Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA)

 - Class of 1945

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Newport News High School - Anchor Yearbook (Newport News, VA) online yearbook collection, 1945 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 88 of the 1945 volume:

,A . 'ii Fifi, yi ! 'V' ' R .i Q, 5, F. , ff ro 4 rr vu 1 , 1. mE,,,. SPI, l 5- H' 1,34 ' " . 5--A 5' ,J ' Y " s1"'i gf' ,Z f - -fm' Q. ' ,:-13. ag-S Q Q ' x ' "..j,- F' 5- - 1' , , .- , ff Ta' . iii "-- Qvjyrw ' La! W 4 , X ', .e ' v. 4. 1 Q I g ' -a,,w if fl Sf ii Q ' . it 11-3: Y iff, V. 511+ f V ' ff' 'T.g.gL.v J ' if 5' X ' , 3- , i A., ,., .,..- ,vu 'A' 1: . - - .Tg A J - - , ,wr 4, V . , . . - .gl'f',i,: lg-. . -Lx V, kg, 54 5 , 1 YN., x ,X . v X 57 1 2? v A ,s , X 9 .xx 'X' 52' . 'X . . xx xi 4 Q' ,- Y -5 a N ,s X Q I 1 V. - ,-' . .y- ,qw .1' ,x v ,, ,- - ,.f- ,Q .- -,:v4:- rg ls, ' H - sm l 5 3. -.gk ,z . -45: Y , ,, ,:, 1-. .xg ,- mf v ef ' X ,-N , 1' . .1 Q -H .2-' .. ..," A' H' it S' X YJ! L VY, -3, dbklljlw ,,l.,. vs..-1 -' '- gg. ,.i-z.-- for if I' b V N e ruary al N ii 3 fl l K xx If i ' ' f f f . f Q W f f 5 ,. V C . V f 4 0,3 , 'Q - 21, L65 P u v E43 4- rx -fl ' 2255251 , I 3555 . PM UWU' 1? , if i ffl, ffxkl S -:ax fl ,cfm i M ,ng lklfjjd In 1 JA. ix ,M ,rj 1, ' .1 J W X X A f ,i "fl f KJ . .fgff f ,. , ,, , o If I I In Jjlfj .4 ,H ,f f J fl.. - lf' 1 ' i' ,- MARY LOU SHAW .... SHIRLEY BOULDS ,...,...... MARGUERITE CUMMING J ff I ZW ,V Editor-in-Chief Associate Editor Business Mgr. Newport News High Newport News, Virginia f School IEACIJ lTY Emma Frances Baber, B.S., Speech. Mildred Bane, B.M. Music. Mabel Barham, B.A., M.A., Latin, Spanish Beulah C. Brasher, B.A., Typewriting. Annye B. Burbank, B.A., M.A., English, Algebra Margaret Callahan, B.S., Biology, Science. Cassie Childress, B.S., Algebra. Julius Conn, B.S., Phys. Education, Director Boys Athletics. Juliet Cox Coleman, B.A., History. Dorothy M. Crane, B.A., Drama. Joseph V. Dellapenta, B.S., General Shop. Mae M. Edwards, B.S., English, History. Susie V. Floyd, B.S., M.A., Science. Ruth Folkmann, B.A., History. Elma Free, B.A., M.A., History. Gladys G. Gambill, B.A., M.A., English. Margaret R. Garland, B.S., Assistant Librarian. Amanda Gray, B.S., Drama, Speech. Molly E. Harding, B.S., Distributive Education. Harry A. Harmon, B.S., M.A., Phys. Education. Alberta Houser, B.S., M.A., English, Speech. Louise Hurt, B.A., M.A., History. Chlotilde Jarman, B.S., Phys. Education. Sue Kelly, B.S., M.A., Home Economics. Esther Kessler, B.S., Accounting. Julie Kimberlie, Drama, Speech. Eline Kirsch, B.A., Typewriting, Shorthand. Lloyd G. Leiter, B.S., Mechanical Drawing. Frances Maguire, B.S., Government, Speech. Anne E. Martin, B.A., M.A., Chemistry. Eulah A. Massey, B.A., M.A., English. Frances A. Mays, B.S., M.A., Phys. Education. Ruth McGeehan, B.A., M.A., English. Jane A. Money, B.E., Home Economics. Lucy E. Muncy, B.S., Biology. Anne V. Parker, B.A., M.A., English. Nina E. Powell, B.S., M.A., English. P. W. Allen Raine, B.A., M.A., Mathematics. J. C. Range, B.A., Phys. Education. Cytha E. Rickhoff, B.S., M.A., Civics. Elizabeth A. Saunders, B.A., M.A., Librarian. Joseph A. Schad, B.S., Director ot Vocational Education. Anne P. Scruggs, B.A., English. Dr. Cornelia W. Segar, M.D., Physics. Eleanor A. Sherman, B.S.M., Band, Orchestra. Charles B. Shreeves, B.A., M.A., Spanish, Latin. Lucy H. Sinclair, B.A., M.A., Mathematics. Rebecca Suttle, B.A., English. Frances L. Taylor, B.A., Music, Journalism. Miles L. Thompson, B.E., Printing. Lillian Todd, B.S., M.A., Algebra. Carlos Urrutia, B.A., Li.B., Spanish. Carrie S. Vaughn, B.S., Home Economics. Alfred Vick, Machine Shop. Presley G. Vick, Auto Mechanics. E. Jeanette Ward, B. A., English. Lalie L. Webb, Home Economics. Otto H. Weiss, Mechanical Drawing. Dale Whitehurst, B.Ed., M.A., Science. Milbourne G. Willey, B.A., M.A., Shorthand. Mabel S. Wingo, B.S., Phys. Education. JOSEPH H. SAUNDERS THOMAS 0. KEESEE Superintendent Dean of Boys LAMAR R. STANLEY ETHEL GILDERSLEEVE Principal Dean of Girls nchor foreword . . fb Looking over these great United States, we may be ever thankful that the horrors of Nazi occupied countries have never been imposed upon us. The people of Amer- ica enjoy freedoms of which few other people can boast. America at war is a hard working nation with victory as her goal and a peaceful post war world in her heart. When this war-weary old world once again breathes a peaceful sigh, let us hope that the enslaved people of Europe shall enjoy the four freedoms of America. ln other countries, as in our own there will then be no danger that on Sunday mornings a group of storm troopers may break up the worship services. They shall worship as they see fit. Nor will there be want for food and clothing. They shall be well fed, and sheltered. Ra- dios and newspapers shall be running strongly, and shall not be forced to publish only what the dictators want published. Gur gift to them will be these: Freedom of Religion, Freedom of Speech, Freedom from Fear, Freedom from Want. Qdication lb Throughout the yeors, the Anchor hos come out twice onnuolly with credit being given the editor ond stott ond the toculty ocl- visor it it is good, ond the responsibility loid ot their feet, it it is bod. But good or bod, there hos olwoys been o toithtul little mon toking the octivity pictures, ond being genercilly useful when possible. l-le hos stoyed in the bock- ground up to now, ond this term we intend to give credit where credit is due. It is with sincere thonks tor oll he hos done tor us, thot we, the stott ot Februory l945, dediccite this Anchor to MR. OTTO I-l. WEISS -Q' Yi-1 MR. H. OTTO WEISS wx 0 the raduatin Class of Qbruary '45 df "For what is your life?" . James 4:l4 You can soar to great heights living for Cod and humanity, or you can work for selfish ends and shrivel up into insignificance. Don't follow the crowd until you find out where the crowd is going. Strive that you may be the channel through which the Divine Spirit may flow. Dream great dreams-then make those dreams come true. Let each day of your life count for something good, something worthwhile. As Eliz- abeth Browning said, "Light tomorrow with today." And another great phil- osopher and thinker said, "Keep your dreams intrepid few, the world has bitter need of you." Never has the world needed new courage, high ideals more than it does today. The more you give in service to your fellow man and to Cod, the more richly you will be rewarded. You must dare to do right always! lt will take courage and faith, and although sometimes the way may be rough and hard, the joy of accomplishment makes the effort worthwhile. "Today is the loom on which we weave the variegated threads of yes- terday into a glorious tomorrow." I shall miss you-all of us in Newport News High School shall miss you because you have meant much to us. Goodbye, dear seniors! Always your friend, .fcwme Jud nn MRS. LOUISE HURT onorar Qdication if Across the oceons, on other shores fighting for this Iond we oll love so deorly ore Americon boys of oll roces, creeds, ond colors. We ore thinking now porticulorly of those few who would hove grocluoted with us in our closs. And os we think of them, we con't help o feeling of sod- ness thot comes over us. We would like to poy them o tribute os best we con, but there is no tribute quite high enough to show how they hove poid. From the bottom of our heorts, we, the stoff, wish to give them this Anchor in honorory cledicotion, thot it moy in some smoll woy show them how we feel. God bless them oll, ond speed the doy when they mov come home ogoin. M QW nj, -1' 'N ff - my -U l l? lg' ,l ID Wi-:Rl V I SOAP , 1-rv:-.'5?" FREEDOM OF SPEECH Mfjyffw-7 ff 1044.1 f . SIENIUIQS Februar '45 Class Ufficers President . Vice-President . Secretary . Treasurer Student Council Representative . Class Speaker Sam Allen . Henry Hoppe Dorothy Dale Geraldine Moore Irvin Nachman Janet Davis Class Committees Invitation Sara Forbes Bobby Heywood Clara Napier Ring Wesley Hill Cha rles Grindsted Sylvia Cofer Color Beulah Pair Sa ra Forbes Farris Meena Pennant Bill McCallum Shirley Boulds Senior Assembly Bobby Key Elsie Thomas John Sim Shirley Linkous Dot Dale Janet Davis Thomas Stennet Richard McMurran Motto Irvin Nachman Mary Lou Shaw Wesley Hill Flower Boots Cumming MOTTO "To Be, Rather Than to Seem" Da FICE Edwin Richman Lillian Candler Shirley Boulds Billy Hudson Boots Cumming Irvin Nachman Virginia Moody Beulah Pair Ted Theodoreson Henry Hoppe Music Wesley Hill Florence Montalcone Jack Daniel COLORS FLOWERS Red and White Red and White Carnations SAM ALLEN "I never did let study interfere with my education." PRESIDENT intramural Basketball, Jr. Red Cross Representative, Latin Club, Vice-president, President, Literary Club, Spanish Club, Chaplain, Chemistry Club, Honor Council, Student Body, Secretary, President ot 3 High, 4 Low, 4 High Classes, Cadet Corps, Master Sergeant, Counselor Committee, Chairman, Hggne Room Offices, Home Room 3 . HENRY HOPPE "Your hero should be tall, you know," VICE-PRESIDENT Asheville High School: Student Body, President, Student Council Representative, Home Room Ot- fices, Traffic Patrol, Chemistry Club, Hi Y. Club. Newport News High School: Senior Hall of Fame, Student Council Representative, Home Room Offices, Varsity Foot- ball, Senior Dance Committee, chairman, Student Council Dance Committee, Home Room 306. GERALDINE MOORE "Gentle thoughts and calm desires." HONOR STUDENT TREASURER Needham Broughton High School: Glee Club. Hugh Morson High School: Glee Club, Jr. Girl Reserves, president, Jr. Girl Re- serves, secretary. Newport News High School, Student Council, Con- stitution Committee, Chairman, Chemistry Club, Red Cross Repre- sentative, Literary Club, Home Room 309. IRVIN NACHMAN "He was a gentleman from soul to crown." THIRD HONOR STUDENT STUDENT COUNCIL Executive board, Treasurer of student body, Senior motto com- mittee, Nelms honor scroll, Na- tional honor society, Literary club, Spanish club, Jr. Red Cross, Jr. Varsity football, Varsity football, Track team, Chemistry club, Chair- man, cafeteria committee. Home Room 306. DOROTHY DALE "Charms strike the sight, but merits win the soul." HONOR STUDENT SECRETARY ART EDITOR Junior Red Cross, Junior Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Concert, '42, '43, '44, Music let- ters, Secretary of 3 high and 4 low, home room offices, type cer- tificates, first - aid certificates, first-aid statt, staff, "Through the Night", chairman, 4 L, decoration committee, 4 low Dance commit- tee, Senior Assembly Committee, Cast of Fort Eustis plays, Fort Eustis soloist, intramural volley ball, Home Room 306. MARY LOU SHAW "She would attempt most any- thing," SALUTATORIAN EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SERVICE LETTER Service letter, G. A. A., Girls' Reserves, Junior Dramatic club, Senior Dramatic club, Usher, Casts, "The Smell of Powder", "Romance is a Racket", Director, "Nine Lives for Emily", Jr. Red Cross repre- sentative, Student Council repre- sentative, Beacon photo editor, Beacon reporter, Staff, "Teapot on the Rocks", National Thespians, National Honor society, Archery club, President, 4-Low iienoratiin committee, Motto Committee, ln- firmary assistant, Elerlion ottiriul, tilfygno Room offifos. Home Room SHIRLEY BOULDS MARGUERITE CUMMING SARAH FORBES "Where did you get eyes so blue?" ASSOCIATE EDITOR Beacon Staff, Reporter, 4-High Pennant Committee, 4-High Ring Committee, 4-Low, 4-High Dance Committee, 4-Low Decoration Com- mittee, Girl Reserves, Vice-presi- dent, President, Literary Club, Dramatic Club, G. A. A. Letter, As- sistant Secretary, Secretary, Mr, Conn., Type and Shorthand Certifi- cates, Photography Club, Cast of "Romance is a Racket", Staff of "Come Out of the Kitchen". "Through the Night", "Don't Take My Penny", Intramural Basketball, softball, volley hall, soccer, Red C r o s s Representative, Assistant Gym Instructor, Usher Staff, Prop Staff, Stamp Warden, Home Room Offices, Home Room 309. "l know what way leads to popularity." HIGHEST AVERAGE, Thespinns BUSINESS MANAGER Robert E. Lee Jr, High School, Lynchburg, Va., Girl Reserves, Or- chestra, N. N. H. S., National Honor society, Latin club, Vice- President, Secretary, Spanish club, Dramatic club, Make-up staff, "Come Out of the Kitchen", "Through the Night", "Don't Take My Penny", Senior plays, '42, '43, '44, Cast, "Make Room for Rod- ney", Red Cross representative, Student Council representative, Co- Chairman of the 4-Low Dance committee, Chairman, 4-High Flower committee, Elections, As- sistant '42, Clerk '43, Judge '44, Most popular girl, Hall of Fame, Intramural basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, Business mana- ger, Anchor, Home Room 309. "Born to build not to boast." AD MANAGER Vice-president SPQR Latin Club, Vice-president Chemistry C l u b, Vice-president Archery Club, Elec- tion official, Chairman 4 H. lnvi- tation Committee, Chairman Con- stitution Committee Latin Club, Chairman Constitution Committee Chemistry Club, Literary Club, Lit- erary Club Music, Literature, and Art committees, Girls' Athletic As- sociation, Tennis Club, Softball team, Hall of Fame, Spanish Club, Modern History classes president, 4-High Color committee, Chairman Program committee of SPQR Latin Club, Vice-president G. A. A., Chemistry Club program committee chairman, Home Room 309. WESLEY HILL "Worthwhile things are often small" AD MANAGER Latin Club, Literary Club, Chem- istry Club, Secretary, National Honor Society, Band, Concerts, '4l, '42, '43, '44, Suffolk peanut festi- val, State concerts, '41, '42, Band Offices, Orchestra, '42, '43, '44' Senior motto committee, Chairman, 4-L.ow, 4-High Ring Committee, Cast, "American Way," Home Room Olfires, Home Room 309. JANET DAVIS "Happiness comes from your work." SECOND HIGHEST AVERAGE FEATURE EDITOR Washington Irving High School, Latin Club secretary and president, Usher, Speech Club, Dramatic Club, Stamp Warden, Home room offices, Chemistry club, lnfirmary Assistant, Quill and Scroll, Co- chairman Service Honor Roll, Na- tional Honor Society, Journalism letter, 4 H. Executive Board, Senior Assembly committee, Cast of "Dori't Take My Penny," Hall of Fame Most Stylish, Co-editor-im chief of Beacon Weekly, Class Speaker, Home Room 306. GENE MARKHAM "Wit is the salt of conversation." FEATURE EDITOR Intramural Basketball, Rip Vcn Winkle, Vice-President, Quill and Scroll Club, Home Room Offices, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Concert, '44, Journalism letter, Home Room 3I8. BEULAH PAIR "To see her is to love her and to love her forever." PHOTO EDITOR George Washington High School: "Chatterbox" Staff, Glee Cluh, Press Club Newport News High School, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, the Beacon, Feature Editor, Sept. '43, Quill anrl Scroll, The Beacon Co-Editor iii Chief, Ex- ec.itive Board, Student Council, 4-Low Dance Committee, Journal- ism Letter, Service Honor Roll Committee, Co-Chairman, Senior Color Committee, Chairman, 4- High Dance Committee, Class Gif- torian, Hall ot Fame Best All Around Girl, Home Room Offices, Home Room 3l3. DOROTHY COPPERSMITH "A willing worker and helper" PHOTO EDITOR Girl Reserves, Girls' Athletic As- sociation, Cheerleader, Library As- sistant, Dramatic Club, Furniture Staff, Prop Staff, Head of Ticket Staff, Director of "Make Room for Rodney", Fort Eustis Soloist, Fort Fustis Staff, 4-Low Decoration Committee, Beacon Staff, reporter, Typing Certificates, Shorthand Cer- tificates, Thespians, Home Room 309, RUTH FULLER "A lite that moves ta gracious ends." ACTIVITIES EDITOR Garden Club, "Rip Van Wm- klc" Cantata, Girls' Jr. Chorus, Concerts '41, '42, '43, Mixed Cho- rus, Girls' Glee Club, Fort Eust.s Soloist, Make-up Staff, "Jinx From Alabama," "Ever Since Eve," Usher, Dramatic Club, Junior Recl Cro-.s Fepresentative, Feature Editor, Bea- con, French Club, Beocon Staff, reporter, Music Letter, Staff, "Kid Makes Up His Mind," Quill and Scroll. Home Room 313. MARIAN DRUMWRIGHT "Tis impiogis in a good girl to he sad." ACTIVITIES EDITOR Intramural softball, haskellnall, soccer, volley hall, Spanish Cluli, Girls' Athletic Clulw, Ticket Staff, "Come Out of the Kitchen", Head Ticket Staff "Thro1'gh the Night," First Aid Certifi. 'id 4-l.. Decora- tion Committee, Home Room Of- tices' Home Rrom 306. SARA TOOBERT "With virtue and quietness one may conquer the world." BIOGRAPHY EDITOR AD STAFF Spanish Club, President, Poetry Committee, Chairman, Literary Club, Reporter Beacon Weekly, War Stamp Salesman, Junior Red Cross Representative, Prop Staff, "Through The Night" and other productions, Shorthand certificates, Cafeteria Committee, Home Offi- ces, Chairman of Committee of Virginia Literary Society High School Creative Writing Competi- liens, Type Certificates, Home Room Stamp Warden, Decoration Committee, Literary Club, Home Room 3l3, herself." tor Home Repre- Aid of Fame, Staff of "Don't Girls' Athletic Home 3l3. ELSIE MARGUERITE THOMAS "A friend more divine than all divinity." ART EDITOR Junior Home Economic Club, Student Council Representative, Latin Club Girl Reserves, Home Room Offices, Staff of "Don't Take My Penny," Home Room 313. "Grace was in her steps, heaven WILLIAM HEYWOOD "There is no knowledge that is not power." ART EDITOR Freshman Cheerleader, School Cheerleader, President of 2-Low, Fort Eustis Plays, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Home Room Of- fices, Stamp Worden, Usher, Shop Offices, Boys' Jr. Chorus, Home Room 309, MARY FRANCES BEASLEY "Ambition has no rest." ADD STAFF Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Secretary, Girls' Junior chorus, Girl Reserves, Girls' Athletic Associa- tion, Archery Club, Literary Club, Drama Committee, Chair- man, 4-Low Dance Committee, 4- Low Ring Committee, Literature Committee, Chairman, Concerts '43,'44, Literary, Club Membership Committee, Music Letters, Music Certificate, Typing Certificate, ln- tramural Soccer Team, Captain, Intramural Valley Boll and Basket Boll, Red Cross 3-Law Class, Sec- retary, First Aid Staff, First Aid Certificate, Home Room Offices, Home Room 309, LILLIAN CANDLER WILMA CANDLER MARY D'BENE "With thee conversing l forget all "AS meffy GS The Cl0Y is l0f1Q-H time-" AD STAFF in her eyes." AD STAFF, TYPIST Home Room Offices, School Ush- er, Student Council Representative, Girls' Reserves, Typing Certifi- cates, First Aid Certificate, Red Cross Representative, Girls' Junior Chorus, Librarian, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concerts '42, '43, 4- Low Decoration Committee, 4-High Flower Committee, 4-High Dance Committee, Typist for Mr, Della- penta, Senior Hall of Fame, Home Room 3l3, AD STAFF, TYPIST Girls' Jr, Chorus, Secretary, Girls' Glee Club, Secretary, Mixed Cho- rus, Concerts '42, '43, Vice-Presi- dent of Sophomore Class, Girls' Reserve, Typist for Mr, Weiss, Typ- ist for AAUW, Senior Hall of Fame, 4-Low Decorating Committee, 4- High Dance Committee, Usher Staff, Typing Certificates, First Aid Certificate, Home Room Offices, Student Council Representative, Home Room 313. Home Room Offices, Type Cer- tificate, Junior Recl Cross, Home Room 3l3, MARY EMMALYNE DEU ELL "Men are silly creatures, I like men," AD STAFF Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Dramatic Club, Junior Red Cross, First-aid certificate, Capt. First Aid Air Raid Wardens, Girls' Athletic Club, Intramural Volley Ball, Bos- ketball, Softball, Soccer, Cast of "American Way," Eustis play "ggly's First Date," Home Room 3 . WILLIAM L. HUDSON, JR. "Sleepy, 'nuff said." AD STAFF Jay Vee Football, Photo Club, Machine Shop offices, Home Room O ff ic e s, intramural Basketball, Boys' Jr. Chorus, "Rip Van Win- kle", Home Room 309. ELEANOR FRIEDMAN "One today's worth two tomor- rows." AD STAFF Girls' Athletic Club, Girl Re- serves Club, Prop Staff "Through the Night," Makeup Staff "Don't Take y Penny," Beacon ad staff, Home Economics Club, Photo Club, Archery Club. Home Room 309. MARY FRANCES LANGLEY "Serene amidst the savage waves." AD STAFF Girls' Jr. chorus, Girls' Glee club, Mixed chorus, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Concerts. '42, '43, '44, Garden club, G, A. A., Student council representative, Red Cross representative, Infirmary assistant, Staffs, "Through the Night", "The Band of Kakersville High", "Ro- mance ls a Racket", "Don't Take My Penny", 4-Low Decorating committee, Home room offices, Li- lurary Assistant. Home Room 313. FARRIS MEENA "Hang sorrow, care'll kill a cat." AD STAFF Intramural Basketball, Shop Of- fices, Home Room offices, 4-Low Dance Committee, 4-High Color Committee, Home Room 306. BETTY McINTURFF "Some hearts are hidden," AD STAFF G. A. A.,, Intramural basketball, softball, baseball, soccer, Assistant director staff, Jr. Red Cross rep- resentative, First Aid certificates, Home Room 306. RICHARD EPES MCMURRAN "He is well saicl that is well satisfied." AD STAFF Literary Club, Sergeant-atArn1s, President, Latin Club, Secretary, Soanzsh Club, Chaplain: Speech Club, Parliamentorian, Honor Coun- cil, Chairman, Student Council Rereresentatiye, Dance Committee, Constitution Committee, chairman, Cafeteria Committee, A-High Flow- er Committee, Senior Assembly Committee. Home Room 306, JOHN EDWARD SIM "Where ignorance is bliss, 'tis folly to be wise," AD STAFF Williorcl Jr, High: Glee Club, Berkeley High, N.N.l-l.S., Student Council, Literary Club, Office As- sistant, School Usher Staff, Elec- tion Official, Stage Crew, Home Room 313. EARL BAILEY "Hard work is the key to success" Rerl Cross representative. Home Room 3l8, ROBERT LEE BAILEY "l-le'll never die of over work," Jr. Red Cross, Spanish Club, Stage Crew, Intramural Basket- ball, Home Room 306, JACK BALL "Worry and I are strangers." Student Council, News Ed. and Sports Ed. of Beacon Weekly, Quill and Scroll club, Printing Staff, Home Room Offices, Home Room 3l8. LEWIS BEAZLIE, JR. 'Success is the reward for hard workf' jay Vee Football, 'Al, Photo Club, 4-Low Decorating Commit- tee, Cadet Corps, Home Roo'-w 306. 'G' 2 'S an MARGARET BECK "Sho was a phantom of delight When first she gleamecl upon my sight, A lovely apparition sent, To he a moment's ornament." LENORA ANNE BENNETT "To say little and perform much is the character of true great- ness." Climax High School: Glee Club, Festival in Richmond, Red Cross Club, President, Literary Club, Dramatic Club, Library, Assistant, Home Economics Club, Secretary, 4-High Club, Home Room Offices. Newport News High School: Junior Red Cross, Makeup Staff, Assist- ant, Retail Selling Class, Secre- tary, Eustis play "Billy's First Date," 4-Low Decorating Commit- tec. Home Room 3l3. GEORGE BUTNER "A Quiet lad but a good one." Greensboro H. H., Kinston H. S., N. C. Home Room 306. EDNA FAYE BRICKHOUSE "The beautiful are never desolate" Northampton High Schooli New- port News High School, Girl Re- serve, Concert, Jr. Chorus, Jr. Red Cross Representative, Typing Cer- tificate, Retail Selling Club, Vic- tory Corps, Fourth War Loan. Home Rnom 3l3. DOROTHY MILDR ED BISHOP "Laughtcv's never an cncl, ilk a lay-product." AD STAFF TYPIST Girl Reserves, Jr. Home Econom- ics Club, President, G. A. A., G. A. A. Letter, Intramural Basketball, Volley Ball, Softball, Soccer, ln- firmary, Assistant, Typist tor Bea- con, Furniture Staff, "Come Out at the Kitchen", "Through thc Night", Senior Plays, February '44, June '44, 4-Low Decoration Com- mittee, Shorthand and Typing Cer- tificates, Secretary, Miss Crane, Library Assistant, Home Room Ot- fices, Home Room 313. ALFRED CHRISTENSEN "He's a jolly good fellow wherever he goes," Hampton High School. Home Room 309. SYLVIA MANON COFER "Virtue never grows olrlf' HONOR STUDENT TYPIST Spanish Club, Literary Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glec Club, Concert, '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society, Chorus Letter, De- fense Stamp Seller, Type and Shorthand Certificates, Girls Junior C h o r u s, Accompanist, Mixed Chorus, 4-High Ring Committee, Literary Club, Pianist, Assistant Pianist of Girls' Junior Chorus, Mu- sic Committee, Chairman, Literary Club, Library Assistant, Red Cross Representative, Home Room Offi- ces, Home Room 309. ROBERT COLEMAN "Fortune favors the bold." Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Varsity Club, Football Letter, Garden Club, Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, intramural Bas- ketball, Concerts '43, '44, Junior Red Cross Representative, Senior Hall of Fame, Home Room 306. DOROTHY COMSTOCK "Quality not quantity is my measure." AD STAFF Literary Club, Latin Club, Re- tail Selling Club, Girls' Basketball team, volleyball team, softball team, soccer team, Girl Reserves, Red Cross Representative, Defense Stamp Seller and Representative, First Aid Certificate, First Aid Staff, Cafeteria Committee, Girls' Athletic Club Board, Home Room Offices. Home Room 309. JACK DANIEL "Whilst l yet live let me not live in vain." VALEDICTORIAN Bond Offices, Sergeant, Cor- poral, Music Letter, Harvard Book Award, Band, Concerts '4l, '42, '43, 44, State Music Festivals, '4l, '42, Suffolk Peanut Festival, State Band Clinic '44, Orchestra '43, '44, Literary Club, National Honor So- ciety, President, Chemistry Club, President, Jr. Rad Cross, 4 High Music Committee, Senior Hall of Fame, Home Room Offices, Home Room 309 ROGER IRVAIN D'BENE " 'Tis virtue only finds eternal fame." Student Council, General Shop Offices, Machine Shop Offices, Dramatic Club, Home Room 3l3. ROBERT SH ERWOOD DICKENSON "Men of few words are the best men." Home Room Offices, Photogra- phy Club, C. A. P. C., General Shop Offices, Machine Shop Of- fices, Stage Crew, Electrical Shop Offices, Home Room 3l3 CHARLES GRINSTEAD "Patience is a necessary ingredi- ent of genius." Bond, Photography Club, Rich- mond Musical Festival, '42, Suf- folk Peanut Festival, '44, Concerts '42, '43, '44, Roanoke State Band Clinic, '44, Orchestra, Chemistry Cligb, Literary Club, Home Room 30 . MARGARET FRANCES GRUBBS "If you would be loved, be lov- able." ADVERTISING STAFF Jr. Home Economics Club, Sr, Home Economics Club, "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata, Archery Club, Beacon Weekly, Photo Club, lnfirm- ary Assistant, Type certificate, Gar- rlen Club, Jr. Red Cross Fiigst Aid Certificate, Retail Selling Club, ,W 1 3 . 4 G. A. A. Home Room 3l3. HARRY DUFF "Happiness is a habit, cultivate it" Student council representative. Home Room President. Home 'Room 309. 'Q 'Q RUBY GLENN "She always has time to smile." G. A. A., Garden Club, Photo Club, Home Economics Club, Rep- resentative, Red Cross, First Aid Certificate, Library assistant. Home Room 309. EDWARD DOBSON "No sinner nor a saint perhaps but well, the very best of chaps." Spanish Club, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concerts '43, '44, Junior Red Cross, Intramural bas- ketball, Senior Hall of Fame, Home Room 306. J MILDRED ELIZABETH HOARD "Let patience grow in your gar- den." George Wythe Jr. High, N. N. H. S.: Spanish Club, Archery Club, G. A. A., Typing and Shorthand certificates, Red Cross Represen- tative. Home Room 313. ROBERT HEYWOOD "lt matters not how long we live but how." Home Room Officer, 4-Low Ush- er, Staff of Eustis Plays, Stage Crew, 4-High Invitation Commit- tee, Home Room 309. PAULINE KANELOS I' "Darker tresses---where are they?" Jr. Home Economics club, G. A. A., "Rip Von Winkle" Cantata, Furniture, staff, "Haunted Thea- ter", "Jinx From Alabama", Home Room offices, Jr. Red Cross repre- sentative, Home Management tea, 4-Low decoration committee, Of- fice ossistant, Girls' Glee club, Jr. Home Economic club. Home Room 313. WILLIAM KERR "Silence may do good and can be of no harm." Transfer from Binford Jr. H, S., Home Room 309. X SHIRLEY LINKOUS "What is beautiful is good." MUSIC LETTERS ' National Thespians, Beacon weekly staff, Girls' Jr. chorus, Mixed chorus, Girls' Glee club, Concert '42, '43, '44, Usher, Prop Staff, "Ever Since Eve", "Statue of Liberty", Cost, "Make Room for Rodney, "The Lady is Free", Fort Eustis vocalist, Home Room of- fices, National Honor society, Type certificate Shorthand certificates, First Aid certificate, Intramural basketball, softball, socrer, valley- liall, Senior Assembly fommitteeg 4-Low iianre committee, Quill anti Stroll. llome Room 306. ROBERT KEY "Music is balm to the weary soul." Band, Orchestra, Band officer, Literary club, Chemistry club, Latin club, President, Freshman class, Home room offices, Concerts, '41, '42, '43, '44. Intramural basket- ball, Suffolk peanut festival, State music festivals, '42, '43, Granby festival, '42, State band clinic, '44, Chairman, Senior assembly. l-lomc Room 306. EDWIN LOWRY "l'm sure care's an enemy of life." lntramural Basketball, Latin Club, Stamp Club, Chemistry Club. Home Room 306. CARRIE McBRIDE "In short there never was a better hearer." Girls' Athletic Club, Red Cross Representative, First Aid Certifi- categ Championship Volleyball, Basketball, Baseball. Home Room 306. CORETTA MICHIE "I have a heart with roam lol gaicty ." Girls' Junior Chorus, Mixerl Chorus Glee Club' Ri Vfn Win : , D f kle Cantata, Girls' Athlctc Club, Girls' Reserve, Home Room 306. WILLIAM McCALLUM "The Quiet Mind IS richer than a crown." Boys' Jr. Chorus, Will Rogers Stomp Clubg Cervantes Spanish Clubg Cadet Corpsp Band Pur- chasing Agent, 4 L. Usher Com- mittee, 4 L. Dance Committee, 4 l-l. Pennant Committee, Home Room 306. ROBERT E. MCCAIN "Be noble in every thought and every deed." Intramural Basketball, Dramatic Club, Stage Crew, '42, '43, '44, head electrician Feb. to June '44, Stage Manager, '44, '45, Drama letter, National Thcspiansg Span- ish Cluhp Staffs of Eustis playsg glldxcd Chorus, '43, '44j Home Room . 4. MARGARET EVELYN MILLINER "Modesty, dignity and calm inn tent." Porksley High School, Parksley, Virginia: Glee Club, Girls' soft- ball, basketball team, Junior-Senior Clubs, Home Room offices. N. N. H. S.1 Home Room Offices, Jr. Rod Cross Representativeg Office Ase sistant, Jr, Home Economics Club. Home Room 313. VIRGINIA MOODY "Pep and prettiness persontiedf' John Marshall High School: Girl Reseryes, N.N,H.S.: Spanish Club, Archery Club, Secretary, Best dancer, Hall of Fame, G. A. A., Student Council Representative, Usher, Mixed Chorus, 4-Low and 4-High Dance Committee, Girls' Glee Club, Intramural Basketball, Softball, Soccer, Library assistant, 4-High Decoration Committee, Sec- retary, Mr, Weiss, Shorthand and Tvging Certificates. Home Room 30 . FLORENCE MONFALCONE "So tender and true," ART STAFF MUSIC LETTER G. A, A., Band '4l, '42, '43, '44, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Concerts, '42, '43, '44, Band let- ter, State Music Festival, '42, 43, Suffolk Peanut Festival, All-State Band Clinic, Band Officer, Cast, "Jinx from Alabama," Home Room Ottices, 4-Low Decorating Com- mittee, Jr, Red Cross Representa- tive, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Senior Assembly Committee, Of- tice Assistant. Home Room 306. CLARA ELIZABETH NAPIER "Good nature is the sign of a generous soul." HONOR STUDENT Library Letter, National Honor Society, Spanish Club, Chemistry Club, Jr. Red Cross, Girls' Jr. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, 4-High Ring Committee, Invitation Committee, Chemistry Club Constitution Com- rnittee, Library Assistant, Infirmary Assistant, Clerk for Elections, Home Room 306. SHIRLEY LEE PHILLIPS EDWIN RICHMAN "l-lard work is the key to success." Latin Club, Dramatic Club, Senf lor Assembly Committee, Cast ot "Don't Take My Penny," "Romance ls a Racket," Jr. Red Cross Repre- sentative, Jr, Home Economics Club, Girls' Athletic Association, Literary Club, Home Room 306. "Some hearts are hidden." Varsity Football, lntramural Bos- ketballg Spanish Club, Boys' Jr. Chorus, Stage Crew, Red Cross, 4 L. Dance Committee, 4 l-l Dance Committee, Mixed Chorus, Home Room 313. care not club, usher, tata, aqfa ROBERT SCARLETT LEON K. SMITH "Just the quiet kind." "The world knows nothing of its Shop offices, Home Room 3l3. greatest men." Photo Club, A-L. Usher Com- mittee, Shop Officer, Boys' Jr. Chorus, C. A. P. C., Stamp Club Otticer, Home Room 309. JACK SWALL LOIS GERALDINE THOMPSON "What care I tor books, and such, "Just made to give our eyes I'd rather have some fun." delight." General Shop Offices, Home Freshman Home Room Officer, Room 3l3. Cast of "Rip Van Winkle",, Make- up Stott for "American Way", and "Rip Van Winkle", Furniture Staff, G. A, A., Girl Reserves, Photo Club, Archery Club, School Usher Staff, Home Room 306. ROBERT ALLEN THOMAS "Oh keep me innocent, make oth' ers great " Literary Club, Latin Club, Dro- matic Club, Chemistry Club, ln- tramural Basketball, Home Room ottices, Costumes Staff tor "Come Out ot the Kitchen," "Through the Night," "Don't Take My Penny," Senior Plays Felt. 44, June '44, Concert '44, Cast of Fort Eustis play "Georgie Porgie", Costumes staft tor Little Theater play. Home Room 313. MAE VAUGHAN CARL WELCH MARGAREI1Ls2.ILZABETH Silence is more eloquent than ihose of few wzirds are the W words." best new ef' "Silence is more lq et th Syungo High Schoolj Secretory Home Room Officesg General WOVUS f Student Council Associotiong Shop Officesg Student Councilg GUI Regervesf gi Afhi resident of Freshmen Clossg Re- Archery Clubg C. A. P.g Home Club? Archery Club Ref I Cl b porter of Sophomore Clossg Chorusg Room 313. Vigfofy Corpgj Red 4'H'9l'l Club? Nowoofl News Hl9l" sentotiveg lnfromu I Bo kefboll School? Home Room 309- Home Room Offiv: H e R 309. ll ll GOODBY We leove you here old Newport High Wi'lh these lost words we soy goodbye. The joys we've hod we'll ne'er forget And your teochings we'Il ne'er regret. We leove our teochers thonks ond love. And prciy we'll corry on with help tro m Outword bound with heods held high Never soy no, never soy die. Music by Sylvio Coter Words by Florence Monto obove lcone. ll lf FREEDOM FROM WANT I ITIES Ii l Editor-in-Chief . Associate Editor . Business Manager Faculty Advisers Feature Editors Janet Davis Eugene Markham Biography Editors Margie Stant Sara Toobert Activities Editors Ruth Fuller Marion Drumwright nchor Staff Art Editors Dorothy Dale Elsie Thomas Billy Heywood Typists Lillian Candler Wilma Candler Mary D'Bene Photographer Mr. Otto H. Weiss Photo Editors Beulah Pair Dorothy Coppersmith . Mary Lou Shaw . Shirley Boulds . Boots Cumming Miss Frances Taylor Miss Jeanette Ward Ad Staff Sara Forbes Wesley Hill Boots Cumming Frances Langley Betty Mclnturff Peggy Grubbs Lillian Candler Farris Meena Richard McMurran Dorothy Comstock Dorothy Bishop Sara Toobert Mary Deuell Pat Beasley Mary D'Bene Wilma Candler John Sim Mary Lou Shaw BEACON WEEKLY STAFF Rushing around, gathering news, and meeting deadlines, the ever faithful Beacon Weekly staff strives to act as the eyes and ears of the school and to provide students with a laugh now and then. The Co-Editors-in-Chief, Beulah Pair and Janet Davis who led the paper to its first class rating last semester were at it again this year with enthu- siastic aim for an even better paper. QUILL AND SCROLL To become a member of the Quill and Scroll a student must do outstanding work on the Beacon Weekly. A member of the International Quill and Scroll, the local branch encourages higher standards of journalistic writing. Pictured above are Jack Ball, Herbert Bateman, Gene Markham, Stella Biconvaris, Shirley Linkous, Walter Stern, and Ruth Fuller. Absent members: Beulah Pair and Janet Davis. EXECUTIVE BOARD Acting as an advisory group to the Student Council, the Fxecutive Board is composed of the officers of the student body, a representative from each class, and the Editor-in-Chief of the Beacon. These students, elected on the basis of intelligence and ability, under the capable leadership of Miss Ethel Gildersleeve, dean of girls, suggested projects and make plans for the council to carry out. of - hfo 3:23 I 11" R A 'QR- snll f, 4 STUDENT COUNCIL Led by Theodore Theodorsen, presidentg Kent Miller, vice-president: Billy Hilling, secretary, and Irvin Nachman, treasurer, the Student Council has sponsored three dances this semester for the school, continued work on the Service Honor Roll, proposed changes for the NNHS Constitution, and carried out other projects to make NNHS a better school. Its membership is composed of the Executive Board and one representative from each home room in the school. Miss Ethel Gildersleeve is sponsor of the Council. ii' fw HONOR COU L Helping the student body live .up to its motto "An honest man's. ew Ile of God," is the Honor Council. Pri- NATIONAL THESPIANS Another unique organization around school is the National Thespians. As you should have already gathered, this is a dramatic organization. Membership is acquired through a credit system and by vote of old members. Very few stu- dents know much about this club. lt is named after Thespius the first Greek actor to speak words on the stage. The members receive seals for their diplomas. Betty Harp is president and Miss Dorothy M. Crane is sponsor. BOYS' GLEE CLUB It Although there is no resemblance in looks, the Boys' Glee Club sounds like .Sin ra multiplied. Miss Mildred Bane director, teaches the boys to use their vocal chords in harmony. Popular so sf s well as classics are included in I their types of music. ft 1 MIXED CHORUS Mixed Chorus means many things: rehearsals at 8:15 one morning o week, singing an the bus to and from a program, tryouts for new members, the carols and in Christmas Assembly. But more than these things which will live long in the boys' and girls' memories, they will always remember loyalty and devotion to an ideal, cooperation in an endless effort to create beautiful music, and always an attempt to serve the school. Miss Mildred Bane is diretcor. Y SCIENCE CLUB To further the interests of science in NNHS the Science Club was organized last scmcstcr. Individual projects arc taken up by members in botany, geology, astronomy and biology, and presented to the club. Officers are Jay Sawyer president, Thomas Vincent, vice-president, Nancy Reese,secretaryp and George Watson, treasurer. Miss Susie V. Floyd is sponsor. JUNIOR RED CROSS Always on the job to help unfortunate people is the Junior Red Cross. This year, the club has devoted its time in doing everything possible for boys in the armed forces. Barbara Mae Mugler presided at the club meetings, assisted hy the secretary, Agnes Handges. Miss Juliet C. Coleman is sponsor. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS Student librarians hclp keep one of Virginia's finest high school librarics a smooth running business-like organization to help the student body find information and recreation. Miss Elizabeth Saunders and Miss Margaret Garland are the head librarians. The girls help each period during the day. aged' WWWQQ. N TWG? N3rfx,2,,,.L INFIRMARY ASSISTANTS "Oh boy! What a headache! Guess the infirmary can fix me up." With a sigh, the student heads for the infirmary and when he arrives, one of the girls pictured below is always on hand for remedies. They treat such things as head- aches, toothaches, cuts, scratches, bruises, fainting spells, indigestion and countless other ailments. After three consecutive semesters in the infirmary, a girl is entitled to a service letter. W 'V Vs N sr . E Q X gn H' . in N S Y W L5 +1 W -z ifi?'2:A 2 E f 25 J' ,.,,,... 91 , K vf Q, Q --iz ,,-.. .,,.,, I E Q is 5 1' K? W rf sz 5 ' 3 ,X-we Nay, f 5 xi, x, gg 'NX gg S e . 5 W 'sf .W 54 V 1 13 M V ,Q LITERARY CLUB OFFICERS Here they are: The Literary Club officers who, under the guidance of Richard McMurran, president and Mrs. Mao Marshall Edwards, sponsor, have, as usual, token their active part in school and civic affairs this year. Outstanding in '44 for: pushing the school over the top in the Sixth War Loan Drive: for their War Loan Auction, and for their Pearl Harbor Assembly. I l ,, I ' 2 M : NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY "Gollyl Are you in it? I wish I were!" Every term one hears such a remark as this when the new members are elected to the National Honor Society. The most outstanding students in all fields of activities are voted on by the faculty and the members are chosen that way. Membership in the organization is based on four things: scholarship, citizenship, leadership and service. Jack Daniels is president and Miss Eulah Massey is sponsor. RETAIL SELLING CLUB "Work, learn, and earn, join the Retail Selling Club." Their purpose is to build and develop a plan of life through a specific job in training in the retail selling field. Everyone in the picture is employed in some store and works cvery afternoon after school, lt is part of their school work. Their president is Frances Coates. iiWlHLis5:...3-iQE ..,ga--- 4 rf ,,. MN' . 4::.:-mt.: I f 1- NW'wsam.s,. Ns: XNHQL . GIRL RESERVES Handwork, socials, programs, and banquets fill the Girl Reserves schedule during a semester. It is one of thc oldest organizations around schools for girls. The meetings are held in the YWCA with Miss Jo Clyde Sterm as sponsor. Q SALUDOS AMIGOSY The Cervantes Spanish club has as its purpose, the maintaining of Spanish culture in the American wa ot lite Y Sara Toobert is president: Mary Binder, vice president: Marguerite Cumming, secretary-treasurer' and Sam Allen h l' c ap am. Members are chosen from students of the Spanish languages. Senor Carlos Urrutia spohsors the club. 4... S -- an LE. f VARSITY CLUB Any member in high school earning an athletic letter automatically becomes a member of the Varsity Club. The honor- ary club has no meetings except for awarding letters and formulating rules regarding wearing them. The members are "all for one and n f II." Th ' ' ' o e or a e club is sponsored by Miss Frances Mays and Julius Conn. STAMP BOOTH Here's where they did it. Over 532,000 in war stamps and bonds were sold here through salesmen provided by the Literary Club's citizenship committee under the direction of Constantine Tsitsera. Auction assemblies also boosted the sales. g KN KK iss, NN -WW iii 'mi'-5 STAMP WARDENS The busiest people in school during organization period are stamp wardens. They buy stamps for their homerooms and make themselves generally useful. The stamp sales are under the supervision of Miss Lucy Sinclair. K 9 HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Nearly 75 girls belong to the "Future Homemokers of Virginia" under the sponsorship ot Miss Sue Kelly and Mrs. Lolie Webb. Their purpose is to make a closer contact between the home and school. At the present time the club's activities are largely social. A ,as 1 f 'Qi . M . . ,+- 1- 5.11. f 'A if S se is f gf H ...,,... .... , ..,, .... , . :W W B X , if 5 we at .:::::..- :greg-" : 4 E WILL ROGERS STAMP CLUB The Stamp Club was organized to promote the students to collect stamps ond study their history. Meetings on Thursdays are held with William McCallum as president ond Mr. Joseph Dellopenta, sponsor. At the meetings, the members trade duplicate stamps and compare collections. BEST UANCERS SHALL xl fi Mos'r ATHLETIC F' AM Mosrpo B We MOST ULAR YMMQMJQ gmaofwv Hwy jl7'7"" 51-'ZSTALL ROUND TYLISH IUIIF , v1'44e! BESTSTUDENTS BAND LEADERS Thcy lead thc band at thc football games with their unusual talent in stunts. James Colcy lccntcrl ably conducts thc music and directs the marching, while the girls beautify the outfit with the unity in which they twirl their flags. Faith- fully they practice before and after school for perfection in performance. CHEERLEADERS "Rahl Rahl Cheerleadersl" These enthusiastic eight, clad in white, indulge in a sport all their own. They are the leaders in school spirit at every game and pep assembly where, with certain unusual antics they lead the student body in yells new and old to support the hard fighting team. Miss Chlotilde Jarman is sponsor. TENNIS CLUB What playcrsl What boys and girls. The NNHS Tennis Club was rcvivcd this fall undcr the sponsorship and instruc- tion of Miss Mable Wingo. lt was composed of both boys and girls who played numerous matches together. Through this participation they learned and put into practice many techniques at the sport, courtesy, and developed a sense of confidence, self-criticism and perseverance. R 5 . 1 x 15.355,-.. xg 4 ' V We ' .AERA z.. fi Y . . I 5 Q E ,.:5gQ .N:.,f : I Mi A a Q K R -E::EEM W1 P Q , gg-Q3 115522 gig, ' if gy b, wk, 5 -: + 51:15 gg Q-fag . STAGE CREW-BACKSTAGE BOYS The creok ot pulleys, the bang of hammers, voices shouting directions, "Lower on this end," "puII that drop higher" are the sounds that reach the ear, back stage. lt's the stage crew in action, managed by Bob McCain and assistant, Walter Stern. These boys have the job ot setting the stage for all productions put on by the school and all pro- qrams brought to the school by outside organizations. Sponsor is Miss Dorothy Crane. FEATURES Calendar Sept. 7--Alas! Alack! miserable day! Unfor- , tunate me! NNHS reopened its doors today! if ii , Sept. 8-Almost knocked down and trampled g, f on by new freshmen. .' U Sept. ll-Class officers elected: President, 4-"f l Sam Allen, Vice-President, Henry Hoppe, Secretary, Q t ,, Dot Dale, Treasurer, Gerry Moore, Student coun- s. ff' cil Representative, Irvin Nachman. A X Sept. l2-Agony! Agony! Had tooth filled. Feel physically, mentally, morally demoralized. I N I f i Sept. l3-Still in stew wanting schedule changed. X jf l Sept. l4-Knee real sore from fall downstairs. Sept. l9--What won't they do next? Twins it , for the "Best Looking Girl in the Hall of Fame!" , A S' Quite an amazing graduating class. First in NNHS to have red and white for class colors. Hampton, you know. . Sept. 22-Hoarse from first pep assembly. New cheerleaders ducky, Quackl Quack! Sept. 23-Became too agitated when saw current heartbeat. Hopewell beat us. Just luck. M Sept. 25-Very uncouth in assembly. Mr. Stanley made with speech. Me with giggles. . ', tr Sept. 27-Cala event. Tommy Tucker in our Saunders Stadium. fij f, ' Sept. 29-First edition of Beacon out. Staff hoorays! ' r Sept. 30-Elements of weather postpone game. Coach Harmon , w, at had good time finding "his boys" in theater. L i Oct. l-Other teams surely are lucky. Danville beat us. H' ' Oct. 4-Freshman assembly. They behaved themselves quite well. fl l No one fainted. V Oct. 6-Won football game with SMA. Am hoarse from shrieking . cheers wildly. A l Oct. 7-Shopped for new fall outfit. Bought one. Look divinely ,Cv - beautiful in it. l?l ALE' Oct. 9-Fire Chief spoke in assembly. Hope for more fire drills. Oct. l l-Had senior picture taken. Was determined not to break camera. Sure pho- tographer wouldn't have appreciated it. Oct. l3-Friday, survived-that's all. Broke mother's best sugar bowl. Trad on cat's handle. Maury beat us. Oh, why? ' Oct. lo-'Have to sit down slow-like. Bumped "it" down the steps. Mother told me there'd be days like this. Butl--- Oct. l8-Having more weather this year than last. Another hurricane too. 5 Oct. 21-Yipee! Rode Wilson for l2-6 win. 91, Oct. 23-Report cards. Can't sit down. .-T Oct. 26--Wonderful time! Second day with fx 6 afternoon off from hateful classes. Car owners ik Q .. ' happv to get "A" books. 4" .- x y . te X v Oct. 28-Had superb time at Patrons M League-Student Council Dance. . S ,,,,,., Nov. l-C-eneral Kilpatrick confided to J , X li? X NNHS students. Ouite an honor. Huh? I 'X Mg. ,X Nov. 4-Rav Rah! Team! Beat Alexandria. A 1 I Nov. 6-Sick in bed with a cold. Teachers X kindlv sent assignments to home. if ' K Nov. 8-Stumped toe. Kissed thumb. Saw beau. X' Nov. 'lO-Fall play, "Don't Take My Pen- , nv." Good! Cast acquitted themselves remark- 5,6 ably well. ,, Q15 - - Nov. ll-Traveled to Foreman Field. Team tangled with Granby's. They did the most tangling. N-men swell though. Sam Allen advanced from his "bachelorhood." la? Nov. l3-Chopped way through fog this morning. Saw girl buy 51,000 V? war bond for a carton of chewing gum. Had an idea prices were going up. "' 'Twas a bond auction. w Nov. l5-Don't mind classes. lt's the teachers who worry me. ,A They talk so loud it keeps me awake. lf, Nav. l8-Crossed the river to see the team tie Maury. Good ,Q game. A ' Nov. 22-Everyone going in to see "Since You Went Away." l Everyone coming out with red eyes. I Nov. 24-Boys got the treats at Tur-About Dance. Girls i bought the tickets, paid for the cakes, and some even bought their 7'-f7 l dates carnations. School dance band played for the first time. X f " Nov. 26-Heard cute moron joke. Wish l was a happy little -L moron. Wait a minute-maybe l am. ' 6 . Nov. 28-Thespians being initiated. Never saw so many -flag people going around bowing in all my seventeen years. ' ik Nov. 30-Thanksgiving. Won game with Wilson. .' Dance for "kids" from Wilson and NN at armory. it - Was stuffed to the gills. Couldn't do MUCH dancing. ' 'ff Dec. 5.-Report cards. Must use more time to study 4. - W or self will grace Alma Mater's halls next semester. ' Dec. 6-Parents trudged up and down stairs follow- ing pupils' steps. Didn't make them go to office when ' they were late to class though. Gnashl Gnashl Dec. 8-Quiz kids of Senior Class announced today. Jack Daniels, Valedictorian, Mary Lou Shaw, Salutato- rian, Irvin Nachman, Third Honor Student, Boots Cum- ming, Highest Average, and Janet Davis, Second Highest Average. Just a bunch of genii that's all. Dec. lO--Late to class. Teacher complained. There is absolutely no tolerance here. l2-Shopped for Xmas presents. Am convinced feet are permanently ruined. Dec. l5---Football boys got letters. Bobby Coleman got trophy for most outstanding the season. Girls got athletic letters too. w . iff. it Y f X sg- ff A cali V E3 'WA f' Dec. player of Dec. l8-Wish l was working. Would not only have money, but would miss classes. Legally. Dec. 2l--Free from school for holidays. Won basketball game with Matthew Whaley. Score: 50-6, Too bad wasn't a conference game. Dec. 22-N. N. vs. Oceana. Score: 50-5. Getting better all the time. C Dec. 25-Christmas. Sleepy from caroling late this morning. Santa ' I came. Was good to me. Didn't bring switches. pyg Dec. 3l--New Year's Eve. Made oodles of resolutions which have no intentions of keeping. 1 XR? l X Jan. 3-Twenty-eight days till diploma time. Then-well, iime will feii. i XX Jan. l7-Commencement speakers working furiously on speeches. 1 i' f Play casts madly on plays. T f ll Jan. 26-Proml Wonderful time. Cannot remember what time arrived fi l , home. Convenient, what? l J 'l' Jan. 28-Rev. Price got class serious for first time with his sermon. Feel positively ancient. T Jan. 30-Class night. Enjoyed self immensely. - x Jan. 3l-Marched down aisles for Senior assembly. Mother insisted on taking picture of her darling. Feb. l-House filled with proud relatives hoping to see me commence. l i Feb. 2-Am off to Richmond. Bye now. H DI-I I5 ll H fi 5 'ifyba 2' Q o ,ff Q '21 o ff f S' 0 0 I1 ,X 9350" 1 S' if 635301, '40 0v9e'a?3::w0"' E- S' We 'if' W S . X , U Q. '51 0 fly"-4 X, 3 SJ 0 QE? Viggo, Q 'X 'MQW 1 11 QR 'Q I G N .f1,,,f IJ. Q 'Id 00 'F -, S N 'Mffffff fo Qi 01, -"L 9 fs Q0 Q Q95 U 'Id-eg I 8 Ig' A Q 'O W fo o we x by 0,99 -ge ,, kd 8- 11 O A, SW 1 X0 909 , Q6 8 Q 1 Q 'V -wi" X .449 -ow . Q OY Q 2: 'X A ,V 569- y,'5e9x 'Amwlf 05 Mvfw NW' 'I f A' DAME, Af worn ln Room 220 QS, 123 ,xl . Q Q , ,,, '1 'F' E, 9. Ag- ll'hf1'llC1f1 ,1 mx- our f1f'1fw-my mas: 5,9 -'IQ' ,A fki Q J G Typhogn S ' 1940 2 is et ' 1, 'L K5 ,W 01' ' olid ew Q42 odxew 614x506 8 . a o U3 w ,JD .JJ 7-'21 Yxoov.9"'xe D 0 Fab C pc ri W Q46 0 Boys 7-.allfe Q ye fo 0 ' A . 01- 41, 6 Q 5590 0 906 Wa'cZv,se 8 .6 :Q I -fy 8 . xt-5 4 Diet ji,-It .I H '11, Vywdfia WQO 63905 Q Q, rf! Mn' l 45 Fqgul fa 110 Q64 CGQQX Q! 00 -H qcularm 26 lb QXQXK QQ, ' 0' an 6' V ' f L' X B' T. Y G az, X A:R4,YQ'f1Hlveevic,ory eff! 6, Miss Colemcuyu U01 QI 25-XX ' 1"T07i,ht ff-WW Rides "Bilw' " ff., Oblxg J am le,- -. Q. Ip! ' X 6.0 'ff L.,, To bdw 01 "Wahl 0291-OOP1 xx ou-,604 6 Lg" -sy, v Q jx 6: 0, - P0 "W,- OOQO4 ffl, 1 and If Dc, X17 od, V 0, 1,.1x "sf " 001- w" l3?'1"1RX 1 -,rib C? .x 1, 2? . , I, i'0riQ4' 'f Is N Berlin In R?,1g1g"TLond0,5. 1,-4530, Y est-S Sa.: . y, ho ast Will and ostamont We, the graduating class of February, 1945, having successfully survived four years in New- port News High School, do hereby proclaim this document to be our last will and testament, so help us Hannah. ARTICLE I To you, our faithful, patient, and enduring teachers, we first leave you completely sane. llsn't it enough that we didn't drive you "nuts?"l Second, we leave you a brand new bunch of freshmen. Take them gently by the hand inspir- ing them with the fact that if Eddie Dobson can do it, so can they. Teach them the little things that mean so much to every freshman such as "DON'T WRITE ON THE DESKS AND DON'T RUN DOWN THE HALLS." lt ain't healthy. ARTICLE ll To the office force we leave a few less blue forms, tardy slips, and sick blanks to bother with. At first we planned to plant a time-bomb in the office so that we could leave with a big bang but, on second thought, we decided to leave our ole Alma Mater just as we found it. At least, until we get our diplomas! ARTICLE lll To our Anchor adviser, Miss Frances Taylor, we leave a headache, a backache, and a few broken blood vessels. In general, we leave Miss Taylor a nervous wreck. Second, we wish her the best of luck in find- ing a better staff next year. That is, if she can find one better than we. ' ARTICLE IV We, the "mighty" seniors, realizing that chew- ing gum is very hard to obtain, do hereby leave all of ours to members of the student body. You can find it under any of the desks around school. To the 4-lows we warn, "lf you want to grad- uate, for goodness sakes, DON'T TAKE ENGLISH 8 H To the Juniors we acknowledge the fact that they have only one more year to struggle through. To the Sophomores we advise the plan of work- ing hard now, for, who knows, everyone of you might be an honor student. We wish we were. To the Freshmen we only smile and soy, "Don't you wish you were we!" ARTICLE V Various members of the Senior' class wish to leave certain items to the school and its pupils. First, Beulah Pair and Janet Davis leave the BEACON to Stella Bicouvaris and Walter Stern with sincere wishes that it will be All-American next year. Also, they leave the Service Honor Roll to whoever sees fit to work, and we do mean WORK, on such a worthy cause, Second, Dot Coppersmith leaves her position as head-cheerleader to whoever deserves the honor. Third, Ruth Fuller leaves Eddie Cooper with a sign saying, "Keep your hands off! He belongs to mel" Fourth, Sam Allen, poet laureate of our hon- orable class, leaves his ability to Billy Stevenson. He also proclaims that "Mephiste's Musings" are his own original works and hereby warns fu- ture columnists against plagarism. Fifth, Richard McMurran leaves the Honor Council to the next chairman and wishes him the best of luck in trying to persuade the stu- dents of NNHS that "An honest man is the nobl- est work of God." Sixth, Mary Lou Shaw gives Herbert Bateman next year's Anchor and extends to him her deep- est sympathy. Seventh, to Valley Roy, Bobby Coleman leaves his title as a "great, big, beautiful hunk of man." By the way, he doesn't include Betty Harp in any of his gifts. He thinks he'll keep her. Eight, Harry Duff's cheerful smile is left to every student in NNHS to use when they face the "big three" because of some mischief. Ninth, Shirley Phillips leaves her ability to "beat out the boogie" to Jimmy Daniels. Tenth, the "Andrew Sisters," Shirley Linkous, Pat Beasley and Sylvia Cofer present their voices to Spottie Bivens, Betty Joe McWilliams ana Mary Dame Stubbs. Eleventh, Virginia Moody, "The Jitterbug," leaves her title of "best dancer" to Jean Farmer. Twelfth, The Candler twins leave their beauty to Barbara Carter. Thirteenth, Boots Cumming leaves her "high- est average" to the Mitchell twins. lGoodness knows they need it.l Fourteenth, Irvin Nachman, the most athletic boy in the senior class leaves his ability to his friend, Theodore Theodorsen. Fifteenth, Henry Hoppe leaves his height to little Bobby Manning. Sixteenth, John Sim leaves his outstanding speaking voice to the speech classes as a per- fect example so they may all make "A," ARTICLE VI With fondest memories in our hearts and know- ing that NNHS will never be quite the same without us, we now bid our able Alma Mater "Adieu" and hereby affix our signatures as a seal to this document. TESTATOR, THE SENIORS Ni -'J' S. sq 1 , . FREEDOM FROM FEAR ' x. SPUIQT THE TYPHQCDINVS ICQLLLL IICDCDTBALI. CI-IRGNICLE BOBBY" STORTZ Co-Captain BUBBERH ILISH Captain GOlD AND I3lUlf IN ACTION ay wp f , wiwv- H7451 OUR '44 FOQTBALL SQUAD Miller. cNomoro, Howk, Haskins, an, M Colem resham, Ellis, Cooper, G Roppold, Row: First ndis, Hoppe, Hahn. Lo Yr YU odoreson, Slye, G he oolard, T t, Forrest, Challoner, W lille Ste Jester, Row: ond Sec Spencer. Hopkins, London, Schofield, Stortz, Nachman, Garrison, ge, llish, Brid Kersey, kins, Roberts, Shields, ee Row: M hird T Sorfon, Gordon. Range, Row: lMonogers ond coaches?-Seward, Cleary, Coach Conn, Harmon, Fourth Sl! COACHES--lLeft to rightl-"Cowboy" J. C. Ronge, Julius Conn, Tarty Harmon. Eddie Cooper .. Bobby Haskins ,,,., Henry Hoppe ...,.. Richard Forrest ,, Hastings Hawk .,,,, Torn Stennett .... Budgy McNamara ....,,., Paul Gresham , A,,,,, , Gene Spencer ,,,. Robert London .. Billy Ellis ........,. Ted Theodorsen , Melvin Slye ,M Kent Miller ,.,,, Bobby Stortz ,... . Bobby Coleman . Lin llish ,,....,.,... Calvin Bridge ,... Frank Hopkins ,,,. Elroy Kersey .A..,. Linwood Garrison Irvin Nachman ,,,,, Moyer Sa rton .,,., QHQYIIIQII End End End End Tackle , Tackle ,, Guard Tackle , Guard Guard Guard Center ,, Center End ,, Back Center Back ,, Back Back , , Back Back Back Manager STARTING LINE-UP-First Row: Cooper, Gresham, Ellis, Coleman, McNamara.. Hawk, Haskins. Second Row: Garrison, Bridge, llish, Stortz, Nachman. f' 1944 football Dostol Name No. Wt. Cooper ,, 77 170 Haskins ,, ,, 94 165 Miller .. ,. .. 45 145 Forest ,,,, .. 91 170 Hoppe ,. ,. 86 175 Rappold W ,, 48 145 l-lawk ,,,,,, ,, 98 195 Gresham ,, H 89 178 Landis ,,,, ,, 55 165 Chaloner .. 62 181 Spencer .. .. 59 182 McNamara ., 95 190 Ellis ,,..,... .. 87 170 London .,.. .. 99 200 Stennett H ,, 97 190 Woolard .. .. 41 160 Grey ,,,,,,., .. 22 146 Coleman H 88 180 Slye ,,,,,,., ,, 43 153 Theodorsen .... .. 73 170 llish ,,,,,,,, ,. 80 165 Stortz ,, 84 160 Bridge ,,,, ., 76 173 Garrison ,, .. 36 145 Nachman ,,,... ,. 82 145 Kersey .... .. 35 130 Hopkins .. .. 37 150 Shields ,, 50 150 Taylor .... ,...,. 5 7 149 1-lahri .. 44 151 Pos. End End Encl Encl Encl Enrl Tackle Tackle Tackle Tackle Tackle Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Guard Center Center Center Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back Back e ister September 'I-The recruits of the l944 Ty- phoon team turn out nearly 80 strong with plenty of old hands to build a team around. September 15-Typhoon gridders round into shape for their opener against Hopewell the following Saturday. September 184Typhoon versus the Hopewell Blue Devils. Entering their initial fray of the sea- son, the highly favored were out-fought by a determined Hopewell ll. The best run of the day came when Calvin Bridge skittered around left end for 80 yards and the only Typhoon score, Result, NN 6, Hopewell l2. October 2+Newport News plays host to the Danville Cardinalas. This contest, scheduled for September 30, was postponed due to rain until the following Monday. The disputed Typhoon again met more than they could handle as the Red-birds rang up 0 20 to 6 victory. October 6+After a short week of practice, the Gold and Blue finally bounded into a winning column by defeating a favored Staunton Military Academy. The Typhoon offense, led by the de- termined will and skill of its two captains, made a I2 to 6 win over S.M.A. October 'I3-Although stimulated by their late victory, the boys still seemed to lack something essential to a winning team, as the Maury Commodores crushed the local eleven l8-0. lt was Maury's first conference victory and her fourth game. October 21-Following strenuous workouts the whole week, the Typhoon travelled to Portsmouth to try their luck against Wilson, a powerful team with hopes of winning the state championship. Against what seemed to be hopeless odds, the Gold and Blue eleven completely outsmarted, out- of a eam! played and outscored the seemingly top team. On the opening kickoff Calvin Bridge received the ball and scampered some 85 yards for a touchdown. The second touchdown came in the third period on a beautiful aerial from Hopkins to Kersey, Result: NN l4, Wilson 7. October 28-Petersburg, always a strong op- ponent, travelled here to take on a rejuvenated Typhoon team. The ensuing game proved to be a tough one, and although the Typhoon had better running attacks, Petersburg had better luck and scored a 6-0. November 4--Rebounding from their previous encounter, the Gold and Blue soundly defeated a strong Alexandria team by 27-6. The Typhoon mainstays in Lin llish, Bobby Stortz, and Calvin Bridge coordinated beautifully to run up the score, ln the final quarter, Rappold knifed into the Alex- andria backfield to receive a lateral and dash 30 yards to pay dirt. November 'l'I-ln travelling to Norfolk, the Typhoon found its strongest opponent of the sea- son in Granby High's Blue Comets. Although de- feated, the Gold and Blue fought all the way, giv- ing Granby a real battle. Result: NN O, Granby l4. November 18-ln their second engagement of the season with the Typhoon, Maury High, con- fident of a second victory, was outplayed by the Gold and Blue boys. The game ended in a I4-i4 deadlock. Both Typhoon scores came from passes from Hopkins to Kersey and Haskins. November 30-Entering their traditional Tur- key-day rivalry, a slight underdog, the Typhoon scored a well-earned 6-0 victory over the Wilson Presidents on the Gold and Blue field. This con- test represented the final game of the season for both teams. tif eotball Schedule and Results September l 8+-NN Octcber 2+-NN . October 6- -NN October l3--NN October 2l--NN October 28-NN November 4 NNY November l l-NN November l8-NN November 30-N N Hopewell . . l2 Danville 20 S. M. A. 6 Maury l8 Wilson . 7 Petersburg . 6 Alexandria 6 Granby . l4 Maury I4 Wilson O fic land of Me fue and Me dome of tie have Compliments of W. C. BOWEN and CO. 136 28th Street Phone 4-1441 A Complete Line of MEN'S, WOMEN'S and CHlLDREN'S WEARINC APPAREL ' a I f I I- I AN 54 D co pany 2707-O9 Washington Ave. 1. PENlNSULA'S LARGEST FURNITURE AND CLOTHING STORE -1, Charge Accounts Invited The Original Freemcm's Fur Salon Same Old Location 3410 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. Tidewater's OnlyHFurS Guild Member STORAGE--REPAI RS "The Largest South ot Washington" Only One Store in Newport News The PeninsuIa's Leading Furrier Compliment of Phi Delta Pi Congratulations to February '45 Class W1 ft, Av .,Qy,:5 ' .1 1 S .1 SOTOYHY Hygeia Dollar I2inI2 Hampton and Wickham Aves. Compliments of IDEAL Cleaners 6: Dyers Plant 212 42nd St. Phone 6-1462 BRANCH OFFICE 50th and Huntington Ave. 2-3111 We Call for and Deliver Compliments of MEENA BROS. WHITE'S MARKET 210 42nd Street Fresh Meats Fresh Vegetables PICK-A-BONE 3 Pieces Fried Chicken Biscuits 8. Honey Shoe String Potatoes 'k 'k 'k Treat for Your Money 85c Served Without Silver Phone 4-1221 25th and Buxton Ave Compliments of Iefferson Loan Office 2503 Jefferson Ave. Sears, Roebuck 61 Co. Sincerely Wish Each One a Life of Happiness and Success Jw 2702 Washington Ave. To the February '45 Class From J: Daniels Cleaners 3509 Huntington Ave. Phone 2-5241 Refresh Yourself At Our DAIRY STORES 5003 Huntington Ave. 1431 Kecoughtan Rd. PENINSULA DAIRY Good Luck to the Graduates from M. L. Weqer and Sons 233 23rd Street .L Wholesale Contectioners .L "If lt's Candy, Weger Has lt" Best Wishes from M. G. Pittman's Grocery 2615 Marshall Ave. Phone 4-1488 Ann Lee Shoppe SPORTSWEAR and ACCESSORIES 3115 Washington Ave. NEWPORT NEWS RELAX AND ENJOY A GOOD SHOW J H in E gl cnfrmaiw mum 31-f 1, wAsH.AvE. Cool.-Air-C0l7dihbllL'd Cddlfbff ' - - - A - OPEN DAILY 10:45 A. M. to 11:00 P. M. Sunday 12:45 to ll P. M. Compliments of PLAYLAND LUNCHEONETTE Washington Ave. and 28th St. Walter Reed Market R. 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Store Dial 3-l684 Millinery Clolhin cmd Ladies' Q N. suule cs. sons The Peninsula's Jewelry Store R9ClClY-lO-Vvveclf of Quality, Reliability and Moderate Prices. Since l895 0:91. sion: Corner 25thl St Jefferson Dial 5-l283 Newport News, Va. "Shoes for the Family" ak Merit Shoe Co. 302l Washington Ave. Compliments of Sc:ott's Hardware WILLIAM B. scoTT, Prop. "Class of '27" W l-l IT E Qpticel Company if Medical Arts Building The Finest in Motion Picture Entertainment! jk F -House-. or V frs Q wk 32nd St. at Washington Avenue , .. if D COMFOQTAD Y COO,--, il ! Kecoughtan Rd. at Wythe Place l8th St. at Wickham Ave COMPLIMENTS OF PENINSULA SHIPBUILDERS ASSOCIATION li Z f'X We QI' ,..- LL. In l89i a bank was not much more than merely a plan where one could keep money safely Now think of the many, many services the First National offers in addition to this Newport News, Va. Member Federal Reserve System and Federal Deposit insurance Corporation. Founded l89l The First ational Hank FV. S. 61 M. Pharmacy THE REXALL STORE 3401 Washington Ave. Dial 7-1762 Sam'l. H. Phillips REAL ESTATE INSURANCE-RENTALS 2515 Washington Ave. Dial 5-1266 Newp t Ne V' g'nia LEE WHITE HARDWARE Sole Distributor for MOORE'S PAINT and LOCKWOOD'S HARDWARE e '3 1551 2710 Roanoke Av NepotNesVga - Besf W23b6s Feb. C7455 M 'QLTA5 ygliiv 3 ,, Q 13 roadway Congratulations and Best Wishes ROSENBAUM'S at 2608-2610 Washington Avenue SINCE 1885 HOTEL WARWICK gfecfzmcznl Waulffn eenlea Smart Wearing Apparel For the Teen-Age Boy and Girl-Dress and Sport Clothes that Click with the HIGH SCHOOL CROWD 3202 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va, Compliments ot HARLEY-DAVI DSON MOTORCYC LES-BICYC LES Tidewater Motorcycle Co. .loe L. Pmnell, Mgr. 25th St. and Huntington Ave. Compliments of Mullins Credit Stores 3002 Washington Avenue f' F C of F2 Q IH fl BRG frl alto RELIABLE FOOTWEAR Clothing-Jewelry-Radios ,k ON EASY TERMS Newport News and Hampton BEST WISI-IES and CQNGRATULATIQNS to THE GRADUATES it May your succe-sa thus tar attained be but a stejogpinastone to tuture and many more successes. ACHMA ,S CITIZENS MARINE IEFFERSON BANK MEMBER Oi: THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT iNSURANCE CORP. X Lomplimenfs of Z han na's COATS-ASU ITS-DRESSES-FURS Congratulations -pf to February '45 Class "The Individual Shop" Next io Palace Me, Shaw Iewelry C0 2809 Washington Ave. QUALITY FOOTWEAR Kiss Lei N0fhl'llCQ' Hllj9fJL?ll YZ T 12656: A Free Press, together with freedom of speech and freedom of religion is the foun- dation of our republic. Daily Press Times-Herald CMORNINCSD CEVENINGSD H Tln' H'1f1'1f.s'11ff1'.s' rNi'w.SfJllf9l'l1S',, l,l'l3l,lSllICU IN Nf'fXVPOR'l' NICXYS FLORIDA ORANGE STORE In Q ' - 1 . ,Q 3 X 11.5 AIAIULK fi' Pdf, IVA' AAIIQ' ll. 3208 WASHINGTON AVE. Newpo t Ne s Vo Heodqotesfor GWFFON CLOTHES For Better SHOES STETSON HATS ARROW SHIRTS and ARROW TIES. I. Mirmelstein's Washington ot 30th 3lO6 Washington Ave. Newport News Freeman Fur Shop "33 Yeors on the Peninsula" i' 1 Remodeling - Cleoning - Clozing E Storage BUU5 Washington Ave. iq Dial 2-l76l 2607 WASHINGTON AVE Newport Ne s Vo BECKQS BREAD "CLOTHES THAT PUT THE MAN ACROSS" S S F ine's Men's Shop 2901 Washington Ave. HATS ond SPORTWEAR "If It'5 New, We Hove It" Compliments of KENNETH ARCH REAL ESTATE INSURANCE LOANS 0 I I7 26th St. The Iacobson Press P R I N T I N Ci 2704 Huntington Avenue Newport News, Virginia Phone 6-I I7I J. W. JACOBSON, Mgr. Drucker 6 F alk REAL ESTATE and PARTICIPATING INSURANCE A Branch Office, 3824 Kecoughton Rood A Hampton, Vo. I34-26th St. Phone 6-I68B Compliments of EPES STATIONERY CO., Inc. Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of FEBRUARY, 1945 Parker 61 Spencer Furniture for Every Room in the House 212-28th St. Dial 2-2041 Harper 6: Co. 2617 Washington Ave. FEATURING N 159 Compliments of Forrest Market No. 2 W. R. wEAvER, Mgr, Phone 4-1771 2705 Huntington Ave. Compliments ol Health Center Bowling Alleys, Inc. Bowl for Recreation and Health at the Health Center Bowling Alleys, Inc. 3212 Huntington Ave Newport News, Va. F. W. EARNEST, Mgr. P tl I II 'I I BOOKBINDINCI RULING COLD STAMPINC- ENCRAVINC- B "Printing is the lnseparable Companion ofAcl1ievement"' The FRANKLIN PRINTING COMPANY, Inc. 216-18-20 Twenty-fifth Street Newport News, Virginia C017gi'L1fzz!a1fzbm 'A' Horace E. Dodge Boat and Plane Corp Newport News, Virginia iii Q 10071 WAR ACTIVITY Contractors to the U. S. Navy - iii? X396 ,KQXW Q4 SHOP Cordiol Greetings and Best Wishes From Riverside Apartments Corp. Newport News, Virginia Phone 4-I774 4500-R Washington Ave "The Pride of the Peninsula" Where the Better Pictures Play W. I. LYTTLE Esso Stations 0 Alst and Huntington Ave. 0 58th and Virginia Ave. U. S. 66 and James River Bridge PATRONS M. W. Greenspon John Scratkin M. H. Llewellyn Mrs. Nathan Toobert Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Cumming FOR GIFTS AND TOYS The China Palace and Gift Shop WM. MORGENSTERN, Prop. 3307 Washington Ave. Newport News, Va. ATTENTION! HIGH SCHOOL GRADUATES Good Pay-Secure Future-In Civil Service Government Issues Urgent Calll NEW CLASSES NOW FORMING Enroll Now for Both Day and Night-Low Tuition "BUSlNESS TRAINING AT ITS BEST" COLLEGE OF HAMPTON ROADS "Virginia's Most Modern and Equipped Business College" Nationally Accredited Washington Ave. at 30th St. CLerner Bldg.l Phone Newport News 2-IBII College Deg ree Instructors Loyd Lumsden, LL.B., President K' I g Insist upon Noland Company Plumbing Fixtures ond Heating Equipment, always . . . . you'll be so proud ot them! , , Showrooms Open Daily Noland Company. Inc. 26th to 27th at Virginia Ave. Newport News, Va, shop At SPIGEL BROS. Mattresses, Beds, Springs, and Studio Couches CASH or CREDIT Phone 5-l75l 2600 Washington Ave DIAL 6-l97l W. B. WILLIAMS FURNITURE 225 25th St. Newport News, Vo Newport News Office Equipment 2404 Washington Ave. PHONE 4-l754 Compliments ot Bloxom Bros. 6. Co. 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Ssocmhon Clncorporoted NEWPORT PHONE 4-1707 NEWS Compliments Of Gamma Siqmoi Sorority Est. 1916 Compliments Hurrdley and t . O Applewhrte. Inc Chcrmberlrn Dress Wm REALTORS I? Shop 4 INSURERS 130 26th Street Hotel Chamberlin Fort Monroe, VO. Newport News, VO- VIRGINIA ENGINEERING CO. NEWPORT NEWS, VA. ln ii l EULA Roqal Crown Cola NEWS COVERAGE-Noted Ju., f l MUSIC-The finest Opera ZZ , correspondents and dynamic Z ' or latest popular tunes come fl, news analysts at home and ff ,Q out of the BLUE. Magic .... abroad bringYyou first hgnd X, If hours of melodic entertain- 4' JH "4 'nformation. ou're tune in ment await your "tuning in" X j on the world with the BLUE. Vw pleasure. HOLLYWOODe-The most " 'Wifi i f new it distinguished stars of Motion Pictures, Stage and R0diO itself, work under the BLUE banner, with the finest writ- ing and directing craftsmen lending their talents, ff, SPORTS-Latest sports news with thrilling on the scene occount vividly yours with the BLUE. VVCSI-I NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 'I340 on Your Dial Mina BLUE NETWOQK Alalmn A CAQl:l:Q I-GQ Tl-lli l-IIGI-l SCI-ICDQI. GIRL A 7,6 Are you looking for ci permonent ond secure job, with opportunities for cidvoncement ond o cnonce for potriotic service? lf so the Telephone Company offers the following cidvontoges: l. Cleon sofe work 2. Excellent working conditions 3. Pleosont surroundings 4. Progressive woge policy 5. Chonces for oclvoncement 6. Cofeterio on premises We would like to tell you more about telephone work, why not visit our employment office, 3305 Huntington Avenue. Newport News, Virginia, and we will be glad to answer any questions. it 'Phe Chesapeake 81 Petemae Telephone lie. l L . . a Way to Win a Welcome Wherever you go There's friendliness in the simple phrase "Have a Coke ." It turns strangers into friends. In both hemispheres, Coca-Cola stands for the pause that refreshes,-has become the high-sign of the good-hearted. BOTTIAIWD VYIUICR ,'Xl"l'IIURI'I'Y Ulf 'I'Il!i LULW-l'4ll,X LUIXIPAYY BY THE NEWPORT NEWS COCA-CO LA BOTTLING CC Compliments of Compliments of Sanitary Lunch 3026 Washington Ave. Phone 2-6521 SERVICE ON L I G E MASSE L s Refrigerctors Ranges 3506 Washington Ave. Washers Small Appliances as Cgtriugfelluiu iilertrir Qlnrpurzrtiuu Work and Dress Clothes 2616 Washington Ave. For High School Boys NEWPORT NEWS, VA. K e heeur it EI pleasure auth at priuilege tn tprire plzrgeh at pztrt in the rrezttinrt nt this zrmtrrzrt ttqrnnglq the mehium ut nur ptqutngrzrptqs auth thus tn have ttelpeh perpetuate the ntemuries nt stuhertt hugs- Cheyne's Newport News Studio "Of75'1'121f lJh0f0g1'11j9Mf1' fo Fkbflllllj' 1046 r4111'l201',' 132 32ml Street Newport News, Virginia " tswpuunr ' 'bf ' W sf Congratulations cmd Best Wishes to THE GRADUATING CLASS FEBRUARY 1945 Q46 vice of C-feanffneagi 11 Zlvytvijo PF .Q lf :I 2 N- N-. 5 ' X -'-'25-: V? P !'7.:f- f ' ,fx f..55-.Vl ,N ., ., I , . 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