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Ti-IE ANCI-ICQ Jurie,IQLiLL - X ff fp, fag. X A j4 U.. z ---s JS asf' 3.11 Mn, .1 g . V551 , 296, , Q .xg X gf,-' '.. 9 ails xx X X' ,H ' ,X Nix x ,VMX -- f --. N if iff, ' 0 A., I X I s. 7 Cm , qw! 963: y A ' "'fQ. v 'iff ' P' A - X " ' on N-in N, 14" 1' N1 -5. N ff" 1' -1 ii . , xN"i I' ilx ,- . , x . g EAA ., . f . I , 'fu .4 5. ,Z n R M. 'f:,.,u: "' H. Rc -4, wil:- afr - fflyyf --x X ,gg FAQ 111111, 1-. Y 3 N' ia! z frf:j?!' ff, 'X Q 1 Q ,i iffyf' V X Tx Nfgx .Qfv .63 fr ff' Kr- -. fg- .V . 1' ' xv. 2 J I fa J' ff . x sggg Qi 0,7 p 3521 vb: .7 f'3,,, N -g.. -.. ,-3. 51 M.-, ""f'2'---53.135 w -1-"'? ' . wife "-'-.'.,-'.:a-:iff-' . J. " f f-'-nv' of ox- - Published by the Graduating Class of June, IQLLLL of Newport News I-lig in School Newport News, Virginia One WREN BUILDING, WILLIAMSBURG We wish to thank Mr. Otto Weiss and Mr. Miles Thompson, the State Chamber of Commerce and the State Conservation Commission for pictures, and all those who contributed to the Publication of the Jung 1944 Anchor. Two Foreword Stretching from the bright sunny beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the soft rolling Blue Ridge Mountains which blend into a peaceful, boundless sky, from the sparkling Potomac on the north to the humid Dismal Swamp to the south, extends a state which holds an honored position in this union of states of ours- a state rich in the traditions of a time long dead, yet as modern as almost any in this country-the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Old Dominion endures as the birthplace of English Civilization in the western hemisphere, battleground of the Revolutionary and Civil wars, scene of the first battle of ironclad ships, home of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, of eight presidents of the United States-home of thousands of gallant men who have fought and are fighting to keep it as it has always been to them, a symbol of America. Over the 40,000 odd square miles of this state, where two and two- thirds millions of people make their homes, are found some of the best tobac- co, apple and cotton growing regions of the whole world. These fine agricul- tural areas, combined with the industrial plants which have marked the growth in our state in the past few decades, add to its historical heritage to make the Old Dominion a truly great part of these United States. In view of the great part which she has played in the development of our country, and her leadership in our way of life, the staff of the Anchor of June, I944 has selected as its theme, "The State of Virginia", We salute the Old Dominion, Three Dedication Une of the most outstgnding cmd best trctin- ed sections of Newport News high school is its musicgl depgrtment, which consistently wins high crwgrds gnd very crbly upholds the line ngme ot the school. Working chiefly with the bond gnd orches- trg, Miss Elegnor Shermctn exerts gregt ettort to- wgrd the betterment ot the school musicgl orggnizgtions. For her long hours ot work gnd good influence on mgny students, gnd tor the excellent musicgl trgining she gives them, we grgtefully dedicgte to her the Anchor of lune, l944. I' MISS ELEANOR SHERMAN Five Sponsors lvlessage "The old order changeth yielding place to new, And God fulfils himself in many ways." IDYLLS OF THE KING Alfred Tennyson My dear Friends, This is not only your GRADUATION but also your CGMMENCEMENT -graduation from high school and commencement of life's work. Well may you stop to consider this dual aspect as you say your farewell. You will have to decide for yourselves whether you will be the masters or the slaves of life. Fear only fear! Heed not the very pleasant call of vanity or flattery. Have confidence in yourselves, believe in your God and your fellowmen. Be loyal to your school, your country, and your ideals, be honest-"For a lie faces God, and shrinks from man." High school is but a preparation for life's work, it is in reality a mina- ture of the adult world-of society. You have learned that procrastination is "the thief of time", today, catch and kill that thief. You who are to be the leaders and rulers of tomorrow are prepared because you have already learned much the hard way, by experience. You have chosen your own leaders in so many school activities and have learned how to work together in a democracy. And now you must work together, fight, and win this hor- rible war that was started by adults! Believe so very deeply in something or somebody-maybe your work or a friend-that, when the many tempests of life strike you, you will be able to withstand the blows. When many will say to you, "You cannot", you will be ready to say, "l can and I will!" Remember those famous words from Tennyson: "To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yieId." Little do you realize the great value of these last four years. This high school means more to you than mere walls. Memories of these days-of your many friends and classmates-will linger forever and the older you grow the dearer they will become. You, GRADUATES of the CLASS of JUNE I944, believe me when l say that I feel very deeply honored at having been chosen your sponsor. Ever your friend, Eulah Anne Massey Six MISS EULAH MASSEY, CLASS SPONSOR gPl'P77 JOSEPH H. SAUNDERS THOMAS 0. KEESEE Superintendent Dean of Boys LAMAR R. STANLEY ETHEL GILDERSLEEVE Principal Dean of Girls FACULTY Emma Frances Baber, BA., Speech, Drama. Mabel Barham, B.A., M.A., Latin, Spanish. Beulah C. Brasher, B.A., Typing. Annye B. Burbank, B.A., M.A., English, Algebra. Margaret Callahan, B.S., Biology. Mab Carter, B.S., Home Economics. Cassie Childress, B.S., Algebra, Shorthand. Julius Conn, B.S., Physical Education. Juliet Cox Coleman, B.A., History. Dorothy M. Crane, BA., Drama. Joseph V. Dellapenta, B.S., General Shop. Mae M. Edwards, B.S., English, History. Susie V. Floyd, B.S., M.A., General Science. Elma Free, BA., MA., History. Gladys G. Gambill, BA., MA., English. Margaret R. Garland, B.S., Librarian. Amanda Gray, B.S., Drama. E. Kyle Hammond, B.A., M.A., Mathematics. Molly E. Harding, B.A., Distributive Education. Harry A. Harmon, B.S., M.A., Physical Education. Abercrombie Holmes, Jr., B.J., Journalism, English. Alberta Houser, B.S., M.A., English, Speech. Louise F. Hurt, B.A., M.A., History. Chlotilde Jarman, B.S., Physical Education. Sue Kelly, B.S., M.A., Home Economics. Esther Kessler, B.S., Commercial Law. Eline Krisch, B.A., Typing. Constance C. Leachman, B.A., Music, Chorus. Lloyd G. Leiter, B.S., Mechanical Drawing. Eli Leonard, BA., M.A., Bookkeeping. Herman Levy, B.S., B.S.C., M. A., Mathematics. Carlos A. Loop, B.A., M.A., History, Government. Harry A. Lyeth, B.S., Mechanical Drawing. Frances Maguire, B.S., Government, Speech. Anne E. Martin, BA., M.A., Chemistry. Eulah A. Massey, B.A., M.A., English. Frances A. Mays, B.S., Physical Education. Ruth McGeehan, B.A., M.A., English. Florence C, Montgomery, B.A., Speech. Lucy E. Muncy, B.S., Biology. Anne V. Parker, B.A., M.A., English. Nina E. Powell, B.S., M.A., English. P. W. Allen Raine, BA., M.A., Mathematics, Physical Education. Cytha E. Rickhott, B.S., MA., Civics. Elizabeth A. Saunders, B.A., M.A., Librarian. Joseph A. Schad, B.S., Director of Vocational Education. Anne P. Scruggs, B.A., English. Dr. Cornelia W. Segar, M.D., Physics. Anna H. Snitfen, General Science. Eleanor A. Sherman, B.S.M., Band, Orchestra. Charles B. Shreeves, B.A., M.A., French, Spanish Latin, Algebra. Lucy H. Sinclair, B. A., M.A., Mathematics. Rebecca Suttle, B.A., English. Frances L. Taylor, B.A., English, Music. Thelma H. Taylor, B.A., M.A., History. Miles L. Thompson, B.E., Printing. Lillian Todd, B.S., M.A., Mathematics. Carlos Urrutia, B.A., Ll.B., Spanish. Carrie S. Vaughn, B.S., Home Economics. Alfred Vick, Machine Shop. Presley G. Vick, Automobile Mechanics. E. Jeanette Ward, B.A., English. Lalie L. Webb, Home Economics. Otto H. Weiss, Mechanical Drawing, General Science. Dale Whitehurst, B.S., Physical Education, General Science. Milbourne S. Willey, B.S., M.S., Shorthand. Mabel S. Wingo, B.S., Physical Education. Eight SEIXIICDRS GQVERNOR'S PALACE, WILLIAMSBURG Nine President . Vice-President Secretary . Treasurer . Class Qicticers Student Council Representative . Class Speaker . George Hardy . George Farry Peggy Hamilton . Gay Mattingly . June lrvine Gay Mattingly Class Committees Invitation Music Flower June lrvine-Chairman June lrvine-Chairman Sarah Brenner-Chairman Gay Mattingly Ann Coe Winnie Beck Anne Haley Bob Foreman Anne Haley Ring Pennant Dance Stanley Livesay-Chairman Charles Weiss-Chairman Ruth Stern Sarah Hodnett Joe Wallace Marian Winstead Jean Harrell Leon Williams J oyce Pete rson John Grinnalds Winnie Beck Fred Penfield Senior Assembly George Fa rry-Chairman Raymond Suttle Joyce Peterson Elizabeth Thomas Dot Cope Gay Mattingly Bobby Chandler Gwendolyn Russell Coicr Bill Greer-Chairman Eugene Butler Lulie Soar Motto Stanley Livesay Sylvia Blechman Bob Winstead-Chairman Peggy Hamilton Fred Whaley Stanley Livesay Tom Avis Robert Sedwick Jean Harrell Sarah Brenner Motto Non scholae, sed vitae discimus. We learn not for school but for life. Billy Hornsby Jimmie Joyner Tom Avis June lrvine Peggy Hamilton Fred Penfield Woodie Holland Bettie Christian Flower Colors White Gladiola Green and White Ten GEORGE T. HARDY, III PRESIDENT Varsity Club, Literary Club, Home Room offices, Jr. Red Cross Repre- sentative, President of So homore, Junior, Senior Classes, Cacfet Corps officer, "American Way", "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Junior Varsity Football '40, '4l, Varsity Football '42, '43, Football letter. Home Room lO8. MARGARET ISABELLE HAMILTON SECRETARY HONOR STUDENT PICTURE EDITOR THESPIANS National Honor Society, Literary Club, Latin Club, Dramatic club, National Thespians, Sr. Assembly committee, Dance committee, Home Room Offices, Student Council rep., Orchestra, "Rip Van Winkle" Can- tata, Casts "American Way" "Through the Night", staff "Come Out of the Kitchen", Fort Eustis trips, Concerts, Election Clerk, Chief Registrar, Office assitant, Head Cheerleader, War Stamp Salesman, D. A. R. Good Citizenship Award winner, Freshman Hall of Fame. Home Room 305, JUNE LEWIS IRVINE vALEnIcToRIAN ACTIVITIES EDITOR STUDENT COUNCIL LETTER National Honor Society, president, vice-president, Honor council, 3- Low, 3-High representative, secret- ary, Student Council, treasurer, Literary club, vice-president, pianist, Latin club, president, vice-president, Chemistry club, vice-president, Exe- cutive Board, 2-Low, 2-High, 4-Low, 4-High representative, Accompanist for Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee club, Girls Junior Chorus, Concert, '43, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Student Council Dance committee, chairman, Chairman of 4-High Invitation, 4- High Music committees, Hall of Fame, Student Council Elections, Assistant registrar, Judge, Student Council rep., Home Room offices, Home Room lO8. WILLIAM W. GREER EDITOR JOURNALISM LETTER NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Quill and Scroll, Varsity club, Athletic Council, Writers club, Latin Club, Tennis Club, Garden club, Beacon, sports editor, reporter, Student Council Election official, Chairman of 4-High Color commit- tee, Jr. Red Cross Representative, S t u d e n t Council Representative, Cast of "American Way", "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Boys Junior Chorus, Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Football letter, Basketball, Track Managing letters, Track Team, Intramural Basketball Champs, '4l. Home Room 108. BETTIE C. CHRISTIAN ADVERTISING MANAGER Ramsey High School: French club, Girls Athletic Club, Dramatic Club, Speech Club, Girls Glee club, NNHS: Jr. Red Cross representative, Na- tional Thespians, Dramatic club, Usher Staff, Staffs, "Ever Since Eve," "Mrs. Miniver," "Come Out of the Kitchen," Fort Eustis plays, Beacon Weekly staff, 4-High Dance committee, Library assistant, Hall of Fame. Home Room ll8. Eleven GEORGE FARRY vIcE-PRESIDENT National Thespians, president, Vice-President of Student Body, Mixecl Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Fort Eustis plays, School Dance Commit- tee Co-Chairman, 4-High Dance gcargmittee, chairman. Home Room GAY FRANCES MATTINGLY TREASURER CLASS SPEAKER STUDENT COUNCIL LETTER THESPIANS National Honor Society, secretary '43, '44, Honor Council, chairman and secretary, '43-'44, Literary club, vice-president, Latin club, Creative Writers club, Bookworms club, Jr. and Sr. Dramatic clubs, Launchings staff, Student Council rep, Jr. Red Cross rep., Home Room offices, Band, '4l, '42, Secretary, '40, '4l, '42, Suffolk Peanut Festi- val, Concert, '41, '42, '43, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Red Cross rally, '4l, Fort Eustis Trips, Casts, "Through the Night," "Mrs. Mini- ver," "Come Out of the Kitchen," "The American Way", Student Council Dance, Handbook commit- tees, 4-Low, 4-High Invitation com- mittees, Elections official, '42, '43, 4-High Dance committee. Home Room IO8. SARAH RUTH BRENNER SALUTATORIAN AD STAFF SCHOOL SPIRIT and LEADER SHIP LETTER National Honor Society, Latin Club, Home Economics Club, Photo Club, Literary Club, Dramatic Club, National Thespians, Spanish Club, Speech Club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Staff, '43 Concert, Casts, Staffs of Fort Eustis Plays, Staffs, "Ever Since Eve," "Mrs. Miniver," "Come Out of the Kitchen", Beacon Weekly Ad staff, 4-Low Anchor staff, Student Council Representa- tive, Home Room Offices, Student Council Handbook Committee, Chairman, 4-Low Decoration Com- mittee, 4-High Flower Committee, Drama Letter, Shorthand Certifi- cate. Home Room II8. SARAH REBECCA HODNETT ASSOCIATE EDITOR George Washington High School, Danville: Glee club, Music Festivals. NNHS: Jr. Red Cross representative, Student Council representative, Bea- con Weekl staff, Mixed Chorus, Concert, '45, Shorthand certificates, Typing certificates, 4-Low, 4-High Ring Committees, Stamp Warden. Home Room 305. BOBBY HAROLD CHANDLER FEATURE EDITOR French Club, Literary Club, 4- High Dance Committee, Jr. Red Cross representative, Chemistry club, Home Room offices, Music letter, Mixed Chorus, Boys Glee club, Virginia State Music Festival '42, Concerts '4l, '42, '43, "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata, Cost of "American Way", War Bond and Stamp salesman, First Freshman to sang? in School Concert. Home Room RAYMOND SUTTLE HONOR STUDENT ADVERTISING MANAGER National Honor Society, Spanish club, president, Latin club, Garden club, vice-president, Home Room of- fices, Jr. Red Cross representative, S t u d e n t Council representative, Judge, Clerk in Elections, Stamp Warden, "Rip Van Winkle" Can- tata, Cast, "American Way", Boys Jr. Chorus, Boys Glee club, Con- certs, '40, '41, Intramural Basket- ball, Hall of Fame, 4-High Motto committee, 4-High Dance commit- tee, 4-Low Usher committee, Office assistant, Chemistry club. Ports- mouth Pan-American convention. Home Room 309. JEAN WATKINS BIOGRAPHY Eorron G. A. A., Jr. Home Economics club, Jr. Red Cross representative, Girls Jr. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee club, "Rip Van Winkle" can- tata, Concerts '42, '43, Mistress of Ceremonies at Fort Eustis, Home Room Offices, Band Sponsor '42, '43, Senior Hall of Fame, 4-High Pegnant committee. Home Room 30 . ANNE HALEY HONOR STUDENT FEATURE EDITOR French club, Literary club, Na- tional Honor Society, Dramatic club, Student Council rep., Band, Orches- tra, Mixed Chorus, Girls Glee club, State Music Festival, All-State band clinic, Concerts '42, '43, '44, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Activities letter, Giftorian, Fort Eustis Soloist, Band officer, Student Council Dance committee, 4-High Invitation com- mittee, 4-High Flower committee. Home Room l24. RUTH STERN TYPIST DRAMA LETTER THESPIANS National Honor Society, National Thespians, Literary club, Spanish club, Garden club, G. A. A., Home Room offices, Student council re- presentative, Constitution commit- tee of Student Council, 4-Low and 4-High Ring committee, "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata, Costume staff, "Mrs, Miniver", Prop staff, "Come Out of the Kitchen," "On the Lot", "Light on the Pumpkin", Head of Eustis trips, Props, "Georgie Porgie," "Come Out of the Kitchen", Make- up, "Make Room for Rodney", As- sistant Director, "Romance Is a R ocket", Shorthand certificate, Home Room 309. WINIFRED LEE BECK AD STAFF Literary Club, Latin Club, Home Room Offices, Junior Red Cross re- presentative, "Rip Van WinkIe" cantata, Head Usher. Home Room 305. 5 Twelve SYLVIA REEVA BLECHMAN THIRD HONOR STUDENT BUSINESS MANAGER NELMS HONOR SCROLL Spanish Club, Photography Club, Junior Red Cross, Garden Club, Jr. Home Economics Club, Chemistry Club, Student Council, National Thespians, Literary Club, Historian, National Honor Society, G. A. A., Home Room Offices, Cafeteria Committee, 4-Law Business Man- ager, Prop staff, "Ever Since Eve", Prompter, "Come Out of The Kitchen", Senior Play staff, "Trial by Moonlight", Director of "Georgie Porgie", Effects, "On the Lot," "Light in the Pumpkin", Fort Eustis play staffs, Director of "Romance is a Racket," "Thank You Doctor", Drama Letter, Arch- ery Club, 4-Low Decoration com- mittee, Senior Assembly Committee, Motto committee, War Stamp Sales- man, Constitution committee, Dra- matic Club, Home Room 305. FRED F. WHALEY FEATURE EDITOR Hampton High: Feature editor, Ad staff, Journalism club, Latin club, Staff, "Early to Bed!Early to Rise", Home Room offices. NNHS1 National Honor Society, Dramatic club, Latin club, Literary club, Spanish club, Speech club, Chemi- stry club, Stamp club, Senior As- sembly committee, Home Room of- fices, Student Council rep., Cast of "American Way," "Through the Night", "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, War Stamp salesman, Clerk of Elections. Home Room 309. MARY HELMER BIOGRAPHY EDITOR THESPIANS Woodrow Wilson High School: Biography club, chorus. NNHSZ Latin club, Staffs, "Mrs. Miniver," "Through the Night", Eustis trips, Beacon Weekly staff, Jr. Red Cross rep., Infirmary assistant, 4-Low De- Soration committee. Home Room 09. JOYCE LUCILLE BLACK TYPIST THESPIANS Literary Club, Garden Club, Photo Club, Home Economics Club, G. A. A., Dramatic Club, Bookworms Club, Archery Club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Girls Jr. Chorus, Beacon Weekly Ad Staff, Prop staff for "RehearsaIs", "Light in the Pumpkin," "On the Lot," "Come Out of the Kitchen," "Through the Night." Make-up staff of "June Mad." Cast, "American Way." Stamp Salesman. Typing certificate, Home Room 305. ANNAS LEE BASS AD STAFF Girl Reserves, G. A. A., Junior Home Economics Club, Home Nurs- ing, Junior Red Cross representative, "Rip Van Winkle" cantata, Retail Selling Class. Home Room 305. EUGENE BUTLER HONOR RATING AD STAFF NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY Spanish Club, Garden club, Stamp and Coin club, Chemistry club, Home Room offices, Jr. Red Cross representative, Boys Jr. Chorus, Boys Glee club, Concerts of '40, '41, '42, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Cast of "The American Way", Jr. Varsity Football, ln- tramural Basketbal, 4-Low Usher committee, 4-High Color committee, Hall of Fame, 4-High Dance Com- mittee. Home Room 309. EDWARD LAMB AD STAFF George Wythe: Band, State Music Festival '39, '40, Hampton High: Journalism club, Camera club, Ad staff, Boys Glee club, Red Cross rep., Mixed Chorus, Cantata '41, '42, State Music Festival '41, '42, Football. NNHS: Chorus, Boys Glee club, Home Room 318. OLYMPIA TSITSERA AD STAFF National Honor Society, National Thespions, Spanish club, Girl Re- serves, G. A. A., Garden club, Jr, Red Cross representative, 4-Low Decoration committee, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Fort Eustis staffs, Make-up staff, "Romance is a Racket", "SmelI of Powder", Head of props for "Wedding", "Georgie Porgie", "Mrs. Miniver", "Ever Since Eve", "Come Out of the Kitchen", Senior play "Light on the Pumpkin", "On the Lot", Director of "Wedding", Drama Letter. Home Room 309. JOSEPH ROBERT WINSTEAD, JR. AD STAFF LITERARY CLUB LETTER National Honor Society, Latin club, Literary club, Spanish club, Home Room offices, Student Council rep., Red Cross rep, Band officer, lieutenant, sergeant, corporal, Literary club, president, sergeant-ab arms, Concerts '40, '41, 42, '43, State Music Festival '42, '43, Suf- folk Peanut Festival, Cast of "The American Way", Cadet Corps of- ficer, Chairman Senior Assembly committee. Home Room 305. EUNICE ALLEN HONOR RATING Retail Selling club. Home Room 305. Thirteen J EAN HARR ELL AD STAFF Jr. Home Economics club, Girls Athletic club, G. A. A. letter, Vice- President, Photo club, Archery club, Dramatic club, Girl Reserves, Var- sity club, "Rip Van Winkle" Can- tata, Staffs, "Ever Since Eve," "Mrs. Miniver," "June Mad," "His Loving Nephews", Eustis trips, Softball captain, Valley ball champions '42, Basketball '41, '42, '43, 4-High Senior Assembly, Ring committee. Home Room 118. ROBERT CURTIS SEDWICK HONOR RATING AD STAFF National Honor Society, Latin club, Spanish club, Literary club, Student Council representative, 4- Law Usher committee, Lieutenant in Cadet Corps. Home Room 108. MARIAN PATRICIA WINSTEAD AD STAFF Roxboro High School, Roxboro, N. C.: Junior Hi-Y, Senior Hi-Y, Latin club, Dramatic club, Girls Glee club, Mixed Chorus, Music Festival, Chapel Hill, '42, Library Assistant. NNHS: Usher staff, ln- firmary assistant, 4-Low, 4-High Ring committee. Home Room 108. FENTON PHILLIPS, JR. AD STAFF "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, General Shop offices, Machine Shop Offices, Cadet Corps officer. Home Room 118. J EWELL MAE ALLEN THESPIANS G. A. A., Jr. Home Economics club, Girl Reserves, Literary club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Con- cert of '42, Girls Jr. Chorus, Furni- ture Staff of "Come Out of the lfitchen", Cast of Fort Eustis play, 'Jinx from Alabama", Beacon Weekly, ad staff. Home Room 305. JACQUELYN AMORY President, Secretary Garden club, Girls Athletic Club, Jr. Red Cross Representative, Sr. Home Economics Clubs, Thespians, Dramatic Club, Beacon Ad Staff, Home Room Of- fices, Girls Jr. Chorus, Spanish Festival '42, Casts "The American Way", "His Loving Nephews", Staffs "Come Out of the Kitchen," "Mrs. Miniver", "Through the Night", Fort Eustis trips. Home Room 305. THOMAS WILLIAM AVIS Latin Club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, School cheerleader, 4-Law, 4-High Dance Committee, 4-Low Decoration Committee, Senior As- sembly C o m rn i t t e e, lntramural Basketball, Home Room Offices. Home Room 318. MARY BALL G. A. A., Senior Home Economics Club, Junior Home Economics Club, President, Home Room Offices, "Rip Van Winkle" cantata, Make-up Staff, Costume staff of Fort Eustis trips. Home Room 309. DONALD BIGGINS Jr. Red Cross Representative, Spanish Club, Garden Club, Varsity Club, Boys Jr. Chorus, Mixed Chorus, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Track Letter, Cadet Corps, Jr. Varsity Football, lntramural Basket- gag, Track Team. Home Room JOHN SH ELDON BAZEMORE Garden Club, Home Room Of- fices, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Staff "Come out of the Kitchen", "Through the Night", "Make Room for Rodney". Cast of "Jinx from Alabama". General Shop officer, Cheerleader, 4-Low Usher Staff, High School Usher Staff. Home Room 305. Fourteen ANNE FRANCES ATTIG Roosevelt Jr. High School, Altoona, Pa.: Class President, Home Room Offices, Student Council. NNHS: Spanish Club, Garden Club, Girl Reserves, Photo Club, Girls Jr. Chorus, Girls Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Spring Concerts, Home Room Offices, Student Council Re- presentative, Jr. Red Cross Repre- sentative, Captain of Home Room Volleyball Team. Home Room ll8. PHYLLIS A. BAINES Latin Club, Literary Club, Junior Red Cross Representative, "Rip Van Winkle" cantata, Girls Chorus, Saragng Concert '42. Home Room WINIFRED LEE BARLOW G. A. A., Girl Reserves, Junior Red Cross representative, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Tyging certifi- cate, Beacon Weekly taff. Home Room 305. DOROTHY PAGE BELL Staff, "Through the Night", Re- tail Selling Club, Secretary, Hall of Fame. Home Room l08. FRANCES BIGGINS Spanish Club, Garden Club, Girls Jr. Chorus, "Rip Van WinkIe" Can- tata, "South American Fiesta", Re- tail Selling for Victory course. Home Room 309. JUDITH LEE BINDER HONOR STUDENT National Honor Society: G. A. A.: Garden Club: Dramatic Club: Liter- ary Club: Latin Club: French Club: Jr. Red Cross Representative: ProE Staff for Fort Eustis Play 'Than You Doctor": Assistant Director Staff of "Light in the Pumpkin": Staff "Come Out ot the Kitchen": "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Latin- Roman Banquet. Home Room 305. WILLIAM BLAKE Photography Club: Stamw and Coin Club: Staff of Beacon eekly: Home Room offices: Jr. Red Cross Representative: "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Cast of "The American Way." Home Room 309. HARRY L. BOYD Retail Selling Club: Bags Jr. Chorus: Varsity Club: Mixed horus: Boys Glee Club: Richmond Music Festival: "Rip Van Winkle" Can- tata: Sports reporter, Beacon Week- af: Jr. Varsity Basketball: Varsity asketball: Basketball Letter. Home Room 305. nousuls i.AMAniz 1 sunnouciis Garden Club: Jr. Red Cross Re- eresentative: Beacon Weekly: "Rip an WinkIe" Cantata: Intramural Basketball. Home Room 305. EDNAMAE JUANITA BUTRY Junior Home Economics club: Senior Home Economics Club: G.A. A.: Retail Selling Club: "Rip Von Winkle" Cantata: Prop Staff: "When You Marry the Navy,' "June Mad": Eustis trips: Usher: Office assistant' Type certificate. Home Room 305. Fifteen THEODORE BINDER Bookworm Club: Track Team: In- tramural Basketball Champs: "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata: Shop Offices: Shop Officer: Stamp and Coin Club. Home Room ll8. FLORENCE LEE BLANCHARD Hobbsville High School: Glee Club: Home Economics Club: Presi- dent 4-H Club: French Club: English Club. NNHS: Retail Selling Cggb: Library Assistant. Home Room GENE BRANTLEY DRAMA LETTER Thespians: Stage m a n a ge r, "Through the Night": Shop Officer: Cast, "Teapot on the Rocks": Staffs, "Romance is a Racket," Senior plays, "Come Out of the Kitchen": "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Spanish club: Stage crew: Cadet Corps: Chemistry club. Home Room 204. IRENE BURT Literary club: Jr. Red Cross Re- presentative. Home Room l08. GUY CAMPBELL Archery Club: Jr. Red Cross re- presentative: .Home Room Offices: Rip Van. WinkIe" Cantata: Cast of 'American Way": Cadet Corps: Victory Corps: Intramural Basket- ball. Home Room 309. ANN COE HIGHEST AVERAGE SCIENCE AWARD George Wythe: Latin Club, Band '39, '40, '4l, lntramural Basketball, Varsity Basketball, Letters '40, '41, Captain '4l, Girls Athletic club, Band letter, Senior play, Archery club. NNHS: Band, '41, '42, '43, '44, Literary club, Suffolk Peanut Festival, Superior Rating, State Music Festival, '42, Orchestra, '42, '43, '44, National Honor Society, Home Room offices, 4-Low Decora- tion committee, 4-High Music com- mittee, All-State Bond, '43, '44, Chemistry club, Vice President, G. A. A., Music Activity letter, G. A. A. letter. Home Room 309. RALPH C. COOPER "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 305. EMMA MAUDE COURTNEY THESPIANS Latin club, Spanish club, Spanish club, Social committee chairman, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Assist- ant Head of Make-up staff, Solo Group for Fort Eustis, Cast of "Re- hearsal", 4-Low Decoration commit- tee, Senior Assembly committee, Home Room IOS. WILLIAM THOMAS DAVIS MUSIC LETTER Orchestra, Concerts, '41, '42, '43, '44, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Concert Master, '44 Concert. Home Room lO8. PHYLLIS DE WEESE Swannanoa High School: Glee club. Home Economics club, ln- firmary assistant. Home Room II8. Siorfecn ALFRED L. COOPER "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Re- tail Selling club. Home Room 305. DORIS COPE Ashboro High School: Photo club, president, Home Economics club, Dramatic club, Social Guidance club, Civics club, Dance committee. NNHS: Distributers club, secretary, Make-up staff, 4-High Dance com- mittee. Home Room 108. WILLIS FRANKLIN COX, JR. Spanish Club, Junior Red Cross representive, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Beacon staff, Intramural Basketball. Home Room 108. STEPHEN DELK, JR. Engineering club, Home Room offices, Student Council representa- tive, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 305. JUNE C. DUDONIS National Thespians, Jr. Red Cross representative, Fort Eustis Plays, Dramatic club, Library assistant, 4-Low Decoration Committee, ln- firmarv assistant, Library letter, Drama Letter, Eastern High School, Baltimore. Home Room 08. ROSA LEE EWING RED CROSS LETTER THESPIANS Jr. Home Economics club, Jr. Red Cross representative, Home Room Offices, Casts of Fort Eustis plays, Fort Eustis Soloist, Girls Junior Chorus, "Rip Van Wir1kle" Cantata, 4-Low Decoration com- mittee. Home Room IOS. ROBERT FOREMAN THIRD HIGHEST AVERAGE NATIONAL HONOR soclE'rY Coles Jr. High School: Builders club, Honor Society, "Clarion" staff. Ashland High School: Key Club, Jr. Red Cross rep., West Va. State Festival, Kentucky State Music Festival, Regional Contest, Canad- ian National Exhibition, R.O.T.C. Demonstration Platoon. NNHS: Band, Senior Music committee, Track team, Hall of Fame, Home Room 309. KATHERINE GRICE Home Economics club, Home Room offices, Red Cross representa- tive, G. A. A. Secretary, Board, Secretary to Dr. Walker, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Typing certifi- cate, Shorthand certificate, Soft- ball team. Home Room IO8. ALICE MOZELLE GURLEY George Wythe: Art club, Home Economics cub, Band, Orchestra, Girls Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Con- certs '4l, '42, Girls Basketball team, Jr. Red Cross Representative. Hamp- ton High: Band, Mixed Chorus, Girls Chorus. NNHS: Band, Concert '44, Girl Reserves, Dramatic Club, Fort Eustis soloist, National Thespians, Assistant directors staff, Cast, "Georgie Porgie", Type certificate. Home Room 305. JOHNNIE THURSTON HARRINGTON Beacon Weekly Printing Staff, Supervisor of Student Publications, Victory Corps, Beacon Weekly Sports staff. Home Room 216. Seventeen EDWARD FLEENOR, JR. MUSIC LETTER Band, '4l, '42, '43, '44, Or- chestra, '43, '44. Band Lieutenant, Baton Twirler, Suffolk Peanut Festival, State Music Festival, Con- certs, '42, '43, '44, "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata, Music letters, Boys Junior Chorus, Jr. Red Cross representative, Intramural Basket- ball, Home Room Offices. Home Room 3I8. AUDREY E. GREENE G. A. A., Junior Red Cross Re- presentative, Home Economics club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Short- hand certificates, Basketball team, Secretarv to Miss Crane, Home Room I08. JOHN WITMER GRINNALDS Spanish club, Jr, Red Cross Re- presentative, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, 4-Low Usher committee, 4-High Pennant committee. Home Room IO8. PAUL IRVIN HALL Foreman of General Shop, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room I 6. LESLIE EARL HASKINS Dramatic club, National Thes- plans, Jr. Red Cross representative, General Usher committee, Senior Usher committee, Cast of "Through the Night", Fort Eustis plays, Cast of "Theme Song for the Married", "Trial by Moonlight", "Kid Makes pai His Mind", Chorus. Home Room 8 GEORGE ROBERT HENDERSON Altavista High School, Va.: Radio club, treasurer, Junior Class, treas- urer, Baseball team, Track team, Gym team, captain. N.N.H.S.: Home Room 108. IRA ASHE HOGGE, JR. TRACK LETTER Photo club, Varsity club, Intra- mural Basketball, Jr. V a r s i t y Basketball, S t ate Championship Basketball Team '43, Cadet Corps, Basketball Letter, Track Team, Alternate Clerk and Judge of Elec- tions, Gym Instructor, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 118. WOODIE LEWIS HOLLAND, JR. Varsity club, Mixed Chorus, S t u d e n t Council representative, Home Room offices, Machine Shar: officer, Jr. Varsity Basketbal, Varsity Basketball, Letters, '43, '44, Varsity Football, Letter, '43, All- State Football, '43, Gym Instructor. Home Room 118. ...Q CELIA L. HUBBARD G. A. A., Spanish club, National Thespians, Dramatic club, Staffs of "His Loving Nephews", "Mrs. Mini- ver," "Ever Since Eve," "June Mad": Soloist at Fort Eustis, Fort Eustis Prop. Staffs, Girls Glee club, Mixed Chorus, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Girls Volleyball team. Home Room II8. GLORIA MAY JOHNSON Home Economics club, G. A. A., Jr. Red Cross representative, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Assistant Director, "His Loving Nephew", Furniture staff, Ad Staff of Beacon, Volleyball team: Basketball team, Softball team, Retail Selling certi- ficate, First Aid certificate. Home Room 108. Eighteen HARRY STANLEY HILLING, JR. STUDENT COUNCIL LETTER Varsity club, National Honor Society, Boys Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, President of Student Body, President of Student Council, Sec- retory of Student Body and Exe- cutive Board, V. S. S. G. Con- vention, Charlottesville, '42, Varsity Football, Football, Football Letter, '43, Jr. Varsity Football and Basket- ball, Varsity Basketball, Basketball Letter, '44, 4-Low Usher committee, Gym Instructor. Home Room 118. HELEN HOLLAND Jr. Home Economics club, Garden club, G. A. A. , Dramatic club, Na- tional Thespians, Home Room of- fices, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Make-up staff for "Mrs. Miniver", "Come Out of the Kitchen", Senior plays June '43 and Feb. '44: Staff for "Through the Night" and Senior plays June '44. Fort Eustis plays "Theme Song for the Married", "The Kid Makes up his Mind", "Georgie Porgie", "Trial by Moon- light", "Rehearsal", "Make Room for Rodney", "Jinx from Alabama", "Smell or Powder", "Teapot on the Rocks", Drama letter. Make-up staff for Little Theater plays. Home Room 309. JOHN WILLIAM HORNSBY. JR. Matthew Whaley High School, Williamsburg: Junior V a r sit y Basketball team. NNHS: Literary club, Latin club, Football team '43. Home Room 108. PRISCILLA JEAN HUTCHESON MUSIC LETTER Literary club, National Honor Society: Home Economics club, G. A. A., Home Room offices, Literary club chairman, Band, Orchestra, Concerts '42, '43, '44, State Musical Festival '42, Music letters, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Shorthand certificate, Fort Eustis trips with "The Rookie." Home Room 108. ANNE NEW JONES Literary club, "Rip Van Winkle' Ca ntata, Shorthand certificate Home Room 108. i JAMES OTIS JOYN ER National Honor Society, Band '42, '43, Concerts '42, '43, State Music Festival '42, Chorus, Boys Glee Club, Home Room offices, 4-High Dance committee. Home Room 118. JAMES KEA THESPIANS SERVICE LETTER Literary club, National Honor Society, Casts of Fort Eustis plays, Office Assistant, Electrical Shop offices, In Charge of Sound System for Auditorium. Home Room 118. GLADYS KNIGHT Morrison High School: Glee club, State Festival '41, '42, "Ste hen Collins Foster" Cantata, rxixed Chorus, Home Room offices. NN- :-lISg Fort Eustis soloist. Home Room JOSEPH LEX Varsity club, Varsity Football '42, '43, Football Letters, Captain of Football team, '43' Julian Gordon Football Trophy, Captain of All- Tidewater Football team '43, All- State and All-Southern Football teams '43, Varsity Basketball '42 '43, '44, All-Eastern Basketball team '42, '43 '44, All-State Basket- ball team '43, '44, Hall of Fame. Home Room 309. VIRGINIA LEIGH LIPSCOMB NATIONAL Notion SOCIETY Lane High School: Cotillian club, Latin club, Art club, vice-president, Student Council representative, Ushers club, Girls Hi-Y club, Home Room offices, Secretary of Sopho- more class, Absentee committee, Cheerleader. NNHS: Latin club, Literary club, Girls Chorus, Mixed Cggrus, Stamp Warden. Home Room N ineteen THOMAS ADSIT JOYN ES Intramural Basketball, H 0 m e Room offices, Beacon Weekly Print- ing staff, Beacon Weekly Sports staff, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 108. PAUL PARKER KELLER Home Room offices, General Shop officer, Machine Shop officer, Freshman, Sophomore Track man- ager, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 108. MARY FRANCES LEWIS George Washington High: Camp Craft club, Chesterfield club, G. A. A., Library club, Dramatic club, Glee club, Retail Selling club, Hik- ing club, Know Your Town club, Girl Reserves, Glee club contest. NNHS: Home Room 305, MILDRED LIPES Retail Selling club, president, Home Economics club, Monogram club. Home Room 309, JOSEPH STANLEY LIVESAY, JR. Spanish club, Literary club, Na- tional Honor Society, Varsity club, President 1-Low class, Secretary 2- Low class, Student Council repre- sentative 3-Low class, Election of- ficial, Chairman Motto committee, Chairman Senior Ring committee, Senior Assembly committee, "Ri Van Winkle" Cantata, Footl:iaR Manager, '42, '43, Track team. Home Room 108. EVELYN LLOYD LIBRARY LETTER G. A. A., Junior Home Economics club, Senior Home Economics club, Home Room offices, Jr. Red Cross representative, "Rip Van Winkle" cantata, Library assistant, Fort Eustis trips, Typing certificate, 4- Low Decoration committee. Home Room 305. HOWARD LELAND MARCHANT Deltaville High School: 4-H club, president, High School Patrol, Var- sity Baseball team, Varsity Basket- bal team. Home Room ll8. WILLIAM J. McMAHON, JR. Archery club, Photo club, Speech club, Latin club, Varsity club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Home Room offices, Track team, Intramural Basketball. Home Room ll8. LEMUEL MILLER Photo club, National Thespians, Jr. Red Cross representative, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Music Con- cert, Boys Glee club, Boys Junior Chorus, Mixed Chorus, Head Elec- trician of Stage Crew, Machine Shop offices. Home Room ll8, SYLVIA MUNN Kosciusko High School, Mississip- pi: Girl Reserves, Latin club. NNHS: G. A. A., Home Economics clubs, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Home Room Offices, Costume staff, "Mrs, Miniver", Type certificates, Short- hand certificates. Home Room 309. Twenty JAMES LEON MARAKI National Thespians, Dramatic club, Jr. Red Cross representative, Boys Jr. Chorus, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, "South American Fiesta", Cast of "The Lady ls Free", "Ro- mance ls a Racket", Assistant Director of "Jinx From Alabama", gblgow Ring committee, Home Room ROB ERTA BLANCH MARSHALL G. A. A., Girls Junior Chorus, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Type certificate. Home Room 108. BILLY McWATERS Beacon Staff, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room 108. SELMA LEE MITCHELL Retail Selling club, Home Eco- nomics Tea, War Stamp Salesman. Home Room 309. EVELYN JUNE PASS Girls Junior Chorus, Girls Glee club, Mixed Chorus, Concerts, '42, '43, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata. Home Room ll8. FRED PENFIELD Shop officer, Jr. Red Cross rep., Model Airplane maker, Archery club, Boys Jr. Chorus, "Ri Van Winkle" Cantata, Mixed Ehorus, Boys Glee Club, Training Chorus, Track team, Football team, Home Room president, Stamp Warden, Cafeteria committee, 4-High Dance committee, 4-High Pennant com- mittee. Home Room 3l8, NICHOLAS LEWIS POLLOK, III George Washington High School, Danville: Jr. Varsity Football, Jr. Varsity Baseball, Biology club, Camera club, Civics club, Jr. Red Cross representative. NNHS: Jr. Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Cadet Corps. Home Room ll8. FRANK REAVES, JR. "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, General Shop offices, Machine Shop offices, Home Room l 18. GEORGE HOWARD REES Spanish club, Home Room offices "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Cadet Corps. Home Room ll8. RUTH ROBESON Prospect Park High School: Tri- Y club, First Aid club. NNHS: Literary club, Soloist at Fort Eustis, Cast of "Jinx From Alabama." Home Room 118. Tweizfy-One JOYCE ELIZABETH PETERSON National Thespians, D r a m a t i c club, Photo club, Secretary, Girl Reserves, G. A, A., G. A. A. Letter, Varsity Club, Archery club, Infirm- ary assistant, Student Council re- presentative, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Fort Eustis plays, Intra- mural Basketball, Garden club, Home Economics club, Beacon Weekly Ad Staff, Jr. Red Cross re- presentative, 4-High Dance com- mittee, 4-High Pennant committee, Cafeteria committee, Head, Cos- tume staff. Home Room ll8. CHARLES RAWLES Band '40, '41, State Musical Festival, Beacon Weekly, Printing staff, War Stamp salesman, Home Room offices. Home Room 309. CHARLES DOUGLAS REDDING Archery club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Home Room offices, Ot- fice assistant. Home Room ll8. MARIANNE YVONNE ROBERTS Literary club, French club, G. A. A., G. A. A. Board, Retail Distri- buters club, Student Council rep., Dramatic club, Beacon Weekly Ad staff, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Retail Victory Program certificate, Hall of Fame. Home Room ll8. HERMAN TERRELL ROSSER Home Room offices, Captain of Intramural Basketball, Jr. Red Cross officer, Shop offices, Jr. Varsity Basketball, V a r sit y Basketball, Basketball Letter, '43, Jr. Varsity Football, Tennis, Varsity club. Home Room ll8. GWENDOLYN RUSSELL Parksley High School: Girls Glee club, 4-H club, NNHS: Jr. Red Cross rep., Girl Reserves, Staffs, "June Mad", "Come Out of the Kitchen", War Stamp Salesman, Home Room offices, 4-Low Ring committee, Fort Eustis trips. Home Room 305. BETTY LOU ISE SCHULTZ Lee High School: Jr. Red Cross, G. A. A., Science club, Girl Re- serves, Photo club, Jr. Dance Com- mittee, Jr. Decoration Committee, Office Assistant, Chorus, Spring Musical, Home Room offices. Home Room I08. RICHARD SNELLING Dramatic club, Cast, "Come Out of the Kitchen. Home Room ll8. JAMES W. STAFFORD Junior Varsity Football, Varsity Football, Football Letter, Assistant Stage Manager, Stage Manager, National Thespians, vice-president, Mixed Chorus, Boys Chorus, Varsity club, Intramural basketball, Cast, staff of Fort Eustis play, Concert, Shop Class, assist. superintendent. Home Room l08. DOROTHY ANN SUTTON Coeburn High School: Glee club, Dramatic club, Home Room offices. NNHS: Latin club, G. A. A., Jr. Red Cross representative, Training Cho- rus, Girls Glee club, Concert '44, Shorthand certificate, 4-Low De- coration committee. Home Room 108. Twenty-Two DOROTHY LOUISE SCHLEIGER Dramatic club, National Thes- pians, French club, Mixed Chorus, Concerts '42, '44, Girls Glee club, Girls Jr. Chorus, Soloist Fort Eustis, Anchor Ad Staff, Home Room of- fices, Cast of "Romance is a Racket", "Teapot on the Rocks", "Come out of the Kitchen", "Through the Night". Staff of "Ever Since Eve". Director of "Re- hearsol". Home Room ll8. LEO SAMUEL SIMON Beacon Weekly, sports editor, Intramural Basketball, Home Room offices. 4-Low Ad Staff. Home Room 309. LULIE SOAR Speech club, French club, Spanish club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Staffs, "Mrs. Miniver," "Through the Night", Library assistant, Typ- ing certificate, 4-High Color com- mittee. Home Room 309. EVELYN LOU ISE STANAWAY Girls Athletic club, Jr. Home Eco- nomics club, "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata, Girls Jr. Chorus, Staffs, "Lady is Free," "Ever Since Eve," "Mrs. Miniver", Jr. Red Cross rep- resentative. Home Room ll8. JOSEPH HENRY TILGHMAN Spanish club, Band, Orchestra Home Room 108. ELIZABETH THOMAS SERVICE LETTER Spanish Clubp Retail Selling clubg G. A. A4 "Rip Van Winkle" Cantatag Typing certificatesp Liter- ary club Typistg Volleyball champs. Home Room 305. DORIS WAINWRIGHT Hampton High School: Glee club: Library assistant. NNHS: Girls Glee clubg Mixed Chorusg Fort Eustis Soloistg Library assistantg Infirmary assistant. Home Room 309. e- --- '..-..- . xii J JL- . .. .,'f "'fl"F'.j5?-g':"1 ci-iAiu.:s HERMAN wsiss A Archery clubg Photo clubg "Rip Van Winkle" cantatag 4-High Pen- nant committee, chairman. Home Room 2l6. MYRTLE WEST G. A. A.5 French clubg Girl Re- serves. Home Room 309, BAXTER WILLIAMS C. E. Byrd High School, La.: NNHS: Junior Red Cross representa- tiveg Home Room offices' Cadet Corps officerg Machine shop of- ficerg 4-Low Decoration committee: Stage Crew. Home Room 318. Twenty-Tho'ee JUANITA TRAVIS Junior Home Economics clubg G. A. A.g Retail Selling clubg "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Retail Selling For Victory courseg First Aid certificate. Home Room 309. JOSEPH LEE WALLACE Garden club: "Rip Van Winkle" cantatag Home Room offices: Stu- dent Council representativeg 4-Low, 4-High Ring committeeg 4-Low Usher committeeg Senior Assembl committeeg Intramural Basketbalii Home Room 318. DORIS W. WELFORD 'South Norfolk High School: Na- tional Beta clubg Junior Choral club: Red Cross. Shorthand Certificatep Home Economics club. NNHS: Short- hand Certificates. Home Room ll8. SHIRLEY LEE WHITE G. A. A.g Jr. Home Economics clubg Sr. Home Economics clubg Girl Reservesg Girls Junior Chorusp Mixed Chorusg Girls Glee clubg "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata: Virginia State Music Festivalg Mistress of Cere- monies at Fort Eustis: Home Room offices. Home Room 309. LILLIAN WILLARD G. A. A.g Home Economics clubp Usherg "Rip Van Winkle" Cantatag Home Room 309. MARVIN CHARLES DAVIS HONOR STUDENT Quill and Scroll: Photo club: Home Room Offices: Beacon Weekly Staff: Copy Editor, Beacon Weekly: "Rip Van WinkIe" Cantata: Home Room 108. VIOLET HARDING Retail Selling club, treasurer: Girl Reserves: irls Glee club: Jr. Red Cross rep.: Mixed Chorus: Jr. Chorus Concert: '42: Make-up staff: ggi-oist at Fort Eustis. Home Room CLARE MOODY Spanish club: Girls Glee Club: Mixed Chorus. Home Room 309. RAY WILLIAMS, JR. Engineers club: "Rep Van Winkle" Cantata: Mixed horus: Home Room offices: General Stock Fore- man: Superintendent in Shop Class: Usher: Home Room 309. RUTH IRENE HOPKINS G. A. A.: Jr. Home Economics club: Home Room 2l8. Attended Maury High, 43-'44, GERALD JAY FRIEDMAN Spanish club: National Thespians: Dramatic Club: "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Staffs, "June Mad," "Mrs. Miniver," "Ever Since Eve," "His Loving Nephews," "Come Out of the Kitchen," "American Way," "Teapot an the Rocks": Jr. Varsity Football: Jr. Varsity Basketball: lirttgamural Basketball. Home Room RAYMOND HUETER HOLLAND Boys Junior Chorus: Junior Red Cross Representative: Track Team: Intramural Basketball C h a mg s: Machine Shop Superintendent: ea- con Weekly Staff: "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Mixed Chorus. Home Room 108. LEON ARTHUR WILLIAMS, JR. "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata' Boys Junior Chorus: Beacon Weekly, Ad staff, reporter: Cast of "American Way": Maintenance Foreman of Electricity Shop, General shop: Fore- ggzgn of inishing Room. Home Room SHIRLEY WOODRUFF French club: Home Room offices: Jr. Red Cross representative: Stu- dent Council representative: Usher: Furniture staff, "Ever Since Eve", "His Loving Nephews", "Trial. by Moonlight": Girls Glee club' Mixed Chorus: "Rip Van Winkle" Cantata: Concert '42, Home Room 309. MARIAN WEST G. A. A.: Jr. Home Economics club. Home Room 126. Class Song The time for parting's here, From the school we love so dear, Our hearts are sad as we must say Goodbye. We'll e'er revere thy name And glory in thy fame, Our hats are off to thee Dear Newport High. Each passing year will bring A memory, To Gold and Blue we'Il pledge cur loyalty- Forever. Newport High, a fond adieu, Thy sons and daughters true Bid you this last farewell. And as our voices raise To sing thy highest praise, All hail dear Alma Mater- Hail- --Words and music by Judy Binder Twenty-Five ACTIVITIES SKYLINE DRIVE my ANCHOR grAFF .14 , ..,:., , ..,,. 3 A 5 1 EACON S!AFF Twenty-Seven 'XM- - fn-, sfwggstgg, Q !!!!!!!!?+f LXLCUTDP BOARD STUDENT COUNCH qw wma STAMP SALIQSMNX, NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY NATIONAL THESPIANS M21RLs'I 4THLET1C QLUB Tu-w11'y-Nz'nc LEADER QUILL 81 SCROLI BAN ORCHESTR RFTAIL SEI LINC CLU T11 irty-One UFFICF ASSISTANT LIBRARY ASSISTANTS 'NFIRMARY ASSISTA Thirty-Two LITERARY CLUB 0 i SPANISH Th irty-Fouv HROUGH IHI4, VARSITY CLUB CIRLS' ATHI FTIC C 1 Q 'sn s ,WWE QQ ,.. 3 Seam N wszwg g E A . . , . ., S X ' gig-'R VE fy a ww, N. 3, 4 ,., g m ...:., ,E ,',, ,sg X .,:.,,. fm efh f., sf iv , . a .N ,A . A sa wgwfjsk W mmms Tlzirly-Sibr 0 SSTA1 P L B K 'ar !4 we ADET CORPS 015' F ICER t HEMISTRY CLL CHEERLEADERL FEATURES MONTICELLO Most Stylish Best Looking Eugene- Butler gl Jean Wadiin s W Marion Roberts Best Dancers L , opular "T . 1' ,. Ei ' W Betty Chrisifxau oz. i 'A' 'A Bob Foreman V , , ..,. - Q. :2 ' I ,':' :--- 1 1 A""" ' A:'1 L 'PP' George Farry Sr pf-wmv Hamxlton F0"f11 i 1 FTS J ,fifhiafb 1 U r. .YIQ f is X 23, 12,3 fl w i 4 Q ww amz .:. , J? Best Ji:lCkfg Amor M , Waody 'Hollfild x.., 1, F I '4 fi' 4 3 b .-. .. I , T V ,Z 1 'A -',,.,... A ,QSLW 1 ...., , ' fm In .0 ,... 3-3? if M - I Z. M .:, , , , ,f,,,,.,A 2 .ai A A w',f inf! Most Budd Athletic Most . ,,,A,,., .,.,: y Lex qb .A Raymond Suitle 8: June Irvine Forty-One j,.,,.iQ H' ,,:L-,,g,.n-.Zi fm ::E7,f..i,i . -It fb .: :I 591, I ,, gi? lf, . , .IA .V NATURAL BRIDGE Forty-Two Four Years at N. N. I-l. S. During our four years at Newport News High School, we of the graduating class of June, 1944, witnessed a world change so profound that many of us have not been able to grasp its magnitude. ' The scope of this change has been such that a lifetime of human events has been crowded into the brief span of four years, yet those four years, in which we have faced numerous and varied new adventures, have sped by with an uncomprehensible rapidity. As a group of frightened freshmen in September of 1940, few of us dreamed that when our graduation time came we would be ready to enter the armed forces of the Uni- ted States, but now we are prepared for that necessity. We are ready after watching many of our classmates literally marching off to war. Our freshman year as students of Newport News High was spent much as the fresh- men year of numerous classes long gone-studying and looking to the upperclassmen. The five classes, the 45-minute activity period and the two three-quarters of an hour lunch periods distinguished that first year from the time-rationed days of later semesters. When the 1941 year started, little was changed, with the faculty and student body re- maining about the same until-DECEMBER 7. On that sunny Sunday afternoon when the radios of America informed us that the Japanese attack upon Pearl Harbor had flung us headlong into a war, the school began to change. Some boys wanted to enlist, but we of the present graduating class were too young, and had to wait to fight. Students did not, however, fully realize that the nation was at war until rationing was begun in the Spring of 1942, with many of the students and teachers being drafted to help in the program. When a few of the older boys began to leave for the armed forces, the war was brought even closer to each of us. The fall of 1942 saw the present graduating glass go into the last half of its high school career with a feeling of importance, mingled with a certain longing for friends who had graduated. The first half of our junior year went along more or less as usual, until February. Then, the new six-period school day started, and the activities period was re- moved from the program. The school-wide physical education program was instigated at that time, with all of the students of the school participating. Lunch periods were shortened, and another added. The general aspect of the school changed. So went the rest of our Junior Year. Last September, we returned from our last summer vacation for our senior year, an- xious to lead the school, but a bit apprehensive about what lay in store for us now that we were "mighty seniors." We came back from jobs in the local shipyard, the Hampton Roads Port of Embarkation, the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway, and numerous other nearby businesses to resume our studies and complete what has been termed our "four year vacation." Our senior year was filled with study and hard work, combined with football games, dances, holidays and other valued ways of passing the time, and it seemed to pass at an impossible rate of speed, until the last event of all-GRADUATION. We followed three excellent athletic teams throughout their seasons, watching glori- our victories and somewhat less happy defeats. We cut a few classes and fought our way through lessons, the only thing which seemed drawn out. We greeted our friends in the halls as they came to spend their leaves from the service with us, every day seemed like "Alumni Day" with a large number of former students present. We worried about our grades in English or physics or math, and sometimes wished that we might have another year in school. We hurried to chorus rehearsal or play practice so as to be on time and help carry on the traditions of putting on good programs which our school has built up over a period of years. We eagerly perused the "Beaconlite" to find if we were mentioned, and then went on to read the rest of Friday's Beacon. We came to school early to the Student Council meeting or to sell War Stamps, and stayed late with an athletic team or to help carry on the activities of some club. We did these and a hundred other things, enjoying them all, but sometimes not ad- mitting it. We spent four of the best years of our lives at Newport News High School, a place which we will always pleasantly remember as the scene of our high school life. Forty-Three LILLIAN W Jsfmw 4 X 'WE wut s . :.:..., ZQQ : A ' SS? gif: J U DY B. WIN!!-7?1f-'D B. DOTB. 5 ,KV xi soaesfc. -1- -JE WEL L A. 9- XI' ,::4.,, .m-. f1. . ,. X D01-vormfs. ANNE H. LEUIVM ? i ggwxi GWEN R, GEVE B. EVELYN L. JUNE I. 1 ' af EDNAMAE B. ' Rom me E. SARAH B. MARYPRANCES L, , Afvfwas B, QM? A N? RY 2 MARYXAZ JEANN H. NW - - zv. Q 1 'ziz 'IA' A, Q q -kv q 'Q -- fm: W ' i ' :-1l: , 6 , .. ,V , V ii. ...:.,.,. JOYCE B. PRISCMLA H. PHYLU3 B. - 1 Jorcfe EMMA c. ,I E xt' is ,,.,,:E: f Q f 'f S ,,-Q-,'Q ANIV C. OL YMPIA 7f HA YMOND S. EUZABEJW I 70M A ,Tx Tneooofvfe. -H A 3 Hx GEORGE I-A afQ's HWHS ' ROBERTS. ' MYRTLE W Forty-Fam' Forty-Five HISTORICAL I THOMAS JEFFERSON STATUE, UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA "The Glory Sl-ICDTS T belt Weis Greeee LURAY CAVERNS The Gmndeur T lm! W L15 Rome SPCDIQTS... ROTUNDA, THE UNIVERSITY OF VIRGINIA Forty-Nine Sports FOOTBALL Between September of 1940 when the present graduating class entered this school, and June 1944 when it leaves, Newport News High School became the most feared power in Virginia scholastic athletics. Back in 1940, the Newport News football team under Coach Mel "Stumpy" Bryant, who was assisted by John Pully, Gude Wilkinson and Mike Byrne, was a big, powerful squad. lt was led by such standouts as Ben Cleary, Bill Heath, Buddy Levin, Fred Shonz, Paul Kelly, lrvis Holmes and Earl Gray. These boys turned in a good record against equally good opposition. The scoreless tie with Hampton that year was not the result of any powerful Crabber team, but rather the inability of the Typhoon to push the ball over from the 10 yard stripe, where it stayed most of the game. The next season, Coach Harry Harmon took over, and Eugene "Red" Willis came to assist him. The varsity that year made no exceptional record, but the Junior Varsity team was outstanding. In 1942, the Gold and Blue showed signs of coming out of the kinks, and played several excellent games. The season was marked by the 14-13 win over Maury, the first in some eight years. The bays lost to Hampton, 32-O in the last game between the two schools. When 1943 rolled around, the Typhoon was ready for action, and action was just what the fans saw. The team, led by Captain Buddy Lex, polished off everybody in sight, and would have tied for the state championship but for a 14-12 loss to Maury in the first league encounter. The decision was reversed later in the year with NNHS winning, 6-O in a return game. The only other blemish in the NNHS record was a 19-19 tie with Petersburg. BASKETBALL The 1940-'41 basketball season was an interesting one, although Maury won the Eastern District championship. With a team of Buddy Levin, "Bones" Carpenter, "Duck" Pittman, Steve Sokol and Willie Leigh, the Typhoon put up an excellent fight, but lost both games to Maury. The next year, Charlie Sokol lead his mates iWray Sherman, Si Speaks, Grayson William, Bob Gatling and Bob Spicer? to a state championship. The boys went through the campaign with but two defeats, and defeated the great John Marshall team under Coach "Phess" Woodson, 31-29, to take the crown. Again in 1943, Sokol, Spicer, Buddy Lex, John Henley and Elmo Stephenson brought the title to Newport News, this time taking a larger decision from Thomas Jefferson of Rich- mond. During that campaign, a loss to Maury was the only black mark on the Newport News record. When the 1944 year came, a very strong NNHS team took the court and went through its shedule unbeaten until the last game when it fell before Thomas Jefferson in Richmond. The lanky Jeffs seemed like giants beside the short NNHS players. This team of Captain Bob Spicer, Lex, Stephenson, Harry Hilling and Woodie Holland was one of the finest ever to represent Newport News High School. TRACK Probably the best sport at Newport News High school, from the record book point of view, is track. For the past five seasons, Typhoon track squads have won every state champion- ship, and have taken most of the Eastern District and Tidewater titles. ln 1941, Fred Tucker led a team through the season to a title with very little difficulty. On that team were standouts like Paul Kelly, Jim Warren, Ray Milnick and Johnnie Fulcher. Again in 1942, this time under the leadership of Warren, the Gold and Blue copped another state crown. Assisting were Fulcher, Clarence Salyer, Joe Lawson, Harry Stinson and others. The 1943 team, which had no opportunity to battle for the state title because that was put in mothballs for the season, took the Eastern district meet as well as a tie in the Tide- water meet and wins in all dual meets. Salyer, Lester Brock, Captain Harry Stinson, Bob Bartles and others earned many points for the 1943 squad. This year's team, the 1944 Typhoon, also went merrily along, taking both of its dual meets, and giving fine showings in all other competition. NNHS did not enter the State meet, but defeated Maury, the State Champions, three times. OTHERS Also worthy of mention are the tennis and golf teams of 1941. The Golf team that year won everything in sight, while the Tennis team had a good record also. On the Tennis team were Bob Spicer, Zeke Anderson, Bert Nachman and others, while George Peyton paced the golfers. He was one of the outstanding players in all Virginia competition that season. Fifty UN" Men of June, IQLLLL Eleven boys who earned their athletic letters during their stays at NNHS graduate in June, I944. Their bids to fame for outstanding work in football, basketball or track are as follows: BUDDY LEX-Buddy Lex was the most feared figure on the Virginia high school grid- iron in 1943. He earned letters at quarterback in f43 and '44, and in his last season was listed on the honorary all-Southern, all-State, all-Tidewater and all-Foreman field teams. In basketball, he was a crack shot, and won "Ns" in '43 and '44. Twice he was named to the all-State team, and was co-captain of that group in '44. IRA HOGGE-Hogge played fine basketball in '43 and '44, and won monograms both times. As a sprinter in '44, he was one of the best men an the track team that displayed a fine record. WOODIE HOLLAND-In '43, his first season out, Woodie played such fine football that he was listed as an end on the all-State team. He also played basketball in '43 and '44, and won two letters at guard in that sport. HARRY HILLING--Played center on the football team and guard on the basketball five. Harry showed he was a fine competitor in both sports, and won two letters in his senior year. He was a hard worker and an asset to the teams. GEORGE HARDY-George was a very diligent member of the high-flying '43 Typhoon football team, and he was seldom out of the game. His speed and determination made him a really outstanding football player. JIM STAFFORDQ-Stafford played very well at guard in football, and his play was marked by a profound love for the game. His rugged style of playing was the keynote of the team's offense. DONALD BIGGINS-Participating in the high jump and later in the broad jump, Donald won his "N" in his junior year. He was a good influence on all of the boys on the team. BILL McMAHON-Running the mile, Bill worked very hard, and won his letter as a Junior also. His work on the team did much for the morale of the boys. HARRY BOYD-As a center on the basketball team, Harry did much to help the team win in '44. He also played tackle on the grid tecim. STANLEY LIVESAY-Stanley managed the football team, and was a hard worker. He earned a grid letter and ran the 440 and 880 for the track team. BILL GREER-Greer played at guard on the football team in the '43 season, and there won an "N". He was also manager of the '43 track team and the '44 basketball team. 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HOLLYWOOD-The most distinguished stars of Motion Pictures, Stage and Radio itself, work under the BLUE banner, with the finest writ- ing and directing craftsmen lending their talents. Q. fW - g H, y 'Wf is ,QQ 221 I X MUSIC-The finest Opera or latest popular tunes come out of the BLUE. Magic hours of melodic entertain- ment await your "tuning in" pleasure. SPORTS-Latest sports news with thrilling on the scene account vividly yours with the BLUE. VVGI-l NEWPORT NEWS, VIRGINIA 'I340 on Your Dial. awz BLUE NETWORK fiialmn Seventy-Eight Hampton Ru ads Washington Avenue of A mffymfd sneer Southern You are never cr Doiries stronger utter your Ice First visit Cream NEWPORT NEWS BUSINESS CQLLEGE FIRST NATIONAL BANK BUILDING Deli Gaines, Pres. Established 1902 IIIIR SINEERE EUNBRATULATIUNS To The GRADUATING CLASS THE BUILDERS I watched them tearing a building down, A gang of men in a busy town With a ho-heave-ho and a lusty yell They swung a beam, and the side wall fell. I asked the foreman: "are these men skilled And the men you'd hire if you had to build?" He gave a laugh and said:"No, indeedl Just common labor is all I need." "I can easily wreck in a day or two What builders have taken a year to do." And I thought to myself as I went away, Which of these roles have I tried to play? Am I a builder who works with care, Measuring life by the rule and square? Am I shaping my needs to a well laid plan, Patiently doing the best I can? Or am I a wrecker, who walks the town Content with the labor of tearing down? Edgar A. Guest Qfie mice of C-!ea,n!ine.4.4 Eighty

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