc- ture and functions of the body, health instruction is given for one marking per- iod each semester. Fifty-Five " AL " EINSTEIN TYPHOON " No one knows what he can do till he tries. " — -Syrus TTA In the midst of this new postwar world, when opportunities in scientific progress beckon from every side, it is necessary for every citizen and every future citizen to have an average knowledge of the dif- ferent branches of science in order that they might better understand the new devices being used in industries and homes. The four courses in the science department of our school have been in- tensified in response to this need in the students ' future lives. The general science course is presented to students as an introduction to the field, and in this class the student re- ceives a general idea of the various branches which will be offered to him as electives in his following years of high school. What matter is, how it is classified, and what properties it has is perhaps the basic study in the freshman science course. Biology in our high school is divided into two courses — botany and zoology. Botany deals with the origin and life his- tory of plants while zoology deals with a discussion of animals, their structure, classification, habits, and distribution. The teachers of our chemistry courses endeavor to help the students perform laboratory experiments and to carry out thought projects based on the application of the scientific principles learned in class. Six weeks of the chemistry class is spent in studying and learning the form- ulas for general scientific processes. The physics course in Newport News high school consists of detail studies of the basic principles, magnetism, and electricity. Along with the factual ma- terial, there are practical laboratory ex- periments. Physics classes are given such knowledge as is possible in the advances of radar and atomic research. The science department spon- sors two clubs — the Science Club and the Chemistry Club. These are capably run by stu- dents particularly interested in these fields and c o n t r i bute much to the member ' s knowl- edge from the interesting and educational programs which are presented. Four students in Newport News high school were among the first place winners in the Virginia Academy of Science statewide science talent search conducted in January. Fifty-Six RIP ROARING TYPHOONS ! Fifty-Snven SEASON: 1946 When the referee ' s whistle sounded December 8, 1945 to open the cage seas- on, an experienced yet still awkward group, under Co-captains Bobby Stortz and Eddie Cooper, stood ready to further the cause of the Cold and Blue. Their opponents, South Norfolk, won after the game ran into an overtime period, but back the Typhoon came the following week to defeat an older, veteran group from Cheatham Annex. Such results were to be repeated many times in the days to come, for the for- tunes of Coach Julius Conn ' s charges wavered constantly, and it was not until late in the season that they fulfilled the promise of their name — " Typhoon. " The gangling unsure opposition of Oceana high school proved easy pickings on December 19, but against the finished performance of the Duke University ' B ' squad the men from Newport could find no defense. In their final preliminary game before entering conference com- petition, they took the measure of a Holy Trinity five. Behind Bobby Stortz ' s sure fire scor- ing attack the hardwood warriors fought Maury to a desperate winning finish, with the cagemen sorely tried for every min- ute. Once again college material, this time in the form of William and Mary ' B ' team, overwhelmed them; and two days later the Connmen dropped a conference tilt with Wilson, despite a stellar per- formance on the part of Eddie Cooper, season high point man. Jaunting into Maryland late in Janu- ary, the cagers faced a Junior Varsity representation from the Naval Academy in Annapolis. That particular day was, however, the Navy ' s, and they took home with them the short end of the tally sheet. Fifty-Eight Though blond Buddy Bryant appeared ' in the grove ' from a scoring standpoint, future district champs Granby thoroughly downed Gold and Blue aspirations for that title by defeating them decisively in the squad ' s first encounter in the local gym. Then two more collegiate outfits, the University of North Carolina and Duke University " B " groups, found the Typhoon on the easy side of the ledger when the team journeyed into Tar Heel land Feb- ruary first and second. To the cagers credit is the fact that, though with the scales securely tilted against them be- cause of the quite apparent extra experi- ence of the college quints, they stayed in the fight every minute. The William and Mary " B " game Feb- ruary fifth can be marked as the turn- ing point of the year. Gaining what they had lacked in previous efforts, the bas- keteers tightened up, settled down and took three straight contests, two from combines which had defeated them in earlier meetings. Maury fell on the eighth, and the next Friday eve the Typhooners invaded Wil- son ' s home grounds to snatch victory from what the Prexies regarded as an easy defeat. By February 21 Granby clinched the Eastern District crown, their defeating the Gold and Blue was a foregone conclu- sion. The tilt, played in Norfolk, marked finis to the 1946 campaign. THE RECORD Date Newport News December 8, 1945 30 December 14, 1945 37 December 19, 1945 29 January 4, 1 946 23 January 9, 1 946 42 January 11, 1 946 28 January 16, 1946 17 January 18, 1946 ... 16 January 25, 1 946 30 January 18, 1946 26 February 1, 1946 24 February 2, 1946 36 February 5, 1946 26 February 8, 1 946 25 February 15, 1946 24 February 21, 1946 35 Center: South Norfolk 32 Cheatham Annex 31 Oceana 15 Duke University 29 Holy Trinity 22 Maury 25 William Mary " B " 23 Wilson - 24 Naval Academy " B " 46 Granby 39 University of North Carolina " B " 44 Duke University " B " 38 William Mary " B " 20 Maury 22 Wilson 23 Granby 44 Pleasants Holland, Shields, Taylor. Third row, standing; left to right; Coach Range, Presson, Cooper, Forrest, Bryant, Stortz, Coach Conn. GRADUATING LETTERMEN Co-Captains Bobby Stortz and Eddie Cooper Russell " Buddy " Bryant Richard Forrest Billy Hilling Carlton Holland EASTERN DISTRICT TEAM Bobby Stortz Honorable Mention: Eddie Cooper, Richard Forrest Fifty-Nine First Row kneeling: Ajolot, Seward, Owens, Cowling, Markus, Ahearn, Boyles, Venell. Back Row, standing: Coach Range, McClelland, Panoytis, Pleasants, Jones, Jobe, Scott, Manager Early. THE JUNIOR VARSITY Small in stature, but long on action, the junior edition of the Typhoon cage squad, under the guiding hand of Coach Jacob C. Range turned in an excellent account. From its ranks will undoubtedly come the top notch performers of future hardwood wars. Bobby Stortz Outstanding Cager and Gridder In Stortz ' s right arm is the Cordon football trophy while in his left arm rests the Agathon club ' s outstanding basketball player award. The Julian Gordon Football Trophy Awarded annually by Mr. Julian Cordon of this city, the Julian Cordon football trophy for the team ' s most valuable player went to Bobby Stortz, for his participation in the 1 945 season. The Agathon Club Award The spring of 1946 saw the establishment by the Agathon Club, men ' s civic organization, of the custom of awarding a trophy to the most outstanding member of the Newport News high school basketball squad. Presented by club president, John Cox, at the time of the awarding of basketball mono- grams, the first trophy went to Bobby Stortz. TRACK — INDOOR SEASON Southern Indoor I n v i t a tion Meet, Scholastic Division — Though teams from Newport News had oft tried to win the Southern Scholastic title, this year marked the first time a Typhoon representation had come in ' the money. ' Held February 23 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina under the auspices of N. N. C., this contest and its big brother, the open Sixty division, attracted a fine group of con- tenders, with a field of forty teams drawn from the entire seaboard. Tally sheet showed the Cold and Blue with 17 points amassed from the follow- ing places: Mike Neofitou, first, and Ken- neth Kea, second, in the 1,000 yard run; Captain Bobby Haskins, first, and Jimmy Daniels, second, 70 yard high hurdles; Billy Foster, fourth, high jump. State Indoor High and Prep School Meet — Two weeks later, on March 8, the thin clads won their second consecutive in- door champinship for the state, totaling 32 points with three firsts, seconds and thirds, and two fourths. Scene was the University of Virginia ' s Memorial Gymnasium in Charlottesville. Participating were over 200 contestants from eight state high and preparatory schools. During the course of the afternoon ' s events, Mike Neofitou set a new meet record for the half mile run. Previous mark has been 2: 1 5, which the dark-hair- ed speedster whittled down to 2:11.5. That naturally gave him top billing in the event ' s results. CAPTAIN BOB HASKINS Kenneth Kea won high tally honors of the day by taking first in the mile, and a good second in the 880. Running mate Clifton Penny came second in the mile. In the hurdle races Captain Bobby Has- kins won a second in the lows, and a third in the 50 highs. Jimmy Daniels added five markers when he led the field in the lows with a 6.5. Getting a third in both 50 and Left to right: First Row, Diamondstein, Foster, F. Rosenfeld, Wood, Coley, D. Shields, Haskins, Daniels, Neo- fitou, Kea, A. Rosenfeld, Bryant, Olaison. Second Row, Coach Plummer, Layton, Stinson, Taylor, Parsons, Roane, Scott, B. Shields, Stortz, Penny, Marks, Garrison, Rosenberg, McLaughlin, Saunders, Rabinowitz, Coach Conn. Third Row, Bull, Meekins, Hahn, Shanz, Holland, Stern, Harcum, Field, Lockstampher. Sixty-One Left to Right: Captain Haskins, A. Rosenfeld, Coley, Kea, Penny, Neofitou, D. Shields, E. Rosenfeld, Daniels. 440 yard races was Donald Shields, while James Coley and Albert Rosenfeld grab- bed a pair of fourths, the former in the 440 and Albert in the 50 yard opus. THE OUTDOOR SEASON Coaches Julie Conn and Lou Plummer had a field shy but run heavy team with which to regain for Newport News the oft-held state championship. Led by Cap- tain Bobby Haskins, stellar hurdler, the team had as its backbone a large group of veterans, lettermen and non-N men. Early prospects showed a group of boys both willing and able. The majority of the Cold and Blue ' s top-notch men were those who had already showed up well in the two indoor contests and who went on capably when the scene of operations shifted outdoors. Key men are as follows: Milers, Ken Kea, Clifton Penny and Billy Wood; Mike Neofitou, Dick Roane and Ted Marks in the 880; dashmen Frank and Albert Ros- enfeld, Donald Shields and Bobby Stortz; James Coley and Billy Foster in the quar- ter; Captain Haskins, Jimmy Daniels, Bernie Shields and Dale Parsons — hurdle specialists; jumpers and vaulters, Bobby Scott, Jerry Rosenberg, Jerry Garrison and Dick Forrest; and last but far from the least, such field event gentlemen as Henry Stern, Dewey Schanz, Jimmy Hahn, Eddie Cooper, Robert Walker, Lou Taylor, Buddy Bryant and Carlton Hol- land. Not all of them won — but they always tried. Result — State Champions for ' 46. Granby Tidewater Maury Eastern Navy Plebes. State SCHEDULE: 1946 Forman Field Williamsburg Forman Field Forman Field Annapolis Charlottesville Tuesday, April 16 Saturday, April 20 Tuesday, April 23 Saturday, April 27 ..Saturday, May 4 Saturday, May 1 1 Sixty-Two G. A. A. The Girls Athletic Association offers recreation to oil girls who wish to participate in the various forms of athletics such as basketball, vol- leyball, softball, and the activities of tennis, archery, and the Modern Dance Club. A girl must earn 30 points in or- der to become an active member of the Girls Athletic Association. Points may be earned through parti- cipation in any of the sports enum- erated above, or any other outside activity in which you may be in- terested. A monogram " N " is awarded to each person who earns 500 such points. For each additional 100 points, certificates are given. After having received a letter, you automatically become a member of the Varsity Club. The Modern Dance Club meets each week with its instructor, Miss Sanne. The art of being graceful is perhaps the most stressed aim of this class. Self confidence is also developed through this Modern Dancing Class. CHAMPIONS The victorious Seniors take time out to pose between the half of the game in which they over-powered the Sopho- mores with a score of 29-15. The championship title goes to the Seniors for a season of fine basketball in which the spirit of true sportsmanship was developed. The Seniors officially become the champions after defeating the 8 Highs 32-2. CHEERLEADERS Always ready with plenty of vim, vigor, and vitality, are these members of our school ' s cheering squad. From left to right, they are: Betty Mattingly, Helen Fowlkes, Joanne Stuart, Dot Beodles, Barbara Pearson, Jean Farmer, Betty Moore, and Anne Halmer. Sixty-Three BASKETEERS The signs that the basketball season is well under way are illustrated by these girls who prepare to catch the ball from the tip-off to " sink a basket " and raise their score. All after-school basketball games are under the careful supervision of Miss Mays and Miss Wingo. Who won what? Here is the total of games won and lost by each of the teams: Name Seniors Juniors Sophomores 8 Highs . Won . 3 1 . 0 . 0 Lost 0 2 2 2 Tied 0 0 1 1 JUNIORS Although beaten by the Seniors, the Juniors also showed a great deal of in- terest in basketball throughout the season. As did all the other teams, they built strong bodies which will prove of value to each one of them both now and in the future. The Juniors met their match when they tied with the Sophs. Sixty-Four ANCHOR PATRONS Miss Sara B. Garnett Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Meena Mr. Bobby Scott Mr. Bobby Manning Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Helmer Mr. and Mrs. Philip W. Murray Eta Tau Kappa Mr. and Mrs. Tobias Rabinowitz Alpha Delta Omega Sorority Mrs. J. W. Boutchard Mr. G. R. Pulley Jane A. Money Mr. and Mrs. William Fekas Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Burcher Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Cooper Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Richardson Mr. and Mrs. Gordon B. Asher Mr. and Mrs. G. L. Poffenberger Mr. and Mrs. T. F. Drumwright Mr. and Mrs. Prentiss Ward Mr. and Mrs. William Howell Mrs. F. S. Winn Mr. and Mrs. F. G. Yeatts Lester ' s Florist Mr. and Mrs Louis Friedman Mrs. G. W. Seward Miss Carol Marshall Mr. and Mrs. Ben Epstein Mr. and Mrs. James P. Goodwin Mr. B. W. Ghiselin Mrs. R. M. Blassenham Mr. and Mrs. Herbert G. Smith " X " Club Harry L. Nachman Mr. C. E. Shaff Mr. and Mrs. Philip Ware Mr. and Mrs. H. R. Cardwell Mrs. E. L. Powell Mr. and Mrs. Bernard Lockstamfor Mr. and Mrs. B. A. Green Mr. and Mrs. F. L. Edwards Lt. Col. and Mrs. Wayne E. Homan Lt. Col. and Mrs. S. S. Winter Mr. and Mrs. D. C. Allen Mr. and Mrs. Samuel H. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ashby Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Black Mr. and Mrs. Charles Tynan Mr. and Mrs. A. K. Hutton Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Pully Mrs. L. W. Hudson Mrs. Zeb Niell Mr. and Mrs. S. L. Goodrich Dr. P. M. Beatty Mr. C. F. Breckenrige Dr. John R. Boyd Dr. Robert T. Peirce, Jr . Mr. and Mrs. W. W. BeVille A Friend A Friend Mr. and Mrs. J. A. Richardson Miss Grace Shaff Mr. and Mrs. J. Aasland Dick S. Ajalat Mr. and Mrs. H. G. Richardson A Friend Mr. and Mrs. Irving Nachman Mr. and Mrs. Irvin Cohen Mr. and Mrs. Frank Valk Mr. Leroy Spigel Mr. and Mrs. Sam Seigel Mr. and Mrs. Gerald B. Kline Mr. and Mrs. H Handges Mr. A. K. Blakemore Miss Pauline Allen Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Davi s Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Lassiter Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Lanford Mr. and Mrs. C. J. Theiss Mr. and Mrs. G. E. Firth Mr. and Mrs. Crawley Mr. and Mrs. L. 0. Andrews SHIP ' S LOG June ' 46 crew of Good Ship Newport News High School FOLLOW THE CLASS HISTORY THROUGH THE ADS Sixty-Five HOTEL WARWICK NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Our Dining Room offers you traditionally Fine Food and Service at Moderate Prices SPECIAL SUNDAY DINNERS FOR THE FAMILY Luncheon Hours Dinner Hours 1 1 :45 A. M. to 2 P. M. 6 P. M. to 8 P. M. Private Parties of from 10 to 35 guests may be served in the PALM ROOM. Luncheons — Bridge Luncheons — Dinner Parties Weddings and Receptions DIAL 4-1741 Sixty-Six Fast goin’...Have a Coca-Cola When folks get together it’s never long before you hear the welcome words Have a Coke . Yes, the pause that refreshes with ice-cold Coca-Cola is a friendly American institution. The words Have a Coke are passwords to companionship. Coca-Cola stands as a symbol of hospitality and friendliness to folks of all ages. “Coca-Cola” and its abbreviation “Coke” are the registered trade- marks which distinguish the prod- uct of The Coca-Cola Company. BOTTLED UNDER AUTHORITY OF THE COCA-COLA COMPANY BY THE NEWPORT NEWS COCA-COLA BOTTLING CO., INC. Si ' -Sevcn 1 Compliments of SHIP ' S LOG B Sept. 10, 1942 Anchors Aweigh! As apprentice seamen we set sail A ' M for 4 (?) years. Assigned to home base. T A Sept. 17 — Elected officers. Cap- tain, Danny Presson. First Mate, Hilda Lewis. S R Sept. 19 — First Nautical game. Football to be exact. O K Sept. 28 — Received first Navy News N E or Beacon. rp Oct. 12 — As bad as being pre- sented to Father Neptune ' s court T was rat assembly. S Oct. 27 — Received first report from Admiral. Nov. 19 — Became member of CHESTNUT AVENUE Literary Seamen ' s Associa t i o n or Literary Club. AT Dec. 7 — Called on deck to com- memorate Pearl Harbor Day. TWENTY-FIFTH ST. (Continued on page 84) COMPLIMENTS JOE ' S MEAT MARKET 2602-04 JEFFERSON AVENUE Phone 2-1271 We Deliver Anywhere Sixty-Eight ' The Pride of the Peninsula " Where the Better Pictures Play Compliments of Bryant Nelms Compliments of EPSTEIN ' S 4215 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Manufacturers Custom Made Venetian Blinds Congratulations Graduates Hill’s Department Store THE STORE WITH THE BLUE FRONT 2308 Jefferson Ave. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Compliments of Health Center Bowling Alleys, Inc. 3212 Huntington Ave. Newport News, Va. F. W. EARNEST, Mgr. Bowl — It ' s Pleasing — Healthful Recreation Meet Me at Agey ' s For a Coke AGEY ' S 2906 Washington Avenue Cigars — Cosmetics — Candy Compliments of Scott ' s Hardware WILLIAM B. SCOTT, Prop. ' Class of ' 27 " Compliments of SHAPIROS DEPARTMENT STORE in 2402-2408 Jefferson Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Sixty-Nine RELAX AND ENJOY A GOOD SHOW Compliments of Adams-Gregory Compliments of Newport News Office Equipment Co, Agents For Remington Rand Typewriters 2404 Washington Ave. PHONE 4-1754 Compliments of Compliments of The Hayes Allen ' s Shoe Repair Insurance Agency Shop Automobile — Fire — Casualty 4413 Huntington Avenue 1 23 26th Street " For the Best in Shoe Repair " flARR BROS 3005 Washington Ave. Want Action? List Your Property With Bailey Realty Co. DIAL 2-2231 — 2-6414 Congratulations June Class from the AGATHON CLUB We Watch Your Future With Interest OPEN DAILY 10:45 A. M. to 1 1 :00 P. M. Sunday 12:45 to 11:00 P. M. Seventy Congratulations to June ' 46 Class Shaw Jewelry Co. 2809 Washington Ave. Compliments of Metropolitan Store 28 1 7 Washington Ave. Unusual Values in Every Department ALEX ' S GRILL 34)2 Washington Avenue Where the shipyard workers meet their friends and get their eats and drinks BECK’S BREAD The Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment! 32nd St. at Washington Avenue x AVE at IW TREEJ ■ Kecoughtan Rd. at Wythe Place At Stuart Gardens Shopping Center Seventy-One ATTENTION! HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Good Pay — Secure Future — -In Civil Service Government Issues Urgent Call! NEW CLASSES NOW FORMING Enroll Now for Both Day and Night — Low Tuition " BUSINESS TRAINING AT ITS BEST " COLLEGE OF HAMPTON ROADS " Virginia ' s Most Modern and Best Equipped Business College " Nationally Accredited Washington Ave. at 30th St. (Lerner Bldg.) Phone Newport News 2-181 1 College Degree Instructors Lloyd Lumsden, LL.B., President 3215 WASHINGTON AVENUE Compliments of Compliments of MILLERS Ladies Wearing Apparel United States Restaurant 3105 Washington Avenue 25th St. and Washington Ave. USE OUR 10 PAY PLAN SILVERMAN Seventy-Two Congratulations to the Seniors Melvin and Jimmie ' s 28th STREET CONFECTIONERY Compliments of Perry ' s Meat and Poultry Market 3210 Huntington Avenue ACCORDIONS INSTRUCTION BEVERLY BOWLER ' S SCHOOL OF ACCORDION 127 33rd Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Phone 2-1332 SHACKELFORD AUTO CO., Inc. DODGE — PLYMOUTH — DODGE TRUCKS Dependable Used Cars 329-41 Twenty-fifth Street Dial 4-1466 Printing is the Inseparable Companion of Achievement " The FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY, Inc. DIAL 3-1051 216-18-20 Twenty-fifth Street Newport News, Virginia Seventy-Three 45 Yeors Serving the Peninsula Main Office 127 24th Street Branch Office 4106 Wash. Ave. Harper Co. 2617 Washington Ave. FEATURING {2c cl fndj FOR BETTER JCj UT€S Washington at 30th Newport News DIAL 6-1971 Mutual Underwriters W. B. WILLIAMS A. M. DEAL, Mgr. FURNITURE 99-28th St., Deal Bldg. Dial 4-1451 225 28th St. Newport News, Va. " Dividend Paying Insurance " Seventy-Four The Purpose of RADIO IS TO SERVE YOU Tune To Your Radio Station for EDUCATION NEWS RELIGION SPECIAL EVENTS SPORTS MUSIC RADIO WGH STATION and The American Broadcasting Company TUNE TO 1340 Affiliated with the DAILY PRESS and TIMES-HERALD Hundley and Applewhite, Inc. Compliments of REALTORS iw INSURERS Warwick Machine Co. 130 26th Street Newport News, Va. Newport News, Va. Compliments of EPES STATIONERY CO., Inc. 2908 Washington Avenue Seventy-Five C. B. DUNCAN JIMMY DALE iincau L Lancet REFRIGERATION FOR HOME AND BUSINESS Ranges — Washers — Radios — Records — Heaters Plenty of Parking Space 3400 Virginia Avenue DIAL 2-2011 Best Wishes FRESH FRUIT ICE CREAM CO. Washington Ave. at 35th Street GENERAL CONTRACTORS Plumbing — Heating Electrical Work Concrete Work Plastering Painting Store Front Construction Specialists Free Estimates 3100 VIRGINIA AVENUE GUILDER SERVICE Seventy-Six Congratulations Senior Class Best If 7s ties Goodpar Ice Cream June Class 5808 Virginia Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA J. Hugh Caffee F. Maynard Caffee |hhi CAFFEE FUNERAL HOME Established 1891 3101 West Avenue AMBULANCE Broadway Dial 2-1345 Newport News, Va. Nothing but Flowers- But in Flowers H EVERYTHING AND SONS ,t, sZudyn dotzman Certified Gemologists and 3101-03 Huntington Avenue Registered Jewelers Phone 5-1259 2912 Washington Ave. Seventy-Seven " Frosh " Typhoonettes travel to Portsmouth for Turkey Day game. YOUR LOCAL FORD DEALER MUDGiINS MOTOR CORPORATION Huntington Avenue at 29th Street Compliments of COATS — SU ITS — DRESSES — SPORTSWEAR vt “The Individual Shop " Opposite Paramount Theater Scv:nr. -Tgi.t WHITE Optical When You Want a Cab Call Chapman Cab Co. BEST Cabs In Newport News Dial 4-1482 Company 4 Medical Arts Building N. Suttle Sons The Peninsula ' s Jewelry Store of Quality, Reliability and Moderate Prices. Since 1895 Corner 25th Jefferson Compliments of WEAVER ' S MARKET 2705 Huntington Avenue PHONE 4-1771 Best Wishes from JOE ' S LUNCH Quality Service Tells Sells " We Know How " Hilton Cleaners 331-333 Warwick Road HILTON VILLAGE, VA. DIAL 4-1981 Complete Lunches Open 5 A. M. — 2 A. M. Scvcnty-N ne Up-to-Date Sanitary Equipment Modern Barber Shop 3010 Washington Ave. W. L. THIGPEN Newport News, Virginia Sanford 6c Charles Inc. COAL and FUEL OIL 35th STREET and VIRGINIA AVENUE Dial 6-1656 NEWPORT NEWS, VA. A Complete Line of MEN ' S, WOMEN ' S and CHILDREN ' S WEARING APPAREL 2707-09 Washington Ave. • PENINSULA ' S LARGEST FURNITURE AND CLOTHING STORE • Charge Accounts Invited Congratulations to June ' 46 Class Uygeia Roller Rink Hampton and Wickham Aves. Compliments of KENNETH ARCH REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS 1 1 7 26th Street ' Shoes for the Family " Merit Shoe Co. 3021 Washington Ave. Eighty Compliments of Compliments HUNTINGTON of RESTAURANT Warwick Bakery 3600V2 Washington Avenue 220 28th St. Newport News Compliments of FOOD MARKET East End Shoe Shop 35 Years in Service of Peninsula 2215 Jefferson Ave. Corner 25th and Roanoke Ave. PHONE 6-1639 C. B. McGurk Are you planning to attend a formal in the near future? Compliments of SEE SAMUELS KRAMER BROS. For finer Tuxedos and Tails for rent Catering to the Young Set Come to RELIABLE FOOTWEAR Amory s Acrn Confectionery Where you will meet old friends BROTHERS and make new ones NEWPORT NEWS 2801 Wickham Avenue and Opposite New Recreation Building HAMPTON Eighty-One Compliments of i Compliments of T Nn TV yf TT R TV T J. F. Tilghman, Inc. JOE MILAN BARBER SHOP NELSON C. OVERTON Compliments of Phillip ' s Service Jonas Shoppes Stations 35th Street and Washington Avenue Dial 2-1 161 29th Street and West Avenue 3101 Washington Ave. Phone 2-4813 Newport News, Va. LjAS, OIL, LUBRIlA 1 ION Compliments of BEN WEINER Burcher ' s Pharmacy FURS 4315 Huntington Avenue 135 28th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Compliments of Helmer Feed Store 3114 Jefferson Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Eighty-Two 3107 Washington Avenue Compliments of Modern Cleaners Dyers 3409 Washington Ave. Phone 4-1781 Happy Motoring Compliments of LACKEY ' S M I MOTOR CO. ESSO SERVICE Reo Trucks 30th and Jefferson Ave. 3614 Huntington Ave. HARRISON HORNER ( I Wtckzd C- -futoi. cJ Z-IjIlLLL ☆ ☆ ☆ 2504 WICKHAM AVE. PHONE 2-2362 NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA NEWPORT NEWS 6-1051 Jl de iman Muiic Ga. Leaders in Everything Musical PIANOS, RECORDS, MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS, TOYS AND MUSIC 2713 Jefferson Avenue Newport News, Virginia Ein ' M v-Threc s Pharmacies For your Prescription needs these registered pharmacists stand ready to serve you at all times. " ASK YOUR DOCTOR " A. W. Abbit L. C. Stratton Julien Lichtenstein J. W. Courtney, Jr. R. H. Gardiner,Jr. Edward Harrell A. D. Currie, Jr. (Continued from page 68) Dec. 1 4 — Rear - Admirals( (teach- ers performed for seamen. Oh, for the life of a sailor! Jan. 22, 1943 — Tied myself in a bowline knot trying to do exams. Feb. 1 9 — D e f e a ted Good Ship Hampton High School in basketball battle. Comeback over 32-0 loss in football. Feb. 22, 23, 24 — Off duty be- cause of rationing. Ho, ho, ho, and a bottle of rum! April 23 — Four days leave! Cele- brated Easter holidays. June 10 — Ensigns graduated. We became seamen first class. Sept. 9 — On board ship again. New home bases. Reelected Danny Pres- son captain. First Mate — George Kanelos, Yeoman — Douglas Smith. Sept. 24 — Opening football game. Clad I wore my water wings. (Continued on page 96) BESKINS CORNER 24 T H AND JEFFERSON Goodman Hardware Co. QUALITY HARDWARE 2405 Jefferson Ave. R. R. JONES Furniture Exchange Headquarters For Used Furniture Special Discount To Ex-Service Men 2914 Huntington Ave. DIAL 2-2361 Let Us Help You Finance the Home You Want Commonwealth Building and Loan Association M. B. TOWLER, Mgr. 37 27th Street Dial 5-1921 Eighty-Four Compliments of Compliments of Bright ' s Esso Service Climax Barber Shop 27th and Huntington Ave. 4409 Huntington Ave. Compliments of Compliments of THE DOG HOUSE Frankfurters, Hamburgers, Diggs Barber Shop Orange drink, Frozen Custard 35th and Huntington 206 37th St. at Washington Ave. Compliments of Compliments of O. J. Kiser ETA TAU KAPPA Realty Company 1 18 26th St. Newport News, Va. Compliments of I. A. Hogge Bro.Jnc Groceries, Fresh Meats, B. A. GREENE Delicatessen Bakery Products FURNITURE CO. 4412-4414 Huntington Ave. 4-1485 Phones 4-1486 4-1487 NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Eighty-Five Fashion Is Our Business Compliments Quality Our Watchword of Dependability Our Creed WILKS ' BROS. La Vogue Shoppe 2304--06 Jefferson Avenue 3025 Washington Ave. Phone 2-5221 For a complete line of Drugs — guaranteed to be fresh and put up by reliable Druggists, see us first. I. C. Gorsuch Co. CUT-RATE Druggists Next to Broadway Dept. Store Dial 3-1684 Congratulations and Best Wishes to June ' 46 Class Harp ' s Grocery Dial 6-1281 Oliver Roane Distributors and Dealers SOUND EQUIPMENT EXCLUSIVELY ENGINEERING AND RENTAL SERVICE Newport News, Va. DIAL 4-1459 Savage ' s Grocery Fresh Meats and Groceries 2609 Chestnut Ave. Compliments of Compliments of Stuart Gardens SMITH ' S Corporation Boulevard Market Eighty-Six Drucker Falk REAL ESTATE and PARTICIPATING INSURANCE Branch Office, 3824 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. 1 34-26th St. Phone 6-1 6882 rr m Compliments of B. F. LAWSON Compliments of HARLEY-DAVIDSON MOTORCYCLES— BICYCLES Tidewater Motorcycle Co. Joe L. Pinnell, Mgr. 25th St. and Huntington Ave. Compliments of UNITED STATES RESTAURANT 25th St. and Washington Ave The Largest Newstand in Va. The Finest Selection of MAGAZINES NEWSPAPERS METROPOLITAN NEWSTAND 28th and Washington Peter Ottenstein, Owner Compliments of Wythe Appliance Co. Dealers for Philco Radios and Refrigerators Eighty-Seven FAX! A Thin kin Fellow Calls a Yellow YELLOW CAB COMPANY Dial Newport News 4-1711 Newport News Owned ond Operated BY W. E. STOOPS SAFETY COURTESY RESPONSIBILITY Compliments of Compliments BLAIR BLANTON S M and Pharmacy The Southerners 3401 Washington Avenue Compliments of Allen Jewelry Co. Boulevard Cleaners 2902 Washington Ave. 9901 Warwick Road and Your approval is our success Hampton Jewelry Co. 1 1 W. Queen St. PHONE 7-1061 Eighty-Eight Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Eighty-Nine We deem it a pleasure and a privilege to have played a part in the creation of this annual through the medium of our photographs and thus to have helped perpetuate the memories of student days. CHEYNE ' S NEWPORT NEWS STUDIO “ Official Photographer to June 1946 Anchor” 132 32nd Street Newport News, Virginia Ninety Let Nothing Happen To These: A Free Press, together with freedom of speech and freedom of religion, is the foun- dation of our republic. Daily Press Times-Herald (MORNINGS) (EVENINGS) “ The Peninsula ' 1 s Newspapers ” PUBLISHED IN NEWPORT NEWS Ninety-One SWELL FOUNTAIN HUNCH PEPSI WITH LUNCH 5c PEPSI-COLA COMPANY Long Island City, N. Y. Compliments of J. E. REID ' S ESSO STATION Bowden ' s Grocery Best Wishes For Years of Success Compliments of Pittman ' s Grocery 2615 Marshall Avenue Phone 4-1766 WE DELIVER Compliments of Newport Shoe Repairing 3014 Washington Avenue Compliments of FALCON CLUB Ninety-Two Compliments of Compliments of W. C. Bowen Co. Radio Repair Co. 246 25th Street Real Estate — Insurance NEWPORT NEWS, VA. WEST AVENUE SWEET SHOPPE E. R. BOOKER, Prop. 3)08 West Avenue Phone 2-9652 Newport News, Virginia BAR-B-Q OUR SPECIALTY Fountain Service, Candies, Ice Cream, Sandwiches and Cold Plate Lunches FOR REAL GOOD EATS — COME TO THE West Avenue Sweet Shoppe Eat With Us Once and You ' ll Eat With Us Always ! FOOD FOR THE FAMILY CURB SERVICE OPEN TIL 2 A. M. Compliments of Compliments of Darlene FRANK ' S MARKET Beauty Shop 2600 CHESTNUT AVENUE 903 25th Street Ninety-Three Compliments of SANITARY LUNCH 3026 WASHINGTON AVENUE PHONE 2-6521 Compliments of Rich ' s Super Market Compliments of S. NICOSIA Wholesale Fruits Produce Newport News Hampton 2307 Washington Ave. Dial 6-1201 B. F. GOODRICH TIRES— TUBES— BATTERIES AUTO and HOME SUPPLIES Washington Avenue and 38th Street Newport News, Virginia Phone 6-1329 Compliments of The Jacobson Press PRINTING • H 5t B Grocery 2704 Huntington Ave. NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Phone 6-1171 J. W. Jacobson, Mgr. Ninety-Four M. P. BREON Tire Specialist Phone 2-1062 3401 Huntington Avenue Newport News, Va. TIRES RECAPPING BATTERIES REGROOVING ACCESSORIES VULCANIZING Complete Tire Service Congratulations George W. Pittman To the June ' 46 Class From Expert Watch Repairing Daniels Cleaners 2606 Washington Avenue 3503 Hunting Ave. Phone 2-5241 Compliments of Compliments of Nicholas R. H. PRIDE Beauty Shop 215 33rd Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Pick up and Deliver Service Modern Radio Service Compliments of Service on all makes and models of Radios and Phonographs MELSON ' S 1823 Wickham Avenue Dial 7-1671 Stuart Gardens Shopping Center NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Ninety-Five LEE WHITE HARDWARE Sole Distributor for MOORE ' S PAINT and LOCKWOOD ' S HARDWARE Phone 3-1551 2710 Roanoke Ave. Newport News, Virginia (Continued from page 84) Nov. 25 — Sailed to Portsmouth for Thanksgiving game. Dec. 21 — Off duty for Christmas holidays. Jan. 20 — " 44 Almost went to Davy Jones ' Locker. Exams! April 28 — Elected officers of fleet. Admiral was Theodore Theo- dorsen. May 4, 5 — Square your hat, sail- or! Concert on board ship . Sept. 13 — Doug Smith, captain. We are chief petty officers. April 1 1 ' 45 — Four gun salute for Franklin Delano Roosevelt. April 19, 20 — Wore my tailor made bell bottom trousers to see ' ' Tomorrow the World. " April 20 — Dick Forrest elected new admiral of fleet. Hit his head on the boom boarding ship! May 1 1 — Hit the deck! James Meena, newly elected Drum Major, strikes up the band. (Continued on page 104) " NICK " ALLEN MOTORS BUICK 30th and Huntington Avenue " Congratulations " to the June ' 46 Clas Day Phone 2-3280 Night Phone 2-3975 J. L. BURTON Special Cast Iron Welding Electric and Acetylene Welding Soldering and Machine Work DENBIGH, VIRGINIA Sold in the Newport News High School Cafeteria Ninety-Six BEST WISHES Murray Padgett and Inc. CONGRATULATIONS INSURORS to REALTORS Phone 4-1431 131 28th St. THE GRADUATES Compliments of TO THE CLASS OF JUNE, ' 46 W. E. JACK Best wishes for a successful career Plumbing and Heating and may your choice be one of value to your fellowman and nation. Let GARDENING be a hobby that Compliments of SINCLAIR will bring you pleasure and profit. Service Station 43rd Washington Avenue W. L. GLEASON R. A. Allen 36th St. Jefferson Ave. Ninety-Seven Piano Tuning and Repairs FORREST MARKET Blair Blanton, Jr. Fancy Groceries Fresh Meats and Vegetables 1045 27th St. Phone 7-1323 Bakery Products HANDY OIL CORPORATION 100% LOCALLY OWNED EARL R. HATTEN CHARLES A. PARKER 4-1444 Phones 4-1445 Compliments of Putnam ' s Drug Store Compliments of Geo. D. Perry Hardware Co. 2521 Washington Avenue 7328 Virginia Avenue SALES Compliments Newport News Automobile Exchange " ESTABLISHED 1921 " Ninety-Eight Fowler Orebaugh Sheet Metal Works Roofing, Heating and Sheet Metal Work PHONE 4-1571 318-320 28th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Compliments of Mrs. Powell ' s Samuel H. Phillips Dining Room Real Estate and Insurance PHONE 5-1266 108 3 1 st Street Compliments of Austrian’a dleattfra Call For and 4.1 A70 Delivery— Dial O IW r For Hampton, Phoebus and Vicinity 23 Soath King Street Phone Hampton 5828 Compliments of Clay ' s Restaurant 4203 Huntington Avenue G. S. BARNES, Inc. Hardware — Building Supplies 2513-15 Jefferson Ave. PHONE 6-1628 Ninety-Nine Paramount Florist W. D. HOLT EARL SHEPHERD 210 33rd Street Phones, Day 3-1012 Nite 6-1510 NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Compliments of Peninsula Hardware Co. 1711 Kecoughtan Road Hampton, Va. PHONE 2-4-21 Compliments of RENDEZVOUS RESTAURANT " Peninsula ' s Oldest Service Company " DIAL 2-7833 POINDEXTER ' S Refrigeration Service — Sales Heating - Cooling - Commercial and Domestic Refrigeration and Appliances 9903 Warwick Road HILTON VILLAGE, VA. Compliments of Stuart Gardens Service Station Compliments of Let us JOE RICHMAN Steam Clean Your Motor • 1835 Wickham Ave. Phone 2-7452 DIAL 2-3117 DIAL 2-2559 DOUGLAS PITT Realtor :- Insurer 1 25 26th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VA. One Hundred Compliments of NATIONAL RESTAURANT 3112 WASHINGTON AVENUE Compliments of BILLY WILLIAMS J. F. SMITH The Cleaner Painting Contracts 2704 Wickham Avenue 2903 Marshall Ave. Who ' s Your Cleaner? Compliments of Compliments of L LEAKE WORNOM Life Insurance 2517 Washington Ave. Mack ' s Shoe Shop 2311 Kecoughtan Road We Solicit Your Work . ... j Compliments of Recreation Center Snack Bar Congratulations and Best Wishes to ! | the Class of June ' 46 Charles Levinson Son One Hundred One Phone 3-1305 P. O. Box 292 Compliments of Waterfront Lumber and Shipceiling Corp. Lumber, Millwork, Building Materials 1200 Jefferson Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. GUERNSEY MILK AND CREAM Oakland Dairy formerly (Dozier Guernsey Farms) N. N. 4-181 1 Lee Hall 271 1 Compliments of PENINSULA SHIPBUILDERS ASSOCIATION Compliments of ROUSE - CARPER FUNERAL HOME HAROLD A. CARPER Successor to W. E. Rouse 234 Twenty-Fifth Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Wee Wisdom Kindergarten and Private School Children 4 to 6 yrs. Mrs. R. F. Walker DIAL 5-1574 Compliments of LEEDS A chic line of clothes for the jitter bugs. One Hundred Two L. V. WRIGHT Compliments of Builder Lewis Grocery Store Box 19 Phone 4-101 1 MORRISON, VA. 23rd and Chestnut Avenue WHITFIELD ' S SERVICE STATION CAS — OIL — ACCESSORIES Washing — Polishing — Lubrication Tires, Tubes and Battery Service DIAL 3-1715 332 25th Street R E PIANOS RADIOS $ _ H Compliments ot £ C 0 R THE THOMAS PIANO CO. T " The Best in Music " V D 210 28th Street s Newport News, Va. s Instruments Accessories DIAL 4-1231 Standard Oil Co. J. B. PIERCE of New Jersey Used Cars Bought and Sold Esso — Esso Extra — Esso Fuel Oil Esso Oil Burners 1136 Twenty-Fifth Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Phone Newport News, Va. 3-1658 Small Boat Harbor 3-1659 Care Saves Wear One Hundred Three (Continued from page 96) Sept. 10 — Land Sighted! Began year as ensigns with Constantine Tsitsera as Captain. Oct. 1 5 — " Scuttlebutt” takes true form! Anchor staff announced. Nov. 30— Best Wave of the Year! Frances Murray wins D.A.R. Dec. 1 9 — Hit the sack with pleas- ant anticipations after Christmas as- sembly. Jan. 31, ' 46 — Ahoy mate! High ranking ensigns take place on Good Ship N. N. H. S. Feb. 4 — Ship ' s company announc- ed! Constantine Tsitsera — Admiral of the Fleet. Ted Ashby — Vice-Ad- miral. Billy Hilling — Yeoman lc. Frances Murray — Purser. Kenneth Kea — First Mate. Ira Davis — Offi- cer of the Day. March 28, 29 — -Up the crow ' s nest to see " What a Life. " May 8 — Some few smart ensigns achieve higher rank. Valedictorian Salutatorian and Third Honor. (Continued on page 112) Compliments of Compliments of LIBERTY CAFE Novelty Cigar Store 3704 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. Cus Crete 2505 Washington Avenue Picture Frames to order TIDEWATER HARDWARE INCORPORATION 25th and Parrish Avenue Phone 5-1238 Compliments of Mrs. Eva Karam Mr. and Mrs. George C. Karam Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Michael Compliments of Jas. N. Garrett ' s, Inc. 4108 Washington Avenue One Hundred Four FREE $10 FREE $10 FREE $10 Do you want to make $10 for your mother and dad? Tell them to buy their furniture from us, and we will allow $10 discount on every $100 pur- chase or 1 0 r Z discount on any purchase over $100.00. They must bring your Anchor with them to earn the discount. J. O. SMITH FURNITURE STORE 557 25th Street DIAL 3-1228 REDEEM YOUR OCTAGON COUPONS HERE Compliments of Thos. W. Brooks Mecca Restaurant Son 3115 Washington Avenue Shoe Repairing Where the Lovers of Good Food Meet 129 29th Street Newport News, Va. H. C. Peterson Staple and Fancy Groceries Fresh and Cured Meats Compliments of 3800 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. . 24 Hour Road Service WYTHE TIRE CO. Complete Tire Service MEENA BROTHERS Pine Ave. and 25th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VA. PHONES Day 6-1976 Nite 8490 One Hundred Five BEST WISHES FROM STANLEY ' S SERVICE STATIONS Exclusive Distributors of STANLEY RADIOS DIAL 2-9432 2-7164 1401 25th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VA Best of Luck from the Best of Cleaners CHESAPEAKE CLEANERS 25th St. and Pine Ave. Congratulations to the Senior Class of 1946 From Ye Old Curiosity Shoppe Soda — Sandwiches Novelties — Gifts Cor. Kecoughtan Rd. and Pine Ave. Tel. 2-1616 Open Nights til 10 E. D. MANN J. L. WIGGINS Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. M. W. Meena Compliments of Farris and limmie " BING BURFORD " Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of JUNE, 1946 Parker Spencer Furniture for Every Room in the House 212 28th Street DIAL 2-2041 One Hundred Six Compliments of Quinton T. Ranhorne Southeastern Sales Manufacturer Awnings, Truck Covers Anything made of Canvas — Also — T ractors — Farm-Garden Implements Venetian Blinds Refinished Electric Appliances — Indian 2701 Chestnut Ave. Dial 2-2415 Motorcycles — Bicycles Compliments of Everything for the Farm and Home H. MASSELL Men ' s Furnishings, Shoes 1607-15 Kecoughtan Road 3506 Washington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VA. TEL. 2-1813 Congratulations Seniors ! Congratulations and Best Wishes to the June, 1946 Class Justice Grocery Ideal Cleaners 2500 Huntington Avenue NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Dyers Fresh Meats, Produce and " Home of Fine Cleaning " Vegetables 212 42nd St. Phone 6-1462 WE CALL FOR AND DELIVER ... Compliments of FRANK WHITE Roofing, Sheet Metal Work of all kinds 1141 25th Street PHONE 2-7352 One Hundred Seven CITIZENS MARINE JEFFERSON BANK NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA A Complete Banking Service Since 1891 MEMBER OF THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORP. Resources Above Ten Million Dollars Compliments of PAINT PRODUCTS CO. Edwin A. Joseph 327 25th STREET OLD BAY RESTAURANT AT ANN WYTHE We specialize in Family Dinners PHONE 2-4691 One Hundred Eight Congratulations PICK-A-BONE 25th STREET and BUXTON AVENUE Phone 4-1221 FINE FOODS SPECIALIZING IN Seafoods Ravioli Compliments of CASABLANCA SPAGHETTI HOUSE 2613 Washington Ave. OPEN DAY AND NIGHT Newport News, Vo. HILL THOMAS RADIOS RECORDS REPAIRS 2 1 0 28th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 1 82 Warwick Rd. HILTON VILLAGE Spaghetti One Hundred Nine For Good Fishing Compliments of Hire a Boat at Mr. and Mrs. KIPPER ' S BEACH Joe W. Meena 58th Street and River Eva and Victoria THE MUTUAL HOME SAVINGS ASS ' N OF NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 206 30th STREET PHONE 5-1581 " The House by the Side of the Rood " Best Wishes to the Class of 1946 Carder Funeral Home 2600-2606 West Ave. Phone 3-1818 TOPS — ALWAYS Welstead ' s Grocery " Not the Largest, But One of the Best " 4701 Huntington Avenue PHONE 5-1251 Sherman Clothes 2900 Washington Avenue One Hundred Ten 3305 HUNTINGTON AVENUE NEWPORT NEWS, VA. One Hundred Eleven (Continued from page 1 04) Compliments of May 1 0 — General Quarters! Faculty speakers announced. May 30 — Gobs display hidden Kuhn s Beauty Shop talents at seamen ' s assembly. May 31 — Ship ' s ball! Ensigns dis- play new stripe! June 2 — Serious sailors attend Baccalaureate. 208 29th Street (At side of Montgomery Ward ' s) Dial 5-1931 June 4 — All hands on deck! Make way for class night! June 6 — Land on port side! Des- tination in sight! Ensigns leave the Good Ship N. N. H. S. for higher S. MITCHELL, Prop. Compliments of ranks at close of commencement. Compliments of JOE SMITH, Prop. Wythe Recreation Center SMITH ' S MARKET 2200 Kecoughtan Road INDIAN RIVER 5019 2407 JEFFERSON AVE. Kecoughtan Stoner ' s Radio and Pharmacy Sound Service C. L. CLODFELTER, Proprietor Dial 2-581 1 The Friendly Neighborhood Store 3508 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. 819 Kecoughtan Road DEPENDABLE RADIO SERVICE Phone 4-1531 HAMPTON, VA. Yorktown Pharmacy, Inc. Yorktown, Virginia WHITE ' S PHARMACY, Inc. Hilton Village Newport News, Virginia White ' s Garden Pharmacy, Inc. Stuart Gardens Newport News, Virginia One Hundred Twelve Our Best Wishes To You Class of 1946 Success ! PENINSULA DAIRY Dial 4-1707 Dial 2-3041 Benson-Phillips Co. INCORPORATED Compliments Standard NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA Wholesale Co. Wholesale and Retail IMPORTERS MANUFACTURERS Coal — Building Supplies Fuel Oil LOUIS FRIEDMAN 2613-17 Washington Ave. TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE Newport News, Virginia High on the Honor Roll! With High School Boys and Girls Sincere Congratulations Blechman ' s to Youth Center All Graduates from 3202 Washington Avenue Your Favorite Department Store Compliments of IP ' " Empire State (1 1 tEf ’ AR ™ ENTrTOE ' ; Insurance Company One Hundred Thirteen Serving the Southeast through 18 branches NOLAND COMPANY, INC. PLUMBING • HEATING INDUSTRIAL SUPPLIES REFRIGERATION ELECTRICAL SUPPLIES NEWPORT NEWS VIRGINIA Steger and Hodges 2915 Wickham Ave. Meats — Groceries — Vegetables Soft Drinks — School Supplies Gasoline and Oil " Prompt and Courteous Service " Newport News Auto Parts Corp. Replacement Parts Supplies — Equipment 124-26 24th Street NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA For Finer Fuels In the Interest of Coal-Wood-Fuel Oil 328 24th Street Dial 5-1234 Cornell Sport Shop BETTER HOMES Sporting Goods Novelties Small Appliances DuPont Paints 3404 Huntington Avenue MAP py HOME FURNISHERS NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA One Hundred Fourteen In 1891 a bank was not much more than merely a place where one could keep money safely. Now think of the many, many services the First National offers in addition to this. The First Newport News, Virginia Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Founded 1891 One Hundred Fifteen " FAREWELL " Our work at Newport High is done. We ' ve had our sorrows and our fun. We leave you soon, dear Newport High, But in our hearts you will never die. We hate to say farewell. We ' ll miss the ringing of your bell. And now we have to say " good-bye, " But we ' ll remember dear Newport High. One Hundred Sixteen Newport News Public Library System Unlock the potential www.nngov.cooi librarv 757 - 926-1350

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